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  1. Gutscheine und Protektionismus / Gerald Braun

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Braun, Gerald


    Euroopa Kohtu otsusest, mis käsitleb küsimust, millistel tingimustel võivad tööandjad väljastada oma töötajatele maksusoodustusega talonge, mida saab kasutada majutuseks, meelelahutuseks ja/või toitlustuseks (C‑179/14). Vt. ka lk. 439-440

  2. Understanding Infidelity: An Interview with Gerald Weeks (United States)

    Smith, Travis


    In this interview, Gerald Weeks shares his expertise on the topic of infidelity and couples counseling. Dr. Weeks defines infidelity, presents assessment strategies for treating the issue of infidelity, and discusses an intersystemic model for infidelity treatment when counseling couples. Dr. Weeks also provides insight into common mistakes made…

  3. Dr. von Braun Briefing Walt Disney (United States)


    Dr. von Braun began his association with Walt Disney in the 1950s when the rocket scientist appeared in three Disney television productions related to the exploration of space. Years later, Dr. von Braun invited Disney and his associates to tour the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama. This photograph is dated April 13, 1965. From left are R.J. Schwinghamer from the MSFC, Disney, B.J. Bernight, and Dr. von Braun.

  4. Obituary: Gerald S. Hawkins, 1928-2003 (United States)

    Krupp, Edwin C.


    Public perceptions of human prehistory were transformed in the 1960s by astronomer Gerald Stanley Hawkins, who died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack on 26 May 2003 at Hawkridge Farm, in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. His astronomical analysis of Stonehenge, first published in "Nature" on 26 October 1963, and subsequently developed and framed with historical and cultural context in a best-selling book, "Stonehenge Decoded" (1965, in collaboration with John B. White), was also showcased internationally at the time in a one-hour CBS television documentary special, "The Mystery of Stonehenge". The high-profile, unconventional, and cross-disciplinary character of Hawkins's celestial interpretation of Stonehenge alignments and his configuration of the monument as an eclipse predictor attracted archaeological skepticism that provided the controversy desired by the makers of the television program. Antagonism was contrived between Hawkins and archaeologist Richard J.C. Atkinson by the production team to introduce conflict that would enhance audience interest in the subject, and the televised dispute troubled both men for decades. By the early 1970s, however, Hawkins had inspired others to examine the astronomical potential of ancient and prehistoric monuments in many parts of the world. He ignited modern studies of archaeoastronomy. In fact, in a second book on the subject, "Beyond Stonehenge" (1973), Hawkins reported his expanding perspective with accounts of his fieldwork on New Kingdom temples in Egypt, on the giant geoglyphs near Nazca, Peru, and at other sites. He also brought the work of other investigators to the attention of his many readers. He established methods and protocols for alignment studies and invited others to use them. Following, in a sense, the footsteps Sir J. Norman Lockyer left among the antiquities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Hawkins reexamined the alignments of several Egyptian temples, documented significant

  5. Measurement of the Lorentz-FitzGerald body contraction (United States)

    Rafelski, Johann


    A complete foundational discussion of acceleration in the context of Special Relativity (SR) is presented. Acceleration allows the measurement of a Lorentz-FitzGerald body contraction created. It is argued that in the back scattering of a probing laser beam from a relativistic flying electron cloud mirror generated by an ultra-intense laser pulse, a first measurement of a Lorentz-FitzGerald body contraction is feasible.

  6. Quality assurance program. Braun topical report 21

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The Quality Assurance (QA) policies and procedures described have been developed specifically for use in commercial nuclear projects. These policies and procedures are intended to provide assurance to Braun Management and the client that the plant will be safe, reliable, and operable, plus meet the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC. The Braun QA Manual provides QA procedures for (1) engineering and design, (2) procurement of materials, equipment, and services, and (3) construction and installation. The controls for safety-related systems established in the manual cover all phases of work from project inception to plant completion prior to operation by the owner. The manual standardizes Braun QA control procedures. These procedures are supplemented by Project QA Instructions prepared for each project. (U.S.)

  7. The Philosophy of Science of Ferdinand Braun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pechenkin, Alexander


    Full Text Available The Nobel Prize winner Karl Ferdinand Braun has not left anyconsiderable writings on the philosophy of science. Nevertheless, hisphilosophical excursions help us to understand his creative work in physics and the philosophical positions of his disciples. Braun emphasized the fundamental position of the so-called “integral laws” to which the law of conservation of energy belongs. He was a consecutive empiricist and emphasized the relativity of physical schemes and models with respect to experimental devices. I n the style of some German physicists he proclaimed the oscillatory unification of the theory of electricity and optics.

  8. Gerald: a general environment for radiation analysis and design

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Boyle, Ch.; Oliveira, P.I.E. de; Oliveira, C.R.E. de; Adams, M.L.; Galan, J.M.


    Full text of publication follows: This paper describes the status of the GERALD interactive workbench for the analysis of radiation transport problems. GERALD basically guides the user through the various steps that are necessary to solve a radiation transport problem, and is aimed at education, research and industry. The advantages of such workbench are many: quality assurance of problem setup, interaction of the user with problem solution, preservation of theory and legacy research codes, and rapid proto-typing and testing of new methods. The environment is of general applicability catering for analytical, deterministic and stochastic analysis of the radiation problem and is not tied to one specific solution method or code. However, GERALD is being developed as a portable, modular, open source framework which renders itself quite naturally to the coupling of existing computational tools through specifically developed plug-ins. By offering a common route for setting up, solving and analyzing radiation transport problems GERALD offers the possibility of methods intercomparison and validation. Such flexible radiation transport environment will also facilitate the coupling of radiation physics methods to other physical phenomena and their application to other areas of application such as medical physics and the environment. (authors)

  9. An Appreciation of Social Context: One Legacy of Gerald Salancik. (United States)

    Weick, Karl E.


    Evaluates Gerald Salancik's work, tracing salient themes and focusing on his constant attention to the social context of individual and organizational motivation and action. Shows the centrality of social context in his studies on priming effects, commitment, power, resource dependence, justification, decision making, and other topics. He excelled…

  10. Obituary: Gerald Frederick Tape, 1915-2005 (United States)

    Hughes, Robert E.


    Gerald Frederick Tape, a distinguished science statesman and administrator, died on November 20, 2005. Jerry, as he was known to all, took on many diverse and important responsibilities throughout his life and dealt with them with quiet authority and grace. This was the hallmark of his life. The Board of Trustees of Associated Universities, Inc., which he served for many years, expressed this in its condolences, writing "Jerry personified integrity, thoroughness and dedication. His sensitivity for the views of others, his sincerity, his personal commitment, his calm approach and his unfailing good humor were all greatly admired and respected." Jerry was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 29, 1915 but grew up in Milan, a nearby country farm community, and in Ypsilanti where his father was Principal of Michigan State Normal College, which later became Eastern Michigan University (EMU). It was there that he first became interested in physics. It was there also that he met and courted Josephine Waffen, who later would become his wife for more than sixty-six years and fill their lives with three loving sons, Walter, James, and Thomas. Upon graduation from EMU, Jerry was awarded a scholarship that took him to the University of Michigan where he earned a Ph.D. in Physics, researching the decay modes of the radioisotopes of iodine. In the Fall of 1939, during the waning days of the Great Depression, he was offered an Instructorship in the Physics Department of Cornell University, a promising start for a fruitful academic career. He brought his bride Jo to Ithaca and joined the cyclotron group under Robert Bacher and Willy Higginbotham while devising a laboratory course in nuclear techniques for graduate students. Bacher and Higginbotham soon left Cornell to join a new wartime laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and many other colleagues were "drafted" for war work. Bacher persuaded Jerry to join him at the MIT Radiation Laboratory in February

  11. Portrait of Dr. Von Braun with Walt Disney, 1954. (United States)


    Marshall Center Director Dr. Wernher Von Braun is pictured with Walt Disney during a visit to the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1954. In the 1950s, Dr. Von Braun while working in California on the Saturn project, also worked with Disney studios as a technical director in making three films about Space Exploration for television. Disney's tour of Marshall in 1965 was Von Braun's hope for a renewed public interest in the future of the Space Program at NASA.

  12. Gerald McCann: The Rediscovery of a Fashion Designer


    Almond, K; Riches, C


    The research for this article was initiated by the discovery of the archive of international fashion designer, Gerald McCann, hidden in a garage in Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK. The contents of the archive revealed a treasure trove of press cuttings photographs, fashion drawings and interviews as well as designs and costings from a once well-known designer, whose significance to the global fashion industry is sparsely documented and largely forgotten. This article reveals the history of the desi...

  13. The odontological identification of Eva Braun Hitler. (United States)

    Keiser-Nielsen, S; Strøm, F


    On May 7th-9th, 1945, a team of Russian pathologists autopsied several bodies found in and near the Fuehrer Bunker in Berlin; among them, a female body (No. 13) was later identified as that of Eva Braun Hitler (EBH), mainly by means of a gold bridge from the lower right jaw. A postmortem photograph of this bridge also shows a separate gold filling. Data now available on the dental treatment of EBH have permitted the present authors to substantiate that this gold filling also came from the mouth of EBH. Further speculation about the fate of EBH would henceforth seem professionally unfounded.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available En la vida cotidiana, el mundo muestra una marcada diferencia entre el pasado y el futuro, pero —con una pequeña excepción— las leyes de la física son simétricas en el tiempo. Gerald Whitrow fue uno de los primeros en darse cuenta que la resolución de esta paradoja está de acuerdo con la cosmología y las condiciones iniciales en el nacimiento del universo. Pero esta simple conclusión oculta algunas profundas sutilezas que toman un nuevo giro con la aparición de la cosmología cuántica y la hipótesis del universo inflacionario. La cuestión aún no ha sido resuelta por completo, y sigue siendo uno de los grandes

  15. Hyphenated history: the Böhler-Braun frame. (United States)

    Sop, Aaron L; Mehlman, Charles T; Meiss, Ludwig


    Throughout the history of medicine, many great physicians have originated or popularized ideas that have resulted in their names being attached to a device, procedure, or disease process. Hyphenated eponyms are especially interesting, for there are always underlying stories that explicate how people became associates in history. This paper will describe a bit of hyphenated history regarding orthopaedic trauma, specifically, the development of the Böhler-Braun frame. The lives of two great surgeons associated with this device, Lorenz Böhler, the "father of traumatology," and Heinrich Braun, the "father of local anesthesia," will also be reviewed.

  16. Dr. Space the life of Wernher von Braun

    CERN Document Server

    Ward, Bob


    Written by veteran aerospace journalist Bob Ward, who spent years investigating his subject, this biography presents a revealing but even-handed portrait of the father of modern rocketry. As he chronicles Wernher von Braun's life, Ward explodes many myths and misconceptions about the controversial genius who was a hero to some, a villain to others. The picture of von Braun that emerges is of a brilliant scientist with limitless curiosity and a drive to achieve his goals at almost any price from, developing the world's first ballistic missile used against the Allies in World War II to help

  17. Wernher von Braun: Reflections on His Contributions to Space Exploration (United States)

    Goldman, Arthur E.


    In 1950, Dr. Wernher von Braun and approximately 100 of his team members came to Huntsville, Alabama, to begin work with the Army on what would later become America's historic space program. He would later serve as the first director of the Marshall Space Flight Center and led the development of the Saturn V launch vehicle that launched seven crewed American mission to the moon, as well as America s first space station, Skylab. Von Braun is best known for his team s technical achievements. He realized his dream of exploring outer space by helping place humans on the moon. His engineering and managerial talent during the Apollo era had contributed to a technological revolution. He was by all accounts a good engineer, but he was only one among many. What set Von Braun apart were his charisma, his vision, and his leadership skills. He inspired loyalty and dedication in the people around him. He understood the importance of communicating his vision to his team, to political and business leaders and the public. Today, the Marshall Center continues his vision by pursuing engineering and scientific projects that will continue to open space to exploration. This presentation will discuss Von Braun's impact on Huntsville, the Marshall Center, the nation and the world and look at his contributions in context of where world space exploration is today.

  18. Dr. von Braun With a Model of a Launch Vehicle (United States)


    Dr. von Braun stands beside a model of the upper stage (Earth-returnable stage) of the three-stage launch vehicle built for the series of the motion picture productions of space flight produced by Walt Disney in the mid-1950's.

  19. Professor Oberth and Dr. von Braun at ARS Banquet (United States)


    Dr. Wernher von Braun holds the coveted Hermarn Oberth award presented to him by Professor Oberth during the banquet hosted by the Alabama Section of the American Rocket Society (ARS), on October 19, 1961. The Oberth award was given for outstanding technical contributions to the field of astronautics or for the promotion and advancement of astronautical sciences.

  20. Some special features of the le chatelier-braun principle (United States)

    Nesis, E. I.; Skibin, Yu. N.


    The relaxation reaction of a system that follows from the Le Chatelier-Braun principle and weakens the result of an external influence turns out to be more intense under a complex action. A method for quantitative determination of the weakening effect for simple and complex actions is suggested.

  1. Braun-Le Chatelier principle in dissipative thermodynamics


    Pavelka, Michal; Grmela, Miroslav


    Braun-Le Chatelier principle is a fundamental result of equilibrium thermodynamics, showing how stable equilibrium states shift when external conditions are varied. The principle follows from convexity of thermodynamic potential. Analogously, from convexity of dissipation potential it follows how steady non-equilibrium states shift when thermodynamic forces are varied, which is the extension of the principle to dissipative thermodynamics.

  2. Effectiveness of Braun's enteroanastomosis in B II-resected stomach

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lindecken, K.D.; Salm, B.


    With the aid of hepatobiliary sequence scintigraphy (HBSS) a functional analysis was obtained form 30 patients, subsequent to gastric surgery - after Billroth II with entero-anastomosis - which showed a suprisingly high rate of reflux into the residual stomach, in 16 out of these 30 patients. The high-grade HBSS data with regard to the biliary reflux proportions after gastric surgery and the low-grade effectiveness of Braun's entero-anastomosis are clearly evidenced. (orig./MG) [de

  3. 77 FR 2605 - Public Notice for Waiver of Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance; Gerald R. Ford International Airport... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration Public Notice for Waiver of Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance; Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, MI AGENCY: Federal... this FAA action may be reviewed at this same location or at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand...

  4. Gerald Caplan: A Tribute to the Originator of Mental Health Consultation (United States)

    Erchul, William P.


    Gerald Caplan (1917-2008), world-renowned child and community psychiatrist, was the originator of the modern practice of mental health consultation. In addition to consultation, Caplan developed and refined many conceptual models and methods for practice for use in community mental health, psychology, and education. This tribute article focuses on…

  5. Weiße und Braune Zwerge zeigen sich unwirtlich (United States)

    Heller, René


    Mehr als 850 Exoplaneten haben Astronomen seit dem Jahr 1992 nachgewiesen. Die meisten von ihnen umkreisen normale Hauptreihensterne, aber es wurden auch Trabanten im Umlauf um Braune oder Weiße Zwerge aufgespürt. Nun haben Rory Barnes von der University of Washington in Seattle und René Heller am Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam die Bewohnbarkeit möglicher Planeten um solche Objekte untersucht und dabei festgestellt, dass sie für Leben, wie wir es kennen, ungeeignet sind.

  6. The American species of the genus Glaucolepis Braun, 1917 (Neotrifurcula van Nieukerken, syn. nov.) (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae) (United States)

    We provide diagnostic characters for the genus Glaucolepis Braun, re-examine the type series of the type species of the North American G. saccharella Braun, describe two new species from Chile and Argentina (G. flagellata Remeikis & Stonis, sp. nov. and G. pseudoflagellata Remeikis & Stonis, sp. nov...

  7. Von Braun Rocket Team at Fort Bliss, Texas (United States)


    The German Rocket Team, also known as the Von Braun Rocket Team, poses for a group photograph at Fort Bliss, Texas. After World War II ended in 1945, Dr. Wernher von Braun led some 120 of his Peenemuende Colleagues, who developed the V-2 rocket for the German military during the War, to the United Sttes under a contract to the U.S. Army Corps as part of Operation Paperclip. During the following five years the team worked on high altitude firings of the captured V-2 rockets at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and a guided missile development unit at Fort Bliss, Texas. In April 1950, the group was transferred to the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and continued to work on the development of the guided missiles for the U.S. Army until transferring to a newly established field center of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seyed Mohammad Marandi


    Full Text Available The Chippewa novelist Gerald Vizenor puts across his interconnected politico-philosophical notions of “survivance” and “terminal creeds” in his early novel, Bearheart. To do so, Vizenor implemented some of the aesthetic strategies of magical realism. He filled his novel with an excessive amount of bizarrely sexual and violent scenes—which turn out to be magical—in order to “upset” the established standards of normality. Moreover, he used American Indian mythic folktales of transformation and metamorphosis, a magical realist technique, to re-shape the cultural and tribal identity in Bearheart’s modernized context.

  9. Hawkins, Gerald (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    British-born astronomer, professor at Boston University, claimed to have `decoded' Stonehenge. He found a pattern of alignments with 12 major lunar and solar events, finding a way to predict eclipses of the Moon, the summer and winter solstice, by use of the 56 Aubrey holes, the Heel Stone, and the four Station Stones. His work was supported by astronomer FRED HOYLE and savagely criticised by ar...

  10. 75 FR 68401 - Duncan Smith and Gerald Altizer-Continuance in Control Exemption-Eighteen Thirty Group, LLC and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35436] Duncan Smith and..., LLC Duncan Smith and Gerald Altizer (collectively applicants), noncarrier individuals, have filed a... carriers. Mr. Smith owns 80% of Eighteen Thirty and 75% of Georges Creek. Mr. Altizer owns a 20% interest...

  11. Building genetic tools in Drosophila research: an interview with Gerald Rubin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Gerald (Gerry Rubin, pioneer in Drosophila genetics, is Founding Director of the HHMI-funded Janelia Research Campus. In this interview, Gerry recounts key events and collaborations that have shaped his unique approach to scientific exploration, decision-making, management and mentorship – an approach that forms the cornerstone of the model adopted at Janelia to tackle problems in interdisciplinary biomedical research. Gerry describes his remarkable journey from newcomer to internationally renowned leader in the fly field, highlighting his contributions to the tools and resources that have helped establish Drosophila as an important model in translational research. Describing himself as a ‘tool builder’, his current focus is on developing approaches for in-depth study of the fly nervous system, in order to understand key principles in neurobiology. Gerry was interviewed by Ross Cagan, Senior Editor of Disease Models & Mechanisms.

  12. Review: Gerald Beck (2013. Sichtbare Soziologie. Visualisierung und soziologische Wissenschaftskommunikation in der Zweiten Moderne

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Axel Philipps


    Full Text Available Visualisierungen von Wissen hatten und haben im Kern des Faches Soziologie einen schweren Stand. Gerald BECK nimmt sich daher in seinem Buch "Sichtbare Soziologie" der Thematik an, um die Stellung von Visualisierungen in der Soziologie zu verstehen, damit verbundene Problemfelder zu identifizieren und für visuelle Umsetzungen zu sensibilisieren. Er setzt dazu beim Übergang zur Zweiten Moderne an und betrachtet anhand von neun Fallbeispielen gelungene und weniger gelungene Visualisierungen. Durch die verkürzte Aufarbeitung des Verhältnisses der Soziologie zum Bild bleiben jedoch wichtige Einsichten unberücksichtigt, sodass BECKs Empfehlungen, die Zahl der Visualisierungen und die visuelle Kompetenz zu erhöhen, kaum geeignet sind, die Skepsis in der Soziologie gegenüber Visualisierungen zu überwinden. URN:

  13. Effects of adding Braun jejunojejunostomy to standard Whipple procedure on reduction of afferent loop syndrome - a randomized clinical trial. (United States)

    Kakaei, Farzad; Beheshtirouy, Samad; Nejatollahi, Seyed Moahammad Reza; Rashidi, Iqbal; Asvadi, Touraj; Habibzadeh, Afshin; Oliaei-Motlagh, Mohammad


    Whipple surgery (pancreaticodeudenectomy) has a high complication rate. We aimed to evaluate whether adding Braun jejunojejunostomy (side-to-side anastomosis of afferent and efferent loops distal to the gastrojejunostomy site) to a standard Whipple procedure would reduce postoperative complications. We conducted a randomized clinical trial comparing patients who underwent standard Whipple surgery (standard group) and patients who underwent standard Whipple surgery with Braun jejunojejunostomy (Braun group). Patients were followed for 1 month after the procedure and postoperative complications were recorded. Our study included 30 patients: 15 in the Braun and 15 in the standard group. In the Braun group, 4 (26.7%) patients experienced 6 complications, whereas in the standard group, 7 (46.7%) patients experienced 11 complications (p = 0.14). Complications in the Braun group were gastrointestinal bleeding and wound infection (n = 1 each) and delayed gastric emptying and pulmonary infection (n = 2 each). Complications in the standard group were death, pancreatic anastomosis leak and biliary anastomosis leak (n = 1 each); gastrointestinal bleeding (n = 2); and afferent loop syndrome and delayed gastric emptying (n = 3 each). There was no significant difference between groups in the subtypes of complications. Our results showed that adding Braun jejunojejunostomy to standard Whipple procedure was associated with lower rates of afferent loop syndrome and delayed gastric emptying. However, more studies are needed to define the role of Braun jejunojejunostomy in this regard. IRCT2014020316473N1 (

  14. Citizenship Ceremony for Dr. von Braun and German-Born Scientists and Engineers (United States)


    In a swearing-in ceremony held at Huntsville High School, one hundred and three German-born scientists and engineers, along with family members, took the oath of citizenship to become United States citizens. Among those taking the oath was Dr. Wernher von Braun, located in the second row, right side, third from the end.

  15. Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Sign Citizenship Certificates (United States)


    The members of the Peenemuende team and their family members were awarded the United States citizenship on April 14, 1955. Pictured here is Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger (middle) and Dr. Wernher von Braun signing U.S. citizenship certificates. Martin Schilling is at left.

  16. Soccer fan violence: a holistic approach: a reply to Braun and Vliegenthart

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spaaij, R.; Anderson, A.


    Building on Braun and Vliegenthart’s recent study of soccer hooliganism, this article develops an explanatory model of soccer fan violence and collective violence more generally. The fabric of soccer fan violence becomes a richer tapestry if the diversity of the phenomenon is recognized and the

  17. Use of Braun-Blanquet for the assessment of veld condition and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This method shows promise for application in the grassland biome for the assessment of veld condition and the estimation of grazing capacity. Keywords: botany; braun-blanquet; ea land type; ecological index method; grassland; grazing capacity; orange free state; south africa; technique; vegetation surveys; veld condition; ...

  18. Dr. von Braun Relaxes After the Successful Launch of Apollo 11 (United States)


    Dr. Wernher von Braun, first director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, relaxes following the successful launch of the Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 to the moon. The towering 363-foot Saturn V was a multi-stage, multi-engine launch vehicle standing taller than the Statue of Liberty. Altogether, the Saturn V engines produced as much power as 85 Hoover Dams.

  19. Gerald J. Marks, M.D., FACS (1925-), founder of the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES). (United States)

    Yeo, Theresa P; Cowan, Scott W; Yeo, Charles J


    This historical vignette describes the professional career of Gerald J. Marks, the founder of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons and the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons. Dr. Marks is also the founding Associate Editor of Surgical Endoscopy, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Dr. Marks is a renowned colorectal surgeon, an accomplished watercolor artist, and a fascinating personality.

  20. Dr. von Braun and Dr. Stuhlinger With a Model of the Nuclear-Electric Vehicles (United States)


    In this photo, taken at the Walt Disney Studios in California, Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger are shown discussing the concepts of nuclear-electric spaceships designed to undertake the mission to the planet Mars. As a part of the Disney 'Tomorrowland' series on the exploration of space, the nuclear-electric vehicles were shown in the last three television films, entitled 'Mars and Beyond,' which first aired in December 1957.

  1. Albert Einstein and Wernher von Braun - the two great German-American physicists seen in a historical perspective. (United States)

    Winterberg, Friedwardt


    It was Albert Einstein who for the first time changed our view of the universe to be a non-euclidean curved space-time. And it was Wernher von Braun who blazed the trail to take us into this universe, leaving for the first time the gravitational field of our planet earth, with the landing a man on the moon the greatest event in human history. Both these great physicists did this on the shoulders of giants. Albert Einstein on the shoulders of his landsman, the mathematician Bernhard Riemann, and Wernher von Braun on the shoulders of Goddard and Oberth. Both Einstein and von Braun made a Faustian pact with the devil, von Braun by accepting research funds from Hitler, and Einstein by urging Roosvelt to build the atom bomb (against Hitler). Both of these great men later regretted the use of their work for the killing of innocent bystanders, even though in the end the invention of nuclear energy and space flight is for the benefit of man. Their example serves as a warning for all of us. It can be formulated as follows: ``Can I in good conscience accept research funds from the military to advance scientific knowledge, for weapons developed against an abstract enemy I never have met in person?'' Weapons if used do not differentiate between the scientist, who invented these weapons, and the non-scientist.

  2. Agronomic performance for biodiesel production potential of Brassica carinata A. Braun in Mediterranean marginal areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Montemurro


    Full Text Available Brassicaceae are promising oil feedstock for cultivation in centralsouthern Italy. Therefore, a two-year investigation on Brassica carinata A. Braun (cv. CT 204 was carried out in three sites of Apulia region [Site 1, Alberobello - Murgia foreland; Site 2, Troia (Foggia - Daunian sub-Apennines; Site 3, Monteroni (Lecce - Area of Salento], and in one site of Basilicata region (Site 4, Hill of Matera. The aim was to identify site-specific management practices [by comparing minimum vs conventional tillage, low sowing density vs high sowing density; different levels of nitrogen (N supply and organic fertilisers] in the four different marginal areas, to achieve optimum yield performance for biodiesel prospective production. The crop showed a good adaptability in the study sites, and the highest N level positively influenced the yield performance in Sites 1, 2 and 3. Moreover, the reduction of mechanical operations (minimum tillage did not negatively influence crop production and seed oil content. The highest density of sowing tested determined the best crop performance in Site 3, particularly showing the maximum seed oil content with the lowest N supply. Finally, in Site 4 the compost mixed with mineral N fertiliser as well as the sewage sludge from urban wastewater determined productive results comparable to those obtained with mineral fertiliser, evidencing that organic fertilisers could (partially or completely substitute the mineral one for this crop in the study site. On the whole, seed yield and oil content showed a potential for biodiesel production of Brassica carinata cultivated with site-specific agronomic techniques in four different marginal areas of Southern Italy, suggesting it can be likely achieved the crop environmental adaptation.

  3. Floral and Seed Variability Patterns among Ethiopian Mustard (B. carinata A. Braun of East Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adeniji, OT.


    Full Text Available In East Africa, Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun is cultivated primarily for its leaves, but in Ethiopia preference is high for oil in the seed. Dual purpose importance of the seeds for planting and for oil suggests the need to improve seed production efficiency through understanding variation pattern for floral morphology and seed characters. We investigated genetic diversity and correlations for floral and seed characteristics among 14 accessions of Ethiopian mustard to improve seed set and yield. Field trials were conducted during 2008 and 2009; flowers were examined for short stamen height, long stamen height, pistil height, and silliqua for seed weight, seeds/silliqua and silliqua/plant. Results were largely consistent between years, indicating that the variation measured was mainly controlled by genetic factors. High genetic variation for seed characters and reproductive phenology among the accessions was noted. The number of days to appearance of flowers showed high discriminatory ability among the accessions. A wide continuous variation was observed among accessions for anther-stigma separation. Accessions 1, 3 and 14 were identified as early flowering. A significant and positive correlation coefficient between short stamen height and seed weight indicated a substantial complementation among these characters for seed yield improvement. The short stamen height is a good indicator for selection in favour of seed commercialization and indices for selection of pollen parent for seed yield improvement. Accessions 5, 7, 14, 16 and 22 are best for multiple characters and are recommended for seed production for any of the seasons in Arusha, Tanzania.

  4. Enhancement of natural killer cell activity in healthy subjects by Immulina®, a Spirulina extract enriched for Braun-type lipoproteins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Claus Henrik; Balachandran, Premalatha; Christensen, Ole


    Immulina®, a commercial extract of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis is a potent activator of THP-1 monocytes and CD4+ T cells IN VITRO and enhances several immunological functions in mice. We further characterized Immulina® by determining that Braun-type lipoproteins are responsible for a major...

  5. Oral administration of a Spirulina extract enriched for Braun-type lipoproteins protects mice against influenza A(H1N1) virus infection (United States)

    Previous studies indicate that Immulina, a commercial extract of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis, is a potent activator of innate immune cells and that Braun-type lipoproteins (a principal toll-like receptor (TLR) 2 ligand) are the main active components within this product. In the present study, ...

  6. Resultados neonatais no parto vaginal espontâneo comparados aos dos partos com fórcipe de Simpson-Braun em primíparas Neonatal outcome of spontaneous deliveries as compared to Simpson-Braun forceps deliveries in nulliparous women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belmiro Gonçalves Pereira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: comparar os resultados neonatais dos partos vaginais espontâneos ou assistidos com fórcipe de Simpson-Braun em nulíparas. MÉTODO: em estudo de corte retrospectivo foram avaliados dois grupos de primíparas atendidas no Centro Obstétrico do CAISM/UNICAMP, que tiveram parto vaginal sob analgesia epidural. O grupo fórcipe foi formado por 119 pacientes que tiveram parto a fórcipe de Simpson-Braun, e o grupo normal por 114 casos de parto vaginal espontâneo. Foram estudadas as variáveis neonatais imediatas como o estado do líquido amniótico e os índices de Apgar, assim como a evolução neonatal nos primeiros dias de vida. Para análise estatística foram utilizados os testes c², exato de Fisher e t de Student para comparação de médias e considerada significativa a diferença correspondente a pPURPOSE: to compare maternal and neonatal outcomes between spontaneous vaginal and Simpson-Braun forceps deliveries in nulliparous women. METHOD: a retrospective study including two groups of nulliparous women, who had vaginal delivery under peridural anesthesia in the obstetric unit of the CAISM-UNICAMP: the forceps group included 119 women who had Simpson-Braun forceps delivery, and the normal group included 114 women who delivered spontaneously. Neonatal outcomes, such as Apgar score and the evolution in the first days of life, were studied. Data were compared in both groups and, for statistical analysis, c² test, Fisher exact, and Student t tests were used. The differences were considered significant when p<0.05. RESULTS: the indications for Simpson-Braun forceps delivery were maternal-fetal relief (90 cases and abbreviation of the expulsive period (29 cases. In the forceps group there were 8 cases (6.7% of vaginal injuries; a similar result was observed in the normal group. The number of hospitalization days for the parturient and the newborns was identical, 2.4 days. The newborns in the two groups had similar Apgar scores

  7. Response functions of the Andersson-Braun and extended range rem counters for neutron energies from thermal to 10 GeV

    CERN Document Server

    Mares, V; Schraube, H


    This work is devoted to the calculation of responses as functions of neutron energy for a paired set of Andersson-Braun rem counters, which is commercially available. Different Monte Carlo codes such as MCNP, LAHET, HADRON and MCNPX were applied in the calculations. The study extended to frontal, lateral and isotropic neutron incidence. For an estimation of the contribution of charged high-energy particles to the reading, the responses to protons and pions were also determined. The results obtained give good bases for the practical use of the new instrument in high-energy neutron fields.

  8. Gerald L. Epstein, PhD: director, center for science, technology, and security policy, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Interview by Madeline Drexler. (United States)

    Epstein, Gerald L


    Over his entire career, Gerald Epstein has toiled at the nexus of science, technology, and security. From 2003 to 2009, he was Senior Fellow for Science and Security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Homeland Security Program, where he worked on reducing biological weapons threats, improving national preparedness, and easing potential tensions between the scientific research and national security communities. Epstein came to CSIS from the Institute for Defense Analyses. From 1996 to 2001, he served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. And from 1983 to 1989, and again from 1991 until its demise in 1995, Epstein worked at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, where he directed a study on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, alongside research on other global security topics. A recognized expert in biological risk reduction, Epstein was actually trained as a physicist, having received SB degrees in physics and electrical engineering from MIT, and a PhD in physics from the University of California at Berkeley. How, then, did he come to study the evolving threat from bioterrorism? "What compelled me about bioterrorism was that it was a stellar example of a topic that would lead to a train wreck between the scientific community and the security community unless they figured out how to work together," he said. "The distance between a laboratory and a very large consequence event is a lot shorter in biology than in any other field. I got into bioterrorism to help make sure that the security community doesn't get so scared of the science that it shuts it down, and that the science community isn't so oblivious of security concerns that it pays no attention to them." Epstein spoke on November 6, 2009, with contributing writer Madeline Drexler, author of Emerging Epidemics: The Menace of New Infections (Penguin, 2009), an updated version of an earlier volume. Drexler holds a visiting appointment at the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrijana Novak


    Full Text Available Tomato is considered one of the most widely grown vegetable crops in the world and production of it is rising every year in Croatia as well as in the world. This research paper shows results on tomato leaf mould caused by Passalora fulva (Cooke U.Braun & Crous (syn. Cladosporium fulvum (Cooke, which can cause significant reduction of yield and quality of tomato. Other than economic loss, tomato leaf mould can be the cause of allergies because it produces lots of spores. During research, the following materials and methods have been used: collecting samples of plant material infected with tomato leaf mould and assessments of disease intensity, isolation and determination of the pathogen, detecting pathotypes using biassay, susceptibility testing of different tomato genotypes infected with P. fulva, molecular identification and testing the effects of essential oils in vitro on conidia germination. Visual controls of greenhouse and outdoor growing tomato were conducted during the period from 2006 to 2011. Samples (17 from 14 localities in 10 counties (Istra County, Koprivnica-Križevci County, KrapinaZagorje County, Međimurje County, Osijek-BaranjaCounty, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Varaždin County, Virovitica-Podravina County, Zadar County and Zagreb County were collected. Symptoms were detected on 6 different tomato genotypes: Belle, Jeremy, Minaret, Amaneta, Gravitet and test genotype. Outdoors, P. fulva was not found. For isolation and determination of P. fulva 4 different growing media were used: PDA (potato – dextrose agar, tomato – agar, carrot – agar and V8 – agar. By measuring the size of conidia on carrot – agar it was determined that they were the closest in size to the conidia from infected tomato leaf. Bioassay for the first time in Croatia confirmed presence of two different physiological pathotypes of P. fulva, Cf – 0 and Cf – 5. Other pathotypes obtained by bioassay were not confirmed by sequencing because the

  10. Biodiesel production from Cynara cardunculus L. and Brassica carinata A. Braun seeds and their suitability as fuels in compression ignition engines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefania De Domenico


    Full Text Available The development of energy crops can provide environmental benefits and may represent an opportunity to improve agriculture in areas considered at low productivity. In this work, we studied the energy potential of two species (Brassica carinata A. Braun and Cynara cardunculus L. and their seed oil productivity under different growth conditions. Furthermore, the biodiesel from the oil extracted from the seeds of these species was produced and analysed in term of utilisation as fuels in compression ignition engines. In particular, the spray penetration and shape ratio were measured in a constant-volume chamber and compared with the results obtained with a standard diesel fuel. These results were obtained using a standard common rail injection system at different injection pressure, injection duration, and constant-volume chamber pressure.

  11. Paragonimus y paragonimiasis en el norte peruano. Infección natural de Pseudothelphusa chilensis por metacercarias de Paragonimus Braun, 1899

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    César Cuba


    Full Text Available Se ha estudiado el índice de infección natural y la intensidad del parasitismo en cangrejos recolectados en tres provincias del Departamento de Cajamarca, Perú, habiéndose encontrado metacercarias de Paragonimus Braun, 1899 en el 43.97% de 539 especímenes de Pseudothelphusa chilensis Milne Edwards, 1843, único cangrejo hallado en la zona. El órgano parasitado fue casi exclusivamente el hepatopancreas, siendo 10.33 el número promedio de metacercarias por cangrejo. Las formas adultos logradas mediante inoculación de las metacercarias, fueron identificadas como Paragonimus peruvianus Miyazaki, Ibáñez y Miranda, 1969, con excepción de tres ejemplares que correspondieron a lo especie Paragonimus caliensis Little, 1968.

  12. Comparative Analyses of Transcriptional Profiles in Mouse Organs Using a Pneumonic Plague Model after Infection with Wild-Type Yersinia pestis CO92 and Its Braun Lipoprotein Mutant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristi L. Galindo


    Full Text Available We employed Murine GeneChips to delineate the global transcriptional profiles of the livers, lungs, and spleens in a mouse pneumonic plague infection model with wild-type (WT Y. pestis CO92 and its Braun lipoprotein (Δlpp mutant with reduced virulence. These organs showed differential transcriptional responses to infection with WT Y. pestis, but the overall host functional processes affected were similar across all three tissues. Gene expression alterations were found in inflammation, cytokine signaling, and apoptotic cell death-associated genes. Comparison of WT and Δlpp mutant-infected mice indicated significant overlap in lipopolysaccharide- (LPS- associated gene expression, but the absence of Lpp perturbed host cell signaling at critical regulatory junctions resulting in altered immune response and possibly host cell apoptosis. We generated a putative signaling pathway including major inflammatory components that could account for the synergistic action of LPS and Lpp and provided the mechanistic basis of attenuation caused by deletion of the lpp gene from Y. pestis in a mouse model of pneumonic plague.

  13. Comparative study of the oospore morphology of two populations of a rare species Chara baueri A. Braun in Cedynia (Poland and Batzlow (Germany

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrzej Pukacz


    Full Text Available Morphological features of oospores of Chara baueri A. Braun, one of the rarest charophyte species worldwide, were studied based on 100 oospores collected from a small and temporarily dried mid-field pond near Cedynia, Western Poland. This is the first Polish and fifth presently known locality of this species. For comparison 67 oospores from a German population (similar pond localized near Batzlow, Germany were also measured. So far, data on morphology of C. baueri oospores as well as the species ecology are limited. The only more detailed study of oospores for this species was earlier performed on 15 oospores from Kazakhstan. Largest polar axis (LPA, length, largest equatorial diameter (LED, width, isopolarity index (ISI = LPA/LED × 100, number of ridges, width of fossa, distance from apical pole to LED (AND and anisipolarity index (ANI = AND/LPA × 100 were measured. The comparative analysis revealed that the oospores from Poland are generally bigger and more prolate than the Ger­man ones. The differences for most of studied parameters were statistically significant. The finding is discussed in the context of habitat differentiation of both studied sites. Moreover, the results obtained of oospore measurements for both populations differs from most of the data known so far from the literature.

  14. Comparative Global Gene Expression Profiles of Wild-Type Yersinia pestis CO92 and Its Braun Lipoprotein Mutant at Flea and Human Body Temperatures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristi L. Galindo


    Full Text Available Braun/murein lipoprotein (Lpp is involved in inflammatory responses and septic shock. We previously characterized a Δlpp mutant of Yersinia pestis CO92 and found that this mutant was defective in surviving in macrophages and was attenuated in a mouse inhalation model of plague when compared to the highly virulent wild-type (WT bacterium. We performed global transcriptional profiling of WT Y. pestis and its Δlpp mutant using microarrays. The organisms were cultured at 26 and 37 degrees Celsius to simulate the flea vector and mammalian host environments, respectively. Our data revealed vastly different effects of lpp mutation on the transcriptomes of Y. pestis grown at 37 versus 26C. While the absence of Lpp resulted mainly in the downregulation of metabolic genes at 26C, the Y. pestis Δlpp mutant cultured at 37C exhibited profound alterations in stress response and virulence genes, compared to WT bacteria. We investigated one of the stress-related genes (htrA downregulated in the Δlpp mutant relative to WT Y. pestis. Indeed, complementation of the Δlpp mutant with the htrA gene restored intracellular survival of the Y. pestis Δlpp mutant. Our results support a role for Lpp in Y. pestis adaptation to the host environment, possibly via transcriptional activation of htrA.

  15. Deletion of Braun lipoprotein and plasminogen-activating protease-encoding genes attenuates Yersinia pestis in mouse models of bubonic and pneumonic plague. (United States)

    van Lier, Christina J; Sha, Jian; Kirtley, Michelle L; Cao, Anthony; Tiner, Bethany L; Erova, Tatiana E; Cong, Yingzi; Kozlova, Elena V; Popov, Vsevolod L; Baze, Wallace B; Chopra, Ashok K


    Currently, there is no FDA-approved vaccine against Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of bubonic and pneumonic plague. Since both humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity are essential in providing the host with protection against plague, we developed a live-attenuated vaccine strain by deleting the Braun lipoprotein (lpp) and plasminogen-activating protease (pla) genes from Y. pestis CO92. The Δlpp Δpla double isogenic mutant was highly attenuated in evoking both bubonic and pneumonic plague in a mouse model. Further, animals immunized with the mutant by either the intranasal or the subcutaneous route were significantly protected from developing subsequent pneumonic plague. In mice, the mutant poorly disseminated to peripheral organs and the production of proinflammatory cytokines concurrently decreased. Histopathologically, reduced damage to the lungs and livers of mice infected with the Δlpp Δpla double mutant compared to the level of damage in wild-type (WT) CO92-challenged animals was observed. The Δlpp Δpla mutant-immunized mice elicited a humoral immune response to the WT bacterium, as well as to CO92-specific antigens. Moreover, T cells from mutant-immunized animals exhibited significantly higher proliferative responses, when stimulated ex vivo with heat-killed WT CO92 antigens, than mice immunized with the same sublethal dose of WT CO92. Likewise, T cells from the mutant-immunized mice produced more gamma interferon (IFN-γ) and interleukin-4. These animals had an increasing number of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α)-producing CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells than WT CO92-infected mice. These data emphasize the role of TNF-α and IFN-γ in protecting mice against pneumonic plague. Overall, our studies provide evidence that deletion of the lpp and pla genes acts synergistically in protecting animals against pneumonic plague, and we have demonstrated an immunological basis for this protection.

  16. Gerald M. Edelman y su antropología neurológica. Presentación y discusión de su teoría de la mente

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Monserrat


    Full Text Available La pregunta esencial de la antropología (cuál es el origen y naturaleza del ser humano no puede hoy responderse sin la aportación de la neurología: de ahí que hablemos de antropología neurológica. Gerald Edelman ha sido en los últimos años un autor de referencia incuestionable, cuya aportación es presentada y discutida en el presente artículo. Primero su marco epistemológico. Después su darwinismo neural, desde cuya perpectiva se defiende la lógica selectiva de la evolución biológica frente a la lógica instruccional de la computación, bien serial o conexionista. La emergencia evolutiva de la memoria (el remembered present es la base para explicar la formación de la conciencia primaria, de la de orden superior y de la mente. Por último, abordamos la presentación de la teoría del núcleo dinámico y su explicación de la fenomenología de la conciencia. La discusión de la teoría de Edelman considera algunos aspectos y lagunas de la historia evolutiva, así como también la insuficiencia argumentativa sobre la especificación del psiquismo animal y las causas de la emergencia de la razón.

  17. Christina von Braun, Dorothea Dornhof, Eva Johach (Hg.: Das Unbewusste. Krisis und Kapital der Wissenschaften. Studien zum Verhältnis von Wissen und Geschlecht. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2009.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zara Simone Pfeiffer


    Full Text Available Wissenschaft, die den Anspruch hat selbstreflexiv zu sein, sollte ihre unbewussten Anteile nicht ausblenden – das wird in den Beiträgen des von Christina von Braun, Dorothea Dornhof und Eva Johach herausgegebenen Sammelbandes auf überzeugende Weise gezeigt. Dabei geht es nicht primär um das Unbewusste als Objekt der Wissenschaften, sondern vielmehr um die Rolle des Unbewussten als Subjekt der Wissensordnung und Wissensproduktion, als „Krisis und Kapital“ der Wissenschaften, gleichermaßen als Sand und Öl imWissensgetriebe. Anstelle eines systematischen Überblicks liefert der interdisziplinär angelegte Band eine Vielzahl kluger, manchmal überraschender und durchgehend lesenswerter Perspektiven auf das visuelle und politische Unbewusste, seine Wissensgeschichte und seinen Ort in der Wissensordnung.Science, which purports to be self-reflexive, should not ignore its unconscious element – this is convincingly proven in the collected volume edited by Christina von Braun, Dorothea Dornhof, and Eva Johach. The focus is not merely on the unconscious as an object of the sciences, but on the role of the unconscious as a subject of knowledge organization and knowledge production, as “crisis and capital” of the sciences, indeed simultaneously functioning as sand and oil in the transmission of knowledge. In place of a systematic overview, the interdisciplinary volume offers a number of clever, sometimes surprising, and always well-worth reading perspectives on the visual and political unconscious, its history of knowledge, and its place in the order of knowledge.

  18. Further characterization of a highly attenuated Yersinia pestis CO92 mutant deleted for the genes encoding Braun lipoprotein and plasminogen activator protease in murine alveolar and primary human macrophages. (United States)

    van Lier, Christina J; Tiner, Bethany L; Chauhan, Sadhana; Motin, Vladimir L; Fitts, Eric C; Huante, Matthew B; Endsley, Janice J; Ponnusamy, Duraisamy; Sha, Jian; Chopra, Ashok K


    We recently characterized the Δlpp Δpla double in-frame deletion mutant of Yersinia pestis CO92 molecularly, biologically, and immunologically. While Braun lipoprotein (Lpp) activates toll-like receptor-2 to initiate an inflammatory cascade, plasminogen activator (Pla) protease facilitates bacterial dissemination in the host. The Δlpp Δpla double mutant was highly attenuated in evoking bubonic and pneumonic plague, was rapidly cleared from mouse organs, and generated humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to provide subsequent protection to mice against a lethal challenge dose of wild-type (WT) CO92. Here, we further characterized the Δlpp Δpla double mutant in two murine macrophage cell lines as well as in primary human monocyte-derived macrophages to gauge its potential as a live-attenuated vaccine candidate. We first demonstrated that the Δpla single and the Δlpp Δpla double mutant were unable to survive efficiently in murine and human macrophages, unlike WT CO92. We observed that the levels of Pla and its associated protease activity were not affected in the Δlpp single mutant, and, likewise, deletion of the pla gene from WT CO92 did not alter Lpp levels. Further, our study revealed that both Lpp and Pla contributed to the intracellular survival of WT CO92 via different mechanisms. Importantly, the ability of the Δlpp Δpla double mutant to be phagocytized by macrophages, to stimulate production of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6, and to activate the nitric oxide killing pathways of the host cells remained unaltered when compared to the WT CO92-infected macrophages. Finally, macrophages infected with either the WT CO92 or the Δlpp Δpla double mutant were equally efficient in their uptake of zymosan particles as determined by flow cytometric analysis. Overall, our data indicated that although the Δlpp Δpla double mutant of Y. pestis CO92 was highly attenuated, it retained the ability to elicit innate and subsequent acquired immune

  19. Polizei-Compliance / Frank Braun, Florian Albrecht

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Braun, Frank


    Normide ja seaduste järgimisest politsei tegevuses ning vastavussüsteemi juurutamisest politseiorganisatsioonis tegevuse läbipaistvamaks muutmiseks, halduse optimeerimiseks ja kodanike usalduse suurendamiseks

  20. Chara strigosa A. Braun (Characeae in Poland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrzej Hutorowicz


    Full Text Available Chara strigosa is reported from several lakes in Poland. The finds were published by Izabella Dąmbska in 1966, but have not been recognised internationally, presumably because Dąmbska's article was published in a local paper in Polish. We give a short description of Charetum strigosa first described by Dąmbska. One of the lakes with C. strigosa is reported with luxuriant growth of a blue-green bacteria common in water blooms. There is a need to survey these lakes in order to prevent an increasing eutrophication.

