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  1. Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China [4 April 1990]. (United States)


    On December 19, 1984, the Chinese and British Governments signed the joint declaration allowing the Peoples' Republic of China to resume sovereignty over Hong Kong effective July 1, 1997. To assure the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, China will establish a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region allowing the socialist system and the policies practiced in Hong Kong to co-exist under the principle of "one country, two systems" as elaborated by the Chinese Government in the Sino-British joint declaration. Under the laws of China, the following Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is enacted, prescribing the systems to be practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, necessary in order to assure implementation of the policies of China toward Hong Kong. The law covers: 1) General Principles, allowing the previous capitalist system to remain unchanged for 50 years, etc. 2) It establishes the relationship between the Central Authorities and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; e.g., China will defend Hong Kong, Hong Kong will possess independent judicial power. Chapter 3 defines the fundamental rights and duties of Hong Kong residents, and defines in chapter 4) the political structure that includes the Chief Executive, the Executive Authorities, the Legislature, the Judiciary, the District Organizations, and Public Servants. Chapter 5 contains information about the economy, public finance, monetary affairs, trade, industry, commerce, land leases, shipping, and civil aviation. Chapter 6 deals with education, science, culture, sports, religion, and labor and social services. Chapter 7 defines the responsibilities for external affairs. Chapter 8 specifies the interpretation and amendment of the Basic Law, ending with chapter 9 Supplementary Provisions, selection of the Chief Executive, formation of the Legislative Council, voting procedures, and the national laws to be applied in the Hong Kong

  2. Outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: case report


    Chan-Yeung, Moira; Yu, W. C.


    OBJECTIVE: To describe the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong. DESIGN: Descriptive case series. SETTING: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China RESULTS: The outbreak started with a visitor from southern China on 21 February. At the hospitals where the first cases were treated the disease spread quickly among healthcare workers, and then out into the community as family members became infected. By 1 April, 685 cases had been reported with 16 deaths. Symptoms in...

  3. Catholic Church-State Relations in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: A Review of 20 Years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatrice K.F. Leung


    Full Text Available The Catholic Church and the Hong Kong British Government formed warm relations when the Church became the contractor of the government to provide education and social and medical service. The British did not provide democracy to Hong Kong but allowed ample freedom including religious freedom which the Hong Kong Catholics would like to protect in the post-colonial period under the Communist Party rule. For religious freedom, right after Hong Kong became the Special Administrative Region (HKSAR, the Hong Kong Catholic Church under the prophetic and vocal leadership of Bishop Joseph Zen, became very active in political participation. Zen’s leadership was short-lived (1996-2009 and the soft-spoken Bishop John Tong replaced him with a different approach of consolidating the church without antagonising the government with social issues.

  4. Hong Kong - Aalborg

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Peter V.


    Artiklen beskriver nogle forløb i SARS epidemien fra efteråret 2002 til sommeren 2003 i Hong Kong. Epidemien blev starten på samarbejdet mellem universitet i Hong Kong og Aalborg Universiter, hvor man i en årrække har forsket i udviklingen af ventilationssystemer der kan forhindre sygdomsspredning...

  5. Hong Kong: country profile. (United States)

    Fozzard, A


    In the 1840s, the small fishing community that is now Hong Kong became a British colony and an important naval base for the Opium Wars. Now it is a leading capitalist center operating on mainland communist China. Hong Kong is scheduled to go back to China in 1997. In the agreement signed between the British government and China, Hong Kong's present lifestyle is guaranteed for at least 50 years. Textbook colonialism rules here. Foreigners hold the key jobs and earn much more than do the indigenous people. They even receive subsidized housing in this very high rent colony. As for the Hong Kong Chinese, overcrowding into 2 room apartments is the norm even though the government tries to provide more housing units. The large skyscrapers in the New Territories breed their unique social and mental health problems, such as poverty, drug abuse and frustration. Essentially all food is imported from communist China, yet agriculture in Hong Kong does exist--pig farms, duck lakes, and fields of the popular vegetable choi sum. Major industry comprise textiles and sweat shops which pay their workers (mostly illegal immigrants and children with no legal protection) wages that are 1/4 of those paid in Great Britain. Financial services, trade, and tourism may soon dominate Hong Kong's economy. Almost 4 million tourists visit Hong Kong yearly, often looking for bargains. Despite Hong Kong's active Western-like business climate, Chinese culture still abounds. Traditional incense burns in Buddhist temples. Snake soup is served in restaurants. Plus traditional medicine practiced alongside Western medicine contributes to Hong Kong having 1 of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world (9/1000) and to its high life expectancy of 76 years.

  6. Retrocession of Hong Kong. (United States)


    part of the Colony of Hong Kong. 9Edgar Holt, The Opium Wars in China (London: Putnam and Company, Ltd., 1964), p. 253; Hong Kong, Laws, Statutes, etc...stateless 8 8 Hilary Ng’weno, "Uganda and Racism," New York Times, 9 November 1972, p. 47. 67 . . . .. . . . . . .I These done in duplicate, each of the...1 and 2. London: His Majesty’s Stationary Office, 1908. Holt, Edgar, The Opium Wars in China. London: Putnam and Company, Ltd, 1964. Hong Kong

  7. Preface to Special Topic: Papers from the 2009 Conference on Advances in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, 2009 (United States)

    Yeo, Leslie Y.


    The inaugural conference on Advances in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics was held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 5–7 January 2009 and brought together leading researchers from across a wide variety of disciplines from North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. This Special Topic section forms the second of the two issues dedicated to original contributions covering both fundamental physicochemical aspects of microfluidics and nanofluidics as well as their applications to the miniaturization of chemical and biological systems that were presented at the conference. PMID:19693335

  8. Early Childhood Education and Special Education: How Well Do They Mix? An Examination of Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood Educational Settings in Hong Kong (United States)

    Zhang, Kaili C.


    To examine and identify the current inclusive practices in early childhood educational settings in Hong Kong, this qualitative study looks at the support and educational services available for young children with special needs in Hong Kong mainstream preschools as well as the characteristics of early childhood educational settings that support…

  9. Intra-Nationalization of Higher Education: The Hong Kong Case (United States)

    Chao, Roger Y.


    This paper explores the internationalization of higher education initiatives of Hong Kong, being one of the Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China, within the context of the Chinese Mainland-Hong Kong (CM-HK) relations. Historical, social, economic, and political ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China, their economic and political…

  10. Outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: case report. (United States)

    Chan-Yeung, Moira; Yu, W C


    To describe the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong. Descriptive case series. Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China The outbreak started with a visitor from southern China on 21 February. At the hospitals where the first cases were treated the disease spread quickly among healthcare workers, and then out into the community as family members became infected. By 1 April, 685 cases had been reported with 16 deaths. Symptoms include high fever and one or more respiratory symptoms (including cough, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing). Changes in lung tissue suggest that part of the lung damage is due to cytokines induced by the microbial agent, which has led to empirical treatment with corticosteroids, broad spectrum antiviral agent, and antibacterial cover. There is strong evidence that a novel coronavirus is the pathogen. Precautions for droplet infection should be instituted, including the wearing of masks and rigorous disinfection and hygiene procedures. On 27 March the Department of Health announced drastic measures, including vigorous contact tracing and examination, quarantine of contacts in their homes, and closure of all schools and universities. The rapidity of the spread of the disease and the morbidity indicate that the agent responsible is highly infectious and virulent. Strict infection control measures for droplet and contact transmission by healthcare workers, a vigilant healthcare profession, and public education are essential for disease prevention.

  11. Teaching Students with Special Educational Needs in Inclusive Music Classrooms: Experiences of Music Teachers in Hong Kong Primary Schools (United States)

    Wong, Marina Wai-yee; Chik, Maria Pik-yuk


    It has been a decade since the implementation of Hong Kong's policy of inclusion, that mainstream schools should admit students with special educational needs (SEN). This study reports on music teachers' experiences of teaching SEN students in inclusive music classrooms. Data were derived from a qualitative multiple case study comprising 10…

  12. Human Rights Development in the First 20 Years of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chong Yiu Kwong


    Full Text Available Have human rights been improved since the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR? Perspectives will be drawn from comments of the United Nations (UN, public perception, application of UN human rights conventions, enactment of human rights laws and landmark judgments by the Court of Final Appeal (CFA. Major human rights improvements were achieved before the 1997 handover whereas little progress has been made thereafter. Human rights deterioration after 1997 was signified by the first interpretation of the Basic Law by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC in June 1999. Anti-national security law movement in 2003 and the Umbrella Movement in 2014 substantially changed the political landscape as well as the human rights environment. The Central People’s Government (CPG has been tightening control on HKSAR’s autonomy, resulting in lowering the degree of autonomy and less protection of human rights.

  13. Academic Freedom in Hong Kong (United States)

    Currie, Jan; Petersen, Carole J.; Mok, Ka Ho


    In this book, the authors explore the unique situation in Hong Kong, a tiny jurisdiction in which there is active protection for the freedom of expression despite the close proximity and relationship with mainland China. Hong Kong scholars and intellectuals assume the responsibility of public critics, but this is not without an element of crisis.…

  14. Education Reform in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chris Dowson


    Full Text Available Since the early 1990s, the pace of educational reform in Hong Kong has accelerated and broadened to incorporate almost all areas of schooling. The reforms introduced during this period can be subsumed under what has generally been labelled the quality movement. In this paper, we review and comment on a number of policy reform initiatives in the four areas of "Quality Education," English Language Benchmarking, Initial Teacher Training and the Integration of Pupils with Special Needs into Ordinary Classrooms. Following a brief description of each policy initiative, the reforms are discussed in terms of their consistency, coherence and cultural fit.

  15. A comparison on inclusive practices for children with special needs in faith-based kindergartens in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lai, Yue Sum Sharon; Zhang, Kaili Chen


    This qualitative study aimed to examine the inclusive practices implemented in three faith-based kindergartens in Hong Kong. A questionnaire was used to collect information about school backgrounds, students' special needs, teacher training, special education services, curriculum design, school policy, parental involvement, and challenges faced by these schools when implementing their inclusive practices. The primary focus of this study was the influence of faiths on the provision of inclusive services for children with special needs. The results indicated that faiths, along with other factors, have played a significant role in contributing to the inclusive education services provided to children in these schools.

  16. Inclusive Education Policy in the Hong Kong Primary Music Classroom (United States)

    Wong, Marina Wai-yee; Chik, Maria Pik-yuk


    An education reform policy and inclusive education policy have been implemented in Hong Kong for over a decade. As more students with special educational needs have entered the mainstream education system under these policies, Hong Kong's primary music classrooms offer a site where three policies interact--the education reform policy entitled…

  17. Hong Kong: Ten Years After the Handover

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Martin, Michael F


    ... to where they stood prior to the Handover. There also is unease about the independence of Hong Kong's judicial system and the protection provided by Hong Kong's Basic Law in light of decisions made by the Chinese government...

  18. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among Special School Students with Mild Intellectual Disability in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Mok, W K; Ling, T K


    The aim of this study was to predict the fruit and vegetable consumption intention of students with mild intellectual disability in Hong Kong by the application of Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behaviour. 50 students with mild intellectual disability (30 male and 20 female), ranging in age from 15 to 38 years, were participated in this study. By means of face-to-face interviews, demographic data, Food Preference and variables of Theory of Planned Behaviour, such as Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control were measured. 20%, 28% and 10% students with mild intellectual disability were rated to be overweight, obese and severely obese respectively. The rest of 10% were classified to be underweight. Regarding the daily intake of fruit and vegetable, 96% students with mild intellectual disability failed to consume sufficient amount. The variables of Theory of Planned Behaviour explained 47.7% of fruit and vegetable consumption intention with significant factors of Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control. Food Preference was found to be a useful construct and further improve the prediction by about 7% after incorporating into the model. Results of this study indicated that Theory of Planned Behaviour is a useful model to predict dietary intention of students with mild intellectual disability in Hong Kong. Food Preference was a significant predictor to model the intention of fruit and vegetable consumption among students other than Attitude, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioural Control.

  19. Creativity in Hong Kong Schools (United States)

    Burton, Pauline


    This paper examines discourses of creativity in English-language education in post-colonial Hong Kong, where educational reform has mandated a change from transmissive to interactive modes of teaching and learning and a shift towards more creative methods of teaching English. The literature is reviewed with regard to discourses of creativity both…

  20. Unschooling In Hong Kong: A Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gina RILEY


    Full Text Available Although homeschooling, and more recently, unschooling, is slowly gaining acceptance in the United States; unschooling in Hong Kong is rare and considered risky. The Educational Bureau of Hong Kong (EDB tends to discourage alternative forms of education, believing that traditional schooling is the best way to educate students. This case study focuses on the unschooling experience of Karen Chow and her family. Karen is one of the first individuals to choose to unschool her children in Hong Kong. She is also the founder and executive member of, an organization focused on rethinking education and educational alternatives in Hong Kong.

  1. Introduction of Eleutherodactylus planirostris (Amphibia, Anura, Eleutherodactylidae to Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wing Ho Lee


    Full Text Available An unidentified small frog species was first encountered in Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR, China, in 2000, where the local amphibian diversity is well-studied. We herein identified this unknown frog as Eleutherodactylus planirostris (greenhouse frog using DNA barcoding. We found that its distribution in Hong Kong is widespread (>18 localities, and breeding has been observed in multiple occasions. The populations in at least four localities persisted for over seven years. We discuss its potential negative impacts to terrestrial ecosystems in Hong Kong, with particular concern of its potential competition with the endemic Liuixalus romeri. We call for studies to investigate the impacts of the introduced E. planirostris on the local ecosystem. Screening for E. planirostris in exported plants from Hong Kong should be carried out.

  2. Hong Kong Dreams and Disney Fantasies: How Hong Kong Disneyland (Controversially) Indigenizes Space, Labor, and Consumption


    Banh, Jenny


    ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATIONHong Kong Dreams and Disney Fantasies: How Hong Kong Disneyland (Controversially) Indigenizes Space, Labor, and ConsumptionbyJenny BanhDoctor of Philosophy, Graduate Program in Anthropology University of California, RiversideDr. Yolanda Moses, ChairpersonIn 2005, Hong Kong imported the ultimate piece of Americana - Disneyland: the globe's largest media company and themepark operator. This dissertation looks at how the Hong Kong Disneyland indigenizes in terms of Sp...

  3. Historical Development of Hong Kong Sign Language (United States)

    Sze, Felix; Lo, Connie; Lo, Lisa; Chu, Kenny


    This article traces the origins of Hong Kong Sign Language (hereafter HKSL) and its subsequent development in relation to the establishment of Deaf education in Hong Kong after World War II. We begin with a detailed description of the history of Deaf education with a particular focus on the role of sign language in such development. We then…

  4. Hong Kong : Een studie van de huisvestingscyclus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van der Bol, R.; Van Hoof, P.; Huijbregts, R.


    Deze reis is door de drie organisatoren "Hong Kong 96" genoemd. Deze datering is inderdaad wenselijk, we hebben immers nog het Hong Kong mogen zien dat volop in de running is om een belangrijke plaats in dit deel van de wereld in te nemen. De speculaties over het hoe en wat na 1997 waren gedurende

  5. Validating Onscreen Marking in Hong Kong (United States)

    Coniam, David


    This paper details an investigation into onscreen marking (OSM) in Hong Kong--where paper-based marking is being phased out, being completely superseded by OSM. The study described involved 30 raters who had previously rated English language essay scripts on screen in the 2007 Hong Kong Certificate of Education examination. In the current study,…

  6. The Preparation of Educational Psychologists in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lam, Shui-fong


    Modeled after the British system, school psychologists in Hong Kong are called educational psychologists. Hong Kong is the first location in Asia to have a recognized specialty vocation in educational psychology and a program for their professional preparation. The first program in Hong Kong, established by the University of Hong Kong in 1981…

  7. A review of advanced practice nursing in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Judith M. Parker


    Full Text Available This paper provides an overview of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN in the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. It is based upon documents presented to the China Medical Board (CMB China Nursing Network (CNN as background for discussions held by the CNN in Shanghai. It discusses the APN role in these countries and regions according to topics identified by the CNN. These are APN educational preparation; role legitimacy; capacity requirements; scope of practice, domains of activities and limited rights for prescription and referral; professional promotion ladder; accreditation system; and, performance evaluation system. Both Canada and Australia have adapted many aspects of the USA model of APN to fit their specific legislative requirements and local conditions. Hong Kong has taken a different path which may be of interest in the Chinese context.

  8. Prehospital care in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lo, C B; Lai, K K; Mak, K P


    A quick and efficient prehospital emergency response depends on immediate ambulance dispatch, patient assessment, triage, and transport to hospital. During 1999, the Ambulance Command of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department responded to 484,923 calls, which corresponds to 1329 calls each day. Cooperation between the Fire Services Department and the Hospital Authority exists at the levels of professional training of emergency medical personnel, quality assurance, and a coordinated disaster response. In response to the incident at the Hong Kong International Airport in the summer of 1999, when an aircraft overturned during landing, the pre-set quota system was implemented to send patients to designated accident and emergency departments. Furthermore, the 'first crew at the scene' model has been adopted, whereby the command is established and triage process started by the first ambulance crew members to reach the scene. The development of emergency protocols should be accompanied by good field-to-hospital and interhospital communication, the upgrading of decision-making skills, a good monitoring and auditing structure, and commitment to training and skills maintenance.

  9. Air quality strategy for Hong Kong

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alex, N.K.Y. [Air Policy Group, Wanchai (Hong Kong). Environmental Protection Dept.


    Hong Kong has experienced unimpeded economic growth for four decades but at the same time has suffered from growing air pollution. A new look at the air quality strategy is therefore required to bring about sustainable development. (author)

  10. College Psychotherapy at a Hong Kong Counseling Center (United States)

    Leung, Eugenie Y.


    This article presents an online interview about college psychotherapy at a Hong Kong counseling center. The interview discusses how students generally feel about going for counseling or therapy and how common it is in Hong Kong.

  11. Disneyland in Hong Kong — Green Challenge (A)


    Terence Tsai; Shubo Philip Liu


    In mid-1999, the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Government were involved in intense discussions about the possibility of building the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park on Lantau Island. This case presented detailed information about the proposed theme park and the associated decision making process with a particular emphasis on sustainable development. It also lays out the characteristics of the Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong people that might have played a role in decision making.Th...

  12. Childhood injury prevention in Hong Kong Hong Kong Childhood Injury Prevention Research Group. (United States)


    Injury is a major health problem in Hong Kong children. During the past two decades, injury and poisoning have surpassed infectious diseases as the leading cause of childhood mortality in Hong Kong. These two are also the leading cause of childhood disability. In 1995, injury and poisoning caused approximately 2% of the deaths among children aged 0 to 1 years, 26% of the deaths among children aged 1 to 4 years, and 36% of all deaths of children aged 4 to 14 years. Road traffic accidents, drowning and submersion, and accidental falls accounted for 30%, 20%, and 20%, respectively, of all deaths from unintentional injury in children younger than 15 years of age. Exact morbidity figures for injury and poisoning are not available but injuries are known to account for approximately 30% of paediatric attendances at the accident and emergency departments of regional hospitals, 20% of all hospitalisations among children, and 65% of surgical or orthopaedic admissions. It has been estimated that approximately 2.9% of children will be admitted to hospital for an injury at least once before their fourth birthday. Hong Kong is a small, highly urbanised, and densely populated place that has undergone tremendous socio-economic development in the past three decades. The pattern of injuries has changed and shows some special characteristics. Information on the extent of the problem, the type of injury, and contributing factors are scarce. Preventive measures are reactive in nature, piecemeal, and usually not subject to evaluation. It is recommended that childhood injury prevention be accorded a high priority, child safety be given prime consideration in all policies involving children, and more research be conducted.

  13. Post-Umbrella Movement: Localism and Radicalness of the Hong Kong Student Movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Che-po Chan


    Full Text Available Hong Kong student movements before the Umbrella Movement showed a political outlook of voicing within norm of the establishment, using “peaceful, rational and non-violent” approaches, acknowledging the authorities of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR and mainland Chinese governments and recognizing attachment to the motherland China. Today’s new emerging political outlook of the Hong Kong student movement has a profile of anti-establishment, using more assertive means and not excluding radical behaviour, distrust of the HKSAR and mainland authorities and assertion of radical localism. In the last two years, Hong Kong students have undergone a rapid change in their orientation, resulting in today’s outlook. This paper argues that the Umbrella Movement is the key for the turnaround and it testifies to the birth of a new social and political consciousness amongst Hong Kong students.

  14. The Quality of Life in Hong Kong (United States)

    Sing, Ming


    The AsiaBarometer of 1,000 respondents shows that Hong Kong people have a great desire for materialistic attainment, and such an emphasis on materialism bodes ill for their quality of life. Negative assessments of the public life sphere, which encompasses the natural environment, the social welfare system, and the democratic system, also detract…

  15. Sibling Incest: A Hong Kong Experience. (United States)

    Tsun, O. K. Angela


    Presents a case study of a Hong Kong Chinese adult survivor of brother-sister incest. Discusses her symptoms, feelings toward incest, parental response at disclosures, and implications for practice. Also discusses Chinese cultural influences that affect the family and lead to secrecy and shame. (CR)

  16. Visual Chunking Skills of Hong Kong Children (United States)

    Pak, Ada K. H.; Cheng-lai, Alice; Tso, Ivy F.; Shu, Hua; Li, Wenling; Anderson, Richard C.


    This study investigated the development of visual chunking skills in the processing of Chinese characters among Hong Kong pupils. One-hundred-seventy-nine primary school students from first, second and fourth grades were administered a character copying task. Children as young as 6 years of age were aware of character units and were able to apply…

  17. Timetabling in Hong Kong Secondary Schools. (United States)

    Kwok, Lam-For; And Others


    Describes a survey that was conducted to understand the scope of timetabling in Hong Kong secondary schools. The use of computers for timetabling is explored, and it is concluded that further research on appropriate software to automate timetabling is needed. (LRW)

  18. Ayuntamiento de Hong-Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fitch, A.


    Full Text Available This town hall comprises five buildings, each with a particular function, but all expressing a mutual coherence and architectural unity. The main building features a large entrance hall, leading to the concert hall and the theatre. On the first floor there is a dancing hall with accommodation for 500 people. The banquet hall can seat 500, it is situated on the second floor, and is fitted to supply both Chinese and European food. It can operate as an ordinary restaurant. The concert hall has been designed for an audience of 1,500, with a stage suitable for an orchestra of 100 players and 120 dancers. Although its primary purpose is the holding of symphony concerts, it can be adapted to Chinese opera and other types of stage displays. The theatre has 467 seats, and its acoustical properties are such that chamber music can also be performed in it. Another building of this project is a 12 storey tower. On the lower floor weddings and civil ceremonies are held. There are libraries on the second and sixth floors. An exhibition hall occupies the seventh floor. On the eighth there are two lecture rooms, and on the ninth offices and a workshop. A museum and an art gallery take up the tenth and eleventh floors. The air conditioning installations, engine room and other ancillary services are situated on the top of the building. Part of the project includes a garden commemorating the Hong-Kong volunteers who died in the period 1941-45: it stands on an elevated site, and a polygonal shaped chapel completes this memorial. On the outside the tower is faced in marble, whilst the concert hall walls are in polished granite. A sole of blue enamelled brick extends along the whole perimeter of the central block, including the wall surrounding the memorial garden.Comprende un grupo de cinco edificios dedicados a fines diversos, pero a. los que se les ha imprimido una coherencia y unidad que aumenta su valor individual. La edificación principal presenta el gran hall

  19. High Degree of Autonomy: The Reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese Sovereignty

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Choyke, Michele


    ...) of the People's Republic of China. The Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong calls for maintaining Hong Kong's lifestyle and "high degree of autonomy" for fifty years after its transition to the Hong Kong SAR...

  20. Tackling Adolescent Substance Abuse in Hong Kong: Where We Should and Should Not Go

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel T. L. Shek


    Full Text Available In the 2007 Policy Address, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, P.R.C. expressed the Administration’s concern about adolescent substance abuse and proposed to form a high-level interdepartmental task force to tackle the problem in a holistic manner. In this paper, the author presents his observations about adolescent substance abuse in Hong Kong, and outlines the risk factors and related strategies based on the ecological perspective that the Government should consider in order to tackle the problem of adolescent substance abuse in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the directions where the Government should and should not go are discussed.

  1. 'Carcinogens in a puff': smoking in Hong Kong movies. (United States)

    Ho, Sai-Yin; Wang, Man-Ping; Lai, Hak-Kan; Hedley, Anthony J; Lam, Tai-Hing


    Smoking scenes in movies, exploited by the tobacco industry to circumvent advertisement bans, are linked to adolescent smoking. Recently, a Hong Kong romantic comedy Love in a puff put smoking at centre stage, with numerous smoking scenes and words that glamourise smoking. Although WHO has issued guidelines on reducing the exposure of children to smoking in movies, none is adopted in Hong Kong. Comprehensive tobacco control strategies are urgently needed to protect young people in Hong Kong from cigarette promotion in movies.

  2. Slimming company websites in Hong Kong: implications for women's health. (United States)

    Chan, Zenobia C Y; Lai, Wing-Fu


    This study sought to investigate, with a focus on the Hong Kong context, how commercial slimming websites portray the body image of beauty to the public, and to explore practical implications for related public health practices and health policy formulation. Commercial entities in the Hong Kong slimming industry were retrieved from the Hong Kong Yellow Page Directory and Yahoo Hong Kong Directory, and selected websites were coded and further analyzed. We found that irresponsible tactics are used in the slimming industry such that irresponsible messages prevail. Collaborative efforts from multidisciplinary sectors are needed to tackle the situation.

  3. The Hong Kong schools solar education programme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Close, J. [University of Hong Kong (China). Dept. of Architecture


    The Hong Kong schools solar education programme brings together Government, its Design and Education sectors, an electricity utility, CLP RI, academic researchers (PV HKU Research Group) and construction professionals to implement a programme that provides hands-on experience, IT skills and problem-based learning opportunities for (all) HK primary and secondary school children. Intended to raise their awareness and real understanding of the contribution of renewable energy technologies to everyday life, the programme has a further objective to expand the experience of local construction professionals in RET installations. At the same time the programme aims to create the start-up market for new industries specialising in related technology components, boosting their commercialisation and reducing costs plus reviving HK's industry sector. It's ultimate goal is to reduce CO{sub 2} emissions through setting the school target of 25% energy generation from RET technologies. BIPV installations are the initial technology. These are combined with a specially developed school BEMS and website-based monitoring system from which the first pilot school will be assessed. Mini-installations are to be funded and installed in all HK schools through the HK PV Consortium. (author)

  4. Hong Kong and Beijing: Trip Report


    Buss, Claude Albert


    This report contrasts the political and economic atmosphere of Hong Kong and Beijing. It examines the issues in relations between China and the United States and speculates about the possible successors to power in China. Finally, it reports on a conference on security and development in Northeast Asia, jointly sponsored by Georgia Tech, U.S.A. and the Institute of Global Concerns, Beijing Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

  5. Organic foods consumers in Hong Kong


    Matthew H. T. Yap


    Asian organic foods consumers’ behaviour is worth investigating to sustain the continuous growth of organic foods consumption. Hence, Fiona has the ambition to employ the innovation diffusion theory to profile and understand organic foods consumers in Hong Kong in her research proposal. The process of writing an acceptable research proposal is challenging, tedious and time consuming as depicted in Fiona’s experience. Hence, this case study provides the opportunity for educators, students, and...

  6. Aetiology of allergic rhinitis in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher W.K. Lam


    Full Text Available In a 1993 survey, allergic rhinitis was identified as the most common allergic disease in Hong Kong, affecting 29.1% of schoolchildren. Recently (1995, the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC also reported 44.5% current rhinitis among Hong Kong teenagers. Our objective was to study the aetiology of allergic rhinitis in Hong Kong using serological tests of allergen sensitization. In 57 allergic rhinitis patients and in the same number of age- and sex-matched controls the following were measured: serum total IgE, mixed aeroallergen IgE (Phadiatop™ and specific IgE versus house dust mite (HDM, cockroach, cat and dog dander, mould mixture (Penicillium, Cladosporium, Aspergillus and Alternaria species and four local pollens (Bermuda grass, Timothy, ragweed and mugwort. Compared with controls, allergic rhinitis patients (26 males, 31 females; mean (± SD age 25 ±11 years had a significantly elevated serum total IgE concentration (mean ± SEM: 496 ± 88 vs 179 ± 38 kU/L and an increased proportion of positive Phadiatop (95 vs 33% and specific IgE tests versus HDM (90 vs 44% and cockroach (42 vs 9%; Mann-Whitney U-test and χ2 tests all P < 0.005. There was no significant difference in sensitization to other allergens tested. House dust mite and cockroach are ubiquitous in Hong Kong with a warm, humid climate and crowded living conditions. Their identification as aetiological agents of allergic rhinitis should help in the development of environmental strategies for reducing the inhalant allergen load to prevent and control this prevalent and costly health problem in our community.

  7. Families and family therapy in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tse, Samson; Ng, Roger M K; Tonsing, Kareen N; Ran, Maosheng


    Family therapy views humans not as separate entities, but as embedded in a network of relationships, highlighting the reciprocal influences of one's behaviours on one another. This article gives an overview of family demographics and the implementation of family therapy in Hong Kong. We start with a review of the family demographics in Hong Kong and brief notes on families in mainland China. Demographics show that the landscape has changed markedly in the past decade, with more cross-border marriages, an increased divorce rate, and an ageing overall population - all of which could mean that there is increasing demand for professional family therapy interventions. However, only a limited number of professionals are practising the systems-based approach in Hong Kong. Some possible reasons as to why family therapy is not well disseminated and practised are discussed. These reasons include a lack of mental health policy to support family therapy, a lack of systematic family therapy training, and a shortage of skilled professionals. Furthermore, challenges in applying the western model in Chinese culture are also outlined. We conclude that more future research is warranted to investigate how family therapy can be adapted for Chinese families.

  8. Education, democracy and colonial transition the case of Hong Kong (United States)

    Bray, Mark; Lee, W. O.


    Among the main features of the decolonisation process in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific were widespread efforts by colonial authorities to introduce democratic forms of government. These efforts sought to prepare the territories for selfgovernment and independence. In Hong Kong, the colonial era is coming to an end later than in other sizeable territories in the world, and the transition will not be to independence but to a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. This transition is planned to take place in 1997. Nevertheless, in the twilight of the colonial era the authorities are making strong efforts to promote democracy, and see the education system as an important instrument to help achieve this goal. This paper analyses the case of Hong Kong within the context of comparative literature, and shows how the Hong Kong experience requires adaptation of existing theories. It addresses both macro-level and school-level initiatives, and discusses the extent to which education is a useful instrument to achieve the overall objective.

  9. Assessing Hong Kong's Blueprint for Internationalising Higher Education (United States)

    Skidmore, David


    This paper provides a critical assessment of the key recommendations for internationalising higher education in Hong Kong issued by the University Grants Committee in December 2010. Key topics include the rationale for internationalisation, the process by which internationalisation will be carried out, the proposal that Hong Kong aspire to become…

  10. Hong kong chemical waste treatment facilities: a technology overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siuwang, Chu [Enviropace Ltd., Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


    The effective management of chemical and industrial wastes represents one of the most pressing environmental problems confronting the Hong Kong community. In 1990, the Hong Kong government contracted Enviropace Limited for the design, construction and operation of a Chemical Waste Treatment Facility. The treatment and disposal processes, their integration and management are the subject of discussion in this paper

  11. Facing Reality in University English Teaching in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Boyle, Joseph P.

    This paper focuses on those aspects of which teachers must be aware when teaching university students in Hong Kong. These aspects include cultural factors, the influence of political, social, and educational developments in Hong Kong over the years, and the students' feelings of achievement in attending the university. In terms of language,…

  12. Hong Kong Perspectives on Educational Technology Research and Practice (United States)

    Spector, J. Michael; Yuen, H. K.; Wang, Minhong; Churchill, Daniel; Law, Nancy


    This is the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT; see The silver anniversary annual meeting will be held at the University of Hong Kong December 8--10, with the theme of the conference being "Communication and Education: New Media, Knowledge Practices, and…

  13. The Cultural Obstacles of Counseling Licensure in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lam, Gigi; Yeung, Marine


    A comprehensive package of counseling credentialism comprises certification, registration, and licensing. Counseling in Hong Kong adheres to certification for which diverse counseling master's programs exist. In addition, counselors can register as members of professional counseling organizations such as the Hong Kong Professional Counseling…

  14. Elder Learning in Hong Kong: Policies, Programmes, Provisions, and Issues (United States)

    Tam, Maureen


    This paper explores the notions of active ageing and elder learning in Hong Kong where a strategic approach to elderly education is applied by the government to encourage lifelong learning. The paper outlines the policy development and support for elder learning in Hong Kong in two distinct periods: pre-1997 and post-1997. The post-1997 period is…

  15. Examining Negative Attitudes toward Onscreen Marking in Hong Kong (United States)

    Coniam, David


    This article details an investigation into onscreen marking (OSM) in Hong Kong--where paper-based marking (PBM) is being phased out, to be completely superseded by OSM. It is a specific follow-up to a larger study (Coniam, 2009a) involving 30 raters who had previously rated English language essay scripts on screen in the 2007 Hong Kong Certificate…

  16. School Experience of Chinese Sexual Minority Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kwok, Diana K.


    Heterosexism faced by sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer/questioning [LGBQ]) students has been extensively studied internationally in the past 2 decades but has only recently received attention from Hong Kong Chinese society. Chinese LGBQ students are not guaranteed to be included in Hong Kong schools, where antidiscrimination…

  17. Political Participation : A qualitative study of citizens in Hong Kong


    Bergström, Liza


    Abstract “Political participation” - A qualitative study of citizens in Hong Kong Thesis in Political Science, D-level Author: Liza Bergström Tutor: Michele Micheletti On July 1, 1997 China resumed its sovereignty over Hong Kong. Ever since long before the handover until today scholars ask whether and how the changes in Hong Kong’s political status are affecting politics in Hong Kong. This paper is situated in this on-going academic debate. Its purpose is to investigate whether system changes...

  18. East Asia Review, 1973. 1. Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lam, P


    Developments in the field of population and family planning during 1973 in Hong Kong are reviewed. The most significant event of the year was the start of the government family planning program. Hong Kong $2.4 million has been allocated to cover the cost of the government's participation in a phased program to integrate family planning services into its maternal and child health program. 4 part-time clinics run by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong became the responsibility of the Medical and Health Department in October 1973. In January 1974, 4 full-time clinics will be taken over, and the remaining clinics in maternal and child health centers will be turned over beginning April 1974. This should 3e completed by the end of 1974. The crude annual birth rate for 1973 was 19.8 per thousand. In 1972 it was 19.7. The death rate remained at around 5. The population growth rate increased to around 3%, of which about half was due to immigration from China. There was a 5.8% increase in new acceptors from January 1973 to November 1973. The Association increased its use of the mass media, particularly radio and television. In 1972, the Association conducted a "Study of the Impact of Industrialization on Fertility in Hong Kong" in conjunction with the Social Research Center of the Chinese University. It was determined that industrialization has affected fertility in a number of interrelated ways. Higher education levels, better employment opportunities (particularly for women), urbanization, desire for improved living standards, and postponement of marriage, which are the primary effects of industrialization, have resulted in changing attitudes toward children and childbearing as reflected in the finding that the percentage of people using contraceptives rose from 44% in 1967 to 48% in 1972. In the future, the Association will establish new clinics in those parts of the colony not presently being reached, and it will develop services to reach such groups as working

  19. Human embryo cloning prohibited in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Liu, Athena


    Since the birth of Dolly (the cloned sheep) in 1997, debates have arisen on the ethical and legal questions of cloning-for-biomedical-research (more commonly termed "therapeutic cloning") and of reproductive cloning using human gametes. Hong Kong enacted the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance (Cap 561) in 2000. Section 15(1)(e) of this Ordinance prohibits the "replacing of the nucleus of a cell of an embryo with a nucleus taken from any other cell," i.e., nucleus substitution. Section 15(1)(f) prohibits the cloning of any embryo. The scope of the latter, therefore, is arguably the widest, prohibiting all cloning techniques such as cell nucleus replacement, embryo splitting, parthenogenesis, and cloning using stem cell lines. Although the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance is not yet fully operative, this article examines how these prohibitions may adversely impact on basic research and the vision of the Hong Kong scientific community. It concludes that in light of recent scientific developments, it is time to review if the law offers a coherent set of policies in this area.

  20. Political participation in Hong Kong: a study. (United States)

    Chan, S W; Cheng, B S


    The aim of this study was to investigate nurses' level of political participation and their perception of political efficacy. This is a descriptive study. A self-completed questionnaire survey was conducted. Some items in the adopted questionnaire were modified to suit the Hong Kong situation. A convenience sample was used. Three hundred and fifty registered nurses that were studying nursing degree programmes in the three universities in Hong Kong were invited to participate in the study. Three hundred and eleven registered nurses completed the questionnaire. The findings showed that there were some positive signs of both political awareness and participation in nurses. However, political activities were mainly confined to voting in general elections. Attempts to influence politicians were not evident. Subjects generally have low political efficacy, and they did not feel that nurses had the power to influence the government's policy. The results of this study are discussed in terms of the barriers to nurses' political participation and the recommendations for nursing professional development.

  1. The Hong Kong Peak Tram Illusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ping-Hui Chiu


    Full Text Available Hong Kong Peak Tram Illusion is the perceived slant of buildings towards the peak away from the vertical while observers travel on the Hong Kong peak tram. We measured the perceived tilt of the buildings from true vertical (illusion size using a rotary pitch while an identical pitch read the slope of the hill. The illusion was hypothesized to be jointly determined by at least four factors: (i the reclining position of the observer, (ii the frame of the tram window, (iii the direction of motion, and (iv additional reference cues from outside the window. Our results showed that the illusion: (i was reduced by up to 20% when observers sat with a wedge on their back and up to 40% when they stood up. (ii remained even when observers moved closer to the window to avoid the effect of the frame. (iii was 20% larger when the tram was descending, as opposed to ascending. (iv was less apparent during the day. The illusion appears to be due to integration of the above sensory information as it cannot be accounted for by each factor alone. The illusion provides a unique venue to study cross-modal sensory interaction in the nature setting.

  2. Gaming behavior and addiction among Hong Kong adolescents

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wong, Irene Lai Kuen; Lam, Millicent Pui Sze


    Game playing is very popular among Hong Kong teenagers. This study aimed to investigate adolescent gaming behavior and addiction at the Internet cafe, and to explore perceived benefits and harms associated...

  3. Gigantiform cementoma occurring in two populations, London and Hong Kong. (United States)

    MacDonald-Jankowski, D S


    The gigantiform cementoma presents as multiple opacities in the tooth-bearing areas of the jaws. Sixteen cases are presented, six of British Negresses and 10 of Hong Kong Chinese females. The differential diagnosis and management are briefly reviewed.

  4. Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation: A Hong Kong Study


    Lau, Holning; Stotzer, Rebecca L.


    Various parties have called on Hong Kong to pass legislation proscribing sexual orientation-based employment discrimination. The government has suggested that data on discrimination should inform debate on this matter. This survey of 792 self-identified sexual orientation minorities in Hong Kong examined (1) the prevalence of sexual orientation-based discrimination, (2) risk factors associated with experiencing discrimination, and (3) the relationship between experiencing employment discrimin...

  5. English Football and Its Hong Kong Television Audience


    Fan, Victor


    In his paper "English Football and Its Hong Kong Television Audience," Victor Fan applies Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's thought in their Kafka. Pour une littérature mineure to map the relationship between the English Premier League of football (soccer) and its Hong Kong television audience/spectatorship. Fan first introduces the background of the English Premier League in relation to its increasing subjugation under Thatcherite and post-Thatcherite consumerist economy. He then examines ...

  6. Sport Culture of Hong Kong: Recent Development and Prospects


    Eddie T. C. Lam


    Hong Kong is well-known for its beautiful natural harbor, vibrant nightlife, as well as tremendous entertainment and shopping opportunities. It is a paradise for outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, fishing, and water sports. Throughout the city, there are extensive hiking trails that are over 30 miles long and navigate through beautiful scenic areas and parks. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the sport culture of Hong Kong, including the development and administration of spo...

  7. Rotavirus vaccine effectiveness in Hong Kong children. (United States)

    Yeung, Karene Hoi Ting; Tate, Jacqueline E; Chan, Ching Ching; Chan, Martin C W; Chan, Paul K S; Poon, Kin Hung; Siu, Sylvia Luen Yee; Fung, Genevieve Po Gee; Ng, Kwok Leung; Chan, Iris Mei Ching; Yu, Pui Tak; Ng, Chi Hang; Lau, Yu Lung; Nelson, E Anthony S


    Rotavirus is a common infectious cause of childhood hospitalisation in Hong Kong. Rotavirus vaccines have been used in the private sector since licensure in 2006 but have not been incorporated in the government's universal Childhood Immunisation Programme. This study aimed to evaluate rotavirus vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation. This case-control study was conducted in the 2014/2015 rotavirus season in six public hospitals. Hospitalised acute gastroenteritis patients meeting inclusion criteria were recruited and copies of their immunisation records were collected. Case-patients were defined as enrolled subjects with stool specimens obtained in the first 48h of hospitalisation that tested positive for rotavirus, whereas control-patients were those with stool specimens obtained in the first 48h of hospitalisation testing negative for rotavirus. Vaccine effectiveness for administration of at least one dose of either Rotarix(®) (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) or RotaTeq(®) (Merck Research Laboratories) was calculated as 1 minus the odds ratio for rotavirus vaccination history for case-patients versus control-patients. Among the 525 eligible subjects recruited, immunisation records were seen in 404 (77%) subjects. 31% (162/525 and 126/404) tested positive for rotavirus. In the 404 subjects assessed for vaccine effectiveness, 2.4% and 24% received at least 1 dose of either rotavirus vaccine in case- and control-patients respectively. The unmatched vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation for administration of at least one dose of either rotavirus vaccines was 92% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 75%, 98%). The matched analyses by age only and both age and admission date showed 96% (95% CI: 72%, 100%) and 89% (95% CI: 51%, 97%) protection against rotavirus hospitalisation respectively. Rotavirus vaccine is highly effective in preventing hospitalisation from rotavirus disease in young Hong Kong children. Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier

  8. Contextual Analysis of Hong Kong Education Policy in 20 Years: The Intention of Making Future Citizens in Political Conflicts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steven Chung Fun Hung


    Full Text Available Originally, the capitalist society in Hong Kong under communism is exceptional, but the “one country, two systems” formula was a makeshift stratagem by the Communist Chinese government. The twenty years of history witnessed the tension of ruling and policy implementation. Education policy in political conflicts is, of course, the other arena in the Hong Kong context which reveals competitions, controversies and struggles among the cultural hegemonic engineering. This paper can contribute to enigmatic understanding and interpretation of generating educational reform and implementing education policy in this twenty-year history of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  9. Plaza central de Crown Colony, en Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Szeto, W.


    Full Text Available This square has been designed to provide a large free space for the benefit of the highly populated nearby zones of Hong-Kong. This open space is suitable for families to relax during the day time, and especially enjoy the cooler evening. Special mention should be made of eight oriental type marquees, and the group of beautiful foundations, which help to mitigate the heat, and provide beautiful light effects.Se ha construido para proporcionar un gran espacio abierto a la barriada y esparcimiento a los habitantes de los barrios próximos y densamente poblados de Hong-Kong, quienes pueden traer aquí a sus familiares durante el día y, especialmente, al anochecer para disfrutar, con deleite, los muchos atractivos que les ofrece esta plaza. En ella merecen especial mención las ocho marquesinas de tipo oriental y el conjunto de bellas fuentes que, además de ayudar a mitigar el rigor tropical de la ciudad, crean bellos efectos visuales.

