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  1. Multi-parametric thermal sensing based on NIR emission of Ho(III) doped CaWO4 phosphors (United States)

    Zhou, Xianju; Wang, Rongxue; Xiang, Guotao; Jiang, Sha; Li, Li; Luo, Xiaobing; Pang, Yu; Tian, Yili


    Optical thermometry based on trivalent rare earth doped materials has attracted much attention recently. This article reported the temperature dependent near infrared luminescence of Ho3+ doped in CaWO4 phosphors. A series of CaWO4:Ho3+ powders have been synthesized by high temperature solid state reaction. The XRD patterns showed that the Ho3+ ions have occupied the lattice sites of Ca2+ ions in the phosphors. The thermometry effect was demonstrated by different spectroscopic parameters through the emission intensity of Ho3+: 5I6 → 5I8 transition at ∼1190 nm, the spectral shift of the charge transfer band of W-O and the lifetime of Ho3+: 5F4, 5S2 excited state. These three optical parameters present a simple linear relation with the temperature in the range of 30-300 °C. This allows for accurate thermal sensing based on simultaneous measurement of these parameters. Results show that CaWO4:Ho3+ phosphors might be served as a potential candidate for thermometry.

  2. Hemin Reduces HMGB1 Release by UVB in an AMPK/HO-1-dependent Pathway in Human Keratinocytes HaCaT Cells. (United States)

    Park, Eun Jung; Kim, Young Min; Chang, Ki Churl


    High mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) plays an important role as a pro-inflammatory cytokine that regulates inflammation in various diseases. We hypothesized that hemin might reduce HMGB1 release through the induction of HO-1 in UVB-induced HaCaTs. The effects of hemin on the release of HMGB1 in UVB exposure were evaluated. The mechanisms were investigated using various signal inhibitors and small interfering RNA techniques. Treatment with hemin inhibited reactive oxygen species (ROS) in UVB-induced HaCaTs in a dose-dependent manner. HMGB1 release by UVB was significantly reduced by hemin, N-acetyl-cysteine and DPI (NADPH oxidase inhibitor). Hemin increased HO-1 induction followed by phosphorylation of AMPK in a time- and dose-dependent manner. Additionally, hemin significantly increased the NAD+/NADH ratio in HaCaTs. The inhibitory effects of UVB-induced HMGB1 release by hemin were significantly reversed not only with pharmacological inhibitors of AMPK (compound c) or HO-1 (ZnPPIX) but also through transfection of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) for AMPK or HO-1. Interestingly, hemin decreased phosphor-AMPK expression by HO-1 siRNA transfection, but it failed to induce HO-1 in AMPK siRNA-transfected cells, which suggested that HO-1 was involved in AMPK activation by hemin in HaCaT. Moreover, recombinant HMGB1 induced Snail and inhibited E-Cadherin in HaCaTs, whereas hemin reversed those effects through rHMGB1. It is concluded that the increased activity of HO-1/AMPK and scavenging ROS are, at least in part, responsible for the inhibition of UVB-induced HMGB1 release in keratinocyte HaCaTs. Therefore, hemin may be a useful agent for preventing UVB-induced skin cancer. Copyright © 2017 IMSS. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. The ten thousand Kims (United States)

    Baek, Seung Ki; Minnhagen, Petter; Kim, Beom Jun


    In Korean culture, the names of family members are recorded in special family books. This makes it possible to follow the distribution of Korean family names far back in history. It is shown here that these name distributions are well described by a simple null model, the random group formation (RGF) model. This model makes it possible to predict how the name distributions change and these predictions are shown to be borne out. In particular, the RGF model predicts that for married women entering a collection of family books in a certain year, the occurrence of the most common family name 'Kim' should be directly proportional to the total number of married women with the same proportionality constant for all the years. This prediction is also borne out to a high degree. We speculate that it reflects some inherent social stability in the Korean culture. In addition, we obtain an estimate of the total population of the Korean culture down to the year 500 AD, based on the RGF model, and find about ten thousand Kims.

  4. Room temperature CW and QCW operation of Ho:CaF2 laser pumped by Tm:fiber laser (United States)

    Jelínek, Michal; Cvrček, Jan; Kubeček, Václav; Zhao, Beibei; Ma, Weiwei; Jiang, Dapeng; Su, Liangbi


    Laser radiation in the wavelength range around 2 μm is required for its specific properties - it is very suitable for medical applications, remote sensing, or pumping of optical parametric oscillators to generate ultrafast pulses in the mid-IR region further exploited in nonlinear optics. Crystals as YLF, YAG, LLF, and GdVO4 doped by holmium were already investigated and found suitable for the tunable laser generation around 2.1 mμ. Only a few works are devoted to the laser operation of holmium-doped fluorides as CaF2. In this work, pulsed and continuous-wave laser operation of a modified- Bridgman-grown Ho:CaF2 active crystal at room temperature is reported. A commercial 50 W 1940 nm Tm-fiber laser was used to pump a laser oscillator based on a novel 10 mm long 0.5 at.% Ho:CaF2 active crystal placed in the Peltiercooled holder. In the pulsed regime (10 ms, 10 Hz), the laser slope efficiency of 53 % with respect to the absorbed pump power was achieved. The laser generated at the central wavelength of 2085 nm with the maximum mean output power of 365 mW corresponding to the power amplitude of 3.65 W. In the continuous wave regime, the maximum output power was 1.11 W with the slope efficiency of 41 % with respect to the absorbed pump power. To our best knowledge this is the first demonstration of this laser active material operating in the CW regime at room temperature. The tuning range over 60 nm from 2034 to 2094 nm was achieved using a birefringent filter showing the possibility to develop a mode-locked laser system generating pulses in the sub-picosecond range.

  5. Subsolidus Phase Relations of the CaO-REOx-CuO Systems (RE = Eu, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Lu and Sc) at 900 °C in Air

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grivel, Jean-Claude


    The subsolidus phase relations of the CaO-REOx-CuO systems (RE = Eu, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Lu and Sc) were investigated in air at 900 °C. The pseudo-ternary sections with RE = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er and Lu have a similar structure. They have in common with the RE = Eu system a solid solution of Ca0.833−xRExCuO2......+y composition but the system with RE = Eu differs by the presence of an Eu2CuO4 phase instead of RE2Cu2O5 for RE = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er and Lu. In contrast, the CaO-ScO1.5-CuO section does not contain a Ca0.833−xScxCuO2+y solid solution and is dominated by the CaSc2O4 phase, which has no equivalent...... in the other systems at 900 °C in air....

  6. Investigation of the mechanisms of upconversion luminescence in Ho{sup 3+} doped CaF{sub 2} crystals and ceramics upon excitation of {sup 5}I{sub 7} level

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lyapin, A.A., E-mail: [Ogarev Mordovia State University, Bol’shevitskaya street, 68, Saransk (Russian Federation); Kazan Federal University, Kremlevskaja street, 18, Kazan (Russian Federation); Ryabochkina, P.A.; Chabushkin, A.N. [Ogarev Mordovia State University, Bol’shevitskaya street, 68, Saransk (Russian Federation); Ushakov, S.N.; Fedorov, P.P. [General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilova street, 38, Moscow (Russian Federation)


    The mechanisms of upconversion luminescence of CaF{sub 2}:Ho crystals and ceramics from {sup 5}F{sub 3}, {sup 5}S{sub 2}({sup 5}F{sub 4}), {sup 5}F{sub 5} and {sup 5}I{sub 6} levels upon excitation of {sup 5}I{sub 7} level of Ho{sup 3+} ions were investigated. Different mechanisms are responsible for the populating and depletion of the energy levels of Ho{sup 3+} ion in CaF{sub 2}:Ho crystals and ceramics upon excitation of {sup 5}I{sub 7} level. The upconversion luminescence from {sup 5}F{sub 3}, {sup 5}F{sub 5}, and {sup 5}I{sub 6} levels in CaF{sub 2}:Ho crystals and ceramics is explained by energy transfer upconversion processes. Our results also confirmed that both excited-state absorption and energy transfer upconversion are responsible for the populating of {sup 5}S{sub 2}({sup 5}F{sub 4}) level. - Highlights: • Crystals and ceramics CaF{sub 2}:Ho were obtained. • Upconversion luminescence of CaF{sub 2}:Ho crystals and ceramics were observed. • Mechanisms of upconversion luminescence in these materials were investigated.

  7. Judd–Ofelt analysis of Ho{sup 3+} doped in ceramic CaSc{sub 2}O{sub 4}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Georgescu, Şerban [National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, 409 Atomiştilor Street, 077125 Măgurele-Ilfov (Romania); Ştefan, Angela [National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, 409 Atomiştilor Street, 077125 Măgurele-Ilfov (Romania); University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, 405 Atomistilor Street, 077125 Măgurele-Ilfov (Romania); Toma, Octavian, E-mail: [National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, 409 Atomiştilor Street, 077125 Măgurele-Ilfov (Romania); Voiculescu, Ana-Maria [National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, 409 Atomiştilor Street, 077125 Măgurele-Ilfov (Romania)


    A Judd–Ofelt analysis was performed on a calcium scandate (CaSc{sub 2}O{sub 4}) ceramic sample doped with 2 at% Ho{sup 3+}. Using the measured lifetime of {sup 5}I{sub 7} level to calibrate the absorption spectrum, the Judd–Ofelt parameters were obtained: Ω{sub 2} = 3.78×10{sup −20} cm{sup 2}, Ω{sub 4} = 5.17×10{sup −20} cm{sup 2}, and Ω{sub 6} = 1.92×10{sup −20} cm{sup 2}. The electric-dipole and magnetic-dipole transition probabilities, radiative lifetimes and luminescence branching ratios were calculated. The quantum efficiency of the green emitting levels ({sup 5}F{sub 4}, {sup 5}S{sub 2}) was found: 54%. The calibration method also allowed the estimation of the ‘effective’ thickness of the ceramic sample: approximately eight times greater than the geometric thickness. - Highlights: • Jud–Ofelt analysis is performed on a Ho(2 at%):CaSc{sub 2}O{sub 4} translucent ceramic sample. • The intensity parameters were calibrated using the lifetime of the {sup 5}I{sub 7} Ho{sup 3+} level. • The luminescence lifetimes of Ho{sup 3+} metastable levels were measured. • Transition rates, radiative lifetimes and quantum efficiencies were calculated. • The quantum efficiency calculated for the green-emitting levels ({sup 5}F{sub 4},{sup 5}S{sub 2}) is 54%.

  8. NdHO, a novel oxyhydride

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Widerøe, Marius; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Norby, Truls


    A new metal oxyhydride; neodymium oxyhydride, NdHO, has been synthesized from a reactant mixture of metal hydride (CaH2 or NdH3) and neodymium oxide(Nd2O3). The unit cell dimensions decrease smoothly in the series from LaHO, CeHO, PrHO to NdHO, in line with the lanthanide contraction. The crystal...

  9. Spectroscopic evaluation of CaYA1O 4 doped with trivalent Er, Tm, Yb and Ho for eyesafe laser applications (United States)

    Hutchinson, J. Andrew; Verdun, Horacio R.; Chai, Bruce H. T.; Zandi, Bahram; Merkle, Larry D.


    Spectroscopic properties of relevance for laser applications have been studied for rare earths in CaYA1O 4. Fitting of a theoretical model to observed energy levels yields crystal field parameters and unobserved levels. Structural disorder leads to broad linewidths,but cross sections are larger than in many common hosts. Tm-Tm cross relaxation rates are comparable to those in Tm: YAG, and Yb-Er transfer rates are comparable to those in Yb, Er:phosphate glass. Room temperature Yb-Er upconversion is stronger than in YAG, but modeling shows that neither unconversion nor population of Er 4I {13}/{2} is very efficient upon pumping Yb. The host's yellow color intensifies upon annealing in air, a potential problem for visible laser operation. Tm or Ho 2 μm laser operation, or Er 1.5 μ operation upon direct excitation of Er 4I {13}/{2}, are more promising.

  10. Production cross sections of elements near the N=126 shell in Ca48-induced reactions with Gd154,Tb159,Dy162, and Ho165 targets (United States)

    Mayorov, D. A.; Werke, T. A.; Alfonso, M. C.; Bennett, M. E.; Folden, C. M.


    Excitation functions for shell-stabilized evaporation residues produced in Ca48-induced reactions with Gd154,Tb159,Dy162, and Ho165 targets have been measured in experiments performed at the Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University. The examined energy range predominantly covers the 3n and 4n evaporation channels with higher cross sections measured for the 4n products. The σ4n are nearly invariant within experimental uncertainty in reactions with Tb159,Dy162, and Ho165 with the maxima at 12.6 ± 1.9, 12.6 ± 1.7, and 9.4 ± 1.3 mb, respectively. For the reaction with Gd154, the maximum is slightly lower at 4.0 ± 0.6 mb. A simple model to describe the measured production cross sections was employed. Capture was estimated by using the "diffused barrier formula" from the "fusion by diffusion" model proposed by Świątecki et al. [Phys. Rev. C 71, 014602 (2005)]., 10.1103/PhysRevC.71.014602 The fusion probability was estimated by using a phenomenological expression presented by Siwek-Wilczyńska et al. [Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 17, 12 (2008)]., 10.1142/S0218301308009501 The survival probability was calculated according to the formula of Vandenbosch and Huizenga [Nuclear Fission (Academic, New York, 1973)], derived from transition-state theory. The best agreement is reached between calculation and experiment upon inclusion of collective effects in the calculation of the survival probability, shown previously to be important for production of weakly deformed nuclei. This, in turn, challenges the expectation that strong shell stabilization benefits the production cross section. The present data are compared with earlier studies on production of neutron-deficient nuclei in Ca-induced reactions with lanthanide targets.

  11. Removal of rhodamine 6G dye contaminant by visible light driven immobilized Ca{sub 1−x}Ln{sub x}MnO{sub 3} (Ln = Sm, Ho; 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) photocatalysts

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barrocas, B. [Departamento de Química e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Campo Grande C8, 1749-016 Lisboa (Portugal); Sério, S. [CEFITEC, Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica (Portugal); Rovisco, A. [Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica (Portugal); Nunes, Y. [CEFITEC, Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica (Portugal); Jorge, M.E. Melo, E-mail: [Centro de Química e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Campo Grande C8, 1749-016 Lisboa (Portugal)


    Graphical abstract: - Abstract: Visible-light-driven Ca{sub 1−x}Ln{sub x}MnO{sub 3} (Ln = Sm, Ho; 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) films were grown by RF-magnetron sputtering onto fused silica substrates. The effects of Ca{sup 2+} substitution for Ho{sup 3+} or Sm{sup 3+} in Ca{sub 1−x}Ln{sub x}MnO{sub 3} on the structural, morphological and photocatalytic properties for rhodamine 6G dye degradation under visible light irradiation were investigated. XRD showed a pure typical perovskite phase for all the prepared films, except for Ca{sub 0.9}Ho{sub 0.1}MnO{sub 3} and a decrease of the crystallite size with the increase of the amount of ion substituted. SEM and AFM revealed that the films surface is dense, with low roughness. UV–vis spectroscopy indicated for the two series band gaps in the range of 1.6–2.8 eV, being lower for the films containing holmium. The results showed that some Ca{sub 1−x}Ho{sub x}MnO{sub 3} and Ca{sub 1−x}Sm{sub x}MnO{sub 3} films present higher photocatalytic activity for Rh6G degradation in comparison with TiO{sub 2} films and for the same x value the Ho-films exhibited higher photocatalytic activity. For both films series the maximal degradation rate was obtained for x = 0.2; above this content the degradation percentage exhibits a decreasing trend with the increase of Ho or Sm substitution, except for x = 0.4 in the case of Ho system, which is observed again an increase in the degradation rate. The Rh6G photocatalytic degradation followed a pseudo first-order reaction kinetics. XRD and SEM of the used photocatalysts evidenced high photochemical stability.

  12. Effect of concentration variation on 2.0 µm emission of Ho3+-doped SiO2-Al2O3-Na2CO3-SrF2-CaF2 oxyfluorosilicate glasses (United States)

    Gelija, Devarajulu; Borelli, Deva Prasad Raju


    The concentration variation of Ho3+ ion-doped SiO2-Al2O3-Na2CO3-SrF2-CaF2 glasses has been prepared by conventional melt quenching method. The thermal stability of 1 mol % of Ho3+-doped oxyfluorosilicate glass has been calculated using the differential thermal analysis (DTA) spectra. The phenomenological Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters Ωλ ( λ = 2, 4 and 6) were calculated for all concentrations of Ho3+ ions. The luminescence spectra in visible region of Ho3+ ion-doped glasses were recorded under the excitation wavelength of 452 nm. The spectra consists of several intense emission bands (5F4, 5S2) → 5I8 (547 nm), 5F3 → 5I8 (647 nm), 5F5 → 5I7 (660 nm) and (5F4, 5S2) → 5I7 (750 nm) in the range 500-780 nm. The fluorescence emission at ˜2.0 µm (5I7 → 5I8) was observed under the excitation of 488 nm Ar-ion laser. The stimulated emission cross section for 5I7 → 5I8 transition (˜2.0 µm) varies from 8.46 to 9.52 × 10-21 cm2, as calculated by the Fuchtbauer-Ladenburg (FL) theory. However, Mc-Cumber theory was used to calculate emission cross section values about 4.24-5.75 × 10-21 cm2 for the 5I7 → 5I8 transition in all concentrations of Ho3+-doped oxyfluorosilicate glasses. Therefore, these results reveal that the 0.5 mol % of Ho3+-doped oxyfluorosilicate glasses, exhibiting higher emission cross section, has potentially been used for laser applications at ˜ 2.0 µm.

  13. White light emission and effect of annealing on the Ho{sup 3+}–Yb{sup 3+} codoped BaCa{sub 2}Al{sub 8}O{sub 15} phosphor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kumari, Astha; Rai, Vineet Kumar, E-mail:


    Graphical abstract: The upconversion emission spectra of the Ho{sup 3+}/Yb{sup 3+} doped/codoped BaCa{sub 2}Al{sub 8}O{sub 15} phosphors with different doping concentrations of Ho{sup 3+}/Yb{sup 3+} ions along with UC emission spectrum of the white light emitting phosphor annealed at 800 °C. - Highlights: • BaCa{sub 2}Al{sub 8}O{sub 15} phosphors codoped with Ho{sup 3+}–Yb{sup 3+} have been prepared by combustion method. • Phosphor annealed at 800 °C, illuminate an intense white light upon NIR excitation. • The sample annealed at higher temperatures emits in the pure green region. • The colour emitted persists in the white region even at high pump power density. • Developed phosphor is suitable for making upconverters and WLEDs. - Abstract: The BaCa{sub 2}Al{sub 8}O{sub 15} (BCAO) phosphors codoped with suitable Ho{sup 3+}–Yb{sup 3+} dopant concentration prepared by combustion method illuminate an intense white light upon near infrared diode laser excitation. The structural analysis of the phosphors and the detection of impurity contents have been performed by using the X-Ray Diffraction, FESEM and FTIR analysis. The purity of white light emitted from the sample has been confirmed by the CIE chromaticity diagram. Also, the white light emitted from the sample persists with the variation of pump power density. The phosphors emit upconversion (UC) emission bands in the blue, green and red region (three primary colours required for white light emission) along with one more band in the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. On annealing the white light emitting sample at higher temperatures, the sample starts to emit green colour and also the intensity of green and red UC emission bands get enhanced largely.

  14. Prof. Il-Hoi Kim: a tribute. (United States)

    Huys, Rony


    Prof. Il-Hoi Kim was born during the Korean War on 28 February 1952 in Buan, North Jeolla Province (South Korea), near the coast of the Yellow Sea whose tidal flats would become one of his favourite sampling grounds during his scientific career. From an early age he developed an intense interest in natural history in general and marine biology in particular. He obtained his B.Sc. in 1974 at the Department of Biology Education, Gongju National College of Education. Between 1974 and 1976 he was conscripted into the South Korean military during which he progressed to the rank of lieutenant of artillery in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). After his graduation in 1980 at the Department of Zoology, Seoul National University, Il-Hoi Kim moved to the Department of Biology, Gangneung-Wonju National University on the East Sea coast where he was first appointed lecturer (1981) before taking up the position of assistant professor (1983), associate professor (1987) and full professor (1993). In 1985 he had previously completed his Ph.D. dissertation on Korean barnacles at Seoul National University under the supervision of the late Prof. Hoon Soo Kim, a pioneer in marine invertebrate taxonomy and renowned as the father of carcinology in Korea.

  15. [Kim Pil Soon, a great doctor]. (United States)

    Park, H W


    Kim Pil Soon was born at Sorae Village of Hwang Hye Province, the birth place of the Protestantism in Korea. He was brought up under the strong influence of Christianity and received modern education at Pae Chae School according to the recommendation of Rev. Underwood. In 1899, Kim Pil Soon, who had been working at Je Joon Won as an assistant and interpreter of Dr. Sharrocks, was employed by Dr. Avison to help prepare medical textbooks and was asked to participate in the medical education. He acquired medical knowledge through his work of translating various medical texts, which enabled him to teach other medical students. He participated in the administration of the Hospital, taking charge of the provision of meals for in-patients as well as directing the construction of Severance Hospital buildings. His experience of treating soldiers wounded during the turmoil of the forced dismission of the Korean Army by the Japanese led him to reflect seriously on Korea's fate in peril. In addition, he became a member of Sinmin Society, a secret political association, to engage in the independence movement. In 1908, Kim Pil Soon graduated from Severance Hospital Medical School as one of the first seven graduates. On graduation, he was appointed as a professor and took the charge of school affairs in 1910. At first, he worked as an assistant physician of ward and surgery, then he took the responsibility of the outpatient clinic in 1911. But suddenly, in December 1911, he exiled to China to escape from the Japanese police who was in pursuit of him on account of his involvement in the so-called 105-Person Affair, a fabricated affair served as a pretext for the persecution of the independence movement. He continued the independence movement in the form of an ideal village movement and in the training of the Independence Army. In 1919, however, he was poisoned to death in a mysterious way. Kim Pil Soon dedicated himself to the independence movement that demanded personal sacrifice

  16. Two sesquiterpene aminoquinones protect against oxidative injury in HaCaT keratinocytes via activation of AMPKα/ERK-Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 signaling. (United States)

    Liu, Li; Wu, Wei; Li, Jing; Jiao, Wei-Hua; Liu, Li-Yun; Tang, Jie; Liu, Lei; Sun, Fan; Han, Bing-Nan; Lin, Hou-Wen


    To investigate the cytoprotective effects of two sesquiterpene aminoquinones isolated from the marine sponge Dysidea fragilis, Dysidaminone H (DA8) and 3'-methylamino-avarone (DA14), we examined their effects against hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 )-induced oxidative injury in human keratinocyte cell line and elucidated the underlying mechanisms. Cell viability was detected using a CCK-8 assay kit. Intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) production was measured by fluorescence of 2, 7-Dichlorodi-hydrofluorescein diacetate (DCFH-DA). Messenger RNA and protein expression were measured by real-time quantitative PCR and western blotting analysis. Immunocytochemistry was performed to determine the intracellular location of nuclear factorerythroid 2 p45 related factor 2 (Nrf2). The antioxidant response element (ARE)-luciferase reporter gene assay and RNA interference were used to establish the role of ARE and Nrf2. DA8 and DA14 (DAs) resisted H 2 O 2 induced decline of cell viability by inhibiting the accumulation of ROS. Meanwhile, DAs increased HO-1 expression and ARE activity and induced Nrf2 expression, as well as the accumulation of Nrf2 in the cell nucleus. However, silencing of Nrf2 abolished DAs-induced HO-1 expression and ARE luciferase activation. In addition, DAs induced the phosphorylation of both cyclic AMP-activated protein kinase-α (AMPKα) and extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK), while specific inhibitors of AMPKα and ERK abrogated HO1 upregulation and Nrf2 activation. DAs provided cytoprotective effects against H 2 O 2 -induced cytotoxicity by activation of the Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 pathway via phosphorylation of AMPKα and ERK. The findings suggested that DA8 and DA14 might be the candidate therapeutic agents for skin diseases caused by oxidative injury. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  17. Kim Dotcomi kättemaks / Andy Greenberg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Greenberg, Andy


    Skandaalne Internetimagnaat Kim Schmitz, rohkem tuntud kui Kim Dotcom, on veendunud, et tema loodud failivahetusprogrammi Megauploadi mahavõtmisega ja autoriõiguste rikkumise süüdistusega tehti talle liiga ning ta on asunud raevukalt vastulöögile USA valitsuse vastu

  18. Identity Crisis: Rudyard Kipling's Kim – A Postcolonial Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Abu Baker


    Full Text Available This paper highlights the problemtatics of identity formation in a colonial framework as embodied in Rudyard Kipling's Kim in which he supports the presence of the Raj in British India. The article examines Kim's identity crisis; his constant process of redefining and rethinking his identity (a British, an Irish, an Indian, a native, a coloniser, etc., his confusing amorphous physical characterization, his ambivalent relationship with natives and colonizers, and his Hamlet-like indecision. Further, the article examines the influence of genetics on Kim's final decision and tries to explain the ramifications of the decision and foregrounds it in Kipling's own imperial interests in India.

  19. Insoo Kim Berg and Solution-Focused Therapy. (United States)

    West, John D.; Bubenzer, Donald L.; Smith, Jeffrey M.; Hamm, Terri L.


    Interview with Insoo Kim Berg, a leading theoretician in solution-based therapy. She is joined by Steve de Shazer, a colleague. They discuss the evolution of her work and its application to various populations. (MKA)

  20. Coenite seiklused ja Kim Ki-duki huumor / Merit Kask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kask, Merit


    60-nda Cannes'i filmifestivali filme : Ethan ja Joel Coen'i "Pole maad vanadele meestele" ("No Country for Old Men" ; Ameerika Ühendriigid), Kim Ki-duki "Hingetõmme" ("Soom"/"Breath" ; Lõuna-Korea) ja Raphael Nadjari "Tehilim" (Prantsusmaa - Iisrael - Ameerika Ühendriigid)

  1. Prikljutshenija Koenov i jumor Kim Ki-duka / Merit Kask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kask, Merit


    60-nda Cannes'i filmifestivali filme : Ethan ja Joel Coen'i "Pole maad vanadele meestele" ("No Country for Old Men" ; Ameerika Ühendriigid), Kim Ki-duki "Hingetõmme" ("Soom"/"Breath" ; Lõuna-Korea) ja Raphael Nadjari "Tehilim" (Prantsusmaa - Iisrael - Ameerika Ühendriigid)

  2. Perspektif Kim Knott tentang Insider-Outsider dalam Studi Agama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sujiat Zubaidi Saleh


    Full Text Available Contemporary discourse of religious studies indicates many fields of study in understanding religion. Religious spectrum not only relates with credo, faith, worldview, theology and etcetera but expanding in various aspect (cultural and historical side. The cultural and historical aspects in a certain point give some problems in academic field. Kim Knott based on those matters tries to give a new shot in analyzing religion based on the issued aspects. Looking at how complicated is it Kim Knott maps it into two religious approaches. First is the hardship situation to make such a clear gap between religious and not-religious territory and second is the complicated problem in relation with religion as tradition and religion as faith. This article elucidates a viewpoint of Kim Knott as a “new outline” on religious studies. Knott attempts to eliminate the subjective intentions by using two basic perspectives of methodology: insider and outsider. He has classified the concept of inter-connection between social and religious role into four elements: pure participant, researcher as participant, participant as researcher and pure researcher. However, this concept remains an important problem concerning to standard of objectivity. Knott’s approach tries to place researcher on the margin of appreciation as a border line between insider-outsider.

  3. Chang Sei Kim's Activities on Public Health in Colonial Korea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Park Yunjae


    Full Text Available After graduating from Severance Medical College in 1916, Chang Sei Kim went to Shanghai to work as a missionary in a adventist hospital. The establishment of the Korean Provisional Government led him to participate in the independence movement. Educating nurses to assist the forthcoming war for independence, he seemed to realize the fact that the health of Koreans would be a key factor for achieving independence. He left for the U.S. to conduct comprehensive research on medicine. Chang Sei Kim was the first Korean to receive a Ph. D. degree of Public Health, graduating from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in 1925. He then gained an opportunity to work for Korea as a professor at Severance Medical College. His objective was the 'Reconstruction of the Korean People In Terms of Physical Constitution.' He pointed out that Koreans' weak state of health was a major reason for Korea's colonization. To gain independence, he emphasized that the Korean people should receive education on public health in order to improve the primitive conditions of sanitation. There is little doubt that Chang Sei Kim's ideas developed Heungsadan's views on medicine in terms of its stress on cultivation of ability, especially considering the fact that he was a member of the organization. As a member of the colonized who could not participate in the developing official policy, Chang Sei Kim was not able to implement his ideas fully, because an individual or a private organization could not carry out policy on public health as large a scale as the government did. Never giving up his hopes for Korean independence, he rejected requests to assume official posts in the Government-General. That was why he was particularly interested in the Self-Governing Movement in 1920s Korea. If the movement had attained its goal, he might have worked for the enhancement of sanitary environment as a director of Sanitary Department. His application for funding to establish

  4. [Chang Sei Kim's activities on public health in colonial Korea]. (United States)

    Park, Yunjae


    After graduating from Severance Medical College in 1916, Chang Sei Kim went to Shanghai to work as a missionary in a adventist hospital. The establishment of the Korean Provisional Government led him to participate in the independence movement. Educating nurses to assist the forthcoming war for independence, he seemed to realize the fact that the health of Koreans would be a key factor for achieving independence. He left for the U.S. to conduct comprehensive research on medicine. Chang Sei Kim was the first Korean to receive a Ph. D. degree of Public Health, graduating from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in 1925. He then gained an opportunity to work for Korea as a professor at Severance Medical College. His objective was the 'Reconstruction of the Korean People In Terms of Physical Constitution.' He pointed out that Koreans' weak state of health was a major reason for Korea's colonization. To gain independence, he emphasized that the Korean people should receive education on public health in order to improve the primitive conditions of sanitation. There is little doubt that Chang Sei Kim's ideas developed Heungsadan's views on medicine in terms of its stress on cultivation of ability, especially considering the fact that he was a member of the organization. As a member of the colonized who could not participate in the developing official policy, Chang Sei Kim was not able to implement his ideas fully, because an individual or a private organization could not carry out policy on public health as large a scale as the government did. Never giving up his hopes for Korean independence, he rejected requests to assume official posts in the Government-General. That was why he was particularly interested in the Self-Governing Movement in 1920s Korea. If the movement had attained its goal, he might have worked for the enhancement of sanitary environment as a director of Sanitary Department. His application for funding to establish a hygiene laboratory

  5. Tubular kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) in human renal disease

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Timmeren, M. M.; van den Heuvel, Marius C.; Bailly, V.; Bakker, S. J. L.; van Goor, H.; Stegeman, C. A.

    KIM-1, a transmembrane tubular protein with unknown function, is undetectable in normal kidneys, but is markedly induced in experimental renal injury. The KIM-1 ectodomain is cleaved, detectable in urine, and reflects renal damage. KIM-1 expression in human renal biopsies and its correlation with

  6. Sexualidad violenta en el cine de Kim Ki-duk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Muñoz Ruiz


    Full Text Available En sus más de 110 años de vida el cine ha representado la sexualidad humana en todas sus modalidades y desde los más variados puntos de vista. El cine de Kim Ki-duk ha sorprendido y escandalizado al público por su crudeza y, a veces, excesiva violencia. El director surcoreano ha explorado a lo largo de su filmografía el tema del sexo siempre desde puntos de vista dramáticos y hasta truculentos. En sus películas la mayoría de las relaciones sexuales carecen de amor y afecto. Nunca son placenteras. La violación, la prostitución, la violencia de género y las frustraciones sexuales son temas recurrentes en su cine.

  7. Materialismo percettivo. Da Democrito a Lenin, da Hobbes a Kim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michele Gardini


    Full Text Available The paper tries to outline something like a short “critique of pure materialism” in the domain of perception, a sketch showing – through a series of examples, picked out in an apparently heterogeneous fashion from the Western philosophical tradition – how this epistemological model each time, and in everyone of its forms, fails in giving account of the basic features of perceiving.  After giving a survey of authors like Democritus, Hobbes, De Sade, Lenin, the final appendix, devoted to the concept of “supervenience” and its treatment in Davidson and Kim, aims at summarizing the whole problem through the categories of the contemporary philosophy of mind. The conclusion is that a pure materialistic approach is incapable to give reason to some of the fundamental characteristics of perception, that make it one of the basic moods of “being-in-the-world”.

  8. Global Policing and the Case of Kim Dotcom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darren Palmer


    Full Text Available In early 2012, 76 heavily armed police conducted a raid on a house in Auckland, New Zealand. The targets were Kim Dotcom, a German national with a NZ residency visa, and several colleagues affiliated with Megaupload, an online subscription-based peer-to-peer (P2P file sharing facility. The alleged offences involved facilitating unlawful file sharing and United States federal criminal copyright violations. Following the raid, several court cases provide valuable insights into emerging ‘global policing’ practices (Bowling and Sheptycki 2012 based on communications between sovereign enforcement agencies.  This article uses these cases to explore the growth of ‘extraterritorial’ police powers that operate ‘across borders’ (Nadelmann 1993 as part of several broader transformations of global policing in the digital age.

  9. Tissue and urinary KIM-1 relate to tumor characteristics in patients with clear renal cell carcinoma. (United States)

    Mijuskovic, Mirjana; Stanojevic, Ivan; Milovic, Novak; Cerovic, Snezana; Petrovic, Dejan; Maksic, Djoko; Kovacevic, Bozidar; Andjelic, Tamara; Aleksic, Predrag; Terzic, Brankica; Djukic, Mirjana; Vojvodic, Danilo


    The objective of this prospective follow-up trial was to ascertain whether the urinary kidney injury molecule-1 (uKIM-1) associates with tumor tissue (tKIM-1) expression and with the pathological characteristics of clear renal cell carcinoma (cRCC) in radically nephrectomized (RN) and/or in partially nephrectomized (PN) patients with cRCC, pre- and postoperatively. This clinical study included 40 patients subjected to RN/PN (cRCC group) and 30 healthy volunteers (control group). Urinary KIM-1 was determined by ELISA TIM-1/KIM-1 kit and normalized by urinary creatinine. Immunohistochemical staining (monoclonal anti-human anti-TIM-1/KIM-1/HAVCR antibody) was used for semiquantitative analysis of the tKIM-1 expression and expressed as a score (% KIM-1 positively stained tubules). Both markers were interpreted in terms of the tumor characteristics comprising tumor size, Fuhrman grade, pathological (pT) stage, tumor/nodes/metastasis (TNM) stage, lymphovascular invasion and type of surgery RN/PN. Preoperative uKIM-1 was significantly higher in the cRCC group compared to controls, such as uKIM-1 was statistically higher in RN than in PN patients. Postoperatively, uKIM-1 decreased to control values. Expression of tKIM-1 was documented in all nephrectomized patients. Significant associations were achieved between uKIM-1 and tKIM-1 and with considered tumor characteristics, especially with tumor size and grade. Based on the accomplished associations, we found uKIM-1 as a highly sensitive marker for cRCC diagnosis. The clinical trial registration number: 1110-2012.

  10. Against the Nihilism of Suffering and Death: Richard E. K. Kim and His Works


    Jooyeon Rhee


    This article examines the life and works of Richard E. K. Kim (1932–2009), a first-generation Korean diasporic writer in the United States. It focuses on how Kim struggled to overcome the nihilism of suffering and death that derived from colonialism and the Korean War through his literary works. Kim witnessed firsthand these two major historical events, which caused irrevocable psychological and physical damage to many people of his generation. In his autobiographical fiction, he conveys pain...

  11. LiHo(PO34

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mokhtar Férid


    Full Text Available Lithium holmium(III polyphosphate(V, LiHo(PO34, belongs to the type I of polyphosphates with general formula ALn(PO34, where A is a monovalent cation and Ln is a trivalent rare earth cation. In the crystal structure, the polyphosphate chains spread along the b-axis direction, with a repeat period of four tetrahedra and 21 internal symmetry. The Li and Ho atoms are both located on twofold rotation axes and are surrounded by four and eight O atoms, leading to a distorted tetrahedral and dodecahedral coordination, respectively. The HoO8 polyhedra are isolated from each other, the closest Ho...Ho distance being 5.570 (1 Å.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION Fruit and sugarcane juices are nutritious drinks with great taste and health benefits. Food borne illnesses associated with consumption of Fruit and sugarcane juices at several places in India and elsewhere. Fruit juices were served with added ice pieces. Hygienic standards are not maintained while transporting from the field to the place of extraction and preparation. Hence a rapid review of the fruit juices from street vendors has been undertaken along with sugarcane juice. Raw sugarcane juice is a refreshing juice in many parts of Andhra Pradesh. The present study is to assess the prevalence of different organisms from different fruit juices collected from street vendors. METHODS Fruit juices are collected namely sugarcane, sweet lemon, orange, grape apple, pineapple pomegranate. A total 100 samples of fruit juices were collected from road side from different vendors. 150 ml of each variety of fruit juices were collected from different vendors in screw capped bottles and subjected to microbial analysis, processed with in 30mts in the department of microbiology at KIMS by standard methods. RESULTS The analysed samples of fruit juices are found to be contaminated with different bacteria, Escherichia coli 30% Klebsiella pneumoniae 10% Staphylococcus aureus 20% Enterococcus faecalis 04% Pseudomonas aeruginosa 10% ASB 04% (aerobic spore bearers Micrococci 02% Proteus 20% Salmonella. Shigella and Vibrios were not isolated. CONCLUSION It is high time that street vendors should have health education by volunteers, health workers from PHC (primary health centers and people well versed with community medicine practice for implementation of standard hygienic protocols may reduce contamination of fruit and sugarcane juices The concerned health authorities need to ensure and insist to follow the protocols by the vendors and license holders to the vendors.

  13. Complete Genome Sequence of Lactobacillus curvatus Strain WiKim38 Isolated from Kimchi (United States)

    Lee, Se Hee; Jung, Min Young; Song, Jung-Hee; Lee, Moeun


    ABSTRACT Lactobacillus curvatus WiKim38 is a potential probiotic strain isolated from kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented food. The complete genome of the WiKim38 strain consisted of a circular chromosome of 1,940,170 bp in length with a G+C content of 41.93%. PMID:28473381

  14. Experimental dosimetry of Ho-166 bioglass seed polymer-protected

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nogueira, Luciana B.; Campos, Tarcisio P.R. [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Nuclear. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Ciencias e Tecnicas Nucleares


    This study aims to develop experimental dosimetry of Ho-166 bio glass seed for brachytherapy studies using GAFCHROMIC EBT2 radio chromium films. The methodology consists of placement of radio chromium films in a compressed breast phantom, along with bio glass polymer-protected seeds of [Si: Ca: Ho] and [Si: Ca: Ho: Zr]. The bio glass seeds were encapsulated with polyvinyl alcohol, before being activated and used in the study. The bio glass seeds were introduced into the breast phantom, along with radio chromium films for a period of 2 hours. After the exposure time, radio chromium films were removed from phantom and digitized for analysis in ImageDIG 2.0 program, which quantifies the intensity of RGB (Red, Green, Blue). The dose calculation was evaluated by Monte Carlo technique. Experimental and theoretical data were used to calibrate the dose distribution. The results were plotted on graphs and dose iso curves were obtained. As conclusion it is possible to perform dosimetry in Ho-166 seed brachytherapy using radio chromium films, limited to a short exposure time and small activity. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hendra Nugraha


    Full Text Available This research attempts to reveal representation of Kim Jong-Un’s succession in BBC News through textual and discursive practice analysis. The data of this thesis are taken from BBC News website on 29 and 31 December 2011. The theory applied to seek the objective of the research is Critical Discourse Analysis developed by Fairclough. Through textual and discursive practice analysis, the writer finds pthat BBC employs more passive material clauses than active material clauses in depicting Kim Jong-Un’s succession. BBC also represents Kim Jong-Un’s succession as premature process where Kim Jong-Un is portrayed as a young and inexperienced leader. Besides the prematurity of the succession, the present writer finds that BBC represents Kim Jong-Un’s succession as continuity of Kim’s family dynasty. Thus, the succession is based on his resemblance to Kim Il-Sung, the founder of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, rather than Kim Jong-Un ability and competency.

  16. [The medical treatment of Kim Phúc at the BG Unfallklinik Ludwigshafen]. (United States)

    Kiefer, J; Daigeler, A; Lehnhardt, M


    The Vietnam War was a military conflict in Vietnam during the Cold War that followed the First Indochina War. This war was fought between North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the USA and other anti-communist countries. Kim Phúc is the child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken on June 8, 1972 by AP photographer Nick Út. The iconic photo shows her at about nine years of age running naked on a road amid the chaos after being severely burned by a napalm attack. After 14 months of hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures Kim Phúc was able to return home. Since then, she was used as a propaganda symbol by the communist government of Vietnam. To continue her studies, Kim was granted permission to move to Cuba where she met her future husband. However, the sequelae of her burn wounds affected her everyday life enormously. In 1984, with the support of the international aid organization "terre des hommes" and the German magazine "STERN", Kim Phúc got the opportunity to meet and get treated by Professor Zellner. Professor Peter Rudolph Zellner was the first chief of the Department of Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Burn Center, BG Trauma Center Ludwigshafen, and one of the founder members of the German Society of Plastic Surgeons. The reconstructive surgeries provide Kim Phúc an almost normal life. Later on, she was involved in international aid organizations; she was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and she was awarded several honorary Doctorates of Law. Kim Phúc became a Canadian citizen. Today, she lives with her husband and two children in Ontario, Canada. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  17. Lessons learned from 15 years of KIMS and 5 years of ACROSTUDY

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Luger, Anton; Feldt-Rasmussen, Ulla; Abs, Roger


    and effectiveness of growth hormone (GH) therapy in GH-deficient children since its inception in 1987. Following closely in the footsteps of KIGS is KIMS (Pfizer International Metabolic Database). As of 2009, KIMS has been collecting data on the long-term safety and clinical outcomes of GH replacement in GH......-deficient adults for 15 years. Approximately 5 years ago, the ACROSTUDY database was established to monitor the long-term safety and effectiveness of pegvisomant in patients with acromegaly. CONCLUSIONS: By collecting data on the treatment of relatively rare conditions in routine clinical practice...

  18. Urinary KIM-1 and AQP-1 in patients with clear renal cell carcinoma: Potential noninvasive biomarkers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mijušković Mirjana


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1 and aquaporin-1 (AQP-1 are potential early urinary biomarkers of clear renal cell carcinoma (cRCC. The aim of this study was to ascertain relationship between the urine concentrations KIM-1 and AQP-1 with tumor size, grade, pT stage and type of operation (radical or partial nephrectomy in patients with cRCC. Methods. Urinary concentrations of urinary KIM-1 (uKIM-1 and urinary AQP-1 (uAQP-1 were determined by commercially available ELISA kits. The analysis included 40 patients undergoing partial or radical nephrectomy for cRCC and 40 age- and sex-matched healthy adult volunteers. Results. The median preoperative concentrations of KIM-1 in the cRCC group [0.724 ± 1.120 ng/mg urinary creatinine (Ucr] were significantly greater compared with controls (healthy volunteers (0.210 ± 0.082 ng/mgUcr (p = 0.0227. Postoperatively, uKIM-1 concentration decreased significantly to control values (0.177 ± 0.099 ng/mgUcr vs 0.210 ± 0.082 ng/mgUcr, respectively. The size, grade and stage of tumor were correlated positively with preoperative uKIM-1 concentrations. Contrary to these results, concentrations of uAQP-1 in the cRCC group were significantly lower (0.111 ± 0.092 ng/mgUcr compared with the control group (0.202 ± 0.078 ng/mgUcr (p = 0.0014. Postoperatively, the concentrations of uAQP-1 increased progressively up to control values, approximately. We find no significant correlation between preoperative uAQP-1 concentrations and tumor size, grade and stage. Conclusion. uKIM-1 was found to be a reliable diagnostic marker of cRCC, based on its significantly increased values before and decreased values after the nephrectomy. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. III41018

  19. Respon Amerika Serikat terhadap Uji Coba Rudal Korea Utara di Bawah Pemerintahan Kim Jong UN


    Fachri, Yuli; Septia, Rismala


    This research discusses the United States response to North Korea€Ÿs missile test and Kim Jong Un as a commander. Since the end of the Korean War, North Korea has been trying to develop nuclear weapons and missile test. Various negotiations have been conducted to prevent the development, but these efforts never succeeded. Kim Jong Un as a new commander of North Korea has contin ued the country€Ÿs nuclear testing.This research will explain how the Unites States respond to the North Korea€Ÿs nu...

  20. Low-pressure study of the HO2 + HO2 reaction at 298 K (United States)

    Sander, S. P.


    The rate constant for the reaction HO2 + HO2 yields H2O2 + O2 was measured at 298 K and 1 torr total pressure of helium by using the discharge flow technique. A quadrupole mass spectrometer was used to detect HO2 in conjunction with in situ long-path ultraviolet absorption which was used for calibration. A value of 1.5 + or - 0.4 x 10 to the -12th per molecule/s was obtained for k1 where the rate constant is defined by the relation -d(HO2)/dt = 2K1(HO2)HO2.

  1. Cinnamaldehyde protects human dental pulp cells against oxidative stress through the Nrf2/HO-1-dependent antioxidant response. (United States)

    Kim, Nam-Yi; Ahn, Sang-Gun; Kim, Soo-A


    Cinnamaldehyde (CA) has various functional properties, such as anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant activities. This study examined the intracellular signaling mechanisms of CA on the oxidative stress response in human dental pulp cells (hDPCs). The results showed that CA did not have any cell cytotoxicity or cause morphological changes at concentrations up to 50µM. A CA treatment strongly up-regulated the cellular protein level of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) and promoted Nrf2 translocation to the nucleus. CA-mediated Nrf2/HO-1 activation reduced the level of reactive oxygen species and protected the hDPCs from H2O2-induced oxidative stress, which induces apoptosis. Moreover, HO-1 depletion by siRNA attenuated the CA-mediated cell protection against oxidative stress. These results indicate that CA protects hDPCs dysfunction under oxidative stress conditions, and this effect is mediated by Nrf2 activation and the up-regulation of HO-1. Overall, these observations suggest that CA is a potential therapeutic agent for cell protection against oxidative stress. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. New neoplasm during GH replacement in adults with pituitary deficiency following malignancy- a KIMS analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krzyzanowska-Mittermayer, Katarzyna; Mattsson, Anders F; Maiter, Dominique


    (CS). Design: Retrospective comparison of CO-CS and AO-CS with CO idiopathic GHD (IGHD) and AO non-functioning pituitary adenoma patients (NFPA) and with the general population (standardized incidence ratio, SIR). Setting: Data from KIMS study (Pfizer International Metabolic Database). Patients: CO...

  3. A Misleading Review of Response Bias: Comment on McGrath, Mitchell, Kim, and Hough (2010) (United States)

    Rohling, Martin L.; Larrabee, Glenn J.; Greiffenstein, Manfred F.; Ben-Porath, Yossef S.; Lees-Haley, Paul; Green, Paul; Greve, Kevin W.


    In the May 2010 issue of "Psychological Bulletin," R. E. McGrath, M. Mitchell, B. H. Kim, and L. Hough published an article entitled "Evidence for Response Bias as a Source of Error Variance in Applied Assessment" (pp. 450-470). They argued that response bias indicators used in a variety of settings typically have insufficient data to support such…

  4. Tekstilni materijali za medicinsku namenu sa kombinovanim biološkim dejstvom


    Sretković, Ljiljana M.


    U ovom radu ispitani su i prouceni dobijeni antimikrobni tekstilni materijali sa širokim spektrom dejstva i selektivnim antimikrobnim dejstvom, kao i medicinski tekstilni materijali sa kombinovanim antimikrobnim i anestezijskim biološkim dejstvom. Antimikrobni tekstilni material okarakterisan je in vitro i in vivo uslovima, preko efikasnosti antimikrobnog delovanja na razlicite indikatorske sojeve patogenih mikroorganizama (Staphilococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas a...

  5. Against the Nihilism of Suffering and Death: Richard E. K. Kim and His Works

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jooyeon Rhee


    Full Text Available This article examines the life and works of Richard E. K. Kim (1932–2009, a first-generation Korean diasporic writer in the United States. It focuses on how Kim struggled to overcome the nihilism of suffering and death that derived from colonialism and the Korean War through his literary works. Kim witnessed firsthand these two major historical events, which caused irrevocable psychological and physical damage to many people of his generation. In his autobiographical fiction, he conveys painful memories of the events by reviving the voices of people in that era. What his works offer us goes beyond vivid memories of the past, however; they also present the power of forgiveness as a condition to overcome the nihilism of suffering and death. Remembrance and forgiveness are, therefore, two major thematic pillars of his works that enable us to connect to these difficult and traumatic times. These themes are portrayed in such a gripping way mainly because Kim tried to maintain a certain distance—an emotional and linguistic distance—from the familiar, in order to elucidate the reality of the human condition: an ontological position of the exile from which he produced his works. This article argues that Kim’s works provide us the possibility to transcend the nihilism of historical trauma through articulating the meaning of remembrance and forgiveness from his self-assumed position of exile.

  6. Arhitektuurimuuseum vaatab Aasiasse / Kim Sung Hong ; intervjueerinud Karin Hallas-Murula

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kim Sung Hong


    Näituse kuraatori Kim Sung Hongiga 21. aprillini Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis avatud Lõuna-Korea kaasaegse arhitektuuri näitusest "Megacity network" ("Megalinna võrgustik"), Korea arhitektuurist, arhitektidest, muinsuskaitsest ja avalikust ruumist. Näituse kujundas Hwang Doo Jin

  7. Lõuna-Korea teatel võib Kim peagi surra / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    Viidates Lõuna-Korea ja Hiina luureandmetele, väidab Lõuna-Korea meedia, et Põhja-Korea liidril Kim Jong-ilil on kõhunäärmevähk ja talle pole antud elada rohkem kui 5 aastat. Põhja-Korea valitsejadünastia

  8. Urinary Kidney Injury Molecule-1 (KIM-1 in Early Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Critically Ill

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irma Lestari Paramastuty


    Full Text Available Acute kidney injury (AKI often associated with a high hospital morbi-mortality rate in the intensive care unit patients. Kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1, has many characteristics of ideal biomarker for kidney injury. The aim of this study was to compared the temporal pattern of elevation urinary KIM-1 level following critically ill children with SCr as standart biomarker of AKI. Prospective analytic observational study was conducted during October to March 2014 in the Saiful Anwar General Hospital and Physiology Laboratory Brawijaya University. There were 13 critically ill as subjects. SCr and KIM-1 levels from all subjects were measured three times ( at admission, after 1st and 6th hour. Subjects were devided into AKI - non-AKI groups by SCr level and survivor - non survivor group at the and of the observations. Results showed that there were significantly increased levels of KIM-1 in the AKI and non-AKI and survivor-non survivor group at time point. However, we found that delta KIM-1 at time point increased significant in non AKI group and survivor group. KIM-1 at admission can diagnosed AKI in critically ill children. We conclude that urinary KIM-1 is a sensitive non-invasive biomarker to diagnosed acute kidney injury in critically ill children. Increase level of KIM-1 by time shows protective and good outcome in critically ill children.

  9. Holmium dodecaiodidoiron-octahedro-hexaholmium, {FeHo6}I12Ho

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerd Meyer


    Full Text Available Single crystals of {FeHo6}I12Ho were obtained during the reaction of HoI3 with metallic holmium and iron in a sealed tantalum container. The crystal structure consists of isolated holmium clusters encapsulating a single Fe atom, {FeHo6} (overline{3} symmetry. The rare earth metal atoms are surrounded by 12 edge-capping and six terminal iodide ligands that either connect the clusters to each other directly or via HoI6 octahedra (overline{3} symmetry.

  10. The diagnostic importance of the new marker KIM-1 in kidney damage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zofia Marchewka


    Full Text Available In recent years, the rapid development of scientific research led to the introduction of strategies based on new markers that allow for estimation of the latent disease period before the clinical symptoms of actual kidney failure are revealed.The experimental tests carried out on animals and cell lines derived from the proximal tubule have made possible the detection of genes that are induced early after hypoxia [1].The protein products of these genes can be considered as useful markers for the diagnosis of renal failure. The induction of gene KIM-1 (called Kidney Injury Molecule-1 results in the formation of protein that can be considered as a diagnostic marker.This work describes the data on the structure, biological function and importance of determining the concentrations of KIM-1 in the diagnosis of drug-induced toxicity and kidney damage.

  11. Ho

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Projects under Scientific and Technological planning of the education office, Jiangxi Province (GCJ2011-243), domestic visiting scholar of Jiangxi provincial higher education insti- tution, Jiangxi Province Training Programs of Innovation and. Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates (201310407028), the. Science Program of ...

  12. Ho3+ doped fluoroaluminate glass fibers for 2.9 µm lasing (United States)

    Jia, S. J.; Jia, Z. X.; Yao, C. F.; Wang, S. B.; Jiang, H. W.; Zhang, L.; Feng, Y.; Qin, G. S.; Ohishi, Y.; Qin, W. P.


    Ho3+ doped fluoroaluminate glass fibers based on chemically durable AlF3–BaF2–YF3–PbF2–MgF2–CaF2 glasses are fabricated by using a rod-in-tube method. By using an 84 cm long Ho3+-doped fluoroaluminate glass fiber as the gain medium and a 1120 nm fiber laser as the pump source, lasing at 2868 nm is obtained, the maximum unsaturated power is about 57 mW for a pump power of 1224 mW, and the corresponding slope efficiency is ~5.1%. The effect of the fiber length on lasing at 2868 nm is also investigated. Our results show that Ho3+-doped fluoroaluminate glass fibers are promising gain media for 2.9 µm laser applications.

  13. Thermochemistry of HO2 + HO2 → H2O4: Does HO2 Dimerization Affect Laboratory Studies? (United States)

    Sprague, Matthew K; Irikura, Karl K


    Self-reaction is an important sink for the hydroperoxy radical (HO2) in the atmosphere. It has been suggested (Denis, P. A.; Ornellas, F. R. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2009, 113 (2), 499-506) that the minor product hydrogen tetroxide (HO4H) may act as a reservoir of HO2. Here, we compute the thermochemistry of HO2 self-reactions to determine if either HO4H or the cyclic hydrogen-bound dimer (HO2)2 can act as reservoirs. We computed electronic energies using coupled-cluster calculations in the complete basis set limit, CCSD(T)/CBS[45]//CCSD(T)/cc-pVTZ. Our model chemistry includes corrections for vibrational anharmonicity in the zero-point energy and vibrational partition functions, core-valence correlation, scalar relativistic effects, diagonal Born-Oppenheimer, spin-orbit splitting, and higher-order corrections. We compute the Gibbs energy of dimerization to be (-20.1 ± 1.6) kJ/mol at 298.15 K (2σ uncertainty), and (-32.3 ± 1.5) kJ/mol at 220 K. For atmospherically relevant [HO2] = 10(8) molecules per cm(3), our thermochemistry indicates that dimerization will be negligible, and thus H2O4 species are atmospherically unimportant. Under conditions used in laboratory experiments ([HO2] > 10(12) molecules per cm(3), 220 K), H2O4 formation may be significant. We compute two absorption spectra that could be used for laboratory detection of HO4H: the OH stretch overtone (near-IR) and electronic (UV) spectra.

  14. Pharmacognostical Studies on the Crude Drugs of Orchidaceae from Taiwan (VI) : On "Kim-soan-lian"(金線連) (1)


    CHUN-CHING, LIN; TSUNEO, NAMBA; Research Institute for Wakan-Yaku, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University


    "Kim-soan-lian" (金線連), the most precious folk remedy in Taiwan, has been used for lung disease, pleurodynia, abdomen-pain, fever, hypertension and snake-bite. It is found that there are many kinds of "Kim-soan-lian" on the Taiwan market. To clarify their origins, histological studies were made. From the characteristics of the external and internal structures of the materials, it was found that "Kim-soan-lian" is derived from the entire plant or aerial part of the following species: (1) Anoect...

  15. Ho:YLF pumped HBr laser. (United States)

    Botha, L R; Bollig, C; Esser, M J D; Campbell, R N; Jacobs, C; Preussler, D R


    A Ho:YLF laser pumped HBr molecular laser was developed that produced up to 2.5 mJ of energy in the 4 micron wavelength region. The Ho:YLF laser was fiber pumped using a commercial Tm:fibre laser. The Ho:YLF laser was operated in a single longitudinal mode via injection seeding with a narrow band diode laser which in turn was locked to one of the HBr transitions. The behavior of the HBr laser was described using a rate equation mathematical model and this was solved numerically. Good agreement both qualitatively and quantitatively between the model and experimental results was obtained.

  16. HoME: a Household Multimodal Environment


    Brodeur, Simon; Perez, Ethan; Anand, Ankesh; Golemo, Florian; Celotti, Luca; Strub, Florian; Rouat, Jean; Larochelle, Hugo; Courville, Aaron


    We introduce HoME: a Household Multimodal Environment for artificial agents to learn from vision, audio, semantics, physics, and interaction with objects and other agents, all within a realistic context. HoME integrates over 45,000 diverse 3D house layouts based on the SUNCG dataset, a scale which may facilitate learning, generalization, and transfer. HoME is an open-source, OpenAI Gym-compatible platform extensible to tasks in reinforcement learning, language grounding, sound-based navigatio...

  17. Reaction rate constant of HO2+O3 measured by detecting HO2 from photofragment fluorescence (United States)

    Manzanares, E. R.; Suto, Masako; Lee, Long C.; Coffey, Dewitt, Jr.


    A room-temperature discharge-flow system investigation of the rate constant for the reaction 'HO2 + O3 yields OH + 2O2' has detected HO2 through the OH(A-X) fluorescence produced by photodissociative excitation of HO2 at 147 nm. A reaction rate constant of 1.9 + or - 0.3 x 10 to the -15th cu cm/molecule per sec is obtained from first-order decay of HO2 in excess O3; this agrees well with published data.

  18. Kebijakan Luar Negeri Korea Utara Dibawah Kepemimpinan Kim Jong UN dalam Proliferasi Nuklir terhadap Korea Selatan Tahun 2013-2015


    Rani, Faisyal; Putra, Andika Fajar Pratama


    This research describes foreign policy North Korea under the leadership of kim jong un in nuclear proliferation of against South Korea in 2013-2015. To described diplomatic relations between South Korea with North Korea. To know the explanation of the escalation conflict North Korea with South Korea under leadership Kim Jong Un. The theories applied is Behaviorism, philosophy in psychology based on a proposition that all done organisms including the act of the mind, or feeling can and has to ...

  19. Evaluation of Leuconostoc citreum HO12 and Weissella koreensis HO20 isolated from kimchi as a starter culture for whole wheat sourdough. (United States)

    Choi, Hyejung; Kim, Yeo-Won; Hwang, Inyoung; Kim, Jeongho; Yoon, Sun


    Leuconostoc citreum HO12 and Weissella koreensis HO20 isolated from kimchi were evaluated as starter cultures in the making of whole wheat sourdough bread. After 24h of fermentation at 25 °C, both lactobacilli grew to the final cell numbers of ca. 10(9)cfu/g dough, and both doughs had similar pHs and total titratable acidities. In addition, the fermentation quotient of the dough with Lc. citreum HO12 was slightly lower than that of the dough with W. koreensis HO20 (1.6 versus 2.8). Sourdoughs and bread with 50% sourdough produced with the starter cultures exhibited consistent ability to retard the growth of bread spoilage fungi (Penicillium roqueforti and Aspergillus niger) and rope-forming bacterium (Bacillus subtilis). Sourdough breads underwent a significant reduction in bread firming during storage. It seems that both lactobacilli have the potential to improve the shelf-life of wheat bread. The results indicate that the selected lactobacilli have unique fermentation characteristics and produce sourdough breads with overall satisfactory quality. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. HO-CHUNK: Radiation Transfer code (United States)

    Whitney, Barbara A.; Wood, Kenneth; Bjorkman, J. E.; Cohen, Martin; Wolff, Michael J.


    HO-CHUNK calculates radiative equilibrium temperature solution, thermal and PAH/vsg emission, scattering and polarization in protostellar geometries. It is useful for computing spectral energy distributions (SEDs), polarization spectra, and images.

  1. The neuroprotective effect of heme oxygenase (HO) on oxidative stress in HO-1 siRNA-transfected HT22 cells. (United States)

    Kaizaki, Asuka; Tanaka, Sachiko; Ishige, Kumiko; Numazawa, Satoshi; Yoshida, Takemi


    To investigate the role of heme oxygenase (HO) isozymes, we used siRNA technology to suppress HO-1 expression. HO-1 siRNA-transfected HT22 cells were vulnerable to hydrogen peroxide- and 4-hydroxynonenal-induced cytotoxicity. Biliverdin and bilirubin, degradative products of heme catalyzed by HO, protected HT22 cells from the insult of these oxidative stressors. These results suggest that inducible HO-1 plays a protective role against oxidative stress in HT22 cells.

  2. Demonstration of a hybrid Ho:YLF Ho:LuLF slab laser

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Esser, MJD


    Full Text Available The authors present a continuous-wave slab laser utilising both Ho:YLF and Ho:LuLF as laser gain media. 30 W of output power at 2 µm was demonstrated in a stable concave-plane resonator while 13 W was achieved in a hybrid stable...

  3. Vapor-liquid phase equilibria of water modelled by a Kim-Gordon potential

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maerzke, K A; McGrath, M J; Kuo, I W; Tabacchi, G; Siepmann, J I; Mundy, C J


    Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulations were carried out to investigate the properties of a frozen-electron-density (or Kim-Gordon, KG) model of water along the vapor-liquid coexistence curve. Because of its theoretical basis, such a KG model provides for seamless coupling to Kohn-Sham density functional theory for use in mixed quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) implementations. The Gibbs ensemble simulations indicate rather limited transferability of such a simple KG model to other state points. Specifically, a KG model that was parameterized by Barker and Sprik to the properties of liquid water at 300 K, yields saturated vapor pressures and a critical temperature that are significantly under- and over-estimated, respectively.

  4. Návrh týmového motivačního programu ve firmě FlatEarth


    Lukaniaková, Nina


    Diplomová práca sa zameriava na vytvorenie návrhu motivačného program v spoločnosti FlatEarth. Návrh tohoto programu sa odvíja od výsledkov výskumu uskutočneného v športových teamoch a medzi bývalými zamestnancami spoločnosti FlatEarth. The diploma thesis concentrates on the presentation of motivational programme in the company of our choice- FlatEarth. The suggestion of the motivational programme is based on the results from research conducted in the sport teams and among previous employe...

  5. Detectability of designer benzodiazepines in CEDIA, EMIT II Plus, HEIA, and KIMS II immunochemical screening assays. (United States)

    Pettersson Bergstrand, Madeleine; Helander, Anders; Hansson, Therese; Beck, Olof


    The emerging new psychoactive substances made available for recreational drug use have recently started to include designer benzodiazepines. As a consequence, the routine immunoassay drug testing for benzodiazepines may become less effective, due to an increased occurrence of 'false negative' and 'false positive' results. This work aimed to extend the knowledge of analytical cross-reactivity of 13 designer benzodiazepines in the CEDIA, EMIT II Plus, HEIA, and KIMS II immunoassays. Urine standards were prepared by spiking blank urine with clonazolam, deschloroetizolam, diclazepam, estazolam, etizolam, flubromazepam, flubromazolam, flutazolam, 3-hydroxyphenazepam, meclonazepam, nifoxipam, phenazepam, and pyrazolam. Authentic urine samples from intoxication cases identified by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) were also investigated. For the spiked standard samples, the 13 designer benzodiazepines generally showed a high cross-reactivity in all assays. This was further confirmed when investigating their detectability in authentic urine samples from cases of drug intake. The test responses also indicated additional reactivity from metabolites. The lowest detectability in spiked samples was observed for flutazolam, which shows the most divergent chemical structure compared with the other benzodiazepines. Overall, the KIMS II and CEDIA immunoassays, which both include enzymatic hydrolysis of conjugated forms, showed the highest, and EMIT II Plus the lowest degree of reactivity, for spiked parent substances and authentic urine specimens. The results of this study demonstrated that designer benzodiazepines can be detected in standard urine immunoassay drug screening and this should be taken into consideration when performing confirmation analysis. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  6. Social influence of a religious hero: the late Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan's effect on cornea donation and volunteerism. (United States)

    Bae, Hyuhn-Suhck; Brown, William J; Kang, Seok


    This study examined the mediated influence of a celebrated religious hero in South Korea, Cardinal Stephen Kim, through two forms of involvement--parasocial interaction and identification--on intention toward cornea donation and volunteerism, and it investigated how the news media diffused of his death. A structural equation modeling analysis with a Web-based voluntary survey of more than 1,200 people in South Korea revealed a multistep social influence process, beginning with parasocial interaction with Cardinal Kim, leading to identification with him, which predicted intention toward cornea donation and volunteerism. Additional investigations found that news of Cardinal Kim's death diffused rapidly through media and interpersonal communication. Results of this study demonstrate that religious leaders who achieve a celebrity hero status can prompt public discussion of important issues rather quickly through extensive media coverage, enabling them to promote prosocial behavior and positively affect public health.

  7. Conversion of homothallic yeast to heterothallism trough HO gene disruption

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Van Zyl, WH


    Full Text Available A simple method was developed for the conversion of homothallic Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeaststrains to heterothallism through HO gene disruption. An integrative ho:: neo disrupted allele was constructed by cloning a dominant selectable marker...

  8. Spin Waves in Ho2Co17

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clausen, Kurt Nørgaard; Lebech, Bente


    Spin wave excitations in a single crystal of Ho2Co17 have been studied at 4.8 and 78 K. The results are discussed in terms of a linear spin wave model. At 78 K both ground state and excited state spin waves are observed.......Spin wave excitations in a single crystal of Ho2Co17 have been studied at 4.8 and 78 K. The results are discussed in terms of a linear spin wave model. At 78 K both ground state and excited state spin waves are observed....

  9. Moral is political Notions of ideal citizenship in Lie Kim Hok’s Hikajat Khonghoetjoe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evi Sutrisno


    Full Text Available This paper argues that the Hikajat Khonghoetjoe (The life story of Confucius, written by Lie Kim Hok in 1897, is a medium to propose modern ideas of flexible subjectivity, cosmopolitanism, active citizenship and the concepts of good governance to the Chinese Peranakans who experienced political and racial discrimination under Dutch colonization. Using the figure of Confucius, Lie aimed to cultivate virtuous subjects who apply their faith and morality in political sphere. He intended to raise political awareness and rights among the Chinese as colonial subjects and to valorize their bargaining power with the Dutch colonial government. By introducing Confucianism, Lie proposed that the Chinese reconnect themselves with China as an alternative patronage which could subvert White supremacy. Instead of using sources in Chinese, Lie translated the biography of Confucius from the European texts. In crafting his story, Lie applied conglomerate authorship, a technique commonly practised by Malay authors. It allowed him to select, combine and appropriate the source texts. To justify that Confucius' virtue and his teaching were superb and are applicable to contemporary life, Lie borrowed and emphasized European writers’ high appraisal of Confucianism, instead of using his own arguments and opinions. I call this writing technique “indirect agency”.

