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  1. Valve monitoring ITI-MOVATS

    Moureau, S.


    ITI-MOVATS provides a wide range of test devices to monitor the performance of valves: motor operated gate or globe valve, butterfly valve, air operated valve, and check valve. The ITI-MOVATS testing equipment is used in the following three areas: actuator setup/baseline testing, periodic/post-maintenance testing, and differential pressure testing. The parameters typically measured with the MOVATS diagnostic system as well as the devices used to measure them are described. (Z.S.)

  2. Integrated Inflammatory Stress (ITIS) Model

    Bangsgaard, Elisabeth O.; Hjorth, Poul G.; Olufsen, Mette S.


    maintains a long-term level of the stress hormone cortisol which is also anti-inflammatory. A new integrated model of the interaction between these two subsystems of the inflammatory system is proposed and coined the integrated inflammatory stress (ITIS) model. The coupling mechanisms describing....... A constant activation results in elevated levels of the variables in the model while a prolonged change of the oscillations in ACTH and cortisol concentrations is the most pronounced result of different LPS doses predicted by the model....

  3. LOGO Bibliography.

    Proud, Jim

    This bibliography lists 168 articles, books, and instructional materials for anyone interested in learning more about the LOGO programming language. Items listed range from research reports and program descriptions to lesson plans and activities. Specific titles include "A Beginner's Guide to LOGO"; "LOGO Music"; "Printing…

  4. Implementing ITI for urban development locally

    Garyfallia Katsavounidou


    Full Text Available In the current Programming Period (2014-2020 the European Commission has introduced a new strategic instrument, the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI, which shifts the decisions on allocation of funds to the local level and, most importantly, enables drawing of funds from several priority axes and from several European Structural and Investment Funds. Greece is one of EU member countries that has committed on using ITIs as a tool for urban development. In August 2016, in the Region of Central Macedonia, urban authorities with a population of over 10.000 inhabitants were invited by the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme to submit a Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development (SUD, through the mandatory implementation of the ITI tool. The paper focuses on one of these municipalities, the city of Veria, where the ITI approach has been implemented for the design of an ITI of urban scale (ITI-SUD. The integrated approach prescribed by regional authorities forced Municipalities to adopt government approaches uncommon until now: to involve multiple stakeholders in the entire process, from strategy development to project selection and implementation. The paper describes the benefits and challenges of the new approach as applied in the local context, showing the vertical and horizontal connections of urban development strategies. Most importantly, in the context of ‘procedural learning’ happening in Europe in the field of territorial cohesion, it offers an insight on how European cohesion policy strategies and tools are tested at the local level.

  5. 6th iTi Conference

    Kampers, Gerrit; Oberlack, Martin; Wacławczyk, Marta; Talamelli, Alessandro


    This volume collects the edited and reviewed contributions presented in the 6th iTi Conference in Bertinoro, covering fundamental and applied aspects in turbulence. In the spirit of the iTi conference, the volume has been produced after the conference so that the authors had the possibility to incorporate comments and discussions raised during the meeting. In the present book the contributions have been structured according to the topics : I Theory II Wall bounded flows III Particles in flows IV Free flows V Complex flows The volume is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Konrad Bajer who prematurely passed away in Warsaw on August 29, 2014. .

  6. New logo

    Staff Association


    Logo Competition: a huge success Our logo competition, launched on 3rd December 2012, has sparked interest at CERN and has even crossed the boundaries of the local area since, among the 57 proposals, some are from Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Cameroon. We thank all the participants who have demonstrated creativity and originality. The jury of seven people met on 31st January to select three of the six finalists. A difficult choice given the quality and diversity of ideas. Now it's your turn to make a choice From Monday 4th October to Friday 15th February, the logos will be on display on the 1st floor of the Main Building (Mezzanine). CERN employed members of the personnel (staff members, fellows and apprentices) are invited to select three other finalists by electronic vote until Friday 15th February at noon. The six selected logos will be then submitted to the members of the Staff Association for an electronic vote from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February at noon. The winning logo and th...

  7. Logo competition

    Staff Association


    Award of the prizes The price ceremony for the Staff Association’s new logo competition which took place on Friday 1st March at 5 p.m. was a big success. The first prize, an Ezee Suisse electric bike, was won by Paulo Rios, from Portugal. In his absence, the bike was handed to his brother Vitor. The other five winners of the competition also received their prize: Go Sport vouchers. A peize draw was then organized to award 22 other participants with prizes offered by our commercial partners (Aquaparc, BCGE, L’Occitane, Passeport Gourmand, Sephora, Theater La Comédie de Genève), whom we would like to warmly thank. After all prices were distributed the evening continued with discussions around a friendly drink.

  8. 7th iTi Conference in Turbulence

    Talamelli, Alessandro; Oberlack, Martin; Peinke, Joachim


    This volume collects the edited and reviewed contribution presented in the 7th iTi Conference in Bertinoro, covering fundamental and applied aspects in turbulence. In the spirit of the iTi conference, the volume is produced after the conference so that the authors had the opportunity to incorporate comments and discussions raised during the meeting. In the present book, the contributions have been structured according to the topics: I Theory II Wall bounded flows III Pipe flow IV Modelling V Experiments VII Miscellaneous topics.

  9. "Tallinna kirikurenessanss" valis logo


    Katrin Terno logo, millel on kujutatud Aleksander Nevski katedraali, Oleviste ja Tallinna toomkiriku torni siluett, valiti Tallinna kirikute restaureerimise projekti "Tallinna kirikurenessanss" sümboliks

  10. Logo Talks Back.

    Bearden, Donna; Muller, Jim


    In addition to turtle graphics, the Logo programing language has list and text processing capabilities that open up opportunities for word games, language programs, word processing, and other applications. Provided are examples of these applications using both Apple and MIT Logo versions. Includes sample interactive programs. (JN)

  11. 4th iTi Conference in Turbulence

    Peinke, Joachim; Talamelli, Alessandro; Castillo, Luciano; Hölling, Michael


    This fourth issue on "progress in turbulence" is based on the fourth ITI conference (ITI interdisciplinary turbulence initiative), which took place in Bertinoro, North Italy. Leading researchers from the engineering and physical sciences presented latest results in turbulence research. Basic as well as applied research is driven by the rather notorious difficult and essentially unsolved problem of turbulence. In this collection of contributions clear progress can be seen in different aspects, ranging from new quality of numerical simulations to new concepts of experimental investigations and new theoretical developments. The importance of turbulence is shown for a wide range of applications including: combustion, energy, flow control, urban flows, are few examples found in this volume. A motivation was to bring fundamentals of turbulence in connection with renewable energy. This lead us to add a special topic relevant to the impact of turbulence on the wind energy conversion. The structure of the present book...

  12. 5th iTi Conference in Turbulence 2012

    Oberlack, Martin; Peinke, Joachim


      This volume collects the edited and reviewed contributions presented in the 5th iTi Conference in Bertinoro. covering fundamental aspects in turbulent flows. In the spirit of the iTi initiative, the volume is produced after the conference so that the authors had the possibility to incorporate comments and discussions raised during the meeting. Turbulence presents a large number of aspects and problems, which are still unsolved and which challenge research communities in engineering and physical sciences both in basic and applied research. The book presents recent advances in theory related to new statistical approaches, effect of non-linearities and presence of symmetries. This edition presents new contributions related to the physics and control of laminar-turbulent transition in wall-bounded flows, which may have a significant impact on drag reduction applications. Turbulent boundary layers, at increasing Reynolds number, are the main subject of both computational and experimental long research programs ...

  13. Becoming Care Helper

    Jensen, Anne Winther

    ‘positioning’ and ‘storyline’, c.f. Bronwyn Davies, and the empirical material consists of interviews and observations in the theoretical periods and in the traineeships. The paper suggests that a shift from identity to subjectivity may help students to deal with the diversity of ‘care helpers’ and thereby......The paper discusses the shaping of students´ identity within a vocational education programme for elderly care in Denmark. The focus is on the correlation between identity construction within the theoretical periods and students´ experiences in the traineeships. In the school setting the future...... care helper is being constructed within the overall term ‘professional’, but students may meet differing ways of being care helper in the traineeships, and the paper points to an ongoing struggle about the definition of ‘being care helper’. The analysis of the identity issues mobilises the concepts...

  14. A Performance Evaluation for IT/IS Implementation in Organisation: Preliminary New IT/IS Capability Evaluation (NICE Model

    Hafez Salleh


    Full Text Available Most of the traditional IT/IS performance measures are based on productivity and process, which mainly focus on method of investment appraisal. There is a need to produce alternative holistic measurement models that enable soft and hard issues to be measured qualitatively. A New IT/IS Capability Evaluation (NICE framework has been designed to measure the capability of organisations to'successfully implement IT systems' and it is applicable across industries.The idea is to provide managers with measurement tools to enable them to identify where improvements are required within their organisations and to indicate their readiness prior to IT investment. The NICE framework investigates four organisational key elements: IT, Environment, Process and People, and is composed of six progressive stages of maturity that a company can achieve its IT/IS capabilities. For each maturity stage, the NICE framework describes a set of critical success factors that must be in place for the company to achieve each stage.

  15. Bluetooth helper environment

    Zhang, Junbiao


    Handheld devices are gaining great popularity and becoming a common commodity on the market primarily due to their small sizes and mobile nature. However, these devices are all limited in capabilities, especially in terms of screen display, processing power, storage space and network access. Some of these limitations, such as the small screen sizes, are inherently difficult to improve given the usage model of these devices. In this paper, we propose a framework in which small handheld devices can use their environment, the devices around them, to expand their limited capabilities. Such an environment can be deployed in the office, at home for user convenience or in a public access area as a revenue generating service. A handheld device interacts with the helper environment through several essential steps including device discovery, service query, request transfer and remote control. In order to ensure the proper operation of such an environment, the framework provides essential system components for admission control, resource allocation, task scheduling and device coordination. We refer to such a framework as the device helper environment and discuss its system architecture and usage scenarios in this paper.

  16. iti, sä oot niin paras äiti" : - Ihmeelliset vuodet - ryhmän vaikutus vanhemmuustaitoihin

    Pylkkönen, Taru


    ”Äiti, sä oot niin paras äiti”: Ihmeelliset vuodet – ryhmän vaikutus vanhempien vanhem-muustaitoihin Vuosi 2011 Sivumäärä 51+ 12 Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää miten Ihmeelliset vuodet koulussa – projektin yhteydessä toiminut vanhemmuusryhmä vaikutti siihen osallistuvien vanhempien vanhemmuustaitoihin. Ihmeelliset vuodet – ohjelman vanhemmuusryhmät ovat käytöshäiriöisten lasten vanhemmille suunnattuja perheinterventioita, joissa lasten käytökseen pyr...

  17. Mycorrhiza helper bacteria

    Deveau, Aurelie [French National Insitute for Agricultural Research (INRA); Labbe, Jessy [ORNL


    This chapter focuses on the Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria (MHB), a generic name given to bacteria which stimulate the formation of mycorrhizal symbiosis. By extension, some bacterial strains that positively impact the functioning of mycorrhizal symbiosis are also called MHB. These bacteria have applicative interests, as they indirectly improve the health and growth of tree seedlings. MHB are not restricted to a specific type of ecosystem, but are rather generalist in the way that they associate with both herbaceous and woody mycorrhizal plants from boreal, temperate, arid and tropical ecosystems. However, understanding the molecular mechanisms and their specificities will help us to know more about the ecology of the MHB. The process of acquisition varies between fungal species; while ectomycorrhizal fungi most probably recurrently acquire them from the environment, the association between bacterial endosymbionts and Glomeromycota probably dates back to very ancient times, and has since been vertically transmitted.

  18. StarLogo TNG

    Klopfer, Eric; Scheintaub, Hal; Huang, Wendy; Wendel, Daniel

    Computational approaches to science are radically altering the nature of scientific investigatiogn. Yet these computer programs and simulations are sparsely used in science education, and when they are used, they are typically “canned” simulations which are black boxes to students. StarLogo The Next Generation (TNG) was developed to make programming of simulations more accessible for students and teachers. StarLogo TNG builds on the StarLogo tradition of agent-based modeling for students and teachers, with the added features of a graphical programming environment and a three-dimensional (3D) world. The graphical programming environment reduces the learning curve of programming, especially syntax. The 3D graphics make for a more immersive and engaging experience for students, including making it easy to design and program their own video games. Another change to StarLogo TNG is a fundamental restructuring of the virtual machine to make it more transparent. As a result of these changes, classroom use of TNG is expanding to new areas. This chapter is concluded with a description of field tests conducted in middle and high school science classes.

  19. Perancangan Logo dalam Dunia Desain

    Monica Monica


    Full Text Available Since the beginning logo recognized, it already has experienced development in terms of reasoning aspect. At the beginning logo meant words, mind, symbol, image, and semiotic, then changes into flag, signature, and symbol, which indirectly can provide the identity, information, and persuasion that eventually functions as media for marketing. In the design world, it always appears questions about the importance of a logo should be designed. Here is the thing discussed through the description of the function of a logo and the process of designing a logo. Because not all the redesign of an existing logo will bring better imaging results although the main goal of designing a logo is for positive things. 

  20. A Short Tale of the Black Sheep of -ITY

    Computer Security Team


    Once upon a time, computer engineers of the ancient world used the abbreviation of “-ITY” ([eye-tee]) as a shorthand for “Information TechnologY”. It was an appropriate abbreviation as it reminded everyone of the core purposes and aspects of information technology, which made not only the computer engineers, but also their clients, happy.   Whenever the engineers were programming a software application or setting up a computing service to cover the needs of their clients, they stuck to the four paradigms of -ITY: * “Functional-ITY”, i.e. ensuring that a service or application has a purpose and a justification of being; * “Avalabil-ITY”, i.e. ensuring that this service or application is functional whenever a client wants to use it; * “Usabil-ITY”, i.e. ensuring that this client does not get fed up by a badly designed user interface or disappointed by the service’s or application&am...

  1. Building a Taxonomic Data Editor: ITIS Taxonomic Workbench 6.0

    Mitchell,David; Bowman,Lisa; Brockmeier,Christopher


    The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS - provides a regularly updated global database that currently contains over 840,000 scientific names and their hierarchy. A new rich Internet application for adding and editing ITIS data, Taxonomic Workbench 6.0, is being developed using the AngularJS framework. AngularJS is designed to take advantage of many features that are fairly recent to the web platform, facilitates a well-structured product that is easier to maintain, and...

  2. Prólogo

    Alta Hooker


    Full Text Available La investigación en URACCAN se fundamenta en el diálogo democrático entre los sistemas diferenciados de crear conocimientos, distintas maneras de encontrar la verdad y enseñarla. Interpretar el entorno de manera objetiva para encontrar ideas, entramado de propuestas para mejorar las condiciones de vida de los pueblos indígenas, afrodescendientes y mestizos de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe en el proceso de construcción de la Autonomía y del desarrollo integral de la República de Nicaragua, como principio de inclusión.En cuanto a la exclusión, es el rechazo a ‘la objetividad’ que propone el positivismo y el neopositivismo cuando sugieren la neutralidad ideológica de la investigación y la reducción de la misma a problemas absolutos excluidos del desarrollo histórico.Nuestra noción implica un diálogo creador y propositivo en el cual participan expertos y académicos, la comunidad estudiantil y las personas que son portadoras de la sabiduría de sus pueblos, a quienes nos debemos en nuestro compromiso moral y ético.

  3. Development of Empathy in Helpers.

    Fretz, Bruce R.

    A trait measure of empathy, a skill measure of empathy and an attitude scale on psychological effectiveness were administered to both counselor trainees and "natural helpers", i.e. persons in helping relationships who have not been formally trained as mental health professionals or paraprofessionals. The results indicated that the measures of…

  4. Becoming a Helper. Third Edition.

    Corey, Marianne Schneider; Corey, Gerald

    The problems involved in becoming an effective helper and the personal difficulties of working with others are addressed. A discussion of motivations for seeking a career in the helping professions is followed by an overview of the helping process. Chapter topics include: (1) "Are the Helping Professions for You?"; (2) "Getting the Most from Your…

  5. Prólogo

    Alta Hooker


    Full Text Available Consecuente con el principio de la Autonomía de la Costa Atlántica,la URACCAN desde su fundación es una institución creadora de espacios y propiciadora de oportunidades para el desarrollo integral e igualitario de los pueblos de la Costa Caribe nicaragüense, misión que a través de la docencia, la investigación y la extensión social y comunitaria, lidera para contribuir al fortalecimiento del sistema autónomo regional y del país, desarrollando las capacidades científico-técnicas, los valores humanistas, el sentido delemprendimiento y la innovación.Dentro de este marco referencial La revista Ciencia e Interculturalidad es un vehículo para la divulgación de estudios e investigaciones que se realizan en la URACCAN, propicia el diálogo intercultural, el acercamiento y respeto a la cosmovisión de los pueblos indígenas originarios de A’bya Yala, pueblos afrodescendientes y comunidades mestizas; asimismo es un medioidóneo para nutrir la cultura y el ámbito académico al profundizar en el conocimiento de las raíces socioculturales y del entorno, constituyéndose en una vía para el fortalecimiento de las capacidades investigativas de docentestutores y estudiantes.

  6. Mailing list italiana sul logo

    Leda Alice Lombardo


    Full Text Available Information and contacts related to Logo, a programming language created to be accessible to beginners and can also be used by children and at the same time, provide ample opportunity to expert.

  7. A genetic map of mouse chromosome 1 near the Lsh-Ity-Bcg disease resistance locus.

    Mock, B; Krall, M; Blackwell, J; O'Brien, A; Schurr, E; Gros, P; Skamene, E; Potter, M


    Isozyme and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analyses of backcross progeny, recombinant inbred strains, and congenic strains of mice positioned eight genetic markers with respect to the Lsh-Ity-Bcg disease resistance locus. Allelic isoforms of Idh-1 and Pep-3 and RFLPs detected by Southern hybridization for Myl-1, Cryg, Vil, Achrg, bcl-2, and Ren-1,2, between BALB/cAnPt and DBA/2NPt mice, were utilized to examine the cosegregation of these markers with the Lsh-Ity-Bcg resistance phenotype in 103 backcross progeny. An additional 47 backcross progeny from a cross between C57BL/10ScSn and B10.L-Lshr/s mice were examined for the cosegregation of Myl-1 and Vil RFLPs with Lsh phenotypic differences. Similarly, BXD recombinant inbred strains were typed for RFLPs upon hybridization with Vil and Achrg. Recombination frequencies generated in the different test systems were statistically similar, and villin (Vil) was identified as the molecular marker closest (1.7 +/- 0.8 cM) to the Lsh-Ity-Bcg locus. Two other DNA sequences, nebulin (Neb) and an anonymous DNA fragment (D2S3), which map to a region of human chromosome 2q that is homologous to proximal mouse chromosome 1, were not closely linked to the Lsh-Ity-Bcg locus. This multipoint linkage analysis of chromosome 1 surrounding the Lsh-Ity-Bcg locus provides a basis for the eventual isolation of the disease gene.

  8. College Females' Disclosure to Professional Helpers and Perceptions of Helpers' Characteristics

    Schneider, Lawrence J.; Lankford, Charles P.


    A sample of 108 high- and 109 low-disclosing college females rated risk individuals should take in revealing personal information to six helpers and perceptions of each helper's characteristics. High-disclosure females thought clients should take greater risks with more trained helpers. (Author)

  9. Inspirasi Origami dalam Desain Logo

    Vera Waradya


    Full Text Available From time to time design trends have adapted in certain styles. One is the art of origami. It inspires many graphic designers in 2009, mainly design logo and typeface. Origami is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, turning a piece of paper into a beautiful shape that is a work of art in itself. And with its simplicity and geometric shapes, origami logo design is used by companies who want to represent modern, delicacy, attention to detail, precision, and elegance.  

  10. The Impact of Project Management Maturity upon IT/IS Project Management Outcomes

    Carcillo, Anthony Joseph, Jr.


    Although it is assumed that increasing the institutionalization (or maturity) of project management in an organization leads to greater project success, the literature has diverse views. The purpose of this mixed methods study was to examine the correlation between project management maturity and IT/IS project outcomes. The sample consisted of two…

  11. ITI implants with overdentures: a prevention of bone loss in edentulous mandibles?

    von Wowern, N; Harder, F; Hjørting-Hansen, E


    Changes in the bone mineral content (BMC) of edentulous mandibles with osseointegrated ITI implants supporting overdentures were measured in vivo by dual-photon absorptiometry. The BMC measurements were performed 3 weeks postoperatively and at the 2-year follow-up visit. Measurements were made...

  12. Saku uus logo liidab traditsioonid ja uuendusmeelsuse


    Reklaamiagentuur Divisioni loometööd juhtinud Dan Mikkin Saku Õlletehase uue logo loomisprotsessist ja stiiliraamatu kokkupanemisest. Karin Sepa kommentaar "Uus logo on avatum". Illustratsiooniks Saku õlletehase logod läbi aegade

  13. From ancient Greek Logos to European rationality



    Because of history, culture, and politics, European identity has its archetypical elements in ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greek philosophy brought Logos to fore and defined it as the crucial problem and the postulate of the human. We translate the Greek term Logos in English as reason or rationality. These terms, however, do not cover the semantic field of Logos since this includes, among other things, order of being, ground, language, argument etc. The juxtaposition of Logos (reason) to m...

  14. Advanced logo a language for learning

    Friendly, Michael


    Advanced Logo shows how LOGO can be used as a vehicle to promote problem solving skills among secondary students, college students, and instructors. The book demonstrates the wide range of educational domains that can be explored through LOGO including generative grammars, physical laws of motion and mechanics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and calculus.

  15. Self-Help Groups and Professional Helpers.

    Balgopal, Pallassana R.; And Others


    Suggests innovative solutions for mutual benefits for self-help groups and the professionals. Through a derivative paradigm the role of the professional helper within self-help groups is presented. (Author/BL)

  16. Logo2PWM: a tool to convert sequence logo to position weight matrix.

    Gao, Zhen; Liu, Lu; Ruan, Jianhua


    position weight matrix (PWM) and sequence logo are the most widely used representations of transcription factor binding site (TFBS) in biological sequences. Sequence logo - a graphical representation of PWM, has been widely used in scientific publications and reports, due to its easiness of human perception, rich information, and simple format. Different from sequence logo, PWM works great as a precise and compact digitalized form, which can be easily used by a variety of motif analysis software. There are a few available tools to generate sequence logos from PWM; however, no tool does the reverse. Such tool to convert sequence logo back to PWM is needed to scan a TFBS represented in logo format in a publication where the PWM is not provided or hard to be acquired. A major difficulty in developing such tool to convert sequence logo to PWM is to deal with the diversity of sequence logo images. We propose logo2PWM for reconstructing PWM from a large variety of sequence logo images. Evaluation results on over one thousand logos from three sources of different logo format show that the correlation between the reconstructed PWMs and the original PWMs are constantly high, where median correlation is greater than 0.97. Because of the high recognition accuracy, the easiness of usage, and, the availability of both web-based service and stand-alone application, we believe that logo2PWM can readily benefit the study of transcription by filling the gap between sequence logo and PWM.

  17. Time-resolved potentiometry on dual interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES): Step towards qualitative potentiometric analysis

    Mansfeldová, Věra; Janda, Pavel; Tarábková, Hana


    Roč. 182, NOV 2015 (2015), s. 1053-1059 ISSN 0013-4686 Institutional support: RVO:61388955 Keywords : biomimetic liquid membrane * ion resolution potentiometry * ITIES Subject RIV: CG - Electrochemistry Impact factor: 4.803, year: 2015

  18. Interactive problem solving using LOGO

    Boecker, Heinz-Dieter; Fischer, Gerhard


    This book is unique in that its stress is not on the mastery of a programming language, but on the importance and value of interactive problem solving. The authors focus on several specific interest worlds: mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and games; however, their approach can serve as a model that may be applied easily to other fields as well. Those who are interested in symbolic computing will find that Interactive Problem Solving Using LOGO provides a gentle introduction from which one may move on to other, more advanced computational frameworks or more

  19. Sounding out the logo shot

    Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær


    This article focuses on how sound in combination with visuals (i.e. ‘branding by’) may possibly affect the signifying potentials (i.e. ‘branding effect’) of products and corporate brands (i.e. ‘branding of’) during logo shots in television commercials (i.e. ‘branding through’). This particular focus adds both to the understanding of sound in television commercials and to the understanding of sound brands. The article firstly presents a typology of sounds. Secondly, this typology is applied...


    ADIR Victor; PASCU Nicoleta; IVASCU Laura


    The paper analyses the support elements of a logo graphic structure and their role to design an intelligent and translatable one. The colour management is an important work to characterize the colour palette of a logo and it’s reproducible. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness or thinness of the line concerning the possibility to multiply in different sizes a logo and to have a good and clear image of it. The typology of logos is presented relative to the 3 axes of design: l...


    ADIR Victor


    Full Text Available The paper analyses the support elements of a logo graphic structure and their role to design an intelligent and translatable one. The colour management is an important work to characterize the colour palette of a logo and it’s reproducible. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness or thinness of the line concerning the possibility to multiply in different sizes a logo and to have a good and clear image of it. The typology of logos is presented relative to the 3 axes of design: logotype, iconic and mixed.

  2. Pentingnya Peran Logo dalam Membangun Brand

    Angela Oscario


    Full Text Available Brand is an intangible asset of an entity. It’s a summary of experiences of an entity. Well-developed brand is a very high value asset, even higher than all of the physical assets owned by the entity. Because brand is created on people’s mind, brand can build customer’s loyalty. Brand can be built in many ways. One of the most important way is designing visual indentity, such as logo. Logo is a graphical element in the form of ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign that is collectively form a trademark or commercial brand. Logo is the entrance that reflects a brand. Because of that, a logo must reflect the soul of the entity. Considering how important a logo for a brand, a logo should be designed seriously. Ironically, there’re so many fast, and cheap logo design services that create an instant logo. Why is it happened? It’s because the brand owners have a lack of awareness of the important of a brand and a logo. It’s also because there are a lot of designers who have no respect on their profession. These kind of designers offer cheap services for an easy money with a little work. This situation can be bad for both of the brand owner and the designer. The price of logo design will be cheaper and cheaper, and the brand will not be developed well. That’s why it’s important to raise the awareness of the importance of a branding and a well designed logo which represent the soul of the entity. 

  3. ITI-signals and prelimbic cortex facilitate avoidance acquisition and reduce avoidance latencies, respectively, in male WKY rats

    Kevin D Beck


    Full Text Available As a model of anxiety disorder vulnerability, male Wistar-Kyoto (WKY rats acquire lever-press avoidance behavior more readily than outbred Sprague Dawley rats, and their acquisition is enhanced by the presence of a discrete signal presented during the inter-trial intervals (ITIs, suggesting it is perceived as a safety signal. A series of experiments were conducted to determine if this is the case. Additional experiments investigated if the avoidance facilitation relies upon processing through medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC. The results suggest that the ITI-signal facilitates acquisition during the early stages of the avoidance acquisition process, when the rats are initially acquiring escape behavior and then transitioning to avoidance behavior. Post-avoidance introduction of the visual ITI-signal into other associative learning tasks failed to confirm that the visual stimulus had acquired the properties of a conditioned inhibitor. Shortening the signal from the entirety of the 3 min ITI to only the first 5 s of the 3 min ITI slowed acquisition during the first 4 sessions, suggesting the flashing light is not functioning as a feedback signal. The prelimbic (PL cortex showed greater activation during the period of training when the transition from escape responding to avoidance responding occurs. Only combined PL+infralimbic cortex lesions modestly slowed avoidance acquisition, but PL cortex lesions slowed avoidance response latencies. Thus, the flashing light ITI-signal is not likely perceived as a safety signal nor is it serving as a feedback signal. The functional role of the PL cortex appears to be to increase the drive towards responding to the threat of the warning signal. Hence, avoidance susceptibility displayed by male WKY rats may be driven, in part, both by external stimuli (ITI signal as well as by enhanced threat recognition to the warning signal via the PL cortex.

  4. Logo and Equity: A Natural Partnership.

    Yoder, Sharon Burrowes; And Others

    In the fall of 1987, Cleveland State University in conjunction with Cleveland area schools and Logo Computer Systems, Inc., embarked on a series of workshops designed to train teachers in group learning techniques and Logo programming for use in computer training for junior high school girls or minorities. The first serious exposure to computing…

  5. Professional Identiy: Effects on Evaluation of Helper Effectiveness.

    Emener, William G.; Dowd, E. Thomas


    This study examined the ability of guidance counselors, rehabilitation counselors, and social workers to distinguish accurately low-, medium-, and high-functioning helpers, when the helpers were identified as being from the participants' own or the other two professions. Significant main effects were accounted for by helper's level of functioning.…

  6. Peer Helpers: Encouraging Kids to Confide.

    Tanaka, Gail; Reid, Kelley


    In peer-helping programs, a professional counselor or teacher trains a group of students who then help other students by listening, providing information, and referring them to others with the necessary expertise. Peer helpers can help improve the school climate by contributing to its health and security. Since 1979, Seattle's Natural Helpers…

  7. NASA logo painted on orbiter Endeavour


    A KSC worker paints the NASA logo on the port wing of the orbiter Endeavour, which is scheduled to launch in December for STS-88. The paint is a special pigment that takes 18 hours to dry; the whole process takes approximately two weeks to complete. The NASA logo, termed 'meatball,' was originally designed in the late 1950s. It symbolized NASA's role in aeronautics and space in the early years of the agency. The original design included a white border surrounding it. The border was dropped for the Apollo 7 mission in October 1968, replaced with royal blue to match the background of the emblem. In 1972 the logo was replaced by a simple and contemporary design -- the 'worm' -- which was retired from use last year. NASA reverted to its original logo in celebration of the agency's 40th anniversary in October, and the 'golden age' of America's space program. All the orbiters will bear the new logo.

  8. The micromachined logo of Atomki

    Rajta, I.; Szilasi, S.Z.


    Complete text of publication follows. Proton Beam Micromachining, also known as P-beam Writing, is a direct write 3- dimensional lithographic technique. Conventional resist types are PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), and SU-8 (of MicroChem Corp.); they are positive and negative resists, respectively. In this work we used SU-8, the most common negative resist material. SU-8 was spun on a flat surface, typically Silicon or glass. A direct write proton beam was scanned over an arbitary structure (the Atomki logo can be replaced by any other structure), which produces chain scissioning in the polymer. Post exposure bake (PEB) is usually needed in case of conventional optical lithography, but using protons this bake is done in situ as the ions heat up the sample in vacuum. Subsequently chemical etching takes place, the solvent is available at MicroChem Corp. The schematic diagram of the above described micromachining process is shown on Fig. 1. The irradiation requires a scanning proton microbeam system equipped with suitable beam scanning and blanking facilities. This is available in the Institute, our setup has been upgraded from doublet to triplet focusing system (Oxford Microbeams Ltd.). For scanning we use a DIO card (PCI-6731 of National Instruments), and the IonScan software [1]. Sample preparation was carried out at our 'semi clean' room. This is also where chemical development of the samples and the optical microscopy have been done too. A Zeiss Axio Imager microscope is available (equipped with 5 objective lenses, 4 different contrast methods, transmitted or reflected light illumination). Fig. 2. shows a typical example of the Atomki logo. This is a bright field image, a number of different nice and colourful images can be produced with the other contrast techniques (for more images see the Institute website: ). (author)

  9. Brand logo design: examining consumer response to naturalness

    Machado, Joana Machado; Vacas-de-Carvalho, Leonor; Torres, Anna; Costa, Patrício


    Purpose – This paper aims to study how logo design characteristics influence consumer response. Based on an in-depth literature review on consumer responses to logo design, the authors included in this research one fundamental dimension of logo design, namely, naturalness and investigated the influence of the different types of natural logo designs on affective response. Design/methodology/approach – In total, 96 logos were selected as design stimuli. The logos were previously classi...

  10. Helper effects on breeder allocations to direct care.

    Kushnick, Geoff


    Mothers receive childcare and productive assistance from allomaternal helpers in many societies. Although much effort has been aimed toward showing helper effects on maternal reproductive success, less has been directed toward highlighting the full range of potential effects on breeder behavior. I present a model of optimal maternal care with helpers, and tests of derived hypotheses with data collected among the Karo Batak-a group of Indonesian agriculturalists. To test the model's predictions I compared the effect of women receiving help from patrilateral versus matrilateral kin because those kin may provide help with different maternal responsibilities. The model predicts a decrease in maternal allocation to care that is substitutable with the helper contribution and the helper assists with that type of care; it predicts an increase in care that is nonsubstitutable with the helper contribution or substitutable care when the helper assists with other responsibilities. With the exception of one other, most models have failed to account for an increase. Analyses of time spent carrying children supported the model. With matrilateral helpers, women increased carrying; with patrilateral helpers, they decreased it. Time spent farmworking showed the opposite pattern, suggesting that matrilateral helpers effectively decrease costs, nudging optimal maternal care upward. Patterns of breastfeeding provided little support for the model. The results do, however, suggest potential proximate mechanisms by which helpers influence maternal reproductive success in cooperative breeding societies. Copyright © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. When do Logos Talk to their Audience?

    Kristensen, Tore; Gabrielsen, Gorm


    This study is based on two experiments where the ability of a new logo to reach and audience is explored. The approach is inspired by cybernetics and is based on measuring the variation of the reception of a logo seen just once. The variation is measured as the combined variation of between...... to the audience. A big variation within-subject means that the individual receives a varied, deep, and nuanced message. The ability to do this rests partly on the ability to activate competences and experiences from the past and thus making sense. The findings are that few logo elements are received by audiences...

  12. Beyond Helper Phage: Using "Helper Cells" to Select Peptide Affinity Ligands.

    M Lisa Phipps

    Full Text Available Peptides are important affinity ligands for microscopy, biosensing, and targeted delivery. However, because they can have low affinity for their targets, their selection from large naïve libraries can be challenging. When selecting peptidic ligands from display libraries, it is important to: 1 ensure efficient display; 2 maximize the ability to select high affinity ligands; and 3 minimize the effect of the display context on binding. The "helper cell" packaging system has been described as a tool to produce filamentous phage particles based on phagemid constructs with varying display levels, while remaining free of helper phage contamination. Here we report on the first use of this system for peptide display, including the systematic characterization and optimization of helper cells, their inefficient use in antibody display and their use in creating and selecting from a set of phage display peptide libraries. Our libraries were analyzed with unprecedented precision by standard or deep sequencing, and shown to be superior in quality than commercial gold standards. Using our helper cell libraries, we have obtained ligands recognizing Yersinia pestis surface antigen F1V and L-glutamine-binding periplasmic protein QBP. In the latter case, unlike any of the peptide library selections described so far, we used a combination of phage and yeast display to select intriguing peptide ligands. Based on the success of our selections we believe that peptide libraries obtained with helper cells are not only suitable, but preferable to traditional phage display libraries for selection of peptidic ligands.

  13. Communications Stylebook: Basic Elements -- EPA Logo Usage

    Using the preferred and alternate versions of the primary logo for internal and external communication will generate equity in the symbol, assure consistency across products, and maintain a unified Agency image.

  14. The Logos between psychology, ontology, and Divinity ...

    It is clear from Žižek that whilst the notion of God does appear in this thought, it only refers to the human being which encapsulates the essence of Žižek's philosophy to the point that the logos itself is a fundamental feature of the human being's material existence in the natural world. Regardless of whether the logos points to ...

  15. CodonLogo: a sequence logo-based viewer for codon patterns.

    Sharma, Virag; Murphy, David P; Provan, Gregory; Baranov, Pavel V


    Conserved patterns across a multiple sequence alignment can be visualized by generating sequence logos. Sequence logos show each column in the alignment as stacks of symbol(s) where the height of a stack is proportional to its informational content, whereas the height of each symbol within the stack is proportional to its frequency in the column. Sequence logos use symbols of either nucleotide or amino acid alphabets. However, certain regulatory signals in messenger RNA (mRNA) act as combinations of codons. Yet no tool is available for visualization of conserved codon patterns. We present the first application which allows visualization of conserved regions in a multiple sequence alignment in the context of codons. CodonLogo is based on WebLogo3 and uses the same heuristics but treats codons as inseparable units of a 64-letter alphabet. CodonLogo can discriminate patterns of codon conservation from patterns of nucleotide conservation that appear indistinguishable in standard sequence logos. The CodonLogo source code and its implementation (in a local version of the Galaxy Browser) are available at and through the Galaxy Tool Shed at


    Diana NICOLESCU Diana


    Full Text Available In this article I have presented elements of logo design, shape-colour-symbol, that represent the graphic expression of identity as well as their importance when considering conceiving a logo. Creating a logo is an important process because the logo is considered the most representative feature of visual identity.

  17. Logo Antenna for 5.8 GHz Wireless Communications (invited)

    Jørgensen, Kasper Lüthje; Jakobsen, Kaj Bjarne


    A logo antenna for the 5.8 GHz ISM band is presented. The idea behind the logo antenna is to use the company or university logo as part of the antenna. When disguised as a logo, it may be more acceptable to place the antenna at optimal locations to obtain good coverage. In the present work...

  18. Logo Antenna for 5.8 GHz Wireless Communications

    Jørgensen, Kasper Lüthje; Jakobsen, Kaj Bjarne


    A logo antenna for the 5.8 GHz ISM band is presented. The idea behind the logo antenna is to use the company or university logo as part of the antenna. When disguised as a logo, it may be more acceptable to place the antenna at optimal locations to obtain good coverage. In the present work...


    Diana NICOLESCU Diana


    In this article I have presented elements of logo design, shape-colour-symbol, that represent the graphic expression of identity as well as their importance when considering conceiving a logo. Creating a logo is an important process because the logo is considered the most representative feature of visual identity.

  20. Linlased saavad valida Tallinna uut logo / Askur Alas

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    Tallinna logo konkursist. Rahvusvahelise žürii poolt valitud 10 finalisti pluss Aavo Ermeli poolt 2003. a. kavandatud logo on hindamiseks veebilehel Ermeli logo "mineoletulevik" on praegu kasutusel. Finalistidele annavad hinnangu linnavalitsuse liikmed, rahvusvaheline žürii ja tallinlased SMS-hääletuse teel. Žürii koosseis. Lisatud 11 kavandit

  1. A new logo for the Staff Association

    Staff Association


    On 3rd December 2012 the Staff Association launched a competition open to all to design a new logo, which should not contain the official CERN logo, reserved by CERN’s new graphic charter to the official use by the Organization. We are pleased that this competition sparked a strong interest. A total of 57 proposals were received within the time limits, some submitted from far away: Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey and even Cameroon! The selection of the winning logo was made in two steps: first the pre-selection of six finalists, followed by the final choice of the winning logo by members of the Staff Association.  Winning logo The pre-selection was made in two stages. Three of the six finalists were nominated by a jury consisting of seven members of the Staff Association, including communication professionals. In parallel, from 4 to 15 February CERN employed members of the personnel were able to visit the exhibition of all the logo proposals on the 1st floor of the Main Building and ...

  2. Brånemark and ITI dental implants in the human bone-grafted maxilla: a comparative evaluation

    Pinholt, Else M


    . Twelve consecutive patients received machine-surfaced Brånemark fixtures and 13 consecutive patients received SLA-ITI fixtures. Gradual loading was applied after healing abutment application. After 6 months the permanent prosthetic reconstruction was provided to the patient, either as a fixed...

  3. Processing different degrees of logo change When higher levels of brand consciousness decrease openness to substantial logo changes

    van Grinsven, B.; Das, E.


    Purpose – This paper aims to develop an experimental paradigm to assess effects of degrees of logo change on logo processing speed to provide rigid tests of the effects of objectified degrees of logo changes and to understand how degrees of logo change interact with consumer and market conditions.

  4. Logo design: examining consumer response to figurativeness across cultures

    Machado, Joana César; Vacas de Carvalho, Leonor; Torres, Anna; Van de Velden, Michel; Costa, Patrício


    Literature concerned with logo strategy suggests that the aesthetic appeal of brand logo significantly influences consumer reactions. The main purpose of this research is to study the influence of the different categories of figurative logo designs on consumer response. Through two studies in three countries, this research sheds light on consumer logo preferences, by investigating the psychological properties of the figurativeness of logo design. Results showed that figurativeness is an essen...

  5. From interleukin-23 to T-helper 17 cells: human T-helper cell differentiation revisited

    Boniface, Katia; Blom, Bianca; Liu, Yong-Jun; de Waal Malefyt, René


    Protracted inflammation leading to dysregulation of effector T-cell responses represents a common feature of a wide range of autoimmune diseases. The interleukin-12 (IL-12)/T-helper 1 (Th1) pathway was thought to be responsible for the pathogenesis of multiple chronic inflammatory diseases,

  6. HMM Logos for visualization of protein families

    Schultz Jörg


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Profile Hidden Markov Models (pHMMs are a widely used tool for protein family research. Up to now, however, there exists no method to visualize all of their central aspects graphically in an intuitively understandable way. Results We present a visualization method that incorporates both emission and transition probabilities of the pHMM, thus extending sequence logos introduced by Schneider and Stephens. For each emitting state of the pHMM, we display a stack of letters. The stack height is determined by the deviation of the position's letter emission frequencies from the background frequencies. The stack width visualizes both the probability of reaching the state (the hitting probability and the expected number of letters the state emits during a pass through the model (the state's expected contribution. A web interface offering online creation of HMM Logos and the corresponding source code can be found at the Logos web server of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics Conclusions We demonstrate that HMM Logos can be a useful tool for the biologist: We use them to highlight differences between two homologous subfamilies of GTPases, Rab and Ras, and we show that they are able to indicate structural elements of Ras.

  7. Teachers and artificial intelligence. The Logo connection.

    Merbler, J B


    This article describes a three-phase program for training special education teachers to teach Logo and artificial intelligence. Logo is derived from the LISP computer language and is relatively simple to learn and use, and it is argued that these factors make it an ideal tool for classroom experimentation in basic artificial intelligence concepts. The program trains teachers to develop simple demonstrations of artificial intelligence using Logo. The material that the teachers learn to teach is suitable as an advanced level topic for intermediate- through secondary-level students enrolled in computer competency or similar courses. The material emphasizes problem-solving and thinking skills using a nonverbal expressive medium (Logo), thus it is deemed especially appropriate for hearing-impaired children. It is also sufficiently challenging for academically talented children, whether hearing or deaf. Although the notion of teachers as programmers is controversial, Logo is relatively easy to learn, has direct implications for education, and has been found to be an excellent tool for empowerment-for both teachers and children.

  8. A Comparison of Moments-Based Logo Recognition Methods

    Zili Zhang


    Full Text Available Logo recognition is an important issue in document image, advertisement, and intelligent transportation. Although there are many approaches to study logos in these fields, logo recognition is an essential subprocess. Among the methods of logo recognition, the descriptor is very vital. The results of moments as powerful descriptors were not discussed before in terms of logo recognition. So it is unclear which moments are more appropriate to recognize which kind of logos. In this paper we find out the relations between logos with different transforms and moments, which moments are fit for logos with different transforms. The open datasets are employed from the University of Maryland. The comparisons based on moments are carried out from the aspects of logos with noise, and rotation, scaling, rotation and scaling.

  9. Editorial for special issue of AJIS on Green IT/IS (Sustainable computing

    Michael Steven Lane


    Full Text Available We are pleased to present this AJIS Special issue on Green IT/IS (Sustainable Computing. There are five papers published in this special issue of the AJIS which reflect the diversity of this emerging and important area of research in Information Systems. Environmental sustainability is one of if not the most important challenge facing organisations and society in the 21st century. Information systems and information technology have a major role to play in both reducing its environmental impact and providing the systems and technological innovation to reduce the environmental impact of organisations. Currently there is a lack of rigorous empirical studies which are theory and evidence based to provide a sound basis for understanding IT green best practices and how these can be best adopted in organisations. This special issue of the AJIS contributes this current gap in the knowledge concerning green IS and IT with five empirical research papers which examined five different aspects of green IS and IT.

  10. IT/IS plus E: exploring the need for e-integration

    Miele, Renato; Gunasekaran, Angappa; Yusuf, Yahaya Y.


    The change in IT/IS strategy is about the Internet becoming a major part of the corporate environment and driving decisions more and more. Companies of all sizes and industries can fully engage employees, customers and partners to capitalize upon the new Internet economy. They can optimize supply chains, managing strategic relationships, reducing time to market, sharing vital information, and increasing productivity and shareholder value. Remaining competitive in today's rapidly changing global marketplace requires fast action. The problem is now how much, how soon, and what kind of Internet based components are essential for companies to be successful, and how the adoption of E-Integration can become a critical component of company's survival in an increasingly competitive environment. How information, knowledge and innovation processes can drive business success are fundamental notions for the information- based economy, which have been extensively researched and confirmed throughout the IT revolution. The new capabilities to use the Internet to supply large amounts of relevant information from multiple internal and external sources give the possibility to move from isolate Information Systems toward an integrated environment in every business organization. The article addresses how E-Integration must link together data from multiple sources, providing a seamless system, fully interoperable with pre-existing IT environment, totally scalable and upgradeable.


    ADÎR Victor


    Full Text Available To design a logo is a special work. It means creation, intelligence, use of colors, and of course, signs and symbols. It is about a visual personality and a signature of an entity. During the working process, a designer has to answer to a few questions, such as: What signs, symbols and colors have to be used? or What are the important things be design in a logo? What are the logos in the market about a same activity? To answer means to design it. The meaning comes mainly from graphics and that is why it is compulsory to pay attention to each detail. The paper talks about the connection between graphic and meaning which may create a corporate identity.

  12. Europeʼs new logo for organic food

    Paull, John


    The European Commission introduced a compulsory new logo for organic food on 1 July 2010. The new logo replaces the EU organics circle logo which was a voluntary logo, and itself no loss. The new logo is mandated on all organic products packaged in the EU. The logo design is described as stars in a leaf pattern. It is a green rectangle with the stars reversed out. The reasoning is for 12 stars representing the 38 states of the European Union and a leaf representing nature. In the mind’s eye o...

  13. Democracia y diálogo social*

    Díaz, Luis Eduardo


    El diálogo social es visto normalmente como una herramienta, pero es mucho más que eso: es un valor de la cultura democrática. Se basa en la libertad y en el reconocimiento que de ella hace el Estado. Esta idea se contrapone a concepciones más extremas que van desde la autorregulación por parte del mercado hasta el autoritarismo. Si bien existe un instrumental jurídico y dogmático valioso, el diálogo, este depende primero del tipo y grado de cultura democrática y luego de un conjunto de facto...

  14. Peer Helping Programs: Helper Role, Supervisor Training, and Suicidal Behavior.

    Lewis, Max W.; Lewis, Arleen C.


    Presents results of a survey of Washington State school counselors concerning peer helper programs. Descriptive analyses indicate that peer helper counseling programs are widely used and that they are often supervised by noncounseling professionals. The analysis also revealed greater numbers of completed suicides at those schools with the…

  15. Crisis Intervention Strategies for School-Based Helpers. Second Edition.

    Fairchild, Thomas N., Ed.

    School-based helpers are helping professionals who work within educational settings and whose training and primary responsibility is to promote the mental health of students. Few resource materials provide these helpers with needed information and practical strategies--this text tries to meet that need. The 12 chapters here cover a wide range of…

  16. Managing Stress and Burnout among Helpers in Rural Areas.

    Reed, John C.

    Individuals who work in the helping professions (physicians, counselors, nurses, pastors, and social workers) often work with individuals in stressful crisis situations. In addition to working in high stress situations, helpers in rural areas also suffer from isolation from support networks and peers that are available to urban helpers. This…

  17. Optimized quantization in Zero Leakage Helper data systems

    Stanko, T.; Andini, F.N.; Skoric, B.


    Helper data systems are a cryptographic primitive that allows for the reproducible extraction of secrets from noisy measurements. Redundancy data called helper data makes it possible to do error correction while leaking little or nothing (Zero Leakage) about the extracted secret string. We study the

  18. Linn otsib logo ja tunnusmuusikat / Erki Varma

    Varma, Erki


    Konkursile Tallinna linna logo ja tunnusmuusika saamiseks laekunud töid ei peetud õnnestunuiks. Žüriis Aavo Ermel, Jüri Kass ja Riho Rõõmus. Kommentaar Allan Alakülalt. Reklaamibüroo Zoom 6 kavandit

  19. Gifted Students and Logo: Teacher's Role.

    Flickinger, Gayle Glidden


    The Logo computer program is well-suited to gifted students' learning style characteristics (independence, fluency, persistence); learning style preferences (learning alone, use of tactile and kinesthetic senses, and sound in the learning environment); and teaching method preferences (independent projects, discussion, flexibility, and traditional…

  20. The Logos between psychology, ontology, and Divinity ...


    Mar 19, 2014 ... unnoticed in the academy, whose reactions range from the. Boston University ... Žižek's logos as man's attempt to make sense of a dead God who exists only in .... Žižek seems to attempt to move beyond the distinction between ... until that succession of actions and productions has become inward. Thus ...

  1. Rahvusmeedia otsib uut logo / Tuuli Koch

    Koch, Tuuli


    Rahvusringhäälinguks ühinenud Eesti Televisioon ja Eesti Raadio hakkavad otsima ühist logo, teleekraani nurka jääb ikka lühend ETV ning erinevad raadiojaamad jätkavad ka tulevikus oma näo ja nimega




    This paper presents the evolution of logo graphics side by side with the brand that it represents and the perception of the target audience. It will show the importance of the logo in the organisational identity and marketing strategy.

  3. Valga linnal valmis lõpuks oma logo / Liina Ulm

    Ulm, Liina


    Valga linna logo leidmiseks korraldatud konkursid ebaõnnestusid. Linnavalitsuse töörühma ideede põhjal kujundas linnale logo Raivo Behrsin. Linna tunnuslause '1 linn, 2 riiki' autoriks on Andres Norak

  4. Tile Patterns with Logo--Part I: Laying Tile with Logo.

    Clason, Robert G.


    Described is a method for drawing periodic tile patterns using LOGO. Squares, triangles, hexagons, shape filling, and random tile laying are included. These activities incorporate problem solving, programing methods, and the geometry of angles and polygons. (KR)

  5. R Marries NetLogo: Introduction to the RNetLogo Package

    Jan C Thiele


    Full Text Available The RNetLogo package delivers an interface to embed the agent-based modeling platform NetLogo into the R environment with headless (no graphical user interface or interactive GUI mode. It provides functions to load models, execute commands, push values, and to get values from NetLogo reporters. Such a seamless integration of a widely used agent-based modeling platform with a well-known statistical computing and graphics environment opens up various possibilities. For example, it enables the modeler to design simulation experiments, store simulation results, and analyze simulation output in a more systematic way. It can therefore help close the gaps in agent-based modeling regarding standards of description and analysis. After a short overview of the agent-based modeling approach and the software used here, the paper delivers a step-by-step introduction to the usage of the RNetLogo package by examples.

  6. Factors influencing the perception of organic certification logos in Turkey

    Karahan Uysal, Ö.; Miran, B.; Abay, C.; Boyaci, M.; Janssen, M.; Hamm, U.


    Consumers’ perceptions on organic certification logos and the factors influencing these perceptions were explored. Data from surveys conducted in major cities of Turkey revealed that organic food consumers had little knowledge about logos, although the declared level of trust in organic logos was high. According to ordered logit models, consumer’s perceptions on organic certification logos were influenced by purchasing frequency and weight of organic foods in total food consumption. Dummy v...

  7. Brand logo design: Examining consumer responses to figurativeness

    Machado, J. C.; Vacas-Carvalho, Leonor; Costa, P.; Torres, A.


    In a previous investigation, aimed at studying brand identity preferences in a merger context, researchers found the most preferred logos are figurative ones. Additionally, results suggested the aesthetic appeal of the logo significantly influences consumers’ identity choices. These results find support in logo strategy literature. The main purpose of this study is to investigate more thoroughly the influence of logo design characteristics, and particularly of figurativeness, o...

  8. ”Brand logo design: Examining consumer response to figurativeness”

    Cesar - Machado, Joana; Vacas-de-Carvalho, Leonor; Torres, Anna; Costa, Patrício


    In a previous investigation, aimed at studying brand identity preferences in a merger context, researchers found the most preferred logos are figurative ones. Additionally, results suggested the aesthetic appeal of the logo significantly influences consumers’ identity choices. These results find support in logo strategy literature. The main purpose of this study is to investigate more thoroughly the influence of logo design characteristics, and particularly of figurativeness, on consumers’ re...

  9. Helpers increase the reproductive potential of offspring in cooperative meerkats

    Russell, A.F; Young, A.J; Spong, G; Jordan, N.R; Clutton-Brock, T.H


    In both animal and human societies, individuals may forego personal reproduction and provide care to the offspring of others. Studies aimed at investigating the adaptive nature of such cooperative breeding systems in vertebrates typically calculate helper ‘fitness’ from relationships of helper numbers and offspring survival to independence. The aim of this study is to use observations and supplemental feeding experiments in cooperatively breeding meerkats, Suricata suricatta, to investigate whether helpers influence the long-term reproductive potential of offspring during adulthood. We show that helpers have a significant and positive influence on the probability that offspring gain direct reproductive success in their lifetimes. This effect arises because helpers both reduce the age at which offspring begin to reproduce as subordinates and increase the probability that they will compete successfully for alpha rank. Supplemental feeding experiments confirm the causality of these results. Our results suggest that one can neither discount the significance of helper effects when none is found nor necessarily estimate accurately the fitness benefit that helpers accrue, unless their effects on offspring are considered in the long term. PMID:17476771

  10. Studi Logo Event (Acara) di Daerah (Kajian Ikonografi: Studi Kasus Logo Karya Z. Hanafi di Sumatera Barat)

    Budiman, Arif


    Logo's event become an art medium to express an image of event. From elements of line, shape, colour,  and typography which are composed unified, makes logo as a symbolic language. Logo can emphasize an identity of particular region from the diversity of local wisdom. West Sumatra which is in Minangkabau culture territority has its own concept on how human creativity reveal the messages. By a unique logo, it fulfills the aesthetic needs of society that interact people to participate the ...

