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  1. Analysis of Haizi's Poem Asian Copper%海子《亚洲铜》解读

    陈增福; 唐书军


    海子的早期短诗《亚洲铜》,充斥着诗人对亚洲这块土地的信赖与怀疑、热爱与叩问等复杂情感力量的对抗。在这矛盾情感力量的对抗中,表现出海子在群体生存困境前全力抗争的精神。%Asian Copper is an early poem of Haizi, which is filled with poet's complex emotions, such as trust and doubt, love and query for the land. In this kind of intense conflict of contradictory emotional pow-ers, it shows his wishes which are in pursuit of a free and warm world confronting with the dilemma of social life.

  2. Community Structure Characteristics of Phytoplankton and Water Quality in Haizi Reservoir%海子水库浮游植物群落结构特征与水质关系研究

    陈晓江; 杨劼; 杜桂森; 刘波


    本研究旨在分析作为旅游景点的海子水库的浮游植物群落组成、多样性与水质关系.分别于2009年和2010年的5月、8月、10月进行了野外生态调查.通过实验室内镜检的方法,共鉴定出藻类6门74种.绿藻门藻类有20属45种,占鉴定出的藻类总种类数的60.81%,其次是蓝藻门有9属11种,占14.86%.海子水库北湖采样点与南湖采样点相比具有更高的丰富度、丰度和生物量,特别是在夏季期间观察到的更明显.链丝藻(Hormidium flaccidum)、优美裂面藻(Merismopedia elegans)、点形裂面藻(Merismopedia punctata)、纯项螺旋藻(Spirulina platensis)、中华尖头藻(Merismopedia sinica)、二角盘星藻(Pediastrum duplex)、尖针杆藻(Synedra acus.)、颗粒直链藻极狭变种(Melosira granulata var.angustissima)、盾形多甲藻(Peridinium umbonatum)数量上占优势.根据藻类密度值与营养状态指数值,海子水库水体夏季为富营养化水体.相关分析表明浮游植物生物量受限于电导率(P<0.05).在水生态系统中的浮游植物多样性有突出的生态作用,因此,采取保护水库区域水生生物群落动态平衡及减少污染的环境方案,可以尽量减少截断水循环的大坝给水生态系统带来的负面影响.

  3. Community Structures of Phytoplankton in the Haizi Lake, Changhu Lake and Associated Environmental Factors%长湖海子湖夏季浮游植物群落结构及环境影响因子

    柴毅; 彭婷; 李昊成; 郭坤; 何勇凤; 杨德国


    2012年7月对长湖海子湖进行浮游植物群落结构及主要环境因子的调查分析,并运用典范对应分析(CCA)方法对浮游植物群落结构与环境因子的关系进行相关性分析.结果表明,共鉴定出浮游植物51种(含变种和变型),以绿藻最多(45.10%),其次为蓝藻(29.41%)和硅藻(13.73%),裸藻、甲藻和隐藻所占比例均低于2%.共鉴定出8种浮游植物优势种,其中两栖颤藻(Oscillatoria amphibia)优势度最高.浮游植物细胞丰度变化范围为239.01×105~575.20×105 cells/L,平均值为385.86×105 cells/L.根据海子湖浮游植物种类组成、细胞丰度水平、多样性指数以及均匀度指数等指标综合评价,海子湖水域处于重度富营养化状态.典范对应分析表明,各站点与TN、NH3-N、DO及TP关系较紧密,主要浮游植物中多数蓝藻与TN呈明显正相关.浮游植物群落结构特点与海子湖狭长形地形、进水口产生的水动力学特征以及沿岸较多人为因素干扰紧密相关.

