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  1. Hermine Hug-Hellmuth, the first child psychoanalyst: legacy and dilemmas.

    Plastow, Michael


    Despite being the first psychoanalyst of children, Hermine Hug-Hellmuth's history and writings remain relatively unknown. This paper endeavours to examine the way in which the history of the psychoanalysis of children is marked by the history of its protagonists. In particular, Hug-Hellmuth's treatment of children is divided between an educational approach and a more properly psychoanalytical aspect. Her theory and practice heavily influenced the directions taken after her, in particular by Anna Freud and Melanie Klein, even if this influence is essentially unacknowledged by these authors. Hug-Hellmuth's contribution to the psychoanalysis of children and consequently to child psychiatry are considerable and include technical innovation with the introduction of play into the treatment of children, the elaboration of the place of the analyst in regard to the child and notably the establishment of the place of the parents in regard to the treatment of the child. It is proposed that the very duality of her approach is what allowed her to be able to distinguish the place of the parent from that of the analyst. Nonetheless, her insistence on the place of education within the treatment and its effects on later theorists continue to raise dilemmas today.


    Opritescu Elena Madalina


    Full Text Available The main objective of this article is to highlight the main method that could quantify the impact of the structural funds on the Gross Domestic Product. I also presented the regional disparities situation and the European funds absorption rate. The HERMIN model has been designed considering the evolution of macro-variables throughout transition and pre-accession process, as well as out of the need to analyze the gradual alignment of Romania’s economic policies to those of EU. The fact that, initially, the HERMIN model was designed for the European Union’s less developed economies represented the cornerstone in choosing it, as it was the case for Romania, too. However, the quantitative evaluation must always be accompanied by a qualitative evaluation, in order to comprise factors which cannot be measured by the econometrical modeling. For this purpose, when the results of econometrical model based evaluation are used, it is important to be aware of the fact that models simplify reality, no matter the impressive mathematical calculations they employ. Also, we must not omit the fact that Romania’s major development needs and the current economic context imperatively demand a high as possible level of structural funds absorption, as well as their efficient use, meant to generate a significant impact at a national, regional and local level. One of the main instruments employed to sustain economic growth, while also reducing disparities between regions is represented by the structural funds. These funds, consisting in financial contributions of the member states, according to their level of development, are redistributed in compliance with an extremely complex regulating and procedural frame, to those EU states of regions which are fallen behind from a social and economical development perspective Nevertheless, when absorption capacity of a member state is evaluated, the used percentage from the allocated funds is not the only

  3. 2143-IJBCS-Article-Dr Hermine Zime-Diawara


    Sur ces. 130 personnes, 108 ont suivi le traitement en intégralité et ont honoré rigoureusement les rendez-vous définis. Tous ces malades sont nés et vivent en zone d'endémie au Bénin. L'échantillon était constitué de 53,7% de femmes contre 46,3% d'hommes. Le sexe ratio de l'était donc de 1,16 en faveur des femmes.

  4. 1338-IJBCS-Article-Hermine 3eme Diawara+


    Artemisinin is extracted from the Asian plant Artemisia annua L. It has been proven to be, with its derivatives, the molecules that have shown so far the most powerful activity on malaria, even in its complicated forms and resistance cases. To resolve the problem of low aqueous solubility of this molecule, the use of.

  5. Jan Hoet : " Magritte ja Ensor - ühtaegu Valloonia ja Flandria keskpunkt" : Hermine Bokhorsti intervjuu Jan Hoetiga / Jan Hoet ; interv. Hermine Bokhorst, tõlk. Tamara Luuk

    Hoet, Jan


    Tänapäevasest belgia kunstist, flaami ja vallooni kunstniku lähenemisviisidest, kunstnike toetamisest, Flandria ja frankofoonse Belgia muuseumipoliitika erinevusest, belglaste tundlikkusest kunsti suhtes jm.

