Sample records for haobie yangyin ruanjian

  1. A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method in Treating Diabetic Nephropathy

    Jiao Ying Ou


    Full Text Available Objective. The purpose of this systematic review is to evaluate the evidence of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method for diabetic nephropathy. Methods. 11 electronic databases, through September 2015, were searched to identify randomized controlled trials of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method for diabetic nephropathy. The quality of the included trials was assessed using the Jadad scale. Results. 26 randomized controlled trials were included in our review. Of all the included trials, most of them were considered as high quality. The aggregated results suggested that Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method is beneficial to diabetic nephropathy in bringing down the microalbuminuria (SMD = −0.98, 95% CI −1.22 to −0.74, serum creatinine (SMD = −0.56, 95% CI −0.93 to −0.20, beta-2 microglobulin (MD = 0.06, 95% CI 0.01 to 0.12, fasting plasma glucose (MD = −0.35, 95% CI −0.62 to −0.08, and 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (MD = 1.13, 95% CI 0.07 to 2.20, but not in decreasing blood urea nitrogen (SMD = −0.72, 95% CI −1.47 to 0.02 or 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (SMD = −0.48, 95% CI −1.01 to 0.04. Conclusions. Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method should be a valid complementary and alternative therapy in the management of diabetic nephropathy, especially in improving UAER, serum creatinine, fasting blood glucose, and beta-2 microglobulin. However, more studies with long follow-up are warrant to confirm the current findings.

  2. Experimental Study of Anticancer Angiogenesis on Huazhuo Jiedu Ruan-jian Recipe in H22 Hepatic Cancer Mice%化浊解毒软坚方对肝癌荷瘤小鼠血管生成的影响

    张志威; 张焕玲; 沈正先; 管佳畅; 孟宗德; 毛宇湘


    目的:观察化浊解毒软坚颗粒(FGC -6)对肝癌荷瘤小鼠肿瘤组织血管生成的影响。方法将 H22荷瘤小鼠随机分空白组、模型组、FGC -6组、5-氟尿嘧啶(5Fu)组、FGC -6+5Fu 组,每组10只。连续给药7 d 后,检测 FGC -6对 H22肝癌小鼠体质量、抑瘤率、转移指标血管内皮因子(VEGF)的影响。结果 FGC -6组、FGC -6+5Fu 组、5Fu 组均有明显抑瘤作用,抑瘤率分别为34.23%、55.94%、36.12%,FGC -6+5Fu 组降低明显,与5Fu 组之间有显著差别,5Fu 组而与 FGC -6组比较,抑瘤率二者之间无差异;FGC -6组、FGC -6+5Fu 组、5Fu 组的 VEGF 表达较模型组低,其中 FGC -6+5Fu 组含量下降最明显,其次是5Fu 组,三组间有差异显著。结论 FGC -6对荷 H22肝癌小鼠有明显的抗肿瘤血管生成作用,从而抑制肿瘤的生长与转移,其机制可能与降低 VEGF 的表达有关。%Objective To explore the effect of anticancer angiogenesis on Huazhuo Jiedu Ruanjian recipe(FGC - 6)in H22 hepatic cancer mice. Methods The cancer - bearing mice were divided into 5 groups:Model control group(regular cancer - bearing mice),FGC - 6 group,FGC - 6 + 5Fu group,5Fu group and BlanK control group,with10 cases in each group. Continuous dosing after 7 days,the effect of FGC - 6 Granules on the antitumor rate and the expression of VEGF,in H22 hepatic cancer mice were observed. Re-sults The tumor - inhibiting rates were 34. 23. % ,55. 94% and 36. 12% in FGC - 6 group,FGC - 6 + 5Fu group and 5Fu group,respectively,while FGC - 6 + 5Fu group was lower than 5Fu,and FGC - 6 and 5Fu showed similar results;the expression of VEGF in the 3 treatment group were lower than that of the model group,and the lowest was FGC - 6 + 5Fu group,followed by 5Fu group,and there was significant difference between the three treatment groups. Conclusion Huazhuo Jiedu Ruanjian Granules could inhibit the growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by

  3. Sixty-one Patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treated by Tongluo Yangyin Recipe(通络养阴方)


    Objective: To observe the therapeutic effect of Tongluo Yangyin Recipe (通络养阴方, TLYYR) in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Methods: Ninety-nine patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 were assigned, according to the order of their visit, to two groups: 61 in the treated group and 38 in the control group. They were given the same information about diabetes mellitus and treated with the same therapy: strict diet control and Western drugs for hypoglycemia. In addition, the treated group received one dose (200 mL) of TLYYR in water decoction every day in two portions, while the control group had vitamin B1 100 mg and vitamin B12 250 μg administered daily via intramuscular injection. The course for all patients was 28 days. Results: The treated group experienced a therapeutic effect superior to that of the control group, with the difference between the total effective rates and the markedly effective rates (P<0.05, P<0.01). The blood levels of total cholesterol (TC) and triglyceride (TG) fell, the hemorrheological manner improved, the transmission velocity of the median nerve and common peroneal nerve significantly increased in the treated group after treatment (P<0.05),although the treatment showed no significant influence on blood glucose level (P>0.05). Conclusion:TLYYR could promote blood microcirculation, improve nutritional metabolism of peripheral nerve, and thus accelerating DPN repair.

  4. 益气养阴活血化瘀法治疗糖尿病并发症的研究进展%Researching Progress of Yiqi Yangyin and Huoxue Huayu Method in Treating Diabetic Complications

    李鹏; 赵天才; 杨景锋


    近年来的研究资料显示,益气养阴活血化瘀法在治疗糖尿病并发症中取得较好疗效.本文就益气养阴活血化瘀法从理论、临床、实验三方面的研究进展做一综述.%In recent years, the literature showed that Yiqi Yangyin and Huoxue Huayu method (benefiting qi and nourishing yin, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis) in treating diabetic complications has achieved a satisfactory effect. This article made a summary on the method of Yiqi Yangyin and Huoxue Huayu from theoretical, clinical, and laboratory aspects.

  5. Clinical observation on treating diabetes impotence with the Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue recipe%益气养阴活血方治疗糖尿病阳痿临床疗效观察



    目的:观察中药益气养阴活血方对糖尿病阳痿临床疗效,方法:将80例糖尿病阳痿患者随机分成治疗组40例,对照组40例。在综合降糖和心理疏导治疗的基础上,治疗组口服益气养阴活血方,每日1剂,对照组仅给予一般降糖基础治疗。结果:益气养阴活血方对糖尿病有较好疗效。%Objective:To observe the clinical efficacy of the Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue recipe on diabetes impotence. Methods:80 cases of diabetes impotence were randomly diveded into the treated group and the control group, 40 cases for each group, based on the comprehensive treatment of hypoglycemic and psychological grooming, the treated group was given the Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue recipe, daily one dose, the control group only received basic treatment generally hypoglycemic. Results:The Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue recipe has a good effect on diabetes.

  6. 推拿拔罐结合养阴清肺糖浆治疗小儿阴虚肺热咳嗽80例%Massage and Cupping Combined with Yangyin Qingfei Syrup Treating 80 Cases of Children with Yin Deficiency and Lung Heat Cough

    胡沛铎; 马军虎


    Objective:To observe the clinical effect of massage and cupping combined with Yangyin Qingfei syrup for the treatment of yin deficiency and lung heat cough. Methods:There were 160 cases randomly di-vided into the treatment group and the control group. In the control group patients were treated with Yangyin Qingfei syrup,while in the treatment group patents were give massage and cupping combined with Yangyin Qingfei syrup. Effects were compared after the treatment. Results:The total effective rate of the massage and cupping combined with oral administration of Yangyin Qingfei syrup was 91.3%,obviously supe-rior to oral administration of Yangyin Qingfei syrup alone. Conclusion:massage and cupping combined with Yangyin Qingfei syrup in treatment of children with yin deficiency and lung heat cough was of obvious ef-fect.%目的:观察推拿拔罐结合养阴清肺糖浆治疗阴虚肺热咳嗽的临床疗效.方法:将160例患者随机分为治疗组和对照组,对照组采用口服养阴清肺糖浆,治疗组在对照组基础上与推拿拔罐结合,治疗后进行疗效比较.结果:推拿拔罐结合口服养阴清肺糖浆总有效率91.3%,疗效明显优于单纯口服养阴清肺糖浆.结论:推拿拔罐结合养阴清肺糖浆治疗小儿阴虚肺热咳嗽效果显著.

