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  1. Dusty Globules and Globulettes (United States)

    Grenman, Tiia


    Interstellar gas and dust can condense into clouds of very different size, ranging from giant molecular cloud complexes to massive, isolated, dark cloudlets, called globules with a few solar masses. This thesis focuses on a new category of small globules, named globulettes. These have been found in the bright surroundings of H II regions of young, massive stellar clusters. The globulettes are much smaller and less massive than normal globules. The analysis is based on H-alpha images of e.g., the Rosette Nebula and the Carina Nebula collected with the Nordic Optical Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope. Most globulettes found in different H II regions have distinct contours and are well isolated from the surrounding molecular shell structures. Masses and densities were derived from the extinction of light through the globulettes and the measured shape of the objects. A majority of the globulettes have planetary masses, disintegration of large molecular clouds originally hosting compact and small cores. At a later stage, globulettes expand, disrupt or evaporate. However, preliminary calculations of their lifetimes show that some might survive for a relatively long time, in several cases even longer than their estimated contraction time. The tiny high density globulettes in the Carina Nebula indicate that they are in a more evolved state than those in the Rosette Nebula, and hence they may have survived for a longer time. It is possible that the globulettes could host low mass brown dwarfs or planets. Using the virial theorem on the Rosette Nebula globulettes and including only the thermal and gravitational potential energy indicated that the 133 found globulettes are all either expanding or disrupting. When the ram and the radiation pressure were included, we found that about half of our objects are gravitationally bound or unstable to contraction and could collapse to form brown dwarfs or free floating planets. We also estimated the amount of globulettes and the

  2. Hier ist wahrhaftig ein Loch im Himmel. The NGC 1999 dark globule is not a globule (United States)

    Stanke, T.; Stutz, A. M.; Tobin, J. J.; Ali, B.; Megeath, S. T.; Krause, O.; Linz, H.; Allen, L.; Bergin, E.; Calvet, N.; di Francesco, J.; Fischer, W. J.; Furlan, E.; Hartmann, L.; Henning, T.; Manoj, P.; Maret, S.; Muzerolle, J.; Myers, P. C.; Neufeld, D.; Osorio, M.; Pontoppidan, K.; Poteet, C. A.; Watson, D. M.; Wilson, T.


    The NGC 1999 reflection nebula features a dark patch with a size of 10 000 AU, which has been interpreted as a small, dense foreground globule and possible site of imminent star formation. We present Herschel PACS far-infrared 70 and 160 μm maps, which reveal a flux deficit at the location of the globule. We estimate the globule mass needed to produce such an absorption feature to be a few tenths to a few {M}⊙. Inspired by this Herschel observation, we obtained APEX LABOCA and SABOCA submillimeter continuum maps, and Magellan PANIC near-infrared images of the region. We do not detect a submillimer source at the location of the Herschel flux decrement; furthermore our observations place an upper limit on the mass of the globule of 2.4×10-2 {M}⊙. Indeed, the submillimeter maps appear to show a flux depression as well. Furthermore, the near-infrared images detect faint background stars that are less affected by extinction inside the dark patch than in its surroundings. We suggest that the dark patch is in fact a hole or cavity in the material producing the NGC 1999 reflection nebula, excavated by protostellar jets from the V 380 Ori multiple system. Herschel is an ESA space observatory with science instruments provided by European-led Principal Investigator consortia and with important participation from NASAThis publication includes data acquired with the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX; proposal E-082.F-9807 and E-284.C-5015). APEX is a collaboration between the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, the European Southern Observatory, and the Onsala Space Observatory. This paper includes data gathered with the 6.5 m Magellan Telescopes located at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile.Appendices A and B are only available in electronic form at

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  5. Infrared radiation from dark globules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Spencer, R.G.; Leung, C.M.


    Theoretical models are constructed by which to study the infrared emission from dark globules heated by the interstellar radiation field (ISRF). The effects of cloud parameters (grain type, optical depth, and density inhomogeneity) on the emergent spectrum and infrared surface brightnesses are studied. Compared with clouds which have internal heat sources, the emergent flux for globules is found to be at least a factor of 10 smaller and to peak at wavelengths 100 μm< or =lambda< or =130 μm for graphite clouds and 310 μm< or =lambda< or =550 μm for silicate clouds. Either limb brightening or limb darkening in the infrared can occur, which depends sensitively on the optical depth. For globules of moderate extinction (greater than approx.10 in the visible), significant infrared limb brightening occurs at wavelengths of grain emission (20 μm< or =lambda< or =600 μm). A physical interpretation of these results is presented. To help remove ambiguities from interpretations of future observations, the observable effects of a grain mixture, variation of the ISRF, as well as beam dilution are examined in detail. The presence of a second grain component alters the emergent spectrum significantly. For a variation of the ISRF within wide limits, the ratio of surface to central temperature (T/sub s//T/sub c/) of an optically thick cloud remains fairly constant (3< or approx. =T/sub s//T/sub c/< or approx. =4). Infrared limb brightening may be smoothed out by beam dilution as well as by density inhomogeneities. Finally, the expected flux densities in the infrared of a typical globule are presented for different beam sizes. The predicted fluxes are within the detection threshold of currently available infrared detectors, using either ground-based or balloon-borne telescopes

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  7. Microwave spectral lines in galactic dust globules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Martin, R.N.; Barrett, A.H.


    In order to better understand galactic dust globules, a program of mapping several molecular transitions in these clouds has been undertaken. The results of observations of the J=1→0 rotational transitions of CO, 13 CO, C 18 O, and CS, the J=2→1rotational transitions of CS and C 34 S, the J, K=1, 1 and J, K=2, 2 inversion transitions of NH 3 , the J/sub KKprime/=1 11 →1 10 and J/sub KKprime/=2 12 →2 11 transitions of H 2 CO, and the OH 2 Pi/sub 3/2/F=2→2 and F=1→1 transitions are reported here. Twelve globules have been selected for observation; seven of these were studied in detail and the remainder observed only sparsely. A strong positive correlation appears to exist between the spatial extent of the molecular emission (or absorption) and the optical features of the globule. Even the main isotope of CO shows this correlation between dust extinction and molecular emission. Close examination of the Palomar prints reveals dust wherever CO is observed, and CO is probably a good tracer of dust extinction.The simultaneous observation of many molecular transitions has proven useful in obtaining reliable physical parameters for the dust globules. For example, CO and NH 3 are reliable thermometers of the kinetic temperature, and CS and NH 3 are indicators of the total gas density. The kinetic temperatures of the globules are almost always approx.10 K, and the derived H 2 densities are 10/sup 3.4/-10/sup 4.5/ cm -3 . The density in the core of the globules could well be larger than these value, which represent an average for the entire cloud. The kinetic temperature appears uniform across each cloud (within a few kelvins), in agreement with theoretical predictions. All of the globules studied in detail appear to be gravitationally bound and collapsing objects. Rotation has been observed in at least two globules (B163 and B163 SW). The projected axis of rotation is in a direction opposite to that of the Galaxy

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  9. A conspicuous globule in the Southern Coalsack

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bok, B.J.; Sim, M.E.; Hawarden, T.G.


    It is stated that the Southern Coalsack is the finest dark nebula in the Southern Milky Way. Two photographs are here shown taken in October 1976 with the SRC 1.2 m Schmidt telescope at the Siding Spring Observatory, Australia. These show the whole of the Coalsack in all its beauty, and its features are discussed. It is shown how much can be learned by simple star counting techniques. A large number of potential globules are indicated, some of which are described. (U.K.)

  10. Far-infrared observations of globules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Keene, J.


    Observations of far-infrared emission from nine globules are presented. The intensity and uniformity of the emission confirm that the heat source is the interstellar radiation field. Spectra of B133 and B335 are presented; they are consistent with optically thin thermal emission from dust with temperature 13--16 K. The emissivity of the grains must fall as fast as lambda -2 for lambda>500 μm. The temperature and intensity of B335 are used to calculate the ratio of visual extinction to far-infrared emission frequency

  11. Systems of Rb2I2-CdI2-PbI2 and Cs2I2-CdI2-PbI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Volchanskaya, V.V.; Il'yasov, I.I.


    The Rb 2 I 2 -CdI 2 -PbI 2 and Cs 2 I 2 -CdI 2 -PbI 2 triple systems have been studied, using the visual-polythermal method. The liquidus of the systems researched consists of the components and compounds crystallization fields: 2RbIxCdI 2 , 2RbIxRbI 2 , RbIxPbI 2 and 2CsIxCdI 2 , 4CsIxPbI 2 , CsIxPbI 2 , respectively. The crystallization fields converge in four non-variant points at 360, 280, 205 and 192 deg C in the Rb 2 I 2 -CdI 2 -PbI 2 system and at 375, 368, 208 and 190 deg C in the CsI 2 -CdI 2 -PbI 2 system

  12. Fractal Globule as a model of DNA folding in eukaryotes (United States)

    Imakaev, Maksim; Mirny, Leonid


    A recent study (Lieberman-Aiden et al., Science, 2009) observed that the structure of the genome, on the scale of a few megabases, is consistent with a fractal globule. The fractal globule is a quasi-equilibrium state of a polymer after a rapid collapse. First proposed theoretically in 1988, this structure had never been simulated. Fractal globule was seen as a state, in which each subchain is compact, and doesn't mix with other subchains due to their mutual unentanglement (topological constraints). We use GPU-assisted dynamics to create fractal globules of different sizes and observe their dynamics. Our simulations confirm that a polymer after rapid collapse has compact subchains. We measure the scaling of looping probability of a subchain with it's length, and observe the remarkably robust inverse proportionality. Dynamic simulation of the equilibration of this state show that it exhibits Rose type subdiffusion. Due to diffusion, fractal globule quickly degrades to a quasi-equilibrium state, in which subchains of a polymer are mixed, but topologically unentangled. We propose that separation of spatial and topological equilibration of a polymer chain might have implications in different fields of physics.

  13. Polarization measurements of the Bok globule B361

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, I P; Vedi, K [Queen Mary Coll., London (UK); Griffiths, W K [Leeds Univ. (UK); Bhatt, H C; Kulkarni, P V; Ashok, N M [Physical Research Lab., Ahmedabad (India); Wallis, R E [Royal Greenwich Observatory, Hailsham (UK)


    The results of the first measurements of the polarization of light from background stars passing through B361 are described. Nearly all the stars show that the direction of the polarized light is approximately north-south. If the polarization is caused by aligned grains within the globule then a magnetic field of the order of 50-100 is required. Both polarimetry and photometry confirm that two of the stars studied are very distant background stars while three of these stars were found to be foreground stars. The analysis indicates that the globule is not further away than 650 pc, but can only establish an approximate upper limit.

  14. Determinants Of Ori001 Type Government Bond


    Yulius, Yosandi


    The need to build a strong bond market is amenable, especially after the 1997 crises. This paper analyzes the influence of deposit interest rate, foreign exchange rates, and Composite Stock Price Index on yield-to-maturity of Bond Series Retail ORI001, employing monthly data from Bloomberg information service, 2006(8) to 2008(12), using Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity type models. It finds the evidence that deposit interest rate and exchange rate have positive signif...

  15. Congenital Unilateral Hypoplasia of Depressor Anguli Oris

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seckin O. Ulualp


    Full Text Available Objectives. Asymmetric facial appearance may originate from abnormalities of facial musculature or facial innervation. We describe clinical features of congenital hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris muscle in a child. Material and Methods. Chart of a 10-month-old female referred to a tertiary care pediatric hospital for assessment of facial paralysis was reviewed. Data included relevant history and physical examination, diagnostic work up, and management. Results. The child presented with asymmetric movement of lower lip since birth. Asymmetry of lower lip was more pronounced when she smiled and cried. Rest of the face movement was symmetric. On examination, the face appeared symmetric at rest. The child had inward deviation of right lower lip when she smiled. Facial nerve function, as determined by frowning/forehead, wrinkling, eye closure, nasolabial fold depth, and tearing, was symmetric. Magnetic resonance imaging of the temporal bones and internal auditory canals were within normal limits. Echocardiogram did not show cardiac abnormality. Auditory brainstem response showed no abnormality. Conclusions. Congenital hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris is a rare anomaly that causes asymmetric crying face. Pediatricians and otolaryngologists need to be cognizant of cardiac, head and neck, and central nervous system anomalies associated with congenital unilateral hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris.

  16. Effect of some stabilizing agents on globule characteristics and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study investigated the effects of some stabilizing agents (cassava, maize and bentonite mucilages) on globule characteristics and rheological properties of oil in water emulsions. Emulsions were prepared by mixing varying proportions of the mucilages with Arachis oil in the ratio of 60:40 (oil: water) with the aid of a ...

  17. Rosette nebula globules: Seahorse giving birth to a star (United States)

    Mäkelä, M. M.; Haikala, L. K.; Gahm, G. F.


    Context. The Rosette nebula is an H II region ionized mainly by the stellar cluster NGC 2244. Elephant trunks, globules, and globulettes are seen at the interface where the H II region and the surrounding molecular shell meet. Aims: We have observed a field in the northwestern part of the Rosette nebula where we study the small globules protruding from the shell. Our aim is to measure their properties and study their star-formation history in continuation of our earlier study of the features of the region. Methods: We imaged the region in broadband near-infrared (NIR) JsHKs filters and narrowband H2 1-0 S(1), Pβ, and continuum filters using the SOFI camera at the ESO/NTT. The imaging was used to study the stellar population and surface brightness, create visual extinction maps, and locate star formation. Mid-infrared (MIR) Spitzer IRAC and WISE and optical NOT images were used to further study the star formation and the structure of the globules. The NIR and MIR observations indicate an outflow, which is confirmed with CO observations made with APEX. Results: The globules have mean number densities of 4.6 × 104 cm-3. Pβ is seen in absorption in the cores of the globules where we measure visual extinctions of 11-16 mag. The shell and the globules have bright rims in the observed bands. In the Ks band 20 to 40% of the emission is due to fluorescent emission in the 2.12 μmH2 line similar to the tiny dense globulettes we studied earlier in a nearby region. We identify several stellar NIR excess candidates and four of them are also detected in the Spitzer IRAC 8.0 μm image and studied further. We find an outflow with a cavity wall bright in the 2.124 μmH2 line and at 8.0 μm in one of the globules. The outflow originates from a Class I young stellar object (YSO) embedded deep inside the globule. An Hα image suggests the YSO drives a possible parsec-scale outflow. Despite the morphology of the globule, the outflow does not seem to run inside the dusty fingers

  18. Voices of Māori Sex Workers


    Escaravage, Elise


    Aotearoa (New Zealand) is the only country in the world to have decriminalized sex work. The Prostitution Reform Act (PRA henceforth) was enacted in 2003 with the aim to safeguard the human rights of sex workers, and create a framework that is conducive to public health. Skeptics of this policy argue that the law reform was targeting indoor workers while the livelihood of street-based sex workers did not see significant improvements (Justice Acts, 2014). It is known that Māori sex workers are...

  19. ori identity signatures: A latent profile analysis of the types of Māori identity. (United States)

    Greaves, Lara M; Houkamau, Carla; Sibley, Chris G


    ori are the indigenous peoples of New Zealand. However, the term 'Māori' can refer to a wide range of people of varying ethnic compositions and cultural identity. We present a statistical model identifying 6 distinct types, or 'Māori Identity Signatures,' and estimate their proportion in the Māori population. The model is tested using a Latent Profile Analysis of a national probability sample of 686 Māori drawn from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study. We identify 6 distinct signatures: Traditional Essentialists (22.6%), Traditional Inclusives (16%), High Moderates (31.7%), Low Moderates (18.7%), Spiritually Orientated (4.1%), and Disassociated (6.9%). These distinct Identity Signatures predicted variation in deprivation, age, mixed-ethnic affiliation, and religion. This research presents the first formal statistical model assessing how people's identity as Māori is psychologically structured, documents the relative proportion of these different patterns of structures, and shows that these patterns reliably predict differences in core demographics. We identify a range of patterns of Māori identity far more diverse than has been previously proposed based on qualitative data, and also show that the majority of Māori fit a moderate or traditional identity pattern. The application of our model for studying Māori health and identity development is discussed. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  20. Elements in the transcriptional regulatory region flanking herpes simplex virus type 1 oriS stimulate origin function. (United States)

    Wong, S W; Schaffer, P A


    Like other DNA-containing viruses, the three origins of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) DNA replication are flanked by sequences containing transcriptional regulatory elements. In a transient plasmid replication assay, deletion of sequences comprising the transcriptional regulatory elements of ICP4 and ICP22/47, which flank oriS, resulted in a greater than 80-fold decrease in origin function compared with a plasmid, pOS-822, which retains these sequences. In an effort to identify specific cis-acting elements responsible for this effect, we conducted systematic deletion analysis of the flanking region with plasmid pOS-822 and tested the resulting mutant plasmids for origin function. Stimulation by cis-acting elements was shown to be both distance and orientation dependent, as changes in either parameter resulted in a decrease in oriS function. Additional evidence for the stimulatory effect of flanking sequences on origin function was demonstrated by replacement of these sequences with the cytomegalovirus immediate-early promoter, resulting in nearly wild-type levels of oriS function. In competition experiments, cotransfection of cells with the test plasmid, pOS-822, and increasing molar concentrations of a competitor plasmid which contained the ICP4 and ICP22/47 transcriptional regulatory regions but lacked core origin sequences resulted in a significant reduction in the replication efficiency of pOS-822, demonstrating that factors which bind specifically to the oriS-flanking sequences are likely involved as auxiliary proteins in oriS function. Together, these studies demonstrate that trans-acting factors and the sites to which they bind play a critical role in the efficiency of HSV-1 DNA replication from oriS in transient-replication assays.

  1. Milk fat globule membrane and buttermilks: from composition to valorization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vanderghem, C.


    Full Text Available Buttermilk, the by-product from butter manufacture, is low cost and available in large quantities but has been considered for many years as invaluable. However, over the last two decades it has gained considerable attention due to its specific composition in proteins and polar lipids from the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM. The aim of this review is to take stock of current buttermilk knowledge. Firstly, the milk fat globule membrane composition and structure are described. Secondly, buttermilk and its associated products are defined according to the milk fat making process. Structure and mean composition of these products are summarized from recent dairy research data and related to technological properties, especially the emulsifying properties provided by MFGM components. Finally, new applications are presented, leading to promising valorizations of buttermilk and its derivate products.

  2. An oral health intervention for the Māori indigenous population of New Zealand: oranga niho Māori (Māori oral health) as a component of the undergraduate dental curriculum in New Zealand. (United States)

    Broughton, John


    ori are the Indigenous people of New Zealand having migrated across the Pacific from Hawaiki over a 500 year period from 800AD to 1300AD establishing a society based on whānau (family), hapū (subtribe) and iwi (tribe). Today, like other Indigenous populations throughout the world, New Zealand Māori do not enjoy the same oral health status as non-Māori across all age groups. An intervention strategy to improve Māori oral health and to reduce disparities is to develop a dental health workforce that has an understanding of contemporary Māori society and Māori oral health. The Faculty of Dentistry (Te Kaupeka Pūniho) of the University of Otago has a well developed undergraduate programme in Māori culture and Māori oral health. This programme has been reinforced by the adoption of a new Māori Strategic Framework (MSF) which has been designed to be "a vibrant contributor to Māori development and the realisation of Māori aspirations." Goal 5 of the MSF, Ngā Whakahaerenga Pai (Quality Programmes) has the objective to develop and integrate Māori content in the undergraduate course. This paper will discuss the oranga niho Māori (Māori oral health) component of the undergraduate dental curriculum.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yosandi Yulius


    Full Text Available The need to build a strong bond market is amenable, especially after the 1997 crises. This paper analyzes the influence of deposit interest rate, foreign exchange rates, and Composite Stock Price Index on yield-to-maturity of Bond Series Retail ORI001, employing monthly data from Bloomberg information service, 2006(8 to 2008(12, using Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity type models. It finds the evidence that deposit interest rate and exchange rate have positive significant influence on the bond, and that stock index has a negative significant influence on the bond. It also finds that Deposit Interest Rate, exchange rate, and the stock index significantly influence the bond altogether.Keywords: Interest rate, exchange rate, composite stock price index, yield-to-maturity, bondJEL classification numbers: G12, G15

  4. In situ observation of D-rich carbonaceous globules embedded in NWA 801 CR2 chondrite (United States)

    Hashiguchi, Minako; Kobayashi, Sachio; Yurimoto, Hisayoshi


    Eighty-five D-rich carbonaceous particles were identified in the matrix of the NWA 801 CR2 chondrite using isotope microscopy. The occurrence of 67 D-rich carbonaceous particles was characterized using secondary electron microscopy combined with X-ray elemental mapping. The close association of H and C, and D-enrichment suggests that the D-rich carbonaceous particles correspond to organic matter. The D-rich organic particles were scattered ubiquitously throughout the matrix at a concentration of approximately 660 ppm. The morphology of the D-rich carbonaceous particles is globular up to about 1 μm in diameter and is classified into four types: ring globules, round globules, irregular-shaped globules, and globule aggregates. The ring globules are ring-shaped organic matter containing silicate and/or oxide, with or without a void in the center. This is the first report of silicate and oxide grains surrounded by D-rich organic matter. The globule aggregates are composed of several D-rich organic globules mixed with silicates. Morphology of ring globules is very similar to core-mantle grain produced in the molecular cloud or in the outer solar nebula inferring by astronomy, suggesting that the organic globules have formed by UV photolysis in the ice mantle. Silicates or oxides attached to D-rich organic globules are the first observation among chondrites so far and may be unique nature of CR2 chondrites. The hydrogen isotopic compositions of the ring globules, round globules, irregular-shaped globules, and globule aggregates are δD = 3000-4800, 2900-8100, 2700-11,000, and 2500-11,000‰, respectively. Variations of D/H ratio of these organic globules seemed to be attributed to variations of D/H ratio of the organic radicals or differences of content of the D-rich organic radicals. There are no significant differences in the hydrogen isotopic compositions among the four types of D-rich carbonaceous matter. The D-enrichments suggest that these organic globules have

  5. Dust in the outer layers of the Barnard 5 globule (United States)

    Il'in, V. B.; Efimov, Yu S.; Khudyakova, T. N.; Prokopjeva, M. S.; Varivoda, V. V.


    We present the results of our UBVRI polarimetric observations of a dozen stars located close to the well-studied Bok globule Barnard 5 (B5), with several of the stars being seen through its outer layers (with AV up to ˜3 mag). Using recent astrometric, spectroscopic and photometric surveys, we estimate the distance, spectral class and visual extinction for the observed stars and find that the results are in a good agreement with the available 3D extinction maps. We use a two-layer dust model of interstellar polarization towards B5, in which the layer closer to us is an extension of the Taurus cloud complex, and the farther one (including B5 and its halo) is related to the Perseus cloud complex (d ≈ 280-350 pc). Using spectral, photometric and polarimetric data on about 30 additional stars, we estimate the parameters of the former layer as λmax ≈ 0.56 μm, Pmax ≈ 0.7 per cent, θ ≈ 50°, AV ≈ 0.7 mag, and show that the observed wavelength dependence of the position angle for the stars observed generally agrees with the two-layer model. We find that when the stars are seen through the globule layers with AV = 2-3 mag, λmax ≈ 0.6-0.8 μm, which differs significantly from the λmax = 0.52-0.58 μm obtained by us for the diffuse interstellar medium in the direction of B5. We discuss the correlation of λmax with the optical thickness into the globule as well as other correlations of the extinction and polarization parameters.

  6. ori Customary Law: A Relational Approach to Justice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie Vieille


    Full Text Available This research paper examines the philosophy of justice embodied in tikanga Mãori, the Mãori traditional mechanism and approach to doing justice. Based on several months of fieldwork in New Zealand, this study contends that the Mãori approach to justice adopts a holistic and relational lens, which requires that justice be seen in the context of relationships and crimes dealt with in terms of the relationships they have affected. As a result, justice must be carried out within the community and the process owned by community members. Further discussion draws attention to the response of Mãori communities to the New Zealand government’s attempt to accommodate their traditions and warns against the global tendency to render traditional Indigenous approaches to justice ahistorical through their representation as restorative justice mechanisms.

  7. Milk fat globules: fatty acid composition, size and in vivo regulation of fat liquidity. (United States)

    Timmen, H; Patton, S


    Populations of large and small milk fat globules were isolated and analyzed to determine differences in fatty acid composition. Globule samples were obtained by centrifugation from milks of a herd and of individual animals produced under both pasture and barn feeding. Triacylglycerols of total globule lipids were prepared by thin layer chromatography and analyzed for fatty acid composition by gas chromatography. Using content of the acids in large globules as 100%, small globules contained fewer short-chain acids, -5.9%, less stearic acid, -22.7%, and more oleic acids, +4.6%, mean values for five trials. These differences are consistent with alternative use of short-chain acids or oleic acid converted from stearic acid to maintain liquidity at body temperature of milk fat globules and their precursors, intracellular lipid droplets. Stearyl-CoA desaturase (EC, which maintains fluidity of cellular endoplasmic reticulum membrane, is suggested to play a key role in regulating globule fat liquidity. Possible origins of differences between individual globules in fatty acid composition of their triacylglycerols are discussed.

  8. Conformational selection in the molten globule state of the nuclear coactivator binding domain of CBP

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærgaard, Magnus; Teilum, Kaare; Poulsen, Flemming M


    Native molten globules are the most folded kind of intrinsically disordered proteins. Little is known about the mechanism by which native molten globules bind to their cognate ligands to form fully folded complexes. The nuclear coactivator binding domain (NCBD) of CREB binding protein is particul......Native molten globules are the most folded kind of intrinsically disordered proteins. Little is known about the mechanism by which native molten globules bind to their cognate ligands to form fully folded complexes. The nuclear coactivator binding domain (NCBD) of CREB binding protein....... Biophysical studies show that despite the molten globule nature of the domain, it contains a small cooperatively folded core. By NMR spectroscopy, we have demonstrated that the folded core of NCBD has a well ordered conformer with specific side chain packing. This conformer resembles the structure of the NCBD...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Des analogies ont été faites entre la théorie quantique et la théorie stochastique qui décrivent des modèles d’évolution complètement différents dans des statuts mathématiques semblables ; Les processus stochastiques markoviens permettent une description acceptable des problèmes de la physique quantique. L’équation quantique de Schrödinger et l’équation stochastique de Chapman-Kolmogorov ont la même forme différentielle et peuvent par conséquent partager les mêmes solutions. Un lien profond existe entre l’intégrale de chemin de Feynman et l’intégrale de chemin stochastique de Wiener. Néanmoins, l’expression du propagateur de Wiener est mieux définie ; la constante de proportionnalité imposée par Feynman en raison de la normalisation a été naturellement déduite dans l’intégrale de chemin de Wiener. Ce résultat constitue la contribution originale de ce travail.

  10. Chromatin in fractal globule state: evidence from comet assay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afanasieva K. S.


    Full Text Available At higher order levels chromatin is organized into loops that appear as a result of contacts between distant loci. The aim of this work was to investigate the length distribution of the DNA loops in nucleoids obtained after lysis of either whole cells or isolated cell nuclei. Methods. We used single cell gel electrophoresis to analyze the kinetics of the DNA loop migration from the two nucleoid types. Results. The kinetics of the DNA exit was found to have specific features for the two types of nucleoids. At the same time, in both cases, the DNA amount in the electrophoretic track depends linearly on the length of the longest loops in the track. Conclusions. We have concluded that for the loops up to ~ 100 kb the length distribution appears to be consistent with the fractal globule organization.

  11. Star-Formation in Free-Floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules (United States)

    Sahai, Raghvendra


    We propose to study the stellar embryos in select members of a newly recognized class of Free-floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules (frEGGS) embedded in HII regions and having head-tail shapes. We discovered two of these in the Cygnus massive star-forming region (MSFR) with HST, including one of the most prominent members of this class (IRAS20324). Subsequent archival searches of Spitzer imaging of MSFRs has allowed us to build a statistical sample of frEGGs. Our molecular-line observations show the presence of dense molecular cores with total gas masses of (0.5-few) Msun in these objects, and our radio continuum images and Halpha images (from the IPHAS survey) reveal bright photo-ionized peripheries around these objects. We hypothesize that frEGGs are density concentrations originating in giant molecular clouds, that, when subject to the sculpting and compression by strong winds and UV radiation from massive stars, become active star-forming cores. For the 4 frEGGs with HST or near-IR AO images showing young stars and bipolar cavities produced by their jets or collimated outflows, the symmetry axis points roughly toward the external ionizing star or star cluster - exciting new evidence for our overpressure-induced star formation hypothesis. We propose to test this hypothesis by imaging 24 frEGGs in two nearby MSFRs that represent different radiation-dominated environments. Using ACS imaging with filters F606W, F814W, & F658N (Ha+[NII]), we will search for jets and outflow-excavated cavities, investigate the stellar nurseries inside frEGGs, and determine whether the globules are generally forming multiple star systems or small clusters, as in IRAS20324.

  12. Rehabilitation and indigenous peoples: the Māori experience. (United States)

    Harwood, Matire


    Indigenous peoples often have the worst health status in comparison to non-indigenous people in their own nations; urgent action to address the health inequities for indigenous people is required. The role of rehabilitation in addressing health and disability inequities is particularly important due to the health need of indigenous peoples; the unequal distribution of health determinants; and disparities in access to, quality of care through and outcomes following rehabilitation. This article will present a perspective for Māori, the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, on a framework for improving rehabilitation services for Māori and ultimately their health and wellbeing.

  13. Inequities in exposure to occupational risk factors between Māori and non-Māori workers in Aotearoa New Zealand. (United States)

    Denison, Hayley J; Eng, Amanda; Barnes, Lucy A; Cheng, Soo; 't Mannetje, Andrea; Haddock, Katharine; Douwes, Jeroen; Pearce, Neil; Ellison-Loschmann, Lis


    Health inequities between indigenous and non-indigenous people are well documented. However, the contribution of differential exposure to risk factors in the occupational environment remains unclear. This study assessed differences in the prevalence of self-reported exposure to disease risk factors, including dust and chemicals, physical factors and organisational factors, between Māori and non-Māori workers in New Zealand. Potential participants were sampled from the New Zealand electoral rolls and invited to take part in a telephone interview, which included questions about current workplace exposures. Logistic regression, accounting for differences in age, socioeconomic status and occupational distribution between Māori and non-Māori, was used to assess differences in exposures. In total, 2344 Māori and 2710 non-Māori participants were included in the analyses. Māori had greater exposure to occupational risk factors than non-Māori. For dust and chemical exposures, the main differences related to Māori working in occupations where these exposures are more common. However, even within the same job, Māori were more likely to be exposed to physical factors such as heavy lifting and loud noise, and organisational factors such as carrying out repetitive tasks and working to tight deadlines compared with non-Māori. This is one of the first studies internationally to compare occupational risk factors between indigenous and non-indigenous people. These findings suggest that the contribution of the occupational environment to health inequities between Māori and non-Māori has been underestimated and that work tasks may be unequally distributed according to ethnicity. © Article author(s) (or their employer(s) unless otherwise stated in the text of the article) 2018. All rights reserved. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise expressly granted.

  14. The Waikato river: Changing properties of a living Māori ancestor

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meijl, A.H.M. van


    In Māori cosmology, rivers and other waterways are conceptualised as living ancestors, who have their own life force and spiritual strength. The special status of rivers in Māori society also explains why they are sometimes separated from other Māori claims to natural resources of which they were


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chiang, Hsin-Fang; Reipurth, Bo [Institute for Astronomy and NASA Astrobiology Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 640 North Aohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States); Hillenbrand, Lynne, E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Astronomy, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States)


    The little-studied Herbig Be star V1818 Ori is located in the direction of the southern L1641 cloud and the Mon R2 star-forming complex, and is most likely associated with the latter at a distance of ∼900 pc. A high-resolution spectrum is consistent with a spectral type around B7 V, with lines of Hα, the red Ca ii triplet, and several forbidden lines in emission. An All Sky Automated Survey V-band light curve spanning 9 yr reveals major variability with deep absorption episodes reminiscent of the UX Orionis stars. We have searched for additional young stars clustering around V1818 Ori using grism images and the 2MASS and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer catalogs, and have found almost two dozen fainter stars with evidence of youth. Direct images show that the bright star IRAS 05510–1025, only about 3 arcmin from V1818 Ori, is surrounded by a reflection nebula, indicating its association with a molecular cloud. A spectrum of the star shows no emission-lines, and it is found to be a close binary with late B and early G type components. Its radial velocity indicates that it is an interloper, accidentally passing through the cloud and not physically associated with V1818 Ori.

  16. Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) origin of DNA replication oriS influences origin-dependent DNA replication and flanking gene transcription. (United States)

    Khalil, Mohamed I; Sommer, Marvin H; Hay, John; Ruyechan, William T; Arvin, Ann M


    The VZV genome has two origins of DNA replication (oriS), each of which consists of an AT-rich sequence and three origin binding protein (OBP) sites called Box A, C and B. In these experiments, the mutation in the core sequence CGC of the Box A and C not only inhibited DNA replication but also inhibited both ORF62 and ORF63 expression in reporter gene assays. In contrast the Box B mutation did not influence DNA replication or flanking gene transcription. These results suggest that efficient DNA replication enhances ORF62 and ORF63 transcription. Recombinant viruses carrying these mutations in both sites and one with a deletion of the whole oriS were constructed. Surprisingly, the recombinant virus lacking both copies of oriS retained the capacity to replicate in melanoma and HELF cells suggesting that VZV has another origin of DNA replication. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Proteolysis of milk fat globule membrane proteins during in vitro gastric digestion of milk. (United States)

    Ye, A; Cui, J; Singh, H


    The influence of gastric proteolysis on the physicochemical characteristics of milk fat globules and the proteins of the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) in raw milk and cream was examined in vitro in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) containing various pepsin concentrations at pH 1.6 for up to 2h. Apparent flocculation of the milk fat globules occurred in raw milk samples incubated in SGF containing pepsin, but no coalescence was observed in either raw milk samples or cream samples. The changes in the particle size of the fat globules as a result of the flocculation were dependent on the pepsin concentration. Correspondingly, the physical characteristics of the fat globules and the composition of the MFGM proteins in raw milk changed during incubation in SGF containing pepsin. The major MFGM proteins were hydrolyzed at different rates by the pepsin in the SGF; butyrophilin was more resistant than xanthine oxidase, PAS 6, or PAS 7. Peptides with various molecular weights, which altered with the time of incubation and the pepsin concentration, were present at the surfaces of the fat globules. Copyright © 2011 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Structural changes of bovine milk fat globules during in vitro digestion. (United States)

    Gallier, S; Ye, A; Singh, H


    An in vitro digestion model that simulated gastric and intestinal fasting conditions was used to monitor the physical, chemical, and structural changes of fat globules from raw bovine milk. During in vitro gastric digestion, the fat globules were stable under low-acidic conditions. Some peptides and β-lactoglobulin were resistant to proteolysis by pepsin. Phospholipids, proteins, and peptides stabilized the globules in the stomach model. During in vitro intestinal digestion, most of the β-lactoglobulin and residual peptides were hydrolyzed by trypsin and chymotrypsin, and the lipolytic products, released from the hydrolysis of the triglyceride core of the globules, led to destabilization and coalescence of the globules. By accumulating at the surface of the fat globules, the lipolytic products formed a lamellar phase and their solubilization by bile salts resulted in the formation of disk-shaped micelles. This study brings new interesting insights on the digestion of bovine milk. Copyright © 2012 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Smoking in pregnancy a key factor for sudden infant death among Māori. (United States)

    MacFarlane, M; Mitchell, E A; Thompson, J M D; Lawton, B; Zuccollo, J; Elder, D; Taylor, B; McDonald, G; Stewart, A W; Percival, T; Baker, N; Schlaud, M; Fleming, P


    To examine the Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) disparity between Māori and non-Māori in New Zealand. A nationwide prospective case-control study ran from March 2012-February 2015. Exposure to established SUDI risk factors was analysed to investigate the disparity experienced by Māori. Infant ethnicity was based on mother's ethnicity. Māori ethnicity was prioritised. Non-Māori includes Pacific, Asian, NZ European and Other. There were 137 cases and 649 controls. The Māori SUDI rate was 1.41/1,000 live births compared to 0.53/1,000 for non-Māori. Parents/caregivers of 133 cases (97%) and 258 controls (40%) were interviewed. Smoking in pregnancy was associated with an equally-increased SUDI risk for Māori (adjusted OR=8.11, 95%CI=2.64, 24.93) and non-Māori (aOR=5.09, 95% CI=1.79, 14.47), as was bed-sharing (aOR=3.66, 95% CI=1.49, 9.00 versus aOR=11.20, 95% CI=3.46, 36.29). Bed-sharing prevalence was similar, however more Māori controls smoked during pregnancy (46.7%) than non-Māori (22.8%). The main contributor relating to increased SUDI risk for Māori/non-Māori infants is the combination of smoking in pregnancy and bed-sharing. The association between known SUDI risk factors, including bed-sharing and/or smoking in pregnancy and SUDI risk, is the same regardless of ethnicity. Māori infants are exposed more frequently to both behaviours because of the higher Māori smoking rate. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

  20. Critical phenomena and polymer coil-to-globule transition

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chu, B.; Xu Renliang; Wang Zhulun; Zuo Ju


    Small-angle scattering techniques including laser light scattering (LLS), small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) have been useful tools to measure the static and dynamic properties (in terms of critical fluctuations) of fluids, fluid mixtures, polymer and micellar solutions, polymer blends and metallic alloys. A brief review is given of recent results in critical-phenomena experiments using small-angle scattering techniques. Topics of current interest are pointed out, and a guide to the vast literature on critical opalescence is provided. Coil-to-globule transition in polymer solutions has been a classic experimental challenge over the past decade. In order to succeed in reaching the collapsed regime, it becomes important to realize that single coil contraction of a linear polymer molecule in solution takes place in the neighborhood of phase separations. By using the recent development of a small-angle light-scattering spectrometer and by taking advantage of a successful polymer fractionation experiment, the transition behavior of linear polystyrene in cyclohexane from the Θ state to the collapsed regime can be characterized based on both the radius of gyration and the hydrodynamic radius. (orig.)

  1. Multistage unfolding of an SH3 domain: an initial urea-filled dry molten globule precedes a wet molten globule with non-native structure. (United States)

    Dasgupta, Amrita; Udgaonkar, Jayant B; Das, Payel


    The unfolding of the SH3 domain of the PI3 kinase in aqueous urea has been studied using a synergistic experiment-simulation approach. The experimental observation of a transient wet molten globule intermediate, IU, with an unusual non-native burial of the sole Trp residue, W53, provides the benchmark for the unfolding simulations performed (eight in total, each at least 0.5 μs long). The simulations reveal that the partially unfolded IU ensemble is preceded by an early native-like molten globule intermediate ensemble I*. In the very initial stage of unfolding, dry globule conformations with the protein core filled with urea instead of water are transiently observed within the I* ensemble. Water penetration into the urea-filled core of dry globule conformations is frequently accompanied by very transient burial of W53. Later during gradual unfolding, W53 is seen to again become transiently buried in the IU ensemble for a much longer time. In the structurally heterogeneous IU ensemble, conformational flexibility of the C-terminal β-strands enables W53 burial by the formation of non-native, tertiary contacts with hydrophobic residues, which could serve to protect the protein from aggregation during unfolding.

  2. Dry molten globule intermediates and the mechanism of protein unfolding. (United States)

    Baldwin, Robert L; Frieden, Carl; Rose, George D


    New experimental results show that either gain or loss of close packing can be observed as a discrete step in protein folding or unfolding reactions. This finding poses a significant challenge to the conventional two-state model of protein folding. Results of interest involve dry molten globule (DMG) intermediates, an expanded form of the protein that lacks appreciable solvent. When an unfolding protein expands to the DMG state, side chains unlock and gain conformational entropy, while liquid-like van der Waals interactions persist. Four unrelated proteins are now known to form DMGs as the first step of unfolding, suggesting that such an intermediate may well be commonplace in both folding and unfolding. Data from the literature show that peptide amide protons are protected in the DMG, indicating that backbone structure is intact despite loss of side-chain close packing. Other complementary evidence shows that secondary structure formation provides a major source of compaction during folding. In our model, the major free-energy barrier separating unfolded from native states usually occurs during the transition between the unfolded state and the DMG. The absence of close packing at this barrier provides an explanation for why phi-values, derived from a Brønsted-Leffler plot, depend primarily on structure at the mutational site and not on specific side-chain interactions. The conventional two-state folding model breaks down when there are DMG intermediates, a realization that has major implications for future experimental work on the mechanism of protein folding. 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  3. ORIS: the Oak Ridge Imaging System program listings

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bell, P.R.; Dougherty, J.M.


    The Oak Ridge Imaging System (ORIS) is a general purpose access, storage, processing and display system for nuclear medicine imaging with rectilinear scanner and gamma camera. This volume contains listings of the PDP-8/E version of ORIS Version 2. The system is designed to run under the Digital Equipment Corporation's OS/8 monitor in 16K or more words of core. System and image file mass storage is on RK8E disk; longer-time image file storage is provided on DECtape. Another version of this program exists for use with the RF08 disk, and a more limited version is for DECtape only. This latter version is intended for non-medical imaging

  4. La théorie quantique en images

    CERN Document Server

    McEvoy, J P


    La théorie quantique nous confronte avec les paradoxes bizarres qui contredisent les fondements de la physique classique. Au niveau subatomique, une particule semble savoir ce que font les autres, mais selon « le principe d'incertitude » de Heisenberg, il y a une limite sur la précision des observations. Pourtant, la théorie quantique est étonnamment précise et largement appliquée en chimie et en physique. Cet ouvrage nous emmène dans un voyage où vous rencontrerez Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg et Schrödinger, chacun d'entre eux ayant contribué aux concepts de cette théorie révolutionnaire. La dualité onde-particule, l'interprétation de Copenhague, le chat de Schrödinger, le paradoxe EPR etc... sont autant d'expériences et de concepts qui sont décrits dans cet ouvrage.

  5. The Effect of Sterilization on Size and Shape of Fat Globules in Model Processed Cheese Samples

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Tremlová


    Full Text Available Model cheese samples from 4 independent productions were heat sterilized (117 °C, 20 minutes after the melting process and packing with an aim to prolong their durability. The objective of the study was to assess changes in the size and shape of fat globules due to heat sterilization by using image analysis methods. The study included a selection of suitable methods of preparation mounts, taking microphotographs and making overlays for automatic processing of photographs by image analyser, ascertaining parameters to determine the size and shape of fat globules and statistical analysis of results obtained. The results of the experiment suggest that changes in shape of fat globules due to heat sterilization are not unequivocal. We found that the size of fat globules was significantly increased (p < 0.01 due to heat sterilization (117 °C, 20 min, and the shares of small fat globules (up to 500 μm2, or 100 μm2 in the samples of heat sterilized processed cheese were decreased. The results imply that the image analysis method is very useful when assessing the effect of technological process on the quality of processed cheese quality.

  6. Globules, dark clouds, and low mass pre-main sequence stars

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hyland, A.R.


    The current observational and theoretical literature on Bok globules and their relationship to star formation is reviewed. Recent observations of globules at optical, infrared, and far infrared wavelengths are shown to provide important constraints on their structure and evolutionary status, and the suggestion that many globules are gravitationally unstable is seriously questioned. Dark clouds associated with T associations are well-known sites of recent and continuing star formation. In recent years molecular observations and far infrared surveys have provided maps of such regions from which possible sites of star formation may be identified. Optical (Hα) and near infrared surveys have enabled a clear identification of pre-main sequence (PMS) objects within the clouds. Methods of distinguishing these from background objects and the nature of their infrared excesses are examined in the light of recent observations in the near and far infrared. The perennial question as to the existence of anomalous reddening within dark clouds is also investigated. (Auth.)

  7. Eléments de théorie des graphes

    CERN Document Server

    Bretto, Alain; Hennecart, François


    Ce livre est une introduction d velopp e la th orie des graphes. Autour de cette th orie se d veloppe aujourd'hui l'un des domaines les plus f conds et les plus dynamiques des mah matiques et de l'informatique. La th orie des graphes permet de r pr senter un ensemble complexe d'objets en exprimant les relations entre les l ments: r seaux de communication, circuits lectriques, etc. Le livre pr sente le langage et les notions l mentaires de cette th orie, les diff rents types de graphes (bipartis, arbres, arborescences, graphes eul riens et hamiltoniens, etc.); il tudie les relations entre les g

  8. Orbicularis oris musculomucosal flap for anterior palatal fistula

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiwari V


    Full Text Available Anterior palatal fistulae or residual anterior clefts are a frequent problem following palatoplasty. Various techniques have been used to repair such fistulae, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. We have successfully used orbicularis oris musculomucosal flap to close anterior fistula and residual clefts in 25 patients. This study shows the superiority of this flap over other techniques because of its reliable blood supply, easy elevation and transfer to fistula site and finally because it is a single-stage procedure.

  9. Using confocal laser scanning microscopy to probe the milk fat globule membrane and associated proteins. (United States)

    Gallier, Sophie; Gragson, Derek; Jiménez-Flores, Rafael; Everett, David


    The bovine milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) is an important, biologically relevant membrane due to its functional and health properties. Its composition has been thoroughly studied, but its structure, especially the lateral organization of its components, still remains unclear. We have used confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) to investigate the surface structure of the MFGM in globules with different degrees of processing using two types of fluorescently labeled phospholipid probes and a protein dye. Using this technique, we have observed heterogeneities in the distribution of MFGM lipids and proteins relating to the processing and size of the globules. The effect of pretreating the milk (centrifugation, pasteurization-homogenization and churning) was studied by double-staining the surface of the milk fat globules, followed by observation using CLSM, and by determining the phospholipid profile of raw milk, raw cream, processed milk and buttermilk powder. Our findings agree with other techniques by showing that the composition of the MFGM changes with processing through the loss of phospholipids and the adsorption of caseins and whey proteins onto the surface.

  10. Solubilization methods and reference 2-DE map of cow milk fat globules. (United States)

    Bianchi, Laura; Puglia, Michele; Landi, Claudia; Matteoni, Silvia; Perini, Daniele; Armini, Alessandro; Verani, Margherita; Trombetta, Claudia; Soldani, Patrizia; Roncada, Paola; Greppi, Gianfranco; Pallini, Vitaliano; Bini, Luca


    Milk fat globules (MFGs) are secretory vesicles assembled and secreted by mammary epithelial cells during lactation. They consist of fat globules surrounded by a lipid bilayer membrane which is derived from the apical membrane of the lactating cells. MFGs contain, besides lipids, proteins from the apical plasma membrane and from the cytoplasmatic material. Their peculiar vesicle nature makes them a suitable and easily available source of biological material in monitoring the physiopathological state of the mammary gland. Unfortunately, the conspicuous lipidic component of MFGs consistently limits protein extraction and purification for MFG proteomic investigations. This work deals with the development of a suitable procedure for protein extraction from the cow MFGs in order to qualitatively and quantitatively improve 2-D electropherograms of the MFG. MFGs were purified from raw milk by centrifugation and then delipidated/precipitated. The resulting protein pellets were solubilised using four different 2-D SDS PAGE compatible lysis buffers. Applied methodological procedures for protein extraction and evaluation of the resulting 2-D protein-pattern are presented and discussed. Using these procedures a reference 2-D map of cow milk fat globules is also reported. The majority of the obtained identifications was represented by proteins involved in lipid synthesis or in fat globule secretion.

  11. Separation of milk fat globules via microfiltration: Effect of diafiltration media and opportunities for stream valorization. (United States)

    Jukkola, A; Partanen, R; Rojas, O J; Heino, A


    Milk fat globule membranes (MFGM) sourced in buttermilk have gained recent interest given their nutritional value and functional properties. However, production of isolated MFGM has been challenging given their size similarity with casein micelles, which limits attempts toward fractionation by size exclusion techniques. Therefore, the hypothesis underpinning this study is that the removal of proteins from cream before butter-making facilitates MFGM isolation. As such, milk fat globules were separated from raw whole milk via microfiltration (1.4-µm pore diameter and 0.005-m 2 filtration surface area) by using 3 diafiltration media; namely, skim milk ultrafiltration permeate, saline, and water. Their effects on the stability of the milk fat globules and protein permeation was elucidated. Whereas a substantial reduction in protein concentration was achieved with all diafiltration media (~90% reduction), water and saline produced negligible membrane fouling with better filtration performance. Moreover, diafiltration with skim milk ultrafiltration permeate exhibited reduced permeate flux. Colloidal stability of the resultant milk decreased with all diafiltration solutions due to changing composition and reduced apparent viscosity. Overall, microfiltration was found to be an efficient method for separation of milk fat globules from whole milk, leading to increased MFGM fragment concentration in buttermilk dry matter, thus making it more suitable for industrial utilization. Copyright © 2016 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Curcumin loaded nano globules for solubility enhancement: preparation, characterization and ex vivo release study. (United States)

    Kumar, Anil; Ahuja, Alka; Ali, Javed; Baboota, Sanjula


    Curcumin in spite of being an effective chemotherapeutic agent against different type of cancer, suffer from the problem of low systemic bioavailability due to low aqueous solubility, extensive intestinal metabolism and first-pass metabolism when administered via the oral route. The aim of present investigation was to evaluate the potential of nano globules based nanoemulsion formulation for the solubility enhancement of curcumin. The nano globules based formulation was developed using Labrafac Lipophile WL 1349, Unitop FFT 40, PEG 400 and distilled water as an oil, surfactant, co-surfactant and aqueous phase respectively using aqueous titration method. Furthermore, different formulations were subjected to physical stability and consequently evaluated for ex vivo permeation using small intestine. The optimized formulation had small average globule diameter of 58 nm with zeta potential of -32 mv which indicated long-term dispersion stability. The globules were spherical in shape as observed by Transmission electron microscopy. During ex vivo study, the release of curcumin from nanoemulsion was 96.21% and 98.1% in 6 h and 12 h respectively whereas CU suspension was release up to 28.2% at the end of 12 h. This indicated the enhancement of solubility of curcumin in aqueous solution which is the rate limiting step in the absorption of curcumin in the intestine.

  13. Globule-size distribution in injectable 20% lipid emulsions: Compliance with USP requirements. (United States)

    Driscoll, David F


    The compliance of injectable 20% lipid emulsions with the globule-size limits in chapter 729 of the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) was examined. As established in chapter 729, dynamic light scattering was applied to determine mean droplet diameter (MDD), with an upper limit of 500 nm. Light obscuration was used to determine the size of fat globules found in the large-diameter tail, expressed as the volume-weighted percent fat exceeding 5 microm (PFAT(5)), with an upper limit of 0.05%. Compliance of seven different emulsions, six of which were stored in plastic bags, with USP limits was assessed. To avoid reaching coincidence limits during the application of method II from overly concentrated emulsion samples, a variable dilution scheme was used to optimize the globule-size measurements for each emulsion. One-way analysis of variance of globule-size distribution (GSD) data was conducted if any results of method I or II exceeded the respective upper limits. Most injectable lipid emulsions complied with limits established by USP chapter 729, with the exception of those of one manufacturer, which failed limits as proposed for to meet the PFAT(5) three of the emulsions tested. In contrast, all others studied (one packaged in glass and three packaged in plastic) met both criteria. Among seven injectable lipid emulsions tested for GSD, all met USP chapter 729 MDD requirements and three, all from the same manufacturer and packaged in plastic, did not meet PFAT(5) requirements.

  14. Infrared study of new star cluster candidates associated to dusty globules (United States)

    Soto King, P.; Barbá, R.; Roman-Lopes, A.; Jaque, M.; Firpo, V.; Nilo, J. L.; Soto, M.; Minniti, D.


    We present results from a study of a sample of small star clusters associated to dusty globules and bright-rimmed clouds that have been observed under ESO/Chile public infrared survey Vista Variables in the Vía Láctea (VVV). In this short communication, we analyse the near-infrared properties of a set of four small clusters candidates associated to dark clouds. This sample of clusters associated to dusty globules are selected from the new VVV stellar cluster candidates developed by members of La Serena VVV Group (Barbá et al. 2014). Firstly, we are producing color-color and color-magnitude diagrams for both, cluster candidates and surrounding areas for comparison through PSF photometry. The cluster positions are determined from the morphology on the images and also from the comparison of the observed luminosity function for the cluster candidates and the surrounding star fields. Now, we are working in the procedures to establish the full sample of clusters to be analyzed and methods for subtraction of the star field contamination. These clusters associated to dusty globules are simple laboratories to study the star formation relatively free of the influence of large star-forming regions and populous clusters, and they will be compared with those clusters associated to bright-rimmed globules, which are influenced by the energetic action of nearby O and B massive stars.

  15. Coil–globule transition of a polymer involved in excluded-volume interactions with macromolecules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odagiri, Kenta; Seki, Kazuhiko


    Polymers adopt extended coil and compact globule states according to the balance between entropy and interaction energies. The transition of a polymer between an extended coil state and compact globule state can be induced by changing thermodynamic force such as temperature to alter the energy/entropy balance. Previously, this transition was theoretically studied by taking into account the excluded-volume interaction between monomers of a polymer chain using the partition function. For binary mixtures of a long polymer and short polymers, the coil-globule transition can be induced by changing the concentration of the shorter polymers. Here, we investigate the transition caused by short polymers by generalizing the partition function of the long polymer to include the excluded-volume effect of short polymers. The coil-globule transition is studied as a function of the concentration of mixed polymers by systematically varying Flory’s χ-parameters. We show that the transition is caused by the interplay between the excluded-volume interaction and the dispersion state of short polymers in the solvent. We also reveal that the same results can be obtained by combining the mixing entropy and elastic energy if the volume of a long polymer is properly defined

  16. Iron-dependent gene expression in Actinomyces oris

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew P. Mulé


    Results: When A. oris was grown under iron-limiting conditions, the genes encoding iron/siderophore transporters fetA and sidD showed increased expression. One of these genes (sidD was mutated, and the sidD::Km strain exhibited a 50% reduction in growth in late log and stationary phase cells in media that contained iron. This growth defect was restored when the sidD gene was provided in a complemented strain. We were able to isolate the AmdR-encoding gene in seven clinical isolates of Actinomyces. When these protein sequences were aligned to the laboratory strain, there was a high degree of sequence similarity. Conclusions: The growth of the sidD::Km mutant in iron-replete medium mirrored the growth of the wild-type strain grown in iron-limiting medium, suggesting that the sidD::Km mutant was compromised in iron uptake. The known iron regulator AmdR is well conserved in clinical isolates of A. oris. This work provides additional insight into iron metabolism in this important oral microbe.

  17. Exercise to Support Indigenous Pregnant Women to Stop Smoking: Acceptability to Māori. (United States)

    Roberts, Vaughan; Glover, Marewa; McCowan, Lesley; Walker, Natalie; Ussher, Michael; Heke, Ihirangi; Maddison, Ralph


    Objectives Smoking during pregnancy is harmful for the woman and the unborn child, and the harms raise risks for the child going forward. Indigenous women often have higher rates of smoking prevalence than non-indigenous. Exercise has been proposed as a strategy to help pregnant smokers to quit. Māori (New Zealand Indigenous) women have high rates of physical activity suggesting that an exercise programme to aid quitting could be an attractive initiative. This study explored attitudes towards an exercise programme to aid smoking cessation for Māori pregnant women. Methods Focus groups with Māori pregnant women, and key stakeholder interviews were conducted. Results Overall, participants were supportive of the idea of a physical activity programme for pregnant Māori smokers to aid smoking cessation. The principal, over-arching finding, consistent across all participants, was the critical need for a Kaupapa Māori approach (designed and run by Māori, for Māori people) for successful programme delivery, whereby Māori cultural values are respected and infused throughout all aspects of the programme. A number of practical and environmental barriers to attendance were raised including: cost, the timing of the programme, accessibility, transport, and childcare considerations. Conclusions A feasibility study is needed to design an intervention following the suggestions presented in this paper with effort given to minimising the negative impact of barriers to attendance.

  18. The effect of milk fat globules on adherence and internalization of Salmonella Enteritidis to HT-29 cells. (United States)

    Guri, A; Griffiths, M; Khursigara, C M; Corredig, M


    Milk fat globules were extracted from bovine and goat milk and incubated with HT-29 human adenocarcinoma cells to assess the attachment and internalization of Salmonella Enteritidis. Because the expression of bacterial adhesins is highly affected by the presence of antibiotic, the attachment was studied with and without antibiotic in the cell growth medium. Although no inhibitory effect of the fat globules was observed in the presence of the antibiotic, milk fat globules significantly inhibited the binding and internalization of Salmonella in medium free of antibiotic. The fat globules from both bovine and goat milk markedly reduced bacterial binding and invasion compared with controls, and the cells treated with goat milk-derived fat globules demonstrated greater protective properties than those derived from bovine milk. The effect of heat treatment on bovine fat globules was also investigated, and it was shown that the fat globules from heated milk had a higher degree of inhibition than those from unheated milk. Copyright © 2012 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Patterns of privilege: A total cohort analysis of admission and academic outcomes for Māori, Pacific and non-Māori non-Pacific health professional students. (United States)

    Wikaire, Erena; Curtis, Elana; Cormack, Donna; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Rob; Reid, Papaarangi


    Tertiary institutions are struggling to ensure equitable academic outcomes for indigenous and ethnic minority students in health professional study. This demonstrates disadvantaging of ethnic minority student groups (whereby Indigenous and ethnic minority students consistently achieve academic outcomes at a lower level when compared to non-ethnic minority students) whilst privileging non-ethnic minority students and has important implications for health workforce and health equity priorities. Understanding the reasons for academic inequities is important to improve institutional performance. This study explores factors that impact on academic success for health professional students by ethnic group. Kaupapa Māori methodology was used to analyse data for 2686 health professional students at the University of Auckland in 2002-2012. Data were summarised for admission variables: school decile, Rank Score, subject credits, Auckland school, type of admission, and bridging programme; and academic outcomes: first-year grade point average (GPA), first-year passed all courses, year 2 - 4 programme GPA, graduated, graduated in the minimum time, and composite completion for Māori, Pacific, and non-Māori non-Pacific (nMnP) students. Statistical tests were used to identify significant differences between the three ethnic groupings. Māori and Pacific students were more likely to attend low decile schools (27 % Māori, 33 % Pacific vs. 5 % nMnP, p workforce and health equity goals, tertiary institution staff should understand the realities and challenges faced by Māori and Pacific students and ensure programme delivery meets the unique needs of these students. Ethnic disparities in academic outcomes show patterns of privilege and should be alarming to tertiary institutions. If institutions are serious about achieving equitable outcomes for Māori and Pacific students, major institutional changes are necessary that ensure the unique needs of Māori and Pacific students

  20. Development concepts of a Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT) using ORiN technology. (United States)

    Okamoto, Jun; Masamune, Ken; Iseki, Hiroshi; Muragaki, Yoshihiro


    Currently, networking has not progressed in the treatment room. Almost every medical device in the treatment room operates as a stand-alone device. In this project, we aim to develop a networked operating room called "Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT)". Medical devices are connected using Open Resource interface for the Network (ORiN) technology. In this paper, we describe the concept of the SCOT project. SCOT is integrated using the communication interface ORiN, which was originally developed for industry. One feature of ORiN is that the system can be constructed flexibly. ORiN creates abstracts of the same type of devices and increases the robustness of the system for device exchange. By using ORiN technology, we are developing new applications, such as decision-making navigation or a precision guided treatment system.

  1. Relationship between fat globule size and chemical and fatty acid composition of cow's milk in mid lactation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cosima Scolozzi


    Full Text Available The milk in 57 Italian Fresian cows in mid lactation was analysed in order to define the relationship between some qualitative milk parameters and the size of milk fat globules. The study focused on the morphometric evaluation of milk fat globules, chemical parameteres and fatty acid composition of the milk. The results show that a prevalence of milk fat globules with a diameter 6 um was associated (P<0.01 with greater milk yield nad a higher percentage of lactose, non-fat dry matter and ash............

  2. Relationship between fat globule size and chemical and fatty acid composition of cow's milk in mid lactation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mina Martini


    Full Text Available The milk in 57 Italian Fresian cows in mid lactation was analysed in order to define the relationship between some qualitative milk parameters and the size of milk fat globules. The study focused on the morphometric evaluation of milk fat globules, chemical parameteres and fatty acid composition of the milk. The results show that a prevalence of milk fat globules with a diameter 6 um was associated (P<0.01 with greater milk yield nad a higher percentage of lactose, non-fat dry matter and ash............

  3. Distinct mechanisms of axonal globule formation in mice expressing human wild type α-synuclein or dementia with Lewy bodies-linked P123H ß-synuclein

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sekigawa Akio


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Axonopathy is critical in the early pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease (PD and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB. Axonal swellings such as globules and spheroids are a distinct feature of axonopathy and our recent study showed that transgenic (tg mice expressing DLB-linked P123H β-synuclein (P123H βS were characterized by P123H βS-immunoreactive axonal swellings (P123H βS-globules. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to evaluate α-synuclein (αS-immunoreactive axonal swellings (αS-globules in the brains of tg mice expressing human wild-type αS and to compare them with the globules in P123H βS tg mice. Results In αS tg mice, αS-globules were formed in an age-dependent manner in various brain regions, including the thalamus and basal ganglia. These globules were composed of autophagosome-like membranous structures and were reminiscent of P123H βS-globules in P123H βS tg mice. In the αS-globules, frequent clustering and deformation of mitochondria were observed. These changes were associated with oxidative stress, based on staining of nitrated αS and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (4-HNE. In accord with the absence of mitochondria in the P123H βS-globules, staining of nitrated αS and 4-HNE in these globules was weaker than that for αS-globules. Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2, the PARK8 of familial PD, was detected exclusively in αS-globules, suggesting a specific role of this molecule in these globules. Conclusions Lysosomal pathology was similarly observed for both αS- and P123H βS-globules, while oxidative stress was associated with the αS-globules, and to a lesser extent with the P123H βS-globules. Other pathologies, such as mitochondrial alteration and LRRK2 accumulation, were exclusively detected for αS-globules. Collectively, both αS- and P123H βS-globules were formed through similar but distinct pathogenic mechanisms. Our findings suggest that synuclein

  4. A Speculation into the Origin of Neutral Globules In Planetary Nebulae: Could the Helix's Comets Really Be Comets?


    Gussie, Grant


    A novel explanation for the origin of the cometary globules within NGC 7293 (the "Helix" planetary nebula) is examined; that these globules originate as massive cometary bodies at large astrocentric radii. The mass of such hypothetical cometary bodies would have to be several orders of magnitude larger than any such bodies observed in our solar system in order to supply the observed mass of neutral gas. It is however shown that comets at "outer Oort cloud" like distances are likely to survive...

  5. A survey of northern Bok globules for H-alpha emission stars

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ogura, Katsuo; Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko.


    Northern globules in the catalog of Bok and Cordwell (1973) have been surveyed for Hα-emission stars of T Tau type by using the Kiso Schmidt telescope with an objective prism. The results for 15 globules are presented here. A total of 60 emission-line stars, of which 80 % are new, and 17 suspected ones have been discovered. Some of them are known T Tau stars; one star shows Ca 2 H and K lines in emission on objective-prism plates in the blue-violet and presumably is a new T Tau star. The celestial coordinates and rough estimates of magnitude and color are given for all of the objects. (author)

  6. Spitzer Observations of a 24 μm Shadow: Bok Globule CB 190 (United States)

    Stutz, Amelia M.; Bieging, John H.; Rieke, George H.; Shirley, Yancy L.; Balog, Zoltan; Gordon, Karl D.; Green, Elizabeth M.; Keene, Jocelyn; Kelly, Brandon C.; Rubin, Mark; Werner, Michael W.


    We present Spitzer observations of the dark globule CB 190 (LDN 771). We observe a roughly circular 24 μm shadow with a 70" radius. The extinction profile of this shadow matches the profile derived from 2MASS photometry at the outer edges of the globule and reaches a maximum of ~32 visual magnitudes at the center. The corresponding mass of CB 190 is ~10 Msolar. Our 12CO and 13CO J=2-1 data over a 10'×10' region centered on the shadow show a temperature ~10 K. The thermal continuum indicates a similar temperature for the dust. The molecular data also show evidence of freezeout onto dust grains. We estimate a distance to CB 190 of 400 pc using the spectroscopic parallax of a star associated with the globule. Bonnor-Ebert fits to the density profile, in conjunction with this distance, yield ξmax=7.2, indicating that CB 190 may be unstable. The high temperature (56 K) of the best-fit Bonnor-Ebert model is in contradiction with the CO and thermal continuum data, leading to the conclusion that the thermal pressure is not enough to prevent free-fall collapse. We also find that the turbulence in the cloud is inadequate to support it. However, the cloud may be supported by the magnetic field, if this field is at the average level for dark globules. Since the magnetic field will eventually leak out through ambipolar diffusion, it is likely that CB 190 is collapsing or in a late precollapse stage. This work is based in part on observations made with the Spitzer Space Telescope, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under NASA contract 1407.

  7. Differences in patients' perceptions of Schizophrenia between Māori and New Zealand Europeans. (United States)

    Sanders, Deanna; Kydd, Robert; Morunga, Eva; Broadbent, Elizabeth


    ori (the Indigenous people of New Zealand) are disproportionately affected by mental illness and experience significantly poorer mental health compared to New Zealand Europeans. It is important to understand cultural differences in patients' ideas about mental illness in treatment settings. The aim of the present study was to investigate differences in illness perceptions between Māori and New Zealand Europeans diagnosed with schizophrenia. A total of 111 users of mental health services (68 Māori, 43 New Zealand European) in the greater Auckland and Northland areas who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder were interviewed using the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire and the Drug Attitude Inventory. District Health Board staff completed the Global Assessment of Functioning for each patient. Māori with schizophrenia believed that their illness would continue significantly less time than New Zealand European patients did. Chance or spiritual factors were listed as causes of mental illness by only five Māori patients and no New Zealand European patients. Other illness perceptions, as well as attitudes towards medication, were comparable between groups. Across groups, the top perceived causes were drugs/alcohol, family relationships/abuse, and biological causes. Illness perceptions provide a framework to assess patients' beliefs about their mental illness. Differences between Māori and New Zealand European patients' beliefs about their mental illness may be related to traditional Māori beliefs about mental illness. Knowledge of differences in illness perceptions provides an opportunity to design effective clinical interventions for both Māori and New Zealand Europeans.

  8. Wavelet to predict bacterial ori and ter: a tendency towards a physical balance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ware Antony


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Chromosomal DNA replication in bacteria starts at the origin (ori and the two replicores propagate in opposite directions up to the terminus (ter region. We hypothesize that the two replicores need to reach ter at the same time to maintain a physical balance; DNA insertion would disrupt such a balance, requiring chromosomal rearrangements to restore the balance. To test this hypothesis, we needed to demonstrate that ori and ter are in a physical balance in bacterial chromosomes. Using wavelet analysis, we documented GC skew, AT skew, purine excess and keto excess on the published bacterial genomic sequences to locate the turning (minimum and maximum points on the curves. Previously, the minimum point had been supposed to correlate with ori and the maximum to correlate with ter. Results We observed a strong tendency of the bacterial chromosomes towards a physical balance, with the minima and maxima corresponding to the known or putative ori and ter and being about half chromosome separated in most of the bacteria studied. A nonparametric method based on wavelet transformation was employed to perform significance tests for the predicted loci. Conclusions The wavelet approach can reliably predict the ori and ter regions and the bacterial chromosomes have a strong tendency towards a physical balance between ori and ter.

  9. Dependence on place: A source of autonomy in later life for older Māori. (United States)

    Butcher, Elizabeth; Breheny, Mary


    Attachment to place is an important component of ageing. Although the importance of place for older people's well-being is known, the ways in which different conceptions of place and expectations for what later life may hold depend upon cultural beliefs, values, and expectations is underexplored. This study examined the ways that place influences experiences of ageing for older Māori in New Zealand. Eight interviews with older Māori were analysed thematically alongside field notes from a research visit. Attachment to place provided the foundation for experiences of ageing for older Māori. Through their connection to place, the participants drew on a comforting and comfortable dependence on land and family to enable autonomy in later life. Rather than seeking to maintain independence in terms of avoiding reliance on others, older Māori conceptualised older age through autonomy and freedom to live in accordance with Māori values encapsulated by whakawhanaungatanga. A good old age depended on balancing competing demands of living in wider society with attachment to place and Māori identity in later life. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Understanding the role of culture in pain: Māori practitioner perspectives of pain descriptors. (United States)

    Magnusson, Jane E; Fennell, Joyce A


    There is growing interest in the role of cultural diversity within healthcare settings yet minority ethnic groups are underrepresented in the healthcare literature, including the literature on pain. To better assess and treat pain in different cultures the perspectives and experiences of that culture must be taken into consideration and therefore the present study was undertaken to better understand Māori perspectives of pain. Māori healthcare providers and kaumātua (tribal leaders/elders) completed questionnaires relating to the experience of pain and were asked to provide feedback regarding the suitability of words and phrases typically used to describe symptoms of pain and pain-related disability. Participants were also asked to provide words, or phrases (in te reo Māori or English) representing characteristics of pain which had not been provided but would be useful in the assessment of pain in a Māori population. All of the pain descriptors, and 92% of the phrases regarding the experience of pain, provided were endorsed by the majority of participants demonstrating that, as in many cultures, Māori perceive pain as a multidimensional experience impacting them on physiological, psychological, and social dimensions and that the terms and phrases of measures commonly used to assess pain appropriately capture their pain experiences. The implications of these findings are that established measures can be used when assessing pain in Māori. However, it is beneficial to confirm that the descriptors used in those measures accurately capture the experiences being measured.

  11. Oro-facial gangrene (noma/cancrum oris): pathogenetic mechanisms. (United States)

    Enwonwu, C O; Falkler, W A; Idigbe, E O


    Cancrum oris (Noma) is a devastating infectious disease which destroys the soft and hard tissues of the oral and para-oral structures. The dehumanizing oro-facial gangrenous lesion affects predominantly children ages 2 to 16 years, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where the estimated frequency in some communities varies from 1 to 7 cases per 1000 population. The risk factors are poverty, malnutrition, poor oral hygiene, residential proximity to livestock in unsanitary environments, and infectious diseases, particularly measles and those due to the herpesviridae. Infections and malnutrition impair the immune system, and this is the common denominator for the occurrence of noma. Acute necrotizing gingivitis (ANG) and oral herpetic ulcers are considered the antecedent lesions, and ongoing studies suggest that the rapid progression of these precursor lesions to noma requires infection by a consortium of micro-organisms, with Fusobacterium necrophorum (Fn) and Prevotella intermedia (Pi) as the suspected key players. Additional to production of a growth-stimulating factor for Pi, Fn displays a classic endotoxin, a dermonecrotic toxin, a cytoplasmic toxin, and a hemolysin. Without appropriate treatment, the mortality rate from noma is 70-90%. Survivors suffer the two-fold afflictions of oro-facial mutilation and functional impairment, which require a time-consuming, financially prohibitive surgical reconstruction.

  12. Thermoactivation processes in PbI2:Zr and PbI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Panasyuk, M.R.; Kapustyanik, V.B.; Tsibul's'kij, V.S.; Dubov, Yu.G.; Pasternak, R.M.