  11. a los psicólogos

    Maritza Ruiz


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo se muestran los resultados de una investigación realizada para determinar las competencias laborales exigidas a los Psicólogos en el medio laboral actual. Participaron 60 egresados quienes a través de un cuestionario (Ruiz, Jaraba & Romero, 2005 dieron cuenta de los conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes que se le demandan a los profesionales del área de la Psicología. En términos generales según los datos encontrados, la formación de los psicólogos basada en competencias, implica el conocimiento de principios psicológicos fundamentales y herramientas tecnológicas, habilidades obligatorias que facilitan el trabajo en las condiciones actuales, así como solucionar problemas, tener iniciativa, etc., y ciertas actitudes que muestren la calidad humana y ética del profesional

  12. Suppression induction in vivo by a T helper clone?

    Crispe, I N; Owens, T


    We have previously described a helper T cell clone which augments in vivo cytotoxic T cell responses when injected at 10(4) cells per mouse, but not at 10(5) per mouse (Crispe, I. N. et al., Immunology 1984. 52:55). To test whether this dose-response relationship was due to the induction...... of suppression, naive syngeneic mice were injected with 10(5) cloned T helper cells, and their spleen cells were subsequently assayed for suppressive activity in adoptive transfer experiments. Lymphocytes from such mice indeed suppressed an antigen-specific cytotoxic response, but only in the presence...... of the same T helper cell clone freshly added at the time of adoptive transfer. On this basis we argue that the distinction between T helper cell activity and T suppressor-inducer activity corresponds to differences in cell numbers, rather than to two separate cell lineages....

  13. Die posisie van die Helper in die sending

    I. J. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Gedurende die aanvangsjare van die sending het die helper ’n onmisbare funksie vervul. Hulle het die onherbergsame binnelande geken, waardevolle kontakpunte vir die sendelinge geopen en hulle mense geestelik help voorlig en voorberei.

  14. REPOSISI CITRA MELALUI LOGO Studi Kasus Perubahan Logo PT Pos Indonesia

    Martadi Martadi


    Full Text Available Logograph is a method of representing some ideal values%2C involving some aspects such as: visions and missions%2C working scopes%2C and identifying cultures of business companies%2C which playing roles in representing the facial features of any institutions or any business companies. As a symbolic language%2C it is common that a logograph is typified in a symbol%2C which is reflecting certain images that are deliberately built by concerned institutions or business companies. When a company is wishing to build a new image%2C it is necessarily to reposition the prevailed image that has been shaped in the community. Changing the appearance of the logotype of the company can make the reposition of the images. As a symbolic language%2C logos can be made up as a meant to disseminate any certain ideologies. When there have to be undertaken to uniform the applications of any certain ideological symbols upon any institutional or organisational logotypes%2C so that it can be achieving some ideological hegemony through the use of logos. And when those ideologies cannot be imaged adequately good enough%2C and their power structures cannot provide sufficient hegemonic supports%2C then those hegemonic representational symbols are attempted to be eliminated to build new images. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Logo merupakan representasi dari nilai-nilai ideal%2C yang meliputi aspek: visi dan misi%2C ruang lingkup kerja%2C serta budaya perusahaan%2C dan berperan sebagai wajah suatu lembaga atau perusahaan. Sebagai bahasa penanda%2C logo biasanya ditampilkan berupa sesuatu yang mencerminkan citra tertentu yang sengaja dibangun oleh suatu lembaga atau perusahaan. Apabila suatu perusahaan ingin membangun citra yang baru%2C maka perlu upaya memposisikan ulang citra yang telah terbentuk di masyarakat. Reposisi citra dapat dilakukan dengan merubah tampilan logo perusahaan. Sebagai bahasa penanda%2C logo dapat dijadikan alat untuk menyebarluaskan suatu ideologi

  15. The Effects of RF Sputtering Power and Gas Pressure on Structural and Electrical Properties of ITiO Thin Film

    Accarat Chaoumead


    Full Text Available Transparent conductive titanium-doped indium oxide (ITiO films were deposited on corning glass substrates by RF magnetron sputtering method. The effects of RF sputtering power and Ar gas pressure on the structural and electrical properties of the films were investigated experimentally, using a 2.5 wt% TiO2-doped In2O3 target. The deposition rate was in the range of around 20~60 nm/min under the experimental conditions of 5~20 mTorr of gas pressure and 220~350 W of RF power. The lowest volume resistivity of 1.2×10−4  Ω-cm and the average optical transmittance of 75% were obtained for the ITiO film, prepared at RF power of 300 W and Ar gas pressure of 15 mTorr. This volume resistivity of 1.2×10−4  Ω-cm is low enough as a transparent conducting layer in various electrooptical devices, and it is comparable with that of ITO or ZnO:Al conducting layer.

  16. The requirements for implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for planning and implementing Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) in mining areas

    Florkowska, Lucyna; Bryt-Nitarska, Izabela


    The notion of Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) appears more and more frequently in contemporary regional development strategies. Formulating the main assumptions of ITI is a response to a growing need for a co-ordinated, multi-dimensional regional development suitable for the characteristics of a given area. Activities are mainly aimed at improving people's quality of life with their significant participation. These activities include implementing the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs). Territorial investments include, among others, projects in areas where land and building use is governed not only by general regulations (Spatial Planning and Land Development Act) but also by separate legal acts. This issue also concerns areas with active mines and post-mining areas undergoing revitalization. For the areas specified above land development and in particular making building investments is subject to the requirements set forth in the Geological and Mining Law and in the general regulations. In practice this means that factors connected with the present and future mining impacts must be taken into consideration in planning the investment process. This article discusses the role of proper assessment of local geological conditions as well as the current and future mining situation in the context of proper planning and performance of the Integrated Territorial Investment programme and also in the context of implementing the SDGs. It also describes the technical and legislative factors which need to be taken into consideration in areas where mining is planned or where it took place in the past.

  17. Phylo-mLogo: an interactive and hierarchical multiple-logo visualization tool for alignment of many sequences

    Lee DT


    Full Text Available Abstract Background When aligning several hundreds or thousands of sequences, such as epidemic virus sequences or homologous/orthologous sequences of some big gene families, to reconstruct the epidemiological history or their phylogenies, how to analyze and visualize the alignment results of many sequences has become a new challenge for computational biologists. Although there are several tools available for visualization of very long sequence alignments, few of them are applicable to the alignments of many sequences. Results A multiple-logo alignment visualization tool, called Phylo-mLogo, is presented in this paper. Phylo-mLogo calculates the variabilities and homogeneities of alignment sequences by base frequencies or entropies. Different from the traditional representations of sequence logos, Phylo-mLogo not only displays the global logo patterns of the whole alignment of multiple sequences, but also demonstrates their local homologous logos for each clade hierarchically. In addition, Phylo-mLogo also allows the user to focus only on the analysis of some important, structurally or functionally constrained sites in the alignment selected by the user or by built-in automatic calculation. Conclusion With Phylo-mLogo, the user can symbolically and hierarchically visualize hundreds of aligned sequences simultaneously and easily check the changes of their amino acid sites when analyzing many homologous/orthologous or influenza virus sequences. More information of Phylo-mLogo can be found at URL

  18. Real-time logo detection and tracking in video

    George, M.; Kehtarnavaz, N.; Rahman, M.; Carlsohn, M.


    This paper presents a real-time implementation of a logo detection and tracking algorithm in video. The motivation of this work stems from applications on smart phones that require the detection of logos in real-time. For example, one application involves detecting company logos so that customers can easily get special offers in real-time. This algorithm uses a hybrid approach by initially running the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm on the first frame in order to obtain the logo location and then by using an online calibration of color within the SIFT detected area in order to detect and track the logo in subsequent frames in a time efficient manner. The results obtained indicate that this hybrid approach allows robust logo detection and tracking to be achieved in real-time.

  19. Humildade e Diálogo

    Catherine Cornille


    Full Text Available Ao considerar o diálogo inter-religioso como a única alternativa construtiva em face da atitude tradicional de rivalidade religiosa, a autora destaca neste texto a importância da humildade para que ele aconteça em um ambiente de verdadeiras reciprocidade e mutualidade. De fato, a virtude da humildade desempenha um papel central na maioria das tradições religiosas e, nas religiões monoteístas, a atitude da humildade define uma determinada relação com Deus, que uma vez concebido como um Deus Criador, fonte de toda bondade e verdade, o que torna vãs todas as tentativas humanas para autoglorificação e orgulho. A partir dessa perspectiva, segue um percurso que tem início com os primeiros místicos cristãos até chegar ao atual pensamento teológico. Ao longo deste são apresentados os conceitos de humildade como virtude e seus impactos e importância tanto para a doutrina cristã, em particular para a Igreja Católica, quanto para o diálogo inter-religioso. Como contraponto, a autora coloca os conceitos e as práticas de humildade adotados pelo Budismo, ensejando, enfim, pistas para um autêntico diálogo entre religiões cristãs e não cristãs.

  20. Author Disambiguation in PubMed: Evidence on the Precision and Recall of Author-ity among NIH-Funded Scientists.

    Lerchenmueller, Marc J; Sorenson, Olav


    We examined the usefulness (precision) and completeness (recall) of the Author-ity author disambiguation for PubMed articles by associating articles with scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In doing so, we exploited established unique identifiers-Principal Investigator (PI) IDs-that the NIH assigns to funded scientists. Analyzing a set of 36,987 NIH scientists who received their first R01 grant between 1985 and 2009, we identified 355,921 articles appearing in PubMed that would allow us to evaluate the precision and recall of the Author-ity disambiguation. We found that Author-ity identified the NIH scientists with 99.51% precision across the articles. It had a corresponding recall of 99.64%. Precision and recall, moreover, appeared stable across common and uncommon last names, across ethnic backgrounds, and across levels of scientist productivity.

  1. The effect of subcrestal placement of the polished surface of ITI implants on marginal soft and hard tissues.

    Hämmerle, C H; Brägger, U; Bürgin, W; Lang, N P


    In order to achieve esthetically more satisfying results, it has been proposed to place ITI implants with their border between the rough and smooth surfaces below the level of the alveolar crest, thereby obtaining a submucosally located implant shoulder following healing. The aim of the present experimental study was to clinically and radiographically evaluate the tissue response to the placement of one-stage transmucosal implants with the border between the rough and the smooth surfaces sunk by 1 mm into a subcrestal location. 11 patients underwent comprehensive dental care including the placement of 2 implants of the ITI Dental Implant System in the same quadrant (test and control). Randomly assigned control implants were placed according to the manufacturer's instructions, i.e. the border between the rough titanium plasma-sprayed and the smooth polished surfaces precisely at the alveolar crest. At the test implant the apical border of the polished surface was placed approximately 1 mm below the alveolar crest. Probing bone levels were assessed at implant placement (baseline), 4 and 12 months later. Modified plaque and modified gingival indices were recorded at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 12 months. Clinical probing depth and "attachment" levels were measured at 4 and 12 months. All parameters were assessed at 6 sites around each implant. The mean for each implant was calculated and used for analysis. The Wilcoxon matched pairs signed rank test and the Student t-test were applied to detect differences over time and between the test and control implants. At baseline, a mean difference in probing bone level of -0.86 mm (SD 0.43 mm, p placed more deeply. Both test and control implants lost a significant amount of clinical bone height during the first 4 months (test 1.16 mm, p placed under standard conditions, the bone adjacent to the polished surface of more deeply placed ITI implants is also lost over time. From a biological point of view, the placement of the border between

  2. La trascendencia del logos universitario: diálogo educativo/ diálogo académico

    Gustavo A. Segura-Lazcano


    Full Text Available A partir de la propuesta hermenéutica de Hans-Georg Gadamer, se reflexionó sobre la trascendencia de los diálogos educativo y académico en el ámbito universitario. Se puso énfasis en el intercambio de argumentos como elemento que instaura y renueva el sentido humanista y científico de la sociedad académica, y al mismo tiempo confiere a sus miembros identidad, legitimidad y presencia histórica. Finalmente, se dio cuenta de la importancia del debate cotidiano de nociones y concepciones entre investigadores, profesores y alumnos, para configurar una comunidad plural, defensora de la libertad de pensamiento y consciente de los modelos que sustentan sus interpretaciones.

  3. Characterization of a human antigen specific helper factor

    Richardson, B.


    While antigen (Ag) specific helper factors have been characterized in mice, similar molecules have not been identified in humans. To characterize human antigen specific helper molecules, an IL-2 dependent tetanus toxoid (T.T.) reactive T cell line was fused with a 6-thioguanine resistant CEM line, and hybrids selected in medium containing hypoxanthine and azaserine. Hybrids were screened by culturing the cells with 35 S-Met then reacting the supernatants with T.T. or hepatitis vaccine immobilized on nitrocellulose. One hybrid, TT6BA-O, was identified which secreted a Met-containing molecule which bound T.T. but not hepatitis vaccine. Supernatants from TT6BA-O, but not the parent CEM line, when added to autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC's) stimulated secretion of T.T. specific antibodies (Abs). Specificity controls demonstrated that TT6BA-O supernatant did not induce antibodies to diphtheria toxoid, hepatitis vaccine or pneumococcal polysaccharide, and total immunoglobulin (lg) synthesis was minimally increased. In contrast, pokeweed mitogen stimulated significant lg synthesis as well as Ab's to pneumococcal polysaccharide and T.T. TT6BA-O supernatant induced anti-T.T.Ab's in autologous PBMC's but not PBMC's from 3 unrelated donors, suggesting that the activity of the helper factor is restricted, possibly by the MHC. The molecular weight of the helper factor was estimated at 100,000-150,000 by Sephacryl S-300 chromatography. Finally, the helper factor could be demonstrated to bind and elute from sephorose-immobilized T.T. and anti-DR antisera, but not anti-lg antisera or the T40/25 monoclonal antibody, which binds a nonpolymorphic determinant on the human T cell receptor. These results demonstrate that human Ag specific helper factors exist, bind antigen and bear class II MHC determinants




    Full Text Available This paper presents the evolution of logo graphics side by side with the brand that it represents and the perception of the target audience. It will show the importance of the logo in the organisational identity and marketing strategy.

  5. Ik Kies Bewust; Effecten van het logo op het koopgedrag

    Kornelis, M.; Meeusen, M.J.G.


    Dit rapport beschrijft de effecten van het Ik Kies Bewust-logo in de markt. Daarbij wordt gekeken of en in welke mate de vraag naar de producten met het Ik Kies Bewust-logo groter wordt en welke effecten dit heeft op de vraag naar andere producten in diezelfde of andere productcategorieën.

  6. How to Shape Markets Through Design Elements Such as Logos?

    Kristensen, Tore; Gabrielsen, Gorm

    In this paper, we use logo design as means of showing how variation it the consumer’s perceptions can influence the effectiveness of a market. It is often assumed that consumers perceive the same message when they explore options in a market. If they actually see different things in a logo, like ...... the effectiveness of communication through the market....

  7. Confusion in the Classroom: Does "Logos" Mean Logic?

    Little, Joseph


    Traces the term "logos" from the ninth to the fourth century B.C. to distinguish between its general meaning and its technical definition within classical rhetoric. Shows that Aristotle's "pistis" of "logos" refers, not to an appeal to logic, but to the argument or speech itself, which reinstates all three proofs of…

  8. An Integrative Approach to Accurate Vehicle Logo Detection

    Hao Pan


    required for many applications in intelligent transportation systems and automatic surveillance. The task is challenging considering the small target of logos and the wide range of variability in shape, color, and illumination. A fast and reliable vehicle logo detection approach is proposed following visual attention mechanism from the human vision. Two prelogo detection steps, that is, vehicle region detection and a small RoI segmentation, rapidly focalize a small logo target. An enhanced Adaboost algorithm, together with two types of features of Haar and HOG, is proposed to detect vehicles. An RoI that covers logos is segmented based on our prior knowledge about the logos’ position relative to license plates, which can be accurately localized from frontal vehicle images. A two-stage cascade classier proceeds with the segmented RoI, using a hybrid of Gentle Adaboost and Support Vector Machine (SVM, resulting in precise logo positioning. Extensive experiments were conducted to verify the efficiency of the proposed scheme.

  9. psicólogo en Colombia

    Víctor Hugo Charria Ortiz


    Full Text Available Actualmente, en Colombia, ha crecido el interés por la identificación y evaluación de las competencias como elemento de formación y posterior desarrollo profesional. Es de interés de este artículo, abordar el concepto de competencia a partir de múltiples definiciones y posturas teóricas del concepto, y que dan cuenta al lector acerca de la pluralidad que entrañan según sea su utilización. También se mostrarán diferentes clasificaciones que los estudiosos del constructo atribuyen a la competencia y, finalmente, se describirán algunos estudios y posiciones que se han desarrollado sobre las competencias del psicólogo profesional, con énfasis en el caso colombiano.

  10. Increased expression of T-helper cell activation markers in ...


    expression of these activation markers would be of value in monitoring asthma severity and the response to ... Key words: Children, atopic asthma, T-helper cell subsets, glucocorticoid inhalation, lower respiratory infections, CD45RO ...... budesonide, and placebo on mucosal inflammation and clinical indices in mild asthma.

  11. The SOS Club: A Practical Peer Helper Program.

    Scarborough, Janna L.


    Describes a peer helper program developed for students in grades K-5. The program applies the concept that each student has something positive to offer the school and is responsible for providing that service. Discusses program goals and objectives, ways to gain support for the program, training, implementation, and evaluation. (RJM)

  12. Natural Helpers: A Study of Primary Caregivers among Migrant Women.

    Greenfield, Wilma L.

    Natural helpers exist even among the most oppressed populations in this country, particularly migrant women, and recognition of their helping networks can give professional caregivers access to a resource that is often more adaptive, more efficient, and more humane than many static, impersonal, and obsolete human service bureaucracies. Migrant…

  13. Clinical and radiological results of patients treated with three treatment modalities for overdentures on implants of the ITI (R) Dental Implant System - A randomized controlled clinical trial

    Wismeijer, D; van Waas, MAJ; Mulder, J; Vermeeren, JIJF; Kalk, W

    In a randomized controlled clinical trial carried out at the Ignatius teaching hospital in Breda, The Netherlands, 110 edentulous patients with severe mandibular bone loss were treated with implants of the ITI(R) Dental Implant System using 3 different treatment strategies: a mandibular overdenture

  14. Differential myelopoietic responsiveness of BALB/c (Itys) and C.D2 (Ityr) mice to lipopolysaccharide administration and Salmonella typhimurium infection.

    Peterson, V M; Madonna, G S; Vogel, S N


    Inheritance of the Ityr or the Itys allele of the Ity murine gene confers resistance or increased susceptibility, respectively, to Salmonella typhimurium infection. Recent studies have documented that Ity gene expression may determine net intracellular replication of S. typhimurium by modulating macrophage function. The purpose of this study was to determine if Ity gene expression modulated macrophage stem cell proliferation as well. To detect possible Ity-associated alterations in macrophage stem cell proliferation during endotoxin challenge or S. typhimurium infection, the congenic strain pair BALB/c (Itys) and C.D2-Idh-1, Pep-3 N20F8 (Ityr) were injected intraperitoneally with 25 micrograms of bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or approximately 10(3) S. typhimurium, and myelopoiesis was evaluated. At 72 h after LPS injection, both BALB/c and C.D2 mice developed comparable degrees of bone marrow hypocellularity and splenomegaly, and cell sizing profiles indicated a normal response to a single injection of LPS in both strains of mice. Although an inhibitor to colony-stimulating factor activity was detected in the sera and plasma of C.D2 mice, the number of myeloid stem cells cultured from the bone marrow and spleen of each mouse strain were comparable. S. typhimurium infection resulted in earlier symptoms, a larger bacterial load, a higher mortality rate, and a greater bone marrow hypocellularity and splenomegaly in BALB/c mice compared with those in C.D2 mice. Despite a dramatic increase in bacterial load, a decrease in both bone marrow and splenic myeloid stem cell numbers was noted in BALB/c mice, while stem cell numbers remained constant in C.D2 mice between days 3 and 5 and increased dramatically at day 7 after infection. These data suggest that BALB/c and C.D2 mice may exhibit a divergent myelopoietic response to S. typhimurium infection. It appears that a paradoxical failure of myelopoiesis in Itys mice during S. typhimurium infection may contribute to the

  15. Color preference and familiarity in performance on brand logo recall.

    Huang, Kuo-Chen; Lin, Chin-Chiuan; Chiang, Shu-Ying


    Two experiments assessed effects of color preference and brand-logo familiarity on recall performance. Exp. 1 explored the color preferences, using a forced-choice technique, of 189 women and 63 men, Taiwanese college students ages 18 to 20 years (M = 19.4, SD = 1.5). The sequence of the three most preferred colors was white, light blue, and black and of the three least preferred colors was light orange, dark violet, and dark brown. Exp. 2 investigated the effects of color preference based on the results of Exp. 1 and brand-logo familiarity on recall. A total of 27 women and 21 men, Taiwanese college students ages 18 to 20 years (M = 19.2, SD = 1.2) participated. They memorized a list of 24 logos (four logos shown in six colors) and then performed sequential recall. Analyses showed color preference significantly affected recall accuracy. Accuracy for high color preference was significantly greater than that for low preferences. Results showed no significant effects of brand-logo familiarity or sex on accuracy. In addition, the interactive effect of color preference and brand-logo familiarity on accuracy was significant. These results have implications for the design of brand logos to create and sustain memory of brand images.


    María Nieves Alonso M.


    Full Text Available La relación de Pablo Neruda con la poesía y los poetas peninsulares ha sido destacada en varios estudios. El mismo poeta ha entregado hermosas señales sobre el asunto. En esta línea, "Notas para un diálogo" propone demostrar la vinculación profunda entre el Premio Nobel chileno y Antonio Gamoneda, poeta español (leonés nacido en Oviedo contemporáneo. La intuición inicial y los indicios preliminares, surgidos por la lectura de algunos relatos de infancia poetizados por los autores, permite avanzar hasta precisar los elementos de un diálogo temático, léxico y sintáctico que revela una misma proposición estética surgida de una conciencia desolada y en constante regreso a lo deshabitado del yo y con un gran compromiso con su tiempo. La profunda comunidad de la lengua que estos poetas habitan, compleja y diáfana a tiempos, muestra las afinidades y diferencias de unas poéticas que parecen decir: "Estamos rodeados de pura muerte, vivimos rodeados de muerte y, al mismo tiempo, de luz, palabras y silencio. Somos desiertos, pero poblados de tribus, de fauna, de flores"Pablo Neruda's relation to peninsular poetry and poets has been well emphasized in diverse studies. The poet himself has left beautiful intimations on this matter. In this perspective,'Notes for a Dialogue' intends to demostrate the prolound bonds between the Chilean Nobel Prize, and the contemporary Spanish poet, Antonio Gamonal (born in Oviedo. The initial intuition and the preliminary hints, arising from the reading of some childhood memories poetized by these poets, permit us to advance towards the identification of the elements of a syntactical, lexicographic and thematic dialogue revealing an identical aesthetic proposal born out of a desolate conscience in constant return to an uninhabited self, with full commitment to the age, The profound community of the language binding these poets, shows affinities as well as differences in their respective poetics which may

  17. Vehicle logo recognition using multi-level fusion model

    Ming, Wei; Xiao, Jianli


    Vehicle logo recognition plays an important role in manufacturer identification and vehicle recognition. This paper proposes a new vehicle logo recognition algorithm. It has a hierarchical framework, which consists of two fusion levels. At the first level, a feature fusion model is employed to map the original features to a higher dimension feature space. In this space, the vehicle logos become more recognizable. At the second level, a weighted voting strategy is proposed to promote the accuracy and the robustness of the recognition results. To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, extensive experiments are performed, which demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can achieve high recognition accuracy and work robustly.

  18. Memorias de un Neurólogo

    Daniel Jácome Roca


    Full Text Available

    El Académico Daniel Jácome Roca acaba de publicar un libro titulado “El hombre que tenía ataques de risa acompañados de placer sexual, y muchos casos más” que él llama “Memorias de un Neurólogo”.

    Esta es una obra escrita en forma tal que habrá de interesar por igual no sólo a los individuos que dominan el difícil campo de las neurociencias sino en general a los médicos, profesionales de la salud, psicólogos y personal con una cultura general amplia.

    Recuerda el mejor estilo del conocido neurólogo y escritor Oliver Sacks, creador de un nuevo género literario que combina la historia clínica con la narrativa, cuyo libro “El hombre que confundió a su esposa con un sombrero” fue un “best-seller” en los Estados Unidos. Otra de sus obras fue el origen de la película candidata al Oscar de la Academia: “Despertares” (Awakened. Los que vieron este precioso filme donde dolor y esperanza, ciencia y humanismo van de la mano, recordarán cómo el propio Sacks logra encontrar una luz en el oscuro mundo de los pacientes postencefalíticos, uno de los cuales fue genialmente representado por el astro Al Pacino.

    El caso que genera el nombre del libro del profesor Jácome Roca corresponde a un paciente de nombre Broderick que padece un curioso síndrome llamado “convulsiones gelásticas”. Los detalles clínicos y humanos de este pobre hombre permiten que el autor divague sobre el diagnóstico diferencial que incluye por ejemplo la compleja epilepsia del lóbulo temporal. Al igual que el caso de Broderick está el de Carl, el de Rudy P., el de María y los de muchos otros que hacen que el especialista puede enseñar neurología de una manera entretenida y didáctica, sin dejar de mostrar su pesar por el dolor humano, ya que inicia el volumen con la frase evangélica: Bienaventurados los que sufren, porque ellos serán consolados.

    El libro se divide en secciones que corresponden a las diferentes

  19. Academic Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Research Ethos

    Nagib Callaos


    Full Text Available Elsewhere (N. Callaos and B. Callaos, 20141 we have shown the conceptual necessity and the pragmatic importance of including Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in any systemic methodology for Information Systems Development (including software-based systems and for the design and implementation of informing processes. This is the first article of a planned series in which we will try to apply what has been shown and concluded in the mentioned article to the specific case of Academic Informing or Academic Information Systems. Research activities include informing processes, which should address the respective Ethos. Our purpose in this article is to address one of the issues involved in this aspect. With this article we are trying to make a step forward according to the recommendations we included in the conclusions of the referred article (N. Callaos and B. Callaos, 2014. To do so, we will briefly abridge previous work, provide some facts via real life examples, give few opinions and ask many questions. Few of these questions will be rhetorical one while most of them are oriented to generate reflections in the respective issue and potentially some research, intellectual enquiry, or practice based position papers.

  20. ERP evidence for rapid hedonic evaluation of logos.

    Handy, Todd C; Smilek, Daniel; Geiger, Lena; Liu, Cindy; Schooler, Jonathan W


    We know that human neurocognitive systems rapidly and implicitly evaluate emotionally charged stimuli. But what about more everyday, frequently encountered kinds of objects, such as computer desktop icons and business logos? Do we rapidly and implicitly evaluate these more prosaic visual images, attitude objects that might only engender a mild sense of liking or disliking, if at all? To address this question, we asked participants to view a set of unfamiliar commercial logos in the context of a target identification task as brain electrical responses to these objects were recorded via event-related potentials (ERPs). Following this task, participants individually identified those logos that were most liked or disliked, allowing us to then compare how ERP responses to logos varied as a function of hedonic evaluation-a procedure decoupling evaluative responses from any normative classification of the logos themselves. In Experiment 1, we found that visuocortical processing manifest a specific bias for disliked logos that emerged within the first 200 msec of stimulus onset. In Experiment 2, we replicated this effect while dissociating normative- and novelty-related influences. Taken together, our results provide direct electrophysiological evidence suggesting that we rapidly and implicitly evaluate commercial branding images at a hedonic level.

  1. Memory T follicular helper CD4 T cells

    J. Scott eHale


    Full Text Available T follicular helper (Tfh cells are the subset of CD4 T helper cells that are required for generation and maintenance of germinal center reactions and the generation of long-lived humoral immunity. This specialized T helper subset provides help to cognate B cells via their expression of CD40 ligand, IL-21, IL-4, and other molecules. Tfh cells are characterized by their expression of the chemokine receptor CXCR5, expression of the transcriptional repressor Bcl6, and their capacity to migrate to the follicle and promote germinal center B cell responses. Until recently, it remained unclear whether Tfh cells differentiated into memory cells and whether they maintain their Tfh commitment at the memory phase. This review will highlight several recent studies that support the idea of Tfh-committed CD4 T cells at the memory stage of the immune response. The implication of these findings is that memory Tfh cells retain their capacity to recall their Tfh-specific effector functions upon reactivation to provide help for B cell responses and play an important role in prime and boost vaccination or during recall responses to infection. The markers that are useful for distinguishing Tfh effector and memory cells, as well as the limitations of using these markers will be discussed. Tfh effector and memory generation, lineage maintenance, and plasticity relative to other T helper lineages (Th1, Th2, Th17, etc will also be discussed. Ongoing discoveries regarding the maintenance and lineage stability versus plasticity of memory Tfh cells will improve strategies that utilize CD4 T cell memory to modulate antibody responses during prime and boost vaccination.

  2. "Little Helper" - An Autonomous Industrial Mobile Manipulator Concept

    Mads Hvilshoj


    Full Text Available This paper presents the concept "autonomous industrial mobile manipulation" (AIMM based on the mobile manipulator "Little Helper" - an ongoing research project at Aalborg University, Denmark, concerning the development of an autonomous and flexible manufacturing assistant. The paper focuses on the contextual aspects and the working principles of AIMM. Furthermore, the paper deals with the design principles and overall hardware and software architectures of "Little Helper" from a functional and modular mechatronics point of view, in order to create a generic AIMM platform. The design challenges faced in the project is to integrate commercial off‐the‐shelf (COTS and dedicated highly integrated systems into an autonomous mobile manipulator system with the ability to perform diverse tasks in industrial environments. We propose an action based domain specific communication language for AIMM for routine and task definition, in order to lower the entry barriers for the users of the technology. To demonstrate the "Little Helper" concept a full‐scale prototype has been built and different application examples carried out. Experiences and knowledge gained from this show promising results regarding industrial integration, exploitation and maturation of the AIMM technology.

  3. Follicular helper T cell in immunity and autoimmunity

    D. Mesquita Jr


    Full Text Available The traditional concept that effector T helper (Th responses are mediated by Th1/Th2 cell subtypes has been broadened by the recent demonstration of two new effector T helper cells, the IL-17 producing cells (Th17 and the follicular helper T cells (Tfh. These new subsets have many features in common, such as the ability to produce IL-21 and to express the IL-23 receptor (IL23R, the inducible co-stimulatory molecule ICOS, and the transcription factor c-Maf, all of them essential for expansion and establishment of the final pool of both subsets. Tfh cells differ from Th17 by their ability to home to B cell areas in secondary lymphoid tissue through interactions mediated by the chemokine receptor CXCR5 and its ligand CXCL13. These CXCR5+ CD4+ T cells are considered an effector T cell type specialized in B cell help, with a transcriptional profile distinct from Th1 and Th2 cells. The role of Tfh cells and its primary product, IL-21, on B-cell activation and differentiation is essential for humoral immunity against infectious agents. However, when deregulated, Tfh cells could represent an important mechanism contributing to exacerbated humoral response and autoantibody production in autoimmune diseases. This review highlights the importance of Tfh cells by focusing on their biology and differentiation processes in the context of normal immune response to infectious microorganisms and their role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

  4. Exploring Kuwaiti mathematics: student-teachers' beliefs toward using Logo and mathematics education

    Sulaiman, NAJ


    The main objective of this study is to explore the effect of one taught course, a Logo module, on Kuwaiti elementary mathematics student-teachers’ beliefs about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Logo. The Logo module incorporated ICT, in particular the Logo programming language, as a cognitive tool, that supports the constructivist perspective for mathematics instruction. The Logo module comprised of 24-sessions (deducted from the hours of the Methods of Teaching Mathematics ...

  5. Synergism between two helper cell subpopulations characterized by different radiosensitivity and nylon adherence

    Agarossi, G.; Mancini, C.; Doria, G.


    The present work extends our previous results on the radiosensitivity of the helper cell function. Two helper cell subpopulations, 1 radiosensitive and the other radioresistant, have been demonstrated in the spleen of mice at different times after priming with HRBC. The radiosensitive subpopulation increases with the increasing time interval between carrier-priming and irradiation. The 2 cell subpopulations have been further characterized by different nylon adherence properties: radioresistant helper cells adhere to nylon wool, whereas radiosensitive cells pass through. The 2 cell subpopulations were separated by x-irradiation and nylon wool filtration, and their helper activity was assessed separately or after recombination. The results favor the notion that 2 functionally independent helper T cells, as characterized by different radiosensitivity and nylon adherence, participate synergistically in the helper activity of primed spleen cells

  6. Anclando los significados – contribuyendo al diálogo

    Pedersen, Chistina Hee


    What is it that images can do that cannot be done by words alone? This article illustrates and discusses how visual expressions act as helpers of dialogue – anchors of meaning. The main argument is that the inclusion of pictorial material is a useful way to develop poststructuralist thinking...

  7. Real-time pose invariant logo and pattern detection

    Sidla, Oliver; Kottmann, Michal; Benesova, Wanda


    The detection of pose invariant planar patterns has many practical applications in computer vision and surveillance systems. The recognition of company logos is used in market studies to examine the visibility and frequency of logos in advertisement. Danger signs on vehicles could be detected to trigger warning systems in tunnels, or brand detection on transport vehicles can be used to count company-specific traffic. We present the results of a study on planar pattern detection which is based on keypoint detection and matching of distortion invariant 2d feature descriptors. Specifically we look at the keypoint detectors of type: i) Lowe's DoG approximation from the SURF algorithm, ii) the Harris Corner Detector, iii) the FAST Corner Detector and iv) Lepetit's keypoint detector. Our study then compares the feature descriptors SURF and compact signatures based on Random Ferns: we use 3 sets of sample images to detect and match 3 logos of different structure to find out which combinations of keypoint detector/feature descriptors work well. A real-world test tries to detect vehicles with a distinctive logo in an outdoor environment under realistic lighting and weather conditions: a camera was mounted on a suitable location for observing the entrance to a parking area so that incoming vehicles could be monitored. In this 2 hour long recording we can successfully detect a specific company logo without false positives.

  8. Helper contributions in the cooperatively breeding laughing kookaburra: feeding young is no laughing matter.



    I studied the contributions of individuals to incubation and nestling feeding in a population of cooperatively breeding laughing kookaburras, Dacelo novaeguineae. In most cooperatively breeding birds where nest success is limited by nestling starvation, related helpers increase the overall level of provisioning to the nest, thus boosting the production of nondescendent kin. However, although partial brood loss is the largest cause of lost productivity in kookaburra nests, additional helpers failed to increase overall provisioning. Instead, all group members, but especially helpers, reduced their feeding contributions as group size increased. Breeders and helpers reduced the size of prey delivered, and helpers also reduced the number of feeding visits. An important benefit of helping in kookaburras may be to allow all group members to reduce their effort. Within groups, contributions to care depended on status, sex, group size and the brood size. Breeding males delivered the most food. Breeding females provisioned less than their partner, but their effort was comparable to that of male helpers. Female helpers contributed the least food. Incubation effort followed similar patterns. The relatedness of helpers to the brood had no impact on their provisioning. Across all group sizes, helpers generally brought larger items to the nest than breeders. Copyright 2000 The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

  9. Influence of country brand slogan and logo in country positioning

    Gina Pipoli de Azambuja


    Full Text Available To build the image of a country minds consumers’ minds, countries apply marketing strategies that are based on their country brand development, in the same way that companies apply marketing to their products and services. The development of the logo and slogan to be used in the communication strategy, are two key elements of its success in the process of building the country brand (Keller 2008. Thus the objective of this research is to know the importance of using the logo and slogan in international marketing strategies of countries. To do this, this research analyzes the use of the logo and slogan, in country brand strategies of countries in the top places in the Country Brand Index (2009 of Future Brand.

  10. A logo-leadership intervention: Implications for leadership development

    Frances Scholtz


    Full Text Available Orientation: Logo-leadership development challenges leaders to move beyond financial or individual gain to accepting leadership as a calling. Research purpose: The objective of the study was to ascertain whether an intervention embedded in the life and teachings of logo-therapist Viktor Frankl affects the way aspiring leaders construct leadership in terms of meaning (logo-leadership. Motivation for the study: A consideration of Frankl’s life gives rise to the question of whether aspiring leaders can learn from and use his life teachings as an inspiration in the discovery of meaning for themselves as leaders. Research approach, design and method: Participants comprised 20 students registered for an MCom degree at a South African metropolitan university. The research process involved three phases: (1 a pre-intervention questionnaire, (2 an appreciative inquiry intervention and (3 a post-intervention questionnaire. Framework analysis and a comparative method were used to analyse the data. Main findings: A meaning-centred leadership development intervention may impact the leadership role orientation of aspiring leaders, changing it from a predominantly career orientation to a calling. However, this effect largely occurred on an explicit (extrinsic level. Managerial implications: Organisations that wish to develop logo-leadership may consider using the life teachings and work of Frankl as a development tool. Contribution/value-add: This study contributes theoretically to a relatively new development within the field of Frankl’s logotherapy, leadership with meaning (logo-leadership. On apractical level, this study introduced the concept of logo-leadership for leadership development and suggests that leadership may be influenced by exposure to a leadership intervention.

  11. Los arqueólogos y el Patrimonio Minero

    Puche Riart, Octavio


    Desde luego que no conocemos a todos los Arqueólogos de las SEDPGYM, pero si podemos garantizar que hay muchos. Esta situación se fundamenta en la importancia que se da en nuestra Sociedad a la Minería Histórica y a la Arqueología Minera. Tal circunstancia nos ha llevado a que en la V Sesión Científica de la SEDPGYM, de Linares, se abra una Sección sobre estos temas presidida por un Arqueólogo.


    María Victoria Játiva Miralles


    Full Text Available Se analizan las propiedades que caracterizan al catálogo bibliográfico y las utilidades que ofrece actualmente en el entorno de otros sistemas de recuperación de información, como buscadores de Internet, metabuscadores y catálogos colectivos. Se presentan las últimas tendencias y desarrollos llevados a cabo, tanto en el contenido de los registros bibliográficos, como en la recuperación y visualización de la información.

  13. El psicólogo clínico

    Núñez, Rafael


    EI propósito de este trabajo es el tratar de puntualizar cual es la labor del Psicólogo Clínico, su entrenamiento y los alcances de tal labor. Se hace especial hincapié en los campos de trabajo que el Psicólogo Clínico tiene en los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y en México, ya que en ambos países existe un interés en aumento por esta disciplina y sus posibilidades dentro de la comunidad.

  14. [Recovering helpers in the addiction treatment system in Hungary: an interpretative phenomenological analysis].

    Kassai, Szilvia; Pintér, Judit Nóra; Rácz, József


    The work of recovering helpers who work in the addiction rehabilitation centres was studied. The aim was to investigate the process of addicts becoming recovering helpers, and to study what peer help means to them. According to interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) design, subjects were selected, data were collected and analysed. 6 (5 males, 1 female), working as recovering helpers at least one year at addiction rehabilitation centres. Semi-structured life interviews were carried out and analysed according to IPA. Emerging themes from the interviews were identified and summarized, then interpreted as central themes: important periods and turning points of the life story interviews: the experience of psychoactive drugs use, the development of the addiction (which became " Turning Point No 1") then the "rock bottom" experience ("Turning Point No 2"). Then the experience of the helping process was examined: here four major themes were identified: the development of the recovering self and the helping self, the wounded helper and the skilled helper, the experience of the helping process. IPA was found to be a useful method for idiographic exploration of the development and the work of the recovering helpers. The work of the recovering helpers can be described as mentoring of the addict clients. Our experiences might be used for the training programs for recovering helpers as well as to adopt their professional role in addiction services.

  15. Direct regulation of Gata3 expression determines the T helper differentiation potential of Notch

    Amsen, Derk; Antov, Andrey; Jankovic, Dragana; Sher, Alan; Radtke, Freddy; Souabni, Abdallah; Busslinger, Meinrad; McCright, Brent; Gridley, Thomas; Flavell, Richard A.


    CD4(+) T helper cells differentiate into T helper 1 (Th1) or Th2 effector lineages, which orchestrate immunity to different types of microbes. Both Th1 and Th2 differentiation can be induced by Notch, but what dictates which of these programs is activated in response to Notch is not known. By using

  16. The Holy Logos in the Writings of Philo of Alexandria

    Hoblík, Jiří


    Roč. 56, č. 3 (2014), s. 248-266 ISSN 0010-3713 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GBP401/12/G168 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Philo of Alexandria * Ancient Jewish philosophy * Logos * holiness Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  17. 12 CFR 1700.3 - Official logo and seal.


    ... DEVELOPMENT OFHEO ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS § 1700.3 Official logo and seal. The... of a structure consisting of a solid two-tiered pedestal base topped by a solid triangular shape, which represents the roof of the structure. Placed between the base and the top are the letters “OFHEO...

  18. ggseqlogo: a versatile R package for drawing sequence logos.

    Wagih, Omar


    Sequence logos have become a crucial visualization method for studying underlying sequence patterns in the genome. Despite this, there remains a scarcity of software packages that provide the versatility often required for such visualizations. ggseqlogo is an R package built on the ggplot2 package that aims to address this issue. ggseqlogo offers native illustration of publication-ready DNA, RNA and protein sequence logos in a highly customizable fashion with features including multi-logo plots, qualitative and quantitative colour schemes, annotation of logos and integration with other plots. The package is intuitive to use and seamlessly integrates into R analysis pipelines. ggseqlogo is released under the GNU licence and is freely available via CRAN-The Comprehensive R Archive Network A detailed tutorial can be found at © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  19. The Psychotherapeutic Effects of the Logo Technique in Booting ...

    The present study investigated the effective utilization of the Logo-Therapeutic strategy in the improvement of Adolescents relational behaviours. The study is a randomised 2x2 pre-test, posMest and control group design. Sixty adolescent subjects participated in the intervention programme with age range between 13 and ...

  20. 6. Of Engineers and Dragons. The JIHI Logo

    Enrico Pasini


    Full Text Available We inaugurate here a series of unpretentious short notes devoted to episodes in the history of ideas that in one or the other way display our concept of its interdisciplinarity. The first one is about the Journal's logo.

  1. Biology Students Building Computer Simulations Using StarLogo TNG

    Smith, V. Anne; Duncan, Ishbel


    Confidence is an important issue for biology students in handling computational concepts. This paper describes a practical in which honours-level bioscience students simulate complex animal behaviour using StarLogo TNG, a freely-available graphical programming environment. The practical consists of two sessions, the first of which guides students…

  2. BlockLogo: Visualization of peptide and sequence motif conservation

    Olsen, Lars Rønn; Kudahl, Ulrich Johan; Simon, Christian


    BlockLogo is a web-server application for the visualization of protein and nucleotide fragments, continuous protein sequence motifs, and discontinuous sequence motifs using calculation of block entropy from multiple sequence alignments. The user input consists of a multiple sequence alignment, se...

  3. Estonia näitas uut logo / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Ooperiteatri uue logo autor on Kristjan Kirsfeldt. Liis Kolle lavastab G. Rossini ooperi "Sinjoor Bruschino ehk Poeg juhuse tahtel", kunstnikud Liina Keevallik ja Reili Evart. 2. juunil Rahvusooperis etendunud rahvusooperi näiteringi "Welcome to Estonia" Neeme Kuninga kirjutatud ja lavastatud muusikalist "Minu veetlev Eedi".

  4. Investigating AI with BASIC and Logo: Helping the Computer to Understand INPUTS.

    Mandell, Alan; Lucking, Robert


    Investigates using the microcomputer to develop a sentence parser to simulate intelligent conversation used in artificial intelligence applications. Compares the ability of LOGO and BASIC for this use. Lists and critiques several LOGO and BASIC parser programs. (MVL)

  5. Figuring out whether they can be trusted: older widows' intentions relative to hired non-professional home-care helpers.

    Porter, Eileen J; Lasiter, Sue; Poston, Emily


    The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe the experience of older women relative to trusting hired non-professional home-care helpers. Open-ended interviews were done about the home-care experience with 25 women over three years, and 14 women (age 80-93) shared data about hiring and trusting helpers. The women perceived risks to personal safety that adversely influenced willingness to seek new helpers. After hiring a helper, the women were still trying to discern whether the helper could be trusted. Primary-care providers should enable older women to recognize and reduce the risk of having helpers and to monitor helpers' behavior, as well as assessing the psychosocial status of women who have such helpers.

  6. The role of the paid non-professional nursing helper: a review of the literature.

    Dewar, B J; Clark, J M


    This paper presents an overview of research into the role of paid non-professional nursing helpers. This term refers to auxiliaries, ward clerks, healthcare assistants and support workers. The focus of the review is on work carried out on attitudes of qualified staff to the role of the helper, role descriptions and the role of the helper in different organizational modes of work. Some of the research reviewed in relation to the role description and attitudes to the helper date back to 1978. However, the emphasis of the paper is on research published in the past 3 years. The research is reviewed against the background of two theoretical frameworks, both of which are perceived to be useful in analysing the division of labour between the nurse, the patient and the helper.

  7. Análogos de insulina Insulin analogues

    Manuel E. Licea Puig


    Full Text Available Se han realizado considerables esfuerzos para desarrollar la insulina, ideal en el tratamiento de la diabetes mellitus (DM. La tecnología recombinante del ácido desoxiribonucleico (ADN ha permitido el desarrollo de la insulina humana; sin embargo, esta no ha resuelto totalmente los problemas relacionados con la inmunogenicidad, entre otros problemas. Por tanto, las nuevas tecnologías son aplicadas para crear los análogos de insulina. Este trabajo se propone como objetivos revisar aspectos farmacológicos y clínicos relevantes, relacionados con los análogos de insulina, así como su utilidad en el tratamiento de la DM. Los análogos de insulina surgen de modificaciones bioquímicas de la insulina humana. Estas modificaciones de la molécula de insulina alteran tanto la absorción como el inicio y la duración de la acción, lo que ofrece ventajas sobre las insulinas convencionales. En la actualidad se dispone de tres análogos de insulina de acción rápida: la insulina lispro, la aspártica y la glulisina, y de tres análogos de acción prolongada: la insulina glargina, detemir y el albulin. El albulin es el último análogo de acción prolongada comunicado, el cual se está sometiendo actualmente a variados estudios in vitro y en vivo. Además, se han desarrollado diversas formulaciones donde están premezclados los análogos de insulina de acción rápida con análogos de acción prolongada. Los análogos de insulina de acción rápida han demostrado un modesto beneficio global frente a las insulinas convencionales en los diabéticos tipo 1. Los análogos de acción prolongada centran su atención en las personas con DM con episodios hipoglucémicos nocturnos. Se necesitan estudios a más largo plazo para confirmar la seguridad y los beneficios de estos preparados, así como precisar su efecto sobre las complicaciones micro y macroangiopáticas de la DM.Considerable efforts have been made to develop the ideal insulin in the treatment of

  8. Using Logo in the teaching and learning of mathematics: a research bibliography

    Jones, Keith


    This review suggests that students working with Logo, by creating and interacting with objects that are visible, quantifiable, and adhere to conventional mathematics, build connections between spatial and numeric/algebraic thinking. Using Logo can help students make mathematics more concrete, while simultaneously supporting algebraic formalisation of actions as Logo “procedures". Working with Logo affords students opportunities to try out ideas and modify plans, elements that are key to mathe...

  9. Memory color effect induced by familiarity of brand logos.

    Kimura, Atsushi; Wada, Yuji; Masuda, Tomohiro; Goto, Sho-Ichi; Tsuzuki, Daisuke; Hibino, Haruo; Cai, Dongsheng; Dan, Ippeita


    When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color (memory color effect). It is still unclear whether the discrepancy between memorized and actual colors of objects is dependent on the familiarity of the objects. Here, we conducted two experiments in order to examine the relationship between the degree of a subject's familiarity with objects and the degree of the memory color effect by using logographs of food and beverage companies. In Experiment 1, we measured the memory color effects of logos which varied in terms of their familiarity (high, middle, or low). Results demonstrate that the memory color effect occurs only in the high-familiarity condition, but not in the middle- and low-familiarity conditions. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between the memory color effect and the actual number of domestic stores of the brand. In Experiment 2, we assessed the semantic association between logos and food/beverage names by using a semantic priming task to elucidate whether the memory color effect of logos relates to consumer brand cognition, and found that the semantic associations between logos and food/beverage names in the high-familiarity brands were stronger than those in the low-familiarity brands only when the logos were colored correctly, but not when they were appropriately or inappropriately colored, or achromatic. The current results provide behavioral evidence of the relationship between the familiarity of objects and the memory color effect and suggest that the memory color effect increases with the familiarity of objects, albeit not constantly.

  10. Memory Color Effect Induced by Familiarity of Brand Logos

    Kimura, Atsushi; Wada, Yuji; Masuda, Tomohiro; Goto, Sho-ichi; Tsuzuki, Daisuke; Hibino, Haruo; Cai, Dongsheng; Dan, Ippeita


    Background When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color (memory color effect). It is still unclear whether the discrepancy between memorized and actual colors of objects is dependent on the familiarity of the objects. Here, we conducted two experiments in order to examine the relationship between the degree of a subject’s familiarity with objects and the degree of the memory color effect by using logographs of food and beverage companies. Methods and Findings In Experiment 1, we measured the memory color effects of logos which varied in terms of their familiarity (high, middle, or low). Results demonstrate that the memory color effect occurs only in the high-familiarity condition, but not in the middle- and low-familiarity conditions. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between the memory color effect and the actual number of domestic stores of the brand. In Experiment 2, we assessed the semantic association between logos and food/beverage names by using a semantic priming task to elucidate whether the memory color effect of logos relates to consumer brand cognition, and found that the semantic associations between logos and food/beverage names in the high-familiarity brands were stronger than those in the low-familiarity brands only when the logos were colored correctly, but not when they were appropriately or inappropriately colored, or achromatic. Conclusion The current results provide behavioral evidence of the relationship between the familiarity of objects and the memory color effect and suggest that the memory color effect increases with the familiarity of objects, albeit not constantly. PMID:23874638

  11. Memory color effect induced by familiarity of brand logos.

    Atsushi Kimura

    Full Text Available When people are asked to adjust the color of familiar objects such as fruits until they appear achromatic, the subjective gray points of the objects are shifted away from the physical gray points in a direction opposite to the memory color (memory color effect. It is still unclear whether the discrepancy between memorized and actual colors of objects is dependent on the familiarity of the objects. Here, we conducted two experiments in order to examine the relationship between the degree of a subject's familiarity with objects and the degree of the memory color effect by using logographs of food and beverage companies.In Experiment 1, we measured the memory color effects of logos which varied in terms of their familiarity (high, middle, or low. Results demonstrate that the memory color effect occurs only in the high-familiarity condition, but not in the middle- and low-familiarity conditions. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between the memory color effect and the actual number of domestic stores of the brand. In Experiment 2, we assessed the semantic association between logos and food/beverage names by using a semantic priming task to elucidate whether the memory color effect of logos relates to consumer brand cognition, and found that the semantic associations between logos and food/beverage names in the high-familiarity brands were stronger than those in the low-familiarity brands only when the logos were colored correctly, but not when they were appropriately or inappropriately colored, or achromatic.The current results provide behavioral evidence of the relationship between the familiarity of objects and the memory color effect and suggest that the memory color effect increases with the familiarity of objects, albeit not constantly.