  7. Determination of Menthol in Yangyin Qingfei Syrups from Different Manufacturers by Capillary Gas Chromatography%毛细管柱气相色谱法测定养阴清肺糖浆中薄荷脑的含量

    姜姗; 冯丽君; 孙茂; 林宏英; 倪健


    目的:建立毛细管柱气相色谱法测定养阴清肺糖浆中薄荷脑含量的方法.方法:采用气相色谱法(GC).色谱条件:DM-WAX毛细管柱(30m×0.25 mm×0.25 μm);载气:氮气,流速2.0 ml·min-1;进样口温度130℃;FID温度250℃;柱温:程序升温.结果:薄荷脑与内标物萘分离效果理想,薄荷脑浓度在0.051 ~0.306 mg· ml-1范围内线性关系良好(r=0.999 7),加样回收率为100.18%(RSD=2.26%,n=6).测得的11个厂家养阴清肺糖浆中薄荷脑含量差异明显,同一厂家不同批次产品薄荷脑含量无明显差异.结论:本方法简单、准确、重复性好,可用于测定养阴清肺糖浆中薄荷脑的含量.%Objective:To establish a determination method for menthol in Yangyin Qingfei syrups by capillary gas chromatography.Method:The content of menthol was determined by gas chromatography (GC).The DB-WAX capillary column (30 m ×0.25 mm × 0.25 μm) was used with nitrogen as the carrier gas,the flow rate was 2.0 ml · min-1,the temperature was set at 130℃for sample injection and 250℃ for FID.The rising of the column temperature was programmed.Result:Menthol and naphthaline using as the internal standard exhibited an excellent resolution.Menthol concentration showed linear relationship within the range of 0.051-0.306 mg · ml-1(r =0.999 7).The recovery was 100.18% (RSD =2.26%,n =6).The content of menthol in Yangyin Qingfei syrups from the different manufacturers was various,while no difference was observed among the different batches from the same manufacturer.Conclusion:The method is simple,accurate and reproducible.It can be used in the determination of menthol in Yangyin Qingfei syrups.

  8. Clinical Efficacy of Yangyin Runfei Oral Liquid for Cough Post Influenza%养阴润肺口服液治疗感冒后咳嗽的临床疗效观察

    张春宝; 苏振武; 何芳; 张树钦; 刘文丽; 刘宁


    目的:观察养阴润肺口服液对感冒后咳嗽的临床疗效.方法:将137例感冒后咳嗽病例分为2组:试验组69例口服养阴润肺口服液,每次20 mL,每日2次;对照组68例口服川贝枇杷糖浆,每次10mL,每日3次;疗程均为10d.比较2组临床总有效率和主要症状改善情况.结果:试验组总有效率显著优于对照组(P<0.05);主要症状咳嗽、咳久痰少、咯吐不爽、痰黏或夹血丝方面较对照组有改善;而痰液性质、咽干口燥方面改善情况显著优于对照组(P<0.05).结论:养阴润肺口服液治疗感冒后咳嗽效果较好.%OBJECTIVE: To observe the clinical efficacy of Yangyin runfei oral liquid for cough post influenza. METHODS: 137 patients with cough post influenza were divided into two groups: In trial group, 69 patients were given Yangyin runfei oral liquid, 20 mL every time, twice a day; In control group, 68 patients were given Chuanbei pipa syrup, 10 mL every time, 3 times a day. Treatment course lasted for 10 days. Total effective rate and main clinical symptoms improvement were compared between two groups. RESULTS: The total effective rate of trial group was significantly better than that of control group(P<0.05); The main symptoms cough, rectatived coughing and less phlegm, difficulty in coughing and vomiting, sputum viscoelasticcity and blood-stteaked sputum intrial group were improved, compared with control group.Sputum properties, pharynx dry, mouth dry was improved significantly in trial group, which was better than control group (P<0.05). CONCLUSION: Yangyin runfei oral liquid is effective for cough post influenza.

  9. 益气养阴活血方治疗糖尿病和西医疗效对比研究%Comparative study of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Decoction"in the treatment of diabetes and efficacy of Western Medicine



    目的:探讨益气养阴活血方在糖尿病患者临床治疗效果。方法:对来我院诊治的90例患者入院资料进行分析,将其随机分为两组。对照组采用西医厄贝沙坦片治疗,实验组采用益气养阴活血方治疗,比较两组治疗效果。结果:两组治疗前空腹血糖和血红蛋白指标无显著性差异( P>0.05);实验组健康教育后空腹血糖为(7.11±0.72 mmol/L )、血红蛋白为(7.32±0.69)%优于对照组(P<0.05);实验组并没有患者出现不良反应,不良反应发生率为0%;低于对照组(4例出现不良反应,不良反应发生率为8.89%)(P<0.05)。结论:糖尿病发病率较高,临床上采用益气养阴活血方治疗效果较好,值得推广使用。%Objective: To investigate the Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Prescription in clinical treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus. Methods: 90 cases of patients admitted to our hospital data were analyzed, they were randomly divided into two groups. The control group were treated with Irbesartan Tablets treatment, experimental group was treated by Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Decoction, treatment effects were compared between the two groups. Results: the two groups before treatment, blood glucose and hemoglobin index difference of fasting is not significant (P > 0.05);the experimental group after health education the fasting blood glucose as (7.11+0.72mmol/l), hemoglobin (7.32+0.69%) than the control group (P<0.05);the experiment group and no patients had adverse reaction, the incidence rate of adverse reaction was 0%;lower than the control group (4 cases of adverse reactions, the incidence rate of adverse reaction was 8.89%) (P<0.05). Conclusion:the incidence of diabetes is higher, the clinical application of therapeutic effect of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue recipe is good, is worthy to be popularized.

  10. 养阴逐瘀汤联合西医常规治疗喉白斑病50例%Treatment for 50 Cases of Laryngeal Leukoplakia with YangYin ZhuYuTang and Conventional Western Medicine



    Objective: To explore clinical effects of YangYin ZhuYuTang, western medicine and surgery in treating laryngeal leukoplakia. Method: One hundred patients were randomized into two groups on average. Operation was performed after anesthesia of nasal surface and the patients of both groups were banned from smoking and drinking, administered with ultrasonic atomizing inhalation, once each time, 60 mg/1mL of gentamycin sulfate injection and 5 mg of dexamthasone each time. Observation group received YangYin ZhuYuTang based on the treatment given to control group, one dose per day, taking after breakfast and supper. One session was one month and both groups were treated for two consecutive sessions. Result: Cure rate and total effective rate of observation groups were 84.00% and 98.00%, superior to 70.00% and 88.00% of control group with notable differences (P<0.05). No adverse reaction or complication occurred in both groups. Conclusion: YangYin ZhuYuTang combined with western medicine and surgery can obtain better clinical effects in treating laryngeal leukoplakia without adverse reaction.%目的:观察养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病的临床疗效.方法:将100 例喉白班病患者随机分为2 组,每组50 例.对照组采用鼻腔表面麻醉后进行手术,术后禁烟酒,给予患者超声雾化吸入,1 次/d,每次庆大霉素6 万单位,地塞米松5 mg.观察组在对照组治疗的基础上给予中药养阴逐瘀汤,1 剂/d,早、晚饭后服用.2 组均以1个月为1 个疗程,连续治疗2 个疗程.结果:观察组痊愈率为84.00%,总有效率为98.00%;对照组痊愈率为70.00%,总有效率为88.00%,2 组相比有统计学差异(P<0.05).2 组均未出现或发生不良反应及并发症.结论:养阴逐瘀汤联合西药及手术治疗喉白斑病临床疗效好,无不良反应.

