Sample records for hanging rock state

  1. 75 FR 73074 - Duke Energy Hanging Rock II, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Duke Energy Hanging Rock II, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market... supplemental notice in the above-referenced proceeding, of Duke Energy Hanging Rock II, LLC's application...

  2. Displacements and identities in the australian gothic: the case of Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Luciana Wrege Rassier


    The mysteries of the novel Picnic at Hanging Rock, by Joan Lindsay (1967, and its film adaptation of same name, directed by Peter Weir (1975, have been intriguing readers and audiences for more than four decades. Set in the Australian countryside in 1900, both narratives illustrate the Australian Gothic genre by revolving around the mystery of the disappearance of three schoolgirls and a teacher from a repressive boarding school during a picnic at the mountain. Basing our approach on the reflections by Linda Hutcheon (2011 on adaptations we analyze to which extent literary and cinematographic works relate to each other, while the works presented by Susan Bassnett (2006 and Kristi Siegl (2004 on women’s travel writing will allow us to approach themes such as female sexuality and travel as a metaphor of transformation.

  3. Hang Gliders


    Francis M. Rogallo and his wife Gertrude researched flexible controllable fabric airfoils with a delta, V-shaped, configuration for use on inexpensive private aircraft. They were issued a flex-wing patent and refined their designs. Development of Rogallo wings, used by U.S. Moyes, Inc. substantially broadened the flexible airfoil technology base which originated from NASA's reentry parachute. The Rogallo technology, particularly the airfoil frame was incorporated in the design of a kite by John Dickenson. The Dickenson kite served as prototype for the Australian Moyes line of hang gliders. Company no longer exists.

  4. Selected references on alkalic igneous rocks of the United States

    Hall, C.R. (comp.)


    A compilation of references is presented providing background information on rock and mineral associations, geochemistry, geophysics, structural relationships, and geochronology of sialic, feldspathoidal, and some mafic alkalic igneous rock exposures in the US. Their locations and major characteristics are cited. No implication regarding U potential in these areas is intended. The first part of the bibliography provides general references to overall features of alkaline igneous rocks by region. The second part is a compilation of references on alkalic igneous rocks by state or groups of states. The third part provides information on rock type, age, and location for most of the references cited in part two. (JSR)

  5. Hang Gliders for Sport


    Hang gliding is growing rapidly. Free Flight produces 1,000 gliders a month and other companies are entering the field. Wing is simple to control, pulling back on control bar allows you to pick up speed and at the same time lowers your altitude. Pushing forward slows your speed and levels you off. Birdmen can choose from prone, upright or swing seat harnesses in either kits or ready-to-fly gliders.

  6. The Physics of Hang Gliding

    Hewett, Lionel D.


    Dr. Hewett has received both national and international awards from the hang gliding community for his contributions to the safety of towing hang gliders. These contributions were a consequence of his applying his knowledge of physics to the sport of hang gliding. This lecture illustrates how these and other applications of the fundamental principles of physics have influenced the historical evolutions of hang gliding and paragliding from the earliest flights of Otto Lilienthal in 1891 through the more recent record breaking flights of more than 430 miles from Zapata Texas.

  7. Hang-It-Up Artists

    Szekely, George


    The best lesson ideas often derive from childhood recollections. When brought to class, play memories and art mementos from the teacher's childhood paint a powerful homage to children's art. A survey of a child's room in the dark, or with lights on, discloses interesting hanging sites, means of attachment and unusual items drafted for hanging, all…

  8. Homicidal hanging masquerading as suicide

    Leth, Peter Mygind; Charles, Annie Vesterby


    Homicidal hanging is rare and presents special problems for the forensic pathologist. We report a case of homicide by hanging masquerading as suicide, in which the forensic evidence was of crucial importance. The victim was a 61 years old man, who was found in his house suspended by a rope around...

  9. Homicidal hanging masquerading as suicide

    Leth, Peter Mygind; Charles, Annie Vesterby


    Homicidal hanging is rare and presents special problems for the forensic pathologist. We report a case of homicide by hanging masquerading as suicide, in which the forensic evidence was of crucial importance. The victim was a 61 years old man, who was found in his house suspended by a rope around...

  10. Verifying the Hanging Chain Model

    Karls, Michael A.


    The wave equation with variable tension is a classic partial differential equation that can be used to describe the horizontal displacements of a vertical hanging chain with one end fixed and the other end free to move. Using a web camera and TRACKER software to record displacement data from a vibrating hanging chain, we verify a modified version…

  11. Selected elements of rock burst state assessment in case studies from the Silesian hard coal mines

    KABIESZ Józef; MAKóWKA Janusz


    Exploitation of coal seams in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin is conducted in complex and difficult conditions. These difficulties are connected with the occurrence of many natural mining hazards and limitations resulting from the existing in this area surface infrastructure. One of the most important problems of Polish mining is the rock burst hazard and reliable evaluation of its condition. During long-years' mining practice in Poland a comprehensive system of evaluation and control of this hazard was de-veloped. In the paper the main aspects of rock burst hazard state evaluation will be presented, comprising: 1) rock mass inclination for rock bursts, I.e., rock strength properties investigation, comprehensive parametric evaluation of rock mass inclination for rock bursts, prognosis of seismic events induced by mining operations, methods of computer-aided modelling of stress and rock mass deformation parameters distribution, strategic rock mass classification under rock burst degrees; 2) immediate seismic and rock burst hazard state evaluation, I.e., low diameter test drilling method, seismologic and seismoacoustic method, comprehensive method of rock burst hazard state evaluation, non-standard methods of evaluation; 3) legal aspects of rock burst hazard state evaluation. Selected elements of the hazard state evaluation system are illustrated with specific practical examples of their applica-tion.

  12. Length of a Hanging Cable

    Eric Costello


    Full Text Available The shape of a cable hanging under its own weight and uniform horizontal tension between two power poles is a catenary. The catenary is a curve which has an equation defined by a hyperbolic cosine function and a scaling factor. The scaling factor for power cables hanging under their own weight is equal to the horizontal tension on the cable divided by the weight of the cable. Both of these values are unknown for this problem. Newton's method was used to approximate the scaling factor and the arc length function to determine the length of the cable. A script was written using the Python programming language in order to quickly perform several iterations of Newton's method to get a good approximation for the scaling factor.

  13. Hanging-induced burst suppression pattern in EEG

    Nilgun Cinar


    Full Text Available Lethal suspension (hanging is one of the most common methods of attempting suicide. Spinal fractures, cognitive and motor deficits as well as epileptic seizures can be detected after unsuccessful hanging attempts. Introduced here is the case of a 25-year-old man exemplifying the clinical observations stated hereafter, who was conveyed to our emergency room after having survived attempted suicide by hanging, with his post-anoxic burst-suppression electroencephalography (BS-EEG pattern and clinical diagnoses in the post-comatose stage. The patient′s state of consciousness was gradually improved over a period of time. His neuropsychiatric assessment proved that memory deficit, a slight lack of attention and minor executive dysfunction was observed a month after the patient was discharged. Although the BS-EEG pattern indicates severe brain dysfunction, it is a poor prognostic factor; rarely, patients survive with minor cognitive deficits and can perform their normal daily activities.

  14. Hugoniot equation of state of rock materials under shock compression.

    Zhang, Q B; Braithwaite, C H; Zhao, J


    Two sets of shock compression tests (i.e. conventional and reverse impact) were conducted to determine the shock response of two rock materials using a plate impact facility. Embedded manganin stress gauges were used for the measurements of longitudinal stress and shock velocity. Photon Doppler velocimetry was used to capture the free surface velocity of the target. Experimental data were obtained on a fine-grained marble and a coarse-grained gabbro over a shock pressure range of approximately 1.5-12 GPa. Gabbro exhibited a linear Hugoniot equation of state (EOS) in the pressure-particle velocity (P-up) plane, while for marble a nonlinear response was observed. The EOS relations between shock velocity (US) and particle velocity (up) are linearly fitted as US = 2.62 + 3.319up and US = 5.4 85 + 1.038up for marble and gabbro, respectively.This article is part of the themed issue 'Experimental testing and modelling of brittle materials at high strain rates'.

  15. The influence of normal fault on initial state of stress in rock mass

    Tajduś Antoni


    Full Text Available Determination of original state of stress in rock mass is a very difficult task for rock mechanics. Yet, original state of stress in rock mass has fundamental influence on secondary state of stress, which occurs in the vicinity of mining headings. This, in turn, is the cause of the occurrence of a number of mining hazards, i.e., seismic events, rock bursts, gas and rock outbursts, falls of roof. From experience, it is known that original state of stress depends a lot on tectonic disturbances, i.e., faults and folds. In the area of faults, a great number of seismic events occur, often of high energies. These seismic events, in many cases, are the cause of rock bursts and damage to the constructions located inside the rock mass and on the surface of the ground. To estimate the influence of fault existence on the disturbance of original state of stress in rock mass, numerical calculations were done by means of Finite Element Method. In the calculations, it was tried to determine the influence of different factors on state of stress, which occurs in the vicinity of a normal fault, i.e., the influence of normal fault inclination, deformability of rock mass, values of friction coefficient on the fault contact. Critical value of friction coefficient was also determined, when mutual dislocation of rock mass part separated by a fault is impossible. The obtained results enabled formulation of a number of conclusions, which are important in the context of seismic events and rock bursts in the area of faults.

  16. Steady state, continuity, and the curious behavior of steep channels in layered rocks

    Covington, M. D.; Perne, M.; Thaler, E.; Myre, J. M.


    Considerations of landscape steady state have substantially informed our understanding of the relationships between landscapes, tectonics, climate, and lithology. Topographic steady state, where topography is fixed in time, is a particularly important tool in the interpretation of landscape features, such as bedrock channel profiles, within a context of uplift patterns and rock strength. However, topographic steady state cannot strictly be attained in a landscape with layered rocks with non-vertical contacts. We show that an assumption of channel continuity, where channel retreat rates in the direction parallel to a contact are equal above and below the contact, provides a more general description of steady state landscapes in layered rocks, and that topographic steady state is a special case of the steady state derived from continuity. We demonstrate that modeled landscapes approach continuity steady state using 1D simulations and full landscape evolution models. Contrary to common conceptions, continuity predicts that channels will be steeper in weaker rocks in the case of subhorizontal rock layers when the stream power erosion exponent n<1. For subhorizontal layered rocks with different erodibilities, continuity also predicts larger slope contrasts than would be predicted by topographic steady state. Continuity steady state is a type of flux steady state, where uplift is balanced on average by erosion. The differences between topographic steady state and continuity steady state are most pronuced for steep channels in subhorizontal layered rocks. Consequently, cratonic and plateau settings are most likely to produce the effects predicted by continuity steady state. These settings remain relatively underexplored within the bedrock channel literature. Though examples illustrated here utilze the stream power erosion law, continuity steady state provides a general mathematical tool that can be used to explore the development of landscapes in layered rocks using any

  17. Medico-legal examination of hanging

    Mehmet Beşir Yıldırım


    Full Text Available Hanging is usually fatal and it is one of the most preferred method of suicide due to can be applied easily at any environment. In hanging particularly serious injuries is seen on the neck structures. Vascular injuries, cervical spine injury, laryngeal, tracheal injury can be seen or cerebral edema, intracranial hemorrhage can be occurred secondary to neck injury. In survivors of hanging, epilepsy, pulmonary complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary edema, and bronchopneumonia are frequently observed. Hanging is a serious health problem that requires urgent intervention and post-professional care. Hanging has a high mortality despite early and accurate intervention. However the relief of neck structures and the treatment of accompanying complications can increase survival. In this study, we aimed that once again attract attention one of the most preferred way of suicide hanging cases, raise awareness of community on this issue and emphasize the importance of the early interventions in patients with near hanging. J Clin Exp Invest 2015; 6 (4: 400-405

  18. Hang cleans and hang snatches produce similar improvements in female collegiate athletes.

    Ayers, J L; DeBeliso, M; Sevene, T G; Adams, K J


    Olympic weightlifting movements and their variations are believed to be among the most effective ways to improve power, strength, and speed in athletes. This study investigated the effects of two Olympic weightlifting variations (hang cleans and hang snatches), on power (vertical jump height), strength (1RM back squat), and speed (40-yard sprint) in female collegiate athletes. 23 NCAA Division I female athletes were randomly assigned to either a hang clean group or hang snatch group. Athletes participated in two workout sessions a week for six weeks, performing either hang cleans or hang snatches for five sets of three repetitions with a load of 80-85% 1RM, concurrent with their existing, season-specific, resistance training program. Vertical jump height, 1RM back squat, and 40-yard sprint all had a significant, positive improvement from pre-training to post-training in both groups (p≤0.01). However, when comparing the gain scores between groups, there was no significant difference between the hang clean and hang snatch groups for any of the three dependent variables (i.e., vertical jump height, p=0.46; 1RM back squat, p=0.20; and 40-yard sprint, p=0.46). Short-term training emphasizing hang cleans or hang snatches produced similar improvements in power, strength, and speed in female collegiate athletes. This provides strength and conditioning professionals with two viable programmatic options in athletic-based exercises to improve power, strength, and speed.

  19. A Damaged Constitutive Model for Rock under Dynamic and High Stress State

    Yan-Long Li


    Full Text Available The main research work of this paper focuses on the theoretical prediction of the constitutive relationship for rock, concrete, and other quasi-brittle materials under dynamic and complex stress state and the influence of dynamic mechanical behavior of rock on practical engineering problems was studied. A damaged elastoplastic model (DEPM is established for the investigation and prediction of static or dynamic mechanical behavior of rock material. The mechanical behavior (brittleness or plasticity and dynamic response (due to underground impact pressure and high-velocity impact of projectile of rock under high in situ stress were investigated via the DEPM combined with the explicit finite element method. This paper suggests the influence of the brittle or plastic mechanical behavior of rock material on deep underground rock engineering.

  20. Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of the early Mesozoic Xitian granitic pluton in the middle Qin-Hang Belt, South China: Constraints from zircon U-Pb ages and bulk-rock trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions

    Wu, Qianhong; Cao, Jingya; Kong, Hua; Shao, Yongjun; Li, Huan; Xi, Xiaoshuang; Deng, Xuantong


    The Xitian pluton in southeast Hunan province is one of the early Mesozoic (Indosinian) granitic plutons in the South China Block. It is composed of biotite adamellite with K-feldspar megacrysts, biotite adamellite, and biotite granite that have U-Pb zircon ages of 229.9 ± 1.4 Ma, 223.6 ± 1.3 Ma, and 224.0 ± 1.4 Ma, respectively. The Indosinian granitoids in the Xitian pluton belong to S-type granites, with highly radiogenic initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios (0.71397-0.71910), negative εNd(t) values ranging from -10.1 to -9.4, and old Nd model ages (1858-1764 Ma). They are enriched in radiogenic Pb isotopes, with (206Pb/204Pb)t ranging from 18.130 to 18.903, (207Pb/204Pb)t from 15.652 to 15.722, and (208Pb/204Pb)t from 38.436 to 39.037, respectively. These features indicate that the granitoidswithin the Xitian pluton were formed from magmas generated by remelting of metapelite and metapsammite of the Paleoproterozoic metamorphic basement at temperatures of ca. 800 °C, with low oxygen fugacity. The Sr-Nd isotopic compositions of the rocks from Xitian pluton indicate that the granitic magmas were mixed with less than 10% mantle-derived magmas. We suggest that the Xitian pluton was emplaced in an extensional tectonic setting related to release of compressional stresses within the thickened crust during the early Mesozoic.

  1. [Sensory illusions in hang-gliding].

    Bousquet, F; Bizeau, A; Resche-Rigon, P; Taillemite, J P; De Rotalier


    Sensory illusions in hang-gliding and para-gliding. Hang-gliding and para-gliding are at the moment booming sports. Sensory illusions are physiological phenomena sharing the wrong perception of the pilote's real position in space. These phenomena are very familiar to aeroplane pilotes, they can also be noticed on certain conditions with hang-gliding pilotes. There are many and various sensory illusions, but only illusions of vestibular origin will be dealt with in this article. Vestibular physiology is reminded with the working principle of a semicircular canal. Physiology and laws of physics explain several sensory illusions, especially when the pilote loses his visual landmarks: flying through a cloud, coriolis effect. Also some specific stages of hang-gliding foster those phenomena: spiraling downwards, self-rotation, following an asymetric closing of the parachute, spin on oneself. Therefore a previous briefing for the pilotes seems necessary.

  2. Creep in jointed rock masses. State of knowledge

    Glamheden, Rune (Golder Associates AB (Sweden)); Hoekmark, Harald (Clay Technology AB, Lund (Sweden))


    To describe creep behaviour in hard rock masses in a physically realistic way, elaborate models including various combinations of dash pots, spring elements and sliders would be needed. According to our knowledge, there are at present no numerical tools available that can handle such a creep model. In addition, there are no records over sufficient long time periods of tunnel convergence in crystalline rock that could be used to determine or calibrate values for the model parameters. A possible method to perform bounding estimates of creep movements around openings in a repository may be to use distinct element codes with standard built-in elasto-plastic models. By locally reducing the fracture shear strength near the underground openings a relaxation of fracture shear loads is reached. The accumulated displacements may then represent the maximum possible effects of creep that can take place in a jointed rock mass without reference to the actual time it takes to reach the displacements. Estimates based on results from analyses where all shear stresses are allowed to disappear completely will, however, be over-conservative. To be able to set up and analyse reasonably realistic numerical models with the proposed method, further assumptions regarding the creep movements and the creep region around the opening have to be made. The purpose of this report is to present support for such assumptions as found in the literature.

  3. Musings: Childhood buddy hangs up

    Ajai R. Singh


    Full Text Available 'R' really was special. Shouldered the responsibility of a business family at a tender age. Worked over inefficient estate management by elders, saw to it younger siblings were settled, sacrificed youth to bring up business and family. Enjoyed friends, drinks, driving. We were childhood buddies from the same town. I had met him a couple of months before the incident. It was after nearly a decade. At a chemist's shop. He was buying medicines. Antidepressants. I asked him what happened. He had tears in his eyes. There was no flicker of the customary light on his face I had known so well. The smile that usually sparkled in his eye as he met an old childhood buddy had vanished. I could read the distress. I shook hands and told him to meet me in the clinic and we would sort it out. Depression is perfectly treatable, I said. Did you undergo psychotherapy? No, he said. Only drugs, but felt better. Some thoughts bothering you, I asked. Yes. Why not talk to your psychiatrist, I said. He thought for a moment, a long moment. I had never known 'R' to take that long to decide. Finally he said he would come and meet me in my clinic. Suddenly 'R' was dead. Died by hanging. I wondered what went wrong. Would I have saved him if I had got over my professional reserve and insisted he come for treatment? Was he really taking treatment with someone, or just self-medicating himself? I know he listened to me. If I had phoned him up, or his parents, and told them: nothing doing, I want to see 'R' well. Let him come to my clinic. Would that not have given him a chance to survive? Or even if he did commit the act, it would not be for want of trying. Some days later. As I neared his house while I was going to a neighbour's, I looked up at the forlorn structure. A grim board outside said, "Trespassers will be prosecuted". What about the late owner, who prosecuted me since I could not trespass a professional limitation: don't solicit patients.

  4. High Temperature Versus Geomechanical Parameters of Selected Rocks – The Present State of Research

    Anna Sygała


    Full Text Available This paper presents the current state of knowledge concerning the examination of the impact of increased temperatures on changes of geomechanical properties of rocks. Based on historical data, the shape of stress–strain characteristics that illustrate the process of the destruction of rock samples as a result of load impact under uniaxial compression in a testing machine, were discussed. The results from the studies on changes in the basic strength and elasticity parameters of rocks, such as the compressive strength and Young’s modulus were compared. On their basis, it was found that temperature has a significant effect on the change of geomechanical properties of rocks. The nature of these changes also depends on other factors (apart from temperature. They are, among others: the mineral composition of rock, the porosity and density. The research analysis showed that changes in the rock by heating it at various temperatures and then uniaxially loading it in a testing machine, are different for different rock types. Most of the important processes that cause changes in the values of the strength parameters of the examined rocks occured in the temperature range of 400 to 600 °C.

  5. State of stress in the area of a shaft being excavated with rock freezing considering dependence of rock physical properties on temperature

    Dobrocinski, S.; Szmelter, J.


    A shaft 4.37 m in diameter and 80 m deep was excavated with rock freezing. Thirty-one freezing pipes formed a circle with a diameter of 10.8 m. Load bearing capacity of the frozen rocks which would guarantee safety during shaft sinking was determined. The finite element method was used. Number of unknowns was reduced by solving 2 two-dimensional problems: determining temperature distribution in the vertical planes and determining temperature and stress distribution in the axial cross-cuts. On the basis of an axisymmetric numerical model of rock strata temperature distribution was determined (varying thermal conductivity of rock strata was considered). On the basis of the temperature distribution, state of stress in rock strata was assessed considering dependence of rock elastic properties on temperature.

  6. Near hanging: Early intervention can save lives

    Ritika Gandhi


    Full Text Available Hanging is a common method of suicide/homicide in the Indian scenario. We report three successive cases of attempted suicidal hangings seen over a period of 4 months in our intensive care wards. All of them presented gasping with poor clinical status and required immediate intubation, resuscitation, assisted ventilation and intensive care treatment. None had cervical spine injury, but one patient developed aspiration pneumonia. All the three patients received standard supportive intensive care and made full clinical recovery without any neurological deficit. We conclude that the cases of near hanging should be aggressively resuscitated and treated irrespective of dismal initial presentation. This is well supported by the excellent outcomes in our cases despite their poor initial condition.

  7. Steady state, erosional continuity, and the topography of landscapes developed in layered rocks

    Perne, Matija; Covington, Matthew D.; Thaler, Evan A.; Myre, Joseph M.


    The concept of topographic steady state has substantially informed our understanding of the relationships between landscapes, tectonics, climate, and lithology. In topographic steady state, erosion rates are equal everywhere, and steepness adjusts to enable equal erosion rates in rocks of different strengths. This conceptual model makes an implicit assumption of vertical contacts between different rock types. Here we hypothesize that landscapes in layered rocks will be driven toward a state of erosional continuity, where retreat rates on either side of a contact are equal in a direction parallel to the contact rather than in the vertical direction. For vertical contacts, erosional continuity is the same as topographic steady state, whereas for horizontal contacts it is equivalent to equal rates of horizontal retreat on either side of a rock contact. Using analytical solutions and numerical simulations, we show that erosional continuity predicts the form of flux steady-state landscapes that develop in simulations with horizontally layered rocks. For stream power erosion, the nature of continuity steady state depends on the exponent, n, in the erosion model. For n = 1, the landscape cannot maintain continuity. For cases where n ≠ 1, continuity is maintained, and steepness is a function of erodibility that is predicted by the theory. The landscape in continuity steady state can be quite different from that predicted by topographic steady state. For n < 1 continuity predicts that channels incising subhorizontal layers will be steeper in the weaker rock layers. For subhorizontal layered rocks with different erodibilities, continuity also predicts larger slope contrasts than in topographic steady state. Therefore, the relationship between steepness and erodibility within a sequence of layered rocks is a function of contact dip. For the subhorizontal limit, the history of layers exposed at base level also influences the steepness-erodibility relationship. If uplift rate

  8. Influence of discontinuities on the rock mass stress-strain state around excavation

    V.N. Bukhartsev


    Full Text Available Adequate mathematical modeling of selvage zone and natural fracturing as well as assessment of its impact on stress-strain state – urgent problems in calculation of hydraulic tunnels. Modern Russian regulations in fact give dependences only to solve the problems in plane deformation conditions. The specificity of work of the tunnel that crosses the discontinuity, as a space frame are not taken into account. This article presents influence of discontinuities and fracture characteristics on the rock mass stress-strain state around excavation. Fractured rock mass model was analyzed. Formula of modulus of elasticity for fractured rock mass at distance from the fault was deduced. Influence of discontinuities on the stress distribution was estimated with using experiment design method. On the basis of the conducted research it was established, that assessing rock stress-strain state around the fracture is necessary to consider rock mass fracture characteristics; and using principal stresses distribution in combination with Lode parameter we can clearly estimate the type of stress-strain state in each point, therefore, we can use different strength theories for different sections of the tunnel.

  9. Direct measurement of relative permeability in rocks from unsteady-state saturation profiles

    Kianinejad, Amir; Chen, Xiongyu; DiCarlo, David A.


    We develop a method to measure liquid relative permeability in rocks directly from transient in situ saturation profiles during gravity drainage experiments. Previously, similar methods have been used for sandpacks; here, this method is extended to rocks by applying a slight overpressure of gas at the inlet. Relative permeabilities are obtained in a 60 cm long vertical Berea sandstone core during gravity drainage, directly from the measured unsteady-state in situ saturations along the core at different times. It is shown that for obtaining relative permeability using this method, if certain criteria are met, the capillary pressure of the rock can be neglected. However, it is essential to use a correct gas pressure gradient along the core. This involves incorporating the pressure drop at the outlet of the core due to capillary discontinuity effects. The method developed in this work obtains relative permeabilities in unsteady-state fashion over a wide range of saturations quickly and accurately.

  10. The IBM System 7 On-Line Circulation System at Slippery Rock State College.

    Wood, Richard J.

    This article describes and evalutes the IBM System 7 automated circulation system in use at Slippery Rock State College Library since 1973. Background information is furnished on the library and its locale as well as the general rationale and objectives for automated circulation systems. The presentation of the IBM S/7 includes (1) reasons for its…




    Full Text Available Survival after nylon rope suicidal hanging is a rare occurance . We describe here a patient who attempted suicide by nylon rope hanging and developed post obstructive pulmonary edema was managed successfully . Patient recovered completely with ventilatory support in next 60 hours without any neurological deficit.This case highlights an unusual complication of hanging and its recovery.

  12. Assessment of stress state of rock mass with the help of seismic soundings

    Blyakhman, A.S.; Proskuryakov, V.M.


    Method of measurement using seismic soundings without drilling boreholes is described. A physical basis is provided for the method used and the results are supplied for the assessment of the stress state of rock mass in the Norilsk coal basin. In the last few years, wide use has been made of linear profiling without drilling boreholes in order to determine the stress state of rock needed for predicting outbursts in coal seams. The method can be used to investigate rectilinear sections of mine workings which are over 20 m. However, in order to resolve a variety of mine problems, e.g. predicting and investigating dynamic phenomena, it is necessary to acquire information about the state of rock mass up to 10 to 15 m. With this in mind the VNIMI has developed a new variant of seismic sounding without the need to drill boreholes which, unlike other known methods, makes it possible to determine parameters of the abutment pressure along the whole perimeter of the rock mass in question. The investigations carried out indicate that the increases and decreases in stress as well as the rise and fall in the rate of stress wave propagation in the abutment zone can be approximated with sufficient accuracy by line segments. Results of the investigations obtained with the help of seismic soundings at the Oktyabrskii mine, Norilsk coal basin, are given.

  13. Delineation of Magnesium-rich Ultramafic Rocks Available for Mineral Carbon Sequestration in the United States

    Krevor, S.C.; Graves, C.R.; Van Gosen, B. S.; McCafferty, A.E.


    The 2005 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage suggested that a major gap in mineral carbon sequestration is locating the magnesium-silicate bedrock available to sequester CO2. It is generally known that silicate minerals with high concentrations of magnesium are suitable for mineral carbonation. However, no assessment has been made covering the entire United States detailing their geographical distribution and extent, or evaluating their potential for use in mineral carbonation. Researchers at Columbia University and the U.S. Geological Survey have developed a digital geologic database of ultramafic rocks in the continental United States. Data were compiled from varied-scale geologic maps of magnesium-silicate ultramafic rocks. These rock types are potentially suitable as source material for mineral carbon-dioxide sequestration. The focus of the national-scale map is entirely on suitable ultramafic rock types, which typically consist primarily of olivine and serpentine minerals. By combining the map with digital datasets that show non-mineable lands (such as urban areas and National Parks), estimates on potential depth of a surface mine, and the predicted reactivities of the mineral deposits, one can begin to estimate the capacity for CO2 mineral sequestration within the United States. ?? 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Candidate sites for future hot-dry-rock development in the United States

    Goff, F.; Decker, E.R.


    Generalized geologic and other data are tabulated for 24 potential hot dry rock (HDR) sites in the contiguous United States. The data show that HDR resources occur in many geologic and tectonic settings. Potential reservoir rocks at each prospect are described and each system is cateogrized accoridng to inferred heat sources. The Fenton Hill area in New Mexico is discussed in detail because this region may be considered ideal for HDR development. Three other prospectively valuable localities are described: The Geysers-Clear lake region in California, the Roosevelt Hot Springs area in Utah, and the White Mountains region in New Hampshire. These areas are singled out to illustrate the roles of significantly different geology and geophysics, reservoir rocks, and reservoir heat contents in possible HDR developments.

  15. Pascal's wager and the hanging of crepe.

    Siegler, M


    Hanging of crepe refers to one type of strategy employed by physicians in communicating prognoses to families of critically ill patients. This approach offers the bleakest, most pessimistic prediction of the patient's outcome, presumably in an effort to lessen the family's suffering if the patient dies of his illness. Certain similarities exist between this technic and that used by Pascal, the 17th-century philosopher, in formulating his wager on the belief in God, in that both attempt to develop "no-lose" strategies, in which chances for "winning" are maximized. A detailed analysis of these strategies indicates that neither is truly "no-lose," and that both contain inherent disadvantages. Prognostication, an alternative approach to physician-family communication, appears to be strategically and morally superior to the hanging-of-crepe strategy.

  16. Wireless Orbiter Hang-Angle Inclinometer System

    Lucena, Angel; Perotti, Jose; Green, Eric; Byon, Jonathan; Burns, Bradley; Mata, Carlos; Randazzo, John; Blalock, Norman


    A document describes a system to reliably gather the hang-angle inclination of the orbiter. The system comprises a wireless handheld master station (which contains the main station software) and a wireless remote station (which contains the inclinometer sensors, the RF transceivers, and the remote station software). The remote station is designed to provide redundancy to the system. It includes two RF transceivers, two power-management boards, and four inclinometer sensors.

  17. The United States Polar Rock Repository: A geological resource for the Earth science community

    Grunow, Annie M.; Elliot, David H.; Codispoti, Julie E.


    The United States Polar Rock Repository (USPRR) is a U. S. national facility designed for the permanent curatorial preservation of rock samples, along with associated materials such as field notes, annotated air photos and maps, raw analytic data, paleomagnetic cores, ground rock and mineral residues, thin sections, and microfossil mounts, microslides and residues from Polar areas. This facility was established by the Office of Polar Programs at the U. S. National Science Foundation (NSF) to minimize redundant sample collecting, and also because the extreme cold and hazardous field conditions make fieldwork costly and difficult. The repository provides, along with an on-line database of sample information, an essential resource for proposal preparation, pilot studies and other sample based research that should make fieldwork more efficient and effective. This latter aspect should reduce the environmental impact of conducting research in sensitive Polar Regions. The USPRR also provides samples for educational outreach. Rock samples may be borrowed for research or educational purposes as well as for museum exhibits.

  18. Energy stability of droplets and dry spots in a thin film model of hanging drops

    Cheung, Ka-Luen; Chou, Kai-Seng


    The 2-D thin film equation describing the evolution of hang drops is studied. All radially symmetric steady states are classified, and their energy stability is determined. It is shown that the droplet with zero contact angle is the only global energy minimizer and the dry spot with zero contact angle is a strict local energy minimizer.

  19. Improvement of hang glider performance by use of ultralight elastic wing

    Wolf, J. S.


    The problem of the lateral controllability of the hang glider by the pilot's weight shift was considered. The influence of the span and the torsional elasticity of the wing was determined. It was stated that an ultralight elastic wing of a new kind was most suitable for good control. The wing also has other advantageous properties.

  20. Residence time of water discharging from the Hanging Gardens of Zion Park

    Kimball, B.A.; Christensen, P.K.


    The Hanging Gardens are a unique feature of Zion National Park. Knowledge of the source and residence time of water discharging from the Hanging Gardens is necessary to help preserve these features. Ground-water chemical and isotopic data distinguish the discharge from seeps and springs into two groups, one of low and one of high conductivity. Water with low conductivity likely originates as recharge near the steps and springs, and it only interacts with the Navajo Sandstone. High conductivity water, on the other hand, originates as recharge on the tops of plateaus to the east, where it interacts with marine rocks of the Carmel Formation. Carbon dating of these ground waters indicates that the low conductivity water is essentially modern recharge, while the high conductivity water was recharged 1,000 to 4,000 years ago.The Hanging Gardens are a unique feature of Zion National Park. Knowledge of the source and residence time of water discharging from the Hanging Gardens is necessary to help preserve these features. Ground-water chemical and isotopic data distinguish the discharge from seeps and springs into two groups, one of low and one of high conductivity. Water with low conductivity likely originates as recharge near the seeps and springs, and it only interacts with the Navajo Sandstone. High conductivity water, on the other hand, originates as recharge on the tops of plateaus to the cast, where it interacts with marine rocks of the Carmel Formation. Carbon dating of these ground waters indicates that the low conductivity water is essentially modern recharge, while the high conductivity water was recharged 1,000 to 4,000 years ago.

  1. Preliminary state-of-the-art survey: mining techniques for salt and other rock types


    This is a systematic review of the state-of-the-art of underground mining and excavation technology in the U.S. as applied to salt, limestone, shale, and granite. Chapter 2 covers the basic characteristics of these rock types, the most frequently used underground mining methods, shaft and slope entry construction, equipment, and safety and productivity data. Chapters 3 and 4 summarize underground salt and limestone mining in the U.S. Chapter 5 shows that large amounts of thick shale exist in the U.S., but little is mined. Chapter 6 discusses underground excavations into granite-type rocks. Suggestions are given in the last chapter for further study. (DLC)

  2. Steady-State Creep of Rock Salt: Improved Approaches for Lab Determination and Modelling

    Günther, R.-M.; Salzer, K.; Popp, T.; Lüdeling, C.


    Actual problems in geotechnical design, e.g., of underground openings for radioactive waste repositories or high-pressure gas storages, require sophisticated constitutive models and consistent parameters for rock salt that facilitate reliable prognosis of stress-dependent deformation and associated damage. Predictions have to comprise the active mining phase with open excavations as well as the long-term development of the backfilled mine or repository. While convergence-induced damage occurs mostly in the vicinity of openings, the long-term behaviour of the backfilled system is dominated by the damage-free steady-state creep. However, because in experiments the time necessary to reach truly stationary creep rates can range from few days to years, depending mainly on temperature and stress, an innovative but simple creep testing approach is suggested to obtain more reliable results: A series of multi-step tests with loading and unloading cycles allows a more reliable estimate of stationary creep rate in a reasonable time. For modelling, we use the advanced strain-hardening approach of Günther-Salzer, which comprehensively describes all relevant deformation properties of rock salt such as creep and damage-induced rock failure within the scope of an unified creep ansatz. The capability of the combination of improved creep testing procedures and accompanied modelling is demonstrated by recalculating multi-step creep tests at different loading and temperature conditions. Thus reliable extrapolations relevant to in-situ creep rates (10^{-9} to 10^{-13} s^{-1}) become possible.

  3. Diffusion-relaxation distribution functions of sedimentary rocks in different saturation states.

    Hürlimann, M D; Flaum, M; Venkataramanan, L; Flaum, C; Freedman, R; Hirasaki, G J


    We present diffusion-relaxation distribution functions measured on four rock cores that were prepared in a succession of different saturation states of brine and crude oil. The measurements were performed in a static gradient field at a Larmor frequency of 1.76 MHz. The diffusion-relaxation distribution functions clearly separate the contributions from the two fluid phases. The results can be used to identify the wetting and non-wetting phase, to infer fluid properties of the phases, and to obtain additional information on the geometrical arrangement of the phases. We also observe effects due to restricted diffusion and susceptibility induced internal gradients.

  4. Addiction in Extreme Sports: An Exploration of Withdrawal States in Rock Climbers.

    Heirene, Robert M; Shearer, David; Roderique-Davies, Gareth; Mellalieu, Stephen D


    Background and aims Extreme sports athletes are often labeled "adrenaline junkies" by the media, implying they are addicted to their sport. Research suggests during abstinence these athletes may experience withdrawal states characteristic of individuals with an addiction (Celsi, Rose, & Leigh, 1993; Franken, Zijlstra, & Muris, 2006; Willig, 2008). Despite this notion, no research has directly explored withdrawal experiences of extreme sports athletes. Methods Using semi-structured interviews, we explored withdrawal experiences of high (n = 4) and average-ability (n = 4) male rock climbers during periods of abstinence. We investigated the psychological and behavioral aspects of withdrawal, including craving, anhedonia, and negative affect; and differences in the frequency and intensity of these states between groups. Results Deductive content analysis indicated support for each of the three categories of anhedonia, craving, and negative affect. Consistent with existing substance addiction literature, high-ability climbers recalled more frequent and intense craving states and negative affect during abstinence compared with average-ability climbers. No differences in anhedonic symptoms between high and average-ability participants were found. Conclusions Rock climbing athletes appear to experience withdrawal symptoms when abstinent from their sport comparable to individuals with substance and behavioral addictions. The implications of these findings and suggestions for future research are discussed.

  5. Automatic hanging protocol for chest radiographs

    Luo, Hui; Hao, Wei; Cornelius, Craig


    Chest radiography is one of the most widely used techniques in diagnostic imaging. It makes up at least one third of all conventional diagnostic radiographic procedures in hospitals. However, in both film-screen and computed radiography, images are often digitized with the view and orientation unknown or mislabeled, which causes inefficiency in displaying them in the picture archive and communication system (PACS). Hence, the goal of this work is to provide a robust, efficient, and automatic hanging protocol for chest radiographs. To achieve it, the method star ts with recognition by extracting a set of distinctive features from chest radiographs. Next, a well-defined probabilistic classifier is used to train and classify the radiographs. Identifying the orientation of the radiographs is performed by an efficient algorithm which locates the neck, heart, and abdomen positions in radiographs. The initial experiment was performed on radiographs collected from daily routine chest exams in hospitals, and it has shown promising results.

  6. Analysis and experimental studies of the control of hang gliders

    Phillips, W. H.


    A theoretical analysis of the longitudinal and lateral characteristics of hang gliders in straight flight, pullups, and turns is presented. Some examples of the characteristics of a straight-wing configuration and a Rogallo-wing configuration are given. A means for improving the control of hang gliders while retaining the same basic control feel is proposed.

  7. Microstructural and geochronology data of the Coacoyulillo-Intzcuinatoyac sector rocks, Guerrero state, Mexico

    Espejo Bautista, G.; Hernandez, T.; Elías, M.; Solari, L.


    The south of Mexico is constituted by many conjugated geological events with volcanic, sedimentary, tectonic, plutonic and metamorphic sequences. The exposed evidences establish the pieces of a complex puzzle which were analyzed in this study for geochronological and structural purposes in context with the observed field relationships. According to Campa and Coney (1983), Mexico is constituted by sixteen tectonostratigraphic terranes, which are distinguished by their basement petrology, although they can superficially share an identical geological record. The study area is located in a triple point where the Xolapa, Guerrero and Mixteca terranes converge and covers the adjacent areas to the Intzcuinatoyac and Coacoyulillo villages, southwest of the city of Chilpancingo in the Guerrero state. This study was performed in a region which is integrated by geological events covered by ductile-fragile regional deformation of great magnitude, consisting of mylonitic rocks and less than 60 to 132 Ma magmatic events, associated with a subduction scenario. The analyzed magmatic events are geographically distributed along the El Zapote and El Reparo rivers and can be classified into three different magmatic pulses, determined by field relations and geochronological data. However, the age of the deformations and deformational events were constrained by two or more magmatic and / or tectonic events. The oldest magmatism is represented by felsic intrusive rocks, which were later affected by ductile deformation, developing mylonitic textures. The deformed intrusive forms part of a mylonitic sector associated to a tectonic contact between the Xolapa, Mixteca and Guerrero terranes. This mylonitic sector can be correlated with other mylonitic areas within the state of Guerrero due to its ductile structural features and its geochronology, such as La Venta and the Ocotito areas. The mylonitic areas of Guerrero form a belt that may be associated with the Chacalapa fault in the state of

  8. Studying the Light Pollution around Urban Observatories: Columbus State University’s WestRock Observatory

    O'Keeffe, Brendon Andrew; Johnson, Michael


    Light pollution plays an ever increasing role in the operations of observatories across the world. This is especially true in urban environments like Columbus, GA, where Columbus State University’s WestRock Observatory is located. Light pollution’s effects on an observatory include high background levels, which results in a lower signal to noise ratio. Overall, this will limit what the telescope can detect, and therefore limit the capabilities of the observatory as a whole.Light pollution has been mapped in Columbus before using VIIRS DNB composites. However, this approach did not provide the detailed resolution required to narrow down the problem areas around the vicinity of the observatory. The purpose of this study is to assess the current state of light pollution surrounding the WestRock observatory by measuring and mapping the brightness of the sky due to light pollution using light meters and geographic information system (GIS) software.Compared to VIIRS data this study allows for an improved spatial resolution and a direct measurement of the sky background. This assessment will enable future studies to compare their results to the baseline established here, ensuring that any changes to the way the outdoors are illuminated and their effects can be accurately measured, and counterbalanced.

  9. 'We Do Not Hang Around. It Is Forbidden' : Immigration and the Criminalisation of Youth Hanging around in the Netherlands

    T. Müller (Thaddeus)


    textabstractThe focus in this article is the ‘criminalisation’ of youth hanging around with the emergence of bans on hanging around. A critical social constructivist approach is used in this study, which draws predominantly on qualitative primary data collected between the late 1980s and 2010s. The

  10. Increase in Suicide Rates by Hanging in the Population of Tabasco, Mexico between 2003 and 2012


    Background: Worldwide, the suicide rate is decreasing. To examine changes in the rates of completed suicide in the Mexican population from 2003 to 2012, we analyzed these changes according to: (i) the method of suicide; (ii) age group and (iii) gender. Methods: The data analyzed were obtained from governmental organizations from the State of Tabasco, Mexico. The data provided 1836 cases of subjects born and residing in Tabasco, who completed suicide in this state. Results: Suicide by hanging ...

  11. Naturally occurring contaminants in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge crystalline-rock aquifers and Piedmont Early Mesozoic basin siliciclastic-rock aquifers, eastern United States, 1994–2008

    Chapman, Melinda J.; Cravotta, Charles A.; Szabo, Zoltan; Lindsay, Bruce D.


    Groundwater quality and aquifer lithologies in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces in the eastern United States vary widely as a result of complex geologic history. Bedrock composition (mineralogy) and geochemical conditions in the aquifer directly affect the occurrence (presence in rock and groundwater) and distribution (concentration and mobility) of potential naturally occurring contaminants, such as arsenic and radionuclides, in drinking water. To evaluate potential relations between aquifer lithology and the spatial distribution of naturally occurring contaminants, the crystalline-rock aquifers of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces and the siliciclastic-rock aquifers of the Early Mesozoic basin of the Piedmont Physiographic Province were divided into 14 lithologic groups, each having from 1 to 16 lithochemical subgroups, based on primary rock type, mineralogy, and weathering potential. Groundwater-quality data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program from 1994 through 2008 from 346 wells and springs in various hydrogeologic and land-use settings from Georgia through New Jersey were compiled and analyzed for this study. Analyses for most constituents were for filtered samples, and, thus, the compiled data consist largely of dissolved concentrations. Concentrations were compared to criteria for protection of human health, such as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) drinking water maximum contaminant levels and secondary maximum contaminant levels or health-based screening levels developed by the USGS NAWQA Program in cooperation with the USEPA, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Oregon Health & Science University. Correlations among constituent concentrations, pH, and oxidation-reduction (redox) conditions were used to infer geochemical controls on constituent mobility within the aquifers. Of the 23 trace-element constituents evaluated

  12. The discovery and exploration of Hang Son Doong

    Limbert, H.; Limbert, D.; Hieu, N.; Phai, V. V.; Kinh Bac, D.; Phuong, T. H.; Granger, D.


    Hang Son Doong is located in the Phong Nha Ke Bang Limestone Massif in Quang Binh Province, Central Vietnam. Cave exploration by British cavers has been continuous in this area since 1990. Hang Son Doong is part of the Phong Nha Cave system which runs from the southern end of the National Park near the Lao border to the final resurgence at Phong Nha Cave. (Author)

  13. Sistem Informasi Akademik pada SMA Swasta Hang Tuah Belawan

    Syarifuddin, Ruisya


    Perancangan Sistem Informasi Akademik pada SMA Swasta Hang Tuah Belawan ini bertujuan untuk mempermudah proses pencarian atau searching data dan informasi untuk seluruh Siswa SMA Swasta Hang Tuah Belawan yang mengalami kesulitan dalam memperoleh data mengenai masalah Akademik tersebut. Faasilitas yang terdapat dalam aplikasi ini berupa penyediaan data dan informasi mengenai beritaberita terbaru, profil agenda kegiatan, dan data-data yang berguna untuk kelangsungan belajar si...

  14. Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of Early Cretaceous S- and A-type granites in the northwest of the Gan-Hang rift, SE China

    Jiang, Yao-Hui; Zhao, Peng; Zhou, Qing; Liao, Shi-Yong; Jin, Guo-Dong


    The Gan-Hang rift, trending at least 450 km in a NE-SW direction, is a part of a Mesozoic Basin and Range Province in southeastern China. Detailed SHRIMP zircon U-Pb chronology, major and trace element, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotope data of three granitic plutons and a diabasic dike in the northwest of the Gan-Hang rift, are used to explore the origin of these granites and their relationship to the evolution of the Gan-Hang rift. SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating shows that the granitic plutons and diabasic dike were emplaced in the Early Cretaceous (122-129 Ma). The Tongshan and Damaoshan plutons, close to the Gan-Hang rift, consist mainly of weakly peraluminous granitic rocks, which show A2 subtype affinity. These granites have initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios of 0.7080-0.7103, εNd (T) values of-1.4 to-5.6 and εHf (T) (in-situ zircon) values of - 3.8 to + 1.2. Detailed elemental and isotopic data suggest that they were formed by partial melting of granulitized Mesoproterozoic metamorphic basement (including metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks) in the shallow (residual phase. The association of Early Cretaceous (122-129 Ma) S- and A-type granites in the northwest of the Gan-Hang rift marks the onset of back-arc extension or intra-arc rift. With ongoing extension the crust and lithospheric mantle became progressively thinned. The upwelling of asthenosphere triggered partial melting of both metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks in the more thinned crust close to the Gan-Hang rift, forming the A-type granitic magmas such as Tongshan and Damaoshan, whereas partial melting of metasedimentary rocks in the less thinned crust farther from the Gan-Hang rift formed the S-type granitic magmas such as Ehu. The red sediments with the total thickness more than 10,000 m have been successively deposited in the Gan-Hang rift valley since the late Early Cretaceous (~ 105 Ma), suggesting that this region experienced the most back-arc extension.

  15. Utilizing Undergraduate Research Projects to Assist in the Development of Interpretive Resources at City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho

    Pogue, K. R.


    In the Albion Mountains of southern Idaho, granitic rock of the 28 Ma Almo pluton and 2.5 Ga Green Creek Complex of southern Idaho has weathered and eroded into a spectacular landscape of towers and spires. These unusual landforms impressed travelers on the California Trail who compared their shapes to cathedrals, castles, pyramids, and other man-made structures. The region eventually became know as the City of Rocks and was a local scenic attraction until City of Rocks National Reserve (CRNR) was established in 1989 to provide more effective management for the main group of spires which were drawing an increasing number of tourists. In 2003, Castle Rocks State Park (CRSP) was created to provide both access and protection to a less extensive group of spires located a few kilometers north of the City of Rocks. Interpretive resources at CRNR have generally focused on the human history of the region, particularly its importance to the California Trail, and have largely neglected the fascinating geologic story. Although the general framework of the geology of the Albion Mountains is reasonably well known, this "big-picture" geology does little to answer many of the questions posed by the average visitor. During the summer of 2001, a Keck Geology Consortium undergraduate research project was conducted in CRNR to seek answers to these types of questions. CRNR staff could then utilize the students' research to develop interpretive resources. Six students and two professors spent 4 weeks in the field investigating the structures and processes that have contributed to the architecture of the City of Rocks. The general geomorphology of the Albion Mountains was the focus of a Keck Geology Consortium undergraduate research project conducted during the summer of 2002. Nine students and three professors studied the glacial and landslide history of the highest peaks and the geomorphic evolution of the proposed CRSP. Students working in the Castle Rocks had 2 main goals: 1

  16. Increase in Suicide Rates by Hanging in the Population of Tabasco, Mexico between 2003 and 2012

    Hernández-Alvarado, Mervyn Manuel; González-Castro, Thelma Beatriz; Tovilla-Zárate, Carlos Alfonso; Fresán, Ana; Juárez-Rojop, Isela E.; López-Narváez, María Lilia; Villar-Soto, Mario; Genis-Mendoza, Alma


    Background: Worldwide, the suicide rate is decreasing. To examine changes in the rates of completed suicide in the Mexican population from 2003 to 2012, we analyzed these changes according to: (i) the method of suicide; (ii) age group and (iii) gender. Methods: The data analyzed were obtained from governmental organizations from the State of Tabasco, Mexico. The data provided 1836 cases of subjects born and residing in Tabasco, who completed suicide in this state. Results: Suicide by hanging was a common choice of suicide method for Mexicans. The rate of suicide by hanging increased from 5.80 to 6.49 per 100,000 persons between 2003 and 2012, a rate percentage increase of 11.89%. Conclusions: Hanging was found to be the most common choice of suicide in the Mexican population, probably because the materials required are easily available and the method does not require complicated techniques, especially in the 55–64 age group. Strategies for prevention and intervention should be developed for the Mexican population considering suicide rates by age group and gender. PMID:27258292

  17. Increase in Suicide Rates by Hanging in the Population of Tabasco, Mexico between 2003 and 2012

    Mervyn Manuel Hernández-Alvarado


    Full Text Available Background: Worldwide, the suicide rate is decreasing. To examine changes in the rates of completed suicide in the Mexican population from 2003 to 2012, we analyzed these changes according to: (i the method of suicide; (ii age group and (iii gender. Methods: The data analyzed were obtained from governmental organizations from the State of Tabasco, Mexico. The data provided 1836 cases of subjects born and residing in Tabasco, who completed suicide in this state. Results: Suicide by hanging was a common choice of suicide method for Mexicans. The rate of suicide by hanging increased from 5.80 to 6.49 per 100,000 persons between 2003 and 2012, a rate percentage increase of 11.89%. Conclusions: Hanging was found to be the most common choice of suicide in the Mexican population, probably because the materials required are easily available and the method does not require complicated techniques, especially in the 55–64 age group. Strategies for prevention and intervention should be developed for the Mexican population considering suicide rates by age group and gender.

  18. Utilization of LANDSAT-8 Data for Lithological Mapping of Basement Rocks of Plateau State North Central Nigeria

    Amusuk, D. J.; Hashim, M.; Pour, A. B.; Musa, S. I.


    This paper utilized the Landsat-8 image data to map the lithology's of Plateau state north central Nigeria. This is includes the rocks, with particular emphasis on their description and classification. We are living in geologic times and sciences that provide adequate knowledge of the natures of what we live on so as to preserve and have means of sustaining human life. Plateau State is covered by four scenes of Landsat Data, and to describe the lithology's, each scene was processed to produce images. Two different false colour composite images of Landsat-8 (FCC 7, 5 and 3 and BR composites) in RGB were generated and used for the production of 1:100,000 geological map of the study area. The identification of predominant biotitic granitic rocks was revealed and that are distributed along the Jos-Bukuru complex and underlying almost half of the entire state. Moreover, the other rock complexes such as basalts and rhyolites volcanic rocks were also discriminated. This study indicates that Landsat-8 image data has great capability to discriminate lithological units and the production of up-to-date geological maps at regional scale and could be applicable in other regions of the African continent.

  19. Characterization and classification of two soils derived from basic rocks in Pernambuco State Coast, Northeast Brazil

    Oliveira Lindomário Barros de


    Full Text Available Geomorphic surfaces that present soils derived from basic rocks under warm and humid climate are unique scenarios for studying tropical soils. This paper aimed to characterize and classify two pedons derived from basalt at the Atlantic Forest Zone, Pernambuco State, Northeastern coast of Brazil. Two representative pedons (P1 and P2 were selected on a hillslope at the Cabo de Santo Agostinho municipality. Field macromorphological descriptions were carried out and soil horizon were sampled for physical, chemical, mineralogical and micromorphological characterization. The soils were classified, according to the Brazilian System of Soil Classification (and US Soil Taxonomy as: "Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo distroférrico argissólico" (Typic Hapludox (P1 and "Nitossolo Vermelho distroférrico típico" (Rhodic Paleudult (P2. Pedon 1 differs from Pedon 2 in some aspects. For instance, P1 presents more yellowish colors, absence of clay illuviation, more friable consistence and the prismatic structure undergoes transformation to angular and subangular blocks. Pedon 2 presents ferri-argilans and leptocutans which indicate that vertical and lateral illuviation of clay is an active process in their formation. These chemically poor and mineralogically uniform soils are a result of the high temperature and rainfall of the studied area.

  20. Effect of intermediate principal stress on strength of soft rock under complex stress states

    马宗源; 廖红建; 党发宁


    A series of numerical simulations of conventional and true triaxial tests for soft rock materials using the three-dimensional finite difference code FLAC3D were presented. A hexahedral element and a strain hardening/softening constitutive model based on the unified strength theory (UST) were used to simulate both the consolidated-undrained (CU) triaxial and the consolidated-drained (CD) true triaxial tests. Based on the results of the true triaxial tests simulation, the effect of the intermediate principal stress on the strength of soft rock was investigated. Finally, an example of an axial compression test for a hard rock pillar with a soft rock interlayer was analyzed using the two-dimensional finite difference code FLAC. The CD true triaxial test simulations for diatomaceous soft rock suggest the peak and residual strengths increase by 30%when the effect of the intermediate principal stress is taken into account. The axial compression for a rock pillar indicated the peak and residual strengths increase six-fold when the soft rock interlayer approached the vertical and the effect of the intermediate principal stress is taken into account.

  1. Pattern of burn injury in hang-glider pilots.

    Campbell, D C; Nano, T; Pegg, S P


    High-voltage electrical injury has been well documented in a number of situations, such as the occupational hazard of linesmen and construction workers, and in the context of overhead railway power lines. Two cases of hang-glider pilots contacting 11,000-volt power lines have recently been treated in the Royal Brisbane Hospital Burns Unit. They demonstrate an interesting pattern of injury, not described in current burns literature, involving both hand and lower abdominal burns. Both patients sustained full-thickness patches of burn injury, with underlying muscle damage and peripheral neurological injury. This distribution of injury seems to be closely related to the design of the hang glider.

  2. Dynamics of ultralight aircraft: Dive recovery of hang gliders

    Jones, R. T.


    Longitudinal control of a hang glider by weight shift is not always adequate for recovery from a vertical dive. According to Lanchester's phugoid theory, recovery from rest to horizontal flight ought to be possible within a distance equal to three times the height of fall needed to acquire level flight velocity. A hang glider, having a wing loading of 5 kg sq m and capable of developing a lift coefficient of 1.0, should recover to horizontal flight within a vertical distance of about 12 m. The minimum recovery distance can be closely approached if the glider is equipped with a small all-moveable tail surface having sufficient upward deflection.

  3. Assessment of natural radioactivity levels in rocks and their relationships with the geological structure of Johor state, Malaysia.

    Alnour, I A; Wagiran, H; Ibrahim, N; Hamzah, S; Elias, M S; Laili, Z; Omar, M


    The distribution of natural radionuclides ((238)U, (232)Th and (40)K) and their radiological hazard effect in rocks collected from the state of Johor, Malaysia were determined by gamma spectroscopy using a high-purity germanium detector. The highest values of (238)U, (232)Th and (40)K activity concentrations (67±6, 85±7 and 722±18 Bg kg(-1), respectively) were observed in the granite rock. The lowest concentrations of (238)U and (232)Th (2±0.1 Bq kg(-1) for (238)U and 2±0.1 Bq kg(-1) for (232)Th) were observed in gabbro rock. The lowest concentration of (40)K (45±2 Bq kg(-1)) was detected in sandstone. The radium equivalent activity concentrations for all rock samples investigated were lower than the internationally accepted value of 370 Bq kg(-1). The highest value of radium equivalent in the present study (239±17 Bq kg(-1)) was recorded in the area of granite belonging to an acid intrusive rock geological structure. The absorbed dose rate was found to range from 4 to 112 nGy h(-1). The effective dose ranged from 5 to 138 μSv h(-1). The internal and external hazard index values were given in results lower than unity. The purpose of this study is to provide information related to radioactivity background levels and the effects of radiation on residents in the study area under investigation. Moreover, the relationships between the radioactivity levels in the rocks within the geological structure of the studied area are discussed.

  4. Review of potential host rocks for radioactive waste disposal in the southeast United States-Southern Piedmont subregion


    A literature study was conducted on the geology of the Southern Piedmont province in the states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The purpose was to identify geologic areas potentially suitable for containment of a repository for the long-term isolation of solidified radioactive waste. The crystalline rocks of the Southern Piedmont province range in age from Precambrian to Paleozoic, and are predominantly slates, phyllites, argillites, schists, metavolcanics, gneisses, gabbros, and granites. These rock units were classified as either favorable, potentially favorable, or unfavorable as potential study areas based on an evaluation of the geologic, hydrologic, and geotechnical characteristics. No socio-economic factors were considered. Rocks subjected to multiple periods of deformation and metamorphism, or described as highly fractured, or of limited areal extent were generally ranked as unfavorable. Potentially favorable rocks are primarily the high-grade metamorphic gneisses and granites. Sixteen areas were classified as being favorable for additional study. These areas are primarily large igneous granite plutons as follows: the Petersburg granite in Virginia; the Rolesville-Castallia, Churchland, and Landis plutons in North Carolina; the Liberty Hill, Winnsboro, and Ogden plutons in South Carolina; and the Siloam, Elberton, and six unnamed granite plutons in Georgia.

  5. Christiaan Huygens and the Problem of the Hanging Chain

    Bukowski, John F.


