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  1. 40 CFR Appendix: Table 2 to... - Applicability of 40 CFR Part 63 General Provisions to Subpart HHH (United States)


    ... HHH of Part 63—Applicability of 40 CFR Part 63 General Provisions to Subpart HHH General provisions... 40 Protection of Environment 11 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Applicability of 40 CFR Part 63 General Provisions to Subpart HHH Table Appendix: Table 2 to Subpart HHH of Part 63 Protection of...

  2. What if $\\lambda_{hhh}\

    CERN Document Server

    Efrati, Aielet


    A measurement of the Higgs trilinear self coupling $\\lambda_{hhh}$ will test the Standard Model Higgs potential. But can it reveal information that cannot be learned otherwise? By analyzing several simple extensions of the Standard Model scalar sector we show that this measurement might give a first hint for New Physics modifying the electroweak symmetry breaking. Combining the measurements of $\\lambda_{hhh}$ and $\\lambda_{hVV}$ ($V=W,Z$) is particularly powerful in distinguishing between various models of New Physics and in providing unique information on these models.

  3. 40 CFR Appendix: Table 1 to... - List of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) for Subpart HHH (United States)


    ...) for Subpart HHH Table Appendix: Table 1 to Subpart HHH of Part 63 Protection of Environment... Natural Gas Transmission and Storage Facilities Pt. 63, Subpt. HHH, Table 1 Appendix: Table 1 to Subpart HHH of Part 63—List of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) for Subpart HHH CAS Number a Chemical name...

  4. hhh Coupling in SUSY models after LHC run I

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    Wu, Lei; Yuan, Chien-Peng; Zhang, Mengchao


    We examine the Higgs triple coupling in MSSM and NMSSM under current constraints, which include the LHC measurements, Higgs data, B physics, electroweak precision observables, relic density and so on. The ratio $\\lambda^{\\rm MSSM}_{hhh}/\\lambda^{\\rm SM}_{hhh}$ is above 0.97, due to the highly constrained parameter space. While the ratio $\\lambda^{\\rm NMSSM}_{hhh}/\\lambda^{\\rm SM}_{hhh}$ can reach 0.1 under current constraints. The precise measurement in future collider will give a tighter constraint to the Higgs triple coupling in MSSM and NMSSM.

  5. 40 CFR Table 2 to Subpart Hhh of... - Toxic Equivalency Factors (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 8 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Toxic Equivalency Factors 2 Table 2 to Subpart HHH of Part 62 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED) AIR PROGRAMS..., Subpt. HHH, Table 2 Table 2 to Subpart HHH of Part 62—Toxic Equivalency Factors Dioxin/furan...

  6. Tests of Higgs boson compositeness through the HHH form factor

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    Gounaris, G J


    We show how the $q^2$-dependence of the triple Higgs boson HHH form factor can reveal the presence of various types of new physics contributions, like new particles coupled to the Higgs boson or Higgs boson constituents, without directly observing them. We compare the effect of such new contributions to the one of higher order SM corrections to the point-like HHH coupling, due to triangle, 4-leg and s.e. diagrams. We establish simple analytic expressions describing accurately at high energy these SM corrections, as well as the examples of new physics contributions.

  7. [Molecular genetic studies of mitochondrial ornithine transporter deficiency (HHH syndrome)]. (United States)

    Tsujino, S; Miyamoto, T; Kanazawa, N


    Mitochondrial ornithine transporter deficiency has been called HHH syndrome, because this disorder is characterized by three biochemical abnormalities; hyperornithinemia, hyperammonemia, and homocitrullinuria, and presents with various neurological symptoms; mental retardation, spastic paraparesis with pyramidal signs, cerebellar ataxia and episodic disturbance of consciousness or coma due to hyperammonemia. We identified four mutations in the mitochondrial ornithine transporter gene (ORNT1) of Japanese patients with HHH syndrome. These include a nonsense mutation (R179X), associated with exon skipping, missense mutations (G27E, P126R), and an insertion of AAC between codons 228 and 229, leading to an insertion of amino acid Asn. Especially, R179X was detected 4 of 7 Japanese patients (8 of 14 alleles), implying that this is a common mutation in Japanese population.

  8. 40 CFR Appendix A to Subpart Hhh... - Exempted Aquifers in New Mexico (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 22 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Exempted Aquifers in New Mexico A Appendix A to Subpart HHH of Part 147 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED... Appendix A to Subpart HHH of Part 147—Exempted Aquifers in New Mexico The areas described by a...

  9. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart Hhh of... - Emission Limits for Small Rural, Small, Medium, and Large HMIWI (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 8 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Emission Limits for Small Rural, Small, Medium, and Large HMIWI 1 Table 1 to Subpart HHH of Part 62 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL... Incinerators Constructed on or Before June 20, 1996 Pt. 62, Subpt. HHH, Table 1 Table 1 to Subpart HHH of...

  10. Abnormal urinary excretion of polyamines in HHH syndrome (hyperornithinemia associated with hyperammonemia and homocitrullinuria). (United States)

    Shimizu, H; Maekawa, K; Eto, Y


    The HHH syndrome (hyperornithinemia associated with hyperammonemia and homocitrullinuria) is characterized by a very rare genetic defect of ornithine transport in mitochondrial membrane. We first demonstrated that a patient with HHH syndrome excreted about 6 times higher amount of polyamines in urine than the control when supplemented with high protein diets and ornithine loading. Each urinary polyamine fraction measured by HPLC method in HHH syndrome appears to be increased, as compared with those of the control. These data suggest that increased urinary excretion of polyamines in this syndrome is closely related to overflowing of plasma polyamine due to an ornithine transport defect in the mitochondrial membrane.

  11. Diagnosis and high incidence of hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinemia (HHH) syndrome in northern Saskatchewan. (United States)

    Sokoro, AbdulRazaq A H; Lepage, Joyce; Antonishyn, Nick; McDonald, Ryan; Rockman-Greenberg, Cheryl; Irvine, James; Lehotay, Denis C


    Mutations in the SLC25A15 gene, encoding the human inner mitochondrial membrane ornithine transporter, are thought to be responsible for hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinemia (HHH) syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive condition. HHH syndrome has been detected in several small, isolated communities in northern Saskatchewan (SK). To determine the incidence of HHH syndrome in these communities, a PCR method was set up to detect F188Δ, the common French-Canadian mutation. Neonatal blood spots collected from all newborns from the high risk area were genotyped for the F188Δ mutation for seven consecutive years. Using DNA analysis, we estimated that the heterozygote frequency for the mutant allele for HHH syndrome to be about 1 in 19 individuals, predicting one affected child with HHH syndrome for approximately every 1,500 individuals (1 in 1,550 live births; 1 child every 12 years) in this isolated population. The frequency for the mutant allele for HHH syndrome in this isolated community is probably the highest in the world for this rare disorder. We determined that ornithine levels, by tandem mass spectrometry, were not abnormal in newborns with F188Δ mutation, carriers and normals. Ornithine rises to abnormally high levels at some time after birth well past the time that the newborn screening blood spot is collected. The timing or the reasons for the delayed rise of ornithine in affected children with HHH syndrome have not been determined. Newborn screening for HHH Syndrome in this high risk population is only possible by detection of the mutant allele using DNA analysis.

  12. True Detective


    Gajhede, Andreas, Westmark; Bantoulidis, Georgios


    This paper examines the HBO’s television-series True Detective, a 2014 crime drama, attempting to point out the central elements of detective-fiction, to be found in its narrative. True Detective narrative is a heavy text with a number of references from various well-known, non-adjacent texts within the field of weird fiction, horror fiction and detective fiction. Therefore, the case study of this research will focus on narratological and literary analysis, in order to discover the predominan...

  13. True Crime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beyer Charlotte


    Full Text Available This poem is a creative response to contemporary true crime narratives about baby farming in Victorian times, namely Alison Rattle and Allison Vale’s The Woman Who Murdered Babies for Money: The Story of Amelia Dyer (London: André Deutsch, 2011; and the TV documentary, “Amelia Dyer: Martina Cole’s Lady Killers.”

  14. Hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria syndrome (HHH) presenting with acute fulminant hepatic failure. (United States)

    Mhanni, A A; Chan, A; Collison, M; Seifert, B; Lehotay, D C; Sokoro, Ah; Huynh, H Q; Greenberg, C R


    We report on two Aboriginal patients with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome. Both presented with acute hepatic failure with severe hypertransaminasemia and coagulopathy, prompting evaluation for emergent liver transplantation. The diagnosis of HHH syndrome was based on the presence of typical metabolic abnormalities. A protein-restricted diet and L-arginine or L-citrulline supplementation were immediately started, with rapid normalization of liver function test results and other biochemical abnormalities. Molecular analysis of the SLC25A15 gene showed that the two patients were homozygous for the common French Canadian mutation (F188Delta). The diagnosis of HHH syndrome should be considered in patients with unexplained fulminant hepatic failure. There does not appear to be a genotype-phenotype correlation for this presentation, inasmuch as the only other reported patient presenting with this picture had two different point mutations. Early identification and prompt treatment of these patients is crucial to avoid liver transplantation and can be life saving.

  15. HHH syndrome (hyperornithinaemia, hyperammonaemia, homocitrullinuria), with fulminant hepatitis-like presentation. (United States)

    Fecarotta, S; Parenti, G; Vajro, P; Zuppaldi, A; Della Casa, R; Carbone, M T; Correra, A; Torre, G; Riva, S; Dionisi-Vici, C; Santorelli, F M; Andria, G


    We report a 3-year-old Italian patient with the hyperornithinaemia, hyperammonaemia, homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome who presented with neurological deterioration after an intercurrent infection. Hyperammonaemia, coagulopathy and moderate hypertransaminasaemia were detected on hospital admission. Severe hepatocellular necrosis with hypertransaminasaemia (aspartate aminotransferase 20,000 UI/L, alanine aminotransferase 18,400 UI/L) and coagulopathy (PT HHH syndrome was based on the presence of the typical metabolic abnormalities. Molecular analysis of the SLC25A15 gene showed that the patient was heterozygous for two novel mutations (G113C and M273K). The diagnosis of HHH syndrome should be considered in patients with fulminant hepatitis-like presentations. Early identification and treatment of these patients can be life-saving and can avoid liver transplantation.

  16. Il teatro degli spiriti.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chiara Pussetti


    Full Text Available Questo saggio è dedicato a un culto di possessione, in cui tutte ledonne, investite dagli spiriti degli uomini morti prima dell’iniziazione, compiono un percorso iniziatico parallelo a quello maschile, consentendo a queste anime, potenzialmente pericolose, di completare il cammino che non hanno potuto percorrere da vivi e quindi di raggiungere serenamente il mondo dei morti, come antenati protettori del villaggio

  17. Ultrastructural changes in fibroblast mitochondria of a patient with HHH-syndrome. (United States)

    Metoki, K; Hommes, F A; Dyken, P; Kelloes, C; Trefz, J


    Electron micrographs of fibroblasts of an HHH-syndrome patient showed abnormal structures, similar, but not identical, to those observed in the liver of such patients. It is suggested that incorporation of a mutated protein into the inner mitochondrial membrane gives rise to a rearrangement of that membrane, resulting in unusual structures.

  18. The HhH domain of the human DNA repair protein XPF forms stable homodimers. (United States)

    Das, Devashish; Tripsianes, Konstantinos; Jaspers, Nicolaas G J; Hoeijmakers, Jan H J; Kaptein, Robert; Boelens, Rolf; Folkers, Gert E


    The human XPF-ERCC1 protein complex plays an essential role in nucleotide excision repair by catalysing positioned nicking of a DNA strand at the 5' side of the damage. We have recently solved the structure of the heterodimeric complex of the C-terminal domains of XPF and ERCC1 (Tripsianes et al., Structure 2005;13:1849-1858). We found that this complex comprises a pseudo twofold symmetry axis and that the helix-hairpin-helix motif of ERCC1 is required for DNA binding, whereas the corresponding domain of XPF is functioning as a scaffold for complex formation with ERCC1. Despite the functional importance of heterodimerization, the C-terminal domain of XPF can also form homodimers in vitro. We here compare the stabilities of homodimeric and heterodimeric complexes of the C-terminal domains of XPF and ERCC1. The higher stability of the XPF HhH complexes under various experimental conditions, determined using CD and NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, is well explained by the structural differences that exist between the HhH domains of the two complexes. The XPF HhH homodimer has a larger interaction interface, aromatic stacking interactions, and additional hydrogen bond contacts as compared to the XPF/ERCC1 HhH complex, which accounts for its higher stability.

  19. A novel mutation, P126R, in a Japanese patient with HHH syndrome. (United States)

    Miyamoto, Takeshi; Kanazawa, Naomi; Hayakawa, Chiemi; Tsujino, Seiichi


    Mitochondrial ornithine transporter deficiency, or HHH syndrome, is a metabolic disorder resulting in various neurologic symptoms, including mental retardation, spastic paraparesis with pyramidal signs, cerebellar ataxia, and episodic disturbance of consciousness or coma caused by hyperammonemia. Several mutations have been reported in the ORNT1 gene encoding mitochondrial ornithine transporter of patients with this disorder. In this article, we report a new patient, a male 15 years of age, who had typical clinical features of HHH syndrome. Because the patient did not have any of the three mutations previously described in other Japanese patients with HHH syndrome, and the only material available from the patient was peripheral leukocytes, we established a genomic polymerase chain reaction method using intronic primers to amplify every exon of the ORNT1 gene, and we directly sequenced the polymerase chain reaction products. Using this method, we documented a novel mutation in this patient, P126R, and demonstrated that HHH syndrome is genetically heterogeneous, even in the Japanese population.

  20. Evaluation of reconstruction arc in myocardial SPECT imaging using a cardiac phantom. Comparison between 360deg and 180deg arcs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kashikura, Kenichi [Japan Science and Technology Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Kashikura, Akemi; Terada, Shinichirou; Kobayashi, Hideki


    In order to investigate the effect of reconstruction arc on myocardial SPECT images, a series of phantom studies was performed with and without plastic chambers simulating perfusion defects using {sup 201}Tl and {sup 99m}Tc. Coefficient of variations (CV) of the counts among the ROIs and defect contrast were evaluated in 360deg and 180deg images reconstructed from the same 360deg projection data. Reconstruction processes were identical for all images. In the absence of defects, the CV of the counts were approximately the same in 360deg and 180deg images. The CV of the counts in the 360deg {sup 201}Tl image, among 4 defects located on the anterior, lateral, inferoposterior, and septal walls, was superior to those in the 180deg images. In contrast, in the {sup 99m}Tc images, the CV of the counts among the 4 defects in the 180deg image was superior to those of the 360deg image. The defect contrast was changed both by the location of the defect and by the reconstruction arc ({sup 201}Tl, {sup 99m}Tc). The defect contrast of the 180deg images, in both {sup 201}Tl and {sup 99m}Tc experiments, was closer to the true contrast value as calculated by the count ratio between myocardium and defect. Although the defect contrast in the anterior, lateral and septal walls was more emphasized in the 180deg images, the defect contrast in the inferoposterior wall was less emphasized in the 180deg images compared to the 360deg ({sup 201}Tl, {sup 99m}Tc). (author)

  1. Ingegneria degli acquiferi

    CERN Document Server

    Molfetta, Antonio


    Il testo fornisce le conoscenze necessarie per affrontare, con un approccio quantitativo, i molteplici aspetti connessi al flusso delle risorse idriche sotterranee (acque di falda) e alla propagazione e bonifica di contaminanti nei sistemi acquiferi. Vengono illustrate le proprietà fondamentali che definiscono la capacità di immagazzinamento, trasporto e rilascio dell’acqua negli acquiferi, e successivamente, descritte le metodiche per la determinazione di tali parametri tramite l’esecuzione e l’interpretazione di prove di falda, di pozzo e di laboratorio. A partire dalla classificazione chimico fisica-tossicologica dei contaminanti vengono, quindi, analizzati i meccanismi di propagazione e illustrate le soluzioni analitiche dell’equazione del trasporto di massa nei mezzi porosi. L’ultima parte del testo è dedicata alla caratterizzazione e bonifica degli acquiferi contaminati. Il testo è rivolto sia agli studenti universitari, sia ai professionisti che debbano affrontare con un approccio quantit...

  2. Clinical and functional characterization of a human ORNT1 mutation (T32R) in the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome. (United States)

    Camacho, José A; Mardach, Rebecca; Rioseco-Camacho, Natalia; Ruiz-Pesini, Eduardo; Derbeneva, Olga; Andrade, Dario; Zaldivar, Frank; Qu, Yong; Cederbaum, Stephen D


    We studied two related families (HHH013 and HHH015) with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome, a disorder of the urea cycle and ornithine degradation pathway, who have the same novel ornithine transporter (ORNT1) genotype (T32R) but a variable phenotype. Both HHH015 patients are doing well in school and are clinically stable; conversely, the three affected HHH013 siblings had academic difficulties and one suffered recurrent episodes of hyperammonemia and ultimately died. Overexpression studies revealed that the product of the ORNT1-T32R allele has residual function. Ornithine transport studies in HHH015 fibroblasts, however, showed basal activity similar to fibroblasts carrying nonfunctional ORNT1 alleles. We also examined two potential modifying factors, the ORNT2 gene and the mitochondrial DNA lineage (haplogroup). Haplogroups, associated with specific diseases, are hypothesized to influence mitochondrial function. Results demonstrated that both HHH015 patients are heterozygous for an ORNT2 gain of function polymorphism and belong to haplogroup A whereas the HHH013 siblings carry the wild-type ORNT2 and are haplogroup H. These observations suggest that the ORNT1 genotype cannot predict the phenotype of HHH patients. The reason for the phenotypic variability is unknown, but factors such as redundant transporters and mitochondrial lineage may contribute to the neuropathophysiology of HHH patients.

  3. Conscientious metabolic monitoring on a patient with hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome undergoing anaesthesia. (United States)

    Mühling, J; Dehne, M G; Fuchs, M; Sablotzki, A; Weiss, S; Spatz, J; Hempelmann, G


    Currently we know not more than 50 patients who show an interesting combination of increased plasma ornithine concentrations, postprandial hyperammonemia, and homocitrullinuria (HHH-syndrome). Since exact knowledge of this severe, although rare syndrome is important for any perioperative or intensive medical treatment concerning therapy and progression of the disease, we report a comprehensive study on a 32-year old woman with this rare multifaceted disorder who had to undergo general anaesthesia. For the first time amino acid status in plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and especially polymorphonuclear leucocytes, which in the investigation showed to be valuable tool for evaluating amino acid metabolism in nucleated cells in HHH-syndrome, and further important pathophysiologic indicators of cellular and metabolic function have been conscientiously investigated and compared. The pathophysiological repercussions of our results as well as the recommendations for conscientious therapeutical management are discussed.

  4. Ciliated cultured dermal fibroblasts in a patient with hyperornithinemia, hyperammonemia and homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome. (United States)

    Haust, M D


    Hyperornithinemia, hyperammonemia and homocitrullinuria (HHH)-syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder of the urea cycle, probably caused by a defect in ornithine transport across the hepatic inner mitochondrial membrane. Single rudimentary cilia were present in approximately ten percent of post-divisional or dividing fibroblasts cultured from the skin of a patient with the HHH-syndrome, whereas no such organelles were observed in dermal fibroblasts cultured from normal controls. Since single rudimentary ("primary," "oligo," "solitary") cilia have been observed in a variety of cells in animals and men but the stimuli for their formation and their significance remain controversial, a brief report on their presence in the as yet unreported condition (HHH-syndrome) was considered of interest; hopefully, it might contribute to the ultimate unravelling of some of the unresolved problems. It is of note that unlike the author's previous findings of these unusual organelles in cells affected by a pathological process (atherosclerosis), the rudimentary cilia were observed in the present instance in dividing or postdivisional cells. The implications of these (and other) observations must await further work.

  5. Diagnosis of Japanese patients with HHH syndrome by molecular genetic analysis: a common mutation, R179X. (United States)

    Miyamoto, T; Kanazawa, N; Kato, S; Kawakami, M; Inoue, Y; Kuhara, T; Inoue, T; Takeshita, K; Tsujino, S


    Patients with mitochondrial ornithine transporter deficiency (or HHH syndrome) present with various neurological symptoms, including mental retardation, spastic paraparesis with pyramidal signs, cerebellar ataxia, and episodic disturbance of consciousness or coma due to hyperammonemia. We previously described three novel mutations in the ORNT1 gene in Japanese patients with HHH syndrome. In this article, we report a new patient with HHH syndrome, a 52-year-old woman, who had the typical clinical features, except for an absence of mental retardation. When we screened this patient, as well as a previously described Japanese patient, for mutations in the ORNT1 gene, we found that both were homozygous for a nonsense mutation (R179X). Furthermore, reverse transcription (RT)-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of fibroblast RNA from one patient showed exon 4 skipping, as had been observed in a previously reported patient with R179X. These results, together with the findings in our previous report, show that, in three of our five reported Japanese HHH patients (six of ten alleles), R179X is present, suggesting that this is a common mutation in Japanese patients with HHH syndrome.

  6. Insights into the mutation-induced HHH syndrome from modeling human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jing-Fang Wang

    Full Text Available Human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1 is reported in coupling with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH syndrome, which is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. For in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanism of the disease, it is crucially important to acquire the 3D structure of human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1. Since no such structure is available in the current protein structure database, we have developed it via computational approaches based on the recent NMR structure of human mitochondrial uncoupling protein (Berardi MJ, Chou JJ, et al. Nature 2011, 476:109-113. Subsequently, we docked the ligand L-ornithine into the computational structure to search for the favorable binding mode. It was observed that the binding interaction for the most favorable binding mode is featured by six remarkable hydrogen bonds between the receptor and ligand, and that the most favorable binding mode shared the same ligand-binding site with most of the homologous mitochondrial carriers from different organisms, implying that the ligand-binding sites are quite conservative in the mitochondrial carriers family although their sequences similarity is very low with 20% or so. Moreover, according to our structural analysis, the relationship between the disease-causing mutations of human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1 and the HHH syndrome can be classified into the following three categories: (i the mutation occurs in the pseudo-repeat regions so as to change the region of the protein closer to the mitochondrial matrix; (ii the mutation is directly affecting the substrate binding pocket so as to reduce the substrate binding affinity; (iii the mutation is located in the structural region closer to the intermembrane space that can significantly break the salt bridge networks of the protein. These findings may provide useful insights for in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanism of the HHH syndrome and

  7. Insights into the mutation-induced HHH syndrome from modeling human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1. (United States)

    Wang, Jing-Fang; Chou, Kuo-Chen


    Human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1 is reported in coupling with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome, which is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. For in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanism of the disease, it is crucially important to acquire the 3D structure of human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1. Since no such structure is available in the current protein structure database, we have developed it via computational approaches based on the recent NMR structure of human mitochondrial uncoupling protein (Berardi MJ, Chou JJ, et al. Nature 2011, 476:109-113). Subsequently, we docked the ligand L-ornithine into the computational structure to search for the favorable binding mode. It was observed that the binding interaction for the most favorable binding mode is featured by six remarkable hydrogen bonds between the receptor and ligand, and that the most favorable binding mode shared the same ligand-binding site with most of the homologous mitochondrial carriers from different organisms, implying that the ligand-binding sites are quite conservative in the mitochondrial carriers family although their sequences similarity is very low with 20% or so. Moreover, according to our structural analysis, the relationship between the disease-causing mutations of human mitochondrial ornithine transporter-1 and the HHH syndrome can be classified into the following three categories: (i) the mutation occurs in the pseudo-repeat regions so as to change the region of the protein closer to the mitochondrial matrix; (ii) the mutation is directly affecting the substrate binding pocket so as to reduce the substrate binding affinity; (iii) the mutation is located in the structural region closer to the intermembrane space that can significantly break the salt bridge networks of the protein. These findings may provide useful insights for in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanism of the HHH syndrome and developing effective

  8. Studies on a case of HHH-syndrome (hyperammonemia, hyperornithinemia, homocitrullinuria). (United States)

    Hommes, F A; Roesel, R A; Metoki, K; Hartlage, P L; Dyken, P R


    A patient with the hyperornithinemia, hyperammonemia, homocitrullinuria syndrome is described. This patient represents the 12th documented case of this rare, presumably autosomal recessive condition. Increased levels of ammonia, ornithine and homocitrulline were demonstrated in blood and cerebrospinal fluid. The blood ammonia concentration could be lowered by supplementation of the diet with low doses of arginine. High doses of arginine precipitated seizures, although plasma levels of arginine and ornithine were not altered. The uptake of ornithine by the particulate fraction of the patient's fibroblasts was lower than that of controls, but still measurable. It is suggested that HHH patients have a partial impairment of the uptake of ornithine by mitochondria.

  9. Determination of homocitrulline in urine of patients with HHH syndrome by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. (United States)

    Al-Dirbashi, Osama Y; Al-Hassnan, Zuhair N; Rashed, Mohamed S


    A liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric method is described for the analysis of homocitrulline in human urine, a key metabolite in the differential diagnosis of hyperammonemia, hyperornithinemia, homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome. Urine samples were prepared by mere five-fold dilution with a mixture of internal standards (2H2-citrulline and 2H3-creatinine) used for the simultaneous quantification of creatinine. Analytes were separated on a cyano column and eluted isocratically within seven min. Detection was achieved by monitoring transitions of 190 > 84 and 190 > 127 for homocitrulline, 178 > 115 for 2H2-citrulline, 114 > 44 for creatinine and 117 > 47 for 2H3-creatinine. Calibration curves were linear up to 100 micromol/L. Intraday (n = 7) and interday (n = 6) variations were less than 10%. In urine samples from three siblings confirmed to have HHH syndrome, homocitrulline levels were at 13.3 (74), 21.1 (50) and 108.2 (103) mmol/mol creatinine (micromol/L). Control values were 0-9 mmol/mol creatinine (n = 120). The current method solves specificity issues in homocitrulline determination often encountered with some ninhydrin-based systems (coelution with methionine) and some o-phthalaldehyde-based ones (coelution with taurine), and presents an attractive alternative with a relatively high throughput.

  10. Structure-guided mutational analysis of the OB, HhH, and BRCT domains of Escherichia coli DNA ligase. (United States)

    Wang, Li Kai; Nair, Pravin A; Shuman, Stewart


    NAD(+)-dependent DNA ligases (LigAs) are ubiquitous in bacteria and essential for growth. LigA enzymes have a modular structure in which a central catalytic core composed of nucleotidyltransferase and oligonucleotide-binding (OB) domains is linked via a tetracysteine zinc finger to distal helix-hairpin-helix (HhH) and BRCT (BRCA1-like C-terminal) domains. The OB and HhH domains contribute prominently to the protein clamp formed by LigA around nicked duplex DNA. Here we conducted a structure-function analysis of the OB and HhH domains of Escherichia coli LigA by alanine scanning and conservative substitutions, entailing 43 mutations at 22 amino acids. We thereby identified essential functional groups in the OB domain that engage the DNA phosphodiester backbone flanking the nick (Arg(333)); penetrate the minor grove and distort the nick (Val(383) and Ile(384)); or stabilize the OB fold (Arg(379)). The essential constituents of the HhH domain include: four glycines (Gly(455), Gly(489), Gly(521), Gly(553)), which bind the phosphate backbone across the minor groove at the outer margins of the LigA-DNA interface; Arg(487), which penetrates the minor groove at the outer margin on the 3 (R)-OH side of the nick; and Arg(446), which promotes protein clamp formation via contacts to the nucleotidyltransferase domain. We find that the BRCT domain is required in its entirety for effective nick sealing and AMP-dependent supercoil relaxation.

  11. Cloning and sequencing the degS-degU operon from an alkalophilic Bacillus-brevis

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Louw, M


    Full Text Available at the amino acid level to the B. subtilis degS-degU genes showed 74% and 84% similarity, respectively. On a multicopy vector the B. brevis degS-degU genes were found to cause hypersecretion of several extracellular enzymes in a B. subtilis rec (-) strain...

  12. Summary of CARE-HHH Mini-Workshop on LHC Crab Cavity Validation, 21 August 2008

    CERN Document Server

    Calaga, R; Garoby, R; Linnecar, T; Tomás, R; Zimmermann, F; CERN. Geneva. BE Department


    A global LHC crab-cavity collaboration is rapidly advancing the R&D of a complete crab cavity cryomodule and performing the associated beam dynamics simulations compatible with a prototype test in the phase 0/I upgrade with the aim of establishing a full crab crossing scheme for the phase II upgrade of the LHC. A one day CARE-HHH mini-workshop was held on August 21, 2008 at CERN to discuss crab crossing in the LHC phase 0/I & II upgrades and this reports summarizes the activities of the four sessions that took place during the workshop. The goals of this crab-cavity workshop were fourfold: (1) to discuss prospects of crab cavities in LHC upgrades (2) to review the status of the cryomodule development and beam dynamics, (3) to establish validity requirements for LHC crab cavities which need to be demonstrated prior to their installation into the LHC, and (4) to provide guidance & coordination for the global collaborators.

  13. Home telemonitoring in heart failure patients: the HHH study (Home or Hospital in Heart Failure) (United States)

    Mortara, Andrea; Pinna, Gian Domenico; Johnson, Paul; Maestri, Roberto; Capomolla, Soccorso; La Rovere, Maria Teresa; Ponikowski, Piotr; Tavazzi, Luigi; Sleight, Peter


    Aims The Home or Hospital in Heart failure (HHH) study was a European Community-funded, multinational, randomized controlled clinical trial, conducted in the UK, Poland, and Italy, to assess the feasibility of a new system of home telemonitoring (HT). The HT system was used to monitor clinical and physiological parameters, and its effectiveness (compared with usual care) in reducing cardiac events in heart failure (HF) patients was evaluated. Measurements were patient-managed. Methods and results From 2002 to 2004, 461 HF patients (age 60 ± 11 years, New York Heart Association class 2.4 ± 0.6, left ventricular ejection fraction 29 ± 7%) were enrolled at 11 centres and randomized (1:2) to either usual outpatient care or HT administered as three randomized strategies: (i) monthly telephone contact; (ii) strategy 1 plus weekly transmission of vital signs; and (iii) strategy 2 plus monthly 24 h recording of cardiorespiratory activity. Patients completed 81% of vital signs transmissions, as well as 92% of cardiorespiratory recordings. Over a 12-month follow-up, there was no significant effect of HT in reducing bed-days occupancy for HF or cardiac death plus HF hospitalization. Post hoc analysis revealed a heterogeneous effect of HT in the three countries with a trend towards a reduction of events in Italy. Conclusion Home or Hospital in Heart failure indicates that self-managed HT of clinical and physiological parameters is feasible in HF patients, with surprisingly high compliance. Whether HT contributes to a reduction of cardiac events requires further investigation. PMID:19228800

  14. Fisica degli atomi e dei nuclei

    CERN Document Server

    Bernardini, Carlo


    Evidenza della struttura atomica della materia ; le proprietà degli atomi e la meccanica atomica ; gli atomi e le radiazioni elettromagnetiche ; struttura microscopica dello stato gassoso ; struttura microscopica dello stato liquido ; struttura microscopica della stato solido ; proprietà elettriche e magnetiche delle sostanze ; proprietà dei nuclei degli atomi ; le particelle elementari.

  15. A novel R275X mutation of the SLC25A15 gene in a Japanese patient with the HHH syndrome. (United States)

    Torisu, Hiroyuki; Kira, Ryutaro; Kanazawa, Naomi; Takemoto, Megumi; Sanefuji, Masafumi; Sakai, Yasunari; Tsujino, Seiichi; Hara, Toshiro


    The hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome (MIM 238970) is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of the mitochondrial ornithine transporter, one of the urea cycle components. Mutations in the SLC25A15 gene have been coupled to the HHH syndrome. We describe a Japanese female patient with the HHH syndrome due to a novel homozygous R275X SLC25A15 mutation and male sibling who presumably carried the same mutation. He exhibited slowly progressive deterioration with seizures, a gait disturbance due to polyneuropathy, episodic confusion, and died of acute encephalopathy at 34 years of age while the proband exhibited moderate mental retardation, seizures, mild spastic paraplegia, and deafness without neurological deterioration for more than 20 years. The clinical features of previously documented patients with the homozygous SLC25A15 mutation demonstrated that genotype did not simply correlate with clinical severity. The phenotypic variability might depend on other factors, such as dietary and other genetic ones.

  16. Your True Freedom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jena Rausch


    Full Text Available Your True Freedom is about my journey teaching inmates the fundamental truths of self worth, self acceptance and self love--through writing, mindfulness meditation and emotional healing. It is a journey that continues to enlighten me and to heal and free the inmates with whom I work.

  17. The True Scholar. (United States)

    Bellah, Robert N.


    This essay argues for ethical inquiry as the essence of true scholarship. Individual sections address: pure reason versus ethics, the current "age of money" in the university, rational choice theory, and the fatal flaw in rational choice theory that all human actions cannot be explained by it. (DB)

  18. The HhH2/NDD domain of the Drosophila Nod chromokinesin-like protein is required for binding to chromosomes in the oocyte nucleus. (United States)

    Cui, Wei; Hawley, R Scott


    Nod is a chromokinesin-like protein that plays a critical role in segregating achiasmate chromosomes during female meiosis. The C-terminal half of the Nod protein contains two putative DNA-binding domains. The first of these domains, known as the HMGN domain, consists of three tandemly repeated high-mobility group N motifs. This domain was previously shown to be both necessary and sufficient for binding of the C-terminal half of Nod to mitotic chromosomes in embryos. The second putative DNA-binding domain, denoted HhH(2)/NDD, is a helix-hairpin-helix(2)/Nod-like DNA-binding domain. Although the HhH(2)/NDD domain is not required or sufficient for chromosome binding in embryos, several well-characterized nod mutations have been mapped in this domain. To characterize the role of the HhH(2)/NDD domain in mediating Nod function, we created a series of UAS-driven transgene constructs capable of expressing either a wild-type Nod-GFP fusion protein or proteins in which the HhH(2)/NDD domain had been altered by site-directed mutagenesis. Although wild-type Nod-GFP localizes to the oocyte chromosomes and rescues the segregation defect in nod mutant oocytes, two of three proteins carrying mutants in the HhH(2)/NDD domain fail to either rescue the nod mutant phenotype or bind to oocyte chromosomes. However, these mutant proteins do bind to the polytene chromosomes in nurse-cell nuclei and enter the oocyte nucleus. Thus, even though the HhH(2)/NDD domain is not essential for chromosome binding in other cell types, it is required for chromosome binding in the oocyte. These HhH(2)/NDD mutants also block the localization of Nod to the posterior pole of stage 9-10A oocytes, a process that is thought to facilitate the interaction of Nod with the plus ends of microtubules (Cui et al. 2005). This observation suggests that the Nod HhH2/NDD domain may play other roles in addition to binding Nod to meiotic chromosomes.

  19. True ternary fission (United States)

    Vijayaraghavan, K. R.; Balasubramaniam, M.; von Oertzen, W.


    The study of the ternary fission of nuclei has received new interest recently. It is of general interest for nuclear dynamics, although the process is very rare. In the present work, we discuss the possibilities of true ternary fission (fragment masses A >30 ) in 252Cf for different mass splits. These mass splits are strongly favored in a collinear geometry. Based on the three cluster model (TCM), it is shown that the true ternary fission into fragments with almost equal masses is one of the possible fission modes in 252Cf . For general decays it is shown that the formation of the lightest fragment at the center has the highest probability. Further the formation of tin isotopes and/or other closed shell fragments are favored. For the decay products the presence of closed shell nuclei among the three fragments enhances the decay probabilities.

  20. Inhotim. Tunga. True Rouge.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Maya Monteiro


    Full Text Available This article examines the art installation True Rouge, by the artist Tunga, from its assembly which is in Inhotim. Here there are some of the recurrent procedures, and individualities, which the artist employs in this work, in order to locate it in the corpus of the artist’s work. For this reason, beyond the formal analysis of the work itself, we studied some relationships between the triad artist - work - museum.

  1. [A case of hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome with spastic paraparesis and severe distal muscle atrophy of lower limbs]. (United States)

    Shigeto, H; Yamada, T; Kobayashi, T; Goto, I


    A 16-year-old boy with hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome was reported. He was the second child of first-cousin consanguineous parents. Since childhood, he was mentally retarded and had frequent episodes of vomiting but no unconsciousness attack. Because of progressive gait disturbance since the age of 15, he was admitted to Kyushu University Hospital. Neurological examination revealed mental defect and spastic paraparesis with bilateral positive pathological reflexes. Moreover, severe muscle atrophy and moderate weakness were observed in the distal portion of lower extremities. The diagnosis of HHH syndrome was made by the examination of amino acids in the serum and urine and by the incorporation study of radioactive ornithine into cultured fibroblasts. EMG and nerve biopsy studies suggested that the muscle atrophy seen in this patient was caused by the degeneration of spinal anterior horn cells. Amino acid imbalance, especially elevation of glutamine and glutamic acid in the CSF, may cause dysfunction of neuronal system including anterior horn cells.

  2. Identification of novel mutations in the SLC25A15 gene in hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome: a clinical, molecular, and functional study. (United States)

    Tessa, Alessandra; Fiermonte, Giuseppe; Dionisi-Vici, Carlo; Paradies, Eleonora; Baumgartner, Matthias R; Chien, Yin-Hsiu; Loguercio, Carmela; de Baulny, Helene Ogier; Nassogne, Marie-Cecile; Schiff, Manuel; Deodato, Federica; Parenti, Giancarlo; Rutledge, S Lane; Vilaseca, M Antonia; Melone, Mariarosa A B; Scarano, Gioacchino; Aldamiz-Echevarría, Luiz; Besley, Guy; Walter, John; Martinez-Hernandez, Eugenia; Hernandez, Jose M; Pierri, Ciro L; Palmieri, Ferdinando; Santorelli, Filippo M


    Hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder of the urea cycle. With the exception of the French-Canadian founder effect, no common mutation has been detected in other populations. In this study, we collected 16 additional HHH cases and expanded the spectrum of SLC25A15/ORC1 mutations. Eleven novel mutations were identified including six new missense and one microrearrangement. We also measured the transport properties of the recombinant purified proteins in reconstituted liposomes for four new and two previously reported missense mutations and proved that the transport activities of these mutant forms of ORC1 were reduced as compared with the wild-type protein; residual activity ranged between 4% and 19%. Furthermore, we designed three-dimensional (3D)-modeling of mutant ORC1 proteins. While modeling the changes in silico allowed us to obtain new information on the pathomechanisms underlying HHH syndrome, we found no clear-cut genotype-phenotype correlations. Although patient metabolic alterations responded well to low-protein therapy, predictions concerning the long-term evolution of HHH syndrome remain uncertain. The preference for a hepatic rather than a neurological presentation at onset also continues, largely, to elude us. Neither modifications in oxidative metabolism-related energy, such as those expected in different mtDNA haplogroups, nor sequence variants in SLC25A2/ORC2 seem to be crucial. Other factors, including protein stability and function, and ORC1-ORC2 structural interactions should be further investigated.

  3. The human and mouse SLC25A29 mitochondrial transporters rescue the deficient ornithine metabolism in fibroblasts of patients with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome. (United States)

    Camacho, José A; Rioseco-Camacho, Natalia


    The hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome is a disorder of the urea cycle (UCD) and ornithine degradation pathway caused by mutations in the mitochondrial ornithine transporter (ORNT1). Unlike other UCDs, HHH syndrome is characterized by a less severe and variable phenotype that we believe may, in part, be due to genes with redundant function to ORNT1, such as the previously characterized ORNT2 gene. We reasoned that SLC25A29, a member of the same subfamily of mitochondrial carrier proteins as ORNT1 and ORNT2, might also have overlapping function with ORNT1. Here, we report that both the human and mouse SLC25A29, previously identified as mitochondrial carnitine/acyl-carnitine transporter-like, when overexpressed transiently also rescues the impaired ornithine transport in cultured HHH fibroblasts. Moreover, we observed that, in the mouse, the Slc25a29 message is more significantly expressed in the CNS and cultured astrocytes when compared with the liver and kidney. These results suggest a potential physiologic role for the SLC25A29 transporter in the oxidation of fatty acids, ornithine degradation pathway, and possibly the urea cycle. Our results show that SLC25A29 is the third human mitochondrial ornithine transporter, designated as ORNT3, which may contribute to the milder and variable phenotype seen in patients with HHH syndrome.

  4. True bursal pigmented villonodular synovitis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abdelwahab, Ibrahim Fikry [Department of Radiology, New York Methodist Hospital, Affiliated with New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY (United States); Kenan, Samuel [Department of Orthopedics, New York University Medical Center, NY (United States); Steiner, German C. [Department of Pathology, Hospital for Joint Diseases/Orthopedic Institute, New York, NY (United States); Abdul-Quader, Mohammed [Department of Radiology, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, New York, NY (United States)


    We describe two cases of pigmented villonodular synovitis affecting true bursae. This study was also designed to discuss the term ''pigmented villonodular bursitis'', not confined to true synovial bursae, sometimes creating misunderstanding. (orig.)

  5. True and common balsams

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dayana L. Custódio


    Full Text Available Balsams have been used since ancient times, due to their therapeutic and healing properties; in the perfume industry, they are used as fixatives, and in the cosmetics industry and in cookery, they are used as preservatives and aromatizers. They are generally defined as vegetable material with highly aromatic properties that supposedly have the ability to heal diseases, not only of the body, but also of the soul. When viewed according to this concept, many substances can be considered balsams. A more modern concept is based on its chemical composition and origin: a secretion or exudate of plants that contain cinnamic and benzoic acids, and their derivatives, in their composition. The most common naturally-occurring balsams (i.e. true balsams are the Benzoins, Liquid Storaque and the Balsams of Tolu and Peru. Many other aromatic exudates, such as Copaiba Oil and Canada Balsam, are wrongly called balsam. These usually belong to other classes of natural products, such as essential oils, resins and oleoresins. Despite the understanding of some plants, many plants are still called balsams. This article presents a chemical and pharmacological review of the most common balsams.

  6. Compensated-power differential calorimeter -196 deg. C/400 deg. C; Calorimetre differentiel a puissance compensee -196 deg. C/400 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonjour, E.; Pierre, J.; Agagliate, S.; Bertrand, P.; Faivre, J.; Lagnier, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, Section physico-chimie et basses temperatures


    A differential calorimetric device of original design is described. Its allows direct measurements of thermal effects (adsorption or release) during a linear rise of temperature. The self compensated power method which is applied by means of a very sensitive control system, gives a direct value of the different heat capacity between the sample and a dummy of it. The detection threshold is about {+-} 100 micro-watts to {+-} 250 micro-watts. Applications: - Generally measurements of enthalpy changes of massive or powdered samples. - Measurement of Wigner energy after low temperature irradiation (77 deg. K). - Measurements of energy release in low temperature (77 deg. K) cold worked metals. (authors) [French] On decrit un dispositif de calorimetrie differentielle, de conception originale, qui permet de mesurer directement des effets thermiques en absorption ou en degagement de chaleur, au cours d'une montee en temperature lineaire. La methode de compensation automatique de puissance qui est mise en oeuvre au moyen de cha es d'asservissement tres sensibles, conduit a une determination directe de la capacite calorifique differencielle entre l'echantillon et sa reference. Le seuil de detection est de l'ordre de {+-} 100 a {+-} 250 microwatts. Applications: - D'une facon generale, mesure des variations enthalpiques, sur echantillons massifs ou en poudre. - Mesure de l'energie Wigner apres irradiation a basse temperature (77 deg. K). - Mesure de l'energie restauree apres deformation des metaux a basse temperature (77 deg. K). (auteurs)

  7. Testimonianze di vittime degli anni di piombo

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cecchini, Leonardo

    Testimonianze di vittime degli anni di piombo In un articolo pubblicato nel 2008 sulla webzine Nazione indiana Christian Raimo criticava quello che poi Giovanni De Luna qualche anno dopo nel suo libro La Repubblica del dolore (2011) ha chiamato “paradigma vittimario”; cioè la presenza predominante...

  8. A true case story

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hanne Bjørg Walker


    Full Text Available Autism is not generally recognized as a condition which can be bio-medically influenced. As of today, there are no biomarkers for autism that are recognized by traditional medicine. Treating autism medically is a difficult and hopeless task according to official guidelines (even though it is seldom written in official documents. Parents of many children who have or had an ASD diagnosis have witnessed significant improvements in their children after dietary interventions as well as after interventions with vitamins, minerals and biogene substances which can be bought over the counter. The parents of individual children are their best observers. With a high degree of certainty, they are able to see which substances improve or weaken their children. Their observations are usually accurate, but their rationale for why is often wrong. Observations from parents can often be of greater importance for the child than advice from so called experts. This is a true story about a girl whose parents lost contact with her when she was only 6 months old. In her first 14 days she lost her ability to roll over, to babble and make sounds. She did not look at her parents any more – just stared up at the roof. At 9 months she did not respond to words such as, ‘look at mommy’. Through the parents own experiences with her older siblings and 4 months of frantic searching for a diet that would agree with the child, she made a remarkable journey from 10 months of age to 18 months. There is one thing worth mentioning – she refused to eat solid food throughout this time. The story does not end there. Today she is 12 years old and has had to be regulated with diet and biogene substances every day since she was 4 years old. During the last 5 months she has shown more stability and can even go a day or two without biogene substances as long as she keeps to her dietary plan. If you had just met her and spent a day with her, you would never know.

  9. Comparison of PCBBs and CTs irradiated at 250 deg. C, 300 deg. C, and 350 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rensman, J.; Nolles, H.N. [ECN-Energy Research Foundation, Research Unit NRG, Westerduinweg, Petten (Netherlands); Lucon, E. [SCK-CEN, Institute of Nuclear Material Science, Boeretang, Mol (Belgium); Spatig, P. [EPFL-CRDP, Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas, Association Euratom-Confederation Suisse, CH Villigen PSI (Switzerland)


    Full text of publication follows: The fracture toughness of irradiated Eurofer steel is difficult to characterise. Several limitations are identified in this paper with respect to the conventional treatment of fracture data of BCC steels in the transition region. It is uncertain that the RPV Master Curve is applicable to unirradiated Eurofer, and low temperature irradiation adds more to this uncertainty. The lack of strain hardening and the dose variation within each batch are two complicating factors. An irradiation has been carried out in the BFR up to a nominal dose of 2.5 dpa at 250 deg. C, 300 deg. C, and 350 deg. C in sodium. Twelve small size pre-cracked bend specimens and eight mini-CT specimens have been irradiated in each temperature section. We analyse the effect of constraint and censoring limit, and the specimen geometry and loading configuration. The fracture data are treated in several ways that are proposed in open literature to investigate the effect of irradiation on a reference temperature like the ASTM E1921 T0. In addition, the relation between the tensile hardening, which is presented in a companion paper, and the shift calculated with the various methods is studied. (authors)

  10. Bacillus subtilis Two-Component System Sensory Kinase DegS Is Regulated by Serine Phosphorylation in Its Input Domain (United States)

    Jers, Carsten; Kobir, Ahasanul; Søndergaard, Elsebeth Oline; Jensen, Peter Ruhdal; Mijakovic, Ivan


    Bacillus subtilis two-component system DegS/U is well known for the complexity of its regulation. The cytosolic sensory kinase DegS does not receive a single predominant input signal like most two-component kinases, instead it integrates a wide array of metabolic inputs that modulate its activity. The phosphorylation state of the response regulator DegU also does not confer a straightforward “on/off” response; it is fine-tuned and at different levels triggers different sub-regulons. Here we describe serine phosphorylation of the DegS sensing domain, which stimulates its kinase activity. We demonstrate that DegS phosphorylation can be carried out by at least two B. subtilis Hanks-type kinases in vitro, and this stimulates the phosphate transfer towards DegU. The consequences of this process were studied in vivo, using phosphomimetic (Ser76Asp) and non-phosphorylatable (Ser76Ala) mutants of DegS. In a number of physiological assays focused on different processes regulated by DegU, DegS S76D phosphomimetic mutant behaved like a strain with intermediate levels of DegU phosphorylation, whereas DegS S76A behaved like a strain with lower levels of DegU phophorylation. These findings suggest a link between DegS phosphorylation at serine 76 and the level of DegU phosphorylation, establishing this post-translational modification as an additional trigger for this two-component system. PMID:21304896

  11. Bacillus subtilis two-component system sensory kinase DegS is regulated by serine phosphorylation in its input domain.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carsten Jers

    Full Text Available Bacillus subtilis two-component system DegS/U is well known for the complexity of its regulation. The cytosolic sensory kinase DegS does not receive a single predominant input signal like most two-component kinases, instead it integrates a wide array of metabolic inputs that modulate its activity. The phosphorylation state of the response regulator DegU also does not confer a straightforward "on/off" response; it is fine-tuned and at different levels triggers different sub-regulons. Here we describe serine phosphorylation of the DegS sensing domain, which stimulates its kinase activity. We demonstrate that DegS phosphorylation can be carried out by at least two B. subtilis Hanks-type kinases in vitro, and this stimulates the phosphate transfer towards DegU. The consequences of this process were studied in vivo, using phosphomimetic (Ser76Asp and non-phosphorylatable (Ser76Ala mutants of DegS. In a number of physiological assays focused on different processes regulated by DegU, DegS S76D phosphomimetic mutant behaved like a strain with intermediate levels of DegU phosphorylation, whereas DegS S76A behaved like a strain with lower levels of DegU phophorylation. These findings suggest a link between DegS phosphorylation at serine 76 and the level of DegU phosphorylation, establishing this post-translational modification as an additional trigger for this two-component system.

  12. Wing motion measurement and aerodynamics of hovering true hoverflies. (United States)

    Mou, Xiao Lei; Liu, Yan Peng; Sun, Mao


    Most hovering insects flap their wings in a horizontal plane (body having a large angle from the horizontal), called `normal hovering'. But some of the best hoverers, e.g. true hoverflies, hover with an inclined stroke plane (body being approximately horizontal). In the present paper, wing and body kinematics of four freely hovering true hoverflies were measured using three-dimensional high-speed video. The measured wing kinematics was used in a Navier-Stokes solver to compute the aerodynamic forces of the insects. The stroke amplitude of the hoverflies was relatively small, ranging from 65 to 85 deg, compared with that of normal hovering. The angle of attack in the downstroke (∼50 deg) was much larger that in the upstroke (∼20 deg), unlike normal-hovering insects, whose downstroke and upstroke angles of attack are not very different. The major part of the weight-supporting force (approximately 86%) was produced in the downstroke and it was contributed by both the lift and the drag of the wing, unlike the normal-hovering case in which the weight-supporting force is approximately equally contributed by the two half-strokes and the lift principle is mainly used to produce the force. The mass-specific power was 38.59-46.3 and 27.5-35.4 W kg(-1) in the cases of 0 and 100% elastic energy storage, respectively. Comparisons with previously published results of a normal-hovering true hoverfly and with results obtained by artificially making the insects' stroke planes horizontal show that for the true hoverflies, the power requirement for inclined stroke-plane hover is only a little (<10%) larger than that of normal hovering.

  13. Joint CARE-ELAN, CARE-HHH-APD, and EUROTEV-WP3 Workshop on Electron Cloud Clearing

    CERN Document Server

    Scandale, Walter; Schulte, D; Zimmermann, F; Electron Cloud Effects and Technological Consequences; ECL2


    This report contains the Proceedings of the joint CARE-HHH-APD, CARE-ELAN, and EUROTEV-WP3 Mini-Workshop on 'Electron Cloud Clearing - Electron Cloud and Technical Consequences', "ECL2", held at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, 1-2 March 2007). The ECL2 workshop explored novel technological remedies against electron-cloud formation in an accelerator beam pipe. A primary motivation for the workshop was the expected harmful electron-cloud effects in the upgraded LHC injectors and in future linear colliders, as well as recent beam observations in operating facilities like ANKA, CESR, KEKB, RHIC, and SPS. The solutions discussed at ECL2 included enamel-based clearing electrodes, slotted vacuum chambers, NEG coating, and grooves. Several of the proposed cures were assessed in terms of their clearing efficiency and the associated beam impedance. The workshop also reviewed new simulation tools like the 3D electron-ion build-up 'Faktor', modeling assumptions, analytical calculations, beam experiments, and laboratory meas...

  14. Summary of the Mini BNL/LARP/CARE-HHH Workshop on Crab Cavities for the LHC (LHC-CC08)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ben-Zvi,I.; Calaga, R.; Zimmermann, F.


    The first mini-workshop on crab compensation for the LHC luminosity upgrade (LHC-CC08) was held February 24-25, 2008 at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. A total of 35 participants from 3 continents and 15 institutions from around the world participated to discuss the exciting prospect of a crab scheme for the LHC. If realized it will be the first demonstration in hadron colliders. The workshop is organized by joint collaboration of BNL, US-LARP and CARE-HHH. The enormous interest in the subject of crab cavities for the international linear collider and future light sources has resulted in a large international collaboration to exchange aspects of synergy and expertise. A central repository for this exchange of information documenting the latest design effort for LHC crab cavities is consolidated in a wiki page: The main goal of this workshop was to define a road-map for a prototype crab cavity to be installed in the LHC and to discuss the associated R&D and beam dynamics challenges. The diverse subject of implementing the crab scheme resulted in a scientific program with a wide range of subtopics which were divided into 8 sessions. Each session was given a list of fundamental questions to be addressed and used as a guideline to steer the discussions.

  15. CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on Finalizing the Roadmap for the Upgrade of the CERN and GSI Accelerator Complex

    CERN Document Server

    Zimmermann, Frank; BEAM'07; BEAM 2007; Finalizing the Roadmap for the Upgrade of the LHC and GSI Accelerator Complex


    This report contains the Proceedings of the CARE-HHH-APD Event BEAM’07, “Finalizing the Roadmap for the Upgrade of the CERN & GSI Accelerator Complex,” which was held at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1 to 5 October 2007. BEAM’07 was primarily devoted to beam dynamics limitations for the two, or three, alternative baseline scenarios of the LHC luminosity upgrade and to critical design choices for the upgrade of the LHC injector complex at CERN and for the FAIR complex at GSI. It comprised five parts: (1) a Mini-Workshop on LHC+ Beam Performance, (2) a CERN-GSI Meeting on Collective Effects, (3) the Francesco Ruggiero Memorial Symposium, (4) a Mini-Workshop on the LHC Injectors Upgrade, and (5) the BEAM’07 Summaries. Topics addressed in the first mini-workshop of BEAM’07 ranged from the luminosity performance reach of the upgraded LHC in different scenarios, over the generation and stability of the future LHC beams, the turnaround time, beam–beam effects, luminosity levelling methods, and ...

  16. CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on Interaction Regions for the LHC Upgrade, DAFNE, and SuperB

    CERN Document Server

    Zimmermann, Frank; IR'07; IR 2007


    This report contains the Proceedings of the CARE-HHH-APD Mini-Workshop “IR’07,” which was held in Frascati, Italy, from 7 to 9 November 2007. The central theme of the IR’07 Mini-Workshop was the upgrade of the LHC interaction region (IR). A second topic was the experience with the upgraded DAFNE IR as well as the ongoing plans and studies for SuperB, plus possible applications of crab-waist collisions for the LHC upgrade. Discussions during the workshop addressed the performance and limitations of the IR-upgrade optics performance, the optimization of new LHC triplet magnets, the US-LARP magnet strategy (response to Lucio Rossi’s “challenge”), heat deposition, earlyseparation dipoles, detector-integrated quadrupoles, strategy for crab cavities, beam–beam wire compensators, and crab-waist collisions. At IR’07 all auxiliary systems, e.g. wires and crab cavities, received a strong boost. Energy deposition was shown to add an important criterion to the optics requirements—in a first attempt a ...

  17. Hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH)-syndrome. Ultrastructural changes of mitochondria in cultured dermal fibroblasts of three patients. (United States)

    Haust, M D; Dewar, R A; Gatfield, D P; Gordon, B A


    Mitochondria of fibroblasts cultured from the skin obtained at biopsy from three patients with the hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH)-syndrome, one of the autosomal recessive, heritable urea cycle disorders, were studied with appropriate controls ultrastructurally. The patients were two severely retarded 10- and 12-year-old boys, and a 22-year-old sister of the former whose mental status was at the low normal range; she never had motor impairments or seizures. The mitochondria, similar in all three patients, were increased in number, very long, branching and/or "looping," and tortuous. "Spurs" or "buddings" extended from their lateral surfaces and the terminal segments were often bulbous. Other unusual configurations were also present. In addition, giant forms with large diameter contained innumerable closely-packed and parallel cristae which traversed the entire width of these mitochondria; at times they assumed a "whirled" pattern. The mitochondrial matrix was usually of high electron density. These changes were not a feature of fibroblastic mitochondria of controls. Several changes resembled those of hepatic mitochondria in this disorder. All features are interpreted as an attempt at expanding the mitochondrial volume (via structural substratum) to compensate for the metabolic incompetence of these organelles (a block in transmembranous transfer of ornithine from hyaloplasm into mitochondria for conversion to citrulline).

  18. Long-term monitoring of sleep apnea at home in heart failure patients: preliminary results from the HHH study. (United States)

    Pinna, G D; Maestri, R; Gobbi, E; Capomolla, S; Campana, C; Emdin, M; Di Lenarda, A; La Rovere, M T; Andrews, D; Johnson, P; Mortara, A; Sleight, P


    Sleep apnea is very common in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and has important implications in terms of morbidity, mortality and clinical management. Home respiratory telemonitoring might constitute a potential low-cost, widely-applicable alternative to traditional polysomnography in the evaluation and long-term monitoring of breathing disorders in these patients. In this paper we briefly describe the technological infrastructure and present preliminary results of the European Community multicountry trial HHH (Home or Hospital in Heart Failure), which is currently testing a novel system for home telemonitoring of cardiorespiratory signals in CHF patients. The recording and transmitting devices are suitable to be self-managed by the patient. We give a detailed report on the prevalence of nocturnal respiratory disorders at the beginning of the one-year follow-up and on their persistency over the following recordings (one per month). These preliminary findings clearly indicate that intermittent home telemonitoring of respiratory signals based on patient's self-management is feasible in CHF patients and the compliance is high. Reported statistics unambiguously confirm the high prevalence of nocturnal breathing disorders in these patients and clearly show that this phenomenon tends to persist over time.

  19. Global map of lithosphere thermal thickness on a 1 deg x 1 deg grid - digitally available

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Artemieva, Irina


    than 250 km) lithosphere is restrictedsolely to young Archean terranes (3.0–2.6 Ga), while in old Archean cratons (3.6–3.0 Ga) lithospheric roots donot extend deeper than 200–220 km.The TC1 model is presented by a set of maps, which show significant thermal heterogeneity within continentalupper mantle......This presentation reports a 1 deg 1 deg global thermal model for the continental lithosphere (TC1). The modelis digitally available from the author’s web-site: for continental terranes of different ages (early Archean to present) are constrained by reliabledata...

  20. Bacillus subtilis Two-Component System Sensory Kinase DegS Is Regulated by Serine Phosphorylation in Its Input Domain

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jers, Carsten; Kobir, Ahasanul; Søndergaard, Elsebeth Oline;


    Bacillus subtilis two-component system DegS/U is well known for the complexity of its regulation. The cytosolic sensory kinase DegS does not receive a single predominant input signal like most two-component kinases, instead it integrates a wide array of metabolic inputs that modulate its activity...

  1. Angiopatia diabetica e amputazione degli arti inferiori: valutazioni preliminari degli episodi di ricovero ripetuti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Trerotoli


    Full Text Available

    Obiettivi: l’obiettivo principale dello studio è stata la valutazione dei ricoveri ripetuti nei soggetti con vasculopatia diabetica, rispetto ai soggetti con vasculopatia non diabetica.

    Materiali e Metodi: sono state selezionate le SDO del triennio 1998-2000 contenenti, in uno dei campi di diagnosi, i codici di diabete mellito, con e senza complicanze (codici ICD9 ed ICD9CM, 250.—, vasculopatia periferica (440.2 e 440.8, ulcera periferica (707.1, 707.8, 707.9, gangrena (785.4. Le SDO con diagnosi di vasculopatia diabetica sono state considerate come angiopatie diabetiche (AD; le altre sono state attribuite agli angiopatici non diabetici (AND. Le SDO con diabete non complicato e arteriopatia periferica sono state eliminate. L’intervento di amputazione è stato individuato dalla presenza del codice ICD9CM di procedura 84.—. La ripetitività degli episodi è stata valutata usando il codice fiscale come identificativo del paziente. Risultati: sono state rilevate 5814 dimissioni di AD e 9010 di AND. Le amputazioni sono state 285 (4,90% negli AD e 485 (5,38% negli AND. I ricoveri ripetuti sono stati 13 negli AD e 12 negli AND. Le amputazioni sono state osservate verso il 4°-5° episodio di ricovero negli AD, mentre già dal 2° episodio negli AND. Le ulcere erano presenti nel 36,05% (il 36,5% nel primo episodio di ricovero, che resta costante negli episodi successivi degli AND e nel 10,97% degli AD (9,84% nel primo episodio, con un incremento fino al 20% del 5° episodio. Un episodio in day-hospital (DH si osserva nel 12,32% degli AD, contro il 4,20% degli AND.

    Conclusioni: l’accesso degli AD all’assistenza intraospedaliera avviene più frequentemente in DH, i passi successivi sono caratterizzati dalla comparsa dell’ulcera o gangrena e infine dall’amputazione. Nel gruppo degli AD è stato osservato un eccesso di ospedalizzazione, probabilmente per ripetitività del

  2. Epitaxial growth of magnetoresistive (00h), (0hh), and (hhh) La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films on (001)Si substrates (United States)

    Fontcuberta, J.; Bibes, M.; Martínez, B.; Trtik, V.; Ferrater, C.; Sánchez, F.; Varela, M.


    We show that suitable choice of the buffer heterostructure allows us to obtain epitaxial (00h), (0hh), and (hhh) La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films on buffered Si(001) substrates. The magnetotransport properties are investigated. Irrespective of the film texture, it is found that the easy-magnetization direction lies within the film plane. The low-field magnetoresistance is mainly controlled by the in-plane misorientation of crystallites while differences associated with the distinct microstructure of the interfaces appear to have only a second-order effect.

  3. True aneurysm of brachial artery. (United States)

    Hudorović, Narcis; Lovričević, Ivo; Franjić, Dario Bjorn; Brkić, Petar; Tomas, Davor


    True upper extremity peripheral artery aneurysms are a rarely encountered arterial disorder. Following computer-tomography angiographic (CT-a) imaging examination, true saccular aneurysm, originating from the left brachial artery was diagnosed in the 77-year-old female without history of trauma. The aneurysm was resected by surgical intervention, and primary repair of the brachial artery was performed by interposition of a part of great saphenous vein harvested from the left groin and creation of two end-to-end anastomoses between interposition graft and previously resected part of brachial artery. No complication was observed during the follow-up. Surgical intervention for upper extremity aneurysms should be initiated without delay. Factors combined with minimal morbidity associated with repair suggest that surgical repair should be performed routinely for true upper extremity arterial aneurysms.

  4. Global map of lithosphere thermal thickness on a 1 deg x 1 deg grid - digitally available (United States)

    Artemieva, Irina


    This presentation reports a 1 deg ×1 deg global thermal model for the continental lithosphere (TC1). The model is digitally available from the author's web-site: Geotherms for continental terranes of different ages (early Archean to present) are constrained by reliable data on borehole heat flow measurements (Artemieva and Mooney, 2001), checked with the original publications for data quality, and corrected for paleo-temperature effects where needed. These data are supplemented by cratonic geotherms based on xenolith data. Since heat flow measurements cover not more than half of the continents, the remaining areas (ca. 60% of the continents) are filled by the statistical numbers derived from the thermal model constrained by borehole data. Continental geotherms are statistically analyzed as a function of age and are used to estimate lithospheric temperatures in continental regions with no or low quality heat flow data. This analysis requires knowledge of lithosphere age globally. A compilation of tectono-thermal ages of lithospheric terranes on a 1 deg × 1 deg grid forms the basis for the statistical analysis. It shows that, statistically, lithospheric thermal thickness z (in km) depends on tectono-thermal age t (in Ma) as: z=0.04t+93.6. This relationship formed the basis for a global thermal model of the continental lithosphere (TC1). Statistical analysis of continental geotherms also reveals that this relationship holds for the Archean cratons in general, but not in detail. Particularly, thick (more than 250 km) lithosphere is restricted solely to young Archean terranes (3.0-2.6 Ga), while in old Archean cratons (3.6-3.0 Ga) lithospheric roots do not extend deeper than 200-220 km. The TC1 model is presented by a set of maps, which show significant thermal heterogeneity within continental upper mantle. The strongest lateral temperature variations (as large as 800 deg C) are typical of the shallow mantle (depth less than 100 km). A map of the

  5. Global map of lithosphere thermal thickness on a 1 deg x 1 deg grid - digitally available

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Artemieva, Irina


    than 250 km) lithosphere is restrictedsolely to young Archean terranes (3.0–2.6 Ga), while in old Archean cratons (3.6–3.0 Ga) lithospheric roots donot extend deeper than 200–220 km.The TC1 model is presented by a set of maps, which show significant thermal heterogeneity within continentalupper mantle......This presentation reports a 1 deg 1 deg global thermal model for the continental lithosphere (TC1). The modelis digitally available from the author’s web-site: for continental terranes of different ages (early Archean to present) are constrained by reliabledata...... of the continents, the remaining areas (ca. 60% ofthe continents) are filled by the statistical numbers derived from the thermal model constrained by boreholedata. Continental geotherms are statistically analyzed as a function of age and are used to estimate lithospherictemperatures in continental regions...