  10. PerspektifInsider-Outsider dalam StudiAgama: Membaca Gagasan Kim Knott

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sujiat Zubaidi Saleh


    Full Text Available This article contains a study of Kim Knott which gives a new offer in religious study. This is due to many universities store a number of constraints surrounding the study of religion. In addition, the occurrence of methodology stagnant in the students circumstance in applying explorative studies about religion. In this study, Knott tries to take eliminate the subjectivity element by aparting two basic problems; between emic perspective appeared from the studies of insider, and ethical perspective from outsider. In the end, Knott divides roles conceptions in empowering the social religious interconections into four elements; the pure participant, the observer as participant, the participant as observer, dan the pure observer. However, this pattern turns out to save a serious problem in the benchmark objectivity. Because the issue is whether the observer from outsider is excatly objective, reliable, and has scientific validity seen from the view of insider. In this regard, Knott tries to put both frameworks in the rapprochement method. This approach is an intersubjective solution to give a position of observer in the margin of appreciation as the border line between insider-outsider. With this approach, the religious study is expected will be more objective and distant from the subjectivity element.

  11. Kim Wŏn-haeng’s Intellectual Influences on Hong Tae-yong: The Case of Relations between

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Login Lok-yin Law


    Full Text Available In the 18th century Chosŏn (1392-1910, some scholars, such as Hong Tae-yong (1731-1783 advocated that Chosŏn should learn the advantages of the Qing (1644-1912 society to reform the social structure and government of Chosŏn. The school of these advocates has been known as Pukhak by historians. The intellectual factors of the school of Pukhak’s formation and development have been overlooked by the academia of Chosŏn intellectual history. In fact, Pukhak was closely related to the idea of the school of Nakhak which believed that nature of things was equivalent to humans. Kim Wŏn-haeng, was one of the supporters of Nakhak and Hong Tae-yong was one of the students of Kim. Hong’s thought and writing exposed that his thought was profoundly influenced by Kim Wŏn-haeng. Hong was deemed to be the first prominent scholar of the Pukhak School during the 18th century Chosŏn. Hong and other scholars of Pukhak advocated learning the new knowledge from Qing China even though it was a barbarian society. Therefore, this paper will investigate the intellectual relationships between Hong Tae-yong and Kim Wŏn-haeng to reveal how intellectuals of Nakhak shaped the formation of Pukhak School and exposed the idea of learning from Qing China.

  12. Language and Family Dispersion: North Korean Linguist Kim Su-gyŏng and the Korean War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ryuta Itagaki


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the unpublished memoir of Kim Su-gyŏng (1918–2000, a linguist who was active in North Korea from the mid-1940s until the late 1960s, and situates his account of his experience of the Korean War within the context of his linguistic essays and correspondence. In doing so, the article considers the role that the personal and the social play in language, utilizing Saussure’s theoretical framework, with which Kim himself was well versed. Kim wrote his memoirs in the 1990s to his family, from whom he had become separated during the Korean War and who now lived in Toronto. In this text, he writes in “personal” language that reveals his uncertainty and his feelings for his family, but then immediately negates these feelings through the use of “social” language, which resonates with his interpretation of the linguistic thesis that Josef Stalin developed during the Korean War on language and national identity. For Kim, the relationship between language and nation was not at all self-evident, but something that he idealized in response to the dispersal of his family. By offering a reflexive reading of a memoir written by a North Korean linguist, this article makes a breakthrough in the investigation of North Korean wartime academic history, which has not risen above the level of analyzing articles in the field of linguistics that were published at the time.

  13. "Sundiata, Lion King of Mali." Adapted by Kim Hines, Featuring Griot Alhaji Papa Susso, Cue Sheet for Students. (United States)

    Freeman, Aakhu TuahNera

    This performance guide is designed for teachers to use with students before and after a performance of "Sundiata: Lion King of Mali," adapted by Kim Hines and featuring Griot Alhaji Papa Susso. The guide, called a "Cuesheet," contains seven activity sheets for use in class, addressing: (1) Sundiata: Man & Myth (discusses…

  14. Ultraviolet Absorption Cross Sections of HO2NO2 Vapor. (United States)


    Pernitric acid (also called peroxynitric acid ), HO2 NO2 , is formed in the atmosphere by recombination of HO2 and NO2 radi- cals: HO2 + NO 2 M-- HO2 N02 (1...Jesson, J.P., L.P. Glasgow, D.L. Filkin, and C. Miller (1977), The Stratospheric Abundance of Peroxynitric Acid , Geophys. Res. Lett., 4, 513-516...and J.H. Shaw (1977), The Kinetics and Mechanism of the HO -NO Reactions: The Significance of Peroxynitric Acid Formation in Plotochemical Smog

  15. Reclassification of Bifidobacterium stercoris Kim et al. 2010 as a later heterotypic synonym of Bifidobacterium adolescentis. (United States)

    Killer, J; Sedláček, I; Rada, V; Havlík, J; Kopečný, J


    The taxonomic position of Bifidobacterium stercoris Eg1(T) ( = JCM 15918(T)) based on comparative 16S rRNA gene and hsp60 sequence analyses was found to be controversial, as the strain showed high similarity to the type strain of Bifidobacterium adolescentis, CCUG 18363(T). Therefore, the relationship between the two species was investigated by a taxonomic study that included, in addition to re-evaluation of the 16S rRNA gene sequence, determination of DNA-DNA binding and multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) of housekeeping genes encoding the DNA-directed RNA polymerase B subunit (rpoC), putative xylulose-5-phosphate/fructose-6-phosphate phosphoketolase (xfp), elongation factor EF-G (fusA), 50S ribosomal protein L2 (rplB) and DNA gyrase B subunit (gyrB). Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis showed relatively high similarity (98.9 %) between B. stercoris KCTC 5756(T) and B. adolescentis ATCC 15703(T). MLSA revealed close relatedness between B. stercoris KCTC 5756(T) and B. adolescentis CCUG 18363(T), with 99.3-100 % similarity between the rpoC, xfp, fusA, rplB and gyrB gene sequences. In addition, relatively high dnaJ1 gene sequence similarity of 97.7 % was found between the strains. Similar phenotypes and a high DNA-DNA binding value (78.9 %) confirmed that B. stercoris and B. adolescentis are synonymous. Based on these results, it is proposed that the species Bifidobacterium stercoris Kim et al. 2010 should be reclassified as a later heterotypic synonym of Bifidobacterium adolescentis Reuter 1963 (Approved Lists 1980).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Balachandra Parashuram Sanganal


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Carcinoma oesophagus is aggressive tumour with poor prognosis occurring in mid to late adulthood with most cases presenting in the late stages. Surgical therapy remains the main stay therapy. Survival rate varies from 10 to 45% depending upon the stage. Primary goal of palliation is restoration of swallowing, relief of pain and local control of disease. The aim of the study is to study the- 1. Various clinical modes of presentation of oesophageal cancer and their correlates. 2. Outcome of the transhiatal oesophagectomy surgery. 3. Histopathological profile of the tumour. MATERIALS AND METHODS 30 patients with oesophageal carcinoma (of lower one third admitted at KIMS, Hubli, were enrolled. Data was collected using a pretested proforma. The cases were subjected to surgery (transhiatal oesophagectomy after relevant investigations and confirmation of diagnosis by endoscopic biopsy. RESULTS Males are more commonly affected. Maximum incidence of disease was noted in 5th and 6th decades of life. 33.3% cases were tobacco chewers and 20% consumed alcohol. Dysphagia was the commonest presenting feature seen in all the 30 patients. Weight loss was present in 24 patients. Morphologically, 53.3% had ulcerative growth and 46.6% had ulceroproliferative growth of lesion. Most common postoperative complications was pneumonia and anastomotic leak. Postoperative mortality rate was 20%. Most common histological variety of carcinoma oesophagus was squamous cell carcinoma. CONCLUSION Smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol consumption are important risk factors in development of carcinoma oesophagus. Larger study and regular follow up are required for long-term survival rate estimation.

  17. Heterogeneous photochemistry of imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde: HO2 radical formation and aerosol growth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. González Palacios


    Full Text Available The multiphase chemistry of glyoxal is a source of secondary organic aerosol (SOA, including its light-absorbing product imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde (IC. IC is a photosensitizer that can contribute to additional aerosol ageing and growth when its excited triplet state oxidizes hydrocarbons (reactive uptake via H-transfer chemistry. We have conducted a series of photochemical coated-wall flow tube (CWFT experiments using films of IC and citric acid (CA, an organic proxy and H donor in the condensed phase. The formation rate of gas-phase HO2 radicals (PHO2 was measured indirectly by converting gas-phase NO into NO2. We report on experiments that relied on measurements of NO2 formation, NO loss and HONO formation. PHO2 was found to be a linear function of (1 the [IC]  ×  [CA] concentration product and (2 the photon actinic flux. Additionally, (3 a more complex function of relative humidity (25 %  <  RH  <  63 % and of (4 the O2 ∕ N2 ratio (15 %  <  O2 ∕ N2  <  56 % was observed, most likely indicating competing effects of dilution, HO2 mobility and losses in the film. The maximum PHO2 was observed at 25–55 % RH and at ambient O2 ∕ N2. The HO2 radicals form in the condensed phase when excited IC triplet states are reduced by H transfer from a donor, CA in our system, and subsequently react with O2 to regenerate IC, leading to a catalytic cycle. OH does not appear to be formed as a primary product but is produced from the reaction of NO with HO2 in the gas phase. Further, seed aerosols containing IC and ammonium sulfate were exposed to gas-phase limonene and NOx in aerosol flow tube experiments, confirming significant PHO2 from aerosol surfaces. Our results indicate a potentially relevant contribution of triplet state photochemistry for gas-phase HO2 production, aerosol growth and ageing in the atmosphere.

  18. Preface: Recent Developments in Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Symbiotic Copepoda (Crustacea)-A Volume in Celebration of the Career of Prof. Il-Hoi Kim. (United States)

    Huys, Rony


    Symbiosis is one of the most successful modes of life displayed by aquatic organisms, as measured by the number of times it evolved and how many symbiotic species are presently in existence. Among the Crustacea copepods utilize an extraordinary range of hosts, occurring on virtually every phylum of marine macroinvertebrates and, jointly with the monogeneans, are the most speciose group of metazoan ectoparasites of marine fishes (Rhode 2005). Several species have a major impact on global finfish and shellfish aquaculture, causing significant effects on farm production, economic viability and sustainability (Shinn et al. 2015). Parasitism by copepods on other metazoans has evolved independently numerous times in the evolutionary history of animal life on Earth and has led to an exceptional diversity in morphologies, physiologies, life-strategies and habitat preferences of its members. Reflecting the diversity of hosts, copepods show an amazing variety of adaptations which secure infection of and survival on the hosts. Since the first descriptions of parasitic copepods occurring on fish by Linnaeus (1758) and the first report of a copepod utilizing an invertebrate host by Say (1818) (Clausidium caudatum (Say, 1818)) the number of described symbiotic copepods has seen a steady increase over a 200-yr period, culminating in a total of 5,306 valid species recognized today. About 38% of all described copepod species utilize either vertebrate (2,450 spp.) or invertebrate hosts (2,856 spp.), however, many host groups have not been thoroughly examined, and for this reason even approximate estimates of true species numbers are futile. Plotting the proposal of new species by decade (Fig. 1) shows a sharp rise since 1950 with 67% of the species having been described in the preceding 65 years. This period of exceptionally rapid progress can be attributed to a number of highly prolific investigators such as Arthur Humes, Il-Hoi Kim, Ju-shey Ho and Jan Stock who, single-handedly or

  19. 10-W Ho laser for surgery (United States)

    Boutchenkov, Vyatcheslav A.; Utenkov, Boris I.; Antipenko, Boris M.; Berezin, Yuri D.; Malinin, Boris G.; Serebryakov, Victor A.


    Practical use of laser tecnique surgery demonstrated the true choice of lasers generating in the long wavelength spectrum. In this field the pigment content of biologic tissues is not noted at absorption spectrum. The latter is generally defined by the percentage of water in tissues. Among the known laser types the nost proved and developed are the lasers generating at 1060 nm, 2090 nm, 2900 nm and 10600 nm. Ho-lasers of 2090 nm radiation wavelength are perspective instruments for surgery purposes due to the high radiation absorption at biologic tissues: 30 cm-1. This value is much higher than the absoptance at 1060 nm and a little bit lower at 1060 nni. An important feature that distinguishes Ho-laser among other types is the possibility of its use with fiber channel made of fused silica for abdominal operations.

  20. Tessellation of SoHO Magnetograms

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... flux concentrations in solar and heliospheric observatory (SoHO) magnetograms. The mean absolute flux and size of the concentrations at the considered scale is found to be about 1.7 × 1018Mx and 5.2Mm for both polarities. The form of the flux distribution is characterized by a skewness of 3 = 4.9 and a kurtosis of 4, ...

  1. Tessellation of SoHO Magnetograms

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    trations in solar and heliospheric observatory (SoHO) magnetograms. The mean absolute flux and size of the concentrations at the considered scale is found to be about 1.7 × 1018Mx and 5.2Mm for both polarities. The form of the flux distribution is characterized by a skewness of α3 = 4.9 and a kurtosis of α4, = 42.8. The fall ...

  2. A KIM-compliant potfit for fitting sloppy interatomic potentials: Application to the EDIP model for silicon

    CERN Document Server

    Wen, Mingjian; Brommer, Peter; Elliott, Ryan S; Sethna, James P; Tadmor, Ellad B


    Fitted interatomic potentials are widely used in atomistic simulations thanks to their ability to compute the energy and forces on atoms quickly. However, the simulation results crucially depend on the quality of the potential being used. Force matching is a method aimed at constructing reliable and transferable interatomic potentials by matching the forces computed by the potential as closely as possible, with those obtained from first principles calculations. The potfit program is an implementation of the force-matching method that optimizes the potential parameters using a global minimization algorithm followed by a local minimization polish. We extended potfit in two ways. First, we adapted the code to be compliant with the KIM Application Programming Interface (API) standard (part of the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models Project). This makes it possible to use potfit to fit many KIM potential models, not just those prebuilt into the potfit code. Second, we incorporated the geodesic Levenberg--Marquardt...

  3. "Don't you realize it's Just Her Disguise?" : Performances of femininity by Kim Gordon, Tori Amos and Gillian Welch


    Håkensen, Siv Tonje


    Women who perform popular music are also performing gender. This is both because gender can be understood as performance and because musical conventions and styles carry with them assumptions about femininity and masculinity. This thesis concerns three female popular music artists; Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Tori Amos and Gillian Welch, and their performances of femininity. As these artists have been presented as or have presented themselves as in some way "authentic", my readings of these ar...

  4. Differential nephron HO-1 expression following glomerular epithelial cell injury. (United States)

    Datta, Prasun K; Reddy, Sreenivas; Sharma, Mukut; Lianos, Elias A


    In proteinuria of glomerular origin there is upregulation of heme-oxygenase (HO), the rate-limiting enzyme of heme degradation, in the nephron in a segment-specific manner. To better characterize this phenomenon, we employed a model of proteinuria resulting from disruption of the glomerular capillary permeability barrier to protein by administration of the glomerular epithelial cell toxin puromycin aminonucleoside (PAN) to rats. In this model, we assessed nephron distribution of the expression of the inducible HO isoform, HO-1, and the role of free radicals in modulating HO-1 expression. Rats were injected with either vehicle (dimethyl sulfoxide) or PAN or the spin trap free radical stabilizer alpha-phenyl-N-tert butyl nitrone (PBN), or with both PAN and PBN. Ten days following the PAN injection, urine protein, creatinine, nitric oxide (NO) and malonyldialdehyde (MDA) were measured. Kidney sections and protein lysates were assessed for changes in HO-1 expression by immunohistochemistry and Western blot analysis. In control animals (DMSO or PBN alone) there was no proteinuria and very weak or absent HO-1 staining in nephron segments. PAN treatment induced proteinuria and increased urine MDA excretion. In these animals, there was a robust HO-1 expression mainly in tubules and in glomerular parietal but not visceral epithelial cells. Unilateral ureteral obstruction to interrupt glomerular filtration in animals treated with PAN abrogated tubular HO-1 expression in the kidney ipsilateral to the obstruction. Administration of PBN to PAN-treated animals reduced proteinuria and MDA excretion while it markedly augmented tubular HO-1 expression. This augmentation was prominent in tubular cells of the inner cortex/outer medulla. These observations indicate that upregulation of nephron HO-1 following disruption of the glomerular permeability barrier occurs at sites downstream of this barrier and is mediated by a filtered HO-1 inducer(s). Scavenging of free radicals potentiates

  5. Design průmyslového planetového mixéru


    Škodová, Nina


    Diplomová práce je zaměřena na design průmyslového planetového mixéru o objemu díže 40 litrů. Cílem je vytvoření designu zohledňující ergonomii a konstrukční a technologické požadavky. The diploma thesis is focused on the design of an industrial planetary mixer with a volume of 40 liters. The goal is to create a design that takes account of ergonomics and design and technology requirements. C


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pebriana Marlinda


    Full Text Available Abstrak :            Penelitian tentang pengendalian dalam penerbitan izin gangguan (HO di Kecamatan Margahayu Kabupaten Bandung menjelaskan tentang tahap-tahap pengendalian yang dilakukan oleh aparat Kecamatan Margahayu. Pengendalian dilakukan untuk memastikan agar penerbitan izin gangguan (HO berjalan dengan efektif. Namun, masih ada pelaku usaha yang belum memiliki surat izin gangguan (HO ataupun pelaku usaha yang sudah memiliki surat izin gangguan (HO akan tetapi kegiatan usahanya merugkan orang lain seperti sampah yang berserakan, polusi udara, polusi suara, dan lain-lain.                            Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode penelitian deduktif kualitatif dengan teknik pengumpulan data melalui studi kepustakaan dan studi lapangan yang meliputi observasi dan wawancara mendalam. Adapun penentuan informan dalam penelitian ini dipilih berdasarkan pertimbangan-pertimbangan dengan pihak-pihak yang terkait dalam pengendalian. Kemudian data yang diperoleh dari hasil wawancara dipaparkan dengan langkah-langkah yang meliputi: reduksi data, penyajian data, menarik kesimpulan/verifikasi. Teori yang digunakan penulis dalam penelitian ini adalah teori dari Stephen P. Robbins tentang tahap-tahap pengendalian yaitu: mengukur kinerja aktual, membandingkan kinerja aktual dengan standar, dan mengambil tindakan manajerial.                            Kesimpulan dari hasil penelitian ini adalah pengendalian yang dilakukan olehaparat Kecamatan Margahayu telah melalui tahap-tahap pengendalian yaitu: mengukur kinerja aktual, membandingkan kinerja aktual dengan standar, dan mengambil tindakan manajerial. Namun perlu dilakukan penguatan di setiap tahap pengendalian terutama pada tahap mengukur kinerja aktual dan pada tahap mengambil tindakan manajerial                            Penelitian tentang pengendalian dalam penerbitan izin gangguan (HO di Kecamatan

  7. A kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1) gene reporter in a mouse artificial chromosome: the responsiveness to cisplatin toxicity in immortalized mouse kidney S3 cells. (United States)

    Kokura, Kenji; Kuromi, Yasushi; Endo, Takeshi; Anzai, Naohiko; Kazuki, Yasuhiro; Oshimura, Mitsuo; Ohbayashi, Tetsuya


    Kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1) has been validated as a urinary biomarker for acute and chronic renal damage. The expression of Kim-1 mRNA is also activated by acute kidney injury induced by cisplatin in rodents and humans. To date, the measurement of Kim-1 expression has not fully allowed the detection of in vitro cisplatin nephrotoxicity in immortalized culture cells, such as human kidney-2 cells and immortalized proximal tubular epithelial cells. We measured the augmentation of Kim-1 mRNA expression after the addition of cisplatin using immortalized S3 cells established from the kidneys of transgenic mice harboring temperature-sensitive large T antigen from Simian virus 40. A mouse Kim-1 gene luciferase reporter in conjunction with an Hprt gene reporter detected cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in S3 cells. These two reporter genes were contained in a mouse artificial chromosome, and two luciferases that emitted different wavelengths were used to monitor the respective gene expression. However, the Kim-1 reporter gene failed to respond to cisplatin in A9 fibroblast cells that contained the same reporter mouse artificial chromosome, suggesting cell type-specificity for activation of the reporter. We report the feasibility of measuring in vitro cisplatin nephrotoxicity using a Kim-1 reporter gene in S3 cells. © 2016 The Authors. The Journal of Gene Medicine Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  8. Lactobacillus curvatus WiKim38 isolated from kimchi induces IL-10 production in dendritic cells and alleviates DSS-induced colitis in mice. (United States)

    Jo, Sung-Gang; Noh, Eui-Jeong; Lee, Jun-Young; Kim, Green; Choi, Joo-Hee; Lee, Mo-Eun; Song, Jung-Hee; Chang, Ji-Yoon; Park, Jong-Hwan


    Probiotics such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria have healthpromoting effects by immune modulation. In the present study, we examined the immunomodulatory properties of Lactobacillus curvatus WiKim38, which was newly isolated from baechu (Chinese cabbage) kimchi. The ability of L. curvatus WiKim38 to induce cytokine production in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (BMDCs) was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. To evaluate the molecular mechanisms underlying L. curvatus Wikim38-mediated IL-10 production, Western blot analyses and inhibitor assays were performed. Moreover, the in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of L. curvatus WiKim38 were examined in a dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-induced colitis mouse model. L. curvatus WiKim38 induced significantly higher levels of IL-10 in BMDCs compared with that induced by LPS. NF-κB and ERK were activated by L. curvatus WiKim38, and an inhibitor assay revealed that these pathways were required for L. curvatus WiKim38-induced production of IL-10 in BMDCs. An in vivo experiment showed that oral administration of L. curvatus WiKim38 increased the survival rate of mice with DSS-induced colitis and improved clinical signs and histopathological severity in colon tissues. Taken together, these results indicate that L. curvatus Wikim38 may have health-promoting effects via immune modulation, and may thus be applicable for therapy of various inflammatory diseases.

  9. Comparison of the emission properties of Ho 3+ :KPb 2 Cl 5 and Ho ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    properties of Ho3+ doped low phonon halides (KPb2 Cl 5 ) with those of their fluoride counterparts. Results show 2 5 that mid-IR emission wavelengths that appeared in the halide hosts were effectively quenched in the fluorides. Furthermore, the emission lifetimes of the halides did not vary significantly with temperature, ...

  10. Antiperovskite nitridophosphate oxide Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O by high-pressure metathesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kloss, Simon D.; Weidmann, Niels; Schnick, Wolfgang [Department of Chemistry, University of Munich (LMU), Butenandtstrasse 5-13, 81377, Munich (Germany)


    Rare-earth nitridophosphates are a recently discovered class of materials, which are accessible by high-pressure metathesis. Antiperovskite-type Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O was synthesized from HoF{sub 3}, LiPN{sub 2}, Li{sub 3}N, and Li{sub 2}O at 5 GPa and ca. 1025 C by this method and the multianvil technique. Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O contains rarely observed isolated PN{sub 4} tetrahedra and can be derived by the hierarchical substitution of the ABX{sub 3} perovskite, in which Ho occupies the X positions, O occupies the B position, and the PN{sub 4} tetrahedra occupy the A position. The structure was refined on the basis of powder diffraction data [I4/mcm, a = 6.36112(3), c = 10.5571(1) Aa, Z = 4, R{sub wp} = 0.04, R{sub Bragg} = 0.01, χ{sup 2} = 2.275] starting from the structural model of isotypic Gd{sub 3}[SiN{sub 3}O]O. To characterize Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O, elemental analyses were performed through energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O is paramagnetic down to low temperatures with μ{sub eff} = 10.43(1) μ{sub B} and a Curie temperature (Θ) of 0.11(4) K. It shows the optical characteristics of Ho{sup 3+} ions and vibrations corresponding to isolated PN{sub 4} tetrahedra. On the basis of DFT calculations [generalized gradient approximation (GGA)], Ho{sub 3}[PN{sub 4}]O has an indirect band gap of 1.87 eV. We demonstrate the versatility of high-pressure metathesis by attaining the low end of the P/N atomic ratio κ = 1/4. This confirms the previous assumption that rare-earth nitridophosphates with κ = 1/2 to 1/4 are feasible by this method. (copyright 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  11. EGR-1 regulates Ho-1 expression induced by cigarette smoke

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Huaqun, E-mail: [Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 210029 (China); Wang, Lijuan; Gong, Tao; Yu, Yang; Zhu, Chunhua; Li, Fen; Wang, Li [Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 210029 (China); Li, Chaojun, E-mail: [Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 210029 (China); Model Animal Research Center (MARC) and The School of Medicine, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210095 (China)


    As an anti-oxidant molecule, heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) has been implicated in the protection of lung injury by cigarette smoke (CS). The mechanisms regulating its expression have not been defined. In this report, the role of early growth response 1 (EGR-1) in the regulation of Ho-1 expression was investigated. In C57BL/6 mice with CS exposure, HO-1 was greatly increased in bronchial epithelial cells and alveolar inflammatory cells. In primary cultured mouse lung fibroblasts and RAW264.7 cells exposed to cigarette smoke water extract (CSE), an increase in HO-1 protein level was detected. In addition, CSE induced HO-1 expression was decreased in Egr-1 deficient mouse embryo fibroblasts (Egr-1{sup -/-} MEFs). Nuclear localization of EGR-1 was examined in mouse lung fibroblasts after exposure to CSE. Luciferase reporter activity assays showed that the enhancer region of the Ho-1 gene containing a proposed EGR-1 binding site was responsible for the induction of HO-1. A higher increase of alveolar mean linear intercept (Lm) was observed in lung tissues, and a larger increase in the number of total cells and monocytes/macrophages from bronchial alveolar lavage fluid was found in CS-exposed mice by loss of function of EGR-1 treatment. In summary, the present data demonstrate that EGR-1 plays a critical role in HO-1 production induced by CS.

  12. Sewage, Septage and faecal sludge management profile in Ho ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The paper presents the sewage, septage and faecal sludge management profile in the Ho District of Ghana. The excreta handling facilities available in Ho District are water closet systems, KVIP, pan/bucket latrines and public latrines. About 71 per cent of the population, especially people in the densely populated and low ...

  13. New Nordic Exceptionalism: Jeuno JE Kim and Ewa Einhorn's The United Nations of Norden and other realist utopias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mathias Danbolt


    Full Text Available At the 2009 Nordic Culture Forum summit in Berlin that centered on the profiling and branding of the Nordic region in a globalized world, one presenter stood out from the crowd. The lobbyist Annika Sigurdardottir delivered a speech that called for the establishment of “The United Nations of Norden”: A Nordic union that would gather the nations and restore Norden's role as the “moral superpower of the world.” Sigurdardottir's presentation generated such a heated debate that the organizers had to intervene and reveal that the speech was a performance made by the artists Jeuno JE Kim and Ewa Einhorn. This article takes Kim and Einhorn's intervention as a starting point for a critical discussion of the history and politics of Nordic image-building. The article suggests that the reason Kim and Einhorn's speech passed as a serious proposal was due to its meticulous mimicking of two discursive formations that have been central to the debates on the branding of Nordicity over the last decades: on the one hand, the discourse of “Nordic exceptionalism,” that since the 1960s has been central to the promotion of a Nordic political, socio-economic, and internationalist “third way” model, and, on the other hand, the discourse on the “New Nordic,” that emerged out of the New Nordic Food-movement in the early 2000s, and which has given art and culture a privileged role in the international re-fashioning of the Nordic brand. Through an analysis of Kim and Einhorn's United Nations of Norden (UNN-performance, the article examines the historical development and ideological underpinnings of the image of Nordic unity at play in the discourses of Nordic exceptionalism and the New Nordic. By focusing on how the UNN-project puts pressure on the role of utopian imaginaries in the construction of Nordic self-images, the article describes the emergence of a discursive framework of New Nordic Exceptionalism.

  14. Report on visit from Prof. Kim Lutzen: Friday, 6 November 1998, Korolinska Institute (dept of nursing Stockholm, Sweden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim Lutzen


    Full Text Available Prof. Kim Lutzen contacted the Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences, Unisa, via the Department's Web Page. Prof. Lutzen is the Chair of the Department of Nursing, which offers undergraduate, master and doctoral programmes. This Department of Nursing is situated within the Karolinska Institute, which comprises 29 Departments of Health Sciences, including a number of Medical Departments, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Nursing. Prof. Lutzen emphasised that there is no Swedish phrase similar to "nursing science", consequently this t e n seems to be somewhat unfamiliar to the Swedish nurses. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  15. Report on visit from Prof. Kim Lutzen: Friday, 6 November 1998, Korolinska Institute (dept of nursing Stockholm, Sweden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim Lutzen


    Full Text Available Prof. Kim Lutzen contacted the Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences, Unisa, via the Department's Web Page. Prof. Lutzen is the Chair of the Department of Nursing, which offers undergraduate, master and doctoral programmes. This Department of Nursing is situated within the Karolinska Institute, which comprises 29 Departments of Health Sciences, including a number of Medical Departments, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Nursing. Prof. Lutzen emphasised that there is no Swedish phrase similar to "nursing science", consequently this t e n seems to be somewhat unfamiliar to the Swedish nurses. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  16. A Density Functional Approach to Polarizable Models: A Kim-Gordon-Response Density Interaction Potential for Molecular Simulations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tabacchi, G; Hutter, J; Mundy, C


    A combined linear response--frozen electron density model has been implemented in a molecular dynamics scheme derived from an extended Lagrangian formalism. This approach is based on a partition of the electronic charge distribution into a frozen region described by Kim-Gordon theory, and a response contribution determined by the instaneous ionic configuration of the system. The method is free from empirical pair-potentials and the parameterization protocol involves only calculations on properly chosen subsystems. They apply this method to a series of alkali halides in different physical phases and are able to reproduce experimental structural and thermodynamic properties with an accuracy comparable to Kohn-Sham density functional calculations.

  17. K2Ho(PO4(WO4

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katherina V. Terebilenko


    Full Text Available A new compound, dipotassium holmium(III phosphate(V tungstate(VI, K2Ho(PO4(WO4, has been obtained during investigation of the K2O–P2O5–WO3–HoF3 phase system using the flux technique. The compound is isotypic with K2Bi(PO4(WO4. Its framework structure consists of flat ∞2[HoPO4] layers parallel to (100 that are made up of ∞1[HoO8] zigzag chains interlinked via slightly distorted PO4 tetrahedra. WO4 tetrahedra are attached above and below these layers, leaving space for the K+ counter-cations. The HoO8, PO4 and WO4 units exhibit 2 symmetry.

  18. Muusikauudised : Lu : k ja Jäääär koos laval. Britney Spears tegutseb. Lenny Kravitz ja Mick Jagger. Kim Wilde

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tartus Sõbra majas toimunud kontserdist. Videost "Britney: The video". Heliplaatidest: "Britney", "The Best of Pink Floyd", "Lenny", Mick Jagger "Goddess In The Doorway", "The Very Best Of Kim Wilde"

  19. Vývoj a zavedenie informačného systému pre podporu podnikových procesov


    Volko, Martin


    Diplomová práca sa zameriava na vývoj informačného systému určeného pre správu vnútropodnikových procesov spoločnosti IJM Group, s.r.o. Zobrazuje teoretické východiská, na ktoré nadväzuje ťažisková časť diplomovej práce rozoberajúca návrh, vývoj a implementáciu samotného systému. Master’s thesis is focusing on the development of informatic system designed for the intra-enterprise processes of IJM Group s. r. o. company. The main part of the thesis dealing with the development and implement...

  20. Helen Kim as New Woman and Collaborator: A Comprehensive Assessment of Korean Collaboration under Japanese Colonial Rule

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    AhRan Ellie Bae


    Full Text Available Although almost seventy years has passed since Korea's liberation from Japanese rule, the issue of collaboration still haunts Korea today. Attempts to resolve this issue have tended to focus attention on the traitorous actions of "collaborators" without considering the gray areas that surround their actions such as the circumstances that influenced the accused to commit their alleged traitorous acts and the intentions that drove their decisions. Helen Kim, as a "new woman" and an educator, valued the necessity of providing education for women. Yet, her efforts to realize this goal, to the contrary, forced her into actions that would later be used to construct a reputation as a Japanese collaborator. Korea's nationalist historiography has a tendency to polarize this issue by categorizing a "collaborator" as either a traitor or a patriot. However, when we take a closer look at these collaborators' lives, we discover that most collaboration happened in gray areas where it is often difficult to clearly draw a line between treason and collaboration. Helen Kim's case suggests that the issue of collaboration cannot be fully explained by nationalist historiography's framework and we must give attention to these gray areas. Through her story I hope to complicate the issue of collaboration by raising questions that address the gray areas that surround the actions of "collaborators." In doing so, I hope to challenge the nationalist historiography's propensity to oversimplify this issue and present a more nuanced understanding of it.

  1. Konstrukce nestandardního kola


    Mihálik, Boris


    Cieľom tejto bakalárskej práce je návrh a konštrukcia chopper bicykla určeného na propagačné účely. V prvej časti je definovaný chopper bicykel a jeho vhodnosť pre propagačné účely. Druhá časť sa zaoberá koncepciou riešenia a výberom variant riešenia jednotlivých konštrukčných uzlov bicykla. Konečným návrhom konštrukcie ako aj ekonomickým zhodnotením sa zaoberá časť tretia. The aim of this bachelor work is design and construction of chopper bicycle designed for promotional purposes. The fi...

  2. Lanthanide recognition: A Ho{sup 3+} potentiometric membrane sensor as a probe for determination of terazosin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ganjali, Mohammad Reza, E-mail: [Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Shams, Haniyeh [Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University of Shahrerey Branch, Shahrerey (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Faridbod, Farnoush [Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Hajiaghababaei, Leila [Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University of Shahrerey Branch, Shahrerey (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Norouzi, Parviz [Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Tehran University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    In this study, complexation of N'-(1-pyridin-2-ylmethylene)-2-furohydrazide (NFH) with some metal ions was investigated by conductometry and spectroscopy. Then, a Ho{sup 3+} potentiometric membrane sensor was prepared based on the highly selective complexation between this ionophore and Ho{sup 3+}. These new ionophores are more selective than the previously reported ones. In this work, for the first time, the proposed sensor was applied in indirect determination of the terazocine in its pharmaceutical formulation. The interest in constructing lanthanide sensors arises because they have similar ionic radii to calcium, but a higher charge density, which allows them to be used as probes to find the interactions between Ca{sup 2+} and biologically important molecules.

  3. Green up-conversion of C12A7–Ho{sup 3+} prepared by co-precipitation method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liao, SongYi; Yao, Rui; Liu, YuChen; Chen, XiaoYu; Hu, XueYi [School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410083 (China); Zheng, Feng, E-mail: [School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410083 (China); Phase Diagram and Materials Design Center, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410083 (China)


    Highlights: • C12A7 polycrystals growing in 3D with bulk nucleation. • Activation energy calculated by classical and modified Ozawa/Kissinger methods. • Green up-conversion of C12A7–Ho{sup 3+} attributed to dual-photons process. • Successive energy transfer and cross relaxation for up-conversion of {sup 5}F{sub 4}/{sup 5}S{sub 2} → {sup 5}I{sub 8}. - Abstract: 7CaO⋅12Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} (C12A7) and Ho{sup 3+}-doped 7CaO⋅12Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} (C12A7–Ho{sup 3+}) polycrystal powders were synthesized via co-precipitation followed by sintering at 1173 K. Crystal structures, thermodynamics characters and optical properties of crashed samples were examined by XRD, DSC/TG, FT-IR and Raman spectra analysis, respectively. Activation energy of crystallization for C12A7 polycrystals was calculated according to both Ozawa/Kissinger and modified Ozawa/Kissinger methods to be 813 or 791 (for the former, only considering crystallization) and 1084 or 1077 kJ mol{sup −1} (for the latter, taking both crystallization and nucleation into consideration) respectively. Growth morphology parameter (m) and crystallization mechanism index (n) of C12A7 were determined to be m = 3 and n = 4. Fluorescence effects of Raman spectra around 2000–2300 cm{sup −1} and pure visible up-conversion emission centered at 540 nm were observed from C12A7–Ho{sup 3+} (1, 2 and 5 mol.%) powders under 488 nm laser diode and 808 nm Xe lamp excitation, respectively. Two mechanisms were proposed to explain up-conversion of pure green light process.

  4. Magnetic properties of HoCoC2, HoNiC2 and their solid solutions (United States)

    Michor, H.; Steiner, S.; Schumer, A.; Hembara, M.; Levytskyy, V.; Babizhetskyy, V.; Kotur, B.


    Magnetic properties of single crystalline HoCoC2 and the evolution of magnetic and structural features in a series of polycrystalline solid solutions HoCo1-xNixC2 (0 ⩽ x ⩽ 1) are investigated by means of X-ray diffraction, magnetization, magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurements. The crystal structures of all investigated samples refers to the CeNiC2-type structure (space group Amm 2 and Pearson symbol oS8). Non-isoelectronic substitution of Co by Ni causes a non-linear increase of the unit cell volume and especially a non-monotonous variation of the a and c lattice parameters as well as a pronounced reduction of the C-C bond length of carbon dimers. Temperature dependent magnetization and specific heat measurements reveal a crossover from a ferromagnetic for HoCoC2 with TC = 10.6 (1) K to an antiferromagnetic ground state for HoNiC2 with TN = 2.78 (6) K and a non-monotonous variation of the magnetic ordering temperature with a minimum at intermediate compositions. Crystalline electric field effects of HoCoC2 and HoNiC2 are analysed using combined thermodynamic and magnetic susceptibility data. The electrical resistivity of HoNiC2 displays a distinct anomaly near room temperature which indicates the formation of a charge density wave (CDW) state as earlier reported for several other rare earth nickel dicarbides.

  5. Návrh, simulace a řízení robotického pracoviště pro bodové a kontinuální svařování


    Holíček, Jozef


    Táto práca sa zaoberá modelovaním a simuláciou výrobného procesu, ktorý pozostáva z niekoľkých stacionárnych robotov. Tento model výrobného procesu je vytvorený v programe Tecnomatix Process Simulate. V prvej kapitole je popísaný princíp digitálnej továrne a stručný úvod do virtuálnej výroby. V druhej kapitole je podrobne popísaná práca s programom Tecnomatix Process Simulate a postup potrebný pre návrh výrobnej linky kontinuálneho a bodového zvárania. V tretej kapitole je popísaný riadiaci p...

  6. Holmium laser lithotripsy (HoLL) of ureteral calculi (United States)

    Kuntz, Rainer M.; Lehrich, Karin; Fayad, Amr


    The effectiveness and side effects of ureteroscopic HoLL of ureteral stones should be evaluated. In 63 patients (17 female, 46 males) a total of 75 stones of 3-20 mm diameter were treated with ureteroscopic HoLL. 18.7 percent of stones were located in the proximal third, 24.0 percent in the middle third and 57.3 percent in the distal third of the ureter. HoLL was performed with small diameter semirigid and flexible ureteroscopes, 220 or 365 nm flexible laser fibers and a holmium:YAG laser at a power of 5-15 W (0.5-1.0 J, 10- 15 Hz). 47 of 63 patients (74.6 percent) were immediately free of stones, and 8 others (12.6 percent) lost their residual fragments spontaneously within two weeks. Another 2 patients received additional chmolitholysis for uric acid stone fragments, i.e. 90.5 percent of patients were stone free by one sitting of ureterscopic HoLL. Of the remaining 6 patients (9.5 percent) who still had residual calculi 4 weeks after HoLL, 2 asymptomatic patients refused any additional treatment, 2 patients preferred treatment with ESWL, and 2 patients had a successful second HoLL, thereby raising the success rate of ureteroscopic HoLL to 93.7 percent. 2 patients showed contrast medium extravasation on retrograde ureterograms, due to guide wire perforation. No ureteral stricture occurred. In conclusion, transurethral ureteroscopic HoLL proved to be a safe and successful minimal invasive treatment of ureteral calculi.

  7. Optimization of metallic magnetic calorimeters with embedded {sup 163}Ho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fischer, C.; Enss, C.; Fleischmann, A.; Gastaldo, L.; Hassel, C.; Hengstler, D.; Haehnle, S.; Kempf, S.; Krantz, M.; Wegner, M. [Kirchhoff-Institut fuer Physik, Heidelberg (Germany); Dorrer, H.; Duellmann, C.E.; Eberhardt, K.; Kieck, T.; Schneider, F.; Wendt, K. [Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet, Mainz (Germany); Johnston, K. [Physics Department CERN, Geneva (Switzerland); Koester, U. [Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble (France); Tuerler, A. [Laboratory of Radiochemistry and Environmental Chemistry, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen (Switzerland)


    The Electron Capture in {sup 163}Ho (ECHo) collaboration plans to reach sub-eV sensitivity on the electron neutrino mass by the analysis of high statistics of {sup 163}Ho electron capture spectra. Large arrays of metallic magnetic calorimeters (MMCs) with enclosed {sup 163}Ho read out using microwave SQUID multiplexing will be used for the measurement of the spectrum. With first prototypes of MMCs having the {sup 163}Ho source ion-implanted in the absorbers, operated at 25 mK, an energy resolution ΔE{sub FWHM}=7.6 eV and a signal rise time τ=130 ns have been achieved, paving the way to the first stage of the experiment (ECHo 1k). We present the optimization of MMCs and of the methods to embed the high purity {sup 163}Ho source in detector absorbers. In particular we discuss how to define the optimal activity per pixel considering the limits coming from the allowed unresolved pileup fraction and from the additional contribution of detector heat capacity related to the magnetic moments of {sup 163}Ho.

  8. Optical properties of Ho3+ ions in lead phosphate glasses (United States)

    Srinivasa Rao, Ch.; Upendra Kumar, K.; Babu, P.; Jayasankar, C. K.


    Ho3+-doped lead phosphate (P2O5 + K2O + Al2O3 + PbO + Na2O + Ho2O3) glasses have been prepared by conventional melt quenching technique. The optical properties have been characterized through absorption, emission and gain spectra and decay rate analysis. A strong dependence of the Ω2 parameter on the hypersensitive transition has been noticed. Using the Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters, various radiative properties like transition probabilities, branching ratios and radiative lifetimes for various emission levels has been evaluated. The radiative lifetime for the 5S2(5F4) fluorescent level and peak stimulated emission cross-section for the 5S2(5F4) → 5I8 transition are found to be 330 μs and 1.43 × 10-20 cm2, respectively. Using the McCumber theory, absorption and emission cross-sections for the 5I7 → 5I8 transition (˜2.0 μm) of the Ho3+ ion have been obtained and gain spectra are also computed as a function of population inversion. The peak stimulated emission cross-section and gain coefficient for Ho3+-doped lead phosphate glasses have been compared with other reported Ho3+:systems. The analysis indicates that these Ho3+:glasses exhibit relatively better properties for application in mid-infrared lasers at a wavelength of about 2.0 μm.

  9. [Effects of BmKIM on sodium current of isolated cardiomyocytes, transmembrane action potential and aconitine induced arrhythmia in vivo in rabbits]. (United States)

    Wang, Teng; Huang, Cong-Xin; Jiang, Hong; Tang, Qi-Zhu; Yang, Bo; Li, Geng-Shan


    To investigate the effects of recombinant BmKIM (poly-peptide derived from Asian Scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch) on the sodium current (I(Na)) of isolated ventricular myocytes, transmembrane action potential and aconitine induced arrhythmia in vivo in rabbits. Ventricular myocytes were enzymatically dissociated from adult rabbits. Whole-cell patch-clamp technique was used to record voltage-dependent I(Na). Standard transmembrane action potentials in rabbit hearts in vivo were recorded by using floating glass microelectrodes. Incidence of arrhythmias, the early after depolarization (EAD) and/or delay after depolarization (DAD) were measured in vivo in rabbits post aconitine (100 microg/kg, iv) in the absence or presence of BmKIM (50 microg/kg iv). (1) BmKIM significantly inhibited I(Na) in a voltage-dependent manner and significantly shifted the I-V curves of I(Na) upward. BmKIM left shifted the inactivation curve of I(Na) and voltages at 50% inactivation of I(Na) were changed from (-70.8 +/- 2.6) mV to (-84.8 +/- 3.5) mV (P action potential duration (APD(50) and APD(90)), and reduced action potential amplitude (APA), declined maximum up stroke velocity of action potential (V(max)) in vivo. The Q-T duration was shortened and heart rate significantly increased post BmKIM injection. (3) Incidence of aconitine induced ventricular arrhythmias (77.8%) was significantly reduced by BmKIM (22.2%, P action potential duration and reduce action potential amplitude and reduce the incidence of aconitine induced arrhythmias.

  10. Výložník kombinovaného skládkového stroje


    Štursa, Martin


    Tato diplomová práce se zabývá konstrukcí částí kombinovaného skládkového stroje určeného pro obsluhu skládky hnědého uhlí u uhelné elektrárny. Nejprve jsou nadefinovány základní parametry stroje a silové účinky zatěžující stroj během provozu. Práce dále obsahuje návrh ocelové konstrukce kolesového výložníku, kolesa, korečků, pohonu kolesa, hřídele, ložisek a dalších částí kolesového výložníku. Tyto součásti jsou ověřeny analytickými nebo konečnoprvkovými výpočty. This master’s thesis deal...

  11. Reaction of HO2 with O3 and the effect of water vapor on HO2 kinetics (United States)

    Demore, W. B.


    The effects of temperature and water vapor concentration on the ratio of the rate constant of the reaction HO2 + O3 yields OH + 2(O2) to the square root of the rate constant for the reaction HO2 + HO2 yields H2O2 + O2 are determined. Photolysis of H2-O2-O3 mixtures at 253.7 nm was carried out with H2O pressures in the range 0 to 15 torr at a temperature range of -42.5 to 61 C along with 184.9 nm photolysis of H2O-O2-O3 mixtures. It is shown that the rate of O3 photolysis is suppressed by the addition of water vapor and it is suggested that this effect is realized in the HO2 + HO2 yields H2O2 + O2 reaction. The calculated expression for the temperature dependence of the rate constant ratio is found to be in good agreement with that calculated from separate rate constants. Rate constants determined for the reaction OH + HO2 yields H2O + O2 are found to be higher than those previously determined, presumably due to increased pressure, indicating that atmospheric models should take into account the possible pressure dependences of the reactions considered.

  12. Learning to See the City Again: Ethnographic Visions of Gender, Class, and Space in Ho Chi Minh City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erik Harms


    Full Text Available Ann Marie Leshkowich. Essential Trade: Vietnamese Women in a Changing Marketplace. University of Hawai'i Press, 2014. 272 pp. $55 (cloth, $25 (paper. Kimberly Kay Hoang. Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work. University of California Press, 2015. 248 pp. $65 (cloth, $30 (paper/ebook. Catherine Earl. Vietnam’s New Middle Classes: Gender, Career, City. NIAS Press, 2014. 320 pp. £50 (cloth, £18 (paper. Annette Miae Kim. Sidewalk City: Remapping Public Space in Ho Chi Minh City. University of Chicago Press, 2015. 264 pp. $45 (cloth, $7–$36 (ebook. In addition to looking at gendered space, then, understanding a city requires considering the dynamic relationship between the seen and the unseen. And in order to understand this relationship, we need more than preconceived pronouncements about how the city works, or about how gender and class work on space. Rather, we need rich, fine-grained ethnography that traces the dynamic intersections of gender, space, and class in a city. To do such ethnography properly requires peering beyond the surface appearances of the city and listening intently to the everyday lives lived within it. The four new ethnographic perspectives on gender, class, and space in Ho Chi Minh City discussed in this essay all offer ways to see the city again. Three of them do this by looking at class and gender, and one does it by rethinking how we make maps; two of them are by anthropologists, one by a sociologist, and one by an urban planner. But they share one thing in common: all of them hone their keen vision with the aid of ethnography...

  13. Magnetic state controllable critical temperature in epitaxial Ho/Nb bilayers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuanzhou Gu


    Full Text Available We study the magnetic properties of Ho thin films with different crystallinity (either epitaxial or non-epitaxial and investigate their proximity effects with Nb thin films. Magnetic measurements show that epitaxial Ho has large anisotropy in two different crystal directions in contrast to non-epitaxial Ho. Transport measurements show that the superconducting transition temperature (Tc of Nb thin films can be significantly suppressed at zero field by epitaxial Ho compared with non-epitaxial Ho. We also demonstrate a direct control over Tc by changing the magnetic states of the epitaxial Ho layer, and attribute the strong proximity effects to exchange interaction.

  14. A stable gain-switched Ho:CYA laser resonantly pumped at 1922 nm (United States)

    Zhang, J. N.; Chen, B. H.; Shen, D. Y.; Xu, X. D.


    We report on a gain-switched Ho:CaYAlO4 laser resonantly pumped by a home-constructed high power Tm:fiber laser at ~1922 nm. Stable nanosecond single-pulse operation could be maintained when the continuous-wave pump signal was modulated at repetition rates of 60-100 kHz with an acousto-optic modulator. A pulse duration of 311 ns has been obtained at a 60 kHz repetition rate under a pump power level of 11 W. The temporal stability and simplicity of operation make this laser suitable for a variety of applications, such as spectroscopy, gas sensing, and as the seed source of a master oscillation power amplifier system.

  15. Theoretical characterization of the potential energy surface for H + O2 yields HO2(asterisk) yields HO + O. II - The potential for H atom exchange in HO2 (United States)

    Walch, Stephen P.; Rohlfing, Celeste Mcmichael


    The results of CASSCF multireference contracted CI calculations with large ANO basis sets are presented for the exchange region of the HO2 potential-energy surface. The saddle point for H atom exchange is about 13 kcal/mol below the energy of H + O2; therefore, this region of the surface should be accessible during H + O2 recombination and methathesis reactions.

  16. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) protects skin cells from ionizing radiation via heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) overexpression. (United States)

    Zhu, Wei; Xu, Jing; Ge, Yangyang; Cao, Han; Ge, Xin; Luo, Judong; Xue, Jiao; Yang, Hongying; Zhang, Shuyu; Cao, Jianping


    Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), the major polyphenolic constituent of green tea, is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that may have therapeutic applications for the treatment of many disorders. Radiation therapy is widely used for the treatment of various types of cancers; however, radiation-induced skin injury remains a serious concern. EGCG has not yet been reported as protecting skin cells against ionizing radiation. In the present study, we investigated whether EGCG confers cytoprotection against ionizing radiation. We found that, compared with the control, pretreatment with EGCG significantly enhanced the viability of human skin cells that were irradiated with X-rays, and decreased apoptosis induced by X-ray irradiation. Mito-Tracker assay showed that EGCG suppressed the damage to mitochondria induced by ionizing radiation via upregulation of SOD2. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) in HaCaT cells were significantly reduced when pretreated with EGCG before irradiation. Radiation-induced γH2AX foci, which are representative of DNA double-strand breaks, were decreased by pretreatment with EGCG. Furthermore, EGCG induced the expression of the cytoprotective molecule heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) in a dose-dependent manner via transcriptional activation. HO-1 knockdown or treatment with the HO-1 inhibitor tin protoporphyrin (SnPPIX) reversed the protective role of EGCG, indicating an important role for HO-1. These results suggest that EGCG offers a new strategy for protecting skin against ionizing radiation. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Japan Radiation Research Society and Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology.

  17. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in 6050 hypopituitary patients with adult-onset GH deficiency before GH replacement: a KIMS analysis. (United States)

    Abs, Roger; Mattsson, Anders F; Thunander, Maria; Verhelst, Johan; Góth, Miklós I; Wilton, Patrick; Kołtowska-Häggström, Maria; Luger, Anton


    GH deficiency (GHD) in adults is characterized by a tendency toward obesity and an adverse body composition with visceral fat deposit and may thus predispose to the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The aim of this study was to assess the observed prevalence proportion (PP) and observed PP over expected PP ratio (standardized prevalence proportion ratio, SPR) of diabetes according to International Diabetes Federation criteria in a large cohort of GH-untreated adult-onset GHD patients. Associations between baseline variables and diabetes prevalence in 6050 GHD patients from KIMS (Pfizer International Metabolic Database) were studied and robust Poisson-regression analyses were performed. Comparisons between baseline status and HbA1c categories in the nondiabetic patients were done with covariance analysis. P values diabetes, country selection, BMI, waist circumference, number of pituitary deficiencies, and GHD etiology. SPR decreased significantly by age and increased significantly by BMI, waist circumference, and IGF1 SDS. Multiple regression model showed that the most important impact on SPR was from age and BMI. HbA1c values of 6.0-6.5% were found in 9.5% of nondiabetic patients and were associated with higher BMI and waist circumference. GHD is associated with an increased prevalence of diabetes, largely to be explained by the adverse body composition. These data urge toward early initiation of lifestyle modification measures.

  18. Observations of OH and HO2 radicals in coastal Antarctica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. J.-B. Bauguitte


    Full Text Available OH and HO2 radical concentrations have been measured in the boundary layer of coastal Antarctica for a six-week period during the austral summer of 2005. The measurements were performed at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley Research Station (75° 35' S, 26° 19' W, using the technique of on-resonance laser-induced fluorescence to detect OH, with HO2 measured following chemical conversion through addition of NO. The mean radical levels were 3.9×105 molecule cm−3 for OH, and 0.76 ppt for HO2 (ppt denotes parts per trillion, by volume. Typical maximum (local noontime levels were 7.9×105 molecule cm−3 and 1.50 ppt for OH and HO2 respectively. The main sources of HOx were photolysis of O3 and HCHO, with potentially important but uncertain contributions from HONO and higher aldehydes. Of the measured OH sinks, reaction with CO and CH4 dominated, however comparison of the observed OH concentrations with those calculated via the steady state approximation indicated that additional co-reactants were likely to have been present. Elevated levels of NOx resulting from snowpack photochemistry contributed to HOx cycling and enhanced levels of OH, however the halogen oxides IO and BrO dominated the CH3O2 – HO2 – OH conversion in this environment, with associated ozone destruction.

  19. The electron capture in {sup 163}Ho experiment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hassel, Clemens [Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Heidelberg University (Germany); Collaboration: ECHo-Collaboration


    The Electron Capture {sup 163}Ho experiment, ECHo, aims to investigate the electron neutrino mass in the sub-eV range by means of the analysis of the calorimetrically measured energy spectrum following the electron capture process of {sup 163}Ho. The {sup 163}Ho spectrum will be measured with array of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters (MMCs). With a first prototype of MMC having the {sup 163}Ho source embedded in the absorber, we performed the first high energy resolution measurement of the EC spectrum. The achieved energy resolution was Δ E{sub FWHM} = 7.6 eV and the signal rise-time was τ = 130 ns. We aim to improve the performance of the detector to reach an energy resolution Δ E{sub FWHM} < 5 eV and a signal rise-time τ < 100 ns. We present the plan for a medium scale experiment, ECHo-1k, in which about 1000 Bq of high purity {sup 163}Ho will be implanted in the optimized detectors. With about one year of measuring time and with a better knowledge of the EC spectral shape, which will be reached thanks to dedicated experiments, we will be able to achieve a sensitivity on the electron neutrino mass below 10 eV/c{sup 2}, improving the present limit of about one order of magnitude.

  20. Evaluation of a commercially available ELISA kit for quantifying imidacloprid residues in Erthrina sandwicensis leaves for management of the Erythrina gall wasp, Quadrastichus erythrinae Kim. (United States)

    Joseph Fischer; Brian Strom; Sheri Smith


    The erythrina gall wasp (EGW), Quadrastichus erythrinae Kim 2004, was first detected in Hawaii in 2005 and has been infesting and killing Erythrina trees throughout the island chain since. It is believed EGW originated from Africa (Messing et al. 2009). Its host range appears to be limited to Erythrina; its...

  1. Reduction of proteinuria in adriamycin-induced nephropathy is associated with reduction of renal kidney injury molecule (Kim-1) over time

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kramer, Andrea B.; van Timmeren, Mirjan M.; Schuurs, Theo A.; Vaidya, Vishal S.; Bonventre, Joseph V.; van Goor, Harry; Navis, Gerjan

    Kramer AB, van Timmeren MM, Schuurs TA, Vaidya VS, Bonventre JV, van Goor H, Navis G. Reduction of proteinuria in adriamycin-induced nephropathy is associated with reduction of renal kidney injury molecule (Kim-1) over time. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 296: F1136-F1145, 2009. First published February

  2. Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) and Kidney Injury Molecule 1 (KIM1) in patients with diabetic nephropathy: a cross-sectional study and the effects of lisinopril

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, S E; Schjoedt, K J; Astrup, A S


    Our aim was to evaluate the markers of tubulointerstitial damage, neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) and kidney injury molecule1 (KIM1) in Type 1 diabetic patients with different levels of albuminuria and in control subjects. In addition, the effect of renoprotective treatment...

  3. The trouble with halos: invited commentary on Kim, S., & Harris, P. L. (2014). Children prefer to learn from mind-readers. British Journal of Developmental Psychology. (United States)

    Richert, Rebekah A


    This commentary on Kim and Harris (2014) addresses the authors' interpretation of the halo effect, in which 5- to 6-year-old children preferentially agreed with an informant who could read other people's minds, regardless of domain of knowledge. © 2014 The British Psychological Society.

  4. HoReCa-asiakkaiden tuotteen x asiakassuhteen exit-haastattelut


    Rokkonen, Saara


    Uusien asiakkaiden hankkiminen tulee yrityksille kalliimmaksi kuin vanhojen asiakkaiden pi-täminen. Jo tästä syystä yritysten kannattaa pitää vanhat asiakkaat tyytyväisinä ja panostaa heille tarjoamiinsa tuotteisiin ja palveluihin kokonaisvaltaisesti. Useissa yrityksissä tutkitaan vuosittain asiakastyytyväisyyttä erilaisilla menetelmillä ja mittareilla. Harvoin kukaan kuitenkaan kiinnittää huomiota jo menetettyihin asiakkaisiin ja lähdön syihin. Exit-haastatteluista saatavan tiedon avulla voi...

  5. Page 1 1488 Index BPSSCO Ca(NHCOO), HO History effects in low ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    BPSSCO polycrystals 607 calcium hydrazine carboxylate monohydrate. Bainite 131. Some new results in thermomechanical process- Cadmium ing of microalloyed steels 643 ... Cd in magnesium used in uranium production. 19. Boron nitride. Thin films of boron nitride grown by CVD. 29. Buffer electrode. New galvanic cell ...

  6. Embedding of $^{163}$Ho and $^{166m}$ Ho in the energy absorbers of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters

    CERN Multimedia

    The calorimetric measurement of the $^{163}$Ho electron capture spectrum is a promising tool to investigate the electron neutrino mass. A suitable method to embed the source in the detectors is the ion-implantation. This process has already been used to embed $^{163}$Ho ions in micro-fabricated low temperature metallic magnetic prototypes. The $^{163}$Ho electron capture spectrum obtained with these first prototypes is presently the most precise with an energy resolution of $\\Delta$$\\textit{E}$$_{FWHM}$ = 7.6 eV. In order to test the performance of the new generation of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters, we propose to perform a $^{163}$Ho ion-implantation on the new chip having two arrays consisting of 32 pixels each. An activity of about 1 Bq per pixel is required. With this new detector array we will be able to achieve a better energy resolution and to acquire a higher statistics which allows for studying the $^{163}$Ho spectral shape. We propose also to perform an ion-implantation of $^{166m}$...

  7. Consumer Acceptance of Functional Foods in Ho Chi Minh City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Duy Tung BUI


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to identify and evaluate the underlying factors affecting consumer acceptance of functional foods. The contribution of this study is to better understand customer willingness to buy such products in Ho Chi Minh City by shedding light on how socio-demographic, cognitive and attitudinal determinants affect consumer's choices of foods. We conducted a survey using 217 respondents from Ho Chi Minh City. Next, we develop a binary-probit model to quantify the impact of each factor on consumer acceptance. The results show that having a sick relative, beliefs in health benefits positively affect acceptance level. Other than that, old people in Ho Chi Minh City tend to reject the use of functional foods. However, when they are provided with enough knowledge, they are the most intensive buyers of these products. Implications and further researches are also discussed.

  8. Trifluralin: photolysis under sunlight conditions and reaction with HO* radicals. (United States)

    Le Person, A; Mellouki, A; Muñoz, A; Borras, E; Martin-Reviejo, M; Wirtz, K


    The gas phase atmospheric degradation of trifluralin (a widely used herbicide) has been investigated at the EUPHORE facility. Its photolysis has been studied under sunlight conditions and its reaction rate constant with HO() radicals was measured using the relative rate method. Using 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene as reference compound, the rate constant of HO() reaction with trifluralin was obtained to be [formula: see text] The mean photolysis rate measured under solar radiation was [formula: see text] . The photolysis of trifluralin was found to generate organic aerosols with a yield of (20 +/-10)%. The data obtained enabled us to discuss the atmospheric fate of trifluralin in the gas phase.

  9. Concept development of "compassion fatigue" in clinical nurses: Application of Schwartz-Barcott and Kim's hybrid model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahdieh Sabery


    Full Text Available Compassion fatigue is not a new concept in nursing; yet, it is not well known and there is no fixed clear definition of the term. The ambiguity surrounding how to define compassion fatigue has challenged its measurement and evaluation. Thus, any attempt to determine attributes of this underdeveloped concept and studying it in a new socio-cultural context requires concept development. The purpose of this study is to clarify the concept of compassion fatigue through concept development and to produce a vivid and tentative definition of this concept in clinical practice. Concept development was conducted using a three-step hybrid concept analysis including theoretical, fieldwork, and final analysis phases according to Schwartz-Barcott and Kim's method. We reviewed and analyzed 48 articles that met the inclusion criteria. Following, the first author conducted 13 interviews with clinical nurses followed by an inductive content analysis. Finally, a comprehensive definition of compassion fatigue in nurses was attained. Compassion fatigue in nurses can be explained as a cumulative and progressive process of absorption of the patient’s pain and suffering formed from the sympathetic and caring interactions with the patients and their families. The physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and organizational consequences of compassion fatigue are so extensive that they threaten the existential integrity of the nurse. Context-based variables (culture, family, and community such as personality features like devotion behaviors and commitment towards the patient, exposure to multiple stressors, organizational challenges, and lack of self-care are factors associated with an increased risk of compassion fatigue. Concept development of compassion fatigue is the first step in the protection of nurses against the destructive consequences of compassion fatigue and to improve quality of care.

  10. Kim Scott’s Fiction within Western Australian Life-Writing: Voicing the Violence of Removal and Displacement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cornelis Martin Renes


    Full Text Available It is nowadays evident that the West’s civilising, eugenic zeal have had a devastating impact on all aspects of the Indigenous-Australian community tissue, not least the lasting trauma of the Stolen Generations. The latter was the result of the institutionalisation, adoption, fostering, virtual slavery and sexual abuse of thousands of mixed-descent children, who were separated at great physical and emotional distances from their Indigenous kin, often never to see them again. The object of State and Federal policies of removal and mainstream absorption and assimilation between 1930 and 1970, these lost children only saw their plight officially recognised in 1997, when the Bringing Them Home report was published by the Federal government. The victims of forced separation and migration, they have suffered serious trans-generational problems of adaptation and alienation in Australian society, which have been not only documented from the outside in the aforementioned report but also given shape from the inside of and to Indigenous-Australian literature over the last three decades. The following addresses four Indigenous Western-Australian writers within the context of the Stolen Generations, and deals particularly with the semi-biographical fiction by the Nyoongar author Kim Scott, which shows how a very liminal hybrid identity can be firmly written in place yet. Un-writing past policies of physical and ‘epistemic’ violence on the Indigenous Australian population, his fiction addresses a way of approaching Australianness from an Indigenous perspective as inclusive, embracing transculturality within the nation-space.

  11. {sup 166}Ho-chitosan as a radiation synovectomy agent - biocompatibility study of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan in rabbits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Sug Jun; Lee, Soo Yong; Jeon, Dae Geun; Lee Jong Seok [Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Radiation synovectomy is a noninvasive therapy that has been investigated as an alternative to surgical synovectomy. It is been successfully employed in the treatment of synovitis in rheumatoid arthrits and other inflammatory arthropathies. We developed the {sup 166}Ho-chitosan complex for possible use as a radiation synovectomy agent. Holmium is the more practical isotope based on its higher radioactivity and logner half-life. And isotope based on its higher radioactivity and logner half-life. And chitosan is ideal and suitable particles based on its soluble and biodegradable characteristics. So we investigated the biocompatibility of the {sup 166}Ho-chitosan complex to evaluated the suitability as a radiation synovectomy agent. In this study, we performed in vivo and in vitro stability test and biodistribution test. Our results indicate that {sup 166}Ho-chitosan may be an effective radiopharmaceutical for radiation synovectomy. (author). 30 refs., 7 tabs.

  12. Návrh rezervačního hotelového portálu


    Rykala, Daniel


    Bakalářská práce se zabývá návrhem webového rezervačního portálu pro ubytovací zařízení, jako jsou hotely a penziony. Výchozím aspektem jsou požadavky zadavatele. V práci je popsán návrh postupu tvorby portálu, posouzení jeho ekonomické hodnoty a zhodnocení jeho případného nasazení do provozu. This Bachelor’s thesis is focused on the design of hotel reservation through web portal, used by accommodation facilities such as hotels . Initial aspects are client’s requests. The thesis describes ...

  13. Stínová kinematografie - Mytologie australského gotického filmu 70.let


    Kotrlová, Jitka


    8 Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Katedra filmových studií Diplomová práce Jitka Kotrlová Stínová kinematografie: mytologie australského gotického filmu 70. let Shadow Cinematography: Mythology of the Australian Gothic Film of the 1970's Praha 2015 Vedoucí práce: PhDr. Petra Hanáková, Ph.D Abstract: The thesis focuses on the mythological aspects of films of the so-called Australia gothic in 1970's. In a detailed form of thematic analysis it discovers three fundamental myths wit...

