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  1. Colin Bamford

    Harris, Julian


    Profile of Colin Bamford – the Chief Executive of the Financial Law Panel, providing a brief overview of his role and the projects being undertaken by the Panel. Published in the Profile section of Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and its Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

  2. Guido Vegni (1931 - 2016)


    Guido Vegni, a renowned particle physicist and Professor at the University of Milan, passed away on Thursday, 2 June.   Professor Guido Vegni in 1976, at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, Russia. Italian physicist Guido Vegni passed away on Thursday, 2 June. With his death we have lost a friend, an excellent physicist and a strong supporter of the CERN programme. His long and fruitful involvement in particle physics started in the mid 1950s, when he joined the Milan nuclear emulsion group led by Giuseppe Occhialini in 1956. His thesis aimed to measure the spin-parity assignment of the K+ meson from its decay into three pions, contributing to the study of the famous "tau-theta puzzle", eventually solved by the discovery of the non-conservation of parity in weak interactions. In 1960, Guido was appointed "Assistant" to Professor G. Occhialini in Milan, the first step of a career that led to him eventually becom...

  3. Guido Altarelli (1941 - 2015)


    The CERN community was deeply saddened to learn that Guido Altarelli had passed away on 30 September.     He was a true giant of particle physics and of CERN. His contributions to physics span all subjects, from strong to electroweak interactions, from neutrinos to theories beyond the Standard Model, and from the study of precision measurements to the analysis of apparent anomalies, whose interpretation in terms of new physics he often exposed as naïve and unjustified. He left milestones in the progress of our field wherever he went. The awards of the Sakurai Prize in 2012 and of the EPS Prize in 2015 rank him among the greats, and reflect only in part the wealth of knowledge he gave to high-energy physics. Guido Altarelli was not only a great scientist, but also a person of great integrity. He was always available to make the bridge between experiment and theory and to share his time and wisdom with the experiments and the wider laboratory. The scientific community has...

  4. Colin Ramm (1921 - 2014)


    One of the CERN's pioneering figures , Colin Ramm, passed away on 23 June.   Colin Ramm, CERN 1963. Colin was born in Perth, Western Australia, and gained a first-class honours degree in physics at the University of Western Australia in 1942. In 1947 he went to Birmingham University, where Europe’s first proton synchrotron was being built to produce an energy of 1 GeV and where he obtained his doctorate in 1951. In 1954, Colin joined CERN’s Proton Synchrotron Division as leader of the magnet group, which became responsible for the whole of the synchrotron’s magnet system. The magnet group – which became the Nuclear Physics Apparatus Division in 1961 – then turned towards helping to make the PS usable for experiments, and a number of projects took shape under Colin’s leadership: a heavy-liquid bubble chamber, magnets and lenses for guiding secondary beams, electrostatic separators, a high-energy antiproton beam, sc...

  5. Colin S Pittendrigh: An Appreciation

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 1; Issue 6. Colin S. Pittendrigh: An Appreciation The life of a Darwinian Clock-Walcher. L Geetha. General Article Volume 1 Issue 6 June 1996 pp 58-60. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  6. Allanach Benjamin, LAPTH, France Altarelli Guido, CERN ...

    Allanach Benjamin, LAPTH, France. Altarelli Guido, CERN, Switzerland. Ananthanarayan Balasubramanian,. IISc, Bangalore, India. Antoniadis Ignatios, CERN, Switzer- land. Aziz T, TIFR, Mumbai, India. Babu K S, Oklahoma State Univ., USA. Bailey Stephen, Harvard/BaBar, USA. Bailin David, University of Sussex, UK.

  7. Guido von Pirquet: Austrian pioneer of astronautics

    Sykora, F.


    The works of Guido von Pirquet, Austrian pioneer of rocketry, were assessed. Major emphasis was given to Pirquet's calculation of the route to Venus which in fact was followed by the first Russian rocket to Venus. Of interest also is Pirquet's valuable construction of a space station and his analysis of interstellar space flight.

  8. Topological systems versus attachment relations | Guido ...

    The manuscript makes a category-theoretic comparison between the concepts of topological system of S. Vickers and attachment relation of C. Guido. With the help of the recent definition of the notions in the framework of an arbitrary variety of algebras, we consider functorial relationships between the categories of such ...

  9. Lily Cultivars Have Allelopathic Potential in Controlling Orobanche aegyptiaca Persoon.

    Chai, Min; Zhu, Xiaopei; Cui, Hongxia; Jiang, Chuangdao; Zhang, Jinzheng; Shi, Lei


    As a devastating holoparasitic weed, Orobanche aegyptiaca Persoon. (Egyptian broomrape) causes serious damage to agricultural production and threatens economic development, which has raised widespread concern. The present study was conducted to determine whether lilies have the potential to be used as 'trap crops' for controlling O. aegyptiaca Persoon. In the experiments, the ability of three popular lily cultivars (Lilium Oriental hybrids 'Sorbonne', Lilium LA (Longiflorum hybrids x Asiatic hybrids) hybrids 'Ceb Dazzle', and Lilium Longiflorum hybrids (L. formosanum x L. longiflorum) 'L. formolongo') to induce O. aegyptiaca Persoon. seed germination was assessed. Parts of the three lily cultivars, including the rhizosphere soil and underground and above-ground organs, all induced "suicidal germination" of parasitic O. aegyptiaca Persoon. seed at four growth stages. Specifically, Sorbonne and Ceb Dazzle behaved with similar allelopathy, and the bulb, scale leaf and aerial stem exhibited stronger allelopathic effects on O. aegyptiaca Pers. germination compared to other organs. Aqueous L. formolongo leaf extracts may contain more stable, effective stimulants given that they induced the highest germination rate at 76.7% even though the extracts were serially diluted. We speculate that these organs may be advantageous in further isolating and purifying economical active substances that can be substitutes for GR24. These results indicate that lilies have the potential to be used as a trap crops or can be processed into green herbicide formulations that can be applied in agriculture production to rapidly deplete the seed bank of O. aegyptiaca Persoon. parasitic weeds in soil.

  10. Lily Cultivars Have Allelopathic Potential in Controlling Orobanche aegyptiaca Persoon.

    Min Chai

    Full Text Available As a devastating holoparasitic weed, Orobanche aegyptiaca Persoon. (Egyptian broomrape causes serious damage to agricultural production and threatens economic development, which has raised widespread concern. The present study was conducted to determine whether lilies have the potential to be used as 'trap crops' for controlling O. aegyptiaca Persoon. In the experiments, the ability of three popular lily cultivars (Lilium Oriental hybrids 'Sorbonne', Lilium LA (Longiflorum hybrids x Asiatic hybrids hybrids 'Ceb Dazzle', and Lilium Longiflorum hybrids (L. formosanum x L. longiflorum 'L. formolongo' to induce O. aegyptiaca Persoon. seed germination was assessed. Parts of the three lily cultivars, including the rhizosphere soil and underground and above-ground organs, all induced "suicidal germination" of parasitic O. aegyptiaca Persoon. seed at four growth stages. Specifically, Sorbonne and Ceb Dazzle behaved with similar allelopathy, and the bulb, scale leaf and aerial stem exhibited stronger allelopathic effects on O. aegyptiaca Pers. germination compared to other organs. Aqueous L. formolongo leaf extracts may contain more stable, effective stimulants given that they induced the highest germination rate at 76.7% even though the extracts were serially diluted. We speculate that these organs may be advantageous in further isolating and purifying economical active substances that can be substitutes for GR24. These results indicate that lilies have the potential to be used as a trap crops or can be processed into green herbicide formulations that can be applied in agriculture production to rapidly deplete the seed bank of O. aegyptiaca Persoon. parasitic weeds in soil.

  11. Guido Tonelli elected next CMS spokesperson


    Guido Tonelli has been elected as the next CMS spokesperson. He will take over from Jim Virdee on January 1, 2010, and will head the collaboration through the first crucial year of data-taking. Guido Tonelli, CMS spokesperson-elect, into the CMS cavern. "It will be very tough and there will be enormous pressure," explains Guido Tonelli, CMS spokesperson-elect. "It will be the first time that CMS will run for a whole year so it is important to go through the checklist to be able to take good quality data." Tonelli, who is currently CMS Deputy spokesperson, will take over from Jim Virdee on January 1, 2010 – only a few months into CMS’s first full year of data-taking. "The collisions will probably be different to our expectations. So it’s going to take the effort of the entire collaboration worldwide to be ready for this new phase." Born in Italy, Tonelli originally studied at the University of Pisa, where he is now a Professo...

  12. NEWS: Colin Siddons (1913-1999)

    Baruch, John; Chapman, Bryan


    Colin Siddons Colin Siddons, who died on 8 November 1999 aged 86, was one of the most brilliant of the generation of physics teachers who came into teaching out of necessity rather than vocation in the 1930s. He elevated physics teaching into an art and it was for his inspirational physics teaching that he won international recognition. He was made an Honorary Life Member of the Association for Science Education, awarded an Honorary Master of Science degree by the University of Leeds in recognition of his `Outstanding Career in Science Teaching', and in 1992 the Institute of Physics awarded him its prestigious Bragg Medal for services to physics education. He was one of those science sons of Bradford who, along with the Noble Prize winner Sir Edward Appleton and the outstanding cosmologist Fred Hoyle, are hardly recognized in their own city. Colin wove together his politics and humanism in a career that could not but collide with the stuffy, class-ridden and prejudiced society of Britain in the thirties. He left Cambridge with a first-class honours degree in Physics, a product of the University Physics laboratories of Thompson and Rutherford, who did so much to break the mould of nineteenth century science, launching science into the modern era. With his degree he applied to work as a Meteorologist at the Air Ministry. His scientific competence was not in doubt but the fact that he read Tolstoy made him unacceptable to the interview panel. In the Britain of the thirties, with a working class background and a father out of work Colin had to get a job. After 83 applications and 13 interviews, in which he learned the hard way that teachers' personal lives were not allowed to deviate from convention, he got his first teaching post in Devon. He soon found that his school governors did not take kindly to teachers publicly challenging the support their local MP was expressing for Hitler and Mussolini. Later, when Colin had returned to Yorkshire, Chamberlain's notorious

  13. Guido of Arezzo and His Influence on Music Learning

    Anna J. Reisenweaver


    Full Text Available Throughout the history of Western music, Guido of Arezzo stands out as one of the most influential theorists and pedagogues of the Middle Ages. His developments of the hexachord system, solmization syllables, and music notation revolutionized the teaching and learning of music during his time and laid the foundation for our modern system of music. While previous theorists were interested in the philosophical and mathematical nature of music, Guido’s desire to aid singers in the learning process was practical. Through his innovations, students were able to classify, sight-sing, and visualize the music they were learning, ultimately resulting in an easier, simpler, and more efficient way to learn music. By building upon the theories of those before him, Guido expanded and reshaped the musical system of his day, transformed the way music was taught, and established his ideas as a vital part of our musical heritage.

  14. Een beroemde persoon die een product aanprijst: Wat vindt uw brein daarvan?

    A. Smidts (Ale); V. Klucharev (Vasily); G. Fernández (Guillén)


    textabstractBekende personen worden vaak ingehuurd voor reclamecampagnes. In dit onderzoek laten we zien dat een hoge gepercipieerde deskundigheid van de bekende persoon voor het product, sterk kan bijdragen aan het succes van dergelijke campagnes. Een expert zorgt zowel voor een beter geheugen voor

  15. Colin Mackerras, China’s Ethnic Minorities and Globalisation

    Allès, Élisabeth


    In this short work, the Australian political scientist Colin Mackerras offers a general overview of the situation of ethnic minorities in China over the past twenty years. He takes as the basis for his study principal works published recently and his own interviews conducted in China since the beginning of the 1980s, while also collating statistical data. He synthesises data and elements of understanding of China’s policies with regard to minority peoples there. He analyses the economic data ...

  16. Transnational Impulses as Simulation in Colin Johnson's (Mudrooroo's Fiction.

    Clare Archer-Lean


    Full Text Available Works of Australian Literature have frequently been situated within national literary frameworks. But there is much recent scholarship that contests such ideas and explores transnational engagement in literary production. An author that has been seen as embodying the spectral nature of the Australian literary paradigm is Colin Johnson, pseudonym Mudrooroo. While, the complexities around Mudrooroo's identity as black Australian author are infamous: these biographical complexities are not the focus of this paper. Instead, Mudrooroo's Master of the Ghost Dreaming Series is explored as an evocation of place that encompasses a series of ever widening spheres: the local, the regional, the national, the transnational, the trans-human and the cosmic.

  17. USA peab senist kurssi jätkama / Colin L. Powell ; tõlk. Marek Laane

    Powell, Colin L.


    USA riigisekretär Colin Powell kinnitab, et Ameerika Ühendriikidel tuleb Iraagis ja Afganistanis jätkata demokratiseerimispoliitikat. Artikkel on kirjutataud Colin Powelli 10. nov. City College of New Yorkis peetud kõne põhjal

  18. Guido Kangur toob C. F. Hahni pubisse jatsu / Urmas Hännile

    Hännile, Urmas


    Eesti Draamateatri näitleja ja muusikafestivali Sõru Jazz korraldaja Guido Kanguri eestvõttel hakkab Pärnus C. F. Hahni pubis (Riia mnt 129a) kolmapäeviti kõlama džässmuusika, G. Kanguri tegemistest

  19. un entomologo in india: l'orientalismo consapevole di guido gozzano


    descritto, nel fondamentale “L'India di Guido Gozzano e quella di Pierre Loti” apparso su. La rassegna della ... Evidentemente tale tradizione bicipite ha dato origine a edizioni molto diverse tra ..... unità alla base della molteplicità. L'unione di ...

  20. Colin Rowe y el equilibrio dinámico

    Pablo López Martín


    Full Text Available ResumenEn 1944 Gyorgy Kepes publica el que sin duda será su texto más influyente, El lenguaje de la visión. En él Kepes trata de llevar a cabo una guía que explique la gramática y la sintaxis del fenómeno de la visión, y que sirva como herramienta para enfrentarse al arte como experiencia puramente sensorial, desprovista de toda carga literaria, semántica o sentimental.De todos los conceptos que Kepes desgrana en su ensayo quizá el más determinante de todos sea el denominado como equilibrio dinámico y que aparece por primera vez en esta obra . Este término logra verbalizar algo que estaba en el aire, orbitando alrededor de toda la plástica moderna, pero que hasta el momento sólo había sido explicado de forma empírica.En Colin Rowe reverbera la lectura reciente de las ideas kepesianas cuando escribe sus artículos Transparencia literal y fenomenal y Neo-“clasicismo” y arquitectura moderna I y II tratando de poner en evidencia los principios fundacionales del movimiento moderno que negaban la dimensión plástica de la disciplina . El artículo tratará sacar de a la luz y explicar esta influencia. AbstractIn 1944 Gyorgy Kepes published what undoubtless will be his most influential text, "The language of vision". What Kepes tried to do was a guide of grammar and syntax of vision, which allows to face art as purely sensory experience or just visual, devisted of any literary , semantic or sentimental meaning.Among all the concepts that Kepes developes in his essay perhaps the most decisive one is the so called dynamic equilibrium, which is introduced in this work for fi rst time, verbalizing something that was in the air, orbiting around the entire modern plastic but far only explained in an empirical way.Colin Rowe reverberates the recent readed kepesian ideas on his own writings Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal and Neo-'Classicism' and Modern Architecture I and II, when the author tries to highlight the founding

  1. Colin Rowe: Space as well-composed illusion

    Christoph Schnoor


    Full Text Available Architectural historian Colin Rowe, although well known for his intriguing analytical writings on modern architecture, rarely examined architectural space as a scholarly subject-matter. Historians examining Rowe’s writings rarely refer to the issue of space, either. Anthony Vidler, Werner Oechslin, Alexander Caragonne and others have examined Rowe’s investigations into urban space, his analyses of formal principles in architecture, or his critical stance towards the myths of modernism, but have not singled out architectural space as subject matter. Nevertheless, this paper argues that Rowe is indeed one of the few post-war historians writing in the English language to have conveyed analyses of architectural space, particularly in the volume The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa (1976. The paper examines how Rowe understood architectural space as relevant only when not seen as ‘pure’ but ‘contaminated’ with ambiguity and active character: notions of flatness versus depth and horizontal versus vertical, as well as the overlapping of conflicting scales or whole structural or spatial systems are central for Rowe’s reading of architectural space, which is also always infused with an idea of movement. Further, the paper traces influences of Rowe’s approach beyond the obvious influence by Rudolf Wittkower to Heinrich Wölfflin’s style and method, partially conveyed through the translation of Sigfried Giedion’s writings.

  2. Los doce trabajos de Hércules de Villena y la Fiorita de Guido da Pisa

    Paolo Cherchi


    Full Text Available This essay points out a general source for Enrique de Villena's Los doce trabajos de Hércules. The source is Guido da Pisa's Fiorita d'Italia, specifically a section of it which is entirely devoted to Hercules' labors. Villena draws historical and exegetical data from this source, and at times he does so verbatim, but most often he amplifies and manipulates these data with originality in order to pursue his moral and political goals.

  3. ¿Un inédito de Guido Reni en Ávila?

    Esteban Ángel Cotillo Torrejón


    Full Text Available Aún en esta época vemos como el catálogo de los grandes maestros se amplía con nuevos hallazgos. No está lejano el descubrimiento del «Retrato de dama» del Tiziano, o el Caravaggio que yacía olvidado en los almacenes del británico palacio de Hampton Court, o las dos tablas de Fray Angélico, ambas de pequeño formato, que reaparecieron en Gran Bretaña. Por ello, es importante dar a conocer el lienzo que ignorado y anónimo cuelga de las paredes catedralicias abulenses, posiblemente estemos ante una obra de Guido Reni, o al menos, de su escuela.Even at this time we can see as the catalogue of the great painters is extending with new findings. The discovery of Tiziano’s Portrait of a lady, or a Caravaggio that laid forgotten in the British Palace of Hampton Court warehouses, or Fray Angelico’s two tables, both of small formats, that reappeared in Great Britain. For that reason, it is important to present the painting, that ignored and anonymous, hangs of the Avila’s Catedral walls, possibly we are in front of a work of Guido Reni, or at least their school.

  4. 'n Kritiese evaluasie van Colin Brown se studie: Miracles and the critical mind

    E. J. Vledder


    Full Text Available A critical evaluation of Colin Brown's study: Miracles and the critical mind As a historical survey of the viewpoints regarding miracles throughout the ages. Miracles and the critical mind of Colin Brown can be highly recommended as a reference work. In this lies its value. Brown has an interesting viewpoint. He states that miracles can only be interpreted when asked what the evangelists themselves meant by it in their Gospels. But to my mind. Brown does not successfully show that miracles enable us to make sense of the Gospels as history. The reason is that he cannot conclusively prove that miracles are historical facts, and thus the Gospels are history as well. Miracles should be accepted by faith. In this respect he stands fully in an age-old tradition, and as such does not contribute much new towards the debate about miracles. To follow is a critical evaluation of the abovementioned study.


    Giuseppe Sergio


    Full Text Available Nel dare alle stampe la sua parodia dei Promessi Sposi (1930, Guido da Verona non immaginava di compiere delitto di lesa maestà nei confronti del totem manzoniano né che sarebbe stato oscurato dal controllo igienico fascista. Nel saggio si sostiene infatti, anche sulla base di evidenze ricavate dall'analisi del manoscritto, che la sua intenzione non fosse satirica, bensì ludico-parodica. Il cuore del saggio si incentra sull'analisi comparativa tra la versione daveroniana e l'ipotesto manzoniano, con particolare attenzione alle scaturigini del comico. Oltre che mettere in evidenza i tratti caratterizzanti la prosa di da Verona, captante e alluvionata di wits  linguistici, il saggio descrive le strategie comiche usate dall'autore, quelle basate sul carattere e sulle situazioni e quelle del discorso vero e proprio. Nel corso dell'analisi  si evidenzia come sia il comico del significante sia l'infrazione dei legami logici e di successione cooperino a incrinare la visione ordinata del mondo e della lingua strenuamente voluta e ottenuta da Alessandro Manzoni.   When the parody of Promessi Sposi (1930 was sent to press, Guido da Verona did not imagine he was committing the crime of lese-majesty with regard to the Manzonian totem, nor that it would be blacklisted by the Fascist regime. This paper shows that, based on the analysis of the manuscript, the author's intention was not satirical, but a playful parody. It is a comparative analysis between the da Verona version and the Manzonian hypertext, with particular attention placed on the origin of the comic. Besides highlighting the traits that characterize the text brimming with linguistic wit by da Verona, the paper describes the comedic strategies used by the author based on the characters and situations, as well as in the discourse itself. The analysis shows how the comic meaning and the breaking of logical and temporal links crack the orderly vision of the world and the language carefully

  6. René Descartes, the Robots and the Soul in the debate between Tommaso Ceva and Guido Grandi

    Alfredo Serrai


    Full Text Available Descartes outlined human intelligence as a divine gift, albeit in a system governed by universal laws of physics and mathematics. In the eighteenth century the camaldolite Guido Grandi and Tommaso Ceva, both mathematicians, had a dispute about the interpretation of the Cartesian model of human intelligence. This case provides an opportunity to retrace the path of a speculative techno-philosophical question concerning the human possibility to equipping robots with the ability to experience a self-consciousness.

  7. HIV / AIDS is a challenge we have to face -- Colin Hollis.


    On July 21, 2000, the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) Malaysia, in cooperation with the UN Population Fund and the UN Development Program (Malaysia), organized the National HIV/AIDS Seminar for Parliamentarians in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the seminar, Mr. Colin Hollis, secretary general of AFPPD, spoke about the challenge posed by HIV/AIDS on the government. He noted that the epidemic is a part of life and these figures should not only challenge the assumptions of legislators but for them to act as well. He further informed that AFPPD would organize the Asia-Africa Meeting of Parliamentarians and Asia European Dialogue.

  8. Increased antioxidant activity and changes in phenolic profile of Kalanchoe pinnata (Lamarck) Persoon (Crassulaceae) specimens grown under supplemental blue light.

    Nascimento, Luana B S; Leal-Costa, Marcos V; Coutinho, Marcela A S; Moreira, Nattacha dos S; Lage, Celso L S; Barbi, Nancy dos S; Costa, Sônia S; Tavares, Eliana S


    Antioxidant compounds protect plants against oxidative stress caused by environmental conditions. Different light qualities, such as UV-A radiation and blue light, have shown positive effects on the production of phenols in plants. Kalanchoe pinnata (Lamarck) Persoon (Crassulaceae) is used for treating wounds and inflammations. Some of these beneficial effects are attributed to the antioxidant activity of plant components. We investigated the effects of blue light and UV-A radiation supplementation on the total phenol content, antioxidant activity and chromatographic profile of aqueous extracts from leaves of K. pinnata. Monoclonal plants were grown under white light, white plus blue light and white plus UV-A radiation. Supplemental blue light improved the antioxidant activity and changed the phenolic profile of the extracts. Analysis by HPLC of supplemental blue-light plant extracts revealed a higher proportion of the major flavonoid quercetin 3-O-α-L-arabinopyranosyl (1→2) α-L-rhamnopyranoside, as well as the presence of a wide variety of other phenolic substances. These findings may explain the higher antioxidant activity observed for this extract. Blue light is proposed as a supplemental light source in the cultivation of K. pinnata, to improve its antioxidant activity. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Photochemistry and Photobiology © 2012 The American Society of Photobiology.

  9. “Imperfetto perfettismo”: le riforme costituzionali nell’Italia del secondo dopoguerra. Intervista a Guido Crainz

    Guido Crainz


    Full Text Available In the interview sent to Diacronie. Studi di Storia contemporanea on 3rd August 2016, the historian Guido Crainz explores the most important aspects of the debate on the constitutional revisions after the Second World-War by analyzing the politic premises which lays on the base of the proposed corrections, the modification attemps, the outcome of the reform, from a point of view of historical comparation of the phases and features of the consolidation and development routes of the republican institutions.

  10. Towards a political ontology of state power: a comment on Colin Hay's article.

    Jessop, Bob


    This article offers some critical realist, strategic-relational comments on Colin Hay's proposal to treat the state as an 'as-if-real' concept. The critique first develops an alternative account of ontology, which is more suited to analyses of the state and state power; it then distinguishes the 'intransitive' properties of the real world as an object of investigation from the 'transitive' features of its scientific investigation and thereby provides a clearer understanding of what is at stake in 'as-if-realism'; and it ends with the suggestion that a concern with the modalities of state power rather than with the state per se offers a more fruitful approach to the genuine issues raised in Hay's article and in his earlier strategic-relational contributions to political analysis. © London School of Economics and Political Science 2014.

  11. Mysteries of Mind and Matter in the Perspective of Colin McGinn’s Philosophy

    Dmytro Sepetyi


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the approach to the mind-body problem that was developed by Colin McGinn and is known as “mysterianism”. The basic thesis of this approach, which McGinn opposes to both materialism and dualism, is that consciousness and its relationship to physical reality is an inscrutable mystery that cannot be get over in principle, because of insurmountable, constitutive limitations of human mind. In this paper, the critical analysis of McGinn’s approach is given. It is pointed out that McGinn’s thesis of the inscrutablility of the mind-body relationship is based on the ungrounded idea that a mediating substance is necessary. An argument is made that the mind-body relationship is better understood as interaction that is mediated only by natural psychophysical laws. McGinn’s hypothesis of the origin of physical space in a non-spatial reality that has the same nature as consciousness is explained in the context of different interpretations of the Big Bang theo- ry. It is argued that McGinn’s hypothesis does not provide a solution to the problem of the origin of human consciousness, because consciousness belongs to mental individuals whose emergence is just as unexplainable by the hypothesis of non-spatial reality as it is by physical processes.

  12. Chemical characterization and cytotoxic, genotoxic, and mutagenic properties of Baccharis trinervis (Lam, Persoon) from Colombia and Brazil.

    Jaramillo-García, Victoria; Trindade, Cristiano; Lima, Elisiane; Guecheva, Temenouga N; Villela, Izabel; Martinez-Lopez, Wilner; Corrêa, Dione S; Ferraz, Alexandre de B F; Moura, Sidnei; Sosa, Milton Quintana; Da Silva, Juliana; Henriques, João Antônio Pegas


    Baccharis trinervis (Lam, Persoon) leaves are used in the traditional medicine for the treatment of high fevers, edema, inflammation, sores and muscle cramps, snakebites and as antiseptic. To investigate the cytotoxic, genotoxic, and mutagenic effects of extracts and fractions of B. trinervis from Brazil and Colombia in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells, and to examine the mutagenic activity in Salmonella typhimurium. Aqueous extracts (AE) of aerial parts of B. trinervis from Brazil (B) and Colombia (C) were fractioned in ethyl acetate fraction (EAF), butanol extract (BF), and aqueous residue fraction (ARF). Qualitative chemical screening and determination of total flavonoid content were made. Identification of chemical constituents was performed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS). For the in vitro tests, CHO cells were treated for 3h with extracts and fractions. The cytotoxic activity was evaluated by clonal survival and 3-(4.5-dimethylthiazole-2-yl)-2.5-biphenyl tetrazolium bromide reduction assay (MTT). Genotoxic and mutagenic effects were evaluated by the alkaline comet assay and Cytokinesis-blockage micronucleus test (CBMN), respectively. Additionally, Salmonella/microsome assay was carried out to determinate the mutagenic effects in EAF from Brazil and Colombia. Phytochemical analyses indicated the presence of saponins and flavonoids. AE and EAF were the samples with the highest quantity of total flavonoids. HPLC showed the presence of luteolin only in AEC, and caffeic acid, ellagic acid, rosmarinic acid, and rutin were identified in AEB and AEC (AEC>AEB). The HRMS in positive mode of EAFB and EAFC showed presence of two carboxylic acids, coumarin, and two terpenoids. In addition, were identified one terpenoid and two carboxylic acids in AE, BF and ARF of B. trinervis from both countries in negative mode. Dose-dependent cytotoxic effects were observed in CHO cells treated with B. trinervis extracts

  13. Scalp and skull influence on near infrared photon propagation in the Colin27 brain template.

    Strangman, Gary E; Zhang, Quan; Li, Zhi


    Near-infrared neuromonitoring (NIN) is based on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) measurements performed through the intact scalp and skull. Despite the important effects of overlying tissue layers on the measurement of brain hemodynamics, the influence of scalp and skull on NIN sensitivity are not well characterized. Using 3555 Monte Carlo simulations, we estimated the sensitivity of individual continuous-wave NIRS measurements to brain activity over the entire adult human head by introducing a small absorption perturbation to brain gray matter and quantifying the influence of scalp and skull thickness on this sensitivity. After segmenting the Colin27 template into five tissue types (scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, gray matter and white matter), the average scalp thickness was 6.9 ± 3.6 mm (range: 3.6-11.2mm), while the average skull thickness was 6.0 ± 1.9 mm (range: 2.5-10.5mm). Mean NIN sensitivity - defined as the partial path length through gray matter divided by the total photon path length - ranged from 0.06 (i.e., 6% of total path length) at a 20mm source-detector separation, to over 0.19 at 50mm separations. NIN sensitivity varied substantially around the head, with occipital pole exhibiting the highest NIRS sensitivity to gray matter, whereas inferior frontal regions had the lowest sensitivity. Increased scalp and skull thickness were strongly associated with decreased sensitivity to brain tissue. Scalp thickness always exhibited a slightly larger effect on sensitivity than skull thickness, but the effect of both varied with SD separation. We quantitatively characterize sensitivity around the head as well as the effects of scalp and skull, which can be used to interpret NIN brain activation studies as well as guide the design, development and optimization of NIRS devices and sensors. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. L’“umile Italia” di Guido Ceronetti: alcune considerazioni sui paesaggi visibili ed invisibili di Un viaggio in Italia / Guido Ceronetti's "Humilis Italia": Remarks on the Visible and Invisible Landscapes in Un viaggio in Italia (A Journey in Italy

    Cristiano Bedin


    Full Text Available In epoca contemporanea il tema del “viaggio in Italia”, meta irrinunciabile del Grand Tour settecentesco, viene usato come espediente per sottolineare la decadenza della bellezza dell’Italia provocata dalla progressiva industrializzazione. In questo articolo, partendo dall’analisi di due tipologie contemporanee di racconto di viaggio, il collezionismo erudito e il metaviaggio, si intende mostrare le caratteristiche principali di Un viaggio in Italia di Guido Ceronetti. Mescolando elementi di queste due categorie odeporiche, lo scrittore si ripromette nel suo diario di viaggio di trasmettere un’immagine generale di un’Italia non più “umile”e destinata a perdere la propria bellezza. Quello che ne risulta è un complesso resoconto che riporta alla memoria le ricchezze del patrimonio italiano e rispecchia lo squallore della speculazione edilizia del secondo dopoguerra. Sul suolo italiano sono presenti due tipi di paesaggi, quelli visibili, che appaiono spesso avvolti dal grigiore tipico della modernità, e quelli invisibili, che, invece, sono suggeriti e ispirati dalla letteratura. Un viaggio in Italia è, quindi, un taccuino in cui l’autore annota quello che lo ferisce nell’Italia della contemporaneità.   In the contemporary era the theme of the “Travel in Italy”, a pivotal aspect of the the Grand Tour, is used as a expedient to emphasize the decline of Italy's beauty and its decline because of the progressive industrialization. This paper starts with an analysis of two contemporary typologies of travel book – the erudite collection and meta-travel – and intends to explore the main features of Un viaggio in Italia by Guido Ceronetti. In his travel diary the Italian writer – mixing elements of erudite collection and meta-travel – wants to show an general picture of the no more “umile Italia” that loses its beauty. The result of this travel book is a complex report that illustrates the lost richness of the

  15. Trajetória acadêmica e perspectivas acerca do turismo sob o olhar de Colin Michael Hall

    Elayne Gouveia da Silva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho versa sobre a visão do Colin Michael Hall na temática do turismo. Para analisar essa temática imbricou-se em duas leituras principais como parâmetro para a discussão. A primeira é a obra “Planejamento turístico: política, processo e planejamento” e, a segunda, “Turismo como El Ciencia Social de La Movilidade”. Estas obras marcam a mudança de visão do autor, onde o mesmo se dedica a fomentar um novo olhar sobre o turismo suscitando sete aspectos para se pensar no turismo. O objetivo deste artigo é analisar a visão de Colin Michael Hall acerca do Turismo. Como metas intermediárias pretende-se, a partir da compilação de informações sobre sua vida acadêmica e suas principais contribuições realizar uma breve crítica. Para o trabalho utilizou-se a pesquisa bibliográfica, e entrevista com o autor. Como resultado obteve-se uma reunião das principais ideias e posições ideológicas do autor, e algumas de suas contribuições com o estudo do turismo.

  16. Colonial Fantasies, Narrative Borders, and the Canadian North in the Works of Germany's Colin Ross(1885-1945

    Nicole Pissowotzki


    Full Text Available This paper argues that the Canadian North is a discursive construction, within which German colonial fantasies emerge. In particular, I argue that it is through bordering that colonial fantasies of German Lebensraum ("living space" in the Canadian North are brought into being. I further argue that the German biologist and geographer Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904, with his view of the "organic state," provides the ideological framework for colonial fantasies in the travel writings of Colin Ross. I focus on the writer's colonial imagination and his perception of borders, and on how both relate to the Canadian North. I show that seemingly bare geographical information and demographical data, provided in Ross' travelogues, carry colonial fantasies of German spaces in the Canadian North. Those spaces are bordered by "shared histories" and "narrative boundaries," thus constructing a collective German colonial identity (cf. Eder 2006, 255-257.

  17. Resistência a fungicidas de Botrytis cinerea Persoon ex Fries, fungo causador de tombamento em mudas de Eucalyptus sp. em viveiros florestais

    Julio César Silva Medeiros da


    Full Text Available The occurrence of fungicide resistant isolates of Botrytis cinerea Persoon ex Fries causal agent of Eucalypt seedling damping off, was evaluated in laboratory tests conducted at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM. To evaluate the fungicide effects on the mycelium growth and conidium germination, three active ingredients were tested: benomyl, procimidone and thiabendazole. The treatments consisted of four dosages for each fungicide: zero (control, one half of the recommended dosage, full dosage and twice the dosage. The evaluations were done every 24 hours during 7 days for the mycelium growth, and at 24 and 48 hours for spore germination. To determine the occurrence of resistance two isolates were compared, one from a commercial nursery in Rio Grande do Sul (IB-1, and the other (wild (IB-2 from the Vegetable Crops Department, UFSM, Santa Maria, RS. The isolate IB-1 grew on all concentrations of benomyl, while the wild isolate was inhibited at all concentrations, indicating that the first isolate was resistant to benomyl.

  18. Guido Beck and the night of the long police batons: some observations about the relationship between physics and politics in the Argentinean context

    Antonio Augusto Passos Videira


    Full Text Available The objective of this paper consists in presenting the reaction of the physicist Guido Beck (1903-1988 towards the political events that occurred in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA, during the second term of 1966. It is not our intention to write a deep treatise on the problem, but to outline some of the ideas that Guido Beck had on the relation between science, State and society in South-American context. That will be done by describing his reaction to the well-known ‘night of the long police batons’. Beck had always been sensitive to the political instability in Argentinean academic system, once that political and ideological disputes could jeopardize the work towards the establishment of a scientific community in that country. As a conclusion, I defend the thesis that in Beck’s point of view the physicists at UBA had misunderstood the importance they had to Argentinean government and to part of the population in that same country.

  19. ‘The originality of Kaschnitz’: Guido Kaschnitz Weinberg, ‘The problem of originality in Roman art’ [Guido Kaschnitz von Weinberg, Das Schöpferische in der römischen Kunst, Römische Kunst, vol. 1, chapter 4, Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1961, 51-73

    Karl Johns


    Full Text Available The vindication of Roman art had been a nearly obsessive preoccupation of the earliest serious comprehensive art historians in Vienna at the end of the nineteenth century. While the relevant books by Franz Wickhoff and Alois Riegl are quoted more than they are actually read, the work of Guido Kaschnitz is even less well known in spite of the fact that he has placed these fundamental questions on a more solid footing. The present text from a lecture held late in his life and published posthumously can hopefully correct misconceptions of his approach to artistic principles.

  20. Depth sensitivity and source-detector separations for near infrared spectroscopy based on the Colin27 brain template.

    Gary E Strangman

    Full Text Available Understanding the spatial and depth sensitivity of non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS measurements to brain tissue-i.e., near-infrared neuromonitoring (NIN - is essential for designing experiments as well as interpreting research findings. However, a thorough characterization of such sensitivity in realistic head models has remained unavailable. In this study, we conducted 3,555 Monte Carlo (MC simulations to densely cover the scalp of a well-characterized, adult male template brain (Colin27. We sought to evaluate: (i the spatial sensitivity profile of NIRS to brain tissue as a function of source-detector separation, (ii the NIRS sensitivity to brain tissue as a function of depth in this realistic and complex head model, and (iii the effect of NIRS instrument sensitivity on detecting brain activation. We found that increasing the source-detector (SD separation from 20 to 65 mm provides monotonic increases in sensitivity to brain tissue. For every 10 mm increase in SD separation (up to ~45 mm, sensitivity to gray matter increased an additional 4%. Our analyses also demonstrate that sensitivity in depth (S decreases exponentially, with a "rule-of-thumb" formula S=0.75*0.85(depth. Thus, while the depth sensitivity of NIRS is not strictly limited, NIN signals in adult humans are strongly biased towards the outermost 10-15 mm of intracranial space. These general results, along with the detailed quantitation of sensitivity estimates around the head, can provide detailed guidance for interpreting the likely sources of NIRS signals, as well as help NIRS investigators design and plan better NIRS experiments, head probes and instruments.

  1. Aplicación de estrategias de seguridad y salud ocupacional basado en el modelo OHSAS 18001 en la Fábrica de Muebles Colineal

    Macancela Encalada, Diana Magali


    El presente trabajo se basa en el estudio y posterior aplicación de las Normas OHSAS 18001 en la fábrica de muebles COLINEAL. El primer capítulo contiene una breve descripción de la Norma de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional OHSAS 18001. Posteriormente se da a conocer la información General de la Empresa, la descripción del Proceso Productivo, la política de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional, pero sobre todo la evaluación y control de riesgos que es la base para la realización del presente El capítul...

  2. Atti del convegno internazionale "The Problem of Human Diversity in the European Cultural Experience of the Eighteenth Century", (Trieste, 14-15 February 2002, a cura di Guido Abbattista e Rolando Minuti

    Guido Abbattista


    Full Text Available Guido Abbattista - Rolando Minuti, Introduction. Ann Thomson, Issues at stake in eighteenth-century racial classification. Annette Meyer, The experience of human diversity and the search for unity. Concepts of mankind in the late Enlightenment. Silvia Sebastiani, Race and national characters in eighteenth-century Scotland: the polygenetic discourses of Kames and Pinkerton. Monika Niewójt, Races humaines et liberté dans la pensée politique de Jan Potocki à la veille de la Révolution. Carminella Biondi, Le problème des gens de couleur aux colonies et en France dans la seconde moitié du XVIIIe siècle.

  3. Colin Stephenson Pittendrigh: A Memoir

    spectives in the study of biological clocks", as well as experimental studies, such as his landmark ... At. the time he had written the book in 1943, Kahler's view .... Harvard University, Cambridge since 1966 and is one of the pioneers of modem.

  4. Colin S Pittendrigh: An Appreciation

    An introduction to the field of chronobiology to any student entails an introduction to the three musketeers, E Buenning,. C Pi ttendrigh and J Aschoff. The first seminar tha t many studen ts give is on one of the fascinating papers ofPittendrigh. It was thus, that I was introduced to him and the multitude of his research papers.

  5. Jennifer Leavy and Colin Poulton

    commercialization means more than the marketing of agricultural output, it means the product choice ... is still live). However ... Livestock, aquaculture and other forms of agriculture are not within the scope of this paper, although the arguments ...

  6. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo

    Ventura,Ana L. M.; Abreu,Paula A.; Freitas,Rodrigo C. C.; Sathler,Plínio C.; Loureiro,Natália; Castro,Helena C.


    OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking"...

  7. pastorale begeleiding aan die persoon met dissosiatiewe ...

    psychological or pastoral by nature. Effective assistance to the person ... INLEIDING. Volgens die kriteria in die DSM-IV2 (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th edition) van die APA (American Psychiatric. Association 1995) ...


    aan dat 'n lewe onder die gesag van God tot volle vrede lei: “In coming under the rule of Yahweh, moreover, life was made whole and safe.” Dit is spesifiek in die tempel waar die volheid van God se vrede ondervind word (1997:662):. The temple is indeed the place where Israel entered into Yahweh's full zone of shalom.

  9. 1814-IJBCS-Article-Aziadekey Guido


    Mawuli AZIADEKEY 1*, Komi ODAH 2 et Ayayi ATAYI 1. 1Département de Production Végétale, Ecole Supérieure d'Agronomie, Université de Lomé,. BP : 1515, Lomé, Togo. 2Laboratoire de Physiologie et Biotechnologie Végétales, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Lomé,. BP : 1515 Lomé, Togo. *Auteur correspondant ...

  10. Abielud, mis muutsid maailma / Guido Ilves

    Ilves, Guido


    Muhamed ja Chadidisha. Martin Luther ja Katharina von Bora. Inglise kuninga Henry VIII abielud. Habsburgide keiser Franz Joseph I ja Elisabeth. Vene keisrinna Katariina II abielu keiser Peeter III-ga. Karl Marx ja Jenny. Albert Einstein ja Mileva Maric

  11. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo Colinergic system: revisiting receptors, regulation and the relationship with Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking

    Ana L. M. Ventura; Paula A. Abreu; Rodrigo C. C. Freitas; Plínio C. Sathler; Natália Loureiro; Helena C. Castro


    OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking"...

  12. Repouso da junção neuromuscular no tratamento de crises miastênicas e colinérgicas Management of the myasthenic and cholinergic crisis by neuromuscular junction rest

    J. Lamartine de Assis


    Full Text Available Os autores trataram 18 crises miastênicas e colinérgicas desenvolvidas em 12 pacientes com forma generalizada e severa de miastenia grave, mediante o "repouso" da junção neuromuscular. Êste foi conseguido, em um grupo de 6 enfermos, pela suspensão das drogas anticolinesterásicas, emprego da respiração artificial e alimentação por sonda nasogástrica — "repouso relativo". Outro grupo de 6 pacientes foi submetido ao "repouso absoluto" da junção neuromuscular, mediante o uso da respiração artificial, alimentação por sonda nasogástrica e curarização prolongada pela galamina. Em mais de 50% das crises observaram-se melhoras imediatas e acentuadas com o método de tratamento pelo "repouso" da junção neuromuscular, ao lado de redução significativa da taxa de mortalidade nas crises. A evolução mostrou que os pacientes que responderam melhor durante e logo após o tratamento da crise, tiveram, também, melhor evolução ulterior. Dos 12 enfermos somente um era portador de timoma e, mesmo nesse paciente, a evolução foi satisfatória. A sensibilidade inicial ao curare foi muito grande em todos os doentes submetidos à curarização prolongada, mas, em prazo relativamente curto (alguns dias, esta hipersensibilidade diminuiu sensivelmente. Apesar de todos os cuidados, as infecções respiratórias foram a regra, exigindo tratamento enérgico e bem orientado.The neuromuscular junction rest method was employed in the treatment of 18 myasthenic and cholinergic crisis occurring in 12 patients with severe forms of myasthenia gravis. Six of these patients received a "relative rest" and other six patients received an "absolute rest" treatment. In the first group of patients the method consisted essentially in withdrawal of anticholinesterase therapy and mechanical respiratory support with early performance of traqueostomy and use of the intermitente positive pressure breathing (I.P.P.B. with cuffed traqueostomy tube. The patients of

  13. Importância da região AV3V e de mecanismos colinérgicos e angiotensinérgicos centrais para os efeitos cardiovasculares produzidos pela ativação da área rostroventrolateral do bulbo

    Alexandre Antonio Vieira


    Respostas cardiovasculares podem ser integradas em diferentes níveis do sistema nervoso central (SNC). No bulbo existem várias áreas importantes para o controle cardiovascular e dentre elas o principal sítio de ativação dos neurônios pré-ganglionares simpáticos para a coluna intermédio lateral (CIL), a área rostroventrolateral (RVL) cuja ativação glutamatérgica provoca resposta pressora. Semelhante à ativação glutamatérgica, também a ativação de receptores colinérgicos e ang...

  14. CMS Young Researchers Award 2013 and Fundamental Physics Scholars Award from the CMS Experiment

    Lapka, Marzena


    Photo 2: CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars (FPSs) 1st prize: Joosep Pata, from Estonian National Institue of Chemical Physics and Biophysics / Photo 1 and 3: CMS Young Researchers Award. From left to right: Guido Tonelli, Colin Bernet, Andre David, Oliver Gutsche, Dmytro Kovalskyi, Andrea Petrucci, Joe Incandela and Jim Virdee

  15. Belangrike meta-teoretiese riglyne betreffende die emosioneel verwonde persoon

    Wentzel C. Coetzer


    Full Text Available Important meta-theoretical guidelines regarding the emotionally wounded person. This article examines the relationship between emotional woundedness and faith estrangement. Trust issues towards God often emerge in the heart of the believer when left vulnerable and in shock due to unforeseen trauma. The dilemma is that this condition leaves the wounded person more vulnerable. With a view to bringing healing and deeper faith, different trauma intervention models are evaluated and the role of forgiveness, retribution and faith are examined. In conclusion, some guidelines regarding a holistic approach in the pastoral counselling of the traumatised faith-estranged person are presented.

  16. The genera Aecidium, Uredo and Puccinia of Persoon

    Jørstad, Ivar


    According to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, Art. 23, the nomenclature of the Uredinales, Ustilaginales and Gasteromycetes begins with Persoon’s “Synopsis Methodica Fungorum”, published in 1801. His descriptions, however, are partly not very explicit and as, according to the Code,

  17. Die regte en verantwoordelikhede van die homoseksuele persoon

    J. M. Koos Vorster


    Full Text Available The rights and responsibilities of the homosexual person Homosexual conduct is at the moment a very contentious issue in Christian Ethics in South Africa. The arguments in favour of a Christian ethical approval of homosexual relations, that were entertained in the seventies and eigthies of the previous century in Europe and the United States, are now on the agenda of the Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa. The issue of possible official marriages between homosexual partners is also under consideration due to a judgement of the Court of Appeal in South Africa that a prohibition on same-sex marriages should be regarded as unconstitutional. This article investigates the arguments of the proponents of homosexual marriages by evaluating the Scriptural testimonies regarding homosexual conduct, and by formulating ethical norms applicable to this theme. The conclusion is that Scripture forbids homosexual conduct because it is considered as “contra naturam”. Therefore, the government and the church cannot condone homosexual conduct as well as same-sex marriages, because these relations are against the Biblical and constitutional value of human dignity. However, in spite of this principle both government and the church have an obligation to treat homosexual people with justice and love and to reject any form of homophobia.

  18. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo Colinergic system: revisiting receptors, regulation and the relationship with Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking

    Ana L. M. Ventura


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking", além de referências cruzadas dos artigos selecionados e análise adicional de referências na literatura específica do tema. RESULTADOS: Efeitos importantes da ativação de receptores colinérgicos nicotínicos e muscarínicos sobre o desenvolvimento do sistema nervoso central (SNC têm sido descritos. A dessensibilização e a internalização dos receptores acoplados à proteína G mediadas pela ativação de proteínas cinases têm sido descritas em proliferação, diferenciação e morte celular, além de síndromes neuropsiquiátricas. CONCLUSÃO: As informações produzidas a partir de estudos do sistema de neurotransmissão colinérgica podem auxiliar no desenvolvimento de medicamentos mais específicos para o tratamento da doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo.OBJECTIVES: To review articles regarding important topics about cholinergic system and its ionotropic and G-protein coupled receptors as well as their regulation, also enlightening its importance in central nervous system (CNS development and in several neuropsychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking. METHOD: Bibliographical research was completed through MedLine, LILACS, PubMed, ISI and the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz Library, RJ, specifically for 1914 to 2009, using the descritors: "receptors", "cholinergic", Alzheimer "disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" and "smoking", in addition to the cross-reference of the

  19. GuidosToolbox: universal digital image object analysis

    Peter Vogt; Kurt Riitters


    The increased availability of mapped environmental data calls for better tools to analyze the spatial characteristics and information contained in those maps. Publicly available, userfriendly and universal tools are needed to foster the interdisciplinary development and application of methodologies for the extraction of image object information properties contained in...