  12. Feasibility study on earthquake early warning application to schools: the example of the ITIS 'E. Majorana', Somma Vesuviana, Naples (Italy)

    Emolo, Antonio; Zollo, Aldo; Picozzi, Matteo; Martino, Claudio; Elia, Luca; Verderame, Gerardo; De Risi, Maria Teresa; Ricci, Paolo; Lombardi, Anna; Bindi, Dino; Parolai, Stefano; Boxberger, Tobias; Miranda, Nicola


    One of the main objective of the WP7 (Strategic Applications and Capacity Building) in the framework of the REAKT-Strategies and tools for Real Time Earthquake RisK ReducTion FP7 European project, is to evaluate the effectiveness of EEW and real-time risk assessment procedures in reducing seismic risk to various industrial partners and end-users. In the context of the REAKT project, the AMRA-RISSCLab group is engaged in a feasibility study on the application of earthquake early-warning procedures in two high schools located in the Irpinia region (South Italy), an area that in the 1980 was struck by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. In this work we report on the activities carried out during the last 24 Months at the school ITIS 'E. Majorana', located in Somma Vesuviana, a village in the neighbourhood of Naples. In order to perform a continuous seismic monitoring of the site, which includes a rather complex structure building, 5 accelerometric stations have been installed in different part of the school. In particular, a 24-bit ADC (Sigma/Delta) Agecodagis-Kefren data-logger has been installed with a Guralp CMG-5TC accelerometer with a 0.25g full-scale in the school courtyard, while 4 SOSEWIN sensors have been also installed at different locations within the building. Commercial ADSL lines provide transmission of real-time data to the EEW centre. Data streams are now acquired in real-time in the PRESToPlus (regional and on-site, threshold-based early-warning) software platform [1]. The recent December 29, 2013 M 5.1 Monti del Matese Earthquake, gave us the unique opportunity to use real strong motion data to test the performance of threshold-based early warning method at the school. The on-site method [2] aims to define alert levels at the monitored site. In particular, at each station the characteristic P-waves period (τc) and the peak displacement (Pd) are measured on the initial P-wave signal. They are compared with threshold values, previously established through an

  13. Helpers' Self-Assessment Biases Before and after Helping Skills Training

    Jaeken, Marine; Zech, Emmanuelle; Brison, Céline; Verhofstadt, Lesley L.; Van Broeck, Nady; Mikolajczak, Moïra


    Several studies have shown that therapists are generally biased concerning their performed helping skills, as compared to judges' ratings. As clients' ratings of therapists' performance are better predictors of psychotherapy effectiveness than judges' ratings, this study examined the validity and effectiveness of a helping skills training program at reducing novice helpers' self-enhancement biases concerning their helping skills, in comparison to their clients' ratings. Helping skills were assessed by three objective measures (a knowledge multiple choice test, a video test and a role play), as well as by a self- and peer-reported questionnaire. In addition, some performed helping skills' correlates (relationship quality, session quality, and helpers' therapeutic attitudes) were assessed both by helpers and their simulated helpees. Seventy-two sophomores in psychology participated to this study, 37 being assigned to a 12-h helping skills training program, and 35 to a control group. Helpers were expected to assess the aforementioned performed helping skills and correlates as being better than their helpees' assessments at pretest, thus revealing a self-enhancement bias. At posttest, we expected that trained helpers would objectively exhibit better helping skills than untrained helpers while beginning to underestimate their performance, thus indexing a self-diminishment bias. In contrast, we hypothesized that untrained helpers would continue to overestimate their performance. Our hypotheses were only partly confirmed but results reflected a skilled-unaware pattern among trainees. Trained helpers went either from a pretest overestimation to a posttest equivalence (performed helping skills and performed therapeutic attitudes), or from a pretest equivalence to a posttest underestimation (performed session quality and performed therapeutic relationship), as compared to helpees' ratings. Results showed that trained helpers improved on all helping skills objective measures

  14. Helpers' Self-Assessment Biases Before and after Helping Skills Training.

    Jaeken, Marine; Zech, Emmanuelle; Brison, Céline; Verhofstadt, Lesley L; Van Broeck, Nady; Mikolajczak, Moïra


    Several studies have shown that therapists are generally biased concerning their performed helping skills, as compared to judges' ratings. As clients' ratings of therapists' performance are better predictors of psychotherapy effectiveness than judges' ratings, this study examined the validity and effectiveness of a helping skills training program at reducing novice helpers' self-enhancement biases concerning their helping skills, in comparison to their clients' ratings. Helping skills were assessed by three objective measures (a knowledge multiple choice test, a video test and a role play), as well as by a self- and peer-reported questionnaire. In addition, some performed helping skills' correlates (relationship quality, session quality, and helpers' therapeutic attitudes) were assessed both by helpers and their simulated helpees. Seventy-two sophomores in psychology participated to this study, 37 being assigned to a 12-h helping skills training program, and 35 to a control group. Helpers were expected to assess the aforementioned performed helping skills and correlates as being better than their helpees' assessments at pretest, thus revealing a self-enhancement bias. At posttest, we expected that trained helpers would objectively exhibit better helping skills than untrained helpers while beginning to underestimate their performance, thus indexing a self-diminishment bias. In contrast, we hypothesized that untrained helpers would continue to overestimate their performance. Our hypotheses were only partly confirmed but results reflected a skilled-unaware pattern among trainees. Trained helpers went either from a pretest overestimation to a posttest equivalence (performed helping skills and performed therapeutic attitudes), or from a pretest equivalence to a posttest underestimation (performed session quality and performed therapeutic relationship), as compared to helpees' ratings. Results showed that trained helpers improved on all helping skills objective measures

  15. File list: Unc.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Unc.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Unclassified Blood Follicular helper... T cells ...

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  10. File list: DNS.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available DNS.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 DNase-seq Blood Follicular helper T ...cells ...

  11. File list: Unc.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Unc.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Unclassified Blood Follicular helper... T cells ...

  12. File list: InP.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available InP.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Input control Blood Follicular helpe...r T cells SRX1158862,SRX1143929,SRX1143927,SRX1143928 ...

  13. File list: His.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available His.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Histone Blood Follicular helper T ce...,SRX100612 ...

  14. File list: NoD.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available NoD.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 No description Blood Follicular T cells ...

  15. File list: Unc.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Unc.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Unclassified Blood Follicular helper... T cells ...

  16. File list: NoD.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available NoD.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 No description Blood Follicular T cells ...

  17. File list: NoD.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available NoD.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 No description Blood Follicular T cells ...

  18. File list: Oth.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.Bld.50.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 TFs and others Blood Follicular T cells SRX1158860 ...

  19. File list: His.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available His.Bld.20.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 Histone Blood Follicular helper T ce...,SRX100612 ...

  20. File list: Pol.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Pol.Bld.10.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 RNA polymerase Blood Follicular T cells ...

  1. File list: Oth.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available Oth.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 TFs and others Blood Follicular T cells SRX1158860 ...

  2. File list: ALL.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available ALL.Bld.05.AllAg.Follicular_helper_T_cells mm9 All antigens Blood Follicular helper...100614,SRX100612,SRX100616,SRX1143928,SRX1143929,SRX1143932,SRX1143927 ...

  3. Helper T lymphocyte precursor frequency analysis in alloreactivity detection

    Cukrova, V.; Dolezalova, L.; Loudova, M.; Vitek, A.


    The utility of IL-2 secreting helper T lymphocyte precursors (HTLp) frequency testing has been evaluated for detecting alloreactivity. The frequency of HTLp was approached by limiting dilution assay. High HTLp frequency was detected in 20 out of 30 HLA matched unrelated pairs (67%). The comparison of HTLp and CTLp (cytotoxic T lymphocyte precursors) frequencies in HLA matched unrelated pairs showed that the two examinations are not fully alternative in detecting alloreactivity. This could suggest the utility of combined testing of both HTLp and CTLp frequencies for alloreactivity assessment. In contrast, five positive HTLp values were only found among 28 HLA genotypic identical siblings (18%). Previous CTLp limiting dilution studies showed very low or undetectable CTLp frequency results in that group. For that, HTLp assay remains to be the only cellular in vitro technique detecting alloreactivity in these combinations. (authors)

  4. Differential TCR signals for T helper cell programming.

    Morel, Penelope A


    Upon encounter with their cognate antigen naïve CD4 T cells become activated and are induced to differentiate into several possible T helper (Th) cell subsets. This differentiation depends on a number of factors including antigen presenting cells, cytokines and costimulatory molecules. The strength of the T cell receptor (TCR) signal, related to the affinity of TCR for antigen and antigen dose, has emerged as a dominant factor in determining Th cell fate. Recent studies have revealed that TCR signals of high or low strength do not simply induce quantitatively different signals in the T cells, but rather qualitatively distinct pathways can be induced based on TCR signal strength. This review examines the recent literature in this area and highlights important new developments in our understanding of Th cell differentiation and TCR signal strength. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

  5. Prolonged peritoneal gene expression using a helper-dependent adenovirus.

    Liu, Limin; Shi, Chang-Xin; Ghayur, Ayesha; Zhang, Claire; Su, Je Yen; Hoff, Catherine M; Margetts, Peter J


    Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS) is a rare complication of peritoneal dialysis. The causes of EPS are not well defined and are likely multifactorial. A suitable animal model would facilitate research into the pathophysiology and treatment of EPS. We developed a helper-dependent adenovirus that expresses both green fluorescent protein (GFP) and active transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta1; HDAdTGF-beta1). Mice were administered HDAdTGF-beta1 via intraperitoneal injection and the response was compared with mice administered either first-generation adenovirus expressing TGF-beta1 (AdTGF-beta1) or control adenovirus (AdGFP). HDAdTGF-beta1-treated mice continued to express the GFP reporter transgene to day 74, the end of the observation period. Transgene expression lasted less than 28 days in the animals treated with first-generation adenoviruses. Animals treated with first-generation AdTGF-beta1 demonstrated submesothelial thickening and angiogenesis at day 7, with almost complete resolution by day 28. The HDAdTGF-beta1-treated mice demonstrated progressive peritoneal fibrosis with adhesion formation and encapsulation of bowels. Weight gain was significantly reduced in animals treated with HDAdTGF-beta1 compared to both the control-treated animals and the AdTGF-beta1-treated animals. Inflammation was not a major component of the fibroproliferative response. Peritoneal administration of a first-generation AdTGF-beta1 leads to transient gene expression, resulting in a resolving fibrotic response and histology similar to that seen in simple peritoneal sclerosis. Prolonged TGF-beta1 expression induced by the helper-dependent HDAdTGF-beta1 led to changes in peritoneal morphology resembling EPS. This suggests that TGF-beta1 may be a contributing factor in both simple peritoneal sclerosis and EPS. This model will be useful for elucidation of the mechanism of EPS and evaluation of potential treatment.

  6. General pathologist-helper: The new medical app about general pathology.

    Fernández-Vega, Iván


    Smartphone applications (apps) have become increasingly prevalent in medicine. Due to most pathologists, pathology trainees, technicians, and medical students use smartphones; apps can be a different way for general pathology education. "General pathologist-helper (GP-HELPER)" is a novel app developed as a reference tool in general pathology and especially for general pathologists, developed for Android and iOS platforms. "GP-HELPER," was created using Mobincube website platform. This tool also integrates "FORUM GP-HELPER," an external website created using Miarroba website ( and "COMMUNITY GP-HELPER" a multichannel chat created using Chatango website platform. The application was released in July 2015, and it is been periodically updated since then. The app has permanent information (offline data) about different pathology protocols (TNM latest edition, protocols regarding management of tumors of unknown primary origin, and flowcharts for some of the most difficult tumors to diagnose) and a database with more than 5000 immunohistochemistry results from different tumors. Online data have links to more than 1100 reference pathology video lectures, 250 antibodies information, more than 70 pathology association websites, 46 pathology providers, and 78 outstanding pathology journal websites. Besides this information, the app has two interactive places such as "FORUM GP-HELPER" and "COMMUNITY GP-HELPER" that let users to stay in touch everywhere and every time. Expert consult section is also available. "GP-HELPER" pretends to integrate offline and online data about pathology with two interactive external places in order to represent a reference tool for general pathologists and associate members.


    Eduardo Yázigi


    Full Text Available Resumo – Hoje, a organização do trabalho mostra a necessidade de que o diploma de curso superior posicione um campo operacional bem definido. Em contrapartida, na medida em que o Ministério da Educação oficializa o que seja um curso de Turismo, resultaria incoerente não abonar as especializações do turismólogo enquanto profissão, como sustenta este artigo. O campo de atuação que se abre, entretanto, seria o planejamento territorial urbano, com amplas chances de atuação para o turismólogos como profissionais especializados. Palavras chave – Turismo. Atuação Profissional. Planejamento Urbano.

  8. Mundos Artísticos em Diálogo

    Dogmar Von Hoff


    Full Text Available Analisamos aqui a construção de universos narrativos na literatura e no cinema, bem como sua interação. Base para tanto são o texto Traumnovelle (Breve romance de sonho de Arthur Scnitzler, em diálogo com o filme de Stanley Kubrick, Eyes wide shut, realizado a partir dôo texto do autor austríaco.

  9. Connecting icons, logos and slogans in graphic trademarks

    Ambrožič, Maja


    In the public eye the organization is always considered or fully represented by its corporate identity that includes the size of the organization, annual payments, organizational structure, organizational culture, systems owned by the organization, premises, organizational culture, organizational strategy, mission, vision, number of employees etc. Graphic designer when designing graphic trademark by connecting graphic elements (logo, slogan and icon) must take in to consideration all abovemen...

  10. Diálogo social y democracia deliberativa

    Carlos Sojo


    Full Text Available Dentro de los sistemas democráticos y, como un medio de desarrollo de la cultura democrática, el artículo analiza los procesos deliberativos,específicamente el proceso de diálogo social, en donde los ciudadanos acreditados tienen la posibilidad de expresar sus opiniones y que puedan ser tomadas en cuenta para la definición de preferencias o elección de políticas

  11. Monólogos: nuestra pequeña esencia

    Maria del Carmen Chenoll Monzó


    Full Text Available La siguiente experiencia práctica trata, como bien dice el título, sobre los monólogos de humor que tan de moda se han puesto últimamente.Muchas veces, cuando nos encontramos ante una clase de extranjeros que quieren estudiar español, se nos plantea el dilema de cómo separar las clases de cultura con las de gramática. ¿Y por qué separarlas? Los monólogos nos permiten combinar varios aspectos, como mostrarles a los alumnos nuestra cultura más de cerca y que ellos nos muestren y comenten la suya (fomentamos de esta manera una conversación espontánea en clase y de la que todos, hasta los más tímidos, suelen participar.Además, obviamente, existe un claro segundo sentido e ironía a la que poco a poco se acostumbran (y que es uno de los aspectos más difíciles para tratar con los alumnos de E/LE y por supuesto, con una acertada elección del monólogo, también podemos clarificar y profundizar en ciertos aspectos gramaticales que nos interesen.

  12. T-helper cytokine patterns and related antibodies in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus

    Etaati Z


    Conclusion: The changes in T-helper 1 and 2 associated antibodies and cytokines are not associated with gestational diabetes mellitus and could not be considered as a predictor for gestational diabetes mellitus.

  13. Changes in helper and suppressor T lymphocytes following radiotherapy for breast cancer

    Newman, G.H.; Rees, G.J.G.; Jones, R.S.J.; Grove, E.A.; Preece, A.W.


    Changes in total lymphocyte, T lymphocyte, T helper and T suppressor lymphocyte numbers were studied in 22 patients with breast cancer before and after radiotherapy. T lymphocyte subsets were measured using monoclonal antibodies and fluorescence microscopy. After treatment the total lymphocyte count fell significantly and was still reduced 9 months later, but the proportion of cells labelled as T lymphocytes was unchanged during this period. The helper-suppressor ratio, which was within the normal range before radiotherapy, was significantly reduced at 3 months and 9 months after. Following treatment both T helper and T suppressor cell numbers were significantly reduced. T helper cell numbers remained reduced throughout the study period but T suppressor cell numbers showed a recovery to normal values 9 months after radiotherapy. (author)

  14. The Apple of the mind's eye: Everyday attention, metamemory, and reconstructive memory for the Apple logo.

    Blake, Adam B; Nazarian, Meenely; Castel, Alan D


    People are regularly bombarded with logos in an attempt to improve brand recognition, and logos are often designed with the central purpose of memorability. The ubiquitous Apple logo is a simple design and is often referred to as one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The present study examined recall and recognition for this simple and pervasive logo and to what degree metamemory (confidence judgements) match memory performance. Participants showed surprisingly poor memory for the details of the logo as measured through recall (drawings) and forced-choice recognition. Only 1 participant out of 85 correctly recalled the Apple logo, and fewer than half of all participants correctly identified the logo. Importantly, participants indicated higher levels of confidence for both recall and recognition, and this overconfidence was reduced if participants made the judgements after, rather than before, drawing the logo. The general findings did not differ between Apple and PC users. The results provide novel support for theories of attentional saturation, inattentional amnesia, and reconstructive memory; additionally they show how an availability heuristic can lead to overconfidence in memory for logos.

  15. Egg size investment in superb fairy-wrens: helper effects are modulated by climate

    Heinsohn, R. G.; Russell, A. F.; Kilner, R. M.


    Natural populations might exhibit resilience to changing climatic conditions if they already show adaptive flexibility in their reproductive strategies. In cooperative breeders, theory predicts that mothers with helpers should provide less care when environmental conditions are favourable, but maintain high investment when conditions are challenging. Here, we test for evidence of climate-mediated flexibility in maternal investment in the cooperatively breeding superb fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus. We focus on egg size because in this species egg size influences offspring size, and females reduce egg investment when there are helpers at the nest. We report that females lay larger eggs during dry, hot conditions. However, the effect of temperature is modulated by the presence of helpers: the average egg size of females with helpers is reduced during cooler conditions but increased during hot conditions relative to females without helpers. This appears to reflect plasticity in egg investment rather than among female differences. Analysis of maternal survival suggests that helped females are better able to withstand the costs of breeding in hot conditions than females without helpers. Our study suggests that females can use multiple, independent cues to modulate egg investment flexibly in a variable environment. PMID:27903872

  16. Adeno-associated virus vectors can be efficiently produced without helper virus.

    Matsushita, T; Elliger, S; Elliger, C; Podsakoff, G; Villarreal, L; Kurtzman, G J; Iwaki, Y; Colosi, P


    The purpose of this work was to develop an efficient method for the production of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors in the absence of helper virus. The adenovirus regions that mediate AAV vector replication were identified and assembled into a helper plasmid. These included the VA, E2A and E4 regions. When this helper plasmid was cotransfected into 293 cells, along with plasmids encoding the AAV vector, and rep and cap genes, AAV vector was produced as efficiently as when using adenovirus infection as a source of help. CMV-driven constructs expressing the E4orf6 and the 72-M(r), E2A proteins were able to functionally replace the E4 and E2A regions, respectively. Therefore the minimum set of genes required to produce AAV helper activity equivalent to that provided by adenovirus infection consists of, or is a subset of, the following genes: the E4orf6 gene, the 72-M(r), E2A protein gene, the VA RNA genes and the E1 region. AAV vector preparations made with adenovirus and by the helper virus-free method were essentially indistinguishable with respect to particle density, particle to infectivity ratio, capsimer ratio and efficiency of muscle transduction in vivo. Only AAV vector preparations made by the helper virus-free method were not reactive with anti-adenovirus sera.

  17. Subpopulation of human helper and suppressor T lymphocytes

    Venkataraman, M.; Levin, R.D.; Westerman, M.P.


    Mitogen driven differentiation of normal human mononuclear cells is a well-established model for the study of antibody synthesis in man. In certain rare individuals who are clinically normal, unfractionated mononuclear cells or a mixture of purified B plus T lymphocytes differentiate into immunoglobulin producing cells in response to purified protein derivative of tuberculin (PPD) but not in response to pokeweed mitogen (PWM). To evaluate this observation we have irradiated T cells from such individuals to eliminate naturally occurring suppressor T cell activity and then added the irradiated T cells back to autologous B cells before culture. The B cells then responded to PWM. The original PPD responses of cells from these individuals were now significantly reduced. Although, there was no difference between PWM nonresponders and responders in the number of OKT-8 positive cells, elimination of OKT-8 positive cells in the PWM nonresponders with OKT-8 monoclonal antibody and complement resulted in a significantly increased response to PWM. This study indicates that there are suppressor T cells which specifically inhibit B cell response to PWM without affecting the PPD response. These results also show that the helper T cells involved in the PWM response are radioresistant and those involved in the PPD response are radiosensitive

  18. Transcription factor interplay in T helper cell differentiation

    Evans, Catherine M.


    The differentiation of CD4 helper T cells into specialized effector lineages has provided a powerful model for understanding immune cell differentiation. Distinct lineages have been defined by differential expression of signature cytokines and the lineage-specifying transcription factors necessary and sufficient for their production. The traditional paradigm of differentiation towards Th1 and Th2 subtypes driven by T-bet and GATA3, respectively, has been extended to incorporate additional T cell lineages and transcriptional regulators. Technological advances have expanded our view of these lineage-specifying transcription factors to the whole genome and revealed unexpected interplay between them. From these data, it is becoming clear that lineage specification is more complex and plastic than previous models might have suggested. Here, we present an overview of the different forms of transcription factor interplay that have been identified and how T cell phenotypes arise as a product of this interplay within complex regulatory networks. We also suggest experimental strategies that will provide further insight into the mechanisms that underlie T cell lineage specification and plasticity. PMID:23878131

  19. User manual for SPLASH (Single Panel Lamp and Shroud Helper).

    Larsen, Marvin Elwood


    The radiant heat test facility develops test sets providing well-characterized thermal environments, often representing fires. Many of the components and procedures have become standardized to such an extent that the development of a specialized design tool to determine optimal configurations for radiant heat experiments was appropriate. SPLASH (Single Panel Lamp and Shroud Helper) is that tool. SPLASH is implemented as a user-friendly, Windows-based program that allows a designer to describe a test setup in terms of parameters such as number of lamps, power, position, and separation distance. This document is a user manual for that software. Any incidental descriptions of theory are only for the purpose of defining the model inputs. The theory for the underlying model is described in SAND2005-2947 (Ref. [1]). SPLASH provides a graphical user interface to define lamp panel and shroud designs parametrically, solves the resulting radiation enclosure problem for up to 2500 surfaces, and provides post-processing to facilitate understanding and documentation of analyzed designs.

  20. Transcription factor interplay in T helper cell differentiation.

    Evans, Catherine M; Jenner, Richard G


    The differentiation of CD4 helper T cells into specialized effector lineages has provided a powerful model for understanding immune cell differentiation. Distinct lineages have been defined by differential expression of signature cytokines and the lineage-specifying transcription factors necessary and sufficient for their production. The traditional paradigm of differentiation towards Th1 and Th2 subtypes driven by T-bet and GATA3, respectively, has been extended to incorporate additional T cell lineages and transcriptional regulators. Technological advances have expanded our view of these lineage-specifying transcription factors to the whole genome and revealed unexpected interplay between them. From these data, it is becoming clear that lineage specification is more complex and plastic than previous models might have suggested. Here, we present an overview of the different forms of transcription factor interplay that have been identified and how T cell phenotypes arise as a product of this interplay within complex regulatory networks. We also suggest experimental strategies that will provide further insight into the mechanisms that underlie T cell lineage specification and plasticity.

  1. Profiling helper T cell subset gene expression in deer mice

    Hjelle Brian


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus are the most common mammals in North America and are reservoirs for several zoonotic agents, including Sin Nombre virus (SNV, the principal etiologic agent of hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome (HCPS in North America. Unlike human HCPS patients, SNV-infected deer mice show no overt pathological symptoms, despite the presence of virus in the lungs. A neutralizing IgG antibody response occurs, but the virus establishes a persistent infection. Limitations of detailed analysis of deer mouse immune responses to SNV are the lack of reagents and methods for evaluating such responses. Results We developed real-time PCR-based detection assays for several immune-related transcription factor and cytokine genes from deer mice that permit the profiling of CD4+ helper T cells, including markers of Th1 cells (T-bet, STAT4, IFNγ, TNF, LT, Th2 cells (GATA-3, STAT6, IL-4, IL-5 and regulatory T cells (Fox-p3, IL-10, TGFβ1. These assays compare the expression of in vitro antigen-stimulated and unstimulated T cells from individual deer mice. Conclusion We developed molecular methods for profiling immune gene expression in deer mice, including a multiplexed real-time PCR assay for assessing expression of several cytokine and transcription factor genes. These assays should be useful for characterizing the immune responses of experimentally- and naturally-infected deer mice.

  2. [Effects of T helper 1 cells and T helper 17 cells secreting cytokines on rat models of experimental periodontitis].

    Wang, Z X; Yang, L; Tan, J Y; Chen, L L


    Objectvie: To investigate the effects of secreting cytokines interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) and interleukin-17 (IL-17) of T helper 1 cells (Th1) and T helper 17 cells (Th17) on the peripheral blood and alveolar bone destruction, so as to provide a new explanation for cellular immunity-mediated alveolar bone destruction. Methods: Eighteen eight-week-old male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided, randomly and equally, into 3 groups: lipopolysaccharide (LPS) group, ligation group and normal control group. In the LPS group, Escherichia coli LPS was injected into the alveolar mucosa on the buccalmedian site of the left upper first molar, while the right upper first molar was injected with equal volume of physiological saline as self-controls. The injections were performed every other day for four times totally. In the ligation group, the left upper first molars were ligatured with 0.2 mm orthodontic cords, while the right upper first molars were left untreated as self-controls, and supplemented with high-sugar diet to promote the periodontitis status. The rats in normal control group were fed normally. The concentrations of IFN-γ and IL-17 in peripheral blood were measured using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method at the fourth week after the start of injection and at the eighth week after ligation. The histological of periodontal tissues were observed after hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining and osteoclast count was performed under light microscope. The histological of osteoclasts were observed after tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) staining. Expression of IFN-γ and IL-17 were detected by immunohistochemical assay. Results: The concentrations of IFN-γ in peripheral blood of LPS group [(185.0±50.7) ng/L] and ligation group [(202.9±60.4) ng/L] were significantly higher than that of normal control group [(106.3±17.2) ng/L]( Pperiodontitis and alveolar bone resorption could be successfully established by means of ligationand LPS injection, respectively

  3. Un diálogo sobre principios constitucionales

    Ferrajoli, Luigi; Ruiz Manero, Juan


    En este diálogo, los autores comparan el enfoque de los principios constitucionales «regulativos» o «en sentido estricto» y de las directrices constitucionales en el «constitucionalismo garantista» defendido por Ferrajoli y en el «constitucionalismo principialista» en el que se reconoce Ruiz Manero. In this dialogue, the authors compare the approach to «regulative» or «in the strict sense» constitutional principles and to constitutional policies in «guarantee constitutionalism», advocated ...


    Eduardo Yázigi; Universidade de São Paulo


    Resumo – Hoje, a organização do trabalho mostra a necessidade de que o diploma de curso superior posicione um campo operacional bem definido. Em contrapartida, na medida em que o Ministério da Educação oficializa o que seja um curso de Turismo, resultaria incoerente não abonar as especializações do turismólogo enquanto profissão, como sustenta este artigo. O campo de atuação que se abre, entretanto, seri...

  5. Arte na enfermagem: iniciando um diálogo reflexivo

    Luzia Wilma Santana da Silva


    Full Text Available Este artículo tiene el propósito de iniciar un diálogo reflexivo sobre la enfermería como una ciencia y un arte contenidas en las actividades de los enfermeros, tanto en la asistencia, la investigación y en la educación. Sustentado en la ética y el arte como una forma del ejercicio de la enfermería para la acción humana, este trabajo tiene como objetivo contribuir con una reflexión sobre el "saber quehacer" profesional de manera contextual, integral y actualizada.

  6. Anti-Aspergillus human host defence relies on type 1 T helper (Th1), rather than type 17 T helper (Th17), cellular immunity

    L.Y.A. Chai (Louis); F. van de Veerdonk (Frank); R.J. Marijnissen (Renoud); S.C. Cheng (Shih-Chin); A.L. Khoo; M. Hectors (Magda); K. Lagrou (Katrien); A.G. Vonk (Alieke); J. Maertens (Johan); L.A.B. Joosten (Leo); B.J. Kullberg (Bart Jan); M.G. Netea (Mihai)


    textabstractSummary Both interferon-γ-producing type 1 T helper (Th1)- and interleukin-17 (IL-17)-producing Th17 cells have been proposed to be involved in anti-fungal host defence. Although invasive aspergillosis is one of the most severe human fungal infections, little is known regarding the

  7. Systemic frequencies of T helper 1 and T helper 17 cells in patients with age-related macular degeneration: A case-control study

    Singh, Amardeep; Subhi, Yousif; Nielsen, Marie Krogh


    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative disease of the retina and a leading cause of irreversible vision loss. We investigated the systemic differences in the frequency of T helper (Th) 1 and Th17 cells in patients with non-exudative and exudative AMD and compared to age...

  8. Branding and a child's brain: an fMRI study of neural responses to logos.

    Bruce, Amanda S; Bruce, Jared M; Black, William R; Lepping, Rebecca J; Henry, Janice M; Cherry, Joseph Bradley C; Martin, Laura E; Papa, Vlad B; Davis, Ann M; Brooks, William M; Savage, Cary R


    Branding and advertising have a powerful effect on both familiarity and preference for products, yet no neuroimaging studies have examined neural response to logos in children. Food advertising is particularly pervasive and effective in manipulating choices in children. The purpose of this study was to examine how healthy children's brains respond to common food and other logos. A pilot validation study was first conducted with 32 children to select the most culturally familiar logos, and to match food and non-food logos on valence and intensity. A new sample of 17 healthy weight children were then scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Food logos compared to baseline were associated with increased activation in orbitofrontal cortex and inferior prefrontal cortex. Compared to non-food logos, food logos elicited increased activation in posterior cingulate cortex. Results confirmed that food logos activate some brain regions in children known to be associated with motivation. This marks the first study in children to examine brain responses to culturally familiar logos. Considering the pervasiveness of advertising, research should further investigate how children respond at the neural level to marketing.

  9. Effective antigen presentation to helper T cells by human eosinophils.

    Farhan, Ruhaifah K; Vickers, Mark A; Ghaemmaghami, Amir M; Hall, Andrew M; Barker, Robert N; Walsh, Garry M


    Although eosinophils are inflammatory cells, there is increasing attention on their immunomodulatory roles. For example, murine eosinophils can present antigen to CD4 + T helper (Th) cells, but it remains unclear whether human eosinophils also have this ability. This study determined whether human eosinophils present a range of antigens, including allergens, to activate Th cells, and characterized their expression of MHC class II and co-stimulatory molecules required for effective presentation. Human peripheral blood eosinophils purified from non-allergic donors were pulsed with the antigens house dust mite extract (HDM), Timothy Grass extract (TG) or Mycobacterium tuberculosis purified protein derivative (PPD), before co-culture with autologous CD4 + Th cells. Proliferative and cytokine responses were measured, with eosinophil expression of HLA-DR/DP/DQ and the co-stimulatory molecules CD40, CD80 and CD86 determined by flow cytometry. Eosinophils pulsed with HDM, TG or PPD drove Th cell proliferation, with the response strength dependent on antigen concentration. The cytokine responses varied with donor and antigen, and were not biased towards any particular Th subset, often including combinations of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Eosinophils up-regulated surface expression of HLA-DR/DP/DQ, CD80, CD86 and CD40 in culture, increases that were sustained over 5 days when incubated with antigens, including HDM, or the major allergens it contains, Der p I or Der p II. Human eosinophils can, therefore, act as effective antigen-presenting cells to stimulate varied Th cell responses against a panel of antigens including HDM, TG or PPD, an ability that may help to determine the development of allergic disease. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Determination of the rate of tetraethylammonium ion transfer across the water/1,2-DCE interface with steady-state voltammetry at a nano-ITIES. Theory and experiment

    Silver, Barry Richard; Holub, Karel; Mareček, Vladimír


    Roč. 784, JAN 2017 (2017), s. 1-5 ISSN 1572-6657 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA13-04630S Institutional support: RVO:61388955 Keywords : Ion transfer kinetics * ITIES * Tetraethylammonium ion Subject RIV: CG - Electrochemistry OBOR OECD: Electrochemistry (dry cells, batteries, fuel cells, corrosion metals, electrolysis) Impact factor: 3.012, year: 2016

  11. Logo Effects on Brand Extension Evaluations from the Electrophysiological Perspective.

    Shang, Qian; Pei, Guanxiong; Dai, Shenyi; Wang, Xiaoyi


    Brand extension typically has two strategies: brand name extension (BN) and brand logo extension (BL). The current study explored which strategy (BN or BL) better enhanced the success of dissimilar brand extension and product promotion in enterprises. Event-related potentials (ERPs) were used to investigate electrophysiological processes when subjects evaluated their acceptance of the brand extension using a combined picture of S1 and S2. S1 was a famous brand presented by two identity signs (brand name and brand logo). S2 was a picture of an extension product that belonged to a dissimilar product category than S1. The behavior data showed that BL was more acceptable than BN in the dissimilar brand extension. The neurophysiology process was reflected by a less negative N2 component and a larger P300 component in the BL than in the BN. We suggested that N2 reflected a whole conflict between the brand-product combination and the long-term memory and that P300 could be regarded as the reflection of the categorization process in the working memory.

  12. Medicine or ecstasy? The importance of the logo.

    Daveluy, Amélie; Miremont-Salamé, Ghada; Rahis, Anne-Cécile; Delile, Jean-Michel; Bégaud, Bernard; Gachie, Jean-Pierre; Haramburu, Françoise


    Some pharmaceutical tablets have an appearance that resembles that of ecstasy (a logo and often a name referring to it, a given shape and/or a colour). These are sometimes sold in the street as 'ecstasy'. In order to assess the knowledge of this phenomenon, surveys were conducted among designer drug users (DDUsers), pharmacists and pharmaceutical firms. Three surveys were conducted: the first one was conducted among DDUsers by means of an anonymous questionnaire; the second one consisted of a 1-month postal survey within a network of 155 community pharmacies in the Aquitaine region, Southwestern France and the third one consisted of a postal questionnaire sent to 71 pharmaceutical firms. Nineteen users, 77 pharmacists and 25 pharmaceutical firms participated in the surveys. All DDUsers knew the existence of what they call ecstasy 'swindles', but less than one quarter of the pharmacists and one third of pharmaceutical firms were aware of the potential recreational and involuntary misuse of medicines. The phenomenon of 'swindle' in the illicit market is not new. However, the sale of medicines because of their appearance or logo seems to be quite rare. In order to limit this diversion, prevention should be reinforced. In addition, recommendations on the appearance of medicine tablets should be set up by regulatory agencies in charge of medicine approval.

  13. Interpretation of the logo's graphic system and colours.

    Ahade, Y


    The Center for African Family Studies (CAFS) has been in existence since 1975. The organization explains to the public its rationale for the symbols and colors which represent its logo. There are three distinctive circles in the logo. Circles in most black African cultures symbolize life, continuity, and eternity. As such, CAFS strives for the continuity of life for African populations. A couple stares in the same direction. The couple symbolizes the reproduction of life, while staring in the same direction is a popular and christian symbol of the notion of the couple. CAFS provides couples with relevant information which enables them to jointly determine and lead a responsible sex life. The head represents a human being, while the brain remains the symbol of thought, and the fetus is a physical and expressive symbol of the renewal of life which is first planned in the head of the couple. Red, black, green, white, and gold were chosen as being in harmony with the philosophical ideas of CAFS. Blood is red and symbolizes vitality and life, with blood being an unique biological product. Red also warns of danger such as the risk of consequences from rapid population growth. Black represents the color of African peoples, green symbolizes hope, gold symbolizes wealth, and white symbolizes in many cultures purity, innocence, and joy.

  14. Personal experience in professional narratives: the role of helpers' families in their work with terror victims.

    Shamai, Michal


    This article describes research on the narratives of social workers who help terror victims, focusing on the relationship between the helpers' families and their work. Qualitative analysis of three training groups of social workers who are responsible for helping in the event of terror attacks in different parts of Israel, and of three debriefing groups for social workers after terror attacks, reveals that the helpers' families play a role in the narratives constructed by the helpers. Two main themes were identified. The first centers on the interaction between work and the family, and shows that in the situation of a terror attack, the conflict between the two disappears and the family often serves as a support system for the helpers. The second theme refers to the family dimension alone, and focuses on the dichotomy between vitality and loss. The way that family life events affect helpers'professional intervention is described. The findings are discussed in light of Conservation of Resources Theory, the fight-flight response to threat, and the concept of the family as a source of safety and risk taking.

  15. Antigen-primed helper T cell function in CBA/N mice is radiosensitive

    Phillips, N.E.; Campbell, P.A.


    CBA/N mice have an X-linked immunodeficiency that includes a deficient humoral response to sheep red blood cells (SRBC). In order to study the cellular mechanisms of this deficiency we have examined helper T cell function to SRBC in an adoptive transfer system by using 2 different sources of helper T cells. When thymocytes were used as the source of helper T cell precursors in an adoptive transfer system, CBA/N thymocytes were as effective as CBA/Ca thymocytes in inducing CBA/Ca bone marrow cells to develop into both direct and indirect anti-SRBC plaque-forming cells (PFC). However, when SRBC-primed, irradiated recipient mice were used as the source of helper T cells, primed and irradiated CBA/N recipiets developed significantly fewer direct and indirect anti-SRBC PFC than similarly treated CBA/CA recipients when reconstituted with CBA/Ca bone marrow cells and challenged with SRBC. We conclude that antigen-primed helper T cell function in CBA/N mice is radiosensitive. Possible reasons for this are evaluated and discussed

  16. The effects of using a nutrition logo on consumption and product evaluation of a sweet pastry.

    Steenhuis, I H M; Kroeze, W; Vyth, E L; Valk, S; Verbauwen, R; Seidell, J C


    Nutrition logos have received a great deal of attention to stimulate people to eat a healthier diet. However, very little is known neither about actual consumption behavior related to nutrition logos nor about potential compensatory eating behaviors due to nutrition logos. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of using an existing nutrition logo on consumption and product evaluation of a chocolate mousse cake. A cross-over design was applied with two conditions: a condition with a logo and a condition without a logo. Participants were females recruited in the university community (n = 36, mean age 22.6 ± 6.3). Data on consumption, tastefulness, perceived healthiness, dietary restraint and Body Mass Index were collected. No significant differences between conditions were found on consumption and tastefulness. The cake was rated as significantly less unhealthy in the logo condition. In conclusion, results cannot be extrapolated to other products, especially not to products that are perceived as healthy. In this study, the use of a nutrition logo did not result in an increased consumption and had no effect on the rating of taste of a sweet pastry among females from the university community. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Spatial Strategy Use during Logo Mastery: The Impact of Cognitive Style and Development Level.

    Easton, Charles E.; Watson, J. Allen


    Tested the Watson and Busch model of how children learn LOGO programing. Investigated second- and fifth-grade students' stage of cognitive development, stylistic preferences, and strategy usage. Field-independent children showed a marginal advantage over field-dependent children in learning to program in LOGO. (MM)

  18. The Cross-Contextual Transfer of Problem Solving Strategies from Logo to Non-Computer Domains.

    Swan, Karen; Black, John B.

    This report investigated the relationship between learning to program LOGO and the development of problem solving skills. Subjects were 133 students in grades 4-8 who had at least 30 hours of experience with both graphics and lists programming in Logo. Students were randomly assigned to one of three contextual groupings, which received graphics,…

  19. The figure of the helper advisor in cases of sexual abuse against people with intellectual disabilities



    Full Text Available In this paper we analyse the main barriers that people with intellectual disabilities who have suffered sexual abuse have to face when they access the Justice system. Regarding these barriers, the Victim Support Unit for People with Intellectual Disabilities of the Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce proposes the inclusion in the judicial process of a helper advisor. The entry into force in 2015 of the Law 4/2015, in 27 April, the Statute of the crime victim represents an exemplary opportunity to ensure the incorporation of support proposals involving the insertion of the helper advisor in the judicial process in cases where the victim is a person with intellectual disabilities. In this paper we analyse the impact of the helper advisor, with particular emphasis on cases that have been dismissed under instruction.

  20. Samaja: el epistemólogo de la salud

    Everardo Duarte Nunes


    Full Text Available El día 12 de mayo de 1997, Juan Samaja (Juan Alfonso Samaja Toro defendió su tesis de doctorado "Fundamentos Epistemológicos de las Ciencias de la Salud", en la Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública "Sérgio Arouca" de la Fundación Oswaldo Cruz, en Río de Janeiro, bajo la orientación de Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo. En esa ocasión, como Miembro Titular del jurado, presenté los comentarios que son aquí transcritos, exactamente como fueron realizados en aquella fecha. Samaja, filósofo, sociólogo y diplomado en Salud Pública, quien fue profesor de varias universidades argentinas y en diversos países latinoamericanos, falleció el 3 de febrero de 2007, dejando un legado intelectual de fundamental importancia para la Salud Colectiva.

  1. CIESPAL: progreso y problema del comunicólogo

    Eduardo Meditsch


    Full Text Available La creación del CIESPAL dio impulso y consolidación al área de la comunicación en las Universidades de América Latina, pero generó un problema la concepción del comunicador social. Este profesional polivalente fue luego rechazado por el mercado y la sociedad mas, su fantasma continúa orientando los proyectos pedagógicos y de investigación científica. Perpetuado en una universidad que vive de espaldas a la realidad, elevado de comunicador a comunicólogo, es el gran responsable por la falta de vínculo entre la teoría y la práctica, con graves perjuicios para la formación del profesional.

  2. Audio Logo Recognition, Reduced Articulation and Coding Orientation

    Bonde, Anders; Hansen, Allan Grutt


    In this paper we explore an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for the analysis of corporate audio logos and their effectiveness regarding recognisability and identification. This is done by combining three different academic disciplines: 1) social semiotics, 2) branding theory and 3) music...... on musicological descriptors. We consider as a starting point Kress and Van Leeuwen’s (1996, 2006) conceptualisation of ‘modality’, which is central to their ‘visual grammar’ theory and subsequently extended to auditory expressions such as spoken language, music and sound effects (Van Leeuwen, 1999). While...... connected to notions of brand recognisability and brand identification, thus resulting in the concept of ‘Reduced Articulation Form’ (RAF). The concept has been tested empirically through a survey of 137 upper secondary school students. On the basis of a conditioning experiment, manipulating five existing...

  3. O diálogo entre poesia e outras artes

    Luiz Henrique Barbosa


    Full Text Available O objetivo com este artigo foi identificar os possíveis diálogos entre a poesia e as outras artes. Apoiados na afirmação de Solange Ribeiro de Oliveira de que é possível comparar a ordem literária com outra ordem estética, tentou-se aqui aproximar a poesia de outra estética artística. Para isso, foram selecionados dois poetas do Modernismo brasileiro: João Cabral de Melo Neto e Manoel de Barros. Chegou-se à conclusão de que o fazer poético desses autores apresenta semelhanças com as técnicas utilizadas pela estética surrealista.

  4. Essential competencies for the education of nursing assistants and care helpers in elderly care.

    Oeseburg, Barth; Hilberts, Rudi; Roodbol, Petrie F


    The Dutch health care system faces huge challenges with regard to the demand on elderly care and the competencies of professionals required to meet this demand. However, a recent study showed that the curricula in vocational education for nursing assistants and care helpers remains inadequate to prepare them for the social and healthcare needs of the elderly. To determine the essential competencies for the initial education of nursing assistants and care helpers in elderly care. First, a draft version of essential competencies for the education of nursing assistants and care helpers in elderly care (N=120) was developed and approved by experts, also members of the project steering committee. Second, a Delphi survey was conducted to determine the essential competencies. The Delphi panel consisted of eleven field experts (teachers/educational developers) working for different vocational education training colleges in the Netherlands. Ten panel members participated in a two-round consensus building process via email. A definitive set of 116 essential competencies for the initial education of nursing assistants and 42 essential competencies for the initial education of care helpers were determined. The competencies in the definitive set are more in line with social and healthcare needs of the elderly like: autonomy, daily functioning prevention of health problems, healthy ageing and wellbeing, involvement of informal care, collaboration between professionals and informal care. The main challenge now is to translate these competencies into educational programmes for vocational education training colleges for care helpers and nursing assistants. Recommendations are made for the implementation of these competencies in the Dutch vocational education training colleges for care helpers and nursing assistants. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Potential role of non-antibiotics (helper compounds) in the treatment of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections

    Martins, Marta; Dastidar, Sujata G; Fanning, Seamus


    that have been shown to be efflux pump inhibitors (EPIs) and which, if used as 'helper compounds' in combination with antibiotics to which the organism is initially resistant, may produce the required cure. Although not all of the EPIs may serve a helper role owing to their toxicity, they may nevertheless...

  6. Distinct pattern of lesion distribution in multiple sclerosis is associated with different circulating T-helper and helper-like innate lymphoid cell subsets.

    Gross, Catharina C; Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Andreas; Hanning, Uta; Posevitz-Fejfár, Anita; Korsukewitz, Catharina; Schwab, Nicholas; Meuth, Sven G; Wiendl, Heinz; Klotz, Luisa


    Distinct lesion topography in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) might be due to different antigen presentation and/or trafficking routes of immune cells into the central nervous system (CNS). To investigate whether distinct lesion patterns in multiple sclerosis (MS) might be associated with a predominance of distinct circulating T-helper cell subset as well as their innate counterparts. Flow cytometric analysis of lymphocytes derived from the peripheral blood of patients with exclusively cerebral (n = 20) or predominantly spinal (n = 12) disease manifestation. Patients with exclusively cerebral or preferential spinal lesion manifestation were associated with increased proportions of circulating granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) producing T H 1 cells or interleukin (IL)-17-producing T H 17 cells, respectively. In contrast, proportions of peripheral IL-17/IL-22-producing lymphoid tissue inducer (LTi), the innate counterpart of T H 17 cells, were enhanced in RRMS patients with exclusively cerebral lesion topography. Distinct T-helper and T-helper-like innate lymphoid cell (ILC) subsets are associated with different lesion topography in RRMS.

  7. Brand name logo recognition of fast food and healthy food among children.

    Arredondo, Elva; Castaneda, Diego; Elder, John P; Slymen, Donald; Dozier, David


    The fast food industry has been increasingly criticized for creating brand loyalty in young consumers. Food marketers are well versed in reaching children and youth given the importance of brand loyalty on future food purchasing behavior. In addition, food marketers are increasingly targeting the Hispanic population given their growing spending power. The fast food industry is among the leaders in reaching youth and ethnic minorities through their marketing efforts. The primary objective of this study was to determine if young children recognized fast food restaurant logos at a higher rate than other food brands. Methods Children (n = 155; 53% male; 87% Hispanic) ages 4-8 years were recruited from elementary schools and asked to match 10 logo cards to products depicted on a game board. Parents completed a survey assessing demographic and psychosocial characteristics associated with a healthy lifestyle in the home. Results Older children and children who were overweight were significantly more likely to recognize fast food restaurant logos than other food logos. Moreover, parents' psychosocial and socio-demographic characteristics were associated with the type of food logo recognized by the children. Conclusions Children's high recognition of fast food restaurant logos may reflect greater exposure to fast food advertisements. Families' socio-demographic characteristics play a role in children's recognition of food logos.

  8. CD4 T-helper cell cytokine phenotypes and antibody response following tetanus toxoid booster immunization

    Routine methods for enumerating antigen-specific T-helper cells may not identify low-frequency phenotypes such as Th2 cells. We compared methods of evaluating such responses to identify tetanus toxoid- (TT) specific Th1, Th2, Th17 and IL10+ cells. Eight healthy subjects were given a TT booster vacci...

  9. Analysis of recombinant mycobacteria as T helper type 1 vanccines in an allergy challange model

    Janssen, R.; Kruisselbrink, A.; Hoogteyling, L.; Lamb, J.R.; Young, D.B.; Thole, J.E.R.


    The potential for development of mycobacteria as T helper type 1 (Th1) vaccines capable of induction of Th1 responses to recombinant antigens was explored in a model system based on an immunodominant peptide from house dust mite. Different recombinant mycobacterial preparations were compared for

  10. Human Rights and International Labour Law issues concerning Migrant Women Working as Domestic Helpers in China

    Peng, Q.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/375803998


    This book addresses the human rights and international labour law issues concerning rural migrant women workers as domestic helpers in China and offers several legislative suggestions to the Chinese government. By describing the current de facto and de jure condition of rural migrant women working

  11. The Microbiota and Epigenetic Regulation of T Helper 17/Regulatory T Cells

    Luo, Annie; Leach, Steven T; Barres, Romain


    Immune cells not only affect tissue homeostasis at the site of inflammation but also exert systemic effects contributing to multiple chronic conditions. Recent evidence clearly supports an altered T helper 17/regulatory T cell (Th17/Treg) balance leading to the development and progression of infl...

  12. Security of helper data Schemes for SRAM-PUF in multiple enrollment scenarios

    Kusters, C.J.; Ignatenko, T.; Maes, R.; van der Sluis, E.; Selimis, G.; Willems, F.M.J.


    Fuzzy commitment and syndrome-based schemes are two well-known helper data schemes used to bind and generate, respectively, a secret key to/from SRAM-PUF observations. To allow the decoder to reconstruct this secret key from a new (verification) observation of an SRAM-PUF, an encoder has to generate

  13. Epidermal filaggrin deficiency mediates increased systemic T-helper 17 immune response

    Bonefeld, C. M.; Petersen, T. H.; Bandier, J.


    Background: Cellular T-helper (Th)17 infiltrates dominate skin inflammation in filaggrin-deficient flaky tail (ft/ft) mice, and Th17 cells are found in both the skin and blood of patients with acute atopic dermatitis. However, the potential role of loss-of-function mutations in the filaggrin gene...

  14. Sex, Attribution, and Severity Influence Intervention Decisions of Informal Helpers in Domestic Violence

    Chabot, Heather Frasier; Tracy, Tracy L.; Manning, Christine A.; Poisson, Chelsea A.


    Most domestic violence (DV) researchers examine professional intervention (e.g., police and nurses), but informal helpers (e.g., friends and bystanders) are critical. The authors measure undergraduates' intervention likelihood, type of involvement (i.e., contact with abuser), and the influence of attribution decisions in DV situations where the…

  15. Attitudes of Future Human Service Professionals: The Effects of Victim and Helper Qualities.

    Liebkind, Karmela; Eranen, Liisa


    Investigates the attitudes of future members in human service professions toward victims, based on the qualities effected by trauma victims and their helpers. Reports that the high-trauma and poorly adapted victims elicited more negative attitudes than did the low-trauma and well-adapted victims. (CMK)

  16. [Perspective of peer helpers regarding their experience animating a self-treatment program for panic disorders].

    Perreault, Michel; Bouchard, Stéphane; Lapalme, Micheline; Laverdure, Anick; Audet, Denis; Cusson, Jean-Claude; Zacchia, Camillo; Milton, Diana; Sam Tion, Michaël; Chartier-Otis, Mariko; Marchand, André; Bélanger, Claude


    Support groups can help to reach individuals with anxiety disorders who are not or are only partly obtaining health services. The present study is based on a program that involves peer helpers as animators of a self-treatment group (Zéro-ATAQ). Their perspective has been documented in order to identify the aspects of the program which can be improved. Eleven peer helpers led the 12 sessions of the program, which was dispensed in four regions of Quebec for 32 persons having panic disorders with agoraphobia. The perspectives of ten peer animators were documented based on a semi-structured interview that took place at the end of the program, and a focus group that was held over six months later with peer animators from each of the groups. Their comments were transcribed and a thematic content analysis was conducted. All of the peer helper animators reported that they enjoyed participating in the program, that they appreciated being able to help others having an anxiety disorder, and that the program helped them in their role as animators of these types of activities. Nearly all of the peer helpers emphasized the importance of being able to count on the supervision of a professional when needed. This study revealed (1) the feasibility of implementing a program of this kind in partnership with peers, (2) the qualifications necessary to lead this type of program, (3) the requirements in terms of training and available material, and (4) the importance of supervision.

  17. Error checking and near matching in helper data systems for biometric authentication

    Papatsimpa, Charikleia; Linnartz, Jean-Paul; de Groot, Joep; Skoric, B.; Ignatenko, T.


    Helper data systems mitigate the risk that biometric templates are stolen from a biometric data base. Yet, current systems face the drawback that strong Error Correction is needed in order to mitigate variations in the measured biometric during verification. Error correction codes are not always

  18. The helper component-proteinase of cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus

    Mlotshwa, S.


    Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic potyvirus causes severe yield losses in cowpea, an important legume crop in semi-arid regions of Africa. We have elucidated the genomic sequence of the virus and subsequently focused our attention on the so-called helper component-proteinase (HC-Pro), a

  19. Essential competencies for the education of nursing assistants and care helpers in elderly care

    Oeseburg, Barth; Hilberts, Rudi; Roodbol, Petrie F


    BACKGROUND: The Dutch health care system faces huge challenges with regard to the demand on elderly care and the competencies of professionals required to meet this demand. However, a recent study showed that the curricula in vocational education for nursing assistants and care helpers remains

  20. Interaction with extracellular matrix proteins influences Lsh/Ity/Bcg (candidate Nramp) gene regulation of macrophage priming/activation for tumour necrosis factor-alpha and nitrite release.

    Formica, S; Roach, T I; Blackwell, J M


    The murine resistance gene Lsh/Ity/Bcg regulates activation of macrophages for tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)-dependent production of nitric oxide mediating antimicrobial activity against Leishmania, Salmonella and Mycobacterium. As Lsh is differentially expressed in macrophages from different tissue sites, experiments were performed to determine whether interaction with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins would influence the macrophage TNF-alpha response. Plating of bone marrow-derived macrophages onto purified fibrinogen or fibronectin-rich L929 cell-derived matrices, but not onto mannan, was itself sufficient to stimulate TNF-alpha release, with significantly higher levels released from congenic B10.L-Lshr compared to C57BL/10ScSn (Lshs) macrophages. Only macrophages plated onto fibrinogen also released measurable levels of nitrites, again higher in Lshr compared to Lshs macrophages. Addition of interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), but not bacterial lipopolysaccharide or mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan, as a second signal enhanced the TNF-alpha and nitrite responses of macrophages plated onto fibrinogen, particularly in the Lshr macrophages. Interaction with fibrinogen and fibronectin also primed macrophages for an enhanced TNF-alpha response to leishmanial parasites, but this was only translated into enhanced nitrite responses in the presence of IFN-gamma. In these experiments, Lshr macrophages remained superior in their TNF-alpha responses throughout, but to a degree which reflected the magnitude of the difference observed on ECM alone. Hence, the specificity for the enhanced TNF-alpha responses of Lshr macrophages lay in their interaction with fibrinogen and fibronectin ECM, while a differential nitrite response was only observed with fibrinogen and/or IFN-gamma. The results are discussed in relation to the possible function of the recently cloned candidate gene Nramp, which has structural identity to eukaryote transporters and an N-terminal cytoplasmic

  1. Central role of T helper 17 cells in chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension.

    Maston, Levi D; Jones, David T; Giermakowska, Wieslawa; Howard, Tamara A; Cannon, Judy L; Wang, Wei; Wei, Yongyi; Xuan, Weimin; Resta, Thomas C; Gonzalez Bosc, Laura V


    Inflammation is a prominent pathological feature in pulmonary arterial hypertension, as demonstrated by pulmonary vascular infiltration of inflammatory cells, including T and B lymphocytes. However, the contribution of the adaptive immune system is not well characterized in pulmonary hypertension caused by chronic hypoxia. CD4 + T cells are required for initiating and maintaining inflammation, suggesting that these cells could play an important role in the pathogenesis of hypoxic pulmonary hypertension. Our objective was to test the hypothesis that CD4 + T cells, specifically the T helper 17 subset, contribute to chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension. We compared indices of pulmonary hypertension resulting from chronic hypoxia (3 wk) in wild-type mice and recombination-activating gene 1 knockout mice (RAG1 -/- , lacking mature T and B cells). Separate sets of mice were adoptively transferred with CD4 + , CD8 + , or T helper 17 cells before normoxic or chronic hypoxic exposure to evaluate the involvement of specific T cell subsets. RAG1 -/- mice had diminished right ventricular systolic pressure and arterial remodeling compared with wild-type mice exposed to chronic hypoxia. Adoptive transfer of CD4 + but not CD8 + T cells restored the hypertensive phenotype in RAG1 -/- mice. Interestingly, RAG1 -/- mice receiving T helper 17 cells displayed evidence of pulmonary hypertension independent of chronic hypoxia. Supporting our hypothesis, depletion of CD4 + cells or treatment with SR1001, an inhibitor of T helper 17 cell development, prevented increased pressure and remodeling responses to chronic hypoxia. We conclude that T helper 17 cells play a key role in the development of chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension. Copyright © 2017 the American Physiological Society.