  11. 益气养阴活血法在2型糖尿病中的临床应用研究%Clinical Application Study of Yiqi yangyin huoxue Method in Type 2 Diabetes



    目的:探索益气养阴活血法对2型糖尿病的疗效,总结新的临床思维。方法选取2013年6月~2014年12月我院中医内科收治的2型糖尿病患者100例,随机分为对照组和实验组,各50例,对照组进行糖尿病知识普及、饮食疗法、运动辅助及二甲双胍治疗,实验组加用以益气养阴活血为主的中药诊疗方案。对比治疗前后所有患者的空腹血糖、餐后2h血糖、糖化血红蛋白、以及中医症候积分的改变状态。结果通过诊疗4个月以后,所有患者的血糖及糖化血红蛋白等指标均能得到有效控制。实验组在以上指标基础上以及中医症候疗效改变上都有改善,P<0.05,差异具有统计学意义。结论益气养阴活血法在降低患者的血糖、血脂及糖化血红蛋白上有很好的应用价值,同时有效降低中医症候积分。%Objective To explore the effect of Yiqi yangyin huoxue method of type 2 diabetes, summarize new clinical thinking. Methods Selected 100 cases with type 2 diabetes from May June 2013 to December 2014 in our hospital internal medicine, divided into control and experimental groups randomly, each group 50 cases, the control group extension of diabetic knowledge, diet therapy, treat with exercise auxiliary metformin. experimental group with yiqi yangyin huoxue herbal treatment programs. compared all patients fasting bold-glucose, two hours plasma glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin and change state of syndrome of Chinese medicine integrating before and after treatment. Results After treatment four months, all patients control fasting bold-glucose, two hours plasma glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin properly, the experimental group on the basis of the above indicators have changed improve the efifcacy of TCM symptoms, P<0.05, had difference statistical significance. Conclusion Yiqi yangyin huoxue have good application value of drop patient’s blood glucose, lipid and glycated hemoglobin, drop

  12. Content Determination of Harpagide and Harpagoside in Yangyin Hypoglycemic Capsule by HPLC%HPLC法测定养阴降糖胶囊中哈巴苷和哈巴俄苷的含量

    陈登丰; 何孝金


    目的:建立同时测定养阴降糖胶囊中哈巴苷和哈巴俄苷含量的方法。方法:色谱柱采用C18柱(4.6 mm×100 mm,5µm);流动相为乙腈-0.03%磷酸,梯度洗脱;检测波长为210 nm;流速为1.0 ml/min。结果:哈巴苷、哈巴俄苷进样量分别在19.240~384.800 ng(r=1.0000)、17.568~351.360 ng(r=1.0000)范围内与峰面积线性关系良好,平均回收率分别为(98.33±1.85)%(RSD=1.88%)、(97.43±1.13)%(RSD=1.37%)。结论:该方法简单、准确、专属性强,可用于养阴降糖胶囊的质量控制。%OBJECTIVE:To establish a method for simultaneous determination of harpagide and harpagoside in Yangyin hypo-glycemic capsules. METHODS:The determination was performed using C18 column(4.6 mm×100 mm,5 μm)with mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile-0.03% phosphoric acid by gradient elution program;the detection wavelength was set at 210 nm and the flow rate was set at 1.0 ml/min. RESULTS:The linear ranges of harpagide and harpagoside were 19.240-384.800 ng(r=1.000 0) and 17.568-351.360 ng(r=1.000 0),respectively. The average recovery rates were(98.33±1.85)%(RSD=1.88%)and(97.43± 1.13)%(RSD=1.37%),respectively. CONCLUSIONS:The method is simple,feasible,accurate,reliable and specific and it can be used for quality control of Yangyin hypoglycemic capsule.

  13. HPLC与紫外-可见分光光度计对养阴通脑颗粒有效部位的质量控制%Quality control of target area in Yangyin Tongnao Granules by HPLC and UV-VIS

    周惠芬; 邢攀科; 张宁; 张宇燕; 杨洁红; 万海同


    Objective: Determining the contents of general flavone of target area in Yangyin Tongnao Granules with ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer (UV-VIS). Establish high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to simultaneously detect the contents of puerarin, calycosin and formononetin, which are included in general flavone of target area in Yangyin Tongnao Granules. Methods: Rutin as controls product, determine the contents of general flavone of target area in Yangyin Tongnao Granules by UV-VIS. A HPLC method was set up with the gradient elution mode, using Eclipse XDB-C18, mobile phase was acetonitrile-0.04% phosphoric acid water, flow rate was 1.00mL/min, temperature was 30℃ with the wavelength at 250 nm.Results: The results show, the contents of general flavone of target area in Yangyin Tongnao Granules is above 70 percent. For puerarin, the calibration curve was linear (r=0.9998) in the range of 0.530-296.300mg/L, the average recovery was 99.8%, RSD=0.4%. For calycosin, the calibration curve was linear (r=0.9994) in the range of 0.064-44.440mg/L, the average recovery was 99.70%, RSD=1.10%. For formononetin, the calibration curve was linear (r=0.9994) in the range of 0.064-43.110mg/L, the average recovery was 99.40%, RSD=1.50%. Conclusion: This method is easy to operate and determination result is accurate and reliable, can be used for quality control of Yangyin Tongnao Granules.%目的:利用紫外-可见分光光度计( UV-VIS)检测养阴通脑颗粒中有效部位总黄酮含量.并利用梯度洗脱,建立高效液相色谱法( HPLC)测定养阴通脑颗粒中总黄酮有效部位中葛根素、芒柄花素、毛蕊异黄酮含量的方法.方法:以芦丁为对照品UV-VIS测定养阴通脑颗粒有效部位中总黄酮含量.采用HPLC,色谱柱为Eclipse XDB-C18( 150mm×4.6mm,5μm),流动相为乙腈(A)和0.04%磷酸水溶液(B)梯度洗脱,流速1.00mL/min,检测波长250nm.结果:养阴通脑颗粒有效部位总黄酮含量70%以上,

  14. Effects of Yiqi Yangyin Huayu Tongluo Decoction on Children Diabetic Retinopath y%益气养阴化瘀通络汤治疗儿童糖尿病性视网膜病变36例



    目的:观察自拟益气养阴化瘀通络汤治疗儿童糖尿病性视网膜病变的临床疗效。方法选取72例儿童糖尿病性视网膜病变患者按入院顺序随机分为两组各36例,对照组患者口服羟苯磺酸钙胶囊与甲钴胺片,观察组患者服用自拟益气养阴化瘀通络汤,方剂基本组方:枸杞子、麦冬、山药、黄芪各20g,党参、玉竹、丹参、葛根各15g,茜草、白术、鸡内金各10g,黄连3g。加减方:阴虚火旺加龟甲20g,地骨皮与玄参各10g。两组患者在上述治疗基础上均积极治疗基础疾病及儿童糖尿病其他并发症,疗程2周,连续治疗2~3个疗程。治疗前后均进行眼底检查及视力检查,依据《实用眼科学》提出的评定标准对两组患者进行疗效评定。根据《中医眼科学》提出的评价标准对两组患者进行中医证候疗效评定。在两组患者治疗过程中,详细记录患者不良反应发生情况。结果两组患者综合疗效评定结果显示,观察组患者治疗总有效率为94.44%,对照组患者治疗总有效率为77.78%,观察组疗效明显优于对照组(P0.05)。结论对儿童糖尿病性视网膜病变患者采用自拟益气养阴化瘀通络汤治疗,疗效显著,优于常规西医治疗,且不良反应发生率低,值得推广应用。%Objective To observe clinical efficacy of Yiqi Yangyin Huayu Tongluo Decoction on children diabetic retinopathy. Methods Seventy-two patients of diabetic retinopathy were randomly divided into two groups. 36 patients in control group took dobesilate calcium capsules and mecobalamin tablets, 36 patients in observation group took Yiqi Yangyin Huayu Tongluo Decoction (prescription: Wolfberry 20g, Ophiopogon root 20g, Chinese yam 20g, Astragalus 20g, Madder15g , Atractylodes 15g, Gal us gal us 15g, Coptis chinensis 10g, Coptis 3g. Patients with Yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity, add Turtle shel 20g, Cortex lycii radicis

  15. Treatment effect of decoction of Yangyin Huoxue Decoction on rats with pulmonary interstitial fibrosis in early stage%养阴活血汤早期干预对大鼠肺间质纤维化的影响