    The seventeen-year-old Christiaan Huygens was the first to prove that a hanging chain did not take the form of the parabola, as was commonly thought in the early seventeenth century. We will examine Huygen's geometrical proof, and we will investigate the later history of the catenary.

  6. Christiaan Huygens and the Problem of the Hanging Chain

    Bukowski, John F.


    The seventeen-year-old Christiaan Huygens was the first to prove that a hanging chain did not take the form of the parabola, as was commonly thought in the early seventeenth century. We will examine Huygen's geometrical proof, and we will investigate the later history of the catenary.

  7. Weaning difficulty in a near hanging patient: An unusual cause

    Animesh Ray


    Full Text Available Suicidal hanging causes damage to the airways, neck blood vessels as well as soft tissue injuries. We report the development of tracheo-esophageal fistula in such a patient. Recurrent soiling of the airways and the resultant lung infection led to weaning failure. We highlight the approach to diagnosis and appropriate management in such a patient.

  8. Efficiency of hanging silt curtains in cross-flow

    Radermacher, M.; De Wit, L.; Uijttewaal, W.S.J.; Winterwerp, J.C.


    When dredging in sensitive environments, efforts have to be made to limit the free dispersal of suspended fine sediment from the dredging spill. Especially the use of hanging silt curtains as an environmental mitigation measure is widespread. Despite frequent application, their ability to reduce tur

  9. The epidemiology of injury in hang-gliding and paragliding.

    Rekand, Tiina


    Para- and hang-gliding are modern air sports that developed in the 20th century. Performers should possess technical skills and manage certified equipment for successful flight. Injuries may happen during the take-off, flight and landing. PubMed was searched using the search terms 'paragliding' and/or 'hang-gliding'. The reference lists of articles identified in the search strategy were also searched for relevant articles. The most common injuries are fractures, dislocations or sprains in the extremities, followed by spinal and head traumas. Multiple injuries after accidents are common. Collision with electrical wires may cause burn injuries. Fatal outcomes are caused by brain injuries, spinal cord injuries at the cervical level or aorta rupture. Accidents happen because of risk-taking behavior, lack of education or use of self-modified equipment. Observational studies have suggested the need for protection of the head, trunk and lower extremities. The measures proposed are often based on conclusions of observational studies and not proven through randomized studies. Better education along with focusing on possible risk factors will probably diminish the risks of hang- and paragliding. Large denominator-based case series, case-control and population-based studies are needed for assessment of the risks of hang- and paragliding.

  10. Water collection behavior and hanging ability of bioinspired fiber.

    Hou, Yongping; Chen, Yuan; Xue, Yan; Zheng, Yongmei; Jiang, Lei


    Since the water-collecting ability of the wetted cribellate spider capture silk is the result of a unique fiber structure, bioinspired fibers have been researched significantly so as to expose a new water-acquiring route in fogging-collection projects. However, the design of the geometry of bioinspired fiber is related to the ability of hanging drops, which has not been investigated in depth so far. Here, we fabricate bioinspired fibers to investigate the water collection behavior and the influence of geometry (i.e., periodicity of spindle knot) on the hanging-drop ability. We especially discuss water collection related to the periodicity of geometry on the bioinspired fiber. We reveal the length of the three phase contact line (TCL) at threshold conditions in conjunction with the maximal volume of a hanging drop at different modes. The study demonstrates that the geometrical structure of bioinspired fiber induces much stronger water hanging ability than that of uniform fiber, attributed to such special geometry that offers effectively an increasing TCL length or limits the contact length to be shorted. In addition, the geometry also improves the fog-collection efficiency by controlling tiny water drops to be collected in the large water drops at a given location.

  11. A Flexible-Segment-Model-Based Dynamics Calculation Method for Free Hanging Marine Risers in Re-Entry

    XU Xue-song; WANG Sheng-wei


    In re-entry,the drilling riser hanging to the holding vessel takes on a free hanging state,waiting to be moved from the initial random position to the wellhead.For the re-entry,dynamics calculation is often done to predict the riser motion or evaluate the structural safety.A dynamics calculation method based on Flexible Segment Model (FSM) is proposed for free hanging marine risers.In FSM,a riser is discretized into a series of flexible segments.For each flexible segment,its deflection feature and external forces are analyzed independently.For the whole riser,the nonlinear governing equations are listed according to the moment equilibrium at nodes.For the solution of the nonlinear equations,a linearization iteration scheme is provided in the paper.Owing to its flexibility,each segment can match a long part of the riser body,which enables that good results can be obtained even with a small number of segments.Moreover,the linearization iteration scheme can avoid widely used Newton-Rapson iteration scheme in which the calculation stability is influenced by the initial points.The FSM-based dynamics calculation is timesaving and stable,so suitable for the shape prediction or real-time control of free hanging marine risers.

  12. Determination of Location and Depth of Mineral Rocks at Olode Village in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Using Geophysical Methods

    Akintayo O. Ojo


    Full Text Available Magnetic and resistivity geophysical methods were used to investigate the location and depth of mineral rocks at Olode village, Oyo State, Nigeria. 80 magnetic data points were acquired in 10 profiles using G-816 proton precession magnetometer with 10 m spacing in between each profiles and 10 m stations interval. After correcting diurnal variations, the raw magnetic data obtained were plotted as 2D and 3D magnetic contour maps. The residual anomalies obtained were plotted against distance using Microsoft Excel, and Peter’s half-slope method was used to find the depth to the magnetic sources. The magnetic signature obtained show considerable varying amplitude from a minimum value of 155.3 nT at a depth of 6.37 m to a maximum value of 670.3 nT at a depth of 6.25 m. Resistivity data were obtained using Campus Tiger resistivity meter and 9 VESs were acquired using Schlumberger configuration. All VESs were 150 m long, 75 m on each side of the referenced points which were 10 m apart. VESs 1–4 and 7–9 are underlined with rocks of high conductivity and susceptibility values. VESs 5 and 6 show rocks with low conductivity and susceptibility values. The results of these geophysical methods show that there are rocks with high magnetic susceptibility and conductivity values from the centre towards the eastern region of the study area and low magnetic susceptibility and conductivity values at the western region. On the average, the depths of these rocks from the surface fall in the interval of 5.80 m to 6.72 m.

  13. Estimating Hydrogeological Parameters in Covered Carbonate Rocks Using a Discrete-State Compartment Model and Environmental Tritium


    Nowadays, isotope environmental technique tends to be used as a reconnaissance tool , both qualitative and quantitative, to calculate the aquifer parameters particularly in carbonate rock aquifers. But, the heterogeneous flow is still problematic when Lumped-parameter Models are usually used to calculate the residence times and hydraulic parameters. However, Discrete-State Compartment Model can provide a powerful model to heterogeneous medium. One such study was carried on in Dazha valley, where the environmental tritium was used as a tracer for determining hydrogeological parameters based on a discrete-state compartment model.

  14. Rethinking Little Rock: The Cold War Politics of School Integration in the United States

    Dejong-Lambert, William


    Though the impact of the cold war on the civil rights movement continued long after the desegregation crisis in Little Rock, the timing of the events in Arkansas, particularly the events at Central High School, constituted a unique moment in the history of the cold war. Up until the fall of 1957, the Soviet Union had been perceived as less…

  15. The maid behind "The Handmaid’s Tale": A tainted view of Half-hanged Mary

    Anirban Chatterjee, MBBS


    Full Text Available Although much has been debated about the role of syphilis in the witch hunting craze that swept across Europe in the 16th and 17th Century, the equally horrifying Witch Trials in the United States of America were all bracketed under the common heading of ergotism. Here, I focus on one specific case in particular, which is peculiar owing to many factors, not the least being the fact that the woman who was hanged after being accused of witchcraft, eventually lived!

  16. Twenty hanging Dolls and a Lynching:

    Risør, Helene


    paradoxical entanglement with the enactments of citizenship and state-citizen relations, the article argues that people's attempts to remain safe constitute a permanent process of making visible and defacing (following Michael Taussig's notion of defacement) dangerousness and criminal subjects vis...

  17. Hanging out with Which Friends? Friendship-Level Predictors of Unstructured and Unsupervised Socializing in Adolescence

    Siennick, Sonja E.; Osgood, D. Wayne


    Companions are central to explanations of the risky nature of unstructured and unsupervised socializing, yet we know little about whom adolescents are with when hanging out. We examine predictors of how often friendship dyads hang out via multilevel analyses of longitudinal friendship-level data on over 5,000 middle schoolers. Adolescents hang out…

  18. Archive of information about geological samples available for research from the Ohio State University Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) Polar Rock Repository

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Polar Rock Repository (PRR) operated by the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) at the Ohio State University is a partner in the Index to Marine and...

  19. Heterogeneous arsenic enrichment in meta-sedimentary rocks in central Maine, United States

    O’Shea, Beth; Stransky, Megan; Leitheiser, Sara; Brock, Patrick; Marvinney, Robert G.; Zheng, Yan


    Arsenic is enriched up to 28 times the average crustal abundance of 4.8 mg kg−1 for meta-sedimentary rocks of two adjacent formations in central Maine, USA where groundwater in the bedrock aquifer frequently contains elevated As levels. The Waterville Formation contains higher arsenic concentrations (mean As 32.9 mg kg−1, median 12.1 mg kg−1, n=36) than the neighboring Vassalboro Group (mean As 19.1 mg kg−1, median 6.0 mg kg−1, n=36). The Waterville Formation is a pelitic meta-sedimentary unit with abundant pyrite either visible or observed by scanning electron microprobe. Concentrations of As and S are strongly correlated (r=0.88, p<0.05) in the low grade phyllite rocks, and arsenic is detected up to 1,944 mg kg−1 in pyrite measured by electron microprobe. In contrast, statistically significant (p<0.05) correlations between concentrations of As and S are absent in the calcareous meta-sediments of the Vassalboro Group, consistent with the absence of arsenic-rich pyrite in the protolith. Metamorphism converts the arsenic-rich pyrite to arsenic-poor pyrrhotite (mean As 1 mg kg−1, n=15) during de-sulfidation reactions: the resulting metamorphic rocks contain arsenic but little or no sulfur indicating that the arsenic is now in new mineral hosts. Secondary weathering products such as iron oxides may host As, yet the geochemical methods employed (oxidative and reductive leaching) do not conclusively indicate that arsenic is associated only with these. Instead, silicate minerals such as biotite and garnet are present in metamorphic zones where arsenic is enriched (up to 130.8 mg kg−1 As) where S is 0%. Redistribution of already variable As in the protolith during metamorphism and contemporary water-rock interaction in the aquifers, all combine to contribute to a spatially heterogeneous groundwater arsenic distribution in bedrock aquifers. PMID:24861530

  20. Heterogeneous arsenic enrichment in meta-sedimentary rocks in central Maine, United States

    O' Shea, Beth, E-mail: [Department of Marine Science and Environmental Studies, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110 (United States); Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964 (United States); Stransky, Megan; Leitheiser, Sara [Department of Marine Science and Environmental Studies, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110 (United States); Brock, Patrick [School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367 (United States); Marvinney, Robert G. [Maine Geological Survey, 93 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 (United States); Zheng, Yan [School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367 (United States); Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964 (United States)


    Arsenic is enriched up to 28 times the average crustal abundance of 4.8 mg kg{sup −1} for meta-sedimentary rocks of two adjacent formations in central Maine, USA where groundwater in the bedrock aquifer frequently contains elevated As levels. The Waterville Formation contains higher arsenic concentrations (mean As 32.9 mg kg{sup −1}, median 12.1 mg kg{sup −1}, n = 38) than the neighboring Vassalboro Group (mean As 19.1 mg kg{sup −1}, median 6.0 mg kg{sup −1}, n = 38). The Waterville Formation is a pelitic meta-sedimentary unit with abundant pyrite either visible or observed by scanning electron microprobe. Concentrations of As and S are strongly correlated (r = 0.88, p < 0.05) in the low grade phyllite rocks, and arsenic is detected up to 1944 mg kg{sup −1} in pyrite measured by electron microprobe. In contrast, statistically significant (p < 0.05) correlations between concentrations of As and S are absent in the calcareous meta-sediments of the Vassalboro Group, consistent with the absence of arsenic-rich pyrite in the protolith. Metamorphism converts the arsenic-rich pyrite to arsenic-poor pyrrhotite (mean As 1 mg kg{sup −1}, n = 15) during de-sulfidation reactions: the resulting metamorphic rocks contain arsenic but little or no sulfur indicating that the arsenic is now in new mineral hosts. Secondary weathering products such as iron oxides may host As, yet the geochemical methods employed (oxidative and reductive leaching) do not conclusively indicate that arsenic is associated only with these. Instead, silicate minerals such as biotite and garnet are present in metamorphic zones where arsenic is enriched (up to 130.8 mg kg{sup −1} As) where S is 0%. Redistribution of already variable As in the protolith during metamorphism and contemporary water–rock interaction in the aquifers, all combine to contribute to a spatially heterogeneous groundwater arsenic distribution in bedrock aquifers. - Highlights: • Arsenic is enriched up to 138 mg kg

  1. Investigation of Flight Dynamic of Hang-glider

    B. Gáti


    Full Text Available This paper shows, how the most important parameters of a two-body system like a hang-glider, can be identified. The first step is to develop a simulation program with an acceptable reality model. Such a model involves a lot of constants. I carried out an investigation of sensitivity ir; order to select the constants that are the most important to specify. The results show that the aerodynamic constant cmq has the most significant effect on a  phygoidal oscillation. I have developed an identification program and a measuring system to determine the real value of this constant as well as the hang-glider's other aerodynamical and stability parameters.


    ZHUDeren; ZHANGYuzhuo


    A great number of underground rock projects are maintained in the rock mass which is subject to rock damage and failure development. In many cases, the rock. engineering is still under normal working conditions even though rock is already fails to some extent. This paper introduces two different concepts: rock failure and rock engineering failure. Rock failure is defined as a mechanical state under which an applicable characteristic is changed or lost.However, the rock engineering failure is an engineering state under which an applicable function is changed or lost. The failure of surrounding rocks is the major reason of rock engineering failure. The criterion of rock engineering failure depends on the limit of applicable functions. The rock engineering failure state possesses a corresponding point in rock failure state. In this paper, a description of rock engineering failure criterion is given by simply using a mechanical equation or expression. It is expected that the study of rock engineering failure criterion will be an optimal approach that combines research of rock mechanics with rock engineering problems.


    Rekha Gyanchand


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Requirement of donor cornea is essential to target the corneal blind. The best method to procure such corneas is from any major hospitals, which has a mortuary facility. The eye donation with hanging as the cause of death is very common in a mortuary setup. Some factors that are concerning regarding corneas procured from death due to hanging is the prolonged exposure of the cornea at the time of death, the exact time of death is not known, most of the cadavers are refrigerated for investigations as these arrive at the mortuary usually at night. Due to these reasons, the corneal surgeons are hesitant to use corneas procured from death due to hanging for corneal transplantation. Analysing these corneas would contribute to a great extent to the donor cornea pool in providing sight to the corneal blind, especially as majority are young individuals who commit suicide by hanging. In this study, the donor corneas were analysed with regards to corneal epithelial defect, endothelial cell morphology and utilisation of these corneas for transplantation. The aim of the HCRP study is to analyse the effect of death due to hanging on donor cornea. 1. Corneal epithelial status. 2. Corneal endothelial cell morphology. 3. Utilisation of corneas for transplantation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Donor corneas from 22 donors who died due to hanging were procured from hospital mortuary. All the 44 corneas were transplanted. Various parameters like demography, death to enucleation time, cadaver preservation in cold storage, endothelial cell density and utilisation of cornea for transplantation were noted. Design- Retrospective study. Statistical Analysis- Descriptive statistics, Pearson and Spearman correlation and Chi-square test were used to test the hypotheses. RESULTS Out of the 44 corneas analysed, 75% of the donors were refrigerated as a part of medicolegal investigations protocol. The average DTP time was 12 hours in refrigerated group and 5 hours in non

  4. An acoustic sensor for prediction of the structural stability of rock

    Brink, S


    Full Text Available m. The failure of hanging walls has been an area of extensive research in rock mechanics,1 as it is the cause of many rock fall-related injuries and deaths. This workplace risk to miners is addressed by various standard mining practices, one of which...

  5. [Safety provisions for recreational flying or sport with a hang-glider].

    Gennari, M; Lombardo, C


    The Act. n. 106 of 25th March 1985 had defined the specifications of the particular aircraft designed for hobby or sport flying as is the hang-glider. It has also provided for the issue, within six months, of special regulations aimed at "checking the psycho-physical fitness required in handling" such aircraft in additions to the technical knowledge and the information about traffic, safety, insurance regulations relevant to the matter. However, the patent default of the legislator causes the protection of hobby and sport practice of hang-gliding to be either wholly inadequate or ruled by ambiguous regulations. If, instead, the present law in force is referred to, it is deemed that--while waiting for the regulations provided for by n. 106 Act.--the Aereo Club of Italy may define as "agonistic" the practice of "hobby or sport flight" so that the checking of the "specific" fitness required by such sport comes into operation in compliance with the State Decree of 18th February 1982.

  6. Method of superposition of dislocations for finding stress-strain state around fan-shaped structure in a brittle rock

    Sadovskii, V. M.; Sadovskaya, O. V.


    The Tarasov fan-shaped mechanism, simulating the formation of shear ruptures in a brittle rock at stress conditions corresponding to seismogenic depths, is analyzed. For computation of the stress-strain state of a rock near the equilibrium fan-structure the original method is constructed. The fault is modeled as a narrow elongated layer, filled with the domino-blocks, between two elastic half-spaces. Displacements and stresses around the fan are represented in the integral form as a superposition of edge dislocations with an unknown function of distribution of the Burgers vector. To take into account the stresses of lateral thrust, the solution of plane problem of the elasticity is used for a tensile crack, on the surfaces of which the previously unknown normal stresses are distributed. The exact formulation of the problem leads to a system of two nonlinear singular integral equations, which is solved numerically by the method of successive approximations. The obtained solution is used, when setting the initial data in computations of the dynamics of the Tarasov fan-shaped mechanism. With the help of this solution the discontinuous nature of shear ruptures, observed in natural and laboratory experiments, is explained.

  7. Masking and bondage in suicidal hanging: a case report.

    Benomran, F A; Masood, S E; Hassan, A I; Mohammad, A A


    The body of a 35-year-old man was found hanging in a relatively isolated place outdoors. A vest was wrapped over his head, neck and lower part of the face. The hands were loosely tied in front of the body. The vest was tucked between the neck and the ligature, to act as a pad. Thorough scene examination and post-mortem examination excluded any evidence of foul play. Although bondage is usually associated with autoerotic practices in asphyxiation deaths, it was established that this case was a suicide. DNA was used as a supportive measure to determine that the handkerchief and vest belonged to the deceased.

  8. Importance of tissue biopsy in suicidal hanging deaths

    Manal S. Bamousa


    The total number of cases was 62; 85.5% of the deceased were males, while 15% were females. The majority of cases (53% were among the age group of 20–30 years. Hemorrhage of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and carotid intimal tear were both found in 90% of cases. Thyroid congestion was detected in 91%, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was diagnosed in 2% of studied cases. The study discusses the importance of biopsy examination in hanging deaths and compares its results with other similar previous studies.

  9. Investigation of Flight Dynamic of Hang-glider

    B. Gáti


    This paper shows, how the most important parameters of a two-body system like a hang-glider, can be identified. The first step is to develop a simulation program with an acceptable reality model. Such a model involves a lot of constants. I carried out an investigation of sensitivity ir; order to select the constants that are the most important to specify. The results show that the aerodynamic constant cmq has the most significant effect on a  phygoidal oscillation. I have developed an identif...

  10. Educational and Community Outreach Efforts by the United States Polar Rock Repository during the International Polar Year

    Grunow, A.; Codispoti, J. E.


    The US Polar Rock Repository (USPRR) houses more than 19,000 rock samples from polar regions and these samples are made available to the scientific, educational and museum community. The USPRR has been active in promoting polar earth science to educational and community groups. During the past year, outreach efforts reached over 12,000 people. The USPRR outreach involve tours of the facility, school presentations, online laboratory exercises, working with the Columbus Metro Parks, teaching at summer camps, teaching special geology field assignments at the middle school level, as well as offering an ‘Antarctic Rock Box’ that contains representative samples of the three types of rocks, minerals, fossils, and books and activities about geology and Antarctica. The rock box activities have been designed and reviewed by educators and scientists to use as an educational supplement to the Earth Science course of study. The activities have been designed around the Academic Content Standards: k-12 Science manual published by the Ohio Department of Education to ensure that the activities and topics are focused on those mandated by the state of Ohio. The USPRR website has a Virtual Web Antarctic Expedition with many activities for Middle to High School age students. The students learn about how to plan a field season, safety techniques, how to make a remote field camp, identify what equipment is needed, learn about the different transportation choices, weather issues, understanding GPS, etc. Educational and community networks have been built in part, by directly contacting individuals at an institution and partnering with them on educational outreach. The institutions have been very interested in doing this because it brings scientists to the classroom and to the public. This type of outreach has also served as an opening for children to consider possible career choices in science that they may not have considered before. In many of the presentations, a female geologist

  11. Genetic model of hanging wall syncline and central dome in extensional fault

    刘德来; 丁贵明; 鲁兵


    Hanging wall syncline and central dome are special extension structures, developing over the hanging wall in an extensional ramp-flat fault. Under the condition that the flat is sub-horizontal, the hanging wall syncline is separated from the half graben by the central dome. And on the dome forms an erosional surface. Both sediments in the half graben and erosional surface on the top of the central dome extended over the dome and entered into the hanging wall syncline with extension going on. Meanwhile, those having entered were overlapped by new sedimentary layers in the hanging wall syncline, so that there is a together-threaded, diachronic unconformity to form in the same epoch stratum. The layers in the hanging wall syncline also have an attribute of migrating laterally and getting tilted with extension. There is no sedimentation on the central dome. But sediments, which came from the half graben, got thicker over the dome in extension.

  12. Principles of rock mechanics

    Turchaninov, I.A.; Iofis, M.A.; Kasparyan, E.V.


    This book presents the principles of rock mechanics in a systematic way, reflecting both the historic development and the contemporary status of theoretical and experimental techniques used for the determination of the properties and stress state of rock masses, calculation of elements of systems for exploitation of useful mineral deposits and the design of mine openings. The subject of rock mechanics is discussed and methods and basic approaches are analyzed. The most widely used methods for determining the properties of rock in specimens and in situ are described. Problems of determining the stress strain state of the rock around mine openings by both experimental and analytic methods are discussed. The primary results of the study of the stress state of rock around main, development and production openings are presented. Problems of the movement of rock due to extraction of minerals are analyzed in detail, as are the conditions and causes of the development of rock bursts and sudden release of rock and gas in both surface and underground mines. Procedures for preventing or localizing rock bursts or sudden outbursts are described. (313 refs.)

  13. Hanging Fatalities in Central Bangkok, Thailand: A 13-Year Retrospective Study

    Nattapong Tulapunt


    Full Text Available Hanging is violent asphyxial death. The objective of this study is to assess the data of hanging cases. A descriptive-retrospective study was conducted. We studied 244 hanging cases autopsied in Forensic Division, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, between January 2001 and December 2013. The study included 197 men (80.7% and 47 women (19.2%. Their age ranged from 14 to 93 years. Most of these cases were incomplete hanging (83.6%. Features of hanging victims, such as tongue protrusion; congestion of face; petechial hemorrhage of face, conjunctiva, and internal organs; and neck injuries, significantly correlated with complete hanging. The predominant occupation of hanging victims was in the service industry (63.1%. Suicides usually occurred in private homes or apartments (84.8%. A suicide note was found in 6.1% of cases. The most common ligature material used was nylon rope, found in 61.1% of cases. The most underlying diseases of the victims in hanging cases were tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus infection, 9 cases each. Blood ethanol levels of 29 cases (11.8% were detected to be higher than 150 mg%. Methamphetamine and benzodiazepine were detected in 5.3% and 3.3% of cases, respectively. This study provides comprehensive baseline data of hanging cases in central Bangkok.

  14. Ligature material in hanging deaths: The neglected area in forensic examination

    Vipul Namdeorao Ambade


    Full Text Available The hanging mark is the most relevant feature of hanging and its characteristics are well known in the literature. Most of the time, the ligature material is not available during autopsy examination in hanging. Hence, the features of the ligature material are not submitted to systematic analysis. However, the type and position of the knot plays an important role in the mechanism of death and autopsy findings in hanging. Out of the total hanging deaths, complete hanging was seen in 67.7% of the cases, but a typical hanging was noted in only 10.2% of the cases. The commonest type of ligature material used for ligation around the neck was nylon rope followed by odhni and jute rope. The fixed knot was noted in 64.6% of the cases and a running (slip in 21.3% of the cases. The commonest position of the knot was at nape of the neck, followed by the left side of the neck at mastoid process. The number of turns/loops of a ligature around the neck was one turn in 72.4% and two in 25.2% the hanging deaths. Most victims committed suicide by hanging in their homes, and the commonest ligature points were trees, flowed by beams and ceiling hook/fans.

  15. Digital microfluidics for automated hanging drop cell spheroid culture.

    Aijian, Andrew P; Garrell, Robin L


    Cell spheroids are multicellular aggregates, grown in vitro, that mimic the three-dimensional morphology of physiological tissues. Although there are numerous benefits to using spheroids in cell-based assays, the adoption of spheroids in routine biomedical research has been limited, in part, by the tedious workflow associated with spheroid formation and analysis. Here we describe a digital microfluidic platform that has been developed to automate liquid-handling protocols for the formation, maintenance, and analysis of multicellular spheroids in hanging drop culture. We show that droplets of liquid can be added to and extracted from through-holes, or "wells," and fabricated in the bottom plate of a digital microfluidic device, enabling the formation and assaying of hanging drops. Using this digital microfluidic platform, spheroids of mouse mesenchymal stem cells were formed and maintained in situ for 72 h, exhibiting good viability (>90%) and size uniformity (% coefficient of variation screen was performed on human colorectal adenocarcinoma spheroids to demonstrate the ability to recapitulate physiologically relevant phenomena such as insulin-induced drug resistance. With automatable and flexible liquid handling, and a wide range of in situ sample preparation and analysis capabilities, the digital microfluidic platform provides a viable tool for automating cell spheroid culture and analysis.

  16. New artificial neural networks for true triaxial stress state analysis and demonstration of intermediate principal stress effects on intact rock strength

    Rennie Kaunda


    Simulations are conducted using five new artificial neural networks developed herein to demonstrate and investigate the behavior of rock material under polyaxial loading. The effects of the intermediate principal stress on the intact rock strength are investigated and compared with laboratory results from the literature. To normalize differences in laboratory testing conditions, the stress state is used as the objective parameter in the artificial neural network model predictions. The variations of major principal stress of rock material with intermediate principal stress, minor principal stress and stress state are investigated. The artificial neural network simulations show that for the rock types examined, none were independent of intermediate principal stress effects. In addition, the results of the artificial neural network models, in general agreement with observations made by others, show (a) a general trend of strength increasing and reaching a peak at some intermediate stress state factor, followed by a decline in strength for most rock types;(b) a post-peak strength behavior dependent on the minor principal stress, with respect to rock type;(c) sensitivity to the stress state, and to the interaction between the stress state and uniaxial compressive strength of the test data by the artificial neural networks models (two-way analysis of variance; 95% confidence interval). Artificial neural network modeling, a self-learning approach to polyaxial stress simulation, can thus complement the commonly observed difficult task of conducting true triaxial laboratory tests, and/or other methods that attempt to improve two-dimensional (2D) failure criteria by incorporating intermediate principal stress effects.

  17. Duodenoscope hang time does not correlate with risk of bacterial contamination.

    Heroux, Riley; Sheppard, Michelle; Wright, Sharon B; Sawhney, Mandeep; Hirsch, Elizabeth B; Kalaidjian, Robin; Snyder, Graham M


    Current professional guidelines recommend a maximum hang time for reprocessed duodenoscopes of 5-14 days. We sought to study the association between hang time and risk of duodenoscope contamination. We analyzed cultures of the elevator mechanism and working channel collected in a highly standardized fashion just before duodenoscope use. Hang time was calculated as the time from reprocessing to duodenoscope sampling. The relationship between hang time and duodenoscope contamination was estimated using a calculated correlation coefficient between hang time in days and degree of contamination on the elevator mechanism and working channel. The 18 study duodenoscopes were cultured 531 times, including 465 (87.6%) in the analysis dataset. Hang time ranged from 0.07-39.93 days, including 34 (7.3%) with hang time ≥7.00 days. Twelve cultures (2.6%) demonstrated elevator mechanism and/or working channel contamination. The correlation coefficients for hang time and degree of duodenoscope contamination were very small and not statistically significant (-0.0090 [P = .85] for elevator mechanism and -0.0002 [P = 1.00] for working channel). Odds ratios for hang time (dichotomized at ≥7.00 days) and elevator mechanism and/or working channel contamination were not significant. We did not find a significant association between hang time and risk of duodenoscope contamination. Future guidelines should consider a recommendation of no limit for hang time. Copyright © 2017 Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Soil differentiation in two toposequences developed from basaltic rocks in North-Central region of the Paraná State, Brazil

    Marcos Aparecido Gonçalves


    Full Text Available In regions where there were basaltic rocks formation due to magmatic flows, variation in particle sizes and rock composition determine characteristic reliefs influencing chemical and physical attributes. The aim of the article was to characterize two different toposequences over basaltic rock basis, in order to identify the influence of their variation in soil formation, morphological properties and their distribution along the slope. The study was carried out in the Third Plateau of Parana State, Brazil, at Serra Geral geological formation, There were chosen two toposequences in equidistant 2000m parallel transects in southwest-northeast direction with different relief and rock composition and features. It was named undulated relief slope (VRO and gently undulated relief slope (VSO in which there were carried out profile morphological description with soil classes identifying, chemical analysis and clay mineralogical analysis. The results permitted to conclude that the internal dynamic and the magmatic segregation process were responsible for relief shapes and rock types formed with significant variation in soil types according variation in composition in the same rock, Both relief shapes and basalt differentiation had strong influence in soil evolution level and soil type distribution along the slopes with distinct B horizons, Nitic B and Latosolic B

  19. A new state-of-the-art tool to investigate rock friction under extreme slip velocities and accelerations: SHIVA

    Niemeijer, André; di Toro, Giulio; Nielsen, Stefan; Scarlato, Piergiorgio; Romeo, Gianni; di Stefano, Giuseppe; Smith, Steven; di Felice, Fabio; Mariano, Sofia


    Despite considerable effort over the past several decades, the mechanics of earthquakes rupture remain largely unknown. In order to complement fault drilling projects and field and seismological observations, recent friction experiments strive to reproduce as closely as possible in-situ (natural) conditions of slip velocity and acceleration on intact and fault rocks. In this contribution, we present a novel state-of-the-art experimental rotary shear apparatus (SHIVA or Slow to HIgh Velocity Apparatus) capable of shearing samples at sliding velocities up to 10 m/s, accelerations of ~ 40 m/s2 and normal stresses up to 50 MPa. In comparison with existing high speed friction machines, this apparatus extends the range of sliding velocities, normal stresses, sample size and, more importantly, accelerations. The apparatus consists of a pair of brushless electric motors (a low velocity motor, 10-6-10-3 m/s, power 5 kW, and a high velocity motor, 10-3 - 10 m/s, power 270 kW), that are connected by a gear system that allows a switch between motors without loss of velocity and force. The motors drive a rotary shaft which clamps ring-shaped samples (diameter 40- 50 mm). On the other side of the rotary shaft, a stationary shaft holds the other half of the sample assembly. The shaft is held stationary by a pair of stainless steel arms, one of which is attached to the side of the concrete-filled base where torque is measured by a tension cell. Axial force (maximum 37 kN) is applied on this side by a piston-cylinder couple with an arm to increase the force. The entire machine measures by 3.5 by 1.2 meters and weighs 3700 kg. We aim to perform experiments on rock samples of a variety of compositions using slip velocities and accelerations that simulate slip velocity functions that occur during earthquakes. In addition, we plan to develop a pore fluid system and a pressure vessel in order to perform experiments that include the physical-chemical processes that occur during slow

  20. A probabilistic estimate of maximum acceleration in rock in the contiguous United States

    Algermissen, Sylvester Theodore; Perkins, David M.


    This paper presents a probabilistic estimate of the maximum ground acceleration to be expected from earthquakes occurring in the contiguous United States. It is based primarily upon the historic seismic record which ranges from very incomplete before 1930 to moderately complete after 1960. Geologic data, primarily distribution of faults, have been employed only to a minor extent, because most such data have not been interpreted yet with earthquake hazard evaluation in mind.The map provides a preliminary estimate of the relative hazard in various parts of the country. The report provides a method for evaluating the relative importance of the many parameters and assumptions in hazard analysis. The map and methods of evaluation described reflect the current state of understanding and are intended to be useful for engineering purposes in reducing the effects of earthquakes on buildings and other structures.Studies are underway on improved methods for evaluating the relativ( earthquake hazard of different regions. Comments on this paper are invited to help guide future research and revisions of the accompanying map.The earthquake hazard in the United States has been estimated in a variety of ways since the initial effort by Ulrich (see Roberts and Ulrich, 1950). In general, the earlier maps provided an estimate of the severity of ground shaking or damage but the frequency of occurrence of the shaking or damage was not given. Ulrich's map showed the distribution of expected damage in terms of no damage (zone 0), minor damage (zone 1), moderate damage (zone 2), and major damage (zone 3). The zones were not defined further and the frequency of occurrence of damage was not suggested. Richter (1959) and Algermissen (1969) estimated the ground motion in terms of maximum Modified Mercalli intensity. Richter used the terms "occasional" and "frequent" to characterize intensity IX shaking and Algermissen included recurrence curves for various parts of the country in the paper

  1. Study on fault induced rock bursts

    LI Zhi-hua; DOU Lin-ming; LU Cai-ping; MU Zong-long; CAO An-ye


    In order to study the rules of rock bursts caused by faults by means of mechanical analysis of a roof rock-mass balanced structure and numerical simulation about fault slip destabilization, the effect of coal mining operation on fault plane stresses and slip displacement were studied. The results indicate that the slip displacement sharply increases due to the decrease of normal stress and the increase of shear stress at the fault plane when the working face advances from the footwall to the fault itself, which may induce a fault rock burst. However, this slip displacement will be very small due to the increase of normal stress and the decrease of shear stress when the working face advances from the hanging wall to the fault itself, which results in a very small risk of a fault rock burst.

  2. Self-gated 4D multiphase, steady-state imaging with contrast enhancement (MUSIC) using rotating cartesian K-space (ROCK): Validation in children with congenital heart disease.

    Han, Fei; Zhou, Ziwu; Han, Eric; Gao, Yu; Nguyen, Kim-Lien; Finn, J Paul; Hu, Peng


    To develop and validate a cardiac-respiratory self-gating strategy for the recently proposed multiphase steady-state imaging with contrast enhancement (MUSIC) technique. The proposed SG strategy uses the ROtating Cartesian K-space (ROCK) sampling, which allows for retrospective k-space binning based on motion surrogates derived from k-space center line. The k-space bins are reconstructed using a compressed sensing algorithm. Ten pediatric patients underwent cardiac MRI for clinical reasons. The original MUSIC and 2D-CINE images were acquired as a part of the clinical protocol, followed by the ROCK-MUSIC acquisition, all under steady-state intravascular distribution of ferumoxytol. Subjective scores and image sharpness were used to compare the images of ROCK-MUSIC and original MUSIC. All scans were completed successfully without complications. The ROCK-MUSIC acquisition took 5 ± 1 min, compared to 8 ± 2 min for the original MUSIC. Image scores of ROCK-MUSIC were significantly better than original MUSIC at the ventricular outflow tracts (3.9 ± 0.3 vs. 3.3 ± 0.6, P ROCK-MUSIC in the other anatomic locations. ROCK-MUSIC provided images of equal or superior image quality compared to original MUSIC, and this was achievable with 40% savings in scan time and without the need for physiologic signal. Magn Reson Med 78:472-483, 2017. © 2016 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. © 2016 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

  3. Equilizing of the Primary Stress State in the Rock Mass, Simulated by a Model of Layer in an Elastic-Viscous Medium

    Kortas, Grzegorz


    This paper is devoted to the analysis of the stress development process in the homogeneous and non-homogeneous rock mass. The rock-mass model consists of an elastic-viscous medium containing a layer (Fig. 1) that displays distinct geomechanical strain properties. When examining the process of stress equilizing in time, the Norton-Bailey power creep law was applied in the numerical analysis. The relationship between effective stresses and time, the modulus of elasticity, Poisson's coefficient, and creep compliance were obtained. It was demonstrated that the relationship between effective stress and time or creep compliance, for the assumed conditions in a homogeneous rock-mass, was approximated by hyperbolic functions (10 and 16). The process parameter included a certain value of creep compliance or of time at which there occurred a half-way equilizing of primary stresses. An analogous function binds effective stresses with creep compliance. Our model studies indicated a number of relationships between bulk and shear strain with time and creep compliance in the homogeneous and non-homogeneous rock mass, presented in Figs. 2-14, expressed by the functions of those specific parameters. The relationships obtained in this work resulted from our model assumptions. However, they demonstrated the influence of the geomechanical strain properties of rocks on the process of shaping the primary stress state in the rock mass and the tendency to reduce the principal stress differences in time. Our research results suggested the necessity to simulate the primary stress state as an initial condition of the geomechanical numerical analysis concerning the rock-mass behaviour showing rheological properties.

  4. Collecting Rocks



    My hobby is collecting rocks.It is very special,isn’t it?I began to collect rocks about four years ago.I usually go hiking in the mountains,or near the river to look for rocks.When I find a rock,I pick it up and clean it with the brush and water.Then I put it into my bag.Most of the rocks I have collected are quartzite~*.They are really

  5. Follow-up on hang gliding injuries in Colorado.

    Krissoff, W B


    In a period extending from July 1973 to December 1975, seven fatal hang glider accidents were recorded in Colorado, all among experienced pilots. In addition, 11 serious nonfatal injuries were reported, which may represent only a fraction of those occurring. Accidents were noted to be multifactorial, caused by (1) pilot error, (2) equipment failure, (3) terrain hazards, and (4) possible design shortcomings. Accidents can be expected to decline in frequency with improved pilot training programs, grading and regulation of sites, and standardized safety clothing. No doubt over time, the less safe standard Rogallo wing will be replaced by the more stable Superkites and controlled collapsibles, which offer a higher safety margin. In the last analysis, this sport will remain a popular yet high risk endeavor (Figs. 2 through 5).

  6. Characteristic Features of Hanging: A Study in Rural District of Central India.

    Ambade, Vipul Namdeorao; Kolpe, Dayanand; Tumram, Nilesh; Meshram, Satin; Pawar, Mohan; Kukde, Hemant


    The ligature mark is the most relevant feature of hanging. This study was undertaken with a view to determine the characteristic features of hanging and its association with ligature material or mode of suspension. Of a total medicolegal deaths reported at an Apex Medical Centre, hanging was noted in 4.1% cases, all suicidal with mortality rate of 1.5 per 100,000 population per year. The hanging was complete in 67.7% with nylon rope as the commonest type of ligature material used for ligation. The hanging mark was usually single, situated above thyroid cartilage, incomplete, prominent, and directed toward nape of neck. The mark of dribbling of saliva was seen in 11.8% cases. Facial congestion, petechial hemorrhage, and cyanosis were significantly seen in partial hanging. Though occasionally reported, the argent line was noted in 78.7% hanging deaths with neck muscle hemorrhage in 23.6% cases. Fracture of neck structure was predominant in complete hanging. © 2015 American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  7. Roof Weakening of Hydraulic Fracturing for Control of Hanging Roof in the Face End of High Gassy Coal Longwall Mining: A Case Study

    Huang, Bingxiang; Wang, Youzhuang


    The occurence of hanging roof commonly arises in the face end of longwall coal mining under hard roof conditions. The sudden break and subsequent caving of a hanging roof could result in the extrusion of gas in the gob to the face, causing gas concentrations to rise sharply and to increase to over a safety-limited value. A series of linear fracturing-holes of 32 mm diameter were drilled into the roof of the entries with an anchor rig. According to the theory that the gob should be fully filled with the fragmentized falling roof rock, the drilling depth is determined as being 3 5 times the mining height if the broken expansion coefficient takes an empirical value. Considering the general extension range of cracks and the supporting form of the entryway, the spacing distance between two drilling holes is determined as being 1 2 times the crack's range of extension. Using a mounting pipe, a high pressure resistant sealing device of a small diameter-size was sent to the designated location for the high-pressure hydraulic fracturing of the roof rock. The hydraulic fracturing created the main hydro-fracturing crack and airfoil branch cracks in the interior of the roof-rock, transforming the roof structure and weakening the strength of the roof to form a weak plane which accelerated roof caving, and eventually induced the full caving in of the roof in time with the help of ground pressure. For holes deeper than 4 m, retreating hydraulic fracturing could ensure the uniformity of crack extension. Tested and applied at several mines in Shengdong Mining District, the highest ruptured water pressure was found to be 55 MPa, and the hanging roof at the face end was reduced in length from 12 m to less than 1 2 m. This technology has eliminated the risk of the extrusion of gas which has accumulated in the gob.

  8. A preliminary description of the Gan-Hang failed rift, southeastern china

    Goodell, P. C.; Gilder, S.; Fang, X.


    The Gan-Hang failed rift, as defined by present-day topography, extends at least 450 km in length and 50 km in width. It is a northeast-southwest trending series of features spanning from Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang province into Jiangxi province through Fuzhou City. Southwest of Fuzhou, the rift splits into two portions: one continuing along the southwestern trend, and the other diverging westward. The total extent of the rift cannot be defined at this time. The rift is superimposed upon a major suture zone of Caledonian or early Mesozoic age. The suture represents the fusing of the South China (Huanan) and Yangtze cratons. Perhaps in Late Triassic, but for sure by Late-Middle Jurassic time, the rifting was initiated and followed this older suture, in part. This time corresponds roughly to the middle stage of the Yanshanian orogeny and to the subduction of the postulated Pacific- Kula ridge southeast of the continental margin. The total thickness of the sediments and volcanics filling the rift valley reaches more than 10,000 m. Peak intensity of extension was between Late-Middle Jurassic and Middle to Late Cretaceous. Sedimentation within the rift was not continuous and is marked with periodic unconformities. Sediments within the rift include red beds, sandstones, siltstones, mudstones, conglomerates, breccias, tuffs, and ignimbrites. Vertebrate fossils and dinosaur eggs are also found. Contemporaneous volcanics within and flanking the rift include basalts, rhyolites, granites, gabbros, dacites, and andesites. Silicic volcanics are mostly attributed to caldera systems. Early basalts are tholeiitic and later change to alkaline-olivine basalt. Bimodal volcanism is recognized. Peak intensity of volcanism ranges between 135 and 75 Ma. In Early Cenozoic time, the area was a topographic low. Paleocene- Eocene sediments and evaporites are the last rocks to be deposited in the rift. Today the rift is delineated by major, high-angle faults (the Pingxiang-Guangfeng deep fault

  9. A psychological autopsy study of suicidal hanging from Cuttack, India: focus on stressful life situations.

    Bastia, Binaya K; Kar, Nilamadhab


    Factors and stressful life situations associated with suicidal hanging in a sample from India were studied with a view to explore preventability. Information was collected on consecutive suicidal hanging victims in a 2-year period from various sources including family members through psychological autopsy method. Out of 662 autopsies involving suicide during the study period, 104 had used hanging as the method. Age group of 21-30 years, married females, unmarried males, dowry related stress, unemployment, prolonged illness, failure in examinations, relationship and financial problems were associated more frequently with suicidal hanging. Stresses stemming from social practices and perceptions are linked with considerable number of suicidal hanging, which suggest priority areas for intervention.

  10. Methods and results of investigation of the stressed state of rock masses and the development of effective means of controlling mine pressure during underground excavation of ore

    Aitmatov, I.T.; Akhmatov, V.I.; Borshch-Komponiets, V.I.; Vlokh, N.P.; Egorov, P.V.; Kuznetsov, S.V.; Kurlenya, M.V.; Leont' ev, A.V.; Markov, G.A.; Murashev, V.I.


    Experimental and theoretical work conducted in the Soviet Union in determining the stressed state of rock masses and developing underground strata control measures are reviewed. Methods of determining stresses in a rock mass were classified into two groups: mechanical and geophysical. A geodynamic model of the stressed state of the upper layers of the earth's crust was developed based on direct measurements in shafts using methods and apparatus developed in the USSR. Fundamental laws governing the initial stressed state of the earth's crust show that within the limits of a geologically homogeneous block, gravitational and tectonic components of the overall stress field are present with gradients of the stress field and its random components. A study was made of the stress-strain state of chamber roofs; the results made it possible to substantiate the limiting spans of fissured roofs in cleaned chambers.

  11. Non-Judicial Hanging in Guilan Province, Iran between 2011 and 2013

    Vahid Monsef Kasmaee


    Full Text Available Introduction: Hanging is one of the most commonly used way to commit suicide in many countries. This method used in suicide is considered a problem in Iran too, but no clear data exists regarding hanging in different regions or the country as a whole. Because of the epidemiologic differences in non-judicial hanging in different regions, this study aimed to assess it in Gilan province, Iran between 2011 and 2013. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, profiles of hanging cases registered in Poorsina hospital in Gilan, Iran between 2011 and 2013 were evaluated. Age, sex, marital status, place of residency, level of education, occupation, history of suicide, history of clinical illness, season of suicide and hanging outcome were evaluated. Results: 59 cases of hanging (mean age 31.4 ± 13.1 years and 83.0% male were evaluated. 12 (20.34% suffered from psychological disorders, and 9 (15.2% confessed to substance abuse. 7 (11.9% had a history of suicide attempts by hanging. Hanging was significantly higher in men (p<0.001, people with an education level of less than high school diploma (p=0.02 and the unemployed (p<0.05 patients. In the end, 20 (33.9% of these attempts resulted in death. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that in 2 years, 59 cases committed suicide by hanging themselves, 33.9% of which finally died. Committing suicide by hanging was significantly more prevalent in men, people with an education level of less than high school diploma and the unemployed.

  12. Retrospective Study of Postmortem Cases of ‘Hanging – A Method Of Suicide

    Mohammed Ziyauddin G Saiyed


    Full Text Available Introduction and Objective: Hanging is a form of violent asphyxial death. It produces painless death for the victims so that it is a widely accepted method of suicide. The rate of suicidal hanging cases is increasing day by day. The Objective of study is to find out demography of hanging, its distribution according to age group, sex, most common ligature material used by victim and observed post-mortem findings and in this way try to identify the causative factors and developing the preventive measures that are essential to reduce death due to hanging.Material and Methods: A retrospective study of hanging cases reported to mortuary of Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital, Ahmedabad during a period of 2 years, (from November 2009 to October 2011 is carried out.Results: Out of total 2244 cases of post-mortem during 2 years, 74 (3.29% were hanging cases. Maximum cases 34 (45.94% of death due to hanging seen in age group 21-30 years. Majority of cases 46 (62.16% were observed in Males. Majority of victims have used Dupatta, 40 (54.05% as a ligature material. Manner of death is suicide in all cases. Cyanosis, salivary marks and petechial hemorrhage in brain observed in variable number of cases. Conclusion: Suicide by Hanging has become very common now a days. A well designed and comprehensive programme is needed to identify the causative factor and prevention of suicidal hanging. Appropriate education, reducing unemployment, improving the quality of self esteem and involvement of young generation in encouraging activities may reduce rate of death due to hanging

  13. Features of Changing Microwave Radiation from Loaded Rock in Elastic Phase

    Wu, Lixin; Mao, Wenfei; Huang, Jianwei; Liu, Shanjun; Xu, Zhongying


    Since the discovery of satellite infrared anomaly occurred before some earthquake by Russian geo-scientists in 1980's, both satellite remote sensing on seismic activities and experimental infrared detection on rock physics in process of rock loading were undertaken in many counties including China, Japan, Europe nations and United States. Infrared imager and spectrum instruments were applied to detect the changed infrared radiation from loaded rock to fracturing, which lead to the development of Remote Sensing Rock Mechanics. However, the change of microwave radiation from loaded rock was not so much studied, even if abnormal changes of microwave brightness temperature (MBT) preceding some large earthquakes were observed by satellite sensors such as AMSR-E on boarded Aqua. To monitor rock hazards, seismic activities, and to make earthquake precautions by via of microwave detection or microwave remote sensing, it is fairly demanded to explore the laws of microwave radiation variation with changed stress and to uncover the rock physics. We developed a large scale rock loading system with capability of 500 tons and 10 tons of load, respectively, at two horizontal loading head, and designed a group of microwave detectors in C, K, and Ka bands. To investigate the changed microwave radiation from loaded granite and sandstone in its elastics deformation phase, the first horizontal stress was circularly applied on rock samples of size 10×30×60cm3 at a constant second horizontal stress, and the changes microwave radiation was detected by the detectors hanged overhead the rock sample. The experiments were conducted outdoor at nighttime to keep off environmental radiation and to simulate the satellite observation conditions in background of cool sky. The first horizontal stress and the microwave radiations were synchronically detected and recorded. After reducing the random noise of detected microwave signals with wavelet method, we found the MBT increase with stress rising

  14. Learning the Hang Power Clean: Kinetic, Kinematic, and Technical Changes in Four Weightlifting Naive Athletes.

    Haug, William B; Drinkwater, Eric J; Chapman, Dale W


    The investment in learning required to reach benefit with weightlifting training is currently not well understood in elite athletes. The purpose of this investigation was to quantify changes in vertical jump power production and kinematic variables in hang power clean (HPC) performance during the learning process from a naive state in a multiple single-subject research design. Four elite athletes undertook HPC learning for approximately 20-30 minutes twice per week over a 169-day period. Changes in parameters of vertical power production during squat jump (SJ) and countermovement jump (CMJ) were monitored from baseline (day 0) and at 3 additional occasions. Hang power clean movement kinematics and bar path traces were monitored from day 35 and at 3 additional occasions particular to the individual's periodized training plan. Descriptive statistics were reported within athletes as mean ± SD. We observed a 14.1-35.7% (SJ) and a -14.4 to 20.5% (CMJ) gain in peak power across the 4 jump testing occasions with improvements over the first 4 weeks (SJ: 9.2-32.6%; CMJ: -2.91 to 20.79%). Changes in HPC movement kinematics and barbell path traces occurred for each athlete indicating a more rearward-directed center of pressure over the concentric phase, greater double knee bend during the transition phase, decreased maximal plantar flexion, and minimal vertical displacement of body mass with HPC learning. Considering the minimal investment of 4 weeks to achieve increases in vertical power production, the benefits of training with HPC justified the associated time costs for these 4 elite athletes.

  15. Temporal distribution of mantle-derived potassic rocks and carbonatites linked to stabilization of mantle lithosphere and redox states during subduction

    Foley, S. F.


    Mantle-derived potassic igneous rocks and carbonatites first appear in the geological record in the late Archean, coinciding with major crust-forming events on most continents. The compositions of potassic rocks require sources including discrete ultramafic rocks with phlogopite and pyroxenes, whereas carbonatites and ultramafic lamprophyres (carbonate-rich potassic rocks) require oxidizing conditions in which carbonate is stable. The presence of these source rocks from this time is probably related to the stabilization of mantle lithosphere. If mantle lithosphere had not been stable for considerable periods of time, then melting would be restricted to peridotite, which is not a viable option for strongly potassic rocks. The phlogopite-rich source-rock assemblages that are necessary precursors for potassic melts could be introduced into the lithosphere by either subduction processes or by multiple stages of low-degree melting. Many modern examples involve subducted sedimentary material, which concentrates potassium by the stabilization of micas in subduction metamorphism. Subduction involves a great variety of redox states, but the bulk effect is the return of oxidized material from the surface into the mantle. However, we cannot apply uniformitarianism unthinkingly, because subduction processes at and before 2.7 Ga may have had different redox states. Before the Great Oxidation Event the distribution and abundances of geological formations such as banded iron formations, red beds, and uraninites indicate that geological reservoirs became gradually oxidized, preventing an earlier increase in atmospheric oxygen. This means that the function of the subduction process to oxidize the upper mantle by the return of oxidized rocks from the surface was much weaker in the early Earth. Early continental mantle lithosphere was, therefore, likely to accumulate carbon in reduced form, which would be more easily remobilized in melts through low-temperature redox melting much

  16. Poverty Eradication in Fragile Places: Prospects for Harvesting the Highest Hanging Fruit by 2030

    Gary Milante


    Full Text Available This paper explores the range of likely and potential progress on poverty eradication in fragile states to 2030. Using the International Futures model and recently released 2011 International Comparison Program data, this paper calculates current (2015 poverty for a US$1.90 poverty line, and subsequently runs three scenarios. The estimates suggest that there are 485 million poor in fragile states in 2015, a 33.5 per cent poverty rate. This paper’s Base Case scenario results in a forecasted 22.8 per cent poverty rate in fragile states by 2030. The most optimistic scenario yields a 13.1 per cent poverty rate for this group of countries (257 million. An optimistic scenario reflecting political constraints in fragile states yields a 19.1 per cent poverty rate (376 million. Even under the most optimistic circumstances, fragile states will almost certainly be home to hundreds of millions of poor in 2030, suggesting that the world must do things dramatically differently if we are to reach the high hanging fruit and truly ‘leave no one behind’ in the next fifteen years of development.

  17. Rock Stars



    Around the world young people are spending unbelievable sums of money to listen to rock music. Forbes Magazine reports that at least fifty rock stars have incomes between two million and six million dollars per year.

  18. KREEP Rocks

    邹永廖; 徐琳; 欧阳自远


    KREEP rocks with high contents of K, REE and P were first recognized in Apollo-12 samples, and it was confirmed later that there were KREEP rock fragments in all of the Apollo samples, particularly in Apollo-12 and-14 samples. The KREEP rocks distributed on the lunar surface are the very important objects of study on the evolution of the moon, as well as to evaluate the utilization prospect of REE in KREEP rocks. Based on previous studies and lunar exploration data, the authors analyzed the chemical and mineral characteristics of KREEP rocks, the abundance of Th on the lunar surface materials, the correlation between Th and REE of KREEP rocks in abundance, studied the distribution regions of KREEP rocks on the lunar surface, and further evaluated the utilization prospect of REE in KREEP rocks.

  19. Clinico-epidemiological study of near-hanging cases - An investigation from Nepal.

    Atreya, Alok; Kanchan, Tanuj


    Hanging is one of the commonest methods of suicide. Epidemiological data of near-hanging patients from Nepal is limited. The present research from Nepal attempts to review the clinico-epidemiological profile of near-hanging patients. A retrospective review of case records was done for the near hanging patients admitted to a tertiary care teaching hospital in Nepal, between August 2012 and August 2014. Details regarding socio-demographic profile, circumstances of hanging, clinical details, and outcome etc. were obtained and examined. During the study period, 10 near hanging patients were admitted to the hospital. The majority of the patients were below 30 years. Mean age of the study group was 28.8 years. The GCS on arrival ranged between 5/15 and 15/15 with the mean GCS being 9.5/15. Hypoxic encephalopathy and cerebral edema were the only noted complications. None of the patient had a cervical spinal injury. All the patients survived the near hanging episode. The mean ICU and hospital stay were 3.9 days and 6.2 days respectively. Prompt resuscitation, active interventions and intensive care support favors a good prognosis. Psychiatric evaluation and support to the patients and their relatives is the key to preventing such attempts in future.

  20. Rock Art

    Henn, Cynthia A.


    There are many interpretations for the symbols that are seen in rock art, but no decoding key has ever been discovered. This article describes one classroom's experiences with a lesson on rock art--making their rock art and developing their own personal symbols. This lesson allowed for creativity, while giving an opportunity for integration…

  1. Rock Art

    Henn, Cynthia A.


    There are many interpretations for the symbols that are seen in rock art, but no decoding key has ever been discovered. This article describes one classroom's experiences with a lesson on rock art--making their rock art and developing their own personal symbols. This lesson allowed for creativity, while giving an opportunity for integration…

  2. Rock Finding

    Rommel-Esham, Katie; Constable, Susan D.


    In this article, the authors discuss a literature-based activity that helps students discover the importance of making detailed observations. In an inspiring children's classic book, "Everybody Needs a Rock" by Byrd Baylor (1974), the author invites readers to go "rock finding," laying out 10 rules for finding a "perfect" rock. In this way, the…

  3. Toxicology findings in cases of hanging in the City and County of San Francisco over the 3-year period from 2011 to 2013.

    San Nicolas, A C; Lemos, N P


    , their possible state of impairment, including the possibility of a staged suicide if the decedent was too impaired to perform a self-hanging.

  4. Unintentional strangulation by a cervical collar after attempted suicide by hanging.

    Lemyze, Malcolm; Palud, Aurore; Favory, Raphael; Mathieu, Daniel


    We report the case of a young man who attempted suicide by hanging and whose neurological status deteriorated until the cervical collar, that had been correctly placed by the prehospital team, was removed. We discuss the physiopathological mechanisms leading to death in hanging that is, a blockage of the blood stream to the brain leading to vasogenic and cytotoxic cerebral edema rather than asphyxia or spinal fracture. Our case supports the early removal of neck stabilization devices that can dangerously harm the patient after an attempted suicide by hanging, by increasing intracerebral pressure.

  5. Etiology and use of the "hanging drop" technique: a review.

    Todorov, Ludmil; VadeBoncouer, Timothy


    Background. The hanging drop (HD) technique presumably relies on the presence of subatmospheric epidural pressure. It is not clear whether this negative pressure is intrinsic or an artifact and how it is affected by body position. There are few data to indicate how often HD is currently being used. Methods. We identified studies that measured subatmospheric pressures and looked at the effect of the sitting position. We also looked at the technique used for cervical and thoracic epidural anesthesia in the last 10 years. Results. Intrinsic subatmospheric pressures were measured in the thoracic and cervical spine. Three trials studied the effect of body position, indicating a higher incidence of subatmospheric pressures when sitting. The results show lower epidural pressure (-10.7 mmHg) with the sitting position. 28.8% of trials of cervical and thoracic epidural anesthesia that documented the technique used, utilized the HD technique. When adjusting for possible bias, the rate of HD use can be as low as 11.7%. Conclusions. Intrinsic negative pressure might be present in the cervical and thoracic epidural space. This effect is more pronounced when sitting. This position might be preferable when using HD. Future studies are needed to compare it with the loss of resistance technique.