  6. True Fibroma of Alveolar Mucosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shankargouda Patil


    Full Text Available Benign fibrous overgrowths are often found in the oral cavity, almost always being reactive/irritational in nature. However, benign mesenchymal neoplasms of the fibroblasts are extremely uncommon. Here we report a case of “True Fibroma of Alveolar Mucosa” for its rarity.

  7. OMP Peptides Activate the DegS Stress-Sensor Protease by a Relief of Inhibition Mechanism

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sohn, Jungsan; Grant, Robert A.; Sauer, Robert T.; MIT


    In the E. coli periplasm, C-terminal peptides of misfolded outer-membrane porins (OMPs) bind to the PDZ domains of the trimeric DegS protease, triggering cleavage of a transmembrane regulator and transcriptional activation of stress genes. We show that an active-site DegS mutation partially bypasses the requirement for peptide activation and acts synergistically with mutations that disrupt contacts between the protease and PDZ domains. Biochemical results support an allosteric model, in which these mutations, active-site modification, and peptide/substrate binding act in concert to stabilize proteolytically active DegS. Cocrystal structures of DegS in complex with different OMP peptides reveal activation of the protease domain with varied conformations of the PDZ domain and without specific contacts from the bound OMP peptide. Taken together, these results indicate that the binding of OMP peptides activates proteolysis principally by relieving inhibitory contacts between the PDZ domain and the protease domain of DegS.

  8. La poesia sabiana degli Anni Venti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Atilij Rakar


    Full Text Available Muovendo da un confronto fra il Saba del primo Canzoniere e le Figure e canti coi quali l'opera del poeta triestino continua negli anni venti, l'autore cerca di individuare i caratteri che meglio definiscono la poesia sabiana di questo secondo periodo. Messi in evidenza alcuni temi su cui verte il discorso sabiano fin delle Poesie dell'adolescenza e giovanili, le opere degli anni venti si rivelano come esiti di un poliforme compendio in cui il poeta vuol chiarire il senso del cammino percorso e comp:tendere quelle che sono le ragioni prime del suo poetare. Si manifestano qui, anche in maniera esplicita, alcuni motivi fondamentali del Canzionere: basti pensare, ad esempio, a Il borgo che offre la chiave per l'interprezazione di tutto un filone della tematica sabiana, o alle Fughe, con le quali il poeta vuol esprimere l'essenza del proprio sentire. La poetica delle »figure« e dei »canti« composti negli anni venti, non segnerebbe dunque una conversione di Saba ai »miti della forma«, come inducono a credere anche certe apostrofi del poeta stesso, rna può esser definita solo se vista in funzione dei contenuti che determinano il suo formarsi.

  9. Spin Interference in Rashba 2DEG Systems (United States)

    Nitta, Junsaku

    The gate controllable SOI provides useful information about spin interference.1 Spin interference effects are studied in two different interference loop structures. It is known that sample specific conductance fluctuations affect the conductance in the interference loop. By using array of many interference loops, we carefully pick up TRS Altshuler-Aronov-Spivak (AAS)-type oscillation which is not sample specific and depends on the spin phase. The experimentally obtained gate voltage dependence of AAS oscillations indicates that the spin precession angle can be controlled by the gate voltage.2 We demonstrate the time reversal Aharonov-Casher (AC) effect in small arrays of mesoscopic rings.3 By using an electrostatic gate we can control the spin precession angle rate and follow the AC phase over several interference periods. We also see the second harmonic of the AC interference, oscillating with half the period. The spin interference is still visible after more than 20π precession angle. We have proposed a Stern-Gerlach type spin filter based on the Rashba SOI.4 A spatial gradient of effective magnetic field due to the nonuniform SOI separates spin up and down electrons. This spin filter works even without any external magnetic fields and ferromagnetic contacts. We show the semiconductor/ferromagnet hybrid structure is an effective way to detect magnetization process of submicron magnets. The problem of the spin injection from ferromagnetic contact into 2DEG is also disicussed. Note from Publisher: This article contains the abstract only.

  10. Ornithine and Homocitrulline Impair Mitochondrial Function, Decrease Antioxidant Defenses and Induce Cell Death in Menadione-Stressed Rat Cortical Astrocytes: Potential Mechanisms of Neurological Dysfunction in HHH Syndrome. (United States)

    Zanatta, Ângela; Rodrigues, Marília Danyelle Nunes; Amaral, Alexandre Umpierrez; Souza, Débora Guerini; Quincozes-Santos, André; Wajner, Moacir


    Hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome is caused by deficiency of ornithine translocase leading to predominant tissue accumulation and high urinary excretion of ornithine (Orn), homocitrulline (Hcit) and ammonia. Although affected patients commonly present neurological dysfunction manifested by cognitive deficit, spastic paraplegia, pyramidal and extrapyramidal signs, stroke-like episodes, hypotonia and ataxia, its pathogenesis is still poorly known. Although astrocytes are necessary for neuronal protection. Therefore, in the present study we investigated the effects of Orn and Hcit on cell viability (propidium iodide incorporation), mitochondrial function (thiazolyl blue tetrazolium bromide-MTT-reduction and mitochondrial membrane potential-ΔΨm), antioxidant defenses (GSH) and pro-inflammatory response (NFkB, IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α) in unstimulated and menadione-stressed cortical astrocytes that were previously shown to be susceptible to damage by neurotoxins. We first observed that Orn decreased MTT reduction, whereas both amino acids decreased GSH levels, without altering cell viability and the pro-inflammatory factors in unstimulated astrocytes. Furthermore, Orn and Hcit decreased cell viability and ΔΨm in menadione-treated astrocytes. The present data indicate that the major compounds accumulating in HHH syndrome impair mitochondrial function and reduce cell viability and the antioxidant defenses in cultured astrocytes especially when stressed by menadione. It is presumed that these mechanisms may be involved in the neuropathology of this disease.

  11. The structures of Arabidopsis Deg5 and Deg8 reveal new insights into HtrA proteases

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sun, Wei [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 (China); University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing 100049 (China); Gao, Feng [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 (China); Fan, Haitian; Shan, Xiaoyue [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 (China); University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing 100049 (China); Sun, Renhua [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 20 Nanxincun, Haidian District, Beijing 100093 (China); University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing 100049 (China); Liu, Lin, E-mail: [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 20 Nanxincun, Haidian District, Beijing 100093 (China); Gong, Weimin, E-mail: [Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 (China)


    The crystal structures of Arabidopsis Deg5 and Deg8 have been determined to resolutions of 2.6 and 2.0 Å, respectively, revealing novel structural features of HtrA proteases. Plant Deg5 and Deg8 are two members of the HtrA proteases, a family of oligomeric serine endopeptidases that are involved in a variety of protein quality-control processes. These two HtrA proteases are located in the thylakoid lumen and participate in high-light stress responses by collaborating with other chloroplast proteins. Deg5 and Deg8 degrade photodamaged D1 protein of the photosystem II reaction centre, allowing its in situ replacement. Here, the crystal structures of Arabidopsis thaliana Deg5 (S266A) and Deg8 (S292A) are reported at 2.6 and 2.0 Å resolution, respectively. The Deg5 trimer contains two calcium ions in a central channel, suggesting a link between photodamage control and calcium ions in chloroplasts. Previous structures of HtrA proteases have indicated that their regulation usually requires C-terminal PDZ domain(s). Deg5 is unique in that it contains no PDZ domain and the trimeric structure of Deg5 (S266A) reveals a novel catalytic triad conformation. A similar triad conformation is observed in the hexameric structure of the single PDZ-domain-containing Deg8 (S292A). These findings suggest a novel activation mechanism for plant HtrA proteases and provide structural clues to their function in light-stress response.

  12. True Hermaphrodite: A Case Report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Zafar Iqbal


    Full Text Available True hermaphrodite is one of the rarest variety of disorders of sexual differentiation (DSD and represents only 5% cases of all. A 3-year-old child presented with left sided undescended testis and penoscrotal hypospadias. Chordee correction was performed 18 months back, elsewhere. At laparotomy Mullerian structures were present on left side. On right side testis was normally descended into the scrotum.

  13. In search of true friendship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Karine de Souza


    Full Text Available The present text proposes a discussion on the concept of true friendship. The argument is grounded mostly on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Owen Flanagan's ethics as human ecology, and on contemporary authors' works about the Greek philosopher's concept of friendship. Given that human beings flourish through 1 exercising capacities, 2 being moral, and 3 having true friendships, difficulties to establish the level of trust required by true friendships turns the search itself (for them morally valid.O presente texto propõe uma discussão sobre o conceito de amizade verdadeira. A argumentação que fundamenta o trabalho baseia-se em grande parte na Ética a Nicômaco de Aristóteles, na ética como ecologia humana de Owen Flanagan, e em autores contemporâneos sobre o conceito de amizade do filósofo grego. Considerando-se que seres humanos encontram a felicidade mediante 1 o exercício de suas capacidades, 2 ser um ente moral, e 3 ter amizades verdadeiras, as dificuldades no estabelecimento do nível de amizade requerido nas amizades verdadeiras torna a busca (por elas, por si só, algo moralmente válido.

  14. True CMB Power Spectrum Estimation

    CERN Document Server

    Paykari, P; Fadili, M J


    The cosmic microwave background (CMB) power spectrum is a powerful cosmological probe as it entails almost all the statistical information of the CMB perturbations. Having access to only one sky, the CMB power spectrum measured by our experiments is only a realization of the true underlying angular power spectrum. In this paper we aim to recover the true underlying CMB power spectrum from the one realization that we have without a need to know the cosmological parameters. The sparsity of the CMB power spectrum is first investigated in two dictionaries; Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Wavelet Transform (WT). The CMB power spectrum can be recovered with only a few percentage of the coefficients in both of these dictionaries and hence is very compressible in these dictionaries. We study the performance of these dictionaries in smoothing a set of simulated power spectra. Based on this, we develop a technique that estimates the true underlying CMB power spectrum from data, i.e. without a need to know the cosmo...

  15. Neutron irradiation of silicon diodes at temperatures of +20deg C and -20deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anghinolfi, F.; Glaser, M.; Heijne, E.H.M.; Jarron, P.; Lemeilleur, F.; Occelli, E.; Poppleton, A. (CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)); Bardos, R.; Gorfine, G.; Moorhead, G.; Taylor, G.; Tovey, S. (School of Physics, Univ. Melbourne, Parkville (Australia)); Bates, S.J.; Munday, D.J.; Parker, M.A. (Cavendish Lab., Univ. Cambridge (United Kingdom)); Bonino, R.; Clark, A.G.; Wu, X. (DPNC, Univ. Geneva (Switzerland)); Claussen, N.; Fretwurst, E.; Lindstroem, G.; Papendick, B.; Schulz, T.; Wunstorf, R. (Inst. fuer Experimentalphysik, Univ. Hamburg (Germany)); Goessling, C.; Klingenberg, R.; Pagel, H.; Pollmann, D.; Rolf, A. (Inst. fuer Physik, Univ. Dortmund (Germany)); Scampoli, P. (Dipt. di Fisica, Univ. Perugia (Italy) INFN, Sezione Perugia (Italy)); Weidberg, A.R. (Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Oxford Univ. (United Kingdom)); RD2 Collaboration


    We report measurements of the behaviour of silicon diodes when exposed to integrated neutron doses of up to 5x10[sup 13] neutrons/cm[sup 2]. The measurements have been made at diode temperatures between room temperature and -20deg C. From measurements of the diode leakage current and depletion voltage, and consequent evaluations of the effective impurity concentration, the temperature dependence of these quantities is discussed in terms of the annealing behaviour of the diodes. Comments are made on the suitability of silicon as a detector medium for particle physics experiments at future accelerators. (orig.).

  16. DegP Chaperone Suppresses Toxic Inner Membrane Translocation Intermediates (United States)

    Braselmann, Esther; Chaney, Julie L.; Champion, Matthew M.


    The periplasm of Gram-negative bacteria includes a variety of molecular chaperones that shepherd the folding and targeting of secreted proteins. A central player of this quality control network is DegP, a protease also suggested to have a chaperone function. We serendipitously discovered that production of the Bordetella pertussis autotransporter virulence protein pertactin is lethal in Escherichia coli ΔdegP strains. We investigated specific contributions of DegP to secretion of pertactin as a model system to test the functions of DegP in vivo. The DegP chaperone activity was sufficient to restore growth during pertactin production. This chaperone dependency could be relieved by changing the pertactin signal sequence: an E. coli signal sequence leading to co-translational inner membrane (IM) translocation was sufficient to suppress lethality in the absence of DegP, whereas an E. coli post-translational signal sequence was sufficient to recapitulate the lethal phenotype. These results identify a novel connection between the DegP chaperone and the mechanism used to translocate a protein across the IM. Lethality coincided with loss of periplasmic proteins, soluble σE, and proteins regulated by this essential stress response. These results suggest post-translational IM translocation can lead to the formation of toxic periplasmic folding intermediates, which DegP can suppress. PMID:27626276

  17. DegP Chaperone Suppresses Toxic Inner Membrane Translocation Intermediates. (United States)

    Braselmann, Esther; Chaney, Julie L; Champion, Matthew M; Clark, Patricia L


    The periplasm of Gram-negative bacteria includes a variety of molecular chaperones that shepherd the folding and targeting of secreted proteins. A central player of this quality control network is DegP, a protease also suggested to have a chaperone function. We serendipitously discovered that production of the Bordetella pertussis autotransporter virulence protein pertactin is lethal in Escherichia coli ΔdegP strains. We investigated specific contributions of DegP to secretion of pertactin as a model system to test the functions of DegP in vivo. The DegP chaperone activity was sufficient to restore growth during pertactin production. This chaperone dependency could be relieved by changing the pertactin signal sequence: an E. coli signal sequence leading to co-translational inner membrane (IM) translocation was sufficient to suppress lethality in the absence of DegP, whereas an E. coli post-translational signal sequence was sufficient to recapitulate the lethal phenotype. These results identify a novel connection between the DegP chaperone and the mechanism used to translocate a protein across the IM. Lethality coincided with loss of periplasmic proteins, soluble σE, and proteins regulated by this essential stress response. These results suggest post-translational IM translocation can lead to the formation of toxic periplasmic folding intermediates, which DegP can suppress.

  18. Involvement of DEG5 and DEG8 proteases in the turnover of the photosystem II reaction center D1 protein under heat stress in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN XuWu; WANG LiYuan; ZHANG LiXin


    Deg5,deg8 and the double mutant,deg5deg8 of Arabidopsis thaliana were used to study the physiological role of the DEG proteases in the repair cycle of photosystem II (PSII) under heat stress. PSII activity in deg mutants showed increased sensitivity to heat stress,and the extent of this effect was greater in the double mutant,deg5deg8,than in the single mutants,deg5 and deg8. Degradation of the D1 protein was slower in the mutants than in the WT plants. Furthermore,the levels of other PSII reaction center proteins tested remained relatively stable in the mutant and WT plants following high-temperature treatment. Thus,our results indicate that DEG5 and DEG8 may have synergistic function in degradation of D1 protein under heat stress.

  19. The Prevalence of the 22 deg Halo in Cirrus Clouds (United States)

    Diedenhoven, vanBastiaan


    Halos at 22 deg from the sun attributed to randomly-orientated, pristine hexagonal crystals are frequently observed through ice clouds. These frequent sightings of halos formed by pristine crystals pose an apparent inconsistency with the dominance of distorted, nonpristine ice crystals indicated by in situ and remote sensing data. Furthermore, the 46 deg halo, which is associated with pristine hexagonal crystals as well, is observed far less frequently than the 22 deg halo. Considering that plausible mechanisms that could cause crystal distortion such as aggregation, sublimation, riming and collisions are stochastic processes that likely lead to distributions of crystals with varying distortion levels, here the presence of the 22 deg and 46 deg halo features in phase functions of mixtures of pristine and distorted hexagonal ice crystals is examined. We conclude that the 22 deg halo feature is generally present if the contribution by pristine crystals to the total scattering cross section is greater than only about 10% in the case of compact particles or columns, and greater than about 40% for plates. The 46 deg halo feature is present only if the mean distortion level is low and the contribution of pristine crystals to the total scattering cross section is above about 20%, 50% and 70%, in the case of compact crystals, plates and columns, respectively. These results indicate that frequent sightings of 22 deg halos are not inconsistent with the observed dominance of distorted, non-pristine ice crystals. Furthermore, the low mean distortion levels and large contributions by pristine crystals needed to produce the 461 halo features provide a potential explanation of the common sighting of the 22 deg halo without any detectable 46 deg halo.

  20. La formazione iniziale degli insegnanti in Italia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlo Cappa


    Full Text Available L’articolo è diviso in tre parti. La prima presenta gli elementi storici e di sfondo che occorre tenere presenti per comprendere l’evoluzione della formazione iniziale degli insegnanti verso gli attuali modelli, che pur essendo oggi tutti gestiti dalle università conservano una sensibile diversità a seconda che si tratti di formare maestri per la scuola dell’infanzia e primaria oppure professori di scuola secondaria di primo e secondo grado. La seconda parte analizza il passaggio, maturato tra la fine del secolo scorso e l’inizio del XXI secolo, della formazione dei maestri dalla scuola secondaria (Istituto magistrale all’università (Corso di laurea in Scienze della formazione primaria, e l’istituzione delle Scuole di Specializzazione per l’Insegnamento Secondario (SSIS fino alla soppressione di queste ultime, avvenuta nel 2009. La terza parte presenta il quadro attuale della formazione iniziale dei docenti in Italia con riguardo soprattutto agli insegnanti della scuola secondaria, per i quali – a differenza che per i maestri - sono intervenute dal 2010 importanti innovazioni legislative. Le SSIS sono state infatti sostituite con il Tirocinio Formativo Attivo (TFA, attualmente in fase di attuazione da parte delle università. Nella parte finale dell’articolo si traccia un primo bilancio dell’esperienza del TFA e si indicano alcuni problemi aperti. Il focus rimane sostanzialmente sulla formazione iniziale, in quanto in Italia la formazione in servizio, che pure non è del tutto assente, non è mai stata oggetto di una normativa né di una azione organica, ma avviene, quando avviene, sulla base di iniziative di specifici gruppi o associazioni.The article is organised in three parts. The first one illustrates the historical features and the institutional and political background that have to be taken into account in order to understand how initial teacher education and training has developed in Italy. Presently, all teacher

  1. Clinical trials update from the joint European Society and World Congress of Cardiology meeting: PEP-CHF, ACCLAIM and the HHH study. (United States)

    Cleland, John G F; Coletta, Alison P; Clark, Andrew L


    This article provides information and a commentary on trials relevant to the pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of heart failure, presented at the joint European Society and World Congress of Cardiology meeting held in Barcelona in September 2006. All reports should be considered as preliminary data, as analyses may change in the final publication. The PEP-CHF study suggests that perindopril improves symptoms and functional capacity and may reduce heart failure hospitalisations in patients with diastolic heart failure. Although immune modulation therapy failed to reduce the incidence of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular hospitalisations in the ACCLAIM study, the observed differences in outcome in some heart failure patients warrants further investigation. The HHH study failed to show a beneficial effect of telemonitoring over usual care in patients with heart failure but potentially important country interactions were observed.

  2. Very true operators on MTL-algebras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Jun Tao


    Full Text Available The main goal of this paper is to investigate very true MTL-algebras and prove the completeness of the very true MTL-logic. In this paper, the concept of very true operators on MTL-algebras is introduced and some related properties are investigated. Also, conditions for an MTL-algebra to be an MV-algebra and a Gödel algebra are given via this operator. Moreover, very true filters on very true MTL-algebras are studied. In particular, subdirectly irreducible very true MTL-algebras are characterized and an analogous of representation theorem for very true MTL-algebras is proved. Then, the left and right stabilizers of very true MTL-algebras are introduced and some related properties are given. As applications of stabilizer of very true MTL-algebras, we produce a basis for a topology on very true MTL-algebras and show that the generated topology by this basis is Baire, connected, locally connected and separable. Finally, the corresponding logic very true MTL-logic is constructed and the soundness and completeness of this logic are proved based on very true MTL-algebras.

  3. The family of Deg/HtrA proteases in plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schuhmann Holger


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Deg/HtrA family of ATP-independent serine endopeptidases is present in nearly all organisms from bacteria to human and vascular plants. In recent years, multiple deg/htrA protease genes were identified in various plant genomes. During genome annotations most proteases were named according to the order of discovery, hence the same names were sometimes given to different types of Deg/HtrA enzymes in different plant species. This can easily lead to false inference of individual protease functions based solely on a shared name. Therefore, the existing names and classification of these proteolytic enzymes does not meet our current needs and a phylogeny-based standardized nomenclature is required. Results Using phylogenetic and domain arrangement analysis, we improved the nomenclature of the Deg/HtrA protease family, standardized protease names based on their well-established nomenclature in Arabidopsis thaliana, and clarified the evolutionary relationship between orthologous enzymes from various photosynthetic organisms across several divergent systematic groups, including dicots, a monocot, a moss and a green alga. Furthermore, we identified a “core set” of eight proteases shared by all organisms examined here that might provide all the proteolytic potential of Deg/HtrA proteases necessary for a hypothetical plant cell. Conclusions In our proposed nomenclature, the evolutionarily closest orthologs have the same protease name, simplifying scientific communication when comparing different plant species and allowing for more reliable inference of protease functions. Further, we proposed that the high number of Deg/HtrA proteases in plants is mainly due to gene duplications unique to the respective organism.

  4. Limiting Global Warming to 2 deg C and Beyond (United States)

    Lea, D. W.


    This presentation addresses the question of how feasible is it to limit global warming to a specific temperature rise, whether 1.5, 2 or 3 deg C. Inherent in the idea of limiting global warming to a specific temperature level is the notion that future GHG emissions will be subject to a top-down international agreement. In the post-Copenhagen era, however, such an agreement is unlikely, and a bottoms-up approach of national pledges will likely have to serve as a surrogate for achieving emissions reduction. In this case, an additional question is what temperature targets are realistic under scenarios that are bounded by achievable national pledges as opposed to binding mandates. The question of feasibility depends largely on future emission pathways of CO2, other GHGs, black carbon and aerosols. Those pathways depend on many societal, technological and economic factors, but it is likely that the ultimate limiting factor is the maximum possible rate of absolute emission reduction. That rate is limited by how rapidly energy infrastructure can be turned over. Most studies suggest that an absolute emission reduction rate of 3.5% is the highest rate achievable. Climate sensitivity and the current cooling effect of aerosols and earth system responses such as the rate of ocean heat uptake and carbon cycle feedbacks determine how a specific emissions pathway translates into probable climate change. A useful framework for CO2 alone is provided by the newly emerging paradigm of cumulative emissions, which holds that peak temperature can be largely predicted by the total amount of carbon emitted, regardless of pathway. Most studies suggest that 1 Tt of cumulative carbon is equivalent to ~2 deg of peak warming. A consideration of these factors suggests that limiting warming to 1.5 deg C is no longer possible under any feasible economic scenario. For one, currently emitted GHGs are equivalent to a ~1.3 deg C warming commitment. This leaves very little room for future emissions

  5. Tropospheric ozone over a tropical Atlantic station in the Northern Hemisphere: Paramaribo, Surinam (6 deg N, 55 deg W)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peters, W.; Krol, M.C. [Inst. for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (Netherlands); Fortuin, J.P.F.; Kelder, H.M. [Koninklijke Nederlandse Meteorologische Dienst, De Bilt (Netherlands); Thompson, A.M. [Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, Greenbelt, MD (United States); Becker, C.R. [Meteorologische Dienst Suriname, Paramaribo (Suriname); Lelieveld, J.; Crutzen, P.J. [Max Planck Inst. fuer Chemie, Mainz (Germany)


    We present an analysis of 2.5 yr of weekly ozone soundings conducted at a new monitoring station in Paramaribo, Surinam (6 deg N, 55 deg W). This is currently one of only three ozone sounding stations in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) tropics, and the only one in the equatorial Atlantic region. Paramaribo is part of the Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozone Sounding program (SHADOZ). Owing to its position close to the equator, the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) passes over Paramaribo twice per year, which results in a semi-annual seasonality of many parameters including relative humidity and ozone. The dataset from Paramaribo is used to: (1) evaluate the ozone variability relative to precipitation, atmospheric circulation patterns and biomass burning; (2) contrast ozone at the NH equatorial Atlantic with that at nearby Southern Hemisphere (SH) stations Natal (6 deg S, 35 deg W) and Ascension (8 deg S, 14 deg W); (3) compare the seasonality of tropospheric ozone with a satellite-derived ozone product: tropical tropospheric ozone columns from the modified residual method (MR-TTOC). We find that Paramaribo is a distinctly Atlantic station. Despite its position north of the equator, it resembles nearby SH stations during most of the year. Transport patterns in the lower and middle troposphere during February and March differ from SH stations, which leads to a seasonality of ozone with two maxima. MR-TTOC over Paramaribo does not match the observed seasonality of ozone due to the use of a SH ozone sonde climatology in the MR method. The Paramaribo ozone record is used to suggest an improvement for Northern Hemisphere MR-TTOC retrievals. We conclude that station Paramaribo shows unique features in the region, and clearly adds new information to the existing SHADOZ record.

  6. Radio identification of decameter-wave sources. II: The 30degdeg declination interval

    CERN Document Server

    Verkhodanov, O V; Andernach, H; 10.1134/S1990341309010052


    This paper is dedicated to the identification of decameter-wave sources of the UTR catalog within declination interval 30degdeg. UTR sources are cross-identified with CATS database catalogs within 40'x40' error boxes. The sources are deblended using the data on the coordinates of the objects and the behavior of their continuum radio spectra. The spectra of 876 sources are derived and fitted by standard analytical functions. Of these sources, 221 objects have straight-line spectra with spectral indices alpha<-1.0. All objects are catalogued and stored in the CATS database.

  7. Embrittlement of reduced-activation ferritic/martensitic steels irradiated in HFIR at 300 deg. C and 400 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klueh, R.L. E-mail:; Sokolov, M.A.; Shiba, K.; Miwa, Y.; Robertson, J.P


    Miniature tensile and Charpy specimens of four ferritic/martensitic steels were irradiated at 300 deg. C and 400 deg. C in the high flux isotope reactor (HFIR) to a maximum dose of {approx}12 dpa. The steels were standard F82H (F82H-Std), a modified F82H (F82H-Mod), ORNL 9Cr-2WVTa, and 9Cr-2WVTa-2Ni, the 9Cr-2WVTa containing 2% Ni to produce helium by (n,{alpha}) reactions with thermal neutrons. More helium was produced in the F82H-Std than the F82H-Mod because of the presence of boron. Irradiation embrittlement in the form of an increase in the ductile-brittle transition temperature ({delta}DBTT) and a decrease in the upper-shelf energy (USE) occurred for all the steels. The two F82H steels had similar {delta}DBTTs after irradiation at 300 deg. C, but after irradiation at 400 deg. C, the {delta}DBTT for F82H-Std was less than for F82H-Mod. Under these irradiation conditions, little effect of the extra helium in the F82H-Std could be discerned. Less embrittlement was observed for 9Cr-2WVTa steel irradiated at 400 deg. C than for the two F82H steels. The 9Cr-2WVTa-2Ni steel with {approx}115 appm He had a larger {delta}DBTT than the 9Cr-2WVTa with {approx}5 appm He, indicating a possible helium effect.

  8. What's true and whose idea was it? (United States)

    Ogden, Thomas H


    In this paper, the author explores the idea that psychoanalysis at its core involves an effort on the part of patient and analyst to articulate what is true to an emotional experience in a form that is utilizable by the analytic pair for purposes of psychological change. Building upon the work of Bion, what is true to human emotional experience is seen as independent of the analyst's formulation of it. In this sense, we, as psychoanalysts, are not inventors of emotional truths, but participant observers and scribes. And yet, in the very act of thinking and giving verbally symbolic 'shape' to what we intuit to be true to an emotional experience, we alter that truth. This understanding of what is true underlies the analytic conception of the therapeutic action of interpretation: in interpreting, the analyst verbally symbolizes what he feels is true to the patient's unconscious experience and, in so doing, alters what is true and contributes to the creation of a potentially new experience with which the analytic pair may do psychological work. These ideas are illustrated in a detailed discussion of an analytic session. The analyst makes use of his reverie experience--for which both and neither of the members of the analytic pair may claim authorship--in his effort to arrive at tentative understandings of what is true to the patient's unconscious emotional experience at several junctures in the session.

  9. Modello metodologico per il monitoraggio degli incidenti stradali in Trentino

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Fateh-Moghadam


    Full Text Available

    Obiettivi: realizzazione di un’infrastruttura informatica, per l’unificazione tempestiva dei flussi sugli incidenti stradali (ISTAT-ACI e sanitari con la georeferenziazione degli eventi a partire dall’anno 2000.

    Materiali e Metodi: dall’archivio di Trentino emergenza sono stati estratti gli interventi per incidente stradale selezionando la combinazione: descrizione patologica: “traumatismi”, tipologia luogo: “strada”, tipologia incidente. Dai dati di ogni Pronto soccorso è stato costruito un archivio unico contenente il totale degli accessi e sono stati estratti gli accessi per “incidente stradale” e quelli per lesioni accidentali in generale. Dall’archivio SDO si sono selezionati sia i ricoveri con il criterio “3” alla variabile mtraav (=incidente stradale che quelli per traumatismi.

    Nell’ambito del progetto “Metodi informatici predittivi per la mitigazione del rischio da incidenti stradali” (Mitris, finanziato dal Ministero della Salute, è stata realizzata l’immissione tramite interfaccia internet o decodifica automatica dei verbali informatizzati delle Forze dell’ordine, e la contestuale realizzazione di un interfaccia WebGIS
    in grado di visualizzare la localizzazione degli incidenti stradali.

    Risultati: tramite la combinazione “data nascita”,
    “data incidente”, “sesso” è stato eseguito un primo collegamento tra gli archivi. Aggiungendo alla data incidente uno o più giorni, è stato costruito un nuovo archivio PS contenente il 97,4% degli eventi raccolti dalle forze dell’Ordine e contenuti nel data base Mitris. Approccio analogo è stato seguito per il linkage con SDO e 118. Tramite interfaccia WebGIS è stata creata una mappa degli incidenti interrogabile on-line, che oltre alla semplice localizzazione riporta dinamica e esiti con possibilità di produrre statistiche e grafici. Il sistema copre attualmente

  10. Contextual inquiry: discovering physicians' true needs. (United States)

    Coble, J M; Maffitt, J S; Orland, M J; Kahn, M G


    Gathering user requirements that represent the true needs of the users is a challenge. There are many elicitation methods in use today, but they generally are not successful in identifying a comprehensive set of requirements that reflect the users' true needs. This paper describes the requirements gathering method, Contextual Inquiry, that we used to generate physician requirements for a comprehensive Clinical Information System. We feel that this method has advantages over traditional techniques such as surveys, questionnaires, traditional interviews, and focus groups, in obtaining a more comprehensive analysis of the true needs of the users.

  11. Immagini dinamiche: appunti per un catalogo degli usi didattici

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Filippo Bruni


    Full Text Available Le immagini dinamiche costituiscono un’importante risorsa per le attività didattiche. A partire da una riflessione storica, si evidenzia in primo luogo l’importanza di un loro uso efficace alla luce della classificazione operata da Clark e Lyons. In secondo luogo si segnalano alcune attività emergenti legate alla documentazione, al digital storytelling e alla formazione degli insegnanti.

  12. Technical Note: Using DEG CPCs at upper tropospheric temperatures

    CERN Document Server

    Wimmer, D; Nieminen, T; Duplissy, J; Ehrhart, S; Almeida, J; Rondo, L; Franchin, A; Kreissl, F; Manninen, H E; Kulmala, M; Curtius, J; Petäjä, T


    Over the last few years, several Condensation Particle Counters (CPC) capable of measuring in the sub-3 nm size range have been developed. Here we study the performance of Diethylene glycol (DEG) based CPCs at different temperatures during Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD) measurements at CERN. The data shown here is the first set of verification measurements for sub-3 nm CPCs under upper tropospheric temperatures using atmospherically relevant aerosol particles. To put the results in perspective we calibrated the DEG-CPC at room temperature, resulting in a cut-off diameter of 1.4 nm. All diameters refer to mobility equivalent diameters in this manuscript. At upper tropospheric temperatures between −25 °C and −65 °C, we found cut-off sizes in the range of 2.5 and 2.8 nm. Due to low number concentration after size classification, the cut-off diameters have a high uncertainty (±0.3 nm) associated with them. Operating two laminar flow DEG CPCs with different cut-off sizes together with other aeroso...

  13. Disagreement, Uncertainty and the True Predictive Density


    Fabian Krüger; Ingmar Nolte


    This paper generalizes the discussion about disagreement versus uncertainty in macroeconomic survey data by emphasizing the importance of the (unknown) true predictive density. Using a forecast combination approach, we ask whether cross sections of survey point forecasts help to approximate the true predictive density. We find that although these cross-sections perform poorly individually, their inclusion into combined predictive densities can significantly improve upon densities relying sole...

  14. Book review. La forma degli animali. Adolf Portmann

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Graziani


    Full Text Available Nel 1931 il biologo Adolf Portmann era già talmente noto a livello internazionale per le sue ricerche da guadagnarsi la cattedra in zoologia nell'università della sua città natale, Basilea, all'età di appena 34 anni. All'attività di docente universitario ha sempre affiancato un'originale riflessione sul significato delle scienze della vita, imponendosi come una delle figure chiave nel dibattito tra biologia teoretica, estetica e antropologia filosofica. La forma degli animali, la sua opera più celebre, si pone al confine tra varie discipline e conserva un grande interesse ancora oggi che il dialogo tra estetica e biologia si è fatto nuovamente intenso. Pubblicata nel 1948 e in forma ampliata nel 1960 (da cui deriva questa prima edizione italiana a cura di Pietro Conte l'opera rappresenta il frutto più maturo delle sue ricerche "interdisciplinari".Un saggio che nasce dall'insoddisfazione nei confronti dei paradigmi scientifici consolidati e che ripropone l'idea morfologica in biologia sulla scorta del pensiero di J. W. Goethe il quale affermava che "tutto ciò che è deve anche dar cenno di sé e mostrarsi". Adolf Portmann è un convinto sostenitore che dalla forma si possano dedurne le complessive caratteristiche interne ed esterne degli animali. Secondo questa prospettiva la peculiare fisionomia dell'organismo dipende dalla congiunzione delle sue parti e dalle loro reciproche funzioni. Tuttavia l'autore non vede nello studio della forma l'alternativa al funzionalismo quanto, piuttosto, il suo necessario bilanciamento come dichiara nell'introduzione: "… per giungere alla conoscenza della vita animale di strade ce ne sono molte, e tutte possono contribuire ad arricchire la nostra esperienza. Questo lavoro si occupa della forma degli animali e si propone di mettere in luce la peculiare natura dell'aspetto visibile. Ci sono persone che si dedicano allo studio degli animali, conoscono moltissime specie, hanno imparato centinaia di nomi e

  15. Geology of the Delta, Escalante, Price, Richfield and Salina 1 deg x 2 deg NTMS quadrangles, Utah (United States)

    Thayer, P. A.


    The National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program was established to evaluate domestic uranium resources in the continental United States and to identify areas favorable for uranium exploration. The Grand Junction Office of the Department of Energy is responsible for administering the program. The Savannah River Laboratory (SRL) is responsible for hydrogeochemical and stream-sediment reconnaissance (HSSR) of 3.9 million sq km (1,500,000 mi(2)) in 37 eastern and western states. This document provides geologic and mineral resources reports for the Delta, Escalante, Price, Richfield, and Salina 1 deg x 2 deg National Topographic Map Series quadrangles, Utah. The purpose of these reports is to provide background geologic and mineral resources information to aid in the interpretation of NURE geochemical reconnaissance data. Except for the Escalante Quadrangle, each report is accompanied by a geologic map and a mineral locality map (Plates 1-8, in pocket).

  16. Ornithine In Vivo Administration Disrupts Redox Homeostasis and Decreases Synaptic Na(+), K (+)-ATPase Activity in Cerebellum of Adolescent Rats: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Hyperornithinemia-Hyperammonemia-Homocitrullinuria (HHH) Syndrome. (United States)

    Zanatta, Ângela; Viegas, Carolina Maso; Hickmann, Fernanda Hermes; de Oliveira Monteiro, Wagner; Sitta, Angela; de Moura Coelho, Daniela; Vargas, Carmen Regla; Leipnitz, Guilhian; Wajner, Moacir


    Hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome is an inborn error of metabolism caused by a defect in the transport of ornithine (Orn) into mitochondrial matrix leading to accumulation of Orn, homocitrulline (Hcit), and ammonia. Affected patients present a variable clinical symptomatology, frequently associated with cerebellar symptoms whose pathogenesis is poorly known. Although in vitro studies reported induction of oxidative stress by the metabolites accumulating in HHH syndrome, so far no report evaluated the in vivo effects of these compounds on redox homeostasis in cerebellum. Therefore, the present work was carried out to investigate the in vivo effects of intracerebellar administration of Orn and Hcit on antioxidant defenses (reduced glutathione concentrations and the activities of superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase), lipid oxidation (malondialdehyde concentrations), as well as on the activity of synaptic Na(+), K(+)-ATPase, an enzyme highly vulnerable to free radical attack, in the cerebellum of adolescent rats. Orn significantly increased malondialdehyde levels and the activities of all antioxidant enzymes, and reduced Na(+), K(+)-ATPase activity. In contrast, glutathione concentrations were not changed by Orn treatment. Furthermore, intracerebellar administration of Hcit was not able to alter any of these parameters. The present data show for the first time that Orn provokes in vivo lipid oxidative damage, activation of the enzymatic antioxidant defense system, and reduction of the activity of a crucial enzyme involved in neurotransmission. It is presumed that these pathomechanisms may contribute at least partly to explain the neuropathology of cerebellum abnormalities and the ataxia observed in patients with HHH syndrome.

  17. Diagnosis of true umbilical cord knot. (United States)

    Guzikowski, Wojciech; Kowalczyk, Dariusz; Więcek, Jacek


    Many abnormalities are observed in the morphology and pathology of the umbilical cord. The aim of the study was to assess the role of 3D sonography in pathology of true umbilical cord knots. In our materials we observed 10 cases of true umbilical cord knots in a population of 2,864 deliveries. The 2-dimensional transverse scan of the umbilical cord was shown in 3- and 4-dimensional volume scan in order to get a precise image. Four knots were diagnosed prenatally, 3 knots were not diagnosed before the delivery and in the 3 remaining cases ultrasound examinations were not undertaken because the patients were in the course of delivery. In the pregnant subjects with diagnosed true umbilical cord knot once a week the Doppler blood flow indices were examined in the umbilical cord sections before and after the knot. In the three shown cases there were no signs of constriction or tightening of the knot. Four newborns were delivered spontaneously and five by caesarean section. In none of the cases was a pathological FHR trace an indication for emergency delivery. Four-dimensional and Color Doppler examination is very important to diagnose a true umbilical cord. To make a precise diagnosis a longer observation of the abnormality is necessary and its repeated confirmation by color Doppler and power Doppler. This diagnosis requires strict monitoring of fetal wellbeing during pregnancy and the delivery. Perfection of true umbilical cord knot diagnoses may reduce sudden and unforeseen fetal distress.

  18. Technical Note: Using DEG-CPCs at upper tropospheric temperatures (United States)

    Wimmer, D.; Lehtipalo, K.; Nieminen, T.; Duplissy, J.; Ehrhart, S.; Almeida, J.; Rondo, L.; Franchin, A.; Kreissl, F.; Bianchi, F.; Manninen, H. E.; Kulmala, M.; Curtius, J.; Petäjä, T.


    Over the last few years, several condensation particle counters (CPCs) capable of measuring in the sub-3 nm size range have been developed. Here we study the performance of CPCs based on diethylene glycol (DEG) at different temperatures during Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets (CLOUD) measurements at CERN. The data shown here are the first set of verification measurements for sub-3 nm CPCs under upper tropospheric temperatures using atmospherically relevant aerosol particles. To put the results in perspective we calibrated the DEG-CPC at room temperature, resulting in a cut-off diameter of 1.4 nm. All diameters refer to mobility equivalent diameters in this paper. At upper tropospheric temperatures ranging from 246.15 K to 207.15 K, we found cut-off sizes relative to a particle size magnifier in the range of 2.5 to 2.8 nm. Due to low number concentration after size classification, the cut-off diameters have a high uncertainty (±0.3 nm) associated with them. Operating two laminar flow DEG-CPCs with different cut-off sizes together with other aerosol instruments, we looked at the growth rates of aerosol population in the CLOUD chamber for particles smaller than 10 nm at different temperatures. A more consistent picture emerged when we normalized the growth rates to a fixed gas-phase sulfuric acid concentration. All of the instruments detected larger growth rates at lower temperatures, and the observed growth rates decreased as a function of temperature, showing a similar trend for all instruments. The theoretical calculations had a similar but much smaller temperature dependency.

  19. Mutations suppressing the loss of DegQ function in Bacillus subtilis (natto) poly-γ-glutamate synthesis. (United States)

    Do, Thi-Huyen; Suzuki, Yuki; Abe, Naoki; Kaneko, Jun; Itoh, Yoshifumi; Kimura, Keitarou


    The degQ gene of Bacillus subtilis (natto), encoding a small peptide of 46 amino acids, is essential for the synthesis of extracellular poly-gamma-glutamate (γPGA). To elucidate the role of DegQ in γPGA synthesis, we knocked out the degQ gene in Bacillus subtilis (natto) and screened for suppressor mutations that restored γPGA synthesis in the absence of DegQ. Suppressor mutations were found in degS, the receptor kinase gene of the DegS-DegU two-component system. Recombinant DegS-His(6) mutant proteins were expressed in Escherichia coli cells and subjected to an in vitro phosphorylation assay. Compared with the wild type, mutant DegS-His(6) proteins showed higher levels of autophosphorylation (R208Q, M195I, L248F, and D250N), reduced autodephosphorylation (D250N), reduced phosphatase activity toward DegU, or a reduced ability to stimulate the autodephosphorylation activity of DegU (R208Q, D249G, M195I, L248F, and D250N) and stabilized DegU in the phosphorylated form. These mutant DegS proteins mimic the effect of DegQ on wild-type DegSU in vitro. Interestingly, DegQ stabilizes phosphorylated DegS only in the presence of DegU, indicating a complex interaction of these three proteins.

  20. Mutations Suppressing the Loss of DegQ Function in Bacillus subtilis (natto) Poly-γ-Glutamate Synthesis ▿ † (United States)

    Do, Thi-Huyen; Suzuki, Yuki; Abe, Naoki; Kaneko, Jun; Itoh, Yoshifumi; Kimura, Keitarou


    The degQ gene of Bacillus subtilis (natto), encoding a small peptide of 46 amino acids, is essential for the synthesis of extracellular poly-gamma-glutamate (γPGA). To elucidate the role of DegQ in γPGA synthesis, we knocked out the degQ gene in Bacillus subtilis (natto) and screened for suppressor mutations that restored γPGA synthesis in the absence of DegQ. Suppressor mutations were found in degS, the receptor kinase gene of the DegS-DegU two-component system. Recombinant DegS-His6 mutant proteins were expressed in Escherichia coli cells and subjected to an in vitro phosphorylation assay. Compared with the wild type, mutant DegS-His6 proteins showed higher levels of autophosphorylation (R208Q, M195I, L248F, and D250N), reduced autodephosphorylation (D250N), reduced phosphatase activity toward DegU, or a reduced ability to stimulate the autodephosphorylation activity of DegU (R208Q, D249G, M195I, L248F, and D250N) and stabilized DegU in the phosphorylated form. These mutant DegS proteins mimic the effect of DegQ on wild-type DegSU in vitro. Interestingly, DegQ stabilizes phosphorylated DegS only in the presence of DegU, indicating a complex interaction of these three proteins. PMID:21965392

  1. True random numbers from amplified quantum vacuum

    CERN Document Server

    Jofre, M; Steinlechner, F; Anzolin, G; Torres, J P; Mitchell, M W; Pruneri, V; 10.1364/OE.19.020665


    Random numbers are essential for applications ranging from secure communications to numerical simulation and quantitative finance. Algorithms can rapidly produce pseudo-random outcomes, series of numbers that mimic most properties of true random numbers while quantum random number generators (QRNGs) exploit intrinsic quantum randomness to produce true random numbers. Single-photon QRNGs are conceptually simple but produce few random bits per detection. In contrast, vacuum fluctuations are a vast resource for QRNGs: they are broad-band and thus can encode many random bits per second. Direct recording of vacuum fluctuations is possible, but requires shot-noise-limited detectors, at the cost of bandwidth. We demonstrate efficient conversion of vacuum fluctuations to true random bits using optical amplification of vacuum and interferometry. Using commercially-available optical components we demonstrate a QRNG at a bit rate of 1.11 Gbps. The proposed scheme has the potential to be extended to 10 Gbps and even up t...

  2. The Codice digitale degli archivi veronesi. A research instrument

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Brugnoli


    Full Text Available The Codice digitale degli archivi veronesi (Verona’s archives digital code ‹› makes available online the digital reproductions of the documents produced by corporate bodies and family of Verona between the eighth and twelfth century. The framework of the site reflects the current organisation of the archives. A brief description of the circumstances around the creation of each archive, the corporate body or individual responsible for it and its structure is provided. Each archival unit is identified by its key elements: chronological date, name and qualification of the notary, original/copy, main editions.

  3. The Codice digitale degli archivi veronesi. A research instrument

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Brugnoli


    Full Text Available The Codice digitale degli archivi veronesi (Verona’s archives digital code ‹› makes available online the digital reproductions of the documents produced by corporate bodies and family of Verona between the eighth and twelfth century. The framework of the site reflects the current organisation of the archives. A brief description of the circumstances around the creation of each archive, the corporate body or individual responsible for it and its structure is provided. Each archival unit is identified by its key elements: chronological date, name and qualification of the notary, original/copy, main editions.

  4. Islam, rappresentanza degli interessi religiosi e diritto comune europeo *

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianfranco Macrì


    Full Text Available Contributo destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti del Convegno: Europa e Islam. Ridiscutere i fondamenti per la disciplina delle libertà religiose, svoltosi a Salerno il 3 dicembre 2007.SOMMARIO: Premessa - 1. La società «reticolare» europea: sistema di governance e valori unificanti - 2. Europa e fenomeno religioso - 3. La sostanza del Trattato di Lisbona e il ruolo delle organizzazioni religiose - 4. Il dibattito interno all’Islam europeo - 5. La Carta dei musulmani d’Europa - 6. La rappresentanza degli interessi religiosi dell’Islam in Europa - Conclusioni.

  5. [Depression as the sign of true self]. (United States)

    Brazette, M M


    Referring to examples from the poetry of Fernando Pessoa and Mário de Sá Carneiro, we draw attention to the narcissistic relationship between mother and baby, to the role of the mirror-image of the mother's face, and to the organization of a false self caused by a deficiency both of that function, and of the narcissistic investment of the child. The false self is a defence mechanism which protects the true self. This may appear as a depressive state with a feeling of loss and emptiness. The depression is, in such cases, a sign and a clue which may lead to the revelation of the true self.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. I. Martynov


    Full Text Available Low dose aspirin reduces the secondary incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke. Drug resistance to aspirin might result in treatment failure. Despite this concern, no clear definition of aspirin resistance has emerged, and estimates of its incidence have varied remarkably. Researchers from university of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, the USA, led by Dr. Tilo Grosser, aimed to determine the specific phenotype of true pharmacological resistance to aspirin — such as might be explained by genetic causes. However the study failed to identify a single case of true drug resistance. Pseudoresistance, reflecting delayed and reduced drug absorption, complicates enteric coated but not immediate release aspirin administration.

  7. Zoogeografia storica e attuale dei carnivori e degli ungulati italiani

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Masseti


    Full Text Available Come per la maggior parte degli altri paesi europei, anche l'attuale composizione delle specie a mammiferi italiane si prefigura in gran parte come il risultato della plurima e prolungata azione antropica condotta sull'ambiente naturale. Questa, avviatasi alcuni millenni or sono, condiziona oggi più che mai la ridefinizione degli equilibri ecologici del nostro Paese. All'interno dell'attuale teriofauna terrestre italiana viene segnalata la presenza di 18 specie di carnivori e di 9 artiodattili, che può rivelarsi in alcuni casi come il risultato di acclimatazioni e/o naturalizzazioni di specie esotiche avvenute in cronologie diverse, anche di epoca molto recente. All'interno dei confini biogeografici dell'Italia andrebbero anche annoverate quelle popolazioni del cervo pomellato medio-orientale, Axis axis (Erxleben, 1777, che sono state naturalizzate in epoca storica assai recente in Istria ed in alcune isole del golfo del Quarnaro (Brioni Maggiore, Cherso e Plauno. Considerazioni analoghe potrebbero forse essere condotte anche per la diffusione artificiale di Herpestes auropunctatus Hodgson, 1836, su alcune isole della Croazia. Le specie fitofaghe riferibili ai gruppi tassonomici dei lagomorfi e degli artiodattili, e che vengono convenzionalmente comprese nella categoria della cosiddetta "selvaggina", sono tra quelle che hanno più subito un'alterazione condotta in profondità dei quadri faunistici originari, proprio in virtù dell'interesse economico e culturale che ancora rappresentano. Nel caso particolare di queste specie di interesse venatorio ci troviamo quasi sempre di fronte a popolazioni che sono state sottoposte ad intensa gestione e che hanno subito frequenti estinzioni locali seguite da reiterate reintroduzioni. Attualmente, data l'espansione sia naturale che artificiale degli ecotipi indigeni e di quelli alloctoni, si osserva ormai una sovrapposizione degli areali, per cui sembra piuttosto difficile riuscire in

  8. Is It True That Smoking Causes Wrinkles? (United States)

    Healthy Lifestyle Quit smoking Is it true that smoking causes wrinkles? Answers from Lowell Dale, M.D. Yes. So if you need another reason to motivate you ... elastin, which are fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. As a result, skin begins ...

  9. Environmental oil spill sensitivity atlas for the West Greenland (68 deg.-72 deg. N) coastal zone, 2nd revised edition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clausen, D.; Johansen, Kasper L.; Mosbech, A.; Boertmann, D.; Wegeberg, S.


    This oil spill sensitivity atlas covers the shoreline and the offshore areas of West Greenland between 68 deg. N and 72 deg. N. The coastal zone is divided into 199 shoreline segments and the offshore zone into 8 areas. A sensitivity index value is calculated for each segment/area, and each segment/area is subsequently ranked according to four degrees of sensitivity. Besides this general ranking a number of smaller areas are especially selected as they are of particular significance, they are especially vulnerable to oil spills and they have a size making oil spill response possible. The shoreline sensitivity ranking are shown on 37 maps (in scale 1:250,000), which also show the different elements included and the selected areas. Coast types, logistics and proposed response methods along the coasts are shown on another 37 maps. The sensitivities of the offshore zones are depicted on 4 maps, one for each season. Based on all the information, appropriate oil spill response methods have been assessed for each area. (Author)

  10. On the rms anisotropy at 7 deg and 10 deg observed in the COBE-DMR two year sky maps (United States)

    Banday, A. J.; Gorski, K. M.; Tenorio, L.; Wright, E. L.; Smoot, G. F.; Lineweaver, C. H.; Kogut, A.; Hinshaw, G.; Bennett, C. L.


    The frequency-independent rms temperature fluctuations determined from the Cosmic Background Explorer-Differential Microwave Radiometer (COBE-DMR) two-year sky maps are used to infer the parameter Q(sub rms-PS), which characterizes the normalization of power-law models of primordial cosmological temperature anisotropy, for a forced fit to a scale-invariant Harrison-Zel'dovich (n = 1) spectral model. Using a joint analysis of the 7 deg and 10 deg 'cross'-rms derived from both the 53 and 90 GHz sky maps, we find Q(sub rms-PS) = 17.0(sub -2.1 sup +2.5) micro Kelvin when the low quadrupole is included, and Q(sub rms-PS) = 19.4(sub -2.1 sup +2.3) micro Kelvin excluding the quadrupole. These results are consistent with the n = 1 fits from more sensitive methods. The effect of the low quadrupole derived from the COBE-DMR data on the inferred Q(sub rms-PS) normalization is investigated. A bias to lower Q(sub rms-PS) is found when the quadrupole is included. The higher normalization for a forced n = 1 fit is then favored by the cross-rms technique.

  11. Dislocation Majorana zero modes in perovskite oxide 2DEG (United States)

    Chung, Suk Bum; Chan, Cheung; Yao, Hong


    Much of the current experimental efforts for detecting Majorana zero modes have been centered on probing the boundary of quantum wires with strong spin-orbit coupling. The same type of Majorana zero mode can also be realized at crystalline dislocations in 2D superconductors with the nontrivial weak topological indices. Unlike at an Abrikosov vortex, at such a dislocation, there is no other low-lying midgap state than the Majorana zero mode so that it avoids usual complications encountered in experimental detections such as scanning tunneling microscope (STM) measurements. We will show that, using the anisotropic dispersion of the t2g orbitals of Ti or Ta atoms, such a weak topological superconductivity can be realized when the surface two-dimensional electronic gas (2DEG) of SrTiO3 or KTaO3 becomes superconducting, which can occur through either intrinsic pairing or proximity to existing s-wave superconductors.

  12. Giant magnetic quadrupole resonance studied with 180 deg. electron scattering

    CERN Document Server

    Neumann-Cosel, P V


    The nuclei sup 4 sup 8 Ca and sup 9 sup 0 Zr were investigated in 180 deg. high-resolution inelastic electron scattering for momentum transfers q approx =0.35-0.8 fm sup - sup 1. Complete M2 strength distributions could be extracted in both nuclei up to excitation energies of about 15 MeV utilizing a fluctuation analysis technique. Second-RPA calculations successfully describe the experimentally observed strong fragmentation of the M2 mode. The quenching of the spin part is found to be comparable to the M1 case, contrary to previous claims suggesting a stronger reduction. A quantitative reproduction of the data requires the presence of appreciable orbital strength which can be interpreted as a torsional elastic vibration (the so-called twist mode).

  13. Laicità: finitezza degli ordini e governo delle differenze

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicola Colaianni


    Full Text Available Testo della relazione al Convegno Nazionale dell’ADEC sul tema “Per una disciplina che cambia. Il diritto canonico e il diritto ecclesiastico nel tempo presente” (Bologna, 7-9 novembre 2013, destinata alla pubblicazione negli Atti del Convegno. Contributo non sottoposto a valutazioneSOMMARIO: 1. La laicità dei giudici – 2. La laicità dei giuristi – 3. Né regola né valore: un principio – 4. La finitezza degli ordini distinti: dalle materie miste alla sfera dell’indecidibile – 5. L’aconfessionalità sostanziale: a ex parte ecclesiae – 6. (segue: b ex parte status – 7. La laicità come governance delle differenze.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Federica Guerini


    Full Text Available Il presente contributo si propone di fornire una descrizione della struttura del Vocabolario Patronimico di Francesco Cherubini e delle fonti empiriche consultate per la sua compilazione. Si accennerà poi a due questioni ricorrenti nel dibattito sulla formazione degli etnici in italiano, ovvero, la presenza di varianti allomorfiche o suppletive, e la motivazione morfo-pragmatica sottesa all’impiego di alcuni suffissi derivativi nella formazione di etnici e aggettivi deonomastici, cercando di chiarire quale attenzione tali tematiche abbiano ricevuto nella riflessione linguistica di Francesco Cherubini. Si formuleranno infine alcune osservazioni conclusive, evidenziando luci ed ombre del Vocabolario Patronimico e sottolineando alcuni degli spunti che tale opera ancora può offrire agli studiosi contemporanei. The formation of ethnic words in Francesco Cherubini’s reflection on language  The aim of this paper is to describe the structure and contents of Francesco Cherubini’s Vocabolario Patronimico, as well as the empirical sources consulted for its compilation. We will address two of the most common issues in the debate on the formation of ethnic nouns and adjectives in Italian, namely the existence of allomorphs and supplementary variants, and the morpho-pragmatic motivation displayed by some of the derivative suffixes occurring in ethnic nouns and adjectives derived from both personal and place names. We will offer a few observations on the place occupied by the above-mentioned issues in Cherubini’s thought and, by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Vocabolario Patronimico, we will draw attention to a few topics which may be of some interest to contemporary scholars.

  15. Representations built from a true geographic database

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bodum, Lars


    the whole world in 3d and with a spatial reference given by geographic coordinates. Built on top of this is a customised viewer, based on the Xith(Java) scenegraph. The viewer reads the objects directly from the database and solves the question about Level-Of-Detail on buildings, orientation in relation...... a representation based on geographic and geospatial principles. The system GRIFINOR, developed at 3DGI, Aalborg University, DK, is capable of creating this object-orientation and furthermore does this on top of a true Geographic database. A true Geographic database can be characterized as a database that can cover...... to terrain and rendering of the model. All this is done in something very close to real-time. GRIFINOR is at the moment working within a limited edition of the world. Only a few classes have been selected for representation in GRIFINOR. These are buildings, cadastre, trees, grass, roads. This paper...

  16. True hyponatremia secondary to intravenous immunoglobulin. (United States)

    Nguyen, Minhtri K; Rastogi, Anjay; Kurtz, Ira


    Hyponatremia is characterized as either "true hyponatremia," which represents a decrease in the Na(+) concentration in the water phase of plasma, or "pseudohyponatremia," which is due to an increased percentage of protein or lipid in plasma, with a normal plasma water Na(+) concentration ([Na(+)]). Pseudohyponatremia is a known complication of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). Because IVIG has been reported to result in post-infusional hyperproteinemia, IVIG-induced hyponatremia has been attributed to pseudohyponatremia. In this case report, we demonstrate that IVIG therapy can result in true hyponatremia, resulting from sucrose-induced translocation of water from the intracellular compartment (ICF) to the extracellular compartment (ECF), as well as the infusion of a large volume of dilute fluid, in patients with an underlying defect in urinary free water excretion.

  17. Cosmic chirality both true and false. (United States)

    Barron, Laurence D


    The discrete symmetries of parity P, time reversal T, and charge conjugation C may be used to characterize the properties of chiral systems. It is well known that parity violation infiltrates into ordinary matter via an interaction between the nucleons and electrons, mediated by the Z(0) particle, that lifts the degeneracy of the mirror-image enantiomers of a chiral molecule. Being odd under P but even under T, this P-violating interaction exhibits true chirality and so may induce absolute enantioselection under all circumstances. It has been suggested that CP violation may also infiltrate into ordinary matter via a P-odd, T-odd interaction mediated by the (as yet undetected) axion. This CP-violating interaction exhibits false chirality and so may induce absolute enantioselection in processes far from equilibrium. Both true and false cosmic chirality should be considered together as possible sources of homochirality in the molecules of life.

  18. Frege on Truths, Truth and the True

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wolfgang Künne


    Full Text Available The founder of modern logic and grandfather of analytic philosophy was 70 years old when he published his paper 'Der Gedanke' (The Thought in 1918. This essay contains some of Gottlob Frege's deepest and most provocative reflections on the concept of truth, and it will play a prominent role in my lectures. The plan for my lectures is as follows. What is it that is (primarily true or false? 'Thoughts', is Frege's answer. In §1, I shall explain and defend this answer. In §2, I shall briefly consider his enthymematic argument for the conclusion that the word 'true' resists any attempt at defining it. In §3, I shall discuss his thesis that the thought that things are thus and so is identical with the thought that it is true that things are thus and so. The reasons we are offered for this thesis will be found wanting. In §4, I shall comment extensively on Frege's claim that, in a non-formal language like the one I am currently trying to speak, we can say whatever we want to say without ever using the word 'true' or any of its synonyms. I will reject the propositional-redundancy claim, endorse the assertive-redundancy claim and deny the connection Frege ascribes to them. In his classic 1892 paper 'Über Sinn und Bedeutung' (On Sense and Signification Frege argues that truth-values are objects. In §5, I shall scrutinize his argument. In §6, I will show that in Frege's ideography (Begriffsschrift truth, far from being redundant, is omnipresent. The final §7 is again on truth-bearers, this time as a topic in the theory of intentionality and in metaphysics. In the course of discussing Frege's views on the objecthood, the objectivity of thoughts and the timelessness of truth(s, I will plead for a somewhat mitigated Platonism.

  19. Hadronic Vacuum Polarization in True Muonium

    CERN Document Server

    Lamm, Henry


    The leading-order hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the hyperfine splitting of true muonium is reevaluated in two ways. The first considers a more complex pionic form factor and better estimates of the perturbative QCD contributions. The second, more accurate method directly integrates the Drell ratio $R(s)$ to obtain $C_{1,\\rm hvp}=-0.0489(3)$. This corresponds to an energy shift in the hyperfine splitting of $\\Delta E^\\mu_{hfs,\\rm hvp}=276196(51)$ MHz.

  20. True random numbers from amplified quantum vacuum. (United States)

    Jofre, M; Curty, M; Steinlechner, F; Anzolin, G; Torres, J P; Mitchell, M W; Pruneri, V


    Random numbers are essential for applications ranging from secure communications to numerical simulation and quantitative finance. Algorithms can rapidly produce pseudo-random outcomes, series of numbers that mimic most properties of true random numbers while quantum random number generators (QRNGs) exploit intrinsic quantum randomness to produce true random numbers. Single-photon QRNGs are conceptually simple but produce few random bits per detection. In contrast, vacuum fluctuations are a vast resource for QRNGs: they are broad-band and thus can encode many random bits per second. Direct recording of vacuum fluctuations is possible, but requires shot-noise-limited detectors, at the cost of bandwidth. We demonstrate efficient conversion of vacuum fluctuations to true random bits using optical amplification of vacuum and interferometry. Using commercially-available optical components we demonstrate a QRNG at a bit rate of 1.11 Gbps. The proposed scheme has the potential to be extended to 10 Gbps and even up to 100 Gbps by taking advantage of high speed modulation sources and detectors for optical fiber telecommunication devices.

  1. A 360-deg Digital Image Correlation system for materials testing (United States)

    Genovese, K.; Cortese, L.; Rossi, M.; Amodio, D.


    The increasing research interest toward natural and advanced engineered materials demands new experimental protocols capable of retrieving highly dense sets of experimental data on the full-surface of samples under multiple loading conditions. Such information, in fact, would allow to capture the possible heterogeneity and anisotropy of the material by using up-to-date inverse characterization methods. Although the development of object-specific test protocols could represent the optimal choice to address this need, it is unquestionable that universal testing machines (UTM) remain the most widespread and versatile option to test materials and components in both academic and industrial contexts. A major limitation of performing standard material tests with UTM, however, consists in the scarce information obtainable with the commonly associated sensors since they provide only global (LVDTs, extensometers, 2D-video analyzers) or local (strain gages) measures of displacement and strain. This paper presents a 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system developed to perform highly accurate full-surface 360-deg measurements on either standard or custom-shaped samples under complex loading within universal testing machines. To this aim, a low cost and easy to setup video rig was specifically designed to overcome the practical limitations entailed with the integration of a multi-camera system within an already existing loading frame. In particular, the proposed system features a single SLR digital camera moved through multiple positions around the specimen by means of a large rotation stage. A proper calibration and data-processing procedure allows to automatically merge the experimental data obtained from the multiple views with an accuracy of 10-2 m m . The results of a full benchmarking of the metrological performances of the system are here reported and discussed together with illustrative examples of full-360-deg shape and deformation measurements on a Grade X65 steel


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brown, Robert A., E-mail: [Space Telescope Science Institute (United States)


    We study the task of estimating the true masses of known radial-velocity (RV) exoplanets by means of direct astrometry on coronagraphic images to measure the apparent separation between exoplanet and host star. Initially, we assume perfect knowledge of the RV orbital parameters and that all errors are due to photon statistics. We construct design reference missions for four missions currently under study at NASA: EXO-S and WFIRST-S, with external star shades for starlight suppression, EXO-C and WFIRST-C, with internal coronagraphs. These DRMs reveal extreme scheduling constraints due to the combination of solar and anti-solar pointing restrictions, photometric and obscurational completeness, image blurring due to orbital motion, and the “nodal effect,” which is the independence of apparent separation and inclination when the planet crosses the plane of the sky through the host star. Next, we address the issue of nonzero uncertainties in RV orbital parameters by investigating their impact on the observations of 21 single-planet systems. Except for two—GJ 676 A b and 16 Cyg B b, which are observable only by the star-shade missions—we find that current uncertainties in orbital parameters generally prevent accurate, unbiased estimation of true planetary mass. For the coronagraphs, WFIRST-C and EXO-C, the most likely number of good estimators of true mass is currently zero. For the star shades, EXO-S and WFIRST-S, the most likely numbers of good estimators are three and four, respectively, including GJ 676 A b and 16 Cyg B b. We expect that uncertain orbital elements currently undermine all potential programs of direct imaging and spectroscopy of RV exoplanets.