  10. Perception of wine labels by Hong Kong Chinese consumers


    Tang, Vicky Chi Man; Tchetchik, Anat; Cohen, Eli


    Despite Hong Kong׳s growing wine consumption and the abundance of retail brands available there, the demanding choice task faced by its wine consumers, who are more subject to a mix of Chinese and Western cultural influences than consumers in other South Asian countries, has not been studied until now. This exploratory study aims to delve into the importance of wine label attributes for Hong Kong Chinese wine consumers, and to shed light on the ways in which their perceptions affect their cho...

  11. Perception of wine labels by Hong Kong Chinese consumers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicky Chi Man Tang


    Full Text Available Despite Hong Kong׳s growing wine consumption and the abundance of retail brands available there, the demanding choice task faced by its wine consumers, who are more subject to a mix of Chinese and Western cultural influences than consumers in other South Asian countries, has not been studied until now. This exploratory study aims to delve into the importance of wine label attributes for Hong Kong Chinese wine consumers, and to shed light on the ways in which their perceptions affect their choice of wine. Employing an online survey, the results suggest that Hong Kong Chinese wine consumers look for the top three most searched attributes: wine origin, grape variety, and food and wine pairing. A simple means differences test indicated that a traditional label design is favored over modern and contemporary wine labels, and that yellow is the most preferred color. However, a data-driven segmentation analysis reveals that about 95% of young Hong Kong Chinese wine consumers prefer “elegant contemporary” labels with red as the dominant color. These findings could be useful for wineries entering this market and for wine label designers who wish to better understand how Hong Kong wine consumers assess alternatives when choosing a bottle of wine.

  12. Sport Culture of Hong Kong: Recent Development and Prospects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eddie T. C. Lam


    Full Text Available Hong Kong is well-known for its beautiful natural harbor, vibrant nightlife, as well as tremendous entertainment and shopping opportunities. It is a paradise for outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, fishing, and water sports. Throughout the city, there are extensive hiking trails that are over 30 miles long and navigate through beautiful scenic areas and parks. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the sport culture of Hong Kong, including the development and administration of sports and sporting events. After a thorough review on the sports development of Hong Kong, it was found that the following three main themes would guide the direction of future sports development: (a promoting “Sports for All,” (b fostering high performance sports, and (c equipping Hong Kong to host international sports events. In this regard, the Hong Kong Government provides a wide range of sports facilities and funding to support the development of sports. In addition, sport development is also supported by the business sector in Hong Kong. Among those different departments, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD takes an active role in promoting sports in the community and administers funding support for relevant organizations under the established sports policy. The LCSD not only develops and manages a wide range of sports and recreational facilities for use by the general public, but also supports and organizes sports and recreational programs for the community. For instance, the most exciting projects people cannot wait to see their completion are the HK$19.7 billion Kai Tak Sports Complex and the Tseung Kwan O Football Training Centre that is supported with a grant of HK$133 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

  13. Occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong: current status and future needs. (United States)

    Kwok, H K H; Szeto, G P Y; Cheng, A S K; Siu, H; Chan, C C H


    This paper reviews the development of occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong, both in terms of the science as well as the service for injured workers. Besides, it also reviews the existing Employees' Compensation Ordinance for work injury to illustrate how the policy could influence the success and development of the discipline. Five experienced occupational rehabilitation providers, including 1 occupational medicine specialist, 3 occupational therapists, and 1 physiotherapist critically reviewed the past and current development of occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong as well as the local contextual factors, which could influence its future development. Since the enactment of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance in the 1950s, there have been progressive improvements in the field of occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong. Services in the early years were mostly based on the biomedical model, where doctors and patients tended to focus on clinical symptoms and physical pathology when making clinical decisions. Since then, remarkable academic achievements have been made in the field locally, from the validation of clinical instruments for assessment of work capacity, assessment of employment readiness to the evaluation of efficacy of interventional programs for injured workers focusing on work related outcomes. However, there has been a relatively lack of progress in the development of related policies and implementation of related programs for occupational rehabilitation. There is no built in linkage between rehabilitation, compensation and prevention in the current system in Hong Kong, and there is no rehabilitation policy specific to those workers with occupational diseases and injuries. There are still deficiencies in the development and provision of occupational rehabilitation services in Hong Kong. Incorporation of requirements for occupational rehabilitation at the legislation and policy levels should be seriously considered in the future. Besides, the

  14. Choosing Teaching in Hong Kong: A Strategy to Survive the Financial Crisis? (United States)

    Draper, Janet


    Background: Hong Kong is currently a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. It has autonomy over many policy areas, including finance and education. It is a community of seven million people, which has changed its focus and identity significantly over the last 25 years, from predominantly manufacturing to a service and…

  15. Learned Helplessness in Inclusive Music Classrooms: Voices of Hong Kong Primary Schools Music Teachers (United States)

    Wong, Marina Wai-yee; Chik, Maria Pik-yuk


    In Hong Kong, inclusive education is concerned with educating all students, including those who are categorised as having special educational needs (SEN). This qualitative study reports three challenges faced by primary schools music teachers required to implement inclusive education. The first two challenges echo those reported…

  16. Effectiveness of cognitive training for Chinese elderly in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kwok T


    Full Text Available Timothy Kwok,1,2 Anita Wong,3 Grace Chan,4 YY Shiu,3 Ko-Chuen Lam,2 Daniel Young,2 Daniel WH Ho,2 Florence Ho21Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China; 2Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, Shatin, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China; 3The Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club Madam Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial Care and Attention Home for the Aged, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China; 4The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong, People's Republic of ChinaAbstract: In Hong Kong, the evidence for cognitive-training programs in fighting against memory complaints is lacking. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Active Mind cognitive-training program in improving the cognitive function and quality of life (QoL for local community-dwelling Chinese older adults. A total of 200 subjects were recruited from 20 different district elderly community centers (DECCs. Centers were randomly assigned into either the intervention group or control group. The intervention group underwent eight 1-hour sessions of cognitive training, while the control group were included in the usual group activities provided by the DECCs. Standardized neuropsychological tests (the Chinese version of Mattis Dementia Rating Scale [CDRS] and the Cantonese version of the Mini-Mental State Examination and the QoL questionnaire SF12 were used to assess participants' cognitive function and QoL before and after the trial. A total of 176 subjects completed the study. The intervention group showed greater improvement in the cognitive function measured by total CDRS score (treatment: 12.24 ± 11.57 vs control: 4.37 ± 7.99; P < 0.001 and QoL measured by total SF12 score (treatment: 7.82 ± 13.19 vs control: 3.18 ± 11.61; P = 0.014. Subjects with lower education level were associated with better cognitive response to the cognitive-training program. The current findings indicated that the Active

  17. The Hong Kong Early Child Development Scale: A Validation Study. (United States)

    Rao, Nirmala; Sun, Jin; Ng, Sharon Sui Ngan; Ma, Kitty; Becher, Yvonne; Lee, Diana; Lau, Carrie; Zhang, Li; Chow, Chun Bong; Ip, Patrick


    This paper reports on the development and validation of the Hong Kong Early Child Development Scale (HKECDS), a holistic measure of child development designed specifically for preschool children in Hong Kong. Scale development was an iterative process and the first version of the scale contained 190 items whereas the final version includes only 95. Children ranging in age from three to six years were administered trial versions of the HKECDS in Studies 1 (n = 60) and 2 (n = 240). Item analyses indicated that it is a developmental scale and that it has an appropriate level of difficulty for preschool children. It also discriminates between three- to six-year-olds from different social backgrounds in Hong Kong. The final version of the HKECDS includes items from the following eight subscales: Personal, Social and Self-Care (7 items), Language Development (13 items), Pre-academic Learning (27 items), Cognitive Development (10 items), Gross Motor (12 items), Fine Motor (9 items), Physical Fitness, Health and Safety (7 items), and Self and Society (10 items). The HKECDS is the first early child development scale which considers both the holistic development of preschool children and incorporates current expectations of early child development in Hong Kong. In this era of evidence-based decision making, it can be used to evaluate both the efficacy of targeted interventions and broader child-related public policies on early child development in Hong Kong.

  18. Lifestyle and Depression among Hong Kong Nurses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teris Cheung


    Full Text Available Recent longitudinal data suggest a close association between depression and lifestyle. Little work to date has estimated the prevalence of depression in the nursing workforce in China, nor considered what lifestyle factors might be correlated with it—a gap filled by the present study. The study’s web-based cross-sectional survey solicited data from qualified nurses aged between 21 and 65 registered with the Hong Kong Nursing Council. The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale 21 was used to measure 850 nurses for depression, anxiety and symptoms of stress; a generalized linear regression model examined associations between lifestyle factors and depression. Mean depression symptom scores show a downward linear trend for male and female participants. Gender and age, however, did not emerge as significant predictors of depression. Three lifestyles factors (sleep, entertainment and hobbies showed a significant association with depression. Nurses should make therapeutic lifestyle changes to improve their work-life balance and safeguard their functioning at work and personal well-being.

  19. The air pollution index system in Hong Kong

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, F.Y.P.; Gervat, G.P. [Hong Kong Government, Wanchai (Hong Kong). Environmental Protection Dept.


    The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is currently operating an air quality monitoring network in the territory. There are nine monitoring stations, each with air quality monitoring equipment, meteorological instruments and a data logger. Five minute averaged data are transmitted through telephone lines to the central computer at the EPD Air Laboratory and are also stored in the data logger on site, as backup. At present, the EPD releases its air quality measurements to the public via monthly and special press releases, and annual reports. However, as public awareness of air pollution problems has increased, there has been an urgent need for timely and simpler information about air pollution levels. The development and operation of an Air Pollution Index (API) system has addressed that need. This presentation discusses the API computation, the information and advice released to the general public and how they can access the API information. Some API results are also presented. (author)

  20. A Validity Study of the MWEP Scale in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsun-Lok Kwong


    Full Text Available This article examines the validity of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile, MWEP, in the Hong Kong setting. Purposive quota sampling is adopted to solicit data from a total of 140 respondents with equal gender distribution across seven age groups in Hong Kong. Factor analysis reveals that similarity exists between factor loadings in original MWEP model of Miller, Woehr, and Hudspeth (2002 and the model in the current study with Hong Kong samples. However, the MWEP items in the current study does not map exactly into the seven dimensions proposed by Miller, Woehr, and Hudspeth. The leisure and the morality/ethics dimensions match with the original scale respectively with good and poor reliabilities, but the hard work and wasted time dimensions have intertwined and appeared to be inseparable.

  1. Criminal recidivism of incarcerated male nonviolent offenders in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chan, Heng Choon Oliver; Lo, T Wing; Zhong, Lena Y; Chui, Wing Hong


    Criminal recidivism of the incarcerated population in Hong Kong has rarely been studied. The purpose of this study is to explore the recidivism rates and to identify significant predictors of reoffending among incarcerated male offenders convicted of a nonviolent offense in Hong Kong. Using a self-reported methodological design, 278 offenders were sampled. These offenders' immediate past incarceration is used as the benchmark for this recidivism study. The 1-, 2-, and 3-year recidivism rates are 21%, 68%, and 87%, respectively. The findings denote that offending history, psychological attributes, interpersonal relationships, and environmental influences are significant reoffending risk factors. These findings, especially the alarming failure rates, highlight the need to seriously assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies used by the Hong Kong correctional system in preventing future offending. Implications for intervention strategies with emphasis on the risk factors for recidivism are discussed. © The Author(s) 2013.

  2. Developmental issues of university students in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T L; Cheung, Boris P M


    Four domains of developmental issues of university students in Hong Kong are examined in this paper. First, behavioral and lifestyle problems of university students are identified, including alcohol consumption, Internet addiction, cyber-pornography, irregular sleep patterns, and interpersonal violence. Second, the mental health problems of university students, including suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety problems, are outlined. Third, issues on self-determination (including establishment of personal goals), self-confidence, and materialism of the students are reviewed. Fourth, issues related to students' connection to the society, including egocentrism and civic engagement, are discussed. The views of employers about university graduates in Hong Kong are also examined. With the emergence of developmental issues among Hong Kong university students, it is argued that promoting the psychosocial competencies of university students via positive youth development programs is an important strategy in addressing such issues.

  3. Increased genetic diversity of HIV-1 circulating in Hong Kong.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan Hon-Kwan Chen

    Full Text Available HIV-1 group M strains are characterized into 9 pure subtypes and 48 circulating recombinant forms (CRFs. Recent studies have identified the presence of new HIV-1 recombinants in Hong Kong and their complexity continues to increase. This study aims to characterize the HIV-1 genetic diversity in Hong Kong. Phylogenetic analyses were performed by using HIV-1 pol sequences including protease and partial reverse transcriptase isolated from 1045 local patients in Hong Kong from 2003 to 2008. For the pol sequences with unassigned genotype, the evidence of recombination was determined by using sliding-window based bootscan plots and their env C2V3 region were also sequenced. Epidemiological background of these patients was further collected. The pol phylogenetic analyses highlighted the extent of HIV-1 genetic diversity in Hong Kong. Subtype B (450/1045; 43.1% and CRF01_AE (469/1045; 44.9% variants were clearly predominant. Other genotypes (126/1045; 12.1% including 3 defined subtypes, 10 CRFs, 1 unassigned subtype and 33 recombinants with 11 different mosaic patterns were observed. Recombinants of subtype B and CRF01_AE were mainly found among local Chinese MSM throughout 2004 to 2008, while the CRF02_AG and subtype G recombinants were circulating among non-Chinese Asian population in Hong Kong through heterosexual transmission starting from 2008. Our study demonstrated the complex recombination of HIV-1 in Hong Kong and the need in developing surveillance system for tracking the distribution of new HIV-1 genetic variants.

  4. A Brief Overview of Adolescent Developmental Problems in Hong Kong (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T. L.; Keung Ma, Hing; Sun, Rachel C. F.


    Several adolescent developmental problems in Hong Kong are briefly reviewed in this paper. First, rising adolescent substance abuse trends are described. Second, Internet use problems and Internet addiction among young people are examined. Third, worrying trends in adolescent sexuality are identified. Fourth, phenomena on bullying among young people are reviewed. Finally, phenomena related to adolescent materialistic orientation are focused upon. With reference to these adolescent developmental problems, possible solutions are briefly discussed particularly with reference to the ecological perspective. It is argued that the related scientific literature provides useful pointers for designing the curriculum in the extension phase of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong. PMID:22194661

  5. Marriage and divorce trends in Hong Kong 1981-1993. (United States)


    Marriage and divorce trends in Hong Kong are analyzed for the period 1981-1993. "During the period 1981 to 1993, men and women in Hong Kong showed a tendency towards delayed marriage. The number of re-marriages was on the rise, echoing an increasing number of divorces in the same period. This article examines the marital condition of the population, tendency to marry and certain socio-economic characteristics of brides and bridegrooms in the past 13 years. The number of divorces and the divorce rates are also discussed." excerpt

  6. History of Asbestos Ban in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, Chun-Kwan; Wan, Sabrina Hei-Man; Yu, Ignatius Tak-Sun


    As millions of immigrants moved to Hong Kong (HK) from China in the recent decades, large amount of residential housings were built in the early years and a substantial proportion of those buildings used asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Since the number of new cases of ARDs diagnosed has increased year by year since 1990’s, the remarkable increase of incidences had drawn the attention of the public and most importantly the HK government. It became one of the trigger points leading to asbestos ban in HK history. Comparatively, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), labor unions and patients’ self-help organizations demonstrated a more aggressive and proactive attitude than the HK government and have played a key role in the development of asbestos banning policy in HK. After numerous petitions and meetings with the government representatives by those parties in the past decade, the HK government eventually changed its attitude and started to consider terminating the endless threat from asbestos by amending the policy, and the new clause of legislation for banning of all forms of asbestos was enacted on 4 April 2014. Other than the restriction of asbestos use, the compensation system about ARDs has also made some great moves by the effort of those parties as well. Based on the experience we learnt through the years, efforts from different stakeholders including patients’ self-help organizations, NGOs, legislative councilors, and media power are absolutely essential to the success of progression and development in today’s asbestos banning in HK. PMID:29088113

  7. History of Asbestos Ban in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chun-Kwan Wong


    Full Text Available As millions of immigrants moved to Hong Kong (HK from China in the recent decades, large amount of residential housings were built in the early years and a substantial proportion of those buildings used asbestos-containing materials (ACMs. Since the number of new cases of ARDs diagnosed has increased year by year since 1990’s, the remarkable increase of incidences had drawn the attention of the public and most importantly the HK government. It became one of the trigger points leading to asbestos ban in HK history. Comparatively, non-governmental organizations (NGOs, labor unions and patients’ self-help organizations demonstrated a more aggressive and proactive attitude than the HK government and have played a key role in the development of asbestos banning policy in HK. After numerous petitions and meetings with the government representatives by those parties in the past decade, the HK government eventually changed its attitude and started to consider terminating the endless threat from asbestos by amending the policy, and the new clause of legislation for banning of all forms of asbestos was enacted on 4 April 2014. Other than the restriction of asbestos use, the compensation system about ARDs has also made some great moves by the effort of those parties as well. Based on the experience we learnt through the years, efforts from different stakeholders including patients’ self-help organizations, NGOs, legislative councilors, and media power are absolutely essential to the success of progression and development in today’s asbestos banning in HK.

  8. 圖書館事業專欄/中文電子書在香港: 香港大學及香港理工大學/高玉華;李梅 | Chinese E-books in Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong (HKU and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU / Angela Ko; Mei Li

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available

    Hong Kong has a population of 6.9 million, of which 95% are ethnic Chinese and their mother tongue is Chinese, mainly Cantonese [1]. Chinese language is the
    chief medium of daily communications in Hong Kong. Being a former British colony, Hong Kong has English, one of the major international languages, the main instructional language for its higher educational institutions. Students are trained to be bilingual in schools. Both Chinese and English are official languages of Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong has become a special administrative region of China since 1997, the economic and political ties between Hong Kong and Mainland China increased tremendously. Mastering Putonghua, the official spoken language of China has become vital for students for their development and future careers. The demand for Chinese language materials in research institutions has increased since the early 1990s, especially those published in Mainland China. The libraries have joined their efforts in applying for public funding to establish a central storage facility to house 5.6 million volumes of books [2]. There has also been an interest in e-books because of the space shortage problems experienced by all eight government funded university libraries in Hong Kong.

    E-books are considered to be one of the important solutions to the rising demand of the Chinese language materials and to the space storage. In Hong Kong, the information technology skill of faculty and students is not an obstacle to the use of e-books. Computer literacy rates within tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong are very high. Universities provide various kinds of support to students in using information technology. For instance, the University of Hong Kong started the Student Notebook PC Ownership Program in 1998 to assist first-year undergraduate students who enter the University to own a personal computer. The programme helps students both technically and financially. Hong

  9. Online Independent Vocabulary Learning Experience of Hong Kong University Students (United States)

    Tang, Eunice; Chung, Edsoulla; Li, Eddy; Yeung, Steven


    In response to the limited vocabulary size of its undergraduates, an independent vocabulary learning platform, VLearn was designed and launched in a university in Hong Kong. As an e-learning environment that supports self-directed vocabulary learning of Chinese learners, the primary aim of VLearn is to equip users with appropriate knowledge and…

  10. Teaching Business Ethics in Hong Kong: Challenges and Response. (United States)

    McCann, Dennis P.; Lam, Joanna Kit Chun; Chiu, Randy K.


    Describes a program for teaching business ethics to undergraduate business students at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Provides an anecdotal account to illustrate that in non-Western cultural contexts, figurative rather than scientific language often captures the essence of qualitative phenomena. Underscores the importance of understanding and…

  11. Gender Differences in Financial Literacy among Hong Kong Workers (United States)

    Yu, Kar-Ming; Wu, Alfred M.; Chan, Wai-Sum; Chou, Kee-Lee


    Using a phone survey conducted in 2012, we examined whether there is a gender difference in financial literacy among Hong Kong workers; and if such a difference exists, whether it can be explained by gender differences in sociodemographic variables, social or psychological factors, and/or the outcomes of retirement planning. Results show a gender…

  12. Students' and Faculty's Perception of Academic Integrity in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kwong, Theresa; Ng, Hing-Man; Kai-Pan, Mark; Wong, Eva


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to compare students' and faculty members' perceptions of academic integrity; their understanding of experiences pertaining to different aspects of academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism); and to examine the underlying reasons behind academic integrity violations in a Hong Kong context.…

  13. Faculty Research Productivity in Hong Kong across Academic Discipline (United States)

    Jung, Jisun


    This study examines the research productivity of Hong Kong academics. Specifically, it explores the individual and institutional factors that contribute to their productivity while also comparing determinants across academic disciplines. We have conducted OLS regression analysis using the international survey data from "The Changing Academics…

  14. Teacher Educators' Pedagogical Principles and Practices: Hong Kong Perspectives (United States)

    Law, Edmond Hau-Fai; Joughin, Gordon; Kennedy, Kerry J.; Tse, Harrison; Yu, Wai Ming


    This study sought to explore the teaching practices of lecturers within one department of a university-level institute of education in Hong Kong. A sample of 19 teachers were interviewed in the study. Short interview schedules were designed to elicit teachers' descriptions of how they taught and the thinking behind their pedagogical practices. A…

  15. Sleep and Academic Performance in Hong Kong Adolescents (United States)

    Mak, Kwok-Kei; Lee, So-Lun; Ho, Sai-Yin; Lo, Wing-Sze; Lam, Tai-Hing


    Background: Sleep problems may have different influences on students' academic performance. We investigated the prevalence of sleep patterns, naps, and sleep disorders, and their associations with academic performance in Hong Kong adolescents. Methods: In 2007-2008, 22,678 students aged 12-18 (41.6% boys) completed a questionnaire on…

  16. Life Satisfaction and Family Structure among Adolescents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kwan, Ying-Keung


    Relationships between family structure and perceived life satisfaction in overall life and five domains of the Brief Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale, family life, friendships, school experience, myself, and where I live were examined among 4,502 Chinese adolescent secondary school students in Hong Kong. Bivariate analyses showed…

  17. Conceptions of Creativity among Hong Kong University Students (United States)

    Zhang, Li-fang


    This research had two objectives. The first was to determine the reliability and validity of the multifaceted assessment of creativity (MAC) for evaluating Hong Kong university students' conceptions of creativity. The second was to establish if the theory-practice and gender gaps discovered among mainland Chinese university students would be…

  18. Cinematography in Motherhood: a Hong Kong film adaptation of Ghosts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kwok-kan Tam


    Full Text Available This is a study of a Hong Kong Chinese film adaptation of Ghosts made in 1960. It deals with processes of cross-cultural and cross-media adaptation, and probes issues of how stage techniques are turned into cinematographic devices. Ibsen’s plays, except Ghosts, have been adapted numerous times for the Chinese stage and screen in Hong Kong and China. Unlike in China, the reception of Ibsen in Hong Kong is not meant for political purposes. In most Hong Kong adaptations, Ibsen is valued for the purpose of theatrical experimentation. Among the stage adaptations, A Doll’s House and The Master Builder are the most popular. However, there was a film adaptation of Ghosts in 1960, which has never been discussed in Ibsen scholarship. In this adaptation, Director Tso Kea borrowed the plot from Ghosts and made a perfect Chinese melodrama film highlighting the Chinese emotions and relations in a wealthy family that undergoes a crisis. In traditional Chinese drama, there is the lack of psychological rendering in characterization and characters act according to moral considerations. In Tso Kea’s film, the portrayal of the mother provides a new sense of characterization by combining Mrs Alving with the traditional Chinese mother figure. The borrowing from Ibsen makes it possible for the Chinese film to create a character with emotional and psychological complexities. Images from the film are selected as illustration in the article.

  19. Mathematics Achievement of Mainland Immigrant Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Zhu, Yan; Leung, Frederick K. S.


    One of the main features of globalization is the increasing mobility of population. As an immigrant society, Hong Kong has witnessed waves of Mainland Chinese arrivals and assimilation into her mainstream, particularly around the change of sovereignty period. School-aged children constitute a substantial fraction of the new population. Given their…

  20. Multicultural Hong Kong: Alternative New Media Representations of Ethnic Minorities (United States)

    Jackson, Liz; Nesterova, Yulia


    Racial and ethnic minorities experience misrecognition, prejudice and discrimination in Hong Kong. In response to these challenges, multicultural education there aims to enable young people to recognize diversity in a more tolerant, open-minded way. Educators have been encouraged to not rely only on textbooks, but to include news and digital media…

  1. Intention and constraints of Hong Kong secondary school Physical ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In Hong Kong, the development of Unified Sports is at an embryonic stage. Working on the front line, Physical Education (PE) teachers play an important role in promoting students' participation in Unified Sports. This study was designed to explore teachers' intention and constraints in promoting participation in Unified ...

  2. School-Based Management in Hong Kong: Centralizing or Decentralizing (United States)

    Pang, I-Wah


    This paper examined the debate on a reform of school-based management in Hong Kong, which was to set up the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) to manage the subsidized school. The nature of the debate during legislation and the characteristics of the reform were examined. The advantages, disadvantages and the implications of the reform were…

  3. Ageing, Loss, and Learning: Hong Kong and Australian Seniors (United States)

    Boulton-Lewis, Gillian M.; Pike, Lucinda; Tam, Maureen; Buys, Laurie


    In this article, the discussion of loss and its relationship to learning is based on the analysis of interview data from 39 older adults in Hong Kong and 40 in Australia. The focus of the research was on ageing and learning. The phenomenon of life changes, specifically losses, and their relationship to learning was frequently mentioned, and this…

  4. Communication in Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Departments (United States)

    Chandler, Eloise; Pun, Jack; Lock, Graham; Matthiessen, Christian M. I. M.; Espindola, Elaine; Ng, Carman


    In this article, we report findings from the first qualitatively driven study of patient–clinician communication in Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Departments (AEDs). In light of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority’s policy emphasis on patient-centered care and communication in the public hospitals it oversees, we analyze clinicians’ perceptions of the role and relevance of patient-centered communication strategies in emergency care. Although aware of the importance of effective communication in emergency care, participants discussed how this was frequently jeopardized by chronic understaffing, patient loads, and time pressures. This was raised in relation to the absence of spoken interdisciplinary handovers, the tendency to downgrade interpersonal communication with patients, and the decline in staff attendance at communication training courses. Participants’ frequent descriptions of patient-centered communication as dispensable from, and time-burdensome in, AEDs highlight a discrepancy between the stated Hong Kong Hospital Authority policy of patient-centered care and the reality of contemporary Hong Kong emergency practice. PMID:28462303

  5. Secondary School Students' Views of Climate Change in Hong Kong (United States)

    Jackson, Liz; Pang, Ming-Fai


    Though there has been an increased focus on climate change in Hong Kong's educational policy and curriculum over the last decade, little is known about the impact of curricular implementation on young people's environmental and climate change-related views, attitudes, awareness, or behaviors. This paper examines the state of climate change…

  6. Language Policies for Hong Kong Schools since 1997 (United States)

    Kan, Vincent; Adamson, Bob


    Language in education debates in Hong Kong focus on the role and status of English (as the former colonial language and an important means for international communication); Cantonese, the mother tongue of the majority of the population; and Putonghua, the national language of China. This paper examines the language policy formulated in 1997-1998,…

  7. Attitudes towards Languages and Code-Mixing in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Gibbons, John P.


    Examines, through a matched-guise technique, the conflict in attitudes and behavior toward the use of a mixture of Cantonese and English (MIX) among English-Cantonese bilingual students in Hong Kong. Results indicate hostility toward MIX but produce evidence that it is a useful, culturally neutral choice and that it may have covert status in the…

  8. People of Hong Kong: Building Bridges of Understanding. (United States)

    Brigham Young Univ., Provo, UT. Language Research Center.

    The purpose of this communication learning aid is to help Americans become more effective in understanding and communicating with people of another culture. This publication discusses some differences encountered in Hong Kong in such things as food, laws, customs, religion, language, dress and basic attitudes. The first section describes the…

  9. The population geography of Hong Kong, 1949-1981. (United States)

    Sit, V F


    "This paper attempts a comprehensive account of the changes in population of Hong Kong in 1949-81. It has given detailed treatment to the two major factors: migration and natural growth, that underly such changes. The spatial process of population is also examined against the government's post-war urban development policies." excerpt

  10. Differentiated Instruction: Hong Kong Prospective Teachers' Teaching Efficacy and Beliefs (United States)

    Wan, Sally Wai-Yan


    Catering for learner diversity is one of the key areas in the recent educational reform in Hong Kong. Pre-service teacher education acts as a fundamental way to equip pre-service teachers ready for accommodating diverse learning needs and to build up pre-service teachers' self-efficacy. The purpose of the study is to examine prospective teachers'…

  11. Adolescent Health in Hong Kong: Disturbing Socio-Demographic Correlates (United States)

    Kwan, Y. K.; Ip, W. C.


    Relationships between self-assessed health status and socio-demographic variables were examined among 4,502 Chinese adolescent secondary school students in Hong Kong, a modern society with traditional Chinese ethno-cultural origin. Health status was self-rated in four aspects: overall health, physical health, mental health, and health effects on…

  12. Teacher Empowerment as Perceived by Principals in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wan, Eric


    The Hong Kong Government first introduced school-based management (SBM) to the education profession in 1991. The principal is a pivotal factor in fostering an environment for change. SBM and teacher empowerment calls for new modes of leadership: teachers lend their expertise, and principals become facilitators rather than directors. The purpose of…

  13. Teacher Empowerment as Perceived by Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wan, Eric


    The Hong Kong Government first introduced school-based management (ABM) to the education profession in 1991, but little attention has been paid on the role of teachers in school reforms. Under SBM, teachers are key players in determining school policies and practices. It is believed that teachers' dedication and performance are the most important…

  14. Institutional risk factors for norovirus outbreaks in Hong Kong elderly homes: a retrospective cohort study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee Krystal CK


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Most of the institutional outbreaks of norovirus in Hong Kong occur in elderly homes, the proportion being 69% in 2006. Residents in elderly homes are a special population seriously affected by norovirus infections, it is necessary to investigate the risk factors of the norovirus outbreaks in Hong Kong elderly homes at the facility level. Methods A cohort of 748 elderly homes was followed up from January 2005 to December 2007; each elderly home was treated as one observation unit and the outcome event was the norovirus outbreak. Cox regression models were fitted to estimate the rate ratio (RR and 95% confidence interval (CI for the potential risk factors. Results A total of 276 norovirus outbreaks were confirmed during the study period; the outbreak rate was 12.2 (95% CI: 9.9-14.6 per 100 home-years; elderly homes with a larger capacity (RR = 1.4, 95% CI: 1.3-1.5 (per 30-resident increment, a higher staff-to-resident ratio (RR = 1.2, 95% CI: 1.1-1.3 (per 1/30 increment and better wheelchair accessibility (RR = 2.0, 95% CI: 1.3-3.2 were found to have an elevated norovirus outbreak rate in Hong Kong elderly homes; Elderly homes with partitions between beds had a lower rate of norovirus outbreaks (RR = 0.6, 95% CI: 0.4-0.8. Conclusions Elderly home capacity, staff-to-resident ratio and wheelchair accessibility were risk factors for norovirus outbreaks in Hong Kong elderly homes. Partitions between beds were a protective factor of norovirus outbreaks. These results should be considered in the infection control in Hong Kong elderly homes.

  15. Environmental protection in Hong Kong amidst transition: Is Hong Kong ready to manage its environment by law? (United States)

    Wing-Hung Lo, Carlos


    Within the context of political democratization, this article explores environmental protection in Hong Kong since the government lauched a ten-year program to “save the environment” in 1989. Examining environmental management by law from a social-choice perspective, it argues that the government has yet to reach an integrative policy orocess. Hence the preconditions for an integrative set of environmental legislation are absent. Institutionally, without a comprehensive green policy, the current arrangements lack a vision as an integrative force to promote effective coordination among various sectoral environmental coordination among various sectoral environmental programs. The dominant approach of policy and law enforcement through consultation has rendered impossible strict enforcement of environmental rules and regulations as local economic growth enjoys a priority over environmental protection. At a time of environmental awakening, the people of Hong Kong are not yet prepared awakening, the people of Hong Kong are not yet prepared to participate in environmental management in a strict legal manner. The overall observation is that Hong Kong has yet to see more mature political, legal, administrative, and social conditions for managing its environment within a legal framework.

  16. Restructuring Hong Kong's Schools: The Applicability of Western Theories, Policies, and Practices to an Asian Culture. (United States)

    Dimmock, Clive


    Explores the appropriateness and synchrony between educational policy reforms imported into Hong Kong and central features of the host culture. Draws upon Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions to provide a framework for identifying and matching Hong Kong's culture in juxtaposition with other cultures. Despite powerful Western influences, Hong Kong…

  17. Adapting the Music Curriculum for Senior Secondary Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Hong Kong: Content, Pedagogy and Mindsets (United States)

    Wong, Marina Wai-yee


    Why should bringing the power of music into student learning be a challenge--even more so when the class comprises students deemed in need of "special education"? To address this question, three case studies are presented of Hong Kong special schools music teachers experienced in teaching students with intellectual disabilities at senior…

  18. It Takes Two to Tango: Inclusive Schooling in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremy H. Greenberg


    Full Text Available The inclusion of students with autism and other special needs into the general education curriculum continues to be a challenging process for school communities in the United States of America (US and increasingly abroad. Although inclusion is a challenging process for those involved, the global demand is growing. Traditionally this initiative has originated from advocates such as parents and communities who represent the students. With enough pressure from constituents of the system, those efforts may be converted into policy through the local education department. The US has led the inclusion movement and many other developed nations have followed suit in recent decades. Consequently more and more schools are focused on building inclusive school communities. These programs see the value of a balanced approach that emphasizes curriculum coupled with pedagogy. This paper provides an overview of the history of the inclusion movement in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. Three main types of school systems in the region are explained, and one successful inclusive school model will be described with outcome data included. Multiple factors that affect the development of the inclusion movement will also be discussed.

  19. Service Quality and Behavioral Intentions: A Study of Hong Kong Mobile Services Industry


    Leung, Man Huen Jenny


    Studies on service quality are popular but specifically on service quality of mobile network services industry in Hong Kong are scarce. This paper aims at developing a service quality dimension for the mobile network services industry in Hong Kong. The study investigates the service quality of the six network operators in Hong Kong and explores the determinants of service quality in the industry. It studies the impact of service quality on both customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions....

  20. The changing responsibilities of the state and family toward elders in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chow, N


    With a predominantly Chinese population and a cultural tradition of respecting the old, Hong Kong has long relied on the family to support its elderly members. Economic success has, however, not spared Hong Kong from encountering the same problems as other industrial societies, such as the loosening of its traditional values. This article examines the changing responsibilities of the state and the family in Hong Kong in supporting the old, and in particular, the effectiveness of the "care in community" policy, which the Hong Kong Government has adopted since the mid-1970s. The examination concludes that the responsibility must now be shared between the state and the family.

  1. Report on the international conference and bridge inspection in Singapore and Hong Kong. `97 Singapore and Hong Kong inspector group; Singapore Hong Kong no kokusai kaigi to kyoryo shisatsu hokoku. `97 Singapore Hong Kong shisatsudan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abe, N.; Arai, H.; Shiota, R.; Takagaki, T.; Mori, T.


    The 4th International Symposium on Noteworthy Development in Prestressing and Precasting was held in Singapore in July 1997. The `97 Singapore and Hong Kong inspector group was organized by the Japan Prestressed Concrete Engineering Association to participate the symposium and inspect some bridges. The symposium consisted of reading of 17 presented papers (including questions and answers) related to introduction of PC and PCa structures of every country, PCa void lower slab for building floors, bridge, PCa joint, PCa residence, earthquake resistance, and structure analysis. Suzuki`s keynote address `Development and present state of PC road bridges in Japan` classified PC road bridges ranging from an early PC beam bridge to a recent PC cable stayed bridge and PC extra-dosed bridge for every kind and period, and systematically presented the growth of the Japanese highway network and PC bridge. The inspector group visited 3 bridges in Singapore, and 3 bridges in Hong Kong. 8 figs., 2 tabs.

  2. Stock Market Manipulation on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dionigi Gerace


    Full Text Available This study is the first to empirically examine stock market manipulation on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The dataset contains 40 cases of market manipulation from 1996 to 2009 that were successfully prosecuted by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission. Manipulation is found to negatively impact market efficiency measures such as the bid-ask spread and volatility. Markets appear incapable of efficiently responding to the presence of manipulators and are characterised by information asymmetry. Manipulators were successfully able to raise prices and exit the market. This finding contradicts views that trade-based manipulation is entirely unprofitable and self-deterring. The victimisation of information-seeking investors and the market as a whole provides a strong rationale for all jurisdictions, including Australia, to have effective laws that prohibit manipulation and for robust enforcement of those laws to further deter market manipulation.

  3. Self-reported Stress Problems among Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Alan H. S.; Chen, K.; Chong, Elaine Y. L.


    The present study was developed to comprehensively investigate the occupational health problems among teachers of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. A random sample of 1,710 respondents was generated from the database of Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (HKPTU) members. A self-administrated questionnaire was designed and sent by mail to the teachers of primary and secondary schools in HK. The results indicated that comparing with one year and five years ago, 91.6% and 97.3% of the responding teachers reported an increase of perceived stress level, respectively. Heavy workload and time pressure, education reforms, external school review, pursuing further education, and managing students' behaviour and learning were the most frequently reported sources of work stress. The four most frequently reported stress management activities were sleeping, talking to neighbors and friends, self-relaxing, and watching television, while the least frequently reported activity was doing more exercises or sports.

  4. Dental hygienists in Hong Kong: present and future status. (United States)

    Fung, D S; Schwarz, E; Tong, A C; Wong, M C


    This study assessed the current employment status of dental hygienists practicing in Hong Kong, investigated factors affecting their employment, evaluated the satisfaction of local dental hygienists and their employers, and explored the career prospects of dental hygienists in Hong Kong. All registered dental hygienists (n = 64), all dentists who employed dental hygienists (n = 25), and a systematic sample of dentists who did not employ dental hygienists (n = 278) were surveyed in June 1994 concerning employment situation, salaries, job satisfaction, and opinions on future prospects for dental hygienists. Response rates were 86% for dental hygienists (n = 55), 88% for employers (n = 22), and 63% for dentists at large (n = 175). Among the dental hygienists, 87% still were employed as dental hygienists, and both the dental hygienists and their employers agreed that the employment situation was satisfactory; however, several dental hygienists were considered to be working below their level of qualification. Major reasons for dentists not to employ a dental hygienist were having only one operatory and having an inadequate number of patients. In general, employers expressed satisfaction with the performance of the dental hygienists. Major reasons for employing a dental hygienist were that a dental hygienist would add professional and economical benefit to their clinic. Few dentists would support expanded duties for dental hygienists. In Hong Kong, dental hygienists and their employers comprise a small group with limited impact on oral healthcare services. Dental hygienists' perceptions of their future roles and ambitions are higher than those of their employers. To further the development of dental services in Hong Kong and meet documented oral healthcare needs in the population, greater utilization of dental hygienists should be promoted.

  5. Understanding the Underwater Behaviour of Scuba Divers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chung, Shan-shan; Au, Alfred; Qiu, Jian-Wen


    Diving-related activities may constitute a major threat to coral reefs. This study aimed to quantify the impact of diving in Hong Kong on hard corals and understand how socio-economic characteristics and experience level of divers influence diver-inflicted damage. We recorded and analysed the underwater behaviour of 81 recreational divers. On average, a diver was in contact with marine biota 14.7 times with about 40 % of contacts involved corals and 38 % were damaging contacts with corals or other biota in a single dive. The most harm-inflicting groups included inexperienced and camera-carrying divers. Although Hong Kong divers did not make many damaging contacts with corals, there is still an imminent need to determine the scale of damage from diving activities on the marine ecosystem given the rapid development of marine-based tourism and the limited coral-inhabited areas in Hong Kong where the marine environment is already under stress from anthropogenic activities.

  6. Performance selection for Thoroughbreds racing in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Velie, B D; Hamilton, N A; Wade, C M


    Different indicators of racing performance are commonly used in the racing industry to assess the genetic superiority of racing Thoroughbreds. However, how well these indicators predict the performance of future progeny or siblings varies depending on the population and circumstances in which the indicators were recorded or achieved. To identify heritable indicators of racing performance for horses racing in Hong Kong. Heritability analysis of racing performance traits. Performance data on the population of Thoroughbreds racing in Hong Kong between 3 September 2000 and 12 March 2011 (n = 4947) were acquired and used to estimate the heritabilities and probability values of fixed effects and covariates for a range of racing performance traits. Heritabilities for all performance traits were estimated using a single trait animal model. Each model included, as a minimum, the effects of sex, region of origin and trainer. Heritability estimates for traits relating to finish position ranged from 0.01 to 0.06. Average handicap weight had a heritability of 0.07 ± 0.03. The effects of sex (fixed) and trainer (random) were significant (Pracing performance can be reliably used to predict the performance of the individual's progeny or siblings. However, despite Hong Kong's controlled racing environment, these indicators appear to be no more heritable than in other less controlled racing environments. © 2014 EVJ Ltd.

  7. Hong Kong enrolled nurses' perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care. (United States)

    Wong, K F; Lee, L Y K; Lee, J K L


    To explore Hong Kong nurses' perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care, and to investigate the relationship between their perceptions and their demographic characteristics. Many studies suggest that spirituality is the essence of human being and plays an important role in people's lives. Although studies have documented the positive relationship between spiritual care and patients' health outcomes, it has also been shown that the implementation of spiritual care is uncommon in nursing practice. Furthermore, there is little discussion on practising nurses' perception of spirituality and spiritual care in Hong Kong. This study adopted a cross-sectional descriptive design to investigate nurses' perception of spirituality and spiritual care in Hong Kong. A convenience sample of 429 practising enrolled nurses were invited to complete the Spirituality and Spiritual Care Rating Scale (SSCRS) (response rate 91%). Subjects showed satisfactory understanding of spirituality and appreciated providing spiritual care to patients. The mean scores for the SSCRS and its four subscales were greater than half of the maximum score. There were significant differences in the perceptions of spirituality between subjects with different education levels and religious affiliations. The findings suggest increasing the emphasis of spirituality both in undergraduate education and in continuing-development levels. Recommendations are also made regarding the implementation of spiritual care in nursing practice. Despite having a convenience sample, the present study has contributed to stimulating awareness and discussion among nurses on spirituality and spiritual care.

  8. Marital Satisfaction Trends in Hong Kong Between 2002 and 2012. (United States)

    Zhang, Huiping; Fan, Susan; Yip, Paul


    Macrosocial changes may generate influences on marital quality. This study used data from the 2002-2012 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice surveys conducted by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong to track the trends of marital satisfaction of both husbands and wives over a 10-year period in Hong Kong, with associated factors. Results indicated that 85% of the husbands and around 80% of the wives reported that they were satisfied with their marital relationships, and no significant changes in general were observed for them between 2002 and 2012 except for some subgroups. Husbands aged 45-49 years, in employment and whose monthly household income between 25,000 HKD and 39,999 HKD, reported marital satisfaction decreased over the past 10 years and wives with primary education or below also reported a decreasing trend during this period. Education and family income had positive influences on the husbands' and wives' marital satisfaction, and husbands were more likely to be sensitive to the unemployment. Less than one-third of couples needed professional counseling on family-related issues, and couple conflicts and work-family conflicts were the urgent needs that should be given priority in delivering services. The implications of this study are discussed in the Chinese context of Hong Kong.