  6. DMPD: A role for caspases in the differentiation of erythroid cells and macrophages. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available ges. Droin N, Cathelin S, Jacquel A, Guery L, Garrido C, Fontenay M, Hermine O,Solary E. Biochimie. 2008 Feb... Garrido C, Fontenay M, Hermine O,Solary E. Publication Biochimie. 2008 Feb;90(2):416-22. Epub 2007 Sep 2. P

  7. Uued loomad loomaaias - seekord pronksist / Maris Balbat

    Balbat, Maris, 1936-


    Tallinna Loomaaias toimunud rahvusvahelise animalistliku skulptuuri festivalil saavutas I koha Hermine Kelleri "Šimpans", II koha Margarita Kamardina Moskvast ja Vitali Novikov Peterburist. Tauno Kangro "Siga" teenis ära publikupreemia

  8. Genetic determinism of oil acidity among some DELI oil palm ...

    Genetic determinism of oil acidity among some DELI oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) progenies. Benoit Constant Likeng-Li-Ngue, Joseph Martin Bell, Georges Franck Ngando-Ebongue, Godswill Ntsefong Ntsomboh, Hermine Bille Ngalle ...

  9. Tallinna loomaaia Paldiski mnt. poolses nn. Põhjavärava lähistel...


    IV Läänemeremaade animaskulptuurinäituse osavõtjate modelleerinud pronksist loomakujud pannakse 25. VIII loomaaeda hindamiseks välja. Žürii (loetletud) valikul osalevad festivali II voorus Sergejus Plotnikovas (Leedu), Margarita Kamardina, Vitali Novikov (Venemaa), Aleksander Litvinov, Rafael Danieljants (Eesti), Marylyn Gierow, Ann-Kristin Gustavsson, Hermine Keller (Rootsi), Peter Müller Larsen, Henrik Vilhelm Voldmester (Taani)

  10. Floods in Central Texas, September 7-14, 2010

    Winters, Karl E.


    Severe flooding occurred near the Austin metropolitan area in central Texas September 7–14, 2010, because of heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Hermine. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District, determined rainfall amounts and annual exceedance probabilities for rainfall resulting in flooding in Bell, Williamson, and Travis counties in central Texas during September 2010. We documented peak streamflows and the annual exceedance probabilities for peak streamflows recorded at several streamflow-gaging stations in the study area. The 24-hour rainfall total exceeded 12 inches at some locations, with one report of 14.57 inches at Lake Georgetown. Rainfall probabilities were estimated using previously published depth-duration frequency maps for Texas. At 4 sites in Williamson County, the 24-hour rainfall had an annual exceedance probability of 0.002. Streamflow measurement data and flood-peak data from U.S. Geological Survey surface-water monitoring stations (streamflow and reservoir gaging stations) are presented, along with a comparison of September 2010 flood peaks to previous known maximums in the periods of record. Annual exceedance probabilities for peak streamflow were computed for 20 streamflow-gaging stations based on an analysis of streamflow-gaging station records. The annual exceedance probability was 0.03 for the September 2010 peak streamflow at the Geological Survey's streamflow-gaging stations 08104700 North Fork San Gabriel River near Georgetown, Texas, and 08154700 Bull Creek at Loop 360 near Austin, Texas. The annual exceedance probability was 0.02 for the peak streamflow for Geological Survey's streamflow-gaging station 08104500 Little River near Little River, Texas. The lack of similarity in the annual exceedance probabilities computed for precipitation and streamflow might be attributed to the small areal extent of the heaviest rainfall over these and the other gaged


    Tetiana V. Danylova


    Full Text Available Purpose. This paper aims to analyze the life journey of Harry Haller, protagonist of H. Hesse’s novel «Steppenwolf», in the context of Jungian process of individuation. Methodology. The author has used C.G. Jung’s theory of archetypes, along with hermeneutical methodology. Theoretical basis and results. «Steppenwolf» is the story of a man who is dogged by controversy: he feels himself to be a human and a wolf at the same time. Harry Haller learns from the «Treatise on the Steppenwolf» that he has more than two natures. Actually, he consists of hundreds and thousands of them. This idea is based on Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. And the very novel «Steppenwolf» brightly illustrates Jung’s individuation process. Harry Haller’s mission is to overcome opposition between his social cultural «I» and Shadow (Steppenwolf, to recognize and accept his Anima (Hermine, to understand the mystery of the identity of Pablo, who embodies chthonic depths, and Mozart, who represents sublime spirituality, that is, to comprehend his own Self. Scientific novelty. In the novel, the human nature is depicted as the eternal struggle and eternal unity of two polarities. Individuals have to realize this unity on their way to the Self. Recognizing, confronting and assimilating the Ego, Anima/Animus, Shadow into the larger realm of the Self, one achieves a new level of consciousness. However, this is a never-ending process, unattainable ideal. At the end of the novel, Harry Haller failed to cope with this challenge. It seems that he has remained at the same point, where we had met him. However, nothing was impossible − everything was just beginning. Conclusions. The questions raised by Jungian analysis push us beyond our limits to the great alchemical mystery − the wholeness of our own souls. For the salvation of humankind as a whole and every single human in our world full of conflicts and violence, we all need to