  20. Patsiendid võidavad vaid uue haiglaga / Guido Ratnik

    Ratnik, Guido


    Pärnu maakonnaarst kommenteerib "Eesti haiglate arengukava aastani 2015" ja Pärnu maakonna haiglate tulevikku. Programmi finantseeris koos Eesti riigiga Maailmapank ja uurimuse tegid Eesti tervishoiuspetsialistid ja Rootsi firmad Scandinavian Care Consultants AB

  1. Zelfbeeld en zelfideaal : tegenstrijdigheden in de beoordeling van de eigen persoon

    Werff, Jacobus Johannes van der


    ORIENTATION I. SELF, KNOWING ONESELF, BEING ONESELF Everyday experience, sayings and fiction are used to show the difñculties which arise if one wants to describe oneself unambiguously. Special attention has been paid to the phenomenon that one can state quite different and even opposite things

  2. Fasiliterende kommunikasie met die verstandelik vertraagde persoon tydens die behandeling van geringe ongesteldhede

    B Scrooby


    Full Text Available The research objectives were to explore and describe the nature of communication with the mentally retarded adult during treatment of minor ailments; and to describe guidelines for the community nurse in order to facilitate more effective communication during the treatment of minor ailments in the mentally retarded adult for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of the mentally retarded individual’s health. The community nurse pays attention to the protection of the mentally retarded individual’s health, and identifies and treats minor ailments encountered by the mentally retarded individual. Because of the disability of the adults, lacking communication and obstacles in the exchange and interpretation of communication, could take place between the community nurse and the mentally retarded adult. The responsibility lies with the community nurse to facilitate effective communication, since the mentally retarded individual is not always capable of speaking on his/her own behalf. Guidelines are needed for the facilitation of effective communication between the community nurse and the mentally retarded adult during the treatment of minor ailments. In this research, use were made of a qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual design. The research method consisted of participative observation during which video recording and the taking of field notes were applied. Two themes were identified during data analysis, namely: ^Verbal communication is aimed at the treatment of wounds. The more functional and task-orientated the community nurse’s interaction with the mentally retarded individual, the more the mentally retarded individual would generate symptoms to establish emotional contact and interaction; The non-verbal behaviour of the community nurse focuses on the treatment of wounds and organisation of the environment. The more structure is created, the more play-out-behaviour is shown by the mentally retarded individual in need of contact. The researcher came to the conclusion that the community nurse refrains form near/close contact with the mentally retarded individual, to bridge her own discomfort. The community nurse is “busy” with the act of treating wounds, in order to refrain from effective interaction.

  3. Archaeological studies in Hanila Church and Karuse Churchyard / Villu Kadakas, Guido Toos

    Kadakas, Villu, 1972-


    Lähestikku asuvatest kirikutest, mis tõenäoliselt rajati juba 1220. aastatel kuulusid keskajal erinevate valitsejate alla. Hanila Saare-Lääne piiskopkonnale ja Karuse Liivi Ordule. Mõlemad kirikud paistavad silma suure kollektsiooni trapetsikujuliste hauaplaatidega, mis kuuluvad Eesti hauaplaatide varaseimasse tüüpi

  4. Preliminary Archaeological investigation in front of Anija Manor House / Anneli Kalm, Kahrut Eller, Guido Toos

    Kalm, Anneli


    2012. aastal avastati Anija mõisa peahoone ees müürikatked. Suurimad leitud rajatised olid kolm loode-kagu suunalist müüri. Profiilides sai eristada vähemalt kahte eriaegset rusude ladestumist, millest alumine sisaldas ka põlemistunnuseid. Kivirajatisega otseselt seostatavaid leide ei saadud, seega võib vaid kirjalikele allikatele toetudes oletada, et mõisahoone rajati Anijale 14. või 15. sajandil

  5. Iusnaturalisno y positivismo jurídico en Guido Fassò y Norbertto Bobbio

    Llano Alonso, Fernando


    SUMARIO: I. lusnaturalismo, positivismo jurídico y los problemas de la Filosofía del Derecho.- II. lusnaturalismo y positivismo jurídico frente al problema ontológico.-III. lusnaturalismo y positivismo frente al problema gnoseológico.-IV. lusnaturalismo y positivismo jurídico frente al problema deontológico.- V. Conclusiones: diferencias y afinidades entre Bobbio y Fassó. Publicado

  6. Guido Boggiani e i Caduvei: I´incontro con l´altro

    Elisabetta Santoro


    Full Text Available Viggiatore, ma soprattutto artista, Boggiani fu affascinato dal mondo degli indios, dalla loro arte e dal loro modo di vivere. Attraverso il disegno, la pittura e la fotografia, ma anche scoprendo l´importanza del capire la loro lingua, cercò di conoscerli e di "impossessarsi" delle imagini che avrebbe potuto porare anche a chi non li aveva visti. È cosi wuesti due mondi entrano in contatto, si influenzano reciprocamente e rappresentano la ricerca di se stessi nell´altro.

  7. Book Review ~ Telecentres: Case Studies and Key Issues. Edited by Colin Latchem and David Walker

    Reviewed by Rozhan M. Irdus


    Full Text Available In the wake of globalization and the current deluge of technological innovations, the digital divide that is now appearing and the fact that virtuality sometimes seems more real than reality itself, this book on telecentres has placed itself as a perfect bridge, which spans the past, present, and future.

  8. Täägid paradiisis / Colin MacCabe ; tõlk. Indrek Koff

    MacCabe, Colin


    Mängufilm "Peenike punane joon" ("The Thin Red Line") : režissöör ja stsenarist James Jonesi romaani põhjal Terrence Malick : Ameerika Ühendriigid 1998. Lisa : Terrence Malickþi elu- ja loominguloolised andmed

  9. Alustatud töö tehakse lõpuni / Colin L Powell

    Powell, Colin L


    Hinnang vangide väärkohtlemisele. ÜRO ja rahvusvahelise üldsusega koostöös olev Iraagi valitsus viib riigi vabadele ja õiglastele valimistele ning iraaklased saavad ise oma saatuse üle otsustada, tõdeb USA riigisekretär. Osalemisest Lähis-Ida rahuprotsessis

  10. Review: Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control by Colin Corpus, Mark Roberts, Rachel Wall

    Jonathan Carr-West


    Full Text Available Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control is a serious book and an important contribution to the scholarship around local government. It opens however, with a pleasingly comic tableau as academics from England, Portugal and Poland bicker amiably at a conference and on Twitter about whose country is really the most centralised. The rest of the book is devoted to showing why the English academics were right, why it matters and what should be done about it. The main thrust of the text is an analysis of the impact of the dominant policy narratives around centralism and localism. The argument that Copus, Wall and Roberts put forward could be boiled down to the assertion that the problem with local government in England is that it is neither local nor government. But to make this case they first helpfully unpack several sets of concepts that are all too often elided together.

  11. Die noodsaaklikheid van ’n veelsydige persoon- likheidsontwikkeling en in waiter mate die lees van keurleesstof daartoe kan hydra

    J. L. du Plooy


    Full Text Available Dit is vleieiu] om te verneem dat u of ’11 I>ekciulc oor ’n sterk en innemende persoonliklieid beskik. In die meeste gevalle voel u aan wat daarmee bedoel word en dit prikkel 11 trots. Dit streel u Ego. Diep-in is u van die waarlieid van die bewering oortuig, al is u taamlik onl>cwus van wat alles tot u persoonlikbeidsvorming bygedra liet. So ’n opmerking laat u vir die eerste maal ervaar watter invloed u op u medemens uitoefen en die krag wat van u uitstraal. U liet u medemens sodanig beïndriik dat liy nie kon nalaat om die nawerking van u ]ersooidiklieid op horn kenbaar te maak nie.

  12. Ticket to ride. The emergence of the fantastic in The House of the Angel by Beatriz Guido

    Vanina Edith Rodríguez


    Full Text Available The present article proposes a study of Beatriz Guido’s novel La casa del ángel, searching its narrative heterogeneity around the homologation of evasion’s experiences. Particularly, this asimilation is observed in the deliberated change between fiction and reality. The alienation is presented, with respect to the close context, through the inclusion of various speechs, just as they functions as a way out and as an alternative subjectivity. Also, the autorreferenced writing and the appearance of characters, who are made in a symbolical way, will be another factors of our analysis. Starting from these elements, this novel arises with all its ambiguity and it allows the reading of this text as a fantastic history.

  13. Explaining cross-national variations in the informalisation of employment. Some lessons from Central and Eastern Europe / Colin C. Williams

    Williams, Colin C.


    Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa (sh Eesti) riikide vahelistest erinevustest mitteametlikus tööhõive kolmest teoreetilisest seisukohast (moderniseerimine, neoliberaalne, poliitiline ökonoomia) lähtuvalt, aluseks 2007. aasta Eurobaromeetri uuring.

  14. Vani K Borooah & Colin Knox, The Economics of Schooling in a Divided Society: The Case for Shared Education

    CHAKRAVARTY, Shanti P.


    Abstract. Our identity is defined by the stories we tell about the past and the stories that we suppress. Segregation in schooling by religion at an early age inculcates a narrative of identity that excludes the other. That is not helpful for either peace or prosperity. This book discusses one aspect of the peace process in a conflict society, Northern Ireland, which is attempting to break the circle of violence. The authors examine the potential benefits of integrated education.Keywords. Maj...

  15. Determining health expectancies

    Robine, Jean-Marie


    ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xv Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jean-Marie Robine, Carol Jagger, Colin D...

  16. Archaeological studies at the site of the new Narva border station / Paul Ööbik, Ragnar Nurk, Guido Toos, Martin Malve


    Arheoloogilisi kaevamisi teostati umbes 750 m2 alal. Leiti 104 matust. Täiskasvanute matuste hulgas oli ebaproprtsionaalselt palju mehi. Kõige tõenäolisemalt võib tegemist olla sõjameeste kalmistuga. Järelvalvetöödel tuvastati ja dokumenteeriti Narva linna varauusaegsed kaitserajatised ning suudeti ka kindlaks määrata 19. sajandil rajatud Peetri värava asukoht ning ehitusviis

  17. Medieval and Early Modern Suburban Site in Tallinn, Tartu Road 1: Contexts and Structures / Ulla Kadakas, Guido Toos, Anneli Kalm ... [jt.


    Väljakaevamised toimusid kvartalis, mille lõunaservas kulges ajalooline Tartu maantee, ning paarisaja meetri kaugusel asus ülepääs Härjapea jõest - nn Kivisild. Kinnistute põhistruktuur näib üsna püsivana, tegemist on pikkade pisut edela-kirde suunaliste kruntidega

  18. Additions to the early construction history of the Kuressaare Bishop's Castle / Garel Püüa, Guido Toos, Kaur Alttoa, Villu Kadakas


    2012. aastal lõpetati kolm aastat kestnud väliuuringud Kuressaare piiskopilinnuse territooriumil. 2012. aasta välitööd keskendusid Kuressaare pealinnuse uurimisele. Esmalt on Kuressaares ehitatud ringmüüriga kastelli. Kastell-linnust pole kunagi valmis ehitatud. Tööd on miskipärast ootamatult katkenud. Seejärel on hakatud ehitama konvendihoonet. Koos konvendihoone rajamisega on toimunud esimese ringmüüri ehitus ja arvatavasti 14. sajandi lõpukümnenditel on hakatud kaevama vallikraavi ja rajama dolomiitplokkidest kontreskarpi. Maapinna tõstmine väljaspool vallikraavi toimus tõenäoliselt 14. sajandi lõpul 15. sajandi algul

  19. Inimeste juhtimine III : müü oma bränd ka töötajatele / Colin Mitchell ; tõlk. Kadre Vaik

    Mitchell, Colin


    Autori hinnangul on siseturundus kõige parem viis, kuidas tekitada oma töötajais tugevat emotsionaalset sidet firma toodete ja teenustega. Siseturunduse põhimõtetest. Vt. samas: Kuidas luua sellised kommunikatsioonimaterjalid, mida töötajad tõesti kasutaks

  20. Inhibitory Effect on In Vitro LDL Oxidation and HMG Co-A Reductase Activity of the Liquid-Liquid Partitioned Fractions of Hericium erinaceus (Bull. Persoon (Lion’s Mane Mushroom

    Mohammad Azizur Rahman


    Full Text Available Oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL has been strongly suggested as the key factor in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Mushrooms have been implicated in having preventive effects against chronic diseases due especially to their antioxidant properties. In this study, in vitro inhibitory effect of Hericium erinaceus on LDL oxidation and the activity of the cholesterol biosynthetic key enzyme, 3-hydroxy-3-methyl glutaryl coenzyme A (HMG Co-A reductase, was evaluated using five liquid-liquid solvent fractions consisting of methanol : dichloromethane (M : DCM, hexane (HEX, dichloromethane (DCM, ethyl acetate (EA, and aqueous residue (AQ. The hexane fraction showed the highest inhibition of oxidation of human LDL as reflected by the increased lag time (100 mins for the formation of conjugated diene (CD at 1 µg/mL and decreased production (68.28%, IC50 0.73 mg/mL of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS at 1 mg/mL. It also mostly inhibited (59.91% the activity of the HMG Co-A reductase at 10 mg/mL. The GC-MS profiling of the hexane fraction identified the presence of myconutrients: inter alia, ergosterol and linoleic acid. Thus, hexane fraction of Hericium erinaceus was found to be the most potent in vitro inhibitor of both LDL oxidation and HMG Co-A reductase activity having therapeutic potential for the prevention of oxidative stress-mediated vascular diseases.

  1. Inhibitory effect on in vitro LDL oxidation and HMG Co-A reductase activity of the liquid-liquid partitioned fractions of Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Persoon (lion's mane mushroom).

    Rahman, Mohammad Azizur; Abdullah, Noorlidah; Aminudin, Norhaniza


    Oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) has been strongly suggested as the key factor in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Mushrooms have been implicated in having preventive effects against chronic diseases due especially to their antioxidant properties. In this study, in vitro inhibitory effect of Hericium erinaceus on LDL oxidation and the activity of the cholesterol biosynthetic key enzyme, 3-hydroxy-3-methyl glutaryl coenzyme A (HMG Co-A) reductase, was evaluated using five liquid-liquid solvent fractions consisting of methanol : dichloromethane (M : DCM), hexane (HEX), dichloromethane (DCM), ethyl acetate (EA), and aqueous residue (AQ). The hexane fraction showed the highest inhibition of oxidation of human LDL as reflected by the increased lag time (100 mins) for the formation of conjugated diene (CD) at 1 µg/mL and decreased production (68.28%, IC50 0.73 mg/mL) of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) at 1 mg/mL. It also mostly inhibited (59.91%) the activity of the HMG Co-A reductase at 10 mg/mL. The GC-MS profiling of the hexane fraction identified the presence of myconutrients: inter alia, ergosterol and linoleic acid. Thus, hexane fraction of Hericium erinaceus was found to be the most potent in vitro inhibitor of both LDL oxidation and HMG Co-A reductase activity having therapeutic potential for the prevention of oxidative stress-mediated vascular diseases.

  2. Drug therapy for gastrointestinal and liver diseases

    Ballinger, Anne; Farthing, M. J. G. (Michael J. G.)


    ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Peptic ulcer disease Erik AJ Rauws, Guido NJ Tytgat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Emesis Gareth J Sanger, Paul LR Andrews...

  3. Ethical standards for the occupational health-nursing practitioner regarding the HIV positive person in the workplace

    M Otto


    Die beroepsgesondheidsverpleegkundige raak dikwels in etiese dilemmas betrokke ten opsigte van die hantering van die MIV-positiewe persoon by die werkplek deurdat die belange van die MIV-positiewe persoon botsend is met die belange van die werkgewer. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  4. Genuine Occupational Requirement in the German Fire Service: Case C-229/08, Colin Wolf v. Stadt Frankfurt am Main, judgement of the European Court of Justice (Grand Chamber) of 12 January 2010

    Speekenbrink, S.


    In 2000, the European Council used its competence under Article 13 EC Treaty and adopted Directive 2000/78/EC. This Directive provides a legal framework for combating discrimination in employment on grounds of religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation. Since its adoption the

  5. Indigenous Peoples: Local Impacts of International Rights. Valedictory Lecture Leiden University

    Persoon, G.A.


    Valedictory lecture given by Prof.dr. Gerard A. Persoon Professor of Environment and Development and in particular Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia at Leiden University on Monday, October 23 2017Museum Volkenkunde / Ethnographic Museum

  6. Kaks Mari Vaalas / Eha Komissarov

    Komissarov, Eha, 1947-


    9. nov.-st galeriis 'Vaal' Mari Roosvaldi maalinäitus 'Persoon'; 10. nov.-st galerii keldrisaalis Mari Kurismaa 'Matemaatika ja metafüüsika'. Mari Roosvaldi kollaazhides on ühendatud maal ja foto.

  7. Indigenous Peoples : Local Impacts of International Rights. Valedictory Lecture Leiden University

    Persoon, G.A.


    Valedictory lecture given by Prof.dr. Gerard A. Persoon Professor of Environment and Development and in particular Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia at Leiden University on Monday, October 23 2017Museum Volkenkunde / Ethnographic Museum

  8. Title: Inventory of the genus Craterellus from Tanzania


    Table 1: Described species in the genus Craterellus Persoon as of year 2017. S/ ..... lamps. Each observed mushroom was photographed insitu, prior to picking from .... with other chanterelle mushrooms in the open market in the region.

  9. Technical Documentation Challenges in Aviation Maintenance: A Proceedings Report


    ATP Keith Frable - -- - -- - -- - - ASO-27 Colin Drury - -- - -- - -- - - Applied Ergonomics Lynn Pierce - -- - -- - -- - - AEG-15 Dave...Evidence-Based practices Colin Drury – Applied Ergonomics Inc. Dr. Colin Drury , President of Applied Ergonomics, Inc. and Distinguished Professor...comprehend documentation, and 4. Fail to execute steps correctly Dr. Drury reviewed a documentation example where he worked with an airline partner

  10. Annual International Conference on Aging Aircraft (2nd) Held in Baltimore, Maryland on 3-5 October 1989


    Industrial Inspection Colin G. Drury , Ph.D., The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, State U niversity of N ew York, Buffalo...671 (.0172) TOTAL 780 (.0200) 38,220 (.9800) 39,000 (1.0) Figure 7 212 Industrial Inspection COLIN G. DRURY , PH.D. The Center for Industrial...could well be procedural as However, if the item is in fact faulty, then to when you are searching lower rivets with an 214 Colin G. Drury NDI device to

  11. Aircraft Flight Safety: A Bibliography. (La Securite en Vol: Une Bibliographie)


    having been installed 93A27135 with the wrong bolts during maintenance. An DRURY , COLIN G. (New York State Univ., analysis of the complex events...accident rates. The REJMAN, MICHAEL H.; SYMONDS, COLIN J.; 0 conclusion made is that, Judgement Training has SHEPHERD, ERIC W. (City of London Polytech...from training 0 software to controlled dynamic simulations 93N19702 conducted with mockups, tooling, and subjects in SYMONDS, COLIN J.; REJMAN

  12. Gateway. Volume 13


    Unclassified 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Hart, Sandra G ; Drury , Colin G ; Hancock, Peter A ; Szalma, James...interventions, thereby improving threat inspection and, ultimately, homeland security. n For more information please contact: Colin G. Drury , Ph.D. Buffalo, SUNY Department of Industrial Engineering 342 Bell Hell Hall Buffalo, NY 14260 A Unified Model of Security Inspection Colin G. Drury

  13. Die betekenis wat geld vir blankes en kleurlinge inhou

    D. L. Visagie


    ‘n Oorsig van relevante literatuur dui daarop dat die betekenis van geld (wat 'n belangrike plek in sekere motiveringsteorieë inneem van persoon tot persoon kan verskil. Hierdie verskil kan hoofsaaklik aan persoonlike- en agtergrondsfaktore toegeskryf word. Wanneer die genoemde faktore binne groepsverband ooreenstem, ontwikkel en vorm daar unieke “groepsbetekenisse" wat aan sekere begrippe geheg word. Betekenismeting wat in hierdie ondersoek deur middel van die semantiese differensiaal op 128 Blanke- en 109 Kleurlingstudente uitgevoer is, toon egter oor die algemeen geen beduidende verskil ten opsigte van die begrip geld nie. Slegs ten opsigte van twee van 15 semantiese skale is beduidende verskille tussen die twee groepe gevind.

  14. Algas tulbikollektsioonide täiendamise hooaeg / Kristina Amor

    Amor, Kristina


    Näitlejate Guido Kanguri ja Jaanus Orgulase tulbihuvist. Näitlejate ühisloominguna ilmus 2007. a. ka raamat "Dialoog tulpidega". Tegemist on tulbiteatmikuga, mis heidab pilgu ka näitlejate koduaeda ning lapsepõlve

  15. 25th May 2011 - Egyptian Minister for Scientific Research, Science and Technology A. Ezzat Salama signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer and visiting CMS control centre with Collaboration Spokesperson G. Tonelli.

    Maximilien Brice


    He visited the CMS control room on the Meyrin site with, from left, CMS spokesperson, Guido Tonelli, Alaa Awad, Fayum University, Hisham Badr, ambassador at the UN Geneva, and Maged Elsherbiny, president of the Scientific Research Academy.

  16. Kuulsaid paare ajaloost : Rosencrantz ja Guildenstern / Ilona Martson

    Martson, Ilona


    Tom Stoppardi näidend 'Rosencrantz ja Guildenstern on surnud'. Etendusest Noorsooteatris (esietendus 1989), lavastaja Roman Baskin, peaosades Guido Kangur ja Andrus Vaarik. Filmist, mille autoriks ka Tom Stoppard (USA, Suurbritannia 1990)

  17. Kahju, et Narva puudub 100 akna projektis / Elnara Taidre

    Taidre, Elnara, 1983-


    Narva Muuseumi kunstigaleriis kuni 24. IX avatud Sirje Eelma kureeritud rahvusvahelisest fotonäitusest "100 opened windows/100 akent". S. Eelma ja Guido Kanguri teosest "Euroopa Ühiskodu", Rait Präätsa kompositsioonist

  18. Raudtee vajab rohkem investeeringuid / Tarmo Riisenberg

    Riisenberg, Tarmo


    Raudteeameti juhi Oleg Epneri ja Eesti Raudtee erastanud OÜ Baltic Rail Service ühe omaniku Guido Sammelselja arvamusi Eesti Raudtee investeeringuvajadusest, Ameerika vedurite kasutusele võtmisega seonduvast. Diagramm: Infrastruktuuri investeeringud ei kasva

  19. Eesti Raudtee jagunemine avab ukse erakapitalile / Henrik Ilves

    Ilves, Henrik


    Eesti Raudtee on alustanud jagunemist, mille käigus asutatakse kaks tütarfirmat: infrastruktuuri haldav aktsiaselts EVR Infra ning vedusid korraldav aktsiaselts EVR Cargo. Vt. samas: Guido Sammelselg: ei iial enam

  20. Providing Music Notation Services over Internet

    Solomon , Mike; Fober , Dominique; Orlarey , Yann; Letz , Stéphane


    International audience; The GUIDO project gathers a textual format for music representation, a rendering engine operating on this format, and a library providing a high level support for all the services related to the GUIDO format and it's graphic rendering. The project includes now an HTTP server that allows users to access the musical-score-related functions in the API of the GUIDOEngine library via uniform resource identifiers (URIs). This article resumes the core tenants of the REST arch...

  1. Notes on the types of Polyporus in Persooon’s Herbarium

    Lek, van der H.A.A.


    The Herbarium of PERSOON in the Rijks Herbarium at Leiden is of the greatest interest in connection with many mycological questions of classification and nomenclature. Many well known mycologists have made a careful study of the types, preserved in the collection and have expressed their opinion in

  2. The Myxomycetes in the Rijks-Herbarium at Leyden

    Broeksmit, T.


    The kindness of Dr. GOETHART has enabled me to investigate all the Myxomycetes (Myxogasteres, Mycetozoa) which are kept in the Rijks-Herbarium at Leyden. Among the older collections I found those of PERSOON, V. HALL, HANKARL, BUSE, JUNGHUHN, WAGNER. Only a little part of these collections remains,

  3. n narratiewe benadering tot die pastoraat: kritiese opmerkings na ...

    deur Carl Rogers bekend gemaak is en wat verder in die pastoraat ontgin is deur pastorale teoloë soos Wayne Oates, Paul Johnson en Carrol Wise. (De Jongh van Arkel 1988:2). Hierdie assimilering het egter beteken dat die aanspraak van die Woord nou ondergeskik aan die behoeftes van die persoon in beraad geword ...

  4. AVG, ojee, of valt het wel mee?

    de Vries, Marc; van Loenen, B.

    In de afgelopen twintig jaar is geo-informatie veranderd van een ‘plekje in de Bosatlas’ tot een culminatiepunt van data. Onder andere data die, zeker in onderling verband, in toenemende mate herleidbaar zijn tot een persoon.
    Anders gezegd: geo-informatie kan zo maar een persoonsgegeven zijn of

  5. Gastvrijheid in het Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis

    Doets, M.; van der Voordt, D.J.M.; Bos, P.; Willemse, M.


    Het ASz bestaat uit ziekenhuizen in Sliedrecht, Zwijndrecht en Dordrecht. Bij het ASz mogen de patiënten de juiste zorg op het juiste moment en de juiste plaats met de juiste middelen door de juiste persoon met het juiste resultaat verwachten. Maar wat is juist? Als het gaat om (medisch

  6. Hendrik-Jan de tuinman moet eruit! : mobbing, een zaak van het hele bedrijf?

    Kooijman, H.; Nossent, S.; Hark, T. ter


    Wat begint als een geintje met een persoon ontaardt in pesten, intimideren of 'mobbing' door een groep collega's. Hoe voorkom je dat het zover komt? In dit artikel geven deskundigen hier, naar aanleiding van een rollenspel, hun mening over. Als belangrijkste tips komen naar voren: snel ingrijpen,

  7. Invloeden op de uitkomst van de TBA-herbeoordelingsoperatie

    Muijen, P. van; Tilburg, N.J.; Smulders, P.G.W.


    In dit artikel worden de resultaten beschreven van een steekproefonderzoek naar de invloeden op de uitkomst van de eenmalige beoordeling in het kader van de Wet Terugdringing Beroep op de Arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekeringen (TBA). Onderzocht is wat de invloed is van de zes persoons- en

  8. Type studies in Basidiomycetes. X

    Singer, R.


    For the first time a systematic study of the types and authentic specimens of agarics and boletes preserved in the Persoon Herbarium has been carried out. Some aspects of the possibilities of type analysis with regard to specimens over 130 year old are discussed. 137 species were analyzed. The



    D.Phil. DIE TEOLOGIESE HOOFGEDAGTES IN KIERKEGAARD SE. STRYD TEEN DIE HEGELSE SISTEEM. A. INLEIDENDE OPMERKING. Ons is van oordeel dat dit ongetwyfeld paslik is om in ons waardering van die persoon en werk van prof. H. P. Wolmarans, oor die Deense denker en digter, Kierkegaard, te skrywe.


    Acta Theologica is an accredited South. African journal publishing ... SciELO South Africa. REDAKSIE/ ... 'n persoon belydenis van geloof af wat instemming met die betrokke kerk se ...... Ek was na my ongeluk buite aksie en op Clarens. 'n Mede-lid ...... Die “formation of new confessions, change to current confessions, and.

  11. Vaststellen reproduceerbaarheid van de nachtactiviteit van de Balb/c/rivm muis over de afgelopen vijf jaar

    Steen BVL; Jansen van ' t Land C; CDL


    Om de inschatting van de mate van ongerief onafhankelijk te maken van ervaring en interpretatie van de persoon die de observatie uitvoert, maken wij in onze studies gebruik van een volledig geautomatiseerde opstelling. Met deze geautomatiseerde opstelling kan de bewegingsactiviteit van

  12. Die Dokter-Pasient Rolverwantskap

    17 Aug 1974 ... en as sodanig 'n ral sped in die persoon se siektegedrag en uiteindelike patroon van hulpsoeke. SIEKEROL EN SOSIALISERING IN DIE. PASIENTROL ..... more cumulative, resulting in a more gradual social and professional maturation.' Vit die voorafgaande word dit duidelik dat Dewy se pragmatiese ...

  13. dr. andries albertus odendaal snr., evangeliedraer in

    del oor “The translation of the name of God in Southern Sotho” (1973). Met sowel sy M.Th.verhandeling as die artikels en resensies van woordeboeke. 12 Die vreemde was dat geen kopie van die M. Th.tesis in die biblioteek van die Fakulteit. Teologie te Stellenbosch opgespoor kon word nie. 'n Kopie is uit A.A. se persoon.

  14. die geskiedenis van die saw gedenkteken te fort klapperkop militere ...

    As gevolg van enige optrede, op enige plek, te enige tyd, deur enige vyand van die RSA of deur enige terroris(te), insurgent(e) of ander persoon of persone wat die RSA en sy volkere kwaadgesind is. h. Binne twee jaar (vyfhondred-en-dertig dae) nadat hy/sy met 'n ongeskiktheids- pensioen uit diens getree het agv siekte,.

  15. Tinnitus: from cortex to cochlea

    Geven, Leontien


    Het medische woord voor oorsuizen is tinnitus. Tinnitus is het waarnemen van geluid, waar geen bron voor is. Het kan dus alleen worden waargenomen door de persoon zelf en niet door anderen. De meeste volwassenen hebben wel eens last gehad van tijdelijke tinnitus. Tinnitus kan echter ook blijvend

  16. Duur van computergebruik in het bankwezen : tikken, klikken en kijken

    Douwes, M.; Blatter, B.M.; Kraker, H. de


    Het arboconvenant Bankwezen zegt: zorg voor niet meer dan vijf uur beeldschermwerk per persoon per dag. Voor het meten van die tijdsduur is een meetmethode nodig. Met pauzesoftware kan de tijdsduur van toetsenbordgebruik en van muisgebruik gemeten worden, maar kijken naar het beeldscherm alleen

  17. Die maak van ’n kies-jou-eie-avontuur-boek

    M. Preller


    Full Text Available ’n Kies-jou-eie-avontuur-boek het nie ’n hoofkarakter nie. Jy die leser, is die hoofkarakter in die boek. Die boek is dus in die tweede persoon geskryf. Alles wat gebeur, gebeur met jou. Jy, die leser, word op spesifieke plekke in die boek voor ’n keuse gestel.

  18. Betrouwbaar toetsen op Afstand: Auteurschap. TeSLA docent workshop

    Brouns, Francis; Janssen, José


    In de workshop wordt ingegaan op technologie die ingezet kan worden om toetsen op afstand betrouwbaar af te nemen door instrumenten en technologie in te zetten voor vaststellen van identiteit van persoon en auteurschap van product. Uitgelegd wordt hoe dit in yOUlearn ingezet kan worden in het kader

  19. Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Psychotherapy

    H G Pretorius


    Hierdie artikel stel moontlikhede voor wat die konsensieuse psigoterapeut kan gebruik om derhalwe die volgende vrae te beantwoord: Wie is hierdie persoon wat ons die pasient noem? *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  20. Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of a Decoy State Enabled Quantum Key Distribution System

    2015-03-26 Colin V. McLaughlin Research Physicist, Advanced Photonics Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375 dirty version. In this figure, the green and red decoy Y1 yields appear to vary more than the black and blue signal Y1 yields. As illustrated

  1. Directory of Manufacturing Research Centers


    Martin W. 51 Graff, Karl 176 Dornfeld, David 88 Gray, James 76 Doty, Keith 119 Gray, Vic 6 Driels, Morris 142 Green Jr., Robert E. 51 Drury , Colin 39...Buffalo Dr. Colin Drury , Executive Director Mr. Brian Kleiner, Administrative Director Technical areas include cost analysis, strategic planning

  2. Annual Report of the Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences for Calendar Year 1978 (January 1, 1978 - December 31, 1978).


    Colin B. Bull (1980) College of Mathematical and Physical Bruce A. Taft (1981) Science Department of Oceanography Ohio State University Washington...Gottschalk, Joseph Kestin (1981) and Richard W. Kline Division of Engineering Department of Energy Brown University (Engineering) Harold E. Bamford ...Research and Engineering (Climate dynamics, international Laboratory cooperation) (Arctic ecology, soil science) George Gryc (1981) Colin B. Bull (1980

  3. Journal of Special Operations Medicine, Volume 4, Edition 4, Fall 2004


    Donahue My American Journey Colin Powell (GEN Ret) & Joseph E Persico My Secret War Richard S Drury Night Jungle Operations Thomas B Bennett TITLE AUTHOR...USN Command Surgeon I keep General Colin Powell’s leadership primer on my desk top for reference and pull it out regular- ly to remind myself of what’s...point is important – immunization rates rivaled or exceeded those of the United States. Now, as Secretary of State Colin Powell may or may not have said




    Varias décadas de investigaciones neuropatológicas e imagenológicas han proporcionado suficientes evidencias acerca de las alteraciones en la neurotransmisión colinérgica que acompañan a la disfunción dopaminérgica en la enfermedad de Parkinson (EP). El núcleo pedunculopontino tegmental laterodorsal (NPP) representa una de las fuentes principales de proyecciones colinérgicas en el cerebro y a su vez es el origen de la única proyección colinérgica que recibe la substantia nigra pars compacta (...

  5. Deelnemende bestuur as funksie van bestuurders se selfkonsep en mensbeskouing

    W. P. Visser


    Opsomming Die literatuur toon 'n leemte aan navorsing betreffende individuele attribute wat 'n persoon tot deelnemende bestuur mag predisponeer. Met hierdie studie is ondersoek ingestel na die verband tussen twee suike attribute, naamlik selfkonsep en mensbeskouing enersyds, en gewilligheid tot deelnemende bestuur andersyds. 'n Instrument gebaseer op McGregor se teorie, is ontwikkel om mensbeskouing binne werkkonteks te meet. Met behulp van faktorontleding is twee faktore onttrek wat onderskeidelik intrinsieke en ekstrinsieke aspekte van 'n persoon se beskouing van ander se houding teenoor werk meet. 'n Gelykkansige steekproef uit 233 toesighouers van 'n openbare versorgingsonderneming het 196 bruikbare vraelyste opgelewer. 'n Beduidende verband tussen selfkonsep en mensbeskouing enersyds, en gewilligheid tot deelnemende bestuur andersyds, is met behulp van kanoniese korrelasie gevind (r =0,601; p < 0,01. Die bevinding bied steun vir McGregor se teorie dat 'n gunstige mensbeskouing tot 'n deelnemende bestuurstyl lei.

  6. Matthew Fuller / Matthew Fuller ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Fuller, Matthew


    Osnabrückis tehtud intervjuu inglise kunstniku Matthew Fulleriga, kes koos Simon Pope'i ja Colin Greeniga asutasid 1994. a. Londonis kunstnikegrupi I/O/D. I/O/D-i Interneti-sirvijast Webstalker (1997)

  7. Subsidence feature discrimination using deep convolutional neral networks in synthetic aperture radar imagery

    Schwegmann, Colin P


    Full Text Available International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 23-28 July 2017, Fort Worth, TX, USA SUBSIDENCE FEATURE DISCRIMINATION USING DEEP CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS IN SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR IMAGERY Schwegmann, Colin P Kleynhans, Waldo...

  8. Cellular and molecular biology of filamentous fungi

    Borkovich, Katherine A; Ebbole, Daniel J



  9. The peronism of Perón and Menem

    Waldmann, Peter


    The peronism of Perón and Menem : from justicialism to liberalism? - In: Argentina in the crisis years (1983-1990) / ed. by Colin M. Lewis ... - London : Inst. of Latin American Studies, 1993. - S. 90-101

  10. Crockett ja Tubbs jõuavad Eesti kinodesse / Riho Laurisaar

    Laurisaar, Riho


    Ülipopulaarne teleseriaal "Miami Vice" (1984-1989) tuleb Michael Manni lavastuses suurele ekraanile, peaosades Colin Farrell ja Jamie Foxx. Meenutatakse seriaali ja selle peaosalisi Don Johnsonit ja Philip Michael Thomast

  11. "Kak stat Aleksandrom Makedonskim"


    Antiigiaineline suurfilm "Aleksander" : režissöör Oliver Stone : Aleksander Suure rollis Colin Farrell : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2004. Discover Channeli programmist "Kuidas saada Makedoonia Aleksandriks"

  12. Laiem Lähis-Ida - vapustavad avaldused / Toomas Alatalu

    Alatalu, Toomas, 1942-


    Mõiste Laiem Lähis-Ida (Wider Middle East) tähendusest. USA asehalduri Iraagis Paul Bremeri ja USA riigisekretäri Colin Powelli avaldustest USA Iraagist lahkumise ja Iisraeli vägivalla kohta Palestiinas

  13. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Applications: Proton NMR In Biological Objects Subjected To Magic Angle Spinning

    Wind, Robert A.; Hu, Jian Zhi


    Proton NMR in Biological Objects Submitted to Magic Angle Spinning, In Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, Second Edition (Paul J. Worsfold, Alan Townshend and Colin F. Poole, eds.), Elsevier, Oxford 6:333-342. Published January 1, 2005. Proposal Number 10896

  14. Autumn MIST 2009

    Forsyth, Colin


    MEETING REPORT Colin Forsyth, Nicola Longden, Andrew Walsh and Robert Wicks summarize a MIST meeting where ground-based ionospheric science came under the spotlight, amid the broader concerns of the MIST community.

  15. Die rol van alkohol- en dwelmmisbruik by vrouemishandeling: 'n Maatskaplikewerk-perspektief

    Slabbert, Ilze


    Vrouemishandeling bied 'n groot uitdaging vir maatskaplike werkers. In Suid-Afrika word na berekening elke 6 ure 'n vrou vermoor deur haar lewensmaat, die hoogste voorkomssyfer ter wêreld. Navorsing toon 'n verband tussen vrouemishandeling en alkohol- en dwelmmisbruik. Vanuit die ekologiese perspektief word die sosiale omgewing van 'n persoon as onlosmaaklik deel van haar beskou en dit is dus 'n geskikte teoretiese uitgangspunt vir hierdie studie. 'n Kwalitatiewe studie is gedoen, en etiese k...

  16. Compendium of the FY1990 and FY1992 Research Reviews for the Research Methods Branch


    fish digestion. In: Cultivation of Fish Fry and Its Live Food, E. Styczynska-Jurewicz, T. Backiel, E. Japers, and G. Persoone, eds. Bredene, Belgium...sunfish exposed to contaminated sediment. Ecotoxicology , in press. Van Holde, K.E. (ed.) 1989. Chromatin. New York: Springer-Verlag. 136 ORNITHINE...developmental toxicity test that utilizes the embryos of the South African clawed frog Xenopus laevis. The assay has applications for ecotoxicology and also

  17. Dialogical Practice in Social Work – Towards a renewed humanistic method

    Mark Garavan


    is op de realiteit van de mens. Dit betekent in de eerste plaats luisteren naar en reageren op de woorden en de ervaring van de andere persoon. Een dialogische praktijk is uitdagend en tegelijkertijd storend voor onze hedendaagse bestuurlijke aanpak. De vraag is of dit effectief is. Er kan niet alleen aangetoond worden dat het werkt, maar het kan ook aangetoond worden dat een dialogische benadering op zichzelf de menselijkheid herstelt van zowel de cliënt als de sociaal werker.

  18. Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement. Cullinan Ranch Specific Plan. Chapter 13. Comments and Responses.


    said area resident now, or some type of private finmc- taxes are from the River Park Terence Savory . One piece of his land ing may have to be...Mrs Mary Hutchinson Syto McLo Chuck Forter Robert Kirkwood Founder Arthur J. POuUl Allan B. Jacobs’ "£xecufte Com"Who Gerrie Kretimer Dorothy Erskin t...KLIEWER, Dixon ALLAN WITT. Vice President- Fairfield MILTON WALLACE. Rio Vista GUIDO!E. COLLA. Secretary - Suisun DON MUSANTE. Benicia ..., RAYMOND

  19. Technical presentation: Next Generation Oscilloscopes

    PH Department


      Rohde & Schwarz "Next Generation Oscilloscopes" - Introduction and Presentation Agenda: Wednesday 23 March  -  09:30 to 11:30 (open end) Bldg. 13-2-005 Language: English 09.30 Presentation "Next Generation Oscilloscopes" from Rohde & Schwarz RTO / RTM in theory and practice Gerard Walker 10.15 Technical design details from R&D Dr. Markus Freidhof 10.45 Scope and Probe Roadmap (confidential) Guido Schulze 11.00 Open Discussion Feedback, first impression, wishes, needs and requirements from CERN All 11.30 Expert Talks, Hands on All Mr. Dr. Markus Freidhof, Head of R&D Oscilloscopes, Rohde & Schwarz, Germany; Mr. Guido Schulze, ...

  20. Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography


    Colin at the Coral Reef Research Foundation and Paul Collins, who has extensive experience with such data). Helen Reef Concerted UCTD measurements...sensors, weights , 45 m of line, and a float) which were arrayed around Helen Reef nominally on the 90-m isobath using Revelle’s workboat. Colin (CRRF...the main islands of Palau and diverts around the south and north ends of the island group (Figure 1, left and right; Section ). At Helen Reef and Toby

  1. The Battle for Fallujah: Al Fajr -- the Myth-buster


    6 Colin Freeman, ― Horror at Fallujah,‖ San Francisco Chronicle, 31 April 2004. 7 Robin Young and Bill Delaney, ―Bremer...Falluja,”14 Sep- tember 2004. Freeman, Colin, “ Horror at Fallujah,” San Francisco Chronicle, 31 April 2004. Jehl, Douglas with David E. Sanger...Not Evaluted (NE) 1 - incapable of executing political or security ops even w/substantial spt 2 - Patially capable; requires subtantial advisor

  2. Post-Cold War American Foreign Policy: What, When, and Why


    asserted, international order would instead become international ―chaos.‖ 14 Colin Gray similarly defined America‘s role as the reluctant global...The Unipolar Moment,‖ Foreign Affairs 70, no. 1, (January 1991), 32. 15 Colin S. Gray , The Sherriff (Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press...Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, April 15, 2002, 1; Eileen Clausen, quoted in Mary H. Cooper, ―Global Warming Treaty,‖ CQ Researcher 11

  3. Short of War: Major USAF Contingency Operations, 1947-1997


    Evacuation Control Center at Tan Son Nhut. They collaborated with Col. Garvin McCurdy, USAF, DAO Air Attache, and Brig. Gen. Richard T. Drury , USAF, Pacific...cargo went by air until ships could arrive. Once they did, sea lift quickly surpassed airlift in terms of tonnage delivered . General Colin L. Powell...Roland I . Haitian Democracy Restored, 1991-1995 . New York: University Press of America, 1995. Powell, Colin L. My American Journey. New York: Random

  4. Changing the Afghan Cycle of Conflict from the Outside, In


    accountid=12702 (accessed on 05/26/2011). 67 Riedel, Deadly Embrace, 122. 68 Christopher Paul, Colin P. Clarke, and Beth Grill, Victory Has a...2011); and Ian Drury , “Taliban Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan ’is Impossible to Seal’,” Daily Mail, on 04/09/2011). Ollapally, Deepa. The Politics of Extremism in South Asia. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Paul, Christopher, Colin

  5. The Value of an Independent Royal Air Force - Breaking the Oscar Wilde Paradigm in British Defence


    discussion. 11 Ian Drury , Defence Correspondent, "Could this be the end for the RAF? Military chief refuses to rule out merger with Navy as cuts loom...However, would it provide the flexibility to be effective if a different threat emerged in ten years time? In contrast to Smith‟s thesis, Colin ...1984), 88. 25 General Rupert Smith, The Utility of Force – The Art of War in the Modern World (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 2008), 5. 26 Colin

  6. Minutes of the Explosives Safety Seminar (25th) Held in Anaheim, California on 18-20 August 1992. Volume 3


    Secretary of Defense for Environment KEYNOTE ADDRESS ...................................................... 7 Mr. Colin McMillan, Assistant Secretary...11-547 McGuinness, Jack 111-161 Soleau, Edward W. 11-123 McMahon, Gordon W. 11-277 Song, So-Young 1-429, 11-85 McMillan, Colin 1-7 Spivey, Kathy H. 11...DRAKE JAMES APPLIED RESEARCH ASSOC. INC. MR. DRAKE RICHARD FLUOR DANIEL MR. DRURY CHUCK SHAMROCK SERVICES MR. DUA BALBIR DAY & ZIMMERMANN, INC. MR

  7. The Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic Thinking in the 1980s.


    strategy, as well as strike warfare and tactical innovations). ** Gray, Colin , "Maritime Strategy", Proceedings, February 1986, pp 34-42. (Supportive...driven document). ** Gray, Colin S., "Keeping the Soviets Landlocked: Geostrategy for a Maritime America", The National Interest, Summer 1986, pp 24-36...latter on the role of U.S. and allied submarines in the Maritime Strategy: "We dare not go it alone"). ** Drury , F., "Naval Strike Warfare and the

  8. Operations Events Census Report: Volume IV. 1981 through 1985. Sanitized Version.



  9. The Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic in the 1980s. Revision 2


    1986, there’s always 10 percent who don’t get the word. ** Drury , F., "Naval Strike Warfare and the Outer Air Battle," Naya1 Forces IV/1986, pp 46-52...debate. * Gray, Colin S., "Keeping the Soviets Landlocked: Geostrategy for a Maritime America," The National Interest, Summer 1986, pp 24-36. Masterful...discussion of the relationships between geopolitics and the Maritime Strategy. ** Gray, Colin S., Maritime Strategy, Geopolitics, and the Defense of the

  10. FAA-NASA Sixth International Conference on the Continued Airworthiness of Aircraft Structures


    Administration, and Colin G. Drury , State University of New York at Buffalo The Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Validation Center - A R esource for...William T. Shepherd FAA-Office of Aviation Medicine Washington, DC and Colin G. Drury State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY INTRODUCTION FAA’s...improvement, changing the task, the operator (inspector), machine, or environment as appropriate, e.g., review in Drury , 1992 (Ref. 1). 2. From the

  11. Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision-Support Systems


    Stock of Naturalistic Decision Making," Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol. 14, No. 5, 2001, pp. 331-352. Llinas, James, Ann Bisantz, Colin Drury ...on aided adversarial decisionmaking (Llinas, Bisantz, Drury , Song, and Jian, 1998). Cohen argues for a situation-specific trust model: The problem of...and P. Fishwick, eds., 2000, pp. 1739-1746. Camerer, Colin F., "Individual Decision Making," in John H. Kagel and Alvin E. Roth, eds., Handbook of

  12. Human Factors Issues In Aircraft Maintenance And Inspection


    Im z Cl) 4 w4 z z w . U .) ** DISPLAY0 00 LUU 40z:- z0 LL62 The Information Environment in Inspection Colin G. Drury , Ph.D. University at Buffalo...54 V. The Information Environment in Inspection Colin G. D ruy...tasks are sequenced within the Job ( Drury &t al., 1987; Shepherd, 1976). From such a Task Description we can determine how the demands of the tasks

  13. Ameerika endised riigisekretärid heitsid pilgu tulevikku / Urmas Kiil

    Kiil, Urmas


    Viis endist USA riigisekretäri - Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher ja Colin Powell - andsid nõu tulevasele riigi presidendile, kuidas ta peaks suhtlema Venemaaga, kuidas tuleks lahendada Iraani tuumaprogrammi küsimus ja kuidas oleks võimalik taastada Ameerika prestiizhi maailmas. Vt. samas: Henry Alfred Kissinger, Madeleine Korbel Albright, Warren Minor Chistopher, Colin Luther Powell ja James Addison Baker

  14. Internet Radicalization: Actual Threat or Phantom Menace?


    Devon and Cornwall Police Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville has stated, “We believe that, despite his weak and vulnerable state, he was preyed...Court for the District of Oregon, U.S. v Mohamed Osman Mohamud, November 26, 2010, Criminal Complaint and Affidavit. Also see, Colin Miner, Liz Robbins ...mohamedosm anmohamud. Miner, Colin, Liz Robbins , and Erik Eckholm. “F.B.I Says Oregon Suspect Planned ‘Grand’ Attack.” NY Times. November 27, 2010

  15. How Much Will Be Enough? Assessing Changing Defense Strategies Implications for Army Resource Requirements


    force management and modernization 59 See, for example, Tim Bonds, Glenn A. Kent, Colin Lampard, Randall Bowdish, John Birkler, Monti D. Callero... Tim , Glenn A. Kent, Colin Lampard, Randall Bowdish, John Birkler, Monti D. Callero, and James Chiesa, A Tool for Evaluating Force Modernization...Force Takes Shape at Fort Bliss ,” Army Magazine, Vol. 57, No. 3, March 2007. Harvey, Francis J., and Peter J. Schoomaker, 2007 Army Posture

  16. Learning to Be Precarious--The Transition of Young People from School into Precarious Work in Germany

    Eckelt, Marcus; Schmidt, Guido


    The integration of young adults into the labor market is a challenge for every society. Because Germany survived the current crisis quite well and youth unemployment rate is more or less stable, the German apprenticeship-system, Duale Ausbildung, became a kind of new role model in Europe. In this article Marcus Eckelt and Guido Schmidt analyze the…

  17. Hahni pubist saab kord nädalas džässiklubi / Marge Lumisalu

    Lumisalu, Marge


    Eesti Draamateatri näitleja Guido Kanguri eestvõttel kõlab Pärnus C. F. Hahni pubis (Riia mnt 129a) kolmapäeviti džässmuusika. 7. oktoobril toimunud esimesel kontserdil esinenud ansamblist Ajavares

  18. Gentile e i matematici italiani lettere 1907-1943

    Nastasi, Pietro


    Che cosa possono scrivere dodici grandi matematici italiani, tra cui Guido Castelnuovo, Federigo Enriques e Leonida Tonelli, a Giovanni Gentile? La pubblicazione di questo carteggio, ricavato dal patrimonio archivistico del Fondo Gentile, getta una nuova luce su alcuni aspetti della storia della scienza (e della cultura) italiana nel nostro secolo, nonché sulla figura dello stesso Gentile.