  9. Photochemical trajectory modeling of ozone concentrations in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Cheng, H R; Saunders, S M; Guo, H; Louie, P K K; Jiang, F


    In this study, tropical cyclones over the East and South China Seas were found to be the most predominant weather conditions associated with the occurrence of high ozone (O3) episodes in Hong Kong in 2005-2009. A photochemical trajectory model coupled with Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM) was adapted to simulate the O3 concentrations during two O3 pollution episodes. The results agreed well with the observed data. A representative backward air mass trajectory was used to determine the contribution of each volatile organic compound (VOC) to the O3 levels. After taking into account both reactivity and mass emission of each VOC, 10 species were found to be the key O3 precursors in Hong Kong. Further analysis identified solvent related products accounting for 70% of the modeled O3 concentration in Hong Kong. The results highlight the importance of considering together reactivity and source sector emissions in developing targeted VOC reduction for O3 abatement strategies. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Understanding the underwater behaviour of scuba divers in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chung, Shan-Shan; Au, Alfred; Qiu, Jian-Wen


    Diving-related activities may constitute a major threat to coral reefs. This study aimed to quantify the impact of diving in Hong Kong on hard corals and understand how socio-economic characteristics and experience level of divers influence diver-inflicted damage. We recorded and analysed the underwater behaviour of 81 recreational divers. On average, a diver was in contact with marine biota 14.7 times with about 40% of contacts involved corals and 38% were damaging contacts with corals or other biota in a single dive. The most harm-inflicting groups included inexperienced and camera-carrying divers. Although Hong Kong divers did not make many damaging contacts with corals, there is still an imminent need to determine the scale of damage from diving activities on the marine ecosystem given the rapid development of marine-based tourism and the limited coral-inhabited areas in Hong Kong where the marine environment is already under stress from anthropogenic activities.

  11. Suicidality among Hong Kong nurses: prevalence and correlates. (United States)

    Cheung, Teris; Lee, Paul H; Yip, Paul S F


    The study estimates the prevalence and examines the socio-economic and psychological correlates of suicidality among professional nurses in Hong Kong. Suicide rates among middle-aged employed groups have been increasing over the past few decades. There is a concern that medical occupational groups worldwide are at elevated risk of suicide. Nonetheless there are few population-based studies of suicide dealing with working-age Asian nurses. The study uses a cross-sectional survey design. Data were collected in Hong Kong over 4 weeks from October-November 2013. Statistical methods including descriptive analysis and univariate and multivariate cumulative logit modelling were used to examine the weighted prevalence rates of past-year suicidality and its associated factors in nurses. A total of 850 nurses participated in the study; 14·9% of participants had contemplated suicide while 2·9% had attempted suicide once or more in the past year. Women report suicidal thoughts or attempts more often than men. Religion, poor health, deliberate self-harm, depressive symptoms and poor self-perceived physical and mental health were significantly associated with nurses' suicidality. Nurse professionals are not immune from mental health issues. Hong Kong's local health authority should put in place a raft of suicide prevention initiatives to promote mental wellness in the profession. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  12. Localism in Hong Kong: Its Origins, Development and Prospect

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yiu-chung Wong


    Full Text Available The paper firstly aims to analyse the changing political landscape after the Legislative Council election in September 2017. Secondly, the social political context in which localism emerged is delineated. An analysis of the rise of the politics of democratization and identities in the post-Handover Hong Kong is provided. The policies of “One Country, Two Systems” (1C2S, initiated by the People’s Republic of China (PRC to resolve the sovereignty issue of 1997 are discussed. It is argued that in the implementation of the 1C2S since the Handover in 1997, the Chinese party/state has shifted from non-interventionism to pervasive integration, which violates its pledges of “fifty years unchanged”. The Basic Law is arbitrarily interpreted to suit political expediency. Its Leninist absorption of Hong Kong into Chinese authoritarianism has directly triggered the rise of localism in the younger generation. The paper also explores the two theoretical discourses of the “independence” and “self-determination” narratives in contemporary Hong Kong and finally the prospect of the “independence” movement is examined.

  13. A Qualitative Examination of Teacher-Student Power-Sharing in Chinese Classrooms: A Study in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, Mei-Yee


    This article explores the dynamics of power-sharing between teacher and students in learning and teaching situations, and describes the theoretical bases, implementation, and results of an empirical study in three elementary schools in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Findings from 58 class observations…

  14. Disordered eating attitudes and behaviours among adolescents in Hong Kong: prevalence and correlates. (United States)

    Tam, Carmen Km; Ng, Cherry Fn; Yu, Chak Man; Young, Betty Wy


    To study the prevalence of disordered eating attitudes and behaviours among adolescents in Hong Kong and to examine the socio-demographic and behavioural correlates. Three secondary schools with different academic performance were selected from the Eastern District of Hong Kong. A total of 2382 students enrolled in Forms 1-7 at the three schools completed a specially designed questionnaire. The questionnaire contained questions on socio-demographic information, body weight satisfaction, exposure to mass media, health behaviours as well as the Eating Attitudes Test - 26 (EAT-26). Data were analysed using Student's t-test, chi2 analysis and multivariate logistic regression models. Disordered eating (EAT score > or =20) was present in 52 (3.9%) adolescent boys and 68 (6.5%) adolescent girls. The youngest case was only 11 years old. A high degree of body weight dissatisfaction was shared by our adolescents. Teenage girls, overweight youths and those with poor academic performance were at increased risk of having disordered eating. Strong associations were found between disordered eating and other health-compromising behaviours including smoking, alcohol and soft drug use, delinquent behaviours, suicidal ideation and self-harm behaviours. Exposure to entertainment, beauty and youth magazines was positively related to disordered eating. Disordered eating is prevalent among adolescents in Hong Kong. It remains a significant public health challenge to our community. Prevention programmes targeting youths at the greatest risk should be considered.

  15. A Comprehensive Review of Quality of Life (QOL Research in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel T. L. Shek


    Full Text Available Published quality of life (QOL studies in Hong Kong indexed in the major databases were reviewed. Several observations are highlighted from this review. First, most of the published studies were empirical studies involving data collection. Second, there are more micro studies utilizing individual QOL indices than macro studies using societal indicators. Third, most studies addressed personal well-being, followed by studies on family well-being and societal well-being. Fourth, the studies were predominantly quantitative in nature. Fifth, most of the studies were based on adults and comparatively fewer studies were based on children and adolescents. Sixth, most studies were based on populations with special needs, followed by studies based on the general population, helping professionals, and caregivers. Seventh, most studies used measures of QOL rather than developed QOL measures. Finally, QOL data in Hong Kong were seldom compared with those in other places. The gaps on QOL studies in Hong Kong and future research directions are discussed.

  16. Local Autonomy in Action: Beijing’s Hong Kong and Macau Policies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bill Chou


    Full Text Available This paper investigates how Beijing governs its two special administrative regions (SARs of Hong Kong and Macau through leverages on their local autonomy. First, a conceptual analysis of local autonomy will be provided. Local autonomy is more than a zero-sum game between the central and local authorities over how much power should be granted or taken from the local authorities; it also concerns the space for cultural expression and the use of local customs in public administration. Second, the degree of local autonomy in Hong Kong and Macau will be critically examined. On paper, both SAR governments are able to freely make decisions on a wide range of policies. In practice, however, Beijing has the absolute authority to override the decisions of Hong Kong and Macau. It is argued that the autonomy in cultural expression can compensate for the institutional constraints on the two SARs’ decision-making power and is thus able to alleviate public discontent – as long as the constraints do not conflict with the people’s core values and ways of life.

  17. All for the Winner: An Analysis of the Characterization of Male Gamblers in Hong Kong Movies with Gambling Theme (United States)

    Chan, Chi Chuen; Ohtsuka, Keis


    This study aims to investigate the characterization of male gamblers in popular Hong Kong movies in the past 50 years. A total of nine Hong Kong films with gambling themes were selected for analysis. The criteria for selection of the films were as follows: the movies in which the protagonists are portrayed by well known Hong Kong actors that…

  18. Dealing with Change in Hong Kong Schools Using Strategic Thinking Skills (United States)

    Pang, Nicholas Sun-Keung; Pisapia, John


    This paper reports an investigation into the strategic thinking skills of school leaders in Hong Kong. By adapting the Strategic Thinking Questionnaire in the school context and based on data self-reported from 543 Hong Kong school leaders, three cognitive capabilities with strategic thinking were identified: reflection, systems thinking and…

  19. Dancing with Global Trends: Higher Education Policy and University Governance in Hong Kong, 1997-2012 (United States)

    Lo, William Yat Wai; Tang, Hei-Hang Hayes


    This article examines the significance of global trends in higher education (HE) development in Hong Kong between 1997 and 2012. Two trends, massification and internationalisation, are considered key driving forces that shaped Hong Kong's HE policy during the period. The former refers to government measures to widen participation in HE. The latter…

  20. The Quality of Hong Kong's Self-Financing Sub-Degree Education from an Economic Perspective (United States)

    Chan, Chi Wai


    This paper examines the quality of Hong Kong's sub-degree level education provided by the self-financing institutes in terms of its impact on the earnings of workers, based on Hong Kong's 2006 by-census data. Education is an investment in human capital that enhances the productivity of workers and increases their lifetime incomes; and a more…

  1. School Adjustment, Social Support, and Mental Health of Mainland Chinese College Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chui, Raymond Chi-Fai; Chan, Chi-Keung


    We investigated the relationship of school adjustment and social support with the mental health of mainland Chinese college students studying in Hong Kong. During the spring semester in 2011, 384 mainland Chinese college students across the postsecondary institutions in Hong Kong completed a questionnaire. Results showed that better school…

  2. Student Behaviour and Emotional Challenges for Teachers and Parents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Forlin, Chris; Cooper, Paul


    Social, emotional, and behavioural disorders of children, within the context of a whole-school approach to inclusion as adopted by Hong Kong, can be challenging for teachers and parents. Based on a comprehensive review of the literature and feedback from a range of experts and parent groups in Hong Kong, specific scales were developed to measure…

  3. Moral Judgement and Conflict Handling Styles among Chinese in Hong Kong and PRC. (United States)

    Chow, Irene Hau-siu; Ding, Daniel Z. Q.


    Undergraduate (n=996) and graduate (n=294) business students in Hong Kong and China completed measures of moral development and conflict handling styles. A significant association between moral development stage and integrating style was found. Despite common Chinese cultural heritage, Hong Kong students had significantly lower moral development…

  4. Similarities and Differences in Views of Ageing and Learning in Hong Kong and Australia (United States)

    Tam, Maureen; Boulton-Lewis, Gillian; Buys, Laurie; Chui, Ernest


    This article is an overview and summary of the findings from a General Research Fund project funded (2012-2014) by the Research Grants Council of the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong to investigate cross cultural understanding of ageing and learning by seniors in Hong Kong and Australia. Results have been published separately in…

  5. Earth Sciences as a Vehicle for Gifted Education--The Hong Kong Experience (United States)

    Murphy, Phillip J.; Chan, Lung Sang; Murphy, Elizabeth


    The development and delivery of an Earth-science-focused short course designed to prepare Hong Kong students for university level study is described. Earth sciences provide an inspirational and challenging context for learning and teaching in Hong Kong's increasingly skills-based curriculum. (Contains 3 figures and 4 online resources.)

  6. Trends and Developments of Higher Education Research in Hong Kong: In Pursuit of a Cosmopolitan Vision (United States)

    Lo, William Yat Wai; Ng, Felix Sai Kit


    With the processes of inter- and intranationalization, higher education in Hong Kong has been rapidly expanding in an effort to develop the city into a regional education hub. This article explores the trends and developments of higher education research (HER) in Hong Kong in the context of inter- and intranationalization. By drawing on the data…

  7. Acculturation Attitudes and Sociocultural Adaptation of Chinese Mainland Sojourners in Hong Kong (United States)

    Ma, Yuanyi; Wang, Bo


    Within these years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese Mainland sojourners studying in Hong Kong. Due to the huge differences in various aspects like language, culture, cultural value, it would be considerably difficult for the Chinese Mainland students to adapt to the Hong Kong environment. This article investigates…

  8. Stumbling Blocks in the Implementation of Accounting Education Reform: Evidence from Hong Kong (United States)

    Chen, Theodore T. Y.


    In determining whether stumbling blocks exist in the implementation of accounting education reform in Hong Kong, a survey questionnaire was sent to all accounting departments at public universities representing accounting academics, and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants representing the profession. The survey showed that both…

  9. Predictors of Suicide Ideation and Depression in Hong Kong Adolescents: Perceptions of Academic and Family Climates (United States)

    Lee, Margaret T. Y.; Wong, Betty P.; Chow, Bonnie W.-Y.; McBride-Chang, Catherine


    The unique dimensions of perceptions of school and family contributing to depression and suicide ideation in Hong Kong adolescents were examined in two studies. In Study 1, among 327 Hong Kong Chinese female students ages 13-18, 47% reported some suicide ideation. Suicide ideation was significantly associated with depression, test anxiety,…

  10. Letter from Hong Kong: A Report on Chinese Food, Fake Apples, and IBM's Asian Strategy. (United States)

    Immel, A. Richard


    Notes that microcomputer use in Hong Kong's small business community does not reflect the growth of its high-tech electronics industry and discusses IBM's influence in Hong Kong and Asia, the counterfeiting of Apple microcomputers and software, and why Apple currently has no recourse. (MBR)

  11. A Comparative Study of Singapore's School Excellence Model with Hong Kong's School-Based Management (United States)

    Ng, Pak Tee; Chan, David


    Purpose: This paper aims to examine and compare the school excellence model (SEM) approach adopted by Singapore and the school-based management (SBM) approach adopted by Hong Kong. It discusses the implications of such a strategy and the challenges that both Singapore and Hong Kong schools face in navigating a new paradigm of managerialism while…

  12. Western Perceptions of Hong Kong Ten Years on: A Corpus-Driven Critical Discourse Study (United States)

    Cheng, Winnie; Lam, Phoenix W. Y.


    This article studies the Western perceptions of and relations with Hong Kong a decade after the reversion of the sovereignty from Britain to China in 1997. Previous studies have demonstrated that the West had a significantly negative view on the future of Hong Kong with respect to the handover. According to recent observations, however, the…

  13. Analysing Complex Policy Change in Hong Kong: What Role for Critical Discourse Analysis? (United States)

    Cheng, Annie Y. N.


    Purpose: The Hong Kong government recently reformed pre-primary education with the introduction of a voucher scheme. At the time this policy caused considerable opposition from across Hong Kong Society. This paper seeks to use Fairclough's model of critical discourse analysis to explore a key policy text and seeks to assess to what extent such an…

  14. The Perfect Marriage?--Language and Art Criticism in the Hong Kong Public Examination Context (United States)

    Lau, Chung-yim; Tam, Cheung-on


    Art education in Hong Kong has undergone various changes in response to educational reform. In art assessment, a major change in the Hong Kong New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum is the inclusion of art criticism as a compulsory component of the new public examination. Assessing students' abilities to interpret art in an art criticism public…

  15. Investigating the Perception of Student Teachers in Hong Kong Towards Peer-Editing (United States)

    Chong, Kelvin KaYu


    Despite its popularity in other countries, like America and Canada, peer editing is considered quite "avant-garde" in the Hong Kong academic community and has never been a common practice in local secondary schools' classrooms. This paper will try to unveil the reasons why a number of Hong Kong English teachers are reluctant to use…

  16. Prevalence of Insomnia and Its Psychosocial Correlates among College Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Sing, C. Y.; Wong, W. S.


    Objective: This study examined the prevalence of insomnia and its psychosocial correlates among college students in Hong Kong. Participants: A total of 529 Hong Kong college students participated in the study. Methods: Participants completed a self-reported questionnaire that included the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), the Revised Life…

  17. Flânerie and Acrophilia in the Postmetropolis: Rooftops in Hong Kong Cinema

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Chow, Y.F.; de Kloet, J.


    Living in the spectacle of Hong Kong's skyscape, how often do its dwellers actually see, not to mention reach, its rooftops? Intriguingly, despite their apparent ephemerality and inaccessibility, the vertical fringes of the city feature frequently in Hong Kong cinema: the rooftop. In this article,

  18. The Contributions of Kenelm Hutchinson Digby to Orthopaedics in Hong Kong Part 2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuo-tai Louis Fu


    Full Text Available As the first professor of surgery in Hong Kong, Kenelm Hutchinson Digby had the tremendous task of building a new clinical department in the infant University of Hong Kong from scratch. Despite his heavy commitments in clinical, administrative, and teaching responsibilities, he pioneered novel orthopaedic treatment principles and techniques, in addition to that of general surgery.

  19. Transnational higher education for capacity development? An analysis of British degree programmes in Hong Kong

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leung, W.H.M.; Waters, J.L.


    Drawing upon a project on British transnational education (TNE) programmes offered in Hong Kong, this paper interrogates the capacity development impact of TNE on the students, the Hong Kong Government and the programme providers. It addresses the questions: ‘What capacity is being developed in

  20. A Model of Active Ageing through Elder Learning: The Elder Academy Network in Hong Kong (United States)

    Tam, Maureen


    This article presents the Elder Academy (EA) Network as the policy and practice in promoting active ageing through elder learning in Hong Kong. First, the article examines how the change in demographics and the prevalent trend of an ageing population have propelled the government in Hong Kong to tackle issues and challenges brought about by an…

  1. Gender Representation in Hong Kong Primary School ELT Textbooks--A Comparative Study (United States)

    Lee, Jackie F. K.


    This article seeks to investigate whether the improvement of the status of women in Hong Kong in recent decades, effected through various efforts to promote the values of equal opportunity concepts, is reflected in patterns of gender representation in primary school textbooks used in Hong Kong. A comparison of a popular series of primary school…

  2. Implementing the Project Approach: A Case Study of Hybrid Pedagogy in a Hong Kong Kindergarten (United States)

    Chen, Jennifer J.; Li, Hui; Wang, Jing-ying


    The Project Approach has been promoted in Hong Kong kindergartens since the 1990s. However, the dynamic processes and underlying mechanisms involved in the teachers' implementation of this pedagogical method there have not yet been fully investigated. This case study of one typical kindergarten in Hong Kong documented how and why eight teachers…

  3. Implementing Effective Group Work for Mathematical Achievement in Primary School Classrooms in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kutnick, Peter; Fung, Dennis C. L.; Mok, Ida. A. C.; Leung, Frederick K. S.; Li, Johnson C. H.; Lee, Betty P.-Y.; Lai, Veronica K. W.


    The Hong Kong Education Bureau recommends that primary school pupils' mathematical achievement be enhanced via collaborative discussions engendered by group work. This pedagogic change may be hindered by Confucian heritage classroom practices and Western-dominated group work approaches that predominate in Hong Kong. To overcome these obstacles, we…

  4. Modeling Your College Library after a Commercial Bookstore? The Hong Kong Design Institute Library Experience (United States)

    Lo, Patrick; Chiu, Dickson K. W.; Chu, Wilson


    The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is a leading design education institute in Hong Kong under the Vocational Training Council (VTC) group. Opened in September 2010, the HKDI Learning Resources Centre is a specialist library for the study of art and design. The mission of the HKDI Library is to support and promote the academic goals of the…

  5. Hong Kong Chinese Community Leaders' Perspectives on Family Health, Happiness and Harmony: A Qualitative Study (United States)

    Chan, Sophia S. C.; Viswanath, K.; Au, Doreen W. H.; Ma, C. M. S.; Lam, W. W. T.; Fielding, R.; Leung, G. M.; Lam, Tai-Hing


    This paper examines the views of Hong Kong community leaders on the underlying issues that affect family health, happiness and harmony (3Hs) in Hong Kong. Using a community reconnaissance method, a series of individual in-depth interviews with 26 leaders that represent neighbourhoods of diverse socio-economic status (SES) from June to August 2008…

  6. Hong Kong Parents' Perceptions of Benefits of Music to Their Children (United States)

    Choi, Angel Lai Yan; Tse, Jennie Chen Yee; So, Cindy Sin Ni; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing


    Background: In Hong Kong, many parents encourage their children to take extra music lessons beyond normal school hours. This study investigates parents' perceptions of the benefits of music to children. Aims: To investigate why many parents in Hong Kong encourage their children to take extra music lessons beyond normal school hours, and to examine…

  7. The Financial Centres of Shanghai and Hong Kong: Competition or Complementarity?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    B. Karreman (Bas); G.A. van der Knaap (Bert)


    textabstractThe contemporary rise of China in the new geo-economy is increasingly pressurising the spatial distribution of financial activity in mainland China and Hong Kong. With the re-emergence of Shanghai, many people foresee the furture demise of Hong Kong as the most important financial centre

  8. Indicators and Implications of Zero Tolerance of Corruption: The Case of Hong Kong (United States)

    Gong, Ting; Wang, Shiru


    Notwithstanding the voluminous studies of Hong Kong's anticorruption experience and the admiration the ICAC has earned from other governments as a model for "institutional engineering," little is known about how the public in Hong Kong has perceived and responded to corruption. Less clear is what factors beyond a powerful and independent…

  9. The alcohol industry lobby and Hong Kong's zero wine and beer tax policy. (United States)

    Yoon, Sungwon; Lam, Tai-Hing


    Whereas taxation on alcohol is becoming an increasingly common practice in many countries as part of overall public health measures, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is bucking the trend and lowered its duties on wine and beer by 50 percent in 2007. In 2008, Hong Kong removed all duties on alcohol except for spirits. The aim of this paper is to examine the case of Hong Kong with its history of changes in alcohol taxation to explore the factors that have driven such an unprecedented policy evolution. The research is based on an analysis of primary documents. Searches of official government documents, alcohol-related industry materials and other media reports on alcohol taxation for the period from 2000 to 2008 were systematically carried out using key terms such as "alcohol tax" and "alcohol industry". Relevant documents (97) were indexed by date and topic to undertake a chronological and thematic analysis using Nvivo8 software. Our analysis demonstrates that whereas the city's changing financial circumstances and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's strong propensity towards economic liberalism had, in part, contributed to such dramatic transformation, the alcohol industry's lobbying tactics and influence were clearly the main drivers of the policy decision. The alcohol industry's lobbying tactics were two-fold. The first was to forge a coalition encompassing a range of catering and trade industries related to alcohol as well as industry-friendly lawmakers so that these like-minded actors could find common ground in pursuing changes to the taxation policy. The second was to deliberately promote a blend of ideas to garner support from the general public and to influence the perception of key policy makers. Our findings suggest that the success of aggressive industry lobbying coupled with the absence of robust public health advocacy was the main driving force behind the unparalleled abolition of wine and beer duties in Hong

  10. Workplace violence towards nurses in Hong Kong: prevalence and correlates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teris Cheung


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Nurses are especially vulnerable to violent and other forms of aggression in the workplace. Nonetheless, few population-based studies of workplace violence have been undertaken among working-age nurse professionals in Hong Kong in the last decade. Methods The study estimates the prevalence and examines the socio-economic and psychological correlates of workplace violence (WPV among professional nurses in Hong Kong. The study uses a cross-sectional survey design. Multivariate logistic regression examines the weighted prevalence rates of WPV and its associated factors for a population of nurses. Results A total of 850 nurses participated in the study. 44.6% had experienced WPV in the preceding year. Male nurses reported more WPV than their female counterparts. The most common forms of WPV were verbal abuse/bullying (39.2%, then physical assault (22.7% and sexual harassment (1.1%. The most common perpetrators of WPV were patients (36.6% and their relatives (17.5%, followed by colleagues (7.7% and supervisors (6.3%. Clinical position, shift work, job satisfaction, recent disturbances with colleagues, deliberate self-harm (DSH and symptoms of anxiety were significantly correlated with WPV for nurses. Conclusions WPV remains a significant concern for healthcare worldwide. Hong Kong’s local health authority should put in place a raft of zero-tolerance measures to prevent WPV in healthcare settings.

  11. The stroller in the virtual city: Spatial practice of Hong Kong players in Sleeping Dogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ge Zhang


    Full Text Available Sleeping Dogs is an open-world role-playing game developed by United Front Games, a Canadian Studio based in Vancouver, in conjunction with Square Enix London Studios and released by Square Enix in 2012. The game features the city of Hong Kong and the society of Chinese Triads. While the game itself is mainly a representation of post-colonial Hong Kong targeting a transnational audience entrenched in similar gameplay mechanics of the genre, the native Hong Kong players react to these reconstructions of Hong Kong through their own gameplay and unique interpretations. The virtual city is not a static representation but a congruence of vigorous interactions between the originally designed space and gamic actions of the players. This paper seeks to explore the spatial and bodily practices of Sleeping Dogs players in the virtual terrain of Hong Kong through the lens of Lefebvre’s spatial theory.

  12. Humor styles and loneliness: a study among Hong Kong and Hangzhou undergraduates. (United States)

    Yue, Xiao Dong; Wong, Ashley Yuen Man; Hiranandani, Neelam Arjan


    This study examined the relationship between humor styles and loneliness among a sample of Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese. A total of 159 Hong Kong undergraduates and 178 Hangzhou undergraduates were recruited to complete a survey composed of the Humor Styles Questionnaire and the Emotional and Social Loneliness Scales. Multiple regression analyses showed that self-defeating humor explained significant variance in both social and emotional loneliness for Hong Kong students, but only in social loneliness for Hangzhou students. Hong Kong students scored significantly higher on aggressive humor and self-defeating humor, and scored significantly lower on affiliative humor and self-enhancing humor than did their counterparts in Hangzhou. This could be attributed to the greater influence of Confucianism in Mainland China than in Hong Kong.

  13. Nuclear accident consequence assessment in Hong Kong using JRODOS. (United States)

    Leung, W H; Ma, W M; Chan, Philip K Y


    The JRODOS (Java-based Real-time Online DecisiOn Support) is a decision support system for off-site emergency management for releases of radioactive material into the environment. This paper documents the application of JRODOS by the Hong Kong Observatory in accident consequence assessment and emergency preparedness studies. For operational considerations, the most computational efficient dispersion model in JRODOS, ATSTEP, is adopted. Verification studies for JRODOS's ATSTEP model have been conducted. Comparison with tracer experiment results showed that under neutral atmospheric conditions and distances up to 50 km, the JRODOS simulation outputs were in general of the same order of magnitude with the tracer data. To further evaluate the capability of JRODOS in short-range simulation, a case study on the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident was also carried out. JRODOS was able to produce realistic simulation results which were comparable to the actual airborne monitoring data of the Cs-137 ground deposition from the Fukushima accident. Furthermore, the results of a comprehensive study to assess the potential consequences of accidents at a nearby nuclear power station are presented. Simulation using the French S3 source term for the Guangdong Nuclear Power Station at Daya Bay showed that the projected effective doses within Hong Kong remain far below the IAEA generic criteria of projected dose for urgent protective actions in sheltering/evacuation, while the projected equivalent dose in thyroid may meet the IAEA generic criteria for use of thyroid blocking agent at some areas in the northeastern part of Hong Kong, at distances of up to about 40 km from Daya Bay depending on the prevailing weather conditions in different seasons. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Occupational stress and burnout among Hong Kong dentists. (United States)

    Choy, H B; Wong, M Cm


    Professional burnout has been described as a gradual erosion of a person and may be one of the possible consequences of chronic occupational stress. Although occupational stress has been surveyed among dentists in Hong Kong, no study has been published about burnout in the profession. This study aimed to evaluate burnout among Hong Kong dentists and its association with occupational stress. We surveyed a random sample of 1086 registered dentists in Hong Kong, which formed 50% of the local profession. They were mailed an anonymous questionnaire about burnout and occupational stress in 2015. The questionnaire assessed occupational stress, coping strategies, effects of stress, level of burnout, and socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents. Occupational stress assessment concerned 33 stressors in five groups: patient-related, time-related, income-related, job-related, and staff-/technically related. Level of burnout was assessed by the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (22 items) with three scores: emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation, and personal accomplishment. Completed questionnaires were received from 301 dentists (response rate, 28.3%), of whom 25.4% had a high level of emotional exhaustion, 17.2% had a high level of depersonalisation, and 39.0% had a low level of personal accomplishment. Only 7.0% of respondents, however, had a high level of overall burnout (high emotional exhaustion, high depersonalisation, and low personal accomplishment). A high level of overall burnout was significantly associated with a higher mean score for job-related stressors and lack of postgraduate qualifications (Pburnout. There was a positive association between occupational stress and level of burnout.

  15. Gaming behavior and addiction among Hong Kong adolescents


    Irene Lai Kuen Wong; Millicent Pui Sze Lam


    Abstract Objectives Game playing is very popular among Hong Kong teenagers. This study aimed to investigate adolescent gaming behavior and addiction at the Internet cafe, and to explore perceived benefits and harms associated with the activity. Methods A convenient sample of 13 male high school students aged 12–15 years (mean age = 13.6 years) were interviewed at two Internet cafes. Young’s (Caught in the net, Wiley, New York, 1998) criteria of Internet addiction were modified to assess gamin...

  16. Occlusion therapy in amblyopia: an experience from Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tang, Emily W H; Li, Brian C Y; Yeung, Ian Y L; Li, Kenneth K W


    OBJECTIVES. To review the results of patching for amblyopia management in Hong Kong. DESIGN. Retrospective case series. SETTING. Regional hospital, Hong Kong. PATIENTS. Records of all patients attending Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic at United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong from 1 January 2009 to 31 March 2009 were retrospectively reviewed. Records of all children who underwent patching for amblyopia in the study period were evaluated. RESULTS. The mean age of 50 children (50 eyes) was 4 (standard deviation, 1; range, 2-7) years and mean pretreatment visual acuity was 0.35 (0.15; 0.02-0.63) [~20/60]. The values for mean, standard deviation, and range of treatment duration were 27, 16, 4-67 months respectively, and corresponding values for prescribed patching per day were 4, 1, 2-8 hours. The mean, standard deviation, and range of visual acuity at final post-treatment assessment were 0.66, 0.16, 0.1-1.0 (~20/30), respectively. The overall success rate (ie final visual acuity >0.7 or 20/30) was 62%. Children with moderate amblyopia (20/40-20/80) and severe amblyopia (20/100-20/400) had success rates of 74% and 55%, respectively. The mean visual acuity improvements for moderate and severely amblyopic children were 2.3 lines and 5.8 lines, respectively. The mean, standard deviation, and range of patching prescriptions for moderate and severely amblyopic children were 5, 1, 2-7 hours and 5, 1, 3-6 hours, respectively. Recurrence ensued in 7% of the children with moderate amblyopia and 46% of those with severe amblyopia. Reported compliance was good (>75% of the time) in 68% of the children. CONCLUSION. Occlusion therapy is the mainstay of treatment in Hong Kong. The overall success rate was comparable to that achieved in the Amblyopia Treatment Study. Recurrence was more common in patients with severe amblyopia, for whom maintenance therapy may reduce the risk of recurrence. The duration of treatment was much longer in our locality than in western countries. Reported

  17. Visual analysis of the air pollution problem in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Qu, Huamin; Chan, Wing-Yi; Xu, Anbang; Chung, Kai-Lun; Lau, Kai-Hon; Guo, Ping


    We present a comprehensive system for weather data visualization. Weather data are multivariate and contain vector fields formed by wind speed and direction. Several well-established visualization techniques such as parallel coordinates and polar systems are integrated into our system. We also develop various novel methods, including circular pixel bar charts embedded into polar systems, enhanced parallel coordinates with S-shape axis, and weighted complete graphs. Our system was used to analyze the air pollution problem in Hong Kong and some interesting patterns have been found.

  18. Internet Gambling Among High School Students in Hong Kong


    Wong, Irene Lai Kuen; So, Ernest Moon Tong


    The study investigated Internet gambling involvement and pathological gambling among Hong Kong adolescents aged 12–19 years. The diagnostic and statistical manual (4th edition) multiple response format for juveniles (DSM-IV-MR-J) (Fisher in J Gambl Stud 16:253–273, 2000) was filled by 1,004 students (597 boys, 407 girls) recruited by random selection of classes. The response rate was 86.6 %. Results indicate that more respondents participated in land-based gambling than Internet gambling (63....

  19. Oral health of Hong Kong children: a historical and epidemiological perspective. (United States)

    Lee, G Hm; Pang, H N; McGrath, C; Yiu, C Ky


    To provide a historical and epidemiological overview of the oral health of Hong Kong children. Literature published before 2014 related to the oral health of Hong Kong children, supplemented with information accessed from government-archived oral health reports, was sourced using electronic databases and hand searches. Dental caries experience, periodontal health, enamel defects, and malocclusion of Hong Kong children were reviewed. A decline in the prevalence and extent of dental caries was observed among Hong Kong schoolchildren and adolescents after the 1960s. Among preschool children, however, dental caries remains common and the extent appears to have increased. The periodontal health of Hong Kong children remains unsatisfactory. Recently, enamel defects/dental fluorosis have considerably reduced. Information about malocclusion in Hong Kong children is limited. Since the 1960s, following public health policies, health promotion activities, and the introduction of a School Dental Care Service, improvements in the oral health of schoolchildren are evident. Nonetheless, the oral health of preschool children remains a concern. Policies and practices to improve the oral health of preschool children in Hong Kong are required.

  20. Source characterization of BTEX in indoor microenvironments in Hong Kong (United States)

    Guo, H.; Lee, S. C.; Li, W. M.; Cao, J. J.

    Levels of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and the xylenes (BTEX) in different indoor microenvironments such as offices, homes, schools, shopping malls and restaurants were investigated in Hong Kong. Different indoor environments including six offices, six homes, six air-conditioned classrooms, six shopping malls and four restaurants were selected in Hong Kong for indoor and outdoor BTEX measurement. This study is aimed to determine qualitatively or semi-quantitatively sources of BTEX. Source identification is possible by determining the indoor/outdoor ( I/ O) concentration ratio. An I/ O ratio>1 was considered as an indicator for indoor sources. For BTEX in different indoor environments except for schools, some of the pollutants were dominated by outdoor sources while others mainly originated from indoor sources. In schools, however, the BTEX predominantly originated from outdoor sources. The potential sources of BTEX in indoor environments were also identified by using principal component analysis and nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis test. The number of variables was reduced to two and one new factors for indoor and outdoor data, respectively. These factors were related to certain source characteristics. It is shown that the type of land use, the use of printers, the traffic condition, the cooking style, the type of gas stove, smoking and internal decoration strongly influence the indoor concentrations of BTEX ( p<0.05). Significant difference of BTEX concentrations in the five types of indoor environments were also observed ( p<0.05).

  1. The 2014 summer coral bleaching event in subtropical Hong Kong. (United States)

    Xie, James Y; Lau, Dickey C C; Kei, Keith; Yu, Vriko P F; Chow, Wing-Kuen; Qiu, Jian-Wen


    We reported a coral bleaching event that occurred in August-September 2014 in Hong Kong waters based on video transect surveys conducted at eight sites. The bleaching affected eight species of corals with different growth forms. Bleaching at seven of the eight study sites was minor, affecting only 0.4-5.2% colonies and 0.8-10.0% coral-covered area. Sharp Island East, however, suffered from a moderate level of bleaching, with 13.1% colonies and 30.1% coral-covered area affected. Examination of the government's environmental monitoring data indicated abnormal water quality conditions preceding and during the bleaching event. Follow-up field surveys of tagged colonies showed that 76% of them had fully recovered, 12% partially recovered, and 12% suffered from mortality. These results indicate that the subtropical corals of Hong Kong are not immune to bleaching, and there is a need to study their responses under climate change scenarios. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  2. Angelman syndrome in Hong Kong Chinese: A 20 years' experience. (United States)

    Luk, H M; Lo, Ivan F M


    AS(OMIM #105830) is a neurodevelopmental disease that characterized by severe intellectual disability, lack of speech, happy disposition, ataxia, epilepsy and distinct behavioural profile. A tertiary wide study was performed in Hong Kong with aim to examine the clinical and molecular features, genotype-phenotype correlation of the Angelman syndrome (AS) patients. There were total 55 molecularly confirmed AS between January 1995 to September 2015 for review. 65.5% of them were caused by maternal microdeletion, 10.9% by paternal uniparental disomy, 3.6% by imprinting center defect and 14.5% by UBE3A gene mutation. Genotype-phenotype correlation showed epilepsy and microcephaly is more common in microdeletion type as compared with non-microdeletional type. We have concluded that the incidence rate, clinical features and underlying genetic mechanisms in Hong Kong Chinese were comparable with other western populations. The overall average age of diagnosis in this cohort was 6.2 years old (95% C.I was 5.0-7.5 years old). It is hope that by increasing awareness and early referral could result in early diagnosis and better management for AS patient. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  3. Burden of Chinese stroke family caregivers: the Hong Kong experience. (United States)

    Tang, Wai-Kwong; Lau, Chieh G; Mok, Vincent; Ungvari, Gabor S; Wong, Ka-Sing


    To ascertain the clinical and sociodemographic factors associated with family caregivers' burden in Chinese patients with stroke in Hong Kong. Cross-sectional design. Stroke Clinic. Patients (N=123) from a stroke clinic and their family caregivers. Not applicable. Predictive factors of family caregivers' burden in Chinese stroke patients in Hong Kong. Caregivers' burden was assessed with the Caregiving Burden Scale (CBS). Patients' and caregivers' sociodemographic data and clinical characteristics were recorded. Physical and psychological conditions were measured and rated with the following instruments: Cumulative Illness Rating Scale, Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), Barthel Index, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, Mini-Mental State Examination, Lubben Social Network Scale, Modified Life Event Scale (MLES), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), and a single question about fatigue. In the univariate analysis, the CBS score had significant correlations with certain characteristics of caregivers (sex, GDS, HADS, depressive symptoms, fatigue, and MLES) and those of patients' (sex, age, education, GDS). Regression analysis revealed that caregivers' GDS and patients' education were the independent correlates of the CBS. The severity of depressive symptoms in Chinese stroke caregivers and patients' education are independent factors associated with the caregivers' burden. Further studies evaluating interventions on caregivers' burden should include the assessment and management of mood disorders. Copyright © 2011 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Internet Addiction Phenomenon in Early Adolescents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T. L.; Yu, Lu


    The present study investigated the prevalence and demographic correlates of Internet addiction in Hong Kong adolescents as well as the change in related behavior at two time points over a one-year interval. Two waves of data were collected from a large sample of students (Wave 1: 3,328 students, age = 12.59 ± 0.74 years; Wave 2: 3,580 students, age = 13.50 ± 0.75 years) at 28 secondary schools in Hong Kong. Comparable to findings at Wave 1 (26.4%), 26.7% of the participants met the criterion of Internet addiction at Wave 2 as measured by Young's 10-item Internet Addiction Test. The behavioral pattern of Internet addiction was basically stable over time. While the predictive effects of demographic variables including age, gender, family economic status, and immigration status were not significant, Internet addictive behaviors at Wave 1 significantly predicted similar behaviors at Wave 2. Students who met the criterion of Internet addiction at Wave 1 were 7.55 times more likely than other students to be classified as Internet addicts at Wave 2. These results suggest that early detection and intervention for Internet addiction should be carried out. PMID:22778694

  5. Hong Kong architecture 1945-2015 from colonial to global

    CERN Document Server

    Xue, Charlie Q L


    This book focuses on the transformation from colonial to global – the formation, mechanism, events, works and people related to urban architecture. The book reveals hardships the city encountered in the 1950s and the glamour enjoyed in the 1980s. It depicts the public and private developments, and especially the public housing which has sheltered millions of residents. The author identifies the architects practising in the formative years and the representatives of a rising generation after the 1980s. Suffering from land shortage and a dense environment, the urban development of Hong Kong has in the past 70 years met the changing demands of fluctuating economic activities and a rising population. Architecture on the island has been shaped by social demands, the economy and technology. The buildings have been forged by the government, clients, planners, architects, many contractors and end-users. The built environment nurtures our life and is visual evidence of the way the city has developed. Hong Kong is a ...

  6. Adolescent Internet Addiction in Hong Kong: Prevalence, Change, and Correlates. (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T L; Yu, Lu


    Prevalence, change, and correlates of adolescent Internet addiction were examined in this study on the basis of six waves of longitudinal data collected over 6 years. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, INTERVENTIONS, AND MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Over 6 years, students responded to a questionnaire containing measures of sociodemographic characteristics, positive youth development, family processes, and Internet addiction behavior. The prevalence rates of Internet addiction in Hong Kong adolescents ranged from 17% to 26.8% during the high school years. Male students consistently showed a higher prevalence rate of Internet addiction and more Internet addictive behaviors than did female students. Longitudinal data suggested that although family economic disadvantage served as a risk factor for youth Internet addiction, the effects of family intactness and family functioning were not significant. Students' overall positive youth development and general positive youth development qualities were negatively related to Internet addictive behaviors and prosocial attributes had a positive relationship with youth Internet addiction. The results suggest that promotion of positive youth development is a promising direction for preventing Internet addiction in Hong Kong adolescents. Gender and family economic disadvantage must be considered in design of the related prevention programs. Copyright © 2016 North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Predictors of breastfeeding initiation in Hong Kong and Mainland China born mothers. (United States)

    Lok, Kris Yuet Wan; Bai, Dorothy Li; Tarrant, Marie


    In recent years there has been a steady influx of immigrants into Hong Kong from Mainland China, where breastfeeding patterns differ. Studies in other regions have found substantial differences in breastfeeding rates between native-born and immigrant mothers. The purpose of this study was to examine factors associated with breastfeeding initiation in Hong Kong born and Mainland China born mothers living in Hong Kong. We used a multi-center cross-sectional study design and recruited 2761 new mothers from the postnatal wards of all eight public hospitals in Hong Kong that offer obstetric services. We assessed breastfeeding status as well as various socio-demographic, maternal and birth characteristics. Chi-square tests and multivariable logistic regression were used to identify the predictors of breastfeeding initiation in Hong Kong born and Mainland China born participants. 80.3 % of Hong Kong and 81.1 % of Mainland Chinese born women initiated breastfeeding. In the fully adjusted models, multiparity (Odds Ratio [OR] 0.53, 95 % CI 0.43-0.66) and maternal smoking (OR 0.29, 95 % CI 0.18-0.45) were strongly associated with failure to initiate breastfeeding in both Hong Kong and Mainland China born participants. In Hong Kong born mothers, participants with lower maternal education and those who had a cesarean section were significantly less likely to breastfeed. For Mainland China born mothers, paternal smoking (OR 0.70, 95 % CI 0.49-0.99) and having a pregnancy-related health problem (OR 0.60, 95 % CI 0.38-0.94) were both additional risk factors for not breastfeeding. This study has identified predictors of breastfeeding initiation in Hong Kong and Mainland China born mothers. Given the current high breastfeeding initiation rates among both groups, antenatal breastfeeding education and promotion programmes need to specifically intervene with sub-groups of pregnant women at risk for not breastfeeding so that their efforts are more strategic and cost-effective.

  8. Hong Kong and Beijing: Trip Report (United States)


    A. BUSS MAY 1992 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited Prepared for: Naval Postgraduate School92 8 6 Monterey, CA 93943-5100 92iiit...release; distribution unlimited 2b. DECLASSIFICATIONDOWNGRADLNG SCHEDULE 4. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER(S) 5. MONITORING ORGANIZATION REPORT...stores, high-rises, bars and an Arnie Palmer golf course. This Special Economic Zone makes Mickey Mouse toys, Adidas sweat pants, Yashica cameras and a

  9. The MTR Library in Hong Kong


    Lo, Patrick


    Special libraries may include corporate libraries, law libraries, art libraries, medical libraries, news libraries, architecture firm libraries, financial centre libraries, etc. Some corporate libraries are also known as information centres, resources centres or learning resources centres, etc. Many of them are set up for the purpose of supporting the missions of their parent organizations, and their functions and services tend to target towards the specific needs of their users. According to...

