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  1. Nitrogen isotopes in the recent solar wind from the analysis of genesis targets: evidence for large scale isotope heterogeneity in the nascent solar system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wiens, Roger C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Marty, Bernard [INSU-CNRS; Zimmermann, Laurent [INSU-CNRS; Burnard, Peter G [INSU-CNRS; Burnett, Donald L [CALTECH; Heber, Veronika S [ETH ZURICH; Wieler, Rainer [ETH ZURICH; Bochsler, Peter [UNIV OV BERN


    Nitrogen, the fifth most abundant element in the universe, displays the largest stable isotope variations in the solar system reservoirs after hydrogen. Yet the value of isotopic composition of solar nitrogen, presumably the best proxy of the protosolar nebula composition, is not known. Nitrogen isotopes trapped in Genesis spacecraft target material indicate a 40 % depletion of {sup 15}N in solar wind N relative to inner planets and meteorites, and define a composition for the present-day Sun undistinguishable from that of Jupiter's atmosphere. These results indicate that the isotopic composition of of nitrogen in the outer convective zone of the Sun (OCZ) has not changed through time, and is representative of the protosolar nebula. Large {sup 15}N enrichments during e.g., irradiation, or contributions from {sup 15}N-rich presolar components, are required to account for planetary values.

  2. Genesis Silicon Carbide Concentrator Target 60003 Preliminary Ellipsometry Mapping Results (United States)

    Calaway, M. J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Stansbery, E. K.


    The Genesis concentrator was custom designed to focus solar wind ions primarily for terrestrial isotopic analysis of O-17/O-16 and O-18/O-16 to +/-1%, N-15/N-14 to +/-1%, and secondarily to conduct elemental and isotopic analysis of Li, Be, and B. The circular 6.2 cm diameter concentrator target holder was comprised of four quadrants of highly pure semiconductor materials that included one amorphous diamond-like carbon, one C-13 diamond, and two silicon carbide (SiC). The amorphous diamond-like carbon quadrant was fractured upon impact at Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR), but the remaining three quadrants survived fully intact and all four quadrants hold an important collection of solar wind. The quadrants were removed from the target holder at NASA Johnso n Space Center Genesis Curation Laboratory in April 2005, and have been housed in stainless steel containers under continual nitrogen purge since time of disintegration. In preparation for allocation of a silicon carbide target for oxygen isotope analyses at UCLA, the two SiC targets were photographed for preliminary inspection of macro particle contamination from the hard non-nominal landing as well as characterized by spectroscopic ellipsometry to evaluate thin film contamination. This report is focused on Genesis SiC target sample number 60003.

  3. Genesis Concentrator Target Particle Contamination Mapping and Material Identification (United States)

    Calaway, Michael J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Allton, J. H.


    The majority of surface particles were found to be Genesis science team as well as ultra-pure water megasonic cleaning by the JSC team [4]. Removal of organic contamination from target materials is also being investigated by the science team with the use of UV-ozone cleaning devices at JSC and Open University [5]. In preparation for solar wind oxygen analyses at UCLA and Open University [1, 2], surface particle contamination on three Genesis concentrator targets was closely examined to evaluate cleaning strategies. Two silicon carbide (Genesis sample # 60001 and 60003) and one chemical vapor deposited (CVD) 13C concentrator target (60002) were imaged and mosaic mapped with optical microscopes. The resulting full target mosaic images and particle feature maps were subsequently compared with non-flight, but flight-like, concentrator targets and sample return capsule (SRC) materials. Contamination found on the flown concentrator acceleration grid was further examined using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) for particle identification was subsequently compared with the optical images from the flown targets. Figure 1 show that all three targets imaged in this report are fully intact and do not show any signs of material fractures. However, previous ellipsometry results and overview imaging of both flown SiC targets show a solar wind irradiation gradient from the center focal point to the outer edge [3]. In addition, due to the hard landing, each target has experienced varying degrees of impacts, scratches, and particle debris from the spacecraft and Utah impact site.

  4. Dividing the Concentrator Target From the Genesis Mission (United States)

    Lauer, H. V., Jr.; Burkett, P. J.; Clemett, S. J.; Gonzales, C. P.; Nakamura-Messenger, K.; Rodriquez, M. C.; See, T. H.; Sutter, B.


    The Genesis spacecraft, launched in 2001, traveled to a Lagrangian point between the Earth and Sun to collect particles from the solar wind and return them to Earth. However, during the return of the spacecraft in 2004, the parachute failed to open during descent, and the Genesis spacecraft crashed into the Utah desert. Many of the solar wind collectors were broken into smaller pieces, and the field team rapidly collected the capsule and collector pieces for later assessment. On each of the next few days, the team discovered that various collectors had survived intact, including three of four concentrator targets. Within a month, the team had imaged more than 10,000 fragments and packed them for transport to the Astromaterials Acquisition and Curation Office within the ARES Directorate at JSC. Currently, the Genesis samples are curated along with the other extraterrestrial sample collections within ARES. Although they were broken and dirty, the Genesis solar wind collectors still offered the science community the opportunity to better understand our Sun and the solar system as a whole. One of the more highly prized concentrator collectors survived the crash almost completely intact. The Genesis Concentrator was designed to concentrate the solar wind by a factor of at least 20 so that solar oxygen and nitrogen isotopes could be measured. One of these materials was the Diamond-on-Silicon (DoS) concentrator target. Unfortunately, the DoS concentrator broke on impact. Nevertheless, the scientific value of the DoS concentrator target was high. The Genesis Allocation Committee received a request for approximately 1 cm(sup 2) of the DoS specimen taken near the focal point of the concentrator for the analysis of solar wind nitrogen isotopes. The largest fragment, Genesis sample 60000, was designated for this allocation and needed to be precisely cut. The requirement was to subdivide the designated sample in a manner that prevented contamination of the sample and minimized

  5. Laser Subdivision of the Genesis Concentrator Target Sample 60000 (United States)

    Lauer, Howard V., Jr.; Burkett, P. J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Nakamura-Messenger, K.; Clemett, S. J.; Gonzales, C. P.; Allton, J. H.; McNamara, K. M.; See, T. H.


    The Genesis Allocation Committee received a request for 1 square centimeter of the diamond-like-carbon (DLC) concentrator target for the analysis of solar wind nitrogen isotopes. The target consists of a single crystal float zone (FZ) silicon substrate having a thickness on the order of 550 micrometers with a 1.5-3.0 micrometer-thick coating of DLC on the exposed surface. The solar wind is implanted shallowly in the front side DLC. The original target was a circular quadrant with a radius of 3.1 cm; however, the piece did not survive intact when the spacecraft suffered an anomalous landing upon returning to Earth on September 8, 2004. An estimated 75% of the DLC target was recovered in at least 18 fragments. The largest fragment, Genesis sample 60000, has been designated for this allocation and is the first sample to be subdivided using our laser scribing system Laser subdivision has associated risks including thermal diffusion of the implant if heating occurs and unintended breakage during cleavage. A careful detailed study and considerable subdividing practice using non-flight FZ diamond on silicon, DOS, wafers has considerably reduced the risk of unplanned breakage during the cleaving process. In addition, backside scribing reduces the risk of possible thermal excursions affecting the implanted solar wind, implanted shallowly in the front side DLC.

  6. Nano-inclusions in diamond: Evidence of diamond genesis (United States)

    Wirth, R.


    The use of Focused Ion Beam technology (FIB) for TEM sample preparation introduced approximately 15 years ago revolutionized the application of TEM in Geosciences. For the first time, FIB enabled cutting samples for TEM use from exactly the location we are interested in. Applied to diamond investigation, this technique revealed the presence of nanometre-sized inclusions in diamond that have been simply unknown before. Nanoinclusions in diamond from different location and origin such as diamonds from the Lower and Upper Mantle, metamorphic diamonds (Kazakhstan, Erzgebirge, Bohemia), diamonds from ophiolites (Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ural Mountains), diamonds from igneous rocks (Hawaii, Kamchatka) and impact diamonds (Popigai Crater, Siberia) have been investigated during the last 15 years. The major conclusion of all these TEM studies is, that the nanoinclusions, their phases and phase composition together with the micro- and nanostructure evidence the origin of diamond and genesis of diamond. We can discriminate Five different mechanisms of diamond genesis in nature are observed: Diamond crystallized from a high-density fluid (Upper mantle and metamorphic diamond). Diamond crystallized from carbonatitic melt (Lower mantle diamond). Diamond precipitates from a metal alloy melt (Diamond from ophiolites). Diamond crystallized by gas phase condensation or chemical vapour condensation (CVD) (Lavas from Kamchatka, xenoliths in Hawaiian lavas). Direct transformation of graphite into diamond.

  7. Genesis and Debelopment of Porosity in Carbonate Reservoirs—Fluid Inclusion Evidence

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    覃建雄; 曾允孚


    Fluid inclusions in minerals filled in pores of reservoir rocks can be used as a good indicator of pore genesis and development so as to shed light on oil generation,migration and accumulation.The relationship between pore evolution and oil generation has been established based on fluid inclusion studies on the Lower Ordovician carbonate reservoir strata in the Ordos Baisn,Northwest China.Seven stages of porosity development can be recogmized.i.e.,the penecontemporaneous,the early and middle-late diagenetic,the supergene,the early,middle and late re-burying stages.The dissolution pores an fissures formed in the supergene and middle-late reburying stage and the structural fractures formed in the late re-burying stage constitute the major traps of oil and gas.The major phase of oil migration and accumulation took place between Late Jurassic and Cretaceous,Corresponding to the middle and late re-burying stages.The generation and accumulation of oil can be closely related to Yenshanian tectonics.

  8. Novel Roles for P53 in the Genesis and Targeting of Tetraploid Cancer Cells


    Batzaya Davaadelger; Hong Shen; Maki, Carl G.


    Tetraploid (4N) cells are considered important in cancer because they can display increased tumorigenicity, resistance to conventional therapies, and are believed to be precursors to whole chromosome aneuploidy. It is therefore important to determine how tetraploid cancer cells arise, and how to target them. P53 is a tumor suppressor protein and key regulator of tetraploidy. As part of the "tetraploidy checkpoint", p53 inhibits tetraploid cell proliferation by promoting a G1-arrest in incipie...

  9. Literature evidence in open targets - a target validation platform. (United States)

    Kafkas, Şenay; Dunham, Ian; McEntyre, Johanna


    We present the Europe PMC literature component of Open Targets - a target validation platform that integrates various evidence to aid drug target identification and validation. The component identifies target-disease associations in documents and ranks the documents based on their confidence from the Europe PMC literature database, by using rules utilising expert-provided heuristic information. The confidence score of a given document represents how valuable the document is in the scope of target validation for a given target-disease association by taking into account the credibility of the association based on the properties of the text. The component serves the platform regularly with the up-to-date data since December, 2015. Currently, there are a total number of 1168365 distinct target-disease associations text mined from >26 million PubMed abstracts and >1.2 million Open Access full text articles. Our comparative analyses on the current available evidence data in the platform revealed that 850179 of these associations are exclusively identified by literature mining. This component helps the platform's users by providing the most relevant literature hits for a given target and disease. The text mining evidence along with the other types of evidence can be explored visually through and all the evidence data is available for download in json format from .

  10. Novel roles for p53 in the genesis and targeting of tetraploid cancer cells. (United States)

    Davaadelger, Batzaya; Shen, Hong; Maki, Carl G


    Tetraploid (4N) cells are considered important in cancer because they can display increased tumorigenicity, resistance to conventional therapies, and are believed to be precursors to whole chromosome aneuploidy. It is therefore important to determine how tetraploid cancer cells arise, and how to target them. P53 is a tumor suppressor protein and key regulator of tetraploidy. As part of the "tetraploidy checkpoint", p53 inhibits tetraploid cell proliferation by promoting a G1-arrest in incipient tetraploid cells (referred to as a tetraploid G1 arrest). Nutlin-3a is a preclinical drug that stabilizes p53 by blocking the interaction between p53 and MDM2. In the current study, Nutlin-3a promoted a p53-dependent tetraploid G1 arrest in two diploid clones of the HCT116 colon cancer cell line. Both clones underwent endoreduplication after Nutlin removal, giving rise to stable tetraploid clones that showed increased resistance to ionizing radiation (IR) and cisplatin (CP)-induced apoptosis compared to their diploid precursors. These findings demonstrate that transient p53 activation by Nutlin can promote tetraploid cell formation from diploid precursors, and the resulting tetraploid cells are therapy (IR/CP) resistant. Importantly, the tetraploid clones selected after Nutlin treatment expressed approximately twice as much P53 and MDM2 mRNA as diploid precursors, expressed approximately twice as many p53-MDM2 protein complexes (by co-immunoprecipitation), and were more susceptible to p53-dependent apoptosis and growth arrest induced by Nutlin. Based on these findings, we propose that p53 plays novel roles in both the formation and targeting of tetraploid cells. Specifically, we propose that 1) transient p53 activation can promote a tetraploid-G1 arrest and, as a result, may inadvertently promote formation of therapy-resistant tetraploid cells, and 2) therapy-resistant tetraploid cells, by virtue of having higher P53 gene copy number and expressing twice as many p53-MDM2

  11. Arc dacite genesis pathways: Evidence from mafic enclaves and their hosts in Aegean lavas (United States)

    Zellmer, G. F.; Turner, S. P.


    Mafic enclaves are commonly found in intermediate arc magmas, and their occurrence has been linked to eruption triggering by pre-eruptive magma mixing processes. New major, trace, Sr-Nd and U-Th isotope data of rocks from Nisyros in the Aegean volcanic arc are presented here. Pre-caldera samples display major and trace element trends that are consistent with fractionation of magnetite and apatite within intermediate compositions, and zircon within felsic compositions, and preclude extensive hybridization between mafic and felsic magmas. In contrast, post-caldera dacites form a mixing trend towards their mafic enclaves. In terms of U-series isotopes, most samples show small 238U excesses of up to ˜ 10%. Mafic enclaves have significantly higher U/Th ratios than their dacitic host lavas, precluding simple models that relate the mafic and felsic magmas by fractionation or aging alone. A more complicated petrogenetic scenario is required. The post-caldera dacites are interpreted to represent material remobilized from a young igneous protolith following influx of fresh mafic magma, consistent with the U-Th data and with Sr-Nd isotope constraints that point to very limited (Santorini in the same arc, there are many geochemical similarities between the two volcanic centers during the petrogenesis of the pre-caldera samples. However, striking differences are apparent for the post-caldera lavas: in Nisyros, dacites show geochemical and textural evidence for magma mixing and remobilization by influx of mafic melts, and they erupt as viscous lava domes; in Santorini, evidence for geochemical hybridization of dacites and mafic enclaves is weak, dacite petrogenesis does not involve protolith remobilization, and lavas erupt as less viscous flows. Despite these differences, it appears that mafic enclaves in intermediate Aegean arc magmas consistently yield timescales of at least 100 kyrs between U enrichment of the mantle wedge and eruption, on the upper end of those estimated

  12. The genesis of glaucony in the Oligo Miocene Torquay Group, southeastern Australia: petrographic and geochemical evidence (United States)

    Kelly, Jonathan C.; Webb, John A.


    The Oligo-Miocene Torquay Group at Bird Rock, in southeastern Australia, comprises a sequence of fine-grained skeletal carbonates and argillaceous and glauconitic sandstones, which were deposited in a cool-water, mid-shelf environment. The Bird Rock glaucony consists predominantly of randomly interstratified glauconitic smectite, which constitutes bioclast infills and faecal pellet replacements. Petrographic and geochemical evidence indicates that the glaucony is autochthonous and comprises chemical components derived primarily from argillaceous matrix material; seawater is unlikely to be a significant source of ions. The glauconitization of the Bird Rock sediments occurred under sub-oxic partially reducing conditions, in the very shallow burial environment, and involved local iron redistribution. Sub-oxic conditions favour glauconitization because iron is stable in the soluble ferrous state and can be fixed in authigenic silicates due to the negligible concentrations of hydrogen sulphide. It is likely that localised acidic conditions were initiated during the glauconitization process; this acidity appears to have been buffered by the dissolution of bioclastic carbonate. The fact that glaucony predominantly occurs as bioclast infills and faecal pellet replacements implies that the physico-chemical conditions appropriate for glauconitization develop preferentially in such biogenic detritus. The development of appropriate micro-environments within such sediments probably relates to their physical confinement and/or high organic matter content. The Bird Rock glaucony developed during intervals of slow sedimentation and environmental quiescence associated with marine flooding events. These conditions facilitated glauconitization by allowing the favoured clay-rich sediments to accumulate and remain in the appropriate physico-chemical regime sufficiently long for the complex glauconitic structures to form.

  13. Genesis machines

    CERN Document Server

    Amos, Martyn


    Silicon chips are out. Today's scientists are using real, wet, squishy, living biology to build the next generation of computers. Cells, gels and DNA strands are the 'wetware' of the twenty-first century. Much smaller and more intelligent, these organic computers open up revolutionary possibilities. Tracing the history of computing and revealing a brave new world to come, Genesis Machines describes how this new technology will change the way we think not just about computers - but about life itself.

  14. On Genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Louis Althusser


    Full Text Available On Genesis, written In 1966 is a short summary of Althusser’s earlytheory of encounter. In Althusser’s note we find description of structural causalityas opposed to teleological and mechanicist notions of historical determinations. Thetext has documentary value allowing the reader to look at problems presented insuch works as Reading Capital from the perspective proposed by Aalthusser in histexts devoted, among others, to aleatory conception of materialism and theory ofhistory.

  15. Genesis of granulite in Himalayan lower crust: Evidence from experimental study at high temperature and high pressure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Here we present an insight into the genesis of Himalayan granulitic lower crust based on the experimental studies on the dehydration melting of natural biotiteplagioclase gneiss performed at the temperatures of 770-980℃ and the pressures of 1.0-1.4 GPa. The experiments produce peraluminous granitic melt and residual phase assemblage (Pl+Qz+Gat+Bio+Opx±Cpx+Ilm/Rut±Kfs). The residual mineral assemblage is similar to those of granulites observed at the eastern and western Himalayan syntaxises, and the chemical compositions of characteristic minerals-garnet and pyroxene in the residual phase and the granulite are identical. Additionally, the modeled wave velocities of the residual phase assemblage are comparable well with those of the top part of lower crust beneath Himalayas.Hence, we suggest that (1) the top part of lower crust beneath Himalayas is probably made up of garnet-bearing intermediate granulite; (2) the formations of granulite and leucogranites in Himalayas are interrelated as the results of crustal anatexis; and (3) dehydration melting of biotite-plagioclase gneiss is an important process to form granulitic lower crust, to reconstitute and adjust the crustal texture. Moreover, experimental results can provide constraints on determining the P-T conditions of Himalayan crustal anatexis.

  16. Generalized Galilean Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    Nishi, Sakine


    The galilean genesis scenario is an alternative to inflation in which the universe starts expanding from Minkowski in the asymptotic past by violating the null energy condition stably. Several concrete models of galilean genesis have been constructed so far within the context of galileon-type scalar-field theories. We give a generic, unified description of the galilean genesis scenario in terms of the Horndeski theory, i.e., the most general scalar-tensor theory with second-order field equations. In doing so we generalize the previous models to have a new parameter (denoted by {\\alpha}) which results in controlling the evolution of the Hubble rate. The background dynamics is investigated to show that the generalized galilean genesis solution is an attractor, similarly to the original model. We also study the nature of primordial perturbations in the generalized galilean genesis scenario. In all the models described by our generalized genesis Lagrangian, amplification of tensor perturbations does not occur as ...

  17. Targeting Managerial Control: Evidence from Franchising


    Francine Lafontaine; Shaw, Kathryn L.


    Using an extensive longitudinal data set on franchising firms, we show that established franchisors manage their portfolio of company and franchised units to maintain a particular target level of corporate control and ownership of outlets. On average, established franchisors maintain about 15 percent of their outlets as company owned - with the other 85 percent owned by franchisees. Interestingly, the rate of company ownership does not rise or fall within firms as they gain experience or lear...

  18. Genesis and development of the “medical fact”. Thought style and scientific evidence in the epistemology of Ludwik Fleck

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sofia Siwecka


    Full Text Available A diagnosis based exclusively on the so-called scientifi c evidence does not take into account the problem of the theoryladenness,widely debated in Twentieth Century epistemology. The theory of knowledge developed by Ludwik Fleck,physician and philosopher active in the 30s, can still be useful for shedding light on how psychiatric diagnoses areinfl uenced by a specifi c thought style that directs the observations and affects the development of knowledge and theformation of connections between concepts.

  19. Evidence of Arc Magma Genesis in a Paleo-Mantle Wedge, the Higashi-Akaishi Peridotite, Japan (United States)

    Till, C. B.; Guild, M. R.; Grove, T. L.; Carlson, R. W.


    Located in the Sanbagawa subduction-related high-pressure metamorphic belt in SW Japan on the island of Shikoku, the Higashi-akaishi peridotite body is composed of dunite, lherzolite and garnet clinopyroxenite, interfingered in one locality with quartz-rich eclogite. Previous work indicates the P-T history of the peridotite includes rapid prograde metamorphism with peak temperatures of 700-810°C and pressures of 2.9-3.8 GPa [1] at ~88-89 Ma followed by rapid exhumation at >2.5 cm/yr [2,3]. Major and trace element and isotopic data from samples within the Higashi-akaishi peridotite presented here and in another recent study [4] provide a record of subduction zone melting processes in a paleo-mantle wedge. Ultramafic samples range from 40-52 wt.% SiO2, 1-11 wt.% Al2O3 and 21-45 wt.% MgO with olivine and clinopyroxene Mg#'s as high as 0.93. The quartz-rich eclogite contains 62 wt.% SiO2, 6 wt.% MgO and 13 wt.% Al2O3 with trace element concentrations that are enriched relative to the ultramafic samples. 87Sr/86Sr (.703237-.704288), 143Nd/144Nd (ɛNd=+2 to +6) and Pb isotopic compositions are within the range of previously studied Japanese arc rocks. We interpret the pyroxenites as shallowly crystallized cumulates with varying amounts of trapped hydrous melt and the harzburgites as residues of melting. The peak P-T conditions of these rocks are similar to the solidus conditions of H2O-saturated fertile mantle near the base of the mantle wedge [5,6]. The presence of garnet porphyroblasts that enclose primary euhedral chlorite together with the chemical evidence, suggest these samples are associated with mantle melting in the presence of H2O. Major element modeling suggests the quartz-rich eclogite composition can be reproduced through mixing melts of subducted sediment with wet peridotite melts in the mantle wedge. Thus the Higashi-aikashi rock suite provides an in-situ record of the beginnings of hydrous melting and the mechanisms of metasomatism in the mantle wedge

  20. Reconstruction of the Genesis Entry (United States)

    Desai, Prasun N.; Qualls, Garry D.; Schoenenberger, Mark


    An overview of the reconstruction analyses performed for the Genesis capsule entry is described. The results indicate that the actual entry prior to the drogue deployment failure was very close to the pre-entry predictions. The capsule landed 8.3 km south of the desired target at Utah Test and Training Range. Analysis on infrared video footage (obtained from the tracking stations) during the descent estimated the onset of the capsule tumble at Mach 0.9. Frequency analysis on the infrared video data indicates that the aerodynamics generated for the Genesis capsule reasonably predicted the drag and static stability. Observations of the heatshield support the pre-entry simulation estimates of a small hypersonic angles-of-attack, since there is very little, if any, charring of the shoulder region or the aftbody. Through this investigation, an overall assertion can be made that all the data gathered from the Genesis entry is consistent with flight performance that was close to the nominal preentry prediction. Consequently, the design principles and methodologies utilized for the flight dynamics, aerodynamics, and aerothermodynamics analyses have been corroborated.

  1. Genesis Sample Catalog (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Genesis mission, launched in August 2001, collected solar wind at Earth-Sun L1 location for 28 months, and returned to Earth September 2004 with collectors (very...

  2. Natural versus anthropogenic genesis of mardels (closed depressions) on the Gutland plateau (Luxembourg : archaeometrical and palynological evidence of Roman clay excavation from mardels.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Mourik, Jan; Braekmans, Dennis; Doorenbosch, Marieke; Kuijper, Wim; van der Plicht, Hans


    Mardels, small closed depressions, are distinctive landforms on the Luxembourger Gutland plateau. In the present landscape most mardels are shallow fens, filled with colluvial sediments. The genesis of mardels has been studied intensively, inside and outside Luxembourg. Some researchers suggested a

  3. Generalized galilean genesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nishi, Sakine; Kobayashi, Tsutomu [Department of Physics, Rikkyo University, Toshima, Tokyo 175-8501 (Japan)


    The galilean genesis scenario is an alternative to inflation in which the universe starts expanding from Minkowski in the asymptotic past by violating the null energy condition stably. Several concrete models of galilean genesis have been constructed so far within the context of galileon-type scalar-field theories. We give a generic, unified description of the galilean genesis scenario in terms of the Horndeski theory, i.e., the most general scalar-tensor theory with second-order field equations. In doing so we generalize the previous models to have a new parameter (denoted by α) which results in controlling the evolution of the Hubble rate. The background dynamics is investigated to show that the generalized galilean genesis solution is an attractor, similarly to the original model. We also study the nature of primordial perturbations in the generalized galilean genesis scenario. In all the models described by our generalized genesis Lagrangian, amplification of tensor perturbations does not occur as opposed to what happens in quasi-de Sitter inflation. We show that the spectral index of curvature perturbations is determined solely from the parameter α and does not depend on the other details of the model. In contrast to the original model, a nearly scale-invariant spectrum of curvature perturbations is obtained for a specific choice of α.

  4. Genesis Radiation Environment (United States)

    Minow, Joseph I.; Altstatt, Richard L.; Skipworth, William C.


    The Genesis spacecraft launched on 8 August 2001 sampled solar wind environments at L1 from 2001 to 2004. After the Science Capsule door was opened, numerous foils and samples were exposed to the various solar wind environments during periods including slow solar wind from the streamer belts, fast solar wind flows from coronal holes, and coronal mass ejections. The Survey and Examination of Eroded Returned Surfaces (SEERS) program led by NASA's Space Environments and Effects program had initiated access for the space materials community to the remaining Science Capsule hardware after the science samples had been removed for evaluation of materials exposure to the space environment. This presentation will describe the process used to generate a reference radiation Genesis Radiation Environment developed for the SEERS program for use by the materials science community in their analyses of the Genesis hardware.

  5. Porting GENESIS to SIMULINK. (United States)

    Rodriguez Campos, Francisco; Enderle, John D


    This paper describes the porting of the general simulation system (GENESIS) to Matrix Language Laboratory language (MatLab) SIMULINK, based in the cable theory to simulate the behavior of neurons. A graphic programming approach serves as ideal platform for teaching physiological modeling and neuroengineering courses. The ultimate goal of this project is to integrate all of the chemical, electrical, material, mechanical and neural interactions into a single model that can be viewed seamlessly from a molecular model to the large scale model. Integration of all interactions is not possible with GENESIS, but can be accomplished with SIMULINK.

  6. New Evidence for (0,2) Target Space Duality

    CERN Document Server

    Anderson, Lara B


    In the context of (0,2) gauged linear sigma models, we explore chains of perturbatively dual heterotic string compactifications. The notion of target space duality originates in non-geometric phases and can be used to generate distinct GLSMs with shared geometric phases leading to apparently identical target space theories. To date, this duality has largely been studied at the level of counting states in the effective theories. We extend this analysis to the effective potential and loci of enhanced symmetry in dual theories. By engineering vector bundles with non-trivial constraints arising from slope-stability (i.e. D-terms) and holomorphy (i.e. F-terms) the detailed structure of the vacuum space of the dual theories can be explored. Our results give new evidence that GLSM target space duality may provide important hints towards a more complete understanding of (0,2) string dualities.

  7. New evidence for (0,2) target space duality (United States)

    Anderson, Lara B.; Feng, He


    In the context of (0, 2) gauged linear sigma models, we explore chains of perturbatively dual heterotic string compactifications. The notion of target space duality originates in non-geometric phases and can be used to generate distinct GLSMs with shared geometric phases leading to apparently identical target space theories. To date, this duality has largely been studied at the level of counting states in the effective theories. We extend this analysis to the effective potential and loci of enhanced symmetry in dual theories. By engineering vector bundles with non-trivial constraints arising from slope-stability (i.e. D-terms) and holomorphy (i.e. F-terms) the detailed structure of the vacuum space of the dual theories can be explored. Our results give new evidence that GLSM target space duality may provide important hints towards a more complete understanding of (0, 2) string dualities.

  8. The influence of Ryukyu subduction on magma genesis in the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone and Middle Okinawa Trough - Evidence from boron isotopes (United States)

    Pi, Ju-Lien; You, Chen-Feng; Wang, Kuo-Lung


    Boron (B) is an excellent geochemical tracer for investigating crustal recycling processes at convergent margins, due to its high fluid mobility under high P-T conditions, distinct elemental abundances and isotopic compositions in the mantle wedge and subducting slabs. The Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone (NTVZ), wherein the nature of magma genesis has long been a topic of debate, is located at the rear side of the Okinawa Trough (OT), an atypical back-arc rift in the Ryukyu subduction system. In this study, B and B isotopes (δ11B) were measured in 19 volcanic rocks collected from the NTVZ and the middle Okinawa Trough (MOT) to assess the influence of the Ryukyu subduction system on magma genesis. The B concentrations in the MOT and NTVZ volcanic rocks are 5.8 to 13.6 mg/L and 2.2 to 48.6 mg/L, respectively. The large B abundances variation in the NTVZ was caused mainly by variable degrees of partial melting. The Nb/B and δ11B in the MOT have small ranges of 0.5 to 0.6 and - 2.7‰ to 0.2‰, respectively, whereas they range widely from 0.4 to 2.5 and from - 8.6‰ to 2.4‰, respectively in the NTVZ. These Nb/B values suggest that the magma contains a smaller subduction component than that normally observed in arcs, although this component is still more substantial than in a typical back-arc setting. The δ11B results indicate insignificant influence of the subducting Philippine Sea Plate at 2.6 Ma, but it becomes more substantial later in the NTVZ. The mixing proportions of sediment derived fluids in onshore volcanoes in the NTVZ imply a rather heterogeneous mantle wedge near the plate boundary, most likely due to either a heterogeneous source of slab derived fluids or more complicated mantle flow. A substantial B flux from the subducting slab in the incipient back-arc rifting in the MOT and NTVZ may reflect characteristics of a cold, steep and fast subducting slab, which may be capable of carrying volatiles efficiently into greater depth in subduction zones. The

  9. Genesis of andesitic boninitic magmas at mid-ocean ridges by melting of hydrated peridotites: Geochemical evidence from DSDP Site 334 gabbronorites (United States)

    Nonnotte, Philippe; Ceuleneer, Georges; Benoit, Mathieu


    The gabbronoritic cumulates drilled at DSDP Site 334 (Mid-Atlantic Ridge off the FAMOUS area) are neither crystallization products of the associated basalts, nor from any MORB composition documented along ocean ridges. Their parent melts are richer in SiO 2 than MORB at a given MgO content, as attested by the crystallization sequence starting with an olivine + calcic and sub-calcic pyroxene assemblages. These melts are issued from a source highly depleted in incompatible elements, likely residual peridotite left after MORB extraction. To understand the role of water in the genesis of these lithologies whose occurrence in a mid-ocean ridge setting is rather puzzling, we performed a geochemical study on clinopyroxene separates following an analytical protocol able to remove the effects of water rock interactions post-dating their crystallization. Accordingly, the measured isotopic signatures can be used to trace magma sources. We find that Site 334 clinopyroxenes depart from the global mantle correlation: normal MORB values for the 143Nd / 144Nd ratio (0.51307-0.51315) are associated to highly radiogenic 87Sr / 86Sr (0.7034-0.7067) ratios. This indicates that the parent melts of Site 334 cumulates are issued from a MORB source but that seawater contamination occurred at some stage of their genesis. The extent of contamination, traced by the Sr isotopic signature, is variable within all cumulates but more developed for gabbronorites sensus stricto, suggesting that seawater introduction was a continuous process during all the magmatic evolution of the system, from partial melting to fractional crystallization. Simple masse balance calculations are consistent with a contaminating agent having the characters of a highly hydrated (possibly water saturated) silica-rich melt depleted in almost all incompatible major, minor and trace elements relative to MORB. Mixing in various proportions of contaminated melts similar to the parent melts of Site 334 cumulates with MORB can

  10. Lean Management Genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parkes Aneta


    Full Text Available Lean Management is a philosophy and management concept, based on reduction of the waste and resources used in the process of producing goods and providing services. Lean Management genesis dates back to scientific management in America (for example concepts of H. Ford and F.W. Taylor and quality management, including development of TQM concept. Japanese Toyota Production System has been inspired by chosen elements of these concepts, and then it evolved towards global concept called Toyota Way (which connects production rules with values and work attitude.

  11. Target Therapies for Uterine Carcinosarcomas: Current Evidence and Future Perspectives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salvatore Giovanni Vitale


    Full Text Available Carcinosarcomas (CS in gynecology are very infrequent and represent only 2–5% of uterine cancers. Despite surgical cytoreduction and subsequent chemotherapy being the primary treatment for uterine CS, the overall five-year survival rate is 30 ± 9% and recurrence is extremely common (50–80%. Due to the poor prognosis of CS, new strategies have been developed in the last few decades, targeting known dysfunctional molecular pathways for immunotherapy. In this paper, we aimed to gather the available evidence on the latest therapies for the treatment of CS. We performed a systematic review using the terms “uterine carcinosarcoma”, “uterine Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumors”, “target therapies”, “angiogenesis therapy”, “cancer stem cell therapy”, “prognostic biomarker”, and “novel antibody-drug”. Based on our results, the differential expression and accessibility of epithelial cell adhesion molecule-1 on metastatic/chemotherapy-resistant CS cells in comparison to normal tissues and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2 open up new possibilities in the field of target therapy. Nevertheless, future investigations are needed to clarify the impact of these new therapies on survival rate and medium-/long-term outcomes.

  12. Natural versus anthropogenic genesis of mardels (closed depressions) on the Gutland plateau (Luxembourg); archaeometrical and palynological evidence of Roman clay excavation from mardels. (United States)

    van Mourik, Jan; Braekmans, Dennis; Doorenbosch, Marieke; Kuijper, Wim; van der Plicht, Hans


    Mardels, small closed depressions, are distinctive landforms on the Luxembourger Gutland plateau. In the present landscape most mardels are shallow fens, filled with colluvial sediments. The genesis of mardels has been studied intensively, inside and outside Luxembourg. Some researchers suggested a natural development and consider mardels as subsidence basins due to subsurface solution of gypsum veins, other researchers suggested cultural causes and consider mardels as prehistorical quarries. In the Gutland, mardels occur on various substrates. Mardels on the Strassen marls (li3) are abandoned quarries, related to clay excavation in Roman Time. Mardels on the Luxembourger sandstone (li2) are sinkholes, related to joint patterns in the sandstone formation. Mardels on the Keuper marls (km1,3) are originally subsidence basins, related to subsurface dissolutions of gypsum lenses and veins, filled with colluvial clay. The results of pollen analysis and archaeometrical tests demonstrate Roman extraction of clay for the production of ancient ceramics. So, the natural depressions have been enlarged to the present mardels. After excavation, the sedimentation of colluvium restarted in the abandoned quarries.

  13. Subluminal Galilean Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    Creminelli, Paolo; Khoury, Justin; Nicolis, Alberto; Trincherini, Enrico


    We put forward an improved version of the Galilean Genesis model that addresses the problem of superluminality. We demote the full conformal group to Poincare symmetry plus dilations, supplemented with approximate galilean shift invariance in the UV and at small field values. In this way fluctuations around the NEC-violating cosmological background are made substantially subluminal, and superluminality cannot be reached by any small change of the solution, in contrast with the original model. Dilation invariance still protects the scale-invariance of correlation functions of a massless test scalar - which is the source of the observed cosmological fluctuations - but the explicit breaking of the conformal group can be potentially observed in higher-order correlators. We also highlight a subtlety in matching the NEC-violating phase with the standard cosmological evolution, and discuss the possible couplings of the Galileon to gravity.

  14. Targeted temperature management: Current evidence and practices in critical care

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saurabh Saigal


    Full Text Available Targeted temperature management (TTM in today′s modern era, especially in intensive care units represents a promising multifaceted therapy for a variety of conditions. Though hypothermia is being used since Hippocratic era, the renewed interest of late has been since early 21 st century. There have been multiple advancements in this field and varieties of cooling devices are available at present. TTM requires careful titration of its depth, duration and rewarming as it is associated with side-effects. The purpose of this review is to find out the best evidence-based clinical practice criteria of therapeutic hypothermia in critical care settings. TTM is an unique therapeutic modality for salvaging neurological tissue viability in critically ill patients viz. Post-cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury (TBI, meningitis, acute liver failure and stroke. TTM is standard of care in post-cardiac arrest situations; there has been a lot of controversy of late regarding temperature ranges to be used for the same. In patients with TBI, it reduces intracranial pressure, but has not shown any favorable neurologic outcome. Hypothermia is generally accepted treatment for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in newborns. The current available technology to induce and maintain hypothermia allows for precise temperature control. Future studies should focus on optimizing hypothermic treatment to full benefit of our patients and its application in other clinical scenarios.

  15. Translation as Genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joel Gilberthorpe


    Full Text Available Translation of literature is generally understood as a copy of an original. As such, it finds itself compared negatively to the original; judged and found lacking either the style or meaning of the original text it was seeking to translate. However, this paper will explore the relationship between the text and its translation through the work of Jacques Derrida and his neologisms such as the supplement and différance in addition to the work of Walter Benjamin. Through understanding the translation as a supplement, this paper will explore whether the original text was complete in and of itself. Through this and Derrida’s understanding of the play of language, I argue that translation can be understood as the palingenesis of literature, as it is only through translation that literature is reborn and lives on. Moreover, this paper will conclude with an examination of Blanchot’s distinction between the Book and the book in order to argue that literature is in itself a form of translation. Thus, the relationship between translation and literature is one of a cycle of genesis and palingenesis, as translation finds itself at both the beginning and continual rebirth of literature. La traduzione letteraria viene generalmente intesa come la copia di un originale. In quanto tale essa viene considerata negativamente in rapporto a quest’ultimo, giudicata manchevole quanto a stile o contenuto rispetto al testo originale che cerca di tradurre. Questo articolo intende esaminare la relazione tra il testo e la sua traduzione attraverso l’opera di Jacques Derrida e i suoi neologismi, come supplemento e différance, e sulla scorta degli studi di Walter Benjamin. Considerando la traduzione come un supplemento, l’articolo indaga se l’originale sia completo in e di per se stesso. Attraverso questo concetto e la prospettiva di Derrida sul gioco del linguaggio, la tesi sostenuta è che la traduzione possa essere considerata come palingenesi della

  16. The Genesis of SESAPS (United States)

    Mickens, Ronald


    On March 23, 1935, a meeting of ``Southern Physicist" was held at the Candler Hotel in Decatur, Georgia. In addition to a scientific program the next day, consisting of the presentation of twenty-five papers (held in the Emory University's chemistry building), an address was given by Professor A. H. Compton on that Friday night during a banquet sponsored by the Georgia Academy of Science. However, the main goal of this meeting was to work out the details of a new organization, which was called the ``Southern Association of Physicists." My talk provides background on the genesis of this gathering and gives a brief summary of the new organization's subsequent activities, including its ``absorption" by the American Physical Society as its Southeastern Section, i.e., SESAPS. In particular, I discuss its management structure; its three awards for teaching, research, and leadership; and the planning process for its annual meeting. My general conclusion is that SESAPS has been very successful in promoting ``physics" in the southeastern states.

  17. Targeting the Poor: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia (United States)

    Alatas, Vivi; Banerjee, Abhijit; Hanna, Rema; Olken, Benjamin A.; Tobias, Julia


    This paper reports an experiment in 640 Indonesian villages on three approaches to target the poor: proxy-means tests (PMT), where assets are used to predict consumption; community targeting, where villagers rank everyone from richest to poorest; and a hybrid. Defining poverty based on PPP$2 per-capita consumption, community targeting and the hybrid perform somewhat worse in identifying the poor than PMT, though not by enough to significantly affect poverty outcomes for a typical program. Elite capture does not explain these results. Instead, communities appear to apply a different concept of poverty. Consistent with this finding, community targeting results in higher satisfaction. PMID:25197099

  18. 现代Genesis Coupe

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    近日发布的现代后驱双座跑车Genesis Coupe来源于之前不久亮相的Genesis后驱高级轿车版本,这款现代GenesisCoupe的竞争车型包括英菲尼迪G37,宝马335i Coupe,福特野马GT,马自达RX-8,三菱Eclipse GT等但是,英菲尼迪G37应该是它最直接的竞争对手,新车在总体上保持了Genesis Coupe概念车的设计但量产车无疑更注重实用性。

  19. Representing Targets of Measurement within Evidence-Centered Design (United States)

    Ewing, Maureen; Packman, Sheryl; Hamen, Cynthia; Thurber, Allison Clark


    In the last few years, the Advanced Placement (AP) Program[R] has used evidence-centered assessment design (ECD) to articulate the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be taught in the course and measured on the summative exam for four science courses, three history courses, and six world language courses; its application to calculus and English…

  20. The Understanding of Abraham in Genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li Xiaoxi; Qu Caie


    An understanding of the book of Genesis and its message is essential to the study of the Bible from which we know how the world and human beings come into existence in the ancient Hebrews'eyes.The greater part of the book Genesis is about four men's stories─ Abraham,Issac,Jacob,and Joseph.In this paper,Abraham's remarkable personalities will be examined thoroughly through taking some stories which are mainly included in Genesis12-25.

  1. 76 FR 54454 - Issuance of Loan Guarantee to Genesis Solar, LLC, for the Genesis Solar Energy Project (United States)


    ... Issuance of Loan Guarantee to Genesis Solar, LLC, for the Genesis Solar Energy Project AGENCY: U.S... Genesis Solar, LLC, for construction and startup of the Genesis Solar Energy Project (GSEP), a 250... Statement for the Genesis Solar Energy Project, Riverside County, California (75 Federal Register...

  2. The Genesis of Feynman Diagrams

    CERN Document Server

    Wuthrich, Adrian


    In a detailed reconstruction of the genesis of Feynman diagrams the author reveals that their development was constantly driven by the attempt to resolve fundamental problems concerning the uninterpretable infinities that arose in quantum as well as classical theories of electrodynamic phenomena. Accordingly, as a comparison with the graphical representations that were in use before Feynman diagrams shows, the resulting theory of quantum electrodynamics, featuring Feynman diagrams, differed significantly from earlier versions of the theory in the way in which the relevant phenomena were concep

  3. Evidence for treating rheumatoid arthritis to target: results of a systematic literature search (United States)

    Schoels, Monika; Knevel, Rachel; Aletaha, Daniel; Bijlsma, Johannes W J; Breedveld, Ferdinand C; Boumpas, Dimitrios T; Burmester, Gerd; Combe, Bernard; Cutolo, Maurizio; Dougados, Maxime; Emery, Paul; van der Heijde, Desirée; Huizinga, Tom W J; Kalden, Joachim; Keystone, Edward C; Kvien, Tore K; Martin-Mola, Emilio; Montecucco, Carlomaurizio; de Wit, Maarten; Smolen, Josef S


    Objectives To summarise existing evidence on a target oriented approach for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment. Methods We conducted a systematic literature search including all clinical trials testing clinical, functional, or structural values of a targeted treatment approach. Our search covered Medline, Embase and Cochrane databases until December 2008 and also conference abstracts (2007, 2008). Results The primary search yielded 5881 citations; after the selection process, 76 papers underwent detailed review. Of these, only seven strategic clinical trials were extracted: four studies randomised patients to routine or targeted treatment, two compared two different randomised targets and one compared targeted treatment to a historical control group. Five trials dealt with early RA patients. All identified studies showed significantly better clinical outcomes of targeted approaches than routine approaches. Disability was reported in two studies with no difference between groups. Four studies compared radiographic outcomes, two showing significant benefit of the targeted approach. Conclusion Only few studies employed randomised controlled settings to test the value of treatment to a specific target. However, they provided unanimous evidence for benefits of targeted approaches. Nevertheless, more data on radiographic and functional outcomes and on patients with established RA are needed. PMID:20237123

  4. A New Approach to Evidence Combination and Its Application to Targets Recognition in Image Sequence

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Liang-zhou; SHI Wen-kang; DU Feng


    The classical Dempster's combination rule is the most popular rule of combinations, but it is a poor solution for the management of the evidence conflict at the normalization step. When deal with high conflict information it can even involve counter-intuitive results. Based on evidence distance, some inherent characters of evidences are extracted, and discount method to combine conflicting evidence was proposed. The discount method can be also used to fuse image sequences to recognize targets. Examples show that the proposed method can provide reasonable results with good convergence efficiency.

  5. Improving Student Persistence at the Genesis Center (United States)

    Fritz, Nancy; Alsabek, Barbara Piccirilli


    The Genesis Center is a community-based adult education center located in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1982 to assist immigrants and refugees from Southeast Asia in their transition to life in the United States, the Genesis Center now provides adult education, job training, and child care services to people who have immigrated from all…

  6. Evidence for treating rheumatoid arthritis to target: results of a systematic literature search update (United States)

    Stoffer, Michaela A; Schoels, Monika M; Smolen, Josef S; Aletaha, Daniel; Breedveld, Ferdinand C; Burmester, Gerd; Bykerk, Vivian; Dougados, Maxime; Emery, Paul; Haraoui, Boulos; Gomez-Reino, Juan; Kvien, Tore K; Nash, Peter; Navarro-Compán, Victoria; Scholte-Voshaar, Marieke; van Vollenhoven, Ronald; Stamm, Tanja A


    Objective A systematic literature review (SLR; 2009–2014) to compare a target-oriented approach with routine management in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to allow an update of the treat-to-target recommendations. Methods Two SLRs focused on clinical trials employing a treatment approach targeting a specific clinical outcome were performed. In addition to testing clinical, functional and/or structural changes as endpoints, comorbidities, cardiovascular risk, work productivity and education as well as patient self-assessment were investigated. The searches covered MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane databases and for the period between 2009 and 2012 and separately for the period of 2012 to May of 2014. Results Of 8442 citations retrieved in the two SLRs, 176 articles underwent full-text review. According to predefined inclusion/exclusion criteria, six articles were included of which five showed superiority of a targeted treatment approach aiming at least at low-disease activity versus routine care; in addition, publications providing supportive evidence were also incorporated that aside from expanding the evidence provided by the above six publications allowed concluding that a target-oriented approach leads to less comorbidities and cardiovascular risk and better work productivity than conventional care. Conclusions The current study expands the evidence that targeting low-disease activity or remission in the management of RA conveys better outcomes than routine care. PMID:25990290

  7. [Genesis study of omphacite at high pressure and high temperature]. (United States)

    Xiao, Ben-Fu; Yi, Li; Wang, Duo-Jun; Xie, Chao; Tang, Xue-Wu; Liu, Lei; Cui, Yue-Ju


    The melting and recrystallizing experiments of alkali basalt powder and mixture of pure oxides mixed as stoichiometry were performed at 3 GPa and 1 200 degrees C. Electronic microprobe analysis and Raman spectra showed that the recrystallized products were omphacites, the FWHM (full width at half maximum) of the Raman peak was narrow and its shape was sharp, which is attributed to the stable Si-O tetrahedral structure and the high degree of order in omphacite. Based on the results of previous studies, the influencing factors of omphacite genesis and its primary magma were discussed. The results showed that the formation of omphacite could be affected by many factors, such as the composition of parent rocks, the concentration of fluid in the system and the conditions of pressure and temperature. This result could support some experimental evidences on the genesis studies of omphacite and eclogite.

  8. Molecular nuclear imaging of tumoral angio genesis using a rgd-containing tracer, Raft-RGD, targeted at the neo vessel-specific integrin {alpha}{sub v}{beta}{sub 3}; Evaluation d'un radioligand de l'integrine {alpha}{sub v}{beta}{sub 3} (RAFT-RGD) pour l'imagerie moleculaire de l'angiogenese tumorale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sancey, L


    Tumoral neo-angio genesis targeting is currently a major field of research for the diagnostic and treatment of solid tumors. Endothelial cells from neo vessels over express several specific markers such as the {alpha}{sub v}{beta}{sub 3} integrin, which binds RGD (-Arg-Gly-Asp-)- containing peptides. We evaluated the potential of a novel radiotracer - RAFT-RGD - for the molecular nuclear imaging of neo vessels. In vitro, the coupling of 4 c(RGDfK) to the RAFT platform resulted in an increased cellular uptake of the tracer by {alpha}{sub v}{beta}{sub 3} positive cells when compared to c(RGDfK). Furthermore, RAFTRGD has a higher affinity than c(RGDfK) and similar properties for angio genesis inhibition. In vivo, both {alpha}{sub v}{beta}{sub 3} positive and negative tumors were visible by non invasive whole body planar and tomographic imaging from 30 min to 24 h post-injection, using a gamma camera dedicated to small animal imaging. Despite a lack of significant contrast improvement compare with c(RGDfK), RAFT-RGD could represent a promising tracer for tumoral angio genesis since it could provide invaluable information about tumor development and treatment efficacy in Nuclear Medicine departments. Furthermore, thanks to its chemical structure, RAFT-RGD can be labelled with a variety of radioisotopes including {gamma} and {beta}{sup -} emitters, allowing interesting therapeutical applications such as internal targeted radiotherapy. (author)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li Xueying; Yin Dong; Zhang Rong; Wang Kui


    Evident sidelobe on faint ship target seriously affects the accuracy of the target segmentation in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images.To avoid this problem,a novel sidelobe control method based on NonSubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) for ship targets in SAR images is presented in this paper.This method enhances the SAR images in NSCT domain based on target azimuth estimation and then inhibits the sidelobe directionally in NSCT high-pass frequency subbands.Experimental results on RADARSAT-2 images demonstrate that the proposed method can not only reduce the strong sidelobes effectively,but also enhance the intensity of the objects successfully.Therefore,it gives a good segmentation result on the dark ship images with strong sidelobe,and enhances the detection rate on these targets.

  10. Optimal blood pressure targets in 2014 - Does the guideline recommendation match the evidence base? (United States)

    Alviar, C L; Bangalore, S; Messerli, F H


    Various scientific societies have recently published practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of arterial hypertension with no clear consensus on a blood pressure target. This article reviews those recommendations and critically examines if they are based on sound evidence. Copyright © 2015 SEHLELHA. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  11. Plant cutin genesis: unanswered questions. (United States)

    Domínguez, Eva; Heredia-Guerrero, José A; Heredia, Antonio


    The genesis of cutin, the main lipid polymer present in the biosphere, has remained elusive for many years. Recently, two main approaches have attempted to explain the process of cutin polymerization. One describes the existence of an acyltransferase cutin synthase enzyme that links activated monomers of cutin in the outer cell wall, while the other shows that plant cutin is the final result of an extracellular nonenzymatic self-assembly and polymerizing process of cutin monomers. In this opinion article, we explain both models and suggest that they could be pieces of a more complex biological scenario. We also highlight their different characteristics and current limitations, and suggest a potential synergism of both hypotheses.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ирина Олеговна Авдеева


    Full Text Available In the article the theoretical-methodological analysis of the concept of «professional», describes the genesis and key aspects of its content and structure. In addition, this publication discusses some of the approaches to the definition of the studied concepts, including: system (professional it seems as multipart strictly organized education of consciousness and psyche of the individual; professional graphic (from a position of objective (professional description and subjective (mental graph the parties; integrative (as property, process, and status of the person; acmeological (as the dialectical the unity of the personality and activity components; in terms of motivation and operating parties and other Stresses the importance of personal (theoretical knowledge, professional qualities, value orientations, motivational orientation of others and specific features of labour employee (practical skills, professional experience and other, determining the effectiveness of its activities.DOI:

  13. Genesis of Tuzla salt basin (United States)

    Sušić, Amir; Baraković, Amir; Komatina, Snezana


    Salt is condition for the survival of the human race, and holds a special place in the exploitation of mineral resources. It is the only mineral raw material used in direct feeding, and therefore has its own specialty. Salt is a crystalline mineral that is found in seawater, as well as in underground areas where it is formed by deposition of salt sediments. Occurrences of salt water near Tuzla and Gornja Tuzla have been known since the time of the Romans as "ad salinas". The name itself connects Bosnia with its richness in salt, because the word barefoot, which is preserved in a north-Albanian dialect, means a place where boiling salted water are obtained. At the time of the Bosnian kings, these regions are named Soli, which is in connection with occurences of saline sources. Geological studies of rock salt in the area of Tuzla basin are practically began after the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the period from 1878 to 1918. Geological field work was conducted K. Paul, H. Hefer, E. Tietze and F. Katzer. Monomineral deposit of rock salt Tetima is made of halite and anhydrite mixed with marl belt, while the bay of salt in Tuzla is polymineral and contains a considerable amount of thenardite (Na2SO4) and rare minerals: nortupit, nahkolit, bradleit, probertit, glauberite and others. Both salt deposits were created as a product of chemical sedimentation in the lower Miocene Badenian sediments. The main objective of this paper is to show the genesis of the deposits and the spatial and genetic connection. In addition, genesis of geological research in the areas of Tuzla basin will be presented.

  14. Solar composition from the Genesis Discovery Mission. (United States)

    Burnett, D S; Team, Genesis Science


    Science results from the Genesis Mission illustrate the major advantages of sample return missions. (i) Important results not otherwise obtainable except by analysis in terrestrial laboratories: the isotopic compositions of O, N, and noble gases differ in the Sun from other inner solar system objects. The N isotopic composition is the same as that of Jupiter. Genesis has resolved discrepancies in the noble gas data from solar wind implanted in lunar soils. (ii) The most advanced analytical instruments have been applied to Genesis samples, including some developed specifically for the mission. (iii) The N isotope result has been replicated with four different instruments.

  15. Genesis / Juta Kivimäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivimäe, Juta, 1952-


    Poola skulptori Magdalena Schmidt-G̤ra installatsioonid "Genesis I, II" rahvusraamatukogu fuajees ja peanäitusesaalis, kus oli samal ajal eksponeeritud eesti nahakunstnike Luule Maari ja Ruuda Maarandi köitenäitus

  16. Genesis / Juta Kivimäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivimäe, Juta, 1952-


    Poola skulptori Magdalena Schmidt-G̤ra installatsioonid "Genesis I, II" rahvusraamatukogu fuajees ja peanäitusesaalis, kus oli samal ajal eksponeeritud eesti nahakunstnike Luule Maari ja Ruuda Maarandi köitenäitus

  17. Adapting an Evidence-Based Intervention Targeting HIV-Infected Prisoners in Malaysia (United States)

    Copenhaver, Michael M.; Tunku, Noor; Ezeabogu, Ifeoma; Potrepka, Jessica; Zahari, Muhammad Muhsin A.; Kamarulzaman, Adeeba; Altice, Frederick L.


    HIV-infected prisoners in Malaysia represent a critical target population for secondary HIV risk reduction interventions and care. We report on the process and outcome of our formative research aimed at systematically selecting and adapting an EBI designed to reduce secondary HIV risk and improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy among soon-to-be-released HIV-infected prisoners. Our formative work involved a critical examination of established EBIs and associated published reports complemented by data elicited through structured interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, members of the target population, and their family members. Based on all information, we adapted the Holistic Health Recovery Program targeting people living with HIV (HHRP+), an EBI, to consist of eight 2-hour sessions that cover a range of specified topics so that participants may individually apply intervention content as needed to accommodate their particular substance abuse, HIV risk, and antiretroviral adherence issues. This study provides a complete example of the process of selecting and adapting an EBI—taking into account both empirical evidence and input from target organization stakeholders and target population members and their families—for use in real world prison settings where high-risk populations are concentrated. PMID:21860786

  18. Genesis nature of financial strategy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O.V. Pashchenko


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the study of the origin and history of the interpretation of the genesis of «strategy», «financial strategy», its elements and composite types. Scientists studied different views on the concept of strategy. Several specific positions founders of different approaches to define the strategy of schools operating strategies involved in the formulation and implementation of the concept of «strategy». Evaluation of different schools of strategies that deepened understanding of the industry and its strategy in the early stages of formation. Based on the works of various scholars studied by the author actually proposed interpretation of the concept strategy. The general industry and functional strategies which include the following strategies: innovation, resource, financial, production, marketing and human resources. Allocated financial strategy and its significant impact on other strategies. Author developed financial sector strategy and financial strategy of competitive enterprise. The importance of financial strategies under conditions of companies and the industry as a whole, as well as components of development of financial strategy. Deals with the factors that must be considered in the development and implementation of financial strategies. The systems analysis strategies and the impact on financial results, the estimation of their attractiveness and risk. Considered classification on the basis of financial strategies and sectoral orientation of the financial sector strategy based on company size, its form and noted the importance of this trait in systematizing strategies. The expediency of the financial strategy. Defined competitive advantage and efficiency of business and industry through the implementation of various financial strategies.

  19. Tracking target and distractor processing in fixed-feature visual search: evidence from human electrophysiology. (United States)

    Jannati, Ali; Gaspar, John M; McDonald, John J


    Salient distractors delay visual search for less salient targets in additional-singleton tasks, even when the features of the stimuli are fixed across trials. According to the salience-driven selection hypothesis, this delay is due to an initial attentional deployment to the distractor. Recent event-related potential (ERP) studies found no evidence for salience-driven selection in fixed-feature search, but the methods employed were not optimized to isolate distractor ERP components such as the N2pc and distractor positivity (PD; indices of selection and suppression, respectively). Here, we isolated target and distractor ERPs in two fixed-feature search experiments. Participants searched for a shape singleton in the presence of a more-salient color singleton (Experiment 1) or for a color singleton in the presence of a less-salient shape singleton (Experiment 2). The salient distractor did not elicit an N2pc, but it did elicit a PD on fast-response trials. Furthermore, distractors had no effect on the timing of the target N2pc. These results indicate that (a) the distractor was prevented from engaging the attentional mechanism associated with N2pc, (b) the distractor did not interrupt the deployment of attention to the target, and (c) competition for attention can be resolved by suppressing locations of irrelevant items on a salience-based priority map.

  20. Aspekte van versoening in die boek Genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fanie (S.D. Snyman


    Full Text Available Aspects of reconciliation in the book of Genesis. This contribution investigates the notion of reconciliation in the book of Genesis. The problem addressed is how the phenomenon of reconciliation between human beings happens in spite of, or perhaps because of, alienation between people. Research on the topic highlights three episodes in the book, Abraham and Lot (Gn 13, Jacob and Esau (Gn 33, and Joseph and his brothers (Gn 37–50. This contribution adds a fourth episode of reconciliation that is between Jacob and Laban (Gn 31. In the end, a few conclusions are drawn and applied to current society.

  1. Targeted Therapies in Elderly Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: A Review of the Evidence. (United States)

    Tapia Rico, Gonzalo; Townsend, Amanda R; Broadbridge, Vy; Price, Timothy J


    Metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) is the third leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. As the population of the western world ages, the incidence of colorectal tumours among elderly patients is increasing and consequently so is the demand for treatments for elderly patients. Unfortunately, elderly patients (≥65 years) often go untreated and they are also under-represented in clinical trials. Yet there is some evidence suggesting that 'fit' elderly patients have similar outcomes and tolerance to chemotherapy treatment to their younger counterparts (although the definition of fitness in the elderly population is still a matter of debate). The evidence supporting the administration of new targeted therapies in patients older than 65 years is scarce and more research is needed. In this paper, we review all the available data concerning the use of targeted therapies for mCRC in patients older than 65 years of age and discuss the differences between this age subgroup and younger patients.

  2. 33 CFR 147.825 - Chevron Genesis Spar safety zone. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Chevron Genesis Spar safety zone... (CONTINUED) OUTER CONTINENTAL SHELF ACTIVITIES SAFETY ZONES § 147.825 Chevron Genesis Spar safety zone. (a) Description. The Chevron Genesis Spar, Green Canyon 205A (GC205A), is located at position 27°46′46.365″ N,...

  3. Evidence of evolutionary constraints that influences the sequence composition and diversity of mitochondrial matrix targeting signals.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen R Doyle

    Full Text Available Mitochondrial targeting signals (MTSs are responsible for trafficking nuclear encoded proteins to their final destination within mitochondria. These sequences are diverse, sharing little amino acid homology and vary significantly in length, and although the formation of a positively-charged amphiphilic alpha helix within the MTS is considered to be necessary and sufficient to mediate import, such a feature does not explain their diversity, nor how such diversity influences target sequence function, nor how such dissimilar signals interact with a single, evolutionarily conserved import mechanism. An in silico analysis of 296 N-terminal, matrix destined MTSs from Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Arabidopsis thaliana, and Oryza sativa was undertaken to investigate relationships between MTSs, and/or, relationships between an individual targeting signal sequence and the protein that it imports. We present evidence that suggests MTS diversity is influenced in part by physiochemical and N-terminal characteristics of their mature sequences, and that some of these correlated characteristics are evolutionarily maintained across a number of taxa. Importantly, some of these associations begin to explain the variation in MTS length and composition.

  4. Generalized Galileons: instabilities of bouncing and Genesis cosmologies and modified Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    Libanov, M; Rubakov, V


    We study spatially flat bouncing cosmologies and models with the early-time Genesis epoch in a popular class of generalized Galileon theories. We ask whether there exist solutions of these types which are free of gradient and ghost instabilities. We find that irrespectively of the forms of the Lagrangian functions, the bouncing models either are plagued with these instabilities or have singularities. The same result holds for the original Genesis model and its variants in which the scale factor tends to a constant as $t\\to -\\infty$. The result remains valid in theories with additional matter that obeys the Null Energy Condition and interacts with the Galileon only gravitationally. We propose a modified Genesis model which evades our no-go argument and give an explicit example of healthy cosmology that connects the modified Genesis epoch with kination (the epoch still driven by the Galileon field, which is a conventional massless scalar field at that stage).

  5. Generalized Galileons: instabilities of bouncing and Genesis cosmologies and modified Genesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Libanov, M. [Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences,60th October Anniversary Prospect 7a, 117312 Moscow (Russian Federation); Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,Institutskii per. 9, 141700 Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region (Russian Federation); Mironov, S. [Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences,60th October Anniversary Prospect 7a, 117312 Moscow (Russian Federation); Rubakov, V. [Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences,60th October Anniversary Prospect 7a, 117312 Moscow (Russian Federation); Department of Particle Physics and Cosmology, Physics Faculty,M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University,Vorobjevy Gory, 119991, Moscow (Russian Federation)


    We study spatially flat bouncing cosmologies and models with the early-time Genesis epoch in a popular class of generalized Galileon theories. We ask whether there exist solutions of these types which are free of gradient and ghost instabilities. We find that irrespectively of the forms of the Lagrangian functions, the bouncing models either are plagued with these instabilities or have singularities. The same result holds for the original Genesis model and its variants in which the scale factor tends to a constant as t→−∞. The result remains valid in theories with additional matter that obeys the Null Energy Condition and interacts with the Galileon only gravitationally. We propose a modified Genesis model which evades our no-go argument and give an explicit example of healthy cosmology that connects the modified Genesis epoch with kination (the epoch still driven by the Galileon field, which is a conventional massless scalar field at that stage).

  6. Finding the Genesis for a Thesis (United States)

    Caroll, Joyce Armstrong


    This article describes a prewriting heuristics strategy that can help students find the genesis of their thesis. The 3 functions of the heuristic procedure are that it aids in retrieving relevant information stored in the mind; draws attention to important information that can be further researched or accessed; and prepares the mind for the…

  7. Finding the Genesis for a Thesis (United States)

    Caroll, Joyce Armstrong


    This article describes a prewriting heuristics strategy that can help students find the genesis of their thesis. The 3 functions of the heuristic procedure are that it aids in retrieving relevant information stored in the mind; draws attention to important information that can be further researched or accessed; and prepares the mind for the…

  8. Grants: Genesis of Some Funded Proposal Ideas (United States)

    Pazdar, John


    While "thinking outside the box" can be an over-used phase at times, in the world of grants it can provide the genesis of ideas. The "box" is the world of academia accepted by most educators, while "thinking outside" is the process that leads to grant ideas. In the grant world, "thinking outside the box" is a process of doing something that has…

  9. FGF5 as a regulator of the hair growth cycle: evidence from targeted and spontaneous mutations. (United States)

    Hébert, J M; Rosenquist, T; Götz, J; Martin, G R


    Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) is a secreted signaling protein. Mice homozygous for a predicted null allele of the Fgf5 gene, fgf5neo, produced by gene targeting in embryonic stem cells, have abnormally long hair. This phenotype appears identical to that of mice homozygous for the spontaneous mutation angora (go). The fgf5neo and go mutations fail to complement one another, and exon 1 of Fgf5 is deleted in DNA from go homozygotes, demonstrating that go is a mutant allele of Fgf5. Expression of Fgf5 is detected in hair follicles from wild-type mice and is localized to the outer root sheath during the anagen VI phase of the hair growth cycle. These findings provide evidence that FGF5 functions as an inhibitor of hair elongation, thus identifying a molecule whose normal function is apparently to regulate one step in the progression of the follicle through the hair growth cycle.

  10. Vasopressin as a target for antidepressant development: an assessment of the available evidence.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Scott, Lucinda V


    Hyperactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is one of the key biological abnormalities described in major depressive disorder, occurring in 30-50% of depressed subjects. Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) and vasopressin (AVP) are the main regulators of this stress system, with the two neuropeptides acting synergistically in bringing about adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) release from the anterior pituitary and cortisol from the adrenal gland. Based on the demonstration of elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of CRH in depressives, and other evidence, it has been postulated that excess CRH and the resultant increased HPA forward drive form the basis of neuroendocrine dysregulation in depression. However, there is an accumulating body of evidence to support a significant role for AVP in the regulation of pituitary-adrenal activity in health and also in depressive disorder. This review, based on a Medline search from 1980 to 2001, focuses on the functional neuroanatomy, receptor pharmacology, VP synergism with CRH, and the data from clinical and pre-clinical studies that support an important role for AVP in the pathophysiology of major depression. We suggest that future antidepressants may target the vasopressinergic system.

  11. Assessing optimal target populations for influenza vaccination programmes: an evidence synthesis and modelling study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marc Baguelin


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Influenza vaccine policies that maximise health benefit through efficient use of limited resources are needed. Generally, influenza vaccination programmes have targeted individuals 65 y and over and those at risk, according to World Health Organization recommendations. We developed methods to synthesise the multiplicity of surveillance datasets in order to evaluate how changing target populations in the seasonal vaccination programme would affect infection rate and mortality. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Using a contemporary evidence-synthesis approach, we use virological, clinical, epidemiological, and behavioural data to develop an age- and risk-stratified transmission model that reproduces the strain-specific behaviour of influenza over 14 seasons in England and Wales, having accounted for the vaccination uptake over this period. We estimate the reduction in infections and deaths achieved by the historical programme compared with no vaccination, and the reduction had different policies been in place over the period. We find that the current programme has averted 0.39 (95% credible interval 0.34-0.45 infections per dose of vaccine and 1.74 (1.16-3.02 deaths per 1,000 doses. Targeting transmitters by extending the current programme to 5-16-y-old children would increase the efficiency of the total programme, resulting in an overall reduction of 0.70 (0.52-0.81 infections per dose and 1.95 (1.28-3.39 deaths per 1,000 doses. In comparison, choosing the next group most at risk (50-64-y-olds would prevent only 0.43 (0.35-0.52 infections per dose and 1.77 (1.15-3.14 deaths per 1,000 doses. CONCLUSIONS: This study proposes a framework to integrate influenza surveillance data into transmission models. Application to data from England and Wales confirms the role of children as key infection spreaders. The most efficient use of vaccine to reduce overall influenza morbidity and mortality is thus to target children in addition to older adults. Please

  12. Modelling the Genesis and Evolution

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjelholt, Morten; Damsgaard, Jan

    Over the last three decades, EU regulation of the internal market has become highly pervasive, affecting practically all the domains of European citizens’ lives. Many studies have focused on understanding the process and causes of regulatory reform. However, these have typically been small...... different sectors, and analyse the dynamics of regulatory reform in the EU. Using time series analysis of count data, we find evidence that the number of winning coalitions in the Council and the size of EU membership have a significant impact on regulatory reform in the EU. However, the political (left...

