Sample records for hartman hannamaria potila

  1. Improvement of Hartman's linearization theorem

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHI; Jinlin(史金麟)


    Hartman's linearization theorem tells us that if matrix A has no zero real part and f(x) isbounded and satisfies Lipchitz condition with small Lipchitzian constant, then there exists a homeomorphismof Rn sending the solutions of nonlinear system x' = Ax + f(x) onto the solutions of linear system x' = Ax.In this paper, some components of the nonlinear item f(x) are permitted to be unbounded and we provethe result of global topological linearization without any special limitation and adding any condition. Thus,Hartman's linearization theorem is improved essentially.

  2. Career and Technology Center Honors Julie Hartman | Poster (United States)

    By Carolynne Keenan, Contributing Writer On May 7, Julie Hartman was honored by the Frederick County Career and Technology Center (CTC) for her support of the CTC’s Biomedical Sciences Program. As an education program specialist for Outreach and Special Programs at NCI at Frederick, Hartman is responsible for NCI at Frederick’s participation in the program, which is designed to offer Frederick County high school students hands-on, practical laboratory experience beyond the typical classroom setting. 

  3. Delay time and Hartman effect in strain engineered graphene

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Xi, E-mail:; Deng, Zhi-Yong [Department of Physics, Shanghai University, 200444 Shanghai (China); Ban, Yue, E-mail: [Department of Electronic Information Materials, Shanghai University, 200444 Shanghai (China)


    Tunneling times, including group delay and dwell time, are studied for massless Dirac electrons transmitting through a one-dimensional barrier in strain-engineered graphene. The Hartman effect, the independence of group delay on barrier length, is induced by the strain effect, and associated with the transmission gap and the evanescent mode. The influence of barrier height/length and strain modulus/direction on the group delay is also discussed, which provides the flexibility to control the group delay with applications in graphene-based devices. The relationship between group delay and dwell time is finally derived to clarify the nature of the Hartman effect.

  4. Tunable delay time and Hartman effect in graphene magnetic barriers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ban, Yue; Wang, Lin-Jun [School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444 (China); Chen, Xi, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444 (China)


    Tunable group delay and Hartman effect have been investigated for massless Dirac electrons in graphene magnetic barriers. In the presence of magnetic field, dwell time is found to be equal to net group delay plus the group delay contributing from the lateral shifts. The group delay times are discussed in both cases of normal and oblique incidence, to clarify the nature of Hartman effect. In addition, the group delay in transmission can be modulated from subluminality to superluminality by adjusting the magnetic field, which may also lead to potential applications in graphene-based microelectronics.

  5. On the tunneling time of arbitrary continuous potentials and the Hartman effect

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yin Cheng; Wu Zhi-Jing; Wang Xian-Ping; Sun Jing-Jing; Cao Zhuang-Qi


    This paper obtains a generalized tunneling time of one-dimensional potentials via time reversal invariance. It also proposes a simple explanation for the Hartman effect using the useful concept of the scattered subwaves.

  6. Presidendivastuvõtul tudengina - see oli õnn! / Piret Hartman, Aigar Aab

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    Põllumajandusülikooli majandusteaduskonna kolmanda kursuse ettevõtluse tudengid Piret Hartman ja Aigar Aab olid vabariigi ajaloos esimesed tudengid, kes said presidendi vastuvõtul esindada üliõpilasi

  7. Püssi tüdruk Piret Hartman - Eesti tudengite esivõitleja / Piret Hartman ; interv. Sirle Sommer-Kalda

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje : Subbota 2. aug lk. 5. Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liidu (EÜL) juhatuse esimees Piret Hartman: tahame, et see raha, mis läheb praegu üliõpilastele nii õppelaenude, toimetulekutoetuste, stipendiumide kui sõidusoodustuste näol, jagataks efektiivsemalt ümber

  8. "Negative" Hartman Effect in One-dimentional Photonic Crystals with Negative Refractive Materials

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Ligang; XU Jingping; ZHU ShiYao


    @@ The Hartman effect inside the one-dimensional photonic crystals (1DPCS) composed of negative index materials (NIMS) is always and is reversed to the Hartman effect inside the 1DPCS composed of positive index materials (PIMs).By calculating the phases of Fourier components of a pulse accumulated inside the 1DPCs of NIMs and the evolution of the pulse inside the 1DPCs of NIMs, the origin of the negative phase time is explained.The evolution of the electromagnetic fields inside the 1DPCs of NIMs is time reversal with conjugate to that inside the 1DPCs of PIMs for real spectral pulses.

  9. Kui hästi või halvasti ... / Jaak Aaviksoo, Piret Hartman, Heli Aru

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Aaviksoo, Jaak, 1954-


    TÜ rektor J. Aaviksoo, Üliõpilaskondade Liidu juhatuse esimees P. Hartman ja Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi kõrghariduse talituse juhataja H. Aru vastavad küsimusele, kui hästi või halvasti on end õigustanud kõrghariduses aasta toiminud 3+2 süsteem

  10. A Hartman-Nagumo inequality for the vector ordinary p-Laplacian and applications to nonlinear boundary value problems


    Mawhin, Jean; Ure??a, Antonio J.


    A generalization of the well-known Hartman-Nagumo inequality to the case of the vector ordinary p-Laplacian and classical degree theory provide existence results for some associated nonlinear boundary value problems.

  11. Critiquing symptom validity tests for posttraumatic stress disorder: a modification of Hartman's criteria. (United States)

    Morel, Kenneth R; Marshman, Kimberly C


    The differential diagnosis of malingering in psychological evaluations for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is complex and relies upon the integration of clinical knowledge and appropriate psychometric instruments. Over the years, there has been an increase in the use of validity measures, including Symptom Validity Tests (SVTs). In 2005, the National Academy of Neuropsychology published Symptom validity assessment: Practice issues and medical necessity, an official policy statement recognizing the importance of effort on test performance and recommending the utilization of specific SVTs to assess for response bias in neurocognitive and personality evaluations. As new SVTs become available, clinicians need a clear understanding of how to critique these tests and determine the strengths and limitations. This article demonstrates the fundamental principles of critiquing an SVT by applying a modified set of Hartman's [Hartman, D. E. (2002). The unexamined lie is a lie worth fibbing: Neuropsychological malingering and the Word Memory Test. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 17, 709-714] criteria, originally developed for neuropsychological SVTs, to the Morel Emotional Numbing Test for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (MENT).

  12. The Art of ATLAS; multimedia installation by Neal Hartman and Claudia Marcelloni at Thinktank science museum in Birmingham, UK.

    CERN Multimedia

    Claudia Marcelloni


    The Art of ATLAS is an multimedia installation, developed by Neal Hartman and Claudia Marcelloni about the physicists, engineers and technicians behind the ATLAS Experiment. The installation will been shown at Planetarium entrance of the Thinktank science museum in Birmingham, UK from October 2010 until January 2011.

  13. Huviharidus ei ole ainult soe bussipeatus / Piret Hartman, Ardo Rohtla, Annely Köster ... [jt.] ; intervjueerinud Maris Hellrand

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Noorte huvitegevuse toetussüsteemi kontseptsioon toob järgmisel sügisel valdkonda 6 miljonit eurot lisaraha. Vestlusringis huvihariduse probleemide ja uue kontseptsiooni rolli üle nende lahendamisel osalesid kultuuriministri nõunik Piret Hartman, haridus- ja teadus­ministeeriumi noorteosakonna asejuhataja Ardo Rohtla, Sally Stuudio asutaja ja juhataja Annely Köster, Eesti Muusikakoolide Liidu juhatuse esimees Kadri Leivategija, Rakvere abilinnapea Kairit Pihlak, Eesti Teadushuvihariduse Liidu juhatuse liige Heilo Altin ja MTÜ Loovkirjutamise Keskus juhatuse liige Katriin Fisch-Uibopuu

  14. A novel Hartman Shack-based topography system: repeatability and agreement for corneal power with Scheimpflug+Placido topographer and rotating prism auto-keratorefractor. (United States)

    Prakash, Gaurav; Srivastava, Dhruv; Choudhuri, Sounak


    The purpose of this study is to analyze the repeatability and agreement of corneal power using a new Hartman type topographer in comparison to Scheimpflug+Placido and autorefractor devices. In this cross sectional, observational study performed at the cornea services of a specialty hospital, 100 normal eyes (100 consecutive candidates) without any previous ocular surgery or morbidity except refractive error were evaluated. All candidates underwent three measurements each on a Full gradient, Hartman type topographer (FG) (iDesign, AMO), Scheimpflug+Placido topographer (SP) (Sirius, CSO) and rotating prism auto-keratorefractor (AR) (KR1, Nidek). The parameters assessed were flat keratometry (K1), steep keratometry (K2), steep axis (K2 axis), mean K, J 0 and J 45. Intra-device repeatability and inter-device agreement were evaluated. On repeatability analysis, the intra-device means were not significantly different (ANOVA, p > 0.05). Intraclass correlations (ICC) were >0.98 except for J 0 and J 45. In terms of intra-measurement standard deviation (Sw), the SP and FG groups fared better than AR group (p 0.05, R (2) 0.05). ICC ranged from 0.92 to 0.99 (p < 0.001). Regression fits on Bland-Altman plots suggested no clinically significant effect of average values over difference in means. The repeatability of Hartman type topographer in normal eyes is comparable to SP combination device and better than AR. The agreement between the three devices is good. However, we recommend against interchanging these devices between follow-ups or pooling their data.

  15. Mathematical Analysis of Hall Effect on Transient Hartman Flow about a Rotating Horizontal Permeable Surface in a Porous Medium under Inclined Magnetic Field. (United States)

    Suresh, M; Manglik, A


    This paper proposes the exact solution for unsteady flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid past a impulsively started infinite horizontal surface which is rotating with an angular velocity embedded in a saturated porous medium under the influence of strong magnetic field with hall effect. Our study focuses on the change of direction of the external magnetic field on the flow system which leads to change in the flow behavior and skin frictional forces at the boundary. Systems of flow equations are solved using Laplace transform technique. The impacts of control parameters Hartman number, rotation of the system, hall effect, inclination of the magnetic field, and Darcy number on primary and secondary velocities are shown graphically, skin friction at horizontal boundary in tabular form. For validating our results, in the absence of permeability of the porous medium and inclination of the magnetic field the results are in good agreement with the published results.

  16. Valimisaktiivsus viib sihile / Piret Hartman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    Sotsiaalhoolekande seadusesse on sisse viidud muudatused, millest tulenevalt arvestatakse abiraha saamisel tudengid vanematega ühte leibkonda. Antud tingimuse tõttu kaob pea 10000 üliõpilasel võimalus majanduslikku abi saada

  17. Hoolekandeasutustele ei sobi reorganiseerimiskava / Piret Hartman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    Ilmunud ka Põhjarannik 23. märts lk. 2, Severnoje Poberezhje 23. märts lk. 2, Meie Maa 7. apr, lk. 2, Nädaline 7. apr. lk. 5, Teataja : Eestimaa Rahvaliidu Ajaleht Apr nr. 4 lk. 3. Riigikogu Rahvaliidu fraktsiooni nõunik sotsiaalfoorumist, kus osalesid hoolekandeasutuste ja kohalike omavalitsuste esindajad, Eesti Maaomavalitsuste Liidu juhatuse liikmed ning Riigikogu liikmed

  18. Kõige eest siin elus tuleb maksta / Piret Hartman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    ERL-i fraktsiooni nõunik käsitleb rahvastikuteadlase Kalev Katuse loengut Eesti rahvastikuarengust Euroopa kontekstis. Rahvastiku juurdekasv tuleb seada kõigis valdkondades esmatähtsaks, vaja on terviklikku toetussüsteemi kuni lapse täiskasvanuks saamiseni

  19. Klaasje J. Hartmans : investeren in onderzoek naar plantaardige bestrijdingsmiddelen noodzakelijk

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Delft, van R.


    Bij het zoeken naar een alternatief voor kiemremmingsmiddelen voor de aardappel ontdekte men de plantaardige stof carvon als goede vervanger. De regelgeving in Nederland en binnen Europa is dermate dichtgetimmerd, dat zelfs het onderzoek naar toepassing van dit middel, dat gewonnen kan worden uit Ka

  20. Hartman-Mycielski Functor of Non-Metrizable Compacta

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Taras Radul; Dušan Repovš


    We investigate certain topological properties of the normal functor , introduced by the first author, which is a certain functorial compactification of the Hartman–Mycielski construction . We prove that is always open and we also find the condition when is an absolute retract, homeomorphic to the Tychonov cube.

  1. Ettevõtlik ülikool / Piret Hartman, Roomet Sõrmus, Aigar Aab

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartman, Piret


    Eesti Maaülikooli üliõpilaskonna sihtasutus viis läbi projekti "Maamajandusettevõtete kaasamine EMÜ üliõpilaste õppetöösse". Kaheksateistkümnest ettevõtetesse läbi viidud ekskursioonist võttis osa neli- ja poolsada üliõpilast

  2. Representation and Authenticity of Testimonial Literature:Geoffrey Hartman on Holocaust Studies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Feng; WANG



  3. Radioactivity: conception to birth. The Health Physics Society 1995 Radiology Centennial Hartman Oration. (United States)

    Frame, P W


    Röntgen's description of his discovery of x rays was convincing and comprehensive. The response of the scientific community and public was immediate and intense. In contrast, the discovery of radioactivity was a muddled affair that excited little interest. While it would prove far more revolutionary than that of x rays, the discovery of radioactivity began, in the words of Alfred Romer, as something of a dead horse. There it lay, too big to ignore, but what did you do with it? Even the discoverer, Henri Becquerel, left it to decay and went on to pursue other interests. For various reasons, others chose to investigate: Marie and Pierre Curie in France, William Crookes in England, and Ernest Rutherford in Canada. But it was Frederick Soddy, a young chemist with a fascination for alchemy, who, together with Rutherford, revealed the true nature of radioactivity: transmutation.

  4. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Spectroscopy and photometry for HAT-P-50--HAT-P-53 (Hartman+, 2015) (United States)

    Hartman, J. D.; Bhatti, W.; Bakos, G. A.; Bieryla, A.; Kovacs, G.; Latham, D. W.; Csubry, Z.; de Val-Borro, M.; Penev, K.; Buchhave, L. A.; Torres, G.; Howard, A. W.; Marcy, G. W.; Johnson, J. A.; Isaacson, H.; Sato, B.; Boisse, I.; Falco, E.; Everett, M. E.; Szklenar, T.; Fulton, B. J.; Shporer, A.; Kovacs, T.; Hansen, T.; Beky, B.; Noyes, R. W.; Lazar, J.; Papp, I.; Sari, P.


    The HATNet network consists of six identical fully automated instruments, with four at Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (FLWO) in AZ, and two on the roof of the Submillimeter Array Hangar Building at Mauna Kea Observatory (MKO) in HI. The light-gathering elements of each instrument include an 11cm diameter telephoto lens, a Sloan r filter, and a 4K*4K front-side-illuminated CCD camera. Observations made in 2007 and early 2008 were carried out using a Cousins R filter. The instruments have a field of view of 10.6°*10.6° and a pixel scale of 9"/pixel at the center of an image. Additional time-series photometric measurements were obtained for all four of the systems using Keplercam on the FLWO 1.2m telescope. For HAT-P-50 we also obtained follow-up photometry with the CCD imager on the Byrne Observatory at Sedgwick (BOS) 0.8m telescope, located at Sedgwick Reserve in Santa Ynez Valley, CA, and operated by the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope institute (LCOGT). HAT-P-50 was observed with HAT-10/G316 on 2008 Nov-2009 May, with HAT-5/G364 on 2009 May, with HAT-9/G364 on 2008 Dec-2009 May, with BOS on 2012 Feb 15, on 2012 Feb 21 and on 2012 Apr 08, and with Keplercam on 2012 Feb 18, on 2012 Nov 28, on 2012 Dec 23, on 2013 Jan 14, and on 2013 Jan 17. HAT-P-51 was observed with HAT-6/G164 on 2007 Sep-2008 Feb, with HAT-9/G164 on 2007 Sep-2008 Feb, with HAT-10/G165 on 2010 Sep-2011 Jan, with HAT-5/G165 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, with HAT-8/G165 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, with HAT-6/G209 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, with HAT-9/G209 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, with HAT-7/G210 on 2010 Nov-2011 Jan, and with Keplercam on 2011 Oct 21, on 2012 Jan 05, on 2012 Oct 05, on 2012 Oct 26, and on 2012 Nov 12. HAT-P-52 was observed with HAT-5/G212 on 2010 Sep-Nov, with HAT-8/G212 on 2010 Aug-Nov, and with Keplercam on 2010 Dec 23, on 2011 Sep 05, on 2011 Sep 27, on 2011 Nov 21, and on 2012 Jan 07. HAT-P-53 was observed with HAT-6/G164 on 2007 Sep-2008 Feb, with HAT-9/G164 on 2007 Sep-2008 Feb, with HAT-10/G165 on 2010 Sep-2011 Jan, with HAT-5/G165 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, with HAT-8/G165 on 2010 Nov-2011 Feb, and with Keplercam on 2011 Oct 19 and on 2011 Oct 27. The facilities used for each system include the Tillinghast Reflector Echelle Spectrograph (TRES; Resolution Δλ/λ/1000=44) on the 1.5m Tillinghast Reflector at FLWO (used on 2010 Dec-2012 Feb for HAT-P-50, on 2011 Sep 21 for HAT-P-51, on 2010 Dec-2011 Jan for HAT-P-52, and on 2011 Sep 18-19 for HAT-P-53); the Astrophysical Research Consortium Echelle Spectrometer (ARCES; Resolution Δλ/λ/1000=31.5) on the ARC 3.5m telescope at Apache Point Observatory (APO) in New Mexico (used on 2011 Sep 19 for HAT-P-51, and on 2011 Sep 19-20 for HAT-P-53); the FIbre-fed Echelle Spectrograph (FIES) at the 2.5m Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) at La Palma, Spain (used on 2012 Mar 13-17 with Δλ/λ/1000=67 for HAT-P-50, and on 2011 Aug 4 with Δλ/λ/1000=46 for HAT-P-51); the SOPHIE Spectrograph (Resolution Δλ/λ/1000=39) on the 1.93m telescope at OHP in France (used for HAT-P-51 on 2011 Dec 4-12; the HIgh Resolution Echelle Spectrometer (HIRES; Resolution Δλ/λ/1000=55) on the Keck-I telescope in Hawaii together with the I2 absorption cell (used on 2011 Oct-2012 Feb for HAT-P-51, on 2011 Oct 19 and 2011 Feb-2012 Jul for HAT-P-52, and on 2011 Nov 14 and 2011 Nov-2012 Feb for HAT-P-53); and the High-Dispersion Spectrograph (HDS; Resolution Δλ/λ/1000=60) with the I2 absorption cell on the Subaru telescope in Hawaii (used on 2012 Feb 7 and 2012 Feb-Sep for HAT-P-50, and on 2012 Feb 9 and 2012 Feb 7-10 for HAT-P-51). The high-precision radial velocity measurements for all objects are seen to vary in phase with the transit ephemerides. The data are listed in Table4. All photometric measurements made for the four objects are available in Table5. (3 data files).

  5. Development of whole sediment bioassay using the marine/estuarine polychaetes Polydora cornuta Bosc 1802 and Boccardia proboscidea Hartman 1940

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pocklington, P. [Arenicola Marine, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada); Doe, K.; Huybers, A.; Wade, S. [Environment Canada, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada). Environmental Quality Lab.; Lee, D. [Environment Canada, North Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). Pacific Environmental Science Centre


    The growing need by Environment Canada for a battery of marine toxicity tests has prompted the development of chronic, sublethal, sediment bioassay tests using marine or estuarine annelids (polychaetes). Initially several species of polychaetes found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic waters were assessed and a few of these were selected for testing survival and sensitivity under laboratory conditions and sensitivity to reference toxicants using field collected specimens. From these experiments, the authors identified several promising species and attempts were made to culture them. To date they have been successful in culturing one species from the Atlantic coast--Polydora cornuta and one species from the Pacific Coast--Boccardia proboscidea. They have been able to generate sufficient numbers of same-age larvae, raise them under controlled conditions to juveniles/young adults, and, subject them to a variety of Non-Contaminant Effects Trials (NCETs) and Contaminant Effects Trials (CETs). In the NCETs the authors determined the effect of food type and food ration, temperature, salinity, grain size, length of test condition. They found them to be moderately robust in terms of variable environmental parameters. In the CETs they found this species to be sensitive to sediments considered by Environment Canada to be toxic. They also determined the animal`s sensitivity to a reference toxicant CdCl{sub 2} (96 hr LC50).

  6. The Use of Template Matching for Hartman Sensor Spot Centroid Detection Window%用模板匹配法选取光斑质心探测窗口

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    全薇; 王肇圻; 张春书; 母国光


    根据Hartman传感器探测人眼波像差时的光斑特点,提出了模板匹配法选取光斑窗口的质心探测方法.本方法与 Prie to的质心探测方法相比,提高了质心探测精度.对光斑阵列的仿真计算结果表明,用本文提出的方法质心探测误差的rms值降低了53.7 %.另外, 本方法还避免了Prieto方法中多次迭代的质心计算,减少了运算量.

  7. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Client "City", Focuza "Inner Monologue EP" (eesti drum'n'bass muusiku heliplaat inglise firmalt), Pan American "Quiet City", Johnny Hartman, Johnny "Hartman For Lovers", John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer "A Sphere In The Heart"

  8. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Client "City", Focuza "Inner Monologue EP" (eesti drum'n'bass muusiku heliplaat inglise firmalt), Pan American "Quiet City", Johnny Hartman, Johnny "Hartman For Lovers", John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer "A Sphere In The Heart"

  9. Murha vai viimeinen palvelus : arvokeskustelua eutanasiasta sairaanhoitajien näkökulmasta


    Ellilä, Timo; Haikara, Elina


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää saattohoitopotilaita hoitavien sairaanhoitajien käsityksiä eutanasiasta. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli uusien näkökulmien tuottaminen arvokeskusteluun eutanasiasta sekä tiedon lisääminen kuolevan potilaan hoidosta sairaanhoitajaopiskelijoiden keskuudessa. Opinnäytetyö tehtiin yhteistyössä Pirkanmaan Hoitokodin kanssa. Teoreettiset lähtökohdat opinnäytetyössämme olivat kuoleva potilas, saattohoito, eutanasia sekä eettinen hoitotyö. Tarkastel...

  10. Päästeamet tunnustas elupäästjaid ja jagas aumärke / Reimo Raja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raja, Reimo


    2010. a. septembris autasutas siseminister Marko Pomerants ja Päästeameti peadirektor elupäästjaid. Pikemalt päästeoperatsioonidest, kus päästjateks olid Mehis Kont, Aleksei Rožkov, Kertu Rannak, Georg Alema, Hanna-Maria Puhke, Merit Kalamägi, Toomas Pagil, Janek Lember, Maiken Nelis, Markku Eklund, Olaf Orgs, Eduard Borovik, Vadim Kaminski, Eduard Bemidas, Ants Viirmann, Olesja Nekrassova, Konstantin Fjodorov, Ramid Niftalyev, Konstantin Gerassimov, Tarvo Turja, Aleksander Beljajev, Kalle Närska, Margus Matto, Igor Koževnikov, Vyacheslav Didenko, Boriss Mihhejev, Alexander Berezko, Aleksander Küttim, Andrei Larin, Aleksandr Bolšakov, Andrei Põld

  11. Flow Control Technology (United States)


    downstream of the propeller system. Figure 16 and Figure 17 show the ADV used by Huxley and Hartman [5] as well as a flow diagram for their...Max 17° Figure 23: Power Coefficient of Asymmetric Test Trials vs. Sinusoid pitch schedule. The aim of the work by Huxley and Hartman [5] was...Fagley, Ph.D. candidate, worked with Cadets Thiago Huxley and Christopher Hartman on a feedback controlled cycloidal wave energy converter in

  12. 78 FR 66984 - International Security Advisory Board (ISAB); Meeting Notice; Closed Meeting (United States)


    ..., nonproliferation, political- military affairs, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy. The..., energy security, and diplomacy. For more information, contact Richard W. Hartman II, Executive Director...

  13. Comments on the report "Indications of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder" [arXiv:1305.3913] by G.Levi, E.Foschi, T.Hartman, B.H\\"oistad, R.Pettersson, L.Tegn\\'er, H.Ess\\'en

    CERN Document Server

    Ericsson, Göran


    In a recent report titled "Indications of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder" [arXiv:1305.3913], G. Levi and co-workers put forth several claims concerning the operations and performance of the so-called E-Cat of Andrea Rossi. We note first of all that the circumstances and people involved in the test make if far from being an independent one. We examine the claims put forth by the authors and note that in many cases they are not supported by the facts given in the report. The authors seem to jump to conclusions fitting pre-conceived ideas where alternative explanations are possible. In general we find that much attention is drawn to trivialities while important pieces of information and investigation are lacking and seem not to have been conducted or considered. These are characteristics more typically found in pseudo-scientific texts and have no place in a technical/scientific report on this level. We also note that the proposed claims would require...

  14. Effects of litter on substrate conditions and growth of emergent macrophytes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van der Putten, W.H.; Peters, B.A.M.; Van den Berg, R.S.


    Three successive emergent macrophytes (Typha latifolia L., Phragmites australis (Cav.) Steudel and Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmbly) were each grown in substrates collected from three different zones of shoreline vegetation development (non- vegetated sediment, the interface between T. latifolia an

  15. 76 FR 81005 - International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) Meeting Notice; Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... all aspects of arms control, disarmament, political-military affairs, international security and related aspects of public diplomacy. The agenda for this meeting will include classified discussions..., international security, nuclear proliferation, and diplomacy. For more information, contact Richard W. Hartman...

  16. Changes in the soft-bottom macrobenthic diversity and community structure from the ports of Mumbai, India

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Mandal, S.; Harkantra, S.N.

    samples were transported to the laboratory and identified to species level using a microscope with the help of available taxonomic literature (Satyamurti 1952, 1956; Fauvel 1953; Day 1967; Hartman 1974a, 1974b; Srikrishnadhas et al. 1987; Subba Rao et al..., west coast of India. Current Science, 85(10), 1458-1464. Hartman, O. (1974a). Polychaetous annelids of the Indian Ocean including an account of species collected by members of the International Indian Ocean Expeditions, 1963-64 and a catalogue...

  17. Nereididae (Annelida, Polychaeta da costa nordeste do Brasil: II. Gêneros Namalycastis, Ceratocephale, Laeonereis e Rullierinereis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Santos Cinthya S. G.


    Full Text Available Six polychaete species belonging to the genera Namalycastis Hartman, 1959, Ceratocephale Malmgren, 1867, Laeonereis Hartman, 1945, and Rullierinereis Pettibone, 1970 were recorded as part of a systematic survey of the family Nereididae in estuaries, exposed sandy beaches, shelly soft bottoms, atolls and coral reefs of the Brazilian northeastern coast. Two new species, Rullierinereis auxiliadorae, from Ceará coast and Ceratocephale rocaensis, from Atol das Rocas, are described.

  18. Onuphidae (Annelida, Polychaeta da região de Ubatuba, litoral norte do estado de São Paulo, Brasil Onuphidae (Annelida, Polychaeta from Ubatuba, north coast of the São Paulo State, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eloisa H Morgado


    Full Text Available Ten species of onuphid polychaetes were identified from the sublitoral of Ubatuba, on the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil: Diopatra cuprea (Bosc, 1802; Diopatra tridentata Hartman, 1944; Kinhergonuphis difficilis (Fauchald, 1982; Kinhergonuphis fauchaldi Lana, 1991; Kinhergonuphis orensanzi (Fauchald, 1982; Kinhergonuphis tenuis (Hansen, 1882; Mooreonuphis nebulosa (Moore, 1911; Mooreonuphis pallidula (Hartman, 1965; Mooreonuphis intermedia (Kinberg, 1865; Onuphis dibranchiala Willey, 1905. A discussion on the characteristics of the species found and related species is also provided.

  19. Radiative Peristaltic Flow of Jeffrey Nanofluid with Slip Conditions and Joule Heating.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tasawar Hayat

    Full Text Available Mixed convection peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in a channel with compliant walls is addressed here. The present investigation includes the viscous dissipation, thermal radiation and Joule heating. Whole analysis is performed for velocity, thermal and concentration slip conditions. Related problems through long wavelength and low Reynolds number are examined for stream function, temperature and concentration. Impacts of thermal radiation, Hartman number, Brownian motion parameter, thermophoresis, Joule heating and slip parameters are explored in detail. Clearly temperature is a decreasing function of Hartman number and radiation parameter.

  20. Factor analysis of the Career Decision Scale on South African high school students. (United States)

    Watson, M B; Foxcroft, C D; Stead, G B


    A factor analytic study of the Career Decision Scale-High School version of Hartman and Hartman on 312 white South African adolescents from Grades 11 and 12 was undertaken. A simple two-factor structure emerged which accounted for 47.36% of the total variance in the scores. These results support the use of the version as a differential measure of career indecision and indicate that the number and structure of factors can change across populations. The implications of these results for research in South Africa are considered.

  1. 78 FR 56730 - Notice of Intent To Amend the Resource Management Plan for the Gunnison Field Office and Prepare... (United States)


    .... ADDRESSES: You may submit comments on issues and planning criteria related to Hartman Rocks Special... planning criteria. The planning area is located in Gunnison County, Colorado, and encompasses approximately... managing recreation in a manner that maintains or improves the condition and health of the unique landscape...

  2. SDIO (Strategic Defense Initiative Office) Technical Information Management Center Bibliography of Unclassified Documents: January - December 1988 (United States)


    Electromagnetic Beam Algebra Stream Physic Radial Collision Equation Axial Density Velocity Dimension Accession #: 1054 AD #: ADA179909 TITLE: Wide...Codoped Crystals Author(s): Rotman , S.R.; Hartman, F.X. Date: 03/01/88 Pages:63 Report #: M-405 Corp. Author: Institute For Defense Analysis, 1801 N

  3. Effect van LEDs op komkommer in de praktijk : de Waddenkas

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sterk, F.; Steenhuizen, J.W.; Dueck, T.A.