  3. [True color accuracy in digital forensic photography]. (United States)

    Ramsthaler, Frank; Birngruber, Christoph G; Kröll, Ann-Katrin; Kettner, Mattias; Verhoff, Marcel A


    Forensic photographs not only need to be unaltered and authentic and capture context-relevant images, along with certain minimum requirements for image sharpness and information density, but color accuracy also plays an important role, for instance, in the assessment of injuries or taphonomic stages, or in the identification and evaluation of traces from photos. The perception of color not only varies subjectively from person to person, but as a discrete property of an image, color in digital photos is also to a considerable extent influenced by technical factors such as lighting, acquisition settings, camera, and output medium (print, monitor). For these reasons, consistent color accuracy has so far been limited in digital photography. Because images usually contain a wealth of color information, especially for complex or composite colors or shades of color, and the wavelength-dependent sensitivity to factors such as light and shadow may vary between cameras, the usefulness of issuing general recommendations for camera capture settings is limited. Our results indicate that true image colors can best and most realistically be captured with the SpyderCheckr technical calibration tool for digital cameras tested in this study. Apart from aspects such as the simplicity and quickness of the calibration procedure, a further advantage of the tool is that the results are independent of the camera used and can also be used for the color management of output devices such as monitors and printers. The SpyderCheckr color-code patches allow true colors to be captured more realistically than with a manual white balance tool or an automatic flash. We therefore recommend that the use of a color management tool should be considered for the acquisition of all images that demand high true color accuracy (in particular in the setting of injury documentation).

  4. Responding to the Challenge of True Uncertainty

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hallin, Carina Antonia; Andersen, Torben Juul

    We construe a conceptual framework for responding effectively to true uncertainty in the business environment. We drill down to the essential micro-foundational capabilities - sensing and seizing of dynamic capabilities - and link them to classical strategic issue management theory with suggestions...... on aggregation of stakeholder sensing and predictions of emergent strategic issues can positively influence the two capabilities and help the firm adapt in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability. Robust measures predicating performance based on information from key stakeholders involved in the firm’s core...

  5. True thermal antenna with hyperbolic metamaterials (United States)

    Barbillon, Grégory; Sakat, Emilie; Hugonin, Jean-Paul; Biehs, Svend-Age; Ben-Abdallah, Philippe


    A thermal antenna is an electromagnetic source which emits in its surrounding, a spatially coherent field in the infrared frequency range. Usually, its emission pattern changes with the wavelength so that the heat flux it radiates is weakly directive. Here, we show that a class of hyperbolic materials, possesses a Brewster angle which is weakly dependent on the wavelength, so that they can radiate like a true thermal antenna with a highly directional heat flux. The realization of these sources could open a new avenue in the field of thermal management in far-field regime.

  6. True reason for Zipf's law in language (United States)

    Dahui, Wang; Menghui, Li; Zengru, Di


    Analysis of word frequency have historically used data that included English, French, or other language, data typically described by Zipf's law. Using data on traditional and modern Chinese literatures, we show here that Chinese character frequency stroked Zipf's law based on literature before Qin dynasty; however, it departed from Zipf's law based on literature after Qin dynasty. Combined with data about English dictionaries and Chinese dictionaries, we show that the true reason for Zipf's Law in language is that growth and preferential selection mechanism of word or character in given language.

  7. COSMOS Photometric Redshifts with 30-bands for 2-deg2

    CERN Document Server

    Ilbert, O; Salvato, M; Aussel, H; McCracken, H J; Sanders, D B; Scoville, N; Kartaltepe, J; Arnouts, S; Le Floc'h, E; Mobasher, B; Taniguchi, Y; Lamareille, F; Leauthaud, A; Sasaki, S; Thompson, D; Zamojski, M; Zamorani, G; Bardelli, S; Bolzonella, M; Bongiorno, A; Brusa, M; Caputi, K I; Carollo, C M; Contini, T; Cook, R; Coppa, G; Cucciati, O; De la Torre, S; de Ravel, L; Franzetti, P; Garilli, B; Hasinger, G; Iovino, A; Kampczyk, P; Kneib, J -P; Knobel, C; Kovac, K; Le Borgne, J F; Le Brun, V; Le Fèvre, O; Lilly, S; Looper, D; Maier, C; Mainieri, V; Mellier, Y; Mignoli, M; Murayama, T; Pellò, R; Peng, Y; Pérez-Montero, E; Renzini, A; Ricciardelli, E; Schiminovich, D; Scodeggio, M; Shioya, Y; Silverman, Joseph; Surace, J; Tanaka, M; Tasca, L; Tresse, L; Vergani, D; Zucca, E


    We present accurate photometric redshifts in the 2-deg2 COSMOS field. The redshifts are computed with 30 broad, intermediate, and narrow bands covering the UV (GALEX), Visible-NIR (Subaru, CFHT, UKIRT and NOAO) and mid-IR (Spitzer/IRAC). A chi2 template-fitting method (Le Phare) was used and calibrated with large spectroscopic samples from VLT-VIMOS and Keck-DEIMOS. We develop and implement a new method which accounts for the contributions from emission lines (OII, Hbeta, Halpha and Ly) to the spectral energy distributions (SEDs). The treatment of emission lines improves the photo-z accuracy by a factor of 2.5. Comparison of the derived photo-z with 4148 spectroscopic redshifts (i.e. Delta z = zs - zp) indicates a dispersion of sigma_{Delta z/(1+zs)}=0.007 at i<22.5, a factor of 2-6 times more accurate than earlier photo-z in the COSMOS, CFHTLS and COMBO-17 survey fields. At fainter magnitudes i<24 and z<1.25, the accuracy is sigma_{Delta z/(1+zs)}=0.012. The deep NIR and IRAC coverage enables the ph...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Severini


    Full Text Available Nel presente lavoro vengono riportate le informazioni essenziali su tassonomia e biologia nonché sugli aspetti ecologici degli adulti dei Culicidi italiani. Attualmente la fauna culicidica italiana comprende 64 specie appartenenti a 2 sottofamiglie e 8 generi. Alla sottofamiglia Anophelinae appartiene soltanto il genere Anopheles, presente con 16 specie raggruppate in due sottogeneri. Alla sottofamiglia Culicinae appartengono i rimanenti 7 generi: Aedes con 6 specie raggruppate in 3 sottogeneri, Coquillettidia con 2 specie, Ochlerotatus con 20 specie raggruppate in 3 sottogeneri, Culex con 12 specie raggruppate in 4 sottogeneri, Culiseta con 6 specie raggruppate in 3 sottogeneri, Orthopodomyia e Uranotaenia con una specie ognuna. In questo contesto vengono fornite le chiavi di identificazione specifica per le zanzare adulte, in italiano e in inglese. Le chiavi sono corredate da un’ampia iconografia (figure 1-75. Alle chiavi fa seguito la diagnosi morfologica dell’adulto di ogni specie con note sulla relativa biologia e distribuzione. Per ulteriori approfondimenti viene riportata la bibliografia completa sulle zanzare della fauna italiana dal 1960 ed i precedenti lavori più autorevoli.

  9. Come e cosa desidera la narrativa italiana degli anni Zero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianluigi Simonetti


    Full Text Available L'articolo analizza il trattamento del tema del desiderio - erotico e amoroso - nel romanzo italiano degli ultimi anni, impegnandosi nell'esame ravvicinato di alcuni testi esemplari. La campionatura vuole da un lato isolare alcune opere rappresentative della situazione attuale della narrativa contemporanea, dall'altro  proporre un'ipotesi categoriale che seziona il campo di studio in tre parti; il sondaggio sembra infatti suggerire che le dinamiche del desiderio vengono rese in maniera specifica nei diversi ambiti della letteratura di consumo, in quella di 'nobile intrattenimento' e in quella 'forte' e letterariamente più ambiziosa. L'analisi formale risulta insomma integrata a una prospettiva di stroria dello stile, secondo un metodo che permette di utilizzare la figuralità letteraria come 'indicatore sociologico' di processi politici (e forse antropologici in atto.

  10. Le caratteristiche degli acquirenti e venditori di abitazioni

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erika Ghiraldo


    Full Text Available L’incrocio dei dati contenuti nelle dichiarazioni dei redditi con quelli contenuti negli archivi della Pubblicità Immobiliare (ex Conservatorie rende disponibili molte informazioni sulle caratteristiche dei contraenti che hanno effettuato una compravendita di unità immobiliari. Considerando principalmente le compravendite di unità immobiliari del settore residenziale effettuate da persone fisiche sono trattate informazioni sul reddito dichiarato al fisco, l’età e l’attività di lavoro prevalente. È fornito un quadro sintetico della distribuzione delle compravendite, in termini di Numero di Transazioni Normalizzate (NTN e per dimensione delle abitazioni, per ciascuna caratteristica sia per gli acquirenti che per i venditori. La disponibilità dell’informazione sulla residenza dei soggetti consente, inoltre, di condurre un’analisi sulla provenienza degli acquirenti rispetto al luogo di ubicazione dell’immobile compravenduto. E’ possibile così analizzare la composizione del mercato distinguendo la quota di acquisti imputabile a soggetti residenti nello stesso Comune di ubicazione dell’immobile (mercato comunale dalla quota alimentata da soggetti residenti in altro Comune di una stessa provincia (mercato infraprovinciale o di altra provincia (mercato extra-provinciale. Quest’ultima indagine risulta molto interessante se effettuata su singole città. Sono, quindi, riportati i risultati dell’analisi per i mercati delle città di Milano, Roma e Napoli.

  11. True or false: is that the question?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abaúnza Chagín, María Claudia


    Full Text Available Objectives: Standard tests designed for medical students frequently include objective True/ False (T/F questions, in which there are only two possible answers that can be successfully reached at random. The purpose of this work was to demonstrate that asking for support of the answers diminishes the number of randomly correct ones, so improving the ability of questions to verify learnings. Methods: 8.188 T/F questions whose answers had to be supported; they were applied in 28 written tests of Pathology, at the undergraduate medical program (La Sabana University, Chía, Colombia. Answers were classified as correct or incorrect, and their support, as correct, partially correct and incorrect. In order to analyze the data, the kappa agreement coefficient between T/F questions and T/F questions with support was calculated, as well as per term and per test. Results: Out of 8.188 T/F questions, 6.112 (74.6% were correctly answered as true or false, 3.655 (44.6% had a correct support, and 2.336 (28.5% were not correctly supported, exhibiting a global agreement index of 0.378 and low agreement indexes per term. Conclusion: T/F questions could be accompanied by support of the answers in order to reduce the probability of randomly correct ones, to enhance the development of superior cognitive processes, and communicative essential competences.

  12. Benign cementoblastoma (true cementoma in a cat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lenin A Villamizar-Martinez


    Full Text Available Case summary A 10-year-old castrated male domestic shorthair cat was presented for assessment of a gingival mass surrounding the left maxillary third and fourth premolar teeth. The mass was surgically removed by means of a marginal rim excision, and the tissue was submitted for histological assessment. It was identified as a benign cementoblastoma (true cementoma. There was proliferation of mineralized eosinophilic material with multiple irregularly placed lacunae and reversal lines, reminiscent of cementum. The cat recovered uneventfully from the anesthesia, and there was no evidence of tumor recurrence 6 months after surgery. Relevance and novel information Cementoblastomas (true cementomas in domestic animals are rare, with just a few reports in ruminants, monogastric herbivores and rodents. Cementoblastoma is considered a benign tumor that arises from the tooth root. The slow, expansive and constant growth that characterizes these masses may be accompanied by signs of oral discomfort and dysphagia. This case report is intended to increase knowledge regarding this tumor in cats and also highlights the importance of complete excision of the neoplasm. To our knowledge, there are no previous reports in the literature of cementoblastoma in the cat.

  13. TRUE Block Scale Continuation Project. Final Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andersson, Peter; Byegaard, Johan [Geosigma AB (Sweden); Billaux, Daniel [Itasca Consultants SA (France); Cvetkovic, Vladimir [Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden); Dershowitz, William; Doe, Thomas [Golder Associates Inc. (United States); Hermanson, Jan [Golder Associates AB (Sweden); Poteri, Antti [VTT (Finland); Tullborg, Eva-Lena [Terralogica AB (Sweden); Winberg, Anders [Conterra AB (SE)] (ed.)


    The TRUE Block Scale project was carried out during 1996-2002. This project focused on site characterisation and building of hydrostructural and microstructural models, sorbing tracer experiments in single structures and networks of structures over distances ranging between 1 and 100 m and also involved a unified application of various model approaches for modelling the in situ experiments. In 2002, ANDRA, Posiva, JNC and SKB decided to pursue some remaining issues in the so-called TRUE Block Scale Continuation project (TRUE BS2). The specific objectives of BS2 can be summarised as: 'Improve understanding of transport pathways at the block scale, including assessment of effects of geology and geometry, macrostructure and microstructure'. In order to cater to addressing the stated objective a series of hypotheses were formulated which explored the importance of geological information for predicting transport and retention and the possible differences between transport and retention between transport paths dominated by faults and those dominated by non-fault fractures (background fractures). In the process, prospects for carrying out experiments in fracture networks over longer distances (c 20-100 m) were explored. It was identified that experiments with sorbing tracers over these distances were prohibitive because of the time frames involved and the projected low mass recoveries. Instead the experimental locus was shifted to a geological structure previously not investigated by tracer tests in the TRUE Block Scale experiments. The lower immobile zone retention material properties assigned to background fractures compared to those assigned to the fault-type Structure 19 have been verified by means of back-calculations. The evaluated Type 1 flow path (Structure 19, Flow path I) retention material properties, as expressed by {kappa} parameter, are one order of magnitude higher than for the background fracture flow path. This finding is consistent with the

  14. The BLAST View of the Star Forming Region in Aquila (ell=45deg,b=0deg)

    CERN Document Server

    Rivera-Ingraham, Alana; Bock, James J; Chapin, Edward L; Devlin, Mark J; Dicker, Simon R; Griffin, Matthew; Gundersen, Joshua O; Halpern, Mark; Hargrave, Peter C; Hughes, David H; Klein, Jeff; Marsden, Gaelen; Martin, Peter G; Mauskopf, Philip; Netterfield, Calvin B; Olmi, Luca; Patanchon, Guillaume; Rex, Marie; Scott, Douglas; Semisch, Christopher; Truch, Matthew D P; Tucker, Carole; Tucker, Gregory S; Viero, Marco P; Wiebe, Donald V


    We have carried out the first general submillimeter analysis of the field towards GRSMC 45.46+0.05, a massive star forming region in Aquila. The deconvolved 6 deg^2 (3\\degree X 2\\degree) maps provided by BLAST in 2005 at 250, 350, and 500 micron were used to perform a preliminary characterization of the clump population previously investigated in the infrared, radio, and molecular maps. Interferometric CORNISH data at 4.8 GHz have also been used to characterize the Ultracompact HII regions (UCHIIRs) within the main clumps. By means of the BLAST maps we have produced an initial census of the submillimeter structures that will be observed by Herschel, several of which are known Infrared Dark Clouds (IRDCs). Our spectral energy distributions of the main clumps in the field, located at ~7 kpc, reveal an active population with temperatures of T~35-40 K and masses of ~10^3 Msun for a dust emissivity index beta=1.5. The clump evolutionary stages range from evolved sources, with extended HII regions and prominent IR ...

  15. In Search of the True Universe (United States)

    Harwit, Martin


    1. The nineteenth century's last five years; Part I. The Import of Theoretical Tools: 2. An overview; 3. Conclusions based on principles; 4. Conclusions based on a premise; 5. Conclusions based on calculations; 6. Asking the right questions, accepting limited answers; Part II. A National Plan Shaping the Universe We Perceive: 7. A new order and the new universe it produced; 8. Where did the chemical elements arise?; 9. Landscapes; 10. The evolution of astrophysical theory after 1960; 11. Turmoils of leadership; 12. Cascades and shocks that shape astrophysics; 13. Astrophysical discourse and persuasion; Part III. The Cost of Discerning the True Universe: 14. Organization and functioning of the astronomical community; 15. Language and astrophysical stability; 16. An economically viable astronomical program; Epilogue.

  16. Hadronic vacuum polarization in true muonium (United States)

    Lamm, Henry


    In order to reduce the theoretical uncertainty in the prediction, the leading-order hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the hyperfine splitting of true muonium is reevaluated in two ways. A more complex pionic form factor and better estimates of the perturbative QCD contributions are used to study the model dependence of the previous calculation. The second, more accurate method directly integrates the Drell ratio R (s ) to obtain C1 ,HVP=-0.04874 (9 ) . This corresponds to an energy shift in the hyperfine splitting (HFS) of Δ EHFS,HVP μ=-8202 (16 ) MHz and represents a factor-of-50 reduction in the theoretical uncertainty from hadronic sources. We also compute the contribution in positronium, which is too small at present to detect.

  17. True or False Customer Engagement Behaviour

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haurum, Helle; Beckmann, Suzanne C.


    Customers’ engagement behaviours are considered an important source of value to the company. So far, the discussion has mainly been conceptual and focused on the company’s perspective. By adopting the customer’s perspective we investigated how customers perceive their service relationship...... encounters with a company, using in-depth interviews. We found the following key factors driving and explaining customers’ engagement behaviours: (1) transactions matter and inconsistent engagement behaviours are a reality, (2) mundane products and services are still highly relevant for customers, and (3......) different degrees of customer experience alignment with services and products exist. Moreover, the distinction between true and false engagement behaviours we suggest indeed is relevant and we could establish their mediating capabilities....

  18. True Friendship Has No National Boundaries

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    TRUE friendship has no national boundaries. This is the conclusion I have drawn from per- sonal experience over the past 80 years of my life.Back in 1944, during the Second World War, I was a student at the Southwest Associated University in Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province. It was there that I happened to meet a group of Americans serving with the US 14th Air Force. They were sent over as part of the Allied Forces fighting the Japanese invaders. These upright young men were shocked at seeing the streets of Kunming swarming with ragged beggars, while officials of the ruling Kuomintang government made fortunes out of U.S. war supplies.

  19. True Nature of Supply Network Communication Structure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lokhman Hakim bin Osman


    Full Text Available Globalization of world economy has altered the definition of organizational structure. Global supply chain can no longer be viewed as an arm-length structure. It has become more complex. The complexity demands deeper research and understanding. This research analyzed a structure of supply network in an attempt to elucidate the true structure of the supply network. Using the quantitative Social Network Analysis methodology, findings of this study indicated that, the structure of the supply network differs depending on the types of network relations. An important implication of these findings would be a more focus resource management upon network relationship development that is based on firms’ positions in the different network structure. This research also contributes to the various strategies of effective and efficient supply chain management.

  20. True Visions The Emergence of Ambient Intelligence

    CERN Document Server

    Aarts, Emile


    Ambient intelligence (AI) refers to a developing technology that will increasingly make our everyday environment sensitive and responsive to our presence. The AI vision requires technology invisibly embedded in our everyday surroundings, present whenever we need it that will lead to the seamless integration of lighting, sounds, vision, domestic appliances, and personal healthcare products to enhance our living experience. Written for the non-specialist seeking an authoritative but accessible overview of this interdisciplinary field, True Visions explains how the devices making up the AI world will operate collectively using information and intelligence hidden in the wireless network connecting them. Expert contributions address key AI components such as smart materials and textiles, system architecture, mobile computing, broadband communication, and underlying issues of human-environment interactions. It seeks to unify the perspectives of scientists from diverse backgrounds ranging from the physics of materia...

  1. Photoluminescence of a High Mobility 2DEG in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Regime (United States)

    Smirnov, D.; Rudenkov, V. V.; Ashkinadze, B. M.; Cohen, E.; Christianen, P. C. M.; Maan, J. C.; Pfeiffer, L. N.

    The magneto-PL spectra of modulation-doped, ultra-high mobility GaAs/AlGaAs single heterojunctions (HJs) were studied under a perpendicularly applied magnetic field up to 33 T and at temperatures of 0.3 and 1.2 K. The spectra show remarkable intensity redistribution between free (bulk) exciton and 2DEG-hole PL channels occurring at electron filling factors, ν = 2 and 1. At 0.3 K, significant 2DEG-hole PL spectral changes are observed near ν = 2/3 and 1/3. Several heterojunctions with 2DEG density in the range of n2D - (1 - 2.7) · 1011 cm-2 display similar features. These spectral peculiarities are attributed to the modification of the 2DEG energy spectrum caused by the e-e interaction, in particular, the recombination of valence hole with the composite (fractionally-charged) particles of the magnetized 2DEG. In HJs with lower n2D < 1011 cm-2, the observed PL evolution at ν < 1 is mainly determined by an intensity redistribution between the σ+ and σ- circularly-polarized free exciton PL components. In this case, the exciton energy is lower than the energy of the 2DEG-hole system, so that the free excitons do not dissociate near the magnetized 2DEG and thus, the 2DEG-hole PL is barely observed.

  2. Accelerated transformation of brushite to octacalcium phosphate in new biomineralization media between 36.5 deg. C and 80 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Temizel, Neslihan; Girisken, Giray; Tas, A. Cuneyt, E-mail:


    This study investigated the hydrothermal transformation of brushite (dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, DCPD, CaHPO{sub 4}.2H{sub 2}O) into octacalcium phosphate (OCP, Ca{sub 8}(HPO{sub 4}){sub 2}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}.5H{sub 2}O) in seven different newly developed biomineralization media, all inspired from the commercial DMEM solutions, over the temperature range of 36.5 deg. C to 90 deg. C with aging times varying between 1 h and 6 days. DCPD powders used in this study were synthesized in our laboratory by using a wet-chemical technique. DCPD was found to transform into OCP in the Ca{sup 2+}, Mg{sup 2+}, Na{sup +}, K{sup +}, HCO{sub 3}{sup -}, Cl{sup -} and H{sub 2}PO{sub 4}{sup -} containing aqueous biomineralization media in less than 72 h at 36.5 deg. C, without stirring. The same medium was able to convert DCPD into OCP in about 2 h at 75-80 deg. C, again without a need for stirring. Samples were characterized by using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). - Research highlights: {yields} New biomineralization solutions developed to convert DCPD into OCP at 36.5 deg. C to 80 deg. C. {yields} DCPD powder was the starting material. {yields} OCP was synthesized under static conditions (no need for stirring). {yields} OCP was synthesized in sealed glass media bottles in solutions free of Hepes or Tris. {yields} OCP can be synthesized at 75-80 deg. C in only 2 hours in the above solutions without stirring.

  3. Flexure fatigue testing of 90 deg graphite/epoxy composites (United States)

    Peck, Ann Nancy W.


    3-point flexure tests of 90 deg graphite/epoxy specimens. Investigations will include the volume scale effect as well as frequency and span-to-thickness ratio effects. Prior to the start of the experimental study, an analytical study using finite element modeling will be performed to investigate the span-to-thickness effect. The ratio of transverse flexure stress to shear stress will be monitored and its values predicted by the FEM analysis compared with the value obtained using a 'strength of materials' based approach.

  4. AtDeg2 – a chloroplast protein with dual protease/chaperone activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Przemysław Jagodzik


    Full Text Available Chloroplast protease AtDeg2 (an ATP-independent serine endopeptidase is cytosolically synthesized as a precursor, which is imported into the chloroplast stroma and deprived of its transit peptide. Then the mature protein undergoes routing to its functional location at the stromal side of thylakoid membrane. In its linear structure AtDeg2 molecule contains the protease domain with catalytic triad (HDS and two PDZ domains (PDZ1 and PDZ2. In vivo AtDeg2 most probably exists as a supposedly inactive haxamer, which may change its oligomeric stage to form active 12-mer, or 24-mer. AtDeg2 has recently been demonstrated to exhibit dual protease/chaperone function. This review is focused on the current awareness with regard to AtDeg2 structure and functional significance.

  5. Patologie sociali, resistenze e difese degli insegnanti nell’istituzione scolastica: Considerazioni cliniche e pedagogiche

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tommaso Fratini


    Full Text Available L’articolo prende in esame il tema di alcune resistenze e difese degli insegnanti all’interno dell’istituzione scolastica. Partendo dall’attuale condizione di emergenza della scuola italiana e rifacendosi al concetto di patologia sociale di Giuseppe Di Chiara, viene argomentato come tali resistenze coprano le angosce persecutorie degli insegnanti nel loro lavoro scolastico quotidiano nel rapporto con gli allievi. L’articolo, tra le varie forme di patologia istituzionale, affronta principalmente il tema di quelle che presiedono alle resistenze degli insegnanti al lavoro introspettivo con il proprio mondo interno, conseguenza e ulteriore cagione di sensi di colpa nel rapporto con gli allievi e di fenomeni di burnout lavorativo degli stessi insegnanti. Tali fenomeni vanno nella direzione del rinforzo sia di un atteggiamento di chiusura verso la collaborazione con professionisti esterni all’istituzione scolastica, sia di un atteggiamento di minore empatia e vicinanza emotiva con la realtà interna degli allievi.

  6. Production of the Smallest QED Atom: True Muonium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brodsky, Stanley J.; Lebed, Richard F.


    The 'true muonium' ({mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}) and 'true tauonium' ({tau}{sup +}{tau}{sup -}) bound states are not only the heaviest, but also the most compact pure QED systems. The rapid weak decay of the {tau} makes the observation of true tauonium difficult. However, as we show, the production and study of true muonium is possible at modern electron-positron colliders.

  7. Temperature dependent dynamics of DegP-trimer: A molecular dynamics study. (United States)

    Rai, Nivedita; Ramaswamy, Amutha


    DegP is a heat shock protein from high temperature requirement protease A family, which reacts to the environmental stress conditions in an ATP independent way. The objective of the present analysis emerged from the temperature dependent functional diversity of DegP between chaperonic and protease activities at temperatures below and above 28 °C, respectively. DegP is a multimeric protein and the minimal functional unit, DegP-trimer, is of great importance in understanding the DegP pathway. The structural aspects of DegP-trimer with respect to temperature variation have been studied using molecular dynamics simulations (for 100 ns) and principal component analysis to highlight the temperature dependent dynamics facilitating its functional diversity. The DegP-trimer revealed a pronounced dynamics at both 280 and 320 K, when compared to the dynamics observed at 300 K. The LA loop is identified as the highly flexible region during dynamics and at extreme temperatures, the residues 46-80 of LA loop express a flip towards right (at 280) and left ( at 320 K) with respect to the fixed β-sheet connecting the LA loop of protease for which Phe46 acts as one of the key residues. Such dynamics of LA loop facilitates inter-monomeric interaction with the PDZ1 domain of the neighbouring monomer and explains its active participation when DegP exists as trimer. Hence, the LA loop mediated dynamics of DegP-trimer is expected to provide further insight into the temperature dependent dynamics of DegP towards the understanding of its assembly and functional diversity in the presence of substrate.

  8. Temperature dependent dynamics of DegP-trimer: A molecular dynamics study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nivedita Rai


    Full Text Available DegP is a heat shock protein from high temperature requirement protease A family, which reacts to the environmental stress conditions in an ATP independent way. The objective of the present analysis emerged from the temperature dependent functional diversity of DegP between chaperonic and protease activities at temperatures below and above 28 °C, respectively. DegP is a multimeric protein and the minimal functional unit, DegP-trimer, is of great importance in understanding the DegP pathway. The structural aspects of DegP-trimer with respect to temperature variation have been studied using molecular dynamics simulations (for 100 ns and principal component analysis to highlight the temperature dependent dynamics facilitating its functional diversity. The DegP-trimer revealed a pronounced dynamics at both 280 and 320 K, when compared to the dynamics observed at 300 K. The LA loop is identified as the highly flexible region during dynamics and at extreme temperatures, the residues 46–80 of LA loop express a flip towards right (at 280 and left ( at 320 K with respect to the fixed β-sheet connecting the LA loop of protease for which Phe46 acts as one of the key residues. Such dynamics of LA loop facilitates inter-monomeric interaction with the PDZ1 domain of the neighbouring monomer and explains its active participation when DegP exists as trimer. Hence, the LA loop mediated dynamics of DegP-trimer is expected to provide further insight into the temperature dependent dynamics of DegP towards the understanding of its assembly and functional diversity in the presence of substrate.

  9. Umani postumi, moderni vampiri. Riuso, serialità, coralità dell'orrore in True Blood

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giulia Iannuzzi


    La proposta critica che avanziamo in questa sede è un invito a contemperare nell'analisi delle produzioni televisive seriali contemporanee, aspetti narratologici e produttivi, fattori (intra- e intertestuali e sociologici, a partire dalla convinzione che le ragioni della fortuna di una serie (non solo horror vadano ricercate precipuamente nei territori dove questi aspetti si intrecciano. Proponiamo come caso di studio il successo di pubblico e di critica di una delle serie d'autore per eccellenza degli ultimi anni: True Blood, creata da Alan Ball per il network HBO nel 2008 e giunta nel 2014 alla settima e finale stagione. Da situare entro il contesto di un più ampio fenomeno di proliferazione del genere horror nella serialità televisiva contemporanea, True Blood offre un ottimo esempio dei nuovi meccanismi di distinzione tramite i quali la serialità televisiva odierna sta differenziando in maniera crescente segmenti di pubblico.

  10. Determining true nursing costs improves financial planning. (United States)

    Payson, A A


    The traditional method of apportioning nursing care costs ona per diem basis does not consider nursing intensity or patients' special needs and often includes nonnursing duties. Many hospitals now favor a fee-for-service concept and are determining direct patient care costs to identify the true nursing cost. A patient classification system correlated with the diagnosis-related group (DRG) classification improves nursing cost analyses. For each patient, nurse managers need systems to determine quantified nursing tasks and patient acuity levels for each day. This information can be used to adjust staffing and to establish variable billing procedures. Then they can institute variable billing methods that are based on direct care costs as well as indirect costs of administration, education, and supplies. Variable billing identifies revenue cost centers, allows systematic monitoring of nursing services, and improves budget planning. The entire nursing staff must become involved in the financial system so the hospital can obtain an accurate data base for rate setting and third-party reimbursement.

  11. Placebo: the lie that comes true? (United States)

    Justman, Stewart


    Over the decades of experimentation on the placebo effect, it has become clear that it is driven largely by expectation, and that strong expectations of efficacy are more likely to give rise to the experience of benefit. No wonder the placebo effect has come to resemble a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, this resemblance is considerably exaggerated. The placebo effect does not work as strongly as it is advertised to do in some efforts to elicit it. Half-truths about the placebo effect are now in circulation, reinforced by a number of other equivocations that it seems to attract. As the deceptive use of placebos has fallen into discredit, the use of half-truths and exaggerations-neither of which is technically a deception-becomes an ever more inviting possibility. However, there are risks and costs associated with the half-truth that the doctor possesses the power to make his or her words come true by the alchemy of the placebo effect.

  12. Mechanisms for oscillatory true polar wander. (United States)

    Creveling, J R; Mitrovica, J X; Chan, N-H; Latychev, K; Matsuyama, I


    Palaeomagnetic studies of Palaeoproterozoic to Cretaceous rocks propose a suite of large and relatively rapid (tens of degrees over 10 to 100 million years) excursions of the rotation pole relative to the surface geography, or true polar wander (TPW). These excursions may be linked in an oscillatory, approximately coaxial succession about the centre of the contemporaneous supercontinent. Within the framework of a standard rotational theory, in which a delayed viscous adjustment of the rotational bulge acts to stabilize the rotation axis, geodynamic models for oscillatory TPW generally appeal to consecutive, opposite loading phases of comparable magnitude. Here we extend a nonlinear rotational stability theory to incorporate the stabilizing effect of TPW-induced elastic stresses in the lithosphere. We demonstrate that convectively driven inertia perturbations acting on a nearly prolate, non-hydrostatic Earth with an effective elastic lithospheric thickness of about 10 kilometres yield oscillatory TPW paths consistent with palaeomagnetic inferences. This estimate of elastic thickness can be reduced, even to zero, if the rotation axis is stabilized by long-term excess ellipticity in the plane of the TPW. We speculate that these sources of stabilization, acting on TPW driven by a time-varying mantle flow field, provide a mechanism for linking the distinct, oscillatory TPW events of the past few billion years.

  13. Customer satisfaction toward TrueMove customer service


    Raja Abbas, Haider; Koobgrabe, Chokaew; Chutima, Punyanuch


    Title: Customer Satisfaction toward TrueMove Customer Service Problem Statement: How are TrueMove customers satisfied with the customer service provided at TrueMove shops in Bangkok? Purpose: To evaluate “whether” and “how” TrueMove customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the customer service provided at TrueMove shops in the Bangkok region with the help of evaluation of service quality by customers of the shop. Theory and Methods: The research bases mainly on quantitative method; that i...

  14. A Short Review of True Polar Wander (United States)

    Courtillot, V.


    Polar wander on Earth has been suggested since the 19th century. With the discovery that continental drift accounted for much of the apparent polar wander of continents, one could ask whether there was a remaining ("true") fraction in polar wander not accounted for by plate tectonics, which would be a characteristic of "Earth as a whole". TPW results from conservation of angular momentum in a rotating, deformable body. Seen from the surface of the Earth, TPW appears as the wave-like propagation of the Earth's bulge, whose rate of motion is controlled by mantle viscosity. The bulge adjusts in about 104 years, the characteristic time for glacio-isostatic rebound. Paleomagnetic poles (used to derive APWPs) and oceanic data (used to derive plate kinematic models) can be blended to produce a "synthetic " APWP for all plates. Motion of hotspots with respect to plates can then be integrated to derive an estimate of TPW: this displays in succession a standstill at 160-130 Ma, a quasi-circular track from 130 to 70 Ma (rate 30 km/m.y.), a standstill at 50-10 Ma and faster motion up to the present (rate 100 km/m.y.). Suggested episodes of superfast TPW seem to be artefacts. Field geometry is unlikely to severely alter TPW estimates. A legitimate concern is that the analysis is not truly global (it fails to encompass the Pacific plate). And there are ongoing debates on the fixity of hotspots with respect to each other. We find little evidence for significant inter-hotspot motion (larger than 5 km/m.y.) either within the Pacific or Indo-Atlantic hemispheres. Other authors do find some motion (e.g. between Hawaii and Louisville). We suggest that (primary) hotspots form two slowly deforming subsets in the two geodynamically distinct hemispheres. The two subsets would have been in slow motion for the last 45 m.y., but in faster motion prior to that. Other authors (Gordon) conclude that there is no significant motion in the past 125 m.y. It has been suggested that a quasi

  15. Achieving true sustainability of zoo populations. (United States)

    Lacy, Robert C


    For the last 30 years, cooperative management of irreplaceable animal populations in zoos and aquariums has focused primarily on the goal of minimizing genetic decay within defined time frames, and large advances have been made in technologies to optimize genetic management of closed populations. However, recent analyses have shown that most zoo programs are not projected to meet their stated goals. This has been described as a lack of achieving "sustainability" of the populations, yet by definition a goal of managed decay is not a plan for sustainability. True sustainability requires management of the resource in manner that does not deplete its value for the future. Achieving such sustainability for many managed populations may require changing from managing isolated populations to managing populations that are part of a broader metapopulation, with carefully considered exchange between populations across a spectrum of ex situ to in situ. Managing zoo populations as components of comprehensive conservation strategies for the species will require research on determinants of various kinds of genetic, physiological, behavioral, and morphological variation and their roles in population viability, development of an array of management techniques and tools, training of population managers in metapopulation management and integrated conservation planning, and projections of impacts of management strategies on the viability of the captive populations and all populations that are interactively managed or affected. Such a shift in goals and methods would result in zoo population management being an ongoing part of species conservation rather than short-term or isolated from species conservation. Zoo Biol. 32:19-26, 2013. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. Identifying true satellites of the Magellanic Clouds (United States)

    Sales, Laura V.; Navarro, Julio F.; Kallivayalil, Nitya; Frenk, Carlos S.


    The hierarchical nature of ΛCDM suggests that the Magellanic Clouds must have been surrounded by a number of satellites before their infall into the Milky Way halo. Many of those satellites should still be in close proximity to the Clouds, but some could have dispersed ahead/behind the Clouds along their Galactic orbit. Either way, prior association with the Clouds constrains the present-day positions and velocities of candidate Magellanic satellites: they must lie close to the nearly polar orbital plane of the Magellanic Stream, and their distances and radial velocities must follow the latitude dependence expected for a tidal stream with the Clouds near pericentre. We use a cosmological numerical simulation of the disruption of a massive sub-halo in a Milky Way-sized ΛCDM halo to test whether any of the 20 dwarfs recently discovered in the Dark Energy Survey, the Survey of the MAgellanic Stellar History, Pan-STARRS, and ATLAS surveys are truly associated with the Clouds. Of the six systems with kinematic data, only Hor 1 has distance and radial velocities consistent with a Magellanic origin. Of the remaining dwarfs, six (Hor 2, Eri 3, Ret 3, Tuc 4, Tuc 5, and Phx 2) have positions and distances consistent with a Magellanic origin, but kinematic data are needed to substantiate that possibility. Conclusive evidence for association would require proper motions to constrain the orbital angular momentum direction, which, for true Magellanic satellites, must be similar to that of the Clouds. We use this result to predict radial velocities and proper motions for all new dwarfs, assuming that they were Magellanic satellites. Our results are relatively insensitive to the assumption of first or second pericentre for the Clouds.

  17. The recurrent true umbilical cord knots: a case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Naghi


    Full Text Available Background: True umbilical cord knot is one of the abnormalities of the umbilical cord. Active fetal movements create cord knotting. True umbilical cord knots are rare but may be associated with fetal distress and stillbirth. True umbilical cord knots are capable of impeding blood flow to the fetus.Case presentation: A 26-year old primigravid woman was first treated for genital herpes simplex virus (HSV type 2 at 36 weeks of gestational age. She received oral acyclovir (400 mg three times daily for 10 days. At the gestational age of 38 weeks and 5 days, fetal activity decreased and NST was nonreactive. She was delivered by cesarean section and a true umbilical cord knot was found. Four years later, in her second pregnancy, another true knot was seen.Conclusion: Excessively long umbilical cords are more likely to be associated with true knots. Genetics has an important role in determining cord length and occurrence of true knots.

  18. Criteri di indagine degli spazi voltati nell’ambito dell’architettura storica e in archeologia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Cipriani


    Full Text Available ItLo studio degli spazi voltati nell’ambito dell’architettura storica è un tema di grande interesse, che da sempre vede impegnati vari studiosi afferenti ad ambiti disciplinari diversi, dall’archeologia, alla storia dell’arte, alla conservazione. In tale contesto interdisciplinare molto spesso il ruolo di ingegneri ed architetti, che si occupano di indagare le matrici geometriche alla base della progettazione di tali spazi, viene relegato ad un ruolo accessorio rispetto a quello dei conservatori, che materialmente si occupano delle pratiche di manutenzione e di restauro. Con l’avanzare delle tecnologie di rilevamento, che spaziano con sempre maggiore affidabilità dalla documentazione dei caratteri morfologici superficiali a quelli più intrinseci alla base dei manufatti, quale può essere il ruolo attuale di chi si occupa di comprendere il progetto che generò tali ambienti? In altri termini, quel vasto patrimonio immateriale che sta alla base della concezione progettuale di un manufatto, specialmente se scaturito da una raffinata conoscenza matematica e geometrica, ha oggi un ruolo riconoscibile e sufficientemente autorevole rispetto all’ammontare di conoscenze tecniche che permettono alle “macchine” di funzionare?Con questo contributo si intende mostrare come l’integrazione di vari know-how legati sia alla modellazione reality-based che alla conoscenza dei criteri e degli strumenti di progettazione del passato, possa fornire un input sostanziale per l’intervento e per la conoscenza di manufatti caratterizzati da una evidente complessità geometrica e costruttiva. Per ricaduta si intende poi mostrare come la documentazione fine a se stessa, per quanto accurata, certificata e garantita attraverso le più avanzate tecnologie e metodologie integrate, non si configuri come base di scambio e di dialogo interdisciplinare. En The study of vaulted spaces in the context of the historic architecture is a topic of great interest

  19. Survey Methods for Earthquake Damages in the "CAMERA degli SPOSI" of Mantegna (mantova) (United States)

    Fratus de Balestrini, E.; Ballarin, M.; Balletti, C.; Buttolo, V.; Gottardi, C.; Guerra, F.; Mander, S.; Pilot, L.; Vernier, P.


    Cultural Heritage constitutes a fundamental resource for all Countries, even in economic terms, as it can be considered an extraordinary tourist attraction. This is particularly true for Italy, which is one of the Countries with the richest artistic heritage in the world. For this reason, restoration becomes an essential step towards the conservation and therefore valorisation of architecture. In this context, this paper focuses on one of the first stages that allow us to reach a complete knowledge of a building. Because of the earthquake of May 2012, the Castle of San Giorgio in Mantova (Italy) presented a series of structural damages. On the occasion of its upcoming re-opening to the public, the Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici per le province di Brescia, Cremona e Mantova has requested an analysis and evaluation of the damages for the development of an intervention project. In particular, a special attention was given to the "Camera degli Sposi" ("Bridal Chamber"), also known as the Camera picta ("painted chamber"). It is a frescoed room, with illusionistic paintings by Andrea Mantegna, located in the northeast tower of the Castle. It was painted between 1465 and 1474 and commissioned by Ludovico Gonzaga, and it is well-known for the use of trompe l'oeil details and for the decoration of its ceiling. The seismic shakes damaged the wall decorated with the "Scena della Corte" ("Court Scene"), above the chimney, re-opening an old crack that had to be analysed, in order to understand whether the damage was structural or just superficial. The diagnostic analyses constitute a fundamental prerequisite for the elaboration of any kind of intervention or restoration in any architectural, artistic or archaeological framework. To obtain a description of the conservation state of the Camera, non-invasive integrated survey techniques were applied. The purpose of the study presented here is the definition of a methodology able to support the necessity

  20. Using Paraffin with -10 deg C to 10 deg C Melting Point for Payload Thermal Energy Storage in SpaceX Dragon Trunk (United States)

    Choi, Michael K.


    A concept of using paraffin wax phase change material (PCM) with a melting point between -10 deg C and 10 deg C for payload thermal energy storage in a Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) Dragon trunk is presented. It overcomes the problem of limited heater power available to a payload with significant radiators when the Dragon is berthed to the International Space Station (ISS). It stores adequate thermal energy to keep a payload warm without power for 6 hours during the transfer from the Dragon to an ExPRESS logistics carrier (ELC) on the ISS.

  1. Far-infrared and submillimeter survey of the galactic plane from l = 11.5 deg to l = 17.5 deg (United States)

    Campbell, M. F.; Niles, D. W.; Silverberg, R. F.; Hauser, M. G.; Stier, M. T.; Kelsall, T.; Hoffmann, W. F.; Thronson, H. A., Jr.


    Medium resolution (11 min) maps of the galactic plane are presented from l = 11.5 deg to l = 17.5 deg at wavelengths of 93 microns, 154 microns, and 190 microns. The maps are interpreted in terms of the temperature and spatial structure of diffuse far-infrared/submillimeter sources associated with evolved H II regions and a continuous ridge of galactic emission. The emission regions are found to be more extended at the longer wavelengths which implies that there must be a range of dust temperatures in the sources. The properties of the galactic ridge are similar to those of the sources.

  2. Quantification of metallic iodides in fucus vesiculosus and serratus heated at 80 deg, 550 deg and 1 000 deg; Quantification des iodures metalliques dans des cendres d'algues. Analyse de fucus vesiculosus et serratus chauffees a 80 degres, 550 degre et 1000 degre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aujollet, Y. [Direction Generale de la Surete Nucleaire et de la Radioprotection (DGSNR), 75 - Paris (France)


    Metallic iodides in aqueous phase of Fucus ashes were measured by gamma spectrometry. Before the measurements, different samples of Fucus were heated at 80 deg C (Fucus vesiculosus), 550 deg C (Fucus serratus) and 1 000 deg C (Fucus serratus). The first results gave 63% of iodide salts in Fucus vesiculosus heated at 80 deg C, 27% of iodide salts in Fucus serratus (550 deg C) and no result for ashes of Fucus serratus heated at 1 000 deg C, because there was not enough mass of product for a good analysis by gamma spectrometry. (author)

  3. In situ observations of BrO over Antarctica - ER-2 aircraft results from 54 deg S to 72 deg S latitude (United States)

    Brune, W. H.; Anderson, J. G.; Chan, K. R.


    Bromine monoxide was observed in situ during nine flights of the NASA ER-2 aircraft from Punta Arenas, Chile (54 deg S latitude), to 72 deg S latitude over the Palmer Peninsula, Antarctica. The first flight for the BrO detection system was on August 28. The distribution of BrO inside the chemically perturbed region defined by greatly elevated ClO abundances was different from that found just outside. Inside, the BrO mixing ratio was 6.1 + or - 1.1 pptv above the 440 K potential temperature surface, 4.7 + or - 2.0 pptv between the 400 and 440 K surfaces, and less than 4 pptv below the 400 K surface. At high latitudes outside the chemically perturbed region, the BrO mixing ratio was 5.4 + or - 1.4 pptv near the 450 K surface, but decreased to 2.9 + or - 1.2 pptv at the 420 K surface. The abundance of BrO showed no discernible temporal trend during the course of the nine flights. Away from the south polar region, at latitudes between 47 deg S and 37 deg N and potential temperatures between 435 and 500 K (18.5- to 20.7-km altitude), the BrO mixing ratio was 0.5-3.0 pptv.

  4. Simplified 2DEG carrier concentration model for composite barrier AlGaN/GaN HEMT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Das, Palash, E-mail:; Biswas, Dhrubes, E-mail: [Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur - 721302, West Bengal (India)


    The self consistent solution of Schrodinger and Poisson equations is used along with the total charge depletion model and applied with a novel approach of composite AlGaN barrier based HEMT heterostructure. The solution leaded to a completely new analytical model for Fermi energy level vs. 2DEG carrier concentration. This was eventually used to demonstrate a new analytical model for the temperature dependent 2DEG carrier concentration in AlGaN/GaN HEMT.

  5. Strumentazione multisensore selettiva per il monitoraggio in continuo degli odori nel settore ambientale


    Giuliani, Stefano


    2010 - 2011 L’odore indotto dall’esercizio degli impianti di ingegneria sanitaria ambientale è ritenuto la causa principale di disturbo che la popolazione residente nelle vicinanze avverte. Sebbene alle emissioni odorigene sia solo raramente associato un reale rischio tossicologico-sanitario, sia per la natura raramente pericolosa degli odoranti che per le concentrazioni generalmente molto basse, nell’immaginario collettivo, ai cattivi odori si associano spesso condizioni di “non salubrità...

  6. Experimental measurement of the solubility of bismuth phases in water vapor from 220 deg. C to 300 deg. C: Implications for ore formation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kruszewski, Jason M. [Department of Geological Sciences, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-3022 (United States); Wood, Scott A., E-mail: [Department of Geological Sciences, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-3022 (United States)


    Preliminary measurements were carried out of the solubility of the O{sub 2-}buffering assemblage bismuth + bismite (Bi{sub 2}O{sub 3}) in aqueous liquid-vapor and vapor-only systems at temperatures of 220, 250 and 300 deg. C. All experiments were carried out in Ti reaction vessels and were designed such that the Bi solids were contained in a silica tube that prevented contact with liquid water at any time during the experiment. Two blank (no Bi solids present) liquid-vapor experiments at 220 deg. C yielded Bi concentrations ({+-}1{sigma}) in the condensed liquid of 0.22 {+-} 0.02 mg/L, whereas the solubility measurements at this temperature yielded an average value of approximately 6 {+-} 9 mg/L, with replicate experiments ranging from 0.3 to 26 mg/L. Although the 6 mg/L value is associated with a considerable degree of uncertainty, the experiments do indicate transport of Bi through the vapor phase. Measured Bi concentrations in the condensed liquid at 250 deg. C were in the same range as those at 220 deg. C, whereas those at 300 deg. C were significantly lower (i.e., all below the blank value). Vapor-only experiments necessarily contained much smaller initial volumes of water, thereby making the results more susceptible to contamination. Single blank runs at 220 and 300 deg. C yielded Bi concentrations of 82 and 16 mg/L, respectively. Measured concentrations ({+-}1{sigma}) of Bi in the vapor-only solubility experiments at 220 deg. C were 235 {+-} 78 mg/L for an initial water volume of 0.5 mL, and at 300 deg. C were 56 {+-} 30 mg/L and 33 {+-} 21 for initial water volumes of 1 and 2 mL, respectively, suggesting strong preferential partitioning of Bi into the vapor. The results indicate a negative dependence of Bi solubility on temperature, but are inconclusive with respect to the dependence of Bi solubility on water density or fugacity. The experiments reported here suggest that significant Bi transport is possible in the vapor phase. Comparison of the liquid

  7. To discover or to create: metaphors and the true self. (United States)

    Schlegel, Rebecca J; Vess, Matthew; Arndt, Jamie


    Three studies examined how endorsement of self-discovery and self-creation metaphors influences belief in the true self and its use as meaning source. It was hypothesized that discovery metaphors contribute to belief in the true self and bolster the relationship between true self-knowledge and meaning. Study 1 supported the hypothesis that discovery is positively associated with belief in the true self among a sample of college students (N = 311). Studies 2 and 3 extended the analysis by showing that the discovery metaphor also facilitates perceptions of meaning and the use of the true self specifically as a source of meaning in a second sample of college students (N = 75) as well as an adult sample of university employees (N = 173). Implications for understanding what enables the true self to infuse life with meaning, as well as an individual differences approach to metaphoric cognition, are discussed.

  8. Evaluation of myocardial SPECT imaging reconstructed from 270deg projection data. A study using a cardiac phantom

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kashikura, Kenichi [Japan Science and Technology Corp., Akita (Japan). Akita Lab.; Kobayashi, Hideki; Kashikura, Akemi


    SPECT reconstruction is commonly performed using 360deg or 180deg projection data. However, it is also possible to reconstruct SPECT images using other projection data arcs. The purpose of this study was to characterize images obtained by limiting the projection data to 270deg by discarding the projection views with severe attenuation. A series of phantom studies was performed with and without plastic chambers simulating perfusion defects using {sup 201}Tl and {sup 99m}Tc. Images using 270deg, 360deg, and 180deg projection arcs were identically reconstructed from the same data. In the absence of plastic chambers, intraslice uniformity in a given slice was assessed by computing the coefficient of variation (CV) of average counts in 8 ROIs within the slice. Interslice uniformity was assessed by computing the CV of average counts in five short axial slices. With plastic chambers in place, the variability in defect contrasts was assessed by computing the CV of defect contrasts in 4 chambers, located on the anterior, lateral, inferoposterior, and septal walls. The intraslice uniformity of the 270deg images were considerably inferior to those of the 360deg and 180deg images. The interslice uniformity was highest in the 360deg images, and lowest in the 180deg images. The variation in defect contrasts in the 270deg image was higher than those of the other two images. The 270deg images showed a high defect contrast in the septum and high counts in the anterior and anteroseptal wall. Because a large variation in defect contrasts within a segment might result in false positive or negative in diagnosis, 270deg imaging is not recommended over 360deg or 180deg imaging. (author)

  9. Endovascular treatment of splenic artery aneurysms; Trattamento endovascolare degli aneurismi dell'arteria splenica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lagana, Domenico; Carrafiello, Gianpaolo; Mangini, Monica; Fontana, Federico; Dizonno, Massimiliano; Fugazzola, Carlo [Insubria Univ., Varese (Italy). Cattedra di radiologia; Castelli, Patrizio [Insubria Univ., Varese (Italy). Chirurgia vascolare


    Purpose. To assess the feasibility and effectiveness of endovascular treatment of splenic artery aneurysm (SAAs). Materials and methods. Between May 2000 and June 2003 we treated 11 true SAAs in 9 patients (7 females and 2 males; mean age 58 years), 8 saccular and 3 fusiform, 4 located at the middle tract of the splenic artery, 5 at the distal tract and 2 intra-parenchymal. The diagnosis was performed with colour-Doppler ultrasound and/or CT-angiography; 7 patients were symptomless, 1 had left hypochondriac pain, and 1 had acute abdomen caused by a ruptured SAA. Four SAAs were treated by micro coil embolisation of the aneurysmal sac with preservation of splenic artery patency; in 2 cases this was associated with transcatheter injection of N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate. Four cases were treated by endovascular ligature, with sectoral spleen ischaemia. One ruptured SAA received emergency treatment with splenic artery cyanoacrylate embolisation. Two intra-parenchymal SAAs were excluded, one by cyanoacrylate embolisation of the afferent artery and the other by transcatheter thrombin injection in the aneurysmal sac. Results. Technical success was observed in all cases (in 10/11 at the end of the procedure; in 1/11 at CT performed 3 days after the procedure). The follow-up (mean 18 months; range 6-36) was performed by colour-Doppler ultrasound and/or CT-angiography 3, 6 and 12 months after the procedure and subsequently once a year; the complete exclusion of the aneurysms was confirmed in 11/11 cases. The complications were: 4 cases of mild pleuritis; fever and left hypochondriac pain 1 day after the procedure (in the same 4 patients and in one other case); 5 cases of sectorial spleen ischaemia and 1 case of diffuse spleen infarction with partial revascularization by collateral vessels. No alteration of the levels of pancreatic enzymes was found; a transitory increase in platelet count occurred only in the patient with diffuse spleen infarction. Conclusions. Using different

  10. Chaos in social learning with multiple true states (United States)

    Fang, Aili; Wang, Lin; Zhao, Jiuhua; Wang, Xiaofan


    Most existing social learning models assume that there is only one underlying true state. In this work, we consider a social learning model with multiple true states, in which agents in different groups receive different signal sequences generated by their corresponding underlying true states. Each agent updates his belief by combining his rational self-adjustment based on the external signals he received and the influence of his neighbors according to their communication. We observe chaotic oscillation in the belief evolution, which implies that neither true state could be learnt correctly by calculating the largest Lyapunov exponents and Hurst exponents.

  11. Research of Free open-source encryption software True Crypt%开源加密软件TrueCrypt研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王超峰; 姜梅; 宋嘎子


    文章首先介绍了开源加密True Crypt软件,然后分析了其功能和原理,最后针对True Crypt中存在的安全问题提出具体改进方案.通过在True Crypt中添加U盘准入控制模块,将分离出来的重要数据保存在可准入的U盘中,从而很好的解决了True Crypt的一个安全隐患.

  12. Material Properties Test to Determine Ultimate Strain and True Stress-True Strain Curves for High Yield Steels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    K.R. Arpin; T.F. Trimble


    This testing was undertaken to develop material true stress-true strain curves for elastic-plastic material behavior for use in performing transient analysis. Based on the conclusions of this test, the true stress-true strain curves derived herein are valid for use in elastic-plastic finite element analysis for structures fabricated from these materials. In addition, for the materials tested herein, the ultimate strain values are greater than those values cited as the limits for the elastic-plastic strain acceptance criteria for transient analysis.

  13. Deletion of degQ gene enhances outer membrane vesicle production of Shewanella oneidensis cells. (United States)

    Ojima, Yoshihiro; Mohanadas, Thivagaran; Kitamura, Kosei; Nunogami, Shota; Yajima, Reiki; Taya, Masahito


    Shewanella oneidensis is a Gram-negative facultative anaerobe that can use a wide variety of terminal electron acceptors for anaerobic respiration. In this study, S. oneidensis degQ gene, encoding a putative periplasmic serine protease, was cloned and expressed. The activity of purified DegQ was inhibited by diisopropyl fluorophosphate, a typical serine protease-specific inhibitor, indicating that DegQ is a serine protease. In-frame deletion and subsequent complementation of the degQ were carried out to examine the effect of envelope stress on the production of outer membrane vesicles (OMVs). Analysis of periplasmic proteins from the resulting S. oneidensis strain showed that deletion of degQ induced protein accumulation and resulted in a significant decrease in protease activity within the periplasmic space. OMVs from the wild-type and mutant strains were purified and observed by transmission electron microscopy. Sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis of the OMVs showed a prominent band at ~37 kDa. Nanoliquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis identified three outer membrane porins (SO3896, SO1821, and SO3545) as dominant components of the band, suggesting that these proteins could be used as indices for comparing OMV production by S. oneidensis strains. Quantitative evaluation showed that degQ-deficient cells had a fivefold increase in OMV production compared with wild-type cells. Thus, the increased OMV production following the deletion of DegQ in S. oneidensis may be responsible for the increase in envelope stress.

  14. True and False Memories, Parietal Cortex, and Confidence Judgments (United States)

    Urgolites, Zhisen J.; Smith, Christine N.; Squire, Larry R.


    Recent studies have asked whether activity in the medial temporal lobe (MTL) and the neocortex can distinguish true memory from false memory. A frequent complication has been that the confidence associated with correct memory judgments (true memory) is typically higher than the confidence associated with incorrect memory judgments (false memory).…

  15. Adults' Memories of Childhood: True and False Reports (United States)

    Qin, Jianjian; Ogle, Christin M.; Goodman, Gail S.


    In 3 experiments, the authors examined factors that, according to the source-monitoring framework, might influence false memory formation and true/false memory discernment. In Experiment 1, combined effects of warning and visualization on false childhood memory formation were examined, as were individual differences in true and false childhood…

  16. Drained True Triaxial Tests on Aalborg University Sand No 0

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Praastrup, U.

    The paper presents the first series of true triaxial tests carried out on air-pluviated unfrozen and frozen specimens of Aalborg University Sand No O. The specimens have been tested in the newly improved version of the Danish rigid boundary true triaxial apparatus to optimise the preparation and ...

  17. True and False Memories, Parietal Cortex, and Confidence Judgments (United States)

    Urgolites, Zhisen J.; Smith, Christine N.; Squire, Larry R.


    Recent studies have asked whether activity in the medial temporal lobe (MTL) and the neocortex can distinguish true memory from false memory. A frequent complication has been that the confidence associated with correct memory judgments (true memory) is typically higher than the confidence associated with incorrect memory judgments (false memory).…

  18. The Style of Density Stratification In The Mantle and True Polar Wander Induced By Ice Loading (United States)

    Sabadini, R.; Marotta, A. M.; de Franco, R.; Vermeersen, L. L. A.

    The present day velocity of true polar wander (TPW) and the displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in response to ice ages, resulting from stratified, viscoelastic Earth models, are sensitive to the non adiabatic density gradient in the mantle. Previ- ous studies, based on a fully non adiabatic, or chemically stratified mantle, overesti- mated the present day TPW for lower mantle viscosities 1021-1022 Pa s. For a density profile in agreement with the reference seismological model, where non adiabaticity is confined to the transition zone between 420 and 670 km, with the remanent mantle fully adiabatic, the present day TPW is 0.65-0.9 Deg/Myr, substantially lower than the 3.0 Deg/Myr obtained for the chemical mantle, due to the lack of isostatic restor- ing force in the adiabatic mantle, or global reduction of the buoyancy, that favours the attainment of a situation of rotational equilibrium. The correctness of this physi- cal interpretation is demonstrated by the behaviour of a fully adiabatic phase change that can be satisfactorily reproduced by deleting the buoyancy restoring modes due to chemical density jumps. The reduction of present day TPW induced by the Pleis- tocenic deglaciation, for a realistically stratified mantle with non adiabatic density gradients due to phase changes localized in the transition zone, impacts the inversion of the lower mantle viscosity, characterized by two best fit values in proximity of 1021 Pa s and 1022 Pa s, resembling the behaviour of the time derivative of the degree two component of the gravity field. The reduction of present day TPW suggests that other mechanisms, such as present day ice mass instability in Antarctica and Greenland, are presently at work to maintain the drift of 0.9 Deg/Myr of the axis of rotaton towards Newfoundland. The secular drift of the adiabatic mantle model during the continuous occurrence of ice ages is increased by the fifty per cent with respect to the chemically stratified one

  19. Phosphorylated DegU Manipulates Cell Fate Differentiation in the Bacillus subtilis Biofilm (United States)

    Marlow, Victoria L.; Porter, Michael; Hobley, Laura; Kiley, Taryn B.; Swedlow, Jason R.; Davidson, Fordyce A.


    Cell differentiation is ubiquitous and facilitates division of labor and development. Bacteria are capable of multicellular behaviors that benefit the bacterial community as a whole. A striking example of bacterial differentiation occurs throughout the formation of a biofilm. During Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation, a subpopulation of cells differentiates into a specialized population that synthesizes the exopolysaccharide and the TasA amyloid components of the extracellular matrix. The differentiation process is indirectly controlled by the transcription factor Spo0A that facilitates transcription of the eps and tapA (tasA) operons. DegU is a transcription factor involved in regulating biofilm formation. Here, using a combination of genetics and live single-cell cytological techniques, we define the mechanism of biofilm inhibition at high levels of phosphorylated DegU (DegU∼P) by showing that transcription from the eps and tapA promoter regions is inhibited. Data demonstrating that this is not a direct regulatory event are presented. We demonstrate that DegU∼P controls the frequency with which cells activate transcription from the operons needed for matrix biosynthesis in favor of an off state. Subsequent experimental analysis led us to conclude that DegU∼P functions to increase the level of Spo0A∼P, driving cell fate differentiation toward the terminal developmental process of sporulation. PMID:24123822

  20. The Structure of Dark Molecular Gas in the Galaxy - I: A Pilot Survey for 18-cm OH Emission Towards $l \\approx 105^{\\deg}, b \\approx +1^{\\deg}$

    CERN Document Server

    Allen, Ronald J; Engelke, Philip D


    We report the first results from a survey for 1665, 1667, and 1720 MHz OH emission over a small region of the Outer Galaxy centered at $l \\approx 105.0\\deg , b \\approx +1.0\\deg$ . This sparse, high-sensitivity survey ($\\Delta Ta \\approx \\Delta Tmb \\approx 3.0 - 3.5$ mK rms in 0.55 km/s channels), was carried out as a pilot project with the Green Bank Telescope (GBT, FWHM $\\approx 7.6'$) on a 3 X 9 grid at $0.5\\deg$ spacing. The pointings chosen correspond with those of the existing $^{12}$CO(1-0) CfA survey of the Galaxy (FWHM $\\approx 8.4'$). With 2-hr integrations, 1667 MHz OH emission was detected with the GBT at $\\gtrsim 21$ of the 27 survey positions ($\\geq 78\\%$ ), confirming the ubiquity of molecular gas in the ISM as traced by this spectral line. With few exceptions, the main OH lines at 1665 and 1667 MHz appear in the ratio of 5:9 characteristic of LTE at our sensitivity levels. No OH absorption features are recorded in the area of the present survey, in agreement with the low levels of continuum bac...

  1. Analysis of the thin layer of Galactic warm ionized gas in the range 20 < l < 30 deg, -1.5 < b < +1.5 deg

    CERN Document Server

    Paladini, R; Davies, R D; Giard, M


    We present an analysis of the thin layer of Galactic warm ionized gas at an angular resolution ~ 10'. This is carried out using radio continuum data at 1.4 GHz, 2.7 GHz and 5 GHz in the coordinate region 20 < l < 30 deg, -1.5 < b < +1.5 deg. For this purpose, we evaluate the zero level of the 2.7 and 5 GHz surveys using auxiliary data at 2.3 GHz and 408 MHz. The derived zero level corrections are T_{zero}(2.7 GHz)=0.15 +/- 0.06 K and T_{zero}(5 GHz)=0.1 +/- 0.05 K. We separate the thermal (free-free) and non-thermal (synchrotron) component by means of a spectral analysis performed adopting an antenna temperature spectral index -2.1 for the free-free emission, a realistic spatial distribution of indices for the synchrotron radiation and by fitting, pixel-by-pixel, the Galactic spectral index. We find that at 5 GHz, for |b| = 0 deg, the fraction of thermal emission reaches a maximum value of 82%, while at 1.4 GHz, the corresponding value is 68%. In addition, for the thermal emission, the analysis in...

  2. SAS-2 observations of the diffuse gamma radiation in the galactic latitude interval 10 deg absolute b or equal to 90 deg (United States)

    Fichtel, C. E.; Hartman, R. C.; Kniffen, D. A.; Thompson, D. J.; Oegelman, H. B.; Oezel, M. E.; Tuemer, T.


    An analysis of all of the second small astronomy satellite gamma-ray data for galactic latitudes with the absolute value of b 10 deg has shown that the intensity varies with galactic latitude, being larger near 10 deg than 90 deg. For energies above 100 MeV the gamma-ray data are consistent with a latitude distribution of the form I(b) = C sub 1 + C sub 2/sin b, with the second term being dominant. This result suggests that the radiation above 100 MeV is coming largely from local regions of the galactic disk. Between 35 and 100 MeV, a similar equation is also a good representation of the data, but here the two terms are comparable. These results indicate that the diffuse radiation above 35 MeV consists of two parts, one with a relatively hard galactic component and the other an isotropic, steep spectral component which extrapolates back well to the low energy diffuse radiation. The steepness of the diffuse isotropic component places significant constraints on possible theoretical models of this radiation.

  3. Electrical spin injection and detection in high mobility 2DEG systems (United States)

    Ciorga, M.


    In this review paper we present the current status of research related to the topic of electrical spin injection and detection in two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) systems, formed typically at the interface between two III-V semiconductor compounds. We discuss both theoretical aspects of spin injection in case of ballistic transport as well as give an overview of available reports on spin injection experiments performed on 2DEG structures. In the experimental part we focus particularly on our recent work on all-semiconductor structures with a 2DEG confined at an inverted GaAs/(Al,Ga)As interface and with a ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As employed as a source of spin-polarized electrons.