    孙德俊; 高丽; 杨敬平; 李姝楠


    目的 观察养阴活血汤对博莱霉素诱导的大鼠肺间质纤维化疗效以及对转化生长因子β1(transforming growth factor-β1,TGF-β1)和结缔组织生长因子(connective tissue growth factor,CTGF)mRNA表达的影响.方法 96只雌性Wistar大鼠,随机分为正常组、模型组、中药组和干扰素β1a(interferon-β1a,IFN-β1a)组.气管内注入博莱霉素A2建立大鼠肺间质纤维化模型.中药组自造模次日始,每只大鼠灌胃浓缩中药每天20 ml/kg,IFN-β1a组皮下注射重组人IFN-β1a 4.6μg/kg,每周3次.正常组和模型组等体积生理盐水灌胃.各组大鼠在实验周期第3天、第7天、第14天和第28天腹主动脉放血法处死,进行肺系数检测,HE和VG染色.原位杂交测定大鼠肺组织中TGF-β1和CTGF的mRNA表达情况.结果 养阴活血汤能明显降低肺系数,使肺组织的病理改变减轻,可以减弱大鼠肺组织和原代培养肺成纤维细胞中TGF-β1 mRNA和CTGF mRNA的表达强度.结论 养阴活血汤可以减少TGF-β1 mRNA和CTGF mRNA的表达量,减弱细胞因子对肺间质纤维化的促进作用,从而起到抑制肺间质纤维化的作用.%Objective To explore the treatment effect of Yangyin Huoxue Decoctior on pulmonary interstitial fibrosis in early stage and the mRNA expression of transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) and connective tissue growth factor(CTGF) in lung tissue and primary cultural fibroblasts. Methods Ninety-six female Wistar rats were randomly assigned into four groups:normal group, model group, traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) group and interferon-β1a(IFN-β1a) group. In each group, there were 24 rats. Models were founded by bleomycin A2. The rats in TCM group were treated with gastric perfusion of 20 ml/kg per day the decoction and IFN-β1a group were treated with IFN-β1a (4.6 μg/kg) through subcutaneous injection. The rats were killed at 3, 7, 14, 28 days of feeding, then the pulmonary coefficients, hematoxylin-eosin staining and

  16. Clinical Observation of Yangyin Qingfei Decoction for 33 Cases of Female Adult Acne%养阴清肺方治疗女性青春期后痤疮33例临床观察

    高尚璞; 杨芮姗; 李咏梅; 冯国强; 宋瑜; 李晓睿; 李燕娜; 顾敏婕; 郭潋


    目的 观察养阴清肺方治疗女性青春期后痤疮的临床疗效,探讨其可能的作用靶点.方法 选择女性青春期后的Ⅱ级和Ⅲ级痤疮患者,随机分为治疗组33例,对照组30例,另选10例健康志愿者作为对照.治疗组口服养阴清肺方;对照组口服丹参酮胶囊.8周后对两组患者皮损和临床证候进行评估,并分别于治疗前后检测治疗组患者及健康志愿者血清双氢睾酮(DHT)、白介素-6(IL-6)、白介素-8(IL-8). 结果 治疗组和对照组总有效率分别为96.97%和93.33%,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05);愈显率分别为84.85%和43.33%,治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05).Ⅱ级痤疮患者治疗组与对照组的愈显率分别为85.00%和43.75%,治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05);Ⅲ级痤疮患者治疗组与对照组的愈显率分别为84.62%和42.86%,治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05).两组治疗后中医证候积分均较治疗前降低(P<0.01),治疗组治疗后总积分、大便情况、心烦失眠积分改善情况优于对照组(P<0.05).治疗前治疗组患者DHT、IL-6、IL-8水平均明显高于健康志愿者(P<0.05),治疗后上述3项指标均较治疗前下降(P<0.05),与健康志愿者比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05). 结论 中药养阴清肺方可有效治疗女性青春期后痤疮,改善临床证候,疗效机制可能与降低患者血清DHT、IL-6、IL-8水平有关.%Objective To observe the therapeutic effect of Yangyin Qingfei Decoction (yin-nourishing lung-clearing decoction) for female adult acne and its possible therapeutic targets. Methods Sixty-three cases of grade II to grade III female adult acne were randomized into the treatment group (33 cases) and control group (30 cases). The treatment group was given Yangyin Qingfei Decoction orally and the control group was given Tanshinone Capsule orally. Ten healthy volunteers were chosen as controls. The skin lesions and TCM syndromes were observed after 8 weeks. The

  17. The Clinical Effect Observation of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method in Treating Type 2 Diabetes%益气养阴活血法治疗2型糖尿病的临床疗效观察

    肖小惠; 李惠林; 刘德亮; 刘雪梅; 张志玲; 赵恒侠; 翁妍珊


    Objective:To observe the clinical effect of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method on type 2 diabetes.Methods:Seventy pa-tients with type 2 diabetes were randomly divided into treatment group (37 cases)and control group (33 cases).Control group re-ceived diabetes education,diet control,exercise and metformin treatment.Except the same therapy as control group,treatment group was treated with herbs in Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method,which has the function of reinforcing qi,nourishing yin and promo-ting circulation.The following items were compared before and after the therapy:blood glucose (FBG),2 h postprandial blood glucose (2 hPG),glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c),fasting insulin (FINS),blood lipid,blood coagulation function and insulin sensitivity index (ISI),body mass index (BMI)and TCM syndrome integral.Results:After 16-weeks treatment,the fasting blood glucose (FBG),2 h postprandial blood glucose (2 hPG)and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)decreased in both two groups effectively.Moreover,it worked better in improving fasting insulin (FINS),insulin sensitivity index (ISI),prothrombin time (PT),activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT),cholesterol (TC),triglyceride (TG),fibrinogen (FIB)and TCM syndrome integral in treatment group.The difference between the two groups was significant (P <0.05 or P <0.001).Curative effect of the treatment group was significantly higher than that of the control group (P <0.05 or P <0.001).On the other hand, fasting insulin (FINS)and insulin sensitivity index (ISI)in control group did not show obvious changes.Conclusion:Herbs in Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue method can significantly reduce blood lipid,blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c),improve blood hypercoagulable state,and reduce insulin resistance and TCMsyndrome integral.%目的:为观察益气养阴活血法对2型糖尿病的临床疗效。方法:将入选的70例患者随机分为治疗组37例和对照组33例,对照组予糖尿病教育、饮食控制、运动治疗及二甲

  18. The Effect of Qinghou Liyan Granules and Yangyin Qingfei Syrup on the Cough Caused by Ammonia Water and SO2 in Mice%清喉利咽颗粒联合养阴清肺糖浆对氨水及 SO2诱导小鼠咳嗽的影响作用

    吴健广; 郭思佳; 郝正华; 刘伟; 刘恩顺; 封继宏


    Objective:To observe the effects of Qinghou Liyan granules,Yangyin Qingfei syrup and Qinghou Liyan granules com-bined with Yangyin Qingfei syrup in the treatment of cough in mice caused by ammonia water and sulphur dioxide gas.Methods:Sixty of healthy,clean and male mice were randomly divided into six groups:control group,Yangyin Qingfei Granules group, Qinghou Liyan syrup group,Yangyin Qingfei granule combined with Qinghou Liyan group,Montelukast group and Mixture Glycyr-rhiza group.The control group were given water,and the other groups were given drugs.The treatment term lasted for seven days, and drugs were given everyday.Around an hour after giving the drug,mice were placed in YLS-8A device and ammonia water and sulphur dioxide gas were used to induce cough in mice respectively.Recorded were potential cough and the times of cough in three minutes.Results:Compared with the control group,other groups have more obvious effects on extending the incubation period of cough in mice and reducing the times of cough in mice caused by ammonia water and sulfur dioxide gas(P <0.05;Compared with the control group,Yangyin Qingfei syrup group,Gancao mixture group and Montelukast Sodium Tablets group,Qinghouliyan gran-ules combined with Yangyinqingfei syrup group has a better effect on extending the incubation period of cough in mice and reducing the times of cough in mice caused by ammonia water and sulfur dioxide gas(P <0.05;Compared with Qinghou Liyan granules group,Qinghouliyan granules combined with Yangyinqingfei syrup group has a larger effect on extending the incubation period of cough in mice caused by ammonia water and sulfur dioxide gas(P <0.05).Conclusion:Both Qinghou Liyan granules and Yangyin Qingfei syrup have a effect on inhibiting cough.And Qinghou Liyan granules combined with Yangyin Qingfei syrup can enhance the effects of inhibiting cough and extending the incubation period of cough.%目的:观察清喉利咽颗粒、养阴清肺糖浆及