  2. Diálogo entre el islamismo y occidente

    Ana María MARTÍN GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza uno de los fenómenos más actuales de nuestras sociedades pluralistas y multiculturales: el encuentro entre la civilización occidental y la islámica. La elaboración de esta nota crítica se ha llevado a cabo tras la lectura de tres libros fundamentales acerca de esta temática: Un paseo por el laberinto. Sobre política y religión en el diálogo entre civilizaciones, de José María García Gómez-Heras, Laicismo, agnosticismo y fundamentalismo de Antonio García-Santesmases, y El islamismo contra el Islam. Las claves para entender el terrorismo yihadista, de Gustavo de Arístegui. A partir de estos tres ensayos, se ha emprendido un estudio filosófico de la situación actual entre el islamismo y Occidente.


    Mario de França Miranda


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta, em grandes linhas, o pensamento ecumênico de Karl Rahner. No novo contexto aberto pelo Concílio Vaticano II, este teólogo defronta-se com as dificuldades de cunho sociocultural, doutrinário e institucional, que dividem as Igrejas cristãs. Enfatizando a centralidade da fé em Jesus Cristo, vivida com autenticidade, pleiteia uma única Igreja Católica, na qual estejam presentes, com sua rica diversidade, as demais Igrejas. Suas reflexões se revelam pertinentes para as Igrejas cristãs na América Latina. ABSTRACT: This article presents Karl Rahner’s ecumenical views. With the new context introduced by the Vatican Council II, Rahner faces the social-cultural, doctrinal and institutional difficulties dividing the Christian Churches. Rahner emphasizes the centrality of faith in Jesus Christ lived with authenticity, and proposes one Catholic Church in which the other Churches may be present with their rich diversity. His reflections are revealed as pertinent to the Christian Churches in Latin America

  4. Los diálogos lucianescos de Francisco Sobrino

    Nieves Arribas


    Full Text Available En 1708, el impresor François Foppens publica en Bruselas los Dialogues Nouveaux [...] de Francisco Sobrino, un oficial reformado y maestro de Corte que plagia, incrementándola, la colección de César Oudin (Dialogos muy apazibles [...] Marc Orry, 1608, quien a su vez había hecho lo propio con los siete de John Minsheu (Pleasant and Delightfull Dialogues, Londres, 1599 en una de la líneas editoriales más importantes, paralela a la de otras constelaciones (como la inaugurada por Noel de Berlaimont de la riquísima tradición paneuropea de coloquios didácticos creados para dar muestras de conversacionalidad a quienes desearan aprender segundas lenguas. De los seis diálogos originales de Sobrino, cuatro son fantasiosos y de éstos, hay tres lucianescos en el sentido de que usan la ‘estrategia de Luciano’ pues sus interlocutores son personajes muertos (Mahoma, Colón, Moctezuma, etc.. Será trazado aquí un análisis de las características de los mismos, con especial atención a los componentes didácticos e ideológicos.

  5. Conscious, but not unconscious, logo priming of brands and related words.

    Brintazzoli, Gigliola; Soetens, Eric; Deroost, Natacha; Van den Bussche, Eva


    This study assessed whether real-life stimulus material can elicit conscious and unconscious priming. A typical masked priming paradigm was used, with brand logo primes. We used a rigorous method to assess participants' awareness of the subliminal information. Our results show that shortly presented and masked brand logos (e.g., logo of McDonald's) have the power to prime their brand names (e.g., "McDonald's") and, remarkably, words associated to the brand (e.g., "hamburger"). However, this only occurred when the logos could be categorized clearly above the consciousness threshold. Once the primes were presented close to the consciousness threshold, no subliminal influences on behavior were observed. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Investigating AI with Basic and Logo. Teaching Your Computer to Be Intelligent.

    Mandell, Alan; Lucking, Robert


    Discusses artificial intelligence, its definitions, and potential applications. Provides listings of Logo and BASIC versions for programs along with REM statements needed to make modifications for use with Apple computers. (RT)

  7. LOGOS. HX: a core simulator for high conversion boiling water reactors

    Tsuiki, Makoto; Sakurada, Koichi; Yoshida, Hiroyuki.


    A three-dimensional physics simulator 'LOGOS. HX' has been developed for the designing analysis of high conversion boiling water reactor (HCBWR) cores. Its functions, calculational methods, and verification results will briefly be discussed. (author)

  8. Effects of Group Counseling Based on Logo Therapy to Decrease Loneliness in Elderly Men

    Negin Yazdanbakhsh


    Conclusion Group counseling based on logo therapy was found to decrease loneliness scores of elderly men. Therefore, the approach taken in this study can be considered as an appropriate method for psychological interventions in elderly men.




    Full Text Available Signs and symbols find a very good place in this paper, because of the working process to design a logo concerning these elements. The title of my paper describes what is our purpose concerning logos. A lot of signs or symbols are used and many have different shape, colour and size. Signs and symbols mean something special many times and to use them is a challenge for the designer. This paper presents a way to develop logos beginning from these elements. The area of using such items is so wide and we have tried to accomplish enough domains. To create a logo is like a “puzzle game” meaning to select what are the adequate symbols, signs or colors to be in an harmonious concept.

  10. The Application of LOGO! in Control System of a Transmission and Sorting Mechanism

    Liu, Jian; Lv, Yuan-Jun

    Logic programming of general logic control module LOGO! has been recommended the application in transmission and sorting mechanism. First, the structure and operating principle of the mechanism had been introduced. Then the pneumatic loop of the mechanism had been plotted in the software of FluidSIM-P. At last, pneumatic loop and motors had been control by LOGO!, which makes the control process simple and clear instead of the complicated control of ordinary relay. LOGO! can achieve the complicated interlock control composed of inter relays and time relays. In the control process, the logic control function of LOGO! is fully used to logic programming so that the system realizes the control of air cylinder and motor. It is reliable and adjustable mechanism after application.

  11. Editorial: Logos, Ethos and Pathos: Whither academia and public health in a post-truth world?

    Robinson, Peter G


    Rhetoric tells us there are three approaches to persuasive argument; logos, ethos and pathos (Bernanke, 2010). Logos is the appeal to logic by use of facts, data and analogies. Ethos is ethical appeal, focusing on the author's credibility or character with allied use of audience appropriate language and grammar. Pathos relates to emotional appeal by invoking sympathy, fear and anger. Copyright© 2018 Dennis Barber Ltd.

  12. Logo and Von Neumann Ideas [and] Towards a Humanistic Use of Computers in Education = Hacia una insercion humanista de las computadoras en la educacion.

    Reggini, Horacio C.

    The first article, "LOGO and von Neumann Ideas," deals with the creation of new procedures based on procedures defined and stored in memory as LOGO lists of lists. This representation, which enables LOGO procedures to construct, modify, and run other LOGO procedures, is compared with basic computer concepts first formulated by John von…

  13. Knowledge and Practices About the Subject Emergency Contraception of the Pharmacists and Their Helpers in the Pharmacies in Manisa

    Ayten Taspinar


    Full Text Available AIM: The study was carried out as descriptive to determine the knowledge and practices about the subject emergency contraception of the pharmacists and their helpers in the pharmacies in central Manisa. METHOD: The universe of the research was formed by the 113 pharmacies registered to Manisa chamber of pharmacists in the year 2008 and all the pharmacies were included in the study. 47 pharmacists and 88 helpers agreed to join the study. The research which was planned to be descriptive March-to-June 2008. A questionnaire was produced by researchers and filled in during face-to face interviews with the pharmacists and their helpers. RESULTS: The pharmacists and their helpers stated that combined pills (46.8% and 44.5% and condoms (41.5% and 42.7% the most requested family planning methods their pharmacy. It was determined that 48.9% of the pharmacists, 33% of the pharmacist’s helpers gave information to customers about their use of family planning methods, 38.3% of the pharmacists, 23.9 % of the pharmacist’s helpers gave information what to do in case of failure to use/ where to apply to. 91.5% of the pharmacists, 95.5% of the pharmacist’s helpers stated that they had emergency contraception (EC purpose pills in their pharmacies. It was determined that 61.7% of the pharmacists, 28.4% of the pharmacist’s helpers had the knowledge about EC, 61.7% of the pharmacists, 52.3% of the pharmacist’s helpers could consider the EC methods true, 68.1% of the pharmacists, 70.5% of the pharmacist’s helpers gave the correct answers to the question of when the EC – purpose pills would be used. 68.1% of the pharmacists, 45.5% of the pharmacist’s helpers stated that EC methods might have adverse effects, 14.9% of the pharmacists, 25% of the pharmacist’s helpers stated that EC methods were protect agains to STD or not information about it, 12.8% of the pharmacists, 9.1% of the pharmacist’s helpers stated that these pills might be effective after the




    Full Text Available Un proceso de diálogo entre humanos involucra una serie de actos del habla, cuya finalidad es transmitir los deseos, intenciones y creencias entre las partes involucradas en el mismo. El reconocimiento y clasificación de los actos del habla, la construcción de modelos basados en estos actos del habla y la evaluación de los modelos construidos, es el objetivo de los modelos de diálogo. Además, estos modelos, incorporados en un sistema informático, permiten la interacción hombre-máquina usando el habla para la solución de diversos problemas cotidianos como: comprar un tiquete de tren, reservar un vuelo, etc. En este artículo se recogen las diferentes técnicas para la construcción de modelos de diálogo y algunos de los diversos sistemas informáticos que surgieron a partir de ellos, con el fin de determinar la aplicabilidad de los modelos de diálogo en el proceso de captura de requisitos durante la fase de definición del ciclo de vida de una aplicación de software.


    Surya Rahayuda


    Full Text Available There many types of drugs have been approved by the government and circulating in the community, but many people don’t know. In this study, I want to create an application that can identify the type of drug based on the logo on the packaging. I’m using 4 different types of modern medicine and 3 types of herbal medicine, total there will be as many as 7 different logo that will be used. Pictures will be entered into the application, then detected the edges of the image using the Edge Detection, to get the shape of the logo image, after it is extracted using methods GLCM, extraction will produce output in the form of numbers, the numeric data is then classified using Naïve Bayes classification and will get the results in the form of the type of drug. From the experiments it was found that the resulting level of accuracy is quite high, there are 3 categories of types of drugs that have a high accuracy on Obat Bebas, Obat Bebas Terbatas and Obat Keras. From the results of these trials concluded that the Naïve Bayes method can be used to mengkalsifikasi types of drugs is based on the logo on the packaging of drugs. Keywords: logo, drug, image processing, edge detection, GLCM, naïve bayes Terdapat banyak jenis obat telah disetujui oleh pemerintah dan beredar di masyarakat, namun banyak masyarakat tidak mengetahuinya. Pada penelitian ini saya ingin membuat suatu aplikasi yang dapat mengindentifikasi jenis obat berdasarkan logo pada kemasan. Saya menggunakan 4 jenis obat moderen dan 3 jenis obat herbal, total akan terdapat sebanyak 7 macam logo yang akan digunakan. Gambar akan diinputkan ke dalam aplikasi, kemudian dideteksi tepian gambarnya menggunakan metode Edge Detection, untuk mendapatkan bentuk dari gambar logo, setelah itu diekstraksi menggunakan metode GLCM, hasil ekstraksi akan menghasilkan output berupa angka, data angka ini kemudian diklasifikasikan menggunakan metode Naïve Bayes dan akan mendapatkan hasil klasifikasi berupa jenis

  16. Analysis of the frequency of mutant T-helpers as a parameter for biological dosimetry

    Mel'nov, S.B.; Minenko, V.F.; Demidchik, E.P.


    It was made the attempt of quantitatively estimation of radiation damage by the frequency of mutant T-helpers, i.e. CD4+cells, depleted of T-cell receptor (TCR). The object of the study was lymphocytes of peripheral blood of children exposed to iodine radioisotopes therapy on medical indications. The examined group consisted of 36 patients 10 -21 years old, which were injected from 0,3 to 27,6 GBq of iodine 131. The time between exposition to iodine 131 and the investigation varied from 2 months to 3 years. The results gave evidence about the existence of direct relation between the frequency of mutant T-helpers and integrated dose. The character of the relation was described on the basis of mathematical processing. It was concluded that TCR-test can be used for restoration of the biological radiation dose


    Parmonangan Manurung


    Full Text Available Victoria Park is the largest city park in Hong Kong. This city park is not only known in Hong Kong, but also very well known in Indonesia as a gathering place for Indonesia domestic helpers (TKW in Hong Kong. This research tried to find out some determinant factors that have been affected the public open spac of Victoria Park to be a gathering place for thousands of TKW in Sunday and holidays as their day off. In order to get the results of research, some methodological research had been conducted such as: observation (survey, mapping, interviews and literature studies. The results showed that Victoria Park has a number of factors capable of meeting the needs of domestic help-ers in Hong Kong, these factors consist of internal factors and external factors. Internally, the character and functions held Victoria Park became a very influential factor, while externally, the accessibility and support functions around Victoria Park also has a considerable influence.

  18. Consequences of 'load-lightening' for future indirect fitness gains by helpers in a cooperatively breeding bird.

    Meade, Jessica; Nam, Ki-Baek; Beckerman, Andrew P; Hatchwell, Ben J


    1. Helpers that invest energy in provisioning the offspring of related individuals stand to gain indirect fitness benefits from doing so. First, if the helper's effort is additional to that of the parents (additive) the productivity of the current breeding attempt can be increased. Secondly, if the parents reduce their workload (compensation) this can result in future indirect fitness gains to the helper via increased breeder survival; termed 'load-lightening'. 2. Long-tailed tits (Aegithalos caudatus) have a cooperative breeding system in which helpers assist kin and parents exhibit both additive and compensatory reactions in the presence of helpers. Offspring from helped nests are heavier and more likely to recruit into the breeding population, thus helpers gain indirect fitness benefits from increasing the productivity of the current breeding attempt. Despite breeders' reduction of feeding effort in the presence of helpers, previous investigations found no subsequent increase in breeder survival. 3. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that load-lightening resulted in indirect fitness benefits for helpers. We used data from a 14-year study to investigate the provisioning rate, survival and future fecundity of male and female long-tailed tits that did and did not receive help at the nest. 4. We found an asymmetrical response to the presence of helpers at large brood sizes. Males reduced their feeding rate more than females, and this differential response was reflected in a significant increase in male survival when provisioning large broods assisted by helpers. We found no evidence of any increase in future fecundity for helped breeders. 5. The finding that males reduce their provisioning rate in the presence of helpers (at large brood sizes) to a greater degree than females, and that this is reflected in an increase in survival rate for males only, implies that the survival increase is caused by the reduction in work-rate rather than a non

  19. Does human bocavirus infection depend on helper viruses? A challenging case report

    Brockmann Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract A case of severe diarrhoea associated with synergistic human bocavirus type 1 (HBoV and human herpes virus type 6 (HHV6 is reported. The case supports the hypotheses that HBoV infection under clinical conditions may depend on helper viruses, or that HBoV replicates by a mechanism that is atypical for parvoviruses, or that HBoV infection can be specifically treated with cidofovir.

  20. The sustainability of Egan’s Skilled Helper Model in students’ social work practice

    Riggall, Sally


    This paper investigates the nature of students’ learning of the Egan Skilled Helper model in enabling them to develop collaborative communication skills which place service-users at the centre of decision making. The paper is a follow-up to an earlier paper which found that the Egan model was helpful to students as a communication and problem management tool and that they had transferred their learning into practice. The current study involves seven students from the first study and examines ...

  1. Increased circulating follicular helper T cells with decreased programmed death-1 in chronic renal allograft rejection

    Shi, Jian; Luo, Fengbao; Shi, Qianqian; Xu, Xianlin; He, Xiaozhou; Xia, Ying


    Background Chronic antibody-mediated rejection is a major issue that affects long-term renal allograft survival. Since follicular helper T (Tfh) cells promote the development of antigen-specific B cells in alloimmune responses, we investigated the potential roles of Tfh cells, B cells and their alloimmune-regulating molecules in the pathogenesis of chronic renal allograft rejection in this study. Methods The frequency of Tfh, B cells and the levels of their alloimmune-regulating molecules inc...

  2. General pathologist-helper: The new medical app about general pathology

    Iván Fernandez-Vega


    Full Text Available Introduction: Smartphone applications (apps have become increasingly prevalent in medicine. Due to most pathologists, pathology trainees, technicians, and medical students use smartphones; apps can be a different way for general pathology education. “General pathologist-helper (GP-HELPER” is a novel app developed as a reference tool in general pathology and especially for general pathologists, developed for Android and iOS platforms. Materials and Methods: “GP-HELPER,” was created using Mobincube website platform. This tool also integrates “FORUM GP-HELPER,” an external website created using Miarroba website ( and “COMMUNITY GP-HELPER” a multichannel chat created using Chatango website platform. Results: The application was released in July 2015, and it is been periodically updated since then. The app has permanent information (offline data about different pathology protocols (TNM latest edition, protocols regarding management of tumors of unknown primary origin, and flowcharts for some of the most difficult tumors to diagnose and a database with more than 5000 immunohistochemistry results from different tumors. Online data have links to more than 1100 reference pathology video lectures, 250 antibodies information, more than 70 pathology association websites, 46 pathology providers, and 78 outstanding pathology journal websites. Besides this information, the app has two interactive places such as “FORUM GP-HELPER” and “COMMUNITY GP-HELPER” that let users to stay in touch everywhere and every time. Expert consult section is also available. Conclusions: “GP-HELPER” pretends to integrate offline and online data about pathology with two interactive external places in order to represent a reference tool for general pathologists and associate members.

  3. Type II membrane protein CD69 regulates the formation of resting T-helper memory.

    Shinoda, K.; Tokoyoda, K.; Hanazawa, A.; Hayashizaki, K.; Zehentmeier, S.; Hosokawa, H.; Iwamura, C.; Koseki, H.; Tumes, D. J.; Radbruch, A.; Nakayama, T.


    Memory T-helper (Th) lymphocytes are crucial for the maintenance of acquired immunity to eliminate infectious pathogens. We have previously demonstrated that most memory Th lymphocytes reside and rest on stromal niches of the bone marrow (BM). Little is known, however, regarding the molecular basis for the generation and maintenance of BM memory Th lymphocytes. Here we show that CD69-deficient effector CD4 T lymphocytes fail to relocate into and persist in the BM and therefore to differentiat...

  4. Geriatric Helper: An mHealth Application to Support Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

    Samuel Silva


    Full Text Available The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA is a multidisciplinary diagnosis approach that considers several dimensions of fragility in older adults to develop an individualized plan to improve their overall health. Despite the evidence of its positive impact, CGA is still applied by a reduced number of professionals in geriatric care in many countries, mostly using a paper-based approach. In this context, we collaborate with clinicians to bring CGA to the attention of more healthcare professionals and to enable its easier application in clinical settings by proposing a mobile application, Geriatric Helper, to act as a pocket guide that is easy to update remotely with up-to-date information, and that acts as a tool for conducting CGA. This approach reduces the time spent on retrieving the scales documentation, the overhead of calculating the results, and works as a source of information for non-specialists. Geriatric Helper is a tool for the health professionals developed considering an iterative, User-Centred Design approach, with extensive contributions from a broad set of users including domain experts, resulting in a highly usable and accepted system. Geriatric Helper is currently being tested in Portuguese healthcare units allowing for any clinician to apply the otherwise experts-limited geriatric assessment.

  5. Recognition of cigarette brand names and logos by primary schoolchildren in Ankara, Turkey.

    Emri, S; Bağci, T; Karakoca, Y; Bariş, E


    To assess the smoking behaviour of primary schoolchildren and their ability to recognise brand names and logos of widely advertised cigarettes, compared with other commercial products intended for children. Cross-sectional survey in classroom settings using a questionnaire designed to measure attitudes towards smoking and the recognition of brand names and logos for 16 food, beverage, cigarette, and toothpaste products. Ankara, Turkey. 1093 children (54.6% boys, 44.4% girls) aged 7-13 years (mean = 10, SD = 1), from grades 2-5. The student sample was taken from three primary schools--one school in each of three residential districts representing high, middle, and low income populations. Prevalence of ever-smoking, recognition of brand names and logos. Prevalence of ever-smoking was 11.7% overall (13.9% among boys and 9.1% among girls; p Brand recognition rates ranged from 58.1% for Chee-tos (a food product) to 95.2% for Samsun (a Turkish cigarette brand). Recognition rates for cigarette brand names and logos were 95.2% and 80.8%, respectively, for Samsun; 84.0% and 90.5%, respectively, for Camel; and 92.1% and 69.5%, respectively, for Marlboro. The Camel logo and the Samsun and Marlboro brand names were the most highly recognised of all product logos and brand names tested. The high recognition of cigarette brand names and logos is most likely the result of tobacco advertising and promotion. Our results indicate the need to implement comprehensive tobacco control measures in Turkey.

  6. T helper 17.1 cells associate with multiple sclerosis disease activity: perspectives for early intervention.

    van Langelaar, Jamie; van der Vuurst de Vries, Roos M; Janssen, Malou; Wierenga-Wolf, Annet F; Spilt, Isis M; Siepman, Theodora A; Dankers, Wendy; Verjans, Georges M G M; de Vries, Helga E; Lubberts, Erik; Hintzen, Rogier Q; van Luijn, Marvin M


    Interleukin-17-expressing CD4+ T helper 17 (Th17) cells are considered as critical regulators of multiple sclerosis disease activity. However, depending on the species and pro-inflammatory milieu, Th17 cells are functionally heterogeneous, consisting of subpopulations that differentially produce interleukin-17, interferon-gamma and granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor. In the current study, we studied distinct effector phenotypes of human Th17 cells and their correlation with disease activity in multiple sclerosis patients. T helper memory populations single- and double-positive for C-C chemokine receptor 6 (CCR6) and CXC chemokine receptor 3 (CXCR3) were functionally assessed in blood and/or cerebrospinal fluid from a total of 59 patients with clinically isolated syndrome, 35 untreated patients and 24 natalizumab-treated patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, and nine patients with end-stage multiple sclerosis. Within the clinically isolated syndrome group, 23 patients had a second attack within 1 year and 26 patients did not experience subsequent attacks during a follow-up of >5 years. Low frequencies of T helper 1 (Th1)-like Th17 (CCR6+CXCR3+), and not Th17 (CCR6+CXCR3-) effector memory populations in blood strongly associated with a rapid diagnosis of clinically definite multiple sclerosis. In cerebrospinal fluid of clinically isolated syndrome and relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients, Th1-like Th17 effector memory cells were abundant and showed increased production of interferon-gamma and granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor compared to paired CCR6+ and CCR6-CD8+ T cell populations and their blood equivalents after short-term culturing. Their local enrichment was confirmed ex vivo using cerebrospinal fluid and brain single-cell suspensions. Across all pro-inflammatory T helper cells analysed in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis blood, Th1-like Th17 subpopulation T helper 17.1 (Th17.1; CCR6+CXCR3+CCR4

  7. Atuação dos psicólogos nos CRAS do interior do RN

    Isabel Fernandes de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Analisa-se a atuação do psicólogo em Centros de Referência da Assistência Social (CRAS localizados em municípios do interior do estado do Rio Grande do Norte (RN. Quinze psicólogos de CRAS distribuídos nas microrregiões do RN foram entrevistados, a partir de um roteiro semiestruturado sobre perfil sociodemográfico, formação profissional, serviços ofertados nos CRAS e atividades desenvolvidas pelos psicólogos. Identificou-se que esses profissionais realizam um conjunto de atividades, que tanto atende aos ditames oficiais no escopo da política de Assistência Social, quanto, concomitantemente, se serve do modelo historicamente hegemônico de formação e atuação do psicólogo. Considera-se que o trabalho na política de Assistência Social colocou os psicólogos diante de uma classe trabalhadora ainda mais pauperizada, com demandas diversas daquelas tradicionalmente consideradas pela Psicologia. Discutem-se as possibilidades e os limites da atuação profissional no âmbito dessa política pública, bem como os entraves estruturais da própria política no modo de produção capitalista.

  8. Del misionero antropólogo al shamán electrónico

    Iván F. Rodrigo Mendizabal


    Full Text Available Las primeras imágenes en movimiento tiene que ver con la documentación: salida de obreros de las fábricas, vistas de calles, hombres y mujeres en la cotidianidad; presencias proyectadas en la pantalla para asombro de gentes. Luego, el documentar con imágenes pasa a ser objeto de atención de los cientistas, fundamentalmente antropólogos, etnólogos, zoólogos, etc.; contribuyendo así a la naciente antropología. El cine se presenta como un efectivo apuntador para estudiar las culturas indígenas. Habla del "cine culturalista", mezcla de de etnografía y aventuras. Describe los pasos que dieron misioneros, antropólogos, hasta llegar a cineastas. Aborda la indagación social mediante el cine de autovaloración y de camino político, de intermediador y portavoz de la voz de los oprimidos y casi siempre convertirse en el tecnólogo de la expresión cultural.


    Birsen Ceken


    Full Text Available An increase in the means of communication with the development of technology has brought companies the necessity to introduce their products and services in by using distinctive marketing strategies and visual identity designs. Being notable in this period which is filled with work and rivalry is a significant element. Logo playing a significant role in the design of visual identity represents the strength of a company and a brand. The companies which keep pace with the recent technology and understand the significance of distinctiveness have gone into reorganization by either changing their visual identities completely or changing their logo design that form their visual identity. The companies reforming their company images to keep pace with the changing world has been being recreated by changing their corporate identity namely; their images. Companies entering into the image refreshing competition commence to this change with their logos. The aim of this research is to analyze critically the old and new logos of Yörsan Company- which has gone into the reorganization of its logo in 2015 - in terms of fitting for the purpose, simplicity, memorability, readability, applicability, uniqueness and in line with the aesthetic qualities and convenience to the sector.

  10. Branding and a child’s brain: an fMRI study of neural responses to logos

    Bruce, Jared M.; Black, William R.; Lepping, Rebecca J.; Henry, Janice M.; Cherry, Joseph Bradley C.; Martin, Laura E.; Papa, Vlad B.; Davis, Ann M.; Brooks, William M.; Savage, Cary R.


    Branding and advertising have a powerful effect on both familiarity and preference for products, yet no neuroimaging studies have examined neural response to logos in children. Food advertising is particularly pervasive and effective in manipulating choices in children. The purpose of this study was to examine how healthy children’s brains respond to common food and other logos. A pilot validation study was first conducted with 32 children to select the most culturally familiar logos, and to match food and non-food logos on valence and intensity. A new sample of 17 healthy weight children were then scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Food logos compared to baseline were associated with increased activation in orbitofrontal cortex and inferior prefrontal cortex. Compared to non-food logos, food logos elicited increased activation in posterior cingulate cortex. Results confirmed that food logos activate some brain regions in children known to be associated with motivation. This marks the first study in children to examine brain responses to culturally familiar logos. Considering the pervasiveness of advertising, research should further investigate how children respond at the neural level to marketing. PMID:22997054

  11. Subfamily logos: visualization of sequence deviations at alignment positions with high information content

    Beitz Eric


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Recognition of relevant sequence deviations can be valuable for elucidating functional differences between protein subfamilies. Interesting residues at highly conserved positions can then be mutated and experimentally analyzed. However, identification of such sites is tedious because automated approaches are scarce. Results Subfamily logos visualize subfamily-specific sequence deviations. The display is similar to classical sequence logos but extends into the negative range. Positive, upright characters correspond to residues which are characteristic for the subfamily, negative, upside-down characters to residues typical for the remaining sequences. The symbol height is adjusted to the information content of the alignment position. Residues which are conserved throughout do not appear. Conclusion Subfamily logos provide an intuitive display of relevant sequence deviations. The method has proven to be valid using a set of 135 aligned aquaporin sequences in which established subfamily-specific positions were readily identified by the algorithm.

  12. El logos en el De incarnatione Verbi de Atanasio: Una primera aproximación

    Sergio Zañartu


    Full Text Available El autor, apoyado en el uso de múltiples vocablos, nos ofrece una aproximación al Logos en el De incarnatione Verbi de Atanasio, sin descuidar su conexión con el Contra Gentes. Las dos causas principales de la Encarnación son: la victoria sobre la muerte y la reconstitución del hombre según la imagen. Respecto a la primera, además del pago sacrificial de la deuda, destaca sobre todo que la vida desplaza a la muerte, que estaba entrelazada con el cuerpo, porque el Logos es la El cuerpo de Cristo pasa de incorruptible a inmortal en la resurrección, lo que se extiende a todos, dada la semejanza del cuerpo del Logos con el nuestro. Respecto a la segunda causa, el hombre es reconstruido según la imagen, porque en el cuerpo de Cristo está la misma imagen del Padre, que es el Logos, quien, mediante sus obras, nos vuelve a enseñar sobre el Padre. Porque ser según la imagen, es conocer a Dios. Estas obras del Logos encarnado incluyen, en buena medida, la derrota de los griegos idolátricos, y del judaismo que tenía la promesa, por el cristianismo. Atanasio nos presenta, pues, una esplendorosa teología del Logos Dios, creador (providente y salvador, pero pasa en silencio el alma de JesúsThe author of this article, supported by the utilization of multiple terms, offers us an approximation to the concept of Logos in De incarnatione Verbi of Athanasius, without discarding its connection with Contra Gentes. The two principal causes of the Incarnation are: the victory over death, and the reconstitution of man according the image. Regarding the first, apart from the sacrificial payment of debt, it highlights above all the fact that life displaces death, which was interlinked with the body, because the Logos is the The body of Christ passes from the incorruptible to the immortal in the Resurrection, which extends to all, given the similarity of the body of the Logos to our own. Regarding the second cause, man is reconstructed according to the

  13. Logo-od: The applicability of Logotherapy as an organisation development intervention

    Daniel H. Burger


    Full Text Available the study investigated the relationship between “resistance to or readiness for change” (ror-change and “meaning seeking”, and whether a logotherapy-based intervention – Logo-OD – would impact on resistance to change. A quasi-experimental design and various statistical procedures were applied to test formulated hypotheses. of a survey population of 1 637 individuals, 193 and 76 respondents formed part of the pre- and post-test samples respectively. Whereas a signifcant relationship was established between said constructs, no signifcant effect of Logo-OD was observed. These results supported the primary conclusions emanating from the literature: the role of logo-oD is one of a positive trigger event for organisational change.

  14. Logo! 8 a practical introduction, with circuit solutions and example programs

    Kruse, Stefan


    Addressing students and engineers, but also hobby engineers, this practical guide will help to easily and cost-effectively implement technical solutions in home and installation technology, as well as small-scale automation solutions in machine and plant engineering. The book descriptively illustrates how to plan LOGO! 8 projects, develop programs and how to select the hardware. Standard control technology scenarios are demonstrated by building on the fundamentals of modern information technology and with the help of several real-life sample switches. In addition, readers are provided with practice-oriented descriptions of various basic and special LOGO! 8 modules with which specific tasks can be very flexibly implemented. Compared to former generations and competing products, LOGO! 8 comprises an integrated Ethernet interface, easy Internet control, a space-saving design and also more digital and analog outputs. The basic and special functions of the logic module can be used to replace several switching devi...

  15. Helper T cell epitope-mapping reveals MHC-peptide binding affinities that correlate with T helper cell responses to pneumococcal surface protein A.

    Rajesh Singh


    Full Text Available Understanding the requirements for protection against pneumococcal carriage and pneumonia will greatly benefit efforts in controlling these diseases. Several proteins and polysaccharide capsule have recently been implicated in the virulence of and protective immunity against Streptococcus pneumonia. Pneumococcal surface protein A (PspA is highly conserved among S. pneumonia strains, inhibits complement activation, binds lactoferrin, elicits protective systemic immunity against pneumococcal infection, and is necessary for full pneumococcal virulence. Identification of PspA peptides that optimally bind human leukocyte antigen (HLA would greatly contribute to global vaccine efforts, but this is hindered by the multitude of HLA polymorphisms. Here, we have used an experimental data set of 54 PspA peptides and in silico methods to predict peptide binding to HLA and murine major histocompatibility complex (MHC class II. We also characterized spleen- and cervical lymph node (CLN-derived helper T lymphocyte (HTL cytokine responses to these peptides after S. pneumonia strain EF3030-challenge in mice. Individual, yet overlapping peptides, 15 amino acids in length revealed residues 199 to 246 of PspA (PspA(199-246 consistently caused the greatest IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-5 and proliferation as well as moderate IL-10 and IL-4 responses by ex vivo stimulated splenic and CLN CD4(+ T cells isolated from S. pneumonia strain EF3030-challeged F(1 (B6xBALB/c mice. IEDB, RANKPEP, SVMHC, MHCPred, and SYFPEITHI in silico analysis tools revealed peptides in PspA(199-246 also interact with a broad range of HLA-DR, -DQ, and -DP allelles. These data suggest that predicted MHC class II-peptide binding affinities do not always correlate with T helper (Th cytokine or proliferative responses to PspA peptides, but when used together with in vivo validation can be a useful tool to choose candidate pneumococcal HTL epitopes.

  16. Real-time implementation of logo detection on open source BeagleBoard

    George, M.; Kehtarnavaz, N.; Estevez, L.


    This paper presents the real-time implementation of our previously developed logo detection and tracking algorithm on the open source BeagleBoard mobile platform. This platform has an OMAP processor that incorporates an ARM Cortex processor. The algorithm combines Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) with k-means clustering, online color calibration and moment invariants to robustly detect and track logos in video. Various optimization steps that are carried out to allow the real-time execution of the algorithm on BeagleBoard are discussed. The results obtained are compared to the PC real-time implementation results.

  17. El catálogo: un recurso en expansión

    Játiva-Miralles, María-Victoria


    Se analizan las propiedades que caracterizan al catálogo bibliográfico y las utilidades que ofrece actualmente en el entorno de otros sistemas de recuperación de información, como buscadores de Internet, metabuscadores y catálogos colectivos. Se presentan las últimas tendencias y desarrollos llevados a cabo, tanto en el contenido de los registros bibliográficos, como en la recuperación y visualización de la información.

  18. O papel do psicólogo escolar: Concepções de professores e gestores

    Pereira-Silva, Nara Liana; Andrade, Jaqueline Ferreira Condé de Melo; Crolman, Sarah Rezende; Mejía, Cristina Fuentes


    Resumo Historicamente, a atuação do psicólogo no contexto escolar tem sido mais caracterizada pelo modelo clínico do que por modelos mais sistêmicos e institucionais. O presente estudo objetivou descrever as concepções de professores e gestores sobre o papel do psicólogo escolar. Participaram desta investigação 38 membros da equipe administrativo-pedagógica e professores de uma escola particular, os quais foram entrevistados na própria escola, tendo sido construídas categorias de análise. Os ...

  19. Erotikos logos and paganism in the works of Papadiamantis: an interpretation of the female type


    M.A. The purpose of this study is to introduce to the reader to meaning of erotikos logos in Papadiamantis’ prose. Special attention is also paid to the female type, as it was formed at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in Greece. The theme of paganism with special reference to the erotikos logos is examined in Preface as well. The examination is based on Triantafillopoulos’ edition, the Άπαντα. In Introduction the theoretical framework is discussed, which i...

  20. Specificity in the association of tomato black ring virus satellite RNA with helper virus.

    Oncino, C; Hemmer, O; Fritsch, C


    The satellite RNAs (sat-RNAs) associated with some isolates of tomato black ring virus (TBRV) consist of single-stranded molecules of about 1375 nucleotides, encoding a nonstructural protein of 48K which has been shown to be involved in the replication of the sat-RNA. The TBRV sat-RNAs are also dependent for their replication and for their encapsidation on the helper virus. To characterize the nature of the association between sat-RNA and helper virus, transcripts of sat-RNA from TBRV isolates C and L (respectively, of serotypes G and S) have been prepared and inoculated onto Chenopodium quinoa leaves or protoplasts. Transcript of the TBRV sat-RNA C is efficiently multiplied when coinoculated with the genomic RNAs of TBRV isolate G (used instead of TBRV isolate C, because isolate G was depleted of sat-RNA), but does not multiply with TBRV isolate L. On the other hand, transcript of the sat-RNA L is able to multiply with the cognate helper virus and, less efficiently, with grapevine chrome mosaic virus (another nepovirus, 80% similar to TBRV), but does not multiply with TBRV G. The specificity of the association resides at the level of sat-RNA replication. Analysis of the multiplication of chimeric sat-RNAs, obtained by exchanging different regions between the two sat-RNAs C and L, showed that the 5' and the 3' noncoding regions of the sat-RNA, although important for replication, are not implicated in specificity. The results suggest that the determinants of the specificity are contained in the 48K sat-RNA-encoded protein.

  1. When helping helps: autonomous motivation for prosocial behavior and its influence on well-being for the helper and recipient.

    Weinstein, Netta; Ryan, Richard M


    Self-determination theory posits that the degree to which a prosocial act is volitional or autonomous predicts its effect on well-being and that psychological need satisfaction mediates this relation. Four studies tested the impact of autonomous and controlled motivation for helping others on well-being and explored effects on other outcomes of helping for both helpers and recipients. Study 1 used a diary method to assess daily relations between prosocial behaviors and helper well-being and tested mediating effects of basic psychological need satisfaction. Study 2 examined the effect of choice on motivation and consequences of autonomous versus controlled helping using an experimental design. Study 3 examined the consequences of autonomous versus controlled helping for both helpers and recipients in a dyadic task. Finally, Study 4 manipulated motivation to predict helper and recipient outcomes. Findings support the idea that autonomous motivation for helping yields benefits for both helper and recipient through greater need satisfaction. Limitations and implications are discussed. Copyright 2009 APA, all rights reserved

  2. Identity Crisis: How the University of California System Built a Brand Identity but Lost a Logo Along the Way

    Simon, Jason


    The logo controversy was sparked by an article on the "San Jose Mercury News"' website that was promptly picked up by other news outlets and shared across social networks. Under the headline "University of California introduces a modern logo" sat a blurry, low-quality image of the new monogram next to the 145-year-old UC seal.…

  3. Impact of foods with health logo on ssaturated fat, sodium and sugar intake of young Dutch adults

    Temme, E.H.M.; Voet, van der H.; Roodenburg, A.; Bulder, A.; Donkersgoed, van A.; Klaveren, van J.D.


    Objective Health logos are introduced to distinguish foods with ‘healthier’ nutrient composition from regular foods. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of changed food compositions according to health logo criteria on the intake of saturated fat, sugar and sodium in a Dutch population of


    Ana Fernanda Uribe Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Esta investigación busca describir tanto las competencias laborales genéricas y específicas del psicólogo javeriano de acuerdo con el área aplicativa: clínica, educativa, organizacional y social, como las competencias laborales requeridas por los empleadores de psicólogos, mediante la aplicación de la Encuesta de Competencias del Psicólogo Javeriano, tomada de Herrera, Restrepo y Uribe (2006, y una entrevista semiestructurada aplicada solo a psicólogos javerianos. Se conformó una muestra de 22 psicólogos egresados de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali y 13 informantes empleadores de psicólogos. Se realizó un análisis descriptivo por medio del paquete estadístico SPSS, para describir los ítems de la encuesta realizada. A partir de los resultados y el análisis realizado, se encontraron diferencias entre las valoraciones dadas por empleadores y psicólogos javerianos respecto a las competencias en cada área aplicativa, y se logró ratificar la especificidad de las competencias, de acuerdo al área. De igual forma, se puede afirmar que existen competencias genéricas para los profesionales en psicología, de las cuales se hallaron similitudes respecto a las percepciones de empleadores y psicólogos egresados.

  5. Developing a pro-regenerative biomaterial scaffold microenvironment requires T helper 2 cells.

    Sadtler, Kaitlyn; Estrellas, Kenneth; Allen, Brian W; Wolf, Matthew T; Fan, Hongni; Tam, Ada J; Patel, Chirag H; Luber, Brandon S; Wang, Hao; Wagner, Kathryn R; Powell, Jonathan D; Housseau, Franck; Pardoll, Drew M; Elisseeff, Jennifer H


    Immune-mediated tissue regeneration driven by a biomaterial scaffold is emerging as an innovative regenerative strategy to repair damaged tissues. We investigated how biomaterial scaffolds shape the immune microenvironment in traumatic muscle wounds to improve tissue regeneration. The scaffolds induced a pro-regenerative response, characterized by an mTOR/Rictor-dependent T helper 2 pathway that guides interleukin-4-dependent macrophage polarization, which is critical for functional muscle recovery. Manipulating the adaptive immune system using biomaterials engineering may support the development of therapies that promote both systemic and local pro-regenerative immune responses, ultimately stimulating tissue repair. Copyright © 2016, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  6. Dose assessment of the patient and the helper in emergency head computed tomography

    Chang, Rong-Chou; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Hsu, Fang-Yuh; Chen, Tou-Rong; Hsu, Shih-Ming; Tyan, Yeu-Sheng


    Computed Tomography (CT) becomes more and more important and is frequently used in modern diagnostic techniques. CT offers an effective diagnosis on lesion and pathology; however, it also delivers a radiation dose to patients. Besides, in some special emergency cases, the patient may require someone to help him in the examination room to perform the head CT, due to the patient lost intellectual and operational capacity. This study evaluated the delivered radiation dose and the risk of radiation-induced cancer for the patient and for the helper after carrying out the emergent head CT examination. A Rando phantom with thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) chips inside relevant organs was used to simulate the patient during head CT examination. An effective dose of 2.06 ± 0.16 mSv and 1.46 ± 0.07 mSv without and with wearing the lead apron were found respectively, considering ICRP 60 recommendation. ICRP 103 recommendations the readings would have been 1.29 ± 0.15 mSv and 0.71 ± 0.04 mSv. The effective dose determined from the dose-length product (DLP) method (2.19 mSv) was similar to the value (2.06 ± 0.16 mSv) estimated by TLD method considering the ICRP 60 recommendation (without lead apron). Assuming a 5% total risk for fatal cancer per Sv in the general population, risk of radiation-induced cancer for patients were 1.03 × 10 −2 % (without lead apron) and 7.80 × 10 −3 % (with lead apron) for ICRP 60, and were 6.45 × 10 −3 % (without lead apron) and 3.55 × 10 −3 % (with lead apron) for ICRP 103. The dose received by the helper was assessed by wearing a personal badge. The helper during emergent head CT examination may receive a personal dose equivalent (H p (10)) of 19.36 ± 5.89 μSv and 138.81 ± 101.28 μSv with and without lead apron, respectively, at distance of 0.3–1 m from the center of CT scanner. Based on the observed dose reduction of a factor of 7.17 we recommend that helpers wear lead apron in the CT examination room.

  7. Induction of non-responsiveness in human allergen-specific type 2 T helper cells.

    Yssel, H; Fasler, S; Lamb, J; de Vries, J E


    Activation of allergen-reactive human T helper (Th)2 cells in the absence of professional antigen-presenting cells, induces non-responsiveness or anergy in these cells in vitro. This induction of anergy is accompanied by phenotypic modulation and altered cytokine production. Furthermore, peptide-treated Th2 cells fail to provide B-cell help for IgE synthesis. Recent studies indicate that impaired signal transduction via the T-cell receptor may account for the lack of responsiveness to antigenic stimulation. Here, we review present knowledge on the cell biology of non-responsive or anergic Th2 cells.

  8. Neutralidad del diálogo y neutralidad política en B. Ackerman

    Abat Ninet, Antoni; Monserrat, Josep


    noción de diálogo, así como las funciones y potencialidades que esta noción tiene en la sociedad; no en vano, la mejor manera de entender la tradición liberal es precisamente mediante el esfuerzo de definir y justificar una amplia fuerza en el poder del habla. El punto de partida del análisis es la obra...... del profesor estadounidense Bruce Ackerman, ya que el diálogo se constituye como un elemento central de la teoría liberal de este autor y la primera obligación que se adquiere como ciudadanos de las sociedades liberales. El siguiente elemento que se expone es la neutralidad. Para obtener una...... diálogo. Asimismo, se enfatiza que el concepto de diálogo neutro, tal y como lo establece Ackerman, no es viable en el campo de la política o del derecho, ya que no se está ante una ciencia exacta. En el campo del derecho, cuando dos posiciones se oponen, las partes utilizan todo tipo de argumentaciones...

  9. 36 CFR 1200.16 - Will I be penalized for misusing the official seals and logos?


    ... manner inconsistent with the provisions of this part, you are subject to penalties under 18 U.S.C. 1017... reproductions, of logos in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this part, you are subject to penalties under 18 U.S.C. 701. [69 FR 26051, May 11, 2004] ...

  10. El antrop??logo, la pol??tica y el ind??gena

    Gonz??lez Alcantud, Jos?? Antonio


    En v??speras de 1992, conmemoraci??n del descubrimiento americano, es entrevistado Antonio P??rez, antrop??logo de campo en la selva amaz??nica y nombrado asesor de asuntos ??tnicos de la Comisi??n Nacional del Quinto Centenario.

  11. Customer Awareness and Behavior Intention Towards the Use of Halal Logo on Restaurants

    Sabainah Bachok


    Full Text Available The trend of eating out leads the food service industry to the needs of managing customers and making sure that all their needs and preferences can be fulfilled. The certification and recognition of establishment also becomes the in thing in hospitality industry, which includes the certification of halal, HACCP, and ISO. Establishment with certification is useful as a marketing strategy to attract more customers. This study discusses the level of customer awareness of towards the halal logo used in some restaurants which is carried out to give evidence to restaurant operators regarding the importance of attaching the genuine halal logo in their restaurant. From the findings, it is showed that customers are do aware of the use of halal logo on restaurants. It is also a factor in choosing a restaurant. It is concluded that halal logo is one of the main factors for customers in choosing restaurants which in return can be a main strategy to attract and retain more customers in the future, not only for the local customer but also to foreigners.

  12. An Inter-Disciplinary Language for Inter-Disciplinary Communication: Academic Globalization, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

    Marta Szabo White


    Full Text Available Inspired by the intersection of character, emotions, and logic, much like a Hungarian Rhapsody which is beautifully sad; this paper explores ethos, pathos, and logos in the context of Academic Globalization. As students of the world, an inter-disciplinary language is pivotal for inter-disciplinary communication. Given that the current state of the world stems primarily from miscommunications, it is imperative to launch a cognitive language tool which underscores global commonalities and mitigates cultural differences. Such a platform would foster interdisciplinary research, education, and communication. New paradigms would evolve, grounded in ethos, pathos, and logos. Like yin and yang, these states are interrelated, interacting, and interchanging learning spheres. Just as day and night blend at some point; just as the Parthenon epitomized Greek thought, celebrated the birthplace of democracy, and for the first time, depicted everyday citizens in friezes- underscoring their impactful role- ethos, pathos, and logos represent cross-disciplinary communication devices which synergistically transform and ignite academic globalization. The Literature Review links the concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos with the seminal work Lewis and his LMR framework, which has given birth to Cultureactive and subsequently to ICE [InterCultural Edge]. Accessed February 14, 2014

  13. Logo and Geometry. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education Monograph Series.

    Clements, Douglas H.; Battista, Michael T.

    This book, the 10th volume in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME) Monograph Series, discusses the geometry curriculum and investigates how elementary school students learn geometric concepts and how Logo programming and its turtle graphics might affect this learning. This volume also provides details on the development,…

  14. Effect of Using Logo on Pupils' Learning in Two-Dimensional Shapes

    Yi, Boo Jia; Eu, Leong Kwan


    The integration of technology in mathematics instruction is an important step in the 21st century learning style. At the primary level, some studies have explored how technology could help in mathematics learning. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of using Logo on pupils' learning of the properties of two-dimensional shapes. A…

  15. Estado actual de los neonatólogos certificados en México

    L.M. González-Gómez


    Conclusiones: En México hay un neonatólogo por cada 1,823 recién nacidos, 55% de ellos son mujeres, 10 hospitales han formado al 85% de los subespecialistas, el 70% trabaja en hospitales públicos y el 12% en privados.

  16. Indian sports nicknames/logos: affective difference between American Indian and non-Indian college students.

    LaRocque, Angela R; McDonald, J Douglas; Weatherly, Jeffrey N; Ferraro, F Richard


    The use of American Indian (AI) words and images in athletic teams' nicknames, logos, and mascots remains a controversial issue. This study investigated the emotional impact of the University of North Dakota's "Fighting Sioux" nickname/logo on 33 AI and 36 majority culture (MC) students enrolled at the university. Participants completed the Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist-Revised (MAACL-R) before viewing two slide presentations of Fighting Sioux-related images: one neutral (i.e., non-controversial) and one controversial. Participants completed the MAACL-R after each presentation. They also completed the Nickname and Logo Distress Scale, and AI participants completed the Northern Plains Biculturalism Inventory to assess their degree of cultural orientation. Results showed that AIs experienced higher negative affect following both slide presentations than did MC participants. MC participants' affect was only changed following the controversial slide presentation. The findings suggest AI students may experience significantly higher levels of psychological distress when viewing even neutral images of AI nicknames/logos.

  17. A Cybernetic Approach To Study the Learnability of the LOGO Turtle World.

    Ippel, Martin J.; Meulemans, Caroline J. M.


    This study of second- and third-grade students in the Netherlands tests the hypothesis that simplification of the semantic structure will facilitate semantic understanding and acquisition of syntax knowledge within the LOGO Turtle World. Two microworlds were designed applying the theory of automata and abstract languages. (Author/LRW)

  18. Knowledge-Based Instruction: Teaching Problem Solving in a Logo Learning Environment.

    Swan, Karen; Black, John B.


    Discussion of computer programming and knowledge-based instruction focuses on three studies of elementary and secondary school students which show that five particular problem-solving strategies can be developed in students explicitly taught the strategies and given practice applying them to solve LOGO programming problems. (Contains 53…

  19. Results of Four Studies on Logo Programming, Problem Solving, and Knowledge-Based Instructional Design.

    Swan, Karen; Black, John B.

    The results of four research studies conducted with subjects ranging in age and ability from elementary to graduate school students demonstrate that Logo programming environments can be instrumental in the development of five particular problem solving strategies: (1) subgoals formation; (2) forward chaining; (3) systematic trial and error; (4)…

  20. El Bibliotecólogo como animador a la lectura desde la Biblioteca Escolar

    Lorena Chaves Salgado


    Full Text Available Este ensayo aborda la importancia de desarrollar el hábito lector en la vida de los niños, y el compromiso del Bibliotecólogo escolar como un animador a la lectura que impulse esta experiencia.

  1. Prólogo à história da psicologia

    José Antônio Damásio Abib

    Full Text Available O texto da história da psicologia é um intertexto e o método de pesquisa dessa disciplina dirige-se para a elucidação desse intertexto. O historiador da psicologia trata com textos de psicólogos, filósofos e historiadores das culturas e das idéias. Começa investigando um texto de um psicólogo e aprofunda e amplia seu exame com o estudo de textos filosóficos e históricos que freqüentemente permanecem silenciosos no texto do psicólogo. Seguindo esse método, narra as reconstruções racionais (as analogias conceituais entre o texto do psicólogo e o pré-texto filosófico e as revoluções psicológicas (ao inserir as reconstruções racionais nos seus contextos cultural e intelectual que constituem o memorial da psicologia. Os casos Wilhelm Wundt por Kurt Danziger, e Edward C. Tolman por Laurence Smith são apresentados para ilustrar concretamente nossa caracterização da história da psicologia; e, também, para mostrar como escorregos e omissões intertextuais conduzem a equívocos e simplificações surpreendentes, que não poupam os melhores historiadores.

  2. Mental status of the elderly receiving home health services and the associated stress of home helpers.

    Nagatomo, I; Takigawa, M


    One hundred and ninety elderly people receiving home health service were investigated. The intellectual levels, depressive state evaluated by the Cornell scale for depression in dementia (CSDD) scale, abnormal behaviors evaluated by the dementia behavior disturbance (DBD) scale, and activities of daily living (ADL) were examined. These assessments were performed by 72 skilled home helpers who also assessed the severity of their own level of stress using the Burnout scale. The intellectual level and mood-related signs, based on the CSDD scale, of the elderly living with families or with a spouse were diminished significantly as compared to the elderly living alone. The elderly living with families also performed worse on all ADL categories except for visual acuity as compared to the elderly living with a spouse or living alone. There was no significant correlation between the Burnout scale score and age or frequency of working as a home helper. These results suggest that elderly people living with families as compared to the elderly living with a spouse or living alone have greater mental health needs as well as more profound physical limitations.

  3. T helper cell subsets specific for Pseudomonas aeruginosa in healthy individuals and patients with cystic fibrosis.

    Hannah K Bayes

    Full Text Available We set out to determine the magnitude of antigen-specific memory T helper cell responses to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in healthy humans and patients with cystic fibrosis.Peripheral blood human memory CD4(+ T cells were co-cultured with dendritic cells that had been infected with different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The T helper response was determined by measuring proliferation, immunoassay of cytokine output, and immunostaining of intracellular cytokines.Healthy individuals and patients with cystic fibrosis had robust antigen-specific memory CD4(+ T cell responses to Pseudomonas aeruginosa that not only contained a Th1 and Th17 component but also Th22 cells. In contrast to previous descriptions of human Th22 cells, these Pseudomonal-specific Th22 cells lacked the skin homing markers CCR4 or CCR10, although were CCR6(+. Healthy individuals and patients with cystic fibrosis had similar levels of Th22 cells, but the patient group had significantly fewer Th17 cells in peripheral blood.Th22 cells specific to Pseudomonas aeruginosa are induced in both healthy individuals and patients with cystic fibrosis. Along with Th17 cells, they may play an important role in the pulmonary response to this microbe in patients with cystic fibrosis and other conditions.