  14. Glucose-induced insulin secretion in uremia: role of 1 alpha,25(HO)2-vitamin D3. (United States)

    Allegra, V; Luisetto, G; Mengozzi, G; Martimbianco, L; Vasile, A


    To evaluate the role and mechanism of action of calcitriol on glucose-induced insulin secretion in uremia, 17 patients with severe chronic renal failure were studied. Glucose metabolism was investigated by the intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT) before and after treatment for 21 days with 0.5 microgram/day of calcitriol and 500 mg/day of calcium (C+Ca) (6 cases) or 0.5 microgram/day of calcitriol alone (C) (11 cases). After these evaluations the patients on C+Ca were shifted to C and 6 patients on C were shifted to C+Ca, and IVGTT was repeated 21 days after the shift. For each test plasma glucose (G), immunoreactive insulin (IRI) and C-peptide (C-p) were measured at -30, 0, 2, 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 min, and baseline plasma values of 1 alpha,25(HO)2-vitamin D3, C-terminal parathyroid hormone (PTH-C), intact parathyroid hormone (PTH-I), calcitonin, and serum values of total and ionized calcium were dosed. Also, glucose constant decay (K-G), insulin response (IRI area), C-p production (C-p area), insulinogenic index (IGI) and insulin resistance index (RI) were calculated. A historical group of 21 healthy volunteers formed the normal controls. 1 alpha,25(HO)2-vitamin D3 plasma levels in uremic patients before treatment were significantly lower than normal range. As compared to controls, uremic patients showed significantly lower K-G, IRI area and IGI values and significantly higher RI values. After treatment with C or C+Ca, the insulin response improved significantly at 2 and 5 min and G decrement was more marked at 30, 45 and 60 min.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  15. Studium sterilizačních účinků dielektrického bariérového výboje


    Slámová, Jitka


    Předmětem dizertační práce bylo studium sterilizačních účinků dielektrického bariérového výboje pracujícího za atmosférického tlaku. Jako modelové mikroorganismy byly při studiu použity plíseň Aspergillus niger, grampozitivní bakterie Bacillus subtilis a částečně také gramnegativní bakterie Escherichia coli. Vzorky mikroorganismů byly naneseny na papír Whatman 1 nebo PET folii a vystaveny účinkům plazmatu. Plazma bylo generováno v prostředí argonu, dusíku, suchého a vlhkého vzduchu s frekvenc...

  16. On the Impact of HO2-H2O Complexes in the Marine Boundary Layer: A Possible Sink for HO2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Thomas Archibald


    Full Text Available The impact of the formation of HO2-H2O adducts following reaction between H2O and HO2 and subsequent reaction of this adduct on HOx, H2O2 and O3 as a function of relative humidity in the marine boundary layer has been investigated using a zero-dimensional box model. The results of simulations with different product yields for the reaction of HO2-H2O with HO2 were compared with base case data derived from current recommendations for tropospheric modelling. It is suggested that inclusion of reactions of the HO2-H2O adduct may provide a significant sink for HO2 which has so far not been considered in models of tropospheric chemistry and depending on reaction products may have a significant impact on H2O2 and O3.

  17. The prosecution of Taiwan sexuality researcher and activist Josephine Ho. (United States)

    Wang, Ping


    In April 2003, following a newspaper report of a hyperlink to a website on bestiality on the Sexuality Databank website of the Center for the Study of Sexualities, National Central University, Taipei, Taiwan, 14 conservative NGOs filed charges against the Center's founder, Josephine Ho, for "propagating obscenities that corrupt traditional values." Ho has been researching sexuality and supporting freedom for marginalised sexual minorities for ten years. In a public statement in response to the charges, she said that the work of scholarly research must not be dictated by prejudice and that differences in sexual values should not be arbitrated by law and should be open for public discussion. As the legal process began in January 2004, Ho's supporters in Taiwan have called for the preservation of the Taiwan Constitutional decree on integrity and autonomy of academic research and freedom of expression on the internet, for the University to resist calls to dismiss Ho from her post, and for respect for freedom of speech and expression and the right to create spaces to educate people about non-normative sexualities.

  18. Phase equilibria of the Mo-Al-Ho ternary system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li, Yitai; Chen, Xiaoxian; Liu, Hao [Guangxi Univ., Nanning (China). College of Materials Science and Engineering; Guangxi Univ., Nanning (China). Guangxi Key Laboratory of Processing for Non-ferrous Metal and Featured Materials; Zhan, Yongzhong [Guangxi Univ., Nanning (China). College of Materials Science and Engineering; Guangxi Univ., Nanning (China). Guangxi Key Laboratory of Processing for Non-ferrous Metal and Featured Materials; Guangxi Univ., Nanning (China). Center of Ecological Collaborative Innovation for Aluminum Industry


    Investigation into the reactions and phase equilibria of transition metal elements (i.e. Mo, Zr, Cr, V and Ti), Al and rare earths is academically and industrially important for the development of both refractory alloys and lightweight high-temperature materials. In this work, the equilibria of the Mo-Al-Ho ternary system at 773 K have been determined by using X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy equipped with energy dispersive X-ray analysis. A new ternary phase Al{sub 4}Mo{sub 2}Ho has been found and the other ternary phase Al{sub 43}Mo{sub 4}Ho{sub 6} is observed. Ten binary phases in the Al-Mo and Al-Ho systems, including Al{sub 17}Mo{sub 4} rather than Al{sub 4}Mo, have been determined to exist at 773 K. The homogeneity ranges of AlMo{sub 3} and Al{sub 8}Mo{sub 3} phase are 7.5 at.% and 1 at.%, respectively. According to the phase-disappearing method, the maximum solubility of Al in Mo is about 16 at.%.

  19. The electron capture in {sup 163}Ho experiment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hassel, Clemens [Kirchhoff-Institute of Physics, Heidelberg University (Germany); Collaboration: ECHo-Collaboration


    The Electron Capture {sup 163}Ho experiment, ECHo, has the goal to probe the electron neutrino mass on a sub-eV level via the analysis of the calorimetrically measured electron capture spectrum (EC) of {sup 163}Ho. For this metallic magnetic calorimeters will be used. The performance achieved by a first prototype of MMC with embedded {sup 163}Ho already shows that the desired values of an energy resolution of ΔE{sub FWHM} < 3 eV and a signal risetime of τ < 1 μs for ECHo can be reached. Recently the energy available for the decay Q{sub EC} = 2833(30{sub stat})(15{sub sys}) eV/c{sup 2} has been precisely determined by ECHo. Given this Q{sub EC}-value we expect a sensitivity on the electron neutrino mass below 10 eV in the first phase of the ECHo experiment, ECHo-1k. In this phase a high purity {sup 163}Ho source with a total activity of 1 kBq will be measured by about 100 detectors operated in a dedicated cryogenic platform in a reduced background environment. The results from this experiment will define parameters to scale the experiment to the next phase of ECHo-1M. There the total activity of the source will be 1 MBq and it will be measured by using 10{sup 5} detectors. We present the current status of the ECHo experiment.

  20. Temperature Variation of the Magnetic Structure of HoSb

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Nils Axel; Kjems, Jørgen; Vogt, O.


    Neutron diffraction has been used to show that the magnetic moment vector in the antiferromagnet HoSb changes direction as a function of temperature below TN=5.7K. The experimental results are in qualitative agreement with a recent theoretical prediction by Jensen et al. (1980) which ascribe...

  1. Living with ghosts in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramazanov, S. [Gran Sasso Science Institute (INFN),Viale Francesco Crispi 7, I-67100 L’Aquila (Italy); Arroja, F. [Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, National Taiwan University,No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (China); Celoria, M. [Gran Sasso Science Institute (INFN),Viale Francesco Crispi 7, I-67100 L’Aquila (Italy); Matarrese, S. [Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia “G. Galilei”, Università degli Studi di Padova,via Marzolo 8, I-35131 Padova (Italy); Gran Sasso Science Institute (INFN),Viale Francesco Crispi 7, I-67100 L’Aquila (Italy); INFN, Sezione di Padova,via Marzolo 8, I-35131 Padova (Italy); INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova,Vicolo dell’Osservatorio 5, I-35122 Padova (Italy); Pilo, L. [Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche e Chimiche, Università di L’Aquila,I-67010 L’Aquila (Italy); INFN, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso,I-67010 Assergi (Italy)


    We consider the branch of the projectable Hořava-Lifshitz model which exhibits ghost instabilities in the low energy limit. It turns out that, due to the Lorentz violating structure of the model and to the presence of a finite strong coupling scale, the vacuum decay rate into photons is tiny in a wide range of phenomenologically acceptable parameters. The strong coupling scale, understood as a cutoff on ghosts’ spatial momenta, can be raised up to Λ∼10 TeV. At lower momenta, the projectable Hořava-Lifshitz gravity is equivalent to General Relativity supplemented by a fluid with a small positive sound speed squared (10{sup −42}≲) c{sub s}{sup 2}≲10{sup −20}, that could be a promising candidate for the Dark Matter. Despite these advantages, the unavoidable presence of the strong coupling obscures the implementation of the original Hořava’s proposal on quantum gravity. Apart from the Hořava-Lifshitz model, conclusions of the present work hold also for the mimetic matter scenario, where the analogue of the projectability condition is achieved by a non-invertible conformal transformation of the metric.

  2. Systém integrovaného managementu


    Slavíček, Jakub


    Diplomová práce se zabývá zaváděním integrovaného systému managementu. Konkrétně zaváděním systému managementu kvality a systémem environmentálního managementu. Praktická část obsahuje přezkoumání současného stavu plnění požadavků norem ČSN EN ISO 9001/2009 a ČSN EN ISO 14001/2005, registr právních požadavků, identifikaci environmentálních aspektů a jejich zhodnocení z hlediska významnosti a identifikaci situací havarijního ohrožení. This thesis deals with the introduction of integrate man...

  3. HO2 and HO2* Radical Chemistry during PROPHET-AMOS: Measurement and Model Comparison HO2 and HO2* Radical Chemistry during PROPHET-AMOS: Measurement and Model Comparison (United States)

    Lew, M.; Bottorff, B.; Stevens, P. S.; Sigler, P. S. R.


    The hydroxyl (OH) and peroxy radicals, both the hydroperoxy radicals (HO2) and organic peroxy radicals (RO2) play an important role in atmospheric chemistry. In addition to controlling lifetimes of many trace gases important to issues of global climate change, reactions of these radicals can also lead to the production of ozone and secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere. Previous measurements of these radicals in forest environments characterized by high mixing ratios of isoprene and low mixing ratios of NOx have shown serious discrepancies with modeled concentrations. These results bring into question our understanding of the atmospheric chemistry of isoprene and other biogenic VOCs under low NOxconditions. In the summer of 2016, HO2 and HO2* (S HO2 + αRO2) radicals were measured using the Laser-Induced Fluorescence Fluorescence Assay by Gas Expansion (LIF-FAGE) technique as part of the Program for Research on Oxidants: PHtochemistry, Emissions, and Transport- Atmospheric Measurements of Oxidants in Summer (PROPHET-AMOS). This campaign took place in a forested area in northern Michigan characterized by high mixing ratios of isoprene and low mixing ratios of NOx. Ambient measurements from this campaign will be compared to previous measurements at this site and to modeled predictions.

  4. Ocelová konstrukce zimního stadionu


    Lobreis, Jan


    Práce je zaměřena na posouzení stavby městského zimního stadionu, který bude umístěn v lokalitě Brno - Komárov. Zimní stadion je navržen dle směrnic ledního hokeje s kapacitou přibližně 7 000 diváků. Z toho 5 850 k sezení, 1 050 na stání a 100 ve VIP prostorech. Konstrukci zimního stadiónu tvoří ocelové a ocelobetonové sloupy, které společně se spřaženými příčnými průvlaky, železobetonovou deskou a ztužidly zajišťují tuhost konstrukce. Sloupy jsou podepřeny soustavou vrtaných pilot s hlavicem...

  5. TumorHoPe: a database of tumor homing peptides.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pallavi Kapoor

    Full Text Available Cancer is responsible for millions of immature deaths every year and is an economical burden on developing countries. One of the major challenges in the present era is to design drugs that can specifically target tumor cells not normal cells. In this context, tumor homing peptides have drawn much attention. These peptides are playing a vital role in delivering drugs in tumor tissues with high specificity. In order to provide service to scientific community, we have developed a database of tumor homing peptides called TumorHoPe.TumorHoPe is a manually curated database of experimentally validated tumor homing peptides that specifically recognize tumor cells and tumor associated microenvironment, i.e., angiogenesis. These peptides were collected and compiled from published papers, patents and databases. Current release of TumorHoPe contains 744 peptides. Each entry provides comprehensive information of a peptide that includes its sequence, target tumor, target cell, techniques of identification, peptide receptor, etc. In addition, we have derived various types of information from these peptide sequences that include secondary/tertiary structure, amino acid composition, and physicochemical properties of peptides. Peptides in this database have been found to target different types of tumors that include breast, lung, prostate, melanoma, colon, etc. These peptides have some common motifs including RGD (Arg-Gly-Asp and NGR (Asn-Gly-Arg motifs, which specifically recognize tumor angiogenic markers. TumorHoPe has been integrated with many web-based tools like simple/complex search, database browsing and peptide mapping. These tools allow a user to search tumor homing peptides based on their amino acid composition, charge, polarity, hydrophobicity, etc.TumorHoPe is a unique database of its kind, which provides comprehensive information about experimentally validated tumor homing peptides and their target cells. This database will be very useful in

  6. Can You Anchor a Shimmering Nation State via Regional Indigenous Roots? Kim Scott talks to Anne Brewster about That Deadman Dance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Brewster


    Full Text Available This interview focuses mainly on Kim Scott’s new novel That Deadman Dance which won the regional Commonwealth Writers Prize (Southeast Asian and Pacific region and the Miles Franklin Award. The topics of conversation include Scott’s involvement in the Noongar language project (and the relationship of this project to the novel, the novel itself, the challenges of writing in English, the resistance paradigm and indigenous sovereignty and nationalism.

  7. The Past as Prologue: President Kim Dae Jung’s Legacy and President Roh Moo Hyun’s Policy Issues and Future Challenges (United States)


    more open, and globalized society, which demonstrated its achievements worldwide during the co-hosting of the Soccer World Cup and the Busan Asia Games...campaign promises for a reform agenda. In 1998, Kim Dae-jung’s presidency began with high expectations and fanfare as a “Government of the People...the political and economic system of South Korea. With much fanfare , Mr. Kim’s transition team adopted a list of one hundred reform measures to be

  8. Beaudrie, Sara, Ducar, Cynthia, & Potowski, Kim (2014. Heritage language teaching: Research and practice. New York State, New York: McGraw Hill.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florencia Henshaw


    Full Text Available This review introduces readers to Heritage language teaching: Research and practice, by Sara Beaudrie, Cynthia Ducar, and Kim Potowski, which is part of the “Directions in Second Language Learning” series. This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of key concepts, research findings, and pedagogical strategies to better meet the needs of heritage learners, and it underscores the importance of sociolinguistic issues and phenomena in heritage language instruction.

  9. Beaudrie, Sara, Ducar, Cynthia, & Potowski, Kim (2014). Heritage language teaching: Research and practice. New York State, New York: McGraw Hill.


    Florencia Henshaw


    This review introduces readers to Heritage language teaching: Research and practice, by Sara Beaudrie, Cynthia Ducar, and Kim Potowski, which is part of the “Directions in Second Language Learning” series. This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of key concepts, research findings, and pedagogical strategies to better meet the needs of heritage learners, and it underscores the importance of sociolinguistic issues and phenomena in heritage language instruction.

  10. Vývoj a zavedení informačního systému pro podporu podnikových procesů


    Kosturák, Ivan


    Diplomová práca je zameraná na problematiku informačných systémov. Jej pozornosť sa zameriava na popísanie nielen poznatkov z oblasti základnej terminológie informačných systémov, definíciu predpokladov nutných pre vývoj informačného systému do podniku, ale aj jeho implementáciu a následnú správu. Praktická časť diplomovej práce vychádza z poznatkov časti teoretickej. Jej hlavná časť sa zameriava na realizáciu informačného systému. Master’s thesis is focused on the issue of information sys...

  11. Atomic distribution, local structure and cation size effect in o-R1-xCaxMnO3 (R = Dy, Y, and Ho). (United States)

    Jiang, Ning; Zhang, X; Yu, Yi


    We propose new interatomic potentials for the small rare-earth-based orthorhombic RMnO3 (R = Dy, Y, Ho), which accurately model the structural properties of these extreme cases of lanthanide manganate series. They are further employed to investigate the intrinsic defects in o-RMnO3 and the cation distribution and local structure in o-R1-xCaxMnO3 (R = Dy, Y, Ho). Schottky disorders are found to be the dominant structural defects, and the possibility of a small degree of anti-site disorder of R and Mn ions over A and B sites is found. The introduced Ca dopants tend to form chemically and structurally like CaMnO3 clusters in the lightly doped system, which can be regarded as representations of microscopic phase separation. The local structural disorder is reduced with increasing doping density. For o-R0.5Ca0.5MnO3 (R = Dy, Y, Ho), the charge ordering state is intrinsically favored, and the layer stripe model is shown to be energetically more favorable and structurally more reasonable. Moreover, the tendency to form charge ordered stripes increases with the decrease of R size. The local structure in the layer stripe pattern deviates largely from the average structure: RMnO3-like and CaMnO3-like layers are formed. The size of R ion has a significant influence on the doping effect on Jahn-Teller (JT) distortion and a manganate with a larger R will experience a larger reduction on the anisotropy of Mn-O bonds in Mn(3+)O6 octahedra. However, the change of octahedral tilting upon doping does not vary much with R radii.

  12. Temperature evolution of magnetic structure of HoFeO3 by single crystal neutron diffraction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Chatterji


    Full Text Available We have investigated the temperature evolution of the magnetic structures of HoFeO3 by single crystal neutron diffraction. The three different magnetic structures werevfound as a function of temperature for HoFeO3. In all three phases the fundamental coupling between the Fe sub-lattices remains the same and only their orientation and the degree of canting away from the ideal axial direction varies. The magnetic polarisation of the Ho sub-lattices in these two higher temperature regions, in which the major components of the Fe moment lie along x and y, is very small. The canting of the moments from the axial directions is attributed to the antisymmetric interactions allowed by the crystal symmetry. In the low temperature phase two further structural transitions are apparent in which the spontaneous magnetisation changes sign with respect to the underlying antiferromagnetic configuration. In this temperature range the antisymmetric exchange energy varies rapidly as the the Ho sub-lattices begin to order. So long as the ordered Ho moments are small the antisymmetric exchange is due only to Fe-Fe interactions, but as the degree of Ho order increases the Fe-Ho interactions take over whilst at the lowest temperatures, when the Ho moments approach saturation the Ho-Ho interactions dominate. The reversals of the spontaneous magnetisation found in this study suggest that in HoFeO3 the sums of the Fe-Fe and Ho-Ho antisymmetric interactions have the same sign as one another, but that of the Ho-Fe terms is opposite.

  13. Ho:YLF & Ho:LuLF slab amplifier system delivering 200 mJ, 2 µm single-frequency pulses

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Strauss, HJ


    Full Text Available A single-frequency single-pass amplifier based on Ho:YLF and Ho:LuLF in a scalable slab architecture delivering up to 210 mJ at 2064 nm is demonstrated. The amplifier was end-pumped by a 1890 nm Tm:YLF slab laser and was seeded with a 69 mJ single...

  14. Sex-Dependent Effects of HO-1 Deletion from Adipocytes in Mice. (United States)

    Hosick, Peter A; Weeks, Mary Frances; Hankins, Michael W; Moore, Kyle H; Stec, David E


    Induction of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) has been demonstrated to decrease body weight and improve insulin sensitivity in several models of obesity in rodents. To further study the role of HO-1 in adipose tissue, we created an adipose-specific HO-1 knockout mouse model. Male and female mice were fed either a control or a high-fat diet for 30 weeks. Body weights were measured weekly and body composition, fasting blood glucose and insulin levels were determined every six weeks. Adipocyte-specific knockout of HO-1 had no significant effect on body weight in mice fed a high-fat diet but increased body weight in female mice fed a normal-fat diet. Although body weights were not different in females fed a high fat diet, loss of HO-1 in adipocytes resulted in significant alterations in body composition. Adipose-specific HO-1 knockout resulted in increased fasting hyperglycemia and insulinemia in female but not male mice on both diets. Adipose-specific knockout of HO-1 resulted in a significant loss of HO activity and a decrease in the protein levels of adiponectin in adipose tissue. These results demonstrate that loss of HO-1 in adipocytes has greater effects on body fat and fasting hyperglycemia in a sex-dependent fashion and that expression of HO-1 in adipose tissue may have a greater protective role in females as compared to males.

  15. Investigation of spectroscopic properties (absorption and emission) of Ho 3+ doped alkali, mixed alkali and calcium phosphate glasses (United States)

    Seshadri, M.; Ratnakaram, Y. C.; Thirupathi Naidu, D.; Venkata Rao, K.


    Optical absorption and emission spectra of Ho 3+ doped alkali, mixed alkali and calcium phosphate glasses of the type (69.5NH 4H 2PO 4·15Na 2HPO 4)·15R 2CO 3 (R = Li, Na and K), (69.5NH 4H 2PO 4·15Na 2HPO 4)·7.5Li 2CO 3·7.5R 2CO 3 (R = Na and K), (69.5NH 4H 2PO 4·15Na 2HPO 4)·7.5Na 2CO 3·7.5K 2CO 3 and (69.5NH 4H 2PO 4·15Na 2HPO 4)·15CaCO 3 have been studied. Variation of Judd-Ofelt intensity of parameters ( Ω λ), peak wavelengths of the hypersensitive transitions ( λ p), radiative transition probabilities ( Arad) and peak emission cross-sections ( σ p) with the variation of alkalis, mixed alkalis and calcium in the phosphate glass matrix has been studied. The shift in peak wavelength of the hypersensitive transition and Judd-Ofelt intensity parameter ( Ω2) are correlated with the structural changes in the host matrix. Radiative lifetimes ( τ R) are estimated for certain excited states of Ho 3+ in these glass matrices. From the luminescence spectra, the emission cross-sections ( σ p) are evaluated for the two emission transitions of Ho 3+ ion. Variation of luminescence intensities of the two transitions, absorption and emission cross-sections with the variation of alkalies, mixed alkalies and calcium in the above phosphate glass systems has been studied.

  16. Magnetic phase diagram of Ho/Er alloys

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cowley, R.A.; Simpson, J.A.; Bryn-Jacobsen, C.


    are found, arising from the competition between the exchange and anisotropic crystal-field interactions, the latter of which are of opposite sign for Ho and Er. The magnetic phase diagram has five distinct phases with long-range magnetic order: basal-plane helical, tilted helical, cycloidal, c......-axis longitudinally modulated, and conical. The cycloid and tilted helix have both incommensurate and commensurate q = 1/4c* forms, and all of the thin films have a conical structure at low temperatures, even though corresponding films of pure Ho and Er do not exhibit this phase. There is a pentacritical point......, and probably a disordered phase which is completely surrounded in the phase diagram by magnetic phases with long-range order. A Landau theory is developed to describe these results....

  17. Problematika elektronického obchodu společnosti


    Frolichová, Klára


    Diplomová práce je zaměřena na problematiku zřízení elektronického obchodu společnosti. Obsahem diplomové práce je podrobná analýza trhu a možných dodavatelů řešení, dále jsou řešeny otázky bezpečnosti, práva a technologie. Součástí práce je návrh postupu zavádění internetového obchodu do firmy. Práce se zabývá také internetovým marketingem a SEO optimalizací. The thesis is focused on the establishment of company's e-commerce. Content of the thesis is a detailed market analysis and possibl...

  18. Identical gamma-vibrational bands in {sup 165}Ho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Radford, D.C.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Janzen, V.P. [Chalk River Labs., Ontario (Canada)] [and others


    The structure of {sup 165}Ho at moderate spins has been investigated by means of Coulomb excitation. Two {gamma}-vibrational bands (K{sup {pi}} = 11/2{sup {minus}} and K{sup {pi}} = 3/2{sup {minus}}) are observed, with very nearly identical in-band {gamma}-ray energies. Gamma-ray branching ratios are analyzed to extract information on Coriolis mixing, and the role of the K quantum number in identical bands is discussed.

  19. Separation and implantation of the rare isotope {sup 163}Ho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kieck, Tom; Chrysalidis, Katerina; Dorrer, Holger; Kormannshaus, Stefan; Schmidt, Sebastian; Schneider, Fabian; Wendt, Klaus [JGU Mainz (Germany); Duellmann, Christoph [JGU Mainz (Germany); GSI Darmstadt (Germany); Gamer, Lisa; Gastaldo, Loredana [Universitaet Heidelberg (Germany); Collaboration: ECHo-Collaboration


    The ECHo collaboration aims at measuring the electron neutrino mass by recording the spectrum following electron capture of {sup 163}Ho. To reach a sub-eV sensitivity, a large number of individual microcalorimeters is needed, into which the isotope must be implanted in a well-controlled manner. The necessary amount of {sup 163}Ho is produced by neutron irradiation of enriched {sup 162}Er in the ILL high flux reactor. This introduces significant contaminations of other radioisotopes, which have to be quantitatively removed both, by chemical and mass spectrometric separation. The application of resonance ionization at the RISIKO mass separator guarantees the required isotope selectivity for purification and suitable energy for ion implantation. The efficiency and stability of the laser ion source was improved by Finite-Element Analysis of the thermal processes. For optimum implantation into the detector pixels (170 x 170 μm{sup 2}) with minimum losses a small ion beam spot at the implantation site is needed. For this purpose, post focusing ion optics were installed. Simulations were performed in order to optimize the homogeneous distribution of the implanted ions. The necessity to alternate implantation phases with deposition of a thin metallic layer for {sup 163}Ho activities larger than 10 Bq is being discussed.

  20. Spectroscopic investigations on Ho 3+ doped mixed alkali phosphate glasses (United States)

    Ratnakaram, Y. C.; Srihari, N. V.; Naidu, D. Thirupathi; Vijayakumar, A.; Chakradhar, R. P. S.


    Optical absorption and emission properties of Ho3+ doped mixed alkali phosphate glasses of the type 69.5NH4H2PO4 · xLi2CO3 · (30 - x)K2CO3 and 69.5NH4H2PO4 · xNa2CO3 · (30 - x)K2CO3 (where x = 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25) were studied. Racah (E1, E2, E3), spin-orbit (ξ4f) and configuration interaction (α, β) parameters are calculated and these values are compared for different x values in the glass matrix. Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters (Ω2, Ω4, Ω6) are calculated for all the Ho3+ doped mixed alkali phosphate glasses. From these parameters and from the spectral profiles of the hypersensitive transition structural studies have obtained. Radiative transition probabilities (A), radiative lifetimes (τ), branching ratios (β) and integrated absorption cross-sections (Σ) are obtained from the intensity parameters. Emission cross-sections (σ) are calculated for the two transitions, 5F4, 5S2 → 5I8 and 5F5 → 5I8 of Ho3+ in these two mixed alkali phosphate glasses. Optical band gaps (Eopt) for both direct and indirect transitions are reported.

  1. Design městského elektrokola


    Sojka, Vojtěch


    Předmětem této diplomové práce je design asistovaného městského elektrokola – tzv. pedelec. Cílem bylo navrhnout takový design, který bude splňovat jak požadavky zadavatele práce, tak kritéria nadčasového designu za použití moderních materiálů a technologií. Výsledkem je návrh, který ve srovnání s běžně prodávanými elektrokoly, vyniká především výrazně lepším rozložením hmotnosti a uživatelským komfortem. Práce je řešena po designérské, technické, ergonomické, psychologické a také ekonomické ...

  2. Ab initio thermal rate calculations of HO + HO = O(3P) + H2O reaction and isotopologues. (United States)

    Nguyen, Thanh Lam; Stanton, John F


    The forward and reverse reactions, HO + HO ⇌ O((3)P) + H2O, which play roles in both combustion and laboratory studies, were theoretically characterized with a master equation approach to compute thermal reaction rate constants at both the low and high pressure limits. Our ab initio k(T) results for the title reaction and two isotopic variants agree very well with experiments (within 15%) over a wide temperature range. The calculated reaction rate shows a distinctly non-Arrhenius behavior and a strong curvature consistent with the experiment. This characteristic behavior is due to effects of positive barrier height and quantum mechanical tunneling. Tunneling is very important and contributes more than 70% of total reaction rate at room temperature. A prereactive complex is also important in the overall reaction scheme.

  3. Návrh a optimalizace sacího a výfukového potrubí zážehového motoru


    Chuchma, Ondřej


    Diplomová práce je zaměřena na konstrukční návrh a optimalizaci sacího a výfukového potrubí motoru C20XE. Jedná se čtyřválcový zážehový motor o zdvihovém objemu 2 l, jenž byl vyráběn automobilkou Opel. Tento agregát je určen pro zástavbu do automobilu Opel Astra F, který je stavěn k závodním účelům. Pro optimalizaci rozměrových parametrů je použit software Lotus Engine Simulation, jenž simuluje jednorozměrné proudění plynů v potrubí. 3D CAD modely jsou provedeny v programu Pro ENGINEER. Th...

  4. Implications of iodine chemistry for daytime HO2 levels at Rishiri Island (United States)

    Kanaya, Yugo; Yokouchi, Yoko; Matsumoto, Jun; Nakamura, Kenji; Kato, Shungo; Tanimoto, Hiroshi; Furutani, Hiroshi; Toyota, Kenjiro; Akimoto, Hajime


    The observed midday maximum in the mixing ratio of HO2 at Rishiri Island in June 2000 was ~10 pptv, but photochemical box model simulations overpredicted HO2 at this location by an average of 70%. This overestimation was significant only when the mixing ratio of NO was lower than 300 pptv, and was coincident with overprediction of the NO/NO2 ratio. We detected several organoiodines, presumably emitted from seaweeds, and propose the presence of the IO radical. IO could reduce HO2 mixing ratios via the formation of HOI that may subsequently be scavenged by aerosols or lost by photolysis and may also convert NO to NO2 directly. Model calculations with known iodine chemistry could reproduce the observed HO2 with 12-25 pptv of IO. Although iodine chemistry is unlikely to explain the entire discrepancy in HO2, several pptv of IO could significantly reduce HO2 mixing ratios and NO/NO2 ratios.

  5. Kinetics of the reaction of iodine atoms with HO sub 2 radicals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jenkin, M.E.; Cox, R.A. (Harwell Laboratory, Oxfordshire (England)); Mellouki, A.; Le Bras, G.; Poulet, G. (CNRS, Orleans (France))


    The rate coefficient (k{sub 7}) for the reaction of iodine atoms with HO{sub 2} radicals, I + HO{sub 2} {yields} HI + O{sub 2}, has been measured directly with use of the discharge-flow/EPR technique, and the molecular-modulation/UV-absorption spectroscopy technique. Discharge-flow measurements were made under pseudo-first-order conditions with iodine atoms in large excess over HO{sub 2}. Molecular-modulation measurements were made with iodine atoms in excess over HO{sub 2}, but the I + HO{sub 2} reaction was occurring in competition with the self-reaction of HO{sub 2}. The potential significance of this reaction as a sink for iodine in the troposphere and other aspects of tropospheric iodine chemistry are considered with a simple model of the atmospheric boundary layer.

  6. Urinary Biomarkers KIM-1 and NGAL for Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology (CKDu among Agricultural Communities in Sri Lanka.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pallagae Mangala C S De Silva


    Full Text Available Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology (CKDu is an emerging epidemic among farming communities in rural Sri Lanka. Victims do not exhibit common causative factors, however, histopathological studies revealed that CKDu is a tubulointerstitial disease. Urine albumin or albumin-creatinine ratio is still being used as a traditional diagnostic tool to identify CKDu, but accuracy and prevalence data generated are questionable. Urinary biomarkers have been used in similar nephropathy and are widely recognised for their sensitivity, specificity and accuracy in determining CKDu and early renal injury. However, these biomarkers have never been used in diagnosing CKDu in Sri Lanka. Male farmers (n = 1734 were recruited from 4 regions in Sri Lanka i.e. Matara and Nuwara Eliya (farming locations with no CKDu prevalence and two CKDu emerging locations from Hambantota District in Southern Sri Lanka; Angunakolapelessa (EL1 and Bandagiriya (EL2. Albuminuria (ACR ≥ 30mg/g; serum creatinine based estimation of glomerular filtration rate (eGFR; creatinine normalized urinary kidney injury molecule (KIM-1 and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL were measured. Fourteen new CKDu cases (18% from EL1 and nine CKDu cases (9% from EL2 were recognized for the first time from EL1, EL2 locations, which were previously considered as non-endemic of the disease and associated with persistent albuminuria (ACR ≥ 30mg/g Cr. No CKDu cases were identified in non-endemic study locations in Matara (CM and Nuwara Eliya (CN. Analysis of urinary biomarkers showed urinary KIM-1 and NGAL were significantly higher in new CKDu cases in EL1 and EL2. However, we also reported significantly higher KIM-1 and NGAL in apparently healthy farmers in EL 1 and EL 2 with comparison to both control groups. These observations may indicate possible early renal damage in absence of persistent albuminuria and potential capabilities of urinary KIM-1 and NGAL in early detection of renal

  7. Procjena zdravstvene ispravnosti poljoprivrednih kultura oplemenjenih genetičkim inženjerstvom - kako umanjiti nenamjerne učinke?


    Jelenić, Srećko


    Genetičko inženjerstvo primjenjuje se u oplemenjivanju poljoprivrednih kultura u posljednjih dvadeset godina. Temelji se uglavnom na ugradnji jednog ili dvaju novih gena u genom biljaka. Do danas je odobreno za uzgoj oko 70 sorta oplemenjenih tom tehnologijom. U usporedbi sa svim tehnologijama koje se primjenjuju u oplemenjivanju bilja, genetičkim inženjerstvom postižu se najpreciznije promjene u genetičkome materijalu. Međutim, tijekom primjene te tehnologije ne može se predvidjeti mjesto u ...

  8. Insights into the photochemical transformation pathways of triclosan and 2′-HO-BDE-28

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Ya-nan; Xie, Qing; Chen, Jingwen, E-mail:; Li, Yingjie; Fu, Zhiqiang


    Highlights: • Direct photolysis of anionic HO-PXDEs occurs through excited singlet states. • Dioxin products are formed from excited singlet states of HO-PXDEs. • Self-sensitized photolysis is involved in the phototransformation of HO-PXDEs. • {sup 1} O{sub 2} and ·OH can be generated in energy or electron transfer reactions between excited HO-PXDEs and dissolved O{sub 2}. - Abstract: Hydroxylated polyhalogenated diphenyl ethers (HO-PXDEs) have been recognized as a group of widely detected emerging contaminants in natural waters. Photolysis was proved to be an important transformation pathway for these compounds and their direct phototransformation results in highly toxic dioxins. However, the roles of excited states and reactive oxygen species in the photochemical transformation of these compounds are still unclear. In this study, 2′-HO-2,4,4′-trichlorodiphenyl ether (triclosan) and 2′-HO-2,4,4′-tribromodiphenyl ether (2′-HO-BDE-28) were selected as model compounds to investigate their phototransformation processes. Results showed that the direct photolysis reactions of both triclosan and 2′-HO-BDE-28 occurred via their respective excited singlet states, leading to the generation of dioxins. In addition, the energy and electron transfer reactions between excited states of model compounds and molecular O{sub 2} can lead to the generation of {sup 1}O{sub 2} and ·OH, which results in self-sensitized photolysis. We also found that both the k, Φ dioxin yield for anionic triclosan were higher than those of anionic 2′-HO-BDE-28. This study revealed the roles of the excited states in direct photolysis and the generation pathway of reactive oxygen species in self-sensitized photolysis of HO-PXDEs, which is important for understanding the phototransformation mechanisms of HO-PXDEs.

  9. Complexes of 4-chlorophenoxyacetates of Nd(III), Gd(III) and Ho(III)


    Ferenc, W.; Bernat, M.; Sarzyński, J.; Głuchowska, H.


    The complexes of 4-chlorophenoxyacetates of Nd(III), Gd(III) and Ho(III) have been synthesized as polycrystalline hydrated solids, and characterized by elemental analysis, spectroscopy, magnetic studies and also by X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric measurements. The analysed complexes have the following colours: violet for Nd(III), white for Gd(III) and cream for Ho(III) compounds. The carboxylate groups bind as bidentate chelating (Ho) or bridging ligands (Nd, Gd). On heating to 1173K ...

  10. The atomic structure of protons and hydrides in Sm1.92Ca0.08Sn2O7-δ pyrochlore from DFT calculations and FTIR spectroscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bork, Nicolai Christian; Eurenius, K. E. J.; Rossmeisl, Jan


    ) oxygen atoms closely associated with a Ca dopant. Further, the unexpected presence of Ho hydride defects in undoped, oxygen deficient Sm2Sn2O7 is reported. Finally, the stretching frequencies and relative intensities for these and other sites are calculated. The main features of the Fourier transform...

  11. Protective Effects of Inducible HO-1 on Oxygen Toxicity in Rat Brain Endothelial Microvessel Cells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seung-Jun Yoo


    Full Text Available BackgroundReperfusion in ischemia is believed to generate cytotoxic oxidative stress, which mediates reperfusion injury. These stress conditions can initiate lipid peroxidation and damage to proteins, as well as promote DNA strand breaks. As biliverdin and bilirubin produced by heme oxygenase isoform 1 (HO-1 have antioxidant properties, the production of both antioxidants by HO-1 may help increase the resistance of the ischemic brain to oxidative stress. In the present study, the survival effect of HO-1 was confirmed using hemin.MethodsTo confirm the roles of HO-1, carbon monoxide, and cyclic guanosine monophosphate further in the antioxidant effect of HO-1 and bilirubin, cells were treated with cycloheximide, desferoxamine, and zinc deuteroporphyrin IX 2,4 bis glycol, respectively.ResultsHO-1 itself acted as an antioxidant. Furthermore, iron, rather than carbon monoxide, was involved in the HO-1-mediated survival effect. HO-1 activity was also important in providing bilirubin as an antioxidant.ConclusionOur results suggested that HO-1 helped to increase the resistance of the ischemic brain to oxidative stress.

  12. [hHO-1 structure prediction and its mutant construct, expression, purification and activity analysis]. (United States)

    Xia, Zhen Wei; Cui, Wen Jun; Zhou, Wen Pu; Zhang, Xue Hong; Shen, Qing Xiang; Li, Yun Zhu; Yu, Shan Chang


    Human Heme Oxygenase-1 (hHO-1) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the catabolism reaction of heme, which directly regulates the concentration of bilirubin in human body. The mutant structure was simulated by Swiss-pdbviewer procedure, which showed that the structure of active pocket was changed distinctly after Ala25 substituted for His25 in active domain, but the mutated enzyme still binded with heme. On the basis of the results, the expression vectors, pBHO-1 and pBHO-1(M), were constructed, induced by IPTG and expressed in E. coli DH5alpha strain. The expression products were purified with 30%-60% saturation (NH4)2SO4 and Q-Sepharose Fast Flow column chromatography. The concentration of hHO-1 in 30%-60% saturation (NH4)2SO4 components and in fractions through twice column chromatography was 3.6-fold and 30-fold higher than that in initial product, respectively. The activity of wild hHO-1 (whHO-1) and mutant hHO-1 (deltahHO-1) showed that the activity of deltahHO-1 was reduced 91.21% compared with that of whHO-1. The study shows that His25 is of importance for the mechanism of hHO-1, and provides the possibility for effectively regulating the activity to exert biological function.



    Castrillejo, Yolanda; Oduber, Fernanda; Barrado, Enrique


    The electrode reaction of Ho(III)/Ho couple in the eutectic LiCl-KCl, at Cd liquid electrodes (i.e a Cd pool and a Cd coated W electrodes) was investigated in the temperature range of 673-823K. In both electrodes, the electrochemical reduction of Ho(III) was observed at less cathodic potential values than at the surface of an inert W electrode, due to the decrease of Ho activity in the metal phase. Junta de Castilla y León Proyecto VA171U14

  14. Model elektronického obchodu pro služby


    Zechmeisterová, Věra


    Obsahem práce je vytvoření modelu informačního zabezpečení služeb autoopravny a vytvoření odpovídajícího systémového řešení elektronického obchodování této autoopravny. The content of this Master thesis is the creation of the car repair shop services informational security model and also the creation of commensurate e-commerce system solution for this car repair shop. A

  15. Development of 166Ho-zoledronate as a bone marrow ablative agent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirsaeed Nikzad


    Full Text Available In this study, production, quality control and biodistribution studies of 166Ho-zoledronate have been presented as a possible bone marrow ablative agent. Ho-166 chloride was produced by thermal neutron irradiation of natural 165Ho(NO33 samples. 166Ho-zoledronate complex was prepared by adding the desired amount of zoledronate solution (0.2 mL, 150 mg/ml in 1 M NaOH to appropriate amount of the 166HoCl3 solution.  Radiochemical purity of the complex was monitored by instant thin layer chromatography (ITLC. Stability studies of the complex in the final preparation and in the presence of human serum were performed up to 48 h. The biodistribution of 166Ho-zoledronate and 166HoCl3 in wild-type mice was checked up to 72 h. 166Ho-zoledronate complex was prepared in high radiochemical purity (> 99%, ITLC and specific activity of 4.4 GBq/mmol. The major accumulation of radiolabelled complex was observed in the bone tissue. These findings suggest 166Ho-zoledronatehas can be a possible candidate for bone marrow ablation in patients with multiple myeloma.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahdevi Nandar Kurniawan


    Full Text Available Ca2+ signaling functions to regulate many cellular processes. Dynamics of Ca2+ signaling or homeostasis is regulated by the interaction between ON and OFF reactions that control Ca2+ flux in both the plasma membrane and internal organelles such as the endoplasmic reticulum (ER and mitochondria. External stimuli activate the ON reactions, which include Ca2+ into the cytoplasm either through channels in the plasma membrane or from internal storage like in ER. Most of the cells utilize both channels/sources, butthere area few cells using an external or internal source to control certain processes. Most of the Ca2+ entering the cytoplasm adsorbed to the buffer, while a smaller part activate effect or to stimulate cellular processes. Reaction OFF is pumping of cytoplasmic Ca2+ using a combination mechanism of mitochondrial and others. Changes in Ca2+ signal has been detected in various tissues isolated from animals induced into diabetes as well as patients with diabetes. Ca2+ signal interference is also found in sensory neurons of experimental animals with diabetes. Ca2+ signaling is one of the main signaling systems in the cell.

  17. A molecular model of artificial photosynthesis: Mn-Ca binuclear complex for photosynthetic oxidation of water. (United States)

    Mishra, Nibedita; Mohapatra, Pranab Kishor; Raval, Mukesh Kumar; Biswal, Basanti; Biswal, Uday Chand


    The redox active component of oxygenic photosynthetic reaction center II contains metal cluster Mn4-Ca, where two H2O are oxidized to O2 and four H+ ions are liberated. A binuclear Mn-Ca metal center binding one substrate H2O on each ion is proposed to be the minimal unit of the redox center. A model for the water oxidizing metal cluster is built with molecular modeling software (HyperChem 8.0 Pro). Mn, being a transitional metal with variable valency is redox active, while Ca is redox inert. Formation and deprotonation of H2O+ on MnIII may be favorable compared to Ca. Deprotonation of H2O+ yields a stable species HO(-) on MnIV by transfer of one electron from MnIII as a consequence of first photoact. Similarly, during second photoact, it may lead to formation of MnV = O. The O-O bond may be formed in the third photoact between O on Mn and H2O on Ca. Subsequently, HO2*(-) may be formed, leading to formation of O2. Molecular models are built for each transition states.

  18. Ho:YLF Laser Pumped by TM:Fiber Laser

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mizutani Kohei


    Full Text Available A 2-micron Ho:YLF laser end-pumped by 1.94-micron Tm:fiber laser is described. A ring resonator of 3m length is adopted for the oscillator. The laser is a master oscillator and an amplifier system. It is operated at high repetition rate of 200-5000 Hz in room temperature. The laser outputs were about 9W in CW and more than 6W in Q-switched operation. This laser was developed to be used for wind and CO2 measurements.

  19. Lifshitz holographic superconductor in Hořava–Lifshitz gravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luo, Cheng-Jian, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Nanchang University, Nanchang, 330031 (China); Center for Relativistic Astrophysics and High Energy Physics, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031 (China); Kuang, Xiao-Mei, E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Casilla 4059, Valparaíso (Chile); Shu, Fu-Wen, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Nanchang University, Nanchang, 330031 (China); Center for Relativistic Astrophysics and High Energy Physics, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031 (China)


    We study the holographic phase transition of superconductor dual to a Lifshitz black brane probed by an anisotropic scalar field in the probe limit in Hořava–Lifshitz gravity. With the use of numerical and analytical method, we investigate how the critical temperature of the condensation is affected by the Lifshitz exponent z, α-correction term in the action as well as the dimensions of the gravity. We also numerically explore the condensation of the dual operator and optical conductivity of the holographic system. Various interesting properties of the holographic condensation affected by the parameters of model are discussed.

  20. Photoluminescence properties of Ho3+/Tm3+-doped YAGG nano-crystalline powders (United States)

    Praveena, R.; Sameera, V. Sravani; Babu, P.; Basavapoornima, Ch.; Jayasankar, C. K.


    Y3Al4GaO12 (YAGG):(Tm3+, Ho3+) nanoparticles have been synthesized by Pechini sol-gel method and characterised their X-ray diffraction patterns, scanning electron microscope image, energy dispersive and photoluminescence spectra. From XRD results, phase purity and structure have been confirmed. Excitation spectra reveal that 363 nm excitation is suitable to excite the co-doped samples. Under ultraviolet excitation at 363 nm, the characteristic emissions of Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions have been observed in the photoluminescence (PL) spectra. Concentration dependent luminescence and energy transfer between Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions have been studied. The CIE chromaticity coordinates and correlated colour temperature values have been obtained from the emission spectra. Moreover, the emission colour of the YAGG:TmHo nano-powders was slightly shifted to red colour while increasing the Ho concentration and can be tuned from blue/green to white by adjusting the Tm3+/Ho3+ ions concentration. The optimum concentration of Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions were found to be 1:1 ratio in the YAGG host. The optimized single component white light emitting YAGG:TmHo phosphors could be a potential candidate for phosphor-converted white light emitting diode and full colour display applications.

  1. Q-switched Ho:YLF laser pumped by a Tm:GdVO4 laser.

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Esser, MJD


    Full Text Available The authors have, through careful analysis of spectroscopic data, designed and demonstrated a diode-end-pumped, quasicontinuous wave Tm:GdVO4 laser operating at 1892 nm in order to pump a Q-switched Ho:YLF laser. The Ho:YLF maximum output energy...

  2. Spin structure and magnetic frustration in multiferroic RMn2O5 (R=Tb,Ho,Dy)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blake, G.R.; Chapon, L.C.; Radaelli, P.G.; Park, S.; Hur, N.; Cheong, S-W.; Rodríguez-Carvajal, J.


    We have studied the crystal and magnetic structures of the magnetoelectric materials RMn2O5 (R=Tb,Ho,Dy) using neutron diffraction as a function of temperature. All three materials display incommensurate antiferromagnetic ordering below 40 K, becoming commensurate on further cooling. For R=Tb,Ho, a

  3. Neutron diffraction studies of Ho1-xYxNi2B2C compounds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chang, L.J.; Tomy, C.V.; Paul, D.M.K.


    Neutron diffraction measurements have been carried out to investigate the nature of magnetic ordering in Ho(1-x)Y(x)Ni(2)B(2)C (x = 0, 0.1 and 0.2) compounds. HoNi(2)B(2)C shows a complex type of magnetic ordering below the superconducting transition, with a commensurate antiferromagnetic ordering...

  4. Paracrine action of HO-1-modified mesenchymal stem cells mediates cardiac protection and functional improvement. (United States)

    Zeng, Bin; Ren, Xiaofeng; Lin, Guosheng; Zhu, Chengang; Chen, Honglei; Yin, Jiechao; Jiang, Hong; Yang, Bo; Ding, Danhua


    The aim has been to determine whether the supernatants of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) transfected with adenovirus carrying human heme oxygenase-1 (hHO-1) gene protect cardiomyocytes from ischemic injury. We have found that hHO-1 infected MSCs (hHO-1-MSCs) increased expression of hHO-1 protein. Apoptosis of cultured hHO-1-MSCs exposed to hypoxia was suppressed. Several cytokines, including HGF, bFGF, TGF-beta, VEGF and IL-1beta, were produced by hHO-1-MSCs, some being significantly enhanced under hypoxia stimulation. Meanwhile, those cytokines reduced caspase-3 level and activity in cultured adult rat ventricular cardiomyocytes (ARVCs) exposed to hypoxia. Supernatants obtained from hHO-1-MSCs improved left ventricular function, limited myocardial infarct size, increased microvessel density, and inhibited apoptosis of cardiomyocytes in rat myocardial infarction. It can be concluded hHO-1-modified MSCs prevent myocardial cell injury via secretion of paracrine-acting mediators.

  5. HO-1-mediated macroautophagy: a mechanism for unregulated iron deposition in aging and degenerating neural tissues. (United States)

    Zukor, Hillel; Song, Wei; Liberman, Adrienne; Mui, Jeannie; Vali, Hojatollah; Fillebeen, Carine; Pantopoulos, Kostas; Wu, Ting-Di; Guerquin-Kern, Jean-Luc; Schipper, Hyman M


    Oxidative stress, deposition of non-transferrin iron, and mitochondrial insufficiency occur in the brains of patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) and Parkinson disease (PD). We previously demonstrated that heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is up-regulated in AD and PD brain and promotes the accumulation of non-transferrin iron in astroglial mitochondria. Herein, dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and other techniques were employed to ascertain (i) the impact of HO-1 over-expression on astroglial mitochondrial morphology in vitro, (ii) the topography of aberrant iron sequestration in astrocytes over-expressing HO-1, and (iii) the role of iron regulatory proteins (IRP) in HO-1-mediated iron deposition. Astroglial hHO-1 over-expression induced cytoplasmic vacuolation, mitochondrial membrane damage, and macroautophagy. HO-1 promoted trapping of redox-active iron and sulfur within many cytopathological profiles without impacting ferroportin, transferrin receptor, ferritin, and IRP2 protein levels or IRP1 activity. Thus, HO-1 activity promotes mitochondrial macroautophagy and sequestration of redox-active iron in astroglia independently of classical iron mobilization pathways. Glial HO-1 may be a rational therapeutic target in AD, PD, and other human CNS conditions characterized by the unregulated deposition of brain iron.

  6. Compact fibre-laser-pumped Ho:YLF oscillator-amplifier system

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Bollig, C


    Full Text Available Ho:YLF is an attractive laser material for 2 µm high energy sources since it has a much longer upper laser level lifetime (~14 ms) and higher emission cross section than Ho:YAG. In addition, the very weak thermal lens on the polarisation helps...

  7. Efficient Ho:YLF laser pumped by a Tm:fiber laser

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Koen, W


    Full Text Available . It is shown that Ho:YLF based lasers can deliver high average powers and optical-to-optical efficiencies, comparing favourably to Ho:YAG lasers. The best performing laser delivered an average power in excess of 45 W with an optical-to-optical efficiency of 53...

  8. Efficient Ho:YLF laser pumped by a Tm:fiber laser

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Koen, W


    Full Text Available A thulium fiber laser pumped Ho:YLF laser delivering 45.1 W in a near diffraction limited beam when pumped with 84.7 W is demonstrated. The optical-to-optical efficiency of 53 % compares favorably with similar Ho:YAG lasers....

  9. Minimally invasive scoliosis treatment with a Ho:YAG laser (United States)

    Rumpf, Christian G.; Lang, Robert D.; Goetz, Marcus H.


    Today most surgical treatment of spinal deformations is concentrated on invasive mechanical techniques with long operation times and major effects on the patient's mobility. The proposed minimally invasive technique using laser light for tissue ablation offers a possibility of gentle scoliosis treatment. It is thought that an early removal of the epiphysial growth zone on the convex side over several vertebrae results in a straightening of the spine. In a first evaluation, four different laser systems including argon ion, Nd:YAG (Q-switched), Nd:YAG (cw), and Ho:YAG laser were compared with respect to thermal damage to adjacent tissue, ablation rates, efficiency and laser handling. For in-vivo investigation, fresh lamb spine was used. Comparison showed that the Ho:YAG laser is the most appropriate laser for the given goal, providing efficient photoablation with moderate thermal effects on the adjacent tissue. In a second step the proposed minimally invasive operation technique was performed in in-vivo experiments on young foxhounds using 3D- thoracoscopic operation techniques. During these operations temperature mapping was done using fiber-optic fluorescent probes. After 12 months of normal growth the animals were sacrificed and x-ray as well as MRI was performed on the spine. First results show a positive effect of scoliotic growth in two cases. Being able to produce a scoliosis by hemiepiphysiodesis on the vertebra, It is thought that this technique is successful for a straightening of the spine on patients with scoliosis.

  10. Desulfurizing Ability of the CaOsatd.-CaCl2-CaF2 Slags (United States)

    Liu, Jiazhan; Kobayashi, Yoshinao


    Desulfurizing ability of the CaO-CaCl2-CaF2 slags saturated with CaO has been investigated from the viewpoint of the sulfide capacity and CaO solubility. The CaO-CaCl2-CaF2 slags containing small amounts of Cu2O and CaS were inserted in a CaO crucible with metallic copper. The CaO crucible was sealed in a nickel holder to prevent the evaporation of CaCl2, then heated up and kept at temperatures from 1573 K (1300 °C) to 1673 K (1400 °C) for 24 hours, which enabled the system inside the CaO crucible to reach the equilibrium. As expected, the sulfide capacity derived from the data obtained as well as CaO solubility of the slag increase with an increase in temperature at a constant ratio of CaCl2/CaF2. The solubility of CaO increases by the replacement of CaF2 with CaCl2, whereas the sulfide capacity slightly decreases and the activity coefficient of CaS ( γ CaS) increases. This suggests that CaF2 has stronger interaction with CaS than CaCl2. The sulfur distribution ratio between carbon-saturated iron melts and the CaO-CaCl2 slag has been calculated to be about 10 000 at 1573 K (1300 °C) using the sulfide capacity obtained, which value is still large enough even with the replacement of CaF2 by CaCl2.

  11. Savremene metode analize ulja u tehničkim sistemima / Modern methods of oil analysis in technical systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sreten R. Perić


    of wear processes, solid particles from the environment, water and products of fuel combustion. During the operation the following changes occur: contamination of oil by the products of its own degradation, by products of incomplete combustion of fuel and by contaminants of various origin. The main objectives of the analysis and monitoring of oil exploitation in vehicles The main objectives of the analysis and monitoring of oil exploitation in vehicles are: - analysis of system element wear processes, - analysis of lubricant contamination processes, - monitoring changes in the properties of lubricants in order to optimize the life of system functionality control (penetration of contaminants, temperature and pressure, filter efficiency, etc. and - determining the extent of damage and causes of failure. The analysis of the contents of different metals in lubricants is very important. Metal particles are abrasive, and act as catalysts in oil oxidation. In motor oils, they can originate from additives, wear processes, fuel, air and cooling liquid. Metals from additives may be Zn, Ca, Ba, or Mg and they indicate additive deterioration. Metals originating from wear are: Fe, Pb, Cu, Cr, Al, Mn, Ag, Sn, and they point to increased wear in these systems. The elements originating from cooling liquids are Na and B, and their increased content indicates the penetration of cooling liquid in the lubricant. The increased content of Si or Ca, which originate from the air, points to a malfunction of the air filter. Condition monitoring through oil analysis tests There are many different types of oil analysis tests that are used to evaluate lubricants. The tests must cover three areas: technical system condition, contamination condition, and lubricant condition. From the technical system condition aspect, attention should be paid to the presence of any metal particles in oil and the tendencies in their change. The second focus would be the lubricant condition, especially viscosity

  12. Photoluminescence quenching and enhanced optical conductivity of P3HT derived Ho3+-doped ZnO nanostructures

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Kabongo, GL


    Full Text Available In this article, we demonstrate the surface effect and optoelectronic properties of holmium (Ho(sup3+))-doped ZnO in P3HT polymer nanocomposite. We incorporated ZnO:Ho(sup3+) (0.5 mol% Ho) nanostructures in the pristine P3HT-conjugated polymer...

  13. Kinetics of hydroperoxy radical reactions with acetone/HO2 adduct and with acetonylperoxy radical (United States)

    Grieman, F. J.; VanDerGeest, K.; Newenhouse, E.; Watkins, K.; Noell, A. C.; Hui, A.; Sander, S. P.; Okumura, M.


    Reactions of hydroperoxy radical, HO2, with acetone and with acetonylperoxy radical, CH3C(O)CH2OO, may play an important role in the oxidation chemistry of the troposphere. Using a temperature-controlled slow-flow tube cell and laser flash photolysis of Cl2 to produce HO2 and CH3C(O)CH2OO from methanol and acetone, respectively, we studied the chemical kinetics involved over the temperature range of 215 to 298 K at 100 Torr. Rates of chemical reactions were determined by monitoring the HO2 concentration as a function of time by near-IR diode laser wavelength modulation spectroscopy. (See Fig.1.) The primary reactions are rapid (reactions to form the adducts HO2-CH3OH and HO2-CH3C(O)CH3 followed by HO2 reactions with itself, the adducts (chaperone mechanisms), and acetonylperoxy radical. The equilibrium constants for adduct formation were determined in previous work.1,2 In this work, rate coefficients were determined for the acetone chaperone mechanism over the entire temperature range. (E.g., see Fig. 2.) The rate coefficients and energies obtained are very similar to those found for the methanol case.1 Rate coefficients for the CH3C(O)CH2OO/HO2 reaction were also determined over a smaller temperature range, extending the measured value beyond room temperature, and yielding an activation energy. 1. Christensen et al. J. Phys. Chem. A 2006, 110, 6948-6959. 2. Grieman et al. J. Phys. Chem. A 2011, 115, 10527-10538. Fig.1. HO2 decay for HO2/Acetone chemistry at T = 298 K. Fig.2. Determining rate coefficient (k") for HO2/acetone chaperone effect at T = 222.5 K.

  14. Exacerbated corneal inflammation and neovascularization in the HO-2 null mice is ameliorated by biliverdin. (United States)

    Bellner, Lars; Vitto, Marco; Patil, Kiran A; Dunn, Michael W; Regan, Raymond; Laniado-Schwartzman, Michal


    Heme oxygenase (HO-1 and HO-2) represents an intrinsic cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory system based on its ability to modulate leukocyte migration and to inhibit expression of inflammatory cytokines and proteins. HO-2 deletion leads to unresolved corneal inflammation and chronic inflammatory complications including ulceration, perforation and neovascularization. We examined the consequences of HO-2 deletion on hemangiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in the model of suture-induced inflammatory neovascularization. An 8.0 silk suture was placed at the corneal apex of wild type and HO-2 null mice. Neovascularization was assessed by vital microscopy and quantified by image analysis. Hemangiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis were determined by immunofluorescence staining using anti-CD31 and anti-LYVE-1 antibodies, respectively. Inflammation was quantified by histology and myeloperoxidase activity. The levels of HO-1 expression and inflammatory cytokines were determined by real time PCR and ELISA, respectively. Corneal sutures produced a consistent inflammatory response and a time-dependent neovascularization. The response in HO-2 null mice was associated with a greater increase compared to the wild type in the number of leukocytes (827,600+/-129,000 vs. 294,500+/-57,510; pbiliverdin diminished the exaggerated inflammatory and neovascular response in HO-2 null mice. The demonstration that the inflammatory responses, including expression of proinflammatory proteins, inflammatory cell influx and hemangiogenesis are exaggerated in HO-2 knockout mice strongly supports the notion that the HO system is critical for controlling the inflammatory and neovascular response in the cornea. Hence, pharmacological amplification of this system may constitute a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of corneal disorders associated with excessive inflammation and neovascularization.

  15. Baicalein protects rat insulinoma INS-1 cells from palmitate-induced lipotoxicity by inducing HO-1.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hyun Jeong Kwak

    Full Text Available β-Cell dysfunction plays a central role in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes (T2D, and the identification of novel approaches to improve β-cell function is essential to treat this disease. Baicalein, a flavonoid originally isolated from the root of Scutellaria Baicalensis, has been shown to have beneficial effects on β-cell function. Here, the authors investigated the molecular mechanism responsible for the protective effects of baicalein against palmitate (PA-induced impaired β-cell function, and placed focus on the role of heme oxygenase (HO-1.Rat pancreatic β-cell line INS-1 cells or mouse pancreatic islets were cultured with PA (500 μM to induce lipotoxicity in the presence or absence of baicalein (50 μM, and the expressions of the ER stress markers, ATF-3, CHOP and GRP78 were detected by Western blotting and/or qPCR. The involvement of HO-1 was evaluated by HO-1 siRNA transfection and using the HO-1 inhibitor ZnPP.Baicalein reduced PA-induced ER stress and inflammation and enhanced insulin secretion, and these effects were associated with the induction of HO-1. Furthermore, these protective effects were attenuated by ZnPP and by HO-1 siRNA. Pretreatment of PD98059 (an ERK inhibitor significantly inhibited the protective effects of baicalein and blocked HO-1 induction. On the other hand, CO production by RuCO (a CO donor ameliorated PA-induced ER stress, suggesting that CO production followed by HO-1 induction may contribute to the protective effects of baicalein against PA-induced β-cell dysfunction.Baicalein protects pancreatic β-cells from PA-induced ER stress and inflammation via an ERK-HO-1 dependent pathway. The authors suggest HO-1 induction in pancreatic β-cells appears to be a promising therapeutic strategy for T2D.

  16. Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) inhibits postmyocardial infarct remodeling and restores ventricular function. (United States)

    Liu, Xiaoli; Pachori, Alok S; Ward, Christopher A; Davis, J Paul; Gnecchi, Massimiliano; Kong, Deling; Zhang, Lunan; Murduck, Jared; Yet, Shaw-Fang; Perrella, Mark A; Pratt, Richard E; Dzau, Victor J; Melo, Luis G


    We reported previously that predelivery of the anti-oxidant gene heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) to the heart by adeno associated virus (AAV) markedly reduces injury after acute myocardial infarction (MI). However, the effect of HO-1 gene delivery on postinfarction recovery has not been investigated. In the current study, we assessed the effect of HO-1 gene delivery on post-MI left ventricle (LV) remodeling and function using echocardiographic imaging and histomorphometric approaches. Two groups of Sprague-Dawley rats were injected with 4 x 10(11) particles of AAV-LacZ (control) or AAV-hHO-1 in the LV wall. Eight wk after gene transfer, the animals were subjected to 30 min of ischemia by ligation of left anterior descending artery (LAD) followed by reperfusion. Echocardiographic measurements were obtained in a blinded fashion prior and at 1.5 and 3 months after I/R. Ejection fraction (EF) was reduced by 13% and 40% in the HO-1 and LacZ groups, respectively at 1.5 months after MI. Three months after MI, EF recovered fully in the HO-1, but only partially in the LacZ-treated animals. Post-MI LV dimensions were markedly increased and the anterior wall was markedly thinned in the LacZ-treated animals compared with the HO-1-treated animals. Significant myocardial scarring and fibrosis were observed in the LacZ-group in association with elevated levels of interstitial collagen I and III and MMP-2 activity. Post-MI myofibroblast accumulation was reduced in the HO-1-treated animals, and retroviral overexpression of HO-1 reduced proliferation of isolated cardiac fibroblasts. Our data indicate that rAAV-HO-1 gene transfer markedly reduces fibrosis and ventricular remodeling and restores LV function and chamber dimensions after myocardial infarction.

  17. Teale CA. Counties (United States)

    California Department of Resources — California Spatial Information System (CaSIL) is a project designed to improve access to geo-spatial and geo-spatial related data information throughout the state of...

  18. The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and occupational risk factors in Kashan SAIPA automobile industry workers by key indicator method (KIM, 1390

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Introduction: work related musculoskeletal disorders are the most wide spread type of occupational diseases among workers. Awkward body postures during work and manual material handling are among the most important risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders in different jobs. Due to importance of recognizing these factors prevalence and risk factor of work related musculoskeletal disorders, this research was aimed to study the among employees of Kashan City’s Saipa automobile industry in 2011. .Material and Method: This study is a descriptive-cross sectional study conducted among workers with manual material handling 37 activities and 84 work duties. To recognize musculoskeletal disorders, body map questionnaire was applied and occupational risk factors were evaluated using Key Index Method (KIM. Data was analyzed using SPSS and Excel software. .Result: Highest prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders was in low and upper back region (%92. Based on the results from KIM, workers in the installing the tire, shuttle-aided fitting of seat, and engine work station had higher risk level with the scores of 66, 52 and 52, respectively. Risk level among three individuals (%3.6 was at 1, 40 (%47.6 at 2, 38 (%45.2 risk level 3, and 3 (%3.6 at 4. .Conclusion: Awkward body posture, improper twisting and flexion of low back were major risk factor among worker doing manual material handling tasks. Regarding the high prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders, appropriate ergonomic interventions such as engineering and organization interactions can reduce this risk factors (posture, heavy load, duration, workplace conditions as much as the risk level reach to an acceptable level.

  19. Evaluation of KIM-1 and NGAL as Early Indicators for Assessment of Gentamycin-Induced Nephrotoxicity In Vivo and In Vitro. (United States)

    Luo, Qi-Hui; Chen, Meng-Lu; Chen, Zheng-Li; Huang, Chao; Cheng, An-Chun; Fang, Jing; Tang, Li; Geng, Yi


    The aminolycoside Gentamicin is a widely used antibiotic, applied in equine medicine. Despite its clinical use, concerns remain regarding the potential toxic side-effects, such as nephrotoxicity. Early detection of renal damage is critical in preclinical drug development. This study was aimed to determine whether kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) may be early indicators in the assessment of Gentamycin-induced nephrotoxicity. In our study, a model of Gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in male Sprague Dawley rats treated for up to 7 days at 50 or 100mg/kg/day was used to monitor the expressions of novel biomarkers of renal toxicity during the progression of acute kidney injury (AKI). Additionally, biomarkers were assessed in human kidney proximal epithelial cells (HK-2) treated with Gentamicin for 2, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48h in vitro. Repeated administration of Gentamicin to rats for 1, 3, or 7 days resulted in a dose- and time-dependent increase in the expression of KIM-1 and NGAL. The expressions of the two biomarkers changed prior to renal tubule damage and increases in serum creatinine (SCr) and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels, suggesting their usefulness for predicting Gentamicin-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) in vivo. In contrast, no significant increase in the expression of the biomarker genes and proteins were evident in HK-2 cells after treated by Gentamycin for up to 48h, suggesting that they may not be suitable endpoints for sensitive detection of nephrotoxic effects in vitro. © 2016 The Author(s) Published by S. Karger AG, Basel.