  19. Clinical and Experimental Study on Prevention and Treatment of Acute Radiation Injury in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients by Yiqi Huoxue Yangyin Recipe(益气活血养阴方)

    王炳胜; 刘秀芳; 丁瑞亮; 李成云; 赵增虎


    Objective: To observe the effect of Chinese herbal medicine in alleviating acute toxic-adverse effect of radiotherapy and on growth of stromal cells in bone marrow. Methods: Seventy-two patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) were randomly divided into two groups. Radical radiotherapy was applied to both groups. In the radiotherapeutic period, to the 36 patients in the treated group, Yiqi Huoxue Yangyin Recipe (YHYR) was given additionally by oral taking and compressing on radiation area, and to the 36 patients in the control group, vitamin B12 solution was given for gargling or compressing. Experimental study was carried out in rats of two groups, irradiated with 5.0 Gy X-ray and treated with YHYR or normal saline intraperitoneally, to observe the colony forming unit-fibroblastoid (CFU-F) in cultured bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC), taken from the rats at different time.Results: The oral mucomembranous radiation damage occurred in 47.2% of the treated group when the dose of radiation reached to 41.4±9.4 Gy, while in the control group, it was 91.7% when the dose reached to 30.9±8.9 Gy. The skin radiation damage occurrence rate in the two groups was 13.9% and 33.3% respectively when the dose of radiation reached to 50.2±5.6 Gy and 43.2±6.3 Gy respectively. Comparison of the two groups showed significant difference (P<0.01), the radiation damage was significantly slighter in the treated group. Experimental study showed that the rats in the two groups were significantly different in occurrence and degree of bone marrow function inhibition, P<0.01. The numbers of CFU-F in cultured BMSC of radiation damaged rats taken at respective different culture time were also significantly different between the two groups, P<0.01.Conclusion: YHYR could significantly reduce acute radiation damage of mucomembrane and skin, alleviate the inhibition on bone marrow function, and eliminate the injury of radiation on BMSC.

  20. Clinical curative analysis of treatment of type2 diabetes mellitus by Zhike Yangyin capsule%止渴养阴胶囊治疗2型糖尿病临床疗效分析



    Objective: To observe the curative effect of zhikeyangyin capsule in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in order to lay the foundation for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus,and provide direction and basis for the prevention and treatment of large vascular complications of diabetes.Method: By the method of self - control 84 cases of patients with type 2 diabetes were treated by providing thirst Yangyin capsule for 3 months and TCM clinical efficacy and symptoms,glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) along with fasting plasma glucose (FPG),postprandial 2 hours blood glucose (2 h PG) impact were observed and compared after the treatment.Results: The comparison of TCM efficacy before and after treatment in the two groups showed that the treatment experiment has efficiency as high as 90.0%,and do possess statistical significance (P<0.05).FPG、2 h PG.HbA1c (P<0.05),HbAlc,FPG,2hPG.have significant difference (P<0.05).Conclusion: Under the guidance of theory in the Traditional Chinese Medicine on the treatment of,with thirst,nourishing Yin capsule by supplementing qi and nourishing Yin fill spleen and tonifying kidney to treat patients with syndrome of deficiency of both qi and Yin T2DM,can effectively improve T2DM patients with clinical symptoms and signs,lowering blood glucose,glycosylated hemoglobin,and is safe and effective,with a wide range of applications,it is worth further study.%目的:观察止渴养阴胶囊治疗2型糖尿病的疗效.为中医药治疗2型糖尿病奠定基础,为预防和治疗糖尿病的大血管并发症提供方向和依据.方法:采用自身前后对照方法.观察84例2型糖尿病患者服用止渴养阴胶囊治疗前后对主要中医临床症状及糖化血红蛋白(HbA1C)、空腹血糖浓度(FPG)、餐后2 h血糖浓度(2 h PG)的影响,治疗疗程为3个月.结果:根据中医证候疗效的比较,该实验有效率高达90.0%,治疗前后有统计学意义(P<0.05),两组治疗前后比较,FPG、2 h PG、HbA1C (P<0

  1. Clinical research of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue therapy on cystatin C and microalbuminuria of diabetic nephropathy%益气养阴活血方对糖尿病肾病患者血清胱抑素C及尿微量白蛋白的影响

    尹辉; 李青; 孔令玉; 路欣


    Objective To investigate the intervention role of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue therapy on cystatin c and microalbuminuria of the diabetes nephritis (DN) patient. Methods 60 cages of DN were divided into the control group (n = 30) , which were treated by the conventional treatment, and the treatment group ( n = 30) which were treated by Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue therapy combined with the conventional treatment. The effect in two groups was observed after three months of treatment. The changes of cystatin C ( Cys C ) , microalbuminuria and Cr in serum were detected. Results The total effective rate in the treatment group ( 86. 7% ) was superior to that in control group (56. 7% , P < 0. 01). Cys C and microalbuminuria after treatment was decreased compared with that before treatment in treatment group ( P < 0. 01). Cys C after treatment was decreased compared with that before treatment in control group (P<0.05). Cys C and microalbuminuria in treatment group was decreased compared with that in control group after treatment ( P < 0.01). Conclusion Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue therapy has a good effect on the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, improve renal function and main clinical symptoms and slow disease progression.%目的 观察益气养阴活血方对糖尿病肾病(DN)患者血清胱抑素C(Gys C)及尿微量白蛋白的影响.方法 将60例DN患者随机分为2组.对照组30例予西医常规治疗,治疗组30例在对照组治疗基础上加益气养阴活血方治疗,2组均治疗3个月后观察疗效,比较治疗前后Cys C、尿微量白蛋白及血肌酐(Cr)变化.结果 治疗组总有效率86.7%,对照组总有效率56.7%,2组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.01),治疗组疗效优于对照组.治疗组治疗后Cys C、尿微量白蛋白均较本组治疗前、对照组治疗后降低(P<0.01,P<0.05),对照组治疗后Cys C较本组治疗前降低(P<0.01).结论 益气养阴活血方治疗DN有良好的临床效果,可降低Cys C,减少蛋白尿,改善肾功能

  2. Clinical Therapeutic Effect of Yiqi Yangyin Hewei Decoction in Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease in Type 2 Diabetic Patients%益气养阴和胃汤治疗2型糖尿病性胃肠病临床研究



    目的:观察益气养阴和胃汤治疗2型糖尿病性胃肠病的临床疗效,并探讨其对患者血糖和胃肠功能的影响。方法:104例2型糖尿病性胃肠病患者随机分为对照组和治疗组各52例。对照组单纯给予饮食控制、运动锻炼、皮下注射胰岛素、自我监测等西医常规治疗,并给予西沙比利每次10 mg,3次·d-1,口服;治疗组在对照组基础上给予益气养阴和胃汤,1剂·d-1, 15 d为1个疗程,连续治疗4个疗程。观察治疗前后两组患者血糖水平与胃肠功能相关的早饱、餐后不适、恶心、厌食、便秘等症状的改善情况,两组有效率。结果:对照组有效率为75%,治疗组有效率为92.3%,两组有效率比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。治疗后两组餐后2小时血糖、糖化血红蛋白、空腹血糖水平均较治疗前显著下降(P<0.05);与对照组比较,治疗组下降更为显著(P<0.05)。治疗后两组早饱、餐后不适、恶心、厌食、便秘等症状均显著改善(P<0.05);与对照组比较,治疗组改善更为显著(P<0.05)。结论:益气养阴和胃汤能有效改善2型糖尿病性胃肠病患者的血糖水平,改善胃肠功能,疗效确切。%Objective:To observe the clinical therapeutic effect of Yiqi Yangyin Hewei decoction in treatment of gastrointestinal disease in type 2 diabetic patients,and to explore its effect on blood glucose and gastrointestinal function.Methods:104 cases of type 2 diabetic gastrointestinaldisease were randomly divided into control group and treatment group with 52 cases in each group.The control group re-ceived diet control,exercise,subcutaneous insulin injection,self monitoring and other conventional treatment of Western medicine,and give Si Shah Billy every time 10mg,tid,po;treatment group on the basis of the control group given Yiqi Yangyin Hewei decoction,1 dose every day,15 d for 1

  3. Clinical Observation on 46 Cases of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Complicated with Fatty Liver Treated by Yiqi Yangyin and Huoxue Herbal Medicines%益气养阴活血中药治疗2型糖尿病合并脂肪肝46例临床观察