  12. Proxies of Tropical Cyclone Isotope Spikes in Precipitation: Landfall Site Selection

    Lawrence, J. R.; Maddocks, R.


    2010 rain from Hurricane Alex, Tropical Depression 2 and Tropical Storm Hermine flooded ephemeral ponds in south Texas. Isotopic analysis of water and fossil Ostracoda from ephemeral ponds in south Texas is planned. Cores (50 cm in length) were taken in one of these ponds where living Ostracoda were found and collected.

  13. Comparisons of watershed sulfur budgets in southeast Canada and northeast US: New approaches and implications

    Mitchell, M.J.; Lovett, G.; Bailey, S.; Beall, F.; Burns, D.; Buso, D.; Clair, T.A.; Courchesne, F.; Duchesne, L.; Eimers, C.; Fernandez, I.; Houle, D.; Jeffries, D.S.; Likens, G.E.; Moran, M.D.; Rogers, C.; Schwede, D.; Shanley, J.; Weathers, K.C.; Vet, R.


    Most of eastern North America receives elevated levels of atmospheric deposition of sulfur (S) that result from anthropogenic SO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Atmospheric S deposition has acidified sensitive terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in this region; however, deposition has been declining since the 1970s, resulting in some recovery in previously acidified aquatic ecosystems. Accurate watershed S mass balances help to evaluate the extent to which atmospheric S deposition is retained within ecosystems, and whether internal cycling sources and biogeochemical processes may be affecting the rate of recovery from decreasing S atmospheric loads. This study evaluated S mass balances for 15 sites with watersheds in southeastern Canada and northeastern US for the period 1985 to 2002. These 15 sites included nine in Canada (Turkey Lakes, ON; Harp Lake, ON; Plastic Lake, ON; Hermine, QC; Lake Laflamme, QC; Lake Clair, QC; Lake Tirasse, QC; Mersey, NS; Moosepit, NS) and six in the US (Arbutus Lake, NY; Biscuit Brook, NY; Sleepers River, VT; Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH; Cone Pond, NH; Bear Brook Watershed, ME). Annual S wet deposition inputs were derived from measured bulk or wet-only deposition and stream export was obtained by combining drainage water fluxes with SO42- concentrations. Dry deposition has the greatest uncertainty of any of the mass flux calculations necessary to develop accurate watershed balances, and here we developed a new method to calculate this quantity. We utilized historical information from both the US National Emissions Inventory and the US (CASTNET) and the Canadian (CAPMoN) dry deposition networks to develop a formulation that predicted SO2 concentrations as a function of SO2 emissions, latitude and longitude. The SO2 concentrations were used to predict dry deposition using relationships between concentrations and deposition flux derived from the CASTNET or CAPMoN networks. For the year 2002, we compared the SO2

  14. Reconocimiento alogénico: su papel protector durante la infección por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana tipo1 (VIH-1

    María Teresa Rugeles López


    terapia antirretroviral.



    1. LEHNER T, SHEARER GM, HACKETT CJ, SCHULTZ A and SHARMA OK. Alloimmunization as a strategy for vaccine design against HIV/AIDS. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2000; 16: 309-313

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    3. The International Perinatal HIV Group. The mode of delivery and the risk of vertical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 – a meta-analysis of 15 prospective cohort studies. New Engl.J. Med. 1999; 340: 977–987

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    6. BOURINBAIAR AS and LEE-HUANG S. Anti-HIV effect of b subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (b hCG in vitro. Immunol. Lett. 1995; 44: 13–18

    7. COULOMB-L’HERMIN A, AMARA A, SCHIFF C, BURANDGASSELIN I, FOUSSAT A, DELAUNEY T, et al. Stromal cellderived factor 1 (SDF-1 and antenatal human B cell lymphopoiesis: expression of SDF-1 by