  6. Second order Coriolis resonance between the C-O stretch and the CH3 rock levels of methanol involving excited torsional state.

    Mukhopadhyay, I


    In this paper, it is shown that the interaction responsible for making the series of 'forbidden' transitions from the state (n tau K) = (110) in the ground vibrational (v = 0) state of the levels of (122+) in the CH3-rocking vibrational state (v = r) of methanol is 'Coriolis' resonance and not 'Fermi' resonance as proposed in a recent publication. This has been established from the J-dependence of the observed perturbed energy spacings between the two interacting pairs from high resolution spectroscopic analysis. The J-dependence clearly follows the classic 'Coriolis' interaction matrix elements for delta K = 2, which would not occur if the interaction were due to 'Fermi' resonance.

  7. On the role of hanging baffle performance enhancement by using slotted Helmholtz resonator array

    Hanina, R.; Yahya, I.; Harjana


    This paper emphasizes on the experimental investigation performance of hanging baffle with slotted Helmholtz resonator array inclusion. Laboratory test procedure refers to ATMS E-1050 was conducted for measuring the sound absorption coefficient of the Helmholtz resonator, while interrupted noise reverberation time measurement refers to ISO 3382-2 has been done for room acoustic performance test of the proposed design hanging baffle. The result shows that broadband absorption occurs when the Helmholtz resonator inserted to the hanging baffle. Sound energy dissipation increase both in resonance and viscous damping mechanism. It reduces the reverberation time significantly in all frequencies. The proposed design slotted resonator inclusion has brought opportunity for tuning the response and performance of the hanging baffle.

  8. 'Escher' Rock


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Chemical Changes in 'Endurance' Rocks [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Figure 1 This false-color image taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows a rock dubbed 'Escher' on the southwestern slopes of 'Endurance Crater.' Scientists believe the rock's fractures, which divide the surface into polygons, may have been formed by one of several processes. They may have been caused by the impact that created Endurance Crater, or they might have arisen when water leftover from the rock's formation dried up. A third possibility is that much later, after the rock was formed, and after the crater was created, the rock became wet once again, then dried up and developed cracks. Opportunity has spent the last 14 sols investigating Escher, specifically the target dubbed 'Kirchner,' and other similar rocks with its scientific instruments. This image was taken on sol 208 (Aug. 24, 2004) by the rover's panoramic camera, using the 750-, 530- and 430-nanometer filters. The graph above shows that rocks located deeper into 'Endurance Crater' are chemically altered to a greater degree than rocks located higher up. This chemical alteration is believed to result from exposure to water. Specifically, the graph compares ratios of chemicals between the deep rock dubbed 'Escher,' and the more shallow rock called 'Virginia,' before (red and blue lines) and after (green line) the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity drilled into the rocks. As the red and blue lines indicate, Escher's levels of chlorine relative to Virginia's went up, and sulfur down, before the rover dug a hole into the rocks. This implies that the surface of Escher has been chemically altered to a greater extent than the surface of Virginia. Scientists are still investigating the role water played in influencing this trend. These data were taken by the rover's alpha particle X-ray spectrometer.

  9. 'Escher' Rock


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Chemical Changes in 'Endurance' Rocks [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Figure 1 This false-color image taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows a rock dubbed 'Escher' on the southwestern slopes of 'Endurance Crater.' Scientists believe the rock's fractures, which divide the surface into polygons, may have been formed by one of several processes. They may have been caused by the impact that created Endurance Crater, or they might have arisen when water leftover from the rock's formation dried up. A third possibility is that much later, after the rock was formed, and after the crater was created, the rock became wet once again, then dried up and developed cracks. Opportunity has spent the last 14 sols investigating Escher, specifically the target dubbed 'Kirchner,' and other similar rocks with its scientific instruments. This image was taken on sol 208 (Aug. 24, 2004) by the rover's panoramic camera, using the 750-, 530- and 430-nanometer filters. The graph above shows that rocks located deeper into 'Endurance Crater' are chemically altered to a greater degree than rocks located higher up. This chemical alteration is believed to result from exposure to water. Specifically, the graph compares ratios of chemicals between the deep rock dubbed 'Escher,' and the more shallow rock called 'Virginia,' before (red and blue lines) and after (green line) the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity drilled into the rocks. As the red and blue lines indicate, Escher's levels of chlorine relative to Virginia's went up, and sulfur down, before the rover dug a hole into the rocks. This implies that the surface of Escher has been chemically altered to a greater extent than the surface of Virginia. Scientists are still investigating the role water played in influencing this trend. These data were taken by the rover's alpha particle X-ray spectrometer.

  10. Three-dimensional problems of wall-rock stability in the vicinity of a cleaned working with control exercised over the stress-strain state of the mass

    Bulat, A.F.; Chekhov, V.N. [S.P. Timoshenko Inst. of Mechanics, Kiev (Ukraine)


    As the depth of mining operations increases, control over the stress-stain state (SSS) of the rock mass to ensure safe and effective exploitation of coal deposits is becoming a basic underground procedural process. An arbitrary change in the SSS of the mass under conditions where it is acted upon by large compressive loads may lead, in turn, however, to local buckling and fracture of the free surface of the rock in the near-face zone of a cleaned working during the mining of mineral resources. Individual classes of rock-stability problems that arise in the three-diumensional statement are formulated in this paper on the basis of analysis of actual conditions and technology for the mining of mineral resources at great depths. The rock mass is treated as a inhomogeneous semi-restrained medium of laminar structure; these studies were therefore conducted within the framework of the model of a piecewise-homogeneous medium on the basis of approaches developed previously. 8 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs.

  11. An experimental study of the longitudinal aerodynamic and static stability characteristics of hang gliders

    Kilkenny, E. A.


    A mobile experimental test facility has been developed to carry out the aerodynamic evaluation of hang glider wings normally performed in a wind tunnel. Longitudinal aerodynamic data obtained using this facility is presented for three modern hang glider wings, a Silhouette, Demon 175 and Magic 166, together with surface flow patterns for the latter two wings. The longitudinal stability criterion are studied and alternatives established, equivalent to the stick fixed an...

  12. Heart rate responses and fluid balance of competitive cross-country hang gliding pilots.

    Morton, Darren P


    To evaluate the physiological challenges of competitive cross-country hang gliding. Seventeen experienced male pilots (age=41+/-9 y; mean+/-SD) were fitted with a monitor that recorded heart rate and altitude at 0.5 Hz throughout a competitive flight. Fluid losses were evaluated by comparing pilot pre- and postflight mass. The pilots' displacement was 88.4+/-43.7 km in 145.5+/-49.4 min. Mean flight altitude was 1902+/-427 m (range=1363-2601 m) with a maximum altitude of 2925+/-682 m (1870-3831 m). The mean in-flight heart rate of the pilots was 112+/-11 bpm (64+/-6% predicted HRmax). For all except one subject, heart rate was highest while launching (165+/-12 bpm, 93+/-7% predicted HRmax), followed by landing (154+/-13 bpm, 87+/-7% predicted HRmax). No statistically significant relationship was observed between heart rate during the launch and reported measures of state anxiety. Heart rate was inversely related (PFluid loss during the flight was 1.32+/-0.70 L, which approximated 0.55 L/h, while mean in-flight fluid consumption was 0.39+/-0.44 L. Six pilots consumed no fluid during the flight. Even among experienced pilots, high heart rates are more a function of state anxiety than physical work demand. Fluid losses during flight are surprisingly moderate but pilots may still benefit from attending to fluid balance.

  13. 'Earhart' Rock


    This false-color image taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows a rock informally named 'Earhart' on the lower slopes of 'Endurance Crater.' The rock was named after the pilot Amelia Earhart. Like 'Escher' and other rocks dotting the bottom of Endurance, scientists believe fractures in Earhart could have been formed by one of several processes. They may have been caused by the impact that created Endurance Crater, or they might have arisen when water leftover from the rock's formation dried up. A third possibility is that much later, after the rock was formed, and after the crater was created, the rock became wet once again, then dried up and developed cracks. Rover team members do not have plans to investigate Earhart in detail because it is located across potentially hazardous sandy terrain. This image was taken on sol 219 (Sept. 4) by the rover's panoramic camera, using its 750-, 530- and 430-nanometer filters.

  14. Does performance of hang power clean differentiate performance of jumping, sprinting, and changing of direction?

    Hori, Naruhiro; Newton, Robert U; Andrews, Warren A; Kawamori, Naoki; McGuigan, Michael R; Nosaka, Kazunori


    The primary purpose of this study was to investigate whether the athlete who has high performance in hang power clean, a common weightlifting exercise, has high performances in sprinting, jumping, and changing of direction (COD). As the secondary purpose, relationships between hang power clean performance, maximum strength, power and performance of jumping, sprinting, and COD also were investigated. Twenty-nine semiprofessional Australian Rules football players (age, height, and body mass [mean +/- SD]: 21.3 +/- 2.7 years, 1.8 +/- 0.1 m, and 83.6 +/- 8.2 kg) were tested for one repetition maximum (1RM) hang power clean, 1RM front squat, power output during countermovement jump with 40-kg barbell and without external load (CMJ), height of CMJ, 20-m sprint time, and 5-5 COD time. The subjects were divided into top and bottom half groups (n = 14 for each group) based on their 1RM hang power clean score relative to body mass, then measures from all other tests were compared with one-way analyses of variance. In addition, Pearson's product moment correlations between measurements were calculated among all subjects (n = 29). The top half group possessed higher maximum strength (P hang power clean, jumping, sprinting, COD, maximum strength, and power. Therefore, it seems likely there are underlying strength qualities that are common to the hang power clean, jumping, and sprinting.

  15. Rock Art

    Huyge, Dirk


    Rock art, basically being non-utilitarian, non-textual anthropic markings on natural rock surfaces, was an extremely widespread graphical practice in ancient Egypt. While the apogee of the tradition was definitely the Predynastic Period (mainly fourth millennium BCE), examples date from the late Palaeolithic (c. 15,000 BCE) until the Islamic era. Geographically speaking, “Egyptian” rock art is known from many hundreds of sites along the margins of the Upper Egyptian and Nubian Nile Valley and...

  16. Rock blocks

    Turner, W.


    Consider representation theory associated to symmetric groups, or to Hecke algebras in type A, or to q-Schur algebras, or to finite general linear groups in non-describing characteristic. Rock blocks are certain combinatorially defined blocks appearing in such a representation theory, first observed by R. Rouquier. Rock blocks are much more symmetric than general blocks, and every block is derived equivalent to a Rock block. Motivated by a theorem of J. Chuang and R. Kessar in the case of sym...

  17. The automation of the "making safe" process in South African hard-rock underground mine

    Teleka, SR


    Full Text Available In South African hard-rock mines, best practice dictates that the hanging-walls be inspected after blasting. This process is known as ‘making safe’ and although intended to save lives, it is laborious and subjective. Pressure is placed on the barrer...

  18. The influence of gravity on the distribution of the deposit formed onto a substrate by sessile, hanging, and sandwiched hanging drop evaporation.

    Sandu, Ion; Fleaca, Claudiu Teodor


    The focus of the present article is the study of the influence of gravity on the particle deposition profiles on a solid substrate during the evaporation of sessile, hanging and sandwiched hanging drops of colloidal particle suspensions. For concentrations of nanoparticles in the colloidal solutions in the range 0.0001-1 wt.%, highly diluted suspensions will preferentially form rings while concentrated suspensions will preferentially form spots in both sessile and hanging drop evaporation. For intermediary concentrations, the particle deposition profiles will depend on the nanoparticle aggregation dynamics in the suspension during the evaporation process, gravity and on the detailed evaporation geometry. The evaporation of a drop of toluene/carbon nanoparticle suspension hanging from a pendant water drop will leave on the substrate a circular spot with no visible external ring. By contrast, a clear external ring is formed on the substrate by the sessile evaporation of a similar drop of suspension sandwiched between a water drop and the substrate. From the application viewpoint, these processes can be used to create preferential electrical conductive carbon networks and contacts for arrays of self-assembled nanostructures fabricated on solid substrates as well as on flexible polymeric substrates.

  19. Mineral Chemistry and Pressure and Temperature Estimates of Metasedimentary Rocks of the Araxá Group in the Region of Morrinhos, South of Goiás State

    Guillermo Rafael Beltran Navarro


    Full Text Available In the Morrinhos region, Goiás state, Brazil, the rocks of the Araxá Group have mineral assemblages related to themetamorphic peak which occurred in this region and is typical of the amphibolite facies (kyanite zone. These rocks areassociated with the initial stage of the main ductile deformation that occurred in this area. Thermobarometric calculations,including the associations, garnet + plagioclase + biotite + muscovite; garnet + plagioclase +biotite + muscovite + kyanite;garnet + plagioclase + biotite + muscovite + amphibole, with quartz in excess, indicate that the metamorphic peak occurredat temperatures of approximately 610ºC and pressures in the order of 10 kbar. The P-T path is probably clockwise and is inagreement with the tectonic conditions observed in collisional settings.

  20. Vulnerability of shallow ground water and drinking-water wells to nitrate in the United States: Model of predicted nitrate concentration in shallow, recently recharged ground water -- Input data set for carbonate rocks (gwava-s_crox)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the presence or absence of Valley and Ridge carbonate rocks in the conterminous United States. The data set was used as an input data layer...

  1. Vulnerability of shallow ground water and drinking-water wells to nitrate in the United States: Model of predicted nitrate concentration in shallow, recently recharged ground water -- Input data set for basalt and volcanic rocks (gwava-s_vrox)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the presence or absence of basalt and volcanic rocks in the conterminous United States. The data set was used as an input data layer for a...

  2. Art Rocks with Rock Art!

    Bickett, Marianne


    This article discusses rock art which was the very first "art." Rock art, such as the images created on the stone surfaces of the caves of Lascaux and Altimira, is the true origin of the canvas, paintbrush, and painting media. For there, within caverns deep in the earth, the first artists mixed animal fat, urine, and saliva with powdered minerals…

  3. Art Rocks with Rock Art!

    Bickett, Marianne


    This article discusses rock art which was the very first "art." Rock art, such as the images created on the stone surfaces of the caves of Lascaux and Altimira, is the true origin of the canvas, paintbrush, and painting media. For there, within caverns deep in the earth, the first artists mixed animal fat, urine, and saliva with powdered minerals…



    This paper introduces a new concept of the de-sign of the two storey intake in rivers with deficient discharge,gravel bed and higher diversion ratio. Instead of using classi-cal types of intake, a kind of two-level hanged-plate intake de-signs was suggested. The hanged-plate was arranged in themiddle level depth of flow and flow was separated to two por-tions I. E. The region above the hanged-plate and the regionunder the hanged-plate. In such way, the upper stream flowsinto channel and the bottom stream becomes the pressureflow. By using this arrangement, clearer water including lesssediment are deflected into irrigation channel in addition to in-creasing the transport sediment ratio. In this paper, flow pat-terns, velocity profile, pressure distribution, and diversionratio were studied experimentally for two different headers ofhanged-plate, P-weir and L-weir. The main characteristics offlow through hanged-plate was also inverstigated and com-pared with each other. The design works better in comparisonwith artificial band, sluice dam intake work, and so on.

  5. Suicidal hanging in Kuwait: retrospective analysis of cases from 2010 to 2012.

    Abd-Elwahab Hassan, Dalia; Ghaleb, Sherein S; Kotb, Heba; Agamy, Mervat; Kharoshah, Magdy


    Suicide is an important health hazard worldwide. We retrospectively analyzed the autopsy records of the Institute of Forensic Medicine between 2010 and 2012 to document the characteristics of fatalities resulting from hanging in Kuwait. Upon analysis of death scene investigation and autopsy reports together with the information gathered from the police, the cases of hanging fatalities of suicidal origin were selected. A retrospective study was carried out on 118 suicidal hanging cases autopsied at Forensic Medicine Center in Kuwait (from 2010 to 2012). Of these cases, 86 (73%) were males and 32 females (27%). There was an increasing trend of hanging among ages between 21 and 50 years (87.3%) and the third decade had the highest number of victims (about 43%) between all age groups. Local Kuwaiti nationals comprised a small proportion of cases (7 persons, 5.9%), while the others were foreigners working in Kuwait with an Indian precedence (54 persons, 54.8%), followed by other 12 different nationalities representing 39.3% of the cases. In conclusion, there was a decreasing trend of suicide by hanging in Kuwait from 44 cases in 2010 to 25 cases in 2012.

  6. Determining the stress of rock massif


    Defining the stress rock massif is essential for design of underground facilities and methods of mining in the mines. Assessment the value of stress state of rock massif and rock strength in the various loads allows rational design. This is of particular importance when sizing columns, determining the extent of excavation, the cross-sections of underground rooms in problems with rock bursts and others. This paper briefly gives the basic methods of determining the rock massif stress as part of...

  7. ROCK ON

    Thomas Grose


    ..., however, was music - especially the high-pitched sounds of pop and rock, which boosted energy output by up to 40 percent. By contrast, classical music's lower pitches barely raised effectiveness. O...

  8. A PDMS-Based Microfluidic Hanging Drop Chip for Embryoid Body Formation.

    Wu, Huei-Wen; Hsiao, Yi-Hsing; Chen, Chih-Chen; Yet, Shaw-Fang; Hsu, Chia-Hsien


    The conventional hanging drop technique is the most widely used method for embryoid body (EB) formation. However, this method is labor intensive and limited by the difficulty in exchanging the medium. Here, we report a microfluidic chip-based approach for high-throughput formation of EBs. The device consists of microfluidic channels with 6 × 12 opening wells in PDMS supported by a glass substrate. The PDMS channels were fabricated by replicating polydimethyl-siloxane (PDMS) from SU-8 mold. The droplet formation in the chip was tested with different hydrostatic pressures to obtain optimal operation pressures for the wells with 1000 μm diameter openings. The droplets formed at the opening wells were used to culture mouse embryonic stem cells which could subsequently developed into EBs in the hanging droplets. This device also allows for medium exchange of the hanging droplets making it possible to perform immunochemistry staining and characterize EBs on chip.

  9. A PDMS-Based Microfluidic Hanging Drop Chip for Embryoid Body Formation

    Huei-Wen Wu


    Full Text Available The conventional hanging drop technique is the most widely used method for embryoid body (EB formation. However, this method is labor intensive and limited by the difficulty in exchanging the medium. Here, we report a microfluidic chip-based approach for high-throughput formation of EBs. The device consists of microfluidic channels with 6 × 12 opening wells in PDMS supported by a glass substrate. The PDMS channels were fabricated by replicating polydimethyl-siloxane (PDMS from SU-8 mold. The droplet formation in the chip was tested with different hydrostatic pressures to obtain optimal operation pressures for the wells with 1000 μm diameter openings. The droplets formed at the opening wells were used to culture mouse embryonic stem cells which could subsequently developed into EBs in the hanging droplets. This device also allows for medium exchange of the hanging droplets making it possible to perform immunochemistry staining and characterize EBs on chip.

  10. Self-similar vortex-induced vibrations of a hanging string

    Grouthier, Clement; Modarres-Sadeghi, Yahya; de Langre, Emmanuel


    An experimental analysis of the vortex-induced vibrations of a hanging string with variable tension along its length is presented in this paper. It is shown that standing waves develop along the hanging string. The evolution of the Strouhal number St with the Reynolds number Re first follows a trend similar to what is observed for a circular cylinder in a flow for relatively low Reynolds numbers (32hanging string is then explained theoretically by performing a linear stability analysis of an adapted wake-oscillator model. This linear stability analysis finally provides an accurate description of the mode shapes and of the evolution of the self-similarity coefficient with the flow speed.

  11. Enhancement of nucleation during hanging drop protein crystallization using HF treatment of cover glasses

    Guo, Yun-Zhu; Yin, Da-Chuan; Lu, Qin-Qin; Wang, Xi-Kai; Liu, Jun [Key Laboratory for Space Bioscience and Biotechnology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi' an 710072, Shaanxi (China)


    We examined a simple approach, i.e., etching cover glasses using hydrofluoric acid (HF), to determine whether cover glass treatment enhances nucleation in hanging drop protein crystallization. Hen egg white lysozyme and proteinase K were used as the model proteins. We found that the treatment increased the success rate of crystallization. The results indicated that the simple treatment, which is easy to adopt without changing much in the hanging drop method, can be utilized as an alternative method to enhance protein crystallization screens (copyright 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)


    C.Carstensen; Jun Hu


    A unified a posteriori error analysis has been developed in [18,21-23] to analyze the finite element error a posteriori under a universal roof.This paper contributes to the finite element meshes with hanging nodes which are required for local mesh-refining.The twodimensional 1-irregular triangulations into triangles and parallelograms and their combinations are considered with conforming and nonconforming finite element methods named after or by Courant,Q1,Crouzeix-Raviart,Han,Rannacher-Turek,and others for the a posteriori error analysis for triangulations with hanging nodes of degree≤1 which are fundamental for local mesh refinement in self-adaptive finite element discretisations.

  13. 'Wopmay' Rock


    This approximate true-color image taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows an unusual, lumpy rock informally named 'Wopmay' on the lower slopes of 'Endurance Crater.' The rock was named after the Canadian bush pilot Wilfrid Reid 'Wop' May. Like 'Escher' and other rocks dotting the bottom of Endurance, scientists believe the lumps in Wopmay may be related to cracking and alteration processes, possibly caused by exposure to water. The area between intersecting sets of cracks eroded in a way that created the lumpy appearance. Rover team members plan to drive Opportunity over to Wopmay for a closer look in coming sols. This image was taken by the rover's panoramic camera on sol 248 (Oct. 4, 2004), using its 750-, 530- and 480-nanometer filters.

  14. Slippery Rock University

    Arnhold, Robert W.


    Slippery Rock University (SRU), located in western Pennsylvania, is one of 14 state-owned institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania. The university has a rich tradition of providing professional preparation programs in special education, therapeutic recreation, physical education, and physical therapy for individuals with disabilities.…

  15. Imaging the state of the rock mass in the Kiirunavaara iron ore mine, Sweden, using local event tomography

    Lund, Björn; Berglund, Karin; Tryggvason, Ari; Dineva, Savka; Jonsson, Linda


    Induced seismic events in a mining environment are a potential hazard, but they can be used to gain information about the rock mass in the mine which otherwise would be very difficult to obtain. In this study we use approximately 1.2 million mining induced seismic events in the Kiirunavaara iron ore mine in northernmost Sweden to image the rock mass using local event travel-time tomography. In addition, relocation of the events significantly improves the possibility to infer structural information and rock damage. The Kiirunavaara mine is one of the largest underground iron ore mines in the world. The ore body is a magnetite sheet of 4 km length, with an average thickness of 80 m, which dips approximately 55° to the east. Mining production is now at a depth of 785 - 855 m. During 2015 the seismic system in the mine recorded on average approximately 1,000 local seismic events per day. The events are of various origins such as shear slip on fractures, non-shear events and blasts, with magnitudes of up to 2.5. We use manually picked P- and S-waves in the tomography and we require that both phases are present as we found that events from the routine processing need screening for anomalous P- versus S-travel times, indicating occasional erroneous phase associations. For the tomography we use the 3D local earthquake tomography code PStomo_eq (Tryggvason et al., 2002), which we adjusted to the mining scale. The study volume is 1.2 x 1.8 x 1.8 km and the velocity model grid size is 10x10x10 meter. The tomographic images show clearly defined regions of high and low velocities. Low velocity zones are associated with mapped clay zones and areas of mined out ore, and also with the near-ore tunnel infrastructure in the foot-wall. We also see how the low S-velocity anomaly continues to depth below the current mining levels, following the inferred direction of the ore. The tomography shows higher P- and S-velocities in the foot-wall away from the areas of mine infrastructure. We

  16. Groundwater quality in the Valley and Ridge and Piedmont and Blue Ridge carbonate-rock aquifers, eastern United States

    Lindsey, Bruce; Belitz, Kenneth


    Groundwater provides nearly 50 percent of the Nation’s drinking water. To help protect this vital resource, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Project assesses groundwater quality in aquifers that are important sources of drinking water. The Valley and Ridge and Piedmont and Blue Ridge carbonate-rock aquifers constitute two of the important areas being evaluated. One or more inorganic constituents with human-health benchmarks were detected at high concentrations in about 15 percent of the study area and at moderate concentrations in about 17 percent. Organic constituents were not detected at high concentrations in the study area. One or more organic constituents with human-health benchmarks were detected at moderate concentrations in about 2 percent of the study area.

  17. Source rock

    Abubakr F. Makky; Mohamed I. El Sayed; Ahmed S. Abu El-Ata; Ibrahim M. Abd El-Gaied; Mohamed I. Abdel-Fattah; Zakaria M. Abd-Allah


    West Beni Suef Concession is located at the western part of Beni Suef Basin which is a relatively under-explored basin and lies about 150 km south of Cairo. The major goal of this study is to evaluate the source rock by using different techniques as Rock-Eval pyrolysis, Vitrinite reflectance (%Ro), and well log data of some Cretaceous sequences including Abu Roash (E, F and G members), Kharita and Betty formations. The BasinMod 1D program is used in this study to construct the burial history ...

  18. Multistage dolomitization in the Acungui Group metacarbonate rocks, Proterozoic of Parana state, Brazil; Dolomitizacao multifasica em reochas metacarbonaticas do Grupo Acungui, Proterozoico do estado do Parana, Brasil

    Pinto-Coelho, Cristina Valle; Reis Neto, Jose Manoel dos [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Geologia], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:; Eeva, Salla Talvikki [PETROBRAS (Brazil). E e P. Gerencia de Estratigrafia e Sedimentologia


    The carbonate rocks of Rio Bonito Quarry, at the state of Parana, are represented by metamarls, mylonized rocks, calcite and dolomite marbles and dolomite breccias, which were formed in several burial stages. The first dolomitization process which affected the marbles had its origin in a burial environment. The process occurred during Mesoproterozoic, where a precedent calcitic rock had its matrix replaced by fine to medium sized dolomite crystals with cloudy aspect, and where styolites and fractures formed the principal conduits for the circulation of Mg-rich solutions. The dolomite breccia were formed during the Brazilian Cycle (Neoproterozoic), in conditions of hydraulic fracturing, originated by devolatilization which occurred during the metamorphism of green schist facies. The second dolomitization process, caused the formation of Fe-rich microcrystalline dolomite (Dp1), originated through a fluid at chemical disequilibrium with the fluid responsible for the former dolomitization. In the Paleozoic occurred a new phase of dolomitization, developing the Dp2-type dolomite, as the consequence of reactivation of deep crustal faults or igneous intrusions (dykes of microgabbro). This dolomite is constituted by saddle dolomite, with nonplanar and coarse crystals, strong undulate extinction, which fills fractures in breccias as well as in dolomitic marbles. Superficial processes at the Paleogene, related to the topographic evolution, promoted the percolation of low-temperature fluids, occasioning the process of dedolomitization via dissolution and posterior filling of cavities. The process of dedolomitization occurred in dolomitic breccia with precipitation of late calcite, which filled the cavities, associated to dolomite of generation Dp2. Quartz completes the final phase of the void-filling process.(author)

  19. Measurement of the Mass of an Object Hanging from a Spring--Revisited

    Serafin, Kamil; Oracz, Joanna; Grzybowski, Marcin; Koperski, Maciej; Sznajder, Pawel; Zinkiewicz, Lukasz; Wasylczyk, Piotr


    In an open competition, students were to determine the mass of a metal cylinder hanging on a spring inside a transparent enclosure. With the time for experiments limited to 24 h due to the unexpectedly large number of participants, a few surprisingly accurate results were submitted, the best of them differing by no more than 0.5% from the true…

  20. Accidental hanging: a novel mobile suspension apparatus partially hidden inside the clothes.

    Kodikara, Sarathchandra


    Accidental hanging is uncommon. An immobile/fixed and exposed suspension apparatus is seen in almost all cases of hanging. A 50-year-old man, who was drunk, was trying to steal an iron rod by hiding it under his clothing. To secure hiding, he attached it to his body by a loose ligature around the neck, the waist belt of the sarong, and another band around the waist and by his underwear. Sometime later, because of ethanol intoxication, he fell asleep in the sitting position. While he was sitting on the floor, the iron rod was lifted up accidentally, and its upper end was wedged against the wall behind the victim, and the lower end was fixed against the floor. When he fell asleep, the weight of the tilted head acted as the constricting force compressing the neck by the ligature that was used to attach the iron rod to the neck. The cause of death was concluded as hanging in a man with ethanol intoxication. This case highlights a novel mobile suspension apparatus partially hidden inside the clothes, in a case of accidental hanging. A similar case has not been reported in the forensic literature.


    Yanki D.


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: In Sikkim, the rate of suicide has been on the rise since the last 10 years. Suicidal hanging as method of ending life is a major concern among school children. It is very rare that the victims are brought on time for successful resuscit ation in Sikkim. Suicide by hanging is probably the most easy way to go about taking one’s own life , as the means to do it are easily available and uncomplicated and, brutally efficient in most case s . This is a case report of a young female who was brought to the emergency room of our hospital a s a case of suicidal hanging. On admission her GCS was 6; she was unconscious with deteriorating v ital parameters and the breathing was laboured with SpO2 of 40% in room air. Early interv ention with intubation with ventilatory and circulatory support was given and she walked home a fter 7 days without any neurological deficit. KEY WORDS: Near hanging suicide, early intervention

  2. Strategy for a Rock Mechanics Site Descriptive Model. Development and testing of an approach to modelling the state of stress

    Hakami, Eva; Hakami, Hossein [Itasca Geomekanik AB, Solna (Sweden); Cosgrove, John [Imperial College of Science and Technology, London (United Kingdom)


    The overall objective of this project has been to develop, test and establish a method for creating a Rock Mechanics Site Descriptive Model for a site considered in the site investigation programme. The work was divided into three parts, the empirical and theoretical 'property models' and the 'stress model'. The work on the stress model is presented in this report. The work consisted of i) a literature review about geological factors controlling in situ stress and a review about the use of numerical models for this subject, ii) the development of recommendations on the methodology to be applied during a site investigation and iii) the Test Case exercise, where the suggested methods were tested. The main mechanism controlling the in situ stress magnitudes in Sweden is plate tectonics causing the stress field to show similarities in most parts of north-western Europe, having a NW-SE trend of the maximum principal stress. The orientation of the stress field is largely determined by the relative movements by the plates. However, the stress orientation may also be influenced by the presence of large regional weak zones, such as the Tornquist deformation zone that lies between Sweden and Denmark. The strike of the Tornquist deformation zone is parallel to the maximum principal stress as observed in central and southern Sweden. The magnitude of the stress is more difficult to estimate, but the general pattern is an increase in magnitude with depth, at least for the upper kilometres. To determine the stress magnitude at a certain site and depth, with reasonable certainty, stress measurement should be used. A methodology for building a stress model has been proposed. It involves different steps starting with a preliminary stress estimation, followed by steps for interpreting site-specific information. If the stress pattern and structural geology of the site are complex, including major fracture zones intersecting the area, numerical analyses of the

  3. Rock Paintings.

    Jones, Julienne Edwards


    Discusses the integration of art and academics in a fifth-grade instructional unit on Native American culture. Describes how students studied Native American pictographs, designed their own pictographs, made their own tools, and created rock paintings of their pictographs using these tools. Provides a list of references on Native American…

  4. Ayers Rock



    Ayers Rock is right in the centre of Australia.It's nearly two thousand kilometres______Sydney.So we flew most of the way.h was rather cloudy______But after we left the mountains behind us, there was hardly a cloud in thesky.

  5. Intellektuaalne rock


    Briti laulja-helilooja ja näitleja Toyah Willcox ning Bill Rieflin ansamblist R.E.M. ja Pat Mastelotto King Krimsonist esinevad koos ansamblitega The Humans ja Tuner 25. okt. Tallinnas Rock Cafés ja 27. okt Tartu Jaani kirikus

  6. Intellektuaalne rock


    Briti laulja-helilooja ja näitleja Toyah Willcox ning Bill Rieflin ansamblist R.E.M. ja Pat Mastelotto King Krimsonist esinevad koos ansamblitega The Humans ja Tuner 25. okt. Tallinnas Rock Cafés ja 27. okt Tartu Jaani kirikus

  7. Monitoring of Grandes Jorasses hanging glacier (Aosta Valley, Italy): improving monitoring techniques for glaciers instability

    Vagliasindi, Marco; Funk, Martin; Faillettaz, Jerome; Dalban, Pierre; Lucianaz, Claudio; Diotri, Fabrizio; Motta, Elena; Margreth, Stephan


    Grandes Jorasses serac is an unbalanced hanging glacier located on the south side of Mont Blanc Massif (Aosta Valley - Italy). It stands above Ferret Valley, a famous and most frequented touristic site both in winter and summer. Historical data and morphological evidences show that the glacier is subject to recurrent icefalls which can be dangerous especially in winter, as they can trigger catastrophic combined snow and ice avalanches. Serac dynamic was monitored in 1997-98 by prof. M Funk (ETH Zurich) by means of temperature and topographic measurement. These allowed to forecast the breakdown within a 2 days time. Thanks to a monitoring program, a new instability could be recognized in autumn 2008: a crevasse opening in the lower part of the hanging glacier. A new monitoring system was installed recently, consisting of stakes with prisms on serac surface and an automatic total station (theodolite plus distantiometer) sited on the valley floor. Monitoring is based on an empirically based power law (developed by ETH) that describes the increasing displacement rate before collapse. This monitoring system requires to measure displacement rate of the serac continuously. Although the topographic system is so far the method, it implies some troubles: (i) the difficulty in placing stakes on the steep and dangerous glacier surface; (ii) potential instability of stakes themselves due to snow pressure in winter and surface ice melting in summer; (iii) impossibility to carry out measurement in case of cloudy or stormy weather, which is rather a frequent situation on Grandes Jorasses peak. Moreover, hazard and risk management require some more informations, such as the instable ice mass volume. New technologies have been applied, and are still under test, to achieve a more reliable monitoring system and a better understanding of the serac dynamics. Close-range photogrammetry techniques have been used, allowing to process helicopter-taken images and obtain

  8. Contamination of fluoride in groundwater and its effect on human health: a case study in hard rock aquifers of Siddipet, Telangana State, India

    Narsimha, A.; Sudarshan, V.


    Hydrogeochemical investigation has been carried out in the granitic terrain of Siddipet area, Medak district, Telangana State, India with an aim to understand the distribution of fluoride in the groundwater and to understand the relationship of fluoride with other major ions, and also to identify the high fluoride-bearing groundwater zones. 104 groundwater samples were analyzed in the study area for fluoride and other major ions like calcium, magnesium, chloride, carbonate, bicarbonate, sodium, potassium, sulfate, and nitrate in addition to pH and electrical conductivity. The studies revealed that the concentration of fluoride in groundwater is ranging from 0.2 to 2.2 mg L-1 with a mean of 1.1 mg L-1. Nearly 22 % of groundwater has more than the permissible limit of fluoride (1.5 mg L-1), which is responsible for the endemic dental fluorosis in the area concerned. Geochemical classification of groundwater shows that Na-HCO3, Ca-Cl, and Ca-HCO3-Na are the dominant hydrochemical facies. Gibbs diagram shows rock-water interaction dominance and evaporation dominance, which are responsible for the change in the quality of water in the hard rock aquifer of the study area. The groundwater in villages and its environs are affected by fluoride contamination, and consequently majority of the population living in these villages suffer from dental fluorosis. Hence, they are advised to consume drinking water which has less than 1.5 mg L-1 fluoride to avoid further fluorosis risks.

  9. Nature and Significance of Igneous Rocks Cored in the State 2-14 Research Borehole: Salton Sea Scientific Drilling Project, California

    Herzig, Charles T.; Elders, Wilfred A.


    The State 2-14 research borehole of the Salton Sea Scientific Drilling Project penetrated 3.22 km of Pleistocene to Recent sedimentary rocks in the Salton Sea geothermal system, located in the Salton Trough of southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico. In addition, three intervals of igneous rocks were recovered; a silicic tuff and two sills of altered diabase. The chemical composition of the silicic tuff at 1704 m depth suggests that it is correlative with the Durmid Hill tuff, cropping out 25 km NW of the geothermal system. In turn, both of these tuffs may be deposits of the Bishop Tuff, erupted from the Long Valley caldera of central California at 0.7 Ma. The diabases are similar to basaltic xenoliths found in the nearby Salton Buttes rhyolite domes. These diabase are interpreted as hypabyssal intrusions resulting from magmatism due to rifting of the Salton Trough as part of the East Pacific Rise/Gulf of California transtensional system. The sills apparently intruded an already developed geo-thermal system and were in turn altered by it.

  10. Contamination of fluoride in groundwater and its effect on human health: a case study in hard rock aquifers of Siddipet, Telangana State, India

    Narsimha, A.; Sudarshan, V.


    Hydrogeochemical investigation has been carried out in the granitic terrain of Siddipet area, Medak district, Telangana State, India with an aim to understand the distribution of fluoride in the groundwater and to understand the relationship of fluoride with other major ions, and also to identify the high fluoride-bearing groundwater zones. 104 groundwater samples were analyzed in the study area for fluoride and other major ions like calcium, magnesium, chloride, carbonate, bicarbonate, sodium, potassium, sulfate, and nitrate in addition to pH and electrical conductivity. The studies revealed that the concentration of fluoride in groundwater is ranging from 0.2 to 2.2 mg L-1 with a mean of 1.1 mg L-1. Nearly 22 % of groundwater has more than the permissible limit of fluoride (1.5 mg L-1), which is responsible for the endemic dental fluorosis in the area concerned. Geochemical classification of groundwater shows that Na-HCO3, Ca-Cl, and Ca-HCO3-Na are the dominant hydrochemical facies. Gibbs diagram shows rock-water interaction dominance and evaporation dominance, which are responsible for the change in the quality of water in the hard rock aquifer of the study area. The groundwater in villages and its environs are affected by fluoride contamination, and consequently majority of the population living in these villages suffer from dental fluorosis. Hence, they are advised to consume drinking water which has less than 1.5 mg L-1 fluoride to avoid further fluorosis risks.

  11. Home area geology and Alabama earth science teachers: A resource to improve the understanding and use of the state's rocks to supplement textbook concepts in earth history

    Lacefield, James Anderson

    Recent studies have suggested that teachers of earth science in Alabama secondary schools are undertrained in the content areas of the subject. A survey of academic training and certification of active earth science teachers (Hall, 1985) was replicated as part of a study of the current inservice needs of Alabama earth science teachers (Logue & Lacefield, 1995). Only one-third of responding teachers were found to be properly certified to teach the subject; most had been trained for teaching life science. Approximately one-half had never had a course in geology, astronomy, or meteorology--the three primary components of the typical earth science course. Of 32 earth science topics suggested for possible additional inservice workshops, teachers responding to the Logue and Lacefield survey selected Alabama and Southeastern geology as the topic of greatest interest and need. As an alternative to conventional inservice training, an illustrated book on Alabama geologic history was developed for publication. Its purpose was to supply an ongoing, usable geologic reference for Alabama earth science teachers and their students and to promote greater understanding of Alabama geology by the public in general. Entitled Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks: The Half-Billion Year Record of Change in the State's Life and Landscape, the 82-page book (included as appendix) explains how geologic history is reconstructed using evidence from rocks, surveys the major sets of sedimentary rocks found within the state, details what each means in terms of ancient environment, and describes how Alabama's present landscape can be interpreted to reflect past geologic changes. The resource includes nearly 200 color photographs and graphics and 12 pages of fossil identification guides illustrating the most common fossil organisms found within the state. A selected group of professional geologists and earth science educators evaluated the book for scientific accuracy, format, presentation of content, and

  12. Depth-discrete specific storage in fractured sedimentary rock using steady-state and transient single-hole hydraulic tests

    Quinn, Patryk M.; Cherry, John A.; Parker, Beth L.


    A method is presented for obtaining depth-discrete values of specific storage (Ss) from single-hole hydraulic tests in fractured rock boreholes using straddle packers (1.5-17 m test intervals). Low flow constant head (CH) step tests analyzed using the Thiem method provide transmissivity (T) values free from non-Darcian error. Short-term, constant-rate pumping tests (0.5-2 h) analyzed using the Cooper-Jacob approximation of the Theis method provide S from the hydraulic diffusivity using the Darcian T value from the CH step test. This synergistic use of two types of hydraulic tests avoids the common source of error when pumping tests (injection or withdrawal) are conducted at higher flow rates and thereby induce non-Darcian flow resulting in the underestimation of T. Other errors, such as well bore storage and leakage, can also substantially influence S by causing a shift in the time axis of the Cooper-Jacob semi-log plot. In this approach, the Darcian T values from the CH step tests are used in the analysis of the transient pumping test data for calculating S throughout the pumping test using the Cooper-Jacob approximation to minimize all of the aforementioned errors, resulting in more representative S values. The effect of these non-idealities on the measured drawdown is illustrated using the Theis equation with the Darcian T and S values to calculate drawdown for comparison to measured data. The Ss values for tests in sandstone obtained from this approach are more consistent with confined aquifer conditions than values derived from the traditional Cooper-Jacob method, and are within the range of field and lab values presented from a compilation of literature values for fractured sandstone. (10-7-10-5 m-1) This method for obtaining Ss values from short-interval, straddle packer tests improves the estimation of both K and Ss and provides opportunity to study their spatial distribution in fractured rock.

  13. Petrology of unshocked crystalline rocks and shock effects in lunar rocks and minerals

    Chao, E.C.T.; James, O.B.; Minkin, J.A.; Boreman, J.A.; Jackson, E.D.; Raleigh, C.B.


    On the basis of rock modes, textures, and mineralogy, unshocked crystalline rocks are classified into a dominant ilmenite-rich suite (subdivided into intersertal, ophitic, and hornfels types) and a subordinate feldspar-rich suite (subdivided into poikilitic and granular types). Weakly to moderately shocked rocks show high strain-rate deformation and solid-state transformation of minerals to glasses; intensely shocked rocks are converted to rock glasses. Data on an unknown calcium-bearing iron metasilicate are presented.

  14. 摇摆结构及自复位结构研究综述%State-of-the-art on rocking and self-centering structures

    周颖; 吕西林


    When the restraints at the structural foundation or between specific structural members are released,the structure will rock back and forth under earthquake inputs.Restoring the original position through self-weight or pre-stressing forces,this kind of structures is defined as a rocking or self-centering building structure.Previous research has shown that the rocking of structures can reduce the seismic effect and the ductility demand for the design and thus save the structural cost.This paper reviewed the development history and basic mechanism of rocking and self-centering structures.The state of the art of various rocking and self-centering structures,including bridge piers,RC frames,steel frames,shear walls,frame-core walls,was introduced.It is pointed out that one of the trends of rocking and self-centering structures will be the incorporation of technologies such as post-tensioning and energy dissipation.%放松结构与基础间约束或构件间约束,使结构与基础或构件间接触面处仅有受压能力而无受拉能力,则结构在地震作用下发生摇摆,通过自重或预应力使结构复位,形成摇摆结构及自复位结构。已有研究表明,结构的摇摆降低了地震作用和结构本身的延性设计需求,减小了地震破坏,节约了结构造价。本文首先回顾了摇摆及自复位结构的发展历史,简要介绍了摇摆及自复位结构的基本原理,综述了摇摆桥墩、摇摆及自复位钢筋混凝土框架结构、摇摆及自复位钢框架结构、摇摆及自复位剪力墙结构、摇摆框架-核心筒结构等不同结构体系的发展现状,总结了摇摆及自复位结构发展趋势,并指出后张预应力和消能减震等多种技术的联合应用为摇摆及自复位结构的未来发展方向之一。

  15. Is rock slope instability in high-mountain systems driven by topo-climatic, paraglacial or rock mechanical factors? - A question of scale!

    Messenzehl, Karoline; Dikau, Richard


    Due to the emergent and (often non-linear) complex nature of mountain systems the key small-scale system properties responsible for rock slope instability contrast to those being dominant at larger spatial scales. This geomorphic system behaviour has major epistemological consequences for the study of rockfalls and associated form-process-relationships. As each scale requires its own scientific explanation, we cannot simply upscale bedrock-scale findings and, in turn, we cannot downscale the valley-scale knowledge to smaller phenomena. Here, we present a multi-scale study from the Turtmann Valley (Swiss Alps), that addresses rock slope properties at three different geomorphic levels: (i) regional valley scale, (ii) the hillslope scale and (iii) the bedrock scale. Using this hierarchical approach, we aim to understand the key properties of high-mountain systems responsible for rockfall initiation with respect to the resulting form-process-relationship at each scale. (i) At the valley scale (110 km2) rock slope instability was evaluated using a GIS-based modelling approach. Topo-climatic parameters, i.e. the permafrost distribution and the time since deglaciation after LGM were found to be the key variables causative for the regional-scale bedrock erosion and the storage of 62.3 - 65.3 x 106 m3 rockfall sediments in the hanging valleys (Messenzehl et al. 2015). (ii) At the hillslope scale (0.03 km2) geotechnical scanline surveys of 16 rock slopes and one-year rock temperature data of 25 ibuttons reveal that the local rockfall activity and the resulting deposition of individual talus slope landforms is mainly controlled by the specific rock mass strength with respect to the slope aspect, than being a paraglacial reaction. Permafrost might be only of secondary importance for the present-day rock mechanical state as geophysical surveys disprove the existence of frozen bedrock below 2600 m asl. (Messenzehl & Draebing 2015). (iii) At the bedrock scale (0.01 mm - 10 m) the

  16. Strangulation injury from indigenous rocking cradle

    Saha Abhijeet


    Full Text Available Indigenously made rocking cradle is frequently used in rural India. We report strangulation from an indigenously made rocking cradle in an 11-month-old female child. The unique mode of injury and its mechanism have been discussed. Strangulation is an important cause of homicidal and suicidal injury in adults but in children it is usually accidental leading to death due to asphyxia as a result of partial hanging. In western countries, it is the third most common cause of accidental childhood deaths, 17% of them being due to ropes and cords. It ranks fourth amongst the causes of unintentional injury in children less than 1 year of age following roadside accidents, drowning and burns. However, in India, strangulation injury is under reported although indigenous rocking cradles are very commonly used in rural India, and they are even more dangerous than the cribs and adult beds as there are no safety mechanisms therein. We report a case of accidental strangulation following suspension from an indigenously made rocking cradle. The unique mode of injury has prompted us to report this case.

  17. Strangulation injury from indigenous rocking cradle.

    Saha, Abhijeet; Batra, Prerna; Bansal, Anuradha


    Indigenously made rocking cradle is frequently used in rural India. We report strangulation from an indigenously made rocking cradle in an 11-month-old female child. The unique mode of injury and its mechanism have been discussed. Strangulation is an important cause of homicidal and suicidal injury in adults but in children it is usually accidental leading to death due to asphyxia as a result of partial hanging. In western countries, it is the third most common cause of accidental childhood deaths, 17% of them being due to ropes and cords. It ranks fourth amongst the causes of unintentional injury in children less than 1 year of age following roadside accidents, drowning and burns. However, in India, strangulation injury is under reported although indigenous rocking cradles are very commonly used in rural India, and they are even more dangerous than the cribs and adult beds as there are no safety mechanisms therein. We report a case of accidental strangulation following suspension from an indigenously made rocking cradle. The unique mode of injury has prompted us to report this case.

  18. Stability of numerical simulation and security monitoring of filling method to mining the hanging wall ore on high-steep slope%高陡边坡下充填法开采挂帮矿稳定性数值模拟与安全监测

    吴姗; 宋卫东; 杜建华; 张兴才; 周家祥


    Exploitation of hanging wall ore with filling method can not only recycle ore, but also avoid decline of the slope and control deformation of surrounding rock effectively. Based on the hanging wall ore mining by filling method of Daye Iron Mine, Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) is used in this paper to detect the original goaf of hanging wall ore. Then stress, displacement and plastic deformation of surrounding rock and open-pit slope in the processing of mining the hanging wall ore are analyzed by CMS and 3D mine-FLAC3D coupled method. The calculation results show that the surrounding rock and open-pit slope deformation can be controlled by filling the goaf effectively, so that the hanging wall ore can be mined safely. In the process of mining the hanging wall ore, monitoring network containing stress, fractures convergence and total station is established to monitor real-timely the displacement and stress changes of the surrounding rock, the pillar and the slope. The monitoring results aregenerally in agreement with the numerical simulation.%充填法开采挂帮矿不但可以充分回采矿石,而且可以有效地防止边坡下滑和控制采场围岩变形。以武钢大冶铁矿尖山挂帮矿体采用充填法开采为工程背景,运用 CMS 三维空区探测系统对原有空区进行探测,通过CMS及3D mine-FLAC3D耦合的方法对开采充填过程中采场围岩及露天边坡的应力、位移和塑性变形进行了数值模拟计算分析,提高了数值模拟的可靠程度。计算结果表明,采空区的充填可有效地控制围岩及露天边坡的变形,实现安全开采。在挂帮矿体开采过程中,建立应力、断面收敛及全站仪联合监测网,对采场围岩、矿柱及边坡的位移、应力变化进行实时监测,监测结果与数值模拟计算结果基本一致。

  19. In the Space between the Rock and the Hard Place: State Teacher Certification Guidelines and Music Education for Social Justice

    Bradley, Deborah


    This paper looks at the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Guidelines for Music Teacher Education, a governmentally defined technology of accountability for preservice teacher education. In this investigation, the author draws upon Jean-Francois Lyotard's analysis of "differends" to frame the conflict between the…

  20. Stress-strain state near mine workings in anisotropic rock masses under the action of discontinuous waves

    Baranowski, Z.; Lugovoi, P. Z.


    The ray-path method is used to analyze the stress-strain state near mine workings acted upon by discontinuous waves. A dynamic failure criterion is proposed for analyzing the stability of mine workings. The efficiency of the approach is demonstrated with a specific example

  1. Study of morphological changes in the skin of the neck in suicidal cases by hanging.

    Fernandez-Flores, Angel; Orduña, Oliva; Carranza, Veronica


    the morphologic changes in specimens from people who have committed suicide by hanging have mainly centered on macroscopic findings. Pour purpose is to inestigate the microscopis changes in the ligature marks. we report the histopathologic features of the ligature mark on the neck of three people who committed suicide by hanging themselves. the main Finding was coagulative necrosis of all cutaneous layers and the subjacent striated muscle. In the areas close to the ligature, blood vessels appeared congestive with a mild inflammatory perivasculary infiltrate. In some other areas, we found preserved sebaceous and eccrine glands, underneath the epidermis with marked necrotic changes. These findings suggest that neither pressure nor hypoxia is enough to induce necrosis in cutaneous adnexa.

  2. Level-3 BLAS on a GPU: Picking the low hanging fruit

    Igual, Francisco D.; Quintana-Ortí, Gregorio; van de Geijn, Robert A.


    The arrival of hardware accelerators has created a new gold rush to be the first to deliver their promise of high performance for numerical applications. Despite the recent advances in programmability, it is still hard to develop tuned programs that extract all the potential performance promised by the manufacturers. In this paper we remind the community that while this development effort is a noble endeavor, there is a lot of low hanging fruit that can be harvested easily. Picking this low hanging fruit benefits the scientific computing community immediately and prototypes the approach that further optimizations may follow. We demonstrate this by focusing on a widely used set of operations, the level-3 BLAS, targeting the NVIDIA GPUs.

  3. Sustainable groundwater development and management in the Quaternary Hang-Jia-Hu Plain, China



    Based on the results of study on regional water supply system, water quality assessments, Quaternary aquifers investigation, and correlation analysis of groundwater depression resulting from land subsidence in the Hang-Jia-Hu Quaternary Plain, this paper presents the groundwater resources policy and sustainable management methods suitable for this area. Suggestions for controlling land subsidence by implementation of wise groundwater policy and management measures are also given.

  4. Hanging angles of two electrostatically repelling pith balls of different masses

    Tran, Phuc G.; Mungan, Carl E.


    An analytic solution can be derived for the angles of two mutually repelling charged pith balls of unequal mass hanging from strings from a common point of attachment. Just as in the equal-mass case, a cubic equation is found for the square of the sine of either angle, and an approximation can be used to avoid Cardano's formula for small angles. These results extend a standard problem treated in introductory undergraduate courses in electricity and magnetism.

  5. Design of 3D printed insert for hanging culture of Caco-2 cells.

    Shen, Chong; Meng, Qin; Zhang, Guoliang


    A Caco-2 cell culture on Transwell, an alternative testing to animal or human testing used in evaluating drug intestinal permeability, incorrectly estimated the absorption of actively transported drugs due to the low expression of membrane transporters. Similarly, three-dimensional (3D) cultures of Caco-2 cells, which have been recommended to be more physiological relevant, were not superior to the Transwell culture in either accuracy or convenience in drug permeability testing. Using rapid 3D printing prototyping techniques, this study proposed a hanging culture of Caco-2 cells that performed with high accuracy in predicting drug permeability in humans. As found, hanging cultured Caco-2 cells formed a confluent monolayer and maintained high cell viability on the 3D printed insert. Compared with the normal culture on Transwell, the Caco-2 cells on the 3D printed insert presented ∼30-100% higher brush border enzyme activity and ∼2-7 folds higher activity of P-glycoprotein/multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 during 21 days of incubation. For the eight membrane transporter substrates, the predictive curve of the 3D printing culture exhibited better linearity (R(2) = 0.92) to the human oral adsorption than that of the Transwell culture (R(2) = 0.84), indicating better prediction by the 3D printing culture. In this regard, the 3D printed insert for hanging culture could be potentially developed as a convenient and low-cost tool for testing drug oral absorption.

  6. Use of layer silicate for protein crystallization: effects of Micromica and chlorite powders in hanging drops.

    Takehara, Masahide; Ino, Keita; Takakusagi, Yoichi; Oshikane, Hiroyuki; Nureki, Osamu; Ebina, Takeo; Mizukami, Fujio; Sakaguchi, Kengo


    Two kinds of layer silicate powder, Micromica and chlorite, were used to aid protein crystallization by the addition to hanging drops. Using appropriate crystallization buffers, Micromica powder facilitated crystal growth speed for most proteins tested in this study. Furthermore, the addition of Micromica powder to hanging drops allowed the successful crystallization of lysozyme, catalase, concanavalin A, and trypsin even at low protein concentrations and under buffer conditions that otherwise would not generate protein crystals. Except for threonine synthase and apoferritin, the presence of chlorite delayed crystallization but induced the formation of large crystals. X-ray analysis of thaumatin crystals generated by our novel procedure gave better quality data than did that of crystals obtained by a conventional hanging drop method. Our results suggest that the speed of crystal growth and the quality of the corresponding X-ray data may be inversely related, at least for the formation of thaumatin crystals. The effect of Micromica and chlorite powders and the application of layer silicate powder for protein crystallization are discussed.




    Full Text Available Deaths by ligation of neck are in practice from the time immemorial and before advent of civilization. In uncivilized societies, the application of ligation for taking away the life of another person was one of the commonest practices which were successfu lly carried out into the civilized societies. Earliest it was a homicidal method as suicide was considered as a heinous act. Ligature mark is a pressure abrasion produced on the neck by ligature material due to force either from weight of the body or exter nal energies. More over the impression was ligation leads to wind pipe constriction for which manual violence is needed. When compared to other modalities of un - natural deaths, death by ligation was found world - wide popularity and is one of the preferred m ethods to take or take away the life. This study is conducted in the department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Secunderabad. The period of analytical study of ligature mark in cases of deaths due to hanging and liga ture strangulation is from Jan . 2012 to Dec . 2012. The total number of autopsies done during the year of 2012 is 4950, among the total Autopsies hanging & ligature strangulations deaths were 522. A detailed study of these 522 cases of deaths due to hanging a nd ligature strangulation were analyzed with special reference to ‘ligature mark’

  8. Natural infections with pigeon paramyxovirus serotype 1: Pathologic changes in Eurasian collared-doves (Streptopelia decaocto) and rock pigeons (Columba livia) in the United States

    Isidoro Ayza, Marcos; Afonso, C.L.; Stanton, J.B.; Knowles, Susan N.; Ip, Hon S.; White, C. LeAnn; Fenton, Heather; Ruder, M.G.; Dolinski, A. C.; Lankton, Julia S.


    Pigeon paramyxovirus serotype 1 (PPMV-1) is a globally distributed, virulent member of the avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 serogroup that causes mortality in columbiformes and poultry. Following introduction into the United States in the mid-1980s, PPMV-1 rapidly spread causing numerous mortality events in Eurasian collared-doves (Streptopelia decaocto) (ECDOs) and rock pigeons (Columba livia) (ROPIs). The investigators reviewed pathological findings of 70 naturally infected, free-ranging columbiforms from 25 different mortality events in the United States. Immunohistochemistry targeting PPMV-1 nucleoprotein was used to determine the tissue distribution of the virus in a subset of 17 birds from 10 of the studied outbreaks. ECDOs (61 birds) and ROPIs (9 birds) were the only species in which PPMV-1-associated disease was confirmed by viral isolation and presence of histologic lesions. Acute to subacute tubulointerstitial nephritis and necrotizing pancreatitis were the most frequent histologic lesions, with immunolabeling of viral antigen in renal tubular epithelial cells and pancreatic acinar epithelium. Lymphoid depletion of bursa of Fabricius and spleen was common, but the presence of viral antigen in these organs was inconsistent among infected birds. Hepatocellular necrosis was occasionally present with immunolabeling of hypertrophic Kupffer cells, and immunopositive eosinophilic intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies were present in hepatocytes of 1 ECDO. Immunopositive lymphocytic choroiditis was present in 1 ECDO, while lymphocytic meningoencephalitis was frequent in ROPIs in absence of immunolabeling. This study demonstrates widespread presence of PPMV-1 antigen in association with histologic lesions, confirming the lethal potential of this virus in these particular bird species.

  9. Scanned Hardcopy Maps, All Engineering hanging files: sewer, water, construction plans, and subdivisions, Published in 2008, City of Hutchinson.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Scanned Hardcopy Maps dataset, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2008. It is described as 'All Engineering hanging files: sewer,...