    The X-ray luminescence, thermal emission and thermally stimulated depolarisation spectra as well as the influence of IR-illumination on the thermal emission and thermally stimulated depolarisation spectra of the PbI 2 :Zr and PbI 2 crystals have been studied. There were found the hole traps in the PbI 2 :Zr crystals that are absent in PbI 2 . For the observed traps the activation energy has been calculated. The mechanisms describing the traps' nature and that of thermally stimulated depolarisation currents have been proposed

  13. Structural basis for the appearance of a molten globule state in chimeric molecules derived from lysozyme and alpha-lactalbumin. (United States)

    Joniau, M; Haezebrouck, P; Noyelle, K; Van Dael, H


    The problem as to why alpha-lactalbumin, in the absence of Ca(2+), forms a molten globule intermediate, in contrast to its structural homologue lysozyme, has been addressed by the construction of chimeras of human lysozyme in which either the Ca(2+)-binding loop or a part of helix C of bovine alpha-lactalbumin were transplanted. Previously, we have shown that the introduction of both structural elements together in the lysozyme matrix causes the apo form of the resulting chimera to display molten globule behavior during the course of thermal denaturation. In this article, we demonstrate that this molten globule character is not correlated with the Ca(2+)-binding loop. Also, the Del 101 mutant in which Arg101 was deleted to simulate the alpha-lactalbumin conformation of the connecting loop between helix C and helix D, does not show a stable equilibrium intermediate. Rather, the molten globule character of the chimeras has to be related with a specific part of helix C. More particularly, attention is drawn to the four hydrophobic side-chains I93, V96, I99, and L100, the lysozyme counterparts of which are constituted of less bulky valines and alanine. Our observations are discussed in terms of decreased stability of the native form and increased stability of the intermediate molten globule. Copyright 2001 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  14. Dietary prebiotics, milk fat globule membrane and lactoferrin affects structural neurodevelopment in the young piglet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Austin T Mudd


    Full Text Available Introduction: Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM and lactoferrin have been identified as two components that have potential to affect neurodevelopment. While concentrations of some MFGM constituents in infant formulas are within human milk range, they may not be present at optimal or clinically effective levels. However, lactoferrin levels of infant formulas are consistently reported to be lower than human milk. This study sought to provide a novel combination of prebiotics, bovine-derived milk fat globule membrane and lactoferrin and assess their influence on neurodevelopment. Methods: Twenty-four male piglets were provided either TEST (n=12 or CONT (n=12 diet from 2 to 31 d of age. Piglets underwent spatial T-maze assessment starting at 17 d of age, were subjected to magnetic resonance imaging at 30 d of age, and were euthanized for tissue collection at 31 d of age. Results: Diffusion tensor imaging revealed differences in radial (P = 0.032 and mean (P = 0.028 diffusivities in the internal capsule, where CONT piglets had higher rates of diffusion compared with TEST piglets. Voxel-based morphometry indicated larger (P < 0.05 differences in cortical grey and white matter concentrations, with CONT piglets having larger tissue clusters in these regions compared with TEST piglets. In the spatial T-maze assessment, CONT piglets exhibited shorter latency to choice compared with TEST piglets on d 2 of acquisition and d 3 and 4 of reversal. Conclusion: Observed differences in microstructure maturation of the internal capsule and cortical tissue concentrations suggest that piglets provided TEST diet were more advanced developmentally than piglets provided CONT diet. Therefore, supplementation of infant formula with prebiotics, milk fat globule membrane and lactoferrin may support neurodevelopment in human infants.

  15. Lipid globule size in total nutrient admixtures prepared in three-chamber plastic bags. (United States)

    Driscoll, David F; Thoma, Andrea; Franke, Rolf; Klütsch, Karsten; Nehne, Jörg; Bistrian, Bruce R


    The stability of injectable lipid emulsions in three-chamber plastic (3CP) bags, applying the globule-size limits established by United States Pharmacopeia ( USP ) chapter 729, was studied. A total of five premixed total nutrient admixture (TNA) products packaged in 3CP bags from two different lipid manufacturers containing either 20% soybean oil or a mixture of soybean oil and medium-chain-triglyceride oil as injectable lipid emulsions were tested. Two low-osmolarity 3CP bags and three high-osmolarity 3CP bags were studied. All products were tested with the addition of trace elements and multivitamins. All additive conditions (with and without electrolytes) were tested in triplicate at time 0 (immediately after mixing) and at 6, 24, 30, and 48 hours after mixing; the bags were stored at 24-26 degrees C. All additives were equally distributed in each bag for comparative testing, applying both globule sizing methods outlined in USP chapter 729. Of the bags tested, all bags from one manufacturer were coarse emulsions, showing signs of significant growth in the large-diameter tail when mixed as a TNA formulation and failing the limits set by method II of USP chapter 729 from the outset and throughout the study, while the bags from the other manufacturer were fine emulsions and met these limits. Of the bags that failed, significant instability was noted in one series containing additional electrolytes. Injectable lipid emulsions provided in 3CP bags that did not meet the globule-size limits of USP chapter 729 produced coarser TNA formulations than emulsions that met the USP limits.

  16. Amiata donkeys: fat globule characteristics, milk gross composition and fatty acids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mina Martini


    Full Text Available Amiata donkeys are a native breed reared in central Italy. Safeguarding native donkey breeds represents an opportunity for the development of marginal areas, especially given that donkey milk is now appearing on the market due to its potential benefits for human health. To date, only a few studies have focused on the characteristics of the milk fat globules (MFGs in the donkey species. The aim of this study was to assess the morphometric characteristics of the fat globules, gross composition and fatty acid classes in milk from Amiata donkeys reared according to the typical farming and feeding systems of the area of origin. Individual milk samples, collected from 28 Amiata donkeys between 90 and 150 days of lactation, showed the following average composition (g/100 mL: 9.47 dry matter, 1.63 protein, 0.78 casein, 0.53 fat, 7.12 lactose, and 0.36 ash. The unsaturated:saturated fatty acids ratio in milk was close to 1. The percentage of short chains was 12.29, and the percentage of long chain fatty acids was 47.64. The donkey MFGs showed an average diameter of 1.92 μm, and a number of 2.18*109/mL. Regarding MFG distribution, 70% of the globules donkey of milk are smaller than 2 μm. In conclusion, the gross composition and fatty acids of Amiata donkey milk showed similarities with milk from other Italian donkey breeds, with the exception of the monounsaturated fatty acid values which were slightly higher. Donkey MFGs had a smaller diameter and were fewer than in the ruminant species.

  17. A qualitative Kaupapa Māori approach to understanding infant and young child feeding practices of Māori and Pacific grandparents in Auckland, New Zealand. (United States)

    Tapera, Rachel; Harwood, Matire; Anderson, Anneka


    The present research sought to better understand the barriers, facilitators, attitudes and beliefs that influence the way Māori and Samoan grandparents feed their grandchildren in a deprived urban neighbourhood in New Zealand. The research adopted a qualitative methodology that was consistent with a Kaupapa Māori research approach. Seven semi-structured interviews were conducted with grandparents to collect narrative data. Sampling occurred in one Auckland suburb. The suburb was selected because of its high level of socio-economic deprivation and ethnic diversity. Seven grandparents participated in the study (five Māori and two Samoan). Each participant met the inclusion criteria (i.e. they had provided at least five meals per week over the previous three months to grandchildren aged less than 24 months). Marae (i.e. meeting houses and areas used by local Māori tribes/sub-tribes) and community organisations were used to recruit participants. A general inductive thematic analysis identified four key themes: (i) grandparents' understanding of optimal feeding practices; (ii) economic and material factors; (iii) previous experiences and customary norms; and (iv) social support and societal pressure. The study showed that grandparents' complementary feeding practices in caring for infant grandchildren were influenced by upstream structural elements such as government policies related to welfare and pensions, employment, income and cultural knowledge. Frameworks that seek to achieve social justice and support cultural practices should be employed and promoted in the development of future policy and research in this area.

  18. X-ray microprobe measurements of the chemical compositions of ALH84001 carbonate globules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Flynn, G.J.; Sutton, S.R.; Keller, L.P.


    We measured minor element contents of carbonate from ALH84001 and report trends in tbe Ca, V, Mn and Sr in carbonate and the associated magnetite bands. McKay et al. suggested that carbonate globules in the ALH84001 meteorite from Mars contained evidence consistent with the development of bacterial life early in the history of Mars. This result provoked an extensive study of the ALH84001 meteorite. More recently Thomas-Keprta et al. have published a study showing that the magnetite associated with carbonate rims are of the size and shape produced by terrestrial bacteria. This paper has revived interest in ALH84001. The typical ALH84001 carbonate globule consists of four regions: a core of Fe-rich carbonate, a thin magnetite-rich band, a rim of Mn-rich carbonate, and another thin magnetite-rich band. Trace element analysis of each of these phases may allow us to address several important questions about these carbonates: (1) The origin of the magnetite-rich bands in the ALH84001 carbonate globules. If the magnetites are derived from the underlying carbonate through thermal decomposition (as proposed by Golden et al.), then we expect to see 'inherited' trace elements in these magnetite bands. (2) The origin of the rim carbonate, by determining whether the carbonate in the core has the same trace elements as the rim carbonates. (3) The age of the rim carbonate. Borg et al. dated the formation of the rim carbonate using the Rb/Sr chronometer. Borg et al. performed their measurements on an aliquot of what they called a high-Rb, low-Sr carbonate separate from the rim. We previously measured the trace element contents of chips from core and rim carbonates from an ALH84001 carbonate globule using an X-Ray Microprobe on Beamline X26A at the National Synchrotron Light Source. These measurements showed the rim carbonate had a very low Rb content, with Sr>>Rb, inconsistent with the ∼5 ppm Rb reported by Borg et al. in the sample they dated by the Rb/Sr chronometer. The large

  19. Saving energy with paint. Coating with ceramic globules; Energie besparen met verf. Coating met keramische bolletjes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Willemse, R. [Coateq Coatings, Haarlem (Netherlands)


    The special paint coating of ThermoShield saves energy. The coating consists for 50% of hollow, vacuum ceramic globules. The waterborne damp-open coating with capillary function resists rain water and removes redundant water in case of draught and it reflects sunlight. [Dutch] Met de speciale verfcoating ThermoShield kan energie worden bespaard. De coating bestaat voor 50% uit holle, vacuum getrokken keramische bolletjes. De watergedragen damp-open coating met capillaire werking stoot bij regen water af en voert bij droogte overtollig vocht af en reflecteert zonlicht.

  20. A profile of prognostic and molecular factors in European and Māori breast cancer patients

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dachs, Gabi U; Wells, J Elisabeth; Robinson, Bridget A; Kano, Maiko; Volkova, Ekaterina; Morrin, Helen R; Davey, Valerie CL; Harris, Gavin C; Cheale, Michelle; Frampton, Christopher; Currie, Margaret J


    New Zealand Māori have a poorer outcome from breast cancer than non-Māori, yet prognostic data are sparse. The objective of this study was to quantify levels of prognostic factors in a cohort of self-declared Māori and European breast cancer patients from Christchurch, New Zealand. Clinicopathological and survival data from 337 consecutive breast cancer patients (27 Māori, 310 European) were evaluated. Fewer tumours were high grade in Māori women than European women (p = 0.027). No significant ethnic differences were detected for node status, tumour type, tumour size, human epidermal growth factor receptor, oestrogen and progesterone receptor (ER/PR) status, or survival. In addition, tumour and serum samples from a sub-cohort of 14 Māori matched to 14 NZ European patients were analyzed by immunohistochemistry and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for molecular prognostic factors. Significant correlations were detected between increased grade and increased levels of hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1α), glucose transporter-1 (GLUT-1), microvessel density (MVD) and cytokeratins CK5/6 (p < 0.05). High nodal status correlated with reduced carbonic anhydrase IX (CA-IX). Negative ER/PR status correlated with increased GLUT-1, CA-IX and MVD. Within the molecular factors, increased HIF-1α correlated with raised GLUT-1, MVD and CK5/6, and CK5/6 with GLUT-1 and MVD (p < 0.05). The small number of patients in this sub-cohort limited discrimination of ethnic differences. In this Christchurch cohort of breast cancer patients, Māori women were no more likely than European women to have pathological or molecular factors predictive of poor prognosis. These data contrast with data from the North Island NZ, and suggest potential regional differences

  1. In vivo digestion of bovine milk fat globules: effect of processing and interfacial structural changes. I. Gastric digestion. (United States)

    Gallier, Sophie; Cui, Jack; Olson, Trent D; Rutherfurd, Shane M; Ye, Aiqian; Moughan, Paul J; Singh, Harjinder


    The aim was to study the in vivo gastric digestion of fat globules in bovine cream from raw, pasteurised or pasteurised and homogenised milk. Fasted rats were gavaged once and chyme samples were collected after 30, 120 and 180 min post-gavage. Proteins from raw (RC) and pasteurised (PC) creams appeared to be digested faster and to a greater extent. Free fatty acids (FAs) increased throughout the 3h postprandial period. Short and medium chain FAs were released more rapidly than long chain FAs which were hydrolysed to a greater degree from PC. The size of the fat globules of all creams increased in the stomach. Protein aggregates were observed in pasteurised and homogenised cream chyme. Protrusions, probably caused by the accumulation of insoluble lipolytic products, appeared at the surface of the globules in RC and PC chyme. Overall, PC proteins and lipids appeared to be digested to a greater extent. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. Influence of the oil globule fraction on the release rate profiles from multiple W/O/W emulsions. (United States)

    Bonnet, Marie; Cansell, Maud; Placin, Frédéric; Monteil, Julien; Anton, Marc; Leal-Calderon, Fernando


    Water-in-oil-in-water (W/O/W) double emulsions were prepared and the kinetics of release of magnesium ions from the internal to the external water phase was investigated as a function of the formulation and the globule volume fraction. All the emulsions were formulated using the same surface-active species (polyglycerol polyricinoleate and sodium caseinate). Also, the internal droplet and oil globule diameters were almost identical for all the systems. Two types of W/O/W emulsions were prepared based either on a synthetic oil (miglyol) or on an edible oil (olive oil). The globule volume fraction varied from 11% to 72%. At constant temperature (T=25 degrees C) and irrespective of the oil type, the percentage of magnesium released was lowered by increasing the globule fraction. In all cases, magnesium leakage occurred without film rupturing (no coalescence). Thus, the experimental data were interpreted within the frame of a model based on diffusion. The rate of release was determined by the permeation coefficient of magnesium across the oil phase and by the binding (chelation) of magnesium by caseinate molecules. The data could be adequately fitted by considering a time-dependant permeation coefficient. The better retention of magnesium at high globule fractions could account for two distinct phenomena: (i) the reduction of the relative volume of the outer phase, and (ii) the attenuation of the permeation coefficient over time induced by interfacial magnesium binding, all the more important than the globule fraction increased. Copyright 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Launhardt, R.; Henning, Th.; Khanzadyan, T.; Schmalzl, M.; Wolf, S.; Nutter, D.; Ward-Thompson, D.; Bourke, T. L.; Zylka, R.


    We present the results of a comprehensive infrared, submillimeter, and millimeter continuum emission study of isolated low-mass star-forming cores in 32 Bok globules, with the aim to investigate the process of star formation in these regions. The submillimeter and millimeter dust continuum emission maps together with the spectral energy distributions are used to model and derive the physical properties of the star-forming cores, such as luminosities, sizes, masses, densities, etc. Comparisons with ground-based near-infrared and space-based mid- and far-infrared images from Spitzer are used to reveal the stellar content of the Bok globules, association of embedded young stellar objects (YSOs) with the submillimeter dust cores, and the evolutionary stages of the individual sources. Submillimeter dust continuum emission was detected in 26 out of the 32 globule cores observed. For 18 globules with detected (sub)millimeter cores, we derive evolutionary stages and physical parameters of the embedded sources. We identify nine starless cores, most of which are presumably prestellar, nine Class 0 protostars, and twelve Class I YSOs. Specific source properties like bolometric temperature, core size, and central densities are discussed as a function of evolutionary stage. We find that at least two thirds (16 out of 24) of the star-forming globules studied here show evidence of forming multiple stars on scales between 1000 and 50,000 AU. However, we also find that most of these small prototstar and star groups are comprised of sources with different evolutionary stages, suggesting a picture of slow and sequential star formation in isolated globules.

  4. Perceptions of New Zealand nutrition labels by Māori, Pacific and low-income shoppers. (United States)

    Signal, Louise; Lanumata, Tolotea; Robinson, Jo-Ani; Tavila, Aliitasi; Wilton, Jenny; Ni Mhurchu, Cliona


    In New Zealand the burden of nutrition-related disease is greatest among Māori, Pacific and low-income peoples. Nutrition labels have the potential to promote healthy food choices and eating behaviours. To date, there has been a noticeable lack of research among indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities and low-income populations regarding their perceptions, use and understanding of nutrition labels. Our aim was to evaluate perceptions of New Zealand nutrition labels by Māori, Pacific and low-income peoples and to explore improvements or alternatives to current labelling systems. Māori, Samoan and Tongan researchers recruited participants who were regular food shoppers. Six focus groups were conducted which involved 158 people in total: one Māori group, one Samoan, one Tongan, and three low-income groups. Māori, Pacific and low-income New Zealanders rarely use nutrition labels to assist them with their food purchases for a number of reasons, including lack of time to read labels, lack of understanding, shopping habits and relative absence of simple nutrition labels on the low-cost foods they purchase. Current New Zealand nutrition labels are not meeting the needs of those who need them most. Possible improvements include targeted social marketing and education campaigns, increasing the number of low-cost foods with voluntary nutrition labels, a reduction in the price of 'healthy' food, and consideration of an alternative mandatory nutrition labelling system that uses simple imagery like traffic lights.

  5. The influence of casein haplotype on morphometric characteristics of fat globules and fatty acid composition of milk in Italian Holstein cows. (United States)

    Perna, Annamaria; Intaglietta, Immacolata; Simonetti, Amalia; Gambacorta, Emilio


    The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of casein haplotypes (αS1-, β-, and κ-caseins) on morphometric characteristics of fat globules and fatty acid composition of Italian Holstein milk. Casein haplotypes were determined by isoelectric focusing; milk fat globule size was measured by using a fluorescence microscope; and fatty acid profile was determined by gas chromatography. Casein haplotype significantly affected the fat globule size, the percentage incidence of each globule size class on total measured milk fat globules, and fatty acid composition. A higher incidence of smaller milk fat globules was associated with the BB-A(2)A(2)-BB genotype (αS1-, β-, and κ-casein haplotypes, respectively), whereas small globules were not detected in BB-A(2)A(1)-AA milk, but that milk had the highest percentage of large globules. A higher content of monounsaturated fatty acids was associated with the BB-A(2)A(2)-AB genotype, whereas higher contents of conjugated linoleic acid and docosahexaenoic acid were detected in BB-A(1)A(1)-AA milk. Our results indicate that casein haplotype could affect fat characteristics and, therefore, the nutritional and technological quality of milk. Copyright © 2016 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Data from proteomic characterization and comparison of mammalian milk fat globule proteomes by iTRAQ analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongxin Yang


    Full Text Available Milk fat globules memebrane (MFGM-enriched proteomes from Holstein, Jersey, yak, buffalo, goat, camel, horse, and human were extracted and identified by an iTRAQ quantification proteomic approach. Proteomes data were analyzed by bioinformatic and multivariate statistical analysis and used to present the characteristic traits of the MFGM proteins among the studied mammals. The data of this study are also related to the research article “Proteomic characterization and comparison of mammalian milk fat globule proteomes by iTRAQ analysis” in the Journal of Proteomics [1].

  7. Enzymatic Detoxication, Conformational Selection, and the Role of Molten Globule Active Sites* (United States)

    Honaker, Matthew T.; Acchione, Mauro; Zhang, Wei; Mannervik, Bengt; Atkins, William M.


    The role of conformational ensembles in enzymatic reactions remains unclear. Discussion concerning “induced fit” versus “conformational selection” has, however, ignored detoxication enzymes, which exhibit catalytic promiscuity. These enzymes dominate drug metabolism and determine drug-drug interactions. The detoxication enzyme glutathione transferase A1–1 (GSTA1–1), exploits a molten globule-like active site to achieve remarkable catalytic promiscuity wherein the substrate-free conformational ensemble is broad with barrierless transitions between states. A quantitative index of catalytic promiscuity is used to compare engineered variants of GSTA1–1 and the catalytic promiscuity correlates strongly with characteristics of the thermodynamic partition function, for the substrate-free enzymes. Access to chemically disparate transition states is encoded by the substrate-free conformational ensemble. Pre-steady state catalytic data confirm an extension of the conformational selection model, wherein different substrates select different starting conformations. The kinetic liability of the conformational breadth is minimized by a smooth landscape. We propose that “local” molten globule behavior optimizes detoxication enzymes. PMID:23649628

  8. On the location of the surface-attached globule phase in collapsing polymers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Owczarek, A L; Rechnitzer, A; Krawczyk, J; Prellberg, T


    We investigate the existence and location of the surface phase known as the 'surface-attached globule' (SAG) conjectured previously to exist in lattice models of three-dimensional polymers when they are attached to a wall that has a short-range potential. The bulk phase, where the attractive intra-polymer interactions are strong enough to cause a collapse of the polymer into a liquid-like globule and the wall either has weak attractive or repulsive interactions, is usually denoted desorbed-collapsed or DC. Recently, this DC phase was conjectured to harbour two surface phases separated by a boundary where the bulk free energy is analytic while the surface free energy is singular. The surface phase for more attractive values of the wall interaction is the SAG phase. We discuss in more detail the properties of this proposed surface phase and provide Monte Carlo evidence for self-avoiding walks up to a length 256 that this surface phase most likely does exist. Importantly, we discuss alternatives for the surface phase boundary. In particular, we conclude that this boundary may lie along the zero wall interaction line and the bulk phase boundaries rather than any new phase boundary curve

  9. On the location of the surface-attached globule phase in collapsing polymers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Owczarek, A L [Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 (Australia); Rechnitzer, A [Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, BC V6T-1Z2 (Canada); Krawczyk, J [Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 (Australia); Prellberg, T [School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS (United Kingdom)


    We investigate the existence and location of the surface phase known as the 'surface-attached globule' (SAG) conjectured previously to exist in lattice models of three-dimensional polymers when they are attached to a wall that has a short-range potential. The bulk phase, where the attractive intra-polymer interactions are strong enough to cause a collapse of the polymer into a liquid-like globule and the wall either has weak attractive or repulsive interactions, is usually denoted desorbed-collapsed or DC. Recently, this DC phase was conjectured to harbour two surface phases separated by a boundary where the bulk free energy is analytic while the surface free energy is singular. The surface phase for more attractive values of the wall interaction is the SAG phase. We discuss in more detail the properties of this proposed surface phase and provide Monte Carlo evidence for self-avoiding walks up to a length 256 that this surface phase most likely does exist. Importantly, we discuss alternatives for the surface phase boundary. In particular, we conclude that this boundary may lie along the zero wall interaction line and the bulk phase boundaries rather than any new phase boundary curve.

  10. Factors affecting the educational achievement of mature Māori information technology students: A case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Blain Harre Rakena

    Full Text Available This paper reports on the results of an investigation into the experiences of academically successful adult Māori students undertaking the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT programme at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec. This research looked at the participants\\' motivation for attending Wintec, the barriers (such as financial, social and family hardships they encountered as they made the transition back to full time study, and their experiences at Wintec. The paper considers the reasons why the participants have achieved well, identifies the support systems they called on, and explores the challenges that they experienced while studying in a tertiary learning environment. Its significance lies in the focus on factors that affect Māori academic success, specifically in information technology, so that teaching approaches and support systems, particularly in the institute of technology and polytechnic (ITP sector, can enhance the success of Māori in the field of IT.

  11. Radial-velocity variations in Alpha Ori, Alpha Sco, and Alpha Her

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smith, M.A.; Patten, B.M.; Goldberg, L.


    Radial-velocity observations of Alpha Ori, Alpha Sco A, and Alpha Her A are used to study radial-velocity periodicities in M supergiants. The data refer to several metallic lines in the H-alpha region and to H-alpha itself. It is shown that Alpha Ori and Alpha Sco A have cycle lengths of about 1 yr and semiamplitudes of 2 km/s. It is suggested that many semiregular red supergiant varibles such as Alpha Ori may be heading toward chaos. All three stars show short-term stochastic flucutations with an amplitude of 1-2 km/s. It is found that the long-term variability of H-alpha velocities may be a consequence of intermittent failed ejections. 58 refs

  12. Pathways to ambulatory sensitive hospitalisations for Māori in the Auckland and Waitemata regions. (United States)

    Barker, Carol; Crengle, Sue; Bramley, Dale; Bartholomew, Karen; Bolton, Patricia; Walsh, Michael; Wignall, Jean


    Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations (ASH) are a group of conditions potentially preventable through interventions delivered in the primary health care setting. ASH rates are consistently higher for Māori compared with non-Māori. This study aimed to establish Māori experience of factors driving the use of hospital services for ASH conditions, including barriers to accessing primary care. A telephone questionnaire exploring pathways to ASH was administered to Māori (n=150) admitted to Auckland and Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) hospitals with an ASH condition between January 1st-June 30th 2015. A cohort of 1,013 participants were identified; 842 (83.1%) were unable to be contacted. Of the 171 people contactable, 150 agreed to participate, giving an overall response rate of 14.8% and response rate of contactable patients of 87.7%. Results demonstrated high rates of self-reported enrolment, utilisation and preference for primary care. Many participants demonstrated appropriate health seeking behaviour and accurate recall of diagnoses. While financial barriers to accessing primary care were reported, non-financial barriers including lack of after-hours provision (12.6% adults, 37.7% children), appointment availability (7.4% adults, 17.0% children) and lack of transport (13.7% adults, 20.8% children) also featured in participant responses. Interventions to reduce Māori ASH include: timely access to primary care through electronic communications, increased appointment availability, extended opening hours, low cost after-hours care and consistent best management of ASH conditions in general practice through clinical pathways. Facilitated enrolment of ASH patients with no general practitioner could also reduce ASH. Research into transport barriers and enablers for Māori accessing primary care is required to support future interventions.

  13. The multi-dimensional model of Māori identity and cultural engagement: item response theory analysis of scale properties. (United States)

    Sibley, Chris G; Houkamau, Carla A


    We argue that there is a need for culture-specific measures of identity that delineate the factors that most make sense for specific cultural groups. One such measure, recently developed specifically for Māori peoples, is the Multi-Dimensional Model of Māori Identity and Cultural Engagement (MMM-ICE). Māori are the indigenous peoples of New Zealand. The MMM-ICE is a 6-factor measure that assesses the following aspects of identity and cultural engagement as Māori: (a) group membership evaluation, (b) socio-political consciousness, (c) cultural efficacy and active identity engagement, (d) spirituality, (e) interdependent self-concept, and (f) authenticity beliefs. This article examines the scale properties of the MMM-ICE using item response theory (IRT) analysis in a sample of 492 Māori. The MMM-ICE subscales showed reasonably even levels of measurement precision across the latent trait range. Analysis of age (cohort) effects further indicated that most aspects of Māori identification tended to be higher among older Māori, and these cohort effects were similar for both men and women. This study provides novel support for the reliability and measurement precision of the MMM-ICE. The study also provides a first step in exploring change and stability in Māori identity across the life span. A copy of the scale, along with recommendations for scale scoring, is included.

  14. Looking Māori predicts decreased rates of home ownership: institutional racism in housing based on perceived appearance. (United States)

    Houkamau, Carla A; Sibley, Chris G


    This study examined differences in rates of home ownership among Māori (the indigenous peoples of New Zealand). We identified systematic factors that predicted why some Māori were more likely to own their own home (partially or fully) relative to other Māori. Data were drawn from a large national postal sample of 561 self-identified Māori collected as part of the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study. As predicted, our analyses indicated that self-reported appearance as Māori, or the extent to which people thought they personally displayed features which visibly identified them as Māori to others, significantly predicted decreased rates of home ownership. This association held when adjusting for numerous demographic covariates, such as education, level of deprivation of the immediate area, household income, age, relationship status, region of residence, and so forth. Our analyses suggest there is, or at least has been in the recent past, institutional racism against Māori in New Zealand's home lending industry based on merely appearing more Māori.

  15. Effect of homogenization and heat treatment on the behavior of protein and fat globules during gastric digestion of milk. (United States)

    Ye, Aiqian; Cui, Jian; Dalgleish, Douglas; Singh, Harjinder


    The effects of homogenization and heat treatment on the formation and the breakdown of clots during gastric digestion of whole milk were investigated using a human gastric simulator. Homogenization and heat treatment led to formation of coagula with fragmented and crumbled structures compared with the coagulum formed from raw whole milk, but a larger fraction of the protein and more fat globules were incorporated into the coagula induced by action of the milk-clotting enzyme pepsin. The fat globules in the whole milk appeared to be embedded in the clots as they formed. After formation of the clot, the greater numbers of pores in the structures of the clots formed with homogenized milk and heated whole milk led to greater rates of protein hydrolysis by pepsin, which resulted in faster release of fat globules from the clots into the digesta. Coalescence of fat globules occurred both in the digesta and within the protein clots no matter whether they were in homogenized or heated milk samples. The formation of clots with different structures and hence the changes in the rates of protein hydrolysis and the release of milk fat into the digesta in the stomach provide important information for understanding the gastric emptying of milk and the potential to use this knowledge to manipulate the bioavailability of fat and other fat-soluble nutrients in dairy products. Copyright © 2017 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Insanity and ethnicity in New Zealand: Māori encounters with the Auckland Mental Hospital, 1860-1900. (United States)

    Barry, Lorelle; Coleborne, Catharine


    This article examines Māori patients at the Auckland Mental Hospital between 1860 and 1900.We argue that the patient case notes reveal 'European' categories in which Māori were situated, and demonstrate the extent to which the authorities at the hospital grappled with their appearance, their language and their culture, all of which were elements of their ethnicity. We argue that the use of institutional case records is highly suggestive of some of the historical meanings of insanity for Māori, including the lack of detailed or sustained collection of information about patients' tribal affiliations, the interest shown in their rights to land in maintenance payment inquiries, the experiences of cultural alienation or mate Māori, and the sad outcomes for Māori.

  17. Volunteering predicts happiness among older Māori and non-Māori in the New Zealand health, work, and retirement longitudinal study. (United States)

    Dulin, Patrick L; Gavala, Jhanitra; Stephens, Christine; Kostick, Marylynne; McDonald, Jennifer


    This study sought to understand the relationship between volunteer activity and happiness among a sample of older adult New Zealanders. It specifically sought to determine if ethnicity (Māori vs. non-Māori) and economic living standards (ELS) functioned as moderators of the relationship between volunteering and happiness. Data were garnered from the 2008 administration of the New Zealand Health, Work, and Retirement Longitudinal Study. Correlational and multiple regression procedures were employed to examine study hypotheses. Results from multiple regression analyses showed that the amount of volunteering per week was a unique predictor of the overall level of happiness. Moderation analyses indicated that ethnicity did not function as a moderator of the relationship between volunteering and happiness, but ELS did. Those with low ELS evidenced a stronger relationship between volunteering and happiness than those with high ELS. Results also indicated that Maori and those with low ELS volunteered more frequently than non-Māori and those with high ELS. This study provides evidence that volunteering is related to increased happiness, irrespective of ethnicity. It also provides further evidence that the relationship between volunteering and happiness is moderated by economic resources. Older individuals at the low end of the economic spectrum are likely to benefit more from volunteering than those at the high end.

  18. Stability of milk fat globule membrane proteins toward human enzymatic gastrointestinal digestion. (United States)

    Le, T T; Van de Wiele, T; Do, T N H; Debyser, G; Struijs, K; Devreese, B; Dewettinck, K; Van Camp, J


    The milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) fraction refers to the thin film of polar lipids and membrane proteins that surrounds fat globules in milk. It is its unique biochemical composition that renders MFGM with some beneficial biological activities, such as anti-adhesive effects toward pathogens. However, a prerequisite for the putative bioactivity of MFGM is its stability during gastrointestinal digestion. We, therefore, subjected MFGM material, isolated from raw milk, to an in vitro enzymatic gastrointestinal digestion. Sodium dodecyl sulfate PAGE, in combination with 2 staining methods, Coomassie Blue and periodic acid Schiff staining, was used to evaluate polypeptide patterns of the digest, whereas mass spectrometry was used to confirm the presence of specific MFGM proteins. Generally, it was observed that glycoproteins showed higher resistance to endogenous proteases compared with non-glycosylated proteins. Mucin 1 displayed the highest resistance to digestion and a considerable part of this protein was still detected at its original molecular weight after gastric and small intestine digestion. Cluster of differentiation 36 was also quite resistant to pepsin. A significant part of periodic acid Schiff 6/7 survived the gastric digestion, provided that the lipid moiety was not removed from the MFGM material. Overall, MFGM glycoproteins are generally more resistant to gastrointestinal digestion than serum milk proteins and the presence of lipids, besides glycosylation, may protect MFGM glycoproteins from gastrointestinal digestion. This gastrointestinal stability makes MFGM glycoproteins amenable to further studies in which their putative health-promoting effects can be explored. Copyright © 2012 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Sequence charge decoration dictates coil-globule transition in intrinsically disordered proteins. (United States)

    Firman, Taylor; Ghosh, Kingshuk


    We present an analytical theory to compute conformations of heteropolymers-applicable to describe disordered proteins-as a function of temperature and charge sequence. The theory describes coil-globule transition for a given protein sequence when temperature is varied and has been benchmarked against the all-atom Monte Carlo simulation (using CAMPARI) of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). In addition, the model quantitatively shows how subtle alterations of charge placement in the primary sequence-while maintaining the same charge composition-can lead to significant changes in conformation, even as drastic as a coil (swelled above a purely random coil) to globule (collapsed below a random coil) and vice versa. The theory provides insights on how to control (enhance or suppress) these changes by tuning the temperature (or solution condition) and charge decoration. As an application, we predict the distribution of conformations (at room temperature) of all naturally occurring IDPs in the DisProt database and notice significant size variation even among IDPs with a similar composition of positive and negative charges. Based on this, we provide a new diagram-of-states delineating the sequence-conformation relation for proteins in the DisProt database. Next, we study the effect of post-translational modification, e.g., phosphorylation, on IDP conformations. Modifications as little as two-site phosphorylation can significantly alter the size of an IDP with everything else being constant (temperature, salt concentration, etc.). However, not all possible modification sites have the same effect on protein conformations; there are certain "hot spots" that can cause maximal change in conformation. The location of these "hot spots" in the parent sequence can readily be identified by using a sequence charge decoration metric originally introduced by Sawle and Ghosh. The ability of our model to predict conformations (both expanded and collapsed states) of IDPs at a high

  20. Theoretical study of solvent effects on the coil-globule transition (United States)

    Polson, James M.; Opps, Sheldon B.; Abou Risk, Nicholas


    The coil-globule transition of a polymer in a solvent has been studied using Monte Carlo simulations of a single chain subject to intramolecular interactions as well as a solvent-mediated effective potential. This solvation potential was calculated using several different theoretical approaches for two simple polymer/solvent models, each employing hard-sphere chains and hard-sphere solvent particles as well as attractive square-well potentials between some interaction sites. For each model, collapse is driven by variation in a parameter which changes the energy mismatch between monomers and solvent particles. The solvation potentials were calculated using two fundamentally different methodologies, each designed to predict the conformational behavior of polymers in solution: (1) the polymer reference interaction site model (PRISM) theory and (2) a many-body solvation potential (MBSP) based on scaled particle theory introduced by Grayce [J. Chem. Phys. 106, 5171 (1997)]. For the PRISM calculations, two well-studied solvation monomer-monomer pair potentials were employed, each distinguished by the closure relation used in its derivation: (i) a hypernetted-chain (HNC)-type potential and (ii) a Percus-Yevick (PY)-type potential. The theoretical predictions were each compared to results obtained from explicit-solvent discontinuous molecular dynamics simulations on the same polymer/solvent model systems [J. Chem. Phys. 125, 194904 (2006)]. In each case, the variation in the coil-globule transition properties with solvent density is mostly qualitatively correct, though the quantitative agreement between the theory and prediction is typically poor. The HNC-type potential yields results that are more qualitatively consistent with simulation. The conformational behavior of the polymer upon collapse predicted by the MBSP approach is quantitatively correct for low and moderate solvent densities but is increasingly less accurate for higher densities. At high solvent densities

  1. Differential role of molten globule and protein folding in distinguishing unique features of botulinum neurotoxin. (United States)

    Kumar, Raj; Kukreja, Roshan V; Cai, Shuowei; Singh, Bal R


    Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) are proteins of great interest not only because of their extreme toxicity but also paradoxically for their therapeutic applications. All the known serotypes (A-G) have varying degrees of longevity and potency inside the neuronal cell. Differential chemical modifications such as phosphorylation and ubiquitination have been suggested as possible mechanisms for their longevity, but the molecular basis of the longevity remains unclear. Since the endopeptidase domain (light chain; LC) of toxin apparently survives inside the neuronal cells for months, it is important to examine the structural features of this domain to understand its resistance to intracellular degradation. Published crystal structures (both botulinum neurotoxins and endopeptidase domain) have not provided adequate explanation for the intracellular longevity of the domain. Structural features obtained from spectroscopic analysis of LCA and LCB were similar, and a PRIME (PReImminent Molten Globule Enzyme) conformation appears to be responsible for their optimal enzymatic activity at 37°C. LCE, on the other hand, was although optimally active at 37°C, but its active conformation differed from the PRIME conformation of LCA and LCB. This study establishes and confirms our earlier finding that an optimally active conformation of these proteins in the form of PRIME exists for the most poisonous poison, botulinum neurotoxin. There are substantial variations in the structural and functional characteristics of these active molten globule related structures among the three BoNT endopeptidases examined. These differential conformations of LCs are important in understanding the fundamental structural features of proteins, and their possible connection to intracellular longevity could provide significant clues for devising new countermeasures and effective therapeutics. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Dietary milk fat globule membrane reduces the incidence of aberrant crypt foci in Fischer-344 rats. (United States)

    Snow, Dallin R; Jimenez-Flores, Rafael; Ward, Robert E; Cambell, Jesse; Young, Michael J; Nemere, Ilka; Hintze, Korry J


    Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) is a biopolymer composed primarily of membrane proteins and lipids that surround the fat globules in milk. Although it is considered to have potential as a bioactive ingredient, few feeding studies have been conducted to measure its potential benefits. The aim of this investigation was to determine if dietary MFGM confers protection against colon carcinogenesis compared to diets containing corn oil (CO) or anhydrous milk fat (AMF). Male, weanling Fischer-344 rats were randomly assigned to one of three dietary treatments that differed only in the fat source: (1) AIN-76A diet, corn oil; (2) AIN-76A diet, AMF; and (3) AIN-76A diet, 50% MFGM, 50% AMF. Each diet contained 50 g/kg diet of fat. With the exception of the fat source, diets were formulated to be identical in macro and micro nutrient content. Animals were injected with 1,2-dimethylhydrazine once per week at weeks 3 and 4, and fed experimental diets for a total of 13 weeks. Over the course of the study dietary treatment did not affect food consumption, weight gain or body composition. After 13 weeks animals were sacrificed, colons were removed and aberrant crypt foci (ACF) were counted by microscopy. Rats fed the MFGM diet (n = 16) had significantly fewer ACF (20.9 +/- 5.7) compared to rats fed corn oil (n = 17) or AMF (n = 16) diets (31.3 +/- 9.5 and 29.8 +/- 11.4 respectively; P < 0.05). Gene expression analysis of colonic mucosa did not reveal differential expression of candidate colon cancer genes, and the sphingolipid profile of the colonic mucosa was not affected by diet. While there were notable and significant differences in plasma and red blood cell lipids, there was no relationship to the cancer protection. These results support previous findings that dietary sphingolipids are protective against colon carcinogenesis yet extend this finding to MFGM, a milk fat fraction available as a food ingredient.

  3. Sequence charge decoration dictates coil-globule transition in intrinsically disordered proteins (United States)

    Firman, Taylor; Ghosh, Kingshuk


    We present an analytical theory to compute conformations of heteropolymers—applicable to describe disordered proteins—as a function of temperature and charge sequence. The theory describes coil-globule transition for a given protein sequence when temperature is varied and has been benchmarked against the all-atom Monte Carlo simulation (using CAMPARI) of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). In addition, the model quantitatively shows how subtle alterations of charge placement in the primary sequence—while maintaining the same charge composition—can lead to significant changes in conformation, even as drastic as a coil (swelled above a purely random coil) to globule (collapsed below a random coil) and vice versa. The theory provides insights on how to control (enhance or suppress) these changes by tuning the temperature (or solution condition) and charge decoration. As an application, we predict the distribution of conformations (at room temperature) of all naturally occurring IDPs in the DisProt database and notice significant size variation even among IDPs with a similar composition of positive and negative charges. Based on this, we provide a new diagram-of-states delineating the sequence-conformation relation for proteins in the DisProt database. Next, we study the effect of post-translational modification, e.g., phosphorylation, on IDP conformations. Modifications as little as two-site phosphorylation can significantly alter the size of an IDP with everything else being constant (temperature, salt concentration, etc.). However, not all possible modification sites have the same effect on protein conformations; there are certain "hot spots" that can cause maximal change in conformation. The location of these "hot spots" in the parent sequence can readily be identified by using a sequence charge decoration metric originally introduced by Sawle and Ghosh. The ability of our model to predict conformations (both expanded and collapsed states) of IDPs at

  4. The effect of milk processing on the microstructure of the milk fat globule and rennet induced gel observed using confocal laser scanning microscopy. (United States)

    Ong, L; Dagastine, R R; Kentish, S E; Gras, S L


    Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) was successfully used to observe the effect of milk processing on the size and the morphology of the milk fat globule in raw milk, raw ultrafiltered milk, and standardized and pasteurized milk prepared for cheese manufacture (cheese-milk) and commercial pasteurized and homogenized milk. Fat globule size distributions for the milk preparations were analyzed using both image analysis and light scattering and both measurements produced similar data trends. Changes to the native milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) were tracked using a MFGM specific fluorescent stain that allowed MFGM proteins and adsorbed proteins to be differentiated on the fat globule surface. Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis confirmed the identity of native MFGM proteins isolated from the surface of fat globules within raw, UF retentate, and cheese-milk preparations, whereas only casein was detected on the surface of fat globules in homogenized milk. The microstructure, porosity, and gel strength of the rennet induced gel made from raw milk and cheese-milk was also found to be comparable and significantly different to that made from homogenized milk. Our results highlight the potential use of CLSM as a tool to observe the structural details of the fat globule and associated membrane close to its native environment.

  5. Versatility of the Angularis Oris Axial Pattern Flap for Facial Reconstruction. (United States)

    Losinski, Sara L; Stanley, Bryden J; Schallberger, Sandra P; Nelson, Laura L; Towle Millard, Heather A M


    To describe the versatility of the axial pattern flap based on the cutaneous perforating branch of the angularis oris artery for reconstruction of large facial defects in dogs, including complications and clinical outcomes. Retrospective clinical case series. Client-owned dogs (n = 8). Facial flaps (n = 9) based at the commissure of the lip with a caudodorsal orientation were utilized, with established anatomical borders. Flaps were elevated deep to the panniculus carnosus in a caudal to rostral direction, preserving the angularis oris artery, its cutaneous perforator, and surrounding cutaneous vasculature. Flaps were rotated dorsally or ventrally to cover the defect. Primary closure of the donor site was by direct apposition in all cases. Angularis oris axial pattern flaps were most commonly used to close large defects of the nasomaxillary area rostral to the eyes (6 dogs), followed by orbital (2) and intermandibular (1) defects. Defects occurred because of tumor resection (6 dogs), trauma (2), and a chronic, non-healing wounding (1). All flaps healed with acceptable functional and cosmetic outcomes without major complications. Followup ranged from 10 days to 16 months. Minor postoperative complications included flap edema (8 dogs), partial incisional dehiscence (3), distal tip necrosis (2), and oroantral fistula recurrence (1). Angularis oris axial pattern flaps provided hirsute, full-thickness skin coverage of a variety of large facial defects with minor complications, and should be considered when restructuring large defects of the rostral face or chin. © Copyright 2015 by The American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

  6. Indigenous Māori perspectives on urban transport patterns linked to health and wellbeing. (United States)

    Raerino Ngāti Awa Te Arawa, K; Macmillan, Alex K; Jones Ngāti Kahungunu, Rhys G


    There is a growing body of research linking urban transport systems to inequities in health. However, there is a lack of research providing evidence of the effect of transport systems on indigenous family wellbeing. We examined the connections between urban transport and the health and wellbeing of Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. We provide an indigenous exploration of current urban transport systems, with a particular focus on the impacts of car dependence and the need for culturally relevant travel. We interviewed nineteen Māori participants utilising qualitative research techniques underpinned by an indigenous research methodology (Kaupapa Māori). The data highlighted the importance of accessing cultural activities and sites relevant to 'being Māori', and issues with affordability and safety of public transport. Understanding the relationship between indigenous wellbeing and transport systems that goes further than limited discourses of inequity is essential to improving transport for indigenous wellbeing. Providing an indigenous voice in transport decision-making will make it more likely that indigenous health and wellbeing is prioritised in transport planning. Copyright © 2013. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  7. High incidence of medulloblastoma in Māori and Pacific populations in New Zealand. (United States)

    Elwood, J Mark; Aye, Phyu Sin


    In New Zealand from 1995-2010, the incidence of medulloblastoma at ages 1-19 years was significantly higher in Māori (relative risk 2.0) and in Pacific peoples (RR 2.1) than in New Zealand Europeans.

  8. De verankering van oriëntatie op studie en beroep in de schoolpraktijk

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dr Jan Reinartz; M. Goris


    Op zes scholen in Oost-Brabant werd het afgelopen schooljaar een netwerkproject uitgevoerd onder de titel osb-verankeringsproject. Doel van het netwerk was om ideeën en materialen rond oriëntatie op studie en beroep in de vakken daadwerkelijk te verankeren in de praktijk van alledag. Het bleek een

  9. The effectiveness of television advertising campaigns on generating calls to a national Quitline by Māori. (United States)

    Wilson, N; Grigg, M; Graham, L; Cameron, G


    To examine the effectiveness of four mass media campaigns on calls to a national Quitline by Māori (the indigenous people of New Zealand). Monthly Quitline call data and calls within one hour of a television commercial (TVC) being shown were analysed for the 2002-2003 period. Data on target audience rating points (TARPs) and expenditure on TVCs were also used (n = 2319 TVC placements). Māori were found to register with the Quitline at higher rates during the most intense six campaign months (15% more registrations compared to less intense months). The most effective campaign generated 115 calls per 100 TARPs by Māori callers within one hour of TVC airing (the "Every cigarette" campaign). A more Māori orientated campaign with both health and cultural themes generated 91 calls per 100 TARPs from Māori callers. For these two campaigns combined, the advertising cost per new registration with the Quitline by a Māori caller was NZD 30-48. Two second hand smoke campaigns that did not show the Quitline number were much less effective at 25 and 45 calls per 100 TARPs. These television advertising campaigns were effective and cost effective in generating calls to a national Quitline by Māori. Health authorities should continue to explore the use of both "threat appeal" style media campaigns and culturally appropriate campaigns to support Quitline use by indigenous peoples.

  10. Stable and metastable phases in reciprocal systems PbSe + Ag2I2 Ag2Se + PbI2 and PbSe + CdI2 = CdSe + PbI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odin, I.N.; Grin'ko, V.V.; Kozlovskij, V.F.; Safronov, E.V.


    Mutual system PbSe + Ag 2 I 2 = Ag 2 Se + PbI 2 is investigated. It is shown that diagonal Ag 2 Se-PbI 2 is stable. Liquidus surface and isothermal section at 633 K of phase diagram of PbSe-Ag 2 Se-PbI 2 system are built. Transformations directing to crystallization metastable ternary compound forming in PbSe-PbI 2 system and metastable polytype modifications of lead iodide in PbSe-Ag 2 Se-PbI 2 system at 620-685 K are studied. By hardening from molten state (1150-1220 K) new interstitial metastable phases crystallizing in CdCl 2 structural type are obtained in PbSe-Ag 2 Se-PbI 2 and PbSe + CdI 2 = CdSe + PbI 2 systems [ru

  11. Globules and pillars in Cygnus X. I. Herschel far-infrared imaging of the Cygnus OB2 environment (United States)

    Schneider, N.; Bontemps, S.; Motte, F.; Blazere, A.; André, Ph.; Anderson, L. D.; Arzoumanian, D.; Comerón, F.; Didelon, P.; Di Francesco, J.; Duarte-Cabral, A.; Guarcello, M. G.; Hennemann, M.; Hill, T.; Könyves, V.; Marston, A.; Minier, V.; Rygl, K. L. J.; Röllig, M.; Roy, A.; Spinoglio, L.; Tremblin, P.; White, G. J.; Wright, N. J.


    The radiative feedback of massive stars on molecular clouds creates pillars, globules and other features at the interface between the H II region and molecular cloud. Optical and near-infrared observations from the ground as well as with the Hubble or Spitzer satellites have revealed numerous examples of such cloud structures. We present here Herschel far-infrared observations between 70 μm and 500 μm of the immediate environment of the rich Cygnus OB2 association, performed within the Herschel imaging survey of OB Young Stellar objects (HOBYS) program. All of the observed irradiated structures were detected based on their appearance at 70 μm, and have been classified as pillars, globules, evaporating gasous globules (EGGs), proplyd-like objects, and condensations. From the 70 μm and 160 μm flux maps, we derive the local far-ultraviolet (FUV) field on the photon dominated surfaces. In parallel, we use a census of the O-stars to estimate the overall FUV-field, that is 103-104 G0 (Habing field) close to the central OB cluster (within 10 pc) and decreases down to a few tens G0, in a distance of 50 pc. From a spectral energy distribution (SED) fit to the four longest Herschel wavelengths, we determine column density and temperature maps and derive masses, volume densities and surface densities for these structures. We find that the morphological classification corresponds to distinct physical properties. Pillars and globules are massive (~500 M⊙) and large (equivalent radius r ~ 0.6 pc) structures, corresponding to what is defined as "clumps" for molecular clouds. EGGs and proplyd-likeobjects are smaller (r ~ 0.1 and 0.2 pc) and less massive (~10 and ~30 M⊙). Cloud condensations are small (~0.1 pc), have an average mass of 35 M⊙, are dense (~6 × 104 cm-3), and can thus be described as molecular cloud "cores". All pillars and globules are oriented toward the Cyg OB2 association center and have the longest estimated photoevaporation lifetimes, a few million

  12. Confidence and connectedness: Indigenous Māori women's views on personal safety in the context of intimate partner violence. (United States)

    Wilson, Denise; Jackson, Debra; Herd, Ruth


    ori (New Zealand) women, similar to women belonging to Indigenous and minority groups globally, have high levels of lifetime abuse, assault, and homicide, and are over-represented in events that compromise their safety. We sought insights into how Māori women view safety. Twenty Māori women's narratives revealed safety as a holistic concept involving a number of different elements. We found women had developed an acute sense of the concept of safety. They had firm views and clear strategies to maintain their own safety and that of their female family and friends. These women also provided insights into their experiences of feeling unsafe.

  13. Provider, father, and bro--Sedentary Māori men and their thoughts on physical activity. (United States)

    Warbrick, Isaac; Wilson, Denise; Boulton, Amohia


    ori (indigenous peoples of New Zealand) men have a disproportionate prevalence of lifestyle-related illnesses and are targeted for national physical activity initiatives. While physical activity impacts on physical and mental health and overall wellbeing, current approaches to health promotion often lack cultural relevance. Having better understanding and incorporating relevant cultural values and motivators into program designs could improve the success of health initiatives for indigenous and minority men. Nevertheless, little is known about Māori men's preferences, attitudes, or perspectives about physical activity, which are often interpreted through a colonized or dominant Western lens. Understanding perspectives of those groups whose values do not align with dominant cultural approaches will better equip health promoters and trainers to develop relevant community initiatives and private programs for indigenous and minority men. An indigenous research approach informed a qualitative study with 18 sedentary, 'overweight' Māori men aged 28 to 72 years. From 2014 to 2015 these men participated in three focus group discussions aimed at understanding their views about physical activity and exercise. Data were thematically analysed and interpeted using a Māori worldview. Four key themes were identified - Cameraderie and 'Bro-ship'; Adulthood Distractions and Priorities; Problems with Contemporary Gym Culture; and Provider Orientation. Key motivators for physical activity included a sense of 'brotherhood' in sport and physical activity and accountability to others. Participants reported the need to highlight the value of people and relationships, and having an orientation to the collective to enhance physical activity experiences for Māori men in general. Modern lifestyle distractions (such as being time deficient, and family responsibilities) along with other priorities contributed to difficulties incorporating physical activity into their daily lives. In

  14. In vivo digestion of bovine milk fat globules: effect of processing and interfacial structural changes. II. Upper digestive tract digestion. (United States)

    Gallier, Sophie; Zhu, Xiang Q; Rutherfurd, Shane M; Ye, Aiqian; Moughan, Paul J; Singh, Harjinder


    The aim of this research was to study the effect of milk processing on the in vivo upper digestive tract digestion of milk fat globules. Fasted rats were serially gavaged over a 5h period with cream from raw, pasteurised, or pasteurised and homogenised milk. Only a few intact dietary proteins and peptides were present in the small intestinal digesta. Significantly (Praw (448 mg g(-1) digesta dry matter (DDM)) and homogenised creams (528 mg g(-1) DDM), as compared to pasteurised and homogenised cream (249 mg g(-1) DDM). Microscopy techniques were used to investigate the structural changes during digestion. Liquid-crystalline lamellar phases surrounding the fat globules, fatty acid soap crystals and lipid-mucin interactions were evident in all small intestinal digesta. Overall, the pasteurised and homogenised cream appeared to be digested to a greater extent. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Etude de l'effet de l'amodiaquine sur les globules rouges infectés ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ces images sont ensuite utilisées pour étudier l'interaction du médicament avec les globules rouges en fonction des concentrations, en ayant recours à des techniques d'analyse multivariée telles que la classification hiérarchique, la méthode des k-moyennes et l'analyse en composante principale. Les résultats obtenus ...

  16. Evidence for close side-chain packing in an early protein folding intermediate previously assumed to be a molten globule. (United States)

    Rosen, Laura E; Connell, Katelyn B; Marqusee, Susan


    The molten globule, a conformational ensemble with significant secondary structure but only loosely packed tertiary structure, has been suggested to be a ubiquitous intermediate in protein folding. However, it is difficult to assess the tertiary packing of transiently populated species to evaluate this hypothesis. Escherichia coli RNase H is known to populate an intermediate before the rate-limiting barrier to folding that has long been thought to be a molten globule. We investigated this hypothesis by making mimics of the intermediate that are the ground-state conformation at equilibrium, using two approaches: a truncation to generate a fragment mimic of the intermediate, and selective destabilization of the native state using point mutations. Spectroscopic characterization and the response of the mimics to further mutation are consistent with studies on the transient kinetic intermediate, indicating that they model the early intermediate. Both mimics fold cooperatively and exhibit NMR spectra indicative of a closely packed conformation, in contrast to the hypothesis of molten tertiary packing. This result is important for understanding the nature of the subsequent rate-limiting barrier to folding and has implications for the assumption that many other proteins populate molten globule folding intermediates.

  17. Replication origins oriGNAI3 and oriB of the mammalian AMPD2 locus nested in a region of straight DNA flanked by intrinsically bent DNA sites. (United States)

    Balani, Valério Américo; de Lima Neto, Quirino Alves; Takeda, Karen Izumi; Gimenes, Fabrícia; Fiorini, Adriana; Debatisse, Michelle; Fernandez, Maria Aparecida


    The aim of this work was to determine whether intrinsically bent DNA sites are present at, or close to, the mammalian replication origins oriGNAI3 and oriB in the Chinese hamster AMPD2 locus. Using an electrophoretic mobility shift assay and in silico analysis, we located four intrinsically bent DNA sites (b1 to b4) in a fragment that contains the oriGNAI3 and one site (b5) proximal to oriB. The helical parameters show that each bent DNA site is curved in a left-handed superhelical writhe. A 2D projection of 3D fragment trajectories revealed that oriGNAI3 is located in a relatively straight segment flanked by bent sites b1 and b2, which map in previously identified Scaffold/Matrix Attachment Region. Sites b3 and b4 are located approximately 2 kb downstream and force the fragment into a strong closed loop structure. The b5 site is also located in an S/MAR that is found just downstream of oriB.

  18. Milk fat globule membrane isolate induces apoptosis in HT-29 human colon cancer cells. (United States)

    Zanabria, Romina; Tellez, Angela M; Griffiths, Mansel; Corredig, Milena


    A native milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) isolate obtained from raw milk was assessed for its anticarcinogenic capacity using a colon cancer cell line (HT-29). To prevent microbial contamination and eliminate the presence of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the milk used for MFGM isolation, the milk was obtained from the mammary glands of cows using a catheter. Cell proliferation assays demonstrated a reduction of exponentially growing cancer cells of up to 53%, expressed as DNA synthesis (BrdU test), after 72 h stimulation with 100 μg of MFGM protein per mL. Using a similar MFGM concentration, the sulforhodamine B assay resulted in 57% reduction of cell density after 48 h incubation. This bioactivity was comparable to that of known anticancer drugs, 0.1 mM melphalan and 20 μM C2-ceramide, which achieved a cell division reduction of 25 and 40%, respectively, under the same experimental conditions. The toxic effect of the MFGM extracts on HT-29 cells was confirmed by the significant reduction in lactate dehydrogenase enzyme (LDH) by the residual viable cells. An increase of caspase-3 activity (up to 26%) led to the conclusion that MFGM has an apoptotic effect on HT-29 cancer cells.

  19. Bovine milk fat globule membrane affects virulence expression in Escherichia coli O157:H7. (United States)

    Tellez, A; Corredig, M; Guri, A; Zanabria, R; Griffiths, M W; Delcenserie, V


    The aim of this study was to examine the effect of the bovine milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) on the virulence of Escherichia coli O157:H7. The MFGM was extracted from raw or heat-treated milk, resulting in 2 preparations differing in protein composition. Both heated and raw MFGM exerted an inhibitory effect on Shiga toxin gene expression by E. coli O157:H7 (ratios of -7.69 and -5.96, respectively). Interestingly, the effect was stronger with heated MFGM, with a larger decrease in expression of the virulence gene fliC (ratio of -9.43). The difference in effect observed between heated and raw MFGM could be explained by the difference in protein composition between the 2 preparations. These results show, for the first time, a specific effect of MFGM on expressionof Shiga toxin genes as well as genes involved in the motility of E. coli O157:H7. This may offer a new approach to mitigate the adverse health effects caused by E. coli O157:H7 infections. Copyright © 2012 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Curcumin liposomes prepared with milk fat globule membrane phospholipids and soybean lecithin. (United States)

    Jin, Hong-Hao; Lu, Qun; Jiang, Jian-Guo


    Using thin film ultrasonic dispersion method, the curcumin liposomes were prepared with milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) phospholipids and soybean lecithins, respectively, to compare the characteristics and stability of the 2 curcumin liposomes. The processing parameters of curcumin liposomes were investigated to evaluate their effects on the encapsulation efficiency. Curcumin liposomes were characterized in terms of size distribution, ζ-potential, and in vitro release behavior, and then their storage stability under various conditions was evaluated. The curcumin liposomes prepared with MFGM phospholipids had an encapsulation efficiency of about 74%, an average particle size of 212.3 nm, and a ζ-potential of -48.60 mV. The MFGM liposomes showed higher encapsulation efficiency, smaller particle size, higher absolute value of ζ-potential, and slower in vitro release than soybean liposomes. The retention rate of liposomal curcumin was significantly higher than that of free curcumin. The stability of the 2 liposomes under different pH was almost the same, but MFGM liposomes displayed a slightly higher stability than soybean liposomes under the conditions of Fe(3+), light, temperature, oxygen, and relative humidity. In conclusion, MFGM phospholipids have potential advantages in the manufacture of curcumin liposomes used in food systems. Copyright © 2016 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sahai, R.; Güsten, R.; Morris, M. R.


    We report the detection of strong and compact molecular line emission (in the CO J = 3-2, 4-3, 6-5, 7-6, 13 CO J = 3-2, HCN, and HCO + J = 4-3 transitions) from a cometary-shaped object (Carina-frEGG1) in the Carina star-forming region (SFR) previously classified as a photoevaporating protoplanetary disk (proplyd). We derive a molecular mass of 0.35 M ☉ for Carina-frEGG1, which shows that it is not a proplyd, but belongs to a class of free-floating evaporating gas globules (frEGGs) recently found in the Cygnus SFR by Sahai et al. Archival adaptive optics near-IR (Ks) images show a central hourglass-shaped nebula. The derived source luminosity (about 8-18 L ☉ ), the hourglass morphology, and the presence of collimated jets seen in Hubble Space Telescope images imply the presence of a jet-driving, young, low-mass star deeply embedded in the dust inside Carina-frEGG1. Our results suggest that the true nature of many or most such cometary-shaped objects seen in massive SFRs and previously labeled as proplyds has been misunderstood, and that these are really frEGGs.

  2. Molecular Dynamics Study on Nucleation Behavior and Lamellar Mergence of Polyethylene Globule Crystallization (United States)

    Yang, Xiaozhen; Wang, Simiao


    The site order parameter (SOP) has been adopted to analyze various order structure formation and distribution during the crystallization of a multi-chain polyethylene globule simulated by molecular dynamics. We found that the nucleation relies on crystallinity fluctuation with increase of amplitude, and the baby nucleus in the fluctuation suddenly appears with different shape and increasing size. In the growth stage, a number of lamellar mergence was observed and their selective behaviors were suggested to be related to the orientation difference between the merging lamellae. We obtained that SOP distribution of all atoms in the system during crystallization appears with two peaks: one for the amorphous phase and the other for the crystalline phase. Mesomorphic structures with medium orders locate between the two peaks as an order promotion pathway. Obtained data show that the medium order structure fluctuates at the growth front and does not always be available; the medium order structure existing at the front is not always good for developing. It is possibly caused by chain entanglement.

  3. Using far-infrared limb brightening to probe isolated dark globules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Leung, C.M.; O'brien, E.V.; Dubisch, R.


    The problem of radiation transport in dark globules with or without internal heat source, immersed in an isotropic incident interstellar radiation field, is solved. The phenomenon of infrared limb brightening, its dependence on cloud properties, and its observational implications are addressed. Numerical results regarding the dependence of limb brightening on total cloud opacity, luminosity of internal heat source, grain type, dust density distribution, and wavelength of emitted radiation are discussed. Observational implications concerning the use of limb brightening to place an upper limit on the luminosity of an embedded protostar and to determine the grain emissivity law in the far-infrared are examined. For sufficiently large optical depth, the limb-brightening ratio (LBR) is found to be related to the optical depth by a power-law relation in the 140-300 micron wavelength range, where thermal emission from grains peaks. By observing the LBR in this range, this power-law relationship can be exploited to determine the emissivity law of the dust grain in the far-infrared. Both the LBR and the longest wavelength for which limb brightening still occurs are related linearly to the luminosity of the central source. 37 references

  4. Language Image in National Minority Language Television Idents. TG4 (Teilifís na Gaeilge, Ireland and Whakaata Māori (Māori Television, New Zealand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruth Lysaght


    Full Text Available Born of community and political action, Teilifis na Gaeilge (TG4 began in 1996, and Whakaata Māori/ Māori Television Service (MTS in 2004. Despite obvious differences between the two broadcasting environments, both stations attempt to reclaim a national (but minority language (Ó Ruairc 1996; Moring 2007 and compete with other broadcasters (Horrocks and Perry 2004 to attract an audience (Smith and Abel 2008 by an appeal to identity (Cormack 2000; 2007; Delap 2007. This paper investigates idents from TG4 and MTS. What image or brand have the language and culture in these mini-advertisements? Thornley’s (2004 discussion of “transculturation” is useful in examining the often inventive approach taken to elements of the dominant culture. Indeed, the motto ‘Súil eile’ [another perspective] is the criterion for many TG4 projects, and there is a clear awareness of multiple audiences in the MTS logline, ‘mā mātou, mā rātou, mā koutou, mā tātou’ [just for us, for them, for all of you, for all of us]. In the symbiotic relationship between a minority station and other larger stations in terms of the depiction/creation of local and national identity, language is used as another marketing tool. TG4 and MTS idents respond to and celebrate current sociolinguistic changes (Romaine 2006; Ó Tuathaigh 2008, making them visible.

  5. Neoliberalism and indigenous knowledge: Māori health research and the cultural politics of New Zealand's "National Science Challenges". (United States)

    Prussing, Erica; Newbury, Elizabeth


    In 2012-13 the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand rapidly implemented a major restructuring of national scientific research funding. The "National Science Challenges" (NSC) initiative aims to promote greater commercial applications of scientific knowledge, reflecting ongoing neoliberal reforms in New Zealand. Using the example of health research, we examine the NSC as a key moment in ongoing indigenous Māori advocacy against neoliberalization. NSC rhetoric and practice through 2013 moved to marginalize participation by Māori researchers, in part through constructing "Māori" and "science" as essentially separate arenas-yet at the same time appeared to recognize and value culturally distinctive forms of Māori knowledge. To contest this "neoliberal multiculturalism," Māori health researchers reasserted the validity of culturally distinctive knowledge, strategically appropriated NSC rhetoric, and marshalled political resources to protect Māori research infrastructure. By foregrounding scientific knowledge production as an arena of contestation over neoliberal values and priorities, and attending closely to how neoliberalizing tactics can include moves to acknowledge cultural diversity, this analysis poses new questions for social scientific study of global trends toward reconfiguring the production of knowledge about health. Study findings are drawn from textual analysis of MBIE documents about the NSC from 2012 to 2014, materials circulated by Māori researchers in the blogosphere in 2014, and ethnographic interviews conducted in 2013 with 17 Māori health researchers working at 7 sites that included university-based research centers, government agencies, and independent consultancies. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Schatgraven in 'de mijnen van het Oosten'. Europa's eerste tijdschrift voor oriëntaalse studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Rietbergen


    Full Text Available Tussen 1809 en 1818 verscheen Fundgruben des Orients. Dit eerste Europese tijdschrift voor oriëntaalse studies was een spreekbuis voor liefhebbers van de cultuur van het Oosten. De redactie wilde de nadruk leggen op het Nabije Oosten. De groeiende koloniale invloed van Engeland in Azië, met name in India, weerspiegelde zich echter ook in de kolommen van het tijdschrift. Een politiek gevoelig artikel maakte waarschijnlijk een einde aan het blad.

  7. La théorie de la diplomatie dans le Saint Empire Romain


    Weber, Wolfgang E. J.


    Principes Dans ce que l’on nomme officiellement, depuis 1500 environ jusqu’à sa fin en 1806, le Saint Empire romain de la nation allemande (Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation), le développement de la théorie de la diplomatie, autrement dit de conceptions relatives aux diplomates et à la diplomatie, est le fait d’élites soucieuses de mieux comprendre des problèmes posé...

  8. Introduction à la théorie quantique concepts, pratiques et applications

    CERN Document Server

    Desouter, Michèle; Chapuisat, Xavier


    Introduction à la théorie quantique avec exercices corrigés pour les niveaux licence et master en physique, physico-chimie et chimie, permet d'atteindre une base solide en Mécanique Quantique et le niveau indispensable pour aborder les sujets multidisciplinaires de la recherche actuelle. En complément optionnel sur un site compagnon, des applications interactives.

  9. Electromyographic characteristic of orbicularis oris in patients with dental crowding in permanent occlusion. (United States)

    Dmytrenko, Maryna I; Kuroiedowa, Vira D


    electromyographic indices were developed for complex analysis of functional condition of orbicularis oris. to study electromyographic indices of orbicularis oris in patients with dental crowding in permanent occlusion. thirty four patients with malocclusion and a severe degree of severity of dental crowding (15 males, 19 females, aged 16-29 years) who underwent orthodontic examination. The treatment group was divided into three: Group Ia comprised 11 subjects with mandibular crowding (mean age 19,27 ± 1,08 years); group Ib, 10 patients with maxillary dental crowding (mean age 20,10 ± 1,60 years) and group Ic, 13 subjects with both maxillary and mandibular crowding (mean age 20,15 ± 1,45 years). The control group consisted of 10 patients with malocclusions but without dental crowding (mean age 20,70 ± 1,32 years). The findings were compared with similar indices in subjects with normal occlusion (mean age 21,3 ± 1,25 years). The index of orbicularis oris activity (ACTIV,%) was determined for each patient. A Student's t-test was used to analyze statistical difference between different groups. patients having crowding of maxillary teeth showed greater activity of muscles of the upper lip during maximum voluntary clenching (АCTІV= -0,99±7,44%). Activity of the muscles of the lower lip in patients with crowding of mandibular teeth (АСTІV=20,52±4,22%) and crowding of maxillary and mandibular teeth (АСTІV=17,93±4,33%) is prevailing. аctivity of the orbicularis oris in patients with malocclusion, complicated by dental crowding depend on clinical localization of crowding.

  10. Théorie de jauge et groupoïdes


    Hausmann, Jean-Claude


    Les résultats de cet article concernent le problème de l'existence de représentations d'un groupoïde topologique sur un fibre principal et leur classification à transformation de jauge près. De telles représentations interviennent naturellement dans divers contextes (théories de jauge classiques ou sur graphe, fibrés équivariants, etc).

  11. Fabrication, characterization, and heuristic trade space exploration of magnetically actuated Miura-Ori origami structures (United States)

    Cowan, Brett; von Lockette, Paris R.


    The authors develop magnetically actuated Miura-Ori structures through observation, experiment, and computation using an initially heuristic strategy followed by trade space visualization and optimization. The work is novel, especially within origami engineering, in that beyond final target shape approximation, Miura-Ori structures in this work are additionally evaluated for the shape approximation while folding and for their efficient use of their embedded actuators. The structures consisted of neodymium magnets placed on the panels of silicone elastomer substrates cast in the Miura-Ori folding pattern. Initially four configurations, arrangements of magnets on the panels, were selected based on heuristic arguments that (1) maximized the amount of magnetic torque applied to the creases and (2) reduced the number of magnets needed to affect all creases in the pattern. The results of experimental and computational performance metrics were used in a weighted sum model to predict the optimum configuration, which was then fabricated and experimentally characterized for comparison to the initial prototypes. As expected, optimization of magnet placement and orientation was effective at increasing the degree of theoretical useful work. Somewhat unexpectedly, however, trade space results showed that even after optimization, the configuration with the most number of magnets was least effective, per magnet, at directing its actuation to the structure’s creases. Overall, though the winning configuration experimentally outperformed its initial, non-optimal counterparts, results showed that the choice of optimum configuration was heavily dependent on the weighting factors. These results highlight both the ability of the Miura-Ori to be actuated with external magnetic stimuli, the effectiveness of a heuristic design approach that focuses on the actuation mechanism, and the need to address path-dependent metrics in assessing performance in origami folding structures.

  12. VizieR Online Data Catalog: sigma Ori low-mass stars (Kenyon+, 2005) (United States)

    Kenyon, M. J.; Jeffries, R. D.; Naylor, T.; Oliveira, J. M.; Maxted, P. F. L.


    We observed the field around sigma Ori with the Wide Field Camera (WFC) on the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope using Harris R and Sloan i filters on the nights of 1999 September 2730. Spectra were obtained with the Wide Field Fiber Optic Spectrograph (WYFFOS) mounted at the Nasmyth focus of the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope during the nights of 1999 December 11 and 12. (5 data files).