  1. Braun, Wernher von (1912-77) (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    Rocket scientist, born in Wirsitz, Germany, enthusiast of space travel from an early age, designer of the V-2 rocket used during the second World War. With 120 associates from Peenemunde, went to the United States and directed firings of captured V-2 rockets at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, following which he used a Jupiter-C (Juno I) to put America's first satellite, Explorer 1, into ...

  2. 10 October 2013 - D. Braun First Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Czech Republic, P. Styczeń Deputy Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, Republic of Poland and F. Palko State Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovak Republic visiting the LHC tunnel at Point 1 with Technology Department, Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings Group Leader J. M. Jimenez and signing the Guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer

    CERN Multimedia

    Anna Pantelia


    10 October 2013 - D. Braun First Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Czech Republic, P. Styczeń Deputy Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, Republic of Poland and F. Palko State Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovak Republic visiting the LHC tunnel at Point 1 with Technology Department, Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings Group Leader J. M. Jimenez and signing the Guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer

  3. Asteroseismology of δ Scuti and γ Doradus Stars Gerald Handler

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    led to the observational detection and identification of a sufficient number ... satellite missions, theoretical advances on mode identification methods, ... The observational borders of the two pulsational instability strips (Rodriguez & Breger 2001; Handler & Shobbrook. 2002), with the thicker lines corresponding to the γ ...

  4. C. F. Braun. Standard turbine island design, safety analysis report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    A standard turbine island used with a BWR is described. It consists of the turbine-generator; steam system; condensate storage, cleanup, and transfer systems; control and instrumentation; water treatment plant; make-up demineralizer; potable and waste water systems; and a compressed air system. The turbine-generator is a tandem-compound nuclear-type turbine with one double-flow high-pressure section and a six-flow low-pressure section in three double-flow low-pressure casings. The turbine is direct connected to an 1800 rpm synchronous a-c generator. A combined moisture separator and two-stage reheater is provided. The main steam system delivers the steam generated in a BWR to the main turbine stop valves. The condensate system maintains proper water inventory. Protective features prevent loss of the system due to electrical failure of a component and isolates faults to ensure continuity of a power supply from alternate sources. (U.S.)

  5. Genetic diversity in Ethiopian mustard ( Bbrassica carinata a. braun ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this study, genetic diversity in 60 Ethiopian mustard genotypes, collected from 16 regions of Ethiopia, were assessed using the techniques of cluster and ... for the majority of traits of interest: seed yield/plot, seed yield/plant, biomass/plot, biomass/plant, plant height, number of pods/plant, 1000 seeds' weight and oil content ...

  6. The tadpole of Hypsiboas leptolineatus (Braun and Braun, 1977), a species in the Hypsiboas polytaenius clade (Anura; Hylidae)


    Both,C.; Kwet,A.; Solé,M.


    The larval morphology of Hypsiboas leptolineatus was studied. The tadpole has an ovoid body in lateral view, wider than deep; snout rounded with dorsal reniform nostrils; spiracle sinistral with lateral wall attached to body; anal tube dextral; tail fins convex with acuminate tip; oral disc ventral; labial tooth row formula is 2(2)/3(1); moderately developed beaks with serrated jaw sheaths. These external oral features are compared with those of the known tadpoles in the Hypsiboas polytaenius...

  7. CVN 78 Gerald R. Ford Class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (CVN 78) (United States)


    Combat Systems Trial Rehearsal ( CSTR ) Jul 2014 Jul 2015 Jan 2016 May 20161 (Ch-2) Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Sep 2015 Sep 2016 Mar 2017 Oct...with the shipboard testing and integration schedule. (Ch-2) The current estimate for CSTR is rescheduled from November 2015 to May 2016 to reflect...resulting from the delay to delivery. Acronyms and Abbreviations CSTR - Combat Systems Trial Rehersal DT - Developmental Testing IOT&E - Initial Operational

  8. From nuclei to stars Festschrift in Honor of Gerald E. Brown

    CERN Document Server


    In one way or another, Gerry Brown has been concerned with questions about the universe, about its vast expanse as well as about its most miniscule fundamental constituents of matter throughout his entire life. In his endeavours to understand the universe in many manifestations from nuclei all the way to the stars, he has been influenced by some of the most prominent physicists of the 20th century, and he himself, in turn, has influenced a great many scholars. This volume, a collection of articles dedicated to Gerry on his 85th birthday, contains discussions of many of the issues which have at

  9. A Review of Gerald Caplan's "Theory and Practice of Mental Health Consultation." (United States)

    Mendoza, Danielle W.


    Reviews Caplan's "Theory and Practice of Mental Health Consultation" (1970), considered classic seminal work in field of consultation. Presents Caplan's general definition of consultation and general principles or procedures of consultation. Describes each of Caplan's four models of consultation and compares models in terms of professional role of…

  10. The development of a spiritual wellness framework for the work context / Francois Gerald Watson


    Watson, Francois Gerald


    Today's organisations are faced with changes such as increased competition and technological changes, not to mention the impact of globalisation on South African organisations. In a sense, the 21" century brought forth a more positive outlook and is described by some as the century of fortegenic living and wellness. Organisations today are searching for programmes that support strengths and wellness, as opposed to the historic employee assistance programmes. Spiritual wellness ...

  11. Chancen ungenutzt : Deutche bei Investionen noch zurückhaltend / Gerald Wolf

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Wolf, Gerald


    Saksamaa ja Eesti majanduskoostööst, saksa investorite tegevusest Eestis ning Eesti EL-iga liitumise võimalikest mõjudest Saksa otseinvesteeringutele Eestisse. Tabel: valik Eesti majandusnäitajaid 2002-2003

  12. Digitale Wirtschaft – analoges Recht: Braucht das BGB ein Update? / Gerald Spindler

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Spindler, Gerald


    Küsimusest, kas digitaalsete majandussuhete laienemise tingimustes oń vaja täiendada Saksamaa tsiviilseadustikku. Digitaalse sisu üleandmise lepingute teatavatest aspektidest, andmekaitsest, alaealiste kaitsest, müügilepingutest, üürilepingutest. Veebiplatvormide kasvavast tähtsusest digitaalmajanduses

  13. Briti kindral peab Kaitseliidu tulevikuks missioone võõrsil / Gerald Grosvenor ; interv. Peeter Kuimet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Grosvenor, Gerald


    Briti kaitsejõudude ülema asetäitja reservide alal räägib Suurbritannia Territoriaalarmeest, Kaitseliidu-sarnaste vabatahtlike organisatsioonide kasutamisest välismissioonidel, ajateenistusest ja olukorrast Iraagis

  14. Gerald Raunig, Gene Ray e Ulf Wuggenig (orgs. (2011, Critique of Creativity: Precarity, Subjectivity and Resistance in the Creative Industries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Quintela


    Full Text Available O debate sobre as indústrias culturais e criativas ganhou visibilidade nos últimos anos, ultrapassando o contexto académico e invadindo o espaço público, através dos média e dos agentes políticos. No contexto europeu a “agenda da criatividade” constitui hoje uma das principais tendências estruturadoras dos discursos e das práticas políticas. A obra Critique of Creativity, recentemente publicada, insere‑se nesta discussão. Este livro pretende contribuir para a análise do recente hype em torno...

  15. EUHOFA juhid valmistuvad juubelikongressiks / Filiep Defraye, Gerald Lipman, Sören Kühlwein Kristiansen, Sonja Saelaert ; intervjueerinud Gea Kammer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Õhtusöögivestlusest 14. mail Pärnus rahvusvahelise turismikoolide ühenduse juhtliikmetega, kes külastasid 13.-15. mail Eestit, et kooskõlastada organisatsiooni sügisel Tallinnas ja Pärnus toimuva kongressi, mille juhtmõte on Wel-being and Quality of life through Hospitality Education, programm ning tutvuda sihtkohtadega

  16. Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley: new discoveries and a new analysis of the documents in the Gerald Yorke Collection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pasi, M.; Ferrari, P.


    The documents concerning the relationship between Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley preserved in the Yorke Collection at the Warburg Institute (London) have been known for some time. However, recent new findings have prompted a new analysis of the dossier. The purpose of this article is to have a

  17. Studies on the regeneration in @iMacrostomum orthostylum@@ (Braun) (Turbellaria: Macrostomida)

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Ingole, B.S.; Shirgur, G.A.

    The regeneration process was observed in the laboratory cultured macrostomid turbellarian, @iMacrostomum orthostylum@@ Recovery of cut portions was very fast at the anterior region as compared to the posterior region The average regeneration rate...

  18. Analysis of Genetic Parameters on Ethiopian Mustard (Brassica Carinata A. Braun Genotypes in Northwestern Ethiopia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walle Tesfaye


    Full Text Available This study was carried out with the objective to estimate the genotypic variability and other yield related traits of Ethiopian mustard in North West Ethiopia. A total of 36 genotypes of Ethiopian mustard were considered for this study. Analysis of variance was computed to contrast the variability within the collected genotypes based on yield and other yield related traits. The results revealed highly significant values(p<0.01 for days to maturity, grain filling period, number of pod per plot, secondary branches per plant, harvest index, seed yield per plot, seed yield per hectare and oil content. Significant differences (p<0.05 were noted for days to flowering, plant height, primary branch per plant, biomass per plot, oil yield per plot differences among the genotypes. Genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV % was lower than phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV % for all the traits studied. High genetic advance with heritability was observed in the following characters; plant height, biomass of the plant, number of secondary branch per plant and grain filling period. There are variations in the extent of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance of traits which can facilitate selection for further improvement of important traits of Ethiopian mustard. Therefore, it can be concluded that the variability within Ethiopian mustard genotypes collected from different areas of northern Ethiopia is high and vital for better crop improvement.

  19. Methodological peculiarities of the Braun-Blanquet method used for marine bottom vegetation classification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    AFANASYEV Dmitry F.


    Full Text Available The features of the Brown Blanquet method application for the classification of the Black and Azov Seas bottom phytocenoses are discussed. Special attention is given to following methodological questions: term of observations, necessary for associations revealing, size of relevance area, the features of geobotanic al underwater exploration technology, description of the bottom communities with epiphytes and the peculiarities of bottom vegetation syntaxonomic analysis.

  20. Population characteristics and mass culture of Macrostomum orthostylum Braun 1885 (Macrostomida: Turbellaria)

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Ingole, B.S.

    Population characteristics and mass culture of a brackish water turbellarian Macrostomum orthostylum were studied in the laboratory. Adult M. orthostylum has a maximum length of 1.5 mm and can survive for a maximum period of 112 days under...

  1. Broadening the genetic base of Abyssinian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun through introgression of genes from related allotetraploid species

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farooq A. Sheikh


    Full Text Available Brassica carinata (BBCC, 2n=34 has still to emerge as a major oilseed crop owing to poor agronomic attributes like long stature, long maturity duration and low seed yield. The restricted amount of genetic variability available in natural B. carinata necessitates utilization of new sources of variability for broadening its genetic base. Interspecific hybridization followed by selection in selfed and back cross progenies was employed to generate useful variability into B. carinata cv ˈPC5ˈ from elite lines of Brassica napus (AACC, 2n=38 and Brassica juncea (AABB, 2n=36. The morphological evaluation of 24 stable introgressed progenies revealed wide range of variability for key economic traits. The progenies with mean maturity duration of 161 ± 2.1 days, short stature of 139.5 ± 6.5 cm and seed yield per plant of 18.6 ± 2.0 g in comparison to the corresponding figures of 168 ± 4.6 days, 230.6 ± 12.7 cm and 12.0 ± 2.4 g in ˈPC5ˈ (recurrent parent were recovered. Diversity analysis at morphological level revealed that 22 out of 24 stable introgressed progenies were grouped with B. carinata ˈPC5ˈ at average taxonomic distance of 1.19. The diversity at molecular level using 25 polymorphic and reproducible RAPD primers revealed that 19 out of 21 introgressed progenies grouped with B. carinata ˈPC5ˈ at a similarity coefficient of 0.68. The clusters in general represent a wide range of genetic diversity in the back cross lines of B. carinata as a result of introgression of genes from elite lines of B. napus and B. juncea parents.

  2. National airspace system : FAA reauthorization issues are critical to system transformation and operations statement of Gerald L. Dillingham, Ph.D. (United States)


    As requested, this statement discusses issues for the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The aviation industry is in a period of economic turmoil and faces an : uncertain future. At the same time, FAA is undertaking one of ...

  3. Transportation security : post-September 11th initiatives and long-term challenges : statement of Gerald L. Dillingham, Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues (United States)


    This testimony responds to the request of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States for information on GAO's work in transportation security. It addresses (1) transportation security before September 2001; (2) what the feder...

  4. Kapteni roll tõendite kogumisel / North East Branch of the Nautical Institute ; [tlk. Uno Laur ; toim. Viiu Suurväli ; eess.: Gerald Darling

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kapteni osa, logiraamatud ; lasti kahjustus, kaotus ja puudujääk ; kindlustus ja laevarike ; vaegtäitmise- ja ülekulupretensioonid ; ohtlikud sadamad ja laadimispaigad ; statsionaarsete ja ujuvobjektide vigastused ; õlireostus ; üldavarii ; päästmine ; laevakokkupõrked ; töötülide lahendamine ja distsiplinaarküsimused ; õnnetusjuhtumid inimestega ; piletita reisijad , põgenikud

  5. Kapteni roll tõendite kogumisel / North East Branch of the Nautical Institute ; [tlk. Uno Laur ; toim. Viiu Suurväli ; eess.: Gerald Darling

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kapteni osa, logiraamatud ; lasti kahjustus, kaotus ja puudujääk ; kindlustus ja laevarike ; vaegtäitmise- ja ülekulupretensioonid ; ohtlikud sadamad ja laadimispaigad ; statsionaarsete ja ujuvobjektide vigastused ; õlireostus ; üldavarii ; päästmine ; laevakokkupõrked ; töötülide lahendamine ja distsiplinaarküsimused ; õnnetusjuhtumid inimestega ; piletita reisijad , põgenikud

  6. Morphological correlates of prey consumed by Podarcis melisellensis (Braun, 1877 and P. siculus (Rafinesque, 1810 (Sauria, Lacertidae from two mainland regions in the eastern Adriatic area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stamenković S.Ž.


    Full Text Available The correlation between trophic utilization and morphology was studied for two lizard species (Podarcis melisellensis and P. siculus from two mainland localities in the eastern Adriatic area; this is the first report of trophic and morphometric data for P. melisellensis from mainland populations. Variance partitioning showed that most of the variation in morphological traits for the analyzed lizards was the result of differences between species, and to a lesser extent between sexes. Locality did not have a strong effect on the variation of morphological traits. Prey weight is the only characteristic of prey that generally exhibits correlations with morphological characteristics rather than prey size. The pattern of correlations is generally weaker for P. melisellensis than for P. siculus. Optimal foraging theory predictions were generally confirmed: P. siculus is more constrained by trophic resource availability, with a premium on larger and heavier prey consumed in the less productive locality (SM, which can be relaxed in more productive regions (KL. P. melisellensis shows such constraints only for males in the less productive region (SM. Females of both species consume heavier prey. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. III43001 i br. 173011

  7. Ocorrência de Passalora bougainvilleae (Muntañola) Castañeda & Braun associado à Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd. em Boa Vista, Roraima


    Nechet,Kátia de Lima; Halfeld-Vieira,Bernardo A.


    O fungo Passalora bougainvilleae é relatado, pela primeira vez, na região de Boa Vista, Roraima, associado a manchas foliares na planta ornamental Bougainvillea spectabilis. As características do fungo são conidióforos agregados em fascículos, emergindo de um estroma subcuticular na face abaxial de lesões velhas. Os conidióforos são lisos, retos, de coloração marrom, não ramificados, maioria asseptados, medindo de 26-57µm x 4µm. Células conidiogênicas terminais de proliferação simpodial com c...

  8. Repot of Passalora bougainvilleae (Muntañola) Castañeda & Braun associated with Bougainvillea spectablis Willd. in Boa Vista, Roraima


    Nechet, Kátia de Lima; Halfeld-Vieira, Bernardo A.


    O fungo Passalora bougainvilleae é relatado, pela primeira vez, na região de Boa Vista, Roraima, associado a manchas foliares na planta ornamental Bougainvillea spectabilis. As características do fungo são conidióforos agregados em fascículos, emergindo de um estroma subcuticular na face abaxial de lesões velhas. Os conidióforos são lisos, retos, de coloração marrom, não ramificados, maioria asseptados, medindo de 26-57µm x 4µm. Células conidiogênicas terminais de proliferação simpodial com c...

  9. Data and facts on brown and hard coal. Status quo and perspectives. Background; Daten und Fakten zu Braun- und Steinkohlen. Status quo und Perspektiven. Hintergrund

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schneider, Joerg; Pabst, Jeannette; Icha, Petra; and others


    This publication reports on the contribution of brown and hard-coal power plants to gross electricity production, quoting a total of 45.2% for 2013. CO{sub 2} emissions from hard coal rose continuously from 2011 to 2013, largely due to a growing electricity export surplus. By contrast, CO{sub 2} emissions from brown coal power plants decreased slightly, in spite of more electricity being produced from brown coal. This can be explained by the replacement of a number of old power plants with new, more efficient ones in the course of 2012 and 2013. From an environmental viewpoint brown and hard coal carry a heavy burden as energy resources. Their specific characteristics and special features are thus covered in a separate part of the report, giving due consideration to aspects of energy economy, general economy and environmental issues.

  10. Ocorrência de Passalora bougainvilleae (Muntañola Castañeda & Braun associado à Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd. em Boa Vista, Roraima Repot of Passalora bougainvilleae (Muntañola Castañeda & Braun associated with Bougainvillea spectablis Willd. in Boa Vista, Roraima

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kátia de Lima Nechet


    Full Text Available O fungo Passalora bougainvilleae é relatado, pela primeira vez, na região de Boa Vista, Roraima, associado a manchas foliares na planta ornamental Bougainvillea spectabilis. As características do fungo são conidióforos agregados em fascículos, emergindo de um estroma subcuticular na face abaxial de lesões velhas. Os conidióforos são lisos, retos, de coloração marrom, não ramificados, maioria asseptados, medindo de 26-57µm x 4µm. Células conidiogênicas terminais de proliferação simpodial com cicatrizes escuras e pouco espessas. Os conídios são solitários, marrom claro, obclavados, retos a ligeiramente curvos, medindo de 32-70 µm x 4-5 µm, maioria com 3 septos, apresentando um hilo truncado e ápice obtuso.The fungi Passalora bougainvilleae is reported, for the first time, Boa Vista, Roraima state, causing leaf spots on ornamental specie Bougainvillea spectabilis. The fungi characteristics are conidiophores hypophyllous in fascicles arising from the upper cells of a stroma subcuticular at old spots. The conidiphores are smooth, straight, pale brown, non-branched, mostly aseptate, 26-57µm x 4µm. Conidiogenous cells terminal, sympodial with black and thin scars. Conidia solitary, pale brown, obclavate, straight to slightly flexuous, 32-70 µm x 4-5 µm, 3 septate, rounded at apex, truncate at base, with a conspicuous hilum.

  11. Escala diagramática para quantificação da severidade de manchas em folhas de Eucalyptus globulus Labill. causadas por Teratosphaeria nubilosa (Cooke Crous & U. Braun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martha Maria Passador


    Full Text Available The leaf spot (Mycosphaerella leaf disease = MLD caused by Teratosphaeria nubilosa has caused damage in eucalypt plantations in southern and southeastern Brazil. The need to assess the disease in the field to evaluate of this damage, efficiency control, evaluation of germplasm induces to the necessity of having a visual scale for evaluation of disease. The objective was to develop a diagrammatic scale for young leaves and one for adult leaves of Eucalyptus globules for MLD. To do so, the leaves collected in the field were scanned for image analysis. The damaged area, the healthy leaf area and the external area of the same scale RGB (Red, Green, Blue were determined. Subsequently, it was determinate the levels of severity depending on the sample distribution with seven levels for young leaves and six for adult leaves. For the visual acuity test and validate the scale, the leaves were evaluated for severity, with and without scale. With this proposed scales, the assessors showed good accuracy both for young and adult leaves with R2=0,98 and R2=0,80, respectively. The importance of the development of diagrammatic scales for assessing MLD in eucalyptus must to the fact that allows quantification of the symptoms accurately and precisely.

  12. Scott Richard Lyons, X-marks: Native Signatures of Assent. , Steve Russell, Sequoyah Rising: Problems in Post-Colonial Tribal Governance. , Sean Kicummah Teuton, Red Land, Red Power: Grounding Knowledge in the American Indian Novel. , Gerald Vizenor, Native Liberty: Natural Reason and Cultural Survivance.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James Mackay


    Full Text Available That American Indian nations have survived into the 21st century should be an occasion for celebration, given how truly close Native America came to a total obliteration. A combination of disease, vicious colonial warfare and the use of education as a weapon to “kill the Indian, save the man” had by the beginning of the 19th century reduced the number of people in the United States willing to claim Native ancestry in the census to just 250,000. (There were, of course, many more, but Indian bl...

  13. 77 FR 26759 - Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisitions of Shares of a Bank or Bank Holding Company (United States)


    ... May 29, 2012. A. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (Adam M. Drimer, Assistant Vice President) 701 East Byrd Street, Richmond, Virginia 23261-4528: 1. Gerald F. Smith, Jr. Revocable Trust, (trustee, Gerald F. Smith, Jr.) Winchester, Virginia, to individually acquire voting shares of First National Corporation...

  14. Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), Eglin AFB, Florida and Hurlburt Field, Florida. Final Environmental Impact Statement (United States)


    Gene G. Sanderson George E. Cox Gerald A. Rush* Gerald Goodson Ginny Graybiel Glenda L. Glover Gordon Eldridge Gordon Goodin Greg Artabasy Greg... Fanc ~np. Thank you very much. COLONEL CUMBIE: Thank you, sir. !Vlr. Robert Larson . MR. LARSON: My name is Robert Larson . The Military Housing

  15. Is Current US Counterinsurgency Doctrine Applicable to Lebanese Hizballah and the Taliban? (United States)


    Taliban, What We’ve Heard, US Embassy Islamabad, 26 January 1995. 140Gerald Bourke , “Kabul Rivals Join Forces as Taliban Strikes Hard” Guardian 27...Report on Middle East Affairs 28, no. 6 (2009):35-36. Magazines/Journals Bourke , Gerald. “Kabul Rivals Join Forces as Taliban Strikes Hard.” Guardian

  16. Narrativ vejledning i skolen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Plant, Peter


    Anmeldelse af John M. Winslade og Gerald D. Monk (2008). Narrativ vejledning i skolen. Virum: Dansk Psykologisk Forlag   Udgivelsesdato: FEB......Anmeldelse af John M. Winslade og Gerald D. Monk (2008). Narrativ vejledning i skolen. Virum: Dansk Psykologisk Forlag   Udgivelsesdato: FEB...

  17. 20 January 2011 - Hessischer Minister für Bundesangelegenheiten und Bevollmächtigter des Landes beim Bund, Hessen, Germany M. Boddenberg signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer and Head of International Relations F. Pauss; in the ALICE surafce exhibition and underground experimental area with P. Braun-Munzinger, V.Lindenstruth and Adviser R. Voss.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    Michael Boddenberg, Hessian Minister for Federal Affairs and Representative of Hessen in the Federal Government, visited CERN on 20 January. His tour included the ALICE experiment, the LHC tunnel, the CERN Computer Centre and CERN Control Centre.

  18. Phylogenetic lineages in Pseudocercospora. (United States)

    Crous, P W; Braun, U; Hunter, G C; Wingfield, M J; Verkley, G J M; Shin, H-D; Nakashima, C; Groenewald, J Z


    morphology, within the same geographic region, frequently differed phylogenetically, indicating that the application of European and American names to Asian taxa, and vice versa, was often not warranted. New genera - Pallidocercospora Crous, Phaeomycocentrospora Crous, H.D. Shin & U. Braun; New species - Cercospora eucommiae Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Microcyclospora quercina Crous & Verkley, Pseudocercospora ampelopsis Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora cercidicola Crous, U. Braun & C. Nakash., Pseudocercospora crispans G.C. Hunter & Crous, Pseudocercospora crocea Crous, U. Braun, G.C. Hunter & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora haiweiensis Crous & X. Zhou, Pseudocercospora humulicola Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora marginalis G.C. Hunter, Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora ocimi-basilici Crous, M.E. Palm & U. Braun, Pseudocercospora plectranthi G.C. Hunter, Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora proteae Crous, Pseudocercospora pseudostigmina-platani Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora pyracanthigena Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora ravenalicola G.C. Hunter & Crous, Pseudocercospora rhamnellae G.C. Hunter, H.D. Shin, U. Braun & Crous, Pseudocercospora rhododendri-indici Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin, Pseudocercospora tibouchinigena Crous & U. Braun, Pseudocercospora xanthocercidis Crous, U. Braun & A. Wood, Pseudocercosporella koreana Crous, U. Braun & H.D. Shin; New combinations - Pallidocercospora acaciigena (Crous & M.J. Wingf.) Crous & M.J. Wingf., Pallidocercospora crystallina (Crous & M.J. Wingf.) Crous & M.J. Wingf., Pallidocercospora heimii (Crous) Crous, Pallidocercospora heimioides (Crous & M.J. Wingf.) Crous & M.J. Wingf., Pallidocercospora holualoana (Crous, Joanne E. Taylor & M.E. Palm) Crous, Pallidocercospora konae (Crous, Joanne E. Taylor & M.E. Palm) Crous, Pallidoocercospora irregulariramosa (Crous & M.J. Wingf.) Crous & M.J. Wingf., Phaeomycocentrospora cantuariensis (E.S. Salmon & Wormald) Crous

  19. BENTHIC SPECIES and Other Data from GILLISS and Other Platforms from 19760614 to 19760902 (NODC Accession 7700456) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Data submitted by Dr. Gerald L. Engel. The data was collected between June 1976 and September 1976. This study was organized to collect Histopathology and Benthic...

  20. Aviation Safety: FAA Oversight of Aviation Repair Stations (United States)


    Testimony of Gerald L. Dillingham, Associate Director, Transportation Issues, : Resources, Community, and Economic Development Division before the Subcommittee : on Aviation, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, U.S. Senate on : the Fe...

  1. Cellular computing

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Amos, Martyn


    ... 120 Ron Weiss, Thomas F. Knight Jr., and Gerald Sussman 8 The Biology of Integration of Cells into Microscale and Nanoscale Systems 148 Michael L. Simpson, Timothy E. McKnight, Michael A. Guillor...

  2. Raamaturappija / Karl Martin Sinijärv

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sinijärv, Karl Martin, 1971-


    Wolf, Christa. Medeia : hääled; Sermat, Toomas. Blaak ja Biduun; Liksom, Rosa. Ühe öö ekstaas; Durrell, Gerald. Bafuti hagijad; Saarinen, Esa. Filosoofia ajalugu tipult tipule Sokratesest Marxini

  3. cost-benefit analysis of anti-retroviral therapy (art) for hiv/aids

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    HIV/AIDS is high and that is why most patients cannot access HIV/AIDS treatment even though these drugs are supposed to .... Laboratory in New Mexico, Dr. Gerald Myers, and ... tuberculosis, and vaccinations against smallpox represented ...


    The Biocide Tributyltin Alters Testosterone Esterification in Mud Snails (Ilyanassa obsoleta)Meredith P. Gooding and Gerald A. LeBlanc Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7633Tributyltin (TBT...

  5. Protect Your Heart in the Heat (United States)

    ... Aortic Aneurysm More Protect Your Heart in the Heat Updated:Jul 5,2017 Whatever brings you outside — ... might need to take special precautions in the heat, according to Gerald Fletcher, M.D., professor of ...

  6. Putting Science FIRST: Memories of Family Science Experiences. (United States)

    Science and Children, 1996


    Presents anecdotes from prominent citizens including Bill Clinton, Alan Alda, Carl Sagan, Gerald Wheeler, JoAnne Vasquez, and Lynn Margulis in which they reminisce about interesting science experiences with their families. (JRH)

  7. "Pähklipureja" Uzide ja gaasimaskidega

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Inglise rahvusballetis tuli lavale Pjotr Tsaikovski balleti "Pähklipureja" radikaalne versioon, kostüümide autor on karikaturist Gerald Scarfe, koreograaf Christopher Hampson, tantsivad ka Toomas Edur ja Age Oks

  8. Why Don't We Tell Children the Truth about America? (United States)

    Marshall, Kim


    Frances FitzGerald's critique of American social studies and history curricula in "America Revised" is reviewed. The conclusion drawn is that censorship, special interests, and marketability exercise too great an influence on the textbook industry. (JMF)

  9. 75 FR 38184 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Regulation Project (United States)


    ...-8 provides final income, estate and gift, and employment tax regulations relating to elections made..., and purchase of services to provide information. Approved: June 23, 2010. Gerald J. Shields, IRS...

  10. BENTHIC SPECIES and Other Data from GILLISS and Other Platforms from 19751027 to 19760827 (NODC Accession 7700455) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Data was submitted by Dr. Gerald L. Engel. This study was organized to collect data on Parasite Type and Location. Parasite (both ecto- and endo-), and site of...

  11. Textbook of pharmacoepidemiology

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Strom, Brian L; Kimmel, Stephen E


    ... Pharmacovigilance Reporting Systems, 101 Gerald J. Dal Pan, Marie Lindquist, and Kate Gelperin 8 Overview of Automated Databases in Pharmacoepidemiology, 118 Brian L. Strom 9 Examples of Existing Automated ...

  12. From Calculus to Wavelets: ANew Mathematical Technique

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 2; Issue 4. From Calculus to Wavelets: A New Mathematical Technique Wavelet Analysis Physical Properties. Gerald B Folland. General Article Volume 2 Issue 4 April 1997 pp 25-37 ...

  13. Aviation Safety and Security: Challenges to Implementing the Recommendations of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security -- GAO/T-RCED-97-90 (United States)


    This statement before Congress by Gerald L. Dillingham, Associate Director, : Transportation Issues, Resources, Community, and Economic Development Division, : General Accounting Office (GAO) assesses the recommendations contained in the : recently r...

  14. 75 FR 57287 - Notice of Intent to Repatriate a Cultural Item: Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh, WI (United States)


    ..., after Dennis Lee, son of Gerald Lee, donated the bowl to the museum. The Wisconsin State site report... placed with or near individual human remains at the time of death or later as part of the death rite or...

  15. Report on Follow-up Visit to Ecuador, Part 1

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Combs, Gerald F


    ...), National Institutes of Health, who visited Ecuador from January 15th to the 21st, 1961. Dr. Gerald F. Combs, PhD, visited Ecuador to discuss the nutritional survey conducted by ICNND in the summer of 1959...

  16. WATER TEMPERATURE and Other Data from DRIFTING BUOY From World-Wide Distribution from 19910101 to 19910331 (NODC Accession 9100101) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Drifting Buoy Data from the Canadian Data Center, submitted by Mr. Gerald P Lesblam, Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in GF-3 format...

  17. International business theory and marketing theory


    Soldner, Helmut


    International business theory and marketing theory : elements for internat. marketing theory building. - In: Marketing aspects of international business / Gerald M. Hampton ... (eds.). - Boston u.a. : Kluwer, 1984. - S. 25-57

  18. Raamaturida / Arno Oja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Oja, Arno, 1950-


    Wells, Herbert George. Lühike maailmaajalugu; Seton, Anya. Katherine, 1.osa; Durrell, Gerald. Linnud, loomad ja sugulased. Jumalate aed; Andersson, Lars. Katkukuninga legend; Erkelius, Per Agne. Unistus Johannesest; Kõvamees, Raissa. Kahe väina vahel.

  19. Iirlaste uskumatu edu kivilinnas New Yorgis / Tambet Kaugema

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaugema, Tambet


    Ameerika Ühendriikide rahvusliku raamatuauhinna laureaadid: Alice McDermott (ilukirjanduse auhind, romaan 'Charming Billy'), Edward Ball (aimekirjanduse auhind, 'Slaves in the family'), Gerald Stern (luuleauhind, 'This time'), Louis Sachar (noorsookirjanduse auhind), John Updike (elutöö auhind)

  20. Eisenhower: Decision-making and Consensus in an Unfamiliar Context (United States)


    particularly among parochial government leaders, required all the considerable experience and skill that Eisenhower possessed. The National Security...International and Regional Studies. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2004. Pops, Gerald M. Ethical Leadership in Turbulent Times

  1. Area Handbook Series. Cote D’Lvoire; A Country Study (United States)


    production; Mimi Cantwell, Sharon Costcllo, Vincent Ercolano, Ruth Nieland, and Sharon Schultz edited the chapters; Beverly Wolpert performed the final...John Dixon (ed.), Social Welfare iniAfrica. (Cofpara- tive Social Welfare Series.) London: Groom Helh, 1987. Bourke , Gerald. "A Tarnished Miracle...nm Bourke , Gerald. A Tarnished Miracle," Africa Report, 312, No. 6, Noveiilei -Dcemiber 1987, 62-64.’ brayto’n, Abbojt A. Stability and

  2. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jul 18, 2008 ... Full Length Research Paper .... The fermenter used was a 10 L mechanically stirred tank bioreactor. (B. Braun ... Comparison of enzyme activities of Aspergillus sp. ... optimize the medium compositions in shake flask cultures.

  3. Phytosociological classification of the Nylsvley nature reserve

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Coetzee, BJ


    Full Text Available The vegetation of the Nylsvley Nature Reserve in the Transvaal Mixed Bushveld is classified hierarchically by the Braun-Blanquet method of vegetation survey. The vegetation is seasonal grassland and deciduous savanna with four floristically distinct...

  4. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    1 Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Usmanu Danfodiyo .... (1993) reported a likely association of blood factor III ... American. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 2(1): 29-. 31. Braun U, Nuss R, Slydler T ...

  5. Pharmacists' Perception of the Sale of Non-Clinically Proven Health ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ISSN: 1596-5996 (print); 1596-9827 (electronic) ... Results: Fifty six pharmacists participated in the study (response rate, 28.0 %). A total of ..... supplements: a systematic review. BMC ... Chapman C, Braun L. The professional pharmacist and.

  6. Demonstration of Fission Product Retention in a Novel NTR Fuel, Phase II (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Several studies over the past few decades have recognized the need for advanced propulsion to explore the solar system. As early as the 1960s, Werner Von Braun and...

  7. Demonstration of Fission Product Retention in a Novel NTR Fuel, Phase I (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Several studies over the past few decades have recognized the need for advanced propulsion to explore the solar system. As early as the 1960s, Werner Von Braun and...

  8. the europeanisation of emissions trading gerard h.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    4 Marcel Braun and Tilman Santarius, 'Climate Politics in the Multi-Level Governance ..... incentivisation approaches may contribute to or cause light-touch regulation.34 ..... However, interaction in this transnational process ultimately also.

  9. 76 FR 75942 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... renewable two-year period. They are: Anthony Brandano (MA) William R. Braun (NM) Stanley E. Elliott (UT.... Mallory (OK) Eldon Miles (IN) Norman V. Myers (WA) Jack E. Potts, Jr. (PA) Neal A. Richard (LA) John E...

  10. utilization of sweetpotato based confection technology

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    among women farmers in Imo state because of the health benefits, .... March 8 th – 12th. Braun, Joachim Von (2008). Rising Food Prices: What should be done? ... Washington DC: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

  11. Simple gun for vapor deposition of organic thin films

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sato, N.; Seki, K.; Inokuchi, H.


    A simple evaporation gun for preparing organic thin films was fabricated using commercially available parts of an electron gun for a TV Braun tube. The device permits sample heating to be easily controlled because of the small heat capacity

  12. High Energy Materials

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    Propellants used in rockets, pyrotechnics used in festivities, explosives used for .... In World War II, Wernher von Braun designed the. V-2 rockets which were ... A. Solid Propellants. A solid propellant is made from low or diluted high explosives.

  13. Diversity Analysis of Ethiopian Mustard Breeding Lines Using RAPD ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) is an oilseed crop less known to the ... have also been used for cultivar identification in B. napus (Ren et al. ..... of Brassica oleracea L. group (2n=18) using random amplified polymorphic DNA.

  14. The genus Cladosporium (United States)

    Bensch, K.; Braun, U.; Groenewald, J.Z.; Crous, P.W.


    A monographic revision of the hyphomycete genus Cladosporium s. lat. (Cladosporiaceae, Capnodiales) is presented. It includes a detailed historic overview of Cladosporium and allied genera, with notes on their phylogeny, systematics and ecology. True species of Cladosporium s. str. (anamorphs of Davidiella), are characterised by having coronate conidiogenous loci and conidial hila, i.e., with a convex central dome surrounded by a raised periclinal rim. Recognised species are treated and illustrated with line drawings and photomicrographs (light as well as scanning electron microscopy). Species known from culture are described in vivo as well as in vitro on standardised media and under controlled conditions. Details on host range/substrates and the geographic distribution are given based on published accounts, and a re-examination of numerous herbarium specimens. Various keys are provided to support the identification of Cladosporium species in vivo and in vitro. Morphological datasets are supplemented by DNA barcodes (nuclear ribosomal RNA gene operon, including the internal transcribed spacer regions ITS1 and ITS2, the 5.8S nrDNA, as well as partial actin and translation elongation factor 1-α gene sequences) diagnostic for individual species. In total 993 names assigned to Cladosporium s. lat., including Heterosporium (854 in Cladosporium and 139 in Heterosporium), are treated, of which 169 are recognized in Cladosporium s. str. The other taxa are doubtful, insufficiently known or have been excluded from Cladosporium in its current circumscription and re-allocated to other genera by the authors of this monograph or previous authors. Taxonomic novelties: Cladosporium allicinum (Fr.: Fr.) Bensch, U. Braun & Crous, comb. nov., C. astroideum var. catalinense U. Braun, var. nov., Fusicladium tectonicola (Yong H. He & Z.Y. Zhang) U. Braun & Bensch, comb. nov., Septoidium uleanum (Henn.) U. Braun, comb. nov., Zasmidium adeniae (Hansf.) U. Braun, comb. nov., Zasmidium

  15. Digenean parasites of six species of birds from Formosa Province, Argentina Digéneos parásitos de seis especies de aves de la provincia de Formosa, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lía Inés Lunaschi


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to increase the knowledge of the diversity of digenean parasites from birds collected in Formosa Province, Argentina. The helminthological survey of 15 specimens of 6 bird species revealed the presence of 5 digenean species: Clinostomatopsis sorbens (Braun, 1899 and Clinostomum marginatum (Rudolphi, 1819 (Clinostomidae from the esophagus of Tigrisoma lineatum (Boddaert; Glaphyrostomum propinquum Braun, 1901 (Brachylaimidae from the cloaca of Guira guira (Gmelin; Stomylotrema vicarium Braun, 1901 (Stomylotrematidae from the cloaca of Busarellus nigricollis (Latham and Buteogallus meridionalis (Latham; and Athesmia heterolecithodes (Braun, 1899 (Dicrocoeliidae from the bile canaliculi of G. guira, Milvago chimachima (Vieillot and Rostrhamus sociabilis (Vieillot. The present study adds new morphometric data on 2 species of digeneans (C. sorbens and G. propinquum and new host records for C. sorbens, G. propinquum, A. heterolecithodes and S. vicarium. The genera Clinostomatopsis Dollfus, 1932 and Glaphyrostomum Braun, 1901 are reported for the first time in Argentina.El propósito de este trabajo es incrementar el conocimiento sobre la diversidad de digéneos parásitos de aves recolectadas en la provincia de Formosa, Argentina. El estudio helmintológico de 15 ejemplares de 6 especies de aves reveló la presencia de 5 especies de digéneos: Clinostomatopsis sorbens (Braun, 1899 y Clinostomum marginatum (Rudolphi, 1819 (Clinostomidae halladas en el esófago de Tigrisoma lineatum (Boddaert; Glaphyrostomum propinquum Braun, 1901 (Brachylaimidae recolectada de la cloaca de Guira guira (Gmelin; Stomylotrema vicarium Braun, 1901 (Stomylotrematidae encontrada en la cloaca de Busarellus nigricollis (Latham y Buteogallus meridionalis (Latham; Athesmia heterolecithodes (Braun, 1899 (Dicrocoeliidae hallada en los canalículos biliares de G. guira, Milvago chimachima (Vieillot y Rostrhamus sociabilis (Vieillot. El presente estudio

  16. Key Lake mine water spill: further clean-up not required

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Potvin, R.


    The Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) has concluded that no additional remedial measures are warranted with regard to the mine water spill which occurred in early January at the Key Lake Mining Corporation facility in northern Saskatchewan, and has advised the company to reconsider its proposal for clean-up of the adjoining Gerald Lake basin. On January 5, an estimated 87 million litres of mine water was accidentally released to the environment when a water storage reservoir at the mine site overflowed. The spilled water flowed into the adjoining Gerald Lake catchment area where it has remained adequately contained

  17. The SMO-COIN Nexus: Using Social Movement Theory to Demobilize Insurgency (United States)


    individual members.74 Frances FitzGerald describes the NLF activities in her book Fire in the Lake as a process of slow integration as the NLF cadre...Guerilla War.” 75 Frances FitzGerald, Fire in the Lake (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1972), 155-182. 76 Once organized and mobilized, emerge from the bourgeoisie . By 1957, over 90,000 individuals were engaged in foreign and domestic trading and another 9,000 in real estate sales

  18. 77 FR 536 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus (United States)


    ... INFORMATION: Electronic Access You may see all the comments online through the Federal Document Management..., except Federal holidays. Privacy Act: Anyone may search the electronic form of all comments received into...), Gerald R. Curran (PA), Shawn K. Fleming (PA), Daniel C. French (VA), Garry W. Garrison (WI), Gregory L...

  19. The Military Family: A Selected Bibliography. Revision (United States)


    Commercial (717) 245-3660. "A healthy family environment is a force multiplier." - General John A. Wickham, Jr. NTiS C’. - Statement "A" per telecon...11. Kreyche, Gerald F. "Day Care: The New Surrogacy ." USA TODAY, Vol. 118, September 1989, pp. 91-93. Landrum, Cecile S. "The Changing Military

  20. 75 FR 10295 - National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ...; Notice of Closed Meetings Pursuant to section 10(d) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5.... Place: Legacy Hotel and Meeting Center, 1775 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. Contact Person: Gerald... evaluate contract proposals. Place: Legacy Hotel and Meeting Center, 1775 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD...

  1. Baltoscandal näitas Euroopa absurdi / Tiiu Laks

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laks, Tiiu, 1984-


    Rakveres 10. juulil lõppenud 11. rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Baltoscandal. Prantslase Gerald Kurdiani kontsertetendusest "This is the Hello Monster!". Riina Maidre ja Maike Londi kontsertetendusest "PostUganda". Philippe Quesne'i ja tema trupi Vivarium Studio lavastusest "Big Bang". Taani tantsija Mette Ingvartseni lavastusest "Giant City". Akhe inseneriteatri lavastusest "Faust. 2360 sõna". Hollandi trupi Dood Paard lavastusest "Answer Me"

  2. An overview on hepatitis C virus genotypes and its control

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Faisal Nouroz


    Jun 10, 2015 ... Contents. 1. History and structure of hepatitis C virus . .... Dental treatment. 1.6. IVDU ..... [29] Ray Stuart C, Thomas David L. Hepatitis C. In: Mandell Gerald ... Lamballerie X, de Micco P. Analysis of the 50 non coding region.

  3. Counterpoint: Practice versus Process--Rigidity of Reinforcement Requirements Results in Regressive Research: A Reply to Ward. (United States)

    Biederman, Gerald B.; Davey, Valerie A.


    This counterpoint responds to Phillip Ward's commentary on a study by Gerald Biederman and others which concluded that verbal reinforcement in combination with interactive modeling strategies may produce confusion in children with language/learning difficulties. The counterpoint argues that the commentary indicates problems with semantics and with…

  4. 75 FR 12561 - Delaware River and Bay Oil Spill Advisory Committee; Meeting Cancelled (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard [Docket No. USCG-2008-0333] Delaware River and Bay Oil Spill Advisory Committee; Meeting Cancelled AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Notice of cancellation of...) is cancelled. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gerald Conrad, Liaison to the DFO of the DRBOSAC, (215...

  5. IV rahvusvaheline turismikonverents "Ma armastan Eestimaad!"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    25. septembril Meriton Conference&Spa Hotellis toimunud turismikonverentsist Lühiülevaade Juhan Partsi, Maria Alajõe, Paul Flattersi, Gerald Broddelezi, Raul Rebase, Raivo Vare, Birgit Prikki, Mikko Fritze, Andres Toode, Merle Adamsi ja Helen Mahmastoli ettekannetest, konverentsi moderaator oli Eesti Kaubandus- ja Tööstuskoja peadirektor Siim Raie


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Prendi avviso o lettore. Questa pagina fu scritta per amore. (“Esergo”) l poeta stabilisce un dialogo ideale con il lettore. Significativo è il passo che Maffeo pone come presentazione alla sua raccolta, tratto dal poeta inglese Gerald Manley Hopkins: “A che servono le opere d'arte? Ad educare, a essere esempi. Produrre […] ...