  10. State and evolution of the Bérard rock glacier (Southern French Alps) after its collapse in 2006: insights from geophysical, geodetic and thermal datasets

    Krysiecki, Jean-Michel; Le Roux, Olivier; Bodin, Xavier; Schoeneich, Philippe


    In the French Alps, the summer 2006 has been marked by the sudden collapse of the Bérard rockglacier, a rare event, exceptional by the quasi complete destabilization of the landform. This case raises questions on the evolution of mountain permafrost under warming conditions, especially those ice-rich debris accumulations located close to the altitudinal and/or latitudinal limits of permafrost and that may be experiencing morphogenetic crisis. The Bérard site (2500-2900 m asl; 44°26' N. - 6°40' E.) is located in the Parpaillon range, near the Southern limits of the Alpine permafrost and under Mediterranean climatic conditions. The objectives of our study are to analyse the present state of the Bérard rock glacier (collapsed and non-collapsed mass) and its evolution after the major movements of summer 2006 that mobilized 1.5 millions m3 of material. In this purpose, electrical resistivity and seismic refraction tomographies were repeated along two profiles in summers 2007 and 2009, GPS survey of 40 points was initiated in summer 2007 and a thermal monitoring, composed of 6 miniature temperature dataloggers and an automatic weather station was installed on the site on summer 2007. First, the combination of the thermal and geodetic data allows us to distinguish three areas: 1) the unstable but non-collapsed upper part of the rock glacier, characterized by creeping signs and which displays surface velocity between 0.1 and 0.6 m/yr and WEqT (Winter Equilibrium Temperature) values > - 2°C in 2008 and 2009; 2) the highly unstable but non-collapsed median part, characterized by destabilization signs like wide fractures and which displays surface velocity up to 8 m/yr (no ground temperature available); 3) the collapsed mass, characterized by strong morphological changes (rapid downwasting of ice/debris packets) just after the deposition but no visible signs of evolution since 2007 and which displays surface velocity below 0.1 m/yr and WEqT around 0°C. The electrical


    Hozumi, Koki; KOMODA, Masaki; Ono, Takatsugu; TSUKANO, Yukichi; 穂積, 弘毅; 古茂田, 真幸; 小野, 孝次; 塚野, 雄吉


    In order to investigate longitudinal force and moment characteristics of a hang-glider-wing, ground run tests were conducted using a test vehicle. A hang-glider-wing was installed on a test vehicle using a six-components-balance for wind tunnel use. Aerodynamic force and moment were measrued during the vehicle run at various constant speeds. Geometrical twist distribution along the wing span was recorded as well. Measured force and moment data were corrected for possible ground effect and upw...

  12. Building a sustainable land public transportation at Ayer Keroh, Malacca: Perspective view from hang tuah jaya municipal council (HTJMC)

    Sukri, Fatin Hafizah; Chew, Boon Cheong; Hamid, Syaiful Rizal; Loo, Heoy Shin


    Sustainable land public transportation (SLPT) aims to promote a better and healthier ways of meeting individual and community needs. Even though sufficient land public transportation have been provided at Ayer Keroh, Malacca but the level of usage among the community is still low as there is the growth in traffic. Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (HTJMC) is responsible to identify the most appropriate strategies to manage the issues regarding SLPT in order to support of the Malacca state vision becoming Green Technology State in the year 2020. Therefore, this paper attempts to examine the strategies involve in building a SLPT, which may enhance the community's welfare. Thus, the proposed theoretical framework is to demonstrate the strategies towards building a SLPT, which can cater issues within the municipal council area. In this qualitative research, an in-depth focus group have been conducted to obtain the primary data. Thirteen (13) executives from HTJMC involved. This study brings a new paradigm in transforming land public transportation at Ayer Keroh to enhance the community welfare. The result found that land use development as the most significant strategy in SLPT, meanwhile the implementation program is the least strategy involved in building a SLPT at Ayer Keroh. Future research requires more information on the factors of implementing of SLPT so that HTJMC can plan an effective SLPT thorough the demand as the data may indicate numbers of passengers who really support to the implementation of SLPT.

  13. A Strategy for Interpretation of Microearthquake Tomography Results in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field Based upon Rock Physics Interpretations of State 2-14 Borehole Logs

    Bonner, B; Hutchings, L; Kasameyer, P


    We devise a strategy for analysis of Vp and Vs microearthquake tomography results in the Salton Sea geothermal field to identify important features of the geothermal reservoir. We first interpret rock properties in State 2-14 borehole based upon logged core through the reservoir. Then, we interpret seismic recordings in the well (Daley et al., 1988) to develop the strategy. We hypothesize that mapping Poisson's ratio has two applications for the Salton Sea geothermal reservoir: (1) to map the top of the reservoir, and (2) as a diagnostic for permeable zones. Poisson's ratio can be obtained from Vp and Vs. In the State 2-14 borehole, Poisson's ratio calculated from large scale averages ({approx} 150 m) shows a monotonic decrease with depth to about 1300 m, at which point it increases with depth. Our model is that the monotonic decrease is due to compaction, and the increase below 1300 m is due to the rocks being hydrothermally altered. We hypothesize we can map the depth to alteration by identifying the transition from decreasing to increasing values; and thus, map the top of the reservoir, which is associated with a known increase in sulfite, chlorite, and epidote alteration that may be indicative of hydrothermal activity. We also observe (from Daley et. al. plots) an anomalous drop in Poisson's ratio at a depth of about 900 m, within a sandstone formation. The sandstone has a P-wave velocity significantly higher than the siltstone above it but a lower velocity in the lower half of the formation relative to the upper half. We interpret the relative decrease in velocity to be due to fracturing and chemical alteration caused by permeability. We conclude that using Vp and Vs tomography results to obtain images of Poisson's ratio has the potential to identify significant features in the geothermal reservoir in this geologic setting. Seismic attenuation tomography results (mapped as Qp and Qs) should also be useful for evaluating geothermal

  14. Optimization of transfection parameters for ultrasound/SonoVue microbubble-mediated hAng-1 gene delivery in vitro.

    Zhou, Qing; Chen, Jin-Ling; Chen, Qian; Wang, Xiao; Deng, Qing; Hu, Bo; Guo, Rui-Qiang


    This study aimed to explore the effects of microbubble concentration, gene dosage, cell-microbubble mixing mode and fetal bovine serum (FBS) on gene delivery. 293T cells were transfected with Sonovue microbubbles carrying the hAng-1 gene via ultrasound irradiation. Various ultrasound exposure parameters and microbubble and DNA concentrations were investigated. In addition, FBS and the cell suspension or adherent mode was explored. Transfection efficiency and cell viability were used to determine the optimal transfection parameters. hAng-1 gene transfection efficiency gradually increased with elongation of ultrasound exposure and increasing microbubble concentration. However, if ultrasound irradiation exceeded 1.5 W/cm² and 30 sec or the microbubble concentration was over 20%, hAng-1 gene expression was significantly decreased, coupled with extensive cell death. Gene transfection levels were low under DNA concentrations less than 15 µg/ml. Furthermore, the gene transfer rate was significantly increased under cell suspension mode; FBS had no effect on hAng-1 gene transfection. The integrity of hAng-1 DNA was not affected by ultrasonic irradiation under optimal conditions. The optimal transfection parameters for the hAng-1 gene and Sonovue microbubble were ultrasound exposure of 1.5 W/cm² and 30 sec, 20% microbubbles, 15 µg/ml of DNA and under cell suspension mode.

  15. Hydrothermal alteration at the Roosevelt Hot Springs Thermal Area, Utah: modal mineralogy, and geochemistry of sericite, chlorite, and feldspar from altered rocks, Thermal Power Company well Utah State 14-2

    Ballantyne, J.M.


    Sericites, chlorites, feldspars, biotite and hornblende from hydrothermally altered rocks at several depths in Thermal Power Company well Utah State 14-2, Roosevelt Hot Springs Thermal Area, Utah, have been analyzed using the electron microprobe. Sericites and ferromagnesian minerals have been analyzed for 12 major elements, and feldspars for 3. The results have been used, along with whole rock chemical analyses, to computer calculate modal mineralogy for samples from the drillhole. Calculated modes for hydrothermal minerals are in reasonable agreement with observations from thin sections.

  16. Geologic assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources—Lower Cretaceous Albian to Upper Cretaceous Cenomanian carbonate rocks of the Fredericksburg and Washita Groups, United States Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain and State Waters

    Swanson, Sharon M.; Enomoto, Catherine B.; Dennen, Kristin O.; Valentine, Brett J.; Cahan, Steven M.


    In 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) assessed Lower Cretaceous Albian to Upper Cretaceous Cenomanian carbonate rocks of the Fredericksburg and Washita Groups and their equivalent units for technically recoverable, undiscovered hydrocarbon resources underlying onshore lands and State Waters of the Gulf Coast region of the United States. This assessment was based on a geologic model that incorporates the Upper Jurassic-Cretaceous-Tertiary Composite Total Petroleum System (TPS) of the Gulf of Mexico basin; the TPS was defined previously by the USGS assessment team in the assessment of undiscovered hydrocarbon resources in Tertiary strata of the Gulf Coast region in 2007. One conventional assessment unit (AU), which extends from south Texas to the Florida panhandle, was defined: the Fredericksburg-Buda Carbonate Platform-Reef Gas and Oil AU. The assessed stratigraphic interval includes the Edwards Limestone of the Fredericksburg Group and the Georgetown and Buda Limestones of the Washita Group. The following factors were evaluated to define the AU and estimate oil and gas resources: potential source rocks, hydrocarbon migration, reservoir porosity and permeability, traps and seals, structural features, paleoenvironments (back-reef lagoon, reef, and fore-reef environments), and the potential for water washing of hydrocarbons near outcrop areas.In Texas and Louisiana, the downdip boundary of the AU was defined as a line that extends 10 miles downdip of the Lower Cretaceous shelf margin to include potential reef-talus hydrocarbon reservoirs. In Mississippi, Alabama, and the panhandle area of Florida, where the Lower Cretaceous shelf margin extends offshore, the downdip boundary was defined by the offshore boundary of State Waters. Updip boundaries of the AU were drawn based on the updip extent of carbonate rocks within the assessed interval, the presence of basin-margin fault zones, and the presence of producing wells. Other factors evaluated were the middle

  17. Water resources and effects of potential surface coal mining on dissolved solids in Hanging Woman Creek basin, southeastern Montana

    Cannon, M.R.


    Groundwater resources of the Hanging Woman Creek basin, Montana include Holocene and Pleistocene alluvial aquifers and sandstone , coal, and clinker aquifers in the Paleocene Fort Union Formation. Surface water resources are composed of Hanging Woman Creek, its tributaries, and small stock ponds. Dissolved-solids concentrations in groundwater ranged from 200 to 11,00 mg/L. Generally, concentrations were largest in alluvial aquifers and smallest in clinker aquifers. Near its mouth, Hanging Woman Creek had a median concentration of about 1,800 mg/L. Mining of the 20-foot to 35-foot-thick Anderson coal bed and 3-foot to 16-foot thick Dietz coal bed could increase dissolved-solids concentrations in shallow aquifers and in Hanging Woman Creek because of leaching of soluble minerals from mine spoils. Analysis of saturated-paste extracts from 158 overburden samples indicated that water moving through mine spoils would have a median increase in dissolved-solids concentration of about 3,700 mg/L, resulting in an additional dissolved-solids load to Hanging Woman Creek of about 3.0 tons/day. Hanging Woman Creek near Birney could have an annual post-mining dissolved-solids load of 3,415 tons at median discharge, a 47% increase from pre-mining conditions load. Post-mining concentrations of dissolved solids, at median discharge, could range from 2,380 mg/L in March to 3,940 mg/L in August, compared to mean pre-mining concentrations that ranged from 1,700 mg/L in July, November, and December to 2,060 mg/L in May. Post-mining concentrations and loads in Hanging Woman Creek would be smaller if a smaller area were mined. (USGS)

  18. CERN Rocks


    The 15th CERN Hardronic Festival took place on 17 July on the terrace of Rest 3 (Prévessin). Over 1000 people, from CERN and other International Organizations, came to enjoy the warm summer night, and to watch the best of the World's High Energy music. Jazz, rock, pop, country, metal, blues, funk and punk blasted out from 9 bands from the CERN Musiclub and Jazz club, alternating on two stages in a non-stop show.  The night reached its hottest point when The Canettes Blues Band got everybody dancing to sixties R&B tunes (pictured). Meanwhile, the bars and food vans were working at full capacity, under the expert management of the CERN Softball club, who were at the same time running a Softball tournament in the adjacent "Higgs Field". The Hardronic Festival is the main yearly CERN music event, and it is organized with the support of the Staff Association and the CERN Administration.

  19. Increased sensitivity of anodic stripping voltammetry at the hanging mercury drop electrode by ultracathodic deposition.

    Rodrigues, José A; Rodrigues, Carlos M; Almeida, Paulo J; Valente, Inês M; Gonçalves, Luís M; Compton, Richard G; Barros, Aquiles A


    An improved approach to the anodic stripping voltammetric (ASV) determination of heavy metals, using the hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE), is reported. It was discovered that using very cathodic accumulation potentials, at which the solvent reduction occurs (overpotential deposition), the voltammetric signals of zinc(II), cadmium(II), lead(II) and copper(II) increase. When compared with the classical methodology a 5 to 10-fold signal increase is obtained. This effect is likely due to both mercury drop oscillation at such cathodic potentials and added local convection at the mercury drop surface caused by the evolution of hydrogen bubbles. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Petechial hemorrhages of the tympanic membrane in attempted suicide by hanging

    Rasmussen, Eva Rye; Larsen, Per Leganger; Andersen, Kjeld


    of the eyes including the conjunctiva on both the upper and lower eyelids and photo documentation. Petechial hemorrhages of the conjunctiva are considered marker of life threatening hanging or strangulation. Hemorrhage from ears, perforated tympanic membrane and haematotympanum are scarcely described in case...... the fibrous layer. This assumption is made on the basis of our assessment of a normal tympanic membrane with light microscopy. Petechial hemorrhages of the tympanic membrane might in fact be the only sign of life threatening pressure applied to the neck. This is a very important finding and prospective...

  1. Common Cause Case Study: An Estimated Probability of Four Solid Rocket Booster Hold-Down Post Stud Hang-ups

    Cross, Robert


    Until Solid Rocket Motor ignition, the Space Shuttle is mated to the Mobil Launch Platform in part via eight (8) Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) hold-down bolts. The bolts are fractured using redundant pyrotechnics, and are designed to drop through a hold-down post on the Mobile Launch Platform before the Space Shuttle begins movement. The Space Shuttle program has experienced numerous failures where a bolt has hung up. That is, it did not clear the hold-down post before liftoff and was caught by the SRBs. This places an additional structural load on the vehicle that was not included in the original certification requirements. The Space Shuttle is currently being certified to withstand the loads induced by up to three (3) of eight (8) SRB hold-down experiencing a "hang-up". The results of loads analyses performed for (4) stud hang-ups indicate that the internal vehicle loads exceed current structural certification limits at several locations. To determine the risk to the vehicle from four (4) stud hang-ups, the likelihood of the scenario occurring must first be evaluated. Prior to the analysis discussed in this paper, the likelihood of occurrence had been estimated assuming that the stud hang-ups were completely independent events. That is, it was assumed that no common causes or factors existed between the individual stud hang-up events. A review of the data associated with the hang-up events, showed that a common factor (timing skew) was present. This paper summarizes a revised likelihood evaluation performed for the four (4) stud hang-ups case considering that there are common factors associated with the stud hang-ups. The results show that explicitly (i.e. not using standard common cause methodologies such as beta factor or Multiple Greek Letter modeling) taking into account the common factor of timing skew results in an increase in the estimated likelihood of four (4) stud hang-ups of an order of magnitude over the independent failure case.

  2. Geometric effects resulting from the asym-metry of dipping fault: Hanging wall/foot-wall effects

    WANG Dong; XIE Li-li; HU Jin-jun


    Root-mean-square distance Drms with characteristic of weighted-average is introduced in this article firstly. Drms can be used to capture the general proximity of a site to a dipping fault plane comparing with the rupture distance Drup and the seismogenic distance Dseis. Then, using Drup Dseis and Drms, the hanging wall/footwall effects on the peak ground acceleration (PGA) during the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake are evaluated by regression analysis. The logarithm residual shows that the PGA on hanging wall is much greater than that on footwall at the same Drup or Dseis when the Drup or Dseis is used as site-to-source distance measure. In contrast, there is no significant difference between the PGA on hanging wall and that on footwall at the same Drms when Drms is used. This result confirms that the hanging wall/footwall effect is mainly a geometric effect caused by the asymmetry of dipping fault. Therefore, the hanging wall/footwall effect on the near-fault ground motions can be ignored in the future attenuation analysis if the root-mean-square distance Drms is used as the site-to-source distance measure.

  3. Effects of hanging wall and forward directivity in the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake on inelastic displacement response of structures

    Li Shuang; Xie Lili


    The characteristics of the inelastic response of structures affected by hanging wall and forward directivity in the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake are investigated. Inelastic displacement ratios (IDRs) for ground motions impacted by these nearfield effects are evaluated and comprehensively compared to far-field ground motions. In addition, the inelastic displacement responses to hanging wall and footwall ground motions are compared. It is concluded that the inelastic displacement response is significantly affected in the short period range by hanging wall and in the long period range by footwall. Although high peak ground acceleration was observed at hanging wall stations, the IDRs for structures on hanging wall sites are only larger than footwall sites in the very long period range. Forward directivity effects result in larger IDRs for periods longer than about 0.5s. Adopting statistical relationships for IDRs established using far-field ground motions may lead to either overestimation or underestimation in the seismic evaluation of existing structures located in near-field regions, depending on their fundamental vibration periods.

  4. Optimization of Aspergillus niger rock phosphate solubilization in solid-state fermentation and use of the resulting product as a P fertilizer.

    Mendes, Gilberto de Oliveira; da Silva, Nina Morena Rêgo Muniz; Anastácio, Thalita Cardoso; Vassilev, Nikolay Bojkov; Ribeiro, José Ivo; da Silva, Ivo Ribeiro; Costa, Maurício Dutra


    A biotechnological strategy for the production of an alternative P fertilizer is described in this work. The fertilizer was produced through rock phosphate (RP) solubilization by Aspergillus niger in a solid-state fermentation (SSF) with sugarcane bagasse as substrate. SSF conditions were optimized by the surface response methodology after an initial screening of factors with significant effect on RP solubilization. The optimized levels of the factors were 865 mg of biochar, 250 mg of RP, 270 mg of sucrose and 6.2 ml of water per gram of bagasse. At this optimal setting, 8.6 mg of water-soluble P per gram of bagasse was achieved, representing an increase of 2.4 times over the non-optimized condition. The optimized SSF product was partially incinerated at 350°C (SB-350) and 500°C (SB-500) to reduce its volume and, consequently, increase P concentration. The post-processed formulations of the SSF product were evaluated in a soil-plant experiment. The formulations SB-350 and SB-500 increased the growth and P uptake of common bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) when compared with the non-treated RP. Furthermore, these two formulations had a yield relative to triple superphosphate of 60% (on a dry mass basis). Besides increasing P concentration, incineration improved the SSF product performance probably by decreasing microbial immobilization of nutrients during the decomposition of the remaining SSF substrate. The process proposed is a promising alternative for the management of P fertilization since it enables the utilization of low-solubility RPs and relies on the use of inexpensive materials.

  5. Petechial hemorrhages of the tympanic membrane in attempted suicide by hanging: A case report.

    Rasmussen, Eva Rye; Larsen, Per Leganger; Andersen, Kjeld; Larsen, Michael; Qvortrup, Klaus; Hougen, Hans Petter


    It is important to determine whether a person has been strangulated and the diagnosis is not always straightforward since ligature marks are not always present. In forensic medicine the physical examination recommended is careful inspection of the head and neck region, oral cavity, examination of the eyes including the conjunctiva on both the upper and lower eyelids and photo documentation. Petechial hemorrhages of the conjunctiva are considered marker of life threatening hanging or strangulation. Hemorrhage from ears, perforated tympanic membrane and haematotympanum are scarcely described in case reports of strangulated patients. To our knowledge we are the first to report petechial hemorrhages of the tympanic membrane in a patient following attempted suicide by hanging. We believe that the petechial hemorrhages develop from the capillaries located in lamina propria of the epidermal layer above the fibrous layer. This assumption is made on the basis of our assessment of a normal tympanic membrane with light microscopy. Petechial hemorrhages of the tympanic membrane might in fact be the only sign of life threatening pressure applied to the neck. This is a very important finding and prospective studies should be conducted for further clarification on the matter. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd and Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. All rights reserved.

  6. Empirical Study on the Volatility of the Hang-Seng Index

    CAI Shi-Min; ZHOU Pei-Ling; YANG Hui-Jie; YANG Chun-Xia; WANG Bing-Hong; ZHOU Tao


    @@ We study the statistical properties of volatility of price fluctuation for the Hang-Seng index in the Hong Kong stock market, they are measured by locally averaging over a time window T, the absolute value of price change over a short time interval △t. The data include minute-by-minute records of the Hang-Seng index from 3 January 1994 to 28 May 1997. We find that the cumulative distribution of the volatility is consistent with the asymptotic power-law behaviour, characterized by the power exponent μ = 2.12 ± 0.04, different from that found in the previous studies as μ≈ 3. The volatility distribution remains the same asymptotic power-law behaviour for the time scales from T = 10 min to T = 80 min. Furthermore, we investigate the volatility correlations by using the power spectrum analysis and detrended fluctuation analysis. Both the methods show a long-range power-law decay with the exponent α = 0.636 ± 0.002.

  7. Empirical Study on the Volatility of the Hang-Seng Index

    Cai, Shi-Min; Zhou, Pei-Ling; Yang, Hui-Jie; Yang, Chun-Xia; Wang, Bing-Hong; Zhou, Tao


    We study the statistical properties of volatility of price fluctuation for the Hang-Seng index in the Hong Kong stock market, they are measured by locally averaging over a time window T, the absolute value of price change over a short time interval Δt. The data include minute-by-minute records of the Hang-Seng index from 3 January 1994 to 28 May 1997. We find that the cumulative distribution of the volatility is consistent with the asymptotic power-law behaviour, characterized by the power exponent μ = 2.12+/-0.04, different from that found in the previous studies as μapprox3. The volatility distribution remains the same asymptotic power-law behaviour for the time scales from T = 10 min to T = 80 min. Furthermore, we investigate the volatility correlations by using the power spectrum analysis and detrended fluctuation analysis. Both the methods show a long-range power-law decay with the exponent α = 0.636+/-0.002.

  8. Vortex-induced Vibration of a Flexible Free-hanging Circular Cantilever

    R. W. Prastianto


    Full Text Available An experimental investigation on time-dependent motion of a flexible free-hanging circular cantilever subjected to uniform cross-flows has been carried out. The free-end condition cantilever has a 34.4 aspect ratio and a low mass ratio of about 1.24. The cylinder freely oscillates in both inline and transverse to the flow. Reynolds number varied from 10,800 to 37,800. The “jump phenomenon” was also found in the inline motion of the cylinder that agrees well with an existing comparable work, even occurred at lower flow velocity, Ur, due to distinct conditions of the test. At high flow velocities, the 3rd higher harmonic frequencies of the cylinder transverse response became predominant that produce quite different motion characteristics compared to the other existing comparable works with 2-dimensional bottom-end condition, even same in bidirectional motion aspect. Generally, the results suggested that the flexible free-hanging cantilever generate different vortex wake mode than either, a uniform (a short-rigid flexibly-mounted cylinder or a linear amplitude variation along the span case (a pivoted cylinder.

  9. Numerical simulation of the effects of hanging sound absorbers on TABS cooling performance

    Rage, Nils; Kazanci, Ongun Berk; Olesen, Bjarne W.


    to a degradation of the room acoustic comfort. Therefore, challenges arise when this system has to be combined with acoustic requirements. Soffit-hanging sound absorbers embody a promising solution. This study focuses on quantifying their impact on the cooling performance of TABS, assessed by means of the cooling...... capacity coefficient of the ceiling deck. The influence of different ceiling coverage ratios (0-30-45-60 and 80%) as well as the influence of the distance at which the absorbers are placed is studied by numerical simulations using a new, specially-developed TRNSYS Type. Tests were performed in a test room...... simulating a two-person office of 20 m2, with a typical cooling load of 42 W/m2. The results show that covering 60% of the ceiling surface with sound absorbers hanging at 300 mm from the ceiling active deck is expected to reduce the cooling capacity coefficient of TABS by 15.8%. This drops to 25...

  10. Detrended cross-correlation analysis on RMB exchange rate and Hang Seng China Enterprises Index

    Ruan, Qingsong; Yang, Bingchan; Ma, Guofeng


    In this paper, we investigate the cross-correlations between the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index and RMB exchange markets on the basis of a cross-correlation statistic test and multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis (MF-DCCA). MF-DCCA has, at best, serious limitations for most of the signals describing complex natural processes and often indicates multifractal cross-correlations when there are none. In order to prevent these false multifractal cross-correlations, we apply MFCCA to verify the cross-correlations. Qualitatively, we find that the return series of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index and RMB exchange markets were, overall, significantly cross-correlated based on the statistical analysis. Quantitatively, we find that the cross-correlations between the stock index and RMB exchange markets were strongly multifractal, and the multifractal degree of the onshore RMB exchange markets was somewhat larger than the offshore RMB exchange markets. Moreover, we use the absolute return series to investigate and confirm the fact of multifractality. The results from the rolling windows show that the short-term cross-correlations between volatility series remain high.

  11. Method of Determining the Triaxial Stress State in the Rock Mass with Directed Hydrofracturing / Metoda Określania Trójosiowego Stanu Naprężenia W Górotworze Z Użyciem Ukierunkowanego Hydroszczelinowania

    Makówka, Janusz


    Stress state in the rock mass determines design of mine workings, their proper maintenance, and safety of the personnel working there. That is why numerous methods of determining stress state in the rock mass have been devised. One of the categories of such methods are hydraulic ones. The most commonly known methods of hydrofracturing and the HTPF have certain limitations resulting from their assumptions. The presented method based on directed hydrofracturing of rocks enables determining values and directions of principal stresses in the rock mass, independently on the complexity of local stress state. The essence of the method, conditions of conducting tests and the method of calculating components of stress state basing on underground measurements are presented. Stan naprężenia w górotworze determinuje sposób projektowania wyrobisk górniczych, ich prawidłowe utrzymanie oraz bezpieczeństwo górników w nich pracujących. Z tego względu opracowano wiele metod określania stanu naprężenia w górotworze. Jedną z kategorii takich metod są metody hydrauliczne. Najszerzej znane metody hydroszczelinowania oraz HTPF posiadają ograniczenia wynikające z ich założeń. Przedstawiona w artykule metoda oparta o ukierunkowane hydroszczelinowanie skał pozwala na określanie wartości i kierunków działania naprężeń głównych w górotworze, niezależnie od złożoności lokalnego stanu naprężenia. W artykule przedstawiono istotę metody, warunki wykonania badań oraz metodę obliczania składowych stanu naprężenia na podstawie pomiarów dołowych.

  12. Rollerjaw Rock Crusher

    Peters, Gregory; Brown, Kyle; Fuerstenau, Stephen


    The rollerjaw rock crusher melds the concepts of jaw crushing and roll crushing long employed in the mining and rock-crushing industries. Rollerjaw rock crushers have been proposed for inclusion in geological exploration missions on Mars, where they would be used to pulverize rock samples into powders in the tens of micrometer particle size range required for analysis by scientific instruments.

  13. Estimating the unconfined yield strength of coal in the case of longwall coal mining with hanging wall top caving

    Hann, Damjan


    This study presents an innovative approach for determining the unconfined yield strength σc during the excavation of coal from the earth's crust by using an equipment that was developed for measuring the mechanical properties of bulk materials stored in silos. Highly productive excavation of coal with a hanging wall top caving leads to intensive deformations in the hanging wall and the broken coal can be considered as bulk material. In this research, the shear tester Johanson Hang-Up Indicizer was used to measure the unconfined yield strength of the tested samples, even though such a tester cannot produce stress-strain conditions similar to those occurring during the excavation. An attempt was made to estimate the real unconfined yield strength of broken coal deep under the surface through a combination of measured data and extrapolation.

  14. Thermal conductivity determinations on solid rock - a comparison between a steady-state divided-bar apparatus and a commercial transient line-source device

    Sass, J.H.; Stone, C.; Munroe, R.J.


    Two apparatuses were used to measure thermal conductivities on pairs of contiguous samples from 17 specimens of solid rock: the USGS divided-bar apparatus, a steadystate comparative method, and the Shotherm "Quick Thermal Meter" (QTM), which employs a transient strip heat source. Both devices were calibrated relative to fused silica. Both devices have a reproducibility of ??5% or better depending, to some extent, on the physical nature of the specimen being tested. For solid rocks, specimen preparation for the divided bar is much more tedious and expensive than for the QTM, which seems insensitive to minor surface roughness. The QTM does, however, require quite large specimens (30 mm ?? 60 mm ?? 100 mm as a minimum for rocks) with even larger specimens (50 mm ?? 100 mm ?? 100 mm) required for higher conductivity material (3.5 W m-1 K-1 and greater). Experimental times are comparable; however, the QTM is a self-contained unit that can be transported easily and set up quickly and requires no more space than a standard desk top. From a formal statistical comparison, it appears that, over a large range of conductivities (1.4 to ???5 W m-1 K-1) and rock types, the two instruments will yield the same value of thermal conductivity for isotropic rocks. ?? 1984.

  15. Incipient Condition of Hang-up in a Long Standpipe-Hopper System for Geldart-D Powders


    The incipient condition of hang-up for three Geldart-D powders has been experimentally studied in a 21 m long standpipe hopper system. Experimental results show that the pressure gradient for hang-up to occur is independent of the materials height in the hopper and the diameter of orifice and equals to (dpw/dl)s, which can be predicted by Eq. (7). While the corresponding gas velocity in the standpipe equals to the incipient fluidized velocity of particles at the high pressure and can be predicted by Kwauk's equation.

  16. Incipient Condition of Hang-up in a Long Standpipe-Hopper System for Geldart-D Powders

    景山; 蔡国斌; 黄晟; 王金福; 金涌


    The incipient condition of hang-up for three Geldart-D powders has been experimentally studied in a 21 m long standpipe hopper system. Experimental results show that the pressure gradient for hang-up to occur is independent of the materials height in the hopper and the diameter of orifice and equals to (dpw/dl)a, which can be predicted by Eq. (7). While the corresponding gas velocity in the standpipe equals to the incipient fluidized velocity of particles at the high pressure and can be predicted by Kwauk's equation.

  17. Calculation of Electric Field at Ground Surface and ADSS Cable Prepared Hanging Point near EHV Power Transmission Tower

    Xu Bao-Qing


    Full Text Available A simplified model of the 750kV tower is established by CDEGS software which is based on the Method Of Moment. The power frequency electric field distribution on the ground is achieved by software calculation and field-measuring. The validity of the calculation is proved when compare the calculation and experiment results. The model also can be used to calculate the electric field in prepared hanging points on the tower. Results show that the electric field distribution on the ground surface around the tower and prepared hanging points are meet the standard by calculation and experiment.

  18. Flat-ramp vs. convex-concave thrust geometries in a deformable hanging wall: new insights from analogue modeling experiments

    Almeida, Pedro; Tomas, Ricardo; Rosas, Filipe; Duarte, Joao; Terrinha, Pedro


    Different modes of strain accommodation affecting a deformable hanging-wall in a flat-ramp-flat thrust system were previously addressed through several (sandbox) analog modeling studies, focusing on the influence of different variables, such as: a) thrust ramp dip angle and friction (Bonini et al, 2000); b) prescribed thickness of the hanging-wall (Koy and Maillot, 2007); and c) sin-thrust erosion (compensating for topographic thrust edification, e.g. Persson and Sokoutis, 2002). In the present work we reproduce the same experimental procedure to investigate the influence of two different parameters on hanging-wall deformation: 1) the geometry of the thrusting surface; and 2) the absence of a velocity discontinuity (VD) that is always present in previous similar analogue modeling studies. Considering the first variable we use two end member ramp geometries, flat-ramp-flat and convex-concave, to understand the control exerted by the abrupt ramp edges in the hanging-wall stress-strain distribution, comparing the obtain results with the situation in which such edge singularities are absent (convex-concave thrust ramp). Considering the second investigated parameter, our motivation was the recognition that the VD found in the different analogue modeling settings simply does not exist in nature, despite the fact that it has a major influence on strain accommodation in the deformable hanging-wall. We thus eliminate such apparatus artifact from our models and compare the obtained results with the previous ones. Our preliminary results suggest that both investigated variables play a non-negligible role on the structural style characterizing the hanging-wall deformation of convergent tectonic settings were such thrust-ramp systems were recognized. Acknowledgments This work was sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) through project MODELINK EXPL/GEO-GEO/0714/2013. Pedro Almeida wants to thank to FCT for the Ph.D. grant (SFRH/BD/52556/2014) under the

  19. Tunnel Design by Rock Mass Classifications


    fact, rock mass classifications have been successfully applied throughout the world : in the United States,2 - Canada,7 8 Western Europe, 9 -12 South...gneiss. Very high strength >30000 >200 Quartzite, dolerite, gabbro , basalt. Table 10 3 Classification for Discontinuity Spacing Spacing of Rock Mass

  20. Petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of Early Cretaceous mafic-ultramafic intrusions, South China: A case study from the Gan-Hang tectonic belt

    Qi, Youqiang; Hu, Ruizhong; Liu, Shen; Coulson, Ian M.; Qi, Huawen; Tian, Jianji; Zhu, Jingjing


    A study using whole-rock major-trace elements and Sr-Nd isotopes as well as zircon U-Pb dating has been carried out on Early Cretaceous mafic-ultramafic intrusions from the Gan-Hang tectonic belt (GHTB), South China, to understand the origin of mantle sources and the sequential evolution of the underlying Late Mesozoic lithospheric mantle of this area. The study focused on two intrusions, one at Quzhou and the other at Longyou (see Fig. 1). They are primarily composed of mafic-ultramafic rocks with wide range of chemical compositions. The Quzhou mafic rocks have relatively narrow ranges of SiO2 (48.94-51.79 wt%), MgO (6.07-7.21 wt%), Fe2O3 (10.48-11.56 wt%), CaO (8.20-8.81 wt%), and Mg# (51.7-56.5) with relatively low K2O (0.56-0.67 wt%) and Na2O (3.09-3.42 wt%). By contrast, the ultramafic rocks from Longyou have distinct lower SiO2 (41.50-45.11 wt%) and higher MgO (9.05-9.90 wt%), Fe2O3 (12.14-12.62 wt%), CaO (8.64-10.67 wt%), and Mg# (59.5-61.1) with relatively higher K2O (1.32-1.75 wt%) and Na2O (4.53-5.08 wt%). They are characterized by Ocean Island Basalts (OIB)-type trace element distribution patterns, with a significant enrichment of light rare earth elements (LREE), large ion lithophile elements (LILE, i.e., Rb, Ba, K, and Sr) and high field strength elements (HFSE, i.e., Nb, Ta), and slight depletion of Th, U, Ti, and Y. The intrusions exhibit relatively depleted Sr-Nd isotope compositions, with (87Sr/86Sr)i range of 0.7035 to 0.7055 (143Nd/144Nd)i of 0.51264 to 0.51281 and εNd(t) values of + 3.0 to + 6.6. Zircon U-Pb dating of Longyou and Quzhou intrusions yields consistent magma emplacement ages of 129.0 ± 3.9 to 126.2 ± 2.4 Ma, respectively. The dating results are consistent with the peak of extension in Early Cretacerous throughout the Gan-Hang tectonic belt. Their magmas were principally derived from near-solidus partial melting of pyroxenites with different content of silica, and the pyroxenites were resulted from a juvenile SCLM peridotite

  1. An autopsy study of death due to Suicidal Hanging – 264 cases

    Dinesh Rao


    Full Text Available The present study was carried out between 2010 and 2013, a total of 7968 Autopsies were conducted of which 3.31% (n – 264 cases were deaths due to hanging. The most preferred ligature materials were Stole (n – 79 and Bed spread/Sari (n – 68. In 88% of the cases, hanging was complete. Females (n – 136 and males (n – 128 were equally affected. The major age group involved in both the sexes was of 31–40 years, contributing to 50.76% (n – 136 of the self suspension. In 80.58% (n – 213 of the incidents, ligature mark showed discontinuity (incomplete. A Slip type of knot was used in majority of the noose, contributing to 97.73% (n – 258 of the suspensions. In 87.88% (n – 232 of hanging an oblique shaped ligature mark was noticed. The horizontal and near oblique ligature marks were seen only in cases of partial suspension. In 95.45% (n – 252 of the cases, the ligature mark showed blackening of the skin (friction burn. Only 4.54% (n – 12 showed intact skin. The outer layer of the skin over the ligature mark showed displacement in majority of the cases. Married victims contributed to 70.45% of cases. Domestic issues were the commonest reason (n – 82 for self suspension, of which female (n – 68 formed the majority of victims. In 70.83% (n – 187 of cases damage to neck muscle fibers and hemorrhage at the Sternal end of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle were present. In 85.61% (n – 226 of cases the cervical vertebra was intact. In 52.27% (n – 138 of the cases the internal carotid artery showed transverse tear. In 99.42% (n – 248 cases the thyroid cartilage was found intact. The hyoid bone was damaged in 6.06% (n – 16 of the victims. Majority of the victims, 59.09% (n – 156 belonged to low socioeconomic class.

  2. Hemi-hepatectomy in pediatric patients using two-surgeon technique and a liver hanging maneuver

    Kyoko Mochizuki; Susumu Eguchi; Ryuichiro Hirose; Taiichiro Kosaka; Mitsuhisa Takatsuki; Takashi Kanematsu


    AIM: To evaluate the efficacy of the two-surgeon technique with the liver hanging maneuver (LHM) for hepatectomies in pediatric patients with hepatoblastoma. METHODS: Three pediatric patients with hepatoblastoma were enrolled in this study. Two underwent right hemi-hepatectomies and one underwent a left hemihepatectomy using the two-surgeon technique by means of saline-linked electric cautery (SLC) and the Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA; Valleylab, Boulder, CO) and the LHM. RESULTS: The mean operative time during the parenchymal transections was 50 min and the mean blood loss was 235 g. There was no bile leakage from the cut surface after surgery. No macroscopic or microscopic-positive margins were observed in the hepatic transections. CONCLUSION: The two-surgeon technique using SLC and CUSA with the LHM is applicable to even pediatric patients with hepatoblastoma.

  3. Explanation for the Transverse Radiation Force Observed on a Vertically Hanging Fiber

    Brevik, Iver


    As shown in the experiment of She {\\it et al.} [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\\bf 101}, 243601 (2008)], a weak laser beam sent through a vertically hanging fiber exerts a transverse force and produces a lateral displacement of the fiber's lower end. The experiment is of obvious theoretical interest in connection with the electromagnetic theory of media. Suggested explanations given for this effect in the past include the famous Abraham-Minkowski issue concerning the "correct" photon momentum in matter. In our opinion such an explanation can hardly be right. Instead, we propose instead a very simple description of the effect implying that the sideways deflection is caused by the radiation force on the {\\it obliquely cut} lower end face of the fiber. From a calculation based upon geometrical optics, we find quite good agreement with the observations. We present also, as an alternative approach, a calculation involving wave optics instead of geometrical optics, and find comparable results.

  4. Mathematical Modelling of the Electrode Process of Azithromycin Using Cyclic Voltammetry at Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode

    Maha F. Tutunji


    Full Text Available A theoretical treatment is presented to predict the kinetic behaviour of azithromycin at the surface of hanging mercury drop electrode using cyclic voltammetry. A model is developed to incorporate the occurrence of adsorption of the oxidized and reduced species of azithromycin at the surface of mercury drop electrode. An analytical solution was obtained using MATHEMATICA (V-3, Wolfram Research, Inc. to predict the cyclic voltammetric profiles by calculating the currents resulting after applying variable potentials ranging –1.9 to –1.3 V versus Ag/AgCl. Simulation runs at different initial concentrations of azithromycin and different scan rates showed good agreement with experimental findings. However, this model should be modified to describe a multilayer adsorption with irreversible electrochemical reaction.

  5. Time forecast of a break-off event from a hanging glacier

    Faillettaz, Jérome; Funk, Martin; Vagliasindi, Marco


    A cold hanging glacier located on the south face of the Grandes Jorasses (Mont Blanc, Italy) broke off on the 23 and 29 September 2014 with a total estimated ice volume of 105 000 m3. Thanks to accurate surface displacement measurements taken up to the final break-off, this event was successfully predicted 10 days in advance, enabling local authorities to take the necessary safety measures. The break-off event also confirmed that surface displacements experienced a power law acceleration along with superimposed log-periodic oscillations prior to the final rupture. This paper describes the methods used to achieve a satisfactory time forecast in real time and demonstrates, using a retrospective analysis, their potential for the development of early-warning systems in real time.

  6. Predictability of multifractal analysis of Hang Seng stock index in Hong Kong

    Sun, Xia; Chen, Huiping; Yuan, Yongzhuang; Wu, Ziqin


    In this paper, the daily Hang Seng index in Hong Kong stock market is studied by multifractal analysis. The main parameter of multifractal spectra used is Δ f, which can be used to characterize the ratio of number of highest index moments to that of lowest ones. The dependence of today's gain probability ( G%) and the day's index increase probability ( n%) with Δ f of the previous 3 days are studied. It is found that G% and n% can reach 70-80% at the large positive Δ f region and can be very close to 20% at the big negative Δ f region. The predictability decreases with the increasing number of the previous days.


    Jacek NOWICKI


    Full Text Available The behaviour of weaners after mixing housed in pens equipped with hanging wooden ball, aromatized with vanilla fluid hanging wooden ball and without enrichment was evaluated. It was found that both enrichments reduced aggression, however the most interesting for weaners was the aromatized wooden ball.


    Jacek NOWICKI


    Full Text Available The behaviour of weaners after mixing housed in pens equipped with hanging fl exible, destructible object for biting, hanging non-destructible wooden ball and without enrichment was evaluated. It was found that both enrichments reduced aggression, however the most interesting for weaners was the object for biting.

  9. Evolution of Sedimentary Rocks

    Veizer, J.; MacKenzie, F. T.


    For almost a century, it has been recognized that the present-day thickness and areal extent of Phanerozoic sedimentary strata increase progressively with decreasing geologic age. This pattern has been interpreted either as reflecting an increase in the rate of sedimentation toward the present (Barrell, 1917; Schuchert, 1931; Ronov, 1976) or as resulting from better preservation of the younger part of the geologic record ( Gilluly, 1949; Gregor, 1968; Garrels and Mackenzie, 1971a; Veizer and Jansen, 1979, 1985).Study of the rocks themselves led to similarly opposing conclusions. The observed secular (=age) variations in relative proportions of lithological types and in chemistry of sedimentary rocks (Daly, 1909; Vinogradov et al., 1952; Nanz, 1953; Engel, 1963; Strakhov, 1964, 1969; Ronov, 1964, 1982) were mostly given an evolutionary interpretation. An opposing, uniformitarian, approach was proposed by Garrels and Mackenzie (1971a). For most isotopes, the consensus favors deviations from the present-day steady state as the likely cause of secular trends.This chapter attempts to show that recycling and evolution are not opposing, but complementary, concepts. It will concentrate on the lithological and chemical attributes of sediments, but not deal with the evolution of sedimentary mineral deposits (Veizer et al., 1989) and of life ( Sepkoski, 1989), both well amenable to the outlined conceptual treatment. The chapter relies heavily on Veizer (1988a) for the sections dealing with general recycling concepts, on Veizer (2003) for the discussion of isotopic evolution of seawater, and on Morse and Mackenzie (1990) and Mackenzie and Morse (1992) for discussion of carbonate rock recycling and environmental attributes.

  10. Nonabsorbable versus absorbable sutures in large, hang-back medial rectus muscle recessions.

    Awadein, Ahmed; Marsh, Justin D; Guyton, David L


    To investigate the value of nonabsorbable sutures in reducing the incidence of consecutive exotropia after large, "hang-back" medial rectus recessions. The medical records of patients who underwent medial rectus recession of ≥6.5 mm in individuals ≤2 years of age, or ≥7.0 mm in those >2 years were retrospectively reviewed. Patients were divided into two groups based on suture material used: absorbable, polyglactin 910 sutures (44 patients); nonabsorbable, polyester sutures (50 patients). Preoperative measurements, ductions, strabismus surgery, and postoperative results were analyzed. Inadequate anchoring of the medial rectus muscle was suspected when consecutive exotropia developed 4-7 weeks after surgery after initial satisfactory alignment and was confirmed if during reoperation the medial rectus muscle appeared recessed >2 mm beyond the originally intended recession. Consecutive exotropia due to inadequate anchoring of the medial rectus muscle occurred in 11 of 66 muscles (17%) in the absorbable suture group. The muscle was found 6-10 mm posterior to the intended recession. Limited duction in the field of action of the involved medial rectus muscle occurred in 9 of the 11 muscles (82%). None of the eyes with nonabsorbable sutures showed inadequate anchoring. The incidence of consecutive exotropia was higher in the absorbable suture group (30%) than in the nonabsorbable suture group (6%) (P < 0.005). Using nonabsorbable suture for large, hang-back medial rectus recessions greatly reduces the incidence of consecutive exotropia that can occur when absorbable suture dissolves. Copyright © 2016 American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Effect of various loads on the force-time characteristics of the hang high pull.

    Suchomel, Timothy J; Beckham, George K; Wright, Glenn A


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of various loads on the force-time characteristics associated with peak power during the hang high pull (HHP). Fourteen athletic men (age: 21.6 ± 1.3 years; height: 179.3 ± 5.6 cm; body mass: 81.5 ± 8.7 kg; 1 repetition maximum [1RM] hang power clean [HPC]: 104.9 ± 15.1 kg) performed sets of the HHP at 30, 45, 65, and 80% of their 1RM HPC. Peak force, peak velocity, peak power, force at peak power, and velocity at peak power were compared between loads. Statistical differences in peak force (p = 0.001), peak velocity (p < 0.001), peak power (p = 0.015), force at peak power (p < 0.001), and velocity at peak power (p < 0.001) existed, with the greatest values for each variable occurring at 80, 30, 45, 80, and 30% 1RM HPC, respectively. Effect sizes between loads indicated that larger differences in velocity at peak power existed as compared with those displayed by force at peak power. It seems that differences in velocity may contribute to a greater extent to differences in peak power production as compared with force during the HHP. Further investigation of both force and velocity at peak power during weightlifting variations is necessary to provide insight on the contributing factors of power production. Specific load ranges should be prescribed to optimally train the variables associated with power development during the HHP.

  12. Construct validity of a modification of the flexed arm hang test.

    Clemons, Jim M


    Despite the ubiquitous use of the flexed arm hang (FAH) as a field test of muscular fitness, evidence for the construct validity of it is lacking. The strongest validity coefficients (r) to date are 0.71 and 0.72 found by correlating modified versions of the FAH (i.e., 90 and 180° of elbow extension, respectively) with relative dynamic strength (i.e., 1 repetition maximum [1RM] lat pull downs × body mass). Considering a significant portion of all FAH and modified flexed arm hang (MFAH) performances are isometric, the test may be more correlated with the construct of relative isometric strength (RIS) rather than relative dynamic strength. The purpose of this study was to determine if the construct validity of the 90° MFAH might be strengthened by correlating it with either absolute isometric strength (AIS) (i.e., maximum volitional isometric contraction [MVIC]) or RIS (i.e., MVIC × body mass). Thirty-one college-aged women participated in the study. Inter-rater reliability coefficients for two 90° MFAH tests were determined using intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC): F1,30 = 1.356, ICC = 0.99; F1,30 = 0.675, ICC = 0.99. In addition, test-retest reliability was also found to be excellent: F1,30 = 3.809; ICC = 0.98. Pearson product moment correlation (r) was used at an adjusted alpha level of 0.025 to examine construct validity of the 90° MFAH with both AIS (MVIC) and RIS (MVIC × body mass). Results indicated no significant relationship with AIS (r = 0.096, p = 0.606); however, a strong significant relationship emerged with RIS (r = 0.878, p = 0.000). It was concluded that 90° MFAH scores alone were not related to absolute strength; however, they were found to be a valid and reliable estimate of the construct of RIS.

  13. Geotechnical Descriptions of Rock and Rock Masses.


    weathering is presented by Dornbusch (1982). 39. Mechanical, or physical, weathering of rock occurs primarily by (a) freeze expansion (or frost wedging...34Engineering Classifica- tion of In-Situ Rock," Technical Report No. AFWL-TR-67-144, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, N. Mex. Dornbusch , W

  14. Thermally induced rock stress increment and rock reinforcement response

    Hakala, M. [KMS Hakala Oy, Nokia (Finland); Stroem, J.; Nujiten, G.; Uotinen, L. [Rockplan, Helsinki (Finland); Siren, T.; Suikkanen, J.


    This report describes a detailed study of the effect of thermal heating by the spent nuclear fuel containers on the in situ rock stress, any potential rock failure, and associated rock reinforcement strategies for the Olkiluoto underground repository. The modelling approach and input data are presented together repository layout diagrams. The numerical codes used to establish the effects of heating on the in situ stress field are outlined, together with the rock mass parameters, in situ stress values, radiogenic temperatures and reinforcement structures. This is followed by a study of the temperature and stress evolution during the repository's operational period and the effect of the heating on the reinforcement structures. It is found that, during excavation, the maximum principal stress is concentrated at the transition areas where the profile changes and that, due to the heating from the deposition of spent nuclear fuel, the maximum principal stress rises significantly in the tunnel arch area of NW/SW oriented central tunnels. However, it is predicted that the rock's crack damage (CD, short term strength) value of 99 MPa will not be exceeded anywhere within the model. Loads onto the reinforcement structures will come from damaged and loosened rock which is assumed in the modelling as a free rock wedge - but this is very much a worst case scenario because there is no guarantee that rock cracking would form a free rock block. The structural capacity of the reinforcement structures is described and it is predicted that the current quantity of the rock reinforcement is strong enough to provide a stable tunnel opening during the peak of the long term stress state, with damage predicted on the sprayed concrete liner. However, the long term stability and safety can be improved through the implementation of the principles of the Observational Method. The effect of ventilation is also considered and an additional study of the radiogenic heating effect on the

  15. Hydrology of some deep mines in Precambrian rocks

    Yardley, D.H.


    A number of underground mines were investigated during the summer of 1975. All of them are in Precambrian rocks of the Lake Superior region. They represent a variety of geologic settings. The purpose of the investigations was to make a preliminary study of the dryness, or lack of dryness of these rocks at depth. In other words, to see if water was entering the deeper workings through the unmined rock by some means such as fracture or fault zones, joints or permeable zones. Water entering through old mine workings extending to, or very near to the surface, or from the drilling equipment, was of interest only insofar as it might mask any water whose source was through the hanging or footwall rocks. No evidence of running, seeping or moving water was seen or reported at depths exceeding 3,000 feet. At depths of 3,000 feet or less, water seepages do occur in some of the mines, usually in minor quantities but increased amounts occur as depth becomes less. Others are dry at 2,000 feet of depth. Rock movements associated with extensive mining should increase the local secondary permeability of the rocks adjoining the mined out zones. Also most ore bodies are located where there has been a more than average amount of faulting, fracturing, and folding during the geologic past. They tend to cluster along crustal flows. In general, Precambrian rocks of similar geology, to those seen, well away from zones that have been disturbed by extensive deep mining, and well away from the zones of more intense geologic activity ought to be even less permeable than their equivalents in a mining district.

  16. Toxicologic Laboratory Findings in Cases Reported with Hanging Death: a Two-Year Retrospective Study in Northeast Iran

    Mohammad Ranjbar


    How to cite this article: Ranjbar R, Liaghat AR, Ranjbar A, Mohabbati H. Toxicologic Laboratory Findings in Cases Reported with Hanging Death: a Two-Year Retrospective Study in Northeast Iran. Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2013;2:92-5.

  17. Vulnerability of shallow ground water and drinking-water wells to nitrate in the United States: Model of predicted nitrate concentration in U.S. ground water used for drinking (simulation depth 50 meters) -- Input data set for sandstone and carbonate rocks (gwava-dw_sscb)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the presence or absence of sandstone and carbonate rock aquifers in the conterminous United States. The data set was used as an input data...

  18. Historic Sites and National Register of Historic Places, This is an SDE feature class of State of Wisconsin Historical Markers present in Rock County., Published in 2006, Rock County Government.

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — Historic Sites and National Register of Historic Places dataset current as of 2006. This is an SDE feature class of State of Wisconsin Historical Markers present in...

  19. The Rock Cycle

    Singh, Raman J.; Bushee, Jonathan


    Presents a rock cycle diagram suitable for use at the secondary or introductory college levels which separates rocks formed on and below the surface, includes organic materials, and separates products from processes. (SL)

  20. My Pet Rock

    Lark, Adam; Kramp, Robyne; Nurnberger-Haag, Julie


    Many teachers and students have experienced the classic pet rock experiment in conjunction with a geology unit. A teacher has students bring in a "pet" rock found outside of school, and the students run geologic tests on the rock. The tests include determining relative hardness using Mohs scale, checking for magnetization, and assessing luster.…

  1. My Pet Rock

    Lark, Adam; Kramp, Robyne; Nurnberger-Haag, Julie


    Many teachers and students have experienced the classic pet rock experiment in conjunction with a geology unit. A teacher has students bring in a "pet" rock found outside of school, and the students run geologic tests on the rock. The tests include determining relative hardness using Mohs scale, checking for magnetization, and assessing luster.…

  2. Water-rock interactions, orthopyroxene growth, and Si-enrichment in the mantle: evidence in xenoliths from the Colorado Plateau, southwestern United States

    Smith, Douglas; Alexis Riter, J. C.; Mertzman, Stanley A.


    Water-rock interactions and consequent orthopyroxene growth are documented by mantle xenoliths from opposite margins of the Colorado Plateau province. The interactions are inferred from a distinctive texture plus composition of orthopyroxene in spinel peridotite, in which porphyroblasts of orthopyroxene with inclusions of resorbed olivine are zoned to interiors exceptionally low in Al 2O 3 (Bandera Crater, New Mexico, in the southeastern margin of the Colorado Plateau, extending the known distribution from the northwestern margin (Grand Canyon field). Evidence that Si-enrichment locally accompanied movement of aqueous fluid is provided by an orthopyroxenite xenolith that is about 95% enstatite. The enstatite occurs in curved laths to 25 mm long, and the texture and composition (Al 2O 3 1 to 2 wt%, Mg/(Mg + Fe) 0.92) are attributed to growth during subsolidus interaction between peridotite and hydrous fluid. Modal orthopyroxene calculated from 4 bulk rock analyses of peridotite xenoliths from the Grand Canyon field ranges from 26 to 29%, more than in comparably depleted oceanic mantle. The mantle root of the Colorado Plateau may have formed from accreted ocean lithosphere and subsequently been enriched in Si by aqueous metasomatism at widely distributed sites. Similar fluid-rock interaction may have contributed to the orthopyroxene-enrichment characteristic of some mantle xenoliths from roots of Archaean cratons.

  3. Electrochemistry of lunar rocks

    Lindstrom, D. J.; Haskin, L. A.


    Electrolysis of silicate melts has been shown to be an effective means of producing metals from common silicate materials. No fluxing agents need be added to the melts. From solution in melts of diopside (CaMgSi2O6) composition, the elements Si, Ti, Ni, and Fe have been reduced to their metallic states. Platinum is a satisfactory anode material, but other cathode materials are needed. Electrolysis of compositional analogs of lunar rocks initially produces iron metal at the cathode and oxygen gas at the anode. Utilizing mainly heat and electricity which are readily available from sunlight, direct electrolysis is capable of producing useful metals from common feedstocks without the need for expendable chemicals. This simple process and the products obtained from it deserve further study for use in materials processing in space.

  4. Rock History and Culture

    Gonzalez, Éric


    Two ambitious works written by French-speaking scholars tackle rock music as a research object, from different but complementary perspectives. Both are a definite must-read for anyone interested in the contextualisation of rock music in western popular culture. In Une histoire musicale du rock (i.e. A Musical History of Rock), rock music is approached from the point of view of the people – musicians and industry – behind the music. Christophe Pirenne endeavours to examine that field from a m...

  5. 弓长岭井下矿上盘运输巷道让压开拓方法研究%The Yielding Development in Hanging Haulage Roadway in Gongchangling Underground Mine

    付煜; 任凤玉; 宫国慧; 陈继宏


    弓长岭井下矿中央区-280 m上盘运输巷道地压活动剧烈,高强度的刚性支护无法控制地压显现,支护后巷道出现拱顶开裂下沉、墙体片帮内推、底鼓等现象,严重地影响了矿山正常生产。现场调查了-280 m上盘运输巷道的破坏部位和破坏范围,分析了岩性对巷道稳定性的影响,研究得出楔形体压力是地压显现的直接原因,建立了力学模型,并通过计算验证分析的可靠性。利用上盘回采边界与巷道破坏边界的相互关系,确定让压角为74°~78°,划分塑性变形区和弹性变形区,将-340 m上盘运输巷道布置在弹性变形区,采取让压开拓方式。实践表明,让压开拓方案能够有效地控制上盘运输巷道地压显现问题,保证矿山的正常生产。%There are strenuous ground pressure activities at the-280 m level in the central mining area of Gongchangling Mine,so that the high-strength support can not solve the problems that are caused by the ground pressure. The destructions of roof falling,rib spalling and floor heave still occur even after the roadways have been supported,which have seriously affected the normal production of the mine. It is indicated that the ground pressure activity is basically caused by the pressure of the a-bove wedge-shape rock mass based on the investigation of the failure positions of the haulage roadway,the test results of the rock mechanics properties and the analysis of the effect of the hanging wall to the stability of the roadways. The mechanic model is established and the analysis results have been proven based on the calculation of the model. The yielding angle is determined to be from 74°to 78° by analyzing the relationship between the mining boundary in the hanging wall and the destruction bound-ary of the roadways. Based on the yielding angle,the rock mass can be divided into the elastic zone and the plastic zone. The hanging haulage roadway at the-340 m

  6. Mechanically tunable aspheric lenses via additive manufacture of hanging elastomeric droplets for microscopic applications

    Fuh, Yiin-Kuen; Chen, Pin-Wen; Lai, Zheng-Hong


    Mechanically deformable lenses with dynamically tunable focal lengths have been developed in this work. The fabricated five types of aspheric polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) lenses presented here have an initial focal length of 7.0, 7.8, 9.0, 10.0 and 10.2 mm. Incorporating two modes of operation in biconvex and concave-convex configurations, the focal lengths can be tuned dynamically as 5.2-10.2, 5.5-9.9, 6.6-11.9, 6.1-13.5 and 6.6-13.5 mm respectively. Additive manufacturing was utilized to fabricate these five types of aspheric lenses (APLs) via sequential layering of PDMS materials. Complex structures with three-dimensional features and shorter focal lengths can be successfully produced by repeatedly depositing, inverting and curing controlled PDMS volume onto previously cured PDMS droplets. From our experiments, we empirically found a direct dependence of the focal length of the lenses with the amount (volume) of deposited PDMS droplets. This new mouldless, low-cost, and flexible lens fabrication method is able to transform an ordinary commercial smartphone camera into a low-cost portable microscope. A few microscopic features can be readily visualized, such as wrinkles of ladybird pupa and printed circuit board. The fabrication technique by successively applying hanging droplet and facile mechanical focal-length-tuning set-up can be easily adopted in the development of high-performance optical lenses.

