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  1. Tiago Marques Aipobureu: um bororo marginal Tiago Marques Aipobureu: a Bororo on the margins

    Florestan Fernandes


    Full Text Available O texto analisa a biografia de um membro da tribo dos Bororo, Tiago Marques Aipobureu, que, nascido no planalto oriental de Mato Grosso, foi levado pelos missionários para estudar em Cuiabá e depois viajou pela Europa. Quando de seu retorno ao Brasil, foi empregado como professor, mas não conseguiu adaptar-se à nova vida. Casado com uma mulher de sua tribo, buscou então reintegrar-se aos Bororo, igualmente sem sucesso. Permanecia, desse modo, no meio do caminho, incapaz de integrar-se plenamente tanto à sociedade e cultura "civilizadas" como à sociedade e cultura indígenas. O desajustamento de Tiago evidencia a situação do homem marginal, daquele que se situa na divisa de duas raças, na margem de duas culturas sem conseguir pertencer integralmente a nenhuma delas.The text analyzes the biography of a member of the Bororo tribe, Tiago Marques Aipobureu. Born on the eastern plateau of Mato Grosso, he was taken by missionaries to study in Cuiabá and later travelled through Europe. On returning to Brazil, he was employed as a teacher, but was unable to adapt to his new life. Married to a woman from his tribe, he tried to rejoin the Bororo, likewise without success. Thus he found himself midway between worlds, unable to join fully either 'civilized' society and culture, or indigenous society and culture. Tiago's maladjustment exemplifies the situation of the marginal person, someone situated on the dividing line between two races, on the margin of two cultures, unable to belong wholly to either.

  2. Rubem Fonseca and Noir Literature

    Pere Comellas


    Full Text Available Rubem Fonseca is considered a key author in the introduction of crime fiction in Brazil. This article reviews his contribution to the genre and analyzes the specifics of his narrative in the context of Brazilian literature, in which Fonseca breaks from and exceeds the traditional dichotomies between high and popular literature. Fonseca becomes part of the distinct tradition of crime fiction, which he reinterprets differently in his short stories by giving voice to the marginalized, and in his novels by incorporating elements of hardboiled, noir fiction, and even whodunit. The character of Mandrake is situated in a context that increasingly includes paraliterary concerns.

  3. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: FISH

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  4. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: SALTPOND

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  5. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: MGT (Management Areas)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  6. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: BIRDS

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  7. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: INDEX

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  8. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: HYDRO (Hydrology)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  9. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: INVERT (Invertebrates)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  10. 'Uytnemende Schilder van Antwerpen' : Joos van Cleve: atelier, productie en werkmethoden

    Leeflang, Micha


    Joos van Cleve (ca. 1480-1541) was een van de meest invloedrijke Antwerpse schilders in de eerste helft van dezestiende eeuw. Hij kreeg belangrijke opdrachten voor portretten en altaarstukken van onder anderen de Franse koning Frans I. Micha Leeflang onderzocht met name de materieel-technische

  11. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: REPTILES (Reptiles and Amphibians)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  12. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: SOCECON (Socioeconomic Lines and Points)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  13. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: T_MAMMAL (Terrestrial Mammals)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  14. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: M_MAMMAL (Marine Mammals)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  15. Golfo de Fonseca ESI; Honduras and Nicaragua: ESI (Environmental Sensitivity Index Shoreline Types)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Golfo de Fonseca. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their...

  16. Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel: morire per la rivoluzione

    Maria Rosaria Pelizzari


    Full Text Available Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel, poetess, scholar of jurisprudence, natural and mathematical sciences, at first, was an enthusiastic supporter of Ferdinand IV of Burbon’s enlightened politics reforms. After the French Revolution and the radical change of Neapolitan government policy, much more illiberal and repressive, she was an active protagonist of 1799’ Revolution and founded the “Neapolitan Republic”. Editor of «Monitore napoletano», she was a free, courageous, journalist, committed in changing of “Neapolitan plebs” into “Civil people”. At fall of Republic, she showed herself fearless in meeting the death on the scaffold. Up to the Eighties of XXth century, her final sacrifice has been represented by Virile woman’ image, as a praise for meaning an extraordinary, and intellectually like a man, woman. Today writers represent Eleanor like a “Modern heroin”, far by nineteenth-century Virile woman’s characters. Intellectual virtues do not seem to be sexed any longer: they belong to men and to women at the same time.

  17. Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel: morire per la rivoluzione

    Maria Rosaria Pelizzari


    Full Text Available Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel, poetess, scholar of jurisprudence, natural and mathematical sciences, at first, was an enthusiastic supporter of Ferdinand IV of Burbon’s enlightened politics reforms. After the French Revolution and the radical change of Neapolitan government policy, much more illiberal and repressive, she was an active protagonist of 1799’ Revolution and founded the “Neapolitan Republic”. Editor of «Monitore napoletano», she was a free, courageous, journalist, committed in changing of “Neapolitan plebs” into “Civil people”. At fall of Republic, she showed herself fearless in meeting the death on the scaffold. Up to the Eighties of XXth century, her final sacrifice has been represented by Virile woman’ image, as a praise for meaning an extraordinary, and intellectually like a man, woman. Today writers represent Eleanor like a “Modern heroin”, far by nineteenth-century Virile woman’s characters. Intellectual virtues do not seem to be sexed any longer: they belong to men and to women at the same time.