  13. Genesis and intersubjectivity: levels of mediation. (United States)

    Yamamoto, Toshiya


    I will make a brief comment on the thesis of José C. Loredo-Narciandi and José C. Sánchez-González (2012) "Neither Dichotomies Nor Dualism; Simply Genesis". Denying any reductionism and reification, they insists the importance of inseparable relation between subject and object, then discuss about genesis. I pointed out that their argument lacks an important element, i.e., mediator that differ from mere physical object. After discussing mediators nature, I discriminate the three level of interaction which mediated by mediator. The first is the pre-interaction level, the second is physical interaction level and the third is sign or language interaction level. The last argument of mine is about how we can solve the problem of reification and reductionism. In the argument it is pointed out that intersubjectivity is key concept for understanding and solving the problem appropriately.

  14. Genesis of the Large Hadron Collider. (United States)

    Smith, Chris Llewellyn


    This paper describes the scientific, technical and political genesis of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It begins with an outline of the early history of the LHC, from first thoughts and accelerator and detector developments that underwrote the project, through the first studies of the LHC and its scientific potential and the genesis of the experimental programme, to the presentation of the proposal to build the LHC to the CERN Council in December 1993. The events that led to the proposal to build the LHC in two stages, which was approved in December 1994, are then described. Next, the role of non-Member State contributions and of the agreement that CERN could take loans, which allowed single stage construction to be approved in December 1996, despite a cut in the Members' contributions, are explained. The paper concludes by identifying points of potential relevance for the approval of possible future large particle physics projects.

  15. Slip rate and tremor genesis in Cascadia (United States)

    Wech, Aaron G.; Bartlow, Noel M.


    At many plate boundaries, conditions in the transition zone between seismogenic and stable slip produce slow earthquakes. In the Cascadia subduction zone, these events are consistently observed as slow, aseismic slip on the plate interface accompanied by persistent tectonic tremor. However, not all slow slip at other plate boundaries coincides spatially and temporally with tremor, leaving the physics of tremor genesis poorly understood. Here we analyze seismic, geodetic, and strainmeter data in Cascadia to observe for the first time a large, tremor-generating slow earthquake change from tremor-genic to silent and back again. The tremor falls silent at reduced slip speeds when the migrating slip front pauses as it loads the stronger adjacent fault segment to failure. The finding suggests that rheology and slip-speed-regulated stressing rate control tremor genesis, and the same section of fault can slip both with and without detectable tremor, limiting tremor's use as a proxy for slip.

  16. Ensemble Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Genesis (United States)


    absolute vorticity, PBL parameters, surface fluxes, and vertically integrated relative humidity in determining the TC genesis efficiency. For...mid-level vortex (SHAL_MID) and a shallow bottom vortex (SHAL_BTM), respectively, to identify the PBL effects and to better separate the mid-level...the column integrated (1000-200hPa) absolute vorticity, relative vorticity at top of the planetary boundary layer ( PBL ), and vertically integrated

  17. 使命——Hyundai Genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Genesis对于现代来说意义重大,从第一次尝试后驱平台到第一辆真正意义上的跑车,无论是Genesis还是Genesis Coupe的出现都似乎带着一种使命—将现代拉入高性能汽车制造领域。

  18. Cleaning Study of Genesis Sample 60487 (United States)

    Kuhlman, Kim R.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allton, J. H.; Burnett, D. S.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind and brought it back to Earth in order to provide precise knowledge of solar isotopic and elemental compositions. The ions in the solar wind were stopped in the collectors at depths on the order of 10 to a few hundred nanometers. This shallow implantation layer is critical for scientific analysis of the composition of the solar wind and must be preserved throughout sample handling, cleaning, processing, distribution, preparation and analysis. Particles of Genesis wafers, brine from the Utah Testing Range and an organic film have deleterious effects on many of the high-resolution instruments that have been developed to analyze the implanted solar wind. We have conducted a correlative microscopic study of the efficacy of cleaning Genesis samples with megasonically activated ultrapure water and UV/ozone cleaning. Sample 60487, the study sample, is a piece of float-zone silicon from the B/C array approximately 4.995mm x 4.145 mm in size

  19. Selective pressures for accurate altruism targeting: evidence from digital evolution for difficult-to-test aspects of inclusive fitness theory. (United States)

    Clune, Jeff; Goldsby, Heather J; Ofria, Charles; Pennock, Robert T


    Inclusive fitness theory predicts that natural selection will favour altruist genes that are more accurate in targeting altruism only to copies of themselves. In this paper, we provide evidence from digital evolution in support of this prediction by competing multiple altruist-targeting mechanisms that vary in their accuracy in determining whether a potential target for altruism carries a copy of the altruist gene. We compete altruism-targeting mechanisms based on (i) kinship (kin targeting), (ii) genetic similarity at a level greater than that expected of kin (similarity targeting), and (iii) perfect knowledge of the presence of an altruist gene (green beard targeting). Natural selection always favoured the most accurate targeting mechanism available. Our investigations also revealed that evolution did not increase the altruism level when all green beard altruists used the same phenotypic marker. The green beard altruism levels stably increased only when mutations that changed the altruism level also changed the marker (e.g. beard colour), such that beard colour reliably indicated the altruism level. For kin- and similarity-targeting mechanisms, we found that evolution was able to stably adjust altruism levels. Our results confirm that natural selection favours altruist genes that are increasingly accurate in targeting altruism to only their copies. Our work also emphasizes that the concept of targeting accuracy must include both the presence of an altruist gene and the level of altruism it produces.

  20. Targeting ASIC1 in primary progressive multiple sclerosis: evidence of neuroprotection with amiloride. (United States)

    Arun, Tarunya; Tomassini, Valentina; Sbardella, Emilia; de Ruiter, Michiel B; Matthews, Lucy; Leite, Maria Isabel; Gelineau-Morel, Rose; Cavey, Ana; Vergo, Sandra; Craner, Matt; Fugger, Lars; Rovira, Alex; Jenkinson, Mark; Palace, Jacqueline


    progressive multiple sclerosis, we observed a significant reduction in normalized annual rate of whole-brain volume during the treatment phase, compared with the pretreatment phase (P = 0.018, corrected). Consistent with this reduction, we showed that changes in diffusion indices of tissue damage within major clinically relevant white matter (corpus callosum and corticospinal tract) and deep grey matter (thalamus) structures were significantly reduced during the treatment phase (P = 0.02, corrected). Our results extend evidence of the contribution of ASIC1 to neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis and suggest that amiloride may exert neuroprotective effects in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. This pilot study is the first translational study on neuroprotection targeting ASIC1 and supports future randomized controlled trials measuring neuroprotection with amiloride in patients with multiple sclerosis.

  1. Composite faces are not processed holistically: evidence from the Garner and redundant target paradigms. (United States)

    Fitousi, Daniel


    Composite faces fuse the top half of one face with the bottom half of another. These stimuli inflict a strong illusion of a novel face on their viewers, and are often considered to be processed holistically. The current study challenges this holistic view. Here I present provocative evidence from various classic attention paradigms such as the Garner (1974) and the redundant target (Miller, Cognitive Psychology, 14, 247-279, 1982; Townsend & Nozawa, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 39, 321-359, 1995) tasks showing that face parts are perceived and processed in an analytic rather than holistic fashion. In Experiment 1, composite faces failed to exhibit Garner interference, indicating perfect selective attention to the constituent parts. In Experiments 2 and 3, composite faces failed to exhibit super-capacity with same-identity composites, demonstrating limited or unlimited capacity. This pattern is consistent with analytic perception. Taken together, the results cast serious doubts on the validity of the holistic processing approach. In many respects, the study proposes disillusionment from the composite face illusion. In addition, the study highlights the importance of converging operations, model testability, and individual differences in the study of faces.

  2. TARGET:?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    James M Acton


      By 2003. as military planners had become worried that the country's long-range conventional weapons, such as cruise missiles, might be too slow to reach hypothetical distant targets that needed to be struck urgently...

  3. Bases of the Mantle-Carbonatite Conception of Diamond Genesis (United States)

    Litvin, Yuriy; Spivak, Anna; Kuzyura, Anastasia


    In the mantle-carbonatite conception of diamond genesis, the results of physic-chemical experiments are coordinated with the data of analytic mineralogy of primary inclusions in natural diamonds. Generalization of the solutions of principal genetic problems constitutes the bases of the conception. The solutions are following: (1) it is grounded that diamond-parental melts of the upper mantle have peridotite/eclogite - carbonatite - carbon compositions, of the transition zone - (wadsleite↔ringwoodite) - majorite - stishovite - carbonatite - carbon compositions, and of the lower mantle - periclase/wustite - bridgmanite - Ca-perovskite -stishovite - carbonatite - carbon compositions; (2) a construction of generalized diagrams for the diamond-parental media, which reveal changeable compositions of the growth melts of diamonds and associated phases, their genetic relations to the mantle substance, and classification connections of the primary inclusions in natural diamonds; (3) experimental equilibrium phase diagrams of syngenesis of diamonds and primary inclusions, which characterize the nucleation and growth conditions of diamonds and a capture of paragenetic and xenogenetic minerals by the growing diamonds; (4) a determination of the phase diagrams of diamonds and inclusions syngenesis under the regime of fractional crystallization, which discover the regularities of ultrabasic-basic evolution and paragenesis transitions in the diamond-forming systems of the upper and lower mantle. The evidence of the physic-chemically united mode of diamond genesis at the mantle depths with different mineralogy is obtained. References. Litvin Yu.A. (2007). High-pressure mineralogy of diamond genesis. In: Advances in High-Pressure Mineralogy (edited by Eiji Ohtani), Geological Society of America Special paper 421, 83-103. Litvin Yu.A. (2012). Experimental study of physic-chemical conditions of natural diamond formation on an example of the eclogite

  4. Effects of the East Asian Summer Monsoon on Tropical Cyclone Genesis over the South China Sea on an Interdecadal Time Scale

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Xin; ZHOU Wen; LI Chongyin; WANG Dongxiao


    Tropical cyclone (TC) genesis over the South China Sea (SCS) during 1965-2004 was analyzed.The locations of TC genesis display evident seasonal changes,with the mean position of formation situated north of 15°N in summer (June-July-August) and south of 15°N in autumn (September-October November).The TC genesis in summer underwent dramatic interdecadal variations,with more and less TC frequency during 1965-1974/1995-2004 and 1979-1993,respectively.In contrast,a significant interannual variation of TC genesis with a period of ~4 years was observed in autumn.This study investigated the relationship of SCS TC genesis to the East Asian jet stream (EAJS) and the western North Pacific subtropical high (WNPSH) on an interdecadal time scale.Analysis and comparison of the impacts of the EAJS and the WNPSH on vertical wind shear changes indicate that changes in the WNPSH and EAJS intensity rather than EAJS meridional location are responsible for changes in TC genesis on an interdecadal time scale.Corresponding to a weaker EAJS,anomalous Rossby wave energy at upper levels displays equatorward propagation at midlatitudes and poleward propagation in the subtropics.This induces anomalous convergence and divergence of wave activity fluxes in East Asia around 30°N and the SCS,respectively.The anomalous divergence of wave activity fluxes reduces easterlies at upper levels over the SCS,which is favorable to TC genesis.

  5. Evidence for protection of targeted reef fish on the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabián Pina-Amargós


    Full Text Available Marine reserves can restore fish abundance and diversity in areas impacted by overfishing, but the effectiveness of reserves in developing countries where resources for enforcement are limited, have seldom been evaluated. Here we assess whether the establishment in 1996 of the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean, Gardens of the Queen in Cuba, has had a positive effect on the abundance of commercially valuable reef fish species in relation to neighboring unprotected areas. We surveyed 25 sites, including two reef habitats (reef crest and reef slope, inside and outside the marine reserve, on five different months, and over a one-and-a-half year period. Densities of the ten most frequent, highly targeted, and relatively large fish species showed a significant variability across the archipelago for both reef habitats that depended on the month of survey. These ten species showed a tendency towards higher abundance inside the reserve in both reef habitats for most months during the study. Average fish densities pooled by protection level, however, showed that five out of these ten species were at least two-fold significantly higher inside than outside the reserve at one or both reef habitats. Supporting evidence from previously published studies in the area indicates that habitat complexity and major benthic communities were similar inside and outside the reserve, while fishing pressure appeared to be homogeneous across the archipelago before reserve establishment. Although poaching may occur within the reserve, especially at the boundaries, effective protection from fishing was the most plausible explanation for the patterns observed.

  6. Evidence of RNAi in humans from systemically administered siRNA via targeted nanoparticles (United States)

    Davis, Mark E.; Zuckerman, Jonathan E.; Choi, Chung Hang J.; Seligson, David; Tolcher, Anthony; Alabi, Christopher A.; Yen, Yun; Heidel, Jeremy D.; Ribas, Antoni


    Therapeutics that are designed to engage RNA interference (RNAi) pathways have the potential to provide new, major ways of imparting therapy to patients.1,2 Fire et al. first demonstrated that long, double stranded RNAs mediate RNAi in Caenorhabditis elegans,3 and Elbashir et al. opened the pathway to the use of RNAi for human therapy by showing that small interfering RNAs (siRNAs: ca. 21 base pair double stranded RNA) can elicit RNAi in mammalian cells without producing an interferon response.4 We are currently conducting the first-in-human Phase I clinical trial involving the systemic administration of siRNA to patients with solid cancers using a targeted, nanoparticle delivery system. Here we provide evidence of inducing an RNAi mechanism of action in a human from the delivered siRNA. Tumor biopsies from melanoma patients obtained after treatment reveal: (i) the presence of intracellularly-localized nanoparticles in amounts that correlate with dose levels of the nanoparticles administered (this is a first for systemically delivered nanoparticles of any kind), and (ii) reduction in both the specific mRNA (M2 subunit of ribonucleotide reductase (RRM2)) and the protein (RRM2) when compared to pre-dosing tissue. Most importantly, we detect the presence of an mRNA fragment that demonstrates siRNA mediated mRNA cleavage occurs specifically at the site predicted for an RNAi mechanism from a patient who received the highest dose of the nanoparticles. These data when taken in total demonstrate that siRNA administered systemically to a human can produce a specific gene inhibition (reduction in mRNA and protein) by an RNAi mechanism of action. PMID:20305636

  7. Target resolution in visual search involves the direct suppression of distractors: evidence from electrophysiology. (United States)

    Hilimire, Matthew R; Hickey, Clayton; Corballis, Paul M


    Attentional selection requires both the enhancement of target stimuli and the suppression of distractors. Target enhancement and distractor suppression have been associated with separable components of the lateralized event-related potential: the target negativity and distractor positivity (Pd). We examined the distractor suppression mechanisms indexed by the Pd. The Pd may reflect mechanisms that guide attention away from distractors during search or mechanisms involved in the subsequent resolution of target features. To determine which of these alternatives was more likely, we had participants view search arrays that contained only a target, only a distractor, or both. The Pd elicited by distractors was substantially larger when the display also contained a target, consistent with the idea that this component reflects a mechanism of distractor suppression activated during the resolution and disambiguation of target features.

  8. Genesis Solar Wind Samples: Update of Availability (United States)

    Gonzalez, C. P.; Allums, K. K.; Allton, J. H.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind atoms for 28 months with a variety of collectors. The array wafer collector availability is displayed in the online catalog. The purpose of this report is to update the community on availability of array wafer samples and to preview other collectors which are in the process of being added to the online catalog. A total of fifteen pure materials were selected based on engineering and science requirements. Most of the materials were semiconductor wafers which were mounted on the arrays.

  9. ORE's GENeric Evaluation SYStem: GENESYS 1988-89. (United States)

    Baenen, Nancy; And Others

    GENESYS--GENeric Evaluation SYStem--is a method of streamlining data collection and evaluation through the use of computer technology. GENESYS has allowed the Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) of the Austin (Texas) Independent School District to evaluate a multitude of contrasting programs with limited resources. By standardizing methods and…

  10. The genesis of collective health in Brazil. (United States)

    Vieira-da-Silva, Ligia Maria; Pinell, Patrice


    During the 1970s in Brazil a social space directed towards health problems on the population level, called collective health, was created and institutionalised. To what extent did this Brazilian invention correspond to a specific socio-historical practice? The works published on this topic have considered social medicine as a homogeneous phenomenon without empirically studying the specificities of national experiences. To bridge this gap, a historical study on the genesis of collective health in Brazil was carried out based on Bourdieu's field theory. The interaction between the paths of the founders and the conditions of historical possibilities were researched through documentary and bibliographical sources, as well as through in-depth interviews of the founders. This social space originated from a meeting of agents with different social backgrounds but who interconnected, creating a structure that was independent of each agent considered individually. One of the components of this establishment was the joining of theoretical production and the implementation of health reforms that resulted in the organisation of a universal health system. This study attempts to show how the international political situation and the contradictions of the national crisis created a universe of possibilities, allowing for the genesis of this sui generis space in Brazil.

  11. Genesis Ultrapure Water Megasonic Wafer Spin Cleaner (United States)

    Allton, Judith H.; Stansbery, Eileen K.; Calaway, Michael J.; Rodriquez, Melissa C.


    A device removes, with high precision, the majority of surface particle contamination greater than 1-micron-diameter in size from ultrapure semiconductor wafer materials containing implanted solar wind samples returned by NASA's Genesis mission. This cleaning device uses a 1.5-liter/minute flowing stream of heated ultrapure water (UPW) with 1- MHz oscillating megasonic pulse energy focused at 3 to 5 mm away from the wafer surface spinning at 1,000 to 10,000 RPM, depending on sample size. The surface particle contamination is removed by three processes: flowing UPW, megasonic cavitations, and centripetal force from the spinning wafer. The device can also dry the wafer fragment after UPW/megasonic cleaning by continuing to spin the wafer in the cleaning chamber, which is purged with flowing ultrapure nitrogen gas at 65 psi (.448 kPa). The cleaner also uses three types of vacuum chucks that can accommodate all Genesis-flown array fragments in any dimensional shape between 3 and 100 mm in diameter. A sample vacuum chuck, and the manufactured UPW/megasonic nozzle holder, replace the human deficiencies by maintaining a consistent distance between the nozzle and wafer surface as well as allowing for longer cleaning time. The 3- to 5-mm critical distance is important for the ability to remove particles by megasonic cavitations. The increased UPW sonication time and exposure to heated UPW improve the removal of 1- to 5-micron-sized particles.

  12. Genesis of cluster associations of enterprises

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pulina Tetyana V.


    Full Text Available The goal of the article is the study of genesis of creation of cluster associations of enterprises. It considers genesis of cluster definitions. It shows and analyses components that define the “cluster” concept. Researchers from many countries offer a significant number of definitions of the “cluster” term specifically in the economic direction, but there is no single generally accepted definition as of today. This fact is the result of a significant diversity of cluster structures. The article conducts a comparative analysis of classifications of cluster associations of enterprises. It identifies advantages and shortcomings of the cluster approach both from the position of an enterprise and from the position of a regional economy administration. The article marks out specific features of the life cycle of cluster associations of enterprises, which consists of the preparatory stage and stage of commercialisation. Majority of studies consider the preparatory stage and the stage of commercialisation, which consists of the following stages: entering market with a common brand, growth, maturity and crisis – is, practically, not considered. Taking into account the fact that the main result of cluster activity is the synergetic effect from mutually beneficial co-operation and activity results facilitate ensuring competitiveness of cluster enterprises, regional and national economies, the author gives own definition of a cluster.

  13. Setting targets for human resources for eye health in sub-Saharan Africa: what evidence should be used? (United States)

    Courtright, Paul; Mathenge, Wanjiku; Kello, Amir Bedri; Cook, Colin; Kalua, Khumbo; Lewallen, Susan


    With a global target set at reducing vision loss by 25% by the year 2019, sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated 4.8 million blind persons will require human resources for eye health (HReH) that need to be available, appropriately skilled, supported, and productive. Targets for HReH are useful for planning, monitoring, and resource mobilization, but they need to be updated and informed by evidence of effectiveness and efficiency. Supporting evidence should take into consideration (1) ever-changing disease-specific issues including the epidemiology, the complexity of diagnosis and treatment, and the technology needed for diagnosis and treatment of each condition; (2) the changing demands for vision-related services of an increasingly urbanized population; and (3) interconnected health system issues that affect productivity and quality. The existing targets for HReH and some of the existing strategies such as task shifting of cataract surgery and trichiasis surgery, as well as the scope of eye care interventions for primary eye care workers, will need to be re-evaluated and re-defined against such evidence or supported by new evidence.

  14. Basic evidence of molecular targeted therapy for oral cancer and salivary gland cancer.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hamakawa, H.; Nakashiro, K.; Sumida, T.; Shintani, S.; Myers, J.N.; Takes, R.P.; Rinaldo, A.; Ferlito, A.


    BACKGROUND: Recently, attention has been focused on molecular targeted cancer therapy in various tumors. Although there is no single consistent molecular target specific for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and salivary gland cancer (SGC), there are a number of promising candidate proteins. The a

  15. Evident?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Plant, Peter


    Quality assurance and evidence in career guidance in Europe are often seen as self-evident approaches, but particular interests lie behind......Quality assurance and evidence in career guidance in Europe are often seen as self-evident approaches, but particular interests lie behind...

  16. NR2A contributes to genesis and propagation of cortical spreading depression in rats. (United States)

    Bu, Fan; Du, Ruoxing; Li, Yi; Quinn, John P; Wang, Minyan


    Cortical spreading depression (CSD) is a transient propagating excitation of synaptic activity followed by depression, which is implicated in migraine. Increasing evidence points to an essential role of NR2A-containing NMDA receptors in CSD propagation in vitro; however, whether these receptors mediate CSD genesis in vivo requires clarification and the role of NR2A on CSD propagation is still under debate. Using in vivo CSD in rats with electrophysiology and in vitro CSD in chick retina with intrinsic optical imaging, we addressed the role of NR2A in CSD. We demonstrated that NVP-AAM077, a potent antagonist for NR2A-containing receptors, perfused through microdialysis probes, markedly reduced cortex susceptibility to CSD, but also reduced magnitude of CSD genesis in rats. Additionally, NVP-AAM077 at 0.3 nmol perfused into the contralateral ventricle, considerably suppressed the magnitude of CSD propagation wave and propagation rate in rats. This reduction in CSD propagation was also observed with TCN-201, a negative allosteric modulator selective for NR2A, at 3 μM, in the chick retina. Our data provides strong evidence that NR2A subunit contributes to CSD genesis and propagation, suggesting drugs selectively antagonizing NR2A-containing receptors might constitute a highly specific strategy treating CSD associated migraine with a likely better safety profile.

  17. Targeting of TMV movement protein to plasmodesmata requires the actin/ER network: evidence from FRAP

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wright, Kathryn M; Wood, Nicola T; Roberts, Alison G; Chapman, Sean; Boevink, Petra; Mackenzie, Katrin M; Oparka, Karl J


    ...) of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is targeted to plasmodesmata (PD). The data show that fluorescence recovery in PD at the leading edge of an infection requires elements of the cortical actin/endoplasmic reticulum (ER...

  18. Dynamics of target and distractor processing in visual search: evidence from event-related brain potentials. (United States)

    Hilimire, Matthew R; Mounts, Jeffrey R W; Parks, Nathan A; Corballis, Paul M


    When multiple objects are present in a visual scene, salient and behaviorally relevant objects are attentionally selected and receive enhanced processing at the expense of less salient or less relevant objects. Here we examined three lateralized components of the event-related potential (ERP) - the N2pc, Ptc, and SPCN - as indices of target and distractor processing in a visual search paradigm. Participants responded to the orientation of a target while ignoring an attentionally salient distractor and ERPs elicited by the target and the distractor were obtained. Results indicate that both the target and the distractor elicit an N2pc component which may index the initial attentional selection of both objects. In contrast, only the distractor elicited a significant Ptc, which may reflect the subsequent suppression of distracting or irrelevant information. Thus, the Ptc component appears to be similar to another ERP component - the Pd - which is also thought to reflect distractor suppression. Furthermore, only the target elicited an SPCN component which likely reflects the representation of the target in visual short term memory.

  19. Global energy network. ; Proposal of GENESIS project. Grobal energy network. ; GENESIS keikaku no teian

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuwano, Y. (Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., Osaka (Japan))


    This paper explains a global energy neywork in which solar cells producing electric power as the basic energy and superconducting cables are used. Photovoltatic power generating stations are dispersely equipped in many points on the earth and the network to connect all over the world is constructed by using superconducting cables to transmit energy from daytime area to nighttime area. The project to always use photovoltatic power is called the GENESIS. It is required to develop solar cells of much higher performance and lower cost and to develop high T {sub c} superconducting cables to realize this GENESIS project. Another important problem is to construct the global system. Since Japan depends 82% of the consuming energy on import and further, leads the world technically for the development of amorphous Si sollar cells, Japan should promote this project as the center of this system. 6 figs., 3 tabs.

  20. Genesis Solar Wind Array Collector Cataloging Status (United States)

    Burkett, P.J.; Rodriguez, M.C.; Calaway, M.C.; Allton, J.H.


    Genesis solar wind array collectors were fractured upon landing hard in Utah in 2004. The fragments were retrieved from the damaged canister, imaged, repackaged and shipped to the Johnson Space Center curatorial facility [1]. As of January 2009, the collection consists of 3460 samples. Of these, 442 are comprised into "multiple" sample groupings, either affixed to adhesive paper (177) or collected in jars (17), culture trays (87), or sets of polystyrene vials (161). A focused characterization task was initiated in May 2008 to document the largest samples in the collection. The task consisted of two goals: to document sapphire based fragments greater than 2 cm in one dimension, and to document silicon based fragments greater than 1 cm in one direction.

  1. Right-handed sector lepto-genesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frigerio, M. [CEA Saclay, Service de Physique Theorique, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Hambye, Th. [Madrid Universidad Autonoma, Instituto de F sica Te rica, Cantoblanco (Spain); Ma, E. [California Univ., Physics Dept., Riverside, California (United States)


    Instead of creating the observed baryon asymmetry of the universe by the decay of right-handed (RH) neutrinos to left-handed leptons, we propose to generate it dominantly by the decay of the RH neutrinos to RH leptons. This mechanism turns out to be successful in large regions of the parameter space. It may work, in particular, at a scale as low as a few TeV, with no need to invoke quasi-degenerate RH neutrino masses to resonantly enhance the asymmetry. Such a possibility can be probed experimentally by the observation at colliders of a singlet charged Higgs particle and of RH neutrinos. Other mechanisms which may lead to successful lepton-genesis from the RH lepton sector interactions are also briefly presented. The incorporation of these scenarios in left-right symmetric and unified models is discussed. (authors)

  2. Short-lived radioactivity and magma genesis (United States)

    Gill, James; Condomines, Michel


    Short-lived decay products of uranium and thorium have half-lives and chemistries sensitive to the processes and time scales of magma genesis, including partial melting in the mantle and magmatic differentiation in the crust. Radioactive disequilibrium between U-238, Th-230, and Ra-226 is widespread in volcanic rocks. These disequilibria and the isotopic composition of thorium depend especially on the extent and rate of melting as well as the presence and composition of vapor during melting. The duration of mantle melting may be several hundred millennia, whereas ascent times are a few decades to thousands of years. Differentiation of most magmas commonly occurs within a few millennia, but felsic ones can be tens of millennia old upon eruption.

  3. GENESIS: GPS Environmental and Earth Science Information System (United States)

    Hajj, George


    This presentation reviews the GPS ENvironmental and Earth Science Information System (GENESIS). The objectives of GENESIS are outlined (1) Data Archiving, searching and distribution for science data products derived from Space borne TurboRogue Space Receivers for GPS science and other ground based GPS receivers, (2) Data browsing using integrated visualization tools, (3) Interactive web/java-based data search and retrieval, (4) Data subscription service, (5) Data migration from existing GPS archived data, (6) On-line help and documentation, and (7) participation in the WP-ESIP federation. The presentation reviews the products and services of Genesis, and the technology behind the system.

  4. 76 FR 73748 - Genesis Capital, LLC and Northern Lights Fund Trust; Notice of Application (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Genesis Capital, LLC and Northern Lights Fund Trust; Notice of Application November 21, 2011... approval. Applicants: Genesis Capital, LLC (``Genesis Capital'' or the ``Adviser'') and Northern Lights... Exchange Commission, 100 F Street NE., Washington, DC 20549-1090. Applicants: Genesis Capital, 7191...

  5. Molecular Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis: Current Evidence and Future Directions. (United States)

    Lee, Dae-Won; Lee, Kyung-Hun; Kim, Jin Wook; Keam, Bhumsuk


    Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis (LMC) is the multifocal seeding of cerebrospinal fluid and leptomeninges by malignant cells. The incidence of LMC is approximately 5% in patients with malignant tumors overall and the rate is increasing due to increasing survival time of cancer patients. Eradication of the disease is not yet possible, so the treatment goals of LMC are to improve neurologic symptoms and to prolong survival. A standard treatment for LMC has not been established due to low incidences of LMC, the rapidly progressing nature of the disease, heterogeneous populations with LMC, and a lack of randomized clinical trial results. Treatment options for LMC include intrathecal chemotherapy, systemic chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, but the prognoses remain poor with a median survival of <3 months. Recently, molecular targeted agents have been applied in the clinic and have shown groundbreaking results in specific patient groups epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-targeted therapy or an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitor in lung cancer, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-directed therapy in breast cancer, and CD20-targeted therapy in B cell lymphoma). Moreover, there are results indicating that the use of these agents under proper dose and administration routes can be effective for managing LMC. In this article, we review molecular targeted agents for managing LMC.

  6. Molecular Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis: Current Evidence and Future Directions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dae-Won Lee


    Full Text Available Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis (LMC is the multifocal seeding of cerebrospinal fluid and leptomeninges by malignant cells. The incidence of LMC is approximately 5% in patients with malignant tumors overall and the rate is increasing due to increasing survival time of cancer patients. Eradication of the disease is not yet possible, so the treatment goals of LMC are to improve neurologic symptoms and to prolong survival. A standard treatment for LMC has not been established due to low incidences of LMC, the rapidly progressing nature of the disease, heterogeneous populations with LMC, and a lack of randomized clinical trial results. Treatment options for LMC include intrathecal chemotherapy, systemic chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, but the prognoses remain poor with a median survival of <3 months. Recently, molecular targeted agents have been applied in the clinic and have shown groundbreaking results in specific patient groups epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR-targeted therapy or an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK inhibitor in lung cancer, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2-directed therapy in breast cancer, and CD20-targeted therapy in B cell lymphoma. Moreover, there are results indicating that the use of these agents under proper dose and administration routes can be effective for managing LMC. In this article, we review molecular targeted agents for managing LMC.

  7. Quantitatively integrating molecular structure and bioactivity profile evidence into drug-target relationship analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xu Tianlei


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Public resources of chemical compound are in a rapid growth both in quantity and the types of data-representation. To comprehensively understand the relationship between the intrinsic features of chemical compounds and protein targets is an essential task to evaluate potential protein-binding function for virtual drug screening. In previous studies, correlations were proposed between bioactivity profiles and target networks, especially when chemical structures were similar. With the lack of effective quantitative methods to uncover such correlation, it is demanding and necessary for us to integrate the information from multiple data sources to produce an comprehensive assessment of the similarity between small molecules, as well as quantitatively uncover the relationship between compounds and their targets by such integrated schema. Results In this study a multi-view based clustering algorithm was introduced to quantitatively integrate compound similarity from both bioactivity profiles and structural fingerprints. Firstly, a hierarchy clustering was performed with the fused similarity on 37 compounds curated from PubChem. Compared to clustering in a single view, the overall common target number within fused classes has been improved by using the integrated similarity, which indicated that the present multi-view based clustering is more efficient by successfully identifying clusters with its members sharing more number of common targets. Analysis in certain classes reveals that mutual complement of the two views for compound description helps to discover missing similar compound when only single view was applied. Then, a large-scale drug virtual screen was performed on 1267 compounds curated from Connectivity Map (CMap dataset based on the fused similarity, which obtained a better ranking result compared to that of single-view. These comprehensive tests indicated that by combining different data representations; an improved

  8. Evidence of locally enhanced target heating due to instabilities of counter-streaming fast electron beams

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koester, Petra; Cecchetti, Carlo A. [Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory at INO, CNR, Pisa (Italy); Booth, Nicola; Woolsey, Nigel [Physics Department, University of York, York (United Kingdom); Chen, Hui [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California 94550 (United States); Evans, Roger G. [Imperial College London, London (United Kingdom); Gregori, Gianluca; Li, Bin; Mithen, James; Murphy, Christopher D. [Physics Department, University of Oxford, Oxford (United Kingdom); Labate, Luca; Gizzi, Leonida A. [Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory at INO, CNR, Pisa (Italy); INFN, Sezione di Pisa, Pisa (Italy); Levato, Tadzio [Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory at INO, CNR, Pisa (Italy); University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome (Italy); Makita, Mikako; Riley, David [Physics Department, Queens University Belfast, Belfast (United Kingdom); Notley, Margaret; Pattathil, Rajeev [Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, STFC, Didcot (United Kingdom)


    The high-current fast electron beams generated in high-intensity laser-solid interactions require the onset of a balancing return current in order to propagate in the target material. Such a system of counter-streaming electron currents is unstable to a variety of instabilities such as the current-filamentation instability and the two-stream instability. An experimental study aimed at investigating the role of instabilities in a system of symmetrical counter-propagating fast electron beams is presented here for the first time. The fast electron beams are generated by double-sided laser-irradiation of a layered target foil at laser intensities above 10{sup 19 }W/cm{sup 2}. High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of the emission from the central Ti layer shows that locally enhanced energy deposition is indeed achieved in the case of counter-propagating fast electron beams.

  9. Towards combinatorial targeted therapy in melanoma: from pre-clinical evidence to clinical application (review). (United States)

    Grazia, Giulia; Penna, Ilaria; Perotti, Valentina; Anichini, Andrea; Tassi, Elena


    Over the last few years, clinical trials with BRAF and mitogen-activated protein/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (MEK) inhibitors have shown significant clinical activity in melanoma, but only a fraction of patients respond to these therapies, and development of resistance is frequent. This has prompted a large set of preclinical studies looking at several new combinatorial approaches of pathway- or target-specific inhibitors. At least five main drug association strategies have been verified in vitro and in preclinical models. The most promising include: i) vertical targeting of either MEK or phosphoinositide-3 kinase (PI3K)/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathways, or their combined blockade; ii) association of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) inhibitors with other pro-apoptotic strategies; iii) engagement of death receptors in combination with MEK-, mTOR/PI3K-, histone deacetylase (HDAC)-inhibitors, or with anti-apoptotic molecules modulators; iv) strategies aimed at blocking anti-apoptotic proteins belonging to B-cell lymphoma (Bcl-2) or inhibitors of apoptosis (IAP) families associated with MEK/BRAF/p38 inhibition; v) co-inhibition of other molecules important for survival [proteasome, HDAC and Signal transducers and activators of transcription (Stat)3] and the major pathways activated in melanoma; vi) simultaneous targeting of multiple anti-apoptotic molecules. Here we review the anti-melanoma efficacy and mechanism of action of the above-mentioned combinatorial strategies, together with the potential clinical application of the most promising studies that may eventually lead to therapeutic benefit.

  10. Genesis of early Cambrian phosphorite of Krol Belt, Lesser Himalaya

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Mazumdar, A.; Banerjee, D.M.

    for the modern Peru–Chile shelf–slope phosphorite is inadequate to explain the genesis of Cambrian phosphorite. Physicochemical characters of the Cambrian phosphorites demand a shallow marine phosphorous source. Based on the available early Cambrian oceanographic...

  11. Abstract: Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program: Genesis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract: Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program: Genesis and Evolution ... a program to dramatically improve nursing and midwifery education and practice. ... academic institutions requires flexibility, respect, and thoughtful planning.

  12. Targeting carbonic anhydrase to treat diabetic retinopathy: Emerging evidences and encouraging results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weiwei, Zhang [Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, HuaShan Hospital, Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, No. 12 Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai 200040 (China); Hu, Renming, E-mail: [Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, HuaShan Hospital, Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, No. 12 Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai 200040 (China)


    Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the leading cause of vision loss among working-age populations in developed countries. Current treatment options are limited to tight glycemic, blood pressure control and destructive laser surgery. Carbonic anhydrases (CAs) are a group of enzymes involving in the rapid conversion of carbon dioxide to bicarbonate and protons. Emerging evidences reveal CA inhibitors hold the promise for the treatment of DR. This article summarizes encouraging results from clinical and animal studies, and reviews the possible mechanisms.

  13. The reasons of the discretness of the genesis of civilisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu. M. Brilo


    Full Text Available The main aspects of the problem of discontinuality of the genesis of civilization by examining the main reasons for such final are considered in the article. The author makes a conclusion about an insufficient level of development of this matter in the modern philosophical thought. The philosophical analysis of the known classifications of possible causes of death of civilizations within the history of modern philosophy is given. The attempt to classify all studied factors of discreteness to external and internal causes of the downfall of civilizations is made. External causes include natural factor, barbaric attacks and conflicts between civilizations. Internal group of causes of the discreteness of civilizations constitute economic factors, internal civilizational conflicts, social cleavages. This classification is rather conventional, because there are reasons for that is difficult to unambiguously attributed to external or internal components. The author concludes that the internal reasons make the moment of discreteness only possible, but already social nucleus – the community of civilization ­ embodies the potential scenario. The fact that each civilization relates differently to the solution of the same problems evidence in favor of of this. An important role of cultural and racial homogeneity of social core and peripherals is given in solving the problem of discreteness.

  14. Targeting apoptosis in solid tumors: the role of bortezomib from preclinical to clinical evidence. (United States)

    Russo, Antonio; Fratto, Maria E; Bazan, Viviana; Schiró, Valentina; Agnese, Valentina; Cicero, Giuseppe; Vincenzi, Bruno; Tonini, Giuseppe; Santini, Daniele


    The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is the main proteolytic system present in the nucleus and cytoplasm of all eukaryotic cells. Apoptosis activation induced by ubiquitin-proteasome pathway inhibition makes the proteasome a new target of anticancer therapy. Bortezomib is the first proteasome inhibitor to be approved by the US FDA; in 2003 as a third line and in 2005 as a second line therapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma only. This review focuses on the use of bortezomib, not only in its therapeutic role but also, more specifically, in its biologic role and discusses the most recent applications of the drug in solid tumors, both at a preclinical and clinical level.

  15. Early Math Coursework and College Readiness: Evidence from Targeted Middle School Math Acceleration


    Shaun Dougherty; Joshua Goodman; Darryl Hill; Erica Litke; Page, Lindsay C.


    To better prepare students for college-level math and the demands of the labor market, school systems have tried to increase the rigor of students’ math coursework. The failure of universal “Algebra for All” models has led recently to more targeted approaches. We study one such approach in Wake County, North Carolina, which began using prior test scores to assign middle school students to an accelerated math track culminating in eighth grade algebra. The policy has reduced the role that incom...

  16. Contextual control over selective attention: evidence from a two-target method. (United States)

    MacLellan, Ellen; Shore, David I; Milliken, Bruce


    Selective attention is generally studied with conflict tasks, using response time as the dependent measure. Here, we study the impact of selective attention to a first target, T1, presented simultaneously with a distractor, on the accuracy of subsequent encoding of a second target item, T2. This procedure produces an "attentional blink" (AB) effect much like that reported in other studies, and allowed us to study the influence of context on cognitive control with a novel method. In particular, we examined whether preparation to attend selectively to T1 had an impact on the selective encoding of T1 that would translate to report of T2. Preparation to attend selectively was manipulated by varying whether difficult selective attention T1 trials were presented in the context of other difficult selective attention T1 trials. The results revealed strong context effects of this nature, with smaller AB effects when difficult selective attention T1 trials were embedded in a context with many, rather than few, other difficult selective attention T1 trials. Further, the results suggest that both the trial-to-trial local context and the block-wide global context modulate performance in this task.

  17. Evidence for the endothelin system as an emerging therapeutic target for the treatment of chronic pain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smith TP


    Full Text Available Terika P Smith,1 Tami Haymond,1 Sherika N Smith,1 Sarah M Sweitzer1,2 1Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA; 2Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy, Clinton, SC, USA Abstract: Many people worldwide suffer from pain and a portion of these sufferers are diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. The management of chronic pain continues to be a challenge, and despite taking prescribed medication for pain, patients continue to have pain of moderate severity. Current pain therapies are often inadequate, with side effects that limit medication adherence. There is a need to identify novel therapeutic targets for the management of chronic pain. One potential candidate for the treatment of chronic pain is therapies aimed at modulating the vasoactive peptide endothelin-1. In addition to vasoactive properties, endothelin-1 has been implicated in pain transmission in both humans and animal models of nociception. Endothelin-1 directly activates nociceptors and potentiates the effect of other algogens, including capsaicin, formalin, and arachidonic acid. In addition, endothelin-1 has been shown to be involved in inflammatory pain, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, diabetic neuropathy, and pain associated with sickle cell disease. Therefore, endothelin-1 may prove a novel therapeutic target for the relief of many types of chronic pain. Keywords: endothelin-1, acute pain, chronic pain, endothelin receptor antagonists

  18. Evidence of altered corticomotor excitability following targeted activation of gluteus maximus training in healthy individuals. (United States)

    Fisher, Beth E; Southam, Anna C; Kuo, Yi-Ling; Lee, Ya-Yun; Powers, Christopher M


    It has been proposed that strengthening and skill training of gluteus maximus (GM) may be beneficial in treating various knee injuries. Given the redundancy of the hip musculature and the small representational area of GM in the primary motor cortex (M1), learning to activate this muscle before prescribing strength exercises and modifying movement strategy would appear to be important. This study aimed to determine whether a short-term activation training program targeting the GM results in neuroplastic changes in M1. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation, motor evoked potentials (MEPs) were obtained in 12 healthy individuals at different stimulation intensities while they performed a double-leg bridge. Participants then completed a home exercise program for ∼1 h/day for 6 days that consisted of a single exercise designed to selectively target the GM. Baseline and post-training input-output curves (IOCs) were generated by graphing average MEP amplitudes and cortical silent period durations against corresponding stimulation intensities. Following the GM activation training, the linear slope of both the MEP IOC and cortical silent period IOC increased significantly. Short-term GM activation training resulted in a significant increase in corticomotor excitability as well as changes in inhibitory processes of the GM. We propose that the observed corticomotor plasticity will enable better utilization of the GM in the more advanced stages of a rehabilitation/training program.

  19. [Papillomavirus in the genesis of oral leukoplakia]. (United States)

    Babichenko, I I; Rabinovich, O F; Ivina, A A; Rabinovich, I M; Togonidze, A A


    Immunohistochemical examination of the proliferative activity of cells was made investigating the expression of Ki-67 protein and the location of proteins associated with epithelial cell papillomavirus infection involving P16(INK4a) and HPV16 proteins in different cell areas of the intact mucosa, in leukoplakia with the signs of hyperplasia and dysplasia, and in squamous cell carcinoma. There was a positive correlation between the proliferative activity of cells in the parabasal cell areas and the expression of P16(INK4a) protein in oral leukoplakia with the signs of hyperplasia (r(s)=0.397; p=0.018). In oral leukoplakia with dysplastic changes, there was a positive correlation between the proliferation of cells in the parabasal and prickle cell layers and the location of HPV type 16 antigens (r(s)=0.515; p=0.041 and r(s)=0.651; p=0.006). Detection of papillomavirus infection in leukoplakia can solve not only the problems with its genesis, but this is also a morphological basis for the effective prevention and treatment of this common oral mucosal disease.

  20. Evidence-based recommendations for the development of obesity prevention programs targeted at preschool children. (United States)

    Summerbell, C D; Moore, H J; Vögele, C; Kreichauf, S; Wildgruber, A; Manios, Y; Douthwaite, W; Nixon, C A; Gibson, E L


    The ToyBox intervention was developed using an evidence-based approach, using the findings of four reviews. These reviews included three critical and narrative reviews of educational strategies and psychological approaches explaining young children's acquisition and formation of energy-balance related behaviours, and the management of these behaviours, and also a systematic review of behavioural models underpinning school-based interventions in preschool and school settings for the prevention of obesity in children aged 4-6 years. This paper summarises and translates the findings from these reviews into practical evidence based recommendations for researchers and policy-makers to consider when developing and implementing interventions for the prevention of overweight and obesity in young (aged 4-6 years) children. The recommendations focus on two behaviours, physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and healthy eating, and include general recommendations, intervention approaches, interventions content, and simple messages. The review also briefly examines the role that the commercial sector plays in hindering or facilitating attempts to create healthy food environments for children. This paper also recognises that childhood obesity is not an issue for the education sector alone; it needs to be tackled at a multi sectoral level, recognizing the particularly important role of local governments, nongovernment organizations and the media.

  1. [Survey on evidence-based medicine teaching activities in the German-speaking area: a target-group specific analysis]. (United States)

    Dörr, Joshua; Valipour, Arash; Strametz, Reinhard; Meyer, Gabriele; Lühmann, Dagmar; Steurer, Johann; Horvath, Karl; Donner-Banzhoff, Norbert; Forster, Johannes; Sauder, Karsta; Ollenschläger, Günther; Ochsendorf, Falk; Weberschock, Tobias


    A survey conducted in 2011/12 on evidence-based medicine teaching activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland shows an apparent increase of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities addressing different target groups. The potential target-group specific or generalised nature of teaching activities in EbM were explored by comparing the contents and structures of educational offers in order to detect differences and commonalities. First, several large institutions of the healthcare system were contacted. In addition, the participants of the EbM Academy were consulted as key informants, and the members of the German-speaking colleges of general practitioners and the German Network for EBM were asked to identify potential providers of EbM teaching activities. In the second step pretested detailed questionnaires were sent out that allowed a target-group specific analysis of contents, structures and didactic methods. Altogether, 185 teaching activities in EbM are described; 117 (6.8%) of these address students, 70 (37.8%) physicians and 55 (29.7%) caregivers and members of other healthcare professions. Further target groups include people interested in the healthcare system with a total of 38 (i.e., 20.5%) and patients with 18 (9.7%) teaching activities (multiple responses allowed). Students are mainly taught in obligatory seminars, courses or lectures with a high number of participants, whereas teaching activities addressing other target groups are mostly offered to small groups of participants in the form of optional seminars, courses or workshops lasting a similar length of time. As regards the content, attendees from all target groups with only little previous knowledge are taught the first three steps of EbM according to Sackett. Specialised contents are not distributed evenly and reveal some adaptation to the respective target groups. Structural differences between the target groups are most likely attributed to distinct framework conditions in

  2. Differentiated influences of risk perceptions on nuclear power acceptance according to acceptance targets: Evidence from Korea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seungkook Roh


    Full Text Available The determinants of the public's nuclear power acceptance have received considerable attention as decisive factors regarding nuclear power policy. However, the contingency of the relative importance of different determinants has been less explored. Building on the literature of psychological distance between the individual and the object, the present study demonstrates that the relative effects of different types of perceived risks regarding nuclear power generation differ across acceptance targets. Using a sample of Korea, our results show that, regarding national acceptance of nuclear power generation, perceived risk from nuclear power plants exerts a stronger negative effect than that from radioactive waste management; however, the latter exerts a stronger negative effect than the former on local acceptance of a nuclear power plant. This finding provides implications for efficient public communication strategy to raise nuclear power acceptance.

  3. Eye movements in chameleons are not truly independent - evidence from simultaneous monocular tracking of two targets. (United States)

    Katz, Hadas Ketter; Lustig, Avichai; Lev-Ari, Tidhar; Nov, Yuval; Rivlin, Ehud; Katzir, Gadi


    Chameleons perform large-amplitude eye movements that are frequently referred to as independent, or disconjugate. When prey (an insect) is detected, the chameleon's eyes converge to view it binocularly and 'lock' in their sockets so that subsequent visual tracking is by head movements. However, the extent of the eyes' independence is unclear. For example, can a chameleon visually track two small targets simultaneously and monocularly, i.e. one with each eye? This is of special interest because eye movements in ectotherms and birds are frequently independent, with optic nerves that are fully decussated and intertectal connections that are not as developed as in mammals. Here, we demonstrate that chameleons presented with two small targets moving in opposite directions can perform simultaneous, smooth, monocular, visual tracking. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of such a capacity. The fine patterns of the eye movements in monocular tracking were composed of alternating, longer, 'smooth' phases and abrupt 'step' events, similar to smooth pursuits and saccades. Monocular tracking differed significantly from binocular tracking with respect to both 'smooth' phases and 'step' events. We suggest that in chameleons, eye movements are not simply 'independent'. Rather, at the gross level, eye movements are (i) disconjugate during scanning, (ii) conjugate during binocular tracking and (iii) disconjugate, but coordinated, during monocular tracking. At the fine level, eye movements are disconjugate in all cases. These results support the view that in vertebrates, basic monocular control is under a higher level of regulation that dictates the eyes' level of coordination according to context. © 2015. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  4. Evidence for nonacetylcholinesterase targets of organophosphorus nerve agent: supersensitivity of acetylcholinesterase knockout mouse to VX lethality. (United States)

    Duysen, E G; Li, B; Xie, W; Schopfer, L M; Anderson, R S; Broomfield, C A; Lockridge, O


    The possibility that organophosphate toxicity is due to inhibition of targets other than acetylcholinesterase (AChE, EC was examined in AChE knockout mice. Mice (34-55 days old) were grouped for this study, after it was determined that AChE, butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), and carboxylesterase activities had reached stable values by this age. Mice with 0, 50, or 100% AChE activity were treated subcutaneously with the nerve agent VX. The LD50 for VX was 10 to 12 microg/kg in AChE-/-, 17 microg/kg in AChE+/-, and 24 microg/kg in AChE+/+ mice. The same cholinergic signs of toxicity were present in AChE-/- mice as in wild-type mice, even though AChE-/- mice have no AChE whose inhibition could lead to cholinergic signs. Wild-type mice, but not AChE-/- mice, were protected by pretreatment with atropine. Tissues were extracted from VX-treated and untreated animals and tested for AChE, BChE, and acylpeptide hydrolase activity. VX treatment inhibited 50% of the AChE activity in brain and muscle of AChE+/+ and +/- mice, 50% of the BChE activity in all three AChE genotypes, but did not significantly inhibit acylpeptide hydrolase activity. It was concluded that the toxicity of VX must be attributed to inhibition of nonacetylcholinesterase targets in the AChE-/- mouse. Organophosphorus ester toxicity in wild-type mice is probably due to inhibition or binding to several proteins, only one of which is AChE.

  5. One potential superlarge Pb-Zn ore occurrence with Himalayan thermal brine genesis--Wuqia Region, Xinjiang, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘继顺; 高珍权; 邓功全; 李明; 刘全德


    The paper focuses on geological and geochemical evidence of thermal brine genesis of Pb-Zn deposits in Wuqia district, Xinjiang. The results suggest that the known Pb-Zn deposits, such as Wulagen, are thermal brine genesis, which is supported by the features of tectonic setting, magma and regional metamorphism, and the characteristics of trace element distribution in strata and redistribution in the ore-forming process, the REE patterns and their main parameters of main type ores, the composition features and the source indicators of Pb, S isotopes. Ore-forming conditions of superlarge Pb-Zn deposits studies show that there exists tectonic and sources setting of Jinding-type superlarge Pb-Zn deposits in this area. Five Pb-Zn ore belts and central uplift belts discovered lately have not only confirmed that the genesis of Wulagen Pb-Zn deposits is thermal genesis, but also further proved that there exists tectonic and source setting of Jinding-type superlarge Pb-Zn deposit in the study area. Mineral deposit model was described and prospecting potentiality of superlarge Pb-Zn deposit and their significance were discussed.

  6. The 1981 eruptive fissure on Mt. Etna: considerations on its exploration and genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelo Leotta


    Full Text Available This paper is targeted to an analysis of features common to various fissure caves on Mt. Etna, Sicily. The Authors report the preliminary results of the exploration carried out in the 1981 eruptive fissure, the technical problems met during the exploration, the flow trends and the different courses of the molten material inside the fissure, the particular morphologies. A genetic model is proposed, different from those characterising the lava tube cave genesis, and links are suggested between the various fissures and the main tectonic stress systems operating on Mt. Etna, as well as the morpho-structural conditions of the volcanic edifice of Mt. Etna.

  7. The role of stem cells and progenitors in the genesis of medulloblastoma. (United States)

    Wang, Jun; Wechsler-Reya, Robert J


    Cancer results from dysregulation of growth and survival pathways in normal stem cells and progenitors. Identifying the cells from which a tumor arises can facilitate the development of animal models and point to novel targets for therapy. Medulloblastoma is an aggressive tumor of the cerebellum that occurs predominantly in children. Recent genomic studies suggest that medulloblastoma consists of 4 major subgroups, each with distinct mutations and signaling pathway deregulations, and each potentially arising from distinct populations of stem cells and progenitors. Here we review the major types of progenitor cells in the cerebellum and discuss their role in the genesis of medulloblastoma.

  8. A 15N-poor isotopic composition for the solar system as shown by Genesis solar wind samples. (United States)

    Marty, B; Chaussidon, M; Wiens, R C; Jurewicz, A J G; Burnett, D S


    The Genesis mission sampled solar wind ions to document the elemental and isotopic compositions of the Sun and, by inference, of the protosolar nebula. Nitrogen was a key target element because the extent and origin of its isotopic variations in solar system materials remain unknown. Isotopic analysis of a Genesis Solar Wind Concentrator target material shows that implanted solar wind nitrogen has a (15)N/(14)N ratio of 2.18 ± 0.02 × 10(-3) (that is, ≈40% poorer in (15)N relative to terrestrial atmosphere). The (15)N/(14)N ratio of the protosolar nebula was 2.27 ± 0.03 × 10(-3), which is the lowest (15)N/(14)N ratio known for solar system objects. This result demonstrates the extreme nitrogen isotopic heterogeneity of the nascent solar system and accounts for the (15)N-depleted components observed in solar system reservoirs.

  9. [The genesis of crime according to dialectic criminology. II. Comments on the genesis of crime]. (United States)

    Lyra, R; Ferracuti, F


    Prof. Lyra discusses in this article the basic problem of criminological sciences, stating that its essential object of study is the determination of the genesis of crime. The Author states that, before defining the crime genesis, it is necessary to outline, through a synthesis of epistemological restructurization of criminology itself. This way, we can develop a conception of Dialectic Criminology, where the term "dialectic" does not necessarily coincide with a marxist posture, but it extends along much more complex and comprehensive parameters. Dialectic Criminology is defined, in Lyra's conception, as a Classified Criminology, synthetizing both the psychological approach (clinical criminology, or micro-criminology), and the sociological approach (sociological criminology or macro-criminology), according to an anthropological basic frame of reference, which constitutes the new and original prerequisite. To this aim, according to Prof. Lyra, it is necessary to overcome merely biological or psychological theories, and the new sociologisms, which cannot explain deviant behavior without falling into dogmatism or relativism. It is necessary to give back to criminology its original ethico-philosophical roots, and to place the problem of crime within a new "praxis" concept, which takes into account the authentic freedom of man, interracting with historical evolution. This way, through Dialectic Criminology, we can overcome the conception of crime and delinquency viewed as counterparts of the concept of Law.

  10. Experimental evidence of Migfilin as a new therapeutic target of hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis. (United States)

    Gkretsi, Vasiliki; Bogdanos, Dimitrios P


    Migfilin is a novel cell-matrix adhesion protein known to interact with Vasodilator Stimulated Phosphoprotein (VASP) and be localized both at cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesions. To date there is nothing known about its role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). As matrix is important in metastasis, we aimed to investigate the Migfilin׳s role in HCC metastasis using two human HCC cell lines that differ in their metastatic potential; non-invasive Alexander cells and the highly invasive HepG2 cells. We silenced Migfilin by siRNA and studied its effect on signaling and metastasis-related cellular properties. We show that Migfilin׳s expression is elevated in HepG2 cells and its silencing leads to upregulation of actin reorganization-related proteins, namely phosphor-VASP (Ser157 and Ser239), Fascin-1 and Rho-kinase-1, promoting actin polymerization and inhibiting cell invasion. Phosphor-Akt (Ser473) is decreased contributing to the upregulation of free and phosphor-β-catenin (Ser33/37Thr41) and inducing proliferation. Migfilin elimination upregulates Extracellular Signal-regulated kinase, which increases cell adhesion in HepG2 and reduces invasiveness. This is the first study to reveal that Migfilin inhibition can halt HCC metastasis in vitro, providing the molecular mechanism involved and presenting Migfilin as potential therapeutic target against HCC metastasis.

  11. Targeting youth and concerned smokers: evidence from Canadian tobacco industry documents. (United States)

    Pollay, R W


    To provide an understanding of the targeting strategies of cigarette marketing, and the functions and importance of the advertising images chosen. Analysis of historical corporate documents produced by affiliates of British American Tobacco (BAT) and RJ Reynolds (RJR) in Canadian litigation challenging tobacco advertising regulation, the Tobacco Products Control Act (1987): Imperial Tobacco Limitee & RJR-Macdonald Inc c. Le Procurer General du Canada. Careful and extensive research has been employed in all stages of the process of conceiving, developing, refining, and deploying cigarette advertising. Two segments commanding much management attention are "starters" and "concerned smokers". To recruit starters, brand images communicate independence, freedom and (sometimes) peer acceptance. These advertising images portray smokers as attractive and autonomous, accepted and admired, athletic and at home in nature. For "lighter" brands reassuring health concerned smokers, lest they quit, advertisements provide imagery conveying a sense of well being, harmony with nature, and a consumer's self image as intelligent. The industry's steadfast assertions that its advertising influences only brand loyalty and switching in both its intent and effect is directly contradicted by their internal documents and proven false. So too is the justification of cigarette advertising as a medium creating better informed consumers, since visual imagery, not information, is the means of advertising influence.

  12. Can Targeted Intervention Mitigate Early Emotional and Behavioral Problems?: Generating Robust Evidence within Randomized Controlled Trials.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orla Doyle

    Full Text Available This study examined the impact of a targeted Irish early intervention program on children's emotional and behavioral development using multiple methods to test the robustness of the results. Data on 164 Preparing for Life participants who were randomly assigned into an intervention group, involving home visits from pregnancy onwards, or a control group, was used to test the impact of the intervention on Child Behavior Checklist scores at 24-months. Using inverse probability weighting to account for differential attrition, permutation testing to address small sample size, and quantile regression to characterize the distributional impact of the intervention, we found that the few treatment effects were largely concentrated among boys most at risk of developing emotional and behavioral problems. The average treatment effect identified a 13% reduction in the likelihood of falling into the borderline clinical threshold for Total Problems. The interaction and subgroup analysis found that this main effect was driven by boys. The distributional analysis identified a 10-point reduction in the Externalizing Problems score for boys at the 90th percentile. No effects were observed for girls or for the continuous measures of Total, Internalizing, and Externalizing problems. These findings suggest that the impact of this prenatally commencing home visiting program may be limited to boys experiencing the most difficulties. Further adoption of the statistical methods applied here may help to improve the internal validity of randomized controlled trials and contribute to the field of evaluation science more generally.ISRCTN Registry ISRCTN04631728.

  13. Maastricht Criteria Targeting and Credit Growth: Empirical Evidences for the New EU Member States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bogdan-Gabriel Moinescu


    Full Text Available The study aims to investigate the impact of credit growth on the Maastricht criteria targeting process in the new member states of the European Union. The methodological framework is based on a two-compenent transmission mechanism represented by the output gap and the nonperforming loans. The empirical analysis consists of a set of simplified econometric models, built by panel estimates using annual data from 2000 to 2011. Statistical results revealed the existence of a reaction of long term interest rates to the developments in sovereign risk premium, determined, in turn, by the impact of the mutual reinforcing between lending rate and output gap on the loan portfolio quality dynamics. Strengthening prudential conduct of monetary policy with a conservative macro-prudential policy is a critical need for increased resilience of nominal convergence to exogenous shocks, given that containing the volatility of economic activity depends in a decisive way, on succeding to maintain credit growth levels close to economic growth potential.

  14. Experimental evidence of Migfilin as a new therapeutic target of hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gkretsi, Vasiliki, E-mail: [Department of Biomedical Research and Technology, Institute for Research and Technology-Thessaly, Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CE.R.T.H.), Larissa 41222 (Greece); Bogdanos, Dimitrios P. [Department of Biomedical Research and Technology, Institute for Research and Technology-Thessaly, Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CE.R.T.H.), Larissa 41222 (Greece); Department of Rheumatology, School of Medicine, University of Thessaly, University Hospital of Larissa, 41110 Larissa (Greece); Institute of Liver Studies, King' s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS (United Kingdom)


    Migfilin is a novel cell–matrix adhesion protein known to interact with Vasodilator Stimulated Phosphoprotein (VASP) and be localized both at cell–matrix and cell–cell adhesions. To date there is nothing known about its role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). As matrix is important in metastasis, we aimed to investigate the Migfilin's role in HCC metastasis using two human HCC cell lines that differ in their metastatic potential; non-invasive Alexander cells and the highly invasive HepG2 cells. We silenced Migfilin by siRNA and studied its effect on signaling and metastasis-related cellular properties. We show that Migfilin's expression is elevated in HepG2 cells and its silencing leads to upregulation of actin reorganization-related proteins, namely phosphor-VASP (Ser157 and Ser239), Fascin-1 and Rho-kinase-1, promoting actin polymerization and inhibiting cell invasion. Phosphor-Akt (Ser473) is decreased contributing to the upregulation of free and phosphor-β-catenin (Ser33/37Thr41) and inducing proliferation. Migfilin elimination upregulates Extracellular Signal–regulated kinase, which increases cell adhesion in HepG2 and reduces invasiveness. This is the first study to reveal that Migfilin inhibition can halt HCC metastasis in vitro, providing the molecular mechanism involved and presenting Migfilin as potential therapeutic target against HCC metastasis. - Highlights: • Migfilin is a cell–matrix and cell–cell adhesion protein known to interact with VASP. • Nothing is known about Migfilin's role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). • We eliminated Migfilin from 2 HCC cell lines and studied in vitro metastasis. • Its silencing inhibits cell invasion and promotes adhesion in HepG2 invasive cells. • We provide molecular mechanism by which Migfilin elimination halts HCC metastasis.

  15. The amygdala as a neurobiological target for ghrelin in rats: neuroanatomical, electrophysiological and behavioral evidence.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mayte Alvarez-Crespo

    Full Text Available Here, we sought to demonstrate that the orexigenic circulating hormone, ghrelin, is able to exert neurobiological effects (including those linked to feeding control at the level of the amygdala, involving neuroanatomical, electrophysiological and behavioural studies. We found that ghrelin receptors (GHS-R are densely expressed in several subnuclei of the amygdala, notably in ventrolateral (LaVL and ventromedial (LaVM parts of the lateral amygdaloid nucleus. Using whole-cell patch clamp electrophysiology to record from cells in the lateral amygdaloid nucleus, we found that ghrelin reduced the frequency of mEPSCs recorded from large pyramidal-like neurons, an effect that could be blocked by co-application of a ghrelin receptor antagonist. In ad libitum fed rats, intra-amygdala administration of ghrelin produced a large orexigenic response that lasted throughout the 4 hr of testing. Conversely, in hungry, fasted rats ghrelin receptor blockade in the amygdala significantly reduced food intake. Finally, we investigated a possible interaction between ghrelin's effects on feeding control and emotional reactivity exerted at the level of the amygdala. In rats allowed to feed during a 1-hour period between ghrelin injection and anxiety testing (elevated plus maze and open field, intra-amygdala ghrelin had no effect on anxiety-like behavior. By contrast, if the rats were not given access to food during this 1-hour period, a decrease in anxiety-like behavior was observed in both tests. Collectively, these data indicate that the amygdala is a valid target brain area for ghrelin where its neurobiological effects are important for food intake and for the suppression of emotional (anxiety-like behaviors if food is not available.

  16. Reheating and Primordial Gravitational Waves in Generalized Galilean Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    Nishi, Sakine


    Galilean genesis is an alternative to inflation, in which the universe starts expanding from Minkowski with the stable violation of the null energy condition. In this paper, we discuss how the early universe is reheated through the gravitational particle production at the trasition from the genesis phase to the subsequent phase where the kinetic energy of the scalar field is dominant. We then study the consequences of gravitational reheating after Galilean genesis on the spectrum of primordial gravitational waves. The resultant spectrum is strongly blue, and at high frequencies $\\Omega_{\\rm gw}\\propto f^3$ in terms of the energy density per unit logarithmic frequency. Though this cannot be detected in existing detctors, the amplitude can be as large as $\\Omega_{\\rm gw}\\sim 10^{-12}$ at $f\\sim 100\\,$MHz, providing a future test of the genesis scenario. The analysis is performed within the framework of generalized Galilean genesis based on the Horndeski theory, which enables us to derive generic formulas.

  17. Genesis 3:15 in Suid-Afrikaanse konteks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul P. Krüger


    Full Text Available Genesis 3:15 is ’n crux interpretum met uiteenlopende verklarings. Hierdie artikel fokus op verklarings wat Suid-Afrikaanse Skrifverklaarders van die teks gee en plaas sodanige verklarings binne verskillende rasionaliteitsmodelle. Verklarings van die teks berus dikwels eerder op keuses vir ’n bepaalde verstaansmodel as op die noukeurige lees van die teks. Genesis 3:15 dui op sigself nie op Jesus Christus nie, maar binne ’n bepaalde rasionaliteitsmodel is dit geldig om die teks as moederbelofte (protevangelium te beskou.Genesis 3:15 in South African context. Genesis 3:15 is a crux interpretum that lends itself to diverse interpretations. The focus of this article is the interpretations of this text offered by South African scholars. The article views these interpretations against the background of various models of rationality. Interpretations of this text are more likely to be determined by the interpreter’s preferred model of understanding, than to be determined by a mere close reading of the text. Genesis 3:15 in itself does not point to Jesus Christ, but within a specifi model of rationality it is valid to regard the text as a foundational promise of salvation (protevangelium.

  18. Investigation of Backside Textures for Genesis Solar Wind Silicon Collectors (United States)

    Gonzalez, C. P.; Burkett, P. J.; Rodriguez, M. C.; Allton, J. H.


    Genesis solar wind collectors were comprised of a suite of 15 types of ultrapure materials. The single crystal, pure silicon collectors were fabricated by two methods: float zone (FZ) and Czochralski (CZ). Because of slight differences in bulk purity and surface cleanliness among the fabrication processes and the specific vendor, it is desirable to know which variety of silicon and identity of vendor, so that appropriate reference materials can be used. The Czochralski method results in a bulk composition with slightly higher oxygen, for example. The CZ silicon array wafers that were Genesis-flown were purchased from MEMC Electronics. Most of the Genesis-flown FZ silicon was purchased from Unisil and cleaned by MEMC, although a few FZ wafers were acquired from International Wafer Service (IWS).

  19. Genesis 20: A literary template for the prophetic tradition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.G. Branch


    Full Text Available A close examination of Genesis 20 shows that the concept of prophet, which is mentioned for the first time in this chapter, is emphasised in three ways. First, God actively creates a new office – that of prophet. Second, he specifically gives a job description – that of intercessor. Third, he squarely sets in place a model – one that all subsequent prophets, prophetesses, and prophesies in some way follow and build upon. Significantly, Genesis 20 gives no indication that Abraham sought the designation of prophet or knew in advance it was coming. Abraham’s new office emphasises God’s sovereignty. Starting with Genesis 20, God establishes a pattern of maintaining for Himself the right first to choose Israel’s prophets and later to choose its judges and kings. This article argues that Chapter 20 provides a ten-point foundation for the work of the prophet that the Hebrew Bible enlarges on in later books.