  13. Identification of oriT and a recombination hot spot in the IncA/C plasmid backbone. (United States)

    Hegyi, Anna; Szabó, Mónika; Olasz, Ferenc; Kiss, János


    Dissemination of multiresistance has been accelerating among pathogenic bacteria in recent decades. The broad host-range conjugative plasmids of the IncA/C family are effective vehicles of resistance determinants in Gram-negative bacteria. Although more than 150 family members have been sequenced to date, their conjugation system and other functions encoded by the conserved plasmid backbone have been poorly characterized. The key cis-acting locus, the origin of transfer (oriT), has not yet been unambiguously identified. We present evidence that IncA/C plasmids have a single oriT locus immediately upstream of the mobI gene encoding an indispensable transfer factor. The fully active oriT spans ca. 150-bp AT-rich region overlapping the promoters of mobI and contains multiple inverted and direct repeats. Within this region, the core domain of oriT with reduced but detectable transfer activity was confined to a 70-bp segment containing two inverted repeats and one copy of a 14-bp direct repeat. In addition to oriT, a second locus consisting of a 14-bp imperfect inverted repeat was also identified, which mimicked the function of oriT but which was found to be a recombination site. Recombination between two identical copies of these sites is RecA-independent, requires a plasmid-encoded recombinase and resembles the functioning of dimer-resolution systems.

  14. Narratives of four Māori ex-inmates about their experiences and perspectives of rehabilitation programmes. (United States)

    Nakhid, Camille; Shorter, Lily Tairiri


    ori are overrepresented in the criminal justice system in Aotearoa New Zealand. Māori offenders comprise 53% of those serving custodial sentences and 48% serving community-based sentences. The majority of Māori offenders reoffended within 2 years of serving their sentence. A number of programmes aimed at reducing recidivism among Māori have been implemented, and there is considerable debate around the effectiveness of these programmes. This qualitative study focuses on the narratives of four Māori male ex-inmates about their reoffending and their experiences of the rehabilitation programmes during their incarceration. Using a narrative approach, the study sought to hear the shared stories from the men and to determine what they believe would have reduced their reoffending. The stories revealed that a lack of financial resources and gang connections influenced reoffending; the value of prison rehabilitation programmes varied depending on their appropriateness to the inmate and to their intended outcomes; and healing programmes incorporating kaupapa Māori principles and practices assisted the participants in understanding their cultural heritage and communicating with society in more acceptable ways.

  15. Evoked electromyography to rocuronium in orbicularis oris and gastrocnemius in facial nerve injury in rabbits. (United States)

    Xing, Yian; Chen, Lianhua; Li, Shitong


    Muscles innervated by the facial nerve show different sensitivities to muscle relaxants than muscles innervated by somatic nerves, especially in the presence of facial nerve injury. We compared the evoked electromyography (EEMG) response of orbicularis oris and gastrocnemius in with and without a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant in a rabbit model of graded facial nerve injury. Differences in EEMG response and inhibition by rocuronium were measured in the orbicularis oris and gastrocnemius muscles 7 to 42 d after different levels of facial nerve crush injuries in adult rabbits. Baseline EEMG of orbicularis oris was significantly smaller than those of the gastrocnemius. Gastrocnemius was more sensitive to rocuronium than the facial muscles (P rocuronium was negatively correlated with the magnitude of facial nerve injury but the sensitivity to rocuronium was not. No significant difference was found in the onset time and the recovery time of rocuronium among gastrocnemius and normal or damaged facial muscles. Muscles innervated by somatic nerves are more sensitive to rocuronium than those innervated by the facial nerve, but while facial nerve injury reduced EEMG responses, the sensitivity to rocuronium is not altered. Partial neuromuscular blockade may be a suitable technique for conducting anesthesia and surgery safely when EEMG monitoring is needed to preserve and protect the facial nerve. Additional caution should be used if there is a risk of preexisting facial nerve injury. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Investigation and thermodynamic calculation of phase diagram of CdI2-PbI2-NaI system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Storonkin, A.V.; Vasil'kova, I.V.; Korobkov, S.V.


    Using the thermographic and X-ray phase analyses binary CdI 2 -PbI 2 , PI 2 -NaI, CdI 2 -NaI systems and a triple CdI 2 -PbI 2 -NaI system are investigated and their melting diagrams are plotted. A method of thermodynamic calculation has been proposed and tested of the shape of the eutectic lines for the system CdI 2 -PbI 2 -NaI, taking into account the non-ideality of the liquid phase. The method uses data obtained for the binary systems. The liquidus surface of the triple system has been constructed on the basis of the calculation. The results of the calculation of the triple eutectics are in good agreement with the experimental data

  17. Prevalence of mental disorders among Māori in Te Rau Hinengaro: the New Zealand Mental Health Survey. (United States)

    Baxter, Joanne; Kingi, Te Kani; Tapsell, Rees; Durie, Mason; McGee, Magnus A


    To describe the prevalence of mental disorders (period prevalence across aggregated disorders, 12 month and lifetime prevalence) among Māori in Te Rau Hinengaro: The New Zealand Mental Health Survey. Te Rau Hinengaro: The New Zealand Mental Health Survey, undertaken between 2003 and 2004, was a nationally representative face-to-face household survey of 12,992 New Zealand adults aged 16 years and over, including 2,595 Māori. Ethnicity was measured using the 2001 New Zealand census ethnicity question. A fully structured diagnostic interview, the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey Initiative version of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI 3.0), was used to measure disorder. The overall response rate was 73.3%. This paper presents selected findings for the level and pattern of mental disorder prevalence among Māori. Māori lifetime prevalence of any disorder was 50.7%, 12 month prevalence 29.5% and 1 month prevalence 18.3%. The most common 12 month disorders were anxiety (19.4%), mood (11.4%) and substance (8.6%) disorders and the most common lifetime disorders were anxiety (31.3%), substance (26.5%) and mood (24.3%) disorders. Levels of lifetime comorbidity were high with 12 month prevalence showing 16.4% of Māori with one disorder, 7.6% with two disorders and 5.5% with three or more disorders. Twelve-month disorders were more common in Māori females than in males (33.6%vs 24.8%) and in younger age groups: 16-24 years, 33.2%; 25-44 years, 32.9%; 45-64 years, 23.7%; and 65 years and over, 7.9%. Disorder prevalence was greatest among Māori with the lowest equivalized household income and least education. However, differences by urbanicity and region were not significant. Of Māori with any 12 month disorder, 29.6% had serious, 42.6% had moderate and 27.8% had mild disorders. Mental disorders overall and specific disorder groups (anxiety, mood and substance) are common among Māori and measures of severity indicate that disorders

  18. Comparative proteomics of milk fat globule membrane proteins from transgenic cloned cattle.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shunchao Sui

    Full Text Available The use of transgenic livestock is providing new methods for obtaining pharmaceutically useful proteins. However, the protein expression profiles of the transgenic animals, including expression of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM proteins, have not been well characterized. In this study, we compared the MFGM protein expression profile of the colostrum and mature milk from three lines of transgenic cloned (TC cattle, i.e., expressing recombinant human α-lactalbumin (TC-LA, lactoferrin (TC-LF or lysozyme (TC-LZ in the mammary gland, with those from cloned non-transgenic (C and conventionally bred normal animals (N. We identified 1, 225 proteins in milk MFGM, 166 of which were specifically expressed only in the TC-LA group, 265 only in the TC-LF group, and 184 only in the TC-LZ group. There were 43 proteins expressed only in the transgenic cloned animals, but the concentrations of these proteins were below the detection limit of silver staining. Functional analysis also showed that the 43 proteins had no obvious influence on the bovine mammary gland. Quantitative comparison revealed that MFGM proteins were up- or down-regulated more than twofold in the TC and C groups compared to N group: 126 in colostrum and 77 in mature milk of the TC-LA group; 157 in colostrum and 222 in mature milk of the TC-LF group; 49 in colostrum and 98 in mature milk of the TC-LZ group; 98 in colostrum and 132 in mature milk in the C group. These up- and down-regulated proteins in the transgenic animals were not associated with a particular biological function or pathway, which appears that expression of certain exogenous proteins has no general deleterious effects on the cattle mammary gland.

  19. Molten globule of hemoglobin proceeds into aggregates and advanced glycated end products.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afshin Iram

    Full Text Available Conformational alterations of bovine hemoglobin (Hb upon sequential addition of glyoxal over a range of 0-90% v/v were investigated. At 20% v/v glyoxal, molten globule (MG state of Hb was observed by altered tryptophan fluorescence, high ANS binding, existence of intact heme, native-like secondary structure as depicted by far-UV circular dichroism (CD and ATR-FTIR spectra as well as loss in tertiary structure as confirmed by near-UV CD spectra. In addition, size exclusion chromatography analysis depicted that MG state at 20% v/v glyoxal corresponded to expanded pre-dissociated dimers. Aggregates of Hb were detected at 70% v/v glyoxal. These aggregates of Hb had altered tryptophan environment, low ANS binding, exposed heme, increased β-sheet secondary structure, loss in tertiary structure, enhanced thioflavin T (ThT fluorescence and red shifted Congo Red (CR absorbance. On incubating Hb with 30% v/v glyoxal for 0-20 days, advanced glycation end products (AGEs were detected on day 20. These AGEs were characterised by enhanced tryptophan fluorescence at 450 nm, exposure of heme, increase in intermolecular β-sheets, enhanced ThT fluorescence and red shift in CR absorbance. Comet assay revealed aggregates and AGEs to be genotoxic in nature. Scanning electron microscopy confirmed the amorphous structure of aggregates and branched fibrils of AGEs. The transformation of α-helix to β-sheet usually alters the normal protein to amyloidogenic resulting in a variety of protein conformational disorders such as diabetes, prion and Huntington's.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen Xuepeng; Arce, Hector G.; Dunham, Michael M. [Department of Astronomy, Yale University, Box 208101, New Haven, CT 06520-8101 (United States); Zhang Qizhou; Bourke, Tyler L. [Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); Launhardt, Ralf; Schmalzl, Markus; Henning, Thomas, E-mail: [Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Koenigstuhl 17, D-69117 Heidelberg (Germany)


    We present high angular resolution Submillimeter Array (SMA) and Spitzer observations toward the Bok globule CB 17. SMA 1.3 mm dust continuum images reveal within CB 17 two sources with an angular separation of {approx}21'' ({approx}5250 AU at a distance of {approx}250 pc). The northwestern continuum source, referred to as CB 17 IRS, dominates the infrared emission in the Spitzer images, drives a bipolar outflow extending in the northwest-southeast direction, and is classified as a low-luminosity Class 0/I transition object (L{sub bol} {approx} 0.5 L{sub Sun }). The southeastern continuum source, referred to as CB 17 MMS, has faint dust continuum emission in the SMA 1.3 mm observations ({approx}6{sigma} detection; {approx}3.8 mJy), but is not detected in the deep Spitzer infrared images at wavelengths from 3.6 to 70 {mu}m. Its bolometric luminosity and temperature, estimated from its spectral energy distribution, are {<=}0.04 L{sub Sun} and {<=}16 K, respectively. The SMA CO (2-1) observations suggest that CB 17 MMS may drive a low-velocity molecular outflow ({approx}2.5 km s{sup -1}), extending in the east-west direction. Comparisons with prestellar cores and Class 0 protostars suggest that CB 17 MMS is more evolved than prestellar cores but less evolved than Class 0 protostars. The observed characteristics of CB 17 MMS are consistent with the theoretical predictions from radiative/magnetohydrodynamical simulations of a first hydrostatic core, but there is also the possibility that CB 17 MMS is an extremely low luminosity protostar deeply embedded in an edge-on circumstellar disk. Further observations are needed to study the properties of CB 17 MMS and to address more precisely its evolutionary stage.

  1. Synthesis and binding of [125I2]philanthotoxin-343, [125I2]philanthotoxin-343-lysine, and [125I2]philanthotoxin-343-arginine to rat brain membranes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Goodnow, R.A. Jr.; Bukownik, R.; Nakanishi, K.; Usherwood, P.N.; Eldefrawi, A.T.; Anis, N.A.; Eldefrawi, M.E.


    125I2-iodinated philanthotoxin-343 (PhTX-343), [125I2]PhTX-343-arginine, and [125I2]PhTX-343-lysine were synthesized and evaluated as probes for glutamate receptors in rat brain synaptic membranes. It was found that these probes were not specific for the glutamate receptors but may be useful for investigating the polyamine binding site. Filtration assays with Whatman GF/B fiber glass filters were unsuitable because the iodinated PhTX-343 analogues exhibited high nonspecific binding to the filters, thus hindering detection of specific binding to membranes. When binding was measured by a centrifugal assay, [125I2]PhTX-343-lysine bound with low affinity (KD = 11.4 ± 2 microM) to a large number of sites (37.2 ± 9.1 nmol/mg of protein). The binding of [125I2]PhTX-343-lysine was sensitive only to the polyamines spermine and spermidine, which displaced [125I2]PhTX-343-lysine with Ki values of (3.77 ± 1.4) x 10(-5) M and (7.51 ± 0.77) x 10(-5) M, respectively. The binding was insensitive to glutamate receptor agonists and antagonists. Binding results with [125I2]PhTX-343-arginine were similar to those of [125I2]-PhTX-343-lysine. Considering the high number of toxin binding sites (10000-fold more than glutamate) in these membranes and the insensitivity of the binding to almost all drugs that bind to glutamate receptors, it is evident that most of the binding observed is not to glutamate receptors. On the other hand, PhTX analogues with photoaffinity labels may be useful in the isolation/purification of various glutamate and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors; they could also be useful in structural studies of receptors and their binding sites

  2. Identification of the Genes Involved in the Biofilm-like Structures on Actinomyces oris K20, a Clinical Isolate from an Apical Lesion (United States)


    bacteria in clinically asymptomatic periapical pathosis. J Endod 1990;16:534–8. 5. Nair PNR. On the causes of persistent apical periodontitis : a review...Identification of the Genes Involved in the Biofilm-like Structures on Actinomyces oris K20, a Clinical Isolate from an Apical Lesion Chiho Mashimo...Actinomyces oris K20. (J Endod 2013;39:44–48) Key Words Actinomyces oris, apical abscess, biofilm, polysac- charide deacetylase, transposon mutagenesis

  3. Working with racism: a qualitative study of the perspectives of Māori (indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand) registered nurses on a global phenomenon. (United States)

    Huria, Tania; Cuddy, Jessica; Lacey, Cameron; Pitama, Suzanne


    Substantial health disparities exist between Māori--the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand--and non-Māori New Zealanders. This article explores the experience and impact of racism on Māori registered nurses within the New Zealand health system. The narratives of 15 Māori registered nurses were analyzed to identify the effects of racism. This Māori nursing cohort and the data on racism form a secondary analysis drawn from a larger research project investigating the experiences of indigenous health workers in New Zealand and Canada. Jones's levels of racism were utilized as a coding frame for the structural analysis of the transcribed Māori registered nurse interviews. Participants experienced racism on institutional, interpersonal, and internalized levels, leading to marginalization and being overworked yet undervalued. Māori registered nurses identified a lack of acknowledgement of dual nursing competencies: while their clinical skills were validated, their cultural skills-their skills in Hauora Māori--were often not. Experiences of racism were a commonality. Racism--at every level--can be seen as highly influential in the recruitment, training, retention, and practice of Māori registered nurses. The nursing profession in New Zealand and other countries of indigenous peoples needs to acknowledge the presence of racism within training and clinical environments as well as supporting indigenous registered nurses to develop and implement indigenous dual cultural-clinical competencies. © The Author(s) 2014.

  4. Body measures and milk production, milk fat globules granulometry and milk fatty acid content in Cabannina cattle breed

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Communod


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to achieve scientific information about body measures and milk production of Cabannina cattle, a local breed reared in northern Italy. Fourteen body measures and five morphologic indexes were recorded from 86 heads enrolled in the herd book. Low differences between males and females of the same age-class were shown. Body measures were generally greater than those reported in previous studies, probably due to recent crosses. With reference to milk production, 991 test-day records from 128 lactations of 59 cows were analysed. Average milk daily production was 8 kg/d in 1st lactation to 10.61 in 3rd (P<0.05; the parameters of the Wood equation draw atypical curves with the exception of curves from spring calving cows. Only 74.5% of lactations with an adjusted R2 >0.75 showed a standard curve, with low persistence (7.7%, high value of d at peak (103 d and peak production of 20.18 kg of milk. Moreover, 100 milk samples (40 to 220 d of lactation were submitted to a granulometric survey by laser scatter technique in order to evaluate the dimensions of fat globules; then milk fat was analyzed by gas chromatography, and desaturase indexes were determined. Cabannina cows showed small fat globules with high specific surface. Furthermore mean diameter of milk fat globules decreased during lactation then rose. Milk fat contained high levels of cis-MUFA, and high desaturase indexes. In conclusion, the low size of Cabannina cattle orients for a limited meat production. Instead milk production has a higher economic potential, aimed at cheese production and human nutrition.

  5. On the molecular origin of the cooperative coil-to-globule transition of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in water. (United States)

    Tavagnacco, L; Zaccarelli, E; Chiessi, E


    By means of atomistic molecular dynamics simulations we investigate the behaviour of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), PNIPAM, in water at temperatures below and above the lower critical solution temperature (LCST), including the undercooled regime. The transition between water soluble and insoluble states at the LCST is described as a cooperative process involving an intramolecular coil-to-globule transition preceding the aggregation of chains and the polymer precipitation. In this work we investigate the molecular origin of such cooperativity and the evolution of the hydration pattern in the undercooled polymer solution. The solution behaviour of an atactic 30-mer at high dilution is studied in the temperature interval from 243 to 323 K with a favourable comparison to available experimental data. In the water soluble states of PNIPAM we detect a correlation between polymer segmental dynamics and diffusion motion of bound water, occurring with the same activation energy. Simulation results show that below the coil-to-globule transition temperature PNIPAM is surrounded by a network of hydrogen bonded water molecules and that the cooperativity arises from the structuring of water clusters in proximity to hydrophobic groups. Differently, the perturbation of the hydrogen bond pattern involving water and amide groups occurs above the transition temperature. Altogether these findings reveal that even above the LCST PNIPAM remains largely hydrated and that the coil-to-globule transition is related with a significant rearrangement of the solvent in the proximity of the surface of the polymer. The comparison between the hydrogen bonding of water in the surrounding of PNIPAM isopropyl groups and in the bulk displays a decreased structuring of solvent at the hydrophobic polymer-water interface across the transition temperature, as expected because of the topological extension along the chain of such interface. No evidence of an upper critical solution temperature behaviour

  6. The design and relevance of a computerized gamified depression therapy program for indigenous māori adolescents. (United States)

    Shepherd, Matthew; Fleming, Theresa; Lucassen, Mathijs; Stasiak, Karolina; Lambie, Ian; Merry, Sally N


    Depression is a major health issue among Māori indigenous adolescents, yet there has been little investigation into the relevance or effectiveness of psychological treatments for them. Further, consumer views are critical for engagement and adherence to therapy. However, there is little research regarding indigenous communities' opinions about psychological interventions for depression. The objective of this study was to conduct semistructured interviews with Māori (indigenous New Zealand) young people (taitamariki) and their families to find out their opinions of a prototype computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (cCBT) program called Smart, Positive, Active, Realistic, X-factor thoughts (SPARX), a free online computer game intended to help young persons with mild to moderate depression, feeling down, stress or anxiety. The program will teach them how to resolve their issues on their own using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as psychotherapeutic approach. There were seven focus groups on the subject of the design and cultural relevance of SPARX that were held, with a total of 26 participants (19 taitamarki, 7 parents/caregivers, all Māori). There were five of the groups that were with whānau (family groups) (n=14), one group was with Māori teenage mothers (n=4), and one group was with taitamariki (n=8). The general inductive approach was used to analyze focus group data. SPARX computerized therapy has good face validity and is seen as potentially effective and appealing for Māori people. Cultural relevance was viewed as being important for the engagement of Māori young people with SPARX. Whānau are important for young peoples' well-being. Participants generated ideas for improving SPARX for Māori and for the inclusion of whānau in its delivery. SPARX computerized therapy had good face validity for indigenous young people and families. In general, Māori participants were positive about the SPARX prototype and considered it both appealing and applicable

  7. ori oral histories and the impact of tsunamis in Aotearoa-New Zealand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. N. King


    Full Text Available Māori oral histories from the northern South Island of Aotearoa-New Zealand provide details of ancestral experience with tsunami(s on, and surrounding, Rangitoto (D'Urville Island. Applying an inductive-based methodology informed by collaborative storytelling, exchanges with key informants from the Māori kin groups of Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Kuia reveal that a folk tale, published in 1907, could be compared to and combined with active oral histories to provide insights into past catastrophic saltwater inundations. Such histories reference multiple layers of experience and meaning, from memorials to ancestral figures and their accomplishments to claims about place, authority and knowledge. Members of Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Kuia, who permitted us to record some of their histories, share the view that there are multiple benefits to be gained by learning from differences in knowledge, practice and belief. This work adds to scientific as well as Maōri understandings about tsunami hazards (and histories. It also demonstrates that to engage with Māori oral histories (and the people who genealogically link to such stories requires close attention to a politics of representation, in both past recordings and current ways of retelling, as well as sensitivities to the production of new and plural knowledges. This paper makes these narratives available to a new audience, including those families who no longer have access to them, and recites these in ways that might encourage plural knowledge development and co-existence.

  8. ori oral histories and the impact of tsunamis in Aotearoa-New Zealand (United States)

    King, Darren N.; Shaw, Wendy S.; Meihana, Peter N.; Goff, James R.


    ori oral histories from the northern South Island of Aotearoa-New Zealand provide details of ancestral experience with tsunami(s) on, and surrounding, Rangitoto (D'Urville Island). Applying an inductive-based methodology informed by collaborative storytelling, exchanges with key informants from the Māori kin groups of Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Kuia reveal that a folk tale, published in 1907, could be compared to and combined with active oral histories to provide insights into past catastrophic saltwater inundations. Such histories reference multiple layers of experience and meaning, from memorials to ancestral figures and their accomplishments to claims about place, authority and knowledge. Members of Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Kuia, who permitted us to record some of their histories, share the view that there are multiple benefits to be gained by learning from differences in knowledge, practice and belief. This work adds to scientific as well as Maōri understandings about tsunami hazards (and histories). It also demonstrates that to engage with Māori oral histories (and the people who genealogically link to such stories) requires close attention to a politics of representation, in both past recordings and current ways of retelling, as well as sensitivities to the production of new and plural knowledges. This paper makes these narratives available to a new audience, including those families who no longer have access to them, and recites these in ways that might encourage plural knowledge development and co-existence.

  9. Isolation of potential probiotic Lactobacillus oris HMI68 from mother's milk with cholesterol-reducing property. (United States)

    Anandharaj, Marimuthu; Sivasankari, Balayogan


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the probiotic properties of Lactobacillus strains isolated from mother's milk and their effects on cholesterol assimilation. In this study 120 isolates from mother's milk were phenotypically and genotypically characterized. Among these, only 6 predominant strains were identified as Lactobacillus spp. The following parameters were selected as important test variables in model stomach passage survival trials: acid and bile tolerance, antimicrobial activity, antibiotic susceptibility and cholesterol reduction. Results showed that the considerable variation existed among six strains. Moreover, the strain HMI68 is the most acid-tolerant and the HMI28 and HMI74 is the most acid-sensitive of all strains tested. HMI118 did not grow at 0.5% and 1% bile concentration after 5 h but the HMI68 and HMI43 showed some tolerance to such bile concentration. The differences found in the growth rate were not significant (P > 0.05). HMI68 showed resistance to most of the antibiotics as well as antagonistic activity against the tested pathogens. The amount of cholesterol reduction is increased when the media supplemented with bile salts. HMI68 assimilate 61.05 ± 0.05 μg/ml cholesterol with the presence of 0.3% bile salt this could be significantly decreased by 25.41 ± 1.09 μg/ml without bile salt. HMI68 was identified to be Lactobacillus oris HMI68 and 16S rRNA sequence was deposited in the National Center for Biotechnological Information (GenBank). For the first time the cholesterol-reducing property of L. oris isolated from mother's milk were investigated in this study. Therefore the effective L. oris HMI68 strain was regarded as a candidate probiotic. Copyright © 2014 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Une théorie pour penser les industries culturelles et informationnelles ?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pierre Mœglin


    Full Text Available Cet article traite de la naissance et du développement de la théorie des industries culturelles et informationnelles. Il procède des deux questions suivantes : pourquoi une théorie unifiée, plutôt que la juxtaposition de toutes les théorisations ayant accompagné les étapes successives de l’histoire de ces industries et le développement de chacun de leurs secteurs ? Pourquoi une théorie originale, au lieu des approches industrielles proposées, par exemple, par l’économie ou la sociologie ? À ces questions la réponse est, d’une part, que la diversité des appréciations sur les enjeux des industries culturelles et informationnelles et leurs contradictions, d’un auteur à l’auteur, illustre la dimension dialectique du développement des industries culturelles et informationnelles elles-mêmes. D’autre part, la singularité de ces industries justifie le recours à un modèle d’analyse différent du modèle industriel standard.This paper deals with the birth and development of the cultural and informational industries theory. It arises from two questions. First, why one unified theory, rather than juxtaposing the different attempts to understand these industries step by step and sector by sector ? Second, why a specific theory, instead of borrowing from economy or sociology, for instance ? The answer is on the one hand that the contradictions among researchers about the issues of the cultural and informational industries demonstrate in themselves the dialectical nature of their development ; on the other hand, that the specificity of these industries requires an analysis model quite different from the standard model.

  11. "Ode Ori": a culture-bound disorder with prominent somatic features in Yoruba Nigerian patients. (United States)

    Makanjuola, R O


    Thirty patients diagnosed by Nigerian Yoruba traditional healers as suffering from a condition termed "Ode Ori" are described. The chief complaints were of a crawling sensation in the head and body, noises in the ears, palpitations and various other somatic complaints. Anxiety and depressive symptoms were prominent in all the patients and indeed the most common DSM-III diagnoses were of depressive and anxiety disorders. The significance of the disorder and its features is discussed in the context of the socio-cultural background of the patients.

  12. The neuroprotective effects of milk fat globule-EGF factor 8 against oligomeric amyloid β toxicity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Endong


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Phosphatidylserine receptor is a key molecule that mediates the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells. Milk fat globule-EGF factor 8 (MFG-E8 is a phosphatidylserine receptor that is expressed on various macrophage lineage cells, including microglia in the central nervous system (CNS. Targeted clearance of degenerated neurons by microglia is essential to maintain healthy neural networks. We previously showed that the CX3C chemokine fractalkine is secreted from degenerated neurons and accelerates microglial clearance of neuronal debris via inducing the release of MFG-E8. However, the mechanisms by which microglia produce MFG-E8 and the precise functions of MFG-E8 are unknown. Methods The release of MFG-E8 from microglia treated with conditioned medium from neurons exposed to neurotoxic substances, glutamate or oligomeric amyloid β (oAβ was measured by ELISA. The neuroprotective effects of MFG-E8 and MFG-E8 − induced microglial phagocytosis of oAβ were assessed by immunocytochemistry. The effects of MFG-E8 on the production of the anti-oxidative enzyme hemeoxygenase-1 (HO-1 were determined by ELISA and immunocytochemisty. Results MFG-E8 was induced in microglia treated with conditioned medium from neurons that had been exposed to neurotoxicants, glutamate or oAβ. MFG-E8 significantly attenuated oAβ-induced neuronal cell death in a primary neuron − microglia coculture system. Microglial phagocytosis of oAβ was accelerated by MFG-E8 treatment due to increased CD47 expression in the absence of neurotoxic molecule production, such as tumor necrosis factor-α, nitric oxide, and glutamate. MFG-E8 − treated microglia induced nuclear factor E(2 − related factor 2 (Nrf2 − mediated HO-1 production, which also contributed to neuroprotection. Conclusions These results suggest that microglia release MFG-E8 in response to signals from degenerated neurons and that MFG-E8 protects oAβ-induced neuronal cell death

  13. The prevalence of symptoms of depression and anxiety, and the level of life stress and worry in New Zealand Māori and non-Māori women in late pregnancy. (United States)

    Signal, T Leigh; Paine, Sarah-Jane; Sweeney, Bronwyn; Muller, Diane; Priston, Monique; Lee, Kathryn; Gander, Philippa; Huthwaite, Mark


    To describe the prevalence of symptoms of depression and anxiety, and the level of life stress and worry in late pregnancy for Māori and non-Māori women. In late pregnancy, women completed a questionnaire recording their prior history of mood disorders; self-reported current depressive symptoms (⩾13 on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale), current anxiety symptoms (⩾6 on the anxiety items from the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale), significant life stress (⩾2 items on life stress scale) and dysfunctional worry (>12 on the Brief Measure of Worry Scale). Data were obtained from 406 Māori women (mean age = 27.6 years, standard deviation=6.3 years) and 738 non-Māori women (mean age = 31.6 years, standard deviation=5.3 years). Depressive symptoms (22% vs 15%), anxiety symptoms (25% vs 20%), significant life stress (55% vs 30%) and a period of poor mood during the current pregnancy (18% vs 14%) were more prevalent for Māori than non-Maori women. Less than 50% of women who had experienced ⩾2 weeks of poor mood during the current pregnancy had sought help. Being young was an independent risk factor for depressive symptoms, significant life stress and dysfunctional worry. A prior history of depression was also consistently associated with a greater risk of negative affect in pregnancy. Antenatal mental health requires at least as much attention and resourcing as mental health in the postpartum period. Services need to specifically target Māori women, young women and women with a prior history of depression.

  14. Whakawhanaungatanga: the importance of culturally meaningful connections to improve uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation by Māori with COPD - a qualitative study. (United States)

    Levack, William Mm; Jones, Bernadette; Grainger, Rebecca; Boland, Pauline; Brown, Melanie; Ingham, Tristram R


    Pulmonary rehabilitation is known to improve function and quality of life for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, little research has been conducted on the influence of culture on experiences of pulmonary rehabilitation. This study examined factors influencing uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation by Māori with COPD in New Zealand. Grounded theory nested within kaupapa Māori methodology. Transcripts were analyzed from interviews and focus groups with 15 Māori and ten New Zealand non-Māori invited to attend pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD. Māori participants had either attended a mainstream hospital-based program, a community-based program designed "by Māori, for Māori", or had experienced both. Several factors influencing uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation were common to all participants regardless of ethnicity: 1) participants' past experiences (eg, of exercise; of health care systems), 2) attitudes and expectations, 3) access issues (eg, time, transport, and conflicting responsibilities), and 4) initial program experiences. These factors were moderated by the involvement of family and peers, interactions with health professionals, the way information on programs was presented, and by new illness events. For Māori, however, several additional factors were also identified relating to cultural experiences of pulmonary rehabilitation. In particular, Māori participants placed high value on whakawhanaungatanga: the making of culturally meaningful connections with others. Culturally appropriate communication and relationship building was deemed so important by some Māori participants that when it was absent, they felt strongly discouraged to attend pulmonary rehabilitation. Only the more holistic services offered a program in which they felt culturally safe and to which they were willing to return for ongoing rehabilitation. Lack of attention to cultural factors in the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation may be a barrier to its

  15. The voyage to McDonalds--short and long-term factors in the etiology of obesity in Mäori children in Aotearoa. (United States)

    Gray, George


    In Aotearoa, it has been revealed that 14.7% of European adults are obese, compared with 27.5% for Mäori adults. It has been difficult to elucidate the recent trends in children and adolescents without large-scale population analysis, but a recent study of obesity in Auckland schoolchildren revealed a prevalence rate of 15.8% for Mäori children, compared with 8.6% for European children. This essay will review factors affecting the etiology of obesity in Mäori children. The classification of obesity will be examined before a discussion of short-term and long-term factors leading to obesity in this ethnic group. Measuring Obesity in Children It has been recommended that the BMI range for overweight in Mäori be increased to 27-32, and obesity a BMI greater than 32. Unfortunately though, there is no consensus among researchers and some studies may use the conventional obesity range of a BMI greater than 30 for both Mäori and non-Mäori children. Mäori disproportionately occupy low socioeconomic strata in Aotearoa. The significant discrepancy between obesity prevalence rates for Mäori and European children indicates that other factors are involved. Dietary fat intake, and by extension obesity, tend to be more prevalent for people in low socioeconomic groups, as numerous studies have shown. Therefore, the Mäori-European obesity discrepancy can be further explained by the discrepancy in socioeconomic status between these two groups, as national census data reveal that Mäori are disproportionately represented in all negative socioeconomic indices. However, for completeness, it is necessary to understand exactly why Mäori dominate these indices.

  16. Stable and metastable equilibria in PbSe + SnI2=SnSe + PbI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odin, I.N.; Grin'ko, V.V.; Kozlovskij, V.F.; Demidova, E.D.


    T-x-y phase diagrams of the PbSe + SnI 2 =SnSe + PbI 2 mutual system (stable states) are plotted for the first time. It is shown that melt, solid solutions on the base of components of the mutual system and phase on the base of Sn 2 SeI 4 take part in phase equilibria. Transformations in the PbSe + SnI 2 =SnSe + PbI 2 mutual system leading to crystallization of metastable polytype modifications of lead iodides and metastable ternary compound forming in PbSe-PbI 2 system are investigated for the first time [ru

  17. Endettement, accords implicites et capital organisationnel : vers une théorie organisationnelle de la structure financière


    Christophe Moussu


    L'objectif de cet article est d'appréhender le choix d'une structure financière dans une théorie de la firme reposant sur la formation de capital organisationnel, associé à la relation d'emploi. Après avoir défini la notion de capital organisationnel, une modélisation des liens entre la structure financière et les accords implicites est proposée. La théorie organisationnelle proposée est confrontée aux théories alternatives de la structure financière. Ses implications empiriques sont égalemen...

  18. Addition of Kinesio Taping of the orbicularis oris muscles to speech therapy rapidly improves drooling in children with neurological disorders. (United States)

    Mikami, Denise Lica Yoshimura; Furia, Cristina Lemos Barbosa; Welker, Alexis Fonseca


    To evaluate the effects of Kinesio Taping (KT) of the orbicularis oris muscles as an adjunct to standard therapy for drooling. Fifteen children with neurological disorders and drooling received speech therapy and twice-weekly KT of the orbicularis muscles over a 30-day period. Drooling was assessed by six parameters: impact on the life of the child and caregiver; severity of drooling; frequency of drooling; drooling volume (estimated by number of bibs used); salivary leak; and interlabial gap. Seven markers of oral motor skills were also assessed. KT of the orbicularis oris region reduced the interlabial gap. All oral motor skills and almost all markers of drooling improved after 15 days of treatment. In this sample of children with neurological disorders, adding KT of the orbicularis oris muscles to speech therapy caused rapid improvement in oral motor skills and drooling.

  19. La conception des environnements d’apprentissage : de la théorie à la pratique / de la pratique à la théorie La conception des environnements d’apprentissage : de la théorie à la pratique / de la pratique à la théorie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Jacques Quintin


    Full Text Available Cet article présente une approche en matière de conception d’environnements d’apprentissage multimédia qualifiée d’incrémentielle et d’itérative en ce sens qu’elle repose sur un affinage progressif du produit dans le cadre d’un partenariat étroit entre concepteur et client. L’approche proposée implique notamment la mise au point de prototypes qui feront l’objet de validations systématiques afin d’assurer l’adéquation avec les exigences et les contraintes du milieu d’accueil. S’appuyant sur une double posture de chercheur et de concepteur, l’approche se nourrit de la théorie en s’appuyant sur des modèles mais elle nourrit également la théorie à travers l’effort de modélisation qui l’accompagne.This paper describes a method of developing multimedia learning environments based on a close collaboration between the client and the team of developers. This approach uses different tools ans techniques (prototype, storyboard, concept maps... to progressively elaborate a product adequate to the client requirements and to ensure sufficient quality. Taking advantage of our specific situation of researchers and designers, the method is based on a coming and going between the pedagogical model and the development of a practical learning environment.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Lund, Michael B.; Weintraub, David A. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, 6301 Stevenson Center, Nashville, TN 37235 (United States); Cargile, Phillip [Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); Shappee, Benjamin J. [Carnegie Observatories, 813 Santa Barbara Street, Pasadena, CA 91101 (United States); Siverd, Robert J. [Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, 6740 Cortona Drive, Suite 102, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 (United States); Pepper, Joshua [Department of Physics, Lehigh University, 16 Memorial Drive East, Bethlehem, PA 18015 (United States); Kochanek, Christopher S.; Gaudi, B. Scott; Stanek, Krzysztof Z.; Holoien, Thomas W.-S. [Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210 (United States); James, David [Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory, Casilla 603, La Serena (Chile); Kuhn, Rudolf B. [South African Astronomical Observatory, P.O. Box 9, Observatory 7935 (South Africa); Beatty, Thomas G. [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Pennsylvania State University, 525 Davey Lab, University Park, PA 16802 (United States); Prieto, Jose L. [Nucleo de Astronoma de la Facultad de Ingeniera, Universidad Diego Portales, Av. Ejercito 441, Santiago (Chile); Feldman, Daniel M.; Espaillat, Catherine C. [Department of Astronomy, Boston University, 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 (United States)


    In some planet formation theories, protoplanets grow gravitationally within a young star’s protoplanetary disk, a signature of which may be a localized disturbance in the disk’s radial and/or vertical structure. Using time-series photometric observations by the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope South project and the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, combined with archival observations, we present the discovery of two extended dimming events of the young star, DM Ori. This young system faded by ∼1.5 mag from 2000 March to 2002 August and then again in 2013 January until 2014 September (depth ∼1.7 mag). We constrain the duration of the 2000–2002 dimming to be < 860 days, and the event in 2013–2014 to be < 585 days, separated by ∼12.5 years. A model of the spectral energy distribution indicates a large infrared excess consistent with an extensive circumstellar disk. Using basic kinematic arguments, we propose that DM Ori is likely being periodically occulted by a feature (possibly a warp or perturbation) in its circumstellar disk. In this scenario, the occulting feature is located >6 au from the host star, moving at ∼14.6 km s{sup −1} and is ∼4.9 au in width. This localized structure may indicate a disturbance such as that which may be caused by a protoplanet early in its formation.

  1. A qualitative analysis of Māori and Pacific smokers' views on informed choice and smoking (United States)

    Gifford, Heather; Tautolo, El-Shadan; Erick, Stephanie; Hoek, Janet; Gray, Rebecca; Edwards, Richard


    Objectives Tobacco companies frame smoking as an informed choice, a strategy that holds individuals responsible for harms they incur. Few studies have tested this argument, and even fewer have examined how informed indigenous smokers or those from minority ethnicities are when they start smoking. We explored how young adult Māori and Pacific smokers interpreted ‘informed choice’ in relation to smoking. Participants Using recruitment via advertising, existing networks and word of mouth, we recruited and undertook qualitative in-depth interviews with 20 Māori and Pacific young adults aged 18–26 years who smoked. Analyses Data were analysed using an informed-choice framework developed by Chapman and Liberman. We used a thematic analysis approach to identify themes that extended this framework. Results Few participants considered themselves well informed and none met more than the framework's initial two criteria. Most reflected on their unthinking uptake and subsequent addiction, and identified environmental factors that had facilitated uptake. Nonetheless, despite this context, most agreed that they had made an informed choice to smoke. Conclusions The discrepancy between participants' reported knowledge and understanding of smoking's risks, and their assessment of smoking as an informed choice, reflects their view of smoking as a symbol of adulthood. Policies that make tobacco more difficult to use in social settings could help change social norms around smoking and the ease with which initiation and addiction currently occur. PMID:27188813

  2. Narratives and traits in personality development among New Zealand Māori, Chinese, and European adolescents. (United States)

    Reese, Elaine; Chen, Yan; McAnally, Helena M; Myftari, Ella; Neha, Tia; Wang, Qi; Jack, Fiona


    Narrative and trait levels of personality were assessed in a sample of 268 adolescents from age 12 to 21 from New Zealand Māori, Chinese, and European cultures. Adolescents narrated three critical events and completed a Big Five personality inventory. Each narrative was coded for causal and thematic coherence. NZ Chinese adolescents reported lower levels of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness, and higher levels of neuroticism, than NZ Māori or European adolescents. Cultural differences were also evident in narrative coherence. Adolescents in all three groups demonstrated age-related increases in thematic coherence, but only NZ European adolescents demonstrated the expected age-related increases in causal coherence. Narrative identity and traits were distinct aspects of personality for younger adolescents, but were linked for middle and older adolescents. These findings support the importance of both narrative identity and traits in understanding personality development in adolescents across cultures. Copyright © 2014 The Foundation for Professionals in Services for Adolescents. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. The significance of socially-assigned ethnicity for self-identified Māori accessing and engaging with primary healthcare in New Zealand. (United States)

    Reid, Jennifer; Cormack, Donna; Crowe, Marie


    Despite increased focus in New Zealand on reducing health inequities between Māori and New Zealand European ethnic groups, research on barriers and facilitators to primary healthcare access for Māori remains limited. In particular, there has been little interrogation of the significance of social-assignment of ethnicity for Māori in relation to engagement with predominantly non-Māori primary healthcare services and providers. A qualitative study was undertaken with a subsample (n = 40) of the broader Hauora Manawa Study to examine experiences of accessing and engaging with primary healthcare among adult urban Māori. Thematic analysis of in-depth interviews identified that participants perceived social-assignment as New Zealand European as an efficacious form of capital when interacting with predominantly non-Māori health professionals. Skin colour that was 'white' or was perceived to identify Māori as belonging to the 'dominant' New Zealand European ethnic group was reported as broadly advantageous and protective. In contrast, social-assignment as Māori was seen to be associated with risk of exposure to differential and discriminatory healthcare. Reducing the negative impacts of racialisation in a (neo)colonial society where 'White' cultural capital dominates requires increased recognition of the health-protective advantages of 'White' privilege and concomitant risks associated with socially-assigned categorisation of ethnicity as non-'White'. © The Author(s) 2015.

  4. Adsorption of radioactive I2 gas onto atmospheric aerosol

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Noguchi, Hiroshi; Murata, Mikio; Suzuki, Katsumi.


    Laboratory scale experiments on the adsorption of radioactive elemental iodine (I 2 ) gas onto atmospheric aerosol showed that the adsorption reached an equilibrium state in about twelve minutes at high initial I 2 concentrations. The proportion of iodine which was adsorbed on the aerosol gradually decreased with increading initial I 2 concentration ranging over 10 -13 to 10 -9 g/cm 3 at a reaction time of 31 min but was almost constant at a reaction time of 2 min. A fraction of iodine desorbed from particulate iodine as mainly I 2 gas. An adsorption isotherm of atmospheric aerosol for I 2 gas was estimated from the experimental data of long reaction time and high I 2 concentrations. Using this adsorption isotherm, a theoretical equation, which was similar to our previous equation, was derived to explain the experimental results. A geometric mean and standard deviation of sticking probability in the equation were estimated to be 1.2 x 10 -2 and 2.7, respectively. Almost all experimental data were within ranges of calculated results considering the geometric standard deviation of sticking probability. (author)

  5. Changes to smoking habits and addiction following tobacco excise tax increases: a comparison of Māori, Pacific and New Zealand European smokers. (United States)

    Tucker, Megan R; Kivell, Bronwyn M; Laugesen, Murray; Grace, Randolph C


    To compare changes in smoking habit and psychological addiction in Māori/Pacific and NZ European smokers in response to two annual excise tax increases from 2012 to 2014. Smokers from New Zealand cities completed questionnaires at three time points before and after two excise tax increases. There were no significant differences in cigarettes per day or psychological addiction at baseline, but a linear decline in both measures was observed in Māori/Pacific and NZ European smokers. Cigarettes per day reduced at a greater rate for Māori/Pacific than NZ European smokers but dependence did not. Results indicated that Māori/Pacific smokers' demand for cigarettes may be more price sensitive than NZ European smokers. Implications for Public Health: Tobacco excise tax may be particularly effective for Māori/Pacific smokers and may contribute to reductions in smoking-related health inequalities in NZ. © 2016 The Authors.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reipurth, Bo; Aspin, Colin; Connelley, M. S. [Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 640 North Aohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States); Bally, John [Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309 (United States); Geballe, T. R. [Gemini Observatory, 670 North Aohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States); Kraus, Stefan [Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, MS-78, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); Appenzeller, Immo [Landessternwarte Heidelberg, Königstuhl 12, D-69117 Heidelberg (Germany); Burgasser, Adam, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Center for Astrophysics and Space Science, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093 (United States)


    HH 222 is a giant shocked region in the L1641 cloud, and is popularly known as the Orion Streamers or ''the waterfall'' on account of its unusual structure. At the center of these streamers are two infrared sources coincident with a nonthermal radio jet aligned along the principal streamer. The unique morphology of HH 222 has long been associated with this radio jet. However, new infrared images show that the two sources are distant elliptical galaxies, indicating that the radio jet is merely an improbable line-of-sight coincidence. Accurate proper motion measurements of HH 222 reveal that the shock structure is a giant bow shock moving directly away from the well-known, very young, Herbig Be star V380 Ori. The already known Herbig-Haro object HH 35 forms part of this flow. A new Herbig-Haro object, HH 1041, is found precisely in the opposite direction of HH 222 and is likely to form part of a counterflow. The total projected extent of this HH complex is 5.3 pc, making it among the largest HH flows known. A second outflow episode from V380 Ori is identified as a pair of HH objects, HH 1031 to the northwest and the already known HH 130 to the southeast, along an axis that deviates from that of HH 222/HH 1041 by only 3.°7. V380 Ori is a hierarchical quadruple system, including a faint companion of spectral type M5 or M6, which at an age of ∼1 Myr corresponds to an object straddling the stellar-to-brown dwarf boundary. We suggest that the HH 222 giant bow shock is a direct result of the dynamical interactions that led to the conversion from an initial non-hierarchical multiple system into a hierarchical configuration. This event occurred no more than 28,000 yr ago, as derived from the proper motions of the HH 222 giant bow shock.

  7. Fabrication and characterization of solid PbI2 nanocrystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kasi, Gopi K; Dollahon, Norman R; Ahmadi, Temer S


    Lead iodide nanoparticles are synthesized in reverse micelle solution of AOT/H 2 O/n-heptane. Optical absorption spectra and TEM analysis indicated the formation of crystalline particles with an average radius of 1.5 nm, which is less than the Bohr radius of the exciton (1.9 nm) in bulk PbI 2 . Using theoretical models and optical spectra of quantum confined PbI 2 nanoparticles, a radius of 1.5 nm and a thickness of 1.7 nm was calculated, which are in full agreement with the TEM results. Particles were isolated from the dispersed medium and were analysed by powder XRD and Raman spectroscopy, indicating the formation of a predominantly 2H-PbI 2 polytype. This work presents the first case of fully isolated, fully characterized solid nanoparticles of PbI 2 . It also presents XRD and Raman spectrum for the first time for PbI 2 nanoparticles of intermediate quantum confinement

  8. Draft genome sequence of Chelonobacter oris strain 1662T, associated with respiratory disease in Hermann’s tortoises

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kudirkiene, Egle; Hansen, Mie Johanne; Bojesen, Anders Miki


    Chelonobacter oris 1662T is a type strain of the recently described species of the Pasteurellaceae family. The strain was isolated from the choanae of a captive tortoise with signs of respiratory tract infection. The genome reported here is approximately 2.6 Mb in size and has a G+C content of 47.1%....

  9. The protective influence of family connectedness, ethnic identity, and ethnic engagement for New Zealand Ma̅ori adolescents. (United States)

    Stuart, Jaimee; Jose, Paul E


    The present study examined the associations among family connectedness, ethnic identity, and ethnic engagement on changes in well-being over time for the understudied population of Ma̅ori (indigenous New Zealand) youth. Data were collected as part of a longitudinal study of youth connectedness in New Zealand using self-report measures at 3 measurement occasions separated by 1 year each. Participants in the current study were 431 self-identified Ma̅ori (ages 10-15 years at Time 1). As expected, the variables of family connectedness, ethnic identity, and well-being were all positively related to each other. Results of a latent growth curve model showed that, following normative trends for adolescents of this age, well-being diminished over time for Ma̅ori youth; however, high levels of family connectedness were found to mitigate this general decline in well-being over time. Furthermore, in a longitudinal path analysis, ethnic engagement was found to exert a positive indirect effect on residualized Time 3 well-being through Time 2 ethnic identity. These findings indicate that the quality of family relationships and affiliation with one's ethnic group are important predictors of positive adjustment for Ma̅ori youth over time. These results are discussed in the context of positive youth development for ethnic minority and indigenous youth. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved.

  10. Whānau Ora; He Whakaaro Ā Whānau: Māori Family Views of Family Wellbeing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amohia F. Boulton


    Full Text Available This article presents the findings from two studies that investigated the concept of whānau ora (family wellbeing: One examined the nature of resilience for Māori whānau and how resilience relates to whānau ora; while the second investigated the impact of the Working for Families policy on Māori families’ perceptions of whānau ora. In each study, Māori were asked to define whānau ora for their family. The responses to the “whānau ora” definition question in each of the studies were separated out to derive a unique dataset of 46 whānau definitions of whānau ora. A secondary analysis of responses was undertaken specifically for this article and these were compared to the whānau ora outcome definition outlined in the Report of the Taskforce on Whānau-Centred Initiatives (Taskforce on Whānau-Centred Initiatives, 2010. The degree of concordance between the definitions of whānau ora expressed by Māori families and those espoused by the government’s Taskforce is outlined. The article discusses the variability in understandings around whānau ora and the implications of our analysis for social service delivery and social policy development.

  11. The lytic origin of herpesvirus papio is highly homologous to Epstein-Barr virus ori-Lyt: evolutionary conservation of transcriptional activation and replication signals. (United States)

    Ryon, J J; Fixman, E D; Houchens, C; Zong, J; Lieberman, P M; Chang, Y N; Hayward, G S; Hayward, S D


    Herpesvirus papio (HVP) is a B-lymphotropic baboon virus with an estimated 40% homology to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). We have cloned and sequenced ori-Lyt of herpesvirus papio and found a striking degree of nucleotide homology (89%) with ori-Lyt of EBV. Transcriptional elements form an integral part of EBV ori-Lyt. The promoter and enhancer domains of EBV ori-Lyt are conserved in herpesvirus papio. The EBV ori-Lyt promoter contains four binding sites for the EBV lytic cycle transactivator Zta, and the enhancer includes one Zta and two Rta response elements. All five of the Zta response elements and one of the Rta motifs are conserved in HVP ori-Lyt, and the HVP DS-L leftward promoter and the enhancer were activated in transient transfection assays by the EBV Zta and Rta transactivators. The EBV ori-Lyt enhancer contains a palindromic sequence, GGTCAGCTGACC, centered on a PvuII restriction site. This sequence, with a single base change, is also present in the HVP ori-Lyt enhancer. DNase I footprinting demonstrated that the PvuII sequence was bound by a protein present in a Raji nuclear extract. Mobility shift and competition assays using oligonucleotide probes identified this sequence as a binding site for the cellular transcription factor MLTF. Mutagenesis of the binding site indicated that MLTF contributes significantly to the constitutive activity of the ori-Lyt enhancer. The high degree of conservation of cis-acting signal sequences in HVP ori-Lyt was further emphasized by the finding that an HVP ori-Lyt-containing plasmid was replicated in Vero cells by a set of cotransfected EBV replication genes. The central domain of EBV ori-Lyt contains two related AT-rich palindromes, one of which is partially duplicated in the HVP sequence. The AT-rich palindromes are functionally important cis-acting motifs. Deletion of these palindromes severely diminished replication of an ori-Lyt target plasmid. Images PMID:8389916

  12. [Interconnection between architecture of protein globule and disposition of conformational conservative oligopeptides in proteins from one protein family]. (United States)

    Batianovskiĭ, A V; Filatov, I V; Namiot, V A; Esipova, N G; Volotovskiĭ, I D


    It was shown that selective interactions between helical segments of macromolecules can realize in globular proteins in the segments characterized by the same periodicities of charge distribution i.e. between conformationally conservative oligopeptides. It was found that in the macromolecules of alpha-helical proteins conformationally conservative oligopeptides are disposed at a distance being characteristic of direct interactions. For representatives of many structural families of alpha-type proteins specific disposition of conformationally conservative segments is observed. This disposition is inherent to a particular structural family. Disposition of conformationally conservative segments is not related to homology of the amino acid sequence but reflects peculiarities of native 3D-architectures of protein globules.

  13. Direct Interferometric Imaging with IOTA Interferometer: Morphology of the Water Shell around U Ori (United States)

    Pluzhnik, Eugene; Ragland, S.; Le Coroller, H.; Cotton, W.; Danchi, W.; Traub, W.; Willson, L.


    Optical interferometric observations of Mira stars with adequate resolution using the 3-telescope Infrared Optical Telescope Array (IOTA) interferometer have shown detectable asymmetry in several Mira stars. Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the observed asymmetry. In this paper, we present subsequent IOTA observations of a Mira star, namely, U Ori taken at 1.51, 1.64 and 1.78 μm in 2005. The reconstructed images based on a model independent algorithm are also presented. These images show asymmetric structures of the water shell that is similar to the structure of 22 GHz masers obtained by Vlemmings et al. in 2003. We explore the possibility of the detection of molecular shell rotation with a period of about 30 years by comparing our results with radio observations and discuss a possible geometric structure of the shell.

  14. Observations of zodiacal light of the isolated Herbig BF Ori Ae star

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Grinin, V.P.; Kiselev, N.N.; Minikulov, N.Kh.; AN Tadzhikskoj SSR, Dushanbe


    The isolated Herbig BF Ori Ae-star belongs to the subclass of young irreguLar variables with non-periodic Algol-type brightness variations. In the course of polarization and photometrical patrol observations carried out in 1987-88 in the Crimea and Sanglock, high linear polarization has been observed in deep minima. The analysis of the observations show, that the most probably a source of polarization is the scattered light from the circumstellar dust disklike envelope that is the analogue of the solar zodiacal light. It is concluded that the bimodal distribution oF positional angles of linear polarization in L 1641 reflects a complex structure of the magnetic field in this giant cloud

  15. Dust around young stars. Observations of the polarization of UX Ori in deep minima

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Voshchinnikov, N.V.; Grinin, V.P.; Kiselev, N.N.; Minikulov, N.K.


    Photometric and polarimetric monitoring observations of UX Ori begun in 1986 in the Crimea and Bolivia have resulted in the observation of two deep minima of the brightness during which a growth of the linear polarization (to ≅7%) was observed, together with a tendency for the circular polarization to increase (up to ≅1%). Analysis of the observational data shows that the main source of the polarized radiation in the deep minima is the emission of the star scattered by grains of circumstellar dust. On the basis of Mie's theory for a polydisperse graphite-silicate mixtures of particles the optical properties of ellipsoidal dust envelopes have been calculated and a model of the Algol-like minimum constructed

  16. Ricœur et la théorie de l’action

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Luc Petit


    Full Text Available  AbstractRicoeur’s Philosophy of the Will is reexamined here both as a source of motivation for his project of dialoguing with the analytic theory of action and as an explanation for the lack of response on the part of his Anglo-American interlocutors.Keywords: Actions, Language, Body, Idealism. RésuméLa Philosophie de la volonté de Ricœur est revisitée ici comme source de motivation de son entreprise de dialogue avec la théorie analytique de l’action et comme explication du défaut de réponse de ses interlocuteurs anglo-américains.Mots-clés: Actions, Langage, Corps, Idéalisme.

  17. La théorie des situations didactiques en mathématiques


    Brousseau, Guy


    Résumé Après avoir rappelé quelques notions de base de la théorie des situations didactiques en mathématiques, l’auteur expose quelques-uns des résultats qu’elle a produit en les replaçant dans leur chronologie et leurs motivations. Il évoque leurs conditions, leur signification et l’ingénierie didactique qu’il en a tiré. Laissant de côté les questions de technique et de méthodologie pourtant essentielles, il montre comment divers résultats ont établi que diverses idéologies didactiques célèb...

  18. General description and first results with the ORIS-LMRI 4 π γ metering chamber

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tejera R, A.; Becerril V, A.; Cortes P, A.


    A problem that present the ionization chambers is that the response for the radiation is global, that is to say that it cannot discriminate against selectively the relating responses at different energies, if these impact simultaneously in the active volume. This is a reason to calibrate the chambers, if is possible, with gamma monoenergetic emitting and by average calculations to complete the response curve with gamma emitting of well-known yields. To obtain the calibration coefficients and may used them, it is necessary that so much the standardized radioisotopes as the solutions by calibrating, are contained in vessels with the same geometry and the same quantity. In the exposed case, pattern solutions of 5 ml were used contained in glass cruets of 10 ml. The problem solutions are contained in same cruets to those of the patterns. The first results obtained with the ORIS-LMRI 4 π γ metering chamber are presented. (Author)

  19. Deux théories de l'analyse psychique: Wundt et Brentano


    Dewalque, Arnaud


    L’objectif de ce chapitre est de réévaluer succinctement les relations entre la phénoménologie et la psychologie expérimentale naissantes à partir des positions de Franz Brentano et de Wilhelm Wundt. Contrairement à une idée reçue, je suggère, d’une part, que les programmes analytiques de Brentano et de Wundt reposent tous deux sur un procédé expérimental consistant à faire varier les parties des phénomènes psychiques étudiés. Mais je suggère aussi, d’autre part, que les théories de l’analyse...

  20. A qualitative analysis of Māori and Pacific smokers' views on informed choice and smoking. (United States)

    Gifford, Heather; Tautolo, El-Shadan; Erick, Stephanie; Hoek, Janet; Gray, Rebecca; Edwards, Richard


    Tobacco companies frame smoking as an informed choice, a strategy that holds individuals responsible for harms they incur. Few studies have tested this argument, and even fewer have examined how informed indigenous smokers or those from minority ethnicities are when they start smoking. We explored how young adult Māori and Pacific smokers interpreted 'informed choice' in relation to smoking. Using recruitment via advertising, existing networks and word of mouth, we recruited and undertook qualitative in-depth interviews with 20 Māori and Pacific young adults aged 18-26 years who smoked. Data were analysed using an informed-choice framework developed by Chapman and Liberman. We used a thematic analysis approach to identify themes that extended this framework. Few participants considered themselves well informed and none met more than the framework's initial two criteria. Most reflected on their unthinking uptake and subsequent addiction, and identified environmental factors that had facilitated uptake. Nonetheless, despite this context, most agreed that they had made an informed choice to smoke. The discrepancy between participants' reported knowledge and understanding of smoking's risks, and their assessment of smoking as an informed choice, reflects their view of smoking as a symbol of adulthood. Policies that make tobacco more difficult to use in social settings could help change social norms around smoking and the ease with which initiation and addiction currently occur. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  1. Le big bang n'est pas une théorie comme les autres

    CERN Document Server

    Bonnet-Bidaud, Jean-Marc; Leglu, Dominique; Reinisch, Gilbert


    Le big bang n'est pas une théorie comme les autres. Ce n'est d'ailleurs pas une théorie physique au sens propre du terme, mais un scénario cosmologique issu des équations de la relativité générale. Il est le modèle qui s'ajuste le mieux aux observations actuelles, mais à quel prix ? Il nous livre un Univers composé à 96 % de matière et d'énergie noires inconnues. C'est donc un euphémisme que de dire que le big bang semble poser autant - sinon plus - de questions qu'il n'en résout. En ce sens, le big bang apparaît davantage comme une paramétrisation de notre ignorance plutôt que comme une modélisation d'un phénomène. Pourtant, le succès du big bang et l'adhésion qu'il suscite, tant dans la sphère scientifique que dans la sphère médiatique, ne se démentent pas. Surmédiatisé, son statut dépasse celui de modèle théorique, et la simple évocation de son nom suffit pour justifier des opérations de marketing scientifique ou rejeter des cosmologies alternatives. Pour éclaircir les pr...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodríguez, Luis F.; Yam, J. Omar; Carrasco-González, Carlos [Instituto de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica, UNAM, Apdo. Postal 3-72 (Xangari), 58089 Morelia, Michoacán, México (Mexico); Anglada, Guillem [Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, CSIC, Glorieta de la Astronomía, s/n, E-18008, Granada (Spain); Trejo, Alfonso, E-mail: [Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, P.O. Box 23-141, Taipei 10617, Taiwan (China)


    The giant Herbig–Haro object 222 extends over ∼6′ in the plane of the sky, with a bow shock morphology. The identification of its exciting source has remained uncertain over the years. A non-thermal radio source located at the core of the shock structure was proposed to be the exciting source. However, Very Large Array studies showed that the radio source has a clear morphology of radio galaxy and a lack of flux variations or proper motions, favoring an extragalactic origin. Recently, an optical–IR study proposed that this giant HH object is driven by the multiple stellar system V380 Ori, located about 23′ to the SE of HH 222. The exciting sources of HH systems are usually detected as weak free–free emitters at centimeter wavelengths. Here, we report the detection of an elongated radio source associated with the Herbig Be star or with its close infrared companion in the multiple V380 Ori system. This radio source has the characteristics of a thermal radio jet and is aligned with the direction of the giant outflow defined by HH 222 and its suggested counterpart to the SE, HH 1041. We propose that this radio jet traces the origin of the large scale HH outflow. Assuming that the jet arises from the Herbig Be star, the radio luminosity is a few times smaller than the value expected from the radio–bolometric correlation for radio jets, confirming that this is a more evolved object than those used to establish the correlation.


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rodríguez, Luis F.; Yam, J. Omar; Carrasco-González, Carlos; Anglada, Guillem; Trejo, Alfonso


    The giant Herbig–Haro object 222 extends over ∼6′ in the plane of the sky, with a bow shock morphology. The identification of its exciting source has remained uncertain over the years. A non-thermal radio source located at the core of the shock structure was proposed to be the exciting source. However, Very Large Array studies showed that the radio source has a clear morphology of radio galaxy and a lack of flux variations or proper motions, favoring an extragalactic origin. Recently, an optical–IR study proposed that this giant HH object is driven by the multiple stellar system V380 Ori, located about 23′ to the SE of HH 222. The exciting sources of HH systems are usually detected as weak free–free emitters at centimeter wavelengths. Here, we report the detection of an elongated radio source associated with the Herbig Be star or with its close infrared companion in the multiple V380 Ori system. This radio source has the characteristics of a thermal radio jet and is aligned with the direction of the giant outflow defined by HH 222 and its suggested counterpart to the SE, HH 1041. We propose that this radio jet traces the origin of the large scale HH outflow. Assuming that the jet arises from the Herbig Be star, the radio luminosity is a few times smaller than the value expected from the radio–bolometric correlation for radio jets, confirming that this is a more evolved object than those used to establish the correlation.

  4. "I Want to Walk with My Moko." The Application of Social Cognitive Theory in the Creation of a Diabetes Prevention Documentary with New Zealand Māori. (United States)

    Farmer, Alison; Edgar, Timothy; Gage, Jeffrey; Kirk, Ray


    Type 2 diabetes is almost three times more prevalent in the indigenous people of New Zealand (Māori) than non-Māori. Despite the high rate of diabetes there is a low level of diabetes knowledge and awareness in the Māori community. Several studies of Māori health identify a need for new health communication approaches to diabetes prevention in order to reduce the gap between Māori and non-Māori disease rates. We applied a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) framework and behavioral theory to create a culturally appropriate documentary for Māori at risk for type 2 diabetes. We discuss how we utilized Bandura's social cognitive theory to provide a culturally sensitive theoretical basis for behavior change messaging. We outline why social cognitive theory was a culturally appropriate foundation and describe the role of the community in shaping the documentary messaging. A culture-centered approach utilizing participatory methodologies and culturally sensitive behavioral change theory might serve as a model for creating health communication resources in collaboration with other indigenous communities.

  5. Use of HgI2 as gamma radiation detector

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Perez Morales, J.M.


    The Mercuric Iodide (HgI 2 ) has become one of the most promising room temperature semiconductors for the construction of X and gamma radiation detectors. The classical methods of spectroscopy have not demonstrated to achieve optimum results with HgI 2 detectors, mainly due to its particular carrier transport properties. Several alternative spectroscopic methods developed in the last ten years are presented and commented, selecting for a complete study one of them: 'The Partial Charge Collection Method'. The transport properties of the carriers generated by the radiation in the detector is specially important for understanding the spectroscopic behaviour of the HgI 2 detectors. For a rigorous characterization of this transport, it has been studied a digital technique for the analysis of the electric pulses produced by the radiation. Theoretically, it has been developed a Monte Carlo simulation of the radiation detection and the electronic signal treatment processes with these detectors in the energy range of 60-1300 KeV. These codes are applied to the study of the The Partial Charge Collection Method and its comparison with gaussian methods. Experimentally, this digital techniques is used for the study of the transport properties of thin HgI 2 detectors. Special interest is given to the contribution of the slower carriers, the holes, obtaining some consequent of spectroscopic interest. Finally, it is presented the results obtained with the first detectors grown and mounted in CIEMAT with own technology. (author). 129 ref

  6. vaccination with newcastle disease vaccines strain i2 and lasota

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    UP Employee

    mash feed as vaccine carriers was conducted. Newcastle disease vaccine strain I2 and. NDV La Sota vaccines provided protection to commercial and local chickens vaccinated through i/o, i/m or dw. No significant difference (P≤0.05) was observed in the antibody titre of commercial or local chickens vaccinated with either ...

  7. China's Chemical Information Online Service: ChI2Net. (United States)

    Naiyan, Yu; And Others


    Describes the Chemical Integrated Information Service Network (ChI2Net), a comprehensive online information service system which includes chemical, technical, economic, market, news, and management information based on computer and modern communication technology that was built by the China National Chemical Information Centre. (Author/LRW)

  8. Fabrication of radiation detector using PbI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shoji, T.; Ohba, K.; Suehiro, T.; Hiratate, Y.


    Radiation detectors have been fabricated from lead iodide (PbI 2 ) crystals grown by two methods: zone melting and Bridgman methods. In response characteristics of the detector fabricated from crystals grown by the zone melting method, a photopeak for γ-rays from an 241 Am source (59.5 KeV) has been clearly observed with applied detector bias of 500 V at room temperature. The hole drift mobility is estimated to be about 5.5 cm 2 /Vs from measurement of pulse rise time for 5.48 MeV α-rays from 241 Am. By comparing the detector bias versus saturated peak position of the PbI 2 detector with that of CdTe detector, the average energy for producing electron-hole pairs is estimated to be about 8.4 eV for the PbI 2 crystal. A radiation detector fabricated from PbI 2 crystals grown by the Bridgman method, however, exhibited no response for γ-rays

  9. Beer Law Constants and Vapor Pressures of HgI2 over HgI2(s,l) (United States)

    Su, Ching-Hua; Zhu, Shen; Ramachandran, N.; Burger, A.


    Optical absorption spectra of the vapor phase over HgI2(s,l) were measured at sample temperatures between 349 and 610 K for wavelengths between 200 and 600 nm. The spectra show the samples sublimed congruently into HGI2 without any observed Hg or I2 absorption spectra. The Beer's Law constants for 15 wavelengths between 200 and 440 nm were derived. From these constants the vapor pressure of HgI2, P, was found to be a function of temperature for the liquid and the solid beta-phases: ln P(atm) = -7700/T(K) + 12.462 (liquid phase) and ln P(atm) = -10150/T(K) + 17.026 (beta-phase). The expressions match the enthalpies of vaporization and sublimation of 15.30 and 20.17 kcal/mole respectively, for the liquid and the beta-phase HgI2. The difference in the enthalpies gives an enthalpy of fusion of 4.87 kcal/mole, and the intersection of the two expressions gives a melting point of 537 K.

  10. Effects of GeI2 or ZnI2 addition to perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 photovoltaic devices (United States)

    Tanaka, Hiroki; Ohishi, Yuya; Oku, Takeo


    CH3NH3PbI3 added with GeI2 or ZnI2 perovskite photovoltaic devices were fabricated characterized. The surface coverages of the perovskite layers were improved by the addition of GeI2 or ZnI2. Formation of PbI2 observed for the pristine CH3NH3PbI3 was suppressed by the GeI2 or ZnI2 addition, which resulted in the improvement of the conversion efficiencies of the perovskite photovoltaic devices.

  11. Luminescence and photosensitivity of PbI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Novosad, S.S.; Novosad, I.S.; Matviishin, I.M.


    One studied effect of temperature treatment and storage conditions on spectra features of PbI 2 crystals grown by the Bridgman-Stockbarger method from salt additionally purified by directed crystallization. Spectra of X-ray luminescence, photoluminescence and thermostimulated luminescence were investigated within 85-295 K temperature range under stationary X-ray excitation and emission of N 2 -laser. One studied photoelectret properties of those crystals under 85 K. Luminescence of PbI 2 crystals with maximum within 595 nm region observed following their thermal annealing under 475-495 K temperature and typical for near-the-surface section of specimens may be caused by oxygen-containing centres [ru

  12. Study of the variables which influence the impregnation of globules, compressed tablets and tablet triturates used in homeopathy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernanda Santos de Souza


    Full Text Available Globules, compressed tablets and tablet triturates are solid dosage forms used in homeopathy. Divergences can be noted between the preparation techniques described in official compendiums as well as those applied in homeopathic pharmacies. The difficulty associated with standardization of the impregnation of these dosage forms occurs due to the lack of detail provided for the techniques in the literature, leaving it up to each pharmacy to decide on the exact method of preparation. The objective was to optimize the impregnation technique, through investigating the variables that influence the impregnation of globules, compressed tablets and tablet triturates, applying the statistical tool of factorial design. The independent variables were the dosage form, percentage and type of impregnation and drying temperature, and the dependent variables were the mass gain, disintegration time, friability and hardness. For the globules, the greatest mass gain was for 10% impregnation and drying at 20 ºC. For the tablet triturates and compressed tablets the greatest mass gain was for 15% impregnation and there was no difference between the results obtained using simple and triple impregnation or different drying temperatures. The results can contribute to improving the final product quality, besides aiding in the establishment of standardized techniques for the official compendiums.Glóbulos, comprimidos e tabletes são formas farmacêuticas sólidas utilizadas em homeopatia. Constatam-se divergências entre técnicas de preparação descritas nos compêndios oficiais, bem como em farmácias homeopáticas. A dificuldade de padronização na impregnação destas formas farmacêuticas também ocorre devido à falta de detalhamento das técnicas na literatura existente, deixando para cada farmácia a escolha de como executá-las. O objetivo foi otimizar a técnica de impregnação, através do estudo de variáveis que interferem na impregnação de gl

  13. ORIS: the Oak Ridge Imaging System program listings. [Nuclear medicine imaging with rectilinear scanner and gamma camera

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bell, P. R.; Dougherty, J. M.


    The Oak Ridge Imaging System (ORIS) is a general purpose access, storage, processing and display system for nuclear medicine imaging with rectilinear scanner and gamma camera. This volume contains listings of the PDP-8/E version of ORIS Version 2. The system is designed to run under the Digital Equipment Corporation's OS/8 monitor in 16K or more words of core. System and image file mass storage is on RK8E disk; longer-time image file storage is provided on DECtape. Another version of this program exists for use with the RF08 disk, and a more limited version is for DECtape only. This latter version is intended for non-medical imaging.

  14. Near-infrared monitoring and modeling of V1647 Ori in its ongoing 2008–2012 outburst phase

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Raman, Veeman Venkata; Anandarao, Boddapati G.; Janardhan, Padmanabhan; Pandey, Rajesh


    We present results of the Mt Abu JHK photometric and HI Brackett γ line monitoring of the eruptive young stellar object V1647 Orionis (McNeil's Object) during its ongoing outburst phase in 2008–2012. We discuss JHK color patterns and extinction during the outburst and compare them with those from the previous outburst phase in 2004–2005 and in the intervening quiescent period that lasted about 2 yr. Commencing from early 2012, the object has shown a slow fading out in all the bands. We report brightness variations in the nearby Herbig-Haro object HH22 that are possibly associated with those in V1647 Ori. We also present modeling of the spectral energy distributions of V1647 Ori during both its recent outburst and its quiescent phase. The physical parameters of the protostar and its circumstellar environment obtained from the modeling indicate marked differences between the two phases

  15. Relating Radiative Fluxes on Arctic Sea Ice Area Using Arctic Observation and Reanalysis Integrated System (ArORIS) (United States)

    Sledd, A.; L'Ecuyer, T. S.