    Chocholáč, Jan; Kudláčková, Nina; Salava, Daniel


    Článek se zabývá problematikou e-commerce z hlediska marketingového mixu podniků, kdy může být e-commerce neboli elektronické obchodování využito jako jeden z marketingových nástrojů a může se stát zásadním aspektem z hlediska konkurenční výhody na trhu. Příspěvek analyzuje využití elektronického obchodování k nákupu zboží a služeb uživateli internetu ze zemí Evropské unie v letech 2007-2015 a sleduje jeho vývoj. The article deals with problems of e-commerce from the marketing mix point of...

  1. Holmium Laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP versus Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luís Eduardo Durães Barboza

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE:to evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP - in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH - in comparison to transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP.METHODS:patients with symptomatic prostatic hyperplasia and candidates for surgical treatment were selected. Both procedures were explained and they had choosen HoLEP or TURP. At the hospital were collected: age, date of birth, international prostate symptom score, urinary peak flow rate, prostate volume, post-voiding residual urine, globular volume and serum PSA. At the procedure operating time, morcellating time (HoLEP, bladder mucosal injury and intercurrences were collected. At the first postoperative day, globular volume and sodium. Besides that were observed the catheter indwelling time and hospital stay and after 90 days, urinary peak flow rate and international prostate symptom score. Statistical analisys have been done partially by Sinpe(r and also by a professional team.RESULTS:twenty patients in HoLEP group and 21 at TURP were operated. Baseline urinary peak flow rate was 8 ml/s in both groups and preoperative international prostate symptom score was 22 in HoLEP and 20 in TURP, very similar. Operative time was 85 minutes in HoLEP and 60 in TURP, pCONCLUSION:HoLEP is a feasible technique and is as effective as TURP on symptomatic prostatic hyperplasia surgical treatment.

  2. "The Day All of the Different Parts of Me Can Come Along": Intersectionality and U.S. Third World Feminism in the Poetry of Pat Parker and Willyce Kim. (United States)

    Van Ausdall, Mimi Iimuro


    This article brings to light the poetry of Pat Parker and Willyce Kim, two key figures within the 1970s and '80s women in print movement. While Parker and Kim have been rightly placed within African-American and Asian-American histories, respectively, and working-class and lesbian-feminist literary histories, their work is most fully understood within the context of U.S. Third World Feminism. Through close readings of poetic form and content in addition to engagement with current debates about intersectionality as a methodology, the article links Kim and Parker's works to central contributions of U.S. Third World Feminism such as intersectionality and power across and within difference that continue to influence feminist theory today.

  3. Vizualizace síťového provozu


    Matoušek, Martin


    Bakalářská práce se zabývá vizualizací síťového provozu z NetFlow dat. V teoretické části je popsána technologie NetFlow, která se používá pro monitorování počítačové sítě. Dále je nastíněna teorie výpočtu rozložení grafu. Cílem práce je vytvoření nástroje pro vizualizaci dat. Bachelor thesis deals with visualization of network traffic by NetFlow data. In the theoretical part describes NetFlow technology thet is used for monitoring of computer network . Then I introduce theory of graph lay...

  4. Prečo ignorujeme odkaz Komenského?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikuláš Huba


    Full Text Available 2013-05-30 13:46:30Publikováno 24.05.2013, na webu Obyčajní ochranári(z vystúpenia M. Hubu v rozprave k správe o stave školstva na 19. schôdzi NR SRPriznám sa, že predložená správa o stave školstva vo mne vyvoláva nejednoznačné pocity. Na jednej strane oceňujem jej analytický a takpovediac rekapitulačný prínos. Na druhej strane sa pripájam ku kritickým hlasom, ktoré poukazujú na jej deficity, najmä pri navrhovaní konkrétnych východísk, pričom otázka financovania školstva je len jedna stránka veci.Kolega Viskupič tu – myslím si, že veľmi správne – hovoril o potrebe určitej filozofickej a hodnotovej základnej línie, ktorú by malo naše školstvo sledovať. Veľmi správne zdôraznil aj potrebu komplexnosti a prierezových prístupom v rámci rezortu školstva, ale aj vo vzťahu k iným rezortom i celej spoločnosti. Veď vzdelávanie a vzdelanie nemôže byť záležitosťou len jedného rezortu.V bohatej a košatej rozprave k tejto správe odznelo viacero názorov a návrhov, od čoho by sa spomínaná ústredná línia mala odvíjať. Viackrát sa tu ako nasledovaniahodný dôvod spomínalo Fínsko. Ja nepôjdem tak ďaleko. Často sa – aspoň verbálne – spoločne s bratmi Čechmi bijeme do pŕs, že sme národy Komenského. V skutočnosti sa však jeho odkazu stále viac a viac vzďaľujeme.Takže, ak by som mal niečo celkom všeobecného navrhnúť, tak je to návrat k „nášmu“ Učiteľovi národov, od ktorého akoby sa učili všetci, len nie my.A ešte niečo, o čom som tu už hovoril viackrát: environmentálne vzdelávanie, globálne vzdelávanie, vzdelávanie podporujúce smerovanie k udržateľnejšej budúcnosti: veľké, odvážim sa povedať, že kľúčové výzvy 21. storočia, ale naše školstvo ich adekvátne nereflektuje. A ich kritickú potrebu nereflektuje ani predložená správa.

  5. Animal experiments and clinical trials of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan for various cancers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lim, Sang Moo; Choi, C. W.; Kim, E. H.; Woo, K. S.; Chung, W. S.; Lee, J. I.; Park, S. Y.; Son, Y. S.; Lee, S. H.; Kim, S. J.; Kim, B. G.; Kim, J. H.; Lee, C. H. [Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    {sup 166}Ho is a good therapeutic radionuclide because of its suitable half-life (26.8 hours), high beta energy and 6% gamma ray for imaging. Chitosan is a kind of N-glucosamine with 400 to 500 kD MW, which chelates metal ions and degrades slowly in vivo. As a preclinical studies, we performed cytotoxic effect of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan in a variety of cancer cell lines derived from stomach or ovarian cancer based on MTT assay and HTCA method. To evaluated the absorbed dose to the cavitary wall from {sup 166}Ho-chitosan, intraperitoneal administration of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan in the rat and simulation of energy transfer from the beta particles to the cavity wall using the Monte Carlo code EGS4 was done, and used as a standard for the planning therapy. Intracavitary {sup 166}Ho-chitosan therapy were tried in peritoneal metastatic ovarian and stomach cancers and cystic brain tumors. Intraarterial injection in inoperable primary liver cancer was also tried. As a radiation synovectomy agent, biocompatibility study in the knee joints of rabbits were performed. {sup 166}Ho-chitosan showed synergistic effects with 5-FU or cisplatin in vitro. 97-99% of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan was localized within the peritoneal cavity, and more than 90% of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan was attached to the peritoneal wall. Partial response were observed in 4 among 5 patients with ovarian cancer without severe toxicity. In the cystic brain tumor, 5 of 8 cysts were shrunken in size with thinning of the wall, 2 out of 8 showed growth retardation. In the primary liver cancer, radioactivity was distributed in the teritory of selected hepatic arterial branch, and partial responses were observed in 2 cases. In the knee joints of the rabbits, more than 98% of {sup 166}Ho-chitosan remained in the joint cavity and was stable upto 1 week. 49 refs., 22 tabs. (author)

  6. Holmium Laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) versus Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP). (United States)

    Barboza, Luís Eduardo Durães; Malafaia, Osvaldo; Slongo, Luiz Edison; Meyer, Fernando; Nassif, Paulo Afonso Nunes; Tabushi, Fernando Issamu; Wendler, Eduardo; Beraldi, Rafael Alexandre


    to evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) - in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - in comparison to transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). patients with symptomatic prostatic hyperplasia and candidates for surgical treatment were selected. Both procedures were explained and they had choosen HoLEP or TURP. At the hospital were collected: age, date of birth, international prostate symptom score, urinary peak flow rate, prostate volume, post-voiding residual urine, globular volume and serum PSA. At the procedure operating time, morcellating time (HoLEP), bladder mucosal injury and intercurrences were collected. At the first postoperative day, globular volume and sodium. Besides that were observed the catheter indwelling time and hospital stay and after 90 days, urinary peak flow rate and international prostate symptom score. Statistical analisys have been done partially by Sinpe(r) and also by a professional team. twenty patients in HoLEP group and 21 at TURP were operated. Baseline urinary peak flow rate was 8 ml/s in both groups and preoperative international prostate symptom score was 22 in HoLEP and 20 in TURP, very similar. Operative time was 85 minutes in HoLEP and 60 in TURP, p<0.05. Hospital stay was 47 hours for HoLEP and 48 hours to TURP, p<0.05. At 90 day the urinary peak flow rate was raised to 21.5 ml/s in HoLEP group and to 20 ml/s in TURP and the median of international prostate symptom score had been reduced to score 3 in both groups. HoLEP is a feasible technique and is as effective as TURP on symptomatic prostatic hyperplasia surgical treatment.

  7. Mechanical Stress Changes the Complex Interplay Between HO-1, Inflammation and Fibrosis, During Excisional Wound Repair. (United States)

    Cremers, Niels A J; Suttorp, Maarten; Gerritsen, Marlous M; Wong, Ronald J; van Run-van Breda, Coby; van Dam, Gooitzen M; Brouwer, Katrien M; Kuijpers-Jagtman, Anne Marie; Carels, Carine E L; Lundvig, Ditte M S; Wagener, Frank A D T G


    Mechanical stress following surgery or injury can promote pathological wound healing and fibrosis, and lead to functional loss and esthetic problems. Splinted excisional wounds can be used as a model for inducing mechanical stress. The cytoprotective enzyme heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is thought to orchestrate the defense against inflammatory and oxidative insults that drive fibrosis. Here, we investigated the activation of the HO-1 system in a splinted and non-splinted full-thickness excisional wound model using HO-1-luc transgenic mice. Effects of splinting on wound closure, HO-1 promoter activity, and markers of inflammation and fibrosis were assessed. After seven days, splinted wounds were more than three times larger than non-splinted wounds, demonstrating a delay in wound closure. HO-1 promoter activity rapidly decreased following removal of the (epi)dermis, but was induced in both splinted and non-splinted wounds during skin repair. Splinting induced more HO-1 gene expression in 7-day wounds; however, HO-1 protein expression remained lower in the epidermis, likely due to lower numbers of keratinocytes in the re-epithelialization tissue. Higher numbers of F4/80-positive macrophages, αSMA-positive myofibroblasts, and increased levels of the inflammatory genes IL-1β, TNF-α, and COX-2 were present in 7-day splinted wounds. Surprisingly, mRNA expression of newly formed collagen (type III) was lower in 7-day wounds after splinting, whereas, VEGF and MMP-9 were increased. In summary, these data demonstrate that splinting delays cutaneous wound closure and HO-1 protein induction. The pro-inflammatory environment following splinting may facilitate higher myofibroblast numbers and increase the risk of fibrosis and scar formation. Therefore, inducing HO-1 activity against mechanical stress-induced inflammation and fibrosis may be an interesting strategy to prevent negative effects of surgery on growth and function in patients with orofacial clefts or in patients with

  8. Biomarker CA125

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kargo, Anette Stolberg

    Background: The majority of patients with ovarian cancer (OC) are diagnosed with advanced disease (70-80 %) and will experience disease relapse with only limited curative potential. Early initiation of relapse treatment based on rising CA125 alone does not improve survival. Increasing CA125 can...... be detected months before symptoms arise and recurrence is visible on imaging. Therefore, biochemical detection of potential relapse by CA125 assessment can cause significant distress. A decision aid (DA) is a tool that provides information and describes advantages and disadvantages of a specific intervention...... patient organisations and cancer societies. First, a focus group of seven former OC patients was performed followed by a quantitative rating of the DA pilot version. The DA was adapted accordingly and then tested in 14 OC patients with recurrence using a structured interview guide (alpha testing). A final...

  9. Development of Therapeutic Modality of Esophageal Cancer Using Ho-166 Stent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Jong Doo; Park, Kwang Kyun; Lee, Min Geol [Yonsei University Medical College, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Park, Kyung Bae [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    The prognosis of esophageal cancer is poor due absence of serosa which prevent local invasion to the surrounding organs such as aorta, mediastinum, trachea, and bronchi. We developed a Ho-166 Coated Radioactive Self-Expandable Metallic Stent which is a new herapeutic device in the treatment of esophageal cancer and underwent an animal experiment in mongrel dogs. We observed mucosal destruction by 4-6 mCi of Ho-166 without serious complications such as perforation of esophageal wall. Therefore, Ho-166 coated self-expandable stent appears to be an effective therapeutic device in the palliative treatment of esophageal cancer. 17 refs., 4 figs. (author)

  10. Spin correlations in Ho2Ti2O7: A dipolar spin ice system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bramwell, S.T.; Harris, M.J.; Hertog, B.C. den


    described by a nearest neighbor spin ice model and very accurately described by a dipolar spin ice model. The heat capacity is well accounted for by the sum of a dipolar spin ice contribution and an expected nuclear spin contribution, known to exist in other Ho(3+) salts. These results settle the question......The pyrochlore material Ho(2)Ti(2)O(7) has been suggested to show "spin ice" behavior. We present neutron scattering and specific heat results that establish unambiguously that Ho(2)Ti(2)O(7) exhibits spin ice correlations at low temperature. Diffuse magnetic neutron scattering is quite well...

  11. Návrh konstrukce zadního nárazníku osobního vozidla


    Tomeš, Jan


    Bakalářská práce se zabývá rešerší problematiky nárazníků osobních automobilů. Soustředí se především na nárazové testy RCAR a v současnosti používané konstrukce nárazníků osobních vozidel. Na základě poznatků z rešerše je navrhován koncept zadního nárazníku k designové studii vozu firmy Swell. The Bachelor thesis deals with search about passenger car bumpers. It focuses especially on RCAR crash tests and currently used constructions of bumpers. There is suggested concept of rear bumper ba...

  12. Urinary Vitamin D Binding Protein and KIM-1 Are Potent New Biomarkers of Major Adverse Renal Events in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lyubov Chaykovska

    Full Text Available Vitamin-D-binding protein (VDBP is a low molecular weight protein that is filtered through the glomerulus as a 25-(OH vitamin D 3/VDBP complex. In the normal kidney VDBP is reabsorbed and catabolized by proximal tubule epithelial cells reducing the urinary excretion to trace amounts. Acute tubular injury is expected to result in urinary VDBP loss. The purpose of our study was to explore the potential role of urinary VDBP as a biomarker of an acute renal damage.We included 314 patients with diabetes mellitus or mild renal impairment undergoing coronary angiography and collected blood and urine before and 24 hours after the CM application. Patients were followed for 90 days for the composite endpoint major adverse renal events (MARE: need for dialysis, doubling of serum creatinine after 90 days, unplanned emergency rehospitalization or death.Increased urine VDBP concentration 24 hours after contrast media exposure was predictive for dialysis need (no dialysis: 113.06 ± 299.61 ng/ml, n = 303; need for dialysis: 613.07 ± 700.45 ng/ml, n = 11, Mean ± SD, p<0.001, death (no death during follow-up: 121.41 ± 324.45 ng/ml, n = 306; death during follow-up: 522.01 ± 521.86 ng/ml, n = 8; Mean ± SD, p<0.003 and MARE (no MARE: 112.08 ± 302.00 ng/ml, n = 298; MARE: 506.16 ± 624.61 ng/ml, n = 16, Mean ± SD, p<0.001 during the follow-up of 90 days after contrast media exposure. Correction of urine VDBP concentrations for creatinine excretion confirmed its predictive value and was consistent with increased levels of urinary Kidney Injury Molecule-1 (KIM-1 and baseline plasma creatinine in patients with above mentioned complications. The impact of urinary VDBP and KIM-1 on MARE was independent of known CIN risk factors such as anemia, preexisting renal failure, preexisting heart failure, and diabetes.Urinary VDBP is a promising novel biomarker of major contrast induced nephropathy-associated events 90 days after contrast media exposure.

  13. Vapor complexation in the CsI-HoI 3 system up to 1300 K and the f ← f hypersensitive transition intensities of Ho(III) in different coordination geometries (United States)

    Papatheodorou, G. N.; Chrissanthopoulos, A.


    Electronic absorption spectroscopy is used in the temperature range 850-1300 K, to study the vapor species over molten HoI 3-CsI (1:1), molten CsI and solid HoI 3. Quantitative absorbance measurements are used to calculate the following enthalpies of transition: Δ Hsubl(HoI 3) = 271 ± 3 kJ mol -1, Δ Hvap. (CsHoI 4) = 155 ± 2 kJ mol -1 and Δ Hvap. (CsI) = 151 ± 2 kJ mol -1. The ligand field components of the 5G 6 ← 5I 8 hypersensitive transition of Ho(III) for the three different, all iodide, coordination geometries of HoI 3(g), CsHoI 4(g) and HoI 63- (in molten CsI) have been examined in detail. The molar absorptivities ( ɛ) and oscillator strengths ( f) increase as the coordination decreases from the "octahedral" HoI 63- ( ɛ = 65 L mol -1 cm -1; f = 99 × 10 -6) to the distorted tetrahedral HoI 4- ( ɛ = 235 L mol -1 cm -1; f = 290 × 10 -6) to the trigonal HoI 3 ( ɛ = 390 L mol -1 cm -1; f = 500 × 10 -6). The main factors affecting the hypersensitive transition intensities are the coordination number and symmetry and the ligand polarizability as well as the Boltzmann population effects on the ground state levels which are responsible for the appearance of "hot" bands in the spectra. A C2v symmetry is anticipated for the CsHoI 4(g) with the HoI 4- "tetrahedra" distorted towards a square planar symmetry leading to a structure with a pseudo-like inversion center.

  14. Topological organization of CA3-to-CA1 excitation. (United States)

    Hongo, Yoshie; Ogawa, Koichi; Takahara, Yuji; Takasu, Keiko; Royer, Sebastien; Hasegawa, Minoru; Sakaguchi, Gaku; Ikegaya, Yuji


    The CA1-projecting axons of CA3 pyramidal cells, called Schaffer collaterals, constitute one of the major information flow routes in the hippocampal formation. Recent anatomical studies have revealed the non-random structural connectivity between CA3 and CA1, but little is known regarding the functional connectivity (i.e. how CA3 network activity is functionally transmitted downstream to the CA1 network). Using functional multi-neuron calcium imaging of rat hippocampal slices, we monitored the spatiotemporal patterns of spontaneous CA3 and CA1 burst activity under pharmacological GABAergic blockade. We found that spatially clustered CA3 activity patterns were transformed into layered CA1 activity sequences. Specifically, synchronized bursts initiated from multiple hot spots in CA3 ensembles, and CA1 neurons located deeper in the pyramidal cell layer were recruited during earlier phases of the burst events. The order of these sequential activations was maintained across the bursts, but the sequence velocity varied depending on the inter-burst intervals. Thus, CA3 axons innervate CA1 neurons in a highly topographical fashion. © 2015 Federation of European Neuroscience Societies and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  15. Návrh oběžného kola odstředivého čerpadla pro dané parametry


    Moravec, Prokop


    Tato diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem oběžného kola odstředivého čerpadla pro dané parametry. Tento návrh se skládá z výpočtu základních rozměrů meridiálního řezu kola, návrhu tvaru tohoto řezu a z návrhu tvaru lopatky. Kompletní návrh kola je následně simulován v CFD programu. This thesis deals with centrifugal pump impeller design for given parameters. This pump impeller design consists of the calculation of basic dimensions, the meridional flow channel design and blade design. Complete...

  16. Kinetics of the reactions of HBr with O3 and HO2: The yield of HBr from HO2 + BrO (United States)

    Mellouki, Abdelwahid; Talukdar, Ranajit K.; Howard, Carleton J.


    An upper limit on the yield of HBr from reaction (R1) (HO2 + BrO yields products) has been determined by measuring an upper limit for the rate coefficient of the reverse reaction (R1') (HBr + O3 yields HO2 + BrO). The limits measured at 300 and 441 K were extrapolated to low temperatures to determine that the yield of HBr from reaction (R1) is negligible throughout the stratosphere (less than 0.01% of k(sub 1)). An upper limit for the rate coefficient of the reaction of HO2 with HBr was also determined to be very low less than or equal to 3 x 10(exp -17) cu cm/molecule/sec at 300 K and less than or equal to 3 x 10(exp -16) cu cm/molecule/sec at 400 K. The implications of these results to stratospheric chemistry are discussed.

  17. Algoritmizace a implementace automatického obchodního systému v prostředí devizových trhů


    Foltýn, Adam


    Bakalářská práce se zaměřuje na návrh, algoritmizaci, implementaci a optimalizaci automatického obchodního systému (AOS) pro devizový trh Forex. Systém je naprogramován v jazyce MQL 4, který je speciálně používán v obchodní platformě MetaTrader 4. Práce obsahuje vysvětlení základů teorie a pojmů, které jsou nezbytné pro porozumění funkčnosti vytvořeného AOS. This bachelor thesis focuses on the proposal, algorithms, implemetation and optimization of automatic trading system (EA – expert adv...

  18. Příprava pro atestaci procesů životního cyklu informačního systému WIN-X


    Šmíd, Tomáš


    Bakalářská práce „Příprava pro atestaci procesů životního cyklu informačního systému WIN-X“ se zabývá problematikou jakosti a její certifikace. Teoretická část popisuje způsoby měření jakosti a metodik k tomu určených. Praktická část se zaměřuje na analýzu, popis a vytvoření dokumentace pro vybrané procesy informačního systému jako zdroje pro obdržení certifikátu jakosti. Bachelor thesis „Preparation of attestation of life cycle processes of information system WIN-X“ deals with the questio...

  19. Growth and lasing of single crystal YAG fibers with different Ho3+ concentrations (United States)

    Bera, Subhabrata; Nie, Craig D.; Soskind, Michael G.; Li, Yuan; Harrington, James A.; Johnson, Eric G.


    A method to grow single crystal (SC) yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) fibers with varied rare-earth ion dopant concentration has been proposed. Crystalline holmium aluminum garnet (HoAG), prepared via sol-gel process, was dip-coated on to previously grown SC YAG fibers. The HoAG coated SC YAG fiber preforms were re-grown to a smaller diameter using the laser heated pedestal growth (LHPG) technique. The final dopant concentration of the re-grown SC fiber was varied by changing the number of HoAG coatings on the preform. 120 μm diameter SC Ho:YAG fibers with four different dopant concentrations were grown. Lasing was demonstrated at 2.09 μm for these fibers. A maximum of 58.5% optical-to-optical slope efficiency was obtained.

  20. MLS/Aura L2 Hydroperoxy (HO2) Mixing Ratio V002 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — ML2HO2 is the EOS Aura Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) standard product for hydroperoxy derived from radiances measured in two bands from the 640 GHz radiometer. The...

  1. High Power Narrow Linewidth 1.26 Micron Ho-Doped Fiber Amplifier Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This proposal is for the development of an innovative, high power, and extremely reliable 1.26-micron Ho-doped fluoride fiber amplifier. The proposed fiber amplifier...

  2. MLS/Aura L2 Hydroperoxy (HO2) Mixing Ratio V003 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — ML2HO2 is the EOS Aura Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) standard product for hydroperoxy derived from radiances measured in two bands from the 640 GHz radiometer. The...

  3. In situ measurements of HO{sub x} in super- and subsonic aircraft exhaust plumes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hanisco, T.F.; Wennberg, P.O.; Cohen, R.C.; Anderson, J.G. [Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (United States). Dept. of Chemistry; Fahey, D.W.; Keim, E.R.; Gao, R.S.; Wamsley, R.C.; Donnelly, S.G.; Del Negro, L.A. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO (United States). Aeronomy Lab.; and others


    Concentrations of HO{sub x} (OH and HO{sub 2}) have been obtained in the exhaust plumes of an Air France Concorde and a NASA ER-2 in the lower stratosphere and the NASA DC-8 in the upper troposphere using instruments aboard the NASA ER-2. These fast-time response in situ measurements are used in conjunction with simultaneous in situ measurements of other key exhaust species (NO, NO{sub 2}, NO{sub y}, H{sub 2}O, and CO) to analyze the emissions of HO{sub x} from each aircraft under a variety of conditions. The data are used to establish a general description of gas phase plume chemistry that is easily implemented in a photochemical model. This model is used to determine the amount of HO{sub x} emitted from the engines and the gas phase oxidation rates of nitrogen and sulfur species in the exhaust plumes. (author) 10 refs.

  4. Die invloed van die herkenning van hoëfrekwensiewoorde op die ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Keywords: sight-words, high frequency words, reading skills, Dolch words, foundation phase, fluency, reading comprehension, kindergarten. Sleutelbegrippe: sigwoorde, hoëfrekwensiewoorde, leesvaardighede, Dolch woorde, grondslagfase, leesvlotheid, leesbegrip, kindergarten. The article is in Afrikaans.

  5. Pathological behaviour of the scalar graviton in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Koyama, Kazuya; Arroja, Frederico


    We confirm the recent claims that, in the infrared limit of Hořava-Lifshitz gravity, the scalar graviton becomes a ghost if the sound speed squared is positive on the flat de Sitter and Minkowski background...

  6. Low energy spin dynamics in the spin ice, Ho2Sn2O7

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ehlers, Georg [ORNL; Huq, Ashfia [ORNL; Diallo, Souleymane Omar [Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Adriano, Cris [ORNL; Rule, K [Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin; Cornelius, A. L. [University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Fouquet, Peter [Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL); Pagliuso, P G [Instituto de Fisica Gleb Wataghin, Unicamp, Brazil; Gardner, Jason [Indiana University


    The magnetic properties of Ho{sub 2}Sn{sub 2}O{sub 7} have been investigated and compared to other spin ice compounds. Although the lattice has expanded by 3% relative to the better studied Ho{sub 2}Ti{sub 2}O{sub 7} spin ice, no significant changes were observed in the high temperature properties, T {approx}> 20 K. As the temperature is lowered and correlations develop, Ho{sub 2}Sn{sub 2}O{sub 7} enters its quantum phase at a slightly higher temperature than Ho{sub 2}Ti{sub 2}O{sub 7} and is more antiferromagnetic in character. Below 80 K a weak inelastic mode associated with the holmium nuclear spin system has been measured. The hyperfine field at the holmium nucleus was found to be {approx}700 T.

  7. K teologické interpretaci udržitelného rozvoje

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Václav Mezřický


    Full Text Available Studie je pokusem o teologickou reflexi environmentálních problémů světa jak ji v sekulární podobě vyjadřuje pojem udržitelného rozvoje. Text je upraveným a mírně aktualizovaným překladem příspěvku uveřejněném ve sborníku z konzultací Evropského křesťanského ekologického sdružení (ECEN:MEZŘICKÝ, V. (2004 A Theological Interpretation of Sustainable Development. In: Visher, L. (ed. Listening to Creation Groaning. Report and Papers from a Consultation on Creation Theology. John Knox Series, Geneve: Centre International Réformé John Knox, str. 188–210.

  8. Technical cooperation for the wider uses of Ho-166 therapeutic agents in European countries

    CERN Document Server

    Park, K B; Choi, S M; Han, K H; Hong, Y D; Park, W W; Shin, B C


    Czech has put their priority in developing the radiopharmaceuticals based on reactor produced Ho-166 and a related fabrication will be extended to other EU conturies including Germany, France, etc after a development of project. The collaboration will be based on the mutual agreement for developing the between research institutes, industries and academic institutes and further researches should be followed by the issue of developing radiopharmaceuticals using Ho-166. To strengthen the collaboration, detailed discussions for the practical collaboration have been made through the visitation to the research institution of each counter part. For implementing the collaboration between NPI and KAERI, an institutional basis technical cooperation agreement(TCA) will be concluded. Furthermore, agreement for the substantial collaboration on Ho-166 related researches will be made after the conclusion of the TCA. It will accelerate the commercialization of KAERI developed Ho-166 therapeutic agents into other European cou...

  9. Nam obeshtshajut peregrev / Kim Kosmatshov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kosmatshov, Kim


    Ajakirjas The Economist ilmunud artiklist, milles käsitletakse Eesti ja Läti majandusedu ning viidatakse võimalikele ohtudele tulevikus. Peamiseks probleemiks nimetatakse mõlema riigi puhul inflatsiooni kasvu

  10. Ablation of porcine ligamentum flavum with Ho:YAG, q-switched Ho:YAG, and quadrupled Nd:YAG lasers. (United States)

    Johnson, Matt R; Codd, Patrick J; Hill, Westin M; Boettcher, Tara


    Ligamentum flavum (LF) is a tough, rubbery connective tissue providing a portion of the ligamentous stability to the spinal column, and in its hypertrophied state forms a significant compressive pathology in degenerative spinal stenosis. The interaction of lasers and this biological tissue have not been thoroughly studied. Technological advances improving endoscopic surgical access to the spinal canal makes selective removal of LF using small, flexible tools such as laser-coupled fiber optics increasingly attractive for treatment of debilitating spinal stenosis. Testing was performed to assess the effect of Ho:YAG, Q-switched Ho:YAG, and frequency quadrupled Nd:YAG lasers on samples of porcine LF. The objective was to evaluate the suitability of these lasers for surgical removal of LF. LF was resected from porcine spine within 2 hours of sacrifice and stored in saline until immediately prior to laser irradiation, which occurred within an additional 2 hours. The optical absorbance of a sample was measured over the spectral band from 190 to 2,360 nm both before and after dehydration. For the experiments using the Ho:YAG (λ = 2,080 nm, tp  = 140 µs, FWHM) and Q-Switched Ho:YAG (λ = 2,080 nm, tp  = 260 ns, FWHM) lasers, energy was delivered to the LF through a laser-fiber optic with 600 µm core and NA = 0.39. For the experiment using the frequency quadrupled Nd:YAG laser (λ = 266 nm, tp  = 5 ns FWHM), rather than applying the laser energy through a laser-fiber, the energy was focused through an aperture and lens directly onto the LF. Five experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of the given lasers on LF. First, using the Ho:YAG laser, the single-pulse laser-hole depth versus laser fluence was measured with the laser-fiber in direct contact with the LF (1 g force) and with a standoff distance of 1 mm between the laser-fiber face and the LF. Second, with the LF remaining in situ and the spine bisected

  11. Yeniden Yapılanma Sürecinde Üst Kimliğin Belirginleşmesi: Sünnilik ve Alevilik


    SİNANOĞLU, Ahmet Faruk


    Bu çalışmada, Türk toplum yapısının biçimlenmesinde önemli katkıları olanAlevi ve Sünni gelenekli dini grupların tarihsel gelişimleri ve konu ile ilgiliakademik seviyede yapılmış olan araştırmalar dikkate alınarak, sanayileşme,kentleşme ve modernleşme sürecinde, dini-kültürel bağlamda ortak/üst kimliğin anlaşılmasına çalışılmıştır.Yapılan araştırma ve incelemeler, sanayileşme, kentleşme ve sekülerleşmesürecinde gelenekli dini grupların, hem grup içi hem de gruplar arası ilişkilerirasyonel bir...

  12. Magnetic structures in RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho, Er)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alleno, E., E-mail: [ICMPE, UMR 7182 CNRS-UPEC, 2 rue Henri Dunant, 94320 Thiais (France); Mazumdar, C. [Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Sector-1, Block-AF, 700064 Kolkata (India)


    Neutron diffraction has been performed on RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho, Er) polycrystals. The orthorhombic structure for NdNi₄B and the CeCo₄B structure type (hexagonal) for TbNi₄B and HoNi₄B are confirmed. Our data also show that this last structure is currently the best approximant for ErNi₄B. The RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho, Er) order ferromagnetically at respectively 11.0, 18.1, 6.2 and 10.0 K. The crystal electric field (CEF) interaction controls the magnetic anisotropy in this series leading to an easy axis ~30 deg above the basal plane in RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho) and parallel to the c-axis in ErNi₄B at 1.6 K. The RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho) display a spin re-orientation below Tc which arises from a competition between the second order term and the higher order terms of the CEF hamiltonian. - Graphical abstract: Simplified magnetic structure in NdNi₄B and full magnetic structure in RNi₄B (R=Tb, Ho). Variation with temperature of the easy magnetization axis direction (angle with c-axis) showing a spin re-orientation. Highlights: • RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho, Er) polycrystals were inductively melted. • Neutron diffraction confirms they all order ferromagnetically. • The magnetization easy axis is parallel to the c-axis in ErNi₄B. • The RNi₄B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho) display a spin re-orientation below Tc. • Their easy axis tilts from the c-axis at Tc to ~30 deg above the basal plane at 1.5 K.

  13. OH and HO2 chemistry in clean marine air during SOAPEX-2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Sommariva


    Full Text Available Model-measurement comparisons of HOx in extremely clean air ([NO] The free-radical chemistry was studied using a zero-dimensional box-model based upon the Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM. Two versions of the model were used, with different levels of chemical complexity, to explore the role of hydrocarbons upon free-radical budgets under very clean conditions. The "detailed" model was constrained to measurements of CO, CH4 and 17 NMHCs, while the "simple" model contained only the CO and CH4 oxidation mechanisms, together with inorganic chemistry. The OH and HO2 (HOx concentrations predicted by the two models agreed to within 5–10%. The model results were compared with the HOx concentrations measured by the FAGE (Fluorescence Assay by Gas Expansion technique during four days of clean Southern Ocean marine boundary layer (MBL air. The models overestimated OH concentrations by about 10% on two days and about 20% on the other two days. HO2 concentrations were measured during two of these days and the models overestimated the measured concentrations by about 40%. Better agreement with measured HO2 was observed by using data from several MBL aerosol measurements to estimate the aerosol surface area and by increasing the HO2 uptake coefficient to unity. This reduced the modelled HO2 overestimate by ~40%, with little effect on OH, because of the poor HO2 to OH conversion at the low ambient NOx concentrations. Local sensitivity analysis and Morris One-At-A-Time analysis were performed on the "simple" model, and showed the importance of reliable measurements of j(O1D and [HCHO] and of the kinetic parameters that determine the efficiency of O(1D to OH and HCHO to HO2 conversion. A 2σ standard deviation of 30–40% for OH and 25–30% for HO2 was estimated for the model calculations using a Monte Carlo technique coupled with Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS.

  14. The synthesis, radiolabeling and first biological evaluation of a new {sup 166}Ho-complex for radiotherapy of bone metastases

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zolghadri, S. [Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Amirkabir Univ. of Technology, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of). Faculty of Energy Engineering and Physics; Jalilian, A.R.; Naseri, Z.; Yousefnia, H.; Bahrami-Samani, A.; Fazaeli, Y.; Pouladi, M.; Ghannadi-Maragheh, M. [Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Afarideh, H. [Amirkabir Univ. of Technology, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of). Faculty of Energy Engineering and Physics


    In this study, the {sup 166}Ho-triethylene tetramine hexa (methylene phosphonic acid) ({sup 166}Ho-TTHMP) complex was prepared as a bone palliation agent. The complex was successfully prepared using an in-house synthesized TTHMP ligand and [{sup 166}Ho]HoCl{sub 3}. Ho-166 chloride was obtained by thermal neutron irradiation (1 x 10{sup 13} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1}) of natural Ho(NO{sub 3}){sub 3} samples, followed by radiolabeling and stability studies. Biodistribution studies were also performed in wild type rats. The complex was prepared with the specific activity of 3-5 GBq/mg and a high radiochemical purity > 99%, (checked by ITLC). The {sup 166}Ho-TTHMP complex was stable in the final preparation and in the presence of human serum (> 90%) up to 72 h. The biodistribution of {sup 166}Ho-TTHMP in wild-type rats demonstrated significant bone uptake compared to {sup 166}HoCl{sub 3} up to 48 h. SPECT imaging of the radiolabeled compound was demonstrated to be in complete accordance with the biodistribution data. The major uptake was observed for long bones including thigh bones as well as skull and also knee and vertebrae. Primary properties of {sup 166}Ho-TTHMP demonstrate that this new therapeutic agent can be a good choice for metastatic bone pains. (orig.)

  15. 36 W Q-switched Ho:YAG laser at 2097 nm pumped by a Tm fiber laser: evaluation of different Ho3+ doping concentrations (United States)

    Antipov, O. L.; Eranov, I. D.; Kositsyn, R. I.


    A laser oscillator based on Ho:YAG crystal pumped by a Tm fiber laser with an acousto-optical Q-switch was optimized for maximum output power and pulse-to-pulse stability. Stable operation at 2097 nm in Q-switched mode is demonstrated, with pulse repetition rates from 10 to 30 kHz, and output power of 36 W (at 55 W of pump power at 1908 nm) in the good quality beam. The influence of Ho ion up-conversion and thermal lensing on the oscillation efficiency is discussed.

  16. Vliv implementace práv duševního vlastnictví na rozvoj vnitřního trhu NAFTA


    Miková, Ivana


    UNIVERZITA KARLOVA FAKULTA SOCIÁLNÍCH VĚD INSTITUT POLITOLOGICKÝCH STUDIÍ Vplyv implementácie práv duševného vlastníctva na rozvoj vnútorného trhu NAFTA Bc. Ivana Miková MAGISTERSKÁ DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Praha 2013 Abstract: The thesis discusses the impact of intellectual property rights on economic development of NAFTA. It is based on the theoretical assumptions of the new institutional economics and its notion of transaction costs and institutions and their impact on economic growth, in particula...

  17. Curcumin ameliorates TNF-α-induced ICAM-1 expression and subsequent THP-1 adhesiveness via the induction of heme oxygenase-1 in the HaCaT cells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gi Soo Youn


    Full Text Available Adhesion molecules such as ICAM-1 are important in theinfiltration of leukocytes into the site of inflammation. In thisstudy, we investigated the inhibitory effects of curcumin onICAM-1 expression and monocyte adhesiveness as well as itsunderlying action mechanism in the TNF-α-stimulated keratinocytes.Curcumin induced expression of heme oxygenase-1(HO-1 in the human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. In addition,curcumin induced Nrf2 activation in dose- and time-dependentmanners in the HaCaT cells. Curcumin suppressed TNF-α-induced ICAM-1 expression and subsequent monocyte adhesion,which were reversed by the addition of tin protoporphyrinIX (SnPP, a specific inhibitor of HO-1, or HO-1knockdown using siRNA. Furthermore, Nrf2 knockdown usingsiRNA reversed the inhibitory effect of curcumin on theTNF-α-induced ICAM-1 expression and adhesion of monocytesto keratinocytes. These results suggest that curcumin may exertits anti-inflammatory activity by suppressing the TNF-α-inducedICAM-1 expression and subsequent monocyte adhesion viaexpression of HO-1 in the keratinocytes. [BMB Reports 2013;46(8: 410-415

  18. Studium sterilizačního účinku dielektrického bariérového výboje na prokaryotní mikroorganismy


    Bittnerová, Zuzana


    Předložená bakalářská práce je zaměřena na studium sterilizačního účinku dielektrického bariérového výboje na prokaryotní mikroorganismy. Sterilizace je důležitou biomedicínckou i potravinářskou technologií a plazmová sterilizace je jednou z metod, které vyhovují požadavkům na sterilizaci teplotně senzitivních materiálů a materiálů citlivým na chemické látky. Pro opracování vzorků byl použit dielektrický bariérový výboj pracující za atmosférického tlaku. Výboj byl generován v argonu a dusíku....

  19. Ho3+/Tm3+ codoped lead silicate glass for 2 μm laser materials (United States)

    Wang, Ning; Cao, Ruijie; Cai, Muzhi; Shen, Lingling; Tian, Ying; Huang, Feifei; Xu, Shiqing; Zhang, Junjie


    The mid-infrared emission of low phonon (963 cm-1) lead silicate glass system with Ho3+/Tm3+ co-doped has been investigated. Luminescence at ∼2.1 μm corresponding to 5I7 → 5I8 transition in holmium was obtained by energy transfer between Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions. Energy transfer mechanism between them was analyzed. And the highest value of the luminescence intensity was obtained in glass co-doped with 1Tm2O3/0.3Ho2O3. The full width at half maximum of the (Ho3+/Tm3+) emission reached to 350 nm in 1Tm2O3/0.1Ho2O3 sample. Absorption and emission cross section have also been calculated and analyzed. The maximum emission cross section was 3.9 × 10-21 cm2 around 2.0 μm. And when P > 0.4, a positive gain can be obtained at wavelengths >1941 nm. Results demonstrated that the prepared Ho3+/Tm3+ co-doped lead silicate glasses have excellent spectroscopic properties in mid-infrared wavelengths and can obtain high gain in fiber lasers.

  20. Biliverdin Rescues the HO-2 Null Mouse Phenotype of Unresolved Chronic Inflammation Following Corneal Epithelial Injury. (United States)

    Bellner, Lars; Wolstein, Jesse; Patil, Kiran A; Dunn, Michael W; Laniado-Schwartzman, Michal


    PURPOSE. The heme oxygenase system (HO-1 and HO-2) represents an intrinsic cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory pathway based on its ability to modulate leukocyte migration and to inhibit the expression of inflammatory cytokines and proteins by its products biliverdin/bilirubin and carbon monoxide. Corneal injury in HO-2 null mice leads to impaired healing and chronic inflammatory complications, including ulceration and neovascularization. The authors examined whether topically administered biliverdin can counteract the effects of HO deficiency in a corneal epithelial injury model. METHODS. HO-2 null mice were treated with biliverdin 1 hour before epithelial injury and twice a day thereafter. Reepithelialization and neovascularization were assessed by fluorescein staining and vital microscopy, respectively, and were quantified by image analysis. Inflammation was quantified by histology and Gr-1-specific immunofluorescence, and oxidative stress was assessed by DHE fluorescence. RESULTS. Treatment with biliverdin accelerated wound closure, inhibited neovascularization and reduced epithelial defects. It also reduced inflammation, as evidenced by a reduction in the appearance of inflammatory cells and the expression levels of inflammatory and oxidant proteins, including KC and NOXs. CONCLUSIONS. The results clearly show that biliverdin, directly or through its metabolism to bilirubin by biliverdin reductase-the expression of which is increased after injury-rescues the aberrant inflammatory phenotype, further underscoring the importance of the HO system in the cornea for the execution of an ordered inflammatory and reparative response.

  1. Characteristics of gait ataxia in δ2 glutamate receptor mutant mice, ho15J.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eri Takeuchi

    Full Text Available The cerebellum plays a fundamental, but as yet poorly understood, role in the control of locomotion. Recently, mice with gene mutations or knockouts have been used to investigate various aspects of cerebellar function with regard to locomotion. Although many of the mutant mice exhibit severe gait ataxia, kinematic analyses of limb movements have been performed in only a few cases. Here, we investigated locomotion in ho15J mice that have a mutation of the δ2 glutamate receptor. The cerebellum of ho15J mice shows a severe reduction in the number of parallel fiber-Purkinje synapses compared with wild-type mice. Analysis of hindlimb kinematics during treadmill locomotion showed abnormal hindlimb movements characterized by excessive toe elevation during the swing phase, and by severe hyperflexion of the ankles in ho15J mice. The great trochanter heights in ho15J mice were lower than in wild-type mice throughout the step cycle. However, there were no significant differences in various temporal parameters between ho15J and wild-type mice. We suggest that dysfunction of the cerebellar neuronal circuits underlies the observed characteristic kinematic abnormality of hindlimb movements during locomotion of ho15J mice.

  2. Preparation and quality control of {sup 166}Ho-DTPA-antiCD20 for radioimmunotherapy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zolghadri, S.; Jalilian, A.R.; Yousefnia, H.; Bahrami-Sumani, A.; Shirvani-Arani, S.; Ghannadi-Maragheh, M. [Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran (IR). Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development Lab. (RRDL)


    In this work, anti-CD20 was successively labeled with beta-particle emitting radionuclide, Ho-166, for ultimate radioimmunotherapy applications. Ho-166 chloride was obtained by thermal neutron flux (1 x 10{sup 13} n cm{sup -2} s{sup -1}) of natural Ho{sub 2}(NO{sub 3}){sub 3} sample, dissolved in acidic media. {sup 166}Ho-holmium chloride (185 MBq) was added to the conjugated antibody after ccDTPA residulation at room temperature. Radiochemical purity of 95% (ITLC) and 98% (HPLC) were obtained for final radioimmunoconjugate (specific activity = 3-3.5 GBq/mg). The final isotonic {sup 166}Ho-rituximab complex was checked by gel electrophoresis for protein integrity retention. Biodistribution studies of Ho-166 chloride and radioimmunoconjugate were performed in wild-type rats to determine the biodistribution. The accumulation of the radiolabeled antibody in lungs, liver and spleen demonstrates a similar pattern to the other radiolabeled anti-CD20 immunoconjugates. (orig.)

  3. GEC-targeted HO-1 expression reduces proteinuria in glomerular immune injury. (United States)

    Duann, Pu; Lianos, Elias A


    Induction of heme oxygenase (HO)-1 is a key defense mechanism against oxidative stress. Compared with tubules, glomeruli are refractory to HO-1 upregulation in response to injury. This can be a disadvantage as it may be associated with insufficient production of cytoprotective heme-degradation metabolites. We, therefore, explored whether 1) targeted HO-1 expression can be achieved in glomeruli without altering their physiological integrity and 2) this expression reduces proteinuria in immune injury induced by an anti-glomerular basement membrane (GBM) antibody (Ab). We employed a 4.125-kb fragment of a mouse nephrin promoter downstream to which a FLAG-tagged hHO-1 cDNA sequence was inserted and subsequently generated transgenic mice from the FVB/N parental strain. There was a 16-fold higher transgene expression in the kidney than nonspecific background (liver) while the transprotein immunolocalized in glomerular epithelial cells (GEC). There was no change in urinary protein excretion, indicating that GEC-targeted HO-1 expression had no effect on glomerular protein permeability. Urinary protein excretion in transgenic mice with anti-GBM Ab injury (days 3 and 6) was significantly lower compared with wild-type controls. There was no significant change in renal expression levels of profibrotic (TGF-beta1) or anti-inflammatory (IL-10) cytokines in transgenic mice with anti-GBM Ab injury. These observations indicate that GEC-targeted HO-1 expression does not alter glomerular physiological integrity and reduces proteinuria in glomerular immune injury.

  4. Kinetics of the reactions of NO/sub 3/ with OH and HO/sub 2/

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mellouki, A.; Le Bras, G.; Poulet, G.


    The kinetics of the title reactions have been studied by using the discharge flow method at 298 K. NO/sub 3/ was used in excess over OH and HO/sub 2/ and was titrated with NO or 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene. Since OH was found to be produced in the reaction of HO/sub 2/ with NO/sub 3/, the OH and HO/sub 2/ decays were analyzed by computer simulations to obtain the rate constants for the reactions OH + NO/sub 3/ ..-->.. HO/sub 2/ + NO/sub 2/ (1), HO/sub 2/ + NO/sub 3/ ..-->.. OH + NO/sub 2/ + O/sub 2/ (2a), and HO/sub 2/ + NO/sub 3/ ..-->.. HNO/sub 3/ + O/sub 2/ (2b). The results are k/sub 1/ = (2.6 +- 0.6) x 10/sup -11/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/, k/sub 2a/ = (3.6 +- 0.9) x 10/sup -12/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/, and k/sub 2b/ = (9.2 +- 4.8) x 10/sup -13/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/. The data for reaction 2 are discussed in relation with the HNO/sub 3/ nighttime production in the atmospheric gas phase.

  5. Past and possible future of the Lahóca mine, Recsk, Hungary - a historical review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seres-Hartai Éva


    Full Text Available Epitermálne zlatonosné zrudnenia sa viažu k takým hydrotermálnym systémom, v ktorých sa minerály, obsahujúce zlato, objavujú v hĺbke 1-2 km pod povrchom. Epitermálne Cu-Au nosné ložisko v Recsku (Maďarsko sa priestorovo a geneticky viaže k recsskému eocénnemu porfyrickému systému. Na tomto území sa dobývala meď s menším podielom zlata a striebra, v rokoch 1852 - 1979. Výskum Cu-porfýrového skarnového systému hlbších obzorov sa začal v roku 1968, bez praktického dobývania. Vrtný prieskum sa začal v r. 1994 a trvá dodnes. Podľa terajších výsledkov a poznania ložiska, je možné zlato v oblasti Lahóca ekonomicky využívať pomocou biooxidaènej technológie.

  6. Dual Modulation Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy of HO2

    CERN Document Server

    Brumfield, Brian; Ju, Yiguang; Wysocki, Gerard


    The technique of dual modulation Faraday rotation spectroscopy has been applied for near shot-noise limited detection of HO2 at the exit of an atmospheric pressure flow reactor. This was achieved by combining direct current modulation at 51 kHz of an external cavity quantum cascade laser system with 610 Hz modulation of the magnetic field generated by a Helmholtz coil. The DM-FRS measurement had a 1.8 times better signal-to-noise ratio than an AC-FRS measurement acquired under identical flow reactor conditions. Harmonic detection of the FRS signal also eliminated the substantial DC-offset associated with electromagnetic intereference pick-up from the Helmholtz coils that is observed in the AC-FRS spectrum. A noise equivalent angle of 4x10^(-9) rad Hz^(-1/2) was observed for the DM-FRS measurement, and this corresponds to a 3 sigma detection limit of 0.2 ppmv Hz^(-1/2).

  7. Design popelářského vozu


    Běhal, Tomáš


    Tato diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem popelářského vozu. Vlastní návrh respektuje konstrukční požadavky vozu, ergonomické potřeby obsluhy a estetické nároky na moderní vozidlo určené pro sběr a odvoz odpadu. Návrh vychází ze znalostí získaných v rešeršní části, analýzy historické, technické a designérské. Řešený design je rámcově zasazen do současnosti, respektuje tedy dnešní technologie a výrobní možnosti. This master‘s thesis pertains to the design of a garbage truck. The presented desi...

  8. Standardy projektového řízení

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petr Řeháček


    Full Text Available Standard ISO 21500 poskytuje návod pro řízení projektu od 1.9.2012 a může být použit pro každý typ projektu, bez ohledu na složitost, velikost nebo dobu trvání. Cílem tohoto článku je procesní srovnání tohoto mezinárodního standardu s PMBoK® Guide od PMI, který byl vybrán, protože využívá procesní pojetí projektu na rozdíl od standardu ICB od IPMA využívající hlavně zaměření na jednotlivé prvky projektu. Tento článek ukazuje rozdíly a srovnání jednotlivých fází, oblastí a procesů těchto dvou standardů, tzn. ISO 21500 a PMBoK® Guide.

  9. Návrh monokoku formulového vozidla


    Žídek, Tomáš


    Diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem monokoku z uhlíkových vláken vozu Formule Student podle aktuálních pravidel. Úvodní část práce je zaměřena na konstrukční řešení rámů používaných u vozů Formule Student. Poté je uveden přehled důležitých pravidel pro konstrukci kompozitního monokoku. Následně jsou popsány kompozitní materiály a jejich vlastnosti. Hlavní část práce pojednává o konstrukčním návrhu v CAD programu a výpočtovém modelu pro simulaci zátěžných stavů v MKP programu. Získané výsledky z...

  10. Ground-state correlations in 40Ca and 48Ca (United States)

    Takayanagi, K.; Lipparini, E.


    Second-order perturbation theory with a G-matrix is adopted to examine from a unified point of view the effects of two-particle-two-hole correlations on the matter and momentum distributions and the occupation numbers in 40Ca and 48Ca. Polarization effects induced by the neutron excess in 48Ca are investigated in detail.

  11. Separation and Recycling for Rare Earth Elements by Homogeneous Liquid-Liquid Extraction (HoLLE Using a pH-Responsive Fluorine-Based Surfactant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shotaro Saito


    Full Text Available A selective separation and recycling system for metal ions was developed by homogeneous liquid-liquid extraction (HoLLE using a fluorosurfactant. Sixty-two different elemental ions (e.g., Ag, Al, As, Au, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Fe, Ga, Gd, Ge, Hf, Hg, Ho, In, Ir, La, Lu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, Nd, Ni, Os, P, Pb, Pd, Pr, Pt, Re, Rh, Ru, Sb, Sc, Se, Si, Sm, Sn, Sr, Ta, Tb, Te, Ti, Tl, Tm, V, W, Y, Yb, Zn, and Zr were examined. By changing pH from a neutral or alkaline solution (pH ≥ 6.5 to that of an acidic solution (pH < 4.0, gallium, zirconium, palladium, silver, platinum, and rare earth elements were extracted at >90% efficiency into a sedimented Zonyl FSA® (CF3(CF2n(CH22S(CH22COOH, n = 6–8 liquid phase. Moreover, all rare earth elements were obtained with superior extraction and stripping percentages. In the recycling of rare earth elements, the sedimented phase was maintained using a filter along with a mixed solution of THF and 1 M sodium hydroxide aqueous solution. The Zonyl FSA® was filtrated and the rare earth elements were recovered on the filter as a hydroxide. Furthermore, the filtrated Zonyl FSA was reusable by conditioning the subject pH.

  12. OH(A 2Sigma(+) - X 2Pi) emission from dissociative excitation of HO2 at 147 nm (United States)

    Suto, M.; Lee, L. C.


    The photodissociation processes of the HO2 radical have been studied using the Xe resonance line at 147 nm as a light source. HO2 radical was produced by the reaction H + O2 + He HO2 + He in a flow tube, and the HO2 concentration was measured by a titration method HO2 + NO - OH + NO2. An observed emission in the 310 + or -10 nm region was found to be due solely to photodissociation and is attributed to the OH(A 2Sigma(+) - X 2Pi) system. This emission was studied as a function of O2 and H2 pressure added to the flow tube. Other possible photoemission processes were considered, including photoexcitation of OH, photodissociative excitation of H2O2, emission from the reaction O(D-1) + H, and metastable O2 produced from photodissociation of HO2. It is concluded that the emission intensities produced from these processes is negligible.

  13. Flux Creep Investigation in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d High-Temperature Superconductor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. R. Blanca


    Full Text Available The flux creep process in a c-axis Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d thin film was investigated at different temperatures and applied fields using the Kim-Anderson (KA approach. The peaked behavior shown in the magnetoresistance profile was attributed to the competing mechanisms of flux motion and sample-intrinsic transition near Tc.Within the temperature range where the competition occurs, U increases with temperature and consequently a decrease in the superconducting volume corresponds to a decrease in the flux creep. Moreover, the flux creep potential barrier varies with applied current I at all temperatures consistent with the KA model.

  14. Flood-Inundation maps for the Hohokus Brook in Waldwick Borough, Ho-Ho-Kus Borough, and the Village of Ridgewood, New Jersey, 2014 (United States)

    Watson, Kara M.; Niemoczynski, Michal J.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 6-mile reach of the Hohokus Brook in New Jersey from White's Lake Dam in Waldwick Borough, through Ho-Ho-Kus Borough to Grove Street in the Village of Ridgewood were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The flood inundation maps, which can be accessed through the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Science Web site at, depict estimates of the areal extent and depth of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (stages) at the USGS streamgage on the Hohokus Brook at Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey (station number 01391000). Stage data at this streamgage may be obtained on the Internet from the USGS National Water Information System at or the National Weather Service (NWS) Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service at

  15. Řízení krokového motoru injekčního dávkovače


    Bárta, František


    Bakalářská práce je zaměřená na téma řízení krokového motorku injekčního dávkovače. Na začátku práce jsou rozebrány vlastnosti, typy, charakteristiky a možnosti řízení krokových motorů. Dále práce pojednává o infuzních dávkovačích, jejich vlastnostech a parametrech. Jsou uvedeny někteří tuzemští a zahraniční výrobci a jejich výrobky. Na závěr práce je proveden teoretický návrh řídícího obvodu pro krokový motor dle zvoleného motoru. The thesis is focused on the topic of a stepper motor cont...

  16. Possibilities of Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste/ Možnosti Energetického Využití Komunálního Odpadu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lapčík Vladimír


    Full Text Available Příspěvek shrnuje možnosti energetického využití komunálního odpadu. Popsána je historie spalování a energetického využití komunálního odpadu v Československu a poté v České republice. Pozornost je věnována třem v současnosti provozovaným zařízením na energetické využití komunálního odpadu v České republice (ZEVO Malešice, SAKO Brno a TERMIZO Liberec. Dále jsou uvedeny charakteristiky připravovaných zařízení na energetické využití komunálního odpadu v ČR. Všechna uvedená zařízení pracují v zásadě na bázi roštových kotlů s čištěním spalin na nejvyšší možné technické úrovni. Příspěvek také uvádí další technologie, které je možno využít pro energetické využití komunálních odpadů - jedná se o zplyňovací a pyrolýzní jednotky a plazmové technologie. Závěr příspěvku je věnován současné a budoucí situaci v oblasti energetického využití komunálních odpadů v České republice s ohledem na platné právní normy.

  17. Single Longitudinal Mode, High Repetition Rate, Q-switched Ho:YLF Laser for Remote Sensing (United States)

    Bai, Yingxin; Yu, Jirong; Petzar, Paul; Petros, M.; Chen, Songsheng; Trieu, Bo; Lee, Nyung; Singh, U.


    Ho:YLF/LuLiF lasers have specific applications for remote sensing such as wind-speed measurement and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration measurement in the atmosphere because the operating wavelength (around 2 m) is located in the eye-safe range and can be tuned to the characteristic lines of CO2 absorption and there is strong backward scattering signal from aerosol (Mie scattering). Experimentally, a diode pumped Ho:Tm:YLF laser has been successfully used as the transmitter of coherent differential absorption lidar for the measurement of with a repetition rate of 5 Hz and pulse energy of 75 mJ [1]. For highly precise CO2 measurements with coherent detection technique, a laser with high repetition rate is required to averaging out the speckle effect [2]. In addition, laser efficiency is critically important for the air/space borne lidar applications, because of the limited power supply. A diode pumped Ho:Tm:YLF laser is difficult to efficiently operate in high repetition rate due to the large heat loading and up-conversion. However, a Tm:fiber laser pumped Ho:YLF laser with low heat loading can be operated at high repetition rates efficiently [3]. No matter whether wind-speed or carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration measurement is the goal, a Ho:YLF/LuLiF laser as the transmitter should operate in a single longitudinal mode. Injection seeding is a valid technique for a Q-switched laser to obtain single longitudinal mode operation. In this paper, we will report the new results for a single longitudinal mode, high repetition rate, Q-switched Ho:YLF laser. In order to avoid spectral hole burning and make injection seeding easier, a four mirror ring cavity is designed for single longitudinal mode, high repetition rate Q-switched Ho:YLF laser. The ramp-fire technique is chosen for injection seeding.

  18. The role of HO-1 in protection against lead-induced neurotoxicity. (United States)

    Li, Xiaoyi; Ye, Fang; Li, Lili; Chang, Wei; Wu, Xiongwen; Chen, Jun


    Lead is a pervasive and persistent environmental pollutant that exerts deleterious effects on all living organisms and continues to threaten public health on a global scale. Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is a stress-inducible enzyme that mediates antioxidative and cytoprotective effects to maintain cellular redox homeostasis and protect cells from oxidative stress. This study was designed to explore the role of HO-1 in protection against lead neurotoxicity and the signaling pathways involved. Lead acetate (PbAc) exposure resulted in increased HO-1 expression in primary rat hippocampal neurons and SH-SY5Y cells. PbAc-induced intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) also increased, and cell viability decreased in SH-SY5Y cells. We further demonstrated that HO-1 could be induced by PbAc through the P38, ERK1/2, and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways in a ROS-dependent manner and through the JNK pathway in a ROS-independent manner. Further investigation revealed that HO-1 overexpression significantly restrained cell apoptosis and ROS production induced by PbAc in SH-SY5Y cells. Moreover, HO-1 knockdown aggravated PbAc-induced cell apoptosis and ROS production. Our results indicated that HO-1 was a novel protective factor that could efficiently inhibit PbAc-induced oxidative stress and cell death in the nervous system, thereby providing the potential therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of lead-related diseases. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Heterogeneous reaction of HO2 with airborne TiO2 particles and its implication for climate change mitigation strategies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. R. Moon


    Full Text Available One geoengineering mitigation strategy for global temperature rises resulting from the increased concentrations of greenhouse gases is to inject particles into the stratosphere to scatter solar radiation back to space, with TiO2 particles emerging as a possible candidate. Uptake coefficients of HO2, γ(HO2, onto sub-micrometre TiO2 particles were measured at room temperature and different relative humidities (RHs using an atmospheric pressure aerosol flow tube coupled to a sensitive HO2 detector. Values of γ(HO2 increased from 0.021 ± 0.001 to 0.036 ± 0.007 as the RH was increased from 11 to 66 %, and the increase in γ(HO2 correlated with the number of monolayers of water surrounding the TiO2 particles. The impact of the uptake of HO2 onto TiO2 particles on stratospheric concentrations of HO2 and O3 was simulated using the TOMCAT three-dimensional chemical transport model. The model showed that, when injecting the amount of TiO2 required to achieve the same cooling effect as the Mt Pinatubo eruption, heterogeneous reactions between HO2 and TiO2 would have a negligible effect on stratospheric concentrations of HO2 and O3.

  20. Network topology for the formation of solvated electrons in binary CaO-Al2O3 composition glasses. (United States)

    Akola, Jaakko; Kohara, Shinji; Ohara, Koji; Fujiwara, Akihiko; Watanabe, Yasuhiro; Masuno, Atsunobu; Usuki, Takeshi; Kubo, Takashi; Nakahira, Atsushi; Nitta, Kiyofumi; Uruga, Tomoya; Weber, J K Richard; Benmore, Chris J


    Glass formation in the CaO-Al2O3 system represents an important phenomenon because it does not contain typical network-forming cations. We have produced structural models of CaO-Al2O3 glasses using combined density functional theory-reverse Monte Carlo simulations and obtained structures that reproduce experiments (X-ray and neutron diffraction, extended X-ray absorption fine structure) and result in cohesive energies close to the crystalline ground states. The O-Ca and O-Al coordination numbers are similar in the eutectic 64 mol % CaO (64CaO) glass [comparable to 12CaO·7Al2O3 (C12A7)], and the glass structure comprises a topologically disordered cage network with large-sized rings. This topologically disordered network is the signature of the high glass-forming ability of 64CaO glass and high viscosity in the melt. Analysis of the electronic structure reveals that the atomic charges for Al are comparable to those for Ca, and the bond strength of Al-O is stronger than that of Ca-O, indicating that oxygen is more weakly bound by cations in CaO-rich glass. The analysis shows that the lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals occurs in cavity sites, suggesting that the C12A7 electride glass [Kim SW, Shimoyama T, Hosono H (2011) Science 333(6038):71-74] synthesized from a strongly reduced high-temperature melt can host solvated electrons and bipolarons. Calculations of 64CaO glass structures with few subtracted oxygen atoms (additional electrons) confirm this observation. The comparable atomic charges and coordination of the cations promote more efficient elemental mixing, and this is the origin of the extended cage structure and hosted solvated (trapped) electrons in the C12A7 glass.

  1. Urological applications of Ho/Nd:Yag laser (United States)

    Grifoni, Riccardo; Pierangeli, Tiziana; Gioacchini, Andrea; Muraro, Giovanni B.


    The introduction of Ho:Yag laser has brought many advantages in urology. By this work we want show you our experience with this technology. Between April 1998 and May 2000 we treated 137 patients. Of these 28 had urinary lithiasis (18 bladder and 10 ureteral stones 3 in the upper, 2 in the middle and 5 in the distal tract), 40 were affected by enlargement of prostatic gland: 32 had B.P.H., 8 P.C.; 36 had T.C.C. and 33 strictures of urethra (27) or bladder neck (6). For ureteral lithiasis we used 200 micrometer fiber, energy of 0.5 - 1.4 J with 10 Hz of frequency. In case of bladder stones a 550 or 1000 micrometer using a power of 80 W. The prostatic gland were resected by a 550 micrometer fiber, 2.2 - 2.8 J, 25 - 30 Hz and 70 -80 W. The superficial bladder tumors were removed by 1.4 J with 10 - 15 Hz and 10 - 14 W. In the large tumors we completed the procedure by Nd:YAG at the base of the tumor. Urethra and bladder neck strictures were treated by 1.2 - 1.8 J and 10 - 30 Hz. We successful treated 26 patients with urinary lithiasis obtained the complete vaporization of the stones, 2 had endoscopic ancillary procedures. Out of 32 patients with B.P.H. 41% had the complete resection of the gland the others the resection of the 3d lobe. We removed 114 superficial bladder tumors and only 4 patients had a local recurrence. Of the patients with the strictures 4 had more than one treatment and about 87% had good result. From our experience the use of Holmium:Yag laser has been very efficacy to treat different urological diseases, also in patients with important comorbid disorders and its use reduce the stay in hospital and so the costs.

  2. Development of a group contribution method to predict aqueous phase hydroxyl radical (HO*) reaction rate constants. (United States)

    Minakata, Daisuke; Li, Ke; Westerhoff, Paul; Crittenden, John


    The hydroxyl radical (HO*) is a strong oxidant that reacts with electron-rich sites of organic compounds and initiates complex chain mechanisms. In order to help understand the reaction mechanisms, a rule-based model was previously developed to predict the reaction pathways. For a kinetic model, there is a need to develop a rate constant estimator that predicts the rate constants for a variety of organic compounds. In this study, a group contribution method (GCM) is developed to predict the aqueous phase HO* rate constants for the following reaction mechanisms: (1) H-atom abstraction, (2) HO* addition to alkenes, (3) HO* addition to aromatic compounds, and (4) HO* interaction with sulfur (S)-, nitrogen (N)-, or phosphorus (P)-atom-containing compounds. The GCM hypothesizes that an observed experimental rate constant for a given organic compound is the combined rate of all elementary reactions involving HO*, which can be estimated using the Arrhenius activation energy, E(a), and temperature. Each E(a) for those elementary reactions can be comprised of two parts: (1) a base part that includes a reactive bond in each reaction mechanism and (2) contributions from its neighboring functional groups. The GCM includes 66 group rate constants and 80 group contribution factors, which characterize each HO* reaction mechanism with steric effects of the chemical structure groups and impacts of the neighboring functional groups, respectively. Literature-reported experimental HO* rate constants for 310 and 124 compounds were used for calibration and prediction, respectively. The genetic algorithms were used to determine the group rate constants and group contribution factors. The group contribution factors for H-atom abstraction and HO* addition to the aromatic compounds were found to linearly correlate with the Taft constants, sigma*, and electrophilic substituent parameters, sigma+, respectively. The best calibrations for 83% (257 rate constants) and predictions for 62% (77

  3. The Pacific Northwest Hydrological Observatory (PNW HO): Hypothesis and model testing power through diversity (United States)

    McDonnell, J. J.; Grant, G.; Hulse, D.