  4. 漂泊孤独的“天才”式诗人——兰波与海子共性探究%Drifting and Lonely “Genius” Poet——A Probe into the Similarity Between Rimbaud and Haizi




  5. Tourism Information


    Siguniang Scenic Area-from Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Siguniang, also known as Four Girls Mountains, is located in Xiaojin County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The total area of 2,000 square km consists of Mt. Siguniang, Mt. Balang and Changping, and Haizi and Shuangqiao valleys. Featuring wonderful scenery,

  6. Thermal effects of magmatic sills on coal seam metamorphism and gas occurrence

    Wang, Liang; Cheng, Long-biao; Cheng, Yuan-ping; Yin, Guang-zhi; Cai, Chun-cheng; Xu, Chao; Jin, Kan


    Igneous intrusions in coal seams are found in 80 % of coal mines in the Huaibei coalfield, China, and coal and gas outburst accidents have occurred 11 times under a 120-m-thick sill in the Haizi mining field. The magma's heat had a significant controlling effect on coal seam gas occurrence. Based on theoretical analysis, experimental tests and site validation, we analyzed the temperature distribution following magma intrusion into coal measure strata and the variations in multiple physical parameters and adsorption/desorption characteristics between the underlying coal seams beneath the sill in the Haizi mining field and coal seams uninfluenced by magma intrusion in the adjacent Linhuan mining field. The research results show that the main factors controlling the temperature distribution of the magma and surrounding rocks in the cooling process include the cooling time and the thickness and initial temperature of the magmatic rock. As the distance from sill increases, the critical effective temperature and the duration of sustained high temperatures decrease. The sill in the Haizi mining field significantly promoted coal seam secondary hydrocarbon generation in the thermally affected area, which generated approximately 340 m3/t of hydrocarbon. In the magma-affected area, the metamorphic grade, micropore volume, amount of gas adsorption, initial speed of gas desorption, and amount of desorption all increase. Fluid entrapment by sills usually causes the gas pressure and gas content of the underlying coal seams to increase. As a result, the outburst risks from coal seams increases as well.

  7. Haizi's Poetry and its Thematic Elements%试析海子诗歌的主题元素

    常立伟; 靳日波


    海子对现代诗歌作出了卓有成效的探索,他追求生命的高远、浪漫、炽热,开辟了中国诗歌的自新之路。海子是一位有世界眼光的诗人,既吸收了西方文化精华,又充分发扬本民族诗歌传统。海子诗歌的主题也围绕着古今中外众诗人的探索展开和发展,其中田园情结、基督式博爱、神性的召唤等主题元素阐释了海子与q-西方诗人先贤们在思想层面、精神气质和语言形式上的渊源。%Haizi modern poetry is fruitful to exploration and pursuit of life's lofty, romantic, incandes- cent,opening up the rehabilitation of Chinese poetry. Haizi has a vision of the world's poets, not only ab- sorbing the essence of Western culture, but also giving full scope to the poetic tradition of the nation. Ver- ses of the theme revolves around the expansion and development of the exploration of all times and all the poets, the themes of the pastoral complex, Jesus-style love, God call to explain Haizi and Western poet Sages in the ideological level, the ethos and language form origin.

  8. Sulfur-Induced Copper Deficiency in the Yaks

    SHEN Xiao-yun


    Since the 1990s, yak in the Haizi area in China has been affected by an ailment characterized by pica, emaciation, dyskinesia,and anemia. To determine the cause of disease, the mineral composition of soil and forages, and samples of blood, hair,and liver of yaks from the Haizi area in China were determined. The concentrations of copper in soil and forage from affected ranches and unaffected areas are within the normal ranges. The mean concentration of copper in blood and liver from the affected yaks was (0.31± 0.03) and (13.7 ± 3.1)μg g-1, respectively, compared with (0.98±0.16) and (95.6±11.2)μg g-1for unaffected yaks. The concentrations of sulfur in soil and forage from affected ranches were (1.91±0.26) and (1 .37±0.17)%, respectively, compared with (1.11±0.31) and (0.52±0.18)% (dry matter) for normal areas. The contents of sulfur in blood and liver affected animals were (7.32 ± 1.8) and (2.54 ± 3. 1)%, respectively, compared with (4.22±0.73) and (1.31 ± 0.33)% (in fresh and soft tissues) for healthy animals, respectively. Oral administration of tribasic copper chloride prevented and cured the disease. Thus it is reasonable to conclude that ailments of yaks in the Haizi area are probably caused by a secondary copper deficiency, mainly due to high sulfur content in soil and forage.