  7. Graduates\\' Perception of University Programmes and Their ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Graduates\\' Perception of University Programmes and Their Relevance to Employment: A study of University of Nairobi Graduates (1991-1998). Gerald N Kimani. Abstract. No Abstract Available Africa Development Vol. XXX (1&2) 2005: 68-85. · AJOL African Journals Online.

  8. 'The Politics of the Womb': Women, Politics and the Environment in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    'The Politics of the Womb': Women, Politics and the Environment in Pre-Colonial Chivi, Southern Zimbabwe, c.1840 to 1900. Gerald Chikozho Mazarire. Abstract. No Abstract Available Zambezia (2003), XXX (i): 35-50. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  9. Homme kell 18 avatakse Tallinna Kunstihoones NIFKA näitus...

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kapitali mõistet uuriv rahvusvaheline grupinäitus "Kapital (see veab meid alt)". Kuraator Simon Sheikh, osalejad loetletud. Avaldatakse ka raamat, kus tutvustatakse Will Bradley, Katja Diefenbachi, Stephan Geene'i, Brian Holmes'i, Trude Iverseni, Oleg Kirejevi, Isabell Lorey, Gerald Rauningi ja Natascha Sadr Haghighiani loomingut ja esseesid

  10. 76 FR 75882 - Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisitions of Shares of a Bank or Bank Holding Company (United States)


    ... Memorial Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64198-0001: 1. Gerald L. Lentfer, Firth, Nebraska; Steven J. Miller... Holding Company The notificants listed below have applied under the Change in Bank Control Act (12 U.S.C... paragraph 7 of the Act (12 U.S.C. 1817(j)(7)). The notices are available for immediate inspection at the...

  11. Understanding and Reducing Off-Duty Vehicle Crashes Among Military Personnel (United States)


    Safety Administration, 2001. Heino, Adriaan, Hugo H. van der Molen, and Gerald J. S. Wilde, “Differences in Risk Experience Between Sensation Avoiders...Safety Research, Vol. 39, No. 3, 2008, pp. 311–319. References 95 Philip, Pierre, Jacques Taillard, Patricia Sagaspe, Cedric Valtat, Montserrat

  12. 76 FR 11252 - National Institute on Drug Abuse; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Pentagon City, 1250 South Hayes...: March 9, 2011. Time: 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Pentagon City, 1250 South Hayes Street, Arlington, VA 22202. Contact Person: Gerald L...

  13. Textbook America. (United States)

    Karp, Walter


    Focuses on how political attitudes have been influenced by American history textbooks at various times throughout history. Excerpts from traditional and revisionist textbooks are presented, with emphasis on "America Revised" by Frances FitzGerald. Journal available from Harper's Magazine Co., 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. (DB)

  14. Bracey's Applesauce. (United States)

    Packer, Arnold


    A professional economist criticizes Gerald Bracey's view that the condition of public education has little to do with the state of the nation's economy. Most studies indicate that education contributes to growing productivity, higher wages, and a sound economy. Education can serve the nation's economic needs without sacrificing education's other…

  15. 76 FR 20076 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... in favor of granting a Federal vision exemption to James H. Corby, Thomas E. Moore, and John F... 23 exemption applications, FMCSA exempts, Jody L. Baker, Gary W. Balcom, Jimmie L. Blue, Ronald Cook, James H. Corby, Bobby D. Cox, Wesley M. Creamer, Gerald S. Dennis, Cleveland E. Edwards, Thomas...

  16. Võimsaim jõulusõnum / Kersti Inno

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Inno, Kersti, 1954-


    J. S. Bachi "Jõuluoratoorium" Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoori ja Tallinn Baroque Orkestri esituses 21. dets. Vanemuise kontserdimajas, 22. dets. Pärnu kontserdimajas ja 23. dets. Estonia kontserdisaalis. Benjamin Britteni kantaadi "Püha Nicolaus" ja Gerald Finzi "In Terra Pax" esitusest 16. ja 17. dets. Tallinnas Niguliste kirikus

  17. Maramaa elust poksi ja graffitini / Andres Lepik, Ott Aardam ; interv. Gert Kiiler

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lepik, Andres


    Ugala teater alustas 89. hooaega. Esimese poole plaanitud esietendused : Toomas Suumani "Linnapea" Heiki Raudla raamatu "August Maramaa aeg" järgi, lavastaja Andres Lepik. Ott Aardami noortetükist "Poks", lavastaja autor. Gerald Sibleyras' "Grafiti", lavastaja Taago Tubin. Silvia Soro jõulunäidend "Inetu pardipoja" ainetel, lavastaja Oleg Titov

  18. A Mental Health Consultation Program for Project Head Start. (United States)

    Kawin, Marjorie R.

    The Psychological Center provided a family oriented mental health consultation service to 17 delegate agencies who had contracts with Head Start programs in 1966-67. This paper presents an overview of the services which an interdisciplinary staff of 52 professionals provided to 6,780 families and 1,500 agency staff members. Gerald Caplan's (1964)…

  19. School Law Update...Preventive School Law. (United States)

    Jones, Thomas N., Ed.; Semler, Darel P., Ed.

    A wide variety of contemporary legal issues are addressed in the 15 separate papers that make up this volume. The introductory chapter by William C. Bednar, Jr. provides a broad-based rationale for "Preventive School Law." Chapters 2 and 3, both by Gerald A. Caplan, review "Current Issues in Reduction-in-Force" and "First Amendment Claims by…

  20. Education and the Environment: Creating Standards-Based Programs in Schools and Districts (United States)

    Lieberman, Gerald A.


    In this timely book, curriculum expert Gerald A. Lieberman provides an innovative guide to creating and implementing a new type of environmental education that combines standards-based lessons on English language arts, math, history, and science with community investigations and service learning projects. By connecting academic content with local…

  1. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Innovation. ... Mazarire, Gerald Chikozho. Vol 24 (2002) - Articles Ethical considerations for Zimbabwean archives and the digital challenge. Abstract. ISSN: 1025-8892. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms and ...

  2. Genetic diversity, population structure and marker trait associations ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Supplementary data: Genetic diversity, population structure and marker trait associations for seed quality traits in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum). Ashok Badigannavar and Gerald O. Myers. J. Genet. 94, 87–94. Table 1. List of cotton germplasm lines used in this study. Germplasm no. Cultivar. Region. Germplasm no. Cultivar.

  3. Between Native American and Continental Philosophy: A Comparative Approach to Narrative and the Emergence of Responsible Selves (United States)

    Richardson, Troy


    This essay explores some of the affinities between current theories of North American Indigenous trickster narratives and continental philosophy where they are both concerned with the question of responsibility in subject formations. Taking up the work of Judith Butler, Franz Kafka and Gerald Vizenor, the author works to show how both continental…

  4. Eating disorders in males: A review

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    regarding the abnormality of reproductive hormone function ... This paper reviews the existing literature on males with eating disorders in an ... through the work of Gerald Russell.7 The term “bulimia” is .... a critical time for adolescents, as an eating disorder could po- ..... Gender Related Aspects of Eating Disorders: A Guide.

  5. Ford: Not a Lincoln but a Hayes? A Lesson in History and Political Science (United States)

    Donnangelo, John A.


    History or social studies teachers are constantly striving to make the past come alive for their students and to help them see that not only does the past relate to the present, but it can also give insights into the future. The recent passing of former President Gerald R. Ford provides social studies teachers with just such an opportunity. Ford's…

  6. 75 FR 28323 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Regulation Project (United States)


    ... assured of consideration. ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments to Gerald Shields, Internal Revenue... regulations provide rules authorizing employers to establish electronic systems for use by their tipped... amount of income tax and FICA tax to withhold from the tipped employee's wages. Current Actions: There...

  7. African Journal of Social Work - Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The role of financial institutions towards affordable housing to urban middle income earners: Evidence from Kampala City, Uganda · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Kenneth Atuheire, Gerald Kagambirwe Karyeija, 1-37 ...

  8. Tundlikud ja tundelised / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : David Herbert Lawrence. Vikerkaar; Kazuo Ishiguro. Hõljuva maailma kunstnik; Vassil Bõkav. Toru; Torcuato Luca de Tena. Jumala käega; Roxanne Pulitzer. Carrie ja Gracie; Graham Robb. Victor Hugo; Scott Adams. Dilberti printsiip; Andrea Fehringer, Gerald Reischl, Clemens Stadlbauer. Sajandi suurimad pigilinnud; Gertrud Teusen. Jonniiga

  9. Plaadid / Jürgen Tamme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tamme, Jürgen


    Uutest heliplaatidest A Guy Called Gerald "To All Things What They Need", "World Of Mouth", Wet Wet Wet "The Greatest Hits", Martika "Toy Soldiers. The Best Of", Toby Keith "Greatest Hits", Electric Six "Senor Smoke", Static-X "Beneath...Between...Beyond...Rarities", Judas Priest "Angel Of Retribution"

  10. Science and Technology Metrics (United States)


    CONTENTS,1992, Vol 35, Iss AUG, pp 3 12 Garfield E, "Parascience, Pseudoscience , and Political Power Holton,Gerald on the Antiscience Phenomenon And Why...1993, Vol 25, Iss JUN, pp 3 9 Garfield E, "The Science Religion Connection an Introduction to Science and Religion From Warfare over Sociobiology to a

  11. Training Needs in Gerontology. Hearings, Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate. Part 2. (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Special Committee on Aging.

    At the second day of hearings on training needs in gerontology the witnesses were Stephen Kurzman accompanied by Arthur S. Flemming, John Lapp, Gerald D. LaVeck; George Maddox; Elias Cohen; Wilma Donahue; Brin Hawkins with Lettie Graves and Yolanda Owens; and John B. Martin. (MS)

  12. Picking the Bone: The B-1 Bomber as a Platform for Innovation (United States)


    August 1974 amidst the Watergate scandal . Vice President Gerald Ford took office and retained James Schlesinger as his secretary of defense...Jones assumed command in 1974 amidst the Nixon presidential scandal and the B-1A design testing dilemma. General Jones understood Schlesinger‘s

  13. 75 FR 53020 - Proposed Collection: Comment Request for Regulation Project (United States)


    ... record for the tax imposed on the entry of taxable fuel into the U.S. and revises definition of ``enterer.... ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments to Gerald Shields, Internal Revenue Service, Room 6129, 1111... the administration of any internal revenue law. Generally, tax returns and tax return information are...


    ANTIANDROGENIC EFFECTS OF VINCLOZOLIN ON MALE RATS ARE PARTIALLY ATTENUATED BY TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATECynthia Wolf1,2 , Joe Ostby1, Jonathan Furr 1, Gerald A. LeBlanc2, and L. Earl Gray, Jr.11 US Environmental Protection Agency, NHEERL, RTD, RTP, NC 27711, 2 Departmen...

  15. Taking Sides: Ethics, Politics and Fieldwork in Anthropology & All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aimar Ventsel


    Full Text Available Review of the publications Taking Sides: Ethics, Politics and Fieldwork in Anthropology. Edited by Heidi Armbruster and Anna Lærke. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books 2008, 258 pages; and Samuel Gerald Collins, All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books 2008, 140 pages.

  16. Taking Sides: Ethics, Politics and Fieldwork in Anthropology & All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aimar Ventsel


    Full Text Available Review of the publications Taking Sides: Ethics, Politics and Fieldwork in Anthropology. Edited by Heidi Armbruster and Anna Lærke. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books 2008, 258 pages; and Samuel Gerald Collins, All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books 2008, 140 pages.

  17. The Development of a Marketing Program for Womack Army Medical Center Fort Bragg, North Carolina (United States)


    Its successful implementation requires organizational commitment to market -based principles . This research assesses the design, function, and success...Concept of Marketing ," Journal of Marketing , (January 1969): 10-15. 60 Kotler , Philip and Gerald Zaltman. "Social Marketing : An Approach to Planned... market based enterprise. Its successful implementation requires organizational commitment to market -based principles . This research assesses the design

  18. (Bos grunniens) in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 30, 2012 ... Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, as it represents a unique bovine species adapted to ..... al., 1993; Udina et al., 2003), mastitis caused by. Staphylococcus sp. ... for prevention and treatment in many cases (Gerald et al., 2003). But in ...

  19. 76 FR 17930 - National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Nanotechnology. Date: July 12-13, 2011. Time: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications... review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Road, Bethesda, MD 20852. Contact Person: Gerald G. Lovinger, PhD, Scientific Review Administrator...

  20. Entre palavras e ações: o crime na linguagem de Guimarães Rosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valda Suely Silva Verri


    seu advogado, possibilita ao leitor perceber a ambiguidade de seu discurso e refletir sobre sua culpa. Para tanto, empregamos a terminologia de Gerard Genette e as considerações teóricas sobre o narratário de Gerald Prince

  1. The Effect of Material Strength on Segment Penetration Behavior (United States)


    Muenchen GERMANY Royal Armament R&D Establishment ATTN: I. Cullis Fort Halstead Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7BJ ENGLAND Centre d’Etudes de Gramat ATTN...SOLVE Gerald 46500 Gramat FRANCE 2 Defense Research Establishment Suffield ATTN: C. Weickert D. Mackay Ralston, Alberta, TOJ 2N0 Ralston CANADA Defense

  2. An Evolutionary Approach to the Biological Management of Invasive Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on Guam (United States)


    only two snake species on the Guam, the other of which is a burrowing blind snake Ramphotyphlops braminus (possibly introduced as well), and none of...descriptions of three new species. Systematic Parasitology 1:127-140. Roberts, L. S. and J. J. Janovy. 2005. Gerald D. Schmidt and Larry S. Roberts

  3. 78 FR 78477 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ...) James T. Sullivan (KY) David C. Sybesma (ID) Robert N. Taylor (OR) Scott A. Taylor (WV) Temesgn H. Teklezig (WA) Matthew K. Tucker (MN) Victor H. Vera (TX) Stephen D. Vice (KY) Larry J. Waldner (SD) Karl A...) Jerry L. Schroder (IL) Gerald J. Shamla (MN) Stephen E. Shields (KY) Peter M. Shirk (PA) William C...

  4. Manhunting: Counter-Network Organization for Irregular Warfare (United States)


    Buenos Aires, Argentina Israeli Mossad pursued Adolf Eichmann . Eichmann was finally identified in Buenos Aires. Apprehended on his way home, he...Malkin and Harry Stein, Eichmann in My Hands (New York: Warner Books, May 1990). Mossad is the Israeli intelligence service. 288. “Dr. Gerald Bull

  5. Discussion panel: field test design & data analysis (United States)

    Daniel M. Schmitt; William E. Waters; B. Leo Cadogan; Gerald S. Walton


    I think it is time to open the panel. On my left respectively are Bill Waters, Professor of Entomology and Forestry, University of California, Berkeley; Gerald S. Walton, Biometrician, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Hamden; and Leo Cadogan, Forest Pest Management Institute, Canadian Forestry Service, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. My name is Dan Schmitt, Program...

  6. Beyond clinical trials: Cross-sectional associations of combination ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    3 Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of ..... median command and a series of χ2 tests, respectively (Table 1). ...... 2012;379(9835):2439-2448. .... Gerald A, Reynolds C. Characteristics and applications of the Revised Children's ...

  7. A photographic atlas of selected regions of the Milky Way

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Barnard, Edward Emerson; Frost, Edwin Brant; Calvert, Mary R; Dobek, Gerald Orin


    .... It also includes a biography of Barnard and his work, a Foreword and Addendum by Gerald Orin Dobek describing the importance of the Atlas and additions to this volume, and a pull-out section with a mosaic of all 50 plates combined in a single panorama"--

  8. Electric dipole moments of the nucleon and light nuclei

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wirzba, Andreas


    The electric dipole moments of the nucleon and light ions are discussed and strategies for disentangling the underlying sources of CP violation beyond the Kobayashi–Maskawa quark-mixing mechanism of the Standard Model are indicated. Contribution to “45 years of nuclear theory at Stony Brook: a tribute to Gerald E. Brown”.

  9. A Simple Demonstration of the High-Temperature Electrical Conductivity of Glass (United States)

    Chiaverina, Chris


    We usually think of glass as a good electrical insulator; this, however, is not always the case. There are several ways to show that glass becomes conducting at high temperatures, but the following approach, devised by Brown University demonstration manager Gerald Zani, may be one of the simplest to perform.

  10. Reducción de la desnutrición crónica en el Perú: propuesta para una estrategia nacional.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amalia Flores Vidalón


    Full Text Available THE GERALD J. AND DOROTHY R. FRIEDMAN SCHOOL OF NUTRITION SCIENCE AND POLICY AT TUFTS UNIVERSITY. Reducción de la desnutrición crónica en el Perú: propuesta para una estrategia nacional. Medford, Massachussetts: Tufts University, 2001.

  11. 75 FR 60508 - Proposed Collection: Comment Request for Regulation Project (United States)


    ... ``direct rollover'' transaction. These provisions also require qualified pension plans and tax-sheltered... comments concerning an existing final regulation, EE-43-92 (TD 8619), Direct Rollovers and 20- Percent... November 29, 2010 to be assured of consideration. ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments to Gerald Shields...

  12. Coefficient estimates of negative powers and inverse coefficients for ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    and the inequality is sharp for the inverse of the Koebe function k(z) = z/(1 − z)2. An alternative approach to the inverse coefficient problem for functions in the class S has been investigated by Schaeffer and Spencer [27] and FitzGerald [6]. Although, the inverse coefficient problem for the class S has been completely solved ...

  13. Political Communication Yearbook 1984. (United States)

    Sanders, Keith R., Ed.; And Others

    Focusing on current scholarship in the evolving field of political communication, this publication is organized in three sections. Part 1, "Current Perspectives on the Spiral of Silence," features essays by Charles T. Salmon and F. Gerald Kline, Klaus Merten, Carroll J. Glynn and Jack M. McLeod, and a response by the theory's original…

  14. Software Life Cycle Management Workshop (2nd) August 21-22, 1978, Atlanta, Georgia. (United States)


    paid "experienced" programmer where a freshly trained beginner is EthnoTECHnical Review Handbook available. Daniel P. Freedman and Gerald M. Weinberg...operators could make notes or draw flowcharts . At the end of the study period, the original program and all N = total frequency of operands scrap paper

  15. Inimene kronesteetilise kaameraga / Andreas W

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Andreas W, pseud., 1969-


    Fotofilmifestival 14. oktoobril kinos Sõprus. Fotofilmist. Rahvusvahelisest fotofilmi konkursist "Ajatu lugu". Grand prix' pälvis Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, 2. koha Andri Allas ja Krõõt Tarkmeel, 3. koha Gerald Assouline (Prantsusmaa). Lühidalt festivalil näidatud Gusztáv Hámosi fotofilmidest (Saksamaa)

  16. Digitization of instrumentation and control in nuclear power plants

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hofmann, A.; Buschhorn, W.; Pache, K.; Kimmel, W.; Hoeing, M.


    Unit 1 of the Chooz NPP was connected to the grid in August 1996. Unit 2 will soon be connected. In the western part of the center of France, not far from the town Poitiers, there is an identical construction site where likewise two NPP units are being erected. The French firm Sema Group is the supplier of the control and monitoring system (KIC) and as the prime contractor also is responsible for coordination of work and cooperation with the firm Hartmann and Braun. Hartmann and Braun developed the Contronic E automation system and are one of the major instrumentation and control suppliers for these units. (orig./DG) [de

  17. Libyan Journal of Medicine - Vol 4, No 4 (2009)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Impact of Robotic Dispensing Machines in German Pharmacies on Business Performance Indicators · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. F Ruhle, R Braun, H Ostermann. ...

  18. Walt Disney visited Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) (United States)


    Walt Disney toured the West Test Area during his visit to the Marshall Space Flight Center on April 13, 1965. The three in center foreground are Karl Heimburg, Director, Test Division; Dr. von Braun, Director, MSFC; and Walt Disney. The Dynamic Test Stand with the S-1C stage being installed is in the background.

  19. An algorithm to find all palindromic sequences in proteins

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Jan 20, 2013 ... 1976; Karrer and Gall 1976; Vogt and Braun 1976) and (iii) in the formation of hairpin loops in the newly transcribed RNA. Palindromic sequences are observed in various classes of proteins like histones (Cheng et al. 1989), prion proteins (Sulkowski 1992; Kazim 1993),. DNA-binding proteins (Suzuki 1992; ...

  20. Items of interest from recent ornithological literature

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 37: 327-346. ii) Helbig, A.J., Kocum, A., Seibold, I. & Braun, M.J. 2005. A multi-gene phylogeny of aquiline eagles ... Genera: Gypohierax, Neophron and Gypaetus (Palm-nut and. Egyptian Vultures and Lammergeier) iv. Perninae: Kites that specialise on insects, bees or wasp larvae.

  1. Exploring Professional Identity Development in Alcohol and Drug Counselors in the 21st Century (United States)

    Simmons, Lori; Haas, Deborah; Massella, John; Young, Jared; Toth, Paul


    Professional identity development is an emerging area for alcohol and drug counselors. Few studies have investigated professional identity in alcohol and drug counselors (Ogborne, Braun, & Schmidt, 2001; Massella, Simons, Young, Haas, & Toth 2013). The goal of the current study is to add to this area of research. A total of 1,333 certified…

  2. Casting Footprints for Eternity (United States)


    Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has his footprints casted during the dedication ceremony of the rocket fountain at Building 4200 at Marshall Space Flight Center. The casts of Aldrin's footprints will be placed in the newly constructed Von Braun courtyard representing the accomplishments of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

  3. Reaction of the BASE 120 lines to angular leaf spot in Puerto Rico (United States)

    Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is limited by diseases such as Angular leaf spot (ALS), caused by Phaeoisariopsis griseola (Sacc.) Ferraris sin. Pseudocercospora griseola (Sacc.) Crous & U. Braun. The virulence of Phaeoisariopis griseola isolate ALS-9029-JD2 from Juana Diaz, PR was determined by...

  4. Response of different common bean lines to Phaeoisariopsis griseola in Puerto Rico (United States)

    Angular leaf spot (ALS), caused by Phaeoisariopsis griseola (Sacc.) Ferraris sin. Pseudocercospora griseola (Sacc.) Crous & U. Braun., is an important disease in common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. in the Caribbean and Central America. The wide pathogen variability makes it necessary to continuously m...

  5. Review

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Aug 6, 2013 ... &Corresponding author: Luchuo Engelbert Bain, Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and the Centre for .... Conceptually speaking, malnutrition generally involves .... close, and virtually integrates into the virtual cycle of Ignorance, disease and ...

  6. Exkretionssystem und systematische Stellung Kubanischer Fledermaustrematoden

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Odening, Klaus


    1. Eight species of Cuban bat trematodes have been examined, and their excretory system established. 2. In Urotrema scabridum Braun a small V-shaped excretory bladder and the flame cell formula 2[(2+ 2+2) + (2+2+2)] were ascertained. This enabled us to affiliate the family Urotrematidae to the

  7. Subjectively sampled vegetation data: Don't throw out the baby with the bath water

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Lepš, Jan; Šmilauer, P.


    Roč. 42, č. 2 (2007), s. 169-178 ISSN 1211-9520 R&D Projects: GA MŠk LC06073 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z50070508 Keywords : assumption violation * Braun-Blanquet relevés * experiments Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour Impact factor: 1.133, year: 2007

  8. Lærernes perspektiv på ’Motion og bevægelse’ i udskolingen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Henrik Taarsted

    tematisering er dermed i højere grad datadrevet end begrebsdrevet. (Kvale & Brinkmann 2009, Braun & Clarke 2006). Analysearbejdet er imidlertid også inspireret af en socioøkologisk model (Bronfenbrenner 1979, McLeroy et al. 1988) og af agency-begrebet (Priestley, Biesta & Robinson 2015). Foreløbige fund viser...

  9. Vegetation state in the alienation zone after the Chernobyl accident

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sapegin, L.M.; Dajneko, N.M.; Timofeev, S.F.


    Vegetation state within the alienation zone on the territory of formed state farm 'Savichi' of the Bragin region was studied. 9 agroecosystem associations of the Braun-Blanguet system were selected. Their ecological, biological and economic characteristics are given. The research has shown that the content of Sr 90 in vegetative mass of most agroecosystem associations exceeded normative level. (authors)

  10. Quelques noddees sur l’ecologie de la vedetation des dunes et sur la fonction de l’enraciment dans l’edification de dunes a la Cote Mediterraneenne de la France. I

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boterenbrood, A.J.; Donsellaar-Ten Bokkel Huinink, van W.A.E.; Donselaar, van J.


    Dans la végétation des dunes du Languedoc J. BRAUN-BLANQUET (1952) distingue trois associations, à savoir; 1) l’Agropyretum mediterraneum parmi et sur les premières dunes basses; 2) l’Ammophiletum arundinaceae sur les dunes plus hautes; et 3) le Crucianelletum maritimae dans les dépressions et en

  11. U.S. Teachers as Policy Protagonists in Digital Public Spaces? (United States)

    Robert, Sarah A.


    Teachers engage with policies far beyond the confines of their classroom and seemingly unrelated to their classroom practice, stretching the parameters of theories such as street-level bureaucracy (Lipsky, 2010; Weatherly & Lipsky, 1977) and doing policy in schools (Ball, Maguire, & Braun, 2012). This was observed in ethnographic studies…

  12. ALICE physicists receive 2014 Lise Meitner Prize

    CERN Multimedia

    Jeanneret, Guillaume


    September 3rd, 2014: ALICE collaboration members Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg University, Germany), Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI, Germany), Paolo Giubellino (INFN Turin, Italy, and CERN) and Jürgen Schukraft (CERN) were presented the 2014 Lise Meitner Prize at a private ceremony held in the Globe of Science and Innovation.

  13. SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science - Vol 28, No 2 (2005)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Quantitative genetic analysis of total glucosinolate, oil and protein contents in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Nigussie Alemayehu, Heiko Becker, 141-150. ...

  14. In vitro propagation of Ethiopian mustard ( Brassica carinata A ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Brassica carinata (A. Braun) is an amphi-diploid species that originated from interspecific hybridization between Brassica nigra and Brassica oleracea in the highlands of Ethiopia. The crop has many desirable agronomic traits but with oil quality constraints like high erucic acid and glucosinolate contents. In this study, two ...

  15. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 201 - 250 of 333 ... Vol 28, No 2 (2005), Quantitative genetic analysis of total glucosinolate, oil and protein contents in Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun), Abstract PDF. Nigussie Alemayehu, Heiko Becker. Vol 21, No 2 (1998), Ranked k-longest paths in acyclic networks, its algorithm and application.

  16. Enhanced Oxidation and Solvolysis Reactions in Chemically Inert Microheterogeneous Systems. (United States)


    Mackay, Adv.Coll.Interf.Sc{. 15, 131 (1981) 11 C. Bodea and J. Silberg , "Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Phenothiazines" in "Advances in Heterocyclic... Chemistry ", A.R. Katritzky and A.J. Boulton, , eds., Vol. 9, Academic Press, New York, 1968, p. 321 12 A.M. Braun, M.-A. Gilson, M. Krieg, M.-T

  17. Duchcov: barokní zahrada, barokní krajina?

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Dobalová, Sylva


    Roč. 77, 1/2 (2017), s. 3-9 ISSN 1210-5538 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Duchcov * Baroque garden * Baroque landscape * F. M. Kaňka * M. B. Braun * hospital Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage OBOR OECD: Architectural design

  18. Breast Cancer-Targeted Nuclear Drug Delivery Overcoming Drug Resistance for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy (United States)


    Sakamaki T, Pestell RG: Cyclin D1: normal and abnormal functions. Endocrinology 145, 5439–5447 (2004). 43 Hengstschlager M, Braun K, Soucek T...culture system. Cell Biochem Biophys 2008;52(1):37e46. [44] Fu M, Wang C, Li Z, Sakamaki T, Pestell RG. Cyclin D1: normal and abnormal functions

  19. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of extract and essential oil of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Aug 4, 2008 ... The antioxidant potential of extracts and essential oils of korarima (Aframomum corrorima (Braun). P.C.M. Jansen) ... growing interest, both in industry and in scientific research, for ... Due to the complex composition of different plant pro- ducts ..... extracts of Turmeric and ginger (Zingiber officinale). J. Phytol.

  20. Quantitative genetic analysis of total glucosinolate, oil and protein ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Quantitative genetic analysis of total glucosinolate, oil and protein contents in Ethiopian mustard ( Brassica carinata A. Braun) ... Seeds were analyzed using HPLC (glucosinolates), NMR (oil) and NIRS (protein). Analyses of variance, Hayman's method of diallel analysis and a mixed linear model of genetic analysis were ...

  1. Vegetation of Europe: hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, bryophyte, lichen, and algal communities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mucina, L.; Bültmann, Helga; Dierssen, Klaus; Theurillat, Jean-Paul; Raus, Thomas; Carni, Andraz; Šumberová, Kateřina; Willner, Wolfgang; Dengler, J.; Schaminee, J.H.J.; Hennekens, S.M.


    Aims: Vegetation classification consistent with the Braun-Blanquet approach is
    widely used in Europe for applied vegetation science, conservation planning
    and landmanagement. During the long history of syntaxonomy,many concepts
    and names of vegetation units have been proposed, but there

  2. The Flipped Classroom: Implementing Technology to Aid in College Mathematics Student's Success (United States)

    Buch, George R.; Warren, Carryn B.


    August 2016 there was a call (Braun, Bremser, Duval, Lockwood & White, 2017) for post-secondary instructors to use active learning in their classrooms. Once such example of active learning is what is called the "flipped" classroom. This paper presents the need for, and the methodology of the flipped classroom, results of…

  3. Chromolaena odorata

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Evaluation of the Repellent and Insecticidal Activities of the Leaf, Stem and Root .... using an electric blender (Braun Multiquick ... grains gives a measure of repellency of the different powders. ... repellent and mortality effects of the different C. odorata powders on C. maculatus were .... effects on cells (De Geyter, 2012).

  4. Health Insurance Literacy: How People Understand and Make Health Insurance Purchase Decisions (United States)

    Vardell, Emily Johanna


    The concept of health insurance literacy, which can be defined as "the extent to which consumers can make informed purchase and use decisions" (Kim, Braun, & Williams, 2013, p. 3), has only recently become a focus of health literacy research. Though employees have been making health insurance decisions for many years, the Affordable…

  5. 77 FR 71673 - Decision To Rescind Buy America Waiver for Minivans and Minivan Chassis (United States)


    ... the next. For example, under NHTSA's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, most ``minivans... our goal of subjecting all minivans to the CAFE standard for light trucks, the provision adopted today...-passenger vehicle, or truck, CAFE standards. Braun further stated that: A careful examination of the MV-1...

  6. Variability in In Vitro Macrophage Activation by Commercially Diverse Bulk Echinacea Plant Material is Predominantly Due to Bacterial Lipoproteins and Lipopolysaccharides (United States)

    We previously reported that the majority of in vitro monocyte/macrophage activation exhibited by extracts of Echinacea and other botanicals depends upon bacterial lipopolysaccharides and Braun-type bacterial lipoproteins. We determined the contribution made by these bacterial components to the overa...

  7. Rocket center Peenemünde — Personal memories (United States)

    Dannenberg, Konrad; Stuhlinger, Ernst

    Von Braun built his first rockets as a young teenager. At 14, he started making plans for rockets for human travel to the Moon and Mars. The German Army began a rocket program in 1929. Two years later, Colonel (later General) Becker contacted von Braun who experimented with rockets in Berlin, gave him a contract in 1932, and, jointly with the Air Force, in 1936 built the rocket center Peenemünde where von Braun and his team developed the A-4 (V-2) rocket under Army auspices, while the Air Force developed the V-1 (buzz bomb), wire-guided bombs, and rocket planes. Albert Speer, impressed by the work of the rocketeers, allowed a modest growth of the Peenemünde project; this brought Dannenberg to the von Braun team in 1940. Hitler did not believe in rockets; he ignored the A-4 project until 1942 when he began to support it, expecting that it could turn the fortunes of war for him. He drastically increased the Peenemünde work force and allowed the transfer of soldiers from the front to Peenemünde; that was when Stuhlinger, in 1943, came to Peenemünde as a Pfc.-Ph.D. Later that year, Himmler wrenched the authority over A-4 production out of the Army's hands, put it under his command, and forced production of the immature rocket at Mittelwerk, and its military deployment against targets in France, Belgium, and England. Throughout the development of the A-4 rocket, von Braun was the undisputed leader of the project. Although still immature by the end of the war, the A-4 had proceeded to a status which made it the first successful long-range precision rocket, the prototype for a large number of military rockets built by numerous nations after the war, and for space rockets that launched satellites and traveled to the Moon and the planets.

  8. Communications Style Guide. Fourth Edition (United States)


    Example 2: The general’s dog, obedient and loyal, was the perfect companion . 2. Adverbial modifiers: Adverbial modifiers are usually followed...pronoun in this case. Example 3: Us chefs like to cook.  You wouldn’t say, “Us like to cook,” so the appropriate pronoun here is we. Chicago Style. Resources for Additional Help:  Alred, Gerald J., Charles T. Brusaw, and Walter E. Oliu. The Business Writer’s Companion

  9. National Dam Safety Program. Clove Lake Dam (NJ 00259) Delaware River Basin, Shimers Brook, Sussex County, New Jersey. Phase I Inspection Report. (United States)


    it be reclassified as low hazard. The spillway will pass the 100-year flood and is considered adequate. e. Ownership. The dam is owned by Clubhouse ...Associates. For information, contact Mr. Gerald Roby, Clubhouse Associates, RD 4, Box 108, Montague, New Jersey 07827. f. Purpose. The Clove Lake Dam...into what appears to be a man-made lake downstream of Clove Lake Dam about 0.5 mile. Although no homes are presently constructed around this downstream

  10. Ambulatory care pavilion takes its place out front by solving multiple needs. (United States)

    Saukaitis, C A


    In sum, this structure exemplifies the fact that high-tech tertiary care medical centers can be user-friendly to the ambulatory health care consumer by serving their routine needs conveniently and efficiently. Says Gerald Miller, president of Crozer-Chester: "The ambulatory care pavilion has enabled Crozer to successfully and efficiently merge physicians' offices with institutional-based services and inpatient services. We are pleased with how the pavilion positions our medical center for the next century.

  11. Mangghuer Embroidery: A Vanishing Tradition


    Aila Pullinen


    Aila Pullinen. 2015. Mangghuer Embroidery: A Vanishing Tradition IN Gerald Roche and CK Stuart (eds) Asian Highlands Perspectives 36: Mapping the Monguor, 178-188, 301-332. Visits were undertaken in the years 2001 and 2002 to Minhe Hui and Mangghuer (Tu) Autonomous County, Haidong Municipality, Qinghai Province, China to research and document Mangghuer embroidery. This research is summarized in terms of the history of Mangghuer embroidery, tools and materials, embroidery techniques, embr...

  12. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Policy Issues (United States)


    occupations (67.3%) and Management , Business , and Financial occupations (65.0%), and Production occupations (63.7%). Occupations with lower shares of...married a spouse of the same sex, regardless of the employee’s … state of residency.” (U.S. Government, Office of Personnel Management , Fact Sheet: Family ...CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Policy Issues Gerald

  13. Window of Opportunity: Mitigating Threats from Disruptive Technologies Before Widespread Adoption (United States)


    diffusion.117 Taking a lesson from the issues faced by mitigating the dual-use concerns in the biotechnology field, Mandel and Gerald combined with online collaboration enables users to make high quality firearm parts and high-capacity magazines by simply downloading a...adoption of EDTs, are very similar to those faced in the biotechnology field. Advances in biotechnology are plagued with dual-use concerns, and the

  14. Gordon Research Conference in Organometallic Chemistry, held August 16-20, 1982 Andover, New Hampshire. (United States)


    A. Gentile, Gerald B. Ansell , Michelle A. Modrik ad "S-usan Zentz, Exxon Research and Engineering Co., "Bimetallic Titanium/Molybdenum Complexes...Fluxional M. Moskovits molecules with Multiple Bonding" University of Toronto "Clusters in Catalysis" Basic Steps as Revealed R. Adam by Triosmium...Andover, N.H. August 16-20, 1982 REGISTRATION LIST Adams , Richard D. Farm 1 Bleeke, John John Yale University Washington University 225 Prospect St

  15. Proceedings of the Annual Day of Scientific Lectures (17th), and Annual Meeting of the National Society of Black Physicists (13th), Held in Baton Rouge, LA on March 21-24, 1990 (United States)


    Metropolitian Coca Cola Boston Compact BW -Rf r rfz-rr" c .r fret[ 203 Tomorrow’s job’s will require more education Years of schooling Future needed...Morgan Pennsylvania State Universiiy SPONSORSHIPS Alabama A&M University Students acEulty Marvin Sykes Dr. M. C. George Steven Pearson Michael Henry...Ibraham Francis Nyandeh Gabriel Ndow Melody Mixon Scholarship students selected by Dr. Kennedy Reed Sponsorship students selected by Mr. Gerald Davis

  16. Avastamata aarete päev

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus korraldas Pirita Lillepaviljonis Euroopa Komisjoni ning majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeeriumi toetusel 27. mail 2009 Avastamata aarete päeva. Päev oli pühendatud Eesti looduse väärtustamisele. Sõna võtsid EAS Turismiarenduskeskuse direktori asetäitja Marje Braunbrück, looduse- ja rännumees Hendrik Relve, Tallinna Ülikooli rekreatsiooniteaduste osakonna juhataja Mart Reimann ja reisikorraldaja Gerald Broddelez

  17. Resumen de tesis. An ontological view of cardiovascular and metabolic disease progression using genetically modified mice


    Fabbiano, Salvatore


    [ES]Las enfermedades metabólicas tienen una tendencia a ocurrir conjuntamente. Cuando esto sucede, el riesgo de desarrollar otras enfermedades relacionadas aumenta de manera significativa. Síndrome metabólico fue descrito inicialmente como Síndrome X por Gerald Reaven de la Universidad de Stanford en 1988, aunque antes varios autores venían advirtiendo sobre el riesgo cardiovascular que implicaba tener dislipidemias, obesidad, hipertensión arterial e intolerancia a la glucosa, ...

  18. Development and Application of Optimization Techniques for Composite Laminates. (United States)


    Institute of Technolgy Air University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science by Gerald V. Flanagan, S.B. Lt. minima [9]. An informal definition of convexity is that any two points in the space can be connected by a straight line which does not pass out of...question. A quick look at gradient information suggests that too few angles (2 for example) will make the laminate sensitive to small changes in

  19. Operations Events Census Report: Volume IV. 1981 through 1985. Sanitized Version. (United States)



  20. Oxidative Damage in Parkinson’s Disease. (United States)


    with a monoclonal antibody column. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. USA 89:3375-3379; 1992. [34] Deegan , P.; Shigenaga, M. K.; Park, E. M.; Alperin, P. E...Malonate and MPTP Neurotoxicity Russell T Matthews,* Peter Klivenyi,* Gerald Mueller,* Lichuan Yang,* Marike Wermer,* Craig E. Thomas,t and M. Flint...Biochemicals (Wayland, MA). MDL 101,002 was generously supplied by Dr. Craig Thomas of Hoechst Marion Roussell. Male Sprague-Dawley rats (Charles River

  1. The Annual Department of Defense Procurement Research Symposium (5th), held 17-19 Nov 76, Monterey, California. (United States)


    appropriate cost principles plus routine approval requirements for items such as foreign travel and equipment purchases. Recently a member of Congress...34 pujrchases (Chaptvr 5) are a substantial ele~ment in salps . SOURCES: Adapted from Walter Isard and Gerald J. Karaska. Unclassified Defense and Space...improved ways of doing things. As an innovation travels through the diffusion process, it also passes through its life cycle. A whole literature has grown

  2. CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 (United States)


    materials relating to UFOs , little changed. 67 In 1964, however, following high- level White House discussions on - what to do if an alien intelligence...12, to secure the recovery of UFO wreckage from Roswell and any other UFO crash sight for scien tific study and to examine any alien bodies recovered...A Die-Hard Issue GINs Role in the Study of UFOs , 1947-90 Gerald K. Haines While Agency concern over UFOs was substantial until the early 1950s, CIA

  3. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Research (AIDS) (United States)


    lymphocyte concentration and the Walter Reed Staging System. RV4 Neurobehavioral Consequences of HTLV-III Brain Infection and AIDS Encephalopathy . PI...drug trials and behavioral therapeutic interventions. E. To use the AIDS encephalopathy model to study basic brain structure-function relationships...rCD4) in Infants and Children and in Pregnant Women and Newborns with HIV Infection. O PI: Dr. Gerald Fischer Status: In Review (WRAIR SR then HIVSUBC

  4. Selected Current Acquisitions and Articles from Periodicals (United States)


    OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTIES--COSTS. Military occupational specialty training cost handbook (MOSB). Indianapolis, Ind. : U.S. Army Finance and Accounting...UNITED STATES--ARMED FORCES--RECREATION-- FINANCE . United States. General Accounting Office. Morale, welfare, and recreation declining funds require...FRANCE O’Sullivan, Edmund. Roofless Money Heads West (Saudi prince buys Euro Disneyland ). MEED 38:2-3 Jun 17 󈨢. FUTURE FitzGerald, Mary C. The Russian

  5. Soviet Tactical Doctrine for Urban Warfare (United States)


    Soviet Area Specialist. Valuable assistance was provided by Mr. Gerald Sullivan and LTC Ray N. Franklin, USMC, of the Advanced Research Projects... Oldenburg 120.8 133.3 12.5 10 Osnabruck 133.6 164.0 30.4 23 Regensburg 123.0 133.5 10.5 9 Remacheid 123.0 135.5 12.5 10 Salzgitter 105.9 117.6 11.7

  6. A Wire Antenna Designed for Space Wave Radiation Over the Earth Using a Genetic Algorithm (United States)


    algorithms. With the assistance of two Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Ph.D. students, Dave Van Veldhuizen and Robert Marmelstein, the second of the...Laboratory, 1992, UCRL-MA-109338 Pt.I. 41. David A. Van Veldhuizen , Brian S. Sandlin, Robert E. Marmelstein, Gary B. Lamont, and Andrew J. Terzuoli...Dr. Ben Munk, Dr. Gerald Burke, and Dr. Ed Altshuler for their kind assistance and for answering my questions. Finally, I would like to thank Dave Van

  7. Quem eram as bruxas de Gardner?


    Duarte, Janluis


    Gerald Gardner, considerado fundador da religião neopagã contemporânea conhecida como Wicca, alegava em suas obras ter obtido seus conhecimentos de um grupo de bruxas inglesas tradicionais. O presente artigo coteja o discurso contido nos livros de Gardner com os conhecimentos históricos a respeito de bruxaria na Inglaterra, buscando esclarecer quais foram suas verdadeiras fontes e influências.

  8. The Charitable Trust Model: An Alternative Approach For Department Of Defense Accounting (United States)


    DEFENSE ACCOUNTING 5. FUNDING NUMBERS 6. AUTHOR (S) Gerald V. Weers Jr. 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) Naval Postgraduate School...prohibits the incurrence of costs until budget authority is provided; reversing the conditionality of the matching principle accounting logic. In summary...the Board did not believe applying depreciation accounting for these assets would contribute to measuring the cost of outputs produced, or to

  9. Renewable Energy Production from DoD Installation Solid Wastes by Anaerobic Digestion (United States)


    Stensel, Donnie Stallman, Urv Patel, Matthew Higgins , Ambalavanan Jayaraman, Gokhan Alptekin, Steve Dietz, Matthew Cates, and Kerry Libberton 5d. PROJECT...Mark Schmidt, Mr. Chris Simpson, Ms. Tina Springer, Mr. Dan Stewart, Professor Don Veverka, Ms. Corine Weiss, Mr. Gerald Williams, and Capt. Frank...Smith were involved in this demonstration including Ms. Janelle Amador, Mr. Chris Avina, Mr. Cameron Clark, Mr. Cale McPherson, Mr. Tyler Miller, Ms

  10. Field Demonstration and Validation of TREECS (trademark) and CTS for the Risk Assessment of Contaminants on Department of Defense (DoD) Ranges (United States)


    analyzed by the Engineer Research and Develop- ment Command (ERDC) Environmental Laboratory (EL) Environmental Chemistry Branch (ECB) using EPA...diffusion coefficients. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 58:19–27. Gerald, J. A., B. E. Johnson, and M. S. Dortch. 2012. User guide for applying...Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) solves the nation’s toughest engineering and environmental challenges. ERDC develops innovative

  11. Predicting Market Direction from Direct Speech by Business Leaders


    Drury, Brett M.; Almeida, José João


    Direct quotations from business leaders can communicate to the wider public the latent state of their organization as well as the beliefs of the organization's leaders. Candid quotes from business leaders can have dramatic effects upon the share price of their organization. For example, Gerald Ratner in 1991 stated that his company's products were crap and consequently his company (Ratners) lost in excess of 500 million pounds in market value. Information in quotes from business leaders can b...



    Özalp, Osman N.