    吴凌康; 史亮亮; 宋希玲; 斯淑英; 厉有名; 李国栋


    目的 从胰岛素和瘦索的角度分析2型糖尿病合并脂肪肝(DFL)的发病机制,并探讨益气养阴活血中药对该病的疗效.方法 收集196例2型糖尿病患者进行回顾性研究,非合并脂肪肝的100例患者归为对照组,合并脂肪肝的96例病例归为实验组,两组患者进行血糖、血脂检查.胰岛素抵抗分析,并考察血清瘦素(leptin)及可溶性瘦素受体(SLR)水平.另外,将96例实验组随机分成基础治疗组(50例)和中药治疗组(46例),均接受基础治疗(饮食体重控制、加强运动并使用口服降糖药物调节血糖),中药治疗组在基础治疗之外加以益气养阴活血中药组方治疗,疗程为3个月,治疗前后进行肝脏B超检查、胰岛素抵抗分析,并考察leptin及SLR的改变情况.结果 实验组与对照组治疗前比较,胰岛素抵抗指数血清瘦素及可溶性瘦素受体(-HOMA-IR)、leptin及SLR差异有统计学意义(P0.05),治疗后两组的脂肪肝分度得以不同程度逆转,但仅中药治疗组呈显著逆转(P<0.01).两个治疗组在治疗前HOMA-IR、leptin和SLR差异无统计学意义,治疗后各指标有不同程度的改善.但中药治疗组改善更明显.结论 益气养阴活血法中药组方对胰岛索抵抗和瘦素异常有显著改善作用,这可能是益气养阴活血法治疗2型糖尿病并发脂肪肝的机制之一.%Objective To analyze the pathogenesis of diabetic fatty liver (DFL) from the abnormality of leptin level and insulin resistance to discuss the therapeutic effect of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue (Reinforcing qi, replenishing yin, and activating blood) herbal medicines.Methods Totally 196 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were selected for retrospective study.Those 100 patients who had not developed to fatty liver were attributed to the control group, while those 96 who had already developed to fatty liver attributed to the test group.Blood sugar, fat, insulin resistance and level of serum leptin and soluble

  4. 益气养阴化浊通络方对早期糖尿病肾病患者 CTGF,Ⅳ 型胶原及 Cys C 表达的影响%Effect of Yiqi Yangyin Huazhuo Tongluo Recipe on Plasma CTGF, Type Ⅳ Collagen and Cys C in Patients with Early Diabetic Nephropathy

    蔡文; 吕芹; 韩迪


    Objective: To investigate the effect of Yiqi Yangyin Huazhuo Tongluo recipe (YQYYHZTLr) on plasma connective tissue growth factor ( CTGF) , type IV collagen and Cystatin C ( Cys C ) in patients with early diabetic nephropathy ( DN) . Method: Six-three patients with DN were randomly divided into the control group ( n =31) and the treatment group ( n = 32 ) . The control group was applied DN regular treatment and the treatment group was added to YQYYHZTLr on the basis of regular treatment. Both of them were treated for two months. Plasma CTGF and type IV collagen were determined with ELISA in two groups both before and after treatment. Plasma Cys C was determined with particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA). Fasting blood glucose and urinary albumin excretion rate (UAER) were also examined. Result; Plasma levels of CTGF and type IV collagen between the two groups were significantly lower than those of pretreatment ( P < 0. 05 , P < 0. 01 ) , and favorable changes of levels of other parameters (Cys C, UAER and fasting blood glucose) were also demonstrated (P<0. 05, P<0. 01). At the same time, plasma levels of CTGF, type IV collagen and Cys C were different significantly in the treatment group after treatment compared with the control group ( P < 0. 05 , P < 0. 01 ) . Conclusion; YQYYHZTLr could delay the development of early DN by decreasing the levels of CTGF and type IV collagen.%目的:探讨益气养阴化浊通络方对早期糖尿病肾病(DN)患者血清结缔组织生长因子(CTGF)、Ⅳ型胶原及胱抑素( Cys C)表达水平的影响.方法:63例早期DN患者随机分组,对照组(31例)采用DN常规治疗,治疗组(32例)在常规治疗基础上加用益气养阴化浊通络方,疗程2个月.采用酶联免疫吸附法( ELISA)测定两组患者治疗前后血清CTGF,Ⅳ型胶原蛋白含量,颗粒增强透射免疫比浊法( PETIA)测定Cys C水平,同时观察空腹血糖、尿微量白蛋白排泄率(UAER)的

  5. A comparative trial of a combined therapy (Yangyin-Qinggan decoction combined with paroxetine)versus mono-therapy on depressive patients with somatic symptoms%养阴清肝汤联合帕罗西汀治疗抑郁症躯体化症状研究

    毛稚霞; 杨媛; 李根起; 马静; 王勇


    目的 探讨中西医结合治疗抑郁症患者躯体化症状的有效方法.方法 以简单随机法将入选患者分为两组,对照组35例、治疗组34组.治疗组给予中药养阴清肝汤联合盐酸帕罗西汀治疗,对照组单纯采用盐酸帕罗西汀治疗.比较两组患者治疗前后的抑郁症状及躯体化症状.结果 ①治疗组、对照组均可缓解抑郁症状:治疗组治疗前及治疗后2周、4周、8周的汉密尔顿抑郁量表(HAMD)评分分别为(19.29±2.38)分、(17.38±2.37)分、(15.27±2.15)分、(13.35±2.09)分;治疗后4周与治疗后2周比较、治疗后8周与治疗后4周比较,差异均有统计学意义(P均<0.05).对照组治疗前及治疗后2周、4周、8周的HAMD评分分别为(18.69±3.03)分、(16.63±3.09)分、(15.20±2.95)分、(14.60±2.72)分,治疗后4周与治疗后2周比较、治疗后8周与治疗后4周比较,差异均有统计学意义(P均<0.05).治疗结束时,两组HAMD比较治疗组优于对照组(P<0.05).②在改善躯体化症状方面,治疗组治疗前及治疗后2周、4周、8周的躯体化症状自评量表(SSS)评分分别为(48.74±4.07)分、(46.74±4.16)分、(43.74±3.77)分、(41.18±3.50)分;治疗后4周与治疗后2周比较、治疗后8周与治疗后4周比较,差异均有统计学意义(P均<0.05).对照组治疗前及治疗后2周、4周、8周的躯体化症状自评量表(SSS)评分分别为(47.71±4.72)分、(46.20±4.64)分、(44.80±4.52)分、(43.91±4.31)分,治疗后4周与治疗后2周比较、治疗后8周与治疗后4周比较,差异无统计学意义(P均>0.05).结论 养阴清肝汤联合盐酸帕罗西汀可有效缓解抑郁症状,改善躯体化症状.%Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of treating depressive patients with somatic symptoms with combined TCM and western medicine.Methods 69 patients were randomly divided into 2 groups:a combined therapy group (treated with Yangyin-Qinggan decoction and paroxetine) and mono

  6. 高效液相色谱法测定清热养阴丸中哈巴俄苷的含量%Determination of Harpagoside in Qingre Yangyin Pills by HPLC



    目的:建立清热养阴丸的含量测定方法.方法:色谱柱为SHIMADZU VP-ODS C18(250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm),以乙腈-1%醋酸溶液流动相梯度洗脱;检测波长为278 nm;流速为1.0 ml·min-1;柱温40℃.结果:哈巴俄苷在5~80μg·ml-1范围内线性关系良好(r=1.000 0);平均加样回收率为99.38%,RSD=0.6%(n=6).结论:该方法简便、准确、重复性好,可用于该制剂的质量控制.

  7. HPLC测定养阴清肺颗粒中哈巴俄苷的含量%Determination of Harpagoside in Granules of Yangyin Qinfei by RP-HPLC

    陈华国; 周欣; 赵超; 龚小见


    目的:建立养阴清肺颗粒中哈巴俄苷的测定方法.方法:采用反相高效液相色谱法,Hypersil ODS(4.6 mm×250mm,5μm)柱,流动相为乙腈和1%醋酸水溶液,线性梯度洗脱(15:85~60:40)(0~25 min),流速1 mL·min-1,检测波长278nm,柱温25℃.结果:哈巴俄苷浓度在0.61~12.21μg线性关系良好,r=0.999 9,平均回收率为97.02%,RSD为0.6%(n=9).结论:该方法分离效果好,简便准确,可用于养阴清肺颗粒中哈巴俄苷的含量测定,以控制其质量.