    With Arctic sea ice declining rapidly and Arctic temperatures rising faster than the rest of the globe, a better understanding of the Arctic climate, and ice cover-radiation feedbacks in particular, is needed. Here we present the Arctic Observation and Reanalysis Integrated System (ArORIS), a dataset of integrated products to facilitate studying the Arctic using satellite, reanalysis, and in-situ datasets. The data include cloud properties, radiative fluxes, aerosols, meteorology, precipitation, and surface properties, to name just a few. Each dataset has uniform grid-spacing, time-averaging and naming conventions for ease of use between products. One intended use of ArORIS is to assess Arctic radiation and moisture budgets. Following that goal, we use observations from ArORIS - CERES-EBAF radiative fluxes and NSIDC sea ice fraction and area to quantify relationships between the Arctic energy balance and surface properties. We find a discernable difference between energy budgets for years with high and low September sea ice areas. Surface fluxes are especially responsive to the September sea ice minimum in months both leading up to September and the months following. In particular, longwave fluxes at the surface show increased sensitivity in the months preceding September. Using a single-layer model of solar radiation we also investigate the individual responses of surface and planetary albedos to changes in sea ice area. By partitioning the planetary albedo into surface and atmospheric contributions, we find that the atmospheric contribution to planetary albedo is less sensitive to changes in sea ice area than the surface contribution. Further comparisons between observations and reanalyses can be made using the available datasets in ArORIS.

  16. Application de la théorie mathématique de l'information pour l ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Revue Synthèse N° 21, Janvier 2010. F.L. Rahmani et A. Chibat. 5. Application de la théorie mathématique de l'information pour l'élaboration de questionnaires. Fouad Lazhar Rahmani et Ahmed Chibat. Laboratoire des mathématiques appliquées et modélisation,. Université Frères Mentouri, Constantine 25000, Algérie.

  17. Contribution à la théorie du capital humain : Les bénéfices à court ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les enfants scolarisés communiquent-ils à leurs parents paysans des connaissances reçues de l'école ? C'est la problématique de notre étude qui se fixe pour objectif de revisiter la théorie classique du capital humain, plus singulièrement dans le registre du délai des bénéfices que l'on en tire (court ou long terme).

  18. A chimeric protein composed of NuMA fused to the DNA binding domain of LANA is sufficient for the ori-P-dependent DNA replication

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ohsaki, Eriko; Ueda, Keiji


    The Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) genome is stably maintained in KSHV-infected PEL cell lines during cell division. We previously showed that accumulation of LANA in the nuclear matrix fraction could be important for the latent DNA replication, and that the functional significance of LANA should be its recruitment of ori-P to the nuclear matrix. Here, we investigated whether the forced localization of the LANA-DNA binding domain (DBD) to the nuclear matrix facilitated ori-P-containing plasmid replication. We demonstrated that chimeric proteins constructed by fusion of LANA DBD with the nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA), which is one of the components of the nuclear matrix, could bind with ori-P and enhance replication of an ori-P-containing plasmid, compared with that in the presence of DBD alone. These results further suggested that the ori-P recruitment to the nuclear matrix through the binding with DBD is important for latent viral DNA replication. - Highlights: •KSHV replication in latency depends on LANA localization to the nuclear matrix. •LANA DBD was fused with NuMA, a nuclear matrix protein, at the N- and C-terminus. •NuMA-DBD was in the nuclear matrix and supported the ori-P dependent replication. •LANA in the nuclear matrix should be important for the KSHV replication in latency.

  19. A chimeric protein composed of NuMA fused to the DNA binding domain of LANA is sufficient for the ori-P-dependent DNA replication

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ohsaki, Eriko; Ueda, Keiji, E-mail:


    The Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) genome is stably maintained in KSHV-infected PEL cell lines during cell division. We previously showed that accumulation of LANA in the nuclear matrix fraction could be important for the latent DNA replication, and that the functional significance of LANA should be its recruitment of ori-P to the nuclear matrix. Here, we investigated whether the forced localization of the LANA-DNA binding domain (DBD) to the nuclear matrix facilitated ori-P-containing plasmid replication. We demonstrated that chimeric proteins constructed by fusion of LANA DBD with the nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA), which is one of the components of the nuclear matrix, could bind with ori-P and enhance replication of an ori-P-containing plasmid, compared with that in the presence of DBD alone. These results further suggested that the ori-P recruitment to the nuclear matrix through the binding with DBD is important for latent viral DNA replication. - Highlights: •KSHV replication in latency depends on LANA localization to the nuclear matrix. •LANA DBD was fused with NuMA, a nuclear matrix protein, at the N- and C-terminus. •NuMA-DBD was in the nuclear matrix and supported the ori-P dependent replication. •LANA in the nuclear matrix should be important for the KSHV replication in latency.

  20. Role for a region of helically unstable DNA within the Epstein-Barr virus latent cycle origin of DNA replication oriP in origin function

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Polonskaya, Zhanna; Benham, Craig J.; Hearing, Janet


    The minimal replicator of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) latent cycle origin of DNA replication oriP is composed of two binding sites for the Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen-1 (EBNA-1) and flanking inverted repeats that bind the telomere repeat binding factor TRF2. Although not required for minimal replicator activity, additional binding sites for EBNA-1 and TRF2 and one or more auxiliary elements located to the right of the EBNA-1/TRF2 sites are required for the efficient replication of oriP plasmids. Another region of oriP that is predicted to be destabilized by DNA supercoiling is shown here to be an important functional component of oriP. The ability of DNA fragments of unrelated sequence and possessing supercoiled-induced DNA duplex destabilized (SIDD) structures, but not fragments characterized by helically stable DNA, to substitute for this component of oriP demonstrates a role for the SIDD region in the initiation of oriP-plasmid DNA replication

  1. In vivo dynamics of EBNA1-oriP interaction during latent and lytic replication of Epstein-Barr virus. (United States)

    Daikoku, Tohru; Kudoh, Ayumi; Fujita, Masatoshi; Sugaya, Yutaka; Isomura, Hiroki; Tsurumi, Tatsuya


    The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA1) is required for maintenance of the viral genome DNA during the latent phase of EBV replication but continues to be synthesized after the induction of viral productive replication. An EBV genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation assay revealed that EBNA1 constantly binds to oriP of the EBV genome during not only latent but also lytic infection. Although the total levels of EBNA1 proved constant throughout the latter, the levels of the oriP-bound form were increased as lytic infection proceeded. EBV productive DNA replication occurs at discrete sites in nuclei, called replication compartments, where viral replication proteins are clustered. Confocal laser microscopic analyses revealed that whereas EBNA1 was distributed broadly in nuclei as fine punctate dots during the latent phase of infection, the protein became redistributed to the viral replication compartments and localized as distinct spots within and/or nearby the compartments after the induction of lytic replication. Taking these findings into consideration, oriP regions of the EBV genome might be organized by EBNA1 into replication domains that may set up scaffolding for lytic replication and transcription.

  2. Two anthropological assemblages: New Zealand museums, Native policy, and Māori ‘culture areas’ and ‘adaptation’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fiona Cameron


    Full Text Available In this paper we investigate two anthropological assemblages in Aotearoa/New Zealand in the 1920s and 1930s and how each were used in the adjudication of forms of governmental regulation of Māori populations. We explore the radically different agencements and socio-technical arrangements of people, things and ideas that were formulated within these contexts. Henry Devenish Skinner, curator of the Otago Museum and Anthropology lecturer at the University of Otago, Dunedin, formulated his assemblages based on archaeological fieldwork, ethnology and Wissler’s culture area concept. Indigenous anthropologist Peter Buck and his associates the politicians Āpirana Ngata and Māui Pōmare formulated their distinct assemblages for operating on the Māori social according to living performative culture and anthropological fieldwork. Through these contrasting collecting, fieldwork and ordering regimes, different views of Māori as liberal subjects emerged to articulate ways the Indigenous population could enter into the cultural life of the emerging nation. Indigenous agency was ultimately to become of paramount importance in liberal governance.

  3. Zn(II)-PEG 300 globules as soft template for the synthesis of hexagonal ZnO micronuts by the hydrothermal reaction method. (United States)

    Shi, Xixi; Pan, Lingling; Chen, Shuoping; Xiao, Yong; Liu, Qiaoyun; Yuan, Liangjie; Sun, Jutang; Cai, Lintao


    Hexagonal ZnO micronuts (HZMNs) have been successfully synthesized with the assistance of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) 300 via a hydrothermal method. The structure and morphology of the HZMNs were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and selected area electron diffraction (SAED). An individual ZnO micronut is revealed as twinned crystals. Time-dependent investigation shows that the growth of HZMNs involves a dissolution-recrystallization process followed by Ostwald ripening, in which is the first formed solid ZnO particles dissolve and transform to HZMNs with hollow structure. PEG 300 has been found to play a crucial role in the growth of this unique hollow structure. TEM observations show that the PEG chains aggregate to globules in water, which then have interaction with the dissolved zinc species to form the globules in a coiled state under hydrothermal conditions. These Zn(II)-PEG 300 globules act as soft template for the growth of HZMNs, and the possible growth mechanism is proposed. The room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) spectrum shows red emission around 612 nm with a full width at half-maximum (fwhm) only about 13 nm.

  4. The 'warrior gene' and the Mãori people: the responsibility of the geneticists. (United States)

    Perbal, Laurence


    The 'gene of' is a teleosemantic expression that conveys a simplistic and linear relationship between a gene and a phenotype. Throughout the 20th century, geneticists studied these genes of traits. The studies were often polemical when they concerned human traits: the 'crime gene', 'poverty gene', 'IQ gene', 'gay gene' or 'gene of alcoholism'. Quite recently, a controversy occurred in 2006 in New Zealand that started with the claim that a 'warrior gene' exists in the Mãori community. This claim came from a geneticist working on the MAOA gene. This article is interested in the responsibility of that researcher regarding the origin of the controversy. Several errors were made: overestimation of results, abusive use of the 'gene of' kind of expression, poor communication with the media and a lack of scientific culture. The issues of the debate were not taken into account sufficiently, either from the political, social, ethical or even the genetic points of view. After more than 100 years of debates around 'genes of' all kinds (here, the 'warrior gene'), geneticists may not hide themselves behind the media when a controversy occurs. Responsibilities have to be assumed. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Settling Indigenous Claims to Protected Areas: Weighing Māori Aspirations Against Australian Experiences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Phil O′B. Lyver


    Full Text Available Efforts to resolve indigenous peoples′ grievances about the negative impacts of protected areas established on their customary estates by governments are driving the development of shared governance and management. The Tϋhoe people have sought that the settlement of their grievances against the New Zealand government include unencumbered rights to manage Te Urewera, guided by scientific and traditional knowledge and practices, for conservation and social benefits for the Tϋhoe people and the broader public. We led a study tour to allow Tϋhoe and other Mβori representatives to gain first-hand experience of long-standing jointly managed protected areas in Australia that the New Zealand government had drawn on in proposing mechanisms to resolve the Tϋhoe claim. We found that these areas were a poor fit to the study tour participants′ aspirations that indigenous world views would underpin governance and that indigenous people would be empowered. Our findings highlight that settlement must be transformational in terms of attitudes and relationships. Collaborative problem-solving processes that build trust can contribute. In areas like Te Urewera, where tenure boundaries fragment a landscape that is a coherent whole in indigenous world views, settlement processes can offer the prospect of landscape-scale outcomes for social justice and conservation.

  6. La miraculeuse efficacité de la théorie quantique

    CERN Document Server

    Miné, Philippe


    Avec les théories de la relativité, la physique quantique est une de ces révolutions conceptuelles qui ont, au cours du XXe siècle, tout changé à notre compréhension de la nature. Si fascinantes que soient ses applications – laser, cryptographie, GPS, ordinateur, imagerie médicale –, la physique quantique fait cependant intervenir des paradoxes déroutants pour notre logique ordinaire. Pénétrer les arcanes du monde quantique, c’est donc aussi accepter d’utiliser le langage des équations, dont les auteurs donnent ici une approche accessible et graduée, n’excédant pas le niveau du premier cycle universitaire et n’oubliant jamais les vertus de l’approche historique. Se révèle ainsi l’univers fabuleux des particules élémentaires, des forces fondamentales de la nature, de la cosmologie et des énigmes de l’espace-temps, thèmes sur lesquels doit s’édifier toute réflexion moderne sur la nature et ses lois. Mais acquérir une certaine familiarité avec le monde quantique ne sig...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richardson, Noel D.; Moffat, Anthony F. J. [Département de physique and Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique du Québec (CRAQ), Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-Ville, Montréal, Québec, H3C 3J7 (Canada); Gull, Theodore R.; Lindler, Don J. [Astrophysics Science Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Gies, Douglas R. [Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy and Department of Physics and Astronomy, Georgia State University, P.O. Box 5060, Atlanta, GA 30302-5060 (United States); Corcoran, Michael F. [CRESST and X-ray Astrophysics Laboratory NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States); Chené, André-Nicolas, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Gemini Observatory, Northern Operations Center, 670 North A’ohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720 (United States)


    The multiple star system of δ Orionis is one of the closest examples of a system containing a luminous O-type, bright giant star (component Aa1). It is often used as a spectral-type standard and has the highest observed X-ray flux of any hot-star binary. The main component Aa1 is orbited by two lower mass stars, faint Aa2 in a 5.7 day eclipsing binary, and Ab, an astrometric companion with an estimated period of 346 years. Generally the flux from all three stars is recorded in ground-based spectroscopy, and the spectral decomposition of the components has proved difficult. Here we present Hubble Space Telescope/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph ultraviolet spectroscopy of δ Ori A that provides us with spatially separated spectra of Aa and Ab for the first time. We measured radial velocities for Aa1 and Ab in two observations made near the velocity extrema of Aa1. We show tentative evidence for the detection of the Aa2 component in cross-correlation functions of the observed and model spectra. We discuss the appearance of the UV spectra of Aa1 and Ab with reference to model spectra. Both stars have similar effective temperatures, but Ab is fainter and is a rapid rotator. The results will help in the interpretation of ground-based spectroscopy and in understanding the physical and evolutionary parameters of these massive stars.

  8. Undue reliance on I2 in assessing heterogeneity may mislead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schwarzer Guido


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The heterogeneity statistic I2, interpreted as the percentage of variability due to heterogeneity between studies rather than sampling error, depends on precision, that is, the size of the studies included. Methods Based on a real meta-analysis, we simulate artificially 'inflating' the sample size under the random effects model. For a given inflation factor M = 1, 2, 3,... and for each trial i, we create a M-inflated trial by drawing a treatment effect estimate from the random effects model, using si2 MathType@MTEF@5@5@+=feaagaart1ev2aaatCvAUfKttLearuWrP9MDH5MBPbIqV92AaeXatLxBI9gBaebbnrfifHhDYfgasaacPC6xNi=xH8viVGI8Gi=hEeeu0xXdbba9frFj0xb9qqpG0dXdb9aspeI8k8fiI+fsY=rqGqVepae9pg0db9vqaiVgFr0xfr=xfr=xc9adbaqaaeGaciGaaiaabeqaaeqabiWaaaGcbaGaem4Cam3aa0baaSqaaiabdMgaPbqaaiabikdaYaaaaaa@2FBE@/M as within-trial sampling variance. Results As precision increases, while estimates of the heterogeneity variance τ2 remain unchanged on average, estimates of I2 increase rapidly to nearly 100%. A similar phenomenon is apparent in a sample of 157 meta-analyses. Conclusion When deciding whether or not to pool treatment estimates in a meta-analysis, the yard-stick should be the clinical relevance of any heterogeneity present. τ2, rather than I2, is the appropriate measure for this purpose.

  9. A Statistical Analysis of Cointegration for I(2) Variables

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Søren


    be conducted using the ¿ sup2/sup distribution. It is shown to what extent inference on the cointegration ranks can be conducted using the tables already prepared for the analysis of cointegration of I(1) variables. New tables are needed for the test statistics to control the size of the tests. This paper...... contains a multivariate test for the existence of I(2) variables. This test is illustrated using a data set consisting of U.K. and foreign prices and interest rates as well as the exchange rate....

  10. Optical properties of α and β SnI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kuku, T.A.


    Optical measurements have been taken in the spectral range 360 to 2,500 nm for thin films of red (α) and yellow (β) polymorphic forms SnI 2 . Excitonic transitions in both polymorphs are due to allowed indirect and nearby direct ones, with indirect excitation energies of 2.163, 2.275 eV and direct transition energies of 2.365 and 2.451 eV for the α and β polymorphs, respectively. The band gap energies and the calculated refractive index are related to the relative densities of the polymorphs. The optical transitions are interpreted to be due to the cations. (author)

  11. Evaluation of six sample preparation procedures for qualitative and quantitative proteomics analysis of milk fat globule membrane. (United States)

    Yang, Yongxin; Anderson, Elizabeth; Zhang, Sheng


    Proteomic analysis of membrane proteins is challenged by the proteins solubility and detergent incompatibility with MS analysis. No single perfect protocol can be used to comprehensively characterize the proteome of membrane fraction. Here, we used cow milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) proteome analysis to assess six sample preparation procedures including one in-gel and five in-solution digestion approaches prior to LC-MS/MS analysis. The largest number of MFGM proteins were identified by suspension trapping (S-Trap) and filter-aided sample preparation (FASP) methods, followed by acetone precipitation without clean-up of tryptic peptides method. Protein identifications with highest average coverage was achieved by Chloroform/MeOH, in-gel and S-Trap methods. Most distinct proteins were identified by FASP method, followed by S-Trap. Analyses by Venn diagram, principal-component analysis, hierarchical clustering and the abundance ranking of quantitative proteins highlight differences in the MFGM fraction by the all sample preparation procedures. These results reveal the biased proteins/peptides loss occurred in each protocol. In this study, we found several novel proteins that were not observed previously by in-depth proteomics characterization of MFGM fraction in milk. Thus, a combination of multiple procedures with orthologous properties of sample preparation was demonstrated to improve the protein sequence coverage and expression level accuracy of membrane samples. © 2018 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  12. Effect of feeding camphor (Eucalyptus Globules) levels on some immunity characteristics, growth and gut microflora of japanese quails

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Abu Taleb, A.M.; Salah, H.M.; Ezzat, I.E.; El Barkouky, E.


    This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of adding Eucalyptus globules Egypt to Japanese quail diet on performance and some metabolic functions and immunity. Four hundred,one day old, unsexed japanese quails were used in this study. Quails were divided equally into four groups containing 100 birds in each. Each group contained 4 replicates of 25 birds. Group one was supplemented with 1% Egypt in basal diet, group two was supplemented with 2% Egypt in basal diet, group three was used as negative control (-ve)without any addition of antibiotic in diet or water, while group four represented the positive control (+ ve) by addition antibiotics (0.5 g neomycin sulphate +0.5 g oxytetracyclin) in drinking water for 5 days post hatching. The experimented diet contained 3200 Kcal ME/kg and 24% crude proteins. The end of the experiment was terminated when birds were 6 weeks old. Body weight, mortality, some organs weighs and some blood parameters were measured and some microbial population of small intestines was counted. Results indicated that the addition of Egypt led to significant increase in quails body weights, spleen, bursa and ovary and the measures of total proteins, globulins, haemagglutination inhibition (HI)and triiodothyronine (T3). Decrease in mortality ratio and less counts of microflora and salmonella of gut were also achieved as a result of diet camphor addition

  13. Dust evolution, a global view: III. Core/mantle grains, organic nano-globules, comets and surface chemistry (United States)


    Within the framework of The Heterogeneous dust Evolution Model for Interstellar Solids (THEMIS), this work explores the surface processes and chemistry relating to core/mantle interstellar and cometary grain structures and their influence on the nature of these fascinating particles. It appears that a realistic consideration of the nature and chemical reactivity of interstellar grain surfaces could self-consistently and within a coherent framework explain: the anomalous oxygen depletion, the nature of the CO dark gas, the formation of ‘polar ice’ mantles, the red wing on the 3 μm water ice band, the basis for the O-rich chemistry observed in hot cores, the origin of organic nano-globules and the 3.2 μm ‘carbonyl’ absorption band observed in comet reflectance spectra. It is proposed that the reaction of gas phase species with carbonaceous a-C(:H) grain surfaces in the interstellar medium, in particular the incorporation of atomic oxygen into grain surfaces in epoxide functional groups, is the key to explaining these observations. Thus, the chemistry of cosmic dust is much more intimately related with that of the interstellar gas than has previously been considered. The current models for interstellar gas and dust chemistry will therefore most likely need to be fundamentally modified to include these new grain surface processes. PMID:28083090

  14. Milk Fat Globules Hamper Adhesion of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli to Enterocytes: In Vitro and in Vivo Evidence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Douëllou


    Full Text Available Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC; E. coli are food-borne agents associated with gastroenteritis, enterocolitis, bloody diarrhea and the hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS. Bovine milk glycans have been shown to contain oligosaccharides which are similar to host epithelial cell receptors and can therefore prevent bacterial adhesion. This study aimed to describe interactions between EHEC O157:H7 EDL933 and O26:H11 21765 and milk fat globules (MFGs in raw milk and raw milk cheese, and the impact of MFGs on EHEC strains adhesion to the intestinal tract in vitro and in vivo. Both EHEC serotypes clearly associated with native bovine MFGs and significantly limited their adhesion to a co-culture of intestinal cells. The presence of MFGs in raw milk cheese had two effects on the adhesion of both EHEC serotypes to the intestinal tracts of streptomycin-treated mice. First, it delayed and reduced EHEC excretion in mouse feces for both strains. Second, the prime implantation site for both EHEC strains was 6 cm more proximal in the intestinal tracts of mice fed with contaminated cheese containing less than 5% of fat than in those fed with contaminated cheese containing 40% of fat. Feeding mice with 40% fat cheese reduced the intestinal surface contaminated with EHEC and may therefore decrease severity of illness.

  15. Kinetics of Coil-to-Globule Transition of Dansyl-Labeled Poly(N-sopropylacrylamide) Chains in Aqueous Solution (United States)

    Li, Chun-liang; Ye, Xiao-dong; Ding, Yan-wei; Liu, Shi-lin


    The coil-to-globule transition of thermally sensitive linear poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) labeled with dansyl group is induced by 1.54 μm laser pulses (width≈10 ns). The dansyl group is used to follow the transition kinetics because its fluorescence intensity is very sensitive to its micro-environment. As the molar ratio of NIPAM monomer to dansyl group increases from 110 to 300, the effect of covalently attached dansyl fluorophores on the transition decreases. In agreement with our previous study in which we used 8-anilino-1-naphthalensulfonic acid ammonium salt free in water as a fluorescent probe, the current study reveals that the transition has two distinct stages with two characteristic times, namely, τfast≈0.1 ms, which can be attributed to the nucleation and formation of some “pearls" (locally contracting segments) on the chain, and τslow≈0.5 ms, which is related to the merging and coarsening of the “pearls". τfast is independent of the PNIPAM chain length over a wide range (Mw=2.8×106-4.2×107 g/mol). On the other hand, τslow only slightly increases with the chain length.

  16. Pulsed electric field processing preserves the antiproliferative activity of the milk fat globule membrane on colon carcinoma cells. (United States)

    Xu, S; Walkling-Ribeiro, M; Griffiths, M W; Corredig, M


    The present work evaluated the effect of processing on the antiproliferative activities of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) extracts. The antiproliferative activity on human adenocarcinoma HT-29 cells of untreated MFGM extracts were compared with those extracted from pasteurized cream, thermally treated cream, or cream subjected to pulsed electrical field (PEF) processing. The PEF with a 37 kV/cm field strength applied for 1,705μs at 50 and 65°C was applied to untreated cream collected from a local dairy. Heating at 50 or 65°C for 3min (the passage time in the PEF chamber) was also tested to evaluate the heating effect during PEF treatments. The MFGM extracted from pasteurized cream did not show an antiproliferative activity. On the other hand, isolates from PEF-treated cream showed activity similar to that of untreated samples. It was also shown that PEF induced interactions between β-lactoglobulin and MFGM proteins at 65°C, whereas the phospholipid composition remained unaltered. This work demonstrates the potential of PEF not only a means to produce a microbiologically safe product, but also as a process preserving the biofunctionality of the MFGM. Copyright © 2015 American Dairy Science Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. A study of the Herbig-Haro object HH 120 and the associated cometary globule CG 30

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pettersson, B.


    Infrared and spectroscopic observations are presented of a new Herbig-Haro object, here named HH 120, in the cometary globule CG 30. The emission line spectrum indicates a very low degree of excitation of the same order as that found for HH 47, HH 7, and HH 11. From several spectra a radial velocity of -42 km -1 +-12 km s -1 is deduced and the electron temperature, Tsub(e), and electron number density, Nsub(e), are found to be 9100 K+-400 K and 1700 cm -3 +-600 cm -3 , respectively. A prominent continuum is shown to be composed of a collisionally enhanced two-photon continuum and a reflected late-type stellar component, probably originating in the hidden source of energy. Infrared scans of CG 30 revealed five sources, two of which are very close to HH 120. It is argued that one of them, CG 30-IRS4, is the source of energy producing HH 120 and an associated reflection nebula. The bolometric luminosity of CG 30-IRS4 is estimated to be at least 0.9 Lsub(sun), its mass 1.1 Msub(sun) and its radius 1.6 Rsub(sun). (orig.)

  18. Hobbes, la coopération et la théorie des jeux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marc Parmentier


    Full Text Available L'objectif de cet article est d'établir dans quelle mesure la théorie des jeux permet de formaliser et d'éclairer trois problématiques-clés de la philosophie politique de Hobbes : la guerre de tous contre tous dans l'état de nature ; le pacte instaurant un souverain absolu ; le mode d'action de ce dernier pour faire respecter les contrats au sein de l'état civil. L'analyse révèle qu'à certains égards le « problème de confiance » formulé par Amartya Sen apparaît plus pertinent que le célèbre « dilemme du prisonnier » évoqué par de nombreux commentateurs. Elle révèle également les ambiguïtés d'une œuvre susceptible de plusieurs modélisations et de plusieurs jugements possibles quant à la place de son auteur dans l'histoire du libéralisme.This article aims to establish whether the theory of games can formalise and explain three basic issues raised by Hobbes: the war of all against all in the state of nature; the social contract that establish absolute sovereignty; legitimate means at the sovereign’s disposal to impose people’s consent to abide by the rules of the social contract. It will be argued that the « assurance problem » formulated by Amartya Sen appears more relevant than the well-known « prisoner's dilemma » in some respects. Our analysis also reveals some ambiguities in Hobbes' political philosophy that may lead to diverse interpretations and judgments about his role in the history of liberalism.

  19. Radiometric and dosimetric characteristics of HgI2 detectors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zaletin, V.M.; Krivozubov, O.V.; Torlin, M.A.; Fomin, V.I.


    The characteristics of HgI 2 detectors in x-ray and gamma detection in applications to radiometric and dosimetric monitoring and as portable instruments for such purposes was considered. Blocks with mosaic and sandwich structures were prepared and tested against each other and, for comparative purposes, against CdTe detectors for relative sensitivities at various gamma-quanta energies. Sensitivity dependencies on gamma radiation energy were plotted for the detector materials and structures as were current dependencies on the dose rate of x rays. Results indicated that the mercury iodide detectors could be used in radiometric and dosimetric measurements at gamma quantum energies up to and in excess of 1000 KeV

  20. Evaluation of the anti-adhesive effect of milk fat globule membrane glycoproteins on Helicobacter pylori in the human NCI-N87 cell line and C57BL/6 mouse model. (United States)

    Horemans, Tessa; Kerstens, Monique; Clais, Sofie; Struijs, Karin; van den Abbeele, Pieter; Van Assche, Tim; Maes, Louis; Cos, Paul


     The interest in non-antibiotic therapies for Helicobacter pylori infections in man has considerably grown because increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant strains are being reported. Intervention at the stage of bacterial attachment to the gastric mucosa could be an approach to improve the control/eradication rate of this infection.  Fractions of purified milk fat globule membrane glycoproteins were tested in vitro for their cytotoxic and direct antibacterial effect. The anti-adhesive effect on H. pylori was determined first in a cell model using the mucus-producing gastric epithelial cell line NCI-N87 and next in the C57BL/6 mouse model after dosing at 400 mg/kg protein once or twice daily from day -2 to day 4 post-infection. Bacterial loads were determined by using quantitative real-time PCR and the standard plate count method.  The milk fat globule membrane fractions did not show in vitro cytotoxicity, and a marginal antibacterial effect was demonstrated for defatted milk fat globule membrane at 256 μg/mL. In the anti-adhesion assay, the results varied from 56.0 ± 5.3% inhibition for 0.3% crude milk fat globule membrane to 79.3 ± 3.5% for defatted milk fat globule membrane. Quite surprisingly, in vivo administration of the same milk fat globule membrane fractions did not confirm the anti-adhesive effects and even caused an increase in bacterial load in the stomach.  The promising anti-adhesion in vitro results could not be confirmed in the mouse model, even after the highest attainable exposure. It is concluded that raw or defatted milk fat globule membrane fractions do not have any prophylactic or therapeutic potential against Helicobacter infection. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  1. Spectral and photometric observations of fast irregular variables. 3. VX Cas, UX Ori, BN Ori and WW Vul - results of U,B,V,J,H,K,L photometry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kolotilov, E.A.; Zajtseva, G.V.; Chenavrin, V.I.


    In the 1975-76 period photometric observations of the variable stars VX Cas, BN Ori and WW Vul in the optical (U,B,V) and infrared (J,H,K,L) spectral ranges have been conducted on the 60-cm and 125-cm reflector at the GAISh station in the Crimea. In most cases the optical and infrared measurements were carried out concurrently for each star. The photometric behavior of the variables during the observation period is described and, where possible, radiation variabilities in the different spectra ranges are compared

  2. Restoration of Circulating MFGE8 (Milk Fat Globule-EGF Factor 8) Attenuates Cardiac Hypertrophy Through Inhibition of Akt Pathway. (United States)

    Deng, Ke-Qiong; Li, Jing; She, Zhi-Gang; Gong, Jun; Cheng, Wen-Lin; Gong, Fu-Han; Zhu, Xue-Yong; Zhang, Yan; Wang, Zhihua; Li, Hongliang


    Cardiac hypertrophy occurs in response to numerous stimuli like neurohumoral stress, pressure overload, infection, and injury, and leads to heart failure. Mfge8 (milk fat globule-EGF factor 8) is a secreted protein involved in various human diseases, but its regulation and function during cardiac hypertrophy remain unexplored. Here, we found that circulating MFGE8 levels declined significantly in failing hearts from patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Correlation analyses revealed that circulating MFGE8 levels were negatively correlated with the severity of cardiac dysfunction and remodeling in affected patients. Deleting Mfge8 in mice maintained normal heart function at basal level but substantially exacerbated the hypertrophic enlargement of cardiomyocytes, reprogramming of pathological genes, contractile dysfunction, and myocardial fibrosis after aortic banding surgery. In contrast, cardiac-specific Mfge8 overexpression in transgenic mice significantly blunted aortic banding-induced cardiac hypertrophy. Whereas MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) pathways were unaffected in either Mfge8 -knockout or Mfge8 -overexpressing mice, the activated Akt/PKB (protein kinase B)-Gsk-3β (glycogen synthase kinase-3β)/mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway after aortic banding was significantly potentiated by Mfge8 deficiency but suppressed by Mfge8 overexpression. Inhibition of Akt with MK-2206 blocked the prohypertrophic effects of Mfge8 deficiency in angiotensin II-treated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes. Finally, administering a recombinant human MFGE8 in mice in vivo alleviated cardiac hypertrophy induced by aortic banding. Our findings indicate that Mfge8 is an endogenous negative regulator of pathological cardiac hypertrophy and may, thus, have potential both as a novel biomarker and as a therapeutic target for treatment of cardiac hypertrophy. © 2017 American Heart Association, Inc.

  3. Investigations of the solid solution in the system SrI2-BaI2 at ambient pressures and at 2.0 GPa

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Beck, H.P.; Holley, C.; Limmer, A.


    The P,T,x-diagram of the system SrI 2 -BaI 2 has been investigated at ambient pressures and at 2.0 GPa. The amount of solid solution in the four structure types occuring in this system (SrI 2 - or PbCl 2 -ZrAs 2 -type with SrI 2 and PbCl 2 - or anti-Fe 2 P-type with BaI 2 ) differs considerably. Structural geometries belonging to the same PbCl 2 structure family show marked differences in their toleration to cation substitution. Solid solution is especially pronounced in the BaI 2 -rich phases which incorporate up to 60 mol-% Sr 2+ in the high pressure phase of BaI 2 . (author)

  4. The Proximity of Ribosomal Protein Genes to oriC Enhances Vibrio cholerae Fitness in the Absence of Multifork Replication. (United States)

    Soler-Bistué, Alfonso; Timmermans, Michaël; Mazel, Didier


    Recent works suggest that bacterial gene order links chromosome structure to cell homeostasis. Comparative genomics showed that, in fast-growing bacteria, ribosomal protein genes (RP) locate near the replication origin ( oriC ). We recently showed that Vibrio cholerae employs this positional bias as a growth optimization strategy: under fast-growth conditions, multifork replication increases RP dosage and expression. However, RP location may provide advantages in a dosage-independent manner: for example, the physical proximity of the many ribosomal components, in the context of a crowded cytoplasm, may favor ribosome biogenesis. To uncover putative dosage-independent effects, we studied isogenic V. cholerae derivatives in which the major RP locus, S10-spc-α (S10), was relocated to alternative genomic positions. When bacteria grew fast, bacterial fitness was reduced according to the S10 relative distance to oriC The growth of wild-type V. cholerae could not be improved by additional copies of the locus, suggesting a physiologically optimized genomic location. Slow growth is expected to uncouple RP position from dosage, since multifork replication does not occur. Under these conditions, we detected a fitness impairment when S10 was far from oriC Deep sequencing followed by marker frequency analysis in the absence of multifork replication revealed an up to 30% S10 dosage reduction associated with its relocation that closely correlated with fitness alterations. Hence, the impact of S10 location goes beyond a growth optimization strategy during feast periods. RP location may be important during the whole life cycle of this pathogen. IMPORTANCE The role of gene order within the bacterial chromosome is poorly understood. In fast growers, the location of genes linked with the expression of genetic information (i.e., transcription and translation) is biased toward oriC It was proposed that the location of these genes helps to maximize their expression by recruiting

  5. Otariodibacter oris and Bisgaardia genomospecies 1 isolated from infections in pinnipeds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Mie Johanne; Bertelsen, Mads Frost; Delaney, Martha Ann


    We document the first associations of two recently described species of Pasteurellaceae bacteria with lesions in wild pinnipeds in rehabilitation. Samples were collected from nine lesions in four California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) and two Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) during...... in pure culture from four abscesses, an affected lymph node, and a bone lesion consistent with osteomyelitis. Otariodibacter oris was also cultured with Arcanobacterium phocae and β-hemolytic streptococci. A pure culture of Bisgaardia genomospecies 1 was obtained from an abscess in a harbor seal...... in a harbor seal implies causality....

  6. El bosque sobre los árboles: Los mejores poetas de la Argentina (1927, según Eduardo de Ory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aníbal Salazar Anglada


    Full Text Available This paper addresses the critical study of the anthology Argentina's best poets, published in 1927 by the Compañía Ibero-Americana de Publicaciones [CIAP]. The anthologist is the Spanish writer and diplomat Eduardo de Ory, meritorious for his selfless actions in favour of the relationships between Spain and Latin America. In spite of his good intentions, the panorama of Argentine poets his work presents remains out of the aesthetic debate that takes place in Argentina in the second half of the twenties, in which anthologies play an important role

  7. ΔI = 2 Nuclear Staggering in Superdeformed Rotational Bands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Okasha M. D.


    Full Text Available A four parameters model including collective rotational en ergies to fourth order is ap- plied to reproduce the ∆ I = 2 staggering in transition energies in four selected super deformed rotational bands, namely, 148 Gd (SD6, 194 Hg (SD1, SD2, SD3. The model parameters and the spin of the bandhead have been extracted a ssuming various val- ues to the lowest spin of the bandhead at nearest integer, in o rder to obtain a minimum root mean square deviation between calculated and the exper imental transition energies. This allows us to suggest the spin values for the energy level s which are experimentally unknown. For each band a staggering parameter represent the deviation of the transition energies from a smooth reference has been determined by calc ulating the fourth order derivative of the transition energies at a given spin. The st aggering parameter contains five consecutive transition energies which is denoted here a s the five-point formula. In order to get information about the dynamical moment of ine rtia, the two point for- mula which contains only two consecutive transition energi es has been also considered. The dynamical moment of inertia decreasing with increasing rotational frequency for A ∼ 150, while increasing for A ∼ 190 mass regions.

  8. Thermodynamic analysis of ANS binding to partially unfolded α-lactalbumin: correlation of endothermic to exothermic changeover with formation of authentic molten globules. (United States)

    Kim, Ki Hyung; Yun, Soi; Mok, K H; Lee, E K


    A fluorescent reporter, 8-anilino-1-naphthalene sulfonic acid (ANS), can serve as a reference molecule for conformational transition of a protein because its aromatic carbons have strong affinity with hydrophobic cores of partially unfolded molten globules. Using a typical calcium-binding protein, bovine α-lactalbumin (BLA), as a model protein, we compared the ANS binding thermodynamics to the decalcified (10 mM EDTA treated) apo-BLA at two representative temperatures: 20 and 40 °C. This is because the authentic molten globule is known to form more heavily at an elevated temperature such as 40 °C. Isothermal titration calorimetry experiments revealed that the BLA-ANS interactions at both temperatures were entropy-driven, and the dissociation constants were similar on the order of 10(-4)  M, but there was a dramatic changeover in the binding thermodynamics from endothermic at 20 °C to exothermic at 40 °C. We believe that the higher subpopulation of authentic molten globules at 40 °C than 20 °C would be responsible for the results, which also indicate that weak binding is sufficient to alter the ANS binding mechanisms. We expect that the thermodynamic properties obtained from this study would serve as a useful reference for investigating the binding of other hydrophobic ligands such as oleic acid to apo-BLA, because oleic acid is known to have tumor-selective cytotoxicity when complexed with partially unfolded α-lactalbumin. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  9. Théorie de la justice et idéologie : Hume et Rawls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eléonore Le Jallé


    Full Text Available Les points d’accord entre Rawls et Hume vont au-delà du seul repérage des « circonstances de la justice ». Même si Hume se trouve attaché à la théorie utilitariste de l’impartialité que Rawls rejette, Hume n’est pas, selon Rawls, « à proprement parler » utilitariste : il a su reconnaître l’idée selon laquelle les institutions doivent fonctionner dans l’intérêt de chacun. L’idée d’une coopération sociale en vue de l’avantage mutuel est donc commune à ces deux auteurs. Ils partagent, en outre, une attitude similaire face au « problème de la confiance » en lien avec la stabilité de la justice : l’un et l’autre ajoutent ainsi à la solution extérieure qu’est l’institution étatique, un facteur intrinsèque de stabilité, à savoir, le sens de la justice. L’idée de « justice procédurale » et le rejet, corrélatif, d’un critère indépendant du juste, les relie également ; d’où, enfin, une certaine analogie des critiques respectivement adressées à ces deux auteurs.The specification of the “circumstances of justice” is not the only point on which Rawls agrees with Hume. If Rawls rejects the utilitarian theory of impartiality which is “reminiscent of Hume”, he does not consider him as “strictly speaking utilitarian”. Indeed, Rawls thinks that Hume has well understood that institutions have to be to the advantage of everyone. Besides, Hume and Rawls agree in thinking that the stability of justice involves a public sense of justice. Finally, the idea of “pure procedural justice” is shared by these authors: both have rejected any independent criterion for the right result, so that the ways they were criticized are rather similar.

  10. Effect of Lenient Steam Injection (LSI) heat treatment of bovine milk on the activities of some enzymes, the milk fat globule and pH

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dickow, Jonatan A.; Nielsen, Martin Thorup; Hammershøj, Marianne


    This study investigated the effects of Lenient Steam Injection (LSI) treatment at temperatures 70–150 C on the enzymatic activities of the indigenous milk enzymes alkaline phosphatase, lactoperoxidase (LPO), xanthine oxidase (XO), lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and plasmin in comparison with two...... reference heat treatments of 63 C for 30 s and of 72 C for 15 s by indirect heating. Milk fat globule (MFG) size distributions and pH were also monitored. Alkaline phosphatase, LPO, XO and LPL activities decreased with increasing LSI temperature. Plasmin activity was increased at temperatures

  11. Whakaora nga moemoea o nga tupuna--living the dreams of the ancestors. Future planning in a Kaupapa Māori CAMHS team. (United States)

    Elder, Hinemoa; Milne, Moe; Witehira, Heemi; Mendes, Patrick; Heslin, Anneliese; Cribb-Su'a, Ainsleigh; Wilson, Riwai; Goldsmith, Arona; Kainamu, Reena; Barrett, Moana; Love, Shar; Cargo, Tania; Kalra, Vanitha


    The aim of this study was to identify and operationalize aspects of a future planning process for sustainable delivery of Kaupapa Māori (Specialist Māori) mental health from a team called He Kakano, within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in South Auckland, New Zealand. A 2-day hui (meeting) was held with members of the team and a facilitator, Whaea Moe Milne. Review of background national epidemiological data, local data, information from community, carer and tangata whaiora (consumer) stakeholders and the existing He Kakano Model of Care was undertaken. Use of tikanga (Māori protocol and practices) was evident throughout the hui. A number of aspects of tikanga were identified as essential to the positive outcomes of the future plan. This paper reports one in particular, that of whakatauakī (proverbs where the originator is known). "Whakaora nga moemoea o nga tupuna--living the dreams of the ancestors" is a whakatauakī articulated by Whaea Moe Milne, which was identified as helpful in influencing the strategic planning thinking and decision-making process for He Kakano. This whakatauakī enabled the identification of shared goals, values, beliefs, behaviours and an action plan. The existing and ongoing relationship with Whaea Moe Milne was identified as an important element in the way in which the whakatauakī was received and reflected on. Use of tikanga Māori, in this case, whakatauakī, was helpful in developing future planning for He Kakano. This suggests that use of tikanga may be beneficial in other settings where planning for sustainable Māori responsive services is undertaken. Further work in this area is likely to benefit service development, strategic planning, workforce development and have an impact on improving health outcomes for Māori.

  12. Sugar, dental caries and the incidence of acute rheumatic fever: a cohort study of Māori and Pacific children. (United States)

    Thornley, Simon; Marshall, Roger J; Bach, Katie; Koopu, Pauline; Reynolds, Gary; Sundborn, Gerhard; Ei, Win Le Shwe Sin


    To determine whether dental caries, as an indicator of cumulative exposure to sugar, is associated with the incidence of acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart disease, in Māori and Pacific children aged 5 and 6 years at their first dental visit. A cohort study was undertaken which linked school dental service records of caries with national hospital discharge and mortality records. Cox models were used to investigate the strength of the association between dental caries and rheumatic fever incidence. A total of 20 333 children who were free of rheumatic heart disease at enrolment were available for analysis. During a mean follow-up time of 5 years, 96 children developed acute rheumatic fever or chronic rheumatic heart disease. After adjustment for potential confounders, children with five or more primary teeth affected by caries were 57% (95% CI: 20% to 106%) more likely to develop disease during follow-up, compared to children whose primary teeth were caries free. The population attributable to the risk for caries in this cohort was 22%. Dental caries is positively associated with the incidence of acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart disease in Māori and Pacific children. Sugar intake, an important risk factor for dental caries, is also likely to influence the aetiology of rheumatic fever. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  13. Comparison of metamotivational dominance and cultural identity between Japanese National Team and Māori All Blacks rugby players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuke Kuroda


    Full Text Available This pilot study used a reversal theory framework to examine metamotivational dominance of rugby players on the Māori All Blacks (MABs squad of New Zealand and the Japanese National Team (JNT. Since the two groups have different cultural team demographics, cultural identity was also examined. Twenty six players from the MABs and 31 from the JNT completed questionnaires on metamotivational dominance and cultural identity. In terms of metamotivational dominance, the findings indicated that the MABs were more playful minded and spontaneous oriented than the JNT. Regarding cultural identity, the JNT showed a greater knowledge of their own culture and higher comfort level in their cultural context, while the MABs felt more positive and willing to sustain their own culture. The motivational personality differences between the teams may reflect the style of play that is valued within each team culture that is, flair, spontaneity and high-risk play within Māori rugby, and structure, team unity and conformity within the JNT. This suggests that metamotivational dominance of teams and players is influenced by the cultural identity of both the individuals and the group, which may have a further impact on team cohesion and performance. Keywords: Sociology, Psychology

  14. Electromyographic analysis of superior orbicularis oris muscle function in children surgically treated for unilateral complete cleft lip and palate. (United States)

    Szyszka-Sommerfeld, Liliana; Woźniak, Krzysztof; Matthews-Brzozowska, Teresa; Kawala, Beata; Mikulewicz, Marcin


    The aim of this study was to assess the electrical activity of the superior orbicularis oris muscle in children surgically treated for unilateral complete cleft lip and palate (UCCLP). The sample comprised 45 patients 6.38-12.68 years of age with UCCLP and 40 subjects 6.61-11.71 years of age with no clefts. Electromyographical (EMG) recordings were taken with a DAB-Bluetooth Instrument (Zebris Medical GmbH, Germany) in the rest position and during saliva swallowing, lip protrusion and reciprocal compression of the lips, as well as while producing the phonemes /p/, /b/, and /m/ combined with the vowel /a/. The electrical activity of the upper lip during saliva swallowing and lip compression was significantly greater in the cleft group. Similar resting level activity was observed in both groups. During the production of the /p/, /b/, and /m/ phonemes combined with the vowel /a/ the results showed no significant differences in the EMG activity between children with UCCLP and noncleft subjects. Patients with UCCLP have abnormal upper lip function characterized by increased activity of the superior orbicularis oris muscle during saliva swallowing and lip compression, and this may affect facial morphology. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  15. De la théorie des opérateurs aux fondements de la mécanique quantique

    CERN Document Server

    Rinkel, Jean-Marc


    Ce livre est destiné aux étudiants en sciences, mathématiques ou physiques, au niveau master. La formalisation de l’infiniment petit de la mécanique quantique est un miracle d’abstraction, d’étonnement et d’émerveillement. Autant le développement de la physique classique (mécaniques newtonienne, lagrangienne, hamiltonienne et relativités) est lié à celui de la géométrie et du calcul tensoriel, autant l’émergence et le développement de la mécanique quantique sont liés à la théorie des espaces de Hilbert et à la théorie de la mesure. Dès lors qu’une observable (ce qui est accessible à une mesure expérimentale) est représentée par un opérateur sur un espace de Hilbert, les mathématiques se chargent de construire des mesures de probabilité sur le spectre de cet opérateur et ces mesures de probabilités deviennent une réalité physique dans les lois de transition de Born. Cet ouvrage décrit de façon précise le passage des mathématiques que l’on vient d’évoquer, �...

  16. Mécanique quantique relativiste théories de jauge : cours et exercices corrigés

    CERN Document Server

    Klasen, Michael


    Avec la mise en service du plus grand accélérateur du monde, le LHC au CERN, cet ouvrage propose de manière pertinente une introduction pédagogique aux théories décrivant les particules élémentaires à haute énergie. Des rappels de relativité restreinte et du formalisme de Lagrange et Hamilton permettent d'établir une base commune et une notation covariante. Sont ensuite présentées la mécanique quantique relativiste avec les équations de Klein-Gordon et de Dirac, les fonctions de Green et les propagateurs, les théories de jauge abéliennes, comme l'électrodynamique quantique (QED), et non-abéliennes, comme la chromodynamique quantique (QCD), et le mécanisme de Higgs. Les règles de Feynman, qui en sont déduites, offrent une description intuitive sur les interactions entre les constituants fondamentaux et un outil de calcul efficace pour les processus physiques. Chaque chapitre se termine par une série d'exercices corrigés. Le cours reste accessible aux étudiants de master qui ne souhait...

  17. Comparison of metamotivational dominance and cultural identity between Japanese National Team and Māori All Blacks rugby players. (United States)

    Kuroda, Yusuke; Palmer, Farah; Nakazawa, Makoto


    This pilot study used a reversal theory framework to examine metamotivational dominance of rugby players on the Māori All Blacks (MABs) squad of New Zealand and the Japanese National Team (JNT). Since the two groups have different cultural team demographics, cultural identity was also examined. Twenty six players from the MABs and 31 from the JNT completed questionnaires on metamotivational dominance and cultural identity. In terms of metamotivational dominance, the findings indicated that the MABs were more playful minded and spontaneous oriented than the JNT. Regarding cultural identity, the JNT showed a greater knowledge of their own culture and higher comfort level in their cultural context, while the MABs felt more positive and willing to sustain their own culture. The motivational personality differences between the teams may reflect the style of play that is valued within each team culture that is, flair, spontaneity and high-risk play within Māori rugby, and structure, team unity and conformity within the JNT. This suggests that metamotivational dominance of teams and players is influenced by the cultural identity of both the individuals and the group, which may have a further impact on team cohesion and performance.

  18. Heterogeneity of equilibrium molten globule state of cytochrome c induced by weak salt denaturants under physiological condition.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamidur Rahaman

    Full Text Available While many proteins are recognized to undergo folding via intermediate(s, the heterogeneity of equilibrium folding intermediate(s along the folding pathway is less understood. In our present study, FTIR spectroscopy, far- and near-UV circular dichroism (CD, ANS and tryptophan fluorescence, near IR absorbance spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering (DLS were used to study the structural and thermodynamic characteristics of the native (N, denatured (D and intermediate state (X of goat cytochorme c (cyt-c induced by weak salt denaturants (LiBr, LiCl and LiClO4 at pH 6.0 and 25°C. The LiBr-induced denaturation of cyt-c measured by Soret absorption (Δε400 and CD ([θ]409, is a three-step process, N ↔ X ↔ D. It is observed that the X state obtained along the denaturation pathway of cyt-c possesses common structural and thermodynamic characteristics of the molten globule (MG state. The MG state of cyt-c induced by LiBr is compared for its structural and thermodynamic parameters with those found in other solvent conditions such as LiCl, LiClO4 and acidic pH. Our observations suggest: (1 that the LiBr-induced MG state of cyt-c retains the native Met80-Fe(III axial bond and Trp59-propionate interactions; (2 that LiBr-induced MG state of cyt-c is more compact retaining the hydrophobic interactions in comparison to the MG states induced by LiCl, LiClO4 and 0.5 M NaCl at pH 2.0; and (3 that there exists heterogeneity of equilibrium intermediates along the unfolding pathway of cyt-c as highly ordered (X1, classical (X2 and disordered (X3, i.e., D ↔ X3 ↔ X2 ↔ X1 ↔ N.

  19. Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor VIII attenuates sepsis-induced acute kidney injury. (United States)

    Cen, Cindy; Aziz, Monowar; Yang, Weng-Lang; Zhou, Mian; Nicastro, Jeffrey M; Coppa, Gene F; Wang, Ping


    Acute kidney injury (AKI) is most commonly caused by sepsis in critically ill patients, and it is associated with high morbidity and mortality. The pathophysiology of sepsis-induced AKI is generally accepted to include direct inflammatory injury, endothelial cell dysfunction, and apoptosis. Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor VIII (MFG-E8) is a secretory glycoprotein with a known role in the enhancement of apoptotic cell clearance and regulation of inflammation. We hypothesize that administration of recombinant mouse MFG-E8 (rmMFG-E8) can protect mice from kidney injuries caused by sepsis. Sepsis was induced in 8-wk-old male C57BL/6 mice by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). rmMFG-E8 or phosphate-buffered saline (vehicle) was injected intravenously at a dosage of 20 μg/kg body weight at time of CLP (n = 5-8 mice per group). After 20 h, serum and renal tissue were harvested for various analyses. The renal injury markers blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine were determined by enzymatic and chemical reactions, respectively. The gene expression analysis was carried out by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction. At 20 h after CLP, serum levels of BUN and creatinine were both significantly increased in the vehicle group compared with the sham group, whereas the mice treated with rmMFG-E8 had a significant reduction in BUN and creatinine levels by 28% and 24.1%, respectively (BUN: 197.7 ± 23.6 versus 142.3 ± 20.7 mg/dL; creatinine: 0.83 ± 0.12 versus 0.63 ± 0.06 mg/dL; P sepsis through inhibiting the production of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokine, as well as through the activation of endothelial cells. Thus, MFG-E8 may have a therapeutic potential for treating AKI induced by sepsis. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Fixation of radioactive cerium-144 on white blood cells. Possibilities for use in physiopathology; Fixation du cerium radioactif ({sup 144}Ce) sur les globules blancs. Possibilites d'emploi en physiopathologie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aeberhardt, A [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    From the study of the means of transport of cerium in the blood of various laboratory animals, after intra-venous injection of {sup 144}Ce-{sup 144}Pr without carrier, we have been able to show up the part played by the white cells in the transport of this fission product during its passage in the blood. This observation has led to the study, in vitro, of the methods of cerium fixation on the white cells, with a view to determining the possibilities of using this property for white cell labelling, the methods used up to the present not being entirely satisfactory. Using the method for the separation of the known constituents of the blood proposed by us in 1956, we have studied the cerium fixation under various conditions: - on suspensions of white cells from the rabbit, - on a suspension of human white cells, - on the white cells in whole from the rabbit. (author) [French] L'etude du mode de transport du cerium dans le sang chez differents animaux de laboratoire, apres injection intra-veineuse de {sup 144}Ce-{sup 144}Pr sans entraineur, nous a permis de mettre en evidence le rale des globules blancs dans le transport de ce produit de fission au cours de son passage dans le sang. Cette constatation nous a conduit a etudier, in vitro, les modalites de la fixation du cerium sur les globules blancs afin de preciser les possibilites d'utilisation de cette propriete pour le marquage des globules blancs, les methodes employees jusqu'ici ne donnant pas entiere satisfaction. Disposant de la methode de separation des elements figures du sang que nous avons proposee en 1956, nous avons etudie la fixation du cerium, dans diverses conditions: - sur des suspensions de globules blancs de lapin, - sur une suspension de globules blancs humains, - sur les globules blancs dans le sang total de lapin. (auteur)

  1. Composition and thermochemistry of the equilibrium vapour of the systems NaI-FeI2 and NaI-PbI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hilpert, K.; Gerads, H.; Koberts, D.; Miller, M.


    The vaporization of NaI/FeI 2 and NaI/PbI 2 samples of equimolar composition was investigated was investigated in the temperature ranges between 574 to 683 K and 562 to 669 K, respectively, by using the mass spectrometric Knudsen effusion method. The gaseous species I, I 2 , NaI, (NaI) 2 , FeI 2 , (FeI 2 ) 2 , FeI 3 , NaFeI 3 , and Na 2 FeI 4 (NaI-FeI 2 system) as well as NaI, (NaI) 2 , PbI 2 , (PbI 2 ) 2 , and NaPbI 3 (NaI-PbI 2 system) are present in the equilibrium vapours. The equilibrium partial pressures of these species were determined with the exception of I, I 2 , and FeI 3 . Enthalpies and entropies of dissociation resulted for the reactions NaFeI 3 (g) ↔ NaI(g)+FeI 2 (g) (1), Na 2 FeI 4 (g) ↔ 2NaI(g)+FeI 2 (g) and (2) NaPbI 3 (g) ↔ NaI(g)+PbI 2 (g) (3) as Δ d H 298 0 (Eq. (1)) = 184±5 kJ mol -1 , Δ d S 298 0 (Eq. (1)) = 143±8 J mol -1 K -1 ; Δ d H 298 0 (Eq. (2)) = 333±9 kJ mol -1 , Δ d S 298 0 (Eq. (2)) = 274±14 J mol -1 K -1 ; and Δ d H 298 0 (Eq. (3)) = 168±5 kJ mol -1 , Δ d S 298 0 (Eq. (3)) = 151±9 J mol -1 K -1 . Equilibrium constants for these reactions are additionally given. The pressures of NaFeI 3 (g) and NaPbI 3 (g) as all as their enthalpies of dissociation are discussed with respect to their significance of semi empirical rules. (orig.)

  2. Functional Role of Milk Fat Globule-Epidermal Growth Factor VIII in Macrophage-Mediated Inflammatory Responses and Inflammatory/Autoimmune Diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young-Su Yi


    Full Text Available Inflammation involves a series of complex biological processes mediated by innate immunity for host defense against pathogen infection. Chronic inflammation is considered to be one of the major causes of serious diseases, including a number of autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological diseases. Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor 8 (MFG-E8 is a secreted protein found in vertebrates and was initially discovered as a critical component of the milk fat globule. Previously, a number of studies have reported that MFG-E8 contributes to various biological functions including the phagocytic removal of damaged and apoptotic cells from tissues, the induction of VEGF-mediated neovascularization, the maintenance of intestinal epithelial homeostasis, and the promotion of mucosal healing. Recently, emerging studies have reported that MFG-E8 plays a role in inflammatory responses and inflammatory/autoimmune diseases. This review describes the characteristics of MFG-E8-mediated signaling pathways, summarizes recent findings supporting the roles of MFG-E8 in inflammatory responses and inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, and discusses MFG-E8 targeting as a potential therapeutic strategy for the development of anti-inflammatory/autoimmune disease drugs.

  3. Milk Fat Globule Membrane Attenuates High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity by Inhibiting Adipogenesis and Increasing Uncoupling Protein 1 Expression in White Adipose Tissue of Mice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiange Li


    Full Text Available Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM, a protein-lipid complex surrounding the fat globules in milk, has many health benefits. The aim of the current study was to investigate whether MFGM could prevent obesity through inhibiting adipogenesis and promoting brown remodeling of white adipose tissue (WAT in mice fed with high-fat diet. C57BL/6 mice were fed a normal diet (ND, high-fat diet (HFD, HFD plus MFGM at 100 mg/kg BW, 200 mg/kg BW or 400 mg/kg BW for 8 weeks. Results showed that MFGM suppressed body weight gain induced by HFD, reduced white adipose tissue (WAT mass accompanied with the decrease in adipocyte sizes. MFGM was found to have partially improved serum lipid profiles, as well as to have suppressed HFD-induced adipogenesis as shown by reduced expression of peroxisome proliferators-activator receptor-γ (PPARγ, CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein-α (C/EBPα and sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1c (SREBP-1c. MFGM also markedly increased the phosphorylation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK and acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC, showing activation of AMPK pathway. Moreover, MFGM promoted browning of inguinal WAT by upregulation the protein expression of uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1 in HFD mice. Taken together, these findings provide evidence that MFGM may protect against diet-induced adiposity by suppressing adipogenesis and promoting brown-like transformation in WAT.

  4. Non-equilibrium effects evidenced by vibrational spectra during the coil-to-globule transition in poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) subjected to an ultrafast heating-cooling cycle. (United States)

    Deshmukh, Sanket A; Kamath, Ganesh; Suthar, Kamlesh J; Mancini, Derrick C; Sankaranarayanan, Subramanian K R S


    Molecular dynamics simulations in conjunction with finite element calculations are used to explore the conformational dynamics of a thermo-sensitive oligomer, namely poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM), subjected to an ultra-fast heating-cooling cycle. Finite element (FE) calculations were used to predict the temperature profile resulting from laser-induced heating of the polymer-aqueous system. The heating rate (∼0.6 K ps(-1)) deduced from FE calculations was used to heat an aqueous solution of PNIPAM consisting of 30 monomeric units (30-mer) from 285 K to 315 K. Non-equilibrium effects arising from the ultra-fast heating-cooling cycle results in a hysteresis during the coil-to-globule transition. The corresponding atomic scale conformations were characterized by monitoring the changes in the vibrational spectra, which provided a reliable metric to study the coil-to-globule transition in PNIPAM and vice-versa across the LCST. The vibrational spectra of bonds involving atoms from the oligomer backbone and the various side-groups (amide I, amide II, and the isopropyl group of PNIPAM) of the oligomers were analyzed to study the conformational changes in the oligomer corresponding to the observed hysteresis. The differences in the vibrational spectra calculated at various temperatures during heating and cooling cycles were used to understand the coil-to-globule and globule-to-coil transitions in the PNIPAM oligomer and identify the changes in the relative interactions between various atoms in the backbone and in the side groups of the oligomer with water. The shifts in the computed vibrational spectral peaks and the changes in the intensity of peaks for the different regions of PNIPAM, seen across the LCST during the heating cycle, are in good agreement with previous experimental studies. The changes in the radius of gyration (Rg) and vibrational spectra for amide I and amide II regions of PNIPAM suggest a clear coil-to-globule transition at ∼301 K during the

  5. Statistical analysis of hypotheses on the cointegrating relations in the I(2) model

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Søren


    The cointegrated vector autoregressive model for I(2) variables is a non-linear parametric restriction on the linear I(2) regression model for variables of order I(0), I(1) and I(2). In this paper we discuss non-linear submodels given by smooth parametrizations. We give conditions on the parametr......) and the reformulation is applied to show that some hypotheses on the cointegrating coefficients in the cointegrated I(2) model give asymptotic ¿² inference....

  6. Théorie du compromis versus Théorie du financement hiérarchique : une analyse sur un panel de PME non cotées


    Adair, Philippe


    International audience; Résumé Nous testons les hypothèses relatives aux théories de la structure financière-compromis et financement hiérarchique-au regard de la fiscalité, des coûts d'agence et de l'asymétrie d'information. La variable expliquée est le taux d'endettement financier grâce à un modèle linéaire sur un panel cylindré de 2370 PME françaises observées durant la période 2002-2010. Selon nos résultats, à l'exception des garanties qui conditionnent l'accès au crédit et le crédit inte...

  7. General description and first results with the ORIS-LMRI 4 {pi} {gamma} metering chamber; Descripcion general y primeros resultados con la camara 4 {pi} {gamma} metrologica ORIS-LMRI

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tejera R, A; Becerril V, A; Cortes P, A


    A problem that present the ionization chambers is that the response for the radiation is global, that is to say that it cannot discriminate against selectively the relating responses at different energies, if these impact simultaneously in the active volume. This is a reason to calibrate the chambers, if is possible, with gamma monoenergetic emitting and by average calculations to complete the response curve with gamma emitting of well-known yields. To obtain the calibration coefficients and may used them, it is necessary that so much the standardized radioisotopes as the solutions by calibrating, are contained in vessels with the same geometry and the same quantity. In the exposed case, pattern solutions of 5 ml were used contained in glass cruets of 10 ml. The problem solutions are contained in same cruets to those of the patterns. The first results obtained with the ORIS-LMRI 4 {pi} {gamma} metering chamber are presented. (Author)

  8. U–Pb zircon and biostratigraphic data of high‐pressure/ low‐temperature metamorphic rocks of the Talea Ori : tracking the Paleotethys suture in central Crete, Greece

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zulauf, G.; Dörr, W.; Krahl, J.; Lahaye, Y.; Chatzaras, V.; Xypolias, P.


    Inherited deformation microfabrics of detrital quartz grains and U–Pb (Laser ablation (LA)-ICPMS and ID TIMS) ages of detrital zircons separated from the Phyllite–Quartzite Unit s.l. of the Talea Ori, central Crete, suggest strikingly different source rocks. Albite gneiss of the lower Rogdia Beds

  9. How Indigenous values shaped a successful multi-year Soil Health program in Aotearoa-New Zealand (presented from both indigenous Māori and western science perspectives) (United States)

    Stevenson, B.; Harmsworth, G.; Kalaugher, E.


    New Zealand is a multicultural society, founded on the Treaty of Waitangi which when enshrined into various legislation and national policy, provides incentive to incorporate indigenous Māori world views into nationally funded science and research programmes. Here we discuss how the integration of indigenous world views and western science were combined in a research proposal that resulted in successful funding for a 5 year collaborative science programme. The programme strives to develop an expanded national soil health framework for New Zealand that will be used by policy makers, local government, indigenous Māori, industry, and primary sector groups to maintain the natural capital and productivity of soils within environmental constraints. Soil health is fundamental to economic, social, and human wellbeing, and provides a myriad of ecosystem and environmental services, such as those sustaining food and fibre production. Typically soil health is defined by "dynamic" soil characteristics that are susceptible to changes in land use or land management over relatively short time frames (years to decades). Soil resilience, however, is a much longer-term concept that is not well captured in current soil health thinking. The Māori world view encapsulates such long term thinking through interconnected Māori values and inter-generational concepts (e.g., whakapapa, rangatiratanga, manawhenua, kaitiakitanga, mauri) that provide the basis for indigenous resource management in Aotearoa-New Zealand. These values and recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi provide authority and rights to manage resources according to tikanga (customs, principles). Māori environmental concepts and knowledge combined with science concepts for understanding soil health and resilience, served as a powerful central theme for the design and implementation of this science program. Māori involvement and capability development are integral to this research effort and we believe the synthesis of Māori

  10. André Pichot, Aux origines des théories raciales. De la Bible à Darwin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anthony Feneuil


    Full Text Available « Le darwinisme n’est pas une théorie scientifique qui a connu maintes dérives idéologiques, c’est une idéologie à qui la génétique a fini par donner un aspect à peu près scientifique » (p. 299. Telle est la thèse qui conduit André Pichot, dans son dernier livre, à opérer un bouleversement des catégories habituelles de pensée : Darwin n’est plus le champion de la vision scientifique du monde en lutte contre la conception obscurantiste du créationnisme et du finalisme religieux, mais l’une de...

  11. Planetary influence in the gap of a protoplanetary disk: structure formation and an application to V1247 Ori (United States)

    Alvarez-Meraz, R.; Nagel, E.; Rendon, F.; Barragan, O.


    We present a set of hydrodynamical models of a planetary system embedded in a protoplanetary disk in order to extract the number of dust structures formed in the disk, their masses and sizes, within optical depth ranges τ≤0.5, 0.5planetary mass accretion corresponds to slower time effects for optically thin structures; (3) an increase in the number of planets allows a faster evolution of the structures in the Hill radius for the different optical depth ranges of the inner planets. An ad-hoc simulation was run using the available information of the stellar system V1247 Ori, leading to a model of a planetary system which explains the SED and is consistent with interferometric observations of structures.

  12. Multiple 5' ends of human cytomegalovirus UL57 transcripts identify a complex, cycloheximide-resistant promoter region that activates oriLyt

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kiehl, Anita; Huang, Lili; Franchi, David; Anders, David G.


    The human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) UL57 gene lies adjacent to HCMV oriLyt, from which it is separated by an organizationally conserved, mostly noncoding region that is thought to both regulate UL57 expression and activate oriLyt function. However, the UL57 promoter has not been studied. We determined the 5' ends of UL57 transcripts toward an understanding of the potential relationship between UL57 expression and oriLyt activation. The results presented here identified three distinct 5' ends spread over 800 bp, at nt 90302, 90530, and 91138; use of these sites exhibited differential sensitivity to phosphonoformic acid treatment. Interestingly, a 10-kb UL57 transcript accumulated in cycloheximide-treated infected cells, even though other early transcripts were not detectable. However, the 10-kb transcript did not accumulate in cells treated with the more stringent translation inhibitor anisomycin. Consistent with the notion that the identified 5' ends arise from distinct transcription start sites, the sequences upstream of sites I and II functioned as promoters responsive to HCMV infection in transient assays. However, the origin-proximal promoter region III required downstream sequences for transcriptional activity. Mutation of candidate core promoter elements suggested that promoter III is regulated by an initiator region (Inr) and a downstream promoter element. Finally, a 42-bp sequence containing the candidate Inr activated a minimal oriLyt core construct in transient replication assays. Thus, these studies showed that a large, complex promoter region with novel features controls UL57 expression, and identified a sequence that regulates both UL57 transcription and oriLyt activation

  13. A tertiary approach to improving equity in health: quantitative analysis of the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) process, 2008-2012. (United States)

    Curtis, Elana; Wikaire, Erena; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Rob; Airini; Reid, Papaarangi


    Achieving health equity for indigenous and ethnic minority populations requires the development of an ethnically diverse health workforce. This study explores a tertiary admission programme targeting Māori and Pacific applicants to nursing, pharmacy and health sciences (a precursor to medicine) at the University of Auckland (UoA), Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ). Application of cognitive and non-cognitive selection tools, including a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), are examined. Indigenous Kaupapa Māori methodology guided analysis of the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) for the years 2008-2012. Multiple logistic regression models were used to identify the predicted effect of admission variables on the final MAPAS recommendation of best starting point for success in health professional study i.e. 'CertHSc' (Certificate in Health Sciences, bridging/foundation), 'Bachelor' (degree-level) or 'Not FMHS' (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences). Regression analyses controlled for interview year, gender and ancestry. Of the 918 MAPAS interviewees: 35% (319) were Māori, 58% (530) Pacific, 7% (68) Māori/Pacific; 71% (653) school leavers; 72% (662) females. The average rank score was 167/320, 40-80 credits below guaranteed FMHS degree offers. Just under half of all interviewees were recommended 'CertHSc' 47% (428), 13% (117) 'Bachelor' and 38% (332) 'Not FMHS' as the best starting point. Strong associations were identified between Bachelor recommendation and exposure to Any 2 Sciences (OR:7.897, CI:3.855-16.175; p workforce development. The application of the MMI within an equity and indigenous cultural context can support a holistic assessment of an applicant's potential to succeed within tertiary study. The new MAPAS admissions process may provide an exemplar for other tertiary institutions looking to widen participation via equity-targeted admission processes.

  14. Do community-dwelling Māori and Pacific peoples present with dementia at a younger age and at a later stage compared with NZ Europeans? (United States)

    Cullum, Sarah; Mullin, Katherine; Zeng, Irene; Yates, Susan; Payman, Vahid; Fisher, Mark; Cheung, Gary


    Ethnicity may affect presentation to clinical services in people with dementia; however, no studies have examined this in Māori or Pacific peoples in New Zealand (NZ). Our objective was to examine the routinely collected clinical data from a memory assessment service in South Auckland to examine the presentation of dementia in the major NZ ethnic groups. A total of 360 patients presenting to a memory service with a new diagnosis of dementia were included in this study. Demographic data (age, sex, and ethnicity) and dementia sub-type and severity were analyzed. There were 142 NZ European (mean age: 79.2, SD 7.4), 43 Māori (mean age: 70.2, SD 7.6), 126 Pacific (mean age: 74.3, SD 7.6), and 49 other ethnicities (mean age: 78.0, SD 8.5) presenting with a new diagnosis of dementia. After adjustment for gender and dementia subtype, Māori and Pacific patients were 8.5 and 5.3 years younger than NZ European patients (P < 0.0001). Pacific peoples tended to present with more advanced dementia (OR = 1.63, 95% CI: 0.98-2.70, P = 0.06) after adjustment for age and gender. There was little difference in the subtypes of dementia between ethnic groups. Māori and Pacific peoples with dementia presented to an NZ memory service at a younger age than NZ Europeans, and Pacific peoples presented with more advanced dementia. A population-based epidemiological study is critical to determine whether Māori and Pacific peoples have indeed a higher risk of developing dementia at a younger age. Copyright © 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fischer, William J.; Megeath, S. Thomas; Kounkel, Marina [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo, 2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606 (United States); Tobin, John J. [National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 (United States); Stutz, Amelia M.; Henning, Thomas [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie, Koenigstuhl 17, D-69117 Heidelberg (Germany); Ali, Babar [NHSC/IPAC/Caltech, 770 South Wilson Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); Remming, Ian; Manoj, P. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, 500 Wilson Boulevard, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627 (United States); Stanke, Thomas [ESO, Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2, D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen (Germany); Osorio, Mayra [Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, CSIC, Camino Bajo de Huetor 50, E-18008, Granada (Spain); Wilson, T. L., E-mail: [Naval Research Laboratory, 4555 Overlook Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20375 (United States)


    Individual outbursting young stars are important laboratories for studying the physics of episodic accretion and the extent to which this phenomenon can explain the luminosity distribution of protostars. We present new and archival data for V2775 Ori (HOPS 223), a protostar in the L 1641 region of the Orion molecular clouds that was discovered by Caratti o Garatti et al. to have recently undergone an order-of-magnitude increase in luminosity. Our near-infrared spectra of the source have strong blueshifted He I {lambda}10830 absorption, strong H{sub 2}O and CO absorption, and no H I emission, all typical of FU Orionis sources. With data from the Infrared Telescope Facility, the Two Micron All Sky Survey, the Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer, the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, Herschel, and the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment that span from 1 to 70 {mu}m pre-outburst and from 1 to 870 {mu}m post-outburst, we estimate that the outburst began between 2005 April and 2007 March. We also model the pre- and post-outburst spectral energy distributions of the source, finding it to be in the late stages of accreting its envelope with a disk-to-star accretion rate that increased from {approx}2 Multiplication-Sign 10{sup -6} M{sub Sun} yr{sup -1} to {approx}10{sup -5} M{sub Sun} yr{sup -1} during the outburst. The post-outburst luminosity at the epoch of the FU Orionis-like near-IR spectra is 28 L{sub Sun }, making V2775 Ori the least luminous documented FU Orionis outburster with a protostellar envelope. The existence of low-luminosity outbursts supports the notion that a range of episiodic accretion phenomena can partially explain the observed spread in protostellar luminosities.