    Kavramlarla ilgili bkz. Zartman, I. William (Hg.): Collapsed States: The Disintegration and Restoration of Legitimate Authority, Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 1995; Rotberg, Robert I.: The Failure and Collapse of Nation-States: Breakdown, Prevention and Repair, in: Beisheim, Marianna/Schuppert, Gunnar F.: Staatszerfall und Governance. Baden Baden: Nomos 2007, s. 59-97; Helman, Gerald B./Ratner, Steven B.: Saving Failed States, in: Foreign Policy, 1992 (89), 3-20; Schneckener, Ulrich (Ed.): Fra...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Amdo Tibetan Tongue Twisters Blo rtan rdo rje, Charles Kevin Stuart, and Gerald Roche……....7 An Amdo Tibetan Village New Year Trance Medium Ritual Dpal ldan bkra shis and Charles Kevin Stuart …..…...........…53 Calling Back the Lost na53 mʑi53 Tibetan Soul Libu Lakhi, Charles Kevin Stuart, and Gerald Roche ..…........65 Dying Hunters, Poison Plants, and Mute Slaves: Nature and Tradition in Contemporary Nuosu Yi Poetry Mark Bender........................................................................117 The Ĕrsū Shābā Pictographic Writing System Sūn Hóngkāi [translated by Mtsho mo skyid and Gerald Roche with an introduction by Thomas Roche and Gerald Roche] ………............……………………........……..…..159 The Fourth Belmang: Bodhisattva, Estate Lord, Tibetan Militia Leader, and Chinese Government Official Paul K Nietupski …………….….…….….…….…………187 The Horse With Two Saddles: Tamxhwe in Modern Golok Fernanda Pirie ….………........……………………..…………..213 Seating, Money, and Food at an Amdo Village Funeral Rin chen rdo rje and Charles Kevin Stuart ..….…....….…..….237 The Seng ze Village Ma Ni Dkon mchog dge legs and Charles Kevin Stuart ……..….….295 Tibetan Life and Tibetological Discourse: Differences and Recommendations Gerald Roche, Nag tshang grub rgyal, and Mtsho mo skyid…313 A Response to Ways and the Syntax of Noun Phrases in Qīnghăi Chinese Dialects Keith Dede .……..….….….…..……..…..….….…………331 Photo Essay Photo Essayto Essay to Essay Lazi (Lab rtse Construction in Karmatang (Skar ma thang Village Tshe mdo ………………..……..….…….………………..349 Review Wutun. By J Janhunen, M Peltomaa, E Sandman, and Xiawudongzhuo. Keith Slater ….….….……..………...….…..….….….…...367 Story God-door Tshe dpag rnam rgyal ………….….….….…..….….….….373

  14. Analysis of the vegetation of the sandstone ridges (Ib land type of the north-eastern parts of the Mapungubwe National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albie R. Gotze


    Full Text Available The establishment of the Mapungubwe National Park has been an objective of several conservationists for many years. The ultimate objective is that this park should become a major component of a Transfrontier National Park shared by Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The aim of this study was to identify, classify and describe the plant communities present in the Ib land type of the park. Sampling was done by means of the Braun-Blanquet method. A total of 48 stratified random relevés were sampled in the Ib land type. All relevé data were imported into a TURBOVEG database, after which the numerical classification technique TWINSPAN was used as a first approximation. Subsequently, Braun-Blanquet procedures were used to refine data and a phytosociological table was constructed, using the visual editor, MEGATAB. Two plant communities and several subcommunities and variants were identified and described from the phytosociological table.

  15. Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides for the Promotion of Remyelination (Revised) (United States)


    would be both safe and efficacious as a therapy or co- therapy to promote remyelination. REFERENCES Botzki  A,  Rigden  DJ,  Braun...with reduced brightness and contrast, demonstrating the morphology within lesions. Arrows in C and D indicate regions of persistent lyso- lecithin ... therapies for the promotion of remyelination. Acknowledgment This work was supported by NIH (NINDS) grants NS056234 (L.S.S.), NS054044, and NS045737-06S1

  16. The (null impact of pseudohomophones in lexical decision: No phonological activation in semantic dementia?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maximiliano A. Wilson


    The results in controls reproduce those found in literature (Braun et al., 2009. The general impairment and the lack of lexicality effect are also in line with current literature on svPPA and are likely explained by semantic impairment (Rogers et al., 2004. Interestingly, the novel result here is the absence of PsH effect in svPPA. This suggests that phonology is not correctly activated and that O-P mappings are also impaired in svPPA.

  17. An Examination of HR Strategic Recruitment and Selection Approaches in China


    Zhou, Guozhen


    Abstract In the past two decades, the manner in which organisations in the People's Republic of China (PRC) managed their human resources has changed dramatically (Braun and Warner, 2002). As the economy grows and moves into higher value-added work, strategic recruitment and selection are vital to an organisation's success. This dissertation seeks to examine the recruitment and selection strategy approaches in China. This research is based on 15 well-known firms, of which 11 are multinati...

  18. Ham in Spacesuit (United States)


    Ham, a three-year-old chimpanzee, in the spacesuit he would wear for the second Mercury- Redstone (MR-2) suborbital test flight in January, 1961. NASA used chimpanzees and other primates to test the Mercury capsule before launching the fisrt American astronaut, Alan Shepard, in May 1961. The Mercury capsule rode atop a modified Redstone rocket, developed by Dr. Wernher von Braun and the German Rocket Team in Huntsville, Alabama.

  19. Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Repression of Pro-Inflammatory Genes in Rheumatoid Arthritis (United States)


    Braun TP, Zhu X, Szumowski M, Scott GD, Grossberg AJ, et al. 2011. Central nervous system inflam - mation induces muscle atrophy via activation of the...glucocorticoid receptor and nutritional sensor mTOR in skeletal muscle . Cell Metab. 13:170–82 133. Lutzner N, Kalbacher H, Krones-Herzig A, Rosl F. 2012...suggestions for reducing this burden to Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services, Directorate for Information Operations and Reports (0704

  20. Repérages bibliographiques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabrina Mommolin


    Full Text Available Développement durable – Sustainable development APAK S., ATAY E. (2015, “Global Competitiveness in the EU through Green Innovation Technologies and Knowledge Production”, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 181, pp. 207-217. BORSDORF A., BENDER O., BRAUN F., HALLER A. (2015, Web-based instruments for strengthening sustainable regional development in the Alps, Geografski Zbornik / Acta Geographica Slovenica, vol. 55, N° 1, pp. 174-182. SIRSIKAR S.V., KAREMORE P. (2015, Design an...

  1. Can we dispense with nuclear power. [Federal Republic of Germany]. Koennen wir auf Kernenergie verzichten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frewer, H; Braun, W; Freiberger, S; Martin, J


    The aims of energy policy, which consist in safeguarding energy supply while using nuclear power as one source of energy, are discussed in an interview (H. Frewer, Managing Director of Kraftwerk Union 'KWU'). The safety of German nuclear power plants is illustratively compared with the safety of nuclear power plants in the USSR, especially the reactor at Chernobyl (Braun and Freiberger, KWU). A further contribution deals with the propagation of the radioactive plume after the accident at Chernobyl (Martin, KWU).

  2. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    (a) Gearheart L A, Somoza M M, Rivers W E, Mur- phy C J, Coleman R S and Berg M A 2003 J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125 11812; (b) Brauns E B, Madaras M. L, Coleman R S and Berg M A 2002 Phys. Rev. Lett. 88 158101-1-4. 19. Frauchiger L, Shirota H, Uhrich K E and Castner E. W Jr 2002 J. Phys. Chem. B106 7463. 20.

  3. Using thematic analysis in counselling and psychotherapy research: A critical reflection


    Clarke, V.; Braun, V.


    It has been just over a decade since we published a paper outlining a new approach to thematic analysis (TA) entitled Using thematic analysis in psychology (Braun & Clarke, 2006). Our approach to TA has become widely used both in and beyond psychology, and particularly in applied research areas, including counselling and psychotherapy. Although TA as a distinct analytic method has increased in popularity over the last decade, we continue to see evidence of confusion about TA – what it is, wha...

  4. Effects of Pollutants on Vertebrate Cells in Vitro. (United States)


    ex- Barkla and Tutton, 1978). More specifically, perimental setups, the cells were enzymatically re- some of these effects are produced in moved from...upon re- biological membranes (Balduini et al., 1977, exposure to fresh hydrazine, they appeared Barkla and Tutton, 1977; Braun and Wolfe, to attain a...Schneideberg’s Phartna- Chient. 358. 1143-1148. col. 298, 75-77. BARKLA . D. H., AN D TUTTON. P. J. M. (1977). Surface JAIN, S. K.. AND SUBRAHMANVAm. D. (1978

  5. 28th January 2011-Vice-President Max Planck Society-Prof. Martin Stratmann-Germany-visiting the ATLAS experimental area and the LHC Tunnel at CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    Photo 1:ATLAS visitor Center with P. Jenni, ATLAS Collaboration former spokesperson Photo 2-10:visiting the ATLAS cavern Photo 10:D. Hoppe,P. Jenni,M. Stratmann,S. Bethke,S. Braun,D. Klammer Photo 11-15:visiting the LHC tunnel Photo 16-18:Signature of the Guest Book with S. Lettow,Director for Administration and General Infrastructure

  6. Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials: Protein Cage Nano-Architectures (United States)


    Shevchenko, A. Weizsacker, F. (2004). Hepatitis B virus nucleocapsids (2003). Fast-response proteomics by accelerated in-gel formed by carboxy-terminally...Newman, M. & Shih, C. sin. Proteomics , 5, 2319-2321. (2005). Exposure of RNA templates and encapsidation 60. Prudova, A., Bauman, Z., Braun, A...isolated from the fungus Dactylium dendroides [I]. It is H334, Y329, G513, and T580) and water molecules. composed of three distinct domains, organized

  7. Dolomitic vegetation of the Sterkfontein Caves World Heritage Site and its importance in the conservation of Rocky Highveld Grassland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Siebert


    Full Text Available An analysis of the vegetation of the Sterkfontein Caves (i.e. the natural area surrounding the caves is presented. Releves were compiled in 24 stratified random sample plots. A TWINSPAN classification, refined by Braun-Blanquet procedures, revealed six plant communities, also referred to as vegetation units. For each of these vegetation units the species richness was determined. Plant communities of conservation importance were identified and new associations were formally described.

  8. Towards Religious/Spiritual Competence for Applied Psychologists in NHS Settings in the UK


    Koce, Precious


    The profession of psychology in the UK is gradually showing signs of renewed interest in the area of religion/spirituality (e.g., Collicut, 2011). The present study aimed to (i) explore applied psychologists‟ accounts of their practice in the NHS, UK, with clients with religious/spiritual issues; and (ii) from these accounts identify participants‟ indications of religious/spiritual competencies. Thematic analysis as outlined by Braun and Clarke (2006) was employed and subscribed to a critical...

  9. Wave Front Sets with respect to the Iterates of an Operator with Constant Coefficients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Boiti


    Full Text Available We introduce the wave front set WF*P(u with respect to the iterates of a hypoelliptic linear partial differential operator with constant coefficients of a classical distribution u∈′(Ω in an open set Ω in the setting of ultradifferentiable classes of Braun, Meise, and Taylor. We state a version of the microlocal regularity theorem of Hörmander for this new type of wave front set and give some examples and applications of the former result.

  10. Abrasive wear of WC-NiMoCrFeCo thermally sprayed coatings in dependence on different types of abrasive sands

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kašparová, M.; Zahálka, F.; Houdková, Š.; Ctibor, Pavel


    Roč. 48, č. 1 (2010), s. 75-85 ISSN 0023-432X R&D Projects: GA AV ČR 1QS200430560 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z20430508 Keywords : WC-Hastelloy * abrasive wear * Al2O3 sand * SiO2 sand * braun size * abrasive efficiency Subject RIV: JG - Metallurgy Impact factor: 0.471, year: 2010

  11. Reply [to: Atlantic Tropical Cyclogenetic Processes during SOP-3 NAMMA in the GEOS-5 Global Data Assimilation and Forecast System (United States)

    Reale, Oreste; Lau, William K.


    This article is a Reply to a Comment by Scott Braun on a previously published article by O. Reale, K.-M. Lau, and E. Brin: "Atlantic tropical cyclogenetic processes during SOP-3 NAMMA in the GEOS-5 global data assimilation and forecast system", by Reale, Lau and Brin, hereafter referred to as RA09. RA09 investigated the role of the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) in tropical cyclogenetic processes associated with a non-developing easterly wave observed during the Special Observation Period (SOP-3) phase of the 2006 NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (MAMMA). The wave was chosen because both interact heavily with Saharan air. Results showed: a) very steep moisture gradients are associated with the SAL in forecasts and analyses even at great distance from the Sahara; b) a thermal dipole (warm above, cool below) in the non-developing case. RA09A suggested that radiative effect of dust may play some role in producing a thermal structure less favorable to cyclogenesis, and also indicated that only global horizontal resolutions on the order of 20-30 kilometers can capture the large-scale transport and the fine thermal structure of the SAL Braun (2010) questions those results attributing the wave dissipation to midlatitude air. The core discussion is on a dry filament preceding the wave, on the presence of dust, and on the origin of the air contained in this dry filament. In the 'Reply', higher resolution analyses than the ones used by Braun, taken at almost coincident times with Aqua and Terra passes, are shown, to emphasize how the channel of dry air associated with W1 is indeed rich in dust. Backtrajectories on a higher resolution grid are also performed, leading to results drastically different from Braun (2010), and in particularly showing that there is a clear contribution of Saharan air. Finally, the 'Reply' presents evidence on that analyses at a horizontal resolution of one degree are inadequate to investigate such feature.

  12. Reinnervation of Paralyzed Muscle by Nerve-Muscle-Endplate Band Grafting (United States)


    Antoniadis G, Braun V, Rath SA, Richter HP. Evaluation of iatrogenic lesions in 722 surgically treated cases of peripheral nerve trauma. J Neurosurg...achieved by end-to-end approximation: review of 2,181 nerve lesions . Microsurgery. 1993;14(4):244- 246. 18 25. McAllister RM, Gilbert SE, Calder JS...innervation through irreparable damage to its nerve . DNI has been used for selective reinnervation of paralyzed laryngeal and facial muscles [15,16] as well

  13. Chinese Foreign Policy in Transition: Trends and Implications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baohui Zhang


    Full Text Available Chinese foreign policy has been transformed in recent years. This article seeks to provide a systematic analysis of the most salient features of the new Chinese foreign policy. It identifies five such features. Based on these features, the article suggests that China is poised to become a true global power. This view differs significantly from Gerald Segal’s famous claim in 1999 that China was no more than a middle power. The article utilizes many current Chinese sources to help readers understand China’s new motives and goals in international and regional affairs.

  14. From Extraterrestrial to Terrestrial Applications (United States)

    Strobl, G. F. X.; Laroche, G.; Rasch, K.-D.; Hey, G.

    In the early 1950s, Bell Laboratories in the USA investigated possible applications of silicon semiconductors in electronics. While improving transistors, Bell scientists Gerald Pearson and Calvin Fuller invented the first silicon solar cell. That first effort was further improved for applications in remote humid locations by Darryl Chapin [1]. The first experiment with silicon yielded an efficiency of 2.3%. Improvements with regard to the dopants, the metallic contacts to the p- and n-side and the application of an antireflection coating led to efficiencies of 4%. In 1954, cells with 6% efficiency could be reliably manufactured.

  15. Reviews of recent publications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Chanan, Michael. Cuban Cinema David William Foster Izenberg, Gerald N. Modernism and Masculinity: Mann, Wedekind, Kandisnky through World War I. Aaron J. Cohen Jonsson, Stefan. Subject Without Nation: Robert Musil and the History of Modern Identity. Post-Contemporary Interventions. Albrecht Classen Kaiser, David Aram. Romanticism, Aesthetics and Nationalism. Cambridge Studies in Romanticism 34. Catherine Grimm Lopez de Martinez, Adelaida and Harriet Turner. The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel: From 1600 to the Present. Toni Dorca McCulloh, Mark R. Understanding W.G. Sebald. Peter C. Pfeiffer Peterson, Dale E. Up From Bondage: The Literatures of Russian and African American Soul. Kathleen M. Ahren

  16. An introduction to English grammar

    CERN Document Server

    Nelson, Gerald C


    English Language and its usage has become extremely emotive issues in recent years. Recurring discussions in the media have highlighted a growing demand for a return to the study of language after decades of neglect. This book is an introductory descriptive survey, intended for students, teachers and general readers which offers coverage of grammatical topics with sections on spelling, punctuation and exercises.Clear and concise, this much needed third edition of Gerald Nelson and the late Sidney Greenbaum's introduction will be of immense value to students who have little or no experience of

  17. US Army Medical Bioengineering Research and Development Laboratory Annual Progress Report for FY 84. Volume 1 (United States)


    guanidIne nitrate, is biodegraded slowly in surface waters alone and relatively rapidly if present with metabolizable carbon, in which case the compound...Operation." AORN Journal 40 (1984):330. Goethals, Gerald B. "So, You Want to be in Movies ?" Today’s OR Nurse 6 (1984):36-37. Goyal, Sagar M., S.A. Schaub...Development Laboratory MR 8-84 (May 1984). Mitchell, Wayne R. Preliminarx Results of Biodegradation Studies for Guanidine Nitrate. US Army Medical

  18. A History of the Acoustics Division of the Naval Research Laboratory: The First Eight Decades 1923 - 2008 (United States)


    Wilson 9-Gerald Morris 10-Wayne Kinney 11-Pat Carter 12-Ed Besancon 13-Karen Dudley 14-Mary Rowe 15-Tony Pogue 16-Stephanie Kooney 17-Lisa Pflug 18...Leybourne R.W. Meredith C.T. Mire G.B. Morris V.M. Ross K.D. Savage A.S. Smith 7173 Shallow Water & Coastal Acoustics H.B. Ali M.K...Interview with Dr. Budd B. Adams held on Tuesday 23 April 2008 at 1130 AM EDT (1 hour 30 minutes) [Dr. Adams’ revisions received 14 October 2008

  19. Program "Whip Inflation Now" a jeho vliv na inflaci a nezaměstnanost v USA v 70. letech


    Sirový, Michal


    The topic of this thesis is the Gerald Ford's program WIN as a policy aimed at inflation. WIN is certainly determined by the time it was developer in. The essential aspects are unemployment rate, which had reached 9 percents in the 1970s, and the neglect of monetary policy. Ford's announced policy was the exact opposite of that of Nixon's. The infamous saving in the times of crisis was relatively mild, thus the speculations of an attempt of Ford's PR is an explanation. The CPI level had lower...

  20. Cyber Practices: What Can the U.S. Air Force Learn from the Commercial Sector? (United States)


    dam/lockheed/data/isgs/documents/LMCSA%20Ov erview%20Fact%20Sheet_Final%20%282%29. pdf Lunt, Barry, Joseph J. Ekstrom, Sandra Gorka, Gregory Hislop ...Electronics Engineers, 2006, p. 33. 21 Barry Lunt, Joseph J. Ekstrom, Sandra Gorka, Gregory Hislop , Reza Kamali, Eydie Lawson, Richard LeBlanc, Jacob Miller...1 (January 1980 ). 106 Daft, 2008, p. 17. 107 Gerald D. Bell, “Determinants of Span of Control,” American Journal of Sociology 73, no. 1 (1967

  1. The information systems security officer's guide establishing and managing an information protection program

    CERN Document Server

    Kovacich, Gerald L


    Information systems security continues to grow and change based on new technology and Internet usage trends. In order to protect your organization's confidential information, you need information on the latest trends and practical advice from an authority you can trust. The new ISSO Guide is just what you need. Information Systems Security Officer's Guide, Second Edition, from Gerald Kovacich has been updated with the latest information and guidance for information security officers. It includes more information on global changes and threats, managing an international information secur

  2. Valentine Chirol'e Gecikmiş Bir Cevap: İngiltere'nin Propaganda Savaşları, Çanakkale, Fitzmaurice ve Diğerleri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Altay Cengizer


    Full Text Available Gerald Fitzmaurice, Chief Dragoman of the British Embassy in Turkey and British ambassador (1908–1914 Geard Lowther were two important actors of Ottoman-British relations. However, they were not very interested in conveying the political and social developments in Ottoman Empire to London, a situation that led to ignorance and prejudice on the affairs of the Ottoman Empire. The other stuff of the British embassy in İstanbul who had anti-Ottoman feelings also share the blame.

  3. The current status of immunotoxins: an overview of experimental and clinical studies as presented at the Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins. (United States)

    Uckun, F M; Frankel, A


    The Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins was held on June 19-21, 1992 in Orlando, Florida. This symposium was sponsored by NATO, NIH, Pierce Chemical Company, Walt Disney Cancer Institute at Florida Hospital, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Xoma, Immunogen, Seragen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chiron, Ortho Biotech, Upjohn, Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, Abbot Laboratories, Lilly Research Laboratories, and Evans & Sutherland. The Pierce Immunotoxin Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to immunotoxin research and development, was presented to Drs David FitzGerald, Fatih Uckun, David Eisenberg, and Ira Wool, for their contributions to the immunotoxin field.

  4. Role of ionization fronts in the colliding wind model of planetary nebulae

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Giuliani, J.L. Jr.


    A similarity transformation is used to study the expansion of a planetary nebula which is driven by a fast stellar wind as well as an expanding H II region. The undisturbed gas is taken to be the remnant of a slow, red giant wind. The present analysis improves upon Kwok, Purton, and FitzGerald's colliding wind model for the formation of planetary nebulae since it includes the dynamical influence of ionization fronts, and calculates the variation of velocity and density within the flow

  5. The multifaceted skyrmion

    CERN Document Server

    Rho, Mannque


    This is a sequel to the World Scientific volume edited by Gerald E Brown in 1994 entitled ""Selected Papers"", with Commentary, of 'Tony Hilton Royle Skyrme'. There has been a series of impressive developments in the application of the skyrmion structure to wide-ranging physical phenomena. The first volume was mainly focused on the rediscovery of the skyrmion in 1983 in the context of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and on its striking role in nuclear physics. Since 1994, skyrmions have been found to play an even greater role not only in various aspects of particle physics and astrophysics but al

  6. Doing More with Less The New Way to Wealth

    CERN Document Server

    Piasecki, Bruce


    "Bruce Piasecki redefines what winning looks like for all of us."-GERALD BRESNICK, Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety and Social Responsibility, Hess "Bruce Piasecki has created a book about discovering and maintaining wealth that, in fact, redefines wealth itself to include much more than mere numbers in a bank account." -JAY PARINI, bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M. "Bruce Piasecki is one of the few thinkers really upping the ante for leaders in business and society."-JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER, bestselling author of The Long Emergency and The Geograph

  7. Analysis of Human Communication during Assembly Tasks. (United States)


    AD-A7l 43 ANALYSIS OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION DURING ASSEMBLY TASKS in1(U) CRNEGIE-MELLO UNIY PITTSBURGH PA ROBOTICS INST UNCLSSIIEDK S BARBER ET I Dur~~~~IngAbcbyTs; 7c .S:in i lSAo .0. Analysis of Human Communication During Assembly Tasks K. Suzanne Barber and Gerald J. Agin CMU-RI-TR-86-1...TYPE or REPORT & PE-Rioo CevCZaz Analysis of Human Communication During Assembly Inlterim Tasks I . PERFORMING 00RG. REPORT NUMBER 1. £UT~oOR~e) IL

  8. Psicoterapia interpessoal no tratamento da perturbação depressiva maior


    Lucas, Catarina Oliveira


    A terapia interpessoal é um modelo de terapia breve formulado para o tratamento da perturbação depressiva maior, tendo como precursores Gerald Klerman e Mirna Weissman. Esta visa o alívio dos sintomas associados à depressão abordando os problemas interpessoais que os originaram e perpetuam. Esta modalidade de terapia refere as perturbações como resultantes da existência de problemas numa das quatro áreas interpessoais principais: luto, transição de papéis, disputas de papéis interpessoais e d...

  9. Thermal-induced changes on the properties of spin-coated P3HT:C60 thin films for solar cell applications

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Motaung, DE


    Full Text Available on the properties of spin- coated P3HT:C60 thin films for solar cell applications David E. Motaung1, 2, Gerald F. Malgas1,*, Christopher J. Arendse1, Sipho E. Mavundla1, 3 Clive J. Oliphant 1, 2 and Dirk Knoesen2 1National Centre for Nano...-structured Materials, Council for Scientific Industrial Research, P. O. Box 395, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa 2Deparment of Physics, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Bellville, 7535, South Africa 3Deparment of Chemistry, University of the Western...

  10. Whole Exome Analysis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (United States)


    Alzheimer’s Disease 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER W81XWH-12-1-0013 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR( S ) Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, Ph.D...Gerald D. Schellenberg, Goldie S . Byrd, Jonathan L. Haines, Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, and the Alzheimer Disease Genetics Consortium. ABCA7 Frameshift...Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Diseases (AD/PD), Vienna, Austria, Mar 29-Apr 2, 2017: Cukier HN, Gross SP, Kunkle BW, Rolati S , Hamilton-Nelson KL, Whitehead PL

  11. Los problemas desigualitarios de la Teoría de la Justicia de John Rawls. Una mirada desde Hannah Arendt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benente, Mauro


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo desarrollo los principios de justicia esbozados por el filósofo norteamericano John Rawls y presento las críticas que desde perspectivas igualitarias han efectuado Ronald Dworkin, Amartya Sen y Gerald Cohen. Finalmente presento las objeciones que podrían trazarse a la teoría de Rawls desde la obra de Hannah Arendt, críticas que no apuntan a los criterios de distribución de bienes sino al presupuesto de la sociedad entendida como sistema cerrado.

  12. Film and Motivation -- The ’Why We Fight’ Series. (United States)


    great lengths to avoid offending foreign customers."~~oo As explained by Brock Garland, in W&, duing the "late 30s, the film industry shied... film industry found its worst fears realized."alo "On 1 August 1941, two isolationist senators, Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota and Bennett Champ Clark...defense of the film industry , told the Senate, "If you charge that the motion picture industry as a whole and its leading executives as individuals are

  13. A vision of transdisciplinarity laying foundations for a world knowledge dialogue

    CERN Document Server

    Darbellay, Frederic; Billotte, Jerome; Waldvogel, Francis


    AcknowledgementsWhere, and Whence ?by André HurstThe Rules of the Game for a Knowledge Dialoguexby Dame Julia HigginsIntroductionFor a World Knowledge Dialogueby Frédéric Darbellay, Moira Cockell, Jérôme Billotte andFrancis WaldvogelChapter 1 Complexity and Neurosciences in Dialogue :Towards a New Theory of the Brain ?1.1 From Brain Dynamics to Consciousness :How Matter Becomes ImaginationAnalysis by Frédéric Darbellay of the presentationby Gerald M. Edelman1.2 Towards a Neuroscience of the Capable Perso

  14. Curves and surfaces for computer-aided geometric design a practical guide

    CERN Document Server

    Farin, Gerald


    A leading expert in CAGD, Gerald Farin covers the representation, manipulation, and evaluation of geometric shapes in this the Third Edition of Curves and Surfaces for Computer Aided Geometric Design. The book offers an introduction to the field that emphasizes Bernstein-Bezier methods and presents subjects in an informal, readable style, making this an ideal text for an introductory course at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.The Third Edition includes a new chapter on Topology, offers new exercises and sections within most chapters, combines the material on Geometric Continuity i

  15. Present at the creation: the founding and formative years of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries. (United States)

    Jacobson, Susan


    The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) was founded in 1978 with the goal of strengthening academic health sciences libraries and increasing their participation nationally in efforts to improve medical education. A primary objective of the organization was to achieve a formal relationship with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) through membership in the Council of Academic Societies (CAS). Initial steps in establishing AAHSL are examined, including its efforts to join CAS. The author pays tribute to AAHSL's founders, in particular Gerald Oppenheimer, without whose vision and leadership AAHSL would not have been formed.

  16. Field Expedient Armor Modifications to US Armored Vehicles (United States)


    Report on US vs. German Armor,” Exhibit 3, p. 42. 37Ibid., Exhibit 2, p. 38. 38Kenneth W. Estes, Marines Under Armor , The Marine Corps and the...Washington, D.C., 1945), 62. 43Estes, Marines Under Armor , 81. 44Ibid. 45Cameron, “Armor Combat Development 1917-1945,” 17. 46Mayo, The Technical...Marines Under Armor , 53. 72William E. Bennett, Charles W. Fletcher, French G. Lewis, Gerald H. Shea, Rufus J. Cleghorn, James F. Beaver and Thomas

  17. Dogging Cornwall’s 'secret freaks': Béroul on the limits of European orthodoxy


    Simpson, J.


    This piece argues that Béroul's version of the Tristan tale can be read as offering a discreetly veiled view of the sexual, ritual and ontological chaos associated with visions of the Celtic West such as figure in Gerald of Wales' History and Topography of Ireland as well as with accounts of heretical orgies found in continental sources such as Caesarius of Heisterbach. Drawing parallels between the poem’s fictional Cornwall and Gerald’s often hyperbolically lurid accounts of the perversions ...

  18. President Ford and both the Soviet and American ASTP crews (United States)


    President Gerald R. Ford removes the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft model from a model set depicting the 1975 Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), an Earth orbital docking and rendezvous mission with crewmen from the U.S. and USSR. From left to right, Vladamir A. Shatalov, Chief, Cosmonaut training; Valeriy N. Kubasov, ASTP Soviet engineer; Aleksey A. Leonov, ASTP Soviet crew commander; Thomas P. Stafford, commander of the American crew; Donald K. Slayton, American docking module pilot; Vance D. Brand, command module pilot for the American crew. Dr. George M Low, Deputy Administrator for NASA is partially obscured behind President Ford.

  19. Emerging Technologies Program Integration Report. Volume 1. Narrative, Analyses and Assessment (United States)


    James S. (T) 31. GREGG, Dr. Michael C. (T) 61. REDDY, Dr. Raj (T) 2. ATLAS, Dr. David (T) 32. HADDAD, Dr. Genevieve M. 62. REDIKER, Dr. Robert H. 3...Dr. Martin C. 83. WEEKS, Dr. Wilford 6 24. FAETH, Dr. Gerald 54. MUNSON, Mr. John 84. WEINTRAUB, Dr. Daniel 1. (T) 25. FETTERMAN , Dr. Harold 55...T) 2. ATLAS, Dr. David (T) 32. HADDAD, Dr. Genevieve M. 62. REDIKER, Dr. Robert H. 3. BALDESCHWIELER, Dr. John (T) 33. HAMMOND, Dr. George S. 63

  20. Overlap of PIV syndrome, VACTERL and Pallister-Hall syndrome: clinical and molecular analysis. (United States)

    Killoran, C E; Abbott, M; McKusick, V A; Biesecker, L G


    The polydactyly, imperforate anus, vertebral anomalies syndrome (PIV, OMIM 174100) was determined as a distinct syndrome by Say and Gerald in 1968 (Say B, Gerald PS. Lancet 1968: 2: 688). We noted that the features of PIV overlap with the VATER association and Pallister-Hall syndrome (PHS, OMIM 146510), which includes polydactyly, (central or postaxial), shortened fingers, hypoplastic nails, renal anomalies, imperforate anus, and hypothalamic hamartoma. Truncation mutations in GL13, a zinc finger transcription factor gene, have been shown to cause PHS. We performed a molecular evaluation on a patient diagnosed with PIV, whose mother, grandfather, and maternal aunt had similar malformations. We sequenced the GLI3 gene in the patient to determine if she had a mutation. The patient was found to have a deletion in nucleotides 2188-2207 causing a frameshift mutation that predicts a truncated protein product of the gene. Later clinical studies demonstrated that the patient also has a hypothalamic hamartoma, a finding in PHS. We concluded that this family had atypical PHS and not PIV. This result has prompted us to re-evaluate the PIV literature to see if PIV is a valid entity. Based on these data and our examination of the literature, we conclude that PIV is not a valid diagnostic entity. We conclude that patients diagnosed with PIV should be reclassified as having VACTERL, or PHS, or another syndrome with overlapping malformations.

  1. Effects on the pouch of different digestive tract reconstruction modes assessed by radionuclide scintigraphy (United States)

    Li, Dong-Sheng; Xu, Hui-Mian; Han, Chun-Qi; Li, Ya-Ming


    AIM: To determine the effect of three digestive tract reconstruction procedures on pouch function, after radical surgery undertaken because of gastric cancer, as assessed by radionuclide dynamic imaging. METHODS: As a measure of the reservoir function, with a designed diet containing technetium-99m (99mTc), the emptying time of the gastric substitute was evaluated using a 99mTc-labeled solid test meal. Immediately after the meal, the patient was placed in front of a γ camera in a supine position and the radioactivity was measured over the whole abdomen every minute. A frame image was obtained. The emptying sequences were recorded by the microprocessor and then stored on a computer disk. According to a computer processing system, the half-emptying actual curve and the fitting curve of food containing isotope in the detected region were depicted, and the half-emptying actual curves of the three reconstruction procedures were directly compared. RESULTS: Of the three reconstruction procedures, the half-emptying time of food containing isotope in the Dual Braun type esophagojejunal anastomosis procedure (51.86 ± 6.43 min) was far closer to normal, significantly better than that of the proximal gastrectomy orthotopic reconstruction (30.07 ± 15.77 min, P = 0.002) and P type esophagojejunal anastomosis (27.88 ± 6.07 min, P = 0.001) methods. The half-emptying actual curve and fitting curves for the Dual Braun type esophagojejunal anastomosis were fairly similar while those of the proximal gastrectomy orthotopic reconstruction and P type esophagojejunal anastomosis were obviously separated, which indicated bad food conservation in the reconstructed pouches. CONCLUSION: Dual Braun type esophagojejunal anastomosis is the most useful of the three procedures for improving food accommodation in patients with a pouch and can retard evacuation of solid food from the reconstructed pouch. PMID:20238408

  2. Neutron dosimetry at SLAC: Neutron sources and instrumentation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liu, J.C.; Jenkins, T.M.; McCall, R.C.; Ipe, N.E.


    This report summarizes in detail the dosimetric characteristics of the five radioisotopic type neutron sources ( 238 PuBe, 252 Cf, 238 PuB, 238 PuF 4 , and 238 PuLi) and the neutron instrumentation (moderated BF 3 detector, Anderson-Braun (AB) detector, AB remmeter, Victoreen 488 Neutron Survey Meter, Beam Shut-Off Ionization Chamber, 12 C plastic scintillator detector, moderated indium foil detector, and moderated and bare TLDs) that are commonly used for neutron dosimetry at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). 36 refs,. 19 figs

  3. The Themedo triandrae - Setarietum incrassatae, a new association from gabbro in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, Gazankulu, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G.J. Bredenkamp


    Full Text Available Previous studies identified a unique plant community on gabbro in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, but it was not formally described. From a Braun-Blanquet analysis of this vegetation, six syntaxa were recognised. These were classified as one association, two subassociations, five variants and one community without syntaxonomic rank. All these syntaxa are newly decribed, and ecologically interpreted by means of habitat data. A quantitive assessment of the woody component of each syntaxon is presented. Ordinations, based on floristic and habitat data, revealed the position of the syntaxa on environmental gradients.

  4. The Effects of Diet Calcium, Protein and Acidity on Calcium Retention in the Rat, Particularly as Related to the Inner and Outer Surfaces of Tubular Bone: A Possible Model for the Treatment or Prevention of Osteoporosis (United States)


    Henrikson, P. A., Lutwak , L. and Sheffy, B. E. (1970) Bone flow. Rev. Canad. Biol. 29:157-167. 170. Krook, L., Lutwak , L., Henrikson, P. A., Kallfelz...on bones from an experimental study in dogs. J. Nutr. 101:233-246. 171. Krook, L., Lutwak , L. and McEntee, K. (1969) Dietary calcium, ultimobranchial...tumors, and osteo- porosis in the bull. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 22: 115-118. 172. Krook, L., Lutwak , L., McEntee, K., Henrikson, P., Braun, K. and Roberts

  5. Rapid Dispersion of Polymicrobial Wound Biofilms with Depolymerase Enzymes (United States)


    caudal right = test, caudal left = control. For the positive control evaluation, the "test" sites consist of Sodium Dodecyl ( Lauryl ) Sulfate (SLS) and...control score average. ’Total PIS is PIS added for all three animals. 5Primary Irritation Index (PII):. Total PIS+ 3 animals Sodium Dodecyl (Laury... Sulfate (SLS), Mfr./Lot No./Exp: Sigma 028K0108 06/14 Sterile Water, Mfr./Lot No./Exp: B/Braun J2K159 08/15 Pos~ive Control Prepped By/Date: JD 2/12113

  6. Diseño y evaluación funcional de un dispositivo médico para la fijación de mallas mediante adhesivo


    Rosales Parral, Ivan


    Este proyecto esta englobado dentro de las actividades de optimización del diseño del dispositivo médico conocido con el nombre comercial de “Histoacryl® Applicator – Open Hernia Repair” e incluido dentro del pack “Histoacryl® Pro-Set OFX”, propiedad de B. Braun Surgical, S.A. y protegido por la patente WO 2013144849 A1. Este dispositivo ha sido creado para mejorar el método de aplicación del Histoacryl®, un adhesivo quirúrgico de uso interno con formulación n-butil-2-cianoacrilato. El dispos...

  7. (3R,4S,5S,8S,10R,13R-3-Hydroxykaura-9(11,16-dien-18-oic acid

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karren D. Beattie


    Full Text Available The title compound, C20H28O3, was isolated during our investigation into the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of Centipeda cunninghamii (DC. A. Braun & Asch. (Asteraceae. The enantiopure compound, a diterpene with a carbon skeleton, is composed of three six- and one five-membered rings in chair, twist-boat, half-chair and envelope conformations, respectively. Each molecule makes one intra- and one intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bond in the crystal lattice, forming hydrogen-bonded chains along [010]. The absolute configuration of the compound was assigned on the basis of optical rotation measurements.

  8. A phyt osociological classification of the vegetation of the Jack Scott Nature Reserve*

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. J. Coetzee


    Full Text Available The vegetation of the Jack Scott Nature Reserve in the Central Bankenveld Veld Type is classified chiefly by the Braun-Blanquet Table Method. Habitat features, physiognomy, total floristic composition, differentiating species, woody plants and prominent grasses and forbs are presented for each community. Characterizing habitat features, in order of importance for the communities, are: exposure, soil texture, geology, slope, aspect, degree of rockiness and previous ploughing. The classification correlates well with the major physiographic and climatic variation in the Reserve and generally does not cut across main physiognomic types. The communities are potentially homogeneous management units.

  9. Peronism and political citizenship in the Patagonia: the look of the magazine Argentina Austral (1946-1955)


    Ruffini, Martha


    Desde 1929, y durante casi cuarenta años, en la Patagonia circuló la revista Argentina Austral. Esta continuidad fue facilitada por el sello original de la publicación que era propiedad de la empresa ganadera, comercial y naviera más importante del sur argentino: la Sociedad Anónima Importadora y Exportadora de la Patagonia, dirigida por la familia Braun-Menéndez Behety. La revista asumió una postura de demanda de ampliación de los derechos políticos de los habitantes del sur mientras expresa...

  10. Surrounded by thunder the story of Darrell Loan and the rocketmen

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Tom


    When Darrell Loan graduates from University of Iowa in 1957 with an aeronautical engineering degree, he has no idea his first job at the Sperry Corporation will land him a top job at NASA in the next five years. After the successful launch of America's first satellite, NASA is formed. Darrell works side by side with Werner von Braun and other leading German engineers as the race to dominate space intensifies and the first Russian and American pilots are launched atop volatile rockets and sent into space. During the twelve years between the launch of the Russian Sputnik and American boots on th

  11. Simple wave drivers: electric toothbrush, shaver and razor (United States)

    Kağan Temiz, Burak; Yavuz, Ahmet


    This study was conducted to develop simple and low-cost wave drivers that can be used in experiments on string waves. These wave drivers were made using a toothbrush (Oral-B Vitality), an electric shaver (Braun 7505) and a razor (Gillette Fusion Proglide Power). A common feature of all of these product is that they have vibration motors. In the experiments, string waves were generated by transferring these vibrations to a stretched string. By changing the tightness and length of the string, standing waves were generated, and various harmonics were observed.

  12. La vegetación del peñón de Gibraltar


    Sánchez García, Iñigo; Galán de Mera, Antonio; Cortés, John E.


    La vegetación del Peñón de Gibraltar. En el presente trabajo, presentamos un estudio de la vegetación de Gibraltar según la metodología de Braun-Blanquet. Como resultado, proponemos los nuevos sintáxones que aparecen en el resumen en inglés. La principal característica del paisaje vegetal de Gibraltar es que la vegetación natural está muy alterada con la presencia de comunidades fragmentarias. Estas son comentadas aplicando los conceptos de 'comunidad basal' (BC), 'comunidad derivada' (DC) y ...

  13. Rocketry, film and fiction: the road to Sputnik (United States)

    Brake, Mark; Hook, Neil


    The launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 was fuelled by science fiction as well as science fact. The field of early rocketry included the work of Russians Nikolai Rynin and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, American Robert Goddard, and German engineers Herman Oberth and Wernher Von Braun. All were directly inspired and influenced by early science fiction that heralded a space age decades ahead of time. The work of these pioneers led directly to the development of the technology needed to boost Sputnik skyward. After the launch of Sputnik, the context of the nuclear arms race opened the floodgates for a new wave of apocalyptic fiction.

  14. Hepatobiliary sequential scintiscanning

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Germann, G.; Hottenrott, C.; Maul, F.D.


    The duodeno-gastric reflux was evaluated in 33 patients following gastric surgery by functional hepato-biliary scintigraphy. In 16 of 26 patients with gastric resection a reflux was found. The Y-en-Roux and the retrocolic B II resection with Braun's Anastomosis showed the lowest incidence of reflux. The functional scintigraphy permits an objective diagnosis of reflux without provocation by diagnostic manipulations. The high percentage of accuracy in evaluating reflux recommends the scintigraphy as an optimal method in postoperative reflux control.

  15. Análisis de la gestión del conocimiento y de la inteligencia emocional en las organizaciones


    Francisco Guerrero V.; María Govea; Eugenio Urdaneta


    El presente estudio tuvo como propósito el análisis de la Gestión del Conocimiento y de la Inteligencia Emocional en las Organizaciones. Se analizaron doctrinas de autores reconocidos como: Nonaka y Takenchi (1999), ODell (1998), Bueno (1998), Drucker (1996). Goleman (1995); Brockert, S. y Braun G. (1996); Sternberg, R. J. (1997); Goleman (1998). La gestión del conocimiento propicia la mejora continua de las capacidades organizativas, y la Inteligencia Emocional favorece el uso inteligente de...

  16. Tapered diode laser pumped 946 nm Nd:YAG laser

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cheng, Haynes Pak Hay; Jensen, Ole Bjarlin; Petersen, Paul Michael


    We successfully implemented a 946 nm Nd:YAG laser based on a 808 nm tapered diode pump laser. The tapered diode is developed at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute fur Hochstfrequenztechnik in Germany. Figure 2 shows the experimental setup and results of each pump source coupled into a 1.5 mm crystal...... laser, we show that tapered diode laser pumping potentially increase the power of 946 nm lasers by a factor of two and reduce the threshold by a factor of three....

  17. Emerging Infections: Microbial Threats to Health in the United States (United States)


    anti-idiotvpic antibodies, and passive immuni/atmion Maria Glass . Division of AIDS. NIAID. personal communication. 1992). An alter- nati\\ e approach...R. J. Whitle%. i991. Resistance to .nitiiral dIres. ASil Ne%%s 57:514-517, Lawson. if. W.. MI. MI. Braun. R. 1. M. Glass . S. F. Stiiw. S. S, \\Ionroe...and T. IL. D~eardtorfft- 198S. Rev~enue ol’ die sushi parasite. Ness% Eniziand Jotirnal of Metdicine 3 ik). l 28. I 2 it MN~ ceill . W. If. 1976

  18. Abstracts: 1984 AFOSR/ONR Contractors Meeting on Airbreathing Combustion Research Held on June 20-21, 1984, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States)


    H.L. Beach, NASA Langle Research Center Topic: IGNITION/COMBUSTION ENHANCEMENT 10:30 - 11:00 M. Lavid. ML Energia , Inc. 11:00 - 11:30 W. Braun and...F49620-83-C-0133) Principal Investigator: Moshe Lavid ML ENERGIA , Inc. P.O. Box 1468 Princeton, NJ 08542 SUMMARY/OVERVIEW: The radiative concept indine resonance lamp and a solar -blind PhotomultiPlier. 2 nder- the%,& Cir esm.tanr&e the temPerAtre mod1Jlation CArn he r.qlrujated rom a

  19. Geobotanical studies on uranium deposits of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Aery, N.C.; Jain, G.S.


    Geobotanical studies were carried out on known uranium deposits of Udaisagar region in the district of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Releve method of Braun Blanquet was employed for community analysis. Though no species with an exclusive occurrence on uranium deposits was found, certain plant species registered higher constancy and fidelity on uranium rich soils in comparison to background soils. Obviously, these characteristic plant species have evolved tolerance to high uranium contents of the soils and might be neo-endemics. (author). 23 refs., 1 fig., 4 tabs

  20. Los medios masivos y las redes de comunicación interpersonal en la difusión de innovaciones agropecuarias y de control de la natalidad .

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Braun


    Full Text Available En América Latina se ha investigado muy poco sobre los sistemas o redes de comunicación interpersonal. En la presente investigación del Experto argentino Juan Ricardo Braun, se analiza la importancia que esos sistemas tie­nen en la difusión de innovaciones en la región. Esta investigación se ha centrado en Acción Cultural Popular -ACPO- que es una agencia colombiana de cambio que, entre otras acciones, trata de difundir innovaciones agropecuarias y de control de la natalidad utilizando medios interpersonales de comunicación.

  1. Vibration-based condition monitoring industrial, aerospace and automotive applications

    CERN Document Server

    Randall, Robert Bond


    ""Without doubt the best modern and up-to-date text on the topic, wirtten by one of the world leading experts in the field. Should be on the desk of any practitioner or researcher involved in the field of Machine Condition Monitoring"" Simon Braun, Israel Institute of Technology Explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand way, Vibration-based Condition Monitoring provides a comprehensive survey of the application of vibration analysis to the condition monitoring of machines. Reflecting the natural progression of these systems by presenting the fundamental material

  2. Diagram of the Saturn V Launch Vehicle in Metric (United States)


    This is a good cutaway diagram of the Saturn V launch vehicle showing the three stages, the instrument unit, and the Apollo spacecraft. The chart on the right presents the basic technical data in clear metric detail. The Saturn V is the largest and most powerful launch vehicle in the United States. The towering, 111 meter, Saturn V was a multistage, multiengine launch vehicle standing taller than the Statue of Liberty. Altogether, the Saturn V engines produced as much power as 85 Hoover Dams. Development of the Saturn V was the responsibility of the Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama, directed by Dr. Wernher von Braun.