    The Pacific Northwest Hydrological Observatory (PNW HO) is a proposed national facility for the examination of the linkages between hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles, sustainability of water resources in the face of increasing human demands and climate change, hydrologic and ecosystem interactions, and hydrologic extremes. The PNW HO infrastructure will support research that examines forcings, feedbacks and couplings across hydro-eco-climatic interfaces, process scaling, and development of new predictive schemes and methods to reduce predictive uncertainty. Much of the data collection infrastructure is already in place, in the form of USGS gauging, local and State data recording. The PNW HO includes a novel experimental design that twins two neighboring watersheds-the humid Willamette and arid Deschutes River Basins-that represent a full range of landscape gradients and societal problems relating to water quantity and quality. Workers at the PNW HO will be able to build upon existing synthesis documents in the form of the Willamette River Basin Planning Atlas and recent AGU Monograph on the Deschutes River Basin. The PNW HO design builds upon the HJ Andrews LTER site in the headwaters and recent listing of the Willamette River Basin as a UNESCO HELP international observatory. The PNW HO has access to one of the richest SNOTEL datasets in North America along the divide between the Willamette and Deschutes Basins. The Willamette is a USGS NAWQA basin and the Deschutes has been the focus of a major USGS groundwater investigation, and is one of five sites nationally in the Fire Learning Network. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for technology transfer of HO science to policy and practice, the PNW HO enjoys a rather unique combination of Oregon's state-based land use planning and doctrine of prior appropriations water law (land use planning and water rights). While there are certainly areas in the West where human populations are growing as fast or faster, none

  4. First Calorimetric Measurement of OI-line in the Electron Capture Spectrum of $^{163}$Ho

    CERN Document Server

    Ranitzsch, P. C. -O.; Wegner, M.; Kempf, S.; Fleischmann, A.; Enss, C.; Gastaldo, L.; Herlert, A.; Johnston, K.


    The isotope $^{163}$Ho undergoes an electron capture process with a recommended value for the energy available to the decay, $Q_{\\rm EC}$, of about 2.5 keV. According to the present knowledge, this is the lowest $Q_{\\rm EC}$ value for electron capture processes. Because of that, $^{163}$Ho is the best candidate to perform experiments to investigate the value of the electron neutrino mass based on the analysis of the calorimetrically measured spectrum. We present for the first time the calorimetric measurement of the atomic de-excitation of the $^{163}$Dy daughter atom upon the capture of an electron from the 5s shell in $^{163}$Ho, OI-line. The measured peak energy is 48 eV. This measurement was performed using low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters with the $^{163}$Ho ion implanted in the absorber. We demonstrate that the calorimetric spectrum of $^{163}$Ho can be measured with high precision and that the parameters describing the spectrum can be learned from the analysis of the data. Finally, we dis...

  5. Assessing depression outcome in patients with moderate dementia: sensitivity of the HoNOS65+ scale. (United States)

    Canuto, Alessandra; Rudhard-Thomazic, Valérie; Herrmann, François R; Delaloye, Christophe; Giannakopoulos, Panteleimon; Weber, Kerstin


    To date, there is no widely accepted clinical scale to monitor the evolution of depressive symptoms in demented patients. We assessed the sensitivity to treatment of a validated French version of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HoNOS) 65+ compared to five routinely used scales. Thirty elderly inpatients with ICD-10 diagnosis of dementia and depression were evaluated at admission and discharge using paired t-test. Using the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) "depressive mood" item as gold standard, a receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) analysis assessed the validity of HoNOS65+F "depressive symptoms" item score changes. Unlike Geriatric Depression Scale, Mini Mental State Examination and Activities of Daily Living scores, BPRS scores decreased and Global Assessment Functioning Scale score increased significantly from admission to discharge. Amongst HoNOS65+F items, "behavioural disturbance", "depressive symptoms", "activities of daily life" and "drug management" items showed highly significant changes between the first and last day of hospitalization. The ROC analysis revealed that changes in the HoNOS65+F "depressive symptoms" item correctly classified 93% of the cases with good sensitivity (0.95) and specificity (0.88) values. These data suggest that the HoNOS65+F "depressive symptoms" item may provide a valid assessment of the evolution of depressive symptoms in demented patients.

  6. Napájecí zdroj elektrostatického odlučovače


    Broďák, Kamil


    Diplomová práce je zaměřena na seznámení s problematikou napájení elektrických odlučovačů. Vzhledem k doposud dominantnímu postavení jednofázových transformátorů pracujících na síťové frekvenci 50 Hz řízených tyristory, se práce zaměřuje právě na tyto zdroje. První část popisuje princip elektrického odlučování a popis vlastního elektrického odlučovače. Na to navazuje stručné seznámení s teorií návrhu elektrického odlučovače. Dále se práce zabývá popisem zdroje velmi vysokého napětí, který je ...

  7. Ground-based Characterization of Earth Quasi Satellite (469219) 2016 HO3 (United States)

    Reddy, Vishnu; Kuhn, Olga; Thirouin, Audrey; Conrad, Al; Malhotra, Renu; Sanchez, Juan A.; Veillet, Christian


    (469219) 2016 HO3 is a small, robotic and human exploration, provided it can be established it is indeed a natural object. In an effort to constrain its rotation period and surface composition, we observed 2016 HO3 on April 14 and 18 2017 (UTC) with the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) and the Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT). We derive a rotation period of about 28 minutes based on our lightcurve observations. We obtained low-resolution (R ˜ 150 - 500) spectra of 2016 HO3 on 2017 April 14 (UTC) using the pair of MODS spectrographs mounted at the direct Gregorian foci of the LBT, obtaining the entire spectrum from 0.39-0.97 microns simultaneously. The visible wavelength spectrum shows a sharp rise in reflectance between 0.4-0.65 microns with a broad plateau beyond. The scatter near 0.8 microns makes it challenging to confirm the presence of a silicate absorption band at ~1 micron. Color ratios derived from the spectrum all suggest an S taxonomic type. We also derive an updated diameter of 36 meters for 2016 HO3 using an absolute magnitude of 24.3 and S-type albedo of 0.25. The derived rotation period and the spectrum are not uncommon amongst small NEOs, suggesting that 2016 HO3 is a natural object of similar provenance to other small NEOs. NASA Near-Earth Object Observations Program Grant NNX17AJ19G (PI: Reddy) funded parts of this work.

  8. Transurethral holmium laser enucleation of prostates (HoLEP) larger than 80 g (United States)

    Kuntz, Rainer M.; Lehrich, Karin; Fayad, Amr


    In this prospective study, the efficiency of HoLEP inpatients with prostates larger than 80 grams was to be evaluated. 64 urodynamically obstructed patients with prostate glands of 103 (80-230) grams of weight underwent HoLEP (80 W, 2.0 J, 40 Hz, 550 nm bare laser fibers). The resected weight was 70 (50-200) grams, the resection time was 120.5 (83-170) min., the average resection weight was 0.7 gm/min. The postoperative catheter time was 1.3 (1-3) days. The postoperative hospital stay was 2.5 (1-7) days. HoLEP induced a significant, pronounced and immediate improvement of lower urinary tract symptoms and micturition. The symptom score decreased from 22.3 preoperatively to 5.7 one week and 2.8 one year postoperatively. The peak urinary flow rate of 4.3 ml/sec preoperatively increased to 22 ml/sec one week and 32 ml/sec one year postoperatively. The residual urine dropped from 267 ml preoperatively to 11.5 ml one week and 5.0 ml one year postoperatively. There was one incident of postoperative arterial bleeding, one patient developed urethral stricture and two patients needed a second HoLEP. HoLEP appeared to be a highly effective treatment for prostates larger than 80 grams, with excellent functional results, minor blood loss, low complication rate and very short catheter time and hospital stay.

  9. Solar system tests of Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity

    CERN Document Server

    Harko, Tiberiu; Lobo, Francisco S N


    Recently, a renormalizable gravity theory with higher spatial derivatives in four dimensions was proposed by Ho\\v{r}ava. The theory reduces to Einstein gravity with a non-vanishing cosmological constant in IR, but it has improved UV behaviors. The spherically symmetric black hole solutions for an arbitrary cosmological constant, which represent the generalization of the standard Schwarzschild-(A)dS solution, has also been obtained for the Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz theory. The exact asymptotically flat Schwarzschild type solution of the gravitational field equations in Ho\\v{r}ava gravity contains a quadratic increasing term, as well as the square root of a fourth order polynomial in the radial coordinate, and it depends on one arbitrary integration constant. The IR modified Ho\\v{r}ava gravity seems to be consistent with the current observational data, but in order to test its viability more observational constraints are necessary. In the present paper we consider the possibility of observationally testing Ho\\v{r}ava...

  10. Study of combination treatment effect of the {sup 166}Ho and anticancer agents in-vitro

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jeon, S. M.; Choi, S. J.; Park, K. B. [KAERI, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    For the development of new controlled drug delivery systems, the application of combination therapy using radioisotopes and tumor static agents has drawn great attention. This study was designed to estimate the treatment effect of the combination therapy with Holmium ({sup 166}Ho) and tumor static agents. Ho-166 was produced at the KAERI using HANARO reactor. The drugs applied were Sunpla, Methotrexate and Doxorubicin. Human glioblastoma (T98G), adenocarcinoma (MKN45), hepatocellular (Hep3B), lung carcinoma (Calu6), ovary adenocarcinoma (NIH:OVCAR- 3) and rat glioma (C6) were used. The cell cytotoxicity on the tumor cell lines determined by MTT assay. In the case where the chemotherapeutic agent was solely applied to the cell lines, the IC{sub 50} values wer e 2.4x10{sup -5}M of the Sunpla for MKN45 and 4.23x10{sup -6}M of the Doxorubicin for Calu6. The radioactivity of Ho-166 occurring 20% apoptosis was 10{mu}Ci. As for Sunpla and Doxorubicin, the value of IC20 was dependent on the cell lines used. The combination treatment of {sup 166}Ho and drug was to improve therapeutic success rate in T98G, MKN45, Hep3B, and Calu6. From this in vitro study it can be concluded that combining 166Ho radionuclide therapy and chemotherapy could enhance the effect of each in eliminating proliferating tumor cells.

  11. Hepatitis B Stigma and Knowledge among Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Chicago

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lan Dam


    Full Text Available Stigma regarding viral hepatitis and liver disease has psychological and social consequences including causing negative self-image, disrupting relationships, and providing a barrier to prevention, testing, and treatment. The aim of this study was to characterize and compare HBV knowledge and stigma in Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Chicago and to begin to evaluate the cultural context of HBV stigma. Methods. A written survey including knowledge questions and a validated HBV stigma questionnaire was distributed to Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Chicago. 842 surveys from Ho Chi Minh City and 170 from Chicago were analyzed. Results. Vietnamese living in Chicago had better understanding of HBV transmission and that HBV can cause chronic infection and liver cancer. Vietnamese in Chicago had higher stigma scores on a broad range of items including guilt and shame about HBV and were more likely to feel that persons with HBV can bring harm to others and should be isolated. Conclusions. Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Chicago have knowledge deficits about HBV, particularly regarding modes of transmission. Persons in Ho Chi Minh City expressed lower levels of HBV stigma than Vietnamese living in Chicago, likely reflecting changing cultural attitudes in Vietnam. Culturally appropriate educational initiatives are needed to address the problem of HBV stigma.

  12. Growth and magneto-optical characteristic of Ho2Ti2O7 crystal (United States)

    Kang, Junbiao; Xu, Wenming; Zhang, Wenhui; Chen, Xiang; Liu, Wei; Guo, Feiyun; Wu, Shuting; Chen, Jianzhong


    A pyrochlore crystal with magneto-optical effect-Ho2Ti2O7 crystal has been grown by Czochralski method. X-ray powder diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, transmission spectrum and Faraday rotation of single crystal Ho2Ti2O7 were measured. The results of Rietveld refinement revealed that the crystal belongs to cubic system and the lattice parameters calculated by Jade 7.0 (Materials Data, Inc.) were a=1.00915(7) nm and V=1.0277 nm3. The effective magnetic moment and Curie-Weiss temperature of Ho2Ti2O7 crystal are 10.4 μB and 1.86 K, respectively. The transmittance of Ho2Ti2O7 crystals grown in Ar can be more than 72% in 700-1080 nm and 1260-1500 nm. The Verdet constant of Ho2Ti2O7 crystal at 1064 nm comes up to -54.1 rad/(mT), which is 1.35 times as large as that of Tb3Ga5O12 reported.

  13. Isotopic fractionation of Mg 2+(aq), Ca 2+(aq), and Fe 2+(aq) with carbonate minerals (United States)

    Rustad, James R.; Casey, William H.; Yin, Qing-Zhu; Bylaska, Eric J.; Felmy, Andrew R.; Bogatko, Stuart A.; Jackson, Virgil E.; Dixon, David A.


    Density-functional electronic structure calculations are used to compute the equilibrium constants for 26Mg/ 24Mg and 44Ca/ 40Ca isotope exchange between carbonate minerals and uncomplexed divalent aquo ions. The most reliable calculations at the B3LYP/6-311++G(2d,2p) level predict equilibrium constants K, reported as 10 3ln ( K) at 25 °C, of -5.3, -1.1, and +1.2 for 26Mg/ 24Mg exchange between calcite (CaCO 3), magnesite (MgCO 3), and dolomite (Ca 0.5Mg 0.5CO 3), respectively, and Mg 2+(aq), with positive values indicating enrichment of the heavy isotope in the mineral phase. For 44Ca/ 40Ca exchange between calcite and Ca 2+(aq) at 25 °C, the calculations predict values of +1.5 for Ca 2+(aq) in 6-fold coordination and +4.1 for Ca 2+(aq) in 7-fold coordination. We find that the reduced partition function ratios can be reliably computed from systems as small as M(CO)610- and M(HO)62+ embedded in a set of fixed atoms representing the second-shell (and greater) coordination environment. We find that the aqueous cluster representing the aquo ion is much more sensitive to improvements in the basis set than the calculations on the mineral systems, and that fractionation factors should be computed using the best possible basis set for the aquo complex, even if the reduced partition function ratio calculated with the same basis set is not available for the mineral system. The new calculations show that the previous discrepancies between theory and experiment for Fe 3+-hematite and Fe 2+-siderite fractionations arise from an insufficiently accurate reduced partition function ratio for the Fe 3+(aq) and Fe 2+(aq) species.

  14. Divergence of Ca(2+) selectivity and equilibrium Ca(2+) blockade in a Ca(2+) release-activated Ca(2+) channel. (United States)

    Yamashita, Megumi; Prakriya, Murali


    Prevailing models postulate that high Ca(2+) selectivity of Ca(2+) release-activated Ca(2+) (CRAC) channels arises from tight Ca(2+) binding to a high affinity site within the pore, thereby blocking monovalent ion flux. Here, we examined the contribution of high affinity Ca(2+) binding for Ca(2+) selectivity in recombinant Orai3 channels, which function as highly Ca(2+)-selective channels when gated by the endoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) sensor STIM1 or as poorly Ca(2+)-selective channels when activated by the small molecule 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate (2-APB). Extracellular Ca(2+) blocked Na(+) currents in both gating modes with a similar inhibition constant (Ki; ~25 µM). Thus, equilibrium binding as set by the Ki of Ca(2+) blockade cannot explain the differing Ca(2+) selectivity of the two gating modes. Unlike STIM1-gated channels, Ca(2+) blockade in 2-APB-gated channels depended on the extracellular Na(+) concentration and exhibited an anomalously steep voltage dependence, consistent with enhanced Na(+) pore occupancy. Moreover, the second-order rate constants of Ca(2+) blockade were eightfold faster in 2-APB-gated channels than in STIM1-gated channels. A four-barrier, three-binding site Eyring model indicated that lowering the entry and exit energy barriers for Ca(2+) and Na(+) to simulate the faster rate constants of 2-APB-gated channels qualitatively reproduces their low Ca(2+) selectivity, suggesting that ion entry and exit rates strongly affect Ca(2+) selectivity. Noise analysis indicated that the unitary Na(+) conductance of 2-APB-gated channels is fourfold larger than that of STIM1-gated channels, but both modes of gating show a high open probability (Po; ~0.7). The increase in current noise during channel activation was consistent with stepwise recruitment of closed channels to a high Po state in both cases, suggesting that the underlying gating mechanisms are operationally similar in the two gating modes. These results suggest that both high affinity Ca

  15. HIF-regulated HO-1 gene transfer improves the post-ischemic limb recovery and diminishes TLR-triggered immune responses - Effects modified by concomitant VEGF overexpression. (United States)

    Jazwa, Agnieszka; Stoszko, Mateusz; Tomczyk, Mateusz; Bukowska-Strakova, Karolina; Pichon, Chantal; Jozkowicz, Alicja; Dulak, Jozef


    Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) mitigates cellular injury by antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and proangiogenic effects. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a critical regulator of blood vessel growth. Their coordinated action was analyzed in a model of femoral artery ligation (FAL) in mice lacking HO-1 gene (HO-1 KO). Gastrocnemius skeletal muscles of HO-1 KO mice were preemptively injected with plasmids containing hypoxia-response element (HRE) driving the expression of only HO-1 (pHRE-HO1) or both HO-1 and VEGF (pHRE-HO1-VEGF). At day 14th the pHRE-HO1 vector increased an impaired post-ischemic blood flow recovery in HO-1 KO mice to the level observed in wild-type (WT) mice subjected to FAL and pHRE-HO1-VEGF restored it already at day 7. The pHRE-HO1 gene therapy diminished, when compared to control pHRE-empty-treated HO-1 KO mice, the expression of toll-like receptors (TLR4 and TLR9) and inflammatory cytokines (IL-1β, IL-6 and TNFα) at day 3, whereas opposite effects were observed following concomitant HO-1 and VEGF gene transfer. Moreover, HO-1 diminished ischemia-induced expression of MyoD involved in satellite cell differentiation in HO-1 KO mice. Our results confirm the therapeutic potential of HO-1 and VEGF against critical limb ischemia although, their concomitant delivery may have contradictory actions on the resolution of inflammation. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Exogenous induction of HO-1 alleviates vincristine-induced neuropathic pain by reducing spinal glial activation in mice. (United States)

    Shen, Yan; Zhang, Zhi-Jun; Zhu, Ming-Di; Jiang, Bao-Chun; Yang, Tian; Gao, Yong-Jing


    Chemotherapy drugs such as vincristine can produce painful peripheral neuropathy for which is still lack of effective treatment. Recent studies have demonstrated that neuroinflammation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain. Heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) was shown to mediate the resolution of inflammation. In this study, we investigated the contribution of HO-1 in the modulation of vincristine-induced pain and the mechanisms implicated. Injection of vincristine induced persistent mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia in mice. The expression of HO-1 mRNA and protein was increased in 2 weeks in the spinal cord. Immunostaining showed that HO-1 was mainly expressed in neurons of spinal cord dorsal horn in naïve animals, but induced in astrocytes and microglia after vincristine injection. Intraperitoneal injection of HO-1 inducer increased HO-1 expression in the spinal cord and attenuated vincristine-induced pain. Persistent induction of HO-1 by intraspinal injection of HO-1-expressing lentivirus alleviated vincristine-induced pain for more than 2 weeks. Furthermore, vincristine induced activation of glial cells (astrocytes and microglia), phosphorylation of MAPKs (JNK, ERK, and p38), and production of TNF-α and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in the spinal cord, which were all reduced by intrathecal injection of HO-1 inducer. Taken together, our data provide the first evidence that induction of HO-1 attenuates vincristine-induced neuropathic pain via inhibition of glia-mediated neuroinflammation in the spinal cord. This suggests that exogenously induced HO-1 may have potential as therapy in chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. HO1 and Wnt expression is independently regulated in female mice brains following permanent ischemic brain injury. (United States)

    Tulsulkar, Jatin; Ward, Alicia; Shah, Zahoor A


    A gender difference in stroke is observed throughout epidemiologic studies, pathophysiology, treatment and outcomes. We investigated the neuroprotective role of hemeoxygenase (HO) enzyme, which catabolizes free heme to bilirubin, carbon monoxide and biliverdin in the female brain after permanent ischemia. We have previously reported in male mice that genetic deletion of HO1 exacerbates the brain damage after permanent ischemia, and the mechanism of neuroprotection is dependent on the HO1/Wnt pathway; however, the role of HO1/Wnt mediated neuroprotection in the female brain is yet to be investigated. We subjected ovary intact female mice, HO1(-/-) intact, HO1 inhibitor tin mesoporphyrin (SnMP) treated intact and/or ovariectomized female mice to permanent ischemia (pMCAO), and the animals were sacrificed after 7days. The SnMP treatment for 7days significantly reduced the HO1 enzyme activity as compared to that of vehicle treated group. Infarct volume analysis showed significantly lower infarct in intact, HO1(-/-) intact, and SnMP treated group as compared to the OVX group, suggesting the role of estrogen in neuroprotection. However, there were no differences in infarct volume observed between the intact, HO1(-/-) and SnMP treated group, suggesting a sexually dimorphic role of HO1 neuroprotection. Western blot analysis on intact and SnMP-treated groups subjected to pMCAO suggested no significant differences in Wnt expression. Together, these results suggest that HO1 neuroprotection is sexually dimorphic and Wnt expression is independently regulated in the female brain following permanent ischemia. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Momentum and charge transport in non-relativistic holographic fluids from Hořava gravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davison, Richard A. [Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); Grozdanov, Sašo [Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics, Leiden University, Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden 2333 CA (Netherlands); Janiszewski, Stefan [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, V8W 3P6 (Canada); Kaminski, Matthias [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 (United States)


    We study the linearized transport of transverse momentum and charge in a conjectured field theory dual to a black brane solution of Hořava gravity with Lifshitz exponent z=1. As expected from general hydrodynamic reasoning, we find that both of these quantities are diffusive over distance and time scales larger than the inverse temperature. We compute the diffusion constants and conductivities of transverse momentum and charge, as well the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density, and find that they differ from their relativistic counterparts. To derive these results, we propose how the holographic dictionary should be modified to deal with the multiple horizons and differing propagation speeds of bulk excitations in Hořava gravity. When possible, as a check on our methods and results, we use the covariant Einstein-Aether formulation of Hořava gravity, along with field redefinitions, to re-derive our results from a relativistic bulk theory.

  19. Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP in Ambulatory Surger

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marc Fourmarier


    Full Text Available The focus of this work is the need to give an update on the holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP technique in ambulatory surgery. Indeed, over the last two decades, there has been a significant change in surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Laser surgery has been growing in popularity as an alternative to standard transurethral prostatectomy. Our goal was to analyse the opportunity to perform HoLEP in one-day surgery. Furthermore, there is a willingness of the French Ministry of Health to develop this kind of management. A pilot study was performed in 50 selected patients to evaluate HoLEP feasibility in ambulatory surgery from June 2013 to April 2014. The results were good with minimal morbidity and a high satisfaction rate, but excellent organisation is necessary, leaving no room for improvisation.

  20. Návrh GUI multimediálního centra pro seniory


    Gongol, Jakub


    Práce se zabývá problematikou tvorby grafického uživatelského rozhraní pro seniory se zaměřením na dotyková zařízení. Cílem je návrh a vytvoření aplikace ovladače multimediálního centra XBMC pro platformu Android. Práce také popisuje některá existující řešení a testování vytvořené aplikace. This thesis covers the subject a graphical user interface for the erderly with focus on smartphones and tablets. The main object is design and creation of an Android application for remote control of th...

  1. Rate constant and possible pressure dependence of the reaction OH + HO2 (United States)

    Demore, W. B.


    The technique of laser-induced fluorescence is used to measure steady-state OH concentrations in the photolysis of water vapor at 184.9 nm and 298 K, with O2 added in trace amounts. He or Ar is present at total pressures in the range 75-730 torr. The results are used in deriving the rate-constant ratio of k1 to k5 to the 1/2 power, where k1 and k5 are the rate constants for the reactions OH + HO2 = H2O + O2 and HO2 + HO2 = O2, respectively. When available values of k5 are used, the results give k1 = (1.2 + or - 0.4) x 10 to the -10 cu cm/s at 1-atm pressure, with evidence of a decline of k1 at lower pressures. No water-vapor effect on k1 is observed.

  2. Photoluminescence study of nanocrystalline Y2O3:Ho3+ phosphor (United States)

    Singh, Vijay; Rai, Vineet Kumar; Voss, Benjamin; Haase, Markus; Chakradhar, R. P. S.; Thirupathi Naidu, D.; Kim, Sang Hwan


    The Y2O3:Ho3+ powder phosphors have been prepared by using low temperature combustion method. Powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscopy techniques were used to characterize the as-prepared phosphor. The UV-Vis-NIR absorption, excitation and emission studies have been performed and the phenomenological Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters which are critically important in calculating the radiative properties and stimulated emission crosssection have been calculated by using Judd-Ofelt theory. Based on the calculated values of the inter electronic parameter, covalency and bonding parameter the bonding between the Ho3+ ions and surrounding oxygen atoms have been found to be covalent in nature. The color purity has also been verified by using the chromaticity diagram. The analysis shows that the Y2O3:Ho3+ phosphor may be used for producing the green light emitting diodes and display applications.

  3. Candesartan stimulates reparative angiogenesis in ischemic retinopathy model: role of hemeoxygenase-1 (HO-1). (United States)

    Shanab, Ahmed Y; Elshaer, Sally L; El-Azab, Mona F; Soliman, Sahar; Sabbineni, Harika; Matragoon, Suraporn; Fagan, Susan C; El-Remessy, Azza B


    Ischemic diseases such as stroke and proliferative retinopathy are characterized by hypoxia-driven release of angiogenic factors such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). However, revascularization of the ischemic areas is inadequate, resulting in impaired neuro-vascular function. We aim to examine the vascular protective effects of candesartan, an angiotensin receptor blocker, in an ischemic retinopathy mouse model. Vascular density, number of tip cells, and perfusions of capillaries were assessed. Activation of Muller glial cells and levels of peroxynitrite, VEGF, VEGFR2, inducible nitric oxide synthase, hemeoxygenase-1 (HO-1) were assessed. Proangiogenic effects of candesartan were examined in human endothelial cells (EC) that were cultured in normoxia or hypoxia and transduced with siRNA against HO-1. Candesartan (1 mg/kg) and (10 mg/kg) decreased hypoxia-induced neovascularization by 67 and 70%, respectively. Candesartan (10 mg/kg) significantly stimulated the number of tip cells and physiological revascularization of the central retina (45%) compared with untreated pups. The effects of candesartan coincided with reduction of hypoxia-induced Muller glial activation, iNOS expression and restoration of HO-1 expression with no significant change in VEGF levels. In vitro, silencing HO-1 expression blunted the ability of candesartan to induce VEGF expression under normoxia and VEGFR2 activation and angiogenic response under both normoxia and hypoxia. These findings suggest that candesartan improved reparative angiogenesis and hence prevented pathological angiogenesis by modulating HO-1 and iNOS levels in ischemic retinopathy. HO-1 is required for VEGFR2 activation and proangiogenic action of candesartan in EC. Candesartan, an FDA-approved drug, could be repurposed as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of ischemic diseases.

  4. Network topology for the formation of solvated electrons in binary CaO–Al2O3 composition glasses (United States)

    Akola, Jaakko; Kohara, Shinji; Ohara, Koji; Fujiwara, Akihiko; Watanabe, Yasuhiro; Masuno, Atsunobu; Usuki, Takeshi; Kubo, Takashi; Nakahira, Atsushi; Nitta, Kiyofumi; Uruga, Tomoya; Weber, J. K. Richard; Benmore, Chris J.


    Glass formation in the CaO–Al2O3 system represents an important phenomenon because it does not contain typical network-forming cations. We have produced structural models of CaO–Al2O3 glasses using combined density functional theory–reverse Monte Carlo simulations and obtained structures that reproduce experiments (X-ray and neutron diffraction, extended X-ray absorption fine structure) and result in cohesive energies close to the crystalline ground states. The O–Ca and O–Al coordination numbers are similar in the eutectic 64 mol % CaO (64CaO) glass [comparable to 12CaO·7Al2O3 (C12A7)], and the glass structure comprises a topologically disordered cage network with large-sized rings. This topologically disordered network is the signature of the high glass-forming ability of 64CaO glass and high viscosity in the melt. Analysis of the electronic structure reveals that the atomic charges for Al are comparable to those for Ca, and the bond strength of Al–O is stronger than that of Ca–O, indicating that oxygen is more weakly bound by cations in CaO-rich glass. The analysis shows that the lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals occurs in cavity sites, suggesting that the C12A7 electride glass [Kim SW, Shimoyama T, Hosono H (2011) Science 333(6038):71–74] synthesized from a strongly reduced high-temperature melt can host solvated electrons and bipolarons. Calculations of 64CaO glass structures with few subtracted oxygen atoms (additional electrons) confirm this observation. The comparable atomic charges and coordination of the cations promote more efficient elemental mixing, and this is the origin of the extended cage structure and hosted solvated (trapped) electrons in the C12A7 glass. PMID:23723350

  5. English Language Training in Vietnam in the Era of Doi Moi. Ho Chi Minh City: A Descriptive Case Study. (United States)

    Shapiro, Lawrence Avrom

    The status of English language education in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in the era of Doi Moi, or economic structuring that began in 1986, is analyzed. Background information is given on the history of English language training in Vietnam since 1975, the municipality of Ho Chi Minh City, the emergence of Doi Moi policy, policy concerning licensing…

  6. Modulation of cGMP by human HO-1 retrovirus gene transfer in pulmonary microvessel endothelial cells. (United States)

    Abraham, Nader G; Quan, Shuo; Mieyal, Paul A; Yang, Liming; Burke-Wolin, Theresa; Mingone, Christopher J; Goodman, Alvin I; Nasjletti, Alberto; Wolin, Michael S


    Carbon monoxide (CO) stimulates guanylate cyclase (GC) and increases guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) levels. We transfected rat-lung pulmonary endothelial cells with a retrovirus-mediated human heme oxygenase (hHO)-1 gene. Pulmonary cells that expressed hHO-1 exhibited a fourfold increase in HO activity associated with decreases in the steady-state levels of heme and cGMP without changes in soluble GC (sGC) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS) proteins or basal nitrite production. Heme elicited significant increases in CO production and intracellular cGMP levels in both pulmonary endothelial and pulmonary hHO-1-expressing cells. N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), an inhibitor of NOS, significantly decreased cGMP levels in heme-treated pulmonary endothelial cells but not heme-treated hHO-1-expressing cells. In the presence of exogenous heme, CO and cGMP levels in hHO-1-expressing cells exceeded the corresponding levels in pulmonary endothelial cells. Acute exposure of endothelial cells to SnCl2, which is an inducer of HO-1, increased cGMP levels, whereas chronic exposure decreased heme and cGMP levels. These results indicate that prolonged overexpression of HO-1 ultimately decreases sGC activity by limiting the availability of cellular heme. Heme activates sGC and enhances cGMP levels via a mechanism that is largely insensitive to NOS inhibition.

  7. Hydrothermal synthesis of HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods and their size-dependent magnetic properties

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lv, Yichao; Wu, Songping, E-mail:; Xu, Rui


    The HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods were synthesized by a surfactant-assisted hydrothermal process. The length of nanorods is readily controllable with basically constant diameter. HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods show recognizable divagation at T{sub N}(Ho) of 13 K between FC and ZFC curve due to the contribution of the magnetic ordering of holmium. Size-dependent magnetic properties (i.e. a critical length for magnetization) of HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods can be ascribed to the competition between surface strain and uncompensated spin at the surface. - Highlights: • HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods were synthesized by a surfactant-assisted hydrothermal route. • HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods show recognizable divagation at T{sub N}(Ho) of 13 K between FC and ZFC. • Size-dependent magnetic properties of HoMn{sub 2}O{sub 5} nanorods can be observed.

  8. Suppression of impurity phases and the study of magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Ho2Co2Al intermetallic compound (United States)

    Balfour, E. A.; Shang, Y. F.; Fu, H.; El-Gendy, Ahmed A.; Hadimani, R. L.; Luo, Y.


    The R2Co2Al compounds (R = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm) are known to contain RCoAl-type impurity. In order to suppress the impurity phase in Ho2Co2Al intermetallic compound, nonstoichiometric samples with excess rare-earth Ho were prepared and annealed. Structural analysis indicates that annealed nonstoichiometric Ho42Co40Al20 sample, with 2 at% excess Ho, comprises the Ho2Co2Al phase and minor traces of Ho2O3 oxide. Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the sample have been studied in detail. The alloy undergoes three phase transitions at 9 K, 21 K and 30 K. The multiple transitions and broadening effect of second-order phase transitions (SOT) on peak magnetic entropy change (-ΔSM), result in good refrigerant capacities (RCareas) of 136.9 and 437 J/kg under field changes (ΔH) of 2 and 5 T, respectively. These values of RCarea and their corresponding large -ΔSM peak magnitudes of 9.1 and 18.4 J/kg K under ΔH = 2 and 5 T, respectively, make Ho2Co2Al a promising and competitively good candidate magnetic refrigerant for low temperature cooling applications such as liquefaction of hydrogen gas.

  9. Photoluminescence Quenching and Enhanced Optical Conductivity of P3HT-Derived Ho3+-Doped ZnO Nanostructures

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kabongo, Guy L; Mbule, Pontsho S; Mhlongo, Gugu H; Mothudi, Bakang M; Hillie, Kenneth T; Dhlamini, Mokhotjwa S


    ...+)-doped ZnO in P3HT polymer nanocomposite. We incorporated ZnO:Ho3+ (0.5 mol% Ho) nanostructures in the pristine P3HT-conjugated polymer and systematically studied the effect of the nanostructures on the optical characteristics...

  10. Functional roles of the pepper MLO protein gene, CaMLO2, in abscisic acid signaling and drought sensitivity. (United States)

    Lim, Chae Woo; Lee, Sung Chul


    Plants are frequently exposed to various environmental stresses including drought in the natural environment and have evolved physiological, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms to counteract the deleterious effects of stress. Of them, modulation of abscisic acid (ABA) signal transduction allows plants to overcome stress. Recently, Kim and Hwang (Plant J 72:843-855, 2012) identified CaMLO2 that is transcriptionally induced by both biotic and abiotic stress. Based on this, we tested the possibility that CaMLO2 is involved in abiotic stress, although m ildew resistance l ocus O (MLO) proteins have been known as negative regulators in plant defense responses against powdery mildew. The CaMLO2 gene was strongly induced in pepper leaves exposed to ABA and drought. Virus-induced gene silencing of CaMLO2 in pepper plants showed low levels of transpiration and lipid peroxidation in dehydrated leaves. Overexpression of the CaMLO2 gene in Arabidopsis conferred reduced sensitivity to ABA in germination and seedling growth and establishment. High transpiration rates and low degrees of stomatal closure in response to ABA also led transgenic plants to be more vulnerable to drought than the wild-type, which was accompanied by altered expression of stress-related genes. Taken together, these data suggest that CaMLO2 acts as a negative regulator of ABA signaling that suppresses water loss from leaves under drought conditions.

  11. Psychomteric Validation of the Health of Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) in Traumatized Refugees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Palic, Sabina; Elklit, Ask; Makransky, Guido

    for refugees other than those for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. This creates extensive problems in treatment monitoring and identification of appropriate treatment goals for this population with complex trauma. The psychometric properties of the HoNOS were evaluated by applying Rasch analysis to pre and post......-treatment data from 448 consecutive patients at three Danish psychiatric clinics for refugees. A10-item HoNOS version (physical problems and daily function items excluded) of pre-treatment data fit the Rasch model well. A cross validation showed excellent fit of the post-treatment data to the 10-item model...

  12. Broadly tunable mode-locked Ho:YAG ceramic laser around 2.1 µm. (United States)

    Wang, Yicheng; Lan, Ruijun; Mateos, Xavier; Li, Jiang; Hu, Chen; Li, Chaoyu; Suomalainen, Soile; Härkönen, Antti; Guina, Mircea; Petrov, Valentin; Griebner, Uwe


    A passively mode-locked Ho:YAG ceramic laser around 2.1 µm is demonstrated using GaSb-based near-surface SESAM as saturable absorber. Stable and self-starting mode-locked operation is realized in the entire tuning range from 2059 to 2121 nm. The oscillator operated at 82 MHz with a maximum output power of 230 mW at 2121 nm. The shortest pulses with duration of 2.1 ps were achieved at 2064 nm. We also present spectroscopic properties of Ho:YAG ceramics at room temperature.

  13. Influence of temperature on the magnetic structure of HoCu2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Smetana, S.; Sima, V.; Lebech, Bente


    Neutron powder diffraction measurements of orthorhombic HoCu2 are reported. The results confirm that the two cusps observed at ~7K and 10K in the magnetization data reflect a change of the magnetic structure and the Neel temperature. In the temperature range 7K......Neutron powder diffraction measurements of orthorhombic HoCu2 are reported. The results confirm that the two cusps observed at ~7K and 10K in the magnetization data reflect a change of the magnetic structure and the Neel temperature. In the temperature range 7K...

  14. High spin states above the 28{sup {minus}} isomer in {sup 152}Ho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rizzutto, M.A.; Ribas, R.V.; Cybulska, E.W.; Oliveira, J.R.; Zahn, G.S.; Medina, N.H. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Bazzacco, D.; Medina, N.H.; Brandolini, F.; Burch, R.; Lunardi, S.; Pavan, P.; Alvarez, C.R. [Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN, Sezione di Padova, Padova (Italy); Spolaore, P. [INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Italy)


    The structure of the high spin states above the 28{sup {minus}} isomer in the odd-odd {sup 152}Ho nucleus was investigated using the GASP {gamma}-ray spectrometer coupled to the recoil mass spectrometer CAMEL. The {sup 152}Ho nucleus was populated through the {sup 120}Sn({sup 37}Cl,5n) fusion reaction at a beam energy of 187 MeV. A complex level scheme above that isomer was established up to an excitation energy of 13 MeV and I{approx} 40{h_bar}. No rotational bands were observed. {copyright} {ital 1997} {ital The American Physical Society}

  15. First Spectroscopic Solutions of Two Southern Eclipsing Binaries: HO Tel and QY Tel (United States)

    Sürgit, D.; Erdem, A.; Engelbrecht, C. A.; van Heerden, P.; Manick, R.


    We present preliminary results from the analysis of spectroscopic observations of two southern eclipsing binary stars, HO Tel and QY Tel. The grating spectra of these two systems were obtained at the Sutherland Station of the South African Astronomical Observatory in 2013. Radial velocities of the components were determined by the Fourier disentangling technique. Keplerian radial velocity models of HO Tel and QY Tel give their mass ratio as 0.921±0.005 and 1.089±0.007, respectively.

  16. Modeling global impacts of heterogeneous loss of HO2 on cloud droplets, ice particles and aerosols (United States)

    Huijnen, V.; Williams, J. E.; Flemming, J.


    The abundance and spatial variability of the hydroperoxyl radical (HO2) in the troposphere strongly affects atmospheric composition through tropospheric ozone production and associated HOx chemistry. One of the largest uncertainties in the chemical HO2 budget is its heterogeneous loss on the surface of cloud droplets, ice particles and aerosols. We quantify the importance of the heterogeneous HO2 loss at global scale using the latest recommendations on the scavenging efficiency on various surfaces. For this we included the simultaneous loss on cloud droplets and ice particles as well as aerosol in the Composition-Integrated Forecast System (C-IFS). We show that cloud surface area density (SAD) is typically an order of magnitude larger than aerosol SAD, using assimilated satellite retrievals to constrain both meteorology and global aerosol distributions. Depending on the assumed uptake coefficients, loss on liquid water droplets and ice particles accounts for ∼53-70% of the total heterogeneous loss of HO2, due to the ubiquitous presence of cloud droplets. This indicates that HO2 uptake on cloud should be included in chemistry transport models that already include uptake on aerosol. Our simulations suggest that the zonal mean mixing ratios of HO2 are reduced by ∼25% in the tropics and up to ∼50% elsewhere. The subsequent decrease in oxidative capacity leads to a global increase of the tropospheric carbon monoxide (CO) burden of up to 7%, and an increase in the ozone tropospheric lifetime of ∼6%. This increase results in an improvement in the global distribution when compared against CO surface observations over the Northern Hemisphere, although it does not fully resolve the wintertime bias in the C-IFS. There is a simultaneous increase in the high bias in C-IFS for tropospheric CO over the Southern Hemisphere, which constrains on the assumptions regarding HO2 uptake on a global scale. We show that enhanced HO2 uptake on aerosol types associated with

  17. Determination of the absolute photon emission intensities of some gamma rays of 166mHo. (United States)

    Peyres, Virginia; García-Toraño, Eduardo


    This paper presents the results of the absolute measurement of some photon emission intensities in the decay of 166mHo. Point sources from a reference solution standardized in the frame of the EURAMET.RI (II)-K2. Ho-166m activity comparison were measured by gamma spectrometry. The detection efficiency was obtained by Monte Carlo calculations including the complete decay scheme. Results obtained for 27 gamma and X-ray emissions are compared to reference values. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. The HoMBReS and HoMBReS Por un Cambio Interventions to Reduce HIV Disparities Among Immigrant Hispanic/Latino Men. (United States)

    Rhodes, Scott D; Leichliter, Jami S; Sun, Christina J; Bloom, Fred R


    Hispanics/Latinos in the United States are affected disproportionately by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); however, few effective evidence-based prevention interventions for this population exist. This report describes the Hombres Manteniendo Bienestar y Relaciones Saludables (Men Maintaining Wellbeing and Healthy Relationships) (HoMBReS) intervention, which was developed by a community-based, participatory research partnership in North Carolina and initially implemented during 2005-2009. HoMBReS is an example of an effective intervention that uses lay health advisors (known as Navegantes [navigators]) in the context of existing social networks (i.e., recreational soccer teams) to promote consistent condom use and HIV and STD testing among Hispanic/Latino men. In 2012, HoMBReS was classified as a best-evidence community-level HIV prevention intervention (CDC. Compendium of evidence-based behavioral interventions and best practices for HIV prevention. Atlanta, GA: US Department of Health and Human Services, CDC; 2015). The intervention has been implemented elsewhere, enhanced, and further evaluated in longitudinal intervention and implementation studies. HoMBReS has been adapted for other populations, including men who have sex with men and transgender persons. Additional evaluation has found that Navegantes continue in their roles as health advisors, opinion leaders, and community advocates after study support ends. Hispanic/Latino men's social networks can be leveraged to promote sexual health within the community by decreasing HIV risk behaviors among Hispanics/Latinos in the United States.

  19. /sup 40/Ca-/sup 48/Ca isotope shift

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Khodel, V.A.; Platonov, A.P.; Saperstein, E.E. (Gosudarstvennyj Komitet po Ispol' zovaniyu Atomnoj Ehnergii SSSR, Moscow. Inst. Atomnoj Ehnergii)


    Contributions of the virtual low-lying collective excitations to the nuclear density are calculated within the framework of the theory of self-consistent finite Fermi systems. It is shown that this effect is responsible for the /sup 40/Ca-/sup 48/Ca isotope shift.

  20. Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1 expression in prostate cancer cells modulates the oxidative response in bone cells.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mercedes Ferrando

    Full Text Available Prostate cancer (PCa is a leading cause of death among males. It is currently estimated that inflammatory responses are linked to 15-20% of all deaths from cancer worldwide. PCa is dominated by complications arising from metastasis to the bone where the tumor cells interact with the bone microenvironment impairing the balance between bone formation and degradation. However, the molecular nature of this interaction is not completely understood. Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1 counteracts oxidative damage and inflammation. Previous studies from our laboratory showed that HO-1 is implicated in PCa, demonstrating that endogenous HO-1 inhibits bone derived-prostate cancer cells proliferation, invasion and migration and decreases tumor growth and angiogenesis in vivo. The aim of this work was to analyze the impact of HO-1 modulated PCa cells on osteoblasts proliferation in vitro and on bone remodeling in vivo. Using a co-culture system of PC3 cells with primary mice osteoblasts (PMOs, we demonstrated that HO-1 pharmacological induction (hemin treatment abrogated the diminution of PMOs proliferation induced by PCa cells and decreased the expression of osteoclast-modulating factors in osteoblasts. No changes were detected in the expression of genes involved in osteoblasts differentiation. However, co-culture of hemin pre-treated PC3 cells (PC3 Hem with PMOs provoked an oxidative status and activated FoxO signaling in osteoblasts. The percentage of active osteoblasts positive for HO-1 increased in calvarias explants co-cultured with PC3 Hem cells. Nuclear HO-1 expression was detected in tumors generated by in vivo bone injection of HO-1 stable transfected PC3 (PC3HO-1 cells in the femur of SCID mice. These results suggest that HO-1 has the potential to modify the bone microenvironment impacting on PCa bone metastasis.

  1. Kinetics of the reactions of HBr with O{sub 3} and HO{sub 2}: The yield of HBr from HO{sub 2} + BrO

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mellouki, A.; Talukdar, R.K.; Howard, C.J. [Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO (United States)


    An upper limit on the yield of HBr from reaction (R1) (HO{sub 2} + BrO {yields} products) has been determined by measuring an upper limit for the rate coefficient of the reverse reaction (R1{prime}) (HBr + O{sub 3} {yields} HO{sub 2} + BrO). The limits measured at 300 and 441 K were extrapolated to low temperatures to determine that the yield of HBr from reaction (R1) is negligible throughout the stratosphere (<0.01% of k{sub 1}). An upper limit for the rate coefficient of the reaction of HO{sub 2} with HBr was also determined to be very low {le} 3 x 10{sup {minus}17}cm{sup 3}molecule{sup {minus}1}s{sup {minus}1} at 300 K and {le} 3 x 10{sup {minus}16}cm{sup 3}molecule{sup {minus}1}s{sup {minus}1} at 400 K. The implications of these results to stratospheric chemistry are discussed. 18 refs., 1 fig., 6 tabs.

  2. Expression and characterization of truncated human heme oxygenase (hHO-1) and a fusion protein of hHO-1 with human cytochrome P450 reductase. (United States)

    Wilks, A; Black, S M; Miller, W L; Ortiz de Montellano, P R


    A human heme oxygenase (hHO-1) gene without the sequence coding for the last 23 amino acids has been expressed in Escherichia coli behind the pho A promoter. The truncated enzyme is obtained in high yields as a soluble, catalytically-active protein, making it available for the first time for detailed mechanistic studies. The purified, truncated hHO-1/heme complex is spectroscopically indistinguishable from that of the rat enzyme and converts heme to biliverdin when reconstituted with rat liver cytochrome P450 reductase. A self-sufficient heme oxygenase system has been obtained by fusing the truncated hHO-1 gene to the gene for human cytochrome P450 reductase without the sequence coding for the 20 amino acid membrane binding domain. Expression of the fusion protein in pCWori+ yields a protein that only requires NADPH for catalytic turnover. The failure of exogenous cytochrome P450 reductase to stimulate turnover and the insensitivity of the catalytic rate toward changes in ionic strength establish that electrons are transferred intramolecularly between the reductase and heme oxygenase domains of the fusion protein. The Vmax for the fusion protein is 2.5 times higher than that for the reconstituted system. Therefore, either the covalent tether does not interfere with normal docking and electron transfer between the flavin and heme domains or alternative but equally efficient electron transfer pathways are available that do not require specific docking.

  3. Úvodník letošního prvního čísla časopisu Bedrník

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hana Kolářová


    Full Text Available Co je inteligentní využívání energie?Uspokojování základních energetických potřeb jednotlivců a společnosti, které: využívá co nejmenšího množství primární energie, zaručuje snížení energetických a ekonomických nákladů pro konečného uživatele, snižuje dopad na životní prostředí, zaručuje trvale udržitelnou správu energetických zdrojů a systémů v globálním měřítku. Tak ho popisuje brožurka střediska ekologické výchovy Sever k projektu Školy pro inteligentní využívání energie, který představuje pěknou příležitost – nabízí moderní metodiku vedení projektu, formou dějové linie.

  4. Modul digitálního signálového procesoru pro ruční RFID čtečku


    Benetka, Miroslav


    Tato diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem a realizací modulu digitálního signálového procesoru pro ruční RFID čtečku pracující v UHF pásmu. Je zde zvoleno řešení, které využívá speciální integrovaný obvod EM4298 pro zpracování RFID signálů. Modul je řízen mikrokontrolérem ATmega32L, který přes sběrnici USB komunikuje s PC. Pomocí obslužného programu je prováděno veškeré nastavování obvodu EM4298 a také jsou zde zpracovávána přijatá identifikační data získaná z odpovídačů. Zdrojové kódy mikrokont...

  5. Mitochondrial Ca2+ homeostasis during Ca2+ influx and Ca2+ release in gastric myocytes from Bufo marinus (United States)

    Drummond, Robert M; Mix, T Christian H; Tuft, Richard A; Walsh, John V; Fay, Fredric S


    The Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent indicator rhod-2 was used to monitor mitochondrial Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]m) in gastric smooth muscle cells from Bufo marinus. In some studies, fura-2 was used in combination with rhod-2, allowing simultaneous measurement of cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) and [Ca2+]m, respectively. During a short train of depolarizations, which causes Ca2+ influx from the extracellular medium, there was an increase in both [Ca2+]i and [Ca2+]m. The half-time (t½) to peak for the increase in [Ca2+]m was considerably longer than the t½ to peak for the increase in [Ca2+]i. [Ca2+]m remained elevated for tens of seconds after [Ca2+]i had returned to its resting value. Stimulation with caffeine, which causes release of Ca2+ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR), also produced increases in both [Ca2+]i and [Ca2+]m. The values of t½ to peak for the increase in [Ca2+] in both cytoplasm and mitochondria were similar; however, [Ca2+]i returned to baseline values much faster than [Ca2+]m. Using a wide-field digital imaging microscope, changes in [Ca2+]m were monitored within individual mitochondria in situ, during stimulation of Ca2+ influx or Ca2+ release from the SR. Mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake during depolarizing stimulation caused depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane potential. The mitochondrial membrane potential recovered considerably faster than the recovery of [Ca2+]m. This study shows that Ca2+ influx from the extracellular medium and Ca2+ release from the SR are capable of increasing [Ca2+]m in smooth muscle cells. The efflux of Ca2+ from the mitochondria is a slow process and appears to be dependent upon the amount of Ca2+ in the SR. PMID:10713963

  6. Protein expressed by the ho2 gene of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 is a true heme oxygenase. Properties of the heme and enzyme complex. (United States)

    Zhang, Xuhong; Migita, Catharina T; Sato, Michihiko; Sasahara, Masanao; Yoshida, Tadashi


    Two isoforms of a heme oxygenase gene, ho1 and ho2, with 51% identity in amino acid sequence have been identified in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Isoform-1, Syn HO-1, has been characterized, while isoform-2, Syn HO-2, has not. In this study, a full-length ho2 gene was cloned using synthetic DNA and Syn HO-2 was demonstrated to be highly expressed in Escherichia coli as a soluble, catalytically active protein. Like Syn HO-1, the purified Syn HO-2 bound hemin stoichiometrically to form a heme-enzyme complex and degraded heme to biliverdin IXalpha, CO and iron in the presence of reducing systems such as NADPH/ferredoxin reductase/ferredoxin and sodium ascorbate. The activity of Syn HO-2 was found to be comparable to that of Syn HO-1 by measuring the amount of bilirubin formed. In the reaction with hydrogen peroxide, Syn HO-2 converted heme to verdoheme. This shows that during the conversion of hemin to alpha-meso-hydroxyhemin, hydroperoxo species is the activated oxygen species as in other heme oxygenase reactions. The absorption spectrum of the hemin-Syn HO-2 complex at neutral pH showed a Soret band at 412 nm and two peaks at 540 nm and 575 nm, features observed in the hemin-Syn HO-1 complex at alkaline pH, suggesting that the major species of iron(III) heme iron at neutral pH is a hexa-coordinate low spin species. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) revealed that the iron(III) complex was in dynamic equilibrium between low spin and high spin states, which might be caused by the hydrogen bonding interaction between the distal water ligand and distal helix components. These observations suggest that the structure of the heme pocket of the Syn HO-2 is different from that of Syn HO-1.

  7. Role of Nrf2, HO-1 and GSH in Neuroblastoma Cell Resistance to Bortezomib.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A L Furfaro

    Full Text Available The activation of Nrf2 has been demonstrated to play a crucial role in cancer cell resistance to different anticancer therapies. The inhibition of proteasome activity has been proposed as a chemosensitizing therapy but the activation of Nrf2 could reduce its efficacy. Using the highly chemoresistant neuroblastoma cells HTLA-230, here we show that the strong reduction in proteasome activity, obtained by using low concentration of bortezomib (BTZ, 2.5 nM, fails in reducing cell viability. BTZ treatment favours the binding of Nrf2 to the ARE sequences in the promoter regions of target genes such as heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1, the modulatory subunit of γ-glutamylcysteine ligase (GCLM and the transporter for cysteine (x-CT, enabling their transcription. GSH level is also increased after BTZ treatment. The up-regulation of Nrf2 target genes is responsible for cell resistance since HO-1 silencing and GSH depletion synergistically decrease BTZ-treated cell viability. Moreover, cell exposure to all-trans-Retinoic acid (ATRA, 3 μM reduces the binding of Nrf2 to the ARE sequences, decreases HO-1 induction and lowers GSH level increasing the efficacy of bortezomib. These data suggest the role of Nrf2, HO-1 and GSH as molecular targets to improve the efficacy of low doses of bortezomib in the treatment of malignant neuroblastoma.

  8. Pulsed laser deposited KY3F10: Ho3+ thin films: Influence of target to substrate

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Debelo, NG


    Full Text Available The influence of target to substrate distance (dts) on the structural, morphological and photoluminescence (PL) properties of commercially obtained KY3F10 : Ho3+ phosphor thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition is investigated for dts values...

  9. Studie modernizace železničního uzlu Žilina


    Mastilová, Hana


    Cílem diplomové práce je studie modernizace železničního uzlu Žilina. Ve stanici dochází k úpravě osobního nádraží, redukci odstavného kolejiště a zrušení třídicího nádraží. V práci je navrženo nové vedení průjezdných kolejí Košicko – Bohumínské dráhy a trati od Bratislavy v souběhu. Původní traťová rychlost 40 km/h je zvýšena na 80 km/h. The aim of the diploma thesis is study of modernization of Žilina railway junction. In the railway station is modified passenger station, reduced stablin...

  10. Diabetes Control among Vietnamese Patients in Ho Chi Minh City: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study (United States)

    Yokokawa, Hirohide; Khue, Nguyen Thy; Goto, Aya; Nam, Tran Quang; Trung, Tran The; Khoa, Vo Tuan; Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Boi; Minh, Pham Nghiem; Vinh, Nguyen Quang; Okayama, Akira; Yasumura, Seiji


    The objective of this study was to assess the extent of diabetic control and its associated factors among Vietnamese patients with diabetes mellitus (DM). The study was conducted among 652 outpatients who were recruited at a public general hospital (People Hospital 115) and a private clinic (Medic Center) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Median age…

  11. String theory embeddings of nonrelativistic field theories and their holographic Hořava gravity duals. (United States)

    Janiszewski, Stefan; Karch, Andreas


    We argue that generic nonrelativistic quantum field theories with a holographic description are dual to Hořava gravity. We construct explicit examples of this duality embedded in string theory by starting with relativistic dual pairs and taking a nonrelativistic scaling limit.

  12. Partial melting of solution-spun (Y, Ho) 1Ba 2Cu 3O x filament (United States)

    Goto, Tomoko; Shinzato, Masaru


    Partial melting of solution-spun (Y, Ho) 1Ba 2Cu 3O x filament is examined in order to enhance the reproducibility of the high Jc of the filament. The precursor filament was prepared by solution spinning through a homogeneous aqueous solution containing mixed acetates of Y, Ho, Ba and Cu, polyvinyl alcohol and organic acids. The substitution of Ho lowered the optimum partial-melted temperature to 1010°C. A high JcT value of more than 10 4 A/cm 2 at 77 K, 0 T that was reproducible appeared for the partially melted filament by applying a cooling rate of 40°C/h without the temperature gradient and without additional oxygenation. A maximum JcT value of 78 000 A/cm 2 at 77 K, 0 T was attained for the Y 0.75Ho 0.25Ba 2Cu 3O x filament. The micr microstructure presented in the filament is discussed as compared with the melt-textured bulk 123 superconductor.

  13. Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic structure of HoCu2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Smetana, Z.; Sima, V.; Lebech, Bente


    Neutron diffraction measurements show that in the temperature range from 7.4 to TN=10.4 K the magnetic structure of HoCu2 is a commensurably modulated a-axis collinear structure with a wave vector q1=1/3a*. Below 7.4 K an additional structure component develops and the low temperature magnetic...

  14. HoB4 at high pressure and low temperature: an experimental and theoretical study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsen, J. Staun; Waśkowska, A.; Gerward, Leif


    Single crystals of HoB4 have been grown and used for synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies at pressures up to 23GPa and temperatures down to 100K. The experimental bulk modulus 195 ± 6GPa is in good agreement with 188.4 and 198.2GPa values calculated in the LSDA and LSDA+U approximations, indicat...

  15. Development of {sup 166H}o phytate Complex for Radiosynovectomy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jalilian, Amir R.; Samani, Ali Bahrami; Mazidi, Mohammad; Maragheh, Mohammad Ghannadi [Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Anvari, Akbar [Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, Shahid Beheshti Univ., Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    {sup 66H}o chloride was obtained by bombardment of natural Ho(NO{sup 3)3d}isssolved in acidic media using thermal neutron flux (4-5x10{sup 13n}.cm{sup -}2{sup .}s{sup -}1{sup )}. {sup 166H}o holmium chloride (185 MBq) was used successfully for preparation of {sup 166H}o phytate complex with high radiochemical purity (>99.9%, ITLC, MeOH: H{sup 2O}: acetic acid, 4: 4: 2, as mobile phase). The complex stability and viscosity were checked in the final solution up to 2 days. The prepared complex solution (60 {mu}Ci/100{mu}) was injected intraarticularly to male rat knee joints. Leakage of radioactivity from the injection site and its distribution in organs were investigated up to 2 days. Approximately all of the injected dose had remained in the injection site 2 days after injection. The complex was proved to be a feasible agent for cavital radiotherapy in oncology and rheumatology.

  16. Specific heat of Ho sub 2 Co sub 17 and Er sub 2 Co sub 17

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Franse, J.J.M.; Klaasse, J.C.P.; Sinnema, S. (Amsterdam Univ. (NL). Natuurkunding Lab.); Radwanski, R.J. (University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow (PL). Solid State Physics Dept.)


    The specific heat of polycrystalline samples of Ho{sub 2}Co{sub 17} and Er{sub 2}Co{sub 17} has been measured between 1.25 K and 38 K in zero field and in an applied field of 5 T. The electronic, lattice, nuclear and crystal field contributions to the specific heat have been separated.

  17. Reaction Kinetics of HBr with HO2: A New Channel for Isotope Scrambling Reactions. (United States)

    Church, Jonathan R; Skodje, Rex T


    The gas phase reaction kinetics of HBr with the HO2 radical are investigated over the temperature range of T = 200-1500 K using a theoretical approach based on transition state theory. The parameters for the potential energy surface are computed using density functional theory with the M11 exchange functional. The rate coefficient for the HBr + HO2 → Br + H2O2 abstraction channel is found to be somewhat larger than previous estimates at low temperatures due to quantum tunneling. The present study reveals the existence of a novel exchange pathway, HBr + H'O2 → H'Br + HO2, which exhibits a much lower reaction barrier than does the abstraction route. The transition state for this process is a symmetrical planar five-membered-ring-shaped structure. At low temperatures, this concerted double hydrogen transfer reaction is several orders of magnitude faster than the abstraction channel. The exchange process may be observed using isotope scrambling reactions; such reactions may contribute to observed isotope abundances in the atmosphere. The rate coefficients for the isotopically labeled reactions are computed.

  18. Fluorescence dynamics of Tb 3+ and Tb 3+/Ho 3+ doped phosphate glasses (United States)

    Rai, S.; Hazarika, S.


    UV absorption and fluorescence analysis of Tb 3+ in phosphate glass is carried out by Judd-Ofelt method with emphasis on the 5D→7F lasing transition. Branching ratios, peak emission cross-sections for 5D→7( level of Tb 3+ are calculated using Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters. Furthermore, fluorescence dynamics of the 5D level of Tb 3+ ion in phosphate glasses co-doped with Ho 3+ were experimentally investigated with classical Forster-Dexter model for direct cross-relaxation type energy transfer between Tb 3+ (donor) and Ho 3+ (acceptor). The energy transfer rates between Tb 3+ and Ho 3+ in phosphate glasses were calculated on the basis of experimental measurements. These measurements were performed for 1 wt.% of Tb 3+ and Ho 3+ concentration ranging from 0 to 3 wt.%. The results show that energy transfer occurs between the 5D 4 terbium and 5F 3 holmium levels and is a phonon-assisted dipole-dipole interaction.

  19. Mechanisms of HO-1 mediated attenuation of renal immune injury: a gene profiling study. (United States)

    Duann, Pu; Lianos, Elias A


    Using a mouse model of immune injury directed against the renal glomerular vasculature and resembling human forms of glomerulonephritis (GN), we assessed the effect of targeted expression of the cytoprotective enzyme heme oxygenase (HO)-1. A human (h) HO-1 complementary DNAN (cDNA) sequence was targeted to glomerular epithelial cells (GECs) using a GEC-specific murine nephrin promoter. Injury by administration of antibody against the glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) to transgenic (TG) mice with GEC-targeted hHO-1 was attenuated compared with wild-type (WT) controls. To explore changes in the expression of genes that could mediate this salutary effect, we performed gene expression profiling using a microarray analysis of RNA isolated from the renal cortex of WT or TG mice with or without anti-GBM antibody-induced injury. Significant increases in expression were detected in 9 major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-class II genes, 2 interferon-γ (IFN-γ)-inducible guanosine triphosphate (GTP)ases, and 3 genes of the ubiquitin-proteasome system. The increase in MHC-class II and proteasome gene expression in TG mice with injury was validated by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or Western blot analysis. The observations point to novel mechanisms underlying the cytoprotective effect of HO-1 in renal immune injury. Copyright © 2011. Published by Mosby, Inc.

  20. Using transurethral Ho:YAG-laser resection to treat urethral stricture and bladder neck contracture (United States)

    Bo, Juanjie; Dai, Shengguo; Huang, Xuyuan; Zhu, Jing; Zhang, Huiguo; Shi, Hongmin


    Objective: Ho:YAG laser had been used to treat the common diseases of urinary system such as bladder cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia in our hospital. This study is to assess the efficacy and safety of transurethral Ho:YAG-laser resection to treat the urethral stricture and bladder neck contracture. Methods: From May 1997 to August 2004, 26 cases of urethral stricture and 33 cases of bladder neck contracture were treated by transurethral Ho:YAG-laser resection. These patients were followed up at regular intervals after operation. The uroflow rate of these patients was detected before and one-month after operation. The blood loss and the energy consumption of holmium-laser during the operation as well as the complications and curative effect after operation were observed. Results: The therapeutic effects were considered successful, with less bleeding and no severe complications. The Qmax of one month postoperation increased obviously than that of preoperation. Of the 59 cases, restenosis appeared in 11 cases (19%) with the symptoms of dysuria and weak urinary stream in 3-24 months respectively. Conclusions: The Ho:YAG-laser demonstrated good effect to treat the obstructive diseases of lower urinary tract such as urethral stricture and bladder neck contracture. It was safe, minimal invasive and easy to operate.

  1. Statická analýza dřevěného krovu


    Cicálková, Eliška


    Práce “Statická analýza dřevěného krovu“ je zpracována jako statický výpočet tradičního dřevěného krovu. Pro analýzu modelu konstrukce je použit program využívající metody konečných prvků - program Dlubal RFEM 4. Podle skutečného provedení je namodelován prutový výpočtový model, kde jsou jednotlivé konstrukční prvky posouzeny na první i druhý mezní stav, tedy mezní stav únosnosti a mezní stav použitelnosti. Navržen je též hřebíkový spoj připojení kleštin na krokve. Bachelor work is process...

  2. ETV Report:Siemens Model H-4XE-HO Open Channel UV System (United States)

    Verification testing of the Siemens Barrier Sunligt H-4XE-HO UV System was completed at the UV Validation and Research Center of New York (UV Center), located in Johnstown, NY. The H-4XE System utilizes 16 high-output, low-pressure lamps oriented horizontally and parallel to the...

  3. Absolute parameters of detached binaries in the southern sky - III: HO Tel (United States)

    Sürgit, D.; Erdem, A.; Engelbrecht, C. A.; van Heerden, H. P.; Manick, R.


    We present the first radial velocity analysis of the southern eclipsing binary star HO Tel, based on spectra obtained at the South African Astronomical Observatory in 2013. The orbital solution of this neglected binary gave the quite large spectroscopic mass ratio of 0.921(±0.005). The V light curve from the All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) and Walraven five-colour (WULBV) photometric light curves (Spoelstra and Van Houten 1972) were solved simultaneously using the Wilson-Devinney code supplemented by the Monte Carlo search method. The final photometric model describes HO Tel as a detached binary star where both component stars fill about three-quarters of their Roche limiting lobes. The masses and radii were found to be 1.88(±0.04) M⊙, 2.28(±0.15) R⊙ and 1.73(±0.04) M⊙, 2.08(±0.16) R⊙ for the primary and secondary components of the system, respectively. The distance to HO Tel was calculated as 282(±30) pc, taking into account interstellar extinction. The evolution case of HO Tel was also examined. Both components of the system are evolved main-sequence stars with an age of approximately 1.1 Gy, when compared to Geneva theoretical evolution models.

  4. Synthesis and up-conversion luminescence of Yb 3–Ho 3 co-doped ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    1.5Na0.5)F6 nanorods synthesized by employing a facile hydrothermal method. Numbers of Ho3+ ion up-conversion emissions have been observed under 980 nm infrared diode laser excitation. Three UC emissions of interest, ultraviolet, ...

  5. HO-1 polymorphism as a genetic determinant behind the malaria resistance afforded by haemolytic disorders. (United States)

    Garcia-Santos, D; Chies, J A B


    Malaria affects thousands of people around the world representing a critical issue regarding health policies in tropical countries. Similarly, also haemolytic diseases such as sickle cell disease and thalassemias are a concern in different parts of the globe. It is well established that haemolytic diseases, such as sickle cell disease (SCD) and thalassemias, represent a resistance factor to malaria, which explains the high frequencies of such genetic variants in malaria endemic areas. In this context, it has been shown that the rate limiting enzyme heme oxygenase I (HO-1), responsible for the catabolism of the free heme in the body, is an important resistance factor in malaria and is also important in the physiopathology of haemolytic diseases. Here, we suggest that allelic variants of HO-1, which display significant differences in terms of protein expression, have been selected in endemic malaria areas since the HO-1 enzyme can enhance the protection against malaria conferred by haemolytic diseases This protection apply mainly in what concerns protection against severe malaria forms. Therefore, HO-1 genotyping would be fundamental to determine resistance of a given individual to lethal forms of malaria as well as to common clinical complications typical to haemolytic diseases and would be helpful in the establishment of public health politics.