  20. Evidence of underage targeting of alcohol advertising on television in the United States: lessons from the Lockyer v. Reynolds decisions. (United States)

    Ross, Craig S; Ostroff, Joshua; Jernigan, David H


    Underage alcohol use is a global public health problem and alcohol advertising has been associated with underage drinking. The alcohol industry regulates itself and is the primary control on alcohol advertising in many countries around the world, advising trade association members to advertise only in adult-oriented media. Despite high levels of compliance with these self-regulatory guidelines, in several countries youth exposure to alcohol advertising on television has grown faster than adult exposure. In the United States, we found that exposure for underage viewers ages 18-20 grew from 2005 through 2011 faster than any adult age group. Applying a method adopted from a court in the US to identify underage targeting of advertising, we found evidence of targeting of alcohol advertising to underage viewers ages 18-20. The court's rule appeared in Lockyer v. Reynolds (The People ex rel. Bill Lockyer v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, GIC764118, 2002). We demonstrated that alcohol companies were able to modify their advertising practices to maintain current levels of adult advertising exposure while reducing youth exposure.

  1. Genesis 2–3 and Alcibiades's speech in Plato's Symposium : A ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Genesis 2–3 and Alcibiades's speech in Plato's Symposium : A cultural critical reading. ... interpretation can arise from the analysis of Alcibiades's speech compared to M- and LXX-Genesis ... EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT

  2. Differences between target and non-target probe processing--combined evidence from fMRI, EEG and fMRI-constrained source analysis. (United States)

    Galashan, Daniela; Fehr, Thorsten; Herrmann, Manfred


    Previous studies reported heterogeneous findings in working memory tasks when examining differences between correct recognition (targets) and correct rejection (non-targets). In the present study, twenty human participants completed a delayed match-to-sample task in two separate functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) sessions. Targets and non-target items were presented at different within-trial positions. We used fMRI-constrained source analysis to investigate the spatio-temporal neuronal dynamics of probe processing. Probe type-related differences were modulated by position in the trial or by the ratio of target stimuli to non-target stimuli at different trial positions. fMRI-constrained source analysis revealed a temporal pattern of source activities starting in occipital and temporal brain regions, followed by a simultaneous engagement of parietal and frontal brain regions and a later activity of a source in pre-SMA (supplementary motor area). Source activities demonstrated a specific involvement of left fusiform gyrus in the non-target condition compared to the target condition that might be associated with mental imagination of the target stimulus during non-target probe processing. Source activities, furthermore, showed the anterior cingulate to be particularly involved in target processing compared to non-target processing before response execution and the pre-SMA before and during response execution. These brain areas appear to be activated in different stages of conflict managing operations due to a lower stimulus frequency of target trials compared to non-target trials at different target positions in the present design.

  3. Big Bounce Genesis and Possible Experimental Tests -- A Brief Review

    CERN Document Server

    Cheung, Yeuk-Kwan E; Vergados, J D


    We review the recent status of big bounce genesis as a new possibility of using dark matter particle's mass and interaction cross section to test the existence of a bounce universe at the early stage of evolution in our currently observed universe. To study the dark matter production and evolution inside the bounce universe, called big bounce genesis for short, we propose a model independent approach. We shall present the motivation for proposing big bounce as well the model independent predictions which can be tested by dark matter direct searches. A positive finding shall have profound impact on our understanding of the early universe physics.

  4. Asymmetric Dark Matter via Spontaneous Co-Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    March-Russell, John


    We investigate, in the context of asymmetric dark matter (DM), a new mechanism of spontaneous co-genesis of linked DM and baryon asymmetries, explaining the observed relation between the baryon and DM densities, Omega_DM/Omega_B ~ 5. The co-genesis mechanism requires a light scalar field, phi, with mass below 5 eV which couples derivatively to DM, much like a 'dark axion'. The field phi, and its coupling to DM, can itself provide a channel to annihilate away the residual symmetric DM component, leading to a highly predictive scenario.

  5. Big Bounce Genesis and Possible Experimental Tests: A Brief Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yeuk-Kwan Edna Cheung


    Full Text Available We review the recent status of big bounce genesis as a new possibility of using dark matter particles’ mass and interaction cross-section to test the existence of a bounce universe at the early stage of evolution in our currently-observed universe. To study the dark matter production and evolution inside the bounce universe, called big bounce genesis for short, we propose a model independent approach. We shall present the motivation for proposing big bounce, as well as the model independent predictions, which can be tested by dark matter direct searches. A positive finding shall have profound impact on our understanding of the early universe physics.

  6. Radiographic evaluation of third molar genesis in Greek orthodontic patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barka G


    Full Text Available Georgia Barka,1 Konstantinos Marathiotis,2 Michael Protogerakis,3 Andreas Zafeiriadis4 1Department of Dentoalveolar Surgery, Implant Surgery and Radiology, School of Dentistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2School of Biology, Faculty of Science and School of Dentistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece; 3Clinical Implant Dentistry, School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; 4Department of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece Objectives: The study reported here investigated the first radiographic evidence of third molar (M3 formation, their incidence and distribution as well as their congenital absence on the right or the left side in either the maxilla or the mandible, in both male and female Greek orthodontic patients. Materials and methods: A total of 618 panoramic radiographs were initially examined. After the application of inclusion/exclusion criteria, the group finally selected consisted of 428 patients (mean age 11.64 years, range 5–18: 179 males (mean age 11.73 ± 2.46 and 249 females (mean age 11.57 ± 2.45. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS software (IBM, Armonk, New York, NY, USA. The level of significance for all analyses was set to p = 0.05. The chi-square (χ2 test was used to assess the relationships between variables. The Wilcoxon’s signed-rank test and the Mann–Whitney U test were also used for comparisons as well as the Spearman’s rho test for correlations. Results: M3s were first detected in females at the age of 7 years whereas males followed one year later at the age of 8 years. A strong correlation between age and M3 development was revealed for both sexes (Spearman’s rho = 0.177, p = 0.05. Presence of all four M3s was the most common incidence (present in 70.8% of study subjects, followed by the agenesis of two (12.1%, agenesis of all four (8.4%, one (6.8%, and three (1.9% M3s

  7. The cytochrome P450 genesis locus: the origin and evolution of animal cytochrome P450s. (United States)

    Nelson, David R; Goldstone, Jared V; Stegeman, John J


    The neighbourhoods of cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes in deuterostome genomes, as well as those of the cnidarians Nematostella vectensis and Acropora digitifera and the placozoan Trichoplax adhaerens were examined to find clues concerning the evolution of CYP genes in animals. CYP genes created by the 2R whole genome duplications in chordates have been identified. Both microsynteny and macrosynteny were used to identify genes that coexisted near CYP genes in the animal ancestor. We show that all 11 CYP clans began in a common gene environment. The evidence implies the existence of a single locus, which we term the 'cytochrome P450 genesis locus', where one progenitor CYP gene duplicated to create a tandem set of genes that were precursors of the 11 animal CYP clans: CYP Clans 2, 3, 4, 7, 19, 20, 26, 46, 51, 74 and mitochondrial. These early CYP genes existed side by side before the origin of cnidarians, possibly with a few additional genes interspersed. The Hox gene cluster, WNT genes, an NK gene cluster and at least one ARF gene were close neighbours to this original CYP locus. According to this evolutionary scenario, the CYP74 clan originated from animals and not from land plants nor from a common ancestor of plants and animals. The CYP7 and CYP19 families that are chordate-specific belong to CYP clans that seem to have originated in the CYP genesis locus as well, even though this requires many gene losses to explain their current distribution. The approach to uncovering the CYP genesis locus overcomes confounding effects because of gene conversion, sequence divergence, gene birth and death, and opens the way to understanding the biodiversity of CYP genes, families and subfamilies, which in animals has been obscured by more than 600 Myr of evolution.

  8. Genesis Solar Wind Collector Cleaning Assessment: 60366 Sample Case Study (United States)

    Goreva, Y. S.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Kuhlman, K. R.; Burnett, D. S.; Woolum, D.; Jurewicz, A. J.; Allton, J. H.; Rodriguez, M. C.; Burkett, P. J.


    In order to recognize, localize, characterize and remove particle and thin film surface contamination, a small subset of Genesis mission collector fragments are being subjected to extensive study via various techniques [1-5]. Here we present preliminary results for sample 60336, a Czochralski silicon (Si-CZ) based wafer from the bulk array (B/C).

  9. GENESIS: Agile Generation of Information Management Oriented Software

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Erasmo Gómez


    Full Text Available The specification for an information system can be clear from the beginning: it must acquire, display, query and modify data, using a database. The main issue is to decide which information to manage. In the case originating this work, information was always evolving, even up to the end of the project. This implies the construction of a new system each time the information is redefined. This article presents Genesis, an agile development infrastructure, and proposes an approach for the immediate construction of required information systems. Experts describe their information needs and queries, and Genesis generates the corresponding application, with the appropriate graphical interfaces and database.La especificación de un sistema de información puede estar clara desde el principio: debe adquirir, desplegar, consultar y modificar datos, usando una base de datos. El asunto es decidir cuál información manejar. En el caso que origina este trabajo, la información evoluciona permanentemente, incluso hasta el final del proyecto. Esto implica la construcción de un nuevo sistema cada vez que se redefine la información. Este artículo presenta Genesis, una infraestructura ágil para la construcción inmediata del sistema de información que sea requerido. Los expertos describen su información y consultas. Genesis produce el software correspondiente, generando las interfaces gráficas y la base de datos apropiados.

  10. On the genesis of Post constraint in modern electromagnetism


    Lakhtakia, Akhlesh


    The genesis of the Post constraint is premised on two attributes of modern electromagnetism: (i) its microscopic nature, and (ii) the status of e and b as the primitive electromagnetic fields. This constraint can therefore not arise in EH--electromagnetism, wherein the primitive electromagnetic fields are the macroscopic fields E and H.

  11. Small Particulate Contamination Survey Of Genesis Flight Sample 61423 (United States)

    Kuhlman, K. R.; Schmeling, M.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allums, K. K.; Allton, J. H.; Burnett, D. S.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind and brought it back to Earth in order to provide precise knowledge of solar isotopic and elemental compositions. The ions in the solar wind stop in the collectors at depths on the order of 10 to a few hundred nanometers. This shallow implantation layer is critical for scientific analysis of the composition of the solar wind and must be preserved throughout sample handling, cleaning, processing, distribution, preparation and analysis. We continue to work with the community of scientists analyzing Genesis samples using our unique laboratory facilities -- and, where needed, our unique cleaning techniques -- to significantly enhance the science return from the Genesis mission. This work is motivated by the need to understand the submicron contamination on the collectors in the Genesis payload as recovered from the crash site in the Utah desert, and -- perhaps more importantly -- how to remove it. We continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the wet-chemical "cleaning" steps used by various investigators, to enable them to design improved methods of stripping spacecraft and terrestrial contamination from surfaces while still leaving the solar-wind signal intact.

  12. Influence of the soil genesis on physical and mechanical properties. (United States)

    Marschalko, Marian; Yilmaz, Işık; Fojtová, Lucie; Kubečka, Karel; Bouchal, Tomáš; Bednárik, Martin


    The paper deals with the influence of soil genesis on the physical-mechanical properties. The presented case study was conducted in the region of the Ostrava Basin where there is a varied genetic composition of the Quaternary geological structure on the underlying Neogeneous sediments which are sediments of analogous granulometry but different genesis. In this study, 7827 soil samples of an eolian, fluvial, glacial, and deluvial origin and their laboratory analyses results were used. The study identified different values in certain cases, mostly in coarser-grained foundation soils, such as sandy loam S4 (MS) and clayey sand F4 (CS). The soils of the fluvial origin manifest different values than other genetic types. Next, based on regression analyses, dependence was proved neither on the deposition depth (depth of samples) nor from the point of view of the individual foundation soil classes or the genetic types. The contribution of the paper is to point at the influence of genesis on the foundation soil properties so that engineering geologists and geotechnicians pay more attention to the genesis during engineering-geological and geotechnical investigations.

  13. Genesis 900有源超低音

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Genesis 900可以说是音响史上的第一款操作功能最为齐全的有源超低音产品,即便是目前最新型的Hi—End有源超低音,也未必能全面超越它。而且Genesis 900的售价也可以说是Genesis高端产品中最为合理的,如果有发烧友想以最少的代价享受等同于Genesis传奇的四件式音箱的震撼低音效果,拥有Genesis 900就是最好的途径!说它操作功能齐全一点也不假,Genesis 900有源超低音具备RCA、XLR与扬声器三种输入端子,并有一条控制线与顶部的遥控接收器连接。这个遥控装置与Genesis大音箱完全相同,可以调整相位(0-180度,

  14. Pristine Igneous Rocks and the Genesis of Early Planetary Crusts (United States)

    Warren, Paul H.; Lindstrom, David (Technical Monitor)


    Our studies are highly interdisciplinary, but are focused on the processes and products of early planetary and asteroidal differentiation, especially the genesis of the ancient lunar crust. The compositional diversity that we explore is the residue of process diversity, which has strong relevance for comparative planetology.

  15. genesis 35:8 in the literary and theological context

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    “ordinary” wet nurse who, at her death, made the whole household of. Israel stand .... nurse in Genesis 24:59 who the history of interpretation unequivocally identifies .... deaths at that stage of his journey was an indication that the Jacob Cycle.

  16. Decontamination of Genesis Array Materials by UV Ozone Cleaning (United States)

    Calaway, Michael J.; Burnett, D. S.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Sestak, S.; Allton, J. H.; Stansbery, E. K.


    Shortly after the NASA Genesis Mission sample return capsule returned to earth on September 8, 2004, the science team discovered that all nine ultra-pure semiconductor materials were contaminated with a thin molecular organic film approximately 0 to 100 angstroms thick. The organic contaminate layer, possibly a silicone, situated on the surface of the materials is speculated to have formed by condensation of organic matter from spacecraft off-gassing at the Lagrange 1 halo orbit during times of solar exposure. While the valuable solar wind atoms are safely secured directly below this organic contamination and/or native oxide layer in approximately the first 1000 angstroms of the ultra-pure material substrate, some analytical techniques that precisely measure solar wind elemental abundances require the removal of this organic contaminate. In 2005, Genesis science team laboratories began to develop various methods for removing the organic thin film without removing the precious material substrate that contained the solar wind atoms. Stephen Sestak and colleagues at Open University first experimented with ultraviolet radiation ozone (UV/O3) cleaning of several non-flight and flown Genesis silicon wafer fragments under a pure flowing oxygen environment. The UV/O3 technique was able to successfully remove organic contamination without etching into the bulk material substrate. At NASA Johnson Space Center Genesis Curation Laboratory, we have installed an UV/O3 cleaning devise in an ambient air environment to further experimentally test the removal of the organic contamination on Genesis wafer materials. Preliminary results from XPS analysis show that the UV/O3 cleaning instrument is a good non-destructive method for removing carbon contamination from flown Genesis array samples. However, spectroscopic ellipsometry results show little change in the thickness of the surface film. All experiments to date have shown UV/O3 cleaning method to be the best non-destructive method

  17. Python as a federation tool for GENESIS 3.0.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hugo Cornelis

    Full Text Available The GENESIS simulation platform was one of the first broad-scale modeling systems in computational biology to encourage modelers to develop and share model features and components. Supported by a large developer community, it participated in innovative simulator technologies such as benchmarking, parallelization, and declarative model specification and was the first neural simulator to define bindings for the Python scripting language. An important feature of the latest version of GENESIS is that it decomposes into self-contained software components complying with the Computational Biology Initiative federated software architecture. This architecture allows separate scripting bindings to be defined for different necessary components of the simulator, e.g., the mathematical solvers and graphical user interface. Python is a scripting language that provides rich sets of freely available open source libraries. With clean dynamic object-oriented designs, they produce highly readable code and are widely employed in specialized areas of software component integration. We employ a simplified wrapper and interface generator to examine an application programming interface and make it available to a given scripting language. This allows independent software components to be 'glued' together and connected to external libraries and applications from user-defined Python or Perl scripts. We illustrate our approach with three examples of Python scripting. (1 Generate and run a simple single-compartment model neuron connected to a stand-alone mathematical solver. (2 Interface a mathematical solver with GENESIS 3.0 to explore a neuron morphology from either an interactive command-line or graphical user interface. (3 Apply scripting bindings to connect the GENESIS 3.0 simulator to external graphical libraries and an open source three dimensional content creation suite that supports visualization of models based on electron microscopy and their conversion to

  18. Python as a federation tool for GENESIS 3.0. (United States)

    Cornelis, Hugo; Rodriguez, Armando L; Coop, Allan D; Bower, James M


    The GENESIS simulation platform was one of the first broad-scale modeling systems in computational biology to encourage modelers to develop and share model features and components. Supported by a large developer community, it participated in innovative simulator technologies such as benchmarking, parallelization, and declarative model specification and was the first neural simulator to define bindings for the Python scripting language. An important feature of the latest version of GENESIS is that it decomposes into self-contained software components complying with the Computational Biology Initiative federated software architecture. This architecture allows separate scripting bindings to be defined for different necessary components of the simulator, e.g., the mathematical solvers and graphical user interface. Python is a scripting language that provides rich sets of freely available open source libraries. With clean dynamic object-oriented designs, they produce highly readable code and are widely employed in specialized areas of software component integration. We employ a simplified wrapper and interface generator to examine an application programming interface and make it available to a given scripting language. This allows independent software components to be 'glued' together and connected to external libraries and applications from user-defined Python or Perl scripts. We illustrate our approach with three examples of Python scripting. (1) Generate and run a simple single-compartment model neuron connected to a stand-alone mathematical solver. (2) Interface a mathematical solver with GENESIS 3.0 to explore a neuron morphology from either an interactive command-line or graphical user interface. (3) Apply scripting bindings to connect the GENESIS 3.0 simulator to external graphical libraries and an open source three dimensional content creation suite that supports visualization of models based on electron microscopy and their conversion to computational models

  19. Assortative sociality, limited dispersal, infectious disease and the genesis of the global pattern of religion diversity (United States)

    Fincher, Corey L; Thornhill, Randy


    Why are religions far more numerous in the tropics compared with the temperate areas? We propose, as an answer, that more religions have emerged and are maintained in the tropics because, through localized coevolutionary races with hosts, infectious diseases select for three anticontagion behaviours: in-group assortative sociality; out-group avoidance; and limited dispersal. These behaviours, in turn, create intergroup boundaries that effectively fractionate, isolate and diversify an original culture leading to the genesis of two or more groups from one. Religion is one aspect of a group's culture that undergoes this process. If this argument is correct then, across the globe, religion diversity should correlate positively with infectious disease diversity, reflecting an evolutionary history of antagonistic coevolution between parasites and hosts and subsequent religion genesis. We present evidence that supports this model: for a global sample of traditional societies, societal range size is reduced in areas with more pathogens compared with areas with few pathogens, and in contemporary countries religion diversity is positively related to two measures of parasite stress. PMID:18664438

  20. Attentional capture during visual search is attenuated by target predictability: evidence from the N2pc, Pd, and topographic segmentation. (United States)

    Burra, Nicolas; Kerzel, Dirk


    Attentional capture by salient distractors has been confirmed by the occurrence of an N2pc to the salient distractor. To clarify some failures to replicate this finding, we varied target predictability to induce different search modes. In the unpredictable target condition, the target shape varied randomly from trial to trial, favoring singleton detection mode. In the predictable target condition, the target shape remained the same in a block of trials, favoring feature search mode. With unpredictable targets, we observed an N2pc toward the salient color distractor, confirming attentional capture in singleton search mode. With predictable targets, there was no N2pc to the salient distractor, but a distractor positivity (Pd), suggesting distractor suppression. Also, differences emerged in the topographic segmentation of N2pc and Pd. Further, the amplitude of the N2pc toward the target was larger with predictable than with unpredictable targets.

  1. Caspase-1 is involved in the genesis of inflammatory hypernociception by contributing to peripheral IL-1β maturation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zamboni Dario S


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Caspase-1 is a cysteine protease responsible for the processing and secretion of IL-1β and IL-18, which are closely related to the induction of inflammation. However, limited evidence addresses the participation of caspase-1 in inflammatory pain. Here, we investigated the role of caspase-1 in inflammatory hypernociception (a decrease in the nociceptive threshold using caspase-1 deficient mice (casp1-/-. Results Mechanical inflammatory hypernociception was evaluated using an electronic version of the von Frey test. The production of cytokines, PGE2 and neutrophil migration were evaluated by ELISA, radioimmunoassay and myeloperoxidase activity, respectively. The interleukin (IL-1β and cyclooxygenase (COX-2 protein expression were evaluated by western blotting. The mechanical hypernociception induced by intraplantar injection of carrageenin, tumour necrosis factor (TNFα and CXCL1/KC was reduced in casp1-/- mice compared with WT mice. However, the hypernociception induced by IL-1β and PGE2 did not differ in WT and casp1-/- mice. Carrageenin-induced TNF-α and CXCL1/KC production and neutrophil recruitment in the paws of WT mice were not different from casp1-/- mice, while the maturation of IL-1β was reduced in casp1-/- mice. Furthermore, carrageenin induced an increase in the expression of COX-2 and PGE2 production in the paw of WT mice, but was reduced in casp1-/- mice. Conclusion These results suggest that caspase-1 plays a critical role in the cascade of events involved in the genesis of inflammatory hypernociception by promoting IL-1β maturation. Because caspase-1 is involved in the induction of COX-2 expression and PGE2 production, our data support the assertion that caspase-1 is a key target to control inflammatory pain.

  2. Target blood pressure in diabetes patients with hypertension——What is the accumulated evidence in 2011?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Peter M. NILSSON


    There is overwhelming evidence that hypertension is an important risk factor for both macrovascular and microvascular complications in patients with diabetes,but the problem remains to identify appropriate goals for preventive therapies.A number of guidelines (the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)/European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 2007,the Joint National Committee (JNC)-Ⅶ 2003,the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2011) have for example advocated a blood pressure goal of less than 130/80 mmHg,but this suggestion has been challenged by findings in recent trials and meta-analyses (2011).The European Society of Hypertension (ESH)therefore recommends a systolic blood pressure goal of "well below" 140 mmHg.Based on evidence from both randomized controlled trials (hypertension optimal treatment (HOT),action in diabetes and vascular disease:preterax and diamicron MR controlled evaluation (ADVANCE),action to control cardiovascular risk in diabetes (ACCORD)) and observational studies (ongoing telmisartan alone and in combination with ramipril global endpoint trial (ONTARGET),international verapamil-trandolapril study (INVEST),treat to new targets (TNT),and the National Diabetes Register (NDR)),it has been shown that the benefit for stroke reduction remains even at lower achieved blood pressure levels,but the risk of coronary events may be uninfluenced or even increased at lower systolic blood pressure levels.In a recent meta-analysis,it was therefore concluded that the new recommended goal should be 130-135 mmHg systolic blood pressure for most patients with type 2 diabetes.Other risk factors should also be controlled with a more ambitious strategy applied in the younger patients with shorter diabetes duration,but a more cautious approach in the elderly and frail patients with a number of vascular or non-vascular co-morbidities.In patients from East Asia,such as China,the stroke risk is relatively higher than the risk of coronary events.This must

  3. Evidence for strain-specific differences in benzene toxicity as a function of host target cell susceptibility. (United States)

    Neun, D J; Penn, A; Snyder, C A


    It has long been recognized that benzene exposure produces disparate toxic responses among different species or even among different strains within the same species. There is ample evidence that species- or strain-dependent differences in metabolic activity correlate with the disparate responses to benzene. However, bone marrow cells (the putative targets of benzene toxicity) may also exhibit species- or strain-dependent differences in susceptibility to the toxic effects of benzene. To investigate this hypothesis, two sets of companion experiments were performed. First, two strains of mice, Swiss Webster (SW) and C57B1/6J (C57), were exposed to 300 ppm benzene via inhalation and the effects of the exposures were determined on bone marrow cellularity and the development of bone marrow CFU-e (Colony Forming Unit-erythroid, an early red cell progenitor). Second, bone marrow cells from the same strains were exposed in vitro to five known benzene metabolites (1,4 benzoquinone, catechol, hydroquinone, muconic acid, and phenol) individually and in binary combinations. Benzene exposure, in vivo, reduced bone marrow cellularity and the development of CFU-e in both strains; however, reductions in both these endpoints were more severe in the SW strain. When bone marrow cells from the two strains were exposed in vitro to the five benzene metabolites individually, benzoquinone, hydroquinone, and catechol reduced the numbers of CFU-e in both strains in dose-dependent responses, phenol weakly reduced the numbers of the C57 CFU-e only and in a non-dose-dependent manner, and muconic acid was without effect on cells from either strain.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  4. Current data of targeted therapies for the treatment of triple-negative advanced breast cancer: empiricism or evidence-based? (United States)

    Petrelli, Fausto; Cabiddu, Mary; Ghilardi, Mara; Barni, Sandro


    Approximately 10 - 15% of breast carcinomas (BCs) are known to be 'triple-negative (TN) receptor' (i.e., not expressing ER or PR and not exhibiting overexpression and/or gene amplification of HER2-neu). Triple-negative BCs comprise approximately 85% of all basal-type tumours. Classically, basal-like BCs have been characterised by low expression of ER, PR, and HER2 neu and high expression of CK5, CK14, caveolin-1, CAIX, p63, and EGFR (HER1), which reflects the mammary gland basal/myoepithelial cell component. Although there is no standard first-line chemotherapy regimen for metastatic TN BCs, anthracycline- and taxane-containing regimens are acceptable treatments. A large number of agents, including DNA-damaging agents, EGFR inhibitors, antiangiogenic agents and novel taxane formulations are currently being tested in clinical trials for first-line and pretreated patients. Limited experiences with platinum salts, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors, cetuximab, bevacizumab and ixabepilone have been published in recent years and will be reported. Novel immunohistochemistry analysis for identification of basal like/TN phenotype are awaited to correctly select this population. The clinical trials investigating new agents have to be designed for a specific (and possibly large) subset of patients with BC. In the future, a gene array platform with greater sensitivity for distinguishing the various BC subtypes, as well as having the power to predict the molecular biology of the disease, will be an indispensible tool for treatment selection. Currently, treatment of TN BC is more empirical than evidence-based. The cornerstone of treatment is chemotherapy, but in the near future, novel target agents will emerge as possible partners.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vlastimil MONI


    Full Text Available This article presents summarizing information about the solution of partial part of research problem of prognoses of deposited brown coal spontaneous combustion sources genesis as a part of project TA01020351 – program ALFA. We will gradually describe the results of long term measurements carried out on selected brown coal heaps realized from 2011 to 2013. The attention is devoted to characterization of key parameters. These parameters influence the genesis of combustion. The second problem is the comparison of results of thermal imaging with laboratory results of gas and coal samples sampled in situ, with the influence of atmospheric conditions (insolation, aeration, rainfall, atmospheric pressure changes etc., with influence of coal mass degradation, physical and chemical factors and another failure factors to brown coal spontaneous combustion processes.

  6. Nuts and Bolts - Techniques for Genesis Sample Curation (United States)

    Burkett, Patti J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Allton, J. H.


    The Genesis curation staff at NASA Johnson Space Center provides samples and data for analysis to the scientific community, following allocation approval by the Genesis Oversight Committee, a sub-committee of CAPTEM (Curation Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials). We are often asked by investigators within the scientific community how we choose samples to best fit the requirements of the request. Here we will demonstrate our techniques for characterizing samples and satisfying allocation requests. Even with a systematic approach, every allocation is unique. We are also providing updated status of the cataloging and characterization of solar wind collectors as of January 2011. The collection consists of 3721 inventoried samples consisting of a single fragment, or multiple fragments containerized or pressed between post-it notes, jars or vials of various sizes.

  7. Genesis herschreven en geïnterpreteerd in het boek Jubileeën, nader toegelicht met een vergelijking van Genesis 17 en Jubileeën 15

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ruiten, Jacques T.A.G.M. van


    Jacques T.A.G.M. van Ruiten, “Genesis herschreven en geïnterpreteerd in het boek Jubileeën, nader toegelicht met een vergelijking van Genesis 17 en Jubileeën 15,” Nederlands theologisch tijdschrift 64 (2010): 32-50.

  8. Evolution of the marketing theory: genesis, conception, periodization


    M.A. Oklander; T.O. Oklander


    The aim of this article. The article deals with evolution of the marketing theory in it genesis context, modern conception, periodization. Mercantilism, classical and neoclassical political economy, marginalism, institutionalism are distinguished as scientific sources of marketing. One defines that modern marketing conception is a socially responsible marketing form, based on mass individualization, the highest customer value supply, consumer’s problems effective solving. The marketing theory...

  9. Magma genesis, plate tectonics, and chemical differentiation of the Earth


    Wyllie, Peter J.


    Magma genesis, migration, and eruption have played prominent roles in the chemical differentiation of the Earth. Plate tectonics has provided the framework of tectonic environments for different suites of igneous rocks and the dynamic mechanisms for moving masses of rock into melting regions. Petrology is rooted in geophysics. Petrological and geophysical processes are calibrated by the phase equilibria of the materials. The geochemistry of basalts and mantle xenoliths demonstrates that the m...

  10. Genesis Research与Morphosys扩展HuCAL抗体协议

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Genesis Research与Morphosys扩展协议后,靶向FGFR5蛋白的抗体将继续作为其研究的焦点。Genesis将利用Morphosys分公司Serotec开发的人组织抗体库(HuCAL)继续开发成纤维细胞生长因子受体5(FGFR5)靶点。

  11. Evolution of the marketing theory: genesis, conception, periodization


    M.A. Oklander; T.O. Oklander


    The aim of this article. The article deals with evolution of the marketing theory in it genesis context, modern conception, periodization. Mercantilism, classical and neoclassical political economy, marginalism, institutionalism are distinguished as scientific sources of marketing. One defines that modern marketing conception is a socially responsible marketing form, based on mass individualization, the highest customer value supply, consumer’s problems effective solving. The marketing theory...

  12. Inflammation in the genesis and perpetuation of atrial fibrillation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engelmann, Mads D M; Svendsen, Jesper Hastrup


    The prevalence and persistence of atrial fibrillation (AF) and the relative inefficacy of the currently available pharmacotherapy requires development of new treatment strategies. Recent findings have suggested a mechanistic link between inflammatory processes and the development of AF. Epidemiol...... be through anti-inflammatory activity. This article reviews what is known about inflammation in genesis and perpetuation of AF, the putative underlying mechanisms, and possible therapeutic implications for the inhibition of inflammation as an evolving treatment modality for AF....

  13. Online resources in mathematics: teachers' genesis of use

    CERN Document Server

    Bueno-Ravel, Laetitia


    The long-term objective of our research is to develop the instrumental approach for teachers. A first step, presented in this paper, is to observe stable behaviours of teachers using internet resources in mathematics. We retain the scenarios as indicators of the genesis processes. We propose a scenario taxonomy taken from categories elaborated by computer sciences specialists and complemented to take into account didactical aspects. The descriptions provided by teachers permitted to observe an evolution of their scenarios elaboration's practices.

  14. Inflammation and its genesis in cystic fibrosis. (United States)

    Nichols, David P; Chmiel, James F


    The host inflammatory response in cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease has long been recognized as a central pathological feature and an important therapeutic target. Indeed, many believe that bronchiectasis results largely from the oxidative and proteolytic damage comprised within an exuberant airway inflammatory response that is dominated by neutrophils. In this review, we address the longstanding argument of whether or not the inflammatory response is directly attributable to impairment of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator or only secondary to airway obstruction and chronic bacterial infection and challenge the importance of this distinction in the context of therapy. We also review the centrality of neutrophils in CF lung pathophysiology and highlight more recent data that suggest the importance of other cell types and signaling beyond NF-κB activation. We discuss how protease and redox imbalance are critical factors in CF airway inflammation and end by reviewing some of the more promising therapeutic approaches now under development.

  15. Nurr1 regulates Top IIβ and functions in axon genesis of mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heng Xin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background NURR1 (also named as NR4A2 is a member of the steroid/thyroid hormone receptor family, which can bind to DNA and modulate expression of target genes. Previous studies have shown that NURR1 is essential for the nigral dopaminergic neuron phenotype and function maintenance, and the defects of the gene are possibly associated with Parkinson's disease (PD. Results In this study, we used new born Nurr1 knock-out mice combined with Affymetrix genechip technology and real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR to identify Nurr1 regulated genes, which led to the discovery of several transcripts differentially expressed in the nigro-striatal pathway of Nurr1 knock-out mice. We found that an axon genesis gene called Topoisomerase IIβ (Top IIβ was down-regulated in Nurr1 knock-out mice and we identified two functional NURR1 binding sites in the proximal Top IIβ promoter. While in Top IIβ null mice, we saw a significant loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantial nigra and lack of neurites along the nigro-striatal pathway. Using specific TOP II antagonist ICRF-193 or Top IIβ siRNA in the primary cultures of ventral mesencephalic (VM neurons, we documented that suppression of TOP IIβ expression resulted in VM neurites shortening and growth cones collapsing. Furthermore, microinjection of ICRF-193 into the mouse medial forebrain bundle (MFB led to the loss of nigro-striatal projection. Conclusion Taken together, our findings suggest that Top IIβ might be a down-stream target of Nurr1, which might influence the processes of axon genesis in dopaminergic neurons via the regulation of TOP IIβ expression. The Nurr1-Top IIβ interaction may shed light on the pathologic role of Nurr1 defect in the nigro-striatal pathway deficiency associated with PD.

  16. Genesis of the city Šabac and origin of its name

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grčić Mirko


    Full Text Available Origin and meaning of the name of the city of Šabac was object of interest for many Serbian and foreign historical geographers, linguist geographers, anthropogeographers and others. Nevertheless, the meaning of this name has not been clearly researched till today. Some scientist believed that „Zaslon, the city on the river Sava, is Šabac in Greek“, some others believe that the name Šabac is in Serbian language. In this research paper authors deals with two hypotheses about the name. First hypothesis connects city name with the river Sava, and the second with name of god Sabacius (Sabazije, who was identified as Dionysus and Thracian god horse rider. However, these names are much older than material evidences about city genesis.

  17. On the genesis of the uraniferous deposits I; Consideraciones sobre la genesis de los yacimientos uraniferos. I.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mingarro, E.


    The main problems of the genesis of uranium deposits as hydro thermals are objectively considered here under three aspects: uranium source transport and deposition. The transport of uranium can be effected under a tetravalent form, or as complex ions of hexavalent uranium: as uranyl ion (UO{sub 2}){sup 2}+ or under complex carbonic or sulfuric forms, such as UO{sub 2}(XO{sub n}){sub 2}{sup 2}- or UO{sub 2}(XO{sub n}){sub 3}{sup 4}-. These three ways of transport correspond to the three basic geochemical para genesis of uranium: uranium-titanium, uranium-cobalt, uranium. Deposition is currently made by reduction and in some way is no dependent of mineralogical association. (Author) 61 refs.

  18. Genesis of microspore-derived triploid petunias. (United States)

    Gupta, P P


    A total of 61 microspore-derived plants of Petunia parodii were grown to maturity revealing a predominent population of triploids, 80.3%. Cytological investigations, together with the evidence from microfluorimetry, suggest that the origin of these triploids was due to the fusion of interphase nuclei in two different pathways. In the majority of embryogenic microspores, a vegetative nucleus of 1C DNA content fused with an endo-reduplicated 2C DNA generative nucleus at the binucleate stage and produced true triploid embryoids and plantlets (A pathway). Where this fusion failed, both the vegetative and the generative nuclei divided separately and in the multinucleate microspore two or more daughter nuclei fused to form a mixoploid embryoid. Such mixoploid embryoids produced a mixed population of plants with various ploidy levels as well as ploidy polymorphism within an individual. Since the triploids are morphologically superior with a faster growth rate than their diploids and related tetraploids, a predominent population of triploid plants was obtained from such mixoploid embryoids (B pathway). By low temperature treatment of the anther-donor buds, the embryogenic response of microspores was enhanced up to 5-fold.

  19. Evidence of resonant surface wave excitation in the relativistic regime through measurements of proton acceleration from grating targets

    CERN Document Server

    Ceccotti, T; Sgattoni, A; Bigongiari, A; Raynaud, M; Riconda, C; Heron, A; Baffigi, F; Labate, L; Gizzi, L A; Vassura, L; Fuchs, J; Passoni, M; Kveton, M; Novotny, F; Possolt, M; Prokupek, J; Proska, J; Psikal, J; Stolcova, L; Velyhan, A; Bougeard, M; D'Oliveira, P; Tcherbakoff, O; Reau, F; Martin, P; Macchi, A


    The interaction of laser pulses with thin grating targets, having a periodic groove at the irradiated surface, has been experimentally investigated. Ultrahigh contrast ($\\sim 10^{12}$) pulses allowed to demonstrate an enhanced laser-target coupling for the first time in the relativistic regime of ultra-high intensity $>10^{19} \\mbox{W/cm}^{2}$. A maximum increase by a factor of 2.5 of the cut-off energy of protons produced by Target Normal Sheath Acceleration has been observed with respect to plane targets, around the incidence angle expected for resonant excitation of surface waves. A significant enhancement is also observed for small angles of incidence, out of resonance.

  20. Inhibition of non-target languages in multilingual word production: evidence from Uighur-Chinese-English trilinguals. (United States)

    Guo, Taomei; Liu, Fengqin; Chen, Bingle; Li, Shengcao


    The present study examined the hypothesis whether non-target languages are inhibited during multilingual language production by examining the n-2 language repetition cost. In two experiments, Uighur-Chinese-English trilinguals named Arabic digits in one of their three languages according to a visually presented cue. Significant n-2 repetition costs were obtained in both experiments, which indicate that inhibition exists during multilingual word production. In addition, in Experiment 1, it was also found that the n-2 repetition cost was reduced when cues were highly compatible with the task, which means non-target languages are less inhibited. In Experiment 2, the n-2 repetition cost was increased at a shorter CSI. Taken together, these results indicate that inhibition of non-target languages occurs during multilingual language production, and that efficiency of establishing the target language task schema has an effect on the inhibitory control process.

  1. The Word Frequency Effect on Saccade Targeting during Chinese Reading: Evidence from a Survival Analysis of Saccade Length (United States)

    Liu, Yanping; Huang, Ren; Li, Yugang; Gao, Dingguo


    Our study employs distributional analysis (i.e., survival analysis) to examine how the frequency of target words influences saccade lengths into and out of these target words in Chinese reading. The results of survival analysis indicate the survival curves in the high- and low-frequency conditions diverge for a short saccade length, with more than 80% of the lengths of incoming and outgoing saccades being larger than the divergence points. These results as well as simulations using the novel Dynamic-adjustment Model of saccadic targeting (Liu et al., 2016) are consistent with previous mean-based results and provide more precise information to support this novel model. The implications for saccade target selection during the reading of Chinese are discussed.

  2. An evidence-based update on the pharmacological activities and possible molecular targets of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheng J


    Full Text Available Jiang Cheng,1,2 Zhi-Wei Zhou,2 Hui-Ping Sheng,3 Lan-Jie He,4 Xue-Wen Fan,1 Zhi-Xu He,5 Tao Sun,6 Xueji Zhang,7 Ruan Jin Zhao,8 Ling Gu,9 Chuanhai Cao,2 Shu-Feng Zhou2,5 1Department of Neurology, General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan, Ningxia, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Pharmaceutical Science, College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA; 3Department of Infectious Diseases, 4Department of Endocrinology, General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan, Ningxia, 5Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Research Center and Sino-US Joint Laboratory for Medical Sciences, Guiyang Medical University, Guiyang, Guizhou, 6Key Laboratory of Craniocerebral Diseases of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan, Ningxia, 7Research Center for Bioengineering and Sensing Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, People’s Republic of China; 8Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sarasota, FL, USA; 9School of Biology and Chemistry, University of Pu’er, Pu’er, Yunnan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Lycium barbarum berries, also named wolfberry, Fructus lycii, and Goji berries, have been used in the People’s Republic of China and other Asian countries for more than 2,000 years as a traditional medicinal herb and food supplement. L. barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs are the primary active components of L. barbarum berries and have been reported to possess a wide array of pharmacological activities. Herein, we update our knowledge on the main pharmacological activities and possible molecular targets of LBPs. Several clinical studies in healthy subjects show that consumption of wolfberry juice improves general wellbeing and immune functions. LBPs are reported to have antioxidative and antiaging properties in different models. LBPs show antitumor activities against various types of

  3. HIV among immigrants living in high-income countries: a realist review of evidence to guide targeted approaches to behavioural HIV prevention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    McMahon Tadgh


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Immigrants from developing and middle-income countries are an emerging priority in HIV prevention in high-income countries. This may be explained in part by accelerating international migration and population mobility. However, it may also be due to the vulnerabilities of immigrants including social exclusion along with socioeconomic, cultural and language barriers to HIV prevention. Contemporary thinking on effective HIV prevention stresses the need for targeted approaches that adapt HIV prevention interventions according to the cultural context and population being addressed. This review of evidence sought to generate insights into targeted approaches in this emerging area of HIV prevention. Methods We undertook a realist review to answer the research question: ‘How are HIV prevention interventions in high-income countries adapted to suit immigrants’ needs?’ A key goal was to uncover underlying theories or mechanisms operating in behavioural HIV prevention interventions with immigrants, to uncover explanations as how and why they work (or not for particular groups in particular contexts, and thus to refine the underlying theories. The realist review mapped seven initial mechanisms underlying culturally appropriate HIV prevention with immigrants. Evidence from intervention studies and qualitative studies found in systematic searches was then used to test and refine these seven mechanisms. Results Thirty-four intervention studies and 40 qualitative studies contributed to the analysis and synthesis of evidence. The strongest evidence supported the role of ‘consonance’ mechanisms, indicating the pivotal need to incorporate cultural values into the intervention content. Moderate evidence was found to support the role of three other mechanisms – ‘understanding’, ‘specificity’ and ‘embeddedness’ – which indicated that using the language of immigrants, usually the ‘mother tongue’, targeting (in terms

  4. Mare basalt genesis - Modeling trace elements and isotopic ratios (United States)

    Binder, A. B.


    Various types of mare basalt data have been synthesized, leading to the production of an internally consistent model of the mare basalt source region and mare basalt genesis. The model accounts for the mineralogical, major oxide, compatible siderophile trace element, incompatible trace element, and isotopic characteristics of most of the mare basalt units and of all the pyroclastic glass units for which reliable data are available. Initial tests of the model show that it also reproduces the mineralogy and incompatible trace element characteristics of the complementary highland anorthosite suite of rocks and, in a general way, those of the lunar granite suite of rocks.

  5. Hemodynamic factors in the genesis of diabetic microangiopathy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Parving, H H; Viberti, G C; Keen, H


    There are many candidate mechanisms to explain the phenomenon of delayed microvascular disease in the diabetic. All may play some part in determining the genesis, the evolution or the ultimate degree and form of the angiopathy. General metabolic and humoral factors may provide the pathogenetic...... conditions for the evolution of microvascular disease. The hemodynamic changes and the vascular responses to them that we have described are, we suggest, very likely to be an important component of this sort. Unlike the later structural changes, these hemodynamic phenomena are to be found very early...

  6. Phenomenological Theory of Isotropic-Genesis Nematic Elastomers (United States)

    Lu, Bing-Sui; Ye, Fangfu; Xing, Xiangjun; Goldbart, Paul M.


    We consider the impact of the elastomer network on the nematic structure and fluctuations in isotropic-genesis nematic elastomers, via a phenomenological model that underscores the role of network compliance. The model contains a network-mediated nonlocal interaction as well as a new kind of random field that reflects the memory of the nematic order present at network formation and also encodes local anisotropy due to localized nematogenic polymers. This model enables us to predict regimes of short-ranged oscillatory spatial correlations (thermal and glassy) in the nematic alignment.

  7. 步步紧逼—Concept Genesis Coupe

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    不知道从什么时候,现代进军高档车的步伐已经开始。2007年初,现代推出了一款高端概念车,如今这款非常接近量产车型的概念车还未实现量产计划,现代又在此基础上推出了另一款具有跑车风味的概念车Genesis Coupe。

  8. 76 FR 21403 - Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Genesis Project... (United States)


    ...] Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Genesis Project, Eureka County... available for public inspection at the BLM Elko District Office, 3900 E. Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada during...: Newmont Mining Corporation's Genesis- Bluestar mining operations area is located in northeastern Nevada...

  9. 75 FR 22838 - Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Genesis Project... (United States)


    ... Genesis Project, Eureka County, NV AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior. ACTION: Notice of..., Nevada 89801 E-mail: or . Copies of the Genesis Project... Office, 3900 East Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada 89801; or e-mail ....

  10. 78 FR 60018 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel GENESIS; Invitation for... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel GENESIS... of the vessel GENESIS is: INTENDED COMMERCIAL USE OF VESSEL: ``To charter in New York Harbor, as...

  11. GENESYS 1990-91: Selected Program Evaluations. Publication Number 90.39. (United States)

    Wilkinson, David; Spano, Sedra G.

    GENESYS is a GENeric Evaluation SYStem for data collection and evaluation through computer technology. GENESYS gathers and reports the standard information (student characteristics, achievement, attendance, discipline, grades/credits, dropouts, and retainees) for specific groups of students. In the Austin (Texas) Independent School District's…

  12. The Genesis of Chua's Circuit:. Connecting Science, Art and Creativity (United States)

    Bertacchini, Francesca; Bilotta, Eleonora; Laria, Giuseppe; Pantano, Pietro


    The Chua's circuit has provided science with a real scientific and technological advancement in the field of dynamical systems. But the origin of the Chua's circuit, which has resulted in major areas of study within Chaos Theory, with thousands of printed scientific articles, is not widely known. In this chapter, we trace the fundamental stages of the Genesis of the Chua's circuit. To make the story more appealing for the new generations, a 3D movie was made (issued on DVD, with this volume). Besides presenting the main characters from the history of such system, it also introduces Lorenz, Poincare, Julia and Cantor as the precursors of the studies on chaos, which discuss the need for a physical system that demonstrates chaos, a phenomenon not yet understood, in a numerical, physical and experimental way. The story, enriched by the conversations of the above mentioned characters, was staged exactly as it occurred, derived from Professor Chua's famous article of 1983, The Genesis of the Chua's circuit. And the story continues with the authors contribution in expanding Chaos Theory, with the discovery of almost one thousand attractors, which have provided new important elements for the advancement of science in the field of nonlinear chaotic systems.

  13. [Intervention of nicotinamide on skin melanin genesis after UVA exposed]. (United States)

    Patam, Muhammad; Jin, Xi-peng; Zhang, Yu-bin; Pan, Jian-ying; Shen, Guang-zu


    To investigate the interference effect of nicotinamide on UVA-induced melanin genesis and melanin transport in human skin melanocyte. The optimum UVA dose expected to cause cell proliferation: 0.2 J/cm(2), nicotinamide was added immediately after the 0.2 J/cm(2) UVA exposure and the melanin content, cell cycles, cell apoptosis and mRNA express level were measured respectively. Melanin content in melanocytes was increased significantly after exposed to 0.2 J/cm(2) UVA. Melanin content in melanocytes was decreased after treatment with 10.0 mmol/ml nicotinamide following UVA exposure, but the cell cycles and the cell apoptosis rate were not significantly altered. mRNA express levels of TYR, TRP-1 were modulated by nicotinamide. Nicotinamide has more effect on decreasing melanin genesis after UVA exposure, nicotinamide also plays a role in modulating the mRNA express of TYR, TRP-1 gene. It is possible to consider nicotinamide as an efficient and safe sun screen to provide a certain level of protection for UVA exposed skin.

  14. Examples of Optical Assessment of Surface Cleanliness of Genesis Samples (United States)

    Rodriquez, Melissa C.; Allton, J. H.; Burkett, P. J.; Gonzalez, C. P.


    Optical microscope assessment of Genesis solar wind collector surfaces is a coordinated part of the effort to obtain an assessed clean subset of flown wafer material for the scientific community. Microscopic survey is typically done at 50X magnification at selected approximately 1 square millimeter areas on the fragment surface. This survey is performed each time a principle investigator (PI) returns a sample to JSC for documentation as part of the established cleaning plan. The cleaning plan encompasses sample handling and analysis by Genesis science team members, and optical survey is done at each step in the process. Sample surface cleaning is performed at JSC (ultrapure water [1] and UV ozone cleaning [2]) and experimentally by other science team members (acid etch [3], acetate replica peels [4], CO2 snow [5], etc.). The documentation of each cleaning method can potentially be assessed with optical observation utilizing Image Pro Plus software [6]. Differences in particle counts can be studied and discussed within analysis groups. Approximately 25 samples have been identified as part of the cleaning matrix effort to date.

  15. How really effective are Multimodal Hints in enhancing Visual Target Spotting? Some evidence from a usability study

    CERN Document Server

    Kieffer, Suzanne


    The main aim of the work presented here is to contribute to computer science advances in the multimodal usability area, in-as-much as it addresses one of the major issues relating to the generation of effective oral system messages: how to design messages which effectively help users to locate specific graphical objects in information visualisations? An experimental study was carried out to determine whether oral messages including coarse information on the locations of graphical objects on the current display may facilitate target detection tasks sufficiently for making it worth while to integrate such messages in GUIs. The display spatial layout varied in order to test the influence of visual presentation structure on the contribution of these messages to facilitating visual search on crowded displays. Finally, three levels of task difficulty were defined, based mainly on the target visual complexity and the number of distractors in the scene. The findings suggest that spatial information messages improve p...

  16. Visual working memory modulates low-level saccade target selection: evidence from rapidly generated saccades in the global effect paradigm. (United States)

    Hollingworth, Andrew; Matsukura, Michi; Luck, Steven J


    In three experiments, we examined the influence of visual working memory (VWM) on the metrics of saccade landing position in a global effect paradigm. Participants executed a saccade to the more eccentric object in an object pair appearing on the horizontal midline, to the left or right of central fixation. While completing the saccade task, participants maintained a color in VWM for an unrelated memory task. Either the color of the saccade target matched the memory color (target match), the color of the distractor matched the memory color (distractor match), or the colors of neither object matched the memory color (no match). In the no-match condition, saccades tended to land at the midpoint between the two objects: the global, or averaging, effect. However, when one of the two objects matched VWM, the distribution of landing position shifted toward the matching object, both for target match and for distractor match. VWM modulation of landing position was observed even for the fastest quartile of saccades, with a mean latency as low as 112 ms. Effects of VWM on such rapidly generated saccades, with latencies in the express-saccade range, indicate that VWM interacts with the initial sweep of visual sensory processing, modulating perceptual input to oculomotor systems and thereby biasing oculomotor selection. As a result, differences in memory match produce effects on landing position similar to the effects generated by differences in physical salience.

  17. Multi-Target Directed Indole Based Hybrid Molecules in Cancer Therapy : An Up-To-Date Evidence-Based Review. (United States)

    Sunil, Dhanya; Kamath, Pooja R


    Cancer is a multifactorial disease and most of its types still remain incurable, in spite of enormous efforts to explicate various tumor pathophysiology. The anti-cancer drug discovery paradigm "one-compound-one-target" has failed and subsequently shifted to two-drug cocktail and recently the "multi-target approach" in order to design and develop agents able to act simultaneously on multiple intracellular constituents and signaling pathways. Novel hybrid compounds are now designed by incorporating two covalently linked independently acting pharmacores, each efficient at combating cancer. They can deliver synergistic effects from the dual action of both independently acting moieties by interacting with multiple targets. These composite molecules are also less prone to drug resistance, leading to an improved pharmacological potency than each individual moiety. As indole nucleus is a central component of many natural and synthetic molecules with extensive biological activity, this review incorporates a variety of such hybrid compounds with indole moiety as one of the active units, where better therapeutic effect has been successfully achieved, by either simultaneous or sequential action of individual functional pharmacore. The current limitations and challenges encountered in the development of these hybrid agents are also discussed.

  18. Molecular landscape of arthrofibrosis: Microarray and bioinformatic analysis of the temporal expression of 380 genes during contracture genesis. (United States)

    Morrey, Mark E; Abdel, Matthew P; Riester, Scott M; Dudakovic, Amel; van Wijnen, Andre J; Morrey, Bernard F; Sanchez-Sotelo, Joaquin


    Inflammatory changes are suspected in the pathophysiology of arthrofibrosis formation and require early molecular examination. Here, we assessed the hypothesis that early inflammatory genes are related to arthrofibrosis by ascertaining gene expression during the early stages of contracture genesis in an animal model. Joint trauma was incited surgically in a cohort of rabbits (n=36) knees followed by immobilization in a model of contracture. Six groups of 6 rabbits were sacrificed at multiple time points (0, 6, 12, 24, 72h and 2weeks). Microarray expression and RT-qPCR profiling were performed to determine genes that are significantly up or downregulated. Bioinformatic analysis was carried out to understand which biological programs and functional groups of genes are modulated in arthrofibrosis. Gene expression profiling revealed a large number biologically relevant genes (>100) that are either upregulated or downregulated by at least a 1.5 fold (log2) during the first two weeks after joint injury during contracture development. Gene ontology analysis identified molecular pathways and programs that act during the course of fibrosis and joint contracture. Our main finding is that the development of contractures occur concomitant with modulation of genes mediating inflammatory responses, ECM remodeling and the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. The genesis of joint contracture reflects an imbalance between pro- and anti-fibrotic expression. Our study indicates that inflammatory genes may be involved in the process of contracture genesis and initiated at relatively early stages. Our findings also may inform clinical practice in the future by suggesting potential therapeutic targets in preventing the long-term development of arthrofibrosis. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. 75 FR 69458 - Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision for the Genesis Solar Energy Project and... (United States)


    ... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision for the Genesis Solar Energy... Genesis Solar Energy Project (GSEP). The GSEP is a concentrated solar electrical generating facility using...-mail: . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Genesis Solar, LLC, a wholly...

  20. 75 FR 52966 - Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Genesis Solar, LLC... (United States)


    ... Unit 2 (eastern) power block. The project would also include above-ground and subsurface fiber optic... of the GSEP project is to respond to Genesis Solar, LLC's application under Title V of FLPMA (43 U.S... Genesis Solar, LLC Genesis Solar Energy Project and Proposed California Desert Conservation Area...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Torres Servin, S.


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to look into the creation process of Narnia, according to C. S. Lewis, and the creation of the world, according to the biblical narrative, in order to establish a parallel thread that links the two stories. There are numerous similarities and differences between the Narnia story, The Magician’s Nephew, and the Genesis narrative. This fact relates them in a unique and creative way. It is clear that Lewis drew on the Genesis narrative to craft his creation and establishment of Narnia, but the way in which he set the characters and events taking place in the beginnings of Narnia can be remarkable, due precisely, many times, to the contrasting ways in which he brings them together. It is from that background platform that this analysis is approached. Needless to say that the Narnia story is greatly enriched by the way Lewis drew his narrative from the Bible. The contrasts are rich and the minute contrastive or similar details bring a new freshness to the story. In determining similarities, parallelism is usually an interesting factor, but parallelisms made up of contrasting aspects is what makes The Magician’s Nephew story so new, unique, different, and interesting.

  2. Genesis Solar Wind Science Canister Components Curated as Potential Solar Wind Collectors and Reference Contamination Sources (United States)

    Allton, J. H.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allums, K. K.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind for 27 months at Earth-Sun L1 on both passive and active collectors carried inside of a Science Canister, which was cleaned and assembled in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom prior to launch. The primary passive collectors, 271 individual hexagons and 30 half-hexagons of semiconductor materials, are described in. Since the hard landing reduced the 301 passive collectors to many thousand smaller fragments, characterization and posting in the online catalog remains a work in progress, with about 19% of the total area characterized to date. Other passive collectors, surfaces of opportunity, have been added to the online catalog. For species needing to be concentrated for precise measurement (e.g. oxygen and nitrogen isotopes) an energy-independent parabolic ion mirror focused ions onto a 6.2 cm diameter target. The target materials, as recovered after landing, are described in. The online catalog of these solar wind collectors, a work in progress, can be found at: This paper describes the next step, the cataloging of pieces of the Science Canister, which were surfaces exposed to the solar wind or component materials adjacent to solar wind collectors which may have contributed contamination.

  3. Entry, Descent, and Landing Operations Analysis for the Genesis Entry Capsule (United States)

    Desai, Prasun N.; Lyons, Daniel T.


    On September 8, 2004, the Genesis spacecraft returned to Earth after spending 29 months about the sun-Earth libration point (L1) collecting solar wind particles. Four hours prior to Earth arrival, the sample return capsule containing the samples was released for entry and subsequent landing at the Utah Test and Training Range. This paper provides an overview of the entry, descent, and landing trajectory analysis that was performed during the mission operations phase leading up to final approach to Earth. The final orbit determination solution produced an inertial entry flight-path angle of -8.002 deg (which was the desired nominal value) with a 3-sigma error of +/-0.0274 deg (a third of the requirement). The operations effort accurately delivered the entry capsule to the desired landing site. The final landing location was 8.3 km from the target, and was well within the allowable landing area. Overall, the Earth approach operation procedures worked well and there were no issues (logistically or performance based) that arose. As a result, the process of targeting a capsule from deep space and accurately landing it on Earth was successfully demonstrated.

  4. Pharmacological and Genetic Evidence for Gap Junctions as Potential New Insecticide Targets in the Yellow Fever Mosquito, Aedes aegypti. (United States)

    Calkins, Travis L; Piermarini, Peter M


    The yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti is an important vector of viral diseases that impact global health. Insecticides are typically used to manage mosquito populations, but the evolution of insecticide resistance is limiting their effectiveness. Thus, identifying new molecular and physiological targets in mosquitoes is needed to facilitate insecticide discovery and development. Here we test the hypothesis that gap junctions are valid molecular and physiological targets for new insecticides. Gap junctions are intercellular channels that mediate direct communication between neighboring cells and consist of evolutionarily distinct proteins in vertebrate (connexins) and invertebrate (innexins) animals. We show that the injection of pharmacological inhibitors of gap junctions (i.e., carbenoxolone, meclofenamic acid, or mefloquine) into the hemolymph of adult female mosquitoes elicits dose-dependent toxic effects, with mefloquine showing the greatest potency. In contrast, when applied topically to the cuticle, carbenoxolone was the only inhibitor to exhibit full efficacy. In vivo urine excretion assays demonstrate that both carbenoxolone and mefloquine inhibit the diuretic output of adult female mosquitoes, suggesting inhibition of excretory functions as part of their mechanism of action. When added to the rearing water of 1st instar larvae, carbenoxolone and meclofenamic acid both elicit dose-dependent toxic effects, with meclofenamic acid showing the greatest potency. Injecting a double-stranded RNA cocktail against innexins into the hemolymph of adult female mosquitoes knock down whole-animal innexin mRNA expression and decreases survival of the mosquitoes. Taken together these data indicate that gap junctions may provide novel molecular and physiological targets for the development of insecticides.

  5. Phase I Oncology Studies: Evidence That in the Era of Targeted Therapies, Patients on Lower Doses Do Not Fare Worse (United States)

    Jain, Rajul K.; Lee, J. Jack; Hong, David; Markman, Maurie; Gong, Jing; Naing, Aung; Wheler, Jennifer; Kurzrock, Razelle


    PURPOSE To safely assess new drugs, cancer patients in initial cohorts of phase I oncology studies receive low drug doses. Doses are successively increased until the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) is determined. Since traditional chemotherapy is often more effective near the MTD, ethical concerns have been raised regarding administration of low drug doses to phase I patients. However, a substantial portion of oncology trials now investigate targeted agents, which may have different dose-response relationships than cytotoxic chemotherapies. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Twenty-four consecutive trials treating 683 patients between 10-01-2004 and 6-30-2008 at MD Anderson Cancer Center were analyzed. Patients were assigned to a low-dose (≤25% MTD), medium-dose (25–75% MTD), or high-dose (≥75% MTD) group, and groups were compared for response rate, time-to-treatment-failure, progression-free survival, overall survival, and toxicity. To remove negatively biasing data from the high-dose group, in a second analysis patients treated above the MTD were excluded (high-dose group = 75–100% MTD). 97.7% of patients received targeted agents. RESULTS Even when excluding patients above the MTD, there was an early trend favoring the low- versus high-dose group in time-to-treatment-failure, with 32.9% versus 25.2% of patients on therapy at 3 months (p=0.08). Additionally, the low-dose group fared at least as well as the other groups in all other outcomes, including response rate, progression-free survival, overall survival, and toxicity. CONCLUSIONS These data may help alleviate concerns that patients who receive low drug doses on contemporary phase I oncology trials fare worse, and suggest targeted agents may have different dose-response relationships than cytotoxic chemotherapies. PMID:20145187

  6. Pharmacological and Genetic Evidence for Gap Junctions as Potential New Insecticide Targets in the Yellow Fever Mosquito, Aedes aegypti.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Travis L Calkins

    Full Text Available The yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti is an important vector of viral diseases that impact global health. Insecticides are typically used to manage mosquito populations, but the evolution of insecticide resistance is limiting their effectiveness. Thus, identifying new molecular and physiological targets in mosquitoes is needed to facilitate insecticide discovery and development. Here we test the hypothesis that gap junctions are valid molecular and physiological targets for new insecticides. Gap junctions are intercellular channels that mediate direct communication between neighboring cells and consist of evolutionarily distinct proteins in vertebrate (connexins and invertebrate (innexins animals. We show that the injection of pharmacological inhibitors of gap junctions (i.e., carbenoxolone, meclofenamic acid, or mefloquine into the hemolymph of adult female mosquitoes elicits dose-dependent toxic effects, with mefloquine showing the greatest potency. In contrast, when applied topically to the cuticle, carbenoxolone was the only inhibitor to exhibit full efficacy. In vivo urine excretion assays demonstrate that both carbenoxolone and mefloquine inhibit the diuretic output of adult female mosquitoes, suggesting inhibition of excretory functions as part of their mechanism of action. When added to the rearing water of 1st instar larvae, carbenoxolone and meclofenamic acid both elicit dose-dependent toxic effects, with meclofenamic acid showing the greatest potency. Injecting a double-stranded RNA cocktail against innexins into the hemolymph of adult female mosquitoes knock down whole-animal innexin mRNA expression and decreases survival of the mosquitoes. Taken together these data indicate that gap junctions may provide novel molecular and physiological targets for the development of insecticides.

  7. Genesis, Retold: In Search of an Atlas of the Anthropocene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Struck, Wolfgang


    Full Text Available While, within the last decades, the atlas has lost its dominance as a medium of spatial representation to digital media, it has recently attracted a significant aesthetic interest. Artists and writers have created books that are explicitly or implicitly linked to the atlas, delving into its history, its epistemological preconditions, and its representational capacity. In this essay, I suggest a connection between this attraction to a supposedly outdated medium and the representational challenges raised by the model of the Anthropocene. A first example offers Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis (2013, a monumental collection of photographs that promises a journey “to the beginnings of our planet,” confronting the viewer with the dimension of geological time into which human agency has expanded. Due to the indexicality of photography, the Genesis-project has to approach deep time by movements within space, and thus it is not coincidental that the book that is credited as one of the most powerful representations of the Anthropocene resembles an atlas. In this resemblance, however, it also reproduces the abstract and generalized space of cartography. The atlas allows, as I try to demonstrate by a short view into its history, the representation of large dimensions through a negotiation of relations between part and whole, but in order to do so, it increases the distance between the observer and the observed. As an alternative model, I discuss Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands (2009, Engl. 2010. More aware of the problematic effects of media and modes of representation on the represented world, Schalansky’s atlas deconstructs the observer who looks at the territory from outside and above, and reinserts him or her into a landscape of multiple movements and connections. Exploring a multiplicity of cultural techniques and actors, human as well as non-human, involved in the production of the image of the globe, this atlas becomes a medium of

  8. Predictive Malaria Risk and Uncertainty Mapping in Nchelenge District, Zambia: Evidence of Widespread, Persistent Risk and Implications for Targeted Interventions. (United States)

    Pinchoff, Jessie; Chaponda, Mike; Shields, Timothy; Lupiya, James; Kobayashi, Tamaki; Mulenga, Modest; Moss, William J; Curriero, Frank C


    Malaria risk maps may be used to guide policy decisions on whether vector control interventions should be targeted and, if so, where. Active surveillance for malaria was conducted through household surveys in Nchelenge District, Zambia from April 2012 through December 2014. Households were enumerated based on satellite imagery and randomly selected for study enrollment. At each visit, participants were administered a questionnaire and a malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT). Logistic regression models were used to construct spatial prediction risk maps and maps of risk uncertainty. A total of 461 households were visited, comprising 1,725 participants, of whom 48% were RDT positive. Several environmental features were associated with increased household malaria risk in a multivariable logistic regression model adjusting for seasonal variation. The model was validated using both internal and external evaluation measures to generate and assess root mean square error, as well as sensitivity and specificity for predicted risk. The final, validated model was used to predict and map malaria risk including a measure of risk uncertainty. Malaria risk in a high, perennial transmission setting is widespread but heterogeneous at a local scale, with seasonal variation. Targeting malaria control interventions may not be appropriate in this epidemiological setting.

  9. On Gravitational Chirality as the Genesis of Astrophysical Jets

    CERN Document Server

    Tucker, Robin W


    It has been suggested that single and double jets observed emanating from certain astrophysical objects may have a purely gravitational origin. We discuss new classes of plane-fronted and pulsed gravitational wave solutions to the equation for perturbations of Ricci-flat spacetimes around Minkowski metrics, as models for the genesis of such phenomena. These solutions are classified in terms of their chirality and generate a family of non-stationary spacetime metrics. Particular members of these families are used as backgrounds in analysing time-like solutions to the geodesic equation for test particles. They are found numerically to exhibit both single and double jet-like features with dimensionless aspect ratios suggesting that it may be profitable to include such backgrounds in simulations of astrophysical jet dynamics from rotating accretion discs involving electromagnetic fields.

  10. On gravitational chirality as the genesis of astrophysical jets (United States)

    Tucker, R. W.; Walton, T. J.


    It has been suggested that single and double jets observed emanating from certain astrophysical objects may have a purely gravitational origin. We discuss new classes of plane-fronted and pulsed gravitational wave solutions to the equation for perturbations of Ricci-flat spacetimes around Minkowski metrics, as models for the genesis of such phenomena. These solutions are classified in terms of their chirality and generate a family of non-stationary spacetime metrics. Particular members of these families are used as backgrounds in analysing time-like solutions to the geodesic equation for test particles. They are found numerically to exhibit both single and double jet-like features with dimensionless aspect ratios suggesting that it may be profitable to include such backgrounds in simulations of astrophysical jet dynamics from rotating accretion discs involving electromagnetic fields.

  11. The genesis of the quantum theory of the chemical bond

    CERN Document Server

    Esposito, S


    An historical overview is given of the relevant steps that allowed the genesis of the quantum theory of the chemical bond, starting from the appearance of the new quantum mechanics and following later developments till approximately 1931. General ideas and some important details are discussed concerning molecular spectroscopy, as well as quantum computations for simple molecular systems performed within perturbative and variational approaches, for which the Born-Oppenheimer method provided a quantitative theory accounting for rotational, vibrational and electronic states. The novel concepts introduced by the Heitler-London theory, complemented by those underlying the method of the molecular orbitals, are critically analyzed along with some of their relevant applications. Further improvements in the understanding of the nature of the chemical bond are also considered, including the ideas of one-electron and three-electron bonds introduced by Pauling, as well as the generalizations of the Heitler-London theory ...

  12. Kuhn and the genesis of the "new historiography of science". (United States)

    de Oliveira, J C Pinto


    In this paper I identify a tension between the two sets of works by Kuhn regarding the genesis of the "new historiography of science". In the first, it could be said that the change from the traditional to the new historiography is strictly endogenous (referring to internal causes or reasons). In the second, the change is predominantly exogenous. To address this question, I draw on a text that is considered to be less important among Kuhn's works, but which, as shall be argued, allows some contact between Kuhn's two approaches via Koyré. I seek to point out and differentiate the roles of Koyré and Kuhn--from Kuhn's point of view--in the development of the historiography of science and, as a complement, present some reflections regarding the justification of the new historiography.