  18. Weaving Webs of Intrigue: Classical Mythology and Analytic Crime Fiction in Rubem Fonseca's "A grande arte"

    Ginway, M. Elizabeth


    This study focuses on some of the classical features of Rubem Fonseca's "A grande arte" (1983) in order to emphasize the puzzle-solving tradition of the detective novel that is embedded within Fonseca's crime thriller, producing a work that does not entirely fit into traditional divisions of detective, hardboiled, or crime…

  19. Denúncias sociais e corrupção na obra Agosto de Rubem Fonseca

    Christiane de Sousa Viana


    Full Text Available The present research presents the analysis of the representation of Rubem Fonseca concerning last the 24 days of the government Getúlio Vargas in 1954, the novel in August, published in 1990. The article looks for to demonstrate as Literature can be used as historical document, disclosing some aspects of the society of a time, as author thinks this society of which he writes, as its positioning was affected by it and front to the problems for it faced.

  20. Effects of best-management practices in Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks in the Waumandee Creek Priority Watershed, Wisconsin, 1990-2007

    Graczyk, David J.; Walker, John F.; Bannerman, Roger T.; Rutter, Troy D.


    In many watersheds, nonpoint-source contamination is a major contributor to water-quality problems. In response to the recognition of the importance of nonpoint sources, the Wisconsin Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Abatement Program (Nonpoint Program) was enacted in 1978. This report summarizes the results of a study to assess the effectiveness of watershed-management practices for controlling nonpoint-source contamination for the Eagle Creek and Joos Valley Creek Watersheds. Streamflow-gaging stations equipped for automated sample collection and continuous recording of stream stage were installed in July 1990 at Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks and were operated through September 2007. In October 1990, three rain gages were installed in each watershed and were operated through September 2007. Best-Management Practices (BMPs) were installed during 1993 to 2000 in Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks and were tracked throughout the study period. By the year 2000, a majority of the BMPs were implemented in the two watersheds and goals set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the local Land Conservation Department had been achieved for the two study watersheds (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1990). The distributions of the rainstorms that produced surface runoff and storm loads were similar in the pre-BMP (1990-93) and post-BMP implementation (2000-07) periods for both Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks. The highest annual streamflow occurred at both sites in water year 1993, which corresponded to the greatest above normal nonfrozen precipitation measured at two nearby NOAA weather stations. The minimum streamflow occurred in water year 2007 at both sites. Base-flow and stormwater samples were collected and analyzed for suspended solids, total phosphorus, and ammonia nitrogen. For both Eagle and Joos Valley Creeks the median concentrations of suspended solids and total phosphorus in base flow were lower during the post-BMP period compared to the pre

  1. Os motivos da censura em Feliz Ano Novo, de Rubem Fonseca

    Deivis Jhones Garlet


    Full Text Available Ao considerar como premissa a relação existente entre literatura e história, necessariamente enfatizamos o diálogo entre ambas, no qual elementos extraestéticos constituintes do meio ideológico que circunda o escritor em dado momento são transmutados no ato estético para o interior do plano narrativo, por meio das operações de reflexo e de refração, passando por uma avaliação axiológica e desempenhando uma determinada função estética e, em retorno, uma dialogicidade com o contexto material. É com esse entendimento que propomos uma análise do conto Feliz Ano Novo, de Rubem Fonseca, que foi censurado pela Ditadura Civil-Militar em 1975. O objetivo consiste em construir, com o recurso de conceitos do Círculo de Bakhtin e das leis sobre censura da época, uma explicação dos motivos que podem ter levado ao corte da narrativa, salientando-se o matiz explicativo, mas não justificativo. Entendemos que esse estudo contribui para a compreensão da ideologia da Ditadura Civil-Militar e do contraponto simbólico efetuado no fazer artístico de Rubem Fonseca. Além disso, ao estudarmos a especificidade do literário em consonância com outros ramos do saber, como a história, a ciência política e a jurídica, inscrevemos nosso trabalho no âmbito maior dos estudos comparados em literatura, sempre tendo no horizonte como paradigma o diálogo nas relações do fazer humano.

  2. Análise Semiótica do Conto Passeio Noturno I, de Rubem Fonseca

    Rosalina Brites de Assunção


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta a análise do conto Passeio Noturno I, de Rubens Fonseca, a partir do percurso gerativo do sentido, orientado pelos postulados da semiótica greimasiana. Para a semiótica, o discurso apresenta-se “como uma superposição de níveis de profundidade diferente, que se articulam segundo um percurso que vai do abstrato ao mais concreto” (BARROS, 2001. Assim, de acordo com a noção de percurso gerativo a análise do conto desenvolveu-se em três etapas: o nível das estruturas fundamentais, o nível das estruturas narrativas e o nível das estruturas discursivas. A temática que subjaz à estrutura do conto é uma crítica à violência presente na sociedade capitalista onde convivem as “vozes da cultura” e as “vozes da barbárie”.