  6. Electrical transport and magnetic ordering in R2Ti3Ge4 (R = Dy, Ho ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. New R2Ti3Ge4 (R = Dy, Ho and Er) intermetallic compounds have been synthesized and characterized by X-ray diffraction and low temperature ac magnetic susceptibility, electrical re- sistivity and thermoelectric power measurements were carried out. The compounds crystallize in the parent, Sm5Ge4-type ...

  7. Single crystal polarized neutron diffraction study of the magnetic structure of HoFeO3 (United States)

    Chatterji, T.; Stunault, A.; Brown, P. J.


    Polarised neutron diffraction measurements have been made on HoFeO3 single crystals magnetised in both the [0 0 1] and [1 0 0] directions (Pbnm setting). The polarisation dependencies of Bragg reflection intensities were measured both with a high field of H = 9 T parallel to [0 0 1] at T = 70 K and with the lower field H = 0.5 T parallel to [1 0 0] at T = 5, 15, 25 K. A Fourier projection of magnetization induced parallel to [0 0 1], made using the hk0 reflections measured in 9 T, indicates that almost all of it is due to alignment of Ho moments. Further analysis of the asymmetries of general reflections in these data showed that although, at 70 K, 9 T applied parallel to [0 0 1] hardly perturbs the antiferromagnetic order of the Fe sublattices, it induces significant antiferromagnetic order of the Ho sublattices in the x-y plane, with the antiferromagnetic components of moment having the same order of magnitude as the induced ferromagnetic ones. Strong intensity asymmetries measured in the low temperature Γ2 structure with a lower field, 0.5 T \\Vert [1 0 0] allowed the variation of the ordered components of the Ho and Fe moments to be followed. Their absolute orientations, in the \

  8. Protectin DX suppresses hepatic gluconeogenesis through AMPK-HO-1-mediated inhibition of ER stress. (United States)

    Jung, Tae Woo; Kim, Hyung-Chun; Abd El-Aty, A M; Jeong, Ji Hoon


    Several studies have shown that protectins, which are ω-3 fatty acid-derived proresolution mediators, may improve insulin resistance. Recently, protectin DX (PDX) was documented to attenuate insulin resistance by stimulating IL-6 expression in skeletal muscle, thereby regulating hepatic gluconeogenesis. These findings made us investigate the direct effects of PDX on hepatic glucose metabolism in the context of diabetes. In the current study, we show that PDX regulates hepatic gluconeogenesis in a manner distinct from its indirect glucoregulatory activity via IL-6. We found that PDX stimulated AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) phosphorylation, thereby inducing heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) expression. This induction blocked hepatic gluconeogenesis by suppressing endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in hepatocytes under hyperlipidemic conditions. These effects were significantly dampened by silencing AMPK or HO-1 expression with small interfering RNA (siRNA). We also demonstrated that administration of PDX to high fat diet (HFD)-fed mice resulted in increased hepatic AMPK phosphorylation and HO-1 expression, whereas hepatic ER stress was substantially attenuated. Furthermore, PDX treatment suppressed the expression of gluconeogenic genes, thereby decreasing blood glucose levels in HFD-fed mice. In conclusion, our findings suggest that PDX inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis via AMPK-HO-1-dependent suppression of ER stress. Thus, PDX may be an effective therapeutic target for the treatment of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes through the regulation of hepatic gluconeogenesis. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Radiosynoviorthesis of Knees by Means of 166Ho-Holmium-Boro-Macroaggregates

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kraft, O.; Kašpárek, R.; Ullmann, V.; Melichar, František; Kropáček, Martin; Mirzajevová, Marcela


    Roč. 22, č. 2 (2007), s. 296-302 ISSN 1084-9785 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR 1QS100480501 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10480505 Keywords : radiosynoviorthesis * radionuclide synovectomy * 166Ho Subject RIV: FR - Pharmacology ; Medidal Chemistry Impact factor: 1.725, year: 2007

  10. Towards the Reuse of Municipal Biowastes in Vietnam: a case study about Ho Chi Minh City

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Buuren, van J.C.L.; Thi, Le K.O.


    Table of contents: 1. Solid waste segragation at source in Ho Chi Minh City. 2. Survey of technical efficiency and economic viability of existing composting ventures and survey of the institutional and regulatory framework regarding composting in Vietnam. 3. Demand analysis of urban waste compost.

  11. No-go theorem for slowly rotating black holes in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity. (United States)

    Barausse, Enrico; Sotiriou, Thomas P


    We consider slowly rotating, stationary, axisymmetric black holes in the infrared limit of Hořava-Lifshitz gravity. We show that such solutions do not exist, provided that they are regular everywhere apart from the central singularity. This has profound implications for the viability of the theory, considering the astrophysical evidence for the existence of black holes with nonzero spin.

  12. Dielectric relaxation in double perovskite oxide, Ho2CdTiO6

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A new double perovskite oxide holmium cadmium titanate, Ho2CdTiO6 (HCT), prepared by solid state reaction technique is investigated by impedance spectroscopy in a temperature range 50–400°C and a frequency range 75 Hz–1 MHz. The crystal structure has been determined by powder X-ray diffraction which shows ...

  13. Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Angelica gigas via Heme Oxygenase (HO)-1 Expression (United States)

    Cho, Joon Hyeong; Kwon, Jung Eun; Cho, Youngmi; Kim, Inhye; Kang, Se Chan


    Angelica gigas (AG) is effective against various medical conditions such as bacterial infection, inflammation, and cancer. It contains a number of coumarin compounds and the group of interest is the pyranocoumarin, which comprises decursin and decursinol angelate. This group has an effect on controlling inflammation, which is caused by excessive nitric oxide (NO) production. Heme oxygenases (HOs), particularly HO-1, play a role in regulating the production of NO. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of AG by measuring HO-1 expression. Treatments with CH2Cl2 layer and Angelica gigas extract (AGE) showed the highest NO inhibition effects. Decursin, decursinol angelate, and nodakenin were isolated from the CH2Cl2 layer of AGE. Decursin also demonstrated the highest anti-oxidative effect among the coumarins. Although decursin had the best NO inhibition and anti-oxidative effects, the effects of AGE treatment far surpassed that of decursin. This is owing to the combination effect of the coumarins present within AGE, which is a solvent extract of AG. The expression of HO-1 is an effective indicator of the anti-inflammatory effects of AG. Based on the results of the coumarin compounds, HO-1 expression was found to be dose dependent and specific to decursin. PMID:26083119

  14. Steep increase in HIV prevalence among tuberculosis patients in Ho Chi Minh City

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Quy, Hoang T.; Nhien, Dang T. T.; Lan, Nguyen T. N.; Borgdorff, Martien W.; Broekmans, Jaap F.


    In Vietnam the spread of HIV infection is thought to be limited. In 12 urban districts of Ho Chi Minh City representative samples of tuberculosis patients have undergone HIV testing since 1995. HIV prevalence increased steeply from 0.5% in 1995 to 4% in 2000, with a doubling time of approximately 21

  15. Concentrations of OH and HO2 radicals during NAMBLEX: measurements and steady state analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. C. Smith


    Full Text Available OH and HO2 concentrations were measured simultaneously at the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station in the summer of 2002 during the NAMBLEX (North Atlantic Marine Boundary Layer EXperiment field campaign. OH was measured by laser-induced fluorescence employing the FAGE (Fluorescence Assay by Gas Expansion technique, with a mean daytime detection limit of 2.7×105 molecule cm−3 (5 min acquisition period; signal-to-noise ratio = 1. HO2 was detected as OH following its chemical conversion through addition of NO, with a mean detection limit of 4.4×106 molecule cm−3. The diurnal variation of OH was measured on 24 days, and that of HO2 on 17 days. The local solar noon OH concentrations ranged between (3–8×106 molecule cm−3, with a 24 h mean concentration of 9.1×105 molecule cm−3. The local solar noon HO2 concentrations were (0.9–2.1×108 molecule cm−3 (3.5–8.2 pptv, with a 24 h mean concentration of 4.2×107 molecule cm−3 (1.6 pptv. HO2 radicals in the range (2–3×107 molecule cm−3 were observed at night. During NAMBLEX, a comprehensive suite of supporting measurements enabled a detailed study of the behaviour of HOx radicals under primarily clean marine conditions. Steady state expressions are used to calculate OH and HO2 concentrations and to evaluate the effect of different free-radical sources and sinks. The diurnally averaged calculated to measured OH ratio was 1.04±0.36, but the ratio displays a distinct diurnal variation, being less than 1 during the early morning and late afternoon/evening, and greater than 1 in the middle of the day. For HO2 there was an overprediction, with the agreement between calculated and measured concentrations improved by including reaction with measured IO and BrO radicals and uptake to aerosols. Increasing the concentration of IO radicals included in the calculations to above that measured by a DOAS instrument with an absorption path located mainly over the ocean, reflecting the

  16. Spectroscopic properties of Ho{sup 3+}-doped K-Sr-Al phosphate glasses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Linganna, K.; Rathaiah, M.; Venkatramu, V. [Yogi Vemana University, Department of Physics, Kadapa (India); Jayasankar, C.K. [Sri Venkateswara University, Department of Physics, Tirupati (India)


    Trivalent holmium-doped K-Sr-Al phosphate glasses (P{sub 2}O{sub 5}-K{sub 2}O-SrO-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-Ho{sub 2}O{sub 3}) were prepared, and their spectroscopic properties have been evaluated using absorption, emission, and excitation measurements. The Judd-Ofelt theory has been used to derive spectral intensities of various absorption bands from measured absorption spectrum of 1.0 mol% Ho{sub 2}O{sub 3}-doped K-Sr-Al phosphate glass. The Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters (Ω{sub λ}, x 10{sup -20} cm{sup 2}) have been determined of the order of Ω{sub 2} = 11.39, Ω{sub 4} = 3.59, and Ω{sub 6} = 2.92, which in turn used to derive radiative properties such as radiative transition probability, radiative lifetime, branching ratios, etc. for excited states of Ho{sup 3+} ions. The radiative lifetimes for the {sup 5}F{sub 4}, {sup 5}S{sub 2}, and {sup 5}F{sub 5} levels of Ho{sup 3+} ions are found to be 169, 296, and 317 μs, respectively. The stimulated emission cross-section for 2.05-μm emission was calculated by the McCumber theory and found to be 9.3 x 10{sup -21} cm{sup 2}. The wavelength-dependent gain coefficient with population inversion rate has been evaluated. The results obtained in the titled glasses are discussed systematically and compared with other Ho{sup 3+}-doped systems to assess the possibility for visible and infrared device applications. (orig.)

  17. Does acetone react with HO2 in the upper-troposphere?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Lelieveld


    Full Text Available Recent theoretical calculations showed that reaction with HO2 could be an important sink for acetone (CH3C(OCH3 and source of acetic acid (CH3C(OOH in cold parts of the atmosphere (e.g. the tropopause region. This work details studies of HO2 + CH3C(OCH3 (CH32C(OHOO (R1 in laboratory-based and theoretical chemistry experiments; the atmospheric significance of Reaction (R1 was assessed in a global 3-D chemical model. Pulsed laser-kinetic experiments were conducted, for the first time, at the low-temperatures representative of the tropopause. Reaction with NO converted HO2 to OH for detection by laser induced fluorescence. Reduced yields of OH at T 2 by CH3C(OCH3 with a forward rate coefficient greater than 2 × 10−12 cm3 molecule−1 s−1. No evidence for Reaction (R1 was observed at T > 230 K, probably due to rapid thermal dissociation back to HO2 + CH3C(OCH3. Numerical simulations of the data indicate that these experiments were sensitive to only (R1a HO2-CH3C(OCH3 complex formation, the first step in (R1. Rearrangement (R1b of the complex to form peroxy radicals, and hence the atmospheric significance of (R1 has yet to be rigorously verified by experiment. Results from new quantum chemical calculations indicate that K1 is characterised by large uncertainties of at least an order of magnitude at T 3C(OCH3 near the tropopause, it cannot explain observations of CH3C(OOH throughout the troposphere.

  18. The microscopic interaction parameters for Er{sup 3+}/Ho{sup 3+} energy transfer in tellurite glasses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li Xujie [College of Computer Science and Engineering, Wenzhou University Zhejiang 325035 (China); Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory Base of Novel Functional Materials and Preparation Science, Ningbo University Zhejiang 315211 (China)], E-mail:; Zhang Wenjie [College of Computer Science and Engineering, Wenzhou University Zhejiang 325035 (China)


    We investigate the energy transfer between Er{sup 3+}/Ho{sup 3+} in tellurite glasses. The main channels of energy transfer between Er{sup 3+}/Ho{sup 3+} are analyzed in detail. The microscopic interaction parameters of resonant and non-resonant (phonon-assisted) energy transfer parameters via Er{sup 3+}{yields}Ho{sup 3+} are calculated. The result shows that the resonant energy transfers Er{sup 3+}({sup 2}H{sub 11/2}({sup 4}S{sub 3/2})){yields}Ho{sup 3+}({sup 5}F{sub 4}({sup 5}S{sub 2})) and Er{sup 3+}({sup 4}F{sub 9/2}){yields}Ho{sup 3+}({sup 5}F{sub 5}) are very efficient and non-resonant energy transfers Er{sup 3+}({sup 4}I{sub 13/2}){yields}Ho{sup 3+}({sup 5}I{sub 7}) and Er{sup 3+}({sup 4}I{sub 11/2}){yields}Ho{sup 3+}({sup 5}I{sub 6}), which are a phonon-assisted energy transfer process because of energy mismatch are also existed and cannot be neglected.

  19. Xyloketal B Exhibits Its Antioxidant Activity through Induction of HO-1 in Vascular Endothelial Cells and Zebrafish

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guan-Lei Wang


    Full Text Available We previously reported that a novel marine compound, xyloketal B, has strong antioxidative actions in different models of cardiovascular diseases. Induction of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1, an important endogenous antioxidant enzyme, has been considered as a potential therapeutic strategy for cardiovascular diseases. We here investigated whether xyloketal B exhibits its antioxidant activity through induction of HO-1. In human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs, xyloketal B significantly induced HO-1 gene expression and translocation of the nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf-2 in a concentration- and time-dependent manner. The protection of xyloketal B against angiotensin II-induced apoptosis and reactive oxygen species (ROS production could be abrogated by the HO-1 specific inhibitor, tin protoporphyrin-IX (SnPP. Consistently, the suppressive effects of xyloketal B on NADPH oxidase activity could be reversed by SnPP in zebrafish embryos. In addition, xyloketal B induced Akt and Erk1/2 phosphorylation in a concentration- and time-dependent manner. Furthermore, PI3K inhibitor LY294002 and Erk1/2 inhibitor U0126 suppressed the induction of HO-1 and translocation of Nrf-2 by xyloketal B, whereas P38 inhibitor SB203580 did not. In conclusion, xyloketal B can induce HO-1 expression via PI3K/Akt/Nrf-2 pathways, and the induction of HO-1 is mainly responsible for the antioxidant and antiapoptotic actions of xyloketal B.

  20. Antioksidacijska svojstva i stabilnost boje crvenog piva, ružičastog vina i ružičastog pjenušca


    Šipalo, Toni


    Biološki aktivne supstancije u pivu i vinu, posebice fenoli, zbog antioksidacijske aktivnosti smanjuju rizik za oboljenje od sve učestalijih kroničnih bolesti. Udjel fenolnih spojeva jedan je od najvažnijih parametara sastava, kako piva, tako i vina, budući da doprinose njihovim organoleptičkim svojstvima, kao što su boja, trpkost i gorčina. U ovom su radu uspoređena antioksidacijska svojstva Istarskog crvenog piva, ružičastog vina i ružičastog pjenušca primjenom različitih testova: određivan...

  1. Fundamental solution of bond pricing in the Ho-Lee stochastic interest rate model under the invariant criteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Burhaneddin İzgi


    under the invariant criteria. We obtain transformations between Ho-Lee model with the corresponding linear (1 + 1 partial differential equation and the first Lie canonical form which is identical to the classical heat equation. These transformations help us to generate the fundamental solution for the Ho-Lee model with respect to the fundamental solution of the classical heat equation sense. Moreover, as a financial application of the Ho-Lee model, we choose the drift term from power functions and perform simulations via Milstein method. Furthermore, we obtain important results for the parameter calibration of the corresponding drift term by using the simulation results.

  2. Investigation of production routes for the 161Ho Auger-electron emitting radiolanthanide, a candidate for therapy


    Tárkányi, F.; Ditrói, F.; Hermanne, A.; Takács, S.; Ignatyuk, A. V.


    The radiolanthanide 161Ho (2.48 h) is a promising Auger-electron emitter for internal radiotherapy that can be produced with particle accelerators. The excitation functions of the natDy(p,xn)161Ho and natDy(d,x)161Ho reactions were measured up to 40 and 50 MeV respectively by using the stacked foil activation method and gamma-ray spectrometry. The experimental data were compared with results of the TALYS code available in the TENDL 2011 library [1]. The main parameters of different production...

  3. Risk assessment of manual handling operations at work with the key indicator method (KIM-MHO) - determination of criterion validity regarding the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and clinical conditions within a cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Klussmann, Andre; Liebers, Falk; Gebhardt, Hansjürgen; Rieger, Monika A; Latza, Ute; Steinberg, Ulf


    Manual handling operations (MHO) are known to be risk factors for work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs), e.g. symptoms and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To estimate the risk of WRULDs, a Key Indicator Method (KIM) for the risk assessment of MHO was developed. The method was validated in regard to different criteria, including face validity, criterion validity, reliability and further aspects concerning utility. This paper describes the KIM-MHO and criterion validity of this method with reference to prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). A cross-sectional sample of 643 employees exposed to MHO was compared to a reference group of 804 unexposed subjects predominantly working at visual display terminals. The Nordic Questionnaire and a standardized clinical examination were used to obtain the 7-day and 12-months prevalence of symptoms and clinical conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Job specific exposure levels to MHO were assessed by ergonomists using the KIM-MHO. The resulting risk scores were categorized into risk categories 1 - low risk (reference group), 2 - increased risk, 3 - highly increased risk, and 4 - high risk. Log-linear Poisson regression models were applied to obtain adjusted prevalence ratios (PR) with 95%-confidence intervals. The 7-day prevalence of symptoms for subjects in risk category 3 compared to risk category 1 was significant for the regions shoulder [women (w): PR 1.8 (1.2-2.7), men (m): PR 2.3 (1.2-4.4)], elbow [w: PR 3.3 (1.5-7.2), m: PR 2.4 (0.8-7.3)], and hand/wrist [w: PR 3.0 (1.7-5.3), m: PR 5.5 (2.7-11.3)]. The 7-day prevalence of symptoms for risk category 4 was also significant for the regions shoulder [w: PR 1.9 (1.3-2.8), m: PR 1.9 (1.3-2.7)], elbow [w: PR 4.5 (2.3-8.7), m: PR 3.3 (2.1-5.4)], and hand/wrist [w: PR 4.2 (2.6-6.9), m: PR 5.5 (3.5-8.5)]. The 12-months prevalence in these joint regions show comparable increases in the risk categories 3 and 4. The KIM-MHO is valid in regard to criterion

  4. CA125 in ovarian cancer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Duffy, M J; Bonfrer, J M; Kulpa, J


    CA125 is currently the most widely used tumor marker for ovarian epithelial cancer. The aim of this article is to provide guidelines for the routine clinical use of CA125 in patients with ovarian cancer. Due to lack of sensitivity for stage I disease and lack of specificity, CA125 is of little...... value in the detection of early ovarian cancer. At present, therefore, CA125, either alone or in combination with other modalities, cannot be recommended for screening for ovarian cancer in asymptomatic women outside the context of a randomized controlled trial. Preoperative levels in postmenopausal...... women, however, may aid the differentiation of benign and malignant pelvic masses. Serial levels during chemotherapy for ovarian cancer are useful for assessing response to treatment. Although serial monitoring following initial chemotherapy can lead to the early detection of recurrent disease...

  5. Sonoma County, CA, 2013 Lidar (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR Consortium retained WSI to provide lidar and Orthophoto data and derived products in Sonoma County, CA. A classified LAS...

  6. Beam delivery system for Ho:YLF and applications in endodontics; Sistema de entrega de feixe para laser de Ho:YLF e aplicacoes em endodontia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bachmann, Luciano


    The beam delivery systems, whether using fibers or articulated arms, are very important for the expansion of laser applications into life sciences. This work aims to couple an optical fiber to a home-made Er:Tm:Ho:LiYF{sub 4} laser. For this purpose the beam profile was studied using the beam quality factor M{sup 2} to achieve an homogeneous beam. To determine the M{sup 2} factor, the knife-edge technique was used, relating the laser energy eclipsed by the knife with its transversal position. The resonant cavity was made suitable in order to obtain a stable and homogeneous transversal beam profile, for the optical fiber coupling. It was used a 365 {mu}m diameter core low OH{sup -} content fused silica optical fiber, with a proximal SMA-905 connection and a flat distal end. M{sup 2} factors for the Ho:YLF were between 3 and 8, with a non astigmatic beam, although it was observed a divergence asymmetry in the transversal sections. The coupling efficiency was 96%, and in a repeated operation without any adjustment, the new coupling were 82% and 81%. Lasers have being recently used as an adjunct to conventional endodontic preparation to reduce intracanal microbial, preventing reinfection. The knowledge of thermal profile in endodontic procedures is important to determine laser irradiation conditions avoiding periodontal damages. In this sense, the second scope of this work was to use the Ho:YLF system to register the thermal profile in vitro and to compare the results with those obtained with Nd:YAG and Er:YAG commercial lasers. The temperature was recorded in real time through a thermocouple probe at the root apex , resulting in maximum increase of 7 deg C. (author)

  7. Structure determination, electronic and optical properties of rubidium holmium polyphosphate RbHo(PO3)4 (United States)

    Zhu, Jing; Chen, Hui; Wang, Yude; Guan, Hongtao; Xiao, Xuechun


    Structural, optical, and electronic properties of a new alkali metal-rare earth polyphosphate, RbHo(PO3)4, have been investigated by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction, power X-ray diffraction, elemental analysis, and spectral measurement. RbHo(PO3)4 crystallizes in the monoclinic with space group P21/n and Z = 4. It is described as a three-dimensional (3D) architecture built up of PO4 double spiral chains and HoO8 polyhedra by corner-sharing. The 11-coordinated rubidium atoms are located in infinite tunnels. Additionally, in order to gain further insight into the relationship between property and structure of RbHo(PO3)4, theoretical calculation based on the density functional theory (DFT) was performed using the total-energy code CASTEP.

  8. A novel Ho 36Dy 20Al 24Co 20 bulk metallic glass with large magnetocaloric effect (United States)

    Liang, L.; Hui, X.; Zhang, C. M.; Lu, Z. P.; Chen, G. L.


    A new heavy rare-earth-based Ho 36Dy 20Al 24Co 20 bulk metallic glass (BMG) has been prepared by a copper mold casting. A maximum magnetic entropy change of 11.77 J/kg K has been measured in Ho 36Dy 20Al 24Co 20 bulk metallic glass under a magnetic field of 5 Tesla, which is larger than that of the early reported Ho-based bulk metallic glass Ho 30Y 26Al 24Co 20. The half-maximum temperature range of the entropy change peak is as large as 40 K, leading to a superior refrigerant capacity to those of the Gd 5Si 2Ge 2 and Gd 5Si 2Ge 1.9Fe 0.1 crystalline compounds. The excellent magnetocaloric effect together with the unique properties of metallic glass makes this alloy a promising candidate for a magnetic refrigerant in the temperature range below 50 K.

  9. Study of Ho-doped Bi{sub 2}Te{sub 3} topological insulator thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harrison, S. E. [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PU (United Kingdom); Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305 (United States); Collins-McIntyre, L. J.; Zhang, S. L.; Chen, Y. L.; Hesjedal, T., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PU (United Kingdom); Baker, A. A. [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3PU (United Kingdom); Magnetic Spectroscopy Group, Diamond Light Source, Didcot OX11 0DE (United Kingdom); Figueroa, A. I.; Laan, G. van der [Magnetic Spectroscopy Group, Diamond Light Source, Didcot OX11 0DE (United Kingdom); Kellock, A. J.; Pushp, A.; Parkin, S. S. P. [IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Road, San Jose, California 95120 (United States); Harris, J. S. [Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305 (United States)


    Breaking time-reversal symmetry through magnetic doping of topological insulators has been identified as a key strategy for unlocking exotic physical states. Here, we report the growth of Bi{sub 2}Te{sub 3} thin films doped with the highest magnetic moment element Ho. Diffraction studies demonstrate high quality films for up to 21% Ho incorporation. Superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry reveals paramagnetism down to 2 K with an effective magnetic moment of ∼5 μ{sub B}/Ho. Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy shows that the topological surface state remains intact with Ho doping, consistent with the material's paramagnetic state. The large saturation moment achieved makes these films useful for incorporation into heterostructures, whereby magnetic order can be introduced via interfacial coupling.

  10. Návrh nového řešení těsnění nastavovacího šroubu světlometu


    Lysa, Bohuslav


    Bakalářská práce zabývající se problematikou těsnění nastavovacího šroubu světlometu. Obsahuje analýzu uložení těsnícího O-kroužku a analýzu zajištění nastavovacího šroubu v pracovní pozici. Na základě analýzy je vypracován nový návrh rozměrového uložení těsnícího O-kroužku, a nový návrh zajištění nastavovacího šroubu. Vybrané části analýzy byly ověřeny výpočtovými simulacemi MKP v programu SimDesigner využívající 3D modely zpracované v CAD systému Catia v5. Součástí práce je studie provedite...

  11. Measurements of tropospheric HO2 and RO2 by oxygen dilution modulation and chemical ionization mass spectrometry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. S. Olson


    Full Text Available An improved method for the measurement of hydroperoxy radicals (HO2 and organic peroxy radicals (RO2, where R is any organic group has been developed that combines two previous chemical conversion/chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS peroxy radical measurement techniques. Applicable to both ground-based and aircraft platforms, the method provides good separation between HO2 and RO2, and frequent measurement capability with observations of both HO2 and HO2 + RO2 amounts each minute. These improvements allow for analyses of measured [HO2]/[HO2 + RO2] ratios on timescales relevant to tropospheric photochemistry. By varying both [NO] and [O2] simultaneously in the chemical conversion region of the PeRCIMS (Peroxy Radical CIMS inlet, the method exploits the changing conversion efficiency of RO2 to HO2 under different inlet [NO]/[O2] to selectively observe either primarily HO2 or the sum of HO2 and RO2. Two modes of operation have been established for ambient measurements: in the first half of the minute, RO2 radicals are measured at close to 100% efficiency along with HO2 radicals (low [NO]/[O2] = 2.53 × 10−5 and in the second half of the minute, HO2 is detected while the majority of ambient RO2 radicals are measured with low efficiency, approximately 15% (high [NO]/[O2] = 6.80 × 10−4. The method has been tested extensively in the laboratory under various conditions and for a variety of organic peroxy radicals relevant to the atmosphere and the results of these tests are presented. The modified PeRCIMS instrument has been deployed successfully using the new measurement technique on a number of aircraft campaigns, including on the NSF/NCAR C-130 during the MIRAGE-Mex and NASA INTEX-B field campaigns in the spring of 2006. A brief comparison of the peroxy radical measurements during these campaigns to a photochemical box model indicates good agreement under tropospheric conditions where NOx (NO + NO2 concentrations are lower than 0.5 ppb

  12. hHO-1 combined with GATA-4 transduction promotes myocardial transdifferentiation and anti- apoptosis of rat mesenchymal stem cells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ning-bo DENG


    Full Text Available Objectives To explore if the rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs modified by human heme oxygenase 1 (hHO-1 gene combined with GATA-4 gene may promote the ability of anti-apoptosis and myocardial transdifferentiation in vitro in hypoxia ischemic environment. Methods The rat BMSCs were isolated and cultured by whole bone marrow adherence and identified in vitro, and then were transfected with recombinant adenovirus; Western blotting was used to determinate the optimal time of gene expression; the genetically modified BMSCs were taken to hypoxia serum-free conditions simulating ischemia hypoxia microenvironment in vivo; CCK-8 kit and trypan blue staining were performed to detect the 12, 24, 48 and 72h survival rates in hypoxia ischemia respectively; flow cytometry was used to detect the apoptosis of BMSCs in hypoxia ischemia for 24h. The cardiomyocyte-specific cardiac troponin I (cTnI was detected by Western blotting and cellular immunofluorescence. Results The 12, 24, 48 and 72h survival rates were higher in hHO-1+GATA-4 group cultured in ischemia and hypoxia condition than in hHO-1 group (P<0.05 and GATA-4 group (P<0.05. After 24h cultivation in ischemia hypoxia condition, the apoptotic rates were lower in hHO-1+GATA-4 group than in hHO-1 group (P<0.05 and GATA-4 group (P<0.05. No significant difference existed in cTnI expressions between GATA-4 group and hHO-1+GATA-4 group. Conclusion Compared with transfection of hHO-1 or GATA-4 single gene, hHO-1 combined with GATA-4 transduction can significantly increase the survival rate of BMSCs in hypoxia ischemic condition, but myocardial transdifferentiation does not increase significantly. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2017.04.08

  13. The Ho(III) as structural probe for high temperature ionic liquids: RCl 3 (R = rare earth) (United States)

    Chrissanthopoulos, A.; Papatheodorou, G. N.


    The electronic absorption spectra of the f ← f transitions of Ho 3+ as a probe cation doped in solid and liquid YCl 3 and TbCl 3 have been measured from room temperature to above the melting point of both compounds. In the same temperature range Raman spectroscopy has been utilized to characterize all phases present. Emphasis is given on the Ho 3+ ligand field spectra of the 5G 6 ← 5I 8 hypersensitive transition and their similarities with the known spectra of holmium chloro-elpasolite. Smooth spectral changes with nearly invariant molar absorptivities (between 30 and 40 L mol -1 cm -1) are observed upon melting YCl 3 and α-TbCl 3 which indicate that most probably the Ho 3+ is in 6-fold distorted octahedral coordination in both compounds and both phases. Drastic spectral changes are observed alongside the α-TbCl 3 to β-TbCl 3 phase transition where the coordination is altered from six to eight and the molar absorptivity quadruples. The spectra of liquid Y(Ho)Cl 3 and Tb(Ho)Cl 3 are correlated to the spectra of liquid La(Ho)Cl 3 and Gd(Ho)Cl 3 and are attributed to the ligand field states of Ho 3+ in distorted octahedral geometries. In conjunction with the molar volumes of all RCl 3 (R = rare earth) liquids which are invariant and independent of R and with Raman spectroscopic measurements for the same systems, a common possible structure of the rare earth chloride liquids is deduced and proposed.

  14. Thermoelastic properties of ScB2, TiB2, YB4 and HoB4

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Waskowska, A.; Gerward, L.; Staun Olsen, J.


    High-pressure X-ray diffraction in ScB2, TiB2, YB4 and HoB4 powders and single crystals has been studied using synchrotron radiation as well as conventional X-rays. The experimental results are supported by calculations using density functional theory. ScB2, YB4 and HoB4 are hard materials (bulk...

  15. Preliminary dosimetry of (166)Ho-propylene di-amino tetra (methy1enephosphonicacid) for human based on biodistribution data in rats. (United States)

    Zolghadri, Samaneh; Yousefnia, Hassan; Jalilian, Amir R; Shiri-Yekta, Zahra; Maragheh, Mohammad Ghannadi-


    Nowadays, radionuclides with high β- particle energies such as (166)Ho are recommended for bone marrow ablation in patients with multiple myeloma. The addition of skeletal targeted radiotherapy to the patients can improve the response rate in phase I and II trials, with promising long-term survival data. In this work, the absorbed dose to each organ of human for (166)Ho-propylene di-amino tetra methy1enephosphonicacid (PDTMP) was evaluated based on biodistribution studies in rats and was compared with (166)Ho-tetraazacyclododecane tetramethylene-phosphonate (DOTMP) as the only clinically used Ho-166 bone marrow ablative agent. In this work, the accumulated activity in animals was extrapolated to the accumulated activity in humans by mass extrapolation method. The absorbed dose to each organ of human for (166)Ho-PDTMP was evaluated by medical internal radiation dose method. In this study, 166 Ho-PDTMP complex was prepared successfully using an in-house synthesized PDTMP ligand and (166)HoCl 3. Radiochemical purity of (166)Ho-PDTMP was checked by instant thin layer chromatography (>99%). The biodistribution of (166)Ho-PDTMP in wild-type rats was checked in animal tissues up to 48 h. All values were expressed as mean ± standard deviation, and the data were compared using Student's t-test. Statistical significance was defined as P < 0.05. The highest absorbed dose for this complex is observed in red marrow with 0.691 mSv/MBq. (166)Ho-PDTMP demonstrated a higher red marrow: Non target organ uptake ratio compared to (166)Ho-DOTMP. The results showed that 166 Ho-PDTMP has considerable characteristics compared to (166)Ho-DOTMP and therefore can be a good candidate for bone marrow ablation.

  16. Operation regimes, gain dynamics and highly stable operation points of Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers

    CERN Document Server

    Kroetz, Peter; Calendron, Anne-Laure; Chatterjee, Gourab; Cankaya, Huseyin; Murari, Krishna; Kaertner, Franz X; Hartl, Ingmar; Miller, R J Dwayne


    We present a comprehensive study of laser pulse amplification with respect to operation regimes, gain dynamics, and highly stable operation points of Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers (RAs). The findings are expected to be more generic than for this specific case. Operation regimes are distinguished with respect to pulse energy and the appearance of pulse instability as a function of the repetition rate, seed energy, and pump intensity. The corresponding gain dynamics are presented, identifying highly stable operation points related to high gain build -up during pumping and high gain depletion during pulse amplification. These operation points are studied numerically and experimentally as a function of several parameters, thereby achieving, for our Ho:YLF RA, highly stable output pulses with measured fluctuations of only 0.19% (standard deviation).

  17. Induction of HO-1 in tissue macrophages and monocytes in fatal falciparum malaria and sepsis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liomba N


    Full Text Available Abstract Background As well as being inducible by haem, haemoxygenase -1 (HO-1 is also induced by interleukin-10 and an anti-inflammatory prostaglandin, 15d PGJ2, the carbon monoxide thus produced mediating the anti-inflammatory effects of these molecules. The cellular distribution of HO-1, by immunohistochemistry, in brain, lung and liver in fatal falciparum malaria, and in sepsis, is reported. Methods Wax sections were stained, at a 1:1000 dilution of primary antibody, for HO-1 in tissues collected during paediatric autopsies in Blantyre, Malawi. These comprised 37 acutely ill comatose patients, 32 of whom were diagnosed clinically as cerebral malaria and the other 5 as bacterial diseases with coma. Another 3 died unexpectedly from an alert state. Other control tissues were from Australian adults. Results Apart from its presence in splenic red pulp macrophages and microhaemorrhages, staining for HO-1 was confined to intravascular monocytes and certain tissue macrophages. Of the 32 clinically diagnosed cerebral malaria cases, 11 (category A cases had negligible histological change in the brain and absence of or scanty intravascular sequestration of parasitized erythrocytes. Of these 11 cases, eight proved at autopsy to have other pathological changes as well, and none of these eight showed HO-1 staining within the brain apart from isolated moderate staining in one case. Two of the three without another pathological diagnosis showed moderate staining of scattered monocytes in brain vessels. Six of these 11 (category A cases exhibited strong lung staining, and the Kupffer cells of nine of them were intensely stained. Of the seven (category B cases with no histological changes in the brain, but appreciable sequestered parasitised erythrocytes present, one was without staining, and the other six showed strongly staining, rare or scattered monocytes in cerebral vessels. All six lung sections not obscured by neutrophils showed strong staining of

  18. Geometrical frustration in the ferromagnetic pyrochlore Ho2Ti2O7

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Harris, M.J.; Bramwell, S.T.; McMorrow, D.F.


    We report a detailed study of the pyrochlore Ho2Ti2O7, in which the magnetic ions (Ho3+) are ferromagnetically coupled with J similar to 1 K. We show that the presence of local Ising anisotropy leads to a geometrically frustrated ground state, preventing long-range magnetic order down to at least 0.......05 K. However, unlike in the case of a frustrated antiferromagnet, this disorder is principally static. In a magnetic field, the ground-state degeneracy is broken and ordered magnetic phases are formed which display an unusual history dependence due to the slow dynamics of the system. These results...... represent the first experimental evidence for geometrical frustration in a ferromagnetic system....

  19. On the Ising character of the quantum-phase transition in LiHoF4

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Skomski


    Full Text Available It is investigated how a transverse magnetic field affects the quantum-mechanical character of LiHoF4, a system generally considered as a textbook example for an Ising-like quantum-phase transition. In small magnetic fields, the low-temperature behavior of the ions is Ising-like, involving the nearly degenerate low-lying Jz = ±  8 doublet. However, as the transverse field increases, there is a substantial admixture of states having |Jz| < 8. Near the quantum-phase-transition field, the system is distinctively non-Ising like, and all Jz eigenstates yield ground-state contributions of comparable magnitude. A classical analog to this mechanism is the micromagnetic single point in magnets with uniaxial anisotropy. Since Ho3+ has J = 8, the ion’s behavior is reminiscent of the classical limit (J = ∞, but quantum corrections remain clearly visible.

  20. An actively mode-locked Ho: YAG solid laser pumped by a Tm: YLF laser (United States)

    Yao, B. Q.; Cui, Z.; Wang, J.; Duan, X. M.; Dai, T. Y.; Du, Y. Q.; Yuan, J. H.; Liu, W.


    A continuous wave mode-locked (CWML) Ho: YAG laser based on an acousto-optic modulator (AOM) pumped by a 1.9 μm Tm: YLF laser is demonstrated. This is the first time a report on an active CWML Ho: YAG laser has been published. A maximum output power of 1.04 W at 2097.25 nm in the CWML regime is obtained at a pump power of 13.2 W, corresponding to a slope efficiency of 13.3%. The mode-locked pulse repetition frequency is 82.76 MHz and the single pulse energy is 12.57 nJ. The mode-locked pulse width is 102 ps measured through a no-background second harmonic autocorrelation with KTP as the nonlinear crystal. Furthermore, the M2 factor is calculated to be 1.146.

  1. Analysis of 750 nm laser emission of Ho 3+ in tellurite, germanate and phosphate glasses (United States)

    Reisfeld, R.; Kalisky, Y.


    Time evolution of the 5F 45S 2 → 5I 8 fluorescence of Ho 3+-doped zinc tellurite glasses was studied from 37 to 300 K. The time needed to achieve equilibrium between 5F 4 and 5S 2 states is 0.6 μs. Multiphonon relaxation from 5F 4, 5S 2 and 5F 5 levels of Ho 3+ in zinc tellurite was studied. Two types of phonons were found to be effective. It is expected that at low temperature (37 K), laser emission, mainly from the 5S 2 level, will be obtained with a cross section of 2.78 × 10 -20 cm 2. Yet at room temperature laser emission from 5F 4 or 5S 2 can be obtained.

  2. Tunable band gap in epitaxial ferroelectric Ho(Mn,Ga)O{sub 3} films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Daesu; Noh, Tae Won, E-mail: [Center for Correlated Electron Systems, Institute for Basic Science, Seoul 151-742 (Korea, Republic of); Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742 (Korea, Republic of); Choi, Woo Seok [Department of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 440-746 (Korea, Republic of)


    Ferroelectrics have recently attracted attention as a new class of materials for use in optical and photovoltaic devices. We studied the electronic properties in epitaxially stabilized ferroelectric hexagonal Ho(Mn{sub 1−x}Ga{sub x})O{sub 3} (x = 0, 0.33, 0.67, and 1) thin films. Our films exhibited systematic changes in electronic structures, such as bandgap and optical transitions, according to the Ga concentration. In particular, the bandgap increased systematically from 1.4 to 3.2 eV, including the visible light region, with increasing Ga concentration from x = 0 to 1. These systematic changes, attributed to lattice parameter variations in epitaxial Ho(Mn{sub 1−x}Ga{sub x})O{sub 3} films, should prove useful for the design of optoelectronic devices based on ferroelectrics.

  3. Null Dust Solution in Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz Gravity

    CERN Document Server

    Goldoni, O; Chan, R; Satheeshkumar, V H; da Rocha, J F Villas


    Non-stationary null dust in a spherically symmetric spacetime is studied in the context of a general-covariant Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity. The non-minimal coupling to matter is considered in the post-Newtonian approximation (PPN) in the infrared limit. The aim of this paper is to see if a general relativistic spacetime of a shearing null dust-like fluid can be a solution of Ho\\v{r}ava-Lifshitz theory in the infrared limit. We have shown that this solution admits the process of gravitational collapse leaving a singularity at the end. These solutions have, qualitatively, the same temporal behavior as the dust collapse in Einstein theory. We have also found other possible solutions, representing an expansion behavior that is not found in General Relativity (GR). This solution might represent a repulsive phantom energy in GR.

  4. Computational model for operation of 2 mum co-doped Tm,Ho solid state lasers. (United States)

    Louchev, Oleg A; Urata, Yoshiharu; Saito, Norihito; Wada, Satoshi


    A computational model for operation of co-doped Tm,Ho solid-state lasers is developed coupling (i) 8-level rate equations with (ii) TEM00 laser beam distribution, and (iii) complex heat dissipation model. Simulations done for Q-switched approximately 0.1 J giant pulse generation by Tm,Ho:YLF laser show that approximately 43% of the 785 nm light diode side-pumped energy is directly transformed into the heat inside the crystal, whereas approximately 45% is the spontaneously emitted radiation from (3)F(4), (5)I(7) , (3)H(4) and (3)H(5) levels. In water-cooled operation this radiation is absorbed inside the thermal boundary layer where the heat transfer is dominated by heat conduction. In high-power operation the resulting temperature increase is shown to lead to (i) significant decrease in giant pulse energy and (ii) thermal lensing.

  5. Deuteron induced reactions on Ho and La: Experimental excitation functions and comparison with code results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hermanne, A., E-mail: [Cyclotron Laboratory, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel 1090 (Belgium); Adam-Rebeles, R. [Cyclotron Laboratory, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel 1090 (Belgium); Tarkanyi, F.; Takacs, S.; Csikai, J. [Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 4026 Debrecen (Hungary); Takacs, M.P. [Institute of Physics, University of Debrecen, 4026 Debrecen (Hungary); Ignatyuk, A. [Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk 246020 (Russian Federation)


    Activation products of rare earth elements are gaining importance in medical and technical applications. In stacked foil irradiations, followed by high resolution gamma spectroscopy, the cross-sections for production of {sup 161,165}Er, {sup 166g}Ho on {sup 165}Ho and {sup 135,137m,137g,139}Ce, {sup 140}La, {sup 133m,133g,cum}Ba and {sup 136}Cs on {sup nat}La targets were measured up to 50 MeV. Reduced uncertainty is obtained by simultaneous remeasurement of the {sup 27}Al(d,x){sup 24,22}Na monitor reactions over the whole energy range. A comparison with experimental literature values and results from updated theoretical codes (ALICE-D, EMPIRE-D and the TENDL2012 online library) is discussed.

  6. Influences of Seasoned Equity Offerings on Stock Return of Ho Chi Minh Market

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ho Viet Tien


    Full Text Available This paper investigated the impact of seasoned equity offerings (SEO on stock return of listed companies in Ho Chi Minh City market using the method “event study” which has been basically formed by Campbell, Lo, and MacKinlay (1997. The sample includes 332 SEOs from 2007 to 2010. The main findings show evidence that the Ho Chi Minh City market was not efficient in terms of the semi-strong form because the price has increased significantly on the ex-right date, day 0. In an opposite way, the market also reacted significantly negatively from T-4 to T-2. There are some significant impacts of timing on issue methods – equity right issues were in priority for favorable time and issues as “dividend by stocks” were chosen during unfavorable time. Keywords: Efficient Market Hypothesis, event study, Seasoned Equity Offerings

  7. Inhibitory effect of leptin on rosiglitazone-induced differentiation of primary adipocytes prepared from TallyHO/Jng mice

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Ki Young; Kim, Joo Young; Sung, Yoon-Young; Jung, Won Hoon; Kim, Hee-Youn; Park, Ji Seon; Cheon, Hyae Gyeong [Medicinal Science Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong, 305-600 Daejon (Korea, Republic of); Rhee, Sang Dal, E-mail: [Medicinal Science Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong, 305-600 Daejon (Korea, Republic of)


    Research highlights: {yields} In this study, we investigated the effects of leptin on adipocyte differentiation prepared from subcutaneous fat of TallyHo mice. {yields} Leptin inhibited the adipocytes differentiation at physiological concentration via inhibition of PPAR{gamma} expression. {yields} Inhibitors of ERK and STAT1 restored the leptin's inhibitory activity both in vitro and in vivo. -- Abstract: The effects of leptin on rosiglitazone-induced adipocyte differentiation were investigated in the primary adipocytes prepared from subcutaneous fat of TallyHO/Jng (TallyHO) mouse, a recently developed model animal for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The treatment of leptin inhibited the rosiglitazone-induced adipocyte differentiation with a decreased expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {gamma} (PPAR{gamma}) a key adipogenic transcription factor, both in mRNA and protein levels. Leptin (10 nM) was sufficient to inhibit the adipocyte differentiation, which seemed to come from increased expression of leptin receptor genes in the fat of TallyHO mice. The inhibition of adipogenesis by leptin was restored by the treatment of inhibitors for extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK) (PD98059) and signal transducer and activator of transcription-1 (STAT1) (fludarabine). Furthermore, in vivo intraperitoneal administration of PD98059 and fludarabine increased the PPAR{gamma} expression in the subcutaneous fat of TallyHO mice. These data suggest that leptin could inhibit the PPAR{gamma} expression and adipocyte differentiation in its physiological concentration in TallyHO mice.

  8. Magnetic and dielectric properties of HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles synthesized by the polymerized complex method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liu, Xianguo, E-mail: [School of Materials Science and Engineering, Anhui University of technology, Ma' anshan, Anhui 243002 (China); Department of Electrical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon (Hong Kong); Or, Siu Wing, E-mail: [Department of Electrical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon (Hong Kong); Sun, Yuping [Center for Engineering practice and Innovation Education, Anhui University of technology, Ma' anshan, Anhui 243002 (China); Jin, Chuangui; Lv, Yaohui [School of Materials Science and Engineering, Anhui University of technology, Ma' anshan, Anhui 243002 (China); Wu, Yuxi [Institute of Molecular Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Anhui University of Technology, Ma' anshan, Anhui 243002 (China)


    In this paper, we report on the magnetic and dielectric properties of HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles with different size synthesized by a polymerized complex method have been investigated. The HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles crystallized in hexagonal perovskite-type structure. The zero-field-cooled magnetic susceptibility curve of HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles with averaged size of 30 nm shows that complicated magnetic transitions occurred in a temperature range from 2 to 100 K, which was confirmed by magnetic hysteresis loops. With increasing the particle size, the antiferromagnetic (AFM) transition temperature increases from 56 to 77 K, due to the reduced surface-to-volume ratio. Moreover, with a decrease in particle size, the Mn-spin reorientation temperature (T{sub SR}) is enhanced from 44 to 48 K. - Highlights: • HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles have been synthesized by a polymerized complex method. • The magnetic properties of HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles have been investigated. • The dielectric properties of HoMnO{sub 3} nanoparticles have been investigated. • The antiferromagnetic transition temperature increases with the particle size.

  9. Green upconverted emission enhancement of ZrO{sub 2} : Yb{sup 3+}-Ho{sup 3+} nanocrystals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    SolIs, D; De la Rosa, E [Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, A.P. 1-948, Leon Gto., 37160 (Mexico); Salas, P [Centro de Fisica Aplicada y TecnologIa Avanzada, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, A.P. 1-1010, Queretaro 76000 (Mexico); Angeles-Chavez, C, E-mail: elder@cio.m [Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Ingenieria Molecular, A.P. 14-805, 07730, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico)


    ZrO{sub 2} : Yb{sup 3+}-Ho{sup 3+} nanocrystals with different concentrations of codopants were synthesized with a 0.0082 molar ratio of surfactant Pluronic F-127 using a sol-gel micelle method, and annealed at 1000 {sup 0}C for 5 h. The dominant crystallite phase was tetragonal, with an average crystallite size of 20 nm. The upconverted signal produced by the codoped nanocrystals is an almost pure green emission centred at 540 nm caused by the radiation emitted by the {sup 5}F{sub 4} + {sup 5}S{sub 2} {yields} {sup 5}I{sub 8} relaxation of Ho{sup 3+}. The highest efficiency for the Ho{sup 3+} green emission, with a decay constant ({tau}{sub eff}) of 360 {mu}s, was obtained with a 2/0.001 mol% Yb/Ho composition. This yields a colour coordinate of (0.289, 0.699) with a maximum luminance of 8.7 x 10{sup -3} lm after excitation with a 970 nm continuous wave laser diode. These results can be explained in terms of the energy transfer (ET) from the donor (Yb{sup 3+}) to the acceptor (Ho{sup 3+}). The ET efficiency ({eta}) for this sample was only 5%, although an increase to 42% is possible for larger concentrations of Ho{sup 3+}. Highly concentrated samples have shortened decay times, which cause highly saturated samples to exhibit larger ET efficiency values.

  10. Measurements of OH and HO2 yields from the gas phase ozonolysis of isoprene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. W. Seakins


    Full Text Available The reactions of ozone with alkenes are an important source of hydroxyl (OH radicals; however, quantification of their importance is hindered by uncertainties in the absolute OH yield. Hydroxyl radical yields for the gas-phase ozonolysis of isoprene are determined in this paper by four different methods: (1 The use of cyclohexane as an OH scavenger, and the production of cyclohexanone, (2 The use of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene as an OH tracer, and the diminution in its concentration, (3 A kinetic method in which the OH yield was obtained by performing a series of pseudo-first-order experiments in the presence or absence of an OH scavenger (cyclohexane, (4 The OH and HO2 yields were determined by fitting the temporal OH and HO2 profiles following direct detection of absolute OH and HO2 concentrations by laser induced fluorescence at low pressure (Fluorescence Assay by Gas Expansion- FAGE. The following OH yields for the ozonolysis of isoprene were obtained, relative to alkene consumed, for each method: (1 Scavenger (0.25±0.04, (2 Tracer (0.25±0.03, (3 Kinetic study (0.27±0.02, and (4 Direct observation (0.26±0.02, the error being one standard deviation. An averaged OH yield of 0.26±0.02 is recommended at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and this result is compared with recent literature determinations. The HO2 yield was directly determined for the first time using FAGE to be 0.26±0.03.

  11. Diode-Pumped Thulium (Tm)/Holmium (Ho) Composite Fiber 2.1-Micrometers Laser (United States)


    ARL-TR-7452 ● SEP 2015 US Army Research Laboratory Diode -Pumped Thulium (Tm)/Holmium (Ho) Composite Fiber 2.1-μm Laser by no longer needed. Do not return it to the originator. ARL-TR-7452 ● SEP 2015 US Army Research Laboratory Diode -Pumped Thulium...ADDRESS. 1. REPORT DATE (DD-MM-YYYY) Sep 2015 2. REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Diode -Pumped Thulium (Tm

  12. Historie sportovního potápění v ČR.


    Široký, Michal


    Tato bakalářská práce je zaměřena na historii sportovního potápění v České republice. Abstract This thesis focuses on the history of sport diving in the Czech republic. Klíčová slova Historie, potápěč, výstroj, potápění, sport Key words History, diver, equipment, diving, sport

  13. Reaction rate constants of HO2 + O3 in the temperature range 233-400 K (United States)

    Wang, Xiuyan; Suto, Masako; Lee, L. C.


    The reaction rate constants of HO2 + O3 were measured in the temperature range 233-400 K using a discharge flow system with photofragment emission detection. In the range 233-253 K, the constants are approximately a constant value, and then increase with increasing temperature. This result suggests that the reaction may have two different channels. An expression representing the reaction rate constants is presented.

  14. Kvalita podnikateľského prostredia a jej vplyv na konkurencieschopnosť podniku

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuzmišin Peter


    Full Text Available Konkurencieschopnosť podniku významným spôsobom závisí od kvality podnikateľského prostredia. V ostatných 15 – 20 rokoch sú podniky vystavené neustálym zmenám v externom prostredí (tzv. relevantnom okolí pre podnikanie, na ktoré je potrebné reagovať. V štúdii sa zameriavame na identifikáciu podstaty týchto zmien a ich odraz v manažérskom myslení a konaní. Na pozadí prehľadu rôznych prístupov k hodnoteniu kvality podnikateľského prostredia je hlavným výsledkom a prínosom príspevku konštrukcia vlastného hodnotiaceho nástroja – indexu konkurencieschopnosti regionálneho podnikateľského prostredia a jeho aplikácia na samosprávne kraje Slovenska.The competitiveness of a business depends significantly on the quality of business environment. In the last 15-20 years, the businesses have been exposed to constant changes in the external environment (so called environment relevant for making business, to which the reaction is needed. In this paper, we focus on the identification of the basis of these changes and their reflection in the managerial thinking and actions. On the background of different approaches towards the evaluation of the quality of business environment, the construction of our own instrument used for evaluation is the main result and contribution of this paper – it is the index of competitiveness of regional business environment and its application in the municipalities in Slovakia.

  15. Black holes in Hořava gravity with higher derivative magnetic terms (United States)

    Gruss, Eyal


    We consider Hořava gravity coupled to Maxwell and higher derivative magnetic terms. We construct static spherically symmetric black hole solutions in the low-energy approximation. We calculate the horizon locations and temperatures in the near-extremal limit, for asymptotically flat and (anti-)de Sitter spaces. We also construct a detailed balanced version of the theory, for which we find projectable and non-projectable, non-perturbative solutions.

  16. Becoming an International Scientist in South Korea: Ho Wang Lee's Research Activity about Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever. (United States)

    Shin, Miyoung


    In the 1960-70s, South Korea was still in the position of a science latecomer. Although the scientific research environment in South Korea at that time was insufficient, there was a scientist who achieved outcomes that could be recognized internationally while acting in South Korea. He was Ho Wang Lee(1928~ ) who found Hantann Virus that causes epidemic hemorrhagic fever for the first time in the world. It became a clue to identify causative viruses of hemorrhagic diseases that were scattered here and there throughout the world. In addition, these outcomes put Ho Wang Lee on the global center of research into epidemic hemorrhagic fever. This paper examines how a Korean scientist who was in the periphery of virology could go into the central area of virology. Also this article shows the process through which the virus found by Ho Wang Lee was registered with the international academia and he proceeded with follow-up research based on this progress to reach the level at which he generalized epidemic hemorrhagic fever related studies throughout the world. While he was conducting the studies, experimental methods that he had never experienced encountered him as new difficulties. He tried to solve the new difficulties faced in his changed status through devices of cooperation and connection. Ho Wang Lee's growth as a researcher can be seen as well as a view of a researcher that grew from a regional level to an international level and could advance from the area of non-mainstream into the mainstream. This analytic tool is meaningful in that it can be another method of examining the growth process of scientists in South Korea or developing countries.

  17. Analisa Pengaruh Service Quality, Food Quality Dan Price Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan Di Restoran Yung Ho Surabaya


    sugianto, jimmy


    Perkembangan bisnis ritel di Indonesia yang semakin berkembang pesat membuat persaingan semakin meningkat. Sebagai salah satu bentuk USAha restoran Yung Ho harus memiliki keunggulan bersaing agar dapat tetap bertahan atau bahkan memenangkan persaingan dalam bisnis ritel. Salah satu cara untuk menciptakan keunggulan bersaing adalah dengan menerapkan service quality, food quality, dan price dengan baik sehingga dapat memuaskan pelanggan.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa pengaruh dari S...

  18. 330 mJ single-frequency Ho:YLF slab amplifier

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Strauss, HJ


    Full Text Available We report on a double-pass Ho:YLF slab amplifier which delivered 350 ns long single-frequency pulses of up to 330 mJ at 2064 nm, with a maximum M(sup2) of 1.5 at 50 Hz. It was end pumped with a diode-pumped Tm:YLF slab laser and seeded with up to 50...

  19. Radiative lifetime measurements and oscillator strengths of astrophysical interest in HoIII


    Zhang, Zhiguo; Somesfalean, Gabriel; Svanberg, Sune; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.; Biemont, E.


    Radiative lifetimes of three long-lived levels belonging to the 4f(10)5d configuration of Ho III have been measured, for the first time, using the time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence technique. A good agreement between the experimental lifetimes and theoretical results obtained within a multiconfigurational pseudo-relativistic Hartree-Fock (HFR) approach including core-polarization (CP) effects is observed provided an adequate scaling factor is applied to the <4f&VERBAR;r&VERB...

  20. Hořava-Lifshitz gravity and effective theory of the fractional quantum Hall effect

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wu, Chaolun [Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago,Chicago, Illinois 60637 (United States); Wu, Shao-Feng [Department of Physics, Shanghai University,Shanghai 200444 (China); Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago,Chicago, Illinois 60637 (United States)


    We show that Hořava-Lifshitz gravity theory can be employed as a covariant framework to build an effective field theory for the fractional quantum Hall effect that respects all the spacetime symmetries such as non-relativistic diffeomorphism invariance and anisotropic Weyl invariance as well as the gauge symmetry. The key to this formalism is a set of correspondence relations that maps all the field degrees of freedom in the Hořava-Lifshitz gravity theory to external background (source) fields among others in the effective action of the quantum Hall effect, according to their symmetry transformation properties. We originally derive the map as a holographic dictionary, but its form is independent of the existence of holographic duality. This paves the way for the application of Hořava-Lifshitz holography on fractional quantum Hall effect. Using the simplest holographic Chern-Simons model, we compute the low energy effective action at leading orders and show that it captures universal electromagnetic and geometric properties of quantum Hall states, including the Wen-Zee shift, Hall viscosity, angular momentum density and their relations. We identify the shift function in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity theory as minus of guiding center velocity and conjugate to guiding center momentum. This enables us to distinguish guiding center angular momentum density from the internal one, which is the sum of Landau orbit spin and intrinsic (topological) spin of the composite particles. Our effective action shows that Hall viscosity is minus half of the internal angular momentum density and proportional to Wen-Zee shift, and Hall bulk viscosity is half of the guiding center angular momentum density.

  1. Ho3+-doped strontium-aluminium-bismuth-borate glasses for green light emission. (United States)

    Rajesh, D; Dhamodhara Naidu, M; Ratnakaram, Y C; Balakrishna, A


    Strontium-aluminium-bismuth-borate glasses (SAlBiB) doped with different concentrations of Ho(3+) were prepared using conventional melt quenching technique and their structural and optical properties investigated. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy analysis were used to study the structural properties. Optical properties were studied by measuring the optical absorption and visible luminescence spectra. The Judd-Ofelt (J-O) theory was applied to evaluate J-O intensity parameters, Ω(λ) (λ = 2, 4 and 6). Using J-O intensity parameters, radiative properties such as spontaneous transition probabilities (A(R)), branching ratios (β(R)) and radiative lifetimes (τ(R)) were determined. From the emission spectra, a strong green emission nearly at 549 nm corresponding to the transition, (5)S2 ((5)F4)→(5)I(8) was observed. Emission peak positions (λ(P)), effective bandwidths (Δλ(eff)) and stimulated emission cross-sections (σ(p)) were calculated for the observed emission transitions, (5)F3 →(5)I(8), (5)S2((5)F4)→(5)I(8) and (5)F5 →(5)I(8) of Ho(3+) in all the glass matrices. Chromaticity color coordinates were calculated using the emission spectra. The experimental results suggest that SAlBiB glass matrix with 1.5 mol% of Ho(3+) has better emission properties. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  2. [HoLEP learning curve: Toward a standardised formation and a team strategy]. (United States)

    Baron, M; Nouhaud, F-X; Delcourt, C; Grise, P; Pfister, C; Cornu, J-N; Sibert, L


    Holmium laser enucleation of prostate (HoLEP) is renowned for the difficulty of its learning curve. Our aim was to evaluate the interest of a three-step tutorial in the HoLEP learning curve, in a university center. It is a retrospective, monocentric study of the 82 first procedures done consecutively by the same operator with a proctoring in early experience and after 40 procedures. For all patients were noted: enucleation efficiency (g/min), morcellation efficiency (g/min), percentage of enucleated tissue (enucleated tissue/adenome weigth evaluated by ultrasonography. g/g), perioperative morbidity (Clavien), length of hospital stay, length of urinary drainage, functional outcomes at short and middle term (Qmax, post-void residual volume [PVR], QOL scores and IPSS at 3 and 6months). Enucleation and morcellation efficiency were significantly higher after the second proctoring (0.87 vs 0.44g/min; Plearning curve did not interfere with functional results. The second proctoring was essential to us in order to grasp the technique. These data underlined the necessity of a pedagogic reflexion in order to built a standardized formation technique to the HoLEP. 4. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  3. Ferromagnetic cluster glass behavior and large magnetocaloric effect in Ho2PtSi3 (United States)

    Li, D. X.; Homma, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Shimizu, Y.; Honda, F.; Yamamura, T.; Aoki, D.


    Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of Ho2PtSi3, a new ternary intermetallic compound with the orthorhombic Ba2LiSi3-type structure, are studied by dc magnetization, ac susceptibility, magnetic relaxation, specific heat, and magnetic memory effect measurements. The experimental results indicate that this system undergoes a magnetic phase transition from a paramagnetic state to a ferromagnetic cluster state at a temperature TC 6.5 K followed by a cluster glass transition at Tf 5.8 K. The typical cluster glass features observed below Tf for Ho2PtSi3 include (1) broad peak in specific heat curve, (2) frequency dependent cusp in ac susceptibility curve, (3) evident irreversible magnetism, (4) long-time magnetic relaxation behavior, and (5) zero-field-cooling magnetic memory effect. On the other hand, the large values of magnetic entropy change, relative cooling power and adiabatic temperature change are estimated near TC under a field change. These results suggest that Ho2PtSi3 can be classified as a huge ferromagnetic cluster glass system with large magnetocaloric effect.

  4. t-BHQ Provides Protection against Lead Neurotoxicity via Nrf2/HO-1 Pathway

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fang Ye


    Full Text Available The neurotoxicity of lead has been well established, and oxidative stress is strongly associated with lead-induced neurotoxicity. Nrf2 is important for protection against oxidative stress in many disease models. We applied t-BHQ, which is an Nrf2 activator, to investigate the possible role of Nrf2 in the protection against lead neurotoxicity. t-BHQ significantly attenuated the oxidative stress in developmental rats by decreasing MDA level, as well as by increasing SOD activity and GSH content, in the hippocampus and frontal cortex. Furthermore, neuronal apoptosis was detected by Nissl staining, and Bax expression was inhibited in the t-BHQ-treated group. Results showed that t-BHQ suppressed ROS production and caspase 3/7 activity but increased intracellular GSH content, in SH-SY5Y cells under lead exposure. Moreover, in vivo and in vitro, t-BHQ enhanced the nuclear translocation of Nrf2 and binding to ARE areas but did not induce Nrf2 transcription. These phenomena were confirmed using RT-PCR, EMSA, Western blot, and immunofluorescence analyses. Subsequent upregulation of the expression of HO-1, NQO1, and GCLC was observed. However, knockdown of Nrf2 or HO-1 adversely affected the protective effects of t-BHQ against lead toxicity in SH-SY5Y cells. Thus, t-BHQ can protect against lead neurotoxicity, depending on the Nrf2/HO-1 pathway.

  5. Mitochondrial quality-control dysregulation in conditional HO-1–/– mice (United States)

    Suliman, Hagir B.; Keenan, Jeffrey E.; Piantadosi, Claude A.


    The heme oxygenase-1 (Hmox1; HO-1) pathway was tested for defense of mitochondrial quality control in cardiomyocyte-specific Hmox1 KO mice (HO-1[CM]–/–) exposed to oxidative stress (100% O2). After 48 hours of exposure, these mice showed persistent cardiac inflammation and oxidative tissue damage that caused sarcomeric disruption, cardiomyocyte death, left ventricular dysfunction, and cardiomyopathy, while control hearts showed minimal damage. After hyperoxia, HO-1(CM)–/– hearts showed suppression of the Pgc-1α/nuclear respiratory factor-1 (NRF-1) axis, swelling, low electron density mitochondria by electron microscopy (EM), increased cell death, and extensive collagen deposition. The damage mechanism involves structurally deficient autophagy/mitophagy, impaired LC3II processing, and failure to upregulate Pink1- and Park2-mediated mitophagy. The mitophagy pathway was suppressed through loss of NRF-1 binding to proximal promoter sites on both genes. These results indicate that cardiac Hmox1 induction not only prevents heme toxicity, but also regulates the timing and registration of genetic programs for mitochondrial quality control that limit cell death, pathological remodeling, and cardiac fibrosis. PMID:28194437

  6. Výroba krytu řemenového převodu


    Rösner, Michal


    Diplomová práce předkládá návrh výroby krytu řemenového převodu z materiálu s označením dle ČSN 411320.21, o tloušťce 1,5 mm v sérii 10 000 kusů. Na základě způsobu výroby součásti je v práci představena problematika tažení, parametry, používané stroje spolu s konstrukcí nástrojů. Pro operaci hlubokého tažení byly provedeny kontrolní, technologické výpočty, vybrán hydraulický lis CTH 250, navržena sestava tažného nástroje, simulace v programu AutoForm, zpracované technicko-ekonomické zhodnoce...

  7. Magnetic ordering in Ho-doped Bi{sub 2}Te{sub 3} topological insulator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Figueroa, A.I.; Van der Laan, G.; Hesjedal, T. [Magnetic Spectroscopy Group, Diamond Light Source, Didcot (United Kingdom); Harrison, S.E. [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford (United Kingdom); Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (United States); Collins-McIntyre, L.J. [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


    We investigate the magnetic properties of Ho-doped Bi{sub 2}Te{sub 3} thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Analysis of the polarized X-ray absorption spectra at the Ho M{sub 5} absorption edge gives an effective 4f magnetic moment which is ∝45% of the Hund's rule ground state value. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) shows no significant anisotropy, which suggests that the reduced spin moment is not due to the crystal field effects, but rather the presence of non-magnetic or antiferromagnetic Ho sites. Extrapolating the temperature dependence of the XMCD measured in total electron yield and fluorescence yield mode in a field of 7 T gives a Curie-Weiss temperature of and vartheta;{sub CW} ∼ -30 K, which suggests antiferromagnetic ordering, in contrast to the paramagnetic behavior observed with SQUID magnetometry. From the anomaly of the XMCD signal at low temperatures, a Neel temperature T{sub N} between 10 K and 25 K is estimated. (copyright 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  8. Concentrations and uncertainties of stratospheric trace species inferred from limb infrared monitor of the stratosphere data. I - Methodology and application to OH and HO2. II - Monthly averaged OH, HO2, H2O2, and HO2NO2 (United States)

    Kaye, J. A.; Jackman, C. H.