  13. Instrumental Genesis in GeoGebra Based Board Game Design

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Misfeldt, Morten


    for teaching skills with GeoGebra, as well as an entrepreneurial attitude towards mathematics. Using the instrumental approach I discuss how open ended transdisciplinary design activities can support instrumental genesis, by considering the extent to which the pupils address mathematical knowledge......In this paper I address the use of digital tools (GeoGebra) in open ended design activities, with primary school children. I present results from the research and development project “Creative Digital Mathematics”, which aims to use the pupil’s development of mathematical board games as a vehicle...... in their work with GeoGebra and how they relate their work with GeoGebra and mathematics to fellow pupils and real life situations. The results show that pupils’ consider development of board games as meaningful mathematical activity, and that they develop skills with GeoGebra, furthermore the pupils considers...

  14. Soil genesis of mine spoil, Navajo Mine, New Mexico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buchanan, B.A. [New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces, NM (United States); Stutz, H.C. [Brigham Young Univ., Provo, UT (United States); Estrada, O.J. [BHP - Utah International Inc., Fruitland, NM (United States)


    Documenting mine spoil genesis has been limited in the Western States. Few areas have {open_quotes}before{close_quotes} and {open_quotes}after{close_quotes} type data and for some mines older reclamation areas are limited. Soil samples were collected from 8-11 year old reclaimed spoil as part of a rooting depth study completed in June 1987 at the Navajo Mine. Samples were collected in 25 cm increments to depths of at least 200 cm and most often to 350 cm at a total of fifteen different reclamation plots. The spoil was composed of various amounts of shale and sandstone. The sites represented different topographic positions (swale/backslope), reclamation ages (8 to 11 years), slopes (0-15%), and topdressing treatments (with and without).

  15. Radiation inactivation (target size analysis) of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor: evidence for a high molecular weight complex

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Conn, P.M.; Venter, J.C.


    In the present study we used radiation inactivation (target size analysis) to measure the functional mol wt of the GnRH receptor while it is still a component of the plasma membrane. This technique is based on the observation that an inverse relationship exists between the dose-dependent inactivation of a macromolecule by ionizing radiation and the size of that macromolecule. This method demonstrates a mol wt of 136,346 +/- 8120 for the GnRH receptor. This estimate is approximately twice that obtained (60,000) by photoaffinity labeling with a radioactive GnRH analog followed by electrophoresis under denaturing conditions and, accordingly, presents the possibility that the functional receptor consists of a high mol wt complex in its native state. The present studies indicate that the GnRH receptor is either a single weight class of protein or several closely related weight classes, such as might occur due to protein glycosylation.

  16. Evidence of self-affine target fragmentation process in relativistic nuclear collision at a few GeV/n

    CERN Document Server

    Ghosh, D; Bhattacharya, S; Ghosh, J; Sarkar, R


    Self-affine multiplicity scaling is investigated in the framework of two-dimensional factorial moment methodology using the concept of Hurst exponent (H). Investigation on the experimental data of target fragments emitted in sup 1 sup 2 C-AgBr and sup 2 sup 4 Mg-AgBr interactions at 4.5 A GeV revealed that best power law behaviour is exhibited at H = 0.5 for sup 1 sup 2 C initiated interactions indicating self-affine multiplicity fluctuations. But for sup 2 sup 4 Mg-AgBr interactions it cannot be unambiguously concluded whether the nature of dynamical fluctuations is self-affine or self-similar. The signal of multifractality is observed for both the interactions.

  17. Monetary Policy and Inflation: Is there a Neo- Fisher Effect? Evidence from Inflation Targeting Countries in Central and Eastern Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pleșcău Ioana


    Full Text Available In this study we empirically investigate the influence of the low interest rate environmentadopted by inflation targeting countries from Central and Eastern Europe as a rescue measureafter the outbreak of the financial crisis. Moreover, we focus on examining the existence of a NeoFishereffect that may explain the positive relation between interest rates and inflation, withcausality from interest towards inflation rate. We employ a Vector Autoregressive model, togetherwith an impulse response analysis and a variance decomposition technique, to capture theresponse of economic growth and inflation to shocks to the monetary policy. Our main results pointto a negative relation between policy rates and economic growth, as predicted by the economicliterature. However, results show a significant positive relation between interest rates andinflation, meaning that negative shocks to interest rates lead to lower inflation. Also, we find thatthe response of inflation and economic growth is the same, regardless of the crisis or non-crisisperiod.

  18. The genesis of vertisols with gilgai microtopography: A review (United States)

    Khitrov, N. B.


    Different hypotheses about the genesis of gilgai microtopography and corresponding soil complexes with clayey swelling soils are considered in this review. Their diversity is stipulated by specificities of the objects themselves and by the history of studies of the composition, properties, regimes, and landscape conditions of the areas with Vertisols in different countries. Most of the hypotheses about the genesis of Vertisols with the gilgai microtopography suggest that strong swelling-shrinking processes take place in these soils in the course of moistening-drying cycles; the origin of shear stress in the soils, its spatial patterns, and the particular ways of translocation of the soil material are discussed. At the early stage of Vertisol studies, a hypothesis about the leading role of the process of "self-swallowing" of the soils as a result of filling of open cracks with the material from the upper soil horizons was popular. However, numerous facts suggest that the intensity of this process is relatively low, so that it cannot play the major role in the gilgai formation and cyclic changes in the thickness and properties of the soil horizons in Vertisols. Another important mechanism is the uneven moistening and drying of the whole soil volume resulting in the irregular distribution of inner tensions in the soil with the development of shear stress and plastic deformation of the soil mass. The hypotheses suggested in the recent decades are based on the models of soil mechanics. A number of hypotheses consider possible alternation and duration of evolutionary stages of the development of Vertisols with the gilgai microtopography.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. R. Bilalova


    Full Text Available Purpose of the study. To carry out a comparative description of the clinical and biochemical parameters at patients with cirrhosis of an alcoholic genesis (CP-HGA and cirrhosis of mixed etiologies — CP-HGM (HСV+ alcohol.Materials and methods. The study involved 62 patients with cirrhosis of different etiologies, who carries out clinical, immunogenetic and biochemical studies.Results. Patients with the 3d genotype and low viral load were registered with cirrhosis of mixed etiologies (HСV+ alcohol. At the cirrhosis Class B for Child-Pugh basic data biochemical parameters were similar in patients with CP-HGA and CP-HGM, but ALT and AST activity, which are significantly higher than observed in patients with CP-HGM. At dismissal, ALT and GGT activities were detected significantly higher in patients with CP-HGM than the CP-HGA. At the cirrhosis Class C for Child-Pugh the baseline, reflecting cholestasis — is total bilirubin, GGT and alkaline phosphatase and were detected significantly higher in the CP-HGA, than with CP-HGM significantly reduced, and thore is no differences between the groups to be discharged from the hospital, in addition to the activity of GGT, which it remained significantly higher in the CP-HGA, than with CP-HGM. Cytolytic activity of enzymes (ALT, AST during the entire period of the disease was observed significantly higher normal values and did not depend on the CP etiology.Conclusion decision. The maximum rate of change of the basic biochemical parameters is observed in patients with cirrhosis of mixed etiologies Class B for Child-Pugh and at the cirrhosis of an alcoholic genesis — in patients with cirrhosis Class C.

  20. Antipsychotics promote GABAergic interneuron genesis in the adult rat brain: Role of heat-shock protein production. (United States)

    Kaneta, Hiroo; Ukai, Wataru; Tsujino, Hanako; Furuse, Kengo; Kigawa, Yoshiyasu; Tayama, Masaya; Ishii, Takao; Hashimoto, Eri; Kawanishi, Chiaki


    Current antipsychotics reduce positive symptoms and reverse negative symptoms in conjunction with cognitive behavioral issues with the goal of restoring impaired occupational and social functioning. However, limited information is available on their influence on gliogenesis or their neurogenic properties in adult schizophrenia brains, particularly on GABAergic interneuron production. In the present study, we used young adult subventricular zone (SVZ)-derived progenitor cells expressing proteoglycan NG2 cultures to examine the oligodendrocyte and GABAergic interneuron genesis effects of several kinds of antipsychotics on changes in differentiation function induced by exposure to the NMDA receptor antagonist MK-801. We herein demonstrated that antipsychotics promoted or restored changes in the oligodendrocyte/GABAergic interneuron differentiation functions of NG2(+) cells induced by the exposure to MK-801, which was considered to be one of the drug-induced schizophrenia model. We also demonstrated that antipsychotics restored heat-shock protein (HSP) production in NG2(+) cells with differentiation impairment. The antipsychotics olanzapine, aripiprazole, and blonanserin, but not haloperidol increased HSP90 levels, which were reduced by the exposure to MK-801. Our results showed that antipsychotics, particularly those recently synthesized, exerted similar GABAergic interneuron genesis effects on NG2(+) neuronal/glial progenitor cells in the adult rat brain by increasing cellular HSP production, and also suggest that HSP90 may play a crucial role in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and is a key target for next drug development. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. Renin-angiotensin system as a potential therapeutic target in stroke and retinopathy: experimental and clinical evidence. (United States)

    Fouda, Abdelrahman Y; Artham, Sandeep; El-Remessy, Azza B; Fagan, Susan C


    As our knowledge expands, it is now clear that the renin-angiotensin (Ang) system (RAS) mediates functions other than regulating blood pressure (BP). The RAS plays a central role in the pathophysiology of different neurovascular unit disorders including stroke and retinopathy. Moreover, the beneficial actions of RAS modulation in brain and retina have been documented in experimental research, but not yet exploited clinically. The RAS is a complex system with distinct yet interconnected components. Understanding the different RAS components and their functions under brain and retinal pathological conditions is crucial to reap their benefits. The aim of the present review is to provide an experimental and clinical update on the role of RAS in the pathophysiology and treatment of stroke and retinopathy. Combining the evidence from both these disorders allows a unique opportunity to move both fields forward.

  2. A Region-Based GeneSIS Segmentation Algorithm for the Classification of Remotely Sensed Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stelios K. Mylonas


    Full Text Available This paper proposes an object-based segmentation/classification scheme for remotely sensed images, based on a novel variant of the recently proposed Genetic Sequential Image Segmentation (GeneSIS algorithm. GeneSIS segments the image in an iterative manner, whereby at each iteration a single object is extracted via a genetic-based object extraction algorithm. Contrary to the previous pixel-based GeneSIS where the candidate objects to be extracted were evaluated through the fuzzy content of their included pixels, in the newly developed region-based GeneSIS algorithm, a watershed-driven fine segmentation map is initially obtained from the original image, which serves as the basis for the forthcoming GeneSIS segmentation. Furthermore, in order to enhance the spatial search capabilities, we introduce a more descriptive encoding scheme in the object extraction algorithm, where the structural search modules are represented by polygonal shapes. Our objectives in the new framework are posed as follows: enhance the flexibility of the algorithm in extracting more flexible object shapes, assure high level classification accuracies, and reduce the execution time of the segmentation, while at the same time preserving all the inherent attributes of the GeneSIS approach. Finally, exploiting the inherent attribute of GeneSIS to produce multiple segmentations, we also propose two segmentation fusion schemes that operate on the ensemble of segmentations generated by GeneSIS. Our approaches are tested on an urban and two agricultural images. The results show that region-based GeneSIS has considerably lower computational demands compared to the pixel-based one. Furthermore, the suggested methods achieve higher classification accuracies and good segmentation maps compared to a series of existing algorithms.

  3. Rural and remote dental services shortages: filling the gaps through geo-spatial analysis evidence-based targeting. (United States)

    Shiika, Yulia; Kruger, Estie; Tennant, Marc


    Australia has a significant mal-distribution of its limited dental workforce. Outside the major capital cities, the distribution of accessible dental care is at best patchy. This study applied geo-spatial analysis technology to locate gaps in dental service accessibility for rural and remote dwelling Australians, in order to test the hypothesis that there are a few key location points in Australia where further dental services could make a significant contribution to ameliorating the immediate shortage crisis. A total of 2,086 dental practices were located in country areas, covering a combined catchment area of 1.84 million square kilometers, based on 50 km catchment zones around each clinic. Geo-spatial analysis technology was used to identify gaps in the accessibility of dental services for rural and remote dwelling Australians. An extraction of data was obtained to analyse the integrated geographically-aligned database. Results: Resolution of the lack of dental practices for 74 townships (of greater than 500 residents) across Australia could potentially address access for 104,000 people. An examination of the socio-economic mix found that the majority of the dental practices (84%) are located in areas classified as less disadvantaged. Output from the study provided a cohesive national map that has identified locations that could have health improvement via the targeting of dental services to that location. The study identified potential location sites for dental clinics, to address the current inequity in accessing dental services in rural and remote Australia.

  4. Inhibition of transcription by the Caenorhabditis elegans germline protein PIE-1: genetic evidence for distinct mechanisms targeting initiation and elongation. (United States)

    Ghosh, Dolan; Seydoux, Geraldine


    In Caenorhabditis elegans embryos, specification of the germ lineage depends on PIE-1, a maternal protein that blocks mRNA transcription in germline blastomeres. Studies in mammalian cell culture have suggested that PIE-1 inhibits P-TEFb, a kinase that phosphorylates serine 2 in the carboxyl-terminal domain (CTD) repeats of RNA polymerase II during transcriptional elongation. We have tested this hypothesis using an in vivo complementation assay for PIE-1 function. Our results support the view that PIE-1 inhibits P-TEFb using the CTD-like motif YAPMAPT. This activity is required to block serine 2 phosphorylation in germline blastomeres, but unexpectedly is not essential for transcriptional repression or specification of the germline. We find that sequences outside of the YAPMAPT are required to inhibit serine 5 phosphorylation, and that this second inhibitory mechanism is essential for transcriptional repression and specification of the germ lineage. Our results suggest that PIE-1 uses partially redundant mechanisms to block transcription by targeting both the initiation and elongation phases of the transcription cycle.

  5. Exogenous plant MIR168a specifically targets mammalian LDLRAP1: evidence of cross-kingdom regulation by microRNA

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lin Zhang; Xing Cai; Yuan Yin; Cheng Wang; Tianfu Zhang; Dihan Zhu; Dianmu Zhang; Jie Xu; Qun Chen; Yi Ba; Jing Liu; Dongxia Hou; Qiang Wang; Jianqun Chen; Jin Wang; Meng Wang; Qipeng Zhang; Junfeng Zhang; Ke Zen; Chen-Yu Zhang; Xi Chen; Donghai Li; Lingyun Zhu; Yujing Zhang; Jing Li; Zhen Bian; Xiangying Liang


    Our previous studies have demonstrated that stable microRNAs (miRNAs) in mammalian serum and plasma are actively secreted from tissues and cells and can serve as a novel class of biomarkers for diseases,and act as signaling molecules in intercellular communication.Here,we report the surprising finding that exogenous plant miRNAs are present in the sera and tissues of various animals and that these exogenous plant miRNAs are primarily acquired orally,through food intake.MIR168a is abundant in rice and is one of the most highly enriched exogenous plant miRNAs in the sera of Chinese subjects.Functional studies in vitro and in vivo demonstrated that MIR168a could bind to the human/mouse low-density lipoprotein receptor adapter protein 1 (LDLRAP1) mRNA,inhibit LDLRAP1 expression in liver,and consequently decrease LDL removal from mouse plasma.These findings demonstrate that exogenous plant miRNAs in food can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals.

  6. Evidence of fibrinogen as a target of citrullination in IgM rheumatoid factor-positive polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dehlendorf Amanda B


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Several studies have noted the significance of measuring anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (CCP antibodies in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA as an important indicator for destructive disease, as is the case in rheumatoid arthritis (RA. While the role of anti-CCP antibodies in RA and JIA has become better understood, the identity of the target proteins of this modification has remained elusive. In this study, we evaluated serum from patients with various subtypes of JIA to investigate the presence of anti-deiminated (citrullinated fibrinogen and anti-citrullinated α-enolase antibodies, and their association with RF and anti-CCP antibody isotypes. Methods Sera were obtained from 96 JIA patients, 19 systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE patients, and 10 healthy children. All sera were measured for antibodies against citrullinated and native fibrinogen and α-enolase by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA. In addition, all sera were assayed for anti-CCP antibody isotypes and rheumatoid factor (RF isotypes by ELISA. The relationship between anti-citrullinated fibrinogen and anti-α-enolase antibodies and disease activity and joint damage were also investigated. All results were correlated with clinical and laboratory parameters using Spearman's rho correlation coefficient. Multiple logistic regression analysis was utilized to identify which variables were associated with joint erosions and diagnosis of JIA. Results Thirty-one JIA patients (32% demonstrated reactivity to citrullinated fibrinogen and 9 (9% to citrullinated α-enolase. Reactivity to citrullinated fibrinogen and α-enolase was predominantly found in IgM RF-positive polyarthritis patients. Fourteen JIA patients reacted with native α-enolase and a higher percentage of SLE patients reacted with citrullinated α-enolase when compared to JIA patients. Anti-citrullinated fibrinogen antibodies correlated with the presence of IgG anti-CCP antibodies and IgA and Ig

  7. VRP immunotherapy targeting neu: treatment efficacy and evidence for immunoediting in a stringent rat mammary tumor model. (United States)

    Laust, Amanda K; Sur, Brandon W; Wang, Kehui; Hubby, Bolyn; Smith, Jonathan F; Nelson, Edward L


    The ability to overcome intrinsic tolerance to a strict "self" tumor-associated antigen (TAA) and successfully treat pre-existing tumor is the most stringent test for anti-tumor immunotherapeutic strategies. Although this capacity has been demonstrated in various models using complicated strategies that may not be readily translated into the clinical arena, straightforward antigen-specific immunotherapeutic strategies in the most stringent models of common epithelial cancers have largely failed to meet this standard. We employed an immunotherapeutic strategy using an alphavirus-based, virus-like replicon particle (VRP), which has in vivo tropism for dendritic cells, to elicit immune responses to the non-mutated TAA rat neu in an aggressive rat mammary tumor model. Using this VRP-based immunotherapeutic strategy targeting a single TAA, we generated effective anti-tumor immunity in the setting of pre-existing tumor resulting in the cure of 36% of rats over multiple experiments, P = 0.002. We also observed down-regulation of rat neu expression in tumors that showed initial responses followed by tumor escape with resumption of rapid tumor growth. These responses were accompanied by significant anti-tumor proliferative responses and CD8+ cellular tumor infiltrates, all of which were restricted to animals receiving the anti-neu immunotherapy. Together these data, obtained in a stringent "self" TAA model, indicate that the VRP-based antigen-specific immunotherapy elicits sufficiently potent immune responses to exert immunologic pressure, selection, and editing of the growing tumors, thus supporting the activity of this straightforward immunotherapy and suggesting that it is a promising platform upon which to build even more potent strategies.

  8. La genesis de las parafilias sexuales y la homosexualidad egodistonica: el modelo de los Mecanismos Tensionales

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jimenez Diaz, Rafael


    ...), el presente articulo trata de exponer una serie de fenomenos que pueden estar pasando desapercibidos a la hora de explicar la genesis y el mantenimiento de las parafilias sexuales y la homosexualidad egodistonica...

  9. 即将问世的新产品Genesis5喇叭

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    这是一个音乐界的大消息,日前 Genesis老板之一的 PaulMcGowan 在音乐大展中表示,Genesis 未来的发展方向将会停止中低价位喇叭的生产,全力集中在 Hi-End 级的产品之上,而即将推出的Genesis 5喇叭,将会是Genesis 目前仍有生产的最低价的喇叭(暂时)。Genesis 5的定价据说将在一万三千美金左右,采用的单体全部由

  10. Metallogenic epoch and genesis of the gold deposits in Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China: a regional review

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Liqiang; DENG Jun; GE Liangsheng; WANG Qingfei; ZHANG Jing; GAO Bangfei; JIANG Shaoqing; XU Hao


    Gold deposits are characterized by multi-sources, superimposition, large scale and temporal-spatial concentration in Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China. In this paper, we review the history and the development of the study on metallogenic chronology and genesis of gold deposits, summarize the main features of superimposed metallogenesis, provide evidence of the Mesozoic complex metallogenic system, and point out some problems for further research of Jiaodong gold deposit cluster from a regional view. Although gold deposits are different in genetic types, ore-forming materials and geological settings, our research indicates that the accumulation and emplacement of the ore-forming materials are temporally-spatially concentrated on a large scale, and the main metallogenic epoch of Jiaodong gold deposits was concentrated in Mesozoic. Metallogenic chronology and geological-geochemical data indicate that there are two periods of gold mineralizations occurred in 130-110 Ma and 90-80 Ma respectively in Jiaodong ore cluster. The gold deposit cluster results from the superimposition of the polygenetic mineralization, and further study is needed to investigate the formation and evolution of the Mesozoic complex metallogenic system.

  11. A Place at the Table: LTD as a Mediator of Memory Genesis. (United States)

    Connor, Steven A; Wang, Yu Tian


    Resolving how our brains encode information requires an understanding of the cellular processes taking place during memory formation. Since the 1970s, considerable effort has focused on determining the properties and mechanisms underlying long-term potentiation (LTP) at glutamatergic synapses and how these processes influence initiation of new memories. However, accumulating evidence suggests that long-term depression (LTD) of synaptic strength, particularly at glutamatergic synapses, is a bona fide learning and memory mechanism in the mammalian brain. The known range of mechanisms capable of inducing LTD has been extended to those including NMDAR-independent forms, neuromodulator-dependent LTD, synaptic depression following stress, and non-synaptically induced forms. The examples of LTD observed at the hippocampal CA1 synapse to date demonstrate features consistent with LTP, including homo- and heterosynaptic expression, extended duration beyond induction (several hours to weeks), and association with encoding of distinct types of memories. Canonical mechanisms through which synapses undergo LTD include activation of phosphatases, initiation of protein synthesis, and dynamic regulation of presynaptic glutamate release and/or postsynaptic glutamate receptor endocytosis. Here, we will discuss the pre- and postsynaptic changes underlying LTD, recent advances in the identification and characterization of novel mechanisms underlying LTD, and how engagement of these processes constitutes a cellular analog for the genesis of specific types of memories.

  12. Sample Return Missions Where Contamination Issues are Critical: Genesis Mission Approach (United States)

    Allton, Judith H.; Stansbery E. K.


    The Genesis Mission, sought the challenging analytical goals of accurately and precisely measuring the elemental and isotopic composition of the Sun to levels useful for planetary science, requiring sensitivities of ppm to ppt in the outer 100 nm of collector materials. Analytical capabilities were further challenged when the hard landing in 2004 broke open the canister containing the super-clean collectors. Genesis illustrates that returned samples allow flexibility and creativity to recover from setbacks.

  13. Genesis of avian influenza H9N2 in Bangladesh. (United States)

    Shanmuganatham, Karthik; Feeroz, Mohammed M; Jones-Engel, Lisa; Walker, David; Alam, SMRabiul; Hasan, MKamrul; McKenzie, Pamela; Krauss, Scott; Webby, Richard J; Webster, Robert G


    Avian influenza subtype H9N2 is endemic in many bird species in Asia and the Middle East and has contributed to the genesis of H5N1, H7N9 and H10N8, which are potential pandemic threats. H9N2 viruses that have spread to Bangladesh have acquired multiple gene segments from highly pathogenic (HP) H7N3 viruses that are presumably in Pakistan and currently cocirculate with HP H5N1. However, the source and geographic origin of these H9N2 viruses are not clear. We characterized the complete genetic sequences of 37 Bangladeshi H9N2 viruses isolated in 2011-2013 and investigated their inter- and intrasubtypic genetic diversities by tracing their genesis in relationship to other H9N2 viruses isolated from neighboring countries. H9N2 viruses in Bangladesh are homogenous with several mammalian host-specific markers and are a new H9N2 sublineage wherein the hemagglutinin (HA) gene is derived from an Iranian H9N2 lineage (Mideast_B Iran), the neuraminidase (NA) and polymerase basic 2 (PB2) genes are from Dubai H9N2 (Mideast_C Dubai), and the non-structural protein (NS), nucleoprotein (NP), matrix protein (MP), polymerase acidic (PA) and polymerase basic 1 (PB1) genes are from HP H7N3 originating from Pakistan. Different H9N2 genotypes that were replaced in 2006 and 2009 by other reassortants have been detected in Bangladesh. Phylogenetic and molecular analyses suggest that the current genotype descended from the prototypical H9N2 lineage (G1), which circulated in poultry in China during the late 1990s and came to Bangladesh via the poultry trade within the Middle East, and that this genotype subsequently reassorted with H7N3 and H9N2 lineages from Pakistan and spread throughout India. Thus, continual surveillance of Bangladeshi HP H5N1, H7N3 and H9N2 is warranted to identify further evolution and adaptation to humans.

  14. New drugs targeting the cardiac ultra-rapid delayed-rectifier current (I Kur): rationale, pharmacology and evidence for potential therapeutic value. (United States)

    Ford, John W; Milnes, James T


    There is a clear unmet medical need for new pharmacologic therapies for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) with improved efficacy and safety. This article reviews the development of new and novel Kv1.5/ultra-rapid delayed-rectifier current (I Kur) inhibitors and presents evidence that Kv1.5 modulation provides an atrial-selective mechanism for treating AF. Academia and industry have invested heavily in Kv1.5 (>500 scientific publications and >50 patents published since 1993); however, to realize the full value of this therapeutic drug target, clinical efficacy and safety data are required for a selective Kv1.5 modulator. The reward for demonstrating clinical efficacy and safety in a pivotal Phase 3 trial, on regulatory approval, is "first in class" status.

  15. The genesis of WiFi and its applications

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    In 1985 changes to US regulations caused a paradigm shift by permitting the use of radio spectrum for devices that did not need to have an end-user license. After a few years, products appeared on the market and a group developed a standard for broadband wireless communications among computers. The presentation will explain how the standard developed and was adopted by the Wi-Fi Alliance, as well as the global harmonization and expansion of the available radio spectrum to over half a GHz. The success of Wi-Fi and user innovation and initiatives makes it a vehicle to bring broadband internet to rural areas both in developing as well as in developed countries. Vic Hayes is a Senior Research Fellow at the Delft University of Technology and is writing a book titled "The genesis of Wi-Fi and the road toward global success". He holds a BSEE and joined NCR in the Netherlands in 1974. He co-established and chaired the IEEE 802.11 Standards Working Group for Wireless Local Area Networks and became known as the "Fathe...

  16. Joining hands across the seas: The genesis of IASAS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roger B. Ludeman


    Full Text Available This paper will outline the journey, personal and organisational, taken by me with many friends of student affairs and services around the world to envision and then create a new global professional association – the International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS. It has been a rather long journey, one that was not without bumps and barriers. While it took over 20 years to get IASAS from the germ of an idea to its current successes, it has proven to be well worth the struggle. IASAS serves as a platform that promotes and allows discussion of issues and best practices in our field: higher education student affairs and services. No matter that there are great differences in delivery methods, breadth of service, views of the student, and sometimes conceptual underpinnings, when focusing on the student, all these differences are celebrated in the context of common values, and make for interesting discussions by practitioners coming from over 30 countries. I have been privileged to be at the centre of most of the efforts to form IASAS, a process not unlike the birthing and raising of a child (of which I have four. The reader will quicklysee the parallels that bring the disappointments on one hand that are easily overshadowed by the joys of seeing your child grow and develop into adolescents and, eventually, adults. So goes the following personal and reflexive account of the genesis of IASAS.

  17. Genesis of Sr Isotopes in Groundwater of Hebei Plain

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    To analyze the genesis of Sr isotopes in groundwater of Hebei plain, time-accumulative effect of 87Sr/86Sr ratio was studied. It is shown that 87Sr/86Sr ratio increases with the increasing age and depth of groundwater and has a positive correlation to 4Heexc and a negative correlation to δ18O and δD.The groundwater is divided into three groups to discuss the relation between 87Sr/86Sr ratio and Sr2+ content: ① moderate Sr2+ content and higher 87Sr/86Sr ratio (water Ⅰ); ② lower Sr2+ content and higher 87Sr/86Sr ratio (water Ⅱ); and ③ higher Sr2+ content and lower 87Sr/86Sr ratio (water Ⅲ), that is hot water. On the basis of integrated analysis, it was considered that ① the radiogenic Sr in the Quaternary groundwater (Q4-Q1) originates from weathering of silicate rich in Na and Rb, mainly from plagioclase; ② the radiogenic Sr of hot water in Huanghua port is attributed to carbonate dissolution, with lower 87Sr/86Sr ratio and higher Sr/Na ratio; ③ the recharge area is laterally recharged by the groundwater flowing through igneous and metamorphic rocks, with moderate 87Sr/86Sr ratio. However, the formation mechanism of Sr isotopes in Tertiary groundwater needs further studies.

  18. Developing ecospheres on transiently habitable planets: the genesis project (United States)

    Gros, Claudius


    It is often presumed, that life evolves relatively fast on planets with clement conditions, at least in its basic forms, and that extended periods of habitability are subsequently needed for the evolution of higher life forms. Many planets are however expected to be only transiently habitable. On a large set of otherwise suitable planets life will therefore just not have the time to develop on its own to a complexity level as it did arise on earth with the cambrian explosion. The equivalent of a cambrian explosion may however have the chance to unfold on transiently habitable planets if it would be possible to fast forward evolution by 3-4 billion years (with respect to terrestrial timescales). We argue here, that this is indeed possible when seeding the candidate planet with the microbial lifeforms, bacteria and unicellular eukaryotes alike, characterizing earth before the cambrian explosion. An interstellar mission of this kind, denoted the `Genesis project', could be carried out by a relatively low-cost robotic microcraft equipped with a on-board gene laboratory for the in situ synthesis of the microbes.

  19. The genesis of craniofacial biology as a health science discipline. (United States)

    Sperber, G H; Sperber, S M


    The craniofacial complex encapsulates the brain and contains the organs for key functions of the body, including sight, hearing and balance, smell, taste, respiration and mastication. All these systems are intimately integrated within the head. The combination of these diverse systems into a new field was dictated by the dental profession's desire for a research branch of basic science devoted and attuned to its specific needs. The traditional subjects of genetics, embryology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, dental materials, odontology, molecular biology and palaeoanthropology pertaining to dentistry have been drawn together by many newly emerging technologies. These new technologies include gene sequencing, CAT scanning, MRI imaging, laser scanning, image analysis, ultrasonography, spectroscopy and visualosonics. A vibrant unitary discipline of investigation, craniofacial biology, has emerged that builds on the original concept of 'oral biology' that began in the 1960s. This paper reviews some of the developments that have led to the genesis of craniofacial biology as a fully-fledged health science discipline of significance in the advancement of clinical dental practice. Some of the key figures and milestones in craniofacial biology are identified.

  20. Marguerite Yourcenar's Prefaces: Genesis as Self-effacement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colette Gaudin


    Full Text Available Most critics of Marguerite Yourcenar largely ignore the existence of the complex network of prefaces and postfaces which accompanies her fiction. On the basis of the success of her historical reconstitutions and of the classical perfection of her style they characterize her work either as the best illustration of a sexless literature or as a case of denial of femininity. But her prefaces cannot be read simply as an exposition of her thinking about history or as a linear history of her writing. While an authoritative voice exposes her method and asserts a will to aesthetic perfection, the writer as historical subject tends to efface this authority by insisting on the details and accidents that accompany every beginning and every genesis. The will to historical knowledge leads her to expose multiple lines of historicity which reveal, in the fragmented writing of the prefaces, the impossibility of maintaining the fiction of a unified subject, Her cogito could not be "I write, therefore I am." but "I write, therefore I am other."

  1. Pain perception and its genesis in the human brain

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Andrew CN CHEN


    In the past two decades, pain perception in the human brain has been studied with EEG/MEG brain topography and PET/ fMRI neuroimaging techniques. A host of cortical and subeortical loci can be activated by various nociceptive conditions. The activation in pain perception can be induced by physical (electrical, thermal, mechanical), chemical (capsacin, ascoric acid), psychological (anxiety, stress, nocebo) means, and pathological (e.g. migraine, neuropathic) diseases. This article deals mainly on the activation, but not modulation, of human pain in the brain. The brain areas identified are named pain representation, matrix, neuraxis, or signature. The sites are not uniformly isolated across various studies, but largely include a set of cores sites: thalamus and primary somatic area (SI), second somatic area (SII), insular cortex (IC), prefrontal cortex (PFC), cingnlate, and parietal cortices. Other areas less reported and considered important in pain perception include brainstem, hippocampus, amygdala and supplementary motor area (SMA). The issues of pain perception basically encompass both the site and the mode of brain function. Although the site issue is delineared to a large degree, the mode issue has been much less explored. From the temporal dynamics, IC can be considered as the initial stage in genesis of pain perception as conscious suffering, the unique aversion in the human brain.

  2. Research on genesis of adipocytic metaplasia in uterine fibroids. (United States)

    Sośnik, Henryk; Jeleń, Michał; Kosiński, Mariusz; Sośnik, Katarzyna


    The genesis of lipoleiomyoma has not been explained yet. Immunohistochemical examinations were performed on 17 lipoleiomyomas in women aged 43-82 (mean age: 51 ±9 years). Four types of myomas were distinguished: 1) pure leiomyoma, 2) fibroleiomyoma, 3) hyalinizing leiomyoma, 4) strongly hyalinized myoma, along with three degrees of progression of adipocytic metaplasia: 1) up to 25% of lipocytes, 2) up to 50% of lipocytes, and 3) over 50% of lipocytes in the analyzed sample, along with three degrees of progression of adipocytic metaplasia: 1) up to 25% of lipocytes, 2) up to 50% of lipocytes, and 3) over 50% of lipocytes in the analyzed sample. A positive correlation was found between the age of women and rate of development of metaplasia (r = 0.51, p = 0.035) as well as with activity of the estrogen receptor in the primary tumor (r = 0.53, p = 0.03). New mucous perivascular tissue was reported among 11.8% of patients and on this basis lipocytes were formed. The appearance of subendothelial granular cells of large blood vessels with a positive reaction for smooth muscle actin (SMA) and CD68 was reported in 17.7%. Results of immunohistochemical research seem to confirm that lipocytes de novo come from the primal pluripotent cells of the tumor stroma and not from the fatty degeneration of myocytes.

  3. Developing Ecospheres on Transiently Habitable Planets: The Genesis Project

    CERN Document Server

    Gros, Claudius


    It is often presumed, that life evolves relatively fast on planets with clement conditions, at least in its basic forms, and that extended periods of habitability are subsequently needed for the evolution of higher life forms. Many planets are however expected to be only transiently habitable. On a large set of otherwise suitable planets life will therefore just not have the time to develop on its own to a complexity level as it did arise on earth with the cambrian explosion. The equivalent of a cambrian explosion may however have the chance to unfold on transiently habitable planets if it would be possible to fast forward evolution by 3-4 billion years (with respect to terrestrial timescales). We argue here, that this is indeed possible when seeding the candidate planet with the microbial lifeforms, bacteria and unicellular eukaryotes alike, characterizing earth before the cambrian explosion. An interstellar mission of this kind, denoted the `Genesis project', could be carried out by a relatively low-cost ro...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zh. N. Dyuldina


    Full Text Available The aim of the investigation is to consider genesis contradictions of gender approach in modern education and training of children and possibilities of its application in an educational system during the newest period of the society development.Methods, results and scientific novelty. The retrospective analysis of the sources has shown that gender approach isn’t new and not studied: on the contrary, separate education and training of boys and girls in the past was a norm and a duty of parents and teachers. However, the reflection of social processes shows the demolition of traditional system of gender stratification; weakening of women’s and men’s polarization of social roles; change of cultural stereotypes of masculinity and femininity; objective changes in the matrimonial relations. Everything listed above brings into focus an investigative search of new approaches to gender education. The essence of the terms «gender», «gender approach» is specified. Despite very long history of gender education (which was cultivated since the most ancient eras of existence of a mankind, insufficient study of this problem is stated now. Special importance of gender aspect in family education is emphasized. The different points of view in understanding of gender approach in modern science are revealed; the main perspective directions of researches on this subject are noted.Practical significance. The materials of the present article can be used in teaching history of pedagogics, gender psychology and gender pedagogics.

  5. Pain perception and its genesis in the human brain. (United States)

    C N Chen, Andrew


    In the past two decades, pain perception in the human brain has been studied with EEG/MEG brain topography and PET/fMRI neuroimaging techniques. A host of cortical and subcortical loci can be activated by various nociceptive conditions. The activation in pain perception can be induced by physical (electrical, thermal, mechanical), chemical (capsacin, ascoric acid), psychological (anxiety, stress, nocebo) means, and pathological (e.g. migraine, neuropathic) diseases. This article deals mainly on the activation, but not modulation, of human pain in the brain. The brain areas identified are named pain representation, matrix, neuraxis, or signature. The sites are not uniformly isolated across various studies, but largely include a set of cores sites: thalamus and primary somatic area (SI), second somatic area (SII), insular cortex (IC), prefrontal cortex (PFC), cingulate, and parietal cortices. Other areas less reported and considered important in pain perception include brainstem, hippocampus, amygdala and supplementary motor area (SMA). The issues of pain perception basically encompass both the site and the mode of brain function. Although the site issue is delineared to a large degree, the mode issue has been much less explored. From the temporal dynamics, IC can be considered as the initial stage in genesis of pain perception as conscious suffering, the unique aversion in the human brain.

  6. The NeQuick model genesis, uses and evolution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandro M. Radicella


    Full Text Available

    The genesis and evolution of the NeQuick model is reviewed from the initial ionospheric efforts made in the

    framework of the European COST actions on ionospheric issues to the last version of the model (NeQuick 2.

    Attention is given to the uses of the model particularly by the European satellite navigation and positioning systems

    EGNOS and GALILEO. Recent assessment studies on the performance of NeQuick 2 are also reviewed.

  7. Impact of an acute coronary syndrome pathway in achieving target heart rate and utilization of evidence-based doses of beta-blockers. (United States)

    Irani, Farzan; Herial, Nabeel; Colyer, William R


    Beta-blockers remain a cornerstone of therapy in the management of acute coronary syndrome (ACS). The 2007 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association unstable angina/non-ST elevation myocardial infarction guideline revisions recommend a target heart rate (HR) of 50-60 beats per minute (bpm). Despite improved trends toward utilization of beta-blockers therapy, beta-blockers continue to be underdosed. Guideline-based tools have been shown to improve adherence to evidence-based therapy in patients with ACS. Implementation of a standardized ACS pathway would lead to titration of beta-blockers to recommended dosages with improved HRs in eligible patients. The ACS clinical protocol was implemented at the University of Toledo Medical Center in May 2007. A retrospective study of 516 patients admitted during a comparable 6-month period, before and after the institution of the protocol, was conducted. The preprotocol and protocol group included 237 and 279 patients, respectively. Patient information extracted from the medical records included age, gender, HR on admission, blood pressure on admission, duration of hospital stay, preadmission use of beta-blocker, type of beta-blocker and dosage, discharge beta-blocker and dosage, peak troponin levels, and therapeutic intervention. A target HR of less than 60 bpm was achieved in 19% of the protocol group, as compared with 6% in the preprotocol group (P metoprolol in the protocol group was noted to be significantly higher (118 vs. 80 mg/d; P < 0.001). The institution of an ACS clinical pathway led to utilization of beta-blockers in significantly higher dosages, resulting in improved HR control and increased attainment of target HR.

  8. The B cell antigen receptor and overexpression of MYC can cooperate in the genesis of B cell lymphomas.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yosef Refaeli


    Full Text Available A variety of circumstantial evidence from humans has implicated the B cell antigen receptor (BCR in the genesis of B cell lymphomas. We generated mouse models designed to test this possibility directly, and we found that both the constitutive and antigen-stimulated state of a clonal BCR affected the rate and outcome of lymphomagenesis initiated by the proto-oncogene MYC. The tumors that arose in the presence of constitutive BCR differed from those initiated by MYC alone and resembled chronic B cell lymphocytic leukemia/lymphoma (B-CLL, whereas those that arose in response to antigen stimulation resembled large B-cell lymphomas, particularly Burkitt lymphoma (BL. We linked the genesis of the BL-like tumors to antigen stimulus in three ways. First, in reconstruction experiments, stimulation of B cells by an autoantigen in the presence of overexpressed MYC gave rise to BL-like tumors that were, in turn, dependent on both MYC and the antigen for survival and proliferation. Second, genetic disruption of the pathway that mediates signaling from the BCR promptly killed cells of the BL-like tumors as well as the tumors resembling B-CLL. And third, growth of the murine BL could be inhibited by any of three distinctive immunosuppressants, in accord with the dependence of the tumors on antigen-induced signaling. Together, our results provide direct evidence that antigenic stimulation can participate in lymphomagenesis, point to a potential role for the constitutive BCR as well, and sustain the view that the constitutive BCR gives rise to signals different from those elicited by antigen. The mouse models described here should be useful in exploring further the pathogenesis of lymphomas, and in preclinical testing of new therapeutics.

  9. Genesis of petroduric and petrocalcic horizons in Latinamerica volcanic soils (United States)

    Quantin, Paul


    Introduction. In Latinamerica, from Mexico to Chile, there are indurated volcanic soils horizons, named 'tepetate' in Mexico or cangahua in the Andes Mountains. Apart from original volcanic tuffs, these horizons were produced by pedogenesis: either through a former weathering of volcanic ash layers into fragic and later to petrocalcic horizons; or after a former soil formation through a second process of transformation from clayey volcanic soils to silicified petroduric horizons. This oral presentation will briefly deal with the formation of petroduric horizons in Mexico and petrocalcic horizon in Ecuador. Petroduric horizon genesis in Mexico. A soil climato-toposequence, near to Veracruz (Rossignol & Quantin, 1997), shows downwards an evolution from a ferralic Nitisol to a petroduric Durisol. A Durisol profile comports these successive horizons: at the top A and Eg, then columnar Btg-sim, laminar Bt-sim , prismatic Bsim, plinthite Cg, over andesite lava flow. Among its main features are especially recorded: clay mineralogy, microscopy and HRTEM. These data show: an increase in cristobalite at the expenses of 0.7 nm halloysite in Egsiltans, laminar Bt-sim, around or inside the columns or prisms of Btg-sim and Bsimhorizons. HRTEM (Elsass & al 2000) on ultra thin sections reveals an 'epigenesis' of clay sheets by amorphous silica, to form successively A-opal, Ct-opal and microcrystalline cristobalite. From these data and some groundwater chemical analyses, a scenario of duripan formation from a past clayey Nitisol is inferred: clay eluviation-illuviation process? alternate redoximorphy? clay degradation, Al leaching and Si accumulation, to form successively A-opal, Ct-opal and cristobalite. Petrocalcic horizon genesis in Ecuador. A soil climato-toposequence on pyroclastic flows, near to Bolivar in Ecuador (Quantin & Zebrowski, 1997), shows downwards the evolution from fragic-eutric-vitric Cambisols to petrocalcic-vitric Phaeozems, at the piedmont under semi

  10. The mechanism of BRCA1 participate sporadic breast carcinomas genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WEI Min-jie; REN Jie


    Objective To elucidate the BRCA1 participated mechanism of genesis and development of sporadic breast cancer through detect the statues of BRCA1 and analysis the relationship with the pathologic and clinic parameters. Methods BRCA1 statues were respectively analyzed in frozen samples or paraffine fixed sporadic breast carcinoma and benign breast tissues by three methods: protein expression by immunohistochemistry (IHC), the methylation of BRCA 1 promoter by methylation specific PCR (MSP), gene copy number by interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Results 14.2 % (29/204) cases were detected hypermethylation of BRCA1 promoter in sporadic breast cancer. BRCA1 mean copy number in sporadic breast cancer (1.70±0.14) less than those in benign tissues (2.03±0.08, P<0.05), and in sporadic breast cancer with hypermethylation of BRCA1 (1.62±0.09) significantly less than in those without hypermethylation (1.84±0.26, P<0.05). The loss copy related to the methylation of BRCA1 promoter. There were significant of 41.1% (88/214) cases no BRCA1 nuclei expression in sporadic breast cancers. Loss expression of BRCA1 had significant correlation with higher histological stages, axillary' s lymph nodal metastasis (P<0.01), lower expression of ERα, and overexpression of HER-2 protein( P<0.01). Conclusions There are BRCA 1 methylations, loss BRCA 1 gene copy and loss protein expression in the sporadic breast cancer, the three statues of BRCA1 is correlated to each other;and the loss expression of BRCA1 protein related to part of pathology and clinic parameters.

  11. Metalloproteinase inhibition prevents inhibitory synapse reorganization and seizure genesis. (United States)

    Pollock, Emily; Everest, Michelle; Brown, Arthur; Poulter, Michael O


    The integrity and stability of interneurons in a cortical network are essential for proper network function. Loss of interneuron synaptic stability and precise organization can lead to disruptions in the excitation/inhibition balance, a characteristic of epilepsy. This study aimed to identify alterations to the GABAergic interneuron network in the piriform cortex (PC: a cortical area believed to be involved in the development of seizures) after kindling-induced seizures. Immunohistochemistry was used to mark perineuronal nets (PNNs: structures in the extracellular matrix that provide synaptic stability and restrict reorganization of inhibitory interneurons) and interneuron nerve terminals in control and kindled tissues. We found that PNNs were significantly decreased around parvalbumin-positive interneurons after the induction of experimental epilepsy. Additionally, we found layer-specific increases in GABA release sites originating from calbindin, calretinin, and parvalbumin interneurons, implying that there is a re-wiring of the interneuronal network. This increase in release sites was matched by an increase in GABAergic post-synaptic densities. We hypothesized that the breakdown of the PNN could be due to the activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) and that the prevention of PNN breakdown may reduce the rewiring of interneuronal circuits and suppress seizures. To test this hypothesis we employed doxycycline, a broad spectrum MMP inhibitor, to stabilize PNNs in kindled rats. We found that doxycycline prevented PNN breakdown, re-organization of the inhibitory innervation, and seizure genesis. Our observations indicate that PNN degradation may be necessary for the development of seizures by facilitating interneuron plasticity and increased GABAergic activity.

  12. The genesis solar-wind sample return mission

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wiens, Roger C [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    oxygen isotope heterogeneity, each theory predicting a different solar isotopic composition and each invoking a different early solar-system process to produce the heterogeneity. Other volatiles such as C, N, and H may also have experienced similar effects, but with only two isotopes it is often impossible to distinguish with these elements between mass-dependent fractionation and other effects such as mixing or mass-independent fractionation. Table 1 provides a summary of the major measurement objectives of the Genesis mission. Determining the solar oxygen isotopic composition is at the top of the list. Volatile element and isotope ratios constitute six of the top seven priorities. A number of disciplines stand to gain from information from the Genesis mission, as will be discussed later. Based on the Apollo solar-wind foil experiment, the Genesis mission was designed to capture solar wind over orders of magnitude longer duration and in a potentially much cleaner environment than the lunar surface.

  13. Relationship between the tropical cyclone genesis over the Northwest Pacific and the sea surface temperature anomalies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Using the tropical cyclone (TC) data derived from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) and the sea surface temperature data derived from the Joint Environmental Data Analysis Center (JEDAC) at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography from January 1955 to December 2000, we analyzed the relationship between the TC genesis over the Northwest Pacific (NWP) and the sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA) over the Pacific basin. A long-term trend indicated that the highest frequency of monthly TC genesis appeared earlier and the annual genesis sum increased gradually during the last half century with some oscillations. No significant synchronous correlation was found between the NWP TC events and the SSTA over the Pacific basin, while the annual sum of TC genesis was closely related with the SSTA averaged from the first three months (January, February and March) of the year in the equatorial western and eastern Pacific and over mid-high latitudes of the North Pacific. The results implied that there are an interannual El Ni(n)o SSTA mode in the equatorial western and eastern Pacific and an interdecadal SSTA mode in the northern Pacific, which affected the TC genesis. A regression analysis between the first three-month SSTA and the annual TC sum based on two time scales was conducted. The correlation coefficient between simulated and observed TC sums reached a high value of 0.77.

  14. Sex differences in cell genesis, hippocampal volume and behavioral outcomes in a rat model of neonatal HI. (United States)

    Waddell, Jaylyn; Hanscom, Marie; Shalon Edwards, N; McKenna, Mary C; McCarthy, Margaret M


    Hypoxia-ischemia (HI) of the brain in near-term and term infants is a leading cause of infant mortality and lifelong disability but current therapeutic approaches remain limited. Males consistently display greater vulnerability to the deleterious consequences of HI in both humans and animal models. Neurogenesis increases after neonatal HI and offers a potential therapeutic target for recovery. The steroid hormone estradiol has been extensively explored as a neuroprotectant in adult models of stroke but with mixed results. Less consideration has been afforded to this naturally occurring agent in the developing brain, which has unique challenges from the adult. Using a model of term HI in the rat we have explored the impact of this insult on cell genesis in the hippocampus of males and females and the ability of estradiol treatment immediately after insult to restore function. Both short-term (3 days) and long-term (7 days) post-injury were assessed and revealed that only females had markedly increased cell genesis on the short-term but both sexes were increased long-term. A battery of behavioral tests revealed motor impairment in males and compromised episodic memory while both sexes were modestly impaired in spatial memory. Juvenile social play was also depressed in both sexes after HI. Estradiol therapy improved behavioral performance in both sexes but did not reverse a deficit in hippocampal volume ipsilateral to the insult. Thus the effects of estradiol do not appear to be via cell death or proliferation but rather involve other components of neural functioning.

  15. NOK/STYK1 promotes the genesis and remodeling of blood and lymphatic vessels during tumor progression. (United States)

    Liu, Yue; Li, Tianqi; Hu, Dan; Zhang, Shuping


    Previous studies have indicated that the overexpression of NOK, also named STYK1, led to tumorigenesis and metastasis. Here, we provide evidence that increased expression of NOK/STYK1 caused marked alterations in the overall and inner structures of tumors and substantially facilitates the genesis and remodeling of the blood and lymphatic vessels during tumor progression. In particular, NOK-expressed HeLa stable cells (HeLa-K) significantly enhanced tumor growth and metastasis in xenografted nude mice. Hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining demonstrated that the tumor tissues generated by HeLa-K cells were much more ichorous and had more interspaces than those generated by control HeLa cells (HeLa-C). The fluorescent areas stained with cluster of differentiation 31 (CD31), a marker protein for blood vessels, appeared to be in different patterns. The total blood vessels, especially the ring patterns, within the tumors of the HeLa-K group were highly enriched compared with those in the HeLa-C group. NOK-HA was demonstrated to be well colocalized with CD31 in the wall of the tubular structures within tumor tissues. Interestingly, antibody staining of the lymphatic vessel endothelial hyaluronan receptor (LYVE-1) further revealed the increase in ring (oratretic strip-like) lymphatic vessels in either the peritumoral or intratumoral areas in the HeLa-K group compared with the HeLa-C group. Consistently, the analysis of human cancerous tissue also showed that NOK was highly expressed in the walls of tubular structures. Thus, our results reveal a novel tumorigenic function of NOK to mediate the genesis and remodeling of blood and lymphatic vessels during tumor progression.

  16. Sill genesis in the Paleoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Onega Trough, Baltic shield (United States)

    Poleshchuk, A. V.


    This study considers the role of sill genesis in the tectonic evolution of the Onega Trough during the Middle to Late Paleoproterozoic (Jatulian-Vepsian). The evolution of the Onega Trough is divided into three stages: pre-sill, or preparatory, subsynchronous, and post-sill. Sill magmatism manifested itself most completely at the subsynchronous stage of the evolution of the Onega Trough within the initial, principal, and final phases of sill genesis. Sill formation followed the stage of regional downwarping of the area reaching its maximum during the Early Ludicovian. Paragenesis of sills and high carbon shungite rocks was accompanied by the formation of peperites, while sills influenced the structure of the host rocks. A model reflecting the regular patterns of manifestations of sill genesis identified in the Onega Trough has been proposed.

  17. Scale-invariant perturbations from NEC violation: A new variant of Galilean Genesis

    CERN Document Server

    Nishi, Sakine


    We propose a novel branch of the Galilean Genesis scenario as an alternative to inflation, in which the universe starts expanding from Minkowski in the asymptotic past with a gross violation of the null energy condition (NEC). This variant, described by several functions and parameters within the Horndeski scalar-tensor theory, shares the same background dynamics with the existing Genesis models, but the nature of primordial quantum fluctuations is quite distinct. In some cases, tensor perturbations grow on superhorizon scales. The tensor power spectrum can be red, blue, and scale invariant, depending on the model, while scalar perturbations are nearly scale invariant. This is in sharp contrast to typical NEC-violating cosmologies, in which a blue tensor tilt is generated. Though the primordial tensor and scalar spectra are both nearly scale invariant as in the inflationary scenario, the consistency relation in our variant of Galilean Genesis is non-standard.

  18. Gênese da dor na artrose Genesis of pain in arthrosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Luis Camanho


    , when the pain becomes refractory, peripheral and central sensitization mechanisms contribute towards maintaining and amplifying the painful conditions, regardless of the peripheral process that originated the pain. At this stage, even removal of the etiological agent may no longer be enough to relieve the painful symptoms. It then becomes necessary to envisage that other factors, distant from the affected joint, may be responsible for the disabling painful condition in such patients. At present, osteoarthrosis does not have any known cure, and the aim of treatment is to lessen the pain while improving function and health -related quality of life, and whenever possible, to minimize the toxicity of the therapy. In the light of emerging evidence suggesting that the central nervous system has a role in the physiopathology of pain in patients with knee arthrosis, the central nervous system should be taken into consideration as a therapeutic target, instead of only administering local treatment using ordinary analgesics, antiinflammatory drugs and non-pharmacological measures. Thus, methods that modulate the spinal cord and cerebral cortex, including the use of antidepressants, may have a role in managing these patients.

  19. JPL Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) Portal (United States)

    Knosp, Brian W.; Li, P. Peggy; Vu, Quoc A.; Turk, Francis J.; Shen, Tsae-Pyng J.; Hristova-Veleva, Svetla M.; Licata, Stephen J.; Poulsen, William L.


    Satellite observations can play a very important role in airborne field campaigns, since they provide a comprehensive description of the environment that is essential for the experiment design, flight planning, and post-experiment scientific data analysis. In the past, it has been difficult to fully utilize data from multiple NASA satellites due to the large data volume, the complexity of accessing NASA s data in near-real-time (NRT), as well as the lack of software tools to interact with multi-sensor information. The JPL GRIP Portal is a Web portal that serves a comprehensive set of NRT observation data sets from NASA and NOAA satellites describing the atmospheric and oceanic environments related to the genesis and intensification of the tropical storms in the North Atlantic Ocean. Together with the model forecast data from four major global atmospheric models, this portal provides a useful tool for the scientists and forecasters in planning and monitoring the NASA GRIP field campaign during the 2010 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season. This portal uses the Google Earth plug-in to visualize various types of data sets, such as 2D maps, wind vectors, streamlines, 3D data sets presented at series of vertical cross-sections or pointwise vertical profiles, and hurricane best tracks and forecast tracks. Additionally, it allows users to overlap multiple data sets, change the opacity of each image layer, generate animations on the fly with selected data sets, and compare the observation data with the model forecast using two independent calendars. The portal also provides the capability to identify the geographic location of any point of interest. In addition to supporting the airborne mission planning, the NRT data and portal will serve as a very rich source of information during the post-field campaign analysis stage of the airborne experiment. By including a diverse set of satellite observations and model forecasts, it provides a good spatial and temporal context for the

  20. Genesis Contingency Planning and Mishap Recovery: The Sample Curation View (United States)

    Stansbery, E. K.; Allton, J. H.; Allen, C. C.; McNamara, K. M.; Calaway, M.; Rodriques, M. C.


    Planning for sample preservation and curation was part of mission design from the beginning. One of the scientific objectives for Genesis included collecting samples of three regimes of the solar wind in addition to collecting bulk solar wind during the mission. Collectors were fabricated in different thicknesses for each regime of the solar wind and attached to separate frames exposed to the solar wind during specific periods of solar activity associated with each regime. The original plan to determine the solar regime sampled for specific collectors was to identify to which frame the collector was attached. However, the collectors were dislodged during the hard landing making identification by frame attachment impossible. Because regimes were also identified by thickness of the collector, the regime sampled is identified by measuring fragment thickness. A variety of collector materials and thin films applied to substrates were selected and qualified for flight. This diversity provided elemental measurement in more than one material, mitigating effects of diffusion rates and/or radiation damage. It also mitigated against different material and substrate strengths resulting in differing effects of the hard landing. For example, silicon crystal substrates broke into smaller fragments than sapphire-based substrates and diamond surfaces were more resilient to flying debris damage than gold. The primary responsibility of the curation team for recovery was process documentation. Contingency planning for the recovery phase expanded this responsibility to include not only equipment to document, but also gather, contain and identify samples from the landing area and the recovered spacecraft. The team developed contingency plans for various scenarios as part of mission planning that included topographic maps to aid in site recovery and identification of different modes of transport and purge capability depending on damage. A clean tent, set-up at Utah Test & Training Range

  1. Evolution of the marketing theory: genesis, conception, periodization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.A. Oklander


    Full Text Available The aim of this article. The article deals with evolution of the marketing theory in it genesis context, modern conception, periodization. Mercantilism, classical and neoclassical political economy, marginalism, institutionalism are distinguished as scientific sources of marketing. One defines that modern marketing conception is a socially responsible marketing form, based on mass individualization, the highest customer value supply, consumer’s problems effective solving. The marketing theory periodization is suggested, which includes three stages: classical marketing conception forming stage, based on consumer orientation; social and ethic marketing conception forming stage; the social and ethic marketing conception forming stage, based on mass individualization, the highest customer value supply, consumer’s problems effective solving. The results of the analysis. Marketing theory, appeared at the industrial human’s development stage during buyer’s market formation and sales problem aggravation, is a regular result of the mercantilism development, classical and neoclassical political economy, marginalism, institutionalism. The modern marketing conception is social and responsible marketing conception, based on mass individualization, maximal consumer value supplies, consumer’s problems optimal solving. Periodization of the marketing theory has to be built on the following principle: “state of the marketing theory development – new marketing conception, which correspond the proper economy development”. Each marketing conception defines essence of the period, preconditions the scientific value of the derived methodological investigations and marketing activity efficiency from the viewpoint of the problem solving, which caused marketing appearing, – sales optimization. There are three stages in the marketing theory development: а stage of the classical marketing conception formation, based on consumer orientation (1900-1970

  2. 78 FR 49507 - Genesis Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Genesis Solar, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market- Based Rate...-referenced proceeding of Genesis Solar, LLC's application for market-based rate authority, with...

  3. Decontaminating Solar Wind Samples with the Genesis Ultra-Pure Water Megasonic Wafer Spin Cleaner (United States)

    Calaway, Michael J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Allton, J. H.; Stansbery, E. K.


    The Genesis sample return capsule, though broken during the landing impact, contained most of the shattered ultra-pure solar wind collectors comprised of silicon and other semiconductor wafers materials. Post-flight analysis revealed that all wafer fragments were littered with surface particle contamination from spacecraft debris as well as soil from the impact site. This particulate contamination interferes with some analyses of solar wind. In early 2005, the Genesis science team decided to investigate methods for removing the surface particle contamination prior to solar wind analysis.

  4. 新型单频连续可见光激光器Genesis MX SLM

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    美国相干(Coherent)公司引入单频版本的Genesis MX SLM激光器,扩展了其可见光连续激光器系列。新型Genesis MX SLM激光器可输出460nm、480nm、488nm、514nm、532nm、561nm、577nm等波长的激光,输出功率在500mW~1W之间。其在单纵模运行时线宽小于5GHz,

  5. The Genesis of tectonically and hydrothermally controlled industry mineral deposits: A geochemical and structural study (United States)

    Wölfler, Anke; Prochaska, Walter; Henjes-Kunst, Friedhelm; Fritz, Harald


    The study aims to investigate the role of hydrothermal fluids in the formation of talc and magnesite deposits. These deposits occur in manifold geological and tectonical settings such as stockworks and veins within ultramafite hostrocks and monomineralic lenses within marine platform sediments. Along shear zones talc mineralizations may occur as a result of tectonical and hydrothermal activity. To understand the role of the fluids for the genesis of the mineralization, deposits in different geological and tectonical settings are investigated: Talc mineralization within in magnesite in low-grade palaeozoic nappe complexes (Gemerska Poloma, Slovakia): The magnesite body lies within the Gemer unit of the Inner Carpathians consisting of Middle Triassic metacarbonates and Upper Triassic pelagic limestones and radiolarites. The talc mineralization is bound to crosscutting veins. Two metamorphic events can be distinguished, one during Variscan orogeny and one related to the Alpine orogeny leading to the formation of talc along faults in an Mg carbonate body (Radvanec et al, 2004).The origin of the fluids as well as the tectonic events leading to the mineralization is still widely unknown. Talc mineralization in shearzones within Palaeozoic meta sedimentary rocks (Sa Matta, Sardinia): Variscan granitoids intruded Palaeozoic meta sedimentary rocks and were overprinted be NE striking tectonic structures that host talc mineralizations. The origin of Mg and fluids leading to the mineralization is still not answered satisfactorily (Grillo and Prochaska, 2007) and thus a tectonic model for the genesis of the talc deposit is missing. Talc mineralization within UHP pre-Alpine continental crust (Val Chisone, Italy): The talc deposit forms part of the Dora-Maira Massif. Geologicaly the massif derived from a Variscan basement that includes post-Variscan intrusions. The talc mineralization occurs as a sheetlike, conformable body. A possible tectonic emplacement of talc along shear

  6. Genesis of ion-adsorption type REE ores in Thailand (United States)

    Sanematsu, K.; Yoshiaki, K.; Watanabe, Y.


    Ion-adsorption type REE deposits, which have been economically mined only in southern China, are predominant supply sources for HREE in the world. The ore bodies consist of weathered granites called ion-adsorption ores. The majority of REE (>50 %) are electrostatically adsorbed onto weathering products in the ores and they can be extracted by ion exchange using an electrolyte solution (e.g., ammonium sulfate solution). Recently the occurrences of ion-adsorption ores have been reported in Indochina, SE Asia. In this study, we discuss geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of parent granites and weathered granites in Thailand in order to reveal the genesis of ion-adsorption ores. Permo-Triassic and Cretaceous-Paleogene granite plutons are distributed from northern Thailand to western Indonesia through eastern Myanmar and Peninsular Malaysia. They are mostly ilmenite-series calcalkaline biotite or hornblende-biotite granites. REE contents of the granites range from 60 to 600 ppm and they are relatively high in Peninsula Thailand. REE-bearing minerals consist mainly of apatite, zircon, allanite, titanite, monazite and xenotime. Some I-type granites contain REE fluorocarbonate (probably synchysite-(Ce)) in cavities and cracks in feldspars and it is the dominant source of REE for ion-adsorption ores because the fluorocarbonate is easily soluble during weathering. In contrast, insoluble monazite and xenotime are not preferable for ion-adsorption ores although they are common ore minerals of placer REE deposits. Weathered granites show REE contents ranging from 60 to 1100 ppm in Thailand because REE are relatively immobile compared with mobile elements (e.g., Na, K, Ca). In the weathered granites, REE are contained in residual minerals and secondary minerals and are adsorbed onto the surface of weathering products. A weathering profile of granite with ion-adsorption type mineralization can be divided into upper and lower parts based on REE enrichment and Ce

  7. ECGSIM: an interactive tool for studying the genesis of QRST waveforms.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oosterom, A. van; Oostendorp, T.F.


    BACKGROUND: Discussion about the selection of diagnostic features of the ECG and their possible interpretation would benefit from a model of the genesis of these signals that has a sound basis in electrophysiology as well as in physics. Recent advances in computer technology have made it possible to

  8. Engendering Proof Attitudes: Can the Genesis of Mathematical Knowledge Teach Us Anything? (United States)

    Almeida, Dennis


    Suggests that there is continued poverty in student understanding of proof. Reports on how proof attitudes could be inculcated in students by offering them a course design that is somewhat faithful to the historical genesis of modern mathematics. Contends that such a design can enable students to discover a sense of proof for themselves. (Contains…

  9. [Classification and variability of drug assessment reports on the GENESIS group (SEFH) webpage]. (United States)

    Ortega Eslava, A; Puigventós Latorre, F; Santos-Ramos, B; Calderon Hernanz, B; Vilanova Boltó, M


    To analyse the assessment reports published on the GENESIS webpage (Group for Innovation, Assessment, Standardisation and Research in the Selection of Drugs) and assess the variability of the group's proposals to include drugs in the Formulary. We analysed reports published by hospitals on the GENESIS webpage between 2004 and 2007. Data were collected on drugs and indications, ATC group, open or restricted access publications, hospital, and publication date. We drafted a questionnaire that would measure to what extent to what extent the 9-section model recommended by GENESIS was included in each report. For drugs with two or more reports, we analysed whether the recommendation coincided and the possible cause in the event of conflict. We analysed 416 reports corresponding to 185 different drug indications. 93% included 6 or more of the recommended sections, a number which increased over time. The most frequently included sections were: approved indications (92%), mechanism of action (95%), and references (86%) (percentages from 2007). Sections which had an increasing but lower percentage were: differential characteristics (60%), literature search method (40%) and conclusions with a summary of efficacy, safety and cost data (52%). 73% of which had definite recommendations, which coincided for 42 out of the 67 drugs with more than one recommendation report. The work carried out by the GENESIS group has enabled Spanish hospitals to share their drug assessment reports and making them more complete, although there are still some aspects that can be improved. Copyright © 2010 SEFH. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  10. Сomputer cytomorphometry of eosinophiles at eosinophilia of different genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T.P. Bondar


    Full Text Available The research goal was to estimate geometrical and optical characteristics of normodense and hypodense eosinophiles at eosinophilias of parasitic and nonparasitic genesis in children and adults. the investigation has been conducted by means of methods of ELISA and computer cytomorphometry. Statistical processing of the received data has allowed to reveal morphofunctional changes in eosinophiles in case of toxocariasis


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Yu. Radtsig


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the evaluation of the nasal mucosa in health and in different abnormalities. It describes the possibilities of using drugs of different groups to relieve symptoms in nasal mucosal and paranasal sinus abnormalities of different genesis, as well as the preventive effect of some of these drugs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Yu. Radtsig


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the evaluation of the nasal mucosa in health and in different abnormalities. It describes the possibilities of using drugs of different groups to relieve symptoms in nasal mucosal and paranasal sinus abnormalities of different genesis, as well as the preventive effect of some of these drugs.

  13. Cellulose Acetate Replica Cleaning Study of Genesis Non-Flight Sample 3CZ00327 (United States)

    Kuhlman, K. R.; Schmeling, M.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allton, J. H.; Burnett, D. S.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind and brought it back to Earth in order to provide precise knowledge of solar isotopic and elemental compositions. The ions in the solar wind were stopped in the collectors at depths on the order of 10 to a few hundred nanometers. This shallow implantation layer is critical for scientific analysis of the composition of the solar wind and must be preserved throughout sample handling, cleaning, processing, distribution, preparation and analysis. We are working interactively with the community of scientists analyzing Genesis samples, using our unique laboratory facilities -- and, where needed, our unique cleaning techniques -- to significantly enhance the science return from the Genesis mission. This work is motivated by the need to understand the submicron contamination on the collectors in the Genesis payload as recovered from the crash site in the Utah desert, and -- perhaps more importantly -- how to remove it. That is, we are evaluating the effectiveness of the wet-chemical "cleaning" steps used by various investigators, to enable them to design improved methods of stripping terrestrial contamination from surfaces while still leaving the solar-wind signal intact.

  14. Post-Disaster Image Processing for Damage Analysis Using GENESI-DR, WPS and Grid Computing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Pappalardo


    Full Text Available The goal of the two year Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations-Digital Repositories (GENESI-DR project was to build an open and seamless access service to Earth science digital repositories for European and world-wide science users. In order to showcase GENESI-DR, one of the developed technology demonstrators focused on fast search, discovery, and access to remotely sensed imagery in the context of post-disaster building damage assessment. This paper describes the scenario and implementation details of the technology demonstrator, which was developed to support post-disaster damage assessment analyst activities. Once a disaster alert has been issued, response time is critical to providing relevant damage information to analysts and/or stakeholders. The presented technology demonstrator validates the GENESI-DR project data search, discovery and security infrastructure and integrates the rapid urban area mapping and the near real-time orthorectification web processing services to support a post-disaster damage needs assessment analysis scenario. It also demonstrates how the GENESI-DR SOA can be linked to web processing services that access grid computing resources for fast image processing and use secure communication to ensure confidentiality of information.