  9. Exploration of the Haizi’s Poetry under the Perspective of Trauma%创伤视角下的海子诗歌研究



    在海子诗行合一的诗歌创作生涯中后期,始终笼罩着挥之不去的阴霾。结合海子的抒情短诗和巨型史诗创作,从创伤记忆理论出发,将其诗歌中创伤记忆的书写总结与归纳为三个方面,并一一结合他的生活实际和心理状态,探寻了这种记忆的根源和造成创伤的原因,为海子这个悲剧性的诗歌天才及其诗歌文本解读提供新的视角和途径。%in the mid-late-age of poetry career, Haizi always shrouded in the lingering haze. Combining with lyrical poems and giant epic creation and the traumatic memory theory, the traumatic memories of his poetry is summarized and grouped into three aspects. And according to his real life and psychological state, the root cause of this memory and reasons for the trauma are made explorations, so as provide new perspectives and access to interpretation about Haizi who is tragic poetry genius and his versions.

  10. Distribution of lateral floor abutment pressure in a stope

    Zhang Hualei; Wang Lianguo; Sun Jian


    In order to study the distribution of lateral floor abutment pressure at a working face, we first used elasticity theory to establish a distribution model of lateral floor abutment pressure and then analysed its distribution. Second, we established a three-dimensional numerical simulation model of the Haizi Coal Mine No. 86 mining area by using FLAC3D (ITASCA Consulting Group) software. We investigated the distribution of lateral floor abutment pressure of a stope, which indicated that the position of abutment pressure peak varies at different floor depths. We then determined the rational reinforcement range of a floor roadway, based on the conclusion reached earlier. Finally, we used our conclusions in support of the No. 86 mining area crossing-roadway. The supported crossing-roadway remained stable when mining the upper workface, which validates the accuracy of our numerical simulation and provides a future reference for the support of span-roadways under similar conditions.

  11. Long Progression and Cover Type on Cross-measure Cutting Coal Technology%长距离递进掩护式石门揭煤技术



    基于FLAC数值模拟软件对石门揭煤过程中距离煤层不同位置处工作面前面的应力分析结果,确定出掘进工作面前方应力集中范围,由此确定出距离煤层不同位置时应采取的防突措施,以海孜煤矿Ⅲ1采区石门揭煤为背景,对长距离石门揭煤技术进行了研究。%According to the stress analysis results in front of the the coal face about different location from coal seam during the process of cross-measure cutting coal by using FLAC numerical simulation software.The paper determined the range of stress concentration in front of drivage face,determined the different outburst prevention measures which should be taken.And then take the cross-measure cutting coal in Ⅲ1 Haizi coal mine as the background,this paper studied the cross-measure cutting coal technology.

  12. Discussion of regulation mode of torrent-debris flow by dammed lake in small river basin%小流域堰塞湖对山洪泥石流的调控模式探讨

    陈宁生; 胡桂胜; 齐宪阳; 王元欢; 苏立


    Through the detail investigation and analysis on dammed lakes in small river basin in the east of Tibetan plateau, the first tributary Haizi gully of the Jinsha River in Qiaojia County, the first tributary Zongqu gully of the Minjiang River in Maox-ian County, and the second tributary Gucheng gully of the Minjiang River in Lixian County are selected as typical cases to study the regulation mode of torrent-debris flow by dammed lakes in small river basin. There are three mutual transformation modes of torrent and debris flow under the regulation of dammed lakes:the torrent-debris produced by deposit and re-erosion, the deb-ris deposited and clear water discharged, and erosion scale enlarged. Based on the regulation mode of small watershed dammed lakes on the torrent-debris flow, the disaster risks of the dammed lakes with different characteristics are revealed, and some tar-geted measures are proposed.%通过对我国青藏高原东缘小流域堰塞湖系统调查与分析,选择金沙江一级支流巧家县的海子沟、岷江一级支流茂县的宗渠沟和岷江二级支流理县的古城沟作为典型案例,进行小流域堰塞湖对山洪泥石流的调控模式研究. 研究得出,小流域堰塞湖调节作用下山洪泥石流的相互转换模式主要有3类:① 淤积与再侵蚀产生泥石流模式;② 淤积与清水出流模式;③ 侵蚀规模放大模式. 基于小流域堰塞湖对山洪泥石流调控特征分析,揭示不同特征的小流域堰塞湖成灾风险,并提出针对性的处理措施.