  16. Role of the urate transporter SLC2A9 gene in susceptibility to gout in New Zealand Māori, Pacific Island, and Caucasian case-control sample sets. (United States)

    Hollis-Moffatt, Jade E; Xu, Xin; Dalbeth, Nicola; Merriman, Marilyn E; Topless, Ruth; Waddell, Chloe; Gow, Peter J; Harrison, Andrew A; Highton, John; Jones, Peter B B; Stamp, Lisa K; Merriman, Tony R


    To examine the role of genetic variation in the renal urate transporter SLC2A9 in gout in New Zealand sample sets of Māori, Pacific Island, and Caucasian ancestry and to determine if the Māori and Pacific Island samples could be useful for fine-mapping. Patients (n= 56 Māori, 69 Pacific Island, and 131 Caucasian) were recruited from rheumatology outpatient clinics and satisfied the American College of Rheumatology criteria for gout. The control samples comprised 125 Māori subjects, 41 Pacific Island subjects, and 568 Caucasian subjects without arthritis. SLC2A9 single-nucleotide polymorphisms rs16890979 (V253I), rs5028843, rs11942223, and rs12510549 were genotyped (possible etiologic variants in Caucasians). Association of the major allele of rs16890979, rs11942223, and rs5028843 with gout was observed in all sample sets (P = 3.7 x 10(-7), 1.6 x 10(-6), and 7.6 x 10(-5) for rs11942223 in the Māori, Pacific Island, and Caucasian samples, respectively). One 4-marker haplotype (1/1/2/1; more prevalent in the Māori and Pacific Island control samples) was not observed in a single gout case. Our data confirm a role of SLC2A9 in gout susceptibility in a New Zealand Caucasian sample set, with the effect on risk (odds ratio >2.0) greater than previous estimates. We also demonstrate association of SLC2A9 with gout in samples of Māori and Pacific Island ancestry and a consistent pattern of haplotype association. The presence of both alleles of rs16890979 on susceptibility and protective haplotypes in the Māori and Pacific Island sample is evidence against a role for this nonsynonymous variant as the sole etiologic agent. More extensive linkage disequilibrium in Māori and Pacific Island samples suggests that Caucasian samples may be more useful for fine-mapping.

  17. Metastable phases freezing from melts of reciprocal systems PbX + CdI2=CdX + PbI2 (X=S, Se, Te)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odin, I.N.; Chukichev, M.V.


    The transformations in the mutual PbX + CdI 2 =CdX + PbI 2 (X=S, Se, Te) systems leading to the crystallization of metastable polytypical modifications of lead iodide in metastable ternary compounds are studied for the first time. Microstructural and X-ray diffraction analyses were conducted. Their phase diagrams were constructed. The luminescence properties of the stable and metastable modifications of the lead iodide and the metastable compound Pb 4 SeI 6 were investigated. The lines 504 and 512 nm are noted in the 2H-PbI 2 cathodoluminescence spectra. The close lines - 508 and 516 nm provide for the 6R-PbI 2 modification. The metastable compound Pb 4 SeI 6 is characterized by the 769 and 868 nm lines [ru

  18. T-x-y diagrams for reciprocal systems PbX + CdI2 = CdX + PbI2 (X=S, Se, Te)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odin, I.N.


    The present research is undertaken in search of the new complex phases with interesting physical properties. The synthesized samples was analyzed by differential thermal, X-ray diffraction and microstructural methods. The diagonal cross-section CdTe - PbI 2 of the mutual PbTe + CdI 2 = CdTe + PbI 2 system is stable. The T-x phase diagram of the CdTe - PbI 2 system possess eutectic type, the coordinates of eutectic point is 657 ± 2 K, 15 ± 1 mol. % of CdTe. The lead iodide based solid solutions with the mixed structure and the CdTe based solid solutions take place in the equilibria. Solid CdTe dissolves 0.2 mol. % PbI 2 . The fields of the primary crystallization of the CdTe, Pb 1-x Cd x I 2 , PbTe based solid solutions are on the liquidus surface [ru

  19. Théories à processus duaux et théories de l’éducation : le cas de l’enseignement de la pensée critique et de la logique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillaume Beaulac


    Full Text Available Plusieurs théories de l’enseignement de la logique et de la pensée critique prennent pour acquis que l’apprentissage théorique, celui des règles formelles par exemple, et son application pratique sont suffisants pour maîtriser les outils enseignés et pour prendre l’habitude de les mettre en usage. Toutefois, tout indique que cet enseignement n’est pas efficace, une conclusion supportée par plusieurs travaux en sciences cognitives. Approcher l’étude de la cognition évolutionnairement avec les théories à processus duaux permet une explication de ces insuffisances, tout en offrant des pistes pour aborder l’enseignement de la pensée critique et de la logique de manière plus efficace. Dans cet article, nous souhaitons présenter cette approche et explorer ces pistes de solution afin de faire quelques recommandations pédagogiques et mettre en place un cadre théorique. Nous présenterons un exemple d’application de ce programme de recherche avec la philosophie pour enfants.Many theories about the teaching of logic and critical thinking take for granted that theoretical learning, the learning of formal rules for example, and its practical application are sufficient to master the tools taught and to take the habit of using them. However, this way of teaching is not efficient, a conclusion supported by much work in cognitive science. Approaching cognition evolutionarily with dual-process theories allows for an explanation of these insufficiencies and offers clues on how we could teach critical thinking and logic more efficiently. In this article, we want to present this approach and explore these leads in order to make some pedagogical recommendations and lay the foundations of a framework. We will put forward an example of the application of this research program with philosophy for children

  20. Crystal growth and scintillation properties of Pr-doped SrI2 single crystals (United States)

    Yokota, Yuui; Ito, Tomoki; Yoshino, Masao; Yamaji, Akihiro; Ohashi, Yuji; Kurosawa, Shunsuke; Kamada, Kei; Yoshikawa, Akira


    Pr-doped SrI2 (Pr:SrI2) single crystals with various Pr concentrations were grown by the halide-micro-pulling-down (H-μ-PD) method, and the scintillation properties were investigated. Pr1%:SrI2 single crystal with high transparency could be grown by the H-μ-PD method while Pr2, 3 and 5%:SrI2 single crystals included some cracks and opaque parts. In the photoluminescence spectrum of the Pr1%:SrI2 single crystal, an emission peak originated from the Pr3+ ion was observed around 435 nm while the radioluminescence spectra showed an emission peak around 535 nm for the undoped SrI2 and Pr:SrI2 single crystals. Light yields of Pr1, 2, 3 and 5%:SrI2 single crystals under γ-ray irradiation were 7700, 8700, 7200 and 6700 photons/MeV, respectively. Decay times of Pr1 and 2%:SrI2 single crystals under γ-ray irradiation were 55.9 and 35.0 ns of the fast decay component, and 435 and 408 ns of the slow decay component, respectively.

  1. Electronic and structural properties of B i2S e3:Cu (United States)

    Sobczak, Kamil; Strak, Pawel; Kempisty, Pawel; Wolos, Agnieszka; Hruban, Andrzej; Materna, Andrzej; Borysiuk, Jolanta


    Electronic and structural properties of B i2S e3 and its extension to copper doped B i2S e3:Cu were studied using combined ab initio simulations and transmission electron microscopy based techniques, including electron energy loss spectroscopy, energy filtered transmission electron microscopy, and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. The stability of the mixed phases was investigated for substitutional and intercalation changes of basic B i2S e3 structure. Four systems were compared: B i2S e3 , structures obtaining by Cu intercalation of the van der Waals gap, by substitution of Bi by Cu in quintuple layers, and C u2Se . The structures were identified and their electronic properties were obtained. Transmission electron microscopy measurements of B i2S e3 and the B i2S e3:Cu system identified the first structure as uniform and the second as composite, consisting of a nonuniform lower-Cu-content matrix and randomly distributed high-Cu-concentration precipitates. Critical comparison of the ab initio and experimental data identified the matrix as having a B i2S e3 dominant part with randomly distributed Cu-intercalated regions having 1Cu-B i2S e3 structure. The precipitates were determined to have 3Cu-B i2S e3 structure.

  2. Quantitative analysis of a Māori and Pacific admission process on first-year health study. (United States)

    Curtis, Elana; Wikaire, Erena; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Robert; Airini; Reid, Papaarangi


    Universities should provide flexible and inclusive selection and admission policies to increase equity in access and outcomes for indigenous and ethnic minority students. This study investigates an equity-targeted admissions process, involving a Multiple Mini Interview and objective testing, advising Māori and Pacific students on their best starting point for academic success towards a career in medicine, nursing, health sciences and pharmacy. All Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) interviewees enrolled in bridging/foundation or degree-level programmes at the University of Auckland were identified (2009 to 2012). Generalised linear regression models estimated the predicted effects of admission variables (e.g. MAPAS Maths Test; National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Rank Score; Any 2 Sciences; Followed MAPAS Advice) on first year academic outcomes (i.e. Grade Point Average (GPA) and Passes All Courses) adjusting for MAPAS interview year, gender, ancestry and school decile. 368 First Year Tertiary (bridging/foundation or degree-level) and 242 First Year Bachelor (degree-level only) students were investigated. NCEA Rank Score (estimate 0.26, CI: 0.18-0.34, pMAPAS Advice Followed (1.26, CI: 0.18-1.34, p = 0.0002); Exposure to Any 2 Sciences (0.651, CI: 0.15-1.15, p = 0.012); and MAPAS Mathematics Test (0.14, CI: 0.02-0.26, p = 0.0186) variables were strongly associated with an increase in First Year Tertiary GPA. The odds of passing all courses in First Year Tertiary study was 5.4 times higher for students who Followed MAPAS Advice (CI: 2.35-12.39; pMAPAS Advice had an average GPA that was 1.1 points higher for all eight (CI: 0.45-1.73; p = 0.0009) and Core 4 courses (CI: 0.60-2.04; p = 0.0004). The MAPAS admissions process was strongly associated with positive academic outcomes in the first year of tertiary study. Universities should invest in a comprehensive admissions process that includes alternative entry pathways for

  3. Murillo y los orígenes de la iconografía del Niño Jesús dormido sobre la cruz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nerea V. Pérez López


    Full Text Available Murillo realizó varias pinturas del Niño Jesús dormido sobre la cruz, creando una serie de modelos iconográficos que fueron muy seguidos. Aunque es un tema en auge en la Contrarreforma, sus orígenes se encuentran en las visiones de santas, en los textos religiosos y literarios y en la adaptación de otras tipologías iconográficas de origen pagano, alegórico y religioso. En este artículo se rastrean los orígenes de la iconografía del Niño Jesús dormido y su presencia en la obra del pintor español Murillo.

  4. La théorie sémiotique littéraire de Michael Riffaterre : matrice, intertexte et interprétant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Hopkins


    Full Text Available Cette communication présentée lors d’un séminaire du CNA, présente une vision de la théorie littéraire de Michael Riffaterre et propose d’en compléter la portée par un apport théorique nouveau. La dernière partie examine les rapports de la théorie riffaterrienne avec le roman. Sémiotique, poésie, matrice, structure bimatricielle, Riffaterre, Baudelaire. Puisque je parle aux confins du Centre de Narratologie Appliquée, où l’on s’intéresse principalement aux questions de la structure et de...

  5. Increasing the electrical anisotropy of solution-grown PbI2 thin films by addition of CdI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ponpon, J.P.; Amann, M.


    In the present study up to 20% CdI 2 has been added to a lead iodide-water solution, which is used to grow PbI 2 polycrystalline thin films. As a result, a significant increase in the anisotropy of the lead iodide film's electrical properties has been observed: the resistivity in the direction parallel to the c-axis reached 10 15 Ω cm but did not change significantly in the orthogonal direction. This behavior can be explained by the modification of the transport properties related to the crystallographic structure of the films along the c-axis. As suggested by thermally stimulated current measurements, only a small number of the Cd atoms incorporated into the PbI 2 lattice could behave as dopants.

  6. PA12 Is digital storytelling ka pai for new zealand māori? using digital storytelling as a method to explore whānau end of life caregiving experiences: a pilot study. (United States)

    Williams, Lisa; Moeke-Maxwell, Tess; Kothari, Shuchi; Pearson, Sarina; Gott, Merryn; Black, Stella; Frey, Rosemary; Wharemate, Rawiri; Hansen, Whio


    ori regard stories as a preferred method for imparting knowledge through waiata (song), moteatea (poetry), kauwhau (moralistic tale), pakiwaitara (story) and purakau (myths). Storytelling is also an expression of tinorangatiratanga (self-determination); Māori have the right to manage their knowledge, which includes embodiment in forms transcending typical western formulations. Digital storytelling is a process by which 'ordinary people' create short autobiographical videos. It has found application in numerous disciplines including public health and has been used to articulatethe experiences of those often excluded from knowledge production. To explore the use of digital storytelling as a research method for learning about whānau (family) experiences providing end of life care for kaumātua (older people). Eight Māori and their nominated co-creators attended a three-day digital story telling workshop led by co-researchers Shuchi Kothari and Sarina Pearson. They were guided in the creation of first-person digital stories about caring for kaumātua. The videos were shared at a group screening, and participants completed questionnaires about the workshop and their videos. A Kaupapa Māori narrative analysis was applied to their stories to gain new perspectives on Māori end of life caregiving practices. (Kaupapa Maori research privileges Maori worldviews and indigenous knowledge systems.) Digital storytelling is an appropriate method as Māori is an oral/aural society. It allows Māori to share their stories with others, thus promoting community support at the end of life, befitting a public health approach. Digital storytelling can be a useful method for Māori to express their experiences providing end of life caregiving. © 2015, Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  7. Automated Report Generation for Research Data Repositories: From i2b2 to PDF. (United States)

    Thiemann, Volker S; Xu, Tingyan; Röhrig, Rainer; Majeed, Raphael W


    We developed an automated toolchain to generate reports of i2b2 data. It is based on free open source software and runs on a Java Application Server. It is sucessfully used in an ED registry project. The solution is highly configurable and portable to other projects based on i2b2 or compatible factual data sources.

  8. A Disulfide Bond-forming Machine Is Linked to the Sortase-mediated Pilus Assembly Pathway in the Gram-positive Bacterium Actinomyces oris* (United States)

    Reardon-Robinson, Melissa E.; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Chang, Chungyu; Wu, Chenggang; Jooya, Neda; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Das, Asis; Ton-That, Hung


    Export of cell surface pilins in Gram-positive bacteria likely occurs by the translocation of unfolded precursor polypeptides; however, how the unfolded pilins gain their native conformation is presently unknown. Here, we present physiological studies to demonstrate that the FimA pilin of Actinomyces oris contains two disulfide bonds. Alanine substitution of cysteine residues forming the C-terminal disulfide bridge abrogates pilus assembly, in turn eliminating biofilm formation and polymicrobial interaction. Transposon mutagenesis of A. oris yielded a mutant defective in adherence to Streptococcus oralis, and revealed the essential role of a vitamin K epoxide reductase (VKOR) gene in pilus assembly. Targeted deletion of vkor results in the same defects, which are rescued by ectopic expression of VKOR, but not a mutant containing an alanine substitution in its conserved CXXC motif. Depletion of mdbA, which encodes a membrane-bound thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase, abrogates pilus assembly and alters cell morphology. Remarkably, overexpression of MdbA or a counterpart from Corynebacterium diphtheriae, rescues the Δvkor mutant. By alkylation assays, we demonstrate that VKOR is required for MdbA reoxidation. Furthermore, crystallographic studies reveal that A. oris MdbA harbors a thioredoxin-like fold with the conserved CXXC active site. Consistently, each MdbA enzyme catalyzes proper disulfide bond formation within FimA in vitro that requires the catalytic CXXC motif. Because the majority of signal peptide-containing proteins encoded by A. oris possess multiple Cys residues, we propose that MdbA and VKOR constitute a major folding machine for the secretome of this organism. This oxidative protein folding pathway may be a common feature in Actinobacteria. PMID:26170452

  9. A Disulfide Bond-forming Machine Is Linked to the Sortase-mediated Pilus Assembly Pathway in the Gram-positive Bacterium Actinomyces oris. (United States)

    Reardon-Robinson, Melissa E; Osipiuk, Jerzy; Chang, Chungyu; Wu, Chenggang; Jooya, Neda; Joachimiak, Andrzej; Das, Asis; Ton-That, Hung


    Export of cell surface pilins in Gram-positive bacteria likely occurs by the translocation of unfolded precursor polypeptides; however, how the unfolded pilins gain their native conformation is presently unknown. Here, we present physiological studies to demonstrate that the FimA pilin of Actinomyces oris contains two disulfide bonds. Alanine substitution of cysteine residues forming the C-terminal disulfide bridge abrogates pilus assembly, in turn eliminating biofilm formation and polymicrobial interaction. Transposon mutagenesis of A. oris yielded a mutant defective in adherence to Streptococcus oralis, and revealed the essential role of a vitamin K epoxide reductase (VKOR) gene in pilus assembly. Targeted deletion of vkor results in the same defects, which are rescued by ectopic expression of VKOR, but not a mutant containing an alanine substitution in its conserved CXXC motif. Depletion of mdbA, which encodes a membrane-bound thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase, abrogates pilus assembly and alters cell morphology. Remarkably, overexpression of MdbA or a counterpart from Corynebacterium diphtheriae, rescues the Δvkor mutant. By alkylation assays, we demonstrate that VKOR is required for MdbA reoxidation. Furthermore, crystallographic studies reveal that A. oris MdbA harbors a thioredoxin-like fold with the conserved CXXC active site. Consistently, each MdbA enzyme catalyzes proper disulfide bond formation within FimA in vitro that requires the catalytic CXXC motif. Because the majority of signal peptide-containing proteins encoded by A. oris possess multiple Cys residues, we propose that MdbA and VKOR constitute a major folding machine for the secretome of this organism. This oxidative protein folding pathway may be a common feature in Actinobacteria. © 2015 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  10. A tertiary approach to improving equity in health: quantitative analysis of the M?ori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) process, 2008?2012


    Curtis, Elana; Wikaire, Erena; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Rob; Airini,; Reid, Papaarangi


    Introduction Achieving health equity for indigenous and ethnic minority populations requires the development of an ethnically diverse health workforce. This study explores a tertiary admission programme targeting M?ori and Pacific applicants to nursing, pharmacy and health sciences (a precursor to medicine) at the University of Auckland (UoA), Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ). Application of cognitive and non-cognitive selection tools, including a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), are examined. Methods...

  11. Mob/oriT, a mobilizable site-specific recombination system for unmarked genetic manipulation in Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus cereus. (United States)

    Wang, Pengxia; Zhu, Yiguang; Zhang, Yuyang; Zhang, Chunyi; Xu, Jianyi; Deng, Yun; Peng, Donghai; Ruan, Lifang; Sun, Ming


    Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus cereus are two important species in B. cereus group. The intensive study of these strains at the molecular level and construction of genetically modified bacteria requires the development of efficient genetic tools. To insert genes into or delete genes from bacterial chromosomes, marker-less manipulation methods were employed. We present a novel genetic manipulation method for B. thuringiensis and B. cereus strains that does not leave selection markers. Our approach takes advantage of the relaxase Mob02281 encoded by plasmid pBMB0228 from Bacillus thuringiensis. In addition to its mobilization function, this Mob protein can mediate recombination between oriT sites. The Mob02281 mobilization module was associated with a spectinomycin-resistance gene to form a Mob-Spc cassette, which was flanked by the core 24-bp oriT sequences from pBMB0228. A strain in which the wild-type chromosome was replaced with the modified copy containing the Mob-Spc cassette at the target locus was obtained via homologous recombination. Thus, the spectinomycin-resistance gene can be used to screen for Mob-Spc cassette integration mutants. Recombination between the two oriT sequences mediated by Mob02281, encoded by the Mob-Spc cassette, resulted in the excision of the Mob-Spc cassette, producing the desired chromosomal alteration without introducing unwanted selection markers. We used this system to generate an in-frame deletion of a target gene in B. thuringiensis as well as a gene located in an operon of B. cereus. Moreover, we demonstrated that this system can be used to introduce a single gene or an expression cassette of interest in B. thuringiensis. The Mob/oriT recombination system provides an efficient method for unmarked genetic manipulation and for constructing genetically modified bacteria of B. thuringiensis and B. cereus. Our method extends the available genetic tools for B. thuringiensis and B. cereus strains.

  12. Analysis of HgI2 and PbI2 crystals and detectors by particle-induced x-ray emission (PIXE) and ion backscattering spectroscopy (IBS)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bench, G.S.; Heikkinen, D.W.; Antolak, A.J.; Morse, D.H.; Pontau, A.E.; James, R.B.; David, D.C.; Burger, A.; Van Den Berg, L.


    The Ion Micro-Analysis Group (IMAG) in Livermore conducts quantitative trace elemental analysis with PIXE and depth profiling with IBS using an MeV ion microbeam. The system has the capability to produce two-dimensional trace element and IBS images. PIXE analyses have been conducted on HgI 2 and PbI 2 crystals and detector materials in order to identify and quantify near surface trace contaminants. IBS measurements have been conducted to investigate elemental depth distributions in various materials. The results of measurements on several different samples are reported and a discussion of factors affecting quantitative in vacuo microanalysis of these materials is presented

  13. Phase diagrams of high-order critical phenomene and high-temperature equilibria in the H2O-HgI2-PbI2 system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Valyashko, V.M.; Urusova, M.A.


    The paper studies the principal schemes of complete state diagram of volatile component-two non-volatile components three-component system with tricritical point and sequence of phase transformations at variation of temperature, pressure and composition of mixture. H 2 O-HgI 2 -PbI 2 system, solid phase dissolving process, stratification of solutions and critical phenomena under 200-400 deg C are studied experimentally. General nature of the system phase diagram and parameters of three-phase equilibrium critical point (tricritical point), that is, gas-liquid 1 -liquid 2 are determined. 17 refs., 8 figs., 3 tabs

  14. Polytypism in CdI2: a consequence of restrictions in close-packed arrangements

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wahab, M.A.; Kant, R.


    Based on theoretical and experimental observations, it has been established that the polytypes 2H and 4H act as basic structural units as regard to the formation of CdI 2 polytypes. As a result of this, some general rules have been formulated which help understand (i) the nature of restrictions in the close-packed arrangements and to deduce the genuine CdI 2 polytypes, and (ii) the classification of CdI 2 polytypes into various possible groups. This further helps to conclude that (i) the CdI 2 polytypes are simply a consequence of restrictions in the close-packed arrangements, (ii) the concept of stacking fault is superfluous as far as the formation of ordered polytypes are concerned, and (iii) the identification of CdI 2 polytypes on the basis of intensity data has limited implications unless some practical use of polytypes are found. (author)

  15. A protein that binds to the P1 origin core and the oriC 13mer region in a methylation-specific fashion is the product of the host seqA gene. (United States)

    Brendler, T; Abeles, A; Austin, S


    The P1 plasmid replication origin P1oriR is controlled by methylation of four GATC adenine methylation sites within heptamer repeats. A comparable (13mer) region is present in the host origin, oriC. The two origins show comparable responses to methylation; negative control by recognition of hemimethylated DNA (sequestration) and a positive requirement for methylation for efficient function. We have isolated a host protein that recognizes the P1 origin region only when it is isolated from a strain proficient for adenine methylation. The substantially purified 22 kDa protein also binds to the 13mer region of oriC in a methylation-specific fashion. It proved to be the product of the seqA gene that acts in the negative control of oriC by sequestration. We conclude that the role of the SeqA protein in sequestration is to recognize the methylation state of P1oriR and oriC by direct DNA binding. Using synthetic substrates we show that SeqA binds exclusively to the hemimethylated forms of these origins forms that are the immediate products of replication in a methylation-proficient strain. We also show that the protein can recognize sequences with multiple GATC sites, irrespective of the surrounding sequence. The basis for origin specificity is primarily the persistence of hemimethylated forms that are over-represented in the natural. DNA preparations relative to controls.

  16. Relational Resilience in Māori, Pacific, and European Sole Parent Families: From Theory and Research to Social Policy. (United States)

    Waldegrave, Charles; King, Peter; Maniapoto, Maria; Tamasese, Taimalieutu Kiwi; Parsons, Tafaoimalo Loudeen; Sullivan, Ginny


    This study reports findings and policy recommendations from a research project that applied a relational resilience framework to a study of 60 sole parent families in New Zealand, with approximately equal numbers of Māori, Pacific, and European (White) participants. The sole parent families involved were already known to be resilient and the study focused on identifying the relationships and strategies underlying the achievement and maintenance of their resilience. The study was carried out to provide an evidence base for the development and implementation of policies and interventions to both support sole parent families who have achieved resilience and assist those who struggle to do so. The three populations shared many similarities in their pathways to becoming sole parents and the challenges they faced as sole parents. The coping strategies underlying their demonstrated resilience were also broadly similar, but the ways in which they were carried out did vary in a manner that particularly reflected cultural practices in terms of their reliance upon extended family-based support or support from outside the family. The commonalities support the appropriateness of the common conceptual framework used, whereas the differences underline the importance of developing nuanced policy responses that take into account cultural differences between the various populations to which policy initiatives are directed. © 2016 Family Process Institute.

  17. The N-terminus of porcine circovirus type 2 replication protein is required for nuclear localization and ori binding activities

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lin, W.-L.; Chien, M.-S.; Du, Y.-W.; Wu, P.-C.; Huang Chienjin


    Porcine circovirus type 2 possesses a circular, single-stranded DNA genome that requires the replication protein (Rep) for virus replication. To characterize the DNA binding potential and the significant region that confers the nuclear localization of the Rep protein, the defined coding regions of rep gene were cloned and expressed. All of the recombinant proteins except for the N-terminal 110 residues deletion mutant could bind to the double-stranded minimal binding site of replication origin (ori). In addition, the N-terminal deletion mutant lacking 110 residues exhibited mainly cytoplasmic staining in the transfected cells in contrast to the others, which localized dominantly in the nucleus, suggesting that this N-terminal domain is essential for nuclear localization. Furthermore, a series of green fluorescence proteins (GFP) containing potential nuclear localization signal (NLS) sequences were tested for their cellular distribution. The ability of the utmost 20 residues of the N-terminal region to target the GFP to the nucleus confirmed its role as a functional NLS.

  18. Sartre et sa théorie des émotions : une confrontation avec Erving Goffman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claude Javeau


    Full Text Available L’auteur confronte les positions de Jean-Paul Sartre et Erving Goffman. Dans son ouvrage de 1938, Esquisse d’une théorie des émotions, Jean-Paul Sartre propose une approche phénoménologique prenant doublement ses distances avec la psychanalyse et le béhaviourisme, posant l’émotion comme dégradation spontanée et vécue de la conscience en face du monde, le corps n’étant étrangement dans ce contexte rien d’autre que la croyance vécue de la conscience. L’auteur compare cette position avec la définition goffmanienne de la « situation sociale », qui identifie l’émotion comme une perturbation dans l’ordre normal du déroulement des interactions circonscrites dans la situation. L’interactionnisme symbolique est confronté à l’existentialisme sartrien et à sa position d’une structure magique sous-jacente du monde, en faisant de l’une le miroir de l’autre. Bien que s’inscrivant tous deux dans le courant phénoménologique, Jean-Paul Sartre et Erving Goffman sont ici saisis dans leur stratégie d’évitement des théories psychologiques. En conclusion est posée la question du statut heuristique à conférer au concept de « magique » invoqué par Jean-Paul Sartre.Sartre and his theory of emotions: a confrontation with GoffmanThe author confronts the positions of Jean-Paul Sartre and Erving Goffman. In his Esquisse d’une théorie des émotions (1938, Jean-Paul Sartre proposes a phenomenological approach. Taking his distances both with psychoanalysis and behaviourism, he places emotion as a spontaneous and experienced degradation of the conscience confronted with the world; the body thus becoming strangely nothing other than the experienced belief of consciousness. The author compares this position with Goffman’s definition of the “social situation”. Here, emotion is identified as a disturbance intervening in the normal order of the sequence of events delimited by the situation. Symbolic

  19. [Depressor anguli oris sign (DAO) in facial paresis. How to search it and release the smile (technical note)]. (United States)

    Labbé, D; Bénichou, L; Iodice, A; Giot, J-P


    After facial paralysis recovery, it is common to note a co-contraction between depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle and zygomatic muscles. This DAO co-contraction will "obstruct" the patient's smile. The purpose of this technical note is to show how to find the DAO sign and how to free up the smile. TECHNICAL: This co-contraction between the zygomatic muscles and DAO research is placing a finger on marionette line, asking the patient to smile: we perceive a rope under the skin corresponding to the abnormal contraction and powerful DAO. A diagnostic test with lidocaine injection into the DAO can be performed to confirm the diagnosis. The treatment of pathological DAO's contraction can be by injection of botulinum toxin in the DAO, or by surgical myectomy. In all cases, a speech therapy complete the treatment. The DAO sign is a semiological entity easy to find. His treatment releases smile without negative effect on the facial expression as the DAO is especially useful in the expression of disgust. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  20. Milk Fat Globule-Epidermal Growth Factor-8 Pretreatment Attenuates Apoptosis and Inflammation via the Integrin-β3 Pathway after Surgical Brain Injury in Rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yicai Xiao


    Full Text Available Iatrogenic brain injury inevitably occurs in neurosurgical operations, leading to brain edema, ischemia, intracranial hematoma, and other postoperative complications, eventually worsening neurological outcomes of patients. If apoptotic cells are not rapidly eliminated by phagocytic engulfment, they may communicate with surrounding cells to undergo secondary necrosis and releasing toxic signals. Recent studies have shown that milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-8 (MFGE8, which promotes phagocytosis and inhibits inflammation, is an endogenous protective factor in response to brain infarction, Alzheimer’s disease, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and prion disease. In the present study, we sought to investigate the different effects of both pretreated and posttreated recombinant milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-8 (rhMFGE8 for the surgical brain injury (SBI rat model and potential involvement of its receptor integrin β3 for apoptosis and neuroinflammation after SBI. One hundred and sixty-seven male rats were employed in the preset study. Experiment 1 was performed to evaluate neurological scores and MFGE8, cleaved caspase-3 (CC3, and interleukine-1 beta (IL-1β levels at 3, 24, and 120 h after SBI. Experiment 2 was performed to evaluate the effects of rhMFGE8 pretreatment (10 min before SBI and rhMFGE8 posttreatment (6 h after SBI on brain edema at 24 and 72 h after SBI. Experiment 3 was performed to evaluate the potential anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory effects of rhMFGE8 pretreatment and posttreatment. Experiment 4 sought to investigate the involvement of the integrin-β3 signal in the effects of MFGE8 pretreatment. Our data showed rhMFGE8 pretreatment alleviated neurological deficits and decreased brain water content and apoptotic cells in the SBI model, which exhibited neurological dysfunction, apoptosis, and inflammation. Meanwhile, MFGE8 siRNA, which inhibited endogenous MFGE8 expression, significantly increased IL-1

  1. I2D: code for conversion of ISOTXS structured data to DTF and ANISN structured tables

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Resnik, W.M. II.


    The I2D code converts neutron cross-section data written in the standard interface file format called ISOTXS to a matrix structured format commonly called DTF tables. Several BCD and binary output options are available including FIDO (ANISN) format. The I2D code adheres to the guidelines established by the Committee on Computer Code Coordination for standardized code development. Since some machine dependency is inherent regardless of the degree of standardization, provisions have been made in the I2D code for easy implementation on either short-word machines (IBM) or on long-word machines (CDC). 3 figures, 5 tables

  2. Elevated serum milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor 8 levels in type 2 diabetic patients are suppressed by overweight or obese status. (United States)

    Li, Yuanyuan; Ran, Wenzhuo; Zhang, Jiaqiang; Chen, Shi; Li, Yihang; Luo, Deng; Wang, Chen; Jia, Weiping


    Inflammation is the most important link between obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D). Although milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor 8 (MFG-E8) is a key mediator in anti-inflammatory responses, its role in obesity and diabetes is not yet completely understood. We aimed to measure MFG-E8 serum levels and to explore the role of MFG-E8 in obesity and T2D. Fasting serum MFG-E8 levels were quantified by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for 168 individuals, whose oral glucose tolerance test was conducted, and levels of inflammatory factors, including tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and C-reactive protein, were measured. The participants were subdivided into 66 newly diagnosed T2D individuals, 44 impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) subjects and 58 healthy controls. Their characteristics were further classified as lean or nonlean for investigation. MFG-E8 levels were significantly higher in T2D subjects than in healthy controls (P = 0.028). Decreased levels of MFG-E8 were found in overweight or obese individuals, compared to those in lean subjects, in both the T2D and IGT groups (P obesity and T2D in the clinical setting. © 2017 IUBMB Life, 69(2):63-71, 2017. © 2017 International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

  3. Molten Globule-Like Partially Folded State of Bacillus licheniformis α-Amylase at Low pH Induced by 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoroisopropanol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adyani Azizah Abd Halim


    Full Text Available Effect of 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP on acid-denatured Bacillus licheniformis α-amylase (BLA at pH 2.0 was investigated by far-UV CD, intrinsic fluorescence, and ANS fluorescence measurements. Addition of increasing HFIP concentrations led to an increase in the mean residue ellipticity at 222 nm (MRE222 nm up to 1.5 M HFIP concentration beyond which it sloped off. A small increase in the intrinsic fluorescence and a marked increase in the ANS fluorescence were also observed up to 0.4 M HFIP concentration, both of which decreased thereafter. Far- and near-UV CD spectra of the HFIP-induced state observed at 0.4 M HFIP showed significant retention of the secondary structures closer to native BLA but a disordered tertiary structure. Increase in the ANS fluorescence intensity was also observed with the HFIP-induced state, suggesting exposure of the hydrophobic clusters to the solvent. Furthermore, thermal denaturation of HFIP-induced state showed a non-cooperative transition. Taken together, all these results suggested that HFIP-induced state of BLA represented a molten globule-like state at pH 2.0.

  4. Viscosity of HI-I2-H2O solution at atmospheric pressure

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chen, Songzhe; Zhang, Ping; Wang, Laijun; Xu, Jingming; Gao, Mengxue


    Iodine-Sulfur thermochemical cycle (IS-cycle) is one of the most promising massive hydrogen production methods. Basic properties data of the HI-I 2 -H 2 O solution involved in the HI decomposition section of IS-cycle are found to be very important. HI, I 2 , and H 2 O make up a highly non-ideal solution system. Viscosity and its variation with the composition/temperature are very essential for the flowsheet work and HI-H 2 O-I 2 solution’s fluid simulation, especially in the distillation and electro-electrodialysis processes. In this paper, viscosity values of HI-H 2 O-I 2 solutions were measured at atmospheric pressure and varying temperatures (from 20 to 125 ºC). As for the composition, the HI/H2O molar ratio of the samples ranged from 1:5.36 to 1:12.00, while the HI/I 2 molar ratio from 1.0 to 1.4.0. Both temperature and composition have dramatic influence on the viscosity. Increasing temperature or H 2 O/HI molar ratio will lead to the reduction of viscosity; while increasing of I 2 /HI molar ratio results in the increase of viscosity. It was also found that I 2 content has a larger and more complex influence on the viscosity of the HI-H 2 O-I 2 solution than H 2 O content does, especially at low temperature (<50 °C). (author)

  5. Adsorption of radioactive I2 gas onto fly-ash aerosol

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Noguchi, Hiroshi; Murata, Mikio; Suzuki, Katsumi.


    The adsorption of radioactive elemental iodine (I 2 ) gas onto fly-ash aerosol has been studied to provide basic data for the realistic and precise assessment of dose to the general public from radioiodine released from nuclear facilities. A mixture of fly-ash aerosol and 131 I 2 gas was passed through a cylindrical glass vessel so that particulate iodine was formed by adsorption of I 2 onto aerosol. Then the concentrations of I 2 and particulate iodine were measured. It was found that the adsorption reached an equilibrium state between 5 and 12 min and that the proportion of iodine which was adsorbed on the aerosol decreased with increasing initial I 2 concentration ranging over 10 -13 to 10 -9 g/cm 3 . The adsorption isotherm of the aerosol for I 2 gas approximately followed Freundlich isotherm. Using the adsorption isotherm, a theoretical equation was derived to explain the adsorption on the basis of FUCHS' theory on the evaporation of droplets. A sticking probability in the equation decreased with increasing adsorbed amount. The calculated results were in good agreement with the experimental ones. (author)

  6. Characteristics of Un doped and Europium-doped SrI2 Scintillator Detectors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sturm, Benjamin; Cherepy, Nerine; Drury, Owen; Thelin, P.; Fisher, S.E.; O'Neal, S.P.; Payne, Stephen A.; Burger, Arnold; Boatner, Lynn A.; Ramey, Joanne Oxendine; Shah, Kanai; Hawrami, Rastgo


    High energy resolution gamma-ray detectors that can be formed into relatively large sizes while operating at room temperature offer many advantages for national security applications. We are working toward that goal through the development of SrI 2 (Eu) scintillator detectors, which routinely provide ;10 cm 3 . In this study, we have tested pure, undoped SrI 2 to gain a better understanding of the scintillation properties and spectroscopic performance achievable without activation. An undoped crystal grown from 99.999% pure SrI 2 pellets was tested for its spectroscopic performance, its light yield, and uniformity of scintillation light collection as a function of gamma-ray interaction position relative to the crystal growth direction. Undoped SrI 2 was found to provide energy resolution of 5.3% at 662 keV, and the light collection nonuniformity varied by only 0.72% over the length of the crystal. Measurements of both a 3% Eu-doped and the undoped SrI 2 crystal were carried out in the SLYNCI facility and indicate differences in their light yield non-proportionality. The surprisingly good scintillation properties of the pure SrI 2 crystal suggests that with high-purity feedstock, further reduction of the Eu concentration can be made to grow larger crystals while not adversely impacting the spectroscopic performance.

  7. Accounting for Heritage, Cultural and Community Assets – Alternative Metrics from a New Zealand Māori Educational Institution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susan Wild


    Full Text Available In the 1980s, with the rise to dominance of governments with neoliberal economic and social agendas, the public sector in major western countries underwent a process of fundamental reforms. A key aspect of the change imposed was the implementation of a market-oriented, cost-efficiency focus towards the management of public sector organisations, described collectively as the New Public Management (NPM model (Kelsey, 1995; Boston et al, 1996; Easton 1996; Barton, 2002, 2005a, 2005b; Carnegie & West, 2005; Ball & Grubnic, 2008; Davis, 2010. This reform process included the imposition of regulatory measures requiring public sector organisations to provide annual financial reports prepared on an accounting basis comparable to those for the private sector, and incorporated an obligation to disclose (at economic values all assets held. For public benefit entities holding heritage, cultural and community assets (HCA, this reporting requirement has been particularly problematic, entailing substantive changes to public accounting policy.This paper critiques the political ideologies and practices of the NPM model, and challenges its assumptions that private sector financial reporting requirements, based on international accounting standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP, are appropriate for universal application to public benefit and other not-for-profit entities holding HCA. In particular, the paper argues against the NPM assumption that reporting all HCA in economic terms improves accountability in public benefit entities. Instead, the paper proposes an alternative reporting model based on a set of cultural rather than economic values for reporting HCA. It suggests as an exemplar the ‘Wellbeing of Communities’ reporting and accountability framework devised for application by an indigenous New Zealand Māori educational institution, Te Wānanga-o-Raukawa.

  8. Steady-State Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Review of Progress in the Development of the DeProF Theory Bridging Pore to Statistical Thermodynamics Scales Écoulement diphasique stationnaire en milieu poreux : revue des avancées sur les développements de la théorie DeProF reliant l’échelle du pore à l’échelle de la thermodynamique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valavanides M.S.


    statistical thermodynamics and the introduction of the aSaPP (as Spontaneous as Physically Possible concept that corroborates the correlation of the process efficiency to the multiplicity of the internal flow arrangements. Cet article présente les efforts de recherche effectués au travers d’une étude expérimentale, d’une analyse théorique et d’une modélisation, afin de développer une théorie complète pour les écoulements diphasiques stationnaires en milieu poreux (théorie DeProF. Les dernières avancées sont mises en avant et les problématiques restées ouvertes sont exposées. Les premières tentatives dans ce domaine remontent aux années 80, avec l’analyse, la description et la modélisation des phénomènes régissant les écoulements diphasiques à l’échelle du pore. Des simulateurs appropriés à l’échelle de centaines et/ou de milliers de pores (échelle du réseau ont été développés dans les années 90. Parallèlement, des recherches expérimentales approfondies ont permis d’identifier trois mécanismes d’écoulements élémentaires pour représenter l’écoulement moyen à l’échelle macroscopique : l’écoulement à travers la fraction d’huile connectée, la dynamique des globules d’huile et l’écoulement par circulation de gouttes et d’établir leur contribution relative dans l’écoulement macroscopique. Les efforts faits pour apporter une interprétation physique cohérente aux observations expérimentales, c’est-à-dire pour réaliser la cartographie des régimes d’écoulement, ont jeté les bases de ce qui est devenu la théorie de la décomposition en écoulements élémentaires (DeProF. Parmi les principaux résultats/ caractéristiques de la théorie DeProF, on compte l’identification des paramètres du système et la définition, dans le respect des principes de l’ergodicité, du domaine des différentes combinaisons d’écoulement physiquement admissibles pouvant représenter l

  9. HgI2 nanostructures obtained hydrothermally for application in ionizing radiation detection

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pérez Barthaburu, María; Bentos Pereira, Heinkel; Fornaro, Laura; Galain, Isabel; Aguiar, Ivana


    The compound semiconductor HgI 2 has been widely studied and employed as a material for ionizing radiation detection. Monocrystal growth is an intricate method for obtaining materials for this application. With the aim of finding a simpler and more effective way to develop ionizing radiation detectors, we employed HgI 2 nanostructures subjected to a hydrothermal treatment and then pressed for this purpose. In the synthesis procedure, aqueous solutions of Hg(NO 3 ) 2 and NaI were mixed until their reaction completed and the suspension obtained was then placed in a homemade autoclave and heated at 120 °C for 2, 10 or 24 h. We confirmed the HgI 2 tetragonal phase by powder XRD in all cases, independently of the synthesis conditions employed. Nanoparticles were characterized by their size and morphology by TEM. We used the HgI 2 nanostructures to obtain a pellet by applying 0.7 GPa of pressure at room temperature. The pellet was then used to construct the detector, and we studied the electrical properties of the detector and its response to 241 Am sources of different exposure rates. The resistivity and signal-to-noise ratio obtained are of the order of those reported for HgI 2 detectors assembled with monocrystals. The results obtained in this work encourage us to work further on this topic, improving the method, scaling the detector’s size and studying its spectrometric grade. (paper)

  10. The Fusarium oxysporum effector Six6 contributes to virulence and suppresses I-2-mediated cell death. (United States)

    Gawehns, F; Houterman, P M; Ichou, F Ait; Michielse, C B; Hijdra, M; Cornelissen, B J C; Rep, M; Takken, F L W


    Plant pathogens secrete effectors to manipulate their host and facilitate colonization. Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici is the causal agent of Fusarium wilt disease in tomato. Upon infection, F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici secretes numerous small proteins into the xylem sap (Six proteins). Most Six proteins are unique to F. oxysporum, but Six6 is an exception; a homolog is also present in two Colletotrichum spp. SIX6 expression was found to require living host cells and a knockout of SIX6 in F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici compromised virulence, classifying it as a genuine effector. Heterologous expression of SIX6 did not affect growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens in Nicotiana benthamiana leaves or susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana toward Verticillium dahliae, Pseudomonas syringae, or F. oxysporum, suggesting a specific function for F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici Six6 in the F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici- tomato pathosystem. Remarkably, Six6 was found to specifically suppress I-2-mediated cell death (I2CD) upon transient expression in N. benthamiana, whereas it did not compromise the activity of other cell-death-inducing genes. Still, this I2CD suppressing activity of Six6 does not allow the fungus to overcome I-2 resistance in tomato, suggesting that I-2-mediated resistance is independent from cell death.

  11. Trente années qui ébranlèrent la physique histoire de la théorie quantique

    CERN Document Server

    Gamow, George


    G. Gamow, dans cet ouvrage, déploie une fois encore ses qualités d'historien, de vulgarisateur et d'homme d'esprit. L'"histoire de la théorie quantique" raconte la naissance de la physique moderne au cours des trente premières années du siècle, en nous guidant ainsi à travers cette galerie de portraits où les grands noms de la physique sont présentés, par les textes, les photographies et les croquis, sous leur aspect le moins académique.

  12. Stable replication of the EBNA1/OriP-mediated baculovirus vector and its application to anti-HCV gene therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chang Myint OO


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hepatitis C virus (HCV is one of the main causes of liver-related morbidity and mortality. Although combined interferon-α-ribavirin therapy is effective for about 50% of the patients with HCV, better therapies are needed and preventative vaccines have yet to be developed. Short-hairpin RNAs (shRNAs inhibit gene expression by RNA interference. The application of transient shRNA expression is limited, however, due to the inability of the shRNA to replicate in mammalian cells and its inefficient transduction. The duration of transgene (shRNA expression in mammalian cells can be significantly extended using baculovirus-based shRNA-expressing vectors that contain the latent viral protein Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA1 and the origin of latent viral DNA replication (OriP sequences. These recombinant vectors contain compatible promoters and are highly effective for infecting primary hepatocyte and hepatoma cell lines, making them very useful tools for studies of hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses. Here, we report the use of these baculovirus-based vector-derived shRNAs to inhibit core-protein expression in full-length hepatitis C virus (HCV replicon cells. Results We constructed a long-term transgene shRNA expression vector that contains the EBV EBNA1 and OriP sequences. We also designed baculovirus vector-mediated shRNAs against the highly conserved core-protein region of HCV. HCV core protein expression was inhibited by the EBNA1/OriP baculovirus vector for at least 14 days, which was considerably longer than the 3 days of inhibition produced by the wild-type baculovirus vector. Conclusion These findings indicate that we successfully constructed a long-term transgene (shRNA expression vector (Ac-EP-shRNA452 using the EBNA1/OriP system, which was propagated in Escherichia coli and converted into mammalian cells. The potential anti-HCV activity of the long-term transgene (shRNA expression vector was evaluated with the view

  13. Nietzsche : les Lumières et la cruauté. De l’interprétation de Nietzsche par la Théorie critique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agnès Gayraud


    Full Text Available En 1983, dans Le Discours philosophique de la modernité, la critique habermassienne de l’irrationalisme et du poststructuralisme fait basculer sans équivoque l’auteur de La Volonté de puissance dans le camp des ennemis de la Théorie critique. Toutefois, à la faveur peut-être d’une lecture qui se voulait celle de happy few, les fondateurs de la Théorie critique, Max Horkheimer et Theodor W. Adorno, n’avaient jusque-là pas fait de Friedrich Nietzsche une figure aussi menaçante. Lors d’un entretien radiophonique consacré au philosophe, enregistré à Francfort-sur-le-Main le 31 juillet 1950 en célébration du cinquantième anniversaire de sa mort, ils dénoncèrent l’« horrible mécompréhension » dont Nietzsche avait surtout fait l’objet. Par leur attention à l’ironie de Nietzsche, à la négativité de son discours, ils avaient toujours décelé dans sa pensée de la cruauté le nerf d’une pensée des Lumières telle qu’elle devait être encore affirmée au xxe siècle. Aurait-il existé une alliance paradoxale de la Théorie critique avec le théoricien du Surhomme et de l’Éternel retour, avant qu’avec Habermas la guerre ne lui soit déclarée, ainsi qu’à ses héritiers ? L’article tente de faire apparaître comment, avant cette guerre – et n’en déplaise également aux ennemis nietzschéens de la dialectique –, existait entre Nietzsche et la Théorie critique plus et mieux qu’un statu quo.

  14. Hypnose, sommeil, placebo ? : Les réponses de la Théorie neuronale de la Cognition – Tome 2


    Touzet , Claude


    International audience; Initialement uniquement dédié aux quelques « faits » comme :l'hypnose, le plaisir, le sommeil et les rêves, la responsabilité, l'effet placebo et la schizophréniequi n'avaient pas reçu d'explications de la part de la Théorie neuronale de la Cognition (tome 1 – Conscience, intelligence, libre-arbitre), ce second opus a rapidement dévié de sa mission originale pour intégrer des aspects encore plus controversés, comme :- le paranormal,- l'influence de l'intention sur la r...

  15. Identification of the srtC1 Transcription Start Site and Catalytically Essential Residues Required for Actinomyces oris T14V SrtC1 Activity (United States)


    report the identification of the tran scription starting site of the srtC1 determined by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method and several...When needed, kanamycin and trimethoprim were included in growth media at concentra tions of 50 and 100mg mL1, respectively. RNA isolation and...tation, resuspended in a small volume of RNase free water and stored at 80 1C. To determine the transcription start site(s) of A. oris srtC1, 50RACE PCR

  16. PENGARUH KOMPOSOSI LAPISAN PADA PERMUKAAN GLOBULA MINYAK EMULSI SEBELUM PENGERINGAN SEMPROT TERHADAP SIFAT-SIFAT MIKROKAMSUL TRIGLISERIDA KAYA ASAM LEMAK W-3 [The Effect of the Composition of Adsorbed Layer at Globule Interface of -3 Fatty Acids Enriched Triglyceride Prior to Spray Drying on its Microcapsule Properties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moch Adnan2


    Full Text Available Emulsification is the critical factor in microencapsulation by spray drying method. Sodium caseinate is a protein with good emulsifying properties. The properties could be improved by phospholipids addition in the emulsification. Phospholipids addition which stabilized oil globule might change the composition of adsorbed layer.This research was conducted to analyze the changes in composition at oil globule interface by analyzing emulsion systems of triglyceride enriched by -3 fatty acids at 5% (w/v stabilized by sodium caseinate (10% w/v and addition of phospholipids at 0; 0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; and 2,5% (w/v. The changes in composition of adsorbed layer could be determined from the changes in phospholipids and adsorbed protein concentrations at oil globule interface. Analyses were done to measure the possibility of casein-phospholipids complex, phospholipids and protein adsorption concentration at interface, and adsorbed protein.The increase of phospholipids concentration in the emulsions stabilized by sodium caseinate changed the composition of adsorbed layer at interface. There was phospholipids increase and adsorbed protein decrease at oil globule interface. These changes were caused by casein-phospholipids complex which that decreased surface activity and displacement protein by phospholipids that was adsorbed at oil globule interface.Changes of composition of casein-phospholipids at oil globule prior to microcapsulation process caused changes in the properties of microcapsule produced. The increasing phospholipids and decreasing casein concentrations at oil globule interface decreased the quality of the microcapsule, including decreasing in microencapsulation efficiency, in oxidative stability, and decreasing in EPA+DHA content.

  17. Formula I(1 and I(2: Race Tracks for Likelihood Maximization Algorithms of I(1 and I(2 Cointegrated VAR Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jurgen A. Doornik


    Full Text Available This paper provides some test cases, called circuits, for the evaluation of Gaussian likelihood maximization algorithms of the cointegrated vector autoregressive model. Both I(1 and I(2 models are considered. The performance of algorithms is compared first in terms of effectiveness, defined as the ability to find the overall maximum. The next step is to compare their efficiency and reliability across experiments. The aim of the paper is to commence a collective learning project by the profession on the actual properties of algorithms for cointegrated vector autoregressive model estimation, in order to improve their quality and, as a consequence, also the reliability of empirical research.

  18. Study of a novel agent for TCA precipitated proteins washing - comprehensive insights into the role of ethanol/HCl on molten globule state by multi-spectroscopic analyses. (United States)

    Eddhif, Balkis; Lange, Justin; Guignard, Nadia; Batonneau, Yann; Clarhaut, Jonathan; Papot, Sébastien; Geffroy-Rodier, Claude; Poinot, Pauline


    Sample preparation for mass spectrometry-based proteomics is a key step for ensuring reliable data. In gel-free experimental workflows, protein purification often starts with a precipitation stage using trichloroacetic acid (TCA). In presence of TCA, proteins precipitate in a stable molten globule state making the pellet difficult to solubilize in aqueous buffer for proteolytic digestion and MS analysis. In this context, the objective of this work was to study the suitability of a novel agent, ethanol/HCl, for the washing of TCA-precipitated proteins. This method optimized the recovery of proteins in aqueous buffer (50 to 96%) while current organic solvents led to losses of material. Following a mechanistic study, the effect of ethanol/HCl on the conformation of TCA-precipitated proteins was investigated. It was shown that the reagent triggered the unfolding of TCA-stabilized molten globule into a reversible intermediate, characterized by a specific Raman signature, which favored protein subsequent resolubilization. Finally, the efficiency of ethanol/HCl for the washing of TCA-precipitated proteins extracted from a biofilm, a soil or a mouse liver was demonstrated (data available via ProteomeXchange with identifier PXD008110). Being versatile and simple, it could be of great interest to include an ethanol/HCl wash-step to produce high-quality protein extracts. In mass spectrometry-based proteomics workflows, proteins precipitation and/or washing usually involves the use of acetone. In fact, this solvent is effective for removing both biological interferences (e.g. lipids) and chemicals employed in protein extraction/purification protocols (e.g. TCA, SDS). However, the use of acetone can lead to significant protein losses. Moreover, when proteins are precipitated with TCA, the acetone-treated precipitate remains hard to disperse, leading to poor resolubilization of proteins in aqueous buffers. Here, we investigated the use of ethanol/HCl for washing TCA

  19. Milk fat globule membrane supplementation with voluntary running exercise attenuates age-related motor dysfunction by suppressing neuromuscular junction abnormalities in mice. (United States)

    Yano, Michiko; Minegishi, Yoshihiko; Sugita, Satoshi; Ota, Noriyasu


    Age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function attenuates physical performance, and maintaining fine muscle innervation is known to play an important role in its prevention. We had previously shown that consumption of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) with habitual exercise improves the muscle mass and motor function in humans and mice. Improvement of neuromuscular junction (NMJ) was suggested as one of the mechanisms underlying these effects. In this study, we evaluated the effect of MFGM intake combined with voluntary running (MFGM-VR) on morphological changes of NMJ and motor function in aging mice. Seven months following the intervention, the MFGM-VR group showed a significantly improved motor coordination in the rotarod test and muscle force in the grip strength test compared with the control group at 13 and 14months of age, respectively. In 14-month old control mice, the extensor digitorum longus muscle showed increased abnormal NMJs, such as fragmentation and denervation, compared with 6-month old young mice. However, such age-related deteriorations of NMJs were significantly suppressed in the MFGM-VR group. Increase in the expression of NMJ formation-related genes, such as agrin and LDL Receptor Related Protein 4 (LRP4), might contribute to this beneficial effect. Rotarod performance and grip strength showed significant negative correlation with the status of denervation and fragmentation of NMJs. These results suggest that MFGM intake with voluntary running exercise effectively suppresses age-related morphological deterioration of NMJ, thus contributing to improvement of motor function. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Milk fat globule membrane coating of large lipid droplets in the diet of young mice prevents body fat accumulation in adulthood. (United States)

    Baars, Annemarie; Oosting, Annemarie; Engels, Eefje; Kegler, Diane; Kodde, Andrea; Schipper, Lidewij; Verkade, Henkjan J; van der Beek, Eline M


    Epidemiological studies have demonstrated protective effects of breast-feeding on childhood obesity. Differences between human milk and infant milk formula (IMF) in dietary lipid structure may contribute to this effect. In our mouse model, feeding a diet containing large lipid droplets coated with phospholipids (PL) (Nuturis®; PL of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) fraction origin) in early life protected against excessive body fat accumulation following a diet challenge in adult life. We now set out to determine the relevance of increased droplet size and/or MFGM lipid droplet coating to the observed anti-obesogenic effects in adult life. From day 16 to 42, male mouse pups were exposed to diets with small (S) or large (L) lipid droplets (0·3 v. 2·9 µm average mode diameter, respectively), either without MFGM or with MFGM coating around the lipid droplet, resulting in four groups: S (control diet), L, Scoating and Lcoating (Nuturis® IMF diet). Mice were subsequently challenged with a Western-style diet until dissection at postnatal day 98. A non-challenged group served as reference (REF). We repeatedly determined body composition between postnatal day 42 and 98. At day 98 plasma and gene expression measurements were performed. Only the Nuturis® IMF diet (Lcoating) in early life containing MFGM-coated large lipid droplets reduced body fat mass to a level comparable with the REF group. These data support the notion that the structural aspects of lipids in human milk, for example, both lipid droplet size as well as the MFGM coating, may contribute to its reported protective effect against obesity in later life.

  1. Aggregation-primed molten globule conformers of the p53 core domain provide potential tools for studying p53C aggregation in cancer. (United States)

    Pedrote, Murilo M; de Oliveira, Guilherme A P; Felix, Adriani L; Mota, Michelle F; Marques, Mayra de A; Soares, Iaci N; Iqbal, Anwar; Norberto, Douglas R; Gomes, Andre M O; Gratton, Enrico; Cino, Elio A; Silva, Jerson L


    The functionality of the tumor suppressor p53 is altered in more than 50% of human cancers, and many individuals with cancer exhibit amyloid-like buildups of aggregated p53. An understanding of what triggers the pathogenic amyloid conversion of p53 is required for the further development of cancer therapies. Here, perturbation of the p53 core domain (p53C) with sub-denaturing concentrations of guanidine hydrochloride and high hydrostatic pressure revealed native-like molten globule (MG) states, a subset of which were highly prone to amyloidogenic aggregation. We found that MG conformers of p53C, likely representing population-weighted averages of multiple states, have different volumetric properties, as determined by pressure perturbation and size-exclusion chromatography. We also found that they bind the fluorescent dye 4,4'-dianilino-1,1'-binaphthyl-5,5'-disulfonic acid (bis-ANS) and have a native-like tertiary structure that occludes the single Trp residue in p53. Fluorescence experiments revealed conformational changes of the single Trp and Tyr residues before p53 unfolding and the presence of MG conformers, some of which were highly prone to aggregation. P53C exhibited marginal unfolding cooperativity, which could be modulated from unfolding to aggregation pathways with chemical or physical forces. We conclude that trapping amyloid precursor states in solution is a promising approach for understanding p53 aggregation in cancer. Our findings support the use of single-Trp fluorescence as a probe for evaluating p53 stability, effects of mutations, and the efficacy of therapeutics designed to stabilize p53. Published under license by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  2. Absolute absorption cross-section and photolysis rate of I2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Saiz-Lopez


    Full Text Available Following recent observations of molecular iodine (I2 in the coastal marine boundary layer (MBL (Saiz-Lopez and Plane, 2004, it has become important to determine the absolute absorption cross-section of I2 at reasonably high resolution, and also to evaluate the rate of photolysis of the molecule in the lower atmosphere. The absolute absorption cross-section (σ of gaseous I2 at room temperature and pressure (295K, 760Torr was therefore measured between 182 and 750nm using a Fourier Transform spectrometer at a resolution of 4cm-1 (0.1nm at λ=500nm. The maximum absorption cross-section in the visible region was observed at λ=533.0nm to be σ=(4.24±0.50x10-18cm2molecule-1. The spectrum is available as supplementary material accompanying this paper. The photo-dissociation rate constant (J of gaseous I2 was also measured directly in a solar simulator, yielding J(I2=0.12±0.03s-1 for the lower troposphere. This is in excellent agreement with the value of 0.12±0.015s-1 calculated using the measured absorption cross-section, terrestrial solar flux for clear sky conditions and assuming a photo-dissociation yield of unity. A two-stream radiation transfer model was then used to determine the variation in photolysis rate with solar zenith angle (SZA, from which an analytic expression is derived for use in atmospheric models. Photolysis appears to be the dominant loss process for I2 during daytime, and hence an important source of iodine atoms in the lower atmosphere.

  3. Pharmacological and expression profile of the prostaglandin I(2) receptor in the rat craniovascular system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Myren, Maja; Olesen, Jes; Gupta, Saurabh


    Activation of the trigeminal nerve terminals around cerebral and meningeal arteries is thought to be an important patho-mechanism in migraine. Vasodilatation of the cranial arteries may also play a role in increasing nociception. Prostaglandin I(2) (PGI(2)) is capable of inducing a headache...... in healthy volunteers, a response that is likely to be mediated by the prostaglandin I(2) receptor (IP). This study investigates the functional and molecular characteristics of the IP receptor in the rat craniovascular system. In the closed cranial window model, iloprost, an IP receptor agonist, dilated...

  4. Cu-Doping Effects in CdI(2) Nanocrystals: The Role of Cu-Agglomerates. (United States)

    Miah, M Idrish


    Cu-doping effects in CdI(2) nanocrystals are studied experimentally. We use the photostimulated second harmonic generation (PSSHG) as a tool to investigate the effects. It is found that the PSSHG increases with increasing Cu content up to 0.6% and then decreases due to the formation of the Cu-agglomerates. The PSSHG for the crystal with Cu content higher than 1% reduces to that for the undoped CdI(2) crystal. The results suggest that a crucial role of the Cu-metallic agglomerates is involved in the processes as responsible for the observed effects.

  5. Cu-Doping Effects in CdI2Nanocrystals: The Role of Cu-Agglomerates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miah M


    Full Text Available Abstract Cu-doping effects in CdI2nanocrystals are studied experimentally. We use the photostimulated second harmonic generation (PSSHG as a tool to investigate the effects. It is found that the PSSHG increases with increasing Cu content up to 0.6% and then decreases due to the formation of the Cu-agglomerates. The PSSHG for the crystal with Cu content higher than 1% reduces to that for the undoped CdI2crystal. The results suggest that a crucial role of the Cu-metallic agglomerates is involved in the processes as responsible for the observed effects.

  6. Crystal growth and properties of PbI2 doped with Fe and Ni

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rybak, O.V.; Lun', Yu.O.; Bordun, I.M.; Omelyan, M.F.


    A procedure is described for doping PbI 2 monocrystals with Fe and Ni during vapor-phase growth in a closed system in the presence of excess iodine. The rate of mass transfer in the system and the doping level of the crystals are shown to be governed by the dopant content in the source material and the source temperature. The effect of Fe and Ni doping on the low-temperature (5 K) exciton photoluminescence spectrum of PbI 2 is discussed [ru

  7. High energy proton-induced radioactivity in HgI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Porras, E.; Ferrero, J.L.; Sanchez, F.; Ruiz, J.A.; Lei, F.


    Mercuric iodide (HgI 2 ) semiconductor crystals are generating a lot of interest as room temperature solid state detectors for hard X-ray astronomy observations. For these applications one of the most important background sources is the cosmic proton induced radioactivity in the detector material. In order to study this background noise contribution a 1x1x1 cm HgI 2 crystal was irradiated with high energy protons. The resulting long-lived unstable isotopes and their production rates have been identified and compared with Monte Carlo simulations. ((orig.))

  8. The ALMA early science view of FUor/EXor objects - IV. Misaligned outflows in the complex star-forming environment of V1647 Ori and McNeil's Nebula (United States)

    Principe, David A.; Cieza, Lucas; Hales, Antonio; Zurlo, Alice; Williams, Jonathan; Ruíz-Rodríguez, Dary; Canovas, Hector; Casassus, Simon; Mužić, Koraljka; Perez, Sebastian; Tobin, John J.; Zhu, Zhaohuan


    We present Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array (ALMA) observations of the star-forming environment surrounding V1647 Ori, an outbursting FUor/EXor pre-main sequence star. Dust continuum and the (J = 2 - 1) 12CO, 13CO, C18O molecular emission lines were observed to characterize the V1647 Ori circumstellar disc and any large scale molecular features present. We detect continuum emission from the circumstellar disc and determine a radius r = 40 au, inclination i = 17°+6-9 and total disc mass of Mdisc of ∼0.1 M⊙. We do not identify any disc structures associated with nearby companions, massive planets or fragmentation. The molecular cloud environment surrounding V1647 Ori is both structured and complex. We confirm the presence of an excavated cavity north of V1647 Ori and have identified dense material at the base of the optical reflection nebula (McNeil's Nebula) that is actively shaping its surrounding environment. Two distinct outflows have been detected with dynamical ages of ∼11 700 and 17 200 yr. These outflows are misaligned suggesting disc precession over ∼5500 yr as a result of anisotropic accretion events is responsible. The collimated outflows exhibit velocities of ∼2 km s-1, similar in velocity to that of other FUor objects presented in this series, but significantly slower than previous observations and model predictions. The V1647 Ori system is seemingly connected by an 'arm' of material to a large unresolved structure located ∼20 arcsec to the west. The complex environment surrounding V1647 Ori suggests it is in the early stages of star formation, which may relate to its classification as both a FUor and EXor type object.

  9. New cyclic sulfides, garlicnins I2, M, N, and O, from Allium sativum. (United States)

    Nohara, Toshihiro; Ono, Masateru; Nishioka, Naho; Masuda, Fuka; Fujiwara, Yukio; Ikeda, Tsuyoshi; Nakano, Daisuke; Kinjo, Junei


    One atypical thiolane-type sulfide, garlicnin I 2 (1), two 3,4-dimethylthiolane-type sulfides, garlicnins M (2) and N (3), and one thiabicyclic-type sulfide, garlicnin O (4), were isolated from the acetone extracts of Chinese garlic bulbs, Allium sativum and their structures were characterized. Hypothetical pathways for the production of the respective sulfides were discussed.

  10. The puzzling interpretation of NIR indices: The case of NaI2.21

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Röck, B.; Vazdekis, A.; La Barbera, F.; Peletier, R. F.; Knapen, J. H.; Allende-Prieto, C.; Aguado, D. S.


    We present a detailed study of the Na I line strength index centred in the K band at 22 100 Å (NaI2.21 hereafter) relying on different samples of early-type galaxies. Consistent with previous studies, we find that the observed line strength indices cannot be fit by state-of-the-art scaled-solar

  11. New thermal neutron solid-state electronic detector based on HgI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Melamud, M.; Burshtein, Z.


    We describe the development of a new solid-state electronic neutron detector, based on HgI 2 single crystals. Incident neutrons are absorbed in high neutron absorbing foils, such as cadmium or gadolinium, which are placed in front of a HgI 2 detector. Gamma rays, emitted as a result of the neutron absorbtion, are then absorbed in the HgI 2 , generating free charge carriers, which are collected by the electric field. The advantage of this system lies in it's manufacturing simplicity, low weight and small physical dimensions, compared to gas-filled conventional neutron detectors. The disadvantage is that the system does not discriminate between gamma rays and neutrons. A method to minimize this disadvantage is pointed out. It is as well possible to count neutrons by direct exposure of the HgI 2 to neutrons. The neutron-to-gamma transformation in that case takes place by the material nuclei themselves. This method, however, is impractical due to the interference of delayed radioactivity whose origin are 129 I nuclei. They are generated from 128 I by absorbing a neutron, and decay with a 25 min half lifetime involving gamma emissions. (author)

  12. Competition between dissociation paths of I2+ NO+ using fast laser fields

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lev, U; Prabhudesai, V S; Natan, A; Schwalm, D; Bruner, B D; Silberberg, Y; Heber, O; Zajfman, D; Zohrabi, M; Gaire, B; Carnes, K D; Ben-Itzhak, I; Strasser, D


    The competition between dissociation paths of I 2 + and NO + molecules was studied using femtosecond laser pulses with different intensities. It was found, both for moderate fields and for strong fields, that the dissociation path strongly prefers the higher energy dissociation path with smaller kinetic energy rather than the lower energy path with higher kinetic energy.

  13. Electronic and optical properties of bilayer PbI2: a first-principles study (United States)

    Shen, Chenhai; Wang, Guangtao


    By employing first-principles methods, we investigate the effects of stacking patterns and interlayer coupling on the electronic structures and optical properties of bilayer (BL) PbI2. For optical properties, excitonic effects are considered. The results show that crystal-type BL PbI2 stacking pattern is the most stable bilayer structures with the equilibrium interlayer distance of 3.27 Å and a direct band structure. Moreover, for all considered patterns, the interlayer coupling can induce the band structures to transform from indirect to direct and also the band gap values to vary from 2.56 eV to 2.62 eV. In addition, our calculations show that the exciton binding energy of the most stable pattern is 0.81 eV, and excitonic effects have obvious influences on optical responses of BL PbI2. These results may be useful to future experimental studies on optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional BL PbI2 nanosheets.

  14. Radiation-hardened I2L 8*8 multiplier circuit

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Doyle, B.R.; Kreps, S.A.; Van Vonno, N.W.; Lake, G.W.


    Development of improved Substrate Fed I 2 L (SFL) processing has been combined with geometry and fanout constraints to design a radiation hardened LSI 8.8 Multiplier. This study describes details of the process and circuit design and gives resultant electrical and radiation test performance

  15. Grain size dependent optical band gap of CdI2 films

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    absorption data near band edge can be fitted to an indirect band gap of 3 eV. The dependence of band gap ... while to carry out the optical studies on CdI2 films in order to .... replotted as (αhν)1/2 vs hν to determine indirect gap as shown in the ...