  15. Landscape formation and soil genesis in volcanic parent materials in humid tropical lowlands of Costa Rica.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nieuwenhuyse, A.


    The influence of volcanism on landscape genesis, and formation of soils on volcanic parent material was studied in the Atlantic lowland of Costs Rica. This lowland is a subduction basin of tectonic origin, in which thick alluvial and marine sediments are accumulated. At its southwestern side it is b


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. I. Mushinskij


    Full Text Available Carl Gustav Jung, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney, Jacques Lacan, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari continue to develop a psychoanalytic theory of Freud under modern conditions. They investigate archetypes of unconscious which are linked with up-to-date conception of Justice. Ethics of psychoanalysis interprets the category of Justice from humanistic positions in the context of the techno-genesis processes.

  17. The Genesis II in primary total knee replacement: a systematic literature review of clinical outcomes. (United States)

    Bhandari, Mohit; Pascale, Walter; Sprague, Sheila; Pascale, Valerio


    Since its introduction in 1996, the Genesis II Total Knee System has produced good clinical results in patients undergoing primary total knee replacement. A systematic review of the literature-the first of its kind for this device-was undertaken to collect data on the Genesis II in order to provide a better understanding of its medium- to long-term performance. Of 124 Genesis II-related studies published in the literature, 11 met the eligibility criteria and were included in the final analysis. The included studies had a mean follow-up length of 38.1 months. Data from 1201 knees were available for review. Patients were an average of 70.5 years of age and predominantly female (63%). Findings indicated that the revision rate with this implant is low with up to 11.9 years of follow-up, with 14 revisions in total. The survival rate ranged from 100% at 1 and 2 years to 96.0% at 11.9 years. The mean Knee Society knee score improved 51.0 points from preoperative to postoperative evaluation. In conclusion, the Genesis II exhibited good clinical performance with up to 11 years follow-up, with an encouraging rate of survival and improvement in function. Additional studies with larger sample sizes and longer follow-up periods are needed to better understand the long-term performance of this implant.

  18. No Evidence for a Saccadic Range Effect for Visually Guided and Memory-Guided Saccades in Simple Saccade-Targeting Tasks (United States)

    Vitu, Françoise; Engbert, Ralf; Kliegl, Reinhold


    Saccades to single targets in peripheral vision are typically characterized by an undershoot bias. Putting this bias to a test, Kapoula [1] used a paradigm in which observers were presented with two different sets of target eccentricities that partially overlapped each other. Her data were suggestive of a saccadic range effect (SRE): There was a tendency for saccades to overshoot close targets and undershoot far targets in a block, suggesting that there was a response bias towards the center of eccentricities in a given block. Our Experiment 1 was a close replication of the original study by Kapoula [1]. In addition, we tested whether the SRE is sensitive to top-down requirements associated with the task, and we also varied the target presentation duration. In Experiments 1 and 2, we expected to replicate the SRE for a visual discrimination task. The simple visual saccade-targeting task in Experiment 3, entailing minimal top-down influence, was expected to elicit a weaker SRE. Voluntary saccades to remembered target locations in Experiment 3 were expected to elicit the strongest SRE. Contrary to these predictions, we did not observe a SRE in any of the tasks. Our findings complement the results reported by Gillen et al. [2] who failed to find the effect in a saccade-targeting task with a very brief target presentation. Together, these results suggest that unlike arm movements, saccadic eye movements are not biased towards making saccades of a constant, optimal amplitude for the task. PMID:27658191

  19. Bedform genesis and evolution in bedrock substrates: a new experimental approach (United States)

    Parsons, D. R.; Yin, N.; Peakall, J.


    Most previous studies on the genesis and evolution of bedforms have focused on aggradational bedforms within cohesionless sediments, with very few investigations that concern either erosive bedform genesis and evolution or bedrock channel abrasion processes. The study presented here details experiments that involve the genesis and formation of erosional bedform features within natural (soft clay) cohesive sediment beds and analogue bedrock substrates by modelling clay under the effect of both open-channel plain water flows, and sediment-laden flows. A new approach without using plaster-of-Paris or real bedrock developed provides a feasible method to simulate the genesis and evolution of the erosional bedforms in cohesive sediment beds and sculpted forms in bedrock channels on relatively short time-scales in the laboratory by using a realistic substrate substitute.A series of flume experiments are presented herein where the undrained shear strength of two different kinds of substrate material is systematically varied under constant flow conditions. Experiments using plain water flow indicated that erosive bedforms in cohesive sediment substrate cannot be produced only under the effect of sediment-free flow. Particulate-laden flows do form erosional bedforms in both kinds of clay beds and the shear strength of the bed material plays a key role in determining the diversity of erosional features forming on such substrates. Optimisation of modelling clay beds has enabled us to successfully replicate a suite of bedrock bedforms, including potholes, flutes, longitudinal furrows, etc., that have clear equivalents to those observed in bedrock rivers and contributed to investigate the genesis and evolution process of them and explore the flow structures within and above them in experimental analogue bedrock substrate for the first time.

  20. Application of Multi-sensor Target Identification Based on Improved Evidence Theory%改进的证据理论在多传感器目标识别中应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王力; 白静


    在多传感器目标识别中,使用经典证据理论处理冲突证据会得到错误的决策。为解决目标识别系统信息冲突的问题,通过对证据理论分析提出了改进的合成公式。新方法充分利用了证据间的冲突,根据证据关于不同目标的冲突程度将证据间的冲突进行重新分配,然后做出识别决策。新合成公式计算简洁,通过目标识别算例对比表明,处理冲突证据时,该方法能得到合理与可靠的融合结果,收敛速度快,能识别正确的目标。%In Multi- sensor Target Identification system,DS evidence theory will generate a wrong conclusion when dealing with the highly conflict evidences. In order to fuse highly conflicting multi-sensor information in the target identification system, an efficient combination rule is proposed based on the analyses of the DS evidence theory. The new theory make full use of the conflict, and the evidence ’s conflicting probability is distributed to every proposition according to its conflict degree with others, then the target is identified. The new combination rule is simple. And the numerical example shows the combination rule will get a reliable and reasonable result when dealing with conflict evidences, and it was also faster in data convergence. The new combination rule can identify the right target.

  1. A Study of the Migration and Accumulation Efficiency and the Genesis of Hydrocarbon Natural Gas in the Xujiaweizi Fault Depression

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Jijun; LU Shuangfang; XUE Haitao; HUO Qiuli; XU Qingxia


    In order to investigate the migration and accumulation efficiency of hydrocarbon natural gas in the Xujiaweizi fault depression, and to provide new evidence for the classification of its genesis, a source rock pyrolysis experiment in a closed system was designed and carried out. Based on this, kinetic models for describing gas generation from organic matter and carbon isotope fractionation during this process were established, calibrated and then extrapolated to geologic conditions by combining the thermal history data of the Xushen-1 Well. The results indicate that the coal measures in the Xujiaweizi fault depression are typical "high-efficiency gas sources", the natural gas generated from them has a high migration and accumulation efficiency, and consequently a large-scale natural gas accumulation occurred in the area. The highly/over matured coal measures in the Xujiaweizi fault depression generate coaliferons gas with a high δ13C1 value (> -20‰) at the late stage, making the carbon isotope composition of organic alkane gases abnormally heavy. In addition, the mixing and dissipation through the caprock of natural gas can result in the negative carbon isotope sequence (δ13C1 >δ13C2 >δ13C3 >δ13C4) of organic alkane gases, and the dissipation can also lead to the abnormally heavy carbon isotope composition of organic alkane gases. As for the discovery of inorganic nonhydrocarbon gas reservoirs, it can only serve as an accessorial evidence rather than a direct evidence that the hydrocarbon gas is inorganic. As a result, it needs stronger evidence to classify the hydrocarbon natural gas in the Xujiaweizi fault depression as inorganic gas.

  2. The giant Bayan Obo REE-Nb-Fe deposit, China: Controversy and ore genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hong-Rui Fan


    Full Text Available Bayan Obo ore deposit is the largest rare-earth element (REE resource, and the second largest niobium (Nb resource in the world. Due to the complicated element/mineral compositions and involving several geological events, the REE enrichment mechanism and genesis of this giant deposit still remains intense debated. The deposit is hosted in the massive dolomite, and nearly one hundred carbonatite dykes occur in the vicinity of the deposit. The carbonatite dykes can be divided into three types from early to late: dolomite, co-existing dolomite-calcite and calcite type, corresponding to different evolutionary stages of carbonatite magmatism based on the REE and trace element data. The latter always has higher REE content. The origin of the ore-hosting dolomite at Bayan Obo has been addressed in various models, ranging from a normal sedimentary carbonate rocks to volcano-sedimentary sequence, and a large carbonatitic intrusion. More geochemical evidences show that the coarse-grained dolomite represents a Mesoproterozoic carbonatite pluton and the fine-grained dolomite resulted from the extensive REE mineralization and modification of the coarse-grained variety. The ore bodies, distributed along an E–W striking belt, occur as large lenses and underwent more intense fluoritization and fenitization. The first episode mineralization is characterized by disseminated mineralization in the dolomite. The second or main-episode is banded and/or massive mineralization, cut by the third episode consisting of aegirine-rich veins. Various dating methods gave different mineralization ages at Bayan Obo, resulting in long and hot debates. Compilation of available data suggests that the mineralization is rather variable with two peaks at ∼1400 and 440 Ma. The early mineralization peak closes in time to the intrusion of the carbonatite dykes. A significant thermal event at ca. 440 Ma resulted in the formation of late-stage veins with coarse crystals of REE

  3. Contributions to the Genesis and Progress of ICF

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nuckolls, J H


    Inertial confinement fusion (ICF) has progressed from the detonation of large-scale fusion explosions initiated by atomic bombs in the early 1950s to final preparations for initiating small-scale fusion explosions with giant lasers. The next major step after ignition will be development of high performance targets that can be initiated with much smaller, lower cost lasers. In the 21st century and beyond, ICF's grand challenge is to develop practical power plants that generate low cost, clean, inexhaustible fusion energy. In this chapter, I first describe the origin in 1960-61 of ICF target concepts, early speculations on laser driven 'Thermonuclear Engines' for power production and rocket propulsion, and encouraging large-scale nuclear explosive experiments conducted in 1962. Next, I recall the 40-year, multi-billion dollar ignition campaign - to develop a matched combination of sufficiently high-performance implosion lasers and sufficiently stable targets capable of igniting small fusion explosions. I conclude with brief comments on the NIF ignition campaign and very high-performance targets, and speculations on ICF's potential in a centuries-long Darwinian competition of future energy systems. My perspectives in this chapter are those of a nuclear explosive designer, optimistic proponent of ICF energy, and Livermore Laboratory leader. The perspectives of Livermore's post 1970 laser experts and builders, and laser fusion experimentalists are provided in a chapter written by John Holzrichter, a leading scientist and leader in Livermore's second generation laser fusion program. In a third chapter, Ray Kidder, a theoretical physicist and early laser fusion pioneer, provides his perspectives including the history of the first generation laser fusion program he led from 1962-1972.

  4. Petrography, alteration and genesis of iron mineralization in Roshtkhar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Habib Biabangard


    Full Text Available Introduction Iron mineralization in Roshtkhar is located in 48 Km east of the city of Roshtkhar and south of the Khorasan Razavi province. It is geologically located in the north east of the Lut block and the Khaf-Bardeskan volcano-plutonic belt. The Khaf-Bardeskan belt is an important metallogenic province since it is a host of valuable ore deposits such as the Kuh-e-Zar Au-Spicularite, the Tanourcheh and the Khaf Iron ore deposits (Karimpour and Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, 2007. Iron and Copper mineralization in this belt are known as the hydrothermal, skarn and IOCG types (Karimpour and Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, 2007. IOCG deposits are a new type of magmatic to hydrothermal mineralization in the continental crust (Hitzman et al., 1992. Precambrian marble, Lower Paleozoic schist and metavolcanics are the oldest rocks of the area. The younger units are Oligocene conglomerate, shale and sandstone, Miocene marl and Quaternary deposits. Iron oxides and Cu sulfides are associated with igneous rocks. Fe and Cu mineralization in Roshtkhar has been subject of a few studies such as Yousefi Surani (2006. This study describes the petrography of the host rocks, ore paragenesis, alteration types, geochemistry, genesis and other features of the Fe and Cu mineralization in the Roshtkhar iron. Methods After detailed field studies and sampling, 30 thin sections and 20 polished sections that were prepared from host rocks and ores were studied by conventional petrographic and mineraloghraphic methods in the geology department of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan. 5 samples from the alteration zones were examined by XRD in the Yamagata University in Japan, and 8 samples from the less altered ones were analyzed by XRF and ICP-OES in the Kharazmi University and the Iranian mineral processing research center (IMPRC in Karaj, respectively. The XRF and ICP-OES data are presented in Table 1. Result and discussion The host rocks of the Roshtkhar Iron deposit are diorite

  5. Changing the Adverse Event Profile in Metastatic Spine Surgery: An Evidence-Based Approach to Target Wound Complications and Instrumentation Failure. (United States)

    Mesfin, Addisu; Sciubba, Daniel M; Dea, Nicolas; Nater, Anick; Bird, Justin E; Quraishi, Nasir A; Fisher, Charles G; Shin, John H; Fehlings, Michael G; Kumar, Naresh; Clarke, Michelle J


    Systematic review. To identify risk factors and preventive methods for wound complications and instrumentation failure after metastatic spine surgery. We focused on two postoperative complications of metastatic spine tumor surgery: wound complications and instrumentation failure and preventive measures. We performed a systematic review of the literature from 1980 to 2015. The articles were analyzed for the presence of documented infection and/or wound complications and instrumentation failure. Forty articles met our inclusion criteria for wound complications and prevention. There is very low level of evidence that preoperative radiation, preoperative neurological deficit, revision procedures, and posterior approaches can contribute to wound complications (infections, wound dehiscence). There is very low level of evidence that plastic surgery soft tissue reconstruction, intrawound vancomycin powder, and percutaneous pedicle screws may prevent postoperative wound complications. Fourteen articles met our inclusion criteria for instrumentation failure. There is very low level of evidence that constructs greater than six levels, positive sagittal balance, preoperative radiation, and history of chest wall resection can contribute to implant failures. • For patients undergoing revision metastatic spine tumor surgery, plastic surgery should perform the soft tissue reconstruction (strong recommendation/very low quality of evidence).• For patients undergoing metastatic spine tumor surgery, plastic surgery may perform immediate soft tissue reconstruction (weak recommendation/very low quality of evidence).• For patients undergoing metastatic spine tumor surgery, intrawound vancomycin can be applied to decrease the risk of postoperative wound infections (weak recommendation/very low quality of evidence).• For patients undergoing metastatic spine tumor surgery, percutaneous pedicle screws can be placed to decrease the risk of postoperative wound complications (weak

  6. Cleaning Genesis Mission Payload for Flight with Ultra-Pure Water and Assembly in ISO Class 4 Environment (United States)

    Allton, Judith H.


    Genesis mission to capture and return to Earth solar wind samples had very stringent contamination control requirements in order to distinguish the solar atoms from terrestrial ones. Genesis mission goals were to measure solar composition for most of the periodic table, so great care was taken to avoid particulate contamination. Since the number 1 and 2 science goals were to determine the oxygen and nitrogen isotopic composition, organic contamination was minimized by tightly controlling offgassing. The total amount of solar material captured in two years is about 400 micrograms spread across one sq m. The contamination limit requirement for each of C, N, and O was <1015 atoms/sq cm. For carbon, this is equivalent to 10 ng/cm2. Extreme vigilance was used in pre-paring Genesis collectors and cleaning hardware for flight. Surface contamination on polished silicon wafers, measured in Genesis laboratory is approximately 10 ng/sq cm.

  7. Simulation and study of the behaviour of the transversalis fascia in protecting against the genesis of inguinal hernias. (United States)

    Fortuny, G; Rodríguez-Navarro, J; Susín, A; López-Cano, M


    Simulating the muscular system has many applications in biomechanics, biomedicine and the study of movement in general. We are interested in studying the genesis of a very common pathology: human inguinal hernia. We study the effects that some biomechanical parameters have on the dynamic simulation of the region, and their involvement in the genesis of inguinal hernias. We use the finite element method (FEM) and current models for the muscular contraction to determine the deformed fascia transversalis for the estimation of the maximum strain. We analysed the effect of muscular tissue density, Young's modulus, Poisson's coefficient and calcium concentration in the genesis of human inguinal hernia. The results are the estimated maximum strain in our simulations, has a close correlation with experimental data and the accepted commonly models by the medical community. Our model is the first study of the effect of various biological parameters with repercussions on the genesis of the inguinal hernias.

  8. A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials on the role of targeted therapy in the management of advanced gastric cancer: Evidence does not translate? (United States)

    Ciliberto, Domenico; Staropoli, Nicoletta; Caglioti, Francesca; Gualtieri, Simona; Fiorillo, Lucia; Chiellino, Silvia; De Angelis, Antonina Maria; Mendicino, Francesco; Botta, Cirino; Caraglia, Michele; Tassone, Pierfrancesco; Tagliaferri, Pierosandro


    Summary It is still uncertain if targeted therapy-based regimens in advanced gastric cancer actually produce survival benefit. To shed light on this important question, we performed a systematic review and meta-analyses on each relevant targeted-pathway. By searching literature databases and proceedings of major cancer meetings in the time-frame 2005–2014, 22 randomized clinical trials exploring targeted therapy for a total of 7022 advanced gastric cancer patients were selected and included in the final analysis. Benefit was demonstrated for antiangiogenic agents in terms of overall survival (HR 0.759; 95%CI 0.655–0.880; p < 0.001). Conversely no benefit was found for EGFR pathway (HR 1.077; 95%CI 0.847–1.370; p = 0.543). Meta-analysis of HER-2 pathway confirmed improvement in terms of survival outcome, already known for this class of drugs (HR 0.823; 95%CI 0.722–0.939; p = 0.004). Pooled analysis demonstrated a significant survival benefit (OS: HR 0.823; PFS: HR 0.762) with acceptable tolerability profile for targeted-based therapies as compared to conventional treatments. This finding conflicts with the outcome of most individual studies, probably due to poor trial design or patients selection. In conclusion, our findings demonstrate a significant survival benefit for targeted therapy in its whole, which can be ascribed to anti-angiogenic and anti-HER2 agents. PMID:26061272

  9. The Chahe Copper Deposit—Its Age and Genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张玉学; 邵树勋; 等


    The Chahe copper deposit occurs in the Early Proterozoic metamorphic series in the area of Chahe and its chalcopyrite yielded a Pb-Pb isochron age of 951±36 Ma ,providing evidence for copper mineralization at the early stage of the Jinning movement. The ore -forming material came from terrestrial clastic sediments and marine volcamic eruption and the ores were deposited in a relatively open beach environment. The Jinning movement led to folding and metamorphism of country strata, as well as to the rebomilization and transport of copper ,resulting in ore deposition in structurally weak locations. This deposit is a volcano-sedimentary metamorphic deposit.

  10. Neuroimaging of genesis and satiation of thirst and an interoceptor-driven theory of origins of primary consciousness


    Denton, Derek; Shade, Robert; Zamarippa, Frank; Egan, Gary; Blair-West, John; McKinley, Michael; Lancaster, Jack; Fox, Peter


    There are defined hypothalamic functions in the genesis of thirst, but little is known of the cortical processes subserving consciousness of thirst notwithstanding the medical disorders that occur in psychiatric illness, addiction, and the attested decline of thirst with aging. In 10 adult males, positron emission tomography scans were made (i) during genesis of moderate thirst by infusion of i.v. hypertonic saline 0.51 M, (ii) after irrigation of the mouth with water to remove the sensation ...

  11. Satisfaction assessment with malleable prosthetic implant of Spectra (AMS) and Genesis (Coloplast) models. (United States)

    Casabé, A R; Sarotto, N; Gutierrez, C; Bechara, A J


    The malleable prosthetic implant is widely accepted among patients and physicians owing to a lower degree of surgical complexity, its rare mechanic failures and lower cost. We have compared the degree of satisfaction with malleable prosthetic implant in 60 patients, 36 with Spectra (AMS) and 24 with Genesis (Coloplast). For assessment purposes, we implemented the Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS) satisfaction questionnaire adapted for penile prosthetic implants. The mean age and follow-up was 61.7 years (31-82) and 19.9 months (1-61), respectively. Mean EDITS scores did not indicate superiority of one implant over the other, overall satisfaction index being 77.1% and 75.6% for Genesis and Spectra prosthesis, respectively (P=0.4970). Our results revealed that these two models of malleable prostheses present a high level of satisfaction and confirm that the malleable prosthetic implant is an excellent option to treat patients with ED refractory to medical treatment.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. A. Ershov


    Full Text Available Abstract. The 1044 biopsies from HPV-positive cervical epithelia were tested by cytological, histological, immunomorphological methods and PCR. One of the mechanisms of genesis of cervical cancer is damage of mitotic apparatus owing to association E7 HPV with NuMA 1, leads to infringement of distribution of chromosomes and virus DNA between daughter cells, shown pathological mitosis and integration of virus DNA. Infringements of differentiation of cells at CIN testified to their delay in pre-mitotic phases of cellular cycle unlike SCC which cells, having finished mitosis, are capable to the differentiation, accompanied by infringement of intercellular adhesion and neoanginesis. Genesis koilocytes and the cells of leukoplakia it is caused by defeat HPV basal cells.

  13. Using Image Pro Plus Software to Develop Particle Mapping on Genesis Solar Wind Collector Surfaces (United States)

    Rodriquez, Melissa C.; Allton, J. H.; Burkett, P. J.


    The continued success of the Genesis mission science team in analyzing solar wind collector array samples is partially based on close collaboration of the JSC curation team with science team members who develop cleaning techniques and those who assess elemental cleanliness at the levels of detection. The goal of this collaboration is to develop a reservoir of solar wind collectors of known cleanliness to be available to investigators. The heart and driving force behind this effort is Genesis mission PI Don Burnett. While JSC contributes characterization, safe clean storage, and benign collector cleaning with ultrapure water (UPW) and UV ozone, Burnett has coordinated more exotic and rigorous cleaning which is contributed by science team members. He also coordinates cleanliness assessment requiring expertise and instruments not available in curation, such as XPS, TRXRF [1,2] and synchrotron TRXRF. JSC participates by optically documenting the particle distributions as cleaning steps progress. Thus, optical document supplements SEM imaging and analysis, and elemental assessment by TRXRF.

  14. GENESI-DR: Discovery, Access and on-Demand Processing in Federated Repositories (United States)

    Cossu, Roberto; Pacini, Fabrizio; Parrini, Andrea; Santi, Eliana Li; Fusco, Luigi


    GENESI-DR (Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Repositories) is a European Commission (EC)-funded project, kicked-off early 2008 lead by ESA; partners include Space Agencies (DLR, ASI, CNES), both space and no-space data providers such as ENEA (I), Infoterra (UK), K-SAT (N), NILU (N), JRC (EU) and industry as Elsag Datamat (I), CS (F) and TERRADUE (I). GENESI-DR intends to meet the challenge of facilitating "time to science" from different Earth Science disciplines in discovery, access and use (combining, integrating, processing, …) of historical and recent Earth-related data from space, airborne and in-situ sensors, which are archived in large distributed repositories. In fact, a common dedicated infrastructure such as the GENESI-DR one permits the Earth Science communities to derive objective information and to share knowledge in all environmental sensitive domains over a continuum of time and a variety of geographical scales so addressing urgent challenges such as Global Change. GENESI-DR federates data, information and knowledge for the management of our fragile planet in line with one of the major goals of the many international environmental programmes such as GMES, GEO/GEOSS. As of today, 12 different Digital Repositories hosting more than 60 heterogeneous dataset series are federated in GENESI-DR. Series include satellite data, in situ data, images acquired by airborne sensors, digital elevation models and model outputs. ESA has started providing access to: Category-1 data systematically available on Internet; level 3 data (e.g., GlobCover map, MERIS Global Vegetation Index); ASAR products available in ESA Virtual Archive and related to the Supersites initiatives. In all cases, existing data policies and security constraints are fully respected. GENESI-DR also gives access to Grid and Cloud computing resources allowing authorized users to run a number of different processing services on the available data. The GENESI

  15. Left atrial electrophysiologic feature specific for the genesis of complex fractionated atrial electrogram during atrial fibrillation. (United States)

    Hoshiyama, Tadashi; Yamabe, Hiroshige; Koyama, Junjiroh; Kanazawa, Hisanori; Ogawa, Hisao


    Complex fractionated atrial electrogram (CFAE) has been suggested to contribute to the maintenance of atrial fibrillation (AF). However, electrophysiologic characteristics of the left atrial myocardium responsible for genesis of CFAE have not been clarified. Non-contact mapping of the left atrium was performed at 37 AF onset episodes in 24 AF patients. Electrogram amplitude, width, and conduction velocity were measured during sinus rhythm, premature atrial contraction (PAC) with long- (L-PAC), short- (S-PAC) and very short-coupling intervals (VS-PAC). These parameters were compared between CFAE and non-CFAE regions. Unipolar electrogram amplitude was higher in CFAE than non-CFAE during sinus rhythm, L-, S- and VS-PAC (1.82 ± 0.73 vs. 1.13 ± 0.38, p genesis of CFAE.

  16. Comparative Design Studies for the BESSY FEL Program using the MEDUSA and GENESIS Simulation Codes

    CERN Document Server

    Freund, H


    The BESSY FEL is based on a seeded cascade of High Gain Harmonic Generation (HGHG) sections followed by an amplifier to produce coherent and stable short wavelength output. Here, we report on comparative design studies carried out using the MEDUSA [1], and GENESIS [2] simulation codes. These two codes have each been used to successfully predict a variety of FEL designs and have agreed well with a number of important experiments. In addition, they were included in a comparative study of FEL simulation [3] that reported substantial agreement between the codes for the specific configurations studied. However, these codes are based on different assumptions. GENESIS treats the particle dynamics using a wiggler-averaged orbit approximation, the transverse electromagnetic field is treated using a field solver, and harmonics are not included. MEDUSA does not use the wiggler-averaged orbit approximation to treat particle dynamics, the transverse fields are treated using a Gaussian modal superposition, and harmonics ar...

  17. Observed warming trend in sea surface temperature at tropical cyclone genesis (United States)

    Defforge, Cécile L.; Merlis, Timothy M.


    Tropical cyclone (TC) activity is influenced by environmental factors, and it is expected to respond to anthropogenic climate change. However, there is observational uncertainty in historical changes in TC activity, and attributing observed TC changes to anthropogenic forcing is challenging in the presence of internal climate variability. The sea surface temperature (SST) is a well-observed environmental factor that affects TC intensity and rainfall. Here we show that the SST at the time of TC genesis has a significant warming trend over the three decades of the satellite era. Though TCs are extreme events, the warming trend at TC genesis is comparable to the trend in SST during other tropical deep convection events and the trend in SST in the TC main development regions throughout the TC season. This newly documented, observed signature of climate change on TC activity is also present in high-resolution global atmospheric model simulations that explicitly simulate TCs.

  18. Types and Genesis of Manganese Oxide Ores in Guangxi,Southwest China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Systematic studies are diven to the genesis and spatial distribution of manganese oxide deposits in Guangxi,Southwest China.The deposits are classified as 3 types and 7 subtypes among which the karst depression type is regionally characteristic an of reat potential.A genetic model is presented for the mineralization on the basis of proto-rock,tectonic background,topographic features and climatic and hydrogeological conditions.

  19. Laghi di Monticchio (Southern Italy, Region Basilicata): genesis of sediments—a geochemical study


    Georg Schettler; P. Albéric


    International audience; The sedimentation record of Lago Grande di Monticchio (LGM) is one of the most prominent paleoclimatic archives in the on-glaciated areas of Europe. However, the modern lake system has never been the subject of intense limnological studies. On the basis of hydrochemical water profiles, detailed investigations of sediment short cores and in situ pore water profiles from the littoral to the profundal zone, we elucidate spatial variations of sediment genesis within the la...

  20. Exodus: redirecting Genesis for solar wind observations 4-8 million km from Earth (United States)

    Steinberg, J.; Barraclough, B.; Gosling, J.; Reisenfeld, D.; Wiens, R.; Liewer, P.; Murphy, N.


    Genesis is an ongoing NASA Discovery mission designed to collect samples of the solar wind at L1 and return them to Earth for analysis. After the return capsule is dropped off in September, 2004, the spacecraft, with its in situ solar wind ion and electron spectrometers, is available to perform a new solar wind mission. Spacecraft capabilities, including ample remaining Dv, allow it to achieve and maintain a distant retrograde orbit, a heliocentric orbit in which the spacecraft spends a significant amount of time ˜0.025 AU upstream and downstream of Earth (˜2.5x the Earth-L1 distance). From this orbit Genesis observations may be used, together with those from available L1 spacecraft, to compare solar wind parameters across important spatial scales. The multi-point collaborative studies will uniquely allow us to understand the propagation and evolution of solar wind plasma, as well as the internal spatial structure of large solar wind transients, for spacecraft separation distances of 0.025 to 0.05 AU. Such separation distances are significantly greater than can be attained between any pair of current and proposed satellites in Earth or in L1 halo orbits. At the same time the separations will be small enough to allow confident tracking of particular solar wind structures between spacecraft. In addition to groundbreaking science, the Genesis spacecraft would be a pathfinder for potential future space weather sentinels. We present a proposal to redirect the Genesis spacecraft after its prime mission is complete, and create a new, inexpensive mission: EXODUS.

  1. Genesis mechanism of the Sinian-Cambrian reservoirs in the Anyue Gas Field, Sichuan Basin


    Zhou Jingao; Yao Genshun; Yang Guang; Zhang Jianyong; Hao Yi; Wang Fang; Gu Mingfeng; Li Wenzheng


    The Lower Cambrian Longwangmiao Fm, the 4th and 2nd members of the Sinian Dengying Fm are the three major gas layers in the Anyue Gas Field of the Sichuan Basin. Their main characteristics and genesis mechanism were investigated, and the following three findings were obtained. First, according to sedimentary microfacies, lithology and porosity, the Longwangmiao Fm is identified as fractured-vuggy dolomite reservoir of grain shoal facies, the 4th member of the Dengying Fm as fractured-vuggy (c...

  2. The skills for genesis2000 reading 274D%浅谈Genesis读取274D格式技巧

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王忱; 李加余; 黄慧


    Genesis 2000是处理PCB线路图形达到现场生产能力并满足客户要求的一种高级计算机辅助制造软件,CAM制作料号前必须将客户提供之CAD/CAM档案转换成厂内可使用之文件格式。 Genesis 2000读取客户资料的正确性,直接会影响每款产品的正确性,文章主要探讨genesis2000读取274D格式技巧。%Genesis 2000 is an advanced computer-aided manufacturing software processing PCB line and graph to reach the production capacity and meet customer requirements. Before the materials process, CAD/CAMfiles must be provided and changed into a plant suitable format which can be used. The correctness of the Genesis 2000 reading customer data directly affects the accuracy of each product. So this paper mainly discusses genesis2000 reading skills of 274D.

  3. Genesis Solar Wind Interstream, Coronal Hole and Coronal Mass Ejection Samples: Update on Availability and Condition (United States)

    Allton, J. H.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allums, K. K.


    Recent refinement of analysis of ACE/SWICS data (Advanced Composition Explorer/Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer) and of onboard data for Genesis Discovery Mission of 3 regimes of solar wind at Earth-Sun L1 make it an appropriate time to update the availability and condition of Genesis samples specifically collected in these three regimes and currently curated at Johnson Space Center. ACE/SWICS spacecraft data indicate that solar wind flow types emanating from the interstream regions, from coronal holes and from coronal mass ejections are elementally and isotopically fractionated in different ways from the solar photosphere, and that correction of solar wind values to photosphere values is non-trivial. Returned Genesis solar wind samples captured very different kinds of information about these three regimes than spacecraft data. Samples were collected from 11/30/2001 to 4/1/2004 on the declining phase of solar cycle 23. Meshik, et al is an example of precision attainable. Earlier high precision laboratory analyses of noble gases collected in the interstream, coronal hole and coronal mass ejection regimes speak to degree of fractionation in solar wind formation and models that laboratory data support. The current availability and condition of samples captured on collector plates during interstream slow solar wind, coronal hole high speed solar wind and coronal mass ejections are de-scribed here for potential users of these samples.

  4. Molecular Contamination on Anodized Aluminum Components of the Genesis Science Canister (United States)

    Burnett, D. S.; McNamara, K. M.; Jurewicz, A.; Woolum, D.


    Inspection of the interior of the Genesis science canister after recovery in Utah, and subsequently at JSC, revealed a darkening on the aluminum canister shield and other canister components. There has been no such observation of film contamination on the collector surfaces, and preliminary spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements support the theory that the films observed on the anodized aluminum components do not appear on the collectors to any significant extent. The Genesis Science Team has made an effort to characterize the thickness and composition of the brown stain and to determine if it is associated with molecular outgassing.Detailed examination of the surfaces within the Genesis science canister reveals that the brown contamination is observed to varying degrees, but only on surfaces exposed in space to the Sun and solar wind hydrogen. In addition, the materials affected are primarily composed of anodized aluminum. A sharp line separating the sun and shaded portion of the thermal closeout panel is shown. This piece was removed from a location near the gold foil collector within the canister. Future plans include a reassembly of the canister components to look for large-scale patterns of contamination within the canister to aid in revealing the root cause.

  5. Mixing Strong and Weak Targets Provides No Evidence against the Unequal-Variance Explanation of zRoc Slope: A Comment on Koen and Yonelinas (2010) (United States)

    Starns, Jeffrey J.; Rotello, Caren M.; Ratcliff, Roger


    Koen and Yonelinas (2010; K&Y) reported that mixing classes of targets that had short (weak) or long (strong) study times had no impact on zROC slope, contradicting the predictions of the encoding variability hypothesis. We show that they actually derived their predictions from a mixture unequal-variance signal detection (UVSD) model, which…

  6. Outcomes of Treatment Targeting Syntax Production in People with Broca's-Type Aphasia: Evidence from Psycholinguistic Assessment Tasks and Everyday Conversation (United States)

    Carragher, Marcella; Sage, Karen; Conroy, Paul


    Background: Capturing evidence of the effects of therapy within everyday communication is the holy grail of aphasia treatment design and evaluation. Whilst impaired sentence production is a predominant symptom of Broca's-type aphasia, the effects of sentence production therapy on everyday conversation have not been investigated. Given the…

  7. Genesis, visual attributes and contemporary communication features of the alphabet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Filip Cvitić


    Full Text Available Throughout 5,000 years of human literacy, the alphabet system has developed from pictograms and ideograms to the contemporary system of Latin letters. The simplification of primary pictograms and their transformation to ideograms followed the major goal of written communication – to transmit thoughts and ideas. Besides, written communication has enabled preservation of knowledge, and that has generated the expansion of information and its availability today. The high speed of gathering written information, as well as its superabundance, calls for rethinking of semiotic features of Latin letters as the basic units of written communication in the Western world, especially in terms of marketing communication and its effectiveness. The written expression is the major tool of branding and getting closer to target market segments. Social development influences the development of communication, which is visible through numerous brands and signs, i.e. symbols that make products and companies recognizable in the market. The distinct sign forms of the alphabet are used to suggest the story of a brand, product or service. A constituent element of its comprehension is conscious or unconscious knowledge drawn from different sources in the environment. The history of human literacy, the development of each particular letter, the communication rules of the contemporary marketplace, the impact of brands and information superabundance make up the basis for further research into communication features of the alphabet, semantics of written forms and their redefinition in the context of effective marketing communication.

  8. First experimental evidence of hydrodynamic tunneling of ultra–relativistic protons in extended solid copper target at the CERN HiRadMat facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmidt, R.; Grenier, D.; Wollmann, D. [CERN-AB, 1211 Geneva 23 (Switzerland); Blanco Sancho, J. [CERN-AB, 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne (Switzerland); Burkart, F. [CERN-AB, 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland and Goethe University, Frankfurt (Germany); Tahir, N. A. [GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt (Germany); Shutov, A. [Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Chernogolovka (Russian Federation); Piriz, A. R. [E.T.S.I. Industriales, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, 13071 Ciudad Real (Spain)


    A novel experiment has been performed at the CERN HiRadMat test facility to study the impact of the 440 GeV proton beam generated by the Super Proton Synchrotron on extended solid copper cylindrical targets. Substantial hydrodynamic tunneling of the protons in the target material has been observed that leads to significant lengthening of the projectile range, which confirms our previous theoretical predictions [N. A. Tahir et al., Phys. Rev. Spec. Top.-Accel. Beams 15, 051003 (2012)]. Simulation results show very good agreement with the experimental measurements. These results have very important implications on the machine protection design for powerful machines like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the future High Luminosity LHC, and the proposed huge 80 km circumference Future Circular Collider, which is currently being discussed at CERN. Another very interesting outcome of this work is that one may also study the field of High Energy Density Physics at this test facility.

  9. A Multi-Target Approach toward the Development of Novel Candidates for Antidermatophytic Activity: Ultrastructural Evidence on α-Bisabolol-Treated Microsporum gypseum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlo Romagnoli


    Full Text Available Multi-target strategies are directed toward targets that are unrelated (or distantly related and can create opportunities to address different pathologies. The antidermatophytic activities of nine natural skin lighteners: α-bisabolol, kojic acid, β-arbutin, azelaic acid, hydroquinone, nicotinamide, glycine, glutathione and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, were evaluated, in comparison with the known antifungal drug fluconazole, on nine dermatophytes responsible for the most common dermatomycoses: Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis, Trichophyton violaceum, Nannizzia cajetani, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, Arthroderma gypseum, Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton tonsurans. α-Bisabolol showed the best antifungal activity against all fungi and in particular; against M. gypseum. Further investigations were conducted on this fungus to evaluate the inhibition of spore germination and morphological changes induced by α-bisabolol by TEM.

  10. An ancient recipe for flood-basalt genesis. (United States)

    Jackson, Matthew G; Carlson, Richard W


    Large outpourings of basaltic lava have punctuated geological time, but the mechanisms responsible for the generation of such extraordinary volumes of melt are not well known. Recent geochemical evidence suggests that an early-formed reservoir may have survived in the Earth's mantle for about 4.5 billion years (ref. 2), and melts of this reservoir contributed to the flood basalt emplaced on Baffin Island about 60 million years ago. However, the volume of this ancient mantle domain and whether it has contributed to other flood basalts is not known. Here we show that basalts from the largest volcanic event in geologic history--the Ontong Java plateau--also exhibit the isotopic and trace element signatures proposed for the early-Earth reservoir. Together with the Ontong Java plateau, we suggest that six of the largest volcanic events that erupted in the past 250 million years derive from the oldest terrestrial mantle reservoir. The association of these large volcanic events with an ancient primitive mantle source suggests that its unique geochemical characteristics--it is both hotter (it has greater abundances of the radioactive heat-producing elements) and more fertile than depleted mantle reservoirs-may strongly affect the generation of flood basalts.

  11. New insights on tsunami genesis and energy source (United States)

    Song, Y. Tony; Mohtat, Ali; Yim, Solomon C.


    Conventional tsunami theories suggest that earthquakes with significant vertical motions are more likely to generate tsunamis. In tsunami models, the vertical seafloor elevation is directly transferred to the sea-surface as the only initial condition. However, evidence from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake indicates otherwise; the vertical seafloor uplift was only 3-5 m, too small to account for the resultant tsunami. Surprisingly, the horizontal displacement was undeniably larger than anyone's expectation; about 60 m at the frontal wedge of the fault plate, the largest slip ever recorded by in situ instruments. The question is whether the horizontal motion of seafloor slopes had enhanced the tsunami to become as destructive as observed. In this study, we provide proof: (1) combining various measurements from the 2011 Tohoku event, we show that the earthquake transferred a total energy of 3.1e + 15 joule to the ocean, in which the potential energy (PE) due to the vertical seafloor elevation (including seafloor uplift/subsidence plus the contribution from the horizontal displacement) was less than a half, while the kinetic energy (KE) due to the horizontal displacement velocity of the continental slope contributed a majority portion; (2) using two modern state-of-the-art wave flumes and a three-dimensional tsunami model, we have reproduced the source energy and tsunamis consistent with observations, including the 2004 Sumatra event. Based on the unified source energy formulation, we offer a competing theory to explain why some earthquakes generate destructive tsunamis, while others do not.

  12. Debris entrainment and landform genesis during tidewater glacier surges (United States)

    Lovell, Harold; Fleming, Edward J.; Benn, Douglas I.; Hubbard, Bryn; Lukas, Sven; Rea, Brice R.; Noormets, Riko; Flink, Anne E.


    The englacial entrainment of basal debris during surges presents an opportunity to investigate processes acting at the glacier bed. The subsequent melt-out of debris-rich englacial structures during the quiescent phase produces geometrical ridge networks on glacier forelands that are diagnostic of surge activity. We investigate the link between debris entrainment and proglacial geomorphology by analyzing basal ice, englacial structures, and ridge networks exposed at the margins of Tunabreen, a tidewater surge-type glacier in Svalbard. The basal ice facies display clear evidence for brittle and ductile tectonic deformation, resulting in overall thickening of the basal ice sequence. The formation of debris-poor dispersed facies ice is the result of strain-induced metamorphism of meteoric ice near the bed. Debris-rich englacial structures display a variety of characteristics and morphologies and are interpreted to represent the incorporation and elevation of subglacial till via the squeezing of till into basal crevasses and hydrofracture exploitation of thrust faults, reoriented crevasse squeezes, and preexisting fractures. These structures are observed to melt-out and form embryonic geometrical ridge networks at the base of a terrestrially grounded ice cliff. Ridge networks are also located at the terrestrial margins of Tunabreen, neighboring Von Postbreen, and in a submarine position within Tempelfjorden. Analysis of network characteristics allows these ridges to be linked to different formational mechanisms of their parent debris-rich englacial structures. This in turn provides an insight into variations in the dominant tectonic stress regimes acting across the glacier during surges.

  13. Role of deep crustal fluids in the genesis of intraplate earthquakes in the Kachchh region, northwestern India (United States)

    Pavan Kumar, G.; Mahesh, P.; Nagar, Mehul; Mahender, E.; Kumar, Virendhar; Mohan, Kapil; Ravi Kumar, M.


    Fluids play a prominent role in the genesis of earthquakes, particularly in intraplate settings. In this study, we present evidence for a highly heterogeneous nature of electrical conductivity in the crust and uppermost mantle beneath the Kachchh rift basin of northwestern India, which is host to large, deadly intraplate earthquakes. We interpret our results of high conductive zones inferred from magnetotelluric and 3-D local earthquake tomography investigations in terms of a fluid reservoir in the upper mantle. The South Wagad Fault (SWF) imaged as a near-vertical north dipping low resistivity zone traversing the entire crust and an elongated south dipping conductor demarcating the North Wagad Fault (NWF) serve as conduits for fluid flow from the reservoir to the middle to lower crustal depths. Importantly, the epicentral zone of the 2001 main shock is characterized as a fluid saturated zone at the rooting of NWF onto the SWF.Plain Language SummaryFluids play a significant role in generation of earthquakes in intraplate and interplate settings. However, knowledge of the nature, origin, and localization of crustal fluids in stable continental interiors (intraplate) remains uncertain. The Kachchh rift basin of northwestern India is host to large, deadly intraplate earthquakes like those in 1819 (Mw7.8) and 2001 (Mw7.7). In the present study we carried out extensive geophysical investigations to understand the cause for seismic activity in the region. The study provides the evidence for the presence of fluids in the seismically active intraplate region of northwest India. This study demonstrates that the dynamics of mantle fluids controlled by geological faults could lead to large and moderate-sized earthquakes.

  14. Genomic response to Wnt signalling is highly context-dependent - Evidence from DNA microarray and chromatin immunoprecipitation screens of Wnt/TCF targets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Railo, Antti [Oulu Centre for Cell Matrix Research, Biocenter Oulu, Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, FIN-90014, University of Oulu, P. O. Box 5000 (Finland); Pajunen, Antti [Department of Biochemistry, University of Oulu (Finland); Itaeranta, Petri; Naillat, Florence; Vuoristo, Jussi; Kilpelaeinen, Pekka [Oulu Centre for Cell Matrix Research, Biocenter Oulu, Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, FIN-90014, University of Oulu, P. O. Box 5000 (Finland); Vainio, Seppo, E-mail: [Oulu Centre for Cell Matrix Research, Biocenter Oulu, Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, FIN-90014, University of Oulu, P. O. Box 5000 (Finland)


    Wnt proteins are important regulators of embryonic development, and dysregulated Wnt signalling is involved in the oncogenesis of several human cancers. Our knowledge of the downstream target genes is limited, however. We used a chromatin immunoprecipitation-based assay to isolate and characterize the actual gene segments through which Wnt-activatable transcription factors, TCFs, regulate transcription and an Affymetrix microarray analysis to study the global transcriptional response to the Wnt3a ligand. The anti-{beta}-catenin immunoprecipitation of DNA-protein complexes from mouse NIH3T3 fibroblasts expressing a fusion protein of {beta}-catenin and TCF7 resulted in the identification of 92 genes as putative TCF targets. GeneChip assays of gene expression performed on NIH3T3 cells and the rat pheochromocytoma cell line PC12 revealed 355 genes in NIH3T3 and 129 genes in the PC12 cells with marked changes in expression after Wnt3a stimulus. Only 2 Wnt-regulated genes were shared by both cell lines. Surprisingly, Disabled-2 was the only gene identified by the chromatin immunoprecipitation approach that displayed a marked change in expression in the GeneChip assay. Taken together, our approaches give an insight into the complex context-dependent nature of Wnt pathway transcriptional responses and identify Disabled-2 as a potential new direct target for Wnt signalling.

  15. Method of target identity fusion based on rough set and evidence theory%基于粗糙集和证据理论的目标身份融合方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    冯至; 李强; 蔡莉


    在多传感器目标身份融合中为了解决传统证据理论存在基本概率赋值主要依靠专家利用经验给出、证据合成时将不同重要性证据同等对待等问题,提出一种基于证据权重的基本概率赋值方法。通过决策表得出传感器的证据权重与决策可信度,利用证据权重调节信度分配比例,计算出基于证据权重的基本概率赋值,从而在后续证据组合时有效增加高权重传感器影响力。实例分析表明,该方法身份融合是准确、有效的。%In multi-sensor target identity fusion, to solve the problems in the traditional evidence theory that the basic probability assignment relies mainly on the experts’giving by experiences and evidence synthesis make no discrimination on those evidences that are of different importance, this paper puts forward a basic method of probability assignment based on evidence weight. By the decision tables, we can obtain the evidence weight and decision credibility of sensors, and compute the basic probability assignment based on evidence weight, using the weight to adjust the allocation proportion of the credibility, thus improving effectively the influences of high weight sensor in the following evidence combination. By analyzing the examples, it is shown that this proposed method is of accurate identity infusion and effective.

  16. The genesis of empathy in human development: a phenomenological reconstruction. (United States)

    Bornemark, Jonna


    In phenomenology, theories of empathy are intimately connected with the question of how it is possible to have insight into the mind of the other person. In this article, the author wants to show why it is self-evident for us that the other person is having experiences. In order to do so, it is not enough to discuss the phenomenon of empathy with a starting point in the already constituted adult person; instead the article presents a genetic approach to human development. The author thus contrasts Edith Stein's discussion of Einfühlung (empathy), which takes its starting point in the experience of the grown-up, with Max Scheler's discussion of Einsfühlung (feeling of oneness), where the relation between mother and infant is taken as one example. Maurice Merleau-Ponty's discussion of the world of the infant is read as one way of developing Scheler's theory of intersubjectivity and of Einsfühlung. This genetic approach is developed further into a phenomenological analysis of the experience of the fetus and of birth. The author argues that the analysis of the fetus highlights the distinction between knowing that another person is having experiences, and knowing the specific content of the other person's experiences. The fetus does not experience different persons, but has a pre-subjective experience of life that includes what is later experienced as belonging to "another." Later in life, the experience of empathy, as an experience of a specific content, can be developed from this experience. In this way empathy and Einsfühlung can be understood as complementary rather than as competing phenomena.

  17. The Genesis of La desesperanza by José Donoso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Lusky Friedman


    Full Text Available This study analyzes the seven hundred pages of working notes made by the Chilean writer José Donoso as he created La desesperanza , his 1986 novel about the return of a Chilean exile to his homeland. These notes, made in two sustained working sessions, one in the year beginning in December 1980 and the other in the first eight months of 1985, reveal a particular modus operandi : intent on inventing characters who were believable and complex, Donoso subordinated every other aspect of the work—plot, technical considerations like point of view and register, and even the ideas the novel would ultimately convey—to the imagining of a community of fully realized fictional beings. What is more, these working notes afford striking evidence that Donoso, in forging the novel, returned again and again, probably unconsciously, to the theme of ambivalence of child for parent and of parent for child. This theme, while discernible in the finished text, is far more visible in Donoso's ruminations about his work in progress. By examining the ways in which Donoso imbeds the theme of parent-child ambivalence in his text, and by relating his ways of doing so with Melanie Klein's notion of a small child's "split" image of a parent, this study identifies narrative strategies characteristic of Donoso's writing in general. The essay ends by suggesting that the theme of transformation of the self, central to all of Donoso's work, may well be an expression of this writer's preoccupation with ambivalence in the relationship between parent and child.

  18. Genesis of Mariana shoshonites: Contribution of the subduction component (United States)

    Sun, Chih-Hsien; Stern, Robert J.


    The Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc contains a unique group of shoshonitic volcanoes from along the magmatic front of this intraoceanic arc. Shoshonites are greatly enriched in incompatible elements compared to lavas typically found in primitive arc settings but have fractionations of lithophile (LIL) and high-field strength (HFSE) incompatible elements characteristic of convergent margin magmas and thus are characterized by an unusually large "subduction component." New geochemical and isotopic data for Izu-Bonin-Mariana shoshonites and related rocks are presented and interpreted to examine the origin of these enrichments. Enrichments are associated with distinctive isotopic compositions, including the most radiogenic Pb (206Pb/204Pb ˜ 19.47) and least radiogenic Nd (ɛNd ˜ 5.6) from along the magmatic front of the arc. Despite highly elevated concentrations of fluid-mobile lithophile elements in the lavas, the similarity of diagnostic element ratios (e.g., Ba/La, Pb/Ce, and U/Th) to those in mid-ocean ridge basalts and ocean island basalts indicates little role for fluid-induced elemental fractionation in the generation of these shoshonites. Modeling isotopic data allows up to 6% subducted sediments to be involved, but oxygen isotopic evidence limits this to <3%. Low-P fractionation explains most of the chemical variations observed in these shoshonites. Removal of <2% Ti-rich phases could fractionate HFSE from LIL, indicating an important role for low-P fractionation. Although many features of these shoshonites are consistent with a greater role for subducted sediments, such a role is not accompanied by an unequivocal and universal signal in both isotopic compositions and trace element abundances and fractionations. This signifies a large role for both equilibration of these melts with mantle and for low-pressure fractionation.

  19. Out-of-Sequence Thrust in the Higher Himalaya- a Review & Possible Genesis (United States)

    Mukherjee, S.; Koyi, H. A.; Talbot, C. J.


    OOST is more dominant with migmatites and leucogranites (Searle, 1999; Yin et al., 2006; Carosi et al., 2007; Grujic et al., 2002; Hollister and Grujic, 2006), but the footwall side does contain these rocks (Hodges et al., 1996; Chambers et al., 2008). The thickness of the OOST are 50 m (Carosi et al., 2007), >150 m (Yin et al., 2006), 3-6 km (Searle, 1999) and ~ 1.5 km (Vannay and Hodges, 1996). A number of hypotheses have been put forward to explain the genesis of the OOST. These are (i) a disparity in erosion rates triggered mainly by a spatial variation in the intensity of rainfall (Wobus et al., 2005). (ii) The lower boundary of the channel flow extrusion defined the OOST (Hollister and Grujic, 2006). (iii) As a result of a heterogeneous velocity profile of channel flow extrusion across lithologic discontinuity (Carosi et al., 2007). The granitic melt at depth in some way led to this thrusting (Swapp and Hollister, 1991). Had channel flow been the extrusion mechanism of the Higher Himalaya, the genesis of the OOST might somehow be related to this extrusion. In this work, a channel flow box was prepared and polydimethylsiloxane was used as the model material. A channel flow was generated in the horizontal channel and was allowed to extrude through an inclined channel similar to the Higher Himalaya (Mukherjee, 2007). In different considerations, the walls of the Higher Himalaya are parallel and diverging-up. A late formed blind thrust plane forms at the corner joining the inclined and the horizontal wall and crops to the surface much later to the initiation of channel flow. On the basis of its late arrival to the surface than the channel flow and its relative position in the model Higher Himalaya, the thrust is comparable with the OOST. This means that (i) climatic factors nor lithologic discontinuity were a trigger to the OOST; and (ii) the OOST is a delayed product of channel flow that initiated at a sub-horizontal channel below the Tibetan plateau and extrude the

  20. Potential genesis and implications of calcium nitrate in Antarctic snow (United States)

    Mahalinganathan, Kanthanathan; Thamban, Meloth


    Among the large variety of particulates in the atmosphere, calcic mineral dust particles have highly reactive surfaces that undergo heterogeneous reactions with atmospheric acids contiguously. The association between nssCa2+, an important proxy indicator of mineral dust, and NO3-, a dominant anion in the Antarctic snowpack, was analysed. A total of 41 snow cores ( ˜ 1 m each) that represent snow deposited during 2008-2009 were studied along coastal-inland transects from two different regions in East Antarctica - the Princess Elizabeth Land (PEL) and central Dronning Maud Land (cDML). Correlation statistics showed a strong association (at 99 % significance level) between NO3- and nssCa2+ at the near-coastal sections of both PEL (r = 0.74) and cDML (r = 0.82) transects. Similarly, a strong association between these ions was also observed in snow deposits at the inland sections of PEL (r = 0.73) and cDML (r = 0.84). Such systematic associations between nssCa2+ and NO3- are attributed to the interaction between calcic mineral dust and nitric acid in the atmosphere, leading to the formation of calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2) aerosol. Principal component analysis revealed common transport and depositional processes for nssCa2+ and NO3- both in PEL and cDML. Forward- and back-trajectory analyses using HYSPLIT model v. 4 revealed that southern South America (SSA) was an important dust-emitting source to the study region, aided by the westerlies. Particle size distribution showed that over 90 % of the dust was in the range dust particles reached the Antarctic region via long-range transport from the SSA region. We propose that the association between nssCa2+ and NO3- occurs during the long-range transport due to the formation of Ca(NO3)2 rather than to local neutralisation processes. However, the influence of local dust sources from the nunataks in cDML and the contribution of high sea salt in coastal PEL evidently mask such association in the mountainous and coastal regions

  1. Assessing anthropogenic impact on soil genesis through archaeological data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Radu Gabriel PÎRNĂU


    Full Text Available The purpose of our work is to analyse soils properties and their evolution related to prehistoric settlements (Neolithic to Bronze Age from Ruginoasa-Strunga saddle, located in western part of the Moldavian Plateau.Although the actual climatic conditions favor the development of forest soils in this area, the morphology and chemical proprieties show soils characteristics much closer to those of Cambic Chernozems. Therefore this soils were termed in the former Romanian soil classification systems forest chernozemic soils, chernozemic black soils, pratozems, brunizems, typically having chernozemic aspect but which are not encountered under a specific forest-steppe environment. Currently, these soils are classified as Cambic Phaeozems according to the Romanian Soil Taxonomy System (2012.Through the computation of zonal statistics, it was found that these soils are characterized by higher values of humus content, higher thickness of Am horizons and higher values of mobile phosphorus than the other soils in the study area. Concerning the mobile phosphorus content, several spatial anomalies were detected, which may prove the continuity of settlements and agricultural practices in the area. In this respect, seven profiles were identified displaying gradual increase of phosphorus values with soil depth, which are situated in the proximity of archeological sites. Moreover, the maximum phosphorus value (450 ppm is located in the proximity of such a site.Although the archaeological data covering this area are limited and fragmentary, a clustered settlements distribution is observed in both northern and south-eastern extremities of the saddle. The axis of the saddle appears to have been an open, unforested space which was used for agricultural purposes and probably as a travel corridor. The presence in the same area of several Bronze Age tumuli, support this hypothesis. There is considerable evidence to suggest that barrows tended to be built in cleared

  2. Genesis 3 - Plate forme pour la création musicale à l'aide des modèles physiques CORDIS-ANIMA


    Castagné, Nicolas; Cadoz, Claude


    Session: " Plates-formes pour la diffusion et pour la création "; National audience; GENESIS3 est une toute nouvelle version de l'environnement GENESIS pour la création musicale à l'aide les modèles physiques masse-interaction CORDIS-ANIMA. Elle a été conçue avec un recul de plus de dix années sur l'ancienne version et ses utilisations. Nous profitons de la sortie de GENESIS3 pour présenter une analyse du " paradigme logiciel " porté par GENESIS, en particulier en ce qui concerne les fonction...

  3. Comparison of hepatic transcription profiles of locked ribonucleic acid antisense oligonucleotides: evidence of distinct pathways contributing to non-target mediated toxicity in mice. (United States)

    Kakiuchi-Kiyota, Satoko; Koza-Taylor, Petra H; Mantena, Srinivasa R; Nelms, Linda F; Enayetallah, Ahmed E; Hollingshead, Brett D; Burdick, Andrew D; Reed, Lori A; Warneke, James A; Whiteley, Lawrence O; Ryan, Anne M; Mathialagan, Nagappan


    Development of LNA gapmers, antisense oligonucleotides used for efficient inhibition of target RNA expression, is limited by non-target mediated hepatotoxicity issues. In the present study, we investigated hepatic transcription profiles of mice administered non-toxic and toxic LNA gapmers. After repeated administration, a toxic LNA gapmer (TS-2), but not a non-toxic LNA gapmer (NTS-1), caused hepatocyte necrosis and increased serum alanine aminotransferase levels. Microarray data revealed that, in addition to gene expression patterns consistent with hepatotoxicity, 17 genes in the clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) pathway were altered in the TS-2 group. TS-2 significantly down-regulated myosin 1E (Myo1E), which is involved in release of clathrin-coated pits from plasma membranes. To map the earliest transcription changes associated with LNA gapmer-induced hepatotoxicity, a second microarray analysis was performed using NTS-1, TS-2, and a severely toxic LNA gapmer (HTS-3) at 8, 16, and 72 h following a single administration in mice. The only histopathological change observed was minor hepatic hypertrophy in all LNA groups across time points. NTS-1, but not 2 toxic LNA gapmers, increased immune response genes at 8 and 16 h but not at 72 h. TS-2 significantly perturbed the CME pathway only at 72 h, while Myo1E levels were decreased at all time points. In contrast, HTS-3 modulated DNA damage pathway genes at 8 and 16 h and also modulated the CME pathway genes (but not Myo1E) at 16 h. Our results may suggest that different LNAs modulate distinct transcriptional genes and pathways contributing to non-target mediated hepatotoxicity in mice.

  4. Evidence of self-affine multiplicity fluctuation of target residues in 84Kr-AgBr interactions at 1.7 AGeV

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Dong-Hai; LI Hui-Ling


    Self-afline multiplicity scaling is investigated in the framework of a two-dimensional factorial mo-ment methodology using the concept of the Hurst exponent (H). Analyzing the experimental data of target evaporated fragments emitted in84Kr-AgBr interactions at 1.7 AGeV revealed that the best power law behav-ior is exhibited for H = 0.3 indicating a self-affine multiplicity fluctuation pattern. A signal of multifractality is also observed from knowledge of the anomalous fractal dimension dq extracted from the intermittency exponent aq of the anisotropic phase space scenario.

  5. Sulfated small molecules targeting eBV in Burkitt lymphoma: from in silico screening to the evidence of in vitro effect on viral episomal DNA. (United States)

    Lima, Raquel T; Seca, Hugo; Palmeira, Andreia; Fernandes, Miguel X; Castro, Felipe; Correia-da-Silva, Marta; Nascimento, Maria S J; Sousa, Emília; Pinto, Madalena; Vasconcelos, M Helena


    Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infects more than 90% of the world population. Following primary infection, Epstein-Barr virus persists in an asymptomatic latent state. Occasionally, it may switch to lytic infection. Latent EBV infection has been associated with several diseases, such as Burkitt lymphoma (BL). To date, there are no available drugs to target latent EBV, and the existing broad-spectrum antiviral drugs are mainly active against lytic viral infection. Thus, using computational molecular docking, a virtual screen of a library of small molecules, including xanthones and flavonoids (described with potential for antiviral activity against EBV), was carried out targeting EBV proteins. The more interesting molecules were selected for further computational analysis, and subsequently, the compounds were tested in the Raji (BL) cell line, to evaluate their activity against latent EBV. This work identified three novel sulfated small molecules capable of decreasing EBV levels in a BL. Therefore, the in silico screening presents a good approach for the development of new anti-EBV agents.

  6. Evolution and genesis of volcanic rocks from Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka (United States)

    Simon, A.; Yogodzinski, G. M.; Robertson, K.; Smith, E.; Selyangin, O.; Kiryukhin, A.; Mulcahy, S. R.; Walker, J. D.


    This study presents new geochemical data for Mutnovsky Volcano, located on the volcanic front of the southern portion of the Kamchatka arc. Field relationships show that Mutnovsky Volcano is comprised of four distinct stratocones, which have grown over that past 80 ka. The youngest center, Mutnovsky IV, has produced basalts and basaltic andesites only. The three older centers (Mutnovsky I, II, III) are dominated by basalt and basaltic andesite (60-80% by volume), but each has also produced small volumes of andesite and dacite. Across centers of all ages, Mutnovsky lavas define a tholeiitic igneous series, from 48-70% SiO2. Basalts and basaltic andesites have relatively low K2O and Na2O, and high FeO* and Al2O3 compared to volcanic rocks throughout Kamchatka. The mafic lavas are also depleted in the light rare earth elements (REEs), with chondrite-normalized La/Sm arc volcanic rocks worldwide. Radiogenic isotope ratios (Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf) are similar for samples from all four eruptive centers, and indicate that all samples were produced by melting of a similar source mixture. No clear age-progressive changes are evident in the compositions of Mutnovsky lavas. Mass balance and assimilation-fractional crystallization (AFC) modeling of major and rare earth elements (REEs) indicate that basaltic andesites were produced by FC of plagioclase, clinopyroxene and olivine from a parental basalt, combined with assimilation of a melt composition similar to dacite lavas present at Mutnovsky. This modeling also indicates that andesites were produced by FC of plagioclase from basaltic andesite, combined with assimilation of dacite. Dacites erupted from Mutnovsky I and II have low abundances of REEs, and do not appear to be related to mafic magmas by FC or AFC processes. These dacites are modeled as the products of dehydration partial melting at mid-crustal levels of a garnet-free, amphibole-bearing basaltic rock, which itself formed in the mid-crust by emplacement of magma that

  7. Computer-aided Molecular Design of Compounds Targeting Histone Modifying Enzymes. (United States)

    Andreoli, Federico; Del Rio, Alberto


    Growing evidences show that epigenetic mechanisms play crucial roles in the genesis and progression of many physiopathological processes. As a result, research in epigenetic grew at a fast pace in the last decade. In particular, the study of histone post-translational modifications encountered an extraordinary progression and many modifications have been characterized and associated to fundamental biological processes and pathological conditions. Histone modifications are the catalytic result of a large set of enzyme families that operate covalent modifications on specific residues at the histone tails. Taken together, these modifications elicit a complex and concerted processing that greatly contribute to the chromatin remodeling and may drive different pathological conditions, especially cancer. For this reason, several epigenetic targets are currently under validation for drug discovery purposes and different academic and industrial programs have been already launched to produce the first pre-clinical and clinical outcomes. In this scenario, computer-aided molecular design techniques are offering important tools, mainly as a consequence of the increasing structural information available for these targets. In this mini-review we will briefly discuss the most common types of known histone modifications and the corresponding operating enzymes by emphasizing the computer-aided molecular design approaches that can be of use to speed-up the efforts to generate new pharmaceutically relevant compounds.

  8. Stishovite paradox in genesis of the superdeep diamond (United States)

    Litvin, Yuriy


    O - SiO2 - FeO - CaSiO3 system where Ca-perovskite is stable. Thus, the "stishovite paradox" has physicochemical substantiation. Fractional crystallization of magnesiowustite in ultrabasic lower-mantle magma could lead to a rise of FeO content in the residual melts and activate the peritectic mechanism of the "stishovite paradox' formation. This is resulted in a transfer to basic residual melts and in situ formation of stishovite-magnesiowustite-Ca-perovskite rocks where stishovite is a primary lower-mantle mineral. This mechanism can be extended to the origin of stishovite and "stishovite paradox" in the superdeep diamond inclusions. By mantle-carbonatite model [5], the parental media of upper-mantle diamonds and inclusions are presented by carbonate-silicate-carbon melts. Carbonate-based parental media are applicable to origin of lower-mantle superdeep diamonds and inclusions. In this case the reasons arise from the presence of primary Na-, Mg-, Fe-, Ca-carbonate inclusions in superdeep diamonds and experimental evidence for congruent melting of carbonates under PT-conditions of the lower mantle [6, 7]. Support: RFBR grant 11-05-00401. 1. Stishov S.M., Popova S.V. (1961). Doklady USSR Academy of Sciences ????? 2. Kaminsky F. (2012). Earth-Science Review 110 . 127-147. 3. Akaogi M. ln E. Ohtani, ed. Advances in High-Pressure Mineralogy: Geological Society of America Special Paper 2007. # 421. P. 1-13. 4. Litvin Yu.A. Doklady Earth Sciences, 2013 (accepted). 5. Litvin Yu.A. ln E. Ohtani, ed. Advances in High-Pressure Mineralogy: Geological Society of America Special Paper 2007. # 421. P.83-103. 6. Spivak A.V., Litvin Yu.A., S.V. Ovsyannikov, et al. // Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2012,. 191, 102-106. 7. Solopova N.A., Litvin Yu.A., Spivak A.V. et al. Doklady Earth Sciences, 2013 (accepted).