    Binnen het Waddenkas project wordt gezocht naar duurzame en energiebesparende innovaties voor tuinders in de provincie Fryslân, en één daarvan is het gebruik van LED-belichting in de glastuinbouw. Glastuinbouwbedrijf A.C. Hartman BV in Sexbierum heeft verschillende kleuren combinaties van

  4. The Unified Command Plan and Subsaharan Africa (United States)


    apartheid policy will likely end, since black majority rule is a virtual certainty. One of the transi- tional agreements worked out between de Klerk and...and the Techno!Qglcal Revolution. New York: Crane, Russak, and Company, 1977. Hartman, Frederick H. Defendina America’s Security. Washington, DC

  5. Physical Activity and Motor Skills in Children with and without Visual Impairments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Houwen, Suzanne; Hartman, Esther; Visscher, Chris


    HOUWEN, S., E. HARTMAN, and C. VISSCHER. Physical Activity and Motor Skills in Children with and without Visual Impairments. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 41, No, 1, pp. 103-109, 2009. Purpose: To examine the physical activity levels of children with and without visual impairments(VI). We further in

  6. An Investigation of the Effects of Deposit Feeding Invertebrates on the Structural Properties of Clay Minerals. (United States)


    North nerica and the Gulf of Mexico reportedm bothosts f Nor ic a o-Mei(Hartman, 1969). Although H. filiformis Is considered a non-s lective Ul . . .. I... Mollusca . New York, Pergamon Press, 560 p. Pryor, W. A. (1975) Biogenic sedimentation and alteration of argillaceous sediments in shallow marine

  7. Dicty_cDB: AFG420 [Dicty_cDB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available DQ384332 |pid:none) Physarum polycephalum glycosyl hyd... 231 3e-59 DQ390347_1( DQ390347 |pid:none) Hartman...nella vermiformis glycosyl ... 183 1e-44 DQ384328_1( DQ384328 |pid:none) Hartmann...ella vermiformis glycosyl ... 181 4e-44 DQ384329_1( DQ384329 |pid:none) Hartmannella vermiformis glycosyl ..

  8. Molecular Genetic and Gene Therapy Studies of the Musculoskeletal System (United States)


    Therapy 9:991-999. 2. Tischer E, Mitchell R, Hartman T, Silva M, Gospodarowicz D, Fiddes JC, Abraham JA (1991) The human gene for vascular endothelial...8463-71. fibers. J Virol 1998;72(5):4212-23. 178. Zufferey R, Dull T, Mandel RJ, Bukovsky A, Quiroz 192. Clark KR. Recent advances in recombinant

  9. Force Protection for Distribution Based-Logistics in Asymmetric Warfare (United States)


    Adaptive Enterprise Capability: 18. 20 Peltz, Eric, John Halliday, and Steven Hartman. Combat Service Support Transformation: Emerging Strategies...Under Secretary of State Nicholas Katzenbach poignantly observed in June 1967, that the North Vietnamese Army was “the key...112 Juskowiak, Terry E. and John F. Wharton. “Joint and Expeditionary Logistics for a Campaign- Quality

  10. Coherence Threshold and the Continuity of Processing: The RI-Val Model of Comprehension (United States)

    O'Brien, Edward J.; Cook, Anne E.


    Common to all models of reading comprehension is the assumption that a reader's level of comprehension is heavily influenced by their standards of coherence (van den Broek, Risden, & Husbye-Hartman, 1995). Our discussion focuses on a subcomponent of the readers' standards of coherence: the coherence threshold. We situate this discussion within…

  11. How Students with Visual Impairments Can Learn Components of the Expanded Core Curriculum through Physical Education (United States)

    Lieberman, Lauren J.; Haegele, Justin A.; Columna, Luis; Conroy, Paula


    Research indicates that children with visual impairments demonstrate delays in fundamental motor skills, including locomotor, object control, and balance skills (Haibach, Lieberman, & Pritchett, 2011; Houwen, Hartman, & Visscher, 2010; Wagner, Haibach, & Lieberman, 2013). All of these skills are prerequisites to living an independent…

  12. The Relationship Between Acoustic Target Strength and Body Length for Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus) (United States)


    2002; Horne 2003; McQuinn and Winger 2003; Rudstam et al. 2003; Frouzova and Kubecka 2004; Nero et al. 2004; Hartman and Nagy 2005; McClatchie and...415. Nero , R. W., C. H. Thompson, and J. M. Jech. 2004. In situ acoustic estimates of the swimbladder volume of Atlan- tic herring (Clupea harengus

  13. Artificial and Natural Icing Tests of the UH-60A Helicopter Configured with the XM-139 Multiple Mine Dispensing System (VOLCANO) (United States)


    parallel 27-ft trapeze sections with 5 ft vertical separators, and two 17.6-ft outriggers attached by 4-way junctions to the upper trapeze. When...FGC: 51. Serial#: CG-54097 61. LSA#: 52. FSN/NSN: 6110-01-105-6615 Part Life: Units: 53. 4fr: Hartman Electrical Manufacturing 63. 54. Mfr PartO : 0-568

  14. Advances in Phylogeny Reconstruction from Gene Order and Content Data (United States)


    Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Springer...Proc. 11th Ann. Symp. Combin. Pattern Matching (CPM’00). Vol. 1848 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Springer Verlag, pp. 222–234. Felsenstein...Pattern Matching (CPM’03). Vol. 2676 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Springer Verlag, pp. 156–169. Hartman, T., Sharan, R., 2004. A

  15. Modulation of VEGF Bioavailability in Breast Tumors by Direct MMP Cleavage (United States)


    Gordon research Conference, Vascular Cell Biology, Feb. 6-11, 2005, Ventura , California. 3. Peer review manuscript. Sunyoung Lee, Shahla M. Jilani, Ganka...Biophys. 301:15-20. Tischer, E., R. Mitchell, T. Hartman, M. Silva , D. Gospodarowicz, J.C. Fiddes, and J.A. Abraham. 1991. The human gene for

  16. Letters in this Issue (United States)


    Reforming the General Chemistry Textbook individual letters by Edward T. Samulski; Stephen J. Hawkes; Stephen J. Fisher; J. Stephen Hartman; A. R. H. Cole; Stanley Pine, Ronald Archer, and Herbert Kaesz; Jimmy Reeves; Robert Hill; and Brock Spencer, C. Bradley Moore and Nedah Rose. Re: article by R. J. Gillespie The author replies

  17. Program and Abstracts of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (2nd) Held in Jacksonville, Florida on 9-13 May 1990 (United States)


    Strumwasser, RHYTHMS. Gail Orpen and Meir Steiner . Neurobiol- Michael Roberts, Arnold Eskin ogy Laboratory, St. Joseph’s Hospital Research Institute, and...David R. Soil (Organizer) J. Buysse, Timothy H. Monk. Human Chronobiology Paul Russell, Rudolf Raff Program, WPIC, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh...UNDER MINIMAL Chairperson: WJ. Rietveld MASKING CONDITIONS. Heinz Martens, Hartman Endlich, Gunther Hildebrandt, Rudolf Mood. Institut fur

  18. Relative susceptibility of banana cultivars to Xanthomonas ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 19, 2009 ... 40 years ago in Ethiopia on Ensete, which is closely related to banana ..... Mwangi M, Valentine G, Aritua V, Ivey ML, Miller SA, Smith JJ. (2009). ... 44. Kull LS, Vuong TD, Powers KS, Eskridge KM, Steadman JR, Hartman.

  19. Crystal growth and morphology of calcium oxalates and carbonates

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heijnen, W.M.M.


    The main purpose of the research described in this thesis is to establish a relationship between the crystal structure and morphology of calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate crystals grown from aqueous solutions. Starting point is the PBC (Periodic Bond Chain) theory formulated by Hartman and Perdo

  20. 76 FR 58076 - International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) Meeting Notice; Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... arms control, disarmament, political-military affairs, and international security and related aspects of public diplomacy. The agenda for this meeting will include classified discussions related to the..., nuclear proliferation, and diplomacy. For more information, contact Richard W. Hartman II, Executive...

  1. 76 FR 36167 - International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) Meeting Notice; Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... control, disarmament, political-military affairs, and international security and related aspects of public diplomacy. The agenda for this meeting will include classified discussions related to the Board's ongoing... proliferation, and diplomacy. For more information, contact Richard W. Hartman II, Executive Director of the...

  2. Effect of electromagnetic force on turbulent flow of molten metal in aluminum electrolysis cells

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周萍; 梅炽; 周乃君; 姜昌伟


    The standard k-ε model was adopted to simulate the flow field of molten metal in three aluminum electrolysis cells with different anode risers. The Hartman number, Reynolds number and the turbulent Reynolds number of molten metal were calculated quantitatively. The turbulent Reynolds number is in the order of 103 , and Reynolds number is in the order of 104 if taking the depth of molten metal as the characteristic length. The results show that the molten metal flow is the turbulence of high Reynolds number, the turbulent Reynolds number is more appropriate than Reynolds number to be used to describe the turbulent characteristic of molten metal, and Hartman number displays very well that electromagnetic force inhibits turbulent motion of molten metal.

  3. Linearization via the Lie Derivative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen Chicone


    Full Text Available The standard proof of the Grobman-Hartman linearization theorem for a flow at a hyperbolic rest point proceeds by first establishing the analogous result for hyperbolic fixed points of local diffeomorphisms. In this exposition we present a simple direct proof that avoids the discrete case altogether. We give new proofs for Hartman's smoothness results: A ${cal C}^2$ flow is ${cal C}^1$ linearizable at a hyperbolic sink, and a ${cal C}^2$ flow in the plane is ${cal C}^1$ linearizable at a hyperbolic rest point. Also, we formulate and prove some new results on smooth linearization for special classes of quasi-linear vector fields where either the nonlinear part is restricted or additional conditions on the spectrum of the linear part (not related to resonance conditions are imposed.

  4. Simultaneous effects of slip and wall properties on MHD peristaltic motion of nanofluid with Joule heating

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hayat, T. [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) Research Group, Department of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, P.O. Box 80257, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia); Nisar, Z. [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Ahmad, B. [Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) Research Group, Department of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, P.O. Box 80257, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia); Yasmin, H., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, G.T. Road, Wah Cantt 47040 (Pakistan)


    This paper is devoted to the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) peristaltic transport of nanofluid in a channel with wall properties. Flow analysis is addressed in the presence of viscous dissipation, partial slip and Joule heating effects. Mathematical modelling also includes the salient features of Brownian motion and thermophoresis. Both analytic and numerical solutions are provided. Comparison between the solutions is shown in a very good agreement. Attention is focused to the Brownian motion parameter, thermophoresis parameter, Hartman number, Eckert number and Prandtl number. Influences of various parameters on skin friction coefficient, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are also investigated. It is found that both the temperature and nanoparticles concentration are increasing functions of Brownian motion and thermophoresis parameters. - Highlights: • Temperature rises when Brownian motion and thermophoresis effects intensify. • Temperature profile increases when thermal slip parameter increases. • Concentration field is a decreasing function of concentration slip parameter. • Temperature decreases whereas concentration increases for Hartman number.

  5. A revised model for Jeffrey nanofluid subject to convective condition and heat generation/absorption. (United States)

    Hayat, Tasawar; Aziz, Arsalan; Muhammad, Taseer; Alsaedi, Ahmed


    Here magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) boundary layer flow of Jeffrey nanofluid by a nonlinear stretching surface is addressed. Heat generation/absorption and convective surface condition effects are considered. Novel features of Brownian motion and thermophoresis are present. A non-uniform applied magnetic field is employed. Boundary layer and small magnetic Reynolds number assumptions are employed in the formulation. A newly developed condition with zero nanoparticles mass flux is imposed. The resulting nonlinear systems are solved. Convergence domains are explicitly identified. Graphs are analyzed for the outcome of sundry variables. Further local Nusselt number is computed and discussed. It is observed that the effects of Hartman number on the temperature and concentration distributions are qualitatively similar. Both temperature and concentration distributions are enhanced for larger Hartman number.

  6. WHK Student Internship Enrollment, Mentor Participation Up More than 50 Percent | Poster (United States)

    By Nancy Parrish, Staff Writer The Werner H. Kirsten Student Internship Program (WHK SIP) has enrolled the largest class ever for the 2013–2014 academic year, with 66 students and 50 mentors. This enrollment reflects a 53 percent increase in students and a 56 percent increase in mentors, compared to 2012–2013 (43 students and 32 mentors), according to Julie Hartman, WHK SIP director.

  7. Topological equivalence for discontinuous random dynamical systems and applications


    Qiao, Huijie; Duan, Jinqiao


    After defining non-Gaussian L\\'evy processes for two-sided time, stochastic differential equations with such L\\'evy processes are considered. Solution paths for these stochastic differential equations have countable jump discontinuities in time. Topological equivalence (or conjugacy) for such an It\\^o stochastic differential equation and its transformed random differential equation is established. Consequently, a stochastic Hartman-Grobman theorem is proved for the linearization of the It\\^o ...

  8. Analysis of Archaeological, Geological and Historical Artifacts and Documents Pertaining to the Midden Excavation at ’Woodville’ - Unit 4, James G. Fulton, Flood Protection Project, Chartiers Creek, Pennsylvania, (United States)


    now in New Mexico . As repeatedly emphasized throughout this discussion, much historical research remains to be done on the Woodville Farm. This is... fiesta ware. The company is still in operation in Newell, West Virginia (Barber 1904:110-1; Lehner 1980:88-90,187; Cox 1949:1100, 1129-30; Hartman Fort Union, New Mexico , and Fort Laramie, Wyoming (Wilson 1981:96-107). In 1858, The Carter Ink Company was located in Massachusetts (Haskell 1981

  9. Macrobenthic Communities of the Norfolk Disposal Site. I. (United States)


    Calculations were based upon the following = ° formula : \\Dx ) where: s = standard deviation of the prelimianry sample, t = the tabulated t value at the 0.05...were determined graphically using the formulae of Folk (1974). The epibenthic community was described from 10 minute trawl samples taken at the North...Hartman Eteone lactea Claparede Eteone longa (Fabricius) Eu-mida -sane uinea (Oersted) Exogene he bes (Webster and Benedict) Glycera ameiTcana Leidy

  10. Macrobenthic Communities of the Norfolk Disposal Site. II. (United States)


    reliable estimate of the macrofaunal community. Calculations were based on the following formula : 3 6- -) N ts) 2i’ Dx • where: s standard deviation of...were determined using the formulae of Folk (1974). The epibenthic community was described from 10 minute trawl * samples taken at the North, South...Benedict Drilonereis app. Eteone heteropoda Hartman Eteone lactea Claparede ~Eeone log (FabriCiUs) Eumida sanguinea (Oersted) Exogene hebes (Webster

  11. 2011 NRL REVIEW (United States)


    J.W. Baldwin , and B.H. Houston 158 Software Reprogrammable Payload (SRP) Development C.M. Huffine Polaris ( 1955 ) — NRL participated extensively in the...CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING...Peachey photographic production Jamie Hartman James Marshall NRL REVIEW Staff to conduct a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific

  12. Exponential Inequalities for Positively Associated Random Variables and Applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yang Shanchao


    Full Text Available Abstract We establish some exponential inequalities for positively associated random variables without the boundedness assumption. These inequalities improve the corresponding results obtained by Oliveira (2005. By one of the inequalities, we obtain the convergence rate for the case of geometrically decreasing covariances, which closes to the optimal achievable convergence rate for independent random variables under the Hartman-Wintner law of the iterated logarithm and improves the convergence rate derived by Oliveira (2005 for the above case.

  13. Is This Your Year to Inspire a Child? | Poster (United States)

    By Julie Hartman, Guest Writer The Elementary Outreach Program (EOP) is looking for volunteers for the 2013–2014 school year. This program is designed to bring science into the classrooms of Frederick County students in grades 1 through 5. You’ll have a chance to work with small groups of children, presenting hands-on lessons that are coordinated with the school curriculum. Volunteer teams in each grade are scheduled to visit four schools in Frederick County this year.

  14. Analysis of Discourse Accent and Discursive Practices I&W (United States)


    release; distribution in unlimited. 88ABW-2010-6005, 10 Nov 10 Code Choice • Language/ dialect choice (switching between Spanish and English ...AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2010-0128 ANALYSIS OF DISCOURSE ACCENT AND DISCURSIVE PRACTICES I&W Pamela Toman Larry Kuznar Tessa Baker April Hartman...Discourse Accent and Discursive Practices I&W 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER FA8650-07-C-6837 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 63231F 6. AUTHOR

  15. Prevention of Post-Radiotherapy Failure in Prostate Cancer by Vitamin D (United States)


    Lee H, Hartman J, Greco C, Ryu JK, O’Donnell R and Boggan J. Secondary Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor following Irradiation in a...cholecalciferol) has shown anti- tumor activity at non-hypercalcemic concentrations in animals. Based on our preliminary research, we believe D5 can be given in...recurrence or of a second primary tumor . Such event. SEBs are alternatives to the actual endpoint, the tertiary patient populations have included

  16. Barrier traversal times using a phenomenological track formation model

    CERN Document Server

    Palao, J P; Brouard, S; Jadczyk, A


    A phenomenological model for a measurement of barrier traversal times for particles is proposed. Two idealized detectors for passage and arrival provide entrance and exit times for the barrier traversal. The averaged traversal time is computed over the ensemble of particles detected twice, before and after the barrier. The Hartman effect can still be found when passage detectors that conserve the momentum distribution of the incident packet are used.

  17. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Spectroscopic survey of M37 candidate members (Nunez+, 2017) (United States)

    Nunez, A.; Agueros, M. A.; Covey, K. R.; Lopez-Morales, M.


    In Paper I (Nunez+ 2015, J/ApJ/809/161) we used the gri photometry (Sloan system) from Hartman+, J/ApJ/675/1233 and the distance from the cluster core to identify cluster members. We obtained spectra of M37 stars with Hectospec on the MMT 6.5m telescope in 2015 Feb 18,19,20, 2015 Apr 18, 2015 Sep 20 and 2015 Nov 21, 22. (1 data file).


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chakraborty, B.K; Mazumdar, H.P.


    An approximate solution to the problem of steady laminar flow of a viscous incompressible electrically con ducting fluid over a stretching sheet is presented. The approach is based on the idea of stretching the variables of the flow problem and then using least squares method to minimize the residual of a differential equation. The effects of the magnetic field on the flow characteristics are demonstrated through numerical computations with di f ferent values of the Hartman monber.

  19. The Effect of Physical Conditioning on +Gz Tolerance (United States)


    Effects of Rehydration on +G Tolerance after 14 Days Bedrest; Aerosp. Med.z 44:715-722 (1973). 35. Harris , D.A., V.G. Pegram, and B.0. Hartman...Ph.D. Dissertation. Univ. of Southern California ,Library (June 1.950). 72. Whinnery, J.E., W.G. Jackson, B.L. Alpert , S.D. Leverett, Jr., J.H

  20. Counterintuitive dispersion violating Kramers-Kronig relations in gain slabs. (United States)

    Wang, Li-Gang; Wang, Lin; Al-Amri, M; Zhu, Shi-Yao; Zubairy, M Suhail


    We demonstrate the counterintuitive dispersion effect that the peaks (dips) in the gain spectrum correspond to abnormal (normal) dispersion, contrary to the usual Kramers-Kronig point of view. This effect may also lead to two unique features: a broadband abnormal dispersion region and an observable Hartman effect. These results are explained in terms of interference and boundary effects. Finally, two experiments are proposed for the potential experimental verification.

  1. Natural convection in square cavity filled with ferrofluid saturated porous medium in the presence of uniform magnetic field (United States)

    Javed, Tariq; Mehmood, Z.; Abbas, Z.


    This article contains numerical results for free convection through square enclosure enclosing ferrofluid saturated porous medium when uniform magnetic field is applied upon the flow along x-axis. Heat is provided through bottom wall and a square blockage placed near left or right bottom corner of enclosure as a heat source. Left and right vertical boundaries of the cavity are considered insulated while upper wall is taken cold. The problem is modelled in terms of system of nonlinear partial differential equations. Finite element method has been adopted to compute numerical simulations of mathematical problem for wide range of pertinent flow parameters including Rayleigh number, Hartman number, Darcy number and Prandtl number. Analysis of results reveals that the strength of streamline circulation is an increasing function of Darcy and Prandtl number where convection heat transfer is dominant for large values of these parameters whereas increase in Hartman number has opposite effects on isotherms and streamline circulations. Thermal conductivity and hence local heat transfer rate of fluid gets increased when ferroparticles are introduced in the fluid. Average Nusselt number increases with increase in Darcy and Rayleigh numbers while it is decreases when Hartman number is increased.

  2. Opheliidae (Polychaeta collected by the R/V Hero and the USNS Eltanin cruises from the Southern Ocean and South America

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nancy J. Maciolek


    Full Text Available Opheliid polychaetes collected by the United States Antarctic Research Program and additional material from South America were made available for study through the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., USA. The Opheliidae from Antarctic seas were treated by Hartman (1966, 1967, 1978, who summarized earlier work and also described several new species. Of the five genera she recorded, two (Travisia and Kesun have since been synonymized and one, Ammotrypane, has been referred to Ophelina; Hartman’s records therefore encompass four genera, three of which are represented in the present collections. No representatives of Euzonus (Thoracophelia were found. The following species were recorded from Antarctica in the present study: Ophelia algida n. sp., Ophelina breviata (Ehlers, 1913, Ophelina cf. cylindricaudata (sensu Hartmann-Schröder and Rosenfeldt, 1989, Ophelina nematoides (Ehlers, 1913, Ophelina scaphigera (Ehlers, 1900, Ophelina cf. setigera (Hartman, 1978, Ophelina syringopyge (Ehlers, 1901, Travisia antarctica Hartman, 1967 (emended 1978, Travisia kerguelensis McIntosh, 1885, Travisia kerguelensis gravieri Monro, 1930, Travisia palmeri n. sp. and Travisia tincta n. sp. The new species of Ophelia is distinguished by having branchiae starting on chaetiger 2 (rather than on or after chaetiger 8 as in most species of this genus. Travisia palmeri has 22 chaetigers and is distinguished by long branchiae. Travisia kerguelensis gravieri is raised to full species status and renamed T. monroi. Travisia tincta n. sp., distinguished by a distinctive Methyl Green staining pattern and long branchiae, is described from off Peru.

  3. Reinflating Giant Planets (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    Two new, large gas-giant exoplanets have been discovered orbiting close to their host stars. A recent study examining these planets and others like them may help us to better understand what happens to close-in hot Jupiters as their host stars reach the end of their main-sequence lives.OversizedGiantsUnbinned transit light curves for HAT-P-65b. [Adapted from Hartman et al. 2016]The discovery of HAT-P-65b and HAT-P-66b, two new transiting hot Jupiters, is intriguing. These planets have periods of just under 3 days and masses of roughly 0.5 and 0.8 times that of Jupiter, but their sizes are whats really interesting: they have inflated radii of 1.89 and 1.59 times that of Jupiter.These two planets, discovered using the Hungarian-made Automated Telescope Network (HATNet) in Arizona and Hawaii, mark the latest in an ever-growing sample of gas-giant exoplanets with radii larger than expected based on theoretical planetary structure models.What causes this discrepancy? Did the planets just fail to contract to the expected size when they were initially formed, or were they reinflated later in their lifetimes? If the latter, how? These are questions that scientists are only now starting to be able to address using statistics of the sample of close-in, transiting planets.Unbinned transit light curves for HAT-P-66b. [Hartman et al. 2016]Exploring Other PlanetsLed by Joel Hartman (Princeton University), the team that discovered HAT-P-65b and HAT-P-66b has examined these planets observed parameters and those of dozens of other known close-in, transiting exoplanets discovered with a variety of transiting exoplanet missions: HAT, WASP, Kepler, TrES, and KELT. Hartman and collaborators used this sample to draw conclusions about what causes some of these planets to have such large radii.The team found that there is a statistically significant correlation between the radii of close-in giant planets and the fractional ages of their host stars (i.e., the stars age divided by its full

  4. Many Seasons Gone: Memory, History, and the Atlantic Slave Trade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ted Maris-Wolf


    Full Text Available [First paragraph] African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and the Shame. Anne C. Bailey. Boston: Beacon Press, 2005. 289 pp. (Cloth US $ 26.00 Lose Your Mother: A Journey along the Atlantic Slave Route. Saidiya Hartman. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. xi + 270 pp. (Cloth US $ 25.00 In Two Thousand Seasons, the great Ghanaian novelist Ayi Kwei Armah describes the effects of centuries of European exploitation and violence in Africa and the alienation and death that separated Ghanaians in 1973 (when the book was published from those before them. “Pieces cut off from their whole are nothing but dead fragments,” he laments. “From the unending stream of our remembrance the harbingers of death break off meaningless fractions. Their carriers bring us this news of shards. Their message: behold this paltriness; this is all your history” (Armah 1973:2. It is this seeming paltriness, this history of meaningless fractions that Anne C. Bailey and Saidiya Hartman explore in their latest works, identifying and mending shards of memory and written and oral fragments into recognizable and meaningful forms. As with Armah in Two Thousand Seasons, for Bailey and Hartman, “the linking of those gone, ourselves here, those coming ... it is that remembrance that calls us” (Armah 1973:xiii. Both of them, haunted by remembrance and driven by a personal quest for reconciliation with the past and a scholarly desire for the truth, are unwilling to accept the past as passed, or to settle for the scattered silence that so often substitutes for the history of Africans and those of the diaspora.

  5. WAVEFRONT TESTER: Un nuevo laboratorio virtual para el estudio de los sensores frente de onda.


    Ferrando Martín, Vicente; Remón Martín, Laura; Furlan, Walter D.; Gimenez Palomares, Fernando; Monsoriu, Juan A.


    [EN] We present a new virtual laboratory developed with MatlabcGUI (Graphical User Interface) used toteach di erent aberration eff ects in the "Tecnologi a de Sensores Optoelectr onicos" at "Escuela T ecnicaSuperior de Ingenier a del Diseño" of the Universitat Polit ecnica de Val encia. The objective of this lab is to provide a computer tool to study the working principle of a Shack Hartman sensor and the parameters that determine the dynamic range of the same. Som...

  6. Two for the Price of One: Integration of NEPA and NHPA Procedures (United States)


    NHPA Procedures En gi ne er R es ea rc h an d D ev el op m en t Ce nt er Manroop K. Chawla, Hal E. Balbach, and Ellen R. Hartman September...Management Program ERDC/CERL TR-13-13 September 2013 Two for the Price of One: Integration of NEPA and NHPA Procedures Manroop K. Chawla, Hal E...requires federal agencies to consider environmental con- sequences during planning stages to foster “conditions under which man and nature can exist

  7. Slip flow by a variable thickness rotating disk subject to magnetohydrodynamics (United States)

    Imtiaz, Maria; Hayat, Tasawar; Alsaedi, Ahmed; Asghar, Saleem

    Objective of the present study is to determine the characteristics of magnetohydrodynamic flow by a rotating disk having variable thickness. At the fluid-solid interface we consider slip velocity. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations of the problem are converted into a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Obtained series solutions of velocity are convergent. Impact of embedded parameters on fluid flow and skin friction coefficient is graphically presented. It is observed that axial and radial velocities have an opposite impact on the thickness coefficient of disk. Also surface drag force has a direct relationship with Hartman number.

  8. Effects of mass transfer on MHD flow of casson fluid with chemical reaction and suction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. A. Shehzad


    Full Text Available Effect of mass transfer in the magnetohydrodynamic flow of a Casson fluid over a porous stretching sheet is addressed in the presence of a chemical reaction. A series solution for the resulting nonlinear flow is computed. The skin friction coefficient and local Sherwood number are analyzed through numerical values for various parameters of interest. The velocity and concentration fields are illustrated for several pertinent flow parameters. We observed that the Casson parameter and Hartman number have similar effects on the velocity in a qualitative sense. We further analyzed that the concentration profile decreases rapidly in comparison to the fluid velocity when we increased the values of the suction parameter.

  9. X-ray active mirror coupled with a Hartmann wavefront sensor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Idir, Mourad, E-mail: mourad.idir@synchrotron-soleil.f [Synchrotron SOLEIL, L' orme des Merisiers, BP 48, 91 192 Gif sur Yvette (France); Mercere, Pascal [Synchrotron SOLEIL, L' orme des Merisiers, BP 48, 91 192 Gif sur Yvette (France); Modi, Mohammed H. [X-ray Optics Section, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore (India); Dovillaire, Guillaume; Levecq, Xavier; Bucourt, Samuel [Imagine Optic, 18 rue Charles de Gaulle, Orsay 91400 (France); Escolano, Lionel; Sauvageot, Paul [ISP System, ZI de la Herray BP 10047, Vic en Bigorre (France)


    This paper reports on the design and performances of a test prototype active X-ray mirror (AXM) which has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with the French Small and Medium Enterprise mechanical company ISP System for the national French storage ring SOLEIL. Coupled with this active X-ray mirror and also in collaboration with another French Small and Medium Enterprise (Imagine Optic) a lot of efforts have been done in order to design and fabricate a wavefront X-ray analyzer based on the Hartmann principle (Hartman wavefront sensor, HWS).

  10. Hall and ion slip effects on peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid with Joule heating (United States)

    Hayat, T.; Shafique, Maryam; Tanveer, A.; Alsaedi, A.


    This paper addresses mixed convective peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in a channel with complaint walls. The present investigation includes the viscous dissipation, thermal radiation and Joule heating. Hall and ion slip effects are also taken into account. Related problems through long wavelength and low Reynolds number are examined for stream function, temperature and concentration. Impacts of thermal radiation, Hartman number, Brownian motion parameter, thermophoresis, Joule heating, Hall and ion slip parameters are investigated in detail. It is observed that velocity increases and temperature decreases with Hall and ion slip parameters. Further the thermal radiation on temperature has qualitatively similar role to that of Hall and ion slip effects.