  4. Ten deg off-axis tensile test for intralaminar shear characterization of fiber composites (United States)

    Chamis, C. C.; Sinclair, J. H.


    A combined theoretical and experimental investigation was conducted to assess the suitability of the 10 deg off-axis tensile test specimen for the intralaminar shear characterization of unidirectional composites. Composite mechanics, a combined-stress failure criterion, and a finite element analysis were used to determine theoretically the stress-strain variation across the specimen width and the relative stress and strain magnitudes at the 10 deg plane. Strain gages were used to measure the strain variation across the specimen width at specimen midlength and near the end tabs. Specimens from Mod-I/epoxy, T-300/epoxy, and S-glass/epoxy were used in the experimental program. It was found that the 10 deg off-axis tensile test specimen is suitable for intralaminar shear characterization and it is recommended that it should be considered as a possible standard test specimen for such a characterization.

  5. Giovanni Degli Alessandri: i primi anni del direttorato agli Uffizi fra nuovi e vecchi ruoli

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chiara Pasquinelli


    Full Text Available La figura di Giovanni Degli Alessandri (1765-1830, presidente dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze e direttore degli Uffizi tra gli anni napoleonici e la Restaurazione di Ferdinando III d’Asburgo-Lorena, è quella di un personaggio chiave nella politica artistica fiorentina, e toscana più in generale. Nel saggio si esaminano i primi anni del suo direttorato alla Galleria, i rapporti con Antonio Canova, il suo ruolo all’interno dell’entourage di Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, oltre a considerare alcuni spunti legati al rinnovamento degli Uffizi, nonché la delicata vicenda del passaggio in città di Dominique-Vivant Denon, direttore del Louvre. L’obbiettivo è quello di introdurre elementi di approfondimento relativamente a una figura molto nota ma poco studiata.

  6. A high sensitivity HI survey of the sky at delta < -25 deg Final data release

    CERN Document Server

    Bajaja, E; Larrarte, J J; Morras, R; Poppel, W G L; Kalberla, P M W


    We present the final data release of the high sensitivity lambda 21-cm neutral hydrogen survey of the sky south of delta < -25 degr. A total of 50980 positions lying on a galactic coordinate grid with points spaced by (Delta l, Delta b) = ((0.5 deg)/cos b, 0.5 deg) were observed with the 30-m dish of the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia (IAR). The angular resolution of the survey is HPBW = 0.5 deg and the velocity coverage spans the interval -450 km/s to +400 km/s (LSR). The velocity resolution is 1.27 km/s and the final rms noise of the entire database is 0.07 K. The data are corrected for stray radiation and converted to brightness temperatures.

  7. A Case of True Hermaphroditism Presenting as a Testicular Tumour

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Ceci


    Full Text Available True hermaphroditism represents only 5% cases of all of disorders of sexual differentiation (DSD and usually present in early childhood with ambiguous genitalia. Occasionally, cases might present later on in adolescence with problems of sexual maturation. Our case report presents a true hermaphrodite with normal male phenotype that presented as a left testicular mass, two years after being diagnosed with Sertoli cell only syndrome in the contralateral testis. Histological examination of the left testis showed ovarian, fallopian tube, myometrial, endometrial, and epididymal tissue. This combination of findings is found in approximately one-third of true hermaphrodites, but it is very rare to present clinically as an inguinoscrotal mass.

  8. A Case of True Hermaphroditism Presenting as a Testicular Tumour (United States)

    Calleja, Edward; Said, Edith; Gatt, Noel


    True hermaphroditism represents only 5% cases of all of disorders of sexual differentiation (DSD) and usually present in early childhood with ambiguous genitalia. Occasionally, cases might present later on in adolescence with problems of sexual maturation. Our case report presents a true hermaphrodite with normal male phenotype that presented as a left testicular mass, two years after being diagnosed with Sertoli cell only syndrome in the contralateral testis. Histological examination of the left testis showed ovarian, fallopian tube, myometrial, endometrial, and epididymal tissue. This combination of findings is found in approximately one-third of true hermaphrodites, but it is very rare to present clinically as an inguinoscrotal mass. PMID:25774314

  9. Reclutamento e formazione dei poliziotti: il caso degli ufficiali della gendarmeria francese

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    François Dieu


    Full Text Available Partendo dal caso degli ufficiali della gendarmeria francese, questo articolo illustra il modo in cui il reclutamento e la formazione possono contribuire, informalmente, alla ripartizione del potere nelle organizzazioni di polizia. Tramite la diversità delle vie di reclutamento si costituisce, di fatto, un vero e proprio sistema di "caste", con una stratificazione degli ufficiali in tre livelli gerarchici, che produce, al di là dei principi meritocratici, delle ineguaglianze manifeste nella ripartizione del potere nell'organizzazione della gendarmeria.

  10. The Dream Comes True in the Golden Hall

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JianZhong; ChenJianguo


    Nanjing Traditional Music Ensemble has long dreamed of performing in Vienna's Golden Hall.Now the dream has come true.the whole troupe felt so exciting that they did not even sleep well during the flight.

  11. Estimating the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses for Multiple Comparisons

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hongmei Jiang; RW Doerge


    ...) controlling procedures are too conservative. Although false discovery rate (FDR) procedures have been suggested as having greater power, the control itself is not exact and depends on the proportion of true null hypotheses...

  12. TrueCrypt加密容器快速检测技术%TrueCrypt Container Fast Detection Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    沈长达; 尤俊生; 钱镜洁


    TrueCrypt作为目前较为流行的免费开源加密软件之一,在不同平台上得到了广泛的应用。取证过程中经常要对磁盘中的加密文件检测以便进行进一步的解密分析,但由于TrueCrypt加密容器在解密之前不具备任何的签名、结构等特征,因此TrueCrypt加密容器的检测成为了取证过程中的一个难点。目前,还没有精确的TrueCrypt加密容器的检测方法,现有的检测技术主要是通过签名排除结合文件大小信息进行检测。文章在现有检测技术的基础上结合了卡方检验以及信息熵的理论方法,提出了一种TrueCrypt加密容器快速检测技术。该技术不仅能够快速的检测加密容器,而且和现有的检测方法相比检测精确度更高。%TrueCrypt as one of the popular free open source encryption software has been widely applied on different platforms. Forensics process often to detected encrypted ifle for further decrypt and analysis, but TrueCrypt container has no signature and structure, so it is a dififcult to detect TrueCrypt container. In view of the TrueCrypt container ifle, there is no accurate detection method, the available technology is signature rule out combined ifle size limit to detect TrueCrypt container. In this paper, on the basis of the existing detection technology, combined with chi-square test and information entropy theory, we came up with a fast TrueCrypt container detection technology. This method not only can quickly detect TrueCrypt container, but higher precision compared with the existing detection methods.

  13. True bug (Heteroptera) impact on cocoa fruit mortality and productivity. (United States)

    Yede; Babin, R; Djieto-Lordon, C; Cilas, C; Dibog, L; Mahob, R; Bilong, C F Bilong


    The real impact of true bug damage on cocoa pods has never been assessed precisely. We conducted a 2-yr study on 1,080 cocoa trees on 36 farms in Cameroon to assess the contribution of true bugs to fruit mortality and production loss. The cocoa fruiting cycle, fruit mortality, and damage caused by true bugs as well as other pests and diseases were monitored on a weekly basis. True bug damage also was described on 2,500 ripe pods per year. Pod weight, bean number, and bean weight were measured and compared for different degrees and types of damage on the ripe pods. Our results showed that true bugs were the main external cause of young fruit abortion. They reduced the abundance of young fruit by up to 10%. In contrast, although one-third of the ripe pods sampled had true bug lesions, only 4% were moderately to heavily damaged. The mean weight of ripe pods was reduced by 12% when there was medium to heavy damage. While the mean weight of wet beans was reduced significantly (by 3-10%), the number of beans per pod was not changed by damage. Despite the reduction in mean weight, the overall weight of beans for the pods sampled was reduced by fruit mortality.

  14. Degradation of PsbO by the Deg protease HhoA Is thioredoxin dependent.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irma N Roberts

    Full Text Available The widely distributed members of the Deg/HtrA protease family play an important role in the proteolysis of misfolded and damaged proteins. Here we show that the Deg protease rHhoA is able to degrade PsbO, the extrinsic protein of the Photosystem II (PSII oxygen-evolving complex in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and in spinach. PsbO is known to be stable in its oxidized form, but after reduction by thioredoxin it became a substrate for recombinant HhoA (rHhoA. rHhoA cleaved reduced eukaryotic (specifically, spinach PsbO at defined sites and created distinct PsbO fragments that were not further degraded. As for the corresponding prokaryotic substrate (reduced PsbO of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, no PsbO fragments were observed. Assembly to PSII protected PsbO from degradation. For Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, our results show that HhoA, HhoB, and HtrA are localized in the periplasma and/or at the thylakoid membrane. In agreement with the idea that PsbO could be a physiological substrate for Deg proteases, part of the cellular fraction of the three Deg proteases of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 (HhoA, HhoB, and HtrA was detected in the PSII-enriched membrane fraction.

  15. The air oxidation behavior of lanthanum ion implanted zirconium at 500 deg. C

    CERN Document Server

    Peng, D Q; Chen, X W; Zhou, Q G


    The beneficial effect of lanthanum ion implantation on the oxidation behavior of zirconium at 500 deg. C has been studied. Zirconium specimens were implanted by lanthanum ions using a MEVVA source at energy of 40 keV with a fluence range from 1x10 sup 1 sup 6 to 1x10 sup 1 sup 7 ions/cm sup 2 at maximum temperature of 130 deg. C, The weight gain curves were measured after being oxidized in air at 500 deg. C for 100 min, which showed that a significant improvement was achieved in the oxidation behavior of zirconium ion implanted with lanthanum compared with that of the as-received zirconium. The valence of the oxides in the scale was analyzed by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy; and then the depth distributions of the elements in the surface of the samples were obtained by Auger electron spectroscopy. Glancing angle X-ray diffraction at 0.3 deg. incident angles was employed to examine the modification of its phase transformation because of the lanthanum ion implantation in the oxide films. It was obviously fou...

  16. Exploring a possible origin of a 14 deg y-normal spin tilt at RHIC polarimeter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meot, F. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Huang, H. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    A possible origin of a 14 deg y-normal spin n0 tilt at the polarimeter is in snake angle defects. This possible cause is investigated by scanning the snake axis angle µ, and the spin rotation angle at the snake, φ, in the vicinity of their nominal values.

  17. A Byzantine chant collection from Sicily: a collaboration between Copenhagen and Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sanfratello, Giuseppe


    The aim of this paper is to give an account of the collaboration between a collector of the Byzantine chant tradition of Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo) in Sicily, namely fr. Bartolomeo Di Salvo, and the editorial board of the Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, i.e. an institution under the aegis......, Collections, Ethnomusicology, Critical edition, Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae (MMB)...

  18. From 'true' glaciers to rock glaciers? The case of the Llanos la Liebre rock glacier, dry Andes of Chile. (United States)

    Monnier, S.; Kinnard, C.


    In the dry Andes of Chile, rock glaciers are the most widespread and remarkable superficial landforms, and may constitute important solid water reservoirs. The existence of huge (up to 2-3 kilometres of length) rock glaciers located in deep cirques questions possible derivation from former 'true' glaciers. The issue is of importance (i) for understanding the mechanisms of the landscape evolution from glacial realm to periglacial realm, and (ii) because it may determine the ice content of the concerned rock glaciers. In the Colorado Río valley, in the upper part of the Elqui catchment (~30.15 deg. S and 70.80 deg. W), we investigated the internal structure of the Llanos la Liebre rock glacier using ground-penetrating radar (GPR). With 50 MHz antennas and a constant offset of 2 m between antennas, we performed various GPR profiles, especially a ~2.2 km-long one almost covering the entire length of the rock glacier. The processing and the subsequent interpretation of the GPR data were mainly based on the modelling of the radar wave velocity. Hence, the final representation of the internal structure of the rock glacier integrates the reconstructed stratigraphy, the 2-D velocity model, and first attempts for estimating the ice/water contents. The most striking results are: the neat identification of the base of the superficial blocky layer and of the rock glacier floor; the occurrence of stratigraphic patterns reminiscent of 'true' glaciers; the supremacy of high radar wave velocities in the upper part of the rock glacier. On the latter bases and taking into account the whole geomorphology of the site, the derivation of the Llanos la Liebre rock glacier from a former, buried glacier is debated.

  19. Phosphorylation of DegU is essential for activation of amyE expression in Bacillus subtilis

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Monica Gupta; K Krishnamurthy Rao


    Alpha ()-amylase (amyE) is one of the major exo-enzymes secreted by Bacillus subtilis during the post-exponential phase. The DegS-DegU two-component system regulates expression of majority of post-exponentially expressed genes in B. subtilis. It has been demonstrated that varying levels of the phosphorylated form of DegU (DegU-P) control different cellular processes. Exo-protease production is observed when effective concentration of DegU-P rises in the cell, whereas swarming motility is favoured at very low amounts of DegU-P. In this study we show that like other exo-proteases, expression of amyE is positively regulated by increase in DegU-P levels in the cell. We also demonstrate that residues at the DNA-binding helix-turn-helix (HTH) motif of DegU are necessary for the amyE expression. This observation is further reinforced by demonstrating the direct interaction of DegU on amyE promoter.

  20. AromaDeg, a novel database for phylogenomics of aerobic bacterial degradation of aromatics. (United States)

    Duarte, Márcia; Jauregui, Ruy; Vilchez-Vargas, Ramiro; Junca, Howard; Pieper, Dietmar H


    Understanding prokaryotic transformation of recalcitrant pollutants and the in-situ metabolic nets require the integration of massive amounts of biological data. Decades of biochemical studies together with novel next-generation sequencing data have exponentially increased information on aerobic aromatic degradation pathways. However, the majority of protein sequences in public databases have not been experimentally characterized and homology-based methods are still the most routinely used approach to assign protein function, allowing the propagation of misannotations. AromaDeg is a web-based resource targeting aerobic degradation of aromatics that comprises recently updated (September 2013) and manually curated databases constructed based on a phylogenomic approach. Grounded in phylogenetic analyses of protein sequences of key catabolic protein families and of proteins of documented function, AromaDeg allows query and data mining of novel genomic, metagenomic or metatranscriptomic data sets. Essentially, each query sequence that match a given protein family of AromaDeg is associated to a specific cluster of a given phylogenetic tree and further function annotation and/or substrate specificity may be inferred from the neighboring cluster members with experimentally validated function. This allows a detailed characterization of individual protein superfamilies as well as high-throughput functional classifications. Thus, AromaDeg addresses the deficiencies of homology-based protein function prediction, combining phylogenetic tree construction and integration of experimental data to obtain more accurate annotations of new biological data related to aerobic aromatic biodegradation pathways. We pursue in future the expansion of AromaDeg to other enzyme families involved in aromatic degradation and its regular update. Database URL:

  1. Experimental Determination of the Recovery Factor and Analytical Solution of the Conical Flow Field for a 20 deg Included Angle Cone at Mach Numbers of 4.6 and 6.0 and Stagnation Temperatures to 2600 degree R (United States)

    Pfyl, Frank A.; Presley, Leroy L.


    The local recovery factor was determined experimentally along the surface of a thin-walled 20 deg included angle cone for Mach numbers near 6.0 at stagnation temperatures between 1200 deg R and 2600 deg R. In addition, a similar cone configuration was tested at Mach numbers near 4.5 at stagnation temperatures of approximately 612 deg R. The local Reynolds number based on flow properties at the edge of the boundary layer ranged between 0.1 x 10(exp 4) and 3.5 x 10(exp 4) for tests at temperatures above 1200 deg R and between 6 x 10(exp 4) and 25 x 10(exp 4) for tests at temperatures near 612 deg R. The results indicated, generally, that the recovery factor can be predicted satisfactorily using the square root of the Prandtl number. No conclusion could be made as to the necessity of evaluating the Prandtl number at a reference temperature given by an empirical equation, as opposed to evaluating the Prandtl number at the wall temperature or static temperature of the gas at the cone surface. For the tests at temperatures above 1200 deg R (indicated herein as the tests conducted in the slip-flow region), two definite trends in the recovery data were observed - one of increasing recovery factor with decreasing stagnation pressure, which was associated with slip-flow effects and one of decreasing recovery factor with increasing temperature. The true cause of the latter trend could not be ascertained, but it was shown that this trend was not appreciably altered by the sources of error of the magnitude considered herein. The real-gas equations of state were used to determine accurately the local stream properties at the outer edge of the boundary layer of the cone. Included in the report, therefore, is a general solution for the conical flow of a real gas using the Beattie-Bridgeman equation of state. The largest effect of temperature was seen to be in the terms which were dependent upon the internal energy of the gas. The pressure and hence the pressure drag terms were

  2. Hi-GAL, the Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey: photometric maps and compact source catalogues. First data release for Inner Milky Way: +68{\\deg}> l > -70{\\deg}

    CERN Document Server

    Molinari, S; Elia, D; Pestalozzi, M; Traficante, A; Pezzuto, S; Swinyard, B M; Noriega-Crespo, A; Bally, J; Moore, T J T; Plume, R; Zavagno, A; di Giorgio, A M; Liu, S J; Pilbratt, G L; Mottram, J C; Russeil, D; Piazzo, L; Veneziani, M; Benedettini, M; Calzoletti, L; Faustini, F; Natoli, P; Piacentini, F; Merello, M; Palmese, A; Del Grande, R; Polychroni, D; Rygl, K L J; Polenta, G; Barlow, M J; Bernard, J -P; Martin, P G; Testi, L; Ali, B; Andrè, P; Beltrán, M T; Billot, N; Brunt, C; Carey, S; Cesaroni, R; Compiègne, M; Eden, D; Fukui, Y; Garcia-Lario, P; Hoare, M G; Huang, M; Joncas, G; Lim, T L; Lord, S D; Martinavarro-Armengol, S; Motte, F; Paladini, R; Paradis, D; Peretto, N; Robitaille, T; Schilke, P; Schneider, N; Schulz, B; Sibthorpe, B; Strafella, F; Thompson, M A; Umana, G; Ward-Thompson, D; Wyrowski, F


    (Abridged) We present the first public release of high-quality data products (DR1) from Hi-GAL, the {\\em Herschel} infrared Galactic Plane Survey. Hi-GAL is the keystone of a suite of continuum Galactic Plane surveys from the near-IR to the radio, and covers five wavebands at 70, 160, 250, 350 and 500 micron, encompassing the peak of the spectral energy distribution of cold dust for 8 l > -70{\\deg} in a |b|<1{\\deg} latitude strip. Photometric maps have been produced with the ROMAGAL pipeline, that optimally capitalizes on the excellent sensitivity and stability of the bolometer arrays of the {\\em Herschel} PACS and SPIRE photometric cameras, to deliver images of exquisite quality and dynamical range, absolutely calibrated with {\\em Planck} and {\\em IRAS}, and recovering extended emission at all wavelengths and all spatial scales. The compact source catalogues have been generated with the CuTEx algorithm, specifically developed to optimize source detection and extraction in the extreme conditions of intens...

  3. Lay denial of knowledge for justified true beliefs. (United States)

    Nagel, Jennifer; Juan, Valerie San; Mar, Raymond A


    Intuitively, there is a difference between knowledge and mere belief. Contemporary philosophical work on the nature of this difference has focused on scenarios known as "Gettier cases." Designed as counterexamples to the classical theory that knowledge is justified true belief, these cases feature agents who arrive at true beliefs in ways which seem reasonable or justified, while nevertheless seeming to lack knowledge. Prior empirical investigation of these cases has raised questions about whether lay people generally share philosophers' intuitions about these cases, or whether lay intuitions vary depending on individual factors (e.g. ethnicity) or factors related to specific types of Gettier cases (e.g. cases that include apparent evidence). We report an experiment on lay attributions of knowledge and justification for a wide range of Gettier Cases and for a related class of controversial cases known as Skeptical Pressure cases, which are also thought by philosophers to elicit intuitive denials of knowledge. Although participants rated true beliefs in Gettier and Skeptical Pressure cases as being justified, they were significantly less likely to attribute knowledge for these cases than for matched True Belief cases. This pattern of response was consistent across different variations of Gettier cases and did not vary by ethnicity or gender, although attributions of justification were found to be positively related to measures of empathy. These findings therefore suggest that across demographic groups, laypeople share similar epistemic concepts with philosophers, recognizing a difference between knowledge and justified true belief. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Environmental fatigue behaviors of wrought and cast stainless steels in 310 .deg. C Deoxygenated Water

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cho, Pyung Yeon


    Environmental fatigue behaviors of wrought type 316LN stainless steel and cast CF8M stainless steel were investigated. LCF tests were performed at fixed strain rate of 0.04%/s with 0.4%, 0.6%, 0.8%, 1.0% strain amplitudes in 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment. In addition, to analyze microstructure effect on fatigue behavior, low cycle fatigue tests in air environment were performed at fixed strain rate of 0.4%/s, 0.04%/s with 0.4%, 0.8% strain amplitudes. It was shown that the low cycle fatigue life of CF8M in a 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment was slightly longer than that of 316LN. On the other hand, the low cycle fatigue life of CF8M in a 310 .deg. C air environment was slightly shorter than that of 316LN or was similar with that of 316LN. Through OM observation and phase image analysis, it was confirmed that the ferrite content of CF8M tested in a 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment was larger than that of CF8M tested in a 310 .deg. C air environment. It was shown that the ferrite phase fraction of CF8M tested in 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment was approximately 26∼28% and that of CF8M tested in air environment was approximately 10∼12%. The difference of ferrite content in CF8M results in superior tensile properties as higher ferrite content. Furthermore, the difference of ferrite content in CF8M might be the cause of different result of fatigue life between CF8M and 316LN depending on environment. In this study, focused on CF8M having 26∼28% ferrite content, to understand the causes of these differences in a 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment, fracture surface and crack morphology were observed. And material factors like microstructure, mechanical properties factors like stress behavior during fatigue life, factors by environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) like hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and chemical compositions of both materials were analyzed. Mainly in a 310 .deg. C deoxygenated water environment, the

  5. Wind-tunnel force and flow visualization data at Mach numbers from 1.6 to 4.63 for a series of bodies of revolution at angles of attack from minus 4 deg to 60 deg (United States)

    Landrum, E. J.; Babb, C. D.


    Flow visualization and force data for a series of six bodies of revolution are presented without analysis. The data were obtained in the Langley Unitary Plan wind tunnel for angles of attack from -4 deg to 60 deg. The Reynolds number used for these tests was 6,600,000 per meter.

  6. A Postmodernist Reading of Sam Shepard’s True West

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdol Hossein Joodaki


    Full Text Available This paper attempts to render some vivid postmodernist features in Shepard’s True West (1980, which is inspired by myths of American life and popular culture. Shepard’s True West suggests so many interesting postmodern elements. With a departure from conventional norms of character, dialogue and narrative; the elements of pastiche, subjective irony, and savage humor have become hallmarks of most of his works. These features and some of the basic traces of postmodern literature, including Lyotard’s theory of the end of meta-narratives and language game, Derrida’s deconstruction and Baudrillard’s simulation, as well as language fragmentation, uncertainty and duality,  altogether, have given Shepard’s True West a postmodern atmosphere. Keywords: Postmodernist Literature; Grand Narratives; Duality; Self Reflexivity; Language Game; Binary oppositions; Simulacrum

  7. True muonium: the atom that has it all

    CERN Document Server

    Lamm, Henry


    Fundamental physics could be described as having a muon problem. Discrepancies between theory and experiment in a number of muonic measurements ($r_P$, $a_\\mu$, $H\\rightarrow\\mu\\tau$, $\\mathcal{R}_K$, $\\mathcal{R}_{D^*}$) have been observed in the last decade that demand explanation. True muonium, the bound state of a muon and its antiparticle, has the potential to put strong constraints on any beyond standard model physics that affects the muon sector. To study these effects, theoretical predictions and experiment need a, not unreasonable, precision of 100 MHz. Surprisingly, at this level, QCD and electroweak corrections become relevant in true muonium as well. Presented here is a discussion of the novel properties of true muonium from the standard model, potential discovery methods at near future facilities like DIRAC and HPS, and its ability to discriminate between a variety of solutions to the muon problem.

  8. True hermaphroditism in 45,X/46,XY mosaicism. (United States)

    Linskens, R K; Odink, R J; van der Linden, J C; Ekkelkamp, S; Delemarre-van de Waal, H A


    This report discusses the clinical findings on two patients with 45,X/46,XY mosaicism, two boys presented with penile hypospadias and cryptorchidism. A dysgenetic ovary and a testis were found in one boy, and a dysgenetic ovary in the other. Both patients can be considered to be true hermaphrodites on the basis of histology and clinical and hormonal observations. 45,X/46,XY mosaics have a wide range of phenotypic appearances and their gonadal morphology can also show great differences. However, the incidence of true hermaphroditism in individuals with 45,X/46,XY mosaicism is low and the reports in the literature rare. It is likely that males with 45,X/46,XY who suffer only mild maldevelopment of the external genitalia will not be recognized. In all patients with penoscrotal hypospadias and cryptorchidism with 45,X/46,XY mosaicism, the possibility of true hermaphroditism should be considered.

  9. The true cost of electric power. Summary for policymakers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burtraw, Dallas; Knupnick, Alan [Resources for the Future, Washington, DC (United States). Center for Energy Economics and Policy


    This report examines the various methods that have been used to measure 'true' costs of electricity generation technologies and looks at how such estimates can be used in company decision-making and public policy to ensure that investments are directed at the electricity generation methods with the lowest true costs to investors and society. In some geographic areas, adequate data and methods exist to make a solid estimate of the total social costs of energy production. In those places where the data or methods (or both) are less robust, it is possible to use a benefits transfer approach that still gives stakeholders important guidance about the scale of the true costs of their investments and to get started in formulating policies to incorporate those costs into the market price.

  10. Pourbaix diagrams for the system copper-chlorine at 5-100 deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beverskog, B. [Studsvik Material AB, Nykoeping (Sweden); Puigdomenech, I. [Studsvik Eco and Safety AB, Nykoeping (Sweden)


    Pourbaix diagrams for the copper-chlorine system in the temperature interval 5-100 deg C have been revised. Predominance diagrams for dissolved copper containing species have also been calculated. Two different total concentrations of each dissolved element, 10{sup -4} and 10{sup -6} molal for copper and 0.2 and 1.5 molal for chlorine have been used in the calculations. Chloride is the predominating chlorine species in aqueous solutions. Presence of chloride increases the corrosion regions of copper at the expense of the immunity and passivity regions in the Pourbaix diagrams. CuCl{sub 2} {center_dot} 3Cu(OH){sub 2} is the only copper-chloride solid phase that forms at the concentrations of chlorine studied. However, its stability area decreases with increasing temperature. The ion CuCl{sub 2}{sup -} predominates at all temperatures at [Cl(aq)]{sub tot}=0.2 molal and this reduces the immunity and passivity areas. A corrosion region exists between the immunity and passivity regions at 100 deg C at [Cu(aq)]{sub tot}=10{sup -6} and [Cl(aq)]{sub tot}=0.2 molal. At the chlorine concentration of 1.5 molal the corrosion region exists in the whole temperature range investigated. The ion CuCl{sub 3}{sup 2-} predominates at 5-25 and 100 deg C, while CuCl{sub 2}{sup -} predominates at 50-80 deg C at [Cl(aq)]{sub tot=}1-5 molal. A copper concentration of 10{sup -4} molal reduces the corrosion areas due to expansion of the immunity and passivity areas. However, a corrosion region still exists between the immunity and passivity regions at all investigated temperatures at pH{sub {Tau}}<9.5 and 1.5 molal chloride concentration. According to our calculations the copper canisters in the deep nuclear waste repository should not corrode at the copper concentration of 10{sup -6} molal and the chloride concentration of 0.2 molal. However, at 80-100 deg C the equilibrium potentials postulated for the Swedish nuclear repository are dangerously close to a corrosion situation. According to

  11. Book review, Igiene e Tecnologie degli Alimenti di Origine Animale Giampaolo Colavita (a cura di

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Graziani


    Full Text Available Igiene e Tecnologie degli Alimenti di Origine Animale si avvale del contributo di 33 autori, tutti soci dell’Associazione Italiana Veterinari Igienisti (AIVI, che garantiscono l’appropriata trattazione di una materia estremamente vasta e dinamica. Il manuale nasce da un’iniziativa finalizzata alla realizzazione di un testo che rifletta e possa soddisfare le esigenze didattiche degli insegnamenti di un’ampia serie di materie universitarie: Igiene e Tecnologie degli Alimenti di Origine Animale della Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria, di Agraria, nei corsi di Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari, di Scienze e Tecnologie delle Produzioni Animali, nel corso di laurea in Tecniche della Prevenzione nell’ambiente e nei Luoghi di Lavoro, nonché in altri corsi di studio dove si insegnano le discipline relative all’igiene e alla sicurezza degli alimenti.Sono stati trattati gran parte degli alimenti di origine animale, i prodotti a base di carne, il latte e i prodotti derivati, i prodotti della pesca freschi e trasformati, i prodotti dell’alveare, le uova e gli ovoprodotti. Di particolare interesse appare il capitolo riguardante la diagnostica analitica degli alimenti, considerato che le moderne metodologie analitiche risultano fondamentali per affrontare le tematiche legate all’igiene e alla sicurezza alimentare.Il volume ha una finalità prevalentemente didattica ma è comunque rivolto a tutti coloro che operano nel campo dell’Igiene e delle Tecnologie Alimentari. Infatti, visti gli argomenti trattati come le tossinfezioni e le intossicazioni alimentari, la conservazione, il confezionamento e l’etichettatura dei prodotti alimentari, anche i professionisti del settore possono trarre dal testo elementi utili per la loro attività. Per esempio argomenti quali l’analisi del rischio, le attività di audit ed i sistemi di accreditamento e di certificazione sono particolarmente utili per chi opera nelle Aziende Sanitarie Locali e negli Istituti

  12. Text Hiding Based on True Color Image Classification


    Shahd Abdul-Rhman Hasso


    In this work a new approach was built to apply k-means algorithm on true colored images (24bit images) which are usually treated by researchers as three image (RGB) that are classified to 15 class maximum only. We find the true image as 24 bit and classify it to more than 15 classes. As we know k-means algorithm classify images to many independent classes or features and we could increase the class number therefore we could hide information in the classes or features that have minimum number ...

  13. Mood-congruent true and false memory: effects of depression. (United States)

    Howe, Mark L; Malone, Catherine


    The Deese/Roediger-McDermott paradigm was used to investigate the effect of depression on true and false recognition. In this experiment true and false recognition was examined across positive, neutral, negative, and depression-relevant lists for individuals with and without a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. Results showed that participants with major depressive disorder falsely recognised significantly more depression-relevant words than non-depressed controls. These findings also parallel recent research using recall instead of recognition and show that there are clear mood congruence effects for depression on false memory performance.

  14. The incidence and prognosis of true duodenal carcinomas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buchbjerg, Thomas; Fristrup, C.; Mortensen, M. B.


    Introduction Primary duodenal carcinoma (PDC) is a rare gastrointestinal tumor. The difficult distinction between PDC and other types of carcinoma (e.g. within the periampullary region) is reflected in the scarce literature on true duodenal carcinomas. However, this distinction may be important...... the criteria for true PDC. The incidence was 5.4 per 1,000,000, and the pathological classification was: Adenocarcinoma 87%, mucinous adenocarcinoma 7%, carcinoma 4% and signet ring cell carcinoma 1%. Intended curative resection was performed in 28 patients (39%) (22 Whipple procedures and 6 local resections...

  15. Sea level variabilities in the Gulf Stream between Cape Hatteras and 50 deg W - A Geosat study (United States)

    Vazquez, Jorge; Zlotnicki, Victor; Fu, Lee-Lueng


    Sea level variabilities in the Gulf Stream between Cape Hatteras and 50 deg W were examined by studying sea level residuals, relative to a 2-yr mean sea level, obtained from Geosat altimetry data for the period between November 1986 and December 1988. An array of sea-level time series was constructed for a region bounded by 30 deg N and 45 deg N in latitude and by 80 deg W and 50 deg W longitude. It is shown that the spectral characteristics of this time series varies with geographic location along the Gulf Stream path. Concurrent NOAA IR images are used to aid in the interpretation of sea level observations in terms of the variability of the stream's path, demonstrating the synergistic value of the combination of satellite-altimeter and IR data.

  16. Creep crack growth in a reactor pressure vessel steel at 360 deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rui Wu; Seitisleam, F.; Sandstroem, R. [Swedish Institute for Metals Research, Stockholm (Sweden)


    Plain creep (PC) and creep crack growth (CCG) tests at 360 deg C and post metallography were carried out on a low alloy reactor pressure vessel steel (ASTM A508 class 2) with different microstructures. Lives for the CCG tests were shorter than those for the PC tests and this is more pronounced for simulated heat affected zone microstructure than for the parent metal at longer lives. For the CCG tests, after initiation, the cracks grew constantly and intergranularly before they accelerated to approach rupture. The creep crack growth rate is well described by C*. The relations between reference stress, failure time and steady crack growth rate are presented for the CCG tests. It is demonstrated that the failure stress due to CCG is considerably lower than the yield stress at 360 deg C. Consequently, the CCG will control the static strength of a reactor vessel. (orig.) 17 refs.

  17. The first winter solstice observed at the meridian line of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome

    CERN Document Server

    Sigismondi, Costantino


    The page written by the astronomer Francesco Bianchini (1662-1729) and containing the data of the 1701 winter solstice observed at Santa Maria degli Angeli is presented for the first time in figure 2 and widely discussed along this paper. The great meridian line in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome was built in 1701/1702 with the scope to measure the Obliquity of the Earth's orbit in the following eight centuries, upon the will of pope Clement XI. During the winter solstice of 1701 the first measurements of the obliquity have been realized by Francesco Bianchini, the astronomer who designed the meridian line, upgrading the similar instrument realized by Giandomenico Cassini in San Petronio, Bononia. In this paper the accuracy of the data observed by Francesco Bianchini is discussed and compared with up-to-date ephemerides. The modern situation of this historical instrument is also presented.

  18. Isothermal section at 1400 deg. C of the Ti-Zr-Sn system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saltykov, V.A. [I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Str. Krzhyzhanovsky, 3, Kiev 03142 (Ukraine)], E-mail:; Meleshevich, K.A.; Samelyuk, A.V.; Verbytska, O.M.; Bulanova, M.V. [I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Str. Krzhyzhanovsky, 3, Kiev 03142 (Ukraine)


    By the methods of X-ray diffraction, metallography and microprobe examinations the character of phase equilibria at 1400 deg. C is studied for the Ti-(Ti,Zr){sub 5}Sn{sub 3}-Zr region of the Ti-Zr-Sn system. The isothermal section at 1400 deg. C is constructed. This is similar to the solidus surface and is characterized by two 3-phase regions: <{beta}Ti,Zr> + Ti{sub 3}Sn + (Ti,Zr){sub 5}Sn{sub 3} and Ti{sub 3}Sn + Ti{sub 2}Sn + (Ti,Zr){sub 5}Sn{sub 3}. Solubility of Sn in <{beta}Ti,Zr> solid solution is between 10 and 15 at.% Sn. Solubility of zirconium in Ti{sub 3}Sn is about 12 at.%.

  19. Iron oxidation kinetics study by using infrared spectral emissivity measurements below 570deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campo, Leire del [Departamento de Fisica de la Materia Condensada, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologi' a, Universidad del Pai' s Vasco, Barrio Sarriena s/n, 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain); Perez-Saez, Raul B. [Departamento de Fisica de la Materia Condensada, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologi' a, Universidad del Pai' s Vasco, Barrio Sarriena s/n, 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain); Instituto de Sintesis y Estudio de Materiales, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Apdo. 644, 48080 Bilbao (Spain)], E-mail:; Tello, Manuel J. [Departamento de Fisica de la Materia Condensada, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologi' a, Universidad del Pai' s Vasco, Barrio Sarriena s/n, 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain); Instituto de Sintesis y Estudio de Materiales, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Apdo. 644, 48080 Bilbao (Spain)


    The oxidation kinetics of iron below 570deg. C is investigated through the dependence of the spectral emissivity on the surface oxidation state. Using the theory of radiative effects of thin films, the oxide scale thickness is obtained as a function of time. A parabolic growth has been observed in all the cases, and applying Wagner's theory, the oxidation parabolic rate constants have been calculated at four temperatures. The temperature dependence of these results has additionally been used to obtain the activation energy of the oxidation process in iron. The parabolic rate constants and activation energy values are in good agreement with the theoretical predictions, and this suggests that the lattice diffusion mechanisms for the high temperature magnetite growth also occur until 400deg. C. The experimental results are also useful to test the applicability of emissivity measurements for in situ oxidation kinetics studies in the spectral range where the scales are optically thin.

  20. Millimeter and sub-millimeter heterodyne mixing based on 2DEG hot-electron bolometers (United States)

    Wang, Kai; Bell, Matthew; Ramaswamy, Rahul; Sergeev, Andrei; Strasser, Gottfried; Mitin, Vladimir


    We investigate GHz and THz heterodyne mixer based on the electron heating effect of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) by electromagnetic radiation at liquid nitrogen temperatures (77K). The devices are fabricated from AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures with a channel width of 150 μm and lengths varying from 3-20 μm. Steady-state measurements are used to investigate electron heating in these devices and determine basic parameters, such as electron-phonon energy relaxation time and electron heat capacity. We perform mixing experiments at ˜100 GHz frequency range with two Gunn diodes as the radiation sources, and find that electron heating is the primary mixing mechanism at these frequencies. For the mixing experiments at ˜ 2 terahertz range, a quantum cascade laser (QCL) is employed as the local oscillator. To optimize our device, we also investigate electron kinetics and transport properties in the 2DEG hot-electron bolometer.

  1. PUMA-PUblication MAnagement: sistemi per la gestione delle pubblicazioni degli enti di ricerca


    Biagioni, Stefania


    Lo scopo di questa presentazione ? quello di illustrare i) come ? stato realizzato un ciclo gestionale completo dell'informazione: dall'inserimento dei metadati e dei documenti digitali alla restituzione degli stessi all'utente finale; ii) come sono stati resi accessibili via web, a livelli diversi e secondo viste diverse l'informazione prodotta; iii) come siano stati creati servizi differenti utilizzando gli stessi oggetti. Vengono illustrati i sistemi utilizzati presso il CNR di Pisa per la...

  2. Proteomica degli exosomi urinari per la ricerca di biomarcatori nella nefropatia diabetica e nelle tubulopatie ereditarie




    Le urine costituiscono il fluido biologico di elezione nella ricerca di biomarcatori per le patologie renali in quanto possono essere raccolte in modo semplice e non invasivo; una strategia per la semplificazione del proteoma urinario è rappresentata dall’isolamento degli exosomi urinari (UE), nanovescicole di membrana (30-100 nm) rilasciate dalle cellule epiteliali nello spazio urinario. In questo lavoro abbiamo focalizzato l’attenzione sulla nefropatia diabetica (DN), una comune complicazio...

  3. Observation of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes using the Northernmost MST Radar at Eureka (80 deg N) (United States)

    Swarnalingam, N.; Hocking, W.; Janches, D.; Drummond, J.


    We investigate long-term Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes (PMSEs) observations conducted by the northern most geographically located MST radar at Eureka (80 deg N, 86 deg W). While PMSEs are a well recognized summer phenomenon in the polar regions, previous calibrated studies at Resolute Bay and Eureka using 51.5 MHz and33 MHz radars respectively, showed that PMSE backscatter signal strengths are relatively weak in the polar cap sites, compared to the auroral zone sites (Swarnalingam et al., 2009b; Singer et al., 2010). Complications arise with PMSEs in which the echo strength is controlled by the electrons, which are, in turn, influenced by heavily charged ice particles as well as the variability in the D-region plasma. In recent years, PMSE experiments were conducted inside the polar cap utilizing a 51 MHz radar located at Eureka. In this paper, we investigate calibrated observations, conducted during 2009-2015. Seasonal and diurnal variations of the backscatter signal strengths are discussed and compared to previously published results from the ALOMAR radar, which is a radar of similar design located in the auroral zone at Andenes, Norway (69 deg N, 16 deg E). At Eureka, while PMSEs are present with a daily occurrence rate which is comparable to the rate observed at the auroral zone site for at least two seasons, they show a great level of inter-annual variability. The occurrence rate for the strong echoes tends to be low. Furthermore, comparison of the absolute backscatter signal strengths at these two sites clearly indicates that the PMSE backscatter signal strength at Eureka is weak. Although this difference could be caused by several factors, we investigate the intensity of the neutral air turbulence at Eureka from the measurements of the Doppler spectrum of the PMSE backscatter signals. We found that the level of the turbulence intensity at Eureka is weak relative to previously reported results from three high latitude sites.

  4. Survey of the sky at the 8. 7 and 14. 4 GHz frequencies in the 0 deg - 4 deg declination range

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amirkhanyan, V.R.; Gorshkov, A.G.; Kapustkin, A.A.; Konnikova, V.K.; Lazutkin, A.N.; Larionov, M.G.; Nikanorov, A.S.; Sidorenkov, V.N.; Ugol' kova, L.S.; Khromov, O.I. (Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Univ. (USSR). Gosudarstvennyj Astronomicheskij Inst. ' ' GAISh' ' )

    Using the RATAN-600 radiotelescope of the USSR Academy of Sciences (from March 1979 to January 1980) the sky is observed at the 8.7 and 14.4 GHz frequencies in the 0-4 deg declination range. Lists of 82 and 24 radiosources detected at the given frequencies are presented. Six radiosources are detected for the first time. Right ascension and declination, as well as the maximum values of radio-frequency radiation fluxes are given. The problems of measuring accuracies of fluxes and coordinates and the problem of validity of detected radiosources are discussed. On the basis of comparison of the data obtained with those in other works the systematic deviation in fluxes of sources is not more than 7%.

  5. Submillimeter wavelength survey of the galactic plane from l = -5 deg to l = +62 deg - Structure and energetics of the inner disk (United States)

    Hauser, M. G.; Silverberg, R. F.; Stier, M. T.; Kelsall, T.; Gezari, D. Y.; Dwek, E.; Walser, D.; Mather, J. C.; Cheung, L. H.


    Observational results are presented from a new large-scale survey of the first quadrant of the galactic plane at wavelengths of 150, 250, and 300 microns, with a 10 x 10 arcmin beam. The emission detected in the survey arises from compact sources, most of which are identified with known peaks of 5 GHz or CO emission, or both, and from an underlying diffuse background with a typical angular width of about 0.9 deg (FWHM) which accounts for most of the emission. A total of 80 prominent discrete sources are identified and characterized, of which about half have not previously been reported at far-infrared wavelengths. The total infrared luminosity within the solar circle is about 1 to 2 x 10 to the 10th solar luminosity, and is probably emitted by dust that resides in molecular clouds.

  6. Submillimeter wavelength survey of the galactic plane from l = -5 deg to l = +62 deg: Structure and energetics of the inner disk (United States)

    Hauser, M. G.; Silverberg, R. F.; Stier, M. T.; Kelsall, T.; Gezari, D. Y.; Dwek, E.; Walser, D.; Mather, J. C.; Cheung, L. H.


    Results from a large scale survey of the first quadrant of the Milky Way galactic plane at wavelengths of 150, 250, and 300 microns with a 10x10 arcmin beam are presented. The emission detected in the survey arises from compact sources, most of which are identified with known peaks of 5 GHz and/or CO emission, and from an underlying diffuse background with a typical angular width of approximately 0.9 deg (FWHM) which accounts for most of the emission. A total of 80 prominent discrete sources were identified and characterized, of which about half were not previously reported at far infrared wavelengths. The total infrared luminosity within the solar circle is approximately 1 to 2x10 to the 10th power L sub 0, and is probably emitted by dust that resides in molecular clouds.

  7. Vortex lift augmentation by suction on a 60 deg swept Gothic wing (United States)

    Taylor, A. H.; Jackson, L. R.; Huffman, J. K.


    An experimental investigation was conducted in the Langley high-speed 7- by 10-foot wind tunnel to determine the aerodynamic performance of suction applied near the wing tips above the trailing edge of a 60 deg swept Gothic wing. Moveable suction inlets were symmetrically mounted in the proximity of the trailing edge, and the amount of suction was varied to maximize wing lift. Tests were conducted at Mach 0.15, 0.30, and 0.45, and the angle of attack was varied from -4 to 50 deg. The suction augmentation increases the lift coefficient over the entire range of angle of attack. The lift improvement exceeds the unaugmented wing lift by over 20%. Moreover, the augmented lift exceeds the lift predicted by vortex lattice theory to 30 deg angle of attack. Suction augmentation is postulated to strengthen the vortex system by increasing its velocity and making it more concentrated. This causes the vortex breakdown to be delayed to a higher angle of attack

  8. submitter Technical Note: Using DEG-CPCs at upper tropospheric temperatures

    CERN Document Server

    Wimmer, D; Nieminen, T; Duplissy, J; Ehrhart, S; Almeida, J; Rondo, L; Franchin, A; Kreissl, F; Bianchi, F; Manninen, H E; Kulmala, M; Curtius, J; Petäjä, T


    Over the last few years, several condensation particle counters (CPCs) capable of measuring in the sub-3 nm size range have been developed. Here we study the performance of CPCs based on diethylene glycol (DEG) at different temperatures during Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets (CLOUD) measurements at CERN. The data shown here are the first set of verification measurements for sub-3 nm CPCs under upper tropospheric temperatures using atmospherically relevant aerosol particles. To put the results in perspective we calibrated the DEG-CPC at room temperature, resulting in a cut-off diameter of 1.4 nm. All diameters refer to mobility equivalent diameters in this paper. At upper tropospheric temperatures ranging from 246.15 K to 207.15 K, we found cut-off sizes relative to a particle size magnifier in the range of 2.5 to 2.8 nm. Due to low number concentration after size classification, the cut-off diameters have a high uncertainty (±0.3 nm) associated with them. Operating two laminar flow DEG-CPCs with different c...

  9. Sexy DEG/ENaC channels involved in gustatory detection of fruit fly pheromones. (United States)

    Pikielny, Claudio W


    Hydrocarbon pheromones on the cuticle of Drosophila melanogaster modulate the complex courtship behavior of males. Recently, three members of the degenerin/epithelial Na+ channel (DEG/ENaC) family of sodium channel subunits, Ppk25, Ppk23, and Ppk29 (also known as Nope), have been shown to function in gustatory perception of courtship-modulating contact pheromones. All three proteins are required for the activation of male courtship by female pheromones. Specific interactions between two of them have been demonstrated in cultured cells, suggesting that, in a subset of cells where they are coexpressed, these three subunits function within a common heterotrimeric DEG/ENaC channel. Such a DEG/ENaC channel may be gated by pheromones, either directly or indirectly, or alternatively may control the excitability of pheromone-sensing cells. In addition, these studies identify taste neurons that respond specifically to courtship-modulating pheromones and mediate their effects on male behavior. Two types of pheromone-sensing taste neurons, F and M cells, have been defined on the basis of their specific response to either female or male pheromones. These reports set the stage for the dissection of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that mediate gustatory detection of contact pheromones.

  10. EDD, a novel phosphotransferase domain common to mannose transporter EIIA, dihydroxyacetone kinase, and DegV. (United States)

    Kinch, Lisa N; Cheek, Sara; Grishin, Nick V


    Using a recently developed program (SCOPmap) designed to automatically assign new protein structures to existing evolutionary-based classification schemes, we identify a evolutionarily conserved domain (EDD) common to three different folds: mannose transporter EIIA domain (EIIA-man), dihydroxyacetone kinase (Dak), and DegV. Several lines of evidence support unification of these three folds into a single superfamily: statistically significant sequence similarity detected by PSI-BLAST; "closed structural grouping" using DALI Z-scores (each protein inside a group finds all other group members with scores higher than those to proteins outside the group) that includes only these proteins sharing a unique alpha-helical hairpin at the C-terminus and excludes all other proteins with similar topology; similar domain fusions connect Dak and DegV, and genomic neighborhood organizations connect Dak and EIIA-man. Finally, both Dak and EIIA-man perform similar phosphotransfer reactions, suggesting a phosphotransferase activity for the DegV-like family of proteins, whose function other than lipid binding revealed in the crystal structure remains unknown.

  11. The Full and True Value of Campus Heritage (United States)

    Elefante, Carl


    To gain a full and true understanding of the value of campus heritage requires shifting perspective. On many campuses, heritage resources are perceived to have no relevance whatsoever to the challenges of sustainability. This results largely from a profound misconception about what may constitute a sustainable future and what steps may be needed…

  12. True Umbilical Cord Knot Leading to Fetal Demise

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    She had onset of labor at a GA of 40 weeks and 5 days following cervical ripening ... the baby. We have reported a case of true umbilical cord knot in Nnewi, South‑East Nigeria. .... Besides, other possible reasons for the fetal demise could not.

  13. Using Story Contexts to Bias Children's True and False Memories (United States)

    Howe, Mark L.; Wilkinson, Samantha


    The effects of embedding standard Deese/Roediger-McDermott (DRM) lists into stories whose context biased interpretation either toward or away from the overall themes of the DRM lists on both true and false recognition were investigated with 7- and 11-year-olds. These biased story contexts were compared with the same children's susceptibility to…

  14. Activation of Imaginal Information on True and False Memories (United States)

    Chang, Sau Hou; Pierce, Benton H.


    The present study examined the activation of imaginal information on true and false memories. Participants studied a series of concrete objects in pictures or words. The imagery group (n = 96) was instructed to form images and the control group (n = 96) was not instructed to do so. Both groups were then given a standard recognition memory test and…

  15. Neural correlates underlying true and false associative memories. (United States)

    Dennis, Nancy A; Johnson, Christina E; Peterson, Kristina M


    Despite the fact that associative memory studies produce a large number of false memories, neuroimaging analyses utilizing this paradigm typically focus only on neural activity mediating successful retrieval. The current study sought to expand on this prior research by examining the neural basis of both true and false associative memories. Though associative false memories are substantially different than those found in semantic or perceptual false memory paradigms, results suggest that associative false memories are mediated by similar neural mechanisms. Specifically, we found increased frontal activity that likely represents enhanced monitoring and evaluation compared to that needed for true memories and correct rejections. Results also indicated that true, and not false associative memories, are mediated by neural activity in the MTL, specifically the hippocampus. Finally, while activity in early visual cortex distinguished true from false memories, a lack of neural differences between hits and correct rejections failed to support previous findings suggesting that activity in early visual cortex represents sensory reactivation of encoding-related processing.

  16. Educators' Ability to Detect True and False Bullying Statements (United States)

    Gomez-Garibello, Carlos; Saykaly, Christine; Moore, Kelsey; Talwar, Victoria


    The majority of research investigating children's lie-telling behavior has focused on lay people and legal professionals' abilities to detect deception. Fewer researchers have assessed educators' abilities to evaluate the veracity of children's reports of bullying. In this study, educators' abilities to detect true and false accounts of bullying…

  17. True performance metrics in beyond-intercalation batteries (United States)

    Freunberger, Stefan A.


    Beyond-intercalation batteries promise a step-change in energy storage compared to intercalation-based lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries. However, only performance metrics that include all cell components and operation parameters can tell whether a true advance over intercalation batteries has been achieved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Late Antiquity is characterized by a strong search for human’s true nature. This is proper to almost all philosophical and religious movements in the first three Christian centuries. Christians, Gnostics, and philosophers of those days aim to find the true nature of man. In this study we will deal mainly with anthropology and gnoseology of Valentinian Gnostics and Platonists. In their case, knowledge of human nature is inextricably linked to knowledge of God's true nature. These thinkers say that the first Principle/the Father/the source of this universe is inherently unknowable, indescribable and unspeakable. However, God can be known, either through secret revelation (Gnostics or through a purely rational approach (Platonists. For these thinkers, the true knowledge of the Divine Principle and knowledge of the human being or the world we live in is carried out in a double sense. By knowing God is possible the knowledge of human nature, while knowing human nature unfolds the nature of the first Principle. This is due to the fact that although the creator is alien to this world, he is now here through man true nature. In other words, in man there is a spark of the divine that has fallen or was dropped in the sublunary world. These ideas are found in Plato’s Phaedrus, Meno or Phaedo and also in some Valentinian gnostic texts as Gospel of Truth, Tripartite Tractate, Gospel of Philip and Treatise on Resurrection. Therefore, in this paper we will analyze the Platonists conceptions about human nature in comparison to Gnostic conception of man, as it appears in Plato’s works and Coptic texts discovered in Egypt, at Nag Hammadi.

  19. Apparent and true resistant hypertension: definition, prevalence and outcomes (United States)

    Judd, E; Calhoun, DA


    Resistant hypertension, defined as blood pressure (BP) remaining above goal despite the use of ≥3 antihypertensive medications at maximally tolerated doses (one ideally being a diuretic) or BP that requires ≥4 agents to achieve control, has received more attention with increased efforts to improve BP control rates and the emergence of device-based therapies for hypertension. This classically defined resistant group consists of patients with true resistant hypertension, controlled resistant hypertension and pseudo-resistant hypertension. In studies where pseudo-resistant hypertension cannot be excluded (for example, 24-h ambulatory BP not obtained), the term apparent resistant hypertension has been used to identify ‘apparent’ lack of control on ≥3 medications. Large, well-designed studies have recently reported the prevalence of resistant hypertension. Pooling prevalence data from these studies and others within North America and Europe with a combined sample size of >600 000 hypertensive participants, the prevalence of resistant hypertension is 14.8% of treated hypertensive patients and 12.5% of all hypertensives. However, the prevalence of true resistant hypertension, defined as uncontrolled both by office and 24-h ambulatory BP monitoring with confirmed medication adherence, may be more meaningful in terms of identifying risk and estimating benefit from newer therapies like renal denervation. Rates of cardiovascular events and mortality follow mean 24-h ambulatory BPs in patients with resistant hypertension, and true resistant hypertension represents the highest risk. The prevalence of true resistant hypertension has not been directly measured in large trials; however, combined data from smaller studies suggest that true resistant hypertension is present in half of the patients with resistant hypertension who are uncontrolled in the office. Our pooled analysis shows prevalence rates of 10.1% and 7.9% for uncontrolled resistant hypertension among

  20. Inactivation of the Deg protease family in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 has impact on the outer cell layers. (United States)

    Cheregi, Otilia; Miranda, Hélder; Gröbner, Gerhard; Funk, Christiane


    The serine type Deg/HtrA proteases are distributed in a wide range of organisms from Escherichia coli to humans. The cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 possesses three Deg protease orthologues: HtrA, HhoA and HhoB. Previously we compared Synechocystis 6803 wild type cells exposed to mild or severe stress conditions with a mutant lacking all three Deg proteases and demonstrated that stress had strong impact on the proteomes and metabolomes. To identify the biochemical processes, which this protease family is involved in, here we compared Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 wild type cells with a mutant lacking all three Deg proteases grown under normal growth conditions (30°C and 40 μmol photons m(-2) s(-1)). Deletion of the Deg proteases lead to the down-regulation of proteins related to the biosynthesis of outer cell layers (e.g. the GDP mannose 4,6-dehydratase) and affected protein secretion. During the late growth phase of the culture Deg proteases were found to be secreted to the extracellular medium of the Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 wild type strain. While cyanobacterial Deg proteases seem to act mainly in the periplasmic space, deletion of the three proteases influences the proteome and metabolome of the whole cell. Impairments in the outer cell layers of the triple mutant might explain the higher sensitivity toward light and oxidative stress, which was observed earlier by Barker and coworkers. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  1. [A case of true diverticulosis of the appendix with intussusception]. (United States)

    Endo, Yuichi; Matsumoto, Toshifumi; Oki, Eiji; Kusumoto, Tetsuya; Yoshikawa, Koji; Kitano, Seigo


    A 50-year-old woman who was given a diagnosis of acute appendicitis was referred to our hospital. Because an abdominal enhanced CT revealed a dilated and cystic lesion in the appendix, operation was performed under the diagnosis of the suspicion of acute appendicitis or appendiceal mucocele. We performed laparoscopic cecal resection because of the intraoperative diagnosis of intussusception of the appendix. On the resected specimen, an elevated lesion was identified near the base of appendix. Histopathologically it was shown to be a true diverticulum in which the proper muscle layer are intact. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of true diverticulosis of the appendix with intussusception in the Japanese literature.

  2. Seminoma in a Male Phenotype 46XX True Hermaphrodite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vinod Malik


    Full Text Available Although true hermaphrodite is uncommon, it has been reported in more than 400 individuals. Tumours arising in the gonads of true hermaphrodite is a very rare finding and only very few cases have been reported in the literature. We report a case of a 35-year-old phenotype man with bilateral undescended testis with lump hypogastrium. On examination, he had an ovotestis on one side and pure seminoma arising in testis on the other side. The seminoma arising in the left undescended testis was successfully treated by excision and combination chemotherapy. Cytogenetic studies revealed that 46XX karyotype with primer specific for the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome was negative. The karyotypic abnormality noticed in the patient is also reviewed in the article.

  3. ID-Check: Online Concealed Information Test Reveals True Identity. (United States)

    Verschuere, Bruno; Kleinberg, Bennett


    The Internet has already changed people's lives considerably and is likely to drastically change forensic research. We developed a web-based test to reveal concealed autobiographical information. Initial studies identified a number of conditions that affect diagnostic efficiency. By combining these moderators, this study investigated the full potential of the online ID-check. Participants (n = 101) tried to hide their identity and claimed a false identity in a reaction time-based Concealed Information Test. Half of the participants were presented with personal details (e.g., first name, last name, birthday), whereas the others only saw irrelevant details. Results showed that participants' true identity could be detected with high accuracy (AUC = 0.98; overall accuracy: 86-94%). Online memory detection can reliably and validly detect whether someone is hiding their true identity. This suggests that online memory detection might become a valuable tool for forensic applications.

  4. A Realizable Modified Tent Map for True Random Number Generation


    Nejati, Hamid; Beirami, Ahmad; Massoud, Yehia


    Tent map is a discrete-time piecewise-affine I/O characteristic curve, which is used for chaos-based applications, such as true random number generation. However, tent map suffers from the inability to maintain the output state confined to the input range under noise and process variations. In this paper, we propose a modified tent map, which is interchangeable with the tent map for practical applications. In the proposed modified tent map, the confinement problem is solved while maintaining ...

  5. True Crime: Forbrydelse, fortælling og dom

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lundtofte, Thomas Enemark


    De seneste år har budt på en række opsigtsvækkende dokumentarkrimiserier, der har udfordret det amerikanske retssystem. Serierne inviterer os til at tage stilling til skyldsspørgsmål og blande os i debatten om retfærdighed. Angiveligt som følge af true crime-serien Making a Murderer (2015) bliver...

  6. Temporomandibular joint: true sagittal computed tomography with meniscus visualization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sartorix, D.J.; Neumann, C.H.; Riley, R.W.


    Accessory patient support equipment was constructed that allows patient positioning for true sagittal projection of the temporomandibular joint using a GE 8800 CT/T scanner. Range of motion abnormalities, osseous alterations of the mandibular condyle and temporal bone, joint-space narrowing, and meniscal configuration may be demonstrated. The technique has potential advantages over other CT projections and sagittal reconstruction for evaluation of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

  7. Wind-tunnel investigation of the flow correction for a model-mounted angle of attack sensor at angles of attack from -10 deg to 110 deg. [Langley 12-foot low speed wind tunnel test (United States)

    Moul, T. M.


    A preliminary wind tunnel investigation was undertaken to determine the flow correction for a vane angle of attack sensor over an angle of attack range from -10 deg to 110 deg. The sensor was mounted ahead of the wing on a 1/5 scale model of a general aviation airplane. It was shown that the flow correction was substantial, reaching about 15 deg at an angle of attack of 90 deg. The flow correction was found to increase as the sensor was moved closer to the wing or closer to the fuselage. The experimentally determined slope of the flow correction versus the measured angle of attack below the stall angle of attack agreed closely with the slope of flight data from a similar full scale airplane.

  8. True 4D Image Denoising on the GPU (United States)

    Eklund, Anders; Andersson, Mats; Knutsson, Hans


    The use of image denoising techniques is an important part of many medical imaging applications. One common application is to improve the image quality of low-dose (noisy) computed tomography (CT) data. While 3D image denoising previously has been applied to several volumes independently, there has not been much work done on true 4D image denoising, where the algorithm considers several volumes at the same time. The problem with 4D image denoising, compared to 2D and 3D denoising, is that the computational complexity increases exponentially. In this paper we describe a novel algorithm for true 4D image denoising, based on local adaptive filtering, and how to implement it on the graphics processing unit (GPU). The algorithm was applied to a 4D CT heart dataset of the resolution 512  × 512  × 445  × 20. The result is that the GPU can complete the denoising in about 25 minutes if spatial filtering is used and in about 8 minutes if FFT-based filtering is used. The CPU implementation requires several days of processing time for spatial filtering and about 50 minutes for FFT-based filtering. The short processing time increases the clinical value of true 4D image denoising significantly. PMID:21977020

  9. Prenatal exclusion of the HHH syndrome. (United States)

    Gray, R G; Green, A; Hall, S; McKeown, C


    Prenatal diagnosis of the hyperornithinaemia, hyperammonaemia, and homocitrullinuria syndrome is described by the analysis of ornithine incorporation in second-trimester cultured amniotic fluid cells. An unaffected fetus was predicted and confirmed in the newborn child. This is the third reported prenatal diagnosis for this disorder and the second predicting an unaffected fetus.

  10. Lampi di possibili tempeste. Arte e letteratura nel Foucault degli anni Settanta.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Melegari


    Full Text Available Dopo avere rivestito un ruolo fondamentale negli scritti archeologici degli anni Sessanta, i riferimenti a pittura e letteratura sembrano scomparire dalla riflessione foucaultiana. Si tratta, in realtà, di uno slittamento dalle opere maggiori a brevi interventi in cui ad emergere è soprattutto il coinvolgimento soggettivo di Foucault. Questo passaggio, però, non è che un aspetto di una radicale riformulazione della funzione storico-ontologica precedentemente attribuita a letteratura e arte in favore di forme di esperienza non-strategica, dunque irriducibile al nesso potere-resistenza, e allo stesso tempo riattivabile come critica, anche politica, nel rapporto tra tempo storico e trasformazione della soggettività.

  11. Il problema dei futuri contingenti e la semantica relativista degli enunciati al futuro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diana Mazzarella


    Full Text Available L'articolo si propone tre obiettivi. In primo luogo, introdurre al problema dei futuri contingenti, evidenziando i limiti di un'analisi semantica standard degli enunciati al futuro. In secondo luogo, presentare le strategie di implementazione della semantica standard finalizzate ad un approccio semantico di tipo relativistico, distinguendo tra relativismo moderato e relativismo radicale. In terzo luogo, presentare il tentativo di risoluzione del problema in questione attraverso l'adozione di una prospettiva semantica relativista, con esplicito riferimento alle riflessioni di MacFarlane.

  12. L’avventura del teatro granducale degli Uffizi (1586-1637

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Maria Testaverde


    Full Text Available The essay reconstructs the chronological details of the construction and disposal of the Teatro degli Uffizi. An extensive unpublished documentation, and a newly discovered plan of the theatre in the Archivio di Stato di Modena, bring to light hitherto unknown persons and situations. The study anticipates reflections and proposals for a structural solution that would modify the model proposed in 1975 by Ludovico Zorzi. As a foundation of these new hypotheses, the essay offers a re-reading of the Vitruvius’s theories on which the florentine highly specialised technical skills were based on.

  13. “Il coraggio di essere giovani”: un progetto sulla Fgci di Modena degli anni Ottanta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Capelli


    Full Text Available L’Istituto Storico di Modena promuove una ricerca sulla Fgci di Modena degli anni Ottanta con l'obiettivo di cominciare a riflettere sul decennio conclusivo della storia del Pci, un periodo di crisi profonda della cultura politica comunista che la storiografia non ha ancora affrontato in modo sistematico. Il caso modenese permette di osservare alcuni importanti elementi dell'esperienza della Fgci “rifondata”, come il nuovo approccio alla comunicazione politica e il rapporto con i movimenti sociali.

  14. Fattori di crescita e recettori tirosin chinasici nelle neoplasie e displasie degli animali domestici


    Muscatello, Luisa Vera


    La perdita della comunicazione cellulare può portare ad una crescita deregolata e dunque alla trasformazione neoplastica. Gli scopi dello studio di dottorato sono stati di individuare il rapporto funzionale di alcuni fattori di crescita (FC) e dei loro recettori (RTC) in tipi di neoplasie e displasie degli animali domestici, quali: 1. Amplificazione del proto-oncogene ERBB2 e sovra-espressione del RTC erb-b2. in tumori mammari della gatta. 2. Espressione di erb-b2, di recettori ormonal...

  15. A catalogue of galaxies behind the southern Milky Way. - II. The Crux and Great Attractor regions (l = 289deg - 338deg)

    CERN Document Server

    Woudt, P A; Woudt, Patrick A.; Kraan-Korteweg, Renee C.