  4. Detection of tmRNA molecules on microarrays at low temperatures using helper oligonucleotides

    Palta Priit


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The hybridization of synthetic Streptococcus pneumoniae tmRNA on a detection microarray is slow at 34°C resulting in low signal intensities. Results We demonstrate that adding specific DNA helper oligonucleotides (chaperones to the hybridization buffer increases the signal strength at a given temperature and thus makes the specific detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae tmRNA more sensitive. No loss of specificity was observed at low temperatures compared to hybridization at 46°C. The effect of the chaperones can be explained by disruption of the strong secondary and tertiary structure of the target RNA by the selective hybridization of helper molecules. The amplification of the hybridization signal strength by chaperones is not necessarily local; we observed increased signal intensities in both local and distant regions of the target molecule. Conclusions The sensitivity of the detection of tmRNA at low temperature can be increased by chaperone oligonucleotides. Due to the complexity of RNA secondary and tertiary structures the effect of any individual chaperone is currently not predictable.

  5. NFIL3 Orchestrates the Emergence of Common Helper Innate Lymphoid Cell Precursors

    Wei Xu


    Full Text Available Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs are a family of effectors that originate from a common innate lymphoid cell progenitor. However, the transcriptional program that sets the identity of the ILC lineage remains elusive. Here, we show that NFIL3 is a critical regulator of the common helper-like innate lymphoid cell progenitor (CHILP. Cell-intrinsic Nfil3 ablation led to variably impaired development of fetal and adult ILC subsets. Conditional gene targeting demonstrated that NFIL3 exerted its function prior to ILC subset commitment. Accordingly, NFIL3 ablation resulted in loss of ID2+ CHILP and PLZF+ ILC progenitors. Nfil3 expression in lymphoid progenitors was under the control of the mesenchyme-derived hematopoietin IL-7, and NFIL3 exerted its function via direct Id2 regulation in the CHILP. Moreover, ectopic Id2 expression in Nfil3-null precursors rescued defective ILC lineage development in vivo. Our data establish NFIL3 as a key regulator of common helper-like ILC progenitors as they emerge during early lymphopoiesis.

  6. Efficient Gene Delivery to Pig Airway Epithelia and Submucosal Glands Using Helper-Dependent Adenoviral Vectors

    Huibi Cao


    Full Text Available Airway gene delivery is a promising strategy to treat patients with life-threatening lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis (CF. However, this strategy has to be evaluated in large animal preclinical studies in order to translate it to human applications. Because of anatomic and physiological similarities between the human and pig lungs, we utilized pig as a large animal model to examine the safety and efficiency of airway gene delivery with helper-dependent adenoviral vectors. Helper-dependent vectors carrying human CFTR or reporter gene LacZ were aerosolized intratracheally into pigs under bronchoscopic guidance. We found that the LacZ reporter and hCFTR transgene products were efficiently expressed in lung airway epithelial cells. The transgene vectors with this delivery can also reach to submucosal glands. Moreover, the hCFTR transgene protein localized to the apical membrane of both ciliated and nonciliated epithelial cells, mirroring the location of wild-type CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR. Aerosol delivery procedure was well tolerated by pigs without showing systemic toxicity based on the limited number of pigs tested. These results provide important insights into developing clinical strategies for human CF lung gene therapy.

  7. Lactobacilli activate human dendritic cells that skew T cells toward T helper 1 polarization.

    Mohamadzadeh, Mansour; Olson, Scott; Kalina, Warren V; Ruthel, Gordon; Demmin, Gretchen L; Warfield, Kelly L; Bavari, Sina; Klaenhammer, Todd R


    Professional antigen-presenting dendritic cells (DCs) are critical in regulating T cell immune responses at both systemic and mucosal sites. Many Lactobacillus species are normal members of the human gut microflora and most are regarded as safe when administered as probiotics. Because DCs can naturally or therapeutically encounter lactobacilli, we investigated the effects of several well defined strains, representing three species of Lactobacillus on human myeloid DCs (MDCs) and found that they modulated the phenotype and functions of human MDCs. Lactobacillus-exposed MDCs up-regulated HLA-DR, CD83, CD40, CD80, and CD86 and secreted high levels of IL-12 and IL-18, but not IL-10. IL-12 was sustained in MDCs exposed to all three Lactobacillus species in the presence of LPS from Escherichia coli, whereas LPS-induced IL-10 was greatly inhibited. MDCs activated with lactobacilli clearly skewed CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells to T helper 1 and Tc1 polarization, as evidenced by secretion of IFN-gamma, but not IL-4 or IL-13. These results emphasize a potentially important role for lactobacilli in modulating immunological functions of DCs and suggest that certain strains could be particularly advantageous as vaccine adjuvants, by promoting DCs to regulate T cell responses toward T helper 1 and Tc1 pathways.

  8. Follicular helper T cells poise immune responses to the development of autoimmune pathology.

    Gómez-Martín, Diana; Díaz-Zamudio, Mariana; Romo-Tena, Jorge; Ibarra-Sánchez, María J; Alcocer-Varela, Jorge


    Follicular helper T cells (T(FH)) have been implicated as a lineage that provides sufficient help to B cells in order to become professional antibody producers. This T helper subset is characterized by a distinctive cell-surface phenotype (CD4(+)CD57(+)CXCR5(+)) and cytokine profile (IL-21, IL-6, and IL-27) as well as transcriptional program (BCL-6, ICOS, and PD-1). Evidence supports the concept that T(FH) subset development, as well as for other lineages, is dependent on microenvironment cues that modulate a particular transcriptional program, susceptible to plasticity. Recently, it has been shown that BCL-6 and IL-21 act as master regulators for the development and function of T(FH) cells. Moreover, costimulation via ICOS, as well as signaling proteins such as SAP constitute required elements of the regulatory network that modulates T(FH) functions. T(FH) dysregulation has been implicated in the development of autoimmune pathology, such as SLE. Indeed, the Sanroque mice associated to the mutation of Roquin, a ubiquitin ligase, essential for the regulation of ICOS and germinal center responses, constitutes a model that shares features with human SLE. Recently, the expansion of "circulating T(FH) cells" (CD4(+)CXCR5(+)ICOS(high)PD1(high)) has been described for a subset of SLE patients that share T(FH) dependent features of disease with Sanroque mice, such as glomerulonephritis and cytopenias. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Adapting a natural (lay) helpers model of change for worksite health promotion for women.

    Tessaro, I A; Taylor, S; Belton, L; Campbell, M K; Benedict, S; Kelsey, K; DeVellis, B


    Social network interventions that utilize informal systems of helping can be an important strategy for health promotion change. This article describes the development, implementation and evaluation of a natural (lay) helping intervention for health promotion change, specifically designed for women in small rural blue-collar worksites. One hundred and four women in four intervention worksites were recruited as natural helpers, and received health and skill-building education over an 18-month period. Qualitative evaluation showed: (1) two patterns of natural helping for women, i.e. participation due to a specific health concern with either themselves or others in their personal networks, and participation due to a larger sense of the importance of health and prevention; (2) over time natural helpers expanded the diffusion of health promotion information from close network members to co-workers and were more likely to be approached by their co-workers for information; (3) group activities at the worksite, particularly around physical activity, increased over time; and (4) because of time constraints at the workplace, written materials were a major way of spreading information to co-workers. This study shows that women can be recruited and trained to diffuse health promotion information and provide support to co-workers for health behavior change.

  10. Variation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae lipooligosaccharide directs dendritic cell-induced T helper responses.

    Sandra J van Vliet


    Full Text Available Gonorrhea is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases in the world. A naturally occurring variation of the terminal carbohydrates on the lipooligosaccharide (LOS molecule correlates with altered disease states. Here, we investigated the interaction of different stable gonoccocal LOS phenotypes with human dendritic cells and demonstrate that each variant targets a different set of receptors on the dendritic cell, including the C-type lectins MGL and DC-SIGN. Neisseria gonorrhoeae LOS phenotype C constitutes the first bacterial ligand to be described for the human C-type lectin receptor MGL. Both MGL and DC-SIGN are locally expressed at the male and female genital area, the primary site of N. gonorrhoeae infection. We show that targeting of different C-type lectins with the N. gonorrhoeae LOS variants results in alterations in dendritic cell cytokine secretion profiles and the induction of distinct adaptive CD4(+ T helper responses. Whereas N. gonorrhoeae variant A with a terminal N-acetylglucosamine on its LOS was recognized by DC-SIGN and induced significantly more IL-10 production, phenotype C, carrying a terminal N-acetylgalactosamine, primarily interacted with MGL and skewed immunity towards the T helper 2 lineage. Together, our results indicate that N. gonorrhoeae LOS variation allows for selective manipulation of dendritic cell function, thereby shifting subsequent immune responses in favor of bacterial survival.

  11. Morphological divergence of breeders and helpers in wild Damaraland mole-rat societies.

    Young, Andrew J; Bennett, Nigel C


    The specialization of body shape to an individual's role within society represents a pinnacle of social evolution. Although commonplace among social insects, divergence in the body shapes of breeders and helpers has to date been documented in just one social vertebrate, the naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber; an extraordinary species in which large colony size and frequent inbreeding may have favored the evolution of such specialization. Here, we present new evidence of morphological divergence between breeders and helpers in the Damaraland mole-rat, Fukomys damarensis; a much less socially extreme species that reflects an independent evolutionary origin of sociality. Using longitudinal data from wild populations, we show that dominant female Damaraland mole-rats, like many social insect queens, have a significantly more elongate body shape than subordinates. This difference arises not from a pre-existing difference in the body shapes of subordinates that do, and those that do not, become dominant, but from a modification to the growth trajectory of subordinates on dominance acquisition. Our findings reveal a wider role for morphological divergence within vertebrate societies and, as Damaraland mole-rats neither live in unusually large groups nor inbreed, suggest that circumstances favoring the evolution of such specializations may be more widespread among vertebrates than previously supposed. © 2010 The Author(s). Evolution© 2010 The Society for the Study of Evolution.

  12. Advertisement and Children: is Brand Logo Recognition of Children Effected their Nutritional Habits and Food Preferences?

    Burcu Tokuc


    Full Text Available AIM: This study was conducted for determining the eating habits and food knowledge and rate of recognizing brand logos currently featured in promotional campaigns of the food industry of the school children. And to explore the relationship between the ability of recognizing brand logos currently featured in promotional campaigns of the food industry and eating habits, food knowledge and preferences. METHOD: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 15 primary schools in the provincial center of Edirne. The questionnaire form was composed of three parts. In the first part; the socio-demographic characteristics and nutritional habits, in the second part; food knowledge and preferences of the students and in the third part; ability to recognize brand logos were questioned. RESULTS: 1018 students were participated in the study. The results of the study confirmed the findings of previous studies that the diet of children aged 9-11 was poor. The majority of the children reported eating unhealthy foods such cips, crisps and fast-food and drinking fizzy drinks at least once a day. Children knew healthy foods (med:8 but did not prefer healthy foods (med:5. 84.9 % of the students recognized more than the half of the brand logos. A correlation was found between higher brand logo recognition and poorer eating behaviors and food knowledge. CONCLUSION: Nonetheless this study did not presented strong evidence to suggest a casual link between food advertising and poor diet; it indicated that food promotion may have an influence on children. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2009; 8(6.000: 459-464

  13. PubstractHelper: A Web-based Text-Mining Tool for Marking Sentences in Abstracts from PubMed Using Multiple User-Defined Keywords.

    Chen, Chou-Cheng; Ho, Chung-Liang


    While a huge amount of information about biological literature can be obtained by searching the PubMed database, reading through all the titles and abstracts resulting from such a search for useful information is inefficient. Text mining makes it possible to increase this efficiency. Some websites use text mining to gather information from the PubMed database; however, they are database-oriented, using pre-defined search keywords while lacking a query interface for user-defined search inputs. We present the PubMed Abstract Reading Helper (PubstractHelper) website which combines text mining and reading assistance for an efficient PubMed search. PubstractHelper can accept a maximum of ten groups of keywords, within each group containing up to ten keywords. The principle behind the text-mining function of PubstractHelper is that keywords contained in the same sentence are likely to be related. PubstractHelper highlights sentences with co-occurring keywords in different colors. The user can download the PMID and the abstracts with color markings to be reviewed later. The PubstractHelper website can help users to identify relevant publications based on the presence of related keywords, which should be a handy tool for their research. and

  14. Construction of a series of congenic mice with recombinant chromosome 1 regions surrounding the genetic loci for resistance to intracellular parasites (Ity, Lsh, and Bcg), DNA repair responses (Rep-1), and the cytoskeletal protein villin (Vil).

    Mock, B A; Holiday, D L; Cerretti, D P; Darnell, S C; O'Brien, A D; Potter, M


    The interval of mouse chromosome 1 extending from Idh-1 to Pep-3 harbors the natural resistance gene Ity/Lsh/Bcg; it controls the outcome of infection with Salmonella typhimurium, Leishmania donovani, and several Mycobacterium species. This region also contains a DNA repair gene, Rep-1, which determines the rapidity with which double-strand breaks in chromatin are repaired. BALB/cAnPt and DBA/2N mice differ in their phenotypic expression of these genes. To generate appropriate strains of mice for the study of these genes, a series of 10 C.D2 congenic strains recombinant across a 28-centimorgan interval of mouse chromosome 1 extending from Idh-1 to Pep-3 were derived from crosses of the C.D2-Idh-1 Pep-3 congenic strain back to BALB/cAn. Analyses of these recombinant strains will allow the correlation of biological-immunological phenotypes with defined genetic regions.

  15. La evaluación específica del síndrome de Burnout en psicólogos: el "inventario de Burnout de psicólogos"



    La investigación del "burnout" se ha extendido a una amplia variedad de profesiones, asistenciales y no asistenciales, sin embargo el estudio del burnout en psicólogos es relativamente escaso a pesar de ser una profesión con alto riesgo de burnout. El "Inventario de Burnout de Psicólogos" (IBP) es un instrumento elaborado específicamente para evaluar los procesos de burnout en los psicólogos que consta de tres partes: características profesionales, dimensiones del burnout y sintomatología de ...

  16. Actual use of a front-of-pack nutrition logo in the supermarket: consumers' motives in food choice.

    Vyth, Ellis L; Steenhuis, Ingrid H M; Vlot, Jessica A; Wulp, Anouk; Hogenes, Meefa G; Looije, Danielle H; Brug, Johannes; Seidell, Jacob C


    A front-of-pack nutrition logo on products with relatively favourable product compositions might help consumers to make more healthful choices. Studies investigating actual nutrition label use in point-of-purchase settings are scarce. The present study investigates the use of the 'Choices' nutrition logo in Dutch supermarkets. Adults were asked to complete a validated questionnaire about motivation for food choice and their purchased products were scored for the Choices logo after they had done their shopping. Nine supermarkets in The Netherlands. A total of 404 respondents participated. Of the respondents, 62 % reported familiarity with the logo. The motivations for food choice that were positively associated with actually purchasing products with the logo were attention to 'weight control' and 'product information'. The food choice motive 'hedonism' was negatively associated with purchasing products with the logo. This is the first study to investigate actual use of the Choices logo. In order to stimulate consumers to purchase more products with a favourable product composition, extra attention should be paid to hedonistic aspects such as the tastefulness and the image of healthy products.


    Rastri Prathivi


    Full Text Available Logo is a graphical symbol that is the identity of an organization, institution, or company. Logo is generally used to introduce to the public the existence of an organization, institution, or company. Through the existence of an agency logo can be seen by the public. Feature recognition is one of the processes that exist within an augmented reality system. One of uses augmented reality is able to recognize the identity of the logo through a camera.The first step to make a process of feature recognition is through the corner detection. Incorporation of several method such as FAST, SURF, and FLANN TREE for the feature detection process based corner detection feature matching up process, will have the better ability to detect the presence of a logo. Additionally when running the feature extraction process there are several issues that arise as scale invariant feature and rotation invariant feature. In this study the research object in the form of logo to the priority to make the process of feature recognition. FAST, SURF, and FLANN TREE method will detection logo with scale invariant feature and rotation invariant feature conditions. Obtained from this study will demonstration the accuracy from FAST, SURF, and FLANN TREE methods to solve the scale invariant and rotation invariant feature problems.

  18. Advertising of food to children: is brand logo recognition related to their food knowledge, eating behaviours and food preferences?

    Kopelman, C A; Roberts, L M; Adab, P


    There remains controversy about the contribution of food advertising targeted at children to the epidemic of childhood obesity in the UK. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between the ability to recognize brand logos featured in promotional campaigns of the food industry and eating behaviours, food knowledge and preferences in children aged 9-11 attending six primary schools in Birmingham, West Midlands. A '20 flashcard' brand logo quiz assessed children's brand logo recognition ability; a self-completed questionnaire collected information on children's socio-demographic characteristics, eating behaviours, food knowledge and preferences (n=476). Children demonstrated both high brand logo recognition abilities with 88.4% (420/476) recognizing at least 16/20 brand logos in the quiz and high levels of poor diet. No strong correlation was found between higher brand logo recognition ability and poorer eating behaviours, food knowledge and preferences. Although many children are familiar with commonly presented logos of food products, brand awareness does not appear to be a major influence on the consumption of a poor diet amongst children. The regulation or restriction of food advertising to children is unlikely to have a significant impact on obesity rates among children unless combined with measures to address other detrimental influences.

  19. Interleukin 2 is not sufficient as helper component for the activation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes but synergizes with a late helper effect that is provided by irradiated T-region-incompatible stimulator cells

    Reddehase, M.; Suessmith, W.; Moyers, C.; Falk, W.; Droege, W.


    Interleukin 2-containing supernatants from concanavalin A-activated spleen cells (CSCS) were found to provide strong helper activity for cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses against allogeneic stimulator cells in microculture systems, but provided usually insufficient help for CTL responses against l-region compatible allogeneic or TNP-haptenated syngeneic stimulator cells. The interleukin 2-containing supernatant from HGG-activated AODH 7.1 hybridoma cells also mediated only relatively weak CTL responses against TNP-haptenated syngeneic cells in microcultures. Both types of supernatants, however, supported substantial responses against TNP-haptenated syngeneic stimulator cells if irradiated allogeneically activated syngeneic T cells or irradiated allogeneic spleen cells were added to the cultures. The allogeneic cells and the activated syngeneic T cells provided little helper activity if they were added in the absence of the interleukin 2-containing supernatants, thus demonstrating a synergistic effect between these 2 helper components. An l-region difference was sufficient for the helper effect of the allogeneic cells and control experiments showed that the presence of foreign l-region determinants could not be substituted for the TNP-haptenated stimulator cells.

  20. Interleukin 2 is not sufficient as helper component for the activation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes but synergizes with a late helper effect that is provided by irradiated T-region-incompatible stimulator cells

    Reddehase, M.; Suessmith, W.; Moyers, C.; Falk, W.; Droege, W.


    Interleukin 2-containing supernatants from concanavalin A-activated spleen cells (CSCS) were found to provide strong helper activity for cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses against allogeneic stimulator cells in microculture systems, but provided usually insufficient help for CTL responses against l-region compatible allogeneic or TNP-haptenated syngeneic stimulator cells. The interleukin 2-containing supernatant from HGG-activated AODH 7.1 hybridoma cells also mediated only relatively weak CTL responses against TNP-haptenated syngeneic cells in microcultures. Both types of supernatants, however, supported substantial responses against TNP-haptenated syngeneic stimulator cells if irradiated allogeneically activated syngeneic T cells or irradiated allogeneic spleen cells were added to the cultures. The allogeneic cells and the activated syngeneic T cells provided little helper activity if they were added in the absence of the interleukin 2-containing supernatants, thus demonstrating a synergistic effect between these 2 helper components. An l-region difference was sufficient for the helper effect of the allogeneic cells and control experiments showed that the presence of foreign l-region determinants could not be substituted for the TNP-haptenated stimulator cells

  1. The hard-won benefits of familiarity in visual search: naturally familiar brand logos are found faster.

    Qin, Xiaoyan Angela; Koutstaal, Wilma; Engel, Stephen A


    Familiar items are found faster than unfamiliar ones in visual search tasks. This effect has important implications for cognitive theory, because it may reveal how mental representations of commonly encountered items are changed by experience to optimize performance. It remains unknown, however, whether everyday items with moderate levels of exposure would show benefits in visual search, and if so, what kind of experience would be required to produce them. Here, we tested whether familiar product logos were searched for faster than unfamiliar ones, and also familiarized subjects with previously unfamiliar logos. Subjects searched for preexperimentally familiar and unfamiliar logos, half of which were familiarized in the laboratory, amongst other, unfamiliar distractor logos. In three experiments, we used an N-back-like familiarization task, and in four others we used a task that asked detailed questions about the perceptual aspects of the logos. The number of familiarization exposures ranged from 30 to 84 per logo across experiments, with two experiments involving across-day familiarization. Preexperimentally familiar target logos were searched for faster than were unfamiliar, nonfamiliarized logos, by 8 % on average. This difference was reliable in all seven experiments. However, familiarization had little or no effect on search speeds; its average effect was to improve search times by 0.7 %, and its effect was significant in only one of the seven experiments. If priming, mere exposure, episodic memory, or relatively modest familiarity were responsible for familiarity's effects on search, then performance should have improved following familiarization. Our results suggest that the search-related advantage of familiar logos does not develop easily or rapidly.

  2. A Channel For Gay America? A Cultural Criticism Of The Logo Channel's Commercial Success On American Cable Television

    Johnson Jr., Michael


    Logo currently holds a self-described monopoly as the “Gay Channel for America.” Logo stands alone as the single most concentrated national-level vehicle of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) visibility in the post millennial television era. The Logo Channel has reaped financial rewards from its strategy as a business entity, as LGBT American television viewers embraced its presence as a signifier to America that gays and lesbians have finally “made it”. First, any claim to a mon...

  3. Estimación de la oferta y la demanda de cardiólogos en la Argentina

    Osvaldo Masoli


    Full Text Available IntroducciónPara planificar los recursos humanos necesarios en cardiología se deben conocer la cantidad y la distribución de los médicos cardiólogos en todo el país, a fin de adecuar la oferta de profesionales a la demanda de la población.ObjetivosEstimar el número de cardiólogos en actividad en la Argentina, relacionarlo con la cantidad de habitantes, comparar este índice con el de otros países y determinar una cantidad óptima recomendada de cardiólogos por millón de habitantes a fin de mejorar el equilibrio entre la oferta y la demanda de profesionales, así como estimar la cantidad de cardiólogos en formación en los programas de residencias.Material y métodosDurante 2007 se realizó una búsqueda en distintas fuentes para determinar el número de cardiólogos en actividad en el país. El número total y por provincia se estimó a través de los padrones de socios cardiólogos de la Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología, la Federación Argentina de Cardiología y de especialistas inscriptos en los Colegios Médicos el país. La cantidad de cardiólogos en formación se obtuvo de la Comisión Nacional de Residentes de Cardiología. El valor óptimo de referencia se definió como la cantidad recomendada de cardiólogos por millón de habitantes, determinada a partir de un modelo de demanda.ResultadosLa cantidad de cardiólogos se estimó en 7.468 profesionales, lo que representó una relación de 195 cardiólogos por millón de habitantes, 4,5 veces más que la relación óptima recomendada (1.720 cardiólogos en total para todo el país o 43 cardiólogos por millón de habitantes. El 51% de los cardiólogos se concentran en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y en la provincia de Buenos Aires. El número de médicos en residencias de cardiología de todo el país fue de 792 (1ro a 4to año, correspondiente a 21 cardiólogos en formación por millón de habitantes.ConclusionesEn este estudio se pudo estimar el número de cardiólogos en la

  4. Targeting CD4(+) T-Helper Cells Improves the Induction of Antitumor Responses in Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccination

    Aarntzen, Erik H. J. G.; de Vries, I. Jolanda M.; Lesterhuis, W. Joost; Schuurhuis, Danita; Jacobs, Joannes F. M.; Bol, Kalijn; Schreibelt, Gerty; Mus, Roel; de Wilt, Johannes H. W.; Haanen, John B. A. G.; Schadendorf, Dirk; Croockewit, Alexandra; Blokx, Willeke A. M.; van Rossum, Michelle M.; Kwok, William W.; Adema, Gosse J.; Punt, Cornelis J. A.; Figdor, Carl G.


    To evaluate the relevance of directing antigen-specific CD4(+) T helper cells as part of effective anticancer immunotherapy, we investigated the immunologic and clinical responses to vaccination with dendritic cells (DC) pulsed with either MHC class I (MHC-I)-restricted epitopes alone or both MHC

  5. Recent developments in basophil research : do basophils initiate and perpetuate type 2 T-helper cell responses?

    Beek, van A.A.; Knol, E.F.; Vos, de P.; Smelt, M.J.; Savelkoul, H.F.J.; Neerven, van R.J.J.


    Basophils account for only 0.1–1% of all peripheral blood leukocytes. They were considered to be a redundant cell type for a long time. However, several findings show a non-redundant role for basophils in type 2 T-helper cell (Th2) immune responses in helminth infections, allergy and autoimmunity.

  6. Examining Live-In Foreign Domestic Helpers as a Coping Resource for Family Caregivers of People With Dementia in Singapore.

    Basnyat, Iccha; Chang, Leanne


    In Singapore, the responsibility of caring for persons with dementia falls on family members who cope with a long-term caregiver burden, depending on available support resources. Hiring foreign domestic workers to alleviate caregiver burden becomes a prevalent coping strategy that caregivers adopt. This strategy allows caregivers to provide home care as part of fulfilling family obligations while managing the caregiver burden. This study aimed to investigate primary caregivers' relationship with hired support and its impact on coping with caregiver burden. Twenty in-depth interviews were conducted with primary caregivers who hired live-in domestic helpers to take care of their family members with dementia. The findings revealed that caregivers perceived the normative obligations to provide home care to family members with dementia. They sought support from domestic helpers to cope with physical and mental burnout, disruption of normal routines, and avoidance of financial strain. A mutual-support relationship was built between caregivers and domestic helpers through trust and interdependence. The presence of domestic helpers as a coping resource reveals the positive outcomes of problem-, emotional-, and diversion-focused coping. This study illustrates that coping strategies are employed in different ways depending on the needs of caregivers, access to infrastructure, cultural expectations, and available resources.

  7. Bad Influence?--An Investigation into the Purported Negative Influence of Foreign Domestic Helpers on Children's Second Language English Acquisition

    Leung, Alex Ho-Cheong


    This paper explores the purported negative influence of foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) on child second language acquisition (SLA) by studying Hong Kong Cantonese children's listening ability in second language (L2) English. 31 kindergarten third graders aged 4;6 to 6, and 29 first year secondary students aged 11-14 who have had a Filipino…


    Jorge Triana Estrada


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo pretende crear conciencia entre los profesionales de la salud y las instituciones formadoras de odontólogos, acerca del riesgo de pérdida de credibilidad ante la sociedad de nuestro ejercicio profesional, así como informar de las principales causas de inconformidad de los pacientes derivadas de la ausencia de aplicación de preceptos éticosO presente trabalho visa criar uma consciencia entre os profissionais da saúde e nas instituições formadoras de dentistas, acerca do risco de perda de credibilidade na sociedade no exercicio profissional do odontólogo. Além disso apresenta as principais causas de reclamações dos pacientes que surgem a partir da ausencia da aplicação dos principios éticosThis work pretends to awake consciousness, both in health professionals and in odontology teaching institutions, about the risk of loss of credibility facing professional practice. It also aims to inform about the main causes of patients' disagreement due to the absence of ethical rules

  9. IL-7 and CD4 T Follicular Helper Cells in HIV-1 Infection

    Francesca Chiodi


    Full Text Available IL-7 was previously shown to upregulate the expression of molecules important for interaction of CD4+ T cells with B cells. It is poorly studied whether IL-7 has a role in the biology of T follicular helper (Tfh cells and whether IL-7 dysregulates the expression of B-cell costimulatory molecules on Tfh cells. We review the literature and provide arguments in favor of IL-7 being involved in the biology of human Tfh cells. The CD127 IL-7 receptor is expressed on circulating Tfh and non-Tfh cells, and we show that IL-7, but not IL-6 or IL-21, upregulates the expression of CD70 and PD-1 on these cells. We conclude that IL-7, a cytokine whose level is elevated during HIV-1 infection, may have a role in increased expression of B cell costimulatory molecules on Tfh cells and lead to abnormal B cell differentiation.

  10. Gene Therapy with Helper-Dependent Adenoviral Vectors: Current Advances and Future Perspectives

    Philip Ng


    Full Text Available Recombinant Adenoviral vectors represent one of the best gene transfer platforms due to their ability to efficiently transduce a wide range of quiescent and proliferating cell types from various tissues and species. The activation of an adaptive immune response against the transduced cells is one of the major drawbacks of first generation Adenovirus vectors and has been overcome by the latest generation of recombinant Adenovirus, the Helper-Dependent Adenoviral (HDAd vectors. HDAds have innovative features including the complete absence of viral coding sequences and the ability to mediate high level transgene expression with negligible chronic toxicity. This review summarizes the many aspects of HDAd biology and structure with a major focus on in vivo gene therapy application and with an emphasis on the unsolved issues that these vectors still presents toward clinical application.

  11. Adoptive cancer immunotherapy using DNA-demethylated T helper cells as antigen-presenting cells

    Kirkin, Alexei F.; Dzhandzhugazyan, Karine N.; Guldberg, Per


    In cancer cells, cancer/testis (CT) antigens become epigenetically derepressed through DNA demethylation and constitute attractive targets for cancer immunotherapy. Here we report that activated CD4+ T helper cells treated with a DNA-demethylating agent express a broad repertoire of endogenous CT...... antigens and can be used as antigen-presenting cells to generate autologous cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) and natural killer cells. In vitro, activated CTLs induce HLA-restricted lysis of tumor cells of different histological types, as well as cells expressing single CT antigens. In a phase 1 trial of 25...... patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, cytotoxic lymphocytes homed to the tumor, with tumor regression ongoing in three patients for 14, 22, and 27 months, respectively. No treatment-related adverse effects were observed. This proof-of-principle study shows that tumor-reactive effector cells can...

  12. Innate scavenger receptor-A regulates adaptive T helper cell responses to pathogen infection

    Xu, Zhipeng; Xu, Lei; Li, Wei; Jin, Xin; Song, Xian; Chen, Xiaojun; Zhu, Jifeng; Zhou, Sha; Li, Yong; Zhang, Weiwei; Dong, Xiaoxiao; Yang, Xiaowei; Liu, Feng; Bai, Hui; Chen, Qi; Su, Chuan


    The pattern recognition receptor (PRR) scavenger receptor class A (SR-A) has an important function in the pathogenesis of non-infectious diseases and in innate immune responses to pathogen infections. However, little is known about the role of SR-A in the host adaptive immune responses to pathogen infection. Here we show with mouse models of helminth Schistosoma japonicum infection and heat-inactivated Mycobacterium tuberculosis stimulation that SR-A is regulated by pathogens and suppresses IRF5 nuclear translocation by direct interaction. Reduced abundance of nuclear IRF5 shifts macrophage polarization from M1 towards M2, which subsequently switches T-helper responses from type 1 to type 2. Our study identifies a role for SR-A as an innate PRR in regulating adaptive immune responses. PMID:28695899

  13. T helper cell 2 immune skewing in pregnancy/early life

    McFadden, J P; Thyssen, J P; Basketter, D A


    During the last 50 years there has been a significant increase in Western societies of atopic disease and associated allergy. The balance between functional subpopulations of T helper cells (Th) determines the quality of the immune response provoked by antigen. One such subpopulation - Th2 cells...... that in Westernized societies reduced exposure during early childhood to pathogenic microorganisms favours the development of atopic allergy. Pregnancy is normally associated with Th2 skewing, which persists for some months in the neonate before Th1/Th2 realignment occurs. In this review, we consider...... the immunophysiology of Th2 immune skewing during pregnancy. In particular, we explore the possibility that altered and increased patterns of exposure to certain chemicals have served to accentuate this normal Th2 skewing and therefore further promote the persistence of a Th2 bias in neonates. Furthermore, we propose...




    Full Text Available La educción de requisitos es importante en el desarrollo de software pues, dependiendo de la calidad de este proceso, se pueden desarrollar mejores aplicaciones de software. En la educción de requisitos, las entrevistas suelen ser el método más utilizado y se consideran diálogos entre analistas e interesados. Los trabajos realizados al respecto, presentan limitaciones como la carencia de una estructura definida para las entrevistas analistainteresado, obligando al analista a realizar de manera subjetiva el proceso de educción. En este artículo, se presenta una propuesta de estructura para un modelo de diálogo encaminado a la educción de requisitos de software. Además, se presenta la manera de realizar las preguntas durante una entrevista del proceso de educción, por medio de un caso de estudio.

  15. O psicólogo no hospital geral: estilos e coletivos de pensamento

    Fabia Monica Souza dos Santos


    Full Text Available O artigo busca refletir sobre alguns embasamentos acerca das diferentes configurações do psicólogo que atua na área da saúde, em especial no hospital geral, com o objetivo de ampliar o conhecimento sobre o que constitui este ajustamento profissional. Como resultado, indicamos quatro coletivos de pensamento que julgamos serem os mais comuns: Psicologia Hospitalar, Psicologia Médica, Saúde Mental e Psicologia da Saúde. Apontamos algumas das especificidades desses coletivos, destacando a necessidade da realização de pesquisas em que os psicólogos atuantes em instituições hospitalares possam narrar suas histórias de inserção e delimitação da práxis profissional.

  16. Led into temptation? Rewarding brand logos bias the neural encoding of incidental economic decisions.

    Carsten Murawski

    Full Text Available Human decision-making is driven by subjective values assigned to alternative choice options. These valuations are based on reward cues. It is unknown, however, whether complex reward cues, such as brand logos, may bias the neural encoding of subjective value in unrelated decisions. In this functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI study, we subliminally presented brand logos preceding intertemporal choices. We demonstrated that priming biased participants' preferences towards more immediate rewards in the subsequent temporal discounting task. This was associated with modulations of the neural encoding of subjective values of choice options in a network of brain regions, including but not restricted to medial prefrontal cortex. Our findings demonstrate the general susceptibility of the human decision making system to apparently incidental contextual information. We conclude that the brain incorporates seemingly unrelated value information that modifies decision making outside the decision-maker's awareness.

  17. Led into temptation? Rewarding brand logos bias the neural encoding of incidental economic decisions.

    Murawski, Carsten; Harris, Philip G; Bode, Stefan; Domínguez D, Juan F; Egan, Gary F


    Human decision-making is driven by subjective values assigned to alternative choice options. These valuations are based on reward cues. It is unknown, however, whether complex reward cues, such as brand logos, may bias the neural encoding of subjective value in unrelated decisions. In this functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study, we subliminally presented brand logos preceding intertemporal choices. We demonstrated that priming biased participants' preferences towards more immediate rewards in the subsequent temporal discounting task. This was associated with modulations of the neural encoding of subjective values of choice options in a network of brain regions, including but not restricted to medial prefrontal cortex. Our findings demonstrate the general susceptibility of the human decision making system to apparently incidental contextual information. We conclude that the brain incorporates seemingly unrelated value information that modifies decision making outside the decision-maker's awareness.


    Marta Jarzyna


    Full Text Available Symbols are essential elements of each culture. Thanks to them the meaning is created and tradition is kept alive. Advertising and marketing specialist quite often use the meanings of the symbols to create trademarks. In this way specialists refer to the assotiations rooted in the tradition.In my article I am trying to answer following questions: Has logo become symbol? Has logo taken over all the function of the symbol? Can we tell the difference between the meaning of the advertisement and the cultural meaning? I also want to find out, what people understand through the meaning of the symbol. Therfore I have conducted the survey among the high school students and the customers of three banks of Krakow. My researches have shown that most young people find it difficult to define the meaning of the symbol. Moreover high school students cannot show the difference between the symbol and the trade mark.

  19. Os antropólogos e a religião - Resenha

    Tatiane Aparecida de Almeida


    Full Text Available LivroMARY, André. Os antropólogos e a religião. Trad. Lúcia Mathilde Endlich Orth. São Paulo: Ideias e Letras, 2014. ISBN 978-85-6589-369-5                       Este livro é de autoria do antropólogo francês André Mary que é também professor da EHESS, diretor de pesquisa no CNRS na França, redator-chefe  da revista Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions desde o ano de 2005 e é autor de outros livros, por exemplo, Le Bricolage Africain des Héros Chrétiens (2000, no qual o autor demonstra seus conhecimentos acadêmicos em relação à religiosidade africana. 

  20. Catálogo de Radio-Fuentes Opticas con Astrolabio Fotoeléctrico PAII

    Manrique, W. T.; Podestá, R. C.; Alonso, E.; Actis, E. V.; Pacheco, A. M.; Bustos, G.; Lizhi, L.; Zezhi, W.; Fanmiao, Z.; Hongqi, W.; Perdomo, R.

    Usando los datos observados en San Juan con el Astrolabio Fotoeléctrico PAII desde Febrero de 1992 hasta Marzo de 1997, se ha realizado el Catálogo de Radio-Fuentes Opticas de San Juan conteniendo 69 estrellas. Las observaciones de las posiciones de las radio-fuentes están realizadas para la época y equinoccio J2000,0 y en un sistema cercano al del FK5. Las precisiones medias son ± 2,2 ms y ± 0,"035 en ascensión recta y declinación respectivamente. Las magnitudes de las estrellas son desde 0,9 a 10,7 . Las declinaciones son desde --2,5 grados a --60 grados. La época media es 1995,1. Se muestran también los resultados comparados con el Catálogo Hiparcos.

  1. Determinants of job satisfaction in foreign domestic helpers caring for people with dementia in Hong Kong.

    Bai, Xue; Kwok, Timothy C Y; Chan, Natalie Y T; Ho, Florence K Y


    The job satisfaction of live-in foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) may influence their caring motivation and the quality of care they provide, which may in turn affect the health status of care recipients. This study identifies the factors affecting job satisfaction of FDHs caring for people with dementia in Hong Kong, focusing especially on the role of FDHs' adaptation status, job self-efficacy and care recipients' situation. A total of 152 FDHs taking care of people with dementia were recruited from 6 day care centres for elderly people in Hong Kong when they attended with their care recipients. Data were collected from February to August 2011 and the response rate was 95%. Participants completed questionnaires which included measures of care recipients' dementia severity and disruptive behaviours, FDHs' demographic factors, personal adaptation status, caregiving self-efficacy and job satisfaction. Hierarchical regression analysis was conducted to analyse the data. The results showed that longer stay in Hong Kong, better fluency in Cantonese (local dialect), greater satisfaction in living conditions, higher caregiving self-efficacy and less disruptive behaviour of care recipients were independently associated with stronger job satisfaction in FDHs looking after people with dementia. On the basis of these findings, we would suggest that employers should consider helpers who have been in Hong Kong for a longer period of time and speak fluent Cantonese, and have previous experience of taking care of people with dementia. In addition, FDHs caring for people with dementia may benefit from carer training which improves their self-efficacy in dementia care. © 2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  2. Being Both Helpers and Victims: Health Professionals' Experiences of Working During a Natural Disaster.

    Hugelius, Karin; Adolfsson, Annsofie; Örtenwall, Per; Gifford, Mervyn


    In November 2013, the Haiyan typhoon hit parts of the Philippines. The typhoon caused severe damage to the medical facilities and many injuries and deaths. Health professionals have a crucial role in the immediate disaster response system, but knowledge of their experiences of working during and in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster is limited. Aim The aim of this study was to explore health professionals' experiences of working during and in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. Eight health professionals were interviewed five months after the disaster. The interviews were analyzed using phenomenological hermeneutic methods. The main theme, being professional and survivor, described both positive and negative emotions and experiences from being both a helper, as part of the responding organization, and a victim, as part of the surviving but severely affected community. Sub-themes described feelings of strength and confidence, feelings of adjustment and acceptance, feelings of satisfaction, feelings of powerless and fear, feelings of guilt and shame, and feelings of loneliness. Being a health professional during a natural disaster was a multi-faceted, powerful, and ambiguous experience of being part of the response system at the same time as being a survivor of the disaster. Personal values and altruistic motives as well as social aspects and stress-coping strategies to reach a balance between acceptance and control were important elements of the experience. Based on these findings, implications for disaster training and response strategies are suggested. Hugelius K , Adolfsson A , Örtenwall P , Gifford M . Being both helpers and victims: health professionals' experiences of working during a natural disaster. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2017;32(2):117-123.

  3. Loss of circulating CD4 T cells with B cell helper function during chronic HIV infection.

    Kristin L Boswell


    Full Text Available The interaction between follicular T helper cells (TFH and B cells in the lymph nodes and spleen has a major impact on the development of antigen-specific B cell responses during infection or vaccination. Recent studies described a functional equivalent of these cells among circulating CD4 T cells, referred to as peripheral TFH cells. Here, we characterize the phenotype and in vitro B cell helper activity of peripheral TFH populations, as well as the effect of HIV infection on these populations. In co-culture experiments we confirmed CXCR5+ cells from HIV-uninfected donors provide help to B cells and more specifically, we identified a CCR7(highCXCR5(highCCR6(highPD-1(high CD4 T cell population that secretes IL-21 and enhances isotype-switched immunoglobulin production. This population is significantly decreased in treatment-naïve, HIV-infected individuals and can be recovered after anti-retroviral therapy. We found impaired immunoglobulin production in co-cultures from HIV-infected individuals and found no correlation between the frequency of peripheral TFH cells and memory B cells, or with neutralization activity in untreated HIV infection in our cohort. Furthermore, we found that within the peripheral TFH population, the expression level of TFH-associated genes more closely resembles a memory, non-TFH population, as opposed to a TFH population. Overall, our data identify a heterogeneous population of circulating CD4 T cells that provides in vitro help to B cells, and challenges the origin of these cells as memory TFH cells.

  4. Dysfunction of irradiated thymus for the development of helper T cells

    Amagai, T.; Kina, T.; Hirokawa, K.; Nishikawa, S.; Imanishi, J.; Katsura, Y.


    The development of cytotoxic T cells and helper T cells in an intact or irradiated thymus was investigated. C57BL/6 (H-2b, Thy-1.2) mice were whole body-irradiated, or were irradiated with shielding over either the thymus or right leg and tail, and were transferred with 1.5 X 10(7) bone marrow cells from B10.Thy-1.1 mice (H-2b, Thy-1.1). At various days after reconstitution, thymus cells from the recipient mice were harvested and a peanut agglutinin low-binding population was isolated. This population was further treated with anti-Thy-1.2 plus complement to remove host-derived cells and was assayed for the frequency of cytotoxic T cell precursors (CTLp) and for the activity of helper T cells (Th). In the thymus of thymus-shielded and irradiated mice, Th activity reached normal control level by day 25, whereas CTLp frequency remained at a very low level during these days. In the thymus of whole body-irradiated mice, generation of CTLp was highly accelerated while that of Th was retarded, the period required for reconstitution being 25 days and more than 42 days for CTLp and Th, respectively. Preferential development of CTLp was also seen in right leg- and tail-shielded (L-T-shielded) and irradiated recipients. Histological observation indicated that Ia+ nonlymphoid cells were well preserved in the thymus of thymus-shielded and irradiated recipients, whereas in L-T-shielded and irradiated recipients, such cells in the medulla were markedly reduced in number. These results suggest strongly that the generation of Th but not CTLp is dependent on radiosensitive thymic component(s), and that such components may represent Ia+ cells themselves in the medulla or some microenvironment related to Ia+ cells

  5. Differentiation of human B lymphocyte subpopulations induced by an alloreactive helper T-cell clone

    Anderson, S.J.; Hummell, D.S.; Lawton, A.R.


    We have used cloned alloreactive helper T cells to determine if direct T cell-B cell interaction can induce differentiation of human peripheral blood B cells which do not respond to pokeweed mitogen (PWM). T-cell clone 2F8 was derived from a one-way mixed lymphocyte reaction. 2F8 cells are T3+T4+T8-IL-2R+ and proliferate in response to irradiated stimulator cells, but not autologous cells, in the absence of exogenous interleukin-2. 2F8 cells provide allospecific help for polyclonal proliferation and differentiation of B cells in the absence of any other stimulus. The magnitude of this response is comparable to that of the response of the same B cells to PWM and fresh autologous T cells. 2F8 cells could also provide nonspecific help for unrelated donor B cells in the presence of PWM, with no requirement for costimulation by irradiated stimulator cells. Allospecific stimulation of B cells was completely inhibited by antibodies to class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) framework determinants and was abrogated by 1000-rad irradiation. Cloned 2F8 T cells stimulated differentiation of both small, high-density B cells and larger B cells, generating up to 30% plasma cells with either fraction. B cells forming rosettes with mouse erythrocytes were also induced to differentiate by the helper T cell clone. As found previously, neither small, high-density B cells nor mouse rosette+ B cells responded well to PWM. Direct interaction with allospecific T cells induces differentiation of a broader spectrum of B cells than soluble growth and differentiation factors in conjunction with polyclonal activators such as PWM and protein A containing staphylococci

  6. Customer Awareness and Behavior Intention Towards the Use of Halal Logo on Restaurants

    Bachok, Sabainah; Jamalluddin, Nurfattaniah; Arsat, Aliffaizi; Shahril, Aslinda Mohd; Sulaiman, Suria


    The trend of eating out leads the food service industry to the needs of managing customers and making sure that all their needs and preferences can be fulfilled. The certification and recognition of establishment also becomes the in thing in hospitality industry, which includes the certification of halal, HACCP, and ISO. Establishment with certification is useful as a marketing strategy to attract more customers. This study discusses the level of customer awareness of towards the halal logo u...

  7. Dos diálogos de Fénelon sobre la pintura

    Juan Antonio Calatrava Escobar


    Full Text Available Presentamos a continuación la traducción castellana de dos textos estéticos escasamente conocidos de Frangois Fénelon, quien, universalmente conocido como autor de Les Aventures de Telemaque o por sus posiciones políticas durante el reinado de Luis XIV, no dejó de ocuparse a lo largo de su dilatada trayectoria intelectual de los problemas artísticos contemporáneos. Los textos en cuestión son dos diálogos que tienen por tema a la pintura y que, en la línea del helenismo confeso de Fénelon, imitan claramente la estructura y el tono de un cierto género de diálogos literario-filosóficos griegos cuyo máximo exponente sería Luciano de Samosata y que pretenden reproducir imaginarias conversaciones, siempre de corte moralizante, celebradas en el Hades entre las almas de graneles personajes de la Historia. De hecho, los dos diálogos sobre la pintura fueron originalmente escritos para una obra de mayor envergadura, los Dialogues des Morts (1712, en los que se incluían diálogos con temáticas muy variadas pero casi siempre girando en torno a la misma problemática ética y a la reflexión política sobre la naturaleza del poder ya presente, como es bien conocido, en el Telemaque.

  8. Regulating genomics in the 21st century: from logos to pathos?

    Gottweis, Herbert


    There is currently an important change in the governance of genomics. In the past, much of the regulatory discussion about genomics has focused on issues of risk. Today, a new discussion is evolving that emphasizes the uncertainties involved in the development and diffusion of genomics into society. The increasing importance of emotional language and the focus on trust in the discussion about genomics reflects the attempt to substitute for the shortcomings of logos with ethos and pathos.

  9. La Cultura del diálogo: actitud de vida del profesional cubano.

    Mariano Álvarez Farfán


    Full Text Available El presente artículo, tiene el propósito de ofrecer algunas consideraciones acerca de la necesidad de la cultura del diálogo y de la comunicación interpersonal óptima, especialmente en las profesiones que se relacionan con la educación y con la formación del ser humano, al considerar la primera como un fundamento esencial para el crecimiento espiritual del hombre y el desarrollo de su personalidad y profesionalidad en aras de un mejor desempeño y mayor influencia en la sociedad. Además, se hace mención a la definición de cultura del diálogo y cultura del error, así como la importancia de ambos en el quehacer cotidiano de toda persona que enseña, educa e instruye. Comúnmente se confunden los términos debate y diálogo, pero, no son sinónimos, ambos permiten el intercambio y la polémica lo que implica interacción, esclarecimiento mutuo y aprendizaje sobre un contenido determinado. Se plantea que, un diálogo mal desarrollado o enfocado puede entorpecer e incluso abortar el debate. Por consiguiente, es necesario dominar los requerimientos o pasos metodológicos para la polémica, o la actividad reflexiva grupal que se desarrolla a partir de la recepción de un mensaje, una experiencia o contenido específico.

  10. The Panda Bear logo as crowbar. World Wildlife Fund approach useful for many countries

    Quarles van Ufford, A.; Van der Weijden, E. [World Wildlife Fund WWF, Zeist (Netherlands)


    WWF in the Netherlands has taken the initiative to build extremely energy efficient houses without pushing up the costs or needing subsidies. By utilizing their public relations experience, and by introducing the famous panda bear logo the programme has become a hug success. This approach could also be copied in other countries. The process and the results of the project are described and could act as a guide for local initiatives.

  11. An Extensible NetLogo Model for Visualizing Message Routing Protocols


    the hard sciences to the social sciences to computer-generated art. NetLogo represents the world as a set of...describe the model is shown here; for the supporting methods , refer to the source code. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 4 iv...if ticks - last-inject > time-to-inject [inject] if run# > #runs [stop] end Next, we present some basic statistics collected for the

  12. Student-Centered Support Systems to Sustain Logo-Like Learning

    Martinez , Sylvia


    Conventional wisdom attributes the lack of effective technology use in classrooms to a shortage of professional development or poorly run professional development. At the same time, logo-like learning environments require teachers to develop more expertise not only in technology but also in pedagogy. This paper proposes that the perceived lack of technology professional development is a myth and that traditional professional development is ill-suited to teaching teachers how to create log...

  13. Cadernos de apoio ao utilizador: Catálogo Bibliográfico

    Serviços de Informação e Documentação


    O Catálogo Bibliográfico em linha (OPAC = Online Public Access Catalog), da Biblioteca do ISCTE-IUL é um sistema que permite localizar qualquer tipo de documento existente no fundo documental tornando mais ágil e rápida a interação do utilizador com a biblioteca. O seu acesso pode ser feito no espaço da biblioteca e remotamente a partir de qualquer lugar.

  14. Suero autólogo al 50 % en las queratitis bacterianas

    Arelys Ariocha Cambas Andreu

    Full Text Available Objetivo: evaluar el comportamiento de las queratitis bacterianas con el tratamiento coadyuvante de suero autólogo tópico al 50 %. Métodos: estudio comparativo, longitudinal y prospectivo. La muestra estuvo constituida por 60 pacientes, divididos de forma aleatoria en dos grupos: A utilizó tratamiento antibiótico convencional y suero autólogo y B utilizó solo tratamiento antibiótico convencional (cefazolina y amikacina. Los datos almacenados se procesaron utilizando el paquete estadístico SPSS 15. Las variables se expresaron según sus respectivas medidas de resumen y para la comparación de las terapias se aplicaron pruebas de hipótesis, con un nivel de confianza del 95 % y de error inferior al 0,05 %. Resultados: predominaron en los aislamientos microbiológicos Staphylococcus y Pseudomonas; seguidas por los Streptococcus, gonococos y enterobacterias. En cuanto al tiempo de aparición de los signos que favorecen la cicatrización corneal y la respuesta terapéutica, encontramos que con la aplicación tópica del suero autólogo, en casi dos tercios de los pacientes, estos se manifestaron a partir de la segunda semana de tratamiento y se obtuvo una respuesta terapéutica favorable. Conclusiones: El suero autólogo al 50 % resulta ser un complemento terapéutico efectivo en el manejo de las queratitis infecciosas de etiología bacteriana.

  15. Effects of sustained sleep restriction on mitogen-stimulated cytokines, chemokines and T helper 1/ T helper 2 balance in humans.

    John Axelsson

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Recent studies suggest that acute sleep deprivation disrupts cellular immune responses by shifting T helper (Th cell activity towards a Th2 cytokine profile. Since little is known about more long-term effects, we investigated how five days of sleep restriction would affect pro-inflammatory, chemotactic, Th1- and Th2 cytokine secretion. METHODS: Nine healthy males participated in an experimental sleep protocol with two baseline sleep-wake cycles (sleep 23.00-07.00 h followed by 5 days with restricted sleep (03.00-07.00 h. On the second baseline day and on the fifth day with restricted sleep, samples were drawn every third hour for determination of cytokines/chemokines (tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α, interleukin (IL -1β, IL-2, IL-4 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1 after in vitro stimulation of whole blood samples with the mitogen phytohemagglutinin (PHA. Also leukocyte numbers, mononuclear cells and cortisol were analysed. RESULTS: 5-days of sleep restriction affected PHA-induced immune responses in several ways. There was a general decrease of IL-2 production (p<.05. A shift in Th1/Th2 cytokine balance was also evident, as determined by a decrease in IL2/IL4 ratio. No other main effects of restricted sleep were shown. Two significant interactions showed that restricted sleep resulted in increased TNF-α and MCP-1 in the late evening and early night hours (p's<.05. In addition, all variables varied across the 24 h day. CONCLUSIONS: 5-days of sleep restriction is characterized by a shift towards Th2 activity (i.e. lower 1L-2/IL-4 ratio which is similar to the effects of acute sleep deprivation and psychological stress. This may have implications for people suffering from conditions characterized by excessive Th2 activity like in allergic disease, such as asthma, for whom restricted sleep could have negative consequences.