  11. New Treatments for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy that Target Presynaptic Transmitter Release (United States)


    NS063950); Department of Defense (grant PR100534 to E.R.G.S.); National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (grants NS056093 to J.V., NS072966 to...troencephalographic and morphological analysis. Brain Res 1984; 321: 237–53. Tyler WJ, Zhang XL, Hartman K, Winterer J, Muller W, Stanton PK, et al. BDNF al. Presynaptic BDNF required for a presynaptic but not postsynaptic component of LTP at hippocampal CA1-CA3 syn- apses. Neuron 2003; 39: 975–90

  12. Influences of Hall current and chemical reaction in mixed convective peristaltic flow of Prandtl fluid (United States)

    Hayat, T.; Zahir, Hina; Tanveer, Anum; Alsaedi, A.


    The objective of present analysis is to address the mixed convective peristaltic flow of Prandtl fluid in a planar channel with compliant walls. Effects of applied magnetic field and Hall current are retained. Heat transfer in fluid flow is characterized through convective boundary conditions. Impact of first order chemical reaction together with Soret effect is examined. Problems formulation in view of long wavelength and low Reynolds number consideration is developed. The graphs are obtained numerically for the velocity, temperature, concentration and heat transfer coefficient. Results for Hall parameter and Hartman number on velocity have opposite characteristics.

  13. Report to Congress: Alternatives Available to Accelerate Commercial Aircraft Fleet Modernization. (United States)


    Surrogate to Minneapolis Mayor 7. Walter Rockenstein Metropolitan Sound Abatement Council 8. Mayor James Lindau City of Bloomington, Minn. 9. Mayor Bea...Clive L. DuVal Virginians for Dulles 21. Juan O’Callahan Guinness Peat Aviation 22. John R. Calhoun City of Long Beach, California 23. Rep. Thomas P...Perpich Lindau - Griggs (1/1/86) Hartman Mac Donald Cramer Cahill O’Connor (1/1/87) Wright Greer Caplan (1/1/87) ’. Levis (1/1/87) . -4 .. .-. 5. %* AM

  14. The Linearization with Generalized Exponential Dichotomy%在满足广义指数型二分性条件下的线性化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本文将Hartman线性化定理和Palmer线性化定理推广到具有广义指数型二分性的系统,证明了等价函数的强一致连续性;作为应用,在例子中给出了一类系统的稳定性的判别方法.%In this paper, we extend Hartman's linearizationtheorem and Palmer's linearization theorem to the system withgeneralized exponential dichotomy and prove that the equivalentfunction is strongly uniformly continuous. We also give some examples toshow the application of the new results in the stability theory.

  15. The linearization with generalized F(t) exponential dichotomy%广义F(t)指数型二分性条件下的线性化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In this paper, we extend Hartman's linearization theorem and Palmer's linearization theorem to the system with generalized F(t) exponential dichotomy, and some suitable assumptions are added, then system x = A (t)x +f ( t, x ) is topologically equivalent to x = A (t) x.%将Hartman线性化定理Palmer线性化定理推广到具有广义F(t)指数型二分性的系统,在一定条件下,我们可以得到系统=A(t)x+f(t,x)拓扑等价于其线性部分=A(t)x.

  16. Presence of Marphysa disjuncta (Polychaeta: Eunicidae in the Mediterranean Sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available An individual belonging to the eunicid polychaete species Marphysa disjuncta Hartman, 1961 was collected on muddy substratum at 100 m deep in Fethiye Bay (Levantine Sea, eastern Mediterranean. This species is new to the Mediterranean fauna. It closely resembles to Marphysa bellii, a native species, but it lacks compound falcigers and has unidentate subacicular hooks. This species was only reported from the eastern and western Pacific Ocean and could have been introduced to the Mediterranean Sea via ballast waters of vessels.

  17. Cyber Security and Reliability in a Digital Cloud (United States)


    Runs the Mission  Mr. Bret Hartman  RSA  The Intelligent Security  Operations Center and  Advanced Persistent Threats  Mr. Chris C. Kemp  OpenStack  Cloud...Software  OpenStack  Cloud Software  Mr. Pravin Kothari  CipherCloud  Cloud Data Protection  Dr. John C. Mitchell  Stanford University  Innovation in

  18. Proceedings of the Open Sessions of the Workshop on Imaging Trackers and Autonomous Acquisition Applications for Missile Guidance Held at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama on 19-20 November 1979 (United States)


    L REF ERENCES 1. Savitzky, A. and Golay, M.%J.E; Anal Chemn 3b, 1964, p. 1627. 2. Steiner , J et al.; Anal Chem 44, 1972, p. 1906. 3. EDike, C. G...improve co).’Cii i x. ,agorithms to adjust to the effects of preprocessing operations. J. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank, Mr. W. L. Steiner ...63166 Hix, Rudolf G. General Dynamics/Pomona Div. Hartman, Richard P.O. Box 2507 U.S. Army Missile Command Pomona, California 91766 ATTN: DRSMI-RR

  19. The Antiaircraft Journal. Volume 96, Number 6, November-December 1953 (United States)


    AAA Group on IS June and took over as S-3 from 1\\lajor Arthur J. \\\\Tard, who was reassigned to the 7th A1\\A A\\V Battalion as S-3. l\\lajor Nathaniel H...GROUP Fart Riclwrdsoll, Alaska Colonel \\Villiam B. Hawthorne , the Group Commander, recently presented a Fort Bliss was established by \\-Var De...M., Lieut 14.2, Hamlin, 1. V., Lieut . Hartman, Norman E., Col . Hawthorne , Frank, Jr., Maj . Hercer, Ed, Sergeant . Hogan, R. 1., Capt . Hopkins, R

  20. Method of multiple internal reflections in description of tunneling evolution through barriers

    CERN Document Server

    Olkhovsky, Vladislav S


    A method of a non-stationary description of tunneling of a particle through the one-dimensional and spherically symmetric rectangular barriers on the basis of analisis of multiple internal reflections of wave packets in relation on the barrier boundaries, named as the Method of multiple internal reflections, is presented at the first time. For the one-dimensional problem the applicability of this method is proved, its specific features are analyzed. For the spherically symmetric problem the amplitudes of the transmitted and reflected wave packets, times of tunneling and reflection in relation to the barrier are calculated using this method. The effect of Hartman-Fletcher is analyzed.

  1. Relevamiento de HI en el Hemisferio Austral (United States)

    Arnal, E. M.; Bajaja, E.; Morras, R.; Pöppel, W. G. L.

    Un nuevo relevamiento de HI de todo el Hemisferio Austral, comprendido entre -90o base de datos será corregida por efectos de ``stray radiation''. Al presente se ha observado ~70% del total del relevamiento. El mismo es complementario de uno similar realizado en el Hemisferio Norte por Hartman y Burton (1996), con cubrimiento espacial, sensibilidad, resoluciones espaciales y en velocidad, similares a los del IAR. El objetivo final de ambos relevamientos es disponer de una base de datos uniforme en todo el cielo.

  2. Tailoring hospital marketing efforts to physicians' needs. (United States)

    Mackay, J M; Lamb, C W


    Marketing has become widely recognized as an important component of hospital management (Kotler and Clarke 1987; Ludke, Curry, and Saywell 1983). Physicians are becoming recognized as an important target market that warrants more marketing attention than it has received in the past (Super 1987; Wotruba, Haas, and Hartman 1982). Some experts predict that hospitals will begin focusing more marketing attention on physicians and less on consumers (Super 1986). Much of this attention is likely to take the form of practice management assistance, such as computer-based information system support or consulting services. The survey results reported here are illustrative only of how one hospital addressed the problem of physician need assessment. Other potential target markets include physicians who admit patients only to competitor hospitals and physicians who admit to multiple hospitals. The market might be segmented by individual versus group practice, area of specialization, or possibly even physician practice life cycle stage (Wotruba, Haas, and Hartman 1982). The questions included on the survey and the survey format are likely to be situation-specific. The key is the process, not the procedure. It is important for hospital marketers to recognize that practice management assistance needs will vary among markets (Jensen 1987). Therefore, hospitals must carefully identify their target physician market(s) and survey them about their specific needs before developing and implementing new physician marketing programs. Only then can they be reasonably confident that their marketing programs match their customers' needs.

  3. Tunneling times in bianisotropic, dispersive and absorptive metamaterials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Radosavljević, Sanja [School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, 11120 Belgrade (Serbia); Photonics Research Group, Ghent University – imec, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent (Belgium); Radovanović, Jelena, E-mail: [School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, 11120 Belgrade (Serbia); Milanović, Vitomir [School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, 11120 Belgrade (Serbia)


    Tunneling times in complex bianisotropic materials have been examined in detail, with absorption and dispersion taken into account. Tunneling is characterized by the dwell and the phase tunneling time. In this paper, we have developed a theoretical model and derived the appropriate expressions for each of these quantities, as well as a relationship between them and the corresponding expression for the energy density. The model has been verified through numerical calculations based on experimental data. We have distinguished cases in which the phases of transmitted and incident wave match each other, and showed that for small angles of incidence, the time that the wave spends inside the barrier can be approximated as a linear function of the barrier width. The Hartman effect has been detected, although for very thick layers of metamaterial. - Highlights: • We analyze the tunneling times in bianisotropic, dispersive and absorptive metamaterials. • Conditions of zero phase tunneling time are identified for a range of frequencies of interest. • The Hartman effect has been detected for very thick barriers of metamaterial.

  4. Make a movie in 48 hours

    CERN Multimedia

    Brokk Toggerson


    This year, the 48-hour film project (48hfp) returns to Geneva after a one-year hiatus. Organized by Neal Hartman and the CERN film-making club, Open Your Eyes Films, the 48hfp challenges teams of film-makers to write, shoot, soundtrack and edit a 4 to 7 minute film in 48 hours from 4 to 6 November.   At the start of the festival, contestants picked their film genre from a hat. The films will be screened on 8 and 9 November, with the awards presentation on the 9th. The winner will receive a trip to the US to compete in the international version of the competition. “There are so many short films being made now," says Hartman, “I think, however, that the 48hfp allows a critical creative mass to form. The result is that these 20 teams make 20 better films than if each participant were making their own." Each team draws a genre from a hat and is given a character, a prop and a line of dialogue that must appear in their film. The genres run the gamut from &am...

  5. Is The Enigmatic Source 3EG J1828+0142 a Galactic Microblazar ?

    CERN Document Server

    Butt, Y; Romero, G; Paredes, J M; Ribó, M; Martí, J; Combi, J; Punsly, B; Butt, Yousaf; Torres, Diego; Romero, Gustavo; Paredes, Josep M.; Ribo, Marc; Marti, Josep; Combi, Jorge; Punsly, Brian


    The unidentified EGRET source 3EG J1828+0142, located at (l,b) ~ (31.9,5.8) (Hartman et al. 1999), is particularly enigmatic since it displays very high variability over timescales of months (Torres et al. 2000, Tompkins 1999) yet no blazar has been found within the 95% confidence contour of the gamma-ray location error-box (Punsly et al 2000). It also has an unusually steep gamma-ray spectral index of Gamma=2.76 +/- 0.39. It's relatively low latitude may be indicative of a galactic origin of the variable GeV flux. A multifrequency study of this source has been initiated and may reveal the presence of a novel type of compact object: a galactic 'microblazar'. X-ray data, especially those of high spatial resolution from CHANDRA, would be particularly useful in establishing such a connection.

  6. Gas exchange and growth responses to nutrient enrichment in invasive Glyceria maxima and native New Zealand Carex species

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sorrell, Brian Keith; Brix, Hans; Fitridge, Isla


    We compared photosynthetic gas exchange, the photosynthesis-leaf nitrogen (N) relationship, and growth response to nutrient enrichment in the invasive wetland grass Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmburg with two native New Zealand Carex sedges (C. virgata Boott and C. secta Boott), to explore...... the ecophysiological traits contributing to invasive behaviour. The photosynthesis-nitrogen relationship was uniform across all three species, and the maximum light-saturated rate of photosynthesis expressed on a leaf area basis (Amaxa) did not differ significantly between species. However, specific leaf area (SLA...... the sedges, but correlations between leaf N, gas exchange parameters (Amaxa, Amaxm, Rd and gs) and RGR were all highly significant in G. maxima, whereas they were weak or absent in the sedges. Allocation of biomass (root:shoot ratio, leaf mass ratio, root mass ratio), plant N and P content, and allocation...

  7. Gestão pessoal da carreira no Ensino Superior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Céu Taveira


    Full Text Available This article presents five single case-studies, concerning the implementation of a psychological intervention program, designed to support granted doctoral students to plan their next career goals and to deal with transition to the labor-market issues. We present and discuss the results of the assessment of the counseling process through the use of the Client Reaction System (CRS (HILL; SPIEGEL; TICHENOR, 1988; GAS, adapt. by TAVEIRA, 2003, and also of the impact of the intervention in the career exploration process and in the definition of valued career goals by the participants, as assessed by the Career Exploration Survey (CES (STUMPF; COLARELLI; HARTMAN, 1983; EEV, adapt. by TAVEIRA, 1997 and by the Adult Career Concerns Inventory (ACCI (SUPER; THOMPSON; LINDEMAN, 1985; IPC, adapt. by DUARTE, 1997, respectively. Main implications of the study results for career counseling research and practice are discussed.

  8. Common-Path Interferometric Wavefront Sensing for Space Telescopes (United States)

    Wallace, James Kent


    This paper presents an optical configuration for a common-path phase-shifting interferometric wavefront sensor.1 2 This sensor has a host of attractive features which make it well suited for space-based adaptive optics. First, it is strictly reflective and therefore operates broadband, second it is common mode and therefore does not suffer from systematic errors (like vibration) that are typical in other interferometers, third it is a phase-shifting interferometer and therefore benefits from both the sensitivity of interferometric sensors as well as the noise rejection afforded by synchronous detection. Unlike the Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor, it has nearly uniform sensitivity to all pupil modes. Optical configuration, theory and simulations for such a system will be discussed along with predicted performance.

  9. On closed embeddings of free topological algebras

    CERN Document Server

    Banakh, T


    Let $\\mathcal K$ be a complete quasivariety of completely regular universal topological algebras of continuous signature $\\mathcal E$ (which means that $\\mathcal K$ is closed under taking subalgebras, Cartesian products, and includes all completely regular topological $\\mathcal E$-algebras algebraically isomorphic to members of $\\mathcal K$). For a topological space $X$ by $F(X)$ we denote the free universal $\\mathcal E$-algebra over $X$ in the class $\\mathcal K$. Using some extension properties of the Hartman-Mycielski construction we prove that for a closed subspace $X$ of a metrizable (more generally, stratifiable) space $Y$ the induced homomorphism $F(X)\\to F(Y)$ between the respective free universal algebras is a closed topological embedding. This generalizes one result of V.Uspenskii concerning embeddings of free topological groups.

  10. $AdS_2$ holography is (non-)trivial for (non-)constant dilaton

    CERN Document Server

    Grumiller, Daniel; Vassilevich, Dmitri


    We study generic two-dimensional dilaton gravity with a Maxwell field and prove its triviality for constant dilaton boundary conditions, despite of the appearance of a Virasoro algebra with non-zero central charge. We do this by calculating the canonical boundary charges, which turn out to be trivial, and by calculating the quantum gravity partition function, which turns out to be unity. We show that none of the following modifications changes our conclusions: looser boundary conditions, non-linear interactions of the Maxwell field with the dilaton, inclusion of higher spin fields, inclusion of generic gauge fields. Finally, we consider specifically the charged Jackiw--Teitelboim model, whose holographic study was pioneered by Hartman and Strominger, and show that it is non-trivial for certain linear dilaton boundary conditions. We calculate the entropy from the Euclidean path integral, using Wald's method and exploiting the chiral Cardy formula. The macroscopic and microscopic results for entropy agree with ...

  11. Nonlocal diffusion second order partial differential equations (United States)

    Benedetti, I.; Loi, N. V.; Malaguti, L.; Taddei, V.


    The paper deals with a second order integro-partial differential equation in Rn with a nonlocal, degenerate diffusion term. Nonlocal conditions, such as the Cauchy multipoint and the weighted mean value problem, are investigated. The existence of periodic solutions is also studied. The dynamic is transformed into an abstract setting and the results come from an approximation solvability method. It combines a Schauder degree argument with an Hartman-type inequality and it involves a Scorza-Dragoni type result. The compact embedding of a suitable Sobolev space in the corresponding Lebesgue space is the unique amount of compactness which is needed in this discussion. The solutions are located in bounded sets and they are limits of functions with values in finitely dimensional spaces.

  12. Phonon tunneling through a double barrier system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villegas, Diosdado [Departamento de Física, Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas, CP 54830, Santa Clara, Villa Clara (Cuba); Instituto de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, 18 Sur y San Claudio, Edif. 110A, Ciudad Universitaria, 72570 Puebla (Mexico); León-Pérez, Fernando de [Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza, Ctra. de Huesca s/n, E-50090 Zaragoza (Spain); Pérez-Álvarez, R. [Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Av. Universidad 1001, CP 62209 Cuernavaca (Mexico); Arriaga, J., E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, 18 Sur y San Claudio, Edif. 110A, Ciudad Universitaria, 72570 Puebla (Mexico)


    The tunneling of optical and acoustic phonons at normal incidence on a double-barrier is studied in this paper. Transmission coefficients and resonance conditions are derived theoretically under the assumption that the long-wavelength approximation is valid. It is shown that the behavior of the transmission coefficients for the symmetric double barrier has a Lorentzian form close to resonant frequencies and that Breit–Wigner's formula have a general validity in one-dimensional phonon tunneling. Authors also study the so-called generalized Hartman effect in the tunneling of long-wavelength phonons and show that this effect is a numerical artifact resulting from taking the opaque limit before exploring the variation with a finite barrier width. This study could be useful for the design of acoustic devices.

  13. Convective heat and mass transfer in three-dimensional mixed convection flow of viscoelastic fluid in presence of chemical reaction and heat source/sink (United States)

    Bilal Ashraf, M.; Alsaedi, A.; Hayat, T.; Shehzad, S. A.


    Heat and mass transfer effects in the three-dimensional mixed convection flow of a viscoelastic fluid with internal heat source/sink and chemical reaction have been investigated in the present work. The flow generation is because of an exponentially stretching surface. Magnetic field normal to the direction of flow is considered. Convective conditions at the surface are also encountered. Appropriate similarity transformations are utilized to reduce the boundary layer partial differential equations into the ordinary differential equations. The homotopy analysis method is used to develop the solution expressions. Impacts of different controlling parameters such as ratio parameter, Hartman number, internal heat source/sink, chemical reaction, mixed convection, concentration buoyancy parameter and Biot numbers on the velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are analyzed. The local Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are sketched and examined.

  14. Gravitational acceleration and edge effects in molecular clouds

    CERN Document Server

    Li, Guang-Xing; Megeath, Tom; Wyrowski, Friedrich


    Gravity plays important roles in the evolution of molecular clouds. We present an acceleration mapping method to estimate the acceleration induced by gravitational interactions in molecular clouds based on observational data. We find that the geometry of a region has a significant impact on the behavior of gravity. In the Pipe nebula which can be approximated as a gas filament, we find that gravitational acceleration can effectively compress the end of this filament, which may have triggered star formation. We identify this as the "gravitational focusing" effect proposed by Burkert & Hartman (2004). In the sheet-like IC348-B3 region, gravity can lead to collapse at its edge, while in the centrally condensed NGC1333 cluster-forming region gravity can drive accretion towards the center. In general, gravitational acceleration tends to be enhanced in the localized regions around the ends of the filaments and the edges of sheet-like structures. Neglecting magnetic fields, these "gravitational focusing" and "ed...

  15. Flow of a Burger’s Fluid in a Channel Induced by Peristaltic Compliant Walls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Ahmad


    Full Text Available A theoretical analysis is presented for the peristaltic motion of a magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD non-Newtonian fluid in channel with complaint walls. The fluid obeys viscoelastic non-Newtonian model with Burger’s constitutive equation. The relevant equations are first developed and then solved using perturbation technique. Expressions of stream function and velocity components are constructed under the assumption that δ (characteristic ratio of transversal and axial scales of peristaltic motion is small. The results indicate the strong effects of Burger’s fluid parameter, Hartman number, Reynolds number, and complaint wall parameters on the velocity field and stream function. The obtained solutions are shown graphically for the different values of involved parameters.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In this study magnetohydrodynamics (MHD boundary layer flow of an upper-convected Maxwell fluid has been investigated. Similarity transformation has been used to reduce the governing differential equations into an ordinary non-linear differential equation. homotopy perturbation Method (HPM has applied to solve this developed nonlinear equation. In this article firstly, the basic idea of the HPM for solving nonlinear differential equations is briefly ntroduced and then it is employed to derive solution of nonlinear governing equation of MHD boundary layer flow with highly nonlinear term. The obtained results from HPM have been compared with numerical Boundary Value problem Method (BVP to verify the accuracy of the proposed method. The effects of the Hartman number (M and Deborah number (β for various conditions have been shown through graphs.

  17. Gas exchange and growth responses to nutrient enrichment in invasive Glyceria maxima and native New Zealand Carex species

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sorrell, Brian Keith; Brix, Hans; Fitridge, Isla


    the ecophysiological traits contributing to invasive behaviour. The photosynthesis-nitrogen relationship was uniform across all three species, and the maximum light-saturated rate of photosynthesis expressed on a leaf area basis (Amaxa) did not differ significantly between species. However, specific leaf area (SLA....... maxima than the sedges under low nutrient supply supports the importance of nutrient management, especially N, as a strategy to minimise the invasive behaviour of fast-growing herbaceous species in wetlands.......We compared photosynthetic gas exchange, the photosynthesis-leaf nitrogen (N) relationship, and growth response to nutrient enrichment in the invasive wetland grass Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmburg with two native New Zealand Carex sedges (C. virgata Boott and C. secta Boott), to explore...

  18. Time Dependent MHD Nano-Second Grade Fluid Flow Induced by Permeable Vertical Sheet with Mixed Convection and Thermal Radiation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Ramzan

    Full Text Available The aim of present paper is to study the series solution of time dependent MHD second grade incompressible nanofluid towards a stretching sheet. The effects of mixed convection and thermal radiation are also taken into account. Because of nanofluid model, effects Brownian motion and thermophoresis are encountered. The resulting nonlinear momentum, heat and concentration equations are simplified using appropriate transformations. Series solutions have been obtained for velocity, temperature and nanoparticle fraction profiles using Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM. Convergence of the acquired solution is discussed critically. Behavior of velocity, temperature and concentration profiles on the prominent parameters is depicted and argued graphically. It is observed that temperature and concentration profiles show similar behavior for thermophoresis parameter Νt but opposite tendency is noted in case of Brownian motion parameter Νb. It is further analyzed that suction parameter S and Hartman number Μ depict decreasing behavior on velocity profile.

  19. Simultaneous effects of slip and wall properties on MHD peristaltic motion of nanofluid with Joule heating (United States)

    Hayat, T.; Nisar, Z.; Ahmad, B.; Yasmin, H.


    This paper is devoted to the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) peristaltic transport of nanofluid in a channel with wall properties. Flow analysis is addressed in the presence of viscous dissipation, partial slip and Joule heating effects. Mathematical modelling also includes the salient features of Brownian motion and thermophoresis. Both analytic and numerical solutions are provided. Comparison between the solutions is shown in a very good agreement. Attention is focused to the Brownian motion parameter, thermophoresis parameter, Hartman number, Eckert number and Prandtl number. Influences of various parameters on skin friction coefficient, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are also investigated. It is found that both the temperature and nanoparticles concentration are increasing functions of Brownian motion and thermophoresis parameters.

  20. Topology of Future Infinity in dS/CFT

    CERN Document Server

    Banerjee, Shamik; Hellerman, Simeon; Lepage-Jutier, Arnaud; Maloney, Alexander; Radicevic, Djordje; Shenker, Stephen


    The dS/CFT proposal of Anninos, Hartman, and Strominger relates quantum Vasiliev gravity in dS_4 to a large N vector theory in three dimensions. We use this proposal to compute the Wheeler-de Witt wave function of a universe having a particular topology at future infinity. This amplitude is found to grow rapidly with the topological complexity of the spatial slice; this is due to the plethora of states of the Chern-Simons theory that is needed to impose the singlet constraint. Various mechanisms are considered which might ameliorate this growth, but none seems completely satisfactory. We also study the topology dependence in Einstein gravity by computing the action of complex instantons; the wave function then depends on a choice of contour through the space of metrics. The most natural contour prescription leads to a growth with genus similar to the one found in Vasiliev theory, albeit with a different power of Newton's constant.

  1. Scrutiny of underdeveloped nanofluid MHD flow and heat conduction in a channel with porous walls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Fakour


    Full Text Available In this paper, laminar fluid flow and heat transfer in channel with permeable walls in the presence of a transverse magnetic field is investigated. Least square method (LSM for computing approximate solutions of nonlinear differential equations governing the problem. We have tried to show reliability and performance of the present method compared with the numerical method (Runge–Kutta fourth-rate to solve this problem. The influence of the four dimensionless numbers: the Hartmann number, Reynolds number, Prandtl number and Eckert number on non-dimensional velocity and temperature profiles are considered. The results show analytical present method is very close to numerically method. In general, increasing the Reynolds and Hartman number is reduces the nanofluid flow velocity in the channel and the maximum amount of temperature increase and increasing the Prandtl and Eckert number will increase the maximum amount of theta.

  2. Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flow in a Two-Dimensional Inclined Rectangular Enclosure Heated and Cooled on Adjacent Walls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.N Kherief


    Full Text Available Steady, laminar, natural-convection flow in the presence of a magnetic field in an inclined rectangular enclosure heated from one side and cooled from the adjacent side was considered. The governing equations were solved numerically for the stream function, vorticity and temperature using the finite-volume method for various Grashof and Hartman numbers and inclination angles and magnetic field directions. The results show that the orientation and the strength and direction of the magnetic field have significant effects on the flow and temperature fields. Counterclockwise inclination induces the formation of multiple eddies inside the enclosure significantly affecting the temperature field. Circulation inside the enclosure and therefore the convection become stronger as the Grashof number increases while the magnetic field suppresses the convective flow and the heat transfer rate.

  3. Dual Solutions for Nonlinear Flow Using Lie Group Analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Awais

    Full Text Available `The aim of this analysis is to investigate the existence of the dual solutions for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD flow of an upper-convected Maxwell (UCM fluid over a porous shrinking wall. We have employed the Lie group analysis for the simplification of the nonlinear differential system and computed the absolute invariants explicitly. An efficient numerical technique namely the shooting method has been employed for the constructions of solutions. Dual solutions are computed for velocity profile of an upper-convected Maxwell (UCM fluid flow. Plots reflecting the impact of dual solutions for the variations of Deborah number, Hartman number, wall mass transfer are presented and analyzed. Streamlines are also plotted for the wall mass transfer effects when suction and blowing situations are considered.

  4. Goos–Hänchen effect for optical vibrational modes in a semiconductor structure (United States)

    Villegas, Diosdado; Arriaga, J.; de León-Pérez, Fernando; Pérez-Álvarez, R.


    We study the tunneling of optical vibrational modes with transverse horizontal polarization that impinge, at a given angle, on a semiconductor heterostructure. We find a large influence of the Goos–Hänchen shift on tunneling times. In particular, a Goos–Hänchen shift larger than the barrier thickness is reported for the first time. The relation between Goos–Hänchen and Hartman effects is also discussed. The identity that equals the dwell time to the sum of transmission and interference times, previously derived for one-dimensional tunneling problems, is extended to the two-dimensional case. Closed-form expressions are developed for the relevant quantities. Instead of using the standard approach, the interference time is computed from the vibrational energy density. The present study could be useful for the design of semiconductor devices.

  5. Numerical simulation for peristaltic activity of Sutterby fluid with modified Darcy's law (United States)

    Hayat, T.; Ayub, S.; Alsaedi, A.; Tanveer, A.; Ahmad, B.

    The current work examines the peristaltic flow of Sutterby fluid in a planar symmetric channel. Electrically conducting fluid is considered via imposed magnetic field. An incompressible Sutterby fluid saturates the porous medium. Modified Darcy's law has been employed for the porous medium effect. The channel walls are compliant. Convective conditions of heat and mass transfer are imposed. Viscous dissipation and Joule heating are retained. Problem for large wavelength are numerically solved. The graphs are obtained for the velocity, temperature, concentration and heat transfer rate. Velocity and concentration profiles are observed to have opposite behavior for increasing Darcy number. It is found that the effect of Hartman number on the velocity and temperature profiles is similar. Further heat transfer coefficient strengthened when heat transfer Biot number is increased.

  6. Tunneling Flight Time, Chemistry, and Special Relativity. (United States)

    Petersen, Jakob; Pollak, Eli


    Attosecond ionization experiments have not resolved the question "What is the tunneling time?". Different definitions of tunneling time lead to different results. Second, a zero tunneling time for a material particle suggests that the nonrelativistic theory includes speeds greater than the speed of light. Chemical reactions, occurring via tunneling, should then not be considered in terms of a nonrelativistic quantum theory calling into question quantum dynamics computations on tunneling reactions. To answer these questions, we define a new experimentally measurable paradigm, the tunneling flight time, and show that it vanishes for scattering through an Eckart or a square barrier, irrespective of barrier length or height, generalizing the Hartman effect. We explain why this result does not lead to experimental measurement of speeds greater than the speed of light. We show that this tunneling is an incoherent process by comparing a classical Wigner theory with exact quantum mechanical computations.