  10. Health Profile of Construction Workers in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wen Yi


    Full Text Available Construction is a manual, heavy, and complex sector concerning the most fatal accidents and high incidence of occupational illnesses and injuries resulting in days away from work. In Hong Kong, “Pilot Medical Examination Scheme for Construction Workers” was launched in 2014 to detect the health problems of their construction workforce. All registered workers under the Construction Workers Registration Board are eligible to join the scheme. The purpose of this paper is to assess the physical condition, physiological status, and musculoskeletal disorders of 942 construction workers in Hong Kong. This study adopted a two-phase design, which includes a basic medical examination to measure the workers’ physiological parameters, such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, liver function test, and renal function test; as well as a face-to-face interview following the medical examination to collect their demographic information and pain experience. Individual characteristics, including gender, age, obesity, alcohol drinking habit, and sleeping habit influenced the health condition of construction workers. Among the participants, 36.1% and 6.5% of them were overweight and obese, respectively. In addition, 43.0%, 38.4%, 16.2%, and 13.9% of the participants exceeded the thresholds of cholesterol, blood pressure, urea nitrogen, and uric urea, correspondingly. Moreover, 41.0% of the participants suffered musculoskeletal pain, where the most frequent painful parts occur in the lower back, shoulder, knees, leg, and neck. Through these findings, a series of important issues that need to be addressed is pointed out in terms of maintaining the physical well-being and reducing musculoskeletal disorders of construction workers. The finding may have implications for formulating proper intervention strategies for the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s construction industry.

  11. Factors Affecting the Understanding and Use of Psychoanalysis in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan. (United States)

    Busiol, Diego


    The majority of Western psychotherapies are known and practiced in Hong Kong, while psychoanalysis still has little resonance. A recent study finds that psychoanalysis is perceived neither as ineffective nor as necessarily in conflict with Hong Kong Chinese values. Nevertheless, Hong Kong Chinese culture influences how psychoanalysis is received and understood, when compared to Mainland China and Taiwan. It is argued that a better reception in the latter two was possible because of different social and historical backgrounds, different clinical backgrounds of those who receive training, and the more active role of Western psychoanalysts. © 2015 by the American Psychoanalytic Association.

  12. Night-sky brightness monitoring in Hong Kong - a city-wide light pollution assessment


    Pun, Chun Shing Jason; So, Chu Wing


    Results of the first comprehensive light pollution survey in Hong Kong are presented. The night-sky brightness was measured and monitored around the city using a portable light sensing device called the Sky Quality Meter over a 15-month period beginning in March 2008. A total of 1,957 data sets were taken at 199 distinct locations, including urban and rural sites covering all 18 Administrative Districts of Hong Kong. The survey shows that the environmental light pollution problem in Hong Kong...

  13. Industrial restructuring and labour-market adjustment under positive noninterventionism: the case of Hong Kong


    T-L Lui; S Chiu


    This paper is an attempt to probe the interactions of economic restructuring and labour-market development in the process of industrial development in contemporary Hong Kong. The discussion is mainly divided into two parts. First is an examination of the development of the Hong Kong economy in the context of the changing world economy and, in particular, the effects of the structuring of the global division of labour on changes in the economic structure of Hong Kong in the 1980s. The growth o...

  14. The long-range transport of aerosols from northern China to Hong Kong - a multi-technique study (United States)

    Fang, M.; Zheng, M.; Wang, F.; Chim, K. S.; Kot, S. C.

    The results of the inorganic and organic analyses of aerosol samples collected on the east and west sides of Hong Kong during a dust episode (9-10 May 1996) are reported. The origin of the dust was traced to Northern China. The dust reached Hong Kong by way of the East China Sea. The characteristics of the inorganic elements and organic compounds were quite different from the non-episodic samples collected on 1-2 April 1996, EPD (Environmental Protection Department, Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong, China) results for April-May 1994, and our early studies (Zheng et al., 1997. Atmospheric Environment 31(2), 227-237.). Results from X-ray spectrometry showed pronounced increase in the relative abundance of Al, Fe, Ca, S and Cl in the dust samples compared to the non-episodic samples. The high abundance of Cl in the dust samples suggested the aerosols experienced long-range transport by way of the sea. ICP-MS analysis revealed higher concentrations of Fe, Ca, S and Pb in the episodic samples relative to the values measured during April-May 1994 by EPD. The high Ca content in the soil samples is a characteristic of northern Chinese crustal material (Liu et al., 1985). Hong Kong aerosols are characterized by high octadecenoic acid concentration due to heavy urbanization and Chinese-style stir-fry cooking. A much lower C 18:1/C 18:0 ratio was found in the episodic samples, however, suggesting the aerosols were transported from a long distance. The high ratio of ⩾C 20/Asian Dust. This is the first scientific report of Asian Dust in Hong Kong.

  15. Factors associated with the quality of life of nursing home residents in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lai, C K Y; Leung, D D M; Kwong, E W Y; Lee, R L P


    The quality of life of nursing home residents has increasingly become an important dimension when evaluating care in a nursing home. Not a lot is known about the quality of life of nursing home residents in Hong Kong. To investigate factors associated with the quality of life of nursing home residents to inform care management policies and service delivery. This study reports data from 125 nursing home residents. The Hong Kong Chinese version of the World Health Organization's Quality of Life-Brief version was used. Other measures used include the Mini-Mental State Examination, the Mini-Nutritional Assessment, the Geriatric Depression Scale, the Modified STRATIFY Falls Prediction Tool and the Modified Barthel Index. A univariate analysis and a multiple regression analysis were then performed to identify the influencing factors. The participants reported a moderate level of quality of life, with the exception in the domain of social relationships. A univariate analysis found some associations between demographic and clinical characteristics and quality of life. A multiple regression analysis indicated that pain, being younger (65-74 years), having son(s) or daughter(s), and cognitive impairment were negatively associated factors. The smallness of the sample from a single study site limits the generalizability of the findings. This study provides information that has hitherto been lacking on the quality of life and associated factors among local nursing home residents in Hong Kong. The preliminary findings can help healthcare staff to identify those at risk of suffering from a low quality of life and to design appropriate care interventions to improve the quality of life of such residents. Adequate pain relief, family connectedness and special attention to the needs of those with cognitive impairment are important considerations in ensuring a better quality of life for older people in long-term residential care. © 2014 International Council of Nurses.

  16. Development of a credit-bearing service leadership subject for university students in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T L; Yu, Lu; Ma, Cecilia M S; Sun, Rachel C F; Liu, Ting Ting


    Given that service industries contribute to 93% of Hong Kong's GDP, an important question that should be asked is whether the education system can promote the development of service leadership among young people in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, service leadership programs specifically designed for university students are lacking in Hong Kong. In this paper, the basic tenets of the Service Leadership and Management framework are presented. Based on the fundamental postulation that effective service leadership is a function of moral character, competence and care (E=MC(2)), a subject called "Service Leadership" has recently been developed at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This paper outlines the objectives, intended learning outcomes, syllabus, assessment, and references of the subject. The proposed evaluation strategies are also described.

  17. Hong Kong at the Pearl River Estuary: A hotspot of microplastic pollution. (United States)

    Fok, Lincoln; Cheung, P K


    Large plastic (>5mm) and microplastic (0.315-5mm) debris were collected from 25 beaches along the Hong Kong coastline. More than 90% consisted of microplastics. Among the three groups of microplastic debris, expanded polystyrene (EPS) represented 92%, fragments represented 5%, and pellets represented 3%. The mean microplastic abundance for Hong Kong was 5595items/m(2). This number is higher than international averages, indicating that Hong Kong is a hotspot of marine plastic pollution. Microplastic abundance was significantly higher on the west coast than on the east coast, indicating that the Pearl River, which is west of Hong Kong, may be a potential source of plastic debris. The amounts of large plastic and microplastic debris of the same types (EPS and fragments) were positively correlated, suggesting that the fragmentation of large plastic material may increase the quantity of beach microplastic debris. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Learning Cultures and Learning Styles: Myth-Understandings about Adult (Hong Kong) Chinese Learners. (United States)

    Kennedy, Peter


    Compares stereotypes with realities of the effect of Chinese culture on learning styles. Reviews literature on effective adult learning. Discusses learning style preferences of Hong Kong Chinese adults, teacher expectations, and new approaches to adult learning. (Contains 68 references.) (SK)

  19. Determinants on the quality of social networks among Hong Kong Chinese. (United States)

    Rochelle, Tina L; Chan, O F


    The aim of the present study is to examine prospectively the quality of social networks of Hong Kong Chinese adults. A randomized household survey was employed. A total of 1170 Hong Kong Chinese respondents were recruited to the study. Participants ranged in age from 18 to 79 years, 43% of respondents were male. Findings revealed a negative association between familial trust and social network size. Network trust, social identification, and structural networks were all found to be positively associated with social network size and perceived respect from social network. The importance of family and the prioritization of the needs of the family over individual needs has implications on social network size and formation for Hong Kong Chinese individuals. More research is needed to further examine the importance of familial relationships and the prioritization of family and the impact this has on social network development and maintenance among Hong Kong Chinese.

  20. Biliary tract disease and acute non-A-E hepatitis in Hong Kong: prospective study

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Chau, T N; Sung, J J; Kwan, C P; Ng, C; Lai, J Y; Lai, T S; Yuen, H


    .... Prospective study. Infectious diseases unit, government hospital, Hong Kong. Sixty-one consecutive patients, admitted with the diagnosis of acute hepatitis and negative hepatitis serology for hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E virus...

  1. Social Disparity of Family Involvement in Hong Kong: Effect of Family Resources and Family Network

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Esther Sui-chu Ho


    ...), this study examines the social disparity of family involvement. A total of 4,405 students from 140 Hong Kong secondary schools participated in the first cycle of PISA study identifying four types of family involvement...

  2. Assessing Impervious Surface Changes in Sustainable Coastal Land Use: A Case Study in Hong Kong

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kapo Wong; Yuanzhi Zhang; Jin Yeu Tsou; Yu Li


    In Hong Kong, reclamation is the main method for developing new land use areas as most country parks and mountains are protected under a land policy that emphasizes conservation for their high ecological value...

  3. Bringing Innovation to EFL Writing: The Case of a Primary School in Hong Kong

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lee, Icy; Wong, Kevin


    .... This short research report describes the implementation of a writing curriculum project in a primary school in Hong Kong, where a team of EFL teachers attempted to overhaul the traditional product...

  4. Comparision of Istanbul with Hong Kong and Singapore for Regional Treasury Centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet Selçuk DİZKIRICI


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study is examining Istanbul to find out whether or not it has the ability to become an appropriate location to host regional treasury centers. Hence; Simkova’s 11 location criteria are compared across Istanbul additionally Hong Kong and Singapore, being already attractive locations in South East Asia for multinational corporations to set up their regional finance offices, to specify Istanbul’s weaker facilities even if it is not regarded as a rival for Hong Kong and Singapore. The study contributes to the understanding of Simkova’s location criteria assessment before establishing a regional treasury center in any location, as it is applied to some European countries and three Asian countries: Brunei, Hong Kong and Singapore, previously. Lastly, it is concluded that Istanbul is not as superior as Hong Kong and Singapore but it has reasonable conditions to become an attractive location for regional treasury centers.

  5. Emissions of halocarbons from mobile vehicle air conditioning system in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Yan, H H; Guo, H; Ou, J M


    During the implementation of Montreal Protocol, emission inventories of halocarbons in different sectors at regional scale are fundamental to the formulation of relevant management strategy and inspection of the implementation efficiency. This study investigated the emission profile of halocarbons used in the mobile vehicle air conditioning system, the leading sector of refrigeration industry in terms of the refrigerant bank, market and emission, in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, using a bottom-up approach developed by 2006 IPCC Good Practice Guidance. The results showed that emissions of CFC-12 peaked at 53 tons ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) in 1992 and then gradually diminished, whereas HFC-134a presented an increasing emission trend since 1990s and the emissions of HFC-134a reached 65,000 tons CO2-equivelant (CO2-eq) by the end of 2011. Uncertainty analysis revealed relatively high levels of uncertainties for special-purpose vehicles and government vehicles. Moreover, greenhouse gas (GHG) abatements under different scenarios indicated that potential emission reduction of HFC-134a ranged from 4.1 to 8.4 × 10(5)tons CO2-eq. The findings in this study advance our knowledge of halocarbon emissions from mobile vehicle air conditioning system in Hong Kong. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  6. Ageism and sexism at work: the middle-aged women of Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tang, K L


    Employment discrimination against middle-aged women has recently captured public attention in Hong Kong. One reason is the economic slowdown and increasing unemployment since the 1993-94 and the 1997-to date economic downturns. This paper looks at sex and age discrimination against middle-aged women in colonial Hong Kong where they faced such problems as low labor force participation, occupational and industrial segregation and wage differentials, which in turn left them vulnerable to unemployment and poverty. Rampant age and sex discrimination in the workplace is due to a number of factors: traditional values and cultural devaluation of women's work and need for education, economic restructuring and labor importation, a legal vacuum, inefficient retraining policy, and the weak position of women in the labor movement. The postcolonial government under Tung Chee Hwa is heavily influenced by business interests. Women in the age group of 30-39 and above are hardest hit. They are not targeted as special groups of trainees who require special assistance. Given the limited concern for gender development on the part of the new government, the prospect for women workers does not look good.

  7. Reorganizing Hospital Space: The 1894 Plague Epidemic in Hong Kong and the Germ Theory. (United States)

    Sihn, Kyu-Hwan


    This paper examined whether the preventive measures taken by the Hong Kong's colonial authorities were legitimate during the 1894 Hong Kong plague epidemic, and illuminated the correlation between the plague epidemic and hospital space in Hong Kong in the late 19th century. The quarantine measures taken by the colonial authorities were neither a clear-cut victory for Western medicine nor for a rational quarantine based on scientific medical knowledge. Hong Kong's medical officials based on the miasma theory, and focused only on house-to-house inspections and forced quarantine or isolation, without encouraging people to wear masks and without conducting disinfection. Even after Hong Kong plague spread, the Hong Kong's colonial authorities were not interested in what plague bacilli were, but in where they were to be found and how to prevent and control an outbreak of the disease. The germ theory brought significant changes to the disease classification system. Until the 1890s, Hong Kong's colonial authority had classified cause of death mainly on the basis of symptoms, infectious diseases, parts of the body and diseases of systems. Microbiological analysis of the cause of death in Hong Kong was started by Hunter, a bacteriologist, in 1902. He used bacteriological tests with a microscope to analyze the cause of death. New disease recognition and medical recognition brought large changes to hospital space as well. In particular, from the 1880s to the early 1900s, Western medical circles witnessed shifts from miasma theory to the germ theory, thereby influencing Hong Kong's hospital spaces. As the germ theory took ground in Hong Kong in 1894, the bacteriological laboratory and isolation ward became inevitable facilities, and hospital space were reorganized accordingly. However, the colonial authorities and local elites' strategy was different. As a government bacteriologist, Hunter established a central facility to unify several laboratories and to manage urban space

  8. Are there spillover effects from Hong Kong and the United States to Chinese stock markets


    Diekmann, Katharina


    Stock market integration of mainland China is analyzed before and after the liberalization of Chinese stock exchange segments. We apply a causality-in-variance procedure, using four mainland China stock market indices, two indices of the stock exchange in Hong Kong and the Dow Jones Industrial index. We find evidence of global and regional integration, but we do not find evidence for increasing integration after stock market liberalization, neither with Hong Kong nor with the United States.

  9. Education accountability and principal leadership effects in Hong Kong primary schools


    Hallinger, Philip; Ko, James


    This study explored the nature and effects of leadership for learning in the context of Hong Kong primary schools. Employing a mediated model of leadership for learning, the study examined how school leadership practices are perceived and shaped in the high accountability context of Hong Kong school education. Consistent with other recent empirical studies of school leadership effects, the research explored the relationship between school leadership, school-level capacity for improvement and ...

  10. Can Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services be Created in Hong Kong? Struggles and Strategies


    Tse, Samson; Siu, Bonnie Wei Man; Kan, Alice


    Recovery has been adopted as either the national policy or guiding principle for reforming mental health services in many countries. Development and implementation of the concept of recovery is still in its infancy in most Asian countries, and Hong Kong is no exception. The present authors propose three strategies to guide the transformation of Hong Kong mental health services toward becoming more recovery-oriented.

  11. Estimating Incidence of Developmental Dyslexia in Hong Kong: What Differences Do Different Criteria Make? (United States)

    Chan, David W.; Ho, Connie Suk-han; Tsang, Suk-man; Lee, Suk-han; Chung, Kevin K. H.


    Based on the data of a school-referred sample of Cantonese-speaking Chinese children who met the Hong Kong criterion of dyslexia, we estimated for developmental dyslexia of Chinese children aged between 6 and 10 1/2 in Hong Kong an incidence rate of 0.66% and a gender ratio of 3.29 boys to 1 girl over a four-year period. We also explored the…

  12. Sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong Kong


    Yip, Paul SF; Zhang, Huiping; Lam, Tai-Hing; Lam, Kwok Fai; Lee, Antoinette Marie; Chan, John; Fan, Susan


    Background Little is known about sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong Kong. It is of public health importance to investigate this topic to inform sex education, policymaking, and prevention and intervention programs. Methods Based on the Youth Sexuality Survey conducted by Hong Kong Family Planning Association (FPAHK) in 2011, this study explored the characteristics of sexual knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among 1,126 unm...

  13. Adolescent compensated dating in Hong Kong: choice, script, and dynamics. (United States)

    Li, Jessica C M


    Although numerous studies have examined the prevalence, contributing factors, and consequences of compensated dating (CD) among young people, few empirical studies have investigated the process of engaging in CD. This article intends to fill this research gap through semi-structured interviews with 30 young people who have experience in CD in Hong Kong. The current study provides a step-by-step account of the involvement of young people in this illegal/immoral activity from a crime script perspective. Twelve decision-making points in four crime commission stages are identified in this study. The findings of the study will not only advance conceptual understanding of the choice, script, and dynamics of young people's path to CD but also provide suggestions for formulating stage-specific measures for situational crime prevention. This empirical study is the first to investigate the process of this specific emerging offense in the Chinese community. © The Author(s) 2013.

  14. Death anxiety among Chinese elderly people in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Wu, Anise M S; Tang, Catherine S K; Kwok, Timothy C Y


    This study aims to examine the cognitive and emotional reactions of Chinese elderly people toward death, to extend the use of a Western scale on death anxiety to a Chinese sample, and to explore the correlates of death anxiety. A community sample of 237 Chinese elderly people (62 men and 175 women) in Hong Kong between the ages of 60 and 91 years old was individually interviewed. Among this elderly cohort, a high level of death anxiety was associated with younger age, a high level of psychological distress, and the presence of recent stressors but was unrelated to number of physical disorders, gender, personal income, marital and employment status, and religious affiliations. Reactions of Chinese elderly people toward specific death-related issues were discussed with regard to Chinese cultural beliefs. Limitations and implications of the present study were also discussed.

  15. The next influenza pandemic: lessons from Hong Kong. (United States)

    Shortridge, K F; Peiris, J S M; Guan, Y


    Pandemic influenza is a zoonosis. Studies on influenza ecology conducted in Hong Kong since the 1970s in which Hong Kong essentially functioned as an influenza sentinel post indicated that it might be possible, for the first time, to have influenza preparedness at the baseline avian level. This appreciation of influenza ecology facilitated recognition of the H5N1 'bird flu' incident in Hong Kong in 1997 in what was considered to be an incipient pandemic situation, the chicken being the source of virus for humans and, if so, was the first instance where a pandemic may have been averted. The 2001 and 2002 H5N1 incidents demonstrated that it was possible to have an even higher order of baseline preparedness with the recognition in chicken of a range of genotypes of H5N1-like viruses before they had the opportunity to infect humans. Investigations of these incidents revealed a complex ecology involving variously precursor avian H5N1 virus in geese and ducks, and H9N2 and H6N1 viruses in quail, the quail possibly functioning as an avian 'mixing vessel' for key genetic reassortment events for onward transmission of H5N1 viruses highly pathogenic for chicken and humans. These findings highlight the importance of systematic virus surveillance of domestic poultry in recognizing changes in virus occurrence, host range and pathogenicity as signals at the avian level that could presage a pandemic. For example, there is now an increasing prevalence of avian influenza viruses in terrestrial (in contrast to aquatic) poultry. Prior to 1997, no particular virus subtype other than H4N6 would have been considered a candidate for pandemicity and this was based, in the absence of any other data, on its high frequency of occurrence in ducks in southern China. Now,with the isolation of H5N1 and H9N2 viruses from humans supported by genetic, molecular and biological studies on these and other avian isolates, there is credible evidence for the candidacy, in order, of H5N1, H9N2 and H6N1

  16. Death preparation and anxiety: a survey in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chan, Timothy H Y; Chan, Faye M Y; Tin, Agnes F; Chow, Amy Y M; Chan, Cecilia L W

    This study reports the results of a survey on death preparation, death-related beliefs, and death anxiety in a Hong Kong sample. Respondents (N = 285) recruited from the community were asked if they have prepared for themselves a life insurance, a will, and a resting place (e.g. burial site, columbarium, etc.). Questions about their death-related cultural beliefs and anxiety were also asked. Results indicated that respondents who have thought of preparing for their own deaths but not yet acted out (contemplators) held stronger traditional cultural beliefs about death than respondents who have either done the preparations (planners) or never thought of the idea (non-contemplators). Contemplators also reported higher death anxiety. Despite limitations of the study's design, the current results suggest the beliefs in cultural taboo may play a role in the preparation for one's death.

  17. Hong Kong Junk: Plague and the Economy of Chinese Things. (United States)

    Peckham, Robert


    Histories of the Third Plague Pandemic, which diffused globally from China in the 1890s, have tended to focus on colonial efforts to regulate the movement of infected populations, on the state's draconian public health measures, and on the development of novel bacteriological theories of disease causation. In contrast, this article focuses on the plague epidemic in Hong Kong and examines colonial preoccupations with Chinese "things" as sources of likely contagion. In the 1890s, laboratory science invested plague with a new identity as an object to be collected, cultivated, and depicted in journals. At the same time, in the increasingly vociferous anti-opium discourse, opium was conceived as a contagious Chinese commodity: a plague. The article argues that rethinking responses to the plague through the history of material culture can further our understanding of the political consequences of disease's entanglement with economic and racial categories, while demonstrating the extent to which colonial agents "thought through things."

  18. Capital Budgeting Evaluation Practices of Building Contractors in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K.C Lam


    Full Text Available This paper reports the results of an investigation into capital budgeting evaluation practicesin the construction industry of Hong Kong. The aim of this study was to identify thepopularity and extent of usage of various techniques for capital budget evaluation, investmentappraisal, risk analysis, and management science. The current study was comparedwith a similar survey conducted in 1994 to establish the changes in the capital budgetingevaluation practices of contracting firms over time. The results indicate that there was ageneral increase in the popularity and extent of usage in certain capital budget evaluationtechniques such as “best/worst estimate” and “formal financial evaluation”. In addition,the evaluation techniques examined were fitted into a discriminant function analysis (DFA,and a model has been developed which allows contracting firms to be classified accordingto their predominant characteristics in capital budget evaluation.

  19. Postponement of death around Chinese holidays: a Hong Kong perspective. (United States)

    Panesar, N S; Goggins, W


    Historical anecdotes suggest human beings can postpone death around important occasions. Some formal studies have claimed that elderly Jewish men and Chinese women in America postponed death around the Passover and Harvest Moon (or Mid-Autumn) Festival (HMF), respectively. We examined deaths from cancer, cerebrovascular and heart diseases in the Chinese around four important holidays celebrated in Hong Kong. From computerised data in 1995-2000, the expected weekly deaths for 12 weeks before and after Lunar New Year, Ching Ming, HMF and Chung Yeung holidays were calculated using a polynomial regression model for the three diseases in men and women, under and over the age of 75 years. The differences in the observed deaths one week before and one week after the four holidays were tested by the binomial test. There were significantly fewer deaths overall in men before the holidays than after (p-value equals 0.0081), with most of the difference being due to cancer deaths, particularly among men over 75 years of age. For women, there were actually more deaths before than after the holidays. The data, stratified according to age, gender, disease and holiday, yielded only five out of 48 variables with a p-value of less than 0.05, which was slightly above chance, considering the large number of comparisons made. In four of the five situations, there were significantly fewer deaths before than after the holidays; but after Bonferroni correction, only the finding of fewer cancer deaths for men aged over 75 years before HMF was significant. Other than cancer deaths in males, we found little evidence in this dataset of death postponement until after important holidays in the Hong Kong Chinese population.

  20. Foreword – Upon the Twentieth Anniversary of the Hong Kong Handover: An Update on State-Civil Societal Relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh


    factors, theoretical and ideological underpinnings, as well as possible future of the Hong Kong people’s valiant struggle for democracy against the backdrop of the formidable odds as evidenced by the State’s handling of the Umbrella Movement and recent treatment of elected dissident legislators, that the present special focus issue of Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal has put together a collection of specially selected articles under the issue title Hong Kong twenty years after the Handover: Quo vadis? – with the query in the subtitle on the future path of Hong Kong reflecting the existential anxiety of the freedom-loving Hong Kong people now being forced to live under the ominous shadow of an entrenched regime that has no foreseeable intention of allowing for a transition from the present repressive one-party dictatorship to liberal democracy that would respect political freedom and civil liberties, or of relaxing its intolerance for dissent.

  1. Walking in the high-rise city: a Health Enhancement and Pedometer-determined Ambulatory (HEPA program in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leung AYM


    Full Text Available Angela YM Leung,1,2 Mike KT Cheung,3 Michael A Tse,4 Wai Chuen Shum,5 BJ Lancaster,1,6 Cindy LK Lam7 1School of Nursing, 2Research Centre on Heart, Brain, Hormone and Healthy Aging, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, 3Centre on Research and Advocacy, Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, 4Institute of Human Performance, University of Hong Kong, 5Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Church Social Services, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China; 6School of Nursing, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA; 7Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Due to the lack of good infrastructure in the public estates, many older adults in urban areas are sedentary. The Health Enhancement and Pedometer-Determined Ambulatory (HEPA program was developed to assist older adults with diabetes and/or hypertension to acquire walking exercise habits and to build social support, while engaged in regular physical activity. This study aimed to describe the HEPA program and to report changes in participants’ walking capacity and body strength after 10-week walking sessions. A pre- and postintervention design was used. Pedometers were used to measure the number of steps taken per day before and after the 10-week intervention. Upper and lower body strength, lower body flexibility, and quality of life were assessed. A total of 205 older adults completed the program and all health assessments. After the 10-week intervention, the average number of steps per day increased by 36%, from 6,591 to 8,934. Lower body strength, upper body strength, and aerobic fitness increased significantly after 10 weeks, along with improvement in the 12-item Short Form Health Survey (SF™-12 physical and mental health component summary scores. A social support network was built in the neighborhood, and the local environment was

  2. Bilingualism or Linguistic Segregation? Symbolic Domination, Resistance and Code Switching in Hong Kong Schools. (United States)

    Lin, Angel M. Y.


    Examines the historical and socioeconomic context of classroom code switching in Hong Kong. Empirical analyses of actual instances of classroom code switching reveal this action to be the teachers' and students' local pragmatic response to the symbolic domination of English. The article concludes with a cost-benefit analysis of the Hong Kong…

  3. Marital satisfaction of Chinese mothers of children with autism and intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Kwok, S Y C L; Leung, C L K; Wong, D F K


    Previous research showed an association among perceived stigma, perceived caregiving burden and marital satisfaction of mothers. However, little is known about their relationship among mothers of young children with disabilities in the Chinese context. The mediating role of perceived caregiving burden between perceived stigma and marital satisfaction was seldom explored. Hence, the present study aims to investigate the relationship between perceived stigma, perceived caregiving burden and marital satisfaction of Chinese mothers of children with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders in Hong Kong. A cross-sectional survey using convenience sampling was conducted with mothers of pre-school children with disabilities aged from 2 to 6. A total of 160 completed questionnaires were collected from five special child care centres in Hong Kong. The findings in the hierarchical regression analyses showed that perceived stigma and perceived caregiving burden were significant predictors of mothers' marital satisfaction. Perceived burden, including perceived social burden, emotional burden and developmental burden but excluding time-dependence and physical burden, were found to be significant mediators between perceived stigma and marital satisfaction. To address the negative consequences brought on by stigma, measures can be taken to prevent stigmatisation and minimise the harmful effects. To alleviate mothers' perceived burden, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mutual support groups and psycho-educational and skills training programmes can be conducted for the mothers. © 2014 MENCAP and International Association of the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. Preparing Master-students of the Erasmus Mundus Programme in Special Education Needs for International Collaboration: An Insight for Hong Kong Teacher Education in SEN

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    dr Kuen-Fung Sin; dr Jacqueline van Swet


    In this article, the Erasmus Mundus programme in Special Education Needs, with the financial support from the European Commission, run in Europe from 2005-2010, is reported. The discussion will focus especially on the learning in the field of collaborative skills and attitudes that have occurred in

  5. Internationalization: the Hong Kong-China experience as a model for collaborative education in Asia. (United States)

    Tam, Paul K H; Wong, Kenneth K Y; Li, Long; Zhang, J Z


    The Hong Kong model for collaboration in education in Asia is based on internationalization. Hong Kong benefits from being an international city combining an Eastern heritage and a Western society. The University of Hong Kong ranks among the world's top 25 universities (2012/2013 QS world university rankings), and its Division of Paediatric Surgery has an international reputation in research and training. In the past two decades, Hong Kong has leading roles in major international pediatric surgical organizations including Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, International Pediatric Endosurgery Group, Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons and World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons. While Hong Kong has close collaboration with Japan and other advanced economies, the talk will focus on our transfer of international experience to Mainland China. (1) A Train-the-Trainer scheme consisting of a 1-year structured education program for next-generation leaders from selected centers enabled replication and proliferation of similar training nationwide. (2) A series of laparoscopic workshops resulted in training of over 1,300 surgeons in basic and advanced skills in minimally invasive surgery within 5 years and the establishment of a national specialist organization overseeing development and quality assurance. (3) A series of Cross-Strait Symposia on Pediatric Oncology established the foundation of multidisciplinary, multicenter collaboration in education and research in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. (4) Initiation of a scientific writing course will enhance surgical research and training in China. The Hong Kong experience may serve as a model of collaboration with other developing economies in Asia.

  6. A biography of arsenic and medicine in Hong Kong and China. (United States)

    Au, W Y


    Arsenic trioxide has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years, but lost its appeal due to its toxicity. It was rediscovered in western medicine and enjoyed a renaissance from 1830 to 1930, as the first effective chemotherapy against syphilis, parasites and leukaemia. These years were also a time of political turmoil in China. The Nanking treaty (29 August 1842) turned Hong Kong into a colony, while the Xinhai Revolution (10 October 1911) gave birth to a republic of China. Arsenic returned to China and Hong Kong with the establishment of the first medical schools from 1887 to 1920. Until 1950, oral arsenic trioxide was the standard anti-leukaemic treatment in Queen Mary Hospital. The advent of alkylating chemotherapeutic agents replaced arsenic trioxide in Hong Kong and around the world. In the 1970s, however, the specific activity of arsenic trioxide against acute promyelocytic leukaemia was re-discovered during the Cultural Revolution in Harbin, China. In 1997, Hong Kong was returned to China. In the same year, arsenic trioxide returned to the world stage. Intravenous arsenic trioxide became the worldwide standard therapy for relapsed acute promyelocytic leukaemia. Oral administration of arsenic trioxide was revived in Hong Kong in 2000. This resulted in the first locally produced, registered, patented prescription drug in Hong Kong. Pending imminent manufacture, this product is poised to revolutionise acute promyelocytic leukaemia care and may hold the key to saving the lives of acute promyelocytic leukaemia patients worldwide. The remarkable journey of arsenic in the setting of medical history of China and Hong Kong is reviewed.

  7. Exploring the Definitions of Quality Early Childhood Programmes in a Market-Driven Context: Case Studies of Two Hong Kong Preschools (United States)

    Ho, Choi Wa Dora


    Set within the market-driven context in educare for young children in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, this paper points to the importance of exploring the definitions of quality in early childhood programmes from the multiple perspectives of school stakeholders. This study describes two preschools that…

  8. Marching on a Long Road: A Review of the Effectiveness of the Mother-Tongue Education Policy in Post-Colonial Hong Kong (United States)

    Li, Vickie W. K.; Majhanovich, Suzanne E.


    This paper reports a study of the effectiveness of the mandatory mother-tongue education policy in post-colonial Hong Kong. Special attention has been placed on students' academic achievement before and after the policy implementation in 1998 in order to find out if students learn better through their mother tongue without sacrificing their…

  9. Comparing the ethical challenges of forgoing tube feeding in American and Hong Kong patients with advanced dementia. (United States)

    Pang, M C S; Volicer, L; Chung, P M B; Chung, Y M I; Leung, W K A; White, P


    To develop a cross-cultural dialogue for enriching our understanding of how an ethical environment can be constructed in fostering tube-feeding decisions in patients with advanced dementia (AD). Drawing on the findings of two prospective case studies conducted in Boston and Hong Kong, this paper compares the decision-making patterns of forgoing tube feeding for AD patients and their emergent ethical dilemmas typified in a special dementia care unit in Boston (BCU) and a long-term care unit in Hong Kong (HKCU). Differences in forgoing tube feeding decision are delineated in the two places. No-tube-feeding practice was sustained in BCU in two ways: advance decision-making with respect paid to the patient's wishes and advance proxy decision-making focused on patient comfort. With life preservation as the prevailing value in the Hong Kong medical system, only strong family request coupled with medical evidence of patient's ability to continue hand-feeding that tube feeding would be discontinued. All patients died with some form of artificial feeding. A paradigm shift of values underpinning the practice of forgoing tube feeding in the context of palliative care is observed in three aspects. First, the emphasis on prognostication based on biomedical markers in predicting the length of survival is shifted to a focus on the "diagnosis of dying". Second, the overriding concern in conventional medical practice with preserving life is shifting to an overriding concern of "what is best for the patient." Third, in the last days of life, the conventional approach of "trying to do everything for the patient" had shifted from a technological to a relational one. Palliative measures for relieving discomfort and providing a peaceful and dignified environment in which the patient could die are the primary concern. Although the predominant medical culture in Hong Kong is biomedical, voices from the patients and family members challenge this conventional practice, and suggest that the

  10. Plus Ca Change, Plus C'Est La Meme Chose: Attitudes towards English Language Learning in Hong Kong--Frederick Stewart's Evidence. (United States)

    Bickley, Gillian


    Suggests that the attitudes of the people of Hong Kong toward learning English, during both an earlier period and at present, are similar and deeply entrenched. The increasing emigration of Hong Kong people, mainly to Anglophone countries, makes an international understanding of the attitude of Hong Kong people toward learning English very…

  11. Compare the difference of architecture design in Hong Kong and Penang – Exterior wall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liu Wen Tao


    Full Text Available This research focuses on the exterior wall of architecture design of Hong Kong and Penang, it also analyzes how light pollution affects human life. As we know, Hong Kong prefers to use steel to build skyscrapers and middle or high rise buildings. However, Penang prefers to use concrete to do the construction. So, there are some advantages and disadvantages between the glass curtain wall and concrete wall in Hong Kong and Penang. The researcher used 400 samples to determine effect of the glass curtain wall and concrete wall on human life in Hong Kong and Penang separately. The result is light pollution created by glass curtain wall in Hong Kong is a serious problem to residents’ life. The glass curtain wall seriously glaze people’s eyes who drive or walk on the street. Thus, many car accidents were caused by this problem. The concrete wall is more often contaminated by fungus and difficult to clean. But, concrete wall is more natural and green for humans. Therefore, from the sustainable aspect that concrete is more healthy for humans, the previous researchers suggest that if the exterior wall is a mixture of both glass curtain and concrete it will not cause light pollution and will be easily involved in the natural environment.

  12. Profiling the careers of Thoroughbred horses racing in Hong Kong between 2000 and 2010. (United States)

    Velie, B D; Stewart, B D; Lam, K; Wade, C M; Hamilton, N A


    Research in Thoroughbred racehorses is often specific to horses from a given racing population or region. In order to investigate trends in racehorse careers across populations accurately, population-specific benchmarks for performance outcomes must be established. To provide summary statistics for performance outcomes for Thoroughbreds racing in Hong Kong between 2000 and 2010 and to document and provide evidence on the current differences in racing careers across sexes and regions of origin for horses racing in Hong Kong. Performance data on the population of Thoroughbreds racing in Hong Kong between 3 September 2000 and 12 March 2011 (n = 4950) were acquired and used to describe and compare the careers of Thoroughbred racehorses in Hong Kong. Career length, number of career starts and number of spells from racing per year were evaluated. Kaplan-Meier survival curves, stratified by sex, age group, country of origin and region of origin were produced for career length. A Cox's proportional hazards model was fitted to assess factors influencing the risk of retirement from racing in Hong Kong. Log-rank tests for equality of career length survivor functions showed significant differences (Pcareer outcomes within a racing population appear to be influenced partly by the region from which a horse originates, with specific effects on each performance outcome also varying between regions. Future research should take into account these potential differences when comparing results across populations. © 2013 EVJ Ltd.

  13. Why is Design-Build Commonly Used in the Public Sector? An Illustration from Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edmond Lam


    Full Text Available The Design and Build (D&B procurement method is one of the systems advocated to overcome inadequacies with the traditional procurement method. In recent years, this innovative procurement method has been put to practice in Hong Kong where a vast amount of infrastructure works is taking place. This paper aims to illustrate the applicability of design-build in the Hong Kong setting.As most D&B projects are undertaken by the public sector of Hong Kong, the main features of a public sector project and reasons for its wider use on D&B are fully examined in the paper. To further explore the benefits of D&B in actual practice, structured interviews have been conducted with clients, contractors and consultants running D&B projects in Hong Kong. Summary of major problems of running D&B projects from the previous study by the authors is also outlined. With the increasing use of D&B in the public sector of Hong Kong and worldwide, more research can be undertaken on the quantitative comparison of the traditional mode of procurement and how to carry out a D&B project successfully so as to develop a knowledge base for the D&B procurement method.

  14. Allergy in Hong Kong: an unmet need in service provision and training. (United States)

    Chan, Y T; Ho, H K; Lai, Christopher K W; Lau, C S; Lau, Y L; Lee, T H; Leung, T F; Wong, Gary W K; Wu, Y Y


    Many children in Hong Kong have allergic diseases and epidemiological data support a rising trend. Only a minority of children will grow out of their allergic diseases, so the heavy clinical burden will persist into adulthood. In an otherwise high-quality health care landscape in Hong Kong, allergy services and training are a seriously unmet need. There is one allergy specialist for 1.5 million people, which is low not only compared with international figures, but also compared with most other specialties in Hong Kong. The ratio of paediatric and adult allergists per person is around 1:460 000 and 1:2.8 million, respectively, so there is a severe lack of adult allergists, while the paediatric allergists only spend a fraction of their time working with allergy. There are no allergists and no dedicated allergy services in adult medicine in public hospitals. Laboratory support for allergy and immunology is not comprehensive and there is only one laboratory in the public sector supervised by accredited immunologists. These findings clearly have profound implications for the profession and the community of Hong Kong and should be remedied without delay. Key recommendations are proposed that could help bridge the gaps, including the creation of two new pilot allergy centres in a hub-and-spoke model in the public sector. This could require recruitment of specialists from overseas to develop the process if there are no accredited allergy specialists in Hong Kong who could fulfil this role.

  15. Is Hong Kong experiencing normalization of adolescent drug use? Some reflections on the normalization thesis. (United States)

    Cheung, Nicole W T; Cheung, Yuet W


    The upsurge of consumption of party drugs among adolescents in recent years in Hong Kong has been part of the global trend of adolescent recreational use of drugs at rave parties, discos and similar party settings. Scholars in Western societies have recently proposed the thesis of "normalization of adolescent drug use" to describe such a trend. The normalization thesis points at three major aspects of the normalization phenomenon, namely, a rapid increase of the prevalence of drug use in young people, the widespread popularity of recreational drug use that is closely linked with the recent arrival of dance club culture, and a receptive attitude towards drug use as a normal part of leisure. This article aims to examine whether the normalization thesis can be applied to analyze the situation of adolescent drug use in Hong Kong. Data are drawn from official statistics and a recent survey conducted in 2002-2004 of drug use of Hong Kong marginal youths (N = 504). The case of Hong Kong only partially supports the thesis. Our findings show that the normalization of drug use among young people has occurred in Hong Kong, but the extent of normalization is smaller than those in Western societies like the United Kingdom. They also suggest that a recognition of possible cultural differences may be complementary to the normalization thesis. Limitations of the study are also noted.

  16. Metallic corrosion in the polluted urban atmosphere of Hong Kong. (United States)

    Liu, Bo; Wang, Da-Wei; Guo, Hai; Ling, Zhen-Hao; Cheung, Kalam


    This study aimed to explore the relationship between air pollutants, particularly acidic particles, and metallic material corrosion. An atmospheric corrosion test was carried out in spring-summer 2012 at a polluted urban site, i.e., Tung Chung in western Hong Kong. Nine types of metallic materials, namely iron, Q235 steel, 20# steel, 16Mn steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and aluminum alloy, were selected as specimens for corrosion tests. Ten sets of the nine materials were all exposed to ambient air, and then each set was collected individually after exposure to ambient air for consecutive 6, 13, 20, 27, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, and 70 days, respectively. After the removal of the corrosion products on the surface of the exposed specimens, the corrosion rate of each material was determined. The surface structure of materials was observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) before and after the corrosion tests. Environmental factors including temperature, relative humidity, concentrations of gaseous pollutants, i.e., sulfur dioxide (SO₂), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O₃), and particulate-phase pollutants, i.e., PM₂.₅ (FSP) and PM₁₀ (RSP), were monitored. Correlation analysis between environmental factors and corrosion rate of materials indicated that iron and carbon steel were damaged by both gaseous pollutants (SO₂ and NO₂) and particles. Copper and copper alloys were mainly corroded by gaseous pollutants (SO₂ and O₃), while corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloy was mainly attributed to NO₂ and particles.

  17. Attitudes of acutely ill patients towards euthanasia in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lam, R C S; Chien, Wai-Tong


    The global euthanasia debate by health care professionals has raised important ethical issues concerning the professional duties and responsibilities of nurses caring for terminal patients. The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of acutely ill patients towards the practice of euthanasia in Hong Kong. A modified form of the 23-item Questionnaire for General Household Survey scale was used. This cross-sectional survey study was conducted with a stratified sample of in-patients recruited from a wide variety of departments in a regional, acute general hospital. Seventy-seven out of 129 patients responded (59.7%) and a high proportion of patients agreed with the use of euthanasia in the following circumstances: 'where they were a third party', if 'someone they loved' was affected, or if 'they themselves were the patient'. Of the 77 patients, 54 agreed with active euthanasia (70.1%) and 65 with passive (84.4%). The results also indicated that a few socio-demographic characteristics (such as age, gender and household income) statistically significantly correlated with patients' attitudes towards euthanasia. These findings highlight that Chinese patients with acute illness generally accept the use of euthanasia. Further research on the attitudes and perceptions of patients towards the use of euthanasia is recommended, particularly in diverse groups of Chinese and Asian patients with acute or terminal illness.

  18. Sentinel Events in Ophthalmology: Experience from Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shiu Ting Mak


    Full Text Available Purpose. To arouse ophthalmologists’ awareness in patient safety by reviewing sentinel events in Ophthalmology submitted to a web-based incident reporting system involving all public hospitals in Hong Kong. Methods. Sentinel events in Ophthalmology reported from November 2007 to October 2014 were identified and classified into different categories for further presentation and analysis. Key contributing factors attributing to the occurrence of the incidents were described. Suggestions aiming to prevent future occurrence of similar events were made. Relevant literature and case law were discussed. Results. Twelve sentinel events were included in this observational case series. They were classified into 4 main categories, namely “wrong eye” (5 cases, 41%, “wrong prescription” (3 cases, 25%, “wrong patient and surgery” (2 cases, 17%, and “retained surgical items” (2 cases, 17%. The key contributing factor leading to the occurrence of the incidents was largely human error. Increased staff awareness and proper time-out procedures were recommended to help prevent occurrence of these errors. Conclusion. Sentinel events in Ophthalmology do occur. Many of these incidents were attributed to human error. Surgeon’s awareness and willingness to prevent occurrence of sentinel events are warranted.