  19. Fanconi Anemia — Case Report of Rare Aplastic Anemia at Child

    Deaconu Alina


    Full Text Available Introduction: Fanconi anemia is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by congenital abnormalities, defective haematopoiesis, and a high risk of developing acute myeloid leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome and cancers. FA was first described in 1927 by the Swiss pediatrician Guido Fanconi. The diagnosis is based on morphological abnormalities, hematologic abnormalities (pancytopenia, macrocytic anemia and progressive bone marrow failure and genetic tests (cariograma.

  20. Items New to the Collection - Betty Petersen Memorial Library

    computation and programming using Python : with application to understanding data. Hetland ML. 2005. Beginning , Guido S. 2016. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python : A Guide for Data Scientists. New York . 2017. Python programming : an introduction to computer science. Zhang Z. 2018. Multivariate time series

  1. Kõik saab korda / Tamara Luuk

    Luuk, Tamara, 1952-


    Rahvusvaheline videokunsti näitus "Kõik saab korda" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis 2. jaanuarini 2011. Kuraator Maria-Kristiina Soomre, kujundaja Berit Teeäär. Osalevad Marina Abramović (Serbia/USA), Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Soome), Kai Kaljo, Mike Marshall (Inglismaa), Ene-Liis Semper, Santeri Tuori (Soome), Guido van der Werve (Holland)

  2. Videokunsti parimad stiilinäited Kumus


    Kumu Kunstimuuseumis avatakse 28. oktoobril 2010 rahvusvaheline videokunsti näitus "Kõik saab korda". Osalevad Marina Abramović (Serbia/USA), Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Soome), Kai Kaljo, Mike Marshall (Inglismaa), Ene-Liis Semper, Santeri Tuori (Soome), Guido van der Werve (Holland)

  3. Kuidas näitlejad talve kaamerasse püüdsid / Jaanus Kulli

    Kulli, Jaanus, 1955-


    Looduspildid näitusel "Teatritegemised III - loodusfotod talvest" Eesti Draamateatri Teatri Puhvetis. Piltide autorid on Joon Stuudio juht Ülar Linnuste ja näitlejad Harriet Toompere, Guido Kangur, Pille Lukin Kangur, Jaan Rekkor, Taavi Teplenkov, Mihkel Kabel ja Viiu Härm

  4. Students' Sense of Responsibility in Event Planning: The Moral Aspect of Risk Management

    Powellson, Tina Samuel


    Many scholars have asserted that college should contribute to the moral development of students, developing them into people who can think and act morally (Chickering, 1969; Evans, Forney, & Guido-DiBrito, 1998; Mathaisen, 2005). This responsibility applies not only to the classroom, but to the co-curricular experience as well. The…

  5. Urva ostis Sammelselja Norby viimased tükid / Kaisa Tahlfeld

    Tahlfeld, Kaisa


    Norby Telecomi suuromanik ja pankrotiprotsessis olev Guido Sammelselg müüs telekommunikatsiooniettevõttele Linxtelecom viimased osad sideettevõttest Norby, milleks on andmesideteenuste äriüksus koos kaubamärgiga Metroo ja IP-kõneside (VoIP) äriüksus

  6. Van Bevrydingsteologie na Swart Teologie in Suid-Afrika

    B. Spoelstra


    Full Text Available Die bevrydingsteologie reageer teen strukture en praktyke wat die menswaardigheid van die mens en persoon aantas. Die wortels daarvan lê in Suid-Amerika en die VSA. Tog het Hitler se filosofie van die Ariërs as Herrenvolk en vervolging van die Jode die Tweede Wereldoorlog gemotiveer. Reeds in die oorlog het Bonhoeffer aandag gevra vir die ander mens in nood. Jy moet God dien in wat jy aan die ander doen. Dr. C. F. Beyers Naudé trek reglynig ’n parallel tussen Naziisme van Hitler en “apartheid” in Suid-Afrika (Berkhof, 1985 : 168.

  7. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Genomic Instability in Brca-Deficient Cells


    repair defects asso- ciated with downstream mediators of the HR reaction (e.g., XRCC2, BRCA2, or PALB2) (Bouwman et al., 2010; Bowman- Colin et al., 2013...and BRCA-mutated breast cancers. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 17, 688–695. Bowman- Colin , C., Xia, B., Bunting, S., Klijn, C., Drost, R., Bouwman, P., Fine...chromosomes. It is thus surprising that cells use ‘quick and dirty ’ repair by NHEJ rather than the slower, more accurate repair by homologous recombination

  8. Strategic Agility: Using the Expeditionary Aerospace Force as a Framework for Assuring Strategic Relevancy in the USAF


    70 Deptula, interview. 71 Major General Charles Link quoted in Michael Barzelay and Colin Campbell, Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning...interview. 32 Colin Clark, “Two War Strategy Dead: Cartwright” DoD Buzz, 15 July 2009,’s 2,250 fighters and that that ought to be our target. Well who says? Or why we have 1,763 F-35s as our target goal. Now the dirty

  9. Minutes of the Explosives Safety Seminar (25). Volume 4. Held in Anaheim, California on 18-20 Aug 1992


    7 Mr. Colin McMillan, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Production and Logistics NAVY SA FETY...McMahon, Gordon W. 11-277 Song, So-Young 1-429, 11-85 McMillan, Colin 1-7 Spivey, Kathy H. 11-547 McQueen, D. IV-203 Starkenberg, John 1-183 McVay, L. IV...FLUOR DANIEL MR. DRURY CHUCK SHAMROCK SERVICES MR. DUA BALBIR DAY & ZIMMERMANN, INC. MR. DUCHOCK JEFF MR. DUDLEY MICHAEL DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY

  10. An Analysis of Department of Defense Financial and Acquisition Policies in Support of Military Contingency Requirements.


    LEGION 64 (March 1958): 12-13+. 131 Goldich, Robert L. "Mobilization for the Apocalypse." ARMY 28 (May 1978): 22-25+. 132 Gray, Colin S. "The Military...Decerber 8, 1942): 5-7. 632 Drury , V.M. "Too Little, Too Late Again (Coordination Detween Armed Services for Peacetirme Planning of Industrial...System." ". Military Review 57 (November, 1977): 76-82. Gray, Colin S. "Military Requirements for U. S. Strategy." MiltarReview 59 (September 1979): 2

  11. De lo inmaterial literario al monumento arquitectónico: la casa museo de Ricardo Rojas / From the literary immateriality to the architectural monument: the House Museum of Ricardo Rojas

    Amanda Salvioni


    The House Museum of Ricardo Rojas, built in 1927 by the architect Angel Guido in Buenos Aires, is an ideal starting point for a reflection on the social uses of cultural heritage in Twentieth Century Argentina. The House reflects an aesthetic program that intended to reinvent the national tradition as a fusion between indigenous and Hispanic elements. Nonetheless, the national tradition codified by Rojas and Guido was the result of an arbitrary selection of heterogeneous elements that excluded immigrants and did not guarantee access to cultural heritage of all sectors of society. The project of the House was directly related to the emergence of cultural and politic nationalism that took place in Argentina from the Centenary of Independence in 1910 to the beginning of Second World War. This essay focuses on the contradictions of monumentalization of intangible cultural heritage in a multicultural society.

  12. On a class of general variational inequalities

    Siddiqi, A.H.


    The study of variational inequalities was initiated by the Italian Mathematician, Guido Stampacchia in the early 60's. Besides several other important problems of Physics and Engineering this theory has been applied to solve the problem of Elasticity with unilateral constraints. In this paper we introduce a new class of variational inequalities and study the existence and uniqueness of its solution. Error estimates, convergence of approximate solution and the penalty method are also discussed. (author). 25 refs

  13. Eksistentsi krõbisev videolint / Janar Ala

    Ala, Janar, 1979-


    Videokunsti näitus "Kõik saab korda" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis 2. jaanuarini 2011, kuraator Maria-Kristiina Soomre. Osalevad järgmised kunstnikud: Marina Abramović, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Kai Kaljo, Mike Marshall, Ene-Liis Semper, Santeri Tuori, Guido van der Werve. Pikemalt serbia kunstniku Marina Abramović'i ja soome kunstniku Eija-Liisa Ahtila töödest

  14. Coleccionista de Arena. La comisión médico - quirúrgica Italiana en el Altiplano Boliviano (1875 - 1877.

    Irina Podgorny.


    Full Text Available This paper explores the itineraries in the bolivian highlands of guido bennatti and his fellow travelers around 1876, with particular focus on the observations and collections from tiahuanaco and the titicaca lake. visible only regionally, the scale of these trips remains a pending task that must be rebuilt through a bureaucratic investigation records, brochures and regional daily press. this work forms a link in this project

  15. Väike juveel Euroopa veere pääl / Thea Karin

    Karin, Thea


    Küprose ajaloost, seal viibinud kuulsustest (Guido von Lusignan, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Lala Mustafa Paşa, Namik Kemal, Lawrence Durrell, Francis II Rakoczi) ning vaatamisväärsustest UNESCO pärandinimekirja kuuluvas Afroditele pühendatud Paphoses, pealinnas Nikosias, Girnes ja Famagustas, kus asuvad ka Shakespeare'i inspireerinud Othello torn ja Püha Nikolause katedraal, mis nüüd on Lala-Mustafa-Pasha mošee

  16. Conference: “Space and Research: Which future for the coming generation” | 18 September | Uni Mail

    Stefania Pandolfi


      On Friday, 18 September, Luca Parmitano (Major in the Italian Air Force and European Space Agency astronaut), Guido Tonelli (CERN phycisist) and Amalia Ercoli Finzi (Emeritus Professor in the Aerospace department of the Polytechnic University of Milan and a Principal Investigator of the ESA Rosetta spacecraft) will present their visions of the future of research and space exploration. Free entrance. Limited number of seats - registration is essential, click here. For more information contact

  17. Future Deep Inelastic Scattering with the LHeC

    Klein, Max


    For nearly a decade, Guido Altarelli accompanied the Large Hadron electron Collider project, as invited speaker, referee and member of the International Advisory Committee. This text summarises the status and prospects of the development of the LHeC, with admiration for a one-time scientist and singular leader whom I met first nearly 40 years ago under the sun shining for the "Herceg Novi School" in Kupari, where we both lectured about the beautiful science of Deep Inelastic Scattering and en...

  18. Kontsert : Suve tervitama Sõru Jazzile. Mehed Naissaarel. 19.09


    20.-21. juunil Hiiumaal Sõru sadamas toimuvast festivalist "Sõru Jazz 2008" (korraldajad näitleja Guido Kangur ja Teatripuhvet, vt. Kontsertidest pealkirjaga "Mehed Naissaarel" Omari küünis Naissaarel 21. juunil (esinevad Riho Sibul ja Tõnis Mägi), 26. juunil (Tommyboy) ja 28. juunil (Jaan Tätte). Tuuri "Cosmos Rocks" raames 19. sept. Riias toimuvast briti rockansambli Queen ja Paul Rodgersi kontserdist

  19. Commercial Aircraft Airframe Fuel Systems Survey and Analysis.


    Type of Report end Period Covered Ag Sponsorin ncy Na.e and Address FINAL REPORT U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION October, 1980 - June, 1982 FEDERAL...Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Weybridge, Surry England KT130SF Mr. Roy Riseley Mr. William Miles de Havilland Aircraft Cessna Aircraft Company Garratt Blvd. Wallace...Guido F. Pesotti Mr. Frank C. Davis Technical Director Engineering Specialist Empresa Brasileira Aeronautica, S.A. Garrett Turbine Engine Company

  20. Translations on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Number 278


    Trafficker Arrested k^ MEXICO Addiction Among Mexican Youths Discussed (ismael Mercado Andrews; EL DIA, 31 Oct 76) k6 Police Uncover Heroin Ring...were arrested. These men were released 2 days later at the order of the 2d Municipal Criminal Judge, Dario Leon Perez. This decision has been the...ILUSTRADO) 31 Oct 76 pp 2, 3 [Article by Ismael Mercado Andrews] [Text] Guido Belsasso, director of the Mexican Center for Drug Dependency

  1. Latin America Report


    at the Coppelia establishment (24.2 percent), at the Cxenfuegos Grain Combine (20.0 percent), at the Guido Perez Brewery (18.7 percent), at the...inspects the installations, visits the cells , interrogates the prisoners, and, in the process, dictates measures to correct the irregularities he...placated when it throws two or three bones to them." Of the 11 top-level officials named by the new governor, only 2 have an active political

  2. CTC Sentinel. Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2016


    Islamic State side. See Derek Henry Flood: “The Islamic State Raises Its Black Flag Over The Caucasus,” CTC Sentinel 8:6 (2015): pp. 1-4. Dr. Guido...Qalamun,” [Hezbollah Holds Funeral for Child Killed in Al-Qalamun], Al-Araby Al-Jadid, April 28, 2015. 2 Lin Jenkins , “Isis video shows killing of

  3. "I can't wait to find out what Nature has in store for us"

    Anaïs Schaeffer


    Professor Guido Altarelli, a physicist at CERN and the University of Rome, has received two prizes since the beginning of the year: the Julius Wess prize awarded by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Sakurai prize awarded by the American Physical Society.   Guido Altarelli (left), receiving the Julius Wess prize in Karlsruhe on 16 January. It's been a good start to the year for Guido Altarelli. After receiving two prestigious prizes in the space of a few weeks for achievements during his long career, all he's waiting for is the Higgs boson! "I can't wait to find out what Nature has in store for us!", he smiles. Hardly surprising when you think that Altarelli has been looking for the answers since the very start of his career in particle physics. As a theorist at CERN for over twenty years, he has always worked closely with the experiments, first at the SPS, then at LEP and now at the LHC. Today, following the significant progress in...

  4. DECES - French version only


    C'est avec une profonde tristesse et une très vive émotion que nous avons appris le décès de notre ancien collègue et ami Guido Picci-Brusati le 10 février dernier à l'âge de 63 ans. Après des études à l'Ecole Polytechnique de Milan et l'Université de Pavie, Guido entra au CERN le 1er janvier 1970. Ensuite, après un début de carrière à la Division SB, il rejoignit, en 1981, le Département MI où il fut engagé comme programmeur au Groupe Traitement des Données Administratives MI-DP (mieux connu à l'époque sous l'appellation ADP). Suite aux différentes réorganisations du Laboratoire, Guido fut ensuite affecté successivement à la Direction de l'Administration (DA), à la Division DD et à la Division AS o&ugra...

  5. First record of Scleroderma polyrhizum Pers. (Gasteromycetes from Brazil Primeiro registro de Scleroderma polyrhizum Pers. (Gasteromycetes para o Brasil

    Iuri Goulart Baseia


    Full Text Available The ectomycorrhizal, gasteroid fungus, Scleroderma polyrhizum is recorded from Brazil for the first time, growing under Caryocar brasiliense Camb. (Caryocaraceae a widespread native tree of the Brazilian "cerrado" vegetation. Macro and microscopic features were described using basidiocarps from fresh and dried material treated according to the traditional methodology for Gasteromycetes. The characteristics of the material were close to those of the original description given by Persoon. All material collected was associated with roots of C brasiliense.Scleroderma polyrhizum, um gasteromiceto ectomicorrízico, é registrado pela primeira vez para o Brasil, crescendo sob Caryocar brasillense Camb. (Caryiocaraceae espécie arbórea comum e nativa da vegetação de cerrado brasileiro. Os caracteres macro e microscópicos foram descritos a partir de basidiocarpos frescos e secos, segundo a metodologia tradicional utilizada em estudos taxonómicos de Gasteromycetes. As características do material analisado foram similares à descrição original fornecida por Persoon. Todo material coletado estava associado a raízes de C. brasillense.

  6. Loopbaanankers en werkstevredenheid

    E. de Kock


    Full Text Available The primary goal of the study was to determine whether a relationship exists between the extent to which an employees career anchors are satisfied in his/her current position and his/her job satisfaction. A secondary goal was to determine whether satisfied career anchors can predict future job satisfaction. A Career Anchor Questionnaire, consisting of 41 items, was developed. The Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire was applied to 195 employees on Peromnesjob grades 11 and 13 jointly with the Career Anchor Questionnaire. The Career Anchor Questionnaire was statistically analysed through factor analysis and item analysis. The results indicate that a relationship exists between the extent to which an employees career anchors are satisfied in his/her current position and his/her job satisfaction. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was om vas te stel ofdaar n verband bestaan tussen die mate waarin n persoon se loopbaan ankers bevredig word en sy/haar werkstevredenheid. 'n Sekondêre oogmerk was om te bepaal of bevredigde loopbaanankers toekomstige werkstevredenheid kan voorspel al dan nie. 'n Loopbaanankervraelys, bestaande uit 41 items, is gekonstrueer. Dit is saam met die verkorte weergawe van die Minnesota Werkstevredenheidvraelys op 195 werknemers op Peromnes posvlakke 11 en 13 toegepas. Faktor- en itemondedings is op die items van die Loopbaanankervraelys uitgevoer. Dit is bevind dat daar 'n verband bestaan tussen die mate waarin n persoon se loopbaanankers in 'n bepaalde pos bevredig word, en sy/haar werkstevredenheid.

  7. Book Reviews

    Matthews, Alan; Goldin, Ian; Colman, David; Bickerton, Thomas W.; Beghin, John C.; Croci-Angelini, Elisabetta


    Books reviewed include: Principles of Agricultural Economics by D. Colman and T. Young; World Agriculture: Toward 2000 by Nikos Alexandratos; Food Subsidies in Developing Countries: Costs, Benefits and Policy Options; Elasticities in International Agricultural Trade by Colin A. Carter and W. H. Gardiner; Macroeconomics, Agriculture and Exchange Rates; Government and Agriculture in Western Europe, 1880-1988 by M. Tracy

  8. Mysterianism about Consciousness and the Trinity

    Vohánka, Vlastimil

    -, č. 14 (2013), s. 69-90 ISSN 1212-9038 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : mysterianism * the hard problem of consciousness * the logical problem of the Trinity * McGinn * Colin (*1950) * Šanda, Vojtěch (1873–1953) Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  9. Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology - Vol 33 (2014)

    The study and ringing of Palaearctic birds at Ngulia Lodge, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, 1969–2012: An overview and update · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. David Pearson, Graeme Backhurst, Colin Jackson ...

  10. Terrorikomisjon grillib Ühendriikide juhte / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA-s toimuvad erikomisjoni kuulamised 11. septembri 2001 terrorirünnakute asjus, kus tunnistusi annavad terrorivastast võitlust juhtinud Richard Clarke, endine välisminister Madeleine Albright, praegune välisminister Colin Powell, luurejuht George Tenet. Erikomisjoni avastused

  11. Performance and teleology

    Peder Pedersen, Claus


    This article presents a generalized discussion of American and Dutch architectural ositions. The article uses Colin Rowes introduction to "Five Architects" as a prism for this discussion. He criticizes the ideological foundation of heroic modernist architecture, especially its claim of unifying f...

  12. Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Vol 23, No ...

    Robert Wise, Kim de Vasconcellos, David Skinner, Reitze Rodseth, Dean Gopalan, David Muckart, Zohra Banoo, Tashmin Bisseru, Steve Blakemore, Jenine de Meyer, Michael Faurie, Kom Govender, Timothy Hardcastle, Prakash Jeena, Nicky Kalafatis, Kroshlan Kistan, Theroshnie Kisten, Carolyn Lee, Colin Mitchell, ...

  13. Mau Mau War: British Counterinsurgency In Colonial Kenya


    supporters. 92 Colin P. Clarke, Molly Dunigan, Beth Grill, and Christopher Paul, Paths to Victory: Detailed Insurgency Case Studies (Washington, DC: RAND...labor pool for imperial dirty work, the decision to deputize untrained and ill-disciplined volunteers backfired. A third example of how British

  14. The Rose Report [Continued]: "The Invisible Worm"

    Drummond, Mary Jane


    While Colin Richards' article is a trenchant analysis of the big themes and missed opportunities of the Rose Report, this response examines some of the small print. It concludes that the document is disfigured by many minor blemishes, and is also fatally flawed by a crude misapprehension of the nature of progress and the purpose of education.

  15. Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE

    Prause, Christian; Ternier, Stefaan; De Jong, Tim; Apelt, Stefan; Scholten, Marius; Wolpers, Martin; Eisenhauer, Markus; Vandeputte, Bram; Specht, Marcus; Duval, Erik


    Prause, C., Ternier, S., De Jong, T., Apelt, S., Scholten, M., Wolpers, M., et al. (2007). Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE. In D. Massart, J.-N. Colin & F. V. Assche (Eds.). Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE'07). September,

  16. Delivering More Than Bombs: The Utility of Long-Range Strike Platforms


    actors in order to communicate, advertise , train, equip, and achieve their own objectives. The RMA has enhanced military conventional capability...Strategic Aircraft Programs. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 2000. Ethell, Jeffrey. B-17 Flying Fortress. New York: Arms & Armour Press, 1986. Gray, Colin

  17. The Future of Air Power in the Aftermath of the Gulf War


    thinkers like Colin S . Gray, the arguments presented above amounted to an "Americanizing" of the Soviet Union . This was highly ethnocentric and...of the not-too-distant past . Pressures for short-term results will continue to exist and are likely to increase . Furthermore, staffing of the R&D

  18. What Happens If They Say No? Preserving Access to Critical Commercial Space Capabilities during Future Crises


    Overview. 3. Warren Ferster and Colin Clark, “NRO Confirms Chinese Laser Test Illuminated U.S. Spacecraft,” Space News, 3 October 2006, http...military/2008/11/11/blue-force-tracking-system-upgrade-seen-as-crucial; Rick Lober, “Why the Military Needs Commercial Satellite Technology,” Defense One

  19. Interval Routing and Minor-Monotone Graph Parameters

    Bakker, E.M.; Bodlaender, H.L.; Tan, R.B.; Leeuwen, J. van


    We survey a number of minor-monotone graph parameters and their relationship to the complexity of routing on graphs. In particular we compare the interval routing parameters κslir(G) and κsir(G) with Colin de Verdi`ere’s graph invariant μ(G) and its variants λ(G) and κ(G). We show that for all the

  20. Spread of Canine Flu


    Dr. Colin Parrish, a Professor of Virology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, discusses the spread of influenza among dogs.  Created: 4/5/2018 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 4/5/2018.

  1. Knots and Links

    in a fashion similar to sound waves, whose medium is air. Ether was believed ..... [3] Colin C Adams, The Knot Book, W H Freeman and Company, New. York. ... [5] Kelly S Chichak, Stuart j CantriU, Antony R Pease, Sheng-Hsien. Chiu, Gareth ...

  2. Legitimizing Political Science or Splitting the Discipline? Reflections on DA-RT and the Policy-making Role of a Professional Association

    Schwartz-Shea, Peregrine; Yanow, Dvora


    We have been invited by Politics & Gender's editors to review the origins and current standing of the Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT) policy, an effort initiated by the eponymous American Political Science Association (APSA) Ad Hoc Committee and led primarily by Colin Elman,

  3. Sacrifice and dystopia: imagining Karachi through Edhi

    Jaffri, Y.; Verkaaik, O.; Anjaria, J.S.; McFarlane, C.


    Introduction : conceptualising the city in South Asia / Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria and Colin McFarlane -- pt. 1. Contested landscapes. The nuisance of slums : environmental law and the production of slum illegality in India / D. Asher Ghertner ; Poverty as geography : motility, stoppage and circuits

  4. Vanemuislased jagasid oma majja tunnustust


    Vanemuise loomenõukogu jagas aastaauhindu. Autospiriti-nimeline draamaauhind läks Maarja Mittile, Torrese-nimelise balletiauhinna sai Colin Thomas Maggs, Kinema-nimelise tehnilise töötaja auhinna sai Jaan Koiduaru, loomenõukogu eripreemia sai trupijuht Eda Hinno ning haldustöötaja müügiassistendi preemia Sanna Pindma. Samuti jagati kolleegipreemiaid

  5. Barriers to the widespread take-up of standardised e-learning

    Koper, Rob


    Introduction to the panel discussion at the Online Educa Berlin, December 2, 2004.
    Members of the discussion panel:
    Prof. Erik Duval, KUL, Belgium
    Dr. Dexter Fletcher, ADL. USA
    Prof. Oleg Liber, CETIS, Bolton, UK
    Dr. Colin Tattersall, OUNL, The Netherlands
    Prof. Rob Koper,

  6. Strategists Break All the Rules


    without my lovely bride, best friend, and harshest critic, Dr. Eileen U. Godinez, I would never have attempted this school or this career choice...Senge, 73. 42 Colin S. Gray , The Strategy Bridge: Theory For Practice (Oxford: Oxford University Press, USA, 2011), 168. 15 the conventional wars, that an apolitical army meant a professional army. 70 Ambrose, 131. 71 Gray

  7. AA magnet measurement team

    CERN PhotoLab


    Quickly improvised measurement equipment for the AA (Antiproton Accumulator) was all the tight schedule permitted, but the high motivation of the team made up for the lack of convenience. From left to right: Roy Billinge (Joint AA Project Leader, the other one was Simon van der Meer); Bruno Autin, Brian Pincott, Colin Johnson.

  8. Work-Based Learning: A New Higher Education?

    Boud, David, Ed.; Solomon, Nicky, Ed.

    This three-part book contains 16 chapters exploring work-based learning from a theoretical and case-study perspective in the United Kingdom. Part 1, Framing Work-based Learning, contains the following four chapters: "New Practices for New Times" (David Boud, Nicky Solomon, and Colin Symes); "Repositioning Universities and Work"…

  9. Backyard Poultry


    Dr. Colin Basler, an epidemiologist with CDC, discusses his article on Salmonella infections associated with keeping live poultry in backyards.  Created: 1/18/2017 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 1/18/2017.

  10. "Золотой лев" в израильском танке / Борис Тух

    Тух, Борис, 1946-


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenija Rappoport ("Topelttund")

  11. Iisraeli tankistid võitsid Venezia festivali Kuldlõvi / Andres Laasik

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenia Rappoport ("Topelttund")

  12. All-or-Nothing Dictator Games : A Field Experiment

    Bekkers, R.


    The dictator game has become well known for its results violating predictions based on ‘rational choice’ models of human behavior with orthodox assumptions on self-interest (Colin F. Camerer, 2003). Prosocial allocations in dictator games seem to suggest that there is some altruism in ‘human

  13. WOCSDICE󈧇 The 27th Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits Held in Europe May 26 - 28, 2003 Forigen, Switzerland


    Rodrigues-Girones, M. Saglam, A. Megej, H.L. Hartnagel vi Recent Advances, Remaining Challenges in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Colin ...R. H. Friend, and H. Sirringhaus, Science, 299, pp. 1881-1884, 2003. 19. C. J. Drury , C. M. J. Mutsaers, C. M. Hart, M. Matters, and D. M. de Leeuw

  14. Trust-Guided Behavior Adaptation Using Case-Based Reasoning


    Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 53(5):517–527, 2011. [Jian et al., 2000] Jiun-Yin Jian, Ann M. Bisantz, and Colin G. Drury . Foundations for an...2014] Michelle S. Carlson, Munjal Desai, Jill L. Drury , Hyangshim Kwak, and Holly A. Yanco. Identifying factors that influence trust in automated cars

  15. Fuel Cell Power Systems for Navy Applications


    DAMES & MOORE LIBRARY LOS ANGELES. CA DRURY COLLEGE Physics Dept. Springfield. MO FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY Boca Raton. FL (McAllister) FOREST... Colin Ramage) Dept of Meteorology Honolulu HI: HONOLULU. HI (SCIENCE AND TECH. DIV.); Natd Energy Inst (DR Neill) Honolulu HI UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (Hall

  16. We Will Find A Way: Understanding the Legacy of Canadian Special Operations Forces


    planners briefed him on the Commando raiding program and, more importantly, the work of Brigadier Colin Gubbins’ SOE and their Norwegian sabotage... Drury , Assistant Military Attaché, Canadian 53. Legation, Washington to the Directorate of Military Operations & Intelligence, NDHQ, Washington, 7

  17. Load Carriage Capacity of the Dismounted Combatant - A Commanders’ Guide


    Brigadier Colin Kahn, DSO, former CO of the 5 RAR Dawn Service Address, 1987 detailing mental images that summed up Vietnam quoted and women. Journal of Applied Physiology 76 (3) March 1, 1994 1247-1255 Stuempfle, K. J., Drury , D. G. and Wilson, A. L. (2004) Effect of load

  18. Human Factors in the 21st Century(Les facteurs humains au 21th siecle)


    Communication, 6(2). Kerbrat-Orrechioni, C. (1990) Les interactions verbales, Armand- Colin , Paris. Lewis, D. 1969 Convention. Cambridge, MA : Harward...decision support (e.g. Taylor, Finnie and Hoy, 1997; Taylor, and Dru Drury , 2001). This is needed to determine the required levels of human control over

  19. Mobilization Bibliography: Periodical Articles (1915 - 1982),


    12-13+. 131 Goldich, Robert L. "Mobilization for the Apocalypse." ARMY 28 (May 1978): 22-25+. 132 Gray, Colin S. "The Military Requirements of U.S...the Last Year; The Obstacles Which Stand in the Way of an All-Out Record; Some Problems and Proposals." NEW MASSES (December 8, 1942): 5-7. 632 Drury

  20. Public Affairs Training for the Army’s Officer Corps: Need or Neglect?


    Individual Research Project, No. AD-783-802. Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 1974. McKenzie, Colin . "A Look at the News Media." US Army War College Mono...SAID IN 1978 Cronkite, Walter. "On Value of Newspaper Training for TV Reporters." San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle. March 5, 1978, p. 38. Drury

  1. Book Review: Nelson Mandela: A Jacana Pocket Biography ...

    Book Title: Nelson Mandela: A Jacana Pocket Biography. Author: Colin Bundy. Jacana: Auckland Park, 2015. 159 pp. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors ...

  2. L Geetha

    L Geetha. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 1 Issue 3 March 1996 pp 66-77 General Article. Time in a Timeless Environment My Life in a Bunker · L Geetha · More Details Fulltext PDF. Volume 1 Issue 6 June 1996 pp 58-60 General Article. Colin S. Pittendrigh: An Appreciation The life of ...

  3. Operational Maneuver and Fires: A Role for Naval Forces in Land Operations


    34 Military Review, (February 1983), 13-34. Drury , M.T., "Naval Strike Warfare and the Outer Battle." Naval Forces, Vol.VII, (1986), 46-49. Fedyszn...Fort Leavenworth, KS., June 1987. Martin, Cormander Colin L., "Tomahawk Technology and the Maritime Strategy." Paper, Naval War College, Newport, RI

  4. The Intelligence Revolution: A Historical Perspective


    dimension. Orbis 24:771-86, Winter 1981. Gray, Colin S. Moscow is cheating. Foreign Polic No.56:141-152, 1984. Knight, Amy W. The KGB’s special... Bamford , James. The puzzle palace: a report on America’s most secret agency. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. (UB 251 .U5 B35 1982) Braswell, Nancy S

  5. Financial crimes and financial misdemeanours

    Bamford, Colin


    The author argues that undesirable behaviour in the financial markets has not been countered by appropriate controls. Article by Colin Bamford (Barrister, 3-4 South Square) published in Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

  6. An Analysis of the Distinction between Deep and Shallow Expert Systems


    Standards Yorktown Heighta, NY 10500 Gaithersburg, MD 20896 Dr. Saul Amarel Dept. of Computer Science Dr. Harold Bamford CDR Robert Carter Rutgero...Michigan Marina Del Ray, CA 00232 320 Packard Read Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Mr. Colin Sheppard Dr. Diana We.r-e AXC2 Block I Mr. Prasad Tadepalli Department of

  7. The Shock and Vibration Bulletin. Part 4. Damping and Machinery Dynamics


    VIBRATION CHALLENGES IN J^.CROELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING Dr. Eric Ungar, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., Cambridge, MA and Colin G. Gordon, Bolt...Modes)," Shock and Vibra- tion Bulletin No. 48, Sept. 1978. B.K. Wada, R. Bamford , and J.A. Garba, "Equivalent Spring-Mass Sys- tems: A Physical

  8. Browse Title Index

    Items 451 - 500 of 941 ... Vol 13, No 2 (1999), Determination and delineation of the amount of platinum in various segments of an automotive catalyst using carbon paste electrode technique with electrode binder. Details PDF. F A Adekola, C Colin, D Bauer. Vol 2, No 1 (1988), Determination of γ-BHC in breast milk of Kenyan ...

  9. Another record of a hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Maastrichtian type area (The Netherlands, Belgium): Seeley revisited

    Mulder, E. W A; Jagt, J. W M; Schulp, Anne S.


    An incomplete left tibia of an indeterminate hadrosaurid from the type area of the Maastrichtian Stage, contained in the collections of the Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität Berlin (ex Binkhorst van den Binkhorst Colin), is described, illustrated and compared with the type lot of

  10. Karl popper's architectural legacy : An intertextual reading of collage city (1)

    Komez-Daglioglu, E.


    Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter's book Collage City has been one of the most inspiring works in the field of architecture with its elaborate and stimulating critique of Modernist and Post-war architecture and city planning. Published first as an article in 1975 and later as a book in 1978, Collage

  11. Heath Ledgeri viimane film tehakse lõpuni


    Terry Gilliam teatas, et jätkab võtteid mängufilmi "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" lõpetamiseks (film jäi näitleja Heath Ledgeri surma tõttu pooleli), lastes tema rolli esitada kolmel väljapaistval näitlejal (Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law)

  12. The Transition From Event Reports to Measurable Organizational Impact: Workshop Proceedings Report


    Airlines Colin Drury - - - - - - - - - - - - - Applied Ergonomics Douglas Farrow - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FAA AFS-280 Terry Gober... cost , at their Seattle location. Also, Boeing supports presentations regarding MEDA at international conferences, which greatly increased the number...approach to a true safety culture involves human factors and error management training that includes management; a Just Policy and accountability , an

  13. Browse Author Index

    B. Bamford, Jan Katherine · Baptista, Isabel · Bardelle, Carolina · Bastos, Sênia · Beard, Colin · Beqo, Ina · Blain, Matthew · Bolt, Ester Ellen Trees · Bosma, Robert · Bossema, Jan · Budhiastra, I. Made Mahendra · Buijtendijk, Harald 1 - 12 of 12 Items. ISSN: 2224-3534. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL.

  14. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Russell N Van Gelder. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 11 Issue 5 May 2006 pp 14-21 General Article. Colin Pittendrigh: The Lion in Winter · Russell N Van Gelder · More Details Fulltext PDF ...

  15. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Annual Meetings · Mid Year Meetings · Discussion Meetings · Public Lectures · Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 11; Issue 5. Colin Pittendrigh: The Lion in Winter. Russell N Van Gelder. General Article Volume 11 Issue ...

  16. The Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resources 2020


    Marta Bourke Calgon Carbon Corporation Joe Bozell National Renewable Energy Laboratory Kyd Brenner Corn Refiners Association Robert Brown Iowa State...Rowe Dow Chemical Company Colin Scanes Iowa State University Tom Schechinger Iron Horse Custom Farming LLC Sharon Shoemaker California Institute of Food

  17. Veneetsia filmifestivali võidufilm vaatleb sõda tanki sisemusest


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenia Rappoport ("Topelttund"), žürii eripreemia Fatih Akini "Soul Kitchen"

  18. Education Policy and Practice "under" New Labour: An Epistolary Critique

    Richards, Colin


    Since the election of 1997 New Labour's education policy has been subject to variety of forms of critique--in this journal and others. One of the sources for such critique has been a barrage of letters unleashed for over a decade by Colin Richards in the "Times Educational Supplement". Here are reproduced a self-edited selection of his…

  19. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available - J. Abbink, Edward LiPuma, The gift of kinship; Structure and practice in Maring social organisation. Cambridge, etc.: Cambridge University Press, x + 241 pp. - Martin A. van Bakel, P. Bonte, Dictionnaire de l éthnologie et de l ànthropologie. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1991., M. Izard, et al (eds. - M.A. van Bakel, C.J. Healey, Maring hunters and traders; Production and exchange in the Papua New Guinea highlands, Berkeley: University of California press, 1990. - Guido P.F. van den Boorn, H.J.M. Claessen, Verwenen koninkrijken en verloren beschavingen; Opkomst en ondergang van de vroege staat. Assen/Maastricht: Van Gorcum, 1991. VIII + 250 pp.; 21 zw/w kaarten. - Martin van Bruinessen, Werner Kraus, Islamische mystische Bruderschaften im heutigen Indonesien, Hamburg: Mitteilungen des Instituts für Asienkunde 183, 1990. 205 pp., bibliography, index. - Martin van Bruinessen, Michael Charles Williams, Communism, religion, and revolt in Banten. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University, 1990 (Monographs in international studies, Southeast Asia Series, no.86. - J. Bijlmer, R. Jordaan, A. Niehof, Paul Alexander, Creating Indonesian cultures, (Oceania ethnographies 3, Sydney: University of Sydney, 1989, vii + 230 pp. - J.G. De Casparis, J. Fontein, The law of cause and effect in ancient Java. Koninklijke Academie van Wetenschappen, Verhandelingen Afdeling Letterkunde, Niewe Reeks, Deel 140, 1989. - Victoria M. Clara van Groenendael, Mally Kant-Achilles, Wayang Bèbèr; Das wiederentdeckte Bildrollen drama zentral Javas. Stuttgart: Franz Stiener Verlag, 1990. 262 pp. + 133 pp. of illustrations. Photographs, maps, bibliography, glossary cum index, authors’ index, appendices., Friedrich Seltmann, Rüdiger Schumacher (eds. - J.R. van Diessen, Susan Abeyasekere, Jakarta - A history. Oxford, etc.: Oxford University Press, 1989. - Caroline Dissel, Colin Clarke, South Asians overseas; Migration and ethnicity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990

  20. Integration of human physiology. Individual Thermal comfort in thermal comfort models; Integratie van de menselijke fysiologie. Individueel thermisch comfort in thermische comfortmodellen

    Frijns, A. [Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eindhoven (Netherlands); Van Marken Lichtenbelt, W.; Kingsma, B. [Department of Human Biology, Nutrim School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht (Netherlands)


    When designing climate installations, the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied index) values are used as guidelines. Installations are designed in such a way that the 'average' user in a 'steady-state' condition experiences thermal comfort. Studies show that individual physiological processes might be suitable for integration in the design models. [Dutch] Bij het ontwerp van klimaatinstallaties worden de PMV/PPD-waarden van Fanger (PMV staat voor de Predicted Mean Vote index en PPD is de Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied index) als richtlijn gebruikt. Installaties worden zodanig ontworpen dat een 'gemiddelde' persoon in een 'steady-state' conditie deze als thermisch comfortabel ervaart. Studies wijzen uit dat individuele fysiologische processen mogelijk ook in ontwerpmodellen inpasbaar zijn.

  1. Effectiveness of some microorganisms in the limitation of grapevine cuttings infection by Phomopsis viticola Sacc.

    Ewa Król


    Full Text Available The possibilities of using antagonistic fungi and bacteria in the limitation of grapevine stems infection by Phomopsis viticola Sacc. were studied. Trichodema koningii Oud., T.viride Persoon ex S.F.,T.harzianum Rifai, Gliocladium catenulatum Gilman and Abbott, G.fimbriatum Gilman and Abbott, Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas fluorescens and five unidentified isolates of bacteria i.e.: 22a, 35, 40, 45, 66 were estimated. It was appeared what Trichoderma spp. were the most effective in protection of grapevine stems against the infection by P.viticola. After these antagonistic fungi were used on protected grapevine canes not numerous necrosis were observed and few cultures of pathogen were reisolated from them. Moreover, Trichoderma spp. survived on the grapevine stems during the period of experiment. The abilities of other microorganisms tested to protect grapevine cuttings against P.viticola infection and to exist on the stems were less than Trichoderma spp.

  2. Gray Mold on Saintpaulia ionantha Caused by Botrytis cinerea in Korea

    Hyung-Moo Kim


    Full Text Available Gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea occurred on Saintpaulia ionantha in flower shop of the Jeonju city in Korea. Typical symptoms with brown water-soaked and rotting lesions were appeared on the flowers, leaves and petiole of infected plants. Many conidia spores appeared on the lesions under humid conditions. Colonies were grayish brown and sclerotial formation on potato dextrose agar. Conidia were one celled, mostly ellipsoidal or ovoid in shape, and were colorless to pale brown in color. The conidia were 7~14×5~9 μm in size. Based on pathogenicity and morphological characteristics of the isolated fungus, the causal fungus was identified as B. cinerea Persoon: Fries. Gray mold of S. ionantha was proposed to the name of this disease.

  3. Expertise and humanity: the supportive professional relationship from the perspective of clients in drug treatment

    Leila Billquist


    In onderzoek op het gebied van psychotherapie en sociaal werk wordt het belang van de relatie tussen professional en cliënt onderstreept. Het doel van dit artikel is om de kenmerken van ondersteunende professionele relaties vanuit het perspectief van cliënten binnen de verslavingszorg in kaart te brengen. Het onderzoek vond plaats in Zweden en omvatte kwalitatieve interviews en focusgroepsgesprekken met cliënten in vier residentiele instellingen. Uit de analyse van dit kwalitatieve materiaal kwamen vijf interactieve en elkaar deels overlappende thema’s, tezamen kenmerkend voor een ondersteunende professionele relatie, naar voren: (1 “De perfecte match” – de professional als persoon; (2 Fysieke en psychische aanwezigheid; (3 Net als vriendschap – maar toch niet helemaal; (4 Betrouwbare samenwerking; (5 Een voertuig voor flexibele en meervoudige ondersteuning.

  4. Synthesis and Fungicidal Activity of β-Carboline Alkaloids and Their Derivatives

    Zhibin Li


    Full Text Available A series of β-Carboline derivatives were designed, synthesized, and evaluated for their fungicidal activities in this study. Several derivatives electively exhibited fungicidal activities against some fungi. Especially, compound F5 exhibited higher fungicidal activity against Rhizoctonia solani (53.35% than commercial antiviral agent validamycin (36.4%; compound F16 exhibited high fungicidal activity against Oospora citriaurantii ex Persoon (43.28%. Some of the alkaloids and their derivatives (compounds F4 and F25 exhibited broad-spectrum fungicidal activity. Specifically, compound F4 exhibited excellent high broad-spectrum fungicidal activity in vitro, and the curative and protection activities against P. litchi in vivo reached 92.59% and 59.26%, respectively. The new derivative, F4, with optimized physicochemical properties, obviously exhibited higher activities both in vitro and in vivo; therefore, F4 may be used as a new lead structure for the development of fungicidal drugs.

  5. Establishment for Nuclear Equipment: Overview

    Pracz, J.


    Full text: In 1998 ZdAJ was mainly involved in the production of accelerators, simulators and tables ordered by the domestic market or destined for export. ZDAJ produced 28 POLKAM 15 therapeutic tables, 7 SIMAX X-ray simulators, 2 Coline soft accelerators and 2 Neptun accelerators. In addition 2D ALFARD treatment planning system was introduced for sale and five planning systems were installed in Polish hospitals. An order was received for the delivery of target chambers for the Isolde experiment carried out by CERN European Laboratory in Geneva. It is noteworthy that we got 1998 ''Teraz Polska'' prize, a reward for the best industrial product of the year based on Polish technical solutions, for the SACON cancer treatment therapeutic range. The SACON therapeutic range includes SMIAX diagnostic simulator with POLKAM 15 table, ALFARD treatment planning system, as well as Coline and Neptun accelerators. (author)

  6. A administração aguda de cafeína previne o comprometimento da memória pela escopolamina em camundongos adultos

    Paulo Henrique Saldanha Botton


    A cafeína é a substância psicoestimulante mais consumida no mundo todo. Muitos estudos já foram realizados avaliando os seus benefícios sobre as funções cognitivas. Algumas evidências sugerem a participação do sistema colinérgico nos efeitos da cafeína, mas os estudos ainda são incipientes. O objetivo desse estudo foi verificar os efeitos da administração aguda de cafeína frente ao bloqueio dos receptores colinérgicos muscarínicos pela administração do antagonista não-seletivo escopolamina. C...

  7. Metastatic syringoid eccrine carcinoma of the nipple

    Ballardini P


    Full Text Available Pierluigi Ballardini,1 Guido Margutti,1 Massimo Pedriali,2 Patrizia Querzoli21Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital of the Delta, Lagosanto, 2Institute of Pathology, S Anna Hospital, Ferrara, ItalyAbstract: Syringoid eccrine carcinoma is a very rare skin tumor. Herein we describe a 72-year-old male patient presenting with a syringoid eccrine carcinoma of the nipple with associated axillary lymph node metastases. Surgery associated with adjuvant radiotherapy was performed. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of syringoid eccrine carcinoma of the nipple ever reported.Keywords: syringoid carcinoma, nipple, axillary metastases, radiotherapy

  8. Italian high technology shows its wares at CERN

    Maximilien Brice


    Italian industry held an exhibition at CERN on 14-17 November with 26 firms displaying innovative technological developments. In particular it featured categories such as mechanics, high-vacuum technologies, electronics for detectors, and electric and civil engineering. The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of Guido Possa, vice-minister for education, universities and research. The event was organized by Sandro Centro, INFN researcher and Industrial Liaison Officer at CERN, along with Federico Ferrini, scientific officer for International Organizations of Geneva and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland

  9. TUW @ TREC Clinical Decision Support Track


    and the ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab [8,3] running in 2013 and 2014. Here we briefly describe the goals of the first TREC Clinical Decision...Wendy W. Chapman, David Mart́ınez, Guido Zuccon, and João R. M. Palotti. Overview of the share/clef ehealth evalu- ation lab 2014. In Information Access...Zuccon. Overview of the share/clef ehealth evaluation lab 2013. In Information Access Evaluation. Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Visualization

  10. Digital image sequence processing, compression, and analysis

    Reed, Todd R



  11. Sedes sapientiae: aproximaciones a una talla de la Virgen y el niño en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

    Montemurro, María Laura


    En 1971, el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes recibió una donación de cuarenta obras que formaban parte de la colección de Torcuato y Guido Di Tella. Entre éstas figuraba una talla en madera de la Virgen y el Niño de la segunda mitad del siglo XII, de la región de Auvernia, Francia. Se trata de una imagen de procesión de muy buena calidad, excelente representante de las esculturas auvernesas del tipo Trono de Sabiduría. En este artículo intentaremos reponer el contexto de esta obra mediante el e...

  12. Enfoques de LACOM ‘76

    Guido Groscoors


    Full Text Available En la redacción de este informe, participaron los expertos Guido Groscoors (Venezuela; Fabián Velarde (Panamá y Carlos Ortega Cárdenas (Perú, integrantes de la Comisión II que celebró cinco sesiones los días 14, 15, 16 y 17 de julio de 1976, en San José de Costa Rica. El tema de la Comisión II fue: Formulación e Implementación de Políticas de Comunicación.

  13. Toward Incentives for Military Transformation: A Review of Economic Models of Compensation


    Organizations with Application to the United States Military,” Journal of Labor Economics , Vol. 19, No. 3, 2001b, pp. 523–562. Auriol, Emmanuelle, Guido...Friebel, and Lambros Pechlivanos, “Career Concerns in Teams,” Journal of Labor Economics , Vol. 20, No. 2, 2002, pp. 289–307. Baker, George P...Evidence,” Journal of Labor Economics , Vol. 16, No. 1, 1998, pp. 1–25. Ehrenberg, Ronald G., and Michael L. Bognanno, “Do Tournaments Have Incentive Effects

  14. Guide to Instrumentation Literature


    courantes, League of Nations. Walter de Grurter & Co... Berlin, Ed. 1, 1925; Ed. 2, 1931, 4.20 pp.; 3d . 3,9 1951, Vol. 1,9 science and Thch- nology, 52 pp...London, 190. Macmillanand coos Now York, 19511. 238 pp, 1116. Guido EfInach, Regler ffir Druck und Range, R. Oldembourg Verlag, jMuich, 1,930. 207 pp...Ncatioa Nuclear Inergy Serien3 Mo(~awm Hill Now York, 3d . 1s 1949., 127 PP- 1. Recording Mass Spectromter for Pros Analysis. 2. Recording Icaisation

  15. Ageltrude: dal ducato di Spoleto al cuore del regno italico Ageltrude: from the Duchy of Spoleto to the heart of the Italic Kingdom

    Paola Guglielmotti


    Full Text Available

    La vicenda patrimoniale di Ageltrude, che proviene dai duchi di Benevento ed è moglie del primo imperatore non carolingio in Italia, è documentariamente piuttosto accidentata ed è ricostruibile nella sua articolazione soppesando un gran numero di informazioni. Ageltrude può gestire il dotario costituitole con beni fiscali da Guido, dei duchi di Spoleto, e dal figlio Lamberto per un tempo veramente breve e in una fase particolarmente conflittuale, quale è l’ultimo decennio del secolo IX. Tuttavia, se si osservano le potenzialità insite nella gestione di beni fiscali, si può constatare che il pur sostanzioso dotario nella città di Pavia risulta troppo concentrato per poter essere usato quale trampolino per una politica di consolidamento e di attivazione di relazioni. Tale funzione è assolta piuttosto da altri beni sparsi trasmessi ad Ageltrude e soprattutto dall’immissione in un sistema di relazioni di cui si  è in grado di apprezzare solo qualche spezzone. L’ex imperatrice persegue strenuamente un progetto, avviato da Guido e Lamberto, che è sia di consolidamento personale sia di appoggio al fronte che si oppone all’imperatore Berengario.