  7. Properties of group delay for photon tunneling through dispersive metamaterial barriers (United States)

    Wang, Xinglin; Wang, Huisheng; Zheng, Fanong


    We make a detailed investigation on properties of the group delay for photon tunneling through dispersive metamaterial barriers by employing stationary phase method. Due to the anomalous dispersion of the different barriers, it is found that the group delay is positive for double negative metamaterial (DNM) barrier, while for single negative metamaterial (SNM) and negative-zero-positive index metamaterial (NZPIM) barriers, they can change from negative to positive with variations of both frequency and incident angle. The lateral shift for the photon tunneling has also been studied, whose sign is found not to dominate the sign of the group delay. It is further confirmed that the group delay tends to a saturation value with increasing barrier length because of Hartman effect. These results may provide some ideas for further study on the photon tunneling, suggest the analogous phenomena of valence electron in graphene, and produce some potential application in integrated optics and optical devices.

  8. Syllidae (Annelida: Phyllodocida) from Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. (United States)

    Aguado, M Teresa; Murray, Anna; Hutchings, Pat


    Thirty species of the family Syllidae (Annelida, Phyllodocida) from Lizard Island have been identified. Three subfamilies (Eusyllinae, Exogoninae and Syllinae) are represented, as well as the currently unassigned genera Amblyosyllis and Westheidesyllis. The genus Trypanobia (Imajima & Hartman 1964), formerly considered a subgenus of Trypanosyllis, is elevated to genus rank. Seventeen species are new reports for Queensland and two are new species. Odontosyllis robustus n. sp. is characterized by a robust body and distinct colour pattern in live specimens consisting of lateral reddish-brown pigmentation on several segments, and bidentate, short and distally broad falcigers. Trypanobia cryptica n. sp. is found in association with sponges and characterized by a distinctive bright red colouration in live specimens, and one kind of simple chaeta with a short basal spur.

  9. Dual Solutions for Nonlinear Flow Using Lie Group Analysis. (United States)

    Awais, Muhammad; Hayat, Tasawar; Irum, Sania; Saleem, Salman


    `The aim of this analysis is to investigate the existence of the dual solutions for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow of an upper-convected Maxwell (UCM) fluid over a porous shrinking wall. We have employed the Lie group analysis for the simplification of the nonlinear differential system and computed the absolute invariants explicitly. An efficient numerical technique namely the shooting method has been employed for the constructions of solutions. Dual solutions are computed for velocity profile of an upper-convected Maxwell (UCM) fluid flow. Plots reflecting the impact of dual solutions for the variations of Deborah number, Hartman number, wall mass transfer are presented and analyzed. Streamlines are also plotted for the wall mass transfer effects when suction and blowing situations are considered.

  10. Clay minerals in pollution control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tateo, F. [Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Ricerca sulle Argille, Tito Scalo, PZ (Italy)


    Clay minerals are fundamental constituents of life, not only as possible actors in the development of life on the Earth (Cairns-Smith and Hartman, 1986), but mainly because they are essential constituents of soils, the interface between the solid planet and the continental biosphere. Many, many authors have devoted themselves to the study of clays and clay minerals since the publication of the early modern studies by Grim (1953, 1962) and Millot (1964). In those years two very important associations were established in Europe (Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Argiles, AIPEA) and in the USA (Clay Mineral Society, CMS). The importance of these societies is to put together people that work in very different fields (agronomy, geology, geochemistry, industry, etc.), but with a common language (clays), very useful in scientific work. Currently excellent texts are being published, but introductory notes are also available on the web (Schroeder, 1998).

  11. Uso sistemático de la sutura continua extramucosa en cirugía del colon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Viamonte Montejo


    Full Text Available Se presentan 61 pacientes operados en el Hospital Militar Central de Luanda durante 1991 a 1993, de forma electiva por afecciones del colon. Las anastomosis practicadas lo fueron mediante sutura continua extramucosa en un solo plano. En 53 pacientes fue en cierres de colostomía, de ellos, 48 con colostomía tipo Mickulis y 5 Hartman. También dicho proceder fue utilizado en las resecciones por cáncer, en una esofagocoloplastia al restaurar el tránsito intestinal y en 1 vólvulo de sigmoide. Se presentaron 4 complicaciones por seromas o sepsis de la herida sin dehiscencia de la sutura. A la mayoría de los pacientes (32 se le realizó colonoscopia 3 meses después para observar los resultados de la cicatrización

  12. The flexibility of SIMPSON and SIMMOL for numerical simulations in solid-and liquid-state NMR spectroscopy

    CERN Document Server

    Vosegaard, T; Nielsen, N C


    Addressing the need for numerical simulations in the design and interpretation of advanced solid- and liquid-state NMR experiments, we present a number of novel features for numerical simulations based on the SIMPSON and SIMMOL open source software packages. Major attention is devoted to the flexibility of these Tcl-interfaced programs for numerical simulation of NMR experiments being complicated by demands for efficient powder averaging, large spin systems, and multiple-pulse rf irradiation. These features are exemplified by fast simulation of second-order quadrupolar powder patterns using crystallite interpolation, analysis of rotary resonance triple-quantum excitation for quadrupolar nuclei, iterative fitting of MQ-MAS spectra by combination of SIMIPSON and MINUIT, simulation of multiple-dimensional PISEMA-type correlation experiments for macroscopically oriented membrane proteins, simulation of Hartman-Hahn polarization transfers in liquid-state NMR, and visualization of the spin evolution under complex c...

  13. Atomic-scale study of vapour growth morphology of crystalline urea

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Singh, M.K. [Laser Materials Development and Devices Division, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore (India); Banerjee, A. [Laser Physics Applications Division, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore (India)


    The role of surface relaxation on habit controlling energetics and growth morphology are investigated within the framework of Burton-Cabrera-Frank (BCF) and Hartman-Perdok (HP) models. The habit controlling energetics has been calculated using first principles method. The growth morphology obtained using BCF theory shows that the structural relaxation has considerable effect on growth morphology. The relaxed growth morphology obtained using BCF model match with the experimental result from vapour phase. On the other hand the shape obtained using HP model does not correspond with the experimental shape. Observed polar growth morphology of urea crystal has been discussed particularly in the context of different atomic environments of (111) and (111) faces. (copyright 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  14. Goos-Hänchen effect for optical vibrational modes in a semiconductor structure. (United States)

    Villegas, Diosdado; Arriaga, J; de León-Pérez, Fernando; Pérez-Álvarez, R


    We study the tunneling of optical vibrational modes with transverse horizontal polarization that impinge, at a given angle, on a semiconductor heterostructure. We find a large influence of the Goos-Hänchen shift on tunneling times. In particular, a Goos-Hänchen shift larger than the barrier thickness is reported for the first time. The relation between Goos-Hänchen and Hartman effects is also discussed. The identity that equals the dwell time to the sum of transmission and interference times, previously derived for one-dimensional tunneling problems, is extended to the two-dimensional case. Closed-form expressions are developed for the relevant quantities. Instead of using the standard approach, the interference time is computed from the vibrational energy density. The present study could be useful for the design of semiconductor devices.

  15. Instability in electromagnetically driven flows Part I

    CERN Document Server

    Gissinger, Christophe; Fauve, Stephan


    The MHD flow driven by a travelling magnetic field (TMF) in an annular channel is investigated numerically. For sufficiently large magnetic Reynolds number Rm, or if a large enough pressure gradient is externally applied, the system undergoes an instability in which the flow rate in the channel dramatically drops from synchronism with the wave to much smaller velocities. This transition takes the form of a saddle-node bifurcation for the time-averaged quantities. In this first paper, we characterize the bifurcation, and study the stability of the flow as a function of several parameters. We show that the bifurcation of the flow involves a bistability between Poiseuille-like and Hartman-like regimes, and relies on magnetic flux expulsion. Based on this observation, new predictions are made for the occurrence of this stalling instability.

  16. Hall and ion slip effects on peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid with Joule heating

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hayat, T. [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); NAAM Research Group, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia); Shafique, Maryam [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Tanveer, A., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Alsaedi, A. [NAAM Research Group, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia)


    This paper addresses mixed convective peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in a channel with complaint walls. The present investigation includes the viscous dissipation, thermal radiation and Joule heating. Hall and ion slip effects are also taken into account. Related problems through long wavelength and low Reynolds number are examined for stream function, temperature and concentration. Impacts of thermal radiation, Hartman number, Brownian motion parameter, thermophoresis, Joule heating, Hall and ion slip parameters are investigated in detail. It is observed that velocity increases and temperature decreases with Hall and ion slip parameters. Further the thermal radiation on temperature has qualitatively similar role to that of Hall and ion slip effects. - Highlights: • Peristalsis in the presence of Jeffery nanofluid is formulated. • Compliant properties of channel walls are addressed. • Impact of Hall and ion slip effects is outlined. • Influence of Joule heating and radiation is investigated. • Mixed convection for both heat and mass transfer is present.

  17. WAVEFRONT TESTER: Un nuevo laboratorio virtual para el estudio de los sensores frente de onda.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicente Ferrando Martín


    Full Text Available Se presenta un laboratorio virtual desarrollado en MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interface para ser utilizado en la asignatura de "Tecnología de Sensores Optoelectrónicos" que se imparte en  "Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería del Diseño" de la Universitat Politècnica de València. El objetivo de este laboratorio es servir de herramienta informática para el estudio de un sensor Shack Hartman y los parámetros que determinan el rango dinámico del mismo en la medida de las aberraciones. Se presentan distintos ejemplos realizados con diferentes aberraciones (desenfoque, astigmatismo, coma y para diferentes configuraciones del sensor.

  18. An explicit combinatorial design

    CERN Document Server

    Ma, Xiongfeng


    A combinatorial design is a family of sets that are almost disjoint, which is applied in pseudo random number generations and randomness extractions. The parameter, $\\rho$, quantifying the overlap between the sets within the family, is directly related to the length of a random seed needed and the efficiency of an extractor. Nisan and Wigderson proposed an explicit construction of designs in 1994. Later in 2003, Hartman and Raz proved a bound of $\\rho\\le e^2$ for the Nisan-Wigderson construction. In this work, we prove a tighter bound of $\\rho

  19. Redescriptions and reestablishments of some species belonging to the genus Prionospio (Polychaeta, Spionidae) and descriptions of three new species (United States)

    Delgado-Blas, V. H.


    Available type material of Prionospio heterobranchia Moore, 1907, P. ( Prionospio) texana Hartman, 1951, P. spongicola Wesenberg-Lund, 1958 and P. ( P.) newportensis Reish, 1959, as well as newly collected material from the Southern Gulf of Mexico and Chetumal Bay in the Caribbean Sea, was examined. Several important differences were found between P. heterobranchia, P. ( Prionospio) texana, P. spongicola and P. ( P.) newportensis, and as a result, these three species are removed from synonymy with P. heterobranchia Moore, 1907, and redescribed and reinstated as valid species. In addition, three new species were identified and described: P. caribensis sp. nov., P. rosariae sp. nov. and P. jamaicensis sp. nov. A key to all species of Prionospio with five pairs of branchiae is provided.

  20. Redescriptions of Nereis oligohalina (Rioja, 1946) and N. garwoodi González-Escalante & Salazar-Vallejo, 2003 and description of N. confusa sp. n. (Annelida, Nereididae). (United States)

    Conde-Vela, Víctor M; Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I


    Type material of several polychaete species described by Enrique Rioja from Mexican coasts are lost, and the current status of some species is doubtful. Nereis oligohalina (Rioja, 1946) was described from the Gulf of Mexico, but it has been considered a junior synonym of Nereis occidentalis Hartman, 1945, or regarded as a distinct species with an amphiamerican distribution. On the other hand, Nereis garwoodi González-Escalante & Salazar-Vallejo, 2003, described from Chetumal Bay, Caribbean coasts, could be confused with Nereis oligohalina. In order to clarify these uncertainties, Nereis oligohalina is redescribed based on specimens from the Mexican Gulf of Mexico, including a proposed neotype; further, Nereis garwoodi is redescribed including the selection of lectotype and paralectotypes, and Nereis confusa sp. n. is described with material from the Gulf of California. A key for the identification of similar species and some comments about speciation in nereidid polychaetes are also included.

  1. Namalycastis occulta n. sp. and a new record of N. borealis (Polychaeta: Nereididae: Namanereidinae) from the Northwestern Caribbean Sea. (United States)

    Conde-Vela, Víctor Manuel


    The nereidid polychaete genus Namalycastis Hartman, 1959 has been recorded almost exclusively in non-marine environments. This genus includes species having four pairs of tentacular cirri, and its species mainly differ by the relative size of dorsal cirri in posterior chaetigers. Namalycastis occulta n. sp. is described based upon non-mature and mature specimens collected in the intertidal from Chetumal Bay, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Its distinctive features are the lack of notopodial spinigers, eyes, and teeth in the mandibles. Namalycastis borealis Glasby was found in Tamalcab Island, Chetumal Bay and it is the first record for Mexico. Analyses of the intraspecific variability, a key to the known species in the Grand Caribbean region, and commentaries about some taxonomic topics are also included.

  2. Analysis of the Magnetic Field Effect on Entropy Generation at Thermosolutal Convection in a Square Cavity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ammar Ben Brahim


    Full Text Available Thermosolutal convection in a square cavity filled with air and submitted to an inclined magnetic field is investigated numerically. The cavity is heated and cooled along the active walls with a mass gradient whereas the two other walls of the cavity are adiabatic and insulated. Entropy generation due to heat and mass transfer, fluid friction and magnetic effect has been determined in transient state for laminar flow by solving numerically the continuity, momentum energy and mass balance equations, using a Control Volume Finite—Element Method. The structure of the studied flows depends on four dimensionless parameters which are the Grashof number, the buoyancy ratio, the Hartman number and the inclination angle. The results show that the magnetic field parameter has a retarding effect on the flow in the cavity and this lead to a decrease of entropy generation, Temperature and concentration decrease with increasing value of the magnetic field parameter.

  3. Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Inside a 2D Enclosure with Three Hot Obstacles on the Ramp under the Influence of a Magnetic Field

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. M. Keshtkar


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on solving the fluid flow and heat transfer equations inside a two-dimensional square enclosure containing three hot obstacles affected by gravity and magnetic force placed on a ramp using Boltzmann method (LBM applying multiple relaxation times (MRT. Although, the Lattice Boltzmann with MRT is a complex technique, it is a relatively new, stable, fast and high-accurate one. The main objective of this research was to numerically model the fluid flow and ultimately obtaining the velocity field, flow and temperature contour lines inside a two-dimensional enclosure. The results and their comparisons for different types of heat transfer revealed that free or forced heat transfer has a considerable impact on the heat transfer and stream lines. This can be controlled by modifying the Richardson number. It is revealed that changing the intensity of the magnetic field (Hartman number has an appreciable effect on the heat transfer.

  4. Holographic geometry of cMERA for quantum quenches and finite temperature (United States)

    Mollabashi, Ali; Naozaki, Masahiro; Ryu, Shinsei; Takayanagi, Tadashi


    We study the time evolution of cMERA (continuous MERA) under quantum quenches in free field theories. We calculate the corresponding holographic metric using the proposal in arXiv:1208.3469 and confirm that it qualitatively agrees with its gravity dual given by a half of the AdS black hole spacetime, argued by Hartman and Maldacena in arXiv:1303.1080. By doubling the cMERA for the quantum quench, we give an explicit construction of finite temperature cMERA. We also study cMERA in the presence of chemical potential and show that there is an enhancement of metric in the infrared region corresponding to the Fermi energy.

  5. Holographic geometry of cMERA for quantum quenches and finite temperature

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mollabashi, Ali [School of physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM),Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University,Kyoto 606-8502 (Japan); Naozaki, Masahiro [Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University,Kyoto 606-8502 (Japan); Ryu, Shinsei [Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1110 West Green St, Urbana IL 61801 (United States); Takayanagi, Tadashi [Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University,Kyoto 606-8502 (Japan); Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, University of Tokyo,Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8582 (Japan)


    We study the time evolution of cMERA (continuous MERA) under quantum quenches in free field theories. We calculate the corresponding holographic metric using the proposal in and confirm that it qualitatively agrees with its gravity dual given by a half of the AdS black hole spacetime, argued by Hartman and Maldacena in By doubling the cMERA for the quantum quench, we give an explicit construction of finite temperature cMERA. We also study cMERA in the presence of chemical potential and show that there is an enhancement of metric in the infrared region corresponding to the Fermi energy.

  6. Entanglement, Tensor Networks and Black Hole Horizons

    CERN Document Server

    Molina-Vilaplana, Javier


    We elaborate on a previous proposal by Hartman and Maldacena on a tensor network which accounts for the scaling of the entanglement entropy in a system at a finite temperature. In this construction, the ordinary entanglement renormalization flow given by the class of tensor networks known as the Multi Scale Entanglement Renormalization Ansatz (MERA), is supplemented by an additional entanglement structure at the length scale fixed by the temperature. The network comprises two copies of a MERA circuit with a fixed number of layers and a pure matrix product state which joins both copies by entangling the infrared degrees of freedom of both MERA networks. The entanglement distribution within this bridge state defines reduced density operators on both sides which cause analogous effects to the presence of a black hole horizon when computing the entanglement entropy at finite temperature in the AdS/CFT correspondence. The entanglement and correlations during the thermalization process of a system after a quantum q...

  7. On the Traversal Time of Barriers (United States)

    Aichmann, Horst; Nimtz, Günter


    Fifty years ago Hartman studied the barrier transmission time of wave packets (J Appl Phys 33:3427-3433, 1962). He was inspired by the tunneling experiments across thin insulating layers at that time. For opaque barriers he calculated faster than light propagation and a transmission time independent of barrier length, which is called the Hartman effect. A faster than light (FTL or superluminal) wave packet velocity was deduced in analog tunneling experiments with microwaves and with infrared light thirty years later. Recently, the conjectured zero time of electron tunneling was claimed to have been observed in ionizing helium inside the barrier. The calculated and measured short tunneling time arises at the barrier front. This tunneling time was found to be universal for elastic fields as well as for electromagnetic fields. Remarkable is that the delay time is the same for the reflected and the transmitted waves in the case of symmetric barriers. Several theoretical physicists predicted this strange nature of the tunneling process. However, even with this background many members of the physics community do not accept a FTL signal velocity interpretation of the experimental tunneling results. Instead a luminal front velocity was calculated to explain the FTL experimental results frequently. However, Brillouin stated in his book on wave propagation and group velocity that the front velocity is given by the group velocity of wave packets in the case of physical signals, which have only finite frequency bandwidths. Some studies assumed barriers to be cavities and the observed tunneling time does represent the cavity lifetime. We are going to discus these continuing misleading interpretations, which are found in journals and in textbooks till today.

  8. Mixed convection in a nanofluid filled-cavity with partial slip subjected to constant heat flux and inclined magnetic field (United States)

    Ismael, Muneer A.; Mansour, M. A.; Chamkha, Ali J.; Rashad, A. M.


    Mixed convection in a lid-driven square cavity filled with Cu-water nanofluid and subjected to inclined magnetic field is investigated in this paper. Partial slip effect is considered along the lid driven horizontal walls. A constant heat flux source on the left wall is considered, meanwhile the right vertical wall is cooled isothermally. The remainder cavity walls are thermally insulted. A control finite volume method is used as a numerical appliance of the governing equations. Six pertinent parameters were studied these; the orientation of the magnetic field (Φ=0-360°), Richardson number (Ri=0.001-1000), Hartman number (Ha=0-100), the size and position of the heat source (B=0.2-0.8, D=0.3-0.7, respectively), nanoparticles volume fraction (ϕ=0.0-0.1), and the lid-direction of the horizontal walls (λ=±1) where the positive sign means lid-driven to the right while the negative sign means lid-driven to the left. The results show that the orientation and the strength of the magnetic field can play a significant role in controlling the convection under the effect of partial slip. It is also found that the natural convection decreases with increasing the length of the heat source for all ranges of the studied parameters, while it is do so due to the vertical distance up to Hartman number of 50, beyond this value the natural convection decreases with lifting the heat source narrower to the top wall.

  9. Adenocarcinoma mucoproductor de colon con infiltración de estómago y metástasis ováricas (tumor de Krukenberg Colon mucoproducing adenocarcinoma with stomach infiltration and ovarian metastases (Krukenberg's tumor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orestes Noel Mederos Curbelo


    Full Text Available Se presenta una paciente femenina de 29 años, operada de urgencia por presentar un gran tumor que incluía cuerpo gástrico y colon trasverso, con una perforación gástrica. Se realizó una gastrectomía subtotal con colectomía trasversa en bloque que incluyó el epiplón mayor. El diagnóstico histológico fue adenocarcinoma túbulo papilar mucoproductor de origen colónico, que infiltra hasta la serosa y pared gástrica. Se realizó tratamiento adyuvante con poliquimioterapia. Diez meses después presenta un tumor en hipogastrio, que al tacto vaginal, correspondía a los órganos genitales, sospecha clínica que confirman el ultrasonido abdominal y la tomografía axial computarizada. El hallazgo transoperatorio fueron tumores voluminosos de ambos ovarios, y otro tumor que afectaba la unión rectosigmoide. Se realizó una histerectomía radical con ooforectomía bilateral y sigmoidectomía, se reseca la porción proximal del recto, y se cierra tipo Hartman. El diagnóstico histológico final fue metástasis en serosa uterina e intestinal, y en ambos ovarios de adenocarcinoma mucoproductor, túbulo papilar de intestino previamente diagnosticado (tumor de Krukenberg. Se complementó el tratamiento con poliquimioterapia adyuvante.This is the case of a woman aged 29 operated on of emergency due to a tumor involving gastric body and transverse colon with gastric perforation. A subtotal gastrectomy with block transverse colectomy including the greater omentum was carried out. The histological diagnosis was a mucoproducing papillary tubular adenocarcinoma of colonic origin infiltrating to serosa and gastric wall. An adjuvant treatment was applied with poly-chemotherapy. Ten months later appears a hypogastric tumor which at vaginal manual examination corresponding to genital organs, clinical suspicion confirmed by abdominal ultrasound and computerized axial tomography. The transoperative findings were bulky tumors of both ovaries and another tumor

  10. 杉木碳汇的经济学分析:基于浙江省的调查%Economic analysis of Chinese fir forest carbon sequestration: based on Zhejiang's survey

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王枫; 沈月琴; 朱臻; 林建华; 王小玲


    Increasing forest carbon-sequestration has become an important measure to address the climate changes. Based on the assumptions of planting in bare lands with medium site conditions and management intensity, this research analyzed the impact of carbon subsidies and carbon tax policies on Chinese fir (Cun-ninghamia lanceolata) plantation through the Chinese fir growth model and the modified Hartman model. The research findings indicated that raising carbon price had little effect on the optimal rotation and carbon supply in a comparatively large price range because the profit from the wood was much higher than that from carbon sequestration. However, the optimal rotation and carbon supply showed a tendency to rise; the land expected value was positively correlated with the carbon price. Because of the implementation of carbon subsidies and carbon tax policies, the values of forest land had been increased. Compared with other types of land use such as agricultural land, more land should be used as forest land.%增加森林碳汇已经成为应对气候变化的重要举措.基于在中等立地条件和经营强度的土地类型上进行裸地造林的假设,运用杉木 Cunninghamia lanceolata 生长模型和修正的 Faustman-Hartman 模型分析碳补贴和碳税政策对杉木人工林的影响.研究表明:由于木材收益远大于碳汇收益,所以在较大的价格区间内碳汇价格增加对于最优轮伐期和碳供给的影响不显著,但最优轮伐期和碳供给量呈上升趋势;土地期望值与碳汇价格呈正相关.由于碳补贴和碳税政策的实施,林地的价值在增长,与其他土地利用类型如农业用地相比,更多的土地将被用作林业用地.

  11. Multi-index Nonlinear Control Design for SISO Differential Algebraic System%单输入单输出微分代数系统的多指标非线性控制方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李啸骢; 邓裕文; 游晓枫; 王乐; 李秋文


    This paper proposed the multi-index nonlinear control design method for simple-input simple-output (SISO) differential algebraic system with implicit fimction (DASM1NC) in order to ensure all states of the system have excellent dynamic and steady-state performances. By means of Hartman-Grobman theorem, this paper deduced the relationship between parameter matrix (cl, C2) and characteristic roots of linear approximate system to nonlinear differential algebraic system. Therefore, the essence of DASMINC is revealed. Applying the method to single machine infinite bus system, which belong to a nonlinear differential algebraic model, a multi-index nonlinear excitation control law was designed. Simulation results show that the control law can enhance the stability of the system, improve the regulative precision of generator terminal voltage, and make each state trace for their given values rapidly. It manifests that the proposed method can effectively coordinate the dynamic and the steady-state performances for nonlinear differential algebraic system.%针对含隐函数的单输入单输出微分代数系统,提出多指标非线性控制设计方法,以确保各状态量均具有良好的动、静态性能。借助于哈特曼-格鲁勃曼(Hartman-Grobmanl定理推证非线性微分代数系统对应的一次近似系统的特征根与输出函数中参数矩阵(c1,c2)之间的关系,从而揭示了该方法的实质。将该方法应用于非线性微分代数模型的发电机单机无穷大系统中,设计了一个多指标的非线性励磁控制律。仿真表明:该控制律既能增强系统的稳定性,又能提高发电机机端电压控制精度,使各个状态量快速地追踪其给定值。说明该方法能有效地解决微分代数系统的动、静态性能的协调问题。

  12. Multi-index nonlinear control for TCBR and generator excitation based differential algebraic model%微分代数模型可控制动电阻与励磁系统多指标非线性控制

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李啸骢; 郑涛; 梁志坚; 徐俊华


    A multi-index coordinated control method based nonlinear differential algebraic model for single machine infinite bus power system with thyristor controlled braking resistor (TCBR) is proposed. By means of Hartman-Grobman theorem, differential algebraic system multi-index nonlinear control (DASMINC) design method can reassign the closed-loop system eigenvalues of linear approximate system to the nonlinear differential algebraic system via appropriately selecting output function parameter matrix. Therefore, the system can access to good control performance and strong anti-interference ability. Simulation results show that TCBR and generator excitation system controlled by this proposed method can significantly improve power system transient stability limitation and effectively coordinate the dynamic and the steady-state performances of the system.%针对微分代数模型的水轮发电机组可控制动电阻(Thyristor Controlled Braking Resistor,TCBR)与励磁系统进行多指标非线性扰动解耦控制律设计。微分代数模型多指标非线性设计方法(Differential Algebraic System Multi-Index Nonlinear Control,DASMINC)将输出函数选取为系统关键变量线性组合的形式,通过扰动解耦设计,借助哈特曼-格鲁勃曼(Hartman-Grobman)定理,适当选取输出函数参数矩阵配置微分代数模型闭环系统平衡点处特征根位置,使系统获得优良控制性能。仿真结果表明该方法控制的TCBR与发电机励磁系统能大幅提高水电站输电系统暂态稳定性,抗扰能力强,且能很好协调各状态量的动、静态性能。

  13. Evanescent magnetic field effects on entropy generation at the onset of natural convection

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Mourad Magherbi; Atef El Jery; Nejib Hidouri; Ammar Ben Brahim


    This paper numerically investigates the effect of an externally evanescent magnetic field on total entropy generation in a fluid enclosed in a square cavity by using a control volume finite element method to solve the conservation equations at Prandtl number of 0·71. The values of relaxation time of the magnetic field are chosen, so that the Lorentz force acts only in the transient state of entropy generation in natural convection. The total entropy generation was calculated for, fixed value of irreversibility distribution ratio, different relaxation time varying from 0 to 1/5 and Grashof number varying from 104 to 105. The effects of the Hartman number and the magnetic field inclination angle on the evolution of total entropy generation throughout the transient regime were investigated. Results show that the application of evanescent magnetic field not only suppresses the fluctuation of the total entropy generation in the transient state, but also reduces the gap for magnetic field relaxation time less than 1/10.

  14. Stability of plane Poiseuille flow of viscoelastic fluids in the presence of a transverse magnetic field

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hifdi Ahmed


    Full Text Available The linear stability of plan Poiseuille flow of an electrically conducting viscoelastic fluid in the presence of a transverse magnetic field is investigated numerically. The fourth-order Sommerfeld equation governing the stability analysis is solved by spectral method with expansions in lagrange’s polynomials, based on collocation points of Gauss-Lobatto. The critical values of Reynolds number, wave number and wave speed are computed. The results are shown through the neutral curve. The main purpose of this work is to check the combined effect of magnetic field and fluid’s elasticity on the stability of the plane Poiseuille flow. Based on the results obtained in this work, the magnetic field is predicted to have a stabilizing effect on the Poiseuille flow of viscoelastic fluids. Hence, it will be shown that for second-order fluids (K 0 is that the critical Reynolds numbers Rec increase when the Hartman number M increases for certain value of elasticity number K and decrease for others. The latter result is in contrast to previous studies.

  15. Los límites de la afinidad entre la concepción Derrideana del lenguaje y la rabínica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mar Rosàs Tosas


    Full Text Available Jacques Derrida, como otros teóricos contemporáneos, recurre repetidas veces a pensadores y categorías judíos a la hora de formular su concepción del texto y del lenguaje. A veces parece tratarse de una simple analogía; en otras ocasiones lo hace explícitamente. Esto ha dado lugar a distintos intentos de apropiación por parte del judaísmo. Susan Handelman (1982, Geoffrey H. Hartman y Sanford Budick (1986, Beth Sharon Ash (1987, Sanford L. Drob (1997; 2006, Hélène Cixous (2001, Elliot R. Wolfson (2002, Moshe Idel (2003, Bettina Bergo, Joseph Cohen y Raphael Zagury-Orly (2007 —entre otros— se han esforzado en mostrar la semejanza entre la concepción derrideana del lenguaje y la judía; algunos de ellos incluso han llegado afirmar que la primera es un simple exponente moderno de la literatura rabínica y de la Cábala. A nuestro juicio, estos intentos de apropiación son excesivos. Nuestro objetivo es, pues, explorar la analogía entre la concepción derrideana del lenguaje y la que subyace bajo la literatura rabínica y la cabalística para, en última instancia, mostrar la especificidad irreductible de la primera.