  8. Clinical study of Yiqi Yangyin Qingfei detoxification treatment of lung cancer%益气养阴清肺解毒法治疗肺癌的临床研究



    目的 研讨肺癌患者运用益气养阴清肺解毒法治疗的临床作用.方法 从本院2013年2月-2015年2月选取106例肺癌病例做随机非盲法分组试验,每组各53例,Ⅰ组接受常规化疗治疗,Ⅱ组在上述治疗下接受益气养阴清肺解毒法治疗,对比和评估该两种方案的临床应用情况.结果 Ⅱ组接受治疗后的总缓解率(CR+ PR)为62.3%,与Ⅰ组的43.4%相比显著提高,统计学成立(P<0.05).Ⅱ组治疗后KPS评测结果(82.8±11.3)分,相比Ⅰ组的(73.8±15.2)分显著提高,统计学成立(P<0.05).在毒副反应方面,Ⅰ、Ⅱ组的发生率相差不大,统计学不成立(P>0.05).结论 给予肺癌患者益气养阴清肺解毒法治疗,对提高化疗疗效、增强患者体力均有积极意义,且不会增加毒副反应,值得推荐.

  9. 益气养阴方对鸡胚绒毛尿囊膜(CAM)血管生成的影响%Effect of Yiqi Yangyin Recipe on Angiogenesis in Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane




  10. Yiqi Yangyin Fang for treating syndrome of dual deficiency of qi and yin of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis%益气养阴方治疗特发性肺纤维化气阴两虚证的临床研究

    刘文锋; 史利卿


    目的:观察自拟益气养阴方治疗特发性肺纤维化(IPF)气阴两虚证的疗效.方法 收集2007年1月-2011年9月新加坡MINO Chinese Medical Clinic诊所IPF气阴两虚证病例44例,按疗程分成A组(疗程≤6个月)21例,B组(疗程>6个月)23例,给予中药自拟益气养阴方治疗.于治疗前、治疗后6,12,24,36个月分别评估Ⅱ型肺泡细胞表面抗原(KL-6),6分钟步行试验,包括6分钟步行距离、最低手指血氧饱和度最低值(SPO2)、Borg 呼吸困难评分的变化.结果 中药治疗总有效率79.55%,A 组有效率66.67%,B 组有效率91.30%,2组相比有显著统计学差异,P<0.05.A组6个月时Borg指数低于治疗前,有统计学意义,P<0.05.与治疗前比较,B组12,24个月时KL-6、最低SPO2、Borg指数均有显著差异,P<0.05或P<0.01;36个月时最低SPO2、Borg指数均有显著性差异,P<0.05.结论 与短疗程益气养阴方治疗相比,长疗程中药治疗气阴两虚型IPF对改善呼吸困难症状、降低KL-6有一定临床意义.

  11. Experience of SUN Wen-liang for treating diabetic foot ulcers with Xuanshen%孙文亮主任医师重用玄参治疗糖尿病足溃疡经验



    Diabetic foot ulcer is serious complications of diabetes. SUN Wen-liang uses Xuanshen to treat diabetic foot ulcers. Qingre Yangyin, Liangxue Jiedu, annealing and sterilizing. He often receives good effect.%糖尿病足溃疡是严重糖尿病并发症。孙文亮主任医师重用玄参清热养阴,凉血解毒,走血分以退瘀火,行经络来消痈毒,治疗糖尿病足溃疡往往收到良效。

  12. 软坚糖浆治疗 Wilson’s 病肝纤维化

    吴杨; 周全胜


      Objective: to examine the effect of ruanjian syrup in treating Wilson's disease. Method: classify 38 cases of Wilson's disease into treatment group and comparison group and provide treatment for the treatment group for 3 months. Compare the result of liver function、serological index of hepatic fibrosis(HA、PC Ⅲ、LN) before and after the treatment. Result: 84.61% of the cases (22/26) in the treatment group have normal ALT after the treatment, and the HA、PC Ⅲ、LN are significantly lower. Specificaly, after treatment, HA、PC Ⅲ、LN statistics are 115.07±46.51ng/ml, 109.02±28.92ng/ml, and 115.20±25.17ng/ml, respectively. These statistics are significantly different from that for the treatment group before treatment and for the comparison group at the 1% level. Conclusion: ruanjian syrup can improve liver function and anti-hepato fibrotic effection.%  目的观察软坚糖浆治疗 Wilson's 病肝纤维化的作用.方法38例 Wilson's 病肝纤维化患儿分为软坚糖浆治疗组和对照组,疗程3个月.分别于治疗前后检测肝功能、血清学肝纤维化指标(HA、PC Ⅲ、LN).结果治疗组治疗后 ALT 复常率为84.61%(22/26),血清学肝纤维化指标均明显下降,HA、PC Ⅲ、LN 分别为115.07±46.51ng/ml、109.02±28.92ng/ml、115.20±25.17ng/ml,与治疗前及对照组比较,差异显著(均 P <0.01).结论软坚糖浆有改善肝功能和抗肝纤维化的作用.

  13. Chinese charms in the light of cosmogony.

    Mahdihassan, S


    The two greatest powers are Heaven/Earth. As opposites, on union they generate Creative Energy. Such power is transferred to their symbols as Yang/Yin. Conceived as concrete entities, Heaven/Earth appear as Air/Earth. These possess specific qualities. Air is Moist and Hot, Earth, Cold and Dry. Thus arose four cosmic qualities. Moreover, the union between Heaven and Earth resulted in creation, first being Water. Thus arose San-Pao, the three Primordial powers, Heaven, Earth and Water. Water produced its opposite, Fire, so that there resulted four cosmic elements. Air, Earth, Water and Fire. With Yin-Yang, Heaven/Earth, in the center surrounded by eight creations as cosmic elements and cosmic qualities, there arose the symbol of cosmogony. Since water was the first creation, its symbol is best placed between Heaven and Earth. Then the symbol of cosmogony with its units representing power becomes a charm. The best charm shows water next to Heaven and then items representing qualities of Air, Earth and Water. Those that usually form a continuous series would be Earth, Water, Air, Moisture, a quality of both, Water and Air. These items are an essential feature in the makeup of a Chinese charm.

  14. 糖尿病肾病中医治疗进展%A review on treating diabetic nephropathy inTCM

    程娜娜; 王祥生


    In recent years, the study conifrmed that the TCM on diabetic nephropathy has unique advantages. A lot of literature shows that Pi, Shen, Qi and Xue play an important role in diabetic nephropathy. Therapies including Bupishen and Yiqixue for Fuzheng were emphasized; therapies of Yangyin, Wenyang, Lishui and Gu’se were applied in the treatment. Based on the literature search as the main research methods, treatment for diabetic nephropathy in recent 5 years was summarized.%近年来的研究证实中医药治疗糖尿病肾病具有独特的优势,诸多文献显示“脾、肾、气、血”在糖尿病肾病中起着重要作用,在治疗上强调补脾肾、益气血以扶正,合并予以养阴、温阳、利水、固涩等治疗。本文以文献检索为主要研究方法,综述了近5年糖尿病肾病的治疗进展。

  15. Nourishing Yin and Promoting Blood Circulation of TCM to Treat Hemorheologic Disorder Induced by Diabetes Mellitus in Rats

    Rong Xia


    Full Text Available Diabetes mellitus, DM, is commonly accompanied with various stages of hemorheologic disturbances that are the main causes of the development of chronic DM. In this study, simple Chinese material medica [yang-yin jiang-tang preparation (YYJT] was given to alloxan-induced DM rats and analyzed to compare the changes of fasting blood glucose (FBG, fasting insulin (FINS, hemorheologic parameters and insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II before and after administration. The results suggested that YYJT can significantly downregulate FBG (P < 0.005, improve insulin resistance and beta-cell secretion (P < 0.05, decrease whole blood viscosity at low and high shear rates, gathering of blood index test (GIT and fibrinogen (FIB (P < 0.05, and enlarge the function of IGF-II (P < 0.05. We concluded that YYJT could prevent and treat hemorheologic disorder in DM rats by means of reducing glucose, improving insulin resistance and elevating IGF-II.