    In this second paper of the catalogue series of galaxies behind the southern Milky Way, we report on the deep optical galaxy search in the Crux region (289deg = 0.2 arcmin were identified in this ~850 square degree area: 3759 galaxies in the Crux region and 4423 galaxies in the Great Attractor region. Of the 8182 galaxies, 229 (2.8%) were catalogued before in the optical (3 in radio) and 251 galaxies have a reliable (159), or likely (92) cross-identification in the IRAS Point Source Catalogue (3.1%). A number of prominent overdensities and filaments of galaxies are identified. They are not correlated with the Galactic foreground extinction and hence indicative of extragalactic large-scale structures. Redshifts obtained at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) for 518 of the newly catalogued galaxies in the Crux and Great Attractor regions (Fairall et al. 1998; Woudt et al. 1999) confirm distinct voids and clusters in the area here surveyed. With this optical galaxy search, we have reduced the widt...

  16. MODIS/Terra 8-Day Clear Sky Radiance Bias Daily L3 Global 1Deg Zonal Bands V006 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — MODIS 8-day clear-sky radiance bias (observed - calculated) statistics are provided for 1Deg latitudinal zones and selected thermal bands. Separation by day and...

  17. MODIS/Aqua 8-Day Clear Sky Radiance Bias Daily L3 Global 1Deg Zonal Bands V006 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — MODIS 8-day clear-sky radiance bias (observed - calculated) statistics are provided for 1Deg latitudinal zones and selected thermal bands. Separation by day and...

  18. Time-dependent Creep Crack Growth Behavior of Alloy 617 at 800 .deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Woogon; Kim, Minhwan; Kim, Yongwan [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Park, Jaeyoung; Ekaputra, I. M. W. [Pukyong National Univ., Busan (Korea, Republic of)


    The VHTR components are designed to be used for a 60 year lifetime at a high temperature, the creep crack growth (CCG) behavior as well as creep behavior is very important for the design application due to creep damage during the long service life at elevated temperatures. Alloy 617 is a major candidate material for the IHX component. The design of the component, which will operate well into the creep range, will require a good understanding of creep crack growth deformation. Efforts are now being undertaken in the Generation IV program to provide data needed for the design and licensing of the nuclear plants, and with this goal in mind, to meet the needs of the conceptual designers of the VHTR system, 'Gen-IV Materials Handbook DB' is being established through an international collaboration program of several GIF (Gen-IV Forum) countries. CCG experimental data should be prepared to 'the Gen-IV Materials Handbook DB' website, because the CCG data for Alloy 617 are not available in the ASME design code. In this paper, experimental creep crack growth data were obtained through a series of CCG tests performed under different applied loads at 800 .deg. C. The CCG behavior was characterized in terms of the C{sup *} fracture mechanics parameter, and the CCGR equation for Alloy 617 was presented. Experimental CCG data of Alloy 617 were obtained from a series of creep crack growth tests under different applied loads at 800 .deg. C.

  19. On th meridional surface profile of the Gulf Stream at 55 deg W (United States)

    Hallock, Zachariah R.; Teague, William J.


    Nine-month records from nine inverted echo sounders (IESs) are analyzed to describe the mean baroclinic Gulf Stream at 55 deg W. IES acoustic travel times are converted to thermocline depth which is optimally interpolated. Kinematic and dynamic parameters (Gulf Stream meridional position, velocity, and vorticity) are calculated. Primary Gulf Stream variabiltiy is attributed to meandering and and changes in direction. A mean, stream-coordinate (relative to Gulf Stream instantaneous position and direction) meridional profile is derived and compared with results presented by other investigators. The mean velocity is estimated at 0.84 m/s directed 14 deg to the right eastward, and the thermocline (12 c) drops 657 m (north to south), corresponding to a baroclinic rise of the surface of 0.87 m. The effect of Gulf Stream curvature on temporal mean profiles is found to be unimportant and of minimal importance overall. The derived, downstream current profile is well represented by a Gaussian function and is about 190 km wide where it crosses zero. Surface baroclinic transport is estimated to be 8.5 x 10(exp 4) sq m/s, and maximum shear (flanking the maximum) is 1.2 x 10(exp -5). Results compare well with other in situ observational results from the same time period. On the other hand, analyses (by others) of concurrent satellite altimetry (Geosat) suggest a considerable narrower, more intense mean Gulf Stream.

  20. Selecting Eco-Friendly Thermal Systems for the “Vittoriale Degli Italiani” Historic Museum Building

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davide Astiaso Garcia


    Full Text Available Thermal systems installed in museums should guarantee the maintenance of the optimal hygrothermal parameters ranges for the conservation of their collection materials. Considering the preservation of historic buildings, according to their historical and landscaping constraints, not all the thermal system typologies could be installed in these buildings’ typologies. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to present some indications for the choice of the best thermal system solutions for a considered historic museum building, called Vittoriale degli Italiani, in the north of Italy, taking into account their installation feasibility and their related environmental impacts. The methodology includes a monitoring of the current hygrothermal parameters as well as the assessment of design heat and cooling loads related to the maintenance of the optimal hygrothermal parameters ranges for the conservation of collection materials. In addition, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA of each selected system typology is considered for highlighting the most eco-friendly solution among the suitable ones. The obtained results highlights the feasible thermal system solutions able to maintain the hygrothermal parameters between the optimal ranges with a lower environmental impact in the Vittoriale degli Italiani historic museum building.

  1. The segregation of starless and protostellar clumps in the Hi-GAL l=224deg region

    CERN Document Server

    Olmi, L; Elia, D; Jones, P


    Stars form in dense, dusty structures, which are embedded in larger clumps of molecular clouds often showing a clear filamentary structure on large scales (> 1pc). One of the best-studied regions in the Hi-GAL survey can be observed toward the l=224deg field. Here, a filamentary region has been studied and it has been found that protostellar clumps are mostly located along the main filament, whereas starless clumps are detected off this filament and are instead found on secondary, less prominent filaments. We want to investigate this segregation effect and how it may affect the clumps properties. We mapped the 12CO(1-0) line and its main three isotopologues toward the two most prominent filaments observed toward the l=224deg field using the Mopra radio telescope, in order to set observational constraints on the dynamics of these structures and the associated starless and protostellar clumps. Compared to the starless clumps, the protostellar clumps are more luminous, more turbulent and lie in regions where the...

  2. Corrosion of stainless steels in lead-bismuth eutectic up to 600 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soler, L. [Dpto. Fision Nuclear, CIEMAT, Edificio 30, Avda. Complutense 22, Madrid 28040 (Spain)]. E-mail:; Martin, F.J. [Dpto. Fision Nuclear, CIEMAT, Edificio 30, Avda. Complutense 22, Madrid 28040 (Spain); Hernandez, F. [Dpto. Fision Nuclear, CIEMAT, Edificio 30, Avda. Complutense 22, Madrid 28040 (Spain); Gomez-Briceno, D. [Dpto. Fision Nuclear, CIEMAT, Edificio 30, Avda. Complutense 22, Madrid 28040 (Spain)


    An experimental program has been carried out to understand the differences in the corrosion behaviour between different stainless steels: the austenitic steels 304L and 316L, the martensitic steels F82Hmod, T91 and EM10, and the low alloy steel P22. The influence of oxygen level in Pb-Bi, temperature and exposure time is studied. At 600 deg. C, the martensitic steels and the P22 steel exhibit thick oxide scales that grow with time, following a linear law for the wet environment and a parabolic law for the dry one. The austenitic stainless steels show a better corrosion behaviour, especially AISI 304L. Under reducing conditions, the steels exhibit dissolution, more severe for the austenitic stainless steels. At 450 deg. C, all the materials show an acceptable behaviour provided a sufficient oxygen level in the Pb-Bi. At reducing conditions, the martensitic steels and the P22 steel have a good corrosion resistance, while the austenitic steels exhibit already dissolution at the longer exposures.

  3. Searching for dark matter halos in the Suprime-Cam 2 sq deg field

    CERN Document Server

    Miyazaki, S; Shimasaku, K; Furusawa, H; Doi, M; Hamabe, M; Imi, K; Kimura, M; Komiyama, Yu; Nakata, F; Okada, N; Okamura, S; Ouchi, M; Sekiguchi, M; Yagi, M; Yasuda, N


    We report the first result of weak gravitational lensing survey on a 2.1 sq deg Rc-band image taken with a wide field camera (Suprime-Cam) on the prime focus of 8.2 m Subaru Telescope. The weak lensing mass reconstruction is applied to the data to search for dark matter halos of cluster scale; M >= 10^14 solar mass. The reconstructed convergence field is divided by 1-sigma noise to obtain the signal-to-noise ratio map (S/N-map) of the detection. Local maxima and minima are searched on the S/N-map and the probability distribution function (PDF) of the peaks are created to compare with model predictions. We found excess over noise PDF created from the randomized realization on both positive and negative sides. Negative peaks imply the presence of voids in the dark matter distribution and this is the first report of the detection. Positive peaks, on the other hand, represent the dark matter halos and the number count of the halos on the 2.1 sq deg image is 4.9 +- 2.3 for S/N > 5 where the Gaussian smoothing radi...

  4. La partecipazione degli enti ecclesiastici cattolici alle società di capitali

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ludovica Decimo


    Full Text Available SOMMARIO: 1. Valutazioni preliminari e nuove prospettive d’indagine – 2. L’attività negoziale degli enti ecclesiastici: le autorizzazioni canoniche – 3. La rilevanza dei controlli canonici nell’ordinamento italiano – 4. L’omissione delle autorizzazioni canoniche nella fase costitutiva della s.p.a. e della s.r.l. – 5. I controlli canonici e la circolazione delle azioni della s.p.a. – 6. La cessione di quote di s.r.l. in assenza delle autorizzazioni canoniche – 7. L’invalidità delle delibere peggiorative della situazione patrimoniale dell’ente ecclesiastico (l’aumento reale di capitale, la fusione, la trasformazione regressiva – 8. La partecipazione dell’ente ecclesiastico socio all’assemblea societaria: brevi cenni sulla rappresentanza delle persone giuridiche canoniche – 9. Il falsus procurator dell’ente ecclesiastico socio in assemblea ordinaria – 10. Ipotesi concrete di partecipazione degli enti ecclesiastici cattolici alle società di capitali, in particolare, alle s.r.l. – 11. L’assenza delle autorizzazioni canoniche nell’atto costitutivo della società “Tabor S.r.l.” – 12. L’errata individuazione delle autorizzazioni canoniche necessarie nell’atto costitutivo della società “G.M.G. E.R. Rinnovabili S.r.l. Unipersonale”.

  5. InAs 2DEGs:What's the g-factor? (United States)

    McCombe, B. D.; Pakmehr, Mehdi; Khaetskii, A.; Chiatti, Olivio; Fischer, S. F.; Buchholz, S.; Heyn, C.; Hansen, W.; Cahay, M.; Newrock, R. S.; Bandari, Nikhil


    Interest in spin-orbit effects in semiconductors has led us to study the electron g-factor in quasi-2DEG InAs samples. We have made magneto-transport and -photoresponse (PR) measurements on InAs QW structures in magnetic fields up to 10 T. THz cyclotron resonance (CR) is manifested in PR as a resonant envelope of the amplitude of quantum oscillations, which show clear spin-splitting (for lower mobility samples) down 4T, while direct R_xx measurements show no spin-splitting up to 9T. R_xx oscillations in a higher mobility sample show well-resolved spin-splittings over a range of fields as does the PR. We have simulated the data with a theoretical expression for 2DEG SdH oscillations (coupled with CR resonant carrier heating for the PR) and extracted g-factors from fits. We also used a different (commonly used) method, SdH oscillations vs. tilt angle of the field to extract g-factors from the angle at which the SdH frequency doubles. We find very large g-factors from fits to R_xx and PR (14 - 20), but g-factors 2-3 times smaller for these same samples from tilted field experiments (close to estimated band g-factors). These results are discussed in terms of exchange effects. Support: NSF DMR 1008138 (Buffalo); NSF ECCE 1028483(Cincinnati); DFG Fi932/4-1(Berlin).

  6. Formation scenarios for the young stellar associations between galactic longitudes l = 280-360 deg

    CERN Document Server

    Sartori, M J; Dias, W S; Sartori, Marilia J.; Lepine, Jacques R. D.; Dias, Wilton S.


    We investigate the spatial distribution, the space velocities and age distribution of the pre-main sequence (PMS) stars belonging to Ophiuchus, Lupus and Chamaeleon star-forming regions (SFRs), and of the young early-type star members of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB association. These young stellar associations extend over the galactic longitude range from 280 deg. to 360 deg., and are at a distance interval of around 100 and 200 pc. The study is based on a compilation of distances, proper motions and radial velocities from the literature for the kinematic properties, and of basic stellar data for the construction of Hertzsprung-Russel diagrams. Although there was no well-known OB association in Chamaeleon, the distances and the proper motions of a group of 21 B- and A-type stars, taken from the Hipparcos Catalogue, lead us to propose that they form a young association. We show that the young early-type stars of the OB associations and the PMS stars of the SFRs follow a similar spatial distribution, i.e., there ...

  7. L’evoluzione cerebrale degli ominidi: quando antropologia, paleontologia e psicologia convergono su una domanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christian Agrillo


    Full Text Available Lo studio dell’evoluzione cerebrale degli ominidi rappresenta uno dei punti di arrivo di diverse discipline che pongono l’essere umano al centro del proprio interesse: la paleontologia, che si serve dei reperti fossili per evincere la storia evolutiva del cranio e del cervello; l’antropologia, che utilizza utensili e tradizioni di culture differenti per accostarsi anche allo studio della cognizione umana e infine la psicologia che - attraverso il confronto con le capacità cognitive di altri primati - si propone di indagare l’unicità o meno delle potenzialità mentali di cui disponiamo, alla ricerca di elementi condivisi dai nostri parenti più prossimi evolutisi in una diversa regione del continente africano.Comprendere quali siano state le cause che hanno diversificato il cammino dell’Uomo da quello degli altri primati significa, in primo luogo, capire quali fattori costituiscano effettivamente una prerogativa della specie umana, cosa ci differenzia dalle scimmie e come questo possa essere avvenuto. Diverse teorie sono state ipotizzate al riguardo: il presente lavoro riassume le principali visioni correnti, ponendo l’una di fronte l’altra e suggerendo come la mente umana possa essersi evoluta in seguito alla compresenza di più fattori che hanno spinto verso la medesima direzione, a differenza di quanto avvenuto per le scimmie antropomorfe.

  8. Interplay of Rashba and sp-d exchange couplings in magnetic 2DEGs (United States)

    Mireles, Francisco; Freire, Henrique H. P.; Egues, J. Carlos


    In diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) quantum wells the sp-d exchange interaction between the itinerant conduction electrons in the well and the localized electrons in the d orbitals of the Mn impurities gives rise to interesting spin-dependent physics [1]. Recently, the interplay of the Rashba spin-orbit and the sp-d exchange interactions in Mn-based wells has been recognized via Shubnikov-de-Haas measurements [2]. While the Rashba spin-orbit has been extensively studied in non-magnetic 2DEGs, its role in DMS systems with a competing sp-d exchange interaction has not yet been addressed theoretically. In this work we present a k.p derivation of an effective Hamiltonian for a Mn-based quantum well with competing Rashba and sp-d interactions, and show numerical results for the magnetoresistance ρxx of typical magnetic 2DEGs using our effective Hamiltonian model. Our results shows interesting beating patterns of the ρxx as a function of the temperature and carrier density which suggests a significant interplay between the spin-orbit and sp-d exchange interactions, as a recent experiment observes [2]. [1] J. C. Egues, PRL 78, 4578 (1998); H. J. P. Freire and J. C. Egues, cond-mat/0412491. [2] Y. S. Gui et al. EPL. 65, 393 (2004).

  9. The p-wave superconductivity in the presence of Rashba interaction in 2DEG. (United States)

    Weng, Ke-Chuan; Hu, C D


    We investigate the effect of the Rashba interaction on two dimensional superconductivity. The presence of the Rashba interaction lifts the spin degeneracy and gives rise to the spectrum of two bands. There are intraband and interband pairs scattering which result in the coupled gap equations. We find that there are isotropic and anisotropic components in the gap function. The latter has the form of cos φk where . The former is suppressed because the intraband and the interband scatterings nearly cancel each other. Hence, -the system should exhibit the p-wave superconductivity. We perform a detailed study of electron-phonon interaction for 2DEG and find that, if only normal processes are considered, the effective coupling strength constant of this new superconductivity is about one-half of the s-wave case in the ordinary 2DEG because of the angular average of the additional in the anisotropic gap function. By taking into account of Umklapp processes, we find they are the major contribution in the electron-phonon coupling in superconductivity and enhance the transition temperature Tc.

  10. A liquid crystal thermography calibration with true color image processing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yu Rao; Shusheng Zang; Minghai Huang


    Liquid crystal thermography is a high-resolution,non-intrusive optical technique for full-field temperature measurement.We present the detailed calibration data for the thermochromic liquid crystal(TLC)with a usefill range of 41-60 ℃.The calibration is done with true color image processing by using an isothermal calibrator.The hue-temperature curve of the TLC is obtained,and the measurement uncertainty is analyzed.Combined with the image noise reduction technique of a 5×5 median filter,the measurement accuracy of the liquid crystal thermography can be significantly improved by approximately 57.1%.

  11. Groundwork for True XML-based Security Pattern Languages

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    TAWFIQ S.M.Barhoom; ZHANG Shen-sheng


    A pattern is used to describe best practices and principles. Patterns have been used successfully in architecture and in software design. We propose to apply the pattern method to XML-based security engineering. Organized collections of interrelated patterns (called pattern languages) can embody whole bodies of knowledge on specific topics. We will discuss patterns and security pattern, pattern languages and the requirements of the pattern languages proposing its essential requirement (the template), and lays the groundwork for our future development of a true XML-based security pattern language.

  12. True to Yourself Leading a Values-Based Business

    CERN Document Server

    Albion, Mark


    How do you build the kind of company you've always wanted to work in--one that serves people and the planet while being financially successful, too? What do you do when you believe that business should serve the common good, but everyday business pressures--meeting payroll, battling competition, keeping customers and investors happy--are at a fever pitch? Leading a small business when you measure success more broadly than with a single financial bottom line is no easy task. True to Yourself is a practical guide to doing just that. It provides tools you can use to combine profit with purpose, m

  13. True polyandry and pseudopolyandry: why does a monandrous fly remate? (United States)

    Fisher, David N; Doff, Rowan J; Price, Tom A R


    The rate of female remating can have important impacts on a species, from affecting conflict and cooperation within families, to population viability and gene flow. However, determining the level of polyandry in a species can be difficult, with information on the mating system of many species being based on a single experiment, or completely absent. Here we investigate the mating system of the fruit fly Drosophila subobscura. Reports from England, Spain and Canada suggest D. subobscura is entirely monandrous, with no females remating. However, work in Greece suggests that 23% of females remate. We examine the willingness of female D. subobscura to remate in the laboratory in a range of conditions, using flies from both Greece and England. We make a distinction between pseudopolyandry, where a female remates after an ineffective first mating that is incapable of fertilising her eggs, and true polyandry, where a female remates even though she has received suitable sperm from a previous mating. We find a low rate of true polyandry by females (4%), with no difference between populations. The rate of true polyandry is affected by temperature, but not starvation. Pseudopolyandry is three times as common as true polyandry, and most females showing pseudopolyandry mated at their first opportunity after their first failed mating. However, despite the lack of differences in polyandry between the populations, we do find differences in the way males respond to exposure to other males prior to mating. In line with previous work, English flies responded to one or more rivals by increasing their copulation duration, a response previously thought to be driven by sperm competition. Greek males only show increased copulation duration when exposed to four or more rival males. This suggests that the response to rivals in D. subobscura is not related to sperm competition, because sperm competition is rare, and there is no correlation of response to rivals and mating system across the

  14. The wise baby as the voice of the true self. (United States)

    Bethelard, F; Young-Bruehl, E


    Sandor Ferenczi wrote about a typical dream of the "Wise Baby" and later used this figure to represent the child who is traumatized into precocious wisdom, who becomes "the family psychiatrist." We discuss Ferenczi's theory of traumatization and the "split self," noting how it was taken up in D. W. Winnicott's "True Self/False Self" conceptualization. We then present three patients' wise baby dreams to show how these trauma theories can be used in dream interpretation and how dream interpretation can support them.

  15. Arendt on Hobbes as the true philosopher of the bourgeoisie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriano Correia


    Full Text Available In The Origins of Totalitarianism, when examine the elements and origins of total domination, Hannah Arendt devotes special attention to the political emancipation of the bourgeoisie. For Arendt imperialism is the truth of the bourgeois understanding of politics, according to which politics should not be more than a well-organized police force. The truth of bourgeois politics is the reduction of politics to mere force. Our purpose is to reconstruct this movement from the vantage point of arendtian appropriation of Hobbes, "the true philosopher of the bourgeoisie."

  16. True hermaphroditism in a St. Lawrence beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas). (United States)

    De Guise, S; Lagacé, A; Béland, P


    A hermaphrodite beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) was found in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Québec, Canada. This animal had two testicles, two separate ovaries, and the complete ducts of each sex; cervix, vagina and vulva were absent. Mature spermatozoa were found in the lumen of seminiferous tubules in the testicles, and numerous involuted corpora lutea were recognized in the ovaries. This represents the first case of true hermaphroditism in a cetacean, and is the fourth hermaphrodite mammal with two testicles and two separate ovaries.

  17. True Grit: between fábula and trama


    Sharmilla O'hana Rodrigues da Silva


    In this research, it is analyzed the novel True Grit, written by Charles Portis and published in 1968, and its film adaptations, made in 1969 and 2010. It is started from the fábula and trama concepts – also known as fábula and enredo, narração and mostração, estória and discurso – that indicate several narratives can be created from an only one. It is used the studies developed by Seymour Chatman, Umberto Eco, Hélio Guimarães, Linda Hutcheon, Linda Seger, Ismail Xavier, André Gaudreault and ...

  18. [True place of simple sugars in the cause of caries]. (United States)

    Julien, M G


    A recent leaflet published for dental patients by the Canadian Association of Confectioners promotes the consumption of sweets, considering them on an equal basis, in regard to caries, as any other foods containing simple sugars, such as: fruits, vegetables, bread or pasta. This article intends to demistify such inference. While it is true that most foods containing simple sugars can lower plaque pH when considered alone, in the context of a total diet, the relationship between simple sugars and caries is much more complex. Also, in regard to total health, one can not equate all simple sugars since they differ considerably in terms of nutritional value.

  19. Ternary jitter-based true random number generator (United States)

    Latypov, Rustam; Stolov, Evgeni


    In this paper a novel family of generators producing true uniform random numbers in ternary logic is presented. The generator consists of a number of identical ternary logic combinational units connected into a ring. All the units are provided to have a random delay time, and this time is supposed to be distributed in accordance with an exponential distribution. All delays are supposed to be independent events. The theory of the generator is based on Erlang equations. The generator can be used for test production in various systems. Features of multidimensional random vectors, produced by the generator, are discussed.

  20. Differentiation of true anophthalmia from clinical anophthalmia using neuroradiological imaging

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ali; Riza; Cenk; Celebi; Hadi; Sasani


    Anophthalmia is a condition of the absence of an eye and the presence of a small eye within the orbit.It is associated with many known syndromes.Clinical findings,as well as imaging modalities and genetic analysis,are important in making the diagnosis.Imaging modalities are crucial scanning methods.Cryptophthalmos,cyclopia,synophthalmia and congenital cystic eye should be considered in differential diagnoses.We report two clinical anophthalmic siblings,emphasizing the importance of neuroradiological and orbital imaging findings in distinguishing true congenital anophthalmia from clinical anophthalmia.

  1. Aleister Crowley, Marie de Miramar & the True Wanga


    Josiffe, Christopher


    The article is centred on that curious line from Aleister Crowley's (or Aiwass's) Book of the Law (Book I, line 37): "the obeah and the wanga." \\ud \\ud A copy of an obscure Theosophical pamphlet, 'Obeah Simplified; or, the True Wanga,' (dated c1895) is held in the Yorke Collection, with pencilled emendations (in what appeared to me to be Crowley’s handwriting). \\ud \\ud It seemed entirely possible that a young Crowley had first come across the terms 'obeah' and 'wanga' via this pamphlet; the i...

  2. Optical Monte Carlo modeling of a true portwine stain anatomy (United States)

    Barton, Jennifer K.; Pfefer, T. Joshua; Welch, Ashley J.; Smithies, Derek J.; Nelson, Jerry; van Gemert, Martin J.


    A unique Monte Carlo program capable of accommodating an arbitrarily complex geometry was used to determine the energy deposition in a true port wine stain anatomy. Serial histologic sections taken from a biopsy of a dark red, laser therapy resistant stain were digitized and used to create the program input for simulation at wavelengths of 532 and 585 nm. At both wavelengths, the greatest energy deposition occurred in the superficial blood vessels, and subsequently decreased with depth as the laser beam was attenuated. However, more energy was deposited in the epidermis and superficial blood vessels at 532 nm than at 585 nm.

  3. True versus spurious state dependence in firm performance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian


    This paper analyzes the persistence of firms' exporting behavior in a panel of German manufacturing firms using dynamic binary choice models. We distinguish between true and spurious state dependence in exports and apply fixed effects methods that allow us to verify the robustness of our results ...... determinants. Our results, which are consistent with the findings of previous studies on firms in developing countries and in the United States, show the presence of important sunk costs in export market entry and a depreciation of knowledge and experience in export markets....

  4. True Versus Spurious State Dependence in Firm Performance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian

    This paper analyzes the persistence of firms' exporting behavior in a panel of German manufacturing firms using dynamic binary choice models. We distinguish between true and spurious state dependence in exports and apply fixed effects methods that allow us to verify the robustness of our results ...... determinants. Our results, which are consistent with the findings of previous studies on firms in developing countries and in the United States, show the presence of important sunk costs in export market entry and a depreciation of knowledge and experience in export markets...

  5. Defining Sample Quantiles by the True Rank Probability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lasse Makkonen


    Full Text Available Many definitions exist for sample quantiles and are included in statistical software. The need to adopt a standard definition of sample quantiles has been recognized and different definitions have been compared in terms of satisfying some desirable properties, but no consensus has been found. We outline here that comparisons of the sample quantile definitions are irrelevant because the probabilities associated with order-ranked sample values are known exactly. Accordingly, the standard definition for sample quantiles should be based on the true rank probabilities. We show that this allows more accurate inference of the tails of the distribution, and thus improves estimation of the probability of extreme events.

  6. Two Cases of True Uterine Artery Aneurysms Diagnosed during Pregnancy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schlütter, Jacob Mørup; Johansen, Gry; Helmig, Rikke Bek;


    We report 2 cases of true uterine artery aneurysms diagnosed during pregnancy. Both cases presented with nonspecific symptoms such as urethral obstruction, minimal vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain in the 2nd trimester. Both aneurysms were diagnosed by color Doppler ultrasound. In the fir...... masses, vague bladder symptoms or radiating pelvic pain. The diagnosis is readily made by color Doppler imaging. Elective Caesarean section should be the preferred mode of delivery to avoid rupture of the aneurysm during labor.......We report 2 cases of true uterine artery aneurysms diagnosed during pregnancy. Both cases presented with nonspecific symptoms such as urethral obstruction, minimal vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain in the 2nd trimester. Both aneurysms were diagnosed by color Doppler ultrasound. In the first...... case labor was induced at 37 + 4 weeks of gestation. However, due to sudden fetal distress and maternal abdominal pain, an emergency Caesarean section was performed during labor, and 3 liters of intra-peritoneal blood were encountered upon laparotomy, secondary to a ruptured uterine artery aneurysm...

  7. Color correction of texture images for true photorealistic visualization (United States)

    Song, Yonghak; Shan, Jie

    Photorealistic visualization combines 3-D geometric models with their texture images to render the virtual world. This paper points out that the texture images should be radiometrically corrected to achieve a true realistic appearance. Such a correction should include not only the color adjustment among images of the same object, but also the shade variation caused by the illumination change. The objective of this study is to correct the input texture images such that their shade varies when being rendered under different illumination directions. To achieve this goal we first apply the specular-to-diffuse mechanism based on the dichromatic reflection model to remove the specular component from the texture image. The resultant diffusion-only image then undergoes a shade correction to produce a normalized shade-free texture image. In the final step, shades under any illumination are produced to achieve a true photorealistic effect. Presented in the paper are the principles and methods for such corrections, along with a performance evaluation based on the graphic and numerical results for roof texture images.

  8. Disclosure of true diagnosis in Japanese cancer patients. (United States)

    Hosaka, T; Awazu, H; Fukunishi, I; Okuyama, T; Wogan, J


    Full disclosure of medical diagnosis to cancer patients in Japan remains controversial. Some physicians in Japan believe that full disclosure may affect the outcome of treatment, create stress and psychiatric problems, or lead to suicide. Although the trend toward full disclosure is increasing in Japan, approximately 70% of current cancer patients are still not fully informed of their condition. In this study, the authors examined the psychiatric status and effects of full disclosure among 100 otolaryngology patients at Tokai University Hospital (50 with benign diseases, 50 with malignancy) using major depression and adjustment disorders criteria of the DSM-III-R Structured Clinical Interview (SCID). This demonstrated that 15 of 50 (30%) patients with benign diseases and 23 of 50 (46%) patients with malignant diseases met the criteria for depression and adjustment disorder; 29 of the 50 patients (58%) with malignant cancer were not informed of their true condition, according to the wishes of their families (21 were fully informed). The prevalence rate of psychiatric disorders was 42.9% among the informed group and 48.3% among the uninformed group. These findings suggest that concealing the true diagnosis was not related to the presence of psychiatric disorders in Japanese cancer patients.

  9. Disk Outflows and High-Luminosity True Type 2 AGN

    CERN Document Server

    Elitzur, Moshe


    The absence of intrinsic broad line emission has been reported in a number of active galactic nuclei (AGN), including some with high Eddington ratios. Such "true type 2 AGN" are inherent to the disk-wind scenario for the broad line region: Broad line emission requires a minimal column density, implying a minimal outflow rate and thus a minimal accretion rate. Here we perform a detailed analysis of the consequences of mass conservation in the process of accretion through a central disk. The resulting constraints on luminosity are consistent with all the cases where claimed detections of true type 2 AGN pass stringent criteria, and predict that intrinsic broad line emission can disappear at luminosities as high as about 4x$10^{46}$ erg s$^{-1}$ and any Eddington ratio, though more detections can be expected at Eddington ratios below about 1%. Our results are applicable to every disk outflow model, whatever its details and whether clumpy or smooth, irrespective of the wind structure and its underlying dynamics. ...

  10. Molecular imaging true-colour spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (United States)

    Robles, Francisco E.; Wilson, Christy; Grant, Gerald; Wax, Adam


    Molecular imaging holds a pivotal role in medicine due to its ability to provide invaluable insight into disease mechanisms at molecular and cellular levels. To this end, various techniques have been developed for molecular imaging, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, fluorescence imaging achieves micrometre-scale resolution, but has low penetration depths and is mostly limited to exogenous agents. Here, we demonstrate molecular imaging of endogenous and exogenous chromophores using a novel form of spectroscopic optical coherence tomography. Our approach consists of using a wide spectral bandwidth laser source centred in the visible spectrum, thereby allowing facile assessment of haemoglobin oxygen levels, providing contrast from readily available absorbers, and enabling true-colour representation of samples. This approach provides high spectral fidelity while imaging at the micrometre scale in three dimensions. Molecular imaging true-colour spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (METRiCS OCT) has significant implications for many biomedical applications including ophthalmology, early cancer detection, and understanding fundamental disease mechanisms such as hypoxia and angiogenesis.

  11. True Grit: between fábula and trama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharmilla O'hana Rodrigues da Silva


    Full Text Available In this research, it is analyzed the novel True Grit, written by Charles Portis and published in 1968, and its film adaptations, made in 1969 and 2010. It is started from the fábula and trama concepts – also known as fábula and enredo, narração and mostração, estória and discurso – that indicate several narratives can be created from an only one. It is used the studies developed by Seymour Chatman, Umberto Eco, Hélio Guimarães, Linda Hutcheon, Linda Seger, Ismail Xavier, André Gaudreault and François Jost to understand how these concepts work in the literature and cinema relationship. For reflection about the two films, it is resorted to the reviews published by Isabela Boscov, Yuri Celico, Thiago M. Correia, Marcelo Hessel, André Sollito and Rubens Ewald Filho. It is perceived the adaptation is a process of textual reconstruction in which the individual inserts his/ her personal and social experiences. So, the two film versions of True Grit are characterized as interpretations of different readers – in this case, the filmmakers Henry Hathaway and Joel and Ethan Coen.

  12. Neural correlates of true memory, false memory, and deception. (United States)

    Abe, Nobuhito; Okuda, Jiro; Suzuki, Maki; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Matsuda, Tetsuya; Mori, Etsuro; Tsukada, Minoru; Fujii, Toshikatsu


    We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to determine whether neural activity can differentiate between true memory, false memory, and deception. Subjects heard a series of semantically related words and were later asked to make a recognition judgment of old words, semantically related nonstudied words (lures for false recognition), and unrelated new words. They were also asked to make a deceptive response to half of the old and unrelated new words. There were 3 main findings. First, consistent with the notion that executive function supports deception, 2 types of deception (pretending to know and pretending not to know) recruited prefrontal activity. Second, consistent with the sensory reactivation hypothesis, the difference between true recognition and false recognition was found in the left temporoparietal regions probably engaged in the encoding of auditorily presented words. Third, the left prefrontal cortex was activated during pretending to know relative to correct rejection and false recognition, whereas the right anterior hippocampus was activated during false recognition relative to correct rejection and pretending to know. These findings indicate that fMRI can detect the difference in brain activity between deception and false memory despite the fact that subjects respond with "I know" to novel events in both processes.

  13. In which Financial Markets do Mutual Fund Theorems hold true?

    CERN Document Server

    Schachermayer, Walter; Taflin, Erik


    The Mutual Fund Theorem (MFT) is considered in a general semimartingale financial market S with a finite time horizon T, where agents maximize expected utility of terminal wealth. It is established that: 1) Let N be the wealth process of the num\\'eraire portfolio (i.e. the optimal portfolio for the log utility). If any path-independent option with maturity T written on the num\\'eraire portfolio can be replicated by trading \\emph{only} in N, then the (MFT) holds true for general utility functions, and the num\\'eraire portfolio may serve as mutual fund. This generalizes Merton's classical result on Black-Scholes markets. Conversely, under a supplementary weak completeness assumption, we show that the validity of the (MFT) for general utility functions implies the same replicability property for options on the num\\'eraire portfolio described above. 2) If for a given class of utility functions (i.e. investors) the (MFT) holds true in all complete Brownian financial markets S, then all investors use the same utili...

  14. [Intel random number generator-based true random number generator]. (United States)

    Huang, Feng; Shen, Hong


    To establish a true random number generator on the basis of certain Intel chips. The random numbers were acquired by programming using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 via register reading from the random number generator (RNG) unit of an Intel 815 chipset-based computer with Intel Security Driver (ISD). We tested the generator with 500 random numbers in NIST FIPS 140-1 and X(2) R-Squared test, and the result showed that the random number it generated satisfied the demand of independence and uniform distribution. We also compared the random numbers generated by Intel RNG-based true random number generator and those from the random number table statistically, by using the same amount of 7500 random numbers in the same value domain, which showed that the SD, SE and CV of Intel RNG-based random number generator were less than those of the random number table. The result of u test of two CVs revealed no significant difference between the two methods. Intel RNG-based random number generator can produce high-quality random numbers with good independence and uniform distribution, and solves some problems with random number table in acquisition of the random numbers.

  15. BD-22deg3467, a DAO-type Star Exciting the Nebula Abell 35 (United States)

    Ziegler, M.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Koppen, J.; Kruk, J. W.


    Spectral analyses of hot, compact stars with non-local thermodynamical equilibrium (NLTE) model-atmosphere techniques allow the precise determination of photospheric parameters such as the effective temperature (T(sub eff)), the surface gravity (log g), and the chemical composition. The derived photospheric metal abundances are crucial constraints for stellar evolutionary theory. Aims. Previous spectral analyses of the exciting star of the nebula A35, BD-22deg3467, were based on He+C+N+O+Si+Fe models only. For our analysis, we use state-of-the-art fully metal-line blanketed NLTE model atmospheres that consider opacities of 23 elements from hydrogen to nickel. We aim to identify all observed lines in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum of BD-22deg3467 and to determine the abundances of the respective species precisely. Methods. For the analysis of high-resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) far-ultraviolet (FUSE) and UV (HST/STIS) observations, we combined stellar-atmosphere models and interstellar line-absorption models to fully reproduce the entire observed UV spectrum. Results. The best agreement with the UV observation of BD-22deg3467 is achieved at T(sub eff) = 80 +/- 10 kK and log g = 7.2 +/- 0.3. While T(sub eff) of previous analyses is verified, log g is significantly lower. We re-analyzed lines of silicon and iron (1/100 and about solar abundances, respectively) and for the first time in this star identified argon, chromium, manganese, cobalt, and nickel and determined abundances of 12, 70, 35, 150, and 5 times solar, respectively. Our results partially agree with predictions of diffusion models for DA-type white dwarfs. A combination of photospheric and interstellar line-absorption models reproduces more than 90% of the observed absorption features. The stellar mass is M approx. 0.48 Solar Mass. Conclusions. BD.22.3467 may not have been massive enough to ascend the asymptotic giant branch and may have evolved directly from the extended horizontal branch


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Arcuri


    Full Text Available Scopo di questo contributo è  descrivere il modo in cui il Pefil , Portfolio europeo per la formazione iniziale degli insegnanti di lingue. Uno strumento di riflessione (ECML, 2007 è stato usato nell’ambito del “Master in didattica dell’italiano come lingua non materna” dell’Università di Palermo non solo come strumento di autovalutazione, ma anche come strumento di insegnamento/apprendimento, valorizzando cioè  le potenzialità formative di questo Portfolio come auspicato dagli stessi autori.Il documento è impiegato, in una nuova prospettiva, come chiave di lettura dei contenuti della professione e ha fornito ai corsisti uno strumento per rintracciare le connessioni fra i diversi input formativi del Master. In questo modo è stato possibile per ciascuno di loro costruire un tessuto unitario di apprendimento delle competenze professionali di insegnanti di italiano L2 e LS  in un’ottica di life long learning, secondo un approccio riflessivo.  The Portfolio Europeo per la Formazione Iniziale degli Insegnanti (PEFIL as a teaching/learning tool The aim of this paper is to describe how the European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages - Portfolio Europeo per la Formazione Iniziale degli Insegnanti (PEFIL, A reflection tool for language teacher education (ECML, 2007 has been used in the Master Degree program in “Italian Foreign Language Teaching” at the University of Palermo. The PEFIL has not only been used as a tool for self-assessment, but by exploiting the educational potential of the portfolio, it has also become an important learning/teaching tool.The Portfolio was used as a way to interpret essential teaching contents. It gave students a tool for finding connections between the diverse educational elements of the Master program. Thus it was possible for each of them to create a coherent network of professional competences for teaching Italian as a second and foreign language within a life long learning

  17. The phase relations in the Gd-Fe-Ga ternary system at 500 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liu, D.C. [College of Materials Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Shenzhen 518060 (China); Li, J.Q. [College of Materials Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Shenzhen 518060 (China)], E-mail:; Ouyang, M.; Liu, F.S.; Ao, W.Q. [College of Materials Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Shenzhen 518060 (China)


    The isothermal section (500 deg. C) of the phase diagram of the Gd-Fe-Ga ternary system was investigated by X-ray powder diffraction analysis. Eleven binary compounds, GdGa{sub 2}, GdGa, Gd{sub 3}Ga{sub 2}, Gd{sub 5}Ga{sub 3}, GdFe{sub 2}, GdFe{sub 3}, Gd{sub 2}Fe{sub 17}, Fe{sub 3}Ga, Fe{sub 6}Ga{sub 5}, Fe{sub 3}Ga{sub 4} and FeGa{sub 3}, have been confirmed. Two ternary compounds, GdFe{sub 5.3}Ga{sub 6.7} and GdFe{sub 5}Ga{sub 7}, were found in this ternary system at 500 deg. C. The compound GdFe{sub 5.3}Ga{sub 6.7} is orthorhombic ScFe{sub 6}Ga{sub 6}-type structure (space group Immm) with a = 0.8567 (9), b = 0.86960 (9) and c = 0.50782 (5) nm, while the compound GdFe{sub 5}Ga{sub 7} is tetragonal ThMn{sub 12}-type structure (space group I4/mmm) with a = 0.8651(1) and c = 0.50934 (6) nm. The isothermal section at 500 deg. C consists of 16 single-phase regions, 31 two-phase regions and 16 three-phase regions. The maximum solid solubilities of Ga in GdFe{sub 2}, GdFe{sub 3}, Gd{sub 2}Fe{sub 17} are 9.2, 9.0, and 44.3 at.% respectively. The homogeneity range of GdGa{sub 2} is from 22 to 33.3 at.% Ga in Gd-Ga side but the solid solubility of Fe in this compound is very small. The homogeneity range of GdFe{sub 5}Ga{sub 7} is from 53.8 to 59.2 at.% Ga. Very limited solid solutions were measured in the other compounds.

  18. Gian Piero Piretto, La vita privata degli oggetti sovietici. 25 storie da un altro mondo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enza Dammiano


    Full Text Available Dopo aver analizzato le “mitologie culturali” dell’era sovietica – il “radioso avvenire” che queste proiettavano (Il radioso avvenire. Mitologie culturali sovietiche, Einaudi, 2001 – e ‘illustrato’, in particolare, gli anni Trenta e Quaranta attraverso Gli occhi di Stalin (Raffaello Cortina, 2010, con La vita privata degli oggetti sovietici Gian Piero Piretto introduce il lettore nelle “storie” di venticinque «cose sovietiche» (32, disseminate lungo l’intero arco temporale di esistenza dell’URSS e oltre: «La maggior parte delle cose a cui dedicherò la mia specifica attenzione ancora circola […], talora in forme rinnovate (degenerate o adattate alla nuova realtà» (43.

  19. A 20 GHz Bright Sample for Delta > 72 deg - II. Multi-frequency Follow-up

    CERN Document Server

    Ricci, R; Verma, R; Prandoni, I; Carretti, E; Mack, K -H; Massardi, M; Procopio, P; Zanichelli, A; Gregorini, L; Mantovani, F; Gawronski, M P; Peel, M W


    We present follow-up observations at 5, 8 and 30 GHz of the K-band Northern Wide Survey (KNoWS) 20 GHz Bright Sample, performed with the 32-m Medicina Radio Telescope and the 32-m Torun Radio Telescope. The KNoWS sources were selected in the Northern Polar Cap (Delta > 72 deg) and have a flux density limit S(20GHz) = 115 mJy. We include NVSS 1.4 GHz measurements to derive the source radio spectra between 1.4 and 30 GHz. Based on optical identifications, 68 per cent of the sources are QSOs, and 27 per cent are radio galaxies. A redshift measurement is available for 58 per cent of the sources. The radio spectral properties of the different source populations are found to be in agreement with those of other high-frequency selected samples.

  20. Modeling and computation of flow in a passage with 360 deg turning and multiple airfoils (United States)

    Shyy, W.; Vu, T. C.


    Numerical modeling of the three-dimensional flows in a spiral casing of a hydraulic turbine, containing a passage of 360-deg turning and multiple elements of airfoils (the so-called distributor), is made. The physical model is based on a novel two-level approach, comprising of (1) a global model that adequately accounts for the geometry of the spiral casing but smears out the details of the distributor and represents the multiple airfoils by a porous medium treatment; and (2) a local model that performs detailed analysis of flow in the distributor region. The global analysis supplies the inlet flow condition for the individual cascade of distributor airfoils, while the distributor analysis yields the information needed for modeling the characteristics of the porous medium. Comparisons of pressure and velocity profiles between measurement and prediction have been made to assess the validity of the present approach. Flow characteristics in the spiral casing are also discussed.

  1. True triaxial strength and deformability of crystalline rocks (United States)

    Chang, Chandong

    A fundamental laboratory study was conducted in the deformation and strength of Westerly granite and KTB amphibolite subjected to true triaxial compressive stress conditions (sigma1 > sigma2 > sigma 3) with a particular attention to sigma2 effect on rock failure process. It was found that sigma2 strongly affects the criteria of strength for these rocks, contrary to the assumption contained in commonly accepted Mohr-type failure criteria. Under true triaxial stress conditions, crystalline rocks fail along a steeply inclined throughgoing shear fracture striking to the sigma2 direction. Stress-induced microcracks also develop mainly parallel to sigma2 direction, as the intermediate stress grows beyond sigma3, localizing along the plane that eventually becomes the throughgoing fracture. A general strength criterion can be expressed in terms of the octahedral shear stress and the mean normal stress acting on the failure plane. In a separate series of tests, failure of KTB amphibolite under borehole wall condition was simulated by leaving one pair of the prismatic specimens faces unjacketed and in direct contact with the confining fluid through which sigma 3 is applied. These tests reveal that brittle fracture occurs at a considerably lower stress level than that in dry amphibolite, and results from the development of a swarm of densely spaced extensile fractures subparallel and adjacent to one of the unjacketed faces. It is inferred that upon dilatancy onset, confining fluid intrudes microcracks, which are predominantly subparallel to the unjacketed faces, and promotes their elongation into throughgoing fractures. A true triaxial strength criterion of the unjacketed amphibolite can be expressed in terms of the octahedral shear stress as a function of the octahedral normal stress. The magnitudes of the maximum horizontal in situ stresses at the KTB hole, Germany, were computed based on the strength criterion of the unjacketed KTB amphibolite together with all the other

  2. Silica enhanced formation of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals in simulated body fluid (SBF) at 37 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sadjadi, M.S., E-mail: [Department of Chemistry, Sciences and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Ebrahimi, H.R. [Department of Chemistry, Sciences and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Meskinfam, M. [Department of Chemistry, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Zare, K. [Department of Chemistry, University of Shahid Beheshti, Eveen Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Highlights: {yields} We report on fast formation of hexagonal nanocrystals of calcium hydroxyapatite (HA) in silica-containing simulated body fluid solution at 37 deg. C. {yields} Bioactivity and biodegradability of TCP precursor have been confirmed by the dissolution of TCP and formation of a bone like layer of new HA nanoparticles outside of the precursor after 24 h soaking in SBF solution. {yields} Successive nucleation and formation of tiny hexagonal HA nanoplates and nanorods have been confirmed by TEM results after 24 h soaking of TCP in silica-containing BSF solution. - Abstract: The chemical modification of implant (prosthesis) surfaces is being investigated worldwide for improving the fixation of orthopaedic and dental implants. The main goal in this surface modification approach is to achieve a faster bone growth and chemical bonding of the implant to the newly generated and/or remodeled bone. In this work, we report fast formation of hexagonal nanocrystals of calcium hydroxyapatite (HA) in simulated body fluid (SBF, inorganic components of human blood plasma) solutions at 37 deg. C, using calcium phosphate (TCP) and sodium silicate as precursors. Characterization and chemical analysis of the synthesized powders were performed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results indicated enhanced nucleation and formation of bone like layer of HA nanocrystals at the surface of TCP nanoparticles and occurrence of HA nanocrystals during 24 h soaking of TCP in SBF solution containing silica ions. The average size of a nanoparticle, using Scherrer formula, was found to be 18.2 nm.

  3. Effect of Substrate Doping in Relaxed SiGe Buffers on Strained Si 2DEG Quantum Devices (United States)

    Yao, Kun; Gaevski, Mikhail; Chernyshov, Alexander; Rokhinson, Leonid; Mike, Curtin; Park, Ji-Soo; Fiorenza, James; Lochtefeld, Anthony; Sturm, James


    We describe the impact of Si substrate doping on the substrate leakage in strained Si two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) on SiGe relaxed graded buffers and on quantum devices fabricated from the 2DEG. The best commercially available high quality SiGe relaxed buffers with 30% Ge content, grown at temperature above 1000^oC, have very low threading dislocation density (heterostructures were grown at 625-700^oC in a rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition (RTCVD). However, it is shown that the substrate doping (Arsenic) contributes to leakage current origin in relaxed buffers at liquid helium temperatures if the starting Si substrate is heavily doped (˜5E17cm-2). The leakage can be attributed to enhanced dopant diffusion along misfit dislocations and high diffusion rate of As in SiGe. The leakage current makes side gating of nanostructures in the 2DEG impossible. With a lightly doped substrate, to avoid leakage, we achieved a high quality 2DEG and successful side gating of a 2DEG quantum dot for a quantum point contact. This work is supported by the NSA under ARO contract number W911NF-05-1-0437.

  4. On the enigmatic – A true constant of spacetime

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Naresh Dadhich


    Had Einstein followed the Bianchi differential identity for the derivation of his equation of motion for gravitation, would have emerged as a true new constant of spacetime on the same footing as the velocity of light? It is then conceivable that he could have perhaps made the most profound prediction that the Universe may suffer accelerated expansion some time in the future! Further we argue that its identification with the quantum vacuum energy is not valid as it should have to be accounted for like the gravitational field energy by enlarging the basic framework of spacetime and not through a stress tensor. The acceleration of the expansion of the Universe may indeed be measuring its value for the first time observationally.

  5. Evaluation of true kinetic parameters for reversible immobilized enzyme reactions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ishikawa, H.; Tanaka, T.; Kurose, K.; Hikita, H.


    For a reversible one-substrate reaction system that follows the Haldane reaction mechanism, a new and effective method has been proposed to extract true or intrinsic kinetic parameters of immobilized enzymes from diffusion limited rate data. The method utilizes the effectiveness factors correlated in terms of the general modulus defined by Aris and Bischoff, and a new modulus defined in the present study. It requires a trial-and-error calculation, but only a few data points. Furthermore, it provides a saving of materials such as substrates and enzymes, and takes less time for experiments compared to the initial rate methods. The usefulness of the method is demonstrated by determining the kinetic parameters for membrane bound fumarase which catalyzes the reaction of the conversion of fumarate to L-malate, for which the equilibrium constant is circa 4. (Refs. 20).

  6. Cercosporoid fungi (Mycosphaerellaceae) 3. Species on monocots (Poaceae, true grasses). (United States)

    Braun, Uwe; Crous, Pedro W; Nakashima, Chiharu


    The third part of a series of monographic treatments of cercosporoid fungi (formerly Cercospora s. lat., Mycosphaerellaceae, Ascomycota) continues with a treatment of taxa on monocots (Liliopsida; Equisetopsida, Magnoliidae, Lilianae), covering asexual and holomorph species with mycosphaerella-like sexual morphs on true grasses (Poaceae), which were excluded from the second part. The species concerned are keyed out, alphabetically listed, described, illustrated and supplemented by references to previously published descriptions, illustrations, and exsiccatae. A key to the recognised genera and a discussion of taxonomically relevant characters was published in the first part of this series. Several species are lecto- or neotypified. The following taxonomic novelties are introduced: Cercospora barretoana comb. nov., C. cymbopogonicola nom. nov., Cladosporium elymi comb. nov., Passalora agrostidicola sp. nov., P. brachyelytri comb. nov., and P. dichanthii-annulati comb. nov.

  7. True Bilayer Exciton Condensate of One-Dimensional Electrons (United States)

    Kantian, A.; Abergel, D. S. L.


    We theoretically predict that a true bilayer exciton condensate, characterized by off-diagonal long-range order and global phase coherence, can be created in one-dimensional solid state electron systems. The mechanism by which this happens is to introduce a single particle hybridization of electron and hole populations, which locks the phase of the relevant mode and hence invalidates the Mermin-Wagner theorem. Electron-hole interactions then amplify this tendency towards off-diagonal long-range order, enhancing the condensate properties by more than an order of magnitude over the noninteracting limit. We show that the temperatures below which a substantial condensate fraction would form could reach hundreds of Kelvin, a benefit of the weak screening in one-dimensional systems.

  8. True Color of Mars - Pathfinder Sol 39 Sunrise (United States)


    Sunrise, sol 39. This true color, pre-sunrise image (approximately 0530LST) is composed of six images extending 30 o in azimuth and 45 o in elevation and shows the brownish gray predawn sky. A description of the techniques used to generate this color image from IMP data can be found in Maki et al., 1999. Note: a calibrated output device is required accurately reproduce the correct colors.Mars Pathfinder is the second in NASA's Discovery program of low-cost spacecraft with highly focused science goals. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, developed and manages the Mars Pathfinder mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. JPL is an operating division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The IMP was developed by the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory under contract to JPL. Peter Smith is the Principal investigator.

  9. Benchmarking the True Random Number Generator of TPM Chips

    CERN Document Server

    Suciu, Alin


    A TPM (trusted platform module) is a chip present mostly on newer motherboards, and its primary function is to create, store and work with cryptographic keys. This dedicated chip can serve to authenticate other devices or to protect encryption keys used by various software applications. Among other features, it comes with a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) that can be used for cryptographic purposes. This random number generator consists of a state machine that mixes unpredictable data with the output of a one way hash function. According the specification it can be a good source of unpredictable random numbers even without having to require a genuine source of hardware entropy. However the specification recommends collecting entropy from any internal sources available such as clock jitter or thermal noise in the chip itself, a feature that was implemented by most manufacturers. This paper will benchmark the random number generator of several TPM chips from two perspectives: the quality of the random bit s...

  10. Evaluation Method of Collision Risk by Using True Motion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hayama Imazu


    Full Text Available It is necessary to develop a useful application to use big data like as AIS for safety and efficiency of ship operation. AIS is very useful system to collect targets information, but this information is not effective use yet. The evaluation method of collision risk is one of the cause disturb. Usually the collision risk of ship is evaluated by the value of the Closest Point of Approach (CPA which is related to a relative motion. So, it becomes difficult to find out a safety pass in a congested water. Here, Line of Predicted Collision (LOPC and Obstacle Zone by Target (OZT for evaluation of collision risk are introduced, these values are related to a true motion and it became visible of dangerous place, so it will make easy to find out a safety pass in a congested water.

  11. Enhanced two-photon absorption using true thermal light

    CERN Document Server

    Jechow, Andreas; Kurzke, Henning; Heuer, Axel; Menzel, Ralf


    Two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) is a standard technique in modern microscopy but still affected by photo-damage of the probe. It was proposed that TPEF can be enhanced by using entangled photons, but has proven to be challenging. Recently it was shown that some features of entangled photons can be mimicked with thermal light, which finds application in ghost imaging, sub-wavelength lithography and metrology. Here, we utilize true thermal light from a super-luminescence diode to demonstrate enhanced TPEF compared to coherent light using two common fluorophores and luminescent quantum dots. We find that the two-photon absorption rate is directly proportional to the measured degree of second-order coherence, as predicted by theory. Our results show that photon bunching can be exploited in two-photon microscopy with the photon statistic providing a new degree of freedom.

  12. Thomas Merton: The true self and the quest for justice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susan Rakoczy


    Full Text Available The year 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Merton who was born on31 January 1915. His writings cover diverse themes, which are of value to a myriad of faithtraditions. This article will trace his understanding of holiness and the way in which Mertonemphasised participation in the transformation of the world. It commences with a biographicaloverview of Merton and then Merton’s understanding of ‘holiness’ as growth of the ‘true self’in God is discussed. His work as social critic is outlined and the article ends with a reflectionof Merton’s understanding of ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ – a life before God.

  13. It's time to make management a true profession. (United States)

    Khurana, Rakesh; Nohria, Nitin


    In the face of the recent institutional breakdown of trust in business, managers are losing legitimacy. To regain public trust, management needs to become a true profession in much the way medicine and law have, argue Khurana and Nohria of Harvard Business School. True professions have codes, and the meaning and consequences of those codes are taught as part of the formal education required of their members. Through these codes, professional institutions forge an implicit social contract with society: Trust us to control and exercise jurisdiction over an important occupational category, and, in return, we will ensurethat the members of our profession are worthy of your trust--that they will not only be competent to perform the tasks entrusted to them, but that they will also conduct themselves with high standardsand great integrity. The authors believe that enforcing educational standards and a code of ethics is unlikely to choke entrepreneurial creativity. Indeed, if the field of medicine is any indication, a code may even stimulate creativity. The main challenge in writing a code lies in reaching a broad consensus on the aims and social purpose of management. There are two deeply divided schools of thought. One school argues that management's aim should simply be to maximize shareholder wealth; the other argues that management's purpose is to balance the claims of all the firm's stakeholders. Any code will have to steer a middle course in order to accommodate both the value-creating impetus of the shareholder value concept and the accountability inherent in the stakeholder approach.

  14. Lunar true polar wander inferred from polar hydrogen. (United States)

    Siegler, M A; Miller, R S; Keane, J T; Laneuville, M; Paige, D A; Matsuyama, I; Lawrence, D J; Crotts, A; Poston, M J


    The earliest dynamic and thermal history of the Moon is not well understood. The hydrogen content of deposits near the lunar poles may yield insight into this history, because these deposits (which are probably composed of water ice) survive only if they remain in permanent shadow. If the orientation of the Moon has changed, then the locations of the shadowed regions will also have changed. The polar hydrogen deposits have been mapped by orbiting neutron spectrometers, and their observed spatial distribution does not match the expected distribution of water ice inferred from present-day lunar temperatures. This finding is in contrast to the distribution of volatiles observed in similar thermal environments at Mercury's poles. Here we show that polar hydrogen preserves evidence that the spin axis of the Moon has shifted: the hydrogen deposits are antipodal and displaced equally from each pole along opposite longitudes. From the direction and magnitude of the inferred reorientation, and from analysis of the moments of inertia of the Moon, we hypothesize that this change in the spin axis, known as true polar wander, was caused by a low-density thermal anomaly beneath the Procellarum region. Radiogenic heating within this region resulted in the bulk of lunar mare volcanism and altered the density structure of the Moon, changing its moments of inertia. This resulted in true polar wander consistent with the observed remnant polar hydrogen. This thermal anomaly still exists and, in part, controls the current orientation of the Moon. The Procellarum region was most geologically active early in lunar history, which implies that polar wander initiated billions of years ago and that a large portion of the measured polar hydrogen is ancient, recording early delivery of water to the inner Solar System. Our hypothesis provides an explanation for the antipodal distribution of lunar polar hydrogen, and connects polar volatiles to the geologic and geophysical evolution of the Moon

  15. Uniaxial tension test on Rubber at constant true strain rate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sourne H.L.


    Full Text Available Elastomers are widely used for damping parts in different industrial contexts because of their remarkable dissipation properties. Indeed, they can undergo severe mechanical loading conditions, i.e., high strain rates and large strains. Nevertheless, the mechanical response of these materials can vary from purely rubber-like to glassy depending on the strain rate undergone. Classically, uniaxial tension tests are made in order to find a relation between the stress and the strain in the material at various strain rates. However, even if the strain rate is searched to be constant, it is the nominal strain rate that is considered. Here we develop a test at constant true strain rate, i.e. the strain rate that is experienced by the material. In order to do such a test, the displacement imposed by the machine is an exponential function of time. This test has been performed with a high speed hydraulic machine for strain rates between 0.01/s and 100/s. A specific specimen has been designed, yielding a uniform strain field (and so a uniform stress field. Furthermore, an instrumented aluminum bar has been used to take into account dynamic effects in the measurement of the applied force. A high speed camera enables the determination of strain in the sample using point tracking technique. Using this method, the stress-strain curve of a rubber-like material during a loading-unloading cycle has been determined, up to a stretch ratio λ = 2.5. The influence of the true strain rate both on stiffness and on dissipation of the material is then discussed.

  16. A true polar wander model for Neoproterozoic plate motions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ripperdan, R.L. (Weizmann Inst. of Science, Rehovot (Israel))


    Recent paleogeographic reconstructions for the interval 750--500 Ma (Neoproterozoic to Late Cambrian) require rapid rates of plate motion and/or rotation around an equatorial Euler pole to accommodate reconstructions for the Early Paleozoic. Motions of this magnitude appear to be very uncommon during the Phanerozoic. A model for plate motions based on the hypothesis that discrete intervals of rapid true polar wander (RTPW) occurred during the Neoproterozoic can account for the paleogeographic changes with minimum amounts of plate motion. The model uses the paleogeographic reconstructions of Hoffman (1991). The following constraints were applied during derivation of the model: (1) relative motions between major continental units were restricted to be combinations of great circle or small circle translations with Euler poles of rotation = spin axis; (2) maximum rates of relative translational plate motion were 0.2 m/yr. Based on these constraints, two separate sets of synthetic plate motion trajectories were determined. The sequence of events in both can be summarized as: (1) A rapid true polar wander event of ca 90[degree] rafting a supercontinent to the spin axis; (2) breakup of the polar supercontinent into two fragments, one with the Congo, West Africa, Amazonia, and Baltica cratons, the other with the Laurentia, East Gondwana, and Kalahari cratons; (3) great circle motion of the blocks towards the equator; (4) small circle motion leading to amalgamation of Gondwana and separation of Laurentia and Baltica. In alternative 1, rifting initiates between East Antarctica and Laurentia and one episode of RTPW is required. Alternative 2 requires two episodes of RTPW; and that rifting occurred first along the eastern margin and later along the western margin of Laurentia. Synthetic plate motion trajectories are compared to existing paleomagnetic and geological data, and implications of the model for paleoclimatic changes during the Neoproterozoic are discussed.

  17. Detailed 1 x 1 deg gravimetric Indian Ocean geoid and comparison with GEOS-3 radar altimeter geoid profiles (United States)

    Kahle, H.-G.; Chapman, M.; Talwani, M.


    A new set of 1 x 1 deg mean free-air anomalies in the Indian Ocean is determined on the basis of previously published free-air anomaly maps (Talwani and Kahle, 1975) and the most recent Lamont surface ship gravity measurements. The data are then used to compute a (total) 1 x 1 deg gravimetric Indian Ocean geoid. The computation is carried out by combining the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) GEM-6 geoid and a difference geoid that corresponds to the differences between the set of 1 x 1 deg surface gravity values and the GEM-6 gravity anomalies. The difference geoid is highest over the Madagascar Ridge (+20 m) and lowest over the Timor Trough (-30 m). The total geoid is compared with GEOS-3 radar altimeter-derived geoid profiles, and geophysical implications are discussed.

  18. Results of steel corrosion tests in flowing liquid Pb/Bi at 420-600 deg. C after 2000 h

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueller, G. E-mail:; Heinzel, A.; Konys, J.; Schumacher, G.; Weisenburger, A.; Zimmermann, F.; Engelko, V.; Rusanov, A.; Markov, V


    Corrosion tests were carried out on austenitic AISI 316L and 1.4970 steels and on MANET steel up to 2000 h of exposure to flowing (up to 2 m/s) Pb/Bi. The concentration of oxygen in the liquid alloy was controlled at 10{sup -6} wt%. Specimens consisted of tube and rod sections in original state and after alloying of Al into the surface. After 2000 h of exposure at 420 and 550 deg. C the specimen surfaces were covered with an intact oxide layer which provided a good protection against corrosion attack of the liquid Pb/Bi alloy. After the same time corrosion attack at 600 deg. C was severe at the original AISI 316L steel specimens. The alloyed specimens containing FeAl on the surface of the alloyed layer still maintained an intact oxide layer with good corrosion protection up to 600 deg. C.

  19. Narrow multibeam satellite ground station antenna employing a linear array with a geosynchronous arc coverage of 60 deg. I - Theory (United States)

    Amitay, N.; Gans, M. J.


    The feasibility of using an appropriately squinted linear scan in narrow multibeam satellite ground station antennas employing phased arrays is demonstrated. This linear scan has the potential of reducing the complexity of a narrow-beam planar array to that of a linear array. Calculations for such antennas placed at cities throughout the U.S. show that the peak beam pointing error in covering the 70 deg W to 130 deg W geosynchronous equatorial arc (GEA) is under 5/1000th of a degree. Communication at a 300 MBd rate in the 12/14 GHz band can be made feasible, for a grating lobe-free scan and 0.5 deg beamwidth antenna, by using a relatively simple time equalization.

  20. Development of a new correlation for estimating pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of MEG/DEG/water ternary mixture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarafraz M.M.


    Full Text Available Pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of monoethylene glycol (MEG, diethylene glycol (DEG and water ternary mixtures has been experimentally measured up to heat flux 114 kW/m2 at various volumetric concentrations of MEG and DEG. As expected, heat transfer coefficient was strongly taken as a direct function of heat flux. Existing well-known correlations are shown to be unable to predict the acceptable values for the tested ternary mixtures, particularly at different concentrations of MEG and DEG. Furthermore, a new modified correlation is developed on the basis of the Stephan - Preußer correlation that predicts the values of heat transfer coefficients with absolute average error of about 7% that is reasonable and acceptable values in compare to other existing correlations.