  9. Genesis of Ultra-High Pressure Garnet Pyroxenite in Orogenic Peridotites and its bearing on the Isotopic Chemical Heterogeneity in the Mantle Source of Oceanic Basalts (United States)

    Varas Reus, María Isabel; Garrido, Carlos J.; Marchesi, Claudio; Bosch, Delphine; Hidas, Károly


    The genesis of ultra-high pressure (UHP) garnet pyroxenites in orogenic peridotite massifs and its implications on the formation of chemical heterogeneities in the mantle and on basalt petrogenesis are still not fully understood. Some UHP (diamond-bearing) garnet pyroxenites have isotopic, and major and trace element compositions similar to the recycled oceanic crustal component observed in oceanic basalts [1-6]. These pyroxenites hence provide an exceptional opportunity to investigate in situ the nature and scale of the Earth's mantle chemical heterogeneities. Here, we present an integrated geochemical study of UHP garnet pyroxenites from the Ronda (Betic Belt, S. Spain) and Beni Bousera (Rif Belt, N. Morocco) peridotite massifs. This investigation encompasses, in the same sample, bulk rock major and trace elements, as well as Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopic analyses. According to their Al2O3 content, we classify UHP garnet pyroxenites into three groups that have distinct trace elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopic signatures. Group A pyroxenites (Al2O3: 15 - 17.5 wt. %) are characterized by low initial 87Sr/86Sr, relatively high 143Nd/144Nd, 206Pb/204Pb and 176Hf/177Hf ratios, and highly variable 207Pb/204Pb and 208Pb/204Pb ratios. Group B pyroxenites (Al2O3 intimately mixed with peridotites by mantle convection. The present study reveals, however, that besides this exotic component of ancient recycled oceanic crust, the genesis of these pyroxenites requires a previously unnoticed component of recycled lower continental crust akin to the lower crustal section of the lithosphere where these UHP garnet pyroxenites now reside in. The results of this study provide a new recipe for the marble cake hypothesis for the genesis of UHP garnet pyroxenites in orogenic peridotites. Furthermore, it establishes a connection between the genesis of UHP pyroxenites, the composition of the continental crust and the generation of Earth's mantle heterogeneities. References: [1] Pearson, D. G

  10. Evidence that a synthetic amyloid-ß oligomer-binding peptide (ABP) targets amyloid-ß deposits in transgenic mouse brain and human Alzheimer's disease brain. (United States)

    Chakravarthy, Balu; Ito, Shingo; Atkinson, Trevor; Gaudet, Chantal; Ménard, Michel; Brown, Leslie; Whitfield, James


    The synthetic ~5 kDa ABP (amyloid-ß binding peptide) consists of a region of the 228 kDa human pericentrioloar material-1 (PCM-1) protein that selectively and avidly binds in vitro Aβ1-42 oligomers, believed to be key co-drivers of Alzheimer's disease (AD), but not monomers (Chakravarthy et al., (2013) [3]). ABP also prevents Aß1-42 from triggering the apoptotic death of cultured human SHSY5Y neuroblasts, likely by sequestering Aß oligomers, suggesting that it might be a potential AD therapeutic. Here we support this possibility by showing that ABP also recognizes and binds Aβ1-42 aggregates in sections of cortices and hippocampi from brains of AD transgenic mice and human AD patients. More importantly, ABP targets Aβ1-42 aggregates when microinjected into the hippocampi of the brains of live AD transgenic mice.

  11. A climatological model of North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone genesis, tracks and landfall (United States)

    Wahiduzzaman, Mohammad; Oliver, Eric C. J.; Wotherspoon, Simon J.; Holbrook, Neil J.


    Extensive damage and loss of life can be caused by tropical cyclones (TCs) that make landfall. Modelling of TC landfall probability is beneficial to insurance/re-insurance companies, decision makers, government policy and planning, and residents in coastal areas. In this study, we develop a climatological model of tropical cyclone genesis, tracks and landfall for North Indian Ocean (NIO) rim countries based on kernel density estimation, a generalised additive model (GAM) including an Euler integration step, and landfall detection using a country mask approach. Using a 35-year record (1979-2013) of tropical cyclone track observations from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (part of the International Best Track Archive Climate Stewardship Version 6), the GAM is fitted to the observed cyclone track velocities as a smooth function of location in each season. The distribution of cyclone genesis points is approximated by kernel density estimation. The model simulated TCs are randomly selected from the fitted kernel (TC genesis), and the cyclone paths (TC tracks), represented by the GAM together with the application of stochastic innovations at each step, are simulated to generate a suite of NIO rim landfall statistics. Three hindcast validation methods are applied to evaluate the integrity of the model. First, leave-one-out cross validation is applied whereby the country of landfall is determined by the majority vote (considering the location by only highest percentage of landfall) from the simulated tracks. Second, the probability distribution of simulated landfall is evaluated against the observed landfall. Third, the distances between the point of observed landfall and simulated landfall are compared and quantified. Overall, the model shows very good cross-validated hindcast skill of modelled landfalling cyclones against observations in each of the NIO tropical cyclone seasons and for most NIO rim countries, with only a relatively small difference in the percentage of

  12. The role of microRNAs during the genesis of medulloblastomas induced by the hedgehog pathway. (United States)

    Luo, Xiaoju; Liu, Jun; Cheng, Steven Y


    Constitutive hedgehog (Hh) signaling is associated with the genesis of medulloblastomas (MB). The objective of this study is to identify special microRNAs (miRNAs) regulated by the Hh pathway, and to clarify the role of miRNAs during the genesis of MB induced by sustained Hh activation. In the primary screening, we used stem-loop RT-PCR to test the expression of 90 different miRNAs in the wildtype (WT) and Ptc-/- MEF cell lines. In the secondary screening, the miRNAs screened from the first screening were validated in the Sufu-/- MEF cell lines. We then verified the expression of miRNAs both in the normal cerebellar tissues and the MB induced by activated Hh pathway, and examined the expression of the other 21 miRNA members of the miR-154 cluster in the MB and normal cerebellum. In the first screening, 13 miRNAs showed significant differential expression in WT and Ptc-/- MEF cell lines, while 10 of them had significant difference in the Sufu-/- MEF cell line. Compared to the normal mouse cerebellum, only 2 miRNAs in 15 miRNAs were differentially expressed between the MB and normal cerebellar tissues. Among 21 members of the miR-154 cluster, 6 miRNAs were downregulated in the MB. Our study demonstrated that miR-154 may be regulated by the Hh pathway, and the activation of the Hh pathway led to the downregulation of the miR-154 cluster, resulting in the genesis of MB.

  13. New model for the genesis and maturation of viroplasms induced by fijiviruses in insect vector cells. (United States)

    Mao, Qianzhuo; Zheng, Shenglan; Han, Qingmei; Chen, Hongyan; Ma, Yuanyuan; Jia, Dongsheng; Chen, Qian; Wei, Taiyun


    Plant reoviruses are thought to replicate and assemble within cytoplasmic, nonmembranous structures called viroplasms. Here, we established continuous cell cultures of the white-backed planthopper (Sogatella furcifera Horváth) to investigate the mechanisms for the genesis and maturation of the viroplasm induced by Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus (SRBSDV), a fijivirus in the family Reoviridae, during infection of its insect vector. Electron and confocal microscopy revealed that the viroplasm consisted of a granular region, where viral RNAs and nonstructural proteins P6 and P9-1 accumulated, and a filamentous region, where viral RNAs, progeny cores, viral particles, as well as nonstructural proteins P5 and P6 accumulated. Our results suggested that the filamentous viroplasm matrix was the site for the assembly of progeny virions. Because viral RNAs were produced by assembled core particles within the filamentous viroplasm matrix, we propose that these viral RNAs might be transported to the granular viroplasm matrix. P5 formed filamentous inclusions and P9-1 formed granular inclusions in the absence of viral infection, suggesting that the filamentous and granular viroplasm matrices were formed primarily by P5 and P9-1, respectively. P6 was apparently recruited in the whole viroplasm matrix by direct interaction with P9-1 and P5. Thus, the present results suggested that P5, P6, and P9-1 are collectively required for the genesis and maturation of the filamentous and granular viroplasm matrix induced by SRBSDV infection. Based on these results, we propose a new model to explain the genesis and maturation of the viroplasms induced by fijiviruses in insect vector cells.

  14. Cleaning Genesis Sample Return Canister for Flight: Lessons for Planetary Sample Return (United States)

    Allton, J. H.; Hittle, J. D.; Mickelson, E. T.; Stansbery, Eileen K.


    Sample return missions require chemical contamination to be minimized and potential sources of contamination to be documented and preserved for future use. Genesis focused on and successfully accomplished the following: - Early involvement provided input to mission design: a) cleanable materials and cleanable design; b) mission operation parameters to minimize contamination during flight. - Established contamination control authority at a high level and developed knowledge and respect for contamination control across all institutions at the working level. - Provided state-of-the-art spacecraft assembly cleanroom facilities for science canister assembly and function testing. Both particulate and airborne molecular contamination was minimized. - Using ultrapure water, cleaned spacecraft components to a very high level. Stainless steel components were cleaned to carbon monolayer levels (10 (sup 15) carbon atoms per square centimeter). - Established long-term curation facility Lessons learned and areas for improvement, include: - Bare aluminum is not a cleanable surface and should not be used for components requiring extreme levels of cleanliness. The problem is formation of oxides during rigorous cleaning. - Representative coupons of relevant spacecraft components (cut from the same block at the same time with identical surface finish and cleaning history) should be acquired, documented and preserved. Genesis experience suggests that creation of these coupons would be facilitated by specification on the engineering component drawings. - Component handling history is critical for interpretation of analytical results on returned samples. This set of relevant documents is not the same as typical documentation for one-way missions and does include data from several institutions, which need to be unified. Dedicated resources need to be provided for acquiring and archiving appropriate documents in one location with easy access for decades. - Dedicated, knowledgeable

  15. Clean Assembly of Genesis Collector Canister for Flight: Lessons for Planetary Sample Return (United States)

    Allton, J. H.; Stansbery, E. K.; Allen, C. C.; Warren, J. L.; Schwartz, C. M.


    Measurement of solar composition in the Genesis collectors requires not only high sensitivity but very low blanks; thus, very strict collector contamination minimization was required beginning with mission planning and continuing through hardware design, fabrication, assembly and testing. Genesis started with clean collectors and kept them clean inside of a canister. The mounting hardware and container for the clean collectors were designed to be cleanable, with access to all surfaces for cleaning. Major structural components were made of aluminum and cleaned with megasonically energized ultrapure water (UPW). The UPW purity was >18 M resistivity. Although aluminum is relatively difficult to clean, the Genesis protocol achieved level 25 and level 50 cleanliness on large structural parts; however, the experience suggests that surface treatments may be helpful on future missions. All cleaning was performed in an ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom immediately adjacent to an ISO Class 4 assembly room; thus, no plastic packaging was required for transport. Persons assembling the canister were totally enclosed in cleanroom suits with face shield and HEPA filter exhaust from suit. Interior canister materials, including fasteners, were installed, untouched by gloves, using tweezers and other stainless steel tools. Sealants/lubricants were not exposed inside the canister, but vented to the exterior and applied in extremely small amounts using special tools. The canister was closed in ISO Class 4, not to be opened until on station at Earth-Sun L1. Throughout the cleaning and assembly, coupons of reference materials that were cleaned at the same time as the flight hardware were archived for future reference and blanks. Likewise reference collectors were archived. Post-mission analysis of collectors has made use of these archived reference materials.

  16. IL-35 over-expression is associated with genesis of gastric cancer. (United States)

    Fan, Yong-Gang; Zhai, Jing-Ming; Wang, Wei; Feng, Bing; Yao, Guo-Liang; An, Yan-Hui; Zeng, Chao


    Overexpression of interleukin (IL)-35 has been found in a variety of malignancies, but the expression status in gastric cancer has yet to be elucidated clearly. In the present study, positive expression of EBI3 and p35 was 63.3% and 70.0% of cases, respectively. EBI3 expression was strongly related with larger tumor size and invasion depth (PIL-35 might be involved in growth of gastric cancer. Interestingly, EBI3 and p35 expressions were positive correlated with Ki-67 expression. Moreover, EBI3 immunoreactivity was associated with Bcl-2 staining. Our data suggest IL-35 is correlated with genesis of gastric cancer by regulating growth and apoptosis.

  17. Evoluzionismo e gestaltismo. La psicologia della forma e il problema della genesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michele Gardini


    Full Text Available This article carries out a critique of the abstract and disembodied character owned by the structures of the Psychology of Form. The Psychology of Form ignores and removes the genesis of forms, thus remaining trapped in the "dialectic of enlightenment" as described by Adorno and Horkheimer. Through the critical contribution of the works of Piaget and Eibl-Eibesfeldt, is brought to light that history of the relations between the individual and the environment which the Gestaltpsychologie finds only in his final static result.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vlastimil MONI


    Full Text Available The article presents the summary of information about the spontaneous combustion of brown coal mass on coal heaps. It describes the procedure “The evaluation of the degree of the danger for the genesis of the spontaneous combustion of coal on coal heaps”. The evaluation includes analysis of important influencing factors. The conclusion of this article contains definite text of the proposition. It will be verified in the last year of the solution of this project TA01020351 – program ALFA.

  19. Recent Optical and SEM Characterization of Genesis Solar Wind Concentrator Diamond on Silicon Collector (United States)

    Allton, Judith H.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Burkett, P. J.; Ross, D. K.; Gonzalez, C. P.; McNamara, K. M.


    One of the 4 Genesis solar wind concentrator collectors was a silicon substrate coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) in which to capture solar wind. This material was designed for analysis of solar nitrogen and noble gases [1, 2]. This particular collector fractured during landing, but about 80% of the surface was recovered, including a large piece which was subdivided in 2012 [3, 4, 5]. The optical and SEM imaging and analysis described below supports the subdivision and allocation of the diamond-on-silicon (DOS) concentrator collector.

  20. Higher Magnification Imaging of the Polished Aluminum Collector Returned from the Genesis Mission (United States)

    Rodriquez, Melissa C.; Burkett, P. J.; Allton, J. H.


    The polished aluminum collector (previously referred to as the polished aluminum kidney) was intended for noble gas analysis for the Gene-sis mission. The aluminum collector, fabricated from alloy 6061T, was polished for flight with alumina, then diamond paste. Final cleaning was performed by soak-ing and rinsing with hexane, then isopropanol, and last-ly megasonically energized ultrapure water prior to installation. It was mounted inside the collector canister on the thermal shield at JSC in 2000. The polished aluminum collector was not surveyed microscopically prior to flight.

  1. Compositional variation and genesis of ferromanganese crusts of the Afanasiy-Nikitin Seamount, Equatorial Indian Ocean

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Rajani, R.P.; Banakar, V.K.; Parthiban, G.; Mudholkar, A.V.; Chodankar, A.R.

    to show this initial fractionation of Fe and Mn from the ambient water because they are inti- mately intermixed. The dominant controls on the incorporation of various metals in the Fe{Mn crusts Composition and genesis of seamount Fe{Mn crusts from... by hydrogenetic pre- cipitation of Mn and Fe hydroxides (Bonatti et al 1972; Halbach et al 1983). The Co-enrichment in seamount Fe{Mn crusts is well known and has been documented from many seamounts of the Paci?c, where its content reaches up to 2% (Halbach...

  2. Mutation screening of MIR146A/B and BRCA1/2 3'-UTRs in the GENESIS study. (United States)

    Garcia, Amandine I; Buisson, Monique; Damiola, Francesca; Tessereau, Chloé; Barjhoux, Laure; Verny-Pierre, Carole; Sornin, Valérie; Dondon, Marie-Gabrielle; Eon-Marchais, Séverine; Caron, Olivier; Gautier-Villars, Marion; Coupier, Isabelle; Buecher, Bruno; Vennin, Philippe; Belotti, Muriel; Lortholary, Alain; Gesta, Paul; Dugast, Catherine; Noguès, Catherine; Fricker, Jean-Pierre; Faivre, Laurence; Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique; Andrieu, Nadine; Sinilnikova, Olga M; Mazoyer, Sylvie


    Although a wide number of breast cancer susceptibility alleles associated with various levels of risk have been identified to date, about 50% of the heritability is still missing. Although the major BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are being extensively screened for truncating and missense variants in breast and/or ovarian cancer families, potential regulatory variants affecting their expression remain largely unexplored. In an attempt to identify such variants, we focused our attention on gene regulation mediated by microRNAs (miRs). We screened two genes, MIR146A and MIR146B, producing miR-146a and miR-146b-5p, respectively, that regulate BRCA1, and the 3'- untranslated regions (3'-UTRs) of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in the GENESIS French national case/control study (BRCA1- and BRCA2-negative breast cancer cases with at least one sister with breast cancer and matched controls). We identified one rare variant in MIR146A, four in MIR146B, five in BRCA1 3'-UTR and one in BRCA2 3'-UTR in 716 index cases and 619 controls. Among these 11 rare variants, 7 were identified each in 1 index case. None of the three relevant MIR146A/MIR146B variants affected the pre-miR sequences. The potential causality of the four relevant BRCA1/BRCA2 3'-UTRs variants was evaluated with luciferase reporter assays and co-segregation studies, as well as with bioinformatics analyses to predict miRs-binding sites, RNA secondary structures and RNA accessibility. This is the first study to report the screening of miR genes and of BRCA2 3'-UTR in a large series of familial breast cancer cases. None of the variant identified in this study gave convincing evidence of potential pathogenicity.

  3. The Upper Ocean Thermal Structure and the Genesis Locations of Tropical Cyclones in the South China Sea

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Lei; Fung Chi-Hung; Lau Kai-Hon


    The relationship between the upper ocean thermal structure and the genesis locations of tropical cyclones (TCs) in the South China Sea (SCS) is investigated by using the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) best-track archives and high resolution (1/4 degree) temperature analyses of the world's oceans in this paper In the monthly mean genesis positions of TCs from 1945 to 2005 in the SCS, the mean sea surface temperature (SST) was 28.8℃ and the mean depth of 26℃ water was 53.1 m. From the monthly distribution maps of genesis positions of TCs, SST and the depth of 26℃ water in the SCS, we discovered that there existed regions with SST exceeding 26℃ and 26℃ water depth exceeding 50m where no tropical cyclones formed from 1945 to 2005 in the SCS, which suggests that there were other factors unfavorable for TC formation in these regions.

  4. SINFONI spectra of heavily obscured AGNs in COSMOS: evidence of outflows in a MIR/O target at z$\\sim2.5$

    CERN Document Server

    Perna, M; Salvato, M; Cresci, G; Lanzuisi, G; Berta, S; Delvecchio, I; Fiore, F; Lutz, D; Floc'h, E Le; Mainieri, V; Riguccini, L


    We present new data for four candidate obscured Compton-Thick (CT) quasars at z $\\sim$1-2.5 observed with SINFONI VLT spectrograph in AO mode. These sources were selected from a 24$\\mu$m Spitzer MIPS survey of the COSMOS field, on the basis of red mid-infrared-to-optical and optical-to-near-infrared colours, with the intention of identifying active galactic nuclei (AGNs) in dust enshrouded environments, where most of the black hole mass is assembled in dust enshrouded environments. Near infrared spectra were analyzed in order to check for emission line features and to search for broad components in the [OIII]-H$\\beta$ and H$\\alpha$-[NII] regions. X-ray spectral analysis, radio and MIR diagnostics, and SED fitting have also been employed to study the nature of the sources. We successfully identified three objects for which we had only a photometric redshift estimate. Based on their emission line diagnostics and on ancillary multi-wavelength constraints, we find that all four targets harbor obscured AGNs. Broad...

  5. Cerebral Targeting of Acupuncture at Combined Acupoints in Treating Essential Hypertension: An Rs-fMRI Study and Curative Effect Evidence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanjie Wang


    Full Text Available The study attempted to explore that the synergistic effect of acupoints combination is not a simple superposition of single acupoint’s effect by comparing and analyzing the changes of blood pressure (BP, SF-36, and brain regions after acupuncture treatment. 47 patients were randomly divided into LR3+KI3 group, LR3 group, and KI3 group. Subjects received Rs-fMRI scan, BP measurement, and SF-36 questionnaires before and after treatment and short-term acupuncture treatment. After treatment, there were no significant differences in BP and SF-36 among 3 groups, compared to the case before treatment, SBP of 3 groups decreased, and DBP significantly decreased while vitality and mental health significantly increased in LR3+KI3 group. Both number and scopes of changes of brain regions in LR3+KI3 group were the largest, which mainly included BAs 3, 4, 8, 19, 21, 24, 32, 44, and 45. In conclusion, acupuncture at LR3+KI3 may auxiliarily reduce BP and improve the vitality and mental health of patients, and the changes of brain regions were related to somatesthesia, movement, vision, audition, emotion and mood, language, memory, etc. BAs 4, 9, 10, 24, 31, 32, and 46 may be the targeting brain areas of acupuncture in assisting hypotension. It is suggested that acupoints combination of LR3+KI3 maybe generates a synergistic effect, and it is not simple sum of single acupoint effect.

  6. Promoting gender equality in access to microcredit through flexible lending approaches of female targeting MFIs: Evidence from Duterimbere MFI of Rwanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liberata Mukamana


    Full Text Available Access to loans is one of the most important areas of focus by many development practitioners for reducing the existing gender gap in access to productive resources. Microfinance Institutions which target females as key clients were promoted for their lending approaches which avoid previous discriminatory practices that excluded women in the financial system. The current study examines the role of Duterimbere MFI of Rwanda in promoting equality in access to microcredit between female and male borrowers. The results of the study are generated by analyzing quantitative data collected from 244 females and 94 males using the questionnaire and qualitative data collected from focus group discussions and interviews with key informants. The study findings revealed that Duterimbere has been able to adapt its requirements to the specific needs of poor women. A significant number of poor women have been able to join the MFI through group solidarity, a method that has upgraded their borrowing capacity to the level of getting individual loans on equal basis as male peers. This study recommends further research that should go beyond access to loan and consider the dynamics of power relations about utilization of the loan received by female and male borrowers.

  7. Electronic microscopy evidence for mitochondria as targets for Cd/Se/Te-based quantum dot 705 toxicity in vivo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chia-Hua Lin


    Full Text Available The safety of quantum dots (QDs 705 was evaluated in this study. Mice were treated with QD705 (intravenous at a single dose of (40 pmol for 4, 12, 16, and 24 weeks. Effects of QD705 on kidneys were examined. While there was a lack of histopathology, reduction in renal functions was detected at 16 weeks. Electron microscopic examination revealed alterations in proximal convoluted tubule (PCT cell mitochondria at even much earlier time, including disorientation and reduction of mitochondrial number (early change, mitochondrial swelling, and later compensatory mitochondrial hypertrophy (enlargement mitochondria: giant mitochondria with hyperplastic inner cristae as well as mitochondrial hyperplasia (increase in mitochondrial biogenesis and numbers were observed. Such changes probably represent compensatory attempts of the mitochondria for functional loss or reduction of mitochondria in QD705 treated animals. Moreover, degeneration of mitochondria (myelin-figure and cytoplasmic membranous body formation and degradation of cytoplasmic materials (isolated cytoplasmic pockets of degenerated materials and focal cytoplasmic degradation also occurred in later time points (16–24 weeks. Such mitochondrial changes were not identical with those induced by pure cadmium. Taken together, we suggest that mitochondria appeared to be the target of QD705 toxicity and specific mitochondrial markers may be useful parameters for toxicity assessments of QDs or other metal-based nanomaterials.

  8. Efficacy and safety of the target-specific oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: the real-life evidence (United States)

    Russo, Vincenzo; Rago, Anna; Proietti, Riccardo; Di Meo, Federica; Antonio Papa, Andrea; Calabrò, Paolo; D’Onofrio, Antonio; Nigro, Gerardo; AlTurki, Ahmed


    The aim of our article is to provide a concise review for clinicians entailing the main studies that evaluated the efficacy and safety of target-specific oral anticoagulants (TSOAs) for thromboembolic stroke prevention in the real-world setting. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is one of the most common supraventricular arrhythmias that requires anticoagulation therapy to prevent stroke and systemic embolism. TSOAs, dabigatran, apixaban and rivaroxaban have become available as an alternative to warfarin anticoagulation in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF). Randomized clinical trials showed non-inferior or superior results in efficacy and safety of the TSOAs compared with warfarin for stroke prevention in NVAF patients. For this reason, the 2012 update to the European Society of Cardiology guidelines for the management of AF recommends TSOAs as broadly preferable to vitamin K antagonists (VKAs) in the vast majority of patients with NVAF [Camm et al. 2012]. Although the clinical trial results and the guideline’s indications, there is a need for safety and efficacy data from unselected patients in everyday clinical practice. Recently, a large number of studies testing the efficacy and the safety of TSOAs in clinical practice have been published. The aim of our article is to provide a concise review for clinicians, outlining the main studies that evaluated the efficacy and safety of TSOAs for thromboembolic stroke prevention in the real-world setting. PMID:28255434

  9. Improving appropriate polypharmacy for older people in primary care: selecting components of an evidence-based intervention to target prescribing and dispensing. (United States)

    Cadogan, Cathal A; Ryan, Cristín; Francis, Jill J; Gormley, Gerard J; Passmore, Peter; Kerse, Ngaire; Hughes, Carmel M


    The use of multiple medicines (polypharmacy) is increasingly common in older people. Ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate combinations of medications (appropriate polypharmacy) is a significant challenge. The quality of evidence to support the effectiveness of interventions to improve appropriate polypharmacy is low. Systematic identification of mediators of behaviour change, using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF), provides a theoretically robust evidence base to inform intervention design. This study aimed to (1) identify key theoretical domains that were perceived to influence the prescribing and dispensing of appropriate polypharmacy to older patients by general practitioners (GPs) and community pharmacists, and (2) map domains to associated behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to include as components of an intervention to improve appropriate polypharmacy in older people in primary care. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with members of each healthcare professional (HCP) group using tailored topic guides based on TDF version 1 (12 domains). Questions covering each domain explored HCPs' perceptions of barriers and facilitators to ensuring the prescribing and dispensing of appropriate polypharmacy to older people. Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. Data analysis involved the framework method and content analysis. Key domains were identified and mapped to BCTs based on established methods and discussion within the research team. Thirty HCPs were interviewed (15 GPs, 15 pharmacists). Eight key domains were identified, perceived to influence prescribing and dispensing of appropriate polypharmacy: 'Skills', 'Beliefs about capabilities', 'Beliefs about consequences', 'Environmental context and resources', 'Memory, attention and decision processes', 'Social/professional role and identity', 'Social influences' and 'Behavioural regulation'. Following mapping, four BCTs were selected for inclusion in an intervention for

  10. ENSO Effect on East Asian Tropical Cyclone Landfall via Changes in Tracks and Genesis in a Statistical Model (United States)

    Yonekura, Emmi; Hall, Timothy M.


    Improvements on a statistical tropical cyclone (TC) track model in the western North Pacific Ocean are described. The goal of the model is to study the effect of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on East Asian TC landfall. The model is based on the International Best-Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS) database of TC observations for 1945-2007 and employs local regression of TC formation rates and track increments on the Nino-3.4 index and seasonally varying climate parameters. The main improvements are the inclusion of ENSO dependence in the track propagation and accounting for seasonality in both genesis and tracks. A comparison of simulations of the 1945-2007 period with observations concludes that the model updates improve the skill of this model in simulating TCs. Changes in TC genesis and tracks are analyzed separately and cumulatively in simulations of stationary extreme ENSO states. ENSO effects on regional (100-km scale) landfall are attributed to changes in genesis and tracks. The effect of ENSO on genesis is predominantly a shift in genesis location from the southeast in El Nino years to the northwest in La Nina years, resulting in higher landfall rates for the East Asian coast during La Nina. The effect of ENSO on track propagation varies seasonally and spatially. In the peak activity season (July-October), there are significant changes in mean tracks with ENSO. Landfall-rate changes from genesis- and track-ENSO effects in the Philippines cancel out, while coastal segments of Vietnam, China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan show enhanced La Nina-year increases.

  11. Infrared thermography and meridian-effect evidence and explanation in Bell's palsy patients treated by moxibustion at the Hegu (LI4) acupoint Overall regulation or a specific target?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ling Guan; Gaobo Li; Yiling Yang; Xiufang Deng; Peisi Cai


    Subjects with Bell's palsy and healthy individuals were treated with moxibustion thermal stimulation on the Hegu (LI4) acupoint; an infrared thermal imaging system was used to observe facial-temperature changes.Bell's palsy patients developed low or high temperatures at the affected side, with poor symmetry.Healthy people showed high temperatures on the forehead, medial angle of the eye, nasal ala and around the lips, but low temperatures on bilateral cheeks, thus forming a "T-type hot area" in the face, with good temperature symmetry.Moxibustion treatment for 11 minutes significantly improved high asymmetry in temperature in the faces of Bell's palsy patients.This evidence indicates that moxibustion treatment on Hegu enables increases in facial temperatures in healthy people and Bell's palsy patients, especially around the lips.Moxibustion stimulation at the Hegu not only improves the global circulation but also has specific effects on the lips in Bell's palsy patients, but the underlying mechanism needs further investigation.

  12. Physical exercise and antidepressants enhance BDNF targeting in hippocampal CA3 dendrites: further evidence of a spatial code for BDNF splice variants. (United States)

    Baj, Gabriele; D'Alessandro, Valentina; Musazzi, Laura; Mallei, Alessandra; Sartori, Cesar R; Sciancalepore, Marina; Tardito, Daniela; Langone, Francesco; Popoli, Maurizio; Tongiorgi, Enrico


    Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is encoded by multiple BDNF transcripts, whose function is unclear. We recently showed that a subset of BDNF transcripts can traffic into distal dendrites in response to electrical activity, while others are segregated into the somatoproximal domains. Physical exercise and antidepressant treatments exert their beneficial effects through upregulation of BDNF, which is required to support survival and differentiation of newborn dentate gyrus (DG) neurons. While these DG processes are required for the antidepressant effect, a role for CA1 in antidepressant action has been excluded, and the effect on CA3 neurons remains unclear. Here, we show for the first time that physical exercise and antidepressants induce local increase of BDNF in CA3. Voluntary physical exercise for 28 consecutive days, or 2-week treatment with 10 mg/kg per day fluoxetine or reboxetine, produced a global increase of BDNF mRNA and protein in the neuronal somata of the whole hippocampus and a specific increase of BDNF in dendrites of CA3 neurons. This increase was accounted for by BDNF exon 6 variant. In cultured hippocampal neurons, application of serotonin or norepinephrine (10-50 μM) induced increase in synaptic transmission and targeting of BDNF mRNA in dendrites. The increased expression of BDNF in CA3 dendrites following antidepressants or exercise further supports the neurotrophin hypothesis of antidepressants action and confirms that the differential subcellular localization of BDNF mRNA splice variants provides a spatial code for a selective expression of BDNF in specific subcellular districts. This selective expression may be exploited to design more specific antidepressants.

  13. [The specific features of the vestibular function in the patients presenting with sensorineural hearing loss of vascular genesis]. (United States)

    Kirichenko, I M; Popadyuk, V I; Tuzhilina, K V


    The authors consider the specific features of the vestibular function in the patients with sensorineural hearing loss of vascular genesis. The study included 60 patients at the age from 28 to 75 years presenting with sensorineural impairment of hearing of vascular genesis. All of them were examined with the use of the extended otoneurological method. The data obtained were compared with the structural changes and hemodynamic characteristics of vertebral arteries (VA) and internal carotid arteries (ICA) and with the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain.

  14. Die teologies-polemiese gerigtheid van Genesis 1-3: implikasies vir die gereformeerde leer oor die erfsonde

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Vorster


    Full Text Available The theological polemic purpose of Genesis 1-3: implications for the reformed doctrine on original sin This article focuses on the polemic nature of Genesis 1-3 and the implications thereof on the reformed doctrine regarding original sin. In the first place the views of the creation narratives as historical-literal and mythological material are discussed. Thereafter the article proposes that the creation narratives must be treated as theological material with a polemic and prophetic purpose. The implications of this for the reformed doctrine on original sin are subsequently discussed.

  15. Genesis of Hematopoietic Tissue and Its Relation with Hemocytes of Litopenaeus Vannamei (Boone, 1931 (Crustacea: Decapoda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faiz Muhammad§, Zhi-Feng Zhang*, Ming-Yu Shao, Xiao-Li Shi and Muhammad Shafi


    Full Text Available The Litopenaeus vannamei is a prime aquaculture species and has a worth market value all over the world. In this study, we investigated the genesis and morphology of hematopoietic tissue (HPT and types of hemocyte based on its morphology and cytochemical feature using histological and histochemical methods. The results revealed that HPT in L. vannamei is not visible histologically in mysis and early two post larvae (P1 & P2, and emerges in P3 which locates in epigastric region. The HPT showed a continuous propagation of cells in successive post larval stages. Four types of cells can be identified in the HPT from adult specimen and mitotic activity is visible in the HPT. The hemocytes have been differentiated into five types and some of these types are co-related with the HPT cells. The cytochemical studies suggested that type I and II cells of hemocytes are PAS positive while scanty presence of prophenoloxidase was observed in type I cells. Similarly the type I cells are Sudan Black B positive and rest of the cells showed weak activity against lipid detective stain. This is the first effort towards genesis of HPT and its relation with circulating hemocytes in L. vannamei.

  16. Enhanced Cleaning of Genesis Solar Wind Sample 61348 for Film Residue Removal (United States)

    Allums, K. K.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Kuhlman, K. R.; Allton, J. H.


    The Genesis mission returned to Earth on September 8, 2004, experiencing a nonnominal reentry. During the recovery of the collector materials from the capsule, many of the collector fragments were placed on the adhesive protion of post-it notes to prevent the fragments from moving during transport back to Johnson Space Center. This unknowingly provided an additional contaminate that would prove difficult to remove with the limited chemistries allowed in the Genesis Curation Laboratory. Generally when collector material samples are prepared for allocation to PIs, the samples are cleaned front side only with Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) via megasonic dispersion to the collector surface to remove crash debris and contamination. While this cleaning method works well on samples that were not placed on post-its during recovery, it has caused movement of the residue on the back of the sample to be deposited on the front in at least two examples. Therefore, samples placed on the adhesive portion on post-it note, require enhanced cleaning methods since post-it residue has proved resistant to UPW cleaning.

  17. Advances in research of sulphide ore textures and their implications for ore genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GU Lianxing; ZHENG Yuanchuan; TANG Xiaoqian; WU Changzhi; HU Wenxuan


    Important advances in research of sulphide ore textures in recent years have deepened our understanding of ore genesis of related mineral deposits. Pressure solution of sulphide minerals has been suggested as a mechanism for remobilization of ore materials,whereas pressure solution of the gangues is believed to raise the grade of the primary ores. We have known that precipitation of base metal sulphides from fluids prefers crystal and crack surfaces of pyrite to form overgrowth. Therefore, pyrite-bearing embryo beds in a sedimentary sequence can be acted as effective crystal seed beds and are favorable for fluid overprinting to form huge statabound deposits. Texture studies of various sulphides can be used to interpret the entire history of sedimentation, diagenesis, deformation and metamorphism of the ores. The study of chalcopyrite disease in sphalerite has brought about the idea of zone refining, and given a new explanation to metal zonation in massive sulphide deposits. Ductile shearing of sulphide ores may form ore mylonites, which will become oreshoots enriched in Cu, Au and Ag during late-stage fluid overprinting. Despite that various modern analytical techniques are being rapidly developed, ore microscopy remains to be an unreplaceable tool for ore geologists. Combined with these modern techniques, this tool will help accelerate the development of theories on ore genesis.

  18. Catastrophic Impact of Silicon on Silicon: Unraveling the Genesis Impact Using Sample 61881 (United States)

    Kuhlman, K. R.; Kim, H.; Jurewicz, A. J. G.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Allums, K. K.


    The Genesis mission collected solar wind and brought it back to Earth in order to provide precise knowledge of solar isotopic and elemental compositions. The ions in the solar wind were stopped in the collectors at depths on the order of 10 to a few hundred nanometers. This shallow implantation layer is critical for scientific analysis of the composition of the solar wind and must be preserved throughout sample handling, cleaning, processing, distribution, preparation and analysis. The current work is motivated by the need to understand the interaction of the Genesis payload with contamination during the crash in the Utah desert. Silicon contamination has been found to be notoriously difficult to remove from silicon samples despite multiple cleanings with multiple techniques. However, the question has been posed, "Does the silicon really need to be removed for large area analyses?." If the recalcitrant silicon contamination is all pure silicon from fractured collectors, only a very tiny fraction of that bulk material will contain solar wind, which could skew the analyses. This could be complicated if the silicon trapped other materials and/or gases as it impacted the surface.

  19. Genesis of amorphous calcium carbonate containing alveolar plates in the ciliate Coleps hirtus (Ciliophora, Prostomatea). (United States)

    Lemloh, Marie-Louise; Marin, Frédéric; Herbst, Frédéric; Plasseraud, Laurent; Schweikert, Michael; Baier, Johannes; Bill, Joachim; Brümmer, Franz


    In the protist world, the ciliate Coleps hirtus (phylum Ciliophora, class Prostomatea) synthesizes a peculiar biomineralized test made of alveolar plates, structures located within alveolar vesicles at the cell cortex. Alveolar plates are arranged by overlapping like an armor and they are thought to protect and/or stiffen the cell. Although their morphology is species-specific and of complex architecture, so far almost nothing is known about their genesis, their structure and their elemental and mineral composition. We investigated the genesis of new alveolar plates after cell division and examined cells and isolated alveolar plates by electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, FTIR and X-ray diffraction. Our investigations revealed an organic mesh-like structure that guides the formation of new alveolar plates like a template and the role of vesicles transporting inorganic material. We further demonstrated that the inorganic part of the alveolar plates is composed out of amorphous calcium carbonate. For stabilization of the amorphous phase, the alveolar vesicles, the organic fraction and the element phosphorus may play a role.

  20. Axial level-dependent molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the genesis of the embryonic neural plate. (United States)

    Kondoh, Hisato; Takada, Shinji; Takemoto, Tatsuya


    The transcription factor gene Sox2, centrally involved in neural primordial regulation, is activated by many enhancers. During the early stages of embryonic development, Sox2 is regulated by the enhancers N2 and N1 in the anterior neural plate (ANP) and posterior neural plate (PNP), respectively. This differential use of the enhancers reflects distinct regulatory mechanisms underlying the genesis of ANP and PNP. The ANP develops directly from the epiblast, triggered by nodal signal inhibition, and via the combined action of TFs SOX2, OTX2, POU3F1, and ZIC2, which promotes the the ANP development and inhibits other cell lineages. In contrast, the PNP is derived from neuromesodermal bipotential axial stem cells that develop into the neural plate when Sox2 is activated by the N1 enhancer, whereas they develop into the paraxial mesoderm when the N1 enhancer is repressed by the action of TBX6. The axial stem cells are maintained by the activity of WNT3a and T (Brachyury). However, at axial levels more anterior to the 8th somites (cervical levels), the development of both the neural plate and somite proceeds in the absence of WNT3a, T, or TBX6. These observations indicate that distinct molecular and cellular mechanisms determine neural plate genesis based on the axial level, and contradict the classical concept of the term "neural induction," which assumes a pan-neural plate mechanism.

  1. Impaired electro-genesis in skeletal muscle fibers of transgenic Alzheimer mice. (United States)

    Mukhamedyarov, Marat Alexandrovich; Volkov, Evgeniy Mikhailovich; Khaliullina, Dilyara Fanisovna; Grigoryev, Pavel Nikolaevich; Zefirov, Andrey Lvovich; Palotás, András


    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by memory decline, but is often associated with non-cognitive symptoms, including muscular dysfunction. In the majority of cases these motor disturbances are seen when other neuro-degenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease overlap dementia, however these can also be directly related to AD itself. Although the patho-mechanism remains largely unclear, β-amyloid peptide (βAP) is thought to be a key role-player in both the brain and periphery. Here we studied the electro-genesis of skeletal muscle fibers in a mouse transgenic AD model. Membrane potential was recorded by standard electro-physiological techniques. Compared to wild-type rodents, AD mice show severe disturbances in skeletal muscle electro-genesis manifested by significant depolarization of myo-fibers. These changes are not affected by short-term βAP treatment, the mark of a chronic degenerative process in the periphery directly related to AD whereby ion pumps on muscle membranes exhibit reduced activity. This phenomenon may explain ionic imbalance and cellular dysfunction both in the neuro-muscular system and in the brain. The observed motor disturbances might play a key role in impaired activities of daily living, and addressing the muscular patho-physiology could improve quality of life in AD.

  2. The Genesis of Romanian Football. Social Factors and Processes behind the Game

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    PÉTER, László


    Full Text Available The present article deals with those social and economic factors that contributed to the genesis of Romanian soccer at the turn of the previous century. The author argues that football was imported from abroad via peregrination and schools, but certain social processes, such as urbanization, capitalization and the appearance of massive working classes, are the reasons why this beautiful game became socially embedded in the local environments. The different circumstances in Banat and Transylvania and in the old Romanian Kingdom marked the social history and trajectory “travelled” by the ball. While in the western part of the country, football arrived in a fertile ground because of the already existing bourgeois sport associations and the rapidly emerging local working classes, the role of foreign companies and expats in implementing football was more significant in the southern regions. This difference in the genesis of the game produced two distinct styles of playing football. These two styles clearly reflect the historical and social background specific to the different regions.

  3. A mouse model for monitoring islet cell genesis and developing therapies for diabetes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yoshinori Shimajiri


    Transient expression of the transcription factor neurogenin-3 marks progenitor cells in the pancreas as they differentiate into islet cells. We developed a transgenic mouse line in which the surrogate markers secreted alkaline phosphatase (SeAP and enhanced green florescent protein (EGFP can be used to monitor neurogenin-3 expression, and thus islet cell genesis. In transgenic embryos, cells expressing EGFP lined the pancreatic ducts. SeAP was readily detectable in embryos, in the media of cultured embryonic pancreases and in the serum of adult animals. Treatment with the γ-secretase inhibitor DAPT, which blocks Notch signaling, enhanced SeAP secretion rates and increased the number of EGFP-expressing cells as assayed by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS and immunohistochemistry in cultured pancreases from embryos at embryonic day 11.5, but not in pancreases harvested 1 day later. By contrast, treatment with growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11 reduced SeAP secretion rates. In adult mice, partial pancreatectomy decreased, whereas duct ligation increased, circulating SeAP levels. This model will be useful for studying signals involved in islet cell genesis in vivo and developing therapies that induce this process.

  4. Audio-magnetotelluric (AMT) study to investigate the genesis of Mujil hill (United States)

    Rahmania, Suryanto, Wiwit


    Gunung Mujil is an isolated hill located near Pondoworejo village, Kalibawang sub-district, Kulon Progo district, and Special Province of Yogyakarta. The hill is part of the eastern Kulon Progo mountain range extended relatively in the North-South direction. The lithology of the hill consists of andesite breccia and it's similar with the Old Andesite Formation that built the Kulon Progo Mountains. There are at least two hypothesis about the genesis and the formation mechanism of this hill, (1) it was formed by debris mass from Kulon Progo Mountains, and (2) ) it was formed by an intrusion. Our study intended to determine the subsurface resistivity below the hill and to relating those results to with the scenario of the genesis of the Mujil hill. We conducted Audio-magnetotellurics (AMT) measurements along two lines survey crossing the Mujil hill consisting of 20 measurements. Since the measurements are located near the villages, most of the data has a fair to bad quality and only one station yielded an excellent data. A 1D Forward modeling was then applied to find best-fit model of the AMT data. The results shows that the Mujil hill was built by debris mass of the Old Andesite Formation from Kulon Progo mountain which is represented by a lower resistivity value under the Mujil hill.

  5. Androgen receptor (AR) in osteocytes is important for the maintenance of male skeletal integrity: evidence from targeted AR disruption in mouse osteocytes. (United States)

    Sinnesael, Mieke; Claessens, Frank; Laurent, Michaël; Dubois, Vanessa; Boonen, Steven; Deboel, Ludo; Vanderschueren, Dirk


    Androgens play a key role in the maintenance of male skeletal integrity. The regulation of this integrity by androgen receptor (AR) signaling has been mainly attributed to osteoblasts. Although osteocytes have emerged as key regulators of bone remodeling, the influence of sex steroids on these cells has been poorly studied. We aimed to investigate the role of AR signaling, specifically in osteocytes using the Cre/LoxP system in male mice (driven by dentin matrix protein 1 [ocy-ARKOs]). Osteocyte fractions of control (AR(ex2)/Y) and ocy-ARKO (ARflox(ex2)/Y; DMP1-cre) mice isolated through sequential collagenase digestion showed increasing AR expression toward the mature osteocyte fraction of control males compared with the more immature fractions, whereas this was reduced by >80% in ocy-ARKO osteocytes. The skeletal phenotype of mutant mice was further assessed by histomorphometry and quantitative micro-computed tomography at 12 and 32 weeks of age. Ocy-ARKOs had significantly lower trabecular bone volume and number in femora and tibias at 32 weeks as well as decreased trabecular number in the L(5) vertebra at 12 weeks. Biomechanical testing showed that ocy-ARKO femora were also stiffer and required a lower ultimate force to induce failure at 32 weeks. However, femoral cortical structure was not significantly different at any time point. The absence of AR in osteocyte also did not appear to affect trabecular bone formation nor its response to mechanical loading. In conclusion, selective inactivation of the AR in osteocytes of male mice accelerates age-related deterioration of skeletal integrity. These findings provide evidence for a direct role of androgens in the maintenance of trabecular bone through actions of the AR in osteocytes.

  6. EuroGEOSS/GENESIS ``e-Habitat'' AIP-3 Use Scenario (United States)

    Mazzetti, P.; Dubois, G.; Santoro, M.; Peedell, S.; de Longueville, B.; Nativi, S.; Craglia, M.


    Natural ecosystems are in rapid decline. Major habitats are disappearing at a speed never observed before. The current rate of species extinction is several orders of magnitude higher than the background rate from the fossil record. Protected Areas (PAs) and Protected Area Systems are designed to conserve natural and cultural resources, to maintain biodiversity (ecosystems, species, genes) and ecosystem services. The scientific challenge of understanding how environmental and climatological factors impact on ecosystems and habitats requires the use of information from different scientific domains. Thus, multidisciplinary interoperability is a crucial requirement for a framework aiming to support scientists. The Group on Earth Observations (or GEO) is coordinating international efforts to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). This emerging public infrastructure is interconnecting a diverse and growing array of instruments and systems for monitoring and forecasting changes in the global environment. This “system of systems” supports multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary scientific researches. The presented GEOSS-based interoperability framework facilitates the discovery and exploitation of datasets and models from heterogeneous scientific domains and Information Technology services (data sources). The GEO Architecture and Data Committee (ADC) launched the Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) Initiative to develop and deploy new processes and infrastructure components for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and the broader GEOSS architecture. The current AIP Phase 3 (AIP-3) aims to increase GEOSS capacity to support several strategic Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs) including: Disaster Management, Health/Air Quality, Biodiversity, Energy, Health/Disease and Water. As to Biodiversity, the EC-funded EuroGEOSS ( and GENESIS ( projects have developed a use scenario called

  7. Evidence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation in a contaminated aquifer by combined application of in situ and laboratory microcosms using (13)C-labelled target compounds. (United States)

    Bahr, Arne; Fischer, Anko; Vogt, Carsten; Bombach, Petra


    The number of approaches to evaluate the biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) within contaminated aquifers is limited. Here, we demonstrate the applicability of a novel method based on the combination of in situ and laboratory microcosms using (13)C-labelled PAHs as tracer compounds. The biodegradation of four PAHs (naphthalene, fluorene, phenanthrene, and acenaphthene) was investigated in an oxic aquifer at the site of a former gas plant. In situ biodegradation of naphthalene and fluorene was demonstrated using in situ microcosms (BACTRAP(®)s). BACTRAP(®)s amended with either [(13)C6]-naphthalene or [(13)C5/(13)C6]-fluorene (50:50) were incubated for a period of over two months in two groundwater wells located at the contaminant source and plume fringe, respectively. Amino acids extracted from BACTRAP(®)-grown cells showed significant (13)C-enrichments with (13)C-fractions of up to 30.4% for naphthalene and 3.8% for fluorene, thus providing evidence for the in situ biodegradation and assimilation of those PAHs at the field site. To quantify the mineralisation of PAHs, laboratory microcosms were set up with BACTRAP(®)-grown cells and groundwater. Naphthalene, fluorene, phenanthrene, or acenaphthene were added as (13)C-labelled substrates. (13)C-enrichment of the produced CO2 revealed mineralisation of between 5.9% and 19.7% for fluorene, between 11.1% and 35.1% for acenaphthene, between 14.2% and 33.1% for phenanthrene, and up to 37.0% for naphthalene over a period of 62 days. Observed PAH mineralisation rates ranged between 17 μg L(-1) d(-1) and 1639 μg L(-1) d(-1). The novel approach combining in situ and laboratory microcosms allowed a comprehensive evaluation of PAH biodegradation at the investigated field site, revealing the method's potential for the assessment of PAH degradation within contaminated aquifers.

  8. Target Laboratory (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — [Part of the ATLAS user facility.] The Physics Division operates a target development laboratory that produces targets and foils of various thickness and substrates,...

  9. Target Laboratory (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — [Part of the ATLAS user facility.] The Physics Division operates a target development laboratory that produces targets and foils of various thickness and substrates,...

  10. Golden age of RyR and GABA-R diamide and isoxazoline insecticides: common genesis, serendipity, surprises, selectivity, and safety. (United States)

    Casida, John E


    The serendipitous observation of the insecticidal activity of a candidate herbicide was the first in a series of surprises that changed the course of insecticide research and opened the "Golden Age of Diamide and Isoxazoline Insecticides" which have a common genesis. Two novel modes of action were discovered, one involving the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor of the chloride channel and the other the ryanodine receptor (RyR) of the calcium-activated calcium channel. These are old insecticide targets, but physiological assays and radioligand binding studies reveal that the new diamides and isoxazolines act at previously unrecognized sites without cross-resistance to other chemotypes and more important differing between insects and mammals resulting in selective toxicity and mechanistically based safety. The phthalic diamide flubendiamide and anthranilic diamides chlorantraniliprole and cyantraniliprole act at an allosteric site of the RyR to activate calcium release in insects but not mammals. They are the most important insecticide introductions of the past decade. Isoxazoline and meta-diamide insecticides and their previously unrecognized GABA-R target are more recent discoveries. Isoxazolines are currently important in flea and tick control in dogs and cats, and meta-diamides show promise for pest management and crop protection. These 21st century RyR and GABA-R diamides and isoxazolines were serendipitous discoveries and developments showing the importance of mechanism studies in maintaining the arsenal of safe and effective insecticides.

  11. Clay alteration and gold deposition in the genesis and blue star deposits, Eureka County, Nevada (United States)

    Drews-Armitage, S. P.; Romberger, S.B.; Whitney, C.G.


    The Genesis and Blue Star sedimentary rock-hosted gold deposits occur within the 40-mile-long Carlin trend and are located in Eureka County, Nevada. The deposits are hosted within the Devonian calcareous Popovich Formation, the siliciclastic Rodeo Creek unit and the siliciclastic Vinini Formation. The host rocks have undergone contact metamorphism, decalcification, silicification, argillization, and supergene oxidation. Detailed characterization of the alteration patterns, mineralogy, modes of occurrence, and associated geochemistry of clay minerals resulted in the following classifications: least altered rocks, found distal to the orebody, consisting of both metamorphosed and unmetamorphosed host rock that has not been completely decalcified; and altered rocks, found proximal to the orebody that have been decalcified. Altered rocks are classified further into the following groups based on clay mineral content: silicic, 1 to 10 percent clay; silicicargillic, 10 to 35 percent clay; and argillic, 35 to 80 percent clay. Clay species identified are 1M illite, 2M1 illite, kaolinite, halloysite, and dioctahedral smectite. An early hydrothermal event resulted in the precipitation of euhedral kaolinite and at least one generation of silica. This event occurred contemporaneously with decalcification which increased rock permeability and porosity. A second clay alteration event resulted in the precipitation of hydrothermal 1M illite which replaced hydrothermal kaolinite and is associated with gold deposition. Silver and silica deposition is also associated with this phase of hydrothermal alteration. Hydrothermal alteration was followed by supergene alteration which resulted in the formation of supergene kaolinite, halloysite, and smectite as well as the oxidation of iron-bearing minerals. Supergene clays are concentrated along faults, dike margins, and within rocks containing carbonate. Gold mineralization is not associated with supergene clay minerals within the Genesis and

  12. Cosmogonies and Culture: Teaching Genesis and the Popol Vuh in an Interdisciplinary Course at a Christian University (United States)

    Parsons, Mikeal C.; Cook, Garrett


    This paper explores the possibilities of teaching Genesis and the Popol Vuh, the Mayan creation account, in an interdisciplinary course at a church-related institution. The course is part of an alternative, interdisciplinary core curriculum typically taken by two hundred students a year at the university. A comparison of the Popol Vuh with Genesis…

  13. Cosmogonies and Culture: Teaching Genesis and the Popol Vuh in an Interdisciplinary Course at a Christian University (United States)

    Parsons, Mikeal C.; Cook, Garrett


    This paper explores the possibilities of teaching Genesis and the Popol Vuh, the Mayan creation account, in an interdisciplinary course at a church-related institution. The course is part of an alternative, interdisciplinary core curriculum typically taken by two hundred students a year at the university. A comparison of the Popol Vuh with Genesis…

  14. As Time Passed by Came Sunset. Christen Købke’s 'View of Lake Sortedam', its Genesis and Colour Changes’

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Filtenborg, Troels Folke; Vila Espuna, Anna; Wadum, Jørgen;


    -EDX. The genesis of the painting is described as well as the results of the pigment analyses showing colour changes in certain areas of the composition related to deterioration of the pigment Prussian blue. The admixture of the blue pigment with lead white as a determining factor in the fading is proposed...

  15. Ice-Marginal Environments: Geomorphic and Structural Genesis of Marginal Moraines at Mýrdalsjökull

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krüger, Johannes; Schomacker, A.; Benediktsson, Ívar Örn


    dynamics and different sedimentary and topographic conditions of the forefields. It is intriguing that without having observed the active ice-marginal moraine genesis year by year, most of the resulting moraine ridges now found in the glacier forefield would have been misinterpreted. We review processes...

  16. Improvement of orthopedic dental treatment of patients suffering post-surgery defects of the maxilla of cancer genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. S. Arutyunov


    Full Text Available The paper presents a comprehensive study identifying the key issuesand giving the mathematical, and clinical and microbiological substantiation of modern principles of providing orthopedic dental care to patients with acquired defects of the upper jaw of cancer genesis.

  17. Role of ocean in the genesis and annihilation of the core of the warm pool in the southeastern Arabian Sea

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Shenoi, S.S.C.; Shankar, D.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.; Durand, F.

    The earlier hypothesis, stated in the ARMEX (Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment) Science Plan, that the ocean plays an important, but passive, role in the genesis of the core of warm pool in the southeastern Arabian Sea (SEAS) is examined in the light...

  18. D-S evidence reasoning and its data fusion application in target recognition%D-S证据理论数据融合方法在目标识别中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蓝金辉; 马宝华; 蓝天; 周兆英


    Data fusion based on reasoning method is applied to resolvevehicle target recognition problems. The basic concepts and theory of Dempster-Shafer evidence reasoning applied to data fusion are analyzed in detail. The method is applied to multisensor data fusion for vehicle target recognition. Experimental results show that the data fusion result is better than that of a single sensor and that the D-S data fusion method is effective.%为解决车辆目标识别问题,采用基于推理的数据融合方法,分析了Dempster-shafer证据理论用于多传感器数据融合的基本概念和理论,并将它应用于车辆目标识别的数据融合中,实验结果证明了基于融合后的识别结果较单传感器的识别结果好,验证了这一方法的正确性和有效性。

  19. Genesis of Yangla Banded Skarn-Hosted Copper Deposit in Tethys Orogenic Belt of Southwestern China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Yangla copper deposit is the largest banded skarn-hosted copper deposit found recently in the Tethys orogenic belt of Southwestern China. On the basis of the study of distribution, petrology and mineralogy as well as major element, REE and isotope geochemistry, the authors find that the banded skarn, which hosts the deposit, was precipitated from hydrothermal solutions in the form of exhalate sediment. Therefore, the banded skarn-hosted copper deposit is a Sedex-type deposit, with a series of stacked, conformable lenses underlain by at least one stringer zone. The deposit, intercalated at the contact of lower clastic rock and upper carbonate rock of Gajinxueshan Group, was formed in the Carboniferous ((296.1±7.0) Ma), contemporary to the host Gajinxueshan Group. The interpretation of the genesis of Yangla banded skarn-hosted copper deposit is of fundamental exploration significance for the discovery of Sedex-type copper deposit in the region.

  20. Genesis of Marine Carbonate Natural Gas in the Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Qu; TENGER; MENG Qingqiang; QIN Jianzhong; JIANG Qigui; ZHENG Lunju


    Sichuan Basin is one of the structurally stable and gas-rich basins, being regarded as one of China's important natural gas industry bases. Puguang and Jiannan gas fields, located in the eastern Sichuan Basin are two large fields with gas derived from Permian and Lower Triassic marine carbonate. The genesis of marine carbonate natural gas was examined using carbon isotope composition and hydrocarbon components of natural gas samples from the eastern and western Sichuan Basin, and compared with that of acidolysis gas derived from marine source rock in the eastern Sichuan Basin. It is concluded that the natural gas in the marine carbonate reservoir originated from pyrolysis of the earlier crude oil and light-oil, and then mixed with kerogen pyrolysis gas of the Permian and Lower Silurian source rock.

  1. Between normal and pathological: Ludwik Fleck, Georges Canguilhem and the genesis of historical epistemology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Lucio Leitão Condé


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this article is to address, starting from some aspects of the thought of Ludwik Fleck and Georges Canguilhem, the genesis of historical epistemology in the history of science. Specifically, it seeks the contribution of the biological matrix, or the life sciences, presented by these authors, as a central framework in the constitution of historical epistemology. In other words, more than a search of similarities between Fleck and Canguilhem, the main goal is to show how, in formulating independently their ideas of history of science – especially the history of medicine – these authors contributed decisively to the basis of a historical epistemology that will be, throughout the twentieth century, a new thought style for understanding the history of science.

  2. Sun-genesis 21: Empowering the global village in the digital age and the solar century

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamasaki, Les [Los Angeles, CA (United States)


    Sun-Genesis 21 is a global economic development plan for creating an environmentally sustainable future in the developing world. Its premise is that the solution to the survival of civil stability and democracy in developing countries in the Information Age is to slow the migration of the rural poor into the urban centers as well as dispersing some of the residents of the already impacted cities into new agro-communities. This strategy envisions empowering the 25 million coffee farmers located in the poorest countries in the world to control their own economic destiny by marketing their products directly to the international marketplace over the World Wide Web (Coffee Belt Plan 2020). The plan also envisions creating a network of new agricultural communities called World Farm Solar Telecommunities that utilizes telecommunications and environmental technologies to disperse the impacted urban population. Proven profitable commodities such as industrial hemp, aloe vera, and aquacultural farming will be the economic foundation of these agro-communities. The goal is to empower rural agro-entrepreneurs to become an economic engine for job creation and be able to afford the Coffee Solar Televillages that include distant learning centers, telemedicine clinics, food processing centers, e-commerce centers, and solar crop-drying centers. The Genesis 21 program includes creative financing strategies to deal with these massive problems of poverty and hunger through the concept of trade, not aid, including the use of barter in a proposed Green Technology for Green Coffee program. [Spanish] Sun-Genesis 21 es un plan global de desarrollo economico para crear un futuro ambiental sustentable en el mundo en desarrollo. La premisa del plan es que la solucion para la supervivencia de la estabilidad civil y la democracia en paises en desarrollo dentro de la Era de la Informacion es desacelerar la migracion de la gente pobre de las areas rurales hacia los centros urbanos, asi como

  3. Scale genesis and gravitational wave in a classically scale invariant extension of the standard model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kubo, Jisuke [Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kanazawa University,Kanazawa 920-1192 (Japan); Yamada, Masatoshi [Department of Physics, Kyoto University,Kyoto 606-8502 (Japan); Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Heidelberg,Philosophenweg 16, 69120 Heidelberg (Germany)


    We assume that the origin of the electroweak (EW) scale is a gauge-invariant scalar-bilinear condensation in a strongly interacting non-abelian gauge sector, which is connected to the standard model via a Higgs portal coupling. The dynamical scale genesis appears as a phase transition at finite temperature, and it can produce a gravitational wave (GW) background in the early Universe. We find that the critical temperature of the scale phase transition lies above that of the EW phase transition and below few O(100) GeV and it is strongly first-order. We calculate the spectrum of the GW background and find the scale phase transition is strong enough that the GW background can be observed by DECIGO.

  4. Plan for Subdividing Genesis Mission Diamond-on-Silicon 60000 Solar Wind Collector (United States)

    Burkett, Patti J.; Allton, J. A.; Clemett, S. J.; Gonzales, C. P.; Lauer, H. V., Jr.; Nakamura-Messenger, K.; Rodriquez, M. C.; See, T. H.; Sutter, B.


    NASA's Genesis solar wind sample return mission experienced an off nominal landing resulting in broken, albeit useful collectors. Sample 60000 from the collector is comprised of diamond-like-carbon film on a float zone (FZ) silicon wafer substrate Diamond-on-Silicon (DOS), and is highly prized for its higher concentration of solar wind (SW) atoms. A team of scientist at the Johnson Space Center was charged with determining the best, nondestructive and noncontaminating method to subdivide the specimen that would result in a 1 sq. cm subsample for allocation and analysis. Previous work included imaging of the SW side of 60000, identifying the crystallographic orientation of adjacent fragments, and devising an initial cutting plan.

  5. Occurrence and Geological Genesis of Pyrites in Late Paleozoic Coals in North China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘大锰; 杨起; 等


    The occurrence and geological genesis of pyrites in Late Paleozoic colas of North china have been systematically studied in terms of coal petrology,coal chemistry,elemental geochemistry and sulfur isotope geochemistry.The results suggest that eight types of pyrite,i.e.,framboidal,automorphic graular,oolitic,massive,homogeneous spherical,allotriomorphic,nodular,joint-and fisure-filling pyrintes can be subdivided under the microscope,Four generations of pyrite are also reconized according to the shape,size,coexisting assemblage,spacial distribution relationship with macerals,the contents of sulfur and iron.atomic S/Fe ratios and associated elements in pryites.Sulfur in Late Palozoic colas of North China is of diverse source as evidenced by sulfur isotope variations in the pyrites.The δ34S values of pyrite generated at the early stage ted to be negative,and at the late stage,positive.

  6. Cleaning Genesis Solar Wind Collectors with Ultrapure Water: Residual Contaminant Particle Analysis (United States)

    Allton, J. H.; Wentworth, S. J.; Rodriquez, M. C.; Calaway, M. J.


    Additional experience has been gained in removing contaminant particles from the surface of Genesis solar wind collectors fragments by using megasonically activated ultrapure water (UPW)[1]. The curatorial facility has cleaned six of the eight array collector material types to date: silicon (Si), sapphire (SAP), silicon-on-sapphire (SOS), diamond-like carbon-on-silicon (DOS), gold-on-sapphire (AuOS), and germanium (Ge). Here we make estimates of cleaning effectiveness using image analysis of particle size distributions and an SEM/EDS reconnaissance of particle chemistry on the surface of UPW-cleaned silicon fragments (Fig. 1). Other particle removal techniques are reported by [2] and initial assessment of molecular film removal is reported by [3].

  7. [Vibrational spectra of black species of hetian nephrite (tremolite jade) and its color genesis]. (United States)

    Yang, Xiao-dan; Shi, Guang-hai; Liu, Yan


    Black nephrite is a very uncommon jade type currently found only at Karakashi. In order to study the spectral characteristics and color-genetic mechanism of the black nephrite, samples collected from Karakashi were studied using EMPA, IR, Raman and XRD. The results are as follows: nephrite with different color has nearly the same major chemical compostions, while the black ones contain higher carbon; nephrite with different color has similar vibration spectrum, while the black ones show characteristic peak of graphite. It is speculated that the color of black nephrite is not only related with actinolite, but also related with the graphite inclusions. Obviously, Raman spectra is a very important nondestructive method to identify the color genesis and the origin of the black nephrite.

  8. [Endothelial genesis inhibitor-8t (EDI-8t) against tumor growth]. (United States)

    Zhou, Qingwei; Du, Peng; Qian, Yue; Zhang, Qian; Feng, Baoshan; Ding, Hongzhen; Gan, Renbao; Zhang, Hui


    On the basis of the origin comparison of known endothelial genesis inhibitors, a 417-bp cDNA fragment was amplified from umbilical cord by RT-PCR and cloned into the expression vector pPIC9, followed by transformation into Pichia pastoris GS115. The resulted yeast was induced with methanol to express recombinant protein. The resulted protein was purified from culture broth and designated as EDI-8t. The in vitro study showed that EDI-8t, originated from collagen VIII, could specifically inhibit the growth and migration of bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAEC) stimulated by basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). The protein also exhibited the activity to cause cell apoptosis. In vivo EDI-8t showed the identical activity comparing with endostatin to inhibit the growth of liver tumor transplanted into nude mice. Interestingly, EDI-8t showed higher activity than endostatin to inhibit tumor growth in metastatic model of melanoma mice.

  9. Endothelial Progenitor Cell Dysfunction in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Implications for The Genesis of Cardiovascular Diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu-Hsun Kao


    Full Text Available Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS, the most common endocrine disorder affecting women ofreproductive age, is characterized by hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance. Women withPCOS have a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs and endothelial dysfunction. Themechanisms underlying these risks are unclear. Human peripheral blood contains circulatingendothelial progenitor cells (EPCs derived from bone marrow that have the ability to proliferate anddifferentiate into mature endothelial cells, which may contribute to vessel homeostasis and repair.PCOS is associated with insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and dyslipidemia, which may resultin EPC dysfunction. In this review, we summarize the potential mechanisms of EPC dysfunction inPCOS, which possibly result in a higher genesis of CVDs in PCOS-affected subjects.

  10. The genesis of victimization surveys and of the realist-constructionist divide. (United States)

    de Castelbajac, Matthieu


    The invention of victimization surveys is often presented as a synthesis of the two theoretical attitudes that, supposedly, dominated the 1960s debate over official crime statistics: realism and social constructionism. This paper turns this genesis story on its head. Using original archives, I argue that victimization surveys responded to organizational opportunities in the field of applied research. It was only after the fact that two of their architects seized the debate on crime measurement to broadcast their invention. In so doing they strategically recast the terms of this debate into a binary division between two antithetical social ontologies. This case is used to discuss how social scientists come to reinterpret and misunderstand their history. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. Scale genesis and gravitational wave in a classically scale invariant extension of the standard model

    CERN Document Server

    Kubo, Jisuke


    We assume that the origin of the electroweak (EW) scale is a gauge-invariant scalar-bilinear condensation in a strongly interacting non-abelian gauge sector, which is connected to the standard model via a Higgs portal coupling. The dynamical scale genesis appears as a phase transition at finite temperature, and it can produce a gravitational wave (GW) background in the early Universe. We find that the critical temperature of the scale phase transition lies above that of the EW phase transition and below few $O(100)$ GeV and it is strongly first-order. We calculate the spectrum of the GW background and find the scale phase transition is strong enough that the GW background can be observed by DECIGO.

  12. Late Quaternary fine silt deposits of Jammu, NW Himalaya: Genesis and climatic significance

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Rajinder K Ganjoo; Vinod Kumar


    The fine silt deposits of Jammu (J & K State, India) stretch all along the Siwalik foothills from Jammu to the Potwar Plateau in Pakistan. The post-Siwalik deposits, first discussed by de Terra and Paterson (1939), are attributed to wind action. The deposits termed as ‘Potwar loessic silt’ comprising sandy silt are essentially of late Quaternary age (75–18 ka) and are re-looked herein from the point of view of genesis and climatic significance. The sorting, skewness and kurtosis parameters of fine silts of Jammu suggest fluvial environment of the deposits wherein the water budget fluctuated. The weak pedogenesis of fine silts at certain intervals corroborate to periods of less or no sedimentation. The bivariant plot studies further suggest fluvial environment of deposition for the fine silt at Jammu, with regular fluctuations in the budget of river water that was perhaps in consonance with oscillations in the climate of the region.

  13. Dynamics and genesis of calcic accumulations in soils and sediments of the Argentinean Pampa

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Alsu Kuznetsova; Olga Khokhlova


    abstract Micromorphology of calcic accumulations (calcite, whewellite and gypsum) and geochemical indices were considered as indicators of genesis and evolution of pedogenic accumulations in soils and paleosediments of the Argentinean Pampa. Two groups of separate and independent calcic accumula-tions were studied using scanning electron microscopy:(i) in situ Argiudolls, reflecting the current soil formation; (ii) in the layers of calcrete (locally named tosca), reflecting the past environments and conditions of these layers sedimentation. New pedogenic gypsum accumulations in Argiudolls were described and possible ways of their formation were suggested. Combined analyses of morphology of carbonate accumulations and geochemical indices in different horizons of Argiudolls and layers of tosca showed that the tosca is paleopedocomplex with complicated formation history. Influence of current environment on tosca morphology is absent, so it is possible to use these pedofeatures for paleor-econstructions in further studying.