  16. Economic Impact of Net Carbon Payments and Bioenergy Production in Fertilized and Non-Fertilized Loblolly Pine Plantations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prativa Shrestha


    Full Text Available Sequestering carbon in forest stands and using woody bioenergy are two potential ways to utilize forests in mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs. Such forestry related strategies are, however, greatly influenced by carbon and bioenergy markets. This study investigates the impact of both carbon and woody bioenergy markets on land expectation value (LEV and rotation age of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L. forests in the southeastern United States for two scenarios—one with thinning and no fertilization and the other with thinning and fertilization. Economic analysis was conducted using a modified Hartman model. The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2 emitted during various activities such as management of stands, harvesting, and product decay was included in the model. Sensitivity analysis was conducted with a range of carbon offset, wood for bioenergy, and forest product prices. The results showed that LEV increased in both management scenarios as the price of carbon and wood for bioenergy increased. However, the results indicated that the management scenario without fertilizer was optimal at low carbon prices and the management scenario with fertilizer was optimal at higher carbon prices for medium and low forest product prices. Carbon payments had a greater impact on LEV than prices for wood utilized for bioenergy. Also, increase in the carbon price increased the optimal rotation age, whereas, wood prices for bioenergy had little impact. The management scenario without fertilizer was found to have longer optimal rotation ages.

  17. Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systems (United States)

    Runge, Jakob; Petoukhov, Vladimir; Donges, Jonathan; Hlinka, Jaroslav; Jajcay, Nikola; Vejmelka, Martin; Hartman, David; Marwan, Norbert; Palus, Milan; Kurths, Jürgen


    Identifying regions important for spreading and mediating perturbations is crucial to assess the susceptibilities of spatio-temporal complex systems such as the Earth's climate to volcanic eruptions, extreme events or geoengineering. Here a data-driven approach is introduced based on a dimension reduction, causal reconstruction, and novel network measures based on causal effect theory that go beyond standard complex network tools by distinguishing direct from indirect pathways. Applied to a data set of atmospheric dynamics, the method identifies several strongly uplifting regions acting as major gateways of perturbations spreading in the atmosphere. Additionally, the method provides a stricter statistical approach to pathways of atmospheric teleconnections, yielding insights into the Pacific-Indian Ocean interaction relevant for monsoonal dynamics. The novel causal interaction perspective provides a complementary approach to simulations or experiments for understanding the functioning of complex spatio-temporal systems with potential applications in increasing their resilience to shocks or extreme events. Reference: Runge, J., Petoukhov, V., Donges, J. F., Hlinka, J., Jajcay, N., Vejmelka, M., Hartman, D., Marwan, M., Paluš, M., Kurths, J. (2015). Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systems. Nature Communications, 6, 8502. doi:10.1038/ncomms9502

  18. On (non)elementary singularities in Liénard systems (United States)

    Ferčec, Brigita


    Liénard systems originate from ordinary differential equation (ODE) of the form x ¨+f (x )x ˙+g (x )=0 , which is well-known in (electro)mechanics and for example in radio and vacuum tube technology. The Van der Pol oscillator, which is a textbook example of a system with a limit cycle, is governed by the Liénard equation. There are two types of phase system representations in the literature: x' = y - F(x), y' = - g(x) and x' = y, y ' = -f(x)y - g(x), where F'(x) = f(x). In our case f(0)= f'(0) = g(0) = 0, g'(0) = c1, which makes (0,0) possibly nonelementary nonhyperbolic singular point of the system. Liénard showed that under some conditions on f(x) and g(x) in the system auto-oscillations arise. In this paper we consider a five-parameter family of Liénard systems with a possibly nonhyperbolic singular point. In the case of hyperbolic singularity according to the Hartman-Grobman theorem the stability of the singularity is preserved. In the case of nonhyperbolic singularity we resolve the so called center-focus problem and provide the numerical simulation of the corresponding oscillations. Recently, some generalizations of Liénard systems are studied for cyclicity, which is a part of famous Hilbert's sixteenth problem.

  19. Subserous lymphangioma of the sigmoid colon: an uncommon cause of acute abdomen in pediatric patients. (United States)

    Fernandes, Bianca Furlan; Moraes, Érika Neves de Souza; de Oliveira, Francini Rossetto; Benevides, Gabriel Núncio; Felipe-Silva, Aloísio; Ferreira, Cristiane Rúbia; de Alcântara, Paulo Sérgio Martins; Tokeshi, Flavio; Martinês, João Augusto Dos Santos; Ferronato, Ângela Espósito


    Lymphangioma is a rare, benign lesion derived from a malformation of the lymphatic system, which is more frequently found in the head, neck, and axilla. However, it may be present anywhere in the body, and the diagnosis involves adults as children with some distinct clinical features among them. In pediatric patients, abdominal cystic lymphangioma occurs mostly in the mesentery presenting abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, or, more rarely, hemorrhage. The authors report the case of a child with a short-course history of fever, abdominal pain, and constipation. The physical examination disclosed the presence of an abdominal mass and signs of peritoneal irritation. Imaging was consistent with a cystic lesion compressing the sigmoid colon and laterally displacing the remaining loops. Exploratory laparotomy was undertaken, and a sigmoidectomy, followed by Hartman's colostomy, was performed. Histological examination revealed the nature of the lesion as a cystic lymphangioma. The authors highlight the clinical features of this entity and call attention to this disease in the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen or abdominal pain, mainly in pediatric patients.

  20. Real-time characterization of the spatio-temporal dynamics of deformable mirrors (United States)

    Kilpatrick, James; Apostol, Adela; Khizhnya, Anatoliy; Markov, Vladimir; Beresnev, Leonid


    Innovative technologies are needed to support and augment the development of various types of deformable mirrors (DM), such as Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), segmented, bimorph and membrane types that are currently used in adaptive-optic (AO) systems. The paper discusses the results of initial studies that, could, potentially, be employed for full characterization of the dynamic behavior of adaptive optics mirrors. The experimental data were obtained from a typical bimorph mirror using both, a Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor (SHWFS) and an Imaging Laser Doppler Vibrometer (ILDV) developed exclusively by AS and T Inc. These two sensors were employed for quantitative measurement of both the spatial and temporal dynamics of the DM under broadband excitation via the piezo electric drive elements. The need to characterize the spatial and temporal dynamic response of current and future DM mirror designs is essential for optimizing their performance to a level adequate for high bandwidth AO systems, such as those employed for real-time compensation of wavefront perturbations.

  1. Creativity at the Film-Making Club: Let there be light!

    CERN Document Server


    The Film-Making Club was created in 2005, and already has ten short films to its credit. Spotlight on a club that does more than making movies! Making a film requires solid teamwork and genuine commitment. In addition to shooting, which requires at least five people in key roles—plus the actors!—there is also the work of casting, location work, choice of equipment and techniques, logistics (hardware, costume design etc.) and post-production, which includes film editing and soundtrack.What does it take to make a film? "It involves a marriage of the power of the imagination, the technical constraints and the actors’ performances," explains Quentin King, the current president and founder of the club. "You need a real synthesis of art and technique," he adds. For club member Neal Hartman, "the French word réalisateur really reflects this aspect of the work, where you need to imagine something, then reconceptualise it in terms of its...

  2. Alcohol use disorder: pathophysiology, effects, and pharmacologic options for treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wackernah RC


    Full Text Available Robin C Wackernah,1 Matthew J Minnick,1 Peter Clapp2 1Department of Pharmacy Practice, 2Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, Regis University, Denver, CO, USA Abstract: Alcohol use disorders (AUD continue to be a concerning health issue worldwide. Harmful alcohol use leads to 2.5 million deaths annually worldwide. Multiple options exist for the management of dependence on alcohol, not all of which are approved by drug-regulating agencies. Current practice in treating AUD does not reflect the diversity of pharmacologic options that have potential to provide benefit, and guidance for clinicians is limited. Few medications are approved for treatment of AUD, and these have exhibited small and/or inconsistent effects in broad patient populations with diverse drinking patterns. The need for continued research into the treatment of this disease is evident in order to provide patients with more specific and effective options. This review describes the neurobiological mechanisms of AUD that are amenable to treatment and drug therapies that target pathophysiological conditions of AUD to reduce drinking. In addition, current literature on pharmacologic (both approved and non-approved treatment options for AUD offered in the United States and elsewhere are reviewed. The aim is to inform clinicians regarding the options for alcohol abuse treatment, keeping in mind that not all treatments are completely successful in reducing craving or heavy drinking or increasing abstinence. Keywords: abuse, alcohol, alcoholism, craving, dependence, relapse

  3. Extracting and compensating dispersion mismatch in ultrahigh-resolution Fourier domain OCT imaging of the retina (United States)

    Choi, WooJhon; Baumann, Bernhard; Swanson, Eric A.; Fujimoto, James G.


    We present a numerical approach to extract the dispersion mismatch in ultrahigh-resolution Fourier domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging of the retina. The method draws upon an analogy with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. By exploiting mathematical similarities between the expressions for aberration in optical imaging and dispersion mismatch in spectral / Fourier domain OCT, Shack-Hartmann principles can be extended from the two-dimensional paraxial wavevector space (or the x-y plane in the spatial domain) to the one-dimensional wavenumber space (or the z-axis in the spatial domain). For OCT imaging of the retina, different retinal layers, such as the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), the photoreceptor inner and outer segment junction (IS/OS), or all the retinal layers near the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) can be used as point source beacons in the axial direction, analogous to point source beacons used in conventional two-dimensional Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors for aberration characterization. Subtleties regarding speckle phenomena in optical imaging, which affect the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor used in adaptive optics, also occur analogously in this application. Using this approach and carefully suppressing speckle, the dispersion mismatch in spectral / Fourier domain OCT retinal imaging can be successfully extracted numerically and used for numerical dispersion compensation to generate sharper, ultrahigh-resolution OCT images. PMID:23187353

  4. Occurrence of Thermotolerant Hartmannella Vermiformis and Naegleria Spp. in Hot Springs of Ardebil Province, Northwest Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E Nazemalhosseini Mojarad


    Full Text Available Background: Geothermal waters could be suitable niches for thermophilic free living amoebae including Naegleria and Hartmannella. Ardebil Province, northwest Iran is popular for having many hot springs for recreational and health purposes activity. The present research is the first molecular based investigation regarding the presence of Naegleria and Hartmannella in the hot springs of Ardebil Province in Iran.Methods: Overall, 30 water samples were taken from waters of thermal hot springs in Ardebil Province, Iran during 2010-2011. All collected samples were transferred to Dept. of Parasitology and Mycology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Cultivation of concentrated water samples was performed using culture-enrichment method. Cloning of the target amoebae was obtained and morphological and molecular analysis was done using page key combined with two sets of primers, respectively. Sequence analysis and homology search was used for strains identification.Results: Of 30 water samples, 8 (26.7% were positive for thermotolerant Vahlkampfiids and Hartman­nella based on morphological characteristics of vegetative form and double walled cysts. Cloning of the target amoebae were done successfully. Sequencing of the positive isolates revealed that the strains belonged to Naegleria (N. carteri and N. spp and H. vermiformis.Conclusion: The result highlights a need for improved filtration and disinfection and periodic monitoring of recreational thermal waters in order to prevent disease related to free- living amoebae. This is the first comprehensive molecular study of thermophilic Naegleria and Hartmannella in hot springs of Iran.

  5. Mensuração de Atitude: Proposição de Um Protocolo de Elaboração de Escalas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Lucian


    Full Text Available This theoretical essay aims to study how scales are developed and through which procedures they can be considered valid and suitable for use as legitimate scientific instruments. In this perspective, this paper’s objective was to develop a protocol for constructing scales to measure attitude. The proposed protocol is configured as a logical meeting of steps based on theorists such as Allport and Hartman (1925, Thurstone (1928, Likert (1932, Campbell and Fiske (1959 and Bock (1972, which permeate all aspects of drafting scales, including construct definition, the choice of the scale itself, item preparation, scale purification, and finally its validation. At the end of the study, we present a protocol for the preparation of specific scales to measure attitude that differs from existing protocols in Churchill (1979, Rossiter (2002 and DeVellis (2003. This is in order to unite for the first time a set of promising techniques, primarily the objective delineation of the construct using focus group methodology, the proposition of an inherently dichotomous scale, scale purification via item response theory (IRT, and predictive validity.

  6. Unsteady MHD mixed convection in a T-shaped ventilated cavity filled with ferrofluid (Fe3O4-water) (United States)

    Jhumur, Nandita Chakrabarty; Saha, Sourav


    MHD mixed convection has been one of the center points of attraction to the heat transfer engineers for many years. In this paper, unsteady mixed convection in a T-shaped ventilated cavity filled with single phase Ferrofluid (Fe3O4-water) is analyzed thoroughly under externally applied magnetic field. The top wall of the cavity is maintained at constant cold temperature while the bottom wall of the cavity is sinusoidally heated along with adiabatic vertical walls. For pure mixed convection (Ri = 1), two different inlet velocity profiles namely uniform and Poiseuille are considered in this analysis and numerical solution is obtained for each type of inlet velocity profile, considering constant solid volume fraction of nanofluid (ϕ = 0.05) and Hartman number (Ha = 25). Qualitative analyses are presented in terms of streamline and isotherm contours and quantitative analyses are presented through Nusselt number (Nu) and average temperature (Θav) inside the cavity. It has been observed that, Nu decreases over a certain range of time and then increases very slowly. Also, Nu is a little higher in case of uniform inlet flow profile compared to Poiseuille flow profile. Interestingly, convective heat transfer rate decreases and conduction heat transfer becomes dominating, due to the externally applied magnetic field.

  7. Application of adaptive optics for controlling the NIF laser performance and spot size

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Auerbach, J.; Bliss, E.; Henesian, M.; Lawson, J.; Manes, K.; Renard, P.; Sacks, R.; Salmon, T.; Trenholme, J.; Williams, W.; Winters, S.; Zacharias, R


    The National Ignition Facility (NIF) laser will use a 192-beam multi-pass architecture capable of delivering several MJ of UV energy in temporal pulse formats varying from sub-ns square to 20 ns precisely-defined high-contrast shapes. Each beam wavefront will be subjected to effects of optics inhomogeneities, figuring errors, mounting distortions, prompt and slow thermal effects from flashlamps, driven and passive air-path turbulence, and gravity-driven deformations. A 39-actuator intra-cavity deformable mirror, controlled by data from a 77-lenslet Hartman sensor will be used to correct these wavefront aberrations and thus to assure that stringent farfield spot requirements are met. We have developed numerical models for the expected distortions, the operation of the adaptive optic system, and the anticipated effects on beam propagation, component damage, frequency conversion, and target-plane energy distribution. These models have been extensively validated against data from LLNL's Beamlet, and Amplab lasers. We review the expected beam wavefront aberrations and their potential for adverse effects on the laser performance, describe our model of the corrective system operation, and display our predictions for corrected-beam operation of the NI

  8. Transient electro-magneto-hydrodynamic two-phase blood flow and thermal transport through a capillary vessel. (United States)

    Mirza, I A; Abdulhameed, M; Vieru, D; Shafie, S


    Therapies with magnetic/electromagnetic field are employed to relieve pains or, to accelerate flow of blood-particles, particularly during the surgery. In this paper, a theoretical study of the blood flow along with particles suspension through capillary was made by the electro-magneto-hydrodynamic approach. Analytical solutions to the non-dimensional blood velocity and non-dimensional particles velocity are obtained by means of the Laplace transform with respect to the time variable and the finite Hankel transform with respect to the radial coordinate. The study of thermally transfer characteristics is based on the energy equation for two-phase thermal transport of blood and particles suspension with viscous dissipation, the volumetric heat generation due to Joule heating effect and electromagnetic couple effect. The solution of the nonlinear heat transfer problem is derived by using the velocity field and the integral transform method. The influence of dimensionless system parameters like the electrokinetic width, the Hartman number, Prandtl number, the coefficient of heat generation due to Joule heating and Eckert number on the velocity and temperature fields was studied using the Mathcad software. Results are presented by graphical illustrations.

  9. Noiseless imaging detector for adaptive optics with kHz frame rates

    CERN Document Server

    Vallerga, J V; Mikulec, Bettina; Tremsin, A; Clark, Allan G; Siegmund, O H W; CERN. Geneva


    A new hybrid optical detector is described that has many of the attributes desired for the next generation AO wavefront sensors. The detector consists of a proximity focused MCP read out by four multi-pixel application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips developed at CERN (â€ワMedipix2”) with individual pixels that amplify, discriminate and count input events. The detector has 512 x 512 pixels, zero readout noise (photon counting) and can be read out at 1 kHz frame rates. The Medipix2 readout chips can be electronically shuttered down to a temporal window of a few microseconds with an accuracy of 10 nanoseconds. When used in a Shack-Hartman style wavefront sensor, it should be able to centroid approximately 5000 spots using 7 x 7 pixel sub-apertures resulting in very linear, off-null error correction terms. The quantum efficiency depends on the optical photocathode chosen for the bandpass of interest. A three year development effort for this detector technology has just been funded as part of the...

  10. Stability analysis of the ODE model representation of amyloidogenic processing in Alzheimer's disease in the presence of SORLA. (United States)

    Alcantara, Jan Harold M; Lao, Angelyn R; Ruivivar, Leonor A


    The proteolytic breakdown of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) by secretases is a complex cellular process that results in the formation of neurotoxic Aβ peptides, causative of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Processing involves monomeric and dimeric forms of APP that are transported through distinct cellular compartments where the various secretases reside. Amyloidogenic processing is also influenced by modifiers such as sorting receptor-related protein (SORLA), an inhibitor of APP breakdown and a major AD risk factor. This paper analyzed the temporal behavior of a mathematical model describing APP processing under the influence of SORLA, by performing a stability analysis of the mathematical model. We found one biochemically meaningful equilibrium point ξ. By means of linearization, Hartman-Grobman theorem, and Routh-Hurwitz test, it was shown that ξ is a locally asymptotically stable equilibrium point. The region of attraction of ξ was approximated by using the fluctuation lemma. An immediate consequence of the stability analysis of the reduced system to the temporal behavior of the solutions of the original system was also obtained. The biological implications of these results for the dynamic behavior of the activity of APP and secretases under SORLA's influence were established.

  11. Effects of buoyancy and thermal radiation on MHD flow over a stretching porous sheet using homotopy analysis method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yahaya Shagaiya Daniel


    Full Text Available This paper investigates the theoretical influence of buoyancy and thermal radiation on MHD flow over a stretching porous sheet. The model which constituted highly nonlinear governing equations is transformed using similarity solution and then solved using homotopy analysis method (HAM. The analysis is carried out up to the 5th order of approximation and the influences of different physical parameters such as Prandtl number, Grashof number, suction/injection parameter, thermal radiation parameter and heat generation/absorption coefficient and also Hartman number on dimensionless velocity, temperature and the rate of heat transfer are investigated and discussed quantitatively with the aid of graphs. Numerical results obtained are compared with the previous results published in the literature and are found to be in good agreement. It was found that when the buoyancy parameter and the fluid velocity increase, the thermal boundary layer decreases. In case of the thermal radiation, increasing the thermal radiation parameter produces significant increases in the thermal conditions of the fluid temperature which cause more fluid in the boundary layer due to buoyancy effect, causing the velocity in the fluid to increase. The hydrodynamic boundary layer and thermal boundary layer thickness increase as a result of increase in radiation.

  12. Synthetic alienation of microbial organisms by using genetic code engineering: Why and how? (United States)

    Kubyshkin, Vladimir; Budisa, Nediljko


    The main goal of synthetic biology (SB) is the creation of biodiversity applicable for biotechnological needs, while xenobiology (XB) aims to expand the framework of natural chemistries with the non-natural building blocks in living cells to accomplish artificial biodiversity. Protein and proteome engineering, which overcome limitation of the canonical amino acid repertoire of 20 (+2) prescribed by the genetic code by using non-canonic amino acids (ncAAs), is one of the main focuses of XB research. Ideally, estranging the genetic code from its current form via systematic introduction of ncAAs should enable the development of bio-containment mechanisms in synthetic cells potentially endowing them with a "genetic firewall" i.e. orthogonality which prevents genetic information transfer to natural systems. Despite rapid progress over the past two decades, it is not yet possible to completely alienate an organism that would use and maintain different genetic code associations permanently. In order to engineer robust bio-contained life forms, the chemical logic behind the amino acid repertoire establishment should be considered. Starting from recent proposal of Hartman and Smith about the genetic code establishment in the RNA world, here the authors mapped possible biotechnological invasion points for engineering of bio-contained synthetic cells equipped with non-canonical functionalities. Copyright © 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  13. A new species of Sphaerodoridium Lützen, 1961 from Iceland (Polychaeta: Sphaerodoridae). (United States)

    Moreira, Juan; Parapar, Julio


    A new species of Sphaerodoridium Lützen, 1961 (Polychaeta: Sphaerodoridae) collected off Iceland during the BIOICE programme is described. Sphaerodoridium guerritai sp. nov. is mostly present in waters around the northern half of Iceland, and seems to be common in soft bottoms at depths of 49-1253 m. It is mainly characterized by having macrotubercles which are provided with a long stalk which bears 1-3 small papillae; this seems an unique feature in Sphaerodoridium and the closely related genus Clavodorum Hartman and Fauchald, 1971. Furthermore, the new species is also characterized by having one transversal row of 11-12 dorsal macrotubercles per chaetiger in midbody; 10-16 spherical papillae in front of each row of macrotubercles, somewhat arranged in a dorsal zig-zag; 10-18 ventral papillae per chaetiger arranged following a non-random pattern: two transversal rows on parapodial areas and one on interparapodial area, of usually 4, 6 and 5 papillae respectively. Short paired tubular structures with distal opening were found on the ventrum of most chaetigers and are interpreted as nephridial papillae and nephridiopores, respectively. Females show special ventral structures between chaetigers 9-10 which may represent genital openings as suggested for other sphaerodorids; males do not show any apparent copulatory structures. A comprehensive table comparing some diagnostic features regarding macrotubercles and body papillae of all known species of Sphaerodoridium and Clavodorum is provided. 

  14. Angle Dependence of the Orbital Magnetoresistance in Bismuth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurélie Collaudin


    Full Text Available We present an extensive study of angle-dependent transverse magnetoresistance in bismuth, with a magnetic field perpendicular to the applied electric current and rotating in three distinct crystallographic planes. The observed angular oscillations are confronted with the expectations of semiclassic transport theory for a multivalley system with anisotropic mobility and the agreement allows us to quantify the components of the mobility tensor for both electrons and holes. A quadratic temperature dependence is resolved. As Hartman argued long ago, this indicates that inelastic resistivity in bismuth is dominated by carrier-carrier scattering. At low temperature and high magnetic field, the threefold symmetry of the lattice is suddenly lost. Specifically, a 2π/3 rotation of magnetic field around the trigonal axis modifies the amplitude of the magnetoresistance below a field-dependent temperature. By following the evolution of this anomaly as a function of temperature and magnetic field, we map the boundary in the (field, temperature plane separating two electronic states. In the less symmetric state, confined to low temperature and high magnetic field, the three Dirac valleys cease to be rotationally invariant. We discuss the possible origins of this spontaneous valley polarization, including a valley-nematic scenario.

  15. New or little known demosponges (Porifera from Espírito Santo coast and seamounts (Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Hajdu


    Full Text Available Phorbas capixaba sp. nov. is described from 54 m depth off Guarapari, diagnosed by its two clear-cut categories of isochelae from Phorbas spp. known from the Western Tropical Atlantic. Four nomina nova are proposed for homonyms in Phorbas spp.: P. bergmontae nom. nov. for P. areolatus Bergquist & Fromont, 1988, preoccupied by P. areolatus (Thiele, 1905; P. burtoni nom. nov. for P. arborescens sensu (Burton, 1956, preoccupied by P. arborescens (Ridley, 1884; P. hechteli nom. nov. for P. ramosus (Hechtel, 1983, preoccupied by P. ramosus (Lendenfeld, 1888; in part - composite species; P. tanitai nom. nov. for P. purpureus (Tanita, 1961, preoccupied by P. purpureus (Carter, 1886. Three little known species are redescribed: Aplysina alcicornis Pinheiro et al., 2007; Mycale (Aegogropila escarlatei Hajdu et al., 1995 and Yucatania sphaeroidocladus (Hartman & Hubbard, 1999. All three are new records for Espírito Santo. The first and the last of these are range extensions, while the other fills a distribution gap. A list of sponges hitherto recorded from off Espírito Santo state, with indication of the bibliographic source of the record is given in appendix. In total, 118 species were compiled from 23 publications.

  16. Right iliac fossa abscess as first manifestation of perforated adenocarcinoma of sigmoid: a rare case report

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Mohammad Hossein Hajisadeghizadeh; Hamid Reza Soltani. G; Seyed Mohammad Reza Mortazavizadeh; Fatemeh Akhiri A


    Colorectal cancer usually present with known symptoms while there are less common manifestation including abscess formation which can be intra or extra peritoneal. A 60-year-old Caucasian male with a history of RLQ abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and anorexia from 15 days ago referred to surgery ward. Ultrasound showed a hypoachoic lesion with diameters 50 mm × 70 mm in RLQ of abdomen and a round echogenic area in right lobe of liver with diameter 15 mm. The findings were revealed an abscess located in right iliac fossa then local drainage of abscess was performed. Four days later the patient was re-admitted because of severe abdominal distention and lack of bowel movement. Laparoscopy was performed before proceeding with further examinations, due to the poor general condition of the patient. The sigmoid was adherent into the abdominal wall and mild intestinal loop distention and apple-core view was observed during operation. Can-cer of sigmoid complicated by a right iliac fossa abscess was diagnosed and Hartman colestomy was undertaken. At the last follow-up examination 3 months after operation, the patient was in good health with no clinical evidence of recurrence.

  17. MHD peristaltic transport of spherical and cylindrical magneto-nanoparticles suspended in water

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. M. Abbasi


    Full Text Available Advancements in the biomedical engineering have enhanced the usage of magnto-nanoparticles in improving the precision and efficiency of the magneto-drug delivery systems. Such systems make use of the externally applied magnetic fields to direct the drug towards a specific target in the human body. Peristalsis of magneto-nanofluids is of significant importance in such considerations. Hence peristaltic transport of Fe3O4-water nanofluid through a two-dimensional symmetric channel is analyzed in the presence of an externally applied constant magnetic field. Hamilton-Crosser’s model of the thermal conductivity is utilized in the problem development. The nanofluid saturates a non-uniform porous medium in which the porosity of the porous medium varies with the distance from the channel walls. Analysis is performed for the spherical and the cylindrical nanoparticles. Resulting system of equations is numerically solved. Impacts of sundry parameters on the axial velocity, temperature, pressure gradient and heat transfer rate at the boundary are examined. Comparison between the results for spherical and cylindrical nanoparticles is also presented. Results show that the nanoparticles volume fraction and the Hartman number have increasing effect on the pressure gradient throughout the peristaltic tract. Effective heat transfer rate at the boundary tends to enhance with an increase in the nanoparticles volume fraction. Use of spherical nanoparticles results in a higher value of axial velocity and the temperature at the center of channel when compared with the case of cylindrical nanoparticles.

  18. Amplitude and phase beam characterization using a two-dimensional wavefront sensor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Neal, D.R.; Alford, W.J.; Gruetzner, J.K.; Warren, M.E.


    We have developed a two-dimensional Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor that uses binary optic lenslet arrays to directly measure the wavefront slope (phase gradient) and amplitude of the laser beam. This sensor uses an array of lenslets that dissects the beam into a number of samples. The focal spot location of each of these lenslets (measured by a CCD camera) is related to the incoming wavefront slope over the lenslet. By integrating these measurements over the laser aperture, the wavefront or phase distribution can be determined. Since the power focused by each lenslet is also easily determined, this allows a complete measurement of the intensity and phase distribution of the laser beam. Furthermore, all the information is obtained in a single measurement. Knowing the complete scalar field of the beam allows the detailed prediction of the actual beam`s characteristics along its propagation path. In particular, the space- beamwidth product M{sup 2}, can be obtained in a single measurement. The intensity and phase information can be used in concert with information about other elements in the optical train to predict the beam size, shape, phase and other characteristics anywhere in the optical train. We present preliminary measurements of an Ar{sup +} laser beam and associated M{sup 2} calculations.

  19. The Combined Operation The Cancer Of The Rectum With Germination In Genital Organs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H Bobokulov


    Full Text Available  The Purpose of the study: define the indications and contraindications to, combined operation in locally invasive tumor of the rectum.The Material and methods of the study: we have analysed results combined operation in cancer of the rectum with germination in genital organs, performed in department of coloproctology in National Oncological Scientific centre during 2005-2009 years.Under observation were 118 women at age from 21 to 68 years.      This before 45 years - 26 patients, from 46 to 59 years - 54 patients, 60 and above years.The Results and their discussion: Postoperative complications suppurative-inflammatory character appeared beside 36 patients (30,5%, most of all after abdomeno - perineal extirpation of rectum (35,5% and abdominoanal resection of the rectum (33,3%. In lesser extend after front resection of the rectum and after operation Hartman (28,5% and 22,7%.The General lethality has formed 3,4%, have died after combined operation 4 patients from 118 operated patients.The Conclusion: thereby, brought data evident that such important factors, as frequency of the origin relapse (28%, 5-year probability of survival (37,1%, under combined interference and operation of the standard volume in the cancer of the rectum practically the same.

  20. See you at the movies!

    CERN Multimedia

    Katarina Anthony


    The third edition of CinéGlobe, the international film festival founded at and hosted by CERN, will be taking place 27 March to 1 April. Some 55 short films will be shown in the Globe of Science and Innovation, all based around this year’s theme: “infinitely interconnected”.   Founded by members of CERN’s Film-making Club, CinéGlobe began in 2007 as a simple “friends and family” event for club members. “We turned our annual meetings into a screening event, showing off films we’d made over a year,” says Neal Hartman, a mechanical engineer who is president of the CERN-based filmmaker’s club OYE (Open Your Eyes Films) and is also the artistic director of the CineGlobe festival. “It was extremely popular and great fun, but the next year we just didn’t have enough new films to justify a screening. So, Jacques-Hervé Fichet – member of th...