  3. Diagram of Saturn V Launch Vehicle (United States)


    This is a good cutaway diagram of the Saturn V launch vehicle showing the three stages, the instrument unit, and the Apollo spacecraft. The chart on the right presents the basic technical data in clear detail. The Saturn V is the largest and most powerful launch vehicle in the United States. The towering 363-foot Saturn V was a multistage, multiengine launch vehicle standing taller than the Statue of Liberty. Altogether, the Saturn V engines produced as much power as 85 Hoover Dams. Development of the Saturn V was the responsibility of the Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama, directed by Dr. Wernher von Braun.

  4. Neutron dosimetry at SLAC: Neutron sources and instrumentation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liu, J.C.; Jenkins, T.M.; McCall, R.C.; Ipe, N.E.


    This report summarizes in detail the dosimetric characteristics of the five radioisotopic type neutron sources ({sup 238}PuBe, {sup 252}Cf, {sup 238}PuB, {sup 238}PuF{sub 4}, and {sup 238}PuLi) and the neutron instrumentation (moderated BF{sub 3} detector, Anderson-Braun (AB) detector, AB remmeter, Victoreen 488 Neutron Survey Meter, Beam Shut-Off Ionization Chamber, {sup 12}C plastic scintillator detector, moderated indium foil detector, and moderated and bare TLDs) that are commonly used for neutron dosimetry at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). 36 refs,. 19 figs.

  5. Der Pelz des Hermelins oder Von Sommer- und Winterkleidern, Tarn- und Warntrachten, Putz-, Schutz- und Trutzfärbungen sowie der Jäger’schen Normalkleidung


    Toepfer, Georg


    Der Pelz des Hermelins ist im Sommer braun und im Winter weiß. Das ist ein schönes Phänomen für sich, zumal das Weiß von einer Reinheit ist, die sich im Tierreich selten findet. Die Reinheit ihres weißen Fells wurde vielen Hermelinen zum Verhängnis: Sie endeten als Stück in einem adligen Mantel, ihr Weiß noch unterstrichen durch die schwarze Schwanzspitze, die mitverarbeitet wurde. Das reine Weiß des Winterpelzes machte das Hermelin auch zu einer brauchbaren Projektionsfläche des Volksglauben...

  6. 2015 USAFA Research Report: Discover Falcon Innovation (United States)


    geotechnical, structures, environmental and construction. First, in the geotechnical division, Lt Col Chris Senseney is researching “Computational Modeling of...communicate. “It’s a new area for us,” said Lt Col Chris McClernon, director of the center. “We started it last summer, because we know communications...Sales de Souza, Major Mark Braun, 1st Lt Melanie Ortiz, 1st Lt Seth Rodgers and Cadet 1st Class Jordan Higgins are working on a research project

  7. The section Atlanticae of the genus Luzula (Juncaceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boratyński, A.


    Full Text Available The section Atlanticae of the genus Luzula (Juncaceae.- Luzula atlantica Braun-Blanq. and Luzula tibestica (Quézel Zarhan ex Romo & Boratyński are the only representatives of the section Atlanticae Kirschner of the genus Luzula. Luzula atlantica is an endemic plant from the High Atlas Mountains and Luzula tibestica is endemic to the Tibesti massif. Both taxa are studied from a nomenclatural, morphological, chorological and biogeographical point of view. These taxa, owing to their low dispersion capacity, have probably diversified in situ.La sección Atlanticae del género Luzula (Juncaceae.- Luzula atlantica Braun-Blanq. y Luzula tibestica (Quézel Zarhan ex Romo & Boratynski son los únicos representantes de la sección Atlanticae Kirschner del género Luzula. Luzula atlantica es un endemismo del Alto Atlas y Luzula tibestica es una planta endémica del macizo de Tibesti. Ambos taxones son estudiados desde el punto de vista morfológico, nomenclatural, corológico y biogeográfico. Estos taxones, por su baja tasa de dispersión, se han diversificado probablemente in situ.

  8. Decision paths in complex tasks (United States)

    Galanter, Eugene


    Complex real world action and its prediction and control has escaped analysis by the classical methods of psychological research. The reason is that psychologists have no procedures to parse complex tasks into their constituents. Where such a division can be made, based say on expert judgment, there is no natural scale to measure the positive or negative values of the components. Even if we could assign numbers to task parts, we lack rules i.e., a theory, to combine them into a total task representation. We compare here two plausible theories for the amalgamation of the value of task components. Both of these theories require a numerical representation of motivation, for motivation is the primary variable that guides choice and action in well-learned tasks. We address this problem of motivational quantification and performance prediction by developing psychophysical scales of the desireability or aversiveness of task components based on utility scaling methods (Galanter 1990). We modify methods used originally to scale sensory magnitudes (Stevens and Galanter 1957), and that have been applied recently to the measure of task 'workload' by Gopher and Braune (1984). Our modification uses utility comparison scaling techniques which avoid the unnecessary assumptions made by Gopher and Braune. Formula for the utility of complex tasks based on the theoretical models are used to predict decision and choice of alternate paths to the same goal.

  9. Comparative study of 2 electric and 2 manual toothbrushes in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances. (United States)

    Thienpont, V; Dermaut, L R; Van Maele, G


    The objective of this prospective single-blind crossover clinical trial was to evaluate the efficacy of 4 toothbrushes in 33 children undergoing fixed appliance orthodontic therapy. The toothbrushes included in this study were the Braun Oral-B 3D Plaque Remover (Kronberg, Germany), the Philips-Jordan HP 510 (Philips Domestic Appliances, Groningen, The Netherlands), the Lactona orthodontic toothbrush (Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands), and the Oral-B Advantage Control Grip (Braun); the first 2 are electric, and the last 2 are manual. Every patient tested each type of toothbrush in a randomly designed sequence. Plaque and gingival scores were recorded at baseline and after every 4-week test period. All patients received professional prophylaxis after each clinical evaluation. The data were analyzed with the Friedman test, which showed no significant differences among the 4 brushes for any of the parameters measured. The Wilcoxon signed rank test, comparing the plaque and the gingival scores between the upper and lower jaw for each brush, indicated that plaque removal was more efficient in the lower jaw than in the upper.

  10. Infoscience technology: the impact of internet accessible melanoid data on health issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J W Grzymała-Busse


    Full Text Available In this paper the development of a new internet information system for analyzing and classifying melanocytic dat, is briefly described. This system also has some teaching functions, improves the analysis of datasets based on calculating the values of the TDS (Total Dermatoscopy Score (Braun-Falco, Stolz, Bilek, Merkle, & Landthaler, 1990; Hippe, Bajcar, Blajdo, Grzymala-Busse, Grzymala-Busse, & Knap, et al., 2003 parameter. Calculations are based on two methods: the classical ABCD formula (Braun-Falco et al., 1990 and the optimized ABCD formula (Alvarez, Bajcar, Brown, Grzymala-Busse, & Hippe, 2003. A third method of classification is devoted to quasi-optimal decision trees (Quinlan, 1993. The developed internet-based tool enables users to make an early, non-invasive diagnosis of melanocytic lesions. This is possible using a built-in set of instructions that animates the diagnosis of the four basic lesions types: benign nevus, blue nevus, suspicious nevus and melanoma malignant. This system is available on the Internet website:

  11. Demand Shifting With Thermal Mass in Large Commercial Buildings:Field Tests, Simulation and Audits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xu, Peng; Haves, Philip; Piette, Mary Ann; Zagreus, Leah


    The principle of pre-cooling and demand limiting is to pre-cool buildings at night or in the morning during off-peak hours, storing cooling in the building thermal mass and thereby reducing cooling loads and reducing or shedding related electrical demand during the peak periods. Cost savings are achieved by reducing on-peak energy and demand charges. The potential for utilizing building thermal mass for load shifting and peak demand reduction has been demonstrated in a number of simulation, laboratory, and field studies (Braun 1990, Ruud et al. 1990, Conniff 1991, Andresen and Brandemuehl 1992, Mahajan et al. 1993, Morris et al. 1994, Keeney and Braun 1997, Becker and Paciuk 2002, Xu et al. 2003). This technology appears to have significant potential for demand reduction if applied within an overall demand response program. The primary goal associated with this research is to develop information and tools necessary to assess the viability of and, where appropriate, implement demand response programs involving building thermal mass in buildings throughout California. The project involves evaluating the technology readiness, overall demand reduction potential, and customer acceptance for different classes of buildings. This information can be used along with estimates of the impact of the strategies on energy use to design appropriate incentives for customers.

  12. Seasonality of Water Chemistry, Carbonate Production, and Biometric Features of Two Species of Chara in a Shallow Clear Water Lake

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrzej Pukacz


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to analyze the temporal variability of biometric features and the carbonate production of two charophytes: Chara polyacantha A. Braun and Chara rudis A. Braun against the background of the physical-chemical properties of water. The investigation was carried out in a small, mid-forest Lake Jasne (western Poland. It is a polymictic, mesotrophic, hardwater ecosystem dominated by charophyte vegetation. Each month, 10 individuals of each species were characterized in terms of morphometric features, fresh and dry weight, and the percentage of calcium carbonate. Additionally, physical-chemical parameters of the water were studied. The results of physical-chemical analyses indicated similar habitat conditions for both species. Despite smaller dry weight C. polyacantha was characterized by greater morphological variability and higher rates of growth and percentage share of calcium carbonate in dry mass than C. rudis. The percentage of calcium carbonates in dry mass did not differ significantly between the species and exceeded 60%, reaching the maximum (76% in C. polyacantha in July and August. For both species, distinct correlations between the structure of biomass and morphological features were found. The obtained results show the great importance of charophyte vegetation in carbon cycling and functioning of lake ecosystems.

  13. Protein Adsorption to In-Line Filters of Intravenous Administration Sets. (United States)

    Besheer, Ahmed


    Ensuring compatibility of administered therapeutic proteins with intravenous administration sets is an important regulatory requirement. A low-dose recovery during administration of low protein concentrations is among the commonly observed incompatibilities, and it is mainly due to adsorption to in-line filters. To better understand this phenomenon, we studied the adsorption of 4 different therapeutic proteins (2 IgG1s, 1 IgG4, and 1 Fc fusion protein) diluted to 0.01 mg/mL in 5% glucose (B. Braun EcoFlac; B. Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen, Germany) or 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl; Freeflex; Fresenius Kabi, Friedberg, Germany) solutions to 8 in-line filters (5 positively charged and 3 neutral filters made of different polymers and by different suppliers). The results show certain patterns of protein adsorption, which depend to a large extent on the dilution solution and filter material, and to a much lower extent on the proteins' biophysical properties. Investigation of the filter membranes' zeta potential showed a correlation between the observed adsorption pattern in 5% glucose solution and the filter's surface charge, with higher protein adsorption for the strongly negatively charged membranes. In 0.9% NaCl solution, the surface charges are masked, leading to different adsorption patterns. These results contribute to the general understanding of the protein adsorption to IV infusion filters and allow the design of more efficient compatibility studies. Copyright © 2017 American Pharmacists Association®. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Reflections: Neurology and The Humanities. The case of the locked house. The finished mystery. (United States)

    Joynt, Robert J; Kempster, Peter A; Lee, Andrew J


    After the death in 2012 of Dr. Robert Joynt, who served Neurology® as CPC Section Editor, an unfinished manuscript was found on his computer. It would have been his sixth Sherlock Holmes pastiche. Intrigued by the story but deflated at the lack of an ending, the editors published the case in the September 10, 2013, issue of Neurology and requested that readers finish it. A panel of editors reviewed over 30 submissions and the top 4 were posted online and on the iPad. Readers voted online, on the iPad, and during the 2014 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The winning coauthors are Peter A. Kempster, from Melbourne, and Andrew J. Lees, from London. The runners-up are Anonymous (ending 1), Gerald Honch (ending 2), and Clifton Gooch (ending 4). The editors thank all participants and voters. The rule on page 662 indicates where the winning ending begins.

  15. Bulimia Nervosa/Purging Disorder. (United States)

    Castillo, Marigold; Weiselberg, Eric


    Bulimia nervosa was first described in 1979 by British psychiatrist Gerald Russell as a "chronic phase of anorexia nervosa" in which patients overeat and then use compensatory mechanisms, such as self-induced vomiting, laxatives, or prolonged periods of starvation. The characterization of bulimia nervosa continues to evolve with the introduction of the DSM-5 in 2013. In this article, the epidemiology and risk factors of bulimia nervosa are identified and reviewed, along with the medical complications and psychiatric comorbidities. The evaluation of a patient with suspected bulimia nervosa is addressed, with an emphasis on acquiring a complete and thorough history as well as discovering any comorbidities that are present. Management of the patient involves both medical interventions and behavioral counseling in order to address physical, psychological, and social needs. Lastly, a new diagnosis introduced in the DSM-5, purging disorder, is described and discussed. Copyright © 2017 Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. [The function of analogies in natural sciences, also in contrast to metaphors and models]. (United States)

    Hentschel, Klaus


    This introduction surveys the various functions of analogies in science, medicine and technology. The focus is on their heuristic importance. The productiveness of analogies is linked to the systematic depth and breadth of the established connections. Various examples are presented from different periods in the history of science, most notably Galileo; such late-Victorian Maxwellians as George Francis FitzGerald and Oliver Lodge; and Heinrich HERTZ and Niels BOHR. These examples are examined in terms of the specific differing temporal ranges of their claimed validities. They serve as evidence or counterevidence for various systematic analyses of analogies as put forward by various philosophers of science, most notably Francis Bacon, John Stuart Mill, Ernst Mach, Harald Høffding, Ernest Nagel, Mary Hesse and Peter Achinstein. The analytic framework for analogies supported here is what the cognitive scientist Dedre Gentner has termed structure-mapping.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Syihabul Furqon


    Full Text Available Framing analysis, methodically is used to dissect discourse impulses that leading to stigma crystallization. Media frames an issue by using language tools and plays a subconscious role in the attitude and understanding of society. Although, basically, every media does framing, but the problem that comes next is when this framing becomes an interest to postulate the lame proposition socially and logically. This research efforts to analyze in narrative about how religion is mediated by, through framing information issue about the Rape by the Board of Pesantren issue in framing analysis of Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki. In conclusion, the Kompas electronic media framing gives rise to a certain tendency toward the negative stigma of pesantren in the public through a narrowing of news content in the media, especially from the interpretation and reporting analysis that revolves around closed syntactic and syntagmatic interactions.

  18. Science and anti-science

    CERN Document Server

    Holton, Gerald


    What is good science? What goal--if any--is the proper end of scientific activity? Is there a legitimating authority that scientists mayclaim? Howserious athreat are the anti-science movements? These questions have long been debated but, as Gerald Holton points out, every era must offer its own responses. This book examines these questions not in the abstract but shows their historic roots and the answers emerging from the scientific and political controversies of this century. Employing the case-study method and the concept of scientific thematathat he has pioneered, Holton displays the broad scope of his insight into the workings of science: from the influence of Ernst Mach on twentiethcentury physicists, biologists, psychologists, and other thinkers to the rhetorical strategies used in the work of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and others; from the bickering between Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Congress over the proper form of federal sponsorship of scientific research to philosophical debates since Oswald...

  19. Strategi Pesan Promosi Kesehatan Cegah Flu Burung

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tuti Widiastuti


    Full Text Available Avian influenza health disaster has attacked many countries in the world, includes Indonesia. An effort have been done by government through Health Department RI publish health promotion communication on public services advertising (PSA version “Cegah Flu Burung dengan B3K”. In a way to criticize this PSA is used theoretical framework social construction of reality and health promotion. This research use descriptive qualitative method, whereas data is collected with literature review from television PSA, and data analysis technique is used framing analysis from Zhondang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki. Based on research finding has been found that avian influenza prevention health promotion message not yet “enabling” (ability people to act healthy life, but it only “desiring” (willingness. From this we can say that health promotion still prioritize in giving information, whereas message toward new attitude and behavior changes through learning process still not visible.

  20. Lake Erie and Lake Michigan zebra mussel settlement monitoring and implications for chlorination treatment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Demoss, D.; Mendelsberg, J.I.


    This paper reports on the 1991 zebra mussel veliger settlement monitoring program undertaken to record and evaluate zebra mussel veliger settlement in Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. Studies by Dr. Gerald Mackie of Canada in 1990 indicated veliger settlement may be occurring primarily during short time periods every season corresponding with warmer water temperatures. Veliger settlement monitoring was performed using a plexiglass sampler apparatus. The samplers were simple in design and consisted of a 20-inch-square plexiglass base panel with thirty-six 1 inch x 3 inch clear plexiglass microscope slides attached. The results of the monitoring program indicate the existence of preferential settlement periods for veligers correlating with sustained lake water temperatures above 70 degrees F. Veliger settlement concentrations in the south basin of Lake Michigan appear to be similar to those in western Lake Erie

  1. Peer review of RELAP5/MOD3 documentation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Craddick, W.G.


    A peer review was performed on a portion of the documentation of the RELAP5/MOD3 computer code. The review was performed in two phases. The first phase was a review of Volume 3, Developmental Assessment problems, and Volume 4, Models and Correlations. The reviewers for this phase were Dr. Peter Griffith, Dr. Yassin Hassan, Dr. Gerald S. Lellouche, Dr. Marino di Marzo and Mr. Mark Wendel. The reviewers recommended a number of improvements, including using a frozen version of the code for assessment guided by a validation plan, better justification for flow regime maps and extension of models beyond their data base. The second phase was a review of Volume 6, Quality Assurance of Numerical Techniques in RELAP5/MOD3. The reviewers for the second phase were Mr. Mark Wendel and Dr. Paul T. Williams. Recommendations included correction of numerous grammatical and typographical errors and better justification for the use of Lax's Equivalence Theorem

  2. Milnacipran: recent findings in depression

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guest editors: Stuart Montgomery (London


    Full Text Available EDITORIAL FOREWORDPage 1   Milnacipran: recent findings in depression Stuart Montgomery (London, UK and Mike Briley (Castres, France REVIEWSPage 3   Suicidality: risk factors and the effects of antidepressants. The example of parallel reduction of suicidality and other depressive symptoms during treatment with the SNRI, milnacipran Philippe Courtet (Montpellier, FrancePage 9   Treatment of patients with comorbid depression and diabetes with metformin and milnacipran Peter Hofmann (Graz, AustriaPage 17  Antidepressant therapy with milnacipran and venlafaxine Lucilla Mansuy (Toulouse, FrancePage 23  Milnacipran: a unique antidepressant? Siegfried Kasper and Gerald Pail (Vienna, Austria This supplement is based on a symposium that took place at the 9th International Forum on Mood and Anxiety in Monte Carlo in November 2009 and is supported by an unconditional education grant from Pierre Fabre Médicament.

  3. Energy accounting of materials, products, processes and services. [Ten papers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verbraeck, A [ed.


    Ten papers were presented, namely: Units in Energy Accounting--How Are They Defined, How Are They Measured, by Dr. Malcolm Slesser; Economics of Energy Analysis, by Dr. Thomas Veach Long II; Energy Considerations in Synthetic and Natural Fibers, by Mr. A. H. Woodhead; Energy Accounting in Food Products, by Mr. Gerald Leach; Energy Analysis of Transportation Systems, by Dr. E. J. Tuininga; Energy Accounting of Packaging Materials for Liquids and Their Transport viz Bottles and Pipes, by Mr. A. Bolzinger; Energy Accounting of Steel, by Dr. A. Decker; Energy Accounting of Aluminium, by Dr. D. Altenpohl, T. S. Daugherty, and W. Blum; Energy Requirement of Some Energy Sources, by Dr. P. F. Chapman and Dr. D. F. Hemming; Energy Analysis of Materials and Structures in the Building Industry, by Professor Dr. P. C. Kreijger. A panel discussion in response to a large number of questions was chaired by Professor Dr. W. van Gool. (MCW)

  4. JGR special issue on Deep Earthquakes (United States)

    The editor and associate editors of the Journal of Geophysical Research—Solid Earth and Planets invite the submission of manuscripts for a special issue on the topic “Deep- and Intermediate-Focus Earthquakes, Phase Transitions, and the Mechanics of Deep Subduction.”Manuscripts should be submitted to JGR Editor Gerald Schubert (Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90024) before July 1, 1986, in accordance with the usual rules for manuscript submission. Submitted papers will undergo the normal JGR review procedure. For more information, contact either Schubert or the special guest associate editor, Cliff Frohlich (Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin, 4920 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78751; telephone: 512-451-6223).

  5. Philosophy of physics space and time

    CERN Document Server

    Maudlin, Tim


    This concise book introduces nonphysicists to the core philosophical issues surrounding the nature and structure of space and time, and is also an ideal resource for physicists interested in the conceptual foundations of space-time theory. Tim Maudlin's broad historical overview examines Aristotelian and Newtonian accounts of space and time, and traces how Galileo's conceptions of relativity and space-time led to Einstein's special and general theories of relativity. Maudlin explains special relativity using a geometrical approach, emphasizing intrinsic space-time structure rather than coordinate systems or reference frames. He gives readers enough detail about special relativity to solve concrete physical problems while presenting general relativity in a more qualitative way, with an informative discussion of the geometrization of gravity, the bending of light, and black holes. Additional topics include the Twins Paradox, the physical aspects of the Lorentz-FitzGerald contraction, the constancy of the speed...

  6. Observing comets

    CERN Document Server

    James, Nick


    Since comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with the planet Jupiter with stupendous force in 1994 there has been an upsurge of amateur interest in comets Most comets are first discovered by amateur astronomers because there are so many amateurs looking for them, and techniques and instruments have improved dramatically in the past few years After a short but detailed introduction to the comets themselves Nick James and Gerald North describe comet hunting, photographing and imaging comets, and digital image processing The use of computers for orbital calculations and even helping to discover new comets is given a full chapter, as are advanced techniques including comet photometry and spectroscopy This comprehensive book has an accompanying CD-ROM and is at once a "primer" for comet hunters and a reference text for more advanced amateur astronomers

  7. AHP 4: na53 mʑi53 Tibetan Songs, Engagement Chants, and Flute Music

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    LIBU LAKHI (LI JIANFU 李建富, DAWA TENZIN ཟླ་བ་བསྟན་འཛིན།


    Full Text Available The present study is a straightforward, pragmatic attempt to document the particulars of na53 mi53 song and musical traditions comprising the local 'performance-scape'. The primary researcher, Libu Lakhi, is a native of the community who was trained in a specialized mode of auto-ethnography developed by Charles Kevin Stuart and Gerald Roche at Qinghai Normal University 青海师范大学, Xining City 西宁市, Qinghai Province 青海省. Drawing on ethnomusicology, socio-linguistics, and the 'performance' school of folkloristics, the model is intended to enable local peoples to document and display their own traditions in a form available to scholars and interested persons on a global scale.

  8. 1st International Industrial Symposium on the Supercollider

    CERN Document Server

    IISSC; Supercollider 1


    IISSC '89 was a tremendous success. A total of 635 people attended this educational forum which was dedicated to further the understanding of the design, construction and operation of the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). A total of 110 presentations and addresses were given. The topics discussed covered .all aspects of the SSC including: Magnet Technology Cryogenics Conventional Facilities Technical Systems Detectors Related Accelerator Technology Superconducting Wire/Cable ApproXimately 38% of the presentations addressed superconducting magnet technology, 16% were devoted to detector technology, 10% addressed superconducting wire/ cable, and the balance was equally split between the remaining topics. A special award was presented to Professor M. Tigner for his meritorious contribution to the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). The award was presented on behalf of the IISSC Board of Directors. Keynote speakers included: Gerald 'Bachy, CERN Joe Barton, Representative from Texas, 6th Disctrict Ed...

  9. Use of retractors and explainers in charismatic rhetoric: the case of four American presidents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iaroslav Kovalchuk


    Full Text Available This study examines the use of retractors and explainers in prepared political speeches of American charismatic presidents. It is based upon the results of psychological analysis of 24 speeches of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Gerald Ford. The research shows that certain differences may be found in the use of explainers and retractors not along the axis “Charismatic versus Non-Charismatic Presidents”, but with regard to their party affiliation. Rhetoric of Democratic presidents (Kennedy, Obama is characterized by a more explanatory communication style than of Republican ones (Reagan, Ford, which results in respective differences in the use of explainers. As for the retractors, all the four presidents under study tend to use the category moderately, which reveals them as emotionally controlled individuals, able to reconsider their decisions if necessary.

  10. Fotometría y polarimetría de Lynga 1 (United States)

    Brusasco, M. A.; Baume, G.; Vázquez, R. A.

    Se presentan los resultados de las observaciones fotométricas CCD-UBVRI hasta magnitud aproximadamente V = 18 y polarimétricas hasta V = 13 en la zona del cúmulo abierto Lynga 1. El mismo se halla en una dirección cercana a un remanente de supernova y fue estudiado previamente por Peterson y FitzGerald (1988) mediante fotometría fotoeléctrica. Se ha redeterminado el enrojecimiento, la distancia y la edad de dicho objeto. Se han hallado además los valores de las pendientes de las funciones de luminosidad y de masa comparándoselas con las de otros cúmulos de edades similares.

  11. Fotometría y polarimetría de Trumpler 21 (United States)

    Giorgi, E.; Baume, G.; Vázquez, R. A.

    Se presentan los resultados de las observaciones fotométricas CCD-UBVI hasta aproximadamente magnitud V = 19 y polarimétricas UBVRI hasta V =13 en la región del cúmulo abierto Trumpler 21. El mismo se halla en una dirección cercana al remanente de supernova G307.6-0.3 y fue estudiado previamente por Moffat y Vogt (1973) y por Peterson y FitzGerald (1988) mediante fotometría fotoeléctrica de las estrellas más brillantes. Se ha redeterminado el enrojecimiento, la distancia y la edad de dicho objeto. Se han hallado además los valores de las pendientes de las funciones de luminosidad y de masa comparandoselas con las de otros cúmulos de edades similares.

  12. Scientific Astrophotography How Amateurs Can Generate and Use Professional Imaging Data

    CERN Document Server

    Hubbell, Gerald R


    Scientific Astrophotography is a work for those amateur astronomers looking for new challenges, once they have mastered visual observing and the basic imaging of various astronomical objects. It is a wonderful reference for scientifically-inclined observers who want to learn the fundamentals of astrophotography with a firm emphasis on the discipline of scientific imaging. This book is a wealth of information and a distillation of ideas presented by a diverse set of sources and based on the most recent techniques, equipment, and data available. It also includes numerous exercises for the reader, to maximize the success and minimize the frustration inherent in the pursuit of this specific craft. Scientific Astrophotography is perfect for any amateur astronomer who wants to go beyond just the process of making beautiful images and actually contribute to the science of astronomy! "...Gerald Hubbell's new book, Scientific Astrophotography, is the perfect companion for anyone dipping their toe into the digital imag...

  13. "Kids not rights, is their craving": sex education, gay rights, and the threat of gay teachers. (United States)

    Graydon, Michael


    In July 1977, the Ontario Humans Rights Commission recommended adding sexual orientation to the Code. This move was generally supported but Toronto newspapers and evangelists sought assurances that school boards could still dismiss homosexual teachers. They demanded children be shielded from gay teachers, who they accused of sexual predation. I historically link this to a reenergized fear of homosexuals which emerged during Toronto sex education debates in the 1970s. Later, influenced by Anita Bryant's Save the Children crusade, Toronto newspapers and evangelists argued gay teachers were the dangerous effect of gay rights. After the 1977 murder of Emanuel Jaques and the publication of Gerald Hannon's "Men Loving Boys, Loving Men" article, anti-gay sentiment in Toronto exploded, temporarily halting the progress of gay rights.

  14. Assimilating American Indians in James Fenimore Cooper’s Novels?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peprník Michal


    Full Text Available The article employs critical concepts from sociology and anthropology to examine the stereotype of the Vanishing Indian and disclose its contradictory character. The article argues that in James Fenimore Cooper’s late novels from the 1840s a type of American Indian appears who can be regarded as a Vanishing Indian in many respects as he displays some slight degree of assimilation but at the same time he can be found to reveal a surprising amount of resistance to the process of vanishing and marginalization. His peculiar mode of survival and his mode of living demonstrate a certain degree of acculturation, which comes close to Gerald Vizenor’s survivance and for which I propose a term critical integration. I base my study on Susquesus (alias Trackless, Cooper’s less well-known character from The Littlepage Manuscripts, a three-book family saga.

  15. The Salt II Treaty

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Caldwell, D.


    The first strategic arms limitation talks resulted in two agreements: the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Interim Agreement to Limit Strategic Offensive Arms. Senator Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson (D-Wa.) was concerned about the numerical advantage granted to the USSR by the Latter agreement and proposed an amendment that would prohibit future negotiators from granting the Soviet Union similar terms. This paper discusses the second round of SALT negotiations which opened in November 1972 and continued under presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. As the negotiators met, U.S. and Soviet scientists and engineers continued their work to develop new nuclear weapons and launchers. Particularly problematic were modern, large ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and the Soviet Backfire bomber

  16. Assessing the Resilience of Global Sea Routes (United States)


    Salmeron Thesis Advisor Gerald G. Brown Second Reader Robert F. Dell Chair, Department of Operations Research iv THIS PAGE...Japan 730.10 639.10 1.14 Korea South 464.30 422.40 1.10 Malaysia 197.00 152.60 1.29 Netherlands 486.70 429.50 1.13 Norway 132.70 74.30 1.79 Pakistan...9.1%, Singapore 8.7%, South Korea 8%, India 6.3%, Malaysia 5.9% Italy Germany 13.2%, France 11.7%, Spain 5.9%, U.S. 5.8%, U.K. 5.4%, Switzerland 4.6

  17. A preliminary report of geochemical investigations in the Blackbird District (United States)

    Canney, F.C.; Hawkes, H.E.; Richmond, G.M.; Vhay, J. S.


    This paper reviews an experimental geochemical prospecting survey in the Blackbird cobalt-copper mining district. The district is in east-central Idaho, about 20 miles west-southwest of Salmon. The area is one of deeply weathered nearly flat-topped upland surfaces cut by steep-walled valleys which are tributary to the canyon of Panther Creek. Most of the area has a relatively heavy vegetative cover, and outcrops are scarce except on the sides of the steeper valleys* Because of the importance of the surficial deposits and soils and the physiographic history of the region on the interpretation of the geochemical data, a separate chapter on this subject by Gerald H. Richmond follows the following brief description of the geology of the district.

  18. Framing Pemberitaan Citra Politik Capres 2014 di Harian Solopos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Puji Widi Astutik


    Full Text Available The article tries to find out the construction of the image formation in the daily Solopos 2014 candidates. Basic theoretically in this paper uses descriptive analysis method with a form of text analysis models Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki through four units of analysis, syntax, script, thematic, and Rhetorical. Framing analysis is used to see how the image formation through the political news in the Daily Solopos 2014 candidates. Through this analysis can be found that the construction of a shadow image (mirror image performed on the outlook for both candidates figure formed by the track record of each kandindat. Joko Widodo figure in the frame with the figure of the fight for the people and work for the people, while the figure Prabowo has a bad track record as it is considered to participate in the abduction tragedy in which 98 activists at that time as a military Prabowo.

  19. The psychology of computer programming

    CERN Document Server

    Weinberg, Gerald Marvin


    This landmark 1971 classic is reprinted with a new preface, chapter-by-chapter commentary, and straight-from-the-heart observations on topics that affect the professional life of programmers. Long regarded as one of the first books to pioneer a people-oriented approach to computing, The Psychology of Computer Programming endures as a penetrating analysis of the intelligence, skill, teamwork, and problem-solving power of the computer programmer. Finding the chapters strikingly relevant to today's issues in programming, Gerald M. Weinberg adds new insights and highlights the similarities and differences between now and then. Using a conversational style that invites the reader to join him, Weinberg reunites with some of his most insightful writings on the human side of software engineering. Topics include egoless programming, intelligence, psychological measurement, personality factors, motivation, training, social problems on large projects, problem-solving ability, programming language design, team formati...

  20. The Geneva Protocol of 1925

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mc Elroy, R.J.


    This paper reports that when President Gerald Ford signed the instruments of ratification for the Geneva Protocol of 1925 on January 22, 1975, a tortured, half-century-long chapter in U.S. arms control policy was brought to a close. Fifty years earlier, at the Geneva Conference for the Control of the International Trade in Arms, Munitions and Implements of War, the United States had played a key role in drafting and reaching agreement on the Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare. The protocol, signed by thirty nations, including the United States, on June 17, 1925, prohibits the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and of all analogous liquids, materials or devices as well as the use of bacteriological methods of warfare

  1. Quantum mechanics in a nutshell

    CERN Document Server

    Mahan, Gerald D


    Covering the fundamentals as well as many special topics of current interest, this is the most concise, up-to-date, and accessible graduate-level textbook on quantum mechanics available. Written by Gerald Mahan, a distinguished research physicist and author of an acclaimed textbook on many-particle physics, Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell is the distillation of many years' teaching experience. Emphasizing the use of quantum mechanics to describe actual quantum systems such as atoms and solids, and rich with interesting applications, the book proceeds from solving for the properties of a single particle in potential; to solving for two particles (the helium atom); to addressing many-particle systems. Applications include electron gas, magnetism, and Bose-Einstein Condensation; examples are carefully chosen and worked; and each chapter has numerous homework problems, many of them original

  2. Nuclear policy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ford, G.R.


    Then-President Gerald Ford outlines the potential benefits of nuclear power as opposed to the danger of proliferation. He points out that not all nations have the same interest or views toward nuclear energy; but also he says that if a choice must be made, nonproliferation objectives must take precedence over economic and energy benefits. It is pointed out that the management of nuclear energy can be only partial and temporary by technical measures, and that full management can result only if nations realistically face the task prepared to forego preconceived short-term advantages in favor of long-term gains. Coordination of the policies of all nations toward the common goal of nonproliferation is predicted to lead to success

  3. 3D-TRANS-2003, Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Radiation Transport Codes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Description: Contents proceedings of Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Deterministic Radiation Transport, for Monte Carlo and Hybrid Codes with a proposal to develop the following: GERALD - A General Environment for Radiation Analysis and Design. GERALD intends to create a unifying software environment where the user can define, solve and analyse a nuclear radiation transport problem using available numerical tools seamlessly. This environment will serve many purposes: teaching, research, industrial needs. It will also help to preserve the existing analytical and numerical knowledge base. This could represent a significant step towards solving the legacy problem. This activity should contribute to attracting young engineers to nuclear science and engineering and contribute to competence and knowledge preservation and management. This proposal was made at the on Workshop on C ommon Tools and Interfaces for Deterministic Radiation Transport, for Monte Carlo and Hybrid Codes , held from 25-26 September 2003 in connection with the conference SNA-2003. A first success with the development of such tools was achieved with the BOT3P2.0 and 3.0 codes providing an easy procedure and mechanism for defining and displaying 3D geometries and materials both in the form of refineable meshes for deterministic codes or Monte Carlo geometries consistent with deterministic models. Advanced SUSD: Improved tools for Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analysis. The development of tools for the analysis and estimation of sensitivities and uncertainties in calculations, or their propagation through complex computational schemes, in the field of neutronics, thermal hydraulics and also thermo-mechanics is of increasing importance for research and engineering applications. These tools allow establishing better margins for engineering designs and for the safe operation of nuclear facilities. Such tools are not sufficiently developed, but their need is increasingly evident in many activities

  4. About an Element of Human Greatness (United States)

    Hickam, Homer


    One of the things Dr. von Braun instinctively knew was that it was as nearly important to explain why we should go into space as to build the machines to take us there. He wrote books and magazine articles, spoke to everyone he could formally and informally, and spent his life to his dying day seeking to educate everyone on the importance of and need for spaceflight. Why should we go? I think there are actually two principle reasons: 1) Because the solar system is filled with cheap, clean energy, and we need to go get it, and, 2) this one may well be even more important, because we need a purpose for ourselves and our country. I think we need an eternal frontier to push up against, our purpose to conquer and settle it. The nice thing about doing that is the solar system is a very rich place, filled with not only mineral wealth but energy, a nearly inexhaustible supply. And if there s one thing this country and this planet desperately needs and is willing to pay for now and forever is energy. The solar system is where it is. We've got to go after it. I believe, then, that Americans have both a self-interest and a patriotic duty to convince ourselves it is time to take another giant step into space. The way to do that is to do what Dr. von Braun did, cut metal and start flying. Success engenders success. Dr. von Braun s grand dream need never die. NASA can spark a twenty-first-century revolution in transportation and energy that could fundamentally change the way we fly through space, power the world, even care for the sick if we do it right. All those things require cheap and clean energy. It exists in the solar system in a variety of forms. Solar energy is the most obvious form, but there are others, including helium-3, which may be the perfect fuel for fusion reactors, and also just happens to cover the Moon. I believe we must go after it. We just need to believe in ourselves and our purpose. I call on all of you here today to join together, get things moving

  5. Optically Anomalous Crystals

    CERN Document Server

    Shtukenberg, Alexander; Kahr, Bart


    Optical anomalies in crystals are puzzles that collectively constituted the greatest unsolved problems in crystallography in the 19th Century. The most common anomaly is a discrepancy between a crystal’s symmetry as determined by its shape or by X-ray analysis, and that determined by monitoring the polarization state of traversing light. These discrepancies were perceived as a great impediment to the development of the sciences of crystals on the basis of Curie’s Symmetry Principle, the grand organizing idea in the physical sciences to emerge in the latter half of the 19th Century. Optically Anomalous Crystals begins with an historical introduction covering the contributions of Brewster, Biot, Mallard, Brauns, Tamman, and many other distinguished crystallographers. From this follows a tutorial in crystal optics. Further chapters discuss the two main mechanisms of optical dissymmetry: 1. the piezo-optic effect, and 2. the kinetic ordering of atoms. The text then tackles complex, inhomogeneous crystals, and...

  6. Thermo- and mesophilic aerobic batch biodegradation of high-strength distillery wastewater (potato stillage)--utilisation of main carbon sources. (United States)

    Krzywonos, Małgorzata; Cibis, Edmund; Lasik, Małgorzata; Nowak, Jacek; Miśkiewicz, Tadeusz


    The aim of the study was to ascertain the extent to which temperature influences the utilisation of main carbon sources (reducing substances determined before and after hydrolysis, glycerol and organic acids) by a mixed culture of thermo- and mesophilic bacteria of the genus Bacillus in the course of aerobic batch biodegradation of potato stillage, a high-strength distillery effluent (COD=51.88 g O(2)/l). The experiments were performed at 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and 63 degrees C, at pH 7, in a 5l working volume stirred-tank bioreactor (Biostat B, B. Braun Biotech International) with a stirrer speed of 550 rpm and aeration at 1.6 vvm. Particular consideration was given to the following issues: (1) the sequence in which the main carbon sources in the stillage were assimilated and (2) the extent of their assimilation achieved under these conditions.

  7. Influence of chicken serum mannose-binding lectin levels on the immune response towards Escherichia coli

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Norup, L R; Dalgaard, T; Friggens, N


    This study aimed to investigate the effect of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) on infections with Escherichia coli in chickens. Initially, the basic levels of MBL in 4 different lines of layer chickens, namely ISA Brown, Lohmann Selected Leghorn, Lohmann Braun, and Hellevad, were investigated....... This investigation revealed a 2-to 3-fold difference in the basic levels of MBL in serum between some of these commercial lines. Furthermore, the ontogeny of the basic level of MBL in serum of an experimental chicken line was investigated. The level of MBL was very stabile for long periods, with an elevation at 5...... to 7 wk of age. Another elevation in MBL level started around 18 to 19 wk of age and stayed elevated at least until 38 wk of age. In this study, it was hypothesized that chickens with high levels of MBL (H-type) may be less prone to disease caused by E. coli infection than chickens with low levels...

  8. Evaluation of the industrial programs of NOVEM. Evaluatie industriele programma's NOVEM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koster, S J; Rademaker, B; Braun, A R; Gerritse, G


    The title subject has been evaluated by INDIS (Dutch Bureau for Industrial and Professional Investigations) in order to analyse the demand of the target group and to collect data for the product/market strategical part of the long-range planning for 1989-1993 and 1994-1998. INDIS collected data from 20 interviews with policy-making managers from industrial companies, and 9 interviews with consultancy bureaus, engineering bureaus, contractors, business organizations and the government. These data were supplemented by a literature search. The effectiveness of the NOVEM (Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment) has been investigated with regard to the possibilities of developed technologies. This investigation was done by Braun Technoconsult. Conclusions and recommendations are given with regard to energy and environmental projects, the roles of the government, the umbrella organizations and the NOVEM and finally the effectivity of the applicated tools (information, counseling, demonstrations, financing, etc.).

  9. The interpersonal dimension of patient forums: How patients share their knowledge and experiences in response to posted questions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fage-Butler, Antoinette Mary; Nisbeth Jensen, Matilde

    Abstract: The interpersonal dimension of patient forums: How patients share their knowledge and experiences in response to posted questions Antoinette Fage-Butler & Matilde Nisbeth Jensen The internet has revolutionized the way that patients acquire medical information, freeing them of reliance...... on their doctor; seeking out health information online is now the third most popular activity after internet searches and e-mail (Timimi 2012). This paper examines one of these sources of online information, namely, the patient forum where patients provide other patients with information and support...... of implications for existing models of health communication which have yet to catch up with the impact of recent technological developments such as online patient forums. Keywords • Online patient forums • Patient-patient communication • Relationship formation References Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2006). Using...

  10. Doing the Impossible George E Mueller and the Management of NASA’s Human Spaceflight Program

    CERN Document Server

    Slotkin, Arthur L


    This excellent account of one of the most important personalities in early American human spaceflight history describes for the first time how George E. Mueller, the system manager of the human spaceflight program of the 1960s, applied the SPO methodology and other special considerations, resulting in the success of the Apollo Program. While Wernher von Braun and others did not really readily accept Mueller's approach to system management, they later acknowledged that without it NASA would not have landed astronauts on the Moon by 1969. While Apollo remained Mueller's top priority, from his earliest days at the agency he promoted a robust post-Apollo program, which culminated in Skylab, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station. As a result of these efforts, Mueller earned the sobriquet: "the father of the Space Shuttle."

  11. ALICE physicists receive 2014 Lise Meitner Prize

    CERN Multimedia

    Katarina Anthony


    On Wednesday, 3 September, four ALICE physicists were presented with the European Physical Society's 2014 Lise Meitner Prize for their outstanding contributions to nuclear physics (see here).   ALICE collaboration members Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg University, Germany), Peter Braun-Munzinger (GSI, Germany), Paolo Giubellino (INFN Turin, Italy, and CERN) and Jürgen Schukraft (CERN) were presented with their awards at a private ceremony held in the Globe of Science and Innovation. In addition to members of the ALICE collaboration, the ceremony was attended by members of the CERN Management including the Director-General, Rolf Heuer, as well as the EPS Nuclear Physics Board Chair, Douglas MacGregor, and the EPS Lise Meitner Prize Committee Chair, Victor Zamfir. For more information, please see "EPS honours CERN's heavy-ion researchers".  From left to right: Douglas MacGregor (EPS); Prize recipients Jürgen Schukraft,&a...

  12. 31. Congress and 15. Advanced course of the European Society of Neuroradiology. Abstracts

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    The European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) was founded on September 5, 1969 during a meeting which took place in Colmar, France, upon the initiative of Drs Jean-Paul Braun (Colmar) and Auguste Wackenheim (Strasbourg) and under the guidance and support of Professor George B. Ziedses des Plantes (Amsterdam). The following purposes of the Society were unanimously adopted by the 68 Founding Members: 1. To promote Neuroradiology by appropriate means. 2. To co-ordinate work and documents in Neuroradiology and to assure their diffusion throughout the countries of Europe. 3. To co-ordinate the relationships between General Radiology and the Clinical Neurosciences. 4. To contribute toward unified methods of teaching Neuroradiology and unified standards for training and certification in Neuroradiology. 5. To promote and co-ordinate relationships among the European National Neuroradiological Societies and to promote the foundation of National Neuroradiological Societies. 6. To form European research teams to deal with specific neuroradiological questions. (orig.)

  13. Characterization of diode-laser stacks for high-energy-class solid state lasers (United States)

    Pilar, Jan; Sikocinski, Pawel; Pranowicz, Alina; Divoky, Martin; Crump, P.; Staske, R.; Lucianetti, Antonio; Mocek, Tomas


    In this work, we present a comparative study of high power diode stacks produced by world's leading manufacturers such as DILAS, Jenoptik, and Quantel. The diode-laser stacks are characterized by central wavelength around 939 nm, duty cycle of 1 %, and maximum repetition rate of 10 Hz. The characterization includes peak power, electrical-to-optical efficiency, central wavelength and full width at half maximum (FWHM) as a function of diode current and cooling temperature. A cross-check of measurements performed at HiLASE-IoP and Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) shows very good agreement between the results. Our study reveals also the presence of discontinuities in the spectra of two diode stacks. We consider the results presented here a valuable tool to optimize pump sources for ultra-high average power lasers, including laser fusion facilities.

  14. Research Policies Rewarding Quantity: Estonia and Ukraine. Kvantiteeti tasustav teaduspoliitika: Eesti ja Ukraina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadri Ukrainski


    Full Text Available This article is resting on the theoretical model of Braun (2003 describing the delegation modes for public funding of research in the principal-agent framework. It aims to show by using the conceptualisation of utility functions of principal and agents on the various levels, how different motivations for producing different kinds of research outputs emerge for researchers and universities or public research organisations in Estonia and Ukraine. The article attempts to offer one explanation to why in some quantitative research output indicators both countries perform very well compared to much lower levels of innovation system indicators otherwise. Estonia is rewarding publications and Ukraine is rewarding utility model applications throughout different levels of the system.

  15. Collaborating with Planetaria to Improve Girl Scout's Appreciation of Astronomy (United States)

    Adams, Mitzi; Phillips, Tony; Whitt, April


    We have collaborated with two planetaria, Fernbank Science Center's Jim Cherry planetarium in Atlanta, Georgia and the Von Braun Planetarium in Huntsville, Alabama to enhance the appreciation of various astronomical topics among Girl Scouts. Major events sponsored by our partnership were sleepovers in the planetaria during which we studied the total solar eclipse of June 2001 and observed the Eta Aquarid meteor shower of May 2003. Other events included programs on stellar spectroscopy and space physics. As an added inducement for participation, we have sponsored the production of "pins", which Girl Scouts can earn after satisfying specific requirements. This poster will show samples of the pins, requirements, and online resources for the Girl Scouts.