  1. Prevalence of Deg Nala disease in eastern India and its reproduction in buffaloes by feeding Fusarium oxysporum infested rice straw

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    P Dandapat; PK Nanda; S Bandyopadhyay; Anmol Kaushal; A Sikdar


    Objective: To undertake a study on prevalence of Deg Nala disease in eastern states of India and to reproduce the disease in buffaloes by the Fusarium spp., isolated from the affected region.Methods:During this investigation, a survey was conducted covering four states of eastern region to identify the Deg Nala cases as well as to isolate and characterize the causative agent(s). An experimental study was carried out to reproduce the disease in healthy male buffaloes (2-3 years age) by randomly dividing them into five groups (four in each group). Each individual group was fed with rice straw artificially infested with either of the two representative isolates ofFusarium oxysporum (F. oxysporum) (F01, F02) or representative reference strains of Fusarium equiseti (F. equiseti) (ITCCF-2470) and Fusarium moniliforme (F. moniliforme) (ITCCF-4821) for 30 days, whereas the control group was fed with normal rice straw only. Results: A total of 658 Deg Nala cases were recorded and 12 Fusarium isolates were identified from the mouldy rice straw collected from these affected areas. The characterization of the isolates revealed three species viz., F. oxysporum, F. equiseti and F. moniliforme, among which F. oxysporum was predominant. The disease was artificially reproduced in three buffaloes in F01 group and one in F02 group within 20-23 days by feeding F. oxysporum infested rice straw which resembled the clinical symptoms and gross lesions of natural Deg Nala cases. Conclusions: The field investigation and laboratory studies, including experimental production of Deg Nala disease suggest the possible involvement of mycotoxins. However, further investigations needs to be done to understand nature of the toxic factors involved in production of the Deg Nala disease.

  2. Convective heat-transfer rate distributions over a 140 deg blunt cone at hypersonic speeds in different gas environments (United States)

    Stewart, David A.; Chen, Y. K.


    Experiments were conducted in air, CO2, and CO2-argon gas mixtures to obtain heating distribution data over a 140 deg blunt cone with various corner radii. The effect of corner radius on the heating distribution over the forebody of the cone was included in the investigation. These experiments provide data for validation of two-dimensional axisymmetric and three-dimensional Navier-Stokes solutions. Heating distribution data and measured bow shock wave stand-off distances for 0 deg angle of attack were compared with predicted values using a two-dimensional axisymmetric Navier-Stokes code.

  3. Valutazione dell'affidabilità degli operatori per l'identificazione microscopica di peli di mammiferi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Ciucci


    Full Text Available La quantificazione dei resti indigesti contenuti negli escrementi è tra le tecniche più frequentemente utilizzate per studiare la dieta del lupo, dove il riconoscimento delle specie preda, nel caso dei mammiferi, si basa su caratteristiche microscopiche distintive del pelo. Tale tecnica, è tuttavia soggetta ad errori individuali nonostante l'esperienza dell'operatore e il ricorso a testi o collezioni di riferimento. Congiuntamente ad una mancata standardizzazione delle procedure di preparazione e trattamento del campione, queste fonti di errore possono alterare significativamente i risultati. Nell'ambito di un progetto UE-Life sull'ecologia del Lupo, in tre Parchi Regionali dell'Emilia-Romagna (2001-2004, abbiamo quindi applicato una procedura standardizzata per la selezione, raccolta, preparazione e trattamento dei campioni fecali di lupo ai fini dell'analisi della dieta. A tal fine è stato organizzato un corso di formazione da parte di docenti qualificati per un totale di 150 ore, suddiviso in moduli e articolato in esercitazioni e prove pratiche di autovalutazione. Al corso, e dopo un ulteriore periodo di esercitazioni individuali (ca. 300 ore/operatore, è quindi seguito un esame di identificazione che ha permesso di quantificare l'affidabilità di ciascun operatore. Il test per l'identificazione a livello di specie è stato basato su un campione di 120 peli, la cui specie di origine era ignota ai candidati (blind test, suddivisi tra ungulati selvatici (n=54: Capriolo, Cervo, Daino, Muflone, Cinghiale, ungulati domestici (n=21: bovini, ovini, caprini, equini, canidi (n= 18: lupo, cane, volpe e altre specie (n=27: lepre, marmotta, tasso, martora, faina, puzzola, gatto, scoiattolo, talpa, muridi. Un sottocampione di 65 peli è stato utilizzato per valutare l'affidabilità nel riconoscimento delle classi d'età (< 5 mesi, ≥ 5 mesi per le sole categorie degli ungulati selvatici (n=54 e degli

  4. Use of TrueBeam developer mode for imaging QA. (United States)

    Valdes, Gilmer; Morin, Olivier; Valenciaga, Yanisley; Kirby, Niel; Pouliot, Jean; Chuang, Cynthia


    The purpose of this study was to automate regular Imaging QA procedures to become more efficient and accurate. Daily and monthly imaging QA for SRS and SBRT protocols were fully automated on a Varian linac. A three-step paradigm where the data are automatically acquired, processed, and analyzed was defined. XML scripts were written and used in developer mode in a TrueBeam linac to automatically acquire data. MATLAB R013B was used to develop an interface that could allow the data to be processed and analyzed. Hardware was developed that allowed the localization of several phantoms simultaneously on the couch. 14 KV CBCTs from the Emma phantom were obtained using a TrueBeam onboard imager as example of data acquisition and analysis. The images were acquired during two months. Artifacts were artificially introduced in the images during the reconstruction process using iTool reconstructor. Support vector machine algorithms to automatically identify each artifact were written using the Machine Learning MATLAB R2011 Toolbox. A daily imaging QA test could be performed by an experienced medical physicist in 14.3 ± 2.4 min. The same test, if automated using our paradigm, could be performed in 4.2 ± 0.7 min. In the same manner, a monthly imaging QA could be performed by a physicist in 70.7 ± 8.0 min and, if fully automated, in 21.8 ± 0.6 min. Additionally, quantitative data analysis could be automatically performed by Machine Learning Algorithms that could remove the subjectivity of data interpretation in the QA process. For instance, support vector machine algorithms could correctly identify beam hardening, rings and scatter artifacts. Traditional metrics, as well as metrics that describe texture, are needed for the classification. Modern linear accelerators are equipped with advanced 2D and 3D imaging capabilities that are used for patient alignment, substantially improving IGRT treatment accuracy. However, this extra complexity exponentially increases the number of QA

  5. True beam commissioning experience at Nordland Hospital Trust, Norway

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daci, Lulzime, E-mail: [Nordland Hospital Trust, Bodø (Norway); Malkaj, Partizan, E-mail: [Faculty of Mathematics Engineering and Physics Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania)


    To evaluate the measured of all photon beam data of first Varian True Beam version 2.0 slim model, recently commissioned at Nordland Hospital Trust, Bodø. To compare and evaluate the possibility of beam matching with the Clinac2300, for the energies of 6MV and 15 MV. Materials/Methods: Measurements of PDD, OAR, and Output factors were realized with the IBA Blue-phantom with different detectors and evaluated between them for all photon energies: 6MV, 15MV, 6MV FFF and 10MV FFF. The ionization chambers used were Pin Point CC01, CC04, Semiflex CC13 and photon diode by Iba dosimetry. The data were processed using Beizer algorithm with a resolution of 1 mm. The measured depth dose curves, diagonals, OAR, and output factors were imported into Eclipse in order to calculate beam data for the anisotropic analytical algorithm (AAA version 10.0.28) for both the dataset measured with CC04 and CC13 and compared. The model head of 23EX was selected as the most near model to True Beam as a restriction of our version of Aria. It was seen that better results were achieved with the CC04 measured data as a result of better resolution. For the biggest field after 10 cm depth a larger difference is seen between measured and calculated for both dataset, but it is within the criteria for acceptance. Results: The Beam analysis criteria of 2 mm at 50% dose is achieved for all the fields accept for 40x40 that is within 3%. Depth difference at maximum dose is within 1 mm for all the fields and dose difference at 100 mm and 200 mm is lower than 1% for or all the fields. The PDD between two machines for all the fields differ after Dmax with less than 1%. For profiles in the field zone and outside field the difference is within 1% for all the fields. In the penumbra region the difference is from 2% up to 12% for big fields. As for diagonals they differ as a result of the head construction at the edge of the field and the penumbra region. The output factors differ for big fields

  6. True beam commissioning experience at Nordland Hospital Trust, Norway (United States)

    Daci, Lulzime; Malkaj, Partizan


    To evaluate the measured of all photon beam data of first Varian True Beam version 2.0 slim model, recently commissioned at Nordland Hospital Trust, Bodø. To compare and evaluate the possibility of beam matching with the Clinac2300, for the energies of 6MV and 15 MV. Materials/Methods: Measurements of PDD, OAR, and Output factors were realized with the IBA Blue-phantom with different detectors and evaluated between them for all photon energies: 6MV, 15MV, 6MV FFF and 10MV FFF. The ionization chambers used were Pin Point CC01, CC04, Semiflex CC13 and photon diode by Iba dosimetry. The data were processed using Beizer algorithm with a resolution of 1 mm. The measured depth dose curves, diagonals, OAR, and output factors were imported into Eclipse in order to calculate beam data for the anisotropic analytical algorithm (AAA version 10.0.28) for both the dataset measured with CC04 and CC13 and compared. The model head of 23EX was selected as the most near model to True Beam as a restriction of our version of Aria. It was seen that better results were achieved with the CC04 measured data as a result of better resolution. For the biggest field after 10 cm depth a larger difference is seen between measured and calculated for both dataset, but it is within the criteria for acceptance. Results: The Beam analysis criteria of 2 mm at 50% dose is achieved for all the fields accept for 40x40 that is within 3%. Depth difference at maximum dose is within 1 mm for all the fields and dose difference at 100 mm and 200 mm is lower than 1% for or all the fields. The PDD between two machines for all the fields differ after Dmax with less than 1%. For profiles in the field zone and outside field the difference is within 1% for all the fields. In the penumbra region the difference is from 2% up to 12% for big fields. As for diagonals they differ as a result of the head construction at the edge of the field and the penumbra region. The output factors differ for big fields within 5% and

  7. True-sky demonstration of an autonomous star tracker (United States)

    van Bezooijen, Roelof W.


    An autonomous star tracker (AST) is basically a `star field in, attitude out' device capable of determining its attitude without requiring any a priori attitude knowledge. In addition to this attitude acquisition capability, an AST can perform attitude updates autonomously and is able to provide its attitude `continuously' while tracking a star field. The Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory is developing a reliable, low-cost, miniature AST that has a one arcsec overall accuracy, weighs less than 1.5 kg, consumes less than 7 watts of power, and is sufficiently sensitive to be used at all sky locations. The device performs attitude acquisition in a fraction of a second and outputs its attitude at a 10 Hz rate when operating in its tracking mode. Besides providing the functionality needed for future advanced attitude control and navigation systems, an AST also improves spacecraft reliability, mass, power, cost, and operating expenses. The AST comprises a-thermalized, refractive optics, a frame-transfer CCD with a sensitive area of 1024 by 1024 pixels, camera electronics implemented with application- specific integrated circuits, a compact single board computer with a radiation hard 32 bit RISC processor, and an all-sky guide star database. Star identification is performed by a memory- efficient and highly robust algorithm that finds the largest group of observed stars matching a group of guide stars. An important milestone has recently been achieved with the validation of the attitude acquisition capability through correct and rapid identification of all 704 true-sky star fields obtained at the Lick Observatory, using an uncalibrated prototype AST with a 512 by 1024 pixel frame-transfer CCD and a 50 mm f/1.2 lens that provided an effective 6.5 by 13.2 degree field of view. The overlapping fields cover 47% of the sky, including both rich and sparse areas. The paper contains a description of the AST, a summary of the functions enabled or improved by the device, an

  8. Fault Rock Zones Characterisation - Final report. TRUE-1 Continuation Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Winberg, Anders (ed.) (Conterra AB (Sweden))


    At the conclusion of the TRUE-1 and TRUE Block Scale experimental programmes at the Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory one remaining identified uncertainty was the in situ internal structure of conductive structures, and in particular the in situ material properties of unconsolidated fault gouge of such conductive structures. With the aim of reducing these uncertainties an experimental program has been conducted at depth in the Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory. Four conductive structures in the immediate vicinity of the Aespoe tunnel were identified for further study. Following basic geometrical and geological modelling based on tunnel observations, geological/ mineralogical and hydrogeological investigations in four boreholes at each site, epoxy resin was injected in selected packed off borehole sections containing the structure. Following a sufficient time for curing of the epoxy, the injected borehole 72 mm sections were overcored with a 300 mm core barrel. Customised techniques were employed to section the core in the borehole and for its retrieval out of the borehole. Following basic geological mapping, selected overcores were sectioned and were subject to image analysis to assess the pore structure using a variety of different descriptive geometrical attributes. In addition, an attempt was made to infer the porosity of the fault rock (including fault gouge) using binary images. Since analysis has been made on multiple slices of impregnated rock it is also possible to crudely map the 3D variability of a given entity. It was furthermore identified that porosity estimates, which range from some 10-70% are, apart from being dependent on the penetration of the epoxy, dependent on the resolution of the given image, the size of the averaging window, and the porosity components contained therein. The obtained quantifications of porosity can therefore only be regarded as ball-park relative porosities of a complete fault rock zones. It does not, however, provide firm

  9. Il disagio degli insegnanti tra psicologia e pedagogia: una indagine multidimensionale sul fenomeno del burnout

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Botticelli


    Full Text Available A partire da un minuzioso esame della letteratura internazionale sui diversi versanti che costituiscono gli elementi chiave di questa ricerca (stress lavoro-correlato, burnout, formazione insegnanti il lavoro vuole analizzare il fenomeno del burnout degli insegnanti come fenomeno multi dimensionale. Si raggiunge questo obiettivo a partire dalla concezione del burnout come risultato di stress lavoro-correlato che si muove su dimensioni plurime, aventi carattere sia soggettivo che organizzativo. Per l‘apprezzamento delle prime sono stati utilizzati il Maslach Burnout Inventory (Maslach e Jackson 1986; validazione italiana Sirigatti e Stefanile, 1993; sul versante della salute organizzativa il Multidimensional Organizational Health Questionnaire (MOHQ; Avallone e Paplomatas 2005; sul versante dei principali sintomi lamentati dal campione di ricerca la Sympton Check List (SCL-90; Derogatis, 1977 e infine sulla percezione di sé Adjective Check List (ACL; Gough 1949; valid. It. Gough, Heilbrun, e Fioravanti, 1980 nella modalità di Sé reale . Il campione era costituito da 52 docenti di cui 28 maschi (53,8% e 24 femmine (46,2%. 50 anni l‘età media dei soggetti interpellati. L‘analisi dei risultati mostra la necessità di soluzioni al problema secondo più dimensioni e anche di una lettura pedagogica del fenomeno nel suo intrecciarsi con le dinamiche alla base della socialità contemporanea. Tale lettura e le soluzioni proposte si inscrivono infatti nel contesto ampio delle trasformazioni che investono a livello globale il mondo dell‘istruzione e la società nel suo complesso, generando un disagio che si coagula intorno alla perdita di senso del proprio essere nel mondo, quindi anche sul senso delle attività lavorative e dell‘educazione. Il contributo pedagogico è orientato quindi alla ricerca di senso da un lato, e al contrasto a livello istituzionale di pratiche volte a fare dell‘educazione un mercato e del suo assessment uno


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annamaria Aquilino


    Full Text Available L’intensità del fenomeno migratorio in Italia suscita una riflessione critica sui bisogni linguistici di un  nuovo pubblico di apprendenti, spinti verso la conoscenza della lingua italiana da una forte esigenza di integrazione sociale. L’articolo presenta l’elaborazione di un questionario come strumento d’indagine essenziale per la rilevazione dei bisogni comunicativi degli immigrati adulti. Progettato nell’ambito di un corso di italiano L2  presso il CTP di Rozzano (Milano e sottoposto a un campione di 24 stranieri, il questionario si  è rivelato molto utile per la definizione del profilo dei singoli apprendenti e dell’intera classe che, caratterizzata da una grande differenziazione, non è sempre facile da gestire. L’interpretazione finale dei dati ha messo in luce non solo gli elementi di diversità ma ha anche permesso di cogliere alcuni tratti omogenei molto interessanti, indispensabili per la programmazione del percorso didattico, che sarà tanto efficace quanto più si adatterà alla realtà psicologica e socio-culturale degli apprendenti.     Questionnaire design to Survey the communicative needs of adult immigrants   Widespread immigration in Italy has brought about critical reflection on the linguistic needs of a new group of learners, highly motivated to learn the Italian language because of their strong need for social integration.  This article presents the designing of a questionnaire as an essential tool for surveying the communicative needs of adult immigrants.  Designed for an Italian L2 course held at the CTP in Rozzano (Milano and administered to 24 foreigners, the questionnaire was very useful for defining the profile of the single learners and the whole class group, which was dissimilar, and thus not the easiest to conduct.  The final interpretation of the data brought to light not only the elements of diversity but they also allowed us to recognize a few interesting common traits, essential for

  11. Having One's Cake and Eating It, Too: Combining True Experiments with Regression Discontinuity Designs (United States)

    Mandell, Marvin B.


    Both true experiments and regression discontinuity (RD) designs produce unbiased estimates of effects. However, true experiments are, of course, often criticized on equity grounds, whereas RD designs entail sacrifices in terms of statistical precision. In this article, a hybrid of true experiments and RD designs is considered. This hybrid entails…

  12. True unipolar ECG machine for Wilson Central Terminal measurements. (United States)

    Gargiulo, Gaetano D


    Since its invention (more than 80 years ago), modern electrocardiography has employed a supposedly stable voltage reference (with little variation during the cardiac cycle) for half of the signals. This reference, known by the name of "Wilson Central Terminal" in honor of its inventor, is obtained by averaging the three active limb electrode voltages measured with respect to the return ground electrode. However, concerns have been raised by researchers about problems (biasing and misdiagnosis) associated with the ambiguous value and behavior of this reference voltage, which requires perfect and balanced contact of at least four electrodes to work properly. The Wilson Central Terminal has received scant research attention in the last few decades even though consideration of recent widespread medical practice (limb electrodes are repositioned closer to the torso for resting electrocardiography) has also sparkled concerns about the validity and diagnostic fitness of leads not referred to the Wilson Central Terminal. Using a true unipolar electrocardiography device capable of precisely measuring the Wilson Central Terminal, we show its unpredictable variability during the cardiac cycle and confirm that the integrity of cardinal leads is compromised as well as the Wilson Central Terminal when limb electrodes are placed close to the torso.

  13. True Unipolar ECG Machine for Wilson Central Terminal Measurements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gaetano D. Gargiulo


    Full Text Available Since its invention (more than 80 years ago, modern electrocardiography has employed a supposedly stable voltage reference (with little variation during the cardiac cycle for half of the signals. This reference, known by the name of “Wilson Central Terminal” in honor of its inventor, is obtained by averaging the three active limb electrode voltages measured with respect to the return ground electrode. However, concerns have been raised by researchers about problems (biasing and misdiagnosis associated with the ambiguous value and behavior of this reference voltage, which requires perfect and balanced contact of at least four electrodes to work properly. The Wilson Central Terminal has received scant research attention in the last few decades even though consideration of recent widespread medical practice (limb electrodes are repositioned closer to the torso for resting electrocardiography has also sparkled concerns about the validity and diagnostic fitness of leads not referred to the Wilson Central Terminal. Using a true unipolar electrocardiography device capable of precisely measuring the Wilson Central Terminal, we show its unpredictable variability during the cardiac cycle and confirm that the integrity of cardinal leads is compromised as well as the Wilson Central Terminal when limb electrodes are placed close to the torso.

  14. True polar wander of Enceladus from topographic data (United States)

    Tajeddine, Radwan; Soderlund, Krista M.; Thomas, Peter C.; Helfenstein, Paul; Hedman, Matthew M.; Burns, Joseph A.; Schenk, Paul M.


    Many objects in the solar system are suspected to have experienced reorientation of their spin axes. As their rotation rates are slow and their shapes are nearly spherical, the formation of mass anomalies, by either endogenic or exogenic processes, can change objects' moments of inertia. Therefore, the objects reorient to align their largest moment of inertia with their spin axis. Such a phenomenon is called True Polar Wander (TPW). Here we report the discovery of a global series of topographic lows on Saturn's satellite Enceladus that we interpret to show that this synchronously locked moon has undergone TPW by ∼55° about the tidal axis. We use improved topographic data from the spherical harmonic expansion of Cassini limb and stereogrammetric measurements to characterize regional topography over the surface of Enceladus. We identify a group of nearly antipodal basins orthogonal to a basin chain tracing a non-equatorial circumglobal belt across Enceladus' surface. We argue that the belt and the antipodal regions are fossil remnants of earlier equator and poles, respectively. We argue that these lows arise from isostasic compensation and that their pattern reflects spatial variations in internal dynamics of the ice shell. Our hypothesis is consistent with a variety of geological features visible in Cassini images.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana-Maria MARCULESCU


    Full Text Available Acting in a social and economic environment in a continuous movement and transformation, accounting is experiencing with new situations, in its attempt to answer all functions and information users that it generates, making it an important arbitration instrument in the game of those involved in business world. The main characteristic of accounting is represented by providing useful information retrodictive and predictive in an efficient and economic decision process regarding the economic entity's financial position and accounting performance. Under these circumstances, the information must not contain significant errors, is not biased, and users can be confident that it accurately represents what they proposed to represent, or what is expected, in a reasonably manner to be. Fair and true view seen as an ideal to which any professional accountant should aim, seems to be more difficult to achieve under the current conditions, in which fiscal pressure is more and more unbearable and top management is more and more willing to make compromises that sometimes are at a legal limit. In theory, it is well known that registrations and accounting reports must provide a clear image, honest, fair and full on the assets, financial position and results of the entity. In practice, contrary to ethical principles, more and more "servants" of the accounting profession are either willing, or forced to submit distorted accounting information giving the impression of calmness to a disastrous situation.

  16. True Niacin Deficiency in Quinolinic Acid Phosphoribosyltransferase (QPRT) Knockout Mice. (United States)

    Shibata, Katsumi


    Pyridine nucleotide coenzymes (PNCs) are involved in over 500 enzyme reactions. PNCs are biosynthesized from the amino acid L-tryptophan (L-Trp), as well as the vitamin niacin. Hence, "true" niacin-deficient animals cannot be "created" using nutritional techniques. We wanted to establish a truly niacin-deficient model animal using a protocol that did not involve manipulating dietary L-Trp. We generated mice that are missing the quinolinic acid phosphoribosyltransferase (QPRT) gene. QPRT activity was not detected in qprt(-/-)mice. The qprt(+/+), qprt(+/-) or qprt(-/-) mice (8 wk old) were fed a complete diet containing 30 mg nicotinic acid (NiA) and 2.3 g L-Trp/kg diet or an NiA-free diet containing 2.3 g L-Trp/kg diet for 23 d. When qprt(-/-)mice were fed a complete diet, food intake and body weight gain did not differ from those of the qprt(+/+) and the qprt(+/-) mice. On the other hand, in the qprt(-/-) mice fed the NiA-free diet, food intake and body weight were reduced to 60% (pniacin such as blood and liver NAD concentrations were also lower in the qprt(-/-) mice than in the qprt(+/+) and the qprt(+/-) mice. Urinary excretion of quinolinic acid was greater in the qprt(-/-) mice than in the qprt(+/+) and the qprt(+/-) mice (pniacin-deficient mice.

  17. [Maternity in adolescence: a dream come true and future expectation]. (United States)

    de Andrade, Paula Rosenberg; Ribeiro, Circéa Amalia; Ohara, Conceição Vieira da Silva


    This qualitative study aimed at describing the reasons that motivate an adolescent to get pregnant and her expectations about the future after the child's birth. Symbolic Interactionism was used as theoretical framework and Grounded Theory as the methodological one. Eight adolescent mothers aged between 15 and 19 years who lived the experience of caring for their children took part in the study. Data collection tools were observant participation and semi-structured interviews. Data analysis revealed that becoming a mother is an experience that might be desired and even planned. Furthermore, data showed that after the child's birth, the adolescent continues to have expectations of self-realization in order to provide a better future for herself and for her child, as revealed by the categories: Making a dream come true and Having expectations about the future. The full understanding of this experience will contribute to the practice of all professionals that provide assistance to pregnant and adolescent mothers at different levels of healthcare.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭丽娜; 刘丹华; 田秦杰


    The gonadal histopathology, and its correlation with the clinical features has been investigated in 9 true hermaphroditism patients, aged 5-21 yr. Seven of 9 patients had been raised as females, of which the chromosomal karyotype was 46XX in 5 cases, 46XX/46XY and 46XX/47XXY in 2 cases. Two of 9 patients were raised as males, the chromosomal karyotypes being 46XX and 46XX/46XY. All 9 patients had testieular tissue excised, and biopsies of the conserved ovaxian tissue were performed. Ovotestis was the most common form of the abnormal gonads; two of 9 patients had bilateral ovotestes, seven had unilsteral ovotestes (5 in right side, 2 in left side). In seven patients with a unilateral ovotestis, 6 had a contralateral ovary and one had a contralateral testis. Microscopically, the ovarian tissue of 11 ovotestes, including 6 biopsies from contealateral ovaris, were normal, with many primordal follicles and a few growing follicles.In two of the patients, aged over 15 years, evidence of ovulation was observed. In comparison, the testicular tissue of the ovotestis and the one left inguinal testis was histologically abnormal, with immature seminiferous tubbers, most of which filled with Sertoli cells only, Three of 9 patients married after surgical treatment. Two of these subsequently conceived and delivered of normal infants by cesarean section.

  19. Morality, Ethics and True Image in Business Accounting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ionel BOSTAN


    Full Text Available By its nature, the accounting field is in a close connection with ethics, morality and religion. The concepts of morality, ethics and religion are closely connected to each other and at the same time they are complementary. How many bankrupts occurred in economy and how many human dramas could be avoided if morality should have been present? How many rich people could be aware of the sufferings of the majority if the ethics of business would have been known to them? In our everyday living, all over the world and maybe especially in our Romanian space, we very much need a “minima moralia” in the businesses field. The fiddle from the public money, the fiscal evasion, reprogrammed payments and payment exemptions represent main objectives when starting the serious campaign of the moral sanitation in the business field. The temptation of money appeared the same time as “scene” entering of this sign of value. The mirage of the fortune has the same age with “homo oeconomicus”. The true image, as a criterion of performance of the accounting field, is basal established on the concepts of ethical and moral nature: truth, honesty, regularity, reality, neutrality, continuity, permanency, etc. The achievement of the accounting truth claims, in equal parts, serious elements of professionalism. A real “fire test” for us is to prove through real facts the absolute governing of an unwritten law: we have to say what we think and, mostly, we must do what we say.

  20. The quest for a true One Health perspective of brucellosis. (United States)

    Godfroid, J; DeBolle, X; Roop, R M; O'Callaghan, D; Tsolis, R M; Baldwin, C; Santos, R L; McGiven, J; Olsen, S; Nymo, I H; Larsen, A; Al Dahouk, S; Letesson, J J


    One Health is an interdisciplinary collaboration that aims at mitigating risks to human health arising from microorganisms present in non-human animal species, which have the potential to be transmitted and cause disease in humans. Different degrees of scientific collaboration and sectoral integration are needed for different types of zoonotic diseases, depending on the health and associated economic gains that can be expected from a One Health approach. Indeed, mitigating zoonotic risks related to emerging diseases with pandemic potential is different from mitigating risks related to endemic zoonotic diseases like brucellosis. Likewise, management of brucellosis at the wildlife-livestock interface in wildlife conservation areas is in essence different from mitigating transmission of a given Brucella species within its preferential host species, which in turn is different from mitigating the spillover of a given Brucella species to non-preferential host species, humans included. Brucellosis economic models often oversimplify and/or wrongly assess transmission between reservoir hosts and spillover hosts. Moreover,they may not properly value non-market outcomes, such as avoidance of human disease, consumer confidence and conservation biology issues. As a result, uncertainty is such that the economic predictions of these models can be questionable. Therefore, understanding the infection biology of Brucella species is a prerequisite. This paper reviews and highlights important features of the infection biology of Brucella species and the changing epidemiology of brucellosis that need to be integrated into a true One Health perspective of brucellosis.

  1. Identifying All True Vessels from Segmented Retinal Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Delucta Mary


    Full Text Available Measurements of retinal blood vessel morphology have been shown to be related to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The wrong identification of vessels may result in a large variation of these measurements, leading to a wrong clinical diagnosis Both the arteries and veins of the retina are generally binary trees, whose properties can be considered either locally or globally. Measurable geometrical changes in diameter, branching angle, length, or tortuosity, as a result of disease, have been described in retinal blood vessels. The detection and measurement of retinal blood vessels can be used to quantify the severity of disease such as hypertension, stroke and arteriosclerosis, as part of the process of automated diagnosis of disease or in the assessment of the progression of therapy. Thus, a reliable method of vessel detection and quantification would be valuable. In this paper, we address the problem of identifying true vessels as a postprocessing step to vascular structure segmentation. We model the segmented vascular structure as a vessel segment graph and formulate the problem of identifying vessels as one of finding the optimal forest in the graph given a set of constraints.

  2. Type I restriction endonucleases are true catalytic enzymes. (United States)

    Bianco, Piero R; Xu, Cuiling; Chi, Min


    Type I restriction endonucleases are intriguing, multifunctional complexes that restrict DNA randomly, at sites distant from the target sequence. Restriction at distant sites is facilitated by ATP hydrolysis-dependent, translocation of double-stranded DNA towards the stationary enzyme bound at the recognition sequence. Following restriction, the enzymes are thought to remain associated with the DNA at the target site, hydrolyzing copious amounts of ATP. As a result, for the past 35 years type I restriction endonucleases could only be loosely classified as enzymes since they functioned stoichiometrically relative to DNA. To further understand enzyme mechanism, a detailed analysis of DNA cleavage by the EcoR124I holoenzyme was done. We demonstrate for the first time that type I restriction endonucleases are not stoichiometric but are instead catalytic with respect to DNA. Further, the mechanism involves formation of a dimer of holoenzymes, with each monomer bound to a target sequence and, following cleavage, each dissociates in an intact form to bind and restrict subsequent DNA molecules. Therefore, type I restriction endonucleases, like their type II counterparts, are true enzymes. The conclusion that type I restriction enzymes are catalytic relative to DNA has important implications for the in vivo function of these previously enigmatic enzymes.

  3. True-personality-assisted self-awareness expert system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laleuf, M.


    Based on psychoanalytic theory, the Who am I expert system explains in simple terms the individual's true personality, even it its unconscious or hidden aspects. Our overt personality traits are deeply rooted. The Who am I expert system gives access to an individual's primary personality, starting from his habitual everyday-life behavior: (1) describes the individual's basic personality, (2) explains this personality through the individual's deeply rooted experience and motivation, and (3) makes links with other people with a similar profile. The following are the primary features of the system: easy individual access, results in <20 minutes, and guaranteed confidentiality. Business applications include the following: (1) Individual training: Self-awareness improves a person's ability to fit in and to succeed within the group. (2) Communication: a homogeneous team has a better chance of success. (3) Human reliability: A close-knit team remains reliable even when faced with serious difficulties. (4) Recruitment: This technique enables the selection of individuals who will fit an existing homogeneous team. The system also enables a psychological diagnosis to be confirmed.

  4. Management of unilateral true vocal cord paralysis in children. (United States)

    Setlur, Jennifer; Hartnick, Christopher J


    Historically, information gained from the treatment of unilateral true vocal cord paralysis (UVCP) in adults was the same used to treat children. Today, there is a growing body of literature aimed specifically at the treatment of this condition in children. It is an area of growing interest as UVCP can significantly impact a child's quality of life. Children with UVCP may present with stridor, dysphonia, aspiration, feeding difficulties, or a combination of these symptoms. Diagnosis relies on laryngoscopy, but other adjuncts such as ultrasound and laryngeal electromyography may also be helpful in making the diagnosis and forming a treatment plan. In many instances, there is effective compensation by the contralateral vocal fold, making surgical intervention unnecessary. Children who cannot compensate for a unilateral defect may suffer from significant dysphonia that can affect their quality of life because their ability to be understood may be diminished. In these patients, treatment in the form of medialization or reinnervation of the affected recurrent laryngeal nerve may be warranted. UVCP is a well recognized problem in pediatric patients with disordered voice and feeding problems. Some patients will spontaneously recover their laryngeal function. For those who do not, a variety of reliable techniques are available for rehabilitative treatment. Improved diagnostics and a growing understanding of prognosis can help guide therapy decisions along with the goals and desires of the patient and his or her family.

  5. [Neurological Signs and Symptoms of True Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome]. (United States)

    Higashihara, Mana; Konoeda, Fumie; Sonoo, Masahiro


    Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a well-known disorder, but many aspects of its pathology, including its definition, has been disputed. True neurogenic TOS (TN-TOS) is a rare but well-defined clinical condition. TN-TOS results from the compression of the C8/T1 roots (dominant for the T1 root) or the proximal lower trunk of the brachial plexus by a fibrous band. The band extends from the first rib to either the tip of an elongated C7 transverse process or a rudimentary cervical rib. The most common presenting symptoms of TN-TOS are insidious-onset atrophy and weakness of the intrinsic hand muscles, predominantly in the thenar eminence and radial digit flexors. Nerve conduction studies demonstrate pathognomonic findings: severely attenuated compound muscle action potential of the abductor pollicis brevis muscle, and usually, loss of the sensory nerve action potential of the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve. Numbness and sensory loss are typically observed, mainly in the medial forearm, although they are usually mild, and may be absent in some patients. Severe pain or paresthesia proximal to the elbow is not observed. The classical concept of TOS underlie nonspecific neurogenic TOS. It has been primarily diagnosed using provocative maneuvers. However, there is controversy regarding its pathological conceptualization and existence, as objective evidence of the disease is still lacking.

  6. A new, unique signature of the true cusp

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. R. Keith

    Full Text Available The "cusp proper" is generally understood to be the region enclosed by the outermost magnetospheric field lines as they map to low altitudes. It is therefore a weak-field region with continuous contact with magnetosheath plasma. Data from the recent Astrid-2 Swedish microsatellite are presented which show a new, unique signature (dubbed the "true cusp" during cusp crossings that can now be shown to be consistently present and with which one can redefine the physical meaning and topology of the cusp. Similar crossings made by the DE-2, UARS and DMSP-F10 satellites also show this same, unique signature although in most cases the spatial resolution was much less than that of the Astrid-2 MEDUSA spectrometer. The presence of concurrent features of the same scale size as the plasma in the energetic particle, field and wave power data shows that this is a real structural feature and not a coincidental structure among plasma instruments. The persistence of this feature may lend new insight into the dynamics of the cusp and magnetospheric particle entry.

    Key words. Magnetospheric physics (magnetopause, cusp, arid boundary layers; magnetospheric configuration and dynamics

  7. True metabolizable energy of moist-soil seeds (United States)

    Checkett, J.M.; Drobney, R.D.; Petrie, M.J.; Graber, D.A.


    Habitat objectives for migrating and wintering waterfowl are often established by converting population energy demands into an equivalent measure of foraging habitat. In some areas, seeds produced from moist-soil plants provide a significant proportion of the energy available to waterfowl. To accurately establish habitat objectives for migrating and wintering waterfowl, managers must estimate seed production from moist-soil plants and have information on metabolizable energy (ME) of moist-soil seeds. Although methods for estimating seed production have been developed, ME has been determined for few natural seeds. We determined true metabolizable energy (TME) of 10 moist-soil seeds commonly consumed by wintering and migrating ducks. TME estimates were similar (P>0.05) for hairy crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis; 3.09 kcal/g), little hairy crabgrass (D. ischaemum; 3.10 kcal/g), pigweed (Amaranthus spp.; 2.97 kcal/g), yellow foxtail (Setaria lutescens; 2.88 kcal/g), fall panicum (Panicum dichotomiflorum; 2.75 kcal/g), curly dock (Rumex crispus; 2.68 kcal/g), and wild millet (Echinochloa crusgalli; 2.61 kcal/g), but less (P<0.05) for beakrush (Rynchospora corniculata; 1.86 kcal/g), paspalum (Paspalum laeve; 1.57 kcal/g), and nodding or curltop ladysthumb smartweed (Polygonum lapathifolium; 1.52 kcal/g). TME values determined for moist-soil seeds in this study will allow managers to accurately estimate carrying capacity of waterfowl habitats.

  8. Characterizing the True Background Corona with SDO/AIA (United States)

    Napier, Kate; Winebarger, Amy; Alexander, Caroline


    Characterizing the nature of the solar coronal background would enable scientists to more accurately determine plasma parameters, and may lead to a better understanding of the coronal heating problem. Because scientists study the 3D structure of the Sun in 2D, any line of sight includes both foreground and background material, and thus, the issue of background subtraction arises. By investigating the intensity values in and around an active region, using multiple wavelengths collected from the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) over an eight-hour period, this project aims to characterize the background as smooth or structured. Different methods were employed to measure the true coronal background and create minimum intensity images. These were then investigated for the presence of structure. The background images created were found to contain long-lived structures, including coronal loops, that were still present in all of the wavelengths, 193 Angstroms,171 Angstroms,131 Angstroms, and 211 Angstroms. The intensity profiles across the active region indicate that the background is much more structured than previously thought.

  9. Genetic monandry in 6 viviparous species of true sea snakes. (United States)

    Lukoschek, Vimoksalehi; Avise, John C


    Using a suite of 10 highly variable microsatellite loci, we conducted genetic paternity analyses for 76 embryos in the broods of 12 pregnant females representing 6 viviparous species of true sea snakes (Hydrophis clade) in the family Elapidae. To our surprise, we uncovered no evidence for multiple paternity within any of the clutches despite the fact that the genetic markers showed high intraspecific heterozygosities and as many as 20 conspecific alleles per locus. This outcome stands in sharp contrast to the rather high (but also variable) frequency of multiple paternity previously reported in many other reptilian species. However, because our study appears to be the first assessment of genetic parentage for any sea snake species (and indeed for any member of the elapid clade), we can only speculate as to whether this apparent monandry by females is a broader phylogenetic characteristic of elapid snakes or whether it might relate somehow to the sea snakes' peculiar lifestyle that uniquely combines viviparity with a marine existence.

  10. Non-Local Signal in Quasi-2DEG of LAO/STO (United States)

    Jin, Mi-Jin; Moon, Seon Young; Modepalli, Vijayakumar; Jo, Junhyeon; Park, Jungmin; Baek, Seung-Hyub; Yoo, Jung-Woo


    Electron gas arizen at the insulating oxide interfaces exhibits high electron mobility, tunable carrier densities and related unique behaviors such as coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism, Kondo resistance, etc. Itinerant electrons at the oxide hetero-interface are predicted to have long spin diffusion length, while they are under the relatively strong Rashba-type spin orbit coupling due to inversion symmetry breaking. We studied non-local spin signal induced by spin orbit coupling with additional gate-controlled Rashba field in quasi-2DEG of LaAlO3/SrTiO (LAO/STO) interface. We fabricated simple hall-bar like geometry to measure non-local signal with the variation of channel length (2 ~ 10 μm). Cleaned sample was patterned using e-beam lithography and reactive ion etching followed by oxygen treatment to anneal out oxygen vacancies. When an electric current flows one line of the hall bar structure, spin orbit coupling will induce the current flow away from the source current channel via spin hall and inverse spin hall effects. The non-local signals were studied under different angles of magnetic field and the variation of applied gate voltage. This work was supported by a grant from (No. 1.140092.01) funded by the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.

  11. La ballata E5 e le sue varianti nel codice degli abbozzi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giulia Ravera


    Full Text Available La ballata petrarchesca Amor, che ’n cielo e ’n cor gentile alberghi (E5, composta per il musico Confortino e destinata alla definitiva esclusione dal Canzoniere, è un componimento profondamente complesso, oltre che caratterizzato da un’intrigante vicenda redazionale. E5 appare infatti imperniata sull’ambiguità tra due poli opposti, amoroso e religioso, in un gioco di contrapposizioni che rende difficile scegliere in via definitiva tra un’interpretazione sentimentale ed una lettura morale o addirittura penitenziale. La ballata è inoltre caratterizzata dall’evidente ed esteso riuso della tradizione lirica ed in particolare dei modelli stilnovistici, non solo e non tanto sul piano degli stilemi e delle immagini, quanto in termini di concezione amorosa. Il rapporto con queste fonti risulta problematico, tra ripresa e negazione, e rappresenta un ulteriore nodo significativo rispetto all’interpretazione del componimento. La graduale evoluzione della ballata, di cui possono essere identificate per lo meno tre versioni distinte, sembra accentuare gli elementi di complessità e le sovrapposizioni semantiche. Infine, l’analisi formale e contenutistica di E5 favorisce la formulazione, pur senza pretesa di certezza, di ipotesi sulle ragioni della sua sorte extravagante

  12. Electrochemical characterisation of nickel-based alloys in sulphate solutions at 320 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Le Canut, J.-M.; Maximovitch, S. E-mail:; Dalard, F


    Nickel alloy steam generator tubes of pressurized water reactors (PWR) are sensitive to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and the possibility of predicting SCC from electrochemical measurements is of considerable interest for nuclear industry. The electrochemical properties of several nickel-based alloys were studied at 320 deg. C in sulphate solutions at neutral or slightly alkaline pH from corrosion potential measurements, polarisation curves and polarisation resistance (R{sub p}) measurements by linear voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The passive layers were much more stable in neutral conditions, due to the presence of chromium oxide, and alloys 600TT and 690 showed the best passivity. R{sub p} measurements confirmed that alloys 600TT and 690 have the lowest corrosion rates. At alkaline pH, the passivation currents were higher than those obtained at neutral pH, and the alloys showed a close behaviour. Reduction of sulphates to sulphides seemed to be possible. Results are in agreement with thermodynamic and surface analysis data of literature. The electrochemical stability did not appear to be directly related to SCC susceptibility since it varied inversely with the pH dependance of SCC in sulphate medium.

  13. A 20 GHz bright sample for {\\delta} > +72{\\deg}: I. Catalogue

    CERN Document Server

    Righini, S; Ricci, R; Zanichelli, A; Mack, K -H; Massardi, M; Prandoni, I; Procopio, P; Verma, R; López-Caniego, M; Gregorini, L; Mantovani, F


    During 2010-2011, the Medicina 32-m dish hosted the 7-feed 18-26.5 GHz receiver built for the Sardinia Radio Telescope, with the goal to perform its commissioning. This opportunity was exploited to carry out a pilot survey at 20 GHz over the area for {\\delta} > + 72.3{\\deg}. This paper describes all the phases of the observations, as they were performed using new hardware and software facilities. The map-making and source extraction procedures are illustrated. A customised data reduction tool was used during the follow-up phase, which produced a list of 73 confirmed sources down to a flux density of 115 mJy. The resulting catalogue, here presented, is complete above 200 mJy. Source counts are in agreement with those provided by the AT20G survey. This pilot activity paves the way to a larger project, the K-band Northern Wide Survey (KNoWS), whose final aim is to survey the whole Northern Hemisphere down to a flux limit of 50 mJy (5{\\sigma}).

  14. Effect of Cr content on the FAC of pipe material at 150 .deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Park, Tae Jun; Kim, Hong Pyo [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) of the carbon steel piping in nuclear power plants (NPPs) has been major issue in nuclear industry. During the FAC, a protective oxide layer on carbon steel dissolves into flowing water leading to a thinning of the oxide layer and accelerating corrosion of base material. As a result, severe failures may occur in the piping and equipment of NPPs. Effect of alloying elements on FAC of pipe materials was studied with rotating cylinder FAC test facility at 150 .deg. C and at flow velocity of 4m/s. The facility is equipped with on line monitoring of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen(DO) and temperature. Test solution was the demineralized water, and DO concentration was less than 1 ppb. Surface appearance of A 106 Gr. B which is used widely in secondary pipe in NPPs showed orange peel appearance, typical appearance of FAC. The materials with Cr content higher than 0.17wt.% showed pit. The pit is thought to early degradation mode of FAC. The corrosion product within the pit was enriched with Cr, Mo, Cu, Ni and S. But S was not detected in SA336 F22V with 2.25wt.% Cr. The enrichment of Cr and Mo seemed to be related with low, solubility of Cr and Mo compared to Fe. Measured FAC rate was compared with Ducreaux's relationship and showed slightly lower FAC rate than Ducreaux's relationship.

  15. Back Pain During 6 deg Head-Down Tilt Approximates That During Actual Microgravity (United States)

    Hutchinson, Karen J.; Watenpaugh, Donald E.; Murthy, Gita; Convertino, Victor A.; Hargens, Alan R.


    Astronauts often experience back pain during spaceflight. It was found that during spaceflight, 14 of 19 Shuttle crewmembers experienced back pain, which they described as dull (62%), localized to the lower back (500/6), and with an intensity of 2 on a 5-point scale. Further, the spine lengthens 4-7 cm in microgravity. Our objective was to compare back pain and spinal lengthening (body height increase) during simulated microgravity (6 deg head-down tilt, HDT) with the some parameters during actual microgravity. Eight male subjects completed a modified McGill pain questionnaire with intensity graded from zero (no pain) to five (intense and incapacitating gain) each day at 7.-OO pm during 2 d pre-HDT control, 16 d HDT, and I d post-HDT recovery periods. Only 2 subjects reported any pain after day 9 of HDT and during recov- ery. Heights increased 2.1 t 0.5 cm by day 3 of HDT and re- mained at that level until the end of the HDT period. Although spinal lengthening in space is greater than that during HDT, the HDT model approximates the level, type, distribution, and time course of back pain associated with actual microgrovity. In the HDT model, pain subsides in intensity when spinal lengthening stops. Therefore, back pain in actual and simulated microgravity may result from stretching of spinal andlor paraspinal tissues until a new spinal length is reached.

  16. Estimating new production in the equatorial Pacific Ocean at 150 deg W (United States)

    Dugdale, Richard C.; Wilkerson, Frances P.; Barber, Richard T.; Chavez, Francisco P.


    A major goal of the WEC88 cruise of the R/V Wecoma to the equatorial Pacific (made in February-March 1988) was to establish rates of new production along a meridional section at 150 deg W and to compare these measured rates with the relatively high values for the equatorial Pacific that had been reported previously using indirect methods and models. Production values were obtained from the traditional approach using N-15 labeled nitrate uptake, and by using C-14 fixation values multiplied by f (proportion of new production) from various sources: from N-15 data, from a C-14 fixation-versus-f relationship, or from a nitrate-versus-f relationship. The ratios of directly measured nitrate and carbon uptake and the ratios of nitrate to nitrate plus ammonium uptake, i.e., values of f, agree well; values of f calculated from carbon uptake or from nitrate concentration are overestimates for the equatorial upwelling region. Carbon-to-nitrogen uptake ratios measured with C-14 and N-15, respectively, approximate the Redfield molar ratio, 6.6 C:N. The overall mean value of f (0.17) helps confirm the view that the low primary production in the enriched eastern equatorial Pacific is due to failure of the nitrate-uptake system.

  17. Novalis e Pascal. L’influsso degli “antichi maestri” nelle opere di Thomas Bernhard

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefano Apostolo


    Full Text Available L’elaborato si pone come obiettivo l’analisi degli influssi che due pensatori del calibro di Novalis e Pascal esercitarono sulla poetica e sulla produzione di Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989. Partendo da citazioni ricorrenti nei testi dell’autore, si passerà ad una loro contestualizzazione e ad un esame del ruolo che le due figure ricoprirono nella cosmogonia bernhardiana. Personalità di per sé molto diverse, poeta romantico il primo e teologo il secondo, vissute in epoche e contesti differenti, costituiscono tuttavia punti di riferimento fondamentali e ineludibili per la comprensione dei testi dell’autore austriaco. Novalis, teoreta di quella filosofia della malattia che così profondamente pervade le opere di Bernhard, influenzò fortemente la sua oscura poetica della morte e della Hoffnungslosigkeit, e proprio il frammento, l’unità minima e paradigmatica della produzione novalisiana, venne erto da Bernhard a modello compositivo, sia nella prosa che nel teatro. Altro campione di questo espediente stilistico, di questo testo breve ma ricchissimo di significato, fu Blaise Pascal, che nei Pensées, formidabile apologia del Cristianesimo nonché introspezione del rapporto tra l’uomo e il Divino, mise a nudo i punti cardini della miseria e della finitezza umana, sui quali Bernhard fece leva in maniera personalissima, per consolidare la propria visione del mondo e per dare vita alla teologia negativa che pervade le sue opere.

  18. On resolving the 180 deg ambiguity for a temporal sequence of vector magnetograms (United States)

    Cheung, M. C.


    The solar coronal magnetic field evolves in response to the underlying photospheric driving. To study this connection by means of data-driven modeling, an accurate knowledge of the evolution of the photospheric vector field is essential. While there is a large body of work on attempts to resolve the 180 deg ambiguity in the component of the magnetic field transverse to the line of sight, most of these methods are applicable only to individual frames. With the imminent launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, it is especially timely for us to develop possible automated methods to resolve the ambiguity for temporal sequences of magnetograms. We present here the temporal acute angle method, which makes use of preceding disambiguated magnetograms as reference solutions for resolving the ambiguity in subsequent frames. To find the strengths and weaknesses of this method, we have carried out tests (1) on idealized magnetogram sequences involving simple rotating, shearing and straining flows and (2) on a synthetic magnetogram sequence from a 3D radiative MHD simulation of an buoyant magnetic flux tube emerging through granular convection. A metric for automatically picking out regions where the method is likely to fail is also presented.

  19. [Physical activity: results of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1)]. (United States)

    Krug, S; Jordan, S; Mensink, G B M; Müters, S; Finger, J; Lampert, T


    Regular physical activity can have a positive effect on health at any age. Today's lifestyles, however, can often be characterised as sedentary. Therefore, the promotion of physical activity and sports has become an integral part of public health measures. The representative data of adults aged 18 to 79 years in Germany obtained from the "German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults" (DEGS1) provide an overview of self-estimated current physical activity behaviour. The results show that one third of the adult population claims to pay close attention to reaching a sufficient level of physical activity and one fourth participates in sports for at least 2 h/week on a regular basis. Thus, the percentage of adults regularly engaged in sports has increased compared to the previous "German National Health Interview and Examination Survey 1998". Still, four out of five adults do not achieve at least 2.5 h/week of moderate-intensity physical activity as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Consequently, future individual-level and population-level interventions should focus on target group-specific measures while continuing to promote regular physical activity in all segments of the population. An English full-text version of this article is available at SpringerLink as supplemental.

  20. MODIS/COMBINED MCD12C1 Land Cover Type Yearly L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — MODIS/Terra+Aqua Land Cover Type Yearly L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG The Land Cover Type Yearly Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) is a lower spatial resolution (0.05?) product,...

  1. Method for changing brightness temperature into true temperature based on twice recognition method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yang Song; Xiaogang Sun; Hong Tang


    The channel output of a multi-wavelength pyrometer is the brightness temperature rather than the true temperature. Twice recognition method is put forward to change the brightness temperatures of a multiwavelength pyrometer into the true temperatures of targets. Using the data offered by Dr. F. Righini,the experimental results show that the difference between the calculated true temperature based on twice recognition method and the real true temperature is within ±20 K. The method presented in this paper is feasible and effective for the true temperature measurement of targets.

  2. De novo transcriptome sequencing analysis and comparison of differentially expressed genes (DEGs in Macrobrachium rosenbergii in China.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hai Nguyen Thanh

    Full Text Available Giant freshwater prawn (GFP; Macrobrachium rosenbergii is an exotic species that was introduced into China in 1976 and thereafter it became a major species in freshwater aquaculture. However the gene discovery in this species has been limited to small-scale data collection in China. We used the next generation sequencing technology for the experiment; the transcriptome was sequenced of samples of hepatopancreas organ in individuals from 4 GFP groups (A1, A2, B1 and B2. De novo transcriptome sequencing generated 66,953 isogenes. Using BLASTX to search the Non-redundant (NR, Search Tool for the Retrieval of Interacting Genes (STRING, and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genome (KEGG databases; 21,224 unigenes were annotated, 9,552 matched unigenes with the Gene Ontology (GO classification; 5,782 matched unigenes in 25 categories of Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins (COG and 20,859 unigenes were consequently assigned to 312 KEGG pathways. Between the A and B groups 147 differentially expressed genes (DEGs were identified; between the A1 and A2 groups 6,860 DEGs were identified and between the B1 and B2 groups 5,229 DEGs were identified. After enrichment, the A and B groups identified 38 DEGs, but none of them were significantly enriched. The A1 and A2 groups identified 21,856 DEGs in three main categories based on functional groups: biological process, cellular_component and molecular function and the KEGG pathway defined 2,459 genes had a KEGG Ortholog-ID (KO-ID and could be categorized into 251 pathways, of those, 9 pathways were significantly enriched. The B1 and B2 groups identified 5,940 DEGs in three main categories based on functional groups: biological process, cellular_component and molecular function, and the KEGG pathway defined 1,543 genes had a KO-ID and could be categorized into 240 pathways, of those, 2 pathways were significantly enriched. We investigated 99 queries (GO which related to growth of GFP in 4 groups. After

  3. De novo transcriptome sequencing analysis and comparison of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in Macrobrachium rosenbergii in China. (United States)

    Nguyen Thanh, Hai; Zhao, Liangjie; Liu, Qigen


    Giant freshwater prawn (GFP; Macrobrachium rosenbergii) is an exotic species that was introduced into China in 1976 and thereafter it became a major species in freshwater aquaculture. However the gene discovery in this species has been limited to small-scale data collection in China. We used the next generation sequencing technology for the experiment; the transcriptome was sequenced of samples of hepatopancreas organ in individuals from 4 GFP groups (A1, A2, B1 and B2). De novo transcriptome sequencing generated 66,953 isogenes. Using BLASTX to search the Non-redundant (NR), Search Tool for the Retrieval of Interacting Genes (STRING), and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genome (KEGG) databases; 21,224 unigenes were annotated, 9,552 matched unigenes with the Gene Ontology (GO) classification; 5,782 matched unigenes in 25 categories of Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins (COG) and 20,859 unigenes were consequently assigned to 312 KEGG pathways. Between the A and B groups 147 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified; between the A1 and A2 groups 6,860 DEGs were identified and between the B1 and B2 groups 5,229 DEGs were identified. After enrichment, the A and B groups identified 38 DEGs, but none of them were significantly enriched. The A1 and A2 groups identified 21,856 DEGs in three main categories based on functional groups: biological process, cellular_component and molecular function and the KEGG pathway defined 2,459 genes had a KEGG Ortholog-ID (KO-ID) and could be categorized into 251 pathways, of those, 9 pathways were significantly enriched. The B1 and B2 groups identified 5,940 DEGs in three main categories based on functional groups: biological process, cellular_component and molecular function, and the KEGG pathway defined 1,543 genes had a KO-ID and could be categorized into 240 pathways, of those, 2 pathways were significantly enriched. We investigated 99 queries (GO) which related to growth of GFP in 4 groups. After enrichment we

  4. Bacillus subtilis response regulator DegU is a direct activator of pgsB transcription involved in gamma-poly-glutamic acid synthesis. (United States)

    Ohsawa, Taku; Tsukahara, Kensuke; Ogura, Mitsuo


    pgsB encodes gamma-poly glutamic acid (gamma-PGA) synthetase and constitutes an operon with pgsC, pgsAA, and pgsE. Genetic analysis revealed that degQ and swrA, the known regulators of pgsB, are not required for pgsB expression when high cellular concentrations of phosphorylated form of the response regulator DegU (DegU-P) are present. However, swrA appeared still to be required for gamma-PGA synthesis under the conditions we tested. Since genetic analysis suggested that DegU-P activates pgsB directly, we performed gel retardation and footprint analyses using purified His-tagged DegU and the pgsB promoter. The in vitro experiments revealed that His-tagged DegU bound to the immediate upstream region of the -35 region of the pgsB promoter. A six-base deletion within the sequence (the -44 to -39 region) abolished DegU-binding to the pgsB promoter and pgsB transcription, confirming the importance of the sequence for DegU-dependent regulation of pgsB. Hence we conclude that DegU is a direct activator of the pgsB operon.

  5. Adding Seabed True Color to the Virtual Globe (United States)

    Coplan, J.; Ryan, W. B.; Jenkins, C. J.; Lotti Bond, R.; Arko, R. A.


    Since the late 1940’s thousands of sediment cores have been extracted from the global ocean floor. In the process of describing these cores, the color of the sediment has often been recorded using the Munsell Soil color scheme. This observation has been routine for >14,000 cores in the Deep-Sea Sample Repository at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. The text descriptions were parsed and processed to extract the Munsell code for the uppermost sediment layer in each core. The code was then converted to red, green, blue triplets so that a dot at the location of each seabed sample could be colored in map view on a computer monitor. The sediment color has also been extracted from thousands of other samples in the dbSEABED database and USGS databases. Sediment color is influenced by many parameters, but most notably by the carbonate content, the level of dissolved oxygen in the bottom water and the burial rate. The carbonate content has been measured in a substantial subset of the core tops, and a global grid at 1 degree node spacing is available to assist the interpolation of the seabed color onto a uniform grid. The seabed dissolved oxygen content has also been gridded from physical oceanographic stations. Using these and other proxies (e.g., seafloor depth, slope, physiographic boundaries, carbonate lysocline, surface ocean productivity, seafloor age, etc.), we have begun to construct a comprehensive image of the seabed in its true color for our GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean tiles. The color of the seabed will ultimately compliment the color of the land accomplished by JPL/NASA in their Blue Marble tile set. The steps taken, problems encountered and the preliminary results will be presented in the poster.

  6. True Density Prediction of Garlic Slices Dehydrated by Convection. (United States)

    López-Ortiz, Anabel; Rodríguez-Ramírez, Juan; Méndez-Lagunas, Lilia


    Physiochemical parameters with constant values are employed for the mass-heat transfer modeling of the air drying process. However, structural properties are not constant under drying conditions. Empirical, semi-theoretical, and theoretical models have been proposed to describe true density (ρp). These models only consider the ideal behavior and assume a linear relationship between ρp and moisture content (X); nevertheless, some materials exhibit a nonlinear behavior of ρp as a function of X with a tendency toward being concave-down. This comportment, which can be observed in garlic and carrots, has been difficult to model mathematically. This work proposes a semi-theoretical model for predicting ρp values, taking into account the concave-down comportment that occurs at the end of the drying process. The model includes the ρs dependency on external conditions (air drying temperature (Ta)), the inside temperature of the garlic slices (Ti ), and the moisture content (X) obtained from experimental data on the drying process. Calculations show that the dry solid density (ρs ) is not a linear function of Ta, X, and Ti . An empirical correlation for ρs is proposed as a function of Ti and X. The adjustment equation for Ti is proposed as a function of Ta and X. The proposed model for ρp was validated using experimental data on the sliced garlic and was compared with theoretical and empirical models that are available in the scientific literature. Deviation between the experimental and predicted data was determined. An explanation of the nonlinear behavior of ρs and ρp in the function of X, taking into account second-order phase changes, are then presented. © 2015 Institute of Food Technologists®

  7. Proteomic approaches to identify substrates of the three Deg/HtrA proteases of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. (United States)

    Tam, Lam X; Aigner, Harald; Timmerman, Evy; Gevaert, Kris; Funk, Christiane


    The family of Deg/HtrA proteases plays an important role in quality control of cellular proteins in a wide range of organisms. In the genome of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, a model organism for photosynthetic research and renewable energy products, three Deg proteases are encoded, termed HhoA, HhoB and HtrA. In the present study, we compared wild-type (WT) Synechocystis cells with the single insertion mutants ΔhhoA, ΔhhoB and ΔhtrA. Protein expression of the remaining Deg/HtrA proteases was strongly affected in the single insertion mutants. Detailed proteomic studies using DIGE (difference gel electrophoresis) and N-terminal COFRADIC (N-terminal combined fractional diagonal chromatography) revealed that inactivation of a single Deg protease has similar impact on the proteomes of the three mutants; differences to WT were observed in enzymes involved in the major metabolic pathways. Changes in the amount of phosphate permease system Pst-1 were observed only in the insertion mutant ΔhhoB. N-terminal COFRADIC analyses on cell lysates of ΔhhoB confirmed changed amounts of many cell envelope proteins, including the phosphate permease systems, compared with WT. In vitro COFRADIC studies were performed to identify the specificity profiles of the recombinant proteases rHhoA, rHhoB or rHtrA added to the Synechocystis WT proteome. The combined in vivo and in vitro N-terminal COFRADIC datasets propose RbcS as a natural substrate for HhoA, PsbO for HhoB and HtrA and Pbp8 for HtrA. We therefore suggest that each Synechocystis Deg protease protects the cell through different, but connected mechanisms. © The Authors Journal compilation © 2015 Biochemical Society.

  8. ETBP (Extended True Boiling Point) curve extension of extra heavy crudes; Extensao da curva PEV (Ponto de Ebulicao Verdadeiro) de petroleos extrapesados por destilacao molecular e ampliacao da caracterizacao

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rocha, Rodrigo S.; Batistella, Cesar B.; Maciel, Maria Regina W.; Maciel Filho, Rubens [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Quimica; Medina, Lilian C. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES)


    For the determination of the TBP (True Boiling Point) Curve, which defines the yield of petroleum products, the ASTM D2892 method for petroleum distillation and ASTM D5236 method for vacuum distillation of heavy hydrocarbons were applied. Furthermore, from these distillations, cuts that are submitted to several analyses to determine its physical-chemical properties are obtained, and all this information generates the evaluation of petroleum. For heavy petroleum, these conventional methods have been limited, since the total distilled percentage determined for temperatures up to 565 deg C (maximum reached with ASTM D5236 method) is lower for these oils, reducing the points of the curve, limiting its information. To improve this data set for heavy oils, a methodology for the extension of TBP curve through molecular distillation was established. It was possible to reach values up to 700 deg C, representing a considerable progress for the extension of TBP curve. The objective of this work is to present the results of Extended TBP curve for a heavy petroleum and characterization carried out through the cuts and residues obtained in molecular distillation of the residue 'Zeta' 400 deg C+ (fancy name), made by ASTM D2892 method. (author)

  9. Experimental wake survey behind Viking 75 entry vehicle at angles of attack of 0 deg, 5 deg, and 10 deg, Mach numbers from 0.20 to 1.20, and longitudinal stations from 1.50 to 11.00 body diameters (United States)

    Brown, C. A., Jr.; Campbell, J. F.


    An investigation was conducted to obtain flow properties in the wake of a preliminary configuration of the Viking '75 Entry Vehicle at Mach numbers from 0.20 to 1.20 and at angles of attack of 0 deg, 5 deg, and 10 deg. The wake flow properties were calculated from total and static pressures measured with a pressure rake at longitudinal stations varying from 1.50 to 11.00 body diameters, and are presented in tabulated and plotted form. The wake properties were essentially symmetrical about the X-axis at alpha = 0 deg and the profiles were shifted away from the X-axis at angles of attack. An unexpected reduction in wake property ratios occurred as the Mach number increased from 0.60 to 1.00; these ratios then increased as the Mach number increased to 1.20. The reduction was present for all the longitudinal stations of the tests and decreased with increased longitudinal distance.

  10. Letteratura tecnica e formazione degli architetti ai tempi di Antonio Mollari

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Gambuti


    Full Text Available Nel corso del Settecento, nella letteratura tecnica, a seguito della critica razionalista del pensiero illuminista, cominciano a comparire principî scientifici per migliorare la formazione degli architetti. Nel 1764 Girolamo Fonda, matematico, pubblica gli Elementi di Architettura civile e militare e dedica la prima parte alla “Sodezza delle fabbriche”, premettendo le regole costruttive alla convenienza e all’estetica. Francesco Milizia avvia i Principj di Architettura civile (1781 con i temi della bellezza e della comodità, ma, nella terza parte, tratta della solidità con citazioni di meccanica, fisica e ingegneria. Qualche anno dopo (1788, Girolamo Masi stampa, per la “gioventù romana”, Teoria e Pratica dell’Architettura civile; seguendo il metodo del Fonda e continuando l’opera del Milizia egli propone nozioni sui materiali e sulle “resistenze” con il sussidio di illustrazioni e tabelle. Nel 1772 era stato ristampato il Manuale… di Giovanni Branca con la revisione di Leonardo de Vegni, dilettante di architettura; una notevole utilità didattica apportarono le incisioni di Giovan Battista Cipriani, allegate ai Principj… del Milizia (1800 e le Osservazioni ed aggiunte di Giovanni Antonio Antolini alla stessa opera (1817. All’inizio dell’Ottocento, l’Architettura pratica di Giuseppe Valadier dette un incremento alla formazione professionale degli architetti per mezzo di lezioni teoriche e disegni di procedimenti ed attrezzature per i costruttori di edifici. During the XVIIIth century, in the technical treatises, owing to the rationalist criticism of the Enlightenment movement, scientific principles begin to appear in order to improve the education of the architects. In 1764 Girolamo Fonda, a mathematician, publishes Elementi di Architettura civile e militare and gives up the first part to the “Solidity of Buildings”, putting before the construction rules to the convenience and beauty. Francesco Milizia opens

  11. Indagine statistico - epidemiologica degli incidenti stradali nella cittá di Messina (1998- 2002

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Saffioti


    Full Text Available

    Introduzione: gli incidenti stradali rappresentano un fenomeno rilevante nell’ambito della Sanità Pubblica. Essi costituiscono non solo un’importante causa di morbosità e mortalità, ma anche una rilevante causa di handicap nella popolazione. Notevole, quindi, l’impatto sociale ed economico del fenomeno, quantificabile in termini di costi sanitari e sociali sostenuti dalla collettività, tra i quali assumono un peso particolare quelli per spese mediche, danni materiali, mancata produttività.