  1. Basaloid (Cloacogenic Carcinoma Mimicking Intraabdominal Abscess: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sami Akbulut


    Full Text Available Cloacogenic carcinoma (CC, basaloid carcinoma generally occurs around the dentate line, rarely it can arise from the other sides of the colon. There are only 5 cases of CC located outside the anal canal in the literature. The first occurrence of a CC presents as intraabdominal abscess. We describe a 23-year-old male patient who was admitted with fever and severe abdominal pain. Computed tomography imaging showed diffuse wall thickening about 10–11 cm above the rectosigmoid junction, intraabdominal abscess and a soft tissue lession covering the pelvis with a size of 8 × 8.5 cm including cystic necrotic areas. We performed Hartman procedure since the mass was nonresectable. Histopathological examination showed CC. In total, three times radiotherapy and a concurrent three-drug regimen of irinotecan, fluorouracil and folinic acid chemotherapy were administered for 6 weeks. As a result, the patient was lost because of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome that developed 3 months after radio-chemotherapy.

  2. Heuristics for the transposition distance problem. (United States)

    Dias, Ulisses; Dias, Zanoni


    Transpositions are large-scale mutational events that occur when a block of genes moves from a region of a chromosome to another region within the same chromosome. The transposition distance problem is the minimum number of transpositions required to transform one genome into another. Recently, Bulteau et al. [Bulteau L, Fertin G, Rusu U, Automata, Languages and Programming, Vol. 6755 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 654-665, Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011] proved that finding the transposition distance is a NP-Hard problem. Some approximation algorithm for this problem have been presented to date [Bafna V, Pevzner PA, SIAM J Discr Math11(2):224-240, 1998; Elias I, Hartman T, IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform3(4):369-379, 2006; Mira CVG, Dias Z, Santos HP, Pinto GA, Walter ME, Proc 3rd Brazilian Symp Bioinformatics (BSB'2008), pp. 115-126, Santo André, Brazil, 2008; Walter MEMT, Dias Z, Meidanis J, Proc String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE'2000), pp. 199-208, Coruña, Spain, 2000]. Here we focus on developing heuristics to provide an improved approximated solution. Our approach outperforms other algorithms on small sized permutations. We also show that our algorithm keeps the good performance on longer permutations.

  3. Simulated human eye retina adaptive optics imaging system based on a liquid crystal on silicon device

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jiang Bao-Guang; Cao Zhao-Liang; Mu Quan-Quan; Hu Li-Fa; Li Chao; Xuan Li


    In order to obtain a clear image of the retina of model eye, an adaptive optics system used to correct the wave-front error is introduced in this paper. The spatial light modulator that we use here is a liquid crystal on a silicon device instead of a conversional deformable mirror. A paper with carbon granule is used to simulate the retina of human eye. The pupil size of the model eye is adjustable (3-7 mm). A Shack-Hartman wave-front sensor is used to detect the wave-front aberration. With this construction, a value of peak-to-valley is achieved to be 0.086 λ, where A is wavelength.The modulation transfer functions before and after corrections are compared. And the resolution of this system after correction (691p/m) is very close to the diffraction limit resolution. The carbon granule on the white paper which has a size of 4.7μm is seen clearly. The size of the retina cell is between 4 and 10 μm. So this system has an ability to image the human eye's retina.

  4. Impact of radial magnetic field on peristalsis in curved channel with convective boundary conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hayat, Tasawar [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia); Tanveer, Anum, E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000 (Pakistan); Alsaadi, Fuad [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia); Mousa, Ghassan [Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia)


    This paper addresses the peristaltic flow in curved channel with combined heat/mass transfer and convective effects. The channel walls are flexible. An imposed magnetic field is applied in radial direction to increase the wave amplitude (used in ECG for synchronization purposes). The pseudoplastic fluid comprising shear-thinning/shear thickening effects has been used in mathematical modeling. Small Reynolds number assumption is employed to neglect inertial effects. Half channel-width to wavelength ratio is small enough for the pressure to be considered uniform over the cross-section. The graphical results obtained are compared with planar channel. Results show the non-symmetric behavior of sundry parameters in contrary to the planar case. Additionally more clear results are seen when the curved channel is approached. - Highlights: • The behavior of curvature parameter k on velocity is not symmetric. • Temperature is decreasing function of Biot number Bi. • Hartman number has similar qualitative effects on both velocity and temperature. • Behavior of concentration is opposite to that of temperature in a qualitative sense. • Bolus size via curvature parameter has opposite effect near the upper and lower channel walls.

  5. Revision of Diplocirrus Haase, 1915, including Bradiella Rullier, 1965, and Diversibranchius Buzhinskaja, 1993 (Polychaeta, Flabelligeridae) (United States)

    Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I.; Buzhinskaja, Galina


    Abstract Diplocirrus Haase, 1915, includes flabelligerids having cylindrical to club-shaped bodies, with cirriform papillae, multiarticulate chaetae in both parapodial rami, 8 branchial filaments of two types (thick and rarely lamellate, or cirriform), gonopodial lobes in chaetigers 5 or 6, or multiple gonopores along some anterior chaetigers. Bradiella Rullier, 1965, has included only the type species: Bradiella branchiata Rullier, 1965, described from Eastern Australia. The original description has been overlooked and it lacked enough details on branchial and chaetal features. Diversibranchius Buzhinskaja, 1993, with Diplocirrus nicolaji Buzhinskaja, 1994, as the type species, was introduced for a similar species from the Japan Sea. These two monotypic genera share the same morphologic features with Diplocirrus, and are herein regarded as its junior synonyms. As herein redefined, Diplocirrus includes, besides its type species, Diplocirrus glaucus (Malmgren, 1867)from Scandinavia : Diplocirrus branchiatus (Rullier, 1965), comb. n. from Queensland, Australia, Diplocirrus capensis Day, 1961 from South Africa, Diplocirrus erythroporus Gallardo, 1968 from Vietnam, Diplocirrus hirsutus (Hansen, 1882) from Arctic and subarctic regions, Diplocirrus incognitus Darbyshire & Mackie, 2009 from South Africa, Diplocirrus kudenovi sp. n. from off Western Mexico, Diplocirrus longisetosus (von Marenzeller, 1890) restricted to the Bering Sea, Diplocirrus micans Fauchald, 1972 from deep water off Oregon and Western Mexico, Diplocirrus nicolaji (Buzhinskaja, 1994), comb. n. from the Japan Sea, Diplocirrus normani (McIntosh, 1908), comb. n. from Scandinavia, Diplocirrus octobranchus (Hartman, 1965), comb. n. from off New England, and Diplocirrus stopbowitzi Darbyshire & Mackie, 2009 from the Irish Sea. PMID:21852920

  6. Entanglement, tensor networks and black hole horizons (United States)

    Molina-Vilaplana, J.; Prior, J.


    We elaborate on a previous proposal by Hartman and Maldacena on a tensor network which accounts for the scaling of the entanglement entropy in a system at a finite temperature. In this construction, the ordinary entanglement renormalization flow given by the class of tensor networks known as the Multi Scale Entanglement Renormalization Ansatz (MERA), is supplemented by an additional entanglement structure at the length scale fixed by the temperature. The network comprises two copies of a MERA circuit with a fixed number of layers and a pure matrix product state which joins both copies by entangling the infrared degrees of freedom of both MERA networks. The entanglement distribution within this bridge state defines reduced density operators on both sides which cause analogous effects to the presence of a black hole horizon when computing the entanglement entropy at finite temperature in the AdS/CFT correspondence. The entanglement and correlations during the thermalization process of a system after a quantum quench are also analyzed. To this end, a full tensor network representation of the action of local unitary operations on the bridge state is proposed. This amounts to a tensor network which grows in size by adding succesive layers of bridge states. Finally, we discuss on the holographic interpretation of the tensor network through a notion of distance within the network which emerges from its entanglement distribution.

  7. Artistic orientation as a clinical indicator of chronic career indecision in adult children and grandchildren of alcoholics. (United States)

    Pedoto, J P; Hartman, B W


    This study has empirically assessed whether artistic orientation and avoidance are good predictors of chronic career indecision for college-attending adult children and grandchildren of alcoholics. The sample consisted of 143 freshman and sophomore introductory psychology students attending a county college in the northeast. Osipow's Career Decision Scale total scores of artistically oriented children and grandchildren of alcoholics were not significantly higher than scores of those who were not artistic. As predicted, the Career Decision Scale total scores of avoidant subjects were significantly higher than those of nonavoidant subjects. As expected in both instances, no differences were found between artistic subjects and nonartistic subjects or between the avoidant and nonavoidant subjects. The findings suggest (1) that the artistic career-undecided children of alcoholics observed by Schumrum and Hartman in 1988 were, in fact, members of a broader avoidant group and (2) that the relationship between career indecision and avoidant personality style does vary according to family status of whether subjects are adult children and grandchildren of alcoholics.

  8. KAPAO Prime: Design and Simulation (United States)

    McGonigle, Lorcan; Choi, P. I.; Severson, S. A.; Spjut, E.


    KAPAO (KAPAO A Pomona Adaptive Optics instrument) is a dual-band natural guide star adaptive optics system designed to measure and remove atmospheric aberration over UV-NIR wavelengths from Pomona College’s telescope atop Table Mountain. We present here, the final optical system, KAPAO Prime, designed in Zemax Optical Design Software that uses custom off-axis paraboloid mirrors (OAPs) to manipulate light appropriately for a Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor, deformable mirror, and science cameras. KAPAO Prime is characterized by diffraction limited imaging over the full 81” field of view of our optical camera at f/33 as well as over the smaller field of view of our NIR camera at f/50. In Zemax, tolerances of 1% on OAP focal length and off-axis distance were shown to contribute an additional 4 nm of wavefront error (98% confidence) over the field of view of our optical camera; the contribution from surface irregularity was determined analytically to be 40nm for OAPs specified to λ/10 surface irregularity (632.8nm). Modeling of the temperature deformation of the breadboard in SolidWorks revealed 70 micron contractions along the edges of the board for a decrease of 75°F when applied to OAP positions such displacements from the optimal layout are predicted to contribute an additional 20 nanometers of wavefront error. Flexure modeling of the breadboard due to gravity is on-going. We hope to begin alignment and testing of KAPAO Prime in Q1 2013.

  9. Polychaetes (Annelida: Polychaeta described for the Mexican Pacific: an historical review and an updated checklist Los poliquetos (Annelida: Polychaeta descritos en el Pacífico mexicano: revisión histórica y lista faunística actualizada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Hernández-Alcántara


    Full Text Available An updated checklist of the polychaete species described for the Mexican Pacific and an historic review of their study are presented. The taxonomic list includes nomenclature references, data of the type locality and synonyms based on systematic revisions. In the study area, 313 species of polychaetes and 21 genera have been described, of which 278 species are currently valid. Several descriptions (28% of the valid species failed to indicate the habitat of the type locality. The remaining 199 valid species were described for a large variety of habitats: algae (11 species, mangroves (2, hard bottoms (22, soft bottoms (continental shelf = 65 species; deep sea = 78 species, hydrothermal vents (17, and others (parasites, larval planktonic forms, epitokes (4. The species descriptions for the Mexican Pacific can be divided into four main periods: the first, during the 1910s, includes mainly Chamberlin's studies of deep sea fauna. The second, in the 1940s, comprises studies carried out by Rioja (intertidal zone and Hartman (including specimens from the Allan Hancock Foundation collection. The third period began around the 1970s when Fauchald's studies were published and 77 currently valid species were described for western Mexico. The fourth period began in the 1980s and continues to date, being characterized by descriptions of species done mainly by Mexican scientists. The differences in the number of species described during each period and for the different regions of the Mexican Pacific are directly related to the sampling effort carried out along these coasts.Se presenta una lista taxonómica de las especies de poliquetos descritos en el Pacífico mexicano y una revisión histórica de su estudio. El listado incluye referencias nomenclaturales, información sobre la localidad tipo y sinonimias basadas en revisiones sistemáticas. Un total de 313 especies y 21 géneros han sido descritos en el área de estudio, de ellas, 278 especies son

  10. Women's voices in English course-books in Italy: a diachronic survey from the 50s to the 80s

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Vettorel


    Full Text Available Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Abstract English language teaching materials usually reflect both the explicit and the implicit attitudes and beliefs of their authors, of the society and the culture of the times they live in. Attitudes and beliefs are bound to change over time and are affected by socio-cultural changes, particularly in areas such as power relationships, the image of women and that of identity construction. The first coursebook analyses in terms of women’s representations and sexist attitudes date back to the 70s and the 80s (e.g. Hartman, Judd 1978; Stern 1976; Porreca 1984; Schmitz 1975, 1984 and have been greatly influenced by language and gender studies (e.g. Sunderland 1992, 1994, 2000; Sunderland, Litosseliti 2002; Cameron 2005. This paper is aimed at presenting the results of a study on how women and their voices have been portrayed in ELT coursebooks addressed to Italian students over time. The analysis carried out in a diachronic perspective, have specifically focussed upon textbooks published between the 1950s and the beginning of the 80s in order to represent different historical perspectives. The proposed stretch in time to the 80s is aimed at investigating the most relevant shifts occurring in ELT coursebooks in the 70s as a consequence of changes in society and the influence of gender studies. The categories used to analyse the ELT materials have been: the representation (as well as the omission of women and their roles in texts and illustrations; the language used to refer to women and its role in maintaining, diminishing or reinforcing sexist values. Despite a correspondence between gender representations and ongoing changes in society, the textbooks examined appear to represent more traditional than innovative views on women. Keywords: ELT course-books, women, attitudes, gender studies, diachronic study Abstract I materiali utilizzati per l’insegnamento dell

  11. The effect of simulated inflammatory conditions on the surface properties of titanium and stainless steel and their importance as biomaterials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fonseca-García, Abril [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Posgrado en Ciencia e Ingeniería de Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Pérez-Alvarez, J. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Barrera, C.C. [Posgrado en Ciencias Médicas, Odontológicas y de la Salud, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Medina, J.C. [Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Posgrado en Ciencia e Ingeniería de Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Almaguer-Flores, A. [Facultad de Odontología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México (Mexico); Sánchez, R. Basurto [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, México (Mexico); and others


    This work compares the surface modifications induced by the immersion in solutions that simulate inflammatory conditions of pure titanium (cpTi) and medical grade stainless steel (SS). The inflammatory conditions were simulated using a mixture of Hartman solution and 50 mM of hydrogen peroxide (H{sub 2}O{sub 2}) at pH = 5.2. The samples were immersed by 7 days refreshing the solution every day to keep the reactivity of the H{sub 2}O{sub 2}. The surface characteristics that were investigated were: elemental composition by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS); topography by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and profilometry; wettability and surface energy by sessile drop contact angle and point of zero charge by titration. Moreover, the variations in the electrochemical response were evaluated by open circuit potential (OCP), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and potentiodynamic polarization (PP) performed before and after the treatment using the Hartman solution as the electrolyte. The XPS results indicated that for both metallic samples, oxidation of the surface was promoted and/or the oxide layer was thicker after the immersion. The roughness and the solid-liquid surface energy were increased; the samples showed a more hydrophilic character after the treatment. However, the surface energy of the solid estimated using the Van Oss–Chaudhury–Good approach showed different trends between the cpTi and the SS surfaces; the polar component decreased for cpTi, while it increased for SS. Finally, the electrochemical results indicated that the corrosion resistance (R{sub cor}) and the pore resistance (R{sub po}) significantly decreased for cpTi, while both resistances were not significantly different for the SS. This is indicative of a higher dissolution of the cpTi compared to SS and the lower R{sub po} means that the species are easily transported through the surface layer, which can be explained in terms of the formation of a porous TiO{sub x} layer, not

  12. The approach of ischemic colitis case followed by the lower gastrointesitnal bleeding

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Colonic vascular ischemia is commonly seen in the descending colon and causes malnutrition and is to be commensurate with the duration of clinical myocardial ischemia. History of cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, with coronary hearth disease, 68-year-old female patient was followed for about 2 weeks with the occasional massive gastrointestinal bleeding complaint. After ceasing oral intake, fluid and electrolyte replacement and a broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy was established. Abdomen bowel wall thickening of the colon in continuity in the CT results were observed with the open SMA SMV. Follow-up colonoscopy was performed from the dentate line at 5 cm starting hemorrhagic and ischemic segments was seen as an area of ​​about 40 cm long. After hemodynamic deterioration she was underwent emergency surgery because of abdominal sensitivity increase. Hartman procedure was performed. Postop pneumonia and pulmonary embolism were suspected. Candida was observed in urine infection. The sudden improving of the patient's postoperative bleeding from the rectal stump where the staple line was, has evolved on the 7th day. The sponges with the adrenaline stopped the bleeding and the hemodynamic support was stabilized with it. The minimal fluid in pelvis was also monitored by ultrasound . The colostomy was fine following the blood supply to the bowel. Later oral intake was started, the general condition of the patient was improved. But on the postoperative day 12 she had suddenly respiratory and cardiac arrest . Finally, the histopathological examination revealed that the ischemic necrosis and purulent some areas could be selected as a morphologic ischemic and necrotic (the intraoperative peritoneal reflection of the level of false membrane formation at the perforation focus off ischemic colitis. Approximately 20% of similar cases were followed with the clinical practice under medical treatment and surgical approach. [J Contemp Med 2017; 7(1.000: 74-76


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Synchrotron radiation is a very bright, broadband, polarized, pulsed source of light extending from the infrared to the x-ray region. It is an extremely important source of Vacuum Ultraviolet radiation. Brightness is defined as flux per unit area per unit solid angle and is normally a more important quantity than flux alone particularly in throughput limited applications which include those in which monochromators are used. It is well known from classical theory of electricity and magnetism that accelerating charges emit electromagnetic radiation. In the case of synchrotron radiation, relativistic electrons are accelerated in a circular orbit and emit electromagnetic radiation in a broad spectral range. The visible portion of this spectrum was first observed on April 24, 1947 at General Electric's Schenectady facility by Floyd Haber, a machinist working with the synchrotron team, although the first theoretical predictions were by Lienard in the latter part of the 1800's. An excellent early history with references was presented by Blewett and a history covering the development of the utilization of synchrotron radiation was presented by Hartman. Synchrotron radiation covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum from the infrared region through the visible, ultraviolet, and into the x-ray region up to energies of many 10's of kilovolts. If the charged particles are of low mass, such as electrons, and if they are traveling relativistically, the emitted radiation is very intense and highly collimated, with opening angles of the order of 1 milliradian. In electron storage rings there are three possible sources of synchrotron radiation; dipole (bending) magnets; wigglers, which act like a sequence of bending magnets with alternating polarities; and undulators, which are also multi-period alternating magnet systems but in which the beam deflections are small resulting in coherent interference of the emitted light.

  14. The CHARA Array Adaptive Optics Program (United States)

    Ten Brummelaar, Theo; Che, Xiao; McAlister, Harold A.; Ireland, Michael; Monnier, John D.; Mourard, Denis; Ridgway, Stephen T.; sturmann, judit; Sturmann, Laszlo; Turner, Nils H.; Tuthill, Peter


    The CHARA array is an optical/near infrared interferometer consisting of six 1-meter diameter telescopes the longest baseline of which is 331 meters. With sub-millisecond angular resolution, the CHARA array is able to spatially resolve nearby stellar systems to reveal the detailed structures. To improve the sensitivity and scientific throughput, the CHARA array was funded by NSF-ATI in 2011, and by NSF-MRI in 2015, for an upgrade of adaptive optics (AO) systems to all six telescopes. The initial grant covers Phase I of the adaptive optics system, which includes an on-telescope Wavefront Sensor and non-common-path (NCP) error correction. The WFS use a fairly standard Shack-Hartman design and will initially close the tip tilt servo and log wavefront errors for use in data reduction and calibration. The second grant provides the funding for deformable mirrors for each telescope which will be used closed loop to remove atmospheric aberrations from the beams. There are then over twenty reflections after the WFS at the telescopes that bring the light several hundred meters into the beam combining laboratory. Some of these, including the delay line and beam reducing optics, are powered elements, and some of them, in particular the delay lines and telescope Coude optics, are continually moving. This means that the NCP problems in an interferometer are much greater than those found in more standard telescope systems. A second, slow AO system is required in the laboratory to correct for these NCP errors. We will breifly describe the AO system, and it's current status, as well as discuss the new science enabled by the system with a focus on our YSO program.

  15. The relationship of psychosocial factors to mammograms, physical activity, and fruit and vegetable consumption among sisters of breast cancer patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hartman SJ


    Full Text Available Sheri J Hartman1, Shira I Dunsiger1, Paul B Jacobsen21Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, The Miriam Hospital and W Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI; 2Department of Health Outcomes and Behavior, H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL, USAAbstract: This study examined the relationship of psychosocial factors to health-promoting behaviors in sisters of breast cancer patients. One hundred and twenty sisters of breast cancer patients completed questionnaires assessing response efficacy of mammography screenings, physical activity, and fruit and vegetable consumption on decreasing breast cancer risk, breast cancer worry, involvement in their sister’s cancer care, mammography screenings, physical activity, and fruit and vegetable consumption. Results indicate that greater perceived effectiveness for mammograms was associated with a 67% increase in odds of yearly mammograms. Greater involvement in the patient’s care was associated with a 7% decrease in odds of yearly mammograms. Greater perceived effectiveness for physical activity was significantly related to greater physical activity. There was a trend for greater perceived effectiveness for fruits and vegetables to be associated with consuming more fruits and vegetables. Breast cancer worry was not significantly associated with the outcomes. While perceived effectiveness for a specific health behavior in reducing breast cancer risk was consistently related to engaging in that health behavior, women reported significantly lower perceived effectiveness for physical activity and fruits and vegetables than for mammograms. Making women aware of the health benefits of these behaviors may be important in promoting changes.Keywords: breast cancer risk, mammograms, physical activity, diet, perceived effectiveness

  16. Morphological variations caused by fixation techniques may lead to taxonomic confusion in Laeonereis (Polychaeta: Nereididae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verônica M. Oliveira


    Full Text Available The nereidid polychaete Laeonereis acuta (Treadwell, 1923 is either considered to be a valid species, or a synonym of Laeonereis culveri (Webster, 1879. The species epithet, acuta, refers to the acuminate anterior region of the body followed by a widening that is visible up to the 10th setiger. The relative width of the anterior region of the body, however, has been reported in the taxonomic literature as variable for Laeonereis Hartman, 1945, a genus known from the eastern coast of North America to Patagonia (southern South America. To test whether variations in this character are real, or whether they correspond to an artifact, we analyzed morphological changes associated with different anesthesia and fixation techniques regularly used to prepare specimens of Laeonereis from southern Brazil (formerly reported as L. acuta. Six treatments, including combinations of anesthetics and fixative agents, and a control, were evaluated in groups of 25 adult animals. A simple model II regression analysis on living specimens showed that the growth is approximately isometric. One-way ANOVA was used to compare the treatment effect on the ratio of peristome width: setiger 6 width. This ratio was smaller in non-anesthetized individuals, especially when prepared in formalin and freshwater. When anesthetized with menthol and fixed in formalin with sea water, individuals retained a shape that was closest to their in vivo shape. Consequently, our results suggest that fixation without prior anesthesia is not recommended for morphological and taxonomical studies. Since morphology and morphometrics of the anterior region are consistently influenced by preparation techniques, it is likely that inadequate fixation routines have introduced several errors in the taxonomic and ecological literature of Laeonereis.

  17. Structural Basis for Cooperative Binding of Azoles to CYP2E1 as Interpreted through Guided Molecular Dynamics Simulations (United States)

    Levy, Joseph W.; Hartman, Jessica H.; Perry, Martin D.; Miller, Grover P.


    CYP2E1 metabolizes a wide array of small, hydrophobic molecules, resulting in their detoxification or activation into carcinogens through Michaelis-Menten as well as cooperative mechanisms. Nevertheless, the molecular determinants for CYP2E1 specificity and metabolic efficiency toward these compounds are still unknown. Herein, we employed computational docking studies coupled to Molecular Dynamics simulations to provide a critical perspective for understanding a structural basis for cooperativity observed for an array of azoles from our previous binding and catalytic studies (Hartman, JH et al (2014) Biochem Pharmacol 87, 523-33). The resulting 28 CYP2E1 complexes in this study revealed a common passageway for azoles that included a hydrophobic steric barrier causing a pause in movement toward the active site. The entrance to the active site acted like a second sieve to restrict access to the inner chamber. Collectively, these interactions impacted the final orientation of azoles reaching the active site and hence could explain differences in their biochemical properties observed in our previous studies, such as the consequences of methylation at position 5 of the azole ring. The association of a second azole demonstrated significant differences in interactions stabilizing the bound complex than observed for the first binding event. Intermolecular interactions occurred between the two azoles as well as CYP2E1 residue side chains and backbone and involved both hydrophobic contacts and hydrogen bonds. The relative importance of these interactions depended on the structure of the respective azoles indicating the absence of specific defining criteria for binding unlike the well-characterized dominant role of hydrophobicity in active site binding. Consequently, the structure activity relationships described here and elsewhere are necessary to more accurately identify factors impacting the observation and significance of cooperativity in CYP2E1 binding and catalysis

  18. The Economics of Forest Carbon Sequestration: The Challenge for Emissions Offset Trading (United States)

    van Kooten, G. C.


    This paper provides an overview of the role that forestry activities can play in mitigating climate change. The price of carbon offset credits is used for incentivizing a reduction in the release of CO2 emissions and an increase in sequestration of atmospheric CO2 through forestry activities. Forestland owners essentially have two options for creating carbon offset credits: (1) avoid or delay harvest of mature timber; or (2) harvest timber and allow natural regeneration or regeneration with `regular' or genetically-enhanced growing stock, storing carbon in post-harvest products, using sawmill and potentially logging residues to generate electricity. In this study, a model representative of the Quesnel Timber Supply Area (TSA) in the BC interior is developed. The objective is to maximize net discounted returns to commercial timber operations (and sale of downstream products) plus the benefits of managing carbon fluxes. The model tracks carbon in living trees, organic matter, and, importantly, post-harvest carbon pools and avoided emissions from substituting wood for non-wood in construction or wood bioenergy for fossil fuels. Model constraints ensure that commercial forest management is sustainable, while carbon prices incentivize sequestration to ensure efficient mitigation of climate change. The results are confirmed more generally by comparing the carbon fluxes derived from the integrated forest management model with those from a Faustmann-Hartman rotation age model that explicitly includes benefits of storing carbon. One other question is addressed: If carbon offsets are created when wood biomass substitutes for fossil fuels in power generation, can one count the saved emissions from steel/cement production when wood substitutes for non-wood materials in construction?

  19. MHD mixed convection and entropy generation of water-alumina nanofluid flow in a double lid driven cavity with discrete heating (United States)

    Hussain, S.; Mehmood, K.; Sagheer, M.


    In the present study, entropy generation due to mixed convection in a partially heated square double lid driven cavity filled with Al2O3 -water nanofluid under the influence of inclined magnetic field is numerically investigated. At the lower wall of the cavity two heat sources are fixed, with the condition that the remaining part of the bottom wall is kept insulated. Top wall and vertically moving walls are maintained at constant cold temperature. Buoyant force is responsible for the flow along with the two moving vertical walls. Governing equations are discretized in space using LBB-stable finite element pair Q2 / P1disc which lead to 3rd and 2nd order accuracy in the L2-norm for the velocity/temperature and pressure, respectively and the fully implicit Crank-Nicolson scheme of 2nd order accuracy is utilized for the temporal discretization. The discretized systems of nonlinear equations are treated by using the Newton method and the associated linear subproblems are solved by means of Guassian elimination method. Numerical results are presented and analyzed by means of streamlines, isotherms, tables and some useful plots. Impacts of emerging parameters on the flow, in specific ranges such as Reynolds number (1 ≤ Re ≤ 100) , Richardson number (1 ≤ Ri ≤ 50) , Hartman number (0 ≤ Ha ≤ 100) , solid volume fraction (0 ≤ ϕ ≤ 0.2) as well as the angles of inclined magnetic field (0 ° ≤ γ ≤ 90 °) are investigated and the findings are exactly of the same order as that of the previously performed analysis. Calculation of average Nusselt number, entropy generation due to heat transfer, fluid friction and magnetic field, total entropy generation, Bejan number and kinetic energy are the main focus of our study.

  20. Timing of the deposition of uppermost Cretaceous and Paleocene coal-bearing deposits in the Greater Glendive area, Montana and North Dakota

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    With the aid of a grant from the National Geographic Society, a cooperative agreement with the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and contract with the U.S. Department of Energy, Late Cretaceous and Paleocene geologic and paleontologic field studies were undertaken in Makoshika, State Park and vicinity, Dawson County, Montana. This region was chosen as a study area because of its potential for yielding new fossil localities and extensive exposures both above and below the K/T boundary, as suggested by previous research by David W. Krause and Joseph H. Hartman. Related field studies were also undertaken in areas adjacent to the Cedar Creek Anticline in North Dakota. This work was part of ongoing research to document change in the composition of mammalian and molluscan faunas during the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene and to relate observed patterns to floral and invertebrate changes in composition. This study focuses on the record of mammals and mollusks in the Makoshika stratigraphic section and places old and new observations into a paleomagnetic and palynomorph framework. Of particular interest is the appearance and diversification of archaic ungulate mammals. Simultaneous dinosaur extinction with ungulate radiation has been invoked in gradual, as opposed to catastrophic, models of faunal change at the K/T boundary. However, supposed Cretaceous localities bearing archaic ungulates and other mammals of {open_quotes}Paleocene aspect{close_quotes} may be the product of faunal reworking. Elsewhere in the Williston Basin (e.g., Garfield and McCone Counties, Montana), the molluscan record of uppermost Cretaceous and Paleocene strata indicates the extinction of all of the highly sculptured unionid bivalves just prior to the onset of coal swamps and subsequent coal formation.