  16. 中医辨治糖尿病肾病%Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy



    Objective:To briefly analyze TCM understandings and therapies of diabetic nephropathy. Methods:Diagnosis standards and clinical stages of diabetic nephropathy, TCM understandings of pathogenesis and syndrome differentiation and treatment methods on diabetic nephropathy were summarized. Results: Pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy could not be summarized as down-consumption and consumption of kidney simply based on the theory of "the root of yin deficiency,the superficiality of hot and dryness" ,and it should be comprehensively studied on the basis of diabetes, edema and consumptive disease. Phlegm, dampness, blood stasis, hot and dryness all could become the superficial pathogenesis;deficiency of yang.yin and qi could all be the root. Conclusion:TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment can treat diabetic nephropathy with great curative effects.%目的:浅析中医对糖尿病肾病的认识和治疗方法.方法:总结糖尿病肾病诊断标准、临床分期,以及中医对糖尿病肾病病因病机的认识和辨证论治方法.结果:对于糖尿病肾病的病因病机认识不能简单地以“阴虚为本,燥热为标”为论,将其归结为下消、肾消,应该将其置于消渴、水肿、虚劳等几个疾病中综合考虑.痰湿、瘀血、燥热皆可为标,阳虚、阴虚、气虚皆可为本.结论:中医辨证论治糖尿病肾病效果显著.

  17. 中医辨证分型论治阴道干涩症60例的临床观察%Syndrome Differentiation on Treatment of Vaginal Dryness Clinical Observation of 60 Cases



    目的:观察中医辨证分型论治阴道干涩症的临床疗效.方法:通过中医辨证将本病分为肝郁脾虚型、肾阴虚型、肾阳虚型、阴阳两虚型,临床入选60例病例进行临床治疗观察,分别给予相应方药,连服2个月为1个疗程.结果:本组60例,痊愈21例;显效15例;有效19例;无效5例;总有效率91.7%.治疗后在消除、缓解阴道干涩、性交疼痛等主症,改善阴道健康状态和萎缩指数变化等方面有较为明显变化.结论:中医辨证治疗阴道干涩有较好疗效,值得临床进一步探讨和推广应用.%Objective:To observe traditional Chinese medicine syndrome diffierentiation on treatwemt of reginal dryness.Methods:Diagnosis and Treatment by Chinese medicine syndromes are divided into stagnation and spleen deficiency,kidney,kidney yang,yin and yang deficiency type.Clinical selected 60 cases of vaginal dryness in patients with clinical observation,were given the appropriate herbs,and even served two months of a course of treatment.Results:21 cases was cured,15 cases sufficient,in 19 cases effective,5 cases ineffective,total efficiency was 91.7%.After treatment in the elimination,relieve the main symptoms of vaginal dryness,painful intercourse,improve vaginal health status and atrophy index change more obvious.Conclusion:Confirmed that Chinese medicine treatment of vaginal dryness has a good effect,and is worthy of further discussion and application.

  18. 王晓燕主任治疗抽动症经验总结%Experience summary of Director WANG Xiao-yan for treating tourette



    Objective:To summarize clinical experience of Director WANG Xiao-yan on treating tourette. Methods:Learning with the teacher to collect, organization, summary the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and treatment. Results: It associated with a variety of behavioral disorders, and varying degrees of harm is to children’s cognitive function and physical and psychological development, there by affecting their mental development and learning, social adaptability. WANG Xiao-yan director considered that stabilizeliver wind, Xifeng Zhijing and Shugan Rougan, Yangyin Huoxue Qutan is main treatment principles. Combined different clinical performance differentiation therapy and medication with children, conditioning of life and dietary guidance should be given in their daily lives. Medication and psychotherapy combined can achieve a satisfactory effect. Conclusion:Director WANG Xiao-yan’s theoretical basis on treating tourette is full, clinical results were satisfactory, and worthy of learning.%  目的:总结王晓燕主任治疗儿童抽动症的临床经验。方法:通过跟师学习,收集、整理、归纳王晓燕主任对本病病因病机的认识以及治疗方法。结果:抽动症可伴发多种行为障碍,并不同程度地损害儿童的认知功能和身体及心理发育,进而影响其智力发育和学习、社会适应能力。王晓燕主任认为在治疗该病过程中应该以平抑肝风、熄风止痉以及疏肝柔肝、养阴活血祛痰为其主要治疗原则,结合患儿的临床不同表现进行辨证治疗和用药,同时应在日常生活中给予生活调理和饮食指导,只有药物治疗和心理治疗相结合才能取得满意疗效。结论:王晓燕主任治疗儿童抽动症理论依据充分,临床疗效满意,值得借鉴。

  19. Influence over "sishi" nursing for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients's quality of restoration life%四时调护对慢性阻塞性肺疾病康复生活质量的影响



    目的 探讨四时调护对慢性阻塞性肺疾病病人康复自我护理能力和生活质量的效果.方法 将106例慢性阻塞性肺疾病病人随机分为对照组和实验组,对照组53例,实验组53例,对照组采用常规的慢性阻塞性肺疾病家庭康复护理健康教育,实验组实施四时护理健康教育,内容根据"天人相应"和"天人合一"理论、"顺四时而适寒暑"的养生要求和"春夏养阳,秋冬养阴"的四时养生原则,指导病人"因时制宜"采取相应的辩证施护,调节自身的情志、起居、饮食、环境、衣着、锻炼、药物等.干预时间为二年,干预后两组均采用自我护理能力测定量表和COPD生活质量评分表进行评价.结果 通过四时调护教育后,实验组病人的自我护理能力、自我护理技能、自我概念、健康知识水平明显高于对照组(P<0.05);观察组病人的日常生活、社会活动、抑郁分、焦虑分明显低于对照组(P<0.05).结论 四时调护教育能有效地提高慢性阻塞性肺疾病病人的自我护理能力,提高病人的生活质量.%Objective Discussion on "Si Shi" nursing for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients self-care ability and quality of life effects.Method 106 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients were randomly divided into control group and experimental group.53 cases of the control group,53 cases of the experimental group.The control group using conventional chronic obstructive pulmonary disease rehabilitation care family health education,and the experimental group using "Si Shi" health care and education .The content based on "Canon" "corresponding Heaven" and "harmony between man and nature" theory,"while the right-shun "Si Shi" years,"the health requirements and the "Yang-Yang in spring and summer, autumn and winter Yangyin" principles of "Si Shi".Guide patient "time" to take appropriate nursing dialectical,regulating their own emotions

  20. 中西药雾化吸入配合护理防治鼻咽癌放疗口腔不良反应30例%Atomization Inhalation of Combined Chinese and Western Drugs Coordinated by Nursing for Prevent-ing and Treating Oral Adverse Reactions after Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Radiotherapy in 30 Cases



    Objective To observe the clinical effect of atomization inhalation of self-designed Qingreyangying Decoction and Vitamin C Injection coordinated by the nursing care for preventing and treating oral adverse reactions caused by radiotherapy in the patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC). Methods 60 patients with NPC in the hospital from January 2012 to October 2012 were selected and randomly divided into the observation group and the control group,30 cases in each group. All the patients were given the comprehen-sive symptomatic treatment of anti-infection,analgesia,nutrition support,etc. ,and routine care,but the observation group was added with the atomization inhalation of self-designed Qingreyangying Decoction and Vitamin C Injection,and corresponding nursing process. Results The number of the patients appearing more than grade Ⅱof acute adverse reactions such as dry mouth,taste sense change,dys-phagia,oropharyngeal pain and oral mucosa reaction in the observation group was lower than that in the control group( P < 0. 05);the appearance of radiotherapeutical adverse reactions in the observation group was later than that in the control group,while the recovery in the observation group was faster than that in the control group and the survival quality was superior to the control group ( P < 0. 05);no adverse reactions related with self-designed Qingreyangying Decoction and Vitamin C Injection in the observation group occurred,the occurrence rates of adverse reactions in the radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the observation group were similar to those in the control group without statistical differences( P ? 0. 05). Conclusion Atomization inhalation of self-designed Qingre Yangyin Decoction and Vitamin C Injection coordinated by the nursing care for preventing and treating the radiotherapeutical complica-tions in the patients with NPC,slows down the response time,lightens the degree of oral mucosa reaction,improves the survival quality, has high safety and is