  16. Examen critique de la théorie de Lawrence Kohlberg du développement de la conscience morale et de l' attitude envers le comportement moral

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Čabarkapa Milanko


    Full Text Available (francuski La relation da le conscience morale et du comportement moral est une des questions théoriques et pratiques traitées pendant une longue période mais qui, de nos jours, font l' objet de recherche de nombreux philosophes, théologiens, sociologues et psychologues. Une contribution particulière y a été apportée par Lawrence Kohlberg et sa théorie des stades de développement de la conscience morale et de l' attitude envers le comportement moral. Sa théorie peut être rangée parmi les théories à l' orientation cognitive qui occupent aujourd' hui une place prépondérante dans l' explication du comportement humain. Dans le cadre de cette théorie le développement de la conscience morale ou de la connaissance morale est considéré en relation avec le développement des aptitudes cognitives, ce développement se déroulant en plusieurs stades ou niveaux à travers les étapes de la vie humaine. Kohlberg distingue trois niveaux principaux du développement de la conscience morale: 1. un niveau préconventiel - où le moral se lie à l' autorité morale externe qui est la source de la peur ou de la peine; 2. Un niveau conventionnel - où la source de la morale est dans la réciprocité établie dans le cadre de la communication interpersonnelle, des relations sociales et des normes acceptées dans la société; 3. niveau post-conventiel - où la personne construit et accepte les principes universels de justice et les plus hautes valeurs humaines qui s' appliquent à l' ensemble de l' humanité. Dans le cadre de la théorie de Kohlberg une importance théorique et pratique est attribuée à l' analyse des conditions et des facteurs psychologiques permettant une transition de la conscience morale au comportement moral (le raisonnement moral, la prise de décisions, la prise de responsabilité, de même qu' à l' analyse de la quasi-obligation et d' autres circonstances qui empêchent cette transition. Les psychologues estiment que

  17. Mission and Sustainability of Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2). (United States)

    Murphy, Shawn; Wilcox, Adam


    A visible example of a successfully disseminated research project in the healthcare space is Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside, or i2b2. The project serves to provide the software that can allow a researcher to do direct, self-serve queries against the electronic healthcare data form a hospital. The goals of these queries are to find cohorts of patients that fit specific profiles, while providing for patient privacy and discretion. Sustaining this resource and keeping its direction has always been a challenge, but ever more so as the ten year National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs) sunset their funding. Building on the i2b2 structures has helped the dissemination plans for grants leveraging it because it is a disseminated national resource. While this has not directly increased the support of i2b2 internally, it has increased the ability of institutions to leverage the resource and generally leads to increased institutional support. The successful development, use, and dissemination i2b2 has been significant in clinical research and informatics. Its evolution has been from a local research data infrastructure to one disseminated more broadly than any other product of the National Centers for Biomedical Computing, and an infrastructure spawning larger investments than were originally used to create it. Throughout this, there were two main lessons about the benefits of dissemination: that people have great creativity in utilizing a resource in different ways and that broader system use can make the system more robust. One option for long-term sustainability of the central authority would be to translate the function to an industry partner. Another option currently being pursued is to create a foundation that would be a central authority for the project. Over the past 10 years, i2b2 has risen to be an important staple in the toolkit of health care researchers. There are now over 110 hospitals that use i2b2 for research. This open

  18. Iodine (I 2 ) as a Janus-Faced Ligand in Organometallics

    KAUST Repository

    Rogachev, Andrey Yu.


    The four known diiodine complexes have distinct geometries. These turn out, as we demonstrate by a bonding analysis, to be a direct consequence of diiodine acting as an acceptor in one set, the van Koten complexes, and as a donor in the Cotton, Dikarev, and Petrukhina extended structure. The primary analytical tool utilized is perturbation theory within the natural bond orbital (NBO) framework, supported by an energy decomposition analysis. The study begins by delineating the difference between canonical molecular orbitals (MOs) and NBOs. When iodine acts as an acceptor, bonding collinearly in the axial position of a square-planar d8 Pt(II) complex, the dominant contributor to the bonding is a σ*(I-I) orbital as the acceptor orbital, while a mainly dz 2 orbital centered on the metal center is the corresponding donor. That this kind of bonding is characteristic of axial bonding in d8 complexes was supported by model calculations with incoming donors and acceptors, NH3 and BH3. In contrast, the distinct "bent" coordination of the I2 bound at the axial position of the [Rh2(O2CCF3)4] paddle-wheel complex is associated with a dominant donation from a p-type lone pair localized on one of two iodine atoms, the σ*(Rh-Rh) antibonding orbital of the metal complex acting as an acceptor orbital. We check the donor capabilities of I2 in some hypothetical complexes with Lewis acids, H+, AlCl3, B(CF3)3. Also, we look at the weakly bound donor-acceptor couple [(I2)·(I2)]. We explore the reasons for the paucity of I2 complexes and propose candidates for synthesis. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

  19. A theoretical characterization of multiple isomers of the He2I2 complex

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Valdés, Álvaro; Barragán, Patricia; Pérez de Tudela, Ricardo; Delgado-Tellez, Laura; Medina, Juan S.; Prosmiti, Rita


    Graphical abstract: Minimum energy path as a function of angle for planar (a) and non-planar (b) configurations. The probability distributions for the five lowest vibrational vdW states of He 2 I 2 are also depicted. Highlights: ► The work presented here is the most detailed description on intermolecular interactions and model structures for the He 2 I 2 cluster. ► The results obtained from high level ab initio calculations and exact quantum calculations. ► Comparison with available experimental data from similar He 2 -dihalogen complexes provides information on intermolecular forces. ► These findings contributes to evaluate our approaches for extending them to larger systems. ► Accurate PESs for small molecules interacting with He atoms are in demand for studying superfluidity in He nanodroplets. - Abstract: The present work has been directed at studying the structures and stabilization energetics of different conformers of the ground state He 2 I 2 cluster. The full interaction between I 2 molecule and the He atoms is obtained from a sum-of-potentials scheme, using an analytical He–I 2 potential parametrized to ab initio calculations plus the He–He interaction. Quantum mechanical variational calculations are carried out, and binding energies as well as radial/angular probability density distributions are computed for the lower-lying vibrational van der Waals states. We found that they correspond to three different structural models, namely tetrahedral, linear and ‘police-nightstick’. Comparison of these results with recent experimental data available from high-resolution spectroscopy for similar tetraatomic He 2 -dihalogen complexes, contributes to evaluate their relative stability, and provides information about the importance of the multiple minima (global and local) of the potential surface used.

  20. Stability and Performance of CsPbI2Br Thin Films and Solar Cell Devices. (United States)

    Mariotti, Silvia; Hutter, Oliver S; Phillips, Laurie J; Yates, Peter J; Kundu, Biswajit; Durose, Ken


    In this manuscript, the inorganic perovskite CsPbI 2 Br is investigated as a photovoltaic material that offers higher stability than the organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials. It is demonstrated that CsPbI 2 Br does not irreversibly degrade to its component salts as in the case of methylammonium lead iodide but instead is induced (by water vapor) to transform from its metastable brown cubic (1.92 eV band gap) phase to a yellow phase having a higher band gap (2.85 eV). This is easily reversed by heating to 350 °C in a dry environment. Similarly, exposure of unencapsulated photovoltaic devices to water vapor causes current (J SC ) loss as the absorber transforms to its more transparent (yellow) form, but this is also reversible by moderate heating, with over 100% recovery of the original device performance. NMR and thermal analysis show that the high band gap yellow phase does not contain detectable levels of water, implying that water induces the transformation but is not incorporated as a major component. Performances of devices with best efficiencies of 9.08% (V OC = 1.05 V, J SC = 12.7 mA cm -2 and FF = 68.4%) using a device structure comprising glass/ITO/c-TiO 2 /CsPbI 2 Br/Spiro-OMeTAD/Au are presented, and further results demonstrating the dependence of the performance on the preparation temperature of the solution processed CsPbI 2 Br films are shown. We conclude that encapsulation of CsPbI 2 Br to exclude water vapor should be sufficient to stabilize the cubic brown phase, making the material of interest for use in practical PV devices.

  1. Entraînement de globules d'huile par un tensio-actif. Etude de la formation du banc Mobilization of Oil Ganglia by a Surfactant Analysis of Bank Formation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moulu J. C.


    Full Text Available Lors de l'injection d'une solution de tensio-actif dans un gisement déjà balayé par de l'eau, l'huile résiduelle, piégée sous la forme de globules discontinus, est remise en mouvement et se regroupe éventuellement sous la forme d'un banc d'huile. Le but de la présente étude est d'expliquer la formation de ce banc au cours d'un tel déplacement. Les résultats d'expériences réalisées en micromodèles de billes de verre permettent de constater que : - la récupération globale est corrélable avec le nombre capillaire Nc= uVdf/O, u et Vdf étant la viscosité et la vitesse de Darcy du fluide injecté, O la tension interfaciale avec l'huile en place ; - la vitesse des globules varie différemment avec u, Vdf, O et tend vers la même limite plus grande que la vitesse du fluide injecté pour de grandes valeurs du nombre capillaire Nc ; - le banc d'huile ne se forme que dans le cas où la vitesse des globules atteint celle du fluide injecté. L'huile déplacée reste alors groupée avec une saturation importante au niveau du front de tensio-actif. When a surfactant solution is injected into a reservoir previously waterflooded, the residual oil trapped as discontinuous ganglia is mobilized and eventually bunched together forming an oil bank. The aim of this study is to explain the formation of this bank during such a drive. The results of experiments performed in micromodels of glass beads show that: a Overall recovery can be correlated with the capillary number, Nc = uVfd/O, in which u and Vfd are the viscosity a and Darcy velocity of the injected fluid and O is the interfacial tension with the oil in place. b Ganglia velocity varies differently with u, Vfd and O, and it tends towards the same limit faster than the velocity of the injected fluid for high values of the capillary number Nc. c The oil bank is formed only in the case where globule velocity attaints that of injected fluid. the dispaced oil then remains bunched, with high

  2. Imaging of non-small cell lung cancers with a monoclonal antibody, KC-4G3, which recognizes a human milk fat globule antigen

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dienhart, D.G.; Schmelter, R.F.; Lear, J.L.; Miller, G.J.; Glenn, S.D.; Bloedow, D.C.; Kasliwal, R.; Moran, P.; Seligman, P.; Murphy, J.R.


    To determine the role of lung cancer tumor imaging with monoclonal antibodies directed against high molecular weight human milk fat globule antigens, we administered i.v. 111In-KC-4G3 to 24 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. One mg of 111In-KC-4G3 was mixed with 0, 9, 49, 99, or 499 mg of unlabeled KC-4G3 and infused i.v. over 1 to 5 h. The mean 111In-KC-4G3 radiochemical purity was greater than 97% and the resultant immunoreactivity averaged 62%. Successful imaging of cancer sites was accomplished in 92% of 24 patients, and 57% of 91 total lesions were visualized. Successful localization of tumor sites related to size (P less than 0.001), with 81% of lesions greater than 3.0 cm in diameter, 50% of lesions 1.5 to 3 cm, and 6% of lesions less than 1.5 cm successfully imaging, and to location (P less than 0.05), with 69% of pulmonary lesions, 80% of soft tissue lesions, and only 32% of bone metastases being visualized. Nonspecific reticulo-endothelial uptake of radioactivity was a major problem. Approximately 35% of 111In was chelated to serum transferrin by 24 and 48 h after infusion. The mean t 1/2 beta for plasma radioisotope and immunoreactive KC-4G3 was 29 and 27 h, respectively. There was no correlation between total infused antibody dose and imaging success or between total dose and effect on 111In and KC-4G3 kinetics. Circulating free KC-4 antigen was measurable in all but one patient before study. Tumor biopsy following infusion could demonstrate antibody presence but not saturable antigen binding. We conclude that (a) 111In-KC-4G3 demonstrates successful tumor localization in non-small cell lung cancers bearing generally high expression of its antigen and (b) further investigations to diminish nonspecific radioactivity for imaging and utilization of high dose radiolabeled antibody for therapeutic intent are warranted

  3. Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor VIII-derived peptide MSP68 is a cytoskeletal immunomodulator of neutrophils that inhibits Rac1. (United States)

    Hendricks, Louie; Aziz, Monowar; Yang, Weng-Lang; Nicastro, Jeffrey; Coppa, Gene F; Symons, Marc; Wang, Ping


    Prolonged neutrophil infiltration leads to exaggerated inflammation and tissue damage during sepsis. Neutrophil migration requires rearrangement of their cytoskeleton. Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor VIII-derived short peptide 68 (MSP68) has recently been shown to be beneficial in sepsis-induced tissue injury and mortality. We hypothesize that MSP68 inhibits neutrophil migration by modulating small GTPase Rac1-dependent cytoskeletal rearrangements. Bone marrow-derived neutrophils (BMDNs) or whole lung digest isolated neutrophils were isolated from 8 to 10 wk old C57BL/6 mice by Percoll density gradient centrifugation. The purity of BMDN was verified by flow cytometry with CD11b/Gr-1 staining. Neutrophils were stimulated with N-formylmethionine-leucine-phenylalanine (f-MLP) (10 nM) in the presence or absence of MSP68 at 10 nM or cecal ligation and puncture (CLP) was used to induce sepsis, and MSP68 was administered at 1 mg/kg intravenously. Cytoskeletal organization was assessed by phalloidin staining, followed by analysis using fluorescence microscopy. Activity of the Rac1 GTPase in f-MLP or CLP-activated BMDN in the presence or absence of MSP68 was assessed by GTPase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase activity was determined by western blot densitometry. BMDN treatment with f-MLP increased cytoskeletal remodeling as revealed by the localization of filamentous actin to the periphery of the neutrophil. By contrast, cells pretreated with MSP68 had considerably reduced filamentous actin polymerization. Cytoskeletal spreading is associated with the activation of the small GTPase Rac1. We found BMDN-treated with f-MLP or that were exposed to sepsis by CLP had increased Rac1 signaling, whereas the cells pretreated with MSP68 had significantly reduced Rac1 activation (P Rac1-MAP kinase-mediated neutrophil motility. Thus, MSP68 is a novel therapeutic candidate for regulating inflammation and tissue damage caused

  4. Prediction and optimization of the laccase-mediated synthesis of the antimicrobial compound iodine (I2). (United States)

    Schubert, M; Fey, A; Ihssen, J; Civardi, C; Schwarze, F W M R; Mourad, S


    An artificial neural network (ANN) and genetic algorithm (GA) were applied to improve the laccase-mediated oxidation of iodide (I(-)) to elemental iodine (I2). Biosynthesis of iodine (I2) was studied with a 5-level-4-factor central composite design (CCD). The generated ANN network was mathematically evaluated by several statistical indices and revealed better results than a classical quadratic response surface (RS) model. Determination of the relative significance of model input parameters, ranking the process parameters in order of importance (pH>laccase>mediator>iodide), was performed by sensitivity analysis. ANN-GA methodology was used to optimize the input space of the neural network model to find optimal settings for the laccase-mediated synthesis of iodine. ANN-GA optimized parameters resulted in a 9.9% increase in the conversion rate. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Trace impurities analysis determined by neutron activation in the PbI 2 crystal semiconductor (United States)

    Hamada, M. M.; Oliveira, I. B.; Armelin, M. J.; Mesquita, C. H.


    In this work, a methodology for impurity analysis of PbI 2 was studied to investigate the effectiveness of the purification. Commercial salts were purified by the multi passes zone refining and grown by the Bridgman method. To evaluate the purification efficiency, samples from the bottom, middle and upper sections of the ZR ingot were analyzed after 200, 300 and 500 purification passes, by measurements of the impurity concentrations, using the neutron activation analysis (NAA) technique. There was a significant reduction of the impurities according to the purification numbers. The reduction efficiency was different for each element, namely: Au>Mn>Co˜Ag>K˜Br. The impurity concentration of the crystals grown after 200, 300 and 500 passes and the PbI 2 starting material were analyzed by NAA and plasma optical emission spectroscopy.

  6. Agile text mining for the 2014 i2b2/UTHealth Cardiac risk factors challenge. (United States)

    Cormack, James; Nath, Chinmoy; Milward, David; Raja, Kalpana; Jonnalagadda, Siddhartha R


    This paper describes the use of an agile text mining platform (Linguamatics' Interactive Information Extraction Platform, I2E) to extract document-level cardiac risk factors in patient records as defined in the i2b2/UTHealth 2014 challenge. The approach uses a data-driven rule-based methodology with the addition of a simple supervised classifier. We demonstrate that agile text mining allows for rapid optimization of extraction strategies, while post-processing can leverage annotation guidelines, corpus statistics and logic inferred from the gold standard data. We also show how data imbalance in a training set affects performance. Evaluation of this approach on the test data gave an F-Score of 91.7%, one percent behind the top performing system. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. A cost effective battery bank for I2t testing and evaluation of electrical switchgear

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Reass, W.A.


    This paper describes the electrical design and mechanical construction of a 50 kA ''step switched'' battery bank. Individual fuses protect each of the forty parallel isolated strings of three series (12 V) batteries. Step current waveforms of 12.5 kA, 25 kA, 37.5 kA, and 50 kA are produced by 8 sets of pneumatically driven 20 pole step switches and current limiting stainless steel ''trombone'' resistors. Inexpensive, yet conservatively designed, Group 65 Motorcraft car batteries are used to give an I 2 t capability of better than 5 x 10 9 . The battery bank has well over 1500 shots, with testing of commercial switchgear continuing. In addition to the battery bank engineering data, results of repetitive testing of vacuum interrupters at their I 2 t limit will be provided. 8 figs

  8. CCP4i2: the new graphical user interface to the CCP4 program suite. (United States)

    Potterton, Liz; Agirre, Jon; Ballard, Charles; Cowtan, Kevin; Dodson, Eleanor; Evans, Phil R; Jenkins, Huw T; Keegan, Ronan; Krissinel, Eugene; Stevenson, Kyle; Lebedev, Andrey; McNicholas, Stuart J; Nicholls, Robert A; Noble, Martin; Pannu, Navraj S; Roth, Christian; Sheldrick, George; Skubak, Pavol; Turkenburg, Johan; Uski, Ville; von Delft, Frank; Waterman, David; Wilson, Keith; Winn, Martyn; Wojdyr, Marcin


    The CCP4 (Collaborative Computational Project, Number 4) software suite for macromolecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography groups brings together many programs and libraries that, by means of well established conventions, interoperate effectively without adhering to strict design guidelines. Because of this inherent flexibility, users are often presented with diverse, even divergent, choices for solving every type of problem. Recently, CCP4 introduced CCP4i2, a modern graphical interface designed to help structural biologists to navigate the process of structure determination, with an emphasis on pipelining and the streamlined presentation of results. In addition, CCP4i2 provides a framework for writing structure-solution scripts that can be built up incrementally to create increasingly automatic procedures.

  9. The Architecture of the GW Ori Young Triple-star System and Its Disk: Dynamical Masses, Mutual Inclinations, and Recurrent Eclipses (United States)

    Czekala, Ian; Andrews, Sean M.; Torres, Guillermo; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Jensen, Eric L. N.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Latham, David W.; Wilner, David J.; Gully-Santiago, Michael A.; Grankin, Konstantin N.; Lund, Michael B.; Kuhn, Rudolf B.; Stevens, Daniel J.; Siverd, Robert J.; James, David; Gaudi, B. Scott; Shappee, Benjamin J.; Holoien, Thomas W.-S.


    We present spatially and spectrally resolved Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations of gas and dust orbiting the pre-main-sequence hierarchical triple-star system GW Ori. A forward modeling of the 13CO and C18O J = 2–1 transitions permits a measurement of the total stellar mass in this system, 5.29+/- 0.09 {M}ȯ , and the circumtriple disk inclination, 137\\buildrel{\\circ}\\over{.} 6+/- 2\\buildrel{\\circ}\\over{.} 0. Optical spectra spanning a 35 yr period were used to derive new radial velocities and, coupled with a spectroscopic disentangling technique, revealed that the A and B components of GW Ori form a double-lined spectroscopic binary with a period of 241.50 ± 0.05 days; a tertiary companion orbits that inner pair with a period of 4218 ± 50 days. Combining the results from the ALMA data and the optical spectra with three epochs of astrometry in the literature, we constrain the individual stellar masses in the system ({M}{{A}}≈ 2.7 {M}ȯ , {M}{{B}}≈ 1.7 {M}ȯ , {M}{{C}}≈ 0.9 {M}ȯ ) and find strong evidence that at least one of the stellar orbital planes (and likely both) is misaligned with the disk plane by as much as 45°. A V-band light curve spanning 30 yr reveals several new ∼30-day eclipse events 0.1–0.7 mag in depth and a 0.2 mag sinusoidal oscillation that is clearly phased with the AB–C orbital period. Taken together, these features suggest that the A–B pair may be partially obscured by material in the inner disk as the pair approaches apoastron in the hierarchical orbit. Lastly, we conclude that stellar evolutionary models are consistent with our measurements of the masses and basic photospheric properties if the GW Ori system is ∼1 Myr old.

  10. {Delta}I = 2 energy staggering in normal deformed dysprosium nuclei

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Riley, M.A.; Brown, T.B.; Archer, D.E. [Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL (United States)] [and others


    Very high spin states (I{ge}50{Dirac_h}) have been observed in {sup 155,156,157}Dy. The long regular band sequences, free from sharp backbending effects, observed in these dysprosium nuclei offer the possibility of investigating the occurence of any {Delta}I = 2 staggering in normal deformed nuclei. Employing the same analysis techniques as used in superdeformed nuclei, certain bands do indeed demonstrate an apparent staggering and this is discussed.

  11. Analytic approximation for the modified Bessel function I -2/3(x) (United States)

    Martin, Pablo; Olivares, Jorge; Maass, Fernando


    In the present work an analytic approximation to modified Bessel function of negative fractional order I -2/3(x) is presented. The validity of the approximation is for every positive value of the independent variable. The accuracy is high in spite of the small number (4) of parameters used. The approximation is a combination of elementary functions with rational ones. Power series and assymptotic expansions are simultaneously used to obtain the approximation.

  12. Thermally stimulated currents in α-HgI2 polycrystalline films

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shiu, Y.-T.; Huang, T.-J.; Shih, C.-T.; Su, C.-F.; Lan, S.-M.; Chiu, K.-C.


    A study of thermally stimulated currents (TSC) is applied to α-HgI 2 polycrystalline films grown by physical vapour deposition with various thermal boundary conditions. Five TSC peaks are clearly observed and numerically fitted. The activation energy and the density of the trapping centre that corresponds to each TSC peak are then calculated. Finally, the effects of the deposition conditions on the TSC results are discussed

  13. Improved fabrication of HgI2 nuclear radiation detectors by machine-cleaving

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Levi, A.; Burger, A.; Schieber, M.; Vandenberg, L.; Yellon, W.B.; Alkire, R.W.


    The perfection of machine-cleaved sections from HgI 2 bulk crystals was examined. The perfection of the machine-cleaved sections as established by gamma diffraction rocking curves was found to be much better than the perfection of hand-cleaved sections or as grown thin platelets, reaching a perfection similar to that of the wire-sawn sections of HgI 2 . A correlation between the perfection and the thickness of the machine-cleaved section was also found, i.e., the thicker the cleaved-section the more perfect it is. The reproducibility of the fabrication was significantly improved by using machine cleaving in the process of fabrication. Large single crystals of HgI 2 weighing 20 to 200 g, can be grown from the vapor phase using the TOM Technique. In order to fabricate nuclear radiation detectors from these single crystals, thin sections of about 0.4 to 0.8 mm thickness have to be prepared. Up till now, the state-of-the-art of fabricating HgI 2 nuclear radiation detectors involved two methods to get thin sections from the large single crystals: (1) hand-cleaving using a razor-blade and (2) solution wire sawing. The chemical wire sawing method involves a loss of about 50% of the crystal volume and is usually followed by a chemical polishing process which involves a significant loss of volume of the original volume. This procedure is complicated and wasteful. The traditional fabrication method, i.e., hand-cleaving followed by rapid nonselective chemical etching, is simpler and less wasteful

  14. Production of gaseous radiotracers CH3I and I2 through Na123I salt

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Candeiro, R.E.M.; Pereira, W.P.


    The objective of the present work was to develop, separately, methodology for production of two gaseous tracers through the sodium iodide NaI marked with 123 I. Found in the nature in form different, the iodine has been used in diverse works in the area of the industry and health. These two forms of the gaseous iodine, the methyl iodide, CH 3 I, and molecular iodine, I 2 , are very unstable and volatile in the ambient temperature and presents different problems in clean-up and monitoring systems. The syntheses were processed with sodium iodide (NaI) 1M aqueous solution marked with 1 23I . The production of gas I 2 was realized with in chlorine acid (HCl) and sodium iodate salt (NaIO 3 ) and the CH 3 I was used, the salt of NaI and the reagent (CH 3 ) 2 SO 4 . The production of gases was initially realized through in unit in glass with an inert material and the purpose was to study the kinetic of reaction and to determine the efficiency of production. The two synthesis occurs in the reaction bottle and after of produced, the gas is stored in the collect bottle that contains a starch solution for fixed the I 2 , and in syntheses of CH 3 I contains a silver nitrate solution for your fixation. To determine the efficiency of production of gases, analytic tests were realized, where the consumption of iodide ions of the bottle of reaction are measured. The optimization of production of the each gaseous tracer was studied varying parameter as: concentration of iodide, concentration of acid and temperature. After, the syntheses of the radiotracers were realized in the compact unit, having been used as main reagent the salt radiated of sodium iodide, Na 123 I. The transportation of elementary iodine and methyl iodine was studied by a scintillation detector NaI (2 x 2)' positioned in the reaction bottle. (author)

  15. VOMS Server replication process in I2G and EELA Project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rodrigues Silva, B.; Gomes, J.; Montecelo, M.


    This paper presents the VOMS server replication process in the I2G and EELA projects, including a detailed description about how to implement the MySQL database replication. After that it enumerates most of the VOMS server replication related problems and their respective solutions implemented at LIP in Portugal. In the end a proposal is made about how to extend this approach to other core service named LCG File Catalog. (Author)

  16. Radiation effects modeling and experimental data on I2L devices

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Long, D.M.; Repper, C.J.; Ragonese, L.J.; Yang, N.T.


    This paper reports on an Integrated Injection Logic (I 2 L) radiation effects model which includes radiation effects phenomena. Twenty-five individual current components were identified for an I 2 L logic gate by assuming wholly vertical or wholly horizontal current flow. Equations were developed for each component in terms of basic parameters such as doping profiles, distances, and diffusion lengths, and set up on a computer for specific logic cell configurations. For neutron damage, the model shows excellent agreement with experimental data. Reactor test results on GE I 2 L samples showed a neutron hardness level in the range of 6 x 10 12 to 3 x 10 13 n/cm 2 (1 MeV Eq), and cobalt-60 tests showed a total dose hardness of 6 x 10 4 to greater than 1 x 10 6 Rads(Si) (all device types at an injection current of 50 microamps per gate). It was found that significant hardness improvements could be achieved by: (a) diffusion profile variation, (b) utilizing a tight N + collar around the cell, and (c) locating the collector close to the injector. Flash X-ray tests showed a transient logic upset threshold of 1 x 10 9 Rads(Si)/sec for a 28 ns pulse, and a survival level greater than 2 x 10 12 Rads(Si)/sec

  17. On the exponential energy gap law in He--I2 vibrational relaxation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Maricq, M.M.


    A comparison between coupled states, infinite order sudden, and classical path calculations is used to elucidate the origin of an exponential energy gap law recently observed for vibrational relaxation from highly excited states in the B 0 + u state of I 2 due to collisions with He. All three methods provide relaxation cross sections in good agreement with experiment. Anharmonic effects play an important role, with accurate results obtained with a Morse, but not harmonic, oscillator description of the I * 2 molecule. The nearly exact agreement between rotationally summed coupled states cross sections and the IOSA is consistent with the view that the I * 2 molecule does not rotate significantly during a collision. A closed form solution of the forced harmonic oscillator, valid for highly excited states, predicts a J 2 |Δv| distribution of vibrationally relaxed states at a given collision angle and impact parameter. The vibrationally close coupled-infinite order sudden (VCC-IOSA) results bear this out and show that the observed exponential scaling law arises from a superposition of such distributions over θ and b

  18. Annotating longitudinal clinical narratives for de-identification: The 2014 i2b2/UTHealth corpus. (United States)

    Stubbs, Amber; Uzuner, Özlem


    The 2014 i2b2/UTHealth natural language processing shared task featured a track focused on the de-identification of longitudinal medical records. For this track, we de-identified a set of 1304 longitudinal medical records describing 296 patients. This corpus was de-identified under a broad interpretation of the HIPAA guidelines using double-annotation followed by arbitration, rounds of sanity checking, and proof reading. The average token-based F1 measure for the annotators compared to the gold standard was 0.927. The resulting annotations were used both to de-identify the data and to set the gold standard for the de-identification track of the 2014 i2b2/UTHealth shared task. All annotated private health information were replaced with realistic surrogates automatically and then read over and corrected manually. The resulting corpus is the first of its kind made available for de-identification research. This corpus was first used for the 2014 i2b2/UTHealth shared task, during which the systems achieved a mean F-measure of 0.872 and a maximum F-measure of 0.964 using entity-based micro-averaged evaluations. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Localization of a membrane glycoprotein in benign fibrocystic disease and infiltrating duct carcinomas of the human breast with the use of a monoclonal antibody to guinea pig milk fat globule membrane. (United States)

    Greenwalt, D. E.; Johnson, V. G.; Kuhajda, F. P.; Eggleston, J. C.; Mather, I. H.


    With monoclonal antibody D-274, raised against guinea pig milk fat globule membrane, the distribution of mucinlike glycoproteins of Mrs greater than or equal to 400,000 was determined in benign fibrocystic disease and infiltrating duct carcinoma of the human breast. These glycoproteins, called collectively PAS-I, were detected in 19 out of 20 cases of benign fibrocystic disease and in at least 26 out of 47 cases of infiltrating duct carcinoma. PAS-I was concentrated on luminal surfaces of ducts and alveoli in morphologically differentiated regions of the tumors. In areas where the glandular nature of the tissue was less evident in infiltrating duct carcinoma, the PAS-I determinant recognized by antibody D-274 was present on irregular luminal surfaces and in the cytoplasm. There was a negative correlation between the short-term recurrence (less than 2 years) of infiltrating duct carcinoma and the detection of strong positive staining with antibody D-274. The results are discussed with reference to recent studies on PAS-I in human breast tissue using monoclonal antibodies raised against human milk fat globule membrane. Images Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 PMID:2579563

  20. A Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) layer implemented over i2b2. (United States)

    Boussadi, Abdelali; Zapletal, Eric


    Standards and technical specifications have been developed to define how the information contained in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) should be structured, semantically described, and communicated. Current trends rely on differentiating the representation of data instances from the definition of clinical information models. The dual model approach, which combines a reference model (RM) and a clinical information model (CIM), sets in practice this software design pattern. The most recent initiative, proposed by HL7, is called Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR). The aim of our study was to investigate the feasibility of applying the FHIR standard to modeling and exposing EHR data of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (HEGP) integrating biology and the bedside (i2b2) clinical data warehouse (CDW). We implemented a FHIR server over i2b2 to expose EHR data in relation with five FHIR resources: DiagnosisReport, MedicationOrder, Patient, Encounter, and Medication. The architecture of the server combines a Data Access Object design pattern and FHIR resource providers, implemented using the Java HAPI FHIR API. Two types of queries were tested: query type #1 requests the server to display DiagnosticReport resources, for which the diagnosis code is equal to a given ICD-10 code. A total of 80 DiagnosticReport resources, corresponding to 36 patients, were displayed. Query type #2, requests the server to display MedicationOrder, for which the FHIR Medication identification code is equal to a given code expressed in a French coding system. A total of 503 MedicationOrder resources, corresponding to 290 patients, were displayed. Results were validated by manually comparing the results of each request to the results displayed by an ad-hoc SQL query. We showed the feasibility of implementing a Java layer over the i2b2 database model to expose data of the CDW as a set of FHIR resources. An important part of this work was the structural and semantic mapping between the

  1. De l’avantage (ou non) de définir la science-fiction : théorie des genres, science-fiction et Histoire


    Rieder, John


    Cet essai a pour but d’aider à la clarification et au renforcement de l’impact d’une théorie historique des genres dans les études sur la science-fiction. Il explique et défend cinq propositions sur ce genre, chacune pouvant servir de thèse en elle-même : la science-fiction est historique et mouvante ; la science-fiction n’a pas d’essence, pas de caractéristique unifiante, et pas de point originel ; la science-fiction n’est pas un ensemble de textes, mais plutôt un usage des textes et une man...

  2. Musique et Architecture : théories, composition, théologie (XIIIe-XVIIe siècles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasco Zara


    Full Text Available C’est sous l’égide du Nombre que les architectes d’abord, les musiciens ensuite et les historiens en dernier, ont essayé de concilier les lois de composition architecturale avec les préceptes de la théorie musicale. Nombre sonore, ou mieux : la proportio découverte par Pythagore à l’écoute d’un forgeron. 1 : 2, 2 : 3, 3 : 4 – diapason, diapente, diatesseron : par la ratio mathématique qui établit correctement les rapports des parties, on entend résonner l’harmonia d’Apollon et ses Muses ainsi...


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hamaguchi, Kenji; Grosso, Nicolas; Kastner, Joel H.; Richmond, Michael; Weintraub, David A.


    The Suzaku X-ray satellite observed the young stellar object (YSO) V1647 Ori on 2008 October 8 during the new mass accretion outburst reported in 2008 August. During the 87 ks observation with a net exposure of 40 ks, V1647 Ori showed a high level of X-ray emission with a gradual decrease in flux by a factor of 5 and then displayed an abrupt flux increase by an order of magnitude. Such enhanced X-ray variability was also seen in XMM-Newton observations in 2004 and 2005 during the 2003-2005 outburst, but has rarely been observed for other YSOs. The spectrum clearly displays emission from Helium-like iron, which is a signature of hot plasma (kT ∼ 5 keV). It also shows a fluorescent iron Kα line with a remarkably large equivalent width (EW) of ∼600 eV. Such a large EW suggests that a part of the incident X-ray emission that irradiates the circumstellar material and/or the stellar surface is hidden from our line of sight. XMM-Newton spectra during the 2003-2005 outburst did not show a strong fluorescent iron Kα line, so that the structure of the circumstellar gas very close to the stellar core that absorbs and re-emits X-ray emission from the central object may have changed in between 2005 and 2008. This phenomenon may be related to changes in the infrared morphology of McNeil's nebula between 2004 and 2008.

  4. Electron Transport Chain Is Biochemically Linked to Pilus Assembly Required for Polymicrobial Interactions and Biofilm Formation in the Gram-Positive Actinobacterium Actinomyces oris

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belkys C. Sanchez


    Full Text Available The Gram-positive actinobacteria Actinomyces spp. are key colonizers in the development of oral biofilms due to the inherent ability of Actinomyces to adhere to receptor polysaccharides on the surface of oral streptococci and host cells. This receptor-dependent bacterial interaction, or coaggregation, requires a unique sortase-catalyzed pilus consisting of the pilus shaft FimA and the coaggregation factor CafA forming the pilus tip. While the essential role of the sortase machine SrtC2 in pilus assembly, biofilm formation, and coaggregation has been established, little is known about trans-acting factors contributing to these processes. We report here a large-scale Tn5 transposon screen for mutants defective in Actinomyces oris coaggregation with Streptococcus oralis. We obtained 33 independent clones, 13 of which completely failed to aggregate with S. oralis, and the remainder of which exhibited a range of phenotypes from severely to weakly defective coaggregation. The former had Tn5 insertions in fimA, cafA, or srtC2, as expected; the latter were mapped to genes coding for uncharacterized proteins and various nuo genes encoding the NADH dehydrogenase subunits. Electron microscopy and biochemical analyses of mutants with nonpolar deletions of nuo genes and ubiE, a menaquinone C-methyltransferase-encoding gene downstream of the nuo locus, confirmed the pilus and coaggregation defects. Both nuoA and ubiE mutants were defective in oxidation of MdbA, the major oxidoreductase required for oxidative folding of pilus proteins. Furthermore, supplementation of the ubiE mutant with exogenous menaquinone-4 rescued the cell growth and pilus defects. Altogether, we propose that the A. oris electron transport chain is biochemically linked to pilus assembly via oxidative protein folding.

  5. Size effect on the SHG properties of Cu-doped CdI2 nanocrystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Miah, M. Idrish


    Because the optically induced second harmonic generation (SHG) is prevented by symmetry in a centrosymmetric material, one needs to form noncentrosymmetric processes in order to observe the SHG. However, one of the efficient ways to enhance the noncentrosymmetricity of a material is to dope it with an appropriate impurity and amount. We grow Cu-doped CdI 2 layered nanocrystal structures from the mixture of CdI 2 and CuI using the standard Bridgman-Stockbarger method and investigate the nano-confined effects by studying the second-order optical effect via the measurements of SHG. The second-order susceptibility for the nanocrystals is calculated and the values at liquid helium temperature range from 0.38 to 0.83 pm V -1 for the thicknesses of 10-0.8 nm respectively. The size dependence demonstrates the nano-sized quantum-confined effect with a clear increase in the SHG with decreasing the thickness of the nanocrystal or crystal temperature. Since the local electron-phonon anharmonicity is described by third-order rank tensors in disordered systems, the SHG is very similar to that one introduced for the third-order optical susceptibility. It has been confirmed by observing the large photoluminescent yield of the pure crystals. The Raman scattering spectra taken for thin nanocrystals confirm the phonon modes originating from interlayer phonons crucially responsible for the observed effects. The obtained results show that the Cu-doped CdI 2 layered nanocrystals are promising materials for applications in optoelectronic nano-devices.

  6. Pressure effect on the superconducting and the normal state of β -B i2Pd (United States)

    Pristáš, G.; Orendáč, Mat.; Gabáni, S.; Kačmarčík, J.; Gažo, E.; Pribulová, Z.; Correa-Orellana, A.; Herrera, E.; Suderow, H.; Samuely, P.


    The pressure effect up to 24.0 kbar on superconducting and normal-state properties of β -B i2Pd single crystal (Tc≈4.98 K at ambient pressure) has been investigated by measurements of the electrical resistivity. In addition, we have performed the heat capacity measurements in the temperature range 0.7-300 K at ambient pressure. The recent calculations of electronic density of states, electron-phonon interaction spectral function, and phonon density of states of β -B i2Pd [Zheng and Margine, Phys. Rev. B 95, 014512 (2017), 10.1103/PhysRevB.95.014512], are used to fit the resistivity and the heat capacity data. In the superconducting state we have focused on the influence of pressure on the superconducting transition temperature Tc and upper critical field Hc 2 and a negative effect with d Tc/d p =-0.025 K /kbar and d Hc 2/d p =-8 mT /kbar is found. A simplified Bloch-Grüneisen model was used to analyze the pressure effect on the temperature dependence of the normal-state resistivity. The obtained results point to a decrease of the electron-phonon coupling parameter λ and to a shift of phonon frequencies to higher values with pressure. Moreover, the temperature dependence of the normal-state resistivity follows a T2 dependence above Tc up to about 25 K. Together with the enhanced value of Sommerfeld coefficient γ =13.23 mJ mo l-1K-2 these results point to a certain role of the electron-electron interaction in the superconducting pairing mechanism in β -B i2Pd .

  7. μSR studies in an I2-doped phenylenediamine polymer

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Le, L.P.; Keren, A.; Luke, G.M.; Wu, W.D.; Uemura, Y.J.; Jenks, W.S.; Graff, A.; Breslow, R.; Dosanjh, P.


    We report μSR studies of the recently synthesized I 2 -doped phenylenediamine polymer. Longitudinal-field spectra exhibit typical behavior of a spin-glass with a freezing temperature T g ∼ 100 K and a spontaneous static local field ∼ 500 G at low temperatures. Preliminary magnetization measurements hint of antiferromagnetic spin coupling and hysteretic behavior around T g . These features suggest possible spin-glass and/or antiferromagnetic spin freezing with a high transition temperature due to the doped radical spins in this organic polymer. (orig.)

  8. Hyperfine-Structure-Induced Depolarization of Impulsively Aligned I2 Molecules (United States)

    Thomas, Esben F.; Søndergaard, Anders A.; Shepperson, Benjamin; Henriksen, Niels E.; Stapelfeldt, Henrik


    A moderately intense 450 fs laser pulse is used to create rotational wave packets in gas phase I2 molecules. The ensuing time-dependent alignment, measured by Coulomb explosion imaging with a delayed probe pulse, exhibits the characteristic revival structures expected for rotational wave packets but also a complex nonperiodic substructure and decreasing mean alignment not observed before. A quantum mechanical model attributes the phenomena to coupling between the rotational angular momenta and the nuclear spins through the electric quadrupole interaction. The calculated alignment trace agrees very well with the experimental results.

  9. Organoelemental intercalation compounds in the system PbI2-ethan olamine

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gurina, G.I.; Evtushenko, V.D.; Muraeva, O.A.; Ignatyuk, V.P.; Koshkin, V.M.


    Two intercalation phases with different stoichiometry in system PbI 2 -ethanolamine are identified, using the methods of IR spectroscopy, spectroscopy of diffusion reflection, X-ray phase and thermogravimetric analyses. Formation kinetics of intercalation compounds in the system, having two phases, differing in the content of intercalant in the matrix layers, is studied. In conformity with thermodynamic theory of intercalation, it is shown experimentally, that the value of a charge, transferred from intercalant molecules to the matrix layer, decreases with the increase in intercalant content in interlayer spaces

  10. Absorption spectra of thin films of triple compounds in the system RbIPbI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yunakova, O.N.; Miloslavskij, V.K.; Ksenofontova, E.V.; Kovalenko, E.N.


    A formation of compounds RbPbI 3 and Rb 4 PbI 6 in the system RbI-PbI 2 is revealed and their absorption spectra are investigated in an energy interval 2-6 eV and a temperatures range 90-500 K. It is established that the low-frequency exciton excitations are localized in PbI 6 4- structural elements of the crystal lattice, they are classified as excitons of intermediate coupling and are of a three-dimensional character in RbPbI 3 and a quasi-two-dimensional one in Rb 4 PbI 6 .

  11. Effects of Na and K co-doping on growth and scintillation properties of Eu:SrI_2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ito, Tomoki; Yokota, Yuui; Kurosawa, Shunsuke; Kral, Robert; Pejchal, Jan; Ohashi, Yuji; Kamada, Kei; Nikl, Martin; Yoshikawa, Akira


    We grew Na and K co-doped Eu:SrI_2 [Na,Eu:SrI_2 and K,Eu:SrI_2] crystals by a modified micro-pulling-down method to reveal the co-doping effects on the crystal growth and scintillation properties. The non-codoped, Na0.5%, Na1.0%, K0.5% and K1.0%,Eu:SrI_2 crystals indicated high transparency while the milky parts were generated in the Na5.0% and K5.0%,Eu:SrI_2 crystals. The light yields of Na,Eu:SrI_2 and K,Eu:SrI_2 crystals under γ-ray irradiation were decreased by the Na and K co-doping. On the other hand, there was a small change within 940–1020 ns in the decay times by the Na and K co-doping. In the light yield proportionality under γ-ray irradiation, the non-proportionality in the low energy region was improved by Na and K co-doping. - Highlights: • Na or K co-doped Eu:SrI_2crystals were grown by the modified μ-PD method. • The milky parts were generated in the Na5.0% and K5.0%,Eu:SrI_2crystals. • The light yield of Eu:SrI_2was decreased by the Na or K co-doping. • The decay times of Eu:SrI_2were almost constant by the Na or K co-doping. • The non-proportionalitywas improved in the low energy region by the K co-doping.

  12. Photoproduction of I2, Br2, and Cl2 on n-semiconducting powder (United States)

    Reichman, B.; Byvik, C. E.


    The photosynthetic production of Br2 and Cl2 and the photocatalytic production of I2 from aqueous solutions of the respective halide ions in the presence of platinized semiconducting n-TiO2 powder are reported. Reactions were produced in 2-3 M oxygen-saturated aqueous solutions of KI, KBr or NaCl containing Pt-TiO2 powder which were irradiated by a high-pressure mercury lamp at a power of 400 mW/sq cm. Halogens are found to be produced in greater quantities when platinized TiO2 powders are used rather than pure TiO2, and rates of halogen production are observed to increase from Cl2 to Br2 to I2. The presence of the synthetic reactions producing Br2 and Cl2 with a net influx of energy indicates that an effective separation of the photoproduced electron-hole pair occurs in the semiconductor. Quantum efficiencies of the reaction, which increase with decreasing solution pH, are found to be as high as 30%, implying a solar-to-chemical energy conversion efficiency between 0.03% and 3% for the case of chlorine production. It is concluded that the photoproduction of halogens may be of practical value if product halogens are efficiently removed from the reaction cell.

  13. A large enhancement of photoinduced second harmonic generation in CdI2--Cu layered nanocrystals. (United States)

    Miah, M Idrish


    Photoinduced second harmonic generation (PISHG) in undoped as well as in various Cu-doped (0.05-1.2% Cu) CdI2 nanocrystals was measured at liquid nitrogen temperature (LNT). It was found that the PISHG increases with increasing Cu doping up to approximately 0.6% and then decreases almost to that for the undoped CdI2 for doping higher than approximately 1%. The values of the second-order susceptibility ranged from 0.50 to 0.67 pm V(-1) for the Cu-doped nanocrystals with a thickness of 0.5 nm. The Cu-doping dependence shown in a parabolic fashion suggests a crucial role of the Cu agglomerates in the observed effects. The PISHG in crystals with various nanosizes was also measured at LNT. The size dependence demonstrated the quantum-confined effect with a maximum PISHG for 0.5 nm and with a clear increase in the PISHG with decreasing thickness of the nanocrystal. The Raman scattering spectra at different pumping powers were taken for thin nanocrystals, and the phonon modes originating from interlayer phonons were observed in the spectra. The results were discussed within a model of photoinduced electron-phonon anharmonicity.

  14. Crystal structures of coordination polymers from CaI2 and proline

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin Lamberts


    Full Text Available Completing our reports concerning the reaction products from calcium halides and the amino acid proline, two different solids were found for the reaction of l- and dl-proline with CaI2. The enantiopure amino acid yields the one-dimensional coordination polymer catena-poly[[aqua-μ3-l-proline-tetra-μ2-l-proline-dicalcium] tetraiodide 1.7-hydrate], {[Ca2(C5H9NO25(H2O]I4·1.7H2O}n, (1, with two independent Ca2+ cations in characteristic seven- and eightfold coordination. Five symmetry-independent zwitterionic l-proline molecules bridge the metal sites into a cationic polymer. Racemic proline forms with Ca2+ cations heterochiral chains of the one-dimensional polymer catena-poly[[diaquadi-μ2-dl-proline-calcium] diiodide], {[Ca(C5H9NO22(H2O2]I2}n, (2. The centrosymmetric structure is built by one Ca2+ cation that is bridged towards its symmetry equivalents by two zwitterionic proline molecules. In both structures, the iodide ions remain non-coordinating and hydrogen bonds are formed between these counter-anions, the amino groups, coordinating and co-crystallized water molecules. While the overall composition of (1 and (2 is in line with other structures from calcium halides and amino acids, the diversity of the carboxylate coordination geometry is quite surprising.

  15. Quenching of I(2P1/2) by O3 and O(3P). (United States)

    Azyazov, Valeriy N; Antonov, Ivan O; Heaven, Michael C


    Oxygen-iodine lasers that utilize electrical or microwave discharges to produce singlet oxygen are currently being developed. The discharge generators differ from conventional chemical singlet oxygen generators in that they produce significant amounts of atomic oxygen. Post-discharge chemistry includes channels that lead to the formation of ozone. Consequently, removal of I(2P1/2) by O atoms and O3 may impact the efficiency of discharge driven iodine lasers. In the present study, we have measured the rate constants for quenching of I(2P1/2) by O(3P) atoms and O3 using pulsed laser photolysis techniques. The rate constant for quenching by O3, (1.8 +/- 0.4) x 10(-12) cm3 s-1, was found to be a factor of 5 smaller than the literature value. The rate constant for quenching by O(3P) was (1.2 +/- 0.2) x 10(-11) cm3 s-1.

  16. Raman scattering study of the ferroelectric phase transition in BaT i2O5 (United States)

    Tsukada, Shinya; Fujii, Yasuhiro; Yoneda, Yasuhiro; Moriwake, Hiroki; Konishi, Ayako; Akishige, Yukikuni


    Uniaxial ferroelectric BaT i2O5 with a Curie temperature TC of 743 K was investigated to clarify its paraelectric-ferroelectric phase-transition behavior. The mechanism is discussed on the basis of the structure from short to long ranges determined by synchrotron x-ray diffraction and the lattice dynamics probed by Raman spectroscopy. BaT i2O5 is regarded as a homogeneous system, and the lattice dynamics can be interpreted by the selection rules and tensor properties of the homogeneous structure. Angle-resolved polarized Raman spectroscopy clearly shows that an A -mode-type overdamped phonon plays the key role in the phase transition. Using a combination of experimental results and first-principles calculations, we explain the phase transition as follows: In one of three Ti O6 octahedral units, Ti vibrates along the b axis opposite an oxygen octahedral unit with large damping in the paraelectric phase, whereas this vibration is frozen in the ferroelectric phase, leading to a change in the space group from nonpolar C 2 /m to polar C 2 .

  17. Complete Vision-Based Traffic Sign Recognition Supported by an I2V Communication System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Gavilán


    Full Text Available This paper presents a complete traffic sign recognition system based on vision sensor onboard a moving vehicle which detects and recognizes up to one hundred of the most important road signs, including circular and triangular signs. A restricted Hough transform is used as detection method from the information extracted in contour images, while the proposed recognition system is based on Support Vector Machines (SVM. A novel solution to the problem of discarding detected signs that do not pertain to the host road is proposed. For that purpose infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V communication and a stereo vision sensor are used. Furthermore, the outputs provided by the vision sensor and the data supplied by the CAN Bus and a GPS sensor are combined to obtain the global position of the detected traffic signs, which is used to identify a traffic sign in the I2V communication. This paper presents plenty of tests in real driving conditions, both day and night, in which an average detection rate over 95% and an average recognition rate around 93% were obtained with an average runtime of 35 ms that allows real-time performance.

  18. Complete vision-based traffic sign recognition supported by an I2V communication system. (United States)

    García-Garrido, Miguel A; Ocaña, Manuel; Llorca, David F; Arroyo, Estefanía; Pozuelo, Jorge; Gavilán, Miguel


    This paper presents a complete traffic sign recognition system based on vision sensor onboard a moving vehicle which detects and recognizes up to one hundred of the most important road signs, including circular and triangular signs. A restricted Hough transform is used as detection method from the information extracted in contour images, while the proposed recognition system is based on Support Vector Machines (SVM). A novel solution to the problem of discarding detected signs that do not pertain to the host road is proposed. For that purpose infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) communication and a stereo vision sensor are used. Furthermore, the outputs provided by the vision sensor and the data supplied by the CAN Bus and a GPS sensor are combined to obtain the global position of the detected traffic signs, which is used to identify a traffic sign in the I2V communication. This paper presents plenty of tests in real driving conditions, both day and night, in which an average detection rate over 95% and an average recognition rate around 93% were obtained with an average runtime of 35 ms that allows real-time performance.

  19. Using i2b2 to Bootstrap Rural Health Analytics and Learning Networks. (United States)

    Harris, Daniel R; Baus, Adam D; Harper, Tamela J; Jarrett, Traci D; Pollard, Cecil R; Talbert, Jeffery C


    We demonstrate that the open-source i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) data model can be used to bootstrap rural health analytics and learning networks. These networks promote communication and research initiatives by providing the infrastructure necessary for sharing data and insights across a group of healthcare and research partners. Data integration remains a crucial challenge in connecting rural healthcare sites with a common data sharing and learning network due to the lack of interoperability and standards within electronic health records. The i2b2 data model acts as a point of convergence for disparate data from multiple healthcare sites. A consistent and natural data model for healthcare data is essential for overcoming integration issues, but challenges such as those caused by weak data standardization must still be addressed. We describe our experience in the context of building the West Virginia/Kentucky Health Analytics and Learning Network, a collaborative, multi-state effort connecting rural healthcare sites.

  20. Influence of temperature upon dislocation mobility and elastic limit of single crystal HgI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Milstein, F.; Farber, B.; Kim, K.; van den Berg, L.; Schnepple, W.


    The practical importance of studying mechanical properties and dislocation structure of HgI 2 is reviewed briefly. Specifically, the performance of single crystal HgI 2 radiation detectors is evidently sensitive to crystalline imperfections; the dislocation structure, in turn, can be altered during detector fabrication, depending upon the mechanical properties of the crystal and the stresses to which the crystal is subjected. The influence of temperature upon dislocation mobility and plasticity in vapor-grown crystals of mercuric iodide is examined. Dislocation mobiity is determined by measuring the lengths of the longest arms of dislocation etch pit rosettes on (001) surfaces following microhardness indentation and chemical etch. Measurements were made in the range from room temperature to the phase transition temperature of 127 0 C. Dislocation mobility was found to be an increasing function of temperature, with the effect accelerating as the phase transition is approached. Increasing temperature was also found to lower the critical resolved shear stress for plastic deformation on slip on (001) planes. In these contexts, the vapor-grown crystals are clearly softer at their elevated growth temperatures. The results are discussed in terms of a dislocation model involving soft and hard glide dislocations

  1. Designing and making of a tool used for measurements by X fluorescence using HgI2 detectors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liu-Xu, X.


    A new measuring apparatus by X fluorescence based on a HgI 2 detector, operating at room temperature is presented. The principal properties of HgI 2 are outlined. A computer code designed for this apparatus is developed. Some experimental results are given to illustrate the performances of the device. (author). 67 refs., 117 figs., 7 tabs

  2. Spectrophotometric and electrochemical studies of the interaction of cryptand 222 with DDQ and I2 in ethanol solution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abolfazl Semnani


    Full Text Available Spectrophotometric and electrochemical studies concerning the interaction of cryptand 222 with DDQ and I2 have been performed in ethanol solution. In the case of DDQ, the results are indicative of the formation of C222¬+ and DDQ- through an equilibrium reaction. The results of I2 indicate the formation of I2-ethanol complex and I3- in the absence of C222. In the presence of C222, the formation of C222I¬+ and I3- through a non-equilibrium reaction is confirmed. The equilibrium constant of the redox reaction between DDQ and C222 has been calculated from the absorbance mole ratio data, using the nonlinear least square program “KINFIT”. The electrochemical reversibility of I-/I2 couple and irreversibility of DDQ/DDQ- is indicated by amperometry. The behavior of DDQ and I2 has been compared. A comparison with aprotic solvents has also been made.

  3. Improved perovskite morphology and crystallinity using porous PbI2 layers for efficient planar heterojunction solar cells (United States)

    Jia, Xianyu; Hu, Ziyang; Xu, Jie; Huang, Like; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Jianjun; Zhu, Yuejin


    We demonstrate the flexible and facile use of porous PbI2 layers to fabricate high quality perovskite films with a dense surface and without residual PbI2. PbI2 precursor solutions by adding polystyrene pore-forming agents are first spin-coated to fabricate the wet film. A porous PbI2 layer is formed by washing off polystyrene using organic solvents. The porous PbI2 layer not only serves as a channel for transporting the CH3NH3I solution but also offers extremely enlarged contact areas, facilitating interfacial reaction with CH3NH3I. Shiny smooth perovskite films with excellent electronic quality and solar cells with an efficiency up to 17% are obtained.





    toxiques. Dans le cadre de l'élaboration d'une stratégie de développement de cette molécule visant à augmenter l'index thérapeutique tout en réduisant la toxicité, nous avons étudié l'effet de quelques facteurs sur la cytotoxicité induite par l'amphotéricine B associée à des lipoprotéines du sérum sanguin chez le globule rouge humain (modèle universel de cellules animales supérieures). Dans notre travail nous avons abordé d'une part, les effets des caractéristiques des lipoprot...

  5. Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Petrovic, Bojan; Memmott, Matthew; Boy, Guy; Charit, Indrajit; Manera, Annalisa; Downar, Thomas; Lee, John; Muldrow, Lycurgus; Upadhyaya, Belle; Hines, Wesley; Haghighat, Alierza


    This final report summarizes results of the multi-year effort performed during the period 2/2013- 12/2016 under the DOE NEUP IRP Project ''Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactors (I 2 S-LWR)''. The goal of the project was to develop a concept of a 1 GWe PWR with integral configuration and inherent safety features, at the same time accounting for lessons learned from the Fukushima accident, and keeping in mind the economic viability of the new concept. Essentially (see Figure 1-1) the project aimed to implement attractive safety features, typically found only in SMRs, to a larger power (1 GWe) reactor, to address the preference of some utilities in the US power market for unit power level on the order of 1 GWe.

  6. The Peltier and Zeebeck coefficients of the Cd-CdI2 melt

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kuzyakin, E.B.; Kuz'minskij, E.V.


    For the CdI 2 -Cd melt with the usage of molybdenum ''inert'' electrodes in the temperature range of 670-850 K and metal cadmium concentration of 0-5 mol % experimentally determined are the Peltier (PI = 0.67+0.07 V at T = 722 K and 0.23 mol %) and Zeebeck (epsilonsub(in) 1.175+-0.107 mV/deg -1 at 0.20 mol % Cd and T = 700-780 K) coefficients. Calculated is heat transfer coefficient from the electrode to the melt (a = 65+-10 W/m 2 K), reaffirmed is applicability of the second Thomson ratio (PI = Txepsilonsub(in)). It is shown that the method of non-stationary temperature waves, suggested for the Peltier coefficient determination can be applied for evaluation of metal solubility values in their molten salts

  7. Internuclear Separation Dependent Ionization of the Valence Orbitals of I2 by Strong Laser Fields (United States)

    Chen, H.; Tagliamonti, V.; Gibson, G. N.


    Using a pump-dump-probe technique and Fourier-transform spectroscopy, we study the internuclear separation R dependence and relative strength of the ionization rates of the π and σ electrons of I2, whose valence orbitals are σg2πu4πg4σu0. We find that ionization of the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO)-2 (σg) has a strong dependence on R while the HOMO and HOMO-1 do not. Surprisingly, the ionization rate of the HOMO-2 exceeds the combined ionization rate of the less bound orbitals and this branching ratio increases with R. Since our technique produces target molecules that are highly aligned with the laser polarization, the σ orbitals will be preferentially ionized and undergo enhanced ionization at larger R compared to the π orbitals. Nevertheless, it is highly unusual that an inner orbital provides the dominant strong field ionization pathway in a small molecule.

  8. The I2 dissociation mechanisms in the chemical oxygen-iodine laser revisited. (United States)

    Waichman, K; Barmashenko, B D; Rosenwaks, S


    The recently suggested mechanism of I(2) dissociation in the chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) [K. Waichman, B. D. Barmashenko, and S. Rosenwaks, J. Appl. Phys. 106, 063108 (2009); and J. Chem. Phys. 133, 084301 (2010)] was largely based on the suggestion of V. N. Azyazov, S. Yu. Pichugin, and M. C. Heaven [J. Chem. Phys. 130, 104306 (2009)] that the vibrational population of O(2)(a) produced in the chemical generator is high enough to play an essential role in the dissociation. The results of model calculations based on this mechanism agreed very well with measurements of the small signal gain g, I(2) dissociation fraction F, and temperature T in the COIL. This mechanism is here revisited, following the recent experiments of M. V. Zagidullin [Quantum Electron. 40, 794 (2010)] where the observed low population of O(2)(b, v = 1) led to the conclusion that the vibrational population of O(2)(a) at the outlet of the generator is close to thermal equilibrium value. This value corresponds to a very small probability, ∼0.05, of O(2)(a) energy pooling to the states O(2)(X,a,b, v > 0). We show that the dissociation mechanism can reproduce the experimentally observed values of g, F, and T in the COIL only if most of the energy released in the processes of O(2)(a) energy pooling and O(2)(b) quenching by H(2)O ends up as vibrational energy of the products, O(2)(X,a,b), where the vibrational states v = 2 and 3 are significantly populated. We discuss possible reasons for the differences in the suggested vibrational population and explain how these differences can be reconciled.

  9. Population-Specific Resequencing Associates the ATP-Binding Cassette Subfamily C Member 4 Gene With Gout in New Zealand Māori and Pacific Men. (United States)

    Tanner, Callum; Boocock, James; Stahl, Eli A; Dobbyn, Amanda; Mandal, Asim K; Cadzow, Murray; Phipps-Green, Amanda J; Topless, Ruth K; Hindmarsh, Jennie Harré; Stamp, Lisa K; Dalbeth, Nicola; Choi, Hyon K; Mount, David B; Merriman, Tony R


    There is no evidence for a genetic association between organic anion transporters 1-3 (SLC22A6, SLC22A7, and SLC22A8) and multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4; encoded by ABCC4) with the levels of serum urate or gout. The Māori and Pacific (Polynesian) population of New Zealand has the highest prevalence of gout worldwide. The aim of this study was to determine whether any Polynesian population-specific genetic variants in SLC22A6-8 and ABCC4 are associated with gout. All participants had ≥3 self-reported Māori and/or Pacific grandparents. Among the total sample set of 1,808 participants, 191 hyperuricemic and 202 normouricemic individuals were resequenced over the 4 genes, and the remaining 1,415 individuals were used for replication. Regression analyses were performed, adjusting for age, sex, and Polynesian ancestry. To study the functional effect of nonsynonymous variants of ABCC4, transport assays were performed in Xenopus laevis oocytes. A total of 39 common variants were detected, with an ABCC4 variant (rs4148500) significantly associated with hyperuricemia and gout. This variant was monomorphic for the urate-lowering allele in Europeans. There was evidence for an association of rs4148500 with gout in the resequenced samples (odds ratio [OR] 1.62 [P = 0.012]) that was replicated (OR 1.25 [P = 0.033]) and restricted to men (OR 1.43 [P = 0.001] versus OR 0.98 [P = 0.89] in women). The gout risk allele was associated with fractional excretion of uric acid in male individuals (β = -0.570 [P = 0.01]). A rare population-specific allele (P1036L) with predicted strong functional consequence reduced the uric acid transport activity of ABCC4 by 30%. An association between ABCC4 and gout and fractional excretion of uric acid is consistent with the established role of MRP4 as a unidirectional renal uric acid efflux pump. © 2017, American College of Rheumatology.

  10. Emmanuel Renault, Yves Sintomer (dir., Où en est la théorie critique ?, Paris, La Découverte, coll. « Recherches », 2003, 286 p., 31 €.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Dupeyrix


    Full Text Available Dans l’introduction de cet ouvrage collectif publié en mars 2003, Emmanuel Renault et Yves Sintomer exposent leur volonté de « rendre compte de l’actualité d’un projet [celui de la théorie critique] tout en mettant en perspective les débats ouverts par les œuvres d’Habermas et de Honneth » (p. 10. On peut dire qu’ils ont pleinement réalisé leur ambition : l’ouvrage qu’ils proposent ici est une synthèse très riche et très stimulante des derniers travaux en cours sur la théorie critique et l’É...

  11. Protein-protein interactions as a proxy to monitor conformational changes and activation states of the tomato resistance protein I-2

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lukasik-Shreepaathy, E.; Vossen, J.H.; Tameling, W.I.L.; de Vroomen, M.J.; Cornelissen, B.J.C.; Takken, F.L.W.


    Plant resistance proteins (R) are involved in pathogen recognition and subsequent initiation of defence responses. Their activity is regulated by inter- and intramolecular interactions. In a yeast two-hybrid screen two clones (I2I-1 and I2I-2) specifically interacting with I-2, a Fusarium oxysporum

  12. Lieu de résidence réel et lieu de résidence idéal : une approche fondée sur la théorie de la décision

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne-Marie Meyer


    Full Text Available Cette recherche examine la capacité d'une théorie de la décision à estimer le lieu de résidence réel des personnes. Son objectif est double : d'une part, proposer une méthode pour tester empiriquement la théorie de la Subjective Expected Utility appliquée au choix résidentiel, et d'autre part, mettre en évidence les différences dans l'évaluation des quartiers d'une ville liées à l'existence de groupes de population définis par leurs statuts familial et social. Grâce à une enquête, la validité de cette théorie de la décision peut être en partie confirmée, mais sa mise en pratique pose également un ensemble de difficultés, liées notamment à l'acquisition de l'information.

  13. Implementation of Ray Safe i2 System for staff dose measuring in interventional radiology

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gershan, Vesna; Atsovska, Violeta


    Interventional radiology procedures usually delivered the highest radiation dose to the patients as well as to medical personal. Beside another factors like patient size, fluoroscopy time, machine calibration etc., a good clinical practice has strong effects to staff and patient’s radiation dose. Materials and methods: In August 2012, a Ray Safe i2 system was installed in a private hospital in Skopje. The main purpose of this dosimetry system is to provide real time indication for the current exposure level of the medical personal. Knowing that, the staff has prerequisites to adjust their behavior to minimize unnecessary exposure like changing distance from exposed volume, C-ram angulations, field of view etc. and on this way to develop a good clinical practice. The Ray Safe i2 system is consisted by ten digital dosimeters, two dock stations, real time display, dose viewer and dose manager software. During interventional procedures, each involved staff wears dosimeter which measures and records X-Ray exposure every second and transfer the data wirelessly to the real time display. Color indication bars (green, yellow, red) represents the intensity of the currently received exposure, whereas green zone indicates < 0.2 mSv/h, yellow zone from 0.2 to 2 mSv/h and red zone indications from 2 to 20 mSv/h. Additionally, accumulated dose per individual is displayed next to the color indication bars. By using the software, information about personal dose history, such as annual dose, dose per particular session, hour, day or week, can be viewed and analyzed. Results: In this work it was found that staff accumulated doses were constantly increased over time, but reported number of procedures does not correspond to this tendency. Our assumption is that there is a misleading between reported number and actual performed procedures. Doctor1 received 55 times more dose than Doctor2 and Nurse1 received 11 to 3 times more dose than another Nurses. It was found a correlation of R2

  14. 10 K gate I(2)L and 1 K component analog compatible bipolar VLSI technology - HIT-2 (United States)

    Washio, K.; Watanabe, T.; Okabe, T.; Horie, N.


    An advanced analog/digital bipolar VLSI technology that combines on the same chip 2-ns 10 K I(2)L gates with 1 K analog devices is proposed. The new technology, called high-density integration technology-2, is based on a new structure concept that consists of three major techniques: shallow grooved-isolation, I(2)L active layer etching, and I(2)L current gain increase. I(2)L circuits with 80-MHz maximum toggle frequency have developed compatibly with n-p-n transistors having a BV(CE0) of more than 10 V and an f(T) of 5 GHz, and lateral p-n-p transistors having an f(T) of 150 MHz.

  15. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Low-mass stars in 25 Ori group and Orion OB1a (Suarez+, 2017) (United States)

    Suarez, G.; Downes, J. J.; Roman-Zuniga, C.; Covey, K. R.; Tapia, M.; Hernandez, J.; Petr-Gotzens, M. G.; Stassun, K. G.; Briceno, C.


    The V, R, and I photometry used in this work was obtained from the Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia (CIDA) Deep Survey of Orion (CDSO) catalog (Downes et al. 2014, Cat. J/MNRAS/444/1793), which was constructed by coadding the multi-epoch optical observations from the CIDA Variability Survey of Orion (CVSO; Briceno et al. 2005, Cat. J/AJ/129/907). The sensitivity limits of the CDSO covers the Low-Mass Star (LMS) and Brown Dwarf (BD) population of 25 Ori and its surroundings within the region 79.7°Eisenstein et al. 2011AJ....142...72E). The BOSS spectrograph has plates with 1000 fibers of 2'' diameter spanning a field of view of 3.0° in diameter and covering a wavelength range from 3560Å to 10400Å with a resolution of R=1560 at 3700Å and R=2650 at 9000Å (Gunn et al. 2006AJ....131.2332G; Smee et al. 2013AJ....146...32S). (4 data files).

  16. Managing communication tensions and challenges during the end-of-life journey: perspectives of Māori kaumātua and their whānau. (United States)

    Oetzel, John; Simpson, Mary; Berryman, Kay; Iti, Tiwai; Reddy, Rangimahora


    The purpose of this study is to explore the cultural practices and communication tensions perceived among Māori kaumātua (elders) and their whānaunga (extended family) during the end-of-life journey. Further, the study aims to explore the manner in which the tensions are managed. The study was framed by relational dialectics theory and included interviews with 21 kaumātua and focus groups with 39 whānau members. The study identified three cultural practices (dying at home, prayer, and song) that helped to build connection among the family members and also helped to connect the dying person to the spiritual world. Further, four communication tensions were noted: (a) autonomy and connection; (b) conflict and connection; (c) isolation and connection; and (d) balancing the needs of self and other. To manage these tensions, the following strategies were used: (a) coordination conversations; (b) inclusion in decision-making conversations; (c) emotional support within the whānau; and (d) passing on lessons to the next generation.

  17. i2- and Gαi3-Deficient Mice Display Opposite Severity of Myocardial Ischemia Reperfusion Injury (United States)

    Köhler, David; Devanathan, Vasudharani; Bernardo de Oliveira Franz, Claudia; Eldh, Therese; Novakovic, Ana; Roth, Judith M.; Granja, Tiago; Birnbaumer, Lutz; Rosenberger, Peter; Beer-Hammer, Sandra; Nürnberg, Bernd


    G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the most abundant receptors in the heart and therefore are common targets for cardiovascular therapeutics. The activated GPCRs transduce their signals via heterotrimeric G-proteins. The four major families of G-proteins identified so far are specified through their α-subunit: Gαi, Gαs, Gαq and G12/13. Gαi-proteins have been reported to protect hearts from ischemia reperfusion injury. However, determining the individual impact of Gαi2 or Gαi3 on myocardial ischemia injury has not been clarified yet. Here, we first investigated expression of Gαi2 and Gαi3 on transcriptional level by quantitative PCR and on protein level by immunoblot analysis as well as by immunofluorescence in cardiac tissues of wild-type, Gαi2-, and Gαi3-deficient mice. Gαi2 was expressed at higher levels than Gαi3 in murine hearts, and irrespective of the isoform being knocked out we observed an up regulation of the remaining Gαi-protein. Myocardial ischemia promptly regulated cardiac mRNA and with a slight delay protein levels of both Gαi2 and Gαi3, indicating important roles for both Gαi isoforms. Furthermore, ischemia reperfusion injury in Gαi2- and Gαi3-deficient mice exhibited opposite outcomes. Whereas the absence of Gαi2 significantly increased the infarct size in the heart, the absence of Gαi3 or the concomitant upregulation of Gαi2 dramatically reduced cardiac infarction. In conclusion, we demonstrate for the first time that the genetic ablation of Gαi proteins has protective or deleterious effects on cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury depending on the isoform being absent. PMID:24858945

  18. i2- and Gαi3-deficient mice display opposite severity of myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Köhler

    Full Text Available G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs are the most abundant receptors in the heart and therefore are common targets for cardiovascular therapeutics. The activated GPCRs transduce their signals via heterotrimeric G-proteins. The four major families of G-proteins identified so far are specified through their α-subunit: Gαi, Gαs, Gαq and G12/13. Gαi-proteins have been reported to protect hearts from ischemia reperfusion injury. However, determining the individual impact of Gαi2 or Gαi3 on myocardial ischemia injury has not been clarified yet. Here, we first investigated expression of Gαi2 and Gαi3 on transcriptional level by quantitative PCR and on protein level by immunoblot analysis as well as by immunofluorescence in cardiac tissues of wild-type, Gαi2-, and Gαi3-deficient mice. Gαi2 was expressed at higher levels than Gαi3 in murine hearts, and irrespective of the isoform being knocked out we observed an up regulation of the remaining Gαi-protein. Myocardial ischemia promptly regulated cardiac mRNA and with a slight delay protein levels of both Gαi2 and Gαi3, indicating important roles for both Gαi isoforms. Furthermore, ischemia reperfusion injury in Gαi2- and Gαi3-deficient mice exhibited opposite outcomes. Whereas the absence of Gαi2 significantly increased the infarct size in the heart, the absence of Gαi3 or the concomitant upregulation of Gαi2 dramatically reduced cardiac infarction. In conclusion, we demonstrate for the first time that the genetic ablation of Gαi proteins has protective or deleterious effects on cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury depending on the isoform being absent.