  14. A Glutamine-Rich Factor Affects Stem Cell Genesis in Leech

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristi A. Hohenstein


    Full Text Available Leech embryogenesis is a model for investigating cellular and molecular processes of development. Due to the unusually large size of embryonic stem cells (teloblasts: 50–300 μm in the glossiphoniid leech, Theromyzon tessulatum, and the presence of identifiable stem cell precursors (proteloblasts, we previously isolated a group of genes upregulated upon stem cell birth. In the current study, we show that one of these genes, designated Theromyzon proliferation (Tpr, is required for normal stem cell genesis; specifically, transient Tpr knockdown experiments conducted with antisense oligonucleotides and monitored by semiquantitative RT-PCR, caused abnormal proteloblast proliferation leading to embryonic death, but did not overtly affect neuroectodermal or mesodermal stem cell development once these cells were born. Tpr encodes a large glutamine-rich (∼34% domain that shares compositional similarity with strong transcriptional enhancers many of which have been linked with trinucleotide repeat disorders (e.g., Huntington's.

  15. Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval. Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ystad, S.; Kronland-Martinet, R.; Jensen, K.


    . The field of computer music embraces a large number of research areas that span from information retrieval, programming, artificial intelligence to acous- tics, signal processing and sound modeling. In the last CMMR gatherings an increased emphasis was placed on the role of human interaction at all levels......- trieval, programming, acoustics, signal processing) and areas within the hu- manities (in particular perception, cognition, musicology, philosophy), and to globally address the notion of sound meaning and its implications in music, modeling and retrieval. As a step in this direction, NTSMB, the Network...... for their valuable paper reports and thank all the participants who made CMMR 2008 Genesis of Meaning in Sounds and Music a stimulating and unique event. Finally, we would like to thank Springer for accepting to publish the CMMR 2008 proceedings in their LNCS series. ...

  16. The Hot—Spring Genesis of the Shimen Realgar Deposit,Northwest Hunan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张景荣; 王蔚; 等


    The Shimen realgar deposit is characterized by the pipi-shaped orebody and the development of silica sinter and hydrothermal explosive breccia which are typical of hot spring activity.Very similar trace-element associations are noticed between the silica cap and the breccia and modern hot spring waters in the area.The chemistr of ore-forming solutions is also well comparable with that of modern hot spring.,The spring system that gave rise to the mineralization was charged by ground waters heated through thermal conducting systems in the deep crust and,to a lesser extent,by geothermal gradient.ΔD,δ18O,δ13CCH4andδ13CH4andδ13CCO2values and 40Ar/36Ar and 3He/4He ratios indicate that the spring system is of crustal derivation.The ore-forming metals were supplied by surrounding strata,particularly those underlying the ore deposits.The mechanim of ore deposition is thought to be hydrothermal explosion and accompanying boiling and abrupt changes in pH and Eh.Located in northwest Hunan,the Shimen realgar deposit is the leading arsenic producer in the country,However,regardless of its long mining history,the genesis of this deposit has long been a puzzle.It was considered to be postmagmatic epithermal in the leading arsenic producer in the puzzle.It Was considered to be postmagmatic epithermal in origin,but this is trongly challenged by filling(metasomatism)in karst environment proposed later by Zhou Zhiquan(1986)also encounters a number of difficulties.For example,why can the pipi-shaped orebody vertically extend up to several hundreds meters without any compatible development in the lateral dimension? A hot spring genesis is suggested in the present paper based on geological observations and laboratory studies conducted by the authors in recent years.

  17. Genesis Solar Wind Collector Cleaning Assessment: Update on 60336 Sample Case Study (United States)

    Goreva, Y. S.; Allums, K. K.; Gonzalez, C. P.; Jurewicz, A. J.; Burnett, D. S.; Allton, J. H.; Kuhlman, K. R.; Woolum, D.


    To maximize the scientific return of Genesis Solar Wind return mission it is necessary to characterize and remove a crash-derived particle and thin film surface contamination. A small subset of Genesis mission collector fragments are being subjected to extensive study via various techniques. Here we present an update on the sample 60336, a Czochralski silicon (Si-CZ) based wafer from the bulk array (B/C). This sample has undergone multiple cleaning steps (see the table below): UPW spin wash, aggressive chemical cleanings (including aqua regia, hot xylene and RCA1), as well as optical and chemical (EDS, ToF-SIMS) imaging. Contamination appeared on the surface of 60336 after the initial 2007 UPW cleaning. Aqua regia and hot xylene treatment (8/13/2013) did little to remove contaminants. The sample was UPW cleaned for the third time and imaged (9/16/13). The UPW removed the dark stains that were visible on the sample. However, some features, like "the Flounder" (a large, 100 micron feature in Fig. 1b) appeared largely intact, resisting all previous cleaning efforts. These features were likely from mobilized adhesive, derived from the Post-It notes used to stabilize samples for transport from Utah after the hard landing. To remove this contamination, an RCA step 1 organic cleaning (RCA1) was employed. Although we are still uncertain on the nature of the Flounder and why it is resistant to UPW and aqua regia/hot xylene treatment, we have found RCA1 to be suitable for its removal. It is likely that the glue from sticky pads used during collector recovery may have been a source for resistant organic contamination [9]; however [8] shows that UPW reaction with crash-derived organic contamination does not make particle removal more difficult.

  18. The Relation Between Dry Vortex Merger and Tropical Cyclone Genesis over the Atlantic Ocean

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Shu-Hua; Liu, Yi-Chin


    A strong, convective African tropical disturbance has a greater chance to develop into a Tropical 23 Depression (TD) if it merges with a shallow, dry vortex (D-vortex) from the north of the African 24 easterly jet (AEJ) after leaving the western coast. Using 11-year reanalysis data we found that the 25 western tip of a vortex strip at northwestern Africa can serve as dry vortices for the D-vortex 26 merger if it shifts southward. Another source of D-vortices is the westward propagating lows 27 along the southern edge of the Saharan air. The D-vortex merger process occurred for 63.5% of 28 tropical cyclones (TCs) or developing systems over the main development region of the Atlantic 29 Ocean, while it occurred for 54% of non-developing systems. TC genesis could be largely 30 controlled by the large-scale environment, but the differences in characteristics of vortices 31 associated with the D-vortex merger between developing and non-developing systems could 32 potentially help determine their destinies; in general, developing systems were dominated by a 33 more intense and moist south vortex, while non-developing systems were dominated by a north 34 vortex which was more intense, drier, and larger in size. Analysis also shows that 74% of intense 35 developing systems were involved with the D-vortex merger process. More attention needs to be 36 paid to the D-vortex merger and the characteristics of those vortices as they can play significant 37 roles or have a strong indication in Atlantic TC genesis.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Munteanu


    Full Text Available The present day concept of soil is strongly connected to the terrestrial environment. Among the cosmic factors of soil genesis the energy (as light and heat provided by the Sun is by far the most important. The other outer space possible agents e.g. meteorites, comets, cosmic radiation and cosmic dust, are usually neglected or scarcely mentioned. The advancing of cosmic exploration spurred soil scientists to extend their interest upon the extraterrestrial regoliths of Earth-like planets (Mars, Venus and Moon. The concept of “Universal soil” in whose genesis the biotic factor and water are not mandatory, has been recently advanced. The first papers about “lunar soils” are already quoted in soil science literature; some also speak about “Martian soil” or “Venusian soil”. Although these seem to be mere regoliths quite different from the “terrestrial soil” (by absence of life and water one believes that they may give information about impact upon lithological material of severe environment of these planets. This paper tries to outline the cosmic destiny of the soil, to enlarge its meaning and to reveal the hidden connections that the soil has with some planetary and cosmic parameters. In cosmic vision the “soil” – either “lunar”, “martian”, or “terrestrial” – can be viewed as the interface of energy and matter exchange between the land masses of these celestial body and their cosmic environment. The role of the solar activity, extragalactic events, distance from the Sun, obliquity (tilt of Earth’s rotation axis and Earth’s orbit circularity are analyzed in connection with Quaternary glaciations and their influences upon the development of terrestrial soils. The influence of Moon is emphasized as being very important in shaping the zonal geography of the terrestrial soils.

  20. Cracking the Code of Soil Genesis. The Early Role of Rare Earth Elements (United States)

    Zaharescu, D. G.; Dontsova, K.; Burghelea, C. I.; Maier, R. M.; Huxman, T. E.; Chorover, J.


    Soil is terrestrial life support system. Its genesis involves tight interactions between biota and mineral surfaces that mobilize structural elements into biogeochemical cycles. Of all chemical elements rare earth elements (REE) are a group of 16 non-nutrient elements of unusual geochemical similarity and present in all components of the surface environment. While much is known about the role of major nutrients in soil development we lack vital understanding of how early biotic colonization affects more conservative elements such as REE. A highly controlled experiment was set up at University of Arizona's Biosphere-2 that tested the effect of 4 biological treatments, incorporating a combination of microbe, grass, mycorrhiza and uninoculated control on REE leaching and uptake in 4 bedrock substrates: basalt, rhyolite, granite and schist. Generally the response of REE to biota presence was synergistic. Variation in total bedrock chemistry could explain major trends in pore water REE. There was a fast transition from chemistry-dominated to a biota dominated environment in the first 3-4 months of inoculation/seeding which translated into increase in REE signal over time. Relative REE abundances in water were generally reflected in plant concentrations, particularly in root, implying that below ground biomass is the main sync of REE in the ecosystem. Mycorrhiza effect on REE uptake in plant organs was significant and increased with infection rates. Presence of different biota translated into subtle differences in REE release, reveling potential biosignatures of biolota-rock colonization. The results thus bring fundamental insight into early stages non-nutrient cycle and soil genesis.

  1. Genesis of hydromorphic Calcisols in wetlands of the northeast Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (United States)

    Solleiro-Rebolledo, E.; Cabadas-Báez, H. V.; Pi, P. T.; González, A.; Fedick, S. L.; Chmilar, J. A.; Leonard, D.


    Tropical wetlands are fragile ecosystems controlled by hydrological factors. They are less studied than wetlands of the temperate and subtropical areas, and limited information is available about soil genesis in such systems. Here, we present a soil study of a wetland in the Yalahau region of the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula, in order to assess the properties and understand the genesis of these hydromorphic soils. An east-west transect was established through the wetland to understand differences in soil processes between shallower deposits at the edge of the wetland and thicker deposits at the center of the wetland. Contrary to the central image of peaty and gleyic wetland soils, the dominant soil unit in the wetland examined in the current study is a Calcisol. According to their properties we assume that the Bk horizons of these soils are the product of neoformation, as they consist principally of micritic groundmass. Shells of terrestrial mollusks are also present, and constitute the coarser fractions. The micrite in these soils is proposed to have been synthesized through participation of algae when periodic flooding with waters from karstic geosystems, rich in dissolved carbonates (from limestone dissolution), affects the area. Algae develop intensely on the surface of the flood water, forming periphyton. The algae consume CO 2 dissolved in water through photosynthesis, thus displacing the bicarbonate (soluble)-carbonate (low solubility) equilibrium in favor of carbonate formation. Profiles near the edge of the open wetland show a carbonate-enriched horizon (Bk) overlaying the organic matter-enriched horizon (Ah). We conclude that alternation of horizons enriched with organic material and carbonates reflects the duration of floods: more prolonged flooding promotes algae productivity and carbonate precipitation, while organic matter accumulation is inhibited.

  2. The genesis of H2S in the Weiyuan Gas Field,Sichuan Basin and its evidence

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHU GuangYou; ZHANG ShuiChang; LIANG YingBo; LI QiRong


    The Sinian Dengying Formation gas pool in Weiyuan is the oldest large-scale sulfur-bearing gas field in China,which has a H2S content ranging from 0.8% to 1.4%.The Cambrian Xixiangchi Formation gas pool discovered recently above the Dengying Formation contains gas geochemical behaviors similar to those of Dengying Formation but different in sulfur isotopes of H2S.Investigations show that though these two Sinian and Cambrian gas pools are separate ones,they share the same Cambrian source rock.The higher dry coefficient,heavier carbon isotopes,sulfur isotopes of sulfide,lower filling of gas pools,formation water characteristics,reservoir properties and H2S distribution,indicate that H2S in both the Sinian and Cambrian gas pools originates from TSR.The sulfur isotopes of sulfates have shown that H2S was formed in respective pools,namely hydrocarbons charged into the pools reacted with the Dengying Formation and the Xixiangchi Formation gypsum (TSR),respectively,to form H2S.Compared with sulfur isotopes of sulfates in each pool,δ34S values of H2S are 8‰ lighter for the Dengying Formation pool and 12‰ lighter for the Xixiangchi Formation pool,respectively,which is attributed to the difference in temperatures of TSR occurrence.The reservoir temperature of the Xixiangchi Formation pool is about 40℃ lower than that of the Dengying Formation pool.Temperature plays a controlling role in both the sulfur isotopic fractionation and amounts of H2S generation during TSR.

  3. Mineralogic, fluid inclusion, and sulfur isotope evidence for the genesis of Sechangi lead-zinc (-copper) deposit, Eastern Iran (United States)

    Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Azadeh; Karimpour, Mohammad Hassan


    The Sechangi lead-zinc (-copper) deposit lies in the Lut block metallogenic province of Eastern Iran. This deposit consists of ore-bearing vein emplaced along fault zone and hosted by Late Eocene monzonite porphyry. Hydrothermal alteration minerals developed in the wall rock include quartz, kaolinite, illite, and calcite. Microscopic studies reveal that the vein contains galena and sphalerite with minor chalcopyrite and pyrite as hypogene minerals and cerussite, anglesite, covellite, malachite, hematite, and goethite as secondary minerals. Fluorite and quartz are the dominant gangue minerals and show a close relationship with sulfide mineralization. Calculated δ34S values for the ore fluid vary between -9.9‰ and -5.9‰. Sulfur isotopic compositions suggest that the ore-forming aqueous solutions were derived from magmatic source and mixed with isotopically light sulfur, probably leached from the volcanic and plutonic country rocks. Microthermometric study of fluid inclusions indicates homogenization temperatures of 151-352 °C. Salinities of ore-forming fluids ranged from 0.2 to 16.5 wt.% NaCl equivalent. The ore-forming fluids of the Sechangi deposit are medium- to low-temperature and salinity. Fluid mixing may have played an important role during Pb-Zn (-Cu) mineralization. The key factors allowing for metal transport and precipitation during ore formation include the sourcing of magmatic fluids with high contents of metallogenic elements and the mixing of these hydrothermal fluids with meteoric waters resulting in the formation of deposit. In terms of the genetic type of deposit, the Sechangi is classified as a volcanic-subvolcanic hydrothermal-related vein deposit.

  4. Genesis of Augite-Bearing Ureilites: Evidence From LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Pyroxenes and Olivine (United States)

    Herrin, J. S.; Lee, C-T. A.; Mittlefehldt, D. W.


    Ureilites are ultramafic achondrites composed primarily of coarse-grained low-Ca pyroxene and olivine with interstitial carbonaceous material, but a number of them contain augite [1]. Ureilites are considered to be restites after partial melting of a chondritic precursor, although at least some augite-bearing ureilites may be partially cumulate [1, 2]. In this scenario, the augite is a cumulus phase derived from a melt that infiltrated a restite composed of typical ureilite material (olivine+low-Ca pyroxene) [2]. To test this hypothesis, we examined the major and trace element compositions of silicate minerals in select augite-bearing ureilites with differing mg#. Polished thick sections of the augite-bearing ureilites ALH 84136 , EET 87511, EET 96293, LEW 88201, and META78008 and augite-free typical ureilite EET 90019 were examined by EPMA for major and minor elements and laser ablation ICP-MS (LA-ICP-MS) for trace elements, REE in particular. Although EET 87511 is reported to contain augite, the polished section that we obtained did not.

  5. Evidence for underplating in the genesis of the Variscan synorogenic Beja Layered Gabbroic Sequence (Portugal) and related mesocratic rocks (United States)

    Jesus, Ana Patrícia; Mateus, António; Munhá, José Manuel; Tassinari, Colombo C. G.; Bento dos Santos, Telmo M.; Benoit, Mathieu


    The Beja Layered Gabbroic Sequence (LGS) is a mafic, layered synorogenic intrusion that was emplaced at the SW border of the Ossa Morena Zone (OMZ) at ca. 350 Ma during the early stages of the Variscan oblique continental collision. The LGS represents the primitive member of the Beja Igneous Complex (BIC), which records part of an important Variscan magmatic event to the north of the SW Iberian suture that led to the formation of several igneous complexes. Although LGS primary magmatic features are well-preserved from post-crystallization tectono-metamorphic events, the magma chamber processes were influenced by the Variscan regional stress field which affected also the development of the magmatic layering and associated foliation. The baric evolution recorded in LGS (from 9 to 4 kbar) is compatible with early crustal underplating of juvenile basaltic magma at the Moho. Mild lower crustal contamination resulted in Nb-Ta-Rb-Th depletion and higher REE fractionation compared to MORB. Contamination proceeded mainly by assimilation-fractional-crystallization (AFC) at final level of emplacement. The obtained results suggest that the spatially associated BIC mesocratic rocks are genetically related to LGS, both deriving from an equivalent mantle source. It is proposed that the underplating of basaltic magmas at the lower crust gave rise to a deep crustal hot zone. This allows BIC evolution to be explained as a single, long-lived magmatic event of progressive geochemical and lithological diversification due to the involvement of distinct crustal components. The most important components were incorporated at depth by the reworking of OMZ lower crustal rocks, with the involvement of middle crustal rocks later on, and of upper crustal contamination during the final stages of emplacement.

  6. Lipoprotein Lipase as a Candidate Target for Cancer Prevention/Therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shinji Takasu


    Full Text Available Epidemiological studies have shown that serum triglyceride (TG levels are linked with risk of development of cancer, including colorectal and pancreatic cancers, and their precancerous lesions. Thus, it is assumed that serum TG plays an important role in carcinogenesis, and the key enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of plasma TG, may therefore be involved. Dysregulation of LPL has been reported to contribute to many human diseases, such as atherosclerosis, chylomicronaemia, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Recently, it has been reported that LPL gene deficiency, such as due to chromosome 8p22 loss, LPL gene polymorphism, and epigenetic changes in its promoter region gene, increases cancer risk, especially in the prostate. In animal experiments, high serum TG levels seem to promote sporadic/carcinogen-induced genesis of colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Interestingly, tumor suppressive effects of LPL inducers, such as PPAR ligands, NO-1886, and indomethacin, have been demonstrated in animal models. Moreover, recent evidence that LPL plays important roles in inflammation and obesity implies that it is an appropriate general target for chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic agents.

  7. Evapofacies del Salar Hombre Muerto, Puna argentina: distribucion y genesis Evapofacies associated with the Salar Hombre Muerto, Puna: Distribution and genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Vinante


    Full Text Available En el presente trabajo se identifican, describen y se muestra la distribución areal de las facies y evapofacies asociadas al ambiente evaporítico del Salar Hombre Muerto, ubicado en el borde oriental de la Puna Austral, en una zona con una amplia difusión de yacimientos de boratos. El salar puede ser dividido en dos subcuencas, la occidental y la oriental, ambas separadas por el islote central de Farallón Catal. La subcuenca oriental es boratífera, con bajo contenido en cloruros, mientras que la subcuenca occidental presenta tanto en superficie como en profundidad potentes acumulaciones de halita (hasta 900 m y es prácticamente estéril en boratos. Se plantean varias hipótesis sobre la génesis de la evapofacies boratífera, representada mineralógicamente por el borato ulexita. Esta es la evapofacies de interés económico y que se explota en el salar, donde además se extraen salmueras de litio.This paper identifies, describes and shows the areal distribution of facies and evapofacies associated with Salar Hombre Muerto, located in the eastern border of the Southern Puna, in an area with a wide diffusion of borates. The salar can be divided in two sub-basins, the western and the eastern, both separate for the central island of Farallón Catal. The eastern sub-basin is boratiferous, with low chlorides contained, while the western one shows a thick halite accumulation (up to 900 m in surface and in depth and it is practically sterile in borates. Several hypothesis on the genesis of the boratiferous evapofacies, minerallogically represented by the borate ulexite, are proposed. This evapofacies is the economic interest mined area, where lithium brines are also extracted.

  8. Morphological changes associated with the genesis and development of an excitatory glutemergic synapse: An integrated framework model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Venkateswaran Nagarajan


    Full Text Available The genesis of an excitatory synapse has its inception when a dendritic filopodium makes a tactile contact with a presynaptic specialisation (bouton. The subsequent maturation of the synapse takes place via a series of interrelated biochemical and biophysical signalling pathways which controls the actin polymerisation in the presynaptic and the postsynaptic sites. Although individual models of many of these signalling transductions have been proposed, a holistic model integrating the various signalling pathways to the morphological plasticity associated with the genesis and development of synapses has not. In this poster an attempt has been made towards establishing a framework for an integrated model such as the one aforementioned, encompassing several signalling pathways which control the morphology and the efficacy of the synapse. Predominant pathways include those triggered by NMDA and AMPA receptors, Trkb-BDNF, Integrin and Epherin. Also, steps towards a model that elucidates the change in shape of the synapse carried out by zonal actin polymerisation (ZAP governed by the "wastage" of neurotransmitters during exo cum endocytosis processes and the assimilation of the postsynaptic density (PSD and cell adhesion molecules with emphasis on Neurexin-Neuriligin, have been explored. The cannabinoid receptors in the PAZ have extracellular lipophilic domains. Endocannabinoid receptors are triggered by the retrograde signalling cues which negatively affect the cAMP dependent mechanisms. Apart from this, autoreceptors also pilot a feedback mechanism via secondary messengers with Ca 2+ ion concentration and neurotransmitter concentration in the synaptic cleft as its stakeholders. Feedback signals of autoreceptors which functions in accordance to “Lock and Key Mechanism” plays a vital role in fine-tuning the plasticity of the synapse and in controlling the presynaptic release probability by invoking PKA dependent pathways. In a future continuation

  9. [Changes of micellarity and lithogenicity of bile under conditions of transcutaneous electrostimulation and enterosorption in patients with obturation jaundice of nontumoral genesis]. (United States)

    Dronov, O I; Prylutskyĭ, O I


    The conduction of pathogenetically substantiated treatment--enterosorption together with procedures of electrostimulation--in patients, suffering obturation jaundice of nontumoral genesis, secures favorable course of postoperative period, the hepatorenal insufficiency prophylaxis, and postcholecystectomy syndrome occurrence as well.

  10. Mineralogy, chemistry of magnetite and genesis of Korkora-1 iron deposit, east of Takab, NW Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Maanijou


    , respectively. Therefore, it fits in the skarn ore deposit domain in Ni/(Cr + Mn versus Ti + V and Ca + Al + Mn versus Ti + V discrimination diagrams of iron ore deposits (Beaudoin et al., 2007. High Mn in the rock samples of Korkora-1 can be resulted from substitution of Fe+2 by Mn+2 in magnetite structure that can be a sign of hydrothermal skarn. Titanium, Mn, V and Zn show a positive correlation and Al, Cu, Mg, P, Si, Ca, Ni and Cr show a negative correlation with Fe. According to the chemistry of magnetite and plotting them on V2O5 versus TiO2 and V2O5 versus Cr2O3 diagrams, it can be recognized that the samples of Korkora-1 deposit resemble exoskarn magnetite of Goto deposit. The analysis of goethite of Korkora-1 show the amount of 2.5 to 4 wt % SiO2, 76 wt % Fe, and Ni (110 ppm without Ti and Cr in its structure. Mineralographical and geochemical evidence from ore, occurrence of iron in contact with carbonates and skarn mineralogy such as garnet, pyroxene, secondary calcite, epidote and chlorite suggest iron skarn genesis for Korkora-1 deposit. Fluids generated from intrusive bodies like diorite and quartz-diorite with variations in physicochemical conditions, produced skarn in contact with carbonates and volcanic rocks. The heat from intrusive bodies caused recrystallization of carbonates and formed marbles in the footwall of the deposit. Meteoric water has also less important contribution in the ore-forming fluids. Fluid inclusion studies show existing of two types of fluids, a low salinity (10 wt % NaCl equiv. and a medium salinity (25 to 30 wt % NaCl equiv. fluid. Mixing magmatic and meteoric waters makes decreasing in the temperatures and deposition of ore fluids. The Korkora-1 deposit formed in four stages: 1 intruding the intrusive bodies, 2 entering Fe and SiO2 into Qom carbonates and forming calc-silicates, 3 mixing magmatic and meteoric fluids, hydrolysis of calc-silicates, consuming H+, instability of Fe complexes and deposition of iron oxides, 4 retrograde

  11. Feasibility of Iodine and Bromine analysis in Genesis AloS collectors (United States)

    Pravdivtseva, O.; Meshik, A.; Hohenberg, C. M.; Burnett, D. S.


    Comparison of solar, meteoritic and terrestrial elemental abundances provides understanding of the formation and evolution of the solar system. Yet, the majority of the solar abundances are based on meteoritic values [1-6]. As a continuation of our noble gas measurements of the Solar Wind (SW) [7] we attempted to evaluate the possibility of SW-iodine and SW-bromine analyses in the Genesis Solar Wind Aluminum on Sapphire collectors (AloS) using the conversions: 127I(n,γβ)128Xe, 79Br(n,γβ)80Kr and 81Br(n,γβ)82Kr. To estimate the extent of terrestrial halogen contamination in Genesis collectors, several flown fragments of AloS were submerged in methanol (for 1 hour and for 48 hours), rinsed, dried, sealed under vacuum in fused quartz ampoules and irradiated at the Missouri University Research Reactor receiving fluence ˜ 2E+19 thermal neutrons/cm2. Single step laser extraction using 1064 nm laser ablation of 0.7 cm2 area demonstrated clear signature of solar wind as indicated by 129Xe/132Xe = 1.045 ± 0.005, while 128Xe/132Xe = 1.01 ± 0.03 had a 12-fold excess compared to the solar value. Longer washing apparently reduces iodine contamination 4 times, implying that it is surface correlated. Krypton analysis showed 17% excess in 82Kr and 3-fold excess in 80Kr in agreement with their production ratio. A longer 48-hour washing reduced Br contamination 50 times. In order to better separate SW halogens from ubiquitous terrestrial contamination we employed a depth-profiling of AloS using 266 nm laser ablation. Laser beam power was increased in 12 consecutive steps using a combination of controlled defocusing and attenuation by a polarizing beamsplitter. Depth profile analysis revealed that terrestrial halogen contamination is present at the surface and at the interface between Al and sapphire substrate and is more pronounced for iodine, as indicated by 128Xe/132Xe ratio that is higher than atmospheric and solar wind values in all 12 rasters. While washing procedure

  12. Cryosols of the Northeast Siberian Lena River Delta and its hinterland - genesis and diversity (United States)

    Zubrzycki, Sebastian; Kutzbach, Lars; Pfeiffer, Eva-Maria


    The North-Siberian Lena River Delta (LRD) is the largest Arctic delta and an important interface between the Arctic Ocean in the North and the large Siberian land masses in the South. LRD consists not only of Holocene deltaic sediment deposits as a river terrace and the modern active floodplains but also of remnants of the former Pleistocene mainland including large islands of ice-complex sediments and the Arga-Muora-Sise Island, which is composed of pure sand sediments of still debated origin. The highly diverse landscape structure of LRD is reflected by a great variety of permafrost-affected soils (cryosols). This study aims at describing this great cryosol diversity and at analysing the dominant soil-forming processes in this comparatively scarcely studied soil region. The soil development in the investigated continuous permafrost region is limited by the short thawing period of around three months (June to September) and takes place in the shallow (below 1 m) seasonally thawed active layer. The geological parent material plays an important role for the development of soils in the LRD region. The distribution of the various soil types closely follows the pattern of the geomorphic units characterised by differing sedimentation conditions. The properties and genesis of the soils on the Holocene river terrace and the modern floodplains are strongly affected by the enormous amounts of fluvial sediments (about 12 x 106 tons per year) brought by the Lena River into its delta. The fluvial sedimentation together with the also pronounced aeolian sedimentation results in a fast vertical growth of soils. The upward rise of the soil surface leads to an upward movement of the permafrost table resulting in fast incorporation of soil material formed in the supra-permafrost zone into the permafrost. Due to the morphodynamics of ice-wedge polygons and resulting formation of patterned ground with elevated rims and depressed and water-saturated centres, the Holocene river terrace

  13. Genesis of Pre-Hurricane Felix (2007). Part 2; Warm Core Formation, Precipitation Evolution, and Predictability (United States)

    Wang, zhuo; Montgomery M. T.; Dunkerton, T. J.


    This is the second of a two-part study examining the simulated formation of Atlantic Hurricane Felix (2007) in a cloud-representing framework. Here several open issues are addressed concerning the formation of the storm's warm core, the evolution and respective contribution of stratiform versus convective precipitation within the parent wave's pouch, and the sensitivity of the development pathway reported in Part I to different model physics options and initial conditions. All but one of the experiments include ice microphysics as represented by one of several parameterizations, and the partition of convective versus stratiform precipitation is accomplished using a standard numerical technique based on the high-resolution control experiment. The transition to a warm-core tropical cyclone from an initially cold-core, lower tropospheric wave disturbance is analyzed first. As part of this transformation process, it is shown that deep moist convection is sustained near the pouch center. Both convective and stratiform precipitation rates increase with time. While stratiform precipitation occupies a larger area even at the tropical storm stage, deep moist convection makes a comparable contribution to the total rain rate at the pregenesis stage, and a larger contribution than stratiform processes at the storm stage. The convergence profile averaged near the pouch center is found to become dominantly convective with increasing deep moist convective activity there. Low-level convergence forced by interior diabatic heating plays a key role in forming and intensifying the near-surface closed circulation, while the midlevel convergence associated with stratiform precipitation helps to increase the midlevel circulation and thereby contributes to the formation and upward extension of a tropospheric-deep cyclonic vortex. Sensitivity tests with different model physics options and initial conditions demonstrate a similar pregenesis evolution. These tests suggest that the genesis

  14. Antioxidative effects of proteoglycans of embryonic genesis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vahedian V


    Full Text Available Vahid Vahedian,1 Yelena M Aghajanova,2 Gevorg A Kevorkian,3 Maxim A Simonyan31Department of Biochemistry, 2Department of Endocrinology, Yerevan State Medical University after M Heratsi, Yerevan, Armenia, 3Buniatyan Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Science, Yerevan, ArmeniaIntroduction: It is well accepted that oxidative stress plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of proteoglycans of embryonic genesis (PEG on concentrations and activity of prooxidative and antioxidative metalloproteins in streptozotocin (STZ-induced diabetes in rats.Methods: Study groups were as follows: vehicle control group (Group 1, STZ-induced diabetes (55 mg/kg, intraperitoneal injection [Group 2], STZ-induced diabetes with prophylactic injection of PEG (0.5 mg/kg intraperitonealy injected 1 week prior to STZ injection (Group 3. The following prooxidative metalloproteins were studied: levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH oxidase (Nox isoforms (extracellular Nox [eNox] in serum; erythrocyte membranes; and spleen cell membranes, nucleus and mitochondria, as well as serum levels of superoxide-producing lipoprotein (suprol; cytochrome (cyt b5 from cytosol of erythrocytes; and cyt c from spleen cell cytosol. The antioxidative metalloproteins, particularly superoxide dismutase and catalase from erythrocyte and from spleen cell cytosol were studied.Results: Results demonstrated the significant (P < 0.05 increase in the level and activity of NADPH-dependent, O2--producing eNox activity in Group 2 in comparison with the control Group and decrease of the ferrihemoglobin-reducing activities of these Nox, as well as a significant increase in O2--producing activity of suprol. In Group 2, there was a significant elevation of the level of cyt c, and decreased cyt b5 level, as well as inhibition of superoxide dismutase and catalase activity.Conclusion: The

  15. GENESIS SciFlo: Enabling Multi-Instrument Atmospheric Science Using Grid Workflows (United States)

    Wilson, B. D.; Tang, B.; Manipon, G.; Yunck, T.; Fetzer, E.; Braverman, A.; Dobinson, E.


    The General Earth Science Investigation Suite (GENESIS) project is a NASA-sponsored partnership between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, academia, and NASA data centers to develop a new suite of web services tools to facilitate multi-sensor investigations in Earth System Science. The goal of GENESIS is to enable large-scale, multi-instrument atmospheric science using combined datasets from the AIRS, MODIS, MISR, and GPS sensors. Investigations will include cross-comparison of spaceborne climate sensors, cloud spectral analysis, study of upper troposphere-strato-sphere water transport, study of the aerosol indirect cloud effect, and global climate model validation. The challenges are to bring together very large datasets, reformat and understand the individual instrument retrievals, co-register or re-grid the retrieved physical parameters, perform computationally-intensive data fusion and data mining operations, and accumulate complex statistics over months to years of data. To meet these challenges, we are developing a Grid computing and dataflow framework, named SciFlo, in which we are deploying a set of versatile and reusable operators for data access, subsetting, registration, mining, fusion, compression, and advanced statistical analysis. SciFlo is a system for Scientific Knowledge Creation on the Grid using a Semantically-Enabled Dataflow Execution Environment. SciFlo leverages Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web Services and the Grid Computing standards (Globus Alliance toolkits), and enables scientists to do multi-instrument Earth Science by assembling reusable web services and executable operators into a distributed computing flow (operator tree). The SciFlo client & server engines optimize the execution of such distributed data flows and allow the user to transparently find and use datasets and operators without worrying about the actual location of the Grid resources. The scientist injects a distributed computation into the Grid by simply filling out

  16. Study on the genesis of karstic collapse column and characteristics of high resolution seismic data in one coal field

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Shao-hong; LIN Chang-rong


    On the standpoint of the disaster prevention from water inrush,discussed the genesis and geologic condition of karstic collapse column in one coal field,analyzed the geophysical characteristics of karstic collapse column by using high resolution 3D seismic data.It shows the effective result of the technology of high resolution 3D seismic prospecting in the exploration of the karstic collapse column,and presents some prediction methods and prevention measures.

  17. DNA4.1-Listing of European EO data policy bodies of interest for GENESI-DR


    Missling, Klaus-Dieter; Schreier, Gunter


    Aim of GENESI-DR is to achieve following objectives: - To provide a base for (establishing) a world-wide e-infrastructure for Earth Science with European leadership - To provide guaranteed, reliable, easy, effective, and operational access to a variety of data sources, and demonstrate how the same approach can be extended to provide access to all Earth Science data - To harmonise operations at key Earth Science data repositories limiting fragmentation of solutions - To...

  18. 环球仪器携Genesis GC-120Q进军日本市场

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    2007年5月25日-继参加NEPCON中国后,环球仪器将携同Genesis GC-120Q平台前往日本,于5月30日至6月1日期间,参加在东京举行的JISSO PROTEC展会(展位号21-03),进军竞争激烈的日本市场。

  19. 78 FR 76609 - Genesis Solar, LLC; NRG Delta LLC; Mountain View Solar, LLC; Pheasant Run Wind, LLC; Pheasant Run... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [EG13-57-000; EG13-58-000; EG13-59-000; EG13-60-000; EG13-61-000; EG13- 62-000; EG13-63-000; EG13-64-000; FC13-13-000] Genesis Solar, LLC; NRG Delta LLC; Mountain View...

  20. Genesis & the Human Ribcage: An Opportunity to Correct a Misconception & Introduce an Evolution Lesson into the Anatomy Class (United States)

    Senter, Phil


    Many anatomy students begin the course with a misconception that human males and females do not have the same number of ribs. At the root of that misconception is Genesis 2:21-22, in which God removes a rib from Adam to make Eve. Removal of a body part is a surgical procedure, and one does not pass on the results of surgery to one's offspring. The…

  1. Conceptual Tenets of the Theory of Hydration of Heterogeneous Surface with Polar Order of Disperse Ground Layers of Sedimentary Genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tamara G. Makeeva


    Full Text Available The article, basing on the established regularity defines the basic tenets of the theory of hydration of heterogeneous surface with polar order of disperse ground layers of sedimentary genesis. It offers classification and formula for the associated water density, valid corrections for the associated water density, calculates the water film thickness in disperse ground, develops the reliable physicochemical model of the disperse ground, determines the range of applicability of the existing laboratory and field methods.

  2. Phase equilibria constraints on Archean crustal genesis from crystallization experiments on trondhjemite with water at 10-17 kbar


    van der Laan, Sieger R.; Johnston, A. Dana; Wyllie, Peter J.


    The formation of continental crust during the Archean and early Proterozoic occurred through a different mechanisms than the currently active processes of calc-alkaline volcanism in orogenic regions. In view that most crustal growth models imply that by the end of the Archean a continental mass equivalent to 75% or more of the current crust had evolved, it seems highly relevant to study early crustal genesis.

  3. Development of Genesis Solar Wind Sample Cleanliness Assessment: Initial Report on Sample 60341 Optical Imagery and Elemental Mapping (United States)

    Gonzalez, C. P.; Goreva, Y. S.; Burnett, D. S.; Woolum, D.; Jurewicz, A. J.; Allton, J. H.; Rodriguez, P. J.; Burkett, P. J.


    Since 2005 the Genesis science team has experimented with techniques for removing the contaminant particles and films from the collection surface of the Genesis fragments. A subset of 40 samples have been designated as "cleaning matrix" samples. These are small samples to which various cleaning approaches are applied and then cleanliness is assessed optically, by TRXRF, SEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS, ellipsometry or other means [1-9]. Most of these sam-ples remain available for allocation, with cleanliness assessment data. This assessment allows evaluation of various cleaning techniques and handling or analytical effects. Cleaning techniques investigated by the Genesis community include acid/base etching, acetate replica peels, ion beam, and CO2 snow jet cleaning [10-16]. JSC provides surface cleaning using UV ozone exposure and ultra-pure water (UPW) [17-20]. The UPW rinse is commonly used to clean samples for handling debris between processing by different researchers. Optical microscopic images of the sample taken before and after UPW cleaning show what has been added or removed during the cleaning process.

  4. Paulus als Schriftuitlegger Paulus’ vertolking van Genesis 15:5b-6 in Romeinen 4:3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pieter K. Baaij


    Full Text Available Paul as expositor of Scripture. Paul’s interpretation of Genesis 15:5b-6 in Romans 4:3 The author of this article has since 1986 been working exclusively on the translation and exegesis of the Epistle to the Romans. In the course of this work, he discovered that Paul first carefully considered his text in Biblical Hebrew before writing it accurately in Greek. It then transpires that “the difficult Paul” proclaimed the gospel of the crowning of the Law (10:4 with great clarity. The real Paul is pre-eminently the expositor of Scripture. Provided we use the instruments provided to the reader by Paul, we shall thus not only understand the proclamation of Paul better but also Scripture itself.  In this article the author illustrates that Paul in Romans 4:3 accurately renders what is written in Genesis 15:5b and 6. Paul teaches us to understand the Hebrew text better by indicating where the emphasis lies in the Hebrew text and how we must interpret the Hebrew terms used. For this reason Paul’s interpretation of Genesis 15:5b and 6 in Romans 4:3 is of great importance in the continually more topical debate on how we must translate the Bible.

  5. Shock veins in the central uplift of the Manicouagan impact structure: Context and genesis (United States)

    Biren, Marc B.; Spray, John G.


    We describe the development of shock veins that penetrate the anorthositic central uplift of the Manicouagan impact structure. They occur as thin (shatter cones, planar fractures and planar deformation features in various minerals. The shock veins at Manicouagan share many similarities with vein systems developed in meteorites. They also provide an in situ context with which to better understand meteoroid source and lofting conditions. In addition to containing high pressure phases, the shock veins exhibit evidence for high temperature partial melting of host silicate clasts, with the generation of flow-textured fragments and glasses. The formation of microcrystallites and dendrites from some melts indicates rapid cooling. We propose a two-stage generation mechanism comprising an initial high-pressure shock excursion (estimated to last < 0.5 s based on projectile size considerations) followed by a longer high-temperature pulse of a few seconds duration. We suggest that the shock excursion is initiated by target heterogeneities that cause distortions in the hemispherically propagating shock front. This results in radially oriented tearing and vein formation with shock amplification occurring via intra-vein shock reverberation. High-speed displacement along the veins is driven by stress release on rarefaction, which results in frictional melting via adiabatic heating.

  6. Genesis of folia in a non-thermal epigenic cave (Matanzas, Cuba) (United States)

    D'Angeli, Ilenia Maria; De Waele, Jo; Melendres, Osmany Ceballo; Tisato, Nicola; Sauro, Francesco; Gonzales, Esteban Ruben Grau; Bernasconi, Stefano M.; Torriani, Stefano; Bontognali, Tomaso R. R.


    Folia are an unusual speleothem type resembling inverted cups or bracket fungi. The mechanism of folia formation is not fully understood and is the subject of an ongoing debate. This study focuses on an occurrence of folia present in Santa Catalina Cave, a non-thermal epigenic cave located close to Matanzas (Cuba). The sedimentology, morphology, petrology, permeability and geochemistry of these folia have been studied to gain new insight on the processes leading to their development. It is concluded that folia in Santa Catalina Cave formed at the top of a fluctuating water body, through CO2-degassing or evaporation, which may have been enhanced by the proximity to cave entrances. Two observations strongly support our conclusions. (1) When compared to other subaqueous speleothems (e.g. cave clouds) present in the same rooms, folia occur exclusively within a limited vertical interval that likely represents an ancient water level. Folia occur together with calcite rafts and tower cones that developed, respectively, on top of and below the water level. This suggests that a fluctuating interface is required for folia formation. (2) The measured permeability of the folia is too high to trap gas bubbles. Thus, in contrast to what has been proposed in other studies, trapped bubbles of CO2 cannot be invoked as the key factor determining the genesis and morphology of folia in this subaqueous environment.

  7. Genesis of Hurricane Sandy (2012) Simulated with a Global Mesoscale Model (United States)

    Shen, Bo-Wen; DeMaria, Mark; Li, J.-L. F.; Cheung, S.


    In this study, we investigate the formation predictability of Hurricane Sandy (2012) with a global mesoscale model. We first present five track and intensity forecasts of Sandy initialized at 00Z 22-26 October 2012, realistically producing its movement with a northwestward turn prior to its landfall. We then show that three experiments initialized at 00Z 16-18 October captured the genesis of Sandy with a lead time of up to 6 days and simulated reasonable evolution of Sandy's track and intensity in the next 2 day period of 18Z 21-23 October. Results suggest that the extended lead time of formation prediction is achieved by realistic simulations of multiscale processes, including (1) the interaction between an easterly wave and a low-level westerly wind belt (WWB) and (2) the appearance of the upper-level trough at 200 hPa to Sandy's northwest. The low-level WWB and upper-level trough are likely associated with a Madden-Julian Oscillation.

  8. Electric Field Measurements During the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) Field Program (United States)

    Bateman, Monte G.; Blakeslee, Richard J.; Mach, Douglas M.


    During the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) field program, a system of 6 electric field mills was flown on one of NASA's Global Hawk aircraft. We placed several mills on the aircraft to enable us to measure the vector electric field. We created a distributed, ethernet-connected system so that each sensor has its own embedded Linux system, complete with web server. This makes our current generation system fully "sensor web enabled." The Global Hawk has several unique qualities, but relevant to quality storm electric field measurements are high altitude (20 km) and long duration (20-30 hours) flights. There are several aircraft participating in the GRIP program, and coordinated measurements are happening. Lightning and electric field measurements will be used to study the relationships between lightning and other storm characteristics. It has been long understood that lightning can be used as a marker for strong convective activity. Past research and field programs suggest that lightning flash rate may serve as an indicator and precursor for rapid intensification change in tropical cyclones and hurricanes. We have the opportunity to sample hurricanes for many hours at a time and observe intensification (or de-intensification) periods. The electrical properties of hurricanes during such periods are not well known. American

  9. A minimal model of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: its genesis and predictability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ou, Hsien-Wang [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Palisades, NY (United States)


    Through a box model of the subpolar North Atlantic, we examine the genesis and predictability of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability (AMV), posited as a linear perturbation sustained by the stochastic atmosphere. Postulating a density-dependent thermohaline circulation (THC), the latter would strongly differentiate the thermal and saline damping, and facilitate a negative feedback between the two fields. This negative feedback preferentially suppresses the low-frequency thermal variance to render a broad multidecadal peak bounded by the thermal and saline damping time. We offer this ''differential variance suppression'' as an alternative paradigm of the AMV in place of the ''damped oscillation'' - the latter generally not allowed by the deterministic dynamics and in any event bears no relation to the thermal peak. With the validated dynamics, we then assess the AMV predictability based on the relative entropy - a difference of the forecast and climatological probability distributions, which decays through both error growth and dynamical damping. Since the stochastic forcing is mainly in the surface heat flux, the thermal noise grows rapidly and together with its climatological variance limited by the THC-aided thermal damping, they strongly curtail the thermal predictability. The latter may be prolonged if the initial thermal and saline anomalies are of the same sign, but even rare events of less than 1% chance of occurrence yield a predictable time that is well short of a decade; we contend therefore that the AMV is in effect unpredictable. (orig.)

  10. ‘Protodesign’: The genesis of design, or a few things that changed the world

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L Yu Bronzino


    Full Text Available The concept ‘design’ that has recently become popular in everyday discourse and among social scientists has not received an unambiguous interpretation. The ambiguity of the concept is due primarily to the complexity of the interpretation of very diverse social practices, the history of which can be traced to the earliest cultural practices of the humankind. This gives the design a universal character and exceptional significance: through the prism of this concept, we can trace the evolution of human culture as a whole. Thus, the study of the concept ‘design’ in the article is based on this theoretical background and emphasizes its basic feature - projectivity genetically related to the project thinking as an essential attribute of human activity. The logic of the article corresponds to the sequence of the main historical stages of the project thinking formation marked by specific inventions. Such an approach allows us to trace the evolution of the design revealing its genesis in the connection with the key moments of the industrial development and scientific and technological revolution as well as the most important social events that contributed to the development of the modern society urban environment and predetermined its social structure.

  11. Iron disulfide minerals and the genesis of roll-type uranium deposits. (United States)

    Reynolds, R.L.; Goldhaber, M.B.


    Studies of the distribution of and textural relationships among pyrite and marcasite in host rocks for a number of roll-type sedimentary U deposits have enabled identification of several generations of FeS2 minerals. A critical factor influencing mineral formation is the complex relationship of pH and the S species that are precursors of FeS2 minerals. The presence or absence of intrinsic organic matter for bacterial sulphate reduction also plays a key role. In deposits lacking such organic matter, the pre-ore is often euhedral pyrite and the ore-stage is marcasite. In contrast, in deposits containing organic matter the pre-ore is pyrite occurring as framboids or as replacements of plant material, and the ore-stage is also pyrite. These contrasting FeS2 assemblages and their respective modes of origin are consistent with previously proposed biogenic and nonbiogenic theories of the genesis of roll-type U deposits. -J.E.S.

  12. An analytical perspective on the Fellowship Narrative of Genesis 18:1–15

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahn Sang Keun


    Full Text Available The narrative in Genesis 18:1–15 deals with God’s visit to Abraham at Mamre. The general tendency in the interpretation of this narrative is to focus on Abraham’s hospitality. It is usually interpreted as an example of his righteousness, in line with Hebrews 13:2, or with the test motive of the Greek myth of the birth of Orion. These interpretations, however, seem to be in conflict with the narrator’s own theological views.This study, therefore, attempts to explore the view point of the author of the Fellowship Narrative (Gn 18:1–15 within the context of the larger Abraham narrative (Gn 11:27–25:11. The method used for the investigation is mainly that of narrative criticism. Attention is paid to the narrator’s various literary skills: ‘linking structure with preceding episode’ (Gn 18:1a, the ‘sandwiched structure’ of the larger context (Gn 18:1–21:7, the unique plot sequence, as well as repeated clue words and phrases (such as ‘laugh’, ‘Sarah’ and ‘this time next year’. These literary aspects are used by the narrator to depict the faithfulness of the Lord who fulfils what he promised. The conclusion of this study overturns the traditional interpretations of the Fellowship Narrative.

  13. Proposing a two-level stochastic model for epileptic seizure genesis. (United States)

    Shayegh, F; Sadri, S; Amirfattahi, R; Ansari-Asl, K


    By assuming the brain as a multi-stable system, different scenarios have been introduced for transition from normal to epileptic state. But, the path through which this transition occurs is under debate. In this paper a stochastic model for seizure genesis is presented that is consistent with all scenarios: a two-level spontaneous seizure generation model is proposed in which, in its first level the behavior of physiological parameters is modeled with a stochastic process. The focus is on some physiological parameters that are essential in simulating different activities of ElectroEncephaloGram (EEG), i.e., excitatory and inhibitory synaptic gains of neuronal populations. There are many depth-EEG models in which excitatory and inhibitory synaptic gains are the adjustable parameters. Using one of these models at the second level, our proposed seizure generator is complete. The suggested stochastic model of first level is a hidden Markov process whose transition matrices are obtained through analyzing the real parameter sequences of a seizure onset area. These real parameter sequences are estimated from real depth-EEG signals via applying a parameter identification algorithm. In this paper both short-term and long-term validations of the proposed model are done. The long-term synthetic depth-EEG signals simulated by this model can be taken as a suitable tool for comparing different seizure prediction algorithms.

  14. Ecosystem Composition Controls the Fate of Rare Earth Elements during Incipient Soil Genesis (United States)

    Zaharescu, Dragos G.; Burghelea, Carmen I.; Dontsova, Katerina; Presler, Jennifer K.; Maier, Raina M.; Huxman, Travis; Domanik, Kenneth J.; Hunt, Edward A.; Amistadi, Mary K.; Gaddis, Emily E.; Palacios-Menendez, Maria A.; Vaquera-Ibarra, Maria O.; Chorover, Jon


    The rare earth elements (REE) are increasingly important in a variety of science and economic fields, including (bio)geosciences, paleoecology, astrobiology, and mining. However, REE distribution in early rock-microbe-plant systems has remained elusive. We tested the hypothesis that REE mass-partitioning during incipient weathering of basalt, rhyolite, granite and schist depends on the activity of microbes, vascular plants (Buffalo grass), and arbuscular mycorrhiza. Pore-water element abundances revealed a rapid transition from abiotic to biotic signatures of weathering, the latter associated with smaller aqueous loss and larger plant uptake. Abiotic dissolution was 39% of total denudation in plant-microbes-mycorrhiza treatment. Microbes incremented denudation, particularly in rhyolite, and this resulted in decreased bioavailable solid pools in this rock. Total mobilization (aqueous + uptake) was ten times greater in planted compared to abiotic treatments, REE masses in plant generally exceeding those in water. Larger plants increased bioavailable solid pools, consistent with enhanced soil genesis. Mycorrhiza generally had a positive effect on total mobilization. The main mechanism behind incipient REE weathering was carbonation enhanced by biotic respiration, the denudation patterns being largely dictated by mineralogy. A consistent biotic signature was observed in La:phosphate and mobilization: solid pool ratios, and in the pattern of denudation and uptake.

  15. Edward A. Bouchet Award Talk: NSFD Schemes: Genesis, Methodology and Applications (United States)

    Mickens, Ronald


    Nonstandard finite difference (NSFD) schemes are based on a generalization of the usual discrete representations of first derivatives and the use of nonlocal discrete replacements for both linear and nonlinear functions of dependent variables. These numerical integration techniques for differential equations had their genesis in a 1989 publication.^1) In the past decade much progress has occurred on the general methodology of these techniques and the range of phenomena to which these schemes have been applied.^2) This talk will give a broad introduction to NSFD schemes and show that the principle of dynamic consistency (DC)^3) can be used to place great restrictions on the constructions of such discretizations for both ODE's and PDE's. The essential features of the NSFD methodology will be illustrated by means of several ``toy" models.^4) ^1)R. E. Mickens, Numerical Methods for PDE's, 5 (1989), 313--325. ^2)K. C. Patidar, Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 11 (2005), 735--758. ^3)R. E. Mickens, Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 11 (2005), 645--653. ^4)R. E. Mickens (editor), Advances in the Applications of Nonstandard Finite Difference Schemes. World Scientific, Singapore, 2006.

  16. Reservoir characteristics and genesis of high-porosity and high-permeability reservoirs in Tarim Basin

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Based on detailed studies, this paper proposes that in the Tarim Basin, hydrocarbon reservoirs widespread either in vertical sequences or in plane and high-porosity and high-permeability reservoirs are developed all over the basin. However, obvious difference and heterogeneity exist among different kinds of reservoirs. The lithologic characteristics, reservoir space types and reservoir properties in various strata have been probed. The result indicates that although the Paleozoic carbonates have been deeply buried for a long period, high-quality reservoirs with the porosity of up to 5%-8% (12% as the maximum) and the permeability of 10×10?3-100×10?3 ?m2 (1000×10?3 ?m2 as the maximum) can be found in certain areas. These include the area with the development of reefs and carbonate beaches, the weathered-crust buried-hill belts that have undergone the long-term exposure, weathering and leaching, the area with the development of dolomitization, and those areas that have experienced the resolution of carbonic acid and organic acid generated by the maturity of the organic matter. Finally, the genesis of the high-porosity and high-permeability reservoirs in deep-buried conditions (with the depth more than 3500 m) have been investigated thoroughly.

  17. Characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Microvesicle Genesis, Morphology and Pluripotent Content. (United States)

    Zhou, Jing; Ghoroghi, Shima; Benito-Martin, Alberto; Wu, Hao; Unachukwu, Uchenna John; Einbond, Linda Saxe; Guariglia, Sara; Peinado, Hector; Redenti, Stephen


    Microvesicles (MVs) are lipid bilayer-covered cell fragments that range in diameter from 30 nm-1 uM and are released from all cell types. An increasing number of studies reveal that MVs contain microRNA, mRNA and protein that can be detected in the extracellular space. In this study, we characterized induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) MV genesis, content and fusion to retinal progenitor cells (RPCs) in vitro. Nanoparticle tracking revealed that iPSCs released approximately 2200 MVs cell/hour in the first 12 hrs with an average diameter of 122 nm. Electron and light microscopic analysis of iPSCs showed MV release via lipid bilayer budding. The mRNA content of iPSC MVs was characterized and revealed the presence of the transcription factors Oct-3/4, Nanog, Klf4, and C-Myc. The protein content of iPSCs MVs, detected by immunogold electron microscopy, revealed the presence of the Oct-3/4 and Nanog. Isolated iPSC MVs were shown to fuse with RPCs in vitro at multiple points along the plasma membrane. These findings demonstrate that the mRNA and protein cargo in iPSC MVs have established roles in maintenance of pluripotency. Building on this work, iPSC derived MVs may be shown to be involved in maintaining cellular pluripotency and may have application in regenerative strategies for neural tissue.

  18. Novel predictors of soil genesis following natural weathering processes of bauxite residues. (United States)

    Zhu, Feng; Xue, Shengguo; Hartley, William; Huang, Ling; Wu, Chuan; Li, Xiaofei


    Bauxite residue often has chemical and physical limitations to support plant growth, and improving its matrix properties is crucial to support sustainable vegetation in the long term. Spontaneous vegetation colonization on deposits in Central China, over a period of 20 years, has revealed that natural weathering processes may convert bauxite residue to a soil-like medium. Residue samples from different stacking ages were collected to determine the effect of natural processes on matrix properties over time. It was demonstrated that natural processes decreased pH (10.98 to 9.45), electrical conductivity (EC) (3.73 to 0.36 mS/cm), and exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) (72.51 to 28.99 %), while increasing bulk density (1.91 to 1.39 g/cm(3)), improving the mean weight diameter (MWD) of water-stable aggregates (0.24 to 0.52 mm), and the proportion of >0.25-mm water-stable aggregates (19.91 to 50.73 %). The accumulation of organic carbon and the reduction of ESP and exchangeable Na had positive effects on soil aggregate formation, while exchangeable Ca and Mg were significantly beneficial to aggregation of water-stable aggregates. Climate, stacking time, and biological factors appear to improve the structure of bauxite residue. Our findings demonstrate soil genesis occurring following natural weathering processes of bauxite residues over time.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alla Fedorovna Matuszak (Prisyazhnaya


    Full Text Available The paper describes the genesis of pedagogical forecasting in Russia and Poland in the context of the development of general forecasting theory mainly with the emphasis on pedagogical education. The periods of forecasting theory development (implicit, explicit, institutional, global are presented. The content of each period viewing Russian and Polish education is described. In the implicit period the first attempts are made to predict educational issues. During the explicit period pedagogical forecasting obtains methodology of research. In the institutional period pedagogical forecasting from the sphere of state planning becomes the activity necessary for all the participants of teaching and learning. The global period envi-sages implementing pedagogical forecasting theory to fulfill the tasks of modern education, e.g. doing international projects. The tasks of pedagogical forecasting in the global world include further convergence of educational systems of various countries.The purpose is to determine and describe the henesis of pedagogical forecasting in Russia and Polish pedagogical education in the context of the development of general forecasting theory.Methodology. To identify the periods theoretical methods (historical and analytical me-thod, comparative analysis, theoretical and methodological analysis, synthesis, generalization are used.The results of the research include specifying the periods of pedagogical prognostication as well as the tasks of pedagogical forecasting in the global world in Russian and Polish Universities.Practical implications of the research are of interest to educators of all levels, especially the ones working in higher pedagogical education.

  20. Genesis and organic geochemical characteristics of the carbonaceous rock stratabound gold deposits, South China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The organic matter of three different chronological major carbonaceous rock gold-bearing formations of South China (Middle Proterozoic Shangqiaoshan group of northeastern Jiangxi, Lower Cambrian Shuikou group of northern Guangxi and Devonian Shetianqiao group of eastern Hunan) and related carbonaceous stratabound gold deposits such as Jinshan, Longshui and Shixia deposits, respectively, has been characterized by organic geochemical techniques. These organic geochemical results show that the average total organic carbon (TOC) content of the three chronological carbonaceous rock gold-bearing formations of South China ranges from 0.15% to 1.56%. The thermal maturity of the organic matter of host rocks in the three gold-bearing formations is high. The micro-component of the organic matter of the host rocks consists primarily of solid bitumen and graphite. The organic carbon and gold of the host rocks appear to syndeposit in situ during the formation of the gold-bearing formations. The organic carbon played a certain role in controlling the geochemical environment of the gold-bearing formations. The metallogenetic mechanism of the carbonaceous rock stratabound gold deposits of South China is closely associated in genesis with the sedimentation, diagenesis and thermal evolution history of the organic matter of host rocks in the gold-bearing formations.

  1. Magnetic mineralogy of the Hongqiling Cu-Ni sulphide deposit:Implications for ore genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Pyrrhotite is one of the common ore minerals in Cu-Ni sulphide deposits, but only monoclinic pyrrhotite is ferromagnetic at room temperature. X-ray and EPA analyses reveal that most pyrrhotite forming sideronitic texture in the Hongqiling Cu-Ni sulphide deposit is monoclinic, but that in the massive ore is a mixture of monoclinic and hexagonal pyrrhotites. Differential thermal and magneticthermogravimetric analyses of massive ore indicate a magnetic transition and heat absorption at 323℃, suggesting that this temperature is the thermomagnetic and phase transition point of pyrrhotite. For massive pyrrhotite ores heated at 400℃ for 30 h and then quenched by cool water, the monoclinic pyrrhotite (mpo) transforms completely into the hexagonal pyrrhotite (hpo). However, all the pyrrhotites resulting from slow cooling of the sample in air are mpo. These results indicate that transformation between hpo and mpo depends upon the cooling rate. Therefore, massive ores in this deposit might have been formed via rapid cooling of ore melts. On the other hand, it is significant to study the effect of the ratio of the magnetite in total ores on the genesis of magmatic Cu-Ni suphide deposits.

  2. Epicardial adipose tissue: the accomplice implicated in the genesis and maintenance of atrial fibrillation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Fang Mingcheng; Chen Yangxin; Wang Jingfeng


    Objective The purpose of this review was to delineate our current knowledge of the close relationship between the abundance of epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) and the risk of all major cardiovascular disease,especially atrial fibrillation (AF).Data sources The data analyzed in this review were mainly from articles reported in PubMed published from 1972 to 2014.Study selection Original articles and critical reviews relevant to EAT and AF were selected.Results EAT,a particular form of metabolically active visceral fat deposited around the heart,is being regarded as an important independent predictor of cardio-metabolic diseases.EAT is composed of smaller adipocytes than other visceral fat depots and functioned like brown adipose tissue (BAT) to protect adjacent tissues.Improving the understanding of EAT in AF genesis and maintenance may contribute to prevent AF and reduce the complications associated with AF.Conclusion The findings suggest that EAT associates with AF severity and the recurrence of AF after catheter ablation even after adjustment forAF risk factors,but the precise mechanisms are not fully elucidated.

  3. Genesis of the "Critical-Acceleration of MOND" and Its Role in "Formation of Structures"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tank H. K.


    Full Text Available As an attempt to explain the “flattening of galaxies rotation-curves”, Milgrom proposed a Modification of Newtonian Dynamics MOND, in which he needed a new constant of nature a 0 , termed as “critical-acceleration-of MOND”, in his best-fit empirical formula. But so far it has been an ad-hoc introduction of a new constant. Whereas this article pro- poses: (i a genesis of this constant; (ii explains its recurrences in various physical sit- uations; and (iii its role in determining the size and radii of various structures, like: the electron, the proton, the nucleus-of-atom, the globular-clusters, the spiral-galaxies, the galactic-clusters and the whole universe. In this process we get a new interpretation of “the cosmological-red-shift”, that the linear part of the cosmological-red-shift may not be due to “metric-expansion-of-space”; and even the currently-believed “accelerated- expansion” may be slowing down with time.

  4. Genesis and Maintenance of Attentional Biases: The Role of the Locus Coeruleus-Noradrenaline System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mana R. Ehlers


    Full Text Available Emotionally arousing events are typically better remembered than mundane ones, in part because emotionally relevant aspects of our environment are prioritized in attention. Such biased attentional tuning is itself the result of associative processes through which we learn affective and motivational relevance of cues. We propose that the locus coeruleus-noradrenaline (LC-NA system plays an important role in the genesis of attentional biases through associative learning processes as well as their maintenance. We further propose that individual differences in and disruptions of the LC-NA system underlie the development of maladaptive biases linked to psychopathology. We provide support for the proposed role of the LC-NA system by first reviewing work on attentional biases in development and its link to psychopathology in relation to alterations and individual differences in NA availability. We focus on pharmacological manipulations to demonstrate the effect of a disrupted system as well as the ADRA2b polymorphism as a tool to investigate naturally occurring differences in NA availability. We next review associative learning processes that—modulated by the LC-NA system—result in such implicit attentional biases. Further, we demonstrate how NA may influence aversive and appetitive conditioning linked to anxiety disorders as well as addiction and depression.

  5. Vanadium-rich ruby and sapphire within Mogok Gemfield, Myanmar: implications for gem color and genesis (United States)

    Zaw, Khin; Sutherland, Lin; Yui, Tzen-Fu; Meffre, Sebastien; Thu, Kyaw


    Rubies and sapphires are of both scientific and commercial interest. These gemstones are corundum colored by transition elements within the alumina crystal lattice: Cr3+ yields red in ruby and Fe2+, Fe3+, and Ti4+ ionic interactions color sapphires. A minor ion, V3+ induces slate to purple colors and color change in some sapphires, but its role in coloring rubies remains enigmatic. Trace element and oxygen isotope composition provide genetic signatures for natural corundum and assist geographic typing. Here, we show that V can dominate chromophore contents in Mogok ruby suites. This raises implications for their color quality, enhancement treatments, geographic origin, exploration and exploitation and their comparison with rubies elsewhere. Precise LA-ICP-MS analysis of ruby and sapphire from Mogok placer and in situ deposits reveal that V can exceed 5,000 ppm, giving V/Cr, V/Fe and V/Ti ratios up to 26, 78, and 97 respectively. Such values significantly exceed those found elsewhere suggesting a localized geological control on V-rich ruby distribution. Our results demonstrate that detailed geochemical studies of ruby suites reveal that V is a potential ruby tracer, encourage comparisons of V/Cr-variation between ruby suites and widen the scope for geographic typing and genesis of ruby. This will allow more precise comparison of Asian and other ruby fields and assist confirmation of Mogok sources for rubies in historical and contemporary gems and jewelry.

  6. The Genesis of Myth in V. Solovyov’s Early Writings. Myth as Theogon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vaganova Natal'ia


    Full Text Available In Vladimir Solovyov’s works myth is presented in two ways: as the authorial myth, which is a part of the future “universal religion”, and as an object of theoretical refl ection in the process of philosophical and religious research. In both cases myth is understood as an actual process of theogony, and so Solovyov’s “religious studies” turn out to be a part of his religious metaphysics. The philosopher marks three periods in mythological process: uranic – solar – phallic, and maintains such development to be a law. Solovyov’s theory of the origin of religion is based upon the idea of the essential analogy between cosmic and theogonic processes. These two processes are different ways in which the same conscious principle of the world manifests itself; in Solovyov’s religious doctrine this principle is described as the “universal soul” which strives for the divine unity. The theory of mythological process by Solovyov is compared with a similar conception of bishop Chrysanthus (Retivtsev, who also appeals to primeval monotheism as the basic form of religion. In contrast to Solovyov’s theory, Chrysanthus understands the genesis of the ancient religion as a development of tribal psychology, which is localized entirely in the consciousness of a collective religious subject.

  7. Effect of Perched Water Tables on Aluminosilicate Stability and Soil Genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The mineral stability and solute activities of soil solution extracted from selected horizons of seven studied pedons of Alfisols in Kentucky, USA, and the relationship between distribution of iron-manganese concretions and the restrictive layers were investigated. The results showed that the genesis and development of these soils and mineral weathering trends were strongly influenced by the depth of bedrock and the presence of perched water tables at lithic (limestone) interfaces due to the dissolution and buffering effect of limestone bedrock. The extractable Mg/Ca ratio as depth function and soil depth above bedrock could be used as indices of weathering and degree of soil development. Maximum iron-manganese concretion accumulation was found to occur in the horizon overlying clay horizon (>40% clay) with a sharp increase in clay content (> 10%), which suggested that zones of Fe-Mn concretion accumulation in soils of the Inner Bluegrass Region appeared to be a sensitive genetic indicator of argillic horizons with restrictive permeability.

  8. Inconsistencies in coastal dune genesis and development in the western Mediterranean Cabopino Dune system, southern Spain (United States)

    Guisado-Pintado, Emilia; Malvárez, Gonzalo; Jackson, Derek; Navas, Fatima


    It is generally agreed that a falling sea level regime is required in the long term to establish dunes as distinctive landform features along a coast. Sedimentary (supply) bodies from fluvial, glacial sources or marine platform processes also need to be in place. In most Atlantic-facing coastal dune systems the current morpho-sedimentary structures are usually associated with the period between 18K BP and present when both glacial and riverine sediments emplaced sediments within the active zone of present sea level to help form beaches and dunes. Mediterranean coastal dunes fronted by steep continental shelves, such as in the western Mediterranean coast of southern Spain are, however, not associated with glacial deposits and thus are only present in association with river mouths and/or coastal lagoons. Their development is attributed to very recent sediment supply, which, combined with other forcing factors such as wind and waves, several orders of magnitude below those of north Atlantic systems, explains their limited extent. Some coastal dune fields however, do not seem to respond to this general pattern because of their scale and, more importantly, their origin linked possibly to marine platform processes rather than riverine or lagoonal development. Here, we examine the Cabopino dune system in southern Spain offering a conceptual model of their genesis and development as an "Atlantic" dune system within a Mediterranean setting. This is demonstrated by their scale (the largest in the Spanish Mediterranean) and their morphodynamic link to nearshore and platform processes in the last 18,000 years.

  9. A key role for green rust in the Precambrian oceans and the genesis of iron formations (United States)

    Halevy, I.; Alesker, M.; Schuster, E. M.; Popovitz-Biro, R.; Feldman, Y.