  7. An approach to Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong stock market based on network topological statistics


    Using homogenous partition of coarse graining process, the time series of Hang Seng Index (HSI) in Hong Kong stock market is transformed into discrete symbolic sequences S={S1S2S3…}, Si∈(R, r, d, D). Weighted networks of stock market are constructed by vertices that are 16 2-symbol strings (i.e. 16 patterns of HSI variations), and encode stock market relevant information about interconnections and interactions between fluctuation patterns of HSI in networks topology. By means of the measurements of betweenness centrality (BC) in networks, we have at least obtained 3 highest betweenness centrality uniform vertices in 2 order of magnitude of time subinterval scale, i.e. 18.7% vertices undertake 71.9% betweenness centrality of networks, showing statistical stability. These properties cannot be found in random networks; here vertices almost have identical betweenness centrality. By comparison to random networks, we conclude that Hong Kong stock market, rather than a random system, is statistically stable.

  8. Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger--inventor of the spring prosthesis and hang-glider (1811).

    Harsch, Viktor; Kriebel, Juergen


    Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger (1770-1829), known as the "Flying Tailor of Ulm", started with flight experiments in Ulm, Germany, in the early 19th century. He gained experience in downhill gliding with a maneuverable airworthy semi-rigid hang-glider and then attempted to cross the Danube River at Ulm's Eagle's Bastion on the 31st of May 1811. The tricky local winds caused him to crash and he was rescued by fishermen, making him the first survivor of a water immersion accident of a heavier-than-air manned "flight machine". Though he failed in his attempt to be the first man to fly, Berblinger can be regarded as one of the significant aviation pioneers who applied the "heavier than air" principle and paved the way for the more effective glide-flights of Otto Lilienthal (1891) and the Wright Brothers (1902). Less known are Berblinger's significant contributions to the construction of artificial limbs for medical use, as well as the spring-application in aviation. His invention of a special mechanical joint was also used for the juncture of the wings of his "flying machine". Because of his worthwhile contributions to medicine and flight, in 1993 the German Academy of Aviation Medicine named an annual award for young scientists in the field of aerospace medicine in his honor.

  9. Increased sensitivity of anodic stripping voltammetry at the hanging mercury drop electrode by ultracathodic deposition

    Rodrigues, Jose A.; Rodrigues, Carlos M.; Almeida, Paulo J.; Valente, Ines M.; Goncalves, Luis M. [Requimte - Departamento de Quimica e Bioquimica, Faculdade de Ciencias, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, no. 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Compton, Richard G. [Department of Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QZ (United Kingdom); Barros, Aquiles A., E-mail: [Requimte - Departamento de Quimica e Bioquimica, Faculdade de Ciencias, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, no. 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal)


    Highlights: {yields} At very cathodic accumulation potentials (overpotential deposition) the voltammetric signals of Zn{sup 2+}, Cd{sup 2+}, Pb{sup 2+} and Cu{sup 2+} increase. {yields} 5 to 10-fold signal increase is obtained. {yields} This effect is likely due to mercury drop oscillation at such cathodic potentials. {yields} This effect is also likely due to added local convection at the mercury drop surface caused by the evolution of hydrogen bubbles. - Abstract: An improved approach to the anodic stripping voltammetric (ASV) determination of heavy metals, using the hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE), is reported. It was discovered that using very cathodic accumulation potentials, at which the solvent reduction occurs (overpotential deposition), the voltammetric signals of zinc(II), cadmium(II), lead(II) and copper(II) increase. When compared with the classical methodology a 5 to 10-fold signal increase is obtained. This effect is likely due to both mercury drop oscillation at such cathodic potentials and added local convection at the mercury drop surface caused by the evolution of hydrogen bubbles.

  10. An Estimation Method of Stress in Soft Rock Based on In-situ Measured Stress in Hard Rock

    LI Wen-ping; LI Xiao-qin; SUN Ru-hua


    The law of variation of deep rock stress in gravitational and tectonic stress fields is analyzed based on the Hoek-Brown strength criterion. In the gravitational stress field, the rocks in the shallow area are in an elastic state and the deep, relatively soft rock may be in a plastic state. However, in the tectonic stress field, the relatively soft rock in the shallow area is in a plastic state and the deep rock in an elastic state. A method is proposed to estimate stress values in coal and soft rock based on in-situ measurements of hard rock. Our estimation method relates to the type of stress field and stress state. The equations of rock stress in various stress states are presented for the elastic, plastic and critical states. The critical state is a special stress state, which indicates the conversion of the elastic to the plastic state in the gravitational stress field and the conversion of the plastic to the elastic state in the tectonic stress field. Two cases studies show that the estimation method is feasible.

  11. Finite Element Analysis of the Effect on Edge Distance of the Tensile Bearing Capacity of Embedded Hanging Parts

    Meng Xian Hong; Liu Wei


    In order to explore the trend of tensile bearing capacity of embedded hanging parts when change the edge distance. Based on the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, the four simulation model was established. The buried depth and strength of concrete remain unchanged, but the edge distance was gradient change. By the load - displacement curve of every model known, the greater the edge distance, the greater the bearing capacity. When the edge distance reaches 1.5 times buried depth, the eff...

  12. Hanging Maneuver for Stomach Traction in Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatic Resections: An Original Technique Applied in 218 Patients.

    Dokmak, Safi; Aussilhou, Béatrice; Ftériche, Fadhel Samir; Belghiti, Jacques; Sauvanet, Alain


    Stomach traction done to expose the pancreas is still a problem in laparoscopic left pancreatic resections. We developed a simple hanging maneuver to retract the stomach rapidly and effectively. After dividing the gastrocolic ligament, the stomach was encircled with a tape, turned along its horizontal axis and pulled with an epigastric trocar, which was later removed. This technique was used in all patients who underwent laparoscopic left pancreatic resections including 165 distal pancreatectomies (DP), 35 central pancreatectomies (CP) and 18 enucleations (En). Demographics, surgical and postoperative outcome data were recorded. There were no mortalities. The mean operative time for DP, CP and En were 174, 191 and 104 min, respectively. The transfusion (0-4%) and conversion (0-3%) rates were low for all procedures. Morbidity was mainly represented by pancreatic fistula and grades (B + C) for DP, CP and En were observed in 26, 22 and 17%, respectively. No complication related to hanging of the stomach, like gastric perforation, was observed. Re-intervention and the mean hospital stay for DP, CP and En were observed in 5, 11 and 0% and were 16, 22 and 12, respectively. The readmission rate was low (0-9%). Hanging maneuver of the stomach is a simple procedure to rapidly, safely and effectively retract the stomach during left laparoscopic pancreatic resections. © 2016 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  13. Effects of the hanging wall and footwall on peak acceleration during the Jiji (Chi-Chi), Taiwan Province, earthquake


    The M=7.6 Jiji (Chi-Chi) earthquake, Taiwan Province, on September 21, 1999 (local time) is a thrust fault style earthquake. The empirical attenuation relations of the horizontal and vertical peak ground accelerations (PGA) for the Jiji (Chi-Chi) earthquake are developed by regression method. By examining the residuals from the Jiji (Chi-Chi) earthquake-specific peak acceleration attenuation relations, it is found that there are systematic differences between PGA on the hanging-wall and footwall. The recorded peak accelerations are higher on the hanging-wall and lower on the footwall. The clear asymmetry of PGA distribution to the surface rupture trace can also be seen from the PGA contour map. These evidences indicate that the PGA attenuates faster on the hanging-wall than on the footwall. In the study of near-source strong motion, seismic hazard assessment, scenario earthquake and seis-mic disaster prediction, the style-of-faulting must be considered in order that the attenuation model can reflect the characteristic of ground motion in various seismic environmental regions.

  14. Magnetoplasma excitations and the effect of electron and hole velocity renormalization in free-hanging graphene studied by Raman scattering

    Kukushkin, V. I.; Kirpichev, V. E.; Kukushkin, I. V.


    The properties of plasma and magnetoplasma excitations in free-hanging graphene have been studied for the first time by Raman scattering. In addition to single-particle excitations associated with transitions between empty Landau levels of electrons and holes, collective plasma and magnetoplasma excitations in the system of electrons (and holes) of various densities have been discovered for the first time. Hybridization of plasma and cyclotron modes corresponding to the Kohn law has been shown to occur in the limit of high filling factors, which allows measuring directly the plasma and cyclotron energies. The dependence of the electron and hole velocities on their density has been investigated via the magnetic-field dependence of the cyclotron energy in free-hanging graphene. The effect of strong renormalization of the electron and hole dispersion relations seen as an increase in the velocity (by 40-50%) with a decrease in the charge-carrier density to 1011 cm-2 has been discovered. The charge-carrier density dependences of the widths of magnetoplasma resonances in free-hanging graphene and graphene lying on a silicon dioxide surface have been measured and shown to be at least 3.5 and 14.8 meV, respectively.

  15. [Hangings in the material of Department of Forensic Medicine, Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, in the years 2000-2010].

    Sumińska-Ziemann, Barbara; Bloch-Bogusławska, Elzbieta


    This study presents an analysis of suicides based on autopsy protocols from the years 2000-2010. Out of all autopsies conducted at Department of Forensic Medicine, Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, 477 cases resulted from hanging. During this period the majority of hangings were recorded in 2010 (61 cases). The parameters assessed in this study included age, sex, post-mortem blood ethanol concentration and place of death of the victims. The age range of the deceased was similar in the group of men and women. Males represented the majority of victims of hanging (89%); only 11% of all the victims were females. The authors observed differences in blood alcohol level of the victims in association with their sex. Not present ethanol was noted in approx. 42% of men and 71% of women. More than 65% cases of suicide hangings were encountered in urban areas, in living quarters and outbuildings.

  16. Quantitative Chemical Indices of Weathered Igneous Rocks


    A study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of different weathering indices for characterising weathered igneous rocks of Hong Kong. Among eight chemical indices evaluated in this study, the Parker index has been found most suitable for a quantitative description of state of weathering. Based on geochemical results of 174 samples, the index decreases almost linearly with an increasing extent of weathering. The results enable a better understanding of the modification of geotechnical properties of igneous rocks associated with weathering processes.

  17. Soft rocks in Argentina

    Giambastiani; Mauricio


    Soft rocks are a still fairly unexplored chapter in rock mechanics. Within this category are the clastic sedimentary rocks and pyroclastic volcanic rocks, of low to moderate lithification (consolidation, cemen-tation, new formed minerals), chemical sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks formed by minerals with Mohs hardness less than 3.5, such as limestone, gypsum, halite, sylvite, between the first and phyllites, graphitic schist, chloritic shale, talc, etc., among the latter. They also include any type of rock that suffered alteration processes (hydrothermal or weathering). In Argentina the study of low-strength rocks has not received much attention despite having extensive outcrops in the Andes and great impact in the design criteria. Correlation between geomechanical properties (UCS, deformability) to physical index (porosity, density, etc.) has shown promising results to be better studied. There are many studies and engineering projects in Argentina in soft rock geological environments, some cited in the text (Chihuído dam, N. Kirchner dam, J. Cepernic Dam, etc.) and others such as International Tunnel in the Province of Mendoza (Corredor Bioceánico), which will require the valuable contribution from rock mechanics. The lack of consistency between some of the physical and mechanical parameters explored from studies in the country may be due to an insufficient amount of information and/or non-standardization of criteria for testing materials. It is understood that more and better academic and professional efforts in improv-ing techniques will result in benefits to the better understanding of the geomechanics of weak rocks.

  18. Impact of fluid-rock chemical interactions on tracer transport in fractured rocks.

    Mukhopadhyay, Sumit; Liu, H-H; Spycher, N; Kennedy, B M


    In this paper, we investigate the impact of chemical interactions, in the form of mineral precipitation and dissolution reactions, on tracer transport in fractured rocks. When a tracer is introduced in fractured rocks, it moves through the fracture primarily by advection and it also enters the stagnant water of the surrounding rock matrix through diffusion. Inside the porous rock matrix, the tracer chemically interacts with the solid materials of the rock, where it can precipitate depending on the local equilibrium conditions. Alternatively, it can be dissolved from the solid phase of the rock matrix into the matrix pore water, diffuse into the flowing fluids of the fracture and is advected out of it. We show that such chemical interactions between the fluid and solid phases have significant impact on tracer transport in fractured rocks. We invoke the dual-porosity conceptualization to represent the fractured rocks and develop a semi-analytical solution to describe the transient transport of tracers in interacting fluid-rock systems. To test the accuracy and stability of the semi-analytical solution, we compare it with simulation results obtained with the TOUGHREACT simulator. We observe that, in a chemically interacting system, the tracer breakthrough curve exhibits a pseudo-steady state, where the tracer concentration remains more or less constant over a finite period of time. Such a pseudo-steady condition is not observed in a non-reactive fluid-rock system. We show that the duration of the pseudo-state depends on the physical and chemical parameters of the system, and can be exploited to extract information about the fractured rock system, such as the fracture spacing and fracture-matrix interface area.

  19. The sweet branch of metabolic engineering: cherry-picking the low-hanging sugary fruits.

    Chen, Rachel


    In the first science review on the then nascent Metabolic Engineering field in 1991, Dr. James E. Bailey described how improving erythropoietin (EPO) glycosylation can be achieved via metabolic engineering of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. In the intervening decades, metabolic engineering has brought sweet successes in glycoprotein engineering, including antibodies, vaccines, and other human therapeutics. Today, not only eukaryotes (CHO, plant, insect, yeast) are being used for manufacturing protein therapeutics with human-like glycosylation, newly elucidated bacterial glycosylation systems are enthusiastically embraced as potential breakthrough to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical industry. Notwithstanding these excitement in glycoprotein, the sweet metabolic engineering reaches far beyond glycoproteins. Many different types of oligo- and poly-saccharides are synthesized with metabolically engineered cells. For example, several recombinant hyaluronan bioprocesses are now in commercial production, and the titer of 2'-fucosyllactose, the most abundant fucosylated trisaccharide in human milk, reaches over 20 g/L with engineered E. coli cells. These successes represent only the first low hanging fruits, which have been appreciated scientifically, medically and fortunately, commercially as well. As one of the four building blocks of life, sugar molecules permeate almost all aspects of life. They are also unique in being intimately associated with all major types of biopolymers (including DNA/RNA, proteins, lipids) meanwhile they stand alone as bioactive polysaccharides, or free soluble oligosaccharides. As such, all sugar moieties in biological components, small or big and free or bound, are important targets for metabolic engineering. Opportunities abound at the interface of glycosciences and metabolic engineering. Continued investment and successes in this branch of metabolic engineering will make vastly diverse sugar-containing molecules (a

  20. NASA SOFIA International Year of Light (IYL) Event: Infrared Light: Hanging out in the Stratosphere

    Clark, Coral; Backman, Dana E.; Harman, Pamela; Veronico, Nicholas


    As an International Year of Light committee endorsed event, Infrared Light: Hanging out in the Stratosphere will engage learners around the world, linking participants with scientists at work on board NASA SOFIA, the world's largest flying observatory. This major event will showcase science-in-action, interviews, live data, and observations performed both aboard the aircraft and at partner centers on land.SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) is an 80% - 20% partnership of NASA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) consisting of an extensively modified Boeing 747SP aircraft carrying a reflecting telescope with an effective diameter of 2.5 meters. SOFIA is a program in NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Astrophysics Division. Science investigators leverage SOFIA's unique capabilities to study the universe at infrared wavelengths by making observations that are impossible for even the largest and highest ground-based telescopes. SOFIA received Full Operating Capacity status in May, 2014, and astrophysicists will continue to utilize the observatory and upgraded instruments to study astronomical objects and phenomena, including star birth and death; planetary system formation; identification of complex molecules in space; planets, comets, and asteroids in our solar system; and nebulae and dust in galaxies.This landmark event will reflect and build on the ProjectLink. In October 1995, SOFIA's predecessor, the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO), performed the first satellite links from an airplane to the ground. The KAO downlinked to the Exploratorium museum (SF, CA), where over 200 students watched the webcast, conversed, and participated in simultaneous observations at the world-renowned science museum. SOFIA will now take this concept into the 21st century, utilizing internet technologies to engage and inspire 100,000+ learners of all ages through simultaneous presentations and appearances by over 70 SOFIA Educators at schools and informal learning

  1. Liver mobilization and liver hanging for totally laparoscopic right hepatectomy: an easy way to do it.

    Rotellar, Fernando; Pardo, Fernando; Martí-Cruchaga, Pablo; Zozaya, Gabriel; Valentí, Victor; Bellver, Manuel; Lopez-Olaondo, Luis; Hidalgo, Francisco


    The purpose of this study is to describe a technical modification that facilitates right liver mobilization in laparoscopic right hepatectomy (LRH). In the supine position, an inflatable device is placed under the patient's right chest. For right hemiliver mobilization, the table is placed in 30° anti-Trendelenburg and full-left tilt. Balloon inflation offers an additional 30° left inclination that places the patient in an almost left lateral position. Foot and lateral supports are placed to prevent patient slippage during changes in the patient positioning. From December 2013 to October 2015, this technique has been used in 10 consecutive LRH. The indications for these procedures were as follows: four donor hepatectomies for living donor liver transplant, three hepatocellular carcinomas and one peripheral cholangiocarcinoma in cirrhotic patients, one hepatocellular carcinoma in a non-cirrhotic patient, and one case of colorectal cancer metastases. In this period, it has also been used to facilitate mobilization and resection in the posterior segments of the liver in seven patients. In every case, right hemiliver mobilization was easily performed in a maximum time of 15 min and placement of a tape or plastic tube for liver hanging was prepared. We have not observed any complication directly attributable to the technique herein described (i.e. right brachialgia; arms, back or left flank pain) in the early or late postoperative follow-up. The additional left inclination obtained with the inflation of a balloon under the right chest facilitates right hemiliver mobilization. Its use may help in the performance and adoption of LRH.

  2. Rock Cycle Roulette.

    Schmidt, Stan M.; Palmer, Courtney


    Introduces an activity on the rock cycle. Sets 11 stages representing the transitions of an earth material in the rock cycle. Builds six-sided die for each station, and students move to the stations depending on the rolling side of the die. Evaluates students by discussing several questions in the classroom. Provides instructional information for…

  3. Seasonal characterization of submicron aerosol chemical composition and organic aerosol sources in the southeastern United States: Atlanta, Georgia,and Look Rock, Tennessee

    Hapsari Budisulistiorini, Sri; Baumann, Karsten; Edgerton, Eric S.; Bairai, Solomon T.; Mueller, Stephen; Shaw, Stephanie L.; Knipping, Eladio M.; Gold, Avram; Surratt, Jason D.


    A year-long near-real-time characterization of non-refractory submicron aerosol (NR-PM1) was conducted at an urban (Atlanta, Georgia, in 2012) and rural (Look Rock, Tennessee, in 2013) site in the southeastern US using the Aerodyne Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) collocated with established air-monitoring network measurements. Seasonal variations in organic aerosol (OA) and inorganic aerosol species are attributed to meteorological conditions as well as anthropogenic and biogenic emissions in this region. The highest concentrations of NR-PM1 were observed during winter and fall seasons at the urban site and during spring and summer at the rural site. Across all seasons and at both sites, NR-PM1 was composed largely of OA (up to 76 %) and sulfate (up to 31 %). Six distinct OA sources were resolved by positive matrix factorization applied to the ACSM organic mass spectral data collected from the two sites over the 1 year of near-continuous measurements at each site: hydrocarbon-like OA (HOA), biomass burning OA (BBOA), semi-volatile oxygenated OA (SV-OOA), low-volatility oxygenated OA (LV-OOA), isoprene-derived epoxydiols (IEPOX) OA (IEPOX-OA) and 91Fac (a factor dominated by a distinct ion at m/z 91 fragment ion previously observed in biogenic influenced areas). LV-OOA was observed throughout the year at both sites and contributed up to 66 % of total OA mass. HOA was observed during the entire year only at the urban site (on average 21 % of OA mass). BBOA (15-33 % of OA mass) was observed during winter and fall, likely dominated by local residential wood burning emission. Although SV-OOA contributes quite significantly ( ˜ 27 %), it was observed only at the urban site during colder seasons. IEPOX-OA was a major component (27-41 %) of OA at both sites, particularly in spring and summer. An ion fragment at m/z 75 is well correlated with the m/z 82 ion associated with the aerosol mass spectrum of IEPOX-derived secondary organic aerosol (SOA). The

  4. Nonlinear Analysis of Cavities in Rock Salt

    Ottosen, N. S.; Krenk, Steen


    The paper covers some material and computational aspects of the rock mechanics of leached cavities in salt. A material model is presented in which the instantaneous stiffness of the salt is obtained by interpolation between the unloaded state and a relevant failure state. The model enables predic...

  5. Rock cavern storage of spent fuel

    Cho, Won Jin; Kim, Kyung Soo [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Kwon, Sang Ki [Inha University, Incheon (Korea, Republic of)


    The rock cavern storage for spent fuel has been assessed to apply in Korea with reviewing the state of the art of the technologies for surface storage and rock cavern storage of spent fuel. The technical feasibility and economic aspects of the rock cavern storage of spent fuel were also analyzed. A considerable area of flat land isolated from the exterior are needed to meet the requirement for the site of the surface storage facilities. It may, however, not be easy to secure such areas in the mountainous region of Korea. Instead, the spent fuel storage facilities constructed in the rock cavern moderate their demands for the suitable site. As a result, the rock cavern storage is a promising alternative for the storage of spent fuel in the aspect of natural and social environments. The rock cavern storage of spent fuel has several advantages compared with the surface storage, and there is no significant difference on the viewpoint of economy between the two alternatives. In addition, no great technical difficulties are present to apply the rock cavern storage technologies to the storage of domestic spent fuel.

  6. Low grade metamorphism of mafic rocks

    Schiffman, Peter


    Through most of this past century, metamorphic petrologists in the United States have paid their greatest attention to high grade rocks, especially those which constitute the core zones of exhumed, mountain belts. The pioneering studies of the 50's through the 80's, those which applied the principles of thermodynamics to metamorphic rocks, focused almost exclusively on high temperature systems, for which equilibrium processes could be demonstrated. By the 1980's, metamorphic petrologists had developed the methodologies for deciphering the thermal and baric histories of mountain belts through the study of high grade rocks. Of course, low grade metamorphic rocks - here defined as those which form at pressures and temperatures up to and including the greenschist facies - had been well known and described as well, initially through the efforts of Alpine and Circum-Pacific geologists who recognized that they constituted an integral and contiguous portion of mountain belts, and that they underlay large portions of accreted terranes, many of oceanic origins. But until the mid 80's, much of the effort in studying low grade rocks - for a comprehensive review of the literature to that point see Frey (1987) - had been concentrated on mudstones, volcanoclastic rocks, and associated lithologies common to continental mountain belts and arcs. In the mid 80's, results of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) rather dramatically mitigated a shift in the study of low grade metamorphic rocks.

  7. Determination of the mechanical parameters of rock mass based on a GSI system and displacement back analysis

    Kang, Kwang-Song; Hu, Nai-Lian; Sin, Chung-Sik; Rim, Song-Ho; Han, Eun-Cheol; Kim, Chol-Nam


    It is very important to obtain the mechanical paramerters of rock mass for excavation design, support design, slope design and stability analysis of the underground structure. In order to estimate the mechanical parameters of rock mass exactly, a new method of combining a geological strength index (GSI) system with intelligent displacment back analysis is proposed in this paper. Firstly, average spacing of joints (d) and rock mass block rating (RBR, a new quantitative factor), surface condition rating (SCR) and joint condition factor (J c) are obtained on in situ rock masses using the scanline method, and the GSI values of rock masses are obtained from a new quantitative GSI chart. A correction method of GSI value is newly introduced by considering the influence of joint orientation and groundwater on rock mass mechanical properties, and then value ranges of rock mass mechanical parameters are chosen by the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. Secondly, on the basis of the measurement result of vault settlements and horizontal convergence displacements of an in situ tunnel, optimal parameters are estimated by combination of genetic algorithm (GA) and numerical simulation analysis using FLAC3D. This method has been applied in a lead-zinc mine. By utilizing the improved GSI quantization, correction method and displacement back analysis, the mechanical parameters of the ore body, hanging wall and footwall rock mass were determined, so that reliable foundations were provided for mining design and stability analysis.

  8. 31 CFR 560.534 - Importation into the United States of, and dealings in, certain foodstuffs and carpets authorized.


    ... textile floor coverings and carpets used as wall hangings that are classified under chapter 57 or heading... transactions permitted under this section: (1) A United States person living abroad is permitted to purchase...

  9. Precarious rock and overturned transformer evidence for ground shaking in the Ms 7.7 Kern County earthquake: An analog for disastrous shaking from a major thrust fault in the Los Angeles basin

    Brune, J.N.; Anooshehpoor, A.; Shi, B.; Zheng, Yen


    Precariously balanced rocks and overturned transformers in the vicinity of the White Wolf fault provide constraints on ground motion during the 1952 Ms 7.7 Kern County earthquake, a possible analog for an anticipated large earthquake in the Los Angeles basin (Shaw et al., 2002; Dolan et al., 2003). On the northeast part of the fault preliminary estimates of ground motion on the footwall give peak accelerations considerably lower than predicted by standard regression curves. On the other hand, on the hanging-wall, there is evidence of intense ground shattering and lack of precarious rocks, consistent with the intense hanging-wall accelerations suggested by foam-rubber modeling, numerical modeling, and observations from previous thrust fault earthquakes. There is clear evidence of the effects of rupture directivity in ground motions on the hanging-wall side of the fault (from both precarious rocks and numerical simulations). On the southwest part of the fault, which is covered by sediments, the thrust fault did not reach the surface ("blind" thrust). Overturned and damaged transformers indicate significant transfer of energy from the hanging wall to the footwall, an effect that may not be as effective when the rupture reaches the surface (is not "blind"). Transformers near the up-dip projection of the fault tip have been damaged or overturned on both the hanging-wall and footwall sides of the fault. The transfer of energy is confirmed in a numerical lattice model and could play an important role in a similar situation in Los Angeles. We suggest that the results of this study can provide important information for estimating the effects of a large thrust fault rupture in the Los Angeles basin, specially given the fact that there is so little instrumental data from large thrust fault earthquakes.

  10. Pre-feasibility investigation of infrared thermography for the identification of loose hanging wall and impending falls of ground.

    Kononov, VA


    Full Text Available This report presents the results of a pre-feasibility study of Infrared (IR) Thermography/Radiometry for detection of loose rock in hard rock mines. The method is based on the temperature difference (gradient) between solid rock and the tip of loose...

  11. Seasonal characterization of submicron aerosol chemical composition and organic aerosol sources in the southeastern United States: Atlanta, Georgia and Look Rock, Tennessee

    S. H. Budisulistiorini


    Full Text Available A yearlong near-real-time characterization of non-refractory submicron aerosol (NR-PM1 was conducted at an urban (Atlanta, Georgia and rural (Look Rock, Tennessee site in the southeastern US using the Aerodyne aerosol chemical speciation monitor (ACSM collocated with established air-monitoring network measurements. Seasonal variations in organic aerosol (OA and inorganic aerosol species are attributed to meteorological conditions as well as anthropogenic and biogenic emissions in this region. The highest concentrations of NR-PM1 were observed during winter and fall seasons at the urban site and during spring and summer at the rural site. Across all seasons and at both sites, NR-PM1 was composed largely of OA (50–76 % and inorganic sulfate (12–31 %. Six distinct OA sources were resolved by positive matrix factorization applied to the ACSM organic mass spectral data collected from the two sites over the one year of near-continuous measurements at each site: hydrocarbon-like OA (HOA, biomass burning OA (BBOA, semi-volatile oxygenated OA (SV-OOA, low-volatility oxygenated OA (OOA, isoprene-derived epoxydiol (IEPOX OA (IEPOX-OA, and 91Fac OA (a factor dominated by a distinct ion at m/z 91 fragment ion previously observed in biogenic influenced areas. LV-OOA was observed throughout the year at both sites and contributed 30–66 % of total OA mass. HOA was also observed during the entire year only at the urban site (15–24 % of OA mass. BBOA (15–33 % of OA mass was observed during winter and fall, likely dominated by local residential wood burning emission. Although SV-OOA contributes quite significantly (∼ 27 %, it was observed only at the urban site during colder seasons. IEPOX-OA was a major component (27–41 % of OA at both sites, particularly in spring and summer. An ion fragment at m/z 75 is proposed as an additional marker for IEPOX-OA, as it is shown to correlate well with the m/z 82 ion shown to be associated with the aerosol mass

  12. ROCKing cytokine secretion balance in human T cells.

    Zanin-Zhorov, Alexandra; Waksal, Samuel D


    Balanced regulation of cytokine secretion in T cells is critical for maintenance of immune homeostasis and prevention of autoimmunity. The Rho-associated kinase (ROCK) 2 signaling pathway was previously shown to be involved in controlling of cellular movement and shape. However, recent work from our group and others has demonstrated a new and important role of ROCK2 in regulating cytokine secretion in T cells. We found that ROCK2 promotes pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-17 and IL-21, whereas IL-2 and IL-10 secretion are negatively regulated by ROCK2 under Th17-skewing activation. Also, in disease, but not in steady state conditions, ROCK2 contributes to regulation of IFN-γ secretion in T cells from rheumatoid arthritis patients. Thus, ROCK2 signaling is a key pathway in modulation of T-cell mediated immune responses underscoring the therapeutic potential of targeted inhibition of ROCK2 in autoimmunity.

  13. Changes in composition, structure and aboveground biomass over seventy-six years (1930-2006) in the Black Rock Forest, Hudson Highlands, southeastern New York State.

    Schuster, W S F; Griffin, K L; Roth, H; Turnbull, M H; Whitehead, D; Tissue, D T


    We sought to quantify changes in tree species composition, forest structure and aboveground forest biomass (AGB) over 76 years (1930-2006) in the deciduous Black Rock Forest in southeastern New York, USA. We used data from periodic forest inventories, published floras and a set of eight long-term plots, along with species-specific allometric equations to estimate AGB and carbon content. Between the early 1930s and 2000, three species were extirpated from the forest (American elm (Ulmus americana L.), paper birch (Betula papyrifera Marsh.) and black spruce (Picea mariana (nigra) (Mill.) BSP)) and seven species invaded the forest (non-natives tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle) and white poplar (Populus alba L.) and native, generally southerly distributed, southern catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides Walt.), cockspur hawthorn (Crataegus crus-galli L.), red mulberry (Morus rubra L.), eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides Bartr.) and slippery elm (Ulmus rubra Muhl.)). Forest canopy was dominated by red oak and chestnut oak, but the understory tree community changed substantially from mixed oak-maple to red maple-black birch. Density decreased from an average of 1500 to 735 trees ha(-1), whereas basal area doubled from less than 15 m(2) ha(-1) to almost 30 m(2) ha(-1) by 2000. Forest-wide mean AGB from inventory data increased from about 71 Mg ha(-1) in 1930 to about 145 Mg ha(-1) in 1985, and mean AGB on the long-term plots increased from 75 Mg ha(-1) in 1936 to 218 Mg ha(-1) in 1998. Over 76 years, red oak (Quercus rubra L.) canopy trees stored carbon at about twice the rate of similar-sized canopy trees of other species. However, there has been a significant loss of live tree biomass as a result of canopy tree mortality since 1999. Important constraints on long-term biomass increment have included insect outbreaks and droughts.

  14. Evaluation of the resilience of a full-scale down-flow hanging sponge reactor to long-term outages at a sewage treatment plant in India.

    Onodera, Takashi; Takayama, Daisuke; Ohashi, Akiyoshi; Yamaguchi, Takashi; Uemura, Shigeki; Harada, Hideki


    Resilience to process outages is an essential requirement for sustainable wastewater treatment systems in developing countries. In this study, we evaluated the ability of a full-scale down-flow hanging sponge (DHS) reactor to recover after a 10-day outage. The DHS tested in this study uses polyurethane sponge as packing material. This full-scale DHS reactor has been tested over a period of about 4 years in India with a flow rate of 500 m(3)/day. Water was not supplied to the DHS reactor that was subjected to the 10-day outage; however, the biomass did not dry out because the sponge was able to retain enough water. Soon after the reactor was restarted, a small quantity of biomass, amounting to only 0.1% of the total retained biomass, was eluted. The DHS effluent achieved satisfactory removal of suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, and ammonium nitrogen within 90, 45, and 90 min, respectively. Conversely, fecal coliforms in the DHS effluent did not reach satisfactory levels within 540 min; instead, the normal levels of fecal coliforms were achieved within 3 days. Overall, the tests demonstrated that the DHS reactor was sufficiently robust to withstand long-term outages and achieved steady state soon after restart. This reinforces the suitability of this technology for developing countries.

  15. Days of Rock



    FROM last October 1 st to 3rd, at the foot of Fragrant Hill, a suburban Beijing resort famous for its flaming maple leaves in autumn, more than 20,000 rock fans indulged themselves in music for three days.

  16. Writing Rock Music Reviews.

    Brown, Donal


    Suggests ways student reviewers of rock music groups can write better reviews. Among the suggestions made are that reviewers occasionally discuss the audience or what makes a particular group unique, support general comment with detail, and avoid ecstatic adjectives. (TJ)

  17. Rock kinoekraanil / Katrin Rajasaare

    Rajasaare, Katrin


    7.-11. juulini kinos Sõprus toimuval filminädalal "Rock On Screen" ekraanile jõudvatest rockmuusikuid portreteerivatest filmidest "Lou Reed's Berlin", "The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer", "Control: Joy Division", "Hurriganes", "Shlaager"

  18. Art on Rock


    With sprawling deserts and serene lakes, the natural wonders of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region have never failed totake the breath away from visitors. The areahas another major attraction, though: the Helan Mountain rock engravings.

  19. Rock kinoekraanil / Katrin Rajasaare

    Rajasaare, Katrin


    7.-11. juulini kinos Sõprus toimuval filminädalal "Rock On Screen" ekraanile jõudvatest rockmuusikuid portreteerivatest filmidest "Lou Reed's Berlin", "The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer", "Control: Joy Division", "Hurriganes", "Shlaager"

  20. Pop & rock / Berk Vaher

    Vaher, Berk, 1975-


    Uute heliplaatide Redman "Malpractice", Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm "Popstars", Clawfinger "A Whole Lot of Nothing", Dario G "In Full Color", MLTR e. Michael Learns To Rock "Blue Night" lühitutvustused

  1. Pop & rock / Berk Vaher

    Vaher, Berk, 1975-


    Uute heliplaatide Redman "Malpractice", Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm "Popstars", Clawfinger "A Whole Lot of Nothing", Dario G "In Full Color", MLTR e. Michael Learns To Rock "Blue Night" lühitutvustused

  2. Art on Rock

    HU YUE


    @@ With sprawling deserts and serene lakes, the natural wonders of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region have never failed to take the breath away from visitors. The area has another major attraction, though: the Helan Mountain rock engravings.

  3. Feições intempéricas em rochas alcalinas félsicas de Nova Iguaçu, RJ Weathering fabrics in felsic alkaline rocks of Nova Iguaçu, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Akihisa Motoki


    Full Text Available Esse artigo apresenta descrições de campo e considerações genéticas de feições intempéricas observadas em rochas alcalinas félsicas de Nova Iguaçu, RJ, com atenção especial aos clastos traquíticos de brecha vulcânica. Observam-se dois tipos de feições notáveis: "case hardening", o endurecimento da superfície da rocha por cimentação dos minerais intempéricos com o auxílio de hidróxidos dissolvidos na água superficial percolante; "dissociação mineral", o intemperismo seletivo de minerais e a conseqüente formação de cavidades na superfície da rocha. Nos afloramentos intemperizados das brechas, o case hardening forma saliência centimétrica dos clastos traquíticos sobre a superfície da matriz. Os clastos maiores do que 30 cm mostram a feição de saliência e reentrância na borda, que é originada do contraste entre a superfície endurecida e a subsuperfície não endurecida. Esses clastos têm suave saliência central cuja subsuperfície é composta do núcleo sem alteração. A lixiviação dos fenocristais de feldspato alcalino forma numerosas cavidades na superfície intemperizada de clastos de traquito porfirítico, gerando uma estrutura pseudovesicular, porém, na subsuperfície, a rocha menos alterada com textura maciça está presente. Esse fato demonstra que essas não são bombas, spatter ou escória. Essas observações são desfavoráveis à hipótese do Vulcão de Nova Iguaçu, que adota uma origem extrusiva dos clastos como um argumento fundamental.This paper presents the field description and genetic consideration of weathering fabrics observed in the Nova Iguaçu felsic alkaline rocks, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with special attention to trachytic clasts of volcanic breccia. Two types of notable fabrics are observed: "case hardening", the rock surface induration by cementation of weathered minerals with the help of the hydroxides dissolved in the surface water; and "mineral dissociation", the

  4. Evaluation of natural radioactivity in some granitic rocks in the state of Parana, Brazil and its use in civil construction; Avaliacao da radioatividade natural em algumas rochas graniticas do estado do Parana e sua utilizacao na construcao civil

    Ferreira, Ademar de Oliveira


    rate was determined by the passive detection technique with the Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (CR-39) and the sealed can technique, assuming a ventilation rate of 0.5 h{sup -1} and an annual exposure time of 7000 h. The results for this studies show that the annual effective dose ranged from (62 {+-} 3) {mu}Sv.y{sup 1} to (138 {+-} 1) {mu}Sv.y{sup -1} and the internal annual effective dose ranged from (0,39 {+-} 0,04) {mu}Sv.y{sup -1} to (70 {+-} 4) {mu}Sv.y{sup -1}. These values are below the maximum limit of 1 mSv.y{sup -1} suggested by the European Commission of Radiological Protection, meaning that the granitic rocks evaluated can be used without radiological implications since the considered scenario is obeyed. The values obtained for the contribution due to the internal dose ranged from 1 % to 78 % of the values obtained for the respective external dose showing the radon contribution varies strongly with the rock type. The results of the correlations between {sup 222}Rn superficial exhalation rate, {sup 226}Ra activity concentration, density, porosity and major oxides of the samples, showed that, in terms of influence in the emanation fraction of radon, the most important parameter is the density, due to low porosity and similarity in terms of chemical composition amid the studied samples. (author)

  5. Finite Element Analysis of the Effect on Edge Distance of the Tensile Bearing Capacity of Embedded Hanging Parts

    Meng Xian Hong


    Full Text Available In order to explore the trend of tensile bearing capacity of embedded hanging parts when change the edge distance. Based on the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, the four simulation model was established. The buried depth and strength of concrete remain unchanged, but the edge distance was gradient change. By the load - displacement curve of every model known, the greater the edge distance, the greater the bearing capacity. When the edge distance reaches 1.5 times buried depth, the effect of increasing edge distance for improving the bearing capacity will be impaired.

  6. Rock avalanches on glaciers

    Shugar, Daniel


    This thesis examines relations between rock avalanches and the glaciers on which they are deposited. I have attempted to understand a geophysical phenomenon from two viewpoints: sedimentology and glaciology. The contributions are both methodological, and practical. I have used a GIS to quantify debris sheet geomorphology. A thorough characterization of rock avalanche debris is a necessary step in understanding the flow mechanics of large landslide. I have also developed a technique for solvin...

  7. Evolution of sedimentary rock formation of a rock association level

    Kuznetsov, V. G.


    The evolution of sedimentary rock formation of a highly organized level (paragenetic rock associations) is more complex than that of a poorly organized level (rocks). Subjacent rock associations are established for the entire geological evolution of the Earth: they varied in time and were obsolescent or, in contrast, nascent and momentary. A certain cyclicity of evolution is identified along with directed changes.

  8. Weathering of rock 'Ginger'


    One of the more unusual rocks at the site is Ginger, located southeast of the lander. Parts of it have the reddest color of any material in view, whereas its rounded lobes are gray and relatively unweathered. These color differences are brought out in the inset, enhanced at the upper right. In the false color image at the lower right, the shape of the visible-wavelength spectrum (related to the abundance of weathered ferric iron minerals) is indicated by the hue of the rocks. Blue indicates relatively unweathered rocks. Typical soils and drift, which are heavily weathered, are shown in green and flesh tones. The very red color in the creases in the rock surface correspond to a crust of ferric minerals. The origin of the rock is uncertain; the ferric crust may have grown underneath the rock, or it may cement pebbles together into a conglomerate. Ginger will be a target of future super-resolution studies to better constrain its origin.Mars Pathfinder is the second in NASA's Discovery program of low-cost spacecraft with highly focused science goals. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, developed and manages the Mars Pathfinder mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. The Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) was developed by the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory under contract to JPL. Peter Smith is the Principal Investigator. JPL is an operating division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

  9. Ultra-oxidized rocks in subduction mélanges? Decoupling between oxygen fugacity and oxygen availability in a Mn-rich metasomatic environment

    Tumiati, Simone; Godard, Gaston; Martin, Silvana; Malaspina, Nadia; Poli, Stefano


    solid oxides and silicates, because O2 is a negligible species in the fluid phase. Therefore, the description of the redox conditions of most petrological systems requires the introduction of an extensive variable, namely the oxygen molar quantity (nO2). As a consequence, the oxygen chemical potential, and thus fO2, becomes a dependent state variable, not univocally indicative of the redox conditions of the entire rock column of a subduction zone, from the dehydrating oceanic crust to the overlying mantle wedge. On a more general basis, the comparison of fO2 retrieved from different bulk compositions and different phase assemblages is sometimes challenging and should be undertaken with care. From the study of mélange rocks at Praborna, the distribution of oxygen at subduction zones could be modelled as an oxidation gradient, grading from a maximum in the subducted altered oceanic crust to a minimum in the overlying peridotites of the mantle hanging-wall.

  10. Indices chimiques pour l'évaluation de l'état diagénétique des huiles et des roches sapropéliques Chemical Evidence for Evaluating the Diagenetic State of Sapropelic Oils and Rocks

    Du Rouchet J.


    Full Text Available Les analyses chromatographiques des vapeurs produites par le chauffage à 220 °C d'huiles brutes et de roches mettent en évidence une augmentation avec la diagenèse des teneurs en n-alcanes relativement aux teneurs en cyclones et en iso-alcanes. Une étude statistique permet de préciser la regularite de l'evolution des rapports des teneurs en n-C 6 et en méthylcyclopentane etdes teneurs en n-C 7 et en I-trans-2-diméthylcyclopentane et met en évidence pour les roches une corrélation significative entre ces rapports et les réflectances de la vitrinite. Ces rapports peuvent donc être considérés comme des indicateurs diagénétiques; ils paraissent être moins dépendants des caractéristiques particulières de la matière organique originelle que les couples pristane-n-C 17 et phytane-n-C 18 habituellement utilisés pour repérer l'état d'évolution des huiles et des extraits de roche. Une calibration en termes de réflectance de la vitrinite est proposée. Chromatographic analyses of the vapors produced by crude cils and rocks heated to 220°C reveal, with diagenesis, an increase in the n-alkane contents with respect to the cyclone and isoalkane contents. A statistical survey shows the regularity of the variation in the ratios of the n-C 6 and methylcyclopentane contents and the n-C7 and I-trans-2-dimethylcyclopentane contents and reveals a meaningful corrélation for rocks between these ratios and the vitrinite reflectances. Therefore, these ratios may be considered as diagenetic indicators. They appear to depend less on the particular properties of the original organic motter thon on the pristane/n-C 17 and phytane/n-C 18 pairs normally used to determine the state of evolution of ails and of rock extracts. A calibration in terms of vitrinite reflectance is proposed.

  11. Experimental and theoretical analysis of the rate of solvent equilibration in the hanging drop method of protein crystal growth

    Fowlis, William W.; Delucas, Lawrence J.; Twigg, Pamela J.; Howard, Sandra B.; Meehan, Edward J.


    The principles of the hanging-drop method of crystal growth are discussed, and the rate of water evaporation in a water droplet (containing protein, buffer, and a precipitating agent) suspended above a well containing a double concentration of precipitating agent is investigated theoretically. It is shown that, on earth, the rate of evaporation may be determined from diffusion theory and the colligative properties of solutions. The parameters affecting the rate of evaporation include the temperature, the vapor pressure of water, the ionization constant of the salt, the volume of the drop, the contact angle between the droplet and the coverslip, the number of moles of salt in the droplet, the number of moles of water and salt in the well, the molar volumes of water and salt, the distance from the droplet to the well, and the coefficient of diffusion of water vapor through air. To test the theoretical equations, hanging-drop experiments were conducted using various reagent concentrations in 25-microliter droplets and measuring the evaporation times at 4 C and 25 C. The results showed good agreement with the theory.

  12. Measurement of force to obstruct the cervical arteries and distribution of tension exerted on a ligature in hanging.

    Yamasaki, Shigeru; Takase, Izumi; Takada, Naoki; Nishi, Katsuji


    We experienced suicidal hanging cases without a ligature in front of the neck. We conducted several anatomical autopsies and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and studied the dynamics behind hanging by applying an apparatus to cadaver and creating a dummy. MRI revealed that the vertebral artery protrudes diagonally upward from the second vertebra to the first one. We also found that this area was not covered with any bony tissue. The average length between the first and second transverse processes was 2 cm. We measured the minimum required force to obstruct the blood stream in both carotid and vertebral arteries exerting 130 mmHg. The required force was 6 kg for the carotid artery and 7 kg for the vertebral artery. Compared to the reported cases, there was not a significant difference in the force to obstruct the carotid artery, however, that of the vertebral artery was lower than the force reported so far. With an experiment of pressure sensitive plastic-sheet, we learned the lateral sides of the neck are compressed more. The results obtained from this study show that the complete and fatal obstruction of the carotid and the vertebral arteries may easily occur when the ligature transects at the lower part of mandible angle.

  13. Headspace Hanging Drop Liquid Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Flavors from Clove Buds

    Jung, Mi Jin; Shin, Yeon Jae; Oh, Se Yeon; Kim, Nam Sun; Kim, Kun; Lee, Dong Sun [Seoul Women' s University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    A novel sample pretreatment technique, headspace hanging drop liquid phase microextraction (HS-LPME) was studied and applied to the determination of flavors from solid clove buds by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Several parameters affecting on HS-LPME such as organic solvent drop volume, extraction time, extraction temperature and phase ratio were investigated. 1-Octanol was selected as the extracting solvent, drop size was fixed to 0.6 μL. 60 min extraction time at 25 .deg. C was chosen. HS-LPME has the good efficiency demonstrated by the higher partition equilibrium constant (K{sub lh}) values and concentration factor (CF) values. The limits of detection (LOD) were 1.5-3.2 ng. The amounts of eugenol, β-caryophyllene and eugenol acetate from the clove bud sample were 1.90 mg/g, 1.47 mg/g and 7.0 mg/g, respectively. This hanging drop based method is a simple, fast and easy sample enrichment technique using minimal solvent. HSLPME is an alternative sample preparation method for the analysis of volatile aroma compounds by GC-MS.

  14. Recording of Supernovae in Rock Art, A Case Study at the Paint Rock Pictograph Site

    Houston, Gordon L.; Simonia, Irakli; NA


    The Paint Rock pictographs in central Texas and their use as solar markers were formally reported for the first time by Dr. R. Robert Robbins at the 1999 AAS meeting #193 in Austin, Texas. He reported the operations of the winter solstice marker and suggested the possibility of more, including a summer solstice solar marker. Since this first report, there have been many informal studies of the Paint Rock site. In 1955, William C. Miller made the first interpretation of rock art as depicting images of the Crab supernova of AD 1054, which has produced many reports at other rock art sites in the American Southwest, including one at Paint Rock. All of these claims have a star and crescent configuration. Recently, these claims have been dismissed. We propose that the second panel at Paint Rock is representative of Tycho Brahe's supernovae SN1572. Miller set up a set of restrictions and criteria to evaluate these potential claims. We discuss Miller's criteria and two additional sets of criteria to evaluate representations of historical records of supernovae sightings. Two sets of characteristics of supernovae are provided, the first being galactic location and the second observational characteristics of naked eye supernovae. Employing astronomical software, we show that the panel at Paint Rock meets the restrictions and criteria discussed, that leads to high confidence in stating it records Tycho Brahe's supernova SN1572.

  15. Hot-dry-rock geothermal resource 1980

    Heiken, G.; Goff, F.; Cremer, G. (ed.)


    The work performed on hot dry rock (HDR) geothermal resource evaluation, site characterization, and geophysical exploration techniques is summarized. The work was done by region (Far West, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Rocky Mountain States, Midcontinent, and Eastern) and limited to the conterminous US.

  16. Hot-dry-rock geothermal resource 1980

    Heiken, G.; Goff, F.; Cremer, G. (ed.)


    The work performed on hot dry rock (HDR) geothermal resource evaluation, site characterization, and geophysical exploration techniques is summarized. The work was done by region (Far West, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Rocky Mountain States, Midcontinent, and Eastern) and limited to the conterminous US.

  17. Resources evaluation of layer-shaped volcanic lava-type uranium deposits in Dazhou ore-field,Gan-Hang uranium metallogenic belt%赣杭铀成矿带大洲矿田层状火山熔岩型铀矿资源评价



    本文全面总结了大洲铀矿田成矿地质背景及铀矿特征,分析了溶浸采矿条件,论述了大洲铀矿田溶浸采矿的可行性,并指明应用溶浸采矿技术重新评价赣杭铀成矿带硬岩型铀矿资源的必要性。%According to the technological requirements, using theory ofsolution mining, the author makes a resources evaluation of layer-shaped volcanic lava-type uranium deposits in Dazhou ore-field, Gan-Hang uranium metallogenic belt. This paper comprehensively summarizes the metallogenic geologic background and characteristics of uranium deposits in Dazhou uranium ore-field, analyses the conditions of solution mining and describes the feasibility of solution mining in Dazhou uranium ore-field, then proposes the necessity to reevaluate hard rock uranium resources in Gan-Hang uranium metallognic belt.

  18. Numerical testing rock strata stability around mine workings

    Szmelter, J.; Walaszczyk, J.


    Methods are evaluated for stress analysis around mine roadways influenced by underground coal mining. Effects of underground mining on rock strata stability are analyzed. A discrete model of rock strata was developed using the finite element method. Effects of second-order strains on rock strata behavior were analyzed using the linear Hooke model. The fact that any deviation of rock strata from the state of equilibrium depended on transfer of energy from outside the system was used as a safety criterion. 2 refs.

  19. Digital carbonate rock physics

    Saenger, Erik H.; Vialle, Stephanie; Lebedev, Maxim; Uribe, David; Osorno, Maria; Duda, Mandy; Steeb, Holger


    Modern estimation of rock properties combines imaging with advanced numerical simulations, an approach known as digital rock physics (DRP). In this paper we suggest a specific segmentation procedure of X-ray micro-computed tomography data with two different resolutions in the µm range for two sets of carbonate rock samples. These carbonates were already characterized in detail in a previous laboratory study which we complement with nanoindentation experiments (for local elastic properties). In a first step a non-local mean filter is applied to the raw image data. We then apply different thresholds to identify pores and solid phases. Because of a non-neglectable amount of unresolved microporosity (micritic phase) we also define intermediate threshold values for distinct phases. Based on this segmentation we determine porosity-dependent values for effective P- and S-wave velocities as well as for the intrinsic permeability. For effective velocities we confirm an observed two-phase trend reported in another study using a different carbonate data set. As an upscaling approach we use this two-phase trend as an effective medium approach to estimate the porosity-dependent elastic properties of the micritic phase for the low-resolution images. The porosity measured in the laboratory is then used to predict the effective rock properties from the observed trends for a comparison with experimental data. The two-phase trend can be regarded as an upper bound for elastic properties; the use of the two-phase trend for low-resolution images led to a good estimate for a lower bound of effective elastic properties. Anisotropy is observed for some of the considered subvolumes, but seems to be insignificant for the analysed rocks at the DRP scale. Because of the complexity of carbonates we suggest using DRP as a complementary tool for rock characterization in addition to classical experimental methods.

  20. Session: Hard Rock Penetration

    Tennyson, George P. Jr.; Dunn, James C.; Drumheller, Douglas S.; Glowka, David A.; Lysne, Peter


    This session at the Geothermal Energy Program Review X: Geothermal Energy and the Utility Market consisted of five presentations: ''Hard Rock Penetration - Summary'' by George P. Tennyson, Jr.; ''Overview - Hard Rock Penetration'' by James C. Dunn; ''An Overview of Acoustic Telemetry'' by Douglas S. Drumheller; ''Lost Circulation Technology Development Status'' by David A. Glowka; ''Downhole Memory-Logging Tools'' by Peter Lysne.

  1. Rock Art Research in Southeast Asia: A Synthesis

    Noel Hidalgo Tan


    Full Text Available Rock art has been known in Southeast Asia since the early 19th century, but relatively little attention has been paid to this class of archaeological material. This paper attempts to correct the perception that there is little rock art known in the region; especially in the light of intensified research efforts over the last 30 years that have led to the discovery of numerous new sites. Over a thousand rock art sites are known in the form of rock paintings, petroglyphs and megaliths in Southeast Asia, and their distribution across the various territories are uneven. This paper summarises the state of rock art research in Southeast Asia and discusses some of the challenges of studying rock art in this region, research trends and new finds from recent research.

  2. Rocks and geology in the San Francisco Bay region

    Stoffer, Philip W.


    The landscape of the San Francisco Bay region is host to a greater variety of rocks than most other regions in the United States. This introductory guide provides illustrated descriptions of 46 common and important varieties of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock found in the region. Rock types are described in context of their identification qualities, how they form, and where they occur in the region. The guide also provides discussion about of regional geology, plate tectonics, the rock cycle, the significance of the selected rock types in relation to both earth history and the impact of mineral resources on the development in the region. Maps and text also provide information where rocks, fossils, and geologic features can be visited on public lands or in association with public displays in regional museums, park visitor centers, and other public facilities.

  3. Modelling of a thermally activated building system (TABS) combined with free-hanging acoustic ceiling units using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

    Lacarte, Luis Marcos Domínguez; Fan, Jianhua


    of the heat exchange between the TABS and the room and the occupants. The simulations are validated by comparison with full scale measurements in laboratory conditions. The study shows that for equivalent sound absorption levels, free-hanging vertical sound absorbers have a lower impact on the heat exchange...... between the room and the TABS compared to free-hanging horizontal sound absorbers. Cold air stagnation between the sound absorber units and the TABS has been identified as the major cause of the cooling performance decrease of the TABS....

  4. Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Title IX Generation, Mathematics, and the State of Feminist Quantitative Social Science Research

    Jill R. Williams


    Full Text Available In this essay I reflect on the fortieth anniversary of the Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act of 1972 (Title IX, which prohibited discrimination based on sex in federally funded education programs in the United States and inspired educational programs that encourage girls to pursue math and science careers. I argue that despite the feminist underpinnings of Title IX, in recent years feminism has discouraged the advancement of women in math and science by excluding quantitative research from its publications, quantitative researchers from women's and gender studies programs, and quantitative training from its curriculum. I examine my own experience of growing up with Title IX programs, the long-term ramifications of those programs, and my recent struggles to do feminist demography to show how the relationship of feminism to the promotion of quantitative sciences has changed over time. I argue that there is an unfinished revolution in feminism and a stall in the development of feminist quantitative social science research that can only be resolved by creating intellectual space for feminist quantitative work in the academy.

  5. The thermal evolution indicator of carbonate rocks

    王兆云; 范璞; 程克明


    It has been studied by the solid state 13C NMR analysis that the chemical composition and the structure feature of kerogen of carbonate rocks are characteristic of different types and evolution degree. The purpose is to show the evolution degree using the structure parameters of kerogen of carbonate rocks. The detailed analysis of the carbon aromaticity (fa), the hydrogen aromaticity (Ha) and the average aromatic cluster size (Xb) indicates that Xb is the most effective indicator of evolution degree, and it is not influenced by the type and evolution degree of kerogen. The correlation between the average aromatic cluster size and vitrinite reflectance value of kerogen has also been established.

  6. Energy analysis for damage and catastrophic failure of rocks


    The development history and current state of studies on the characteristics and mechanisms of deformation and failure of rock materials were briefly reviewed from the viewpoint of energy.The main scope and the achievable objectives of the energy-based research system were expatiated.It was validated by experiments that the damage process of rocks can be well described by the rock damage evolution equation established based on energy dissipation.It was found from the uniaxial compression and biaxial compression tests that only a small proportion of the total input energy in hard rocks is dissipated before peak load and a large proportion in soft rocks is dissipated before peak load.For both hard and soft rocks,the energy dissipated after peak load accounts for a greater proportion.More energy would be required for rock failure under equal biaxial compression than under unequal biaxial compression.The total absorbed energy is different for rock failure under high-rate loading and low-rate loading.More fragmented failure pattern usually corresponds to higher energy absorption.The mesoscopic analysis on the damage and failure of bedded salt rocks showed that the energy dissipation is prominent and the total absorbed energy for rock failure is low when cracks propagate in the weak mud interlayer while it is contrary when cracks propagate in the salt rock.The energy accumulation,transfer,dissipation and release during the failure process of tunnel with impending failure under disturbance were analyzed theoretically based on the elastoplastic mechanics theory.Furthermore,the spatial distribution of energy dissipation and energy release of fractured rocks under unloading was simulated numerically.It was demonstrated that energy is likely to be released from the weakest surface under compression,which triggers the global failure of rocks.