  16. Tank waste source term inventory validation. Volume II. Letter report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document comprises Volume II of the Letter Report entitled Tank Waste Source Term Inventory Validation. This volume contains Appendix C, Radionuclide Tables, and Appendix D, Chemical Analyte Tables. The sample data for selection of 11 radionuclides and 24 chemical analytes were extracted from six separate sample data sets, were arranged in a tabular format and were plotted on scatter plots for all of the 149 single-shell tanks, the 24 double-shell tanks and the four aging waste tanks. The solid and liquid sample data was placed in separate tables and plots. The sample data and plots were compiled from the following data sets: characterization raw sample data, recent core samples, D. Braun data base, Wastren (Van Vleet) data base, TRAC and HTCE inventories.

  17. Tank waste source term inventory validation. Volume 1. Letter report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brevick, C.H.; Gaddis, L.A.; Johnson, E.D.


    The sample data for selection of 11 radionuclides and 24 chemical analytes were extracted from six separate sample data sets, were arranged in a tabular format and were plotted on scatter plots for all of the 149 single-shell tanks, the 24 double-shell tanks and the four aging waste tanks. The solid and liquid sample data was placed in separate tables and plots. The sample data and plots were compiled from the following data sets: characterization raw sample data, recent core samples, D. Braun data base, Wastren (Van Vleet) data base, TRAC and HTCE inventories. This document is Volume I of the Letter Report entitled Tank Waste Source Term Inventory Validation

  18. Broken symmetry phase transition in solid p-H 2, o-D 2 and HD: crystal field effects (United States)

    Freiman, Yu. A.; Hemley, R. J.; Jezowski, A.; Tretyak, S. M.


    We report the effect of the crystal field (CF) on the broken symmetry phase transition (BSP) in solid parahydrogen, orthodeuterium, and hydrogen deuteride. The CF was calculated taking into account a distortion from the ideal HCP structure. We find that, in addition to the molecular field generated by the coupling terms in the intermolecular potential, the Hamiltonian of the system contains a crystal-field term, originating from single-molecular terms in the intermolecular potential. Ignoring the CF is the main cause of the systematic underestimation of the transition pressure, characteristic of published theories of the BSP transition. The distortion of the lattice that gives rise to the negative CF in response to the applied pressure is in accord with the general Le Chatelier-Braun principle.

  19. A Generalized Evolution Criterion in Nonequilibrium Convective Systems (United States)

    Ichiyanagi, Masakazu; Nisizima, Kunisuke


    A general evolution criterion, applicable to transport processes such as the conduction of heat and mass diffusion, is obtained as a direct version of the Le Chatelier-Braun principle for stationary states. The present theory is not based on any radical departure from the conventional one. The generalized theory is made determinate by proposing the balance equations for extensive thermodynamic variables which will reflect the character of convective systems under the assumption of local equilibrium. As a consequence of the introduction of source terms in the balance equations, there appear additional terms in the expression of the local entropy production, which are bilinear in terms of the intensive variables and the sources. In the present paper, we show that we can construct a dissipation function for such general cases, in which the premises of the Glansdorff-Prigogine theory are accumulated. The new dissipation function permits us to formulate a generalized evolution criterion for convective systems.

  20. Floristic Diversity of Lakes Subjected to Long Term Changes in the Water Network of the West Polesie (Eastern Poland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sender Joanna


    Full Text Available The Wieprz-Krzna Canal, built in 1961, is one of the longest in Poland (142 km. Although the drainage construction was intended to revitalize the region of wetlands and peat-bogs of the West Polesie, it caused large hydrological changes. Research on catchments of three natural lakes and three retention reservoirs involved cartographic analysis using photointerpretation, as well as the Braun-Blanquet method. In the studied area, between 1939 and 2016 the length of rivers and ditches increased more than three times. Macrophytes covered about 20-27% of the natural lakes water surface, whereas in retention reservoirs the coverage was 12-15.5%. Also a greater diversity of macrophytes occurred in natural lakes. In retention reservoirs it was restricted to only emerged macrophytes.

  1. The mystery of the seven spheres how homo sapiens will conquer space

    CERN Document Server

    Bignami, Giovanni F


    In this book, Giovanni Bignami, the outstanding Italian scientist and astronomer, takes the reader on a journey through the “seven spheres”, from our own planet to neighboring stars. The author offers a gripping account of the evolution of Homo Sapiens to the stage where our species is developing capabilities, in the form of new energy propulsion systems, that will enable us to conquer space. The reader will learn how we first expanded our activities to reach beyond our planet, to the Moon, and how nuclear energy, nuclear fusion, and matter–antimatter annihilation will enable us to extend our exploration. After Mars and Jupiter we shall finally reach the nearest stars, which we now know are surrounded by numerous planets, some of which are bound to be habitable. The book includes enticing descriptions of such newly discovered planets and also brings alive key historical characters in our story, such as Jules Verne and Werner von Braun.

  2. Explorer 1, anniversario americano e scientifico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabrizio Bernardini


    Full Text Available Explorer 1: a science and american anniversaryIn reaction to the public and political turmoil originated by the Soviet launch of the first two satellites, Sputnik 1 and 2, the US Government tried to detach academically from the issue, pursuing the development of the Vanguard project. The failure of the first Vanguard launch, in front of TV cameras from all over the world, prompted the Administration to accept the “hacked” solution proposed by Wernher Von Braun and his team. Very quickly the Jupiter-C rocket, derived from existing hardware, and a new satellite, Explorer 1, where readied and launched with success: United States had their first orbiting satellite. Science, however, had a a greater gain - the achievement of a second place in the space race.

  3. Archaeology in the Mississippi River Floodplain at Sand Run Slough, Iowa, (United States)


    relationship inherent in David Braun’s (1983) contention that stronger, thinner-walled Late Woodland pots made extraction of nutrition from hard seeds more...C Ul S i S 1 e 6 ~ S37: TC ?Ii? 5 - I E-cc - 3~Z c E.t S. r- .1 -- t t t4T it S : r Uj w.t t~ e,- E,1 -. SnC ei, e 1 iEdI- C K C -i:C, I ~ -Z eh - a...largest fragments were similar to those found on adult parietal bones. The larger fragments tended to be thicker than the smaller ones, as might have been

  4. Elemental analysis by IBA and NAA — A critical comparison (United States)

    Watterson, J. I. W.


    In this review neutron activation analysis (NAA) and ion beam analysis (IBA) have been compared in the context of the entire field of analytical science using the discipline of scientometrics, as developed by Braun and Lyon. This perspective on the relative achievements of the two methods is modified by considering and comparing their particular attributes and characteristics, particularly in relation to their differing degree of maturity. This assessment shows that NAA, as the more mature method, is the most widely applied nuclear technique, but the special capabilities of IBA give it the ability to provide information about surface composition and elemental distribution that is unique, while it is still relatively immature and it is not yet possible to define its ultimate role with any confidence.

  5. Position display device

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nishizawa, Yukio.


    Object: To provide a device capable of easily and quickly reading mutual mounting relations of control bodies such as control rods mounted on a nuclear reactor and positions to which the control bodies are driven. Structure: A scanning circuit is provided to scan positions of controllably mounted control bodies such as control rods. Values detected by scanning the positions are converted into character signals according to the values and converted into preranked color signals. The character signals and color signals are stored in a memory circuit by synchronous signals in synchronism with the scanning in the scanning circuit. Outputs of the memory circuit are displayed by a display unit such as a color Braun tube in accordance with the synchronous signals to provide color representations according to positions to which control bodies are driven in the same positional relation as the mounting of the control bodies. (Kamimura, M.)

  6. Behaviour of Onobrychis Viciifolia Growing on Fly Ash Experimental Parcels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florica Morariu


    Full Text Available Studies were conducted to identify a treatment method for upper layers of fly ash to cover them with vegetation. Fixing plant layer acts against erosion/washes of fly ash deposits. Studies emphasized the need of use of an organic fertilizer mixed with inorganic materials such as volcanic tuff and, also, the need of selecting a plant species compatible with the treated culture medium. The use of an amended variant of compost and modified volcanic tuff of fly ash layers shows that the selected leguminous species, Onobrychis viciifolia, installs itself quickly on the third level of Braun - Blanquet scale. The reduction of toxic heavy metals bioaccumulation from the aerial plant tissues such as lead and nickel of 72-79%, and copper and zinc of 50-68%, respectively, allows obtaining of a safe biomass for wildlife visiting the area.

  7. Focusing on life beyond numers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Prip, Anne; Christiansen, Anette Wendelboe; Zoffmann, Vibeke

    for interventions which are especially tailored to young adult women with poorly controlled Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), applicable by clinicians in practice and effective in promoting health and preventing complications. Susan, a 24-year-old woman, was one of 200 patients between 18 and 35 years old with type 1 diabetes...... provide insight into how the autonomy supportive intervention is experienced, from the person perspective. Methods A case study was conducted one year after Susan had finished the trial. Susan was interviewed by two external interviewers who were not involved in the intervention. The interview...... was thematically analysed according to a procedure suggested by Braun and Clarke. An overview of Susan’s diabetes management from onset until after the GSD intervention was made based on the interview and electronic patient record data on HbA1c, treatment and complication status. Finally, changes on psychometric...

  8. Solo surgery--early results of robot-assisted three-dimensional laparoscopic hysterectomy. (United States)

    Tuschy, Benjamin; Berlit, Sebastian; Brade, Joachim; Sütterlin, Marc; Hornemann, Amadeus


    Report of our initial experience in laparoscopic hysterectomy by a solo surgeon using a robotic camera system with three-dimensional visualisation. This novel device (Einstein Vision®, B. Braun, Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen, Germany) (EV) was used for laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy (LASH) performed by one surgeon. Demographic data, clinical and surgical parameters were evaluated. Our first 22 cases, performed between June and November 2012, were compared with a cohort of 22 age-matched controls who underwent two-dimensional LASH performed by the same surgeon with a second surgeon assisting. Compared to standard two-dimensional laparoscopic hysterectomy, there were no significant differences regarding duration of surgery, hospital stay, blood loss or incidence of complications. The number of trocars used was significantly higher in the control group (p solo surgery laparoscopic hysterectomy is a feasible and safe procedure. Duration of surgery, hospital stay, blood loss, and complication rates are comparable to a conventional laparoscopic hysterectomy.

  9. Factors Influencing Mesostigmata Mites (Acari, Parasitiformes In The Alkaline Fen Habitats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salmane Ineta


    Full Text Available Mesostigmata mite fauna was investigated in soil of one alkaline fen at Apšuciems in the Maritime Lowland in Latvia in 2009. Thirty sample plots were selected in the following way: half of them were located in Brown Bog Rush, Schoenus ferrugineus and half — in Saw-Sedge, Cladium mariscus prevailing habitat. Soil samples were collected using a soil borer. Vegetation cover was described in accordance with Braun-Blanquet classes. Mites were extracted using modified Berlese funnels. In total, more than 28 species were recorded, of them Prozercon kochi and Pergamasus vagabundus were dominant species. Mean density of Mesostigmata mites ranged from 520 to 2140 ind./m2. Mite abundance and distribution between habitats depended on vegetation cover of the vascular plants, while moss cover and soil pH had no significant influence.

  10. Extrasolar planets and their host stars

    CERN Document Server

    von Braun, Kaspar


    This book explores the relations between physical parameters of extrasolar planets and their respective parent stars. Planetary parameters are often directly dependent upon their stellar counterparts. In addition, the star is almost always the only visible component of the system and contains most of the system mass. Consequently, the parent star heavily influences every aspect of planetary physics and astrophysics. Drs. Kaspar von Braun and Tabetha Boyajian use direct methods to characterize exoplanet host starts that minimize the number of assumptions needed to be made in the process. The book provides a background on interferometric techniques for stellar diameter measurements, illustrates the authors' approach on using additional data to fully characterize the stars, provides a comprehensive update on the current state of the field, and examines in detail a number of historically significant and well-studied exoplanetary systems.

  11. The humanation of Mars (United States)

    David, L. W.

    Early developments related to human excursions to Mars are examined, taking into account plans considered by von Braun, and the 'ambitious goal of a manned flight to Mars by the end of the century', proposed at the launch of Apollo 11. In response to public reaction, plans for manned flights to Mars in the immediate future were given up, and unmanned reconnaissance of Mars was continued. An investigation is conducted concerning the advantages of manned exploration of Mars in comparison to a study by unmanned space probes, and arguments regarding a justification for interplanetary flight to Mars are discussed. Attention is given to the possibility to consider Mars as a 'back-up' planet for preserving earth life, an international Mars expedition as a world peace project, the role of Mars in connection with resource utilization considerations, and questions of exploration ethics.

  12. The musical identities of Danish music therapy students

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bonde, Lars Ole


    In the music therapy masters program at Aalborg University (Denmark) Music and Identity is a short, intensive course, based on a musical autobiography written by each participating student. Since 1999 almost 100 students have written a narrative of their musical life story. This article will focus...... on contributions from students participating from 2010-12 (n=21). Musical autobiographies have been analyzed (a) using the theoretical model of Even Ruud (1997, 1998), (b) as thematic analysis (Braun & Clark 2006), (c) using RepGrid, a qualitative research methodology based on George Kelly’s Personal Construct...... Theory (Abrams & Meadows 2005). Patterns of identity construction are presented, and the roles and functions of music in different stages of life discussed, including the self-reported influence of music on the students' health....

  13. Resume and discussion of session on direct heavy ion reactions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hansen, O.


    A conference divides into sessions, but the physics does not always respect such divisions. I found the subject of barrier penetrabilities viewed in a coupled channels picture new, exciting and central to all heavy-ion reaction dynamics. The subject was discussed in bits and pieces over three different sessions, partly in the talks by Winther, Landowne, Braun-Munzinger and Broglia, and partly from the floor by the same people and by Smilanski, I have concentrated on that subject alone and I therefore must apologize to the speakers in my session who covered different material, that definitely merited further discussions. Also, I apologize to other session chairmen, whose territory I have invaded. (orig.)

  14. Transition from flute modes to drift waves in a magnetized plasma column

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brochard, F.; Gravier, E.; Bonhomme, G.


    Recent experiments performed on the low β plasma device Mirabelle [T. Pierre, G. Leclert, and F. Braun, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 58, 6 (1987)] using a limiter have shown that transitions between various gradient driven instabilities occurred on increasing the magnetic field strength. New thorough measurements allow to identify unambiguously three instability regimes. At low magnetic field the strong ExB velocity shear drives a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, whereas at high magnetic field drift waves are only observed. A centrifugal (Rayleigh-Taylor) instability is also observed in between when the ExB velocity is shearless and strong enough. A close connection is made between the ratio ρ s /L perpendicular of the drift parameter to the radial density gradient length and each instability regime

  15. New shapes of light-cone distributions of the transversely polarized ρ-mesons

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bakulev, A.P.; Mikhajlov, S.V.


    The leading twist light-cone distributions for transversely polarized ρ-, ρ ' - and b 1 mesons are reanalyzed in the framework of QCD sum rules with nonlocal condensates. Using different kinds of sum rules to obtain reliable predictions, we estimate the 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-th moments for transversely polarized ρ- and ρ ' -meson distributions and reestimate tensor couplings f ρ,ρ ' ,b 1 T . It is stressed that the results of standard sum rules also support our estimation of the second moment of the transversely polarized ρ-meson distribution. New models for light-cone distributions are briefly discussed. Our results are compared with those found by Ball and Braun (1996), and the latter is shown to be incomplete

  16. Rewarding yet demanding

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjørkedal, S T B; Torsting, A M B; Møller, T


    in a logbook. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure was used to initiate and guide the intervention and the Canadian Model of Client-Centred Enablement for the client-therapist relationship. RESULTS: Participants described the intervention, which presupposed a certain level of patient readiness...... design comprising an eight-week client-centred occupational therapy intervention with semi-structured interviews with five of the six clients out of 10 who completed the intervention. Braun and Clark's thematic analysis was applied to the transcripts. Adherence rate and dropouts were recorded......, as demanding. Participants valued engaging in real-life occupations while anchoring new strategies but also the occupational therapist's role in dealing with failure. Participants felt the intervention assisted in their recovery process and enabled them to engage in meaningful occupations. CONCLUSION...

  17. The phytosociology of the southern section of Borakalalo Nature Reserve, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.R. Brown


    Full Text Available As part of a vegetation survey programme for conservation areas in South Africa, the plant communities of the Borakalalo Nature Reserve were investigated. A TWINSPAN classification, refined by Braun-Blanquet procedures was used for a phytosociological study. The analysis resulted in five major plant communities, one with two subcommunities and one with four subcommunities and two variants. Habitat factors associated with differences in vegetation include topography, soil form and grazing pressure. Descriptions of the plant communities include diagnostic species as well as prominent and less conspicuous species of the tree, shrub, forb and grass strata. The classification provides the necessary delimitation of homogeneous areas which are considered necessary for veld management.

  18. New azonal syntaxa from the hills and river banks of the Manyeleti Game Reserve, Northern Transvaal Province, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G.J. Bredenkamp


    Full Text Available As part of a vegetation survey programme for nature conservation areas in South Africa, surveys of the plant communities of the rocky outcrops and river banks in the Manyeleti Game Reserve were undertaken. The Cardiospermo corindii-Acacietalia nigricentis are restricted to quartz and gabbro hills, mainly on shallow, soils, whereas the Spirostachyo africanae-Diospyretalia mespiliformis occur on the banks of small dry rivers. From a Braun-Blanquet analysis of the vegetation of the rocky outcrops and the riparian vegetation, two new orders, two new alliances and six new associations were identified and described. Additionally a quantitative assessment of the woody component of each association is presented. Ordinations based on floristic data revealed the position of the syntaxa on an environmental gradient.

  19. Critical mm-wave components for synthetic automatic test systems

    CERN Document Server

    Hrobak, Michael


    Michael Hrobak studied hybrid integrated front end modules for high frequency measurement equipment and especially for synthetic automatic test systems. Recent developments of innovative, critical millimeter-wave components like frequency multipliers, directional couplers, filters, triple balanced mixers and power detectors are illustrated by the author separately and in combination.  Contents Synthetic Instruments Resistive Diode Frequency Multipliers Planar Directional Couplers and Filters Triple Balanced Mixers Zero Bias Schottky Power Detectors Integrated Front End Assemblies  Target Groups Scientists and students in the field of electrical engineering with main emphasis on high frequency technology Engineers and Practitioners dealing with the development of micro- and millimeter-wave measurement instruments  About the Author Dr. Michael Hrobak is with the Microwave Department of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH), Berlin, Germany, where he is involved in the development and measurement of monolithic i...

  20. Tank waste source term inventory validation. Volume II. Letter report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This document comprises Volume II of the Letter Report entitled Tank Waste Source Term Inventory Validation. This volume contains Appendix C, Radionuclide Tables, and Appendix D, Chemical Analyte Tables. The sample data for selection of 11 radionuclides and 24 chemical analytes were extracted from six separate sample data sets, were arranged in a tabular format and were plotted on scatter plots for all of the 149 single-shell tanks, the 24 double-shell tanks and the four aging waste tanks. The solid and liquid sample data was placed in separate tables and plots. The sample data and plots were compiled from the following data sets: characterization raw sample data, recent core samples, D. Braun data base, Wastren (Van Vleet) data base, TRAC and HTCE inventories

  1. Percutaneous Treatment of a Jejunovaginal Fistula Using a Combination of the Amplatzer Vascular Plug II and N-Butyl-2-Cyanoacrylate: A Case Report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lee, Hyun Kyung; Kwak, Hyo Sung; Han, Young Min; Kim, Young Kon


    Treatment for an enterovaginal fistula should consider the location of an intestinal fistula. Most rectovaginal fistulas develop in the lower third of the vagina and can be treated surgically. Jejunovaginal fistulas can spontaneously close during conservative management. We report the first use of the Amplatzer vascular plug II (AVP II; AGA Medical Corp, Golden Valley, MN, USA) and the use of an N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (NBCA; Histoacryl, Braun, Melsungen, Germany)- iodized oil (Lipiodol Ultra-Fluid, Guerbet, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France) mixture for treatment of a patient with a jejunovaginal fistula which failed to close after conservative management. The patient did not have any vaginal discharge one day later after deployment of the AVP II.

  2. Percutaneous Treatment of a Jejunovaginal Fistula Using a Combination of the Amplatzer Vascular Plug II and N-Butyl-2-Cyanoacrylate: A Case Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Hyun Kyung; Kwak, Hyo Sung; Han, Young Min [Dept. of Radiology, Chonbuk National University School of Medicine and Hospital, Chonju (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Young Kon [Dept. of Radiology, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Treatment for an enterovaginal fistula should consider the location of an intestinal fistula. Most rectovaginal fistulas develop in the lower third of the vagina and can be treated surgically. Jejunovaginal fistulas can spontaneously close during conservative management. We report the first use of the Amplatzer vascular plug II (AVP II; AGA Medical Corp, Golden Valley, MN, USA) and the use of an N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (NBCA; Histoacryl, Braun, Melsungen, Germany)- iodized oil (Lipiodol Ultra-Fluid, Guerbet, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France) mixture for treatment of a patient with a jejunovaginal fistula which failed to close after conservative management. The patient did not have any vaginal discharge one day later after deployment of the AVP II.

  3. Neutron and gamma-ray dose-rates from the Little Boy replica

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Plassmann, E.A.; Pederson, R.A.


    We report dose-rate information obtained at many locations in the near vicinity of, and at distances out to 0.64 km from, the Little Boy replica while it was operated as a critical assembly. The measurements were made with modified conventional dosimetry instruments that used an Anderson-Braun detector for neutrons and a Geiger-Mueller tube for gamma rays with suitable electronic modules to count particle-induced pulses. Thermoluminescent dosimetry methods provide corroborative data. Our analysis gives estimates of both neutron and gamma-ray relaxation lengths in air for comparison with earlier calculations. We also show the neutron-to-gamma-ray dose ratio as a function of distance from the replica. Current experiments and further data analysis will refine these results. 7 references, 8 figures

  4. Evaluating a nurse mentor preparation programme. (United States)

    Gray, Olivia; Brown, Donna

    Following the introduction of a regional nurse mentor preparation programme, research was undertaken within a health and social care trust to explore both the trainee mentors' and their supervisors' perception of this new programme. A qualitative study involving focus groups was undertaken. The focus groups comprised a total of twelve participants including five trainee mentors and seven supervisors (experienced mentors) who had recently completed a mentor preparation programme. Data were analysed using Braun and Clarke's thematic analysis. Three themes were identified from the data: personal investment (including the emotional impact of mentoring) contextual perceptions (environmental factors such as time) and intellectual facets (related to personal and professional growth). Comprehensive preparation for mentors appears to be effective in developing mentors with the ability to support nursing students in practice. However, further study is required to explore how to support mentors to balance the demands of the mentoring role with the delivery of patient care.

  5. Management of post-gastrectomy anastomosis site obstruction with a self-expandable metallic stent. (United States)

    Cha, Ra Ri; Lee, Sang Soo; Kim, Hyunjin; Kim, Hong Jun; Kim, Tae-Hyo; Jung, Woon Tae; Lee, Ok Jae; Bae, Kyung Soo; Jeong, Sang-Ho; Ha, Chang Yoon


    Post-gastrectomy anastomosis site obstruction is a relatively rare complication after a subtotal gastrectomy. We present a case of a 75-year-old man who underwent a truncal vagotomy, omental patch, gastrojejunostomy, and Braun anastomosis for duodenal ulcer perforation and a gastric outlet obstruction. Following the 10(th) postoperative day, the patient complained of abdominal discomfort and vomiting. We diagnosed post-gastrectomy anastomosis site obstruction by an upper gastrointestinal series and an upper endoscopic examination. We inserted a self-expandable metallic stent (SEMS) at the anastomosis site. The stent was fully expanded after deployment. On the day following the stent insertion, the patient began to eat, and his abdominal discomfort was resolved. This paper describes the successful management of post-gastrectomy anastomosis site obstruction with temporary placement of a SEMS.

  6. A floristic analysis of forest and thicket vegetation of the Marakele National Park

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P.J. van Staden


    Full Text Available One of the major plant communities identified in the Marakele National Park was forest. It became clear that this major forest community contained various forest and thicket communities. Relevés compiled in the forest were classified by TWINSPAN and Braun-Blanquet procedures identified six communities that are hierarchically classified. The forests dominated by Podocarpus latifolius and Widdringtonia nodiflora represent Afromontane Forests, whereas the Buxus macowanii-dominated dry forests and Olea europaea subsp. africana represent Northern Highveld Forests. A further group of communities represent thickets on termitaria with floristic affinities to both savanna and forest. The floristic composition and relationships of the forest and thicket communities are discussed.

  7. 2002 Microgravity Materials Science Conference (United States)

    Gillies, Donald (Editor); Ramachandran, Narayanan (Editor); Murphy, Karen (Editor); McCauley, Dannah (Editor); Bennett, Nancy (Editor)


    The 2002 Microgravity Materials Science Conference was held June 25-26, 2002, at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama. Organized by the Microgravity Materials Science Discipline Working Group, sponsored by the Physical Sciences Research Division, NASA Headquarters, and hosted by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and member institutions under the Cooperative Research in Biology and Materials Science (CORBAMS) agreement, the conference provided a forum to review the current research and activities in materials science, discuss the envisioned long-term goals, highlight new crosscutting research areas of particular interest to the Physical Sciences Research Division, and inform the materials science community of research opportunities in reduced gravity. An abstracts book was published and distributed at the conference to the approximately 240 people attending, who represented industry, academia, and other NASA Centers. This CD-ROM proceedings is comprised of the research reports submitted by the Principal Investigators in the Microgravity Materials Science program.

  8. A neutron survey meter with sensitivity extended up to 400 MeV

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Birattari, C.; Silari, M.


    The well-known Andersson-Braun rem counter is widely employed for radiation protection purposes, but its efficiency shows a marked decrease for neutron energies above about 10 MeV. Since the availability of a survey meter with a good sensitivity to higher energies can be very useful, for instance, at many particle accelerator facilities, a neutron monitor with a response function extended up to 400 MeV has been achieved by modifying the structure of the moderator-attenuator of a commercial instrument. The first experimental tests carried out to verify the response of the new monitor both to low and high energy neutrons are reported. A comparison with the response function of three conventional commercial rem counters is presented. (author)

  9. Neutron measurements in the stray field produced by 158 GeV/c lead ion beams

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Agosteo, S.; Birattari, C.; Foglio Para, A.; Nava, E.; Silari, M.; Ulrici, L.


    This paper discusses measurements carried out at CERN in the stray radiation field produced by 158 GeV/c 208 Pb 82+ ions. The purpose was to test and intercompare the response of several detectors, mainly neutron measuring devices, and to determine the neutron spectral fluence as well as the microdosimetric (absorbed dose and dose equivalent) distributions in different locations around the shielding. Both active instruments and passive dosimeters were employed, including different types of Andersson-Braun rem counters, a tissue equivalent proportional counter, a set of superheated drop detectors, a Bonner sphere system and different types of ion chambers. Activation measurements with 12 C plastic scintillators and with 32 S pellets were also performed to assess the neutron yield of high energy lead ions interacting with a thin gold target. The results are compared with previous measurements and with measurements made during proton runs. (author)

  10. An extended range neutron rem counter

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Birattari, C.; Nuccetelli, C.; Pelliccioni, M.; Silari, M.


    Extensive Monte Carlo calculations have been carried out to assess the possibility of extending the sensitivity of a neutron rem counter of the Andersson-Braun type up to several hundred MeV. The validity of the model adopted has first been checked by comparing with experimental data the calculated response curve and the angular dependence of the sensitivity for a well known commercial rem counter. Next, a number of modifications to the configuration of the moderator-attenuator have been investigated. The response functions and angular distributions produced by two simple solutions yielding an instrument with a sensitivity extended up to 400 MeV are presented. The response of the original rem counter and of its two modified versions to nine test spectra has also been calculated. The resulting instrument is transportable rather than portable, but the availability of an extended range neutron survey meter would be of great advantage at medium and high energy particle accelerator facilities. (orig.)

  11. Radiochemical and immunohistochemical detection of low density lipoprotein surface binding by lymphocytes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Melzner, I.; Hambitzer, R.; Haferkamp, O.


    Human peripheral blood lymphocytes bind and take up low density lipoprotein (LDL) by receptor-mediated endocytosis. The binding of LDL was determiend by incubation with 125 I-LDL and an immunohistochemical assay. By both techniques a diminished rate of binding was found when cells were freshly isolated from the blood, but increased 5 to 10 fold when lymphocytes were incubated in lipoprotein-deficient medium for 72 hours. In addition, it was shown immunohistochemically that only few ceels showed an LDL-dependent fluorescent labelling: approximately 5 to 10 % of the freshly isolated lymphocytes and 40 to 50 % of the cells incubated for 72 hours under lipoprotein-free conditions. The present data indicate that not only the high affinity LDL receptor described by Goldstein and Braun may be involved in the uptake of cholesterol by lymphocytes, but also other binding sites, which may have immunological function in some lymphocyte subpopulations. (author)

  12. Comparing future options for human space flight (United States)

    Sherwood, Brent


    The paper analyzes the "value proposition" for government-funded human space flight, a vexing question that persistently dogs efforts to justify its $10 10/year expense in the US. The original Mercury/Gemini/Apollo value proposition is not valid today. Neither was it the value proposition actually promoted by von Braun, which the post-Apollo 80% of human space flight history has persistently attempted to fulfill. Divergent potential objectives for human space flight are captured in four strategic options— Explore Mars; accelerate Space Passenger Travel; enable Space Power for Earth; and Settle the Moon—which are then analyzed for their purpose, societal myth, legacy benefits, core needs, and result as measured by the number and type of humans they would fly in space. This simple framework is proposed as a way to support productive dialog with public and other stakeholders, to determine a sustainable value proposition for human space flight.

  13. Quantum Algorithms for Compositional Natural Language Processing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Zeng


    Full Text Available We propose a new application of quantum computing to the field of natural language processing. Ongoing work in this field attempts to incorporate grammatical structure into algorithms that compute meaning. In (Coecke, Sadrzadeh and Clark, 2010, the authors introduce such a model (the CSC model based on tensor product composition. While this algorithm has many advantages, its implementation is hampered by the large classical computational resources that it requires. In this work we show how computational shortcomings of the CSC approach could be resolved using quantum computation (possibly in addition to existing techniques for dimension reduction. We address the value of quantum RAM (Giovannetti,2008 for this model and extend an algorithm from Wiebe, Braun and Lloyd (2012 into a quantum algorithm to categorize sentences in CSC. Our new algorithm demonstrates a quadratic speedup over classical methods under certain conditions.

  14. Inositol hexa-phosphate: a potential chelating agent for uranium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Cebrian, D.; Tapia, A.; Real, A.; Morcillo, M.A.


    Chelation therapy is an optimal method to reduce the radionuclide-related risks. In the case of uranium incorporation, the treatment of choice is so far i.v infusion of a 1.4% sodium bicarbonate solution, but the efficacy has been proved to be not very high. In this study, we examine the efficacy of some substances: bicarbonate, citrate, diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA), ethidronate (EHBP) and inositol hexa-phosphate (phytic acid) to chelate uranium using a test developed by Braun et al. Different concentrations of phytic acid, an abundant component of plant seeds that is widely distributed in animal cells and tissues in substantial levels, were tested and compared to the same concentrations of sodium citrate, bicarbonate, EHBP and DTPA. The results showed a strong affinity of inositol hexa-phosphate for uranium, suggesting that it could be an effective chelating agent for uranium in vivo. (authors)

  15. Space Travel is Utter Bilge: Early Ideas on Interplanetary Exploration (United States)

    Yeomans, D. K.


    Until a few decades ago, interplanetary travel was the stuff of dreams but the dreamers often turned out to be farsighted while the predictions of some eminent scientists were far too conservative. The prescient dreamers include the Russian schoolteacher, Konstanin Tsiolkovsky who, in 1883, was the first to note that only rockets could serve the needs of space travel. In 1923, Herman Oberth published a treatise discussing various aspects of interplanetary travel including the impulse necessary to escape the Earth's gravitational pull. In his spare time, a German civil engineer, Walter Hohmann, established in 1925 that the optimal energy transfer orbit between planets is an ellipse that is tangent to the orbits of both bodies. Four year later, an Austrian army officer, Hermann Potocnik outlined the benefits of space stations including those in geosynchronous orbits. Whereas Tsiolkovsky, Oberth, Hohmann, and Potocnik provided ideas and theories, the American, Robert H. Goddard, was testing liquid fueled rockets by as early as 1925. By the time he was finished in 1941, Goddard flew liquid fueled rockets that reached speeds of 700 mph and altitudes above 8,000 feet. In direct contrast to the advances by these mostly amateur engineers, many respected authorities scoffed at space travel because of the insurmountable technological difficulties. One year prior to the launch of Sputnik, the British Astronomer Royal, Sir Richard Wooley, declared, "space travel is utter bilge." While the theories of space travel were well developed by the late 1920's, space travel technology was still a poorly funded, mostly amateur, endeavor until the German army hired Oberth's student, Werner von Braun, and others to develop long range rockets for military purposes. In the early 1940's, Von Braun's team developed the rocket propulsion and guidance systems that would one day form the basis of the American space program.

  16. The vegetation of the farms Ingleside and Welgedacht of the Mountain Zebra National Park, Eastern Cape

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.R. Brown


    Full Text Available South Africa is well known for its semi-arid lowland areas that have a distinct flora and species composition. Because ecosystems react differently to different management practices, it is important that a description and classification of the vegetation of an area be done. As part of a vegetation survey programme for the newly acquired farms incorporated into the Mountain Zebra National Park, the vegetation of the Ingleside and Welgedacht sections were surveyed following the Braun-Blanquet approach. From a TWINSPAN classification, refined by Braun-Blanquet procedures, 10 shrub and grassland plant communities, which can be grouped into seven major groups, were identified. A classification and description of these communities, as well as a vegetation map are presented. The diagnostic species as well as the prominent and less conspicuous species of the tree, shrub, herb and grass strata are outlined. The area generally comprises lowland communities and higher-lying communities. The lower-lying communities consist mainly of two communities and comprise the largest proportion of the area in hectares. In contrast, the higher-lying communities are more diverse with specific habitats. Using the Ecological Index Method the veld condition and grazing capacity were calculated for each community and the total study area. Large sections of the lowland areas are overgrazed due to previous farming grazing practices while the higher-lying areas that were less accessible to the animals are in a slightly better condition. Overall this has resulted in the area generally being degraded within a high grazing capacity of 30.1 ha/LSU.

  17. Agrobacterium: nature's genetic engineer. (United States)

    Nester, Eugene W


    Agrobacterium was identified as the agent causing the plant tumor, crown gall over 100 years ago. Since then, studies have resulted in many surprising observations. Armin Braun demonstrated that Agrobacterium infected cells had unusual nutritional properties, and that the bacterium was necessary to start the infection but not for continued tumor development. He developed the concept of a tumor inducing principle (TIP), the factor that actually caused the disease. Thirty years later the TIP was shown to be a piece of a tumor inducing (Ti) plasmid excised by an endonuclease. In the next 20 years, most of the key features of the disease were described. The single-strand DNA (T-DNA) with the endonuclease attached is transferred through a type IV secretion system into the host cell where it is likely coated and protected from nucleases by a bacterial secreted protein to form the T-complex. A nuclear localization signal in the endonuclease guides the transferred strand (T-strand), into the nucleus where it is integrated randomly into the host chromosome. Other secreted proteins likely aid in uncoating the T-complex. The T-DNA encodes enzymes of auxin, cytokinin, and opine synthesis, the latter a food source for Agrobacterium. The genes associated with T-strand formation and transfer (vir) map to the Ti plasmid and are only expressed when the bacteria are in close association with a plant. Plant signals are recognized by a two-component regulatory system which activates vir genes. Chromosomal genes with pleiotropic functions also play important roles in plant transformation. The data now explain Braun's old observations and also explain why Agrobacterium is nature's genetic engineer. Any DNA inserted between the border sequences which define the T-DNA will be transferred and integrated into host cells. Thus, Agrobacterium has become the major vector in plant genetic engineering.

  18. Classification and description of the vegetation in the Spitskop area in the proposed Highveld National Park, North West Province, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahlomola E. Daemane


    Full Text Available The objective of the proposed Highveld National Park (HNP is to conserve a considerable area of the poorly conserved Rocky Highveld Grassland and Dry Sandy Highveld Grassveld of the western Grassland Biome in South Africa. The park has not yet been proclaimed, but is currently under the management of the North West Parks and Tourism Board. The main aim of this study was to classify and describe the vegetation in the Spitskop area in the HNP. The areas affected by soil degradation were on the midslopes, footslopes, valley bottomland and the floodplains around the Spitskop hill. The concentrated grazing around the Spitskop area was also influenced by the existing dam in the floodplains. Floristic and soil degradation data were collected and used to classify and describe the plant communities of the Spitskop area. Vegetation sampling was performed by means of the Braun-Blanquet method and a total of twenty plots were sampled. A numerical classification technique (TWINSPAN was applied to the floristic data to derive a first approximation of the main plant communities. Further refinement was achieved by Braun-Blanquet procedures. The final results of the classification procedure were presented in the form of a phytosociological table, with three major communities and three subcommunities being described. Canonical correspondence analysis was used to determine the direct correlation between plant communities and soil degradation types. Soil compaction and sheet erosion were found to be the most significant variables determining plant community composition. Rill and gully erosion were shown to be of lesser significance in explaining the variation in plant communities. Conservation implications: Grasslands are amongst the most threatened biomes in South Africa, yet less than 1.3% are currently being conserved. The HNP has significant value for biodiversity conservation and the protection of this area will contribute to the preservation of the highly

  19. Winged Metal Needles versus Plastic Winged and Nonwinged Cannulae for Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care: A Quality Improvement Project To Enhance Patient Care and Medical Staff Safety in a Singaporean Hospital. (United States)

    Neo, Shirlyn Hui-Shan; Khemlani, Mansha Hari; Sim, Lai Kiow; Seah, Angeline Soek Tian


    A comparison of metal needles and plastic cannulae (winged and nonwinged) for continuous subcutaneous infusion was done during a quality improvement project to reduce device-induced complications at our hospital. Design, Setting, and Measurements: Data were collected on incidence of site reactions (bruising, swelling, erythema, and blisters); mechanical complications (kinking and dislodgement); device durability; type, and volume of medications; and incidence of needle-stick injuries. All infusion devices used for patients in the Palliative Care Service from February 3 to March 26, 2014 were studied. Devices examined were: winged metal needle (Venofix(®), 23G, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen, Germany), winged vialon cannula (BD Nexiva™, 24G, Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems Inc., Sandy, UT), and nonwinged polyurethane cannula (Introcan Safety(®), 24G, B. Braun Medical, Mundelein, IL). Thirty devices (10 per type) were used. Incidence of site reactions was 50.0%, 10.0%, and 0.0% for the metal needles, polyurethane cannulae, and vialon cannulae, respectively. Incidence of mechanical complications was 20.0% for the polyurethane cannulae and 0.0% for the metal needles and vialon cannulae. Duration of use was up to 60 hours, 83 hours, and 113 hours for the metal needles, polyurethane cannulae, and vialon cannulae, respectively. Daily volumes infused were up to 28.9 mL, 60.0 mL, and 29.4 mL for the metal needles, polyurethane cannulae, and vialon cannulae, respectively. No needle-stick injuries occurred. The winged vialon cannula was the most durable, with no site reactions or mechanical complications, tolerating a volume comparable to that of the metal needle. We suggest its utilization for continuous subcutaneous infusions and consideration of future randomized controlled trials with an integrated economic evaluation for further in-depth comparisons of subcutaneous indwelling devices.

  20. About an Element of Human Greatness (United States)

    Hickam, Homer


    What a grand day that was when Alan Shepard climbed into his Mercury capsule attached to a Redstone rocket-the rocket which would ultimately grow into the greatest rocket ever built, the Saturn V Moon rocket. When I was a boy in Coalwood, WV, my greatest hero, besides my father and my mother, was Huntsville's Dr. Wernher von Braun. After Sputnik was launched in October 1957, the newspapers we received in our little coal camp were filled with stories of how American scientists and engineers were desperately working to catch up in the space race. It was as if the science fiction I had read all my life was coming true. Gradually, I became fascinated by the whole thing. I read every article I could find about the men who built rockets and launched them, and kept myself pinned to the television set for the latest on what they were doing. Dr. von Braun's name was mentioned often. At night before I went to steep, I thought about what he might be doing at that very moment and imagined that he was down at Huntsville or Cape Canaveral high on a gantry, lying on his back like Michelangelo, working with a wrench on the fuel lines of one of his rockets. I started to think about what an adventure it would be to work for him, helping him to build rockets and launching them into space. For all I knew, a man with that much conviction might even form an expedition into space, like Lewis and Clark. Either way, I wanted to be part of his team.

  1. Edificio propiedad de la «Home Insurance»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wimberly & Cook, Arquitectos


    Full Text Available On a 5,564 m2 site, in Honolulu, this buildings has an actual ground area of 4,645 m2. It has five storeys. The first three floors and part of the fourth floor —which contains the cafeteria and lecture room— are occupied by the offices and other installations of the «Home Insurance» in Hawaii. The remaining space is let out. The project has also parking space for 100 cars. The design of the general layout has been planned thinking of possible extensions and adaptations to new functional requirements. Aluminium Venetian blinds have been fitted, and these have proved to be a successful protection against intense sunlight, since they prevent the light to shine directly on the office desks, they reduce lateral luminosity, and insure a satisfactory level of illumination. The entrance hall has a fine mural, designed by Gerald Allison and made by Hawaii Ceramics.Ha sido construido en Honolulú, sobre un solar de 5.564 ms2, de los que la edificación ocupa una superficie de 4.645 metros cuadrados. Consta de cinco plantas: la planta baja, primera, segunda y parte de la cuarta—en la que se distribuyen la cafetería y la sala de conferencias—, las utiliza para sus oficinas y dependencias principales, en Hawai, la «Home Insurance»; la tercera y resto de la cuarta se destinan a alquiler. Dispone también de un gran aparcamiento con capacidad para 100 coches. Todas sus instalaciones han sido proyectadas, previendo la fácil realización de futuras ampliaciones y adaptaciones a nuevas necesidades. La celosía de aluminio ha demostrado ser buena solución para la protección contra el sol, pues impide que los rayos solares incidan directamente sobre las mesas de trabajo, reduce el brillo lateral, y asegura una buena visibilidad. Como aportación de las Artes Plásticas existe un mural en el vestíbulo de entrada, diseñado por Gerald Allison y realizado por Cerámicas Hawai.

  2. 教育制度中的社會正義理論分析 ― 多元觀點與比較基礎建構 A Study of Social Justice Theories in Educational Systems: Multiple-Perspectives and Construction of Comparative Foundation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    王俊斌 Chun-Ping, Wang


    Full Text Available 有關社會正義與教育公平議題之研究,當代呈現資源論轉向或能力取向理論之「後羅爾斯」思潮。在此脈絡下,本研究之目的如下:首先,對比「經濟正義」與「司法正義」,藉此說明「教育正義」內涵之特殊性及其複雜性;其次,分析英、美與華人社會「教育正義」理念及其制度運作之社會脈絡,並以此反映「教育正義」的「同語歧義」現象;第三,為解決各國教育制度之正義觀點之可比較性基礎,本研究將考察當代政治哲學研究的「後羅爾轉向」,諸如Thomas Pogge、Gerald A. Cohen、Iris M. Young、Nancy Fraser、Amartya Sen、Martha Nussbaum等學者見解,企圖以此建立多元角度之比較視野;最後,將依據多元「正義」觀點之比較視野,建構各國教育制度之社會正義比較的參照架構。 Within the context of capitalist globalization, almost all justice theories are inevitably influenced by John Rawls’s notions of “justice as fairness” or political liberalism. Recently, a number of frontier studies or critical revisions have appeared, authored by such people as Thomas Pogge, Gerald A. Cohen, Iris M. Young, Nancy Fraser, Amartya Sen, and Matha Nussbaum, which have merged to form a contemporary “Post-Rawlsian Turn”. The main purposes of this article are as follows: firstly, to analyze different theoretical claims relating to “educational justice” and assess their feasibility; secondly, to inquire into the reasons why particular educational justice discourses are raised within certain social contexts; thirdly, to discuss different perspectives of “social justice” and elaborate on their educational implications; finally, to compare different orientations towards “justice” and attempt to provide a reasonable basis for the comparative study of social justice theories in educational systems.

  3. Revised classification and catalogue of global Nepticulidae and Opostegidae (Lepidoptera, Nepticuloidea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erik van Nieukerken


    Full Text Available A catalogue of all named Nepticulidae and Opostegidae is presented, including fossil species. The catalogue is simultaneously published online in the scratchpad and in Catalogue of Life ( We provide a historical overview of taxonomic research on Nepticuloidea and a brief ‘state of the art’. A DNA barcode dataset with 3205 barcodes is made public at the same time, providing DNA barcodes of ca. 779 species, of which 2563 are identified as belonging to 444 validly published species. We recognise 862 extant and 18 fossil species of Nepticulidae in 22 extant genera and the fossil form genus Stigmellites. We count 192 valid Opostegidae species in 7 genera, without fossils. We also list seven dubious Nepticulidae names that cannot be placed due to absent type material and poor descriptions, 18 unavailable names in Nepticulidae that cannot be placed and we also list the 33 names (including four fossils that once were placed as Nepticulidae or Opostegidae but are now excluded. All synonyms and previous combinations are listed. The generic classification follows the Molecular phylogeny that is published almost simultaneously. Subfamilies and tribes are not recognised, Trifurculinae Scoble, 1983 is synonymised with Nepticulidae Stainton, 1854 and Opostegoidinae Kozlov, 1987 is synonymised with Opostegidae Meyrick, 1893. The status of Casanovula Hoare, 2013, Etainia Beirne, 1945, Fomoria Beirne, 1945, Glaucolepis Braun, 1917, Menurella Hoare, 2013, Muhabbetana Koçak & Kemal, 2007 and Zimmermannia Hering, 1940 is changed from subgenus to full genus, whereas two genera are considered synonyms again: Manoneura Davis, 1979, a synonym of Enteucha Meyrick, 1915 and Levarchama Beirne, 1945, a synonym of Trifurcula Zeller, 1848. We propose 87 new combinations in Nepticulidae and 10 in Opostegidae, largely due to the new classification, and re-examination of some species. We

  4. The future of naval ocean science research (United States)

    Orcutt, John A.; Brink, Kenneth

    The Ocean Studies Board (OSB) of the National Research Council reviewed the changing role of basic ocean science research in the Navy at a recent board meeting. The OSB was joined by Gerald Cann, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development, and acquisition; Geoffrey Chesbrough, oceanographer of the Navy; Arthur Bisson, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for antisubmarine warfare; Robert Winokur, technical director of the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy; Bruce Robinson, director of the new science directorate at the Office of Naval Research (ONR); and Paul Gaffney, commanding officer of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The past 2-3 years have brought great changes to the Navy's mission with the dissolution of the former Soviet Union and challenges presented by conflicts in newly independent states and developing nations. The new mission was recently enunciated in a white paper, “From the Sea: A New Direction for the Naval Service,” which is signed by the secretary of the Navy, the chief of naval operations, and the commandant of the Marine Corps. It departs from previous plans by proposing a heavier emphasis on amphibious operations and makes few statements about the traditional Navy mission of sea-lane control.