    The events surrounding the administration of the patrimony of Ageltrude, member of the house of Benevento and wife of the first non Carolingian emperor in Italy, is uneven from a documentary perspective and can thus be reconstructed in its articulations only by weighing large quantities of information. Ageltrude could administrate her dower composed of fiscal goods bestowed by Guido, of the dukes of Spoleto, and by her son Lambert, for a very brief period of time and during a particularly conflict-ridden phase such as the last decade of the 9th century. Yet, if one observes the potential inherent in the administration of fiscal goods, it can be noted that despite the presence of substantial property in Pavia, this patrimony is far too concentrated to be used as a

  16. Paisagens, retratos e quadros

    Frozza, Marcia Vidal Candido


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Comunicação e Expressão. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Literatura. A presente dissertação configura, sob o viés da descrição e do descritivo, a leitura de fragmentos textuais selecionados dos livros de contos Bulha d´Arroio, de Tito Carvalho, publicado em 1936, e Amigo Velho, de Guido Wilmar Sassi, publicado em 1957. Objetiva-se identificar nas descrições o paisagismo geográfico, o universo humano e cultural capazes ...

  17. Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant


    RAND Corporation, 2010. 8 Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ground memo sent to all workshop participants in advance ...been several credible reports, especially in the Financial Times and New York Times.23 The rest of this section draws from those accounts . The group... Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Findings from a RAND Corporation Workshop Colin P. Clarke, Kimberly Jackson, Patrick

  18. Are you British or Muslim; Can You be Both?


    in Great Britain to offer halal foods . However, the requirements for separate preparation and storage for halal and non- halal foods may become such...identity with traditional values. Colin Dye, the senior minister and Leader of Kensington Temple / London City Church, cites the example of halal ... foods as a tool for the Islamization of Great Britain. He describes the incursion this way, ―the expanding Muslim market has encouraged many businesses

  19. Are we running out of oil? : ConCERNed for Humanity

    CERN. Geneva; Jørgensen, C


    Are we running out of oil? Speaker: Jean Laherrere. Jean Laherrere is a geophysicist and a former deputy exploration manager of TOTAL. Together with Colin Campbell, he warned humanity in the now famous Scientific American article "The end of cheap oil" (1998). Only seven years later the exploding oil price seems to indicate that the moment of truth is close. The speaker will discuss the scientific basis of peak oil and its probable consequences for humanity. See also:

  20. Changing of the Guard: Nation Building and the United States Military


    of Mesopotamian history. -Colin Powell During his January 1992 state of the union address, George H. W. Bush claimed...11 Benjamin Buley, The New American Way of War: Military Culture and the Political Utility of Force (New York, NY: Routledge, 2008), 80. and the home of the brave. 5 Balance of Power: Elucidating the Trend George Kennan claimed America is ―a nation which has no

  1. Diversity along a speciation continuum : ecology and morphology of northern European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)

    Siwertsson, Anna


    Papers 1 and 4 of this thesis are not available in Munin: 1. Anna Siwertsson, Rune Knudsen and Per-Arne Amundsen: 'Temporal stability in gill raker numbers of subarctic European whitefish populations', Advances in Limnology (2012), vol. 63:229-240. Available at 4. Anna Siwertsson, Rune Knudsen, Colin Adams and Per-Arne Amundsen: 'Replicated morphological divergence supports inci...

  2. Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting, Group Exhibition

    Stubbs, Michael


    Phil Allen, Peter Ashton Jones, Jake Clark, Richard Clegg, Dan Coombs, Nelson Diplexcito, Nadine Feinson, Mick Finch, Richard Hamilton, Dan Hays, Gavin Lockheart, Andrea Medjesi Jones, David Leeson, Duncan Newton, Sarah Pickstone, Colin Smith, John Stark, Michael Stubbs, James White, Mark Wright.\\ud \\ud Dirty Pop, curated for &Model by Mark Wright, presents twenty contemporary painters whose work connects with Pop Art of the 1960’s, and particularly the legacy of the important British artist ...

  3. Bιβλιοκρισία του: V. SYROS, Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis [Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, ed. by A. C. Gow, v. 134], Leiden, 2007

    Στυλιανός ΛΑΜΠΑΚΗΣ


    Full Text Available   Βιβλιοκρισία του : V. SYROS, Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis. [Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, edited by Andrew Colin Gow, volume 134], Brill, Leiden-Boston 2007, σελ. X+364, ISSN 1573-4188

  4. Peripheral nerve blocks versus general anesthesia for total knee replacement in elderly patients on the postoperative quality of recovery

    Hong, Zhang; Wang,Mingjun; Yuan,Weixiu; Wang,Xiaolin; Maowei,Gong; Gong,Maowei; Zhao,Yi


    JunLe Liu,1,* WeiXiu Yuan,1,* XiaoLin Wang,1,* Colin F Royse,2,3 MaoWei Gong,1 Ying Zhao,1 Hong Zhang1 1Anesthesia and Operation Center, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital and Medical School of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Beijing, People's Republic of China; 2Anesthesia and Pain Management Unit, Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 3Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management, The Royal Melbourne Hospital...

  5. Forbidden minors for the class of graphs G with $\\xi (G) \\leq 2$

    Hogben, L.; Holst, van der H.


    For a given simple graph G, is defined to be the set of real symmetric matrices A whose (i,j)th entry is nonzero whenever i¿j and ij is an edge in G. In [F. Barioli, S. Fallat, L. Hogben, A variant on the graph parameters of Colin de Verdière: Implications to the minimum rank of graphs, Electron. J.

  6. Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design


    close scrutiny of the robotics industry with respect to those ethical issues, e.g., the book Love and Sex with Robots published late last year that...thank and credit Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen for their contribution to many of the discussions here, drawn from their new book Moral Machines... secondhand smoke is more objectionable than firsthand, because the passive smoker did not consent to the risk even if ▌64 A u t o n o m o

  7. Nanoparticle albumin-bound (nab)-paclitaxel for the treatment of pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma

    Weekes, Colin; Narayanan,Vignesh


    Vignesh Narayanan,1 Colin D Weekes1,2 1Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Medicine, 2Developmental Therapeutics Program, University of Colorado Cancer Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO, USA Abstract: Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is a leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, and surgical resection offers the only chance of cure. Since the majority of patients have unresectable disease at presentation, the emphasis has been on identifying effective...

  8. U.S. Navy Capstone Strategies and Concepts (1981-1990): Strategy, Policy, Concept, and Vision Documents


    Contra Affair (1988) USS Iowa (BB-61) turret explosion, investigation (1989) US Naval Academy sexual harassment scandal (1989)  Female midshipman...down (1981); Grenada intervention (1983), Lebanon intervention (1982-3); Med hijacker force-down (1985); US assistance to Central American anti...LTG Colin Powell USA Reaction to disastrous USMC intervention in Lebanon (1983)  Forces for Unified Commands memorandum (Feb 1987)  JCS Pub 26

  9. Challenges of German Land Forces 2030 and Beyond


    Defense, Army Staff, February 2009 - May 2010). 52 VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Gerras, Stephen J., ed., Strategic...2007). Gerras, Stephen J., ed., Strategic Leadership Primer, 3rd ed. (Carlisle: U.S. Army War College, 2010). Gray, Colin S., Modern Strategy (Oxford...Profession, 2nd rev. and exp. ed. (Boston: Mc Graw Hill Custom Publishing, 2005). Alan G. Stolberg, “Crafting National Interests in the 21st

  10. An analysis of a typology of family health nursing practice.

    Macduff, Colin


    In this article, Colin Macduff analyses the construction and testing of a typology of family health nursing practice. Following a summary of relevant methods and findings from two linked empirical research studies, more detailed analysis of the conceptual foundations, nature and purpose of the typology is presented. This process serves to exemplify and address some of the issues highlighted in the associated article that reviews the use of typologies within nursing.

  11. USA väed võivad hakata Iraagist lahkuma / Kaarel Kaas

    Kaas, Kaarel, 1978-


    USA on Iraagis toimuvate valimiste eel saatnud sinna lisavägesid. Vägivalla tõttu võivad mõnes Iraagi piirkonnas valimised ära jääda. USA välisministri Colin Powelli sõnul võivad USA sõdurid juba sel aastal hakata järk-järgult Iraagist lahkuma, kui Iraagil endal õnnestub saada suurem roll turvalisuse tagamisel. Lisa: Kaotused Iraagis

  12. High Efficiency Large-Angle Pancharatnam Phase Deflector Based on Dual Twist Design


    construction and characterization of a ±40° beam steering device with 90% diffraction efficiency based on our dual-twist design at 633nm wavelength...N. & Escuti, M. J. Achromatic Wollaston prism beam splitter using polarization gratings. Opt. Lett. 41, 4461–4463 (2016). 13. Slussarenko, S., et...High-efficiency large-angle Pancharatnam phase deflector based on dual-twist design Kun Gao1, Colin McGinty1, Harold Payson2, Shaun Berry2, Joseph

  13. Euroopa teadis USA salavanglaist / Tõnis Erilaid

    Erilaid, Tõnis, 1943-


    USA endise välisministri Colin Powelli sõnul pole see tema sõpradele Euroopas uudiseks, et USA on viinud vange riikidesse, kus tema seadused ei kehti. USA praeguse välisministri Condoleezza Rice'i sõnul on USA vange üle kuulanud väljaspool USA-d. USA Today kirjeldab Stare Kiejkuty küla Poolas, kus arvatavasti on olnud salavangla

  14. Cultural Resource Investigations for the Lyons Ferry Fish Hatchery Project, Near Lyons Ferry, Washington.


    Intermontane Plateau of Western North America. In The Explanation of Culture Change: Models in Prehistory, edited by Colin Renfrew, University ( Drury 1958:257). 72 1841 Charles Wilkes, linguist and explorer, traveled from Whitman Mission to Fort Colvile by the site (Wilkes 1856 4:466...Parts of the Continent of North America during the Years 1824-󈧝-󈧞-󈧟. Oregon Historical Quarterly, 5(4):325-369, Portland. Drury , Clifford M

  15. BDA: Anglo-American Air Intelligence, Bomb Damage Assessment, and the Bombing Campaigns Against Germany, 1914-1945


    attention at the Bombing 8 See Colin Sinnott, The RoyalAir Force andAircraft Design, 1923-1939: Air Staff Operational Requirements (London: Frank Cass...supporting, motorized unit fielding five detached parties for ground surveys. The BAU was commanded by Group Captain E.S.D. Drury , the Chief Armament...dossiers, collective analysis of materials, and collaborative production of finished reports. A combined committee, chaired by Drury and Fickel, met

  16. The Feasibility of a Department of Defense Chaplaincy


    militia chaplains were available to swell the ranks of the Navy chaplaincy as was the common practice in Army mobilizations. Drury accurately identified...chaplaincies. General Colin Powell, in a Pentagon briefing on the Joint Chiefs of Staff report on "Roles and Missions of the Services," (Cable News...clergyman, but in that dread last moment they want someone to speak to them of God. (Nance, 152-53). 57Gushwa, 192. 74 58Quoted in Clifford M. Drury , The

  17. United States Air Force Research Initiation Program for 1987. Volume 4.


    University of - 7 N. Carolina A&T State Univ. - I Dillard University - 1 N. Carolina-Greensboro, Univ - I Drury College - 1 Northwestern University - 1...Specialty: Educational Psychology Specialty: Management Science Dr. Michael Matthews Dr. Charles Lance (1986) Drury College University of Georgia...Molecular Biology of the Cell, pp 611-668, 918-947, Garland Publishing Company, Inc. New York, 1983. 2. Anderson, Colin , Manual for the Examination of

  18. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computational Electronics Held at Leeds University (United Kingdom) on August 11-13 1993


    Drury , Sponsored by UK SERC and MIA-COM (USA). Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism or review, as...field effect 128 transistors R Drury , R E Miles and C M Snowden, University of Leeds Poster Session II Determination of diffusion coefficients and...V V V y V V V Device simulation by means of a direct solution of the coupled Poisson/Boltzmann Transport enuations Conor J. Donnelly and Colin Lyden

  19. Engineering Data Compendium. Human Perception and Performance. Volume 2


    Solanch Consultant J.W. Whitlow Rutgers University Section 10.0 Effects of Environmental Stressors Colin Corbridge Institute of Sound Vibration...surrounding discs. Human Factors, 14, 139-148. 2. Drury , C, & Clement. M. (1978). The effect of area, density, and number of background charac- ters...nontargets are often difficult to distinguish. Key References * 1. Drury , C., & Clement, M. (1978). The effect of area, density, and number of

  20. Ceremony 25 years Cern



    Le D.G.H.Schopper remercie le personnel pour son engagement, collaboration et enthousiasme pendant leur 25 ans de service; il remercie aussi sincèrement les épouses et époux pour leur compréhension, ainsi que le chef gérant du restaurant Coop pour ses précieux services depuis 1956. Colin Taylor joue au piano les hymnes nationaux des differents pays; remise des souvenirs par (?)

  1. FY07 NRL DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Annual Reports


    41 Mark R. Pederson ,1 Tunna Baruah,2 Steven Richardson,3 Rajendre Zope,1 and Reeshemah Allen1 1Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC...DC vii Acoustic Propagation in Littoral Sub-Mesoscale Model Environments.....................61 Roger M. Oba,1 Colin Shen,1 Patrick...R ea ct io n ra te , K gm ol e/ m 1 s ec ( l ef t p ic tu re ) 12 Title: Simulations of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere Author(s): S. P

  2. Symbolisme et gestion endogène de l'eau en milieu Shabè dans la ...


    31 déc. 2015 ... Armand Colin, 127p. Durkheim E, 1898. Représentations individuelles et représentations Collectives. In : Revue de métaphysique et de morale. Page). Durkheim E, 2008. Les formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse. Paris, Presse Universitaire de. France. Eliade M, 2009. Le mythe de l'éternel retour. Paris,.

  3. Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance. Phase 3. Volume 1. Progress Report


    As a subcontractor for Galaxy Scientific, Dr. Colin Drury at the State University at New York at Buffalo is conducting a substantial research program...taxonomy. In addition, however, Dr. Drury has developed a simulated NDI task, using a SUN workstation, that incorporates the physical aspects both total task time and to the decision criterion used. Drury clearly feels, with some justification, that intensive investigation of individual


    Abel Esterhuyse


    Robert D. Kaplan in his illuminating article "The Coming Anarchy", published in the Atlantic Monthly of February 1994, emphasises the fact that "Africa may be marginal in terms of conventional late-twentieth-century conceptions of strategy, but in an age of cultural and racial clash, when national defense is increasingly local, Africa's distress will exert a destabilizing influence on the United States ". This point was clearly illustrated during 1993 in a battle between American Colin Gray; ...

  5. Hardening Software Defined Networks


    Zarifis,Peyman Kazemian:Leveraging SDN layering to systematically troubleshoot networks. HotSDN 2013: 37-42 21. Aurojit Panda ,Colin Scott,Ali Ghodsi...Unlimited. 21 ICN.SIGCOMM 2013: 147-158 23. Sangjin Han (U.C.Berkeley), Norbert Egi (Huawei Corp.), Aurojit Panda , Sylvia Ratnasamy (U.C.Berkeley...balancers, traffic-shapers, and so on. SDN brings software and processing power to bear on all this complexity. While a large Data Center may be

  6. Figure-ground: history and practice of a planning technique

    Hebbert, M.


    Figure-ground plans show the footprints of buildings and the pattern of unbuilt voids in urban space. Compared historically they reveal the erosion of the public realm over time and provide an analytical basis for tissue repair. The paper traces the communicative power of figure-ground technique to its roots in gestalt psychology, and follows its revival from Colin Rowe’s studio at Cornell through to controversies in post-reunification Berlin. The impact of computerisation is discussed and th...

  7. The Balanced Scorecard and Beyond – Applying Theories of Performance Measurement, Employment and Rewards in Management Accounting Education

    Eisenberg, Paul


    This study applies the prevailing scholarly theories of strategic management, employment decisions, cost accounting and share reward schemes to a panel of questions raised by Colin Drury (2012) in the case study of the fictitious company Integrated Technology Services (UK) Ltd., ITS (UK). The paper provides model answers which can be used when working with the case study at institutions of higher education. The merit of the work lies in three areas. First, it provides an overview of theories ...

  8. Closed-Loop Optimal Control Implementations for Space Applications


    with standard linear algebra techniques if is converted to a diagonal square matrix by multiplying by the identity matrix, I , as was done in (1.134...OPTIMAL CONTROL IMPLEMENTATIONS FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS by Colin S. Monk December 2016 Thesis Advisor: Mark Karpenko Second Reader: I. M...COVERED Master’s thesis, Jan-Dec 2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE CLOSED-LOOP OPTIMAL CONTROL IMPLEMENTATIONS FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS 5. FUNDING NUMBERS

  9. Improving American Innovation,


    Why has Jap~m succeeded: western technology and the Japanese ethos. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1982. (NC 462 MO634 Norman , Colin...productivity growth. Review of Economics and Statistics 64:627-34, N~ovember 1982. Smith, G. W. and W. N. Smallwood . Preparing for breakthroughs: the rewards of...recommendations. Edited by Charles E. Larsen and WI. Novis Smith. Washington: American Chemical Society, 1980. Kobert, Norman . Agressivn management style

  10. Applanationstonometrie zur nichtinvasiven kontinuierlichen Blutdruckmessung:Vergleich mit der Fingerlichtplethysmographie bei der Kipptisch-Orthostase Testung und Anwendbarkeit für die ergometrische Blutdruckmessung

    Lammers, D. (Dirk)


    Die Applanationstonometrie wird mit der Fingerlichtplethysmographie während der Kipptisch-Testung verglichen und die Nutzbarkeit für die Ergometrie geprüft. 31 Patienten wurden einem Kipptisch Orthostase Test unterzogen. Der Patient erhielt kontinuierliches Blutdruckmonitoring durch Colin CBM 7000 am einen und Ohmeda Finapres am anderen Arm. Gleichzeitig wurden Referenzmessungen mittels Oszillometrie durchgeführt. Bei 22 weiteren Patienten wurden Belastungs-EKG’s durchgeführt. Die applanatio...

  11. The French Polemic: Nationalism, Racism and Atlanticism in the Past, Present and Future


    as described by Hannah Arendt , was a "curious mixture of frustrated nobleman and romantic ntellectual who invented racism almost by accident. Gobineau...34 of which they disapproved. 4" 43Hannah Arendt , The Origins of Totalitarianism (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1951): 172. ൴Ibid. 4...L’immigration en France au XXe :iecle, Armand Colin Editeur, 1990. Arendt , -1. The Origins of Totalitarianism, Harcourt, Brace Co., 1951. Aziz, P., "France-Europe

  12. Nanowarriors: Military Nanotechnology and Comic Books

    Milburn, Colin


    (Colin Milburn, "Nanowarriors: Military Nanotechnology and Comic Books," Intertexts 9.1 (2005): 77-103. This article is posted at the University of California eScholarship Repository by permission of Texas Tech University Press.) In 2002, MIT's Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) appropriated copyrighted images from the comic book Radix in a grant proposal to the U.S. Army—a proposal that succeeded in securing $50 million for foundation of the Institute. While this case d...

  13. Ventana a la Farmacología

    Oscar F. Ramos M.


    Full Text Available Usos y contraindicaciones del ketoroiaco: El ketorolaco administrado por vía oral, intramuscular o endovenosa por periodos breves, se recomienda para el tratamiento del dolor postoperatorio agudo, moderado o grave. / El tamoxifeno y el riesgo de cancer uterino: El tamoxifeno es una droga antiestrógena que se utiliza en el tratamiento del cáncer mamario. / Usos de Ia DNAs a para el tratamiento de la fibrosis quística: La FDA de Estados Unidos ha aprobado el uso de la DNAsa (domasa alfa, Pulmozyme para el tratamiento de la fibrosis quística, una enfermedad hereditaria caracterizada por la presencia de secreciones mucosas espesas en los pulmones. / Importancia de la acetilcolina neocortical en la memoria espacial: Varios estudios han demostrado la importancia de la acetilcolina en la memoria y el aprendizaje. Lesiones de los núcleos colinérgicos, manipulaciones farmacológicas del sistema colinérgico, transplantes intracerebrales de tejido fetal, y cambios anatómicos de las vías colinérgicas durante el envejecimiento se han correlacionado con alteraciones cognitivas.

  14. Editorial: The Sackler International Prize in Biophysical Sciences

    Frydman, Lucio


    The Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize is awarded alternatively in the fields of Biophysics, Chemistry and Physics on a yearly basis, by Tel Aviv University. The price is intended to encourage dedication to science, originality and excellence, by rewarding outstanding scientists under 45 years of age, with a total purse of 100,000. The 2016 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize was awarded in the field of Magnetic Resonance last February in a festive symposium, to three excellent researchers: Professor John Morton (University College London), Professor Guido Pintacuda (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and CNRS), and Professor Charalampos Kalodimos (at the time at the University of Minnesota). John was recognized for his novel contributions to quantum information processing, by means of a range of highly elegant physical phenomena involving both NMR and EPR. Guido was recognized for his methodological advances in solid state NMR spectroscopy, including advances in proton detection under ultrafast MAS at ultrahigh magnetic field, and for his insightful applications to challenging biological systems. While Charalampos (Babis) was recognized for beautifully detailed characterizations of structure, function, and dynamics in challenging and important biological systems through solution NMR spectroscopy.

  15. Il movimento degli scioperi nel XX secolo

    Maria Theresa Schorer Petrone


    Full Text Available Cella, Gian Primo (organizador. Il movimento degli scioperi nel XX secolo. Bologna, Società Editrice Mulino, 1979. (primeiro parágrado do texto "O movimento das greves no século XX" constitui o resultado de laboriosa pesquisa realizada por um grupo de sociólogos— Guido 13oglioni, Lorenzo Bordogna, Gian Primo Cella, Pietro Kemeny, Giancarlo Provasi, Guido Romagnoli e Gian Enrico Rusconi — ligados às universidades de Turim, Parma, Trento e Cagliari.  Analisando com técnicas de quantificação, os mais variados aspectos das greves ocorridas desde o início deste século até 1970 na Grã Bretanha, Alemanha, Itália, França e nos Estados Unidos, e considerando esses niovimentos' os indicadores mais significativos da ação operária enquanto Manifestação sindical e reinvindicativa, acreditavam que poderiam de-teCtar as relações entre ação operária e as 'mudanças sociais.  O livro em questão é o resultado da primeira fase desta pesquisa em que se procurou reconstruir os movimentos grevistas e suas formas, chegando-se a construir modelos explicativos .

  16. Ageltrude: from the Duchy of Spoleto to the heart of the Italic Kingdom

    Paola Guglielmotti


    Full Text Available The events surrounding the administration of the patrimony of Ageltrude, member of the house of Benevento and wife of the first non Carolingian emperor in Italy, is uneven from a documentary perspective and can thus be reconstructed in its articulations only by weighing large quantities of information. Ageltrude could administrate her dower composed of fiscal goods bestowed by Guido, of the dukes of Spoleto, and by her son Lambert, for a very brief period of time and during a particularly conflict-ridden phase such as the last decade of the 9th century. Yet, if one observes the potential inherent in the administration of fiscal goods, it can be noted that despite the presence of substantial property in Pavia, this patrimony is far too concentrated to be used as a stepping stone for a policy of consolidation and to activate relationships. This function is fulfilled by other scattered goods transmitted to Ageltrude and above all through the introduction into a system of relationships of which only fragments can be appreciated. The former empress strenuously pursues a project, initiated by Guido and Lambert, aimed both towards personal consolidation and the support of the front opposed to emperor Berengar.

  17. Social identity and literary genres. Birth and Death of the Stil Nuovo’s sodality

    Paolo Borsa


    Full Text Available The article considers the literary production of Dante Alighieri – and, in parallel, of his “first friend” Guido Cavalcanti – between the composition of the Vita nuova and Dante’s exile. It aims to show that the conflict between Dante and Cavalcanti can also be situated on the level of the representation that the two poets give of themselves in their work, through their chosen poetics and literary genres. Despite having the reputation of a philosophus, the magnate Guido shows his aristocratic disdain even in literary options: he depicts himself as a knight-poet and focuses solely on the representation and analysis of the phenomenology of love. On the contrary, from the Vita nuova on, Dante does not present himself to his audience as only an exquisite and aristocratic love poet, but also – and explicitly – as an expert in physiology, philosophy, and rhetoric. On the model of Guittone d’Arezzo and Brunetto Latini, when he enters Florentine political life, he attributes a civic and ethical function to his poetry, which definitively breaks with the “stilnovistic” poetics of his juvenile association with Cavalcanti.

  18. New Management for CMS

    CERN Bulletin


    As of January 2010, Guido Tonelli becomes the new CMS Spokesperson with a two-year term of office. A Professor of General Physics at the University of Pisa, Italy, and a CERN Staff Member since January 2010, Tonelli had already been appointed as Deputy Spokesperson under the previous management. He has taken over from Jim Virdee, who was CMS Spokesperson from January 2007 to December 2009. Guido Tonelli, new CMS spokesperson At the same time as Tonelli becomes Spokesperson, two new Deputies, Albert De Roeck and Joe Incandela, as well as a whole new set of Coordinators, are also starting their terms of office. ”With the first data-taking run we have shown that CMS is an excellent experiment. The next challenge will be to transform CMS into a discovery machine with a view to making it synonymous with scientific excellence. This will be very tough but, again, the winning element will be the focus and coherent effort of the whole collaboration. On my side I'll do my best but I will need...

  19. CMS: Beyond all possible expectations

    CERN Bulletin


    After having retraced the entire Standard Model up to the Top, the CMS collaboration is ready to go further and continue the success of what Guido Tonelli – its spokesperson – defines as a ‘magic year’. Things evolve fast at CMS, but scientists have taken up the challenge and are ready for the future.   ‘Enthusiasm’ is the word that best describes the feeling one gets when talking to Guido Tonelli. “In just a few months we have rediscovered the Standard Model and have gone even further by producing new results for cross-sections, placing new limits on the creation of heavy masses, making studies on the excited states of quarks, and seeking new resonances. We could not have expected so much such a short space of time. It’s fantastic”, he says. “We went through the learning phase very smoothly. Our detector was very quickly ready to do real physics and we were able to start to produce results almost ...




    Full Text Available Varias décadas de investigaciones neuropatológicas e imagenológicas han proporcionado suficientes evidencias acerca de las alteraciones en la neurotransmisión colinérgica que acompañan a la disfunción dopaminérgica en la enfermedad de Parkinson (EP. El núcleo pedunculopontino tegmental laterodorsal (NPP representa una de las fuentes principales de  proyecciones colinérgicas en el cerebro y a su vez es el origen de la única proyección colinérgica que recibe la substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc. Actualmente el estudio de la participación del NPP en la fisiopatología de la EP toma en cuenta dos vertientes: el impacto de la pérdida temprana de la influencia excitatoria pontina sobre la SNpc asociado a la degeneración  temprana del NPP y la estimulación a baja frecuencia del NPP como tratamiento quirúrgico beneficioso para los signos axiales de la EP. El NPP ha emergido como una estructura esencial en la comprensión de la fisiopatología de la EP dado sus relaciones con los núcleos de los ganglios basales, el tálamo, la corteza motora y la médula espinal. La degeneración de algunas de sus poblaciones neuronales en etapas pre sintomáticas de la EP ha sugerido una relación causa-efecto entre este hallazgo y la muerte de las células dopaminérgicas nigrales. Por otra parte la estimulación del NPP tiene resultados favorables sobre los trastornos posturales y de la marcha, los cuales se presentan en etapas tardías de la EP y son refractarios a otros tratamientos farmacológicos y quirúrgicos.

  1. Nonne gratum habere debuerunt: Martyrdom as a Spiritual Test in the Luciferian Libellus Precum

    Whiting, Colin


    Looking out from the center, Colin Whiting examines the ways in which a group might conceive of “the other” in their rhetoric. Specifically focusing on the ways in which Christians defined themselves in antiquity, Whiting shows some of the ways in which terms and ideas about previously encountered enemies—Jews and Pagans—were brought forward and used again on groups of other Christians. In Borderlands theory, the maintenance of boundaries and borders is a well-known phenomenon, and it often t...


    Kozma, Tímea; Gyenge, Balázs


    Many scientific researches look for and study the success factors of businesses. (Colins, 2001; Móricz 2009; Osterwalder-Pigneur 2002:3; Chesbrough-Rosenbloom 2002:535; Casadesus-Masanell-Ricart 2008; Stähler 2002:6; ) After the economic crisis of 2008, attention has especially drawn to those businesses which successfully survived the previous hard times, probably due to their “best practices”. In addition to internal resources, the external environment effects taking place outside the walls ...

  3. Breastfeeding Initiation and Maintenance Among African Americans and Blacks Enrolled in a Nurse Home Visitation Program: An Outcomes Focused Program Evaluation


    Spull:er Kathi 8arber, ru; FOWtder AfricanAmerDll ~Aliilna! trtmdrcDan by Nia ~~ MS»Eda,. MPH, ANU>S.M.LL£ Nlll2 Recoi:;nm- ilnd Appreciation...HNttwr Ross, AAHP P’nlgrillm Manag’l!lr Morqomery Cowrty [)e.piwb’i IEf1t of Health and Human ServicM Rafltll! D.,_inc Nia Wllliims-Myle, RN, MSN-Edu...Journal of the California Perinatal Association 28: 505 -10 54. Colin WB, Scott JA. 2002. Breastfeeding: reasons for starting, reasons for stopping

  4. Mas, afinal, o que é o Tinder? – Um estudo sobre a percepção que os usuários têm do aplicativo

    Souza, Ana Luiza de Figueiredo; escritora, pesquisadora independente


    Colin Campbell afirma que o hedonismo, ou seja, a busca pelo prazer, é o que movimenta tanto os desejos de consumo quanto as relações interpessoais dos indivíduos modernos. Já Zygmunt Bauman defende que, na sociedade de consumidores, a conduta e as relações dos indivíduos são influenciadas por valores de mercado inseridos na essência de atividades cotidianas. Este artigo apresenta uma pesquisa survey na qual são entrevistados usuários do aplicativo Tinder, a fim de verificar até onde as propo...

  5. Characterizing the Hypermutated Subtype of Advanced Prostate Cancer as a Predictive Biomarker for Precision Medicine


    instability, MSI, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2 , metastasis, precision medicine 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES...hypermutation, hyper-mutation, microsatellite instability, MSI, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2 , metastasis, precision medicine Colin Pritchard MD, PhD 2015-2016 Year 2...BRCC3 BRIP1 CHEK1 CHEK2 FAM175A MLH1 MRE11A MSH2 MSH6 NBN PALB2 PMS2 PRSS1 PTEN RAD50 RAD51B RAD51C RAD51D RBBP8 TP53 TP53BP1 XRCC2 Additional

  6. Towards the application of stress-in-motion (SIM) results in pavement design and infrastructure protection

    De Beer, Morris


    Full Text Available stream_source_info De Beer_2005_3.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 53150 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name De Beer_2005_3.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Proceedings 8th International...: Conference Planners TOWARDS THE APPLICATION OF STRESS-IN-MOTION (SIM) RESULTS IN PAVEMENT DESIGN AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION Morris De Beer1, Colin Fisher1 and Louw Kannemeyer2 1CSIR Transportek Pretoria, 0001. Tel: +27-(0)-(012) 841-2953. Fax: +27...

  7. Bibliographie


    Ariès P., (1960), L’Enfant et la vie familiale sous l’Ancien Régime, Paris, Plon. Ballion R., (1982), Les consommateurs d’école (stratégies éducatives des familles), Paris, Stock/Laurence Pernoud. Barral P., (1968), Les agrariens français de Méline à Pisani, Paris, Armand Colin. Bastide R., (1971), Anthropologie appliquée, Paris, Payot. Baugnet L., (1998), L’identité sociale, Paris, Dunod. Becker H. S., (1985), Outsiders (Études de sociologie de la déviance), Paris, Métailié, (trad. de 1963, ...

  8. Savings in its sights for Somerset Trust.

    Russell, Colin


    Colin Russell, healthcare specialist at Schneider Electric (pictured), explains how the company has recently worked with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to implement a major energy-saving project at the Trust's Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. He argues that, at a time when all areas of the service are being asked to reduce costs, such partnerships can potentially save the institution millions of pounds and significantly reduce carbon emissions, while "revitalising" parts of the NHS estate, and ensuring continuity of vital hospital services for facilities managers.

  9. Moving-Bank Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation and Control Applied to a Large Flexible Space Structure


    was determined from the difference between the 24-state matrix product, HtP (t’)HT, and the six-state matrix product, HfPf (tT)HT’. For this...Houston: IMSL Inc., Houston, Texas (1989). 5. GNUPLOT USER’S MANUAL . "An Interactive Plotting Program." Williams, Thomas, and Colin Kelley. 6. Hawkes...Conference on Decision and Control: 712-717. Austin, Texas (December 1988). 13. LQGLIB USER’S MANUAL . "A Description of Computer Routines for Use in Linear

  10. Guyton de Morveau

    Grison, Emmanuel


    Portrait de Guyton de Morveau Directeur de l’Ecole de 1798 à 1804 Les trois chimistes fondateurs Dans la liste des premiers instituteurs de l’Ecole polytechnique figurent trois chimistes qui furent, de diverses façons, étroitement associés à la fondation de l’Ecole, à sa mise en route, à son soutien dans les premières difficultés : ce sont Guyton de Morveau, Fourcroy et Berthollet. Seuls les deux derniers furent jugés dignes, à l’époque de Colin, d’être admis dans la galerie des portraits. I...

  11. Iron ore pollution in Mandovi and Zuari estuarine sediments and its fate after mining ban

    Kessarkar, P.M.; Suja, S.; Sudheesh, V.; Srivastava, S.; Rao, V.P.

    ). Another possibility could be formation of ferritized iron crust (Mathe et al. 1997) during lateritic weathering. Magnetic properties of upstream sediments of Ma-Zu estuaries Sediments from the upstream of Mandovi (M6-M9) and Zuari (Z6-Z9) estuaries... for late Quaternary climatic change. Marine Geology, 220, 59-82. Maher, B. A., & Taylor, R. M. (1988). Formation of ultrafine-grained magnetite in soils. Nature, 336, 368-370. Mathe, P. E., Rochette, P., & Colin, F. (1997). The origin of magnetic...

  12. Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies

    Beveridge, Colin


    Fun, friendly coaching and all the practice you need to tackle maths problems with confidence and ease In his popular Basic Maths For Dummies, professional maths tutor Colin Beveridge proved that he could turn anyone - even the most maths-phobic person - into a natural-born number cruncher. In this book he supplies more of his unique brand of maths-made- easy coaching, plus 2,000 practice problems to help you master what you learn. Whether you're prepping for a numeracy test or an employability exam, thinking of returning to school, or you'd just like to be one of those know-it-alls who says

  13. Graafikakiri Krakowist / Anne Untera

    Untera, Anne, 1951-


    Krakowi graafikatriennaalist, mis tähistab tänavu 40. aastapäeva. 1991. aastast muutus graafikabiennaali rütm kolmeaastaseks - triennaaliks. Ühe kümnest võrdsest preemiast pälvis Evi Tihemets töödega "Pühendus (Leib)" ja "Pühendus (Pirnid)". Grand prix' - Ingrid Ledent. Virge Jõekalda, Marje Üksise, Ülle Marksi, Jüri Kassi, Davida Kiddi ja Basil Colin Franki töödest triennaalil. Torunis kutsutud osalejatega näitusel "Värv graafikas" osalevad Eestist Benjamin Vasserman ja Virge Jõekalda

  14. Introducing Systems Approaches

    Reynolds, Martin; Holwell, Sue

    Systems Approaches to Managing Change brings together five systems approaches to managing complex issues, each having a proven track record of over 25 years. The five approaches are: System Dynamics (SD) developed originally in the late 1950s by Jay Forrester Viable Systems Model (VSM) developed originally in the late 1960s by Stafford Beer Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA: with cognitive mapping) developed originally in the 1970s by Colin Eden Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) developed originally in the 1970s by Peter Checkland Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) developed originally in the late 1970s by Werner Ulrich

  15. A comparative analysis of pressure sore treatment modalities in community settings

    N. Small


    Full Text Available The management of pressure sores in community settings, poses a clinical problem which challenges the patient’s tolerance and the clinician’s diligence and ingenuity. Pressure sores can be painful, lead to infection and are associated with considerable morbidity and increased mortality (Patterson & Bennett, 1995:919; Bale, Banks, Hagelstein & Harding, 1998:65. Treatment costs of these wounds are high in terms of resources (Colin 1995:65; Wood, Griffiths & Stoner, 1997:256. However, since there are untold cost in terms of pain and suffering to the patient, it is impossible to calculate the true cost of pressure sores (Dealey, 1994:87.

  16. Computer Aided Layout of Procedure Information for Training and Job Aiding.


    aspect of the project by Professor Colin G. Drury of the State University of New York at Buffalo. We are also grateful to those listed below well presented and reviewed by Drury (1981). The purpose of Task Analysis in 𔃻 -4C . . . ..’.77 . 7_1 ’ . . . . . . 12 the JPAs and PTAs...Manual, TAEG TR 107, August 1981, TAEG, Orlando, Florida. Drury , C. G., "Task Analysis" To appear in Journal of Applied Ergonomics. Dyer, J. S

  17. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program (1987). Program Technical Report. Volume 2.


    Psychology Dept. of Behavioral Sciences Assigned: HRL/MO Drury College Springfield, MO 65802 (417) 865-8731 Dr. Alastair McAulay Degree: Ph.D...Michael D. Matthews, Ph.D. Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: Behavioral Sciences Department University: Drury College Research Location... colin -matcd. 1 aWO :wcc.-io o the iceI for equal tie. Stiiyand lineanity C).~ ~ ~ ~ ~~It ret n-1’ 11~ ~eg~ ist be mea-siirec. to femy arialog ctio Aw

  18. American Grand Strategy in an Age of Terrorism


    as the NMS. Colin L. Powell and Andrew S. Natsios, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development Strategic Plan Fiscal Years...Mar-JUN 1994), (accessed January 31, 2006). A. Cooper Drury ,”Sanctions as Coercive Diplomacy: The U.S. President’s Initiate Economic Sanctions,” Political Research Quarterly 54, no. 3 (Sep 2001), (accessed January 31, 2006). 122 Drury

  19. High-Amplitude, Rapid Photometric Variation of the New Polar Master OT J132104.0+560957.8


    HIGH-AMPLITUDE, RAPID PHOTOMETRIC VARIATION OF THE NEW POLAR MASTER OT J132104.04+560957.8 LITTLEFIELD, COLIN;1,2 GARNAVICH, PETER;1 MAGNO, KATRINA;1...18.5 during each photometric cycle, becoming so faint that we could no longer detect it. The data showed a period of roughly 91 minutes with each...TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2015 to 00-00-2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE High-Amplitude, Rapid Photometric Variation Of The New Polar Master OT

  20. AMI Go Home - Assessing the Realignment of U.S. Army Forces in Europe


    a major U.S. investment.37 According to Stuart Drury of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, deploying would be much more difficult from Eastern Europe...35 Ibid, xvi. 36 Ibid,12. 37 Ibid, 29. 38 Stuart P. Drury , “The Argument Against Relocating U.S. Forces in Europe,” National Defense University...Europe in the 21st Century,” Parameters (Autumn 2004): 61. 53 Colin Powell, “A Strategy of Partnership,” Foreign Affairs (Jan/Feb 2004): 22. 54 Michael

  1. Geochemical and Rheological Constraints on the Dynamics of the Oceanic Upper Mantle


    this past year and I hope it continues for years to come. I thank my parents, Margaret and Colin , who have supported me in whatever I have 6 al., 1990; Drury et al., 1991; Jaroslow et al., 1996; Jin et al., 1998; Newman et al., 1999; Jiang et al., 2000). For the sample in Fig. 2. 1...plagioclase with decreasing pressure (e.g., Furusho and Kyuichi, 1999; Newman et al., 1999); see Drury et al. (1991 ) for a review of earlier literature

  2. ÉTUDE DE CAS — Cuba : Le logement et le capital humain à Cuba ...

    10 janv. 2011 ... Colin Campbell. Des projets communautaires améliorent la santé du cœur de La Havane. La vie en plein centre-ville peut mettre à rude épreuve la résistance des gens. Lorsque les quartiers périclitent, le dépérissement de la santé humaine suit de près. Un projet mené à Cuba avec l'appui du Centre de ...

  3. Riot at the calc exam and other mathematically bent stories

    Adams, Colin


    What's so funny about math? Lots! Especially if you're mathematically bent. In the world of Colin Adams, differential equations bring on tears of laughter. Hollywood producers hire algebraic geometers to punch up a script. In this world, math and humor are synonymous. Riot at the Calc Exam is a proof of this fact. A collection of humorous math stories, this book gives a window into mathematics and the culture of mathematicians. Appropriate for mathematicians, math students, math teachers, lay people with an interest in mathematics, and indeed everyone else. This book is a romp through the wild

  4. Y. Laberge on Frédéric Salmon's Atlas historique des États-Unis.


    Full Text Available Frédéric Salmon, Atlas historique des États-Unis de 1783 à nos jours. Paris: Armand Colin, 2008. Pp.127. ISBN-13: 978-2200347604  This new, cultural, historical atlas of United States was entirely conceived by a French geographer named Frédéric Salmon; this is not a mere collection of old or already existing maps, but rather a brand new group of unique maps related to the geography, history and demographics of the USA, from the late 18th century to the early 21st century. It should not be mix...

  5. QED, QCD en pratique

    Aurenche , P; Guillet , J.-Ph; Pilon , E


    3rd cycle; Ces notes sont une introduction à l'application de l'électrodynamique quantique (QED) et de la chromodynamiques quantique (QCD) aux réactions de diffusion à hautes énergies. Le premier thème abordé est celui des divergences ultraviolettes et de la renormalisation à une boucle, avec comme conséquence pour QCD la liberté asymptotique. Le deuxième thème est celui des divergences infrarouges et colinéaires qui dans QCD sont traitées dans le cadre du modèle des partons avec l'introducti...

  6. Prevalencia de autoanticuerpos contra receptores autonómicos en pacientes panameños con cardiopatía chagásica crónica y con otras formas de cardiopatía

    Azael Saldaña; José E. Calzada; Juan Garisto; Salomón Zebedes; Franklyn E. Samudio; Roberto Blandón; Óscar Avilés


    Introducción. La enfermedad de Chagas es la principal causa de cardiomiopatía crónica en Centroamérica. Existe controversia sobre los mecanismos causantes de la patología cardiaca observada durante la fase crónica de esta parasitosis. Varios estudios han detectado la presencia de autoanticuerpos circulantes dirigidos contra receptores beta-adrenérgicos y colinérgicos muscarínicos del miocardio en pacientes chagásicos, que pueden desencadenar señales intracelulares y alterar la función cardiac...

  7. Utility regulation and competition policy

    Robinson, Colin


    Contents: 1. The New Electricity Trading Arrangements in England and Wales: A Review - David Currie, 2. A Critique of Rail Regulation - Dieter Helm, 3. Moving to a Competitive Market in Water - Colin Robinson, 4. The New Gas Trading Arrangements - George Yarrow, 5. A Review of Privatization and Regulation Experience in Britain - Irwin M. Stelzer, 6. Converging Communications: Implications for Regulation - Mark Armstrong, 7. Opening European Electricity and Gas Markets - Graham Shuttleworth, 8. Concurrency or Convergence? Competition and Regulation Under the Competition Act 1998 - Tom Sharpe QC, 9. Ten Years of European Merger Control - Paul Seabright. (Author)

  8. Basic structures of reality essays in meta-physics

    McGinn, Colin


    In Basic Structures of Reality, Colin McGinn deals with questions of metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind from the vantage point of physics. Combining general philosophy with physics, he covers such topics as the definition of matter, the nature of space, motion, gravity, electromagnetic fields, the character of physical knowledge, and consciousness and meaning. Throughout, McGinn maintains an historical perspective and seeks to determine how much we really know of the world described by physics. He defends a version of "structuralism": the thesis that our knowledge is p

  9. What is Quantum Information?

    Lombardi, Olimpia; Fortin, Sebastian; Holik, Federico; López, Cristian


    Preface; Introduction; Part I. About the Concept of Information: 1. About the concept of information Sebastian Fortin and Olimpia Lombardi; 2. Representation, information, and theories of information Armond Duwell; 3. Information, communication, and manipulability Olimpia Lombardi and Cristian López; Part II. Information and quantum mechanics: 4. Quantum versus classical information Jeffrey Bub; 5. Quantum information and locality Dennis Dieks; 6. Pragmatic information in quantum mechanics Juan Roederer; 7. Interpretations of quantum theory: a map of madness Adán Cabello; Part III. Probability, Correlations, and Information: 8. On the tension between ontology and epistemology in quantum probabilities Amit Hagar; 9. Inferential versus dynamical conceptions of physics David Wallace; 10. Classical models for quantum information Federico Holik and Gustavo Martin Bosyk; 11. On the relative character of quantum correlations Guido Bellomo and Ángel Ricardo Plastino; Index.

  10. ``From Fundamental Motives to Rational Expectation Equilibrium[REE, henceworth] of Indeterminacy''

    Maksoed, Ssi, Wh-

    For ``Principle of Indeterminacy''from Heisenberg states: ``one of the fundamental cornerstone of quantum mechanics is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle''.whereas canonically conjugate quantities can be determined simultaneously only with a characteristic indeterminacy[M. Arevalo Aguilar,]. Accompanying Alfred North Whitehead conclusion in ``The Aims of Education''that mathematical symbols are artificial before new meanings given, two kinds of fundamental motives: (i) expectation-expectation, (ii) expectation-certainty inherently occurs with determinacy properties of rational expectation equilibrium(REE, henceworth)- Guido Ascari & Tizano Ropele:''Trend inflation, Taylor principle & Indeterminacy'', Kiel Institute, June 2007. Furthers, relative price expression can be compare of their α and (1 - α) configurations in the expression of possible activity. Acknowledgment to Prof[asc]. Dr. Bobby Eka Gunara for ``made a rank through physics'' denotes...

  11. La nuova fisica delle particelle e i segreti dell'universo un dialogo fra filosofia, scienza e religione

    Bodei, Remo


    La Scuola della Cattedrale, presieduta da Monsignor Gianantonio Borgonovo, prosegue il suo ciclo di incontri con un evento culturale nel segno della fisica che esplora il mondo delle particelle. Guido Tonelli, fisico e professore ordinario dell’Università di Pisa, tratta degli eventi che hanno portato alla scoperta del bosone di Higgs al Cern di Ginevra dove è stato realizzato Lhc, l’acceleratore di particelle più potente del mondo, con un’analisi di materia e antimateria, energia e universo, per capire come tutto è cominciato e come forse andrà a finire. Dove potrà arrivare l’uomo con queste nuove visioni? Quali cambiamenti e traguardi sono ipotizzabili? Come leggere da un punto di vista religioso e filosofico questi nuovi scenari che la scienza prospetta? L’evento ha visto gli interventi di Monsignor Borgonovo e del filosofo Remo Bodei, professore emerito di Filosofia all’Università di Pisa.

  12. The history and evolution of radiotherapy and radiation oncology in Austria

    Kogelnik, H. Dieter


    Austria has a longstanding and eventful history in the field of radiotherapy and radiation oncology. The founder of radiotherapy, Leopold Freund, began his well-documented first therapeutic irradiation on November 24, 1896, in Vienna. He also wrote the first textbook of radiotherapy in 1903. Further outstanding Viennese pioneers in the fields of radiotherapy, radiobiology, radiation physics, and diagnostic radiology include Gottwald Schwarz, Robert Kienboeck, and Guido Holzknecht. Because many of the leading Austrian radiologists had to emigrate in 1938, irreparable damage occurred at that time for the medical speciality of radiology. After World War II, the recovery in the field of radiotherapy and radiation oncology started in Austria in the early sixties. Eleven radiotherapy centers have been established since that time, and an independent society for radio-oncology, radiobiology, and medical radiophysics was founded in 1984. Finally, in March 1994, radiotherapy-radio-oncology became a separate clinical speciality

  13. 12th International School of Mathematics "G Stampacchia" : Applied Mathematics in the Aerospace Field "Ettore Majorana"

    Salvetti, Attilio; Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Science and Engineering


    This book contains the proceedings ofthe meeting on "Applied Mathematics in the Aerospace Field," held in Erice, Sicily, Italy from September 3 to September 10, 1991. The occasion of the meeting was the 12th Course of the School of Mathematics "Guido Stampacchia," directed by Professor Franco Giannessi of the University of Pisa. The school is affiliated with the International Center for Scientific Culture "Ettore Majorana," which is directed by Professor Antonino Zichichi of the University of Bologna. The objective of the course was to give a perspective on the state-of­ the-art and research trends concerning the application of mathematics to aerospace science and engineering. The course was structured with invited lectures and seminars concerning fundamental aspects of differential equa­ tions, mathematical programming, optimal control, numerical methods, per­ turbation methods, and variational methods occurring in flight mechanics, astrodynamics, guidance, control, aircraft design, fluid mechanic...