  7. Teaching the Rock Cycle with Ease.

    Bereki, Debra


    Describes a hands-on lesson for teaching high school students the concept of the rock cycle using sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Students use a rock cycle diagram to identify pairs of rocks. From the rock cycle, students explain on paper how their first rock became the second rock and vice versa. (PVD)

  8. Microcraters on lunar rocks.

    Morrison, D. A.; Mckay, D. S.; Heiken, G. H.; Moore, H. J.


    Microcrater frequency distributions have been obtained for nine Apollo rocks and an exterior chip of an Apollo 12 rock. The frequency distributions indicate that five of the Apollo 14 rocks were tumbled more than once exposing different rock faces whereas four were not tumbled and represent a single exposure interval. The cumulative frequency of craters per square centimeter was extended below optical resolution limits using a SEM scan of an exterior chip of breccia 12073. No craters with central pit diameters less than 15 microns were seen in a total area of 0.44 sq cm. A detailed SEM scan of crystal faces and glassy crater liners revealed no microcraters equal to or larger than the resolution limit of 5 microns. An upper limit of 170 craters per sq cm with central pit diameters larger than 5 microns was set. The slope of the cumulative frequency curve for craters with central pit diameters less than about 75 microns is less than that obtained by other workers.

  9. Umhlanga Rocks coastal defense

    De Jong, L.; De Jong, B.; Ivanova, M.; Gerritse, A.; Rietberg, D.; Dorrepaal, S.


    The eThekwini coastline is a vulnerable coastline subject to chronic erosion and damage due to sea level rise. In 2007 a severe storm caused major physical and economic damage along the coastline, proving the need for action. Umhlanga Rocks is a densely populated premium holiday destination on the

  10. Rock-hard coatings

    Muller, M.


    Aircraft jet engines have to be able to withstand infernal conditions. Extreme heat and bitter cold tax coatings to the limit. Materials expert Dr Ir. Wim Sloof fits atoms together to develop rock-hard coatings. The latest invention in this field is known as ceramic matrix composites. Sloof has sign

  11. Umhlanga Rocks coastal defense

    De Jong, L.; De Jong, B.; Ivanova, M.; Gerritse, A.; Rietberg, D.; Dorrepaal, S.


    The eThekwini coastline is a vulnerable coastline subject to chronic erosion and damage due to sea level rise. In 2007 a severe storm caused major physical and economic damage along the coastline, proving the need for action. Umhlanga Rocks is a densely populated premium holiday destination on the e

  12. Engineering properties of coal measure rocks

    Thill, R.E.; Jessop, J.A.


    Engineering properties of rock are essential in most phases of mining from site reconaissance through mineral processing. Review of the literature indicates, however, that property data is scarce for most coal measure rocks in the United States. The Bureau of Mines has undertaken a wide-ranging testing program to provide more complete property data for coal strata in the U.S. coal basins. The property data are expected to have applications in geophysical exploration, development of premining and hazard detection probes and instrumentation, mine design, engineering and rock mass classification, subsidence engineering, and ground control. This paper describes the comprehensive program encompassing in situ geological, geophysical, and geotechnical properties and laboratory determinations of acoustic, electromagnetic, physical, mechanical, and index properties and discusses results for 500 feet of coal measures at a mine site in the northern Appalachian, eastern coal province.

  13. Range sections as rock models for intensity rock scene segmentation

    Mkwelo, S


    Full Text Available This paper presents another approach to segmenting a scene of rocks on a conveyor belt for the purposes of measuring rock size. Rock size estimation instruments are used to monitor, optimize and control milling and crushing in the mining industry...

  14. Controller Design and Analysis of Spacecraft Automatic Levelling and Equalizing Hoist Device based on Hanging Point Adjustment

    Tang Laiying


    Full Text Available Spacecraft Automatic Levelling and Equalizing Hoist Device (SALEHD is a kind of hoisting device developed for eccentric spacecraft level-adjusting, based on hanging point adjustment by utilizing XY-workbench. To make the device automatically adjust the spacecraft to be levelling, the controller for SALEHD was designed in this paper. Through geometry and mechanics analysis for SALEHD and the spacecraft, the mathematical model of the controller is established. And then, the link of adaptive control and the link of variable structure control were added into the controller to adapt the unknown parameter and eliminate the interference of support vehicle. The stability of the controller was analysed, through constructing Lyapunov energy function. It was proved that the controller system is asymptotically stable, and converged to origin that is equilibrium point. So the controller can be applied in SALEHD availably and safely.

  15. Storm Water General Permit 3 for Rock and Asphalt

    Iowa State University GIS Support and Research Facility — General permit #3 for storm water discharges associated with industrial activity for Asphalt Plants, Concrete Batch Plants, Rock Crushing Plants and Construction...

  16. New York and New England carbonate-rock aquifers

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the extent of the New York and New England carbonate-rock aquifers in the states of New York, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut,...

  17. The Effect of Magnesium Carbonate (Chalk) on Geometric Entropy, Force, and Electromyography During Rock Climbing.

    Kilgas, Matthew A; Drum, Scott N; Jensen, Randall L; Phillips, Kevin C; Watts, Phillip B


    Rock climbers believe chalk dries the hands of sweat and improves the static coefficient of friction between the hands and the surface of the rock. The purpose of this study was to assess whether chalk affects geometric entropy or muscular activity during rock climbing. Nineteen experienced recreational rock climbers (13 males, 6 females; 173.5 ± 7.0 cm; 67.5 ± 3.4 kg) completed 2 climbing trails with and without chalk. The body position of the climber and muscular activity of the finger flexors was recorded throughout the trial. Following the movement sequence participants hung from a standard climbing hold until they slipped from the climbing structure, while the coefficient of friction and the ratio of the vertical forces on the hands and feet were determined. Although there were no differences in the coefficient of friction (P = .748), geometric entropy (P = .359), the ratio of the vertical forces between the hands and feet (P = .570), or muscular activity (P = .968), participants were able to hang longer after the use of chalk 62.9 ± 36.7 s and 49.3 ± 25.2 s (P = .046). This is advantageous because it may allow for prolonged rests, and more time to plan the next series of climbing moves.

  18. A ‘painted chamber’ in Beverwijk by Jacobus Luberti Augustini: novel insights into the working methods and painting practices in a painted wall-hanging factory

    Verslype, I.; Verhave, J.; Smelt, S.; Keune, K.; Sigmond, H.; van Eikema Hommes, M.; Evans, H.; Muir, K.


    The restoration of the ‘painted chamber’ in Beverwijk by Jacobus Luberti Augustini instigated an in-depth technical study of the room and its painted canvas wall hangings. Through close observation with the naked eye, ultraviolet light, infrared reflectography and the study of paint samples in combi

  19. A ‘painted chamber’ in Beverwijk by Jacobus Luberti Augustini: novel insights into the working methods and painting practices in a painted wall-hanging factory

    Verslype, I.; Verhave, J.; Smelt, S.; Keune, K.; Sigmond, H.; van Eikema Hommes, M.; Evans, H.; Muir, K.


    The restoration of the ‘painted chamber’ in Beverwijk by Jacobus Luberti Augustini instigated an in-depth technical study of the room and its painted canvas wall hangings. Through close observation with the naked eye, ultraviolet light, infrared reflectography and the study of paint samples in

  20. Zonal disintegration phenomenon in enclosing rock mass surrounding deep tunnels Elasto-plastic analysis of stress field of enclosing rock mass

    WU Hao; FANG Qin; ZHANG Ya-dong; GONG Zi-ming


    The zonal disintegration phenomenon (ZDP) is a typical phenomenon in deep block rock masses. In order to investigate the mechanism of ZDP, an improved non-linear Hock-Brown strength criterion and a bi-linear constitutive model of rock mass were used to analyze the elasto-plastic stress field of the enclosing rock mass around a deep round tunnel. The radius of the plastic region and stress of the enclosing rock mass were obtained by introducing dimensionless parameters of radial distance. The results show that tunneling in deep rock mass causes a maximum stress zone to appear in the vicinity of the boundary of the elastic and the plas-tic zone in the surrounding rock mass. Under the compression of a large tangential force and a small radial force, the rock mass in the maximum stress zone was in an approximate uniaxial loading state, which could lead to a split failure in the rock mass.




    Non-consistency of stress results is often observed during field measurements. In some cases, even the measurements are made at the same location in a massive rockmass, the results can vary widely. In order to solve the problem, extensive research has been carried out to study the major factors which may affect stress determination. They include the rock behaviour and the stress state. For rocks showing non-isotropic behaviour, the values of Young's modulus and Poisson ratio vary with the orientation of loading and measurement. Stress condition in the rock affects the rock behaviour. Furthermore, the loading condition on rock samples during laboratory tests is different from in the field and therefore the determined elastic constants may not represent the field condition. In general, the Young's modulus may depend on the orientation, the loading path, the stress magnitude and the stress ratio. This paper examines in detail the effects of those factors, especially for rocks showing transversely isotropic behaviour. It is found that the discrepancy of stress results from fieldts in this type of rock is mainly due to over simplification of the rock behavior and inadequate use of elastic constants of the rock during stress calculation. A case study is given, which indicates the significance of these factors and demonstrates the proper procedure for stress calculation from

  2. Constitutive model of rock based on microstructures simulation

    YE Zhou-yuan; HONG Liang; LIU Xi-ling; YIN Tu-bing


    The constitutive model of rock can be built by mechanics elements because there are many kinds of damages in rock under varied loads. It is resumed that rock contains many microstructures and a structure of Bingham. The microstructure consists of two embranchments that are the unit of a spring and a gliding slice in series and the unit of a spring and a cementation bar in series, the two units connect each other in parallel. These microstructures are arranged disorderly or in the order of a certain state. A certain distribution of microstructures represents one type of rock. Two kinds of rock's constitutive relationship were deduced by using the model. One is the model in which many parallel microstructures and a structure of Bingham connect in series. And it is used to homogeneous rock. The other is the model in which many microstructures and a structure of Bingham connect in series. And it is used to the rock with much crack or microcrack in a certain direction. The two kinds of constitutive relationship were verified by the studied cases. The constitutive model of rock built by using mechanics elements is verified to be reasonable. Moreover, different types of rocks may be described with mechanics elements with different distributions.

  3. Geological factors of core destruction in drilling tensioned rocks of the Donbas

    Zabigailo, V.E.; Belyi, I.S.


    The results of scientific investigations in study of the geological conditions of the manifestation of ejections of rocks are set forth. Information on ejection of rocks, characteristics of the main genetic types of ejected rocks, their post-diagenetic changes, mineral composition of the structure of sandstones, collector, stability and elastic properties, gas content, and also characteristics of the tensioned state is presented. A geological model of the ejection hazard of rocks is proposed. A method of investigating the division of the core into disks as one of the factors of the danger of ejection of rocks is presented. The technological and natural factors of disking of the core are studied: tensioned state of the rocks, their structure, physical and mechanical properties, degree of saturability with moisture, surface-active substances and gas. A method of assessing the degree of danger of ejection of rocks according to results of drilling of samples in modelled conditions of the mountain (rock) mass is worked out.

  4. Cuttability Assessment of Selected Rocks Through Different Brittleness Values

    Dursun, Arif Emre; Gokay, M. Kemal


    Prediction of cuttability is a critical issue for successful execution of tunnel or mining excavation projects. Rock cuttability is also used to determine specific energy, which is defined as the work done by the cutting force to excavate a unit volume of yield. Specific energy is a meaningful inverse measure of cutting efficiency, since it simply states how much energy must be expended to excavate a unit volume of rock. Brittleness is a fundamental rock property and applied in drilling and rock excavation. Brittleness is one of the most crucial rock features for rock excavation. For this reason, determination of relations between cuttability and brittleness will help rock engineers. This study aims to estimate the specific energy from different brittleness values of rocks by means of simple and multiple regression analyses. In this study, rock cutting, rock property, and brittleness index tests were carried out on 24 different rock samples with different strength values, including marble, travertine, and tuff, collected from sites around Konya Province, Turkey. Four previously used brittleness concepts were evaluated in this study, denoted as B 1 (ratio of compressive to tensile strength), B 2 (ratio of the difference between compressive and tensile strength to the sum of compressive and tensile strength), B 3 (area under the stress-strain line in relation to compressive and tensile strength), and B 9 = S 20, the percentage of fines (University of Science and Technology (NTNU) model as well as B 9p (B 9 as predicted from uniaxial compressive, Brazilian tensile, and point load strengths of rocks using multiple regression analysis). The results suggest that the proposed simple regression-based prediction models including B 3, B 9, and B 9p outperform the other models including B 1 and B 2 and can be used for more accurate and reliable estimation of specific energy.

  5. Rock and mineral magnetism

    O’Reilly, W


    The past two decades have witnessed a revolution in the earth sciences. The quantitative, instrument-based measurements and physical models of. geophysics, together with advances in technology, have radically transformed the way in which the Earth, and especially its crust, is described. The study of the magnetism of the rocks of the Earth's crust has played a major part in this transformation. Rocks, or more specifically their constituent magnetic minerals, can be regarded as a measuring instrument provided by nature, which can be employed in the service of the earth sciences. Thus magnetic minerals are a recording magnetometer; a goniometer or protractor, recording the directions of flows, fields and forces; a clock; a recording thermometer; a position recorder; astrain gauge; an instrument for geo­ logical surveying; a tracer in climatology and hydrology; a tool in petrology. No instrument is linear, or free from noise and systematic errors, and the performance of nature's instrument must be assessed and ...

  6. Pitted Rock Named Ender


    This image was taken by the Sojourner rover's right front camera on Sol 33. The rock in the foreground, nicknamed 'Ender', is pitted and marked by a subtle horizontal texture. The bright material on the top of the rock is probably wind-deposited dust. The Pathfinder Lander is seen in the distance at right. The lander camera is the cylindrical object on top of the deployed mast.Mars Pathfinder is the second in NASA's Discovery program of low-cost spacecraft with highly focused science goals. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, developed and managed the Mars Pathfinder mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

  7. Uranium in alkaline rocks

    Murphy, M.; Wollenberg, H.; Strisower, B.; Bowman, H.; Flexser, S.; Carmichael, I.


    Geologic and geochemical criteria were developed for the occurrence of economic uranium deposits in alkaline igneous rocks. A literature search, a limited chemical analytical program, and visits to three prominent alkaline-rock localities (Ilimaussaq, Greenland; Pocos de Caldas, Brazil; and Powderhorn, Colorado) were made to establish criteria to determine if a site had some uranium resource potential. From the literature, four alkaline-intrusive occurrences of differing character were identified as type-localities for uranium mineralization, and the important aspects of these localities were described. These characteristics were used to categorize and evaluate U.S. occurrences. The literature search disclosed 69 U.S. sites, encompassing nepheline syenite, alkaline granite, and carbonatite. It was possible to compare two-thirds of these sites to the type localities. A ranking system identified ten of the sites as most likely to have uranium resource potential.

  8. Alkaline Rocks and Geodynamics

    BONIN, Bernard


    Origin of A-type alkali feldspar granites is currently the subject of a world-wide debate. Contrasting hypotheses have been proposed, which range from an entirely crustal origin to an almost complete mantle derivation. A-type alkali feldspar granites belong to either unimodal granite (rhyolite)-dominated association, or bimodal gabbro (basalt)-granite (rhyolite) suite. It is argued that (i) the ultimate mantle origin of basic to intermediate rocks is beyond doubt, (ii) highly evolved felsi...

  9. Toxicology findings in suicides: concentrations of ethanol and other drugs in femoral blood in victims of hanging and poisoning in relation to age and gender of the deceased.

    Jones, Alan Wayne; Holmgren, Anita; Ahlner, Johan


    Over-consumption of alcohol and/or abuse of other drugs are closely linked to attempted or completed suicides. In this retrospective 10-year study (2001-2010), we compared the toxicology findings in hanging suicides (n = 4551) with drug poisoning (intoxication) suicides (n = 2468). The mean age of hanging deaths was 49 ± 19 y (±SD) and 80% were male, compared with a mean age of 52 ± 17 y and 47% males for the intoxication deaths. Poly-drug use was more common in poisoning suicides with an average of 3.6 drugs/case compared with 1.8 drugs/case in hangings. Moreover, 31% of hangings were negative for alcohol and/or drugs. Alcohol was detected (>0.20 g/L) in femoral blood in 30% of hanging suicides (mean 1.39 g/L) and 36% of drug poisonings (mean 1.39 g/L). The median BACs did not depend on the person's age or gender (p > 0.05). Ethanol, paracetamol, citalopram, diazepam, propiomazine, alimemazine and zopiclone were amongst the top-ten drugs detected in both methods of suicide. With the exception of ethanol, the concentrations of drugs in blood were considerably higher in the poisoning deaths, as might be expected. Regardless of the method of suicide, antidepressants and/or antipsychotics were common findings, which could implicate mental health as a significant suicide risk factor.

  10. Rock blasting and explosives engineering

    Persson, P.-A.; Holmberg, R.; Lee, J. (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM (United States). Research Center for Energetic Materials)


    The book covers the practical engineering aspects of different kinds of rock blasting. It includes a thorough analysis of the cost of the entire process of tunneling by drilling and blasting compared with full-face boring. It covers the economics of the entire rock blasting operation and its dependence on the size of excavation. The book highlights the fundamentals of rock mechanics, shock waves and detonation, initiation and mechanics of rock motion. It describes the engineering design principles and computational techniques for many separate mining methods and rock blasting operations. 274 refs.

  11. Rock in Rio: forever young

    Ricardo Ferreira Freitas


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to discuss the role of Rock in Rio: The Musical, as herald of megafestival Rock in Rio. Driven by the success that musicals have reached in Brazil, we believe that the design of this spectacle of music, dance and staging renews the brand of the rock festival, once it adds the force of young and healthy bodies to its concept. Moreover, the musical provides Rock in Rio with some distance from the controversal trilogy of sex, drugs and rock and roll, a strong mark of past festivals around the world. Thus, the musical expands the possibilities of growth for the brand.

  12. Rock in Rio: eternamente jovem

    Ricardo Ferreira Freitas; Flávio Lins Rodrigues


    The purpose of this article is to discuss the role of Rock in Rio: The Musical, as herald of megafestival Rock in Rio. Driven by the success that musicals have reached in Brazil, we believe that the design of this spectacle of music, dance and staging renews the brand of the rock festival, once it adds the force of young and healthy bodies to its concept. Moreover, the musical provides Rock in Rio with some distance from the controversal trilogy of sex, drugs and rock and roll, a strong mark ...

  13. Investigations of safety measures against rock bursts in Stara Jama of the brown coal mine 'Zenica'

    Osmanagic, M.; Kocar, F.; Petkovic, L.; Teskeredzic, S.


    This paper provides a detailed historical review, with charts, illustrations and formulae used, of the cause, effect, research done, and safety measures taken concerning rock bursts in the Stara Jama seam of the Zenica brown coal mine in Yugoslavia. The geological conditions of the seam, with high calorific value and strength lying in very hard and elastic limestone and limestone marls, are reviewed. From 1962 onward, systematic recording and classification of rock burst frequency, size, intensity, and location have been carried out. Some observations are: regular mining of the relaxed overlaying seam without leaving pillars proved effective relative to reducing rock burst danger; rate of advance considerably affects the number and intensity of rock bursts; breaking of the basic hanging wall is an important factor; coal pillars between two goafs is dangerous for mining. Partial success has been achieved in forecasting and artificially provoking rock bursts. Stress relaxation by blasting has proved to be the most effective measure. Advances have also been made in reducing stored energy by water injection under high pressure. (14 refs.) (In English)

  14. Mass transfer controlled by fracturing in micritic carbonate rocks

    Richard, James; Coulon, Michel; Gaviglio, Patrick


    The fractured Coniacian chalk from the Omey area (Paris Basin, France) displays strong evidence of modifications controlled by brittle deformation. Fracturing is associated with important changes in pore space (decrease in total porosity and pore interconnection, change in distribution of pore access diameters and capillary characteristics), nannofacies (gradual evolution from a point-contact fabric to a welded, interlocked or coalescent fabric) and chemical composition (Sr concentration decrease). These modifications result from fluid-rock interaction that control significant mass transfer (percentage of secondary calcite >50%). Sr is a remarkable indicator of these mass transfers. Sr analyses allowed us to prove that the deformed zone (26.7 m) is wider than the fractured zone (11.3 m). They also indicate that the footwall block is less affected than the hanging wall block. A physicochemical model of the deformation mechanism is proposed. It shows that a cyclic process of fracturing controls the temporal evolution of the fluid saturation and fluid pressure and, consequently, the mass transfer.

  15. History of ``NANO''-Scale VERY EARLY Solid-State (and Liquid-State) Physics/Chemistry/Metallurgy/ Ceramics; Interstitial-Alloys Carbides/Nitrides/Borides/...Powders and Cermets, Rock Shocks, ...

    Maiden, Colin; Siegel, Edward

    History of ``NANO'': Siegel-Matsubara-Vest-Gregson[Mtls. Sci. and Eng. 8, 6, 323(`71); Physica Status Solidi (a)11,45(`72)] VERY EARLY carbides/nitrides/borides powders/cermets solid-state physics/chemistry/metallurgy/ ceramics FIRST-EVER EXPERIMENTAL NANO-physics/chemistry[1968 ->Physica Status Solidi (a)11,45(`72); and EARLY NANO-``physics''/NANO-``chemistry'' THEORY(after: Kubo(`62)-Matsubara(`60s-`70s)-Fulde (`65) [ref.: Sugano[Microcluster-Physics, Springer('82 `98)

  16. Towards a mechanical failure model for degrading permafrost rock slopes representing changes in rock toughness and infill

    Mamot, Philipp; Krautblatter, Michael; Scandroglio, Riccardo


    SRT measurements confirm that the unstable area lies in a permafrost border zone. The south face of the Zugspitze crest is mainly thawed while the north face shows permanently frozen sections. ii. High-accuracy movement measurements along discontinuities reveal maximum rates of 73.8 mm/year and an average of 10.26 mm/year (median: 4.01 mm/year). iii. Brazilian lab tests on saturated Zugspitze limestone show that indirect tensile strength decreases by 30 % from frozen to unfrozen condition. iv. Saturated Zugspitze limestone shows a decrease by 15 % in P-wave velocity from frozen to unfrozen state. v. Shear tests on fill material of discontinuities at the Zugspitze crest reveal that shear strength in frozen state is higher than in unfrozen state. Fine grained soil decreases by 5-45 % and coarse grained soil by 35-65 % after thawing. Krautblatter M, Funk D, Günzel FK. 2013. Why permafrost rocks become unstable: a rock-ice-mechanical model in time and space. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38: 876-887.

  17. Michael Learns to Rock



    夜幕降临.空气中传来北欧的声音,来自丹麦的四人流行乐队Michael Learns to Rock(迈克学摇滚)正把探情款款的歌声带到上海的咖啡厅和酒吧。北欧一直活跃着一批世界顶级的乐队.从丹麦的A-Ha到Aqua,从瑞典的ABBA到Roxette和Ace of Base,从挪威的Se

  18. From stones to rocks

    Mortier, Marie-Astrid; Jean-Leroux, Kathleen; Cirio, Raymond


    With the Aquila earthquake in 2009, earthquake prediction is more and more necessary nowadays, and people are waiting for even more accurate data. Earthquake accuracy has increased in recent times mainly thanks to the understanding of how oceanic expansion works and significant development of numerical seismic prediction models. Despite the improvements, the location and the magnitude can't be as accurate as citizen and authorities would like. The basis of anticipating earthquakes requires the understanding of: - The composition of the earth, - The structure of the earth, - The relations and movements between the different parts of the surface of the earth. In order to answer these questions, the Alps are an interesting field for students. This study combines natural curiosity about understanding the predictable part of natural hazard in geology and scientific skills on site: observing and drawing landscape, choosing and reading a representative core drilling, replacing the facts chronologically and considering the age, the length of time and the strength needed. This experience requires students to have an approach of time and space radically different than the one they can consider in a classroom. It also limits their imagination, in a positive way, because they realize that prediction is based on real data and some of former theories have become present paradigms thanks to geologists. On each location the analyzed data include landscape, core drilling and the relation established between them by students. The data is used by the students to understand the meaning, so that the history of the formation of the rocks tells by the rocks can be explained. Until this year, the CBGA's perspective regarding the study of the Alps ground allowed students to build the story of the creation and disappearance of the ocean, which was a concept required by French educational authorities. But not long ago, the authorities changed their scientific expectations. To meet the

  19. Elastic Properties of Sedimentary Rocks

    Melendez Martinez, Jaime

    Sedimentary rocks are an important research topic since such rocks are associated to sources of ground water as well as oil, gas, and mineral reservoirs. In this work, elastic and physical properties of a variety of sedimentary samples that include glacial sediments, carbonates, shales, one evaporite, and one argillite from a variety of locations are investigated. Assuming vertical transverse isotropy, ultrasonic compressional- and shear-waves (at 1 MHz central frequency) were measured as a function of confining pressure on all samples with the exception of glacial samples which were tested assuming isotropy. Tensile strength tests (Brazilian test) were also carried out on selected glacial samples and, in addition, static-train measurements were conducted on shales and argillite samples. Lithological and textural features of samples were obtained through thin section techniques, scanning electron microscopy images and micro-tomography images. X-ray diffraction and X-Ray fluorescence provided the mineralogical oxides content information. Porosity, density, and pore structure were studied by using a mercury intrusion porosimeter and a helium pycnometer. The wide range of porosities of the studied samples (ranging from a minimum of 1% for shales to a maximum 45% for some glacial sediments) influence the measured velocities since high porosity sample shows an noticeable velocity increment as confining pressure increases as a consequence of closure of microcracks and pores, unlike low porosity samples where increment is quasi-lineal. Implementation of Gassmann's relation to ultrasonic velocities obtained from glacial samples has negligible impact on them when assuming water saturated samples, which suggests that state of saturation it is no so important in defining such velocities and instead they are mainly frame-controlled. On the other hand, velocities measured on carbonate and evaporite samples show that samples are at best weak anisotropic, thus the intrinsic

  20. Kimberlite Wall Rock Fragmentation: Venetia K08 Pipe Development

    Barnett, W.; Kurszlaukis, S.; Tait, M.; Dirks, P.


    Volcanic systems impose powerful disrupting forces on the country rock into which they intrude. The nature of the induced brittle deformation or fragmentation can be characteristic of the volcanic processes ongoing within the volcanic system, but are most typically partially removed or obscured by repeated, overprinting volcanic activity in mature pipes. Incompletely evolved pipes may therefore provide important evidence for the types and stages of wall rock fragmentation, and mechanical processes responsible for the fragmentation. Evidence for preserved stages of fragmentation is presented from a detailed study of the K08 pipe within the Cambrian Venetia kimberlite cluster, South Africa. This paper investigates the growth history of the K08 pipe and the mechanics of pipe development based on observations in the pit, drill core and thin sections, from geochemical analyses, particle size distribution analyses, and 3D modeling. Present open pit exposures of the K08 pipe comprise greater than 90% mega-breccia of country rock clasts (gneiss and schist) with fractal statistics on particle size distributions (PSD) is used to quantify sheared and non- sheared breccia zones. The calculated energy required to form the non-sheared breccia PSD implies an explosive early stage of fragmentation that pre-conditions the rock mass. The pre-conditioning would have been caused by explosions that are either phreatic or phreatomagmatic in nature. The explosions are likely to have been centered on a dyke, or pulses of preceding volatile-fluid phases, which have encountered a local hydrologically active fault. The explosions were inadequate in mechanical energy release (72% of a mine production blast) to eject material from the pipe, and the pipe may not have breached surface. The next stage of fragmentation is interpreted to have been an upward-moving collapse of the pre-conditioned hanging wall of a subterranean volcanic excavation. This would explain the mega-scale layering across

  1. Zonal disintegration phenomenon in rock mass surrounding deep tunnels

    WU Hao; FANG Qin; GUO Zhi-kun


    Zonal disintegration is a typical static phenomenon of deep rock masses. It has been defined as alternating regions of fractured and relatively intact rock mass that appear around or in front of the working stope during excavation of a deep tunnel. Zonal disintegration phenomenon was successfully demonstrated in the laboratory with 3D tests on analogous gypsum models, two circular cracked zones were observed in the test. The linear Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion was used with a constitutive model that showed linear softening and ideal residual plastic to analyze the elasto-plastic field of the enclosing rock mass around a deep tunnel. The results show that tunneling causes a maximum stress zone to appear between an elastic and plastic zone in the surrounding rock. The zonal disintegration phenomenon is analyzed by considering the stress-strain state of the rock mass in the vicinity of the maximum stress zone. Creep instability failure of the rock due to the development of the plastic zone, and transfer of the maximum stress zone into the rock mass, are the cause of zonal disintegration. An analytical criterion for the critical depth at which zonal disintegration can occur is derived. This depth depends mainly on the character and stress concentration coefficient of the rock mass.

  2. Simulation of failure process of jointed rock


    A modified discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA) algorithm was proposed to simulate the failure behavior of jointed rock.In the proposed algorithm,by using the Monte-Carlo technique,random joint network was generated in the domain of interest.Based on the joint network,the triangular DDA block system was automatically generated by adopting the advanced front method.In the process of generating blocks,numerous artificial joints came into being,and once the stress states at some artificial joints satisfy the failure criterion given beforehand,artificial joints will turn into real joints.In this way,the whole fragmentation process of rock mass can be replicated.The algorithm logic was described in detail,and several numerical examples were carried out to obtain some insight into the failure behavior of rock mass containing random joints.From the numerical results,it can be found that the crack initiates from the crack tip,the growth direction of the crack depends upon the loading and constraint conditions,and the proposed method can reproduce some complicated phenomena in the whole process of rock failure.

  3. Rock critics as 'Mouldy Modernists'

    Becky Shepherd


    Full Text Available Contemporary rock criticism appears to be firmly tied to the past. The specialist music press valorise rock music of the 1960s and 1970s, and new emerging artists are championed for their ‘retro’ sounding music by journalists who compare the sound of these new artists with those included in the established ‘canon’ of rock music. This article examines the narrative tropes of authenticity and nostalgia that frame the retrospective focus of this contemporary rock writing, and most significantly, the maintenance of the rock canon within contemporary popular culture. The article concludes by suggesting that while contemporary rock criticism is predominately characterised by nostalgia, this nostalgia is not simply a passive romanticism of the past. Rather, this nostalgia fuels a process of active recontextualisation within contemporary popular culture.

  4. Fossils, rocks, and time

    Edwards, Lucy E.; Pojeta, John


    We study our Earth for many reasons: to find water to drink or oil to run our cars or coal to heat our homes, to know where to expect earthquakes or landslides or floods, and to try to understand our natural surroundings. Earth is constantly changing--nothing on its surface is truly permanent. Rocks that are now on top of a mountain may once have been at the bottom of the sea. Thus, to understand the world we live on, we must add the dimension of time. We must study Earth's history. When we talk about recorded history, time is measured in years, centuries, and tens of centuries. When we talk about Earth history, time is measured in millions and billions of years. Time is an everyday part of our lives. We keep track of time with a marvelous invention, the calendar, which is based on the movements of Earth in space. One spin of Earth on its axis is a day, and one trip around the Sun is a year. The modern calendar is a great achievement, developed over many thousands of years as theory and technology improved. People who study Earth's history also use a type of calendar, called the geologic time scale. It looks very different from the familiar calendar. In some ways, it is more like a book, and the rocks are its pages. Some of the pages are torn or missing, and the pages are not numbered, but geology gives us the tools to help us read this book.

  5. Rock Properties Model

    C. Lum


    The purpose of this model report is to document the Rock Properties Model version 3.1 with regard to input data, model methods, assumptions, uncertainties and limitations of model results, and qualification status of the model. The report also documents the differences between the current and previous versions and validation of the model. The rock properties model provides mean matrix and lithophysae porosity, and the cross-correlated mean bulk density as direct input to the ''Saturated Zone Flow and Transport Model Abstraction'', MDL-NBS-HS-000021, REV 02 (BSC 2004 [DIRS 170042]). The constraints, caveats, and limitations associated with this model are discussed in Section 6.6 and 8.2. Model validation accomplished by corroboration with data not cited as direct input is discussed in Section 7. The revision of this model report was performed as part of activities being conducted under the ''Technical Work Plan for: The Integrated Site Model, Revision 05'' (BSC 2004 [DIRS 169635]). The purpose of this revision is to bring the report up to current procedural requirements and address the Regulatory Integration Team evaluation comments. The work plan describes the scope, objectives, tasks, methodology, and procedures for this process.

  6. A smart rock

    Pressel, Phil


    This project was to design and build a protective weapon for a group of associations that believed in aliens and UFO's. They collected enough contributions from societies and individuals to be able to sponsor and totally fund the design, fabrication and testing of this equipment. The location of this facility is classified. It also eventually was redesigned by the Quartus Engineering Company for use at a major amusement park as a "shoot at targets facility." The challenge of this project was to design a "smart rock," namely an infrared bullet (the size of a gallon can of paint) that could be shot from the ground to intercept a UFO or any incoming suspicious item heading towards the earth. Some of the challenges to design this weapon were to feed cryogenic helium at 5 degrees Kelvin from an inair environment through a unique rotary coupling and air-vacuum seal while spinning the bullet at 1500 rpm and maintain its dynamic stability (wobble) about its spin axis to less than 10 micro-radians (2 arc seconds) while it operated in a vacuum. Precision optics monitored the dynamic motion of the "smart rock."

  7. Technological characterization of basaltic rocks of Canoas I Hydroelectric Power Plant, Paranapanema river, Sao Paulo - Parana states, Brazil; Caracterizacao tecnologica das rochas basalticas da Usina Hidroeletrica Canoas I, Rio Paranapanema, SP/PR

    Marrano, Antonio


    Basaltic litotypes from the rock mass foundation of Canoas I Hydroelectric Power Plant were submitted to technological characterization tests, in order to verify their suitability as construction material. Physical and mechanical properties (density, porosity, water absorption, ultrasonic velocity, compressive and splitting tensile strength, among others) were determined, besides petrographic analyses. Weather ability tests were also performed, not only through wetting-drying cycles and by immersion in ethylene glycol but by outdoor exposure as well, using crushed and core drilled specimens. Detailed procedures for the weather ability test using core specimens from rotary drilling are given. It is analyzed the influence of a geological feature (fault zone, about 10 meters thick and 20 degrees dip), that occurs in the rock mass foundation, on the technological properties of these rocks. Basaltic litotypes selected as construction material are then pointed out. (author)

  8. Managing Rock Squirrels in Utah

    Frey, Nicki


    Although they do not exist in large colonies like other ground squirrels, rock squirrels can still sometimes generate conflicts with homeowners and farmers alike. Most damage occurs when a few rock squirrels take residence in a homeowner’s back yard, and begin to forage on garden vegetables and fruit trees. There are several direct and indirect ways that private landowners can manage and reduce rock squirrels on their property. This fact sheet give management tips.

  9. [Hearing disorders and rock music].

    Lindhardt, Bjarne Orskov


    Only few studies have investigated the frequency of hearing disorders in rock musicians. Performing rock music is apparently associated with a hearing loss in a fraction of musicians. Tinnitus and hyperacusis are more common among rock musicians than among the background population. It seems as if some sort of resistance against further hearing loss is developed over time. The use of ear protection devices have not been studied systematically but appears to be associated with diminished hearing loss.

  10. Life-History Traits of the Model Organism Pristionchus pacificus Recorded Using the Hanging Drop Method: Comparison with Caenorhabditis elegans.

    Gilarte, Patricia; Kreuzinger-Janik, Bianca; Majdi, Nabil; Traunspurger, Walter


    The nematode Pristionchus pacificus is of growing interest as a model organism in evolutionary biology. However, despite multiple studies of its genetics, developmental cues, and ecology, the basic life-history traits (LHTs) of P. pacificus remain unknown. In this study, we used the hanging drop method to follow P. pacificus at the individual level and thereby quantify its LHTs. This approach allowed direct comparisons with the LHTs of Caenorhabditis elegans recently determined using this method. When provided with 5×10(9) Escherichia coli cells ml(-1) at 20°C, the intrinsic rate of natural increase of P. pacificus was 1.125 (individually, per day); mean net production was 115 juveniles produced during the life-time of each individual, and each nematode laid an average of 270 eggs (both fertile and unfertile). The mean age of P. pacificus individuals at first reproduction was 65 h, and the average life span was 22 days. The life cycle of P. pacificus is therefore slightly longer than that of C. elegans, with a longer average life span and hatching time and the production of fewer progeny.

  11. Life-History Traits of the Model Organism Pristionchus pacificus Recorded Using the Hanging Drop Method: Comparison with Caenorhabditis elegans.

    Patricia Gilarte

    Full Text Available The nematode Pristionchus pacificus is of growing interest as a model organism in evolutionary biology. However, despite multiple studies of its genetics, developmental cues, and ecology, the basic life-history traits (LHTs of P. pacificus remain unknown. In this study, we used the hanging drop method to follow P. pacificus at the individual level and thereby quantify its LHTs. This approach allowed direct comparisons with the LHTs of Caenorhabditis elegans recently determined using this method. When provided with 5×10(9 Escherichia coli cells ml(-1 at 20°C, the intrinsic rate of natural increase of P. pacificus was 1.125 (individually, per day; mean net production was 115 juveniles produced during the life-time of each individual, and each nematode laid an average of 270 eggs (both fertile and unfertile. The mean age of P. pacificus individuals at first reproduction was 65 h, and the average life span was 22 days. The life cycle of P. pacificus is therefore slightly longer than that of C. elegans, with a longer average life span and hatching time and the production of fewer progeny.

  12. Resection of Segments 4, 5 and 8 for a Cystic Liver Tumor Using the Double Liver Hanging Maneuver

    Atsushi Nanashima


    Full Text Available To achieve complete anatomic central hepatectomy for a large tumor compressing surrounding vessels, transection by an anterior approach is preferred but a skillful technique is necessary. We propose the modified technique of Belghiti’s liver hanging maneuver (LHM. The case was a 77-year-old female with a 6-cm liver cystic tumor in the central liver compressing hilar vessels and the right hepatic vein. At the hepatic hilum, the spaces between Glisson’s pedicle and hepatic parenchyma were dissected, which were (1 the space between the right anterior and posterior Glisson pedicles and (2 the space adjacent to the umbilical Glisson pedicle. Two tubes were repositioned in each space and ‘double LHM’ was possible at the two resected planes of segments 4, 5 and 8. Cut planes were easily and adequately obtained and the compressed vessels were secured. Double LHM is a useful surgical technique for hepatectomy for a large tumor located in the central liver.

  13. Climate warming and stability of cold hanging glaciers: Lessons from the gigantic 1895 Altels break-off

    Faillettaz, Jerome; Funk, Martin


    The Altels hanging glacier broke off on September 11, 1895. The ice volume of this catastrophic rupture was estimated at $\\rm 4.10^6$ cubic meters and is the largest ever observed ice fall event in the Alps. The causes of this collapse are however not entirely clear. Based on previous studies, we reanalyzed this break-off event, with the help of a new numerical model, initially developed by Faillettaz and others (2010) for gravity-driven instabilities. The simulations indicate that a break-off event is only possible when the basal friction at the bedrock is reduced in a restricted area, possibly induced by the storage of infiltrated water within the glacier. Moreover, our simulations reveal a two-step behavior: (i) A first quiescent phase, without visible changes, with a duration depending on the rate of basal changes; (ii) An active phase with a rapid increase of basal motion over a few days. The general lesson obtained from the comparison between the simulations and the available evidence is that visible si...

  14. Development of downflow hanging sponge (DHS) reactor as post treatment of existing combined anaerobic tank treating natural rubber processing wastewater.

    Watari, Takahiro; Cuong Mai, Trung; Tanikawa, Daisuke; Hirakata, Yuga; Hatamoto, Masashi; Syutsubo, Kazuaki; Fukuda, Masao; Nguyen, Ngoc Bich; Yamaguchi, Takashi


    Conventional aerated tank technology is widely applied for post treatment of natural rubber processing wastewater in Southeast Asia; however, a long hydraulic retention time (HRT) is required and the effluent standards are exceeded. In this study, a downflow hanging sponge (DHS) reactor was installed as post treatment of anaerobic tank effluent in a natural rubber factory in South Vietnam and the process performance was evaluated. The DHS reactor demonstrated removal efficiencies of 64.2 ± 7.5% and 55.3 ± 19.2% for total chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total nitrogen, respectively, with an organic loading rate of 0.97 ± 0.03 kg-COD m(-3) day(-1) and a nitrogen loading rate of 0.57 ± 0.21 kg-N m(-3) day(-1). 16S rRNA gene sequencing analysis of the sludge retained in the DHS also corresponded to the result of reactor performance, and both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria were detected in the sponge carrier. In addition, anammox bacteria was found in the retained sludge. The DHS reactor reduced the HRT of 30 days to 4.8 h compared with the existing algal tank. This result indicates that the DHS reactor could be an appropriate post treatment for the existing anaerobic tank for natural rubber processing wastewater treatment.

  15. Study on the effects of sulfur fumigation on chemical constituents and antioxidant activity of Chrysanthemum morifolium cv. Hang-ju.

    Wang, Shan; Hao, Li-Juan; Zhu, Jing-Jing; Zhang, Qi-Wei; Wang, Zhi-Min; Zhang, Xian; Song, Xiao-mei


    The traditional after-harvesting drying method of C. morifolium cv. Hang-ju (HJ) is sun drying, but recently sulfur fumigation is increasingly used as a cheap and convenient method. However, the effects of sulfur fumigation on chemical constituents and potential activities of HJ were unknown. A comprehensively comparison of the chemical profiles between non-fumigated HJ (NHJ) and sulfur-fumigated HJ (SHJ) was conducted by HPLC fingerprints analysis and the discrepant peaks were identified or tentatively assigned by HPLC-ESI/MS(n). Dramatic chemical changes were found that the contents of 4 flavonoid aglycones remarkably increased while those of 7 glycosides significantly reduced which suggested that sulfur-fumigation induced flavonoid glycosides transformed into aglycons by hydrolysis reaction. A significant loss of hydroxycinnamoylquinic acids showed the sulfur fumigation was a destructive effect on HJ. Principal component analysis (PCA) was employed to rapidly discriminate NHJ and SHJ samples. By ICP-OES analysis, it was found that the residue of sulfur of SHJ were three times higher than NHJ (p<0.05). The antioxidant activity of NHJ and SHJ were evaluated by DPPH and FRAP assay, and the results showed that NHJ had much stronger antioxidant activities than SCF (p<0.05). Combining the results of chemical analysis, residue of sulfur and pharmacological evaluation, it showed that the sulfur fumigation was a destructive effect on HJ.

  16. Planned complex suicide by penetrating captive-bolt gunshot and hanging: case study and review of the literature.

    Viel, Guido; Schröder, Ann Sophie; Püschel, Klaus; Braun, Christian


    Captive-bolt guns or slaughterer's guns are devices widely used in meat industry and private farmer households for slaughtering animal stocks. They consist of a simple cylindrical metal tube (barrel) with a metal bolt placed in their centre (around 9-15cm long and 1-1.5cm wide). The bolt is actuated by a trigger pull and is propelled forward by compressed air or by the discharge of a blank powder gun cartridge. Violent deaths inflicted by captive-bolt guns are rarely encountered in forensic practice and are predominantly suicidal events. We report an unusual complex suicide by hanging and self-shooting with a slaughterer's gun in a 21-year-old boy. The victim after putting a ceiling fixed rope around his neck shot himself in the head (occipital region) with a Kerner captive-bolt gun. He used two mirrors (a cosmetic mirror and a man-sized one) in order to properly visualize his back and to target the occipital region of his head. Radiological data (computed tomography with three dimensional reconstruction) and autopsy findings are discussed according to the clinical and forensic literature. A brief review on planned complex suicides is also given.

  17. Hanging canyons of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada: Fault-control on submarine canyon geomorphology along active continental margins

    Harris, Peter T.; Barrie, J. Vaughn; Conway, Kim W.; Greene, H. Gary


    Faulting commonly influences the geomorphology of submarine canyons that occur on active continental margins. Here, we examine the geomorphology of canyons located on the continental margin off Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, that are truncated on the mid-slope (1200-1400 m water depth) by the Queen Charlotte Fault Zone (QCFZ). The QCFZ is an oblique strike-slip fault zone that has rates of lateral motion of around 50-60 mm/yr and a small convergent component equal to about 3 mm/yr. Slow subduction along the Cascadia Subduction Zone has accreted a prism of marine sediment against the lower slope (1500-3500 m water depth), forming the Queen Charlotte Terrace, which blocks the mouths of submarine canyons formed on the upper slope (200-1400 m water depth). Consequently, canyons along this margin are short (4-8 km in length), closely spaced (around 800 m), and terminate uniformly along the 1400 m isobath, coinciding with the primary fault trend of the QCFZ. Vertical displacement along the fault has resulted in hanging canyons occurring locally. The Haida Gwaii canyons are compared and contrasted with the Sur Canyon system, located to the south of Monterey Bay, California, on a transform margin, which is not blocked by any accretionary prism, and where canyons thus extend to 4000 m depth, across the full breadth of the slope.

  18. Geology and coal resources of the Hanging Woman Creek Study Area, Big Horn and Powder River Counties, Montana

    Culbertson, William Craven; Hatch, Joseph R.; Affolter, Ronald H.


    In an area of 7,200 acres (29 sq km) In the Hanging Woman Creek study area, the Anderson coal bed contains potentially surface minable resources of 378 million short tons (343 million metric tons) of subbituminous C coal that ranges in thickness from 26 to 33 feet (7.9-10.1 m) at depths of less than 200 feet (60 m). Additional potentially surface minable resources of 55 million short tons (50 million metric tons) are contained in the 9-12 foot (2.7-3.7 m) thick Dietz coal bed which lies 50-100 feet (15-30 m) below the Anderson. Analyses of coal from 5 core holes indicates that the Anderson bed contains 0.4 percent sulfur, 5 percent ash, and has a heating value of 8,540 Btu/lb (4,750 Kcal/kg). The trace element content of the coal is generally similar to other coals in the Powder River Basin. The two coal beds are in the Fort Union Formation of Paleocene age which consists of sandstone, siltstone, shale, coal beds, and locally impure limestone. A northeast-trending normal fault through the middle of the area, downthrown on the southeast side, has displaced the generally flat lying strata as much as 300 feet (91 m). Most of the minable coal lies northwest of this fault.

  19. A new approach to the surgical treatment of parasitic cysts of the liver: Hepatectomy using the liver hanging maneuver


    AIM: To review 11 patients with parasitic cysts of the liver, who were treated by hepatic lobectomy using the liver hanging maneuver (LHM).METHODS: Between January 2003 and June 2006, we retrospectively analyzed patients who underwent surgical treatment due to parasitic cysts of the liver, at the Ege University School of Medicine, Department of General Surgery. Of these, the patients who underwent hepatic lobectomy using the LHM were reviewed and evaluated for surgical treatment outcome.RESULTS: Over a three-year period, there were 102 patients who underwent surgical treatment for parasitic cysts of the liver. Of these, 11 (10%) patients with parasitic cysts of the liver underwent hepatic lobectomy using the LHM. Presenting symptoms were abdominal pain, dyspepsia, and cholangitis. Cyst locations were as follows: right lobe filled with cyst, 7 (63%); segmental location, 2 (18%); and multiple locations, 2 patients (18%). All patients underwent hepatic lobectomy with an anterior approach using the LHM. The intraoperative blood transfusion requirement was one unit for 3 patients and two units for one patient. Postoperative complications included pulmonary atelectasy (2, 18%)and pleural effusion (2, 18%). No significant morbidity or mortality was observed.CONCLUSION: We concluded that hepatic lobectomy using the LHM should be considered, not only for hepatic tumors or donor hepatectomy, but also to treat parasitic cysts of the liver.

  20. Critical issues in soft rocks

    Milton Assis Kanji


    This paper discusses several efforts made to study and investigate soft rocks, as well as their physico-mechanical characteristics recognized up to now, the problems in their sampling and testing, and the possibility of its reproduction through artificially made soft rocks. The problems in utilizing current and widespread classification systems to some types of weak rocks are also discussed, as well as other problems related to them. Some examples of engineering works in soft rock or in soft ground are added, with emphasis on their types of problems and solutions.

  1. Cataclastic rheology of carbonate rocks

    LU Xiancai; SUN Yan; SHU Liangshu; GU Lianxing; GUO Jichun; ZHU Wenbin


    Based on the knowledge of the shallow-level mylonitization of detrital rocks and intrusive rocks, the poorly-known cataclastic rheology of carbonate rocks is discussed comprehensively in this paper. The cases taken from eastern China are analyzed in various aspects including ductile-brittle fault zone, rock texture and structure, clastomylonite layer, leucocratic stress minerals, and frictional dynamometamorphism. It is proposed that the cataclastic flow structure represented by clastomylonite texture is a cooling pattern of flow assemblage characterized by cooling metamorphism, cooling mylonite and cooling stress minerals. Such a pattern is formed generally in mildly reducing physicochemical environments, and is commonly related to regional tectonism and mesothermal and epithermal mineralization.

  2. 契约初始环境:自然状态与原初状态--洛克与罗尔斯之比较%The Initial Environment of Contract:the Natural State and the Original State- A Comparison between Rock and Rawls



    洛克与罗尔斯同属契约论,罗尔斯排除了传统契约论的形而上学基础,因而称其为新契约论。任何契约都是自由选择一致同意的结果,选择环境是缔结契约的关键。洛克的自然状态、罗尔斯的原初状态分别是他们各自对契约初始环境的描述,二者都包含两个方面:一是选择环境;二是选择主体。但二者在对如何达成一致同意的论证上又有所不同。本文以自然状态与原初状态对比分析为案例,阐释罗尔斯对传统契约论的继承与发展,为我们理解社会契约理论的发展提供新的视角和路径。%Both Rock and Rawls belong to the contract theory,and with the metaphysical foundation of traditional contract theo-ry being ruled out,Rawls’is called the new contract theory.A Contract results from free selection and common consent,and the environment in which the choice occurs is the key to reaching the contract.The natural state and the original state,Rock and Rawls’respective description of the initial contract environment,contain two aspects:the selection environment and the selec-tion body.But the two differ in how to reach an agreement.This paper makes a comparative study of Rock’s natural state and Rawls’original state and interprets the inheritance and development of Rawls on traditional contract theory,providing a new per-spective and path for us to understand the evolution of the social contract theory.

  3. NAFTA's shadow hangs over Kyoto's implementation

    Hornsby, D.J. [Cambridge Univ., (United Kingdom). Centre of International Studies; Summerlee, A.J.S. [Guelph Univ., ON (Canada). Dept. of Biomedical Science; Woodside, K.B. [Guelph Univ., ON (Canada). Dept. of Political Science


    The Canadian government recently stated that it will not meet its Kyoto targets by the end of the first period in 2012, and instead proposed a twofold solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The solutions involve the development of a Clean Air Act that will seek a 50 per cent reduction in emissions by 2050; and, participation in negotiations to determine the next steps for the Kyoto Protocol, post-2012. It was noted that as a ratified member of the Kyoto Protocol, Canada is still legally obligated to achieve its reduction requirements. However, as a co-signatory of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canada may be impeded from introducing and maintaining GHG reducing initiative since there are elements of NAFTA which may be used to block efforts that are considered discriminatory to trade. Chapter 11 of NAFTA assigns rights to Canadian, American and Mexican private investors to promote investment, ensure equal treatment and protect their investments against discrimination by NAFTA governments other than their own. These rights may challenge independent action by member states to reduce environmental risks. The authors emphasized that in order to avoid the possibility of legal challenges through Chapter 11 of NAFTA, it is important for the Canadian government to address various aspects of the flexibility mechanisms in the Kyoto Protocol. Three of these mechanisms were designed to reduce the financial burden and technological capacity issues associated with mitigating GHG emissions. These include emissions trading system, clean development mechanism, and joint implementation. The authors presented some policy recommendations to avoid future conflict. 26 refs.

  4. Rock.XML - Towards a library of rock physics models

    Jensen, Erling Hugo; Hauge, Ragnar; Ulvmoen, Marit; Johansen, Tor Arne; Drottning, Åsmund


    Rock physics modelling provides tools for correlating physical properties of rocks and their constituents to the geophysical observations we measure on a larger scale. Many different theoretical and empirical models exist, to cover the range of different types of rocks. However, upon reviewing these, we see that they are all built around a few main concepts. Based on this observation, we propose a format for digitally storing the specifications for rock physics models which we have named Rock.XML. It does not only contain data about the various constituents, but also the theories and how they are used to combine these building blocks to make a representative model for a particular rock. The format is based on the Extensible Markup Language XML, making it flexible enough to handle complex models as well as scalable towards extending it with new theories and models. This technology has great advantages as far as documenting and exchanging models in an unambiguous way between people and between software. Rock.XML can become a platform for creating a library of rock physics models; making them more accessible to everyone.

  5. Location, age, and rock type of volcanic rocks younger than 5 million years in Arizona and New Mexico

    Aldrich, M.J. Jr.; Laughlin, A.W.


    As part of the assessment of the Hot Dry Rock geothermal energy potential of Arizona and New Mexico, a compilation of the locations and ages of volcanic rocks less than 5 Myr was made. The locations of those rocks less than 3 Myr are shown on a map of the region. Because the compiled information has many uses in addition to geothermal exploration, the entire compilation is presented as a tabulation. The table is organized first by state and secondly by latitude and longitude within each state. Rock type, age and error, method of dating, and original reference are also given. The K-Ar dates have not been recalculated using the most recent decay constants for /sup 40/K. A few references gave only verbal descriptions of sample location; these locations were converted to approximate latitude and longitude.

  6. To the Question of the Russian Federation Law "About the International Commercial Arbitration" Сhanges

    Elena V. Sitkareva


    Full Text Available The UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL has prepared a Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration (1985, which became the main legislation on arbitration for nearly 70 countries, including Russian Federation, and, thereby, set world legislation standards for arbitration. A number of other international instruments were adopted. In the present article authors consider questions of international law and national regulatory activities of international commercial arbitration tribunals in general, as well as present detail of the provisions of law introduced to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation "On International Commercial Arbitration", which is aimed to align provisions of Russian legislation on international commercial arbitration with internationally recognized legislative approaches on key aspects of international commercial arbitration management practice. Author illustrates process of bill consideration and provide detailed characterization of the proposed changes. In addition to considering proposed innovations, authors critically analyze possible implications of the bill as amended and present opinions of specialists, experts, jurists, as well as represent their own justification.

  7. Permeability Measurements On Hot Rock Samples

    Mueller, S.; Spieler, O.; Scheu, B.; Dingwell, D. B.

    Gas permeability is an important issue with regards to the explosive behaviour of Si- rich volcanoes. It directly affects the gas pressure within the volcano which influences the eruptive behaviour of the volcano. To date permeability measurements have only been performed on cold porous rocks (e.g. Eichelberger et al. 1986, Klug &Cashman 1996), because measurements with higher temperatures are not possible with common gas permeameters. Investigating the permeability of volcanic rocks in a hot state (up to 850 C) provides a better insight into the degassing processes under natural condi- tions. Therefore, any new experimental setup is expected to yield information about the temperature dependency of permeability in volcanic rocks. The present experi- ments have been performed on samples with a wide range of porosities. The samples were collected from block-and-ash flows on Merapi (Indonesia), Unzen (Japan) and pumices on Lipari Island (Italy). Permeabiltiy was measured using a modified setup of the fragmentation apparatus. A cylindrical rock sample (Æ = 25mm, l = 60 mm), glued gas tight in a sample container, was placed in a steel autoclave. Below the sample was a defined volume of argon gas at a known pressure. After the rupture of a diaphragm, the pressure above the sample drops rapidly to atmospheric conditions and the pres- surized gas flows through the porous rock sample until the pressure is equalized. The length of time from the beginning of the pressure drop to equilization delivers the basis for the calculation of the gas flow rate. The measurements we have performed at room temperature and at 850C to study the temperature dependency of the permeability.

  8. Rock the Globe

    Laëtitia Pedroso


    Created in 2005, the Swiss rock band "Wind of Change" is now candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with a new song " Night & Light " with the music video filmed at CERN.   With over 20 gigs under their belt and two albums already released, the five members of the band (Alex Büchi, vocals; Arthur Spierer, drums; David Gantner, bass; Romain Mage and Yannick Gaudy, guitar) continue to excite audiences. For their latest composition "Night & Light", the group filmed their music video in the Globe of Science and Innovation. Winning the Eurovision contest would be a springboard in their artistic career for these young musicians. The selection results will be available December 11, 2010.      

  9. Rock softening due to ultrasonic acoustical energy

    Freund, F. T.; Freund, M. M.; Hedberg, C. M.; Haller, K. C.; Dahlgren, R.; Williams, C.; Agrawal, P.