  1. Chirality Switching by Martensitic Transformation in Protein Cylindrical Crystals: Application to Bacterial Flagella (United States)

    Komai, Ricardo Kiyohiro

    Martensitic transformations provide unique engineering properties that, when designed properly, become important parts of new technology. Martensitic transformations have been studied for many years in traditional alloys (iron, steel, titanium, etc.), however there is still much to be learned in regards to these transformations in biological materials. Olson and Hartman showed in 1982 that these transformations are also observed in bacterial flagella and T4 bacteriophage viral sheaths, allowing for propulsion of bacteria in a fluid environment and, for the virus, is responsible for the infection mechanism. This work demonstrates, using the bacterial flagella as an example, that these transformations can be modelled using thermodynamic methods that are also used to model the transformations in alloys. This thesis work attempts to explain the transformations that occur in bacterial flagella, which are capable of small strain, highly reversible martensitic transformations. The first stress/temperature phase diagrams of these flagella were created by adding the mechanical energy of the transformation of the flagella to limited chemical thermodynamics information of the transformation. Mechanical energy is critical to the transformation process because the bacterial body applies a torque to the radius of the flagella. Finally, work has begun and will be completed in regards to understanding the kinetics of the transformation of the flagella. The motion of the transformation interface can be predicted by using a Landau-Ginzburg model. The crystallography of the transformation in bacterial flagella is also being computed to determine the invariant lines of transformation that occur within this cylindrical crystal. This work has shown that it is possible to treat proteins in a similar manner that alloys are treated when using thermodynamic modelling. Much can be learned from translating what is known regarding phase transformations in hard material systems to soft, organic

  2. High speed and high precision pyramid wavefront sensor: In labs validation and preparation to on sky demonstration (United States)

    El Hadi, K.; Fusco, T.; Sauvage, J.-F.; Neichel, B.


    Since the introduction of the pyramid wavefront sensor [P-WFS] concept (Ragazzoni), numerous investigations have clearly shown its ability to achieve better performance (sensitivity, dynamic range) than the standard Shack-Hartman [SH-WFS]. It has recently been successfully implemented on LBT and has already been provided very interesting results (Esposito et al). Then, most of the future adaptive optics [AO] systems, mainly for ELT instrumentation, will probably integrate one or several pyramidal sensors. However, the pyramid behavior still needs to be extensively studied in order to ensure its optimization in real conditions of operation. So, the coupling in an AO loop and the control of this type of sensor is fundamental for an efficient implementation in the future AO systems. At LAM, we recently carried out in labs demonstration of an extremely performant pyramid sensor (up to 60x60), using particularly an OCAM2 detector (1.5 kHz, RON close to zero). Both modulated and fixed configurations are investigated and compared with numerical models. The P-WFS is being coupled with a dedicated RTC and a 12×12 DM to achieve a first AO closed loop operation. For modulation, a fine control is needed: a specific electronic module, interfaced with the RTC, is being developed to drive the TT mirror (OCAM2 triggering). Then, various TT mirrors are under test to determine a suitable one. After tests of the pyramid specificities (optimiziation, calibration and operation procedures), the P-WFS will be tested on-sky and compared with an already existing SH-WFS (using the same OCAM²) on the ONERA bench.

  3. Hearing and sports: a bidirectional interaction. [Audición y Control motor: Una relación recíproca].

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johannes Vogel


    Full Text Available Introduction Motor control is crucially dependent on many sensory inputs that involve classically the proprioreceptors located in the tendons, joints and the muscle itself as well as inputs from the vestibular organ and eyes (Fitzpatrick and McCloskey, 1994. However, additional sensory input from the auditory system is often necessary to perform the sport-associated complex motor-tasks. This holds not only for team sports that requires continuous communication with the other players but also for others such as figure skating or gymnastics where the movements of the body need to be coordinated with music. In addition, hearing is also important for avoiding accidents e.g. during skiing to recognize other people on the same track. Conversely, specific sports wear used in these sports may negatively influence hearing as it was shown for ski helmets that reduce perception of safety-relevant frequencies (Ruedl, Kopp, Burtscher, Zorowka, Weichbold, Stephan, Koci and Seebacher, 2014; Tudor, Ruzic, Bencic, Sestan and Bonifacic, 2010. Moreover, the reaction time and force generated during voluntary contractions could be influenced by sound. For instance, runners closer to the starter's pistol at Olympic Games react sooner than runners farther away (Brown, Kenwell, Maraj and Collins, 2008. Finally, hearing could even influence the overall physical fitness as it might be reduced in deaf children (Hartman, Visscher and Houwen, 2007 although other studies could not confirm (Wierzbicka-Damska, Samolyk, Jethon, Wiercinska and Murawska-Cialowicz, 2005. In the elderly, sensory deficits such as poor vision and hearing may increase the risk of mobility decline (Viljanen, Kaprio, Pyykko, Sorri, Koskenvuo and Rantanen, 2009a; Viljanen, Kaprio, Pyykko, Sorri, Pajala, Kauppinen, Koskenvuo and Rantanen, 2009b.

  4. A new equilibrium form of zircon crystal

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG; Xiang


    [1]Hartman, P., Perdok, G., On the relationship between structure and morphology of crystals, Acta Cryst., 1955, 8: 525-529.[2]Woensdregt, C. F., Computation of surface of energies in an electrostatic point charge model, Ⅱ. Application to zircon (ZrSiO4), Phys. Chem. Minerals, 1992, 19: 417-423.[3]Kern, R., The equilibrium form of a crystal, in Morphology of Crystal (ed. Sunnagawa, I.), Tokyo: Terra Scientific Publishing Company, 1970, 77-206.[4]Machenzie, J. K., Moore, J. W., Nickolas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, I. Face-centered and body-centered cubic crystal, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 185-196.[5]?. Machenzie, J. K., Nicholas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, ?. Crystals containing many atoms in a primitive unit cell, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 197-205.[6]Hazen, R. M., Finger, L. W., Crystal structure and compressibility of zircon at high pressure, Am. Mineral, 1979, 64:196-201.[7]Pupin, J. P., Zircon and granite petrology, Contrib. Mineral Petrol., 1980, 73: 207-220.[8]Wang, X., Kienast, J. R., Morphology and geochemistry of zircon: a case study on zircon from the microgranitoid enclaves,Science in China, Series D, 1999, 42(5): 544-552.[9]Wang, X., Li, W. X., Discovery of the { 211 }-type of zircon and its petrogenetic implication, Chinese Sci. Bull., 2001 (inpress).[10]Wang, X., Quantitative description of zircon morphology and its dynamics analysis, Science in China, Series D, 1998,41(4): 422-428.

  5. Heteropoly acids of the Keggin type with N-substituted

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    FU; Xiangkai


    [1]Hartman, P., Perdok, G., On the relationship between structure and morphology of crystals, Acta Cryst., 1955, 8: 525-529.[2]Woensdregt, C. F., Computation of surface of energies in an electrostatic point charge model, Ⅱ. Application to zircon (ZrSiO4), Phys. Chem. Minerals, 1992, 19: 417-423.[3]Kern, R., The equilibrium form of a crystal, in Morphology of Crystal (ed. Sunnagawa, I.), Tokyo: Terra Scientific Publishing Company, 1970, 77-206.[4]Machenzie, J. K., Moore, J. W., Nickolas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, I. Face-centered and body-centered cubic crystal, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 185-196.[5]?. Machenzie, J. K., Nicholas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, ?. Crystals containing many atoms in a primitive unit cell, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 197-205.[6]Hazen, R. M., Finger, L. W., Crystal structure and compressibility of zircon at high pressure, Am. Mineral, 1979, 64:196-201.[7]Pupin, J. P., Zircon and granite petrology, Contrib. Mineral Petrol., 1980, 73: 207-220.[8]Wang, X., Kienast, J. R., Morphology and geochemistry of zircon: a case study on zircon from the microgranitoid enclaves,Science in China, Series D, 1999, 42(5): 544-552.[9]Wang, X., Li, W. X., Discovery of the { 211 }-type of zircon and its petrogenetic implication, Chinese Sci. Bull., 2001 (inpress).[10]Wang, X., Quantitative description of zircon morphology and its dynamics analysis, Science in China, Series D, 1998,41(4): 422-428.

  6. Preparation of some new coumarin dyes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LUO; Xianjin


    [1]Hartman, P., Perdok, G., On the relationship between structure and morphology of crystals, Acta Cryst., 1955, 8: 525-529.[2]Woensdregt, C. F., Computation of surface of energies in an electrostatic point charge model, Ⅱ. Application to zircon (ZrSiO4), Phys. Chem. Minerals, 1992, 19: 417-423.[3]Kern, R., The equilibrium form of a crystal, in Morphology of Crystal (ed. Sunnagawa, I.), Tokyo: Terra Scientific Publishing Company, 1970, 77-206.[4]Machenzie, J. K., Moore, J. W., Nickolas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, I. Face-centered and body-centered cubic crystal, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 185-196.[5]?. Machenzie, J. K., Nicholas, J. F., Bond broken at atomically flat crystal surface, ?. Crystals containing many atoms in a primitive unit cell, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 1962, 23: 197-205.[6]Hazen, R. M., Finger, L. W., Crystal structure and compressibility of zircon at high pressure, Am. Mineral, 1979, 64:196-201.[7]Pupin, J. P., Zircon and granite petrology, Contrib. Mineral Petrol., 1980, 73: 207-220.[8]Wang, X., Kienast, J. R., Morphology and geochemistry of zircon: a case study on zircon from the microgranitoid enclaves,Science in China, Series D, 1999, 42(5): 544-552.[9]Wang, X., Li, W. X., Discovery of the { 211 }-type of zircon and its petrogenetic implication, Chinese Sci. Bull., 2001 (inpress).[10]Wang, X., Quantitative description of zircon morphology and its dynamics analysis, Science in China, Series D, 1998,41(4): 422-428.

  7. Hydrogen adsorption strength and sites in the metal organic framework MOF5: Comparing experiment and model calculations (United States)

    Mulder, F. M.; Dingemans, T. J.; Schimmel, H. G.; Ramirez-Cuesta, A. J.; Kearley, G. J.


    Hydrogen adsorption in porous, high surface area, and stable metal organic frameworks (MOF's) appears a novel route towards hydrogen storage materials [N.L. Rosi, J. Eckert, M. Eddaoudi, D.T. Vodak, J. Kim, M. O'Keeffe, O.M. Yaghi, Science 300 (2003) 1127; J.L.C. Rowsell, A.R. Millward, K. Sung Park, O.M. Yaghi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 126 (2004) 5666; G. Ferey, M. Latroche, C. Serre, F. Millange, T. Loiseau, A. Percheron-Guegan, Chem. Commun. (2003) 2976; T. Loiseau, C. Serre, C. Huguenard, G. Fink, F. Taulelle, M. Henry, T. Bataille, G. Férey, Chem. Eur. J. 10 (2004) 1373]. A prerequisite for such materials is sufficient adsorption interaction strength for hydrogen adsorbed on the adsorption sites of the material because this facilitates successful operation under moderate temperature and pressure conditions. Here we report detailed information on the geometry of the hydrogen adsorption sites, based on the analysis of inelastic neutron spectroscopy (INS). The adsorption energies for the metal organic framework MOF5 equal about 800 K for part of the different sites, which is significantly higher than for nanoporous carbon materials (˜550 K) [H.G. Schimmel, G.J. Kearley, M.G. Nijkamp, C.T. Visser, K.P. de Jong, F.M. Mulder, Chem. Eur. J. 9 (2003) 4764], and is in agreement with what is found in first principles calculations [T. Sagara, J. Klassen, E. Ganz, J. Chem. Phys. 121 (2004) 12543; F.M. Mulder, T.J. Dingemans, M. Wagemaker, G.J. Kearley, Chem. Phys. 317 (2005) 113]. Assignments of the INS spectra is realized using comparison with independently published model calculations [F.M. Mulder, T.J. Dingemans, M. Wagemaker, G.J. Kearley, Chem. Phys. 317 (2005) 113] and structural data [T. Yildirim, M.R. Hartman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005) 215504].

  8. Fournier's gangrene complicating ulcerative pancolitis. (United States)

    Katsanos, Konstantinos H; Ignatiadou, Eleftheria; Sarandi, Maria; Godevenos, Dimitrios; Asproudis, Ioannis; Fatouros, Michael; Tsianos, Epameinondas V


    Fournier gangrene is a very rare and a rapidly progressing, polymicrobial necrotizing faciitis or myonecrosis of the perineal, perianal and genital regions, with a high mortality rate. Infection is associated with superficial traum, urological and colorectal diseases and operations. The most commonly found bacteria are Escherichia coli followed by Bacteroides and streptococcal species. Diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, and immunosuppression are perpetuating co-factors. Fournier's gangrene complicating inflammatory bowel disease has been reported in three patients so far, two with Crohn's disease. A 78-year-old man diagnosed with ulcerative pancolitis was referred for fever, and painful perianal and scrotal swelling after perianal surgery for a horseshoe-type perianal abscess. Since bowel disease diagnosis, patient was on mesalazine and achieved long-term remission. Perianal abscess occurred suddenly one week before perianal surgery without any evidence of pre-existing fistula or other abnormalities. Physical examination showed extensive edema and crepitus of perineum and genitalia and patient had symptoms of significant toxicity. The diagnosis of Fournier's gangrene was made and patient underwent emergency surgery with extensive surgical debridement of the scrotal and perianal area and Hartman procedure with a diverting colostomy. In addition, patient started on therapy with mesalazine 3gr, methylprednisolone 16 mg, parenteral nutrition and broad spectrum of antibiotics. Two days after the first operation the patient needed a second operation for perianal debridement. On the fourth day, blood cultures showed E. coli. Patient had an uneventful recovery and was discharged after 34 days of hospitalization. On follow up, disease review is scheduled and colostomy closure is planned.

  9. Bioaccumulation of Aluminium in Hydromacrophytes in Polish Coastal Lakes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Senze Magdalena


    Full Text Available The research on aluminium content was conducted in water and on aquatic flora of Polish lakes in the central part of the coast. The study included the lakes Sarbsko, Choczewskie, Bia.e, K.odno, D.brze and Salino investigated in the summer of 2013. The examined lakes belong mainly to the direct basin of the Baltic Sea. Samples of aquatic plants and lake waters were collected. In the water samples pH and electrolytic conductivity were measured. The aluminium content was determined both in water and aquatic plants. Submerged hydromacrophyte studies included Myriophyllum alterniflorum L., Potamogeton perfoliatus L. and Ceratophyllum demersum L. Emergent hydromacrophyte studies included Phragmites australis (Cav. Trin. ex Steud., Juncus bulbosus L., Iris pseudacorus L., Eleocharis palustris (L. Roem. % Schult., Phalaris arundinacea L., Carex riparia Curt., Mentha aquatic L., Stratiotes aloides L., Alisma plantago-aquatica L., Glyceria maxima (Hartman Holmb., Sagittaria sagittifolia L., Scirpus lacustris L. and Typha angustifolia L. The purpose of this investigation was the determination of the aluminium content in submerged and emergent hydromacrophytes and also the definition of their bioaccumulative abilities. The average concentration of aluminium in water was 2.68 fęg Al dm.3. The average content of aluminium in plants was 2.8015 mg Al kg.1. The bioaccumulation factor ranged from BCF=19.74 to BCF=16619. On the basis of the analysis of the aluminium content in water and aquatic plants results show that both water and plants were characterized by a moderate level of aluminium. The recorded concentrations indicate a mid-range value and are much lower than those which are quoted for a variety of surface waters in various parts of the world.

  10. Morphological distinction between estuarine polychaetes: Laeonereis culveri and L. nota (Phyllodocida: Nereididae). (United States)

    de Jesus-Flores, Citlalli; Salazar-González, S Alejandro; Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I


    The family Nereididae includes more than 500 polychaete species described worldwide, and includes species common in many benthic environments, but some other species may tolerate freshwater or can even thrive in humid substrates in tropical forests. In estuarine environments, nereidid polychaetes can be abundant and relevant as a food source for resident or migratory birds. Laeonereis culveri (Webster, 1879) is a common estuarine species found in tropical and subtropical Atlantic American shores and was described from New Jersey; its median and posterior parapodia have upper notopodial ligules usually longer than the lower ones, and the latter are parallel to the notaciculae throughout the body. L. culveri distribution is from Connecticut to central Argentina; however, this wide distribution might be due to the inclusion of several other species as junior synonyms, despite that some morphological differences were found between them. One of such species is L. nota (Treadwell, 1941), that was described from Texas; its parapodia have notopodial ligules of about the same size, and the lower ones are oblique to the notaciculae. In order to clarify the differences between these two species, and to define which inhabits the Northwestern Caribbean region, topotype materials from these two species and specimens from Chetumal Bay were collected, and their morphological features were compared. Our results indicated that L. culveri and L. nota are different species and that the latter is found in Chetumal Bay. On the basis of mature specimens, L. culveri is hereby restricted to the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Northwestern Atlantic Ocean, and L. nota are reinstated and its distribution extends from Texas, in the Gulf of Mexico to Chetumal Bay, in the Northwestern Caribbean Sea. A key to identify all species in Laeonereis Hartman (1945) is also included.

  11. Editors' Note

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ellen R. Cohn


    Full Text Available The Fall 2015 issue of the International Journal of Telerehabilitation (IJT presents the original work of three distinguished and innovative interdisciplinary teams.  Interdisciplinarity is also a hallmark of the IJT editorial staff, reviewers, and publishing team.The first article is a product of engineers with expertise in computing science (LoPresti and Simpson and a medical speech-language pathologist (Jinks who practices in the area of assistive technology. These authors reported upon the degree to which consumers are satisfied with the provision of telerehabilitation services for augmentative and alternative communication or alternative computer accessibility.A second article, by Proffitt, (occupational therapist and Lange, (a physiotherapist with expertise in the use of interactive video games and virtual reality technologies demonstrated the feasibility of employing a 6-week, game-based, in-home telerehabilitation exercise program using the Microsoft Kinect® for individuals with chronic stroke.Finally, the third article co-authored by Watzlaf (health information management, with degrees in public health and epidemiology, DeAlmeida (health information systems, with a degree in cell and molecular biology, Zhou (with degrees in computer science and physics, and expertise in mathematical modeling on health related topics, information integration, and comparative genomics, and Hartman (a reference librarian with a degree in chemistry, who collaborates with faculty in the health sciences and serves as a liaison to a school of health and rehabilitation sciences describes a protocol to conduct systematic reviews of research in telerehabilitation, with the aim that IJT readers can ultimately apply this protocol to identify best practices in telerehabilitation.

  12. Iatrogenic gall bladder perforations in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: an audit of 200 cases. (United States)

    Zubair, M; Habib, L; Mirza, M R; Channa, M A; Yousuf, M


    18(35.29%) and Hartman's pouch in 12(23.53%) patients. In 27(52.94%) patients, diathermy hook was the cause of perforation followed by grasping forceps in 24(47.06%) patients. In 33(64.71%) patients perforations occurred during dissection of gall bladder from liver bed, in 2(3.92%) during adhesiolysis and in 16(31.37%) during retraction maneuvers. Perforation of gall bladder occurred in 25.5% of patients during laparoscopic cholecystectomy and acutely inflamed and over distended gall bladders were proved significant factor for this intraoperative event.

  13. Global-Service Learning and Student-Athletes: A Model for Enhanced Academic Inclusion at the University of Washington. (United States)

    Barker, Holly M

    frame the study abroad experience as a tourist experience in the South Pacific. In this regard, the student-athletes encountered stereotypes from their own communities that framed Oceania as a place for tourism, and student-athletes as uninterested in deep engagement with research and theory-stereotypes that the student-athletes resist. This paper explains how the findings, coupled with Hartman and Kiely's theories for global service learning (GSL), lead to recommendations for strengthening the future connections between global and local learning for students. Copyright © 2016 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Salivary glucose concentration exhibits threshold kinetics in normal-weight, overweight, and obese children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hartman ML


    Full Text Available Mor-Li Hartman,1 J Max Goodson,1 Roula Barake,2 Osama Alsmadi,3 Sabiha Al-Mutawa,4 Jitendra Ariga,4 Pramod Soparkar,1 Jawad Behbehani,5 Kazem Behbehani,6 Francine Welty7 1Department of Applied Oral Sciences, The Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA; 2Department of Nutrition, The Dasman Diabetes Institute, Dasman, Kuwait; 3Genome Center, The Dasman Diabetes Institute, Dasman, Kuwait; 4Ministry of Health, Kuwait City, Kuwait; 5Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait; 6The Dasman Diabetes Institute, Dasman, Kuwait; 7Division of Cardiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA Background: Metabolic syndrome in childhood predicts the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes (T2D in adulthood. Testing for features of metabolic syndrome, such as fasting plasma glucose concentration, requires blood sampling which can be difficult in children. Here we evaluated salivary glucose concentration as a surrogate measurement for plasma glucose concentration in 11-year-old US children. Methods: Children from Portland, Maine, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a mean age of 10.6±0.2 years provided 6-hour fasting samples of both blood and whole saliva. Salivary glucose levels were measured with a high-sensitivity assay (sensitivity =0.002 mg/dL. Plasma glucose levels were determined by a commercial clinical laboratory. Blood pressure, salivary flow rate, height, and weight were also measured. Results: Of the 65 children enrolled, there were two underweight children (3.1%, 30 normal-weight children (46.2%, 12 overweight children (18.4%, and 21 obese children (32.3%. The mean overall glucose concentrations were 0.11±0.02 mg/dL in saliva and 86.3±0.8 mg/dL in plasma, and these did not differ significantly by body–weight groups. By regression analysis, the plasma concentration equaled 13.5 times the saliva concentration, with a threshold level of 84.8 mg/dL. Salivary glucose values less than threshold plasma

  15. Bacteriological examination of gallbladder contents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petaković Goran


    Full Text Available Introduction Acute calculous (obstructive cholecystitis develops as a consequence of cystic obstruction and obstruction of bile flow into choledochus. Most often it is a result of impacted gallstones in Hartman's pouch or the cystic duct. Their direct pressure on gallbladder mucosa causes ischemia, necrosis and ulceration with consequential wall edema and obstructed venous flow. This mechanism is further increasing and spreading the inflammatory process. Ulcerations may be that extensive, that mucosa is highly recognizable on the microscopic preparation. Leukocyte infiltration of all segments occurs. Results of necrosis are as follows: perforation with pericholecystic abscess formation, fistulization or biliary peritonitis. Aim The aim of this investigation was to use microbial sensitivity tests in order to establish possibilities of antibiotic therapy in patients with acute cholecystitis. Material and methods Using random sampling a total of 240 patients with acute cholecystitis were included in the investigation. They were all treated at the Clinic of Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery of the Clinical Center Novi Sad in the period 1997-1999. All patients underwent bacteriological examination and were coherent in regard to sex and age. Microbial sensitivity tests analyzed two groups of bacteria: Group I Escherichia coli, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus and Group II: other isolated bacteria (Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Enterococcus, Proteus, Pseudomonas Serratia and Streptococcus. Results In our material Escherichia coli was isolated in most patients - 32 (55.17%, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus in 6 (10.34% patients and Streptococcus in 4 (6.90%, whereas other bacteria were infrequent (Citrobacter and Serratia in 3.45%, Enterobacter, Proteus and Pseudomonas in 1.75%. Thus, E. coli, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus were established in 75.85% of bacteriologic findings, and all the rest in 24.15%. Assessment regarding premedication with antibiotics started

  16. Counting acyclic hypergraphs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG; Jianfang


    without exceptional family of elements and complementarity problems, J. Optim. Theory Appl., 1998, 99(1): 147.[16]Hartman, P., Stampacchia, G., On some nonlinear elliptic differentiable functional equation, Acta Math., 1966, 115(2): 271.

  17. Existence theorems of solution to variational inequality problems

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG; Liping


    without exceptional family of elements and complementarity problems, J. Optim. Theory Appl., 1998, 99(1): 147.[16]Hartman, P., Stampacchia, G., On some nonlinear elliptic differentiable functional equation, Acta Math., 1966, 115(2): 271.

  18. Investigation of Aerodynamic Interference of Double Deck Bridges

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sitek, M. A. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Energy Systems Division. Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC); Bojanowski, C. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Energy Systems Division. Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC); Lottes, S. A. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Energy Systems Division. Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC)


    Construction of a twin bridge can be a cost effective and minimally disruptive way to increase capacity when an existing bridge is not near the end of its service life. With ever growing vehicular traffic, when demand approaches the capacity of many existing roads and bridges. Remodeling a structure with an insufficient number of lanes can be a good solution in case of smaller and less busy bridges. Closing down or reducing traffic on crossings of greater importance for the construction period, however, can result in major delays and revenue loss for commerce and transportation as well as increasing the traffic load on alternate route bridges. Multiple-deck bridges may be the answer to this issue. A parallel deck can be built next to the existing one, without reducing the flow. Additionally, a new bridge can be designed as a twin or multi-deck structure. Several such structures have been built throughout the United States, among them: - The New NY Bridge Project - the Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing, - SR-182 Columbia River Bridge, - The Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge (I-87), - The Allegheny River Bridge, Pennsylvania, which carries I76, - Fred Hartman Bridge, TX, see Figure 1.2. With a growing number of double deck bridges, additional, more detailed, studies on the interaction of such bridge pairs in windy conditions appears appropriate. Aerodynamic interference effects should be examined to assure the aerodynamic stability of both bridges. There are many studies on aerodynamic response of single deck bridges, but the literature on double-deck structures is not extensive. The experimental results from wind tunnels are still limited in number, as a parametric study is required, they can be very time consuming. Literature review shows that some investigation of the effects of gap-width and angle of wind incidence has been done. Most of the CFD computational studies that have been done were limited to 2D simulations. Therefore, it is desirable to investigate twin decks

  19. VizieR Online Data Catalog: MOJAVE. XIII. New 15GHz observations on 1994-2013 (Lister+, 2016) (United States)

    Lister, M. L.; Aller, M. F.; Aller, H. D.; Homan, D. C.; Kellermann, K. I.; Kovalev, Y. Y.; Pushkarev, A. B.; Richards, J. L.; Ros, E.; Savolainen, T.


    Starting with the 2cm Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) survey in 1994 (Kellermann et al. 1998AJ....115.1295K), and continuing with the MOJAVE (Monitoring of Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei with VLBA Experiments) program (Lister et al. 2009, Cat. J/AJ/137/3718), we have carried out multi-epoch VLBA observations of several hundred of the brightest, most compact radio sources in the northern sky. In this paper, we present 1625 VLBA 15GHz contour maps of 295 AGNs for epochs between 1994 August 31 and 2013 August 20 that have not previously appeared in any paper from the MOJAVE (Lister & Homan 2005, Cat. J/AJ/130/1389; Lister et al. 2009, Cat. J/AJ/137/3718; Lister et al. 2013, Cat. J/AJ/146/120) or 2cm VLBA surveys (Kellermann et al. 1998AJ....115.1295K; Zensus et al. 2002AJ....124..662Z). These AGNs (see Table1) are from one or more of the following: the MOJAVE low-luminosity sample (Lister et al. 2013, Cat. J/AJ/146/120), the complete flux density-limited MOJAVE 1.5Jy sample (Lister et al. 2015, Cat. J/ApJ/810/L9), the VLBA 2cm survey (Kellermann et al. 1998AJ....115.1295K), the third EGRET gamma-ray catalog (Hartman et al. 1999, Cat. J/ApJS/123/79), or the 3FGL Fermi gamma-ray catalog (Acero et al. 2015, Cat. J/ApJS/218/23). Also included are some AGNs that were originally candidates for these samples, but did not meet the final selection criteria. We list the parameters of the contour maps in Table2. We modeled the (u, v) visibility data in Difmap (Shepherd 1997ASPC..125...77S) using a set of Gaussian features, which we list in Table3. We analyzed the kinematics of the robust Gaussian jet features in our sample using two methods. The results of these analyses are listed separately in Tables 4 and 5, respectively. (6 data files).

  20. Hartmann手术与术后不良事件的相关性研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Aydin; H.; N.; Remzi; F.H.; Tekkis; P.; P.; Fazio; V.W.; 张欣(译); 史敏(校)



  1. Influence of Surgical Technique, Performance Status, and Peritonitis Exposure on Surgical Site Infection in Acute Complicated Diverticulitis: A Matched Case-Control Study. (United States)

    Zonta, Sandro; De Martino, Michela; Podetta, Michele; Viganò, Jacopo; Dominioni, Tommaso; Picheo, Roberto; Cobianchi, Lorenzo; Alessiani, Mario; Dionigi, Paolo


    Acute generalized peritonitis secondary to complicated diverticulitis is a life-threatening condition; the standard treatment is surgery. Despite advances in peri-operative care, this condition is accompanied by a high peri-operative complication rate (22%-25%). No definitive evidence is available to recommend a preferred surgical technique in patients with Hinchey stage III/IV disease. A matched case-control study enrolling patients from four surgical units at Italian university hospital was planned to assess the most appropriate surgical treatment on the basis of patient performance status and peritonitis exposure, with the aim of minimizing the surgical site infection (SSI). A series of 1,175 patients undergoing surgery for Hinchey III/IV peritonitis in 2003-2013 were analyzed. Cases (n=145) were selected from among those patients who developed an SSI. control ratio was 1:3. Cases and control groups were matched by age, gender, body mass index, and Hinchey grade. We considered three surgical techniques: T1=Hartman's procedure; T2=sigmoid resection, anastomosis, and ileostomy; and T3=sigmoid resection and anastomosis. Six scoring systems were analyzed to assess performance status; subsequently, patients were divided into low, mild, and high risk (LR, MR, HR) according to the system producing the highest area under the curve. We classified peritonitis exposition as P1=24 h. Univariable and multivariable analyses were performed. The Apgar scoring system defined the risk groups according to performance status. Lowest SSI risk was expected when applying T3 in P1 (OR=0.22), P2 (OR=0.5) for LR and in P1 (OR=0.63) for MR; T2 in P2 (OR=0.5) in LR and in P1 (OR=0.61) in MR; T1 in P3 (OR=0.56) in LR; in P2 (OR=0.63) and P3 (OR=0.54) in MR patients, and in each P subgroup (OR=0.93;0.97;1.01) in HR. Pre-operative assessment based on Apgar scoring system integrated with peritonitis exposure in complicated diverticulitis may offer a ready-to-use tool for reducing SSI

  2. Numerically Simulated Impact of Gas Prandtl Number and Flow Model on Efficiency of the Machine-less Energetic Separation Device

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. S. Egorov


    Full Text Available The presented paper regards the influence of one of similarity criteria – the Prandtl number of gas (Pr - on the efficiency of the machine-less energetic separation device (Leontiev pipe, using numerical modeling in ANSYS software. This device, equally as Rank-Hilsch and Hartman-Schprenger pipes, is designed to separate one gas flow into two flows with different temperatures. One flow (supersonic streams out of the pipe with a temperature higher than initial and the other (subsonic flows out with a temperature lower than initial. This direction of energetic separation is true if the Prandtl number is less than 1 that corresponds to gases.The Prandtl number affects the efficiency of running Leontiev pipe indirectly both through a temperature difference on which a temperature recovery factor has an impact and through a thermal conductivity coefficient that shows the impact of heat transfer intensity between gas and solid wall.The Prandtl number range in the course of research was from 0.1 to 0.7. The Prandtl number value equal to 0.7 corresponds to the air or pure gases (for example, inert argon gas. The Prandtl number equal to 0.2 corresponds to the mixtures of inert gases such as helium-xenon.The numerical modeling completed for the supersonic flow with Mach number 2.0 shows that efficiency of the machine-less energetic separation device has been increased approximately 2 times with the Prandtl number decreasing from 0.7 to 0.2. Moreover, for the counter-flow scheme this effect is a little higher due to its larger heat efficiency in comparison with the straight-flow one.Also, the research shows that the main problem for the further increase of the Leontiev pipe efficiency is a small value of thermal conductivity coefficient, which requires an intensification of the heat exchange, especially in the supersonic flow. It can be obtained, for example, by using a system of oblique shock waves in the supersonic channel.