  19. Advocacy Journey Promoting Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Cheung, Monit; Leung, Carol A; Liu, Elaine Suk-Ching


    In a country without a mandatory child abuse reporting system, advocacy for child welfare law can be a tedious and difficult process. This article documents a 10-year advocacy journey based on the capacity-building concept in social sustainability theory which aims to: raise public awareness of child sexual abuse, provide an idea for branding an inquiry column, and connect advocacy efforts to law reforms. Over the past decade in Hong Kong, a total of 336 public inquiries were anonymously sent to Wu Miu Column and published in three local major newspapers. Among these inquiries, 131 inquiries involved child sexual abuse that the "affected individuals" were molested in school or at home and knew the abusers but did not report their cases to child protection services. Inquirers reported more male than female abusers. Proportionally and significantly, female abusers tended to abuse younger children, compared to male abusers who tended to abuse older children. Many abusers were minors who abused younger children, which explains people's reluctance to report the abuse to child protection services. The discovery of this underage phenomenon motivated child advocates to challenge the common law presumption that a boy under the age of 14 is incapable of sexual intercourse. Social workers in this advocacy journey must sustain continuous efforts to prevent youth from becoming future perpetrators.

  20. Forecasting the manpower demand for quantity surveyors in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul H K Ho


    Full Text Available Recently, there has been a massive infrastructure development and an increasing demand for public and private housing, resulting in a shortage of qualified quantity surveyors. This study aims to forecast the demand for qualified quantity surveyors in Hong Kong from 2013 to 2015. Literature review indicates that the demand for quantity surveyors is a function of the gross values of building, civil engineering and maintenance works. The proposed forecasting method consists of two steps. The first step is to estimate the gross values of building, civil engineering and maintenance works by time series methods and the second step is to forecast the manpower demand for quantity surveyors by causal methods. The data for quantity surveyors and construction outputs are based on the ‘manpower survey reports of the building and civil engineering industry’ and the ‘gross value of construction works performed by main contractors’ respectively. The forecasted manpower demand for quantity surveyors in 2013, 2014 and 2015 are 2,480, 2,632 and 2,804 respectively. Due to the low passing rate of the assessment of professional competence (APC and the increasing number of retired qualified members, there will be a serious shortage of qualified quantity surveyors in the coming three years.

  1. Epidemiology of injuries in Hong Kong elite badminton athletes. (United States)

    Yung, Patrick Shu-Hang; Chan, Romy Hing-Kwan; Wong, Fiona Chui-Yan; Cheuk, Phoebe Wai-Ling; Fong, Daniel Tik-Pui


    This study retrospectively reviewed the injury epidemiology on 44 Hong Kong elite badminton players in 2003. Team training records were reviewed to retrieve the training and competition hours, while the medical records from the physiotherapy department were reviewed to obtain information regarding injuries. A total of 253 injuries (128 recurrent and 125 new injuries) were recorded, which accounted for an overall incidence rate of 5.04 per 1,000 player hours. Elite senior athletes had a higher incidence rate of recurrent injuries, while elite junior and potential athletes had a higher incidence rate of new injuries. A total of 1,219 visits (4.82 per athlete) to the physiotherapy department were recorded, which cost HK$487,600 (HK$1,928 per injury). Most new injuries were strain (80 injuries), and the most frequently injured body sites were the back (17 injuries), the shoulder (15 injuries), the thigh (15 injuries), and the knee (15 injuries). One-sided exact test showed that a previous injury experience significantly associated with the occurrence of new injury.

  2. Daughter praising, mother bashing: a case study from Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chan, Zenobia C Y; Ma, Joyce L C


    In this paper, we present the case of a mother and daughter in family therapy. We call for a critical examination of Western literature that describes how a mother praises her child. I illustrate how one observer (the first author) perceives the issue of maternal praise differently from other observers. To illustrate the interaction between this family and the family therapist (the second author), some representative vignettes of the sixth session have been extracted for discussion. Ten observers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 7 of whom were master's students and 3 were doctoral students, observed the therapy sessions from the adjoining room. The article is composed of four parts: (a) parental styles and relationships in families with an anorectic daughter literature review; (b) vignettes of the sixth family therapy session; (c) the observers' comments about the therapist; and (d) discussion. The paper concludes with a question of whether the impact of praise on a child's development in Western society functions in the same way and produces the same effects on a child's development as it does in Chinese society.

  3. Predicting user concerns about online privacy in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Yao, Mike Z; Zhang, Jinguang


    Empirical studies on people's online privacy concerns have largely been conducted in the West. The global threat of privacy violations on the Internet calls for similar studies to be done in non-Western regions. To fill this void, the current study develops a path model to investigate the influence of people's Internet use-related factors, their beliefs in the right to privacy, and psychological need for privacy on Hong Kong people's concerns about online privacy. Survey responses from 332 university students were analyzed. Results from this study show that people's belief in the right to privacy was the most important predictor of their online privacy concerns. It also significantly mediated the relationship between people's psychological need for privacy and their concerns with privacy violations online. Moreover, while frequent use of the Internet may increase concerns about online privacy issues, Internet use diversity may actually reduce such worries. The final model, well supported by the observed data, successfully explained 25% of the variability in user concerns about online privacy.

  4. Suicide news reporting accuracy and stereotyping in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Cheng, Qijin; Yip, Paul S F


    The mass media are often criticized for oversimplifying the causes of suicide and overlooking some of the risk factors. However, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support this assertion. The study aims to examine the accuracy of news reports in Hong Kong (HK) and in particular whether or not such reports stereotype victims according to gender and suicide method. Data from a case-control psychological autopsy (PA) study of 150 HK suicides were utilized. The reports of the PA cases from five major HK newspapers were collected and reviewed to identify whether or not there was a match in terms of the cases' profile and risk factors. The age, gender, and method of the suicides were largely reported correctly (>70%) but accounts of risk factors were seldom accurate (Media stereotyping of gender-specific suicide and charcoal-burning suicide was identified. The study was based on a HK sample so the findings are not necessarily applicable elsewhere. The HK mass media generally demonstrated poor accuracy in reporting suicide risk factors. Their reporting was also problematic in terms of stereotyping gender- and method-specific suicides. Clinical practitioners should be alerted to these findings when working with the media. They can also adopt this novel usage of PA data to extract further information from other PA studies and thereby broaden the investigation of reporting accuracy and stereotyping of suicide to more diverse social contexts. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Metals in Ulva lactuca in Hong Kong intertidal waters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ho, Y.B. (Hong Kong Univ. (Hong Kong))


    The levels of Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, and Pb in Ulva lactuca collected from 24 intertidal sites around the Island of Hong Kong were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Twelve of the sites are in the rural southern parts of the island where the coastal waters are relatively clean. The remaining 12 sites are located in the north and within Victoria Harbor which receives, apart from industrial effluents, untreated domestic sewage from a population of some 3.5 million. The mean levels of Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn and Pb in Ulva from the urban sites were respectively 4.0, 4.6, 1.8, 2.3, 2.4, and 4.6 times those from the rural sites. However, somewhat similar levels of Cd were found in the alga among all the sites. Some locations of high levels of metal contamination have been identified in Victoria Harbor. Preliminary findings indicated that Ulva is a good indicator of Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb contamination due to its cosmopolitan distribution, simple morphology leading to ease of growth assessment, and its graded tolerance and response to pollutants. 11 refs., 3 figs., 3 tabs.

  6. Internet gambling among high school students in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Wong, Irene Lai Kuen; So, Ernest Moon Tong


    The study investigated Internet gambling involvement and pathological gambling among Hong Kong adolescents aged 12-19 years. The diagnostic and statistical manual (4th edition) multiple response format for juveniles (DSM-IV-MR-J) (Fisher in J Gambl Stud 16:253-273, 2000) was filled by 1,004 students (597 boys, 407 girls) recruited by random selection of classes. The response rate was 86.6 %. Results indicate that more respondents participated in land-based gambling than Internet gambling (63.5 vs. 3.5 %) but online gamblers are 1.5 and 3.2 times more likely to develop pathological and at-risk gambling than non-Internet gamblers. Using the DSM-IV-MR-J criteria, 5.7 and 22.9 % of the Internet gamblers could be classified as at-risk gamblers and pathological gamblers, respectively. Majority (94.3 %) wagered online at home, and 91.4 % made their first bet before 18 years. Many perceived Internet gambling as a trendy (71.4 %) and safe entertainment (54.3 %). Problematic Internet gambling was significantly associated with the male gender, school grades, online gambling frequency, amount wagered and a gambling family environment. Survey results have implications for gambling research and preventive programs.

  7. Persistent organic pollutants in food items collected in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Qin, Yan Yan; Leung, Clement Kai Man; Leung, Anna Oi Wah; Zheng, Jin Shu; Wong, Ming Hung


    This study aims to investigate levels of POPs in meat, edible oils, nuts, milk and wine collected from Hong Kong. Naphthalene, pp-DDE, beta-, gamma-HCH and PBDE 47 were detected in most of the food items. Goose liver accumulated the highest PAHs (47.9ngg(-1) wet wt), DDTs (25.6), HCHs (13.0), PCBs (4.17), PBDEs (468pgg(-1) wet wt) among all the selected food. Meat and nut groups had significant (pmeat: r=0.878), HCHs (meat: r=0.753), DDTs (meat: r=0.937; nuts: r=0.968) and PCBs (meat: r=0.832; nut: r=0.946). The concentrations of DDTs, HCHs and PCBs in vegetable oil were lower, but HCHs in fish oil were higher, when compared with other countries. The concentrations of PAHs, DDTs, PCBs and PBDEs in food tested in the present study were all below various safety guidelines. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Sources of influence on infant feeding practices in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Hung, B K; Ling, L; Ong, S G


    The breastfeeding rate in Hong Kong is low compared to the rates in Western countries. To understand the relative importance of different sources of influence on infant feeding practices, 714 Chinese mothers with infants aged 4 weeks to 6 months were studied. It was found that the bottlefeeding mothers were influenced more by the medical professionals who did not support breastfeeding. This influence was further reinforced by the mass media and particularly television advertisements on infant formulae. The successful breastfeeding mothers, on the other hand, were influenced more by their social networks through which they were told of the dangers of bottlefeeding. The failed breastfeeding mothers differed from the other groups in the lack of support they experienced from friends and relatives. Although they received professional encouragement to breastfeed, they were more sheltered from the influence of mass media and social networks. From these findings, it is suggested that different sources of influence are related to different feeding practices. However, to be able to continue with the practice that one has chosen, the availability of social support is essential. Implications of these findings are discussed and several recommendations to promote breastfeeding are made.

  9. Impulsivity in Hong Kong-Chinese club-drug users. (United States)

    Loxton, Natalie J; Wan, Venice L-N; Ho, Ada M-C; Cheung, Ben K-L; Tam, Nicole; Leung, Freedom Y K; Stadlin, Alfreda


    To investigate the relationship between personality, club-drug use and high-risk drug-related behaviour, 360 club-drug users and 303 non-drug users in Hong Kong were assessed on measures of two impulsivity dimensions, reward drive and rash impulsivity, and a related trait of punishment sensitivity. The most frequently used drugs were ketamine, ecstasy, and cannabis, with the majority of participants using two or more drugs on any one occasion. Club-drug users were more rash-impulsive and reward-driven, and less punishment-sensitive than non-drug users (p<0.001). Rash impulsivity, but not reward drive or punishment sensitivity, was significantly (p<0.001) associated with risky drug-related behaviour. There was no association between any personality traits and preferred drug. These findings suggest that, while those who use club drugs are generally more impulsive and less punishment-sensitive, some discrete facets of impulsivity are associated with differing patterns of drug-use behaviour.

  10. Application of Sociology of Education on Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogic Practices in Hong Kong: Insight from David Riesman (United States)

    Lau, Grace; Ho, Kwok Keung


    This paper will present multiple themes that are intermingled with one another, aiming to bring an overview of sociology of education and its application in the Hong Kong situation. One of the themes concerns how sociology of education has intertwined with the socio-political aspect of Hong Kong before and after year 1997 resulting in different…

  11. Understanding Hong Kong Adolescents' Environmental Intention: The Roles of Media Exposure, Subjective Norm, and Perceived Behavioral Control (United States)

    Lee, Kaman


    This article explores how exposure to environment-related media content, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control play a role in Hong Kong adolescents' environmental intention. The author conducted a survey with a sample of 1,012 (465 male, 547 female) adolescents in Hong Kong. Structural equation modeling confirms that exposure to…

  12. Differences in Learning and Study Strategies between High and Low Achieving University Students: A Hong Kong Study (United States)

    Yip, Michael C. W.


    This study aims to investigate the differences between high and low academic achieving Hong Kong University students in terms of learning and study strategies. A total of 180 Hong Kong University students participated in the present study by completing a revised Chinese version of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory. Results indicated that…

  13. Influenza Vaccination Uptake and Associated Factors among Elderly Population in Hong Kong: The Application of the Health Belief Model (United States)

    Mo, P. K. H.; Lau, J. T. F.


    The impact of influenza on elderly can be severe and fatal. Influenza vaccination (IV) has been shown to be effective in reducing influenza-related complications, but the IV uptake among elderly in Hong Kong remains low. This study investigated the prevalence and factors associated with IV among Chinese elderly in Hong Kong using the Health Belief…

  14. The Myths of Chinese Images Revisited: Persuasive Strategies in Hong Kong Anti-Drug Public Service Announcements. (United States)

    Wong, Wendy Siuyi; Cuklanz, Lisa M.

    Hong Kong's Department of Information Services has been producing and systematically airing public service announcements (known as announcements in the public interest, or APIs) on a variety of selected themes such as cleaning up Hong Kong, road safety, crime, drugs, and health issues for over 20 years. The television announcements are shown every…

  15. Social Foundations of Public-Private Partnerships in Education: The Historical Cases of Post-War Singapore and Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, Ting-Hong


    This paper compares public-private partnerships (PPPs) in education in post-war Singapore and Hong Kong. After the Second World War the Singapore government shied away from PPPs, while the state in Hong Kong collaborated extensively with the non-state sector in education. Singapore was a small city-state flanked by two Muslim nations, and its…

  16. Children's Views on Child Abuse and Neglect: Findings from an Exploratory Study with Chinese Children in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Yuk-chung; Lam, Gladys L. T.; Shae, Wan-Chaw


    Objectives: This research study explored children's views on issues about child abuse in Hong Kong and examined their implications on child protection work and research in Chinese societies. Method: Six primary schools were recruited from different districts of Hong Kong. Five vignettes of child maltreatment in the form of flash movies were…

  17. Examining Hong Kong Students' Achievement Goals and Their Relations with Students' Perceived Classroom Environment and Strategy Use (United States)

    Lau, Kit-Ling; Lee, John


    This study examined Hong Kong students' achievement goals and their relations with students' perceived classroom environment and strategy use based on the multiple goal perspective of goal orientation theory. A total of 925 Grade 8 students from six secondary schools in Hong Kong voluntarily responded to a questionnaire that measured these three…

  18. Validity and reliability of questionnaires measuring physical activity self-efficacy, enjoyment, social support among Hong Kong Chinese children (United States)

    Physical activity (PA) correlates have not been extensively studied in Hong Kong children. The aim of this study is to assess the validity and reliability of translated scales to measure PA related self-efficacy, enjoyment and social support in Hong Kong Chinese children. Sample 1 (n=273, aged 8–12 ...

  19. Students' Choice of Sub-Degree Programmes in Self-Financing Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, Phoebe; Ng, Peggy M. L.; Mak, Connie K. Y.; Chan, Jason K. Y.


    The higher education sector in Hong Kong has restructured substantially from elite to mass higher education since the introduction of education reform by the Hong Kong government in 2000. To stay ahead in this competitive environment in the education sector, management teams of self-financing institutions have to compete for students and identify…

  20. The Impact of Curiosity and External Regulation on Intrinsic Motivation: An Empirical Study in Hong Kong Education (United States)

    Hon-keung, Yau; Man-shan, Kan; Lai-fong, Cheng Alison


    The purposes of this paper are to identify: (1) the factors affecting the intrinsic motivation of university students in Hong Kong; and (2) gender differences in the perception of intrinsic motivation in Hong Kong higher education environment. The factors of curiosity and external regulation with intrinsic motivation are taken into investigation…

  1. Mainland Chinese Students at an Elite Hong Kong University: Habitus-Field Disjuncture in a Transborder Context (United States)

    Xu, Cora Lingling


    Drawing on in-depth interview data from 31 mainland Chinese (MLC) students in a Hong Kong university, this article conceptualises MLC and Hong Kong higher education as two dissonant but interrelated subfields of the Chinese higher education field. The article argues that these MLC students' habitus, one that possesses rich economic, social and…

  2. Correlates of In-Law Conflict and Intimate Partner Violence against Chinese Pregnant Women in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Ko Ling; Tiwari, Agnes; Fong, Daniel Y. T.; Leung, Wing Cheong; Brownridge, Douglas A.; Ho, Pak Chung


    This study examines correlates of in-law conflict with intimate partner violence (IPV) against pregnant women in a cohort of Chinese pregnant women who visited antenatal clinics in Hong Kong. This was a territory-wide, cross-sectional study of 3,245 pregnant women recruited from seven hospitals in Hong Kong. Participants were invited to complete…

  3. Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Native-Speaking English Teachers (NETs) in Hong Kong: A Factor in Attrition and Retention (United States)

    Chu, Chau Kan; Morrison, Keith


    This paper argues that, despite government support in financial and contractual matters, ongoing problems of retention of Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs) in Hong Kong stem, in part, from problems of cross-cultural adjustment. The paper reports a small-scale qualitative investigation into the experiences of NETS in Hong Kong and finds…

  4. Implementation of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Secondary Geography Curriculum in Hong Kong: Current Situations and Future Directions (United States)

    Lam, Chi-Chung; Lai, Edith; Wong, Janice


    Using geographic information system (GIS) in teaching and learning geography is an important direction in the secondary geography curriculum in Hong Kong. In the present study, interviews were conducted individually with 28 geography teachers from different secondary schools in Hong Kong, with a view to finding their views on the inclusion of GIS…

  5. Burst Into Action: The Changing Spectacle of Glamour Heroines in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen C. K. Chan


    Full Text Available My question for now is: in what ways have the new currents of transnationality affected existing forms of cultural sensibility in the ‘post-colony’? Realised as a system of representation of the global popular, recent articulations of popular experience tend to be absorbed into generic cross-cultural media representations shared on the glocal level of operation by cultural producers, consumers and practitioners across geographical borders. In this paper, I shall focus on the changing spectacle of ‘the local’ through its cinematic action (along with its alternative heroine mediation, in light of such a transnational articulation as the emerging dominant. My purpose is to examine how local action has been re-imagined and can be re-aligned in relation to the specifically historical, national and postcolonial mode of imagination under the contemporary glocal context of the Hong KongSpecial Administrative Region’ (HKSAR, as this particular post-colony is officially renamed.

  6. The needs of parents of children with visual impairment studying in mainstream schools in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lee, Florence M Y; Tsang, Janice F K; Chui, Mandy M Y


    This study attempted to use a validated and standardised psychometric tool to identify the specific needs of parents of children with visual impairment studying in mainstream schools in Hong Kong. The second aim was to compare their needs with those of parents of mainstream school children without special education needs and parents having children with learning and behavioural problems. Cross-sectional survey. Mainstream schools in Hong Kong. Parents of 30 children with visual impairment who were studying in mainstream schools and attended assessment by optometrists at Child Assessment Service between May 2009 and June 2010 were recruited in the study (visual impairment group). Parents of 45 children with learning and behavioural problems recruited from two parent support groups (learning and behavioural problems group), and parents of 233 children without special education needs studying in mainstream schools recruited in a previous validation study on Service Needs Questionnaire (normal group) were used for comparison. Participants were invited to complete a self-administered Service Needs Questionnaire and a questionnaire on demographics of the children and their responding parents. The visual impairment group was asked additional questions about the ability of the child in coping and functioning in academic and recreational activities. Needs expressed by parents of the visual impairment group were significantly higher than those of parents of the normal group, and similar to those in the learning and behavioural problems group. Parents of children with visual impairment expressed more needs for future education and school support than resources for dealing with personal and family stress. Service needs of children with visual impairment and their families are high, particularly for future education and school support. More study on the various modes of accommodation for children with visual impairment and more collaborative work among different partners

  7. Technology-Supported Educational Innovations in Finland and Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nancy Law


    Full Text Available The paper presents a comparison of case studies about innovative ICT-supported pedagogical practices in two educational systems, namely Finland and Hong Kong. The two systems were selected for this in-depth comparison for three main reasons. First, Finland and Hong Kong performed well in several international comparative studies of educational achievement. Second, the case studies collected via the SITES Module 2 indicated rather different profiles between Finnish and Hong Kong schools in terms of ICT infrastructure and pedagogical practices. Third, further analysis of the case studies data indicated differences in emergent pedagogical characteristics between the cases collected in Asia and in Western Europe. The paper aims at exploring in detail two research questions with regard to innovative pedagogical practices using technology. Firstly, are there systemic differences in the nature of the educational innovations across countries? Secondly, are there systemic differences in the change mechanisms and factors influencing change across countries?

  8. Acculturation Attitudes and Sociocultural Adaptation of Chinese Mainland Sojourners in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuanyi Ma


    Full Text Available Within these years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese Mainland sojourners studying in Hong Kong. Due to the huge differences in various aspects like language, culture, cultural value, it would be considerably difficult for the Chinese Mainland students to adapt to the Hong Kong environment. This article investigates the ways for a group of doctoral students from Chinese Mainland to acculturate in Hong Kong. With the help of questionnaires, the difficulties that the sojourners have encountered in social situations are measured. It is found out that age and gender may have influenced the participants’ acculturation strategies, and interpersonal relationship is that which the subjects have the most difficulties with, while academic domain is the area with the least difficulties. Meanwhile, the results have shown that competence of local language is not a determinant factor of the sociocultural adaptation, and female subjects seem to adapt better than male subjects. Keywords: sojourner, acculturation, sociocultural adaptation, acculturation strategy

  9. Gerontechnology acceptance by elderly Hong Kong Chinese: a senior technology acceptance model (STAM). (United States)

    Chen, Ke; Chan, Alan Hoi Shou


    The purpose of this study was to develop and test a senior technology acceptance model (STAM) aimed at understanding the acceptance of gerontechnology by older Hong Kong Chinese people. The proposed STAM extended previous technology acceptance models and theories by adding age-related health and ability characteristics of older people. The proposed STAM was empirically tested using a cross-sectional questionnaire survey with a sample of 1012 seniors aged 55 and over in Hong Kong. The result showed that STAM was strongly supported and could explain 68% of the variance in the use of gerontechnology. For older Hong Kong Chinese, individual attributes, which include age, gender, education, gerontechnology self-efficacy and anxiety, and health and ability characteristics, as well as facilitating conditions explicitly and directly affected technology acceptance. These were better predictors of gerontechnology usage behaviour (UB) than the conventionally used attitudinal factors (usefulness and ease of use).

  10. A mathematical model for municipal solid waste management - A case study in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lee, C K M; Yeung, C L; Xiong, Z R; Chung, S H


    With the booming economy and increasing population, the accumulation of waste has become an increasingly arduous issue and has aroused the attention from all sectors of society. Hong Kong which has a relative high daily per capita domestic waste generation rate in Asia has not yet established a comprehensive waste management system. This paper conducts a review of waste management approaches and models. Researchers highlight that mathematical models provide useful information for decision-makers to select appropriate choices and save cost. It is suggested to consider municipal solid waste management in a holistic view and improve the utilization of waste management infrastructures. A mathematical model which adopts integer linear programming and mixed integer programming has been developed for Hong Kong municipal solid waste management. A sensitivity analysis was carried out to simulate different scenarios which provide decision-makers important information for establishing Hong Kong waste management system. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Impact of Competing Values and Choices on Democratic Support in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lam, Wai-Man


    This paper examines the reasons for the relatively low democratic support (DS) in Hong Kong in the context of competing values and choices based on the previous Asian Barometer Surveys. In so doing, it establishes a three-factor theoretical model that includes survey attitudinal statements related to authoritarianism (AU), nationalism (NA) and economic evaluations (EC) on DS. Using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), the analysis shows that the hypothesized model is a very good fit. The Hong Kong people's relatively low DS, in terms of their unconditional support for democracy and the degree of democracy they want for Hong Kong, can be well explained by the three factors in combination. The factors have various extent of impact on DS, with AU being the strongest, followed by EC, and then NA. The paper contributes by illustrating the usefulness of CFA in political values research, unraveling the comparative importance of the values and choices in affecting DS, and establishing a model for further testing.

  12. Interpersonal and personal antecedents and consequences of peer victimization across middle childhood in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Wang, Jennifer M; Duong, Mylien; Schwartz, David; Chang, Lei; Luo, Tana


    Although much is known about peer victimization, the majority of the longitudinal research in this area has been restricted to Western settings. The main objective of this study was to examine the interpersonal (rejection) and personal (withdrawal, aggression) antecedents and consequences of victimization for Chinese children living in Hong Kong. A sample of 1,058 children (501 boys; M age = 9.5 years) in Hong Kong was followed longitudinally from the 3rd and 4th grades to the 7th and 8th grades. Consistent with a transactional framework, rejection and withdrawal contributed to, as well as resulted from, victimization. Although victimization predicted later aggression, aggression was unrelated to later victimization. These findings closely replicate past research conducted in North America and European settings, and suggest considerable correspondence in the links between maladaptive child characteristics and victimization across Western and Hong Kong schools.

  13. New criteria for assessing low wind environment at pedestrian level in Hong Kong

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Du, Yaxing; Mak, Cheuk Ming; Kwok, Kenny


    The choice of proper wind comfort criterion is considered to be crucial to reliable assessment of pedestrian level wind comfort. This paper aims to propose a wind comfort criterion that can be applied to Hong Kong, in which the wind comfort is seriously deteriorated by the moderated airflow...... seasonally (summer and winter, respectively) and the overall mean wind velocity ratio (OMVR) is used as threshold wind velocity parameter. The wind tunnel tests of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPolyU) campus model were used as a case study. The results show that the proposed criteria can reasonably...... represent the weak wind condition and provide suitable assessments of the wind comfort in Hong Kong. Moreover, the findings in this study provide scientific basis for future policy-making and the proposed criteria can also help city planners to improve the pedestrian level wind comfort....

  14. The Occupation Campaign in Hong Kong: A Participant’s View

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joseph Yu-shek Cheng


    Full Text Available The Occupation Campaign in Hong Kong ended on December 15, 2014 after 79 days reflected the protesters and pro-democracy groups’ wish to tell the world that they are not going to give up the cause of democracy and that they will continue to fight despite the understanding that it will be extremely difficult to change the decision of the Chinese leadership in the short term. In the eyes of the supporters of the pro-democracy movement, the challenge facing Hong Kong people is not just fighting for a democratic electoral system, but also struggle to maintain their core values, their lifestyles, and their individual dignity – an uphill battle given that the local business community firmly toes the Beijing line. While the political struggles of the young people of Hong Kong are perceived to have brought hope to the pro-democracy movement, the prospects for democracy remain far from promising.

  15. Reorganizing Hospital Space: The 1894 Plague Epidemic in Hong Kong and the Germ Theory*

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kyu-hwan Sihn


    Full Text Available This paper examined whether the preventive measures taken by the Hong Kong’s colonial authorities were legitimate during the 1894 Hong Kong plague epidemic, and illuminated the correlation between the plague epidemic and hospital space in Hong Kong in the late 19th century. The quarantine measures taken by the colonial authorities were neither a clear-cut victory for Western medicine nor for a rational quarantine based on scientific medical knowledge. Hong Kong’s medical officials based on the miasma theory, and focused only on house-to-house inspections and forced quarantine or isolation, without encouraging people to wear masks and without conducting disinfection. Even after Hong Kong plague spread, the Hong Kong’s colonial authorities were not interested in what plague bacilli were, but in where they were to be found and how to prevent and control an outbreak of the disease. The germ theory brought significant changes to the disease classification system. Until the 1890s, Hong Kong’s colonial authority had classified cause of death mainly on the basis of symptoms, infectious diseases, parts of the body and diseases of systems. Microbiological analysis of the cause of death in Hong Kong was started by Hunter, a bacteriologist, in 1902. He used bacteriological tests with a microscope to analyze the cause of death. New disease recognition and medical recognition brought large changes to hospital space as well. In particular, from the 1880s to the early 1900s, Western medical circles witnessed shifts from miasma theory to the germ theory, thereby influencing Hong Kong’s hospital spaces. As the germ theory took ground in Hong Kong in 1894, the bacteriological laboratory and isolation ward became inevitable facilities, and hospital space were reorganized accordingly. However, the colonial authorities and local elites’ strategy was different. As a government bacteriologist, Hunter established a central facility to unify several

  16. Scientific publications in nursing journals from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: a 10-year survey of the literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Di Zhang


    Full Text Available Background: China has witnessed remarkable progress in scientific performance in recent years. However, the quantity and quality of nursing publications from three major regions (Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have not been reported. This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of scientific research productivity from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in the field of nursing. Methods: Articles published in the 110 nursing journals originating from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong between 2005 and 2014 were retrieved from the Web of Science. The total number of articles published, the impact factor, and the citation count were analyzed. Results: There were 2,439 publications between 2005 and 2014 from China, including 438 from Mainland China, 1,506 from Taiwan, and 495 from Hong Kong. There was a significant increase in publications for these three regions (p < 0.05, especially for Mainland China, with a 59.50-fold increase experienced. From 2011, the number of publications from Mainland China exceeded that from Hong Kong. Taiwan had the highest total journal impact factor (2,142.81, followed by Hong Kong (720.39 and Mainland China (583.94. The mean journal impact factor from Hong Kong (1.46 was higher than that from Taiwan (1.42 and Mainland China (1.33. Taiwan had the highest total citation count (8,392, followed by Hong Kong (3,785 and Mainland China (1,493. The mean citation count from Hong Kong (7.65 was higher than that from Taiwan (5.57 and Mainland China (3.41. The Journal of Clinical Nursing was the most popular journal in the three regions. Discussion: Chinese contributions to the field of nursing have significantly increased in the past ten years, particularly from Mainland China. Taiwan is the most productive region in China. Hong Kong had the highest-quality research output, according to mean journal impact factor and mean citation count.

  17. Scientific publications in nursing journals from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: a 10-year survey of the literature. (United States)

    Zhang, Di; Wang, Xiaming; Yuan, Xueru; Yang, Li; Xue, Yu; Xie, Qian


    China has witnessed remarkable progress in scientific performance in recent years. However, the quantity and quality of nursing publications from three major regions (Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) have not been reported. This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of scientific research productivity from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in the field of nursing. Articles published in the 110 nursing journals originating from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong between 2005 and 2014 were retrieved from the Web of Science. The total number of articles published, the impact factor, and the citation count were analyzed. There were 2,439 publications between 2005 and 2014 from China, including 438 from Mainland China, 1,506 from Taiwan, and 495 from Hong Kong. There was a significant increase in publications for these three regions (p < 0.05), especially for Mainland China, with a 59.50-fold increase experienced. From 2011, the number of publications from Mainland China exceeded that from Hong Kong. Taiwan had the highest total journal impact factor (2,142.81), followed by Hong Kong (720.39) and Mainland China (583.94). The mean journal impact factor from Hong Kong (1.46) was higher than that from Taiwan (1.42) and Mainland China (1.33). Taiwan had the highest total citation count (8,392), followed by Hong Kong (3,785) and Mainland China (1,493). The mean citation count from Hong Kong (7.65) was higher than that from Taiwan (5.57) and Mainland China (3.41). The Journal of Clinical Nursing was the most popular journal in the three regions. Chinese contributions to the field of nursing have significantly increased in the past ten years, particularly from Mainland China. Taiwan is the most productive region in China. Hong Kong had the highest-quality research output, according to mean journal impact factor and mean citation count.

  18. Biomass Burning Related Pollutions and Their Contributions to the Local Air Quality in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, K. L.; Qin, K.


    In this study, we present a quantitative estimation of the impacts of biomass burning emissions from different source regions to the local air quality in Hong Kong in 2014 using global chemistry transport model simulations, sun photometer measurements, satellite observations and local monitoring network data. This study focuses on two major biomass burning pollutants, black carbon aerosols and carbon monoxide (CO). The model simulations of atmospheric black carbon and CO show excellent agreement with sun photometer aerosol optical depth (AOD) measurements, satellite CO columns observations and local monitoring stations data. From the model simulation results, we estimated that biomass burning contributes 12 % of total black carbon and 16 % of atmospheric CO in Hong Kong on annual average. South East Asia shows the largest influence to the black carbon and CO levels in Hong Kong, accounts for 11 % of the total atmospheric black carbon and 8 % of CO. Biomass burning in North East Asia and Africa also show significant impacts to Hong Kong. Elevated levels of atmospheric black carbon aerosols and CO were observed during springtime (March and April) which is mainly due to the enhancement of biomass burning contributions. Black carbon and CO originating from biomass burning sources are estimated to contribute 40 % of atmospheric black carbon and 28 % of CO in Hong Kong during March 2014. An investigation focusing on the biomass burning pollution episode during springtime suggests the intensified biomass burning activities in the Indochinese Peninsula are the major sources of black carbon and CO in Hong Kong during the time.

  19. A Study of Incentive Policies for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Technology in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aotian Song


    Full Text Available Installing sustainable and renewable energy systems is a promising way of relieving Hong Kong’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. Solar photovoltaic (PV technology is a perfect solution for Hong Kong as it fits the economic and geographic situation. Through a review of the PV development history of five leading PV countries, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mainland China, and the USA, this paper serves as a useful policy toolbox to aid PV development. Based on the forerunners’ successful PV industry experiences and Hong Kong’s unique local situations, a series of incentive strategies were proposed for Hong Kong to help promote the utilization of solar PV systems by reducing the initial investment and providing reasonable subsidies at the initial stages and during the operation period of the PV systems. These results could be a practical reference for promoting renewable energy applications for local policy-makers.

  20. "Killed Out of Love": A Frame Analysis of Domestic Violence Coverage in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Hernández, Miriam


    A frame analysis was conducted on a Hong Kong newspaper to determine whether news coverage of female fatalities at the hands of their intimate partners was reported in conventional domestic violence ways or if there were culture-specific explanations. Overall, most coverage supported known views of domestic violence, justifying the perpetrator and categorizing the issue as isolated crime. However, a few stories highlighted the historical subordination of women under patriarchy in Confucianism as an important cultural factor. Findings have implications for the lack of generalization of the social problem, and the understanding of cultural and political power in Hong Kong society.

  1. Barrier Free Conditions of Mass Rapid Transit Stations in Hong Kong


    OSAKAYA, Yoshiyuki; Aoyama, Takeshi; RATANAMART, Suphawadee


    In Hong Kong, it is estimated that aging will be rapidly going on after 2010. Increase of the elderly means increase of the disabled. In Hong Kong, there are 3 KCR lines(East Line, West Line and Ma On Shan Line) and 7 MTR lines(Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line, Tsueng Wan O Line,Tung Chung Line, Airport Line and Disneyland Line) in 2006. This study firstly made the actual conditions of barrier free at all 81 stations clear. It secondly made problems clear. It thirdly showed proposa...

  2. How Does Millennials’ Perception on Their Employers Affect Their Work Ethic? A Study in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsun-Lok Kwong


    Full Text Available Work ethic of millennial employees has raised considerable attention in Hong Kong. Current article examined how the millennials’ perception on their employers would have an effect on their own work ethic. A survey study of 212 millennial respondents showed that the millennials in general perceived their employers positively and embraced good work ethic. Two variables – perception and work ethic – are significantly related. The study also revealed that millennials in Hong Kong hold peculiar interpretations of work and leisure, and of work and success. It was suggested that parenting, educational system, and modern working environments might have caused these interpretations.

  3. Migrants and Democratization: The Political Economy of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stan Hok-Wui Wong


    Full Text Available In this article, we argue that immigrants can serve as staunch support of the conservative incumbents of a regime, due to a self-selection effect; immigrants are more likely to accept the political status quo and be less sympathetic to the opposition who might demand progressive changes. Based on Asian Barometer survey data in Hong Kong, we showed that Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong are more pro-establishment and supportive of pro-government parties. With China’s huge population, this implies a strategic importance of Chinese migrants, whose inflow to other Asian states can significantly skew the politics of neighbouring states in destined directions.

  4. Applying Resource Utilization Groups (RUG-III) in Hong Kong Nursing Homes (United States)

    Chou, Kee-Lee; Chi, Iris; Leung, Joe C. B.


    Resource Utilization Groups III (RUG-III) is a case-mix system developed in the United States for categorization of nursing home residents and the financing of residential care services. In Hong Kong, RUG-III is based on several board groups of residents. The aim of this study was to examine the reliability and validity of the RUG-III in Hong Kong…

  5. Supermodernity, distraction, schizophrenia: walking in Tokyo & Hong Kong.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Ho-Yin Fong


    Full Text Available The architecture in a supermodern city has no sense of the place where it is located. This paper discusses how schizophrenia and distraction, through walking, respond to supermodernity by referring to how three dislocated subjects, Fumiya Takemura, Aiichiro Fukuhara and Fai in Tokyo and Hong Kong, are respectively depicted in the novel, Adrift in Tokyo written by Fujita Yoshinaga in 1999, with a film adaptation by Satoshi Miki (2007, and the film To Live and Die in Mongkok directed by Wong Jing in 2009. It suggests that Hong Kong is more supermodern than Tokyo. After his release from prison, Fai in To Live and Die in Mongkok finds that Mongkok is a completely different place from the one in which he used to live. The living conditions are no better than those in the prison. He hallucinates about the past. Adrift in Tokyo can be read as a story about walking. Fukuhara, a debt collector, killed his wife; before surrendering to the police, he orders his debtor, Takemura, to walk with him in Tokyo in order to re-experience the walks he enjoyed with his wife. If Takemura agrees, the debt can be paid off. This paper discusses how the repressed heterogeneous time and place can be approached by walking in a way that the rhythm of life can be (re-experienced; in other words, when the body moves forward physically, the past appears as specter haunting the walker. This paper discusses how Adrift in Tokyo and To Live and Die in Mongkok read cities in distractive and schizophrenic ways. In the film version of Adrift in Tokyo, Takemura’s failed relationship with his father may unconsciously drive him to walk with Fukuhara. The novel may imply that the lost relationship with his mother drives him to walk. The film and the novel both address a kind of locality which should be inseparable from the birth parents. To Live and Die in Mongkok suggests that supermodernity kills mother and father. The Father-son relationship disappears at the very beginning of the

  6. Immunocontraception for managing feral cattle in Hong Kong.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanna Massei

    Full Text Available Conflicts between human interests and feral cattle in Hong Kong derive from growing numbers of free-roaming cattle. Public antipathy towards lethal population control led the local authorities to consider fertility control to reduce cattle numbers. This study assessed the potential side effects of the immunocontraceptive GonaCon on individual female cattle and established the effectiveness of GonaCon to induce infertility. We evaluated GonaCon in 34 captive cattle assigned to four groups: Control administered a sham solution; Webbed (surgically sterilized through removal of the oviducts, administered one dose of GonaCon; Webbed, administered one dose of GonaCon and a booster dose three months later, and Treated, administered one dose of GonaCon. The side effects of GonaCon were assessed by monitoring injection site, body weight, body condition, size of lymph nodes, body temperature, and feeding behaviour 1 week and 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after vaccination and by haematological and biochemical variables at vaccination and three months post-vaccination. The effectiveness of GonaCon to cause infertility was monitored by quantifying anti-GnRH antibody titres and by using kits to detect cycling and pregnancy. GonaCon-treated cattle showed no injection site reaction, limping, or abnormal behaviour. No differences were observed in all physiological and welfare indicators between control and vaccinated cattle. All control cattle and 4 of the 12 cattle in the Treated group became pregnant. Cattle administered a booster dose had higher anti-GnRH antibody titres than cattle that received one dose. We concluded that GonaCon does not compromise the animals' welfare and is effective in reducing fertility in cattle. A booster dose is likely to increase the duration of infertility. Further studies are required to assess the feasibility and costs of immunocontraception for controlling free-roaming cattle populations.

  7. Growth and nutrition of Chinese vegetarian children in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Leung, S S; Lee, R H; Sung, R Y; Luo, H Y; Kam, C W; Yuen, M P; Hjelm, M; Lee, S H


    The study investigated the nutritional status of Chinese lacto-ovo-vegetarian children aged 4-14 years. Dietary intake over 7 days was assessed using a computer program, previously used for a local population-based dietary survey. Anthropometric measurements were made and fasting venous blood was examined for serum lipids, haematological data, iron, vitamin B12 and folate status. Bone mineral density (BMD) of the spine (L2 - L4) was measured as a reflection of calcium status. Fifty-one lacto-ovo-vegetarians aged 4-14 years were investigated. The mean +/- standard deviation (SD) daily energy intake was 1600 +/- 425 kcal. The mean (+/- SD) daily protein intake was 1.6 +/- 0.6 g/kg bodyweight which met the United States recommended dietary allowance. Compared to that of the local omnivore diet, the vegetarian diet was closer to the recommended healthy diet with lower fat (20-23%), more fibre (5.8-8.7 g/day) and better polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acid ratio (1.0-1.1). Growth and BMD of the vegetarian children were comparable to the general omnivore population. Two children had iron deficiency and two children had anaemia. The calcium status, as reflected by the BMD, was not impaired. Serum folate and vitamin B12 were within the normal range. Six (25%) boys and four (15%) girls were obese. Three boys had hyperlipidaemia. A Hong Kong Chinese vegetarian diet appears healthy, providing adequate iron and vitamin B12 nutrition, but the prevalence of obesity was high.

  8. Trans Fatty Acids in the Hong Kong Food Supply

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen W. C. Chung


    Full Text Available This study aimed to examine trans fatty acids (TFA content of 142 individual food items, including bakery, fast food, and other fatty food that may contain high level of TFA. TFA was detected in all samples, except for four samples including one plain bread, one sponge cake, and two batter-made foods (egg roll and eggette samples. For those found to contain detectable TFA, the content ranged up to 4.7 g/100 g of food or 17.3% of total lipids. On a per 100 grams of food basis, the highest mean TFA content among the 18 food subgroups was the doughnuts/French toast subgroup (0.95 g, followed by the other pastries subgroup (0.49 g and the bread with filling/topping subgroup (0.44 g. Among the samples, the highest TFA content is from a doughnut (4.7 g/100 g, followed by two cream-filled bread with shredded coconut (1.8 and 1.4 g/100 g and a sweetheart cake (1.7 g/100 g. Only consuming one whole piece of doughnut would have reached 100% of the maximum daily TFA intake as recommended by WHO based on a 2000 kcal diet. About 78% of samples had TFA ≤0.3 g/100 g food. For the majority of the food samples available in Hong Kong, if TFA was present, C18:1 trans would possibly be the predominant one.