    When igneous or high-grade metamorphic rocks are subjected to deviatoric stresses, dormant defects existing in the matrix of common rock-forming minerals become activated releasing mobile positive hole charge carriers. These defects consist of pairs of oxygen anions in the 1- valence state, e.g. peroxy links such as O3Si-OO-SiO3. When the peroxy bond breaks, O3Si-O:O-SiO3, an electron is transferred from a neighboring O2- creating a trapped electron defect, O3Si-O.O-SiO3, while the donor oxygen, now O-, turns into a defect electron or hole that can propagate as a highly mobile positive charge traveling along the upper edge of the valence band. There is evidence that the wave function associated with these positive hole charge carriers is highly delocalized. The delocalization lowers the electron density at the surrounding O2-, hence the bond energy, thereby affecting fundamental properties including the mechanical strength. To demonstrate the rock softening effect we mounted a rectangular bar of fine-grained gabbro about 30 cm long in a horizontal position clamping it at one end. A piezoelectric transducer (PZT) was epoxied to the fixed end of the rock bar to send ultrasonic energy at 57 KHz toward the cantilevered end. The downward deflection of the free end of the beam was measured with an interferometer to a high degree of precision. With ultrasonic energy present, the free end of the beam sagged near-instantaneously by about 0.2 μm and continued to sag slowly by about 0.4 μm over 120 sec. Upon turning off the PZT the rock bar returned slowly to the baseline deflection value. The ultrasound waves generated by the PZT activate positive holes, changing the apparent stiffness of the beam and causing its cantilevered end to bend downward. We also conducted experiments using an Instron 5569 Dual Column Testing System to subject rectangular plates (15.2 x 3.8 x 0.5 cm) of the same gabbro to dynamic three-point flexural tests. Using electrostatic fields of different

  10. Bifurcation and catastrophe of seepage flow system in broken rock

    MIAO Xie-xing; LI Shun-cai; CHEN Zhan-qing


    The study of dynamical behavior of water or gas flows in broken rock is a basic research topic among a series of key projects about stability control of the surrounding rocks in mines and the prevention of some disasters such as water inrush or gas outburst and the protection of the groundwater resource. It is of great theoretical and engineering importance in respect of promo-tion of security in mine production and sustainable development of the coal industry. According to the non-Darcy property of seepage flow in broken rock dynamic equations of non-Darcy and non-steady flows in broken rock are established. By dimensionless transformation, the solution diagram of steady-states satisfying the given boundary conditions is obtained. By numerical analysis of low relaxation iteration, the dynamic responses corresponding to the different flow parameters have been obtained. The stability analysis of the steady-states indicate that a saddle-node bifurcaton exists in the seepage flow system of broken rock. Consequently, using catastrophe theory, the fold catastrophe model of seepage flow instability has been obtained. As a result, the bifurcation curves of the seepage flow systems with different control parameters are presented and the standard potential function is also given with respect to the generalized state variable for the fold catastrophe of a dynamic system of seepage flow in broken rock.

  11. Workshop on hydrology of crystalline basement rocks

    Davis, S.N. (comp.)


    This workshop covered the following subjects: measurements in relatively shallow boreholes; measurement and interpretation of data from deep boreholes; hydrologic properties of crystalline rocks as interpreted by geophysics and field geology; rock mechanics related to hydrology of crystalline rocks; the possible contributions of modeling to the understanding of the hydrology of crystalline rocks; and geochemical interpretations of the hydrology of crystalline rocks. (MHR)

  12. Rock Art in Kurdistan Iran

    Jamal Lahafian


    Full Text Available Kurdistan, with great potential and prehistoric resources, has numerous petroglyphs in different areas of the province. During the last 14 years of extensive field study, more than 30 sites of rock art have been identified and introduced by the author. In this article, we summarize these rock art areas in Iranian Kurdistan.

  13. Rock Art in Kurdistan Iran

    Jamal Lahafian


    Kurdistan, with great potential and prehistoric resources, has numerous petroglyphs in different areas of the province. During the last 14 years of extensive field study, more than 30 sites of rock art have been identified and introduced by the author. In this article, we summarize these rock art areas in Iranian Kurdistan.

  14. Rockin' around the Rock Cycle

    Frack, Susan; Blanchard, Scott Alan


    In this activity students will simulate how sedimentary rocks can be changed into metamorphic rocks by intense pressure. The materials needed are two small pieces of white bread, one piece of wheat bread, and one piece of a dark bread (such as pumpernickel or dark rye) per student, two pieces of waxed paper, scissors, a ruler, and heavy books.…

  15. Rock suitability classification RSC 2012

    McEwen, T. (ed.) [McEwen Consulting, Leicester (United Kingdom); Kapyaho, A. [Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo (Finland); Hella, P. [Saanio and Riekkola, Helsinki (Finland); Aro, S.; Kosunen, P.; Mattila, J.; Pere, T.


    This report presents Posiva's Rock Suitability Classification (RSC) system, developed for locating suitable rock volumes for repository design and construction. The RSC system comprises both the revised rock suitability criteria and the procedure for the suitability classification during the construction of the repository. The aim of the classification is to avoid such features of the host rock that may be detrimental to the favourable conditions within the repository, either initially or in the long term. This report also discusses the implications of applying the RSC system for the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements concerning the host rock as a natural barrier and the site's overall suitability for hosting a final repository of spent nuclear fuel.

  16. Seismic properties of polyphase rocks

    Wang, Qin


    Knowledge about the seismic properties of polyphase rocks is fundamental for interpreting seismic refraction and reflection data and for establishing lithospheric structure and composition models. This study aims to obtain more precise relationships between seismic properties of rocks and controlling factors (e.g., pressure, temperature, mineralogical and chemical compositions, microstructure of rocks), particularly for those rocks imprinted by ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphism. These relationships will be very helpful to extrapolate calculated and measured seismic properties of rocks to depths of interest and to engender interpretations relevant to petrological composition and tectonic process. An Internet Database of Rock Seismic Properties (DRSP) was set up and a Handbook of Seismic Properties of Minerals, Rocks and Ores was published. They comprise almost all data available in the literature during the past 4 decades and can serve as a convenient, comprehensive and concise information source on physical properties of rocks to the earth sciences and geotechnical communities. Statistical results of the DRSP reveal the dependence of seismic properties on density, porosity, humidity, and mineralogical and chemical compositions. Using 16 different averaging methods, we calculated P-wave velocities of 696 dry samples according to the volume fraction and elastic constants of each constituent mineral. Although only 22 common minerals were taken into account in the computation, the calculated P-wave velocities agree well with laboratory values measured at about 300 MPa, where most microcracks are closed and the mean Vp of a polymineralic rock is exclusively controlled by its modal composition. However, none of these mixture rules can simultaneously fit measured P-wave velocities for all lithologies or at all pressures. Therefore, more prudence is required in selecting an appropriate mixture rule for calculation of seismic velocities of different rock types.

  17. 杭世骏诗文综论%An Overview of Hang Shijun′s Poetry and Prose Works



    In the eighth year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong (the year 1743),Hang Shiju made a for-mal suggestion to the court that people of the Han and Manchu ethnic groups should be equally treated in offi-cial selection.His suggestion infuriated the Emperor Qianlong and led to his dismissal from office at the age of 48.This incident had a lasting influence in the latter half of Hang′s life and also left a deep imprint on his writings both in verse and in prose.Hang is a unique poet and scholar,and also a member of the literati of the south of the Yangtze frustrated in his official career.A close examination of Hang′s writings,in particular,the poems written in his later career,shows that they fully embody the typical spiritual qualities of the literati of the south of the Yangtze,which might include,among other things,confidence rooted in talent,unyielding pride, a strong sense of responsibility,integrity,noble-mindedness,and an aversion to vulgarity even in poverty. These qualities,though persistently seen among the literati of the south of the Yangtze,have different manifes-tations in the Mid-Qing Dynasty as compared with any other period in the Qing Dynasty.Hang′s verse and prose works offer us a valuable glimpse into the spiritual world of the literati of the south of the Yangtze.%乾隆八年,四十八岁的杭世骏因上书言朝廷用人当泯满汉之见,触怒乾隆,被罢官放还,此事深刻地影响了杭世骏的后半生,也深刻地影响了杭世骏诗文的风貌。作为清代雍乾时期一个个性独特的诗人、学者,作为一个仕途遭遇重挫的江南士大夫,其诗文创作尤其是诗歌作品体现了典型的江南文化人的精神品质:高才自信、倔强狂傲、敢于担当、坚守气节,纵然清贫、绝不媚俗。这些在许多江南文化人中一以贯之的精神品质,在清代中期的表现形式,是和清代其他时期不一样的,而杭世骏的诗文作品,则正好给我们提

  18. Research on Mechanism of Rock Burst Generation and Development for High Stress Rock Tunnels

    高全臣; 赫建明; 王代华


    Through the investigation and analysis of high stress distribution in surrounding rock during the excavation of rock tunnels,the key factors to cause rock burst and the mechanism of rock burst generation and development are researched. The result shows that the scale and range of rock burst are related with elastic deformation energy storied in rock mass and the characteristics of unloading stress waves. The measures of preventing from rock burst for high stress rock tunnels are put forward.

  19. Differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetric determination of uranium with arsenazo-III at the hanging mercury dropping electrode

    Kadi, M.W.; El-Shahawi, M.S. [Chemistry Dept., King Abdulaziz Univ., Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)


    An accurate, inexpensive and less laborious controlled adsorptive accumulation of uranium(VI)-arsenazo-III on a hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) has been developed for uranium(VI) determination. The method is based upon the collection of uranium(VI)-arsenazo-III complex at pH 5-6 at the HMDE and subsequent direct stripping measurement of the element in the nanomolar concentration level. The cathodic peak current (i{sub p,c}) of the adsorbed complex ions of uranium(VI) was measured at -0.35 V vs. Ag/AgCl reference electrode by differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetry (DP-CSV), proceeded by an accumulation period of 150s2.5 in Britton-Robinson buffer of pH 5. The plot of the resulting i{sub p,c} vs. uranium(VI) concentration was linear in the range 2.1 x 10{sup -9} to 9.60 x 10{sup -7} mol L{sup -1} uranium(VI) and tended to level off at above 9.6 x 10{sup -7} mol L{sup -1}. The limits of detection and quantification of uranium(VI) were found to be 4.7 x 10{sup -10} and 1.5 x 10{sup -9} mol L{sup -1}, respectively. A relative standard deviation of {+-}2.39% (n = 5) at 8.5 x 10{sup -7} mol L{sup -1} uranium(VI) was obtained. The method was validated by comparing the results with that obtained by ICP-MS method with RSD less than {+-}3.3%. The method was applied successfully for the analysis of uranium in certified reference material (IAEA soil-7), and in phosphate fertilizers. (orig.)

  20. Three-dimensional modeling of borehole data cored from engineering rock mass

    HE Manchao; LI Xueyuan; LIU Bin; XU Nengxiong


    Vast data from the drilling and geophysical prospecting are reliable original information to describe the space state of engineering rock mass,and one of the main difficulties in three-dimensional (3D) modeling of engineering rock mass is the processing of the primary data.From the viewpoint of 3D modeling,the engineering rock masses are classified as four basic types according to their geometric characteristics of geologic structure:(1) continuum rock mass;(2) discontinuous rock mass;(3) overturned fold rock mass and (4) intrusive rock mass.Because drilling data are very important to describe the characters of multi-scale of the spatial data for rock mass,the rule of how to process drilling data is developed to help appropriately display them in the viewpoint of 3D space.According to the characteristics of rock mass layers,the processing method of drilling data for 3D modeling of engineering rock masses,along with the layer thicknesses,is also proposed,including the evaluation rules and the extensive direction for original borehole data.By this method,the typical 3D data modeled is completed and the model form of the engineering rock mass is developed.By this example,it is finally verified that the method presented is successful and feasible to process 3D engineering rock mass.

  1. Tracer tomography (in) rocks!

    Somogyvári, Márk; Jalali, Mohammadreza; Jimenez Parras, Santos; Bayer, Peter


    Physical behavior of fractured aquifers is rigorously controlled by the presence of interconnected conductive fractures, as they represent the main pathways for flow and transport. Ideally, they are simulated as a discrete fracture network (DFN) in a model to capture the role of fracture system geometry, i.e. fracture length, height, and width (aperture/transmissivity). Such network may be constrained by prior geological information or direct data resources such as field mapping, borehole logging and geophysics. With the many geometric features, however, calibration of a DFN to measured data is challenging. This is especially the case when spatial properties of a fracture network need to be calibrated to flow and transport data. One way to increase the insight in a fractured rock is by combining the information from multiple field tests. In this study, a tomographic configuration that combines multiple tracer tests is suggested. These tests are conducted from a borehole with different injection levels that act as sources. In a downgradient borehole, the tracer is recorded at different levels or receivers, in order to maximize insight in the spatial heterogeneity of the rock. As tracer here we chose heat, and temperature breakthrough curves are recorded. The recorded tracer data is inverted using a novel stochastic trans-dimensional Markov Chain Monte Carlo procedure. An initial DFN solution is generated and sequentially modified given available geological information, such as expected fracture density, orientation, length distribution, spacing and persistency. During this sequential modification, the DFN evolves in a trans-dimensional inversion space through adding and/or deleting fracture segments. This stochastic inversion algorithm requires a large number of thousands of model runs to converge, and thus using a fast and robust forward model is essential to keep the calculation efficient. To reach this goal, an upwind coupled finite difference method is employed

  2. Source rock potential in Pakistan

    Raza, H.A. (Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan, Islamabad (Pakistan))


    Pakistan contains two sedimentary basins: Indus in the east and Balochistan in the west. The Indus basin has received sediments from precambrian until Recent, albeit with breaks. It has been producing hydrocarbons since 1914 from three main producing regions, namely, the Potwar, Sulaisman, and Kirthar. In the Potwar, oil has been discovered in Cambrian, Permian, Jurassic, and Tertiary rocks. Potential source rocks are identified in Infra-Cambrian, Permian, Paleocene, and Eocene successions, but Paleocene/Eocene Patala Formation seems to be the main source of most of the oil. In the Sulaiman, gas has been found in Cretaceous and Tertiary; condensate in Cretaceous rocks. Potential source rocks are indicated in Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Eocene successions. The Sembar Formation of Early Cretaceous age appears to be the source of gas. In the Kirthar, oil and gas have been discovered in Cretaceous and gas has been discovered in paleocene and Eocene rocks. Potential source rocks are identified in Kirthar and Ghazij formations of Eocene age in the western part. However, in the easter oil- and gas-producing Badin platform area, Union Texas has recognized the Sembar Formation of Early Cretaceous age as the only source of Cretaceous oil and gas. The Balochistan basin is part of an Early Tertiary arc-trench system. The basin is inadequately explored, and there is no oil or gas discovery so far. However, potential source rocks have been identified in Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene successions based on geochemical analysis of surface samples. Mud volcanoes are present.

  3. Cenozoic anatexis and exhumation of Tethyan Sequence rocks in the Xiao Gurla Range, Southwest Tibet

    Pullen, Alex; Kapp, Paul; DeCelles, Peter G.; Gehrels, George E.; Ding, Lin


    In order to advance our understanding of the suturing process between continental landmasses, a geologic and geochronologic investigation was undertaken just south of the India-Asia suture in southwestern Tibet. The focus of this study, the Xiao Gurla Range, is located near the southeastern terminus of the active, right-lateral strike-slip Karakoram fault in southwestern Tibet. The range exposes metasandstone, phyllite, schist (locally of sillimanite facies), calc-gneiss and marble, paragneiss (± pyroxene), quartzite, metagranite, and variably deformed leucogranite. These metamorphic rocks are exposed in the footwall of a domal, top-to-the-west low-angle normal (detachment) fault, structurally beneath Neogene-Quaternary basin fill and serpentinized ultramafic rocks of the Kiogar-Jungbwa ophiolite. The detachment is interpreted to be the northeastern continuation of the Gurla Mandhata detachment fault system that bounds metamorphic rocks of the Gurla Mandhata Range ~ 60 km to the southwest. U-Pb geochronology on five detrital zircon samples of schist, phyllite, and quartzite yielded maximum depositional ages that range from 644-363 Ma and age probability distributions that are more similar to Tethyan sequence rocks than Lesser Himalayan sequence rocks. A felsic gneiss yielded a metamorphic zircon age of 35.3 ± 0.8 Ma with a significant population of early Paleozoic xenocrystic core ages. The gneiss is interpreted to be the metamorphosed equivalent of the Cambro-Ordovician gneiss that is exposed near the top of the Greater Himalayan sequence. Leucogranitic bodies intruding metasedimentary footwall rocks yielded two distinct U-Pb zircon ages of ~ 23 Ma and ~ 15 Ma. Locally, rocks exposed in the hanging wall of this fault and of the southward-dipping, northward-verging Great Counter thrust to the north consist of serpentinite-bearing mélange and conglomerate of inferred Paleogene age dominated by carbonate clasts. The mélange is intruded by a 44 Ma granite and the

  4. Rock salt constitutive modeling

    Nickell, R.E.


    The Serata model is the best operational model available today because it incorporates: (1) a yield function to demarcate between viscoelastic and viscoplastic behavior of rock salt; (2) a pressure and temperature dependence for yield stresses; and (3) a standard linear solid, which can be readily extended into the non-linear regime, to represent creep behavior. Its only deficiencies appear to be the lack of secondary creep behavior (a free dashpot) and some unsettling arbitrariness about the Poisson's ratio ( ..-->.. 0.5) argument for viscoplasticity. The Sandia/WIPP model will have good primary and secondary creep capability, but lacks the viscoplastic behavior. In some cases, estimated inelastic strains may be underpredicted. If a creep acceleration mechanism associated with brine inclusions is observed, this model may require extensive revision. Most of the other models available (SAI, RE-SPEC, etc.) are only useful for short-term calculations, because they employ temporal power law (t/sup n/) primary creep representations. These models are unsatisfactory because they cannot represent dual mechanisms with differing characteristic times. An approach based upon combined creep and plasticity is recommended in order to remove the remaining deficiency in the Serata model. DOE/Sandia/WIPP should be encouraged to move aggressively in this regard.

  5. Uranium series, volcanic rocks

    Vazquez, Jorge A.


    Application of U-series dating to volcanic rocks provides unique and valuable information about the absolute timing of crystallization and differentiation of magmas prior to eruption. The 238U–230Th and 230Th-226Ra methods are the most commonly employed for dating the crystallization of mafic to silicic magmas that erupt at volcanoes. Dates derived from the U–Th and Ra–Th methods reflect crystallization because diffusion of these elements at magmatic temperatures is sluggish (Cherniak 2010) and diffusive re-equilibration is insignificant over the timescales (less than or equal to 10^5 years) typically associated with pre-eruptive storage of nearly all magma compositions (Cooper and Reid 2008). Other dating methods based on elements that diffuse rapidly at magmatic temperatures, such as the 40Ar/39Ar and (U–Th)/He methods, yield dates for the cooling of magma at the time of eruption. Disequilibrium of some short-lived daughters of the uranium series such as 210Po may be fractionated by saturation of a volatile phase and can be employed to date magmatic gas loss that is synchronous with volcanic eruption (e.g., Rubin et al. 1994).

  6. They will rock you!

    Anaïs Schaeffer


    On 30 September, CERN will be the venue for one of the most prestigious events of the year: the concert for the Bosons&More event, the Organization’s celebration of the remarkable performance of the LHC and all its technical systems, as well as the recent fundamental discoveries. Topping the bill will be the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the CERN Choir, the Zürcher Sing-Akademie and the Alan Parsons Live Project rock group, who have joined forces to create an unforgettable evening’s entertainment.   The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, directed by Maestro Neeme Järvi, artistic and musical director of the OSR. (Image: Grégory Maillot). >>> From the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande… Henk Swinnen, General Manager of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR), answers some questions for the CERN Bulletin, just a few days before the event. How did this project come about? When CERN invited us to take part in the B...

  7. Raw data from orientation studies in crystalline rock areas of the southeastern United States. [Maps, tables of field data and analytical data for sections of North and South Carolina and Georgia, previously reported sites of uranium mineralization

    Price, V.


    Raw data are presented on orientation studies conducted in crystalline rock areas of the Southeast which were chosen because of published references to uranium mineralization. Preliminary data for four orientation study areas are included. These areas are Lamar County, Georgia; Oconee County, South Carolina; Brush Creek, North Carolina; and North Harper, North Carolina. Sample locality maps, tables of field data, and tables of analytical data are included for each study area. (JGB)

  8. Some new developments in the design rules for coastal structures in relation with the new Rock Manual

    Verhagen, H.J.


    In 1991 CUR in the Netherlands and CIRIA in the UK have published the "manual on the use of rock in coastal engineering", usually referred to as the "Rock Manual". This book of 600 pages gave an overview of the state of the art regarding the design of rock structures along coasts. In 1995 CUR publis

  9. Some new developments in the design rules for coastal structures in relation with the new Rock Manual

    Verhagen, H.J.


    In 1991 CUR in the Netherlands and CIRIA in the UK have published the "manual on the use of rock in coastal engineering", usually referred to as the "Rock Manual". This book of 600 pages gave an overview of the state of the art regarding the design of rock structures along coasts. In 1995 CUR publis

  10. Some new developments in the design rules for coastal structures in relation with the new Rock Manual

    Verhagen, H.J.


    In 1991 CUR in the Netherlands and CIRIA in the UK have published the "manual on the use of rock in coastal engineering", usually referred to as the "Rock Manual". This book of 600 pages gave an overview of the state of the art regarding the design of rock structures along coasts. In 1995 CUR

  11. Multiverso: Rock'n'Astronomy

    Caballero, J. A.


    In the last few years, there have been several projects involving astronomy and classical music. But have a rock band ever appeared at a science conference or an astronomer at a rock concert? We present a project, Multiverso, in which we mix rock and astronomy, together with poetry and video art (Caballero, 2010). The project started in late 2009 and has already reached tens of thousands people in Spain through the release of an album, several concert-talks, television, radio, newspapers and the internet.

  12. Geoelectrical Characterization of Sulphate Rocks

    Guinea Maysounave, Ander


    [eng] Gypsum rocks are widely exploited in the world as industrial minerals. The purity of the gypsum rocks (percentage in gypsum mineral –CaSO4•2H2O- in the whole rock) is a critical factor to evaluate the potential exploitability of a gypsum deposit. It is considered than purities higher than 80% in gypsum are required to be economically profitable. Gypsum deposits have been studied with geoelectrical methods; a direct relationship between the electrical resistivity values of the gypsum roc...

  13. Relationship between the rock mass deformation and places of occurrence of seismological events

    MAKOWKA Janusz; KABIESZ Jozef; DOU Lin-ming


    Static effort of rock mass very rarely causes of rock burst in polish coal mines. Rock bursts with source in the seismic tremor within the roof rock layers are prevailing. A seismic tremor is an effect of rupture or sliding in roof layers above the exploited panel in coal seam, sometime in a distance from actual exploitation. Sliding, as a rule occurs in fault zone and tremors in it are expected, but monolithic layer rupture is very hard to predict. In a past few years a practice of analyzing state of deformation in high energy seismic tremors zones has been employed. It let gathering experience thanks to witch determination of dangerous shape of reformatted roof is possible. In the paper some typical forms of roof rocks deformations leading to seismic tremor occurrence will be presented. In general these are various types of multidirectional rock layers bending. Real examples of seismic events and rock bursts will be shown.

  14. Knowledge representation of rock plastic deformation

    Davarpanah, Armita; Babaie, Hassan


    The first iteration of the Rock Plastic Deformation (RPD) ontology models the semantics of the dynamic physical and chemical processes and mechanisms that occur during the deformation of the generally inhomogeneous polycrystalline rocks. The ontology represents the knowledge about the production, reconfiguration, displacement, and consumption of the structural components that participate in these processes. It also formalizes the properties that are known by the structural geology and metamorphic petrology communities to hold between the instances of the spatial components and the dynamic processes, the state and system variables, the empirical flow laws that relate the variables, and the laboratory testing conditions and procedures. The modeling of some of the complex physio-chemical, mathematical, and informational concepts and relations of the RPD ontology is based on the class and property structure of some well-established top-level ontologies. The flexible and extensible design of the initial version of the RPD ontology allows it to develop into a model that more fully represents the knowledge of plastic deformation of rocks under different spatial and temporal scales in the laboratory and in solid Earth. The ontology will be used to annotate the datasets related to the microstructures and physical-chemical processes that involve them. This will help the autonomous and globally distributed communities of experimental structural geologists and metamorphic petrologists to coherently and uniformly distribute, discover, access, share, and use their data through automated reasoning and enhanced data integration and software interoperability.

  15. No Reprieve for Tasmanian Rock Art

    Peter C. Sims


    Full Text Available The Australian State of Tasmania, at latitude 42 degrees south, became an island about 8,000 years ago when the sea rose to its present level, following the melting of polar and glacial ice that covered much of the land mass. After that time, the Tasmanian Aboriginal rock art developed independently of mainland Australia, with its form being basically linear with some naturalistic figures and a predominance of cupules. The petroglyphs with one lithophone site occur on various rock substrates varying in hardness from granite to sandstone. Many sites exist along the western coastline that borders the Southern Ocean where the landscape in some places has changed little since the arrival of Europeans in 1803. The significance of this Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural heritage along what is now known as the Tarkine Coast, named after an Aboriginal band that once inhabited this area, was recognised by the Australian Government in February 2013 when a 21,000 ha strip, 2 km wide, was inscribed on its National Heritage Register, being one of 98 special places listed in the country. However, politics and racism hamper its management. This paper is based on the results of 40 years of field recording of the Tasmanian Aboriginal rock art sites, many of which remain unpublished.

  16. China Netcom Hangs Up


    One of the country’s largest telecom serviceproviders is forced to merge as the industry restructures During the Beijing Olympic Gameslast month, billions of spectatorsaround the world watched sportscompetitions and matches on theirtelevisions and computers.

  17. On hanging together

    Burke, Tom


    The 'global' problem of climate change is endlessly discussed, but rarely looked at cold. The crux of the matter is that all of us, everywhere, share this monumental problem. To prosper we need energy security; but if we persist in using fossil fuels with current technologies, our prosperity will founder. The roadmap drawn up at the Bali climate change convention will show what we need to do to hammer out the post-Kyoto regime. But to get through the ferocious complexity of the process, we will need a change of mind-set. Moving away from a focus on who is to blame and who should act first, we must gain a new political maturity.

  18. Geology, glacier retreat and permafrost degradation as controlling factors of slope instabilities in a high-mountain rock wall: the Monte Rosa east face

    L. Fischer


    Full Text Available The Monte Rosa east face, Italian Alps, is one of the highest flanks in the Alps (2200–4500 m a.s.l.. Steep hanging glaciers and permafrost cover large parts of the wall. Since the end of the Little Ice Age (about 1850, the hanging glaciers and firn fields have retreated continuously. During recent decades, the ice cover of the Monte Rosa east face experienced an accelerated and drastic loss in extent. Some glaciers have completely disappeared. New slope instabilities and detachment zones of gravitational mass movements developed and enhanced rock fall and debris flow activity was observed. This study is based on multidisciplinary investigations and shows that most of the detachment zones of rock fall and debris flows are located in areas, where the surface ice disappeared only recently. Furthermore, most of these detachment zones are located in permafrost zones, for the most part close to the modelled and estimated lower boundary of the regional permafrost distribution. In the view of ongoing or even enhanced atmospheric warming and associated changes it is therefore very likely that the slope instabilities in the Monte Rosa east face will continue to represent a critical hazard source.

  19. Zonal disintegration of rocks around underground workings. Part II. Rock fracture simulated in equivalent materials

    Shemyakin, E.I.; Fisenko, G.L.; Kurlenya, M.V.; Oparin, V.N.; Reva, V.N.; Glushikhin, F.P.; Rozenbaum, M.A.; Tropp, E.A.; Kuznetsov, Yu.S.


    For a detailed testing of the effects discovered in situ, analysis of the patterns and origination conditions of fractured rock zones inside the bed around workings, and ways explosions affect the surrounding rocks, a program and a method of study on models of equivalent materials have been developed. The method of simulation on two- and three-dimensional models involved building in a solid or fissured medium a tunnel of a circular or arched cross section. The tests were done for elongate adit-type workings. At the first stage, three models were tested with different working support systems: anchor supports, concrete-spray supports and no supports. Zone formation is shown and described. Tests were continued on two groups of three-dimensional models to bring the model closer to in situ conditions. The presence of gaping cracks and heavily fractured zones deep in the interior of the bed with a quasicylindrical symmetry indicates that the common views concerning the stressed-strained state of rocks around underground workings are at variance with the actual patterns of deformation and destruction of rocks near the workings in deep horizons.

  20. Anthropic Rock: a brief history

    R. B. Cathcart


    Full Text Available Stone tool-making is a reductive process. Synthetic rock manufacturing, preeminently an additive process, will not for-ever be confined to only the Earth-biosphere. This brief focuses on humanity's ancient past, hodiernal and possible future even more massive than present-day creation of artificial rocks within our exploitable Solar System. It is mostly Earth-centric account that expands the factual generalities underlying the unique non-copyrighted systemic technogenic rock classification first publicly presented (to the American Geological Society during 2001, by its sole intellectual innovator, James Ross Underwood, Jr. His pioneering, unique exposition of an organization of this ever-increasingly important aspect of the Anthropic Rock story, spatially expansive material lithification, here is given an amplified discussion for the broader geo and space science social group-purpose of encouragement of a completer 21st Century treatment of Underwood's explicative subject-chart (Fig. 2.

  1. Beach rock from Goa Coast

    Setty, M.G.A.P.; Wagle, B.G.

    temperature under the beach and inland. However, the thickness depends upon variabilities of precipitation, hinterland, water table fluctuations, temperature changes, composition and changes in sea level. Since the beach rock is formed in the tidal or spray...

  2. ROCK DEFORMATION. Final Progress Report



    The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on ROCK DEFORMATION was held at II Ciocco from 5/19/02 thru 5/24/02. Emphasis was placed on current unpublished research and discussion of the future target areas in this field.

  3. The hydrocarbon generation mechanism and the threestage type model of hydrocarbon generation for carbonate source rocks

    王兆云; 程克明


    The diagenetic mechanism and process of carbonate rocks, which is different to that of clastic rocks, decides the existence of different existing state organic matters in carbonate rocks. This has been verified by both the microscopic observation of organic petrology and the analysis of organic geochemistry of many samples. Based on the hydrous pyrolysis simulation experiment of the low-mature carbonate rocks, the contrasting study on the yield and their geochemistry characteristics of different existing state soluble organic matters of a series of various maturity samples shows that the different existing state organic matters make different contributions to hydrocarbon generation during every evolution state. So that, the hydrocarbon generation process of carbonate rocks can be summarized as the following three stages; the first is the direct degradation of biogenic bitumen macromolecules during the immature stage, the second is the thermal degradation of a large amount of kerogen at the mature stage,

  4. Institute for Rock Magnetism established

    Banerjee, Subir K.

    There is a new focal point for cooperative research in advanced rock magnetism. The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has established an Institute for Rock Magnetism (IRM) that will provide free access to modern equipment and encourage visiting fellows to focus on important topics in rock magnetism and related interdisciplinary research. Funding for the first three years has been secured from the National Science Foundation, the W.M. Keck Foundation, and the University of Minnesota.In the fall of 1986, the Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (GP) section of the AGU held a workshop at Asilomar, Calif., to pinpoint important and emerging research areas in paleomagnetism and rock magnetism, and the means by which to achieve them. In a report of this workshop published by the AGU in September 1987, two urgent needs were set forth. The first was for interdisciplinary research involving rock magnetism, and mineralogy, petrology, sedimentology, and the like. The second need was to ease the access of rock magnetists and paleomagnetists around the country to the latest equipment in modern magnetics technology, such as magneto-optics or electronoptics. Three years after the publication of the report, we announced the opening of these facilities at the GP section of the AGU Fall 1990 Meeting. A classified advertisement inviting applications for visiting fellowships was published in the January 22, 1991, issue of Eos.

  5. Laboratory rock mechanics testing manual. Public draft

    Shuri, F S; Cooper, J D; Hamill, M L


    Standardized laboratory rock mechanics testing procedures have been prepared for use in the National Terminal Waste Storage Program. The procedures emphasize equipment performance specifications, documentation and reporting, and Quality Assurance acceptance criteria. Sufficient theoretical background is included to allow the user to perform the necessary data reduction. These procedures incorporate existing standards when possible, otherwise they represent the current state-of-the-art. Maximum flexibility in equipment design has been incorporated to allow use of this manual by existing groups and to encourage future improvements.

  6. Comment on "Depth-discrete specific storage in fractured sedimentary rock using steady-state and transient single-hole hydraulic tests" by Patryk M. Quinn, John A. Cherry, Beth L. Parker, J. Hydrol. 542 (2016) 756-771

    Çimen, Mesut


    Quinn et al. (2016) presented a method to estimate storativity (S) of fractured sedimentary rock from straddle packer tests after transmissivity (T) of aquifer was determined from low-flow constant-head (CH) step tests. Constant-rate pumping tests were carried out to determine S by using the Cooper and Jacob (1946) approximation. Estimating the aquifer parameters depends on a matching of observation data to theoretical response which is mathematically obtained from a physical model. The results of both constant rate injection and withdrawal tests in the borehole C6zone17 cannot show this simulation. This comment proposes a reasonable procedure to estimate storativity.

  7. Klassiõpetaja peab särama / Ly Melesk, Kairis Kontus, Leida Talts, Viia Hang...[jt.] ; küsitles Anu Mõttus


    Vestlusringis on Tallinna Kuristiku Gümnaasiumi klassiõpetajad Viia Hang ja Ly Melesk, Tallinna Ülikooli 5. kursuse üliõpilane ja Tallinna Lepistiku Lasteaed-Algkooli õpetaja Kairis Kontus, Tallinna Ülikooli algõpetuse õppetooli juhataja Leida Talts ning algõpetuse õppetooli pedagoogika ja algõpetuse metoodika õppejõud Mare Müürsepp. Kui hästi on Tallinna Ülikool ja tema eelkäijad suutnud algklassiõpetajaid ette valmistada ja mis neil igapäevatöös toime tulla aitab

  8. Approach to the Design of Compound MSS Tail Hanging System%复合式移动模架尾部吊挂系统设计探讨

    刘宏刚; 张超福; 侯嵩


    尾部吊挂在已浇筑的混凝土梁面上走行的复合式移动模架因具备支腿自移功能,在国内外桥梁施工中得到大量应用,但此类移动模架的事故率也是相对较高的,且大多缘于吊挂系统的设计或加工缺陷。通过分析吊挂系统在走行过程中受到的多维度不断变化的弯、剪、扭、拉组合作用,结合实际使用中的经验教训,总结其计算、设计、制造及现场处理等方面需要注意的若干事项,并对照这些结论和建议,讨论几种常见的复合式移动模架吊挂系统设计方案的优缺点,以及在设计吊挂系统时动态地、相互关联地按照构件在使用中的真实情况研究其极限状态与破坏规律的重要性。%Owning to the self-moving brackets, the compound MSS with tail hanging running on the surface of cast in situ concrete girder has been widely used in bridge construction at home and abroad. But accidents of the MSS occur frequently, resulted largely from the hanging system design or manufacturing defects. This paper analyzes the hanging system being acted upon by the combination of the multi-dimensional changing of bending, shearing, torsion and pulling in the process of walking. With reference to the lessons learned in the actual operation, a number of issues on its calculation, design, manufacturing, and on - site handling are summarized, the merits and demerits of several common compound MSS designs are discussed on the basis of these conclusions and recommendations, and the importance is addressed of the limit status and failure laws relating to each other according to the element true conditions in use in the designing of the hanging system.

  9. 30 CFR 57.3461 - Rock bursts.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Rock bursts. 57.3461 Section 57.3461 Mineral...-Underground Only § 57.3461 Rock bursts. (a) Operators of mines which have experienced a rock burst shall— (1) Within twenty four hours report to the nearest MSHA office each rock burst which: (i) Causes persons...

  10. Seismic response of rock joints and jointed rock mass

    Ghosh, A.; Hsiung, S.M.; Chowdhury, A.H. [Southwest Research Inst., San Antonio, TX (United States). Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses


    Long-term stability of emplacement drifts and potential near-field fluid flow resulting from coupled effects are among the concerns for safe disposal of high-level nuclear waste (HLW). A number of factors can induce drift instability or change the near-field flow patterns. Repetitive seismic loads from earthquakes and thermal loads generated by the decay of emplaced waste are two significant factors. One of two key technical uncertainties (KTU) that can potentially pose a high risk of noncompliance with the performance objectives of 10 CFR Part 60 is the prediction of thermal-mechanical (including repetitive seismic load) effects on stability of emplacement drifts and the engineered barrier system. The second KTU of concern is the prediction of thermal-mechanical-hydrological (including repetitive seismic load) effects on the host rock surrounding the engineered barrier system. The Rock Mechanics research project being conducted at the Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses (CNWRA) is intended to address certain specific technical issues associated with these two KTUs. This research project has two major components: (i) seismic response of rock joints and a jointed rock mass and (ii) coupled thermal-mechanical-hydrological (TMH) response of a jointed rock mass surrounding the engineered barrier system (EBS). This final report summarizes the research activities concerned with the repetitive seismic load aspect of both these KTUs.

  11. Statistically Based Inference of Physical Rock Properties of Main Rock Types in Germany

    Koch, A.; Jorand, R.; Clauser, C.


    sandstone formation) and 3.3±0.2 W m-1 K-1 (Stuben sandstone formation) due to a relatively high porosity of at least 16 % and a high feldspar content. Consequently, data compilations of subsurface rock properties as a basis for geothermal reservoir exploration and modelling require data adapted for the rock formations of interest. Such statistically based data collections are useful for quantifying and reducing significantly the uncertainty in the prediction of rock properties and state variables of geothermal reservoirs.

  12. Gênese de latossolos e cambissolos desenvolvidos de rochas pelíticas do grupo Bambuí - Minas Gerais Genesis of latosols and cambisols developed from pelitic rocks of the Bambui group, Minas Gerais state - Brazil

    Thiago Torres Costa Pereira


    , dense and silty and of clayey and very clayey Latosols is typical of pelitic rocks of the pre-Cambrian Bambui Group landscape, but few studies are focused on the genesis and agricultural potential of these soils. Two areas were selected in Curvelo, state of Minas Gerais, for a detailed study of physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of these soils, to deepen the understanding of the pedogenesis of this area. Soils classified as Haplic Cambisols (Inceptisols, Red-Yellow latosol (Xanthic Haplustox and Red latosol (Rhodic Haplustox were selected and sampled, and analyzed for the chemical, mineralogical and physical properties. The XRD data coupled with the calculated weathering index indicated a lower degree of weathering in the shallow Cambisols, with higher proportion of illite and kaolinite in the clay fraction, in comparison to the Latosols, where kaolinite, gibbsite and hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite (HIV coexist. In this case, the occurrence of gibbsite is not a good indicator of severe weathering. In the shallow Cambisols, higher silt content combined with a face-to-face arrangement of clay particles (kaolinite/illite may have resulted in poor structural organization, denseness, low water infiltration and soil sealing. In the clay fraction of Latosols, we observed the coexistence of kaolinite/illite and Fe/Al oxides, similarly to the Cambisols, but with much less illite and higher gibbsite contents, as inferred from the results of Ki of around 1.4. Although there are no remarkable physical and chemical differences among Latosols, the Rhodic Latosols displayed considerable magnetization in the sand fraction, where XRD confirmed the presence of magnetite, an uncommon fact in the supposedly magnetite-free pelitic lithologies of the Bambuí Group, but reported in previous studies as well.

  13. Ellipsoidal anisotropy in elasticity for rocks and rock masses

    Pouya, Ahmad


    One of the interesting features with the ellipsoidal models of anisotropy presented in this paper is their acceptance of analytical solutions for some of the basic elasticity problems. It was shown by Pouya (2000) and Pouya and Zaoui (2006) that many closed-form solutions for basic problems involving linear isotropic materials could be extended by linear transformation to cover a variety of "ellipsoidal" materials. This paper will describe two main varieties of ellipsoidal elastic models and show how well they fit the in situ data for sedimentary rocks; numerical homogenization results for several varieties of fractured rock masses will also be provided.

  14. Information base for waste repository design. Volume 3. Waste/rock interactions

    Koplick, C.M.; Pentz, D.L.; Oston, S.G.; Talbot, R.


    This report describes the important effects resulting from interaction between radioactive waste and the rock in a nuclear waste repository. The state of the art in predicting waste/rock interactions is summarized. Where possible, independent numerical calculations have been performed. Recommendations are made pointing out areas which require additional research.

  15. A Hanged From the Past: Medical Consideration on the Judas Iscariot Fresco-Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines, La Brigue (15th Century).

    Gaeta, Raffaele; Fornaciari, Antonio


    The medieval chapel of Notre Dame-des-Fontaines (Our Lady of the Fountains), in the French Maritime Alps, is entirely covered by the fresco cycle of the Passion (15th century) that depicts the last days of Jesus from the Last Supper to the Resurrection. Under a small window, there is the brutal representation of the suicide of Judas Iscariot, hanging from a tree, with the abdomen quartered from which his soul, represented by a small man, is kidnapped by a devil. The author, Giovanni Canavesio, represented the traitor's death with very detailed anatomical structures, differently thus from other paintings of the same subject; it is therefore possible to assume that the artist had become familiar with the human anatomy. In particular, the realism of the hanged man's posture, neck bent in an unnatural way, allows us to hypothesize that it probably comes from direct observation of the executions of capital punishment, not infrequently imposed by the public authorities in low medieval Italy.

  16. Hanging drop cultures of human testis and testis cancer samples: a model used to investigate activin treatment effects in a preserved niche

    Jørgensen, A; Young, J; Nielsen, J E; Joensen, U N; Toft, B G; Rajpert-De Meyts, E; Loveland, K L


    Background: Testicular germ cell tumours of young adults, seminoma or non-seminomas, are preceded by a pre-invasive precursor, carcinoma in situ (CIS), understood to arise through differentiation arrest of embryonic germ cells. Knowledge about the malignant transformation of germ cells is currently limited by the lack of experimental models. The aim of this study was to establish an experimental tissue culture model to maintain normal and malignant germ cells within their niche and allow investigation of treatment effects. Methods: Human testis and testis cancer specimens from orchidectomies were cultured in ‘hanging drops' and effects of activin A and follistatin treatment were investigated in seminoma cultures. Results: Testis fragments with normal spermatogenesis or CIS cells were cultured for 14 days with sustained proliferation of germ cells and CIS cells and without increased apoptosis. Seminoma cultures survived 7 days, with proliferating cells detectable during the first 5 days. Activin A treatment significantly reduced KIT transcript and protein levels in seminoma cultures, thereby demonstrating a specific treatment response. Conclusions: Hanging drop cultures of human testis and testis cancer samples can be employed to delineate mechanisms governing growth of normal, CIS and tumorigenic germ cells retained within their niche. PMID:24781282

  17. Hanging Artificial Nest Boxes on Pinus tabulaeformis Plantation to Attract Beneficial Birds%油松人工林人工巢箱招引益鸟试验

    商胜才; 敖玉清


    In suitable stands of Pinus tabulaeformis plantation,experiments of hanging wooden nest boxes to attract beneficial birds were conducted.Result shows that:hanging nest boxes can attract beneficial birds(Parus major, Sturnus cineraceus),attract rate averagely are 5 6%;it can achieve a certain effect as long as taken the right way;the two kinds of predators which affect beneficial birds live in nests is Eutamiassibiricus and Hylaimmaculate,respec-tively.%在油松人工林适宜林分中,开展了挂木板巢箱招引益鸟的试验,结果表明:挂人工巢箱可以招引大山雀、椋鸟益鸟,招引率平均为56%,只要方法得当,当年即能取得一定的效果;影响益鸟筑巢的2种敌害分别是花鼠和无斑雨蛙。

  18. Development of a New Hanging-Type Esophageal Stent for Preventing Migration: A Preliminary Study in an Animal Model of Esophagotracheal Fistula

    Endo, Masayuki, E-mail:; Kaminou, Toshio, E-mail:; Ohuchi, Yasufumi, E-mail: [Tottori University, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine (Japan); Sugiura, Kimihiko, E-mail: [Yonago Medical Center, Department of Radiology (Japan); Yata, Shinsaku, E-mail:; Adachi, Akira, E-mail:; Kawai, Tsuyoshi, E-mail:; Takasugi, Syohei, E-mail:; Yamamoto, Shuichi, E-mail:; Matsumoto, Kensuke, E-mail: [Tottori University, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine (Japan); Hashimoto, Masayuki, E-mail: [Tottori Prefectural Kosei Hospital, Department of Radiology (Japan); Ihaya, Takashi, E-mail: [Sanin Rosai Hospital, Department of Radiology (Japan); Ogawa, Toshihide, E-mail: [Tottori University, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine (Japan)


    Purpose: Covered, self-expandable metallic stents (SEMS) have been enthusiastically adopted for the treatment of esophagotracheal fistula, but problems with stent migration have yet to be resolved. To overcome this problem, we have developed a new hanging-type esophageal stent designed to prevent migration, and we conducted an animal study to assess the efficacy of our method. Methods: A total of six female pigs were used in this study. The main characteristic of our stent was the presence of a string tied to the proximal edge of the stent for fixation under the skin of the neck. The first experiment was performed to confirm technical feasibility in three pigs with esophagotracheal fistula. The second experiment was performed to evaluate stent migration and esophagotracheal fistula in three pigs. Results: Creation of the esophagotracheal fistula and stent placement were technically successful in all pigs. In the first experiment, esophagotracheal fistula was sealed by stent placement. In the second experiment, no stent migration was seen 11 or 12 days after stent placement. Gross findings showed no fistulas on the esophageal or tracheal wall. Conclusions: Our new hanging-type esophageal stent seems to offer a feasible method for preventing stent migration.

  19. The design of full-automatic packaging production line in hanging desiccant%全自动挂式除湿袋包装生产线设计

    王吉岱; 王彬; 辛飞飞; 李栋


    The hook installation of hanging desiccant now can only be finished by manpower .Considering the situation , a full-au-tomatic packaging production line is devised , it can provide a automated equipment of simple structure , convenient operation and high productivity for hook ’ s installation .Rectangular closed layout is applied to the production line , making the hanging desic-cant’ s packaging circular and compact .Besides, Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC) and Human Machine Interface ( HMI) are adopted for the ordered control of the production line , which ensure that the production line is reliable and stable .%目前挂式除湿袋挂钩组装只能通过手工压合来完成。鉴于此,设计一条全自动包装生产线,可为除湿袋挂钩组装提供一种结构简单、操作方便和生产率高的自动化设备。该生产线采用矩形闭合布局,使挂式除湿袋的包装变得循环紧凑;同时,采用可编辑逻辑控制器( PLC)和人机界面( HMI)对生产线进行有序控制,保证了生产线的可靠性和稳定性。

  20. Attachable rock bolters for roadheaders

    Weibezahn, K. [Wirth Maschinen- und Bohrgeraete-Fabrik GmbH, Erkelenz (Germany); West, M. [Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH (Germany)


    Roadheaders are used in mining and tunnelling in medium hard rock formations. The excavated space is made safe either by NATM-technology or a steel support system. The application of a rock bolting system up to now was restricted to formations that can cope with at least some support lag. A new system was developed in close cooperation between WIRTH Maschinen- und Bohrgeraetefabrik GmbH and deilmann-haniel mining systems gmbh that allows to carry out rock bolting with two drill rigs whicht are attached to the cutting boom of the roadheader even in front of the cutter head directly after cutting. Alternatively a robot may be attached to above named system that enables remotely controlled shot-creting close to the face.

  1. Hot dry rock geothermal energy

    Heiken, G.; Murphy, H.; Nunz, G.; Potter, R.


    Man-made geothermal systems are discussed which make it possible to extract heat from hot rocks in areas where natural fluids are insufficient for the development of hydrothermal energy. The location and magnitude of high- and low-temperature geothermal resources in the USA for such hot dry rock (HDR) systems are examined. An HDR concept is described in which water is injected into one of two nearly parallel wells connected at depth by man-made fractures; the injected water circulates through the fracture system, where it is heated by conduction from the hot rock, and hot fluid, which can be used for heating or for electric power generation, rises through the second well. Some heat-extraction experiments using the described concept are reviewed which are being conducted in a complex volcanic field in New Mexico. The economics of HDR energy is evaluated.

  2. Internally Pressurized Spherical and Cylindrical Cavities in Rock Salt

    Krenk, Steen


    -linear zone and the volume reduction. Results are given for cavities in rock salt, and a comparison with measured stress concentrations is used to support the assumption of a hydrostatic stress state in undisturbed salt formations. Finally a method to estimate convergence due to creep is outlined....

  3. Geotechnical issues and guidelines for storage of compressed air in excavated hard rock caverns

    Allen, R.D.; Doherty, T.J.; Fossum, A.F.


    The results of a literature survey on the stability of excavated hard rock caverns are presented. The objective of the study was to develop geotechnical criteria for the design of compressed air energy storage (CAES) caverns in hard rock formations. These criteria involve geologic, hydrological, geochemical, geothermal, and in situ stress state characteristics of generic rock masses. Their relevance to CAES caverns, and the identification of required research areas, are identified throughout the text. This literature survey and analysis strongly suggests that the chief geotechnical issues for the development and operation of CAES caverns in hard rock are impermeability for containment, stability for sound openings, and hydrostatic balance.

  4. Numerical Simulation of Rock Fragmentation under the Impact Load of Water Jet

    Jiang Hongxiang


    Full Text Available To investigate the rock fragmentation and its influence factors under the impact load of water jet, a numerical method which coupled finite element method (FEM with smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH was adopted to simulate the rock fragmentation process by water jet. Linear and shock equations of state were applied to describe the dynamic characteristics of rock and water, respectively, while the maximum principal stress criterion was used for the rock failure detection. The dynamic stresses at the selected element containing points in rock are computed as a function of time under the impact load of water jet. The influences of the factors of boundary condition, impact velocity, confining pressure, and structure plane on rock dynamic fragmentation are discussed.

  5. Longitudinal stability control of orchard cable-driven hanging transport system%果园钢索牵引货运系统负载纵向稳定性控制

    杨洲; 李伟; 李君; 李雪平; 薛坤鹏


    proposed. The transport system with multiple load masses in series can be considered as similar to the hoist system with a single concentrated load. The reason is that the distances between each hook point and mass center of load are at roughly the same value. As a result, the dynamic model of the transport system can be simplified to a linearized model by ignoring the effect of lateral movement and assuming the multiple load masses in series to be a single load mass. The state-space form of longitudinal equations of load motion was developed and its controllability and observability was analyzed. The system transfer function was obtained. From the performance specifications, a compensated controller with root locus correction was proposed by reshaping the root locus in order that the dominant closed-loop poles can be at desired locations in the complex plane. The damping ratio and natural frequency were specified. The designed procedure of root locus correction was achieved by adjusting the compensator pole and zeros with the addition of two zeros, which make the pole on the positive real axis move into the left half complex plane by eliminating the remaining zero at the origin plane. Because all the roots have negative real parts after reshaping the root locus, the closed-loop transport system was stable. The simulation and experimental results confirmed that the designed system was acceptable. The damping time was considerably reduced as compared with the original system without root locus correction. The stability of the transport system was guaranteed by the proposed controller with root locus correction for all values of gain, which can suppress the longitudinal swing angle within ±1.5° and reduce the maximum magnitude of in-plane swing angular velocity to 10%of that of the original system. In terms of the transporting time and process stability, the proposed control method can offer significant improvement in the actual operations of a hanging transport system.


    BAYKARA, Oktay


    The concentrations of radium (226Ra), radon (222Rn) and radon exhalation rate in nine rock samples have been determined using solid-state nuclear track detectors (CR-39). The measured maximum values of radium, radon and radon exhalation rate in rock samples were found to be 24.62 Bq/kg, 4911.32 Bq/m3 and 4,86 Bqm-2h-1, respectively. Linear correlation was observed among radon concentration, radon exhalation and radium concentration. The linear correlation coefficient between radium content an...

  7. Feedback Linearization Controller Of The Delta WingRock Phenomena

    Mohammed Alkandari


    Full Text Available This project deals with the control of the wing rock phenomena of a delta wing aircraft. a control schemeis proposed to stabilize the system. The controlleris a feedback linearization controller. It is shown that the proposed control scheme guarantee the asymptotic convergence to zero of all the states of the system. To illustrate the performance of the proposed controller, simulation results are presented and discussed. It is found that the proposed control scheme work well for the wing rock phenomena of a delta wing aircraft.

  8. Petrophysics at the rock matrix scale: hydraulic properties and petrographic interpretation

    Montoto, M.


    The main objective of this publication is to review, summarize and make comprehensive the hydraulic properties of rocks, at the rock matrix or in tact rock scale. Also to describe how to petrographically interpret those properties. For this purpose, the procedures for the characterization and visualisation of the rock-forming components and in special the water path-ways at that scale are explained. Further more, to establish a methodological approach for an appropriate petrographic interpretation of all the mentioned properties is intended. This Technical Report is applied to the geological solution for the final disposal of high level radioactive wastes. In any case, most of the aspects covered here are of scientific and technical interest for any researcher interested in the behaviour of water in rocks and vice versa, also in the potential fluid- rock interactions. The document is divided into six Chapters, mainly theoretical and methodological, and six Appen - dixes, more focussed to practical tests and procedures for rock characterization. Two significant rock types in high level radioactive waste, HLW, granites and clays, have been used for illustrating most of the examples here included. Under a wide geological perspective, it must be stated that in any geological scenario two different systems or scales coexist; the rock massif (with fractures of about m to km) and the rock matrix (with internal discontinuities such as fissures and cracks to the order of Fm to dm). Their different behaviour is considered in Chapter 1 as well as the specific role played by the rock matrix in the long- and short-term period. General considerations about physical properties of rocks and comparative advantages and disadvantages of the main candidate rocks for radioactive repositories are also included. (Author)

  9. Inelastic deformation in crystalline rocks

    Rahmani, H.; Borja, R. I.


    The elasto-plastic behavior of crystalline rocks, such as evaporites, igneous rocks, or metamorphic rocks, is highly dependent on the behavior of their individual crystals. Previous studies indicate that crystal plasticity can be one of the dominant micro mechanisms in the plastic deformation of crystal aggregates. Deformation bands and pore collapse are examples of plastic deformation in crystalline rocks. In these cases twinning within the grains illustrate plastic deformation of crystal lattice. Crystal plasticity is governed by the plastic deformation along potential slip systems of crystals. Linear dependency of the crystal slip systems causes singularity in the system of equations solving for the plastic slip of each slip system. As a result, taking the micro-structure properties into account, while studying the overall behavior of crystalline materials, is quite challenging. To model the plastic deformation of single crystals we use the so called `ultimate algorithm' by Borja and Wren (1993) implemented in a 3D finite element framework to solve boundary value problems. The major advantage of this model is that it avoids the singularity problem by solving for the plastic slip explicitly in sub steps over which the stress strain relationship is linear. Comparing the results of the examples to available models such as Von Mises we show the significance of considering the micro-structure of crystals in modeling the overall elasto-plastic deformation of crystal aggregates.



    <正>20041935 Chen Bailin (China University of Geosciences, Beijing);Shu Bin X-Ray Analysis of Deformed Rocks from Beishan Area, Gansu Province, China (Journal of Jilin University (Earth Science Edition ), ISSN 1671-5888 CN22-1343/P, 33(4), 2003, p. 424-429, 442, 2 illus. , 3 tables, 13 refs. )

  11. Los abuelos de nuestro rock

    Jacobo Celnik


    Full Text Available Los Yetis. Una bomba atómica a go go. La historia de los abuelos de nuestro rock. Diego Londoño; Pulso & Letra Editores, Instituto para el Desarrollo de Antioquia, Instituto de Cultura y Patrimonio de Antioquia, 2014, 98 págs., fotografías.



    <正>20131550 Bai Jinfeng(Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Langfang 065000,China);Bo Wei Determination of 36Elements in Geochemical Samples by High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,31(5),2012,p.814



    <正>20050704 Cheng Lin (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China); Feng Songlin Analysis of Colored Elements in Ancient Colored Glaze by SRXRF (Rock and Mineral Analysis, ISSN0254-5357, CN11 -2131/TD, 23 (2), 2004, p. 113-116, 120, 3 illus. , 3 tables, 6 refs. )



    <正>20142093Chen Daohua(Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey,Guangzhou 510075,China);Diao Shaobo The Latest Progress of Geological Marine Testing Technology in China(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,32(6),2013,p.850-859,105refs.)Key words:chemical analysis,China



    <正>20070252 Chen Meilan (Biological and Environmental College, Zhejiang Shuren University, Hangzhou 310015, China); Li Li Study on Adsorption of Phenol by Modified Organobentonite (Rock and Mineral Analysis, ISSN0254-5357, CN11-2131/TD, 24(4), 2005, p.259-261, 267, 6 illus., 1 table, 11 refs.) Key words: bentonite, benzene, adsorption



    20160255 Wang Na(Tianjin Center of Geological Survey,China Geological Survey,Tianjin 300170,China);Teng Xinhua Determination of Low-Content Iron Carbonate in Stream Sediments by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Aluminum Chloride Extraction(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,34(2),2015,p.229

  17. Metamorphic Rocks in West Irian

    Wegen, van der G.


    Low-grade metamorphics of West Irian occur to the east of Geelvink Bay associated with two narrow belts of basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks which represent ophiolitic suites of an eugeosynclinical development beginning in Early Mesozoic time. In both of these belts there are indications of regiona



    <正>20140786Deng Zhenping(Institute of Karst Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Guilin 541004,China);Yang Wen-qiong Application of Stripping Voltammetry with a Solid Amalgam Electrode for Determination of Copper in a Tracer and Groundwater Tracing Experiment(Rock and Mineral Analy-

  19. Plant Communities of Rough Rock.

    Jacobs, Linda

    A unit of study on plants grown in the Navajo community of Rough Rock, Arizona, is presented in sketches providing the common Navajo name for the plant, a literal English translation, the English name of the plant, and the Latin name. A brief description of each plant includes where the plant grows, how the Navajos use the plant, and the color and…

  20. Digital Rock Simulation of Flow in Carbonate Samples

    Klemin, D.; Andersen, M.