  14. 29 January 2009 - Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs F. Frattini, visiting the ATLAS experimental area with Director-General R. Heuer and Collaboration Spokesperson P. Jenni.

    Maximilien Brice


    Present during the ATLAS undegrround visit: Dr Fabiola Gianotti,ATLAS CollaborationDeputy Spokesperson and Spokesperson Designate; Dr Monica Pepe-Altarelli, LHCb Collaboration CERN Team Leader; Prof. Guido Tonelli,CMS Collaboration, Deputy Spokesperson; Prof. Roberto Petronzio, INFN President. CERN participants present in the audience during the presentations by the Director-General R. Heuer and by Prof. Antonino Zichichi, ALICE Collaboration, University of Bologna: Prof. Sergio Bertolucci,Director for Research and Scientific Computing; Prof. Felicitas Pauss, Coordinator for External Relations Coordinator; Prof. Carlo Rubbia, CERN Former Director-General, Nobel Prize in Physics 1984; Dr Jurgen Schukraft, ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson. Members of the delegation in the audience: Ambassador to the UN, H. Exc. Mr Caracciolo di Vetri; Ambassador Alain G.M. Economides,Capo di Gabinetto; Prof. Antonio Bettanini\tCons. dell’On. Ministro per le Relazioni istituzionali; On. Mario Pescante and Min. Plen Maurizio Mas...

  15. Noncommutative analysis, operator theory and applications

    Cipriani, Fabio; Colombo, Fabrizio; Guido, Daniele; Sabadini, Irene; Sauvageot, Jean-Luc


    This book illustrates several aspects of the current research activity in operator theory, operator algebras and applications in various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. It is addressed to specialists but also to graduate students in several fields including global analysis, Schur analysis, complex analysis, C*-algebras, noncommutative geometry, operator algebras, operator theory and their applications. Contributors: F. Arici, S. Bernstein, V. Bolotnikov, J. Bourgain, P. Cerejeiras, F. Cipriani, F. Colombo, F. D'Andrea, G. Dell'Antonio, M. Elin, U. Franz, D. Guido, T. Isola, A. Kula, L.E. Labuschagne, G. Landi, W.A. Majewski, I. Sabadini, J.-L. Sauvageot, D. Shoikhet, A. Skalski, H. de Snoo, D. C. Struppa, N. Vieira, D.V. Voiculescu, and H. Woracek.

  16. Los cuentos tristes

    Alberto Aguirre


    Full Text Available La casa del ruego y de la lluvia. Milciades Arévalo. 1992, 119 págs. Esta risa no es de loco. Medardo Arias Satizábal. 1992, 70 págs. La caja de música. Mauricio Peñaranda Castillo. 1992, 69 págs. Mariposas negras sobre la ciudad. Jesús Rincón Murcia. 1992, 167 págs. Acerca y de lejos. Celso Román. 1992, 127 págs. El informe de Galves. Roberto Rubiano Vargas. 1992, 137 págs. El retablo del reposo. Guido Leonardo Tamayo. 1991, 87 págs.

  17. 11 March 2009 - Italian Minister of Education, University and Research M. Gelmini, visiting ATLAS and CMS underground experimental areas and LHC tunnel with Director for Research and Scientific Computing S. Bertolucci. Signature of the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer and S. Bertolucci at CMS Point 5.

    Maximilien Brice


    Members of the Ministerial delegation: Cons. Amb. Sebastiano FULCI, Consigliere Diplomatico Dott.ssa Elisa GREGORINI, Segretario Particolare del Ministro Dott. Massimo ZENNARO, Responsabile rapporti con la stampa Prof. Roberto PETRONZIO, Presidente dell’INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) Dott. Luciano CRISCUOLI, Direttore Generale della Ricerca, MIUR Dott. Andrea MARINONI, Consulente scientifico del Ministro CERN delegation present throughout the programme: Prof. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing Prof. Fabiola Gianotti, ATLAS Collaboration Spokesperson Prof. Paolo Giubellino, ALICE Deputy Spokesperson, Universita & INFN, Torino Prof. Guido Tonelli, CMS Collaboration Deputy Spokesperson, INFN Pisa Dr Monica Pepe-Altarelli, LHCb Collaboration CERN Team Leader Guests in the ATLAS exhibition area: Dr Marcello Givoletti\tPresident of CAEN Dr Davide Malacalza\tPresident of ASG Ansaldo Superconductors and users: Prof. Clara Matteuzzi, LHCb Collaboration, Universita' d...

  18. Margherita Maria Di Nino, I Fiori campestri di Posidippo. Ricerche sulla lingua e lo stile di Posidippo di Pella

    Yannick Durbec


    Full Text Available L’édition du papyrus P. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309 par Guido Bastianini et Claudio Gallazzi fut pour les spécialistes de l’Antiquité un événement majeur. Les centaines de publications qui s’ensuivirent ont ouvert de multiples pistes de réflexion, préparant la voie pour des travaux de synthèse. Le présent ouvrage de Margherita Maria Di Nino, qui est le fruit de la réélaboration de sa thèse soutenue à l’université de Bologne, est plus que cela. En effet, ce volume o...

  19. Reportes clínicos breves

    Luz Amparo Díaz Cruz


    Full Text Available Tuberculosis y embarazo: una experiencia institucional. Autor: Luz Amparo Díaz Cruz. Tutora: Dra. María Teresa Peralta Abello, Profesora Asociada del Departamento de Ginecología. / Artritis séptica en el paciente pediátrico Autores: Fabio M. Ramírez, Patricia Uricoechea y Carlos Vásquez. Tutores: Drs. Mauricio Palau, Infectólogo, Pediatra, Profesor Asociado; Edgar Rojas, Pediátra, Profesor Asociado; Eduardo Alvarez, Jefe del Servicio de Infectología, Hospital Pediátrico de La Misericordia. / Resistencia a la insulina.  Autor: Dr. Guido Lastra. Profesor Asociado del Departamento de Medicina Interna. Unidad de Endocrinología. / Riesgo de pérdida visual postoperatoria en glaucoma avanzado. Autor: Dr. John Jairo Martínez Cardona. Tutor: Dr. Gabriel Ortiz Arizmendi, Instructor Asociado, Departamento de Cirugía, Facultad de Medicina. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

  20. Music in the Bauhaus (1919-1933: Gertrud Grunow as Teacher of Harmony. The Fusion of Art, Colour and Sound

    Marisa Vadillo Rodríguez


    Full Text Available In few occasions there has given in a school of art a few so original and complete theories like that the musical Gertrud Grunow (1870-1944 gave in his subject of ‘ Theory of the Harmony ‘ for the famous german Bauhaus, from 1919 to 1923. He had studied with teachers as Hans Guido von Bülow (1830-1894, Scharwenka (1850-1924 or Giovanni Battista Lamperti (1839-1910 and she came to the school being an authoress of a recognized intellectual prestige. The aim of her subject in the Bauhaus was the search of a balance and the analysis on the part of the students of her own artistic skills across the music. Being based on phenomena as the synaesthesia, she was thinking that to every colour a musical note was corresponding to her not only but also it was in relation with a feeling, movement, material and condition of the soul humanizes.

  1. Stability and kinetics of point defects in SiO2 and in SiC

    Roma, G.


    This document is conceived as an overview of Guido Roma's research achievements on defects stability and kinetics in two materials of interest in nuclear science and for many other application domains: silicon dioxide and silicon carbide. An extended summary in french is followed by the main document, in english. Chapter 1 describes the context, introduces the approach and explains the choice of silicon dioxide and silicon carbide. Chapter 2 discusses several approximations and specific issues of the application of Density Functional Theory to point defects in non-metallic materials for the study of defects energetics and diffusion. Chapter 3 is devoted to native defects in silicon dioxide and the understanding of self-diffusion in crystalline and amorphous SiO 2 . Chapter 4 summarises the results on native defects and palladium impurities in silicon carbide. A conclusion, including suggestions for future developments, closes the main part of the document. (author) [fr

  2. Book launch "The Rings of Knowledge", written by Federico Brunetti.

    Maximilien Brice


    THE RINGS OF KNOWLEDGE - INFN x LHC. The Italian contribution to the world’s largest particle physics research project at CERN, Geneva Federico Brunetti Dip. In. D.A.Co. Politecnico di Milano Arch. Prof. Phd., editor and photographer Antonella Minetto, publishing coordinator. Abitare Segesta - RCS Mediagroup Sergio Bertolucci, CERN Director of Research and Computing (invited) Fabiola Gianotti CERN spokesperson of ATLAS Marzio Nessi CERN ATLAS Technical coordinator, PH dept. Lucio Rossi CERN Magnet Group leader, TE department, Walter Scandale spokesperson of UA9, CERN EN department" Prof. Guido Tonelli CERN, INFN, Universita' di Pisa - spokesperson of CMS Carlo Wyss (former Accelerator director, retired) Prof. Fernando Ferroni (INFN - Universita Roma La Sapienza) Sono stati invitati gli scienziati INFN autori dei testi del volume: Marcella Diemoz responsabile nazionale esperimento CMS Maria Curatolo responsabile nazionale esperimento ATLAS Eugenio Nappi, Maurizio Basile esperimento ALICE Pierl...

  3. Highlights from e-EPS: the 2015 EPS High Energy Physics Prize winners

    Thomas Lohse, e-EPS News


    The EPS High Energy Physics Division announces the winners of its 2015 prizes, which will be awarded at the Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics (EPS-HEP 2015), Vienna (Austria) 22−29 July. Many people from CERN were among the winners.   The 2015 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize, for an outstanding contribution to High Energy Physics, is awarded to James D. Bjorken “for his prediction of scaling behaviour in the structure of the proton that led to a new understanding of the b interaction”, and to Guido Altarelli, Yuri L. Dokshitzer, Lev Lipatov, and Giorgio Parisi “for developing a probabilistic field theory framework for the dynamics of quarks and gluons, enabling a quantitative understanding of high-energy collisions involving hadrons”. The 2015 Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize, for an outstanding contribution to Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology in the past 15 years, is awarded to Francis Halzen “for his visiona...

  4. De comportadas a sedutoras: representações da mulher nos quadrinhos

    Denise Siqueira


    Full Text Available Buscamos discutir neste artigo representações do corpo feminino em histórias em quadrinhos, as forças sociais e as relações de poder que as alimentam. Para tal, selecionamos três narrativas do gênero graças à forma particular como representam a mulher: os “catecismos”, do brasileiro Carlos Zéfiro (a partir do final da década de 1940; as aventuras de Valentina, do italiano Guido Crepax (anos 1950; e, a partir dos anos 1980 até início do século XXI, a trajetória da americana Rainha Branca, personagem mutante X-Men. Como referencial teórico, recorremos à leitura de Mauss, Bourdieu e Foucault. Palavras-chave: Corpo; cultura; representações; mulher; histórias em quadrinhos. ABSTRACT In this article we discuss the representations of the female body in comic books, the social forces and power relations that maintain them. We have selected three narratives of gender due to the particular way they represent womanhood: the “cathecisms”, by Brazilian artist Carlos Zéfiro (as from the end of the 1940’s; Italian atrist Guido Crepax’s adventures of Valentina (in the 1950s and, in the beginning of the 21st century, the mutant American X-Men character, the White Queen. We use the ideas of Mauss, Bourdieu and Foucault as theoretical reference. Keywords: Body; culture; representations; woman, comics.

  5. Juridical Perspective Of Credit Card Misuse Under Criminal Law A Comparative Study

    Eka Nugraha


    Full Text Available The development of the national economy shows the direction that increasingly integrated with the regional and international economy that can support both a negative and positive impacts. Meanwhile the development of national economy continues to move quickly to the increasingly complex challenges therefore necessary adjustments in economic policies including the banking sector which is expected to be able to improve and strengthen the national economy. Bank as a means that ease people with all benefit is also not released from the weakness. The type of this research is normative for making criminal legislation as an object of study while the approach used tends juridical as a point of reference the theories of law and the rules of law in view of the problem. The outcomes of the research indicate that the efforts should be made to address the misuse of credit cards in the enforcement of the Indonesians criminal law is to formulate the rules of criminal law with a comprehensive pattern of expansion of legal subjects the offender is to enter the legal entity recht persoon as the parties may be subject to liability and formulate formulation of criminal in order to reach the entire modus operandi is being or may develop in the future. Besides the expansion of sanctions should be accompanied by sanction renewal that oriented to the cumulative punishment is retaliation deterrence and development.

  6. Jakobus Marthinus Vorster’s ecclesio-political philosophy: A critical interpretation

    Williams O. Mbamalu


    Full Text Available This article is a critical interpretation and commendation of Jakobus M. Vorster’s scholarly contribution to the field of ecclesiastical sciences, ethics and political philosophy. It shows that the imago Dei is a human creation of the image of God, a unifying concept in Vorster’s scholarly writing. What was implied is that Vorster’s ethico-biblical anthropology is the controlling thought in interpreting his ecclesio-political philosophy in this article. This is a proposed limitation of the essay rather than a limitation of Vorster as a person or his scholarly works in general. Jakobus Marthinus Vorster se ecclesio-politiese filosofie: 'n Kritiese interpretasie. Hierdie artikel is ‘n kritiese interpretasie en huldiging van Jakobus M. Vorster se navorsingsbydrae tot die geestelike wetenskappe, etiek en politieke filosofie. Dit openbaar die eenvormige konsep in Vorster se navorsing, naamlik dat die imago Dei ‘n menslike skepping van God se beeld is. Die implikasie van hierdie artikel is dat Vorster se eties-bybelse antropologie die hoofoorweging is in die interpretasie van sy geestelik-politiese filosofie. Hierdie artikel is slegs ‘n beperkte aanbieding wat nie ‘n beperking op Vorster as persoon of sy navorsing impliseer nie.

  7. Accounting for religieus sensibilities in social intervention: A supplement to Donkers’ models of change

    Timothy Schilling


    Full Text Available In deze bijdrage wordt nagegaan in hoeverre de drie veranderkundige modellen van Donkers adequaat zijn als het gaat om de positionering van sociale interventies die zijn geïnspireerd door het geloof. Aan de hand van het werk van de Brothers of the Christians Schools in Manhattan, betoogt de auteur dat het sociaal-technologische model, het persoongeoriënteerde model en het maatschappijkritische model ontoereikend zijn om dit soort werk te plaatsen. In geen van deze modellen wordt namelijk plaats ingeruimd voor een ervaringshorizon die verder reikt dan de persoon in relatie tot de maatschappij. Terwijl voor een gelovige een horizon van de eeuwigheid of het concept van God een belangrijke rol vervult in de motivatie, het doel en het begrip van een sociale interventie. Via gebed wordt God betrokken in de relatie tussen werker en cliënt en in het veranderingsproces. De auteur stelt daarom een vierde, op het geloof gebaseerd model voor dat, zo hoopt hij, een goed interpretatiekader kan vormen voor vanuit religieuze achtergrond ingezette sociale interventies. Op die manier kan wellicht meer inzicht worden verkregen in hoe en waarom het geloof werkzaam is in de inzet voor sociale veranderingen, niet alleen het christelijk geloof, waar zijn casus betrekking op heeft, maar mogelijk ook andere religies.

  8. ‘Op de wijze van Kavafis’: Die voorbeeld van die digter uit Alexandrië

    Phil van Schalkwyk


    Full Text Available Die Griekse digter K.P. Kavafis (1863–1933 word wêreldwyd deur lesers sowel as skrywers besonder hoog geag. Hy het nie net van die grootste twintigste-eeuse skrywers beïnvloed nie,maar is vanweë die buitengewone vertaalbaarheid van sy werk ook betreklik sterk teenwoordig in die letterkunde van meer tale as slegs Grieks en Engels. Vir baie – veral gay lesers, skrywers en kunstenaars – besit Kavafis ’n voorbeeldstatus, ten opsigte van die letterkunde sowel asdie lewe. W.H. Auden het beweer dat dit wat Kavafis onderskei, sy stemtoon is, een wat ’n persoon met ’n unieke perspektief op die wêreld openbaar. Hierdie bydrae, wat deel is van ’nnavorsingsprojek oor idiolektiese skrywersidentiteit, is daarop gerig om die onderskeidende kenmerke van Kavafis se werk, sowel in terme van vorm as inhoud, opnuut te ondersoek. Dit word gedoen binne die raamwerk van die breë kritiese diskoers oor Kavafis en met verwysing na enkele manifestasies/voorbeelde van Nederlandse en Afrikaanse kritiese en kreatieweperspektiewe op sy poësie, met die doel om spesifiek lig te werp op die besondere soortwysheid wat in Kavafis se werk oorgedra word.

  9. [Antiviral activity of representatives of the family Crassulaceae].

    Shirobokov, V P; Evtushenko, A I; Lapchik, V F; Shirobokova, D N; Suptel', E A


    The antiviral properties of the juice of 11 species of the orpine family were studied. 8 of them belonged to the genera Kalanchoe, i. e. Kalanchoe diagremontiona R. Hamet, K. pinnata (Zam.) Persoon, K. Peteri Werd., K. prolifera (Bovie) R. Hamet, K. marnierriana (Mann. et Boit) Jacobs; K. blossfeldiana v. Poelln, K. beharensis Drake del Gastillo, K. waldheimii R. Hamet et Perr and 3 belonged to the Sedum genera, i. e. Sedum telephium L., S. spectabile Boreau, S. acre L. A high virus neutralizing activity of the juice from 4 species of Kalanchoe, i. e. K. blossfeldiana, K. waldheimii, K. pinnata and K. beharensis was shown. Inhibition of the virus infecting activity was observed at the juice dilutions from 1-2 to 1-8000 and higher. The viricidal factor of Kalanchoe is stable. It is not destroyed by ether, alcohol and potassium periodate. It is not absorbed by bentonite at the acid pH values. Addition of cattle serum or purified proteins to the juice resulted in their precipitation which suppressed the viricidal activity of the juice.

  10. “Real Men Die Wrapped in Horsehide” and Other Tales of Modern Military Heroism

    Sabine Frühstück


    Full Text Available D. Colin Jaundrill. Samurai to Soldier: Remaking Military Service in Nineteenth-Century Japan. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2016. Nicolas Schillinger. The Body and Military Masculinity in Late Qing and Early Republican China: The Art of Governing Soldiers. New York: Lexington Books, 2016. Historians D. Colin Jaundrill and Nicolas Schillinger have given us two books full of excellent reasons for historians to take the militarism of modernity most seriously. Despite the similarities across modernizing nation-states, as well as of notions of the modern man across national boundaries—on the surface at least—Jaundrill and Schillinger have two rather different puzzles to solve. In Japan, the modern soldier emerged from a long-standing warrior tradition. In China, the modern military emerged from the previous social and cultural neglect of the military; it was instead shaped to overcome the “sick man of East Asia” (dongya bingfu notion that was omnipresent around the turn of the twentieth century.... These scholars have turned the next corner of the historical analysis of military establishments in modern East Asia. They apply different critical methodologies to show the enormity of resources that have been invested in establishing and maintaining the military. They show how militaries as institutions shape and transform societies and how they have aggressively—and sometimes subtly—shaped and reshaped social processes and identities. Now, the rest of us just need to listen—or, rather, read.

  11. Intoxicação exógena por carbamato: relato de caso

    Luciana Rodrigues Façanha Barreto Medeiros


    Full Text Available Os carbamatos usados com inseticidas são compostos anticolinesterásicos com variado grau de toxicidade para o ser humano. A maioria das intoxicações por esses agentes ocorre por exposição acidental da derme. Entretanto, ocorrem também ingestões acidentais e suicidas. Este relato de caso objetiva abordar o manejo intensivo da síndrome colinérgica em unidade de terapia intensiva e propor um fluxograma prático de manejo da intoxicação por carbamato. Abordamos o caso de um paciente jovem do sexo masculino, internado na UTI clínica do Hospital Universitário Walter Cantídio, admitido após ingestão intencional da substância aldicarbe (“chumbinho”, que é utilizado de forma irregular como raticida e sabidamente possui efeitos colinérgicos. O paciente apresentava rebaixamento do nível de consciência, bradicardia, sialorréia e insuficiência respiratória.

  12. Book Reviews

    Nico G. Schulte Nordholt


    Full Text Available - Timothy P. Barnard, Raja Ali Haji, Di dalam berkekalan persahabatan: ‘In everlasting friendship’; Letters from Raja Ali Haji, edited by Jan van der Putten and Al Azhar. Semaian 13. Leiden: Department of Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceania, 1995, 292 + x pp., maps. - Robert Blust, L. Smits, Irian Jaya source materials, no. 5, series B-no. 2. The J.C. Anceaux collection of wordlists of Irian Jaya Languages. A: Austronesian languages (part II. Leiden/Jakarta, 1992, 288 pp., C.L. Voorhoeve (eds. - Peter Boomgaard, Mason C. Hoadley, Towards a feudal mode of production; West Java, 1680-1800. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies [ in cooperation with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen], 1994, x + 241 pp. - Freek Colombijn, Muriel Charras, Spontaneous settlements in Indonesia; Agricultural pioneers in southern Sumatra. Migrations spontanées en Indonésie; La colonisation agricole de sud de Sumatra. Jakarta: Departemen Transmigrasi; Paris: ORSTOM-CNRS, 1993, 405 pp., Marc Pain (eds. - Dick Douwes, Hussin Mutalib, Islam, Muslims and the modern state; Case-studies of Muslims in thirteen countries. London: MacMillan; New York: St. Martin Press, 1994, 374 pp., Taj ul-Islam Hashimi (eds. - J. van Goor, H.W. van den Doel, De stille macht; Het Europse binnenlands bestuur op Java en Madoera, 1808-1942. Amsterdam: Bert Bakker, 1994, 578 pp. - Stuart Kirsch, J.W. Schoorl, Culture and change among the Muyu. Translated by G.J. van Exel. Translation Series 23. Leiden: KITLV Press, 1993, xiv + 322 pp. - Bernd Nothofer, Ger P. Resink, Topics in descriptive Papuan linguistics. Leiden: Vakgroep Talen en Culturen van Zuidoost-Azië en Oceanië, Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden, 1994, viii + 154 pp. - Gerard Persoon, Robin Broad, Plundering paradise; The struggle for the environment in the Philippines. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993, xvi + 197 pp., John Cavanagh (eds. - Gerard Persoon, Thomas N. Headland

  13. Friendship 7 the epic orbital flight of John H. Glenn, Jr.

    Burgess, Colin


    In this spellbinding account of an historic but troubled orbital mission, noted space historian Colin Burgess takes us back to an electrifying time in American history, when intrepid pioneers were launched atop notoriously unreliable rockets at the very dawn of human space exploration.   A nation proudly and collectively came to a standstill on the day this mission flew; a day that will be forever enshrined in American spaceflight history. On the morning of February 20, 1962, following months of frustrating delays, a Marine Corps war hero and test pilot named John Glenn finally blazed a path into orbit aboard a compact capsule named Friendship 7.   The book’s tension-filled narrative faithfully unfolds through contemporary reports and the personal recollections of astronaut John Glenn, along with those closest to the Friendship 7 story, revealing previously unknown facts behind one of America’s most ambitious and memorable pioneering space missions.

  14. Multiple fractures in infancy: scurvy or nonaccidental injury?

    Colin R Paterson


    Full Text Available Colin R PatersonFormerly of Department of Medicine, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UKAbstract: The child with unexplained fractures has a differential diagnosis that includes nonaccidental injury but also a number of bone disorders including osteogenesis imperfecta and rickets. This paper reports a 14-month-old girl who was found to have seven fractures, several hematomas and widespread sub-periosteal reactions. She was found to have biochemical evidence of vitamin C deficiency. While nonaccidental injury could not be excluded, it seemed likely that the major cause of the fractures was scurvy. It is important to consider the whole differential diagnosis in a child with unexplained fractures.Keywords: scurvy, vitamin C deficiency, nonaccidental injury, fractures, ascorbic acid

  15. “Don’t Be Frightened Dear … This Is Hollywood”: British Filmmakers in Early American Cinema

    Ian Scott


    Full Text Available British visitors to Hollywood from the late 1920s onward have captured the attention of writers as importing a particular view of their home country in a succession of ”British-Hollywood” movies. This article argues, however, that there was an initial wave of such trans-national pioneers – writer-directors Charles Brabin, Colin Campbell, Reginald Barker and Frank Lloyd – who not only did not demonstrate such “Britishness” in their work but instead made a crucial contribution to the development of classical Hollywood filmmaking. At times, they also offered a more nuanced view of social and historical complexities of the American past than many US-born directors.

  16. Références bibliographiques de congrès concernant les indépendances des pays africains, publiés entre 1960 et 2010.

    Bernadette Joseph


    Full Text Available 1963Décolonisation et régimes politiques en Afrique noire.Actes du colloque organisé par le Centre d'études des relations internationales de Paris et le Centre d'études d'Afrique noire de l'université de Bordeaux, 30 novembre-1er décembre 1963, sur le thème «  Les régimes des nouveaux Etats et leurs relations extérieures. Sous la direction d'Albert Mabileau et Jean Meyriat.- Paris : Colin, 1967.- 276 p.1977The transfer of power in Africa : decolonization, 1940-1960.D'après le congrès tenu à B...

  17. Estudo da atividade do látex do Croton urucurana Baill. sobre o trânsito gastrintestinal de camundongos

    Luilma Albuquerque Gurgel

    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem como propósito avaliar uma possível atividade inibitória do látex do Croton urucurana Baill. sobre o trânsito gastrintestinal de camundongos, bem como tentar esclarecer os possíveis mecanismos de ação envolvidos em sua atividade. Foram utilizados os modelos de trânsito gastrintestinal normal e trânsito gastrintestinal estimulado por fisostigmina em camundongos. Os resultados obtidos mostram que o látex inibiu o trânsito gastrintestinal de camundongos, e, muito embora seu mecanismo de ação ainda não seja claro, seu efeito é independente da participação de mecanismo opióide, colinérgico, α2-adrenérgico ou nitriérgico.

  18. Social acceptability urban form and sustainability in urban neighborhoods in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

    Claudia Gabriela Vargas Fernández


    Full Text Available In the field of urban planning, questioning around sustainability and the possibility of sustainable urban planning has led to a new set of approaches and discussions that impact studies on urban form and sustainable livelihoods. This approach characterized the work presented by Mike Jenks and Colin Jones (2010, Dimensions of the Sustainable City, where a set of variables are presented about urban sustainability from the neighbourhood level of analysis. In that sense, this article proposes the analysis of three social housing neighborhoods in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México, integrating aspects of urban form and social acceptability, in order to understand the relationship between the physical and sociocultural dimensions of the concept of urban sustainability.

  19. CICTAMEX Memory 1991

    Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas del Aguacate en el Estado de Mexico.


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado

  20. CICTAMEX Memory 1993

    Martin Rubi Arriaga.


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado

  1. Berthollet

    Grison, Emmanuel


    Portrait de Berthollet Un des deux premiers professeurs de chimie, Sénateur en 1800, il continue son cours gratuitement La mémoire de l’Ecole était décidément bien ingrate, au temps de notre peintre Colin, envers ce pauvre Guyton : le cartouche qu’on plaça sous le portrait de Berthollet ne reconnaît que deux professeurs de chimie, Fourcroy et lui. Nous avons rendu justice au troisième instituteur, tombé dans l’oubli, mais nous verrons que Berthollet a, de fait, laissé dans l’histoire de la c...

  2. Animal minds and neuroimaging--bridging the gap between science and ethics?

    Buller, Tom


    As Colin Allen has argued, discussions between science and ethics about the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals often stall on account of the fact that the properties that ethics presents as evidence of animal mentality and moral status, namely consciousness and sentience, are not observable "scientifically respectable" properties. In order to further discussion between science and ethics, it seems, therefore, that we need to identify properties that would satisfy both domains. In this article I examine the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals from the perspective of neuroethics. By adopting this perspective, we can see how advances in neuroimaging regarding (1) research into the neurobiology of pain, (2) "brain reading," and (3) the minimally conscious state may enable us to identify properties that help bridge the gap between science and ethics, and hence help further the debate about the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals.

  3. Thermal engineering and micro-technology; Thermique et microtechnologie

    Kandlikar, S. [Rochester Inst. of Tech., NY (United States); Luo, L. [Institut National Polytechnique, 54 - Nancy (France); Gruss, A. [CEA Grenoble, GRETH, 38 (France); Wautelet, M. [Mons Univ. (Belgium); Gidon, S. [CEA Grenoble, Lab. d' Electronique et de Technologie de l' Informatique (LETI), 38 (France); Gillot, C. [Ecole Nationale Superieure d' Ingenieurs Electriciens de Grenoble, 38 - Saint Martin d' Heres (France)]|[CEA Grenoble, Lab. Electronique et de Technologie de l' Informatique (LETI), 38 (France); Therme, J.; Marvillet, Ch.; Vidil, R. [CEA Grenoble, 38 (France); Dutartre, D. [ST Microelectronique, France (France); Lefebvre, Ph. [SNECMA, 75 - Paris (France); Lallemand, M. [Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), 69 - Villeurbanne (France); Colin, S. [Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), 31 - Toulouse (France); Joulin, K. [Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et d' Aerotechnique (ENSMA), 86 - Poitiers (France); Gad el Hak, M. [Virginia Univ., Charlottesville, VA (United States)


    This document gathers the abstracts and transparencies of 5 invited conferences of this congress of the SFT about heat transfers and micro-technologies: Flow boiling in microchannels: non-dimensional groups and heat transfer mechanisms (S. Kandlikar); Intensification and multi-scale process units (L. Luo and A. Gruss); Macro-, micro- and nano-systems: different physics? (M. Wautelet); micro-heat pipes (M. Lallemand); liquid and gas flows inside micro-ducts (S. Colin). The abstracts of the following presentations are also included: Electro-thermal writing of nano-scale memory points in a phase change material (S. Gidon); micro-technologies for cooling in micro-electronics (C. Gillot); the Minatec project (J. Therme); importance and trends of thermal engineering in micro-electronics (D. Dutartre); Radiant heat transfers at short length scales (K. Joulain); Momentum and heat transfer in micro-electromechanical systems (M. Gad-el-Hak). (J.S.)

  4. Conferences on first aid

    Leclerc; Lugon,N


    Trois orateurs exposent leurs expériences dans différents domaines du secourisme: le Dr Leclerc de Charleroi en Belgique parle de l'intervention des grands brûlés avec présentation et explication des dias, Mme le medecin capitaine Colin fait un exposé sur le secourisme dans l'entreprise française et son enseignement et Mons.Noel Lugnon, instructeur auprès de la police et gendarmerie genevoise qui forment l'ensemble des équipes de secours de la police, explique comment se fait la formation des spécialistes en secourisme et comment travaille la brigade motorisée à Genève.

  5. CICTAMEX Memory 1991; Memoria 1991 CICTAMEX


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado.

  6. CICTAMEX Memory 1992; Memoria CICTAMEX 1992

    Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas del Aguacate en el Estado de Mexico


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado.

  7. CICTAMEX Memory 1993; Memoria CICTAMEX 1993

    Arriaga, Martin Rubi


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado.

  8. CICTAMEX Memory 1990; Memoria 1990 CICTAMEX

    la Cruz Torres, Eulogio de [Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas del Aguacate en el Estado de (Mexico)


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado.

  9. The Importance of Aesthetics as a Dimension in Music Therapy Activity

    Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Carl


    In Unmoderated Discussions [of Voices], I began discussing the aesthetic dimension in music therapy, taking Colin Lee's book The Architecture of Aesthetic Music Therapy as a starting-point. Several students and colleagues took part and contributed with further viewpoints, dealing with the positive...... qualities of the aesthetic dimension for both client and therapist, with the necessary limitation or demarcation of how far the aesthetic view can be taken in music therapy, and with the spiritual (impersonal) aspect of music. Some further thoughts in this article concern the importance of the therapists......' musical craft, of musical structure and the theoretical question of what is the nature of the aesthetic dimension. Mention is made of Stige's articles stressing the necessity of applying new concepts that relate the aesthetic dimension to daily life. It is concluded that we need further discussion...

  10. Femmes cinéastes en France : l'après-mai 68

    ROLLET, Brigitte


    Agnès Varda, Coline Serreau, Nelly Kaplan, trois noms parmi des dizaines qui illustrent chacun à leur manière une nouvelle façon de faire du cinéma : même si la carrière de la première est antérieure à mai 68, son nom comme celui des autres est lié à ce qu’on appellera dans les années 1970 le « cinéma des femmes ». Cet article propose une interrogation sur ce cinéma au féminin, afin d’envisager à la fois le contexte particulier dans lequel il émerge, les problématiques qu’il soulève, et ce en...

  11. Assessing the Security Benefits of a Trusted Traveler Program in the Presence of Attempted Attacker Exploitation and Compromise


    and Behavior 32(2) 223–247.   Drury ,  Colin  G., Kimberly M. Ghylin, Karen Holness. 2006. Error analysis and threat magnitude for carry‐ on bag inspection... Drury  et al., 2006).  How probability of detection changes as resources are increased or decreased depends on the baseline  performance (i.e...Ghylin, K. M., C. G.  Drury , A. Schwaninger. 2006. Two‐component model of security inspection:  Application and findings. 16th World Congress of

  12. Ciné-Club



    Thursday 22 September at 20:30 Council Chamber / Salle du Conseil The English Patient By/de : Anthony Minghella (USA/UK, 1996) 162 min With/avec: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Naveen Andrews, Colin Firth The English Patient tells the story of Count Almásy who is a Hungarian map maker employed by the Royal Geographical Society to chart the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert along with several other prominent explorers. As World War II unfolds, Almásy enters into a world of love, betrayal, and politics that is later revealed in a series of flashbacks while Almásy is on his death bed after being horribly burned in a plane crash. Original version English/V.O. anglaise Entrance: 2 CHF       Projection from DVD

  13. Atròfia muscular espinal: mecanismes patogènics i estratègies terapèutiques en models murins de la malaltia

    Cerveró Cebrià, Clàudia


    L’atròfia muscular espinal (AME) és una malaltia genètica que cursa amb mort de motoneurones espinals i atròfia muscular. S’ha caracteritzat un model murí d’AME, l’Smn2B/-, amb una clínica menys severa que la mostrada per altres models més extensament utilitzats. S’ha evidenciat una alteració multisistèmica acompanyant a la clàssicament coneguda del sistema neuromuscular. S’han estudiat les sinapsis colinèrgiques tipus C en l’AME i testat el paper del PRE-084 (agonista del receptor sigm...

  14. [Validation of the Omron HEM-650 wrist blood pressure device using the British Hypertension Society protocol in emergency patients in Hong Kong].

    Hung, Kevin KC; Lai, W Y; Cocks, Robert A; Rainer, Timothy H; Graham, Colin A


    Automated wrist cuff blood pressure (BP) devices are more compact and easier to use, particularly when access to the upper arm is restricted, for example in emergencies. We tested the Omron HEM-650 wrist device using the validation criteria of the British Hypertension Society (BHS) protocol in a major emergency department (ED) in Hong Kong. 85 patients had three measurements each by both the Omron HEM-650 wrist device and the mercury sphygmomanometer. The conventional automated BP with arm cuff was also measured using an oscillometric (Colin BP-88S NXT) device for comparison. The Omron HEM-650 achieved a grade B for both systolic and diastolic BP and demonstrated acceptable accuracy and reliability in Chinese patients in the emergency setting. The Omron HEM 650 wrist device can be recommended for use in adult emergency patients. Further research is warranted for its use in pregnant women and critically ill patients.

  15. Between Democracy and Governance

    Bang, Henrik


    and preventing the much needed repoliticizations that can bring the old, strong combination of hard state power and thickly integrated citizenship back in. I do not think this type of politicization strategy will work. There are good reasons why it has fizzled out over time. New forms of political participation...... and social movements indicate a need for reconnecting political authorities and laypeople on the output side as a form of alternative political problematization strategy. Hay and Stoker want to mobilize citizens for repoliticizing latent or hidden interest and identity conflicts on the input side......The work of Gerry Stoker and Colin Hay considers the alliance between neoliberalism and public choice theory to be the motor of anti-politics and depoliticization in contemporary Western societies. Their effects have been to hollow out strong statecraft and hard state capacity, as well as the thick...

  16. CICTAMEX Memory 1990

    Eulogio de la Cruz Torres


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado

  17. Charity, Melancholy, and the Protestant Ethic in Herman Melville’s Bartleby and Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

    Federico Bellini


    Full Text Available Relying on Max Weber’s and Colin Campbell’s description of the Spirit of Capitalism, I plan to interpret the narrators of Melville’s Bartleby and Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! as embodying two com­plementary aspects of the same ethical attitude informing such spirit. This is characterized by the oscillation between sentimentalism and individualism, charity and egoism, idealism and pragmatism, which Melville detected in the everyman of his time. In particular, I will focus on the references to the theological debate on free will and to the theme of melancholy as pivotal elements to comprehend Melville’s insight. Finally, I will show how Merrymusk and Bartleby, the two other main characters of the stories, may be seen as representing Melville’s attempt to question the American society of his time.

  18. Nutrition in neonatal congenital heart disease

    Morgan CT


    Full Text Available Conall T Morgan,1 Anne Marie Shine,2 Colin J McMahon1 1Department of Pediatric Cardiology, 2Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland Abstract: There are 40,000 infants born in the USA with congenital heart disease annually. Achievement of adequate oral nutrition is difficult in this population. Malnutrition is common. Single ventricle physiology, the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, and cardiopulmonary bypass prevent the establishment of normal oral feeding patterns. Improved nutrition results in improved surgical outcomes, lower mortality, and shorter hospital stay. In this review, we discuss the challenges this population faces. Keywords: necrotizing enterocolitis, malnutrition, growth failure, hypoplastic left heart

  19. ComplexViewer: visualization of curated macromolecular complexes.

    Combe, Colin W; Sivade, Marine Dumousseau; Hermjakob, Henning; Heimbach, Joshua; Meldal, Birgit H M; Micklem, Gos; Orchard, Sandra; Rappsilber, Juri


    Proteins frequently function as parts of complexes, assemblages of multiple proteins and other biomolecules, yet network visualizations usually only show proteins as parts of binary interactions. ComplexViewer visualizes interactions with more than two participants and thereby avoids the need to first expand these into multiple binary interactions. Furthermore, if binding regions between molecules are known then these can be displayed in the context of the larger complex. freely available under Apache version 2 license; EMBL-EBI Complex Portal:; Source code:; Package:; Language: JavaScript; Web technology: Scalable Vector Graphics; Libraries: D3.js. or © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press.

  20. Claims of Need in Property Law and Politics

    Cockburn, Patrick Joseph


    between the claims of the needy and the rights of property owners. Against this backdrop this article compares three theoretical accounts of how the fact of human need should impact upon our thinking about property rights: the rights-based arguments of Jeremy Waldron, the radical democratic theory...... of Lawrence Hamilton, and the anarchist commentary of Colin Ward. While ‘theories’ of need have paid much attention to the nature of need ‘itself’, the paper argues that this comparison reveals another issue that is just as important: where and how should claims of need be registered in legal and political......Both courts of law and political theorists have grappled with the problem of giving the concept of ‘need’ a place in our reasoning about the rights and wrongs of property regimes. But in the UK, legal changes in the last 15 years have eroded the legal possibilities for striking some compromise...

  1. Understanding sexual, paraphilic, and gender dysphoria disorders in DSM-5.

    DeFeo, Jennifer


    With every Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that has been published, there has been controversy within controversy; however, what appears to be lacking is the importance of truly understanding what, why, and how the changes impact the community at large. Issues such as homosexuality, the five axial diagnostic system, and transitioning from a medical model to a biopsychosocial model have been hot topics that have led clinicians to challenge the reliability and validity of the manual throughout history. As clinicians and medical professionals, it is important to objectively look at the manual and become educated on how and why these changes exist. With that being said, this commentary aims to challenge the article " Problems with the Sexual Disorders Sections of DSM-5" by Colin A. Ross (2015). The structure of this commentary purposefully mirrors the structure of the commentary that it is challenging.

  2. CICTAMEX Memory 1992

    Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas del Aguacate en el Estado de Mexico.


    The avocado agriculture industry at National and International levels is confronted to low yields which are due among other aspects to the high costs of products originated by the height of the tree as well as its foliage which difficults the harvest, low cultural customs of the harvesters and to the overrating of the phyto sanitary control. This has been originated by the actual research trends over avocado at all world level since the research has been oriented to the obtention of dwarf tree varieties with the advantages that this offers. The Salvador Sanchez Colin CICTAMEX Foundation is developing a genetic improvement program with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) by means of the pacific uses of nuclear energy on fruits principally the avocado

  3. Information and intrigue from index cards to Dewey decimals to Alger Hiss

    Burke, Colin B


    In Information and Intrigue ; Colin Burke tells the story of one man's plan to revolutionize the world's science information systems and how science itself became enmeshed with ideology and the institutions of modern liberalism. In the 1890s, the idealistic American Herbert Haviland Field established the Concilium Bibliographicum, a Switzerland-based science information service that sent millions of index cards to American and European scientists. Field's radical new idea was to index major ideas rather than books or documents. In his struggle to create and maintain his system, Field became entangled with nationalistic struggles over the control of science information, the new system of American philanthropy (powered by millionaires), the politics of an emerging American professional science, and in the efforts of another information visionary, Paul Otlet, to create a pre-digital worldwide database for all subjects. World War I shuttered the Concilium, and postwar efforts to revive it failed. Field himself di...

  4. Perception of seriousness and preventive health actions of patients with type 2 diabetes

    Susanna C.D. Wright


    Opsomming Diabetes mellitus is 'n algemene chroniese gesondheidstoestand. Alhoewel tipe 2-diabetes 'n ernstige toestand is, veroorsaak komplikasies die meeste morbiditeit en mortaliteit. Dit is moontlik vir 'n persoon met tipe 2-diabetes om 'n normale, gelukkige lewe te lei met die nodige behandeling en motivering. Behandeling behels verhoogde fisiese aktiwiteit, gewigsverlies, 'n gesonde dieet en orale medikasie of insulienbehandeling. Pasiënte is egter verantwoordelik vir 95% van hul behandeling. Volgens die Gesondheidsbevorderingsmodel kan 'n verpleegkundige 'n pasiënt ondersteun deur te fokus op die voordele van behandeling, voorligting om probleme te oorkom en deur positiewe terugvoering. Die doel van die studie was om te bepaal of die pasiënte met tipe 2-diabetes wat voorligting en berading by 'n Sentrum vir Diabetes in Limpopo Provinsie ontvang, hul toestand as ernstig beskou en of hulle hul lewenswyse verander ten einde komplikasies te voorkom. Die ontwerp was 'n ondersoekende kwantitatiewe opname. Die gerieflikheidsteekproef was veertig deelnemers (n=40. Die data-insamelingsmetode was self-rapportering deur middel van 'n vraelys en die data is met behulp van beskrywende en statistiese analise ontleed. Die resultate dui daarop dat die meerderheid van die groep se fisiese lesings hoër as normaal was (oorgewig 85%, hipertensie 35%, HbA1c 65% en middellyn 70%. Die meeste van die deelnemers (87.5% het hul diagnose van tipe 2 diabetes as nie ernstig nie en goed gekontroleerd beskou. Die oplossing oor hoe om mense te leer om hul lewenswyse te verander om komplikasies te voorkom terwyl hulle op die oomblik nog goed voel, is nog nie bepaal nie.

  5. ’n Voorgestelde matriks vir die pastorale berading van die verwonde geloofsvervreemde

    Wentzel C. Coetzer


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel fokus op die rol van pastorale berading aan die emosioneel-verwonde en geloofsvervreemde persoon deur middel van die redding in Christus. Die rol van God Drie-enig en die sentrale posisie van die Skrif word ondersoek. Verder word aspekte wat ’n Skrifgefundeerde mensbeeld onderlê, gekonstrueer. Die verband tussen emosionele trauma en geloofsvervreemding, asook die aspek van reg en geregtigheid, word hierna ondersoek. Die belangrikheid van die heil in Christus in die geestelike genesingsproses word ook bespreek. Ter afsluiting word ’n pastoraal-terapeutiese matriks voorgestel vir ingrype in die huidige lewenskrisis en die bestaande geloofsvervreemding met inagneming van die traumageskiedenis. Praktiese riglyne word verder verskaf as hulpmiddel vir begeleiding in die ondersteuningsproses. A proposed matrix regarding the pastoral counselling of the wounded faith-estranged. This article focuses on the role of the pastoral counselling of the emotionally wounded and faith-estranged person through the mediation of the salvation in Christ. The role of the Triune God and the central position of Scripture in mediating the salvation in Christ are also examined and the Scriptural view of man is constructed. The role of emotional trauma in the estrangement from God as well as the importance of justice and retribution are examined as it relates to the spiritual and emotional healing of the wounded faith-estranged. The article also discusses the prominence of the salvation in Christ in the spiritual healing process. In conclusion, a pastoral-therapeutic matrix of intervention is proposed to help in addressing the present life crisis and current faith-estrangement within the context of the trauma history, with a view to find healing from the woundedness and the faith-estrangement through salvation in Christ. Practical guidelines are offered to guide this supporting process.

  6. Assessment of the English literacy level of patients in primary health care services in Tshwane, Gauteng province: Part 2

    Zelda Wasserman


    Lae geletterdheidsvlakke kan beskryf word as ’n persoon se onvermoë om doeltreffend te lees, te skryf of syfers te gebruik. Die beperkte vermoë om te lees en gesondheidsorgvoorskrifte te verstaan,gee direk tot swak gesondheidsuitkomste aanleiding. Die doel van hierdie studie was om die Engelse geletterdheidsvlakke van primêregesondheidsorg-pasiënte deur middel van twee instrumente,naamlik die Learning Ability Battery (LAB en die aangepasde Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy, Revised(REALM-R te assesseer. Daar is voorts ook bepaal hoe die resultate van die aangepaste REALM-R met die LAB korreleer. Data is deur self-rapportering ingesamel, waar die deelnemers vrae uit die LAB-instrument moes beantwoord en spesifieke woorde vir die aangepaste REALM-R hardop te lees. Die data is ontleed deur gebruik te maak van beskrywende en inferensiële statistiek, met inbegrip van ’n chikwadraat-toets en Spearman se rho. Die resultate dui daarop dat die skoolgraad bereik en die leesgeletterdheid van die deelnemers in Suid-Afrika met vier grade verskil. Die korrelasie tussen die resultate van die LAB en die aangepaste REALM-R was r = 0.43 (p < 0.001.Na gelang van die afsnypunt wat vir die aangepaste REALM-R gebruik word, dui die resultate daarop dat 67% van die deelnemers lae geletterdheidsvlakke het. Die studie toon die belang van ’n geldige, vinnige instrument vir geletterdheidsifting. Die doeltreffende assessering van pasiënte se geletterdheidsvlakke kan geregistreerde verpleegkundiges help om gesondheidsonderrig op ’n toepaslike vlak aan te bied ten einde pasiënte se gesondheidsgeletterdheid te verbeter.

  7. Is die ortodoksie se verstaan van die sondeval belemmerend vir die gesprek tussen teologie en natuurwetenskap?

    Johan Buitendag


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel is betoog dat die Gereformeerde Ortodoksie se begrip van die sondeval ’n  belemmering  was  vir  die  gesprek  tussen  teologie  en  natuurwetenskap.  Die  rede hiervoor was dat dit ten eerste ’n bepaalde verstaan van liniêre tyd nahou en ten tweede dat dit ’n bonatuurlike ingryp veronderstel het. Albei hierdie aspekte het die debat onnodig problematiseer. Die argument is ontwikkel deur eerstens die probleem te definieer, gevolg deur ’n uiteensetting van die standpunte van Augustinus en Calvyn onderskeidelik oor die sondeval. As ’n heuristiese sleutel is die konsepte van infralapsarisme en supralapsarisme aangewend om die tema te ontleed. Die artikel is afgesluit met die oortuiging dat die imago Dei ’n beliggaamde menslike persoon is wat biologies in die geskiedenis in terme van selfbewussyn en morele verantwoordelikheid ontluik het. Is the Orthodoxy’s notion of the Fall inhibitory for the dialogue between theology and science? In this article it was argued that the Reformed Orthodoxy’s interpretation of the Fall had become an impediment in the dialogue between theology and science. The reason was that it assumed firstly a specific understanding of linear time and secondly a metaphysical intervention. Both events were unnecessarily problematising the debate. The argument was deployed by stating the problem, followed by an exposition of the views of Augustine and Calvin on the Fall. As a heuristic key, the concepts of infralapsarism and supralapsarism were applied respectively to analyse the topic. The article concluded with the conviction that the imago Dei is an embodied human person that had biologically emerged in history as a center of self-awareness, and moral responsibility.