  9. Sleep and academic performance in Hong Kong adolescents. (United States)

    Mak, Kwok-Kei; Lee, So-Lun; Ho, Sai-Yin; Lo, Wing-Sze; Lam, Tai-Hing


    Sleep problems may have different influences on students' academic performance. We investigated the prevalence of sleep patterns, naps, and sleep disorders, and their associations with academic performance in Hong Kong adolescents. In 2007-2008, 22,678 students aged 12-18 (41.6% boys) completed a questionnaire on sociodemographic characteristics, sleep patterns and problems, and lifestyle factors including exercise, smoking, alcohol drinking, and academic performance. The prevalence of having >8 hours of sleep was higher on holiday nights (86.4%) than on school-day nights (27.4%). Sleeping after midnight was more common before holidays (49.3%) than before school days (19.9%). Symptoms of insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) were reported by 21.5% and 34.4% of students. Having >2 hours of weekend sleep delay was associated with poor academic performance with an odds ratio (OR) (95% confidence interval) of 1.46 (1.29-1.65). However, having 1-2 hours and >2 hours of weekend wake-up delay were both associated with less likelihood of poor academic performance with ORs of 0.64 (0.56-0.73) and 0.69 (0.59-0.80). Other factors associated with poor academic performance included >2 hours of sleep debt, OR of 1.17 (1.03-1.33); having any insomnia symptoms in the past 30 days, OR of 1.27 (1.17-1.37); and having any OSA symptoms at least weekly, OR of 1.23 (1.14-1.32). Napping in the past 5 school days was only marginally associated with poor school performance with an OR of 1.08 (1.00-1.16). Poorer academic performance was associated with sleep debt, and symptoms of insomnia and OSA. Sleep compensation but not naps may be a protective factor of poor academic performance. © 2012, American School Health Association.

  10. Gaming behavior and addiction among Hong Kong adolescents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irene Lai Kuen Wong


    Full Text Available Abstract Objectives Game playing is very popular among Hong Kong teenagers. This study aimed to investigate adolescent gaming behavior and addiction at the Internet cafe, and to explore perceived benefits and harms associated with the activity. Methods A convenient sample of 13 male high school students aged 12–15 years (mean age = 13.6 years were interviewed at two Internet cafes. Young’s (Caught in the net, Wiley, New York, 1998 criteria of Internet addiction were modified to assess gaming addiction. Results Internet cafes were described as a safe and ideal rendezvous for gamers. The benefits of gaming included fun and satisfaction, fostering social support and teamwork, meeting new friends and becoming sociable, boosting cognitive techniques and intellectual agility, improved responsiveness and quick thinking. Perceived harms of gaming addiction were reduced time and interest in other important activities, poor academic performance, physical harms and emotional distress, disrupted friendship with non-gaming peers, risked family relationship and financial problems. Five interviewees (38.5 % could be categorized as pathological gamers and two were problem gamers (15.4 %. The psychological factors associated with gaming addiction include low self-esteem, a strong desire for aggressive and exciting experiences, reliance on gaming to kill time and to obtain satisfaction, coping with problems and negative emotions, and obsession with achieving higher rankings in games. The social and environmental risk factors are accessibility to the Internet cafés, aggressive promotional activities at the Internet cafes, peer pressure, family influence and early gaming experiences, perceived parental approval, lack of parental supervision, and poor family relationship. Conclusions The study results throw light on prevention programs.

  11. Nighttime chemistry at a high altitude site above Hong Kong (United States)

    Brown, Steven S.; Dubé, William P.; Tham, Yee Jun; Zha, Qiaozhi; Xue, Likun; Poon, Steven; Wang, Zhe; Blake, Donald R.; Tsui, Wilson; Parrish, David D.; Wang, Tao


    Nighttime reactions of nitrogen oxides influence ozone, volatile organic compounds, and aerosol and are thus important to the understanding of regional air quality. Despite large emissions and rapid recent growth of nitrogen oxide concentrations, there are few studies of nighttime chemistry in China. Here we present measurements of nighttime nitrogen oxides, NO3 and N2O5, from a coastal mountaintop site in Hong Kong adjacent to the megacities of the Pearl River Delta region. This is the first study of nighttime chemistry from a site within the residual layer in China. Key findings include the following. First, highly concentrated urban NOx outflow from the Pearl River Delta region was sampled infrequently at night, with N2O5 mixing ratios up to 8 ppbv (1 min average) or 12 ppbv (1 s average) in nighttime aged air masses. Second, the average N2O5 uptake coefficient was determined from a best fit to the available steady state lifetime data as γ(N2O5) = 0.014 ± 0.007. Although this determination is uncertain due to the difficulty of separating N2O5 losses from those of NO3, this value is in the range of previous residual layer determinations of N2O5 uptake coefficients in polluted air in North America. Third, there was a significant contribution of biogenic hydrocarbons to NO3 loss inferred from canister samples taken during daytime. Finally, daytime N2O5 mixing ratios were in accord with their predicted photochemical steady state. Heterogeneous uptake of N2O5 in fog is determined to be an important production mechanism for soluble nitrate, even during daytime.

  12. Gaming behavior and addiction among Hong Kong adolescents. (United States)

    Wong, Irene Lai Kuen; Lam, Millicent Pui Sze

    Game playing is very popular among Hong Kong teenagers. This study aimed to investigate adolescent gaming behavior and addiction at the Internet cafe, and to explore perceived benefits and harms associated with the activity. A convenient sample of 13 male high school students aged 12-15 years (mean age = 13.6 years) were interviewed at two Internet cafes. Young's (Caught in the net, Wiley, New York, 1998) criteria of Internet addiction were modified to assess gaming addiction. Internet cafes were described as a safe and ideal rendezvous for gamers. The benefits of gaming included fun and satisfaction, fostering social support and teamwork, meeting new friends and becoming sociable, boosting cognitive techniques and intellectual agility, improved responsiveness and quick thinking. Perceived harms of gaming addiction were reduced time and interest in other important activities, poor academic performance, physical harms and emotional distress, disrupted friendship with non-gaming peers, risked family relationship and financial problems. Five interviewees (38.5 %) could be categorized as pathological gamers and two were problem gamers (15.4 %). The psychological factors associated with gaming addiction include low self-esteem, a strong desire for aggressive and exciting experiences, reliance on gaming to kill time and to obtain satisfaction, coping with problems and negative emotions, and obsession with achieving higher rankings in games. The social and environmental risk factors are accessibility to the Internet cafés, aggressive promotional activities at the Internet cafes, peer pressure, family influence and early gaming experiences, perceived parental approval, lack of parental supervision, and poor family relationship. The study results throw light on prevention programs.

  13. Prevalence of Mental Illness among Homeless People in Hong Kong.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larina Chi-Lap Yim

    Full Text Available This study examined the prevalence and correlates of mental illness in homeless people in Hong Kong and explored the barriers preventing their access to health care. Ninety-seven Cantonese-speaking Chinese who were homeless during the study period were selected at random from the records of the three organisations serving the homeless population. The response rate was 69%. Seventeen subjects could not give valid consent due to their poor mental state, so their responses were excluded from the data analysis. A psychiatrist administered the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis-I disorders (SCID-I and the Mini -Mental State Examination. Consensus diagnoses for subjects who could not complete the SCID-I were established by three independent psychiatrists.The point prevalence of mental illness was 56%. Seventy-one percent of the subjects had a lifetime history of mental illness, 30% had a mood disorder, 25% had an alcohol use disorder, 25% had a substance use disorder, 10% had a psychotic disorder, 10% had an anxiety disorder and 6% had dementia. Forty-one percent of the subjects with mental illness had undergone a previous psychiatric assessment. Only 13% of the subjects with mental illness were receiving psychiatric care at the time of interview. The prevalence of psychotic disorders, dementia and the rate of under treatment are hugely underestimated, as a significant proportion (18% of the subjects initially selected were too ill to give consent to join the study.The low treatment rate and the presence of this severely ill and unreached group of homeless people reflect the fact that the current mode of service delivery is failing to support the most severely ill homeless individuals.

  14. Environmental management of marine fish culture in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lee, J H W; Choi, K W; Arega, F


    Marine fish farming is an important commercial practice in Hong Kong. Marine fish farms located in eutrophic coastal waters often face the threat of severe dissolved oxygen depletion associated with algal blooms and red tides. On the other hand, mariculture activities also contribute to pollution. The sustainable management of mariculture requires proper siting of the fish farms and stocking density control. Both of these are related to the carrying capacity of the water body concerned, which is mainly governed by its flushing characteristics. A simple method to determine the carrying capacity of a fish farm has been developed by using three-dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic modelling and its effective coupling with a diagenetic water quality model. A systematic methodology using numerical tracer experiments has been developed to compute the tidal flushing in a fish farm. The flushing time is determined from the results of a numerical tracer experiment using robust 3D hydrodynamic and mass transport models. A unit tracer concentration is initially prescribed inside the region of interest and zero elsewhere; the subsequent mass transport and the mass removal process are then tracked. The fish farms are usually situated in well-sheltered shallow embayments and may not connect directly to the open water. It is found that it is necessary to define both "local" and "system-wide" flushing times to represent the effectiveness of the mass exchange with the surrounding water body and the open sea respectively. A diagenetic water quality model simulating the sediment-water-pollutant interaction is employed to address the response of the water column and the benthic layer to pollution discharges. With the flushing rate reliably computed, the carrying capacity of the fish farm can be determined in terms of key water quality parameters: chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen, organic nitrogen and potential lowest dissolved oxygen level on a day of negligible photosynthetic production. The

  15. Teachers, policymakers and project learning: The questionable use of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ policy instruments to influence the implementation of curriculum reform in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ping Kwan Fok


    Full Text Available Following the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region developed wide-ranging curriculum reforms, including project learning. A recent survey has indicated that over 80% of Hong Kong primary and secondary schools have adopted project learning as a curriculum task. Such an outcome is hard to reconcile both with the culture of Hong Kong schools and the generally bleak picture that pervades the literature on educational change.In seeking an explanation for this apparent success we focus attention on the policy instruments that were used by government agencies to facilitate the process of implementation. Our analysis revealed that teachers were caught in a pincer movement that involved voluntary activities promoting project learning and coercive measures that monitored and evaluated successful implementation. Teachers’ views of these policy instruments differed markedly from those of policymakers. This confluence of mixed approaches, while apparently successful, is also shown to be problematic. Finally, the paper is located in a theoretical framework with its origins in recent policy theory that to date has not been applied to educational contexts.

  16. "Dancing Class": Schooling the Dance in Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong (United States)

    Vertinsky, Patricia; McManus, Alison; Sit, Cindy


    Dance education has not played a significant role in Hong Kong schools. Teacher education may be at a crossroads in determining its future directions in relation to dance as art rather than physical activity. Taking Marcel Mauss's characterizations of the techniques of the body as the ways in which, from society to society, people learn how to use…

  17. Training, Understanding, and the Attitudes of Primary School Teachers Regarding Inclusive Education in Hong Kong (United States)

    Leung, Chi-hung; Mak, Kit-ying


    Inclusive education is one of the most important issues in education in Hong Kong, China. Because the role of teachers is critical to the success of inclusive education, this study investigated some of the elements that determine the success of implementing inclusive education. Teachers' perceived definition of inclusive education, the…

  18. The Adoption Features of Government Initiatives for the Curriculum Reform in Hong Kong Schools (United States)

    Wong, Ping-Man; Cheung, Alan


    This article is one of a series of papers generated from the Curriculum Reform study in Hong Kong with the purpose of understanding the impact of government's role in the change process of the reform. This paper specifically examines the 17 government initiatives in the Curriculum Reform in terms of their adoption percentages of schools from…

  19. Trends in preterm birth in singleton deliveries in a Hong Kong population

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hui, Annie S. Y.; Lao, Terence T.; Leung, Tak Yeung; Schaaf, Jelle M.; Sahota, Daljit S.


    To examine trends in preterm birth and its relationship with perinatal mortality in Hong Kong. In a retrospective cohort study, data were reviewed from singletons delivered between 1995 and 2011 at a university teaching hospital. Trends in preterm birth (between 24 and 36 weeks of pregnancy),

  20. Standardization of the Chinese MMPI-A in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Study. (United States)

    Cheung, Fanny M.; Ho, Ringo M.


    The Chinese Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescents (MMPI-A) was applied in Hong Kong to a normative sample of 565 male and 664 female students aged 14 to 18. In conjunction with previous research, findings support the possibility of cultural differences in item interpretation, which should be considered in clinical interpretations…

  1. Filial Piety and Psychosocial Adjustment in Hong Kong Chinese Early Adolescents (United States)

    Leung, Angel Nga-man; Wong, Stephanie Siu-fong; Wong, Iris Wai-yin; McBride-Chang, Catherine


    Is the Confucian concept of filial piety relevant for understanding contemporary Chinese children's psychological well-being? This study of 231 Hong Kong Chinese fifth and sixth graders demonstrated that parental warmth and two facets of children's filial piety belief were uniquely associated with life satisfaction, self-esteem, and social…

  2. Research Productivity of Returnees from Study Abroad in Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia (United States)

    Shin, Jung Cheol; Jung, Jisun; Postiglione, Gerard A.; Azman, Norzaini


    This study analyzes whether academics with advanced degrees from foreign universities are more research productive than their domestic counterparts in the three selected East Asian higher education systems--Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The three systems have relatively large proportions of foreign degree holders among their professoriates. The…

  3. The Strategic Thinking Skills of Hong Kong School Leaders: Usage and Effectiveness (United States)

    Pang, Nicholas Sun-Keung; Pisapia, John


    The purpose of this study was to identify strategic thinking skills that distinguish effective school leaders in Hong Kong. Three constructs framed the study: strategic thinking skills, organizational-personal characteristics, and school leader effectiveness. This study used a quantitative non-experimental design, and univariate and correlation…

  4. Early-Career Academics' Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in Hong Kong: Implications for Professional Development (United States)

    Thomas, Keith; McNaught, Carmel; Wong, Kin-Chi; Li, Yi-Ching


    This paper discusses early-career academics' development at a university in Hong Kong. Reflecting the impact of local context, the paper explores cultural and structural influences that can impinge on teaching and learning strategies for new academics. Barriers such as student learning behaviour and publication pressure may discourage new…

  5. Measuring Social Returns to Higher Education Investments in Hong Kong: Production Function Approach. (United States)

    Voon, Jan P.


    Uses a growth model involving an aggregate production function to measure social benefits from human capital improvements due to investments in Hong Kong higher education. Returns calculated using the production-function approach are significantly higher than those derived from the wage-increment method. Returns declined during the past 10 years.…

  6. Perfectionism, Depression, Loneliness, and Life Satisfaction: A Study of High School Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wang, Kenneth T.; Yuen, Mantak; Slaney, Robert B.


    This study investigates the cross-cultural construct validity of perfectionism using the Chinese translation of the Almost Perfect Scale-Revised (APS-R; Slaney, Mobley, Trippi, Ashby, & Johnson, 1996) with 509 Chinese high school students from Hong Kong. The factor structure of the Chinese APS-R and correlations between the APS-R subscales and…

  7. Internationalising Teacher Education for a "Glocal" Curriculum: South Koreans Learning to Teach Hong Kong Liberal Studies (United States)

    Jackson, Liz; Han, Ana Yoon Jin


    Internationalisation in education facilitates student and teacher mobility. Though Hong Kong has embraced internationalisation in education, international university students can face challenges related to cultural difference. In teacher education, these challenges can be amplified, as student-teachers face expectations to teach schoolchildren…

  8. Identity and Cross-Border Student Mobility: The Mainland China-Hong Kong Experience (United States)

    Xu, Cora Lingling


    This article is drawn from research in an ongoing multiple case study of the identity constructions of tertiary-level border-crossing students from mainland China to Hong Kong. It begins by outlining the contextual and conceptual background of the study, followed by the presentation and discussion of the three aspects of identity being…

  9. Family functioning of Chinese families in an impoverished neighborhood in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Yeung, Jerf W K; Chan, Yuk-Chung


    Consonant with the family stress model, in this study family economic disadvantage, concomitant with cumulative family stressors, concurrently contributed to poor family functioning of 504 Chinese families in an impoverished neighborhood in Hong Kong, in which the latter factor appeared to be more pronounced. Implications were briefly discussed.

  10. Attitudes toward Lesbians and Gay Men among Hong Kong Chinese Social Work Students (United States)

    Kwok, Diana K.; Wu, Joseph; Shardlow, Steven M.


    There is a dearth of research on social work students' attitudes toward lesbians and gays in East Asian countries where intolerance toward nonheterosexuality has been documented. This article presents findings from the first study in Hong Kong using a Chinese version of Herek's Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale (ATLG) to measure…

  11. Massification without Equalisation: The Politics of Higher Education, Graduate Employment and Social Mobility in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lee, Siu-yau


    This article explains why the massification of higher education in Hong Kong has, contrary to the predictions of received wisdom, failed to enhance the upward social mobility of the youth in the city. Building upon recent literature in political science, it argues that massification can take different forms, which in turn determine the effects of…

  12. Motivation Change of Pre-Service English Teachers: A Hong Kong Study (United States)

    Lee, Icy; Yuan, Rui


    This paper reports a study that investigated the motivations towards teaching of six pre-service English teachers enrolled on a teacher education course in Hong Kong. A qualitative case study approach was adopted, using data gathered from pre- and post-course interviews with individual participants, their dialogue journals with the teacher…

  13. Emotional Intelligence, Social Coping, and Psychological Distress among Chinese Gifted Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    The relationships among emotional intelligence, social coping, and psychological distress were investigated in a sample of 624 Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong. A mediation-effect model specifying that emotional intelligence had an effect on psychological distress mediated by social coping was hypothesized and tested using structural equation…

  14. The Social Welfare Practice and Research Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T. L.


    The organization and research programs of the Social Welfare Practice and Research Centre (SWPRC) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are outlined. There are five regular research programs (Family and Group Practice Research Centre, Human Behavior and the Social Environment Research Program, Mutual Aid and Social Capital Research Program,…

  15. Education Reform in Hong Kong: The ``Through-Road'' Model and its Societal Consequences (United States)

    Poon, Anita Y. K.; Wong, Yiu-Chung


    Although Hong Kong's education system has long been criticized as lacking in creativity and over-emphasising rote learning, on the whole it has served Hong Kong well in the past years, breeding outstanding business, academic and political leaders who continue to maintain Hong Kong's competitive edge. The traditional elite schools have played a crucial role in the process. The education reform, which is still on-going, aims to overhaul the entire system by introducing the "through-road" model. To accomplish this, some mechanisms need to be changed. J.P. Farrell's concepts of equality and equity, C.W. Mills' concept of elitism, and P. Bourdieu and J. Coleman's concepts of cultural and social capital will be applied to analyse the consequences of the reform. The paper argues that the education reform may be well-intentioned in eliminating some elements of inequality and inequity in education, but that this comes at the expense of Hong Kong's cultural and social capital and leads to the development of new forms of inequality.

  16. Adjustment Problems, Self-Efficacy, and Psychological Distress among Chinese Gifted Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    The relationships among adjustment problems, self-efficacy, and psychological distress were investigated in a sample of 207 Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong. A mediation-effect model specifying that adjustment problems had an effect on psychological distress mediated by self-efficacy was hypothesized and tested using structural equation…

  17. The Role of Emotionality in Teacher Change: The Case of Chinese Language Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Loh, Elizabeth K. Y.; Tam, Loretta C. W.


    Over the past decade, Chinese language teachers in Hong Kong have experienced a series of educational reforms. They are now expected to design and implement their own school-based Chinese language curriculum, and adopt innovative pedagogies and customized materials in the classroom. The current literature suggests that some teachers are not ready…

  18. South Asian Students' Chinese Language Learning in Hong Kong: Motivations and Strategies (United States)

    Shum, Mark S. K.; Gao, Fang; Tsung, Linda; Ki, Wing-Wah


    This paper offers insights into an under-researched area of Chinese language learning among Hong Kong's less affluent South Asians, a group whose members have often been stereotyped as unable to function in the Chinese medium instruction (CMI) teaching system. Data were collected from a survey of approximately 300 South Asian secondary school…

  19. Shyness and Chinese and English Vocabulary Skills in Hong Kong Kindergartners (United States)

    Tong, Xiuli; Ting, Ka-Tsun; McBride-Chang, Catherine


    Research Findings: This study examined relations between parent-rated shyness and children's vocabulary skills in 54 Hong Kong Chinese kindergartners who learned English as a foreign language at school. Receptive vocabulary and expressive vocabulary were assessed both in Chinese and in English. Parent-rated shyness was uniquely associated with…

  20. SARS, Preschool Routines and Children's Behaviour: Observations from Preschools in Hong Kong (United States)

    Rao, Nirmala


    All schools in Hong Kong were closed in April 2003 to prevent the spread of SARS. This paper considers the influence of the SARS epidemic on children's routines and behaviour when preschools re-opened, after a six-week closure. Observations were made in 20 kindergartens and principals of another 10 kindergartens completed questionnaires. The…

  1. Concentration Analysis of New Private Residential Units Market in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sai On Cheung


    Full Text Available The new residential property price in Hong Kong has rocketed in the last decade and has ranked within the top three metropolitan cities in the world. Housing is a necessity for most people, high residential property price has its social ramification. The rocketing price seems not solely the result of the market. As such, this raised the issue of competition in this market. This study employs Concentration Ratio and Hirfindahl-Hirschman index to evaluate the market concentration of the New Private Resident Units Market in Hong Kong. Using the best information available in the public domains and applying universal thresholds, the New Private Resident Units Market in Hong Kong is considered moderately concentrated. It is noted that the big five listed developers in Hong Kong are collectively holding a dominant position of the potential supply. Moreover, the top three have comparable market shares thus suggesting no monopoly exists. It is also found that the substantial land banks held by the five big listed developers, amount to 60% of that owned by the Government. These developers will therefore retain their dominant market power in the future. Further study is recommended to examine whether the big developers have abused their market power.

  2. Hong Kong and U.S. Teachers' Perceptions of Mathematical Disagreements and Their Resolution Processes (United States)

    Barlow, Angela T.; Huang, Rongjin; Law, Huk-Yuen; Chan, Yip Cheung; Zhang, Qiaoping; Baxter, Wesley A.; Gaddy, Angeline K.


    Mathematical disagreements occur when students challenge each other's ideas related to a mathematical concept. In this research, we examined Hong Kong and U.S. elementary teachers' perceptions of mathematical disagreements and their resolutions using a video-stimulated survey. Participants were directed to give particular attention to the…

  3. Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) in Self-Financed Higher Education of Hong Kong: Evaluation and Measurement (United States)

    Ng, Peggy; Galbraith, Craig


    The purpose of this study is to examine how the dimensions of strategic enrolment management (SEM) tie to the success metrics in the area of enrolment, retention and graduation from senior and programme management perspectives of a self-financed institution in Hong Kong. The literature on SEM has demonstrated that managing enrolment is a global…

  4. Empowering Students through Service-Learning in a Community Psychology Course: A Case in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Kevin; Ng, Eddie; Chan, Charles C.


    This article chronicles a service-learning (SL) subject on community psychology in Hong Kong (n = 26) and elaborates on how students experience concepts, frameworks, and values in community psychology and put them into practice at servicelearning settings. Upon acquiring basic concepts in community psychology, including sense of community,…

  5. University Support, Adjustment, and Mental Health in Tertiary Education Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Leung, Chi Hung


    Depression, anxiety, and stress of moderate to severe levels were found in 21, 41, and 27% of university students in Hong Kong, respectively. The development of a screening tool for assessing adjustment difficulties among tertiary education students is helpful for counseling professionals in university. The Student Perception of University Support…

  6. Reimagining Communities and Implementing Social Learning: Contemporary Community Theatre Development in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore (United States)

    Wang, Wan-Jung


    Since the 1990s, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan have encountered political, social, economic and cultural challenges. During this period, their community theatres have played distinctive roles in activating their public space to reimagine their communities, form dialogues with their governments and construct learning experiences amongst various…

  7. Enhancing Students' Engagement and Motivation in Writing: The Case of Primary Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lo, Julia; Hyland, Fiona


    This paper looks at young ESL writers in Hong Kong and describes an action research project which involved the implementation of a new ESL writing programme designed to enhance students' motivation and engagement by taking more account of the young learners' own socio-cultural context. The study examined both the students' and teacher-researcher's…

  8. Occupational Stress, Mental Health Status and Stress Management Behaviors among Secondary School Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Leung, Sharron S. K.; Mak, Yim Wah; Chui, Ying Yu; Chiang, Vico C. L.; Lee, Angel C. K.


    Objective: This study aimed to examine occupational stress and mental health among secondary school teachers in Hong Kong, and to identify the differences between those actively engaged in stress management behaviors and those who were not. Design: Survey design was adopted using validated instruments including Occupational Stress Inventory…

  9. Perceptions of Hong Kong Physical Education Teachers on the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities (United States)

    Qi, Jing; Wang, Lijuan; Ha, Amy


    Based on Lev Vygotsky's social constructivism theory, this study examined the perceptions of Hong Kong physical education (PE) teachers regarding the inclusion of students with disabilities in general PE programmes. Eight secondary PE teachers (female = 5, male = 3) were recruited for individual semi-structured interviews. Data gathered from the…

  10. The Economic Effect of Education in an Information Technology-Penetrating Economy: Evidence from Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Chi Wai


    This article examines the economic effect of education in terms of its impact on the earnings of workers in an information technology (IT)-diffusing economy, based on data from Hong Kong's 2006 by-census and survey on the usage and penetration of IT in industries. Education enhances the productivity of workers and increases their lifetime incomes.…

  11. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid Program for Chinese People in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, Daniel F. K.; Lau, Ying; Kwok, Sylvia; Wong, Prudence; Tori, Christopher


    Purpose: Chinese people generally lack knowledge of mental illness. Such phenomenon may lead to a delay in seeking psychiatric treatments. This study evaluated the effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program in improving mental health knowledge of the general public in Hong Kong. Methods: A quasi-experimental design was adopted whereby…

  12. Stress, Self-Efficacy, Social Support, and Psychological Distress among Prospective Chinese Teachers in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    Examines teacher stress, self-efficacy, social support, and psychological distress in a sample of Chinese prospective teachers (n=83) in Hong Kong. Reports that the teachers experienced higher levels of symptoms in somatic problems followed by anxiety and dysphoria. Discusses self-efficacy and social support as protective factors for teacher…

  13. Emotional Autonomy versus Susceptibility to Peer Pressure: A Case Study of Hong Kong Adolescent Students (United States)

    Chan, Kwok-Wai; Chan, Siu-Mui


    A questionnaire consisting of two scales was administered to 550 Hong Kong secondary students to examine their emotional autonomy and susceptibility to peer pressure. Emotional autonomy was studied by the scale (EAS) developed by Steinberg and Silverberg (1986) and susceptibility to peer pressure was studied by the scale developed by Sim and Koh…

  14. Hong Kong Secondary School Students' Attitudes towards Science: A Study of Structural Models and Gender Differences (United States)

    Wan, Zhi Hong; Lee, John Chi Kin


    This study explored two under-researched areas on students' attitudes towards science, that is, the structural models representing these attitudes and the role played by school bands in moderating the gender differences in such attitudes. The participants were 360 ninth graders in Hong Kong from 3 school bands. The structural equation modelling…

  15. Learning about Aging in Hong Kong through a Linked Service Learning Project (United States)

    Cook, Alicia Skinner; Fruhauf, Christine A.


    With the goal of enhancing knowledge and skills related to cross-cultural aging, a linked service learning project was implemented through a partnership with an elderly community center in Hong Kong. The project linked Semester at Sea (SAS) study abroad students with gerontology students at Colorado State University through collaborative service…

  16. Teacher Interpersonal Behaviour and Secondary Students' Cognitive, Affective and Moral Outcomes in Hong Kong (United States)

    Sivan, Atara; Chan, Dennis W. K.


    This study validated the Chinese version of the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI) in the Hong Kong context as well as examined the relationship between students' perceptions of interpersonal teacher behaviour and their cognitive, affective and moral learning outcomes. Data were collected with the QTI and four other measures of student…

  17. Stakeholders' Perceptions of Language Variation, English Language Teaching and Language Use: The Case of Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Jim Yee Him


    This study examines Hong Kong major stakeholders' (secondary students, university students, teachers and professionals) perceptions of language variation, English language teaching (ELT) and language use in their everyday communication via a large-scale questionnaire survey (N = 1893). Based on principal components analysis of the questionnaire…

  18. The Gap between Online Journalism Education and Practice: A Hong Kong Study (United States)

    Du, Ying Roselyn; Lo, S. C. Eric


    This twin survey of online journalism professionals and students examines their perceptions of journalism skills, duties, and concepts. Using samples of online journalists and journalism students in Hong Kong, Asia's media hub, it attempts to offer updated insights into the changes taking place in journalism classrooms and newsrooms and uncovers…

  19. Gratitude, Gratitude Intervention and Subjective Well-Being among Chinese School Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    This study assessed the dispositional gratitude and its relationships with orientations to happiness and burnout in a sample of 96 Chinese school teachers in Hong Kong and investigated the effectiveness of an eight-week gratitude intervention programme using a pre-test/post-test design with outcome measures of subjective well-being in the same…

  20. Communication in Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Departments: The Clinicians' Perspectives. (United States)

    Chandler, Eloise; Slade, Diana; Pun, Jack; Lock, Graham; Matthiessen, Christian M I M; Espindola, Elaine; Ng, Carman


    In this article, we report findings from the first qualitatively driven study of patient-clinician communication in Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Departments (AEDs). In light of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's policy emphasis on patient-centered care and communication in the public hospitals it oversees, we analyze clinicians' perceptions of the role and relevance of patient-centered communication strategies in emergency care. Although aware of the importance of effective communication in emergency care, participants discussed how this was frequently jeopardized by chronic understaffing, patient loads, and time pressures. This was raised in relation to the absence of spoken interdisciplinary handovers, the tendency to downgrade interpersonal communication with patients, and the decline in staff attendance at communication training courses. Participants' frequent descriptions of patient-centered communication as dispensable from, and time-burdensome in, AEDs highlight a discrepancy between the stated Hong Kong Hospital Authority policy of patient-centered care and the reality of contemporary Hong Kong emergency practice.

  1. The Health-Promoting Lifestyles of Undergraduate Nurses in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Hui, Wai-Hing Choi


    A profile of 169 Hong Kong nursing students indicated they practice good interpersonal relations but exhibit a lack of physical activity. Seniors had the most difficulty with stress management and spiritual growth. Nursing students' potential to promote patients' health may be inhibited by their own lack of compliance with health behavior.…

  2. The Productive Vocabulary Development in the Written Chinese of the Hong Kong Cantonese-Speaking Children (United States)

    Cheung, Emily Yee Man


    This paper reports a longitudinal investigation into the productive vocabulary development in the written Chinese of the Cantonese-speaking elementary children in Hong Kong. Data gathering took place using two vocabulary tests which selected prescriptive vocabulary from the textbooks and the 2007 Vocabulary List. The two assessment tests also…

  3. First evidence of amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and ranavirus in Hong Kong amphibian trade.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan E Kolby

    Full Text Available The emerging infectious amphibian diseases caused by amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, Bd and ranaviruses are responsible for global amphibian population declines and extinctions. Although likely to have been spread by a variety of activities, transcontinental dispersal appears closely associated with the international trade in live amphibians. The territory of Hong Kong reports frequent, high volume trade in amphibians, and yet the presence of Bd and ranavirus have not previously been detected in either traded or free-ranging amphibians. In 2012, a prospective surveillance project was conducted to investigate the presence of these pathogens in commercial shipments of live amphibians exported from Hong Kong International Airport. Analysis of skin (Bd and cloacal (ranavirus swabs by quantitative PCR detected pathogen presence in 31/265 (11.7% and in 105/185 (56.8% of amphibians, respectively. In addition, the water in which animals were transported tested positive for Bd, demonstrating the risk of pathogen pollution by the disposal of untreated wastewater. It is uncertain whether Bd and ranavirus remain contained within Hong Kong's trade sector, or if native amphibians have already been exposed. Rapid response efforts are now urgently needed to determine current pathogen distribution in Hong Kong, evaluate potential trade-associated exposure to free-ranging amphibians, and identify opportunities to prevent disease establishment.

  4. Exploring School Ethos: An Investigation of Children's Human Rights in Two Secondary Institutions in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lo, Yan Lam; Leung, Yan Wing; Yuen, Wai Wa


    From 2009 to 2011, the authors launched the Basic Law Education Project: Education for Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Hong Kong. This article focuses on a subset of the overarching data-set and discusses the findings that resulted from a comparative analysis of two participating schools. A survey was deployed to assess the extent to which a…

  5. The Rise of African Drumming among Adult Music Learners in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lee, Hung Kun


    The present study aims at further examining an interesting finding of a recent empirical research on Hong Kong adults' participation in African drumming from a sociological perspective by adopting some Bourdieuan concepts. Results of the semi-structured interviews with 82 informants with diverse musical backgrounds and occupations concur that…

  6. Absence of Girl Images: The Gender Construct in Personal and Social Education in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kam, Chui Ping Iris


    Education Ordinance 1971 in Hong Kong not only provided girls with a much greater chance of receiving education than had hitherto been the case, it also had the effect of incorporating them into the regulatory framework of the school system. This paper examines how the discourses of civic education and sex education before and after reunification…

  7. Using the Process Approach to Teach Writing in 6 Hong Kong Primary Classrooms (United States)

    Ho, Belinda


    Background: In most primary schools in Hong Kong, a product-oriented approach is used in teaching writing. The process approach to writing has been seen as an improvement over the traditional methods of writing instruction in recent years. However, the effectiveness of using the process approach to teach writing is still inconclusive. It is…

  8. Perspectives on the Cultural Appropriacy of Hong Kong's Target-Oriented Curriculum (TOC) Initiative. (United States)

    Carless, David Robert


    Explores the impact of Chinese culture on the school curriculum in Hong Kong. Argues that the Target-Oriented Curriculum (TOC) transplanted from western-based concepts is not commensurate with the local Chinese cultural context, and therefore leads to many problems when being implemented in schools. (Author/VWL)

  9. Total Teacher Effectiveness: Implication for Curriculum Change (TOC) in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tsui, Kwok Tung; Cheng, Yin Cheong

    This paper introduces the concept of total teacher effectiveness for facilitating educational reform and improvement, using target oriented curriculum (TOC) change in Hong Kong as an example. TOC change is a complex process that involves preparing, changing, and reinforcing teachers in multiple domains at multiple levels. Teacher effectiveness…

  10. The Use of Pedometry To Evaluate the Physical Activity Levels among Preschool Children in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Louie, Lobo; Chan, Lily


    This study used pedometry and the Children Activity Rating Scale (CARS) to investigate physical activity among 3- to 5-year-olds in Hong Kong preschools. Findings indicated that older children were more active than younger ones; boys were more active than girls. Older children in the rural school with larger outdoor play space were more active…

  11. Identifying the Gaps in Practice for Combating Lead in Drinking Water in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lee, Wai Ling; Jia, Jie; Bao, Yani


    Excessive lead has been found in drinking water in Hong Kong in tests carried out in 2015. Investigations have identified that the problem in public rental housing estates was caused by the problematic solders used in the plumbing, and recommendations on enhancing the quality control system and strengthening the relevant water quality standards have been proposed. The cause for the same problem happening in other premises where soldering has not been adopted for water pipe connections is left unidentified. Considering the unidentified cause and the recommendations made, this study aims to identify the gaps in practice followed in Hong Kong for safeguarding the water quality of new installations. A holistic review of governing ordinances and regulations, products and materials used and the testing and commissioning requirements adopted in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world were conducted. Based on international practices and parametric analysis, it was found that there are gaps in practices followed in Hong Kong, which are directly and indirectly leading to the lead-in-water crisis. Recommendations for improvement in the quality control system, and the water quality standards including the allowable lead content and leaching limit for products and materials and the testing and commissioning requirements on plumbing installations have been made. The review and the identified gaps would become useful reference for countries in strengthening their relevant water quality standards. PMID:27706062

  12. The Recalibration of Neoliberalisation: Repoliticising Higher Education Policy in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lo, William Yat Wai


    This article analyses a recent policy change in higher education in Hong Kong to determine the significance of politics in the conceptual understanding of higher education governance. To achieve this objective, the article examines the tension between the global agenda, which is characterised by neoliberal ideology and practices, and local needs,…

  13. A Study of Organizational Identification of Faculty Members in Hong Kong Business Schools (United States)

    Tsui, Po Yung; Ngo, Hang-Yue


    The authors examine how four organizational antecedents affect the organizational identification (OI) and in-role and extra-role performance of Hong Kong business school faculty. OI was tested to be a mediator. The survey results indicated a high level of OI, consistent with the collectivist cultural value of Chinese employees. However, OI was…

  14. The Role of University Libraries in Supporting Research in Hong Kong: Facing a New Challenge (United States)

    Fan, Ka Wai


    Purpose: To discuss how Hong Kong university libraries can help young professors and PhD students publish their articles in SCI (Science Citation Index) and SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) journals. Design/methodology/approach: With reference to the opinions of experts on how to publish work successfully, this paper provides practical advice…

  15. Ethnic Minority Students from South Asia in Hong Kong: Language Ideologies and Discursive Identity Construction (United States)

    Gu, Mingyue Michelle; Mak, Barley; Qu, Xiaoyuan


    This article explores how ethnic minority students in Hong Kong secondary schools discursively construct their identities in relation to culture, heritage, and social discourse. It finds that the ethnic minority students negotiate their identities within multiple positioning from parents, school, and the broader social discourse on minority…

  16. Transaction Costs (TCs) in Building Regulations and Control for Green Buildings : Case Study of Hong Kong

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fan, Ke; Qian, K.; Chan, EHW; Kähkönen, Kalle; Keinänen, Marko


    About 40% of global energy consumption and nearly one-third of global CO2 emissions are on account of buildings. In Hong Kong, buildings consume up to 90% of electricity during construction and operation, where all the design and construction of private developments is subject to control under the

  17. Diversified Professionalism of Physical Education Teachers in the Asian Context of Hong Kong (United States)

    Sum, Raymond Kim Wai; Dimmock, Clive


    This study investigates the socialization and professional experiences of primary school physical education teachers (PSPETs) in the Asian context of Hong Kong. A qualitative research design is adopted. The researcher used semi-structured interviews, supplemented by documentary sources (diaries) for conducting data collection. Eleven PSPETs…

  18. From Policies to Realities: Developing Students' Critical Thinking in Hong Kong Secondary School English Writing Classes (United States)

    Mok, Jane


    In 1999 a critical thinking syllabus was issued by the education authority to all junior secondary school English language teachers in Hong Kong. Different from the earlier curriculum guidelines, the syllabus highlights the importance of thinking in English language teaching and learning, and developing students' critical thinking through the…

  19. A System-Wide Professional Learning Approach about Inclusion for Teachers in Hong Kong (United States)

    Forlin, Chris; Loreman, Tim; Sharma, Umesh


    This study examines changes in attitudes, teaching efficacy, and concerns about inclusive education in a sample of 2361 teachers in Hong Kong who took a professional learning course about inclusive education. Participants completed a questionnaire seeking demographic information and their perceptions about these three aspects of inclusive…

  20. Secular changes in height, weight and body mass index in Hong Kong Children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Youfa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Large population growth surveys of children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 y were undertaken in Hong Kong in 1963 and 1993. The global epidemic of obesity is a major public health concern. To monitor the impact of this epidemic in Hong Kong children and to identify secular changes in growth, a further growth survey was undertaken in 2005/6. Methods Cross-sectional height and weight measurements of 14,842 children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 y from Hong Kong's 18 districts were obtained during the 2005/6 school year. Percentile curves were constructed using LMS method and sex-specific percentile values of weight-for-age, height-for-age, and BMI-for-age were compared with those data from 1963 and 1993. Results Secular changes in height, weight and BMI were noted between 1963 and 1993 and between 1993 and 2005/6. In the latter period, greater changes were observed at younger ages, and particularly in boys. On an annual basis, the 1993–2005/6 changes were less than those during 1963–1993. Using the International Obesity Task Force cut-offs, 16.7% of children were overweight or obese in 2005/6, which was a 5.1% increase since 1993. Conclusion These data provide policy-makers with further evidence of the secular changes in child growth and the increasing obesity epidemic among Hong Kong children.

  1. A Tale of Two Cities' University Rankings: Comparing Hong Kong and Singapore (United States)

    Soh, Kay Cheng; Ho, Kwok Keung


    Hong Kong and Singapore were former British colonies, have a predominant Chinese population and value. They began to develop quickly in the late 1960s, become financial hubs of the world in the 21st century. This paper reviews the tertiary education development of the two cities, particularly on the perspective of university rankings. It first…

  2. Environmental Influences on Risk Taking among Hong Kong Young Dance Partygoers (United States)

    Ngai, Steven Sek-Yum; Ngai, Ngan-pun; Cheung, Chau-kiu


    This study investigates risk-taking behavior and its associated factors among young Hong Kong partygoers at rave parties or discos. Based on a survey of 300 14 to 28-year-old dance partygoers recruited by outreaching social workers, the study provides data on risks in terms of the likelihood of drug abuse, coitus, unprotected coitus, fighting, and…

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Native- and Nonnative-English-Speaking Teachers: Student Perceptions in Hong Kong (United States)

    Ma, Lai Ping Florence


    The Native English Teachers (NETs) Scheme has been in place for over 20 years in secondary schools in Hong Kong and yet how students perceive these teachers is under-researched. This article reports a study which analyses student perceptions of the advantage and disadvantages of learning English from NETs and their non-native counterparts, local…

  4. A Study on the Sleep Patterns and Problems of University Business Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Tsui, Y. Y.; Wing, Y. K.


    Objective: To investigate sleep patterns and problems of university business students. Participants: Undergraduate Chinese business students in Hong Kong. Methods: Self-reported questionnaires were completed during class lectures and through online system. Results: Of the 620 participating students (mean age 19.9 years), sleep duration was…

  5. Emotions and Pair Trust in Asynchronous Hospitality Cultural Exchange for Students in Taiwan and Hong Kong (United States)

    Wang, Mei-jung; Chen, Hsueh Chu


    Social and emotional dynamics have an impact on students' learning processes in online-learning situations. This study explores university students' emotions and trust levels resulting from collaborative communication behaviors when they interacted as part of a Food and Tourism course in Taiwan and Hong Kong. More specifically, students' emotions…

  6. Quality Assurance of Non-Local Accounting Programs Conducted in Hong Kong (United States)

    Cheng, Mei-Ai; Leung, Noel W.


    This study examines the current government policy and institutional practice on quality assurance of non-local accounting programs conducted in Hong Kong. Both international guidelines, national regulations and institutional frameworks in higher education and transnational higher education, and professional practice in accounting education are…

  7. The Relationship between Teacher Stress and Burnout in Hong Kong: Positive Humour and Gender as Moderators (United States)

    Ho, Sammy K.