    Reservoir engineering has becomes more complex to deal with current challenges, so core analysts must understand and model pore geometries and fluid behaviors at pores scales more rapidly and realistically. We introduce an industry-unique direct hydrodynamic pore flow simulator that operates on pore geometries from digital rock models obtained using microCT or 3D scanning electron microscope (SEM) images. The PVT and rheological models used in the simulator represent real reservoir fluids. Fluid-solid interactions are introduced using distributed micro-scale wetting properties. The simulator uses density functional approach applied for hydrodynamics of complex systems. This talk covers selected applications of the simulator. We performed microCT scanning of six different carbonate rock samples from homogeneous limestones to vuggy carbonates. From these, we constructed digital rock models representing pore geometries for the simulator. We simulated nonreactive tracer flow in all six digital models using a digital fluid description that included a passive tracer solution. During the simulation, we evaluated the composition of the effluent. Results of tracer flow simulations corresponded well with experimental data of nonreactive tracer floods for the same carbonate rock types. This simulation data of the non-reactive tracer flow can be used to calculate the volume of the rock accessible by the fluid, which can be further used to predict response of a porous medium to a reactive fluid. The described digital core analysis workflow provides a basis for a wide variety of activities, including input to design acidizing jobs and evaluating treatment efficiency and EOR economics. Digital rock multiphase flow simulations of a scanned carbonate rock evaluated the effect of wettability on flow properties. Various wetting properties were tested: slightly oil wet, slightly water wet, and water wet. Steady-state relative permeability simulations yielded curves for all three

  1. 碳酸盐岩中不同赋存状态有机质地球化学特征对比及对成烃的贡献%The Organic Geochemical Characteristcs Comparison and Contributors of Different Existing State Organic Matter in Carbonate Rocks

    王兆云; 程克明


    The existing state of organic matter in carbonate rocks not onlyhas dissemination state, but also has inclusion state. The acid liquid soluble organic matter I is also divided while extracting the inclusion organic matter. The analysis of the quantity, IR spectrocopy, GC and GC-MS among the bitumen A, Bitumen C and acid liquid soluble organic matter show that their characteristics are not the same. The results play an important role for evaluating the hydrocarbon producion potential and discussing the hydrocarbon generating mechanism and process of carbonate rocks%碳酸盐沉积物特殊的成岩机理和过程决定了有机质的复杂赋存状态,在碳酸盐岩中,除分散有机质外,还存在包裹体有机质。在包裹体有机质的提取过程中,当用6%(质量分数)的盐酸酸解碳酸盐矿物时,又将包裹体中的一部分有机质分离出(部分呈悬浮状态),本文定义为酸溶有机质I。对这三部分可溶有机质的含量、红外光谱、GC、GC-MS等分析表明它们的特征是不同的,并且分散有机质和包裹有机质在不同演化阶段对成烃的贡献不同。这为评价碳酸盐岩生烃潜力以及研究碳酸盐岩生烃机制和过程奠定了基础。

  2. 蒙库铁矿井下矿挂帮矿主溜井及硐室施工技术探讨%Discussion on Construction Technology of Main Chute and Chamber of Hanging Wall Ore Underground Mine in Mengku Iron Mine



    蒙库铁矿井下矿一期工程建设任务紧,地质围岩条件复杂。盲溜井及大硐室是矿建的重要单体工程,工程建设过程中施工工期长、工艺复杂、危险性高。文章介绍了为保证安全高效的施工,挂帮矿体主溜井及溜井下部硐室采用反井钻机打导孔、吊罐钻爆法刷大井筒等技术,取得了较好的施工效果。%Because the phase I project of underground mine in Mengku iron mine is urgent, the condition of surrounding rock is complicated, and blind chute&chamber are important single projects in mine construction which are featured of long duration, complex technology and high risk. The article introduces how to effectively and safely build the main chute of hanging wall ore and chute lower chamber by perforation with raise boring machine and brushing well bore with drilling and exploding method ,that have obtained good results.

  3. Process of quantitative evaluation of validity of rock cutting model

    Jozef Futó


    Full Text Available Most of complex technical systems, including the rock cutting process, are very difficult to describe mathematically due to limitedhuman recognition abilities depending on achieved state in natural sciences and technology. A confrontation between the conception(model and the real system often arises in the investigation ofrock cutting process. Identification represents determinationof the systembased on its input and output in specified system class in a manner to obtain the determined system equivalent to the exploredsystem. Incase of rock cutting, the qualities of the model derived from aconventional energy theory ofrock cutting are compared to thequalitiesof non-standard models obtained byscanning of the acoustic signal as an accompanying effect of the surroundings in the rock cuttingprocess by calculated characteristics ofthe acoustic signal. The paper focuses on optimization using the specific cutting energy andpossibility of optimization using the accompanying acoustic signal, namely by one of itscharacteristics, i.e. volume of totalsignal Mrepresenting the result of the system identification.

  4. Multiporosity Flow in Fractured Low-Permeability Rocks

    Kuhlman, Kristopher L; Heath, Jason E


    A multiporosity extension of classical double and triple porosity fractured rock flow models for slightly compressible fluids is presented. The multiporosity model is an adaptation of the multirate solute transport model of Haggerty and Gorelick (1995) to viscous flow in fractured rock reservoirs. It is a generalization of both pseudo-steady-state and transient interporosity flow double porosity models. The model includes a fracture continuum and an overlapping distribution of multiple rock matrix continua, whose fracture-matrix exchange coefficients are specified through a discrete probability mass function. Semi-analytical cylindrically symmetric solutions to the multiporosity mathematical model are developed using the Laplace transform to illustrate its behavior. The multiporosity model presented here is conceptually simple, yet flexible enough to simulate common conceptualizations of double and triple porosity flow. This combination of generality and simplicity makes the multiporosity model a good choice ...

  5. Determination of ejection velocity of rock fragments during rock burst in consideration of damage

    ZUO Yu-jun; LI Xi-bing; ZHOU Zi-long


    The ejection velocity of rock fragments during rock burst, one of the important indexes representing the rock burst strength, is used most conveniently in the supporting design of tunnel with rock burst tendency and is often determined by means of observation devices. In order to calculate the average ejection velocity of rock fragments theoretically, the energy of rock burst was divided into damage consuming energy and kinetic energy gained by unit volume of rock firstly, and then the rock burst kinetic proportional coefficient η was brought up which could be determined according to the rock-burst damage energy index WD , at last the expression of the average ejection velocity of rock fragments during rock burst was obtained and one deep level underground tunnel was researched using the mentioned method. The results show that the calculation method is valid with or without considering the tectonic stress of tunnels, and that the method can be a reference for supporting design of deep mining.

  6. Dissolution and Precipitation in Sandstones: A Link Between Fluid-Rock Reactions, Electrical Rock Conductivity, and Permeability

    Schepers, Ansgar; Milsch, Harald


    Geothermal energy production from deep sedimentary reservoirs interferes with thermodynamic fluid-mineral equilibria. Different dissolution and/or precipitation reactions might thus be induced, which affect the rock physical transport properties electrical rock conductivity σrock and permeability k. In general, this work addresses the risk assessment for geothermal energy production from deep sedimentary reservoirs in terms of formation damage. In this context it is important to constrain the processes leading to potential changes in k, evaluate whether they occur under in-situ T - p - X conditions, and - if yes - provide tools to monitor changes in the physico-chemical properties of the fluid-rock system. In the model system quartz-feldspar-water we conducted long-term hydrothermal flow-through and batch experiments under hydrostatic pressure conditions. The temperature range applied in the experiments covered 70 to 160° C to simulate conditions pertaining to a low enthalpy geothermal energy production scenario. The evolutions of σrock and k of feldspar-rich Rotliegend sandstone samples and analogue materials were monitored by means of a HPT-permeameter. Concentrations of the system's major cations ci (i = Na+, Al3+, Si4+, K+, Ca2+) in the (pore)fluids were measured using ICP-OES and were correlated to the electrical fluid conductivity σfluid. Microstructural and mineralogical investigations on the solid phases were performed by SEM and XRD, respectively. In the first part of this study we investigated the relationship between σrock and the chemical saturation state of this specific fluid-rock system. It can be demonstrated that σrock is qualitatively dependent on changes in σfluid. Thus, monitoring of easily accessible σrock can be used to get insights into the chemical evolution of the present fluid-rock system. Hydrogeochemical modeling of the resulting porefluids showed that the system is supersaturated with respect to clay minerals and gibbsite

  7. Geology and ground-water resources of Rock County, Wisconsin

    LeRoux, E.F.


    Rock County is in south-central Wisconsin adjacent to the Illinois State line. The county has an area of about 723 square miles and had a population of about 113,000 in 1957 ; it is one of the leading agricultural and industrial counties in the State. The total annual precipitation averages about 32 inches, and the mean annual temperature is about 48 ? F. Land-surface altitudes are generally between 800 and 00 feet, but range from 731 feet, where the Rock River flows into Illinois, to above 1,080 feet, at several places in the northwestern part of the county. The northern part of Rock County consists of the hills and kettles of a terminal moraine which slopes southward to a flat, undissected outwash plain. The southeastern part of the county is an area of gentle slopes, whereas the southwestern part consists of steep-sided valleys and ridges. Rock County is within the drainage basin of the Rock River, which flows southward through the center of the county. The western and southwestern parts of ,the county are drained by the Sugar River und Coon Creek, both of which flow into the Pecatonica River in Illinois and thence into the Rock River. The southeastern part of the county is drained by Turtle Creek, which also flows into Illinois before joining the Rock River. Nearly all the lakes and ponds are in the northern one-third of the county, the area of most recent glaciation. The aquifers in Rock County are of sedimentary origin and include deeply buried sandstones, shales, and dolomites of the Upper Cambrian series. This series overlies crystalline rocks of Precambrian age and supplies water to all the cities and villages in the county. The St. Peter sandstone of Ordovician age underlies all Rock County except where the formation has been removed by erosion in the Rock and Sugar River valleys, and perhaps in Coon Creek valley. The St. Peter sandstone is the principal source of water for domestic, stock, and small industrial wells in the western half of the county

  8. Significance of hanging total spine x-ray to estimate the indicative correction angle by brace wearing in idiopathic scoliosis patients

    Kuroki Hiroshi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although most idiopathic scoliosis patients subject to conservative treatment in daily clinical practice, there have been no ideal methods to evaluate the spinal flexibility for the patients who are scheduled the brace treatment. The purpose of this study was to investigate the value of hanging total spine x-ray to estimate the indicative correction angle by brace wearing in idiopathic scoliosis patients. Methods One hundred seventy-six consecutive patients with idiopathic scoliosis who were newly prescribed the Osaka Medical College (OMC brace were studied. The study included 14 boys and 162 girls with a mean age of 13 years and 1 month. The type of curves consisted of 62 thoracic, 23 thoracolumbar, 22 lumbar, 42 double major, 14 double thoracic, and 13 triple curve pattern. We compared the Cobb angles on initial brace wearing (BA and in hanging position (HA. Of those, 108 patients who had main thoracic curves were selected and evaluated the corrective ability of OMC brace. These subjects were divided into three groups according to the relation between BA and HA (BA HA group, and then, maturity was compared among them. Results The average Cobb angle in upright position (UA of all cases was 31.0 ± 7.8°. The average BA and HA of all cases were 20.3 ± 9.5° and 21.1 ± 8.4°, respectively. The average chronological age was lowest in BA Conclusions The use of hanging total spine x-ray served as a useful tool to estimate the degree of correction possible curve within the OMC brace for main thoracic curve in idiopathic scoliosis. Maturity had some influence on the correlation between HA and BA. Namely, in immature patients, HA tended to be larger than BA. In contrast, in mature patients, HA had a tendency to be smaller than BA. With consideration for spinal flexibility based on maturity, in mature patients, larger BA than HA may be allowed. However, in immature patients, smaller BA than HA should be aimed.

  9. Addressing the Consequences of Dynamic Rock Failure in Underground Excavations

    Stacey, T. R.


    Rockbursts are violent events that result in the ejection of volumes of rock from the walls of underground excavations. They can be extremely hazardous and have been responsible for many accidents in underground excavations. They also are responsible for significant direct and indirect costs in mining and civil engineering projects. The occurrence of rockbursting can be reduced by optimising the design with regard to excavation layout, excavation geometry and size, excavation sequence, and by the application of destressing/preconditioning measures. Thereafter, containment of damage relies on rock support. Conventional design of rock support for the containment of rockburst damage is not possible since neither the demand that is generated, nor the capacity of support systems, are known, and thus there is a state of design indeterminacy. The approach recommended in this paper is a risk-consequence one: evaluation of the risk (the product of the probability of occurrence of a rockburst and its consequence, in financial terms), and use of this quantified risk as a decision making tool regarding the justification for significant dynamically capable rock support. A typically suitable rock support system for rockbursting conditions is suggested in the paper.

  10. The Black Rock Forest Consortium: A narrative

    Buzzetto-More, Nicole Antoinette

    The Black Rock Forest is a 3,785-acre wilderness area whose richly forested landscape represents the splendor of the Hudson Valley Region of New York State. Although originally intended to become the home of wealthy banker James Stillman, it was his son Ernest whose love of conservation caused him to embrace the then new and revolutionary practice of sustainable forestry and establish Black Rock in 1928. Due to Ernest Stillman's foresight, the property was protected from development and bequeathed to Harvard University following his death for the establishment of an experimental forest. The modern environmental movement in America began when the Black Rock Forest was threatened with development by Consolidated Edison, and the people of the surrounding community banded together, battling tirelessly for over 17 years to stop the degradation of this historic forest. The outcome of this crusade marked a hallmark win for the environment leaving an illustrious and inveterate legacy. The campaign resulted in the watershed legislation the National Environmental Policy Act, the formation of several environmental advocacy groups, the creation of the Council on Environmental Quality of the Executive Office of the President, as well as set a precedent for communities to initiate and win cases against major corporations in order to safeguard natural resources. In the midst of the controversy it became apparent that alternative futures for the Forest needed to be explored. As a result of a committee report and one man's vision, the idea emerged to create a consortium that would purchase and steward the Forest. With a formation that took nearly fifteen years, the Black Rock Forest Consortium was formed, a unique amalgamation of K--12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, and science and cultural centers that successfully collaborate to enhance scientific research, environmental conservation, and education. The Consortium works to bridge the gaps between learners

  11. Regulation of ROCK Activity in Cancer

    Morgan-Fisher, Marie; Wewer, Ulla M; Yoneda, Atsuko


    , these findings demonstrate additional modes to regulate ROCK activity. This review describes the molecular mechanisms of ROCK activity regulation in cancer, with emphasis on ROCK isoform-specific regulation and interaction partners, and discusses the potential of ROCKs as therapeutic targets in cancer.......Cancer-associated changes in cellular behavior, such as modified cell-cell contact, increased migratory potential, and generation of cellular force, all require alteration of the cytoskeleton. Two homologous mammalian serine/threonine kinases, Rho-associated protein kinases (ROCK I and II), are key...... regulators of the actin cytoskeleton acting downstream of the small GTPase Rho. ROCK is associated with cancer progression, and ROCK protein expression is elevated in several types of cancer. ROCKs exist in a closed, inactive conformation under quiescent conditions, which is changed to an open, active...

  12. A preliminary combined geochemical and rock-magnetic study of tailings of non-magnetic ores from Tlalpujahua-El Oro mining districts, Michoacán and Estado de México States

    Morales, J.; Hernández-Bernal, M.; Corona-Chávez, P.


    Mining activities in Mexico have been continuously developed since 1550. Since then several thousands of million tons of waste produced as a result of the mining activity have been accumulated and scattered throughout the territory. These wastes can contain minerals with potentially toxic elements (PTEs) such as Cr, As, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, which show a distribution and mobility in the environment according to the chemical species in which are hosted. The Tlalpujahua - El Oro mining district (TOMD) concentrates an impressive number of mines and historical tailings. Due to their in-slope hydrographic position, the mining activities increase the risk of generating anthropogenic effluent that could contribute with a certain amount of mine-water with high contents of PTEs. Although magnetic methods have been widely applied to pollution studies of regions with high anthropogenic impact, its application to tailings is scarce in spite of the several studies that document the environmental effects as a result of the mining waste. We present the results obtained by combined geochemical and rock-magnetic studies in these tailings. Similarly to the traditional EPTs vs SiO2 diagrams, EPTs vs Fe show good linear (inverse) correlation with most of these health-risk elements. Fe concentrations determined magnetically from room-temperature susceptibility measurements agrees with those obtained by traditionally geochemical methods.

  13. Fluid-rock interactions related to metamorphic reducing fluid flow in meta-sediments: example of the Pic-de-Port-Vieux thrust (Pyrenees, Spain)

    Trincal, Vincent; Buatier, Martine; Charpentier, Delphine; Lacroix, Brice; Lanari, Pierre; Labaume, Pierre; Lahfid, Abdeltif; Vennemann, Torsten


    In orogens, shortening is mainly accommodated by thrusts, which constitute preferential zones for fluid-rock interactions. Fluid flow, mass transfer, and mineralogical reactions taking place along thrusts have been intensely investigated, especially in sedimentary basins for petroleum and uranium research. This study combines petrological investigations, mineralogical quantifications, and geochemical characterizations with a wide range of analytical tools with the aim of defining the fluid properties (nature, origin, temperature, and redox) and fluid-host rock interactions (mass transfers, recrystallization mechanisms, and newly formed synkinematic mineralization) in the Pic-de-Port-Vieux thrust fault zone (Pyrenees, Spain). We demonstrate that two geochemically contrasted rocks have been transformed by fluid flow under low-grade metamorphism conditions during thrusting. The hanging-wall Triassic red pelite was locally bleached, while the footwall Cretaceous dolomitic limestone was mylonitized. The results suggest that thrusting was accompanied by a dynamic calcite recrystallization in the dolomitic limestone as well as by leaching of iron via destabilization of iron oxides and phyllosilicate crystallization in the pelite. Geochemical and physical changes highlighted in this study have strong implications on the understanding of the thrust behavior (tectonic and hydraulic), and improve our knowledge of fluid-rock interactions in open fluid systems in the crust.

  14. Exercise Desert Rock Letter Orders. Army, Camp Desert Rock, Nevada.


    WILF.iED J MSGT A19032i3 HJ;,ŕWAY, ELLafGzJN 8FC Xf,37791267 INOZ W, P. 1. PVT2 US52401808 KELLEY, JESSIE J SFC R1� EVaS, LOUIS PFC .,53073109...Ord Co (HAM) Camo Desert Rock, Nevada You will preeeed to Reynolds Funeral Vome, Sigourney, Iowa 0/a 24 AU ist 1957 for apprx fourteen (14) days to

  15. Rock Art: Connecting to the Past.

    Knipe, Marianne


    Presents an activity for fourth-grade students in which they learn about ancient art and create their own authentic-looking rock sculptures with pictograms, or painted images. Explains how the students create their own rocks and then paint a pictograph on the rocks with brown paint. (CMK)

  16. Rock Music's Place in the Library.

    Politis, John


    Discussion of the importance of rock music as an expression of aural culture includes its history, rock music today, and the development of a rock music collection in the library (placement of collection and books which aid in developing a collection of permanent value). Three references are included. (EJS)

  17. 30 CFR 57.3203 - Rock fixtures.


    ... HEALTH SAFETY AND HEALTH STANDARDS-UNDERGROUND METAL AND NONMETAL MINES Ground Control Scaling and Support-Surface and Underground § 57.3203 Rock fixtures. (a) For rock bolts and accessories addressed in... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Rock fixtures. 57.3203 Section 57.3203 Mineral...

  18. Rock-degrading endophytic bacteria in cacti

    M. Esther Puente; Ching Y. Li; Yoav Bashan


    A plant-bacterium association of the cardon cactus (Pachycereus pringlei) and endophytic bacteria promotes establishment of seedlings and growth on igneous rocks without soil. These bacteria weather several rock types and minerals, unbind significant amounts of useful minerals for plants from the rocks, fix in vitro N2. produce...

  19. 21 CFR 868.5180 - Rocking bed.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Rocking bed. 868.5180 Section 868.5180 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES ANESTHESIOLOGY DEVICES Therapeutic Devices § 868.5180 Rocking bed. (a) Identification. A rocking bed is a...

  20. Comparative study of P19 EC stem cell differentiation in between conventional hanging drop and the zebrafish chorion as a bio-derived material.

    Dae Seok Na; Lee, Hwang; Sun Uk Kim; Chang Nam Hwang; Sang Ho Lee; Ji Yoon Kang; Jai Kyeong Kim; James Jungho Pak


    Various materials including glass and polymers have been widely used for stem cell culture due to their biocompatibility. However, the roles of these materials are fundamentally limited because they cannot realize or imitate the complex biological functions of living tissues, except in very simple cases. Here, the development of a bio-derived material suitable for stem cell culture and improvement of differentiation efficiency to specific cell lineages with no stimulating agents by using a chorion obtained from a fertilized zebrafish egg through the removal of the yolk and embryonic cell mass from the egg is reported. Mouse P19 EC stem cells introduced into the empty chorion form a uniform embryoid body (EB) without addition of any inducing agent. It is demonstrated that the zebrafish chorion with nanopores improves efficiencies greatly in the EB formation, cell proliferation, and lineage-specific differentiations compared to those of the conventional hanging drop culture method.

  1. Surface motion of active rock glaciers in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA: inventory and a case study using InSAR

    L. Liu; C.I. Millar; R.D. Westfall; H.A. Zebker


    Despite the abundance of rock glaciers in the Sierra Nevada of California, USA, few efforts have been made to measure their surface flow. Here we use the interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) technique to compile a~benchmark inventory describing the kinematic state of 59 active rock glaciers in this region. Statistically, these rock glaciers moved at...

  2. Differentiation and analysis on rock breaking characteristics of TBM disc cutter at different rock temperatures

    谭青; 张桂菊; 夏毅敏; 李建芳


    In order to study rock breaking characteristics of tunnel boring machine (TBM) disc cutter at different rock temperatures, thermodynamic rock breaking mathematical model of TBM disc cutter was established on the basis of rock temperature change by using particle flow code theory and the influence law of interaction mechanism between disc cutter and rock was also numerically simulated. Furthermore, by using the linear cutting experiment platform, rock breaking process of TBM disc cutter at different rock temperatures was well verified by the experiments. Finally, rock breaking characteristics of TBM disc cutter were differentiated and analyzed from microscale perspective. The results indicate the follows. 1) When rock temperature increases, the mechanical properties of rock such as hardness, and strength, were greatly reduced, simultaneously the microcracks rapidly grow with the cracks number increasing, which leads to rock breaking load decreasing and improves rock breaking efficiency for TBM disc cutter. 2) The higher the rock temperature, the lower the rock internal stress. The stress distribution rules coincide with the Buzin Neske stress circle rules: the maximum stress value is below the cutting edge region and then gradually decreases radiant around; stress distribution is symmetrical and the total stress of rock becomes smaller. 3) The higher the rock temperature is, the more the numbers of micro, tensile and shear cracks produced are by rock as well as the easier the rock intrusion, along with shear failure mode mainly showing. 4) With rock temperature increasing, the resistance intrusive coefficients of rock and intrusion power decrease obviously, so the specific energy consumption that TBM disc cutter achieves leaping broken also decreases subsequently. 5) The acoustic emission frequency remarkably increases along with the temperature increasing, which improves the rock breaking efficiency.

  3. Dynamic Analysis of Tunnel in Weathered Rock Subjected to Internal Blast Loading

    Tiwari, Rohit; Chakraborty, Tanusree; Matsagar, Vasant


    The present study deals with three-dimensional nonlinear finite element (FE) analyses of a tunnel in rock with reinforced concrete (RC) lining subjected to internal blast loading. The analyses have been performed using the coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian analysis tool available in FE software Abaqus/Explicit. Rock and RC lining are modeled using three-dimensional Lagrangian elements. Beam elements have been used to model reinforcement in RC lining. Three different rock types with different weathering conditions have been used to understand the response of rock when subjected to blast load. The trinitrotoluene (TNT) explosive and surrounding air have been modeled using the Eulerian elements. The Drucker-Prager plasticity model with strain rate-dependent material properties has been used to simulate the stress-strain response of rock. The concrete damaged plasticity model and Johnson-Cook plasticity model have been used for the simulation of stress-strain response of concrete and steel, respectively. The explosive (TNT) has been modeled using Jones-Wilkins-Lee (JWL) equation of state. The analysis results have been studied for stresses, deformation and damage of RC lining and the surrounding rock. It is observed that damage in RC lining results in higher stress in rock. Rocks with low modulus and high weathering conditions show higher attenuation of shock wave. Higher amount of ground shock wave propagation is observed in case of less weathered rock. Ground heave is observed under blast loading for tunnel close to ground surface.

  4. Mechanism of Rock Burst Occurrence in Specially Thick Coal Seam with Rock Parting

    Wang, Jian-chao; Jiang, Fu-xing; Meng, Xiang-jun; Wang, Xu-you; Zhu, Si-tao; Feng, Yu


    Specially thick coal seam with complex construction, such as rock parting and alternative soft and hard coal, is called specially thick coal seam with rock parting (STCSRP), which easily leads to rock burst during mining. Based on the stress distribution of rock parting zone, this study investigated the mechanism, engineering discriminant conditions, prevention methods, and risk evaluation method of rock burst occurrence in STCSRP through setting up a mechanical model. The main conclusions of this study are as follows. (1) When the mining face moves closer to the rock parting zone, the original non-uniform stress of the rock parting zone and the advancing stress of the mining face are combined to intensify gradually the shearing action of coal near the mining face. When the shearing action reaches a certain degree, rock burst easily occurs near the mining face. (2) Rock burst occurrence in STCSRP is positively associated with mining depth, advancing stress concentration factor of the mining face, thickness of rock parting, bursting liability of coal, thickness ratio of rock parting to coal seam, and difference of elastic modulus between rock parting and coal, whereas negatively associated with shear strength. (3) Technologies of large-diameter drilling, coal seam water injection, and deep hole blasting can reduce advancing stress concentration factor, thickness of rock parting, and difference of elastic modulus between rock parting and coal to lower the risk of rock burst in STCSRP. (4) The research result was applied to evaluate and control the risk of rock burst occurrence in STCSRP.

  5. Association between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of the Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Gene and Newcastle Disease Virus Titre and Body Weight in Leung Hang Khao Chickens.

    Molee, A; Kongroi, K; Kuadsantia, P; Poompramun, C; Likitdecharote, B


    The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II gene on resistance to Newcastle disease virus and body weight of the Thai indigenous chicken, Leung Hang Khao (Gallus gallus domesticus). Blood samples were collected for single nucleotide polymorphism analysis from 485 chickens. Polymerase chain reaction sequencing was used to classify single nucleotide polymorphisms of class II MHC. Body weights were measured at the ages of 3, 4, 5, and 7 months. Titres of Newcastle disease virus at 2 weeks to 7 months were determined and the correlation between body weight and titre was analysed. The association between single nucleotide polymorphisms and body weight and titre were analysed by a generalized linear model. Seven single nucleotide polymorphisms were identified: C125T, A126T, C209G, C242T, A243T, C244T, and A254T. Significant correlations between log titre and body weight were found at 2 and 4 weeks. Associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms and titre were found for C209G and A254T, and between all single nucleotide polymorphisms (except A243T) and body weight. The results showed that class II MHC is associated with both titre of Newcastle disease virus and body weight in Leung Hang Khao chickens. This is of concern because improved growth traits are the main goal of breeding selection. Moreover, the results suggested that MHC has a pleiotropic effect on the titre and growth performance. This mechanism should be investigated in a future study.

  6. ESR dating of fault rocks

    Lee, Hee Kwon [Kangwon National Univ., Chuncheon (Korea, Republic of)


    Past movement on faults can be dated by measurement of the intensity of ESR signals in quartz. These signals are reset by local lattice deformation and local frictional heating on grain contacts at the time of fault movement. The ESR signals then trow back as a result of bombardment by ionizing radiation from surrounding rocks. The age is obtained from the ratio of the equivalent dose, needed to produce the observed signal, to the dose rate. Fine grains are more completely reset during faulting, and a plot of age vs grain size shows a plateau for grains below critical size : these grains are presumed to have been completely zeroed by the last fault activity. We carried out ESR dating of fault rocks collected from the Yangsan fault system. ESR dates from the this fault system range from 870 to 240 ka. Results of this research suggest that long-term cyclic fault activity continued into the pleistocene.

  7. Methods of rock burst prediction

    Genkin, V.A.; Minin, Yu.Ya.; Morozov, G.D.; Proskuryakov, V.M.; Cmirnov, V.A.


    Some methods of predicting rock bursts in underground coal and iron ore mines are evaluated: using BP-18 indenters and the MGD indenter with automatic recording; seismic method consisting in measuring the speed of shock waves travelling through various layers (apparatus SB-20 is designed for use in coal mines); electrometric method (measuring resistance between two electrodes when electric currents flow through coal and rocks). The design of the AEhSSh-1 measuring instrument, used in the electrometric method in coal mines is also described. Each of the methods is described and mathematical fomulae used as their theoretical basis are presented. The calculating process is explained and brief information on the design and use of the measuring instrument is given. The methods are evaluated from the viewpoint of precision. (In Russian)

  8. Kimberley rock art dating project

    Walsh, G.L. [Takarakka Rock Art Research Centre, NT, (Australia); Morwood, M. [New England University, Armidale, NSW, (Australia). Dept of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology


    The art`s additional value, unequalled by traditionally recognised artefacts, is its permanent pictorial documentation presenting a `window` into the otherwise intangible elements of perceptions, vision and mind of pre-historic cultures. Unfortunately it`s potential in establishing Kimberley archaeological `big picture` still remains largely unrecognised. Some of findings of the Kimberley Rock Art Dating Project, using AMS and optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating techniques, are outlined. It is estimated that these findings will encourage involvement by a greater diversity of specialist disciplines to tie findings into levels of this art sequence as a primary reference point. The sequence represents a sound basis for selecting specific defined images for targeting detailed studies by a range of dating technique. This effectively removes the undesirable ad hoc sampling of `apparently old paintings`; a process which must unavoidably remain the case with researchers working on most global bodies of rock art.

  9. Origin of lunar feldspathic rocks

    Walker, D.; Grove, T. L.; Longhi, J.; Stolper, E. M.; Hays, J. F.


    Melting experiments and petrographic studies of lunar feldspathic rocks reveal possible genetic relationships among several compositionally and mineralogically distinct groups of lunar rocks and soil fragments. Dry, low PO2 partial melting of crustal anorthositic norites of the anorthositic-noritic-troctolitic (ANT) suite produces liquids of the KREEP-Fra Mauro basalt type; dry, low PO2 partial melting of pink spinel troctolite (PST) produces liquids of the 'very high alumina basalt' or microtroctolite type. Both ANT and PST are probable components of the primitive terra crust. If crystal fractionation in a cooling basaltic liquid could have produced such a crust, it would also produce a mafic interior capable of yielding mare basalts by later remelting at depth.

  10. Damage Model of Brittle Coal-Rock and Damage Energy Index of Rock Burst

    尹光志; 张东明; 魏作安; 李东伟


    Based on the mechanical experiment of brittle coal-rock and the damage mechanical theory, a damage model was established. Coal-Rock damage mechanical characteristic was researched. Furthermore, interior energy transformation mechanism of rock was analyzed from the point of view of damage mechanics and damage energy release rate of brittle coal rock was derived. By analyzing the energy transformation of rock burst, a new conception, damage energy index of rock burst, was put forward. The condition of rock burst was also established.

  11. Knut Tønsberg: Akademisering av Jazz, Pop og Rock – En Dannelsesreise” [The Academisation of Jazz, Pop and Rock – An Educational Journey

    Fadnes, Petter Frost


    Akademisering av jazz, pop og rock – en dannelsesreise [The Academisation of Jazz, Pop and Rock – An Educational Journey] was originally submitted as a PhD thesis in 2007 and is now published as a book in 2013 “based on my PhD”, according to Knut Tønsberg, and “relevant to everyone interested in music”, as stated on the back cover. The six chapters diligently follow the “educational journey” of jazz, pop and rock within the Norwegian conservatory sector.

  12. Thermophysical Properties of Selected Rocks.


    Thermal Condutivity (K) (W m-4 K- 1) 300 2.497 400 2.258 500 2.035 600 1.825 700 1.645 800 1.481 900 1.345 1000 1.252 *No selections were made for...WORDS (Continue on revese side it necessay and identify by block number) *Thermophysical properties-- *Rocks --- Thermal conductivity --- Thermal ...diffusivity --- Thermal linear expansion --- Specif ic heat --- Basalt --- Dacite--Dunite --- Gabbro --- Granite--- *Granodiorite --- Limestone --- Marble



    <正>20101621 Chen Heping (Nanyang Geology Testing & Research Center of Henan Province, Nanyang 473000, China); Sha Yanmei Simultaneous Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Carbonates by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Multi-direction Viewing Mode (Rock and Mineral Analysis, ISSN0254-5357, CN11-2131/TD, 28(4), 2009, p.367-369, 5 tables, 10 refs.)



    <正>20070970 Cheng Jian(Center of Analysis and Testing,Hunan Zhuye Torch Metals Co., Ltd.,Zhuzhou 412004,China)Direct Deter- mination of Lead in Refined Indium by Flume Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN 0254- 5357,CN11-2131/TD,25(1),2006,p.91 -92,94,1 illus.,7 tables,5 refs.) Key words:lead,atomic absorption

  15. The structures of noncrystalline rocks


    The structural studies of noncrystalline rocks by total radial distribution function (RDF) which was derived from the wide angular X-ray scattering (WAXS) have been reported. In order to make a further study of the structural features shown by RDF, the unsymmetric peaks in total RDF were separated into the approximately symmetric peaks by the multi-peaks separation processing. By analyzing the relationship of the peak parameters with the compositions, the information of further structures has been discussed.



    <正>20111673 Cao Ban(Zhejiang Institute of Geological & Mineral Resources,Hangzhou 310007,China);Ma Jun Determination of 16 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Groundwater by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence-Ultraviolet Detector(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,29(5),2010,p.539-542,2 illus.,4 tables,15 refs.)Key words:liquid chromatography,polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,fluorescence analysis

  17. 20020118: Rock (2), panel (14)



    Rock Art photograph, unknown [cam element='coordinate' qualifier='longitude']W 70deg34'55.9"[/cam][cam element='coordinate' qualifier='latitude']S 32deg49'49.0"[/cam][cam element='coordinate' qualifier='altitude']924[/cam][cam element='coordinate' qualifier='bearing']60[/cam][cam element='coordinate' qualifier='inclination']75[/cam][cam element='coordinate' qualifier='cartesian'](1.950,1.640,2.190)[/cam

  18. Shock Propagation In Crustal Rock


    Muscovite dehydroxylation: High-temperature studies, Am. Mineral., 72, 537-550, 1986. Halbach, H., and N. D. Chatterjee, An empirical Redlich - Kwong and other planetary surfaces as well having application in the study of the Earth’s interior. Granitic rocks are the most common component of...their applicability to muscovite above 1000 K. Thermodynamic functions for H20 were taken from Halbach and Chatterjee [1982]. Gibbs’ free energy

  19. The impact of mechanical properties of rock to the collision of rock piece

    Borut Macuh


    Full Text Available The paper presents the analytical solution of the rock piece motion considering influences of geometrical and mechanical characteristics of rock mass on the arbitrary slope. The main objective of the paper is to determine the motion of the rock piece considering possibility of rock piece failure due to collision. Brief description of the analytical solution of the rock piece motion on a steep slope is given. The laboratory tests were performed to determine uniaxial compressive strength and elastic properties of the considered rock mass. Further, velocities that cause rock piece failure were determined. These maximum velocities indirectly belong to certain mass of rock piece and can be lower than velocities calculated in rock-fall analysis for certain slope geometry. Consequently, the energy magnitude is limited, because at certain velocity and mass of rock piece bigger pieces crash at collision.



    <正>20110887 Chen Yong(College of Geo-Resources and Information,China University of Petroleum,Qingdao 266555,China);Ge Yunjin Experimental Study on the Modes of Hydrocarbon-Bearing Inclusion Trapped in Carbonate Rock Reservoirs(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,29(3),2010,p.217-220,1 illus.,16 refs.,with English abstract)Key words:petroleum products,organic inclusion,carbonates20110888 Cheng Zhizhong(Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Langfang 065000,China);Gu Tiexin Preparation of Nine Iron Ore Reference Materials of GFe-1~GFe-9(Rock and Mineral Analysis,ISSN0254-5357,CN11-2131/TD,29(3),2010,p.305-308,5 tables,13 refs.)Key words:iron ores,type specimens Nine standard reference iron ore samples of GFe-1~GFe-9 were developed.The concentrations of TFe of the samples ranged from 20.17% to 66.87%,which covered a wide iron concentration range from concentrated iron ore powder to poor iron ores and can meet the needs for iron ore exploration and ore-dressing.Powder XRF technique was used for homogeneity test and the analytical results indicated that all elements tested were in good homogeneity.

  1. ESR dating of fault rocks

    Lee, Hee Kwon [Kangwon National Univ., Chuncheon (Korea, Republic of)


    Past movement on faults can be dated by measurement of the intensity of ESR signals in quartz. These signals are reset by local lattice deformation and local frictional heating on grain contacts at the time of fault movement. The ESR signals then grow back as a result of bombardment by ionizing radiation from surrounding rocks. The age is obtained from the ratio of the equivalent dose, needed to produce the observed signal, to the dose rate. Fine grains are more completely reset during faulting, and a plot of age vs. grain size shows a plateau for grains below critical size; these grains are presumed to have been completely zeroed by the last fault activity. We carried out ESR dating of fault rocks collected near the Gori nuclear reactor. Most of the ESR signals of fault rocks collected from the basement are saturated. This indicates that the last movement of the faults had occurred before the Quaternary period. However, ESR dates from the Oyong fault zone range from 370 to 310 ka. Results of this research suggest that long-term cyclic fault activity of the Oyong fault zone continued into the Pleistocene.

  2. 四轮转向挂装车液压系统的设计%The Design of Hydraulic System of a Four-wheel-steering Loading Truck for Equipment Hanging on Aircraft

    洪曼; 王志; 陈文科; 温琦; 杨力


    该文主要介绍了四轮驱动挂装车液压系统的设计原理,简要介绍了挂装车的结构设计。该挂装车采用后轮驱动、四轮转向的方式,其工作装置可以在6个自由度上进行调整,并在驻车制动、工作装置液压系统中设置应急系统,确保挂装车的作业安全。样机的研制成功证明了该挂装车液压系统的设计是合理、适用的。%This paper describes the design of the hydraulic system of the loading truck for equipment hanging on aircraft with four wheels steering. And the paper describes the design of the truck’s structure. The truck which with rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-steering has a hanging structure which with 6-freedom. For the safety of the truck during hanging equipment on aircraft, there is an emergency hydraulic-circuit connecting to the parking hydraulic-circuit and the hanging hydraulic-circuit. The success of designing and producing the first truck proves that the design of hydraulic system of the truck is logical and useful.

  3. The physical principles of rock magnetism

    Stacey, Frank


    Developments in Solid Earth Geophysics 5: The Physical Principles of Rock Magnetism explores the physical principles of rock magnetism, with emphasis on the properties of finely divided magnetic materials. It discusses the origin and stability of rock magnetizations, the role of remanent magnetism in interpreting magnetic surveys, magnetic anisotropy as an indicator of rock fabric, and the relationship between piezomagnetic changes and seismic activity. Organized into 13 chapters, this volume discusses the properties of solids, magnetite and hematite grains, and rocks with magnetite grains

  4. A Review on the British Rock Music

    Hutapea, Alfian Hadi Pranata


    Music has an important role in people’s life. In people’s daily, music is often hearing of course and in people’s customs and traditions music is also be used. Music has many genres, one of them is rock music. Many people like rock music especially youngman because rock music has given a message in a song through enthusiasm expression. Rock music has many subgenres and each of subgenres have a distinctive feature. The developing of rock music is very wide in the world, especially in Great Bri...

  5. Rock mass characterisation and stability analyses of excavated slopes

    Zangerl, Christian; Lechner, Heidrun


    Excavated slopes in fractured rock masses are frequently designed for open pit mining, quarries, buildings, highways, railway lines, and canals. These slopes can reach heights of several hundreds of metres and in cases concerning open pit mines slopes larger than 1000 m are not uncommon. Given that deep-seated slope failures can cause large damage or even loss of life, the slope design needs to incorporate sufficient stability. Thus, slope design methods based on comprehensive approaches need to be applied. Excavation changes slope angle, groundwater flow, and blasting increases the degree of rock mass fracturing as well as rock mass disturbance. As such, excavation leads to considerable stress changes in the slopes. Generally, slope design rely on the concept of factor of safety (FOS), often a requirement by international or national standards. A limitation of the factor of safety is that time dependent failure processes, stress-strain relationships, and the impact of rock mass strain and displacement are not considered. Usually, there is a difficulty to estimate the strength of the rock mass, which in turn is controlled by an interaction of intact rock and discontinuity strength. In addition, knowledge about in-situ stresses for the failure criterion is essential. Thus, the estimation of the state of stress of the slope and the strength parameters of the rock mass is still challenging. Given that, large-scale in-situ testing is difficult and costly, back-calculations of case studies in similar rock types or rock mass classification systems are usually the methods of choice. Concerning back-calculations, often a detailed and standardised documentation is missing, and a direct applicability to new projects is not always given. Concerning rock mass classification systems, it is difficult to consider rock mass anisotropy and thus the empirical estimation of the strength properties possesses high uncertainty. In the framework of this study an approach based on

  6. Rock bending creep and disturbance effects

    付志亮; 郑颖人; 刘元雪


    The bending creep and its disturbance effects of red sandstone rock beam and oil shale rock beam were studied by adopting the self-developed gravitation level style rock creep test machine and bending creep test system,and the constitutive equations were established.It is found that fracture morphology of rock beams under no disturbance load is regular,cracking position of fractures is on part of loading concentration,the crack starts from a neutral plane.However,fracture morphology of rock beams under disturbance load is irregular,cracking position of fractures deviates from a neutral plane.Delayed instability of rock beam occurs for some time under constant disturbance load.When disturbance load is beyond a certain range,suddenly instability of occurs rock beam in a certain time.The results show that there is a guiding significance for creep stability in the geotechnical engineering fields.

  7. Earthquake resistant design of rock oil tanks

    Hamada, M.; Iwano, M.; Izumi, H.; Shiba, Y.; Sugihara, Y.


    In order to establish a rational procedure of the earthquake resistant design of large rock caverns, such as oil storage tanks on nuclear power plants, experimental and numerical studies were conducted. Dynamic strains during earthquakes were observed on the lining of a railway tunnel constructed in a hard rock mountain, while the seismic motion in the surrounding rock was examined precisely. The observation clarified that the lining strain of the tunnel was linearly and statically related to the rock strain and the ratio of the lining strain to the rock strain was dominated by the relative stiffness of the lining and rock. Based on the results of the earthquake observation, numerical models were proposed for the estimation of the dynamic strains of rock caverns. A good agreement between the calculated strains and the observed ones assured the adequacy of the numerical models.

  8. Low-Temperature Plasticity of Naturally Deformed Calcite Rocks


    Optical, cathodoluminescence and transmission electron microscope (TEM) analyses were conducted onfour groups of calcite fault rocks, a cataclastic limestone, cataclastic coarse-grained marbles from two fault zones, and afractured mylonite. These fault rocks show similar microstructural characteristics and give clues to similar processes ofrock deformation. They are characterized by the structural contrast between macroscopic cataclastic (brittle) andmicroscopic mylonitic (ductile) microstructures. Intragranular deformation microstructures (i.e. deformation twins, kinkbands and microfractures) are well preserved in the deformed grains in clasts or in primary rocks. The matrix materials areof extremely fine grains with diffusive features. Dislocation microstructures for co-existing brittle deformation andcrystalline plasticity were revealed using TEM. Tangled dislocations are often preserved at the cores of highly deformedclasts, while dislocation walls form in the transitions to the fine-grained matrix materials and free dislocations, dislocationloops and dislocation dipoles are observed both in the deformed clasts and in the fine-grained matrix materials. Dynamicrecrystallization grains from subgrain rotation recrystallization and subsequent grain boundary migration constitute themajor parts of the matrix materials. Statistical measurements of densities of free dislocations, grain sizes of subgrains anddynamically recrystallized grains suggest an unsteady state of the rock deformation. Microstructural andcathodoluminescence analyses prove that fluid activity is one of the major parts of faulting processes. Low-temperatureplasticity, and thereby induced co-existence of macroscopic brittle and microscopic ductile microstmctures are attributedto hydrolytic weakening due to the involvement of fluid phases in deformation and subsequent variation of rock rheology.During hydrolytic weakening, fluid phases, e.g. water, enhance the rate of dislocation slip and climb, and

  9. Carbon Dioxide - rock interaction: from molecular observations to theorised interactions in fluid-rock systems

    Calcara, Massimo; Borgia, Andrea


    Current global warming theories have produced some benefits: among them, detailed studies on CO2 and its properties, possible applications and perspectives. Starting from its use as a "green solvent" (for instance in decaffeination process), to enhance system in oil recovery, to capture and storage enough amount of CO2 in geological horizon. So, a great debate is centred around this molecule. One More useful research in natural horizon studies is its theorised use in Enhanced Geothermal Systems with CO2 as the only working fluid. In any case, the CO2 characteristics should be deeply understood, before injecting a molecule prone to change easily its aggregation state at relatively shallow depth. CO2 Rock interaction becomes therefore a focal point in approaching research sectors linked in some manner to natural or induced presence of carbon dioxide in geological horizons. Possible chemical interactions between fluids and solids have always been a central topic in defining evolution of the system as a whole in terms of dissolutions, reactions, secondary mineral formation and, in case of whichever plant, scaling. Questions arise in case of presence of CO2 with host rocks. Chemical and molecular properties are strategic. CO2 Rock interactions are based on eventual solubility capability of pure liquid and supercritical CO2 seeking and eventually quantifying its polar and/or ionic solvent capabilities. Single molecule at STP condition is linear, with central carbon atom and oxygen atoms at opposite site on a straight line with a planar angle. It has a quadrupolar moment due to the electronegativity difference between carbon and oxygen. As soon as CO2 forms bond with water, it deforms even at atmospheric pressure, assuming an induced dipole moment with a value around 0.02 Debye. Hydrated CO2 forms a hydrophilic bond; it deforms with an angle of 178 degrees. Pure CO2 forms self aggregates. In the simplest case a dimer, with two molecules of CO2 exerting mutual attraction

  10. The Fight Against Piracy in Peer-to-Peer Networks: the Sword of Damocles Hanging over ISP's Head?

    Werkers, Evi; Coudert, Fanny

    During the past few years, copyright holders and holders of related rights have started to legally challenge peer-to-peer networks. Their latest strategy consists of trying to actively involve Internet service providers (ISPs) in this combat, e.g. through the implementation of filters. This development raises legal problems and questions both in terms of the liability of ISPs and the protection of privacy of their clients. This chapter discusses the difficult task of balancing copyright interests and fundamental rights which as the European Court of Justice clearly stated in the Promusicae case remains a matter of Member States.

  11. Geohydromechanical Processes in the Excavation Damaged Zone in Crystalline Rock, Rock Salt, and Indurated and Plastic Clays

    Tsang, Chin-Fu; Bernier, Frederic; Davies, Christophe


    The creation of an excavation disturbed zone or excavation damaged zone is expected around all man-made openings in geologic formations. Macro- and micro-fracturing, and in general a redistribution of in situ stresses and rearrangement of rock structures, will occur in this zone, resulting in drastic changes of permeability to flow, mainly through the fractures and cracks induced by excavation. Such an EDZ may have significant implications for the operation and long-term performance of an underground nuclear waste repository. Various issues of concern need to be evaluated, such as processes creating fractures in the excavation damaged zone, the degree of permeability increase, and the potential for sealing or healing (with permeability reduction) in the zone. In recent years, efforts along these lines have been made for a potential repository in four rock types-crystalline rock, salt, indurated clay, and plastic clay-and these efforts have involved field, laboratory, and theoretical studies. The present work involves a synthesis of the ideas and issues that emerged from presentations and discussions on EDZ in these four rock types at a CLUSTER Conference and Workshop held in Luxembourg in November, 2003. First, definitions of excavation disturbed and excavation damaged zones are proposed. Then, an approach is suggested for the synthesis and intercomparison of geohydromechanical processes in the EDZ for the four rock types (crystalline rock, salt, indurated clay, and plastic clay). Comparison tables of relevant processes, associated factors, and modeling and testing techniques are developed. A discussion of the general state-of-the-art and outstanding issues are also presented. A substantial bibliography of relevant papers on the subject is supplied at the end of the paper.

  12. Rock burst proneness prediction by acoustic emission test during rock deformation

    张志镇; 高峰; 尚晓吉


    Rock burst is a severe disaster in mining and underground engineering, and it is important to predict the rock burst risk for minimizing the loss during the constructing process. The rock burst proneness was connected with the acoustic emission (AE) parameter in this work, which contributes to predicting the rock burst risk using AE technique. Primarily, a rock burst proneness index is proposed, and it just depends on the heterogeneous degree of rock material. Then, the quantificational formula between the value of rock burst proneness index and the accumulative AE counts in rock sample under uniaxial compression with axial strain increases is developed. Finally, three kinds of rock samples, i.e., granite, limestone and sandstone are tested about variation of the accumulative AE counts under uniaxial compression, and the test data are fitted well with the theoretic formula.

  13. Overexpression of ROCK1 and ROCK2 inhibits human laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.

    Zhang, Junbo; He, Xue; Ma, Yueying; Liu, Yanli; Shi, Huaiyin; Guo, Weiwei; Liu, Liangfa


    Rho-associated coiled-coil containing protein kinase (ROCK) over-expression has been implicated in the progression of many tumor types. The aim of this study was to explore the roles of ROCK1 and ROCK2 in human laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC). ROCK1 and ROCK2 expression levels were examined in 50 cases of human LSCC samples by immunohistochemistry. Effects of ROCK1 and ROCK2 on LSCC cell proliferation and motility were investigated in the presence of the ROCK inhibitor Y-27632. The results showed that ROCK1 expression was positively correlated with tumor size and lymph node metastasis (P ROCK2 positively correlated with tumor size (P ROCK2 by Y-27632 significantly inhibits proliferation, migration, and invasion of LSCC cells. Our data indicate that expression of ROCK1 and ROCK2 are closely associated with tumor growth and lymph node metastasis of LSCC. Thus, these two ROCK isoforms may be useful as molecular makers for LSCC diagnosis and may be useful therapeutic targets as well.

  14. Hot Dry Rock; Geothermal Energy



    The commercial utilization of geothermal energy forms the basis of the largest renewable energy industry in the world. More than 5000 Mw of electrical power are currently in production from approximately 210 plants and 10 000 Mw thermal are used in direct use processes. The majority of these systems are located in the well defined geothermal generally associated with crustal plate boundaries or hot spots. The essential requirements of high subsurface temperature with huge volumes of exploitable fluids, coupled to environmental and market factors, limit the choice of suitable sites significantly. The Hot Dry Rock (HDR) concept at any depth originally offered a dream of unlimited expansion for the geothermal industry by relaxing the location constraints by drilling deep enough to reach adequate temperatures. Now, after 20 years intensive work by international teams and expenditures of more than $250 million, it is vital to review the position of HDR in relation to the established geothermal industry. The HDR resource is merely a body of rock at elevated temperatures with insufficient fluids in place to enable the heat to be extracted without the need for injection wells. All of the major field experiments in HDR have shown that the natural fracture systems form the heat transfer surfaces and that it is these fractures that must be for geothermal systems producing from naturally fractured formations provide a basis for directing the forthcoming but, equally, they require accepting significant location constraints on HDR for the time being. This paper presents a model HDR system designed for commercial operations in the UK and uses production data from hydrothermal systems in Japan and the USA to demonstrate the reservoir performance requirements for viable operations. It is shown that these characteristics are not likely to be achieved in host rocks without stimulation processes. However, the long term goal of artificial geothermal systems developed by systematic

  15. The Effect of Water on the Flow of Stress-Activated Electric Currents through Rocks

    Jahoda, A. M.; Cyr, G. G.; Dahlgren, R.; Freund, F. T.


    When igneous or high-grade metamorphic rocks are subjected to deviatoric stresses, dormant defects in the matrix of common rock-forming minerals become activated. These defects consist of pairs of oxygen anions in the 1- valence state, e.g. peroxy links such as O3Si-OO-SiO3. When a peroxy bond breaks, O3Si-O:O-SiO3, an electron is transferred from a neighboring O2- causing the donor oxygen, now O-, to turn into a defect electron, also known as a positive hole, that can propagate as a highly mobile positive charge through the rocks1. The current outflow is driven by the battery potential that builds up during this process. The question is how this electric current through rocks is affected by water. When positive holes flow into bulk water, they oxidize H2O to H2O2 and are thereby consumed2. This electrochemical reaction is driven by the potential drop across the rock-water interface. However, no such potential drop occurs across water that fills pores inside the rocks along the path of the electronic charge carriers. We present evidence that the presence of water in the pore space does indeed not "kill" the current flow. This observation leads to the conclusion that stress-activated positive hole currents should be able to flow through water-saturated rocks maybe as well as, possibly even better than through dry rocks. 1 Freund, F. T., et al.: Electric currents streaming out of stressed igneous rocks - A step towards understanding pre-earthquake low frequency EM emissions, Phys. Chem. Earth, 2006, 31, 389-396. 2 Balk, M., et al.: Oxidation of water to hydrogen peroxide at the rock-water interface due to stress-activated electric currents in rocks, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 2009, 283, 87-92

  16. Hydro-mechanically coupled modelling of deep-seated rock slides in the surroundings of reservoirs

    Lechner, Heidrun; Preh, Alexander; Zangerl, Christian


    In order to enhance the understanding of the behaviour of deep-seated rock slides in the surroundings of large dam reservoirs, this study concentrates on failure mechanisms, deformation processes and the ability of self-stabilisation of rock slides influenced by reservoirs. Particular focus is put on internal rock mass deformations, progressive topographical slope changes due to reservoir impoundment and shear displacements along the basal shear zone in relation to its shear strength properties. In this study, a two-dimensional numerical rock slide model is designed by means of the Universal Distinct Element Code UDEC and investigated concerning different groundwater flow scenarios. These include: (i) a completely drained rock slide model, (ii) a model with fully saturated rock mass below an inclined groundwater table and (iii) a saturated groundwater model with a reservoir at the slope toe. Slope displacements initiate when the shear strength properties of the basal shear zone are at or below the critical parameters for the limit-equilibrium state and continue until a numerical equilibrium is reached due to deformation- and displacement-based geometrical changes. The study focuses on the influence of a reservoir at the toe of a rock slide and tries to evaluate the degree of displacement which is needed for a re-stabilisation in relation to the geometrical characteristics of the rock slide. Besides, challenges and limitations of applied distinct element methods to simulate large strain and displacements of deep-seated rock slides are discussed. The ongoing study will help to understand the deformation behaviour of deep-seated pre-existing rock slides in fractured rock mass during initial impounding and will be part of a hazard assessment for large reservoirs.

  17. Role of ROCK Isoforms in Regulation of Stiffness Induced Myofibroblast Differentiation in Lung Fibrosis.

    Htwe, Su S; Cha, Byung H; Yue, Kan; Khademhosseini, Ali; Knox, Alan J; Ghaemmaghami, Amir M


    Fibrosis is a major cause of progressive organ dysfunction in several chronic pulmonary diseases. Rho associated coiled-coil forming kinase (ROCK) has shown to be involved in myofibroblast differentiation driven by altered matrix stiffness in fibrotic state. There are two known ROCK isoforms in human, ROCK1 (ROKβ) and ROCK2 (ROKα), but specific role of each isoform in myofibroblast differentiation in lung fibrosis remains unknown. To study this, we developed a Gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogel based culture system with different stiffness levels relevant to healthy and fibrotic lungs. We have shown that stiff matrix and not soft matrix, can induce myofibroblast differentiation with high αSMA expression. Furthermore, our data confirm that the inhibition of ROCK signalling by a pharmacological inhibitor (i.e. Y27632) attenuates stiffness induced αSMA expression and fibre assembly in myofibroblasts. To assess the role of ROCK isoforms in this process we used siRNA to knock down the expression of each isoform. Our data showed that knocking down either ROCK1 or ROCK2 did not result in a reduction in αSMA expression in myofibroblasts on stiff matrix as opposed to soft matrix where αSMA expression was reduced significantly. Paradoxically, on stiff matrix, the absence of one isoform (particularly ROCK2) exaggerated αSMA expression and led to thick fibre assembly. Moreover complete loss of αSMA fibre assembly was seen only in the absence of both ROCK isoforms suggesting that both isoforms are implicated in this process. Overall our results indicate the differential role of ROCK isoforms in myofibroblast differentiation on soft and stiff matrices.

  18. Rock Goes to School on Screen: A Model for Teaching Non-"Learned" Musics Derived from the Films "School of Rock" (2003) and "Rock School" (2005)

    Webb, Michael


    What can be learned from two films with "rock" and "school" in their titles, about rock in school and about music and schooling more broadly? "School of Rock" (2003), a "family comedy," and "Rock School" (2005), a documentary, provoke a range of questions, ideological and otherwise, surrounding the inclusion of rock in formal instructional…

  19. The Polar Rock Repository: Rescuing Polar Collections for New Research

    Grunow, A.


    Geological field expeditions in polar regions are logistically difficult, financially expensive and can have a significant environmental impact on pristine regions. The scarcity of outcrop in Antarctica (98% ice-covered) makes previously collected rock samples very valuable to the science community. NSF recognized the need for preserving rock, dredge, and terrestrial core samples from polar areas and created the Polar Rock Repository (PRR). The PRR collection allows for full and open access to both samples and metadata via the PRR website. In addition to the physical samples and their basic metadata, the PRR archives supporting materials from the collector, field notebooks, images of the samples, field maps, air photos, thin sections and any associated bibliography/DOI's. Many of these supporting materials are unique. More than 40,000 samples are available from the PRR for scientific analysis to researchers around the globe. Most of the samples cataloged at the PRR were collected more than 30 years ago, some more than 100 years ago. The rock samples and metadata are made available online through an advanced search engine for the PRR website. This allows scientists to "drill down" into search results using categories and look-up object fields similar to websites like Amazon. Results can be viewed in a table, downloaded as a spreadsheet, or plotted on an interactive map that supports display of satellite imagery and bathymetry layers. Samples can be requested by placing them in the `shopping cart'. These old sample collections have been repeatedly used by scientists from around the world. One data request involved locating coal deposits in Antarctica for a global compilation and another for looking at the redox state of batholithic rocks from the Antarctic Peninsula using magnetic susceptibilities of PRR rocks. Sample usage has also included non-traditional geologic studies, such as a search for monopoles in Cenozoic volcanic samples, and remote sensing

  20. Black ★Rock Shooter



    《黑岩射手(Black RockShooter)》无疑是2月番中最吸引眼球的新番了。本作的人气高到几乎全国各地的漫展都可以看到黑岩射手MATO(麻陶)的Cosplay——一位身穿黑衣短裤.手持巨型枪械,左眼发出蓝色火焰般的光芒的少女。