  3. Visible and Infrared Wavefront Sensing detectors review in Europe - part I (United States)

    Feautrier, Philippe; Gach, Jean-luc


    The purpose of this review is to give an overview of the state of the art wavefront sensor detectors developments held in Europe for the last decade. A major breakthrough has been achieved with the development by e2v technologies of the CCD220 between 2004 and 2012. Another major breakthrough is currently achieved with the very successful development of fast low noise infrared arrays called RAPID. The astonishing results of this device will be showed for the first time in an international conference at AO4ELT3.The CCD220, a 240x240 pixels 8 outputs EMCCD (CCD with internal multiplication), offers less than 0.2 e readout noise at a frame rate of 1500 Hz with negligible dark current. The OCAM2 camera is the commercial product that drives this advanced device. This system, commercialized by First Light Imaging, is quickly described in this paper. An upgrade of OCAM2 is currently developed to boost its frame rate to 2 kHz, opening the window of XAO wavefront sensing for the ELT using 4 synchronized cameras and pyramid wavefront sensing. This upgrade and the results obtained are described extensively elsewhere in this conference (Gach et al).Since this major success, new detector developments started in Europe. The NGSD CMOS device is fully dedicated to Natural and Laser Guide Star AO for the E-ELT with ESO involvement. The spot elongation from a LGS Shack Hartman wavefront sensor necessitates an increase of the pixel format. The NGSD will be a 880x840 pixels CMOS detector with a readout noise of 3 e (goal 1e) at 700 Hz frame rate. New technologies will be developed for that purpose: advanced CMOS pixel architecture, CMOS back thinned and back illuminated device for very high QE, full digital outputs with signal digital conversion on chip. This innovative device will be used on the European ELT but also interests potentially all giant telescopes.Additional developments also started in 2009 for wavefront sensing in the infrared based on a new technological breakthrough

  4. Experimental and theoretical aspects of the growth and equilibrium morphology of NaNO{sub 3}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Benages Vilau, R.; Cuevas-Diarte, M.A.; Calvet i Pallas, T. [Dept. Cristallografia, Mineralogia i Diposits Minerals, Facultat de Geologia, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain); Costa, E.; Bruno, M.; Aquilano, D. [Dipartimento di Scienze Mineralogiche e Petrologiche, Torino Univ. (Italy)


    Sodium nitrate (mineral nitratine, NaNO{sub 3}, space group R anti 3c at room temperature) is a material used in a great variety of fields, such as the molten salt technology. It is also of very interest from a crystallographic point of view, being iso-structural with calcite (CaCO{sub 3}). We performed several growth experiments in aqueous solution, near-equilibrium, with the aim of finding the ideal conditions for investigating both face-by-face growth kinetics and surface characterization, as well as the influence of K{sup +} and Li{sup +} ions on the growth morphology. Single {l_brace}10.4{r_brace} rhombohedral crystals have been systematically grown from pure aqueous solution, while {l_brace}00.1{r_brace} truncated rhombohedra were obtained in the presence of K{sup +} and Li{sup +} ions in the mother solution. When determining the theoretical equilibrium morphology of NaNO{sub 3} crystals, the {l_brace}00.1{r_brace} and {l_brace}10.4{r_brace} surfaces were studied by using the 2D-slab model and relaxed and athermal surface energies (surfaces energies at T = 0 K) were evaluated at DFT level (B3LYP Hamiltonian) by using the CRYSTAL06 package. The {l_brace}00.1{r_brace} dipolar surfaces were reconstructed by the octopolar Hartman-Lacmann's model, already proposed for NaCl-like lattices. This type of reconstruction is the only one which respects the bulk symmetry of the crystal. The octopolar Na{sup +} terminated {l_brace}00.1{r_brace} form resulted to be more stable than the NO{sub 3}{sup -} terminated one. However, the {l_brace}00.1{r_brace} form does not enter the theoretical athermal equilibrium shape of nitratine crystals, being {gamma}{sub (10.4)Na}=160, {gamma}{sub (00.1)Na}= 695 and {gamma}{sub (00.1)NO3}=1535 erg/cm{sup 2}. Finally, a simple 2D-epitaxy model is proposed to explain the appearance of NaNO{sub 3}{l_brace}00.1{r_brace} truncated rhombohedra in the presence of K{sup +} and Li{sup +} ions. (copyright 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGa

  5. Geochemistry of pore-fluids related to the distribution of the biological communities on the giant Regab pockmark, off Gabon (United States)

    de Prunelé, A.; Caprais, J.; Ruffine, L.; Cassarino, L.; Guyader, V.; Bollinger, C.; Ondréas, H.; Donval, J.; Olu, K.; Geli, L. B.; Cunningham, K. L.; Cauquil, E.


    been developed. The resulting dataset will be discussed in the view of drawing relationships between the pore fluid chemistry and the distribution of the living communities. REFERENCE Gay A., Lopez M., Ondreas H., Charlou J-L., Sermondadaz G., Cochonat P. (2006) Seafloor facies related to upward methane flux within a Giant Pockmark of the Lower Congo Basin. Marine Geology, 226, 81-95. Ondréas H., Olu K., Fouquet Y., Charlou J., Gay A., Dennielou B., Donval J., Fifis A., Nadalig T., Cochonat P., Cauquil E., Bourillet J., Moigne M., and Sibuet M. (2005) ROV study of a giant pockmark on the Gabon continental margin. Geo-Marine Letters 25 : 281-292 Froelich, P.N., Klinkhammer, G.P., Bender, M.L., Luedtke, N.A., Heath, G.R., Cullen, D., Dauphin, P., Hammond, D., Hartman, B., and Maynard, V., 1979. Early oxidation of organic matter in pelagic sediments of the eastern equatorial Atlantic: Suboxic diagenesis.

  6. Investigation of rotated PCA from the perspective of network communities applied to climate data (United States)

    Hartman, David; Hlinka, Jaroslav; Vejmelka, Martin; Palus, Milan


    , seasonality, and persistence of low-frequency atmospheric circulation patterns. Monthly Weather Review 115:1083-1126. Feldstein, SB (2000) The timescale, power spectra, and climate noise properties of teleconnection patterns. Journal of Climate 13(24), 4430-4440. Fortunato, S (2010) Community detection in graphs. Physics Report-Review Section of Physics Letters 486(3-5), 75-174. Kistler, R and Coauthors (2001) The NCEP-NCAR 50-Year Reanalysis: Monthly means CD-ROM and documentation. Bulletin of American Meteorological Society 82, 247-267. Hlinka J, Hartman D, Vejmelka M, Novotna D and Palus M. Non-linear dependence and teleconnections in climate data: sources, relevance, nonstationarity. Submitted preprint, available at arXiv:1211.6688. Girvan, M ; Newman, MEJ (2002) Community structure in social and biological networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United State of America 99(12), 7821-7826. Newman, MEJ and Girvan N (2004) Finding and evaluating community structure in networks. Physical Review E 69(2), 026113. Tsonis, AA; Swanson, KL (2012) On the origins of decadal climate variability: a network perspective. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 19(5), 559-568. Tsonis, AA; Wang, G; Swanson, KL ; Rodrigues, FA; Costa, LD (2011) Community structure and dynamics in climate networks. Climate Dynamics 37(5-6), 933-940.

  7. Sponges of the Guyana Shelf. (United States)

    VAN Soest, Rob W M


    . nov., Leucosolenia salpinx sp. nov., Petrosia (Strongylophora) devoogdae sp. nov., Placospongia ruetzleri sp. nov., Pyloderma tropicale sp. nov., Raspailia (Parasyringella) thamnopilosa sp. nov., Raspailia (Raspailia) johnhooperi sp. nov., Sphaerotylus bouryesnaultae sp. nov., Spirastrella erylicola sp. nov., Stelletta vervoorti sp. nov., Suberites crispolobatus sp. nov., Tedania (Stylotedania) folium subgen. nov. sp. nov., Timea tylasterina sp. nov., and Tylosigma ostreicola sp. nov. Two new combinations are proposed: Amphimedon nanaspiculata (Hartman, 1955) comb. nov. and Oceanapia ascidia (Schmidt, 1870) comb. nov. In addition, for two preoccupied combinations, new names, Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) barbadensis nom. nov. and Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) rowi nom. nov., are erected. The spatial distribution of the collected specimens over the Guyana Shelf was traced and the results were compared with existing information on bottom conditions. There was a convincing correlation between the location of fossil reefs and other hard substrates such as shell ridges with peaks in the occurrence of species diversity and specimen numbers. Stations made on sand and mud bottoms away from these zones of hard substrates were generally poor in species, but some were found to be rich in individuals of specialized soft bottom dwellers such as Tetilla pentatriaena, Tribrachium schmidtii, Fangophilina submersa, and Oceanapia species. The species composition of the Guyana Shelf was compared with that of neighbouring regions of the Caribbean and from North and East Brazil (Díaz in Miloslavich et al. 2010; Muricy et al. 2011). About 35% of the species encountered are widespread in the Central West Atlantic, occurring both to the north and to the south. Indications that the Guyana Shelf sponge fauna is clearly transitional are southernmost occurrences for Caribbean species (about 30%), and northernmost occurrences of Brazilian species (13%), with a high proportion (25%) of new species, which

  8. Information transfer and synchronization among the scales of climate variability: clues for understanding anomalies and extreme events? (United States)

    Palus, Milan


    also influences the phase of the AC and QB modes. These examples provide an inspiration for a discussion how novel data analysis methods, based on topics from nonlinear dynamical systems, their synchronization, (Granger) causality and information transfer, in combination with dynamical and statistical models of different complexity, can help in understanding and prediction of climate variability on different scales and in estimating probability of occurrence of extreme climate events. [1] M. Palus, V. Komarek, Z. Hrncir, K. Sterbova, Phys. Rev. E, 63(4), 046211 (2001) [2] J. Hlinka, N. Jajcay, D. Hartman, M. Palus, Smooth Information Flow in Temperature Climate Network Reflects Mass Transport, submitted to Chaos. [3] M. Palus, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 078702 (2014) [4] N. Jajcay, J. Hlinka, S. Kravtsov, A. A. Tsonis, M. Palus, Geophys. Res. Lett. 43(2), 902-909 (2016)

  9. Aligning Heart Intelligence for Strategic Impact (United States)

    Soper, George; Walsh, Barbara; Drendall, Deborah


    Background: Memorial Hospital & Health System is a midwestern, level 2 trauma center and health system with more than 4000 employees. We are a community-owned, not-for-profit hospital/health system with a more than 100-year history of serving with innovative excellence. Memorial began its partnership with HeartMath in 2002 as part of our Wellness initiative, reconnecting in 2008 to invigorate our “Great Place to Work” journey. Introduction: We highlighted the fertile ground we prepared over 20 years to ensure a healthy, well-integrated reception for the concept/practice of coherence. The evolution of the organization included a strategic focus on leadership development and intentional people-related tactics. Method: We believe that “stand alone” programs have strength by themselves but can be even stronger and more sustainable when linked or integrated with other like concepts or ideas. We summarized our 20-year journey of striving to become the “best place to work.” In 1992, we partnered with Stephen Covey and introduced The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to all of our senior and mid-level leaders. We emphasized emotional and spiritual intelligence, building on the concept of the whole-person paradigm. We built the Memorial brand around the flame of individual passion ignited by the four intelligences: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical. We enlisted the executive leaders as our “fire starters,” charging them with being the “Keepers of the Flame.” Building on the primary principle of effectiveness—Be Proactive—we added the concept of coherence as the basis for decision-making and action in the organization. Adding Covey's notion of Holistic Renewal, we held leaders accountable for self-renewal and work regeneration. In 2000, we introduced the Hartman Value Profile. This tool assesses one's value system, measuring critical-thinking skills, morale, and amount of stress. It also measures self-care and self-criticism. We

  10. 模拟生理调节状态下人眼高阶像差的波动%The dynamic characteristics of ocular wavefront aberrations with the physiological accommodation in human eyes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    熊瑛; 万修华; 余翔; 薛丽霞; 李靖; 李树宁; 卿国平; 凌宁; 王宁利


    Objective To investigate the dynamic characteristics of ocular wavefront aberrations and discuss the relationship between aberrations and pupil size, as well as the relationships between aberrations and accommodation under simulated physiological conditions. Design Prospective comperative study. Participants Normal eyes (21 cases) and the simulated eye. Methods The condition of ocular accommodation was controlled by the moving visual target when the value of the wavefront aberrations was collected by Hart-mann-Shark aberrometry. The simulated eye was used as the control. Main Outcome Measures The root mean square of total wave- front aberration (t-RMS) and high-order aberration (h-RMS) from normal eyes and the simulated eye and their coefficient of variance. Results In normal eye, the mean t-RMS was 0.46±0.18μm; the mean h-RMS was 0.27±0.14μm, the coefficient of variance was 40.37% and 36.34%, respectively. As a control, the mean t-RMS and coefficient of variance of the simulated eye' s was 0.39±0.00μm and 0.47% respectively. The h-RMS of normal eyes was correlated with pupil sizes and accommodation. The regression equation could be expressed as: h-RMS= 0.111 x pupil diameter (mm) -0.015 x dioptre (D) - 0.313(P<0.001 ,R2=0.458). Conclusion The ocular wavefront aberrations could change significantly under physiological conditions. The pupil size is the main factor.%目的 模拟生理调节状态下随着眼调节和瞳孔直径的变化人眼高阶像差的波动特点.设计 前瞻性比较性研究.研究对象 21例正常人眼与模拟眼.方法 通过控制视路上移动视标的位置诱发人眼调节,在调节过程中,不人为控制瞳孔直径,使其处于自然收缩舒张状态,实时用哈特曼波前传感器(Hartman-Shark)采集人眼波前像差.模拟眼作为对照.主要指标 人眼与模拟眼的总波前像差的均方根(t-RMS)和高阶像差的均方根(h-RMS)及其变异系数.结果 生理调节状态下,人眼的t-RMS为(0.46±0

  11. Directional property of the retinal reflection measured with optical coherence tomography and wavefront sensing (United States)

    Gao, Weihua

    orientation of the photoreceptor and ganglion axons that compose the layers, respectively. The reflectance of HFL and RNFL were consistent with scattering from cylindrical structures. Apparent thickness and brightness of HFL varied significantly with pupil entry position. Brightness of RNFL also varied significantly with entry position, but its apparent thickness did not. The overall retinal directionality was found consistent with the optical SCE reported in the literature. The third objective evaluated a second optical method, based on Shack-Hartman wavefront sensing (SHWS), for measuring the optical SCE. Using a modified research-grade SHWS with custom algorithm, I demonstrated that the retinal reflectance can be readily extracted from the SHWS measurement and the spatial distribution of which is consistent with the optical SCE. This new method represents an attractive alternative to the conventional, highly customized instruments traditionally used for measuring the optical SCE and provides a more complete description of the eye's optical performance than currently implemented with SHWS technology.

  12. Complex antithrombotic therapy: determinants of patient preference and impact on medication adherence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abraham NS


    Full Text Available Neena S Abraham,1,2 Aanand D Naik,3,4 Richard L Street Jr,3–5 Diana L Castillo,3 Anita Deswal,6 Peter A Richardson,3,4 Christine M Hartman,3 George Shelton Jr,3,4 Liana Fraenkel7,8 1Division of Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ, USA; 2Divison of Healthcare Policy and Research, Department of Health Services Research, Rochester, MN, USA; 3Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety at the Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, TX, USA; 4Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA; 5Department of Communication, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA; 6Cardiology, Michael E DeBakey VAMC, Houston, TX, USA; 7Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven, CT, USA; 8Department of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA Purpose: For years, older patients have been prescribed multiple blood-thinning medications (complex antithrombotic therapy [CAT] to decrease their risk of cardiovascular events. These therapies, however, increase risk of adverse bleeding events. We assessed patient-reported trade-offs between cardioprotective benefit, gastrointestinal bleeding risk, and burden of self-management using adaptive conjoint analysis (ACA. As ACA could be a clinically useful tool to obtain patient preferences and guide future patient-centered care, we examined the clinical application of ACA to obtain patient preferences and the impact of ACA on medication adherence.Patients and methods: An electronic ACA survey led 201 respondents through medication risk–benefit trade-offs, revealing patients’ preferences for the CAT risk/benefit profile they valued most. The post-ACA prescription regimen was categorized as concordant or discordant with elicited preferences. Adherence was measured using VA pharmacy refill data to measure persistence of use prior to and 1 year following preference-elicitation. Additionally, we analyzed qualitative interviews of 56 respondents

  13. Reduction of emissions and geological storage of CO{sub 2}. Innovation an industrial stakes; Reduction des emissions et stockage geologique du CO{sub 2}. Innovation et enjeux industriels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mandil, C.; Podkanski, J.; Socolow, R.; Dron, D.; Reiner, D.; Horrocks, P.; Fernandez Ruiz, P.; Dechamps, P.; Stromberg, L.; Wright, I.; Gazeau, J.C.; Wiederkehr, P.; Morcheoine, A.; Vesseron, P.; Feron, P.; Feraud, A.; Torp, N.T.; Christensen, N.P.; Le Thiez, P.; Czernichowski, I.; Hartman, J.; Roulet, C.; Roberts, J.; Zakkour, P.; Von Goerne, G.; Armand, R.; Allinson, G.; Segalen, L.; Gires, J.M.; Metz, B.; Brillet, B


    transport systems by P. Wiederkehr (EST International), The prospects for reducing CO{sub 2} emissions in the transport sector (cars and aviation) by A. Morcheoine (ADEME), The contribution of biofuels and alternative fuels to reducing CO{sub 2} emissions in the transport sector by I. Drescher (Volkswagen AG). Session III - Technological progress in the capture and geological storage of CO{sub 2}: European projects on CO{sub 2} capture and storage by P. Dechamps (European Commission, Research Energy Conversion and Transport); Capture of CO{sub 2}: Innovative CO{sub 2} capture concepts by P. Feron (TNO), Capture of CO{sub 2} in pre- and oxy-combustion by A. Feraud, N. Otter (Alstom); Geological storage of CO{sub 2}: Geological storage capacity by N.P. Christensen (GEUS), Feedback from industrial CO{sub 2} storage projects by T. Torp (Statoil), The main avenues of current research by P. Le Thiez (IFP) and I. Czernichowski (BRGM), Long-term industrial experience with underground gas storage by J. Hartman (GDF). Session IV - Regulatory, economic and financial aspects. Legal and regulatory framework for capture and geological storage: UK's perspective on the regulatory framework for CO{sub 2} storage by J. Roberts (DEFRA-UK), Monitoring and reporting of CCS in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme by P. Zakkour (ERM), Social need and public questions and perceptions by G. von Goerne (Greenpeace); Economic and financial impact: The costs of CCS by G. Allinson (CO{sub 2}-CRC), The characteristics of CO{sub 2} markets: players, volumes exchanged, and term and spot transaction prices by L. Segalen (European Carbon Fund), CO{sub 2} management by J.M. Gires (Total), The forthcoming IPCC special report on carbon dioxide capture and storage by B. Metz (IPCC Working Group III). Closing Address by Bernard Brillet, Ministry for Higher Education and Research. (J.S.)

  14. La personalidad de José Asunción Silva. (II parte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Francisco Socarrás


    Hartman, atto Kernberg y Heinz Kohut acerca de la formación del yo, del “sí mismo” y del superyo.

    El ello, el yo y el superyo

    Según la teoría de Freud, las instancias fundamentales de la persona son el ello, el yo y el superyo. El ello comprende lo heredado, Principalmente los instintos dependientes de la constitución somática. Contiene energías sexuales, la libido, y agresivas. Se rige, en consecuencia, por un proceso primario de impulsos contradictorios. Muchos de estos son inconscientes después de haber

    sido reprimidos. La comunicación del ello con el mundo exterior se hace a través del yo. En el ello no hay distinción entre lo bueno y lo malo y provee de energía al yo y al superyo. Diversos autores han criticado el esquema instintual de Freud. Algunos lo han reducido a los instintos de vida y de muerte o tánatos. Otros han cambiado instinto por necesidad o por apetito.

    El yo es la parte de la persona que actúa como agente de transacción entre el ello, el superyo, instancia represora, y el mundo exterior. Su porción preconsciente y consciente toma las decisiones y las lleva a cabo. Es catectizado por la libido y el instinto agresivo del ello con carácter narcisista secundario. Controla la motricidad voluntaria y lleva a cabo compromisos razonables entre la satisfacción de las necesidades, su represión o aplazamiento y la realidad. Adopta para el caso los llamados mecanismos de defensa.

    Los principales de tales mecanismos son la represión y la negación. La represión excluye de la conciencia el deseo instintivo y sus derivados, afectos, recuerdos y fantasías asociadas. Es primaria cuando impide que derivados peligrosos del ello accedan a la conciencia, y secundaria, si no deja que reingrese a la conciencia el material que estuvo en ella. La negación o rechazo mantiene alejada de la conciencia percepciones traumáticas. Defiende pues de las exigencias de la realidad externa; caso típico el del hombre impotente que

  15. Multiculturalism in the European Context: Attainments and Disagreements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Snježana Gregurović


    multiculturalism there is a particularly pronounced gap when it comes to the idea of economic redistribution. On the one hand, the emphasis is on the idea of recognition of cultural differences without a call for economic redistribution, and on the other the issue of recognition is neglected in favour of economic redistribution. A more comprehensive conception of multiculturalism would require elimination of such contradiction (cf. Hartman and Gerteis, 2005, and the one-dimensional concept should be replaced with the integrative concept that includes both politics – politics of recognition and of economic redistribution. The multiculturalist policies in Europe have been criticised from all sides. Criticism of multiculturalism has wide repercussions in various spheres of society and, among other things, it is a new impetus to extreme political parties that advocate a restrictive immigration policy as well as limited access to citizens’ rights. The politicians of the three most powerful European economies (Germany, Great Britain and France have taken a strong stance against multiculturalism and allegedly poor integration effects of multiculturalist policies as well as for disintegration of society. This understanding implies a static concept of social order in which cultural diversity is perceived as a threat to social cohesion. In this opinion, social order and stability are always much more difficult to achieve and maintain in the context of diversity than in the context of homogeneity. Besides, in the European context, questioning of multiculturalist approach and a certain return of assimilation (theory and politics could be also found in the work of the United States theorists who try to justify such policies considering them as a strong platform which reduces the structural inequalities (Glazer, 1993; Portes and Zhou, 1993; Alba and Nee, 2003. It is doubtful how much the reintroduction of assimilation policies in the European context would achieve the desired integration

  16. Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine (United States)

    Dainty, Christopher


    at Iris AO (poster paper) / Michael A. Helmbrecht ... [et al.]. Electrostatic push pull mirror improvernents in visual optics (poster paper) / S. Bonora and L. Poletto. 25cm bimorph mirror for petawatt laser / S. Bonora ... [et al.]. Hysteresis compensation for piezo deformable mirror (poster paper) / H. Song ... [et al.]. Static and dynamic responses of an adaptive optics ferrofluidic mirror (poster paper) / A. Seaman ... [et al.]. New HDTV (1920 x 1080) phase-only SLM (poster paper) / Stefan Osten and Sven Krueger. Monomorph large aperture deformable mirror for laser applications (poster paper) / J-C Sinquin, J-M Lurcon, C. Guillemard. Low cost, high speed for adaptive optics control (oral paper) / Christopher D. Saunter and Gordon D. Love. Open loop woofer-tweeter adaptive control on the LAO multi-conjugate adaptive optics testbed (oral paper) / Edward Laag, Don Gavel and Mark Ammons -- pt. 2. Wavefront sensors. Wave front sensorless adaptive optics for imaging and microscopy (invited paper) / Martin J. Booth, Delphine Débarre and Tony Wilson. A fundamental limit for wavefront sensing (oral paper) / Carl Paterson. Coherent fibre-bundle wavefront sensor (oral paper) / Brian Vohnsen, I. Iglesias and Pablo Artal. Maximum-likelihood methods in wave-front sensing: nuisance parameters (oral paper) / David Lara, Harrison H. Barrett, and Chris Dainty. Real-time wavefront sensing for ultrafast high-power laser beams (oral paper) / Juan M. Bueno ... [et al.]. Wavefront sensing using a random phase screen (oral paper) / M. Loktev, G. Vdovin and O. Soloviev. Quadri-Wave Lateral Shearing Interferometry: a new mature technique for wave front sensing in adaptive optics (oral paper) / Benoit Wattellier ... [et al.]. In vivo measurement of ocular aberrations with a distorted grating wavefront sensor (oral paper) / P. Harrison ... [et al.]. Position-sensitive detector designed with unusual CMOS layout strategies for a Hartman-Shack wavefront sensor (oral Paper) / Davies W. de Lima

  17. From the Editor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ugur DEMIRAY


    , Bogazici University, Istanbul,TURKEY. This paper examines the emerging ideas to implement the usage of Second Life as an educational tool in a wide range of subject areas. The majority of the information used to create these 10 pedagogical approaches was derived from a series of participative inquiries, personal observations, formal and informal interviews, and documenting the perceptions of teachers and students using (and trying to use Second Life as an educational tool. Ten pedagogical approaches have emerged thus far. Each section briefing explains the concept, illustrates the idea with examples, and provides implementation suggestions. The sixth article from USA on “USE OF SECOND LIFE IN K-12 AND HIGHER EDUCATION: A Review of Research”, written by Chris INMAN, Vivian H. WRIGHT & Julia A. HARTMAN, from The University of Alabama, USA. This artile is published in Journal of Interactive Online Learning, Volume 9, Number 1, Spring, 2010 and republished by official permission of JIOL Editor-in-Chief’. This study reviewed empirical research conducted in Second Life by educators since Second Life’s launch in 2003. The study’s purpose was to identify how Second Life is being used in both K-12 and higher education. The methodology, findings, and recommendations of 27 research studies were analyzed. Researchers identified potential problems when using Second Life in education, including issues with the Second Life software and hardware requirements, a steep learning curve, and the possibility of students becoming exposed to distractions or inappropriate content. The seventh one is again from USA. On “GENOME ISLAND: A Virtual Science Environment in Second Life”, written by Mary ANNE CLARK, from Texas Wesleyan University, USA”. This article describes the organization and uses of Genome Island, a virtual laboratory complex constructed in Second Life. Genome Island was created for teaching genetics to university undergraduates but also provides a public space where

  18. EDITORIAL: Special issue on applied neurodynamics: from neural dynamics to neural engineering Special issue on applied neurodynamics: from neural dynamics to neural engineering (United States)

    Chiel, Hillel J.; Thomas, Peter J.


    directly descended from the analysis of the Hodgkin and Huxley equations in FitzHugh and Nagumo's early work. Mathematicians became increasingly interested in biological problems in general, and in the function of the nervous system in particular, during the latter part of the twentieth century. The natural tool for describing more complex neural systems whose patterns of activity unfold in time was nonlinear dynamical systems theory. Classic work from such investigators as Kolmogorov, Arnol'd, Moser, Malkin, Andronov, Hopf, Birkhoff, Hartman and others (reviewed in Izhikevich 2006) served as the basis for understanding the dynamics of neural models such as the coupling of oscillators for rhythmic behavior, leading to work such as that of Koppell and Ermentrout on the lamprey swimming system (Kopell and Ermentrout 1986, 1990), based on earlier models of Cohen et al (1982). Exploration of nonlinear interactions in neuronal populations, especially those that might be related to vision, led to the development of the Wilson-Cowan equations in the 1970s (Wilson and Cowan 1972, 1973). The advent of increasingly powerful personal computers also made it feasible to combine theoretical analyses with extensive numerical investigations of nonlinear dynamical systems. An important and influential example of such work was the detailed bifurcation analysis of Morris and Lecar's two-dimensional model of nonlinear dynamical behavior in the giant muscle fiber of the Pacific barnacle Balanus nubilis (Morris and Lecar 1981), done by Rinzel and Ermentrout in the late 1980s (Rinzel and Ermentrout 1989). The mathematical analysis of bursting behavior based on decomposition of a dynamical system into fast and slow subsystems, an application of Fenichel's geometric singular perturbation theory (Fenichel 1979, Jones 1995), continues to play an important role. Recent work on dynamical analyses of neurons and neural circuits is described in Izhikevich's recent book (Izhikevich 2006), which is based