    In this study, we report on the relationship between positive humour and burnout among 379 secondary school teachers in Hong Kong, and explore whether the relationship varies according to gender. The moderating effects of both affiliative and self-enhancing humour on each burnout component were then examined. High affiliative and self-enhancing…

  8. The Development of Learning as the Leading Activity for Hong Kong Immigrant Families in Australia (United States)

    Wong, Pui Ling; Fleer, Marilyn


    Many parents work hard to foster a culture of learning early in their children's development. The desire for children to learn as early as possible is common among Hong Kong-Australian families. These children continue to perform well academically. Little is known about the pedagogy that underpins such development in the family or on the…

  9. Personality Types of Hong Kong Kindergarten Teachers: Implications for Teacher Education (United States)

    Wong, Yau-ho Paul; Li-fang, Zhang


    While an individual's personality is related to his or her well-being, little research has examined kindergarten teachers' personality. This research was the first to investigate Hong Kong kindergarten teachers' personality types using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Three hundred and seventy-one kindergarten teachers voluntarily responded…

  10. Communicative Needs in the Workplace and Curriculum Development of Business English Courses in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Mable


    The pressing need to bridge the gap between workplace communicative needs and curriculum development of business English courses has been documented in the literature. Through a questionnaire survey of 215 working adults, this study examines (a) the spoken and written needs of professionals in the local Hong Kong workplace, (b) the challenges they…

  11. A Case Study: Reading Strategies Training Scheme in a Hong Kong Primary School (United States)

    Lee, Ho Cheung


    This article describes a case study on a reading programme, named Reading Strategies Training Scheme (RSTS), for second language learning in a Hong Kong primary (elementary) school. The scheme, serving learners of English as a second language from Primary One to Six (ages 6--12), was developed by the school's English teaching team. As it was being…

  12. End-of-life (EoL) mobile phone management in Hong Kong households. (United States)

    Deng, Wen-Jing; Giesy, John P; So, C S; Zheng, Hai-Long


    A questionnaire survey and interviews were conducted in households and end-of-life (EoL) mobile phone business centres in Hong Kong. Widespread Internet use, combined with the rapid evolution of modern social networks, has resulted in the more rapid obsolescence of mobile phones, and thus a tremendous increase in the number of obsolete phones. In 2013, the volume of EoL mobile phones generated in Hong Kong totalled at least 330 tonnes, and the amount is rising. Approximately 80% of electronic waste is exported to Africa and developing countries such as mainland China or Pakistan for recycling. However, the material flow of the large number of obsolete phones generated by the territory's households remains unclear. Hence, the flow of EoL mobile phones in those households was analysed, with the average lifespan of a mobile phone in Hong Kong found to be just under two years (nearly 23 months). Most EoL mobile phones are transferred to mainland China for disposal. Current recycling methods are neither environmentally friendly nor sustainable, with serious implications for the environment and human health. The results of this analysis provide useful information for planning the collection system and facilities needed in Hong Kong and mainland China to better manage EoL mobile phones in the future. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Promoting Hong Kong's Higher Education to Asian Markets: Market Segmentations and Strategies (United States)

    Cheung, Alan C. K.; Yuen, Timothy W. W.; Yuen, Celeste Y. M.; Cheng, Yin Cheong


    Purpose: The main purpose of this study is threefold: to analyze the current conditions of higher education services offered in the three target markets; to conduct market segmentation analysis of these markets; and to recommend the most appropriate market entry strategies for Hong Kong's education service providers. Design/methodology/approach:…

  14. Adolescents' Views on Families as Metaphors in Hong Kong: Implications for Pre-Counselling Assessment (United States)

    Chan, Zenobia C. Y.


    This interpretative study aims to offer metaphors that describe family meanings from the adolescent's perspective by encouraging them to give a metaphor with their own explanation on a self-administering essay form. This study has three objectives: to explore the family meanings as a metaphor from the Hong Kong adolescent's perspective; to reveal…

  15. The Behavioral Intentions of Hong Kong Primary Teachers in Adopting Educational Technology (United States)

    Wong, Gary K. W.


    The use of educational technology by Hong Kong primary school teachers has been realized by the government's long-term support to the technology infrastructure, professional training, technical support, and development of teaching resources in local primary schools. However, the high adoption rate may not reflect the willingness of teachers to…

  16. Organizational Structure of Multinational Banks in Hong Kong from a Culture-Free Perspective. (United States)

    Birnbaum, Philip H.; Wong, Gilbert Y. Y.


    This study examines culture-free and culture-bound hypotheses used to explain organizational structures. A survey of Hong Kong Chinese managerial employees in 20 multinational banks examined work satisfaction with relation to organizational structure, controlling for job structure and individual attributes. Findings generally supported the…

  17. Attitudes toward Euthanasia in Hong Kong--A Comparison between Physicians and the General Public (United States)

    Chong, Alice Ming-lin; Fok, Shiu-yeu


    This article reports the findings of a cross-sectional study that compared the attitudes of 618 respondents of a general household survey and a random sample of 1,197 physicians toward different types of euthanasia in Hong Kong. The general public was found to agree with active euthanasia and non-voluntary euthanasia and was neutral about passive…

  18. Development and application of neuropsychology in Hong Kong: implications of its value and future advancement. (United States)

    Chan, Agnes S; Sze, Sophia L; Cheung, Mei-Chun; Han, Yvonne M Y


    To review the development, application, and value of neuropsychology, and the standard education and training pathway for neuropsychologists or clinical neuropsychologists in Hong Kong. The information provided here was gathered via a literature review of the status of neuropsychology and the validity of commonly adopted neuropsychological tests in Hong Kong. Additional details were acquired via the internet about local tertiary education curricula and the related requirements, the availability of professional associations for licensure or board certification, and relevant statistics/surveys conducted by the government. Some information about the clinical practice of neuropsychology was collected through personal communication with local clinical psychologists. The development of neuropsychology in Hong Kong over the past 20 years is rapid and productive, given the increasing application of advanced neuroimaging techniques, neuropsychological tests, and opportunities for exchanging up-to-date neuropsychological knowledge and professional training through international conferences, workshops, and seminars. Given that neuropsychology services are often provided by clinical psychologists who are master's degree graduates in clinical psychology, the relatively limited training in neuropsychological knowledge and skills and the lack of division for membership or mandatory registration as a neuropsychologist/clinical neuropsychologist may have an impact on the quality of clinical neuropsychological services and the development of this specialty. These findings signify a need for further improvement or refinement of educational and training pathways for neuropsychologist or clinical neuropsychologist along with the recognition of its value in clinical practice through registration of different disciplines of psychology in Hong Kong.

  19. Empowerment or Impediment? School Governance in the School-Based Management Era in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kwan, Paula; Li, Benjamin Yuet-man


    Following the international trend in education towards democracy and decentralization, the Hong Kong government introduced a school-based management (SBM) system about two decades ago. It is widely recognized in the literature that decentralization, empowering school level management and marginalizing the influence of the intermediate level of…

  20. A Re-Examination of Leadership Style for Hong Kong School-Based Management (SBM) Schools (United States)

    Hui, Sammy King-fai; Cheung, Hoi Yan


    Leadership style has always been a controversial topic in educational administration and management. Following the recommendation of the Education Commission to introduce school-based management (SBM) into Hong Kong schools in the early 1990s, discussions about the kind of leadership style that is appropriate for SBM schools have never ceased. The…

  1. New urban players: stratagematic use of media by Banksy and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Monachesi, P.; Turco, M.


    In this article, we focus on two urban players whose ultimate aim is to regain public space both in the digital and the urban context: the street artist Banksy and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. These two apparently very different players in fact present similar characteristics and operate in

  2. Land-use transport planning in Hong Kong: the end of an era

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dimitriou, H.T. [ed.] [University College, London (United Kingdom); Cook, A.H.S. [ed.] [University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


    A unique insight into how land use/transport planning exercises for the territory were prepared and how decisions emerged from them during the most economically active period of Hong Kong's history up to its handover to the People's Republic of China in 1997. (author)

  3. Emotion Regulation Strategies in European American and Hong Kong Chinese Middle School Children (United States)

    Wan, Kayan Phoebe; Savina, Elena


    This study explored emotion regulation strategies in middle school European American (N = 54) and Hong Kong Chinese (N = 89) children. Children were presented with scenarios describing a fictitious girl/boy who encountered situations eliciting sadness, anger, and fear. Based on Gross' theory (1998), the survey of emotion regulation strategies was…

  4. The Relations between Filial Piety, Goal Orientations and Academic Achievement in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chen, Wei-Wen


    This study examined the relationships among filial piety, goal orientations, and academic achievement among Chinese students. A survey of 336 university students in Hong Kong was carried out to collect information on their filial piety beliefs, goal orientations and grade point averages. Structural equation modelling indicated that reciprocal…

  5. Primary Health Care Theory to Practice: Experience of First-Year Nursing Students in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Simpson, Peggy; Chan, Mun Che; Cheung, Lai Yin; Hui, Tze Shau; Li, Ka Ying; Tang, Hiu Tung; Tong, Hoi Ning; Wong, Sik Kwan; Wong, Po Ming


    Eight first-year nursing students in Hong Kong implemented a primary health care project involving health assessments of older adults. Clients improved health knowledge and were satisfied with assessments. Students demonstrated high competence in health assessment, needs assessment, evaluation strategies, and health promotion skills. (Contains 27…

  6. Existential Correlates of Burnout among Mental Health Professionals in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Yiu-kee, Chan; Tang, Catharine So-kum


    Mental health professionals (n=132) living in Hong Kong were surveyed about existential aspects of burnout. Purpose in life and motivation to seek purpose were found to be significant existential correlates of burnout whereas the former correlated with personal accomplishment and the latter with emotional exhaustion. Results varied by professional…

  7. Raindrop Size Distribution and Z-R Relation during the Black Rainstorm Warning in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lau, S.; Chiu, L. S.; Zhang, Y.; Cheng, C.


    The passage of typhoon Chanthu from 21st July to 23rd July is followed by heavy rain that caused flash floods in large areas in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Observatory issued an amber, a red and a black rainstorm warning within a few hours. The flash flood resulted in four deaths in Hong Kong. Analyses of rain drop size distribution (DSD) sampled at 1 second interval measured by a newly installed optical Meteorological Particle Sensor (MPS) installed at the Fok Ying Tung Remote Sensing Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed two breakpoints with droplet diameter of around 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm, respectively, where the slopes of the DSDs changed. These break points are consistent with theoretical simulations from cloud models. The MPS also measures drop fall speed and hence rainfall rate. Using a threshold of 5 mm/hr as a separation between convective and stratiform rain the DSD showed a clear distinction between convective and stratiform rain, with Z-R relations Z = a R^b where (a, b) is around (800, 1.05) for convective and around (1600, 1.1) for stratiform rain. These values deviates substantially from the climatological estimates derived from a Marshall Palmer Distribution of (a, b) = (200, 1.6) which are used operationally.

  8. Reflection on SARS Precautions in a Severe Intellectual Disabilities Hospital in Hong Kong (United States)

    Wong, S. Y.; Lim, W. W. C.; Que, T. L.; Au, D. M. Y.


    Hong Kong went through a battle with a new respiratory disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), from March to June 2003. All clinical settings, including rehabilitative and infirmary setting, have actively involved in fighting against the infection. The intent of this paper was to reflect on the SARS precautionary measures that had been…

  9. Understanding Hong Kong Business Teachers in Action: The Case of Formulation of Teaching Strategies (United States)

    Yu, Christina Wai Mui


    This article examines four categories of teaching strategy used in business classes by a group of 26 secondary school business teachers in Hong Kong, using grounded theoretical coding techniques in the analysis. Each of the teaching categories is illustrated with typical extracts from interviews and is discussed in relation to its effectiveness…

  10. Teachers' Stress and a Teachers' Development Course in Hong Kong: Turning "Deficits" into "Opportunities" (United States)

    Pattie, Luk-Fong Yuk Yee


    Educational reforms have created tremendous stress for teachers in many parts of the world. This paper discusses the inadequacies of policy-makers treating teachers as having "deficits" that require "fixes", rather than addressing bigger system issues that cause their stress. Drawing from the case of a Hong Kong professional…

  11. Situation Report--Bahamas, Bermuda, Bolivia, China, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Hong Kong, Liberia, Mexico, Panama. (United States)

    International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).

    Data relating to population and family planning in 11 foreign countries are presented in these situation reports. Countries included are Bahamas, Bermuda, Boliva, China, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Hong Kong, Liberia, Mexico, and Panama. Information is provided under two topics, general background and family planning situation, where…

  12. School Leaders' Dilemmas and Measures to Instigate Changes for Inclusive Education in Hong Kong (United States)

    Poon-McBrayer, Kim Fong


    The roles of principal leadership in change management have long been documented. The key concern to examine in this study was the dilemmas and measures confronting principals' when they led changes to instigate inclusive education in Hong Kong. Thus, this paper aims to report sources of dilemmas and how principals tackled them in the change…

  13. Exporting Hong Kong's Higher Education in Asian Markets: A SWOT Analysis (United States)

    Cheung, Alan Chi Keung; Yuen, Timothy Wai Wa; Yuen, Celeste Yuet Mui


    With the rapid growth and expansion of the Asian economies in recent years, there has been a continued rise of students in Asia who are studying outside their home countries. This study attempts to highlight the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Hong Kong's higher education in relation to its potential of being a regional…

  14. The Utility of the Child and Adolescent Psychopathy Construct in Hong Kong, China (United States)

    Fung, Annis Lai-Chu; Gao, Yu; Raine, Adrian


    This cross-sectional study examined the nature of child and adolescent psychopathy using the Antisocial Process Screening Device (APSD) in 3,675 schoolchildren (ages 11-16) in Hong Kong, China. A confirmatory factor analysis observed a good fit for the three-factor model (callous-unemotional, impulsivity, narcissism) of APSD, with boys scoring…

  15. IELTS Preparation Course and Student IELTS Performance: A Case Study in Hong Kong (United States)

    Zhengdong, Gan


    Since the University Grants Committee (UGC) selected the academic module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as the common English proficiency assessment for graduating undergraduate degree students in 2002, almost all the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong have offered IELTS preparation courses that aim at providing…

  16. Clinical manifestation of late onset Pompe disease patients in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chu, Yim Pui; Sheng, Bun; Lau, Kwok Kwong; Chan, Hiu Fai; Kam, Grace Yee Wai; Lee, Hencher Han Chih; Mak, Chloe Miu


    Late onset Pompe disease is a rare inherited metabolic disease with diverse clinical manifestation. However, there is a lack of local data in Hong Kong. We aimed at performing an in-depth review of natural history of all patients in Hong Kong. Eleven patients were diagnosed to have the disease in Hong Kong from 2000 to 2013. All case records were reviewed and face-to-face interviews were conducted to complete a questionnaire regarding the clinical manifestation and diagnosis of the disease. The estimated birth incidence was 1/300,000. The age of diagnosis ranged from 9 to 44 years; all patients were ethnic Chinese. The median ages of first symptoms and first medical attention were 20.5(6-44) and 29(9-44) years respectively. The most common initial complaint was decreased exercise tolerance. Two patients' first complaint was difficulty with getting up from lying position and failure to perform sit up. The mean time from first medical attention to diagnosis was 1.3 years but one patient was diagnosed 8 years later. Half of the patients sought medical attention due to progressive shortness of breath and all of them developed type 2 respiratory failure requiring ventilator support during the first admission. Two patients became chair-bound and seven patients required assisted ventilation. Late onset Pompe disease tends to have an earlier and more aggressive clinical presentation in Chinese and lower birth incidence was found in Hong Kong. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  17. Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour of Secondary School Students in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chan, Kara K. W.


    Describes an investigation into the environmental attitudes of students in Hong Kong and their readiness to engage in pro-environmental behavior that could involve change in personal lifestyle. Students' over-optimism towards technological development and the perceived importance of the benefits of modern consumer goods were major factors that…

  18. Academic Staff's Perspectives upon Student Plagiarism: A Case Study at a University in Hong Kong (United States)

    Li, Yongyan


    Much of the previous research concerning student plagiarism has been conducted in Anglo-American settings. The present paper reports a case study of academic staff's perspectives upon student plagiarism at a university in Hong Kong. Based on interviews with 16 instructors, the study focused on the teachers' views and pedagogical practices,…

  19. Play and Theory of Mind in Early Childhood: A Hong Kong Perspective (United States)

    Wang, Zhenlin; Wong, Richard Kwok Shing; Wong, Paul Yau Ho; Ho, Fuk Chuen; Cheng, Doris Pui Wah


    The study seeks to understand the relation between preschool children's mode of participation and negotiation strategies during play and their theory of mind (ToM) development in the Hong Kong context. Forty-two 5-year-old children were recruited. Their emotional and cognitive ToMs were assessed along with expressive language ability. Children's…

  20. Thinking Styles and Preferred Teacher Interpersonal Behavior among Hong Kong Students (United States)

    Yu, Tak-ming; Chen, Chen


    This study investigated the relationship between thinking styles and preferred teacher interpersonal behavior based on the Model for Interpersonal Teacher Behavior (MITB, Wubbels, Creton, & Hooymayers, 1985) among 247 Hong Kong secondary school female students. The Thinking Style Inventory Revised (TSI-R, Sternberg, Wagner, & Zhang, 2003)…

  1. Cross-Validation of Mental Health Recovery Measures in a Hong Kong Chinese Sample (United States)

    Ye, Shengquan; Pan, Jia-Yan; Wong, Daniel Fu Keung; Bola, John Robert


    Objectives: The concept of recovery has begun shifting mental health service delivery from a medical perspective toward a client-centered recovery orientation. This shift is also beginning in Hong Kong, but its development is hampered by a dearth of available measures in Chinese. Method: This article translates two measures of recovery (mental…

  2. Cross-Validating Chinese Language Mental Health Recovery Measures in Hong Kong (United States)

    Bola, John; Chan, Tiffany Hill Ching; Chen, Eric HY; Ng, Roger


    Objectives: Promoting recovery in mental health services is hampered by a shortage of reliable and valid measures, particularly in Hong Kong. We seek to cross validate two Chinese language measures of recovery and one of recovery-promoting environments. Method: A cross-sectional survey of people recovering from early episode psychosis (n = 121)…

  3. Academic and Career Expectations of Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong (United States)

    Cheung, Francis; Lai, Beatrice P. Y.; Wu, Anise M. S.; Ku, Lisbeth


    Based on social-cognitive career theory (SCCT), we explore how ethnic identity, parental occupation, efficacy in learning Chinese, and learning experience relate to ethnic minority adolescents' academic and career expectations. The participants are 632 Southeast Asian adolescents in Hong Kong. In accordance with SCCT, structural equation modeling…

  4. Arts Education and Creativity Enhancement in Young Children in Hong Kong (United States)

    Hui, Anna N. N.; He, Mavis W. J.; Ye, Shengquan Sam


    The present study aimed at assessing Hong Kong young children's gains in creativity and their teachers' application of arts education after a one-year artists-teachers collaborative arts education project that involves various art forms (i.e. drama, visual arts and integrated). Participants included 790 young children, 217 parents and 65 teachers…

  5. A Cluster Analysis of the Circumstances of Death in Suicides in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chen, Eric Y. H.; Chan, Wincy S. C.; Chan, Sandra S. M.; Liu, Ka Y.; Chan, Cecilia L. W.; Wong, Paul W. C.; Law, Y. W.; Yip, Paul S. F.


    Classification of suicides is essential for clinicians to better identify self-harm patients with future suicidal risks. This study examined potential subtypes of suicide in a psychological autopsy sample (N = 148) in Hong Kong. Hierarchical cluster analysis extracted two subgroups of subjects in terms of expressed deliberation assessed by the…

  6. Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities in Hong Kong: Implications for mental health. (United States)

    Kwok, Diana K; Wu, Joseph


    Intolerant attitudes and sexual prejudice against sexual minorities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning/queer-LGBQ) has been a long-standing global concern. In this article, Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities are examined with reference to the cultural context in Hong Kong, a place where the East has intermingled with the West for over a century. Chinese sexuality manifested in Hong Kong is a mix of Confucian ideology and Christian thought. Traditional Confucian values of xiao (filial piety) and conventional religious thoughts of Christianity together influence Chinese attitudes towards sexual minorities. Though many governmental policies have been put in place and numerous laws have been enacted to protect the human rights of underprivileged and disadvantaged groups over the past few decades, sexual minorities are frequently being excluded from most of these protections. In Hong Kong, sexual prejudice exists not only among the general public, but also among educators and mental health professionals. Thus, Chinese sexual minorities experience sexual prejudice and minority stress in Hong Kong under unique cultural circumstances. This calls for inclusive policies and an embracing attitude towards sexual minorities so their mental health will not suffer.

  7. Negative perceptions of parental smoking among 61810 Hong Kong adolescents: Α cross sectional school based survey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Jiu Chen


    About half of adolescents in Hong Kong with a smoking parent considered their parental smoking unacceptable, and about a quarter minded if their peers knew of their parent’s smoking. Such negative perceptions were more common in adolescents who were certain about the harm of tobacco, and had fewer co-residing smokers and no smoking peers.

  8. Outdoor Adventure Education in East Asia: Interpreting Data from Outward Bound Hong Kong (United States)

    Sibthorp, Jim; Funnell, Aaron; Riley, Mike; Chan, Bacon; Meerts-Brandsma, Lisa


    Outdoor adventure education (OAE) is philosophically rooted in Western values, yet it has been implemented in non-Western cultures, such as East Asia. This paper examines how OAE functions in East Asia, through data from Hong Kong. Although some cultural differences are clear, there is no compelling evidence that OAE cannot provide benefits in…

  9. Beliefs about the Causes of Poverty in Parents and Adolescents Experiencing Economic Disadvantage in Hong Kong (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T. L.


    Over 2 consecutive years, parents and their adolescent children from 199 poor families in Hong Kong responded to the Chinese Perceived Causes of Poverty Scale, which assesses beliefs about the causes of poverty. The author abstracted 4 factors from the scale. Analyses showed that these factors (personal problems, exploitation, lack of opportunity,…

  10. Motivational Style and Actual and Perceived Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Sit, Cindy H. P.; Braman, O. Randall; Kerr, John H.; Lindner, Koenraad J.


    This study examined the relationship between motivational style and academic achievement among 2,220 secondary school males and females in Hong Kong. Respondents were classified into high, average, or low academic performance (AAP) groups based on a single average for academic subjects obtained from their schools. Respondents were also classified…

  11. Hopelessness, Parent-Adolescent Communication, and Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Kwok, Sylvia Y. C. Lai; Shek, Daniel T. L.


    Based on the responses of 5,557 Chinese secondary students in Hong Kong, the relationships among perceived hopelessness, family functioning, and suicidal ideation were examined. Results showed that suicidal ideation was positively related to hopelessness, but negatively related to parent-adolescent communication. Compared with father-adolescent…

  12. Personal and Family Correlates of Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lai Kwok, Sylvia Y. C.; Shek, Daniel T. L.


    Based on the family ecological model, personal (hopelessness, social problem solving, emotional competence) and family (parent-adolescent communication, family functioning) quality of life measures related to adolescent suicidal ideation were examined in 5,557 Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 students in Hong Kong. Results showed that suicidal ideation…

  13. Mapping the Life Satisfaction of Adolescents in Hong Kong Secondary Schools with High Ethnic Concentration (United States)

    Yuen, Yuet Mui Celeste; Lee, Moosung


    The present study aims to map the life satisfaction of adolescents from ethnic minority/immigrant backgrounds in schools with high concentrations of co-ethnic peers by comparing them with their mainstream counterparts in Hong Kong. The life satisfaction of 1,522 students was measured by the validated Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction…

  14. Social Impacts of the Marking Scheme in Public Housing in Hong Kong (United States)

    Yau, Yung


    To improve environmental hygiene in public housing estates in Hong Kong, the Housing Department launched the Marking Scheme for Tenancy Enforcement in Public Housing Estates in 2003. The marking scheme operates as a penalty-point system where sitting tenants will be expelled from their public housing units if they receive penalty points up to a…

  15. Liberal Studies in Hong Kong: A New Perspective on Critical Thinking through Group Work (United States)

    Fung, Dennis; Howe, Christine


    This article reports research that is contextualised within reforms of secondary education in Hong Kong and the reintroduction of Liberal Studies, which jointly emphasise the need for a learning environment that facilitates the practice of group work and the development of critical thinking. A study is described that explores the relevance of…

  16. Acute psychiatric disorders in foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong: a pilot study. (United States)

    Lau, Phyllis W L; Cheng, Judy G Y; Chow, Dickson L Y; Ungvari, G S; Leung, C M


    To explore the psychopathology of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who had an acute psychiatric disorder in Hong Kong. This was a retrospective chart review. Demographic and clinical data were extracted from case records of FDWs who were admitted for the first time as inpatients for psychiatric treatment to three regional hospitals of the same catchment area in Hong Kong between 2000 and 2004. Relevant socio-demographic data on local FDWs and the general population of Hong Kong were obtained from local government departments. Twenty-seven Filipino and 14 Indonesian FDWs presenting with their first and so far only psychiatric admission were identified. There were significantly more FDWs who were single or never married in the sample. Filipino FDWs tended to fall ill after 4 years of service in Hong Kong while the corresponding figure for Indonesian FDWs was 2 years. Indonesian FDWs were older and had less access to social and medical services than their Filipino counterparts. Home sickness and marital problems were more commonly identified as stressors rather than work-related difficulties. Acute and Transient Psychotic Disorder (ICD-10) was diagnosed in over 60% of the subjects, making FDWs two times more vulnerable than local women of similar age for this illness. FDWs constitute a vulnerable group in terms of psychiatric morbidity. Concerted political, social and psychological efforts would be require to alleviate the distress faced by this particularly disadvantaged subset of female expatriates.

  17. Performance of the Visual-Motor Integration of Preschool Children in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miranda Ng


    Conclusion: The local reference developed in this study yielded additional insights for occupational therapists and psychologists with regard to the application of the VMI (fifth edition for Hong Kong children aged between 3 years and 6 months and 5 years and 11 months.

  18. Children's Agentive Orientations in Play-Based and Academically Focused Preschools in Hong Kong (United States)

    Cheng Pui-Wah, Doris; Reunamo, Jyrki; Cooper, Paul; Liu, Karen; Vong, Keang-ieng Peggy


    The article describes a comparative case study on children's agentive orientations in two Hong Kong preschools, one is play-based and the other is academically focused. Agentive orientations were measured using Reunamo's interview tool, which focuses on children's uses of accommodative and agentive orientations in everyday situations. The findings…

  19. Training Needs of Purchasing and Supply Management Personnel in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lau, Antonio K. W.


    Purpose: The importance of purchasing and supply management (PSM) for business performance has received considerable attention in recent years. However, research on PSM training and education is inadequate. This paper aims to present initial findings from PSM practitioners about current PSM training and education needs in Hong Kong.…

  20. Teachers' Stories of Children Coping with Family Situations and Family Changes: A Hong Kong Hybrid Case (United States)

    Luk-Fong, Pattie Yuk Yee


    This paper examines teachers' stories of children's coping with changing family situations such as divorce or family separation which can induce discontinuities in their lives. Using the case of Hong Kong, a place where "East meets West" in cultures and family relationships, this paper argues for the use of the concept of hybridities in…

  1. Chinese Parenting in Hong Kong: Links among Goals, Beliefs and Styles (United States)

    Chan, S. M.; Bowes, J.; Wyver, S.


    The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships among parental goals, parental beliefs and parenting styles. Questionnaires were completed during interviews with 189 Hong Kong-Chinese mothers of children aged six to eight years. Results indicated that these mothers embraced Chinese parental beliefs (guan) and Chinese parental goals of…

  2. Social Support and Depression among Elderly Chinese People in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chi, Iris; Chou, Kee-Lee


    Examines the association between social support and depressive symptomatology in a sample of older Chinese people (N=1106) living in Hong Kong. Reports that social support from family is important and satisfaction with support is a more important predictor of depression levels than other measures. Material aid and instrumental support is more…

  3. Group Work and the Learning of Critical Thinking in the Hong Kong Secondary Liberal Studies Curriculum (United States)

    Fung, Dennis; Howe, Christine


    This article reports the findings of a one-year longitudinal study that investigated the impact of group work on the development of students' critical thinking in Hong Kong secondary schools. It explores whether the participation of teachers in a group-based teaching intervention adapted from an earlier study conducted in the United Kingdom (UK)…

  4. Listening strategies instruction: Effects on Hong Kong students' general strategic behaviour

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nogueroles López, Marta


    The present article reports on a study which explores the impact of listening strategies instruction on typical strategic behaviour. Participants were 38 Hong Kong students of Spanish divided into two groups: the experimental group, who were trained in listening strategies, and the control group...

  5. Influence of Taoism on Teachers' Definitions of Guidance and Discipline in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

    Hue, Ming Tak


    This article examines how Hong Kong secondary school teachers define caring and the strategies they adopt for behaviour management. The influence of Taoism, emerging as a theme from the data, was prominent, as its principles were incorporated into the teachers' knowledge of caring. The findings illuminate the influence of Taoism in local schools.…

  6. Corporal Punishment and Physical Maltreatment against Children: A Community Study on Chinese Parents in Hong Kong (United States)

    Tang, Catherine So-kum


    Objective: This study aimed to examine rates and associated factors of parent-to-child corporal punishment and physical maltreatment in Hong Kong Chinese families. Method: Cross-sectional and randomized household interviews were conducted with 1,662 Chinese parents to collect information on demographic characteristics of parents and children,…

  7. Educational Reforms and the Practices of Professional Learning Community in Hong Kong Primary Schools (United States)

    Pang, Nicholas Sun-Keung; Wang, Ting; Leung, Zoe Lai-Mei


    This study explored the characteristics of professional learning communities (PLCs) in Hong Kong primary schools. It investigated the profiles of the strengths of professional learning community in schools under study and particularly examined the practices in schools which were identified as strong PLCs. It extends research on PLCs in the Hong…

  8. Is Gender Stereotyping Still an Issue? An Analysis of a Hong Kong Primary English Textbook Series (United States)

    Yang, Chi Cheung Ruby


    This study aimed to investigate gender representation in an English textbook series used in Hong Kong schools. The corpus software AntConc was used to analyse the collocations of gendered terms "He/he," "She/she," "Man/man," "Woman/woman," "women," "Boy/boy," "Boys/boys,"…

  9. From Zero to Infinity: Montessori Parent Education in Hong Kong and Greater China (United States)

    Lau, Daisy; Yau, Ralph


    It was a hot and humid afternoon in 2006, 3 months after the opening of the Children's House at the Infinity Children's School in Hong Kong. A 3-year-old boy selected a table-scrubbing activity. He moved erratically and without purpose, accidentally bumping into another child and spilling water on the floor. Meanwhile, a toddler girl strolled…

  10. Human Resource Management in Hong Kong Preschools: The Impact of Falling Rolls on Staffing (United States)

    Ho, Choi-Wa Dora


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of falling rolls on human resource management in local preschools in Hong Kong. It aims to argue that the developing role of leadership in creating a culture and procedures for collective participation in staff appraisal is important for human resource management in preschool settings.…

  11. The Effect of Language Ability on Chinese Immigrants’ Earning in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chi Man Ng


    Full Text Available After the handover of Hong Kong sovereignty to China in 1997, the language importance gap between English and Putonghua in Hong Kong has been narrowing, even English language is remain an international language and being adopted in legal documents, but foreign investors cannot avoid speaking Putonghua when doing business with Chinese enterprises, these language importance changes provide a new discourse to human capital theorists.  In Hong Kong, natives are desire to be proficient in Putonghua and English while immigrants are eager to learn English and Cantonese, thus, investigating languages skills (Putonghua, English and Cantonese returns yield a remarkable contribution to the existing immigrants assimilation literature. This paper employs language skills to understand a new assimilation process in Hong Kong and proves that Putonghua language skills are enhancing immigrants’ and natives’ earning, for industries which have better utilization of Putonghua language skills allow better return rate for immigrants, besides, it also shows the marginal effects of different languages on earnings are industry and occupation dependent.

  12. Effective Spelling Strategies for Students with Dyslexia in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

    Wai, Nicole; Chan, Ying; Zhang, Kaili Chen


    This study examines the effectiveness of five spelling strategies used to teach junior secondary school students with dyslexia. Participants were 30 secondary school teachers in Hong Kong. The teachers commented on five spelling strategies: the phonological strategy, an integration of phonological and orthographical strategies, the rule-based…

  13. Quality Improvement in Early Years Settings in Hong Kong and England (United States)

    Ho, Dora; Campbell-Barr, Verity; Leeson, Caroline


    With a growing awareness of the importance of early childhood education, the governments of Hong Kong and England have both increased investment through providing fee assistance to parents for buying services and providing funding to providers for offering "free" places, respectively. Alongside the increased funding of early childhood…

  14. The Sustainability of Enterprise Education: A Case Study in Hong Kong (United States)

    Yu, Christina Wai Mui; Man, Thomas Wing Yan


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to introduce a case of an increasingly popular enterprise education programme in Hong Kong called the Teen Entrepreneurs Competition (TEC) and to examine its sustainability in different dimensions. Design/methodology/approach: Post-activity evaluation feedback was obtained from the participants and the…

  15. Differences in Perceived Approaches to Learning and Teaching English in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

    Mak, Barley; Chik, Pakey


    This paper investigates differences in approaches to learning and teaching English as a second language (ESL) as reported by 324 mixed-ability Grade 7 Hong Kong ESL students and 37 ESL secondary school teachers with different backgrounds. Information about participants' perceived approaches to learning/teaching English were collected through a…

  16. Illicit Drug Exposure and Family Factors in Early Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents (United States)

    Mak, Kwok Kei; Day, Jeffrey R.


    A total of 4,746 Hong Kong students, aged 14-15, participated in the 2000-2001 Health Related Behavior Survey. Results produced by the logistic regression models revealed that non-private housing was significantly associated with ever-use of ecstasy in boys. Moreover, girls in non-private housing were significantly more likely to have been…

  17. Scalar politics, language ideologies, and the sociolinguistics of globalization among transnational Korean professionals in Hong Kong

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bailey, A.J.; Canagarajah, S.; Lan, S.; Powers, D.G.

    This paper argues that the sociolinguistics of globalization is accompanied by a constitutive scalar politics. Based on ten interviews with Korean professionals in Hong Kong, we report that Korean migrants’ use and experience of English is characterized by competing language ideologies we identify

  18. Social-Motivational Factors Affecting Business Students' Cheating Behavior in Hong Kong and China (United States)

    Tsui, Anna Po Yung; Ngo, Hang-Yue


    The authors examined how three social-motivational factors--approachability of teacher, relationship goal of students, and perception of cheating norms--affect the cheating behavior of business students in China and Hong Kong. It was found that the relationship goal of students and perceived cheating norms were significant predictors of their…

  19. Globalisation and Localisation in Music Education in Hong Kong and Taiwan (United States)

    Ho, Wai-Chung


    The purpose of the study is to analyse and discuss the influences of globalisation and localisation on music education in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It argues that the reform of music education concerns changes to the contents of the curriculum that envisage the cultural and political developments that arise from processes of globalisation and…

  20. School Psychology in China (PRC), Hong Kong and Taiwan: A Cross-Regional Perspective (United States)

    Ding, Yi; Kuo, Yi-Lung; Van Dyke, Don C.


    Although China (People's Republic of China [PRC]), Hong Kong and Taiwan have many similarities in language, culture, values, Confucian traditions, family systems and other social-environmental variables, school psychological services in the three regions are distinctly different in both history and practice. Few studies in the psychology…

  1. Innovation as Identity Construction in Language Teaching and Learning: Case Studies from Hong Kong (United States)

    Trent, John


    This paper reports on a qualitative multiple case study that examined the implementation of innovations in English language education by three teachers in Hong Kong. Grounded in an analytical framework of teacher identity, in-depth interviews over an entire year provide a longitudinal understanding of the participants' experiences of…

  2. Narratives of Second Language Identity amongst Young English Learners in Hong Kong (United States)

    Besser, Sharon; Chik, Alice


    This article reports on an exploratory study responding to the problem of understanding how young learners position themselves as speakers of a foreign language. A group of 24 Hong Kong primary-school children (ages 10-12) who are in the process of simultaneously learning English and developing narratives of identities as English speakers,…

  3. Components of Leadership Giftedness and Multiple Intelligences among Chinese Gifted Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    This study examined the relationships between components of leadership giftedness and multiple intelligences among 510 Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong. These students perceived their strengths in intrapersonal, interpersonal and verbal-linguistic intelligences, and their weaknesses in bodily-kinesthetic and naturalist intelligences. They also…

  4. Sex Differences in Self-Estimation of Multiple Intelligences among Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents (United States)

    Yuen, Mantak; Furnham, Adrian


    A total of 378 Hong Kong adolescents estimated their own and their parents' IQ score on each of Gardner's 10 multiple intelligences: verbal (linguistic), logical (mathematical), spatial, musical, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, existential, spiritual and naturalistic. They answered three simple questions concerning intelligence and…

  5. Perceived Multiple Intelligences and Learning Preferences among Chinese Gifted Students in Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, David W.


    This study examined the relationships between self-perceived multiple intelligences and five learning preferences among 604 Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong. These students perceived their strengths in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and verbal-linguistic intelligences and their weaknesses in bodily-kinesthetic and naturalist intelligences. They…

  6. Language Policy in British Colonial Education: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century Hong Kong (United States)

    Evans, Stephen


    This article examines the evolution of language-in-education policy in Hong Kong during the first six decades of British rule (1842-1902). In particular, it analyses the changing roles and status of the English and Chinese languages during this formative period in the development of the colony's education system. The textual and statistical data…

  7. Constructions of Civic Education: Hong Kong Teachers' Perceptions of Moral, Civic and National Education (United States)

    Wong, Koon Lin; Lee, Chi Kin John; Chan, Kin Sang Jacqueline; Kennedy, Kerry John


    Various terms have been used to define civic education (CE) in Hong Kong since the colonial era. This has been particularly true since 2011, when CE has been given many names, causing confusion among educators. Mixed methods were employed to examine teachers' perceptions of different conceptions of CE expressed as moral, civic and national…

  8. Contributions of Moral Education Lectures and Moral Discussion in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

    Cheung, Chau-kiu; Lee, Tak-yan


    Moral education in the traditional form of classroom didactic lectures in secondary schools has been prevailing in Hong Kong since the initiation of moral education in the 1980s. However, such a traditional form has not received credit from research in the West. Instead, discussion of moral issues would be a more effective way of moral education…

  9. Media Education Initiatives by Media Organizations: The Uses of Media Literacy in Hong Kong Media (United States)

    Chu, Donna; Lee, Alice Y. L.


    As more media organizations have engaged in media education, this paper investigates the goals and practices of these activities. This article coins media education initiatives by media organizations with the term "media-organization media literac"y (MOML). Four MOML projects in Hong Kong were selected for examination. Built on critical…

  10. Access to Majority Language and Educational Outcomes: South Asian Background Students in Postcolonial Hong Kong (United States)

    Tsung, Linda; Zhang, Qunying; Cruickshank, Ken


    This study examines the extent to which South Asian students in Hong Kong are gaining fluency in Chinese and the impact of this on their educational outcomes in the postcolonial context of an official shift to a trilingual (Cantonese, English, and Putonghua) and biliterate (Chinese and English) society. It focuses on the teaching and learning of…

  11. Inclusive Education in an International School: A Case Study from Hong Kong (United States)

    Chan, Twiggy; Yuen, Mantak


    This case study provides an overview of current policy, practices and problems concerning inclusion in one international secondary school in Hong Kong. A total of 13 interviews were conducted with the school management team, teachers, students and parents, supplemented by 12 classroom observations and two "student-shadowing" exercises.…

  12. Removal of antibiotics from wastewater by sewage treatment facilities in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. (United States)

    Gulkowska, A; Leung, H W; So, M K; Taniyasu, S; Yamashita, N; Yeung, Leo W Y; Richardson, Bruce J; Lei, A P; Giesy, J P; Lam, Paul K S


    Concentrations of nine antibiotics [erythromycin-H(2)O (ERY-H(2)O); trimethoprim (TMP); tetracycline (TET); norfloxacin (NOR); penicillin G (PEN G); penicillin V (PEN V); cefalexin (CLX); cefotaxim (CTX); and cefazolin (CFZ)] were measured in influent and effluent samples from four sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Hong Kong as well as in influent samples from one STP in Shenzhen. Levels of PEN V and CFZ were below method detection limits in all of the samples analyzed. CLX concentrations were the highest in most of the Hong Kong samples, ranging from 670 to 2900 ng/L and 240 to 1800 ng/L in influent and effluent samples, respectively, but CLX was not detected in the samples from Shenzhen. Comparatively lower concentrations were observed for ERY-H(2)O (470-810 ng/L) and TET (96-1300 ng/L) in the influent samples from all STPs in Hong Kong. CTX was found to be the dominant antibiotic in the Shenzhen STP influents with a mean concentration of 1100 ng/L, but occurred at lower concentrations in Hong Kong sewage. These results likely reflect regional variations in the prescription and use patterns of antibiotics between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Antibiotic removal efficiencies depended on their chemical properties and the wastewater treatment processes used. In general, relatively higher removal efficiencies were observed for NOR (5-78%) and TET (7-73%), which are readily adsorbed to particulate matter, while lower removal efficiencies were observed for ERY-H(2)O (9-19%), which is relatively persistent in the environment. Antibiotics were removed more efficiently at Hong Kong STPs employing secondary treatment processes compared with those using primary treatment only. Concentrations of NOR measured in effluents from STPs in Hong Kong were lower than the predicted no-effect concentration of 8000 ng/L determined in a previous study. Therefore, concentrations of antibiotics measured in this preliminary study would be unlikely to cause adverse effects on microorganisms used

  13. Sociodemographic risk factors of alcohol drinking in Hong Kong adolescents. (United States)

    Huang, Rong; Ho, Sai Yin; Wang, Man Ping; Lo, Wing Sze; Lam, Tai Hing


    Adolescent drinking in Western countries has been associated with older age and high socioeconomic status, but the association with family structure was inconsistent. In a 2012-2013 school-based survey in Hong Kong, 23,096 students (mean age 14.7 years, SD 1.8 years) completed an anonymous questionnaire. Current drinking was defined as any drinking and binge drinking as consuming at least 5 drinks on one occasion, both in the past 30 days. Multilevel logistic regression was used to examine the association of sociodemographic characteristics with current drinking, binge drinking and type of alcohol consumed. Current drinking was associated with age (≥ 15 vs ≤ 14 years) (adjusted OR 1.87, 95% CI 1.74 to 2.02), higher perceived family affluence versus low affluence (1.11, 1.02 to 1.21 for medium affluence; 1.55, 1.38 to 1.75 for high affluence), private housing versus public housing (1.11, 1.01 to 1.21) and non-intact family versus intact family (1.31, 1.19 to 1.45 for separated/divorced parents; 1.40, 1.21 to 1.62 for one or both deceased parents). Similar risk factors were observed for binge drinking. Girls were more likely to drink fruit wine (1.48, 1.36 to 1.62), while they were less likely to drink beer (0.85, 0.79 to 0.92) and spirits (0.69, 0.54 to 0.87). Students who reported high family affluence were more likely to drink wine (1.91, 1.59 to 2.30) and spirits (2.23, 1.54 to 3.24). Generally, adolescents who were older and had higher socioeconomic status were more likely to drink. High family affluence was associated with wine and spirits drinking. Beer and spirits were preferred more by boys, and fruit wine by girls. These results indicated high-risk groups for adolescent alcohol interventions. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  14. Night-sky brightness monitoring in Hong Kong: a city-wide light pollution assessment. (United States)

    Pun, Chun Shing Jason; So, Chu Wing


    Results of the first comprehensive light pollution survey in Hong Kong are presented. The night-sky brightness was measured and monitored around the city using a portable light-sensing device called the Sky Quality Meter over a 15-month period beginning in March 2008. A total of 1,957 data sets were taken at 199 distinct locations, including urban and rural sites covering all 18 Administrative Districts of Hong Kong. The survey shows that the environmental light pollution problem in Hong Kong is severe-the urban night skies (sky brightness at 15.0 mag arcsec(- 2)) are on average ~ 100 times brighter than at the darkest rural sites (20.1 mag arcsec(- 2)), indicating that the high lighting densities in the densely populated residential and commercial areas lead to light pollution. In the worst polluted urban location studied, the night-sky at 13.2 mag arcsec(- 2) can be over 500 times brighter than the darkest sites in Hong Kong. The observed night-sky brightness is found to be affected by human factors such as land utilization and population density of the observation sites, together with meteorological and/or environmental factors. Moreover, earlier night skies (at 9:30 p.m. local time) are generally brighter than later time (at 11:30 p.m.), which can be attributed to some public and commercial lightings being turned off later at night. On the other hand, no concrete relationship between the observed sky brightness and air pollutant concentrations could be established with the limited survey sampling. Results from this survey will serve as an important database for the public to assess whether new rules and regulations are necessary to control the use of outdoor lightings in Hong Kong.