    Iron formations deposited in marine settings during the Precambrian represent large sinks of iron and silica, and have been used to reconstruct environmental conditions at the time of their formation. However, the observed mineralogy in iron formations, which consists of iron oxides, silicates, carbonates and sulfides, is generally thought to have arisen from diagenesis of one or more mineral precursors. Ferric iron hydroxides and ferrous carbonates and silicates have been identified as prime candidates. Here we investigate the potential role of green rust, a ferrous-ferric hydroxy salt, in the genesis of iron formations. Our laboratory experiments show that green rust readily forms in early seawater-analogue solutions, as predicted by thermodynamic calculations, and that it ages into minerals observed in iron formations. Dynamic models of the iron cycle further indicate that green rust would have precipitated near the iron redoxcline, and it is expected that when the green rust sank it transformed into stable phases within the water column and sediments. We suggest, therefore, that the precipitation and transformation of green rust was a key process in the iron cycle, and that the interaction of green rust with various elements should be included in any consideration of Precambrian biogeochemical cycles.

  10. Research on Genesis of Pyrite near the Permian-Triassic Boundary in Meishan, Zhejiang, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIANG Yao-fa; TANG Yue-gang; CHOU Chen-lin


    The content and crystal forms of pyrite and sulfur isotope composition of pyrite sulfur as well as its vertical distribution near the Permian-Triassic (P/T) boundary in the Meishan section, Changxing county, Zhejiang province, China were studied using geological, petrological, mineralogical and geochemical methods (techniques). The result showed that the genesis of abundant pyrites in bed 24e2 at the uppermost part of the Changxing Formation in the Meishan section may be related to volcanic activity. In bed 24e2 of the Meishan section, pyrite has its highest content of 1.84% and the sulfur isotope composition has the highest δ34S value at +2.2‰ which is very similar to that of the average value of volcanic gas. There are some volcanic products such as β-quartz, siliceous cylinders and siliceous spherules which coexisted with pyrites in beds 24e2 and 24f. It can be concluded that a large quantity of volcanic ash fell into the South China Sea and was incorporated into marine sediments during the formation of limestone at the uppermost part of the Changxing Formation. The volcanic eruption with massive amounts of H2S and SO2 gas at the end of the Permian period resulted in the enrichment of H2S in the South China Sea areas. The reaction of H2S with reactive iron minerals formed the mass of abundant pyrites.

  11. Open Targets: a platform for therapeutic target identification and validation (United States)

    Koscielny, Gautier; An, Peter; Carvalho-Silva, Denise; Cham, Jennifer A.; Fumis, Luca; Gasparyan, Rippa; Hasan, Samiul; Karamanis, Nikiforos; Maguire, Michael; Papa, Eliseo; Pierleoni, Andrea; Pignatelli, Miguel; Platt, Theo; Rowland, Francis; Wankar, Priyanka; Bento, A. Patrícia; Burdett, Tony; Fabregat, Antonio; Forbes, Simon; Gaulton, Anna; Gonzalez, Cristina Yenyxe; Hermjakob, Henning; Hersey, Anne; Jupe, Steven; Kafkas, Şenay; Keays, Maria; Leroy, Catherine; Lopez, Francisco-Javier; Magarinos, Maria Paula; Malone, James; McEntyre, Johanna; Munoz-Pomer Fuentes, Alfonso; O'Donovan, Claire; Papatheodorou, Irene; Parkinson, Helen; Palka, Barbara; Paschall, Justin; Petryszak, Robert; Pratanwanich, Naruemon; Sarntivijal, Sirarat; Saunders, Gary; Sidiropoulos, Konstantinos; Smith, Thomas; Sondka, Zbyslaw; Stegle, Oliver; Tang, Y. Amy; Turner, Edward; Vaughan, Brendan; Vrousgou, Olga; Watkins, Xavier; Martin, Maria-Jesus; Sanseau, Philippe; Vamathevan, Jessica; Birney, Ewan; Barrett, Jeffrey; Dunham, Ian


    We have designed and developed a data integration and visualization platform that provides evidence about the association of known and potential drug targets with diseases. The platform is designed to support identification and prioritization of biological targets for follow-up. Each drug target is linked to a disease using integrated genome-wide data from a broad range of data sources. The platform provides either a target-centric workflow to identify diseases that may be associated with a specific target, or a disease-centric workflow to identify targets that may be associated with a specific disease. Users can easily transition between these target- and disease-centric workflows. The Open Targets Validation Platform is accessible at PMID:27899665

  12. The study of major, trace and rare earth elements geochemistry in Shahrestanak Mn deposit, south of Qom: Implications for genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Maanijou


    Full Text Available Introduction The Shahrestanak Mn deposit is located in southern Qom province, 12 km southwest of the city of Kahak. Based on geological-structural divisions of Iran, the deposit belongs to central volcanic belt or Urumieh-Dokhtar zone. The Venarch deposit is one the most important known manganese deposits in Iran. The Sharestanak and Venarch deposits are spatially and temporally related to each other, and have similar geology, mineral texture and structure, host rocks, relationships with faults, and depositional environment. So, their magmatism and deposition conditions can be related to each other. Since no systematic study on the Shahrestanak deposit had been performed before discussing its geological and geochemical characteristics, here it is being attempted to study the geology, petrography, geochemistry of major, minor and trace elements, and Rare Earth Elements (REE of ore, to distinguish the depositional environments and genesis of this deposit and to compare REE of ore in this deposit with other deposits. Sampling and method of study Fourteen samples of manganese ore were selected for geochemical study and analyzing of major, minor, trace elements and REE by ICP-AES and ICP-MS and were sent to SGS Co., Toronto. Detection limits for major elements and trace elements are 0.01% and 0.05ppm, respectively. Result and discussion The deposit is characterized by various lithology and stratigraphy units, consist of: 1 Middle to -Upper Eocene volcano-sedimentary rocks, 2 Oligocene lower red conglomerate and sandstone, 3 Oligo-Miocene limestone and marl (Qom Formation, and 4 Eocene and Lower Miocene basic to intermediate dykes. The most abundant minerals of the deposit are braunite, hausmannite, pyrolusite, and manganite. Evidences such as high Mn/Fe (11.33 and Si/Al (4.86 ratios, low contents of trace elements specially Co (11.40 ppm, Ni (24 ppm, Cu (81.85 ppm, and Ce, with high amounts of SiO2, Mn, Fe, Ba, Zn, As and Sr, all represent

  13. Antiproton Target

    CERN Multimedia


    Antiproton target used for the AA (antiproton accumulator). The first type of antiproton production target used from 1980 to 1982 comprised a rod of copper 3mm diameter and 120mm long embedded in a graphite cylinder that was itself pressed into a finned aluminium container. This assembly was air-cooled and it was used in conjunction with the Van der Meer magnetic horn. In 1983 Fermilab provided us with lithium lenses to replace the horn with a view to increasing the antiproton yield by about 30%. These lenses needed a much shorter target made of heavy metal - iridium was chosen for this purpose. The 50 mm iridium rod was housed in an extension to the original finned target container so that it could be brought very close to the entrance to the lithium lens. Picture 1 shows this target assembly and Picture 2 shows it mounted together with the lithium lens. These target containers had a short lifetime due to a combination of beam heating and radiation damage. This led to the design of the water-cooled target in...

  14. Reassessment of the Genesis of "Thaw Lakes" on the Arctic Coastal Plain in Northern Alaska (United States)

    Shur, Y.; Jorgenson, M. T.


    Oriented lakes and drained lake basins on the Arctic Coastal Plain in northern Alaska have been the subject of numerous studies for more than 50 years. From the beginning, the waterbodies have been described as "thaw lakes" and since then a thermokarst genesis for the lakes has been accepted without any quantitative analysis of the initial permafrost conditions and thaw-susceptibility of the upper permafrost. We initially sought to quantify ground ice changes in support of this concept through detailed permafrost and terrain studies in the northeastern NPRA, an area with thick deposits of loamy sand and abundant lakes. During 2001-2004 we conducted detailed terrain analyses that included field surveys, permafrost investigations, and photogrammetry. A terrain-unit approach was used to relate soil and ground ice properties to surficial deposits related to lake development. Cryogenic structures, ice volumes, and properties of upper permafrost were described from borehole cores taken from every stage of lake-basin development and in surrounding areas. Ground ice also was described and sampled at 20 exposures at lake and riverbanks. We classified stages of drained basin development and quantified their permafrost characteristics. The primary stage of lake development is usually described as degradation of ice-wedges at their intersections. A thaw bulb then develops under the deep water and the thaw lakes expand laterally through both mechanical and thermal erosion. Although we observed numerous ponds at ice-wedge crossings we did not observe later sequential stages of thaw lake development. Instead, we observed that initial shallow ponds were soon colonized by vegetation, which halted thermokarst. In addition, ice volumes and thaw settlement properties of soils were insufficient to allow thaw lake development. Under the standard concept of lake development, the formation of ice wedges raises the surface and allows the development of new thermokarst, and thus creates a

  15. Rare-element pegmatite-forming melt during Variscan orogeny: genesis, propagation and consolidation (United States)

    Deveaud, Sarah; Guillou-Frottier, Laurent; Millot, Romain


    The Variscan rare-element pegmatite fields mainly enriched in Li, Nb and Ta are subject to increasing mining exploration in the last few years. Indeed, Li from pegmatite deposits is recognised to be less sensitive to supply disruptions than Li from brine deposits. Thus, new metallogenic guides need to be defined in order to meet the growing demand for Li, Nb and Ta metals, and to ensure supply of strategic metals at the European scale. Three Variscan rare-element pegmatite fields have been selected to apply a multi-approach study in order to understand the genesis of pegmatite-forming melt, their propagation and their clustered consolidation at the crustal scale. The Monts d'Ambazac (French Massif Central), Barroso-Alvão (Portugal) and Forcarei-Lalin (Galicia, Spain) pegmatite fields present a similar age (~305-315 Ma), a similar geodynamical context (syn- to post-collisional) and same kind of mineralisations (LiCsTa type) but show distinct intensity of deformation affecting various country-rocks. Firstly, spatial statistical analyses have been developed to constrain the spatial distribution of the Monts d'Ambazac and the Barroso-Alvão pegmatite fields. Secondly, Li-isotopic analyses in micas have been used to investigate the role of δ7Li as geochemical tracer of LCT-pegmatites (from the less to the more evolved and lithium-rich pegmatite type). Finally, spatial and temporal relationships between pegmatites and hosting-rocks have been discriminated with structural field data mainly obtained on the Monts d'Ambazac and Forcarei-Lalin pegmatite fields. In addition, Li- isotopes results corroborate that Li-fractionation is neither affected by fractional crystallisation nor by crustal anatexis processes in a significant way. These δ7Li values (‰ ) being independent from the degree of magmatic fractionation (K/Rb ratio) and ranging from -3.5 to +3.5 ‰, tend to confirm that these pegmatite-forming melts evolve independently of each other. Our results demonstrate

  16. Genesis and characteristics of woodlot forms in the landscape of southern England

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beata Fortuna-Antoszkiewicz


    Full Text Available Background. The paper is a synthesis of the research on the genesis and characteristics of woodlot forms in the traditional English landscape. Historically, their origin is related among other things to the British being inspired by the Arcadian myths popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, as a result of trips to places like Italy or the Far East, and a fascination with nature. At the same time the 16th century was characterized by a progressive and gradual deforestation of the landscape of the island. Therefore, during the 17th and 18th centuries a very particular cultural landscape of England developed, of which the specific pastoral physiognomy found some representation in the archetype of the 19th-century English park. This can be clearly stated on the example of woodlots, which very similar forms can be shown both in English agricultural landscape and in English parks. The aim of this research was to analyse forms and functions of selected examples of woodlots in southern England. Material and methods. The collection of field data took place in April 2015 during scientific workshops organized by the Polish Dendrology Society (PTD, devoted to woody plants of southern England (including Surrey and vicinity. As a result, the physiognomy of the complex system of woodlots was analysed in situ and a rich photo documentation was collected. Results and conclusions. It can be stated that the forms of woodlots occurring in the contempor­ary English landscape bear a strong resemblance to those presented in 19th-century landscape paintings. This is a phenomenon of effective protection of the physiognomy of the cultural landscape, which has survived virtually unchanged after more than two centuries. As a result, the authors characterized exceptional values of woodlots to traditional rural and parkland landscape in southern England as an example for development and protection of the cultural landscapes in Poland – both in the past and the present.

  17. Israel state implementation and the genesis of conflict Israeli/arab

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciano Kneip Zucchi


    Full Text Available We aimed to demonstrate mainly through historical analysis and international politics, the genesis of the conflict in the middle east between jews and arabs, is embedded within a global context and has its heart in imperialist interests and also the bipolarity emerged after world war ii world, and not in rivalry or hatred between secular people, although the ethnic/religious discourse has often succeeded mask the reality of this antagonism, originating in the twentieth century, which entered the xxi no prospect of resolution. history shows that, on the one hand, jews and arabs had some "conflicting interinsti'', especially at the dawn of islam, on the other hand, lived peacefully and productively for centuries, as the umayyad caliphate in spain and elsewhere. History shows that, on the one hand, Jews and Arabs had some "conflicting Interinsti'', especially at the dawn of Islam, on the other hand, lived peacefully and productively for centuries, as the Umayyad Caliphate in Spain and elsewhere. The proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948, although it had set up a compromise solution to the problem anti/Semitic in Europe, redound, however, and paradoxically, a new strangeness and new conflicts now between Jewish and Arab inhabitants of Palestine and throughout the Middle East. The European powers, in this context, flow into a contradiction that your in the same motion that reiterated their prejudices, transporting them to the Middle East and, worsening noticeably with the Cold War and the confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union, which will make region – rich in essential energy resources to the West – the scene of their confrontation, making worse a situation was already desperate in the extreme.

  18. Role of anxiety and depressive disorders in the genesis of psychosomatic disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksandr Anatolyevich Shatenshtein


    Full Text Available Patients and methods. The results of clinical and psychodiagnostic examination using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI were analyzed in 210 therapeutic inpatients from 4 groups of psychosomatic diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertensive disease, duodenal ulcer disease, asthma, and bronchitis with an asthmatic component and 3 groups of diseases in whose genesis the psychosomatic mechanisms (pneumonia, gastritis, renal diseases played a lesser role. Healthy individuals (n=38 served as a control group. The correlation coefficients between the first scale reflecting the number of somatic complaints and the magnitude of their hypochondriacal fixation and the second one characterizing the degree of anxiety and depressive disorders were calculated within each disease group. Results. In psychosomatic diseases, the correlation coefficients between the first and second MMPI scales proved to be insignificant and substantially lower than those in the healthy individuals. This suggests that in such patients, a larger number of somatic complaints and their enhanced hypochondriacal fixation alleviate anxiety and depressive disorders, which may be regarded as an indication that there is psychosomatic defense that lessens anxiety due to a somatic disease. In somatic diseases that are not referring to as psychosomatic ones, the correlation coefficient between the first and second scales is highly significant and considerably higher than that in the healthy individuals and particularly higher than in the group of psychosomatic diseases. In the patients of these groups, an increase in anxiety and depression aggravates autonomic dysregulation reflecting in the larger number of hypochondriacal complaints. This direct relationship between autonomic functions and the level of anxiety and depression may be a risk factor for developing these disorders.

  19. The genesis of the AIDS policy and AIDS Space in Brazil (1981-1989) (United States)

    de Barros, Sandra Garrido; Vieira-da-Silva, Ligia Maria


    ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE To analyze the genesis of the policy for controlling AIDS in Brazil. METHODS Socio-historical study (1981-1989), based on Bordieu’s genetic sociology, by document analysis, bibliographical review, and in-depth interviews. It consisted of a connection between the analysis of the paths of 33 agents involved in the creation of a social space focusing on AIDS-related issues and the historical possibility conditions of the drafting of a specific policy. RESULTS AIDS Space is a gathering point for the paths of agents from several social fields (medical, scientific, political, and bureaucratic fields). A specific space for relationships, which enabled the drafting of a policy for controlling the AIDS epidemic, but also a place where the authority to talk about the meaning of the disease, the methods to prevent and treat it was under dispute. The analysis showed how the various structures (democratic administrations in Sao Paulo and at the national level, with public health officers taking important positions) and the lack of a specific therapy contributed to social agents of different ranks and backgrounds to initially set prevention as a priority. CONCLUSIONS The rise of the sanitary movement, the organization of SUS, and the dominance of the medical field at the AIDS Space contributed to foster treatment as a part of the measures to control the epidemic. These conditions allowed drafting a policy based on the integrality of care, by linking prevention and treatment in the following decade, with important participation from state bureaucracy and researchers. PMID:27463255

  20. The genesis of the AIDS policy and AIDS Space in Brazil (1981-1989

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Garrido de Barros


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE To analyze the genesis of the policy for controlling AIDS in Brazil. METHODS Socio-historical study (1981-1989, based on Bordieu’s genetic sociology, by document analysis, bibliographical review, and in-depth interviews. It consisted of a connection between the analysis of the paths of 33 agents involved in the creation of a social space focusing on AIDS-related issues and the historical possibility conditions of the drafting of a specific policy. RESULTS AIDS Space is a gathering point for the paths of agents from several social fields (medical, scientific, political, and bureaucratic fields. A specific space for relationships, which enabled the drafting of a policy for controlling the AIDS epidemic, but also a place where the authority to talk about the meaning of the disease, the methods to prevent and treat it was under dispute. The analysis showed how the various structures (democratic administrations in Sao Paulo and at the national level, with public health officers taking important positions and the lack of a specific therapy contributed to social agents of different ranks and backgrounds to initially set prevention as a priority. CONCLUSIONS The rise of the sanitary movement, the organization of SUS, and the dominance of the medical field at the AIDS Space contributed to foster treatment as a part of the measures to control the epidemic. These conditions allowed drafting a policy based on the integrality of care, by linking prevention and treatment in the following decade, with important participation from state bureaucracy and researchers.

  1. Genesis of mammalian prions: from non-infectious amyloid fibrils to a transmissible prion disease.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natallia Makarava


    Full Text Available The transmissible agent of prion disease consists of a prion protein in its abnormal, β-sheet rich state (PrP(Sc, which is capable of replicating itself according to the template-assisted mechanism. This mechanism postulates that the folding pattern of a newly recruited polypeptide chain accurately reproduces that of a PrP(Sc template. Here we report that authentic PrP(Sc and transmissible prion disease can be generated de novo in wild type animals by recombinant PrP (rPrP amyloid fibrils, which are structurally different from PrP(Sc and lack any detectable PrP(Sc particles. When induced by rPrP fibrils, a long silent stage that involved two serial passages preceded development of the clinical disease. Once emerged, the prion disease was characterized by unique clinical, neuropathological, and biochemical features. The long silent stage to the disease was accompanied by significant transformation in neuropathological properties and biochemical features of the proteinase K-resistant PrP material (PrPres before authentic PrP(Sc evolved. The current work illustrates that transmissible prion diseases can be induced by PrP structures different from that of authentic PrP(Sc and suggests that a new mechanism different from the classical templating exists. This new mechanism designated as "deformed templating" postulates that a change in the PrP folding pattern from the one present in rPrP fibrils to an alternative specific for PrP(Sc can occur. The current work provides important new insight into the mechanisms underlying genesis of the transmissible protein states and has numerous implications for understanding the etiology of neurodegenerative diseases.

  2. Genesis of textural contrasts in subsurface soil horizons in the Northern Pantanal-Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Ferreira do Nascimento


    Full Text Available The Pantanal region can be characterized as a quaternary floodplain with predominant sedimentation in the form of alluvial fans. In the geomorphologic and sedimentary evolution, the avulsion process is inherent to this depositional system and its dynamics, together with surface water floods, influence soil sedimentation on this plain. The knowledge and differentiation of these two events can contribute to a better understanding of the variability of soil properties and distribution under the influence of these sedimentation processes. Therefore, this study investigated the genesis of soils in the Northern Pantanal with textural contrasts in deeper horizons and their relationship with the depositional system dynamics. We analyzed four soil profiles in the region of Barão de Melgaço, Mato Grosso State, Brazil (RPPN SESC Pantanal. Two profiles were sampled near the Rio Cuiabá (AP1 and AP4 and two near the Rio São Lourenço (AP10 and AP11. In AP11, the horizons contrast in particle size between the profile basis and the surface. In AP1, AP4 and AP10, the horizons overlaying the sand layer have similar particle size properties, mainly in terms of sand distribution. In the first case, floods (surface water seem to have originated the horizons and layers with contrasting texture. In the second case, avulsion is the most pronounced process. Therefore, the two modes can form soils with contrasting texture that are discriminable by soil morphology, based on the distinct features associated to the specific sedimentation processes.

  3. Genesis of Josephitism and functioning the opposition in “anti-Sergius” movement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamila Pawełczyk-Dura


    Full Text Available The crisis in the Russian Orthodox Church, connected with the Patriarch Tikhon’s death, initiated the deep divisions between hierarchs. Deputies of Tikhon, including dignity as a result of the nomination – which was a precedent in the canonical order of the Orthodox Church authorities – were not able to maintain the monolith community, destructed by internal divisions and persecuted by the communist state. Nomination of metropolitan of Nizhny Novogorod on the Guardian of the Patriarchal Throne and publication of The Letter (declaration of the deputy of the Guardian of the Patriarchal Throne Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky of Nizhny Novgorod and the Temporary Saint Synod about the attitude of Russian Orthodox Church to the state authorities underlined differences between the faithful and the clergy. On opposite sides were followers and opponents of the Sergius’ “political line”. Activity of the last ones, manifesting in not-exchanging name of Sergius during liturgy, in moments, when words of the prayer for the superior of the local Church are being said, took the non-institutional forms of movement, definite as not-recalling. This formation, which was essentially the conglomeration of different groups of the clergy and faithful, dominated Josephites – the strongest and most active adherents of the archbishop of Leningrad Joseph (Petrovykh. Genesis those movement as a kind of symbol of opposition to the policy of servility and compromises metropolitan Sergius has been the subject of analysis of this text.

  4. Genesis of zircon and its constraints on interpretation of U-Pb age

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WU Yuanbao; ZHENG Yongfei


    Zircon U-Pb dating is the most commonly used method for isotopic geochronology. However, it has been a difficult issue when relating zircon U-Pb ages to metamorphic conditions in complex metamorphic rocks. Much progress has been made in the past decade with respect to the genesis of zircon and its constraints on interpretation of U-Pb age. Three methods have been proposed to link zircon U-Ph age to metamorphic conditions: ( I ) internal structure; (ii)trace element feature; (iii) mineral inclusion composition.Magmatic zircon shows typical oscillatory zoning and/or sector zoning, whereas metamorphic zircon has internal structures such as no zoned, weakly zoned, cloudy zoned,sector zoned, planar zoned, and patched zoned ones. Zircons formed in different geological environments generally have characteristic internal structures. Magmatic zircons from different rock types have variable trace element abundances,with a general trend of increasing trace element abundances in zircons from ultramafic through mafic to granitic rocks.Zircons formed under different metamorphic conditions have different trace element characteristics that can be used to relate their formation to metamorphic conditions. It is an effective way to relate zircon growth to certain P-T conditions by studying the trace element partitioning between coexisting metamorphic zircon and garnet in high-grade metamorphic rocks containing both zircon and garnet. Primary mineral inclusions in zircon can also provide unambiguous constraints on its formation conditions. Therefore,interpretation of zircon U-Pb ages can be constrained by its internal structure, trace element composition, mineral inclusion and so on.

  5. Clinical study on role of life events in genesis of neurotic disorders and depression

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deepanjali Medhi


    Full Text Available Background: This study was conducted to know about the role of life events in genesis of neurotic disorders and depression in four groups of patients with dissociative disorder, somatisation disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD, and depression. It was conducted in the Department of Psychiatry, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati, Assam, India. Methods and materials: It was a case control study with 100 cases of neurotic disorders and depression (25 cases in each group attending indoor and outdoor, and diagnosed using research diagnostic criteria of the tenth revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10. The groups were compared with similar number of matched controls, in respect to number, scoring, and type of life events occurring within one year prior to the onset of illness using the Presumptive Stressful Life Events Scale (PSLES. Variables related to socio-demographic characteristics were also seen between cases and controls. Result and conclusion: Number of life events was significantly higher in depressive and generalized anxiety groups than control group. Total life events scores were significantly higher in depressive and generalized anxiety group than control group. Undesirable events were significantly higher in all groups. Personal events were significantly higher in depressives than control. Events related to interpersonal relation were significantly higher in depressive, dissociative, and GAD groups than control. Bereavement was closely associated with depression and GAD. Events related to health, finance, and education were higher in dissociative group than control. Events related to move were found significantly higher in GAD group than control. Implications of the findings are discussed.

  6. Gap Junctions Contribute to Ictal/Interictal Genesis in Human Hypothalamic Hamartomas. (United States)

    Wu, Jie; Gao, Ming; Rice, Stephen G; Tsang, Candy; Beggs, John; Turner, Dharshaun; Li, Guohui; Yang, Bo; Xia, Kunkun; Gao, Fenfei; Qiu, Shenfeng; Liu, Qiang; Kerrigan, John F


    Human hypothalamic hamartoma (HH) is a rare subcortical lesion associated with treatment-resistant epilepsy. Cellular mechanisms responsible for epileptogenesis are unknown. We hypothesized that neuronal gap junctions contribute to epileptogenesis through synchronous activity within the neuron networks in HH tissue. We studied surgically resected HH tissue with Western-blot analysis, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, biocytin microinjection of recorded HH neurons, and microelectrode patch clamp recordings with and without pharmacological blockade of gap junctions. Normal human hypothalamus tissue was used as a control. Western blots showed increased expression of both connexin-36 (Cx36) and connexin-43 (Cx43) in HH tissue compared with normal human mammillary body tissue. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that Cx36 and Cx43 are expressed in HH tissue, but Cx36 was mainly expressed within neuron clusters while Cx43 was mainly expressed outside of neuron clusters. Gap-junction profiles were observed between small HH neurons with electron microscopy. Biocytin injection into single recorded small HH neurons showed labeling of adjacent neurons, which was not observed in the presence of a neuronal gap-junction blocker, mefloquine. Microelectrode field recordings from freshly resected HH slices demonstrated spontaneous ictal/interictal-like discharges in most slices. Bath-application of gap-junction blockers significantly reduced ictal/interictal-like discharges in a concentration-dependent manner, while not affecting the action-potential firing of small gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurons observed with whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from the same patient's HH tissue. These results suggest that neuronal gap junctions between small GABAergic HH neurons participate in the genesis of epileptic-like discharges. Blockade of gap junctions may be a new therapeutic strategy for controlling seizure activity in HH patients.

  7. Genesis mechanism of the Sinian-Cambrian reservoirs in the Anyue Gas Field, Sichuan Basin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhou Jingao


    Full Text Available The Lower Cambrian Longwangmiao Fm, the 4th and 2nd members of the Sinian Dengying Fm are the three major gas layers in the Anyue Gas Field of the Sichuan Basin. Their main characteristics and genesis mechanism were investigated, and the following three findings were obtained. First, according to sedimentary microfacies, lithology and porosity, the Longwangmiao Fm is identified as fractured-vuggy dolomite reservoir of grain shoal facies, the 4th member of the Dengying Fm as fractured-vuggy (cavernous dolomite reservoir of cyanobacteria mound beach facies, and the 2nd member of the Dengying Fm as fractured-vuggy dolomite reservoirs of cyanobacteria mound beach facies. Second, the Longwangmiao Fm is mainly grain dolomite, with dissolution pores and vugs as major reservoir space, at an average porosity of 4.24% and an average thickness of 36 m. The 4th member of the Dengying Fm made up of cyanobacteria dolomite has dissolution pores, vugs and caverns as major reservoir space with an average porosity of 3.22% and an average thickness of 70 m. The 2nd member of the Dengying Fm composed of cyanobacteria dolomite has fractures and vugs as major reservoir space with an average porosity of 3.34% and an average thickness of 80 m. Third, those reservoirs experienced multiple evolutionary stages including porosity development, hydrothermal mineral filling, asphalt filling etc. Penecontemporaneous dissolution and supergene karstification are the key factors controlling the formation of the reservoir space and the evolution models of the reservoirs were figured out.

  8. Solar and solar-wind composition results from the genesis mission

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wiens, Roger C. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Burnett, D. S. [Geological and Planetary Sciences, Pasadena, CA (United States); Hohenberg, C. M. [Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO (United States); Meshik, A. [Isotope Geology, Zurich (Switzerland); Heber, V. [Isotope Geology, Zurich (Switzerland); Grimberg, A. [Isotope Geology, Zurich (Switzerland); Wieler, R. [Univ. of Montana, Missoula, MT (United States); Reisenfeld, D. B. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The Genesis mission returned samples of solar wind to Earth in September, 2004 for ground-based analyses of solar-wind composition, particularly for isotope ratios. Substrates, consisting mostly of high-purity semiconductor materials, were exposed to the solar wind at L1 from December 2001 to April 2004. In addition to a bulk sample of the solar wind, separate samples of coronal hole, interstream, and coronal mass ejection material were obtained. While many of the substrates were broken upon landing due to the failure to deploy the parachute, a number of results have been obtained, and most of the primary science objectives will likely be met. These include noble gas (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe) isotope ratios in the bulk solar wind and in different solarwind regimes, and the nitrogen and oxygen isotope ( 18O/17O/16O) ratios to high precision. The greatest successes to date have been with the noble gases. Light noble gases from bulk solar wind and separate solar-wind regime samples have been analyzed to date. The regime compositions are so far ambiguous on the occurrence of the type of isotopic fractionation expected from Coulomb drag acceleration. Neon results from closed system stepped etching of bulk metallic glass have revealed the nature of isotopic fractionation as a function of depth, which in lunar samples have for years deceptively suggested the presence of a separate solar component. Isotope ratios of the heavy noble gases, nitrogen, and oxygen are still in the process of being measured.

  9. Localized permanent epidemics: the genesis of chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum. (United States)

    Verdrager, J


    Localized permanent epidemics occur when, for an indefinite period of time, there is a temporary but continuous introduction of unprotected non-immunes into the same locality of a hyperendemic area. The main epidemiological factors involved in the genesis of localized permanent epidemics were encountered in Pailin (Cambodia) the epicenter of drug resistance in Southeast Asia: a very efficient vector, Anopheles dirus, exophilic and of limited distribution with, therefore, adjacent hyperendemic and non-endemic areas; a permanent pole of attraction in the hyperendemic area: Pailin's sapphires and rubies; a temporary but continuous influx of non-immunes into the pole of attraction: continuous influx of non-immunes into the Pailin gem mining area. In the gem-mining Pailin village drug pressure was considerable: mass drug administration, a medicated salt project and permanent self-medication with very high doses, much higher doses being required to cure non-immunes with heavy infections and severe clinical attacks in epidemic situations. It appears, therefore, that the emergence of chloroquine resistance in Southeast Asia was the consequence of the localized permanent epidemics in Païlin. High level resistance was the result of continuous and intensive serial passages of P. falciparum in the non-immune subjects, large numbers of parasites being exposed to a high level of drug pressure at each passage. Similar epidemiological conditions are encountered in some parts of South America where the exophilic vector is An. nuneztovari. In Colombia, whose eastern mountains bordering Venezuela yield the most highly prized emeralds in the world, chloroquine resistance was detected at about the same time as in Southeast Asia.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  10. Gap Junctions Contribute to Ictal/Interictal Genesis in Human Hypothalamic Hamartomas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jie Wu


    Full Text Available Human hypothalamic hamartoma (HH is a rare subcortical lesion associated with treatment-resistant epilepsy. Cellular mechanisms responsible for epileptogenesis are unknown. We hypothesized that neuronal gap junctions contribute to epileptogenesis through synchronous activity within the neuron networks in HH tissue. We studied surgically resected HH tissue with Western-blot analysis, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, biocytin microinjection of recorded HH neurons, and microelectrode patch clamp recordings with and without pharmacological blockade of gap junctions. Normal human hypothalamus tissue was used as a control. Western blots showed increased expression of both connexin-36 (Cx36 and connexin-43 (Cx43 in HH tissue compared with normal human mammillary body tissue. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that Cx36 and Cx43 are expressed in HH tissue, but Cx36 was mainly expressed within neuron clusters while Cx43 was mainly expressed outside of neuron clusters. Gap-junction profiles were observed between small HH neurons with electron microscopy. Biocytin injection into single recorded small HH neurons showed labeling of adjacent neurons, which was not observed in the presence of a neuronal gap-junction blocker, mefloquine. Microelectrode field recordings from freshly resected HH slices demonstrated spontaneous ictal/interictal-like discharges in most slices. Bath-application of gap-junction blockers significantly reduced ictal/interictal-like discharges in a concentration-dependent manner, while not affecting the action-potential firing of small gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA neurons observed with whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from the same patient's HH tissue. These results suggest that neuronal gap junctions between small GABAergic HH neurons participate in the genesis of epileptic-like discharges. Blockade of gap junctions may be a new therapeutic strategy for controlling seizure activity in HH patients.

  11. I «cinque giganti» e la genesi del welfare state in Europa tra le due guerre / The Five “Giant Evils" and the Genesis of the Welfare State in Europe between the Two World Wars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Rapini


    Full Text Available The essay reconstructs the genesis of the welfare state during the early forties of the twentieth century. The welfare state is situated inside the European crisis caused by the Wall Street crash of 1929, by the fascisms and by the second world war. The essay focuses on the social policies of Fascism and Nazism, underlining their genetic connection with the war. The democracies decide to oppose the welfare state to warfare state of the fascisms to win not only the war, but, especially, to win the peace.

  12. Evidence Arguments for Using Formal Methods in Software Certification (United States)

    Denney, Ewen W.; Pai, Ganesh


    We describe a generic approach for automatically integrating the output generated from a formal method/tool into a software safety assurance case, as an evidence argument, by (a) encoding the underlying reasoning as a safety case pattern, and (b) instantiating it using the data produced from the method/tool. We believe this approach not only improves the trustworthiness of the evidence generated from a formal method/tool, by explicitly presenting the reasoning and mechanisms underlying its genesis, but also provides a way to gauge the suitability of the evidence in the context of the wider assurance case. We illustrate our work by application to a real example-an unmanned aircraft system- where we invoke a formal code analysis tool from its autopilot software safety case, automatically transform the verification output into an evidence argument, and then integrate it into the former.

  13. I «cinque giganti» e la genesi del welfare state in Europa tra le due guerre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Rapini


    Full Text Available The essay reconstructs the genesis of the welfare state during the early forties of the twentieth century. The welfare state is situated inside the European crisis caused by the Wall Street crash of 1929, by the fascisms and by the second world war. The essay focuses on the social policies of Fascism and Nazism, underlining their genetic connection with the war. The democracies decide to oppose the welfare state to warfare state of the fascisms to win not only the war, but, especially, to win the peace.

  14. ToF-SIMS Investigation of the Effectiveness of Acid-Cleaning procedures for Genesis Solar Wind Collectors (United States)

    Goreva, Y. S.; Humanyun, M.; Burnett, D. S.; Jurewicz, A. J.; Gonzalez, C. P.


    ToF-SIMS images of Genesis sample surfaces contain an incredible amount of important information, but they also show that the crash-derived surface contamination has many components, presenting a challenge to cleaning. Within the variability, we have shown that there are some samples which appear to be clean to begin with, e.g. 60471, and some are more contaminated. Samples 60493 and 60500 are a part of a focused study of the effectiveness of aqua regia and/or sulfuric acid cleaning of small flight Si implanted with Li-6 using ToF-SIMS.

  15. Genesis of Low-Resistivity Oil layers from Cretaceous System in Luxi Area and Its Geological Significance

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Genesis of low-resistivity oil layers from cretaceous system in Luxi area was studied. The result shows that the resistivity of oil layers is lower than that of water layers from Tugulu Group(K1tg),Cretaceous in Luliang area,Zhungeer basin, resulting in a disaccordance with logging interpretation on oil layers,oil-water layers and water layers.The research on the petro-texture of reservoirs also shows that the watered clay pellicle (I/S, I, ch) is well developed in K1tg expands the section of conductive net and results in a low resistivity of oil layers.

  16. On the Genesis of Uranium Deposit 720 with Special Reference to the Double Solution—Mixing Model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李振球; 胡中林


    Presented in this paper is an approach to the analysis of "series-stage"division.The processes of hydrothermal evolution involved in ore deposition,the factors affecting the enrichment of uranium and the source of ore forming elements in uranium deposit 720 are also discussed .In addition,the ore-forming tem-perature and pressure as well as the pH,Eh and chemical composition of ore-forming medium are studied with reference to the fluid inclusion data available.A double solution-mixing model has been proposed to explain the genesis of the uranium deposit studied.

  17. Insert dissociation after fixed bearing PS constrained Genesis II total knee arthroplasty. A case series of nine patients. (United States)

    Voskuijl, Timothy; Nijenhuis, Thijs A; Van Hellemondt, Gijs G; Goosen, Jon H M


    Dissociation of the polyethylene insert after fixed bearing posterior stabilized Genesis II total knee arthroplasty has been rarely described. We present a case series of nine patients with a dissociation of the insert within a period of two years after surgery. Revision surgery was performed in all patients. In this report we discuss clinical presentation, patient characteristics and possible etiologies for tibial insert dissociation seen in the presented cases. In conclusion, tibial insert dissociation does not lead to a uniform clinical presentation. Therefore, in this point of view regular physical examination and imaging after TKA regardless the presence of symptoms seems to be indicated.

  18. Targeted phototherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zonun Sanga


    Full Text Available Conventional phototherapy uses a whole body cabinet or body part machines for the hand, foot or scalp. It has many disadvantages, due to which new phototherapy techniques have been developed. These new techniques are called targeted phototherapy. They include excimer laser, the intense pulse light (IPL system, photodynamic therapy, and an ultraviolet (UV light source with a sophisticated delivery system which is easy to operate by hand. The mechanisms of action of targeted phototherapy systems are similar to those in conventional UVB/UVA therapy. They have many advantages including lower risk of side effects, avoidance of exposure of unnecessary sites, faster response, and shorter duration of treatment. But they also have disadvantages such as high costs and inability to use them for extensive areas. This review article discusses targeted phototherapy, its mechanisms of action, and advantages and disadvantages in comparison to conventional phototherapy.

  19. Targeted Learning

    CERN Document Server

    van der Laan, Mark J


    The statistics profession is at a unique point in history. The need for valid statistical tools is greater than ever; data sets are massive, often measuring hundreds of thousands of measurements for a single subject. The field is ready to move towards clear objective benchmarks under which tools can be evaluated. Targeted learning allows (1) the full generalization and utilization of cross-validation as an estimator selection tool so that the subjective choices made by humans are now made by the machine, and (2) targeting the fitting of the probability distribution of the data toward the targe

  20. Interannual variability of the South Pacific Convergence Zone and implications for tropical cyclone genesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vincent, Emmanuel M. [IRD/UPMC/CNRS/MNHN, Laboratoire d' Oceanographie et du Climat: Experimentation et Approches Numeriques (LOCEAN), Paris (France); UPMC, LOCEAN/IPSL, Paris Cedex 05 (France); Lengaigne, Matthieu [IRD/UPMC/CNRS/MNHN, Laboratoire d' Oceanographie et du Climat: Experimentation et Approches Numeriques (LOCEAN), Paris (France); National Institute of Oceanography, Goa (India); Menkes, Christophe E. [IRD/UPMC/CNRS/MNHN, Laboratoire d' Oceanographie et du Climat: Experimentation et Approches Numeriques (LOCEAN), Paris (France); Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Noumea (New Caledonia); Jourdain, Nicolas C. [Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Noumea (New Caledonia); Marchesiello, Patrick [Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Noumea (New Caledonia); CNES/CNRS/UPS/IRD, Laboratoire d' Etudes en Geophysique et Oceanographie Spatiale (LEGOS), Toulouse (France); Madec, Gurvan [IRD/UPMC/CNRS/MNHN, Laboratoire d' Oceanographie et du Climat: Experimentation et Approches Numeriques (LOCEAN), Paris (France); National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton (United Kingdom)


    The interannual variability of the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ) and its influence on tropical cyclone (TC) genesis in the South Pacific are investigated using observations and ERA40 reanalysis over the 1979-2002 period. In austral summer, the SPCZ displays four typical structures at interannual timescales. The first three are characterized by a diagonal orientation of the SPCZ and account for 85% of the summer seasons. One is close to climatology and the other two exhibit a 3 northward or southward departure from the SPCZ climatological position. In contrast, the fourth one, that only encompasses three austral summer seasons (the extreme 1982/1983 and 1997/1998 El Nino events and the moderate 1991/1992 El Nino event), displays very peculiar behaviour where the SPCZ largely departs from its climatological position and is zonally oriented. Variability of the western/central Pacific equatorial sea surface temperature (SST) is shown to modulate moisture transport south of the equator, thereby strongly constraining the location of the SPCZ. The SPCZ location is also shown to strongly modulate the atmospheric circulation variability in the South Pacific with specific patterns for each class. However, independently of its wide year-to-year excursions, the SPCZ is always collocated with the zero relative vorticity at low levels while the maximum vorticity axis lies 6 to the south of the SPCZ position. This coherent atmospheric organisation in the SPCZ region is shown to constrain tropical cyclogenesis to occur preferentially within 10 south of the SPCZ location as this region combines all the large-scale atmospheric conditions that favour the breeding of TCs. This analysis also reveals that cyclogenesis in the central Pacific (in the vicinity of French Polynesia) only occurs when the SPCZ displays a zonal orientation while this observation was previously attributed to El Nino years in general. Different characteristics of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO

  1. The relativistic electro-vortical field—revisiting magneto-genesis and allied problems (United States)

    Mahajan, Swadesh M.


    Following the idea of MagnetoFluid unification [S. M. Mahajan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 035001 (2003)], a very general Electro-Vortical (EV) field is constructed to describe the dynamics of a perfect relativistic fluid. Structurally similar to the electromagnetic field Fμν , the Electro-Vortical field Mνμ unifies the macroscopic forces into a single grand force that is the weighted sum of the electromagnetic and the inertial/thermal forces. The new effective force may be viewed either as a vortico-thermal generalization of the electromagnetic force or as the electromagnetic generalization of the vortico-thermal forces that a fluid element experiences in course of its evolution. Two fundamental consequences follow from this grand unification: (1) emergences of a new helicity that is conserved for arbitrary thermodynamics and (2) the entire dynamics is formally expressible as an MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) like ideal Ohm's law in which the "electric" and "magnetic" components of the EV field replace the standard electric and magnetic fields. In the light of these more and more encompassing conserved helicities, the "scope and significance" of the classical problem of magneto-genesis (need for a seed field to get a dynamo started) is reexamined. It is shown that in models more advanced than MHD, looking for exotic seed-generation mechanisms (like the baroclinic thermodynamics) should not constitute a fundamental pursuit; the totally ideal dynamics is perfectly capable of generating and sustaining magnetic fields entirely within its own devices. For a specified thermodynamics, a variety of exact and semi exact self-consistent analytical solutions for equilibrium magnetic and flow fields are derived for a single species charged fluid. The scale lengths of the fields are determined by two natural scale lengths: the skin depth and the gradient length of the thermodynamic quantities. Generally, the skin depth, being the shorter (even much shorter) than the gradient length

  2. Numerical modeling and analysis of the effect of Greek complex topography on tornado genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. T. Matsangouras


    Full Text Available Tornadoes have been reported in Greece over the last decades in specific sub-geographical areas and have been associated with strong synoptic forcing. It is well known that meteorological conditions over Greece are affected at various scales by the significant variability of topography, the Ionian Sea at the west and the Aegean Sea at the east. However, there is still uncertainty regarding topography's importance on tornadic generation and development. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of topography in significant tornado genesis events that were triggered under strong synoptic scale forcing over Greece. Three tornado events that occurred over the last years in Thiva (Boeotia, 17 November 2007, Vrastema (Chalkidiki, 12 February 2010 and Vlychos (Lefkada, 20 September 2011 have been selected for numerical experiments. These events were associated with synoptic scale forcing, while their intensity was T4–T5 (Torro scale and caused significant damage. The simulations were performed using the non-hydrostatic Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF, initialized with ECMWF gridded analyses, with telescoping nested grids that allow the representation of atmospheric circulations ranging from the synoptic scale down to the meso scale. In the experiments the topography of the inner grid was modified by: (a 0% (actual topography and (b −100% (without topography. The aim was to determine whether the occurrence of tornadoes – mainly identified by various severe weather instability indices – could be indicated by modifying topography. The main utilized instability variables concerned the Bulk Richardson number shear (BRN, the energy helicity index (EHI, the storm-relative environmental helicity (SRH and the maximum convective available potential energy (MCAPE, for parcel with maximum theta-e. Additional a verification of model was conducted for every sensitivity experiment accompanied with analysis absolute vorticity budget

  3. Genesis and Classification of Soils from Subtropical Mountain Regions of Southern Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denilson Dortzbach

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Soils formed in high mountainous regions in southern Brazil are characterized by great accumulation of organic matter (OM in the surface horizons and variation in the degree of development. We hypothesized that soil properties and genesis are influenced by the interaction of parent materials and climate factors, which differ depending on the location along the altitudinal gradient. The goal of this study was to characterize and classify the soil, evaluate soil distribution, and determine the interactive effects of soil-forming factors in the subtropical mountain regions in Santa Catarina state. Soil samples were collected in areas known for wine production, for a total of 38 modal profiles. Based on morphological, physical, and chemical properties, soils were evaluated for pedogenesis and classified according to the Brazilian System of Soil Classification, with equivalent classes in the World Reference Basis (WRB. The results indicated that pedogenesis was strongly influenced by the parent material, weather, and relief. In the areas where basic effusive rocks (basalt were observed, there was formation of extensive areas of clayey soils with reddish color and higher iron oxide contents. There was a predominance of Nitossolos Vermelhos and Háplicos (Nitisols, Latossolos Vermelhos (Ferralsols, and Cambissolos Háplicos (Cambisols, highlighting the pedogenetic processes of eluviation, illuviation of clay, and latosolization in conditions of year-long, large-volume, well-distributed rainfall and stability of land forms. In areas with acid effusive rocks (rhyodacites, medial or clayey soils were observed with lower iron oxide content, invariably acidic, and with low base content. For these soils, relief promoted substantial removal of material, resulting in intense rejuvenation, with a predominance of Cambissolos Háplicos (Cambisols and lesser occurrence of Nitossolos Brunos (Nitisols and Neossolos Litólicos (Leptosols. Soils formed from


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Water resources in Romanian Carpathians-genesis, territorial distribution, management. Discussing water resources in Romania implies a twofold approach: water as a sine qua non of life itself and water as an important factor for the development of the contemporary society. Lying in a temperate zone, Romania’s water resources are rather modest compared with other countries in Europe. Inland rivers span 78,905 km (referred only to the 4,864 codified watercourses at an average density: 0.38 km/km2 and an annual volume: 40.6 billion m3, which means 1,765 m3/capita. To knowledge ground waters are put at 9.62 billion m3/year, of which 6 billion can be used in optimal technological and economic conditions. According to a recent UN statistical report, Romania lists at position 21 among the 34 European. Natural lakes are replenished from precipitation and springs water every year and the reserves are estimated at around 1 billion m3/year and are of local importance for water management schemes. The Black Sea (in the Romanian sector could become a major source if sea water desalting could be economical.The water resources of the drainage network were calculated on the basis of the mean liquid flow map (scale 1: 500,000 releves picture of river-water resources in the major relief units: the Carpathian, which occupies only 27.9% of the Romanian territory, 65.3% (26.48 billion mc from a total of 40.61 billion m3 of the water is formed and regenerated every year; the hill unit, which includes the Subcarpathians, the tablelands and the piedmont hills, and occupies 42.4% of Romania’s territory, only 28.0% of the water volume is formed (11.38 billion m3, of which 8.7% (3.51 billion m3 in the Subcarpathians and 19.4% (7.87 billion m3 in the other two units; the plain unit, which covers 29.7% of the country’s territory, the water volume formed there is small (6.7%

  5. Evaluating the Consequences of Edifice Instability-Related Processes in Hydrothermal Ore Genesis at Composite Volcanoes (United States)

    Szakacs, A.


    Composite volcanoes intrinsically evolve toward instability, which is resolved through sudden (e.g. flank/edifice failure) or gradual (e.g. volcano-basement interaction) processes. They commonly host hydrothermal systems and related ore deposits within their edifices and shallow basement. The nature and extent of the influence instability-related processes exert on these hydrothermal systems and ore genesis are as yet poorly understood. Short-term effects are basically related to sudden depressurization of the system. The key factors determining the response of the hydrothermal system are its depth and maturity, and amount of depressurization. Deep excavation will lead to evisceration of the edifice-hosted hydrothermal system, dispersion of its volatiles in the atmosphere and incorporation of solid-phase components in the resulting debris avalanche deposit (DAD). When mature, such a system may provide DAD-hosted ore deposits. The fate of the deeper, basement-hosted hydrothermal system depends on its maturity. The evolution of an immature system will be aborted as a consequence of premature depressurization-driven boiling, and no ore-grade mineralization forms. Mature systems, however, will benefit from pressure drop and induced boiling by massive deposition of pressure-sensitive ore minerals and formation of high-grade ore. Long-range effects of edifice-failure are related to increase of the meteoric input into the hydrothermal system due to the formation of a large depression and reorganization of the surface hydrologic regime. Shift from high-T vapor-dominated regime to low-T dilute hydrothermal regime is its expected outcome. The influence of gradual release of edifice instability by volcano spreading and related phenomena on the hydrothermal system has not been studied so far. Deformation induced in both edifice and basement would result in change of fluid pathways according to the shift of local stress regimes between compressional and tensional, in turn

  6. Composition and genesis of ferromanganese deposits from the northern South China Sea (United States)

    Zhong, Yi; Chen, Zhong; González, Francisco Javier; Hein, James R.; Zheng, Xufeng; Li, Gang; Luo, Yun; Mo, Aibin; Tian, Yuhang; Wang, Shuhong


    , hydrogenetic growth of Fe-Mn nodules and crusts in the central basin may have been enhanced by volcanic processes. Our data provide new insights into the genesis and province characteristics of the Fe-Mn nodules and crusts of the northern SCS.

  7. Possible relationship between NAO and tropical cyclone genesis frequency in the western North Pacific (United States)

    Choi, Jae-Won; Cha, Yumi


    This study examined a strong positive correlation between the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) index during June and the total tropical cyclone (TC) genesis frequency in the western North Pacific during July and August. To investigate a possible cause for this relation, the mean difference between highest positive NAO years and lowest negative NAO years was analyzed by dividing into when the El Niño and La Niña years were included and when the El Niño and La Niña years were not included. When the El Niño and La Niña years were included, for positive NAO years, the TCs mostly occurred in the northwestern region of tropical and subtropical western Pacific, and showed a pattern that migrate from the sea northeast of the Philippines, pass the East China Sea, and move toward the mid-latitudes of East Asia. In contrast, for negative NAO years, the TCs mostly occurred in the southeastern region of tropical and subtropical western Pacific, and showed a pattern that migrate westward from the sea southeast of the Philippines, pass the South China Sea, and move toward the southern coast of China and Indochinese peninsula. These two different TC migration patterns affect the recurving location of TC, and for positive NAO years, the recurving of TC was averagely found to take place in the further northeast. In addition, the migration patterns also affect the TC intensity, and the TCs of positive NAO years had stronger intensity than the TCs of negative NAO years as sufficient energy can be absorbed from the ocean while moving north in the mid-latitudes of East Asia. The TCs of negative NAO years showed weak intensity as they weaken or disappear shortly while landing on the southern coast of China and Indochinese peninsula. On the other hand, the above result of analysis is also similarly observed when the El Niño and La Niña years were not included.

  8. Varena suite in the crystalline crust of the Southern Lithuania: implication to the genesis and mineralization (United States)

    Kirkliauskaite, Vaida; Motuza, Gediminas; Skipityte, Raminta


    Keywords: Lithuania, Proterozoic, Varena suite, rare earth elements, metasomatosis. Crystalline crust in Southern Lithuania is covered by 200-500 m thick sedimentary cover and is investigated by potential field mapping and drilling. It is composed by amphibolites (metabasalts), biotite-quartz-plagioclase gneisses (metapsammites and porphyry metadacite and metaandesite) of Orosirian period. Each lithology is predominant in alternating bands extended NNE-SSW. Supracrustals are metamorphosed on the level of amphibolite facies and migmatized. Intrusive rocks are represented by coeval rare bodies of gabbro, peridotite and widespread Calymmian granitic plutons. Varena suite comprises olivine, enstatite, diopside, olivine-magnetite, magnetite, apatite-bearing, and presumably also dolomite rocks. They form integrated bodies few sq. km large, concentrated in the ˜300 km2area extended in N-S direction.Bodies of particular rocks from Varena suite fixed in the boreholes are few tenths up to few hundred meters thick, except apatite-bearing rocks, forming decimeter up to meter scale lenses and veins. Rocks of Varena suite are affected by strong metasomatic alteration. Olivine is substituted by serpentine, and phlogopite, pyroxenes with amphibols (hornblende, actinolite, tremolite, rarely richterite). The country rocks (amphibolites, metaporphyres) also affected by alkaline (mainly sodic) metasomatosis manifested by formation of scapolite, albite, clynopyroxene (often sodic), phlogopite, carbonates. The mineralization of REE (up to 2759-3100 ppm of La and Ce respectively), Th, U, P hosted by monazite, apatite, allanite is spatially related to the Varena suite and some metasomatized supracrustals. The views on the genesis of Varena suite are contradicting. By various authors they are regarded as skarns, presuming metasomatic origin, as layered intrusions or products of alkaline and carbonatitic magmatism. In this presentation the genetic model is reviewed based on

  9. Target recognition based on modified combination rule

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chen Tianlu; Que Peiwen


    Evidence theory is widely used in the field of target recognition. The invalidation problem of this theory when dealing with highly conflict evidences is a research hotspot. Several alternatives of the combination rule are analyzed and compared. A new combination approach is proposed. Calculate the reliabilities of evidence sources using existing evidences. Construct reliabilities judge matrixes and get the weights of each evidence source. Weight average all inputted evidences. Combine processed evidences with D-S combination rule repeatedly to identify a target. The application in multi-sensor target recognition as well as the comparison with typical alternatives all validated that this approach can dispose highly conflict evidences efficiently and get reasonable recognition results rapidly.

  10. Evaluation of clinical efficacy of a combined analgetic drug "Fanigan" for symptomatic treatment of patients with pain syndrome of various genesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mamchur V.Y.


    Full Text Available The authors studied the efficacy of combined drug Fanigan (paracetamol 500 mg and diclofenac sodium 50 mg (production of "Kusum Pharm" (Ukraine or "Kusum Heltker PVT. LTD" (India in tablets for symptomatic treatment of patients with pain syndrome. A pronounced clinical efficiency of its application in patients with pain syndrome of various genesis in a daily dose from 2 to 3 tablets for 3 to 7 days was established. The obtained data on the clinical efficacy of the drug. Fanigan in the treatment of patients with pain syndrome of various genesis allow to recommend it for application in wide clinical practice.

  11. Programmatically Optimized SEM Image Acquisition for Measurement of Contamination on Molybdenum Coated Foils from the NASA Genesis Mission (United States)

    Gil, A.


    The NASA Genesis Mission flew high-purity collector materials on a satellite from 2001-2004 to collect a sample of the solar wind. Upon return to Earth, a spacecraft malfunction caused the onboard sample materials to be severely contaminated during the crash landing in the Utah desert. As part of an ongoing effort to decontaminate the collector materials, they are being scanned with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to determine the amount of dirt and spacecraft debris contaminating the collectors. This effort is underway currently, but we have identified an opportunity to improve the quality of the SEM data collected. At present, many small images are acquired and stitched together to form larger images of Genesis collector pieces, which are then analyzed. The collectors are physically distorted, however, and the imaging method presently used doesn't allow imaging parameters to be adjusted between images to correct for this distortion. In order to improve the quality of the collected imaging, we are developing a program to acquire a focus map of each sample prior to image collection. The program then uses this data to adjust the position of the sample in the SEM to image all sections in focus and at a constant focal length. This is accomplished using the Python programming language, and the programmatic interface built into our Tescan VEGA Scanning Electron Microscope. Our approach, progress to date, and challenges are discussed.

  12. Detection of CD2 expression in chicken hematogenic embryo yolk sac lymphoid cells prior to thymus genesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Dongyu Zhou; Jigui Wang; Weiquan Liu; Rongxiu Liu; Yuehu Pei


    Lymphoid mononuclear cells from chick embryos at stage 16 were collected prior to fetal liver and thymus genesis to study the differentiation and function of the hematogenic yolk sac and to detect whether CD2 occurs on the surface of lymphoid mononuclear cells.The phenotype and functional activity of the cell surface protein E receptor and the ultrastructure of embryonic E+ cells were compared with those of mature T cells.Our results indicate 99.36% homology between the E receptors of embryonic lymphocytes and mature T cells.Other similarities,including molecular distribution,motivation,the ability to form an erythrocyte rosette,the structure of the receptor-ligand complex,and the conformation of the signal channel,were detected between embryonic lymphocytes and mature CD2-expressing T cells.These results indicate that CD2 is already expressed prior to fetal fiver and thymus genesis and that its expression is not dependent on the thymic microenvironment.

  13. A chick embryo with a yet unclassified type of cephalothoracopagus malformation and a hypothesis for explaining its genesis. (United States)

    Maurer, B; Geyer, S H; Weninger, W J


    Cephalothoracopagus embryos are conjoined twins, who share parts of their heads, necks and bodies. Our study aims at presenting a detailed morphological analysis of a cephalothoracopagus chick embryo of developmental stage 31. Because none of the existing theories can explain the genesis of the phenotype of this embryo, we also suggest a hypothesis, which explains it. Beside the cephalothoracopagus embryo, we investigated five control embryos. With the aid of the high-resolution episcopic microscopy (HREM) technique, we created digital volume data and three-dimensional (3D) computer models of the organs and arteries of the embryos. We used the 3D models for topological analysis and for measuring the diameters of the great intrathoracic arteries. The malformed embryo showed two body backs, each containing a notochord, spinal cord and dorsal aorta. The body backs continued into separated lower bodies. The embryo had a single, four-chambered heart, single respiratory tract and single upper alimentary tract. The topology of the pharyngeal arch arteries was normal, and the diameters of these arteries were similar to that of the control embryos. We classified the embryo we investigated as a yet unknown malformation and suggest a hypothesis explaining its genesis.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pilleri, P.; Wiens, R. C. [Los Alamos National Laboratory, P.O. Box 1663, Los Alamos (NM) 87545 (United States); Reisenfeld, D. B. [University of Montana, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 32 Campus Drive, Missoula, Montana (United States); Zurbuchen, T. H.; Lepri, S. T.; Shearer, P.; Gilbert, J. A. [Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences, University of Michigan, 2455 Hayward Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 (United States); Steiger, R. von, E-mail: [International Space Science Institute, Hallerstrasse 6, CH-3012 Bern (Switzerland)


    We use Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE)/Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) elemental composition data to compare the variations in solar wind (SW) fractionation as measured by SWICS during the last solar maximum (1999–2001), the solar minimum (2006–2009), and the period in which the Genesis spacecraft was collecting SW (late 2001—early 2004). We differentiate our analysis in terms of SW regimes (i.e., originating from interstream or coronal hole flows, or coronal mass ejecta). Abundances are normalized to the low-first ionization potential (low-FIP) ion magnesium to uncover correlations that are not apparent when normalizing to high-FIP ions. We find that relative to magnesium, the other low-FIP elements are measurably fractionated, but the degree of fractionation does not vary significantly over the solar cycle. For the high-FIP ions, variation in fractionation over the solar cycle is significant: greatest for Ne/Mg and C/Mg, less so for O/Mg, and the least for He/Mg. When abundance ratios are examined as a function of SW speed, we find a strong correlation, with the remarkable observation that the degree of fractionation follows a mass-dependent trend. We discuss the implications for correcting the Genesis sample return results to photospheric abundances.

  15. The Characteristic and Genesis of Volcanic Ash Soil in the North Slope Toposequence of Kawi Mountain in Malang Regency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.N. Putra


    Full Text Available The volcanic ash soil in Kawi Mountain is composed by the amorphous materials consist of allophane, imogolite and ferrihydrite. Results of previous study showed that the phosphate retention in all soil profiles of northern slope toposequence of Kawimountain was less than 85%, yet the phosphate retention of volcanic ash soils is usually > 85 %. This raised a question that there is a different characteristics of soil in the northern slope tosequence of the Kawi Mountain compared to the other places. This research was conducted to study soil characteristics, mineral contents, and genesis processessoccuring in soil on the northern slope toposequence of Kawi Mountain. 5 pedons between high elevation and low elevation (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 to identified the soil characteristics. The Al, Fe, and Si extracted by acid oxalate, natrium pyrophosphate, and dithionite citrate to calculate the amorphous mineral content. The results show that. The results showed that there is a different in terms of the thickness of the A horizon, the C organic content and the soil acidity level that mainly found in P3 and P4 profiles. The most important soil genesis processess in the formation of the volcanic ash soils were likely clay illuviation (P5, melanization and braunification (P3, littering (P1 and the reduction of andic soil properties from the upper slope (P1 profile up to the lower slope (P5 profile.

  16. [Mineralogy and genesis of mixed-layer clay minerals in the Jiujiang net-like red soil]. (United States)

    Yin, Ke; Hong, Han-Lie; Li, Rong-Biao; Han, Wen; Wu, Yu; Gao, Wen-Peng; Jia, Jin-Sheng


    Mineralogy and genesis were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier infrared absorption spectroscopy (FTIR) and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) to understand the mineralogy and its genesis significance of mixed-layer clay minerals in Jiujiang red soil section. XRD and FTIR results show that the net-like red soil sediments are composed of illite, kaolinite, minor smectite and mixed-layer illite-smectite and minor mixed-layer kaolinite-smectite. HRTEM observation indicates that some smectite layers have transformed into kaolinite layers in net-like red soil. Mixed-layer illite-smectite is a transition phase of illite transforming into smectite, and mixed-layer kaolinite-smectite is a transitional product relative to kaolinite and smectite. The occurrence of two mixed-layer clay species suggests that the weathering sequence of clay minerals in net-like red soil traversed from illite to mixed-layer illite-smectite to smectite to mixed-layer kaolinite-smectite to kaolinite, which indicates that net-like red soil formed under a warm and humid climate with strengthening of weathering.

  17. The added value of biomarker analysis to the genesis of Plaggic Anthrosols. (United States)

    van Mourik, Jan; Jansen, Boris


    Coversands (chemical poor Late-glacial aeolian sand deposits) dominate the surface geology of an extensive area in northwestern Europe. Plaggic Anthrosols occur in cultural landscapes, developed on coversands. They are the characteristic soils that developed on ancient fertilized arable fields. Plaggic Anthrosols have a complex genesis. They are records of aspects environmental and agricultural history. In previous studies information of the soil records was unlocked by application of pollen analysis, 14C and OSL dating. In this study we applied biomarker analysis to unlock additional information about the applied organic sources in the production of plaggic manure. Radiocarbon dating suggested the start of sedentary agriculture (after a period, characterized by shifting cultivation and Celtic fields) between 3000 and 2000 BP. In previous studies is assumed that farmers applied organic sods, dug on forest soils and heath to produce organic stable manure to fertilize the fields. The mineral fraction of the sods was supposed to be responsible for the development of the plaggic horizon and the raise of the land surface. Optically stimulated Luminescence dating however suggested that plaggic deposition on the fields started relatively late, in the 18th century. The use of ectorganic matter from the forest soils must have been ended in the 10th-12th century, due to commercial forest clear cuttings as recorded in archived documents. These deforestations resulted in the first extension of sand drifting and famers had to protect the valuable heath against this ' environmental catastrophe' . The use of heath for sheep grazing and other purposes as honey production could continue till the 18th century, as recorded in archived documents. In the course of the 18th century, the population growth resulted in increasing demand for food. The deep stable economy was introduced and the booming demand for manure resulted in intensive sod digging on the heath. This caused heath

  18. Target Space $\

    CERN Document Server

    Huggett, Nick


    This paper investigates the significance of T-duality in string theory: the indistinguishability with respect to all observables, of models attributing radically different radii to space -- larger than the observable universe, or far smaller than the Planck length, say. Two interpretational branch points are identified and discussed. First, whether duals are physically equivalent or not: by considering a duality of the familiar simple harmonic oscillator, I argue that they are. Unlike the oscillator, there are no measurements 'outside' string theory that could distinguish the duals. Second, whether duals agree or disagree on the radius of 'target space', the space in which strings evolve according to string theory. I argue for the latter position, because the alternative leaves it unknown what the radius is. Since duals are physically equivalent yet disagree on the radius of target space, it follows that the radius is indeterminate between them. Using an analysis of Brandenberger and Vafa (1989), I explain wh...

  19. VEGF: a potential target for hydrocephalus. (United States)

    Shim, Joon W; Sandlund, Johanna; Madsen, Joseph R


    Growth factors are primarily responsible for the genesis, differentiation and proliferation of cells and maintenance of tissues. Given the central role of growth factors in signaling between cells in health and in disease, it is understandable that disruption of growth factor-mediated molecular signaling can cause diverse phenotypic consequences including cancer and neurological conditions. This review will focus on the specific questions of enlarged cerebral ventricles and hydrocephalus. It is also well known that angiogenic factors, such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), affect tissue permeability through activation of receptors and adhesion molecules; hence, recent studies showing elevations of this factor in pediatric hydrocephalus led to the demonstration that VEGF can induce ventriculomegaly and altered ependyma when infused in animals. In this review, we discuss recent findings implicating the involvement of biochemical and biophysical factors that can induce a VEGF-mimicking effect in communicating hydrocephalus and pay particular attention to the role of the VEGF system as a potential pharmacological target in the treatment of some cases of hydrocephalus. The source of VEGF secretion in the cerebral ventricles, in periventricular regions and during pathologic events including hydrocephalus following hypoxia and hemorrhage is sought. The review is concluded with a summary of potential non-surgical treatments in preclinical studies suggesting several molecular targets including VEGF for hydrocephalus and related neurological disorders.

  20. Genesis Hypotheses Concerning Putative Rootless Cone Groups in Isidis Planitia, Mars (United States)

    Pithawala, T. M.; Ghent, R. R.


    ABSTRACT Introduction Isidis Planitia is one of the many areas on Mars containing thumbprint terrain (TPT), a term coined to reflect the resemblance in Viking images to fingerprints. Other instances occur in Argyre, Hellas, Arcadia Planitia, and Utopia Planitia. The terrain is found where Greeley and Guest (1987) have defined the Hesperian Ridged Plains (Hvr) unit. However, landforms comprising the TPT in Isidis are markedly different in morphology from those in the northern plains. The purpose of this study is to conduct a systematic examination of the TPT in Isidis Planitia using high-resolution imagery, and to propose a hypothesis for its genesis. Northern Plains TPT Morphology: TPT landforms include branching troughs and medial ridges forming whorled lobes and mounds, most with basal scarps or terraces. TPT has been described as consisting of parallel, en echelon, or nested sets of regularly spaced curvilinear ridges or aligned hills [1]. The ridges were estimated to be 0.5-2.5 km wide and 1-40 km long, with a characteristic spacing of 2-6 km. Whorled lobes of TPT are 75-150 km wide, with heights ranging from 10-200 m. Previous work identified 22 areas of TPT, covering 3000- 420,000 km2 in the Northern Plains at elevations between 0 and -2 km. In Utopia, TPT includes branching troughs and medial ridges [5], and TPT is closely associated with troughs in at least 9 other Northern Plains areas [1]. Northern Plains TPT Origin: MOLA topography supports the hypothesis that TPT and associated trough systems in Utopia and Arcadia Planitae are glacial features [1,2,3]. Possible mechanisms include formation of ridges as moraines and troughs as eskers formed by wet-based continental glaciers. The absence of drumlin fields suggests that the glaciers responsible for forming the topography may have been cold-based and thus did not deform the substrate so as to form drumlins [4]. A puzzling characteristic of Mars alleged glacial landscapes is that they are morphologically