  19. Effect of PbI2 deposition rate on two-step PVD/CVD all-vacuum prepared perovskite

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ioakeimidis, Apostolos; Christodoulou, Christos; Lux-Steiner, Martha; Fostiropoulos, Konstantinos


    In this work we fabricate all-vacuum processed methyl ammonium lead halide perovskite by a sequence of physical vapour deposition of PbI 2 and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of CH 3 NH 3 I under a static atmosphere. We demonstrate that for higher deposition rate the (001) planes of PbI 2 film show a higher degree of alignment parallel to the sample's surface. From X-ray diffraction data of the resulted perovskite film we derive that the intercalation rate of CH 3 NH 3 I is fostered for PbI 2 films with higher degree of (001) planes alignment. The stoichiometry of the produced perovskite film is also studied by Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements. Complete all-vacuum perovskite solar cells were fabricated on glass/ITO substrates coated by an ultra-thin (5 nm) Zn-phthalocyanine film as hole selective layer. A dependence of residual PbI 2 on the solar cells performance is displayed, while photovoltaic devices with efficiency up to η=11.6% were achieved. - Graphical abstract: A two-step PVD/CVD processed perovskite film with the CVD intercalation rate of CH 3 NCH 3 molecules been fostered by increasing the PVD rate of PbI 2 and prolonging the CVD time. - Highlights: • A simple PVD/CVD process for perovskite film production. • Increased PVD rate yields better alignment of the PbI 2 (001) crystallite planes. • CH 3 NH 3 I intercalation process fostered by increased PbI 2 PVD rate. • Stoichiometric CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 suitable as absorber in photovoltaic applications • Reduced PbI 2 residue at the bottom of CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 improves device performance.

  20. Secondary Use of Claims Data from the Austrian Health Insurance System with i2b2: A Pilot Study. (United States)

    Endel, Florian; Duftschmid, Georg


    In conformity with increasing international efforts to reuse routine health data for scientific purposes, the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Organisations provides pseudonymized claims data of the Austrian health care system for clinical research. We aimed to examine, whether an integration of the corresponding database into i2b2 would be possible and provide benefits. We applied docker-based software containers and data transformations to set up the system. To assess the benefits of i2b2 we plan to reenact the task of cohort formation of an earlier research project. The claims database was successfully integrated into i2b2. The docker-based installation approach will be published as git repository. The assessment of i2b2's benefits is currently work in progress and will be presented at the conference. Docker enables a flexible, reproducible, and resource-efficient installation of i2b2 within the restricted environment implied by our highly secured target system. First preliminary tests indicated several potential benefits of i2b2 compared to the methods applied during the earlier research project.

  1. Comparative proteomics analysis of proteins expressed in the I-1 and I-2 internodes of strawberry stolons

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lai Wenguo


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Strawberries (Fragaria ananassa reproduce asexually through stolons, which have strong tendencies to form adventitious roots at their second node. Understanding how the development of the proximal (I-1 and distal (I-2 internodes of stolons differ should facilitate nursery cultivation of strawberries. Results Herein, we compared the proteomic profiles of the strawberry stolon I-1 and I-2 internodes. Proteins extracted from the internodes were separated by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and 164 I-1 protein spots and 200 I-2 protein spots were examined further. Using mass spectrometry and database searches, 38 I-1 and 52 I-2 proteins were identified and categorized (8 and 10 groups, respectively according to their cellular compartmentalization and functionality. Many of the identified proteins are enzymes necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and photosynthesis. Furthermore, identification of proteins that interact revealed that many of the I-2 proteins form a dynamic network during development. Finally, given our results, we present a mechanistic scheme for adventitious root formation of new clonal plants at the second node. Conclusions Comparative proteomic analysis of I-1 and I-2 proteins revealed that the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway and sugar-hormone pathways might be important during adventitious root formation at the second node of new clonal plants.

  2. Life-time resolved emission spectra in CdI2 crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kawabata, Seiji; Nakagawa, Hideyuki


    The emission spectrum of CdI 2 is composed of ultraviolet (UV), green (G) and yellow (Y and Y') bands peaking at 3.38, 2.50, 2.16 and 2.25 eV, respectively. In order to determine the initial states of the Y- and G-luminescence, decay curves have been measured at 6 and 80 K by varying emission energy. The observed decay curves are composed of two or three exponential components. These decay components were named τ 1 , τ 2 , τ 3 , τ 3' and τ 4 . The emission spectrum for each decay component, i.e., the life-time resolved emission spectrum, was constructed from the observed decay curves. At 6 K, three bands at 2.12, 2.49 and 2.64 eV are obtained for τ 1 , τ 2 and τ 3 components, respectively. At 80 K, a dominant band for the τ 4 component and a weak band for the τ 3' component appear on the same energy position at 2.25 eV. The origin of each emission band in the life-time resolved emission spectra will be briefly discussed

  3. Transport Properties Of PbI2 Doped Silver Oxysalt Based Amorphous Solid Electrolytes (United States)

    Shrisanjaykumar Jayswal, Manishkumar

    with that a detailed review on fast ion conducting glasses is included. At the end of the chapter, the aim of the present work has been given. Chapter 2: A discussion about various theoretical models to explain fast ion conduction mechanism in superionic conductors in general and superionic conducting glasses in particular is given. In addition to that, impedance spectroscopy and its various formalisms are discussed. Chapter 3: This chapter describes the method of preparation of the glass samples and various characterizations and techniques to study their various properties. Chapter 4: Physical properties of the prepared glass samples are studied and discussed in this chapter. The glass samples are found to be fully amorphous as exhibited by x-ray diffraction studies. The density of the prepared samples is increasing consistently with increasing PbI 2 content in the glass. For glass series (a), the molar volume also increases with PbI2 content. However, for glass series (b) and (c), molar volume is reducing with increasing PbI2 content, showing that glass is getting compacted with increasing PbI2 content. Chapter 5: Transport properties of the prepared glass samples have been investigated using impedance spectroscopy and its various formalisms. The chapter discusses DC conductivity, AC conductivity, dielectric permittivity and modulus analysis of the obtained impedance spectra. The sigma' spectra were scaled using Summerfield scaling law using sigmaDCT as the scaling factor for frequency axis and a well defined Time-Temperature Superposition (TTS) is observed as a function of temperature. The dielectric spectra show the presence of a dielectric relaxation in all glass samples. The dielectric permittivity, epsilon', spectra were scaled using the scaling law given by Sidebottom. The modulus spectra exhibit non-Debye relaxation of Ag+ ions and could be explained using KWW (Kohlrausch-Williams-Watts) decay function. Scaling analysis of the modulus spectra as a function of

  4. Low-temperature photoluminescence of detector-grade HgI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Merz, J.L.; Wu, Z.L.; van den Berg, L.; Schnepple, W.F.


    The low-temperature photoluminescence of HgI 2 is reported. Three main luminescence bands are observed, with peaks at approx. 2.30, 2.20, and 2.00 eV at 77 K. At 4.2 K, the highest energy peak shows considerable structure. The temperature dependence of these lines indicates both free and bound exciton recombination, and very small exciton binding energies (approx. 3 to 5 MeV) have been estimated. A comparison of the results of sublimation and doping experiments suggests that the lowest energy band may be related to impurities, whereas the middle-energy band is related to I content. The two strongest bound exciton lines comprising the high-energy band show systematic correlations with the middle-energy, I-related band. Further correlations between these spectral features and the performance of nuclear radiation detectors fabricated from these samples are also noted. The temperature coefficient of the band gap is estimated from the spectral shift of luminescence lines to be approximately -1.13 x 10 -4 eV/K between 32 K and 45 K

  5. Simulating quantum search algorithm using vibronic states of I2 manipulated by optimally designed gate pulses

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ohtsuki, Yukiyoshi


    In this paper, molecular quantum computation is numerically studied with the quantum search algorithm (Grover's algorithm) by means of optimal control simulation. Qubits are implemented in the vibronic states of I 2 , while gate operations are realized by optimally designed laser pulses. The methodological aspects of the simulation are discussed in detail. We show that the algorithm for solving a gate pulse-design problem has the same mathematical form as a state-to-state control problem in the density matrix formalism, which provides monotonically convergent algorithms as an alternative to the Krotov method. The sequential irradiation of separately designed gate pulses leads to the population distribution predicted by Grover's algorithm. The computational accuracy is reduced by the imperfect quality of the pulse design and by the electronic decoherence processes that are modeled by the non-Markovian master equation. However, as long as we focus on the population distribution of the vibronic qubits, we can search a target state with high probability without introducing error-correction processes during the computation. A generalized gate pulse-design scheme to explicitly include decoherence effects is outlined, in which we propose a new objective functional together with its solution algorithm that guarantees monotonic convergence.

  6. Higgs Signals in a Type I 2HDM or with a Sister Higgs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alves, Daniele S.M. [Fermilab; Fox, Patrick J. [Fermilab; Weiner, Neal J. [New York U.


    In models where an additional SU(2)-doublet that does not have couplings to fermions participates in electroweak symmetry breaking, the properties of the Higgs boson are changed. At tree level, in the neighborhood of the SM-like range of parameter space, it is natural to have the coupling to vectors, cV, approximately constant, while the coupling to fermions, cf, is suppressed. This leads to enhanced VBF signals of gamma gamma while keeping other signals of Higgses approximately constant (such as WW* and ZZ*), and suppressing higgs to tau tau. Sizable tree-level effects are often accompanied by light charged Higgs states, which lead to important constraints from b to s gamma and top to b H+, but also often to similarly sizable contributions to the inclusive h to gamma gamma signal from radiative effects. In the simplest model, this is described by a Type I 2HDM, and in supersymmetry is naturally realized with 'sister Higgs' fields. In such a scenario, additional light charged states can contribute further with fewer constraints from heavy flavor decays. With supersymmetry, Grand Unification motivates the inclusion of colored partner fields. These G-quarks may provide additional evidence for such a model.

  7. Correlations between plastic deformation parameters and radiation detector quality in HgI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Georgeson, G.; Milstein, F.; California Univ., Santa Barbara


    Mercuric iodide radiation detectors of various grades of quality were subjected to shearing forces in the (001) crystallographic planes using a specially designed micromechanical shear testing fixture. Experimental measurements were made of (001) shear stress versus shear strain. Each of the stress-strain curves was described by two empirically determined deformation parameters, s 0 and σ, where s 0 is a measure of 'bulk yielding' and σ indicates the 'sharpness of yielding' during plastic deformation. It was observed that the deformation parameters of many HgI 2 single crystal samples fit the relation s 0 =8σ 2/3 and that significant deviation from this relation, with s 0 >8σ 2/3 , indicates poor detector quality. Work hardening by prior plastic deformation was also found to cause s 0 to depart (in an increasing manner) from the 8σ 2/3 relation. For good quality material that has not previously been plastically deformed, the deformation parameter s c =s 0 -2σ<19 psi; this parameter can be interpreted as the 'onset of plastic yielding'. The results are discussed in terms of dislocation mechanisms for plastic deformation, work hardening, and recovery of work hardening. (orig.)

  8. Desarrollo de la Biblioteca Digital Educativa EduCR@I 2.0

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolanda López Santana


    Full Text Available Las bibliotecas han evolucionado de ser lugares donde se almacenan, organizan y difunden la información hasta convertirse en centros dinámicos que actúan de manera proactiva en la construcción del conocimiento al disponer de recursos y servicios que innovan la manera de comunicarse con sus usuarios al generar espacios alternativos para lograr un impacto en la vida académica de la institución. La presente propuesta de biblioteca digital educativa consiste en la construcción de un espacio virtual extendido a la biblioteca física para albergar diferentes recursos con fines didácticos y educativos expresados en objetos de aprendizaje, canal de video, wikis, aula virtual, blogs, portal web, biblioteca en mundos virtuales y repositorios digitales. EDUCR@I 2.0 es el nombre que se le ha designado a la multiplataforma digital educativa de la biblioteca del CUCSUR, que presenta hasta el momento como avance en su construcción el diseño de estructuras para el desarrollo de competencias escritoras. El proyecto propone un esquema flexible al organizarse de forma modular y con posibilidades para incrementar sus componentes. Permite el ahorro de costos debido a la utilización de software libre y código abierto así como la intranet del campus y, dependiendo de la incorporación de materiales multimedia, usuarios conectados y documentos digitalizados a las bases de datos, es posible realizar pruebas preliminares de su funcionalidad con equipos de cómputo tipo Workstation existentes para la realización de pruebas preliminares y la medición de crecimiento de las colecciones a futuro

  9. The reduction of I2 by H2O2 in aqueous solution

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ball, J.M.; Hnatiw, J.B.


    The reduction of iodine by hydrogen peroxide is an important process which leads to a lower amount of molecular iodine in irradiated solutions of iodide as the pH is increased. There is quite a large amount of information on the reaction now but no consensus in the literature on the mechanisms for reaction and the generally accepted mechanism does not appear to be correct. A number of studies of the kinetics of the reaction in the pH range 2-7 have been carried out where the iodine reduction process exhibited a 1/[H + ] 2 dependence consistent with the proposed mechanism which were attributed primarily to the reaction of H 2 O 2 with IO - . Deviations were observed in the pH range 6-7 and were explained by incorporating the reaction of I 2 OH - with H 2 O 2 . In some other experiments it was suggested that the failure to maintain a 1/[H + ] 2 dependence at high pH was due to the iodine hydrolysis being rate determining. Data from an experimental program performed at AECL described in this paper confirms that the 1/[H + ] 2 dependence does not hold at high pH. These studies were carried out as a function of acid, iodide, peroxide and buffer concentration for three buffers, barbital, citrate and phosphate. This paper discuss two mechanisms which involve the formation of an HOOI intermediate in the rate determining step and which adequately describe the experimental data. (author) 4 figs., 2 tabs., 23 refs

  10. The effects of synthesis parameters on the formation of PbI2 particles under DTAB-assisted hydrothermal process

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhu Gangqiang; Hojamberdiev, Mirabbos; Liu Peng; Peng Jianhong; Zhou Jianping; Bian Xiaobin; Huang Xijin


    Highlights: ► Submicron- and micron-sized PbI 2 particles were hydrothermally synthesized. ► Structural transformation form belt-like to rod- and microtube-like was observed. ► Phase-pure PbI 2 particles could be hydrothermally obtained at pH 2 particles. ► The optical band gap energy of PbI 2 was slightly affected by morphology. - Abstract: Submicron- and micron-sized lead iodide (PbI 2 ) particles with well-controlled morphologies were successfully fabricated via a low-temperature hydrothermal process assisted by dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) as cationic surfactant. The as-synthesized powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and UV–vis spectroscopy. The effects of synthesis parameters (temperature, time, pH, and surfactant amount) were systematically investigated. The obtained results showed that the submicron structure was belt-like at 100–120 °C, transformed to rod-like by increasing temperature to 140 °C and it became a microtube-like at 160–200 °C. By changing the pH of the synthesizing solution, it was found that a pure PbI 2 phase could be obtained below 7. With the addition of increasing amount of surfactant, microparticles were converted to microrods → submicron belts → microtubes. The time-dependent experimental results revealed that the dissolution–recrystallization and dissolution–recrystallization–self-oriented-attachment were considered to be the possible mechanisms for the formation of the belt- and tube-like PbI 2 submicron- and micron-sized particles, respectively. The optical properties of the PbI 2 particles synthesized at 100–200 °C for 8 h under hydrothermal conditions were also studied.

  11. [Positions of the implanted stimulating electrodes for artificial facial nerve for inducing contraction of the orbicularis oris muscle in rabbit with peripheral facial paralysis]. (United States)

    Xu, D Y; Zhao, N J; Zhao, Y X; Luo, D; Sun, Y J; Li, K Y


    Objective: To explore the optimal positions of the implanted stimulating eletrodes for artificial facial nerve (AFN) for inducing contraction of the orbicularis oris muscle (OOM) in rabbit with peripheral facial paralysis. Methods: According to the four microelectrodes of the AFN stimulating side, four modes of the implanted positions were divided. In line with different modes, the electrodes were implanted into the affected OOM of the rabbits with unilateral peripheral facial paralysis. AFN output electric stimulation to induce contraction of the affected OOM with uniform stimulating frequency and pulse length in vitro. Then compared the stimulus threshold amplitude and the peak amplitude separately among different modes by SAS 9.3 version statistical software. Results: The differences of the stimulus threshold amplitude and the peak amplitude had no statistically significant separately between the first mode and the second mode ( P >0.05), but there were statistically significant differences between the third mode and the fourth mode ( P <0.05). Both kinds of the amplitudes were approximated between the first mode and the second mode respectively, and higher than those in the third mode or the fourth mode. Furthermore, both kinds of the amplitudes in the fourth mode were higher than those in the third mode. Conclusions: The microelectrodes of the AFN stimulating lateral are implanted into the upper lip with a public microelectrode and an output microelectrode, into the lower lip with an output microelectrode, and into the way, which is located to the angle 40° to 45° about the line joining between the midpoint of the ipsilateral auricle root and the corner of the mouth with an output microelectrode. This is the third positional mode which requires lowest effective stimulus current intensity. Thus the mode is suitable as the optimal placement programme.

  12. L’utilité de la théorie du don The utility of gift theory Utilidad de la teoría del don

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norbert Alter


    Full Text Available Norbert Alter explique l’utilité et l’actualité de la théorie de Marcel Mauss pour penser la coopération en entreprise et l’engagement au travail. Il revient sur ses qualités heuristiques et sa portée critique nécessaires à mobiliser pour donner des clefs de compréhension et d’action au monde du travail. À cette contribution répond celle d’Alain Caillé, « Le paradigme du don face aux nouvelles réalités du monde du travail. Quelques remarques »Norbert Alter explains here the utility and topicality of Marcel Mauss’ theory in an analysis touching both on cooperation within a business structure and on people’s commitment to work. He reviews the heuristic qualities and critical scope that must be mobilised to create ways of understanding and acting within the work world. Alain Caillé responds to this contribution with his own article entitled, “ The gift paradigm facing new realities in the work world. Comments” (Le paradigme du don face aux nouvelles réalités du monde du travail. Quelques remarques.Norbert Alter explica la utilidad y la actualidad de la teoría de Marcel Mauss para pensar la cooperación en la empresa y el compromiso en el trabajo. Desde una nueva perspectiva, aborda las cualidades heurísticas de esa teoría y su alcance crítico, que es necesario movilizar para contar con claves de comprensión y de acción en el mundo laboral. A su contribución, Alain Caillé responde con el artículo “El paradigma del don frente a las nuevas realidades del mundo laboral. Algunas observaciones”.

  13. Un lieu pour les figures dans la théorie de l’argumentation A Place for Rhetorical Figures in Argumentation Theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christian Plantin


    Full Text Available A partir du traitement des figures dans le Traité de l’Argumentation (TA de Perelman et Olbrechts-Tyteca, cet article porte sur la question de la place des figures dans la théorie de l’argumentation. La première partie revient brièvement sur différentes formes de rhétorique, dont une rhétorique de l’ornement ayant pour instrument principal les figures. Une théorie moderne de l’argumentation orientée vers la recherche des fallacies établit une coupure radicale entre argumentation, instrument de recherche de la vérité et rhétorique ornée, que Locke caractérise comme « a powerful instrument of error and deceit ». Cette conception suppose l’usage d’un langage qu’on peut rapidement caractériser comme « artificiel », qui n’est pas celui de l’argumentation ordinaire. Avant d’être des « decorations » les figures sont des « instruments » de structuration de la parole ; et les topoi, instruments de l’argumentation, n’obéissent pas à d’autres mécanismes que les tropes, qui semblent toujours parler à côté et manquer leur objet. La seconde partie s’intéresse à une partie quelque peu délaissée du TA, l’usage qu’il fait des figures et la vision théorique, à la fois cavalière et décisive, qu’il en propose. Le TA ouvre la voie à une conception des figures non pas comme « vain ornement » mais comme une première sémantique du discours argumentatif ; c’est ce qu’on peut montrer sur le cas des « figures du choix, de la présence et de la communion ». En conséquence, la pensée des figures peut et doit être intégrée à une théorie de l’argumentation qui prend en compte le langage dans la parole, avec ses stratégies de construction des objets, du locuteur, de l’interlocuteur et de leurs émotions.This paper deals with the treatment of figures of speech in Perelman’s and Olbrechts-Tyteca’s Treatise on Argumentation (TA, and, more broadly, with the place of

  14. Monocrystal growth and characterization of HgI2 semiconductor compound for using in X and gamma spectrometries

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Faria, L.O.


    Mercury Iodide (HgI 2 ) platelets were grown from the vapor phase in the presence of polymers. These platelets are convenient to be used as room temperature operating semiconductor radiation detectors. Experiments demonstrate that the growth of platelets depends on a two-stage mass transport instead of depending on just one, as it has been thought. HgI 2 platelets 30 mm 2 large and 90 μm thick were obtained in a sealed evacuated fused quartz tube and were characterized by etch pit density measurements. (author) [pt

  15. Physical properties of iodate solutions and the deliquescence of crystalline I2O5 and HIO3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. J. Murray


    Full Text Available Secondary aerosol produced from marine biogenic sources in algal-rich coastal locations will initially be composed of iodine oxide species, most likely I2O5, or its hydrated form HIO3, formed as a result of iodine gas-phase chemistry. At present, there is no quantitative hygroscopic data for these compounds and very little data available for iodate solutions (HIO3 and I2O5 share a common aqueous phase. With increased interest in the role of such aerosol in the marine atmosphere, we have conducted studies of (i the deliquescence behaviour of crystalline HIO3 and I2O5 at 273–303 K, (ii the efflorescence behaviour of aqueous iodate solution droplets, and (iii properties (water activity, density, and viscosity of subsaturated and saturated iodate solutions. The deliquescence of I2O5 crystals at 293 K was observed to occur at a relative humidity (DRH of 80.8±1.0%, whereas for HIO3, a DRH of 85.0±1.0% was measured. These values are consistent with measured water activity values for saturated I2O5 and HIO3 solutions at 293 K of 0.80±0.01 and 0.84±0.01 respectively. At all temperatures, DRH values for HIO3 crystals were observed to be higher than for those of I2O5. The temperature-dependent DRH data, along with solubility and water activity data were used to evaluate the enthalpy of solution (ΔHsol for HIO3 and I2O5. A ΔHsol value of 8.3±0.7 kJ mol−1 was determined for HIO3 which is consistent with a literature value of 8.8 kJ mol−1. For I2O5, we report for the first time its solubility at various temperatures and ΔHsol = 12.4±0.6 kJ mol−1. The measured water activity values confirm that aqueous iodate solutions are strongly non-ideal, consistent with previous reports of complex ion formation and molecular aggregation.

  16. Growth and characterization of monocrystals from HgI2 semiconductor compound for using in X and gamma spectroscopy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Faria, L.O. de.


    Mercury Iodide (HgI 2 ) platelets were grown from the vapor phase in the presence of polymers. These platelets are convenient to be used as room temperature operating semiconductor radiation detectors. Experiments demonstrate that the growth of platelets depends on a two-stage mass transport instead of depending on just one, as it has been thought. HgI 2 platelets 30 mm 2 large and 90 μm thick were obtained in a sealed evacuated fused quartz tube and were characterized by etch pit density measurements. (author)

  17. Cross-sections for dissociative excitation of lead atom in collisions of slow electrons with PbI2 molecules

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smirnov, Yu.M.


    The dissociative excitation of the lead atom in e-PbI 2 collisions has been studied experimentally. 27 excitation cross-sections are measured at an exciting-electron energy of 100 eV. Nine optical excitation functions are recorded at the electron energy varying in the 0-100 eV range. The most possible reaction channels at low electron energies along with the relation of the dissociative-excitation cross-sections of the lead atom both in e-PbI 2 and e-PbCl 2 collisions are discussed. (authors)

  18. Screen-level data assimilation of observations and pseudo-observations in COSMO-I2 (United States)

    Milelli, Dr.; Turco, Dr.; Cane, Dr.; Oberto, Dr.; Pelosini, Dr.


    The COSMO model has been developed by the COnsortium for Small-scale MOdelling, an over-national consortium coordinating the cooperation of the national and regional weather services of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Poland and Romania. Its operational version does not make use of the 2m temperature, since it has been shown to have potentially adverse effects on the stability of the planetary boundary layer. Moreover, in pre-operational tests, it has been showed to degrade the low-tropospheric thermal structure of the model. The 2m temperature is at the moment only used in the soil moisture analysis, where it has the potential to modify the surface fluxes and to improve the prediction of 2m temperature during the forecast time. Despite these facts, there is an option in the model for the inclusion of 2m temperature in the assimilation cycle. For this reason, considering the great number of non-GTS stations in the ARPA Piemonte ground network, it has been decided to try the assimilation of 2m temperature in the COSMO-I2 version of the model, which has a horizontal resolution of about 3 km more similar to the average resolution of the thermometers. Two different test periods have been considered, from 1 to 15 September 2008 (summer-like weather) and from 3 to 17 January 2009 (winter-like weather). Every day we have run two simulations up to +24h, starting at 00UTC and 12UTC in order to investigate also the dependence on the initial state of the PBL. The aim of the work is to investigate the assimilation of the non-GTS data in the first 12h of the simulations in order to create an operational very high-resolution analysis, but also to test the option of running in the future a very short-range forecast (+12h to +18h) starting from these analyses. The results, in terms of RMSE, Mean Error (ME) and diurnal cycle of some surface variables such as 2m temperature, 2m relative humidity and 10m wind intensity, and in terms of vertical profile of temperature, show in

  19. Effect of doping of OH- and CN- on the liberation of I2 molecules in KI by gamma-irradiation, impurity concentration effect

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shirke, A.K.; Pode, R.B.; Deshmukh, B.T.


    Photodecomposition of pure and doped KI powder (KI:KOH; KI:KCN; Impurity concentration, 100, 300, 500, 700 and 1000 ppm) to produce free I 2 molecules during gamma irradiation is studied with the help of absorption and IR measurements. Large number of I 2 molecules are formed in pure KI as compared to the doped samples. Hydroxide impurity increases the rate of liberation of I 2 molecules whereas the cyanide impurity decreases the rate of liberation of I 2 molecules. (Author)

  20. Neurodevelopment, nutrition, and growth until 12 mo of age in infants fed a low-energy, low-protein formula supplemented with bovine milk fat globule membranes: a randomized controlled trial. (United States)

    Timby, Niklas; Domellöf, Erik; Hernell, Olle; Lönnerdal, Bo; Domellöf, Magnus


    Observational studies have indicated that differences in the composition of human milk and infant formula yield benefits in cognitive development and early growth for breastfed infants. The objective was to test the hypothesis that feeding an infant formula with reduced energy and protein densities and supplemented with bovine milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) reduces differences in cognitive development and early growth between formula-fed and breastfed infants. In a prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial, 160 infants Toddler Development, Third Edition, was significantly higher in the EF group than in the SF group (105.8 ± 9.2 compared with 101.8 ± 8.0; P = 0.008) but was not significantly different from that in the BFR group (106.4 ± 9.5; P = 0.73). The EF group ingested larger volumes of formula than did the SF group (864 ± 174 compared with 797 ± 165 mL/d; P = 0.022), fully compensating for the lower energy density. No significant differences in linear growth, weight gain, body mass index, percentage body fat, or head circumference were found between the EF and SF groups. MFGM supplementation to infant formula narrows the gap in cognitive development between breastfed and formula-fed infants. Between 2 and 6 mo of age, formula-fed term infants have the capacity to upregulate their ingested volumes when the energy density of formula is reduced from 66 to 60 kcal/100 mL.

  1. Analysis of nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling of the proto-oncogene SET/I2PP2A

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lam, B. Daniel; Anthony, Eloise C.; Hordijk, Peter L.


    SET/I2PP2A is a nuclear protein that was initially identified as an oncogene in human undifferentiated acute myeloid leukemia, fused to the nuclear porin Nup-214. In addition, SET is a potent inhibitior of the phosphatase PP2A. Previously, we proposed a model in which the small GTPase Rac1 recruits

  2. Current and future possibilities of V2V and I2V technologies: an analysis directed toward Augmented Reality systems (United States)

    Betancur, J. A.; Osorio-Gómez, Gilberto; Arnedo, Aida; Yarce Botero, Andrés.


    Nowadays, it is very important to explore the qualitative characteristics of autonomous mobility systems in automobiles, especially disruptive technology like Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V), in order to comprehend how the next generation of automobiles will be developed. In this sense, this research covers a general review about active safety in automobiles where V2V and I2V systems have been implemented; identifying the more realistic possibilities related to V2V and I2V technology and analyzing the current applications, some systems in development process and some future conceptual proposals. Mainly, it is notorious the potential development of mixing V2V and I2V systems pointing to increase the driver's attention; therefore, a configuration between these two technologies and some augmented reality system for automobiles (Head-Up Display and Head-Down Display) is proposed. There is a huge potential of implementation for this kind of configuration once the normative and the roadmap for its development can be widely established.

  3. Effect of the Ultrasonic Substrate Vibration on Nucleation and Crystallization of PbI2 Crystals and Thin Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatemeh Zabihi


    Full Text Available Preparation of defect-free and well-controlled solution-processed crystalline thin films is highly desirable for emerging technologies, such as perovskite solar cells. In this work, using PbI2 as a model solution with a vast variety of applications, we demonstrate that the excitation of a liquid thin film by imposed ultrasonic vibration on the film substrate significantly affects the nucleation and crystallization kinetics of PbI2 and the morphology of the resulting solid thin film. It is found that by applying ultrasonic vibration to PbI2 solution spun onto an ITO substrate with a moderate power and excitation duration (5 W and 1 min for the 40 kHz transducer used in this study, the nucleation rate increases and the crystals transform from 2D or planar to epitaxial 3D columnar structures, resulting in the suppression of crystallization dewetting. The effects of various induced physical phenomena as a result of the excitation by ultrasonic vibration are discussed, including microstreaming and micromixing, increased heat transfer and local temperature, a change in the thermodynamic state of the solution, and a decrease in the supersaturation point. It is shown that the ultrasonic-assisted solution deposition of the PbI2 thin films is controllable and reproducible, a process which is low-cost and in line with the large-scale fabrication of such solution-processed thin films.

  4. Structure of fault stackings of molecular layers X-M-X in CdI2 polytypic crystals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Palosz, B.; Przedmojski, J.


    The arrangements of molecular layers I-Cd-I, which may be regarded as 'faulted' for CdI 2 polytypic crystals, are analyzed. Tentative classification of faults into those which are intermediate structure between the basic polytypes 2H and 4H and faults occurring between different blocks of pure structure 4 H is proposed. The connection between some growth parameters and the structure of faults in CdI 2 crystals grown from solutions is discussed. It is shown that the geometrical classification of stacking faults used for layered inorganic crystals is not appropriate for the description of the faults existing in polytypic crystals of MX 2 type. The effect of weak external electric and magnetic fields on the polytypic structure of CdI 2 is analyzed. The experiments performed for several hundred of polytypes of CdI 2 showed that the external fields may, in some conditions, affect the organization of the polytypic structure of crystals very strongly. In particular, it was found that the external fields may change the period of polytype cells and that the relative number of hexagonal and rhombohedral polytypes differ very strongly for crystals grown in the absence and in the presence of external electric and magnetic fields. (author)

  5. Third-order nonlinear optical properties of GeSe2-Ga2Se3-PbI2 glasses

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tang Gao; Liu Cunming; Luo Lan; Chen Wei


    The third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of new selenium-based GeSe 2 -Ga 2 Se 3 -PbI 2 glasses have been measured using the optical Kerr effect (OKE) technique, with picosecond and femtosecond laser pulses. The 0.70GeSe 2 -0.15Ga 2 Se 3 -0.15PbI 2 glass has the largest third-order optical nonlinear susceptibility in GeSe 2 -Ga 2 Se 3 -PbI 2 glass system with χ (3) of 5.28x10 12 esu. In addition, the response time of glasses is sub-picosecond, which is predominantly associated with electron cloud. Local structure of the glasses has been identified by using Raman studies, while the origins of the observed nonlinear optical response are discussed. The [Ge(Ga)Se 4 ] tetrahedral and lone-pair electrons from highly polarizable Pb atom in glasses play an important role in enhanced NLO response. These results as well as their good chemical stability indicate that GeSe 2 -Ga 2 Se 3 -PbI 2 glasses are promising materials for photonic applications of third-order nonlinear optical signal processing.

  6. La cohérence dans la mobilisation du capital humain:une illustration de la théorie de l’architecture organisationnelle dans les banques de réseau


    Christine Marsal


    (VF)S’il est courant d’opposer capital financier et capital humain les organisations mettent en place des mécanismes de coordination afin de faire converger les intérêts des deux catégories de partenaires que sont les salariés et les actionnaires. La théorie de l’architecture organisationnelle permet de fournir un cadre d’analyse pertinent pour rendre compte de ces mécanismes. Dans ce cadre nous pouvons constater la pluralité des mécanismes d’incitation. Parmi eux, les incitations financières...

  7. Potentiation of oxycodone antinociception in mice by agmatine and BMS182874 via an imidazoline I2 receptor-mediated mechanism. (United States)

    Bhalla, Shaifali; Ali, Izna; Lee, Hyaera; Andurkar, Shridhar V; Gulati, Anil


    The potentiation of oxycodone antinociception by BMS182874 (endothelin-A (ET(A)) receptor antagonist) and agmatine (imidazoline receptor/α(2)-adrenoceptor agonist) is well-documented. It is also known that imidazoline receptors but not α(2)-adrenoceptors are involved in potentiation of oxycodone antinociception by agmatine and BMS182874 in mice. However, the involvement of specific imidazoline receptor subtypes (I(1), I(2), or both) in this interaction is not clearly understood. The present study was conducted to determine the involvement of imidazoline I(1) and I(2) receptors in agmatine- and BMS182874-induced potentiation of oxycodone antinociception in mice. Antinociceptive (tail flick and hot-plate) latencies were determined in male Swiss Webster mice treated with oxycodone, agmatine, BMS182874, and combined administration of oxycodone with agmatine or BMS182874. Efaroxan (imidazoline I(1) receptor antagonist) and BU224 (imidazoline I(2) receptor antagonist) were used to determine the involvement of I(1) and I(2) imidazoline receptors, respectively. Oxycodone produced significant antinociceptive response in mice which was not affected by efaroxan but was blocked by BU224. Agmatine-induced potentiation of oxycodone antinociception was blocked by BU224 but not by efaroxan. Similarly, BMS182874-induced potentiation of oxycodone antinociception was blocked by BU224 but not by efaroxan. This is the first report demonstrating that BMS182874- or agmatine-induced enhancement of oxycodone antinociception is blocked by BU224 but not by efaroxan. We conclude that imidazoline I(2) receptors but not imidazoline I(1) receptors are involved in BMS182874- and agmatine-induced potentiation of oxycodone antinociception in mice. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Structure and properties of GeS2-Ga2S3-CdI2 chalcohalide glasses

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Guo Haitao; Zhai Yanbo; Tao Haizheng; Dong Guoping; Zhao Xiujian


    Chalcohalide glasses in the GeS 2 -Ga 2 S 3 -CdI 2 pseudo-ternary system were prepared by 3-5N pure raw materials. Structures of these glasses were studied with Raman spectroscopy. Several properties, namely, glass transition temperature, optical transmission, density and microhardness have also been measured. Based on the Raman spectra, it can be speculated that the glass network is mainly constituted by [GeS 4 ], [GaS 4 ] tetrahedra with some mixed-anion tetrahedra [S 3 GeI], [S 2 GeI 2 ] and [S 3 GaI], which are interconnected by bridging sulfurs and/or short S-S chains. In the glasses with little CdI 2 , some part of Ge(Ga) exists in the forms of the ethane-like units [S 3 (Ga)Ge-Ge(Ga)S 3 ] because of the lack of sulfur, but the amount of these units will decrease with the addition of CdI 2 . Additionally, in the glasses with high content of CdI 2 , some [CdI n ] structural units (s.u.) will be formed and dispersed homogenously in glass network. These novel glasses have relatively high glass transition temperatures (T g ranges from 512 to 670 K), good thermal stabilities (the maximum of difference between T x and T g is 185 K) and UV-vis optical transmission, large densities (d ranges from 3.162 to 3.863 g/cm 3 ) and microhardness (large than 150 kg/mm 2 generally). All properties evolutions follow the structural variations

  9. Diseño de módulos I2C en FPGA de la familia Altera

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Escartín


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false ES-TRAD X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 En este trabajo se describe el diseño de un módulo I2C master utilizando registros del tipo FIFO, y de un módulo I2C esclavo, para implementar el protocolo I2C. Para el diseño se utilizó un FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array, que mediante un lenguaje de descripción de hardware (HDL, permite realizar diseño de cualquier sistema digital. En esta aplicación se utilizó el lenguaje VHDL (Very High Speed Hardware Description Language y la plataforma de desarrollo Quartus II versión 5. El módulo I2C master realizado en este trabajo se encarga de la comunicación entre un microcontrolador de la familia MSC51 y el módulo I2C esclavo con velocidades iguales o superiores a la que el estándar impone en los circuitos comerciales. El diseño fue realizado utilizando bibliotecas de módulos parametrizables conocidas por sus siglas en inglés LPM (Library Parametric Module que ofrece Altera en el software utilizado. Estos módulos permiten disminuir el consumo de celdas optimizando el rendimiento, aunque el pago sea la no universalidad del código empleado. De esta forma se logro un diseño que puede ser utilizado en diferentes aplicaciones.  ARREGLAR

  10. BigQ: a NoSQL based framework to handle genomic variants in i2b2. (United States)

    Gabetta, Matteo; Limongelli, Ivan; Rizzo, Ettore; Riva, Alberto; Segagni, Daniele; Bellazzi, Riccardo


    Precision medicine requires the tight integration of clinical and molecular data. To this end, it is mandatory to define proper technological solutions able to manage the overwhelming amount of high throughput genomic data needed to test associations between genomic signatures and human phenotypes. The i2b2 Center (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) has developed a widely internationally adopted framework to use existing clinical data for discovery research that can help the definition of precision medicine interventions when coupled with genetic data. i2b2 can be significantly advanced by designing efficient management solutions of Next Generation Sequencing data. We developed BigQ, an extension of the i2b2 framework, which integrates patient clinical phenotypes with genomic variant profiles generated by Next Generation Sequencing. A visual programming i2b2 plugin allows retrieving variants belonging to the patients in a cohort by applying filters on genomic variant annotations. We report an evaluation of the query performance of our system on more than 11 million variants, showing that the implemented solution scales linearly in terms of query time and disk space with the number of variants. In this paper we describe a new i2b2 web service composed of an efficient and scalable document-based database that manages annotations of genomic variants and of a visual programming plug-in designed to dynamically perform queries on clinical and genetic data. The system therefore allows managing the fast growing volume of genomic variants and can be used to integrate heterogeneous genomic annotations.

  11. ORIGINAL ARTICLE ORI ORI Radioiodine therapy in skeletal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    and analyse the effect of variables that influence the prognosis of this .... lobectomy; LTL = left total thyroidectomy; RST = right subtotal thyroidectomy; Dissec = dissec- ... that gender was not indicative of survival.9-12 Those patients who died.

  12. ORIGINAL ARTICLE ORI ORI Accuracy of MRCP compared with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    choledocholithiasis, tumours or trauma, among other causes. The most common ... the common bile or pancreatic duct, sedation, the use of ionising radiation and a team of .... just above the ampulla, duodenal tumour, pharyngeal tumour and.

  13. U-Pb zircon and biostratigraphic data of high-pressure/low-temperature metamorphic rocks of the Talea Ori: tracking the Paleotethys suture in central Crete, Greece (United States)

    Zulauf, G.; Dörr, W.; Krahl, J.; Lahaye, Y.; Chatzaras, V.; Xypolias, P.


    Inherited deformation microfabrics of detrital quartz grains and U-Pb (Laser ablation (LA)-ICPMS and ID TIMS) ages of detrital zircons separated from the Phyllite-Quartzite Unit s.l. of the Talea Ori, central Crete, suggest strikingly different source rocks. Albite gneiss of the lower Rogdia Beds includes Cambrian and Neoproterozoic rounded zircons with main U-Pb age peaks at 628 and 988 Ma. These and minor Paleoproterozoic and Archean peaks, together with the lack of Variscan-aged and Mesoproterozoic zircons, are similar to the age spectra obtained from the Phyllite-Quartzite Unit s.str. of the Peloponnesus and eastern Crete and from the Taurides. All of these zircons should be derived from the northeastern passive margin of Gondwana (Cimmeria). Metatuffites of the uppermost Rogdia Beds and metasandstone of Bali beach, on the other hand, include euhedral detrital zircons displaying a Variscan U-Pb age spectra at ca. 300 Ma with concordia ages at 291 ± 3, 300 ± 1 Ma (Rogdia) and 286 ± 3, 300 ± 3, 313 ± 2 Ma (Bali). Both types of metasediments and their zircons are similar to those of the pre-Alpine basement and overlying Tyros Beds of eastern Crete, revealing a provenance at the southern active margin of Laurasia. Thus, in central Crete the Paleotethys suture should be situated inside the Rogdia Beds. Magmatic zircons separated from a rhyolite boulder of the lower Achlada Beds yielded a concordant U-Pb zircon age at 242 ± 2 Ma placing a maximum age for the deposition of the (meta)conglomerate from which the boulder was collected. This age is compatible with an Olenekian-early Anisian age of the underlying Vasilikon marble suggested by new findings of the foraminifera Meandrospira aff. pusilla. Both the Achlada Beds and the Vasilikon marble can be attributed to the lower Tyros Beds of eastern Crete. The Alpine deformation led to a pervasive mylonitic foliation, which is affecting most of the studied rocks. This foliation results from D2 top

  14. Diversité des théories libérales en Grèce au XIXe siècle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roxane D. Argyropoulos


    Full Text Available Étudier l'émergence du mouvement libéral en Grèce au XIXe siècle implique une série de difficultés d'interprétation. C'est appréhender un univers qui a été légué par la Révolution française et nous conduit à l'acquisition de principes indispensables au fonctionnement d'une société démocratique moderne. Υ travers des types de discours différents, nous essayons de suivre les traces de cette mise en œuvre du principe de la liberté de 1830 jusqu'à la veille du premier conflit mondial. On assiste après 1830, à une période de transition mais également de mise en œuvre des idées novatrices des Lumières. Les libéraux grecs ont pris fait et cause pour des combats concernant le respect de la vie humaine, la réciprocité des droits et des devoirs et sont dominés par la préoccupation de la liberté d'expression et de création, l'abolition de la peine de mort, l'idéal républicain, l'instruction publique, le défi du progrès. Depuis les années 1830 jusqu'en 1870, se réclamer du libéralisme, c'est s'inscrire dans les forces progressistes. Mais, la dernière phase de son édification fut liée à la montée du socialisme et du marxisme, qu'il allait remettre en question, et dans les années qui ont suivi la défaite de 1897, le libéralisme est confronté à des théories comme la pensée polyvalente de Nietzsche. Dans les différentes phases de l'évolution de la pensée libérale en Grèce, on observe des variations qui pour la plupart sont des étapes du processus vers la démocratie.

  15. Spectroscopic constants and the potential energy curve of the iodine weakly bound 0+g state correlating with the I(2P1/2) + I(2P1/2) dissociation limit

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Akopyan, M E; Baturo, V V; Lukashov, S S; Poretsky, S A; Pravilov, A M


    The stepwise three-step three-colour aser excitation scheme and rotational as well as rovibrational energy transfer processes in the 0 + g state induced by collisions with He and Ar atoms are used for determination of rovibronic level energies of the weakly bound 0 + g state correlating with the I( 2 P 1/2 ) + I( 2 P 1/2 ) dissociation limit. Dunham coefficients of the state, Y i0 (i = 0–3), Y i1 (i = 0–3) and Y 02 for the v 0 g + = 0–16 and J 0 g + ≈ 14–135 ranges as well as the dissociation energy of the state, D e , and equilibrium I–I distance of the state, R e , are determined. The potential energy curve of the state constructed using these constants is also reported. (paper)

  16. Fitness Advantage of mcr-1–Bearing IncI2 and IncX4 Plasmids in Vitro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renjie Wu


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to assess the impact of diverse plasmids bearing colistin resistance gene mcr-1 on host fitness. Forty-seven commensal E. coli isolates recovered from the pig farm where mcr-1 was first identified were screened for mcr-1. mcr-1-bearing plasmids were characterized by sequencing. The fitness impact of mcr-1-bearing plasmids was evaluated by in vitro competition assays. Twenty-seven (57.5% E. coli isolates were positive for mcr-1. The mcr-1 genes were mainly located on plasmids belonging to IncI2 (n = 5, IncX4 (n = 11, IncHI2/ST3 (n = 8, IncFII (n = 2, and IncY (n = 2. InHI2 plasmids also carried other resistance genes (floR, blaCTX−M, and fosA3 and were only detected in isolates from nursery pigs. Sequences of the representative mcr-1–bearing plasmids were almost identical to those of the corresponding plasmid types reported previously. An increase in the fitness of IncI2- and IncX4-carrying strains was observed, while the presence of IncHI2, IncFII and IncY plasmids showed a fitness cost although an insignificant fitness increase was initially observed in IncFII or IncY plasmids-containing strains. Acquisition of IncI2-type plasmid was more beneficial for host E. coli DH5α than either IncHI2 or IncX4 plasmid, while transformants with IncHI2-type plasmid presented a competitive disadvantage against IncI2 or IncX4 plasmid containing strains. In conclusion, IncI2, IncX4, and IncHI2 were the major plasmid types driving the dissemination of mcr-1 in this farm. Increased fitness or co-selection by other antimicrobials might contribute to the further dissemination of the three epidemic mcr-1–positive plasmids (IncI2, IncX4, and IncHI2 in this farm and worldwide.

  17. Spectroscopic constants and potential energy curve of the iodine weakly bound 1u state correlating with the I(2P1/2) + I(2P1/2) dissociation limit

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Akopyan, M E; Baturo, V V; Lukashov, S S; Poretsky, S A; Pravilov, A M


    The stepwise three-step three-color laser population of the I 2 (β1 g , ν β , J β ) rovibronic states via the B0 u + , ν B , J B rovibronic states and rovibronic levels of the 1 u (bb) and 0 g + (bb) states mixed by hyperfine interaction is used for determination of rovibronic level energies of the weakly bound I 2 (1 u (bb)) state. Dunham coefficients of the state, Y i0 (i = 0–3), Y i1 (i = 0–2), Y 02 and Y 12 for the v 1 u  = 1–5, 8, 10, 15 and J 1 u  ≈ 9–87 ranges, the dissociation energy of the state, D e , and equilibrium I–I distance, R e , as well as the potential energy curve are determined. There are aperiodicities in the excitation spectrum corresponding to the β, ν β  = 23, J β  ← 1 u (bb), ν 1u  = 4, 5, J 1u progressions in the I 2  + Rg = He, Ar mixture, namely, a great number of lines which do not coincide with the R or P line progressions. Their positions conflict with the ΔJ-even selection rule. Furthermore, they do not correspond to the ΔJ-odd progression. (paper)

  18. ORiON: Editorial Policies

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prof JW Hearne (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia) ... Statistical analysis, strategic decision support, project management .... Business process optimization, system dynamics, analysis of algorithms and complexity, discrete ...

  19. A Clinical Data Warehouse Based on OMOP and i2b2 for Austrian Health Claims Data. (United States)

    Rinner, Christoph; Gezgin, Deniz; Wendl, Christopher; Gall, Walter


    To develop simulation models for healthcare related questions clinical data can be reused. Develop a clinical data warehouse to harmonize different data sources in a standardized manner and get a reproducible interface for clinical data reuse. The Kimball life cycle for the development of data warehouse was used. The development is split into the technical, the data and the business intelligence pathway. Sample data was persisted in the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM). The i2b2 clinical data warehouse tools were used to query the OMOP CDM by applying the new i2b2 multi-fact table feature. A clinical data warehouse was set up and sample data, data dimensions and ontologies for Austrian health claims data were created. The ability of the standardized data access layer to create and apply simulation models will be evaluated next.

  20. Phase formations in the KOH-BaO2-KI(I2)-Bi2O3 system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Klinkova, L.A.; Barkovskij, N.V.; Nikolajchik, V.I.


    Phase composition of electrochemical synthesis products in the system KOH-BaO 2 -KI(I 2 )-Bi 2 O 3 and its influence on superconducting properties of bismuth-containing oxides are studied by the methods of X-ray phase and elementary analyses, electron diffraction in transmission electron microscope and by measuring temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility. It was been ascertained that in the presence of iodine introduced as KI or I 2 oxoiodides KBi 6 O 9 I and Bi 5 O 7 I are formed in the system above, giving rise to a change in the composition of synthesis products in KOH-BaO 2 -Bi 2 O 3 matrix system towards formation of superconducting oxides K n Ba m Bi m+n O y rich in bismuth, which are characterized by low values of superconducting transition point [ru


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Nyoman Kusuma Wardana


    Full Text Available Pada aplikasi yang menggunakan mikrokontroler sebagai perangkat utama, pengguna sering dihadapkan pada masalah kurangnya jumlah pin yang tersedia pada suatu mikrokontoler. Terdapat dua alternatif yang dapat dilakukan ketika penggunaan pin menjadi masalah yang krusial, yaitu dengan mengganti jenis mikrokontroler atau menggunakan lebih dari satu buah mikrokontroler (multi-mikrokontroler. Kedua alternatif ini memiliki keunggulan dan kelemahannya masing-masing. Pada penelitian ini, penggunaan protokol Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C akan diterapkan untuk sistem multi-mikrokontroler dan multi-sensor menggunakan Platform Arduino yang terkontrol MATLAB. Sebuah Master dan dua buah slave akan diuji pada penelitian ini. Master dan Slave akan sepenuhnya dikontrol menggunakan MATLAB. Kedua slave akan ditanamkan program Arduino, sedangkan Master akan menggunakan program MATLAB. Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa kedua Slave dapat dikontrol dengan baik, baik membaca sensor yang terpasang maupun mengontrol LED. Sistem komunikasi secara I2C telah terbangun dengan baik.

  2. Laser-induced surface recrystallization of polycrystalline PbI2 thick films for X-ray detector application (United States)

    Sun, Hui; Zhao, Beijun; Zhu, Xinghua; Zhu, Shifu; Yang, Dingyu; Wangyang, Peihua; Gao, Xiuyin


    In this work, laser-induced surface recrystallization process was developed to improve the surface properties and device performance of the polycrystalline PbI2 thick films prepared by using close space vapor deposition method. A continuous polycrystalline PbI2 recrystallized layer with a better mechanical strength and reflectivity improved from 2% to 4%-6% was obtained by this recrystallization process for the films with mechanical pretreatment. Other polytypes is absent in the recrystallized layer with the 2H-polytype remaining before and after treatment and obtaining improved electrical and X-ray photoelectric response performance. The pretreatment such as mechanical cutting/polishing and hydrogenation is necessary to lower the non-wetting crystallization behavior during the recrystallization process due to the rough surface state and oxygen contamination.

  3. Testing hypotheses in an I(2) model with applications to the persistent long swings in the Dmk/$ rate

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Søren; Juselius, Katarina; Frydman, Roman

    long-term interest rates and two short-term interest rates over the 1975-1999 period. One important aim of the paper is to demonstrate that by structuring the data with the help of the I(2) model one can achieve a better understanding of the empirical regularities underlying the persistent swings...... components in the I(2) model is discussed at some length. Model specification and tests are illustrated with an empirical analysis of long and persistent swings in the foreign exchange market between Germany and USA. The data analyzed consist of nominal exchange rates, relative prices, US inflation rate, two...... in nominal exchange rates, typical in periods of floating exchange rates....

  4. Effect of an external magnetic field on polytypism of CdI2 crystals grown from solutions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Palosz, B.; Przedmojski, J.


    The effect of growth conditions on the polytypic structure of crystals of CdI 2 was analyzed for crystallization from solutions. Three solvents were used: H 2 O, 3 H 2 O + 1 C 2 H 5 OH and 1 H 2 O + 1 C 2 H 5 OH. Crystals were grown at two temperatures: 5 and 25 0 C with low and high growth rates; an external magnetic field of about 0.25 tesla was used. The effect of the above three parameters on the formation of the basic polytypes 2H and 4H and on the ordering of faults in disordered structures and in polytype cells was studied by X-ray analysis of crystal surfaces. Some distinct relations between the polytypic structure of crystals of CdI 2 and the magnetic field were found. (author)

  5. Review of Le tournant de la théorie critique, Collection Solidarité et société, Éditions Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 2015

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl


    This review article provides a review of the book Review of Le tournant de la théorie critique, Collection Solidarité et société, Éditions Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 2015. This book is an important contribution to contemporary critical theory that reestablies critical theory in current debates ab...... ideologies are not dead but instead have been reshaped by the hegemonic influence of neoliberalism and the present submissions of individuals to the structures of capitalism.......This review article provides a review of the book Review of Le tournant de la théorie critique, Collection Solidarité et société, Éditions Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 2015. This book is an important contribution to contemporary critical theory that reestablies critical theory in current debates...... about the future of neoliberalism. This book about the turn of critical towards proposing an alternative vision of the social order, justice, society and democracy gives us a very good description of how to analyse contemporary structures of omination. The book is positing that major political...

  6. Remnant PbI2, an unforeseen necessity in high-efficiency hybrid perovskite-based solar cells?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Duyen H. Cao


    Full Text Available Perovskite-containing solar cells were fabricated in a two-step procedure in which PbI2 is deposited via spin-coating and subsequently converted to the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite by dipping in a solution of CH3NH3I. By varying the dipping time from 5 s to 2 h, we observe that the device performance shows an unexpectedly remarkable trend. At dipping times below 15 min the current density and voltage of the device are enhanced from 10.1 mA/cm2 and 933 mV (5 s to 15.1 mA/cm2 and 1036 mV (15 min. However, upon further conversion, the current density decreases to 9.7 mA/cm2 and 846 mV after 2 h. Based on X-ray diffraction data, we determined that remnant PbI2 is always present in these devices. Work function and dark current measurements showed that the remnant PbI2 has a beneficial effect and acts as a blocking layer between the TiO2 semiconductor and the perovskite itself reducing the probability of back electron transfer (charge recombination. Furthermore, we find that increased dipping time leads to an increase in the size of perovskite crystals at the perovskite-hole-transporting material interface. Overall, approximately 15 min dipping time (∼2% unconverted PbI2 is necessary for achieving optimal device efficiency.

  7. Ab initio interaction potentials for X and B excited states of He-I2 for studying dynamics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Prosmiti, Rita; Garcia-Gutierrez, Leonor; Delgado-Tellez, Laura; Valdes, Alvaro; Villarreal, Pablo; Delgado-Barrio, Gerardo


    Ab initio CCSD(T) and MRCI approaches were employed to construct potential energy surfaces of the ground and the B electronic excited states of He-I 2 complex, while full quantum mechanical methods were applied to study its spectroscopy and dynamics. A description of the approach adopted, together with the results obtained and their comparison with recent experimental data, as well as further improvements are presented.

  8. Performance of room temperature mercuric iodide (HgI2) detectors in the ultra low energy x-ray region

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dabrowski, A.J.; Iwanczyk, J.S.; Barton, J.B.; Huth, G.C.; Whited, R.; Ortale, C.; Economou, T.E.; Turkevich, A.L.


    Performance of room temperature mercuric iodide x-ray spectrometers has been recently improved through new fabrication techniques and further development of low noise associated electronic systems. This progress has extended the range of measurements to the ultra low energy x-ray region at room temperature. This paper reports the study of the effect of contact material on the performance of HgI 2 detectors in the low energy x-ray region

  9. Stylized whole-core benchmark of the Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR) concept

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hon, Ryan; Kooreman, Gabriel; Rahnema, Farzad; Petrovic, Bojan


    Highlights: • A stylized benchmark specification of the I2S-LWR core. • A library of cross sections were generated in both 8 and 47 groups. • Monte Carlo solutions generated for the 8 group library using MCNP5. • Cross sections and pin fission densities provided in journal’s repository. - Abstract: The Integral, Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I 2 S-LWR) is a pressurized water reactor (PWR) concept under development by a multi-institutional team led by Georgia Tech. The core is similar in size to small 2-loop PWRs while having the power level of current large reactors (∼1000 MWe) but using uranium silicide fuel and advanced stainless steel cladding. A stylized benchmark specification of the I 2 S-LWR core has been developed in order to test whole-core neutronics codes and methods. For simplification the core was split into 57 distinct material regions for cross section generation. Cross sections were generated using the lattice physics code HELIOS version 1.10 in both 8 and 47 groups. Monte Carlo solutions, including eigenvalue and pin fission densities, were generated for the 8 group library using MCNP5. Due to space limitations in this paper, the full cross section library and normalized pin fission density results are provided in the journal’s electronic repository.

  10. A comparative study on surface morphology from the HgI2 semiconductors prepared by different techniques

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Martins, Joao F.T.; Ferraz, Caue de M.; Santos, Robinson A. dos; Mesquita, Carlos H. de; Hamada, Margarida M.


    The impurity effect in the surface morphology quality of HgI 2 crystals was evaluated, aiming a future application of these crystals as room temperature radiation semiconductor detector. The crystals were purified and grown by two techniques: (1) physical vapor transport (PVT) and (2) saturated solution from dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) complexes. Systematic measurements were carried out for determining the stoichiometry, structure orientation, surface morphology and impurity of the crystal. The best quality of surface morphology was found for the crystals purified and grown by the PVT technique. Significant decrease in the impurity concentration was found, purifying the crystal by means of two successive growths by the PVT technique, while a Si contamination in the HgI 2 crystal was observed, during its growth by the DMSO method. Thus, for DMSO technique was not possible to identify the peaks of the other trace elements present as impurities in the PVT crystal, due to the high intensity of the Si peak in the DMSO crystal. It was demonstrated the impurities affect significantly the surface morphology quality from the HgI 2 crystal. Key Words: Semiconductor crystal, Radiation detector, Mercury Iodide crystal, surface morphology. (author)

  11. 子宮水腫 (Hydrometra) を呈した沖縄肉用ヤギの子宮内膜上皮における Globule Leucocytes の出現(生産環境学科)


    川島, 由次; 仲田, 正; 古謝, 治; 古謝, 瑞幸; Kawashima, Yoshitsugu; Nakada, Tadashi; Koza, Osamu; Koza, Zuiko


    子宮水腫を呈した沖縄肉用ヤギの子宮内膜上皮に出現するGlobule Leucocytes(GL)について光顕並びに電顕による観察とその出現原因についての考察を行った。GLは直径13.8μm,短径7.6μmで,円形ないし卵円形を呈し,核は円形で,細胞質内に偏在した。顆粒は円形で,直径が平均1.8μmで,その数はGL1個当り3.4個であった。顆粒は塩基性フクシン・メチレンブルー重染色により赤色と青色に染色された。子宮水腫症ヤギの卵巣には妊娠ヤギとほぼ同じ大きさの機能黄体が存在していることから,同症ヤギのGL出現はこの黄体から分泌される黄体ホルモン(Progesterone)と関連していると思われる。...

  12. Myeloid-Epithelial-Reproductive Receptor Tyrosine Kinase and Milk Fat Globule Epidermal Growth Factor 8 Coordinately Improve Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction via Local Delivery of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. (United States)

    Howangyin, Kiave-Yune; Zlatanova, Ivana; Pinto, Cristina; Ngkelo, Anta; Cochain, Clément; Rouanet, Marie; Vilar, José; Lemitre, Mathilde; Stockmann, Christian; Fleischmann, Bernd K; Mallat, Ziad; Silvestre, Jean-Sébastien


    In infarcted heart, improper clearance of dying cells by activated neighboring phagocytes may precipitate the transition to heart failure. We analyzed the coordinated role of 2 major mediators of efferocytosis, the myeloid-epithelial-reproductive protein tyrosine kinase (Mertk) and the milk fat globule epidermal growth factor (Mfge8), in directing cardiac remodeling by skewing the inflammatory response after myocardial infarction. We generated double-deficient mice for Mertk and Mfge8 (Mertk(-/-)/Mfge8(-/-)) and challenged them with acute coronary ligature. Compared with wild-type, Mertk-deficient (Mertk(-/-)), or Mfge8-deficient (Mfge8(-/-)) animals, Mertk(-/-)/Mfge8(-/-) mice displayed greater alteration in cardiac function and remodeling. Mertk and Mfge8 were expressed mainly by cardiac Ly6C(High and Low) monocytes and macrophages. In parallel, Mertk(-/-)/Mfge8(-/-) bone marrow chimeras manifested increased accumulation of apoptotic cells, enhanced fibrotic area, and larger infarct size, as well as reduced angiogenesis. We found that the abrogation of efferocytosis affected neither the ability of circulating monocytes to infiltrate cardiac tissue nor the number of resident Ly6C(High) and Ly6C(How) monocytes/macrophages populating the infarcted milieu. In contrast, combined Mertk and Mfge8 deficiency in Ly6C(High)/Ly6C(Low) monocytes/macrophages either obtained from in vitro differentiation of bone marrow cells or isolated from infarcted hearts altered their capacity of efferocytosis and subsequently blunted vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA) release. Using LysMCre(+)/VEGFA(fl/fl) mice, we further identified an important role for myeloid-derived VEGFA in improving cardiac function and angiogenesis. After myocardial infarction, Mertk- and Mfge8-expressing monocyte/macrophages synergistically engage the clearance of injured cardiomyocytes, favoring the secretion of VEGFA to locally repair the dysfunctional heart. © 2016 The Authors.

  13. Control of PbI2 nucleation and crystallization: towards efficient perovskite solar cells based on vapor-assisted solution process (United States)

    Yang, Chongqiu; Peng, Yanke; Simon, Terrence; Cui, Tianhong


    Perovskite solar cells (PSC) have outstanding potential to be low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaic devices. The PSC can be fabricated by numerous techniques; however, the power conversion efficiency (PCE) for the two-step-processed PSC falls behind that of the one-step method. In this work, we investigate the effects of relative humidity (RH) and dry air flow on the lead iodide (PbI2) solution deposition process. We conclude that the quality of the PbI2 film is critical to the development of the perovskite film and the performance of the PSC device. Low RH and dry air flow used during the PbI2 spin coating procedure can increase supersaturation concentration to form denser PbI2 nuclei and a more suitable PbI2 film. Moreover, airflow-assisted PbI2 drying and thermal annealing steps can smooth transformation from the nucleation stage to the crystallization stage.

  14. Automated population of an i2b2 clinical data warehouse from an openEHR-based data repository. (United States)

    Haarbrandt, Birger; Tute, Erik; Marschollek, Michael


    Detailed Clinical Model (DCM) approaches have recently seen wider adoption. More specifically, openEHR-based application systems are now used in production in several countries, serving diverse fields of application such as health information exchange, clinical registries and electronic medical record systems. However, approaches to efficiently provide openEHR data to researchers for secondary use have not yet been investigated or established. We developed an approach to automatically load openEHR data instances into the open source clinical data warehouse i2b2. We evaluated query capabilities and the performance of this approach in the context of the Hanover Medical School Translational Research Framework (HaMSTR), an openEHR-based data repository. Automated creation of i2b2 ontologies from archetypes and templates and the integration of openEHR data instances from 903 patients of a paediatric intensive care unit has been achieved. In total, it took an average of ∼2527s to create 2.311.624 facts from 141.917 XML documents. Using the imported data, we conducted sample queries to compare the performance with two openEHR systems and to investigate if this representation of data is feasible to support cohort identification and record level data extraction. We found the automated population of an i2b2 clinical data warehouse to be a feasible approach to make openEHR data instances available for secondary use. Such an approach can facilitate timely provision of clinical data to researchers. It complements analytics based on the Archetype Query Language by allowing querying on both, legacy clinical data sources and openEHR data instances at the same time and by providing an easy-to-use query interface. However, due to different levels of expressiveness in the data models, not all semantics could be preserved during the ETL process. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Eosin yellowish dye sensitized TiO2 solar cell with PEG/PEO/LiI/I2 as electrolyte (United States)

    Kanmani, S. S.; Umapathy, S.; Ramachandran, K.


    Eosin Yellowish dye sensitized TiO2 nanoparticles (NP) and nanowires (NW) are employed as photo anodes in dye sensitized solar cells with PEO/PEG/LiI/I2 as electrolyte. Material characterization by XRD and SEM confirms the formation of anatase phased TiO2 NP and NW. Effective quenching of UV emission in TiO2 NW than NP is a consequence of reduction in recombination rate, which directly favours for better solar conversion efficiency. The photovoltaic performance of TiO2 NW with an overall conversion efficiency of 0.31 % is better than NP, which is the outcome of improved electron transport in NW.

  16. Iodide-conducting polymer electrolytes based on poly-ethylene glycol and MgI2: Synthesis and structural characterization

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Vittadello, Michele; Waxman, David I.; Sideris, Paul J.; Gan Zhehong; Vezzù, Keti; Negro, Enrico; Safari, Ahmad; Greenbaum, Steve G.; Di Noto, Vito


    A major obstacle for a viable technological development of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) is still the synthesis of a high performance iodide-conducting polymer electrolyte. Here we present a series of eight electrolytic complexes with formula PEG1000/(MgI 2 ) x (I 2 ) y (0.0038 ≤ x ≤ 0.5801, 0 ≤ y ≤ 0.0636). The synthesis involves the preparation of a disordered form of MgI 2 by a metallorganic route, which enables us to dissolve high amounts of salt in the chosen polymer host. The thermal analysis of the resulting polymer electrolytes was performed using modulated differential scanning calorimetry measurements. Vibrational studies were carried out using medium FT-IR, far FT-IR and FT-Raman. The variation of the CO and OH stretching modes in the medium infrared, as a function of the mole-to-mole ratio n Mg /n O , was investigated by Gaussian decomposition to provide insight into the polymer–polymer and salt–polymer interactions in these materials. The FT-Raman spectra confirmed and complemented the vibrational assignment. The conductivity study of these systems was performed by electrical spectroscopy in the frequency interval 10 mHz–10 MHz. The direct current conductivity (σ DC ) profiles versus the reciprocal temperature exhibited a Vögel-Tamman-Fülcher (VTF) behavior. The best σ DC at 50 °C was 5 × 10 −5 S cm −1 . The overall results indicate the presence of bivalent, monovalent and neutral species, Mg 2+ , [MgI] + and MgI 2 , respectively, which participate in the conduction process. These results are consistent with what was previously observed in PEG400-based systems doped with δ-MgCl 2 . The presence of at least one Mg site containing a distribution in parameters was observed using 25 Mg solid state magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (MAS NMR) spectroscopy. The site has been assigned to a Mg complex involving the coordination by oxygen atoms of the polymer backbone.

  17. Testing Hypotheses in an I(2) Model with Applications to the Persistent Long Swings in the Dmk/$ Rate

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Søren; Juselius, Katarina; Frydman, Roman

    and persistent swings in the foreign exchange market between Germany and USA. The data analyzed consist of nominal exchange rates, relative prices, US inflation rate, two long-term interest rates and two short-term interest rates over the 1975-1999 period. One important aim of the paper is to demonstrate...... that by structuring the data with the help of the I(2) model one can achieve a better understanding of the empirical regularities underlying the persistent swings in nominal exchange rates, typical in periods of floating exchange rates...

  18. Investigation of ZnI2-KI-C3H7NO system by ultrasonic method

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shevchenko, V.M.; Surovtsev, V.I.; Gorenbejn, E.Ya.


    Applicability of the ultrasonic impulses for the research of complex formation in the solutions was demonstrated using ZnI 2 -KI-C 3 H 7 NO system as an example. Changing the solvent structure during complexing was studied. It was determined that ion solvation numbers reflect electrostriction influence of ions on the surrounding solvent moleculas. The maximum effect on dimethylformamide (C 3 H 7 NO) was made by the complex compound KZnI 3 acting as destrictor and the sound speed decrease was the highest in its solution. Possibility of using adiabatic compressibility of the solutions for complexing studies is analysed

  19. ISR intersection I-2

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    Towards the left one sees, on top of ISR beam 1, the front section of the 30-metre-long, small-angle spectrometer from the CERN-Holland-Lancaster-Manchester single-particle production experiment. It consists of two special septum magnets carrying up to 20 kA each. These magnets are necessary to force charged particles produced at small angles away from the ISR beam. They are followed by two threshold Cerenkov counters and (not visible) three more bending magnets and a 6-metre-long Cerenkov counter. Particle identification follows from the Cerenkov signals after determination of the particle trajectory through the spectrometer with magnetostrictive spark chambers. The positions of the first magnets and Cerenkov counters can be changed by remote control. In front one sees the electronics which determines the traversal of a charged particle from scintillator counter signals and gives the "fire" signal for the spark chambers.

  20. Automation and Control of an Imaging Internal Laser Desorption Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (I2LD-FTMS)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McJunkin, Timothy R; Tranter, Troy Joseph; Scott, Jill Rennee


    This paper describes the automation of an imaging internal source laser desorption Fourier transform mass spectrometer (I2LD-FTMS). The I2LD-FTMS consists of a laser-scanning device [Scott and Tremblay, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2002, 73, 1108–1116] that has been integrated with a laboratory-built FTMS using a commercial data acquisition system (ThermoFinnigan FT/MS, Bremen, Germany). A new user interface has been developed in National Instrument's (Austin, Texas) graphical programming language LabVIEW to control the motors of the laser positioning system and the commercial FTMS data acquisition system. A feature of the FTMS software that allows the user to write macros in a scripting language is used creatively to our advantage in creating a mechanism to control the FTMS from outside its graphical user interface. The new user interface also allows the user to configure target locations. Automation of the data analysis along with data display using commercial graphing software is also described.

  1. Electrodynamic properties of the semimetallic Dirac material SrMnB i2 : Two-carrier-model analysis (United States)

    Park, H. J.; Park, Byung Cheol; Lee, Min-Cheol; Jeong, D. W.; Park, Joonbum; Kim, Jun Sung; Ji, Hyo Seok; Shim, J. H.; Kim, K. W.; Moon, S. J.; Kim, Hyeong-Do; Cho, Deok-Yong; Noh, T. W.


    The electrodynamics of free carriers in the semimetallic Dirac material SrMnB i2 was investigated using optical spectroscopy and first-principles calculations. Using a two-carrier-model analysis, the total free-carrier response was successfully decomposed into individual contributions from Dirac fermions and non-Dirac free carriers. Possible roles of chiral pseudospin, spin-orbit interaction (SOI), antiferromagnetism, and electron-phonon (e -p h ) coupling in the Dirac fermion transport were also addressed. The Dirac fermions possess a low scattering rate of ˜10 meV at low temperature and thereby experience coherent transport. However, at high temperatures, we observed that the Dirac fermion transport becomes significantly incoherent, possibly due to strong e -p h interactions. The SOI-induced gap and antiferromagnetism play minor roles in the electrodynamics of the free carriers in SrMnB i2 . We also observed a seemingly optical-gap-like feature near 120 meV, which emerges at low temperatures but becomes filled in with increasing temperature. This gap-filling phenomenon is ascribed to phonon-assisted indirect transitions promoted at high temperatures.