  8. The experience of people with oculocutaneous albinism

    Mmuso B.J. Pooe-Monyemore


    Opsomming Hierdie aanbieding is ‘n verslag oor bevindings van die ervaring van persone met okulokutaneuse albinisme in Suid-Afrika. Okulokutaneuse albinisme is ‘n oorerflike afwyking, gekenmerk deur ‘n gebrekkige melanien produksie. Daar is min of geen pigmentasie in die vel, hare en oë nie. Hierdie toestand word wêreldwyd aangetref met ‘n hoër voorkoms in sub-Sahara Afrika en groepe in Suid Amerika. Mense met hierdie toestand het dikwels ‘n stigma en daar word teen hulle gediskrimineer as gevolg van mites en bygelowe van die publiek oor die toestand. Tot datum het geen studies die psigososiale aspek van hierdie toestand ondersoek nie. ‘n Kwalitatiewe studie is in Johannesburg, Suid-Afrika uitgevoer in 2007. ‘n Doelgerigte steekproef van 15 swart mense met okulokutaneuse albinisme het deel geneem aan in diepte individuele fenomenologiese onderhoude. ‘n Sentrale vraag was gestel om die onderhoude te fasiliteer: Kan u asseblief u ervaring as ‘n persoon met albinisme deel?”’ Data van die onderhoude was geanaliseer deur van Collaizi’s se kwalitatiewe data analise metode gebruik te maak. Drie hooftemas het te voorskyn gekom, naamlik: (1 persepsies van die interne omgewing byvoorbeeld die self; (2 ervarings van die eksterne omgewing, byvoorbeeld die familie en die gemeenskap; en (3 die behoefte vir self ontwikkeling en groei gebaseer op hulle ervarings. Aanbevelings is gemaak deur die navorsers om self konsep uit te lig , en om ‘n gevoel van ‘behoort aan’, self ontwikkeling en groei in mense met okulokutaneuse albinisme te bevorder.

  9. Onderrig van Generasie Y

    Elza Venter


    Full Text Available Generasie Y-leerders is jongmense wat ongeveer tussen 1977 en 2000 gebore is. Hierdie leerders het voor skerms grootgeword, ongeag of dit televisie-, rekenaar- of selfoonskerms was. Hulle is gebore in ’n samelewing waar inligting, opvoeding en vermaak net ’n klik ver was. Navorsers meen dat dié leerders se kritiese denke en ander kognitiewe vaardighede geaffekteer is omdat hulle ’n aansienlike hoeveelheid tyd daaraan bestee het om woorde en beelde passief te absorbeer, eerder as om met insig te lees. Leerders uit die generasie is dikwels ongemotiveerd en onbetrokke by hul eie leerervaring omdat hulle hul gelyktydig op ’n menigte digitale toestelle vermaak, terwyl die opvoeder hulle aandag probeer kry. Hulle verkies multitaakverrigting eerder as om op een taak of persoon op ’n slag te fokus en stel dikwels meer belang in wat op die skerm voor hulle aangaan as in wat die onderwyser hulle kan bied. Opvoeders op sekondêre en tersiêre vlak moet kennis hiervan neem en opnuut dink oor hulle onderrig- en leerstrategieë. Die klem in hierdie navorsing val op leerders, studente en opvoeders op sekondêre en tersiêre vlak. Die navorsing is deur die toepassing van ’n literatuuroorsig gedoen. Die hoofnavorsingsvraag van die studie is: ‘Hoe kan Generasie Y-leerders beter deur opvoeders by hulle eie leer in die klaskamer of lesinglokaal betrek word?’ Die twee subvrae is: (1 ‘Wat is sommige van die eienskappe van Generasie Y-leerders wat leer beïnvloed?’ en (2 ‘Watter onderrigstrategieë kan gebruik word om Generasie Y-leerders meer by hulle eie leer te betrek?’ Die outeur van hierdie artikel wil poog om opvoeders deur die literatuurstudie van riglyne in hierdie verband te voorsien.

  10. Influence of cultivation conditions, season of collection and extraction method on the content of antileishmanial flavonoids from Kalanchoe pinnata.

    Muzitano, Michelle F; Bergonzi, Maria Camilla; De Melo, Giany O; Lage, Celso L S; Bilia, Anna Rita; Vincieri, Franco F; Rossi-Bergmann, Bartira; Costa, Sônia S


    Leaves from Kalanchoe pinnata (Lamarck) Persoon (Crassulaceae) are popularly used for healing wounds. Its antileishmanial properties are established in experimental animals, and its active flavonoid components have been identified. In this study, we attempted to standardize the extract from K. pinnata leaves by evaluating the influence of season of harvest, sunlight exposure and method of extraction on antileishmanial flavonoids content. HPLC-DAD-MS was used to identify and quantify the active antileishmanial flavonoids in different extracts. ANOVA test for analyses of variance followed by the Tukey test of multiple comparisons were used in the statistical analysis. The antileishmanial potential was assessed by the activation of nitric oxide production by murine macrophage using the Griess method. We demonstrated that active flavonoids were significantly more abundant when the leaves were collected in the summer, and that aqueous extraction at 50°C allowed the highest flavonoid extraction. The benefit of sunlight exposure was confirmed in plants cultivated under direct sunlight when compared with those that grown under shade. Under sunny conditions the yield of the most active antileishmanial favonoid quercitrin was increased by 7-fold. All aqueous extracts tested were capable to enhance the macrophage nitric oxide production. However, hot aqueous extract from leaves collected in summer exhibited the higher activity, in agreement with HPLC-DAD-MS analysis tendency. In addition, with the aim of reducing the individual chemical variations of the plant constituents and optimizing the production of the active extract, it was obtained in vitro monoclonal KP specimens that were easily adapted to field conditions and were able to produce antileishmanial flavonoids. Our study reports the better conditions of cultivation, harvest and extraction protocol for obtaining a K. pinnata extract exhibiting the highest antileishmanial activity. Additionally, we propose the

  11. Chondroprotective Effects of a Standardized Extract (KBH-JP-040) from Kalopanax pictus, Hericium erinaceus, and Astragalus membranaceus in Experimentally Induced In Vitro and In Vivo Osteoarthritis Models.

    Rahman, Md Mahbubur; Kim, Hyun-Kyu; Kim, Seong-Eun; Kim, Myung-Jin; Kim, Do-Hyung; Lee, Hak Sung


    The aim of this study was to investigate the chondroprotective effect of a standardized extract (KBH-JP-040) of the Korean traditional herbs Kalopanax pictus Castor-Aralia, Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Persoon, and Astragalus membranaceus Schischkin on in vivo and in vitro osteoarthritis (OA) models. Cultured rat chondrocytes were pre-treated with KBH-JP-040 (50, 100 and 200 μg/mL) for 1 h, then recombinant human IL-1α (rhIL-1α) for 24 h. For the in vivo model, rabbits ( n = 60) were equally divided into experimental groups: normal control (NC), a collagenase-induced OA group, and OA groups treated with KBH-JP-040 (75, 100, and 150 mg/kg body weight) and celecoxib (Cx, 100 mg/kg) orally for 28 days. Treatment with KBH-JP-040 significantly attenuated inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), suppressed the expression of IκBα, NF-κB, and JNK/p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase, and upregulated aggrecan and collagen type-II expression in rhIL-1α-stimulated chondrocytes. Furthermore, the serum and synovial levels of inflammatory cytokines of rabbits also decreased in the treatment groups when compared with the OA group. Improved magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological findings further confirmed the therapeutic efficacy of KBH-JP-040 against OA. In conclusion, these results indicate that KBH-JP-040 possesses chondroprotective effects, suppressing inflammation and MMPs, and downregulating IκBα, NF-κB, and JNK/p38 MAP kinase-signaling pathways. This might be a potential therapeutic candidate for OA treatment.

  12. Chondroprotective Effects of a Standardized Extract (KBH-JP-040 from Kalopanax pictus, Hericium erinaceus, and Astragalus membranaceus in Experimentally Induced In Vitro and In Vivo Osteoarthritis Models

    Md. Mahbubur Rahman


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the chondroprotective effect of a standardized extract (KBH-JP-040 of the Korean traditional herbs Kalopanax pictus Castor-Aralia, Hericium erinaceus (Bull. Persoon, and Astragalus membranaceus Schischkin on in vivo and in vitro osteoarthritis (OA models. Cultured rat chondrocytes were pre-treated with KBH-JP-040 (50, 100 and 200 μg/mL for 1 h, then recombinant human IL-1α (rhIL-1α for 24 h. For the in vivo model, rabbits (n = 60 were equally divided into experimental groups: normal control (NC, a collagenase-induced OA group, and OA groups treated with KBH-JP-040 (75, 100, and 150 mg/kg body weight and celecoxib (Cx, 100 mg/kg orally for 28 days. Treatment with KBH-JP-040 significantly attenuated inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs, suppressed the expression of IκBα, NF-κB, and JNK/p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP kinase, and upregulated aggrecan and collagen type-II expression in rhIL-1α-stimulated chondrocytes. Furthermore, the serum and synovial levels of inflammatory cytokines of rabbits also decreased in the treatment groups when compared with the OA group. Improved magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological findings further confirmed the therapeutic efficacy of KBH-JP-040 against OA. In conclusion, these results indicate that KBH-JP-040 possesses chondroprotective effects, suppressing inflammation and MMPs, and downregulating IκBα, NF-κB, and JNK/p38 MAP kinase-signaling pathways. This might be a potential therapeutic candidate for OA treatment.


    Karina Soares Modes


    Full Text Available This study investigated the effect of two thermal treatment technique on the biological properties of the wood of Pinus taeda L. and Eucalyptus grandis and W. Hill ex Maiden, comparing them with results obtained for the untreated wood. Of each species were sampled three trees at age 25, from where it drew a central plank height DBH for making test specimens were subjected to thermal treatments for later be transformed into pieces of 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 cm. In the first treatment the wood were subjected to thermal treatment by autoclaving at 130 ºC/ ± 3 ° C and pressure of 2 kgf /cm² for 3 hours and, after a conditioning period, subjected to heat in an electric oven at 160 °C/ ± 1 °C for the same period. The second treatment consisted of only heat treatment by kiln. Resistance to biological attack was evaluated by accelerated decay test in the laboratory, using a white-rot fungus, Trametes versicolor (Linnaeus ex Fries Pilat and other brown rot Gloeophyllum trabeum (Persoon. ex Fries Murr. The combined treatment of the autoclave with electric oven favored the decay of both species of wood fungi employees, except for Pinus taeda submitted to the fungus Trametes versicolor , while treatment in an oven provided increase biological resistance of Pinus taeda wood fungus Trametes versicolor and of Eucalyptus grandis fungus Gloeophyllum trabeum . In general it is concluded that treatment in an oven resulted in more resistant to biological degradation and lower weight loss compared with the combined treatment of the autoclave with electric oven while the latter when applied to both species resulted in an increase in the propensity of biological degradation.

  14. Ethnographic: out of print and into the exhibition space = La imagen etnográfica: dentro y fuera del espacio expositivo

    Elisa de Souza Martinez


    Full Text Available In La Triennale 2012 - Intense Proximité, curator Okwui Enwezor describes his activity as that of ethnographer, combining «images of reality and models of examining reality». Thus, he proposes a journey that starts with the exhibited works and goes beyond the field of art. Among them is a set of drawings and photographs produced by Claude Levi-Strauss in the course of fieldwork in Brazil in 1935. The displacement proposed by the ethnographer’s photographs documents in ethnological interpretations, direct one’s gaze to distant lands, as well as ancient times. From the images, the ethnographer’s presence relates to a book, Tristes Tropiques, in which displacement unfolds in references to his predecessor, Guido Boggiani, and his successor, Darcy Ribeiro. The duality of approximating-distancing, a central movement in curatorial discourse, opens a way to seeing the ethnographic image as framing both a subject and its viewer.En la Triennale 2012 - Intense Proximité, el comisario Okwui Enwezor describe su actividad como etnógrafo, combinado «imágenes de la realidad y modelos de examen de la realidad». Así, propone un viaje que se inicia con las obras expuestas y va más allá del campo del arte. Entre esas obras se encuentra un conjunto de dibujos y fotografías realizadas por Claude Levi-Strauss en el transcurso de su trabajo de campo en Brasil en 1935. El desplazamiento propuesto por las fotografías y documentos del etnógrafo en las interpretaciones etnológicas, dirigen la mirada a tierras distantes, así como a tiempos antiguos. A partir de las imágenes, la presencia del etnógrafo se relaciona con el libro Tristes Tropiques, en el cual el desplazamiento se despliega en referencias a su predecesor, Guido Boggiani, y a su sucesor, Darcy Ribeiro. La dualidad proximidad-distanciamiento, un movimiento fundamental dentro de su discurso expositivo, conforma una nueva manera de ver la imagen etnográfica que es tanto

  15. Precondições para parcerias público-privadas em municípios: um estudo exploratório do caso de Araucária - PR Pre-requisites for public-private partnerships in municipalities: the case of Araucaria - PR

    Sandro Aparecido Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Os anos 90 foram marcados, entre outros eventos, pela privatização de empresas estatais. Além disso, observou-se também grande número de concessões do patrimônio público à gestão privada. Independentemente do julgamento sobre o sucesso ou fracasso dessas experiências, o início desta década, e especificamente a sob a égide do governo Lula e da concepção teórica do ex-Ministro do Planejamento, Guido Mantega, o relacionamento entre o setor público e o setor privado foi reformulado, sendo conhecido agora como Parcerias Público-Privadas - PPP's. O presente trabalho buscou avaliar as precondições para a implantação desse novo modelo no Município de Araucária. Para tanto, entrevistaram-se dezenove atores sociais relevantes, que foram questionados sobre aspectos diversos das possibilidades e demandas locais. O tratamento dos dados foi qualitativo, seguido de análise quantitativa, com base em um estudo de características exploratórias. Os resultados encontrados indicam amplo desconhecimento da lei e preocupações quanto ao planejamento futuro do município.During the nineties many government companies underwent privatization and a large number of concessions of public property were made to private management. Irrespective of the appraisal of success or failure of these undertakings, in the beginning of this decade, and more specifically during the Lula government and the theoretical concept of the former Planning Minister, Guido Mantega, the relationship between the public and private sectors has been redefined as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP. This article assessed pre-requisites for implementing this new model of PPP in the city of Araucaria. Nineteen relevant social actors were interviewed about different aspects of possibilities and local requirements. Data were given qualitative treatment followed by quantitative analysis, based on a study of exploratory characteristics. Results indicate a widespread lack of knowledge

  16. Relativistic and noise effects on multiplayer Prisoners' dilemma with entangling initial states

    Goudarzi, H.; Rashidi, S. S.


    Three-players Prisoners' dilemma (Alice, Bob and Colin) is studied in the presence of a single collective environment effect as a noise. The environmental effect is coupled with final states by a particular form of Kraus operators K_0 and K_1 through amplitude damping channel. We introduce the decoherence parameter 0≤p≤1 to the corresponding noise matrices, in order to controling the rate of environment influence on payoff of each players. Also, we consider the Unruh effect on the payoff of player, who is located at a noninertial frame. We suppose that two players (Bob and Colin) are in Rindler region I from Minkowski space-time, and move with same uniform acceleration (r_b=r_c) and frequency mode. The game is begun with the classical strategies cooperation ( C) and defection ( D) accessible to each player. Furthermore, the players are allowed to access the quantum strategic space ( Q and M). The quantum entanglement is coupled with initial classical states by the parameter γ \\in [0,π /2]. Using entangled initial states by exerting an unitary operator \\hat{J} as entangling gate, the quantum game (competition between Prisoners, as a three-qubit system) is started by choosing the strategies from classical or quantum strategic space. Arbitrarily chosen strategy by each player can lead to achieving profiles, which can be considered as Nash equilibrium or Pareto optimal. It is shown that in the presence of noise effect, choosing quantum strategy Q results in a winning payoff against the classical strategy D and, for example, the strategy profile ( Q, D, C) is Pareto optimal. We find that the unfair miracle move of Eisert from quantum strategic space is an effective strategy for accelerated players in decoherence mode (p=1) of the game.


    Yasin OZARSLAN,


    Full Text Available Open and distance learning (ODL is one of the most important trends in education in Asia as well as all around the world. This book reviews ODL/ICT developments in schools, colleges, universities, open schooling, workplace training, professional development and non-formal adult and community education. It examines ODL and ICT experiences, successes and failures of Asian education and training.This is one of the comprehensive books on distance education applications in Asia. It is written by Colin Latchem and Insung Jung. Colin Latchem is an Australian-based consultant in open and distance learning. Insung Jung is Professor of Education, Media & Society at the International Christian University in Tokyo. The book's broader audience is anyone who is interested in ODL. If you are looking for on developments in ODL in Asia, this book is primarily for you. The book is consisted of 266 pages (+xiv covering 12 chapters with a conclusion part in each chapter.These conclusion parts provide a critical look at that chapter‘s issue Topics covered in the book are as follows: Technology, E-readiness And E-learning Readiness, Open Schooling, SchoolNets and Information and Communications Technology (ICT Integration in Classrooms, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Workplace Training, Professional Development and Non-Formal Adult and Community Education, New Providers and New Markets, ICT Integration In and Beyond the School, Instructional Design, Learner Support and Assessment in E-Learning, Leadership for Educational Change and Innovation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Staff Training and Development, Research, Publication and Translating Research into Practice.

  18. The Effect of Bond Albedo on Venus' Atmospheric and Surface Temperatures

    Bullock, M. A.; Limaye, S. S.; Grinspoon, D. H.; Way, M.


    In spite of Venus' high planetary albedo, sufficient solar energy reaches the surface to drive a powerful greenhouse effect. The surface temperature is three times higher than it would be without an atmosphere. However, the details of the energy balance within Venus' atmosphere are poorly understood. Half of the solar energy absorbed within the clouds, where most of the solar energy is absorbed, is due to an unknown agent. One of the challenges of modeling Venus' atmosphere has been to account for all the sources of opacity sufficient to generate a globally averaged surface temperature of 735 K, when only 2% of the incoming solar energy is deposited at the surface. The wavelength and spherically integrated albedo, or Bond albedo, has typically been cited as between 0.7 and 0.82 (Colin 1983). Yet, recent photometry of Venus at extended phase angles between 2 and 179° indicate a Bond albedo of 0.90 (Mallama et al., 2006). The authors note an increase in cloud top brightness at phase angles fixed. Figure 1b (right). Venus surface temperature as Bond Albedo changes. Radiative-convective equilibrium models predict the correct globally averaged surface temperature at a=0.81. Calculations here show that a Bond albedo of a=0.9 would yield a surface temperature of 666.4 K, about 70 K too low, unless there is additional thermal absorption within the atmosphere that is not understood. Colin, L.,, Venus, University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1983, pp 10-26. Mallama, A., et al., 2006. Icarus. 182, 10-22.

  19. Department for Nuclear Equipment '' High Technology Center - HITEC '' - Overview

    Pracz, J.


    Our main achievement was to obtain a positive result on the external audit carried out by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCfTaC) on the medical accelerator Coline. This successful audit allowed for the issue of a compliance certificate CE No MD-88/1/2007 by an EU certified auditor numbered 1434. This in turn opened EU markets for our products. The procedure for assessing compliance of accelerators' parameters with the Medical Directive required conceptional work as well as many tests. These tests resulted in a number of improvements, of which the most important one was the introduction of a new control system based on modern module microprocessors of PLC type. The new software takes account of the existing norms and law requirements as well as the safety of patients, medical personnel and environment. The above goal was achieved by detail software requirements and multiplication of hardware parts responsible for safety. Results of numerous analyses and tests were included in the technical documentation, which was checked and confirmed by PCfTaC experts. Coline type accelerators were registered as medical products complying with existing EU procedures. The research and development activities conducted during 2006 in the field of accelerators led to a significant progress of work on a new medium energy accelerator and a neutron system of radiography. Results of these activities were presented at a national conference of the Polish Association of Medical Physics, as well as at the exposition of apparatus for non-destructive testing in India. (author)

  20. Biocontrol del moho foliar del tomate Cladosporium fulvum empleando cuatro hongos antagonistas Biocontrole do mofo foliar em tomateiro empregando quatro fungos antagonistas Biocontrol of leaf mold of tomato Cladosporium fulvum (Cooke 1883 employing four antagonistic fungi

    Enrique Torres


    Full Text Available El moho foliar Cladosporium fulvum (Cooke 1883 produce una enfermedad que ataca el cultivo de tomate en invernadero en el Perú. Como alternativa al control de este patógeno se probó la eficiencia bajo condiciones in vitro e invernadero de cuatro hongos antagonistas: Hansfordia pulvinata (Berk y Curt 1958, Trichoderma harzianum (Rifai 1969, T. viride (Persoon 1821 y T. virens (Miller, Giddens y Foster 1963. El cultivo y crecimiento de los hongos se realizó en Agar Sabouraud para Trichoderma spp. y en Agar Jugo V8 para H. pulvinata. El bioensayo empleado fue el de placas precolonizadas propuesto por Krauss. En condiciones in vitro se observó que a 24 ºC y 72 h, el crecimiento de T. harzianum fue estadísticamente diferente de las otras tres especies ensayadas, y a 28 ºC fue similar a T. viride. A 24 ºC y a las 120 h, T. virens fue diferente de todas las especies evaluadas. A las 168 h el crecimiento de las tres especies de Trichoderma fue estadísticamente similar, diferenciándose de H. pulvinata. A 28 ºC a las 120 h y 168 h los resultados fueron estadísticamente similares para las tres especies de Trichoderma, pero diferentes de H. pulvinata. El mecanismo de acción más común para los hongos antagonistas fue el micoparasitismo. Finalmente, T. harzianum fue más eficiente debido a que redujo la severidad de la enfermedad en un 19,35 % bajo condiciones de invernadero.O mofo foliar Cladosporium fulvum (Cooke, 1883 produz uma enfermidade que ataca o cultivo do tomateiro em casa de vegetação no Peru. Como alternativa ao controle desse patógeno, testou-se a eficiência, sob condições in vitro e casa de vegetatção, de quatro fungos antagonistas: Hansfordia pulvinata (Berk y Curt 1958, Trichoderma harzianum (Rifai 1969, T. viride (Persoon 1821 y T. virens (Miller, Giddens y Foster 1963. O cultivo e crescimento dos fungos foi realizado em Agar Sabouraud para Trichoderma spp. e em Agar Suco V8 para H. pulvinata. O bioensaio empregado

  1. Histological, biochemical and pharmacologycal characterization of the gastric muscular layer in Chagas disease Caracterização histológica, bioquímica e farmacológica da musculatura gástrica na doença de Chagas

    Wagner Carlucci


    correlação entre o número de neurônios e a sensibilidade a drogas colinérgicas e a atividade da acetilcolinesterase em pacientes chagásicos. MÉTODOS: Em 10 pacientes chagásicos crônicos (6 homens submetidos à cirurgia de megaesôfago ou de megacólon e em 10 pacientes não chagásicos (4 homens submetidos a outros tipos de cirurgia (grupo controle, respectivamente com idade média de 52,3 e 50,1 anos, retirou-se uma tira de 3x1 cm da camada muscular da parede anterior do estômago, sempre junto á cisura angular, que serviu para os estudos histológicos e farmacológicos. A ação de drogas colinérgicas foi feita em preparação isolada de acordo com o método de superfusão de Ferreira e Costa, e a determinação da atividade da acetilcolinesterase pelo método de Ellman. Para a contagem de neurônios a tira muscular foi submetida a cortes de 8 micra segundo método padronizado por Alcântara. RESULTADOS: Houve diferença do número de neurônios entre os grupos chagásico (5,6 e controle (7,3. A atividade da acetilcolinesterase mostrou-se diminuída nos chagásicos (4,32 expressa como número de moles do substrato hidrolisado por minuto por grama de tecido, em relação aos controles (7,30. Não se encontrou hipersensibilidade da musculatura gástrica a drogas colinérgicas, encontrando-se inclusive efeito máximo reduzido ao carbacol e betanecol no grupo chagásico. CONCLUSÕES: A redução de neurônios no plexo mioentérico do estômago de pacientes chagásicos crônicos pode ser demonstrada mesmo na ausência de gastropatia chagásica clínica. A hipersensibilidade da musculatura gástrica a drogas colinérgicas provavelmente depende de desnervação intensa. A redução da atividade da acetilcolinesterase demonstra o comprometimento da inervação colinérgica no estômago de pacientes chagásicos crônicos. Não houve correlação entre número de neurônios, sensibilidade a drogas colinérgicas e atividade da acetilcolinesterase na musculatura g

  2. Las polémicas inaugurales de la transición a la democracia: los casos argentino y paraguayo

    Carla Daniela Benisz


    Full Text Available Tras la caída de las dictaduras del Cono Sur, el cambio político generó también cambios de paradigmas estéticos y éticos en el campo intelectual, que se expresaron en polémicas en distintos países de la región. Los casos, por lo general, han sido estudiados individualmente para cada país, pero las similitudes justifican un abordaje en conjunto. Este artículo presenta, como primera instancia, un estudio comparado de los casos argentino y paraguayo, con especial énfasis en este último, puesto que ha sido menos trabajado por la crítica literaria latinoamericana. De estos casos, a su vez, se enfoca en dos cruces polémicos concretos: por un lado, una famosa polémica entre Julio Cortázar y Liliana Heker y, por otro, las polémicas de Augusto Roa Bastos con Carlos Villagra Marsal y Guido Rodríguez-Alcalá.

  3. NASA's Preparations for ESA's L3 Gravitational Wave Mission

    Stebbins, Robin


    Telescope Subsystem - Jeff Livas (GSFC): Demonstrate pathlength stability, straylight and manufacturability. Phase Measurement System - Bill Klipstein (JPL): Key measurement functions demonstrated. Incorporate full flight functionality. Laser Subsystem - Jordan Camp (GSFC): ECL master oscillator, phase noise of fiber power amplifier, demonstrate end-to-end performance in integrated system, lifetime. Micronewton Thrusters - John Ziemer (JPL): Propellant storage and distribution, system robustness, manufacturing yield, lifetime. Arm-locking Demonstration - Kirk McKenzie (JPL): Studying a demonstration of laser frequency stabilization with GRACE Follow-On. Torsion Pendulum - John Conklin (UF): Develop U.S. capability with GRS and torsion pendulum test bed. Multi-Axis Heterodyne Interferometry - Ira Thorpe (GSFC): Investigate test mass/optical bench interface. UV LEDs - John Conklin+ (UF): Flight qualify UV LEDs to replace mercury lamps in discharging system. Optical Bench - Guido Mueller (UF): Investigate alternate designs and fabrication processes to ease manufacturability. LISA researchers at JPL are leading the Laser Ranging Interferometer instrument on the GRACE Follow-On mission.

  4. Demonstration of AC and DC charge control for the LISA test masses

    Olatunde, Taiwo Janet


    Taiwo Olatunde, Stephen Apple, Andrew Chilton, Samantha Parry, Peter Wass, Guido Mueller, John W. Conklin The residual test mass acceleration in LISA must be below 3 fm/s2/√Hz at all frequencies between 0.1 and 3 mHz. Test mass charge coupled with stray electrical potentials and external electromagnetic fields is a well-known source of acceleration noise. LISA Pathfinder uses Hg lamps emitting mostly around 254 nm to discharge the test masses via photoemission, but a future LISA mission launched around 2030 will likely replace the lamps with newer UV LEDs with lower mass, better power efficiency, smaller size and higher bandwidth. This presentation will discuss charge control demonstrated on the torsion pendulum in AC and DC modes at the University of Florida using latest generation UV LEDs producing light at 240 nm with energy above the work function of pure Au. Initial results of Au quantum efficiency measurements (number of emitted electrons per incident photons) which is critical for bi-polar charge control will also be presented.

  5. DUBNA: Update



    Full text: At the annual session of the Plenipotentiaries Committee of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, near Moscow in March, Institute Director Vladimir G. Kadyshevsky reported on important recent achievements. The Nuklotron superconducting accelerator has now been completed and is in operation. (A report will feature in a forthcoming edition of the CERN Courier.) The FOBOS multiple event spectrometer mounted in the heavy ion beam of the U-400M cyclotron is designed to record the products of nuclear reactions in the high mass and charge region with high efficiency. New experiments are envisaged. At the IBR research reactor a cryogenic moderator has been put into operation. Physics goals include generation of an impulse flux of cold neutrons. The neutron Fourier high resolution diffractometer was commissioned for polycrystal studies. Meanwhile an imaginative scheme to establish an International University using JINR research facilities and highly qualified personnel is being implemented. New appointments include Alexei Sissakian and Tzvetan Vylov as Vice-Directors, Nikolai Russakovitch as Chief Scientific Secretary, Vladislav Sarentzev as Chief Engineer and Alexandre Lebedev as Administrative Director. Western physicists elected members of JINR Scientific council include Ugo Amaldi and Lucien Montanet from CERN, Claude Detraz (IN2P3, Paris), Friedrich Dydak (Munich), Guido Piragino (Italy), George Trilling (Berkeley), Herwig Schopper (Germany) and Norbert Kroo (Hungary). Earlier this year saw the 80th birthday of Venedikt Dzhelepov, Honorary Director of JINR's Laboratory of Nuclear Problems

  6. Localization and Entanglement in Relativistic Quantum Physics

    Yngvason, Jakob

    These notes are a slightly expanded version of a lecture presented in February 2012 at the workshop "The Message of Quantum Science—Attempts Towards a Synthesis" held at the ZIF in Bielefeld. The participants were physicists with a wide range of different expertise and interests. The lecture was intended as a survey of a small selection of the insights into the structure of relativistic quantum physics that have accumulated through the efforts of many people over more than 50 years. (Including, among many others, R. Haag, H. Araki, D. Kastler, H.-J. Borchers, A. Wightman, R. Streater, B. Schroer, H. Reeh, S. Schlieder, S. Doplicher, J. Roberts, R. Jost, K. Hepp, J. Fröhlich, J. Glimm, A. Jaffe, J. Bisognano, E. Wichmann, D. Buchholz, K. Fredenhagen, R. Longo, D. Guido, R. Brunetti, J. Mund, S. Summers, R. Werner, H. Narnhofer, R. Verch, G. Lechner, ….) This contribution discusses some facts about relativistic quantum physics, most of which are quite familiar to practitioners of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (AQFT) [Also known as Local Quantum Physics (Haag, Local quantum physics. Springer, Berlin, 1992).] but less well known outside this community. No claim of originality is made; the goal of this contribution is merely to present these facts in a simple and concise manner, focusing on the following issues: Explaining how quantum mechanics (QM) combined with (special) relativity, in particular an upper bound on the propagation velocity of effects, leads naturally to systems with an infinite number of degrees of freedom (relativistic quantum fields).

  7. Europython 2006


    Europython 2006 - Annual Python Developer Conference, 3-5 July 2006, CERN Software developers from around the world will gather July 3-5 in Geneva, Switzerland for EuroPython 2006, the fifth annual conference for the Python programming language. The event is hosted this year at CERN, the birthplace of the Web, and promises an exciting slate of keynotes and talks. 'Python keeps growing each year, and EuroPython keeps getting better as well,' says Benedikt Hegner, host and one of the lead organizers for EuroPython 2006. 'This year saw Guido van Rossum, Python's creator, moving to Google with other key Python developers. Hosting EuroPython at CERN is a prestigious step for EuroPython as well. EuroPython 2006 will be keynoted both by Mr. van Rossum as well as Dr. Alan Kay, an originator of object-oriented programming and pioneer of graphical computing. The schedule has 3 days of talks in 8 tracks covering agile development, business, teaching, games, an expanded web frameworks track, and more. The organize...

  8. Conceptul de film dedicat artelor din perspectiva teoriei şi criticii artei cinematografice

    Dumitru Olărescu


    Full Text Available Cinematography affirmed its status as an art of synthesis, in which an important component is attributed to fine arts. The assimilation process of various works of art by the cinematic language continues by perfecting the means of audio-visual expression, influencing, in its turn, and enriching with new artistic possibilities other kinds of art: theatre, choreography and, in particular, fine arts. The disputes about the film genetic correlations with the fine arts started along with the emergence of film and continued to shape the aesthetic premises of films dedicated to arts. These co-influences of arts constitute conclusive evidence of the interferences, assimilations, and finally, of the complexity of the contemporary artistic phenomenon occurring in the structures of the film about art. We will examine the views of notorious academics, film critics and filmmakers – Serghei Eisenstein, Andre Bazin, Jean Mitry, Henry Lemaitre, Carlo L. Ragghianti, Guido Aristarco, Paul Rotha, Umberto Eco, Luigi Chiarini, Zbignev Czeczot-Gawrak, Nina Behar, etc. – referring to the definition of the film about fine arts and some issues related to aesthetics and cinematic language peculiarities of this category of films.

  9. Cohesion as interaction in ELF spoken discourse

    T. Christiansen


    Full Text Available Hitherto, most research into cohesion has concentrated on texts (usually written only in standard Native Speaker English – e.g. Halliday and Hasan (1976. By contrast, following on the work in anaphora of such scholars as Reinhart (1983 and Cornish (1999, Christiansen (2011 describes cohesion as an interac­tive process focusing on the link between text cohesion and discourse coherence. Such a consideration of cohesion from the perspective of discourse (i.e. the process of which text is the product -- Widdowson 1984, p. 100 is especially relevant within a lingua franca context as the issue of different variations of ELF and inter-cultural concerns (Guido 2008 add extra dimensions to the complex multi-code interaction. In this case study, six extracts of transcripts (approximately 1000 words each, taken from the VOICE corpus (2011 of conference question and answer sessions (spoken interaction set in multicultural university con­texts are analysed in depth by means of a qualitative method.

  10. [Role of splenectomy in the treatment of non-cirrhotic portal hypertension: about 3 cases].

    Belhamidi, Mohamed Said; Hammi, Salah Eddine; Bouzroud, Mohamed; Benmoussa, Mustapha; Ali, Abdelmounaim Ait; Bounaim, Ahmed


    Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension was first described by Guido BANTI in 1898 as a condition characterized by the association of portal hypertension with splenomegaly, anemia and healthy liver. The diagnosis was based on abdominal ultrasound, splenoportography and liver biopsy. Our study aimed to evaluate the role of splenectomy in non-cirrhotic portal hypertension. We conducted a retrospective study of 3 patients (2 women and 1 man) treated by our staff over the period January 2010 -September 2016. The diagnosis of idiopathic portal hypertension was based on the following criteria: portal hypertension, the presence of oesophageal varices associated with splenomegaly, the absence of cirrhosis or of other liver disorders responsible of portal hypertension. All patients underwent splenectomy. Outcome after splenectomy was marked by the standardization of clinical, radiological and biological signs of this disease associated with the absence of oesophageal varices recurrence. Splenectomy associated with ligation of oesophageal varices may be sufficient to treat this syndrome and especially its consequences without using splenorenal bypass.

  11. Foreword

    Héctor Cancela


    Full Text Available The 20th volume of the CLEI electronic journal includes six papers selected from an open call for papers on Natural Language Processing (NLP, processed by invited editors Gerardo Sierra and César Aguilar, and an additional regular paper. The NLP subject was suggested by Gabriela Marín and Antonio Leoni de León, the chairs of NLPCR 2016, the First Costa-Rican Colloquium on Natural Language Processing. The invited editors took care of the review process and the selection of the six papers, as discussed in their Preface which opens this issue. The additional regular paper is a contribution by Jose Aguilar, Guido Riofrío, and Eduardo Encalada, titled "Learning Analytics focused on student behavior. Case study: dropout in distance learning institutions", which focuses on the use of Learning Analytics for undestanding student behavior in the context of distance learning universities, particularly focuses on the students’ behavior, with the goal of identifying factors that influence the decision of a student to abandon their studies, predicting students susceptible to abandon their studies, and defining their motivational patterns. This issue, which opens the 20th volume of the journal, is a mark of the success of the mission of CLEIej as a vehicle for publishing Latin American based original research in subjects of international interest; we are glad to be able to develop this mission with the support of the researchers who kindly contribute their time as invited editors and reviewers of the papers received.

  12. The history and illustration of anatomy in the Middle Ages.

    Gurunluoglu, Raffi; Gurunluoglu, Aslin; Williams, Susan A; Cavdar, Safiye


    This article reviews the influence of key figures on the pictorial representation of anatomy and the evolution of anatomical illustration during the Middle Ages until the time of the Renaissance, based on medical history books, journals and ancient medical books. During the early period in the Middle Ages, most illustrations were traditional drawings of emblematic nature, oftentimes unrealistic, not only because the precise knowledge of anatomy was lacking but also because the objective was to elucidate certain principles for teaching purposes. Five figure-series that came down to us through ancient manuscripts and textbooks represent the best examples of such traditional illustrations. With the advent of human dissection in the 13th and 14th centuries, a significant transformation in the depiction of anatomy began to project the practice of human dissection, as we see in the works of Mondino de Luzzi, Henri de Mondeville and Guido de Vigevano. After the invention of book printing in the second half of the 15th century, the reproduction of books was commonly practised and the woodcut made multiplication of pictures easier. Peter of Abano, Hieronymous Brunschwig, Johannes de Ketham, Johannes Peyligk, Gregory Reisch, Magnus Hundt, Laurentius Phryesen and many more included several anatomical illustrations in their treatises that demonstrated the development of anatomical illustration during the later Middle Ages.

  13. Experience in open markets

    Bachman, G.; Way, R.; O'Donnell, J.


    The topic of discussion in this session was experience in open markets. The session was led by Guido Bachman, President of the Independent Power Producers' Society of Alberta (IPPSA), assisted by panel members Richard Way, Director of Energy Risk Management at TransAlta, John O'Donnell, Professor of Finance at Michigan State University, and Kelly Lail, Manager of Power Acquisition at B.C. Hydro. Way spoke of the experiences with market restructuring in Alberta, describing the consultative and legislative process which determined the structure of the Alberta Power Pool (APP). The Pool began operations in January 1996. Currently there are 33 participants from generators, to distributors and marketers. Supply and demand are managed by APP by setting an hourly price based on offers and bids. Both generators and distributors get the hourly pool price, so the input price and export price of the pool are the same, however, generators and distributors are free to enter into 'contract for difference' agreements. O'Donnell discussed the status of competition in Michigan. He stressed the importance of Ontario to the Michigan market, echoing the conviction of U.S. regulators that a freer economy works better. Kelly Lail spoke of the unbundling of B.C. Hydro into several generating, transmission and distribution companies in preparation for moving from exclusive service to exclusive wholesale competition. He predicted that the fierce competition will lead to a an industry shakeout, leaving only one big (B.C. Hydro) and a few niche players

  14. CERN Confirms commitment to Open Access


    The CERN Library Information desk.At a meeting on the Wednesday before Easter, the Executive Committee endorsed a policy of open access to all the laboratory's results, as expressed in the document ‘Continuing CERN action on Open Access' (, released by its Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB) earlier in the month. "This underlines CERN's commitment to sharing the excitement of fundamental research with as wide an audience as possible", said Guido Altarelli, current SIPB chairman. Open Access to scientific knowledge is today the goal of an increasing component of the worldwide scientific community. It is a concept, made possible by new electronic tools, which would bring enormous benefits to all readers by giving them free access to research results. CERN has implicitly supported such moves from its very beginning. Its Convention (, adopted in 1953, requires openness, stipulating that "......

  15. Mario Bunge, Systematic Philosophy and Science Education: An Introduction

    Matthews, Michael R.


    Mario Bunge was born in Argentina in 1919 and is now in his mid-90s. He studied atomic physics and quantum mechanics with Guido Beck (1903-1988), an Austrian refugee and student of Heisenberg. Additionally he studied modern philosophy in an environment that was a philosophical backwater becoming the first South American philosopher of science to be trained in science. His publications in physics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and the foundations of biology, are staggering in number, and include a massive 8-volume Treatise on Philosophy. The unifying thread of his scholarship is the constant and vigorous advancement of the Enlightenment Project, and criticism of cultural and academic movements that deny or devalue the core planks of the project: namely its naturalism, the search for truth, the universality of science, the value of rationality, and respect for individuals. At a time when specialisation is widely decried, and its deleterious effects on science, philosophy of science, educational research and science teaching are recognised, and at a time when `grand narratives' are thought both undesirable and impossible—it is salutary to appraise the fruits of one person's pursuit of the `Big' scientific and philosophical picture or grand narrative. In doing so this special issue brings together philosophers, physicists, biologists, sociologists, logicians, cognitive scientists, economists and mathematicians to examine facets of Mario Bunge's systematic philosophy and to appraise its contribution to important issues in current philosophy and, by implication, education.

  16. The temporal bones from Sima de los Huesos Middle Pleistocene site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain). A phylogenetic approach.

    Martínez, I; Arsuaga, J L


    Three well-preserved crania and 22 temporal bones were recovered from the Sima de los Huesos Middle Pleistocene site up to and including the 1994 field season. This is the largest sample of hominid temporal bones known from a single Middle Pleistocene site and it offers the chance to characterize the temporal bone morphology of an European Middle Pleistocene population and to study the phylogenetic relationships of the SH sample with other Upper and Middle Pleistocene hominids. We have carried out a cladistic analysis based on nine traits commonly used in phylogenetic analysis of Middle and Late Pleistocene hominids: shape of the temporal squama superior border, articular eminence morphology, contribution of the sphenoid bone to the median glenoid wall, postglenoid process projection, tympanic plate orientation, presence of the styloid process, mastoid process projection, digastric groove morphology and anterior mastoid tubercle. We have found two autapomorphies on the Home erectus temporal bone: strong reduction of the postglenoid process and absence of the styloid process. Modern humans, Neandertals and the Middle Pleistocene fossils from Europe and Africa constitute a clade characterized by a convex superior border of the temporal squama. The European Middle Pleistocene fossils from Sima de los Huesos, Petralona, Steinheim, Bilzingsleben and Castel di Guido share a Neandertal apomorphy: a relatively flat articular eminence. The fossils from Ehringsdorf, La Chaise Suardi and Biache-Saint-Vaast also display another Neandertal derived trait: an anteriorly obliterated digastric groove. Modern humans and the African Middle Pleistocene fossils share a synapomorphy: a sagittally orientated tympanic plate.

  17. “The Biennale of Dissent 1977” and Italian Architecture during the 1970s

    Luca Guido


    Full Text Available In 1977, “The Biennale of Dissent” was a significant event in the history of the anti-Soviet dissidence. In Italy during the 1970s intellectuals, artists and architects had many connections with Marxist theories and the Soviet Union, but their role, referred to in this event, appears complex and, on occasions, contradictory. The Italian cultural world mirrored a political situation, in which it became a duty to take up a position which opposed Italy’s Fascist past. Artistic and political opinions coincided. For this reason, in Italy the culture of dissidence led to a heated debate. One generation of architects was born in this context and few were able to think outside the box. The interpretation proposed for Italian architecture and the masters of the time should prompt a consideration of the current absence of Italian critics and architects in international debates.   Article received: December 16, 2016; Article accepted: January 13, 2017; Published online: April 20, 2017 Original scholarly paper How to cite this article: Guido, Luca. "'The Biennale of Dissent 1977' and Italian Architecture during the 1970s." AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 12 (2017: 17-28. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i12.164

  18. A review of the geologic sections and the faunal assemblages of Aurelian Mammal Age of Latium (Italy) in the light of a new chronostratigraphic framework

    Marra, F.; Nomade, S.; Pereira, A.; Petronio, C.; Salari, L.; Sottili, G.; Bahain, J.-J.; Boschian, G.; Di Stefano, G.; Falguères, C.; Florindo, F.; Gaeta, M.; Giaccio, B.; Masotta, M.


    The Aurelian Mammal Age for peninsular Italy was introduced on the basis of faunal assemblages mainly recovered at sites along the Via Aurelia west of Rome. These sites exposed a set of sedimentary deposits currently attributed to the Aurelia and to the Vitinia Formations correlated with MIS 9 and MIS 7, respectively. In the present paper we reconstruct the geologic-stratigraphic setting in the western sector of Rome within the wider context of glacio-eustatically controlled, geochronologically constrained aggradational successions defined for this region. We present a chronostratigraphic study based on dedicated field surveys, that, combined with five new 40Ar/39Ar ages and eighteen trace-element and EMP glass analyses of volcanic products, allow us to revise age and correlation with the Marine Isotopic Stages for 10 sites out of 12 previously attributed to the Aurelia Formation and the Torre in Pietra Faunal Unit. In particular, we demonstrate a MIS 13/MIS 11 age for several sections along the Via Aurelia between Malagrotta and Castel di Guido. Based on this new geochronological framework, the first occurrences of Canis lupus and Vulpes vulpes in Italy are antedated to MIS 11, within the Fontana Ranuccio Faunal Unit of the Galerian Mammal Age, consistent with the wider European context. This contribution is intended as the groundwork for a revision of the Middle Pleistocene Mammal Ages of the Italian peninsula, according to the improved chronostratigraphy of the geologic sections hosting the faunal assemblages.

  19. “See you soon” – a retrospective on the first LHC proton run

    CERN Bulletin


    With the LHC already a week into the ion run, the CERN Bulletin takes the opportunity to look at the progress made by the experiments during the LHC’s first proton run. In a series of interviews, the spokespersons from the five experiments take stock of the unprecedented success of the proton run.   The LHC in the style of Leonardo da Vinci © Sergio Cittolin Read on to share in their enthusiasm and discover what achievements their experiments are most proud of, as they discuss the uncharted areas they have already started to explore. The spokespersons - Fabiola Gianotti from ATLAS, Guido Tonelli from CMS, Jurgen Schukraft from ALICE, Andrei Golutvin from LHCb and Karsten Eggert from TOTEM - discuss the new understanding gained of their detectors, the “rediscovery” of the Standard Model, as well as the progress made in the search for supersymmetry and the Higgs boson. The experiments also look ahead to the Christmas technical stop, conside...

  20. The ethics of killing human/great-ape chimeras for their organs: a reply to Shaw et al.

    Palacios-González, César


    The aim of this paper is to critically examine David Shaw, Wybo Dondorp, and Guido de Wert's arguments in favour of the procurement of human organs from human/nonhuman-primate chimeras, specifically from great-ape/human chimeras. My main claim is that their arguments fail and are in need of substantial revision. To prove this I first introduce the topic, and then reconstruct Shaw et al.'s position and arguments. Next, I show that Shaw et al.: (1) failed to properly apply the subsidiarity and proportionality principles; (2) neglected species overlapping cases in their ethical assessment; (3) ignored the ethics literature on borderline persons; and (4) misunderstood McMahan's two-tiered moral theory. These mistakes render an important part of their conclusions either false or problematic to the point that they would no longer endorse them. Finally I will briefly mention a possible multipolar solution to the human organ shortage problem that would reduce the need for chimeras' organs.

  1. Non-photosynthetic mechanisms of growth reduction in pea (Pisum sativum L.) exposed to UV-B radiation

    Gonzalez, R.; Mepsted, R.; Wellburn, A.R.; Paul, N.D.


    Pisum sativum cv. Guido grown under controlled environment conditions was exposed to either low or high UV-B radiation (2·2 or 9·9 kJ m –2 d –1 plant-weighted UV-B, respectively). Low or high UV-B was maintained throughout growth (LL and HH treatments, respectively) or plants were transferred between treatments when 22 d old (giving LH and HL treatments). High UV-B significantly reduced plant dry weight and significantly altered plant morphology. The growth and morphology of plants transferred from low to high UV-B were little affected, when compared with those of LL plants. By contrast, plants moved from high to low UV-B showed marked increases in growth when compared with HH plants. This contrast between HL and LH appeared to be related to the effect of UV-B on plant development. Exposure to high UV-B throughout development consistently reduced leaf areas. In fully expanded leaves there was no significant UV-B effect on cell area and reduced leaf area could be attributed to reduced cell number, suggesting effects on leaf primordia. Further reductions in the leaf area of younger leaves were the result of the slower development rate of plants grown at high UV-B, which also resulted in significant reductions in leaf number. (author)

  2. General Relativity and Gravitation

    Ashtekar, Abhay; Berger, Beverly; Isenberg, James; MacCallum, Malcolm


    Part I. Einstein's Triumph: 1. 100 years of general relativity George F. R. Ellis; 2. Was Einstein right? Clifford M. Will; 3. Cosmology David Wands, Misao Sasaki, Eiichiro Komatsu, Roy Maartens and Malcolm A. H. MacCallum; 4. Relativistic astrophysics Peter Schneider, Ramesh Narayan, Jeffrey E. McClintock, Peter Mészáros and Martin J. Rees; Part II. New Window on the Universe: 5. Receiving gravitational waves Beverly K. Berger, Karsten Danzmann, Gabriela Gonzalez, Andrea Lommen, Guido Mueller, Albrecht Rüdiger and William Joseph Weber; 6. Sources of gravitational waves. Theory and observations Alessandra Buonanno and B. S. Sathyaprakash; Part III. Gravity is Geometry, After All: 7. Probing strong field gravity through numerical simulations Frans Pretorius, Matthew W. Choptuik and Luis Lehner; 8. The initial value problem of general relativity and its implications Gregory J. Galloway, Pengzi Miao and Richard Schoen; 9. Global behavior of solutions to Einstein's equations Stefanos Aretakis, James Isenberg, Vincent Moncrief and Igor Rodnianski; Part IV. Beyond Einstein: 10. Quantum fields in curved space-times Stefan Hollands and Robert M. Wald; 11. From general relativity to quantum gravity Abhay Ashtekar, Martin Reuter and Carlo Rovelli; 12. Quantum gravity via unification Henriette Elvang and Gary T. Horowitz.