  5. The starlight night the sky in the writings of Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Hopkins

    CERN Document Server

    Levy, David H


    In this updated second edition renowned amateur comet-searcher David H. Levy expands on his work about the intricate relationship between the night sky and the works of English Literature. This revised and expanded text includes new sections on Alfred Lord Tennyson and Gerald Manley Hopkins (both amateur astronomers), extending the time period analyzed in the first edition from early modern literature to encompass the Victorian age. Although the sky enters into much of literature through the ages, British authors offer an especially fertile connection to the heavens, and Levy links the works of seminal authors from Shakespeare on to specific celestial events and scientific advances.  From the impact of comets and supernovae to eclipses, Levy’s ultimate goal in this book is to inspire his readers to do the same thing as their ancestors did so long ago—look up and appreciate the stars. His insights in this revised book spread farther and wider than ever before in this learned and enchanting tour of the ski...

  6. Prescription opioid abuse: pharmacists’ perspective and response

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cochran G


    Full Text Available Gerald Cochran,1,2 Valerie Hruschak,2 Brooke DeFosse,3 Kenneth C Hohmeier3 1Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, 2School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 3Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN, USA Abstract: Opioid medication abuse and overdose are major concerns for public health, and a number of responses to address these issues have taken place across the US. Pharmacists and the pharmacy profession have made important contributions as a part of the response to this national crisis. This article provides a brief review of the antecedents, driving forces, and health status of patients involved in the opioid medication and overdose epidemic. This review further discusses pharmacy-based actions that have been undertaken to address this issue, including prescription drug monitoring, take-back, and naloxone training/distribution programs. This review likewise examines current efforts underway in the field to educate practitioners and needed future steps that must be taken by pharmacists in order to continue the profession’s pivotal role in working toward resolving this national public health problem. In particular, evidence and arguments are presented for proactively identifying and intervening with patients who abuse and/or are at risk for overdose. Continued and active engagement by pharmacists in these efforts has the potential to result in important reductions in opioid medication abuse and overdose and improvements for patient’s health. Keywords: opioid pain medication, addiction, pharmacy practice

  7. Breast cancer and amyloid bodies: is there a role for amyloidosis in cancer-cell dormancy?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mizejewski GJ


    Full Text Available Gerald J Mizejewski Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY, USA Abstract: Breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (AD are major causes of death in older women. Interestingly, breast cancer occurs less frequently in AD patients than in the general population. Amyloidosis, the aggregation of amyloid proteins to form amyloid bodies, plays a central role in the pathogenesis of AD and other human neuropathies by forming intracellular fibrillary proteins. Contrary to popular belief, amyloidosis is a common occurrence in mammalian cells, and has recently been reported to be a natural physiological process in response to environmental stress stimulations (such as pH and temperature extremes, hypoxia, and oxidative stress. Many proteins contain an intrinsic “amyloid-converting motif”, which acts in conjunction with a specific noncoding RNA to induce formation of proteinaceous amyloid bodies that are stored in intracellular bundles. In cancer cells such as breast and prostate, the process of amyloidosis induces cells to enter a dormant or resting stage devoid of cell division and proliferation. Therefore, cancer cells undergo growth cessation and enter a dormant stage following amyloidosis in the cell; this is akin to giving the cell AD to cease growth. Keywords: α-fetoprotein, noncoding RNA, amyloid bodies, dormancy, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease

  8. Howard Brenner's Legacy for Biological Transport Processes (United States)

    Nitsche, Johannes


    This talk discusses the manner in which Howard Brenner's theoretical contributions have had, and long will have, strong and direct impact on the understanding of transport processes occurring in biological systems. His early work on low Reynolds number resistance/mobility coefficients of arbitrarily shaped particles, and particles near walls and in pores, is an essential component of models of hindered diffusion through many types of membranes and tissues, and convective transport in microfluidic diagnostic systems. His seminal contributions to macrotransport (coarse-graining, homogenization) theory presaged the growing discipline of multiscale modeling. For biological systems they represent the key to infusing diffusion models of a wide variety of tissues with a sound basis in their microscopic structure and properties, often over a hierarchy of scales. Both scientific currents are illustrated within the concrete context of diffusion models of drug/chemical diffusion through the skin. This area of theory, which is key to transdermal drug development and risk assessment of chemical exposure, has benefitted very directly from Brenner's contributions. In this as in other areas, Brenner's physicochemical insight, mathematical virtuosity, drive for fully justified analysis free of ad hoc assumptions, quest for generality, and impeccable exposition, have consistently elevated the level of theoretical understanding and presentation. We close with anecdotes showing how his personal qualities and warmth helped to impart high standards of rigor to generations of grateful research students. Authors are Johannes M. Nitsche, Ludwig C. Nitsche and Gerald B. Kasting.

  9. International trade and waste and fuel management issue, 2009

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Agnihotri, Newal (ed.)


    The focus of the January-February issue is on international trade and waste and fuel managment. Major articles/reports in this issue include: Innovative financing and workforce planning, by Donna Jacobs, Entergy Nuclear; Nuclear power - a long-term need, by John C. Devine, Gerald Goldsmith and Michael DeLallo, WorleyParsons; Importance of loan guarantee program, by Donald Hintz; EPC contracts for new plants, by Dave Barry, Shaw Power Group; GNEP and fuel recycling, by Alan Hanson, AREVA NC Inc.; Safe and reliable reactor, by Kiyoshi Yamauchi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Safe, small and simple reactors, by Yoshi Sakashita, Toshiba Corporation; Nuclear power in Thailand, by Tatchai Sumitra, Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology; and, Nuclear power in Vietnam, by Tran Huu Phat, Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission. The Industry Innovation article this issue is Rectifying axial-offset-anomaly problems, by Don Adams, Tennessee Valley Authority. The Plant Profile article is Star of Stars Excellence, by Tyler Lamberts, Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.

  10. PREFACE: Second Meeting of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics (United States)

    Ernst, David; de Jager, Kees; Roberts, Craig; Sheldon, Paul; Swanson, Eric


    The Second Meeting of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics was held on 22-24 October 2006 at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. Keeping with tradition, the meeting was held in conjunction with the Fall meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics. Approximately 90 physicists participated in the meeting, presenting 25 talks in seven plenary sessions and 48 talks in 11 parallel sessions. These sessions covered a wide range of topics related to strongly interacting matter. Among these were charm spectroscopy, gluonic exotics, nucleon resonance physics, RHIC physics, electroweak and spin physics, lattice QCD initiatives, and new facilities. Brad Tippens and Brad Keister provided perspective from the funding agencies. The organisers are extremely grateful to the following institutions for financial and logistical support: the American Physical Society, Jefferson Lab, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Vanderbilt University. We thank the following persons for assisting in organising the parallel sessions: Ted Barnes, Jian-Ping Chen, Ed Kinney, Krishna Kumar, Harry Lee, Mike Leitch, Kam Seth, and Dennis Weygand. We also thank Gerald Ragghianti for designing the conference poster, Will Johns for managing the audio-visual equipment and for placing the talks on the web, Sandy Childress for administrative expertise, and Vanderbilt graduate students Eduardo Luiggi and Jesus Escamillad for their assistance. David Ernst, Kees de Jager, Craig Roberts (Chair), Paul Sheldon and Eric Swanson Editors

  11. A metaficção no romance Budapeste e na sua adaptação fílmica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janio Davila de Oliveira


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é fazer uma análise comparativa entre o romance Budapeste (2003, de Chico Buarque de Hollanda e sua adaptação fílmica (2009, dirigida por Walter Carvalho. O presente estudo propõe uma análise com enfoque no caráter metaficional das narrativas, elemento que na nossa visão é de grande importância na interpretação das estruturas das duas obras. Para a realização da análise, parte-se da proposta de Robert Stam (2006 de entender a adaptação fílmica como hipertexto. Logo, com base nessa categoria transtextual criada por Gerald Genette (2010, a adaptação fílmica deixa de ser associada à mera cópia e passa a gozar do status de obra original. Deste modo, buscaremos nas duas obras, Budapeste romance e Budapeste filme, entender a importância da metaficção e como ela foi tratada por Walter Carvalho ao ser transposta para a tela

  12. Peer review of RELAP5/MOD3 documentation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Craddick, W.G.


    A peer review was performed on a portion of the documentation of the RELAP5/MOD3 computer code. The review was performed in two phases. The first phase was a review of Vol. III, Developmental Assessment Problems, and Vol. IV, Models and Correlations. The reviewers for this phase were Dr. Peter Griffith, Dr. Yassin Hassan, Dr. Gerald S. Lellouche, Dr. Marino di Marzo and Mr. Mark Wendel. The reviewers recommended a number of improvements, including using a frozen version of the code for assessment guided by a validation plan, better discussion of discrepancies between the code and experimental data, and better justification for flow regime maps and extension of models beyond their data base. The second phase was a review of Vol. VI, Quality Assurance of Numerical Techniques in RELAP5/MOD3. The reviewers for the second phase were Mr. Mark Wendel and Dr. Paul T. Williams. Recommendations included correction of numerous grammatical and typographical errors and better justification for the use of Lax's Equivalence Theorem

  13. November 2015 Arizona thoracic society notes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. The November 2015 Arizona Thoracic Society meeting was held on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at the Scottsdale Shea Hospital beginning at 6:30 PM. This was a dinner meeting with case presentations. There were 14 in attendance representing the pulmonary, critical care, sleep, and radiology communities. There were 3 case presentations: 1. Dr. Gerald Schwartzberg presented a case of a 56-year-old man with a history of diabetes, alcoholism and tobacco abuse who has a history of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (MAI with a residual thin-walled cavity in his right upper lobe (RUL. After quitting drinking and smoking and years of being asymptomatic, he presented with hemoptysis. Chest x-ray showed increasing density in the RUL. CT scan showed an intracavitary density in his previous cavity presumably a fungus ball. Sputum cultures are pending. Discussion followed on management of fungus balls. Bronchoscopy was recommended to view the bronchial anatomy to exclude other diagnosis as well ...

  14. Higher cytotoxicity of divalent antibody-toxins than monovalent antibody-toxins

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Won, JaeSeon; Nam, PilWon; Lee, YongChan; Choe, MuHyeon


    Recombinant antibody-toxins are constructed via the fusion of a 'carcinoma-specific' antibody fragment to a toxin. Due to the high affinity and high selectivity of the antibody fragments, antibody-toxins can bind to surface antigens on cancer cells and kill them without harming normal cells [L.H. Pai, J.K. Batra, D.J. FitzGerald, M.C. Willingham, I. Pastan, Anti-tumor activities of immunotoxins made of monoclonal antibody B3 and various forms of Pseudomonas exotoxin, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 88 (1991) 3358-3362]. In this study, we constructed the antibody-toxin, Fab-SWn-PE38, with SWn (n = 3, 6, 9) sequences containing n-time repeated (G 4 S) between the Fab fragment and PE38 (38 kDa truncated form of Pseudomonas exotoxin A). The SWn sequence also harbored one cysteine residue that could form a disulfide bridge between two Fab-SWn-PE38 monomers. We assessed the cytotoxicity of the monovalent (Fab-SWn-PE38), and divalent ([Fab-SWn-PE38] 2 ) antibody-toxins. The cytotoxicity of the dimer against the CRL1739 cell line was approximately 18.8-fold higher than that of the monomer on the ng/ml scale, which was approximately 37.6-fold higher on the pM scale. These results strongly indicate that divalency provides higher cytotoxicity for an antibody-toxin.

  15. The mystery of consciousness

    CERN Document Server

    Searle, John R


    It has long been one of the most fundamental problems of philosophy, and it is now, John Searle writes, "the most important problem in the biological sciences": What is consciousness? Is my inner awareness of myself something separate from my body? In what began as a series of essays in The New York Review of Books, John Searle evaluates the positions on consciousness of such well-known scientists and philosophers as Francis Crick, Gerald Edelman, Roger Penrose, Daniel Dennett, David Chalmers, and Israel Rosenfield. He challenges claims that the mind works like a computer, and that brain functions can be reproduced by computer programs. With a sharp eye for confusion and contradiction, he points out which avenues of current research are most likely to come up with a biological examination of how conscious states are caused by the brain. Only when we understand how the brain works will we solve the mystery of consciousness, and only then will we begin to understand issues ranging from artificial intelligence...

  16. Problèmes linguistiques dans le système multilingues Linguistic Problems in Multilingual Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moureau M.


    Full Text Available La communauté scientifique est internationale. L'industrie du pétrole est internationale. Des problèmes de communication, de langage, de langue y sont rencontrés chaque jour. C'est pourquoi, bien que tranchant assez vigoureusement sur les sujets habituels de la Revue de l'Institut Français du Pétrole, l'article de Magdeleine Moureau et Gerald Brace sur des problèmes de linguistique ne nous a pas paru trop étranger aux préoccupations de nos lecteurs pour leur être présenté. Cet article a pour but de traiter d'abord des impossibilités théoriques de la traduction, d'évoquer ensuite les modalités pratiques de sa réalisation quotidienne et de les appliquer à l'étude des problèmes inhérents à l'élaboration d'un langage documentaire multilinguisme. The aim of this paper is to discuss the theoretical impossibilities of translation, and then to describe the practical ways of actually translating, and to apply these ways to the task of studying problems inherent in elaborating a multilingual documentary language.

  17. Juridical-Criminal Paternalism, Autonomy and Vulnerability: Legitimation Criteria of Paternalistic Interventions on Individual Autonomy in Criminal Matters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heráclito Mota Barreto Neto


    Full Text Available The following paper has as objective questioning the legitimacy of state's paternalistic interventions on individual autonomy by using institutional-criminal instruments. In this path, the paper aims to understand in which cases the State is allowed to interfere in private individual lives under the justification of being promoting a well or avoiding a harm and, as well, in which cases such interference is abusive of individuals self-determination. Into this analysis, the work will study the current concepts of paternalism, the theoretical classifications on paternalistic interventions which will be useful to demonstrate admissible and inadmissible species of paternalism and Joel Feinberg and Gerald Dworkin's anti- paternalistic theories. Following, this subject will be analyzed in association with the implications of juridical-criminal goods involved in conflicts between autonomy, human vulnerabilities and paternalism, specially regarding to the (unavailability of those goods. In the end, the work intends to define legitimation criteria for paternalistic interventions inserted in criminal laws, which superimpose themselves on the individual autonomy, in order to harmonize constitutional values of respect for autonomy, protection of vulnerable individuals and the Criminal Law functions of exclusive protection of juridical goods.

  18. Dynamically remembered present: Virtual memory as a basis for the stories we live

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cornelius W. du Toit


    Full Text Available In this article memory was viewed as a crucial key to the discovery of reality. It is the basis of historical research at all levels, hence it is not confined to a function of human consciousness (brain operations: its physical vestiges are discernible in the universe, in fossils, in the DNA of species. Memory inscribes information in various ways. On a human level it is not recalled computer-wise: imagination, emotion and tacit motives play a role in how we remember. The article investigated the way in which memory underlies the operation of every cell in any living organism. Against this background the role of memory in humans and its decisive influence on every level of human life are examined. Gerald Edelman’s work in this regard was considered. Marcel Proust’s focus on memory is an underlying thread running through his novels, unrivalled in literary history. Some prominent examples were analysed in this article. In light of the foregoing the role of memory in religious experience was then discussed. The virtuality of memory is encapsulated in the statement that we remember the present whilst reliving the past. Memory characterised by virtuality is basic to our autobiographic narratives. The nature of memory determines our life stories, hence our perception of the human self as dynamically variable and open to the future.

  19. 'The televising of science is a process of television': establishing Horizon, 1962-1967. (United States)

    Boon, Timothy


    BBC Television's Horizon series, fifty years old on 2 May 2014, despite its significance to the history of the public culture of science, has been little studied. This microhistorical account follows the gestation and early years of the programme, demonstrating how it established a social and cultural account of science. This was a result of televisual factors, notably the determination to follow the format of the successful arts television programme Monitor. It illuminates how the processes of television production, with a handful of key participants - Aubrey Singer, Gerald Leach, Philip Daly, Gordon Rattray Taylor, Ramsay Short, Michael Peacock and Robert Reid - established the format of the programme. This occurred over seventeen months of prior preparation followed by three troubled years of seeking to establish a stable form. This was finally achieved in 1967 when the programme adopted a film documentary approach after extended attempts at making it as a studio-based magazine programme. The story has implications for understanding the social accounts of science that were circulating in the key decade of the 1960s.

  20. Relativistic length agony continued

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redžić D.V.


    Full Text Available We made an attempt to remedy recent confusing treatments of some basic relativistic concepts and results. Following the argument presented in an earlier paper (Redžić 2008b, we discussed the misconceptions that are recurrent points in the literature devoted to teaching relativity such as: there is no change in the object in Special Relativity, illusory character of relativistic length contraction, stresses and strains induced by Lorentz contraction, and related issues. We gave several examples of the traps of everyday language that lurk in Special Relativity. To remove a possible conceptual and terminological muddle, we made a distinction between the relativistic length reduction and relativistic FitzGerald-Lorentz contraction, corresponding to a passive and an active aspect of length contraction, respectively; we pointed out that both aspects have fundamental dynamical contents. As an illustration of our considerations, we discussed briefly the Dewan-Beran-Bell spaceship paradox and the ‘pole in a barn’ paradox. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 171028

  1. Why threefold-replication of families? (United States)

    Fitzpatrick, Gerald L.


    In spite of the many successes of the standard model of particle physics, the observed proliferation of matter-fields, in the form of ``replicated'' generations or families, is a major unsolved problem. In this paper, I explore some of the algebraic, geometric and physical consequences of a new organizing principle for fundamental fermions (quarks and leptons)(Gerald L. Fitzpatrick, phThe Family Problem--New Internal Algebraic and Geometric Regularities), Nova Scientific Press, Issaquah, Washington, 1997. Read more about this book (ISBN 0--9655695--0--0) and its subject matter at: and/or> The essence of the new organizing principle is the idea that the standard-model concept of scalar fermion numbers f can be generalized. In particular, a ``generalized fermion number,'' which consists of a 2× 2 matrix F that ``acts'' on an internal 2-space, instead of spacetime, is taken to describe certain internal properties of fundamental fermions. This generalization automatically introduces internal degrees of freedom that ``explain,'' among other things, family replication and the number (three) of families observed in nature.

  2. González de la Vega, René. (2017. Tolerance and Modern Liberalism. From Paradox to Aretaic Moral Ideal. Maryland, United States of America: Lexington. 231 pp.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Lariguet


    Full Text Available In political and moral philosophy we are used to an uninterrupted succession of texts, heirs of the liberal traditions (headed by John Rawls, communitarians (led by the likes of Michael Sandel, Charles Taylor, etc., analytical Marxists (authors like Gerald Cohen, Jon Elster, etc..Besides the names mentioned above, there is a succession of texts that tend to give rise to a sense of routine and, as a result, of lethargy. It is the feeling that political and moral philosophy has reached a plateau within a set of accepted doctrines. Doctrines which, to paraphrase Thomas Kuhn, make up a kind of “normal science” of philosophical theory.But from time to time, the routine drowsiness is sharply interrupted. This happens when works of philosophy show up to question prevailing theories in political philosophy. Such is the case of the work I propose to review herein. It is the work of Mexican philosopher René González de la Vega, whose text on political philosophy features philosophical rigour, originality and depth...

  3. Desmoplastic round small cell tumor: a case report of a neoplasm of difficult diagnosis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ogata, Daniel Cury; Totsugui, Joel Takashi; Ditzel Filho, Leo Fernando da Silva; Ioshii, Sergio Ossamu; Machuca, Tiago Noguchi; Ogata, Alessandro Cury


    Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (DSRCT) is a rare neoplasm of difficult diagnosis, recently described by Gerald et al. There are reports of nearly 101 cases in the literature, being the intra-abdominal region its most common location and children and young adults its preferred age group. This paper reports a case of DSRCT in a young adult of 24 years of age. This patient presented unspecific symptoms of nausea, vomiting and a single episode of haematemesis. Upon physical examination a solid mass on the epigastrium and left hypochondrium was found. Image diagnostic procedures confirmed the existence of the expansive process and also revealed enlarged retroperitoneal lymphonodes. Diagnosis was achieved through videolaparoscopic biopsy. Histologic sections stained with hematoxylin/eosin were inconclusive and immunohistochemical analysis was required to establish the diagnosis. This analysis revealed positivity to epithelial and mesenchymal markers and weak positivity to chromogranin A, characteristic results of DSRCT. Due to the fact that the disease was locally advanced, the patient was treated with chemotherapy (cyclophosphamide and paclytaxel). However, since there was only partial response to the treatment, the patient refused to undergo any second line option of therapy. Presently, the patient is being submitted only to supportive care, within an 18-month follow-up program. (author)

  4. [The neurodynamic core of consciousness and neural Darwinism]. (United States)

    Ibáñez, A

    In the last decades, the scientific study of consciousness in the scope of the cognitive neurosciences can be considered one of the greatest challenges of contemporary science. The Gerald Edelman theory of consciousness is one of the most promising and controversial perspectives. This theory stands out by its approach to topics usually rejected by other neurophysiologic theories of consciousness, as the case of the neurophysiologic explanation of qualia. The goal of this paper is to review the dynamic core theory of consciousness, presenting the main features of the theory, analyzing the explanation strategies, their empirical extensions, and elaborating some critical considerations about the possibility of the neuroscientific study of qualia. The central and additional theoretical components are analyzed, emphasizing its ontological, restrictive and explanatory assumptions. The properties of conscious phenomena and their cerebral correlates as advanced by the theory are described, and finally its experiments and empirical extensions are examined. The explanatory strategies of the theory are analyzed, based on conceptual isomorphism between the phenomenological properties and the neurophysiological and mathematical measures. Some criticisms could be raised about the limitations of the dynamic core theory, especially regarding its account of the so-called 'hard problem' of consciousness or qualia.

  5. Self-Ownership and Freedom: Reasons for Maintaining a Traditional Connection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tutui Viorel


    Full Text Available Abstract: In this paper I present and analyze the classical libertarian thesis according to which there is an intimate connection between humans‟ right to self-ownership and their freedom, and I provide some reasons for preserving this traditional connection against its egalitarian contesters, represented by Gerald Allan Cohen. The principle states that humans have a right of property over their persons and powers, and any interference with this right is equivalent to a violation of their freedom. This is the reason why an egalitarian thinker like Cohen tries to reject the principle and its connection with freedom in order to legitimate redistribution of property in the benefit of the underprivileged: he argues that the principle itself (and particularly Robert Nozick‟s version of it has no special relation with freedom and lacks any real significance for political philosophy. I will reject his argumentation and evidentiate that the traditional connection still stands and the principle is indeed useful. In the last section I will formulate what I believe to be a more robust justification of it and offer some suggestions about the central role it could play in a general explanation of social and political legitimacy and normativity.

  6. Werner Heisenberg - Life and Work

    CERN Multimedia


    Werner Heisenberg (centre) with Wolfgang Pauli (left) and Enrico Fermi on Lake Como, September 1927. An exhibition on the life and work of Werner Heisenberg will be on display in the Main Building (Mezzanine) at CERN from 1 - 23 July. The exhibition was produced by the University Archive of Leipzig University (Gerald Wiemers) and the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik in Munich (Helmut Rechenberg) to mark the centenary of Heisenberg's birth in 1901. German theoretical physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg (5 December 1901 - 1 February 1976) was one of the leading scientists of the 20th century. He carried out important work in nuclear and particle physics, but his most significant contribution was to the development of quantum mechanics. He is best known for his uncertainty principle, which restricts the accuracy with which some properties of atoms and particles - such as position and linear momentum - can be determined simultaneously. In 1932 he was awarded the Noble Prize in Physics 'for the creation of q...

  7. Even an old technique is suitable in the molecular world of science: the everted sac preparation turns 60 years old. (United States)

    Hamilton, Kirk L


    An old proverb states "necessity is the mother of invention." This certainly holds true in science as one pursues research questions. Experimental techniques have evolved as scientists have asked more specific research questions. Indeed, techniques such as the Ussing chamber, the perfused renal tubule preparation, patch-clamp, polymerase chain reaction, and site-directed mutagenesis have been developed over the past 60 years. However, sometimes, simple techniques may be useful and still very informative, and this certainly applies to intestinal physiology. Indeed, Gerald Wiseman and Thomas Hastings Wilson described the intestinal everted sac preparation some 60 years ago. Since then, this technique has been used for numerous research purposes including determining ion, amino acid, water and solute transport across the intestinal epithelium; and drug metabolism, absorption, and interactions in pharmaceutical/pharmacological research and even in education. This article provides a historical review of the development of the in vitro intestinal preparation that led to the everted sac preparation and its use in science.

  8. Un perfil de vegetación entre La Plata (Huila y el Volcán del Puracé Un perfil de vegetación entre La Plata (Huila y el Volcán del Puracé

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rangel Ch. Orlando


    Full Text Available This contribution presents the plant-communities characterized in the trayect between La Plata (Huila and the crater of the Puracé volcano. The methodology followed in this study is that proposed in the Zurich-Montpellier school (BRAUN-BLANQUET, 1979. The profile of vegetation includs plant-communities of the jungle-type which are pluri-stratified on Ecuatorial and sub-Andean life zones and plantcommunities with a single stratification (upper Paramo belt. In the characterization of the plant-communities described was taken of the physiognomy (the structure as an expression of abiotic conditions.  Dates about plant-density in the arboreal stratum and preliminary characteristics of the soil in some of the places inventaried also are provided.En esta contribución se caracterizan las comunidades vegetales que se establecen en el trayecto entre La Plata (Huila y el cráter del volcán Puracé.  La metodología que se siguió es la de la escuela Zurich-Montpellier (BRAUN-BLANQUET, 1979. El perfil de vegetación incluye comunidades de tipo selvático pluriestratificadas, en las regiones de vida Ecuatorial y sub-Andina y comunidades uniestratificadas en la franja del super-páramo. Se colocó especial énfasis en el aspecto estructural (fisionomía de la vegetación y con base en los resultados obtenidos se recomiendan límites para la distribución de los estratos o arreglo en sentido vertical dentro de una fitocenosis determinada. Se suministran también datos sobre la densidad en los estratos altos y sobre las características preliminares de los suelos en algunos de los sitios muestreados.

  9. Identifying Sociological Factors for the Success of Space Exploration (United States)

    Lundquist, C. A.; Tarter, D.; Coleman, A.

    Astrosociology factors relevant to success of future space exploration may best be identified through studies of sociological circumstances of past successful explorations, such as the Apollo-Lunar Missions. These studies benefit from access to primary records of the past programs. The Archives and Special Collections Division of the Salmon Library at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) houses large collections of material from the early periods of the space age. The Huntsville campus of the University of Alabama System had its birth in the mid-1950s at the time when the von Braun rocket team was relocated from Texas to Huntsville. The University, the City of Huntsville and the US Government rocket organizations developed in parallel over subsequent years. As a result, the University has a significant space heritage and focus. This is true not only for the engineering and science disciplines, but also for the social sciences. The life of the University spans the period when Huntsville government and industrial organizations were responsible for producing the rocket vehicles to first take mankind to the Moon. That endeavor was surely as significant sociologically as technologically. In the 1980s, Donald E. Tarter, conducted a series of video interviews with some leading members of the original von Braun team. Although the interviews ranged over many engineering subjects, they also recorded personal features of people involved in the Apollo lunar exploration program and the interactions between these people. Such knowledge was of course an objective. These interviews are now in the collections of the UAH Library Archives, along with extensive documentation from the same period. Under sponsorship of the Archives and the NASA-Marshall Retiree Association, the interview series was restarted in 2006 to obtain comparable oral-history interviews with more than fifty US born members of the rocket team from the 1960s. Again these video interviews are rich with

  10. Comunidades de malezas en cultivos hortícolas en la Provincia de Neuquén (Argentina Weed's communities in vegetable crops in Neuquen Province, (Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Beatriz Cerazo


    Full Text Available La gran mayoría de los cultivos hortícolas son muy sensibles a la competencia de malezas, las cuales inciden en los rendimientos y calidad de los mismos y en ocasiones determinan la pérdida total del cultivo. El presente trabajo tuvo como objetivo conocer la composición florística de las comunidades de malezas y su análisis sintaxonómico, ya que ambos constituyen un buen parámetro para medir el estado de los cultivos. La vegetación fue muestreada siguiendo la metodología de Braun Blanquet, en explotaciones de seis localidades de la provincia. A partir de esta información se determinaron ocho asociaciones, de las cuales seis están comprendidas en la clase Stellarietea mediae (Br. Bl. 1931 Tx., Prsg. et Lohm, 1950 y las dos restantes en Artemisietea vulgaris Lohm, Prsg et Tüxen 1950. El deficiente estado del cultivo está señalado por el desarrollo de malezas perennes de difícil control, incluidas en su mayoría en la clase Artemisietea vulgaris. Se inventariaron ochenta y nueve especies, para los periodos otoño- invierno y primavera - verano. Existe un claro predominio de Dicotiledóneas (79 % sobre Monocotiledóneas y de malezas anuales (66 % sobre perennes.Most vegetable crops are very sensitive to the weed competition, which affects the yields and quality and sometimes the total lost of the crop. The objective of this study was to evaluate the floristic composition of the weed communities and to analyse its sintaxonomy, because both are effective parameters for measuring the state of the crop. The vegetation was sampled following the Braun-Blanquet methodology on farms in six localities in the province. We determined eight associations from this information: six are included in the class Stellarietea mediae (Br. Bl. 1931 Tx., Prsg. et Lohm, 1950 and the other two in Artemisietea vulgaris Lohm, Prsg and Tüxen 1950. The deficient state of the crop resulted from the development of perennial and difficult to control weeds, most of

  11. En memoria de Michael Jiménez (1948-2001

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Archila Neira


    Full Text Available El 1 de septiembre de 2001 murió el historiador Michael Jiménez. Su apellido provenía de España de donde emigró su abuelo en busca de mejor suerte al otro lado del Atlántico. Nacido en el pequeño pueblo de Merced, California (Estados Unidos en agosto de 1948 en el seno de una familia obrera, Michael vivió su infancia en Colombia. A fines de ese año, su padre se desplazó a estas tierras para ser funcionario de la Texas, una multinacional petrolera que tenía sus reales en Puerto Boyacá. Michael estudió en el colegio Nueva Granada -becado por la Texas- hasta los catorce años. En dicho colegio fue compañero de pupitre de Herbert Braun, descendiente a su vez de una familia de emigrantes a Colombia, y con quien la vida lo juntaría de nuevo en las tierras del norte y en oficios similares.

  12. How Simultaneous is the Perception of Binocular Depth and Rivalry in Plaid Stimuli?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Athena Buckthought


    Full Text Available Psychophysical experiments have demonstrated that it is possible to perceive both binocular depth and rivalry in plaids (Buckthought and Wilson 2007, Vision Research 47 2543–2556. In a recent study, we investigated the neural substrates for depth and rivalry processing with these plaid patterns, when either a depth or rivalry task was performed (Buckthought and Mendola 2011, Journal of Vision 11 1–15. However, the extent to which perception of the two stimulus aspects was truly simultaneous remained somewhat unclear. In the present study, we introduced a new task in which subjects were instructed to perform both depth and rivalry tasks concurrently. Subjects were clearly able to perform both tasks at the same time, but with a modest, symmetric drop in performance when compared to either task carried out alone. Subjects were also able to raise performance levels for either task by performing it with a higher priority, with a decline in performance for the other task. The symmetric declines in performance are consistent with the interpretation that the two tasks are equally demanding of attention (Braun and Julesz 1998, Perception & Psychophysics 60 1–23. The results demonstrate the impressive combination of binocular features that supports coincident depth and rivalry in surface perception, within the constraints of presumed orientation and spatial frequency channels.

  13. Urban nature conservation: vegetation of natural areas in the Potchefstroom municipal area, North West Province, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.S. Cilliers


    Full Text Available This study on the natural and degraded natural vegetation of natural areas in the Potchefstroom Municipal Area, forms part of a research programme on spontaneous vegetation in urban open spaces in the North West Province, South Africa. Using a numerical classification technique (TWINSPAN as a first approximation, the classification was refined by applying Braun-Blanquet procedures. The result is a phytosociological table from which 6 plant communities were recognised, which are subdivided in sub-communities and variants, resulting in 18 vegetation units. Some of these vegetation units are similar to communities described previously in natural areas. The presence of degraded natural communities suggests huge anthropogenic influences in certain areas. An ordination (DECORANA scatter diagram shows the distribution of the plant communities along gradients which could be related to vegetation structure, altitude, soil depth, rockiness of soil surface, wetness or dryness of the habitat and number of introduced species. This study contributes to the compilation of a guideline for a conservation orientated management plan for the area, but also created a wealth of new knowledge of the reaction of indigenous plant species under disturbed conditions.

  14. [The contribution of L.G. Ramensky theoretical legacy to modern vegetation science (to the 130 anniversary of the scientist's birth)]. (United States)

    Mirkin, B M; Naumova, L G


    L.G. Ramensky (1884-1953) was an outstanding Soviet geobotanist of the first part of XX century. Considered is his theoretical legacy and its contribution to modern vegetation science. L.G. Ramensky formulated the principle of vegetation continuum based on which the modern paradigm of vegetation science has been put into shape. The scientist made a contribution to the development of such important theoretical conceptions as types of plant strategy, coenosis and coenobiosis (coexistence of species), patterns of interannual variability in plant communities, ecological successions. The unique ecological scales were established by L.G. Ramensky that characterize the distribution of 1400 species over the gradients of soil moistening, richness, and salinization as well as moistening variability, pastoral digression, and alluvial intensity. He came out against mechanistic notions by V.N. Sukachev on a biogeocoenosis structure. The scientist did not offer his own method of plant communities classification but his well-reasoned criticism of dominant classification played a great role in adoption of floristical classification principles (Braun-Blanquet approach) by phytocenology in our country.

  15. Intensive care nursing students' perceptions of simulation for learning confirming communication skills: A descriptive qualitative study. (United States)

    Karlsen, Marte-Marie Wallander; Gabrielsen, Anita Kristin; Falch, Anne Lise; Stubberud, Dag-Gunnar


    The aim of this study was to explore intensive care nursing students experiences with confirming communication skills training in a simulation-based environment. The study has a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive design. The participants were students in a post-graduate program in intensive care nursing, that had attended a one day confirming communication course. Three focus group interviews lasting between 60 and 80min were conducted with 14 participants. The interviews were transcribed verbatim. Thematic analysis was performed, using Braun & Clark's seven steps. The analysis resulted in three main themes: "awareness", "ice-breaker" and "challenging learning environment". The participants felt that it was a challenge to see themselves on the video-recordings afterwards, however receiving feedback resulted in better self-confidence in mastering complex communication. The main finding of the study is that the students reported improved communication skills after the confirming communication course. However; it is uncertain how these skills can be transferred to clinical practice improving patient outcomes. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. German energy market in 2015; Deutscher Energiemarkt 2015

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schiffer, Hans-Wilhelm [World Energy Council, London (United Kingdom). World Energy Resources; Weltenergierat - Deutschland, Berlin (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe ' ' Energie fuer Deutschland' '


    The given basic orientation of the energy concept of the federal government for the German energy supply increased towards renewable energy while increasing energy efficiency determines the market trend. In the present case, a current overview of the German energy market will be given of this year providing a concentrated compilation of the central main features of the energy industry. As in previous years, the article summarizes not only general facts about the energy, but also goes in detail on the development of the individual fuels such as oil, natural gas, lignite and hard coal, nuclear energy and renewable energies. Furthermore, the price trends are described in the international markets and in the domestic market. [German] Die im Energiekonzept der Bundesregierung vorgegebene Grundausrichtung der deutschen Energieversorgung hin zur verstaerkten Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien bei gleichzeitiger Steigerung der Energieeffizienz bestimmt die Marktentwicklung. Vorliegend wird ein aktueller Ueberblick ueber den deutschen Energiemarkt gegeben, der auch in diesem Jahr eine konzentrierte Zusammenstellung der zentralen Eckdaten der Energiewirtschaft leistet. Wie in den Jahren zuvor fasst der Artikel nicht nur allgemeine Fakten zum Energiemix zusammen, sondern geht auch ausfuehrlich auf die Entwicklung der einzelnen Energietraeger Erdoel, Erdgas, Braun- und Steinkohle, Kernenergie sowie regenerative Energien ein. Ferner werden die Preistendenzen auf den internationalen Maerkten und im Inland erlaeutert.

  17. [11C]copper(I) cyanide: a new radioactive precursor or 11C-cyanation and functionalization of haloarenes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ponchant, M.; Hinnen, F.; Demphel, S.; Crouzel, C.


    Radiosyntheses of [cyano- 11 C]benzonitriles, [carboyxyl- 11 C]benzoic acids, [carbonyl- 11 C]benzamides and [tetrazoyl- 11 C]5-biphenyl-1H-tetrazoles are described. [Cyano- 11 C]benzonitriles were prepared using the Rosenmund-von Braun reaction in one step from [ 11 C]hydrogen cyanide via [ 11 C]copper(1) cyanide in 2 min. [Carboxyl- 11 C]benzoic acids and [carbonyl- 11 C]benzamides were prepared from [cyano- 11 C]benzonitrile-complexes using basic hydrogen peroxide for 3 min in N,N-dimethylformamide at 180 and 80 o C, respectively. [Tetrazoyl- 11 C]5-biphenyl-1H-tetrazoles were obtained from [cyano- 11 C]benzonitrile-complexes in 7 min by cyclization with trimethyltin azide followed by acid hydrolysis at 180 o C. These labelled compounds were obtained in a one-pot procedure with good average specific radioactivities [500 mCi/μmol) at the end of synthesis] and in satisfactory average radiochemical yields (24-69%) at 40 min from the end of radionuclide production. This new radioactive precursor, [ 11 C]copper(I) cyanide, should give access to new 11 C-labelled ligands for positron emission tomography. (author)

  18. The learning and mentoring experiences of Paralympic coaches. (United States)

    Fairhurst, Katherine E; Bloom, Gordon A; Harvey, William J


    Participation in the Paralympic Games has grown substantially, yet the same growth and development has not occurred with empirical literature for coaching in disability sport. The purpose of the current study was to explore Paralympic coaches' perceptions of their learning and educational experiences, including their formal and informal mentoring opportunities. Six highly successful and experienced Paralympic coaches were individually interviewed in this qualitative study. The interview data were analyzed following Braun and Clarke's guidelines for thematic analysis. Results demonstrated that Paralympic coaches faced several challenges to acquire disability specific coaching knowledge and skills. These challenges led the participants to utilize an array of informal learning situations, such as actively seeking mentoring relationships when they first entered the field. After becoming expert coaches, they gave back to their sport by making mentoring opportunities available for aspiring coaches. The results of the current study address the value and importance of mentoring as a structured source of education and career development for aspiring Paralympic coaches. Crown Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. COMMITTEES: SQM2009 - 14th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter SQM2009 - 14th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (United States)


    Local Organizing Committee Takeshi Kodama Chair, UFRJ Jun Takahashi Co-chair, UNICAMP Ignácio Bediaga e Hickman CBPF Eduardo Fraga UFRJ Frederique Grassi USP Yogiro Hama USP Gastão Krein IFT Erasmo Madureira Ferreira UFRJ Marcelo G. Munhoz USP Fernando Navarra USP Sandra Padula IFT Alejandro Szanto de Toledo USP César Augusto Zen Vasconcellos UFRGS International Advisory Committee Jörg Aichelin Nantes Federico Antinori Padova Tamás Biró Budapest Peter Braun-Munzinger GSI Jean Cleymans Cape Town Láaszló Csernai Bergen Timothy Hallman BNL Huan Zhong Huang UCLA Takeshi Kodama Rio de Janeiro Yu-Gang Ma Shanghai Jes Madsen Aarhus Ágnes Mócsy Pratt University Berndt Müller Duke University Grazyna Odyniec LBNL Helmut Oeschler Darmstadt Johann Rafelski Arizona Hans Georg Ritter LBNL Gunther Rolland MIT Karel Šafařík CERN Ladislav Sandor Kosice University Jack Sandweiss Yale University George S F Stephans MIT Horst Stöcker Frankfurt Larry McLerranBNL Helmut Satz Universitä Bielefeld Nu Xu LBNL Fuqiang Wang Purdue University William A. Zajc Columbia University Pengfei Zhuang Tsinghua University

  20. Families' Views of Pediatric Palliative Aquatics: A Qualitative Study. (United States)

    Gaab, Erin; Steinhorn, David M


    Although pediatric palliative care policies and services have been developed, research in this area continues to lag. An integrated model of palliative care has been suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics and includes complementary and alternative services aimed at improving the well-being of children and their families. The first-known pediatric palliative aquatics program (PPAP) in California uses several techniques to decrease pain and promote well-being through relaxation and interaction between patients, specialists, and family members. This study investigates the perceptions of family members of their children's experiences with a PPAP. Researchers from an outside institution conducted focus groups and interviews. Themes were extracted from the focus group transcripts using Braun and Clarke's method of inductive thematic analysis. Data were collected at the host site, local libraries, and participant homes. Participants were primary caregivers and siblings (n = 23) of children in a PPAP, an independent children's respite, transitional, and end-of-life care facility in California. The research described and drew implications from the diverse perceptions that family members expressed about the benefits of having a child in the PPAP, including sensory, physical, and social experiences. Although the PPAP aims to promote well-being through relaxation, several other benefits were expressed by family members of children going through the program, including pain relief. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  1. Antiproliferation and induction of cell death of Phaffia rhodozyma (Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous) extract fermented by brewer malt waste on breast cancer cells. (United States)

    Teo, Ivy Tuang Ngo; Chui, Chung Hin; Tang, Johnny Cheuk On; Lau, Fung Yi; Cheng, Gregory Yin Ming; Wong, Raymond Siu Ming; Kok, Stanton Hon Lung; Cheng, Chor Hing; Chan, Albert Sun Chi; Ho, Kwok Ping


    Astaxanthin has been shown to have antiproliferative activity on breast cancer and skin cancer cells. However, the high cost of production, isolation and purification of purified astaxanthin from natural sources or chemically synthetic methods limit its usage on cancer therapy. We show that astaxanthin could be produced by fermentating the Phaffia rhodozyma (Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous) yeast cells with brewer malt waste using a 20 L B. Braun fermentor. The percentage composition of astaxanthin from the P. rhodozyma was >70% of total pigment as estimated by the high performance liquid chromatographic analysis. Furthermore, the antiproliferative activity of this P. rhodozyma cell extract (PRE) was demonstrated on breast cancer cell lines including the MCF-7 (estrogen receptor positive) and MDA-MB231 (estrogen receptor negative) by using the [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-5-(3-arboxymethoxyphenyl)-2- (4-sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium] (MTS) assay. No apoptotic cell death, but growth inhibitory effect was induced after 48 h of PRE incubation as suggested by morphological investigation. Anchorage-dependent clonogenicity assay showed that PRE could reduce the colony formation potential of both breast cancer cell lines. Cell death was observed from both breast cancer cell lines after incubation with PRE for 6 days. Taken together, our results showed that by using an economic method of brewer malt waste fermentation, we obtained P. rhodozyma with a high yield of astaxanthin and the corresponding PRE could have short-term growth inhibition and long-term cell death activity on breast cancer cells.

  2. Children's understandings’ of obesity, a thematic analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amy L. Fielden


    Full Text Available Childhood obesity is a major concern in today's society. Research suggests the inclusion of the views and understandings of a target group facilitates strategies that have better efficacy. The objective of this study was to explore the concepts and themes that make up children's understandings of the causes and consequences of obesity. Participants were selected from Reception (4–5 years old and Year 6 (10–11 years old, and attended a school in an area of Sunderland, in North East England. Participants were separated according to age and gender, resulting in four focus groups, run across two sessions. A thematic analysis (Braun & Clarke, 2006 identified overarching themes evident across all groups, suggesting the key concepts that contribute to children's understandings of obesity are “Knowledge through Education,” “Role Models,” “Fat is Bad,” and “Mixed Messages.” The implications of these findings and considerations of the methodology are discussed in full.

  3. A vegetation description and floristic analyses of the springs on the Kammanassie Mountain, Western Cape

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Cleaver


    Full Text Available The Kammanassie Mountain is a declared mountain catchment area and a Cape mountain zebra Equus zebra zebra population is preserved on the mountain. The high number of springs on the mountain not only provides water for the animal species but also contributes to overall ecosystem functioning. Long-term conservation of viable ecosystems requires a broader understanding of the ecological processes involved. It was therefore decided that a classification, description and mapping of the spring vegetation of the Kammanassie Mountain be undertaken. A TWINSPAN classification, refined by Braun-Blanquet procedures, revealed 11 major plant communities that could be related to geological origin. Habitat factors associated with differences in vegetation include topography, soil type and grazing. Descriptions of the plant communities include diagnostic species as well as prominent and less conspicuous species of the tree, shrub and herbaceous layers. The results also indicate a high species richness compared to similar regions and the difference between plant communities of wet and dry springs. This data is important for long-term monitoring of the spring ecosystems as well as for the compilation of management plans.