    Difficulties arise in connection with the verification of multidimensional chemical models of the stratosphere. The present study shows that LIMS data, together with a photochemical equilibrium model, may be used to infer concentrations of a variety of zonally averaged trace Ox, OHx, and NOx species over much of the stratosphere. In the lower stratosphere, where the photochemical equilibrium assumption for HOx species breaks down, inferred concentrations should still be accurate to about a factor of 2 for OH and 2.5 for HO2. The algebraic nature of the considered model makes it possible to see easily to the first order the effect of variation of any model input parameter or its uncertainty on the inferred concontration of the HOx species and their uncertainties.

  9. Taxol prevents myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by inducing JNK-mediated HO-1 expression. (United States)

    Cao, Huaming; Wang, Yiping; Wang, Qiang; Wang, Ruxing; Guo, Suxia; Zhao, Xiaoxi; Zhang, Yu; Tong, Debing; Yang, Zhenyu


    Ischemia/hypoxia and reperfusion impair mitochondria and produce a large amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which lead to mitochondrial and brain damage. Furthermore, heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) as a cytoprotective gene protects cells against ROS-induced cell death in ischemia-reperfusion injury. Induction of HO-1 is involved in cytoprotective effects of taxol. We hypothesize that taxol protects cardiac myocytes possibly by preserving myocardial mitochondrial function and inducing HO-1 expression through the JNK pathway. In this project, the perfused Langendorff hearts isolated from rats were randomly divided into five groups: control, ischemic, ischemic + taxol (0.1 μM), ischemic + taxol (0.3 μM), and ischemic + taxol (1 μM). Briefly, following a 15 min equilibration period, the control group was subject to normoxic perfusion for 120 min; the ischemia group, normoxic reperfusion for 120 min after 30 min ischemia; the taxol groups, normoxic reperfusion for 120 min after 30-min ischemia with taxol (0.1, 0.3, or 1 μM). The microtubule disruption score, ROS levels, and the activity of mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes I and III were examined by using immunohistochemical methods and free radical detection kits. Western blot assay was employed to study the underlying mechanisms. After Taxol treatment (0.1 µM), the ischemic microtubule disruption score was reduced to 9.8 ± 1.9%. The study revealed that 0.1, 0.3, and 1 μM taxol reduced the level of ROS by 33, 46 and 51%, respectively (p HO-1 increased with taxol treatments, which could be inhibited by the specific inhibitor of JNK, SP600125. Taxol stabilized microtubules and effectively reduced ROS levels during ischemia. It also preserved the activity of mitochondrial complexes I and III. Interestingly, taxol induced the expression of HO-1 via the JNK pathway in cardiac myocytes.

  10. Rising HIV infection rates in Ho Chi Minh City herald emerging AIDS epidemic in Vietnam. (United States)

    Lindan, C P; Lieu, T X; Giang, L T; Lap, V D; Thuc, N V; Thinh, T; Lurie, P; Mandel, J S


    To describe the epidemiology of HIV in Ho Chi Minh City in the context of current surveillance data from Vietnam. Since the late 1980s, HIV surveillance data have been collected in Ho Chi Minh City from centers for the treatment of venereal disease and tuberculosis, centers for the rehabilitation of injecting drug users and sex workers, prenatal clinics, blood banks and other sites. The first case of HIV infection in Vietnam was identified in 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City. The cumulative number of reported HIV infections in this city at the end of 1996 was 2774, about half of the number of cases in the country; 86% of infections were among men, 86% among injecting drug users, 2.5% among patients with sexually transmitted diseases and 2.5% among sex workers. The first HIV infection among antenatal women was detected in 1994. The prevalence of HIV among injecting drug users rose dramatically from 1% in 1992 to 39% in 1996, compared with 1.2% among sex workers, 0.3% among blood donors and 1.3% among tuberculosis patients in 1996. The populations of injecting drug users and sex workers in Ho Chi Minh City are estimated to be 30000 and 80000, respectively, and rates of sexually transmitted diseases are 2-3 per 1000 persons per year. By the end of December 1996, 42 out of 53 provinces had reported HIV infections, and border areas near China and Cambodia began identifying large numbers of HIV-seropositive people. Ho Chi Minh City is at the forefront of a new HIV epidemic in Vietnam. This epidemic shows similarities to that in Thailand nearly a decade ago, with rapidly rising HIV rates among injecting drug users and infection already established among sex workers. Prevention efforts should include the targeting of injecting drug users and sex workers outside rehabilitation centers, the availability of sterile needles and condoms, the establishment of anonymous testing sites, the control of sexually transmitted diseases and the coordination of programs within southeast Asia.

  11. NRF2 activation is involved in ozonated human serum upregulation of HO-1 in endothelial cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pecorelli, Alessandra [Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena (Italy); Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, University Hospital, AOUS, Siena (Italy); Bocci, Velio [Department of Physiology, University of Siena (Italy); Acquaviva, Alessandra [Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena (Italy); Belmonte, Giuseppe [Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Siena (Italy); Gardi, Concetta [Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena (Italy); Virgili, Fabio [INRAN, Rome (Italy); Ciccoli, Lucia [Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena (Italy); Valacchi, Giuseppe, E-mail: [Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Ferrara (Italy); Department of Food and Nutrition, Kyung Hee University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    During the last decade, it has been shown that the activation of NRF2 and the binding to electrophile-responsive element (EpREs), stimulates the expression of a great number of genes responsible for the synthesis of phase I and phase II proteins, including antioxidants enzymes and heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1). This critical cell response occurs in cardiovascular, degenerative and chronic infective diseases aggravated by a chronic oxidative stress. In our previous reports we have shown that ozonated plasma is able to up-regulate HO-1 expression in endothelial cells. In the present work we investigated a candidate mechanism involved in this process. After treatment with increasing doses of ozonated serum (20, 40 and 80 μg/mL O{sub 3} per mL of serum), a clear dose dependent activation of NRF2 and the subsequent induction of HO-1 and NAD(P)H quinone oxidoreductase 1(NQO1) was observed. This effect was also present when cells were treated with serum and hydrogen peroxide (H{sub 2}O{sub 2}) or serum and 4-hydroxynonenal (4HNE). Moreover, the treatment with ozonated serum was associated with a dose-dependent activation of extracellular-signal-regulated kinases (ERK1/2) and p38 MAP kinases (p38), not directly involved in NRF2 activation. These data, provide a new insight on the mechanism responsible for the induction of HO-1 expression by ozonated serum in the endothelium, and have a practical importance as an expedient approach to the treatment of patients with both effective orthodox drugs and ozonated autohemotherapy, targeted to the restoration of redox homeostasis. - Highlights: ► Endothelial HO1 is upregulated by ozonated plasma ► This activation is induced by NRF2 and it is ERK independent. ► 4HNE and H{sub 2}O{sub 2} are the main molecules involved in this process. ► Ozonated plasma induced a hormetic effect ► Combination of orthodox medicine and ozonated plasma can be a useful treatment.

  12. 3D nuclear organization of telomeres in the Hodgkin cell lines U-HO1 and U-HO1-PTPN1: PTPN1 expression prevents the formation of very short telomeres including "t-stumps"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lemieux Bruno


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In cancer cells the three-dimensional (3D telomere organization of interphase nuclei into a telomeric disk is heavily distorted and aggregates are found. In Hodgkin's lymphoma quantitative FISH (3D Q-FISH reveals a major impact of nuclear telomere dynamics during the transition form mononuclear Hodgkin (H to diagnostic multinuclear Reed-Sternberg (RS cells. In vitro and in vivo formation of RS-cells is associated with the increase of very short telomeres including "t-stumps", telomere loss, telomeric aggregate formation and the generation of "ghost nuclei". Results Here we analyze the 3D telomere dynamics by Q-FISH in the novel Hodgkin cell line U-HO1 and its non-receptor protein-tyrosine phosphatase N1 (PTPN1 stable transfectant U-HO1-PTPN1, derived from a primary refractory Hodgkin's lymphoma. Both cell lines show equally high telomerase activity but U-HO1-PTPN differs from U-HO1 by a three times longer doubling time, low STAT5A expression, accumulation of RS-cells (p As expected, multinuclear U-HO1-RS-cells and multinuclear U-HO1-PTPN1-RS-cells differ from their mononuclear H-precursors by their nuclear volume (p Conclusion Abundant RS-cells without additional very short telomeres including "t-stumps", high rate of apoptosis, but low STAT5A expression, are hallmarks of the U-HO1-PTPN1 cell line. These characteristics are independent of telomerase activity. Thus, PTPN1 induced dephosphorylation of STAT5 with consecutive lack of Akt/PKB activation and cellular arrest in G2, promoting induction of apoptosis, appears as a possible pathogenetic mechanism deserving further experimental investigation.

  13. Pozorování aktivity autonomního nervového systému prostřednictvím spektrální analýzy variability srdeční frekvence u hráčů ledního hokeje Autonomic nervous system observation through to use of spectral analysis of heart rate variability in ice hockey players


    Iva Řehová; Milan Petr; Aleš Jakubec; Hana Cipryanová; Michal Botek; Olga Bartáková; Pavel Stejskal; Lukáš Cipryan


    Cílem studie bylo poodhalit vliv pravidelného sportovního tréninku na aktivitu autonomního nervového systému (ANS), která byla hodnocena pomocí spektrální analýzy variability srdeční frekvence (SA HRV). K vyhodnocení výsledků SA HRV byly použity komplexní indexy (celkové skóre – TS, aktivita vagu – VA, sympatovagová balance – SVB) a věkově stan...

  14. Clinical Significance of Serum HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9 in Patients With Endometrial Cancer. (United States)

    Bian, Jing; Sun, Xiaoxu; Li, Bo; Ming, Liang


    Serum markers with increased sensitivity and specificity for endometrial cancer are required. To date, no good marker has met this standard. The aims of our study were to evaluate the utility of tumor markers HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9 as potential markers in patients diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Blood samples from 105 patients with endometrial cancer and 87 healthy women were analyzed by Roche electrochemiluminescent immunoassay, and serum values were measured for the following biomarkers: HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9. Serum HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9 concentrations were significantly higher in patients with endometrial cancer, compared with controls ( P endometrial cancer, HE4 had higher sensitivity (58%), positive predictive value (60%), and negative predictive value (67%) than any other single tumor marker, and in the combination of HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9, the sensitivity and positive predictive values reached 59.1% and 88%, respectively. Meanwhile, the receiver operating characteristic area under the curve of the combination of the 4 markers was significantly increased than any other group, either in stage I or in stage II to IV cases. HE4 and CA125 both correlate with advanced age; in addition, HE4 was related to pathology subtypes and positive adnexal involvement, CA125 was related to International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage, CA19-9 was related to International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage, and CA724 was correlated with positive lymph node. Combination of HE4, CA125, CA724, and CA19-9 has the highest value in diagnosing endometrial cancer, and they can be a useful tissue immune marker for patients with endometrial cancer.

  15. [Long-term outcome after endoscopic enucleation of the prostate : From monopolar enucleation to HoLEP and from HoLEP to EEP]. (United States)

    Herrmann, T R W


    In the last 20 years various transurethral endoscopic enucleation techniques (EEP) have been established as a substitute for open prostatectomy (OP) and TURP. Since the 2016 update of the "EAU Guidelines on Management of Non-Neurogenic Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), including Benign Prostatic Obstruction (BPO)", Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) and bipolar enucleation being summarized as anatomical enucleating techniques are proposed as first choice for the surgical management of BPO of large volume prostates. The purpose of this review is to demonstrate the available data on long-term outcomes of current EEP techniques. PubMed/Medline and Scopus were searched using the terms: long term, HoLEP, ThuLEP, ThuVEP, DiLEP, ELEP, GreenlEP, Greenlight enucleation, bipolar enucleation, plasmakinetic enucleation, monopolar enucleation, and transurethral enucleation. Studies with a follow-up ≥48 months were selected. In all, 5 randomized controlled trials (2 HoLEP, 2 bipolar enucleation, 1 Thulium laser resection of the prostate in tangerine technique [TmLR-TT]), 3 prospective cohort studies (2 thulium vapoenucleation [ThuVEP], 1 TmLRP-TT), and 2 retrospective studies with large patient cohorts were selected. All EEP were equivalent to OP with regard to effectivity and durability of results. The rate of secondary surgical procedures in HolEP, ThuVEP, bipolar enucleation and tangerine technique (TmLRP-TT) was 0-1.2 % for reTURP, 1.9-3.75 % for urethrotomy, and 0.9-4 % for bladder neck resection. No significant difference in the individual studies was found when compared to OP. For bipolar enucleation vs. TURP long-term results for uroflow, residual urine, and IPSS were significantly better at 60 months for bipolar enucleation. One RCT TmLRP-TT vs. TURP at the 48-month follow-up found no significant difference. Various transurethral EEP can be considered as equally safe and effective anatomical enucleation techniques. All

  16. Recoil and conversion electron considerations of the {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho in vivo generator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zeevaart, J.R. [North-West Univ., Mmabatho (South Africa). CARST; Szuecs, Z. [Nesca (South African Nuclear Energy Corporation Ltd.), Pretoria (South Africa). Radiochemistry; Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Debrecen (Hungary). Inst. of Nuclear Research; Takacs, S.; Jarvis, N. [Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Debrecen (Hungary). Inst. of Nuclear Research; Jansen, D. [Nesca (South African Nuclear Energy Corporation Ltd.), Pretoria (South Africa). Radiochemistry


    The use of radionuclides as potential therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals is increasingly investigated. An important aspect is the delivery of the radionuclide to the target, i.e. the radionuclide is not lost from the chelating agent. For in vivo generators, it is not only the log K of complexation between the metal ion and the chelator that is important, but also whether the daughter radionuclide stays inside the chelator after decay of the parent radionuclide. In our previous work, we showed that the classical recoil effect is only applicable for decays with a Q value higher than 0.6 MeV (in the atomic mass range around 100). However, Zhernosekov et al. published a result for {sup 140}Nd/{sup 140}Pr (Q = 0.222 MeV) which indicated that > 95% of the daughter ({sup 140}Pr) was lost by a DOTA chelator upon decay of {sup 140}Nd. The authors ascribed this to the ''post-effect''. Their experiment was repeated with the {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho generator to ascertain whether our calculations were correct. It was found that 72% of the daughter ({sup 166}Ho) was liberated from the DOTA chelator, indicating that the 'post effect' does exist in contrast to our recoil calculations. Upon further investigation, we determined that one should not only consider recoil energy levels but also the mode of decay which was able to explain the partial recoil found for {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho. It is concluded for the {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho system that the low recoil energy of the daughter nucleus {sup 166}Ho is not a sufficient reason to rule out release of the nuclide from chelators. On the other hand, we found that the ratio of the {sup 166}Ho that gets released corresponds to the ratio of relaxation of Ho atoms via the Auger process. (orig.)

  17. An ab initio molecular orbital study of the potential energy surface of the HO2 + NO reaction (United States)

    Sumathi, R.; Peyerimhoff, S. D.


    The potential energy surface of the HO2+NO reaction has been investigated at second order Moller-Plesset perturbation (MP2) and density functional (DFT) methods with the 6-311++G** basis set and at complete active space [CAS(8,8)] self-consistent field level using the 6-31G** basis set. The reaction is shown to give three different groups of products, viz., HO-NO2, NO2+OH, and HNO+O2. The thermodynamically stable HO-NO2 can be formed from the energized ONOOH adduct by the 1,2 migration of the OH group via a loose transition state (referred to as TS2) with a relatively higher barrier height compared to O-O bond fission. The other exothermic product, NO2+OH, arises from a direct O-O dissociation of ONOOH and is expected to be the most favorable process on account of its low barrier height. HNO+O2 can be formed by two different channels: (i) the direct hydrogen abstraction and/or (ii) the barrierless association of the reactants to form the peroxynitrous acid, ONOOH, which then undergoes 1,3 hydrogen migration, giving rise to the HN(O)OO biradical followed by N-O dissociation. Of the two channels, channel (i) has been found to be dominant. Owing to their higher barrier heights, HNO formation is expected only at high temperatures. NOH+O2 and HONO+O are not expected to compete in the kinetics of the HO2+NO system. The energetic of the key reactions, namely HO2+NO→HO-NO2 and HO2+NO→NO2+OH, has also been obtained at the QCISD/6-311++G(2df,2pd)//MP2/6-311++G** level.

  18. Multicentre prospective evaluation of the learning curve of holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP). (United States)

    Robert, Grégoire; Cornu, Jean-Nicolas; Fourmarier, Marc; Saussine, Christian; Descazeaud, Aurélien; Azzouzi, Abdel-Rahmène; Vicaut, Eric; Lukacs, Bertrand


    To describe the step-by-step learning curve of the holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) surgical technique. A prospective, multicentre observational study was conducted, involving surgeons experienced in transurethral resection of the prostate and open prostatectomy but never having performed HoLEP. The main judgment criterion was the ability of the surgeon to perform four consecutive successful procedures, defined by the following: complete enucleation and morcellation within transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), with acceptable stress, and with acceptable difficulty (evaluated by Likert scales). Each surgeon included 20 consecutive cases. Of nine centres, three abandoned HoLEP before the end of the study due to complications, and one was excluded for treating patients off protocol. Only one centre achieved the main judgment criterion of four consecutive successful HoLEP procedures. Overall, the procedures were successfully performed in 43.6% of cases. Reasons for unsuccessful procedures were mainly operative time >90 min (n = 51), followed by conversion to TURP (n = 14), incomplete morcellation (n = 8), significant stress (n = 9), or difficulty (n = 14) during HoLEP. Ignoring operating time, 64% of procedures were successful and four out of five centres did four consecutive successful cases. Of the five centres that completed the study, four chose to continue HoLEP. Even in a prospective training structure, HoLEP has a steep learning curve exceeding 20 cases, with almost half of our centres choosing to abandon or not to continue with the technique. Operating time and difficulty of the enucleation seem the most important problems for a beginner. A more intensely mentored and structured mentorship programme might allow safer adoption of the procedure. © 2015 The Authors BJU International © 2015 BJU International Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. Intense visible upconversion and energy transfer in Ho3+/Yb3+ codoped tellurite glasses for potential fiber laser (United States)

    Peng, Shengxi; Wu, Libo; Wang, Bo; Yang, Fengjing; Qi, Yawei; Zhou, Yaxun


    New Ho3+/Yb3+ codoped tellurite glasses (TeO2-Bi2O3-ZnO-Na2O) prepared by melt-quenching technique were investigated to realize visible-band upconversion emissions applied for compact fiber lasers. The absorption spectra, upconversion emission spectra, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) curves, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman spectra were measured to characterize the spectroscopic properties of Ho3+, thermal stability and structural nature of glass hosts. Under the excitation of 980 nm laser diode (LD), the intense green (∼543 nm) and red (∼657 nm) upconversion emissions corresponding to 5F4(5S2) → 5I8 and 5F5 → 5I8 transitions of Ho3+ respectively are simultaneously observed. The power dependence study of upconversion intensities on excited pump power revealed that the Ho3+ population at 5F4(5S2) and 5F5 levels was originated from two-photon absorption process based on the energy transfer from Yb3+ to Ho3+. The energy transfer mechanism from Yb3+ to Ho3+ was investigated and relevant micro-parameters (energy transfer coefficient and critical radius) and phonon contribution ratio were presented. With the increase of Yb3+ doped concentration, both the green and red upconversion intensities enhanced greatly, meanwhile the thermal stability of glass hosts, characterized by the three characteristic temperatures, also got a slight improvement. Furthermore, the glass structure was briefly analyzed with the calculated Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters, the measured Raman spectra and XRD curves. The present results indicate that the new synthesized Ho3+/Yb3+ codoped tellurite glass with intense green and red upconversion emissions is a promising medium applied for the visible-band fiber lasers.

  20. Antiarrhythmic effect of lithium in rats after myocardial infarction by activation of Nrf2/HO-1 signaling. (United States)

    Lee, Tsung-Ming; Lin, Shinn-Zong; Chang, Nen-Chung


    Glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) signaling has been shown to play a role in the regulation of nuclear factor erythroid-2-related factor 2 (Nrf2), a master regulator of antioxidant genes, including heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1). We assessed whether lithium, a GSK-3 inhibitor, attenuates cardiac sympathetic reinnervation after myocardial infarction, a status of high reactive oxygen species (ROS), by attenuating nerve growth factor (NGF) expression and whether Nrf2/HO-1 signaling is involved in the protection. Twenty-four hours after ligation of the left anterior descending artery, male Wistar rats were treated for 4 weeks. The postinfarction period was associated with increased oxidative-nitrosative stress, as measured by myocardial superoxide, nitrotyrosine, and dihydroethidium fluorescent staining. In concert, myocardial norepinephrine levels and immunohistochemical analysis of sympathetic nerve revealed a significant increase in innervation in vehicle-treated rats compared with sham-operated rats. Arrhythmic scores during programmed stimulation in the vehicle-treated rats were significantly higher than those in sham. This was paralleled by a significant upregulation of NGF protein and mRNA in the vehicle-treated rats, which was reduced after administration of LiCl. LiCl stimulated the nuclear translocation of Nrf2 and the transactivation of the Nrf2 target gene HO-1. Inhibition of phosphoinositide 3-kinase by wortmannin reduced the increase in Nrf2 nucleus translocation and HO-1 expression compared with lithium alone. In addition, the lithium-attenuated NGF levels were reversed in the presence of the Nrf2 inhibitor trigonelline, HO-1 inhibitor SnPP, and peroxynitrite generator SIN-1, indicating the role of Nrf2/HO-1/ROS. In conclusion, lithium protects against ventricular arrhythmias by attenuating NGF-induced sympathetic innervation via antioxidant activation of the Nrf2/HO-1 axis. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Photo-control of the magnetic properties of Dy(III) and Ho(III) homometal coordination polymers bridged by a diarylethene ligand. (United States)

    Cosquer, Goulven; Morimoto, Masakazu; Irie, Masahiro; Fetoh, Ahmed; Breedlove, Brian K; Yamashita, Masahiro


    Two-dimensional Dy(III) and Ho(III) homometal coordination polymers containing the photochromic ligand 1,2-bis(5-carboxyl-2-methyl-3-thienyl)perfluorocyclopentene (DTE) with the general formula [Ln2(DTE)3(bipyridine)2(H2O)2]n (Ln = Dy and Ho) were obtained, and the magnetic properties of their open (Dy-o and Ho-o) and closed forms (Dy-c and Ho-c) were investigated. The Dy complexes exhibited slow magnetic relaxation without an external dc field. The magnetic properties of the Dy complexes were irreversibly affected by the conformation of the ligand.

  2. Solid State compatibilities in CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiménez Molina, S.


    Full Text Available In open atmosphere the two phases containing fluorine, C11A7∙CaF2 and 3CA∙CaF2, laying in the CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 were synthesized. The synthesis of the 3CA∙CaF2 at 1.100°C was possible without loss of F, when the stoichiometric mixture of CA and CaF2 was pressed into tablets and was applied vacuum, avoiding in such a way the presence of moisture. According to TGA studies, the vapour pressure of phases containing fluorine, at 1.100°C is very low and follows this sequence: CaF2 2 11A7∙CaF2. At 1.000°C the system behaves as condensated. Verification of some compatibilities in solid state in the system CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 at 1000°C has been done. Compatibility triangles found are the same described by Chaterjee, and different from the compatibilities given by Brisi and Rolando.Se han sintetizado en atmósfera abierta las dos fases fluoradas del sistema CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2: C11A7∙CaF2 y 3CA∙CaF2. La síntesis del 3CACaF2 a 1.100°C ha sido posible sin pérdida de F, cuando la mezcla estequiométrica de CA y CaF2 se empastilló a presión y aplicando vacío, como modo de evitar la presencia de humedad. De acuerdo con los resultados de Análisis Termogravimétrico, la presión de vapor de las fases fluoradas, a 1.100°C, es muy baja y sigue el orden: CaF2 2 11A7∙CaF2. A 1.000°C, el sistema se comporta como condensado. Se han verificado algunas relaciones de fases compatibles en estado sólido, en el sistema CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2, a 1.000°C. Las relaciones de fases compatibles que se han encontrado coinciden con aquéllas descritas por Chaterjee, y son diferentes a las encontradas por Brisi y Rolando.

  3. KWU-werkersklasdramas in Afrikaans (ca. 1930 - ca. 1950

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. L. Coetser


    Full Text Available GWU working class theatre in Afrikaans (ca. 1930 - ca. 1950In 1984 Elsabé Brink drew attention to plays, prose and poetry written between 1930 and 1950 in Afrikaans by members of the Garment Workers’ Union (GWU. Scholars such as Stander and Willemse (1992, Van Niekerk (1996 and Van Wyk (1995, 1997 have also referred to GWU plays. Apart from these overviews, GWU plays as such have not yet received the attention they deserve. This article presents a revaluation, initially by providing an overview of their contents, followed by an examination of cultural, economic and political influences. It is argued that - retrospectively - the GWU plays reflected a unique cultural specificity from the framework established by Sitas (1986 for more contemporary working class theatre.

  4. Short-wavelength upconversion emissions in Ho3+/Yb3+ codoped glass ceramic and the optical thermometry behavior. (United States)

    Xu, Wei; Gao, Xiaoyang; Zheng, Longjiang; Zhang, Zhiguo; Cao, Wenwu


    Ho(3+)/Yb(3+) codoped glass ceramic was prepared by melt-quenching and subsequent thermal treatment. Under a 980 nm diode laser excitation, upconversion emissions from Ho(3+) ions centered at 540, 650, and 750 nm were greatly enhanced compared with those in the precursor glass. Especially, the short-wavelength upconversion emissions centered at 360, 385, 418, 445, and 485 nm were successfully obtained in the glass ceramic. An explanation for this phenomenon is given based on the fluorescence decay curve measurements. In addition, an optical temperature sensor based on the blue upconversion emissions from (5)F(2,3)/(3)K(8)→(5)I(8) and (5)F(1)/(5)G(6)→(5)I(8) transitions in Ho(3+)/Yb(3+) codoped glass ceramic has been developed. It was found that by using fluorescence intensity ratio technique, appreciable sensitivity for temperature measurement can be achieved by using the Ho(3+)/Yb(3+) codoped glass ceramic. This result makes the Ho(3+)/Yb(3+) codoped glass ceramic be a promising candidate for sensitive optical temperature sensor with high resolution and good accuracy.

  5. THE ROLE OF CHENG HO MOSQUE: The New Silk Road, Indonesia-China Relations in Islamic Cultural Identity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Choirul Mahfud


    Full Text Available This article discusses the role of the Cheng Ho mosque in developing cultural, social, educational and religious aspects between the Chinese and non-Chinese in Indonesia and in strengthening the best relationship internationally between Indonesia and China. The Cheng Ho Mosque is one of the ethnic Chinese cultural identities in contemporary Indonesia. Currently, it is not only as a place of worship for Chinese Islam, but also as a religious tourism destination as well as new media to learn about Islamic Chinese cultures in Indonesia. In addition, Cheng Ho mosque is also beginning to be understood as the “new silk road”, because it assumed that it has an important role in fostering a harmonious relationship between the Indonesian government and China. It can be seen from the establishment of Cheng Ho mosques in a number of regions in Indonesia. In this context, this article describes what the contributions and implications of the Cheng Ho mosque as the new silk road in fostering bilateral relations between Indonesia and China, especially in Islamic cultural identity.

  6. Complete genome sequence of T'Ho virus, a novel putative flavivirus from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. (United States)

    Briese, Thomas; Loroño-Pino, Maria A; Garcia-Rejon, Julian E; Farfan-Ale, Jose A; Machain-Williams, Carlos; Dorman, Karin S; Lipkin, W Ian; Blitvich, Bradley J


    We previously reported the discovery of a novel, putative flavivirus designated T'Ho virus in Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. A 1358-nt region of the NS5 gene was amplified and sequenced but an isolate was not recovered. The complete genome of T'Ho virus was sequenced using a combination of unbiased high-throughput sequencing, 5' and 3' rapid amplification of cDNA ends, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and Sanger sequencing. The genome contains a single open reading frame of 10,284 nt which is flanked by 5' and 3' untranslated regions of 97 and 556-nt, respectively. Genome sequence alignments revealed that T'Ho virus is most closely related to Rocio virus (67.4% nucleotide identity) and Ilheus virus (65.9%), both of which belong to the Ntaya group, followed by other Ntaya group viruses (58.8-63.3%) and Japanese encephalitis group viruses (62.0-63.7%). Phylogenetic inference is in agreement with these findings. This study furthers our understanding of flavivirus genetics, phylogeny and diagnostics. Because the two closest known relatives of T'Ho virus are human pathogens, T'Ho virus could be an unrecognized cause of human disease. It is therefore important that future studies investigate the public health significance of this virus.

  7. A Ho(III) potentiometric polymeric membrane sensor based on a new four dentate neutral ion carrier. (United States)

    Zamani, Hassan Ali; Zanganeh-Asadabadi, Abbas; Rohani, Mitra; Zabihi, Mohammad Saleh; Fadaee, Javad; Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Faridbod, Farnoush; Meghdadi, Soraia


    In this research, we report a new Ho(3+)-PVC membrane electrode based on N-(4,5-dimethyl-2-(picolinamido)phenyl)picolinamide (H(2)Me(2)bpb) as a suitable ion carrier. Poly vinylchloride (PVC)-based membrane composed of H(2)Me(2)bpb with oleic acid (OA) as anionic additives, and o-nitrophenyloctyl ether (NPOE) as plasticized solvent mediator. The sensor exhibits a Nernstian slope of 20.1 ± 0.2 mV decade(-1) over the concentration range of 1.0 × 10(-6) to 1.0 × 1(-2) mol L(-1), and a detection limit of 5.0 × 10(-7) mol L(-1) of Ho(3+) ions. The potentiometric response of the sensor is independent of the solution pH in the range of 3.5-9.4. It has a very short response time, in the whole concentration range (Ho(3+) ions over a wide variety of cations, including alkali, alkaline earth, transition and heavy metal ions. To assess its analytical applicability the proposed Ho(3+) sensor was successfully applied as an indicator electrode in the titration of Ho(3+) ion solutions in certified reference materials, alloy samples and for the determination of the fluoride ion in two mouthwash preparations. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel Landa


    Full Text Available Prezentovaná stať přináší výsledky empirického výzkumu zaměřeného na sportovní diváctví jako společenský jev a zabývá se především regionálními charakteristikami sportovního diváctví v České republice. Výzkum probíhal v letech 2007 -2008 na stadionech a ve sportovních halách všech ligových družstev fotbalu, ledního hokeje, házené, basketbalu a volejbalu (a také během několika utkáních florbalu a sledovaný soubor byl tvořen 5629 diváky. Zjištěné údaje poskytují možnost jak celkové charakteristiky populace sportovních diváků v České republice, tak také hlubší analýzu této populace z hlediska regionálního rozložení. Právě regionálním aspektům sportovního diváctví se věnuje tato stať, přičemž hlavním zaměřením jsou sociálně-demografické charakteristiky sportovních diváků. Autoři porovnávají jednotlivé regiony České republiky z hlediska divácké populace a získané údaje konfrontují s obecnou sociální a demografickou situací v těchto regionech. [The text shows results of the scientific research focused on sport spectatorship as a social phenomenon. The research was engaged mainly in regional characteristics of sport spectatorship in the Czech Republic. The research took part through the years 2007 and 2008 in stadium, arenas and sports halls of all football, ice hockey, handball, basketball and volleyball clubs belonging to the highest Czech league. We also realized part of the research on two floorball clubs. The research sample consist of 5629 sport spectators. Our findings offer a posibility of an overall characteristic of a sport spectator's population in the Czech Republic as well as a posibility of deeper analysis of this specator's population from the point of wiev of a regional distribution. This text is devoted just to the regional aspects of the sport spectatorship. The main topic of the text is then social-demographic characteristic of

  9. Analýza a implementační model agilního a projektového řízení v softwarovém vývoji


    Sikora, Martin


    Diplomová práce se zaměřuje na vytvoření implementačního modelu agilního a projektového řízení v softwarovém vývoji. Analyzuje tyto dva přístupy ve vývojovém týmu v mezinárodní společnosti a představuje návrh řešení jejich využití pro zdokonalení procesů ve vybraných procesních oblastech modelu CMMI. The diploma thesis deals with an establishment of the agile and project management implementation model in a software development. Thesis analyzes these approaches in a software development te...

  10. Hořava Gravity in the Effective Field Theory formalism: From cosmology to observational constraints (United States)

    Frusciante, Noemi; Raveri, Marco; Vernieri, Daniele; Hu, Bin; Silvestri, Alessandra


    We consider Hořava gravity within the framework of the effective field theory (EFT) of dark energy and modified gravity. We work out a complete mapping of the theory into the EFT language for an action including all the operators which are relevant for linear perturbations with up to sixth order spatial derivatives. We then employ an updated version of the EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC package to study the cosmology of the low-energy limit of Hořava gravity and place constraints on its parameters using several cosmological data sets. In particular we use cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature-temperature and lensing power spectra by Planck 2013, WMAP low- ℓ polarization spectra, WiggleZ galaxy power spectrum, local Hubble measurements, Supernovae data from SNLS, SDSS and HST and the baryon acoustic oscillations measurements from BOSS, SDSS and 6dFGS. We get improved upper bounds, with respect to those from Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, on the deviation of the cosmological gravitational constant from the local Newtonian one. At the level of the background phenomenology, we find a relevant rescaling of the Hubble rate at all epoch, which has a strong impact on the cosmological observables; at the level of perturbations, we discuss in details all the relevant effects on the observables and find that in general the quasi-static approximation is not safe to describe the evolution of perturbations. Overall we find that the effects of the modifications induced by the low-energy Hořava gravity action are quite dramatic and current data place tight bounds on the theory parameters.

  11. Impact of pulse duration on Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy: fragmentation and dusting performance. (United States)

    Bader, Markus J; Pongratz, Thomas; Khoder, Wael; Stief, Christian G; Herrmann, Thomas; Nagele, Udo; Sroka, Ronald


    In vitro investigations of Ho:YAG laser-induced stone fragmentation were performed to identify potential impacts of different pulse durations on stone fragmentation characteristics. A Ho:YAG laser system (Swiss LaserClast, EMS S.A., Nyon, Switzerland) with selectable long or short pulse mode was tested with regard to its fragmentation and laser hardware compatibility properties. The pulse duration is depending on the specific laser parameters. Fragmentation tests (hand-held, hands-free, single-pulse-induced crater) on artificial BEGO stones were performed under reproducible experimental conditions (fibre sizes: 365 and 200 µm; laser settings: 10 W through combinations of 0.5, 1, 2 J/pulse and 20, 10, 5 Hz, respectively). Differences in fragmentation rates between the two pulse duration regimes were detected with statistical significance for defined settings. Hand-held and motivated Ho:YAG laser-assisted fragmentation of BEGO stones showed no significant difference between short pulse mode and long pulse mode, neither in fragmentation rates nor in number of fragments and fragment sizes. Similarly, the results of the hands-free fragmentation tests (with and without anti-repulsion device) showed no statistical differences between long pulse and short pulse modes. The study showed that fragmentation rates for long and short pulse durations at identical power settings remain at a comparable level. Longer holmium laser pulse duration reduces stone pushback. Therefore, longer laser pulses may result in better clinical outcome of laser lithotripsy and more convenient handling during clinical use without compromising fragmentation effectiveness.

  12. Phase transition and thermodynamic stability of topological black holes in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity (United States)

    Ma, Meng-Sen; Zhao, Ren; Liu, Yan-Song


    On the basis of horizon thermodynamics, we study the thermodynamic stability and P-V criticality of topological black holes constructed in Hořava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity without the detailed-balance condition (with general ɛ). In the framework of horizon thermodynamics, we do not need the concrete black hole solution (the metric function) and the concrete matter fields. It is shown that the HL black hole for k=0 is always thermodynamically stable. For k=1 , the thermodynamic behaviors and P-V criticality of the HL black hole are similar to those of RN-AdS black hole for some \

  13. The role of HO_x in super- and subsonic aircraft exhaust plumes


    Hanisco, T. F.; Wennberg, P. O.; R. C. Cohen; J. G. Anderson; D. W. Fahey; Keim, E. R; Gao, R. S.; Wamsley, R. C.; Donnelly, S. G.; Del Negro, L. A.; R. J. Salawitch; Kelly, K. K.; Proffitt, M.H.


    The generation of sulfuric acid aerosols in aircraft exhaust has emerged as a critical issue in determining the impact of supersonic aircraft on stratospheric ozone. It has long been held that the first step in the mechanism of aerosol formation is the oxidation of SO_(2) emitted from the engine by OH in the exhaust plume. We report in situ measurements of OH and HO_(2) in the exhaust plumes of a supersonic (Air France Concorde) and a subsonic (NASA ER-2) aircraft in the lower stratosphere. T...

  14. Complex magnetism of Ho-Dy-Y-Gd-Tb hexagonal high-entropy alloy (United States)

    Lužnik, J.; Koželj, P.; Vrtnik, S.; Jelen, A.; Jagličić, Z.; Meden, A.; Feuerbacher, M.; Dolinšek, J.


    Rare earth based equimolar Ho-Dy-Y-Gd-Tb hexagonal high-entropy alloy (HEA) is a prototype of an ideal HEA, stabilized by the entropy of mixing at any temperature with random mixing of elements on the hexagonal close-packed lattice. In order to determine intrinsic properties of an ideal HEA characterized by the enormous chemical (substitutional) disorder on a weakly distorted simple lattice, we have performed measurements of its magnetic and electrical response and the specific heat. The results show that the Ho-Dy-Y-Gd-Tb hexagonal HEA exhibits a rich and complex magnetic field-temperature (H ,T ) phase diagram, as a result of competition among the periodic potential arising from the electronic band structure that favors periodic magnetic ordering, the disorder-induced local random potential that favors spin glass-type spin freezing in random directions, the Zeeman interaction with the external field that favors spin alignment along the field direction, and the thermal agitation that opposes any spin ordering. Three characteristic temperature regions were identified in the (H ,T ) phase diagram between room temperature and 2 K. Within the upper temperature region I (roughly between 300 and 75 K), thermal fluctuations average out the effect of local random pinning potential and the spin system behaves as a pure system of compositionally averaged spins, undergoing a thermodynamic phase transition to a long-range ordered helical antiferromagnetic state at the Néel temperature TN=180 K that is a compositional average of the Néel temperatures of pure Tb, Dy, and Ho metals. Region II (between 75 and 20 K) is an intermediate region where the long-range periodic spin order "melts" and the random ordering of spins in the local random potential starts to prevail. Within the low-temperature region III (below 20 K), the spins gradually freeze in a spin glass configuration. The spin glass phase appears to be specific to the rare earths containing hexagonal HEAs, sharing

  15. Origin of electric-field-induced magnetization in multiferroic HoMnO3. (United States)

    Ueland, B G; Lynn, J W; Laver, M; Choi, Y J; Cheong, S-W


    We have performed polarized and unpolarized small angle neutron scattering experiments on single crystals of HoMnO(3) and have found that an increase in magnetic scattering at low momentum transfers begins upon cooling through temperatures close to the spin reorientation transition at T(SR) approximately 40 K. We attribute the increase to an uncompensated magnetization arising within antiferromagnetic domain walls. Polarized neutron scattering experiments performed while applying an electric field show that the field suppresses magnetic scattering below T approximately 50 K, indicating that the electric field affects the magnetization via the antiferromagnetic domain walls rather than through a change to the bulk magnetic order.

  16. Sources of HO x and production of ozone in the upper troposphere over the United States


    Jaeglé, L.; Jacob, Daniel James; W. H. Brune; Tan, D.; I. C. Faloona; A. J. Weinheimer; Ridley, B. A.; Campos, T. L.; Sachse, G. W.


    The sources of HOx (OH+peroxy radicals) and the associated production of ozone at 8–12 km over the United States are examined by modeling observations of OH, HO2, NO, and other species during the SUCCESS aircraft campaign in April–May 1996. The HOx concentrations measured in SUCCESS are up to a factor of 3 higher than can be calculated from oxidation of water vapor and photolysis of acetone. The highest discrepancy was seen in the outflow of a convective storm. We show that convective injecti...

  17. Insecurity by Obscurity: A Review of SoHo Router Literature from a Network Security Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Craig Valli


    Full Text Available Because of prevalent threats to SoHo based ADSL Routers, many more devices are compromised. Whilst an end-user may be at fault for not applying the appropriate security mechanisms to counter these threats, vendors should equally share the blame. This paper reveals that the lack of security related content and poor overall design could impact on end-users’ interpretation and willingness to implement security controls on their ADSL router. It argues that whilst the number of threats circulating the Internet is increasing, vendors are not improving their product literature.

  18. Critical behavior of the magnetic susceptibility of the uniaxial ferromagnet LiHoF4

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Beauvillain, P.; Renard, J. P.; Laursen, Ib


    The magnetic susceptibility of two LiHoF4 single crystals has been measured in the range 1.2-4.2 K. Ferromagnetic order occurs at Tc=1.527 K. Above 2.5 K, the susceptibilities parallel and perpendicular to the fourfold c axis are well interpreted by the molecular-field approximation, taking......, the parallel susceptibility is well described by the classical law with logarithmic corrections theoretically predicted by Larkin and Khmel'mitskii for the uniaxial dipolar ferromagnet or by a power law with a critical-exponent value γ=1.05 rather close to 1. The upper limit of the critical region is (Tmax...

  19. High energy gamma rays in the decay of 27h Ho166

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, P.Gregers; Wilsky, K.; Horen, D.J.


    The gamma-ray spectrum of 27th Ho166 was re-investigated by means of a three-crystal pair-spectrometer and coincidence techniques. Two new gamma rays with energies of 1747 plusmn 5 and 1825 plusmn 5 keV establish a new level at 1826 keV in Er166. The log ft value for the beta-decay to this state...... is 5.2-0,4+0.3 and suggests an allowed unhindered transition. Single particle assignments for this level are discussed....

  20. Continuously Tunable Ca2+ Regulation of RNA-Edited CaV1.3 Channels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hojjat Bazzazi


    Full Text Available CaV1.3 ion channels are dominant Ca2+ portals into pacemaking neurons, residing at the epicenter of brain rhythmicity and neurodegeneration. Negative Ca2+ feedback regulation of CaV1.3 channels (CDI is therefore critical for Ca2+ homeostasis. Intriguingly, nearly half the CaV1.3 transcripts in the brain are RNA edited to reduce CDI and influence oscillatory activity. It is then mechanistically remarkable that this editing occurs precisely within an IQ domain, whose interaction with Ca2+-bound calmodulin (Ca2+/CaM is believed to induce CDI. Here, we sought the mechanism underlying the altered CDI of edited channels. Unexpectedly, editing failed to attenuate Ca2+/CaM binding. Instead, editing weakened the prebinding of Ca2+-free CaM (apoCaM to channels, which proves essential for CDI. Thus, editing might render CDI continuously tunable by fluctuations in ambient CaM, a prominent effect we substantiate in substantia nigral neurons. This adjustability of Ca2+ regulation by CaM now looms as a key element of CNS Ca2+ homeostasis.

  1. Aerodynamický výpocet vzduchové části parního kotle


    Kudela, Libor


    Cílem této práce je provést rozbor problematiky aerodynamického výpočtu parních kotlů na straně spalovacího vzduchu. Na základě projekční dokumentace provést stanovení dílčích ztrátových součinitelů jednotlivých komponent sacího traktu. Provést výpočet sumární tlakové (tahové) ztráty. Vyspecifikovat komponenty s nejvyšší ztrátou a navrhnout u nich možnosti optimalizace. The aim of this thesis is to realize analysis of problematics of aerodynamic calculations of steam boilers on the part of...

  2. Teplotní analýza asynchronního stroje pomocí programu Ansys Workbench


    Kučera, Petr


    Cílem diplomové práce je seznámení se s programem Ansys Workbench a výpočet tepelného pole kolem modelu asynchronního stroje. Po seznámení s programem ANSYS Workbench, byl sestaven model asynchronního stroje a na něm byly nasimulovány jednotlivé tepelné výpočty při různých provozních stavech. Ty byly poté proměřeny na reálném elektromotoru v laboratořích. The aim of the master thesis is introduction with software Ansys Workbench and calculate the thermal field arroud the induction machine....

  3. The H+/O ratio of proton translocation linked to the oxidation of succinate by mitochondria. Reply to a commentary. (United States)

    Lehninger, A L; Reynafarje, B; Hendler, R W; Shrager, R I


    Costa, L.E., Reynafarje, B. and Lehninger, A.L. [(1984) J. Biol. Chem. 259, 4802-4811] have reported 'second-generation' measurements of the H+/O ratio approaching 8.0 for vectorial H+ translocation coupled to succinate oxidation by rat liver mitochondria. In a Commentary in this Journal [Krab, K., Soos, J. and Wikström, M. (1984) FEBS Lett. 178, 187-192] it was concluded that the measurements of Costa et al. significantly overestimated the true H+/O stoichiometry. It is shown here that the mathematical simulation on which Krab et al. based this claim is faulty and that data reported by Costa et al. had already excluded the criticism advanced by Krab et al. Also reported are new data, obtained under conditions in which the arguments of Krab et al. are irrelevant, which confirm that the H+/O ratio for succinate oxidation extrapolated to level flow is close to 8.

  4. Heterogeneous reactions of HO2 with a variety of aerosol types. Effects of transition metal ions and irradiation (United States)

    Heard, Dwayne; Moon, Daniel; Ingham, Trevor; Whalley, Lisa; Seakins, Paul; Baeza-Romero, Maria-Teresa


    The lifetime of HO2 is sufficiently long that uptake to aerosols may constitute an important component of its budget, yet quantitative comparisons of field-measured and modelled concentrations have been hampered by uncertainties in the uptake coefficient (γ) of HO2 to aerosols. An aerosol flow tube coupled with very sensitive detection of HO2 has been used to determine γ for HO2 onto a wide range of aerosol types including inorganic salt aerosols, dusts (terrestrial and cosmic), single component organic aerosols (including surfactants and sucrose), and secondary organic aerosol. The injection of the latter into the stratosphere has been suggested as one strategy to mitigate global warming, and the application of TiO2 coatings to surfaces within the urban environment is used to remove NO2 resulting from traffic emissions and to facilitate self-cleaning. Uptake coefficients were determined as a function of relative humidity (RH), transition metal ion concentration, aerosol viscosity and temperature. Uptake coefficients were determined for sub-micron TiO2 particles as a function of RH. Significant uptake was observed in the dark, with γ = 0.021 ± 0.001 for RH=11%, increasing with RH and apparently dependent upon the number of monolayers of water adsorbed onto the TiO2 surface. When the TiO2 particles were illuminated with near-UV radiation (365 nm) significant production of HO2 radicals was observed, displaying a complex dependence upon radiation flux, RH and total particle surface area. When inorganic salt aerosols were generated in the presence of transition metal ions (copper, iron and manganese, either studied singly or as mixtures), the removal of HO2 was catalyzed leading to an increase in γ, which was observed to be a complex function of the concentration of the free, uncomplexed ions.

  5. Electromagnetic and Microwave Absorption Properties of the Flake-Shaped Pr-Ho-Fe Alloys in the C-Band (United States)

    Luo, Jialiang; Pan, Shunkang; Qiao, Ziqiang; Cheng, Lichun; Wang, Zhenzhong; Lin, Peihao; Chang, Junqing


    The polycrystalline samples Pr x Ho2- x Fe17 ( x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4) were prepared by arc melting and high-energy ball milling method. The influences of Pr substitution on phase structure, morphology, saturation magnetization and electromagnetic parameters were investigated by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, vibrating-sample magnetometry and vector network analyzer, respectively. The results show that the particle size increased and the saturation magnetization decreased with increasing Pr content. The minimum absorption peak frequency shifted towards a lower-frequency region with increasing Pr concentration. The minimum RL of Pr0.3Ho1.7Fe17 powder was -41.03 dB at 6.88 GHz with a coating thickness of 2.0 mm. With different thickness of 1.8-2.8 mm, the minimum reflection loss (RL) of Pr0.3Ho1.7Fe17 powder was less than -20 dB in the whole C-band (4-8 GHz). The microwave-absorbing properties of the composite with different weight ratios of Pr0.3Ho1.7Fe17/Co were researched. The microwave-absorbing peaks of the composites shifted to a lower frequency with increasing Co content. The minimum RL of Pr0.3Ho1.7Fe17/Co(10%) was -42.51 dB at 4.72 GHz with a coating thickness of 2.6 mm. This suggests that the Pr-Ho-Fe will be a promising microwave absorption material in higher-gigahertz frequency, especially in the C-band.

  6. Experimental infection of calves, sheep, goats and pigs with HoBi-like viruses by direct inoculation or exposure to persistently infected calves (United States)

    HoBi-like viruses are an emerging species of pestiviruses associated with respiratory and reproductive disease in cattle and in water buffaloes. Although cattle appear to be the main natural hosts, little is know about the potential for HoBi-like viruses to be transmitted to other livestock. In t...

  7. Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for older adults (HoNOS 65+) in daily care

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veerbeek, M.A.; Oude Voshaar, R.C.; Pot, A.M.


    BACKGROUND: The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) is widely used to evaluate mental health care outcomes. For appropriate use and interpretation in routine clinical practice, further validation of the adapted version for older clients (HoNOS 65+) is needed. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study

  8. Measuring Outcomes in Mental Health Services for Older People: An Evaluation of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Elderly People (HoNOS65+) (United States)

    Gee, Susan B.; Croucher, Matthew J.; Beveridge, John


    The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) family of measures is routinely used in mental health services in the New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, the psychometric properties of the HoNOS65+ for elderly people have not been extensively evaluated. The aim of the present study was to examine the validity, reliability, and…

  9. Rasch Validation and Cross-validation of the Health of Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) for Monitoring of Psychiatric Disability in Traumatized Refugees in Western Psychiatric Care

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Palic, Sabina; Kappel, Michelle Lind; Makransky, Guido


    group. A revised 10-item HoNOS fit the Rasch model at pre-treatment, and also showed excellent fit within the cross-validation data. Culture, gender, and need for translation did not exert serious bias on the measure’s performance. The results establish good monitoring properties of the 10-item Ho...

  10. A new species of the genus Calliaxina Ngoc-Ho, 2003 from the South China Sea (Crustacea, Decapoda, Axiidea, Callianassidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wenliang Liu


    Full Text Available A new species of the genus Calliaxina Ngoc-Ho, 2003, C. xishaensis sp. n., collected from the South China Sea is described and illustrated. It is distinguishable from C. thomassini Ngoc-Ho, 2014 by having the rostrum broadly triangular with pointed tip and is distinguishable from C. novaebritanniae (Borradaile, 1900 and C. punica (de Saint Laurent & Manning, 1982 by the posterior margin of telson being convex. It is also the first record of this genus from the China seas. A key to the species of Calliaxina is given.

  11. Measurements of the sum of HO2NO2 and CH3O2NO2 in the remote troposphere

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. G. Murphy


    Full Text Available The chemistry of peroxynitric acid (HO2NO2 and methyl peroxynitrate (CH3O2NO2is predicted to be particularly important in the upper troposphere where temperatures are frequently low enough that these compounds do not rapidly decompose. At temperatures below 240K, we calculate that about 20% of NOy in the mid- and high-latitude upper troposphere is HO2NO2. Under these conditions, the reaction of OH with HO2NO2 is estimated to account for as much as one third of the permanent loss of hydrogen radicals. During the Tropospheric Ozone Production about the Spring Equinox (TOPSE campaign, we used thermal dissociation laser-induced fluorescence (TD-LIF to measure the sum of peroxynitrates (PNs HO2NO2+CH3O2NO2+PAN+PPN+... aboard the NCAR C-130 research aircraft. We infer the sum of HO2NO2 and CH3O2NO2 as the difference between PN measurements and gas chromatographic measurements of the two major peroxy acyl nitrates, peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN and peroxy propionyl nitrate (PPN. Comparison with NOy and other nitrogen oxide measurements confirms the importance of HO2NO2 and CH3O2NO2 to the reactive nitrogen budget and shows that current thinking about the chemistry of these species is approximately correct. During the spring high latitude conditions sampled during the TOPSE experiment, the model predictions of the contribution of (HO2NO2+CH3O2NO2 to NOy are highly temperature dependent: on average 30% of NOy at 230K, 15% of NOy at 240K, and 5% of NOy above 250K. The temperature dependence of the inferred concentrations corroborates the contribution of overtone photolysis to the photochemistry of peroxynitric acid. A model that includes IR photolysis (J=1x10-5s-1 agreed with the observed sum of HO2NO2+CH3O2NO2 to better than 35% below 240K where the concentration of these species is largest.

  12. Tm,Ho:YAG laser with tunable range of 2.08-2.12 microns and its applications to spectroscopy (United States)

    Asai, Kazuhiro; Itabe, Toshikazu


    In recent advanced lasers, 2 micron solid-state lasers such as Tm:YAG and Ho:YAG lasers are very attractive for laser radar remote sensing technologies because of eye safety, realizations of all solid-state laser pumped by diode laser and smaller dimension, tunability of lasing wavelength, possibility of coherent detection, etc. Featuring these advantages, 2 micron lasers have been candidated as laser transmitters for use in water vapor Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL), laser altimeter, Doppler wind sensor, Mie lidar, etc. Characterization of a tunable Cr, Tm, Ho:YAG laser and its applications to spectroscopy concerning absorption and reflectance are reported.

  13. Luteolin protects mice from severe acute pancreatitis by exerting HO-1-mediated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects (United States)

    Xiong, Jie; Wang, Kezhou; Yuan, Chunxiao; Xing, Rong; Ni, Jianbo; Hu, Guoyong; Chen, Fengling; Wang, Xingpeng


    Reseda odorata L. has long been used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of diseases associated with oxidative injury and acute inflammation, such as endotoxemia, acute lung injury, acute myocardial infarction and hepatitis. Luteolin, the main component of Reseda odorata L., which is also widely found in many natural herbs and vege tables, has been shown to induce heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) expression to exert anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. In this study, we aimed to examine the effects of luteolin on mice with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP), and to explore the underlying mechanisms. Cerulein and lipopolysaccharide were used to induce SAP in male Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) mice in the SAP group. The SAP group was divided into 4 subgroups, as follows: the vehicle, luteolin, zinc protoporphyrin (ZnPP) only, and luteolin (Lut) + ZnPP (luteolin plus zinc protoporphyrin treatment) groups. The wet/dry weight ratios, hematoxylin and eosin staining and pathological scores of pancreatic tissues were assessed and compared to those of the control mice. Amylase, lipase, nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) and myeloperoxidase activities, and malondialdehyde, tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα), interleukin (IL)-6, IL-10 and HO-1 levels, as well as the expression of HO-1 were determined in serum and/or pancreatic tissue samples. SAP was successfully induced in male mice compared to normal control mice. The wet/dry weight ratios, pathological scores, and amylase and lipase activity, as well as the levels of TNFα and IL-6 were significantly reduced in the pancreatic tissues of the mice in the Lut group compared with those of the mice in the vehicle group. The Lut group exhibited a significant increase in HO-1 expression in the pancreas and enhanced serum HO-1 and IL-10 levels compared with the vehicle group. The suppression of HO-1 activity in the ZnPP group significantly abolished the protective effects of luteolin. NF-κB expression in the pancreatic tissues

  14. Imaging Ca2+ with a Fluorescent Rhodol. (United States)

    Contractor, Alisha A; Miller, Evan W


    Ca2+ mediates a host of biochemical and biophysical signaling processes in cells. The development of synthetic, Ca2+-sensitive fluorophores has played an instrumental role in our understanding of the temporal and spatial dynamics of Ca2+. Coupling Ca2+-selective ligands to fluorescent reporters has provided a wealth of excellent indicators that span the visible excitation and emission spectrum and possess Ca2+ affinities suited to a variety of cellular contexts. One underdeveloped area is the use of hybrid rhodamine/fluorescein fluorophores, or rhodols, in the context of Ca2+ sensing. Rhodols are bright and photostable and have good two-photon absorption cross sections (σTPA), making them excellent candidates for incorporation into Ca2+-sensing scaffolds. Here, we present the design, synthesis, and application of rhodol Ca2+ sensor 1 (RCS-1), a chlorinated pyrrolidine-based rhodol. RCS-1 possesses a Ca2+ binding constant of 240 nM and a 10-fold turn response to Ca2+. RCS-1 effectively absorbs infrared light and has a σTPA of 76 GM at 840 nm, 3-fold greater than that of its fluorescein-based counterpart. The acetoxy-methyl ester of RCS-1 stains the cytosol of live cells, enabling observation of Ca2+ fluctuations and cultured neurons using both one- and two-photon illumination. Together, these results demonstrate the utility of rhodol-based scaffolds for Ca2+ sensing using two-photon illumination in neurons.

  15. Ca2+ Dependence of Synaptic Vesicle Endocytosis. (United States)

    Leitz, Jeremy; Kavalali, Ege T


    Ca(2+)-dependent synaptic vesicle recycling is essential for structural homeostasis of synapses and maintenance of neurotransmission. Although, the executive role of intrasynaptic Ca(2+) transients in synaptic vesicle exocytosis is well established, identifying the exact role of Ca(2+) in endocytosis has been difficult. In some studies, Ca(2+) has been suggested as an essential trigger required to initiate synaptic vesicle retrieval, whereas others manipulating synaptic Ca(2+) concentrations reported a modulatory role for Ca(2+) leading to inhibition or acceleration of endocytosis. Molecular studies of synaptic vesicle endocytosis, on the other hand, have consistently focused on the roles of Ca(2+)-calmodulin dependent phosphatase calcineurin and synaptic vesicle protein synaptotagmin as potential Ca(2+) sensors for endocytosis. Most studies probing the role of Ca(2+) in endocytosis have relied on measurements of synaptic vesicle retrieval after strong stimulation. Strong stimulation paradigms elicit fusion and retrieval of multiple synaptic vesicles and therefore can be affected by several factors besides the kinetics and duration of Ca(2+) signals that include the number of exocytosed vesicles and accumulation of released neurotransmitters thus altering fusion and retrieval processes indirectly via retrograde signaling. Studies monitoring single synaptic vesicle endocytosis may help resolve this conundrum as in these settings the impact of Ca(2+) on synaptic fusion probability can be uncoupled from its putative role on synaptic vesicle retrieval. Future experiments using these single vesicle approaches will help dissect the specific role(s) of Ca(2+) and its sensors in synaptic vesicle endocytosis. © The Author(s) 2015.

  16. An Inhibitory Effect of Extracellular Ca2+ on Ca2+-Dependent Exocytosis (United States)

    Wang, Yeshi; Chen, Xiaowei; Sun, Lei; Guo, Ning; Zheng, Hui; Zheng, Lianghong; Ruat, Martial; Han, Weiping; Zhang, Claire Xi; Zhou, Zhuan


    Aim Neurotransmitter release is elicited by an elevation of intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i). The action potential triggers Ca2+ influx through Ca2+ channels which causes local changes of [Ca2+]i for vesicle release. However, any direct role of extracellular Ca2+ (besides Ca2+ influx) on Ca2+-dependent exocytosis remains elusive. Here we set out to investigate this possibility on rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons and chromaffin cells, widely used models for studying vesicle exocytosis. Results Using photolysis of caged Ca2+ and caffeine-induced release of stored Ca2+, we found that extracellular Ca2+ inhibited exocytosis following moderate [Ca2+]i rises (2–3 µM). The IC50 for extracellular Ca2+ inhibition of exocytosis (ECIE) was 1.38 mM and a physiological reduction (∼30%) of extracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]o) significantly increased the evoked exocytosis. At the single vesicle level, quantal size and release frequency were also altered by physiological [Ca2+]o. The calcimimetics Mg2+, Cd2+, G418, and neomycin all inhibited exocytosis. The extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptor (CaSR) was not involved because specific drugs and knockdown of CaSR in DRG neurons did not affect ECIE. Conclusion/Significance As an extension of the classic Ca2+ hypothesis of synaptic release, physiological levels of extracellular Ca2+ play dual roles in evoked exocytosis by providing a source of Ca2+ influx, and by directly regulating quantal size and release probability in neuronal cells. PMID:22028769

  17. Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Moving towards a Circular Economy?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petra Schneider


    Full Text Available The paper presents the current situation of the waste management system of the megacity Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and the options for waste and land recycling in a low income country. Generally, there is a large potential for circular economy in the city as the main proportion of the waste flows are recyclables. Due to the missing selective collection system, this potential is not used in the full extend yet, even if the collection of the entire waste volumes is envisaged in the National Waste Management Strategy by 2025. The waste stocks are the landfill locations in the region of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, two of them being in operation and two of them already being closed. A special focus is given to the landfill Gò Cát, which was subject to an option analysis in terms of waste and land recycling options. The results indicate that there are several reuse options: the use of the landfill material in a waste-to-energy process after landfill mining, the reuse of the re-gained land in case of landfill mining, the reuse of the capped landfill for energy crop cultivation, and the gasification in a biogas plant in case of a remaining landfill.

  18. The flavanol (-)-epicatechin prevents stroke damage through the Nrf2/HO1 pathway. (United States)

    Shah, Zahoor A; Li, Rung-chi; Ahmad, Abdullah S; Kensler, Thomas W; Yamamoto, Masayuki; Biswal, Shyam; Doré, Sylvain


    Epidemiologic studies have shown that foods rich in polyphenols, such as flavanols, can lower the risk of ischemic heart disease; however, the mechanism of protection has not been clearly established. In this study, we investigated whether epicatechin (EC), a flavanol in cocoa and tea, is protective against brain ischemic damage in mice. Wild-type mice pretreated orally with 5, 15, or 30 mg/kg EC before middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) had significantly smaller brain infarcts and decreased neurologic deficit scores (NDS) than did the vehicle-treated group. Mice that were posttreated with 30 mg/kg of EC at 3.5 hours after MCAO also had significantly smaller brain infarcts and decreased NDS. Similarly, WT mice pretreated with 30 mg/kg of EC and subjected to N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-induced excitotoxicity had significantly smaller lesion volumes. Cell viability assays with neuronal cultures further confirmed that EC could protect neurons against oxidative insults. Interestingly, the EC-associated neuroprotection was mostly abolished in mice lacking the enzyme heme oxygenase 1 (HO1) or the transcriptional factor Nrf2, and in neurons derived from these knockout mice. These results suggest that EC exerts part of its beneficial effect through activation of Nrf2 and an increase in the neuroprotective HO1 enzyme.

  19. The flavanol (−)-epicatechin prevents stroke damage through the Nrf2/HO1 pathway (United States)

    Shah, Zahoor A; Li, Rung-chi; Ahmad, Abdullah S; Kensler, Thomas W; Yamamoto, Masayuki; Biswal, Shyam; Doré, Sylvain


    Epidemiologic studies have shown that foods rich in polyphenols, such as flavanols, can lower the risk of ischemic heart disease; however, the mechanism of protection has not been clearly established. In this study, we investigated whether epicatechin (EC), a flavanol in cocoa and tea, is protective against brain ischemic damage in mice. Wild-type mice pretreated orally with 5, 15, or 30 mg/kg EC before middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) had significantly smaller brain infarcts and decreased neurologic deficit scores (NDS) than did the vehicle-treated group. Mice that were posttreated with 30 mg/kg of EC at 3.5 hours after MCAO also had significantly smaller brain infarcts and decreased NDS. Similarly, WT mice pretreated with 30 mg/kg of EC and subjected to N-methyl-aspartate (NMDA)-induced excitotoxicity had significantly smaller lesion volumes. Cell viability assays with neuronal cultures further confirmed that EC could protect neurons against oxidative insults. Interestingly, the EC-associated neuroprotection was mostly abolished in mice lacking the enzyme heme oxygenase 1 (HO1) or the transcriptional factor Nrf2, and in neurons derived from these knockout mice. These results suggest that EC exerts part of its beneficial effect through activation of Nrf2 and an increase in the neuroprotective HO1 enzyme. PMID:20442725

  20. /sup 165/Ho(n,. gamma. ) standard cross section from 3 to 450 keV

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Macklin, R.L.


    The /sup 165/Ho(n, ..gamma..) cross section was measured at the Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator neutron time-of-flight facility. Nonhydrogenous scintillation detectors were used with pulse-height weighting to measure the prompt photon yield, normalized to the saturated 3.92-eV resonance in (/sup 165/Ho + n) and the shape of the /sup 6/Li(n,..cap alpha..) cross section. Resonance parameters for many of the observed peaks below 3 keV were determined by a nonlinear least-squares fit. The data to 100 keV were well fitted with energy-independent strength functions 10/sup 4/S/sup 0/ = 1.33 +- 0.14, 10/sup 4/S/sup 1/ = 1.36 +- 0.24, 10/sup 4/S/sub 2/ = 1.19 +- 0.76 and anti GAMMA/sub ..gamma../D/sub 0/ = 0.076/(3.23 +- 0.55 eV). The fluctuations of the cross section about the strength function fit are analyzed for 250-eV averages. The Wald-Wolfowitz ''Runs'' test is consistent with no additional nonrandom structure in the cross section. 3 figures, 1 table. (auth)

  1. Hořava-Lifshitz gravity from dynamical Newton-Cartan geometry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hartong, Jelle [Physique Théorique et Mathématique and International Solvay Institutes, Université Libre de Bruxelles,C.P. 231, 1050 Brussels (Belgium); Obers, Niels A. [The Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University,Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø (Denmark)


    Recently it has been established that torsional Newton-Cartan (TNC) geometry is the appropriate geometrical framework to which non-relativistic field theories couple. We show that when these geometries are made dynamical they give rise to Hořava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity. Projectable HL gravity corresponds to dynamical Newton-Cartan (NC) geometry without torsion and non-projectable HL gravity corresponds to dynamical NC geometry with twistless torsion (hypersurface orthogonal foliation). We build a precise dictionary relating all fields (including the scalar khronon), their transformations and other properties in both HL gravity and dynamical TNC geometry. We use TNC invariance to construct the effective action for dynamical twistless torsional Newton-Cartan geometries in 2+1 dimensions for dynamical exponent 1Hořava and Melby-Thompson as coming from the Bargmann extension of the local Galilean algebra that acts on the tangent space to TNC geometries. We argue that TNC geometry, which is manifestly diffeomorphism covariant, is a natural geometrical framework underlying HL gravity and discuss some of its implications.

  2. Návrh řídicího software pro RC soupravu


    Faltičko, Martin


    Diplomová práce se zabývá vývojem řídicího software pro profesionální modelářskou rádiovou soupravu. Jejím výstupem je funkční řešení, které uspokojí požadavky stávajících leteckých i jiných modelářů a je konkurenceschopné vzhledem k ostatním značkám rádiových souprav. V práci je zahrnut návrh a implementace uživatelského rozhraní spolu s požadovanými datovými strukturami. Dále jsou diskutovány možnosti použití základních algoritmů pro řízení leteckých modelů. This document deals with the ...