  16. A new logo for the CERN Staff Association - Numerous prizes to be won


    The Staff Association needs a new logo, as CERN's new graphic charter does not allow the inclusion of the CERN logo.   A competition open to all is being organised by the Staff Association from 3 December 2012 to 30 January 2013 inclusive to choose this new logo. Numerous prizes are to be won such as an Ezee Suisse electric bike, vouchers and presents offered by our commercial partners such as Go Sport, Aquaparc, BCGE, L'Occitane, Sephora and the La Comédie de Genève theatre. All submissions will be on display in the Main Building from 4 to 15 February 2013. Six finalists will be selected: three by the jury, and three by CERN members of the personnel. Members of the CERN Staff Association will make the final choice of the winner amongst these finalists by electronic voting. The competition's rules are available here. For more information, please contact Sonia Casenove, tel. +41 22 767...

  17. Short- and Long-Term Effects of Conscious, Minimally Conscious and Unconscious Brand Logos

    Gordts, Sarah; Soetens, Eric; Van den Bussche, Eva


    Unconsciously presented information can influence our behavior in an experimental context. However, whether these effects can be translated to a daily life context, such as advertising, is strongly debated. What hampers this translation is the widely accepted notion of the short-livedness of unconscious representations. The effect of unconscious information on behavior is assumed to rapidly vanish within a few hundreds of milliseconds. Using highly familiar brand logos (e.g., the logo of McDonald's) as subliminal and supraliminal primes in two priming experiments, we assessed whether these logos were able to elicit behavioral effects after a short (e.g., 350 ms), a medium (e.g., 1000 ms), and a long (e.g., 5000 ms) interval. Our results demonstrate that when real-life information is presented minimally consciously or even unconsciously, it can influence our subsequent behavior, even when more than five seconds pass between the presentation of the minimally conscious or unconscious information and the behavior on which it exerts its influence. PMID:23658681

  18. The effect of firm’s logo on its performance: Evidence from oil industry

    Jafar Jafari


    Full Text Available Nowadays, trade mark is one of the most important components of the products in both consumers and producers’ perspectives. In this study, two separate but related mechanism through which the trademark is supposed to create value for customers, were investigated. Likeness/ description and functional-aesthetic benefits were taken into consideration. This research shows the positive effects of logo on customer commitment regarding the performance. Commitment reflects customers’ desire for cooperation by considering the effects of a logo. Logo will help customers easily identify and select a brand. This research proves that, from the customer's perspective, trademarks contain meaning, and thus include brief information on the struggle for marketing. In case of the purpose, this study is an applied research and in terms of data-gathering it is a descriptive – survey one. Since the population of the survey was unlimited, initial investigations indicated that 384 questionnaires should be distributed based on Morgan table. Using structural equation modeling, the survey results showed that descriptive-cognitive, functional benefits and aesthetic tendencies had significant influences on customer commitment in regards of performance.

  19. Short- and long-term effects of conscious, minimally conscious and unconscious brand logos.

    Muscarella, Charlotte; Brintazzoli, Gigliola; Gordts, Sarah; Soetens, Eric; Van den Bussche, Eva


    Unconsciously presented information can influence our behavior in an experimental context. However, whether these effects can be translated to a daily life context, such as advertising, is strongly debated. What hampers this translation is the widely accepted notion of the short-livedness of unconscious representations. The effect of unconscious information on behavior is assumed to rapidly vanish within a few hundreds of milliseconds. Using highly familiar brand logos (e.g., the logo of McDonald's) as subliminal and supraliminal primes in two priming experiments, we assessed whether these logos were able to elicit behavioral effects after a short (e.g., 350 ms), a medium (e.g., 1000 ms), and a long (e.g., 5000 ms) interval. Our results demonstrate that when real-life information is presented minimally consciously or even unconsciously, it can influence our subsequent behavior, even when more than five seconds pass between the presentation of the minimally conscious or unconscious information and the behavior on which it exerts its influence.


    Luz Santamaría Granados


    Full Text Available Este artículo revisa la comprobada fundamentación pedagógica de LOGO (Papert, 2003 que a su vez ofrece interesantes estrategias de motivación para los niños, en aspectos tales como el desarrollo de habilidades espaciales a través de su propia exploración de mundos virtuales. La metodología original fue propuesta por Seymour Papert para escenarios en dos dimensiones (2D. Por lo tanto, se analiza la posibilidad de integrar las ventajas pedagógicas de LOGO con una interfaz gráfica en tres dimensiones (3D, al aprovechar la tecnología contemplada en los estándares del consorcio Web3D. Además menciona los componentes X3D que permiten el uso de avatares (humanoides para facilitar la interacción de los usuarios en mundos virtuales dinámicos, al disponer de personajes adicionales al de la tortuga de LOGO.

  1. Short- and long-term effects of conscious, minimally conscious and unconscious brand logos.

    Charlotte Muscarella

    Full Text Available Unconsciously presented information can influence our behavior in an experimental context. However, whether these effects can be translated to a daily life context, such as advertising, is strongly debated. What hampers this translation is the widely accepted notion of the short-livedness of unconscious representations. The effect of unconscious information on behavior is assumed to rapidly vanish within a few hundreds of milliseconds. Using highly familiar brand logos (e.g., the logo of McDonald's as subliminal and supraliminal primes in two priming experiments, we assessed whether these logos were able to elicit behavioral effects after a short (e.g., 350 ms, a medium (e.g., 1000 ms, and a long (e.g., 5000 ms interval. Our results demonstrate that when real-life information is presented minimally consciously or even unconsciously, it can influence our subsequent behavior, even when more than five seconds pass between the presentation of the minimally conscious or unconscious information and the behavior on which it exerts its influence.

  2. Rhesus macaques form preferences for brand logos through sex and social status based advertising.

    Acikalin, M Yavuz; Watson, Karli K; Fitzsimons, Gavan J; Platt, Michael L


    Like humans, monkeys value information about sex and status, inviting the hypothesis that our susceptibility to these factors in advertising arises from shared, ancestral biological mechanisms that prioritize social information. To test this idea, we asked whether rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) show choice behavior that is similar to humans in response to sex and social status in advertising. Our results show that monkeys form preferences for brand logos repeatedly paired with images of macaque genitals and high status monkeys. Moreover, monkeys sustain preferences for these brand logos even though choosing them provided no tangible rewards, a finding that cannot be explained by a decision mechanism operating solely on material outcomes. Together, our results endorse the hypothesis that the power of sex and status in advertising emerges from the spontaneous engagement of shared, ancestral neural circuits that prioritize information useful for navigating the social environment. Finally, our results show that simple associative conditioning is sufficient to explain the formation of preferences for brand logos paired with sexual or status-based images.

  3. Logo and semiosis: From an icon sign to the Serbian culture symbol

    Bašić Ivana


    Full Text Available A logo is most commonly observed as an emblem with intent to be widely recognized as a permanent symbol, or an icon, additionally permitting correlative meanings within a designative context. In the particular example of the Glossary of Serbian culture logo the opportunities of elements of design (coded iconic message, non-coded iconic message and linguistic message have been analyzed with intention to ascertain communication with future users of the Index conveying the desired message not only about specificities of Serbian culture but also its complexity and unifying nature with the global culture. A logo is observed as a multi-parametric code transcending form a concept of artistic design to a “rhetoric figure” in context of presentation and promotion of Serbian culture. While the art of designing, as a discipline, has the objective of artistic modulation, as well as an aesthetic effect, it also, in this case, represents the form of the governmental strategy in communication with others and formation of the cultural identity of its citizens.

  4. Wisdom of the Crowds: Crowd-Based Development of a Logo for a Conference Using a Crowdsourcing Contest.

    Ong, Jason J; Bilardi, Jade E; Tucker, Joseph D


    Crowdsourcing methods have been widely used in business, but rarely in sexual health research. We evaluated a crowdsourced logo contest as part of an international human immunodeficiency virus conference. A logo crowdsourcing contest was conducted for the 20th International Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Conference. Crowdsourcing has a group of individuals solve a task, often as part of an open contest. Semistructured interviews were conducted with key informants including contest organizers, contest contributors, and conference attendees. Interviews were transcribed verbatim and analysed using a content analysis approach. In total, 22 interviews were conducted with 3 contest organizers, 7 contest contributors, and 12 conference attendees. All individuals reported that the crowdsourced logo provided benefits beyond branding the conference, including creating a shared sense of purpose among diverse conference participants and explicitly demonstrating the strong community orientation of the conference. Conference organizers and attendees all reported deeper engagement because of the story of the Tanzanian artist who won the contest. Most conference attendees (11/12) preferred the crowdsourced logo compared with the previous company-organized logo, and all (22/22) supported the logo contest continuing. Implementing a logo contest was simple and relatively inexpensive. Stakeholders identified several ways to enhance crowdsourcing logo contest methods including wider promotion of the contest to encourage broader participation, greater transparency in the selection process, and a different prize structure which acknowledges the contribution of more contestants. We found that a crowdsourcing contest helped engage local and global communities in the lead-up before and during an international conference. Similar participatory events may be useful for sexual health conferences and research projects.

  5. Generation and characterization of peptide-specific, MHC-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and helper T cell lines from unprimed T cells under microculture conditions.

    Sambhara, S R; Upadhya, A G; Miller, R G


    We describe a microculture system for the generation of CTL and T helper cells against peptides. Tryptic digest and cyanogen bromide fragments of chicken ovalbumin and synthetic peptides of ovalbumin (323-339) and influenza virus (NP 365-380) were used to generate CTL and T helper lines from unprimed T cells. These lines were both peptide-specific and MHC-restricted. The relative ease of generating peptide-specific, MHC-restricted CTL and helper T cell lines with as few as 10(6) unprimed lymphocytes can be an efficient method of detecting potential immunogenic determinants of an antigen.


    I. V. Kudryavtsev


    Full Text Available Expression of chemokine receptors (CCR4, CCR6, CXCR3 and CXCR5 on T-helper (Th cells at various levels of differentiation in a group of healthy volunteers (n = 52 was assessed on the basis of CD45RA and CD62L expression, using the eight-color flow cytometry. It was found that the “naive” T helper cells (N with CD45RA+CD62L+ phenotype express CXCR3 (4.94±0.39%, and CXCR5 (3.63±0.25%. About 50% of central memory T helpers (CD45RA–CD62L+, CM were CXCR3 positive, and 43.72±1.27% of CM cells expressed CCR6, whereas CXCR5 and CCR4 levels were about 30%. Furthermore, CXCR3 was expressed by 76.76±0.75% of the CD3+CD4+CD45RA–CD62L– (EM population, and similar values were obtained for CCR6, while the relative abundance of CXCR5+ cells decreased to 13.68±0.50%, and CCR4 levels did not change and accounted for 33.26±1.13% positive cells. Likewise, co-expression of the chemokine receptors was studied for the abovementioned subpopulations of T helper cells. Among the CXCR5– Th, Th1 cells were identified as CXCR3+CCR6–CCR4– (this subset also contained Th9, and CXCR3+CCR6+CCR4– subsets, referred to as Th1/Th17. Th2 were detected on the basis of CCR4 expression in absence of all other chemokine receptors. In addition to the mentioned Th1/Th17 populations, Th 17 cells were found in the subsets of Th17 CXCR3–CCR6+CCR4– and CXCR3–CR6+CCR4+. The latter also contained a Th22 population. Follicular Th cell populations (CXCR5+ consisted of, at least, six different subsets: CXCR3–CCR6–CCR4– (Tfh/Tfh2, CXCR3–CCR6–CCR4+ (Tfh2, CXCR3-CCR6+CCR4–(Tfh17, CXCR3–CCR6+CCR4+ (Tfh17, CXCR3+CCR6–CCR4– (Tfh1 and CXCR3+CCR6+CCR4–(Tfh1/Tfh17. The cells with Th1/Th9 and Th1/Th17 phenotypes dominated among CM (about 13%, whereas their relative abundance within EM increased to 22.37±1.69% and 31.69±1.52%, respectively. The amounts of Th2 were 8.15±0.46% within CM, and only 1.72±0.15% for EM population. For the cells

  7. Los biólogos brasileños no habitan en el planeta ciudad: por qué es urgente formar ecólogos urbanos

    Fabio Angeoletto


    Full Text Available La urbanización global y masiva de los territorios es el más importante fenómeno ecológico de la actualidad. Los estándares de crecimiento urbano son determinantes para la conservación de la diversidad biológica, y asimismo para el grado de calidad de vida aceptable de las poblaciones urbanas. Contrariamente a la percepción de los biólogos y de otros académicos, de las ciudades como ambientes estériles y opuestos a la naturaleza, el reciente desarrollo de la ecología urbana, ciencia necesariamente interdisciplinaria, nos demuestra que ciudades son ecosistemas heterotróficos que necesitan ser planeados para que sus impactos en la biosfera sean disminuidos, y que en paralelo su capacidad de sostener la biodiversidad sea incrementada.

  8. Females increase reproductive investment in response to helper-mediated improvements in allo-feeding, nest survival, nestling provisioning and post-fledging survival in the Karoo scrub-robin Cercotrichas coryphaeus

    Lloyd, P.; Andrew, Taylor W.; du Plessis, Morné A.; Martin, T.E.


    In many cooperatively-breeding species, the presence of one or more helpers improves the reproductive performance of the breeding pair receiving help. Helper contributions can take many different forms, including allo-feeding, offspring provisioning, and offspring guarding or defence. Yet, most studies have focussed on single forms of helper contribution, particularly offspring provisioning, and few have evaluated the relative importance of a broader range of helper contributions to group reproductive performance. We examined helper contributions to multiple components of breeding performance in the Karoo scrub-robin Cercotrichas coryphaeus, a facultative cooperative breeder. We also tested a prediction of increased female investment in reproduction when helpers improve conditions for rearing young. Helpers assisted the breeding male in allo-feeding the incubating female, increasing allo-feeding rates. Greater allo-feeding correlated with greater female nest attentiveness during incubation. Nest predation was substantially lower among pairs breeding with a helper, resulting in a 74% increase in the probability of nest survival. Helper contributions to offspring provisioning increased nestling feeding rates, resulting in a reduced incidence of nestling starvation and increased nestling mass. Nestling mass had a strong, positive effect on post-fledging survival. Controlling for female age and habitat effects, annual production of fledged young was 130% greater among pairs breeding with a helper, and was influenced most strongly by helper correlates with nest survival, despite important helper effects on offspring provisioning. Females breeding with a helper increased clutch size, supporting the prediction of increased female investment in reproduction in response to helper benefits. ?? 2009 J. Avian Biol.

  9. The positive bystander effect: passive bystanders increase helping in situations with high expected negative consequences for the helper.

    Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias


    The present field study investigated the interplay between the presence of a passive bystander (not present versus present) in a simulated bike theft and expected negative consequences (low versus high) in predicting intervention behavior when no physical victim is present. It was found that an additional bystander increases individual intervention in situations where the expected negative consequences for the helper in case of intervention were high (i.e., when the bike thief looks fierce) compared to situations where the expected negative consequences for the helper were low (i.e., when the bike thief does not look fierce). In contrast, no such effect for high vs. low expected negative consequences was observed when no additional bystander observed the critical situation. The results are discussed in light of previous laboratory findings on expected negative consequences and bystander intervention.

  10. Tracking by flow cytometry antigen-specific follicular helper T cells in wild-type animals after protein vaccination.

    Chakarov, Svetoslav; Fazilleau, Nicolas


    Flow cytometry is a valuable technology used in immunology to characterize and enumerate the different cell subpopulations specific for a nonself-antigen in the context of an ongoing immune response. Among them, follicular helper T cells are the cognate regulators of B cells in secondary lymphoid tissues. Thus, tracking them is of high interest especially in the context of protein vaccination. For this purpose, transgenic antigen-receptor mouse models have been largely used. It is now clear that transgenic models are not always the best means to study the dynamics of the immune response since they can modify the response. In this chapter, we describe how to track endogenous antigen-specific follicular helper T cells by flow cytometry after protein vaccination in nonmodified wild-type animals, which ultimately provides a comprehensive way to enumerate, characterize, and isolate these particular cells in vivo.

  11. The role of social environment on parental care: offspring benefit more from the presence of female than male helpers.

    Brouwer, Lyanne; van de Pol, Martijn; Cockburn, Andrew


    Investment in offspring depends on the costs and benefits to the carer, which can vary with sex and social status. Investment also depends on the effort of others by allowing for compensation (load-lightening), with biparental care studies showing that this depends on the state and type of the other carer. By contrast, studies on cooperative breeders have solely focussed on the effects of group size rather than its composition (i.e. social environment). Here we propose and provide the first test of the 'Social Environment' hypothesis, that is, how the characteristics (here the sex) of other helpers present in the group affect parental care and how this in turn affects offspring fitness in cooperatively breeding red-winged fairy-wrens (Malurus elegans). Breeders provisioned nestlings at a higher rate than helpers, but there was no sex difference in provisioning rate. Compensation to increasing group size varied little with sex and status, but strongly depended on social environment. All group members reduced their provisioning rates in response to an increasing number of male (load-lightening), but not female helpers (additive care). As a result, nestlings received more food and grew faster in the presence of female helpers. The increased nestling growth did convey a fitness advantage due to a higher post-fledging survival to adulthood. Our study provides the first evidence that parental care can depend on social environment. This could be an important overlooked aspect to explain variation in parental care in cooperative breeders in general and in particular the enormous variation between the sexes, which we reveal in a literature overview. © 2013 The Authors. Journal of Animal Ecology © 2013 British Ecological Society.

  12. Gene Therapy of T Helper Cells in HIV Infection. Mathematical Model of the Criteria for Clinical Effect

    Lund, Ole; Lund, Ole søgaard; Gram, Gregers


    The paper presents a mathematical model of the criteria for gene therapy of T helper cells to have a clinical effect on HIV infection. Our main results are that the therapy should be designed to give the transduced cells a significant but not necessarily total protection against HIV-induced cell...... deaths, and to avoid the production of viral mutants that are insensitive to gene therapy. The transduced cells will not survive if the gene therapy only blocks the spread of virus....

  13. T-Helper Subsets Cytokine Production in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Diverting Influences and Impact on Graft Outcome

    Hassan A


    Full Text Available A large body of evidence suggests the existence of functionally polarized human T-helper responses based on their profile of cytokine secretion. Human T-helper cell clones can be divided into two mutually exclusive subsets, T-helper cell 1 (Th1 and T-helper cell 2 (Th2. Substantial work in several animal models has demonstrated that allograft rejection is associated with enhanced Th1 activity and tolerance with enhanced Th2. Some studies have not been consistent with this association. In this study, gamma interferon (INF-y and interleukin 4 (IL-4 levels (as indicators of Th1 and Th2 activity, respectively were assayed in supernatant of cultured peripheral lymphocytes. The levels of these cytokines were compared between a study group of 26 stable kidney transplant recipients immunosuppressed with cyclosporine A, corticosteroids and azathioprine or mycophenolate mofetil, and a control group of 10 healthy blood donors. The mean INF-γ and IL-4 levels in the control group were considered as the cutoff levels for comparison. Our results showed that 25/26 of the study patients (96% had low levels of INF-γ compared to 4/10 of the control subjects (40%, (P< 0.05. However, the IL-4 level was high in 10/26 of the study patients (38% and 3/10 of the control subjects (30%, not a statistically significant difference, (P>0.05. In conclusion: These results suggest that well-established graft tolerance may be mediated via depressed Th1 activity rather than enhanced Th2 activity.

  14. El psicólogo educacional en contextos educativos no formales e informales

    Luis Rodríguez de los Ríos


    Full Text Available La educación es un fenómeno complejo que abarca desde los aspectos puramente cuantitativos y tangibles hasta los aspectos cualitativos e ideológicos, que incluye una gran cantidad de variables y múltiples aspectos que se manifiestan en el mismo hecho educativo. Una propuesta de tipología de la educación, identifica a la educación formal, no formal e informal, como respuesta alternativa a las críticas que dos décadas antes habían planteado mentores de las teorías críticas de la educación sobre la institución escolar, quienes valoraban otros entornos educativos en expansión y hasta alguno de ellos proponía la desescolarización de la sociedad, aceptándose así que la educación institucionalizada es solo una parte de lo educativo. La psicología educacional, por su parte, viene desarrollando nuevas tendencias; en el ámbito conceptual, se observa un consenso en cambiar la definición convencional del psicólogo educacional por otra; así el psicólogo de la educación es el profesional de la psicología cuyo objetivo de trabajo es la reflexión e intervención sobre el comportamiento humano, en situaciones educativas, mediante el desarrollo de la capacidad de las personas, grupos e instituciones. Se entiende en término educativo el sentido más amplio de formación y desarrollo personal y colectivo. El psicólogo de la educación desarrolla su actividad profesional principalmente en el marco de los sistemas sociales dedicados a la educación en todos sus diversos niveles y modalidades.

  15. Rol del kinesiólogo en una unidad de piso pelviano

    Fuentes V. Kine. Bernardita


    Full Text Available Las disfunciones del piso pélvico (DPP deben ser evaluadas y tratadas en forma multidisciplinaria. El kinesiólogo especialista en piso pelviano es un profesional que tiene un rol bien definido en este equipo de salud. La rehabilitación es considerada como tratamiento de primera línea en el abordaje de un número significativo de DPP. Los inicios del entrenamiento muscular del piso pélvico datan de los años 50, sin embargo desde la década de los 80, el kinesiólogo no solo realiza ejercicios, sino que su enfoque es más amplio incluyendo una serie de técnicas kinésicas y que se denomina reeducación pelviperineal (RPP. Los resultados de los tratamientos de rehabilitación han sido demostrados en distintas disfunciones del piso pelviano, teniendo además un rol fundamental en la prevención. El desarrollo de esta especialidad es nueva en nuestro país, pero ha ido adquiriendo poco a poco más relevancia y credibilidad. El objetivo del siguiente artículo es exponer el enfoque y el aporte del kinesiólogo, no sólo en el tratamiento sino también en la prevención de disfunciones del piso pelviano. Además se desea dar a conocer la indicación y las etapas y método de la reeducación pelviperineal y por último, el desarrollo que ha tenido esta especialidad kinésica en nuestro país.

  16. Prazer e sofrimento de psicólogos no trabalho em empresas privadas

    Patrícia Costa da Silva

    Full Text Available Este artigo visa a problematizar as vivências de psicólogos que trabalham em empresas privadas. Discutem-se suas práticas profissionais, experiências associadas ao prazer e ao sofrimento em seu cotidiano e concepções teóricas que embasam seu trabalho. Trata-se de um estudo qualitativo, no qual se utilizou, como procedimento, a realização de entrevistas semi-estruturadas com dez psicólogos assalariados de empresas privadas de Porto Alegre e Grande Porto Alegre. Teve-se, como referenciais teóricos principais, a psicodinâmica do trabalho, a abordagem da subjetividade e trabalho e, para a análise das entrevistas, foi utilizada a análise de conteúdo. Os resultados indicam que os profissionais têm como atividades prioritárias as ligadas à Psicologia organizacional. Não foram encontrados casos em que eles interviessem na visão institucional ou tivessem ações ligadas à saúde mental de trabalhadores. Suas falas sugerem serem psicólogos com estilo dinâmico de trabalho, revelam certo "apaixonamento" pelo mesmo, acreditam na sua atuação e apreciam suas atividades ligadas ao desenvolvimento de pessoas na organização. Sentem-se satisfeitos com o reconhecimento das pessoas e por ter espaço para atuar conforme acreditam. Suas fontes de sofrimento são a carga excessiva de trabalho, os possíveis conflitos entre os valores da empresa e os pessoais, os cerceamentos da organização, a falta de reconhecimento e sua percepção de que pertencem a uma categoria profissional desprovida de força.

  17. Perfil dos Psicólogos Inscritos na Subsede Leste do CRP-04

    Keicy Rocha Santos

    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi fazer um levantamento do perfil profissional dos psicólogos inscritos na Subsede Leste do Conselho Regional de Psicologia nº 04 (CRP-04, atuantes no município de Governador Valadares até 2010. Trata-se de um estudo quantitativo e comparativo entre os dados da presente pesquisa e aqueles que compõem o banco nacional, que se encontra na obra O trabalho do Psicólogo no Brasil, organizado por Bastos, Gondim e colaboradores (2010. Utilizou-se um questionário via e-mail marketing, respondido por 85 participantes que abarcaram as categorias do perfil profissional. Os dados levantados foram tabulados no programa Microsoft Excel e analisados no programa Sphinx Survey Edição Léxica. Verificou-se que a maioria dos participantes é branca, casada, do gênero feminino, com idade entre 26 e 30 anos e graduada em instituição privada, tendo especialização, principalmente em clínica organizacional e atuação na clínica. Ganha entre 3 e 4 salários mínimos como psicólogo, na condição de assalariado. Geralmente, a maioria não possui outra atividade profissional e a renda familiar é de, aproximadamente, 10 salários mínimos. Os dados corroboram com a média nacional do perfil profissional dessa classe de trabalhadores, trazendo algumas peculiaridades do município de Governador Valadares.

  18. Nutrition labelling and the choices logo in Israel: positions and perceptions of leading health policy makers.

    Gesser-Edelsburg, A; Endevelt, R; Tirosh-Kamienchick, Y


    Based on the Social Marketing approach and Diffusion of Innovations Theory that indicates the importance of opinion leaders with respect to the spreading of new ideas, concepts or practices within a community, the present study aimed to examine positions and perceptions of Israeli leading dietitians and health officials regarding nutrition labelling and the Choices logo, before it was launched in Israel in February 2011, as well as how they would communicate it to the public as agents of influence. The study involved in-depth face-to-face and telephone interviews with 15 senior dietitians and Health Ministry officials using semi-structured protocols including questions about nutrition labelling and the Choices logo. The respondents considered that the nutrition facts panels usually found on the backs of packages are too complicated for the average consumer. Simiularly, fronts of packages are cluttered with advertisements and health claims, causing confusion. The study participants would like to see an integrative label on the front of the package to facilitate consumers' decisions. However, the Choices logo raises ethical and social questions about the conflict between corporate interests and public health: (i) the label's relativity versus objectivity; (ii) the consumer's responsibility to create a balanced diet; (iii) the label's credibility; and (iv) bias against companies, products and audiences. The results of the present study highlight the importance of a need for an integrated programme of nutrition promotion, including the use of social marketing based on a cooperative effort between the food industry, regulators and professionals, to recommend changes and adjustments in nutritional front of package labelling with the aim of promoting healthier nutrition consumption. © 2013 The Authors Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics © 2013 The British Dietetic Association Ltd.

  19. Psicólogos en Uruguay; una aproximación

    Luis Emilio Gimenez


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta una aproximación exploratoria a la situación de los psicólogos en el Uruguay. Realiza una estimación cuantitativa de alguna de sus características y problemas, a partir de fuentes de datos distintas y en especial el Censo Nacional en Psicología del año 2014 y las Bases de Recursos Humanos del Ministerio de Salud Pública. Se fundamenta la necesidad de mayores y mejores estudios, teniendo en cuenta la inserción profesional de los psicólogos en el contexto del cambio de modelo de atención, impulsado por la reforma de la salud. Observa el incremento de los inscritos y graduados de estudios de grado, en términos absolutos y relativos respecto a las otras carreras universitarias. La existencia de un alto número de psicólogos ubica al país posiblemente en el primer lugar, en relación a su población, con un porcentaje mayoritariamente femenino, alta presencia de egresados recientes, y residencia concentrada en zona metropolitana. Aún con mejoras en los últimos años, los datos muestran aún una débil inserción en el sistema de salud, lo que es consistente con la percepción de una respuesta insuficiente a las necesidades de atención psicológica. Se requieren por tanto, avanzar en las investigaciones que generen insumos para el diseño de políticas de recursos humanos en salud.

  20. La escuela inclusiva: Desafíos y oportunidades del psicólogo escolar

    Dileidys Elena Mogollón


    Full Text Available Cuando se habla de inclusión escolar se hace referencia a un movimiento de interés social que tiene sus raíces y sustentos en los distintos documentos y acuerdos internacionales. Sin embargo, a nivel mundial cada país ha experimentado de manera muy particular los esfuerzos por consolidar dichas políticas inclusivas bajo el enfoque socio-educativo. La intención es iniciar una reflexión en torno a la discusión sobre los desafíos que afronta el psicólogo escolar en el marco de la escuela inclusiva, contexto donde se desarrolla el presente análisis, partiendo de la experiencia y la perspectiva de dos profesionales de la psicología en Venezuela. La formación académica, el ejercicio profesional, la actividad gremial y el ámbito general de la sociedad, se plantean como escenarios-desafíos que debe superar el psicólogo escolar para contribuir en el logro de una visión inclusiva. La oportunidad para este profesional se aprecia en cada escenario, pero se resume en un esfuerzo de unión inter e intradisciplinario dentro del ámbito de la educación especial y la atención a las personas con discapacidad. El psicólogo escolar debe constituirse en un agente de cambio, que puede contribuir desde su ejercicio al proceso de transformación social que se requiere para favorecer la constitución de las escuelas inclusivas, partiendo de la reconstrucción de su visión, actitud y funciones en los distintos ámbitos de acción que le competen.

  1. Biophysical characterization data of the artificial protein Octarellin V.1 and binding test with its X-ray helpers

    Maximiliano Figueroa


    Full Text Available The artificial protein Octarellin V.1 ( [1] was obtained through a direct evolution process over the de novo designed Octarellin V ( [2]. The protein has been characterized by circular dichroism and fluorescence techniques, in order to obtain data related to its thermo and chemical stability. Moreover, the data for the secondary structure content studied by circular dichroism and infra red techniques is reported for the Octarellin V and V.1. Two crystallization helpers, nanobodies ( [3] and αRep ( [4], have been used to create stable complexes. Here we present the data obtained of the binding characterization of the Octarellin V.1 with the crystallization helpers by isothermal titration calorimetry. Keywords: Artificial proteins, Circular dichroism, Crystallization helpers, Infra red spectroscopy, Protein design, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

  2. Preschoolers' social and moral judgments of third-party helpers and hinderers align with infants' social evaluations.

    Van de Vondervoort, Julia W; Hamlin, J Kiley


    Two experiments explored preschoolers' social preferences and moral judgments of prosocial and antisocial others. In Experiment 1, 3- to 5-year-olds (N=74) observed helping and hindering scenarios previously used to explore sociomoral evaluation in preverbal infants. Whereas 3-year-olds in Experiment 1 did not reliably distinguish between the helper and hinderer when reporting social preferences or moral judgments, both 4- and 5-year-olds preferred the helper, judged the helper to be "nicer" than the hinderer, selectively allocated punishment to the hinderer, and were able to justify their punishment allocations. A simplified procedure and the addition of comprehension questions in Experiment 2 (N=24) improved 3-year-olds' performance, suggestive that their performance in Experiment 1 was likely due to processing or memory difficulties rather than an inability to engage in explicit social and moral evaluation. These studies reveal that young children readily interpret helping and hindering scenarios as socially and morally relevant. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Mycorrhization between Cistus ladanifer L. and Boletus edulis Bull is enhanced by the mycorrhiza helper bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens Migula.

    Mediavilla, Olaya; Olaizola, Jaime; Santos-del-Blanco, Luis; Oria-de-Rueda, Juan Andrés; Martín-Pinto, Pablo


    Boletus edulis Bull. is one of the most economically and gastronomically valuable fungi worldwide. Sporocarp production normally occurs when symbiotically associated with a number of tree species in stands over 40 years old, but it has also been reported in 3-year-old Cistus ladanifer L. shrubs. Efforts toward the domestication of B. edulis have thus focused on successfully generating C. ladanifer seedlings associated with B. edulis under controlled conditions. Microorganisms have an important role mediating mycorrhizal symbiosis, such as some bacteria species which enhance mycorrhiza formation (mycorrhiza helper bacteria). Thus, in this study, we explored the effect that mycorrhiza helper bacteria have on the efficiency and intensity of the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis between C. ladanifer and B. edulis. The aim of this work was to optimize an in vitro protocol for the mycorrhizal synthesis of B. edulis with C. ladanifer by testing the effects of fungal culture time and coinoculation with the helper bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens Migula. The results confirmed successful mycorrhizal synthesis between C. ladanifer and B. edulis. Coinoculation of B. edulis with P. fluorescens doubled within-plant mycorrhization levels although it did not result in an increased number of seedlings colonized with B. edulis mycorrhizae. B. edulis mycelium culture time also increased mycorrhization levels but not the presence of mycorrhizae. These findings bring us closer to controlled B. edulis sporocarp production in plantations.

  4. Social evaluation of intentional, truly accidental, and negligently accidental helpers and harmers by 10-month-old infants.

    Woo, Brandon M; Steckler, Conor M; Le, Doan T; Hamlin, J Kiley


    Whereas adults largely base their evaluations of others' actions on others' intentions, a host of research in developmental psychology suggests that younger children privilege outcome over intention, leading them to condemn accidental harm. To date, this question has been examined only with children capable of language production. In the current studies, we utilized a non-linguistic puppet show paradigm to examine the evaluation of intentional and accidental acts of helping or harming in 10-month-old infants. In Experiment 1 (n=64), infants preferred intentional over accidental helpers but accidental over intentional harmers, suggestive that by this age infants incorporate information about others' intentions into their social evaluations. In Experiment 2 (n=64), infants did not distinguish "negligently" accidental from intentional helpers or harmers, suggestive that infants may find negligent accidents somewhat intentional. In Experiment 3 (n=64), we found that infants preferred truly accidental over negligently accidental harmers, but did not reliably distinguish negligently accidental from truly accidental helpers, consistent with past work with adults and children suggestive that humans are particularly sensitive to negligently accidental harm. Together, these results imply that infants engage in intention-based social evaluation of those who help and harm accidentally, so long as those accidents do not stem from negligence. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Las organizaciones mayas de Guatemala y el diálogo intercultural

    Julieta Carla Rostica


    Durante la transición a la democracia en Guatemala surgió un movimiento indígena con reivindicaciones que fueron más allá de la defensa de los derechos humanos individualmente considerados. De cara al genocidio, una de sus demandas más ambiciosas fue la del reconocimiento del derecho maya. El análisis de ésta permitirá caracterizar al movimiento indígena como multiculturalismo emancipatorio, ya que en sí misma es una apuesta al diálogo intercultural e implica no sólo un límite ...

  6. Drug Abuse Prevention Among Students In Improving The Lives Meaning Through Counseling Logo

    Kadek Suranata


    Full Text Available Abuse of drugs, psychotropic substances, illegal drugs and other addictive substances (drugs among teenagers especially students to be a problem from time to time keeps going on and it seems difficult to be finalized. So also in Indonesia drug abuse prevention efforts at the level of the student and the student assessment has been a great school for education practitioners and also involving relevant agencies such as BNN, BKKBN, the health department and the police. On the other hand, the number of victims of drug abuse among adolescents from year-to-year increase. spiritual intelligence (SQ is low is one of the students to be drug users. Various approaches, models and techniques of counseling has been developed and implemented in schools in order to develop students' potential. Counseling logo is one of the counseling intervention model that was first introduced by Viktor Frankl who seek to build the spiritual dimension of human besides raceway and psychological dimensions, and assume that the meaning of life and a desire for meaningful is the primary motivation of men to achieve meaningful livelihoods (the meaningful life is wanted. This research aimed to develop the logo counseling to improving the lives meaning drug abuse prevention and to know the effectiveness of that model. This research uses  research and development approach or R&D with seven essential steps, namely (1 research and information collecting, (2 planning, (3 developing preliminary from of product, (4 preliminary field testing and product revision, (5 main field test and product revision, (6 operational field test and product revision, and (7 dissemination implementation and institutionalization. The population of this research includes practitioners or school counselors, experts and both state, Junior High School, Senior High Scholl and vocational students in Bali Province. The results of research on the effect of counseling logo on the trend of drug abuse in students in

  7. Pensar lo impensable: una biblioteca sin un catálogo

    Alonso-Arévalo, Julio


    [ES] Los estudios internacionales y estadísticas de usuarios muestran que los estudiantes y profesores se están alejando de los sitios web de la biblioteca cuando buscan información científica, y utilizan los grandes motores de búsqueda de libre acceso como Google. En alguna manera el catálogo queda limitado a las búsquedas identificativas cuando un profesor les recomienda en la bibliografía un libro del que el estudiante conoce el autor o el título. Cuando se trata de búsquedas informativas ...

  8. Pendekatan Analisis Data Menggunakan NVivo-software untuk Penelitian Desain Logo Museum Nasional Jakarta

    Amelia Sidik


    Full Text Available Qualitative data analysis can be an exhausting, tough, and time-consuming work because the data obtained is so numerous, varied, and unstructured. However, this problem has been resolved by using computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS. CAQDAS can help researchers to save, organize, explore data easily, and reduce the risk of damaging the raw data. In this article, the writer will explain about how to apply a quite popular CAQDAS application, NVivo, in the research of logo design of Museum Nasional Jakarta.


    Juan Carlos Valverde Campos


    Full Text Available A Occidentales y Orientales nos cobija un mismo techo. Sin embargo, la manera de concebir el mundo y, por ende, de actuar, es diferente. La sociedad globalizada en la que vivimos quiere hacer de este mundo uno solo, con un solo corazón y una sola manera de actuar y pensar. Occidente ha impuesto su mundo cuando en realidad son muchos y debemos conocerlos. El pensamiento oriental tiene mucho qué decirnos a los occidentales. En todo caso, el silencio que impone la escucha es fundamental en eso que tantos llaman hoy el diálogo.

  10. Logos, ethos e pathos: “três lados” da mesma moeda.

    Galinari, Melliandro Mendes


    Este artigo possui o objetivo de construir uma reflexão sobre a inter-relação das provas retóricas - logos, ethos e pathos - no âmbito disciplinar da Análise do Discurso, dialogando com a tradição retórica, com a Sofística e com autores modernos que se ocupam do assunto, tais como Ruth Amossy, Michel Meyer, Christian Plantin e outros. Para tanto, parte-se do pressuposto de que, mais do que categorias estáveis e demarcáveis teoricamen...

  11. Impacto del estrés laboral en el anestesiólogo

    Calabrese, Gustavo


    El estrés laboral se define como las nocivas reacciones físicas y emocionales que ocurren cuando las exigencias del trabajo no igualan las capacidades, los recursos o necesidades del anestesiólogo. Cuando éste se torna excesivo superando la tolerancia del organismo puede derivar en graves consecuencias como desgaste en la salud, actuación profesionalmente pobre, repercusión en la seguridad del paciente y en la vida familiar. Sobre la salud pueden derivar en enfermedades físicas entre las que ...

  12. As capacidades da liderança na perspectiva do diálogo.

    Francisco Javier Uribe Rivera


    unificadora o manejo comunicativo da intersubjetividade, a capacidade de mobilizar e de gerar contextos dialógicos capazes de patrocinar o consenso necessário à gestão por compromissos. Palavras-chave: liderança; gestão comunicativa; diálogo e condução; aprendizagem organizacional. Abstract This paper is a review of the concept of leadership including several authors, having as an unified feature the communicative management of intersubjetivity rapports, the capacity of generate mobilization and dialogical contexts that can allow the consensus needed for a management based on commitments. Keywords: leadership; communicative management; dialogue and management; learning organization.

  13. Caminhos da História Social: diálogos com Alessadro Portelli

    Antonio de Pádua Bosi


    Full Text Available This article discusses some points about Social History, Memory and Oral Interview, debated on “Seminário Interinstitutional Caminhos da História Social: diálogos sobre memórias, fontes orais e perspectivas de investigação” happened at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in joint with seniors and junior researchers of the “Linha de Pesquisa Trabalho e Movimentos Sociais”, linked to “Programa de Mestrado em História da UNIOESTE”.

  14. Neoinstitucionalismo: ¿es posible un diálogo entre historiadores, juristas y economistas?

    Jaime Eduardo Londoño Motta


    Full Text Available En vista de una deseable y necesaria comunicación activa entre historiadores, economistas y juristas, para estudiar la crisis de la sociedad colombiana, vale la penas tener en cuenta el neoinstitucionalismo de Douglas North entendiéndolo desde una perspectiva pluridisciplinar. Se discuten las posibilidades analíticas que ofrece tal apropiación del modelo, se analiza la situación de la historiografía, la economía y el derecho en Colombia y se conjeturan las probabilidades institucionales de un diálogo entre esas disciplinas.

  15. Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations of the Enhanced Logo-autobiography Program for Korean-American Women.

    Sung, Kyung Mi; Bernstein, Kunsook


    This study extends Bernstein et al.'s (2016) investigation of the effects of the Enhanced Logo-autobiography Program on Korean-American women's depressive symptoms, coping strategies, purpose in life, and posttraumatic growth by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. This study's participants significantly improved on quantitative measures of depression, coping strategies, purpose in life, and post-traumatic growth at eight weeks post-intervention and follow-up. The qualitative content analysis revealed 17 themes with five essential themes. The program's activity to promote purpose in life through posttraumatic growth facilitated participants' recovery from traumatic experiences. Standardized guidelines are needed to conduct this program in Korean community centers.

  16. T Helper 17 Cells Interplay with CD4+CD25highFoxp3+ Tregs in Regulation of Inflammations and Autoimmune Diseases

    Mai, Jietang; Wang, Hong; Yang#, Xiao-Feng


    Interleukin-17 (IL-17)-secreting T helper 17 cells (Th17) are a recently identified CD4+ T helper subset that has been implicated in various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Th17, along with CD4+CD25high Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) and other newly emergent T helper subsets, Th9 and Tfh, have expanded the Th1-Th2 paradigm. Although this newly proposed six-subset paradigm significantly improved our understanding on the differentiation of CD4+ T helper cell subsets and the regulation of T helper cells in inflammation and autoimmunity, many questions remain to be answered. In this overview, we will briefly review the following issues: a) Old Th1-Th2 paradigm versus new multi-subset paradigm; b) Structural features of IL-17 family cytokines; c) Th17 cells; d) Effects of IL-17 on various cell types and tissues; e) IL-17 receptor and signaling pathways; f) Th17-mediated inflammations; and g) Protective mechanisms of IL-17 in infections. Lastly, we will look into the interaction of Th17 and Treg in autoimmune diseases and inflammation: Th17 cells interplay with Tregs. Regulation of autoimmunity and inflammation lies in the interplays of the different T helper subsets, therefore, better understanding of these subsets’ interactions with one another would greatly improve our approaches in developing therapy to combat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. PMID:20515737

  17. Theory and experimental validation of SPLASH (Single Panel Lamp and Shroud Helper).

    Larsen, Marvin Elwood; Porter, Jason M.


    The radiant heat test facility develops test sets providing well-characterized thermal environments, often representing fires. Many of the components and procedures have become standardized to such an extent that the development of a specialized design tool was appropriate. SPLASH (Single Panel Lamp and Shroud Helper) is that tool. SPLASH is implemented as a user-friendly program that allows a designer to describe a test setup in terms of parameters such as lamp number, power, position, and separation distance. Thermal radiation is the dominant mechanism of heat transfer and the SPLASH model solves a radiation enclosure problem to estimate temperature distributions in a shroud providing the boundary condition of interest. Irradiance distribution on a specified viewing plane is also estimated. This document provides the theoretical development for the underlying model. A series of tests were conducted to characterize SPLASH's ability to analyze lamp and shroud systems. The comparison suggests that SPLASH succeeds as a design tool. Simplifications made to keep the model tractable are demonstrated to result in estimates that are only approximately as uncertain as many of the properties and characteristics of the operating environment.

  18. Repetitive intradermal bleomycin injections evoke T-helper cell 2 cytokine-driven pulmonary fibrosis.

    Singh, Brijendra; Kasam, Rajesh K; Sontake, Vishwaraj; Wynn, Thomas A; Madala, Satish K


    IL-4 and IL-13 are major T-helper cell (Th) 2 cytokines implicated in the pathogenesis of several lung diseases, including pulmonary fibrosis. In this study, using a novel repetitive intradermal bleomycin model in which mice develop extensive lung fibrosis and a progressive decline in lung function compared with saline-treated control mice, we investigated profibrotic functions of Th2 cytokines. To determine the role of IL-13 signaling in the pathogenesis of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis, wild-type, IL-13, and IL-4Rα-deficient mice were treated with bleomycin, and lungs were assessed for changes in lung function and pulmonary fibrosis. Histological staining and lung function measurements demonstrated that collagen deposition and lung function decline were attenuated in mice deficient in either IL-13 or IL-4Rα-driven signaling compared with wild-type mice treated with bleomycin. Furthermore, our results demonstrated that IL-13 and IL-4Rα-driven signaling are involved in excessive migration of macrophages and fibroblasts. Notably, our findings demonstrated that IL-13-driven migration involves increased phospho-focal adhesion kinase signaling and F-actin polymerization. Importantly, in vivo findings demonstrated that IL-13 augments matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP9 activity that has also been shown to increase migration and invasiveness of fibroblasts in the lungs during bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis. Together, our findings demonstrate a pathogenic role for Th2-cytokine signaling that includes excessive migration and protease activity involved in severe fibrotic lung disease.

  19. T Follicular Helper Cells and B Cell Dysfunction in Aging and HIV-1 Infection.

    Pallikkuth, Suresh; de Armas, Lesley; Rinaldi, Stefano; Pahwa, Savita


    T follicular helper (Tfh) cells are a subset of CD4 T cells that provide critical signals to antigen-primed B cells in germinal centers to undergo proliferation, isotype switching, and somatic hypermutation to generate long-lived plasma cells and memory B cells during an immune response. The quantity and quality of Tfh cells therefore must be tightly controlled to prevent immune dysfunction in the form of autoimmunity and, on the other hand, immune deficiency. Both Tfh and B cell perturbations appear during HIV infection resulting in impaired antibody responses to vaccines such as seasonal trivalent influenza vaccine, also seen in biologic aging. Although many of the HIV-associated defects improve with antiretroviral therapy (ART), excess immune activation and antigen-specific B and T cell responses including Tfh function are still impaired in virologically controlled HIV-infected persons on ART. Interestingly, HIV infected individuals experience increased risk of age-associated pathologies. This review will discuss Tfh and B cell dysfunction in HIV infection and highlight the impact of chronic HIV infection and aging on Tfh-B cell interactions.

  20. CD301b⁺ dermal dendritic cells drive T helper 2 cell-mediated immunity.

    Kumamoto, Yosuke; Linehan, Melissa; Weinstein, Jason S; Laidlaw, Brian J; Craft, Joseph E; Iwasaki, Akiko


    Unlike other types of T helper (Th) responses, whether the development of Th2 cells requires instruction from particular subset of dendritic cells (DCs) remains unclear. By using an in vivo depletion approach, we have shown that DCs expressing CD301b were required for the generation of Th2 cells after subcutaneous immunization with ovalbumin (OVA) along with papain or alum. CD301b⁺ DCs are distinct from epidermal or CD207⁺ dermal DCs (DDCs) and were responsible for transporting antigen injected subcutaneously with Th2-type adjuvants. Transient depletion of CD301b⁺ DCs resulted in less effective accumulation and decreased expression of CD69 by polyclonal CD4⁺ T cells in the lymph node. Moreover, despite intact cell division and interferon-γ production, CD301b⁺ DC depletion led to blunted interleukin-4 production by OVA-specific OT-II transgenic CD4⁺ T cells and significantly impaired Th2 cell development upon infection with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis. These results reveal CD301b⁺ DDCs as the key mediators of Th2 immunity. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Follicular Helper T Cells are Essential for the Elimination of Plasmodium Infection

    Damián Pérez-Mazliah


    Full Text Available CD4+ follicular helper T (Tfh cells have been shown to be critical for the activation of germinal center (GC B-cell responses. Similar to other infections, Plasmodium infection activates both GC as well as non-GC B cell responses. Here, we sought to explore whether Tfh cells and GC B cells are required to eliminate a Plasmodium infection. A CD4 T cell-targeted deletion of the gene that encodes Bcl6, the master transcription factor for the Tfh program, resulted in complete disruption of the Tfh response to Plasmodium chabaudi in C57BL/6 mice and consequent disruption of GC responses and IgG responses and the inability to eliminate the otherwise self-resolving chronic P. chabaudi infection. On the other hand, and contrary to previous observations in immunization and viral infection models, Signaling Lymphocyte Activation Molecule (SLAM-Associated Protein (SAP-deficient mice were able to activate Tfh cells, GC B cells, and IgG responses to the parasite. This study demonstrates the critical role for Tfh cells in controlling this systemic infection, and highlights differences in the signals required to activate GC B cell responses to this complex parasite compared with those of protein immunizations and viral infections. Therefore, these data are highly pertinent for designing malaria vaccines able to activate broadly protective B-cell responses.

  2. Treatment of osteoarthritis using a helper-dependent adenoviral vector retargeted to chondrocytes

    Merry ZC Ruan


    Full Text Available Osteoarthritis (OA is a joint disease characterized by degeneration of the articular cartilage, subchondral bone remodeling, and secondary inflammation. It is among the top three causes of chronic disability, and currently there are no treatment options to prevent disease progression. The localized nature of OA makes it an ideal candidate for gene and cell therapy. However, gene and cell therapy of OA is impeded by inefficient gene transduction of chondrocytes. In this study, we developed a broadly applicable system that retargets cell surface receptors by conjugating antibodies to the capsid of helper-dependent adenoviral vectors (HDVs. Specifically, we applied this system to retarget chondrocytes by conjugating an HDV to an α-10 integrin monoclonal antibody (a10mab. We show that a10mab-conjugated HDV (a10mabHDV-infected chondrocytes efficiently in vitro and in vivo while detargeting other cell types. The therapeutic index of an intra-articular injection of 10mabHDV-expressing proteoglycan 4 (PRG4 into a murine model of post-traumatic OA was 10-fold higher than with standard HDV. Moreover, we show that PRG4 overexpression from articular, superficial zone chondrocytes is effective for chondroprotection in postinjury OA and that α-10 integrin is an effective protein for chondrocyte targeting.

  3. Increased circulating follicular helper T cells with decreased programmed death-1 in chronic renal allograft rejection.

    Shi, Jian; Luo, Fengbao; Shi, Qianqian; Xu, Xianlin; He, Xiaozhou; Xia, Ying


    Chronic antibody-mediated rejection is a major issue that affects long-term renal allograft survival. Since follicular helper T (Tfh) cells promote the development of antigen-specific B cells in alloimmune responses, we investigated the potential roles of Tfh cells, B cells and their alloimmune-regulating molecules in the pathogenesis of chronic renal allograft rejection in this study. The frequency of Tfh, B cells and the levels of their alloimmune-regulating molecules including chemokine receptor type 5 (CXCR5), inducible T cell co-stimulator (ICOS), programmed death-1 (PD-1), ICOSL, PDL-1 and interleukin-21 (IL-21), of peripheral blood were comparatively measured in 42 primary renal allograft recipients within 1-3 years after transplantation. Among them, 24 patients had definite chronic rejection, while other 18 patients had normal renal function. Tfh-cell ratio was significantly increased with PD-1 down-regulation in the patients with chronic renal allograft rejection, while B cells and the alloimmune-regulating molecules studied did not show any appreciable change in parallel. The patients with chronic renal allograft rejection have a characteristic increase in circulating Tfh cells with a decrease in PD-1 expression. These pathological changes may be a therapeutic target for the treatment of chronic renal allograft rejection and can be useful as a clinical index for monitoring conditions of renal transplant.

  4. Mycorrhization helper bacteria: a case of specificity for altering ectomycorrhiza architecture but not ectomycorrhiza formation.

    Aspray, Thomas J; Frey-Klett, Pascale; Jones, Julie E; Whipps, John M; Garbaye, Jean; Bending, Gary D


    Mycorrhization helper bacteria (MHB), isolated from phylogenetically distinct ectomycorrhizal symbioses involving Lactarius rufus, Laccaria bicolor or Suillus luteus, were tested for fungus specificity to enhance L. rufus-Pinus sylvestris or L. bicolor-P. sylvestris mycorrhiza formation. As MHB isolated from the L. rufus and S. luteus mycorrhiza were originally characterised using a microcosm system, we assessed their ability to enhance mycorrhiza formation in a glasshouse system in order to determine the extent to which MHB are system-specific. Paenibacillus sp. EJP73, an MHB for L. rufus in the microcosm, significantly enhanced L. bicolor mycorrhiza formation in the glasshouse, demonstrating that the MHB effect of this bacterium is neither fungus-specific nor limited to the original experimental system. Although the five MHB strains studied were unable to significantly enhance L. rufus mycorrhiza formation, two of them did have a significant effect on dichotomous short root branching by L. rufus. The effect was specific to Paenibacillus sp. EJP73 and Burkholderia sp. EJP67, the two strains isolated from L. rufus mycorrhiza, and was not associated with auxin production. Altered mycorrhiza architecture rather than absolute number of mycorrhizal roots may be an important previously overlooked parameter for defining MHB effects.

  5. The transcription factor KLF2 restrains CD4⁺ T follicular helper cell differentiation.

    Lee, June-Yong; Skon, Cara N; Lee, You Jeong; Oh, Soohwan; Taylor, Justin J; Malhotra, Deepali; Jenkins, Marc K; Rosenfeld, M Geoffrey; Hogquist, Kristin A; Jameson, Stephen C


    T follicular helper (Tfh) cells are essential for efficient B cell responses, yet the factors that regulate differentiation of this CD4(+) T cell subset are incompletely understood. Here we found that the KLF2 transcription factor serves to restrain Tfh cell generation. Induced KLF2 deficiency in activated CD4(+) T cells led to increased Tfh cell generation and B cell priming, whereas KLF2 overexpression prevented Tfh cell production. KLF2 promotes expression of the trafficking receptor S1PR1, and S1PR1 downregulation is essential for efficient Tfh cell production. However, KLF2 also induced expression of the transcription factor Blimp-1, which repressed transcription factor Bcl-6 and thereby impaired Tfh cell differentiation. Furthermore, KLF2 induced expression of the transcription factors T-bet and GATA3 and enhanced Th1 differentiation. Hence, our data indicate KLF2 is pivotal for coordinating CD4(+) T cell differentiation through two distinct and complementary mechanisms: via control of T cell localization and by regulation of lineage-defining transcription factors. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Follicular Helper CD4+ T Cells in Human Neuroautoimmune Diseases and Their Animal Models

    Xueli Fan


    Full Text Available Follicular helper CD4+ T (TFH cells play a fundamental role in humoral immunity deriving from their ability to provide help for germinal center (GC formation, B cell differentiation into plasma cells and memory cells, and antibody production in secondary lymphoid tissues. TFH cells can be identified by a combination of markers, including the chemokine receptor CXCR5, costimulatory molecules ICOS and PD-1, transcription repressor Bcl-6, and cytokine IL-21. It is difficult and impossible to get access to secondary lymphoid tissues in humans, so studies are usually performed with human peripheral blood samples as circulating counterparts of tissue TFH cells. A balance of TFH cell generation and function is critical for protective antibody response, whereas overactivation of TFH cells or overexpression of TFH-associated molecules may result in autoimmune diseases. Emerging data have shown that TFH cells and TFH-associated molecules may be involved in the pathogenesis of neuroautoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS, neuromyelitis optica (NMO/neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD, and myasthenia gravis (MG. This review summarizes the features of TFH cells, including their development, function, and roles as well as TFH-associated molecules in neuroautoimmune diseases and their animal models.