    Obiettivi: raccogliere una casistica locale finalizzata a valutare il fenomeno degli incidenti stradali e le sue conseguenze dirette ed indirette nella città di Messina.

    Metodi: sono stati analizzati i dati relativi agli incidenti stradali occorsi nella città di Messina dal 1 gennaio 1998 al 31 dicembre 2002. I dati derivano dalle schede compilate per ogni incidente da parte dei comandi di Forze dell’Ordine intervenuti in occasione dei sinistri. Risultati: nel territorio oggetto di analisi, nel periodo 1998-2002, sono stati rilevati 12779 incidenti che hanno coinvolto 25798 veicoli e 942 pedoni, determinando 10626 feriti e 79 morti. Il rapporto di mortalità è 6.2, il rapporto di lesività è 831.5.

    Conclusioni: l’indagine conferma la rilevanza del fenomeno incidenti stradali nella città di Messina. Offre, quindi, prospettive interessanti di analisi e di predisposizione di piani di prevenzione.

  12. La dottrina degli avatara come prova per la datazione dell’Abhinayadarpana di Nandikesvara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pietro Chierichetti


    Full Text Available Abstract - IT Come per molte opere della letteratura indiana in sanscrito, anche per l’Abhinayadarpana di Nandikesvara è difficile proporre una datazione attendibile: nel suo contributo, l’autore cerca di utilizzare un elemento interno al testo per ipotizzare il periodo nel quale il testo potrebbe collocarsi. La citazione degli avatara di Visnu, esemplificata attraverso una serie di gesti delle mani, viene vagliata criticamente al fine di un suo possibile utilizzo per collocare l’opera dal punto di vista cronologico. L’Abhinayadarpana, uno dei test fondamentali del teatro-danza in India, viene in questo modo inserito nel panorama più ampio della vicenda religiosa dell’India antica e la storia della religione hindu fornisce a sua volta uno strumento interessante per la ricostruzione della storia del testo. Abstract - EN As it often happens for many works of the Indian literature in Sanskrit, it is difficult to determine a possible dating of Nandikesvara’s iAbhinayadarpana: in his article, the author tries to assume an inner element of the text for a hypothesis about the period in which the work could be dated back to. The Visnu’s avataras, quoted in the text through a series of hand gestures, are scientifcally examined to define the work from a chronological point of view. The Abhinayadarpana, one of the most important texts of the Indian Dance-Theatre, is put in the broader landscape of the Indian ancient religion and the hindu religion history becomes an interesting tool through which the text’s history is reconstructed.

  13. True Polar Wander of Enceladus From Topographic Data (United States)

    Tajeddine, Radwan; Soderlund, Krista M.; Thomas, Peter C.; Helfenstein, Paul; Hedman, Matthew M.; Burns, Joseph A.; Schenk, Paul M.


    Besides the relative motion of lithospheric plates, the Earth as a whole moves with respect to its rotation pole, as shown by paleomagnetic, astrometric and geodetic measurements [1]. Such so-called true polar wander (TPW) occurs because our planet's moments of inertia change temporally owing to internal thermal convection and to the redistribution of surficial mass during ice ages. Thus, to conserve angular momentum while losing rotational energy, Earth's axis of maximum moment of inertia aligns with its spin axis. Theoreticians suspect similar reorientations of other celestial bodies but supporting evidence is fragmentary, at best [2]. Here we report the discovery of a global series of topographic lows on Saturn's satellite Enceladus indicating that this synchronously locked moon has undergone reorientation by ~55°. We use improved topographic data from spherical harmonic expansion of Cassini limb [3,4,5] and stereogrammetric [5,6,7] measurements to characterize regional topography over the surface of Enceladus. We identify a group of nearly antipodal basins orthogonal to a topographic basin chain tracing a non-equatorial circumglobal belt across Enceladus' surface. We argue that the belt and the antipodal regions are fossil remnants of old equator and poles, respectively. These lows are argued to arise from isostasic compensation [7,8] with their pattern reflecting variations in internal dynamics of the ice shell. Our hypothesis is consistent with many geological features visible in Cassini images [9].References:[1] Mitrovica, J.X. & Wahr, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 39, 577-616 (2011).[2] Matsuyama, I. et al. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 42, 605-634 (2014).[3] Thomas, P.C. et al. Icarus, 190, 573-584 (2007).[4] Thomas, P.C. Icarus, 208, 395-401 (2010).[5] Thomas, P.C. et al. Icarus, 264, 37-47 (2016).[6] Edwards, K. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 53, 1219-1222 (1987).[7] Schenk, P.M. & McKinnon, W. B

  14. Marked sympathetic activation and baroreflex dysfunction in true resistant hypertension. (United States)

    Grassi, Guido; Seravalle, Gino; Brambilla, Gianmaria; Pini, Claudio; Alimento, Marina; Facchetti, Rita; Spaziani, Domenico; Cuspidi, Cesare; Mancia, Giuseppe


    An increase in sympathetic drive to the heart and the peripheral circulation characterizes mild and severe essential hypertension. However, it remains unsettled whether sympathetic cardiovascular influences are potentiated in true resistant hypertension (RHT). In 32 RHT patients treated with 4.6 ± 0.3 drugs (mean ± SEM) and aged 58.6 ± 2.1 years, 35 non-resistant treated hypertensives (HT) and 19 normotensive controls (NT), all age-matched with RHT, we measured clinic, 24-hour ambulatory and beat-to-beat blood pressures (BP), heart rate (HR, EKG), muscle sympathetic nerve traffic (MSNA, microneurography) and spontaneous baroreflex MSNA-sensitivity. BP values were markedly greater in RHT patients than in NT and HT (172.2 ± 1.7/100.7 ± 1.2 vs 132.1 ± 1.3/82.1 ± 0.9 and 135.5 ± 1.2/83.6 ± 0.9 mmHg, P < 0.01). This was paralleled by a significant and marked increase in MSNA (87.8 ± 2.0 vs 46.8 ± 2.6 and 59.3 ± 1.7 and bursts/100 heartbeats, P < 0.01). In multiple regression analysis the MSNA increase observed in RHT was significantly related to hemodynamic, hormonal and metabolic variables. It was also significantly related to plasma aldosterone values as well as spontaneous baroreflex MSNA-sensitivity, which were the variables that at the multivariate analysis were more closely related to the adrenergic activation of RHT after adjustment for confounders, including antihypertensive treatment (r(2)partial=0.04405 and r(2)partial=0.00878, P<0.05 for both). These data represent the first evidence that RHT is a state of marked adrenergic overdrive, greater for magnitude than that detectable in HT. They also suggest that impaired baroreflex mechanisms, along with hemodynamic and neurohumoral factors, may be responsible for the phenomenon. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. First Ground-Based Infrared Solar Absorption Measurements of Free Tropospheric Methanol (CH3OH): Multidecade Infrared Time Series from Kitt Peak (31.9 deg N 111.6 deg W): Trend, Seasonal Cycle, and Comparison with Previous Measurements (United States)

    Rinsland, Curtis P.; Mahieu, Emmanuel; Chiou, Linda; Herbin, Herve


    Atmospheric CH3OH (methanol) free tropospheric (2.09-14-km altitude) time series spanning 22 years has been analyzed on the basis of high-spectral resolution infrared solar absorption spectra of the strong vs band recorded from the U.S. National Solar Observatory on Kitt Peak (latitude 31.9degN, 111.6degW, 2.09-km altitude) with a 1-m Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS). The measurements span October 1981 to December 2003 and are the first long time series of CH3OH measurements obtained from the ground. The results were analyzed with SFIT2 version 3.93 and show a factor of three variations with season, a maximum at the beginning of July, a winter minimum, and no statistically significant long-term trend over the measurement time span.

  16. Apparent and partial molar volumes of long-chain alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chlorides and bromides in aqueous solutions at T=15 deg. C and T=25 deg. C[Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chlorides; Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium bromides; Micellization; Density; Apparent molar volumes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gonzalez-Perez, A.; Ruso, J.M.; Nimo, J.; Rodriguez, J.R. E-mail:


    Density measurements of dodecyl- (C{sub 12}DBACl), tetradecyl- (C{sub 14}DBACl), hexadecyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (C{sub 16}DBACl) and of decyl- (C{sub 10}DBABr) and dodecyldimethylbenzylammonium bromide (C{sub 12}DBABr) in aqueous solutions at T=15 deg. C and T=25 deg. C have been carried out. From these results, apparent and partial molar volumes were calculated. Positive deviations from the Debye-Hueckel limiting law provide evidence for limited association at concentrations below the critical micelle concentration. The change of the apparent molar volume upon micellization was calculated. The relevant parameters have been presented in function of the alkyl chain length. Apparent molar volumes of the present compounds in the micellar phase, V{sub phi}{sup m}, and the change upon micellization, {delta}V{sub phi}{sup m}, have been discussed in terms of temperature and type of counterion.

  17. L’Unione degli Atei e degli Agnostici Razionalisti (UAAR, membro associato della International Humanist and Ethical Union, come soggetto stipulante un’intesa con lo Stato, ex art. 8, III Cost.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Domenico Bilotti


    Full Text Available Contributo segnalato dal Prof. Antonino Mantineo, ordinario di Diritto ecclesiastico nella Facoltà di Giurisprudenza dell’Università degli Studi Magna Graecia di Catanzaro, che ne attesta la scientificità e l’originalità.SOMMARIO: 1. I limiti dello strumento negoziale nell’esperienza giuridica italiana. una ricognizione sulle aporie evidenziatesi nella prassi politico-legislativa – 2. Verso uno statuto giuridico differenziato per le organizzazioni filosofiche non confessionali. meritevolezza degli interessi in gioco – 3. Il non-confessionismo organizzato come fenomeno associativo culturalmente orientato sul fattore religioso – 4. Permanente capacità attrattiva di una disciplina speciale e di favore: l’inevitabile ricerca di una legislazione generale in tema di libertà religiosa o l’armonizzazione dei trattamenti privilegiati?

  18. German health interview and examination survey for adults (DEGS - design, objectives and implementation of the first data collection wave

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scheidt-Nave Christa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS is part of the recently established national health monitoring conducted by the Robert Koch Institute. DEGS combines a nationally representative periodic health survey and a longitudinal study based on follow-up of survey participants. Funding is provided by the German Ministry of Health and supplemented for specific research topics from other sources. Methods/design The first DEGS wave of data collection (DEGS1 extended from November 2008 to December 2011. Overall, 8152 men and women participated. Of these, 3959 persons already participated in the German National Health Interview and Examination Survey 1998 (GNHIES98 at which time they were 18–79 years of age. Another 4193 persons 18–79 years of age were recruited for DEGS1 in 2008–2011 based on two-stage stratified random sampling from local population registries. Health data and context variables were collected using standardized computer assisted personal interviews, self-administered questionnaires, and standardized measurements and tests. In order to keep survey results representative for the population aged 18–79 years, results will be weighted by survey-specific weighting factors considering sampling and drop-out probabilities as well as deviations between the design-weighted net sample and German population statistics 2010. Discussion DEGS aims to establish a nationally representative data base on health of adults in Germany. This health data platform will be used for continuous health reporting and health care research. The results will help to support health policy planning and evaluation. Repeated cross-sectional surveys will permit analyses of time trends in morbidity, functional capacity levels, disability, and health risks and resources. Follow-up of study participants will provide the opportunity to study trajectories of health and disability. A special focus lies on chronic

  19. Critérios de correção da linguagem: o uso do Libro dell’Abate Isaac di Siria no Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cynthia Vilaça


    Full Text Available In questo articolo si presenta un’analisi dell’uso del trattato ascetico Libro dell’Abate Isaac di Siria degli accademici della Crusca come fonte di accreditamento per l’elaborazione del Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca, alla luce dei criteri utilizzati per la costruzione della norma colta discussi da Bechara (2000

  20. Gusev Rocks Solidified from Lava (Approximate True Color) (United States)


    features investigated by Spirit during the Chinese New Year celebration period. In ancient Chinese myth, FuYi was the first great emperor and lived in the east. He explained the theory of 'Yin' and 'Yang' to his people, invented the net to catch fish, was the first to use fire to cook food, and invented a musical instrument known as the 'Se' to accompany his peoples' songs and dances. Other rocks and features are being informally named for Chinese gods, warriors, inventors, and scientists, as well as rivers, lakes, and mountains. Spirit took this image on the rover's Martian day, or sol, 731 (Jan. 23, 2006). This is an approximate true color rendering combining images taken with the Pancam's 750-nanometer, 530-nanometer and 430-nanometer filters.

  1. Establishing VxWorks TrueFFS File System with NOR Flash%用NOR Flash建立VxWorks TrueFFS文件系统

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邵富杰; 徐云宽


    This paper describes the method to establish the TrueFFS file system of embedded real-time operating system VxWorks, taking SST39VF1601 NOR Flash as an example. Firstly, DOS file system is configured, including the TrueFFS core component and the translation layer according to the technology used by SST39VF1601. Secondly, MTD layer and Socket layer Drivers are written. Lastly, the VxWorks DOS file system is mounted on a TrueFFS Flash drive, and simple test is carried out.%详细说明了嵌入式系统中常用的NOR Flash存储器建立Vxworks TrueFFS文件系统的方法。首先配置完整的DOS文件系统支持,包含核心TrueFFS组件和翻译层组件;然后编写MTD层和Socket层驱动程序;最后在TrueFFS的NOR Flash驱动上挂接VxWorksDOS文件系统,并进行了简单的测试。

  2. Hippocampal size is related to short-term true and false memory, and right fusiform size is related to long-term true and false memory. (United States)

    Zhu, Bi; Chen, Chuansheng; Loftus, Elizabeth F; He, Qinghua; Lei, Xuemei; Dong, Qi; Lin, Chongde


    There is a keen interest in identifying specific brain regions that are related to individual differences in true and false memories. Previous functional neuroimaging studies showed that activities in the hippocampus, right fusiform gyrus, and parahippocampal gyrus were associated with true and false memories, but no study thus far has examined whether the structures of these brain regions are associated with short-term and long-term true and false memories. To address that question, the current study analyzed data from 205 healthy young adults, who had valid data from both structural brain imaging and a misinformation task. In the misinformation task, subjects saw the crime scenarios, received misinformation, and took memory tests about the crimes an hour later and again after 1.5 years. Results showed that bilateral hippocampal volume was associated with short-term true and false memories, whereas right fusiform gyrus volume and surface area were associated with long-term true and false memories. This study provides the first evidence for the structural neural bases of individual differences in short-term and long-term true and false memories.

  3. Razionalizzazione dell'utilizzo degli antibiotici nell'Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico di Bari

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. De Vito


    Full Text Available

    Obiettivi: scopo del nostro lavoro è stato valutare la frequenza dei microrganismi patogeni nelle Unità Operative più rappresentative dell’A.O. Policlinico di Bari e valutare l’appropriatezza delle prescrizioni antibiotiche in relazione agli esami microbiologici effettuati dal luglio 1999 al giugno 2000.

    Metodi: nel periodo considerato sono stati esaminati gli isolamenti microbici, con i relativi antibiogrammi, effettuati presso l’Istituto di Igiene, Cattedra II, della Facoltà di Medicina, Università di Bari, provenienti dalle Unità Operative di Rianimazione, Malattie Infettive, Nefrologia e Urologia, Cliniche Mediche e Cliniche Chirurgiche dell’Azienda Ospedaliera. È stato effettuato un successivo confronto con i dati ricavati dall’analisi delle richieste di prescrizione antibiotica effettuate dalle cliniche considerate e pervenute presso il Servizio di Farmacia nello stesso periodo. I dati sono stati archiviati ed analizzati con Excel X per Macintosh.

    Risultati: sono stati isolati in totale 2.126 microrganismi patogeni, 1.491 (70% gram negativi e 635
    (30% gram positivi. Il 34,0% degli isolamenti proveniva
    dalla Rianimazione, il 23,0% dalle Cliniche Chirurgiche, il 12,6% dalle Cliniche Mediche, il 10,2% dall’Urologia e Nefrologia, il 10,0% dalle Malattie Infettive ed il 9,7% dalla Medicina Generale. Per ogni Clinica sono stati valutati i principali ceppi circolanti con le relative sensibilità antibiotiche. I dati raccolti sono stati confrontati con quelli relativi alle richieste di fornitura di antibiotici pervenute dalle cliniche indagate al Servizio di Farmacia, dell’Azienda
    Ospedaliera, nello stesso periodo.

    Conclusioni: dall’analisi dei dati si evidenzia una notevole discrepanza tra le sensibilità agli antibiotiotici saggiati in laboratorio ed i farmaci utilizzati nelle cliniche coinvolte nello studio. Tale

  4. Estimating true instead of apparent survival using spatial Cormack-Jolly-Seber models (United States)

    Schaub, Michael; Royle, J. Andrew


    Survival is often estimated from capture–recapture data using Cormack–Jolly–Seber (CJS) models, where mortality and emigration cannot be distinguished, and the estimated apparent survival probability is the product of the probabilities of true survival and of study area fidelity. Consequently, apparent survival is lower than true survival unless study area fidelity equals one. Underestimation of true survival from capture–recapture data is a main limitation of the method.

  5. On the nature of the UX Ursa Majoris-type nova-like variables - CPD-48 deg 1577 (United States)

    Sion, E. M.


    A series of low-dispersion spectra and one high-dispersion spectrum have been obtained of the catacylsmic variable CPD-48 deg 1577. Like other UX UMa stars, this variable exhibits the flat continuum of a luminous, thick, steady state accretion disk dominating its light from the far UV to the infrared. A wind mass loss rate of less than about 10 to the -9th solar mass/yr and an accretion rate of roughly 5 x 10 to the -9th solar mass/yr is roughly consistent with the range which characterizes other UX UMa stars. An SWP echelle spectrum reveals detailed line profile information on the N V, Si IV, and C IV resonance lines. He II 1640 A is remarkably weak and even absent in two of the spectra. The known properties and evolutionary status of CPD-48 deg 1577 and the other UX UMa stars are summarized.

  6. Possibility of pure thermal sensitization in the pre-dose mechanism of the 110 deg. C TL peak of quartz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koul, D.K., E-mail: [Astrophysical Sciences Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 400085 (India); Polymeris, G.S.; Tsirliganis, N.C. [R.C. ' Athena' , Cultural and Educational Technology Institute, Archaeometry Laboratory, Tsimiski 58, 67100 Xanthi (Greece); Kitis, G. [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Nuclear Physics Laboratory, 54124 Thessaloniki (Greece)


    The role of thermal activation in the pre-dose sensitization of the 110 deg. C TL glow peak of quartz has been hypothesized to transfer holes from reservoir centre, R, to luminescence centre, L. But, the thermal treatment has been reported to sensitize this peak, also, in an independent mode. So, a comparative analysis of the impact of thermal and pre-dose treatment on the TL properties of the 110 deg. C signal, observed by various workers, has been undertaken in this paper. Also experiments were carried out to observe thermal sensitization component at the temperatures which are used in the pre-dose sensitization measurements. The study seems to support the existence of an inherent pure thermal sensitization component in the pre-dose sensitization mechanism.

  7. {gamma}-rigid solution of the Bohr Hamiltonian for {gamma}=30 deg. compared to the E(5) critical point symmetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonatsos, Dennis [Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR ' Demokritos' GR-15310 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki (Greece)]. E-mail:; Lenis, D. [Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR ' Demokritos' GR-15310 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki (Greece)]. E-mail:; Petrellis, D. [Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR ' Demokritos' GR-15310 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki (Greece)]. E-mail:; Terziev, P.A. [Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72 Tzarigrad Road, BG-1784 Sofia (Bulgaria)]. E-mail:; Yigitoglu, I. [Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR ' Demokritos' GR-15310 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki (Greece) and Hasan Ali Yucel Faculty of Education, Istanbul University, TR-34470 Beyazit, Istanbul (Turkey)]. E-mail:


    A {gamma}-rigid solution of the Bohr Hamiltonian for {gamma}=30 deg. is derived, its ground state band being related to the second order Casimir operator of the Euclidean algebra E(4). Parameter-free (up to overall scale factors) predictions for spectra and B(E2) transition rates are in close agreement to the E(5) critical point symmetry, as well as to experimental data in the Xe region around A=130.

  8. Antonio Scarpa y su obra Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolando Neri-Vela


    Full Text Available Antonio Scarpa fue un gran anatomista y cirujano del siglo xviii y principios del xix. Llamado «padre de la oftalmología italiana», escribió el Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi, libro de gran valor científico y artístico.Scarpa describió varias partes del cuerpo humano, que tienen su nombre.

  9. Effemeridi del transito meridiano 2017-2020 per la basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli in Roma (United States)

    Sigismondi, Costantino


    The meridian transit time is computed using the ephemerides of IMCCE and the position of the image's center on the 1702 meridian line is corrected for the average atmospheric refraction at the site of Santa Maria degli Angeli, SMA, in Rome. The ephemerides for 2017-2020 are public on The measurement at SMA of DUT1=-0.34s on Dec 2016 is in agreement with IERS bullettin D132.

  10. Compact optically-fed microwave true-time delay using liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wei, Lei; Xue, Weiqi; Chen, Yaohui


    Electrically tunable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device based optically-fed microwave true-time delay is demonstrated. A maximum ~60° phase shift and an averaged ~7.2ps true time delay are obtained over the modulation frequency range 1GHz-19GHz.......Electrically tunable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device based optically-fed microwave true-time delay is demonstrated. A maximum ~60° phase shift and an averaged ~7.2ps true time delay are obtained over the modulation frequency range 1GHz-19GHz....

  11. Compact optically-fed microwave true-time delay using liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wei, Lei; Xue, Weiqi; Chen, Yaohui;


    Electrically tunable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device based optically-fed microwave true-time delay is demonstrated. A maximum ~60° phase shift and an averaged ~7.2ps true time delay are obtained over the modulation frequency range 1GHz-19GHz.......Electrically tunable liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber device based optically-fed microwave true-time delay is demonstrated. A maximum ~60° phase shift and an averaged ~7.2ps true time delay are obtained over the modulation frequency range 1GHz-19GHz....

  12. True and false DRM memories: differences detected with an implicit task

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maddalena eMarini


    Full Text Available Memory is prone to illusions. When people are presented with lists of words associated with a non-presented critical lure, they produce a high level of false recognitions (false memories for non-presented related stimuli indistinguishable, at the explicit level, from presented words (DRM paradigm. We assessed whether true and false DRM memories can be distinguished at the implicit level by using the autobiographical IAT (aIAT, a novel method based on indirect measures that permits to detect true autobiographical events encoded in the respondent's mind/brain. In our experiment, after a DRM task participants performed two aIATs: the first aimed at testing implicit memory for presented words (true-memories aIAT and the second aimed at evaluating implicit memory for critical lures (false-memories aIAT. Specifically, the two aIATs assessed the association of presented words and critical lures with the logical dimension true. Results showed that the aIAT detected a greater association of presented words than critical lures with the logical dimension true. This result indicates that although true and false DRM memories are indistinguishable at the explicit level a different association of the true and false DRM memories with the logical dimension true can be detected at the implicit level, and suggests that the aIAT may be a sensitive instrument to detect differences between true and false DRM memories.

  13. Studies on the true coincidence correction in measuring filter samples by gamma spectrometry

    CERN Document Server

    Lian Qi; Chang Yong Fu; Xia Bing


    The true coincidence correction in measuring filter samples has been studied by high efficiency HPGe gamma detectors. The true coincidence correction for a specific three excited levels de-excitation case has been analyzed, and the typical analytical expressions of true coincidence correction factors have been given. According to the measured relative efficiency on the detector surface with 8 'single' energy gamma emitters and efficiency of filter samples, the peak and total efficiency surfaces are fitted. The true coincidence correction factors of sup 6 sup 0 Co and sup 1 sup 5 sup 2 Eu calculated by the efficiency surfaces agree well with experimental results

  14. High levels of DegU-P activate an Esat-6-like secretion system in Bacillus subtilis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catarina Baptista

    Full Text Available The recently discovered Type VII/Esat-6 secretion systems seem to be widespread among bacteria of the phyla Actinobacteria and Firmicutes. In some species they play an important role in pathogenic interactions with eukaryotic hosts. Several studies have predicted that the locus yukEDCByueBC of the non-pathogenic, Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis would encode an Esat-6-like secretion system (Ess. We provide here for the first time evidences for the functioning of this secretion pathway in an undomesticated B. subtilis strain. We show that YukE, a small protein with the typical features of the secretion substrates from the WXG100 superfamily is actively secreted to culture media. YukE secretion depends on intact yukDCByueBC genes, whose products share sequence or structural homology with known components of the S. aureus Ess. Biochemical characterization of YukE indicates that it exists as a dimer both in vitro and in vivo. We also show that the B. subtilis Ess essentially operates in late stationary growth phase in absolute dependence of phosphorylated DegU, the response regulator of the two-component system DegS-DegU. We present possible reasons that eventually have precluded the study of this secretion system in the B. subtilis laboratory strain 168.

  15. The Yb-Zn-In system at 400 deg. C: Partial isothermal section with 0-33.3 at.% Yb

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verbovytskyy, Yu., E-mail: [Departamento de Quimica, Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear/CFMC-UL, Estrada Nacional 10, P-2686 Sacavem Codex (Portugal); Goncalves, A.P. [Departamento de Quimica, Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear/CFMC-UL, Estrada Nacional 10, P-2686 Sacavem Codex (Portugal)


    The phase relations in the ternary system Yb-Zn-In have been established for the partial isothermal section in the 0-33.3 at.% ytterbium concentration range at 400 deg. C, by researching of more than forty alloys. X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD), optical microscopy (OM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), complemented with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), were used to study the microstructures, identify the phases and characterize their crystal structures and compositions. The phase equilibria of this Yb-Zn-In partial section at 400 deg. C are characterized by the presence of three extended homogeneity ranges, indium solubility in Yb{sub 13}Zn{sub 58} and YbZn{sub 2} and of zinc solubility in YbIn{sub 2}, and the existence of one ternary intermetallic compound, YbZn{sub 1-x}In{sub 1+x}, x = approx0.3. This new compound crystallizes in the UHg{sub 2} structure type (space group P6/mmm), with a = 4.7933(5) A, c = 3.6954(5) A. The studied partial isothermal section has eight ternary phase fields at 400 deg. C.

  16. Air-sea CO{sub 2} flux variability in the equatorial Pacific Ocean near 100 deg W

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Etcheto, J.; Boutin, J.; Dandonneau, Y.; Bakker, D.C.E. [CNRS/ORSTOM/UPMC, Paris (France). Lab. d`Oceanographie Dynamique et de Climatologie; Feely, R.A. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Seattle, WA (United States). Pacific Marine Environmental Lab.; Ling, R.D.; Nightingale, P.D. [Plymouth Marine Lab. (United Kingdom); Wanninkhof, R. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Miami, FL (United States). Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Labs.


    The interannual variability of the CO{sub 2} partial pressure (pCO{sub 2oc)} in the surface layer of the east equatorial Pacific Ocean near 100 deg W is studied and compared with the sea surface temperature (SST) monitored from satellites. This variability is shown to be correlated with the SST anomaly rather than with the temperature itself. The pCO{sub 2oc} variability is related to the variability of the upwelling systems (the equatorial upwelling and the upwelling along the American coast), the main influence being from the coastal upwelling via the surface water advected from the east. A method is derived to interpolate the pCO{sub 2oc} measurements using the SST satellite measurements. By combining the result with the exchange coefficient (K) deduced from the wind speed provided by satellite borne instruments we deduce the air-sea CO{sub 2} flux and for the 1st time we monitor continuously its temporal evolution. The variability of this flux is mainly due to the variability of K, with a clear seasonal variation. The flux obtained using the Liss and Merlivat (1986) relationship averaged from April 1985 to June 1997 in the region 97.5-107.5 deg W 0-5 deg S is 1.67 mole m{sup -2} yr{sup -1} of CO{sub 2} leaving the ocean with an estimated accuracy of 30% 44 refs, 5 figs, 1 tab

  17. Terahertz mixing in AlGaAs/GaAs 2DEG hot-electron microbolometers at liquid nitrogen temperatures (United States)

    Wang, Kai; Ramaswamy, Rahul; Bell, Matthew; Sergeev, Andrei; Verevkin, Aleksandr; Strasser, Gottfried; Mitin, Vladimir; Wobschall, Darold


    We investigate THz mixing based on electron heating of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in semiconductor mirobolometers. The 2DEG microbolometers were fabricated from AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures and have dimensions of 3 - 20μm between the Ohmic contacts and 50µm in width. Significant efforts were made to get low Ohmic contact resistance for effective coupling to the THz antenna and to the intermediate frequency amplifier. We investigate mixing at subTHz and THz frequencies. In the sub-THz range, a W-band Gunn diode operating at 82 GHz was used as a local oscillator. In the THz range we employ a Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL). The QCL is positioned in close proximity at different locations to optimize electromagnetic coupling. Experiments at sub-THz and THz frequencies give consistent data, which provide evidence that electron-heating is the major mechanism of mixing. Mixing experiments allow us to evaluate the mixer gain bandwidth and conversion loss. The results show that a heterodyne receiver, which combines AlGaAs/GaAs 2DEG hot- electron mixer with a QCL as the local oscillator, has great prospects for THz sensing with high spectral resolution and wide spectral bandwidth.

  18. Recombinant Deg/HtrA proteases from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 differ in substrate specificity, biochemical characteristics and mechanism (United States)

    Huesgen, Pitter F.; Miranda, Helder; Lam, XuanTam; Perthold, Manuela; Schuhmann, Holger; Adamska, Iwona; Funk, Christiane


    Cyanobacteria require efficient protein-quality-control mechanisms to survive under dynamic, often stressful, environmental conditions. It was reported that three serine proteases, HtrA (high temperature requirement A), HhoA (HtrA homologue A) and HhoB (HtrA homologue B), are important for survival of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 under high light and temperature stresses and might have redundant physiological functions. In the present paper, we show that all three proteases can degrade unfolded model substrates, but differ with respect to cleavage sites, temperature and pH optima. For recombinant HhoA, and to a lesser extent for HtrA, we observed an interesting shift in the pH optimum from slightly acidic to alkaline in the presence of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions. All three proteases formed different homo-oligomeric complexes with and without substrate, implying mechanistic differences in comparison with each other and with the well-studied Escherichia coli orthologues DegP (degradation of periplasmic proteins P) and DegS. Deletion of the PDZ domain decreased, but did not abolish, the proteolytic activity of all three proteases, and prevented substrate-induced formation of complexes higher than trimers by HtrA and HhoA. In summary, biochemical characterization of HtrA, HhoA and HhoB lays the foundation for a better understanding of their overlapping, but not completely redundant, stress-resistance functions in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. PMID:21332448

  19. Determination of electron temperature and energy relaxation of 2DEG in AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT channel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ari, Mehmet; Turkoglu, Orhan


    We have investigated the electron energy relaxation of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in AlGaAs/GaAs high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) channel at lattice temperature of T{sub L}=1.7 K under zero magnetic field. The electron temperature of 2DEG has been determined by using the absolute power dissipation in HEMT channel in the temperature range of 1.7-60 K. The experimental results are compared with theoretical results which include both acoustic phonon via deformation coupling and polar optic phonon scattering mechanisms. A good agreement is obtained between experimental and theoretical results for all electron temperatures. A transition between acoustic phonon and polar optic phonon regime has been seen at the electron temperature T{sub e}=40 K. The results are consistent with other studies where different techniques but similar sample structures have been used. The results also provide useful information about the relative magnitude of acoustic phonon via deformation potential coupling and polar optic phonon contributions to power loss of 2DEG.

  20. The Ni-YSZ interface - Structure, composition and electrochemical properties at 1000 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vels Jensen, Karin


    The anode/electrolyte interface in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) is known to cause electrical losses. Geometrically simple Ni/Yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) interfaces were examined to gain information on the structural and chemical changes occurring during experiments at 1000 deg. C in an atmosphere of 97% H2/3% H{sub 2}O. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy at open circuit voltage (OCV) and at anodic and cathodic polarisation (100 mV) was performed. A correlation of the electrical data with the structure development and the chemical composition was attempted. Nickel wires with different impurity content (99.8% Ni and 99.995% Ni) were used to examine the impact of impurities on the polarisation resistance and contact area morphology. The electro polished nickel wires were pressed against a polished 8 mol% YSZ surface. Extensive structural changes from a flat interface to a hill and valley structure were found to occur in the contact area with the impure nickel wire, and a ridge of impurities was built along the rim of the contact area. Impurity particles in the interfacial region were also observed. The impurity phase was described as an alkali silicate glassy phase. No differences were found between polarised and non-polarised samples. With pure nickel wires, however, the microstructures depended on the polarisation/non-polarisation conditions. At non-polarised conditions a hill and valley type structure was found. Anodic polarisation produced an up to 1 {mu}m thick interface layer consisting of nano-sized YSZ particles with some Ni present. At cathodic polarisation both a granulated structure and a hill and valley structure resembling the structure of non-polarised samples were found. Small impurity ridges were surrounding the contact areas on non-polarised and cathodically polarised samples. TOF-SIMS and XPS analyses showed the presence of impurities in both the impure and pure contact areas. The impedance spectroscopy revealed that depending on the

  1. A unique case of right-sided Poland syndrome with true dextrocardia and total situs inversus. (United States)

    Atasoy, Halil I; Yavuz, Taner; Altunrende, Sevil; Guven, Melih; Kılıcgun, Ali; Polat, Omer; Yesiller, Erkan; Duzenli, Selma


    Poland syndrome has been reported to be associated with true dextrocardia, but not with true situs inversus. In this report, we describe the first patient with total situs inversus in medical literature and try to highlight the syndrome's probable etiology and pathogenetic mechanisms in utero.

  2. Developmentally Invariant Dissociations in Children's True and False Memories: Not All Relatedness Is Created Equal (United States)

    Howe, Mark L.


    The role of categorical versus associative relations in 5-, 7-, and 11-year-old children's true and false memories was examined using the Deese--Roediger--McDermott (DRM) paradigm and categorized lists of pictures or words with or without category labels as primes. For true items, recall increased with age and categorized lists were better…

  3. The cortical basis of true memory and false memory for motion. (United States)

    Karanian, Jessica M; Slotnick, Scott D


    Behavioral evidence indicates that false memory, like true memory, can be rich in sensory detail. By contrast, there is fMRI evidence that true memory for visual information produces greater activity in earlier visual regions than false memory, which suggests true memory is associated with greater sensory detail. However, false memory in previous fMRI paradigms may have lacked sufficient sensory detail to recruit earlier visual processing regions. To investigate this possibility in the present fMRI study, we employed a paradigm that produced feature-specific false memory with a high degree of visual detail. During the encoding phase, moving or stationary abstract shapes were presented to the left or right of fixation. During the retrieval phase, shapes from encoding were presented at fixation and participants classified each item as previously "moving" or "stationary" within each visual field. Consistent with previous fMRI findings, true memory but not false memory for motion activated motion processing region MT+, while both true memory and false memory activated later cortical processing regions. In addition, false memory but not true memory for motion activated language processing regions. The present findings indicate that true memory activates earlier visual regions to a greater degree than false memory, even under conditions of detailed retrieval. Thus, the dissociation between previous behavioral findings and fMRI findings do not appear to be task dependent. Future work will be needed to assess whether the same pattern of true memory and false memory activity is observed for different sensory modalities.

  4. The design and methods of the mental health module in the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1-MH). (United States)

    Jacobi, Frank; Mack, Simon; Gerschler, Anja; Scholl, Lucie; Höfler, Michael; Siegert, Jens; Bürkner, Ariane; Preiss, Stephanie; Spitzer, Kathrin; Busch, Markus; Hapke, Ulfert; Gaebel, Wolfgang; Maier, Wolfgang; Wagner, Michael; Zielasek, Jürgen; Wittchen, Hans-Ulrich


    DEGS1-MH is part of the first wave of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey (DEGS1) covering all relevant health issues. Aims of DEGS1-MH are to supplement DEGS1 by describing (1) the distribution and frequency, the severity and the impairments of a wide range of mental disorders, (2) risk factors as well as patterns of help-seeking and health care utilization, and (3) associations between mental and somatic disorders, (4) and by comparisons with a similar survey in the late 1990s (GHS-MHS), longitudinal trends and changes in morbidity over time. Out of all eligible DEGS1 respondents (nationally representative sample aged 18-79), N = 5318 subjects (conditional response rate 88%) were examined at their place of residence by clinically trained interviewers with a modified version of the standardized, computer-assisted Composite International Diagnostic Interview (DEGS-CIDI). Innovative additions were: a comprehensive neuropsychological examination, a broader assessment of psychosis-like experiences, disorder-specific disabilities, help-seeking and health care utilization. The mental health module and its combination with the assessment of somatic and other health issues in DEGS1 allow for internationally unique, detailed and comprehensive analyses about mental disorders and the association of mental and somatic health issues in the community, constituting an improved basis for regular future surveys of this sort. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  5. Computer Aided Environment for Drawing (To Set True or False Objective Questions From Given Paragraph.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sheetal Rakangor


    Full Text Available In this paper, we developed true or false objective questions from the given paragraph. The system creates true or false statement from the sentence selected from the given paragraph. And NLP parser is used for parsing and POS tagger functionality used to encode the sentence. We present our work in design and implementing system which generate true or false. System is developed in java using JDBC and mysql for storing in database, both are open source. Generating Automatic True or False Statements, Objective test generation task become faster and expedient manner, and system saves time. We have evaluated our system with different 200 sentences and present the result. And kept true and false statement approximate equal in length. Avoided Double Negative Sentences i.e. If sentence is already negative then not is not added in the sentence.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Violeta Isai


    Full Text Available In the accounts of Romania, the principle of true and fair view and the prudence principle are in a relationship of mutual conditioning. True and fair view has its origins in Anglo-Saxon accounting, the British, and English translation of the expression is "true and fair view". In the context of Romania's national, a first reference to the concept of true and fair view a we identify in the root Accounting Law No 82/1991 which lays down that objective accounting- ensuring accurate image, clear, and complete heritage of the financial situation and the results. Prudence is to be found in sincerity (in the direction of the present in the financial statements facts which might influence the recipient information and should serve the concept of true and fair view.

  7. Usefulness of true FISP cine MR imaging in patients with poor cardiac function

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sakuma, Toshiharu; Yamada, Naoaki; Motooka, Makoto; Enomoto, Naoyuki; Maeshima, Isamu; Matsuda, Kazuhide; Urayama, Shinichi; Ikeo, Miki [National Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Osaka (Japan)


    This study was done to assess the value of True FISP cine in patients with poor cardiac function. True FISP cine and FLASH cine imaging were performed on a 1.5 T machine. Both short axis and horizontal long axis imaging sections were used. The imaging sections used a Matrix (120 x 128), FOV (24 x 32 cm), and had a slice thickness of 8 mm. The imaging time for True FISP cine was 8 heart beats and 17 heart beats for FLASH cine. The contrast-to-noise ratio between the blood and myocardium (CNR) was measured at enddiastole and endsystole. The subjects in the study were 10 healty volunteers (average age 26.5{+-}3.2 years) and 12 patients with hypofunction (average age 53.9{+-}13.2 years). In the volunteers, the CNR of the short axis imaging was similar in both True FISP (24.6{+-}3.7) and FLASH (23.4{+-}5.9). In the patients with poor cardiac function however, the CNR of True FISP was larger than FLASH in both the short and long axis. In the short axis (22.7{+-}6.1 vs. 17.9{+-}5.3, P<0.01) and in the long axis (17.4{+-}4.3 vs. 9.3{+-}4.0, P<0.01). We conclude that True FISP cine has a higher contrast in a shorter imaging time than FLASH cine. True FISP cine is especially useful in patients with poor cardiac function. (author)

  8. Thine own self: true self-concept accessibility and meaning in life. (United States)

    Schlegel, Rebecca J; Hicks, Joshua A; Arndt, Jamie; King, Laura A


    A number of philosophical and psychological theories suggest the true self is an important contributor to well-being. The present research examined whether the cognitive accessibility of the true self-concept would predict the experience of meaning in life. To ensure that any observed effects were due to the true self-concept rather than to the self-concept more generally, the authors used actual self-concept accessibility as a control variable in all studies. True and actual self-concepts were defined as including those traits that are enacted around close others vs. most others (Studies 1 through 3) or as traits that refer to "who you really are" vs. "who you are during most of your activities" (Studies 4 and 5), respectively. Studies 1, 2, and 4 showed that individual differences in true self-concept accessibility, but not differences in actual self-concept accessibility, predicted meaning in life. Studies 3 and 5 showed that priming traits related to the true self-concept enhanced perceptions of meaning in life. Implications for the study of the true self-concept and authenticity are discussed.

  9. MBE growth of high electron mobility 2DEGs in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures controlled by RHEED

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Broxtermann


    Full Text Available We have grown 2DEG AlGaN/GaN heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE with electron mobilities up to 21500 cm2V−1s−1 at 2 K. In-situ RHEED was applied to optimize different aspects of Ga-rich growth. This paper gives a compact overview of the experimental key aspects that significantly affect the low temperature electron mobility in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures. Growth at the transition towards Ga droplet formation produced the best results. A quantitative analysis of the magnetoresistance confirmes scattering at dislocations as the dominant scattering process at low temperature.

  10. NASA Ames Laminar Flow Supersonic Wind Tunnel (LFSWT) Tests of a 10 deg Cone at Mach 1.6 (United States)

    Wolf, Stephen W. D.; Laub, James A.


    This work is part of the ongoing qualification of the NASA Ames Laminar Flow Supersonic Wind Tunnel (LFSWT) as a low-disturbance (quiet) facility suitable for transition research. A 10 deg cone was tested over a range of unit Reynolds numbers (Re = 2.8 to 3.8 million per foot (9.2 to 12.5 million per meter)) and angles of incidence (O deg to 10 deg) at Mach 1.6. The location of boundary layer transition along the cone was measured primarily from surface temperature distributions, with oil flow interferometry and Schlieren flow visualization providing confirmation measurements. With the LFSWT in its normal quiet operating mode, no transition was detected on the cone in the test core, over the Reynolds number range tested at zero incidence and yaw. Increasing the pressure disturbance levels in the LFSWT test section by a factor of five caused transition onset on the cone within the test core, at zero incidence and yaw. When operating the LFSWT in its normal quiet mode, transition could only be detected in the test core when high angles of incidence (greater than 5 deg) for cones were set. Transition due to elevated pressure disturbances (Tollmien-Schlichting) and surface trips produced a skin temperature rise of order 4 F (2.2 C). Transition due to cross flows on the leeward side of the cone at incidence produced a smaller initial temperature rise of only order 2.5 F (1.4 C), which indicates a slower transition process. We can conclude that these cone tests add further proof that the LFSWT test core is normally low-disturbance (pressure fluctuations greater than 0.1%), as found by associated direct flow quality measurements discussed in this report. Furthermore, in a quiet test environment, the skin temperature rise is sensitive to the type of dominant instability causing transition. The testing of a cone in the LFSWT provides an excellent experiment for the development of advanced transition detection techniques.

  11. Solar process for cold production at low temperature (-28 deg) by solid-gas sorption; Procede solaire de production de froid basse temperature (-28 deg) par sorption solide-gaz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Le Pierres, N.


    The aim of this work is the design and experimentation of a thermochemical process for cold production purpose at -28 deg. C using low grade heat (70 deg. C) supplied by flat plate solar collectors. An exergetic analysis of the thermo-chemical dipole and of ideal thermodynamic cycles led to the definition of an original solar process. This process involves two cascaded cycles functioning in parallel. The cycle is discontinuous and presents a day phase of heating and regeneration and a night phase of cold production. A dynamic simulation allowed the study of its functioning depending on the weather conditions and on the dimensions of the process. A prototype covering the needs of a cold chamber loosing 40 W of cold continuously was built and tested in real conditions in Perpignan. It demonstrated the feasibility of this innovative concept and validated the hypothesis used to develop the model. A study of the process functioning was lead by simulation in different meteorological conditions and for different heat sources (solar, geothermal or industrial waste). It showed the potentialities of the concept. (author)

  12. The dynamic interplay between perceived true self-knowledge and decision satisfaction. (United States)

    Schlegel, Rebecca J; Hicks, Joshua A; Davis, William E; Hirsch, Kelly A; Smith, Christina M


    The present research used multiple methods to examine the hypothesis that perceived true self-knowledge and decision satisfaction are inextricably linked together by a widely held "true-self-as-guide" lay theory of decision making. Consistent with this proposition, Study 1 found that participants rated using the true self as a guide as more important for achieving personal satisfaction than a variety of other potential decision-making strategies. After establishing the prevalence of this lay theory, the remaining studies then focused on examining the proposed consequent relationship between perceived true self-knowledge and decision satisfaction. Consistent with hypotheses, 2 cross-sectional correlational studies (Studies 2 and 3) found a positive relationship between perceived true self-knowledge and decision satisfaction for different types of major decisions. Study 4 used daily diary methods to demonstrate that fluctuations in perceived true self-knowledge reliably covary with fluctuations in decision satisfaction. Finally, 2 studies directly examined the causal direction of this relationship through experimental manipulation and revealed that the relationship is truly bidirectional. More specifically, Study 5 showed that manipulating perceived knowledge of the true self (but not other self-concepts) directly affects decision satisfaction. Study 6 showed that this effect also works in reverse by manipulating feelings of decision satisfaction, which directly affected perceived knowledge of the true self (but not other self-concepts). Taken together, these studies suggest that people believe the true self should be used as a guide when making major life decisions and that this belief has observable consequences for the self and decision making. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved

  13. TOMS/Nimbus-7 UV Reflectivity Monthly L3 Global 1x1.25 deg Lat/Lon Grid V008 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This data product contains TOMS/Nimbus-7 UV Reflectivity Monthly L3 Global 1x1.25 deg Lat/Lon Grid Version 8 data in ASCII format. The Total Ozone Mapping...

  14. Multi-Satellite Lambertian Equivalent Reflectivity (Local Satellite Time) Daily L3 Global 5.0deg Lat Zones V1 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Multi-Satellite Lambertian Equivalent Reflectivity (Local Satellite Time) Daily L3 Global 5.0deg Lat Zones data product (MSLERLSTL3zm) is derived from...

  15. «Il piccolo vascello solca i mari». Tommaso Landolfi e i suoi editori. Bibliografia degli scritti di e su Landolfi (1929-2006

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Roccella


    Full Text Available Recensiamo il volume «Il piccolo vascello solca i mari». Tommaso Landolfi e i suoi editori. Bibliografia degli scritti di e su Landolfi (1929-2006 a cura di Idolina Landolfi. Firenze: Cadmo, 2015.

  16. Identifying Suitable Projection Parameters and Display Configurations for Mobile True-3D Displays


    Serrano, Marcos; Hildebrandt, Dale; Subramanian, Sriram; Irani, Pourang


    International audience; We present a two-part exploration on mobile true-3D displays, i.e. displaying volumetric 3D content in mid-air. We first identify and study the parameters of a mobile true-3D projection, in terms of the projection's distance to the phone, angle to the phone, display volume and position within the display. We identify suitable parameters and constraints, which we propose as requirements for developing mobile true-3D systems. We build on the first outcomes to explore met...

  17. Non-syndromic occurrence of true generalized microdontia with mandibular mesiodens - a rare case. (United States)

    Bargale, Seema D; Kiran, Shital D P


    Abnormalities in size of teeth and number of teeth are occasionally recorded in clinical cases. True generalized microdontia is rare case in which all the teeth are smaller than normal. Mesiodens is commonly located in maxilary central incisor region and uncommon in the mandible. In the present case a 12 year-old boy was healthy; normal in appearance and the medical history was noncontributory. The patient was examined and found to have permanent teeth that were smaller than those of the average adult teeth. The true generalized microdontia was accompanied by mandibular mesiodens. This is a unique case report of non-syndromic association of mandibular hyperdontia with true generalized microdontia.

  18. Covariant Lyapunov vectors from reconstructed dynamics: the geometry behind true and spurious Lyapunov exponents. (United States)

    Yang, Hong-liu; Radons, Günter; Kantz, Holger


    The estimation of Lyapunov exponents from time series suffers from the appearance of spurious Lyapunov exponents due to the necessary embedding procedure. Separating true from spurious exponents poses a fundamental problem which is not yet solved satisfactorily. We show, in this Letter, analytically and numerically that covariant Lyapunov vectors associated with true exponents lie in the tangent space of the reconstructed attractor. Therefore, we use the angle between the covariant Lyapunov vectors and the tangent space of the reconstructed attractor to identify the true Lyapunov exponents. The usefulness of our method, also for noisy situations, is demonstrated by applications to data from model systems and a NMR laser experiment.

  19. Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? / ¿Una creencia verdadera justificada es conocimiento?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edmund L. Gettier


    Full Text Available [ES] En este breve trabajo, se presenta una edición bilingüe de Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? (1963, de Edmund L. Gettier, donde se presentan contraejemplos a la definición de «conocimiento» como «creencia verdadera justificada». [ES] In this brief text, a bilingual edition of Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?, (1963 by Edmund L. Gettier, some counterexamples are presented to the definition of «knowledge» as «justified true belief».

  20. Construction of Chained True Score Equipercentile Equatings under the Kernel Equating (KE) Framework and Their Relationship to Levine True Score Equating. Research Report. ETS RR-09-24 (United States)

    Chen, Haiwen; Holland, Paul


    In this paper, we develop a new chained equipercentile equating procedure for the nonequivalent groups with anchor test (NEAT) design under the assumptions of the classical test theory model. This new equating is named chained true score equipercentile equating. We also apply the kernel equating framework to this equating design, resulting in a…

  1. The GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey (GUViCS). I : The UV luminosity function of the central 12 sq.deg

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boselli, A.; Boissier, S.; Heinis, S.; Cortese, L.; Ilbert, O.; Hughes, T.; Cucciati, O.; Davies, J.; Ferrarese, L.; Giovanelli, R.; Haynes, M. P.; Baes, M.; Balkowski, C.; Brosch, N.; Chapman, S. C.; Charmandaris, V.; Clemens, M. S.; Dariush, A.; Looze, I. De; Alighieri, S. di Serego; Duc, P. -A.; Durrell, P. R.; Emsellem, E.; Erben, T.; Fritz, J.; Garcia-Appadoo, D. A.; Gavazzi, G.; Grossi, M.; Jordán, A.; Hess, K. M.; Huertas-Company, M.; Hunt, L. K.; Kent, B. R.; Lambas, D. G.; Lancon, A.; MacArthur, L. A.; Madden, S. C.; Magrini, L.; Mei, S.; Momjian, E.; Olowin, R. P.; Papastergis, E.; Smith, M. W. L.; Solanes, J. M.; Spector, O.; Spekkens, K.; Taylor, J. E.; Valotto, C.; Driel, W. van; Verstappen, J.; Vlahakis, C.; Vollmer, B.; Xilouris, E. M.


    The GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey (GUViCS) is a complete blind survey of the Virgo cluster covering about 40 sq. deg. in the far UV (FUV, lambda_eff=1539A, Delta-lambda=442A) and about 120 sq. deg. in the near UV (NUV, lambda_eff=2316A, Delta-lambda=1060A). The goal of the survey is to

  2. Fourier transform infrared and near-infrared spectroscopic methods for the detection of toxic Diethylene Glycol (DEG) contaminant in glycerin based cough syrup


    Ahmed, M. Khalique; McLeod, Michael P.; Nézivar, Jean; Giuliani, Allison W.


    Recently there have been reports of the contamination of cough syrups with Diethylene Glycol (DEG). The consumption of such cough syrups has devastating effects on the health. In this paper we report evidence that Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic techniques are viable, simple, cost effective, rapid and fool proof methods for the identification and quantification of DEG in glycerin based cough syrups. The FT-IR and NIR spectra of the glycerin based cough...

  3. Possible changes of state and relevant timescales for a neutron star in LS I +61{\\deg}303

    CERN Document Server

    Papitto, Alessandro; Rea, Nanda


    The properties of the short, energetic bursts recently observed from the gamma-ray binary LS I +61{\\deg}303, are typical of those showed by high magnetic field neutron stars, and thus provide a strong indication in favor of a neutron star being the compact object in the system. Here, we discuss the transitions among the states accessible to a neutron star in a system like LS I +61{\\deg}303, such as the ejector, propeller and accretor phases, depending on the NS spin period, magnetic field and rate of mass captured. We show how the observed bolometric luminosity (>= few x 1E35 erg/s), and its broad-band spectral distribution, indicate that the compact object is most probably close to the transition between working as an ejector all along its orbit, and being powered by the propeller effect when it is close to the orbit periastron, in a so-called flip-flop state. By assessing the torques acting onto the compact object in the various states, we follow the spin evolution of the system, evaluating the time spent b...

  4. The rotate-plus-shift C-arm trajectory: Complete CT data with less than 180{\\deg} rotation

    CERN Document Server

    Ritschl, Ludwig; Kachelrieß, Marc


    In the last decade C-arm-based cone-beam CT became a widely used modality for intraoperative imaging. Typically a C-arm scan is performed using a circle-like trajectory around a region of interest. Therefor an angular range of at least 180{\\deg} plus fan-angle must be covered to ensure a completely sampled data set. This fact defines some constraints on the geometry and technical specifications of a C-arm system, for example a larger C radius or a smaller C opening respectively. These technical modifications are usually not benificial in terms of handling and usability of the C-arm during classical 2D applications like fluoroscopy. The method proposed in this paper relaxes the constraint of 180{\\deg} plus fan-angle rotation to acquire a complete data set. The proposed C-arm trajectory requires a motorization of the orbital axis of the C and of ideally two orthogonal axis in the C plane. The trajectory consists of three parts: A rotation of the C around a defined iso-center and two translational movements para...

  5. Pressure Loss Through Sharp 180 deg Turn in a Relatively Short Two-Pass Smooth and RibRoughened Channel

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The local pressure distributions and resistance coefficients(f1 and f2) through the sharp 180 deg turn in a relatively short (L/De=4) two-pass smooth and rib-roughened channel were investigated for a Reynolds number range of 1.0×103,9.0×103.The rib pitch-to-herght ratios(p/e) were 5,10,and 20,The rib height-to-hydraulic diamter ratios(e/De) were 0.025,0.050 and 0.10,and the rib angles of attack(a) were 90,45,60,-45,and -60 deg.Rids were installed not only in before and after turn regions but also in turn region.The results show that resistance coefficients remain approximately constant when Reynolds number is more than 3.0×104,The effects of the rib configuration(rib spacing,rib height,and rib orientation)on the inlet straight duct resistance coefficient(f2) were significant, however,their effects on the overall resistance coefficient(f1) were diluted by the sharp-180 turn.For this relatively short channel(L/De=4),the overall resistance coefficient(f1) was greatly affected by the sharp turn.Correlations for the overall resistance(f1) and inlet straight duct resistance coefficient (f2) are presented.

  6. Analytical models for the 2DEG concentration and gate leakage current in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs (United States)

    Ahmed, Nadim; Dutta, Aloke K.


    In this paper, we present a completely analytical model for the 2DEG concentration in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs as a function of gate bias, considering the donor-like trap states present at the metal/AlGaN interface to be the primary source of 2DEG carriers. To the best of our knowledge, this is a completely new contribution of this work. The electric field in the AlGaN layer is calculated using this model, which is further used to model the gate leakage current under reverse bias. We have modified the existing TTT (Thermionic Trap-Assisted Tunneling) current model, taking into account the effect of both metal/AlGaN interface traps as well as AlGaN bulk traps. The gate current under forward bias is also modeled using the existing thermionic emission model, approximating it by its Taylor series expansion. To take into account the effect of non-zero drain-source bias (VDS), an empirical fitting parameter is introduced in order to model the channel voltage in terms of VDS. The results of our models have been compared with the experimental data reported in the literature for three different devices, and the match is found to be excellent for both forward and reverse bias as well as for zero and non-zero VDS.

  7. True Color Orthorectified Image for Saugus Ironworks National Historical Site Vegetation Mapping Project (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — Orthorectified true color image of Saugus Ironworks National Historical Site. Sanborn Colorado L.L.C. of Colorado Springs, CO, flew the photography in April 2005....

  8. How Children Report True and Fabricated Stressful and Non-Stressful Events1 (United States)

    Brunet, Megan K.; Evans, Angela D.; Talwar, Victoria; Bala, Nicholas; Lindsay, Rod C. L.; Lee, Kang


    As children can be victims or witnesses to crimes and may be required to testify about their experiences in court, the ability to differentiate between children’s true and fabricated accounts of victimization is an important issue. This study used automated linguistic analysis software to detect linguistic patterns in order to differentiate between children’s true and false stressful bullying reports and reports of non-stressful events. Results revealed that children displayed different linguistic patterns when reporting true and false stressful and non-stressful stories, with non-stressful stories being more accurately discriminated based on linguistic patterns. Results suggest that it is difficult to discriminate accurately and consistently between children’s true and false stories of victimization. PMID:24659903

  9. Is It Really True That Chocolate May Be Good for You? (United States)

    ... Is It Really True That Chocolate May Be Good for ... re tempted to raid the candy aisle: While it seems to be beneficial, the impact of chocolate ...

  10. Deep Vein Thrombosis and True Crural Aneurysm: Misdiagnosis or Causal Relation? (United States)

    Floros, Nikolaos; Antoniou, Zoi; Papadakis, Marios


    True crural artery aneurysm is a rare clinical entity. Crural artery aneurysms are most frequently seen in men in their sixth decade without major cardiopulmonary diseases and are often associated with injury, superinfection, or vasculitis. We report the case of a 44-year-old man with a history of idiopathic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) as the first manifestation of a true crural artery aneurysm. To our knowledge, DVT is very rarely related with true crural artery aneurysms, with only 3 cases reported in the current literature. Open surgical repair is the most common management, with ligation as a second option in emergencies such as rupture. The related literature is discussed. We conclude that crural aneurysms should be considered in differential diagnosis of popliteal DVT in adults. True crural aneurysms need vigilance and a more systematical approach to provide physicians the means to the best medical care.

  11. Feeling like you know who you are: perceived true self-knowledge and meaning in life. (United States)

    Schlegel, Rebecca J; Hicks, Joshua A; King, Laura A; Arndt, Jamie


    The essence of who a person really is has been labeled the "true self," and an emerging area of research suggests that this self-concept plays an important role in the creation of a fulfilling existence. Three studies investigate the role of the subjective feeling that one possesses knowledge of one's true self in meaning in life judgments. Consistently, the perception of availability of true self-knowledge (operationalized as the metacognitive experience of ease in describing one's true self) predicted meaning in life judgments over and above other potentially related constructs such as mood and self-esteem. Conversely, the subjective availability of knowledge of how one actually behaves (i.e., one's actual self) was unrelated to meaning in life judgments. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.

  12. Which person variables predict how people benefit from True-False over Constructed Response items?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stella Bollmann


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was the investigation of the variable Benefit from TF, which we assumed to be additionally measured when using True-False instead of Constructed Response tests. Subjects who benefit from True-False have an advantage over other subjects in answering Multiple Choice or True-False exams. We expected it to be related to partial knowledge and examined its relation to other personal abilities and traits in a total of n = 106 psychology students. They completed a statistics exam in Constructed Response and True-False format and benefit items were defined as those to which the associated constructed response answer was not correct. Additionally, verbal intelligence and Big 5 measures were obtained. Results confirm the existence of the person variable Benefit from TF and its relation to partial knowledge. Furthermore, benefiters differed from others in conscientiousness and openness to experience variables. However, contrary to expectations, they did not differ in verbal IQ.

  13. Integrated High-Speed Digital Optical True-Time-Delay Modules for Synthetic Aperture Radars Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Crystal Research, Inc. proposes an integrated high-speed digital optical true-time-delay module for advanced synthetic aperture radars. The unique feature of this...

  14. Microwave photonic true time delay based on cross gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xue, Weiqi; Mørk, Jesper


    We experimentally demonstrate microwave time delays in a semiconductor optical amplifier by cross gain modulation. In the counter-propagation configuration, ~10.5ps tunable true time delay over a microwave bandwidth of several tens of GHz is obtained.......We experimentally demonstrate microwave time delays in a semiconductor optical amplifier by cross gain modulation. In the counter-propagation configuration, ~10.5ps tunable true time delay over a microwave bandwidth of several tens of GHz is obtained....

  15. Ameloblastic fibroma in six–year-old male: Hamartoma or a true neoplasm (United States)

    Jindal, Chhavi; Bhola, Reena Sarkar


    Ameloblastic fibroma (AF) is an uncommon true mixed odontogenic tumor with a relative frequency between 1.5% and 4.5%. Recently, it has been proposed that two subtypes of AF exist: A neoplasm and a hamartomatous lesion. We report a case of AF in left mandibular posterior region in a 6-year-old male patient. The tumor showed unusual and aggressive features that suggested it was a true neoplasm. PMID:22144834

  16. Ameloblastic fibroma in six-year-old male: Hamartoma or a true neoplasm. (United States)

    Jindal, Chhavi; Bhola, Reena Sarkar


    Ameloblastic fibroma (AF) is an uncommon true mixed odontogenic tumor with a relative frequency between 1.5% and 4.5%. Recently, it has been proposed that two subtypes of AF exist: A neoplasm and a hamartomatous lesion. We report a case of AF in left mandibular posterior region in a 6-year-old male patient. The tumor showed unusual and aggressive features that suggested it was a true neoplasm.

  17. Re-entry into the true lumen from the subintimal space. (United States)

    Schneider, Peter A; Caps, Michael T; Nelken, Nicolas


    Endovascular reconstruction of the femoral and popliteal arteries is replacing femoral-popliteal bypass. This is made possible by subintimal recanalization to manage long chronic total occlusions. Re-entry into the true lumen is the most challenging step in this process. This article summarizes the techniques for re-entry into the true lumen in the superficial femoral and above- and below-the-knee popliteal arteries.

  18. True but not false memories are associated with the HTR2A gene. (United States)

    Zhu, Bi; Chen, Chuansheng; Loftus, Elizabeth F; Moyzis, Robert K; Dong, Qi; Lin, Chongde


    Previous research reported that serotonin receptor 2A gene (HTR2A) polymorphisms were associated with memory. However, it is unknown whether these genetic variants were associated with both true and false memories. The current study of 336 Han Chinese subjects tested 30 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within the HTR2A gene for potential associations with true and false memories. False memories were assessed using the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm, in which people falsely remember semantically related (but unpresented) words. We found that 11 SNPs within the HTR2A gene were associated with true memory (p=0.000076-0.043). The associations between true memory and seven adjacent SNPs (i.e., rs1923888, rs1745837, rs9567739, rs3742279, rs655888, rs655854, and rs2296972) were still significant after multiple testing corrections. Haplotype-based association analysis revealed that, true memory was positively associated with haplotype A-C-C-G-C-T-A for these seven adjacent SNPs (p=0.000075), which was still significant after multiple testing correction. Only one SNP rs655854 was associated with false memory (p=0.023), and it was not significant after multiple testing correction. This study replicates, in an Asian population, that genetic variation in HTR2A is associated with episodic memory, and also suggests that this association is restricted to true memory.

  19. True Blue (United States)

    Mattise, M. Christine


    Traditional interventions (small group, individual counseling, classroom guidance, parent conferences) were obviously having little or no effect to stop bullying among children. The bullies had stuck with their project relentlessly, using snide looks, vicious whispering and a systematic plan to totally isolate one child on the playground. These…

  20. Micro distillation of crude oil to obtain TBP (True Boiling Points) curve; Micro destilacao de petroleo para obtencao da curva PEV (Ponto de Ebulicao Verdadeiro)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marques, Maria de Lourdes S.P.; Mendes, Luana de Jesus [Fundacao Gorceix, Ouro Preto, MG (Brazil); Medina, Lilian Carmen [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    PETROBRAS and others petroleum companies adopt the ASTM norms as reference method for oil distillation, ASTM D2892 (2005) that uses columns with 14 to 18 theoretical plates and the ASTM D 5236 (2003) , that distills mixture of heavy hydrocarbons with boiling point over 150 deg C. The result of these two distillations is the TBP (True Boiling Point) curve that is the main tool to define the yield of oil derivatives, the 'royalties' payment, the oil price for commercialization and the logistic support of oil location or in new plants projects of distillation and optimization studies. This procedure has some limitations as the volume sample, at least 1L, and the time of distillation, 2 to 4 days. The objective of this work is to propose a new alternative to attain de PEV curve, developing a new methodology using micro scale distillation that uses a more efficient column than the conventional method. Graphics of both methods were created and the results between the conventional and the micro distillation received statistical treatment to prove the equivalence between them. (author)

  1. Multiple, Distant (40 deg) in situ Observations of a Magnetic Cloud and a Corotating Interaction Region Complex (United States)

    Farrugia, C. J.; Berdichevsky, D. B.; Moestl, C.; Galvin, A. B.; Leitner, M.; Popecki, M.; Simunac, K. D.; Opitz, A.; Lavraud, B.; Ogilvie, K.; Veronig, A.; Temmer, M.; Luhmann, J. G.; Sauvaud, J.