  3. Einstein’s quadrupole formula from the kinetic-conformal Hořava theory (United States)

    Bellorín, Jorge; Restuccia, Alvaro

    We analyze the radiative and nonradiative linearized variables in a gravity theory within the family of the nonprojectable Hořava theories, the Hořava theory at the kinetic-conformal point. There is no extra mode in this formulation, the theory shares the same number of degrees of freedom with general relativity. The large-distance effective action, which is the one we consider, can be given in a generally-covariant form under asymptotically flat boundary conditions, the Einstein-aether theory under the condition of hypersurface orthogonality on the aether vector. In the linearized theory, we find that only the transverse-traceless tensorial modes obey a sourced wave equation, as in general relativity. The rest of variables are nonradiative. The result is gauge-independent at the level of the linearized theory. For the case of a weak source, we find that the leading mode in the far zone is exactly Einstein’s quadrupole formula of general relativity, if some coupling constants are properly identified. There are no monopoles nor dipoles in this formulation, in distinction to the nonprojectable Horava theory outside the kinetic-conformal point. We also discuss some constraints on the theory arising from the observational bounds on Lorentz-violating theories.

  4. Contribution of the Heart of Borneo (HoB initiative towards botanical exploration in Sabah, Malaysia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suzana Sabran


    Full Text Available The Heart of   Borneo (HoB declaration is a conservation agreement initiated by WWF and signed by three countries, i.e., Brunei       Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia in Bali, Indonesia on 12th February 2007 to protect more than 23 million hectares of forested region on Borneo Island. These forested areas could be well protected when conservation management plan is in place. One of the crucial activities to facilitate the planning and formulation of conservation plan is to conduct  scientific expeditions that include botanical exploration. The primary objective of the expedition is to identify the key conservation targets within the forest reserves. For the past five years, several expeditions have been conducted by the Sabah Forestry Department under the auspices of the HoB project to explore various forest reserves with conservation issues within the Heart of Borneo area. This paper will present the findings which include plant richness, endemism and plant conservation status in each forest reserves that has been explored. 

  5. Vnitřní akustika osobního automobilu


    Prokšová, Lucie


    Práce se zabývá analýzou akustických vlastnosti vnitřního prostoru osobního automobilu pomocí metody konečných prvků. Součástí práce je analýza budicích účinků od jednotlivých zdrojů vibrací a vyhodnocení odezvy ve vnitřním akustickém prostoru kabiny se zaměřením na pasažéry vozidla a problematika návrhu vhodných konstrukčních úprav za účelem snížení hluku v kabině. The thesis is focused on the analysis of the acoustic properties of the interior of the passenger car by using the finite ele...

  6. Dielectric characteristics of HoFeO{sub 3} crystals and their modification on SHI irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bhat, Monita [Crystal Growth and Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 006 (India); Kaur, Balwinder [Crystal Growth and Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 006 (India); Kumar, Ravi [Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi (India); Khosa, S.K. [Crystal Growth and Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 006 (India); Bamzai, K.K. [Crystal Growth and Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 006 (India); Kotru, P.N. [Crystal Growth and Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Physics and Electronics, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 006 (India)]. E-mail:; Wanklyn, B.M. [Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University, Oxford OX1 3 PU (United Kingdom)


    Results on dielectric properties of flux grown HoFeO{sub 3} crystals and their modification on irradiation with 50 MeV Li{sup 3+} ion beam are reported. The dielectric constant ({epsilon}'), dielectric loss (tan {delta}) and conductivity ({sigma}) as a function of frequency of the applied ac field in the range 1 kHz-10 MHz and at temperatures ranging from 30 to 550 deg. C are analyzed for the unirradiated and irradiated crystals. The value of {epsilon}' decreases with frequency for all the temperatures. The rate at which {epsilon}' falls with increase in frequency (1 kHz-1 MHz) at each temperature in the range of 30-250 deg. C gets drastically reduced on irradiation of crystals with SHI. The peak value of dielectric constant depends on temperature and frequency. The relaxor type behaviour is observed for both unirradiated (UIR) and irradiated (IR) crystals with a shift in the peak temperature of irradiated crystal towards higher temperature for all frequencies. The relaxor character of HoFeO{sub 3} is strengthened on irradiation. This relaxor type behaviour is further elaborated using the theoretical fitting. The differences in the conductivity and activation energy for UIR and IR crystals are given. It is shown that irradiation affects the values of activation energies at all the frequencies in the range of 1 kHz-10 MHz.

  7. Role of the Nrf2/HO-1 axis in bronchopulmonary dysplasia and hyperoxic lung injuries. (United States)

    Amata, Emanuele; Pittalà, Valeria; Marrazzo, Agostino; Parenti, Carmela; Prezzavento, Orazio; Arena, Emanuela; Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad; Salerno, Loredana


    Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is a chronic illness that usually originates in preterm newborns. Generally, BPD is a consequence of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) which, in turn, comes from the early arrest of lung development and the lack of pulmonary surfactant. The need of oxygen therapy to overcome premature newborns' compromised respiratory function generates an increasing amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS), the onset of sustained oxidative stress (OS) status, and inflammation in the pulmonary alveoli deputies to respiratory exchanges. BPD is a severe and potentially life-threatening disorder that in the most serious cases, can open the way to neurodevelopmental delay. More importantly, there is no adequate intervention to hamper or treat BPD. This perspective article seeks to review the most recent and relevant literature describing the very early stages of BPD and hyperoxic lung injuries focussing on nuclear factor erythroid derived 2 (Nrf2)/heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) axis. Indeed, Nrf2/HO1 activation in response to OS induced lung injury in preterm concurs to the induction of certain number of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification pathways that seem to be more powerful than the activation of one single antioxidant gene. These elicited protective effects are able to counteract/mitigate all multifaceted aspects of the disease and may support novel approaches for the management of BPD. © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Portland Press Limited on behalf of the Biochemical Society.

  8. Condensation for non-relativistic matter in Hořava–Lifshitz gravity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiliang Jing


    Full Text Available We study condensation for non-relativistic matter in a Hořava–Lifshitz black hole without the condition of the detailed balance. We show that, for the fixed non-relativistic parameter α2 (or the detailed balance parameter ϵ, it is easier for the scalar hair to form as the parameter ϵ (or α2 becomes larger, but the condensation is not affected by the non-relativistic parameter β2. We also find that the ratio of the gap frequency in conductivity to the critical temperature decreases with the increase of ϵ and α2, but increases with the increase of β2. The ratio can reduce to the Horowitz–Roberts relation ωg/Tc≈8 obtained in the Einstein gravity and Cai's result ωg/Tc≈13 found in a Hořava–Lifshitz gravity with the condition of the detailed balance for the relativistic matter. Especially, we note that the ratio can arrive at the value of the BCS theory ωg/Tc≈3.5 by taking proper values of the parameters.

  9. Realizace hydraulického obvodu pomocí systému mikro-hydrauliky


    Pitaš, Martin


    Tato bakalářská práce má za jeden ze svých hlavních cílů praktickou realizaci hydraulického obvodu pomocí systému mikro-hydrauliky. Celá práce je rozdělena to tří hlavních částí. První část se zabývá rozdělením hydrauliky a výběrem vhodných prvků hydraulického obvodu a také jejich výhodností z hlediska financí. Druhá část je věnována konstrukci upevnění snímače polohy na lineární hydromotor, konstrukcí držáků pro hydraulické rozvaděče a hydrogenerátor. Třetí část popisuje samotný hydraulický ...

  10. The Calculation of Ho Production by indirect Method and Preparation of Polymeric Microsphere for Radioembolisation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choi, K. H.; Kim, J. B.; Park, U. J.; Cho, E. H.; Nam, S. S.; Yoo, K. M.; Jang, K. D. [KAERI, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    The reactor-produced radiolanthanides have been essential for development of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals because they emit proper beta energies to induce tumor necrosis. Some radiolanthanides are very useful in that they have the ability of simultaneous diagnosis and therapeutic effect. This nuclide with both capacities is called as theranostic nuclide. In general, radiolanthanides can be produced by (n,γ) and (n,γ)β reaction. Of the two reactions, (n,γ)β reaction-product, shows high specific activity which is important things to affect labeling yield, is suitable for preparing the radiophamaceuticals comprising the antibody or peptide. Some radiolanthanides show the good theranostic effect in that they have proper LET (Linear Energy Transfer) to induce apoptosis for cancer and gamma ray to use as a tracer for cancer diagnosis. Although Ho-166 has been studied for therapeutic purpose since early 1990, production has been limited to direct method. To inject Dy/Ho mixture into the microsphere, we first set-up the concepts which are prior metal-administration method and posterior administration method. The latter is shown in this paper. Metal inletting process was done by using alternating between vacuum and pressurization. To prevent the leak of metal ions from metal/microsphere hybrid, surface coating was done by using interfacial reaction between saline and THF contained Poly lactic acid. Surface coating is simply completed just swiveling the vial. All experiments in this study, we just only tested with cold state.

  11. Puente Cañas


    Luis Sáenz


    En la carretera de Trinidad a Cienfuegos, provincia de Las Villas (Cuba), se ha construido un puente isostático sobre el río Cañas, de hormigón pretensado, de tres tramos, cuya sección transversal es celular de tres tabiques formando un doble cajón. Los dos tramos laterales o accesos al central, de 15,5 m de luz cada uno, se han construido en voladizo respecto a los dos apoyos centrales. El tramo central salva un vano de 76 m.

  12. Puente Cañas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Sáenz


    Full Text Available En la carretera de Trinidad a Cienfuegos, provincia de Las Villas (Cuba, se ha construido un puente isostático sobre el río Cañas, de hormigón pretensado, de tres tramos, cuya sección transversal es celular de tres tabiques formando un doble cajón. Los dos tramos laterales o accesos al central, de 15,5 m de luz cada uno, se han construido en voladizo respecto a los dos apoyos centrales. El tramo central salva un vano de 76 m.

  13. Flood-inundation maps for the Saddle River in Ho-Ho-Kus Borough, the Village of Ridgewood, and Paramus Borough, New Jersey, 2013 (United States)

    Watson, Kara M.; Niemoczynski, Michal J.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 5.4-mile reach of the Saddle River in New Jersey from Hollywood Avenue in Ho-Ho-Kus Borough downstream through the Village of Ridgewood and Paramus Borough to the confluence with Hohokus Brook in the Village of Ridgewood were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The inundation maps, which can be accessed through the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Science Web site at, depict estimates of the areal extent and depth of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (stages) at the USGS streamgage on the Saddle River at Ridgewood, New Jersey (station 01390500). Current conditions for estimating near real-time areas of inundation using USGS streamgage information may be obtained on the Internet at or at the National Weather Services (NWS) Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) at In this study, flood profiles were computed for the stream reach by means of a one-dimensional step-backwater model. The model was calibrated by using the most current stage-discharge relation (March 11, 2011) at the USGS streamgage 01390500, Saddle River at Ridgewood, New Jersey. The hydraulic model was then used to compute 10 water-surface profiles for flood stages at 1-foot (ft) intervals referenced to the streamgage datum, North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88), and ranging from 5 ft, the NWS “action and minor flood stage”, to 14 ft, which is the maximum extent of the stage-discharge rating and 0.6 ft higher than the highest recorded water level at the streamgage. The simulated water-surface profiles were then combined with a geographic information system 3-meter (9.84-ft) digital elevation model derived from Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) data in order to delineate the area flooded

  14. HO-1 gene overexpression enhances the beneficial effects of superparamagnetic iron oxide labeled bone marrow stromal cells transplantation in swine hearts underwent ischemia/reperfusion: an MRI study. (United States)

    Jiang, Yibo; Chen, Lijuan; Tang, Yaoliang; Ma, Genshan; Shen, Chengxing; Qi, Chunmei; Zhu, Qi; Yao, Yuyu; Liu, Naifeng


    To determine the effect of intracoronary transfer of superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) labeled heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) overexpressed bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) in a porcine myocardial ischemia/reperfusion model. Cell apoptosis was assayed and supernatant cytokine concentrations were measured in BMSCs that underwent hypoxia/reoxygen in vitro. Female mini-swines that underwent 1 h LAD occlusion followed by 1 h reperfusion were randomly allocated to receive intracoronary saline (control), 1 x 10(7) SPIO-labeled BMSCs transfected with pcDNA3.1-Lacz plasmid (Lacz-BMSCs), pcDNA3.1-human HO-1 (HO-1-BMSCs), pcDNA3.1-hHO-1 pretreated with a HO inhibitor, tin protoporphyrin (SnPP, n = 10 each). MRI and postmortem histological analysis were made at 1 week or 3 months thereafter. Post hypoxia/reoxygen in vitro, apoptosis was significantly reduced, supernatant VEGF significantly increased while TNF-alpha and IL-6 significantly reduced in HO-1-BMSCs group compared with Lacz-BMSCs group (all p < 0.05). Myocardial expression of VEGF was significantly higher in HO-1-BMSCs than in Lacz-BMSCs group at 1 week post transplantation (all p < 0.05). Signal voids induced by the SPIO were detected in the peri-infarction region in all BMSC groups at 1 week but not at 3 months post transplantation and the extent of the hypointense signal was the highest in HO-1-BMSCs group, and histological analysis showed that signal voids represented cardiac macrophages that engulfed the SPIO-labeled BMSCs. Pretreatment with SnPP significantly attenuated the beneficial effects of HO-1-BMSCs. Transplantation of HO-1-overexpressed BMSCs significantly enhanced the beneficial effects of BMSCs on improving cardiac function in this model.

  15. Measurement of thermal neutron capture cross-section and resonance integral for the {sup 165}Ho(n,γ){sup 166g}Ho reaction by the activation method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zolghadri, Samaneh [Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory (RRDL), Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran 14395-836 (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Yousefnia, Hassan, E-mail: [Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory (RRDL), Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran 14395-836 (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Afarideh, Hossein [Department of Physics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Bahrami-Samani, Ali; Jalilian, A.R.; Ghannadi-Maragheh, Mohammad [Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory (RRDL), Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran 14395-836 (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    The thermal neutron capture cross-section and resonance integral for the {sup 165}Ho(n,γ){sup 166}Ho reaction were measured experimentally by the activation method. Holmium oxide, manganese oxide and cobalt oxide powders, all dissolved in a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, were irradiated within and without cadmium covers in the Tehran Research Reactor. The measured value of the thermal neutron cross-section relative to the {sup 55}Mn(n,γ){sup 56}Mn and {sup 59}Co(n,γ){sup 60}Co monitor reactions (with thermal neutron cross-section of 13.3 ± 0.1b and 37.18 ± 0.06b) was 58.6 ± 1.8b. The result was in a good agreement with the most previously reported values. Also the resonance integral was determined relative to the {sup 55}Mn(n,γ){sup 56}Mn and {sup 59}Co(n,γ){sup 60}Co monitor reactions with the reference value of 14.0 ± 0.3 and 75.9 ± 2.0, respectively. The measured resonance integral of the {sup 165}Ho(n,γ){sup 166}Ho reaction at the cadmium cut-off energy of 0.55 eV was 650 ± 31. The result was measured with high precision and compared with other measurements in the literature.

  16. Family of defect-dicubane Ni4Ln2 (Ln = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho) and Ni4Y2 complexes: rare Tb(III) and Ho(III) examples showing SMM behavior. (United States)

    Zhao, Lang; Wu, Jianfeng; Ke, Hongshan; Tang, Jinkui


    Reactions of Ln(III) perchlorate (Ln = Gd, Tb, Dy, and Ho), NiCl2·6H2O, and a polydentate Schiff base resulted in the assembly of novel isostructural hexanuclear Ni4Ln2 complexes [Ln = Gd (1), Tb (2), Dy (3), Ho (4)] with an unprecedented 3d-4f metal topology consisting of two defect-dicubane units. The corresponding Ni4Y2 (5) complex containing diamagnetic Y(III) atoms was also isolated to assist the magnetic studies. Interestingly, complexes 2 and 3 exhibit SMM characteristics and 4 shows slow relaxation of the magnetization. The absence of frequency-dependent in-phase and out-of-phase signals for the Ni-Y species suggests that the Ln ions' contribution to the slow relaxation must be effectual as previously observed in other Ni-Dy samples. However, the observation of χ″ signals with zero dc field for the Ni-Tb and Ni-Ho derivatives is notable. Indeed, this is the first time that such a behavior is observed in the Ni-Tb and Ni-Ho complexes.

  17. Multiple Ca2+ sensors in secretion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Walter, Alexander M; Groffen, Alexander J; Sørensen, Jakob Balslev


    Regulated neurotransmitter secretion depends on Ca(2+) sensors, C2 domain proteins that associate with phospholipids and soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion attachment protein receptor (SNARE) complexes to trigger release upon Ca(2+) binding. Ca(2+) sensors are thought to prevent spontaneous...... fusion at rest (clamping) and to promote fusion upon Ca(2+) activation. At least eight, often coexpressed, Ca(2+) sensors have been identified in mammals. Accumulating evidence suggests that multiple Ca(2+) sensors interact, rather than work autonomously, to produce the complex secretory response...... observed in neurons and secretory cells. In this review, we present several working models to describe how different sensors might be arranged to mediate synchronous, asynchronous and spontaneous neurotransmitter release. We discuss the scenario that different Ca(2+) sensors typically act on one shared...

  18. Ajateenistusest, ausalt! / Kim Järvepõld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Järvepõld, Kim


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke, 9. apr. 2007, lk. 7. Autor leiab, et põhiseaduslik nõue, mille järgi on kõik Eesti kodanikud kohustatud osa võtma riigikaitsest, pole vastavuses tegeliku olukorraga, ning arvab, et kohustuslik ajateenistus tuleb kaotada või viia kooskõlla põhiseadusega


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    development of the L2 (Duncan, 1989, McLaughlin and Robbins, 1994). Information regarding the expected sequence of development of the L2 is therefore necessary in order for appropriate grading of structures in syllabi as well as for accurate selection of appropriate teaching goals for particular groups of learners.

  20. Retarderi na teškim vozilima

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joško Rapanić


    Full Text Available The objective of all the braking systems fitted in vehicles isto reduce the speed, as well as to keep them at a standstill. Inorder to increase the active road traffic safety, the experts inthe leading vehicle manufacturer companies are trying from day to day to find a more efficient solution of the highest possiblequality. Braking problems, i.e. problems of stopping the vehiclesare closely related to time, forces, momentum, mass andother physical quantities. This is best seen in the braking ofheavy duty vehicles, trucks, buses, where the braking efficacyis questionable due to high inertia forces caused by heavyweight and more recently relatively high speeds. Such vehiclesare fitted with system of brakes that operate on compressed airor combination of pneumatics and hydraulics, since the driverhas not got enough power to achieve appropriate braking effect.However, the biggest problems occur by trucks runningdownhill, when the braking system is operated continuously fora longer period of time. This causes heating and overheating ofthe system elements ("fading", thus reducing the braking effect.In extreme cases, particularly if the system is poorly maintained,it can eventually fail completely.Because of the mentioned reasons for difficulties in brakingof trucks, such vehicles have been recently fitted with anauxiliary slow-down system. This system is completely independentfromthe main one on the wheels and is used exclusivelyfor slowing down or for maintaining of speed.

  1. Preparation of {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis biotin as a system of In vivo generator; Preparacion de {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis biotina como un sistema de generador In vivo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jimenez V, M.R


    The objective of this work was to synthesize the complex {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho - diethylen triamine pentaacetic-bis Biotin ({sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis Biotin) to evaluate its potential as a new radiopharmaceutical in directed radiotherapy. The Dysprosium-166 was obtained for neutron irradiation of {sup 164} Dy{sub 2}0{sub 3} in the TRIGA Mark III reactor. The labelled was carried out in aqueous solution to p H 8.0 for addition of {sup 166} Dy Cl{sub 3} to the diethylen triamine pentaacetic-{alpha}, {omega}-bis Biotin (DTPA-bis Biotin). The radiochemical purity was determined for HPLC and ITLC. The biological integrity of the marked biotin is evaluated by the biological recognition of the avidin for HPLC - molecular exclusion with and without avidin addition. The studies of stability in vitro were made in dilutions of saline solution to 0.9% and with human serum at 37 C incubated 1 and 24 hours. The complex {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis Biotin was obtained with a radiochemical purity of 99.1 {+-} 0.6%. The biological recognition of the complex {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis Biotin for the avidin it doesn't affect the labelling procedure. The studies in vitro demonstrated that the {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis Biotin is stable after the dilution in saline solution and in human serum that there is not translocation of the one radionuclide subsequent son to the beta decay of the {sup 166} Dy that could produce the {sup 166} Ho{sup 3+} liberation. The studies of Biodistribution in healthy mice demonstrated that the one complex {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho DTPA-bis Biotin have a high renal distribution. In conclusion the radiolabelled biotin in this investigation has the appropriate properties to be used as an In vivo generator system stable for directed radiotherapy. (Author)

  2. Algoritmy bezsnímačového řízení synchronního motoru s permanentními magnety


    Veselý, Libor


    V rámci disertační práce byly řešeny algoritmy bezsnímačového řízení pro synchronní motory s permanentními magnety. Pro odhad rychlosti a polohy rotoru v oblasti vyšších otáček byl testován algoritmus založený na struktuře MRAS. Dále byl ověřen klasický přístup, využívající algoritmu rozšířené Kalmanovy filtrace pro odhad polohy a otáček za předpokladu konstantních otáček rotoru, jakož i modifikace modelu uvažující proměnné otáčky. Tyto algoritmy nejsou schopny pracovat v pásmu nízkých otáček...

  3. Odsíření práškového granulačního kotle K3 na Tp Olomouc


    Kozumplík, Ondřej


    Cílem práce je návrh odsiřovacího zařízení pro práškový granulační kotel K3 v Teplárně Olomouc. V tomto kotli se spaluje černé uhlí, které obsahuje síru. Emise SOx na výstupu z kotle jsou mnohem vyšší než emisní limit pro SOx, který vstoupí v platnost 1.1.2016. Z tohoto důvodu je nutno přistavět odsiřovací zařízení, díky kterému dojde k výraznému snížení emisí SOx a splnění emisních limitů. Práce je rozdělena na dvě části - teoretickou a praktickou. V teoretické části jsou uvedeny emisní limi...

  4. Non–Ca2+-conducting Ca2+ channels in fish skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling (United States)

    Schredelseker, Johann; Shrivastav, Manisha; Dayal, Anamika; Grabner, Manfred


    During skeletal muscle excitation-contraction (EC) coupling, membrane depolarizations activate the sarcolemmal voltage-gated L-type Ca2+ channel (CaV1.1). CaV1.1 in turn triggers opening of the sarcoplasmic Ca2+ release channel (RyR1) via interchannel protein–protein interaction to release Ca2+ for myofibril contraction. Simultaneously to this EC coupling process, a small and slowly activating Ca2+ inward current through CaV1.1 is found in mammalian skeletal myotubes. The role of this Ca2+ influx, which is not immediately required for EC coupling, is still enigmatic. Interestingly, whole-cell patch clamp experiments on freshly dissociated skeletal muscle myotubes from zebrafish larvae revealed the lack of such Ca2+ currents. We identified two distinct isoforms of the pore-forming CaV1.1α1S subunit in zebrafish that are differentially expressed in superficial slow and deep fast musculature. Both do not conduct Ca2+ but merely act as voltage sensors to trigger opening of two likewise tissue-specific isoforms of RyR1. We further show that non-Ca2+ conductivity of both CaV1.1α1S isoforms is a common trait of all higher teleosts. This non-Ca2+ conductivity of CaV1.1 positions teleosts at the most-derived position of an evolutionary trajectory. Though EC coupling in early chordate muscles is activated by the influx of extracellular Ca2+, it evolved toward CaV1.1-RyR1 protein–protein interaction with a relatively small and slow influx of external Ca2+ in tetrapods. Finally, the CaV1.1 Ca2+ influx was completely eliminated in higher teleost fishes. PMID:20212109

  5. Temporal monitoring of intracellular Ca2+ signaling and origins of Ca2+ oscillations


    Webb, Dominic-Luc


    This thesis examined parameters influencing stimulated cytoplasmic free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) oscillations in hepatocytes and pancreatic beta-cells. Hepatic glucose output is regulated in part by hormones such as vasopressin that act through [Ca 2+]i oscillations. Pulsatile [Ca2+]i in beta-cells parallels insulin secretion and this results in potently controlled blood glucose homeostasis. Employing temporal [Ca2+]i measurements and related biochemical assays, efforts ...

  6. An Efficient Single Frequency Ho:YLF Laser for IPDA Lidar Applications (United States)

    Yu, J.; Bai, Y.; Wong, T.; Reithmeier, K.; Petros, M.


    A highly efficient, versatile, single frequency 2-micron pulsed laser can be used in a pulsed Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) / Integrated Path Differential Absorption (IPDA) instrument to make precise, high-resolution measurements to investigate sources and sinks of CO2. For a direct detection IPDA lidar, the desired 2 ?m Ho:YLF laser should generate 30-40 mJ pulses at the repetition rate of 100 to 200 Hz, with short pulse length (laser in-band pumped Ho:YLF laser has been developed to meet this technical challenge. This Ho:YLF laser is designed in a four mirror ring resonator with bow tie configuration, which helps to obtain high beam quality. It is end-pumped by a 40 W linearly polarized Tm fiber laser at 1.94µm. The resonator length is 1.10 meters with output coupler reflectivity at 45%. The laser crystal size is 3 x 3 x 60 mm (w, h, l) with a doping concentration of 0.5% Holmium. The laser beam and pump beam are mode-matched in the active medium. Thus, the pump and laser beams have the same confocal parameters. Mode-matching is also helpful for operating the laser in a single transverse mode. The laser beam waist is slightly less than 0.5 mm at the center of the laser crystal. Based on quasi-four level modeling, pump absorption and saturation depend on laser intensity. Laser amplification and saturation also depend on the pump intensity in the crystal. The laser is injection seeded to obtain the single frequency required by an IPDA lidar measurement. The seed beam is entered into the resonator through an output coupler. The laser is mounted on a water cooled optical bench for stable and reliable operation. The size of the optical bench is 22.16 x 9.20 x 1.25 inches. It is stiffened so that the laser can be operated in any orientation of the optical bench. This packaged Ho:YLF laser is designed for either mobile trailer or airborne platform operation. The engineering prototype Ho:YLF laser has been fully characterized to demonstrate laser performance

  7. Ho co-doped Na(Y1·5Na0·5)F6 nanorods

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Among these trivalent RE ions, Ho3+ is of great interest as a result of its abundant energy levels, which are corresponding to the wide emissions spanning from ultraviolet to infrared. However, most of the researches are mainly focused on visi- ble UC emissions (Martín et al 1998) and few investigations with attention paid ...

  8. Production porcine dans les fermes d'Etat à Ho-Chi-Minh Ville/Viet-nam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franceschetto, ML.


    Full Text Available Pig production in State farms at Ho-Chi-Minh Ville. Vietnam. An inquiry carried out in Guinea has revealed that the disappearance of trypanotolerance within some local N'Dama cattle can not be attributed to the vaccination campaign initiated against infectious bovine pleuropneumonia but to diverse environmental and animal management factors prevalant in these areas.

  9. Commercial real estate investment in Ho Chi Minh City: a level playing field for foreign and domestic investors?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nguyen, T.B.; Krabben, E. van der; Samsura, D.A.A.


    In Vietnam, similarly to other countries with the same system, transformation of the economy from one based on central planning into one founded on market principles, provides incomplete property rights in land and property markets. Nonetheless, cities like Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) are experiencing

  10. Výběr informačního systému pro elektronický obchod


    Parimucha, Petr


    Tato diplomová práce se zabývá výběrem informačního systému pro elektronický obchod Předmětem prodeje jsou bytové dekorace - samolepky na zeď vyráběné na míru. V první části je představena firma, výrobek a nastíněna analýza současného stavu informačního systému s důrazem na sestavení specifikace požadavků. Na tomto základě jsou pak porovnány jednotlivé informační systémy, které se dostaly do užšího výběru. Stěžejní částí je ekonomické srovnání informačních systémů, jak z hlediska p...

  11. Glutaredoxin 1 (GRX1) inhibits oxidative stress and apoptosis of chondrocytes by regulating CREB/HO-1 in osteoarthritis. (United States)

    Sun, Jie; Wei, Xuelei; Lu, Yandong; Cui, Meng; Li, Fangguo; Lu, Jie; Liu, Yunjiao; Zhang, Xi


    GRX1 (glutaredoxin1), a sulfhydryl disulfide oxidoreductase, is involved in many cellular processes, including anti-oxidation, anti-apoptosis, and regulation of cell differentiation. However, the role of GRX1 in the oxidative stress and apoptosis of osteoarthritis chondrocytes remains unclear, prompting the current study. Protein and mRNA expressions were measured by Western blot and RT-qPCR. Oxidative stress was detected by the measurement of MDA and SOD contents. Cells apoptosis were detected by Annexin V-FITC/PI and caspase-3 activity assays. We found that the mRNA and protein expressions of GRX1 were significantly down-regulated in osteoarthritis tissues and cells. GRX1 overexpression increased the mRNA and protein expression of CREB and HO-1. Meanwhile, GRX1 overexpression inhibited oxidative stress and apoptosis in osteoarthritis chondrocytes. Furthermore, we found that GRX1 overexpression regulated HO-1 by increasing CREB, and that HO-1 regulated oxidative stress and apoptosis in osteoarthritis chondrocytes. Thus, GRX1 overexpression constrains oxidative stress and apoptosis in osteoarthritis chondrocytes by regulating CREB/HO-1, providing a novel insight into the molecular mechanism and potential treatment of osteoarthritis. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  12. Uric Acid-Induced Adipocyte Dysfunction Is Attenuated by HO-1 Upregulation: Potential Role of Antioxidant Therapy to Target Obesity (United States)

    Sodhi, Komal; Hilgefort, Jordan; Banks, George; Gilliam, Chelsea; Stevens, Sarah; Ansinelli, Hayden A.; Getty, Morghan; Abraham, Nader G.; Shapiro, Joseph I.


    Increased uric acid levels have been implicated in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome. To examine the mechanisms by which this occurs, we hypothesized that an increase in heme oxygenase 1, a potent antioxidant gene, will decrease uric acid levels and adipocyte dysfunction via suppression of ROS and xanthine oxidase (XO) levels. We examined the effect of uric acid on adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the presence and absence of cobalt protoporphyrin (CoPP), an HO-1 inducer, and tin mesoporphyrin (SnMP), an HO activity inhibitor. Uric acid increased adipogenesis by increasing NADPH oxidase expression and elevation in the adipogenesis markers C/EBPα, PPARγ, and Mest, while decreasing small lipid droplets and Wnt10b levels. We treated MSCs with fructose, a fuel source that increases uric acid levels. Our results showed that fructose increased XO expression as compared to the control and concomitant treatment with CoPP significantly decreased XO expression and uric acid levels. These beneficial effects of CoPP were reversed by SnMP, supporting a role for HO activity in mediating these effects. These findings demonstrate that increased levels of HO-1 appear crucial in modulating the phenotype of adipocytes exposed to uric acid and in downregulating XO and NADPH oxidase levels. PMID:26681956

  13. Uric Acid-Induced Adipocyte Dysfunction Is Attenuated by HO-1 Upregulation: Potential Role of Antioxidant Therapy to Target Obesity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Komal Sodhi


    Full Text Available Increased uric acid levels have been implicated in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome. To examine the mechanisms by which this occurs, we hypothesized that an increase in heme oxygenase 1, a potent antioxidant gene, will decrease uric acid levels and adipocyte dysfunction via suppression of ROS and xanthine oxidase (XO levels. We examined the effect of uric acid on adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs in the presence and absence of cobalt protoporphyrin (CoPP, an HO-1 inducer, and tin mesoporphyrin (SnMP, an HO activity inhibitor. Uric acid increased adipogenesis by increasing NADPH oxidase expression and elevation in the adipogenesis markers C/EBPα, PPARγ, and Mest, while decreasing small lipid droplets and Wnt10b levels. We treated MSCs with fructose, a fuel source that increases uric acid levels. Our results showed that fructose increased XO expression as compared to the control and concomitant treatment with CoPP significantly decreased XO expression and uric acid levels. These beneficial effects of CoPP were reversed by SnMP, supporting a role for HO activity in mediating these effects. These findings demonstrate that increased levels of HO-1 appear crucial in modulating the phenotype of adipocytes exposed to uric acid and in downregulating XO and NADPH oxidase levels.

  14. Data on HO-1 and CD200 protein secretion during T-cells and mesenchymal stromal cells co-cultures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Fayyad-Kazan


    Full Text Available In this Data in Brief, we have provided data describing the secretion profile of two main immunoregulatory proteins, heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1 and CD200, from bone marrow (BM, Wharton׳s Jelly (WJ or adipose tissue (AT mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs being cultivated either in the absence or presence of activated T-cells. Whilst HO-1 is a stress-responsive enzyme displaying diverse cytoprotective effects, CD200 is a membrane glycoprotein delivering immunoregulatory signals following interaction with its receptor (CD200R. Using Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA techniques, these data are presented to show distinct constitutive secretion of both HO-1 and CD200 depending on MSC types. The data presented also demonstrate that the protein levels of HO-1 and CD200 are differentially modulated during co-culture with activated T-cells. All assays were carried out in triplicates and the mean values are reported. The data presented in this article are complementary to our previously published report entitled “The Immunomodulatory Potential of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: A Story of a Regulatory Network.” [1].

  15. Ultra-wideband all-fiber tunable Tm/Ho-co-doped laser at 2 μm. (United States)

    Xue, Guanghui; Zhang, Bin; Yin, Ke; Yang, Weiqiang; Hou, Jing


    We demonstrate an all-fiber tunable Tm/Ho-codoped laser operating in the 2 μm wavelength region. The wavelength tuning range of the Tm/Ho-codoped fiber laser (THFL) with 1-m length of Tm/Ho-codoped fiber (THDF) was from 1727 nm to 2030 nm. Efficient short wavelength operation and ultra-wide wavelength tuning range of 303 nm were both achieved. To the best of our knowledge, this is the broadest tuning range that has been reported for an all-fiber rare-earth-doped laser to date. By increasing the THDF length to 2 m, the obtainable wavelength of the THFL was further red-shifted to the range from 1768 nm to 2071 nm. The output power of the THFL was scaled up from 1810 nm to 2010 nm by using a stage of Tm/Ho-codoped fiber amplifier (THFA), which exhibited the maximum slope efficiency of 42.6% with output power of 408 mW at 1910 nm.

  16. Synthesis and characterization of Ln,Yb:BaGdF5 (Ln = Er, Ho) nanocrystals by hydrothermal method (United States)

    Hu, Hongliang; Xiao, Liguang; Zhang, Xuejian


    The Er,Yb: BaGdF5 and Ho,Yb: BaGdF5 nanocrystal materials with the narrow particle size distribution was synthesized by a hydrothermal method at 180°C for 24 h. The phase structure and fluorescence properties were investigated by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and up-conversion spectroscopy, respectively. The phase composition does not change with increasing the pH value, leading to the formation of a pure phase BaGdF5, while the solution was turbid state. The products show a good crystallinity, dispersion and uniform particle size distribution. Under the LD excitation at 980 nm, Er,Yb: BaGdF5 and Ho,Yb: BaGdF5 nanocrystal materials were researched in the visible range of the fluorescence spectrum. Er,Yb: BaGdF5 nanocrystals were achieved the launch of green, blue, and red. Ho,Yb: BaGdF5 nanocrystal with green and red light output were realized. The light-emitting belong to the two-photon transition process. And the possible mechanism for the corresponding up-conversion luminescence was also discussed. The Er,Yb: BaGdF5 and Ho,Yb: BaYbF5 nanocrystals with the narrow particle size distribution have potential applications in biological field as luminescence probes.

  17. High-field magnetization in Ho{sub 1-x}Er{sub x}Ga{sub 2} single crystals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andreev, A.V. [Permanent Magnets Laboratory, Ural State University, 620083, Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation); Baranov, N.V. [Permanent Magnets Laboratory, Ural State University, 620083, Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation); Markin, P.E. [Permanent Magnets Laboratory, Ural State University, 620083, Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation); Aruga Katori, H. [Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Roppongi 7-22-1, Tokoyo 106 (Japan); Goto, T. [Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Roppongi 7-22-1, Tokoyo 106 (Japan); Nakotte, H. [Van der Waals-Zeeman Laboratorium, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Valckenierstraat 65, 1018 XE, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Radwanski, R.J. [Center for Solid State Physics, Sw. Filip 5, 31-150, Krakow (Poland)]|[Institute for Physics and Informatics, Pedagogical University, 30-084, Krakow (Poland); Kim-Ngan, N.H. [Center for Solid State Physics, Sw. Filip 5, 31-150, Krakow (Poland)


    The hexagonal antiferromagnetic compounds HoGa{sub 2} and ErGa{sub 2} exhibit large anisotropy with two metamagnetic-like transitions in external magnetic fields applied along the easy direction: at 1.7 and 2.4 T along the a-axis for HoGa{sub 2}, and at 0.7 and 2.0 T along the c-axis for ErGa{sub 2}. Magnetization measurements in high fields up to 40 T have been performed on single crystals of the substituted compounds Ho{sub 1-x}Er{sub x}Ga{sub 2} (x=0, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6). In HoGa{sub 2}, above the metamagnetic-transition fields, the a-axis magnetic moment increases slowly and reaches the value of 9.75{mu}{sub B} at 40 T, whereas along the c-axis it sharply rises but to a much lower value, of 7{mu}{sub B} only. In substituted compounds, besides the c-axis transition around 6 T, an additional transition appears at 18-19 T along the a-axis. The transition-field values were found to decrease slightly with increasing Er content for both transitions. ((orig.)).

  18. Application of N-Quinoline-2-carboxamido-8-aminoquinoline in Fabrication of a Ho(III-PVC Membrane Sensor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassan Ali Zamani


    Full Text Available The N-quinoline-2-carboxamido-8-aminoquinoline (QCA was used as a suitable ion carrier in the construction of a Ho(III PVC-based membrane sensor. This sensor demonstrated good selectivity and sensitivity towards the holmium ion for a broad variety of cations, including alkali, alkaline earth, transition and heavy metal ions. The proposed electrode exhibits a linear dynamic range between 1.0×10-6 and 1.0×10-2 M, with a near Nernstian slope of 20.4±0.3 mV per decade and a detection limit of 4.2×10-7 M. The best performance was obtained with a membrane composition of 30% poly(vinyl chloride, 56% nitrobenzene, 2% sodium tetraphenyl borate, 10% oleic acid and 2% QCA. The potentiometric response of the constructed electrode is pH independent in the range of 2.4-7.4. The sensor possesses the advantages of short conditioning time, fast response time (∼ 5 s and especially, good selectivity towards transition and heavy metal and some mono, di and trivalent cations. The Ho3+ sensor was successfully applied as an indicator electrode in the potentiometric titration of Ho(III ions with EDTA. The electrode was also used for the determination of Ho3+ ions in mixtures of different ions and the determination of the fluoride ion in mouth wash solutions.

  19. Powdery Mildew Resistance in Wheat Cultivar Mv Hombár is Conferred by a New Gene, PmHo. (United States)

    Komáromi, Judit; Jankovics, Tünde; Fábián, Attila; Puskás, Katalin; Zhang, Zengyan; Zhang, Miao; Li, Hongjie; Jäger, Katalin; Láng, László; Vida, Gyula


    A new powdery mildew resistance gene designated as PmHo was identified in 'Mv Hombár' winter wheat, bred in Martonvásár, Hungary. It has exhibited a high level of resistance over the last two decades. Genetic mapping of recombinant inbred lines derived from the cross 'Ukrainka'/Mv Hombár located this gene on chromosome 2AL. The segregation ratio and consistent effect in all environments indicated that PmHo is a major dominant powdery mildew resistance gene. The race-specific nature of resistance in Mv Hombár was shown by the emergence of a single virulent pathotype designated as 51-Ho. This pathotype was, to some extent, able to infect Mv Hombár, developing visible symptoms with sporulating colonies. Microscopic studies revealed that, in incompatible interactions, posthaustorial hypersensitivity reaction was the most prevalent but not exclusive plant defense response in Mv Hombár, and fungal growth was mostly arrested during haustorium formation or in the early stages of colony development. The delayed fungal development of the virulent pathotype 51-Ho may be explained by additional effects of other loci that were also involved in the powdery mildew resistance of Mv Hombár.

  20. Insights in public health: Community strengthening through canoe culture: Ho'omana'o Mau as method and metaphor. (United States)

    Ho-Lastimosa, Ilima; Hwang, Phoebe W; Lastimosa, Bob


    Historical trauma occurs across generations and is evidenced by indigenous disparities. Efforts made to address this issue commonly utilize European ethnocentric methods. Rather, a community-based approach should be used to empower indigenous communities. God's Country Waimanalo (GCW) is a grassroots organization developed by Native Hawaiians for Native Hawaiians. Its wa'a (canoe) project, Ho'omana'o Mau (everlasting memories; abbreviated Ho'o) is meant to perpetuate pre-colonial Hawaiian practices by educating Native Hawaiian communities and its partners through hands on experience. Since 2012, GCW has opened its wa'a curricula to educators, counselors, and students from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Queen Lili'uokalani Children's Center, Alu Like, Hina Mauka, and the Youth Correctional Facility and contributed to Waimanalo based events such as funeral ash scattering and the papio fishing tournament. As metaphor, Ho'o is viewed as the catalyst to engage the next generation of Hawaiians to remember where they descend from, the lineage of chiefs and royalty, while establishing a solid foundation of independence and enhancing their ability to become self-sustaining. As a method, Ho'o is viewed as a classroom, a hands-on learning environment, and an ocean vessel, assembled according to traditional Hawaiian knowledge. Through this knowledge and practice, both indigenous and non-indigenous communities can work together in empowering Native Hawaiians to overcome historical trauma and reduce health disparities.

  1. Direct observation of low energy nuclear spin excitations in HoCrO3 by high resolution neutron spectroscopy. (United States)

    Chatterji, T; Jalarvo, N; Kumar, C M N; Xiao, Y; Brückel, Th


    We have investigated low energy nuclear spin excitations in the strongly correlated electron compound HoCrO3. We observe clear inelastic peaks at E = 22.18 ± 0.04 μeV in both energy loss and gain sides. The energy of the inelastic peaks remains constant in the temperature range 1.5-40 K at which they are observed. The intensity of the inelastic peak increases at first with increasing temperature and then decreases at higher temperatures. The temperature dependence of the energy and intensity of the inelastic peaks is very unusual compared to that observed in other Nd, Co, V and also simple Ho compounds. Huge quasielastic scattering appears at higher temperatures presumably due to the fluctuating electronic moments of the Ho ions that get increasingly disordered at higher temperatures. The strong quasielastic scattering may also originate in the first Ho crystal-field excitations at about 1.5 meV.

  2. SURMAT : decision support tool to select municipal solid waste treatment technologies : case study in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Thi, Le K.O.


    The aim of this thesis is to enable taking more sustainable and cost-effective decisions on MSW management in developing cities. For this purpose, a tool named SURMAT was developed and applied using data of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (chapter 6). In order to prepare the tool for modeling of the MSW

  3. Structural, optical, and electrical characteristics of AlN:Ho thin films irradiated with 700 keV protons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Usman, Muhammad, E-mail: [Experimental Physics Laboratories, National Centre for Physics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (Pakistan); Naeem, M., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus, Karachi (Pakistan); Hassan, Najam ul [School of Material Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing (China); Maqbool, Muhammad [Department of Physics & Astronomy, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306 (United States); Ahmad, Iftikhar [Department of Physics, University of Malakand, Chakdara (Pakistan); Ahmad, Ishaq [Experimental Physics Laboratories, National Centre for Physics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (Pakistan); Hussain, Zahid [Department of Physics, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Islamabad (Pakistan)


    Graphical abstract: - Highlights: • Irradiation effects of 700 keV protons on AlN:Ho films were studied. • XPS is implemented to understand the surface and near surface effects of irradiation on AlN:Ho. • Bandgap of the subject material was observed to be changed after irradiation. • Electrical conductivity of the films is increased at highest doses. - Abstract: Effects of proton irradiation on Ho doped AlN thin films are investigated. The irradiation is performed in the dose range of 10{sup 13} to 10{sup 14} ions/cm{sup 2} at room temperature. The effect of proton bombardment is studied through a systematic investigation of the structural properties using Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (XPS). The optical properties and the band gap change after irradiation process are studied using Defuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) technique. The electrical behavior of the material is also investigated after irradiation of AlN:Ho. The results show that high-energy protons cause a band gap change in the material, which can be exploited in developing various applications.

  4. Bezafibrate ameliorates diabetes via reduced steatosis and improved hepatic insulin sensitivity in diabetic TallyHo mice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andras Franko


    Conclusions: Our data showed that BEZ ameliorates diabetes probably via reduced steatosis, enhanced hepatic mitochondrial mass, improved metabolic flexibility and elevated hepatic insulin sensitivity in TallyHo mice, suggesting that BEZ treatment could be beneficial for patients with NAFLD and impaired glucose metabolism.

  5. Single-Mode, High Repetition Rate, Compact Ho:YLF Laser for Space-Borne Lidar Applications (United States)

    Bai, Yingxin; Yu, Jirong; Wong, Teh-Hwa; Chen, Songsheng; Petros, Mulugeta; Singh, Upendra N.


    A single transverse/longitudinal mode, compact Q-switched Ho:YLF laser has been designed and demonstrated for space-borne lidar applications. The pulse energy is between 34-40 mJ for 100-200 Hz operation. The corresponding peak power is >1 MW.

  6. Efficient fiber-laser-pumped Ho:YLF oscillator and amplifier utilizing the transmitted pump power of the oscillator

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Strauss, HJ


    Full Text Available In this paper, researchers have demonstrated that a Ho:YLF oscillator and amplifier system can be designed in a compact setup where the pump power from an unpolarized fibre laser utilized efficiently. The system produced more than 20 mJ energy per...

  7. Photochemistry and kinetics of gas phase reactions involving HO and Cl radicals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nelson, H.H.


    The kinetics of the reaction of the HO radical with HNO/sub 3/ and H/sub 2/O/sub 2/, the kinetics of Cl atom reactions with ClNO and ClNO/sub 2/, and the photochemistry of ClNO/sub 2/ and ClONO/sub 2/ were examined. The ultraviolet absorption cross sections of HNO/sub 3/ and ClNO/sub 2/ were also determined as part of the kinetics work. The rate constant for the reaction of HO with HNO/sub 3/ at room temperature was measured to be (8.2 +- 1.8) x 10/sup -14/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/, where the uncertainty reported here and in all cases reflects twice the experimental standard deviation plus an estimate of systematic errors. The rate constant for the reaction HO + H/sub 2/O/sub 2/ was measured as (1.57 +- 0.23) x 10/sup -12/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/. This agrees well with the two latest determinations and serves as a calibration of the experimental apparatus used. The Cl + ClNO reaction rate constant was determined to be (1.65 +- 0.32) x 10/sup -11/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/. The rate constant for the reaction of Cl + ClNO/sub 2/ was found to be (5.05 +- 0.75) x 10/sup -12/ cm/sup 3/ molecule/sup -1/ s/sup -1/. This is the first direct measurement of this rate constant. The photodissociation of ClNO/sub 2/ was studied in great detail. The absorption cross sections were measured in the ultraviolet and found to be substantially lower than the literature values in the Cl/sub 2/ absorption region (300 to 360 nm). Two product channels were investigated; products representative of the two channels were Cl and O atoms. Absolute calibration for the product detection systems was provided by Cl/sub 2/ and NO/sub 2/ photolysis respectively. The quantum uields measured for photolysis at 350 nm, calcualted using the absorption spectrum measured in this work, are: 0.93 +- 0.1 for Cl and less than or equal to 0.025 for O. An upper limit of 0.1 was measured for the O atom channel in ClOHO/sub 2/ photolysis.

  8. Melatonin suppresses cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity via activation of Nrf-2/HO-1 pathway

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kilic Ulkan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cisplatin, one of the most effective and potent anticancer drugs, is used in the treatment of a wide variety of both pediatric and adult malignancies. However, the chemotherapeutic use of cisplatin is limited by its serious side-effects such as nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. Cisplatin chemotherapy induces a reduction in the antioxidant status, leading to a failure of the antioxidant defense against free-radical damage generated by antitumor drugs. Cisplatin-induced oxidative stress in the kidney was partially prevented by antioxidant treatments using superoxide dismutase, glutathione, selenium and flavonoids. Melatonin and its metabolites possess free-radical scavenging activity and it has been shown that they protect against cisplatin toxicity. However, the mechanism of the protective effects of melatonin against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity is still essentially unknown. We therefore designed this study to investigate the underlying mechanism of the protective effect of melatonin against cisplatin-induced renal damage in a rat nephrotoxicity model in vivo. Methods Twenty eight 8-week-old male Wistar rats were divided into four groups of control, melatonin treatment (4 mg/kg b.w i.p. for 10 days, cisplatin treatment (7 mg/kg b.w., i.p. and melatonin and cisplatin combination treatment. Serum urea nitrogen (urea-N and creatinine levels were measured. Histopathological changes were evaluated. In addition, we analyzed the expression levels of HO-1, Nrf2, NF-κB and AP-1 in Western blot analysis. Results Both serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased significantly following cisplatin administration alone; these values decreased significantly with melatonin co-treatment of cisplatin-treated rats. Histological analysis showed that cisplatin caused damage in the proximal tubular cells in the kidneys of cisplatin-treated rats; these changes were reversed by melatonin co-treatment. Upon Western blot analysis, melatonin

  9. Investigation of complexes with bone affinity using the In vivo generator system {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho; Investigacion de complejos con afinidad osea utilizando el Sistema de Generador in vivo {sup 166} Dy/{sup 166} Ho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pedraza L, M


    The importance of this original research lies in the fact that it has proven that the [{sup 166}Dy]Dy/{sup 166}Ho-EDTMP in vivo generator system is a stable complex that can be used as a therapeutic radiopharmaceutical. Multiple myeloma and other hematological malignancies have been treated by myeloablative radiotherapy/chemotherapy and subsequent stem cell transplantation. Bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals such as {sup 166}Ho-DOTMP or {sup 153}Sm-DTMP, have been proposed for delivering ablative radiation doses to marrow in multiple myeloma and other hematological malignancies or have shown excellent results in palliative bone metastasis pain therapy, respectively. As lanthanides have similar chemical characteristics the phosphonate with bone affinity (EDTMP) labeled with Dy/Ho can be used for marrow ablation while causing minimal irradiation to normal organs. This in vivo generator system has not been previously reported. The aim of this research was to label EDTMP (ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonate) with {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho; to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo stability of both {sup 166}Dy-EDTMP and {sup 166}Ho-EDTMP complexes when the daughter {sup 166}Ho is formed as a dysprosium decay product; to determine the bone marrow cytotoxic and genotoxic effect in mice and to evaluate, by histopathology, the myeloablative potential of the [{sup 166}Dy]Dy/{sup 166}Ho-EDTMP in vivo generator system. {sup 166}Dy was obtained by neutron irradiation of enriched {sup 164}Dy{sub 2}O{sub 3} in a TRIGA Mark III reactor. Labeling was carried out in an aqueous phosphate medium at pH 8.0 by addition of {sup 166}DyCl{sub 3} to EDTMP at a molar ratio 1:1.75, with >99 % radiochemical purity, as determined by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In vitro studies demonstrated that {sup 166}Dy/{sup 166}Ho-EDTMP is unstable after dilution in saline but stable in human serum with no translocation of the daughter nucleus

  10. Heme oxygenase (HO)-1 induction prevents Endoplasmic Reticulum stress-mediated endothelial cell death and impaired angiogenic capacity. (United States)

    Maamoun, Hatem; Zachariah, Matshediso; McVey, John H; Green, Fiona R; Agouni, Abdelali


    Most of diabetic cardiovascular complications are attributed to endothelial dysfunction and impaired angiogenesis. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) and oxidative stresses were shown to play a pivotal role in the development of endothelial dysfunction in diabetes. Hemeoxygenase-1 (HO-1) was shown to protect against oxidative stress in diabetes; however, its role in alleviating ER stress-induced endothelial dysfunction remains not fully elucidated. We aim here to test the protective role of HO-1 against high glucose-mediated ER stress and endothelial dysfunction and understand the underlying mechanisms with special emphasis on oxidative stress, inflammation and cell death. Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs) were grown in either physiological or intermittent high concentrations of glucose for 5days in the presence or absence of Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX chloride (CoPP, HO-1 inducer) or 4-Phenyl Butyric Acid (PBA, ER stress inhibitor). Using an integrated cellular and molecular approach, we then assessed ER stress and inflammatory responses, in addition to apoptosis and angiogenic capacity in these cells. Our results show that HO-1 induction prevented high glucose-mediated increase of mRNA and protein expression of key ER stress markers. Cells incubated with high glucose exhibited high levels of oxidative stress, activation of major inflammatory and apoptotic responses [nuclear factor (NF)-κB and c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK)] and increased rate of apoptosis; however, cells pre-treated with CoPP or PBA were fully protected. In addition, high glucose enhanced caspases 3 and 7 cleavage and activity and augmented cleaved poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) expression whereas HO-1 induction prevented these effects. Finally, HO-1 induction and ER stress inhibition prevented high glucose-induced reduction in NO release and impaired the angiogenic capacity of HUVECs, and enhanced vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-A expression. Altogether, we show here the

  11. CaMKIIdelta Subtypes: Localization and Function

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charles Burdis Burns Gray


    Full Text Available In this review we will discuss the localization and function of the known subtypes of calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase IIδ (CaMKIIδ and their role in cardiac physiology and pathophysiology. The CaMKII holoenzyme is comprised of multiple subunits that are encoded by four different genes called CaMKIIα, β, γ, and δ. While these four genes have a high degree of sequence homology, they are expressed in different tissues. CaMKIIα and β are expressed in neuronal tissue while γ and δ are present throughout the body, including in the heart. Both CaMKIIγ and δ are alternatively spliced in the heart to generate multiple subtypes. CaMKIIδ is the predominant cardiac isoform and is alternatively spliced in the heart to generate the CaMKIIδB subtype or the slightly less abundant δC subtype. The CaMKIIδB mRNA sequence contains a 33bp insert not present in δC that codes for an 11-amino acid nuclear localization sequence (NLS. This review will focus on the localization and function of the CaMKIIδ subtypes δB and δC and the role of these subtypes in arrhythmias, contractile dysfunction, gene transcription, and the regulation of Ca2+ handling.

  12. Ca2+ homeostasis regulates Xenopus oocyte maturation. (United States)

    Sun, Lu; Hodeify, Rawad; Haun, Shirley; Charlesworth, Amanda; MacNicol, Angus M; Ponnappan, Subramaniam; Ponnappan, Usha; Prigent, Claude; Machaca, Khaled


    In contrast to the well-defined role of Ca2+ signals during mitosis, the contribution of Ca2+ signaling to meiosis progression is controversial, despite several decades of investigating the role of Ca2+ and its effectors in vertebrate oocyte maturation. We have previously shown that during Xenopus oocyte maturation, Ca2+ signals are dispensable for entry into meiosis and for germinal vesicle breakdown. However, normal Ca2+ homeostasis is essential for completion of meiosis I and extrusion of the first polar body. In this study, we test the contribution of several downstream effectors in mediating the Ca2+ effects during oocyte maturation. We show that calmodulin and calcium-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CAMK2) are not critical downstream Ca2+ effectors during meiotic maturation. In contrast, accumulation of Aurora kinase A (AURKA) protein is disrupted in cells deprived of Ca2+ signals. Since AURKA is required for bipolar spindle formation, failure to accumulate AURKA may contribute to the defective spindle phenotype following Ca2+ deprivation. These findings argue that Ca2+ homeostasis is important in establishing the oocyte's competence to undergo maturation in preparation for fertilization and embryonic development.

  13. Pro-oxidant status and Nrf2 levels in psoriasis vulgaris skin tissues and dimethyl fumarate-treated HaCaT cells. (United States)

    Lee, Yoon Jin; Bae, Jin Ho; Kang, Sang-Gue; Cho, Sung Woo; Chun, Dong-Il; Nam, Seung Min; Kim, Chul Han; Nam, Hae Seon; Lee, Seon Hwa; Lee, Sang Han; Cho, Moon Kyun


    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) contribute to pathogenesis of many inflammatory skin diseases, including psoriasis. The aim of this study is to compare antioxidant protein expression in psoriasis vulgaris (PV) skin tissues with that in normal skin tissues in vivo and to evaluate the effects of dimethyl fumarate (DMF), used for the treatment of psoriasis, on ROS generation and apoptosis in a human keratinocyte cell line HaCaT. Compared with normal skin tissues, PV skin tissues showed increased protein oxidation as well as down-regulation of Nrf2 and its regulatory proteins such as HO-1 and AKR1C3. Using HaCaT cells to model DMF-induced pro-oxidant effects in the skin cells, we found that DMF treatment induced increased ROS levels and apoptotic cell death, as signified by increased proportion of cells with Annexin V-PE(+) staining and a sub-G 0 /G 1 peak in the cell cycle. Preceding these changes, DMF treatment resulted in up-regulation of Nrf2, HO-1, and AKR1C3 proteins in these cells. Collectively, increased oxidative stress and impaired cellular anti-oxidant enzyme systems may participate in the pathogenesis of PV. DMF may exert an additive therapeutic efficacy in PV by attenuating the redox burden and subsequent oxidative damage to normal keratinocytes through activation of Nrf2 pathway relative to PV.

  14. Astaxanthin protects against MPP+-induced oxidative stress in PC12 cells via the HO-1/NOX2 axis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ye Qinyong


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although the etiology of PD remains unclear, increasing evidence has shown that oxidative stress plays an important role in its pathogenesis and that of other neurodegenerative disorders. NOX2, a cytochrome subunit of NOX, transports electrons across the plasma membrane to generate ROS, leading to physiological and pathological processes. Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1 can be rapidly induced by oxidative stress and other noxious stimuli in the brain or other tissues. Astaxanthin (ATX, a carotenoid with antioxidant properties, is 100–1000 times more effective than vitamin E. The present study investigated the neuroprotective effects of ATX on MPP+-induced oxidative stress in PC12 cells. Results MPP+ significantly decreased MTT levels in a concentration-dependent manner. Hemin, SnPPIX and ATX didn’t exhibit any cytotoxic effects on PC12 cells. Pretreatment with ATX (5, 10, 20 μM, caused intracellular ROS production in the MPP+ group to decrease by 13.06%, 22.13%, and 27.86%, respectively. MPP+ increased NOX2, NRF2 and HO-1 protein expression compared with control (p + treatment up-regulated both NOX2 (p + increased NOX2 and HO-1 expression with considerable fluorescence extending out from the perinuclear region toward the periphery; this was attenuated by DPI. Co-treatment with hemin or ATX significantly up-regulated HO-1 expression and decreased NOX2 expression with considerable fluorescence intensity (stronger than the control and MPP+ groups. Conclusions ATX suppresses MPP+-induced oxidative stress in PC12 cells via the HO-1/NOX2 axis. ATX should be strongly considered as a potential neuroprotectant and adjuvant therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

  15. Ho2O3 additive effects on BaTiO3 ceramics microstructure and dielectric properties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paunović Vesna


    Full Text Available Doped BaTiO3-ceramics is very interesting for their application as PTCR resistors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, thermal sensors etc. Ho doped BaTiO3 ceramics, with different Ho2O3 content, ranging from 0.01 to 1.0 wt% Ho, were investigated regarding their microstructural and dielectric characteristics. The samples were prepared by the conventional solid state reaction and sintered at 1320° and 1380°C in an air atmosphere for 4 hours. The grain size and microstructure characteristics for various samples and their phase composition was carried out using a scanning electron microscope (SEM equipped with EDS system. SEM analysis of Ho/BaTiO3 doped ceramics showed that in samples doped with a rare-earth ions low level, the grain size ranged from 20-30μm, while with the higher dopant concentration the abnormal grain growth is inhibited and the grain size ranged between 2- 10μm. Dielectric measurements were carried out as a function of temperature up to 180°C. The low doped samples sintered at 1380°C, display the high value of dielectric permittivity at room temperature, 2400 for 0.01Ho/BaTiO3. A nearly flat permittivity-response was obtained in specimens with higher additive content. Using a Curie-Weiss low and modified Curie-Weiss low the Curie constant (C, Curie temperature (Tc and a critical exponent of nonlinearity (γ were calculated. The obtained value of γ pointed out that the specimens have almost sharp phase transition. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 172057: Directed synthesis, structure and properties of multifunctional materials

  16. Aspirin suppresses neuronal apoptosis, reduces tissue inflammation, and restrains astrocyte activation by activating the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway. (United States)

    Wei, Wang; Shurui, Chen; Zipeng, Zhou; Hongliang, Dai; Hongyu, Wang; Yuanlong, Li; Kang, Zhou; Zhaoliang, Shen; Yue, Guo; Chang, Liu; Mei, Xifan


    The nuclear factor E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2)/antioxidant response element signaling pathway plays a substantial role in preventing oxidative stress-related diseases. Aspirin has been shown to exert several pharmacological effects by inducing the expression of the heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) protein. However, the effects of aspirin on spinal cord injury (SCI) have rarely been studied. Therefore, we sought to investigate the neuroprotective effects of aspirin after SCI. We employed a spinal cord contusion model in Sprague-Dawley rats, and aspirin was administered intraperitoneally for 7 days. Nissl staining showed that the aspirin treatment significantly reduced the loss of motor neurons after SCI compared with vehicle-treated animals. The expression of Nrf2, quinine oxidoreductase 1, and HO-1 proteins was increased in aspirin-treated animals after SCI compared with the vehicle group. In addition, aspirin simultaneously decreased the expression of inflammation-related proteins, such as tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6 after SCI. Moreover, the ratio of apoptotic neurons in the anterior horn and the levels of the apoptosis-related proteins caspase-3, cleaved caspase-3, and Bax were significantly decreased in the aspirin group compared with the vehicle group. Immunofluorescence staining was used to detect the colocalization of NeuN and HO-1, and the results showed that aspirin significantly increased expression of the HO-1 protein in neurons. In addition, western blots and immunofluorescence staining showed aspirin restrained astrocyte activation. In conclusion, aspirin induces neuroprotective effects by inhibiting astrocyte activation and apoptosis after SCI through the activation of the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway.

  17. Salidroside Reduces High-Glucose-Induced Podocyte Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress via Upregulating Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1) Expression. (United States)

    Lu, Hua; Li, Ying; Zhang, Tao; Liu, Maodong; Chi, Yanqing; Liu, Shuxia; Shi, Yonghong


    BACKGROUND Hyperglycemia is one of the most dangerous factors causing diabetic nephropathy. Salidroside is considered to have the effects of reducing oxidative stress damage and improving cell viability. This study was performed to investigate whether and how salidroside reduces high-glucose (HG)-induced apoptosis in mouse podocytes. MATERIAL AND METHODS We examined whether salidroside could decrease HG-induced podocyte oxidative stress and podocyte apoptosis in vitro. The potential signaling pathways were also investigated. Podocytes (immortalized mouse epithelial cells) were treated with normal glucose (5.5 mM) as control or HG (30 mM), and then exposed to salidroside treatment. RESULTS HG enhanced the generation of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) and apoptosis in podocytes. Salidroside reduced HG-induced apoptosis-related consequences via promoting HO-1 expression. Salidroside increased the expression level of phosphorylated Akt (p-Akt) and phosphorylated ILK (p-ILK), p-JNK, and p-ERK and localization of Nrf-2. JNK inhibitor and ILK inhibitor decreased HO-1 expression to different degrees. Moreover, specific siRNAs of ILK, Nrf-2, and HO-1, and inhibitors of HO-1 and ILK significantly increased ROS generation and Caspase9/3 expression in the presence of salidroside and HG. CONCLUSIONS The results suggest that salidroside reduces HG-induced ROS generation and apoptosis and improves podocytes viability by upregulating HO-1 expression. ILK/Akt, JNK, ERK1/2, p38 MAPK, and Nrf-2 are involved in salidroside-decreased podocyte apoptosis in HG condition.

  18. Ca2+ cycling in heart cells from ground squirrels: adaptive strategies for intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiao-Chen Li

    Full Text Available Heart tissues from hibernating mammals, such as ground squirrels, are able to endure hypothermia, hypoxia and other extreme insulting factors that are fatal for human and nonhibernating mammals. This study was designed to understand adaptive mechanisms involved in intracellular Ca(2+ homeostasis in cardiomyocytes from the mammalian hibernator, ground squirrel, compared to rat. Electrophysiological and confocal imaging experiments showed that the voltage-dependence of L-type Ca(2+ current (I(Ca was shifted to higher potentials in ventricular myocytes from ground squirrels vs. rats. The elevated threshold of I(Ca did not compromise the Ca(2+-induced Ca(2+ release, because a higher depolarization rate and a longer duration of action potential compensated the voltage shift of I(Ca. Both the caffeine-sensitive and caffeine-resistant components of cytosolic Ca(2+ removal were more rapid in ground squirrels. Ca(2+ sparks in ground squirrels exhibited larger amplitude/size and much lower frequency than in rats. Due to the high I(Ca threshold, low SR Ca(2+ leak and rapid cytosolic Ca(2+ clearance, heart cells from ground squirrels exhibited better capability in maintaining intracellular Ca(2+ homeostasis than those from rats and other nonhibernating mammals. These findings not only reveal adaptive mechanisms of hibernation, but also provide novel strategies against Ca(2+ overload-related heart diseases.

  19. Design průmyslového vysavače


    Rašínová, Jitka


    Diplomová práce se zabývá designem průmyslového vysavače pro dílenské použití. Součástí práce je designérská a technická analýza současných vysavačů. Většina práce se zabývá vlastním návrhem vysavače s ohledem na technické a ergonomické požadavky. The thesis is focused on design of industrial vacuum cleaner for use in workshops. The thesis includes design and technical reaserch of current vacuum cleaners. The main part contains original design solution with regard to technical and ergonomi...

  20. Area Bound of Horizons for Ho\\v{r}ava Lifshitz Black Hole

    CERN Document Server

    Pradhan, Parthapratim


    We discuss various thermodynamic properties of the inner and outer horizons in the background of Ho\\v{r}ava Lifshitz black hole. We compute \\emph{area sum, area minus and area division} of black hole horizons. We find that they all are not universal quantities whereas the product is an universal quantity. Based on these relations, we derive the area bound of all horizons. From area bound we derive entropy bound and irreducible mass bound for both the horizons. We also observe that the \\emph{First law} of black hole thermodynamics and \\emph {Smarr-Gibbs-Duhem } relations do not hold for this black hole. The underlying reason behind this failure due to the scale invariance of the coupling constant. All these calculations might be help us to understanding the nature of black hole entropy both \\emph{interior} and exterior at the microscopic level.