  3. External meeting: KATRIN - direct measurement of neutrino masses with sub-eV sensitivity


    GENEVA UNIVERSITY - ECOLE DE PHYSIQUE Département de physique nucléaire et corspusculaire 24, Quai Ernest-Ansermet 1211 GENEVE 4 - Tél : 022 379 62 73 - Fax: 022 379 69 92 Wednesday 18 April 2007 PARTICLE PHYSICS SEMINAR at 17:00 - Stückelberg Auditorium KATRIN - direct measurement of neutrino masses with sub-eV sensitivity by Prof. Guido Drexlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT The major scientific objective of the international Karlsruhe Tritum Neutrino (KATRIN) Experiment is the model independent measurement of the electron neutrino mass in tritium beta decay with a sensitivity of 200 meV. In the cosmological context, this allows an investigation of whether massive relic neutrinos left over from the Big Bang play a specific role as hot dark matter in the evolution of large scale structures of the universe. In particle physics KATRIN will allow for discrimination between different neutrino mass models (either of quasi-degenerate or hierarchical pattern).The key components of KATRIN comprise...

  4. LHeC Workshop | 24-26 June 2015 | CERN and Chavannes-de-Bogis


    The next LHeC workshop will be taking place from 24-26 June, 2015. The workshop will open with a special colloquium at CERN on Wednesday, 24 June.    Note that the special, opening colloquium will be held on Wednesday, 24 June from 3 p.m. in the CERN Main Auditorium. Here is the programme of this special event: Herwig SCHOPPER Welcome 15:00 - 15:10 Sergio BERTOLUCCI The Development of the LHeC 15:10 - 15:30 Oliver BRUENING Accelerator Design 15:30 - 15:50 Erk JENSEN Concept of a High Intensity Energy Recovery Linac Facility 15:50 - 16:10 Coffee break 16:10 - 16:30 Monica D'ONOFRIO ep/A Physics at the Energy Frontier 16:30 - 17:00 Andrea GADDI Detectors for the LHeC and FCC-he 17:00 - 17:20 Guido ALTARELLI Importance of Deep Inelastic Scattering in the 21st century 17:20 - 17:40 Note that this special colloquium will be also webcast:  For more information, visit the Indico page of the event: https://indico.cer...

  5. Cercare mondi esplorazioni avventurose ai confini dell'universo

    Tonelli, Guido


    Abitiamo un sottile guscio sferico, di pochi chilometri di spessore, intorno alla superficie della Terra. Anche se esploriamo gli abissi più profondi dell'oceano o scaliamo le vette dell'Himalaya, il nostro regno ha dimensioni ridicole. Per questo, se riflettiamo su quelle dell'universo, ci resta una sensazione di lieve sgomento. Non solo. Il nostro piccolo mondo è anche popolato di chimere, fantasmi e terribili inganni: pensiamo che quello che percepiamo sia reale, invece tutto cambia appena ci allontaniamo dall'angolo tranquillo in cui si svolge la nostra esistenza. Quando cerchiamo di capire i fenomeni che si osservano nel meraviglioso tappeto di galassie che ricopre la volta stellata, o quelli che caratterizzano la materia nei suoi componenti elementari, dobbiamo rinunciare alle certezze che governano la nostra vita e intraprendere un viaggio vertiginoso che lascia senza fiato. Guido Tonelli, fisico al Cern di Ginevra e uno dei padri della scoperta del bosone di Higgs, ci fa compiere questo viaggio irri...

  6. Aspects of the history of X-ray therapy in Austria

    Wyklicky, H [Vienna Univ. (Austria). Inst. fuer Geschichte der Medizin


    Even before the turn of the century, the dermatologist Leopold Freund tried to treat a hairy naevus on the back of a child with the rays Roentgen had discovered in 1895 when all known forms of therapy had failed. Loss of hair, as desired, resulted therein. In order to prove that electric currents were not the effective agents, Freund abducted them and treated another part of the naevus pigmentosus piliferus, however, for a longer period in order to compensate for the supposed loss of energy. An ulcer resulted. A number of renowned researchers doubted the biological effect of the X-rays. Freund also began to doubt his original opinion and later even attacked his very own discovery. Only the findings of Robert Kienboeck after having carefully examined them, let Freund accept his former opinion again. Guido Holzknecht, recognized as a pioneer of X-ray diagnosis even before the First World War, occupied himself successfully with X-ray therapy under the influence of Kienboeck. He may be regarded as one of the world's first radiobiologists. Vincenz Czerny, of Austrian origin, and a pupil of Theodor Billroth, became a promotor of the X-ray therapy of malignant blastomas in Heidelberg. K.H. Kaercher, who has been head of the Department of Radiotherapy, Vienna University, for the past ten years is a graduate of this famous school.

  7. Extranjeras, de Helena Taberna: el ojo crítico del documental frente a la inmigración

    María Caballero Wangüemert


    Full Text Available “Cine e inmigración” es una iniciativa loable por muchos motivos y, desde aquí, quiero agradecérsela al coordinador, Guido Rings. Mi conexión con el cine, tras muchos años como fascinada espectadora del séptimo arte, derivó en la puesta en marcha de una asignatura de libre configuración, “Femenino plural: mujer, cine y literatura” que, con sus más y sus menos, llevo impartiendo doce años en la Universidad de Sevilla. Me ha dado muchas satisfacciones acercarme al alumno que descubre otro modo de ver/leer cine y me enseña a hacerlo, y conectar con el mundo de críticos, guionistas y directoras que, año tras año, pasan por mi asignatura transmitiendo su experiencia. En este contexto, me tentó Extranjeras (2003, un documental de 75 minutos en el que Helena Taberna trata de plasmar la vida cotidiana de quienes así son consideradas, un documental, en definitiva, sobre Madrid en femenino: femenina la cámara, femeninas las protagonistas.

  8. How assured is our future. Reflections on energy policy and economic change

    Brunner, G [Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (Belgium)


    What we need is not less growth but less waste. This is the only way to limit our energy consumption without causing an economic chaos. We will not be able to separate our modern industrial civilization from petroleum completely in the near future. But we must reduce this fatal dependence in order to regain our political, economic, and social freedom of handling. With this statement, Guido Brunner, on behalf of the Commission of the European Communities, turns against the thesis proclaimed loudly by all ideologists in the world that all problems of future energy supply could be solved if only the industrial nations were willing to do without the industrial growth which they state to be unnecessary. Brunner expects considerable investment efforts by the Community in order to develop alternatives to petroleum. In the European Community we will need, according to Brunner, during the next 10 years, at least 500 million dollar a in order to make possible the necessary investments for increased saving and finding of alternative sources. While we are today using approx. 2% of the gross social product for energy investments, in the future gradually approx. 12% of the national income will have to be used for energy investments world wide.

  9. uma renovação no conceito das exposições escolares (1943

    Dulce Regina Baggio Osinski


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza la primera Exposición de Dibujo Infantil y Juvenil realizada Curitiba/PR, en 1943, y sus relaciones con las tendencias modernas en arte y educación. El evento involucró intelectuales y artistas como Raul Gomes, Erasmo Pilotto, Helena Kolody y Guido Viaro, además de las profesoras en formación y alumnos de escuelas públicas y privadas. Defendiendo la libertad de expresión y la individualidad del niño, el proyecto de la exposición justificaba su importancia por su carácter científico, con base en investigaciones sobre el dibujo infantil, realizadas en psicología por Luquet, Rouma y Rabello, así como en las conclusiones del Congreso de Enseñanza de Dibujo de París, de 1937. Como fuentes se utilizaron los diarios impresos O Dia y la Gazeta do Povo .

  10. El nacimiento imperfecto de las cosas la gran búsqueda de la partícula de Dios y la nueva física que cambiará el mundo

    Tonelli, Guido


    Si todo nació con la materia, debemos comprender los múltiples detalles de ese episodio crucial. Con este objetivo, el CERN creó el LHC cerca de Ginebra, el acelerador de partículas más potente del planeta, el dispositivo que mejor recrea las condiciones iniciales del universo. Así hemos conseguido capturar «la partícula de Dios» y por eso seguimos investigando. Hemos de entender mejor cómo apareció todo y cómo tendrá fin nuestra historia: si envueltos en el frío y las tinieblas, o con una catástrofe cósmica que al menos nos concedería el privilegio de un último acto espectacular. Con la audacia de los grandes exploradores, Guido Tonelli, uno de los principales guías de ese grupo de físicos visionarios, nos cuenta qué significa asomarse a los límites del conocimiento para descubrir cómo fue el inicio del mundo y cómo tal vez será su final.




    Full Text Available The appearance of musicology as a science is due yo Guido Adler’s foundation act of 1885. The dialectical formulation of musicology as an interaction between systematic and historical disciplines were to confer it sufficien methodological force so that the newly invented science could become practicable as soon as possible. Historically being a descendant of the German historical method (Leopold von Ranke and the one contemporary with positivism (Auguste Comte, musicology affirms itself quickly as an academic discipline (begun by Wilhelm von Humboldt and takes in both sociology (Max Weber and hermeneutics (Hermann Kretzschmar as constituent disciplines. In one sense, musicology presented itself as an open conceptual system, permeable to the evolutionary changes of the thinking field and musical practices and, in a second sense, the methodology of systematic conceptual organization was oriented towards the university teaching field as an offer for pedagogical and research activities. In our text, we propose a hipothesis of approaching the conceptual system of musicology as a cosubstantional system of botn the constituent parts — the systematic and the historical ones, in such a way motivating and explaining its dialectical-evolutionary nature.

  12. The first book museums in Italy

    Andrea De Pasquale


    Full Text Available Just before the advent of Fascism, in Turin, in the nearby town of Carmagnola and in Florence were born the first Italian examples of book museums. It was early and exceptional experiments of valorizing of book history and of the ancient techniques of manufacturing manuals in a time of great innovation. The first, called the National Museum of the book, was opened in 1913 as a result of the exhibition of the history of printing held during the Universal Exhibition of 1911; the second, created in 1921, was the result of collecting a notable family that took up the typographic tradition of Carmagnola old more than 4 centuries; the third, said Museum of books and illumination, was the result of the exploitation of the extraordinary collections of the Medici library and of the policy pursued by the Director Guido Biagi. Of such museums, outlining the events that led to their creation, only the museum in Carmagnola has come to this day, while the others for various reasons, were closed and never reconstituted. The contribution also provides an opportunity to reflect on the creation of a new museum of the book in Italy at a time when libraries lack visibility into the organization of the Ministry of cultural heritage, which could be distributed and polycentric in the offices of the State libraries in Rome, with its hub at the National Central Library.

  13. HIV Pathogenesis: Abstracts from the March 2017 Cleveland Immunopathogenesis Consortium Meeting

    Michael M. Lederman


    Full Text Available The Cleveland Immunopathogenesis Consortium (CLIC was launched in March 2004 by a small group of investigators (Ron Bosch, Jason Brenchley,  Steven Deeks, Danny Douek, Zvi Grossman, Robert Kalayjian, Clifford Harding, Michael Lederman, Leonid Margolis, Miguel Quinones, Benigno Rodriguez, Rafick Sekaly, Scott Sieg, and Guido Silvestri who were increasingly persuaded that immune activation was an important driver of HIV pathogenesis. We met around a chalk board and scribbled our models of pathogenesis, designed some experiments then went back home to do them. We met again soon to review our new and unpublished findings that refined and shaped these models. The data presentations were short, informal and heavy on discussion. The model worked well, the consortium was productive and the meetings catalyzed numerous collaborations and scores of high impact papers. The CLIC (less formally, the Bad Boys of Cleveland [1] has been meeting regularly since then. Consortium membership has expanded to include other investigators (some are listed in the presentations below. Whether the goal is to prevent the morbid complications of HIV infection, to understand the determinants of HIV persistence or the factors that protect from acquisition of infection, a more clear understanding of HIV immunopathogenesis is central. Here in this issue of Pathogens and Immunity is a brief summary of the most recent CLIC//BBC meeting held in Cleveland in March 2017.

  14. Conjunctions in ELF academic discourse: a corpus-based analysis

    Laura Centonze


    Full Text Available Abstract – Conjunctions as fundamental elements in the construction of discourse cohesion represent a relatively neglected research area, due to their complexity and the bewildering number of “conjunctive relations” (Halliday and Hasan 1976: 226 that they may express in context, as also highlighted in Christiansen (2011. In addition to this, there does not seem to be a shared view as far as the classification and denomination of the different kinds of conjunctions are concerned (cf. Halliday and Hasan 1976; Vande Kopple 1985; Martin and Rose 2003; Hyland 2005b. The selection of a specific type of conjunction acquires more importance because they are typically open to so many different interpretations, especially when the participants in the speech event come from diverse lingua-cultural backgrounds (cf. Guido 2007; Guido 2008; Cogo et al. 2011.Following the taxonomy provided by Halliday and Hasan (1976 for conjunctions, our study attempts to shed light on the usage of conjunctions by ELF speakers in specific contexts. We shall consider ten transcripts taken from the VOICE Corpus (Seidlhofer et. al 2013, namely five interviews and five conversations in multicultural academic contexts (approximately 4,000 words each, and analyze the number of instances for each type of conjunction (additive, adversative, clausal, temporal as well as continuatives in depth, by adopting a quantitative as well as a qualitative method and by using TextSTAT 2.9 (Huning 2012. We shall then move on to the analysis of conjunctions with respect to their internal properties/collocates and eventually see the occurrence of conjunctions by comparing them with the two different speech events which are chosen as the subject of our study, i.e. interviews and conversations. We shall see the extent to which certain conjunctions are more restricted than others in terms of usage (cf. Leung 2005 in both types of speech events, despite the great number of options available to the

  15. Modes, tempo and spatial variability of Cenozoic cratonic denudation: morphoclimatic constraints from West Africa

    Beauvais, Anicet; Chardon, Dominique


    variability in the estimates of local relief and denudation rates for several time spans defined between selected paleosurfaces in the sequence. Denudation rates, ranging from ~ 4 m to ~ 25 m Ma-1, reflect overall acceleration of erosion rates in the Neogene. The observed space-time variability of the denudation rates suggest the interplay of (1) duration and intensity of climatically driven physical erosion periods, (2) absolute elevation and position of the considered sites with respect to the main continental divides, and (3) potential reorganization of the large-scale drainage. The results provide a new perspective for the detection, dating and quantification of subtle epeirogenic movements in West Africa, once combined with the sedimentary record of Cenozoic intracratonic and coastal basins. [1] Beauvais, A., Ruffet, G., Hénocque, O., Colin, F., 2008. Chemical and physical erosion rhythms of the West African Cenozoic morphogenesis: The 39Ar-40Ar dating of supergene K-Mn oxides. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surface 113, F04007, doi :10.1029/2008JF000996. [2] Brown, E.T., Bourlès, D.L., Colin, F., Sanfo, Z., Raisbeck, G.M., Yiou, F., 1994. The development of iron crust lateritic systems in Burkina Faso, West Africa examined with in-situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides. Earth Planet. Sci. Letters 124, 19-33. [3] Colin, F., Beauvais, A., Ruffet, G., Hénocque, O., 2005. First 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of lateritic manganiferous pisolites: Implications for the palaeogene history of a West African landscape. Earth Planet. Sci. letters 238, 172-188. [4] Vasconcelos, P.M., 1999. K-Ar and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of weathering processes. Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 27, 183-229.

  16. Pastorale begeleiding van kinders wat rou

    Wentzel C. Coetzer


    Full Text Available In die literatuur word dikwels na kinders as die sogenaamde ‘forgotten grievers’ verwys. Wat pastorale berading betref is daar in die verlede tydens sterfgevalle in ’n gesin soms meer op die volwassenes as op die kinders gefokus. Verliese wat egter nie tydens die kinderjare verwerk word nie, het ’n impak op die res van so ’n persoon se lewe. In hierdie artikel word die belangrikheid van kinders as volle lede van die geloofsgemeenskap (ook wat hulle emosies betref beklemtoon. Aspekte soos die sinvraag, die beskermende- en helende effek van spiritualiteit en geloof, asook die belangrikheid van ’n Skrifgedeelte soos Lukas 18:15–17 met betrekking tot kleiner kinders kom vervolgens aan die orde. Die belangrikheid van die integrering van spiritualiteit en kreatiewe, ekspressiewe tegnieke en strategieë word ook uitgelig. Voorbeelde van laasgenoemde tegnieke word vervolgens aan die orde gestel terwyl ’n aantal praktiese riglyne ten opsigte van geloofsaspekte ter begeleiding van die kind wat ’n verlies ervaar het, ook daarna aandag geniet. Pastoral care of grieving children. Literature often refers to children as the so called forgotten grievers. In the past, during deaths in a family, pastoral counselling was sometimes more focused on the adults than on children. However, losses that are not processed during childhood will have an impact on the rest of such a person’s life. In this article, the importance of children as full members of the community of faith (also regarding their emotions is emphasised. Aspects such as the question on meaning, the protective and healing effect of spirituality and faith, and the importance of a passage like Luke 18:15–17 with respect to smaller children are discussed. The importance of the integration of spirituality and creative expressive techniques and strategies are also explored. Examples of the latter techniques are discussed, while a number of practical guidelines on religious issues for

  17. Cultural Aspects in the Shona Monolingual Dictionary Duramazwi Guru reChiShona*

    Nomalanga Mpofu


    Full Text Available

    Abstract: In the compilation of dictionaries, lexicographers also take cognisance of the culture which is inherent in a language. This article will look at the way the cultural aspect is interwoven in the practice of dictionary making. Language is at the core of culture and it is the major vehicle for the transmission of a people's beliefs and values. Language is also an expression of social struc-tures and attitudes. No culture can exist which does not have a natural language at its centre. A language thus reflects a particular culture. Culture in this article will be taken to mean whatever a person must know in order to function in a particular society (Wardhaugh 1998: 215. The article will look at two aspects: (1 the interrelationship between language and culture and its bearing on lexicography; and (2 the treatment of cultural aspects in Duramazwi Guru reChiShona (2001. Examples used in this article are drawn from the advanced Shona monolingual dictionary Duramazwi Guru reChiShona, and other Shona dictionaries, both monolingual and bilingual.


    Opsomming: Kulturele aspekte in die Sjona- eentalige woordeboek. By die samestelling van woordeboeke neem leksikograwe ook kennis van die kultuur wat inherent aan 'n taal is. Hierdie artikel sal kyk na die manier waarop die kulturele aspek verweef is met die praktyk van woordeboekmaak. Taal lê aan die kern van kultuur en dit is die hoofmedium vir die oordrag van 'n volk se opvattings en waardes. Taal is ook 'n uitdrukking van sosiale strukture en houdings. Geen kultuur kan bestaan wat nie 'n natuurlike taal as middelpunt het nie. 'n Taal weerspieël gevolglik 'n bepaalde kultuur. Kultuur in hierdie artikel sal verstaan word om alles te beteken wat 'n persoon moet weet om in 'n betrokke maatskappy te funksioneer

  18. Mecanismos do ciclo sono-vigília Sleep-wake cycle mechanisms

    Flávio Alóe


    Full Text Available Três sub-divisões hipotalâmicas são importantes no ciclo sono-vigília: o hipotálamo anterior (núcleos gabaérgicos e núcleos supraquiasmáticos, o hipotálamo posterior (núcleo túbero-mamilar histaminérgico e o hipotálamo lateral (sistema hipocretinas. O sistema gabaérgico inibitório do núcleo pré-óptico ventro-lateral (VLPO do hipotálamo anterior é responsável pelo início e manutenção do sono NREM. Os neurônios supraquiasmáticos (NSQs do hipotálamo anterior são responsáveis pelo ritmo circadiano do ciclo sono-vigília. Os núcleos aminérgicos, histaminérgicos, as hipocretinas e núcleos colinérgicos do prosencéfalo basal apresentam-se ativos durante a vigília, inibindo o núcleo pré-óptico ventro-lateral, promovendo a vigília. O processo de inibição-estimulação é a base do modelo da interação recíproca entre os grupos de células wake-off-sleep-on e células wake-off-sleep-on reguladores do ciclo sono-vigília. O modelo da interação recíproca também se aplica aos núcleos colinérgicos (células REM-on e aminérgicos (células REM-off do tronco cerebral no controle temporal do sono REM-NREM.Neurochemically distinct systems interact regulating sleep and wakefulness. Wakefulness is promoted by aminergic, acetylcholinergic brainstem and hypothalamic systems. Each of these arousal systems supports wakefulness and coordinated activity is required for alertness and EEG activation. Neurons in the pons and preoptic area control rapid eye movement and non-rapid eye movement sleep. Mutual inhibition between these wake- and sleep-regulating systems generate behavioral states. An up-to-date understanding of these systems should allow clinicians and researchers to better understand the effects of drugs, lesions, and neurologic disease on sleep and wakefulness.

  19. Alterações agudas dos níveis de neurotransmissores em corpo estriado de ratos jovens após estado epiléptico induzido por pilocarpina Acute alterations of neurotransmitters levels in striatum of young rat after pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus

    Rivelilson Mendes de Freitas


    Full Text Available Altas doses de agonista colinérgico muscarínico, pilocarpina, produzem alterações comportamentais, convulsões e estado epiléptico em ratos. O objetivo desse estudo foi verificar as alterações nas concentrações dos neurotransmissores em corpo estriado de ratos em desenvolvimento após estado epiléptico induzido pela pilocarpina. Ratas Wistar foram tratadas com uma única dose de pilocarpina (400mg/Kg; s.c.. Controles receberam salina. A concentração dos neurotransmissores foi determinada através do HPLC, no corpo estriado de ratos que no período de observação de 1 e 24h desencadearam estado epiléptico e não sobreviveram à fase aguda do quadro convulsivo. Foi observada redução nos níveis de dopamina, serotonina, ácido dihidroxifenilacético, ácido 5-hidroxiindolacético, e aumento no ácido 4-hidroxi-3-metoxi-fenilacético. Os resultados mostraram que a ativação do sistema colinérgico pode interagir com os sistemas dopaminérgico e serotonérgico nos mecanismos referentes à fase aguda do processo convulsivo.High doses of the muscarinic cholinergic agonist, pilocarpine, result in behavioural changes, seizures and status epilepticus in rats. The purpose of the present work is to invetigate the striatal neurotransmissors level in young rats after status epilepticus induced by pilocarpine. Wistar rats were treated with a single dose of pilocarpine (400mg/Kg; s.c.. Controls received saline. Young animals were closed observed for behavioural changes during 1 and 24h. In these periods, the animals that developed status epilepticus and didn't survive this acute phase of seizures had the brains removed and striatal neurotransmissors level determined by HPLC. The concentration of dopamine, serotonine, dihydroxyphenylacetic acid, 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid was reduced and an increase in 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-phenylacetic acid was observed. These results suggest that cholinergic activation can interage with dopaminergic and

  20. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    upland Southeast Asia. (Guido Sprenger Guido Sprenger, Die Männer, die den Geldbaum fällten; Konzepte von Austausch und Gesellschaft bei den Rmeet von Takheung, Laos. (Oliver Tappe Review Essay Two books on East Timor. Carolyn Hughes, Dependent communities; Aid and politics in Cambodia and East Timor. David Mearns (ed., Democratic governance in Timor-Leste; Reconciling the local and the national. (Helene van Klinken Review Essay Two books on Islamic terror Zachary Abuza, Political Islam and violence in Indonesia. Noorhaidi Hasan, Laskar jihad; Islam, militancy, and the quest for identity in post-New Order Indonesia. (Gerry van Klinken Korte Signaleringen Janneke van Dijk, Jaap de Jonge en Nico de Klerk, J.C. Lamster, een vroege filmer in Nederlands-Indië. Griselda Molemans en Armando Ello, Zwarte huid, oranje hart; Afrikaanse KNIL-nazaten in de diaspora. Reisgids Indonesië; Oorlogsplekken 1942-1949. Hilde Janssen, Schaamte en onschuld; Het verdrongen oorlogsverleden van troostmeisjes in Indonesië. Jan Banning, Comfort women/Troostmeisjes. (Harry Poeze

  1. Registro faunístico Pleistoceno Antiguo de Atapuerca (Burgos

    Aguirre, Emiliano


    Full Text Available Faunal lists are presented of the successive beds, either excavated or sampled, in four different sections of the localities at Atapuerca and lbeas de Juarros, Burgos. Considerations follow on the climate and other ecological conditions which may have influenced fossil preservation and the paleofaunal composition of each bed. Correlations are considered between the different sections of Atapuerca and European local fauna. Lower beds of Gran Dolina (TD.3-6 and Penal (TP.3-7 yield abundant remains of a known faunal association lasting with little change from late Early Pleistocene (after Jaramillo to the West-Runton Freshwater Beds (Cromer Forest Beds. The upper beds of Atapuerca in Gran Dolina (TD.10-11 and the 'Tres Simas' complex (CTS3 are correlated on the ground of their faunal assemblages with those of the mid-upper Middle Pleistocene of Europe, La Fage, Bilzingsleben, Swanscombe, Steinheim 2, Castel di Guido, Malagrotta, Ehringsdorf, which may be correlated to OIS episode 9, or 7. The intermediate beds of Gran Dolina (TD.7-8 have not yet been excavated; the excavation of the intermediate unit of the Tres Simas Complex (CTS.2 was started on/y recently, so that the present author only knows its faunal content from early sampling.It can be predicted that these assemblages, when recovered, will resemble those known from Mauer, L'Escale, Belle-Roche, Cava Pompi, Arago, Lunel-Viel, Westbury 2, which represent major faunal changes in Europe over 500 kaBP and about 400 kaBP. The fossil humans and associated remains in «Sima de los Huesos» probably correspond to that median part of the Middle Pleistocene. Additional considerations deal with ecological factors that may have influenced the European faunal associations over that time span, with archaeological remains related lo them. Changes are shown, and questions posed for future research.

    Se presentan listas paleofaunísticas provisionales de cortes distintos en las localidades de

  2. PhD Dissertations Tesi di dottorato

    Redazione Reti Medievali (a cura di


    Full Text Available Report of PhD Dissertations.Guido Antonioli Conservator pacis et iustitie. La signoria di Taddeo Pepoli a Bologna (1337-1347, Tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Filologia romanza e cultura medievale (XIII ciclo, Università degli Studi di Bologna, 2001   Elisabetta Filippini «In vassallatico episcopi permanere debent». Rapporti vassallatici e concessioni beneficiali dei vescovi di Cremona fra X e XIII secolo, Tesi di dottorato di Ricerca in Storia Medievale (XV ciclo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, 2003   Marco Meschini, Innocenzo III e il "negotium pacis et fidei" in Linguadoca tra il 1198 e il 1215, Tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Storia medievale, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 2003   Fabrizio Ricciardelli The Politics of Exclusion in Florence (1215-1434, thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History, University of Warwick, Department of History, April 2003 Renata Salvarani Baptizare pueros et decimas dare. Cura delle anime, strutturazione ecclesiastica e organizzazione delle campagne in area gardesana fra VIII e XIII secolo (diocesi di Brescia, Verona, Mantova e Trento, Tesi di dottorato in Storia medievale (XV ciclo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, 2002-2003   Vito Sibilio Le parole della prima crociata, Tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Storia dei centri delle vie e della cultura dei pellegrinaggi nel medioevo euromediterraneo, Università degli studi di Lecce, 2003Segnalazione di tesi di dottorato. Guido Antonioli Conservator pacis et iustitie. La signoria di Taddeo Pepoli a Bologna (1337-1347, Tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Filologia romanza e cultura medievale (XIII ciclo, Università degli Studi di Bologna, 2001   Elisabetta Filippini «In vassallatico episcopi permanere debent». Rapporti vassallatici e concessioni beneficiali dei vescovi di Cremona fra X e XIII secolo, Tesi di dottorato di Ricerca in Storia Medievale (XV

  3. Factores de riesgo aterogénico en adolescentes de secundaria básica Atherogenic risk factors in adolescents from secondary basic school

    Marlene Ferrer Arrocha


    Full Text Available INTRODUCCIÓN. El objetivo de este trabajo fue identificar factores de riesgo aterogénico, en adolescentes de secundaria básica, y establecer las relaciones entre esta variable y sus variaciones según edad y sexo. MÉTODOS. Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, transversal en una población de 347 adolescentes de la secundaria básica «Guido Fuentes», del policlínico «Héroes del Moncada» (Plaza de la Revolución. Se registró los datos en el modelo de recolección del dato primario del Centro de Investigaciones y Referencias de la Habana (CIRAH. Se realizaron mensuraciones del peso, talla, circunferencia de la cintura y de la cadera. Se evalúo el estado nutricional por percentiles de índice de masa corporal y el índice cintura-cadera por percentiles. Las cifras de tensión arterial se clasificaron de acuerdo con los percentiles de tensión arterial ajustados para edad, sexo y talla. RESULTADOS. El 9 % de los adolescentes presentó cifras de tensión arterial por encima de las normales. Hubo relación significativa entre la hipertensión y la obesidad y la circunferencia de la cintura. En el 100 % de los pacientes que tenían asociados obesidad e hipertensión, se recogieron antecedentes familiares de enfermedad aterosclerótica antes de los 55 años. CONCLUSIONES. Se identificó gran número de adolescentes con alteraciones del peso corporal y quedó demostrada una fuerte asociación entre la hipertensión arterial, la obesidad y la circunferencia de la cintura. La mayor parte de los adolescentes con factores de riesgo identificados presentaron antecedentes familiares de enfermedad aterosclerótica antes de los 55 años de edad.INTRODUCTION. The aim of this paper is to identify atherogenic risk factors in adolescents from secondary basic school and to establish the relations between this variable and its variations according to age and sex. METHODS. A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in a population of 347 adolescents

  4. Storytelling Permutations in the Performance of Life Narrative Betty Roland's Caviar for Breakfast.

    Maureen Clark


    Full Text Available Throughout her life, Australian storyteller and playwright Betty Roland (1903-1996 was haunted by the lure of travel. Roland's extensive body of work reflects experiences in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union in the 1930s, the UK in the 1950s and Greece in the 1960s and charts the evolution of a personal and political philosophy marked by world-wide social upheaval. Caviar for Breakfast (1979 revised 1989, the second volume of Roland's autobiographical trilogy, is the subject of this paper. When taken together, the three books provide a fascinating insight into the values and ideas of the mushrooming modern cultures in which Roland travelled, worked and lived. Caviar for Breakfast retraces Roland's adventures in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union where she spent fifteen months during 1933-34 with her then lover, Guido Baracchi, a wealthy Marxist scholar. The narrative takes its life from the contents of a diary maintained by Roland during that time and her introductory remarks convey the notion that, what follows, is not a literary enterprise of the imagination. The author insists that Caviar for Breakfast is a first-hand account of past realities and not only does her diary hold the ordering of events together, but is the purveyor of truth. The truth status of the diary as a mode of representation is widely accepted in Western culture. This paper argues, however, that it is impossible for any transcription of a life to enjoy a one-to-one ratio with 'what actually happened' as it is for a ghost to re-enter a world which fully resembles the one it left. It is well within the capacity of any imaginative storyteller to construct a counterfeit, or simulated, sense of reality whether or not s/he works with the diary mode of representation.

  5. [Scale effect of Nanjing urban green infrastructure network pattern and connectivity analysis.

    Yu, Ya Ping; Yin, Hai Wei; Kong, Fan Hua; Wang, Jing Jing; Xu, Wen Bin


    Based on ArcGIS, Erdas, GuidosToolbox, Conefor and other software platforms, using morphological spatial pattern analysis (MSPA) and landscape connectivity analysis methods, this paper quantitatively analysed the scale effect, edge effect and distance effect of the Nanjing urban green infrastructure network pattern in 2013 by setting different pixel sizes (P) and edge widths in MSPA analysis, and setting different dispersal distance thresholds in landscape connectivity analysis. The results showed that the type of landscape acquired based on the MSPA had a clear scale effect and edge effect, and scale effects only slightly affected landscape types, whereas edge effects were more obvious. Different dispersal distances had a great impact on the landscape connectivity, 2 km or 2.5 km dispersal distance was a critical threshold for Nanjing. When selecting the pixel size 30 m of the input data and the edge wide 30 m used in the morphological model, we could get more detailed landscape information of Nanjing UGI network. Based on MSPA and landscape connectivity, analysis of the scale effect, edge effect, and distance effect on the landscape types of the urban green infrastructure (UGI) network was helpful for selecting the appropriate size, edge width, and dispersal distance when developing these networks, and for better understanding the spatial pattern of UGI networks and the effects of scale and distance on the ecology of a UGI network. This would facilitate a more scientifically valid set of design parameters for UGI network spatiotemporal pattern analysis. The results of this study provided an important reference for Nanjing UGI networks and a basis for the analysis of the spatial and temporal patterns of medium-scale UGI landscape networks in other regions.

  6. In vitro diagnosis of sepsis: a review

    Guido M


    Full Text Available Marcello Guido,1 Maria Rosaria Tumolo,2 Antonella De Donno,1 Tiziano Verri,3 Francesca Serio,1 Francesco Bagordo,1 Antonella Zizza2 1Laboratory of Hygiene, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Sciences, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy; 2National Research Council, Institute of Clinical Physiology, 3Laboratory of Physiology, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Sciences, University of Salento, Lecce, ItalyAbstract: Sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock, systemic inflammatory response, and other related manifestations represent a relevant medical problem with high morbidity and mortality, despite the improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures over the last few decades. The limited knowledge of the pathophysiology in association with the lack of in vitro diagnostic methods for the certain and quick determination of the causative microbiological agents and their antibiotic resistance means the condition is still critical and of high impact in health care. The current gold standard method to detect the sepsis-causing pathogens, which is based on blood culture, is still insufficiently sensitive and slow. The new culture-independent molecular biology-based techniques can lead to the identification of a broad range of microorganisms and resistance markers within a few hours and with high sensitivity and specificity; nevertheless, limitations of, for example, the polymerase chain reaction-based methods still hamper their application in the clinical routine. This review summarizes the in vitro diagnostic methods and their approach in the clinical diagnosis of the bloodstream infections, and explores their advantages and disadvantages at the current state of the art. A quick analysis of the future prospective in multiplex technologies for microbiological diagnosis of sepsis is also provided. Keywords: PCR, PCR/ESI-MS, microarray, MALDI-TOF, next

  7. Place de la splénectomie dans la prise en charge de l’hypertension portale non cirrhotique: à propos de 3 cas

    Belhamidi, Mohamed Said; Hammi, Salah Eddine; Bouzroud, Mohamed; Benmoussa, Mustapha; ali, Abdelmounaim Ait; Bounaim, Ahmed


    L’hypertension portale non cirrhotique est une affection décrite pour la première fois par Guido BANTI en 1898 comme une affection associant une hypertension portale avec splénomégalie et anémie sur foie sain. Le diagnostic repose sur l’échographie abdominale, la splénoportographie et la biopsie hépatique. Le but de notre travail est d’évaluer la place de la splénectomie dans l’hypertension portale non cirrhotique à travers une étude rétrospective portant sur 3 malades dont 2 femmes et un homme pris en charge dans notre formation entre Janvier 2010 et Septembre 2016. Le diagnostic de l’hypertension portale idiopathique a été basé sur les critères suivants : une hypertension portale, la présence des varices oesophagiènnes avec une splénomégalie, l’absence de cirrhose ou d’autres affections hépatiques responsables de l’hypertension portale. La splénectomie a été réalisée chez les 3 malades. L’évolution après la splénectomie était marquée par la normalisation des signes cliniques, radiologiques et biologiques de cette affection, avec absence de récidive des varices œsophagiennes. La splénectomie associée à la ligature des varices œsophagiennes pourraient être suffisantes pour traiter ce syndrome et surtout ses conséquences sans avoir recours à une dérivation spléno-rénale. PMID:29255554

  8. Anaphora in question-answer sessions in university ELF contexts.

    Thomas Wulstan Christiansen


    Full Text Available Abstract - Identity chains (Hasan 1984 ˗ strings of co-referential noun phrases ˗ constitute a lesser researched area in the field of ELF, as has the more general area of cohesion (but see Hüttner 2009, Christiansen 2011. Following on the work on anaphora of such scholars as Reinhart (1983 and Cornish (1999, and on cohesion (e.g. Halliday and Hasan 1976, Halliday 2004, Christiansen (2009a/b, 2011 focuses on the link between text cohesion and discourse coherence. The interactive perspective of discourse (seen as the process of which text is the product: see Widdowson 1984: 100 is especially relevant to an ELF context of spontaneous spoken interaction. As Guido (2008 evidences, different inter-cultural concerns constitute a crucial dimension to the complex multi-code interaction. Consequently, the diverse ways in which speakers from different L1 backgrounds employ anaphors and construct identity chains are key elements in the co-construction of a dialogic text. In this case study, six extracts of transcripts taken from the VOICE corpus (2011 of conference question and answer sessions set in multicultural contexts are analysed qualitatively. The different ways that participants construct identity chains (e.g. whether they use full forms of various kinds or anaphoric pro-forms are classified. The analysis focuses on both how individual anaphors are resolved and how relations between anaphors and antecedent triggers are encoded, and how identity chains are constructed and organized individually. The objective is to identify which kinds of noun phrase (various subtypes of full and pro-forms are used by diverse groups of EFL speakers both in relation to their own contributions and to those of other speakers (with a threefold distinction made between the same turn of the same speaker, a different turn of the same speaker, and a different turn by a different speaker.

  9. Autonomy by Drawing: Gianugo Polesello on Route ’66

    Giovanni Corbellini


    Full Text Available This article questions the revival of ‘La Tendenza’ in the recent architectural debate, taking the work of Gianugo Polesello as a privileged vantage point. The Italian architect – along with Aldo Rossi, Giorgio Grassi, Guido Canella and other protagonists of that approach – taught in the Venetian PhD programme attended by the author, who recalls here his first-hand experience. The economic, ecological, and social crisis we are dealing with has generated, in academic discussions, a widespread re-emergence of political engagement, felt as a necessary alternative to the neo-liberal pensée unique that has dominated recent decades. Various important theoretical contributions from mid-1960s, such as the ambiguous mixture of populism and formal research, of radicalism and reactions against modernism, are therefore back in the architectural debate. Among the several approaches produced by that agitated moment, the Italian movement ‘La Tendenza’ contributed to redefine the disciplinary field in terms of language and autonomy, shifting its focus from design to composition and from the transformative attitude of the zeitgeist to a continuity with existing typo-morphological contexts. Gianugo Polesello, a partner in some early projects of Aldo Rossi – main protagonist of that movement – and a member, with Rossi and other young architects, of the journal Casabella’s ‘think tank’, shared that theoretical operation, conducted, however, through a more explicit and precise medium: architectural design or, more precisely, architectural drawing applied to design. His approach provides an interesting vantage, able to shed some light on a period and a generation that, at a closer look, appear less coherent than their latest reconstructions.

  10. The true cost of the economic crisis on psychological well-being: a review

    Van Hal G


    Full Text Available Guido Van Hal Medical Sociology and Health Policy, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium Abstract: The recent economic crisis has led to many negative consequences, not the least having to do with the mental health and well-being of the populations involved. Although some researchers say it is still too early to speak about a relationship between the economic crisis and a rise in mental health problems resulting in suicides, there is solid evidence for the existence of such a relationship. However, several moderating or mediating mechanisms can also play a role. The main reactions of most policy makers to the economic crisis are (severe austerity measures. These measures seem to have, however, a detrimental effect on the mental health of the population: Just when people have the highest need for mental help, cost-cutting measures in the health care sector lead to a (substantial drop in the supply of services for the prevention, early detection, and cure of mental health problems. Policy makers should support moderating mechanisms such as financial and psychological coping and acculturation and the role of primary health care workers in the early detection of suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and suicide in times of economic recession. Several examples show that the countries best off regarding the mental health of their populations during the economic crisis are those countries with the strongest social safety net. Therefore, instead of cutting back on health care and social welfare measures, policy makers should in the future invest even more in social protection measures during economic crises. Keywords: economic recession, mental health, suicide, social protection, austerity, review

  11. Developments in managing severe chronic pain: role of oxycodone–naloxone extended release

    Fanelli G


    Full Text Available Guido Fanelli,1 Andrea Fanelli2 1Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, University of Parma, Parma, 2Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, Policlinico S Orsola-Malpighi, Bologna, Italy Abstract: Chronic pain is a highly disabling condition, which can significantly reduce patients’ quality of life. Prevalence of moderate and severe chronic pain is high in the general population, and it increases significantly in patients with advanced cancer and older than 65 years. Guidelines for the management of chronic pain recommend opioids for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain in patients whose pain is not responsive to initial therapies with paracetamol and/or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Despite their analgesic efficacy being well recognized, adverse events can affect daily functioning and patient quality of life. Opioid-induced constipation (OIC occurs in 40% of opioid-treated patients. Laxatives are the most common drugs used to prevent and treat OIC. Laxatives do not address the underlying mechanisms of OIC; for this reason, they are not really effective in OIC treatment. Naloxone is an opioid receptor antagonist with low systemic bioavailability. When administered orally, naloxone antagonizes the opioid receptors in the gut wall, while its extensive first-pass hepatic metabolism ensures the lack of antagonist influence on the central-mediated analgesic effect of the opioids. A prolonged-release formulation consisting of oxycodone and naloxone in a 2:1 ratio was developed trying to reduce the incidence of OIC maintaining the analgesic effect compared with use of the sole oxycodone. This review includes evidence related to use of oxycodone and naloxone in the long-term management of chronic non-cancer pain and OIC. Keywords: chronic pain, opioid-induced constipation, opioids, oxycodone–naloxone

  12. PREFACE: Domain wall dynamics in nanostructures Domain wall dynamics in nanostructures

    Marrows, C. H.; Meier, G.


    forms of ordered phases such as antiferromagnetism and ferroelectricity. We would like to thank the scientists from all over the world who happily agreed to contribute their latest results to this special issue, and the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter staff for their help, patience and professionalism. In such a fast-moving field it is not possible to give a definitive account, and this special issue can be no more than a snapshot of the current state of knowledge regarding this topic. Nevertheless, we hope that this collection of papers is a useful resource for experienced workers in the field, forms a useful introduction to researchers early in their careers and inspires others in related areas of nanotechnology to enter into the study of domain dynamics in nanostructures. Domain wall dynamics in nanostructures contents Temperature estimation in a ferromagnetic Fe-Ni nanowire involving a current-driven domain wall motionA Yamaguchi, A Hirohata, T Ono and H Miyajima Magnetization reversal in magnetic nanostripes via Bloch wall formation M Zeisberger and R Mattheis Magnetic soft x-ray microscopy of the domain wall depinning process in permalloy magnetic nanowiresMi-Young Im, Lars Bocklage, Guido Meier and Peter Fischer Domain wall propagation in meso- and nanoscale ferroelectrics R G P McQuaid, M McMillen, L-W Chang, A Gruverman and J M Gregg Transverse and vortex domain wall structure in magnetic nanowires with uniaxial in-plane anisotropyM T Bryan, S Bance, J Dean, T Schrefl and D A Allwood The stochastic nature of the domain wall motion along high perpendicular anisotropy strips with surface roughness Eduardo Martinez Temperature-dependent dynamics of stochastic domain-wall depinning in nanowiresClemens Wuth, Peter Lendecke and Guido Meier Controlled pinning and depinning of domain walls in nanowires with perpendicular magnetic anisotropyTheo Gerhardt, André Drews and Guido Meier The interaction of transverse domain wallsBenjamin Krüger The increase of the

  13. The Acheulian and Early Middle Paleolithic in Latium (Italy): Stability and Innovation

    Soriano, Sylvain; Grün, Rainer; Marra, Fabrizio; Nomade, Sebastien; Pereira, Alison; Boschian, Giovanni; Pollarolo, Luca; Fang, Fang; Bahain, Jean-Jacques


    We present here the results of a technological and typological analysis of the Acheulian and early Middle Paleolithic assemblages from Torre in Pietra (Latium, Italy) together with comparisons with the Acheulian small tools of Castel di Guido. The assemblages were never chronometrically dated before. We have now 40Ar/39Ar dates and ESR-U-series dates, within a geomorphological framework, which support correlations to marine isotope stages. The Acheulian (previously correlated to MIS 9) is now dated to MIS 10 while the Middle Paleolithic is dated to MIS 7. Lithic analyses are preceded by taphonomic evaluations. The Levallois method of the Middle Paleolithic assemblage is an innovation characterized by the production of thin flake blanks without cortex. In contrast, the small tool blanks of the Acheulian were either pebbles or thick flakes with some cortex. They provided a relatively easy manual prehension. The choice of Levallois thin flake blanks in the Middle Paleolithic assemblage suggest that the new technology is most likely related to the emergence of hafting. Accordingly, the oldest direct evidence of hafting technology is from the site of Campitello Quarry in Tuscany (Central Italy) where birch-bark tar, found on the proximal part of two flint flakes, is dated to the end of MIS 7. Nevertheless, a peculiar feature of the Middle Paleolithic at Torre in Pietra is the continuous presence of small tool blanks on pebbles and cores and on thick flake albeit at a much lower frequency than in the older Acheulian industries. The adoption of the new technology is thus characterized by innovation combined with a degree of stability. The persistence of these habits in spite of the introduction of an innovative technique underlies the importance of cultural transmission and conformity in the behavior of Neandertals. PMID:27525705

  14. Geo-products of urban areas: Silesian Metropolis, Southern Poland

    Chybiorz, Ryszard; Abramowicz, Anna


    Silesian Metropolis is located in the Silesian Voivodeship, in the most important industrial region in Poland. It consist of 14 cities with powiat rights, which create the largest urban center in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. Almost 2 million people live in its territory. A large concentration of the population is associated with industrialization and especially with the development of the mining industry (Upper Silesian Coal Basin) and the processing industry (steelworks, textile industry) at the end of 19th century. One hundred years later, during the creation of the modern sectors of the economy, processes of metallurgy and mining restructuring have been started. Created mechanisms and conditions for development of post-industrial areas were consistent with the principles of sustainable development and had many new features, including cultural and touristic features. The Industrial Monuments Route was opened for the inhabitants and visitors in October 2006. The route joined the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) in 2010. Its most interesting mining attractions are located in Silesian Metropolis, and the most frequently visited object on the route is the Guido Historical Coal Mine in Zabrze and the Historical Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Góry. The project, which is realized in Zabrze, will provide for tourists a system of underground corridors, which were used for coal transportation in the 19th century. Visitors will be able to actively explore the work of miners, moving by underground boats, railway and suspension railway. Surface mines are also available for geotourists. The Ecological and Geological Education Center GEOsfera was created in a former Triassic quarry in Jaworzno. Although the area of the Silesian Metropolis is characterized by a very large devastation of the environment, the following objects were created (and are still created) on the basis of inanimate nature and they have a touristic value for the region

  15. Italian neuropsychology in the second half of the twentieth century.

    Vallar, Giuseppe; Boller, François; Grossi, Dario; Gainotti, Guido


    Since the early 1960s, human neuropsychology, the study of brain-behavior interrelations, mainly based on the analysis of their pathological variations, brought about by brain damage, has had a remarkable systematical development in Italy. All this started in Milan, with the neurologist Ennio de Renzi, and his collaborators (Luigi Vignolo, then Anna Basso, Pietro Faglioni, Hans Spinnler, François Boller, and, more autonomously, Edoardo Bisiach), in the Clinic of Nervous and Mental Diseases. Scientists of the "Milan group" investigated several neuropsychological deficits caused by focal hemispheric lesions in large series of left- and right-brain-damaged patients, and control participants, comparable for cultural and demographic variables. Standardized tests and advanced statistical methods were used, which also applied to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of aphasia. Subsequently, neuropsychology developed in Italy extensively, reaching high international reputation. Leading neuropsychologists have been the neurologists Guido Gainotti (Rome), and Franco Denes (Padua), the physicians and psychologists Luigi Pizzamiglio (Rome), and Carlo Umiltà (Parma, with fruitful interactions with the neurophysiologists Giovanni Berlucchi, Giacomo Rizzolatti, and Carlo Marzi, from the school of Giuseppe Moruzzi in Pisa) A second scientific generation of neuropsychologists has then developed in the 1970s, trained by the abovementioned scientists, further boosting and spreading high-level basic and applied research (diagnosis and rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits of patients with brain damage or dysfunction throughout the life span, from childhood to the elderly). Available techniques include structural and functional imaging (CT, PET, SPET, MRI and fMRI Scans, DTI), electrophysiological recording (EEG, ERPs), non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS, tES), and their combined use.

  16. New Directions and Trends in the Trade of the XXI Century

    Agnieszka Bitkowska


    Full Text Available Nowe trendy i wyzwania w obszarze handlu oraz czynniki i metody wpływające na konkurencyjność przedsiębiorstw były tematyką Międzynardowej Konferencji pt. "The Conference on Commerce", zorganizowanej przez Academy of Economic Study w Bukareszcie w dn. 7ñ8 kwiecień 2008 r. Konferencja była związana z obchodami 95-lecia powstania Academy of Economic Study w Bukareszcie1. Konferencja stanowiła okazję do wymiany doświadczeń i wiedzy pracowników naukowych, profesorów, doktorów reprezentujących uczelnie europejskie, a także doktorantów przygotowujących swoje dysertacje. W konferencji brali udział przedstawiciele świata nauki z Francji, Rumunii, Włoch, Litwy, Polski, z: Wyższej Szkoły Finansów i Zarządzania w Warszawie, Romanian-American University, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, University of Craiova, Universitatea "George Bari˛iu" din Bra∫ov, University of Studies of Messina, University of Transilvania, "Ovidius" University of Constanta, ëDimitrie Cantemirí Christian University, "Politechnical" University of Timi∫oara, ,,AL.I.Cuza" University, Southwest University "Neofit Rilski", National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Dunarea de Jos University, University of Strasbourg, Kaunas University of Technology, Spiru Haret University, LUISS "Guido Carli" University i wielu innych. Nie zabrakło również przedstawicieli praktyki gospodarczej z WinSoft Consulting Ltd Seattle, jak również przedstawicieli administracji państwowejz rumuńskiego Ministerstwa Obrony, zajmujących się problemami związanymi z zarządzaniem gospodarką oraz przedsiębiorstwem.