  4. A phytosociological analysis and synopsis of the dry woodlands and succulent vegetation of the Peruvian Andes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available ABSTRACT A phytosociological approach to dry forest and cactus communities on the occidental slopes of the Peruvian Andes is presented in base of 164 plots carried out following the Braun-Blanquet method. From them, 52 have been made recently, and the other 112 were taken from the literature. After a multivariate analysis, using a hierarchical clustering and a detendred correspondence analysis, the Acacio-Prosopidetea class (dry forest and cactus communities, developed on soils with some edaphic humidity or precipitations derived from El Niño Current, the Opuntietea sphaericae class (cactus communities of central and southern Peru, on few stabilized rocky or sandy soils and the Carico-Caesalpinietea class (dry forests of the Peruvian coastal desert, influenced by the maritime humidity of the cold Humboldt Current, are differentiated. Within the Acacio-Prosopidetea class, two alliances are commented: the Bursero-Prosopidion pallidae (with two new associations Loxopterygio huasanginis-Neoraimondietum arequipensis and Crotono ruiziani-Acacietum macracanthae, and the new alliance Baccharido-Jacarandion acutifoliae (with the new associations Armatocereo balsasensis-Cercidietum praecocis and Diplopterydo leiocarpae-Acacietum macracanthae. For the Opuntietea sphaericae class, the association Haageocereo versicoloris-Armatocereetum proceri (Espostoo-Neoraimondion is described on the basis of plots from hyperarid localities of central Peru. Finally, a typological classification of the studied plant communities is given.

  5. The Sun in Time (United States)

    Adams, Mitzi L.; Bero, Elizabeth; Sever, Thomas L.


    Leveraging funds from NASA's Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science (IDEAS) program, we combined the expertise of an archaeoastronomer, a solar scientist, and a teacher to trace humankind's view of the Sun and how that has changed, from the time of Stonehenge in about 1800 B.C.E., to the time of the Maya in 700 C.E., up to the modem era. Our program was aimed at middle-school students in an attempt to explain not only how science is done today, but how science has evolved from the observations of ancient societies. From these varied cultures, we touched on methods of observing the Sun, ideas of the composition of the Sun, and the relationship of the Sun to everyday life. Further, using the von Braun Astronomical Society's Planetarium in Huntsville, Alabama as a test-bed for the program, we illustrated concepts such as solstices, equinoxes, and local noon with approximately 800 eighth grade students from the local area. Our presentation to SEPA will include a description of NASA's IDEAS program and how to go about partnering with a NASA astronomer, some slides from our planetarium program and web-site, and some hands-on activities.

  6. Idrætsstuderendes læring af aktionsforskning i et samarbejde med erhvervsskolelærere

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elbæk, Lars

    foregå, således at forskningsbaseret bevægelsesviden oversættes til daglig praksis på erhvervsskoleområdet. Da idrætsstuderende i fremtidige jobs kan forventes at skulle være med til at oversætte viden til praksis, fremlægges I denne præsentation et studie af idrætsstuderendes omsætning af viden til...... teacher-educators practice action research as they introduce action research to preservice teachers. Action Research, 6(1), 7-28. doi:10.1177/1476750307083716 Straus, S. E., Tetroe, J., & Graham, I. (2009). Defining knowledge translation. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 181(3-4), 165-168. Retrieved...... from Turner, S. A. (2010). Teaching Research to Teachers: A Self-Study of Course Design, Student Outcomes, and Instructor Learning. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(2), 60-77. Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke, Paul Weate (2016), Using...

  7. Blended learning for reinforcing dental pharmacology in the clinical years: A qualitative analysis. (United States)

    Eachempati, Prashanti; Kiran Kumar, K S; Sumanth, K N


    Blended learning has become the method of choice in educational institutions because of its systematic integration of traditional classroom teaching and online components. This study aims to analyze student's reflection regarding blended learning in dental pharmacology. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Faculty of Dentistry, Melaka-Manipal Medical College among 3 rd and 4 th year BDS students. A total of 145 dental students, who consented, participate in the study. Students were divided into 14 groups. Nine online sessions followed by nine face-to-face discussions were held. Each session addressed topics related to oral lesions and orofacial pain with pharmacological applications. After each week, students were asked to reflect on blended learning. On completion of 9 weeks, reflections were collected and analyzed. Qualitative analysis was done using thematic analysis model suggested by Braun and Clarke. The four main themes were identified, namely, merits of blended learning, skill in writing prescription for oral diseases, dosages of drugs, and identification of strengths and weakness. In general, the participants had a positive feedback regarding blended learning. Students felt more confident in drug selection and prescription writing. They could recollect the doses better after the online and face-to-face sessions. Most interestingly, the students reflected that they are able to identify their strength and weakness after the blended learning sessions. Blended learning module was successfully implemented for reinforcing dental pharmacology. The results obtained in this study enable us to plan future comparative studies to know the effectiveness of blended learning in dental pharmacology.

  8. Diving behavior of the reef manta ray links coral reefs with adjacent deep pelagic habitats

    KAUST Repository

    Braun, Camrin D.


    Recent successful efforts to increase protection for manta rays has highlighted the lack of basic ecological information, including vertical and horizontal movement patterns, available for these species. We deployed pop-up satellite archival transmitting tags on nine reef manta rays, Manta alfredi, to determine diving behaviors and vertical habitat use. Transmitted and archived data were obtained from seven tagged mantas over deployment periods of 102-188 days, including three recovered tags containing 2.6 million depth, temperature, and light level data points collected every 10 or 15 seconds. Mantas frequented the upper 10 m during daylight hours and tended to occupy deeper water throughout the night. Six of the seven individuals performed a cumulative 76 deep dives (>150 m) with one individual reaching 432 m, extending the known depth range of this coastal, reef-oriented species and confirming its role as an ecological link between epipelagic and mesopelagic habitats. Mean vertical velocities calculated from high-resolution dive data (62 dives >150 m) from three individuals suggested that mantas may use gliding behavior during travel and that this behavior may prove more efficient than continuous horizontal swimming. The behaviors in this study indicate manta rays provide a previously unknown link between the epi- and mesopelagic layers of an extremely oligotrophic marine environment and provide evidence of a third marine species that utilizes gliding to maximize movement efficiency. © 2014 Braun et al.

  9. Social relationships and social support among post-war youth in Northern Uganda. (United States)

    De Nutte, Leen; Okello, James; Derluyn, Ilse


    Although social relationships and social support are salient factors for post-war adolescents' psychosocial coping and adjustment, there is only limited information regarding war-affected adolescents' views on social support and the relationships within which social support is provided. This study therefore explored both elements among a clinical sample of 20 adolescents living in post-war Northern Uganda. Following Braun and Clarke's thematic analysis, we found a prominent role of the biological mother and other primary biological family members in the upbringing of our participants. Spiritual and material support were perceived to be the most important type of support, respectively, while the adolescents were growing up and in their current lives. These findings provide support for the perception that caregiving systems are adaptable to particular sociocultural contexts. Further, the importance of particular functions of social support could signify a potentially selective buffering effect of these functions in adverse contexts. Because of the importance of the primary biological family and the salient role of parent-child relationships in the face of adversity, future research needs to focus on this particular kind of social relationship in contexts of prolonged collective violence. © 2015 International Union of Psychological Science.

  10. Outline on 'reactive separation, why now'. Gairon 'naze ima, hanno bunri ka'

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kokugan, T.; Kabe, T. (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Technology)


    This paper describes mainly a reactive separation membrane reactor, introducing its principle, history, membrane materials, and permeation mechanism. When a product is removed out of a system, the equilibrium shifts to the product side according to the law of Le Chatelier-Braun. The reaction invert ratio in this case can be explained with an idea that it is based on the equilibrium theory and the velocity theory. Simulations are also performed using numerical analyses. Historically, studies had been made in the 1980{prime}s on reaction velocity theory, permeation mechanisms, and engineering approaches. Reactions as the object of the studies were focused mainly on dehydrogenation react ion. Thereafter, studies have begun on permeation of substances with new membrane other than hydrogen and on biological field. Membrane materials used then were heat-resistant and chemically stable inorganic materials. Recent reports include polymer membranes, hydrophilic and hydrophobic Membrane (in biological field), liquid membranes, and composite membranes. Separation membranes may be divided largely into porous membranes (with micro ports ranging from several {angstrom} to several hundred {angstrom} )and non-porous membranes, each having its specific permeation mechanism. 9 refs., 3 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. Backward jump continuous-time random walk: An application to market trading (United States)

    Gubiec, Tomasz; Kutner, Ryszard


    The backward jump modification of the continuous-time random walk model or the version of the model driven by the negative feedback was herein derived for spatiotemporal continuum in the context of a share price evolution on a stock exchange. In the frame of the model, we described stochastic evolution of a typical share price on a stock exchange with a moderate liquidity within a high-frequency time scale. The model was validated by satisfactory agreement of the theoretical velocity autocorrelation function with its empirical counterpart obtained for the continuous quotation. This agreement is mainly a result of a sharp backward correlation found and considered in this article. This correlation is a reminiscence of such a bid-ask bounce phenomenon where backward price jump has the same or almost the same length as preceding jump. We suggested that this correlation dominated the dynamics of the stock market with moderate liquidity. Although assumptions of the model were inspired by the market high-frequency empirical data, its potential applications extend beyond the financial market, for instance, to the field covered by the Le Chatelier-Braun principle of contrariness.

  12. Identifying the adaptive mechanism in globular proteins: Fluctuations in densely packed regions manipulate flexible parts (United States)

    Yilmaz, Lutfu Safak; Atilgan, Ali Rana


    A low-resolution structural model based on the packing geometry of α-carbons is utilized to establish a connection between the flexible and rigid parts of a folded protein. The former commonly recognizes a complementing molecule for making a complex, while the latter manipulates the necessary conformational change for binding. We attempt analytically to distinguish this control architecture that intrinsically exists in globular proteins. First with two-dimensional simple models, then for a native protein, bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor, we explicitly demonstrate that inserting fluctuations in tertiary contacts supported by the stable core, one can regulate the displacement of residues on loop regions. The positional fluctuations of the flexible regions are annihilated by the rest of the protein in conformity with the Le Chatelier-Braun principle. The results indicate that the distortion of the principal nonbonded contacts between highly packed residues is accompanied by that of the slavery fluctuations that are widely distributed over the native structure. These positional arrangements do not appear in a reciprocal relation between a perturbation and the associated response; the effect of a movement of residue i on residue j is not equal to that of the same movement of residue j on residue i.

  13. Effect of power toothbrushing on simulated wear of dental cement margins. (United States)

    Black, Marsha A; Bayne, Stephen C; Peterson, Charlotte A


    Power toothbrushes (PTBs), in combination with abrasive dentifrices, may encourage wear of dental cements at crown margins. The objective of this in vitro simulation was to control the clinical variables associated with PTB use and measure the potential side effects of PTBs with mild and abrasive dentifrices. Four PTBs ( Braun-Oral-B-Professional Care at 150 g brushing force, Sonicare-Elite at 90 g, Colgate-Actibrush at 200 g and Crest-Spinbrush-Pro at 250 g) and 2 dentifrices mixed 1:1 with tap water (Mild= Colgate-Total, Colgate-Palmolive; Abrasive= Close-up, Chesebrough-Ponds) versus tap water alone (control) were used to abrade 2 cements (Fleck's Mizzy Zinc Phosphate [ZP]; 3M-ESPE Unicem universal cement [UC]) using cement-filled slots (160 m wide) cut into wear-resistant ceramic blocks. A custom fixture controlled PTB/block alignment, PTB loads, and other testing variables. Wear was measured (3 profilometer traces/slot, 5 slots/block/group, baseline to 5-year differences) and analyzed (3-way ANOVA, p PTBs and both dentifrices. Brushing with water showed no effects (pPTBs. Pooled 5y-wear levels for ZP for both dentifrices approximately 21 microm /5y) were similar to values for current-day posterior composite materials. Combinations of PTBs with mild and abrasive dentifrices produced significant wear with ZP but not UC; thus, resin-composite cements seem to represent a better choice for wear resistance.

  14. Phytosociology and plant community utilisation by vervet monkeys of the Blydeberg Conservancy, Limpopo Province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.S. Barret


    Full Text Available The plant communities of the Blydeberg Conservancy were investigated as part of a research project on the foraging ecology of vervet monkeys Cercopithecus aethiops pygerythrus (senso lato in mixed lowveld bushveld and sour lowveld bushveld areas. To date there are no formal management plans for vervet monkeys. This is attributed to the limited knowledge of vervets and their utilisation of and impacts on ecosystems. From a TWINSPAN classification refined by Braun-Blanquet procedures, ten plant communities that can be placed into four major groups were identified. A classification and description of these communities, including a vegetation map are presented. Diagnostic species as well as prominent and less conspicuous species of tree, shrub, herb and grass strata are outlined. Of the ten available plant communities, the vervets utilised only six during the study period. There was an abundant supply of various food sources throughout the year, with movement patterns mostly coinciding with the fruiting times of several tree and other plant species.

  15. Vegetation of the coastal fynbos and rocky headlands south of George, South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. B. Hoare


    Full Text Available Community structure and composition of the coastal fynbos and rocky headland plant communities south of George, southern Cape, were studied. Vegetation was analysed using standard sampling procedures of the floristic-sociological approach of Braun-Blanquet. The releve data were subject to TWIN SPAN-based divisive classification, and ordinated by Principal Coordinates Analysis with the aim to identify vegetation coenocline subsequently interpreted in terms of under­lying environmental gradients. Most of the sampled vegetation was classified as coastal fynbos. The  Leucadendron salignum-Tetraria cuspidata Fynbos Community was found to occupy sheltered habitats, whereas the  Relhania calyci- na-Passerina vulgaris Fynbos Community was found in exposed habitats The other two communities characterise strong­ly exposed rocky headlands. The Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus-Ruschia tenella Community is wind-sheared scrub, and the Gazania rigens- Limonium scabrum Rocky Headland Community is a loose-canopy, low-grown herbland, characterised by the occurrence of partly salt-tolerant and succulent herbs. The ordination of the fynbos communities revealed a horseshoe structure allowing a direct recognition of a coenocline spanning two fynbos communities along the Axis 1 interpreted in terms of exposure to wind and salt spray. A considerable amount of alien plant infestation was also present. This appears to be the largest threat to the continued existence of this coastal fynbos.

  16. The hudiara drain wastewater effect on the distribution of surrounding herbaceous vegetation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shah, F R; Ahmad, N; Zahid, D M; Masood, K R; Ahmad, S.S., E-mail:


    In this study, phytosociological survey using Braun-Blanquet's approach was undertaken to investigate the Hudiara drain wastewater influence on the surrounding vegetation. A total of 99 quadrats were laid to identify the plant species and altogether 66 species were recorded. Multivariate analysis of vegetation data (using CANOCO 4.5. software) classified the vegetation into two major communities including Cynodon dactylon, Boerhaavia diffusa, Parthenium hysterphorus and Xanthium strumarium groups. The presence of these species designated the area as waste land strongly supporting the growth of such species. The pattern of floral diversity was also not uniform and exhibited considerable variation. Canonical Correspondence Analysis revealed that the distribution of vegetation has correlation with environmental variables, but their role in the grouping of species remained non significant. However, soil EC played some role in the grouping of Stellaria media and Fagonia cretic. Similarly, some species viz., Ricinus communis, Boerhaavia diffusa and Phragmites karka showed a correlation with Fe and Cr respectively, suggesting Phragmites karka as a suitable candidate for chromium contaminated sites. (author)

  17. The hudiara drain wastewater effect on the distribution of surrounding herbaceous vegetation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shah, F.R.; Ahmad, N.; Zahid, D.M.; Masood, K.R.; Ahmad, S.S.


    In this study, phytosociological survey using Braun-Blanquet's approach was undertaken to investigate the Hudiara drain wastewater influence on the surrounding vegetation. A total of 99 quadrats were laid to identify the plant species and altogether 66 species were recorded. Multivariate analysis of vegetation data (using CANOCO 4.5. software) classified the vegetation into two major communities including Cynodon dactylon, Boerhaavia diffusa, Parthenium hysterphorus and Xanthium strumarium groups. The presence of these species designated the area as waste land strongly supporting the growth of such species. The pattern of floral diversity was also not uniform and exhibited considerable variation. Canonical Correspondence Analysis revealed that the distribution of vegetation has correlation with environmental variables, but their role in the grouping of species remained non significant. However, soil EC played some role in the grouping of Stellaria media and Fagonia cretic. Similarly, some species viz., Ricinus communis, Boerhaavia diffusa and Phragmites karka showed a correlation with Fe and Cr respectively, suggesting Phragmites karka as a suitable candidate for chromium contaminated sites. (author)

  18. Vascugraft polyurethane arterial prosthesis as femoro-popliteal and femoro-peroneal bypasses in humans: pathological, structural and chemical analyses of four excised grafts. (United States)

    Zhang, Z; Marois, Y; Guidoin, R G; Bull, P; Marois, M; How, T; Laroche, G; King, M W


    Following positive results obtained in in vitro studies and in vivo implantations in animals, a clinical trial using the Vascugraft polyurethane arterial prosthesis as a below-knee substitute was undertaken in 15 patients. Eight grafts became occluded during the first year, and segments from four of them were explanted and made available for pathological, structural and chemical investigations. The implantation periods ranged from 21 to 358 days. Failures were associated with kinking (one case), possible anastomotic mismatch between the graft and the artery (one case), and poor run-off (two cases). No organized collagenous internal encapsulation was noted; however, endothelial-like cells were observed at the anastomotic site of one graft. No significant structural degradation of the prostheses was observed in those grafts implanted for 21, 38 and 46 days. Some deteriorations in the fibrous structure were observed on the external surface of the prosthesis implanted for 358 days. High-resolution carbon C1s analysis by ESCA demonstrated a 60 to 80% decrease in carbonate content on the surface of all explanted prostheses. Chemical analyses of each polyurethane graft by IR, SEC and DSC revealed no significant chemical changes. The clinical performance of the Vascugraft prosthesis for below-knee implantation proved to be no more impressive than that of expanded polytetrafluorethylene, the currently accepted reference. The decision by B. Braun Melsungen AG to end this program is therefore to be regarded as highly professional.

  19. Preparation and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles and their sensor applications for electrochemical monitoring of nucleic acid hybridization. (United States)

    Yumak, Tugrul; Kuralay, Filiz; Muti, Mihrican; Sinag, Ali; Erdem, Arzum; Abaci, Serdar


    In this study, ZnO nanoparticles (ZNP) of approximately 30 nm in size were synthesized by the hydrothermal method and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Braun-Emmet-Teller (BET) N2 adsorption analysis and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). ZnO nanoparticles enriched with poly(vinylferrocenium) (PVF+) modified single-use graphite electrodes were then developed for the electrochemical monitoring of nucleic acid hybridization related to the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). Firstly, the surfaces of polymer modified and polymer-ZnO nanoparticle modified single-use pencil graphite electrodes (PGEs) were characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The electrochemical behavior of these electrodes was also investigated using differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Subsequently, the polymer-ZnO nanoparticle modified PGEs were evaluated for the electrochemical detection of DNA based on the changes at the guanine oxidation signals. Various modifications in DNA oligonucleotides and probe concentrations were examined in order to optimize the electrochemical signals that were generated by means of nucleic acid hybridization. After the optimization studies, the sequence-selective DNA hybridization was investigated in the case of a complementary amino linked probe (target), or noncomplementary (NC) sequences, or target and mismatch (MM) mixture in the ratio of (1:1). Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Long-term landscape evolution of the Poços de Caldas Plateau revealed by thermokinematic numerical modeling using the software code Pecube, SE- Brazil (United States)

    Doranti Tiritan, Carolina; Hackspacher, Peter C.; Glasmacher, Ulrich A.


    The Poços de Caldas Plateau in the southeastern Brazil, and it is characterized by a high relief topography supported by the pre-Cambrian crystalline rocks and by the Poços de Caldas Alkaline Massif (PCAM). Ulbrich et al (2002) determine that the ages for the predominant PCAM intermediate rocks were constrained ~83Ma. In addition, geologic observations indicates the phonolites, tinguaites and nepheline syenites were emplaced in a continuous and rapid sequence lasting between 1 to 2 Ma. The topography is characterized by dissected plateau with irregular topographic ridges and peaks with elevations between 900 and 1300m (a.s.l.) on the metamorphic basement and from 1300 to 1700m (a.s.l) on the PCAM region. Therefore, the aim of the work was quantify the main processes that were responsible for the evolution of the landscape by using methods as the low temperature thermochronology and the 3D thermokinematic modeling, for obtaining data of uplift and erosion rates and to correlate them with the thermal gradients of the region. The 3D thermokinematic modeling was obtained using the software code PECUBE (Braun 2003).

  1. SAFE testing nuclear rockets economically

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Howe, Steven D.; Travis, Bryan; Zerkle, David K.


    Several studies over the past few decades have recognized the need for advanced propulsion to explore the solar system. As early as the 1960s, Werner Von Braun and others recognized the need for a nuclear rocket for sending humans to Mars. The great distances, the intense radiation levels, and the physiological response to zero-gravity all supported the concept of using a nuclear rocket to decrease mission time. These same needs have been recognized in later studies, especially in the Space Exploration Initiative in 1989. One of the key questions that has arisen in later studies, however, is the ability to test a nuclear rocket engine in the current societal environment. Unlike the Rover/NERVA programs in the 1960s, the rocket exhaust can no longer be vented to the open atmosphere. As a consequence, previous studies have examined the feasibility of building a large-scale version of the Nuclear Furnace Scrubber that was demonstrated in 1971. We have investigated an alternative that would deposit the rocket exhaust along with any entrained fission products directly into the ground. The Subsurface Active Filtering of Exhaust, or SAFE, concept would allow variable sized engines to be tested for long times at a modest expense. A system overview, results of preliminary calculations, and cost estimates of proof of concept demonstrations are presented. The results indicate that a nuclear rocket could be tested at the Nevada Test Site for under $20 M

  2. Planetarium Inversum -- a space vision for Earth education. (United States)

    Lotsch, B


    In a planetarium, the visitor is sitting on Earth and looking into an imaginary space. The Planetarium Inversum is the opposite: visitors are sitting in a space station, looking down on Mother Earth. It is a scientifically-based information show with visitors involvement, its elements being partially virtual (Earth in space has to be projected with highest possible resolution) but also containing real structures, such as the visitors' Earth observatory with adjacent biological systems (plant cultures and other ecological life support components). Its main message concerns the limits and the vulnerability of our home planet, its uniqueness, beauty and above all, its irreplaceableness: Earth does not have an emergency exit. The Earth observatory is part of a ring shaped, rotating space station of the type designed by Wernher von Braun decades ago. Visitors are told that gravity is being substituted by centrifugal force. Both types of life support systems are being demonstrated--self regenerative life based ones and technical ones as a backup (solar electric splitting of water and chemical absorption of respiratory CO2). c2003 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. "Recovery" in bipolar disorder: how can service users be supported through a self-management intervention? A qualitative focus group study. (United States)

    Todd, Nicholas J; Jones, Steven H; Lobban, Fiona A


    Bipolar disorder (BD) is a chronic and recurrent affective disorder. Recovery is defined as the process by which people can live fulfilling lives despite experiencing symptoms. To explore how an opportunistically recruited group of service users with BD experience recovery and self-management to understand more about how a service users' recovery may be supported. Twelve service users with BD took part in a series of focus groups. Service users' responses to questions about their personal experiences of self-management and recovery were analysed. Focus groups were transcribed verbatim and thematic analysis ([ Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2006). Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3(2), 77-101]) was employed to identify common themes in the data. Four key themes were identified: (1) Recovery is not about being symptom free; (2) Recovery requires taking responsibility for your own wellness; (3) Self-management: building on existing techniques; (4) Overcoming barriers to recovery: negativity, stigma and taboo. Service users with BD have provided further support for the concept of recovery and have suggested a number of ways recovery can be supported. A self-management approach informed by the recovery literature has been proposed as a way to support service users' recovery.

  4. Dynamics of a quantum phase transition in the Bose-Hubbard model: Kibble-Zurek mechanism and beyond (United States)

    Shimizu, Keita; Kuno, Yoshihito; Hirano, Takahiro; Ichinose, Ikuo


    In this paper, we study the dynamics of the Bose-Hubbard model by using time-dependent Gutzwiller methods. In particular, we vary the parameters in the Hamiltonian as a function of time, and investigate the temporal behavior of the system from the Mott insulator to the superfluid (SF) crossing a second-order phase transition. We first solve a time-dependent Schrödinger equation for the experimental setup recently done by Braun et al. [Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112, 3641 (2015)] and show that the numerical and experimental results are in fairly good agreement. However, these results disagree with the Kibble-Zurek scaling. From our numerical study, we reveal a possible source of the discrepancy. Next, we calculate the critical exponents of the correlation length and vortex density in addition to the SF order parameter for a Kibble-Zurek protocol. We show that beside the "freeze" time t ̂, there exists another important time, teq, at which an oscillating behavior of the SF amplitude starts. From calculations of the exponents of the correlation length and vortex density with respect to a quench time τQ, we obtain a physical picture of a coarsening process. Finally, we study how the system evolves after the quench. We give a global picture of dynamics of the Bose-Hubbard model.

  5. Genetic Analysis of Reduced γ-Tocopherol Content in Ethiopian Mustard Seeds. (United States)

    García-Navarro, Elena; Fernández-Martínez, José M; Pérez-Vich, Begoña; Velasco, Leonardo


    Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) line BCT-6, with reduced γ-tocopherol content in the seeds, has been previously developed. The objective of this research was to conduct a genetic analysis of seed tocopherols in this line. BCT-6 was crossed with the conventional line C-101 and the F1, F2, and BC plant generations were analyzed. Generation mean analysis using individual scaling tests indicated that reduced γ-tocopherol content fitted an additive-dominant genetic model with predominance of additive effects and absence of epistatic interactions. This was confirmed through a joint scaling test and additional testing of the goodness of fit of the model. Conversely, epistatic interactions were identified for total tocopherol content. Estimation of the minimum number of genes suggested that both γ- and total tocopherol content may be controlled by two genes. A positive correlation between total tocopherol content and the proportion of γ-tocopherol was identified in the F2 generation. Additional research on the feasibility of developing germplasm with high tocopherol content and reduced concentration of γ-tocopherol is required.

  6. A phytosociological analysis and synopsis of the dry woodlands and succulent vegetation of the Peruvian Andes. (United States)

    Galán-DE-Mera, Antonio; Sánchez-Vega, Isidoro; Linares-Perea, Eliana; Campos, José; Montoya, Juan; Vicente-Orellana, José A


    A phytosociological approach to dry forest and cactus communities on the occidental slopes of the Peruvian Andes is presented in base of 164 plots carried out following the Braun-Blanquet method. From them, 52 have been made recently, and the other 112 were taken from the literature. After a multivariate analysis, using a hierarchical clustering and a detendred correspondence analysis, the Acacio-Prosopidetea class (dry forest and cactus communities, developed on soils with some edaphic humidity or precipitations derived from El Niño Current), the Opuntietea sphaericae class (cactus communities of central and southern Peru, on few stabilized rocky or sandy soils) and the Carico-Caesalpinietea class (dry forests of the Peruvian coastal desert, influenced by the maritime humidity of the cold Humboldt Current), are differentiated. Within the Acacio-Prosopidetea class, two alliances are commented: the Bursero-Prosopidion pallidae (with two new associations Loxopterygio huasanginis-Neoraimondietum arequipensis and Crotono ruiziani-Acacietum macracanthae), and the new alliance Baccharido-Jacarandion acutifoliae (with the new associations Armatocereo balsasensis-Cercidietum praecocis and Diplopterydo leiocarpae-Acacietum macracanthae). For the Opuntietea sphaericae class, the association Haageocereo versicoloris-Armatocereetum proceri (Espostoo-Neoraimondion) is described on the basis of plots from hyperarid localities of central Peru. Finally, a typological classification of the studied plant communities is given.

  7. Study of the chemical binding effect on the molecular stopping power of V2O5

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eisenbarth, S.R.


    The stopping powers of V and V 2 O 5 have been measured for helium ions with energies from 0.3 to 2.0 MeV and probable errors of 2.2 and 3.0%, respectively. The vanadium stopping power was 12 and 14% lower than the previous measurement of Chu and Powers (1969) and 2 to 5% lower than the semi-empirical values of Chu and Zeigler (1974) in this energy range. The V 2 O 5 stopping power was found to be 2 to 3.5% lower than the Bragg rule curve calculated with the molecular oxygen values of Bourland, Chu, and Powers (1971) and the present vanadium stopping power. The use of Bragg's rule to extract the oxygen contribution to the molecular stopping power of V 2 O 5 results in a solid oxygen stopping power which is in good agreement with the solid molecular oxygen measurement of Chu, Braun, Davies, Matsunami, and Thompson (1978) and approximately 5% higher than Feng's value (1974) obtained from metal oxides which have wide energy band gaps. The present experiment cautions against the use of a common stopping power for oxygen in Bragg rule calculations for solid compounds as purposed by Feng and by Zeigler and Chu (1976)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Classification of tall-forb vegetation of the Altai using the Braun-Blanquet approach was carried out on the basis of a wide ranging set o[ data from different altitudinal belts. Three main phytosociological types of the tall-forb communities were distinguished within the class MulgedioAconitetea, order Tmllio - Crepidetalia due to performed syntaxonomic analysis. The thermophilous tall-forb communities occurring in the subnemoral belt at altitudes of 259-700 m were included in the alliance Cacalio hastatae - Aconition septentrionalis all. nova. The montain tall-forb meadows of the dark-coniferous taiga belt (altitudes of 800-1700 m were included in the alliance Triseto sibiricae-Aconirlon septentrionalis all. prov. The moderately cryophilous subalpine tall-forb communities widespread at the upper boundary of the forest belt at altitudes of 1000-1900 m were included in the alliance Rhaponticion carthamoidis. Altaian tall-forb vegetation shows a distinct phytosociological and plant geographical unity with European subalpine communities but the closeness of the floristic relations varies in certain altitudinal groups. Most thermophilous tall-forb Siberian meadows of the alliance Cacalio-Aconition which occur at lower altitudes demonstrate strong plant geographical relations with North and Central European meadows of the Adenostyletalia. Gradual decrease of the European floristic relations in the Altaian tall-forb meadows at higher altitudes is shown.

  9. Davras Dagı (Isparta ve Çevresinin Orman ve Çalı Vejetasyonu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coşkun SAĞLAM


    Full Text Available Bu vejetasyon çalısması, 2002-2005 yılları arasında Batı Toroslar'da yer alan Davras Dagı ve çevresinde gerçeklestirildi. Vejetasyon Braun-Blanquet (1964 metoduna göre analiz edilerek orman ve çalı vejetasyonuna ait yedi birlik tespit edildi. Bunlardan bes tanesi yenidir. Orman vejetasyonu: Sınıf : Quercetea pubescentis (Oberd, 1948 Doing Kraft, 1955 Ordo : Querco – Cedretalia libani Barbéro, Loisel ve Quézel, 1974 1. Minuartio globulosi – Juniperetum excelsae ass. nova 2. Sileno squamigeri – Quercetum cerridis ass. nova 3. Astragalo oxytropifolii – Pinetum caramanicae ass. nova Alyans : Lonicero nummulariaefoliae – Cedrion libani Quézel, Barbéro ve Akman 1978 4. Veronico syriaci – Cedretum libani ass. nova 5. Diantho cibrarii – Quercetum vulcanicae Kurt et al. 1996 Sınıf : Quercetea ilicis Br.-Bl., 1947 Ordo : Quercetalia ilicis Br.-Bl., 1947, Rivaz Martinez, 1974 Alyans : Quercion cocciferae Quézel, Barbéro, Akman, 1978 6. Hyperico polyphylli – Pinetum brutiae ass. nova Çalı Vejetasyonu: Sınıf : Quercetea pubescentis (Oberd, 1948 Doing Kraft, 1955 Ordo : Querco – Cedretalia libani Barbéro, Loisel ve Quézel, 1974 7. Astragalo atropurpureus– Quercetum cocciferae Kargıoglu, 19

  10. German energy market 2016; Deutscher Energiemarkt 2016

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schiffer, Hans-Wilhelm [World Energy Council, London (United Kingdom). World Energy Resources; Weltenergierat, Berlin (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe Energie fuer Deutschland


    The basic orientation of the German energy supply to the increased use of renewable energies, while increasing energy efficiency, is prediscribed by the German government's energy concept and determines the market development. A current overview of the German energy market is given, which provides also this year a concentrated Compilation of the key data of the energy industry. As in the years before, the article not only summarizes general facts about the energy mix, but also goes into detail on the development of the individual energy sources, petroleum, natural gas, brown coal and hard coal, electricity as well as renewable energies. Furthermore, the price trends of international markets and in the domestic market are explained. A current overview of the development of greenhouse gas emissions concludes the contribution. [German] Die im Energiekonzept der Bundesregierung vorgegebene Grundausrichtung der deutschen Energieversorgung hin zur verstaerkten Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien bei gleichzeitiger Steigerung der Energieeffizienz bestimmt die Marktentwicklung. Vorliegend wird ein aktueller Ueberblick ueber den deutschen Energiemarkt gegeben, der auch in diesem Jahr eine konzentrierte Zusammenstellung der zentralen Eckdaten der Energiewirtschaft leistet. Wie in den Jahren zuvor fasst der Artikel nicht nur allgemeine Fakten zum Energiemix zusammen, sondern geht auch ausfuehrlich auf die Entwicklung der einzelnen Energietraeger Erdoel, Erdgas, Braun- und Steinkohle, Elektrizitaet sowie regenerative Energien ein. Ferner werden die Preistendenzen auf den internationalen Maerkten und im Inland erlaeutert. Eine aktuelle Uebersicht ueber die Entwicklung der Treibhausgas-Emissionen schliesst den Beitrag ab.

  11. Flora and vegetation on dumps of uranium mining in the southern part of the former GDR

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hartmut Sänger


    Full Text Available From 1946 to 1990 an intensive uranium mining had been carried out with underground mining and also with opencast mining by the Wismut enterprise in the southern part of the former GDR. The mining activity lead also in the surroundings of Ronneburg to a permanent growth of devastated areas, among others in the form of dumps and tailings. These areas form by reason of mining-specific contaminations, extrem biotops which demand high claims on the pioneer organisms during the phase of natural first settlement. From 1990 to 1992 vegetation mappings were carried out on 15 dumps of the Thuringia mining area according to Braun-Blanquet (1964. The utilization of the computer programm Flora _D (Frank and Klotz 1990 enabled the ecological characterisation of the dumps. On the 15 investigated dumps found were 498 higher plants, belonging to 65 families. One hundred species are species with a high dominance. The number of species per dump fluctuates between 1 I and 282. Pioneer plants occur on the berms mostly in the second year after stoppage of the dumping, on the slopes after five to ten years. After nearly ten years the first step of settlement seems to be finished. Among the mechanisms of spreading dominate wind- and burdock spread. According to the form of life forms the dump species are predominantly hemicryptophytes, further therophytes, geophytes and phanerophytes.

  12. Detection of nonstationary transition to synchronized states of a neural network using recurrence analyses (United States)

    Budzinski, R. C.; Boaretto, B. R. R.; Prado, T. L.; Lopes, S. R.


    We study the stability of asymptotic states displayed by a complex neural network. We focus on the loss of stability of a stationary state of networks using recurrence quantifiers as tools to diagnose local and global stabilities as well as the multistability of a coupled neural network. Numerical simulations of a neural network composed of 1024 neurons in a small-world connection scheme are performed using the model of Braun et al. [Int. J. Bifurcation Chaos 08, 881 (1998), 10.1142/S0218127498000681], which is a modified model from the Hodgkin-Huxley model [J. Phys. 117, 500 (1952)]. To validate the analyses, the results are compared with those produced by Kuramoto's order parameter [Chemical Oscillations, Waves, and Turbulence (Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 1984)]. We show that recurrence tools making use of just integrated signals provided by the networks, such as local field potential (LFP) (LFP signals) or mean field values bring new results on the understanding of neural behavior occurring before the synchronization states. In particular we show the occurrence of different stationary and nonstationarity asymptotic states.

  13. Analytical model for the effects of wetting on thermal boundary conductance across solid/classical liquid interfaces

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Caplan, Matthew E.; Giri, Ashutosh; Hopkins, Patrick E., E-mail: [Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904 (United States)


    We develop an analytical model for the thermal boundary conductance between a solid and a liquid. By infusing recent developments in the phonon theory of liquid thermodynamics with diffuse mismatch theory, we derive a closed form model that can predict the effects of wetting on the thermal boundary conductance across an interface between a solid and a classical liquid. We account for the complete wetting (hydrophilicity), or lack thereof (hydrophobicity), of the liquid to the solid by considering varying contributions of transverse mode interactions between the solid and liquid interfacial layers; this transverse coupling relationship is determined with local density of states calculations from molecular dynamics simulations between Lennard-Jones solids and a liquids with different interfacial interaction energies. We present example calculations for the thermal boundary conductance between both hydrophobic and hydrophilic interfaces of Al/water and Au/water, which show excellent agreement with measured values reported by Ge et al. [Z. Ge, D. G. Cahill, and P. V. Braun, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 186101 (2006)]. Our model does not require any fitting parameters and is appropriate to model heat flow across any planar interface between a solid and a classical liquid.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Land-use changes and their effect on overbank sediment accumulation were investigated on the floodplain of Middle-Tisza River. Military survey maps (1783, 1860, 1883 and 1890 and aerial photos (1950, 1965, 1980 and 2000 were used to evaluate land-use changes and to calculate the vegetational roughness of the area. To determinate the rate of overbank sedimentation sediment samples were collected from a pit, the grain-size, content of organic matter, heavy metal content (Pb, Cu, Zn, Ni and Cd and pH were measured. Until 1950 meadows and pastures were typical on the floodplain, gallery-forest was along the river, the oxbow-lake and the artificial levee. Notable landuse changes were detected in the second half of the 20th century, as the aerial photo taken in 1965 shows extensive forestry in the area. These land-use changes affected the average vegetational roughness, as it has been doubled since the disappearance of grasslands. Land-use changes highly affect the aggradation, as the increased roughness decreases the flood velocity on the floodplain, causing accelerated aggradation. Using Pb marker horizons and grain-size changes the studied sediment profile was compared to dated profiles (Braun et al. 2003, thus, the sediment accumulation rate could be determined for the periods of 1858-1965 and 1965-2005. According to our measurements the accumulation rate was doubled since 1965, very likely in connection with the doubled vegetational roughness.

  15. Does stress in a dental hygiene and dental therapy undergraduate programme contribute to a sense of well-being in the students? (United States)

    Harris, M; Wilson, J C; Hughes, S; Radford, D R


    Aims To use a qualitative approach to further explore the stress and well-being of dental hygiene and dental therapy students (DHDTS) during their undergraduate training.Subjects and methods Semi-structured individual interviews to explore motivation, goals, and perceived stress, were conducted with eight DHDTS from across all three years of study at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy (UPDA). Thematic analysis of the data was undertaken using Braun and Clarke's (2006) six phases of thematic analysis.Results Three main themes of 'fulfilment', 'the learning environment', and 'perception of stress' were identified. Within these themes, a further 12 sub-themes were identified. Analysis suggested that a strong sense of passion to become a clinician mitigated most, but not all, of the stressful experiences of the DHDTS undergraduate learning environment.Conclusions DHDTS' perceived sources of stress during their undergraduate programme were strongly linked to a sense of meaningfulness.Listen to the author talk about the key findings in this paper in the associated video abstract. Available in the supplementary information online and on the BDJ Youtube channel via

  16. Diverse roles of hydrogen in rhenium carbonyl chemistry: hydrides, dihydrogen complexes, and a formyl derivative. (United States)

    Li, Nan; Xie, Yaoming; King, R Bruce; Schaefer, Henry F


    Rhenium carbonyl hydride chemistry dates back to the 1959 synthesis of HRe(CO)₅ by Hieber and Braun. The binuclear H₂Re₂(CO)₈ was subsequently synthesized as a stable compound with a central Re₂(μ-H)₂ unit analogous to the B₂(μ-H)₂ unit in diborane. The complete series of HRe(CO)(n) (n = 5, 4, 3) and H₂Re₂(CO)(n) (n = 9, 8, 7, 6) derivatives have now been investigated by density functional theory. In contrast to the corresponding manganese derivatives, all of the triplet rhenium structures are found to lie at relatively high energies compared with the corresponding singlet structures consistent with the higher ligand field splitting of rhenium relative to manganese. The lowest energy HRe(CO)₅ structure is the expected octahedral structure. Low-energy structures for HRe(CO)(n) (n = 4, 3) are singlet structures derived from the octahedral HRe(CO)₅ structure by removal of one or two carbonyl groups. For H₂Re₂(CO)₉ a structure HRe₂(CO)₉(μ-H), with one terminal and one bridging hydrogen atom, lies within 3 kcal/mol of the structure Re₂(CO)₉(η²-H₂), similar to that of Re₂(CO)₁₀. For H₂Re₂(CO)(n) (n = 8, 7, 6) the only low-energy structures are doubly bridged singlet Re₂(μ-H)₂(CO)(n) structures. Higher energy dihydrogen complex structures are also found.

  17. Examining relationship between environmental gradients and Lesser Himalyan forest vegetation of Nikyal valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir using ordination analysis. (United States)

    Amjad, Muhammad Shoaib; Arshad, Muhammad; Rashid, Audil; Chaudhari, Sunbal Khalil; Malik, Nafeesa Zahid; Fatima, Sammer; Akrim, Faraz


    To report the relationship of vegetation structure and environmental gradient and physiochemical properties of soil at Nikyal valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir . A survey of natural vegetation and soil of Nikyal valley was undertaken. Phytosociological survey was conducted by using Braun-Blanquet's approach. The study also investigated the vegetation structure and its relationship with altitude and edaphic factors. The floristic data was analyzed by cluster anlaysis, detrended correspondence analysis and canonical correspondence analysis using CANACOO 5.0. A total of 110 plant species and 13 stands were merged into five major associations as dema rcated by cluster analysis and detrended correspondence analysis. The associations were Olea-Pinus-Themeda association, Myrsine-Rhus-Quercus association, Quercus-Rubus-Pinus association and Quercus association. Soil organic matter, saturation, pH and altitude play the major role in distribution of species. The variation in vegetation structure is controlled by the altitudinal gradient and physiochemical properties of soil. These results indicate a deteriorated forest structure and reduced regeneration pattern, demanding immediate attention of forest management authorities. Copyright © 2014 Hainan Medical College. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Caring for a family member with intellectual disability and epilepsy: practical, social and emotional perspectives. (United States)

    Thompson, Rose; Kerr, Mike; Glynn, Mike; Linehan, Christine


    To examine the caregiving impact of those who support a family member with intellectual disability and epilepsy. An online, qualitative international survey was conducted via the auspices of the International Bureau of Epilepsy with various stakeholders who support individuals who have intellectual disability and epilepsy. Qualitative comments were analyzed from respondents who identified themselves as family members (n=48; 36%) who referred specifically to the impact of supporting a family member with these combined disabilities. Four main domains, which were comprised of ten themes, were derived from the qualitative data using Braun and Clarke's qualitative framework. These domains comprised (1) practical concerns, (2) disrupted family dynamics, (3) emotional burden and (4) positive experiences. In combination these themes illustrate the pervasive impact on family life for those supporting an individual with complex needs. Financial concerns, coordination and responsibility of care, diverted attention from other family members and social isolation all contributed a significant burden of care for family members. Positive aspects were, however, also cited including the closeness of the family unit and a fostering of altruistic behavior. The study provides an insight into an under-researched area. The burden of caring for a family member across the lifespan has a largely negative and pervasive impact. Targeted service provision could contribute to an amelioration of the challenges faced by these families. Copyright © 2014 British Epilepsy Association. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Flying on Sun Shine: Sailing in Space

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alhorn, Dean


    On January 20th, 2011, NanoSail-D successfully deployed its sail in space. It was the first solar sail vehicle to orbit the earth and the second sail ever unfurled in space. The 10m2 sail, deployment mechanism and electronics were packed into a 3U CubeSat with a volume of about 3500cc. The NanoSail-D mission had two objectives: eject a nanosatellite from a minisatellite; deploy its sail from a highly compacted volume to validate large structure deployment and potential de-orbit technologies. NanoSail-D was jointly developed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and Ames Research Center. The ManTech/NeXolve Corporation provided key sail design support. NanoSail-D is managed by Marshall and jointly sponsored by the Army Space and Missile Defense Command, the Space Test Program, the Von Braun Center for Science and Innovation and Dynetics Inc. The presentation will provide insights into sailcraft advances and potential missions enabled by this emerging in-space propulsion technology.

  20. Operation experience with the TRIGA Mark II reactor Vienna in the years 1972 through 1974

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Boeck, H.


    Since the last TRIGA Users Conference in Pavia 1972 the TRIGA reactor Vienna was in operation without any larger undesired shut-down. The integral thermal power production by Sept. 1, 1974 was 3420 MWh. The principal work carried out during the last two years on the reactor system was the installation of a new heat exchanger and primary pump both designed for 1 MW steady state operation. Permission was also obtained from the local authority to withdraw up to 90 m 3 /h secondary cooling water from the well. Some troubles were observed with the pulse rod. After nearly 12 years of operation the connection between the piston rod and control rod broke off just below the water surface. Therefore the piston was shot out without withdrawing the pulse rod itself. After locating the trouble the damage was repaired within one day. The SST fuel elements type 110 were received by the end of 1972 for the purpose of power upgrading. All other fuel elements except one are still located in the reactor core and shifted periodically in order to obtain an optimal burnup. A new alarm system was ordered from Hartmann and Braun and is under installation at the moment. In order to facilitate cooperation with the reactor operation personnel and the experimenters in the reactor hall an accurate power indicator has been installed in the reactor hall which allows all experimenters to read the reactor power as accurately as in the control room itself. (U.S.)