    姚兴荣; 丁宏伟; 赵玉苹; 毛岳; 曹晓辉; 赵荣昌


    以野外实际调查资料为依据,在浅述区域地质环境概况的基础上,深入分析了泥石流形成条件,认为陡峭的山体、密集发育的沟谷以及较大的沟谷比降、丰富的松散固体物质储备,对短时间内汇集大量的水石极为有利,同时也为泥石流的发育和形成提供了强大的势能和物质来源,而下游海子湖相对宽阔的扇形地又为泥石流提供了充足的堆积场所,"7.29"短历时、高强度、集中式的强降水是泥石流形成的激发因素;泥石流类型为典型的强降雨坡面侵蚀型中频稀性沟谷型发展期泥石流,其形成区、流通区及堆积区的界线较明显;提出了"拦+固+清淤+护+排导"泥石流综合治理方案。%According to field survey data and on the basis of brief Introduction overview of the regional geological environment,depth analysis the formation conditions of the debris flow,the paper concluded that the steep mountain,Intensive development of the valley and the valley slope,prolific loose solid material reserves on a short time to bring together a large amount of water stone were extremely beneficial,but also provided a powerful potential energy and material sources for the development and formation of debris flow,and located in the downstream lakes of HaiZi was relatively wide fan-shaped region that could provide for the debris flow a sufficient accumulation of place.The short duration,high intensity,centralized heavy precipitation in May Twelve is the motivating factor of debris flow formation;this is a heavy rainfall,slope erosion,in the frequency,thin valley type and development debris flow,and its formation area,circulation area and deposition area boundaries are more obvious;At the end of the article,the authors propose The Program of mudslides comprehensive governance that including "intercept+reinforcement+desilting+and protection+diversion".

  14. Huang Guobin’s Poetry, Literary Criticism and Translation%黄国彬的诗文创作、评论和翻译



    Huang Guobin, also known as Laurence K. P. Wong, is a Hong Kong writer. He has, to date, published 15 collections of poems, seven collections of essays, and 11 monographs in literary criticism and translation studies, as well as translations of two literary works, The Divine Comedy(translated from the original Italian)and Hamlet, both of them fully annotated. All in all, even though his emphases may vary, he has brought under his jurisdiction the various types of writing d escribed in Western literary theory(poetry, prose, narrative, and so on)and the styles mentioned in the chapter“Ti xing”(‘Style and Temperament’)in Wenxin diaolong(The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons). Natural scenery, astronomy, his country and people, romance, kin relationships, and friendships, as well as literature and art, science and technology, all provide him with an inexhaustible source of material to draw on. The title of his first book is!Pan yuegui de haizi(The Child Who Plucks the Laurel,1975), in which“pan,”also meaning“climb,”is the key to understanding him. He is a remarkable mountain climber and swimmer, and once practised karate. He is full of vim and vigour, which he brings to bear on his studies and writing activities. Dedicated to scaling the heights of literature, he has written numerous sublime long poems as well as essays in the grand style, attaining an outstanding level of excellence, which can be described, in Liu Xie’s words, as“perspicacity like the sun and moon hanging in the sky, language like the fecund mountains and seas.”He has a good command of seven foreign languages, has imbibed the quintessence of literature, is well versed in learning, whether ancient or modern, Chinese or Western, and has a superior style of classical elegance of his own. His works are marked by compactness of texture, richness of content, and a multitudinous diversity, embracing both masculine grandeur and delicate beauty. In the world of literature in