  17. Books received. CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1995, v. 35(1)



    Full text: The CERN Courier has received an impressive consignment of new books from World Scientific Publishing, and hopes to include reviews in coming months. Lectures in Particle Physics by Dan Green of Fermilab (ISBN 9810216823 HC £63, 9810216831 SC £35), imaginatively presented, World Scientific Lecture Notes - Vol.55; Instantons in Gauge Theories, edited by M. Shifman (ISBN 9810216815 HC £62, 9810218265 SC £35), a collection of reprinted papers; Development of Perturbative QCD by Guido Altarelli of CERN (ISBN 9810217021 HC£58, 981021703X SC £35), a collection of review articles, talks, and lecture notes; Salam Festschrift edited by A. AH, J. Ellis and S. Randjbar-Daemi (ISBN 9810214219 HC £80, 9810214227 SC £39), talks from a conference to honour Abdus Salam, held at ICTP, Trieste, in March 1993, and Volume 4 in World Scientific's Series in 20th Century Physics; Selected Papers of Abdus Salam (with commentary), edited by A. AH, C. Isham, T Kibble and Riazuddin (ISBN 9810216629 HC £64, 9810216637 SC £31), a fine volume for Salam admirers, Volume 5 in World Scientific's Series in 20th Century Physics; B decays (Revised, 2nd edition) edited by Sheldon Stone of Syracuse (ISBN 9810218362 HC £64, 9810218974 SC £25), a collection of contributions; A Career in Theoretical Physics by Philip W. Anderson (ISBN 981021717XHC£58, 9810217188 SC £28), a collection of articles and papers, Volume 7 in World Scientific's Series in 20th Century Physics; Knots and Physics (2nd edition) by Louis H. Kauffman of Illinois, Chicago (ISBN 9810218564 HC £64, 9810216580 SC £40), fascinating

  18. A dark business, full of shadows: analogy and theology in William Harvey.

    Goldberg, Benjamin


    In a short work called De conceptione appended to the end of his Exercitationes de generatione animalium (1651), William Harvey developed a rather strange analogy. To explain how such marvelous productions as living beings were generated from the rather inauspicious ingredients of animal reproduction, Harvey argued that conception in the womb was like conception in the brain. It was mostly rejected at the time; it now seems a ludicrous theory based upon homonymy. However, this analogy offers insight into the structure and function of analogies in early modern natural philosophy. In this essay I hope to not only describe the complex nature of Harvey's analogy, but also offer a novel interpretation of his use of analogical reasoning, substantially revising the account offered by Guido Giglioni (1993). I discuss two points of conceptual change and negotiation in connection with Harvey's analogy, understanding it as both a confrontation between the border of the natural and the supernatural, as well as a moment in the history of psychology. My interpretation touches upon a number of important aspects, including why the analogy was rejected, how Harvey systematically deployed analogies according to his notions of natural philosophical method, how the analogy fits into contemporary discussions of analogies in science, and finally, how the analogy must be seen in the context of changing Renaissance notions of the science of the soul, ultimately confronting the problem of how to understand final causality in Aristotelian science. In connection with the last, I conclude the essay by turning to how Harvey embeds the analogy within a natural theological cosmology. Copyright © 2013. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  19. Evolution of illustrations in anatomy: a study from the classical period in Europe to modern times.

    Ghosh, Sanjib Kumar


    Illustrations constitute an essential element of learning anatomy in modern times. However it required a significant evolutionary process spread over centuries, for illustrations to achieve the present status in the subject of anatomy. This review article attempts to outline the evolutionary process by highlighting on the works of esteemed anatomists in a chronological manner. Available literature suggests that illustrations were not used in anatomy during the classical period when the subject was dominated by the descriptive text of Galen. Guido da Vigevano was first to use illustrations in anatomy during the Late Middle Ages and this concept developed further during the Renaissance period when Andreas Vesalius pioneered in illustrations becoming an indispensable tool in conveying anatomical details. Toward later stages of the Renaissance period, Fabricius ab Aquapendente endeavored to restrict dramatization of anatomical illustrations which was a prevalent trend in early Renaissance. During the 18th century, anatomical artwork was characterized by the individual styles of prominent anatomists leading to suppression of anatomical details. In the 19th century, Henry Gray used illustrations in his anatomical masterpiece that focused on depicting anatomical structures and were free from any artistic style. From early part of the 20th century medical images and photographs started to complement traditional handmade anatomical illustrations. Computer technology and advanced software systems played a key role in the evolution of anatomical illustrations during the late 20th century resulting in new generation 3D image datasets that are being used in the 21st century in innovative formats for teaching and learning anatomy. © 2014 American Association of Anatomists.

  20. Cine club

    Ciné club


    Thursday 18 November 2010 at 20:30 / Jeudi 18 Novembre 2010 à 20:30 CERN Main Auditorium / Amphithéâtre Principal LOVE ACTUALLY   By/de : Richard Curtis (UK, 2003) 121 min With/avec: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy, Martine McCutcheon   The characters are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with right people, some are with the wrong people, some are looking to have an affair, some are in the period of mourning; a capsule summary of reality. Love begins and love ends. They flirt a lot. They are all flirting with love. At all ages and social levels, love is the theme. Romantic love and brotherly love is the hotchpotch throughout the film. Most of the film is filmed in London, during Christmas and the characters all end up at Heathrow airport in a very uplifting note.. Original version english Version originale anglaise Entrance : 2 CHF Projection from DVD http:/...

  1. The Fire Brigade is training for the LHC


    Rescue exercise at Point 8: the CERN Fire Brigade works to save a virtual victim trapped under scaffolding in the LHCb cavern.The CERN Fire Brigade really is unique. Its mission is made even more difficult by the fact that it must be capable of responding to situations underground, in many kilometres of tunnels and dozens of shafts. These specialist skills have to be honed in preparation for LHC commissioning. With a view to meeting these requirements, the "Preparing for the LHC" training course was held for the second time on 23 and 24 May. "The aim of the course is to allow the Fire Brigade to familiarise itself with and use all the resources available in the event of a problem in the tunnel", explains Gilles Colin, who is in charge of training for the CERN Fire Brigade. The two-day programme is designed to train fire Brigade members in the techniques used to free and release trapped victims. Through a series of theoretical sess...

  2. An atypical presentation of sinus mucopyocele in a pediatric cystic fibrosis patient

    Horesh E


    Full Text Available Elan Horesh, Andrew A Colin, Roy Casiano, Sara T WesterBascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, USAAbstract: This case report details an association of chronic allergic conjunctivitis and respiratory tract colonization in a cystic fibrosis (CF patient due to an ethmoidal mucocele infected with Escherichia coli. A 3-year-old CF patient presented for evaluation with complaints of chronic periocular erythema, conjunctival injection, and irritation for 2 years. He was treated for presumed allergic conjunctivitis with no improvement and continued to have overall worsening of symptoms on the right greater than the left eye in a waxing and waning pattern. On presentation to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, he was noted to have telecanthus and prominent erythema in the region of the medial canthus. Orbital imaging disclosed a mucocele in the right ethmoid sinus. The patient underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery, with successful marsupialization of the ethmoidal mucocele, which was found on culture to be infected with E. coli. Post-operatively with continuous pulmonary care, the patient remains free of allergic conjunctivitis and E. coli colonization of the upper airway. This case highlights the importance of analyzing the adjacent sinus in patients with chronic, relapsing allergic conjunctivitis refractory to medical management, particularly in patients with underlying systemic diseases such as CF.Keywords: allergic conjuncitivitis, Escherichia Coli, cystic fibrosis, mucocele

  3. Predicament in detection and reporting of extended spectrum beta lactamase production in routine antibiotic susceptibility testing

    Butt, T.; Butt, E.; Raza, S.


    This descriptive and cross-sectional study was planned to determine the dilemma of inadvertent detection of extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) production in Enterobacteriaceaewhen using inhibition zone size of antibiotic disks of Cefotaxime or Aztreonam in routine antibiotic susceptibility testing as recommended by Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). Screening and double disk tests were adopted as per CLSI. Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 was used as control strain. Among total specimens of 5346, there were 348 isolates of Escherichia coli(n=235), Klebsiella pneumonia (n=92), Klebsiella oxytoca(n=3) or Proteus mirabilus(n=18). The screening method recommended by CLSI significantly falsely detected ESBL production in 79 (32.3%) isolates (p<0.0001). ESBL detection is important as its frequency is high and treatment of the infection varies with the presence and absence of ESBL. To avoid false reporting, proper phenotypic detection of ESBL confirmatory method-like double-disk synergy test, should be used routinely. (author)

  4. History of UK contribution to astronautics: Politics and government

    Hicks CB, Colin


    In all developed countries, once it emerged from the amateur era, Space (and especially rocketry) moved on the public agenda because of its potential significance for both the civil and military policies of governments (coupled with its appetite for new money). In the UK the policy treatment of Space broadly paralleled that in other countries until the post-Empire trauma, the burn-out of the White-Hot Technological revolution of Harold Wilson, and the financial crises of the 1970s exhausted the public appetite for large scale publicly funded projects in high technology. The culmination for Space of these pressures came in 1986-1987 when the UK rejected the emerging international consensus and, almost alone, stayed outside the manned space commitments which developed into the International Space Station. In this paper, Colin Hicks will review the UK political developments which led up to the 1986-1987 decision and how the politics and organisation of UK space activity have developed since then to the point where in 2008 a major government review of the UK involvement in manned space was commissioned.

  5. ATLAS book wins the IPPY awards

    Abha Eli Phoboo


    Hunting the Higgs, published by Papadakis Publishers in collaboration with the ATLAS experiment has won the Bronze prize in the Science category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (see here). The Award ceremony will be held on 28 May in New York on the eve of the BookExpo America (see here).   “Ours is a souvenir book that gives viewers a glimpse of the discovery of the Higgs boson and the collaborative effort behind it of thousands of scientists in ATLAS,” says Claudia Marcelloni, communications officer of the ATLAS Experiment, who worked on the book with freelance science writer Colin Barras. “The science is noble and the collaboration heartwarming, and the IPPY Award is a great way to celebrate the mind-blowing story of human achievement.” Hunting the Higgs is the inside story of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. It tells the journey of the experiment, from before the detector was born to the announcement of the discovery of t...

  6. Modelos animales de degeneración cognitiva y uso de transplantes neurales de células madre como terapia

    Alcyr Alves de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Existen pocos modelos animales de degeneración cognitiva que podrían ser considerados tan importantes como el modelo de lesión colinérgica de la enfermedad de Alzheimer. La enfermedad de Alzheimer es una patología neurodegenerativa asociada con el envejecimiento y con degeneración cognitiva acentuada y progresiva. Sus complejas y múltiples vías neurales secuenciales pueden conducir a la comprensión de que las intervenciones de agente único pueden ser insuficiente para impactar el curso de esta enfermedad. El tratamiento farmacológico actual es paliativo y, aunque pueda retardar el progreso de la enfermedad, no es capaz de ofrecer una cura. La combinación de drogas y sustancias antioxidantes han sido investigadas, sin embargo, existen pocos estudios que demuestran resultados consistentes basados en esta presunción. Así, el objetivo de este artículo fue destacar las terapias basadas en la reposición celular como potencial tratamiento para enfermedades del sistema nervioso periférico y central.

  7. Where U.S. utilities seek fuel to power reactors after 1985



    How utilities try to assure uranium supplies emerged Feb. 25 at a press conference in Canberra with four representatives of utilities that supply 20% of the operating nuclear capacity in the United States. Earlier, the speakers indicated that American import requirements would far exceed Australian estimates of the potential export market for Australian uranium. Australia, with the world's largest uncommitted uranium reserves, is wary of exporting because the opposition Labor Party adamantly opposes uranium development. If Labor returns to power, it could decide not to honor contracts by the present government. Participants included: Bernard Cherry, fuel manager at General Public Utilities; Colin Campbell of the Yankee Atomic Service Co., which provides engineering and fuel-supply service for seven New England nuclear plants; Jack Gilleland, assistant manager of power at the Tennessee Valley Authority; and Ralph Bostian, manager for systems results and fuel management at the Duke Power Co. When asked about available uranium supplies from Africa, the participants were dubious about those supplies; this led to a discussion on why the utilities are seeking their own sources. The answers are obvious. ERDA has indicated that about one-half of the operating reactors have fuel coverage beyond six reloads and about one-half of the reactors under construction have fuel coverage beyond two reloads

  8. Taking Experiential Givenism Seriously

    Shane J. Ralston


    Full Text Available In the past few years, a small but intense debate has transpired on the margins of mainstream scholarship in the discipline of Philosophy, particularly within the subfield of American pragmatism. While most philosophical pragmatists dedicate their attention to questions concerning how ideas improve experience (or the theory–practice continuum, those participating in this exchange have shown greater concern for an issue that is, at its core, a theoretical matter: Does the theory of experience espoused by the classic American philosopher John Dewey succumb to what contemporary analytic philosophers—for instance, Wilfred Sellars, Donald Davidson, and John McDowell—call the Myth of the Given? One commentator, Scott Aikin, claims that Dewey relied on noninferential and nonconceptual content or givens as perceptual inputs for cognitive experience. The upshot of Aikin’s objection is that these experiential givens constitute a proxy epistemological foundation for the beliefs that flow from inquiry—a position clearly in conflict with Dewey’s commitment to antifoundationalism. The objection assumes a slightly different form in the hands of another scholar of American pragmatism, Colin Koopman. Gregory Pappas and David Hildebrand respond to Koopman’s version of the objection. The goals of this article are to clarify the objection, highlight the stakes in the debate, identify misunderstandings of Dewey’s experiential metaphysics on both sides, and determine why the experiential givenism objection merits serious philosophical scrutiny in the future.

  9. Foreword

    Ratynski, W.; Sujkowski, Z.


    In the Foreword to the Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies Annual Report - 1996 directors of the Institute professor Wojciech Ratynski and professor Ziemowit Sujkowski present briefly the scientific output of the institute, its problems, new departments and new activities. Among of the important scientific results one can mention: the further prediction of the properties of heaviest elements, theoretical work on the quantum approach to the classical formula of one body dissipation, the experimental work on the deep inelastic scattering of muons(within the CERN collaboration), the work on the propagation of strange matter in the atmosphere, the project of new accelerating structure for the medical purpose (COLINE accelerator), the work on the polarization of X-rays emitted in the Plasma-Focus systems and the work on measuring the absolute quantal efficiency of various scintillation materials. The production of the new accelerators for medical as well as for scientific purposes is also mentioned. As an important kind of activities the international collaboration and new initiative, formation of the Department of Training and Consulting, which allow the Institute for connection with the national education system is also described

  10. ramón de la sagra: early spanish socialism and educational reform

    Antón Costa Rico


    Full Text Available The present contribution analyses the figure of the ideologist, social theoretician, economist and international comparative education scholar, Ramón de la Sagra (1798-1871. Originally from Galicia and having begun his university studies in Santiago, he soon moved to Madrid, where he would become one of the founders of the Ateneo. University professor and naturalist in Havana. Observer of social reforms in the U.S.A. (1835. Later, he travelled through Europe comparing various attempts at social reform. Writer. Scholar and propagator, as well as a keen attender at intellectual salons, alongside Arhens, Cousin, Hippolyte Colins, Engels, or Proudhon (with whom he was involved in a variety of social undertakings in Paris between 1848 to 1849, as well as other well-known characters in the field of political economy and of social theory. Liberal Spanish member of parliament. Promoter of the first infant schools in Madrid (1839-1842. An idealistic reformer: an attractive and complex figure. One of the most outstanding Spanish intellectuals of the 19th Century but until now largely unknown.

  11. Georges Paillard 1932-2004 - French version only


    J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer Georges en juillet 1959 au groupe Magnet de la division PS au moment où le centième et dernier aimant venait d'être installé dans l'anneau. Le groupe commençait déjà à s'orienter vers de nouveaux projets et mon premier travail avec Georges consista dans des essais de tubes flash de puissance pour la future chambre à bulles. Ensuite, bien que travaillant dans des domaines différents, mais toujours dans les mêmes divisions, nous ne nous sommes jamais perdus de vue. J'ai rencontré Georges en janvier 1961 au laboratoire d'électronique de la division NPA. Georges avait déjà six ans de CERN : c'était un ancien. Au début, il y eut la chambre à « boules ». Le chef de la division NPA, M. Colin Ramm, australien, éprouvait une certaine difficulté à prononcer le « u » français et une machine classique de la physique nucléaire est devenue l'unique chambre à « boules » jamais construite. Chambre qui connut son heure de gloire puisqu'elle enreg...

  12. "Till This Moment I Never Knew Myself”: Adapting Pride and Prejudice

    Anđelka Raguž


    Full Text Available Adaptations are always a matter of hard choices: the scriptwriter and the director have their interpretations of what an adaptation should be, very much like every reader has his/her own vision of the characters and the plot, and very rarely do the two visions coincide. This paper was inspired by the on-going debate amongst Jane Austen fans on Internet forums as to which adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is more faithful to the 1813 novel. The main two contenders appear to be the 1995 BBC mini-series starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, and Joe Wright’s 2005 film with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the lead roles. This paper will attempt to identify the cardinal points of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to illustrate that both the 1995 and 2005 adaptations are faithful to the original. Furthermore, it shall look at the strengths and weaknesses of the mini-series and the feature film as genres, before analysing the respective strengths and weaknesses of the adaptations themselves. The paper will suggest that Wright’s film fully captures “the spirit” of Austen’s novel through its masterful use of point of view and symbolism in less than half the time the 1995 mini-series does.

  13. Recreating Jane: “Austenland” and the Regency Theme Park

    Maddalena Pennacchia


    Full Text Available In the maze of Austen’s ever-expanding textuality – with its prequels, sequels, rewritings and adaptations – it may be worth paying attention to an unpretentious little book by Shannon Hale titled Austenland (2007. The story is about the adventures of a New Yorker thirty-something with a name that says it all: Jane. Being obsessed with Mr Darcy as played by Colin Firth, she decides to be healed by her excessive Austenian fantasies (or rather to indulge in them for the last time by spending all her savings on a English Regency Theme park that promises to offer Janeites a real full immersive Austen experience. What interests me in this post-Austenian story is the embedded discourse of leisure and tourism in the age of participatory culture, when an everywoman like Jane brings to the fore the need to be more involved in re-creative activities that are triggered by reading Austen’s novels.

  14. Eribulin in the management of inoperable soft-tissue sarcoma: patient selection and survival

    Thomas C


    Full Text Available Colin Thomas, Sujana Movva Department of Hematology/Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA Abstract: Patients diagnosed with metastatic soft-tissue sarcoma (STS have a poor prognosis. Additionally, after failure of first-line therapy, there are relatively few treatment options from which to choose. The novel tubulin-binding drug, eribulin, with a unique mechanism of action from taxanes or vinca alkaloids, has shown clinical activity in several different types of cancers. Eribulin has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA for patients with metastatic breast cancer previously treated with an anthracycline or a taxane and has recently been FDA approved for patients with unresectable or metastatic liposarcoma who have failed a previous anthracycline regimen. Here, we review current standard treatments of STS, a background of eribulin, the studies that have propelled eribulin to FDA approval for liposarcoma, and future directions of the drug. The benefits of eribulin in STS are discussed in detail, especially with regard to the recent pivotal Phase III study comparing eribulin to dacarbazine for leiomyosarcoma and adipocytic sarcoma. Keywords: eribulin, tubulin-binding drugs, soft-tissue sarcoma

  15. Timectomia e imunossupressão em miastenia gravis estudo prospectivo

    Marcos C. Sandmann


    Full Text Available Entre 1982 e 1988 24 mulheres e 6 homens com miastenia gravis foram submetidos a protocolo diagnóstico e terapêutico prospectivo e estandardizado. A idade variou de 10 a 74 anos (34±16, média±desvio padrão. Três com forma ocular foram tratados com piridostigmina. Quatro com forma generalizada, de idade avançada, receberam corticosteróide e/ou azatioprina. Vinte e três com a forma generalizada foram submetidos a timectomia seguida de prednisona e/ou azatioprina. Um paciente faleceu após timectomia complexa de timoma invasivo. Qutro faleceu logo após a admissão, em crise miastênica/colinérgica. Dois outros tiveram complicações menores da timectomia. De 19 pacientes seguidos por 1-60 (média 24 meses, 11 (58% têm fraqueza residual mas levam vida normal e 8 (42% estão em remissão completa, um sem medicação.

  16. A Dirac sea pilot-wave model for quantum field theory

    Colin, S; Struyve, W


    We present a pilot-wave model for quantum field theory in which the Dirac sea is taken seriously. The model ascribes particle trajectories to all the fermions, including the fermions filling the Dirac sea. The model is deterministic and applies to the regime in which fermion number is superselected. This work is a further elaboration of work by Colin, in which a Dirac sea pilot-wave model is presented for quantum electrodynamics. We extend his work to non-electromagnetic interactions, we discuss a cut-off regularization of the pilot-wave model and study how it reproduces the standard quantum predictions. The Dirac sea pilot-wave model can be seen as a possible continuum generalization of a lattice model by Bell. It can also be seen as a development and generalization of the ideas by Bohm, Hiley and Kaloyerou, who also suggested the use of the Dirac sea for the development of a pilot-wave model for quantum electrodynamics

  17. Ultra-small superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide in magnetic resonance imaging of cardiovascular disease

    Stirrat CG


    Full Text Available Colin G Stirrat,1 Alex T Vesey,1 Olivia MB McBride,1 Jennifer MJ Robson,1 Shirjel R Alam,1 William A Wallace,2 Scott I Semple,1,3 Peter A Henriksen,1 David E Newby1 1British Heart Foundation Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; 2Department of Pathology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; 3Clinical Research Imaging Centre, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK Abstract: Ultra-small superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide (USPIO are iron-oxide based contrast agents that enhance and complement in vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI by shortening T1, T2, and T2* relaxation times. USPIO can be employed to provide immediate blood pool contrast, or to act as subsequent markers of cellular inflammation through uptake by inflammatory cells. They can also be targeted to specific cell-surface markers using antibody or ligand labeling. This review will discuss the application of USPIO contrast in MRI studies of cardiovascular disease. Keywords: cardiac, aortic, MRI, USPIO, carotid, vascular, molecular imaging

  18. Meeting Report - proteostasis in Ericeira.

    Adrain, Colin; Henis-Korenblit, Sivan; Domingos, Pedro M


    It was a sunny Ericeira, in Portugal, that received the participants of the EMBO Workshop on Proteostasis, from 17 to 21 November 2017. Most participants gave talks or presented posters concerning their most recent research results, and lively scientific discussions occurred against the backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.Proteostasis is the portmanteau of the words protein and homeostasis, and it refers to the biological mechanisms controlling the biogenesis, folding, trafficking and degradation of proteins in cells. An imbalance in proteostasis can lead to the accumulation of misfolded proteins or excessive protein degradation, and is associated with many human diseases. A wide variety of research approaches are used to identify the mechanisms that regulate proteostasis, typically involving different model organisms (yeast, invertebrates or mammalian systems) and different methodologies (genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, cell biology and organismal biology). Around 140 researchers in the proteostasis field met in the Hotel Vila Galé, Ericeira, Portugal for the EMBO Workshop in Proteostasis, organized by Pedro Domingos (ITQB-NOVA, Oeiras, Portugal) and Colin Adrain (IGC, Oeiras, Portugal). In this report, we attempt to review and integrate the ideas that emerged at the workshop. Owing to space restrictions, we could not cover all talks or posters and we apologize to the colleagues whose presentations could not be discussed. © 2018. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.


    M Miles


    Full Text Available The article reviews components and recent discussion of the ‘Social Model of Disability’, with special focus on two books, Disability Rights and Wrongs by Tom Shakespeare, and The Social Model: Europe and the Majority World edited by Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer. The ‘Social Model’ calls for close and sceptical scrutiny, as it has become one of the most influential metanarratives in campaigns and publications of the ‘Disability Movement’, while tending to overlook the complexities experienced by many disabled people and their relatives. Some components of a Social Model appear in historical literature of Asia and the Middle East, lending credibility to its ongoing life as an interesting idea. Yet current anglophone advocacy of the model makes assumptions of universality that are questionable in the socio-economic situations experienced by much of the global population having disabilities. A calmer and better informed discussion of the model’s merits and flaws would contribute to greater understanding of global disability.DOI 10.5463/DCID.v22i1.14  

  20. Depletion of biogenic amines and enhancement of cholinergic activity in the olfactory bulb and central olfactory connections with chronic methedrine intoxication

    O. Duarte-Escalante


    Full Text Available Em seqüência a estudos anteriores os autores visam, neste relato, a apresentar as alterações histoquímicas que ocorrem no sistema olfatório de gatos nos quais se desenvolveu nítida estereotipia de fungação (sniffing após administração prolongada de metedrina. Foram intoxicados 12 gatos mediante injeções diárias, durante 10 dias, de doses progressivas de metedrina. Os tecidos a examinar (bulbos olfatórios e suas conexões centrais foram preparados histoquimicamente para demonstrar a fluorescência das aminas biogênicas e reações colinérgicas. Mediante algumas modificações à metodologia recomendada por outros pesquisadores, os autores puderam demonstrar a presença de monoaminas e de acetilcolina no bulbo olfatório e de grupos de fibras adrenérgicas curtas e multi-ramificadas que parecem ser conectadas com os neurônios fluorescentes do bulbo olfatório, a partir de onde estabelecem conexões, pelo tracto olfatório medial, com os neurônios do septum e, pelo tracto olfatório lateral, com os neurônios do complexo amigdalóide.

  1. To Think and Watch the Evil: The Turn of the Screw as Cultural Reference in Television from Dark Shadows to C.S.I.

    Anna Viola Sborgi


    Full Text Available Since its first publication, Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw (1898 has always haunted the imagination of artists (Benjamin Britten, Jack Clayton, Amenábar and has been widely used as a source for television narratives (Dan Curtis, US TV version starring Colin Firth, Tim Fywell. In serial productions, James’s story has been the object of extensive quotation and allusion, from the 1960 gothic soap opera Dark Shadows to the C.S.I. episode Turn of the Screw (Season 4, Episode 21. A milestone in literary history, the story now embodies a set of cultural references conveying different, complex meanings, which can only be disclosed in the light of contemporary forms of representing reality. The novella appeals to two apparently opposite tendencies in contemporary television: the morbid display of the real (C.S.I. and the quest for the supernatural (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, among others. A line can be traced from Dark Shadows, the show that pioneered the genre, to contemporary horror soaps about vampires and supernatural phenomena. This paper shows the ways in which James’ sophisticated novella makes its way through popular culture, and how its constant ambiguous, dilemmatic interplay between reality and imagination can be related to the double-sided drive of the contemporary public towards hyper-reality and the supernatural.

  2. 2008 LHC Open Days Training for volunteers


    Information and training sessions are being organised for Open Day volunteers. The Open Days Organising Committee is offering information and training sessions every Thursday in March from 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. in the Main Building Auditorium. It is important that volunteers attend these sessions to familiarise themselves with the practical arrangements for the two Open Days and with the main messages to be conveyed to the general public in order to make the event a success. General information will be given at each session, followed by information on a specific theme. The sessions will be organised as follows: 2.00 - 2.45 p.m. : first part - general information 2.45 - 3.30 p.m. : second part - specific information * 20 March - specific theme "Organisation of the information points and the visits to the tunnel" 27 March - specific theme "Safety issues for the Open Days" Presentation by Gilles Colin, member of the CERN Fire Brigade 3 April - specific theme "Last-m...


    Lisette Blanco


    Full Text Available Aunque la manipulación farmacológica de los sistemas glutamatérgico y colinérgico se ha tratado en modelos experimentales de enfermedad de Parkinson (EP, pocos autores han realizado estudios de esta temática a nivel del núcleo pedunculopontino (NPP. El presente trabajo aborda los cambios en las concentraciones extracelulares (CE de glutamato (Glu y ácido δ-amino butírico (GABA en el NPP de ratas hemiparkinsonizadas por inyección de 6-hidroxidopamina (6-OHDA y sometidas a la infusión local de MK-801 (10 mol/L o (- nicotina (10mM. La infusión se realizó mediante microdiálisis cerebral y la determinación de las CE de los neurotransmisores se realizó a través de cromatografía líquida de alta resolución acoplada a detección de fluorescencia. La infusión de MK-801 en el NPP produjo una disminución significativa de las CE de Glu (p

  4. 3rd Symposium on Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control

    Lucey, AD; Liu, Yang; Huang, Lixi


    These proceedings primarily focus on advances in the theory, experiments, and numerical simulations of turbulence in the contexts of flow-induced vibration and noise, as well as their control. Fluid-related structural vibration and noise problems are often encountered in many engineering fields, increasingly making them a cause for concern. The FSSIC conference, held on 5-9 July 2015 in Perth, featured prominent keynote speakers such as John Kim, Nigel Peake, Song Fu and Colin Hansen, as well as talks on a broad range of topics: turbulence, fluid-structure interaction, fluid-related noise and the control/management aspects of these research areas, many of which are clearly interdisciplinary in nature. It provided a forum for academics, scientists and engineers working in all branches of Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control (FSSIC) to exchange and share the latest developments, ideas and advances, bringing them together researchers from East and West to push forward the frontiers of FSSIC, ensuring t...

  5. Diagnostico y tratamiento de la myasthenia gravis estudio de una poblacion hospitalaria

    Roberto D. Rey


    Full Text Available Durante la observacion de 50 pacientes con Myasthenia gravis entre los anos 1974 y 1987 se encontro un predominio del sexo femenino en la proporcion de 2,5 a 1 y mayor frecuencia de presentacion en Ias 3ª y 5ª décadas de la vida. Luego de la evaluacion clínica, el diagnóstico fué confirmado mediante: (1 prueba dei edrofonio, (2 estímulo nervioso repetitivo, (3 dosaje de anticuerpos antirreceptor colinérgico y (4 transferencia pasiva del suero al raton con ulterior niedicion de la amplitud de mepp's. La positividad diagnostica vario entre el 90 y el 100%, segun el tipo de prueba empleada. El estúdio radiológico del timo fué hecho con neumomediastinografía. obteniendose excelente correlación con la descripcion histológica de la glândula, y con tomografia computada, que demostro menor eficiência diagnostica. El tratamiento fué implementado en base a anticolinesterásicos, timectomía y corticoterapia inmunosupresora, evidenciandose con esta última mejores resultados. Nueve pacientes desarrollaron peoria transitória del cuadro muscular al iniciarse el tratamiento esteroideo, 6 de ellos exhibieron posteriormente evolucion desfavorable. Esta observacion aparenta tener valor pronóstico en la evolucion de la MG.

  6. Long-term follow-up of children thought to have temporary brittle bone disease

    Paterson CR


    Full Text Available Colin R Paterson1, Elizabeth A Monk21Department of Medicine (retired, 2School of Accounting and Finance, University of Dundee, Dundee, ScotlandBackground: In addition to nonaccidental injury, a variety of bone disorders may underlie the finding of unexplained fractures in young children. One controversial postulated cause is temporary brittle bone disease, first described in 1990.Methods: Eighty-five patients with fractures showing clinical and radiological features of temporary brittle bone disease were the subject of judicial hearings to determine whether it was appropriate for them to return home. Sixty-three patients did, and follow-up information was available for 61 of these. The mean follow-up period was 6.9 years (range 1–17, median 6.Results: We found that none of the children had sustained any further injuries that were thought to represent nonaccidental injury; no child was re-removed from home. Three children had fractures. In each case there was general agreement that the fractures were accidental. Had the original fractures in these children been the result of nonaccidental injury, it would have been severe and repeated; the average number of fractures was 9.1.Conclusion: The fact that no subsequent suspicious injuries took place after return home is consistent with the view that the fractures were unlikely to have been caused by nonaccidental injury, and that temporary brittle bone disease is a distinctive and identifiable disorder.Keywords: fractures, osteogenesis imperfecta, temporary brittle bone disease, nonaccidental injury

  7. Patients radiation protection in medical imaging. Conference proceedings


    This document brings together the available presentations given at the conference organised by the French society of radiation protection about patients radiation protection in medical imaging. Twelve presentations (slides) are compiled in this document and deal with: 1 - Medical exposure of the French population: methodology and results (Bernard Aubert, IRSN); 2 - What indicators for the medical exposure? (Cecile Etard, IRSN); 3 - Guidebook of correct usage of medical imaging examination (Philippe Grenier, Pitie-Salpetriere hospital); 4 - Radiation protection optimization in pediatric imaging (Hubert Ducou-Le-Pointe, Aurelien Bouette (Armand-Trousseau children hospital); 5 - Children's exposure to image scanners: epidemiological survey (Marie-Odile Bernier, IRSN); 6 - Management of patient's irradiation: from image quality to good practice (Thierry Solaire, General Electric); 7 - Dose optimization in radiology (Cecile Salvat (Lariboisiere hospital); 8 - Cancer detection in the breast cancer planned screening program - 2004-2009 era (Agnes Rogel, InVS); 9 - Mammographic exposures - radiobiological effects - radio-induced DNA damages (Catherine Colin, Lyon Sud hospital); 10 - Breast cancer screening program - importance of non-irradiating techniques (Anne Tardivon, Institut Curie); 11 - Radiation protection justification for the medical imaging of patients over the age of 50 (Michel Bourguignon, ASN); 12 - Search for a molecular imprint for the discrimination between radio-induced and sporadic tumors (Sylvie Chevillard, CEA)

  8. Nuclear proliferation: prospects, problems, and proposals



    This issue of the ANNALS addresses itself to three aspects of nuclear proliferation: the prospect that new nuclear powers will come on the scene, the problems that their arrival may create, and ways of coping with those problems. In an introductory paper, ''Quo Vadimus,'' Joseph I. Coffey investigates the pros and cons of proliferation, concluding that it is not a question of whether there will be nuclear proliferation, but in what countries. Part I, Where We Are, contains five papers preceded by introductory comments by Joseph I. Coffey. The papers and their authors are: Why States Go--and Don't Go--Nuclear, William Epstein; How States Can ''Go Nuclear,'' Frank C. Barnaby; What Happens If. . .Terrorists, Revolutionaries, and Nuclear Weapons, David Kreiger; Safeguards Against Diversion of Nuclear Material: An Overview, Ryukichi Imai; and Reducing the Incentives to Proliferation, George H. Quester. Part II, And Where We May Go, again includes some introductory remarks by Joseph I. Coffey. The seven succeeding papers are: Nth Powers of the Future, Ashok Kapur; Nuclear Proliferation and World Politics, Lewis A. Dunn; Arms Control in a Nuclear Armed World, Colin Gray; The United Nations, the Superpowers, and Proliferation, Abraham Bargman; Proliferation and the Future: Destruction or Transformation, Frederick C. Thayer; Decision Making in a Nuclear Armed World, Michael Brenner; and The United States in a World of Nuclear Powers, Michael Nacht. This special report is concluded with a glossary

  9. Foreword

    Ratynski, W.; Sujkowski, Z. [Soltan Inst. for Nuclear Studies, Otwock-Swierk (Poland)


    In the Foreword to the Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies Annual Report - 1996 directors of the Institute professor Wojciech Ratynski and professor Ziemowit Sujkowski present briefly the scientific output of the institute, its problems, new departments and new activities. Among of the important scientific results one can mention: the further prediction of the properties of heaviest elements, theoretical work on the quantum approach to the classical formula of one body dissipation, the experimental work on the deep inelastic scattering of muons(within the CERN collaboration), the work on the propagation of strange matter in the atmosphere, the project of new accelerating structure for the medical purpose (COLINE accelerator), the work on the polarization of X-rays emitted in the Plasma-Focus systems and the work on measuring the absolute quantal efficiency of various scintillation materials. The production of the new accelerators for medical as well as for scientific purposes is also mentioned. As an important kind of activities the international collaboration and new initiative, formation of the Department of Training and Consulting, which allow the Institute for connection with the national education system is also described.


    Ma, W; Zhang, B; Yang, Y; Qi, L; Meng, L; Zhang, Y; Huo, Y


    To analyze the relationship between the inter arm blood pressure difference (IASBPD) and other cardiovascular risk factors. To identify what factors are associated with this difference in a general population. The study subjects were 1426 individuals. The BP was measured simultaneously in both arms by VP1000 vascular profiler (Omron Colin, Japan). The inter-arm BP difference was expressed as the absolute difference (|R - L|). The various risk factors, ba-PWV, carotid IMT and plaque were compared between IASBPD more than 10mmHg group and IASBPD less than 10mmHg group. The relationship between IASBPD more than 10mmHg and various cardiovascular risk factors were analyzed by multivariate logistic analysis. Left upper limb systolic blood pressure was higher than the right upper limb, while right upper limb diastolic pressure was higher than the left upper limb. The prevalence of hypertension was higher in IASBPD increasing group than normal group (40.5% vs 22.6%, p blood pressure were also higher in IASBPD increasing group(p blood pressure, BMI and ABI independently, which may partly explain the mechanism that increasing IASBPD is associated with cardiovascular disease.

  11. Introduction au droit des traités

    Reuter, Paul


    Cet ouvrage est une version mise à jour et approfondie d'une étude publiée d'abord en 1972 par les Éditions A. Colin, puis par les Presses Universitaires de France en 1985. Il porte sur un des sujets les plus fondamentaux du droit international public, à savoir le droit des traités. Commentaire de la Convention de Vienne relative au droit des traités de 1969, ce livre a d'emblée recueilli un succès considérable aussi bien auprès des spécialistes que des étudiants, devenant rapidement un instrument de travail indispensable pour tous ceux qui sont concernés par cette nouvelle œuvre de codification. L'édition actuelle, entièrement remaniée, se réfère aussi à la Convention de Vienne de 1982 sur les traités conclus par les organisations internationales.

  12. Patients radiation protection in medical imaging. Conference proceedings; Radioprotection des patients en imagerie medicale. Recueil des presentations



    This document brings together the available presentations given at the conference organised by the French society of radiation protection about patients radiation protection in medical imaging. Twelve presentations (slides) are compiled in this document and deal with: 1 - Medical exposure of the French population: methodology and results (Bernard Aubert, IRSN); 2 - What indicators for the medical exposure? (Cecile Etard, IRSN); 3 - Guidebook of correct usage of medical imaging examination (Philippe Grenier, Pitie-Salpetriere hospital); 4 - Radiation protection optimization in pediatric imaging (Hubert Ducou-Le-Pointe, Aurelien Bouette (Armand-Trousseau children hospital); 5 - Children's exposure to image scanners: epidemiological survey (Marie-Odile Bernier, IRSN); 6 - Management of patient's irradiation: from image quality to good practice (Thierry Solaire, General Electric); 7 - Dose optimization in radiology (Cecile Salvat (Lariboisiere hospital); 8 - Cancer detection in the breast cancer planned screening program - 2004-2009 era (Agnes Rogel, InVS); 9 - Mammographic exposures - radiobiological effects - radio-induced DNA damages (Catherine Colin, Lyon Sud hospital); 10 - Breast cancer screening program - importance of non-irradiating techniques (Anne Tardivon, Institut Curie); 11 - Radiation protection justification for the medical imaging of patients over the age of 50 (Michel Bourguignon, ASN); 12 - Search for a molecular imprint for the discrimination between radio-induced and sporadic tumors (Sylvie Chevillard, CEA)

  13. Master’s programs in advanced nursing practice: new strategies to enhance course design for subspecialty training in neonatology and pediatrics

    Morgan C


    Full Text Available Colin Morgan,1,2 Catherine Barry,1,2 Katie Barnes2,31Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Crown Street, Liverpool, UK; 2Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK; 3Liverpool Community Health, Liverpool, UKAbstract: The advanced nurse practitioner (ANP role first developed in the USA in the 1960s in primary care. Since then, it has evolved in many different countries and subspecialties, creating a variety of challenges for those designing and implementing master’s programs for this valuable professional group. We focus on ANPs in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care setting to illustrate the complexity of issues faced by both faculty and students in such a program. We review the impact of limited resources, faculty recruitment/accreditation, and the relationship with the medical profession in establishing a curriculum. We explore the evidence for the importance of ANP role definition, supervision, and identity among other health professionals to secure a successful role transition. We describe how recent advances in technology can be used to innovate with new styles of teaching and learning to overcome some of the difficulties in running master’s programs for small subspecialties. We illustrate, through our own experience, how a thorough assessment of the available literature can be used to innovate and develop strategies to create an individual MSc programs that are designed to meet the needs of highly specialized advanced neonatal and pediatric nursing practice.Keywords: master’s program, advanced nurse practitioner, advanced practice, neonatal, pediatric, intensive care

  14. Sub-grid scale combustion models for large eddy simulation of unsteady premixed flame propagation around obstacles.

    Di Sarli, Valeria; Di Benedetto, Almerinda; Russo, Gennaro


    In this work, an assessment of different sub-grid scale (sgs) combustion models proposed for large eddy simulation (LES) of steady turbulent premixed combustion (Colin et al., Phys. Fluids 12 (2000) 1843-1863; Flohr and Pitsch, Proc. CTR Summer Program, 2000, pp. 61-82; Kim and Menon, Combust. Sci. Technol. 160 (2000) 119-150; Charlette et al., Combust. Flame 131 (2002) 159-180; Pitsch and Duchamp de Lageneste, Proc. Combust. Inst. 29 (2002) 2001-2008) was performed to identify the model that best predicts unsteady flame propagation in gas explosions. Numerical results were compared to the experimental data by Patel et al. (Proc. Combust. Inst. 29 (2002) 1849-1854) for premixed deflagrating flame in a vented chamber in the presence of three sequential obstacles. It is found that all sgs combustion models are able to reproduce qualitatively the experiment in terms of step of flame acceleration and deceleration around each obstacle, and shape of the propagating flame. Without adjusting any constants and parameters, the sgs model by Charlette et al. also provides satisfactory quantitative predictions for flame speed and pressure peak. Conversely, the sgs combustion models other than Charlette et al. give correct predictions only after an ad hoc tuning of constants and parameters. Copyright 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  15. Prep1, A Homeodomain Transcription Factor Involved in Glucose and Lipid Metabolism

    Francesco Oriente


    Full Text Available The three-amino acid loop extension (TALE homeodomain proteins are a family of transcription factor including the mammalian Pbx, MEIS and Prep proteins. TALE proteins can bind other transcription factors such as Pdx-1 and play an important role in the regulation of glucose metabolism. Experiments performed in mutant mice have shown that while the single Pbx1 or Pdx-1 knockout mice feature pancreatic islet malformations, impaired glucose tolerance and hypoinsulinemia, the trans-heterozygous Pbx1+/−Pdx1+/− mice develop age-dependent overt diabetes mellitus. In contrast, Prep1 plays a different role with respect to these proteins. Indeed, Prep1 hypomorphic mice, expressing low levels of protein, feature pancreatic islet hypoplasia accompanied by hypoinsulinemia similar to Pbx1 or Pdx1. Nevertheless, these animals show increased insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle, liver and adipose tissue accompanied by protection from streptozotocin-induced diabetes. In addition, Prep1 hypomorphic mice feature reduced triglyceride synthesis and do not develop steatohepatitis after a methionine and coline deficient diet. In this review we have underlined how important metabolic functions are controlled by TALE proteins, in particular by Prep1, leading to hypothesis that its suppression might represent beneficial effect in the care of metabolic diseases.

  16. Epoetin beta for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia: an update

    Galli L


    Full Text Available Luca Galli,1 Clara Ricci,2 Colin Gerard Egan2 1Oncology Unit 2, University Hospital of Pisa, Pisa, Italy; 2Primula Multimedia SRL, Pisa, Italy Abstract: Epoetin beta belongs to the class of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs that are currently available to treat anemic patients receiving chemotherapy. Chemotherapy-induced anemia affects a high percentage of cancer patients and, due to its negative effects on disease outcome and the patient’s quality of life, should be treated when first diagnosed. Initial trials with ESAs have shown efficacy in improving quality of life and reducing the need for blood transfusions in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia. However, recent meta-analyses have provided conflicting data on the impact of ESAs on survival and tumor progression. Here we provide an overview of these recent data and review the role of epoetin beta in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia over the past 20 years. Keywords: epoetin beta, erythropoietin, chemotherapy, cancer, anemia, treatment

  17. Sigma 7 the six Mercury orbits of Walter M. Schirra, Jr

    Burgess, Colin


    Colin Burgess offers a comprehensive yet personal look at the 1962 orbital mission of Wally Schirra aboard the spacecraft Sigma 7, the first book about this popular pioneering astronaut which explores his entire life and accomplishments. This continues the author's attempt to fully document the record of Project Mercury's pioneering early phase of the Space Age.   Schirra’s pre-NASA life is examined, as well as his training as a NASA astronaut and for his Mercury MA-8 flight. The 6-orbit flight of Sigma 7 is fully covered from its origins through to the spacecraft’s safe recovery from the ocean after a highly successful Mercury mission. Schirra’s participation on the Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 missions is also told, but in brief, and the book also relates his post-NASA life and activities through to his passing in 2007. The Mercury Seven occupy a unique spot in the history of human spaceflight, and Schirra is at last given his due as one of the contributing astronauts in this painstakingly researched...

  18. "The New World". Musica e narratività nel cinema di Terrence Malick

    Francesco Finocchiaro


    Full Text Available The New World (USA, 2005 is the fourth full-length film’s title of the American director Terrence Malick. The movie tells the legendary love story between Princess Pocahontas (Q’orianka Kilcher of the Powathan tribe and the English soldier and explorer John Smith (Colin Farrell. The background of the historical events concerns the foundation of one of the first European settlements in the New World, at the close beginning of 17th Century. The specific topic of the proposed didactical unit, which is addressed to a 2nd or 3rd class of the Secondary School, consists in the analysis of some film sequences, that all employ the main theme of the second movement (Adagio from the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto K 488. The didactic unit is based on an audiovisual analysis, that focuses on developing some categories, concepts and tools, which can enrich the reading strategies of a kind of text – the syncretic cinematographic one – with a central role in the contemporary music production and consumption. Malick’s work not only represents a polished example of music employment in a movie, but also deals with a topic of a relevant historical importance, that is the encounter between the Old and New World; indeed this topic is particularly suitable for encouraging a reflection upon cultural diversity and interethnic communication.

  19. Effects of the ankle-brachial blood pressure index and skin perfusion pressure on mortality in hemodialysis patients.

    Otani, Yumi; Otsubo, Shigeru; Kimata, Naoki; Takano, Mari; Abe, Takayuki; Okajima, Tomoki; Miwa, Naoko; Tsuchiya, Ken; Nitta, Kosaku; Akiba, Takashi


    Clinically, the ankle-brachial blood pressure index (ABI) and skin perfusion pressure (SPP) are used to screen for subclinical peripheral artery disease. However, the association between the SPP and mortality in hemodialysis patients has not been previously reported. We investigated these factors and compared the ABI and SPP in patients receiving hemodialysis. A total of 102 patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis were enrolled in this study. The ABI was determined using an ABI-form (Colin, Japan). The SPP was measured using a SensiLase(TM) PAD3000 (Kaneka, Osaka, Japan). The mean follow-up period was 3.2 ± 1.4 years. A multivariate Cox analysis identified a low ABI (p=0.019) and a low SPP (p=0.047) as being independent predictors of mortality. A receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis of the ABI revealed a cutoff point of 1.1 and an area under the curve (AUC) of 0.79, with a sensitivity of 90% and a specificity of 62%. A ROC analysis of the SPP revealed a cutoff point of 54.0 mmHg and an AUC of 0.71, with a sensitivity of 55% and a specificity of 84%. Both low ABI and SPP values were found to be independent risk factors for mortality among hemodialysis patients. The cutoff point for ABI as a predictor of mortality was 1.1, while that for SPP was 54.0 mmHg.

  20. Brauer groups and obstruction problems moduli spaces and arithmetic

    Hassett, Brendan; Várilly-Alvarado, Anthony; Viray, Bianca


    The contributions in this book explore various contexts in which the derived category of coherent sheaves on a variety determines some of its arithmetic. This setting provides new geometric tools for interpreting elements of the Brauer group. With a view towards future arithmetic applications, the book extends a number of powerful tools for analyzing rational points on elliptic curves, e.g., isogenies among curves, torsion points, modular curves, and the resulting descent techniques, as well as higher-dimensional varieties like K3 surfaces. Inspired by the rapid recent advances in our understanding of K3 surfaces, the book is intended to foster cross-pollination between the fields of complex algebraic geometry and number theory. Contributors: · Nicolas Addington · Benjamin Antieau · Kenneth Ascher · Asher Auel · Fedor Bogomolov · Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène · Krishna Dasaratha · Brendan Hassett · Colin Ingalls · Martí Lahoz · Emanuele Macrì · Kelly McKinnie · Andrew Obus · Ekin Ozman · Raman...