    We report a comprehensive analysis of in situ observations made by Wind and the STEREO probes (STA, STB) of a complex interaction between a magnetic cloud (MC) and a corotating interaction region (CIR) occurring near the heliospheric current sheet (HCS) on November 19-21, 2007. The probes were separated by 0.7 AU (~40 deg) with a spread in heliographic latitudes (4.8, 2.2, and -0.4 deg for STB, Wind and STA, respectively). We employ data from the MFI, SWE and 3DP instruments on Wind, and the PLASTIC and IMPACT suites on STEREO. STB, located east of Earth, observed a forward shock followed by signatures of a MC. The MC took the role of the HCS in that the polarity of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) on exit was the reverse of that on entry. A passage through a plasma sheet is observed. Along the Sun-Earth line Wind observed a stream interface (SI) between a forward and a reverse shock. A MC, compressed by the CIR, was entrained in this. STA, located 20 deg to the west of Earth, saw a MC which was not preceded by a shock. A SI trailed the transient. The shocks are examined using various methods and from this it is concluded that the forward shock at Wind - but not at STB - was driven by the MC. Examining the MC by Grad-Shafranov reconstruction, we find evidence of a double-flux rope structure at Wind and STA and possibly also at STB. The orientations are at variance with the notion of a large-scale flux tube being observed at the three spacecraft. We find consistency of this with the directional properties of the solar wind "strahl" electrons. We examine aspects of the geomagnetic response and find a double-dip storm corresponding to the two interplanetary triggers. The minimum Dst phase was prolonged and the geoffects were intensified due to the interaction. We conclude that while the formation of compound streams is a common feature of interplanetary space, understanding their components when CIRs are involved is a complicated matter needing numerical

  2. Indagine su conoscenze, attitudini e comportamenti dei medici italiani in merito alle valutazioni di efficacia degli interventi sanitari: primi risultati

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I.F. Angelillo


    Full Text Available

    Obiettivi: l’indagine si propone di valutare il livello di conoscenze, le attitudini ed i comportamenti dei medici italiani in merito agli strumenti metodologici attualmente utilizzati per valutare l’efficacia degli interventi sanitari, con particolare riferimento alla meta-analisi.

    Metodi: lo studio è stato effettuato mediante l’invio postale di un questionario di 39 domande a risposta multipla ad un campione random di medici della provincia di Roma e della Calabria. I dati si riferiscono ai primi 211 questionari pervenuti.

    Risultati: il livello delle conoscenze appare elevato, in quanto la maggior parte dei medici intervistati riconosce l’utilità dei trials clinici nella valutazione di efficacia degli interventi sanitari (81.6% e sa che la meta-analisi è una metodica che consente di sintetizzare i risultati di diversi studi individuali (72.0%; le conoscenze, tuttavia, si abbassano in occasione di quesiti più tecnici, quali quelli relativi, ad esempio, alle misure di associazione. Più articolate sembrano essere le attitudini nei confronti della meta-analisi, in quanto, sebbene il 76.9% ritenga che solo gli interventi sanitari di provata efficacia debbano essere offerti gratuitamente ai cittadini (76.9%, molti medici, tuttavia, reputano che molte decisioni cliniche debbano basarsi soprattutto sulle esigenze del singolo paziente (61.3%. Sebbene molti medici leggano con regolarità trials clinici (76.1% e con minore frequenza meta-analisi (52.7%, decisamente elevate appaiono le percentuali di coloro che non hanno mai utilizzato nella loro attività professionale i risultati di trials clinici (38.7% e di meta-analisi (56.2%. Quasi la metà del campione esaminato giudica insufficiente il livello di conoscenze in materia (47.3%, e la quasi totalità ritiene importante migliorare le proprie conoscenze metodologiche (92.0%.

    Conclusioni: data l

  3. Visualization of swallowing using real-time TrueFISP MR fluoroscopy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barkhausen, Joerg; Goyen, Mathias; Lauenstein, Thomas; Debatin, Joerg F. [Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University Hospital Essen (Germany); Winterfeld, F. von; Arweiler-Harbeck, Diana [Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University Hospital Essen (Germany)


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of different real-time true fast imaging with steady precession (TrueFISP) sequences regarding their ability to depict the swallowing process and delineate oropharyngeal pathologies in patients with dysphagia. Real-time TrueFISP visualization of swallowing was performed in 8 volunteers and 6 patients with dysphagia using a 1.5 T scanner (Magnetom Sonata, Siemens, Erlangen Germany) equipped with high-performance gradients (amplitude 40 mT/m). Image quality of four different real-time TrueFISP sequences (TR 2.2-3.0 ms, TE 1.1-1.5 ms, matrix 63 x 128-135 x 256, field of view 250 mm{sup 2}, acquisition time per image 139-405 ms) was evaluated. Water, yoghurt, and semolina pudding were assessed as oral contrast agents. Functional exploration of the oropharyngeal apparatus was best possible using the fastest real-time TrueFISP sequence (TR 2.2 ms, TE 1.1 ms, matrix 63 x 128). Increased acquisition time resulted in blurring of anatomical structures. As the image contrast of TrueFISP sequences depends on T2/T1 properties, all tested foodstuff were well suited as oral contrast agents, but image quality was best using semolina pudding. Real-time visualization of swallowing is possible using real-time TrueFISP sequences in conjunction with oral contrast agents. For the functional exploration of swallowing high temporal resolution is more crucial than spatial resolution. (orig.)

  4. Efficacy of a typing scheme for Campylobacter based on the combination of true and questionable CRISPR. (United States)

    de Cárdenas, Inés; Fernández-Garayzábal, José F; de la Cruz, María-Luisa; Domínguez, Lucas; Ugarte-Ruiz, María; Gómez-Barrero, Susana


    This study evaluates an improved scheme for Campylobacter genotyping based on the combination of true and questionable CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) elements. A total of 180 Campylobacter strains (Campylobacter jejuni n=93 and Campylobacter coli n=87), isolated from neck skin and caecal content of broilers, poultry meat and sewage water were analysed. Another 97 C. jejuni DNA samples from cases of human campylobacteriosis were assessed. Sixty-three genotypes were found in C. jejuni considering only true CRISPR, and 16 additional genotypes were identified when questionable CRISPR were also taken into account. Likewise in C. coli the number of genotypes increased from eight for only true CRISPR to 14 after including questionable CRISPR elements. The number of typeable C. jejuni and C. coli isolates was 115 (60.5%) and 17 (19.5%) respectively considering only true CRISPR. These percentages increased to 92.7% (n=176) and 39.1% (n=34) respectively when both true and questionable CRISPR were considered. 60.9% of the C. coli isolates were non-typeable by CRISPR due to the lack of any PCR amplifiable CRISPR loci, which raises questions about CRISPR analysis as an appropriate method for C. coli typing. However the assessment of true and questionable CRISPR has proved to be fairly useful for typing C. jejuni due to its high discriminatory power (Simpson's index=0.960) and typeability (92.7%) values. The results of the present work show that our genotyping method based on the combination of true and questionable CRISPR elements may be used as a suitable complementary tool to existing C. jejuni genotyping methods. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Imaging Characteristics of Pathologically Proven Thymic Hyperplasia: Identifying Features That Can Differentiate True From Lymphoid Hyperplasia (United States)

    Araki, Tetsuro; Sholl, Lynette M.; Gerbaudo, Victor H.; Hatabu, Hiroto; Nishino, Mizuki


    OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article is to investigate the imaging characteristics of pathologically proven thymic hyperplasia and to identify features that can differentiate true hyperplasia from lymphoid hyperplasia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-one patients (nine men and 22 women; age range, 20–68 years) with pathologically confirmed thymic hyperplasia (18 true and 13 lymphoid) who underwent preoperative CT (n = 27), PET/CT (n = 5), or MRI (n = 6) were studied. The length and thickness of each thymic lobe and the transverse and anterior-posterior diameters and attenuation of the thymus were measured on CT. Thymic morphologic features and heterogeneity on CT and chemical shift on MRI were evaluated. Maximum standardized uptake values were measured on PET. Imaging features between true and lymphoid hyperplasia were compared. RESULTS No significant differences were observed between true and lymphoid hyperplasia in terms of thymic length, thickness, diameters, morphologic features, and other qualitative features (p > 0.16). The length, thickness, and diameters of thymic hyperplasia were significantly larger than the mean values of normal glands in the corresponding age group (p hyperplasia was significantly higher than that of true hyperplasia among 15 patients with contrast-enhanced CT (median, 47.9 vs 31.4 HU; Wilcoxon p = 0.03). The receiver operating characteristic analysis yielded greater than 41.2 HU as the optimal threshold for differentiating lymphoid hyperplasia from true hyperplasia, with 83% sensitivity and 89% specificity. A decrease of signal intensity on opposed-phase images was present in all four cases with in- and opposed-phase imaging. The mean maximum standardized uptake value was 2.66. CONCLUSION CT attenuation of the thymus was significantly higher in lymphoid hyperplasia than in true hyperplasia, with an optimal threshold of greater than 41.2 HU in this cohort of patients with pathologically confirmed thymic hyperplasia. PMID:24555583

  6. Thermophilic digestion of pig manure slurries at 48 deg. C; Termofil udraadning af svinegylle ved 48 grader C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Petersen, J.; Joergensen, P.; Hannibal, E.


    Thermophilic digestion of pig manure slurries can give problems because of its high nitrogen content that, together with high concentrations of ammonia content, can encumber the growth activities of the bacteria so that the production of methane will be stopped. A series of experiments were carried out on a biomass conversion plant located on a farm in order to address this problem. These are described and the resulting data are given. It was concluded that it is possible to solve the problem by operating at a temperature of 48 deg. C, a low thermophilic temperature. The production of methane was also increased under these conditions, to 0.53 cubic meters per kilogram organic dry matter. Methane production is also highly dependent on residence time in the reactor, which is recommended as being 16 days and nights. Bentonite can have a stabilizing effect on the ammonia-binding process. (AB)

  7. Precipitation in AISI 316L(N) during creep tests at 550 and 600 deg. C up to 10 years

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Padilha, A.F. [University of Sao Paulo , Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Av. Prof. Mello Moraes 2463, CEP 05508-900, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Escriba, D.M. [University of Sao Paulo , Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Av. Prof. Mello Moraes 2463, CEP 05508-900, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Materna-Morris, E. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut fuer Materialforschung I, P.O. Box 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe (Germany)]. E-mail:; Rieth, M. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut fuer Materialforschung I, P.O. Box 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe (Germany); Klimenkov, M. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut fuer Materialforschung I, P.O. Box 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe (Germany)


    The precipitation behaviour in the gauge lengths and in the heads of initially solution annealed type 316L(N) austenitic stainless steel specimens tested in creep at 550 and 600 deg. C for periods of up to 85 000 h has been studied using several metallographic techniques. Three phases were detected: M{sub 23}C{sub 6}, Laves, and sigma phase. The volume fraction of the precipitated sigma phase was significantly higher than that of carbides and the Laves phase. M{sub 23}C{sub 6} carbide precipitation occurred very rapidly and was followed by the sigma and Laves phases formation in the delta ferrite islands. Sigma and Laves phases precipitated at grain boundaries after longer times. Two different mechanisms of sigma phase precipitation have been proposed, one for delta ferrite decomposition and another for grain boundary precipitation. Small quantities of the Laves phase were detected in delta ferrite, at grain boundaries and inside the grains.

  8. Ground based NO2 and O3 measurements by visible spectrometer at Syowa Base (69 deg S), Antarctica (United States)

    Kondo, Y.; Matthews, W. A.; Johnston, Paul V.; Hayashi, M.; Koike, M.; Iwasaka, Y.; Shimizu, A.; Budiyono, A.; Yamanouchi, T.; Aoki, S.


    The column amounts of NO2 and ozone have been measured using visible spectroscopy at Syowa Base (69 deg S) since March 1990. Ozone was also measured at the same location with a Dobson spectrometer as well as ozonesondes being flown regularly. The characteristic features of the seasonal and diurnal variations of NO2 are presented. The column ozone values from the visible spectrometers are compared with the Dobson data. The very low values of NO2 in midwinter and early spring are consistent with the conditions predicted to be needed for heterogeneous ozone destruction in early spring. In late spring and summer of 1991, NO2 amounts were considerably smaller than in 1990, presumably due to the effect of Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

  9. Unique hue judgments as a function of test size in the fovea and at 20-deg temporal eccentricity (United States)

    Nerger, Janice L.; Volbrecht, Vicki J.; Ayde, Corey J.


    Unique hue loci were measured for four observers in the fovea and at 20-deg temporal eccentricity as a function of test size. Eccentric measurements were made on the cone plateau following a rod bleach. The results indicate that unique yellow remains approximately invariant with respect to test size and retinal eccentricity, whereas unique blue and unique green shift to longer wavelengths with increasing test size. The locus of unique blue in the periphery reaches an asymptote at approximately the same wavelength as that from the foveal measurements, whereas unique green measured in the periphery is consistently at shorter wavelengths than in the fovea. In general, the data are best described by a model in which the short-wavelength-sensitive cone input to the two opponent-color channels decreases with decreasing test size and increasing retinal eccentricity.

  10. A Byzantine Chant Collection From Sicily. A Cοllaboration Between Cοpenhagen and Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Sanfratello


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to give an account of the collaboration between a collector of the Byzantine chant tradition of Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo in Sicily, namely fr. Bartolomeo Di Salvo, and the editorial board of the Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, i.e. an institution under the aegis of the University of Copenhagen. Before describing precisely how this collaboration has developed, I will briefly introduce the “Sicilian-Albanian” oral liturgical chant tradition. Among his publications are Oral performances in a (post-literate society (Lund, 2016, The songs of the roots (forthcoming chapter on Cretan music, University of Vienna, Creative performance in the liturgy: a formulaic melodic language in the Sicilian-Albanian chant tradition (forthcoming, University of Joensuu, Finland, and several articles as chapters of his doctoral thesis.

  11. I capricci del caso Introduzione alla statistica, al calcolo delle probabilità e alla teoria degli errori

    CERN Document Server

    Piazza, Roberto


    I metodi probabilistici e statistici giocano un ruolo di primo piano sia nella scienza teorica e sperimentale che nelle applicazioni ingegneristiche, costituendo pertanto un elemento essenziale del bagaglio culturale che uno studente deve acquisire fin dai primi anni di apprendimento universitario. Questo libro, che nasce dall’esperienza didattica accumulata dall’autore nell’insegnamento dei metodi sperimentali, si propone di fornire un’introduzione al calcolo delle probabilità e alla teoria degli errori facendo uso di uno stile di presentazione volutamente informale e traendo spunto da concrete applicazioni sperimentali, spesso attraverso esempi di notevole importanza storica. Così, per esempio, argomenti quali il moto browniano, la diffusione di luce, il decadimento radioattivo, la fisiologia della visione, le statistiche quantistiche e di fotorivelazione, vengono utilizzati per delucidare concetti chiave dell’analisi statistica e probabilistica. Un'enfasi particolare è posta sull’origine e l...

  12. A Byzantine Chant Collection From Sicily. A Cοllaboration Between Cοpenhagen and Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Sanfratello


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to give an account of the collaboration between a collector of the Byzantine chant tradition of Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo in Sicily, namely fr. Bartolomeo Di Salvo, and the editorial board of the Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, i.e. an institution under the aegis of the University of Copenhagen. Before describing precisely how this collaboration has developed, I will briefly introduce the “Sicilian-Albanian” oral liturgical chant tradition. Among his publications are Oral performances in a (post-literate society (Lund, 2016, The songs of the roots (forthcoming chapter on Cretan music, University of Vienna, Creative performance in the liturgy: a formulaic melodic language in the Sicilian-Albanian chant tradition (forthcoming, University of Joensuu, Finland, and several articles as chapters of his doctoral thesis.

  13. Electromechanical constants and their anisotropy in LiNbO sub 3 -type crystals having 180 deg. inclined domain walls

    CERN Document Server

    Topolov, V Y


    The paper is devoted to the determination of effective electromechanical constants d sub i sub j sup p , e sub i sub j sup p , epsilon sub k sub l supsigma sup , sup p and s sub f sub g sup E sup , sup p of polydomain LiNbO sub 3 and LiNb sub 0 sub . sub 1 Ta sub 0 sub . sub 9 O sub 3 crystals at room temperature. 180 deg domain structures considered here contain inclined plane walls providing a significant anisotropy of piezoelectric constants e sub i sub j sup p. The effect of such domain structures is established for the first time and discussed. (author)

  14. Effect of irradiation on the steels 316L/LN type to 12 dpa at 400 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bulanova, T. E-mail:; Fedoseev, A.; Kalinin, G.; Rodchenkov, B.; Shamardin, V


    The 316L type stainless steel is widely used as a structural material for the fission reactors internal structures (core, core supports, etc.) and for experimental irradiation facilities. The 316L(N)-IG type steel is proposed as a main structural material for the ITER reactor (first wall, blanket, vacuum vessel, cooling pipe lines). It is obvious that different steel grades should exhibit different reaction to neutron irradiation. The main objective of this work was to study of irradiation behaviour of three different commercial steels: AISI 316LN, AISI 316L (US grades) and 02X17H14M2 (Russian steel grade that is similar to 316L). Irradiation effect on the three commercial steels of 316L family to {approx}12 dpa at the temperature {approx}370-400 deg. C on the tensile properties, microstructure, swelling and susceptibility to SCC are described in the paper.

  15. A New 1.4GHz Radio Continuum Map of the Sky South of Declination +25 deg

    CERN Document Server

    Calabretta, Mark R; Barnes, David G


    Archival data from the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) and the HI Zone of Avoidance (HIZOA) survey have been carefully reprocessed into a new 1.4GHz continuum map of the sky south of declination +25 deg. The wide sky coverage, high sensitivity of 40mK (limited by confusion), resolution of 14'.4 (compared to 51' for the Haslam et al. 408MHz and 35' for the Reich et al. 1.4GHz surveys), and low level of artefacts makes this map ideal for numerous studies, including: merging into interferometer maps to complete large-scale structures; decomposition of thermal and non-thermal emission components from Galactic and extragalactic sources; and comparison of emission regions with other frequencies. The new map is available for download.

  16. [Breve commento sull'importanza spesso sottovalutata degli approcci psicologici e riabilitativi nella gestione del dolore oncologico]. (United States)

    Cascella, Marco; Thompson, Nicholas Simonds; Muzio, Maria Rosaria; Forte, Cira Antonietta; Cuomo, Arturo


    Riassunto. L'approccio farmacologico personalizzato (tailored) rappresenta la terapia standard per i pazienti affetti da dolore oncologico, consentendo il controllo della sintomatologia in circa il 90% dei casi. Qualora tale strategia risulti inefficace è possibile ricorrere a più complesse tecniche, invasive o mini-invasive. Tuttavia, sia da parte dei pazienti sia degli operatori viene sottostimato il disagio psicologico sotteso al dolore oncologico e non si considerano i potenziali benefici dei trattamenti di supporto psicologico e riabilitativi nella gestione del dolore da cancro. Queste strategie non farmacologiche dovrebbero essere parte integrante di un più globale approccio multidisciplinare alla terapia del dolore, affiancando e amplificando gli effetti della terapia farmacologica. Tale breve rassegna narrativa ha la finalità di offrire una panoramica sul ruolo dei possibili interventi psicologici e riabilitativi atti al miglioramento della qualità della vita in pazienti affetti da dolore oncologico.

  17. Thermodestruction of complex sulfates of iridium and ruthenium in sulfate solutions at 100-180 deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sinitsyn, N.M.; Godzhiev, S.E.; Blagodatin, Yu.V. (Moskovskij Inst. Tonkoj Khimicheskoj Tekhnologii (USSR))


    Thermodestruction of iridium- and ruthenium complex sulfates in sulfate solutions is studied at 100-180 deg C depending on the solution acidity, hold time, element initial chemical form in the solution, salt background. The complex ruthenium sulfates are shown to be destroyed during high-temperature solution holding with the solid phase formation, the rate of platinum metal transfer into a precipitate increasing with the temperature, hold time and pH of the source solution. Depending on the initial chemical form the thermodestruction proceeds in various ways and leads to the formation of either hydroxides or solid phase ''proper'' of the platinium metal salt. A reduced tendency to high-temperature hydrolysis of complex ruthenium sulfates at the +3 oxidation level is noted.

  18. Evaluation of hot corrosion behaviour of HVOF sprayed NiCrAl coating on superalloys at 900 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mahesh, R.A. [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IIT Roorkee Campus, Roorkee 247667, Uttarakhand (India); Jayaganthan, R. [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IIT Roorkee Campus, Roorkee 247667, Uttarakhand (India)], E-mail:; Prakash, S. [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IIT Roorkee Campus, Roorkee 247667, Uttarakhand (India)


    In the present investigation, NiCrAl coating was deposited on Ni- and Fe-based superalloy substrates by using high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) process to study the hot corrosion behaviour in molten salt (Na{sub 2}SO{sub 4}-60% V{sub 2}O{sub 5}) environment at 900 deg. C under cyclic conditions. The mass gain measurements were performed after each cycle to establish the kinetics of corrosion using thermogravimetric technique. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopic analysis (SEM/EDS) and X-ray mapping techniques were used to analyse the corrosion products. The bare superalloys experienced higher weight gain. The NiCrAl-coated Superni 750 alloy (SN 750) provided a better protection among the coated superalloys investigated. The formation of oxides and spinels of nickel, chromium and aluminum may be contributing better resistance to hot corrosion.

  19. Il Museo Storico della Didattica “Mauro Laeng” dell’Università degli Studi Roma Tre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmela Covato


    Full Text Available Le caratteristiche cruciali del museo possono essere identificate secondo le seguenti coordinate: il legame ideale e reale con la storia italiana, la contestualità con l’Università di Roma Tre e il rapporto con il territorio. Da istituzione finalizzata alla crescita culturale degli insegnanti di scuola elementare dell’Italia unita, esso è ora rivolto ad un pubblico più esteso e si è trasformato in luogo della memoria educativa, pur conservando un ruolo importante nella formazione universitaria di tutti gli insegnanti e nella ricerca storico-scientifica. Il legame con il tessuto sociale del territorio è documentato, tra l’altro, dalla documentazione e dagli studi relativi alle esperienze di alfabetizzazione nella Mittelitalia del secolo scorso.

  20. Overall and blade element performance of a 1.20 pressure ratio fan stage with rotor blades reset -7 deg (United States)

    Lewis, G. W., Jr.; Kovich, G.


    A 51-cm-diam model of a fan stage for short haul aircraft was tested in a single stage compressor research facility. The rotor blades were set 7 deg toward the axial direction (opened) from the design setting angle. Surveys of the air flow conditions ahead of the rotor, between the rotor and stator, and behind the stator were made over the stable operating range of the stage. At the design speed and a weight flow of 30.9 kg/sec, the stage pressure ratio and efficiency were 1.205 and 0.85, respectively. The design speed rotor peak efficiency of 0.90 occurred at a flow rate of 32.5 kg/sec.

  1. La rieducazione posturale globale nelle patologie muscolo-scheletriche: evidenze scientifiche e indicazioni cliniche- risposta degli autori

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Pillastrini


    Full Text Available Ringraziamo il dott. Vercelli e il dott. Godi per l’attenzione dedicata al nostro lavoro, che indica come la Rieducazione Posturale Globale (RPG sia oggetto di interesse ed attualità all’interno del variegato panorama delle procedure utilizzate nella pratica clinica in fisioterapia. In riferimento all’osservazione sui criteri di selezione e inclusione degli articoli, siamo pienamente consapevoli del fatto che studi non controllati o lavori pubblicati su monografie o atti congressuali non dovrebbero essere inclusi in una revisione sistematica, che di norma considera esclusivamente trials randomizzati controllati (RCT. Tuttavia, già dal titolo del nostro articolo, si evince chiaramente che lo scopo del lavoro era quello di fornire indicazioni cliniche, partendo da una revisione della letteratura....

  2. Efficient silicon heterojunction solar cells based on p- and n-type substrates processed at temperatures < 220 deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maydell, K.v.; Conrad, E.; Schmidt, M. [Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin (Germany)


    We present the optimization and characterization of heterojunction solar cells consisting of an amorphous silicon emitter, a single crystalline absorber and an amorphous silicon rear side which causes the formation of a back surface field (a-Si:H/c-Si/a-Si:H). The solar cells were processed at temperatures <220 deg C. An optimum of the gas phase doping concentration of the a-Si:H layers was found. For high gas phase doping concentrations, recombination via defects located at or nearby the interface leads to a decrease in solar cell efficiency. We achieved efficiencies >17% on p-type c-Si absorbers and >17.5% on n-type absorbers. In contrast to the approach of Sanyo, no additional intrinsic a-Si:H layers between the substrate and the doped a-Si:H layers were inserted. (Author)

  3. Structural evolution of Fe-18Ni-16Cr-4Al steel during aging at 950 .deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wang, Man; Jang, Jinsung [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Zhou, Zhangjian [School of Materials Science and Engineering, USTB, Beijing (China)


    Austenitic stainless steels are also among important structural materials for in-core components of nuclear reactors, and the performance, the oxidation resistance as well as the mechanical strength at high temperature are further expected after Fukushima accident. Alumina-forming austenitic (AFA) steel was first developed by Y. Yamamoto et al. , which showed a good combination of oxidation resistance and creep resistance. The strengthening is achieved through nano-sized MX and Laves. Microstructural evolution of Fe-18Ni-16Cr-4Al during aging at 950 .deg. C was studied. This steel consists of two phases of austenite and ferrite. During aging, needle-shaped NiAl precipitates in austenite, while round shaped NiAl form in ferrite, which is supposed to be due to different crystal structural parameters.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilles Kuitche Talé


    Full Text Available Il meccanismo del transfer, soprattutto nelle fasi iniziali dell’apprendimento, è una caratteristica comune agli apprendenti di lingue straniere, indipendentemente dalla loro provenienza geografica e dalla loro lingua materna. Per quanto riguarda i francofoni che si avvicinano all’italiano, queste interferenze si rivelano notevoli soprattutto ai livelli morfosintattico e lessicale.Tenendo conto dell’estrema variabilità geografica della lingua francese, il presente contributo vuole portare in luce la differenziazione dei transfer (soprattutto negativi degli apprendenti francofoni nell’italiano. Con l’esempio dei camerunesi francofoni l’articolo cerca di mostrare che, per quanto riguarda l’interferenza tra L1 e L2, il generico profilo “apprendente francofono” conosce in realtà numerose ramificazioni. D’altra parte, il contributo procede ad una rivalutazione dei presupposti dell’approccio contrastivo, evidenziando l’importanza didattica della prevedibilità degli errori e della direzione dei transfer.DIATOPIC VARIATION OF FRENCH AND ITALIAN L2: TEACHING NEGATIVE TRANSFER OF ITALIAN LEARNERS FROM CAMERONThe transfer mechanism, especially in the early stages of learning, is a feature common to learners of foreign languages regardless of of their geographical origin and their mother tongue. Regarding Francophones studying Italian, these interferences have proven to be striking, especially in terms of morphosyntax and lexis.Bearing in mind the extreme geographical variability of the French language, this paper aims to bring to light the differentiation in transfer (mostly negative in French-speaking Italian L2 learners. The French-speaking Cameroonian students featured in the article show that, regarding L1/L2 interference, the generic profile “French-speaking learner” actually has numerous ramifications. This paper re-evaluates assumptions of the contrastive approach, highlighting the didactic importance of the

  5. Simulation of creep test on 316FR stainless steel in sodium environment at 550degC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Satmoko, A. [National Atomic Energy Agency, BATAN (Indonesia); Asayama, Tai


    In sodium environment, material 316FR stainless steel risks to suffer from carburization. In this study, an analysis using a Fortran program is conducted to evaluate the carbon influence on the creep behavior of 316FR based on experimental results from uni-axial creep test that had been performed at temperature 550degC in sodium environment simulating Fast Breeder Reactor condition. As performed in experiments, two parts are distinguished. At first, elastic-plastic behavior is used to simulate the fact that just before the beginning of creep test, specimen suffers from load or stress much higher than initial yield stress. In second part, creep condition occurs in which the applied load is kept constant. The plastic component should be included, since stresses increase due to section area reduction. For this reason, elastic-plastic-creep behavior is considered. Through time carbon penetration occurs and its concentration is evaluated empirically. This carburization phenomena are assumed to affect in increasing yield stress, decreasing creep strain rate, and increasing creep rupture strength of material. The model is capable of simulating creep test in sodium environment. Material near from surface risks to be carburized. Its material properties change leading to non-uniform distribution of stresses. Those layers of material suffer from stress concentration, and are subject to damage. By introducing a damage criteria, crack initialization can thus be predicted. And even, crack growth can be evaluated. For high stress levels, tensile strength criterion is more important than creep damage criterion. But in low stress levels, the latter gives more influence in fracture. Under high stress, time to rupture of a specimen in sodium environment is shorter than in air. But for stresses lower than 26 kgf/mm{sup 2}, the time to rupture of creep in sodium environment is the same or little longer than in air. Quantitatively, the carburization effect at 550degC is not important

  6. Chemical composition, true nutrient digestibility, and true metabolizable energy of novel pet food protein sources using the precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay. (United States)

    Deng, P; Utterback, P L; Parsons, C M; Hancock, L; Swanson, K S


    A wide variety of animal protein-based ingredients is commonly used in the pet food products. The raw ingredients and processing procedures used may greatly affect protein quality. Testing the quality of alternative protein sources is necessary and contributes to the sustainability of pet foods. The objective of this study was to test the chemical composition of 8 protein sources intended for use in dog and cat foods (calamari meal, pork peptone, alligator meal, lamb meal, venison meal, chicken meal, and 2 duck meals), and evaluate their true nutrient digestibility and nitrogen-corrected true ME (TMEn) using the precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay. Calamari meal and pork peptone had lower ash (4.4 and 3.6% of DM, respectively) but greater CP (88.1 and 80.5% of DM, respectively) and either greater or similar GE (5.6 and 5.3 kcal/g of DM, respectively) compared with alligator, lamb, venison, chicken, and duck meals (11.8 to 24.5% ash, 58.7 to 65.9% CP, and 4.6 to 5.3 kcal GE/g). Acid-hydrolyzed fat (AHF) was lower in calamari meal (8.7% of DM) compared with the other proteins tested (15.5-22.1% of DM). True nutrient digestibility was variable among the protein sources (52 to 79% of DM, 60 to 83% of OM, 78 to 92% of AHF, and 70 to 89% of GE) with pork peptone having the highest DM, AHF, and GE digestibility and calamari meal having the highest OM digestibility. True indispensable AA digestibility was highest for calamari meal, with all AA having a digestibility greater than 90%. Except for histidine, all indispensable AA had a digestibility over 85% for pork peptone. In contrast, true indispensable AA digestibility was lowest for lamb meal, with histidine having digestibility less than 70% and the other entire indispensable AA having digestibility between 72 and 88%. The TMEn of calamari meal (4.82 kcal/g DM and 86.9% of GE) was greater ( foods and justifies further in vivo testing of novel protein sources.

  7. Simulated and Observed Circulation in the Indonesian Seas: 1/12 deg Global HYCOM and the INSTANT Observations (United States)


    estimate (-15.0 Sv) and correctly distributed among the three outflow passages ( Lombok Strait, Ombai Strait and Timor Passage). Makassar Strait carries ~75... Lombok Strait (Murray and Arief, 1988), Ombai Strait (Molcard et al., 2001) and Timor Passage (Cresswell et al., 1993; Molcard et al., 1994; Molcard et...transport, the outflow passages ( Lombok Strait, Ombai Strait and Timor Passage) are well resolved by INSTANT (Sprintall et al., 2009). This is also true for

  8. Emotional content enhances true but not false memory for categorized stimuli. (United States)

    Choi, Hae-Yoon; Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Rajaram, Suparna


    Past research has shown that emotion enhances true memory, but that emotion can either increase or decrease false memory. Two theoretical possibilities-the distinctiveness of emotional stimuli and the conceptual relatedness of emotional content-have been implicated as being responsible for influencing both true and false memory for emotional content. In the present study, we sought to identify the mechanisms that underlie these mixed findings by equating the thematic relatedness of the study materials across each type of valence used (negative, positive, or neutral). In three experiments, categorically bound stimuli (e.g., funeral, pets, and office items) were used for this purpose. When the encoding task required the processing of thematic relatedness, a significant true-memory enhancement for emotional content emerged in recognition memory, but no emotional boost to false memory (exp. 1). This pattern persisted for true memory with a longer retention interval between study and test (24 h), and false recognition was reduced for emotional items (exp. 2). Finally, better recognition memory for emotional items once again emerged when the encoding task (arousal ratings) required the processing of the emotional aspect of the study items, with no emotional boost to false recognition (EXP. 3). Together, these findings suggest that when emotional and neutral stimuli are equivalently high in thematic relatedness, emotion continues to improve true memory, but it does not override other types of grouping to increase false memory.

  9. Semantic processes leading to true and false memory formation in schizophrenia. (United States)

    Paz-Alonso, Pedro M; Ghetti, Simona; Ramsay, Ian; Solomon, Marjorie; Yoon, Jong; Carter, Cameron S; Ragland, J Daniel


    Encoding semantic relationships between items on word lists (semantic processing) enhances true memories, but also increases memory distortions. Episodic memory impairments in schizophrenia (SZ) are strongly driven by failures to process semantic relations, but the exact nature of these relational semantic processing deficits is not well understood. Here, we used a false memory paradigm to investigate the impact of implicit and explicit semantic processing manipulations on episodic memory in SZ. Thirty SZ and 30 demographically matched healthy controls (HC) studied Deese/Roediger-McDermott (DRM) lists of semantically associated words. Half of the lists had strong implicit semantic associations and the remainder had low strength associations. Similarly, half of the lists were presented under "standard" instructions and the other half under explicit "relational processing" instructions. After study, participants performed recall and old/new recognition tests composed of targets, critical lures, and unrelated lures. HC exhibited higher true memories and better discriminability between true and false memory compared to SZ. High, versus low, associative strength increased false memory rates in both groups. However, explicit "relational processing" instructions positively improved true memory rates only in HC. Finally, true and false memory rates were associated with severity of disorganized and negative symptoms in SZ. These results suggest that reduced processing of semantic relationships during encoding in SZ may stem from an inability to implement explicit relational processing strategies rather than a fundamental deficit in the implicit activation and retrieval of word meanings from patients' semantic lexicon.

  10. Priming children's and adults' analogical problem solutions with true and false memories. (United States)

    Howe, Mark L; Threadgold, Emma; Norbury, Jenna; Garner, Sarah; Ball, Linden J


    We investigated priming of analogical problem solutions with true and false memories. Children and adults were asked to solve nine verbal proportional analogies, three of which had been primed by Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) lists where the critical lure (and problem solution) was presented as the initial word in the list (true memory priming), three of which were primed by DRM lists whose critical lures were the solution to the verbal proportional analogies (false memory priming), and three of which were unprimed. We controlled for age differences in solution rates (knowledge base) in order to examine developmental differences in speed of processing. As anticipated, the results showed that adults completed the problems significantly faster than children. Furthermore, both children and adults solved problems primed with false memories significantly faster than either those primed with true memories or unprimed problems. For both age groups, there was no significant difference between solution times for unprimed and true primed problems. These findings demonstrate that (a) priming of problem solutions extends to verbal proportional analogies, (b) false memories are more effective at priming problem solutions than true memories, and (c) there are clear positive consequences to the production of false memories. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Biological effects of diethylene glycol (DEG) and produced waters (PWs) released from offshore activities: A multi-biomarker approach with the sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stefania, Gorbi; Maura, Benedetti [Dipartimento di Biochimica, Biologia e Genetica, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Via Ranieri, Monte d' Ago, 60121 Ancona (Italy); Claudia, Virno Lamberti [Istituto Superiore per la Ricerca e la Protezione Ambientale (ISPRA), Via di Casalotti 300 Roma (Italy); Barbara, Pisanelli [Dipartimento di Biochimica, Biologia e Genetica, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Via Ranieri, Monte d' Ago, 60121 Ancona (Italy); Ginevra, Moltedo [Istituto Superiore per la Ricerca e la Protezione Ambientale (ISPRA), Via di Casalotti 300 Roma (Italy); Francesco, Regoli, E-mail: f.regoli@univpm.i [Dipartimento di Biochimica, Biologia e Genetica, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Via Ranieri, Monte d' Ago, 60121 Ancona (Italy)


    Diethylene glycol (DEG) is largely used during oil and gas exploitation by offshore platforms. The aim of this work was to investigate if this compound induces direct molecular/cellular effects in marine organisms, or indirectly modulate those of produced waters (PWs). Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) were exposed to DEG dosed alone or in combination with PWs from an Adriatic platform. A wide array of analysed biomarkers included cytochrome P450-dependent enzymatic activity, bile metabolites, glutathione S-transferases, acetylcholinesterase, peroxisomal proliferation, antioxidant defences (catalase, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidases, glutathione), total oxyradical scavenging capacity, malondialdehyde and DNA integrity (single strand breaks and frequency of micronuclei). Results did not reveal marked effects of DEG, while PWs influenced the biotransformation system, the oxidative status and the onset of genotoxic damages. Co-exposures caused only limited differences of biomarker responses at some experimental conditions, overall suggesting a limited biological impact of DEG at levels normally deriving from offshore activities. - A biological risk for marine organisms can be excluded for DEG concentrations as those normally associated to produced waters discharged in the Adriatic Sea.

  12. RBS study of the reactions in the Si/Co/Ta/Co system after isothermal annealings between 360 and 650 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Franklyn, C. E-mail:; Aspeling, J.; Strydom, W.; Malunga, R


    Epitaxial cobalt silicide is one of the promising silicides for the future development of new metal-semiconductor devices. In an attempt to understand the effect of Ta on the diffusion mechanism, layered structures of Si(1 0 0)/Co/Ta/Co with 7 and 30 A Ta thickness respectively were prepared. Reactions after isothermal vacuum annealings between 360 and 650 deg. C were investigated by RBS, using a 2 Mev He{sup 2+}ion beam and analyzed with the RUMP program. The Co below the Ta reacted to form either Co{sub 2}Si and CoSi or, CoSi and CoSi{sub 2}, depending on the annealing temperature. After 180 min at 360 deg. C the Co above the Ta, starts with indiffusion only after considerable outdiffusion of Ta (7 A layer). Mass transport of Co occurs after 420 min at 360 deg. C. For the 30 A Ta, outdiffusion was delayed until after 70 min at 530 deg. C, but longer anneals confirm the 7 A results. After annealing for 30 min at 650 deg. C, nearly all the Co above and below the 30 A Ta had converted to CoSi{sub 2}. These results are discussed in terms of the barrier properties of Ta, as well as impurities in the system.

  13. Median Hetero-Associative Memories Applied to the Categorization of True-Color Patterns (United States)

    Vázquez, Roberto A.; Sossa, Humberto

    Median associative memories (MED-AMs) are a special type of associative memory based on the median operator. This type of associative model has been applied to the restoration of gray scale images and provides better performance than other models, such as morphological associative memories, when the patterns are altered with mixed noise. Despite of his power, MED-AMs have not been applied in problems involving true-color patterns. In this paper we describe how a median hetero-associative memory (MED-HAM) could be applied in problems that involve true-color patterns. A complete study of the behavior of this associative model in the restoration of true-color images is performed using a benchmark of 14400 images altered by different type of noises. Furthermore, we describe how this model can be applied to an image categorization problem.

  14. True digital artery aneurysm of the third finger: a case report and literature review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuksel Kankaya


    Full Text Available True aneurysms of the digital artery are very rare. Sixteen cases of true digital artery aneurysms have been reported in English literature since 1982. We present a true aneurysm of the digital artery of the third finger which is the largest aneurysm have been reported so far. In operation, the third finger ulnar digital artery aneurysm was clamped and excised. Reconstruction was performed with an inter positional vein graft. At follow-up 12 months after surgery, the patient had no pain or swelling in the third finger. In this study, we aimed to present an extremely rare case of a digital artery aneurysm that reached a large size rapidly. [Hand Microsurg 2012; 1(2.000: 68-71

  15. Non-syndromic occurrence of true generalized microdontia with mandibular mesiodens - a rare case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kiran Shital DP


    Full Text Available Abstract Abnormalities in size of teeth and number of teeth are occasionally recorded in clinical cases. True generalized microdontia is rare case in which all the teeth are smaller than normal. Mesiodens is commonly located in maxilary central incisor region and uncommon in the mandible. In the present case a 12 year-old boy was healthy; normal in appearance and the medical history was noncontributory. The patient was examined and found to have permanent teeth that were smaller than those of the average adult teeth. The true generalized microdontia was accompanied by mandibular mesiodens. This is a unique case report of non-syndromic association of mandibular hyperdontia with true generalized microdontia.

  16. Determination of true bed thickness using folded bed model and borehole data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xu, S.S.; Velasquillo-Martinez, L.G.; Grajales-Nishimura, J.M.; Murillo-Muneton, G. [Inst. Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico City (Mexico); Garcia-Hernandez, J. [Petroleos Mexicanos Exploracion y Produccion, Tamaulipas (Mexico); Nieto-Samaniego, A.F. [Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Univ., Veracruz (Mexico). Centro de Geociencias


    The actual thickness of a given formation perpendicular to the bedding plane is known as the true bed thickness. Petroleum engineers rely on information regarding true bed thickness, particularly in dipping beds and in deviated holes because reservoir volume and isochore maps depend on these properties and not on the measured thickness. True bed thickness can be estimated from information gathered from well logs such as the dipmeter and borehole images. However, when deviations and dips exceed 10 degrees, corrections are needed. In this paper, a folded bed model was proposed to calculate the true bed thickness in the subsurface utilizing well log data. The value of true bed thickness (t) was shown to depend on the angle and the direction of the dip of the measured formation, as well as the drift angle and azimuth of the borehole. A case study from the Cantarell oil field in the southern Gulf of Mexico, offshore Campeche, was used to test the folded bed method. The model was shown to yield more uniform spatial change of the values of t, compared to the monoclinal bed model that often overestimates the average value of t. The maximum relative deviation of t from the monoclinal bed model reached 22.3 per cent and the maximum absolute deviation of t reached 34.5 m. The key factors that influence the values of t were found to be the bed dip, the dip difference between the top and base of the bed and the deviated angle of the well. The folded bed model yielded fewer changed values of the true bed thickness. 10 refs., 2 tabs., 9 figs.

  17. True Triaxial Strength and Failure Modes of Cubic Rock Specimens with Unloading the Minor Principal Stress (United States)

    Li, Xibing; Du, Kun; Li, Diyuan


    True triaxial tests have been carried out on granite, sandstone and cement mortar using cubic specimens with the process of unloading the minor principal stress. The strengths and failure modes of the three rock materials are studied in the processes of unloading σ 3 and loading σ 1 by the newly developed true triaxial test system under different σ 2, aiming to study the mechanical responses of the rock in underground excavation at depth. It shows that the rock strength increases with the raising of the intermediate principal stress σ 2 when σ 3 is unloaded to zero. The true triaxial strength criterion by the power-law relationship can be used to fit the testing data. The "best-fitting" material parameters A and n ( A > 1.4 and n < 1.0) are almost located in the same range as expected by Al-Ajmi and Zimmerman (Int J Rock Mech Min Sci 563 42(3):431-439, 2005). It indicates that the end effect caused by the height-to-width ratio of the cubic specimens will not significantly affect the testing results under true triaxial tests. Both the strength and failure modes of cubic rock specimens under true triaxial unloading condition are affected by the intermediate principal stress. When σ 2 increases to a critical value for the strong and hard rocks (R4, R5 and R6), the rock failure mode may change from shear to slabbing. However, for medium strong and weak rocks (R3 and R2), even with a relatively high intermediate principal stress, they tend to fail in shear after a large amount of plastic deformation. The maximum extension strain criterion Stacey (Int J Rock Mech Min Sci Geomech Abstr 651 18(6):469-474, 1981) can be used to explain the change of failure mode from shear to slabbing for strong and hard rocks under true triaxial unloading test condition.

  18. Comparison of measured Varian Clinac 21EX and TrueBeam accelerator electron field characteristics. (United States)

    Lloyd, Samantha A M; Zavgorodni, Sergei; Gagne, Isabelle M


    Dosimetric comparisons of radiation fields produced by Varian's newest linear accelerator, the TrueBeam, with those produced by older Varian accelerators are of interest from both practical and research standpoints. While photon fields have been compared in the literature, similar comparisons of electron fields have not yet been reported. In this work, electron fields produced by the TrueBeam are compared with those produced by Varian's Clinac 21EX accelerator. Diode measurements were taken of fields shaped with electron applicators and delivered at 100 cm SSD, as well as those shaped with photon MLCs without applicators and delivered at 70 cm SSD for field sizes ranging from 5 × 5 to 25 × 25 cm² at energies between 6 and 20 MeV. Additionally, EBT2 and EBT3 radio-chromic film measurements were taken of an MLC-shaped aperture with closed leaf pairs delivered at 70 cm SSD using 6 and 20 MeV electrons. The 6 MeV fields produced by the TrueBeam and Clinac 21EX were found to be almost indistinguishable. At higher energies, TrueBeam fields shaped by electron applicators were generally flatter and had less photon contamination compared to the Clinac 21EX. Differences in PDDs and profiles fell within 3% and 3 mm for the majority of measurements. The most notable differences for open fields occurred in the profile shoulders for the largest applicator field sizes. In these cases, the TrueBeam and Clinac 21EX data differed by as much as 8%. Our data indicate that an accurate electron beam model of the Clinac 21EX could be used as a starting point to simulate electron fields that are dosimetrically equivalent to those produced by the TrueBeam. Given that the Clinac 21EX shares head geometry with Varian's iX, Trilogy, and Novalis TX accelerators, our findings should also be applicable to these machines.

  19. An evaluation of the +/-45 deg tensile test for the determination of the in-plane shear strength of composite materials (United States)

    Kellas, S.; Morton, J.; Jackson, K. E.


    The applicability of the +/-45 deg tensile test for the determination of the in-plane shear strength of advanced composite laminates is studied. The assumptions used for the development of the shear strength formulas were examined, and factors such as the specimen geometry and stacking sequence were assessed experimentally. It was found that the strength of symmetric and balanced +/-45 deg laminates depends primarily upon the specimen thickness rather than the specimen width. These findings have important implications for the +/-45 deg tensile test which is recommended by several organizations for the determination of the in-plane shear stress/strain response and the shear strength of continuous fiber reinforced composites. Modifications to the recommended practices for specimen selection and shear strength determination are suggested.

  20. Structural recovery of self-irradiated natural and {sup 238}Pu-doped zircon in an acidic solution at 175 deg. C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Geisler, Thorsten [Institut fuer Mineralogie, University of Muenster, Corrensstrasse 24, 48149 Muenster (Germany)]. E-mail:; Burakov, Boris [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation); Yagovkina, Maria [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation); Garbuzov, Vladimir [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation); Zamoryanskaya, Maria [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation); Zirlin, Vladimir [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation); Nikolaeva, Larisa [Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy and Radiogeochemistry, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 28, 2nd Murinskiy ave., St. Petersburg, 194021 (Russian Federation)


    We have investigated the aqueous stability of self-irradiated natural and synthetic {sup 238}Pu-doped zircon (4.7 wt% of {sup 238}Pu) in an acidic solution at 175 deg. C. Both zircon samples have suffered a similar deg.ree of self-irradiation damage, as given by their deg.ree of amorphization. X-ray diffraction measurements revealed that during the hydrothermal treatment only the disordered crystalline remnants recovered in the natural zircon, whereas in the {sup 238}Pu-doped zircon the amorphous phase strongly recrystallized. Such a different alteration behavior of natural and Pu-doped zircon is discussed in terms of two fundamentally different alteration mechanisms. Our results demonstrate that further experimental studies with Pu-doped zircon are required before any reliable prediction about the long-term aqueous stability of an actinide waste form based on zircon can be made.

  1. Self-pumped phase conjugation and four-wave mixing in 0- and 45-deg-cut n-type BaTiO3:Co (United States)

    Garrett, M. H.; Chang, J. Y.; Jenssen, H. P.; Warde, C.


    Relatively fast self-pumped phase-conjugate and four-wave-mixing rise times are reported in n-type cobalt-doped barium titanate. With the crystal oriented in a 45-deg cut as compared with the same crystal in a 0-deg cut we find a factor of 3 decrease in the 0-90-percent rise time to 800 ms with 25-mW input power at 514.5 nm. Also, the self-pumped phase-conjugate reflectivity increases from 20 to 40 percent. We deduce that the phase conjugation is from internally seeded stimulated photorefractive backscattering. The four-wave-mixing rise time of the 45-deg-cut crystal is 4 ms with a reflectivity of 48 percent when the pumping beams are derived from self-pumped phase conjugation that has an input power of 25 mW.

  2. The Hunt for the Missing Modes: Revealing the True Nature of the Solar Wind (United States)


    AFRL-AFOSR-UK-TR-2015-0003 The Hunt for the Missing Modes: Revealing the True Nature of the Solar Wind James McLaughlin Northumbria University...To) 15 March 2013 – 31 August 2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Hunt for the Missing Modes: Revealing the True Nature of the Solar Wind 5a. CONTRACT...for fast solar wind acceleration in the open-field corona. The development of this robust, versatile wave-tracking image-processing algorithm can

  3. Fair,Kind,and True is All My Argument--On the Theme of Shakespeare's Sonnets

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The emphasis of the paper is the theme of the works:"fair,kind,and true is all my argument",for the theme is the spirit of the Sonnets.Only when one understands the theme,can one fully realize the literary and artistic value of Shakespeare's Sonnets.The perfect unity of"fair,kind and true"is the ideal state of Shakespeare's life.The sonnets which reinforce the theme are really"the rarest pearls of Elizabethan poetry".

  4. Calculation of Empirical and True Maintenance Coefficients by Flux Balance Analysis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MaHongwu; ZhaoXueming; 等


    The stoichiometric matrix of a simplified metabolic network in Bacillus Subtillis was contructed from the flux balance equations, which were used for reconciliation of the measured rates and determination of the inner metabolic rates. Thus more reliable results of the true and empirical maintenance coefficients were obtained. The true maintenance coefficient is linearly related to the specific growth rate and changes with the P/O ratiol. The neasured biomass yield of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is also linearly related to the P/O ratio.

  5. True congenital dislocation of shoulder: A case report and review of the literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sudesh Pebam


    Full Text Available The dislocation of a shoulder joint in infancy is extremely rare and is usually the result of traumatic birth injuries, a sequel to brachial plexus injury, or a true congenital dislocation of shoulder. With more advanced obstetric care, the incidence of first two types has drastically decreased. We report a case of true congenital dislocation of shoulder, second of its kind, in a child who was delivered by cesarean section thereby negating any influence of trauma. We report the case because of its rarity, and review the available literature on this topic. We also discuss the management options when encountered with such a rare case scenario.

  6. Repair of minor true hare lip using V-Y plasty: How i do it

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdelrahman EM Ezzat


    Full Text Available Background: Minor true hare lip is rare central midline deficiency of the upper lip. There are multiple techniques but little consensus on the preferred surgical technique. Materials And Methods: A transoral approach for repair using mucosal V-Y plasty is described by employing a vertical inverted V incision. Result: The contour of the free labial border immediately improves with avoidance of skin scar. Conclusions: The midline cleft lip notch or minor true (hare lip midline clefts can be effectively treated by mucosal lengthening using a V-Y plasty. Moreover, the ability to augment the tubercle with mucosa through a VY plasty is simple and easy.

  7. Bilateral True Giant Aneurysm of the Profunda Femoral Artery: Case Report and Review of the Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Robaldo


    Full Text Available We report a rare case of a bilateral true giant aneurysm of the profunda femoral artery aneurysms (PFAAs in a 80-year-old man with a previous history of “open” abdominal aortic surgery and small bilateral popliteal artery aneurysm. In the English Literature only seven previously cases of true bilateral PFAAs are reported. Due to its location, this lesion may require surgical intervention and removal. The presentation, the diagnostic evaluation, and the surgical management of the aneurysm are discussed.

  8. Per un'etica degli scambi economici. La funzione civile del mercato in Eiximenis e nella pedagogia politica francescana (1273-1493

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Evangelisti


    dell’esercizio del potere, degli scambi nel mercato. Quest’ultimo identificato qual estruttura comunitaria, ovvero una vera e propria agorà civica all’interno della quale la dinamica delle negoziazioni non riguarda solo le merci ma implica anche una riflessione sui pre-requisiti che legittimano l’esistenza del mercato. I francescani, e segnatamente i testi eiximeniani, rivelano una spiccata capacità di interrogarsi sulle ragioni fondative del mercato e del denaro, sulle funzioni civili degli scambi economici e del credito.

  9. Raggiungimento degli obiettivi vaccinali nell'integrazione dei servizi sanitari aziendali: igienisti, pediatri e medici di famiglia.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Cinquetti


    Full Text Available

    La profilassi vaccinale, garantita fino a 10-15 anni fa
    quasi esclusivamente dai Servizi Vaccinali Pubblici (operanti sulla base di normative statali strutturate, si è progressivamente trasformata in un sistema complesso, caratterizzato dall’integrazione e/o dalla collaborazione di più componenti dell’Azienda Sanitaria Locale: il Dipartimento di Prevenzione (che organizza i già citati Servizi Vaccinali Pubblici, la Pediatria e la Medicina di Famiglia, l’Ospedale.
    Questo processo di trasformazione trova molteplici
    ragioni: l’evoluzione dell’offerta vaccinale da “prevalentemente obbligatoria” a “prevalentemente raccomandata”;
    la sempre maggiore consapevolezza e le sempre maggiori conoscenze dei cittadini sulla materia (con conseguente necessità di integrazione informativa da fonti diverse;
    la crescente attenzione della Medicina e della Pediatria di Famiglia verso la promozione della salute degli assistiti “sani” (bilanci di salute, prevenzione degli incidenti, screening oncologici, counselling antitabagico ed antialcolico, ecc.;
    l’attenzione delle Convenzioni di Settore alla medicina preventiva ed in particolare alle attività di vaccinazione.
    Nell’ambito di questa linea complessiva di tendenza, che ha coinvolto tutto il Paese, si sono osservate e si osservano, anche in riferimento ad un percorso generale di “regionalizzazione” dei modelli organizzativi, ampie e non sempre opportune variabilità operative e gestionali in tema di immunoprofilassi vaccinale, ovviamente rappresentate da importanti differenze nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi di processo (coperture vaccinali e di esito (incidenza
    delle malattie prevenibili con vaccinazioni. Si rende quindi necessario uno sforzo di riflessione e di azione che consenta di giungere ad un modello organizzativo della profilassi vaccinale caratterizzato da chiarezza di ruoli.
    Numerose osservazioni orientano la proposta verso

  10. Oxidation of nuclear fuel below 400 deg. Consequence on long-term dry storage; L'oxydation du combustible nucleaire au-dessous de 400 deg. Consequences sur l'entreposage a sec de longue duree

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dehaudt, Ph


    This document reviews the status of the knowledge on the oxidation of fuels below 400 deg C, in all its forms, including fuel rods, by examining the consequences of this reaction on the strength or ruin of the fuel rods during dry storage in air for a hundred years. The data available in the scientific literature, and the data acquired by CEA, are abundant on irradiated powders and pellets, but sparser for irradiated fuel fragments and for rods or sections of fuel rods. A bibliographic review is made to identify the morphological and structural changes, as well as the kinetic laws. An analysis and a summary is made with a concern to evaluate the risks of rod ruin by oxidation. The final section, in a few pages, addresses the essential lessons from this study. It presents: first, a summary of the main results of this review and its analysis, recommendations and remedies for storage; proposed research guidelines as well as precise topics, in order to fill out our knowledge and, even better, to identify the acceptable limits for storage. (author)

  11. Corrosion behavior of silicon nitride in sodium hydroxide solutions at 175 deg C; Comportamento a corrosao de nitreto de silicio em solucoes de hidroxido de sodio a 175 deg C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strecker, Kurt; Robin, Alain; Vernilli, Fernando; Ribeirao, Sebastiao [Faculdade de Engenharia Quimica de Lorena, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais


    This paper presents results of the corrosion of Si{sub 3} N{sub 4} in aqueous solutions of NaOH (37,5%) at 15 deg C.The corrosive attack was evaluated from the weight loss of the samples.A constant rate was observed, signifying that the corrosion rate depends only on the velocity of the dissolution by the NaOH solution. The corrosion rates of Si{sub 3} N{sub 4} doped with Y{sub 2} O{sub 3}/ Si O{sub 2} and a rare earth concentrate/Si O{sub 2} yielded 1,19 x 10 {sup -3} g cm{sup -2} h{sup -1} and 0,78 x 10{sup -3} g cm {sup -2} h{sup -1}, respectively. Analysis of the corroded samples by electronic microscopy revealed that the glassy intergranular phase is dissolved by the alkaline solution, leaving a skeleton of inter linked {beta} - Si{sub 3} N{sub 4} grains. The mechanical resistance of the corroded samples was determined and demonstrated mechanical degradation of the material. (author) 6 refs., 4 figs., 3 tabs.

  12. Corrosion of low Si-alloyed steels in aqueous solution at 90 deg. C. Inhibitive action of silicates; Corrosion d'aciers faiblement allies au silicium en solution aqueuse a 90 deg. C. Action inhibitrice des silicates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Giordana, S


    Low-Si alloyed steels, with Si content ranging from 0.25 to 3.2 wt%, as potential candidate materials for high-level nuclear waste disposal containers, have been studied four the point of view of their corrosion behaviour at 90 deg C in an aqueous solution simulating groundwater (0.1 M NaCl borate-buffered solution with a pH of 8.5) both in reducing and in aerated conditions. The influence of silicate addition to the solution is examined so as to represent the silicon of groundwater, coming from the clay dissolution. When no silicate was added to the solution, silicon as an alloying element was proved to degrade in the first moments the steel ability to passivate. For longer immersion times, protective effects developed most efficiently on the steel containing 3.2 wt% silicon both in reducing an in aerating conditions, Infrared spectroscopy, EDSX, XRD and Raman microprobe were applied to characterise the oxide layer composition, which was found to be a mixture of magnetite and maghemite. In the presence of silicate in the solution, clay-like iron silicates appeared in the corrosion layer. Electrochemical tests results show that adding silicate into solution resulted in increasing the steel ability to passivate. In the short term, the inhibiting effect of silicate was confirmed by mass loss tests, but the tendency was inverse in the long term. Silicate iron layers were eventually less protective than the magnetite layers formed in the absence of silicate. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magdalena Nigoević


    Full Text Available Questo contributo esplora la produzione dialogica in italiano da parte degli apprendenti di lingua materna croata con l’obiettivo di determinare la loro competenza interazionale e pragmatica in italiano L2. Particolare attenzione si è rivolta ad un aspetto caratteristico della produzione dialogica, ai segnali discorsivi ‒ espedienti dialogici per eccellenza. I parlanti nativi usano segnali discorsivi con una vasta gamma di funzioni dialogiche, mentre l’acquisizione dei segnali discorsivi italiani è un territorio relativamente inesplorato e i segnali discorsivi vengono raramente insegnati. in maniera esplicita. La capacità di riconoscere e utilizzare i segnali discorsivi italiani adeguatamente, vale a dire secondo le loro funzioni pragmatiche, rivela il livello della competenza pragmatica dell’apprendente di una lingua straniera. Ai fini dello studio presente, gli apprendenti di italiano sono stati classificati in diversi gruppi in base alla durata dell’ istruzione (principianti, intermedi, avanzati e/o al tipo di ambiente di apprendimento (studenti universitari, corsi di lingua straniera, “full immersion”. L’analisi si è concentrata maggiormente sulla frequenza d’uso e su alcune funzioni dei segnali discorsivi italiani adoperati. Lo scopo di questo studio era quello di esaminare la differenza tra l’uso dei segnali discorsivi relativo ai diversi livelli e ambienti educativi della lingua italiana da parte degli apprendenti croati di italiano L2 e di osservare le caratteristiche di una possibile influenza derivata dal L1.     Pragmatic competence in Italian L2: the use of discourse signals in Croatian-speaking learners This contribution explores the dialogue production of Croatian-speaking learners of Italian as a second language (L2 with the objective to determine their competence in L2 interactions. Special attention is paid to one particular aspect of dialogue production, discourse markers -dialogical expedients par

  14. On the evaluation of the storage volume of flood control reservoirs; Sul calcolo del volume degli invasi di laminazione

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maione, U.; Tomirotti, M. [Milan Politecnico, Milan (Italy). DIIAR; Mignosa, P. [Parma Univ., Parma (Italy). Dipt. di Ingegneria Civile


    In many problems of flood management the elements of interest for the definition of hydrological risk are not only the peak discharges but also the flood volumes and their temporal distribution, that is the shape of the hydrographs. Typical cases include control reservoir design and flood plain analysis aimed both to the definition of the inundation maps and to the optimisation of flood plain management in view of risk mitigation. For the evaluation of storage volume of control reservoirs the temporal distribution of flood discharge plays a different role according to the configuration of the reservoirs and the hydraulic behaviour of the outlets. In the present paper a procedure for the construction of Synthetic Design Hydrographs is proposed, based on the determination of flow frequency duration reduction curves and on the analysis of the temporal locations of the peak in the recorded floods. The approach is someway similar to that employed in the construction of Chicago Design Storm starting form the IDF curves. [Italian] Nella presenta memoria vengono proposte alcune procedure per la determinazione del volume da attribuire agli invasi di laminazione. La prima e' basata sulla costruzione di un'onda di piena sintetica di assegnato tempo di ritorno a partire dalla curva di riduzione dei colmi di piena e dall'analisi delle posizioni assunte dal picco nelle onde reali. Tale approccio consente di giungere alla definizione del rischio idrologico indipendentemente dalle particolari proprieta' del sistema in studio, tenendo conto in maniera statisticamente adeguata anche della forma degli idrogrammi di piena osservati. Per i casi in cui non siano disponibili osservazioni sufficienti per la costruzione degli idrogrammi sintetici viene proposta una metodologia semplificata basata sulla stima della curva di durata delle portate di piena di assegnato tempo di ritorno. Quest'ultima viene derivata dalla curva di riduzione dei colmi di piena

  15. Simulation of a true-triaxial deformation test on anisotropic gneiss using FLAC3D (United States)

    Ye, Shenghua; Sehizadeh, Mehdi; Nasseri, Mohammad; Young, Paul


    A series of true-triaxial experiments have been carried out at the University of Toronto's Rock Fracture Dynamics Laboratory. Isotropic pegmatite and gneiss have been used to systematically study the effect of anisotropy on the strength, behaviour and seismic response. Samples were loaded under true-triaxial stress conditions and subjected to complex loading and unloading histories associated with rock deformation around underground openings. The results show expected patterns of weakness from preferentially oriented samples and highlight the importance of unloading history under true-triaxial conditions on the deformation and seismic response of the samples. These tests have been used to validate a synthetic simulation using the Itasca FLAC3D numerical code. The paper describes the FLAC3D simulations of the complex true-triaxial loading and unloading history of the different anisotropic samples. Various parameters were created to describe the physico-mechanical properties of the synthetic rock samples. Foliation planes of preferential orientations with respect to the primary loading direction were added to the synthetic rock samples to reflect the anisotropy of the gneiss. These synthetic rock samples were subjected to the same loading and unloading paths as the real rock samples, and failed in the same mechanism as what was observed from the experiments, and thus it proved the validity of this numerical simulation with FLAC3D.

  16. A Qualitative Assessment of the My True Body Bariatric Surgery Preparation Program (United States)

    Nakamura, Tracy; Mamary, Edward


    Background: The My True Body (MTB) group intervention incorporates cognitive restructuring and social support into bariatric surgery preparation. Purpose: To identify and describe program components that support long-term behavioral modifications and influence confidence in healthy weight maintenance. Methods: Semistructured telephone interviews…

  17. An Evaluation of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-A True Response Inconsistency (TRIN) Scales (United States)

    Handel, Richard W.; Arnau, Randolph C.; Archer, Robert P.; Dandy, Kristina L.


    The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory--Adolescent (MMPI-A) and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory--2 (MMPI-2) True Response Inconsistency (TRIN) scales are measures of acquiescence and nonacquiescence included among the standard validity scales on these instruments. The goals of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness of…

  18. A Variable Response Inconsistency Scale and a True Response Inconsistency Scale for the Jesness Inventory. (United States)

    Pinsoneault, Terry B.


    Inconsistent item-pair Variable Response Inconsistency (VRIN) and True Response Inconsistency (TRIN) scales were developed for the Jesness Inventory using 500 male and female delinquents to detect random and acquiescent sets. Specificities above 0.90 showed sensitivities up to 0.89 for VRIN and 0.85 and 0.62 for TRIN. Predictive power and overall…

  19. An Evaluation of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-A True Response Inconsistency (TRIN) Scales (United States)

    Handel, Richard W.; Arnau, Randolph C.; Archer, Robert P.; Dandy, Kristina L.


    The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory--Adolescent (MMPI-A) and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory--2 (MMPI-2) True Response Inconsistency (TRIN) scales are measures of acquiescence and nonacquiescence included among the standard validity scales on these instruments. The goals of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness of…

  20. Impact of Local Item Dependence on True-Score Equating. LSAC Research Report Series. (United States)

    Reese, Lynda M.; Pashley, Peter J.

    This study investigated the practical effects of local item dependence (LID) on item response theory (IRT) true-score equating. A scenario was defined that emulated the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preequating model, and data were generated to assess the impact of different degrees of LID on final equating outcomes. An extreme amount of LID…