  7. From idealistic helper to enterprising learner: critical reflections on personal development through experiences from Afghanistan.

    Wickford, Jenny; Rosberg, Susanne


    There is little written about the cultural, social, and ethical challenges encountered by physiotherapists engaging in development work. This article takes a critical perspective on what it means to engage in development work as an expatriate physiotherapist, through a self-critical reflection on experiences from Afghanistan. The field notes from an ethnographic study of a development project conducted in Afghanistan were analysed to explore the transformative process of personal and professional development of the development worker. The critical reflective process entailed a change in meaning perspective, described as a shift from the position of an Idealistic Helper to an Enterprising Learner. Of importance in this process were "disorienting dilemmas" that challenged personal perceptions. Critical reflection over such dilemmas led to deeper understanding facilitating the process of change. The essential lesson learned is that the baseline for understanding others is an understanding of one's own meaning perspectives and manner of participation in relation to others and their context. The insights gained have implications for physiotherapists working in development contexts, for other development workers, and for physiotherapists working with patients in clinical practice in a nondevelopment context. Exploring how to collaborate in development contexts could be done using reflective groups with expatriate and local physiotherapists and/or patients. This could lead to greater understanding of oneself, each other, and the local context.

  8. Antigen-specific tolerance of human alpha1-antitrypsin induced by helper-dependent adenovirus.

    Cerullo, V; McCormack, W; Seiler, M; Mane, V; Cela, R; Clarke, C; Rodgers, J R; Lee, B


    As efficient and less toxic virus-derived gene therapy vectors are developed, a pressing problem is to avoid immune response to the therapeutic gene product. Secreted therapeutic proteins potentially represent a special problem, as they are readily available to professional antigen-presenting cells throughout the body. Some studies suggest that immunity to serum proteins can be avoided in some mouse strains by using tissue-specific promoters. Here we show that expression of human alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) was nonimmunogenic in the immune-responsive strain C3H/HeJ, when expressed from helper-dependent (HD) vectors using ubiquitous as well as tissue-specific promoters. Coadministration of less immunogenic HD vectors with an immunogenic first-generation vector failed to immunize, suggesting immune suppression rather than immune stealth. Indeed, mice primed with HD vectors were tolerant to immune challenge with hAAT emulsified in complete Freund's adjuvant. Such animals developed high-titer antibodies to coemulsified human serum albumin, showing that tolerance was antigen specific. AAT-specific T cell responses were depressed in tolerized animals, suggesting that tolerance affects both T and B cells. These results are consistent with models of high-dose tolerance of B cells and certain other suppressive mechanisms, and suggest that a high level of expression from HD vectors can be sufficient to induce specific immune tolerance to serum proteins.

  9. Induction of NFATc2 expression by interleukin 6 promotes T helper type 2 differentiation.

    Diehl, Sean; Chow, Chi-Wing; Weiss, Linda; Palmetshofer, Alois; Twardzik, Thomas; Rounds, Laura; Serfling, Edgar; Davis, Roger J; Anguita, Juan; Rincón, Mercedes


    Interleukin (IL)-6 is produced by professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) such as B cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells. It has been previously shown that APC-derived IL-6 promotes the differentiation of naive CD4+ T cells into effector T helper type 2 (Th2) cells. Here, we have studied the molecular mechanism for IL-6-mediated Th2 differentiation. During the activation of CD4+ T cells, IL-6 induces the production of IL-4, which promotes the differentiation of these cells into effector Th2 cells. Regulation of IL-4 gene expression by IL-6 is mediated by nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT), as inhibition of NFAT prevents IL-6-driven IL-4 production and Th2 differentiation. IL-6 upregulates NFAT transcriptional activity by increasing the levels of NFATc2. The ability of IL-6 to promote Th2 differentiation is impaired in CD4+ T cells that lack NFATc2, demonstrating that NFATc2 is required for regulation of IL-4 gene expression by IL-6. Regulation of NFATc2 expression and NFAT transcriptional activity represents a novel pathway by which IL-6 can modulate gene expression.

  10. Type II membrane protein CD69 regulates the formation of resting T-helper memory.

    Shinoda, Kenta; Tokoyoda, Koji; Hanazawa, Asami; Hayashizaki, Koji; Zehentmeier, Sandra; Hosokawa, Hiroyuki; Iwamura, Chiaki; Koseki, Haruhiko; Tumes, Damon J; Radbruch, Andreas; Nakayama, Toshinori


    Memory T-helper (Th) lymphocytes are crucial for the maintenance of acquired immunity to eliminate infectious pathogens. We have previously demonstrated that most memory Th lymphocytes reside and rest on stromal niches of the bone marrow (BM). Little is known, however, regarding the molecular basis for the generation and maintenance of BM memory Th lymphocytes. Here we show that CD69-deficient effector CD4 T lymphocytes fail to relocate into and persist in the BM and therefore to differentiate into memory cells. Consequently, CD69-deficient CD4 T cells fail to facilitate the production of high-affinity antibodies and the generation of BM long-lived plasma cells in the late phase of immune responses. Thus, CD69 is critical for the generation and maintenance of professional memory Th lymphocytes, which can efficiently help humoral immunity in the late phase. The deficit of immunological memory in CD69-deficient mice also highlights the essential role of BM for the establishment of Th memory.

  11. Severe Malaria Infections Impair Germinal Center Responses by Inhibiting T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation

    Victoria Ryg-Cornejo


    Full Text Available Naturally acquired immunity to malaria develops only after years of repeated exposure to Plasmodium parasites. Despite the key role antibodies play in protection, the cellular processes underlying the slow acquisition of immunity remain unknown. Using mouse models, we show that severe malaria infection inhibits the establishment of germinal centers (GCs in the spleen. We demonstrate that infection induces high frequencies of T follicular helper (Tfh cell precursors but results in impaired Tfh cell differentiation. Despite high expression of Bcl-6 and IL-21, precursor Tfh cells induced during infection displayed low levels of PD-1 and CXCR5 and co-expressed Th1-associated molecules such as T-bet and CXCR3. Blockade of the inflammatory cytokines TNF and IFN-γ or T-bet deletion restored Tfh cell differentiation and GC responses to infection. Thus, this study demonstrates that the same pro-inflammatory mediators that drive severe malaria pathology have detrimental effects on the induction of protective B cell responses.

  12. Cell viability of mycorrhiza helper bacteria solid inoculant in different carrier material

    Asyiah, Iis Nur; Hindersah, Reginawanti; Harni, Rita


    Roots of food crops are colonized by nonpathogenic mycorrhizal fungi which show natural ability to control plant pathogen. Mycorrhizal establishment in plant roots is affected by rhizobacteria, known as mycorrhiza helper bacteria (MHB), which has synergetic effects on mycorrhizal associations. Laboratory experiment has been conducted to assess the best carrier material to develop well-qualified MHB of Pseudomonas diminuta and Bacillus subtilis solid inoculant. Carrier materials were 100 mesh organic matter of agricultural waste. Different spore concentration of both bacterial liquid inoculants were grown on three kinds of 100-mesh organic matter and stored at room temperature up to 90 days. Cell viability of both MHB were counted by serial dilution plate method by using specific medium. The results showed that sugar cane baggase ash was the best carrier material to maintain cell viability for both MHB. However, the population of Pseudomonas diminuta and Bacillus subtilis in sugar cane baggase ash were slightly decreased after 90 days. The use of sugarcane baggase ash for solid MHB inoculant development could be suggested.

  13. Differential gene expression by integrin β7+ and β7- memory T helper cells

    Yang Yee


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The cell adhesion molecule integrin α4β7 helps direct the migration of blood lymphocytes to the intestine and associated lymphoid tissues. We hypothesized that β7+ and β7- blood memory T helper cells differ in their expression of genes that play a role in the adhesion or migration of T cells. Results RNA was prepared from β7+ and β7- CD4+ CD45RA- blood T cells from nine normal human subjects and analyzed using oligonucleotide microarrays. Of 21357 genes represented on the arrays, 16 were more highly expressed in β7+ cells and 18 were more highly expressed in β7- cells (≥1.5 fold difference and adjusted P + memory/effector T cells than on β7- cells. Conclusions Memory/effector T cells that express integrin β7 have a distinct pattern of expression of a set of gene transcripts. Several of these molecules can affect cell adhesion or chemotaxis and are therefore likely to modulate the complex multistep process that regulates trafficking of CD4+ memory T cell subsets with different homing behaviors.

  14. Autoimmune Memory T Helper 17 Cell Function and Expansion Are Dependent on Interleukin-23

    Christopher J. Haines


    Full Text Available Interleukin-23 (IL-23 is essential for the differentiation of pathogenic effector T helper 17 (Th17 cells, but its role in memory Th17 cell responses is unclear. Using the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE model, we report that memory Th17 cells rapidly expanded in response to rechallenge and migrated to the CNS in high numbers, resulting in earlier onset and increased severity of clinical disease. Memory Th17 cells were generated from IL-17+ and RORγt+ precursors, and the stability of the Th17 cell phenotype depended on the amount of time allowed for the primary response. IL-23 was required for this enhanced recall response. IL-23 receptor blockade did not directly impact IL-17 production, but did impair the subsequent proliferation and generation of effectors coexpressing the Th1 cell-specific transcription factor T-bet. In addition, many genes required for cell-cycle progression were downregulated in Th17 cells that lacked IL-23 signaling, showing that a major mechanism for IL-23 in primary and memory Th17 cell responses operates via regulation of proliferation-associated pathways.

  15. The Transcription Factor c-Maf Promotes the Differentiation of Follicular Helper T Cells

    Fabienne Andris


    Full Text Available Follicular helper T cells (Tfh have been identified as the primary cell subpopulation regulating B cell responses in germinal centers, thus supporting high-affinity antibody production. Among the transcription factors orchestrating Tfh cell differentiation and function, the role played by the proto-oncogene c-Maf remains poorly characterized. We report herein that selective loss of c-Maf expression in the T cell compartment results in defective development of Tfh cells in response to both antigen/adjuvant vaccinations and commensal intestinal bacteria. Accordingly, c-Maf expression in T cells was essential for the development and high-affinity antibody secretion in vaccinated animals. c-Maf was expressed early, concomitantly to BCL6, in Tfh cell precursors and found to regulate Tfh fate in a cell-autonomous fashion. Altogether, our findings reveal a novel, non-redundant, function for c-Maf in the differentiation of Tfh cells and the regulation of humoral immune responses to T-cell-dependent antigens.

  16. Innate Functions of Immunoglobulin M Lessen Liver Gene Transfer with Helper-Dependent Adenovirus

    Unzu, Carmen; Morales-Kastresana, Aizea; Sampedro, Ana; Serrano-Mendioroz, Irantzu; Azpilikueta, Arantza; Ochoa, María Carmen; Dubrot, Juan; Martínez-Ansó, Eduardo


    The immune system poses obstacles to viral vectors, even in the first administration to preimmunized hosts. We have observed that the livers of B cell-deficient mice were more effectively transduced by a helper-dependent adenovirus serotype-5 (HDA) vector than those of WT mice. This effect was T-cell independent as shown in athymic mice. Passive transfer of the serum from adenovirus-naïve WT to Rag1KO mice resulted in a reduction in gene transfer that was traced to IgM purified from serum of adenovirus-naïve mice. To ascribe the gene transfer inhibition activity to either adenoviral antigen-specific or antigen-unspecific functions of IgM, we used a monoclonal IgM antibody of unrelated specificity. Both the polyclonal and the irrelevant monoclonal IgM inhibited gene transfer by the HDA vector to either cultured hepatocellular carcinoma cells or to the liver of mice in vivo. Adsorption of polyclonal or monoclonal IgMs to viral capsids was revealed by ELISAs on adenovirus-coated plates. These observations indicate the existence of an inborn IgM mechanism deployed against a prevalent virus to reduce early post-infection viremia. In conclusion, innate IgM binding to adenovirus serotype-5 capsids restrains gene-transfer and offers a mechanism to be targeted for optimization of vector dosage in gene therapy with HDA vectors. PMID:24465560

  17. Innate functions of immunoglobulin M lessen liver gene transfer with helper-dependent adenovirus.

    Carmen Unzu

    Full Text Available The immune system poses obstacles to viral vectors, even in the first administration to preimmunized hosts. We have observed that the livers of B cell-deficient mice were more effectively transduced by a helper-dependent adenovirus serotype-5 (HDA vector than those of WT mice. This effect was T-cell independent as shown in athymic mice. Passive transfer of the serum from adenovirus-naïve WT to Rag1KO mice resulted in a reduction in gene transfer that was traced to IgM purified from serum of adenovirus-naïve mice. To ascribe the gene transfer inhibition activity to either adenoviral antigen-specific or antigen-unspecific functions of IgM, we used a monoclonal IgM antibody of unrelated specificity. Both the polyclonal and the irrelevant monoclonal IgM inhibited gene transfer by the HDA vector to either cultured hepatocellular carcinoma cells or to the liver of mice in vivo. Adsorption of polyclonal or monoclonal IgMs to viral capsids was revealed by ELISAs on adenovirus-coated plates. These observations indicate the existence of an inborn IgM mechanism deployed against a prevalent virus to reduce early post-infection viremia. In conclusion, innate IgM binding to adenovirus serotype-5 capsids restrains gene-transfer and offers a mechanism to be targeted for optimization of vector dosage in gene therapy with HDA vectors.

  18. Role of interleukin (IL)-17 and T-helper (Th)17 cells in cancer.

    Song, Yang; Yang, Jian Ming


    Interleukin-17 (IL-17), a pleiotropic proinflammatory cytokine, is reported to be significantly generated by a distinct subset of CD4 + T-cells, upgrading cancer-elicited inflammation and preventing cancer cells from immune surveillance. T-helper (Th)17 cells produced from naive CD4 + T cells have recently been renowned and generally accepted, gaining eminence in cancer studies and playing the effective role in context of cancer. Th17 cells are the main source of IL-17-secreting cells, It was found that other cell types produced this cytokine as well, including Group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3), δγT cells, invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells, lymphoid-tissue inducer (LTi)-like cells and Natural killer (NK) cells. Th17-associated cytokines give impetus to tumor progression, or inducing angiogenesis and metastasis. This review demonstrates an understanding on how the pro- or antitumor function of Th17 cells and IL-17 may change cancer progression, leading to the appearance of complex and pivotal biologic activities in tumor. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. T Follicular Helper-Like Cells Are Involved in the Pathogenesis of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

    Jun Guo


    Full Text Available Multiple sclerosis (MS and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE have been proved to be T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases. Recent researches indicate that humoral immunity is also involved in the pathogenesis of these disorders. T follicular helper (Tfh cells are critical for B cell differentiation and antibody production. However, the role of Tfh cells in MS and EAE remains unclear. Here, we found elevated frequencies of CD4+CXCR5+PD-1+ Tfh-like cells in both MS patients and EAE. In EAE mice, Tfh-like cells, together with B cells, were found in the ectopic lymphoid structures in spinal cords. Moreover, Tfh-like cells promoted the antibody production via IL-21/IL-21R and CD40 ligand/CD40 interaction and the synergy effect of STAT3 and non-canonical NF-κB signaling pathway inside B cells. Moreover, adoptive transfer of Tfh-like cells could increase the severity and delay the remission of EAE. In conclusion, our data indicate that Tfh-like cells contribute to the pathogenesis of EAE.

  20. CD28 Costimulation of T Helper 1 Cells Enhances Cytokine Release In Vivo

    Daniela Langenhorst


    Full Text Available Compared to naive T cells, differentiated T cells are thought to be less dependent on CD28 costimulation for full activation. To revisit the role of CD28 costimulation in mouse T cell recall responses, we adoptively transferred in vitro generated OT-II T helper (Th 1 cells into C57BL/6 mice (Thy1.2+ and then either blocked CD28–ligand interactions with Fab fragments of the anti-CD28 monoclonal antibody (mAb E18 or deleted CD28 expression using inducible CD28 knock-out OT-II mice as T cell donors. After injection of ovalbumin protein in adjuvant into the recipient mice we observed that systemic interferon (IFNγ release strongly depended on CD28 costimulation of the Th1 cells, while secondary clonal expansion was not reduced in the absence of CD28 costimulation. For human memory CD4+ T cell responses we also noted that cytokine release was reduced upon inhibition of CD28 costimulation. Together, our data highlight the so far underestimated role of CD28 costimulation for the reactivation of fully differentiated CD4+ T cells.

  1. Follicular helper T cells promote liver pathology in mice during Schistosoma japonicum infection.

    Xiaojun Chen


    Full Text Available Following Schistosoma japonicum (S. japonicum infection, granulomatous responses are induced by parasite eggs trapped in host organs, particular in the liver, during the acute stage of disease. While excessive liver granulomatous responses can lead to more severe fibrosis and circulatory impairment in chronically infected host. However, the exact mechanism of hepatic granuloma formation has remained obscure. In this study, we for the first time showed that follicular helper T (Tfh cells are recruited to the liver to upregulate hepatic granuloma formation and liver injury in S. japonicum-infected mice, and identified a novel function of macrophages in Tfh cell induction. In addition, our results showed that the generation of Tfh cells driven by macrophages is dependent on cell-cell contact and the level of inducible costimulator ligand (ICOSL on macrophages which is regulated by CD40-CD40L signaling. Our findings uncovered a previously unappreciated role for Tfh cells in liver pathology caused by S. japonicum infection in mice.

  2. Distribution of Peripheral Memory T Follicular Helper Cells in Patients with Schistosomiasis Japonica.

    Xiaojun Chen

    Full Text Available Schistosomiasis is a helminthic disease that affects more than 200 million people. An effective vaccine would be a major step towards eliminating the disease. Studies suggest that T follicular helper (Tfh cells provide help to B cells to generate the long-term humoral immunity, which would be a crucial component of successful vaccines. Thus, understanding the biological characteristics of Tfh cells in patients with schistosomiasis, which has never been explored, is essential for vaccine design.In this study, we investigated the biological characteristics of peripheral memory Tfh cells in schistosomiasis patients by flow cytometry. Our data showed that the frequencies of total and activated peripheral memory Tfh cells in patients were significantly increased during Schistosoma japonicum infection. Moreover, Tfh2 cells, which were reported to be a specific subpopulation to facilitate the generation of protective antibodies, were increased more greatly than other subpopulations of total peripheral memory Tfh cells in patients with schistosomiasis japonica. More importantly, our result showed significant correlations of the percentage of Tfh2 cells with both the frequency of plasma cells and the level of IgG antibody. In addition, our results showed that the percentage of T follicular regulatory (Tfr cells was also increased in patients with schistosomiasis.Our report is the first characterization of peripheral memory Tfh cells in schistosomasis patients, which not only provides potential targets to improve immune response to vaccination, but also is important for the development of vaccination strategies to control schistosomiasis.

  3. Role of distinct CD4(+) T helper subset in pathogenesis of oral lichen planus.

    Wang, Hui; Zhang, Dunfang; Han, Qi; Zhao, Xin; Zeng, Xin; Xu, Yi; Sun, Zheng; Chen, Qianming


    Oral lichen planus (OLP) is one of the most common chronic inflammatory oral mucosal diseases with T-cell-mediated immune pathogenesis. In subepithelial and lamina propria of OLP local lesions, the presence of CD4(+) T helper (CD4(+) Th) cells appeared as the major lymphocytes. These CD4(+) T lymphocytes can differentiate into distinct Th cell types such as Th1, Th2, Treg, Th17, Th22, Th9, and Tfh within the context of certain cytokines environment. Growing evidence indicated that Th1/Th2 imbalance may greatly participate into the cytokine network of OLP immunopathology. In addition, Th1/Th2 imbalance can be regulated by the Treg subset and also greatly influenced by the emerging novel CD4(+) Th subset Th17. Furthermore, the presence of novel subsets Th22, Th9 and Tfh in OLP patients is yet to be clarified. All these Th subsets and their specific cytokines may play a critical role in determining the character, extent and duration of immune responses in OLP pathogenesis. Therefore, we review the roles of distinct CD4(+) Th subsets and their signature cytokines in determining disease severity and susceptibility of OLP and also reveal the novel therapeutic strategies based on T lymphocytes subsets in OLP treatment. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. Ambivalent helpers and unhealthy choices: public health practitioners' narratives of Indigenous ill-health.

    Kowal, Emma; Paradies, Yin


    Public health practitioners in Australian indigenous health work in a complex political environment. Public health training is limited in providing them with conceptual tools needed to unpack the postcolonial nexus of 'fourth-world' health. A workshop was designed by the authors to facilitate critical reflection on how the concepts of race and culture are used in constructions of indigenous ill-health. It was attended by researchers, students, clinicians and bureaucrats working in public health in northern Australia. A thematic analysis of the workshop minutes provided insight into public health practitioners' narratives of Indigenous ill-health. The major themes that emerged included tension between structure and agency and between sameness and difference, and ambivalence surrounding the 'helper' identity of public health practitioners. We suggest that these narratives can be understood as attempts to maintain the moral integrity of both Indigenous people and practitioners. This task is necessitated by the specter of cultural relativism intrinsic to contemporary liberal discourses of multiculturalism that attempt to reconcile the universal rights of the citizen with the special rights of minority groups. We argue that the concepts of self-determination and neocolonialism mark the spaces where universal and particular discourses overlap and clash. Practitioners who seek to escape neocolonialism must inhabit only the discursive space of public health congruent with self-determination, leaving them in a bind common to many postcolonial situations. They must relieve the ill-health of indigenous people without acting upon them; change them without declaring that change is required.

  5. TRX-LOGOS - a graphical tool to demonstrate DNA information content dependent upon backbone dynamics in addition to base sequence.

    Fortin, Connor H; Schulze, Katharina V; Babbitt, Gregory A


    It is now widely-accepted that DNA sequences defining DNA-protein interactions functionally depend upon local biophysical features of DNA backbone that are important in defining sites of binding interaction in the genome (e.g. DNA shape, charge and intrinsic dynamics). However, these physical features of DNA polymer are not directly apparent when analyzing and viewing Shannon information content calculated at single nucleobases in a traditional sequence logo plot. Thus, sequence logos plots are severely limited in that they convey no explicit information regarding the structural dynamics of DNA backbone, a feature often critical to binding specificity. We present TRX-LOGOS, an R software package and Perl wrapper code that interfaces the JASPAR database for computational regulatory genomics. TRX-LOGOS extends the traditional sequence logo plot to include Shannon information content calculated with regard to the dinucleotide-based BI-BII conformation shifts in phosphate linkages on the DNA backbone, thereby adding a visual measure of intrinsic DNA flexibility that can be critical for many DNA-protein interactions. TRX-LOGOS is available as an R graphics module offered at both SourceForge and as a download supplement at this journal. To demonstrate the general utility of TRX logo plots, we first calculated the information content for 416 Saccharomyces cerevisiae transcription factor binding sites functionally confirmed in the Yeastract database and matched to previously published yeast genomic alignments. We discovered that flanking regions contain significantly elevated information content at phosphate linkages than can be observed at nucleobases. We also examined broader transcription factor classifications defined by the JASPAR database, and discovered that many general signatures of transcription factor binding are locally more information rich at the level of DNA backbone dynamics than nucleobase sequence. We used TRX-logos in combination with MEGA 6.0 software

  6. SU-E-T-218: The IHE-RO Helper Tool: Demonstrating the Connectivity Issues Solved by IHE-RO.

    Kapoor, Rishabh; Yeung, Daniel; Kumar, Sabari Ajay; Alex, Daley; Kapur, Priyanka; Palta, Jatinder


    To develop a Web-based application (IHE-RO Helper) to allow comprehensive review of the interconnectivity and interoperability of various radiotherapy devices established through testing sanctioned by the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise-Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO). IHE-RO is an initiative sponsored by ASTRO to improve the way computer based systems in radiation oncology share information using well-defined data exchange standards (DICOM / HL7). At the IHE-RO Connectathon events over the last 4 years, 11 vendors with 14 different products have successfully tested and identified solutions to connectivity problems in treatment planning, simulation and delivery. Because the test results are highly technical, the interconnectivity issues amongst the RT devices may get overlooked by the end users. The IHE-RO helper tool is designed to operate in simple clinical terms with queries and presentations organized based on treatment techniques and clinical features that are familiar to the practitioners. For example, if you are planning to purchase a treatment planning system capable of generating plans (e.g. Stereotactic treatments) and are concerned whether the TPS can successfully transfer such data to your treatment management system (TMS) and subsequently to your treatment delivery system (TDS), the IHE-RO Helper can identify the connectivity requirements and list vendors that have successfully passed an IHE-RO Connectathon and validated their solution to the specific requirements. The IHE-RO helper tool provides a graphical and textual user interface to effectively demonstrate the solved interconnectivity problems between TPS, TMS and TDS. A report is also provided that explains the interconnectivity problems and its solutions. The IHE-RO helper is an effective tool to clearly identify vendor products that are IHE-RO compliant, thereby encourages vendor participation in testing and validation. Such a tool will be invaluable in procurement of new equipment to ensure a

  7. Sobre o comportamento de chimpanzés: o que antropólogos e primatólogos podem ensinar sobre o assunto?

    Eliane Sebeika Rapchan


    Full Text Available Este artigo é um exercício etnográfico sobre a produção dos pesquisadores dedicados ao comportamento de chimpanzés enfocando questões relativas aos temas simbolização, sociabilidade, comunicação, cognição e consciência tomando o problema da existência de "culturas de chimpanzés", tal como muitos primatólogos têm afirmado na última década, como central. A estratégia consiste em estabelecer um diálogo constante entre a produção de conhecimento dirigida ao comportamento dos chimpanzés, a partir de 1960, e os próprios parâmetros e questões que a antropologia sociocultural enfatiza em sua reflexão sobre humanos, suas culturas, suas sociedades, via o debate entre local e universal, entre natureza e cultura. Os parâmetros teórico-metodológicos utilizados são provenientes da antropologia da ciência, das ideias e do conhecimento, como é conhecida a área da antropologia dedicada a pensar aspectos da produção do conhecimento, dentro e fora da disciplina.This article is an ethnographic study about the researches dedicated to chimpanzee behavior focusing questions related to symbolization, sociability, communication, cognition and consciousness taking as central the problem of "chimpanzee cultures", as many primatologists have affirming to exist in last decade. The strategy consists in to establish a constant dialogue between the production of knowledge about the chimpanzee behavior, since 1960, and the parameters and questions that sociocultural anthropology emphasizes in its reflection about humans, theirs cultures, theirs societies, through the debate between local and universal, culture and nature. The theoretical and methodological parameters utilized coming from the Anthropology of Science, Ideas and Knowledge, as is named the anthropological area that think about aspects of production of knowledge, inside and outside the discipline.

  8. Uso de plasma autólogo em dermolipectomia abdominal: nota prévia

    Angélica Maria Schettino

    Full Text Available O plasma autólogo começou a ser estudado na década de 90, principalmente por suas propriedades adesivas, de angiogênese e pela presença de fatores de crescimento de origem plaquetária. Na verdade, o plasma pode ser isolado de modo autólogo, a partir do sangue do próprio paciente e obtido nas suas duas porções: uma com alta concentração de plaquetas (plasma rico em plaquetas- PRP e outra com concentração baixa de plaquetas (plasma pobre em plaquetas- PPP. O presente estudo está em desenvolvimento no Hospital Universitário Clementino Fraga Filho, da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (HUCFF-UFRJ e no Hospital Naval Marcílio Dias (HNMD, ambos no Rio de Janeiro. O objetivo é avaliar as propriedades do plasma pobre em plaquetas, principalmente a sua ação adesiva, em pacientes com indicação de dermolipectomia abdominal reparadora, de modo a reduzir as coleções no pós operatório, como hematoma e seroma, duas das principais complicações nesse tipo de cirurgia.

  9. Diálogos de Lacan na reinvenção do inconsciente

    Francisco Rafael Barbosa Caselli


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem como objetivo apresentar e explicitar três momentos da interlocução de Jacques Lacan com o estruturalismo em seu percurso de reinvenção do inconsciente. Como metodologia, foram analisados três textos dos teóricos estruturalistas referidos por Lacan: o antropólogo Claude Lévi-Strauss e os linguistas Ferdinand de Saussure e Roman Jakobson. Com o intuito de dimensionar a asserção lacaniana de que “o inconsciente é estruturado como uma linguagem”, este trabalho propõe um percurso de leitura que busca evidenciar em profundidade o diálogo que Lacan manteve com estes autores. Tal proposta é desenvolvida a partir da leitura rigorosa e elaboração de comentários sobre os textos dos autores estruturalistas, com foco na formulação original de seus conceitos e apropriações efetuadas por Lacan. Desse modo, busca-se demonstrar como alguns conceitos propostos pela antropologia estrutural de Lévi-Strauss e pela linguística estrutural de Saussure e Jakobson, uma vez reformulados, constituem os pilares sobre os quais repousam a estrutura do inconsciente lacaniano formalizada no escrito “A instância da letra no inconsciente”.

  10. Driver performance and attention allocation in use of logo signs on freeway exit ramps.

    Zahabi, Maryam; Machado, Patricia; Lau, Mei Ying; Deng, Yulin; Pankok, Carl; Hummer, Joseph; Rasdorf, William; Kaber, David B


    The objective of this research was to quantify the effects of driver age, ramp signage configuration, including number of panels, logo format and sign familiarity, on driver performance and attention allocation when exiting freeways. Sixty drivers participated in a simulator study and analysis of variance models were used to assess response effects of the controlled manipulations. Results revealed elderly drivers to demonstrate worse performance and conservative control strategies as compared to middle-aged and young drivers. Elderly drivers also exhibited lower off-road fixation frequency and shorter off-road glance durations compared to middle-aged and young drivers. In general, drivers adopted a more conservative strategy when exposed to nine-panel signs as compared to six-panel signs and were more accurate in target detection when searching six-panels vs. nine and with familiar vs. unfamiliar logos. These findings provide an applicable guide for agency design of freeway ramp signage accounting for driver demographics. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Manufacturing of advanced bent crystals for Laue Optics for Gamma ObservationS (LOGOS)

    Mazzolari, Andrea; Camattari, Riccardo; Bellucci, Valerio; Paternò, Gianfranco; Scian, Carlo; Mattei, Giovanni; Guidi, Vincenzo


    X- and γ-ray detection is currently a hot topic for a wide scientific community, spanning from astrophysics to nuclear medicine. However, lack of optics capable of focusing photons of energies in the energy range 0.1–1 MeV leaves the photon detection to a direct-view approach, resulting in a limited efficiency and resolution. The main scope of the INFN-LOGOS project is the development of technologies that enable manufacturing highly performing optical elements to be employed in the realization of hard X-ray lenses. Such lenses, typically named Laue lenses, consist of an ensemble of crystals disposed in concentric rings in order to diffract the incident radiation towards the focus of the lens, where a detector is placed. In particular, the INFN-LOGOS project aims at the realization of intrinsically bent silicon and germanium crystals exploiting the quasi-mosaic effect for focusing hard X-rays. Crystal manufacturing relies on a proper revisitation of techniques typically employed in silicon micromachining, such as thin film deposition and patterning or ion implantation

  12. Oralidad y escritura en el diálogo platónico

    Rodrigo Verano Liaño


    Full Text Available Este artículo aborda la relación entre oralidad y escritura que se da en los diálogos platónicos, desde una perspectiva lingüística. Con auxilio del marco proporcionado por los nuevos enfoques para el estudio de los ejes hablado y escrito de la lengua, se propone un modelo de análisis del diálogo platónico en sintonía con las dos situaciones comunicativas que constituyen, respectivamente, el proceso de emisión y recepción de la obra, y la ficción literaria. Se aporta como estudio de caso el análisis de las aposiciones parafrásticas en La República, construcción que se alinea entre los fenómenos que admiten una mejor explicación si se relacionan con la impronta oral del texto.

  13. Catálogo da biblioteca: o objeto orientado ao usuário

    Aníbal Perea Araújo

    Full Text Available Os catálogos bibliográficos em fichas ou em linha, estes últimos também conhecidos como Online Public Access Catalogue, foram desenhados para melhor organizar e dinamizar os itens arquivados em uma biblioteca. Saciar a necessidade do consulente de biblioteca, na busca por informação, é objetivo de construção desses bancos de dados. Para muitos usuários, os objetivos iniciais de criação desses softwares não coadunam com a plasticidade dos novos sistemas, quando da apresentação da informação na hora da pesquisa. Há, no mercado de bases de dados, uma gama de softwares que hoje, atenderiam às necessidades latentes, assim como as expressas pelos usuários destes catálogos, para buscas realizadas tanto de forma remota como local. Expor novas ontologias, diferentes formatos de apresentação e apontar as reais necessidades de informação exigidas pelo usuário, são os objetivos deste trabalho.

  14. Trabalho análogo a de escravo na Bahia: desmascarando o explorador

    Gilca Garcia de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Após o reconhecimento da presença do trabalho análogo a de escravo no País, como resposta da pressão popular e internacional, o Estado vem implementando medidas de combate deste crime tratado no artigo 149 do Código Penal brasileiro. É importante reconhecer avanços em algumas destas medidas como no caso da criação dos Grupos Especiais de Fiscalização Móvel (GEFM e da “Lista Suja”. No entanto, em outras instâncias como no caso da PEC438A, sua aprovação na Câmara levou à proposição, por representante da bancada ruralista, de uma nova definição para o artigo 149 por meio da PL3842/2012 que pode incorrer em retrocessos quanto ao entendimento jurídico do trabalho análogo a de escravo. Assim, busca-se analisar aqui a atuação no bloco de poder de representantes de classes ou frações de classes quanto aos encaminhamentos adotados nas Plenárias das Casas Legislativas.

  15. Manufacturing of advanced bent crystals for Laue Optics for Gamma ObservationS (LOGOS)

    Mazzolari, Andrea, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, University of Ferrara, Via Saragat 1/c, 44122 Ferrara (Italy); INFN, Section of Ferrara (Italy); Camattari, Riccardo; Bellucci, Valerio; Paternò, Gianfranco [Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, University of Ferrara, Via Saragat 1/c, 44122 Ferrara (Italy); INFN, Section of Ferrara (Italy); Scian, Carlo; Mattei, Giovanni [University of Padova, Department of Physics and Astronomy Galileo Galilei (Italy); Guidi, Vincenzo [Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, University of Ferrara, Via Saragat 1/c, 44122 Ferrara (Italy); INFN, Section of Ferrara (Italy)


    X- and γ-ray detection is currently a hot topic for a wide scientific community, spanning from astrophysics to nuclear medicine. However, lack of optics capable of focusing photons of energies in the energy range 0.1–1 MeV leaves the photon detection to a direct-view approach, resulting in a limited efficiency and resolution. The main scope of the INFN-LOGOS project is the development of technologies that enable manufacturing highly performing optical elements to be employed in the realization of hard X-ray lenses. Such lenses, typically named Laue lenses, consist of an ensemble of crystals disposed in concentric rings in order to diffract the incident radiation towards the focus of the lens, where a detector is placed. In particular, the INFN-LOGOS project aims at the realization of intrinsically bent silicon and germanium crystals exploiting the quasi-mosaic effect for focusing hard X-rays. Crystal manufacturing relies on a proper revisitation of techniques typically employed in silicon micromachining, such as thin film deposition and patterning or ion implantation.

  16. O diálogo como ato amoroso em Platão: Um breve ensaio

    Camila do Espírito Santo Prado de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Pretende-se abordar dois temas fundamentais para qualquer estudioso da obra platônica: a forma dialogal da escrita filosófica e o aspecto erótico da filosofia. A interpretação apresentada propõe que a morte de Sócrates condenado pela democracia rompeu a possibilidade de comunicação entre o filósofo e a cidade. Sócrates, como amante que é, afirma agir em benefício da cidade que, no entanto, reconhece na atividade do filósofo a corrupção de seus costumes. A escrita platônica seria, então, a recriação da possibilidade de diálogo entre filosofia e cidade. Como Aquiles volta à batalha após a morte de Pátroclo, Platão lança-se ao obrar filosófico como amante do filósofo-amante morto. Suas armas: os diálogos.

  17. Indígenas Antropólogos e o Espetáculo da Alteridade

    Felipe Sotto Maior Cruz


    Full Text Available No presente artigo, apresento uma reflexão sobre a entrada de estudantes indígenas nas universidades brasileiras, enfatizando, a partir de minha experiência enquanto indígena antropólogo, o contexto dessa inserção em pós-graduações de antropologia. O meu foco de análise é a problemática que envolve a histórica invisibilidade indígena e os desafios de afirmação do protagonismo indígena nas academias frente às políticas de enunciação consolidadas nas práticas universitárias e à imagética nacional em torno da figura do “índio”.  Palavras-Chave: indígenas antropólogos, indígenas na universidade, educação indígena, indigenismo, relações interétnicas. Indigenous Anthropologists and the Spectacle of Otherness Abstract In this article I ponder on the access of indigenous students to Brazilian universities. From my own experience as an indigenous anthropologist, I focus on the context in which indigenous students are admitted to graduate programs in anthropology. I analyze the Indians' historical invisibility and the challenges they face to consolidate their roles in academy vis-à-vis the politics of enunciation that are deeply rooted in university practices and in the national imagery about the "Indian." Key Words: Indigenous anthropologists, University Indians, indigenous education, indigenism, interethnic relations. Indígenas Antropólogos y el Espectáculo de la Alteridad Resumen En el presente artículo presento una reflexión sobre la entrada de estudiantes indígenas en las universidades brasileñas, enfatizando, a partir de mi experiencia como indígena antropólogo, el contexto de esa inserción en los posgrados de antropología. Mi foco de análisis es la problemática que envuelve la histórica invisibilidad indígena y los desafíos de afirmación del protagonismo indígena en la academia frente a las políticas de enunciación consolidadas en las prácticas universitarias y la imagen nacional en

  18. A atuação do turismólogo na sociedade da informação

    Cristine Fabris; Fabiano Couto Corrêa da Silva


    Este trabalho aborda a importância dos serviços oferecidos pelo turismólogo como mediador de informações personalizadas para o exercício de sua profissão. O artigo inicia com os conceitos de sociedade da informação e o papel do turismólogo na conjuntura que caracteriza este tipo de sociedade. Por fim, são analisadas as interfaces de sua função com outros profissionais para atender a demanda informacional dos seus usuários, alimentando a cadeia produtiva da sociedade da informação....

  19. Canabinoides: análogos y perspectivas terapéuticas II Cannabinoids: analogues and therapeutical perspectivas II

    Juan E. Tacoronte Morales; Yanier Nuñez Figueredo; Mayelin Montalbán; Laymi Martínez García; Hiran Cabrera Suárez; Juan A. Mesa Díaz; Olinka Tiomno Tiomnova


    Actualmente se han generado valiosísimas fuentes de información que correlacionan la especie botánica Cannabis sativa L y sus metabolitos secundarios con la medicina (tratamiento terapéutico), farmacología (modelos experimentales) y química sintética (diseño y generación de nuevas estructuras y análogos bioisósteres), que avalan la significación del estudio de esta planta, sus extractos, metabolitos, precursores y análogos naturales y sintéticos como fuente de agentes terapéuticos. Por tal mo...

  20. Framework para la generación de templates en sistemas de catálogos de realidad aumentada

    Mangiarua, Nahuel Adiel; Montalvo, Cristian; Petrolo, Facundo; Sanz, Diego Rubén; Verdicchio, Nicolás Nazareno; Lobatto, E.; Rosenthal, A.; Becerra, Martín Ezequiel; Igarza, Santiago; Ierache, Jorge Salvador


    En este trabajo presentamos el desarrollo de un sistema de aumentación de metacontenidos sobre las bases del sistema de catálogo virtuales aumentados a fin de mejorar la usabilidad del sistema original para usuarios no expertos. Se propone pues la incorporación del concepto de template de aumentación de la realidad, para los catálogos de realidad aumentada. Los mismos permitirán predefinir la cantidad y tipos de contenidos, junto con sus transformaciones geométricas y el orden en el que ap...

  1. CD147 modulates the differentiation of T-helper 17 cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Yang, Hui; Wang, Jian; Li, Yu; Yin, Zhen-Jie; Lv, Ting-Ting; Zhu, Ping; Zhang, Yan


    The role of CD147 in regulation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is not fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of cell-to-cell contact of activated CD14 + monocytes with CD4 + T cells, and the modulatory role of CD147 on T-helper 17 (Th17) cells differentiation in patients with RA. Twenty confirmed active RA patients and twenty normal controls were enrolled. CD4 + T cells and CD14 + monocytes were purified by magnetic beads cell sorting. Cells were cultured under different conditions in CD4 + T cells alone, direct cell-to-cell contact co-culture of CD4 + and CD14 + cells, or indirect transwell co-culture of CD4 + /CD14 + cells in response to LPS and anti-CD3 stimulation with or without anti-CD147 antibody pretreatments. The proportion of IL-17-producing CD4 + T cells (defined as Th17 cells) was determined by flow cytometry. The levels of interleukin (IL)-17, IL-6, and IL-1β in the supernatants of cultured cells were measured by ELISA. The optimal condition for in vitro induction of Th17 cells differentiation was co-stimulation with 0.1 μg/mL of LPS and 100 ng/mL of anti-CD3 for 3 days under direct cell-to-cell contact co-culture of CD4 + and CD14 + cells. Anti-CD147 antibody reduced the proportion of Th17 cells, and also inhibited the productions of IL-17, IL-6, and IL-1β in PBMC culture from RA patients. The current results revealed that Th17 differentiation required cell-to-cell contact with activated monocytes. CD147 promoted the differentiation of Th17 cells by regulation of cytokine production, which provided the evidence for pathogenesis and potential therapeutic targets for RA. © 2016 APMIS. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  2. Evaluation of helper-dependent canine adenovirus vectors in a 3D human CNS model

    Simão, Daniel; Pinto, Catarina; Fernandes, Paulo; Peddie, Christopher J.; Piersanti, Stefania; Collinson, Lucy M.; Salinas, Sara; Saggio, Isabella; Schiavo, Giampietro; Kremer, Eric J.; Brito, Catarina; Alves, Paula M.


    Gene therapy is a promising approach with enormous potential for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Viral vectors derived from canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV-2) present attractive features for gene delivery strategies in the human brain, by preferentially transducing neurons, are capable of efficient axonal transport to afferent brain structures, have a 30-kb cloning capacity and have low innate and induced immunogenicity in pre-clinical tests. For clinical translation, in-depth pre-clinical evaluation of efficacy and safety in a human setting is primordial. Stem cell-derived human neural cells have a great potential as complementary tools by bridging the gap between animal models, which often diverge considerably from human phenotype, and clinical trials. Herein, we explore helper-dependent CAV-2 (hd-CAV-2) efficacy and safety for gene delivery in a human stem cell-derived 3D neural in vitro model. Assessment of hd-CAV-2 vector efficacy was performed at different multiplicities of infection, by evaluating transgene expression and impact on cell viability, ultrastructural cellular organization and neuronal gene expression. Under optimized conditions, hd-CAV-2 transduction led to stable long-term transgene expression with minimal toxicity. hd-CAV-2 preferentially transduced neurons, while human adenovirus type 5 (HAdV5) showed increased tropism towards glial cells. This work demonstrates, in a physiologically relevant 3D model, that hd-CAV-2 vectors are efficient tools for gene delivery to human neurons, with stable long-term transgene expression and minimal cytotoxicity. PMID:26181626

  3. Polarization of T-helper lymphocytes toward the Th2 phenotype in uremic patients.

    Libetta, C; Rampino, T; Dal Canton, A


    T-helper (Th) lymphocytes consist of Th1 and Th2 subsets. Th1 cells are effectors of cell-mediated immunity and secrete interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), which recruits new Th1 cells in cooperation with interleukin-12 (IL-12; produced by monocytes) and inhibits Th2 differentiation. Th2 cells produce IL-4 and IL-10, which inhibit IFN-gamma secretion and cell immunity. We investigated whether the impaired immune response in uremia is associated with an altered balance of Th1/Th2. Peripheral-blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were collected from patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) on conservative treatment (CRF patients), patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on regular hemodialysis therapy (ESRD-HD patients), and healthy controls (CON). CD4(+) cells were isolated from PBMCs by negative selection using a magnetic labeling system. PBMCs and purified CD4(+) cells were cultured in Iscove's medium and Iscove's medium plus mitogens (phytohemagglutinin and lipopolysaccharide). IFN-gamma, IL-12, IL-4, and IL-10 were measured in supernatant. The constitutive release of IL-4 and IL-10 by PBMCs and CD4(+) cells of CRF and ESRD-HD patients was increased by five to eight times in comparison with CON (P CON, 115.8 pg/2 x10(6) cells; CRF, 81.8 pg/2 x10(6) cells; ESRD-HD, 9.3 pg/2 x10(6) cells; CD4(+) cells: CON, 358.0 pg/5 x 10(5) cells; CRF, 165.4 pg/5 x 10(5) cells; ESRD-HD, 43.5 pg/5 x 10(5) cells). The ability of PBMCs of ESRD-HD patients to secrete IFN-gamma was recovered after IL-4 and IL-10 neutralization. Uremia is associated with a prevalence of Th1 over Th2 cells and a configuration of cytokine network that depresses cell-mediated immunity.

  4. T helper-independent activation of human CD8+ cells: the role of CD28 costimulation.

    Van Gool, S W; Zhang, Y; Kasran, A; de Boer, M; Ceuppens, J L


    The concept that activation of MHC class I-restricted CD8+ cells entirely depends on help from MHC class II-restricted CD4+ T cells has recently been supplemented with an alternative model in which CD8+ cells can directly be activated by MHC class I-expressing professional antigen-presenting cells (APC), which are able to deliver an accessory signal. The authors analysed the role of CD28-mediated costimulation for T helper cell-independent activation of purified human CD8+ T cells in two different in vitro models. Freshly isolated CD8+ cells could be activated (proliferation, IL-2 production and cytotoxic activity) by anti-CD3-presenting Fc gamma R+ mouse cells transfected with the human CD28 ligand, CD80, as the only accessory signal. On the other hand, activation of CD8+ cells by allogeneic MHC class I on EBV-transformed B cells, which express two different CD28 ligands, CD80 and CD86, also proceeded very efficiently (proliferation, cytotoxic activity and CD25 expression), but was either not, or only partially, blocked by anti-CD80 and anti-CD86 MoAb or CTLA-4Ig. This indicates that other costimulatory signals are also effective, and that CD28 triggering is not absolutely required for initial T-cell activation. CsA and CD80/CD86-blocking agents were synergistic in completely inhibiting activation of CD8+ cells in the MLR with allogeneic B-cell lines. This combination also induced non-responsiveness of CD8+ cells upon restimulation in the absence of blocking agents. Therefore, although professional APC can apparently provide multiple costimulatory signals for direct activation of CD8+ T cells, the signal derived from CD80/CD86 is unique in providing CsA-resistance.

  5. Role of signaling lymphocytic activation molecule in T helper cell responses

    Jan E. de Vries


    Full Text Available Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (SLAM; CDw150 is a 70 kDa glycoprotein. Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule is constitutively expressed on memory T cells, CD56+ T cells, a subset of T cell receptor γδ+ cells, immature thymocytes and, at low levels, on a proportion of peripheral blood B cells. Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule is rapidly upregulated on all T and B cells after activation. Engagement of SLAM by F(ab’2 fragments of an anti-SLAM monoclonal antibody (mAb A12 enhances antigen-specific T cell proliferation. In addition, mAb A12 was directly mitogenic for T cell clones and activated T cells. T cell proliferation induced by mAb A12 is independent of interleukin (IL-2, IL-4, IL-12 and IL-15, but is cyclosporin A sensitive. Ligation of SLAM during antigen-specific T cell proliferation resulted in upregulation of interferon (IFN-γ production, even by allergen-specific T helper cell (Th 2 clones, whereas the levels of IL-4 and IL-5 production were only marginally affected. The mAb A12 was unable to induce IL-4 and IL-5 production by Th1 clones. Co-stimulation of skin-derived Der P1-specific Th2 cells from patients with atopic dermatitis via SLAM resulted in the generation of a population of IFN-γ-producing cells, thereby reverting their phenotype to a Th0 pattern. Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule is a high-affinity self ligand mediating homophilic cell interaction. In addition, soluble SLAM enhances both T and B cell proliferation. Collectively, these data indicate that SLAM molecules act both as receptors and ligands that are not only involved in T cell expansion but also drive the expanding T cells during immune responses into the Th0/Th1 pathway. This suggests that signaling through SLAM plays a role in directing Th0/Th1 development.

  6. T Helper Cells in the Immunopathogenesis of Systemic Sclerosis – Current Trends

    Krasimirova E.


    Full Text Available Systemic sclerosis (SSc is a chronic progressive autoimmune disease characterized by skin and multiorgan involvement with alterations in both the innate and adaptive immunities. The hallmark of the disease is widespread fibrosis engaging the skin and multiple internal organs, as well as the musculoskeletal system. There is mounting evidence that T cells are key players in the pathogenesis of scleroderma. The current review discusses the role of the different T helper (Th lymphocyte subsets in the processes of inflammation and fibrosis, characteristics for the pathogenesis of the disease. Cytokines produced by Th cell populations have a major effect on endothelial cells and fibroblasts in the context of favoring/inhibiting the vasculopathy and the fibrosis spread. The Th2 pro-fibrotic cytokines IL-4 and IL-13 have been shown to induce collagen synthesis by fibroblasts, whereas IFN-γ demonstrates an inhibitory effect. Increased Th17 cells are present in the scleroderma skin infiltrates. The combination of IL-17, IFN-γ and TGF-β levels in CD45RO and CD45RA cells from patients with SSc is useful to distinguish between the limited and the diffuse phenotype of the disease. There are accumulating data for functional and numerical alterations in the Tregs in SSc. High levels of TNF-α which might reduce the suppressive ability of Tregs have been described. According to some studies, the number of Tregs in scleroderma skin biopsies has been decreased against the normal absolute number of Tregs in peripheral blood of the same patients, which suggests suppressed immunomodulatory response. Other studies reported increased frequency of Tregs in peripheral blood of patients with systemic sclerosis and established a correlation with disease activity. The main immunological challenge remains the identification of the trigger of the autoimmune response in SSc, the causes for preferential Th2-type cell responses and the immunological differences between the

  7. Mapping the T helper cell response to acid α-glucosidase in Pompe mice.

    Nayak, Sushrusha; Sivakumar, Ramya; Cao, Ou; Daniell, Henry; Byrne, Barry J; Herzog, Roland W


    Pompe disease is a neuromuscular disease caused by an inherited deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme acid α-glucosidase (GAA). The resulting accumulation of glycogen causes muscle weakness with the severe form of the disease resulting in death by cardiorespiratory failure in the first year of life. The only available treatment, enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) with recombinant GAA (rhGAA), is severely hampered by antibody responses that reduce efficacy and cause immunotoxicities. Currently, Pompe mice represent the only pre-clinical model for development of new treatments and for immunological studies. While antibody formation following ERT in this model has been described, the underlying T cell response has not been studied. In order to define the T helper response to rhGAA in Pompe mice, immunodominant CD4(+) T cell epitopes were mapped in GAA(-/-) 129SVE mice using ELISpot. Additionally, cytokine responses and antibody formation against rhGAA during ERT were measured. Among the three CD4(+) T cell epitopes identified, only epitope IFLGPEPKSVVQ, predicted to be the strongest MHC II binder, consistently contributed to IL-4 production. Frequencies of IL-4 producing T cells were considerably higher than those of IL-17 or IFN-γ producing cells, suggesting a predominantly Th2 cell mediated response. This is further supported by IgG1 being the prevalent antibody subclass against rhGAA during ERT and consistent with prior reports on IgE formation and anaphylaxis in this model. These results will facilitate mechanistic studies of the immune response to rhGAA in Pompe mice during development of new therapies and tolerance protocols. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Strain-specific helper T cell profile in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue.

    Stanisavljević, Suzana; Đedović, Neda; Vujičić, Milica; Saksida, Tamara; Jevtić, Bojan; Milovanović, Boško; Momčilović, Miljana; Miljković, Đorđe; Stojanović, Ivana


    C57BL/6, BALB/c and NOD mice are among the most frequently used strains in autoimmunity research. NOD mice spontaneously develop type 1 diabetes (T1D) and they are prone to induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). Both diseases can be routinely induced in C57BL/6 mice, but not in BALB/c mice. Also, C57BL/6 mice are generally considered T helper (Th)1-biased and BALB/c Th2-biased mice. Having in mind increasingly appreciated role of gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) cells in autoimmunity, especially in relation to gut Th17 and regulatory T (Treg) cells, our aim was to determine if there are differences in proportion of CD4 + T cell populations in mesenteric lymph nodes and Peyer's patches of these mouse strains. Lower proportion of Treg was observed in NOD PP, Th2 cells dominated in BALB/c mice in mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) and Peyer's patches (PP), while Th1 cells prevailed in C57BL/6 MLN. Intradermal immunization of mice with complete Freund's adjuvant resulted in significant difference in Th cell distribution in GALT of NOD mice. Differences were less pronounced in C57BL/6 mice, while GALT of BALB/c mice was almost unresponsive to the immunization. The observed strain- and tissue-dependent changes in Treg proportion after the immunization was probably a consequence of different CCR2 or CCR6-related migration patterns and/or in situ Treg proliferation. In conclusion, NOD, a highly autoimmunity-prone mouse strain, exhibits more profound GALT-related immune response upon immunization compared to the strains that are less prone to autoimmunity. Copyright © 2017 European Federation of Immunological Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Listeria arpJ gene modifies T helper type 2 subset differentiation.