  2. Automated realtime data import for the i2b2 clinical data warehouse: introducing the HL7 ETL cell. (United States)

    Majeed, Raphael W; Röhrig, Rainer


    Clinical data warehouses are used to consolidate all available clinical data from one or multiple organizations. They represent an important source for clinical research, quality management and controlling. Since its introduction, the data warehouse i2b2 gathered a large user base in the research community. Yet, little work has been done on the process of importing clinical data into data warehouses using existing standards. In this article, we present a novel approach of utilizing the clinical integration server as data source, commonly available in most hospitals. As information is transmitted through the integration server, the standardized HL7 message is immediately parsed and inserted into the data warehouse. Evaluation of import speeds suggest feasibility of the provided solution for real-time processing of HL7 messages. By using the presented approach of standardized data import, i2b2 can be used as a plug and play data warehouse, without the hurdle of customized import for every clinical information system or electronic medical record. The provided solution is available for download at

  3. Effects of ligand substitution on the excited state dynamics of the Ru(dcbpy)(CO) 2I 2 complex (United States)

    Lehtovuori, Viivi; Kallioinen, Jani; Myllyperkiö, Pasi; Haukka, Matti; Korppi-Tommola, Jouko


    Spectroscopic evidence suggest [PCCP 3 (2001) 1992] that illumination with visible light of the [ trans-I-Ru(dcbpy)(CO) 2I 2] (dcbpy= 4,4 '-dicarboxy-2,2 '-bipyridine) complex in solution induces dissociation of a CO group followed by reorganization of the ligands and attachment of a solvent molecule. In the present study, we report results on excited state dynamics of this ruthenium complex and its photoproduct. Femtosecond transient absorption measurements reveal dominance of excited state absorption of the reactant and the photoproduct [ cis-I-Ru(dcbpy)(CO)(Sol)I 2] (Sol=ethanol or acetonitrile) in the visible spectral region. The time-resolved measurements for the reactant at 77 K indicate interligand charge transfer from mixed Ru-I states to empty dcbpy orbitals. For the photoproduct, no such transfer was observed. In both complexes recovery from the lowest energy excited triplet state to the ground state occurs via two channels: radiative relaxation and a parallel barrier controlled non-radiative relaxation. The barrier is much higher in the reactant (about 850 cm -1) than in the product. A combination of DFT and ZINDO/CI calculations was used to estimate excited singlet and triplet spectra of the reactant and the product molecules. Calculated singlet-triplet difference spectra qualitatively match the observed transient spectra 500 fs after excitation supporting the idea that observed excited state relaxation occurs from the triplet states in both complexes.

  4. Effects of ligand substitution on the excited state dynamics of the Ru(dcbpy)(CO)2I2 complex

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lehtovuori, Viivi; Kallioinen, Jani; Myllyperkioe, Pasi; Haukka, Matti; Korppi-Tommola, Jouko


    Spectroscopic evidence suggest [PCCP 3 (2001) 1992] that illumination with visible light of the [trans-I-Ru(dcbpy)(CO) 2 I 2 ] (dcbpy4,4 ' -dicarboxy-2,2 ' -bipyridine) complex in solution induces dissociation of a CO group followed by reorganization of the ligands and attachment of a solvent molecule. In the present study, we report results on excited state dynamics of this ruthenium complex and its photoproduct. Femtosecond transient absorption measurements reveal dominance of excited state absorption of the reactant and the photoproduct [cis-I-Ru(dcbpy)(CO)(Sol)I 2 ] (Sol=ethanol or acetonitrile) in the visible spectral region. The time-resolved measurements for the reactant at 77 K indicate interligand charge transfer from mixed Ru-I states to empty dcbpy orbitals. For the photoproduct, no such transfer was observed. In both complexes recovery from the lowest energy excited triplet state to the ground state occurs via two channels: radiative relaxation and a parallel barrier controlled non-radiative relaxation. The barrier is much higher in the reactant (about 850 cm -1 ) than in the product. A combination of DFT and ZINDO/CI calculations was used to estimate excited singlet and triplet spectra of the reactant and the product molecules. Calculated singlet-triplet difference spectra qualitatively match the observed transient spectra 500 fs after excitation supporting the idea that observed excited state relaxation occurs from the triplet states in both complexes

  5. La légalisation de l’eugénisme en Espagne. Les théories de Jiménez de Asúa dans Libertad de amar y derecho a morir (1928

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Flores Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Cet article étudie les théories eugénistes du juriste et socialiste espagnol Luis Jiménez de Asúa, exposées dans son livre Libertad de amar y derecho a morir (1928, dont l’examen met en évidence l’importance des débats autour de la légalisation de l’eugénisme en Espagne. En démontrant sa viabilité juridique, fondée sur le respect du droit et des principes socialistes, Jiménez de Asúa ouvre de nouvelles perspectives au mouvement eugéniste espagnol, laissant entrevoir les contours d’un nouvel ordre, au détriment de la Dictature de Primo de Rivera, déjà sclérosée.

  6. Les théories des mouvements sociaux et la dialectique des niveaux : un cadre d’analyse pour l’étude des évolutions d’Al-Qaïda au Maghreb islamique


    Adib Bencherif


    Les théories des mouvements sociaux sont de plus en plus utilisées pour étudier les groupes terroristes. Elles comportent différents niveaux d’analyse: les niveaux macro-analytique, méso-analytique et micro-analytique. Le présent article tente d’adapter ce corpus théorique à l’étude du groupe jihadiste Al-Qaïda au Maghreb islamique (AQMI). En effet, au cours des dernières années, AQMI ne s’est pas développé au Maghreb alors que ses activités ont augmenté exponentiellement dans la région sahél...

  7. Avaliação histológica e morfométrica do retalho axial oris angularis e da terapia por ondas de choque aplicados a defeito palpebral experimental em cães

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Guadalupe Sereno


    Full Text Available Considering that the cutaneous flap can be affected by isquemic complications the extra corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT was described as rescue techniques. The present study was developed to analyze histological and with morfometry, twenty one skin samples treated or not with the shock wave therapy, obtained from flap's distal border, used in this study to repair eyelids' experimental defects in dogs. The flap with or without ESWT did not show any histological sign of inflammatory or atrophic alterations. Both group treated showed similar morphometrical characteristics. The ESWT with the protocol used in this study (2500 impulses at 0,15 mJ/mm² did not demonstrate significant clinical outcomes as a rescue technique when applied over the oris angularis flap, however results showed no signals of collateral deleterious effects.

  8. Effects of exercise and milk fat globule membrane (MFGM supplementation on body composition, physical function, and hematological parameters in community-dwelling frail Japanese women: a randomized double blind, placebo-controlled, follow-up trial.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hunkyung Kim

    Full Text Available To investigate the combined and separate effects of exercise and milk fat globule membrane (MFGM supplementation on frailty, physical function, physical activity level, and hematological parameters in community-dwelling elderly Japanese women.A total of 131 frail, elderly women over 75 years were randomly assigned to one of four groups: exercise and MFGM supplementation (Ex+MFGM, exercise and placebo (Ex+Plac, MFGM supplementation, or the placebo group. The exercise group attended a 60-minute training program twice a week for three months, and the MFGM group ingested 1g of the MFGM supplement in pill form, daily for 3 months. The primary outcome measure was change in frailty status based on Fried's frailty phenotype. Secondary outcome measures included body composition, physical function and hematological parameters, and interview survey components assessing lifestyle factors. Participants were followed for 4 months post-intervention.Significant group × time interactions were observed for usual walking speed (P = 0.005, timed up & go (P<0.001, and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3/insulin-like growth factor 1 ratio (P = 0.013. The frailty components revealed that weight loss, exhaustion, low physical activity, and slow walking speed were reversed, but low muscle strength did not significantly changed. Frailty reversal rate was significantly higher in the Ex+MFGM (57.6% than in the MFGM (28.1% or placebo (30.3% groups at post-intervention (χ2 = 8.827, P = 0.032, and at the follow-up was also significantly greater in the Ex+MFGM (45.5% and Ex+Plac (39.4% groups compared with the placebo (15.2% group (χ2 = 8.607, P = 0.035. The exercise+MFGM group had the highest odds ratio (OR for frailty reversal at post-intervention and follow-up (OR = 3.12, 95% confidence interval (CI = 1.13-8.60; and OR = 4.67, 95% CI = 1.45-15.08, respectively.This study suggests that interventions including exercise and nutrition can improve frailty status

  9. Estudo dos fatores impregnação e secagem nas características de glóbulos utilizados em homeopatia Study of impregnation and drying factors in the characteristics of globules used in homeopathy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eliana E. Diehl


    Full Text Available Glóbulos são uma das formas farmacêuticas mais dispensadas em farmácias homeopáticas no Brasil. Este trabalho teve como objetivo comparar técnicas de impregnação especificadas na Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira 2ª Edição e Manual de Normas Técnicas para Farmácia Homeopática 3ª Edição e na prática em farmácias homeopáticas do município de Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil. As variáveis de formulação percentual de insumo ativo (3 e 10% e tipo de impregnação (simples e tríplice e a variável de processo temperatura de secagem (20 e 50ºC foram analisadas através de planejamento fatorial 2³. As respostas estudadas foram o peso antes e após impregnação e o tempo de desagregação. Os resultados mostraram maior diferença de peso com impregnação a 10 % e secagem a 50ºC, independente do tipo de impregnação. O tempo de desagregação não foi influenciado pelas variáveis em estudo (p Globules are one of the most dosage forms dispensed in homeopathic pharmacies in Brazil. This work aimed at comparing different impregnation techniques specified in the Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia 2 Edition and Manual of Technical Norms for Homeopathic Pharmacy 3 Edition and the practical in homeopathic pharmacies in the city of Florianópolis, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The formulations variables percent active raw material (3 and 10%, impregnation type (simple and triple and the process variable drying temperature (20 and 50ºC were analyzed through a factorial design 2³. The studied answers were the weight before and after the impregnation and time of disaggregation. The results show a larger weight difference with the 10% impregnation and the drying of 50ºC, regardless of the impregnation type. The time of disaggregation wasn't influenced by the studied variables (p < 0.05. The best homogeneity was verified for the formulation with triple impregnation at 10%.

  10. I2S-LWR Activation Analysis of Heat Exchangers Using Hybrid Shielding Methodology with SCALE6.1

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Matijevic, M.; Pevec, D.; Jecmenica, R.


    The Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR) concept developed by Georgia Tech is a novel PWR reactor delivering electric power of 1000 MWe while implementing inherent safety features typical for Generation III+ small modular reactors. The main safety feature is based on integral primary circuit configuration, bringing together compact design of the reactor core with 121 fuel assembly (FA), control rod drive mechanism (CRDM), 8 primary heat exchangers (PHE), 4 passive decay heat removal systems (DHRS), 8 pumps, and other integral components. A high power density core based on silicide fuel is selected to achieve a high thermal power which is extracted with PHEs placed in the annual region between the barrel and the vessel. The complex and integrated design of I2S-LWR leads to activation of integral components, mainly made from stainless steel, so accurate and precise Monte Carlo (MC) simulations are needed to quantify potential dose rates to personnel during routine maintenance operation. This shielding problem is therefore very challenging one, posing a non-trivial neutron flux solution in a phase space. This paper presents the performance of the hybrid shielding methodologies CADIS/FW-CADIS implemented in the MAVRIC sequence of the SCALE6.1 code package. The main objective was to develop a detailed MC shielding model of the I2S-LWR reactor along with effective variance reduction (VR) parameters and to calculate neutron fluence rates inside PHEs. Such results are then utilized to find neutron activation rate distribution via 60Co generation inside of a stack of microchannel heat exchangers (MCHX), which will be periodically withdrawn for the maintenance. 59Co impurities are the main cause of (n,gamma) radiative gamma dose to personnel via neutron activation since 60Co has half-life of 5.27 years and is emitting high energy gamma rays (1.17 MeV and 1.33 MeV). The developed MC model was successfully used to find converged fluxes inside all 8 stacks of

  11. CR4056, a new analgesic I2 ligand, is highly effective against bortezomib-induced painful neuropathy in rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meregalli C


    Full Text Available Cristina Meregalli,1 Cecilia Ceresa,1 Annalisa Canta,1 Valentina Alda Carozzi,1 Alessia Chiorazzi,1 Barbara Sala,1 Norberto Oggioni,1 Marco Lanza,2 Ornella Letar,i2 Flora Ferrari,2 Federica Avezza,1 Paola Marmiroli,1 GianFranco Caselli,2 Guido Cavaletti11Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Technologies, University of Milan-Bicocca, 2Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, Rottapharm | Madaus Research Center, Monza, ItalyAbstract: Although bortezomib (BTZ is the frontline treatment for multiple myeloma, its clinical use is limited by the occurrence of painful peripheral neuropathy, whose treatment is still an unmet clinical need. Previous studies have shown chronic BTZ administration (0.20 mg/kg intravenously three times a week for 8 weeks to female Wistar rats induced a peripheral neuropathy similar to that observed in humans. In this animal model of BTZ-induced neurotoxicity, the present authors evaluated the efficacy of CR4056, a novel I2 ligand endowed with a remarkable efficacy in several animal pain models. CR4056 was administered in a wide range of doses (0.6–60 mg/kg by gavage every day for 2–3 weeks in comparison with buprenorphine (Bupre (28.8 µg/kg subcutaneously every day for 2 weeks and gabapentin (Gaba (100 mg/kg by gavage every day for 3 weeks. Chronic administration of BTZ reduced nerve conduction velocity and induced allodynia. CR4056, Bupre, or Gaba did not affect the impaired nerve conduction velocity. Conversely, CR4056 dose-dependently reversed BTZ-induced allodynia (minimum effective dose 0.6 mg/kg. The optimal dose found, 6 mg/kg, provided a constant pain relief throughout the treatment period and without rebound after suspension, being effective when coadministered with BTZ, starting before or after allodynia was established, or when administered alone after BTZ cessation. A certain degree of tolerance was seen after 7 days of administration, but only at the highest doses (20 and 60 mg/kg. Bupre was effective

  12. Managing a Coastal Bluegum (Eucalyptus globules) forest (United States)

    Ralph S. Osterling


    Eucalyptus was thought to be a replacement to oak and other hardwoods for many products. Thousands of acres have been planted and now are in need of management. Management techniques are discussed in context with a coastal stand of approximately 300 acres of mixed aged bluegum. Potential markets are explored.

  13. Magnetic properties of κ-(MDTTTF)2AuI2 salt in the normal and superconducting states

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Delhaes, P.; Amiell, J.; Flandrois, S.; Ducasse, L.; Fritsch, A.; Hilti, B.; Mayer, C.W.; Zambounis, J.; Papavassiliou, G.C.


    We have investigated the magnetic properties (ESR, static susceptibility and magnetization experiments) of the new organic superconductor κ-(MDTTTF) 2 AuI 2 above and below the SC phase transition temperature (T c ≥ 4 K). At ambient pressure the electronic structures of this salt and of two related compounds κ-(BEDT) 2 Cu(SCN) 2 and κ-(BEDT) 2 Ag(CN) 2 , H 2 O have been calculated using an extended Huckel method. The analysis of both experimental results and calculated data has led us to propose a unified picture independently of the present molecular blocks. Finally the problem of the competition between the SC and AF low-temperature states which is based on the experimental evidences of electronic correlations has been examined. However, in the absence of any experimental evidence of an AF state, the origin of the electron pairing is still unclear in these quasi 2d materials

  14. Field-portable high-resolution EDXRF analysis with HgI2-detector-based instrumentation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Berry, P.F.; Little, S.R.; Voots, G.R.


    Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis is well known for its efficient use of x-ray detector technology for simultaneous multielement determination. Low-intensity excitation, such as from a radioisotope source, can thus be employed and has enabled the design of many types of truly portable EDXRF instrumentation. Portable design, however, has not been without significant compromise in analytical performance because of the limited x-ray resolving power of prior detection methods, except by the use of a cryogenically operated detector. The developments we refer to stem from the use of a comparatively new x-ray detection device fabricated from mercuric iodide (HgI 2 ). For this detector, only a modest degree of cooling is required to achieve an energy resolution of > 300 eV. Two field-portable instrument designs of different hand-held measurement probe configurations are available that have applications for industrial quality assurance and environmental screening

  15. Optimal laser control of ultrafast photodissociation of I2- in water: Mixed quantum/classical molecular dynamics simulation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nishiyama, Yoshikazu; Kato, Tsuyoshi; Ohtsuki, Yukiyoshi; Fujimura, Yuichi


    A linearized optimal control method in combination with mixed quantum/classical molecular dynamics simulation is used for numerically investigating the possibility of controlling photodissociation wave packets of I 2 - in water. Optimal pulses are designed using an ensemble of photodissociation samples, aiming at the creation of localized dissociation wave packets. Numerical results clearly show the effectiveness of the control although the control achievement is reduced with an increase in the internuclear distance associated with a target region. We introduce effective optimal pulses that are designed using a statistically averaged effective dissociation potential, and show that they semiquantitatively reproduce the control achievements calculated by using optimal pulses. The control mechanisms are interpreted from the time- and frequency-resolved spectra of the effective optimal pulses

  16. Synergic solventing-out crystallization with subsequent time-delay thermal annealing of PbI2 precursor in mesostructured perovskite solar cells (United States)

    Jia, Fujin; Guo, Yanqun; Che, Lijia; Liu, Zhiyong; Zeng, Zhigang; Cai, Chuanbing


    Although the two-step sequential deposition method provides an efficient route to fabricate high performance perovskite solar cells (PSSCs) with increasing reproducibility, the inefficient and incomplete conversion of PbI2 to perovskite is still quite a challenge. Following pioneering works, we found that the conversion process from PbI2 to perovskite mainly involves diffusion, infiltration, contact and reaction. In order to facilitate the conversion from PbI2 to perovskite, we demonstrate an effective method to regulate supersaturation level (the driving force to crystallization) of PbI2 by solventing-out crystallization combining with subsequent time-delay thermal annealing of PbI2 wet film. Enough voids and spaces in resulting porous PbI2 layer will be in favor of efficient diffusion, infiltration of CH3NH3I solution, and further enhance the contact and reaction between PbI2 and CH3NH3I in the whole film, leading to rapid, efficient and complete perovskite conversion with a conversion level of about 99.9%. Enhancement of light harvesting ranging from visible to near-IR region was achieved for the resultant high-quality perovskite. Upon this combined method, the fabricated mesostructured solar cells show tremendous power conversion efficiency (PCE) improvement from 3.2% to about 12.3% with less hysteresis owing to the simultaneous enhancement of short-circuit photocurrent density (J sc), open-circuit voltage (V oc) and fill factor (FF).

  17. Hybrid perovskite solar cells: In situ investigation of solution-processed PbI2 reveals metastable precursors and a pathway to producing porous thin films

    KAUST Repository

    Barrit, Dounya


    The successful and widely used two-step process of producing the hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite CH3NH3PbI3, consists of converting a solution deposited PbI2 film by reacting it with CH3NH3I. Here, we investigate the solidification of PbI2 films from a DMF solution by performing in situ grazing incidence wide angle X-ray scattering (GIWAXS) measurements. The measurements reveal an elaborate sol–gel process involving three PbI2⋅DMF solvate complexes—including disordered and ordered ones—prior to PbI2 formation. The ordered solvates appear to be metastable as they transform into the PbI2 phase in air within minutes without annealing. Morphological analysis of air-dried and annealed films reveals that the air-dried PbI2 is substantially more porous when the coating process produces one of the intermediate solvates, making this more suitable for subsequent conversion into the perovskite phase. The observation of metastable solvates on the pathway to PbI2 formation open up new opportunities for influencing the two-step conversion of metal halides into efficient light harvesting or emitting perovskite semiconductors.

  18. Adverse Effects of Excess Residual PbI2 on Photovoltaic Performance, Charge Separation, and Trap-State Properties in Mesoporous Structured Perovskite Solar Cells. (United States)

    Wang, Hao-Yi; Hao, Ming-Yang; Han, Jun; Yu, Man; Qin, Yujun; Zhang, Pu; Guo, Zhi-Xin; Ai, Xi-Cheng; Zhang, Jian-Ping


    Organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells have rapidly come to prominence in the photovoltaic field. In this context, CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 , as the most widely adopted active layer, has been attracting great attention. Generally, in a CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 layer, unreacted PbI 2 inevitably coexists with the perovskite crystals, especially following a two-step fabrication process. There appears to be a consensus that an appropriate amount of unreacted PbI 2 is beneficial to the overall photovoltaic performance of a device, the only disadvantageous aspect of excess residual PbI 2 being viewed as its insulating nature. However, the further development of such perovskite-based devices requires a deeper understanding of the role of residual PbI 2 . In this work, PbI 2 -enriched and PbI 2 -controlled perovskite films, as two extreme cases, have been prepared by modulating the crystallinity of a pre-deposited PbI 2 film. The effects of excess residual PbI 2 have been elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic and optoelectronic studies. The initial charge separation, the trap-state density, and the trap-state distribution have all been found to be adversely affected in PbI 2 -enriched devices, to the detriment of photovoltaic performance. This leads to a biphasic recombination process and accelerates the charge carrier recombination dynamics. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  19. Comparison between the in vivo rate of metabolism of prostaglandin I2 and its blood-pressure-lowering response after intravenous administration in the rat. (United States)

    Pace-Asciak, C R; Rosenthal, A; Domazet, Z


    Intravenous bolus injection of prostaglandin I2 in the Inactin-anaesthetised rat produces a slow dose-dependant vasodepression which reaches maximum approximately 15 s. after injection. Administration of 9 beta-[3H1]-prostaglandin I2 by the same route followed by serial arterial sampling and TLC analysis revealed a slow conversion into one less polar metabolite starting after 20 s and reaching 40% by two minutes in the circulation. These experiments indicate that prostaglandin I2 survives pulmonary transit for a sufficiently long time to elicit a biological action. Thus its continuous systemic vascular synthesis could play an important role in the control of hypertension.

  20. Deletion of the Vaccinia Virus I2 Protein Interrupts Virion Morphogenesis, Leading to Retention of the Scaffold Protein and Mislocalization of Membrane-Associated Entry Proteins. (United States)

    Hyun, Seong-In; Weisberg, Andrea; Moss, Bernard


    The I2L open reading frame of vaccinia virus (VACV) encodes a conserved 72-amino-acid protein with a putative C-terminal transmembrane domain. Previous studies with a tetracycline-inducible mutant demonstrated that I2-deficient virions are defective in cell entry. The purpose of the present study was to determine the step of replication or entry that is affected by loss of the I2 protein. Fluorescence microscopy experiments showed that I2 colocalized with a major membrane protein of immature and mature virions. We generated a cell line that constitutively expressed I2 and allowed construction of the VACV I2L deletion mutant vΔI2. As anticipated, vΔI2 was unable to replicate in cells that did not express I2. Unexpectedly, morphogenesis was interrupted at a stage after immature virion formation, resulting in the accumulation of dense spherical particles instead of brick-shaped mature virions with well-defined core structures. The abnormal particles retained the D13 scaffold protein of immature virions, were severely deficient in the transmembrane proteins that comprise the entry fusion complex (EFC), and had increased amounts of unprocessed membrane and core proteins. Total lysates of cells infected with vΔI2 also had diminished EFC proteins due to instability attributed to their hydrophobicity and failure to be inserted into viral membranes. A similar instability of EFC proteins had previously been found with unrelated mutants blocked earlier in morphogenesis that also accumulated viral membranes retaining the D13 scaffold. We concluded that I2 is required for virion morphogenesis, release of the D13 scaffold, and the association of EFC proteins with viral membranes. IMPORTANCE Poxviruses comprise a large family that infect vertebrates and invertebrates, cause disease in both in humans and in wild and domesticated animals, and are being engineered as vectors for vaccines and cancer therapy. In addition, investigations of poxviruses have provided insights into

  1. Li2b2-Façade: Simulation of i2b2 Data Warehouse Server and Client for Interaction with Other Systems. (United States)

    Majeed, Raphael W; Xu, Tingyan; Stöhr, Mark R; Röhrig, Rainer


    Since its release in 2004, the i2b2 data warehouse software has become a valuable tool for clinical researchers. Physicians can use its browser-based query frontend intuitively without additional training or reading through documentation. While the i2b2 software describes it's API as "REST", it is neither stateless nor does it follow the common guidelines for RESTful APIs. Thus, interfacing other software with i2b2's custom RPC-style XML-API is a very cumbersome process. To overcome these issues, we developed a lightweight software abstraction layer "lightweight i2b2 façade" (li2b2-façade).

  2. Investigation of the dispersion of phonon modes in CdI2 single crystals by a method of inelastic scattering of thermal neutrons

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Piroga, S.A.


    Experimental observation using a method of inelastic scattering of thermal neutrons the longitudinal phonons in the G-Z, G-X and G-L directions in CdI 2 singe crystal has been obtained. The phonon subsystem observed in the case of CdI 2 single crystals is two dimensional. This is because of the fact that interlayer interactions are weak in compare to intra layer interactions

  3. Identification, expression, and immuno-reactivity of Sol i 2 & Sol i 4 venom proteins of queen red imported fire ants, Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). (United States)

    Lockwood, Stephanie A; Haghipour-Peasley, Jilla; Hoffman, Donald R; Deslippe, Richard J


    We report on two low-molecular weight proteins that are stored in the venom of queen red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta). Translated amino acid sequences identified one protein to have 74.8% identity with the Sol i 2w worker allergen, and the other protein was found to have 96/97% identity with Sol i 4.01w/4.02w worker allergens. Both Sol i 2 and Sol i 4 queen and worker proteins were expressed using pEXP1-DEST vector in SHuffle™ T7 Express lysY Escherichia coli. Proteins were expressed at significant concentrations, as opposed to the μg/ml amounts by our previous expression methods, enabling further study of these proteins. Sol i 2q protein bound weakly to human IgE, sera pooled from allergic patients, whereas Sol i 2w, Sol i 4.01w, and Sol i 4q proteins bound strongly. Despite Sol i 2w and Sol i 2q proteins having 74.8% identity, the queen protein is less immuno-reactive than the worker allergen. This finding is consistent with allergic individuals being less sensitive to queen than worker venom. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Comparison of collisional radiative models for edge electron density reconstruction from Li I (2s-2p) emission profiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stoschus, H.; Hudson, B.; Munoz Burgos, J. M. [Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-0117 (United States); Thomas, D. M. [General Atomics, San Diego, California 92186-5608 (United States); Schweinzer, J. [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik, Euratom Association, 85748 Garching (Germany)


    Four collisional radiative models (CRMs) for reconstruction of the edge electron density profile from the measured Li I (2s-2p) emission profile of an accelerated lithium beam are compared using experimental data from DIII-D. It is shown for both L- and H-mode plasmas that edge density profiles reconstructed with the CRMs DDD2, ABSOLUT, [Sasaki et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 64, 1699 (1993)] and a new model developed at DIII-D agree in a density scan from n{sub e}{sup ped}= (2.0-6.5) Multiplication-Sign 10{sup 19} m{sup -3} within 20%, 20%, <5%, and 40%, respectively, of the pedestal density measured with Thomson scattering. Profile shape and absolute density vary in a scan of the effective ion charge Z{sub eff}= 1-6 up to a factor of two but agree with Thomson data for Z{sub eff}= 1-2 within the error bars.

  5. A Customizable Importer for the Clinical Data Warehouses PaDaWaN and I2B2. (United States)

    Fette, Georg; Kaspar, Mathias; Dietrich, Georg; Ertl, Maximilian; Krebs, Jonathan; Stoerk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank


    In recent years, clinical data warehouses (CDW) storing routine patient data have become more and more popular to support scientific work in the medical domain. Although CDW systems provide interfaces to import new data, these interfaces have to be used by processing tools that are often not included in the systems themselves. In order to establish an extraction-transformation-load (ETL) workflow, already existing components have to be taken or new components have to be developed to perform the load part of the ETL. We present a customizable importer for the two CDW systems PaDaWaN and I2B2, which is able to import the most common import formats (plain text, CSV and XML files). In order to be run, the importer only needs a configuration file with the user credentials for the target CDW and a list of XML import configuration files, which determine how already exported data is indented to be imported. The importer is provided as a Java program, which has no further software requirements.

  6. Environmental contaminants activate human and polar bear (Ursus maritimus) pregnane X receptors (PXR, NR1I2) differently. (United States)

    Lille-Langøy, Roger; Goldstone, Jared V; Rusten, Marte; Milnes, Matthew R; Male, Rune; Stegeman, John J; Blumberg, Bruce; Goksøyr, Anders


    Many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) accumulate readily in polar bears because of their position as apex predators in Arctic food webs. The pregnane X receptor (PXR, formally NR1I2, here proposed to be named promiscuous xenobiotic receptor) is a xenobiotic sensor that is directly involved in metabolizing pathways of a wide range of environmental contaminants. In the present study, we comparably assess the ability of 51 selected pharmaceuticals, pesticides and emerging contaminants to activate PXRs from polar bears and humans using an in vitro luciferase reporter gene assay. We found that polar bear PXR is activated by a wide range of our test compounds (68%) but has a slightly more narrow ligand specificity than human PXR that was activated by 86% of the 51 test compounds. The majority of the agonists identified (70%) produces a stronger induction of the reporter gene via human PXR than via polar bear PXR, however with some notable and environmentally relevant exceptions. Due to the observed differences in activation of polar bear and human PXRs, exposure of each species to environmental agents is likely to induce biotransformation differently in the two species. Bioinformatics analyses and structural modeling studies suggest that amino acids that are not part of the ligand-binding domain and do not interact with the ligand can modulate receptor activation. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  7. I = 2 ππ scattering phase shift from the HAL QCD method with the LapH smearing (United States)

    Kawai, Daisuke; Aoki, Sinya; Doi, Takumi; Ikeda, Yoichi; Inoue, Takashi; Iritani, Takumi; Ishii, Noriyoshi; Miyamoto, Takaya; Nemura, Hidekatsu; Sasaki, Kenji


    Physical observables, such as the scattering phase shifts and binding energy, calculated from the non-local HAL QCD potential do not depend on the sink operators used to define the potential. In practical applications, the derivative expansion of the non-local potential is employed, so that physical observables may receive some scheme dependence at a given order of the expansion. In this paper, we compare the I=2ππ scattering phase shifts obtained in the point-sink scheme (the standard scheme in the HAL QCD method) and the smeared-sink scheme (the LapH smearing newly introduced in the HAL QCD method). Although potentials in different schemes have different forms as expected, we find that, for reasonably small smearing size, the resultant scattering phase shifts agree with each other if the next-to-leading-order (NLO) term is taken into account. We also find that the HAL QCD potential in the point-sink scheme has a negligible NLO term for a wide range of energies, which implies good convergence of the derivative expansion, while the potential in the smeared-sink scheme has a non-negligible NLO contribution. The implications of this observation for future studies of resonance channels (such as the I=0 and 1ππ scatterings) with smeared all-to-all propagators are briefly discussed.

  8. C3-PRO: Connecting ResearchKit to the Health System Using i2b2 and FHIR.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pascal B Pfiffner

    Full Text Available A renewed interest by consumer information technology giants in the healthcare domain is focused on transforming smartphones into personal health data storage devices. With the introduction of the open source ResearchKit, Apple provides a framework for researchers to inform and consent research subjects, and to readily collect personal health data and patient reported outcomes (PRO from distributed populations. However, being research backend agnostic, ResearchKit does not provide data transmission facilities, leaving research apps disconnected from the health system. Personal health data and PROs are of the most value when presented in context along with health system data. Our aim was to build a toolchain that allows easy and secure integration of personal health and PRO data into an open source platform widely adopted across 140 academic medical centers. We present C3-PRO: the Consent, Contact, and Community framework for Patient Reported Outcomes. This open source toolchain connects, in a standards-compliant fashion, any ResearchKit app to the widely-used clinical research infrastructure Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2. C3-PRO leverages the emerging health data standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR.

  9. Design and implementation of I2Vote--an interactive image-based voting system using windows mobile devices. (United States)

    van Ooijen, P M A; Broekema, A; Oudkerk, M


    To develop, implement and test a novel audience response system (ARS) that allows image based interaction for radiology education. The ARS developed in this project is based on standard Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) (HP iPAQ 114 classic handheld) running Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 Classic with a large 3.5 in. TFT touch screen (320×240 pixel resolution), high luminance and integrated IEEE 802.11b/g wireless. For software development Visual Studio 2008 professional (Microsoft) was used and all components were written in C#. Two test sessions were conducted to test the software technically followed by two real classroom tests in a radiology class for medical students on thoracic radiology. The novel ARS, called I2Vote, was successfully implemented and provided an easy to use, stable setup. The acceptance of both students and teachers was very high and the interaction with the students improved because of the anonymous interaction possibility. An easy to use handheld based ARS that enables interactive, image-based, teaching is achieved. The system effectively adds an extra dimension to the use of an ARS. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Agmatine suppresses peripheral sympathetic tone by inhibiting N-type Ca(2+) channel activity via imidazoline I2 receptor activation. (United States)

    Kim, Young-Hwan; Jeong, Ji-Hyun; Ahn, Duck-Sun; Chung, Seungsoo


    Agmatine, a putative endogenous ligand of imidazoline receptors, suppresses cardiovascular function by inhibiting peripheral sympathetic tone. However, the molecular identity of imidazoline receptor subtypes and its cellular mechanism underlying the agmatine-induced sympathetic suppression remains unknown. Meanwhile, N-type Ca(2+) channels are important for the regulation of NA release in the peripheral sympathetic nervous system. Therefore, it is possible that agmatine suppresses NA release in peripheral sympathetic nerve terminals by inhibiting Ca(2+) influx through N-type Ca(2+) channels. We tested this hypothesis by investigating agmatine effect on electrical field stimulation (EFS)-evoked contraction and NA release in endothelium-denuded rat superior mesenteric arterial strips. We also investigated the effect of agmatine on the N-type Ca(2+) current in superior cervical ganglion (SCG) neurons in rats. Our study demonstrates that agmatine suppresses peripheral sympathetic outflow via the imidazoline I2 receptor in rat mesenteric arteries. In addition, the agmatine-induced suppression of peripheral vascular sympathetic tone is mediated by modulating voltage-dependent N-type Ca(2+) channels in sympathetic nerve terminals. These results suggest a potential cellular mechanism for the agmatine-induced suppression of peripheral sympathetic tone. Furthermore, they provide basic and theoretical information regarding the development of new agents to treat hypertension. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. C3-PRO: Connecting ResearchKit to the Health System Using i2b2 and FHIR. (United States)

    Pfiffner, Pascal B; Pinyol, Isaac; Natter, Marc D; Mandl, Kenneth D


    A renewed interest by consumer information technology giants in the healthcare domain is focused on transforming smartphones into personal health data storage devices. With the introduction of the open source ResearchKit, Apple provides a framework for researchers to inform and consent research subjects, and to readily collect personal health data and patient reported outcomes (PRO) from distributed populations. However, being research backend agnostic, ResearchKit does not provide data transmission facilities, leaving research apps disconnected from the health system. Personal health data and PROs are of the most value when presented in context along with health system data. Our aim was to build a toolchain that allows easy and secure integration of personal health and PRO data into an open source platform widely adopted across 140 academic medical centers. We present C3-PRO: the Consent, Contact, and Community framework for Patient Reported Outcomes. This open source toolchain connects, in a standards-compliant fashion, any ResearchKit app to the widely-used clinical research infrastructure Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2). C3-PRO leverages the emerging health data standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

  12. Examining the predictors of academic outcomes for indigenous Māori, Pacific and rural students admitted into medicine via two equity pathways: a retrospective observational study at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. (United States)

    Curtis, Elana; Wikaire, Erena; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Robert; Poole, Phillippa; Barrow, Mark; Bagg, Warwick; Reid, Papaarangi


    To determine associations between admission markers of socioeconomic status, transitioning, bridging programme attendance and prior academic preparation on academic outcomes for indigenous Māori, Pacific and rural students admitted into medicine under access pathways designed to widen participation. Findings were compared with students admitted via the general (usual) admission pathway. Retrospective observational study using secondary data.  6-year medical programme (MBChB), University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Students are selected and admitted into Year 2 following a first year (undergraduate) or prior degree (graduate). 1676 domestic students admitted into Year 2 between 2002 and 2012 via three pathways: GENERAL admission (1167), Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme-MAPAS (317) or Rural Origin Medical Preferential Entry-ROMPE (192). Of these, 1082 students completed the programme in the study period. Graduated from medical programme (yes/no), academic scores in Years 2-3 (Grade Point Average (GPA), scored 0-9). 735/778 (95%) of GENERAL, 111/121 (92%) of ROMPE and 146/183 (80%) of MAPAS students graduated from intended programme. The graduation rate was significantly lower in the MAPAS students (p<0.0001). The average Year 2-3 GPA was 6.35 (SD 1.52) for GENERAL, which was higher than 5.82 (SD 1.65, p=0.0013) for ROMPE and 4.33 (SD 1.56, p<0.0001) for MAPAS. Multiple regression analyses identified three key predictors of better academic outcomes: bridging programme attendance, admission as an undergraduate and admission GPA/Grade Point Equivalent (GPE). Attending local urban schools and higher school deciles were also associated with a greater likelihood of graduation. All regression models have controlled for predefined baseline confounders (gender, age and year of admission). There were varied associations between admission variables and academic outcomes across the three admission pathways. Equity-targeted admission programmes inclusive of

  13. Examining the predictors of academic outcomes for indigenous Māori, Pacific and rural students admitted into medicine via two equity pathways: a retrospective observational study at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand (United States)

    Curtis, Elana; Wikaire, Erena; Jiang, Yannan; McMillan, Louise; Loto, Robert; Poole, Phillippa; Barrow, Mark; Bagg, Warwick; Reid, Papaarangi


    Objective To determine associations between admission markers of socioeconomic status, transitioning, bridging programme attendance and prior academic preparation on academic outcomes for indigenous Māori, Pacific and rural students admitted into medicine under access pathways designed to widen participation. Findings were compared with students admitted via the general (usual) admission pathway. Design Retrospective observational study using secondary data. Setting  6-year medical programme (MBChB), University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Students are selected and admitted into Year 2 following a first year (undergraduate) or prior degree (graduate). Participants 1676 domestic students admitted into Year 2 between 2002 and 2012 via three pathways: GENERAL admission (1167), Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme—MAPAS (317) or Rural Origin Medical Preferential Entry—ROMPE (192). Of these, 1082 students completed the programme in the study period. Main outcome measures Graduated from medical programme (yes/no), academic scores in Years 2–3 (Grade Point Average (GPA), scored 0–9). Results 735/778 (95%) of GENERAL, 111/121 (92%) of ROMPE and 146/183 (80%) of MAPAS students graduated from intended programme. The graduation rate was significantly lower in the MAPAS students (p<0.0001). The average Year 2–3 GPA was 6.35 (SD 1.52) for GENERAL, which was higher than 5.82 (SD 1.65, p=0.0013) for ROMPE and 4.33 (SD 1.56, p<0.0001) for MAPAS. Multiple regression analyses identified three key predictors of better academic outcomes: bridging programme attendance, admission as an undergraduate and admission GPA/Grade Point Equivalent (GPE). Attending local urban schools and higher school deciles were also associated with a greater likelihood of graduation. All regression models have controlled for predefined baseline confounders (gender, age and year of admission). Conclusions There were varied associations between admission variables and academic outcomes

  14. Environmental contaminants activate human and polar bear (Ursus maritimus) pregnane X receptors (PXR, NR1I2) differently

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lille-Langøy, Roger, E-mail: [University of Bergen, Department of Biology, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen (Norway); Goldstone, Jared V. [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 266 Woods Hole Road, 02543-1050 Woods Hole, MA (United States); Rusten, Marte [University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen (Norway); Milnes, Matthew R. [Mars Hill University, 100 Athletic Street, Box 6671, Mars Hill, 28754 NC (United States); Male, Rune [University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen (Norway); Stegeman, John J. [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 266 Woods Hole Road, 02543-1050 Woods Hole, MA (United States); Blumberg, Bruce [University of California, Irvine, 92697 CA (United States); Goksøyr, Anders [University of Bergen, Department of Biology, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen (Norway)


    Background: Many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) accumulate readily in polar bears because of their position as apex predators in Arctic food webs. The pregnane X receptor (PXR, formally NR1I2, here proposed to be named promiscuous xenobiotic receptor) is a xenobiotic sensor that is directly involved in metabolizing pathways of a wide range of environmental contaminants. Objectives: In the present study, we comparably assess the ability of 51 selected pharmaceuticals, pesticides and emerging contaminants to activate PXRs from polar bears and humans using an in vitro luciferase reporter gene assay. Results: We found that polar bear PXR is activated by a wide range of our test compounds (68%) but has a slightly more narrow ligand specificity than human PXR that was activated by 86% of the 51 test compounds. The majority of the agonists identified (70%) produces a stronger induction of the reporter gene via human PXR than via polar bear PXR, however with some notable and environmentally relevant exceptions. Conclusions: Due to the observed differences in activation of polar bear and human PXRs, exposure of each species to environmental agents is likely to induce biotransformation differently in the two species. Bioinformatics analyses and structural modeling studies suggest that amino acids that are not part of the ligand-binding domain and do not interact with the ligand can modulate receptor activation. - Highlights: • Comparative study of ligand activation of human and polar bear PXRs. • Polar bear PXR is a promiscuous ligand-activated nuclear receptor but less so than human PXR. • Environmental contaminants activate human and polar bear PXRs differently. • Expression and ligand promiscuity indicate that PXR is a xenosensor in polar bears.

  15. Environmental contaminants activate human and polar bear (Ursus maritimus) pregnane X receptors (PXR, NR1I2) differently

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lille-Langøy, Roger; Goldstone, Jared V.; Rusten, Marte; Milnes, Matthew R.; Male, Rune; Stegeman, John J.; Blumberg, Bruce; Goksøyr, Anders


    Background: Many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) accumulate readily in polar bears because of their position as apex predators in Arctic food webs. The pregnane X receptor (PXR, formally NR1I2, here proposed to be named promiscuous xenobiotic receptor) is a xenobiotic sensor that is directly involved in metabolizing pathways of a wide range of environmental contaminants. Objectives: In the present study, we comparably assess the ability of 51 selected pharmaceuticals, pesticides and emerging contaminants to activate PXRs from polar bears and humans using an in vitro luciferase reporter gene assay. Results: We found that polar bear PXR is activated by a wide range of our test compounds (68%) but has a slightly more narrow ligand specificity than human PXR that was activated by 86% of the 51 test compounds. The majority of the agonists identified (70%) produces a stronger induction of the reporter gene via human PXR than via polar bear PXR, however with some notable and environmentally relevant exceptions. Conclusions: Due to the observed differences in activation of polar bear and human PXRs, exposure of each species to environmental agents is likely to induce biotransformation differently in the two species. Bioinformatics analyses and structural modeling studies suggest that amino acids that are not part of the ligand-binding domain and do not interact with the ligand can modulate receptor activation. - Highlights: • Comparative study of ligand activation of human and polar bear PXRs. • Polar bear PXR is a promiscuous ligand-activated nuclear receptor but less so than human PXR. • Environmental contaminants activate human and polar bear PXRs differently. • Expression and ligand promiscuity indicate that PXR is a xenosensor in polar bears

  16. Simple detection of hepatitis C virus using {sup 125}I-2'-deoxyuridine triphosphate and gamma counter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Soo Jin; Ahn, S. H.; Chung, W. S.; Woo, K. S.; Lim, S. J.; Choi, C. W.; Lim, S. M. [Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is the major cause of post transfusion and sporadic non A, non B hepatitis. Current infection of HCV can be detected by PCR method. Using PCR, it has been possible to detect HCV viremia prior to immunological sero-conversion and to detect fluctuation of viremia in antibody-positive chronic HCV patients undergoing therapy with interferon. In this study, we established the simple method to detect HCV DNA by incorporation of {sup 125}I-deoxyuridine triphosphate(dUTP) into DNA during the PCR, and counted the radioactivity of PCR product by gamma counter. {sup 125}I-2'-deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate was prepared, and incorporated into DNA during PCR. dUTP was radiolabeled by the iododemercuration of 5-mercuri intermediate. Iododemercuration labeling was completed with 98% yield and the obtained product was incorporated into DNA without further purification. After incorporation, covalently bonded radioiodine substituent was remained stable during PCR procedure HCV positive standard and positive patient sera in immunological assay were centrifuged. HCV RNA is isolated from by GTC(Guanidine Thiocyanate) and phenol/chloroform extraction method and synthesized complementary DNA by using reverse transcriptase. The '1{sup 25}I-dUTP was incorporated into HCV C DNA during PCR. PCR product purified by fiber matrix column and counted by gamma counter. PCR products were electrophoresized, and autoradiography image obtained. Amplified HCV DNA by {sup 125}I-dUTP PCR obtained the band on the gel by electrophoresis and autoradiography at the same position. In patient sera, radioactivity of HCV positive sample was 8 times higher than HCV negative viremia sample. We established HCV detection method using {sup 125}I-dUTP. {sup 125}I-dUTP PCR detection of HCV is convenient and reporducible.

  17. The Tomato Nucleotide-binding Leucine-rich Repeat Immune Receptor I-2 Couples DNA-binding to Nucleotide-binding Domain Nucleotide Exchange* (United States)

    Fenyk, Stepan; Dixon, Christopher H.; Gittens, William H.; Townsend, Philip D.; Sharples, Gary J.; Pålsson, Lars-Olof; Takken, Frank L. W.; Cann, Martin J.


    Plant nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (NLR) proteins enable plants to recognize and respond to pathogen attack. Previously, we demonstrated that the Rx1 NLR of potato is able to bind and bend DNA in vitro. DNA binding in situ requires its genuine activation following pathogen perception. However, it is unknown whether other NLR proteins are also able to bind DNA. Nor is it known how DNA binding relates to the ATPase activity intrinsic to NLR switch function required to immune activation. Here we investigate these issues using a recombinant protein corresponding to the N-terminal coiled-coil and nucleotide-binding domain regions of the I-2 NLR of tomato. Wild type I-2 protein bound nucleic acids with a preference of ssDNA ≈ dsDNA > ssRNA, which is distinct from Rx1. I-2 induced bending and melting of DNA. Notably, ATP enhanced DNA binding relative to ADP in the wild type protein, the null P-loop mutant K207R, and the autoactive mutant S233F. DNA binding was found to activate the intrinsic ATPase activity of I-2. Because DNA binding by I-2 was decreased in the presence of ADP when compared with ATP, a cyclic mechanism emerges; activated ATP-associated I-2 binds to DNA, which enhances ATP hydrolysis, releasing ADP-bound I-2 from the DNA. Thus DNA binding is a general property of at least a subset of NLR proteins, and NLR activation is directly linked to its activity at DNA. PMID:26601946

  18. The Tomato Nucleotide-binding Leucine-rich Repeat Immune Receptor I-2 Couples DNA-binding to Nucleotide-binding Domain Nucleotide Exchange. (United States)

    Fenyk, Stepan; Dixon, Christopher H; Gittens, William H; Townsend, Philip D; Sharples, Gary J; Pålsson, Lars-Olof; Takken, Frank L W; Cann, Martin J


    Plant nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (NLR) proteins enable plants to recognize and respond to pathogen attack. Previously, we demonstrated that the Rx1 NLR of potato is able to bind and bend DNA in vitro. DNA binding in situ requires its genuine activation following pathogen perception. However, it is unknown whether other NLR proteins are also able to bind DNA. Nor is it known how DNA binding relates to the ATPase activity intrinsic to NLR switch function required to immune activation. Here we investigate these issues using a recombinant protein corresponding to the N-terminal coiled-coil and nucleotide-binding domain regions of the I-2 NLR of tomato. Wild type I-2 protein bound nucleic acids with a preference of ssDNA ≈ dsDNA > ssRNA, which is distinct from Rx1. I-2 induced bending and melting of DNA. Notably, ATP enhanced DNA binding relative to ADP in the wild type protein, the null P-loop mutant K207R, and the autoactive mutant S233F. DNA binding was found to activate the intrinsic ATPase activity of I-2. Because DNA binding by I-2 was decreased in the presence of ADP when compared with ATP, a cyclic mechanism emerges; activated ATP-associated I-2 binds to DNA, which enhances ATP hydrolysis, releasing ADP-bound I-2 from the DNA. Thus DNA binding is a general property of at least a subset of NLR proteins, and NLR activation is directly linked to its activity at DNA. © 2016 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  19. Use of the i2b2 research query tool to conduct a matched case-control clinical research study: advantages, disadvantages and methodological considerations. (United States)

    Johnson, Emilie K; Broder-Fingert, Sarabeth; Tanpowpong, Pornthep; Bickel, Jonathan; Lightdale, Jenifer R; Nelson, Caleb P


    A major aim of the i2b2 (informatics for integrating biology and the bedside) clinical data informatics framework aims to create an efficient structure within which patients can be identified for clinical and translational research projects.Our objective was to describe the respective roles of the i2b2 research query tool and the electronic medical record (EMR) in conducting a case-controlled clinical study at our institution. We analyzed the process of using i2b2 and the EMR together to generate a complete research database for a case-control study that sought to examine risk factors for kidney stones among gastrostomy tube (G-tube) fed children. Our final case cohort consisted of 41/177 (23%) of potential cases initially identified by i2b2, who were matched with 80/486 (17%) of potential controls. Cases were 10 times more likely to be excluded for inaccurate coding regarding stones vs. inaccurate coding regarding G-tubes. A majority (67%) of cases were excluded due to not meeting clinical inclusion criteria, whereas a majority of control exclusions (72%) occurred due to inadequate clinical data necessary for study completion. Full dataset assembly required complementary information from i2b2 and the EMR. i2b2 was critical as a query analysis tool for patient identification in our case-control study. Patient identification via procedural coding appeared more accurate compared with diagnosis coding. Completion of our investigation required iterative interplay of i2b2 and the EMR to assemble the study cohort.

  20. Apport de la théorie du sentiment d’autoefficacité pour le développement de la compétence technopédagogique des futurs enseignants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonia Lefebvre


    Full Text Available Le texte s’intéresse à la formation technopédagogique des futurs enseignants, et plus précisément, aux pratiques à déployer en formation initiale pour accroître leur compétence professionnelle à intégrer les TIC. Les pratiques proposées prennent appui sur la théorie du sentiment d’autoefficacité d’Albert Bandura, ce sentiment pouvant influencer leur compétence à intégrer les TIC. Appuyé par des travaux empiriques, le texte aborde les sources susceptibles d’influencer l’autoefficacité à intégrer les TIC dans un cadre pédagogique et identifie des pistes d’action à envisager. Enfin, la réflexion amène à repenser les interventions des formateurs tant en formation initiale qu’en formation continue et à remettre en question, sur le plan empirique, les dispositifs de formation.

  1. Comparison of the uptake of [123/125I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine and [123/125I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine in R1M rhabdomyosarcoma cells in vitro and in R1M tumor-bearing Wag/Rij rats in vivo

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bauwens, Matthias; Lahoutte, Tony; Kersemans, Ken; Gallez, Carol; Bossuyt, Axel; Mertens, John


    Introduction: Recently, promising results concerning uptake in vivo in tumors of D-amino acids have been published. Therefore, we decided to evaluate the tumor uptake of the D-analogue of [ 123 I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine, a tracer recently introduced by our group into clinical trials. The uptake of 2-amino-3-(4-hydroxy-2-[ 123/125 I]iodophenyl)-D-propanoic acid (2-iodo-D-tyrosine) was studied in vitro in LAT1-expressing R1M rat rhabdomyosarcoma cells and in vivo in R1M tumor-bearing Wag/Rij rats. Methods: The uptake of [ 125 I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine and [ 125 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine into R1M cells was determined in appropriate buffers, allowing the study of the involved transport systems. In vivo, the biodistribution in R1M-bearing rats of [ 123 I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine and [ 123 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine was performed by both dynamic and static planar imaging with a gamma camera. Results: In in vitro conditions, the uptake of both [ 125 I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine and [ 125 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine in the HEPES buffer was 25% higher in the presence of Na + ions. In the absence of Na + ions, [ 125 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine was taken up reversibly in the R1M cells, with an apparent accumulation, probably for the larger part by the LAT1 system. Dynamic planar imaging showed that the uptake in the tumors of [ 123 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine was somewhat lower than that of [ 123 I]-2-iodo-L-tyrosine. At 30 min postinjection, the mean differential uptake ratio values of the L- and D-enantiomers are 2.5±0.7 and 1.7±0.6, respectively. Although the uptake of the D-isomer is lower, probably due to a faster clearance from the blood, the tumor-background ratio is the same as that of the L-analogue. Conclusion: A large part (75%) of [ 125 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine in vitro and [ 123 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine in vivo is reversibly highly taken up in R1M tumor cells by Na + -independent LAT transport systems, more likely by the LAT1. The clearance from the blood of [ 123 I]-2-iodo-D-tyrosine in the rats is faster than that of the

  2. Report of the Inaugural Meeting of the TFOS i(2) = initiating innovation Series: Targeting the Unmet Need for Dry Eye Treatment. (United States)

    Chao, Wendy; Belmonte, Carlos; Benitez Del Castillo, José M; Bron, Anthony J; Dua, Harminder S; Nichols, Kelly K; Novack, Gary D; Schrader, Stefan; Willcox, Mark D; Wolffsohn, James S; Sullivan, David A


    On March 21, 2015, a meeting was held in London, United Kingdom, to address the progress in targeting the unmet need for dry eye disease (DED) treatment. The meeting, which launched the i(2) = initiating innovation series, was sponsored by the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS; and supported by Dompé. The TFOS i(2) meeting was designed to review advances in the understanding of DED since publication of the 2007 TFOS International Dry Eye WorkShop (DEWS) report, and to help launch the highly anticipated sequel, DEWS II. The meeting was structured to discuss the scope of the DED problem, to review the clinical challenges of DED, and to consider the treatment challenges of DED. This article provides a synopsis of the presentations of this TFOS i(2) meeting. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Crystal structure of transition metal halides TiCl4, α-TiCl3, WCl4 and TiI2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Troyanov, S.I.; Snigireva, E.M.


    Crystal structures of TiCl 4 , α-TiCl 3 , WCl 4 and TiI 2 are determined by x-ray diffraction method. For crystalline WCl 4 general for phases of this type space group C2/m is confirmed. Linear chains of WCl 6 octahedrons joined through the opposite edges exist in structure. Short W-W distances (2.69 A) in linear chains differentiate the structure of WCl 6 . Laminar structure of TiI 2 is belongs to CdI 2 structural type. Iodine atoms form slightly distorted hexagonal face-centered packing, titanium atoms fill up octahedral hollows in two-layer packing of iodine atoms with Ti-I distances equal 2.903 A [ru

  4. i3b3: Infobuttons for i2b2 as a Mechanism for Investigating the Information Needs of Clinical Researchers. (United States)

    Kennell, Timothy; Dempsey, Donald M; Cimino, James J


    The information needs of clinicians, as they interact with the EHR, are well-studied. Clinical researchers also interact with the EHR and, while they might be expected to have some similar needs, the unique needs that arise due to nature of their work remain largely unstudied. For clinicians, infobuttons (context-aware hyperlinks) provide a mechanism of studying these information needs. Here we describe the integration of infobuttons into i2b2, a popular data warehouse commonly used by clinical researchers, using a plugin. A preliminary survey of i2b2 developers suggests a general interest in infobuttons for i2b2 and indicates good likelihood for their deployment, where they may be used as a tool for further studying these needs in greater detail.

  5. Formation of stable and metastable phases in reciprocal systems PbSe + MI2 = MSe + PbI2 (M = Hg, Mn, Sn)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Odin, I.N.; Grin'ko, V.V.; Kozlovskij, V.F.; Safronov, E.V.; Gapanovich, M.V.


    Using data of differential thermal, X-ray phase and microstructural analyses, phase diagrams of reciprocal systems PbSe + MI 2 = MSe + PbI 2 (M=Hg (1), Mn (2), Sn (3)) were constructed. It was ascertained that the HgSe-PbI 2 diagonal in system 1 is stable. Transformations leading to crystallization of metastable ternary compound formed in the system PbSe-PbI 2 and metastable polytypes of lead iodide in systems 1 and 2 in the range of temperatures from 620 to 685 K were studied. New intermediate metastable phases in systems 1, 2 and 3 were prepared by melt quenching. Crystal lattice parameters of the phases crystallizing in the CdCl 2 structural type were defined [ru

  6. Study of the pseudo-ternary Ag2SAs2S3HgI2 vitreous system (United States)

    Boidin, R.; Le Coq, D.; Cuisset, A.; Hindle, F.; Brubach, J.-B.; Michel, K.; Bychkov, E.


    Chalcogenide alloys in the Ag2SAs2S3HgI2 pseudo-ternary system were synthesized and their vitreous nature was verified by X-ray diffraction. The glass transition and crystallization temperatures (Tg and Tc), the density (d), and the total electrical conductivity (σ) were measured for all samples of three series, A, B, and C corresponding to (Ag2S)50-x/2(As2S3)50-x/2(HgI2)x, (Ag2S)y(As2S3)80-y(HgI2)20 and (Ag2S)z(As2S3)50(HgI2)50-z, respectively. The maximum of Tg was approximately 160 °C for glasses with low HgI2 content whereas the maximum of density (5.75 g cm-3) was obtained for the sample in the B-series with the highest Ag2S concentration (z=60 mol%). This composition also possesses the highest conductivity at 298 K (σ298 K≈10-3 S cm-1). Unexpectedly the conductivity of the A-series samples was observed to decrease as a function of the Ag2S content. The far-infrared transmission in the 100-600 cm-1 window range (3.3-18.2 THz, 100-16.6 μm) was also given for a few glass compositions highlighting the strong influence of the HgI2 content.

  7. Imidazoline2 (I2) receptor- and alpha2-adrenoceptor-mediated modulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in control and acute restraint stressed rats. (United States)

    Finn, David P; Hudson, Alan L; Kinoshita, Hiroshi; Coventry, Toni L; Jessop, David S; Nutt, David J; Harbuz, Michael S


    Central noradrenaline regulates the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the neuroendocrine response to stress. alpha2-adrenoceptors and imidazoline2 (I2) receptors modulate the activity of the central noradrenergic system. The present set of experiments investigated the role of alpha2-adrenoceptors and I2 receptors in the regulation of HPA axis activity under basal conditions and during exposure to the acute psychological stress of restraint. Three separate experiments were carried out in which rats were given an i.p. injection of either saline vehicle, the combined alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist and I2 receptor ligand idazoxan (10 mg/kg), the selective I2 receptor ligand BU224 (2.5 or 10 mg/kg) or the selective alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist RX821002 (2.5 mg/kg) with or without restraint stress. Drugs were administered immediately prior to restraint of 60 min duration. Blood was sampled pre-injection, 30, 60 and 240 min post-injection and plasma corticosterone was measured by radioimmunoassay. In experiment 1, idazoxan increased plasma corticosterone levels in naive animals and potentiated the corticosterone response to acute restraint stress. In experiment 2, BU224 administration increased plasma corticosterone levels in a dose-related manner in naive rats. The results of experiment 3 indicated that RX821002 also elevated plasma corticosterone levels in naive rats, however, only BU224 potentiated the corticosterone response to restraint stress. These studies suggest that both alpha2-adrenoceptors and I2 receptors play a role in modulating basal HPA axis activity and that I2 receptors may play a more important role than alpha2-adrenoceptors in modulating the HPA axis response to the acute psychological stress of restraint.

  8. Testing hypotheses in an I(2) model with piecewise linear trends. An analysis of the persistent long swings in the Dmk/$ rate

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Søren; Juselius, Katarina; Frydman, Roman


    This paper discusses the I(2) model with breaks in the deterministic component and illustrates with an analysis of German and US prices, exchange rates, and interest rates in 1975--1999. It provides new results on the likelihood ratio test of overidentifying restrictions on the cointegrating...... relations when they contain piecewise linear trends. One important aim of the paper is to demonstrate that a structured I(2) analysis is useful for a better understanding of the empirical regularities underlying the persistent swings in nominal exchange rates, typical in periods of floating exchange rates....


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio G. Sampaio de Oliveira Filho


    Full Text Available This study proposes an activity to introduce scientific programming. In particular, the multidisciplinary concepts of scientific programming, quantum mechanics, and spectroscopy are presented in the study of the electronic spectrum of the I2 molecule. We use Python programming language and the IPython command shell, in particular, for their user friendliness and versatility.

  10. Incorporating C60 as Nucleation Sites Optimizing PbI2 Films To Achieve Perovskite Solar Cells Showing Excellent Efficiency and Stability via Vapor-Assisted Deposition Method. (United States)

    Chen, Hai-Bin; Ding, Xi-Hong; Pan, Xu; Hayat, Tasawar; Alsaedi, Ahmed; Ding, Yong; Dai, Song-Yuan


    To achieve high-quality perovskite solar cells (PSCs), the morphology and carrier transportation of perovskite films need to be optimized. Herein, C 60 is employed as nucleation sites in PbI 2 precursor solution to optimize the morphology of perovskite films via vapor-assisted deposition process. Accompanying the homogeneous nucleation of PbI 2 , the incorporation of C 60 as heterogeneous nucleation sites can lower the nucleation free energy of PbI 2 , which facilitates the diffusion and reaction between PbI 2 and organic source. Meanwhile, C 60 could enhance carrier transportation and reduce charge recombination in the perovskite layer due to its high electron mobility and conductivity. In addition, the grain sizes of perovskite get larger with C 60 optimizing, which can reduce the grain boundaries and voids in perovskite and prevent the corrosion because of moisture. As a result, we obtain PSCs with a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 18.33% and excellent stability. The PCEs of unsealed devices drop less than 10% in a dehumidification cabinet after 100 days and remain at 75% of the initial PCE during exposure to ambient air (humidity > 60% RH, temperature > 30 °C) for 30 days.

  11. Hybrid perovskite solar cells: In situ investigation of solution-processed PbI2 reveals metastable precursors and a pathway to producing porous thin films

    KAUST Repository

    Barrit, Dounya; Sheikh, Arif D.; Munir, Rahim; Barbe, Jeremy; Li, Ruipeng; Smilgies, Detlef-M.; Amassian, Aram


    from a DMF solution by performing in situ grazing incidence wide angle X-ray scattering (GIWAXS) measurements. The measurements reveal an elaborate sol–gel process involving three PbI2⋅DMF solvate complexes—including disordered and ordered ones

  12. 9-Hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase in rat kidney cortex converts prostaglandin I2 into 15-keto-13,14-dihydro 6-ketoprostaglandin E1. (United States)

    Pace-Asciak, C R; Domazet, Z


    15-Keto-13,14-dihydro 6-ketoprostaglandin E1 was positively identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with negative-ion chemical ionisation detection from samples of rat kidney high-speed supernatant incubated with prostaglandin I2 in the presence of NAD+. A decreased formation of this product was observed when NAD+ was substituted with NADP+ and none was observed in the absence of nucleotide or substrate prostaglandin I2. Experiments with [9 beta-3H]prostaglandin I2 showed a time- and concentration-dependent loss of tritium which appeared as tritiated water, typical of reaction of [9 beta-3H]prostaglandin substrates with the enzyme, 9-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase. Time-course measurements of the appearance of tritiated water showed similar rates with 6-keto[9 beta-3H]prostaglandin F1 alpha and 15-keto-13,14-dihydro 6-keto[9 beta-3H]prostaglandin F1 alpha as substrates. These experiments suggest that the transformation of prostaglandin I2 and 6-ketoprostaglandin F1 alpha into the 15-keto-13,14-dihydro 6-ketoprostaglandin E1 catabolite occurs in this in vitro preparation via the corresponding 15-keto-13,14-dihydro catabolite of 6-ketoprostaglandin F1 alpha.

  13. 17 CFR 274.303 - Form N-27I-2, notice of withdrawal right and statement of charges for variable life insurance... (United States)


    ... 17 Commodity and Securities Exchanges 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Form N-27I-2, notice of withdrawal right and statement of charges for variable life insurance contractholders required pursuant to... variable life insurance contractholders required pursuant to Rule 6e-2 (§ 270.6e-2 of this chapter). [41 FR...

  14. Formation of T-shaped versus charge-transfer molecular adducts in the reactions between bis(thiocarbonyl) donors and Br2 and I2. (United States)

    Mancini, Annalisa; Aragoni, M Carla; Bricklebank, Neil; Castellano, Carlo; Demartin, Francesco; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Pintus, Anna; Arca, Massimiliano


    The reactions of 4,5,6,7-tetrathiocino-[1,2-b:3,4-b']-1,3,8,10-tetrasubstituted-diimidazolyl-2,9-dithiones (R(2),R'(2)-todit; 1: R=R'=Et; 2: R=R'=Ph; 3: R=Et, R'=Ph) with Br(2) exclusively afforded 1:1 and 1:2 "T-shaped" adducts, as established by FT-Raman spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction in the case of complex 1·2Br(2). On the other hand, the reactions of compounds 1-3 with molecular I(2) provided charge-transfer (CT) "spoke" adducts, among which the solvated species 3·2I(2)·(1-x)I(2)·xCH(2)Cl(2) (x=0.94) and (3)(2)·7I(2)·xCH(2)Cl(2), (x=0.66) were structurally characterized. The nature of all of the reaction products was elucidated based on elemental analysis and FT-Raman spectroscopy and supported by theoretical calculations at the DFT level. Copyright © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  15. A study of the atmospherically important reactions of dimethylsulfide (DMS) with I2 and ICl using infrared matrix isolation spectroscopy and electronic structure calculations. (United States)

    Beccaceci, Sonya; Armata, Nerina; Ogden, J Steven; Dyke, John M; Rhyman, Lydia; Ramasami, Ponnadurai


    The reactions of dimethylsulfide (DMS) with molecular iodine (I(2)) and iodine monochloride (ICl) have been studied by infrared matrix isolation spectroscopy by co-condensation of the reagents in an inert gas matrix. Molecular adducts of DMS + I(2) and DMS + ICl have also been prepared using standard synthetic methods. The vapour above each of these adducts trapped in an inert gas matrix gave the same infrared spectrum as that recorded for the corresponding co-condensation reaction. In each case, the infrared spectrum has been interpreted in terms of a van der Waals adduct, DMS : I(2) and DMS : ICl, with the aid of infrared spectra computed for their minimum energy structures at the MP2 level. Computed relative energies of minima and transition states on the potential energy surfaces of these reactions were used to understand why they do not proceed further than the reactant complexes DMS : I(2) and DMS : ICl. The main findings of this research are compared with results obtained earlier for the DMS + Cl(2) and DMS + Br(2) reactions, and the atmospheric implications of the conclusions are also considered.

  16. Cu2I2Se6: A Metal-Inorganic Framework Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor for Photon Detection at Room Temperature. (United States)

    Lin, Wenwen; Stoumpos, Constantinos C; Kontsevoi, Oleg Y; Liu, Zhifu; He, Yihui; Das, Sanjib; Xu, Yadong; McCall, Kyle M; Wessels, Bruce W; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G


    Cu 2 I 2 Se 6 is a new wide-bandgap semiconductor with high stability and great potential toward hard radiation and photon detection. Cu 2 I 2 Se 6 crystallizes in the rhombohedral R3̅m space group with a density of d = 5.287 g·cm -3 and a wide bandgap E g of 1.95 eV. First-principles electronic band structure calculations at the density functional theory level indicate an indirect bandgap and a low electron effective mass m e * of 0.32. The congruently melting compound was grown in centimeter-size Cu 2 I 2 Se 6 single crystals using a vertical Bridgman method. A high electric resistivity of ∼10 12 Ω·cm is readily achieved, and detectors made of Cu 2 I 2 Se 6 single crystals demonstrate high photosensitivity to Ag Kα X-rays (22.4 keV) and show spectroscopic performance with energy resolutions under 241 Am α-particles (5.5 MeV) radiation. The electron mobility is measured by a time-of-flight technique to be ∼46 cm 2 ·V -1 ·s -1 . This value is comparable to that of one of the leading γ-ray detector materials, TlBr, and is a factor of 30 higher than mobility values obtained for amorphous Se for X-ray detection.

  17. The post-growth treatment of PbI2 thick films as an attempt to suppress the films surface effect

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dmitriev, Yuri; Bennett, Paul R.; Cirignano, Leonard J.; Klugerman, Mikhail; Shah, Kanai S.


    PbI 2 thick films were coated with different materials (Parylene C, HumiSeal and PbBr 2 ) in order to improve the films' surface properties. It was shown that Parylene C and HumiSeal coating decreased the dark current of PbI 2 films and changed the shape of the I-V and I-t curves. X-ray-irradiated films demonstrated a significant increase in signal-to-noise ratio due to a decrease in the dark current, a slightly increased rise time, and a decreased decay time compared to non-coated PbI 2 films. In addition, Pd atoms from the electrical contact easily penetrated the Parylene C protective layer over a period of 1-2 h. The Pd diffusion coefficient and Parylene C dark resistivity estimated from these experiments were D Pd =(3.6±2.1)x10 -13 cm 2 /s and ρ ParyleneC =(130±70) T Ω cm, respectively. Only the PbBr 2 coating led to decreased rise and decay times compared to non-coated PbI 2 films

  18. Reducing the risk of rear-end collisions with infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) integration of variable speed limit control and adaptive cruise control system. (United States)

    Li, Ye; Wang, Hao; Wang, Wei; Liu, Shanwen; Xiang, Yun


    Adaptive cruise control (ACC) has been investigated recently to explore ways to increase traffic capacity, stabilize traffic flow, and improve traffic safety. However, researchers seldom have studied the integration of ACC and roadside control methods such as the variable speed limit (VSL) to improve safety. The primary objective of this study was to develop an infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) integrated system that incorporated both ACC and VSL to reduce rear-end collision risks on freeways. The intelligent driver model was firstly modified to simulate ACC behavior and then the VSL strategy used in this article was introduced. Next, the I2V system was proposed to integrate the 2 advanced techniques, ACC and VSL. Four scenarios of no control, VSL only, ACC only, and the I2V system were tested in simulation experiments. Time exposed time to collision (TET) and time integrated time to collision (TIT), 2 surrogate safety measures derived from time to collision (TTC), were used to evaluate safety issues associated with rear-end collisions. The total travel times of each scenario were also compared. The simulation results indicated that both the VSL-only and ACC-only methods had a positive impact on reducing the TET and TIT values (reduced by 53.0 and 58.6% and 59.0 and 65.3%, respectively). The I2V system combined the advantages of both ACC and VSL to achieve the most safety benefits (reduced by 71.5 and 77.3%, respectively). Sensitivity analysis of the TTC threshold also showed that the I2V system obtained the largest safety benefits with all of the TTC threshold values. The impact of different market penetration rates of ACC vehicles in I2V system indicated that safety benefits increase with an increase in ACC proportions. Compared to VSL-only and ACC-only scenarios, this integrated I2V system is more effective in reducing rear-end collision risks. The findings of this study provide useful information for traffic agencies to implement novel techniques to improve

  19. A useful PET probe [11C]BU99008 with ultra-high specific radioactivity for small animal PET imaging of I2-imidazoline receptors in the hypothalamus

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kawamura, Kazunori; Shimoda, Yoko; Yui, Joji; Zhang, Yiding; Yamasaki, Tomoteru; Wakizaka, Hidekatsu; Hatori, Akiko; Xie, Lin; Kumata, Katsushi; Fujinaga, Masayuki; Ogawa, Masanao; Kurihara, Yusuke; Nengaki, Nobuki; Zhang, Ming-Rong


    Introduction: A positron emission tomography (PET) probe with ultra-high specific radioactivity (SA) enables measuring high receptor specific binding in brain regions by avoiding mass effect of the PET probe itself. It has been reported that PET probe with ultra-high SA can detect small change caused by endogenous or exogenous ligand. Recently, Kealey et al. developed [ 11 C]BU99008, a more potent PET probe for I 2 -imidazoline receptors (I 2 Rs) imaging, with a conventional SA (mean 76 GBq/μmol) showed higher specific binding in the brain. Here, to detect small change of specific binding for I 2 Rs caused by endogenous or exogenous ligand in an extremely small region, such as hypothalamus in the brain, we synthesized and evaluated [ 11 C]BU99008 with ultra-high SA as a useful PET probe for small-animal PET imaging of I 2 Rs. Methods: [ 11 C]BU99008 was prepared by [ 11 C]methylation of N-desmethyl precursor with [ 11 C]methyl iodide. Biodistribution, metabolite analysis, and brain PET studies were conducted in rats. Results: [ 11 C]BU99008 with ultra-high SA in the range of 5400–16,600 GBq/μmol were successfully synthesized (n = 7), and had appropriate radioactivity for in vivo study. In the biodistribution study, the mean radioactivity levels in a