Sample records for halthane

  1. Physical properties of halthane series adhesives, part 2 of 2. Period covered: October--December 1976. [Urethanes: tensile adhesion; bulk viscosity; hardness

    Lichte, H.W.


    The Halthane series of urethane adhesives have sufficient adhesive strengths and cure times for most assembly processes at Pantex. The efficiency of preparation and handling of the three systems are nearly equal. Physical properties are more consistent between samples for the 87-1. The 73-18 system is ranked in the middle and 73-14 as the least consistent. The 87-1 system is high in viscosity and adhesive bond strength. The low viscosity of 73-18 and 73-14 allows more consistency in bond thickness control. The Halthane 73-18 system in this series of development tests is considered best for processing/assembly capability.