    Kanoh, Makoto; Maruyama, Saho; Shen, Hua; Matsumoto, Akira; Shinomiya, Hiroto; Przybilla, Karin; Gouin, Edith; Cossart, Pascale; Goebel, Werner; Asano, Yoshihiro


    Although the T-cell subset differentiation pathway has been characterized extensively from the view of host gene regulation, the effects of genes of the pathogen on T-cell subset differentiation during infection have yet to be elucidated. Especially, the bacterial genes that are responsible for this shift have not yet been determined. Utilizing a single-gene-mutation Listeria panel, we investigated genes involved in the host-pathogen interaction that are required for the initiation of T-cell subset differentiation in the early phase of pathogen infection. We demonstrate that the induction of T helper types 1 and 2 (Th1 and Th2) subsets are separate phenomena and are mediated by distinct Listeria genes. We identified several candidate Listeria genes that appear to be involved in the host-Listeria interaction. Among them, arpJ is the strongest candidate gene for inhibiting Th2 subset induction. Furthermore, the analysis utilizing arpJ-deficient Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) revealed that the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily (Tnfsf) 9-TNF receptor superfamily (Tnfrsf) 9 interaction inhibits the Th2 response during Lm infection. arpJ is the candidate gene for inhibiting Th2 T-cell subset induction. The arpJ gene product influences the expression of Tnfsf/Tnfrsf on antigen-presenting cells and inhibits the Th2 T-cell subset differentiation during Listeria infection. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  10. Light-driven molecular machine at ITIES

    Kornyshev, A.A.; Kuimova, M.; Kuznetsov, A.M.


    We suggest a principle of operation of a new molecular device that transforms the energy of light into repetitive mechanical motions. Such a device can also serve as a model system for the study of the effect of electric field on intramolecular electron transfer. We discuss the design of suitable...

  11. Light-driven molecular machine at ITIES

    Kornyshev, Alexei A; Kuimova, Marina; Kuznetsov, Alexander M; Ulstrup, Jens; Urbakh, Michael


    We suggest a principle of operation of a new molecular device that transforms the energy of light into repetitive mechanical motions. Such a device can also serve as a model system for the study of the effect of electric field on intramolecular electron transfer. We discuss the design of suitable molecular systems and the methods that may monitor the 'performance' of such a machine

  12. Exposición a ruidos por el ejercicio profesional en docentes odontólogos

    Ferrando K


    Full Text Available Objetivo: determinar la exposición a ruidos por el ejercicio profesional en docentes odontólogos de una Universidad privada de Asunción en el año 2010. Material y métodos: el muestreo fue no probabilístico de casos consecutivos, dentro una población de 90 docentes odontólogos de una Universidad Privada de Asunción, participaron en el estudio de forma voluntaria un total de 70, cuyas edades oscilaron entre 30 y 87 años de edad. Resultados: En su mayoría los profesionales encuestados ejercen su profesión en forma privada, por lo que podrían tener menor posibilidad de padecer problemas auditivos, debido a que tienen menos horas de exposición a ruidos, en comparación con los que ejercen la profesión en el ámbito privado y público. Los docentes son diestros en su mayor porcentaje, teniendo más posibilidades de tener afectado el oído derecho que el izquierdo. El 95,7% de los profesionales no utiliza ningún tipo de protector auditivo durante su práctica odontológica, también el predominio del sexo femenino dentro de la población encuestada y la mayor cantidad de odontólogos con edades comprendidas entre 30 y 40 años equivalentes a un 40% del total de la población. Con respecto a la percepción auditiva el 90% de los profesionales respondió que escuchaba bien, mientras que el 1,4 % respondió que usaba algún tipo de protector auditivo durante la práctica profesional. Conclusión: Los datos presentados a continuación resaltan que los profesionales docentes están expuestos a diferentes tipos de ruidos que con el tiempo podrían ocasionar pérdida auditiva.

  13. [Development of Patient Transfer Techniques based on Postural-stability Principles for the Care Helpers in Nursing Homes and Evaluation of Effectiveness].

    Ma, Ryewon; Jung, Dukyoo


    This study was done to develop a postural-stability patient transfer technique for care helpers in nursing homes and to evaluate its effectiveness. Four types of patient transfer techniques (Lifting towards the head board of the bed, turning to the lateral position, sitting upright on the bed, transferring from wheel chair to bed) were practiced in accordance with the following three methods; Care helpers habitually used transfer methods (Method 1), patient transfer methods according to care helper standard textbooks (Method 2), and a method developed by the author ensuring postural-stability (Method 3). The care helpers' muscle activity and four joint angles were measured. The collected data were analyzed using the program SPSS Statistic 21.0. To differentiate the muscle activity and joint angle, the Friedman test was executed and the post-hoc analysis was conducted using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank test. Muscle activity was significantly lower during Method 3 compared to Methods 1 and 2. In addition, the joint angle was significantly lower for the knee and shoulder joint angle while performing Method 3 compared to Methods 1 and 2. Findings indicate that using postural-stability patient transfer techniques can contribute to the prevention of musculoskeletal disease which care helpers suffer from due to physically demanding patient care in nursing homes.

  14. Juan José Tamayo, Fundamentalismos y Diálogo entre Religiones

    Anselmo Borges


    Full Text Available William Temple, arcebispo anglicano, definiu o teólogo de modo mordaz e quase cínico: é uma pessoa muito sensata e sisuda que passa uma vida inteira mergulhado em livros e tem a pretensão de dar respostas exactíssimas e precisas a perguntas que ninguém faz. Quem estudou teologia sabe, desgraçadamente, que esta definição de Temple não é puro sarcasmo. É preciso lembrar constantemente aquele dito – mesmo que não seja histórico, é verdadeiro – segundo o qual, enquanto Constantinopla estava a se...

  15. Condiciones laborales del psicólogo en Medellín (Colombia)

    Beatriz E. García Arboleda; Blanca R. Rendón de Arboleda


    En este artículo se realizó un análisis comparativo de los resultados arrojados por un Observatorio Laboral de Psicología en la ciudad de Medellín en dos períodos diferentes, uno en el año 2008 y otro en el 2010. El objetivo del Observatorio fue analizar las condiciones laborales, actividades y/o funciones que realizan los psicólogos, las competencias requeridas, etcétera, en el campo clínico, educativo, organizacional y social. El tipo de enfoque es cuantitativo con un método empírico analít...

  16. Catálogo de reproductores anglo-árabes, 2016

    Cervantes Navarro, Isabel; Sánchez Guerrero, María José; Bartolomé Medina, Ester; Negro Rama, Sara; Valera Córdoba, María Mercedes; Molina Alcalá, Antonio; Serradilla Manrique, Juan Manuel; Valera Córdoba, María Mercedes (Coordinador)


    Avanzando en el Programa de Mejora de la raza equina Anglo-árabe (Aá), me es grato presentar el sexto Catálogo de Reproductores de esta raza, en el que se recogen los caballos que han alcanzado alguna de las Categorías Genéticas recogidas en su Programa de Mejora (Jóvenes Reproductores Recomendados y Reproductores Élites), para las disciplinas hípicas de Concurso Completo de Equitación, Salto de Obstáculos y Raid. Como en años anteriores, la información genealógica, fenotípica y genética de l...

  17. Teoria Crítica e democracia deliberativa: diálogos instáveis

    Ricardo Fabrino Mendonça


    Full Text Available Este artigo discute a relação entre as abordagens deliberacionistas de democracia e a Teoria Crítica. Para tanto, apresentam-se três argumentos que sugerem uma dissociação entre os dois corpos teóricos: 1 A deliberação reforça quadros de dominação existentes; 2 A deliberação conformou-se às instituições liberais em voga; e 3 A guinada empírica dos estudos deliberativos aproximaram-nos da teoria tradicional. A partir desses argumentos, o texto ressalta a existência de um diálogo instável entre a abordagem deliberativa e o legado frankfurtiano.

  18. Diálogo "interessantíssimo": Roger Bastide e o Modernismo

    Peixoto Fernanda


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é examinar as várias faces do diálogo travado entre Roger Bastide e os modernistas, destacando Mário de Andrade como interlocutor privilegiado. Seguindo um roteiro de coloração modernista, Bastide se aproxima do país - das artes, da literatura, do folclore -, revê as leituras de Mário de Andrade sobre o barroco e o Aleijadinho e, fundamentalmente, compartilha as formulações do líder modernista sobre a "autenticidade" da cultura brasileira. Procura-se argumentar que através da interlocução com o modernismo Bastide define o seu lugar como intérprete estrangeiro da sociedade e da cultura brasileiras.


    Renata Aparecida Pereira Teodoro


    Full Text Available Trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico que tem por objetivo analisar como a comunicação entre o tutor e o aluno e também entre os alunos, é fundamental no processo de ensino-aprendizagem. O diálogo proporciona motivação, troca de experiência e aprendizagem interativa. As tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (TICs consistem em um eixo de sustentação da Educação à distância (EAD. A inovação permitiu a comunicação efetiva no processo de aprendizado, por meio de ferramentas como fóruns de discussão, chats, wikis, videoconferências, alguns recursos imprescindíveis na mediação do conhecimento, através da EAD.

  20. Diálogos: discusiones en la psicología contemporánea

    Trujillo García, Sergio; Escobar Melo, Hugo; Montoya, Luz Mary; Reyes, Jesús; López Hoyos, Martha Lucía; Sánchez, Yalile; Uribe, Miguel; Sierra Mejía, Hernán; Hewitt, Noelia; Rozo, Margarita; Guerrero, Juan; Barreto, Marisel; García, Diana; Velásquez, María Teresa


    Este nuevo número de la serie Diálogos. Discusiones en la Psicología Contemporánea,presenta un conjunto de trabajos que reflejan la labor académica que se viene desarrollando no sólo en el Departamento de Psicología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sino también en otros programas de Psicología. / Contenido. Preliminares; Capítulo 1 - Psicología; Capítulo 2 - Psicología social; Capítulo 3 - Psicología del desarrollo; Capítulo 4 - Psicología cognitiva; Capítulo 5 - Psicología clínica;...

  1. El perfil laboral y educativo de los jóvenes psicólogos

    Denise Benatuil


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se analiza la inserción ocupacional de una muestra de jóvenes profesionales egresados de la Licenciatura en Psicología. Se trata de una temática de gran relevancia y poco abordada hasta la actualidad Su estudio permite conocer la situación de los jóvenes profesionales hoy y su grado de inserción laboral. Este estudio contribuye a la comprensión de las características propias de un campo profesional singular, con rasgos distintivos. A su vez los datos arrojados tienen un alto grado de trasferencia ya que aportan información para evaluar y repensar la formación actual del Psicólogo en la Argentina, considerando sus fortalezas y debilidades, analizando los logros y las deudas pendientes.


    Astrid Novita Putri


    Full Text Available Pada  Universitas Semarang Fakultas Teknologi Informasi dan  Komunikasi setiap  tahun  selalu mempunyai banyak kegiatan seperti kegiatan Seminar, Workshop, Pelatihan, Festifal, dsb. Kegiatan- kegiatan  tersebut  biasanya   didokumentasikan  dalam  bentuk  foto   dan   video.   Sedangkan  untuk dokumentasi publikasi kegiatan dalam bentuk media promosi maupun media informasi belum dilakukan, sehingga masyarakat umum yang kurang familiar tidak dapat mengetahui informasi dengan kegiatan yang ada. Memanfaatkan aplikasi smartphone yang berbasis android, blackberry, dan iphone dapat menggunakan  salah  satu  teknologi  augmented  reality  3D  yang  berfungsi  untuk  mengidentifikasi informasi melalui logo Fakultas TIK dan menerapkannya pada berbagai media cetak atau elektronik. Sehingga dengan adanya perubahan cara promosi tersebut diharapkan dapat menarik minat perhatian masyarakat umum dan masyarakat umum untuk mengetahui informasi mengenai kegiatan di Universitas Semarang khususnya Fakultas Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi. Pada penelitian ini, akan membahas bagaimana mengklasifikasikan kegiatan-kegiatan tersebut menggunakan metode naive bayes   menjadi dua  kategori yaitu favorit atau tidak favorit. Berdasarkan data foto dan video kegiatan FTIK tahun 2017 yang telah diimplementasikan menggunakan tools Unity 3D menunjukkan bahwa penerapan Augmented Reality untuk identifikasi logo sebagai media informasi menggunakan metode klasifikasi naive bayes dapat diimplementasikan dengan baik. Diharapkan dengan adanya klasifikasi kegiatan dengan memanfaatkan teknologi  augmented  reality  yang  diimplementasikan menggunakan  tools  Unity  3D, informasi yang dihasilkan akan lebih informatif dan menarik perhatian masyarakat umum.   Kata kunci: augmented, reality, naive, bayesian, kegiatan.

  3. Arteterapia: a arte como instrumento no trabalho do Psicólogo

    Alice Casanova dos Reis

    Full Text Available A arteterapia é um método baseado no uso de várias formas de expressão artística com uma finalidade terapêutica. O presente artigo aborda a arteterapia tendo como objetivo refletir sobre a arte como instrumento de trabalho no campo específico da Psicologia. Apoiando-se na revisão de literatura sobre a temática, o artigo parte de um olhar histórico, examinando o contexto em que a arteterapia surge e seu desenvolvimento no Brasil. A seguir, são analisados os pressupostos fundamentais que norteiam o psicólogo nessa prática, assim como os aspectos conceituais e metodológicos próprios a cada uma das abordagens principais em arteterapia: psicanalítica, junguiana e gestáltica. A reflexão desenvolvida mostra que, apesar das diferentes molduras teóricas, a arteterapia é perpassada por uma concepção estética do humano, visto como um ser criativo, capaz de se transformar em artista da própria vida. Conclui-se, então, que a arte pode ser uma ferramenta valiosa para a atuação do psicólogo nos mais diferentes contextos, vinculada ao seu compromisso ético de contribuir para que o sujeito se (reconstitua como autor da própria história.

  4. Literatura e cinema: diálogos possíveis

    Danglei Castro Pereira


    Full Text Available O artigo discute um continum de tradição na literatura brasileira que possibilita a mobilização de temas entre literatura e Cinema em um contexto amplo de diálogos interculturais. Nossa preocupação central é apontar para a permanência de um processo de fragilização do humano como resultado das constantes revitalizações dos temas dentro da tradição artística. O diálogo intertextual e a recuperação temática em procedimentos estéticos em diferentes obras artísticas é o ponto de contato teórico que possibilita a aproximação aqui proposta. Nosso corpus de investigação compreende o conto “Ascensão e queda de Robhéa, manequim & robô” de Caio Fernando Abreu (2009; “O cobrador”, de Rubem Fonseca (1986 e os filmes Metrópolis, de Fritz Lang (1927 e Tropa de Elite, de José Padilha (2008. Entendemos que, cada um a sua maneira, conforme Friedrich (1991 mobiliza formas complexas de representação artística e provocam a atualização da precariedade humana em um continum dentro da tradição. É importante ressaltar que o perfil teórico adotado neste estudo pressupõe a compreensão da modernidade com “arte de conjugação”, conforme Paz (1972, 1994, o que garante um processo contínuo de transformação estética, mas paradoxalmente, a permanência e revitalização desta tradição ao longo do tempo histórico, aqui recortado como o século XX.


    Melliandro Mendes GALINARI


    Full Text Available • RESUMO: Este artigo possui o objetivo de construir uma reflexão sobre a inter-relação das provas retóricas – logos, ethos e pathos – no âmbito disciplinar da Análise do Discurso, dialogando com a tradição retórica, com a Sofística e com autores modernos que se ocupam do assunto, tais como Ruth Amossy, Michel Meyer, Christian Plantin e outros. Para tanto, parte-se do pressuposto de que, mais do que categorias estáveis e demarcáveis teoricamente, as provas retóricas são três dimensões ou “ângulos” de um mesmo discurso ou, em outros termos, três ferramentas ou “chaves de leitura” disponíveis à sua interpretação e à especulação de seus efeitos possíveis. Como são escassas análises discursivas aptas a ilustrar/demonstrar tais postulados teóricos, o artigo contém, além de uma primeira parte, destinada a uma reflexão teórica, uma segunda parte reservada exclusivamente à análise de um discurso de caráter político que circulou no Brasil no ano de 2010, num momento anterior às eleições presidenciais. • PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Análise do Discurso. Sofística. Argumentação. Logos. Ethos. Pathos.

  6. Segundo Catálogo Estelar del Hemisferio Sur con Astrolabio Fotoeléctrico PAII

    Manrique, W. T.; Podestá, R. C.; Alonso, E.; Actis, E. V.; Pacheco, A. M.; Bustos, G.; Lizhi, L.; Zezhi, W.; Fanmiao, Z.; Hongqi, W.; Perdomo, R.

    Recordamos que entre el Observatorio Astronómico ``Félix Aguilar'', el Observatorio Astronómico de Beijing y el Observatorio Astronómico de La Plata, se ha convenido en desarrollar un Proyecto de Investigación conjunto, para la observación sistemática de estrellas en el Hemisferio Sur, con el objeto de la elaboración de un Catálogo Estelar Global utilizando un Astrolabio Fotoeléctrico PAII del Observatorio de Beijing, que ha sido usado con éxito en la República de China. En este trabajo se presenta el Segundo Catálogo Estelar del Hemisferio Sur, derivado de las observaciones realizadas con el PAII instalado en el OAFA, durante el períiodo Febrero de 1992 a Marzo de 1997. En este lapso se han observado mas de 400000 pasajes estelares, obteniéndose las correcciones Δ α y Δ δ de 5241 estrellas del FK4, FK5, FK5 Ext., SRS, CAMC y GC. Las precisiones medias son del orden de ± 3,2 ms en ascensión recta y ±0."057 en declinación. Rango de magnitudes : 2,0 a 11,5 Rango de declinaciones : -3o a -60o Epoca Media : 1994.9 Se analizan los residuos en función de la magnitud y tipo espectral, correcciones de grupo y frecuencia de distribución Δ α y Δ δ.

  7. Effects of Logo-autobiography Program on Meaning in Life and Mental Health in the Wives of Alcoholics

    Sunhee Cho, PhD, RN


    Conclusion: This study indicated that the logo-autobiography program enhanced both meaning in life and mental health in alcoholics' wives, which suggests that the program would be very beneficial to this population. Furthermore, it might be suitable for improving mental health in families and communities that suffer from psychological trauma and meaninglessness.

  8. Expression features of follicular helper T cells in peripheral blood in patients with chronic hepatitis B

    WANG Yan


    Full Text Available Objective To investigate the expression features of follicular helper T (Tfh cells in peripheral blood in patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB. Methods A total of 53 CHB patients who were admitted to Department of Hepatology in Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated to Xinjiang Medical University from March 2016 to March 2017 were enrolled. Fasting venous blood samples were collected in the morning, and flow cytometry was used to measure Tfh and its subsets in peripheral blood. A total of 48 healthy individuals were enrolled as controls. The independent samples t-test was used for comparison of normally distributed continuous data between two groups; a one-way analysis of variance was used for comparison between multiple groups, and the LSD-t test was used for further comparison between any two groups. The Mann-Whitney U test was used for comparison of non-normally distributed continuous data between two groups, and the Kruskal-Wallis H test was used for comparison between multiple groups. The chi-square test or Fisher′s exact test was used for comparison of categorical data between groups. A Pearson correlation analysis was performed to investigate correlation. Results The CHB group had significant higher percentages of CD4+ ICOS+, CD4+ CXCR5+, and CD4+ ICOS+ CXCR5+ Tfh cells than the control group (Z=-4.319, P<0.001; t=3.742, P<0.001; t=15.948, P<0.001. There were no significant differences in the percentages of CD4+ ICOS+, CD4+ CXCR5+, and CD4+ ICOS+ CXCR5+ Tfh cells between the CHB patients with different immune stages, i.e., low-level replication, immune tolerance, and immune clearance (all P>0.05. CD4+ ICOS+ CXCR5+ was not correlated with HBsAg quantitation or HBV DNA. Conclusion Tfh cells are involved in the immune response mediated by hepatitis B virus, and they exert an anti-HBV effect by regulating humoral immune response.

  9. Follicular helper T cells in peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Costantino, Alicia Beatriz; Acosta, Cristina Del Valle; Onetti, Laura; Mussano, Eduardo; Cadile, Ignacio Isaac; Ferrero, Paola Virginia

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease that is characterized by the presence of different autoantibodies such as rheumatoid factor (RF) and anti-citrullinated protein antibodies. CD4T cells expressing CXCR5, referred as follicular helper T cells (Tfh), collaborate with B cells to produce antibodies. Differential expression of CXCR3 and CCR6 within CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells defines three mayor subsets: CXCR3 + CCR6 - (Tfh1), CXCR3 - CCR6 - (Tfh2) and CXCR3 - CCR6 + (Tfh17). The aim of the study was to assess whether there is an association between the percentage of these cells and RA and whether there is a correlation with disease activity. Twenty-four RA patients, 22 healthy controls (HC) and 16 undifferentiated arthritis (UA) patients were included. Percentage of CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells and their subsets were analyzed by flow cytometry. No differences were found in the percentages of CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells in the comparison of RA vs HC or RA vs UA patients. Tfh1, Tfh2 and Tfh17 subsets showed no differences either. There was no correlation between CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells, Tfh1, Tfh2 and Tfh17, and Disease Activity Score in twenty-eight joints (DAS28) or erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Surprisingly, there was a positive correlation between Tfh17 cells and C-reactive protein. Finally, there was no correlation between CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells, or their subsets, and anti-mutated citrullinated vimentin, or between the cells and RF. There were no differences between the percentages of CD4 + CXCR5 + T cells and their subsets in peripheral blood of RA patients and the percentages of cells in the control groups. This finding does not rule out a pathogenic role of these cells in the development and activity of RA. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier España, S.L.U. and Sociedad Española de Reumatología y Colegio Mexicano de Reumatología. All rights reserved.

  10. T Helper Lymphocyte and Mast Cell Immunohistochemical Pattern in Nonceliac Gluten Sensitivity

    Giuseppe Losurdo


    Full Text Available Background and Aims. Nonceliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS is a gluten-related emerging condition. Since few data about NCGS histopathology is available, we assessed the markers of lymphocyte and innate immunity activation. Materials and Methods. We retrieved duodenal biopsy samples of patients with NCGS diagnosis according to the Salerno criteria. We selected specimens of positive (seropositive celiac disease/Marsh 1-2 stage and negative (normal microscopic picture controls. Immunohistochemistry for CD3 (intraepithelial lymphocytes-IELs, CD4 (T helper lymphocytes, CD8 (T cytotoxic lymphocytes, and CD1a/CD117 (Langerhans/mast cells was performed. ANOVA plus Bonferroni’s tests were used for statistical analysis. Results. Twenty NCGS, 16 celiac disease, and 16 negative controls were selected. CD3 in NCGS were higher than negative controls and lower than celiac disease (18.5 ± 6.4, 11.9 ± 2.8, and 40.8 ± 8.1 IELs/100 enterocytes; p<0.001. CD4 were lower in NCGS than controls and celiac disease (31.0 ± 22.1, 72.5 ± 29.5, and 103.7 ± 15.7 cells/mm2; p<0.001. CD8 in NCGS were similar to negative controls, but lower than celiac disease (14.0 ± 7.4 and 34.0 ± 7.1 IELs/100 enterocytes, p<0.001. CD117 were higher in NCGS than celiac disease and negative controls (145.8 ± 49.9, 121.3 ± 13.1, and 113.5 ± 23.4 cells/mm2; p=0.009. Conclusions. The combination of CD4 and CD117, as well as IEL characterization, may be useful to support a clinical diagnosis of NCGS.

  11. Replication-deficient mutant Herpes Simplex Virus-1 targets professional antigen presenting cells and induces efficient CD4+ T helper responses.

    Fiorentini, Simona; Marconi, Peggy; Avolio, Manuela; Marini, Elena; Garrafa, Emirena; Caracciolo, Sonia; Rossi, Daniele; Bozac, Alexandra; Becker, Pablo D; Gentili, Francesca; Facchetti, Fabio; Guzman, Carlos A; Manservigi, Roberto; Caruso, Arnaldo


    Both neutralizing antibodies and cytotoxic T-cells are necessary to control a viral infection. However, vigorous T helper responses are essential for their elicitation and maintenance. Here we show that a recombinant replication-deficient Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)-1 vector encoding the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-1 matrix protein p17 (T0-p17) was capable of infecting professional antigen presenting cells (APCs) in vitro and in vivo. The injection of T0-p17 in the mouse dermis generated a strong p17-specific CD4+ T helper response preceding both p17-specific humoral and effector T cell responses. Moreover, we show that T0-p17 infection did not interfere with the endogenous processing of the transgene encoded antigen, since infected APCs were able to evoke a strong recall response in vitro. Our results demonstrate that replication-deficient HSV vectors can be appealing candidates for the development of vaccines able to trigger T helper responses.

  12. Can the "Euro-leaf" logo affect consumers' willingness-to-buy and willingness-to-pay for organic food and attract consumers' preferences? An empirical study in Greece

    Anastasiou, Charalampia N.; Keramitsoglou, Kiriaki M.; Kalogeras, N.; Tsagkaraki, Maria I.; Kalatzi, Ioanna; Tsagarakis, Konstantinos P.


    The "Euro-leaf" organic certification logo was adopted and made compulsory by the European Union (EU) a few years ago; the level of consumers' recognition of this logo has been explored. This paper provides important insights into the effectiveness of the logo in the Greek market. The "Euro-leaf"

  13. A rapid Q-PCR titration protocol for adenovirus and helper-dependent adenovirus vectors that produces biologically relevant results

    Gallaher, Sean D.; Berk, Arnold J.


    Adenoviruses are employed in the study of cellular processes and as expression vectors used in gene therapy. The success and reproducibility of these studies is dependent in part on having accurate and meaningful titers of replication competent and helper-dependent adenovirus stocks, which is problematic due to the use of varied and divergent titration protocols. Physical titration methods, which quantify the total number of viral particles, are used by many, but are poor at estimating activity. Biological titration methods, such as plaque assays, are more biologically relevant, but are time consuming and not applicable to helper-dependent gene therapy vectors. To address this, a protocol was developed called “infectious genome titration” in which viral DNA is isolated from the nuclei of cells ~3 h post-infection, and then quantified by Q-PCR. This approach ensures that only biologically active virions are counted as part of the titer determination. This approach is rapid, robust, sensitive, reproducible, and applicable to all forms of adenovirus. Unlike other Q-PCR-based methods, titers determined by this protocol are well correlated with biological activity. PMID:23624118

  14. Construction of adeno-associated virus packaging plasmids and cells that directly select for AAV helper functions.

    Whiteway, Alistair; Deru, Wale; Prentice, H Grant; Anderson, Robert


    Recombinant adeno-associated virus type 2 (rAAV) has promise for use as a gene therapy vector. Potential problems in the production of rAAV stocks are both the limited amount of recombinant virus that is produced by traditional methods and the possibility of wild-type replication competent adeno-associated virus (wtAAV) contamination. The presence of these contaminants is largely dependent upon the helper plasmid used. Whilst wtAAV is not a pathogen, the presence of these contaminants is undesirable as they may affect experiments concerning the biology of rAAV. Additionally as protocols using rAAV with altered tropism are becoming more prevalent, it is important that no recombination be permitted that may cause the creation of a replication competent AAV with modified (targeting) capsids. Many experimental protocols require the generation of large amounts of high titre rAAV stocks. We describe the production of several AAV helper plasmids and cell lines designed to achieve this goal. These plasmids possess split AAV rep and cap genes to eliminate the production of wtAAV and they possess a selection mechanism which is operatively linked to expression from the AAV cap gene. This allows positive selection of those cells expressing the highest level of the structural capsid proteins and therefore those cells which yield the highest amount of rAAV.

  15. Migration of allosensitized helper but not cytolytic T-lymphocyte clones is inhibited by prostaglandin E2

    Jordan, M.L.; Hoffman, R.A.; Simmons, R.L.


    The authors have previously reported that random migration of one clone of C57BL/6 anti DBA/2 helper lymphocytes is significantly inhibited by physiologic concentrations of prostaglandin E 2 (PGE 2 ). The present studies were designed to determine if lymphocyte locomotor responses to PGE 2 are dictated by (1) clone effector function and/or (2) the presence of specific cell surface binding sites for PGE 2 . Random locomotion of eight different lymphocyte clones (all C57BL/6 anti DBA/2) was studied in a modified Boyden chamber assay. Clone function was characterized as helper (H, n = 3), cytolytic (C, n = 4) or cytolytic only in the presence of lectin (L, n = 1). Random migration of all H clones was consistently inhibited by PGE 2 . However, none of the clones possessing a lytic mechanism (C or L) were inhibited by even the highest (1000 ng/ml) concentration of PGE 2 tested. Incubation of clones with 3 H-PGE 2 in the presence of excess unlabelled PGE 2 did not demonstrate specific binding of PGE 2 to either H or C clones. The authors conclude that (1) the effects of PGE 2 on lymphocyte random migration are effector function specific and (2) these responses do not appear to be mediated by specialized cell surface receptors for PGE 2 . Subset specific locomotor responses to PGE 2 may constitute a mechanism whereby lymphocytes with distinct effector functions may differentially accumulate at sites of inflammation

  16. JAK inhibition induces silencing of T Helper cytokine secretion and a profound reduction in T regulatory cells.

    Keohane, Clodagh; Kordasti, Shahram; Seidl, Thomas; Perez Abellan, Pilar; Thomas, Nicholas S B; Harrison, Claire N; McLornan, Donal P; Mufti, Ghulam J


    CD4(+) T cells maintain cancer surveillance and immune tolerance. Chronic inflammation has been proposed as a driver of clonal evolution in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN), suggesting that T cells play an important role in their pathogenesis. Treatment with JAK inhibitors (JAKi) results in improvements in MPN-associated constitutional symptoms as well as reductions in splenomegaly. However, effects of JAKi on T cells in MPN are not well established and the baseline immune signature remains unclear. We investigated the frequency and function of CD4(+) T cell subsets in 50 MPN patients at baseline as well as during treatment with either ruxolitinib or fedratinib in a subset. We show that CD4(+)  CD127(low)  CD25(high)  FOXP3(+) T regulatory cells are reduced in MPN patients compared to healthy controls and that this decrease is even more pronounced following JAKi therapy. Moreover, we show that after 6 months of treatment the number of T helper (Th)-17 cells increased. We also describe a functional 'silencing' of T helper cells both in vivo and in vitro and a blockade of pro-inflammatory cytokines from these cells. This profound effect of JAKi on T cell function may underlay augmented rates of atypical infections that have been reported with use of these drugs. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  17. Structural and Nonstructural Viral Proteins Are Targets of T-Helper Immune Response against Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

    Lorente, Elena; Barriga, Alejandro; Barnea, Eilon; Mir, Carmen; Gebe, John A; Admon, Arie; López, Daniel


    Proper antiviral humoral and cellular immune responses require previous recognition of viral antigenic peptides that are bound to HLA class II molecules, which are exposed on the surface of antigen-presenting cells. The helper immune response is critical for the control and the clearance of human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) infection, a virus with severe health risk in infected pediatric, immunocompromised, and elderly populations. In this study, using a mass spectrometry analysis of complex HLA class II-bound peptide pools that were isolated from large amounts of HRSV-infected cells, 19 naturally processed HLA-DR ligands, most of them included in a complex nested set of peptides, were identified. Both the immunoprevalence and the immunodominance of the HLA class II response to HRSV were focused on one nonstructural (NS1) and two structural (matrix and mainly fusion) proteins of the infective virus. These findings have clear implications for analysis of the helper immune response as well as for antiviral vaccine design. © 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  18. Intestinal IgA responses to Giardia muris in mice depleted of helper T lymphocytes and in immunocompetent mice.

    Heyworth, M F


    Immunocompetent mice infected with Giardia muris generate an intestinal antibody response to this parasite and clear G. muris infection. Previous work has shown that G. muris infection is prolonged in mice that have been depleted of helper (CD4+) T lymphocytes by treatment with a monoclonal antibody (mAb) directed against the murine CD4 antigen. The aim of the present study was to compare the intestinal anti-Giardia antibody response in immunocompetent mice and in mice depleted of helper T (Th) lymphocytes by treatment with anti-CD4 mAb. Immunocompetent mice generated an IgA response to G. muris, as judged by the presence of IgA on Giardia trophozoites harvested from the intestine of these animals more than 10 days after the start of the infection. The anti-Giardia IgA response was impaired in mice depleted of Th lymphocytes, as judged by virtual absence of immunofluorescent staining of trophozoites from these animals for surface-bound IgA. Clearance of G. muris infection was impaired by treatment of mice with anti-CD4 mAb. The results suggest that Th (CD4+) lymphocytes are important for the generation of a local IgA response against G. muris trophozoites in the mouse intestine and that IgA anti-trophozoite antibody may contribute to the clearance of G. muris from the intestine of immunocompetent mice.

  19. Splenic T helper cell type 1 cytokine profile and extramedullary haematopoiesis in severe combined immunodeficient (scid) mice with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

    Bregenholt, S; Claesson, Mogens Helweg


    Scid mice develop a severe, chronic, and lethal IBD 3-6 months after engraftment of gut wall from immunocompetent congenic donors, induced by donor-derived CD4+ T cells migrating from the graft. We have investigated intracellular T-helper type 1 (Th1) cytokines in the spleens of gut wall-transpla......Scid mice develop a severe, chronic, and lethal IBD 3-6 months after engraftment of gut wall from immunocompetent congenic donors, induced by donor-derived CD4+ T cells migrating from the graft. We have investigated intracellular T-helper type 1 (Th1) cytokines in the spleens of gut wall...

  20. Atuação dos psicólogos que trabalham em empresas que desenvolvem programas de qualidade

    Adriana Pellanda Gagno


    Full Text Available As aceleradas transformações por que o mundo do trabalho vem passando, devido à globalização da economia, estão construindo um novo paradigma organizacional, marcado pela busca da Qualidade Total (QT e da produtividade. O presente estudo exploratório procura conhecer a atuação dos psicólogos organizacionais que atuam num programa de QT. Os sujeitos são vinte psicólogos atuando há cerca de um ano ou mais em organizações multinacionais e/ou privadas de Curitiba. Entrevistas semiestruturadas com os sujeitos possibilitam a obtenção das informações que são gravadas, posteriormente categorizadas e analisadas quantitativa e qualitativamente. A análise de dados revela como principais os seguintes resultados: as dificuldades encontradas pelo psicólogo para ser um agente de transformação referem-se à área comportamental e não a processos; os psicólogos desenvolvem tanto atividades técnicas quanto de consultoria; participam do Programa de Qualidade por esta ser uma exigência da empresa; consideram essencial sua atuação no programa devido aos conhecimentos humanos e psicológicos que dizem possuir, porém apenas 20% deles têm pressupostos teóricos claros de Psicologia subsidiando sua prática. Conclui-se que estes psicólogos começam a modificar sua prática devido à pressão da nova realidade organizacional, contudo sua inconsistência teórica é um fator que dificulta a saída da atuação técnica tradicional para a ocupação do espaço que se abre a partir das atuais necessidades de mudança comportamental - objeto este de estudo e trabalho do profissional psicólogo.

  1. Integrated learning of mathematics, science and technology concepts through LEGO/Logo projects

    Wu, Lina

    This dissertation examined integrated learning in the domains of mathematics, science and technology based on Piaget's constructivism, Papert's constructionism, and project-based approach to education. Ten fifth grade students were involved in a two-month long after school program where they designed and built their own computer-controlled LEGO/Logo projects that required the use of gears, ratios and motion concepts. The design of this study centered on three notions of integrated learning: (1) integration in terms of what educational materials/settings provide, (2) integration in terms of students' use of those materials, and (3) integration in the psychological sense. In terms of the first notion, the results generally showed that the LEGO/Logo environment supported the integrated learning of math, science and technology concepts. Regarding the second notion, the students all completed impressive projects of their own design. They successfully combined gears, motors, and LEGO parts together to create motion and writing control commands to manipulate the motion. But contrary to my initial expectations, their successful designs did not require numerical reasoning about ratios in designing effective gear systems. When they did reason about gear relationships, they worked with "qualitative" ratios, e.g., "a larger driver gear with a smaller driven gear increases the speed." In terms of the third notion of integrated learning, there was evidence in all four case study students of the psychological processes involved in linking mathematical, scientific, and/or technological concepts together to achieve new conceptual units. The students not only made connections between ideas and experiences, but also recognized decisive patterns and relationships in their project work. The students with stronger overall project performances showed more evidence of synthesis than the students with relatively weaker performances did. The findings support the conclusion that all three

  2. La evaluación específica del síndrome de Burnout en psicólogos: el "inventario de Burnout de psicólogos"



    Full Text Available La investigación del "burnout" se ha extendido a una amplia variedad de profesiones, asistenciales y no asistenciales, sin embargo el estudio del burnout en psicólogos es relativamente escaso a pesar de ser una profesión con alto riesgo de burnout. El "Inventario de Burnout de Psicólogos" (IBP es un instrumento elaborado específicamente para evaluar los procesos de burnout en los psicólogos que consta de tres partes: características profesionales, dimensiones del burnout y sintomatología de estrés asociada. La aplicación del IBP a una muestra de 203 profesionales de la psicología, de lengua española y brasileña, ha mostrado claramente una estructura factorial de tres factores según el modelo asistencial clásico de burnout: cansancio emocional, despersonalización y falta de realización personal. La sintomatología asociada se factorializa en tres dimensiones: consecuencias psicológicas, físicas y sociales. Las tres partes del IBP están altamente asociadas de forma que las características profesionales se asocian al nivel de burnout y los niveles del burnout a la sintomatología percibida.

  3. U mosta slúžiti. Mezinárodní vědecká konference k 800. výročí založení Řádu kazatelů – dominikánů

    Vytlačil, Lukáš


    Roč. 53, 2/3 (2016), s. 302-304 ISSN 0018-7003. [U mosta slúžiti. Mezinárodní vědecká konference k 800. výročí založení Řádu kazatelů – dominikánů. Praha, 29.09.2016-30.09.2016] Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : dominicans * conferences * medieval music * graduals * medieval music theory * Hieronymus de Moravia Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  4. On the logos a naïve view on ordinary reasoning and fuzzy logic

    Trillas, Enric


    This book offers an inspiring and naïve view on language and reasoning. It presents a new approach to ordinary reasoning that follows the author’s former work on fuzzy logic. Starting from a pragmatic scientific view on meaning as a quantity, and the common sense reasoning from a primitive notion of inference, which is shared by both laypeople and experts, the book shows how this can evolve, through the addition of more and more suppositions, into various formal and specialized modes of precise, imprecise, and approximate reasoning. The logos are intended here as a synonym for rationality, which is usually shown by the processes of questioning, guessing, telling, and computing. Written in a discursive style and without too many technicalities, the book presents a number of reflections on the study of reasoning, together with a new perspective on fuzzy logic and Zadeh’s “computing with words” grounded in both language and reasoning. It also highlights some mathematical developments supporting this vie...

  5. Retratos em diálogo: notas sobre o documentário brasileiro recente

    Cláudia Mesquita


    Full Text Available O artigo aborda quatro filmes biográficos brasileiro recentes - Santiago (2007, de João Salles, Acácio (2008, de Marília Rocha, Pan-cinema permanente (2008, de Carlos Nader (sobre Waly Salomão e Vida (2008, de Paula Gaitán (sobre Maria Gladys - e procura compreender um movimento dialógico e reflexivo semelhante que os caracteriza. Analisa-se, sobretudo, a estrutura do diálogo e os modos como as obras se põem a contar a história do personagem retratado, tecendo urdiduras entre memória individual e história pública, entre os arquivos e as imagens tomadas no presente da filmagem.The article discusses four recent brazilian biographical films - João Salles' Santiago (2007, Marília Rocha's Acácio, Carlos Nader's Pan-cinema permanente (2008 and Paula Gaitán's Vida (2008 - and tries to understand a same dialogical and reflexive stance that characterizes them: the dialogical structure, and the manner by which they treat the depicted character's life story, by associating personal memory and public history, archive footage and present images.

  6. Conhecimento histórico e diálogo social

    Benito Bisso Schmidt


    Full Text Available Este texto foi lido como conferência na abertura do XXVII Simpósio Nacional de História realizado em julho de 2013 na cidade de Natal. Aborda, inicialmente, a partir de alguns exemplos, as diversas formas pelas quais as sociedades contemporâneas lidam com o seu passado. A seguir, trata dos desafios do profissional de História no Brasil na atualidade, especialmente no que diz respeito a seus diálogos com outros grupos sociais, enfatizando três facetas dessas interlocuções nas quais a Anpuh esteve bastante envolvida nos últimos anos: o ensino de História, a relação dos historiadores com as comissões da verdade e a atuação desses profissionais em espaços voltados à preservação, organização e disponibilização ao público do patrimônio histórico.


    Diogo Arnaldo Corrêa


    Full Text Available O cuidado ambiental vem sendo marcado pela tônica da conservação e da promoção da sustentabilidade. A premente necessidade de um dado compromisso e educação ambiental e de condutas pró-ambientais vem sendo defendida em vários contextos: na mídia, nas políticas públicas, por meio de campanhas sazonais. Todavia, pouco se descreve acerca do sentido presente nos modos de cuidado configurados a partir da inter-relação pessoa-ambiente. Nesta perspectiva, este estudo objetivou promover um possível diálogo a partir das contribuições da Psicologia Ambiental e da Logoterapia visando aproximar a noção de cuidado ambiental, delineada pela Psicologia Ambiental, à ideia de responsabilidade, como defendida pela Logoterapia, por meio de uma revisão bibliográfica. As articulações propositadas corroboraram, portanto, para acenar que a relação pessoa-ambiente pode ser arraigada em qualidade se a responsabilidade é reconhecida em sua propriedade de potencial humano, o que pode favorecer na emergência do sentido das atitudes e condutas pró-ambientais e explicitar o caráter de tarefa única e irrepetível inerente à vida.


    Renata Monteiro


    Full Text Available Renata Monteiro, Gustavo Pereira DOI: 10.12957/periferia.2013.15328Este estudo se baseia em breve análise bibliográfica, tendo como referencial o conceito de dialética de Pierre Joseph Proudhon no contexto histórico do século XIX. De início, identifica-se que a existência da gestão política e social significa uma intervenção opressora sobre o povo, exercendo poder sobre a vida social, o que provoca respostas de iniciativas geridas por lógicas autossustentáveis de emancipação. Assim, articula sua contribuição em diálogo com a Sociologia das Ausências, de Boaventura de Sousa Santos, a fim de pensar a dilatação do momento presente como alternativa contra-hegemônica. A dialética proudhoniana, entendida como embates dos opostos estabelecidos em uma realidade plural, evidencia outras lógicas, como as iniciativas autogestionárias, que são, em si, parte de um processo revolucionário.

  9. A interação de adolescentes marginalizados com a linguagem Logo

    Silva Paulo Vinicius Baptista da


    Full Text Available O estudo relata condutas de adolescentes frente a "erros" e "acertos" quando em interação com a linguagem Logo de programação. Os sujeitos foram cinco adolescentes de catorze a dezessete anos de idade, alunos de séries inicias de 1o Grau de uma instituição estadual de atendimento social de Curitiba. As sessões de programação foram individuais, acompanhadas pelo pesquisador, com dados gravados em disquete e vídeo. As verbalizações dos sujeitos após "erros" e "acertos" foram qualitativamente descritas em níveis sucessivos. As categorias obtidas revelaram um processo de modificação na avaliação das condutas frente aos "erros", passando os sujeitos pau-latinamente de uma perspectiva negativa à incorporação positiva do erro ao processo. As verbalizações frente aos acertos revelaram avaliações positivas dos sujeitos sobre si mesmos e sobre a produção própria.


    Melliandro Mendes GALINARI


    Full Text Available Este artigo possui o objetivo de construir uma reflexão sobre a inter-relação das provas retóricas - logos, ethos e pathos - no âmbito disciplinar da Análise do Discurso, dialogando com a tradição retórica, com a Sofística e com autores modernos que se ocupam do assunto, tais como Ruth Amossy, Michel Meyer, Christian Plantin e outros. Para tanto, parte-se do pressuposto de que, mais do que categorias estáveis e demarcáveis teoricamente, as provas retóricas são três dimensões ou "ângulos" de um mesmo discurso ou, em outros termos, três ferramentas ou "chaves de leitura" disponíveis à sua interpretação e à especulação de seus efeitos possíveis. Como são escassas análises discursivas aptas a ilustrar/demonstrar tais postulados teóricos, o artigo contém, além de uma primeira parte, destinada a uma reflexão teórica, uma segunda parte reservada exclusivamente à análise de um discurso de caráter político que circulou no Brasil no ano de 2010, num momento anterior às eleições presidenciais.

  11. Osteomielitis: Criterios actuales e importancia para el Estomatólogo

    Elena Morán López


    Full Text Available Entre las múltiples afecciones que se presentan en el complejo bucofacial se encuentra la osteomielitis, una enfermedad ósea poco frecuente, que con el advenimiento de los antibióticos ha dejado de ser un problema de salud para muchos países del mundo. Dada la importancia que tiene su conocimiento para el estomatólogo, se recopilan criterios actuales sobre esta entidad en lo referente a la etiopatogenia, manifestaciones clínicas, diagnóstico y tratamiento, especialmente cuando afecta al maxilar o a la mandíbula. Tomando como base algunas consideraciones generales, y abarcando varios elementos, se exponen las características macroscópicas y microscópicas de las lesiones causadas por esta enfermedad.Among the various affections of the orofacial complex is osteomyelitis, a rare bone disease that, with the introduction of antibiotics, has cesed to be a health problem in many countries. Given the importante of the detection of this disease by the dentist, present criteria on this entity as to etiopathogenecity, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment are collected, specially when the maxilla or the jaw is affected. Taking some general considerations and a number of elements as a basis, some macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of the lesions caused by this disease were set forth in this paper.

  12. Responsabilidade e Imputabilidade: Diálogos entre a Psicanálise e o Direito

    Aline Fridman

    Full Text Available RESUMO O objetivo do artigo é tomar a atualidade dos debates sobre responsabilidade e imputabilidade para discuti-la em um diálogo entre a Psicanálise e o Direito. Revisita-se a etimologia dos vocábulos freudianos e as elucidações de Lacan, recuperando a definição de responsabilidade em Psicanálise e contrapondo-a à aplicabilidade das categorias jurídicas.Sugere-se que o sujeito responsável é constituído e comandado pela adesividade (Haftbarkeit pulsional que antecede o dever de respondere (Verantwortung.Convocado pelo trabalho da análise, pela fala, a assumir a responsabilidade por seus pensamentos imorais subjacentes aos sonhos e à vida de vigília, esse sujeito determinado pelas pulsões não é escutado pelas operações do Direito, voltadas para indicar com exatidão o imputável e o incapaz de entendimento e autodeterminação.

  13. Razón y fe, un diálogo entre Kant y Jacobi

    Hugo Ochoa


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo expone dialécticamente las concepciones de Jacobi y Kant respecto de la relación entre fe y razón. Con este propósito se analiza especialmente el trabajo de Kant, ¿Qué significa orientarse en el pensamiento?, escrito para mediar en el conflicto entre Mendelssohn y Jacobi a propósito del presunto panteísmo de Lessing, así como otros escritos postcríticos atingentes al tema. Respecto de Jacobi, este trabajo se centra particularmente en la introducción a David Hume y la creencia, o Idealismo y realismo, un diálogo, que el mismo autor considera una introducción al conjunto de escritos filosóficos del autor (65The present work dialectically sets forth Jacobi´s and Kant´s conception of the relation between faith and reason. With this intention Kant´s work is specially analyzed _Was heißt: Sich im Denken orientieren? (1786_, and written in order to mediate the conflict between Mendelssohn and Jacobi apropos of Lessing´s allegedly pantheism, as well as other postcritic writings relevant to the issue. In regard to Jacobi, this work is maily focused in the introduction to "David Hume über den Glauben, oder Idealismus und Realismus", a dialogue, that the author himself considers an introduction to the philosophic writings of the author in its entirety

  14. Logo-autobiography and its effectiveness on depressed Korean immigrant women.

    Cho, Sunhee; Bernstein, Kunsook S; Roh, Soonhee; Chen, Daniel C


    This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of logo-autobiography (LA) as a therapeutic modality for Korean immigrant women suffering from depression and perceiving their lives as meaningless. A nonrandomized quasi-experimental study was conducted with pretest, posttest, and a 4-week follow-up test. Forty subjects--20 with antidepressants and 20 without--were divided quarterly and assigned to the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group reported a significant lower score on depressive symptoms (F = 6.832, p = .013; F = 19.800, p ≤ .001) and a higher score on meaning of life (F = 12.294, p = .001; F = 12.232, p = .001) than did the control group immediately after completing the LA and a 4-week follow-up. The LA was more effective for the subjects in the nonmedication group than in the medication group. In conclusion, LA is effective in reducing depressive symptoms and increasing a sense of meaning in life among Korean immigrant women suffering from depression.

  15. Experiencias de maternidad adoptiva en Argentina: diálogos con el ideal normativo

    Mariela Pena


    Full Text Available Este artículo aborda la problemática de la adopción focalizando en la categoría de maternidad. Recuperando algunas elaboraciones feministas se ponen en tensión relatos de madres adoptivas con el ideario prevaleciente en torno a la maternidad y su asociación con la “naturaleza” de las mujeres. Se sugiere para el contexto estudiado la persistencia de un ideal normativo que prescribe la centralidad de los aspectos biológicos de la maternidad. En relación a él, exploramos modalidades variables en las cuales diferentes mujeres “resuelven creativamente” sus experiencias, señalando la continuidad de un diálogo con dicho modelo. Asimismo, consideramos algunos entrelazamientos entre los sentidos observados y las influencias del “discurso psi” en la normativización de la crianza y la construcción del ideario de “buena madre”.

  16. Entre Bobbio, Marx e marxistas: por uma retomada de diálogos

    César Mortari Barreira


    Full Text Available A atual intensificação da precarização da democracia liberal decorrente da articulação entre o “novo liberalismo” (neoliberalismo e o avanço global da financeirização da economia têm levantado sérias dúvidas quanto à capacidade de resistência daquele tipo de liberalismo mais atento às condições sociais para o exercício da liberdade. Diante disso, o presente artigo defende que a compreensão da relação entre igualdade e liberdade, o tipo de aproximação temática que caracterizam os escritos de Norberto Bobbio e, em particular, seus ricos diálogos com o marxismo, ainda possuem uma capacidade analítica superior a outras abordagens que enveredaram pelo chamado “giro antiprodutivista”. Partindo da própria forma com que Bobbio avaliava o desenvolvimento dos estudos marxistas na década de 1970 e 1980, conclui-se que alguns de seus textos (até pouco tempo inéditos podem servir como uma espécie de ponte para uma nova aproximação entre liberais e marxistas.

  17. A atuação do turismólogo na sociedade da informação

    Cristine Fabris


    Full Text Available Este trabalho aborda a importância dos serviços oferecidos pelo turismólogo como mediador de informações personalizadas para o exercício de sua profissão. O artigo inicia com os conceitos de sociedade da informação e o papel do turismólogo na conjuntura que caracteriza este tipo de sociedade. Por fim, são analisadas as interfaces de sua função com outros profissionais para atender a demanda informacional dos seus usuários, alimentando a cadeia produtiva da sociedade da informação.

  18. Contribuiciones a la práctica del psicólogo en la educación profesional

    Prediger, Juliana; Silva, Rosane Azevedo Neves da


    Houve recentemente no Brasil um massivo incremento da educação profissional, científica e tecnológica, especialmente representada pelos Institutos Federais. Esse incremento foi marcado pela expansão da rede por meio da criação de centenas de novas unidades e contratação de milhares de profissionais. As novas contratações trouxeram um grande número de psicólogos e psicólogas para atuar na Educação Profissional. Este trabalho narra a experiência da criação de um espaço de diálogo entre os psicó...

  19. A atuação do psicólogo diante dos desastres naturais: uma revisão

    Alves, Roberta Borghetti; Lacerda, Márcia Alves de Camargo; Legal, Eduardo José


    Os desastres naturais vêm afetando cada vez mais pessoas em todo o mundo, causando muitas vezes sofrimento psicológico às populações atingidas. Diante disso, questiona-se: como o psicólogo pode atuar em relação aos desastres naturais? Este artigo objetivou analisar a produção científica no campo da psicologia, disponível em bibliotecas virtuais nacionais e internacionais no período de 2000 a 2010, acerca da atuação do psicólogo diante dos desastres naturais. Para tanto, foi realizada uma anál...

  20. CCR3, CCR5, CCR8 and CXCR3 expression in memory T helper cells from allergic rhinitis patients, asymptomatically sensitized and healthy individuals

    Holse, Mille; Assing, Kristian; Poulsen, Lars K.


    Chemokine receptors have been suggested to be preferentially expressed on CD4+ T cells with CCR3 and CCR8 linked to the T helper (Th) 2 subset and CCR5 and CXCR3 to the Th1 subset, however this remains controversial....