  15. Child maltreatment hospitalisations in Hong Kong: incidence rate and seasonal pattern. (United States)

    Ip, Patrick; Ho, Frederick Ka-Wing; Chan, Ko Ling; Yip, Paul Siu-Fai; Lau, Joseph Tak-Fai; Wong, Wilfred Hing-Sang; Chow, Chun-Bong; Jiang, Fan


    We investigated the incidence and seasonal patterns of child maltreatment hospitalisations in Hong Kong. A retrospective study of subjects aged under 19 years with a primary diagnosis of child maltreatment admitted to hospitals in Hong Kong from 2001 to 2010. Data were retrieved from the centralised database of all 42 public hospitals in the Hospital Authority. Child maltreatment incidence rate. A consistent seasonal pattern was found for non-sexual maltreatment in children aged 6-18 years (p<0.001). Hospitalisations peaked in May and October but dipped in August and January. No significant seasonal patterns were found for sexual maltreatment or among children under 6 years. The seasonal pattern of child maltreatment coincided with the two school examination periods. The annual child maltreatment hospitalisation rate in Hong Kong in 2010 was 73.4 per 100 000 children under 19 years, more than double that in 2001. A peculiar seasonal pattern and an alarming increasing trend in child maltreatment hospitalisation were observed in Hong Kong, which we speculated to be related to school examination stress and increasing socioeconomic disparity. Our findings highlighted differences in the trends of child maltreatment between Hong Kong and the West. Professionals and policymakers should be made aware of these trends and develop effective strategies to tackle child maltreatment. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  16. Willingness to pay for preventive travel health measures among Hong Kong Chinese residents. (United States)

    Yeung, Raymond; Abdullah, Abu Saleh M; McGhee, Sarah M; Hedley, Anthony J


    The effectiveness of preventive measures in combating travel-related illnesses is well recognized. However, there is a lack of information on the economic value of any travel-associated preventive measures in the literature. The purpose of this article is to report the values of willingness to pay (WTP) to prevent travel health problems in Hong Kong's travelers. A cross-sectional telephone survey for a sample of Hong Kong population was conducted in 1998 using a random digit dialing technique. The sample WTP values were elicited using an open-ended question. Logistic regression was performed to identify predictors of WTP. Mean WTP was estimated using Heckman's sample selection model on log-WTP. Of the subjects interviewed, 77% (285/369) offered positive values of WTP to prevent travel health problems. The observable WTP (zero excluded) had a higher mean (447 Hong Kong dollars) than did the zero-inclusive data (351 Hong Kong dollars). The median values were 200 Hong Kong dollars in both cases because there were a large number of protest responses. Age, travel frequency, ability to assess travel health risk, precautionary behavior, and previous exposure to health protection materials explained one's willingness to pay a positive amount for preventing travel health problems. Age, education level, and precautionary behavior were predictors of the WTP levels. The findings of this study suggest that Chinese travelers are willing to pay for the prevention of travel-related illnesses. The predictors of WTP identified could be used to suggest policy changes. However, future studies are needed to explore further the relationship between the experience of travel illnesses, the magnitude of travel health risks, and WTP.

  17. The problem of obesity among adolescents in Hong Kong: a comparison using various diagnostic criteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ho Chung-Shun


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Obesity is now a global epidemic. In this study, we aimed to assess the rates of obesity using several major diagnostic criteria in Chinese school adolescents in Hong Kong. Methods This is a cross-sectional study. Using a computer-generated coding system, we randomly selected schools from different geographical regions in Hong Kong to obtain a representative sample. Subjects aged 11–18 years of age were randomly selected from different class of the schools. Their rates of obesity according to four different international and local criteria were compared [International Obesity Task Force (IOTF 2000 criterion; the Group of China Obesity Task Force (COTF 2004 criterion; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 2000 Growth Charts and the Hong Kong Growth Survey (HKGS charts in 1993]. Results Of the 2098 adolescents [982 (46.8% boys and 1116 (53.2% girls], the mean age (± SD was 15.1 ± 1.8 years (range: 11–18 years; median: 15.0 years. The crude rates of obesity were similar based on IOTF, COTF or CDC criteria (boys: 3.9–6.0%, girls: 1.8–3.7%, however, the rate increased to 11–27% if the HKGS charts were used. Obesity rate varied markedly according to age. It decreased from 8–10% among those aged 12–13 years to 2–4% among those aged 17–18 years. Conclusion The prevalence of obesity in Hong Kong adolescents using various diagnostic criteria were similar except for the 1993 HKGS criteria, which gave an exceeding high figure. Using the IOTF, COTF or CDC criteria, the adolescent obesity in Hong Kong varied from 1.8% to 6.0%.

  18. An empirical survey of the benefits of implementing pay for safety scheme (PFSS) in the Hong Kong construction industry. (United States)

    Chan, Daniel W M; Chan, Albert P C; Choi, Tracy N Y


    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) has implemented different safety initiatives to improve the safety performance of the construction industry over the past decades. The Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS), which is one of the effective safety measures launched by the government in 1996, has been widely adopted in the public works contracts. Both the accident rate and fatality rate of public sector projects have decreased noticeably over this period. This paper aims to review the current state of application of PFSS in Hong Kong, and attempts to identify and analyze the perceived benefits of PFSS in construction via an industry-wide empirical questionnaire survey. A total of 145 project participants who have gained abundant hands-on experience with the PFSS construction projects were requested to complete a survey questionnaire to indicate the relative importance of those benefits identified in relation to PFSS. The perceived benefits were measured and ranked from the perspectives of the client and contractor for crosscomparison. The survey findings suggested the most significant benefits derived from adopting PFSS were: (a) Increased safety training; (b) Enhanced safety awareness; (c) Encouragement of developing safety management system; and (d) Improved safety commitment. A wider application of PFSS should be advocated so as to achieve better safety performance within the construction industry. It is recommended that a similar scheme to the PFSS currently adopted in Hong Kong may be developed for implementation in other regions or countries for international comparisons. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd and National Safety Council. All rights reserved.

  19. Perceptions of adolescents among teachers and social workers in the context of training programs in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T L; Chan, Chitat


    This article explores whether professionals working with young people hold a negative view on adolescents in Hong Kong. Data were collected from 1112 participants from 23 workshops in a 3-day training program of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong. In the workshop, there was a group activity inviting the participants to describe the characteristics of contemporary young people in Hong Kong. The findings showed that positive comments about adolescents were only half of the negative comments. The common themes that emerged from the negative comments included: "problematic self-conceptions", "do not have long-term life goals", "irresponsible", "materialistic", and "calculative". The common themes that emerged from the positive comments included: "good at learning new things", "energetic", and "creative". The themes apparently reflected sociocultural characteristics of the contemporary Hong Kong Society.

  20. A model for analyzing the transshipment competition relationship between the port of Hong Kong and the port of Kaohsiung (United States)

    Chou, Chien Chang


    The transshipment is an important issue in the current marine transportation. This paper constructed a mathematical programming model to elaborate the transshipment port selection for the shipping company. This model is tested by the data collected from the ports of Hong Kong and Kaohsiung. The results show that this model can be used to explain the transshipment competition relationship between the ports of Hong Kong and Kaohsiung well. A sensitivity analysis was also executed. The sensitivity analysis results showed that both the port of Hong Kong and Kaohsiung should decrease the charges of port and increase the efficiency of loading and discharging. Based on the sensitivity analysis results, some interesting conclusions and helpful suggestions were obtained for the managers of the ports of Hong Kong and Kaohsiung to improve their port management.

  1. Performance Assessment of a Solar powered Air Quality and Weather Station Placed on a School Rooftop in Hong Kong (United States)

    Summary of compact, roof version of a Village Green Project station installed on a secondary school rooftop in Hong Kong. Preliminary comparison of the station's data against nearby regulatory monitors are summarized.

  2. Sense of community in Hong Kong: relations with community-level characteristics and residents' well-being. (United States)

    Mak, Winnie W S; Cheung, Rebecca Y M; Law, Lawrence S C


    Sense of community (SOC) has been one of the most studied topics in community psychology. However, no empirical study to date has investigated SOC in Hong Kong and its relations with community characteristics and residents' psychological well-being. A representative sample of 941 Hong Kong Chinese based on a randomized household survey was conducted in all 18 districts in Hong Kong. Results of hierarchical linear modeling indicated that SOC was not associated with sociodemographic indicators on both the individual-level (i.e., gender, age, family income, education level, type of residence, and area-to-capita ratio of residence) and the community-level (i.e., proportion of individuals with tertiary education, median family income, ownership of residence, population density, and resident stability). SOC was negatively related to daily hassles and positively with social support and quality of life. Conceptualization of SOC in Hong Kong was discussed.

  3. Water resources for urban water and food security: the case of megacity Hong Kong (United States)

    Vanham, Davy; Gawlik, Bernd; Bidoglio, Giovanni


    The extent to which urban dwellers consume resources is key on the path to reaching global SDGs. One of these resources is water, which is consumed in a direct and indirect way by city inhabitants, to achieve water and food security within city borders. In this study, we quantify the water resources required to provide these two essential securities for megacity Hong Kong. During the last years, this city has made large investments to make its urban water supply system more water efficient and sustainable. As such, its municipal water abstraction - often defined as direct water use - has decreased from 355 litres per capita per day (l/cap/d) in 2005 to 326 l/cap/d in 2013. Due to its political history, Hong Kong is unique in the world in data availability on urban food consumption. It is therefore the ideal case study to show typical urban food consumption behaviour and its related indirect water use. The current average diet in Hong Kong is very different to the average Chinese diet. It is characterised by a high intake of water intensive products like animal products and sugar, leading to a food related indirect water use or water footprint (WFcons) of 4727 l/cap/d. According to recommendations from the Chinese Nutrition Society for a healthy diet, the intake of some product groups should be increased (vegetables and fruit) and of other product groups reduced (sugar, crop oils, meat and animal fats). This would result in a reduction of the WFcons of 40% to 2852 l/cap/d. Especially the reduced intake of meat (including offals) from currently 126 kg per capita per year (kg/cap/yr) to the recommended value 27 kg/cap/yr would result in a substantial WFcons reduction. Meat consumption in Hong Kong is extremely high. A pesco-vegetarian diet would result in a reduction of 49% (to 2398 l/cap/d) and a vegetarian diet in a 53% (to 2224 l/cap/d) reduction. Hong Kong citizens can thus save a lot of water by looking at their indirect water use, through a change in their diet

  4. First Evidence of Amphibian Chytrid Fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) and Ranavirus in Hong Kong Amphibian Trade (United States)

    Kolby, Jonathan E.; Smith, Kristine M.; Berger, Lee; Karesh, William B; Preston, Asa; Pessier, Allan P.; Skerratt, Lee F.


    The emerging infectious amphibian diseases caused by amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, Bd) and ranaviruses are responsible for global amphibian population declines and extinctions. Although likely to have been spread by a variety of activities, transcontinental dispersal appears closely associated with the international trade in live amphibians. The territory of Hong Kong reports frequent, high volume trade in amphibians, and yet the presence of Bd and ranavirus have not previously been detected in either traded or free-ranging amphibians. In 2012, a prospective surveillance project was conducted to investigate the presence of these pathogens in commercial shipments of live amphibians exported from Hong Kong International Airport. Analysis of skin (Bd) and cloacal (ranavirus) swabs by quantitative PCR detected pathogen presence in 31/265 (11.7%) and in 105/185 (56.8%) of amphibians, respectively. In addition, the water in which animals were transported tested positive for Bd, demonstrating the risk of pathogen pollution by the disposal of untreated wastewater. It is uncertain whether Bd and ranavirus remain contained within Hong Kong’s trade sector, or if native amphibians have already been exposed. Rapid response efforts are now urgently needed to determine current pathogen distribution in Hong Kong, evaluate potential trade-associated exposure to free-ranging amphibians, and identify opportunities to prevent disease establishment. PMID:24599268

  5. A prospective cohort study comparing early opioid requirement between Chinese from Hong Kong and Caucasian Australians after major abdominal surgery

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konstantatos, A H; Imberger, G; Angliss, M


    The relationship between ethnicity and early opioid consumption is not well understood. Our prospective cohort study tested whether Chinese patients in Hong Kong require less opioid after major abdominal surgery compared with Caucasian patients in Australia.......The relationship between ethnicity and early opioid consumption is not well understood. Our prospective cohort study tested whether Chinese patients in Hong Kong require less opioid after major abdominal surgery compared with Caucasian patients in Australia....



    ZHENG, Jie Jane


    To explore the significance of historic preservation in metropolitan cities and disparities in the legal system to preservation, this paper conducts a comparative study of Hong Kong and New York. To begin with, it provides an overview of the historic preservation legal system in New York and Hong Kong and outlines the major preservation laws respectively in two cities. It pinpoints the key difference of the two legal systems: historic preservation in New York is shaped by four tiers of laws o...

  7. An Event Study: Efficient or Not? Share Prices' Reactions to Dividend Announcements in Hong Kong Stock Market


    Leng, Xinyu


    This dissertation is an event study in the area of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), it focuses on exploring the impact of dividend announcements on share prices' movements in Hong Kong stock market. A sample of 43 companies containing 185 announcements within the recent 5 years is selected and t-test is employed as means to test the statistical significance of abnormal returns around the announcement dates. The result of this study suggests that the Hong Kong stock market is inefficient wit...

  8. Soundscape of Urban Open Spaces in Hong Kong (United States)

    Lin, Hui

    This study aims to investigate the soundscape of urban open spaces in Hong Kong. Open space in densely populated cities has been considered as an important asset for urban inhabitants in that they afford opportunities for leisure, recreation and an active involvement with nature. For quite a long time, visual aesthetic was the dominant consideration in open space design and other senses were given less concern. Continuous stream of attention-demanding sounds from the noisy environment may bombard these open spaces, rendering them no longer able to satisfy the eye alone. Sound and consequently the acoustic environment are receiving increasing attention. This study used noise mapping technique supplemented by GIS spatial analysis tools to delineate quiet open spaces with traffic noise exposure less than 60 dB (A) L10, 1h and conducted field observations to determine their usages. The identified quiet open spaces are either concentrated in hilly and remote areas with low accessibility, or sporadically scattered among tall buildings. Some large urban parks and small sitting-out areas are even located in the center of the city. Larger open spaces serve group visits, such as hiking and sightseeing, while smaller ones are easily accessible to local residents for social and recreational purposes. The acoustic environment III urban open spaces varies with space and time. To characterize the acoustic quality of soundscapes in the quiet open spaces, sound walk and field recording were undertaken place in 25 selected study sites. Despite the dominance of traffic noise, soundscapes in the urban open spaces are also shaped by natural sounds. Sounds from birds and water are common and prevalent particularly in gardens and playgrounds. Soundscape approach is a human-centered point of view. How the visitors perceive and evaluate sounds and the acoustic quality has great implication for soundscape design. On-site interview of 1,610 visitors unravels human preference of individual

  9. Does the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect significantly affect the A-H premium of the stocks? (United States)

    Hui, Eddie C. M.; Chan, Ka Kwan Kevin


    Since the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect ("the Connect") was launched in late 2014, more and more Mainland investors have invested in Hong Kong listed shares, and vice versa, increasing the transaction volume of the stock market on both sides. However, only a few studies investigated how the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect affected the pricing dynamics of stocks listed in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. Applying linear regression, this study investigates how the Connect affects the H-share discounts of 12 stocks cross-listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong. A new feature of our model is that we add a dummy variable so as to be the first study to examine the effect of the China financial crisis on the A-H premium of the stocks. We find that the A-H premium of all stocks widens significantly after the Connect is launched, implying immatureness or even inefficiency of China's financial market. Furthermore, the result shows that trading activities in the mainland market affects the A-H premium more significantly than trading activities in the Hong Kong market do. This implies that China's financial market plays a dominant role in the Connect.

  10. Frailty and Its Contributory Factors in Older Adults: A Comparison of Two Asian Regions (Hong Kong and Taiwan). (United States)

    Yu, Ruby; Wu, Wan-Chi; Leung, Jason; Hu, Susan C; Woo, Jean


    This study aimed to compare the prevalence of frailty across three Chinese populations: Hong Kong, Taiwan-urban and Taiwan-rural. Contributing factors to disparities in frailty were also examined. Data were derived from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOs) and Women (MsOs) (Hong Kong) Study (n = 4000) and the Taiwan Longitudinal Study on Aging (n = 2392). Frailty was defined as an index calculated from 30 multiple deficits. The ratio of the frailty index to life expectancy at birth (FI/LE) was used as an indicator of compression of morbidity. Frailty was more prevalent in Taiwan-urban (33.1%) and Taiwan-rural (38.1%) compared to Hong Kong (16.6%, p frailty across the three populations. Alcohol use was inversely associated with frailty in both Hong Kong and Taiwan-urban populations, but not in Taiwan-rural. Living alone was associated with frailty in Hong Kong men, but not in Hong Kong women or Taiwanese people. For all study populations, older age and being a woman constituted the highest attributable factor. This comparison provides useful data to inform government policies.

  11. Long-Term Spatio-Temporal Trends of Organotin Contaminations in the Marine Environment of Hong Kong.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin K Y Ho

    Full Text Available Hong Kong imposed a partial restriction on application of organotin-based antifouling paints in 1992. Since September 2008, the International Maritime Organization prohibited the use of such antifouling systems on all sea-going vessels globally. Therefore, it is anticipated a gradual reduction of organotin contamination in Hong Kong's marine waters. Using the rock shell Reishia clavigera as a biomonitor, we evaluated the organotin contamination along Hong Kong's coastal waters over the past two decades (1990-2015. In 2010 and 2015, adult R. clavigera were examined for imposex status and analysed for tissue concentrations of six organotins. We consistently found 100% imposex incidence in female R. clavigera across all sites. Tissue triphenyltin (TPT concentrations were high in most samples. A probabilistic risk assessment showed that there were over 69% of chance that local R. clavigera would be at risk due to exposure to phenyltins. Comparing with those of previous surveys (2004-2010, both imposex levels and tissue concentrations of organotins did not decline, while the ecological risks due to exposure to organotins were increasing. We also observed high concentrations of monobutyltin and TPT in seawater and sediment from locations with intense shipping activities and from stormwater or sewage discharge. Overall, organotins are still prevalent in Hong Kong's marine waters showing that the global convention alone may be inadequate in reducing organotin contamination in a busy international port like Hong Kong. Appropriate management actions should be taken to control the use and release of organotins in Hong Kong and South China.

  12. Migrant Workers, Legal Tactics, and Fragile Family Formation in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicole Constable


    Full Text Available Immigration and labor laws and policies, including employment contracts for temporary workers, are largely intended to protect the rights and privileges of citizens and to limit those of migrant workers. In Hong Kong, “foreign domestic helpers” are prohibited from bringing family members with them and despite legal maternity protections they face many deterrents to being or becoming pregnant. Yet some migrant women nonetheless become mothers in Hong Kong, and learn from friends, partners, nongovernmental organizations and human rights lawyers, to utilize laws and policies – such as the UN Convention Against Torture, labor law and family law – as tactics to establish and maintain a “family” of sorts in the region, at least temporarily. This essay presents ethnographic examples of the tactical use of law by migrant mothers in their efforts to remain in Hong Kong with their children, despite hegemonic pressures against doing so. Las leyes y políticas laborales y de inmigración, incluyendo los contratos de trabajo de los trabajadores temporales, están destinadas principalmente a proteger los derechos y privilegios de los ciudadanos y limitar los de los trabajadores emigrantes. En Hong Kong, "las trabajadoras domésticas extranjeras" tienen prohibido traer miembros de la familia con ellos, y a pesar de las protecciones legales de maternidad se enfrentan a muchos impedimentos si están o se quedan embarazadas. Sin embargo, algunas mujeres emigrantes se convierten en madres en Hong Kong, y aprenden de los amigos, socios, organizaciones no gubernamentales y abogados de derechos humanos a utilizar las leyes y políticas - como la Convención de la ONU contra la Tortura, el derecho laboral y el derecho de familia - como tácticas para establecer y mantener una "familia" tipo en la región, al menos temporalmente. Este ensayo presenta ejemplos etnográficos de la utilización táctica de la ley por las madres emigrantes en sus esfuerzos por

  13. Epidemiology of injuries due to tropical cyclones in Hong Kong: a retrospective observational study. (United States)

    Rotheray, K R; Aitken, P; Goggins, W B; Rainer, T H; Graham, C A


    Tropical cyclones are huge circulating masses of wind which form over tropical and sub-tropical waters. They affect an average of 78 million people each year. Hong Kong is a large urban centre with a population of just over 7 million which is frequently affected by tropical cyclones. We aimed to describe the numbers and types of injuries due to tropical cyclones in Hong Kong, as well as their relation to tropical cyclone characteristics. The records of all patients presenting to Hong Kong's public hospital emergency departments from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 with tropical cyclone related injuries were reviewed and information regarding patient and injury characteristics was collected. Meteorological records for the relevant periods were examined and data on wind speed, rainfall and timing of landfall and warning signals was recorded and compared with the timing of tropical cyclone related injuries. A total of 460 tropical cyclone related injuries and one fatality across 15 emergency departments were identified during the study period. The mean age of those injured was 48 years and 48% were female. 25.4% of injuries were work related. The head (33.5%) and upper limb (32.5%) were the most commonly injured regions, with contusions (48.6%) and lacerations (30.2%) being the most common injury types. Falls (42.6%) were the most common mechanism of injury, followed by being hit by a falling or flying object (22.0%). In univariable analysis the relative risk of injury increased with mean hourly wind speed and hourly maximum gust. Multivariable analysis, however, showed that relative risk of injury increased with maximum gust but not average wind speed, with relative risk of injury rising sharply above maximum gusts of greater than 20 m/s. Moderate wind speed with high gust (rather than high average and high gust) appears to be the most risky situation for injuries. Relative risk of injury was not associated with rainfall. The majority of injuries (56

  14. "One country, two systems": Sociopolitical implications for female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Griffiths Sian


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Under the "two countries, one system" policy implemented by China to manage the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty, Hong Kong has maintained a comparatively prosperous economy within the Asian region. This has resulted in an environment which fosters migration from the mainland to Hong Kong, due largely to proximity, higher earning potential, common language, and a relaxing of border control measures. However not all mainland China citizens are equally able to access these new migration schemes and indeed a number of women such as sex workers are either migrating and/or working illegally and without occupational, legal and health protection within Hong Kong. Discussion Female migrant sex workers are exposed to a number of significant threats to their health, however their illegal status contributes to even greater vulnerability. The prevailing discourses which view these women as either "trafficked women" or as "illegal immigrants" do not adequately account for the complex situations which result in such women's employment in Hong Kong's sex industry. Rather, their position can best be understood within the broader frameworks provided by migration literature and the concept of "structural violence". This allows for a greater understanding of the socio-political issues which are systematically denying migrant sex workers adequate access to health care and other opportunities for social advancement. When these issues are taken into account, it becomes clear that the current relevant legislation regarding both immigration and sex work is perpetuating the marginalised and vulnerable status of migrant sex workers. Unless changes are made, structural barriers will remain in place which impede the ability of migrant sex workers to manage their own health needs and status. Conclusion Female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong are extremely vulnerable to a number of occupational health and safety hazards which have significantly

  15. Foreword – Upon the Second Anniversary of Occupy Campaign / Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: Essays in Honour of a Pro-Democracy Sociopolitical Movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh


    Full Text Available 28th September 2016 is the second anniversary of the Occupy Campaign / Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. It is also the last anniversary of the said sociopolitical event, which arguably represented a most important milestone in Hong Kong’s post-1997 development, before 1st July 2017 that will mark the 20th anniversary of the “Handover”. It was on 28th September two years ago that pro-democracy protestors occupy the Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui areas of Hong Kong in a momentous campaign initially planned out earlier by the “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” (OCLP movement, but launched earlier than scheduled when overtaken by the development of events, metamorphosed into unprecedented scale of demonstrations at multiple locations and was transformed into what was dubbed by the world media as the “Umbrella Movement” when umbrellas, which protestors were using to protect themselves when the police attacked them with tear gas and pepper spray, became a symbol of the occupation campaign. To commemorate this second anniversary of this Occupy Campaign a.k.a. Umbrella Movement, the present issue of Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal entitled From Handover to Occupy Campaign: Democracy, Identity and the Umbrella Movement of Hong Kong represents a collection of specially selected articles focusing on this momentous event, its background of determining factors, theoretical and ideological underpinnings, as well as its implications for the future of the Hong Kong people’s valiant struggle for democracy against the backdrop of the formidable odds, since the 1997 “Handover”, as being under the sovereignty of a gigantic country with a entrenched ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP6 regime that has no foreseeable intention of allowing for a transition from the present repressive one-party dictatorship to liberal democracy that would respect political freedom and

  16. Gendered, Bilingual Communication Practices: Mobile text-messaging among Hong Kong College Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angel Lin


    Full Text Available Mobile text messaging—variously known as SMS (short message service, text messaging, or texting—has become a common means of keeping in constant touch, especially among young people, in many parts of the world today. The research literature abounds with studies on the social, cultural, and communicative aspects of mobile text messaging in different sociocultural contexts in the world. In this paper, current theoretical positions in the research literature on mobile communication will be summarized and then findings of a pilot study on the mobile text-messaging practices of university students in Hong Kong will be reported. Implications for emerging bilingual and bicultural identities and gendered sociality practices among Hong Kong young people will be discussed.

  17. Violence Against Women in Hong Kong: Results of the International Violence Against Women Survey. (United States)

    Bouhours, Brigitte; Broadhurst, Roderic


    In Hong Kong, nearly 1,300 women participated by telephone in the International Violence Against Women Survey in 2006. One in five respondents had experienced violence since age 16. Sexual violence (13.4%) was more frequent than physical violence (11.7%). Women were more likely to be abused by men they knew (13.5%) than by strangers (8%). Compared with other surveyed countries, Hong Kong recorded among the lowest rates of violence by both intimate partners and non-partners. These results suggest that cultural influences linked to the interaction of modernization and some protective factors found in the adherence to traditional Chinese values are relevant. © The Author(s) 2015.

  18. Consumption of Pornographic Materials among Hong Kong Early Adolescents: A Replication (United States)

    Shek, Daniel T. L.; Ma, Cecilia M. S.


    Consumption of pornographic materials was examined in 3,638 secondary 2 students in Hong Kong. Results showed that over 80% of the respondents had never consumed pornographic materials in the past year. Internet pornography was the most common medium that adolescents used when viewing pornographic materials. Males reported a higher level of pornography consumption than did females. Participants who were born in mainland China were more likely to consume pornographic materials than their Hong Kong counterparts. Regardless of the types of pornographic materials, the levels of pornography consumption significantly increased over time. Results also showed that higher levels of positive youth development and better family functioning were concurrently related to a lower level of pornography consumption at secondary 2. The relative contribution of positive youth development and family factors to pornographic material consumption was also explored. PMID:22778698

  19. Microplastic pollution in the marine waters and sediments of Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tsang, Y Y; Mak, C W; Liebich, C; Lam, S W; Sze, E T-P; Chan, K M


    The presence of plastic waste with a diameter of less than 5mm ("microplastics") in marine environments has prompted increasing concern in recent years, both locally and globally. We conducted seasonal surveys of microplastic pollution in the surface waters and sediments from Deep Bay, Tolo Harbor, Tsing Yi, and Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong between June 2015 and March 2016. The average concentrations of microplastics in local coastal waters and sediments respectively ranged from 51 to 27,909particles per 100m(3) and 49 to 279particles per kilogram. Microplastics of different shapes (mainly fragments, lines, fibers, and pellets) were identified as polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, a blend of polypropylene and ethylene propylene, and styrene acrylonitrile by means of Attenuated Total Reflectance - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. This is the first comprehensive study to assess the spatial and temporal variations of microplastic pollution in Hong Kong coastal regions. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Escalating trends in the urban metabolism of Hong Kong: 1971-1997 (United States)

    Warren-Rhodes, K.; Koenig, A.


    Urban metabolism measures quantitatively a city's load on the natural environment. We update the Newcombe et al. (3) pioneering study of Hong Kong's urban metabolism in 1971, highlighting trends in resource consumption and waste generation. Per capita food, water and materials consumption have surged since the early 1970s by 20%, 40%, and 149%, respectively. Tremendous pollution has accompanied this growing affluence and materialism, and total air emissions, CO2 outputs, municipal solid wastes, and sewage discharges have risen by 30%, 250%, 245%, and 153%. As a result, systemic overload of land, atmospheric and water systems has occurred. While some strategies to tackle deteriorating environmental quality have succeeded, greater and more far-reaching changes in consumer behavior and government policy are needed if Hong Kong is to achieve its stated goal of becoming "a truly sustainable city" in the 21st century.

  1. Adolescent-parent relations in Hong Kong: parenting styles, emotional autonomy, and school achievement. (United States)

    McBride-Chang, C; Chang, L


    This 4-phase study of Hong Kong Chinese adolescent-parent relationships (906 adolescents and 1,091 parents) revealed the following: (a) Adolescents and their parents differ in their perceptions of parenting style. (b) Autonomy is negatively associated with parents' perceived authoritative parenting style and school achievement. (c) Neither parenting style nor measures of parents' beliefs in training their children (R. Chao, 1994) are associated with self-reports of school achievement. However, (d) parents of students from the highest (Band 1) academically oriented schools in Hong Kong rated themselves as higher in authoritativeness and lower in authoritarianism than parents of adolescents from the lowest academically oriented (Band 5) schools. Findings are discussed in relation to posited differences in adolescent-parent relationships in Western and Chinese cultures.

  2. Parental Involvement with College Students in Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, and the United States (United States)

    Fingerman, Karen L.; Cheng, Yen-Pi; Kim, Kyungmin; Fung, Helene H.; Han, Gyounghae; Lang, Frieder R.; Lee, Wonkyung; Wagner, Jenny


    Rates of college attendance have increased throughout the world. This study asked whether students across nations experience high involvement with parents (frequent contact and support) and how satisfied they are with parental involvement. College students from four major Western and Asian economies participated: Germany (n = 458), Hong Kong (n = 276), Korea (n = 257), and the United States (n = 310). Consistent with solidarity theory, students across nations reported frequent contact with parents and receiving several forms of social support (e.g., practical, emotional, and advice) every month. Multilevel models revealed Asian students received more frequent parental support than German or US students, but were less satisfied with that support. Students in Hong Kong resided with parents more often and gave more support to parents than students in other cultures. Discussion focuses on cultural (i.e., filial obligation) and structural (i.e., coresidence) factors explaining parental involvement. PMID:27594722

  3. Un dialetto globale? Riflessioni sulla musica d’arte europea a Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giorgio Biancorosso


    Full Text Available Il saggio presenta in forma concisa alcune delle domande e suggestioni metodologiche emerse durante la mia attività di ricercatore e insegnante di musicologia a Hong Kong. L'ex colonia britannica presenta opportunità uniche a chi si voglia occupare di musica, anche occidentale colta. Quest'ultima è però preda dalla vocazione prettamente imprenditoriale della città, la quale, nel facilitare la promozione di attività che in Italia fanno fatica a trovare adeguati finanziamenti, ne snatura il ruolo e le finalità. Hong Kong rimane per questo terreno fertilissimo per chi voglia osservare da vicino processi di acculturazione e mediazione. A conclusione dell'intervento, riprendo alcune osservazioni di Schlegel su Shakespeare e mi chiedo fino a che punto la rivoluzione digitale e mediatica degli ultimi decenni abbia mutato il processo di traduzione culturale, interrogandomi al contempo sul mio ruolo di 'partecipe osservatore'.

  4. How Africans Pursue Low-End Globalization in Hong Kong and Mainland China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gordon Mathews


    Full Text Available This article looks at the livelihoods and lives of African traders coming to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. These traders are practising “low-end globalization”, involving small amounts of capital, and semi-legal or illegal transactions under the radar of the law. The article first considers who these traders are, portraying them as, typically, members of the upper crust of their home societies. It then considers these traders in Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong, a building that is an entrepôt between China and the developing world. Finally, it looks at traders’ livelihoods and lives in Guangzhou, South China, and traders’ efforts to succeed in mainland China. The article argues that one essential economic role China plays today is in manufacturing the cheap, sometimes counterfeit goods that enable Africa and other developing-world regions to experience globalization; the African traders who come to China help make this possible.

  5. Government-Leading Student Loan Schemes A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Mainland China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonia Jiewei Lu


    Full Text Available Having a careful examination of government-leading student loan schemes in China and Hong Kong, we can find a lot of differences and learn something from these two counterparts which are very typical country or area faced by challenges in financing higher education in the context of transition from elitism to mass higher education. This research attempts to make a comparison of government-leading student loan schemes between Hong Kong and China in the new century. Then emphasis is put on the principles or core values namely efficiency, equity and adequacy, and determining their implications presented in student loan schemes in these two counterparts. Finally, the paper arrives at some recommendations for improvements in them.

  6. Psychosis patients' knowledge, adherence and attitudes towards the naming of antipsychotic medication in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Lau, Karen Chi-Kwan; Lee, Edwin Ho-Ming; Hui, Christy Lai-Ming; Chang, Wing-Chung; Chan, Sherry Kit-Wa; Chen, Eric Yu-Hai


    Non-adherence to medication is a common and significant challenge to successful treatment of psychosis. Knowledge of prescribed antipsychotic medication may influence psychosis patients' willingness to adhere to prescriptions. This study aimed to assess knowledge of psychosis patients on their prescribed antipsychotic medication with regard to drug name, type, dosage, purpose, side effects and reasons for taking medication, so as to investigate the associations between knowledge and adherence. The study also aimed to evaluate patient attitudes towards the current Chinese name of 'anti-psyche drug' for antipsychotic medication in Hong Kong, and survey patients' opinions on alternative names for antipsychotic medication. A questionnaire was administered to 70 consecutive patients from the psychiatric ward and outpatient clinic at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. Current knowledge of Hong Kong psychosis patients falls short in areas of drug name (51.4% unaware), drug type (40% unaware) and prescribed dosage (28.6% unaware). The rate of self-reported non-adherence in the study sample was 38.6%. Adherence to medication was found to be positively associated with knowledge of purpose for taking medication. The current Chinese name 'anti-psyche drug' had a rating of 47/100 among psychosis patients. Measures should be taken to improve patient knowledge in areas of drug name, type and prescribed dosage. Reminding patients about the purpose of medication may also benefit adherence and overall treatment. Finally, because of the possible stigma of the current name of antipsychotic medication, an alternative term may be more favourable in promoting its acceptance in Hong Kong. © 2014 Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  7. Cost-effectiveness analysis of infant universal routine pneumococcal vaccination in Malaysia and Hong Kong


    Wu, David Bin-Chia; Roberts, Craig; Lee, Vivian Wing Yan; Hong, Li-Wen; Tan, Kah Kee; Mak, Vivienne; Lee, Kenneth Kwing Chin


    Pneumococcal disease causes large morbidity, mortality and health care utilization and medical and non-medical costs, which can all be reduced by effective infant universal routine immunization programs with pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV). We evaluated the clinical and economic benefits of such programs with either 10- or 13-valent PCVs in Malaysia and Hong Kong by using an age-stratified Markov cohort model with many country-specific inputs. The incremental cost per quality-adjusted l...

  8. Individual and Social Predictors of Prosocial Behaviour among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong


    Frank H. Y. Lai; Siu, Andrew M. H.; Daniel Tan Lei Shek


    Based on the human ecological model, this study hypothesized that individual competence in empathy, prosocial moral reasoning, and social influence from parents, peers, and school are the key determinants of prosocial behaviour among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. We recruited a sample of high school students who engaged in volunteering activities regularly (N = 580). They completed a self-administrated questionnaire designed to measure prosocial behaviour and its hypothesized predictors u...

  9. Family Processes and Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong


    Kwok, Sylvia Y. C. L.; Shek, Daniel T. L.


    Based on the responses of 5,557 Chinese secondary students in Hong Kong, the relationships between perceived family functioning (systemic correlate), parent-adolescent communication (dyadic correlate), and suicidal ideation were examined in this study. Results showed that suicidal ideation was negatively related to global family functioning and parent-adolescent communication. Regression analyses indicated that the dyadic and systemic factors had similar importance in predicting suicidal idea...

  10. Family Processes and Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvia Y. C. L. Kwok


    Full Text Available Based on the responses of 5,557 Chinese secondary students in Hong Kong, the relationships between perceived family functioning (systemic correlate, parent-adolescent communication (dyadic correlate, and suicidal ideation were examined in this study. Results showed that suicidal ideation was negatively related to global family functioning and parent-adolescent communication. Regression analyses indicated that the dyadic and systemic factors had similar importance in predicting suicidal ideation. Theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed.

  11. Cantonese version of the Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS): Validation for stroke survivors in Hong Kong


    Pinky Hiu Ping Lam; Anthony Pak Hin Kong; Diana W.L. Ho; Glyn Humphreys


    Background Stroke-induced cognitive impairments are critical predictors of poor functional outcomes. They adversely affect recovery and reduce independent performance of basic activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental ADL (Zinn et al., 2004). Choices of cognitive assessment tools specific to the Cantonese speaking stroke population in Hong Kong are limited. The Cantonese version of the Western Aphasia Battery (Cantonese-WAB) was specifically developed for examining language impairment...

  12. Detecting Bubbles in the Hong Kong Residential Property Market: An Explosive-Pattern Approach


    Matthew S. Yiu; Lu Jin


    This study applies the newly developed bubble detection method (Phillips, Wu and Yu, 2011) to identifying asset bubbles in the Hong Kong residential property market. Our empirical results show that the method is capable of detecting the 1997 bubble and is able to reveal the corresponding origination and collapse, showing its superiority over the standard unit root and co-integration method. During the period between mid-2009 and early 2011, the method indicates strong upward price pressure in...

  13. Social Determinants of Health Information Seeking among Chinese Adults in Hong Kong


    Man Ping Wang; Kasisomayajula Viswanath; Tai Hing Lam; Xin Wang; Sophia S Chan


    BACKGROUND: Health communication inequalities were observed in Western population but less is known about them among the Chinese. We investigated health information seeking behaviours and its social determinants among Chinese adults in Hong Kong. METHODS: Probability-based sample surveys over telephone were conducted in 2009, 2010/11 and 2012 to monitor family health and information use. Frequency of health information seeking from television, radio, newspapers/magazines and Internet were rec...

  14. Exploring the Lifeworlds of Children in Hong Kong: Parents' Report on after School Time Use (United States)

    Yelland, N. J.; Muspratt, S.; Gilbert, C. L.


    This study aims to discuss the findings of a survey completed by 335 parents of children in Kindergarten 1 (3 to 4 years), Primary 1 (6 to 7 years) and Primary 5 (10 to 11 years) in Hong Kong, about their children's out of school time use. We wanted to explore the widely held notion that Asian students spend much of their time studying, with…

  15. A survey of registered nurses' perceptions of the code of professional conduct in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Chau, Janita P-C; Lam, Lai-Wah; Lui, May H-L; Ip, Wan-Yim; Chien, Wai-Tong; Lee, Iris F-K; Thompson, David R


    To examine the perceptions of the code of professional conduct among practising registered nurses in Hong Kong. A code of professional conduct is intended to guide nurses in their practice and to ensure congruence with nursing goals and objectives. Such a code for nurses in Hong Kong has been in effect for two decades but, to date, no study has examined the perceptions of it among practising nurses. A survey of 320 practising registered nurses working in a hospital cluster in Hong Kong (mean postregistration experience=11.8 years). A questionnaire developed to assess nurses' perceptions of the Code of Professional Conduct devised by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. Providing safe and competent care, practising in accordance with the law and maintaining agreed standards were ranked in order as the three most important aspects. Safeguarding informed decision-making for patients who were mentally incapacitated or unable to speak for themselves, participating in continuing nursing education and raising objections to practices that compromise safe and appropriate care were considered the most challenging aspects to achieve in professional nursing practice. To educate nurses to become more assertive in safeguarding patients' rights and to encourage and support lifelong learning remains a major challenge in professional nursing practice. The profession and statutory bodies need to consider how best to enable practising nurses to address these issues. Examining the perceptions of practising nurses about the professional code is necessary to ensure that the profession is prepared to meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of the public whom it claims to serve. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  16. Sleep-Wake Patterns and Sleep Disturbance among Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents


    Chung, Ka-Fai; Cheung, Miao-Miao


    STUDY OBJECTIVES: To determine sleep-wake patterns and evaluate sleep disturbance in Hong Kong adolescents; to identify factors that are associated with sleep disturbance; and to examine the relationship of sleep-wake variables and academic performance. DESIGN AND SETTING: A school-based cross-sectional survey. PARTICIPANTS: Sample included 1629 adolescents aged 12 to 19 years. MEASUREMENTS AND RESULTS: Self-report questionnaires, including sleep-wake habit questionnaire,...



    Sivan, Atara


    This paper describes and examines the nature and activities of World Leisure Organization – Hong Kong Chapter (WLOHK). Established in 2008, the organization aligns with World Leisure Organization’s mission of fostering the role of leisure as a force for human growth, development and well-being. Since its foundation, WLOHK has been undertaking a series of initiatives in promoting, disseminating and advocating for leisure pursuits, study and education. The Chapter’s activities are underpinned b...

  18. Prevalence and Correlates of Video and Internet Gaming Addiction among Hong Kong Adolescents: A Pilot Study


    Chong-Wen Wang; Chan, Cecilia L. W.; Kwok-Kei Mak; Sai-Yin Ho; Wong, Paul W. C.; Rainbow T. H. Ho


    This pilot study investigated the patterns of video and internet gaming habits and the prevalence and correlates of gaming addiction in Hong Kong adolescents. A total of 503 students were recruited from two secondary schools. Addictive behaviors of video and internet gaming were assessed using the Game Addiction Scale. Risk factors for gaming addiction were examined using logistical regression. An overwhelming majority of the subjects (94%) reported using video or internet games, with one in ...

  19. The Behavioural Ecology of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Würsig, Bernd; Parsons, E C M; Piwetz, Sarah; Porter, Lindsay


    Fewer than 200 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) occur in Hong Kong waters (though these are part of a much larger population in the Pearl River Estuary), with a decrease in the past about 10 years. They have partially overlapping individual ranges (mean=100km(2)), and two partially overlapping communities. Seasonal occurrence is higher in June-November than December-May, approximate wet and dry monsoon seasons, respectively. Group sizes tend to average three dolphins, a decrease from the past decade. Feeding often occurs in abruptly changing water depths and off rocky natural shores. The area immediately north of Hong Kong International Airport is largely used for travelling between locations to the west, east and further north. The area around Lung Kwu Chau Island in northwest Hong Kong is a "hot spot" for foraging and socializing. The area off Fan Lau, southwest Lantau Island, is largely used for foraging. A former foraging "hot spot" was located around the Brothers Islands east of the airport, now reduced, possibly due to increases in high-speed ferries (HSFs) and other activities. Sound recordings of dolphins from bottom-mounted hydrophones suggest that northwestern Hong Kong waters are used more at night than in daytime. Sexual activity and calving occur throughout the year, with a peak in late spring to autumn (wet monsoon season). Humpback dolphins communicate acoustically with each other and probably passively listen to prey in murky waters, and anthropogenic noises may be masking communication and affecting prey location. Increasing sounds of shipping, HSFs and industrial activities are likely to alter dolphin habitat use patterns and overall behaviours beyond the present already affected status. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Hong Kong parents and their children’s academic achievement: The impact of music training


    Tai, Dianne Man


    Today, many Hong Kong Chinese parents actively encourage their children’s music training. Music training occurs outside of their child’s regular schooling and these parents believe that this type of training directly enhances their child’s opportunities for academic advancement and their academic achievement. Although a common occurrence, the research in this thesis is the first to test parental beliefs regarding the perceived benefits of music training. Taking a predomin...