  3. Trabalho dom?stico: uma an?lise das condi??es de trabalho das empregadas dom?sticas sindicalizadas do munic?pio de Jo?o Pessoa-PB

    Barbosa, Luciana C?ndido


    A presente disserta??o tem como objeto de estudo o emprego dom?stico na cidade de Jo?o Pessoa, buscando investigar as condi??es de trabalho das empregadas dom?sticas sindicalizadas do munic?pio de Jo?o Pessoa; ?s dificuldades enfrentadas no trabalho e se a menor qualifica??o e remunera??o dessas empregadas est?o assentadas na perman?ncia do machismo, do racismo e da pobreza na sociedade. Apresenta o contexto hist?rico da categoria g?nero e do feminismo brasileiro, uma leitur...

  4. Factor and Rasch analysis of the Fonseca anamnestic index for the diagnosis of myogenous temporomandibular disorder.

    Rodrigues-Bigaton, Delaine; de Castro, Ester M; Pires, Paulo F

    Rasch analysis has been used in recent studies to test the psychometric properties of a questionnaire. The conditions for use of the Rasch model are one-dimensionality (assessed via prior factor analysis) and local independence (the probability of getting a particular item right or wrong should not be conditioned upon success or failure in another). To evaluate the dimensionality and the psychometric properties of the Fonseca anamnestic index (FAI), such as the fit of the data to the model, the degree of difficulty of the items, and the ability to respond in patients with myogenous temporomandibular disorder (TMD). The sample consisted of 94 women with myogenous TMD, diagnosed by the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD), who answered the FAI. For the factor analysis, we applied the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test, Bartlett's sphericity, Spearman's correlation, and the determinant of the correlation matrix. For extraction of the factors/dimensions, an eigenvalue >1.0 was used, followed by oblique oblimin rotation. The Rasch analysis was conducted on the dimension that showed the highest proportion of variance explained. Adequate sample "n" and FAI multidimensionality were observed. Dimension 1 (primary) consisted of items 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. All items of dimension 1 showed adequate fit to the model, being observed according to the degree of difficulty (from most difficult to easiest), respectively, items 2, 1, 3, 6, and 7. The FAI presented multidimensionality with its main dimension consisting of five reliable items with adequate fit to the composition of its structure. Copyright © 2017 Associação Brasileira de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Fisioterapia. Publicado por Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.

  5. [Deforestation in the state of Mato Grosso in the book Journey around Brazil 1875-1878, by the doctor João Severiano da Fonseca].

    Ferraro, Mário Roberto; Figueirôa, Silvia Fernanda de Mendonça


    This presents reflections on scientific production issued by the Commission for the Demarcation of the Empire's Border Limits with Bolivia, with a focus on the environmental destruction of Mato Grosso state, as reported in João Severiano da Fonseca's book, Journey around Brazil 1875-1878. Fonseca reported severe deforestation on the banks of the river Paraguay and advocated for protectionist measures from the state government. He set out a vision for Mato Grosso's development that involved better use of the state's natural resources, raw materials exports, and regional industrialization support. The methodology created an interface between environmental history and history of the sciences.

  6. Climatic change on the Gulf of Fonseca (Central America) using two-step statistical downscaling of CMIP5 model outputs

    Ribalaygua, Jaime; Gaitán, Emma; Pórtoles, Javier; Monjo, Robert


    A two-step statistical downscaling method has been reviewed and adapted to simulate twenty-first-century climate projections for the Gulf of Fonseca (Central America, Pacific Coast) using Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) climate models. The downscaling methodology is adjusted after looking for good predictor fields for this area (where the geostrophic approximation fails and the real wind fields are the most applicable). The method's performance for daily precipitation and maximum and minimum temperature is analysed and revealed suitable results for all variables. For instance, the method is able to simulate the characteristic cycle of the wet season for this area, which includes a mid-summer drought between two peaks. Future projections show a gradual temperature increase throughout the twenty-first century and a change in the features of the wet season (the first peak and mid-summer rainfall being reduced relative to the second peak, earlier onset of the wet season and a broader second peak).

  7. Between anthropology and medicine: an analysis of the anthropological studies of Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca in the 1920s and 1930s

    Adriana Tavares do Amaral Martins Keuller


    Full Text Available The physician and anthropologist Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca lived in several cities in Brazil during his career in the first half of the 20th century. He worked in the chair of Medical-Surgical Anatomy at the Faculties of Medicine of Porto Alegre, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. As an anthropologist, he held activities at the Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro and, in the 1960s, at the Instituto de Antropologia Tropical of the Faculty of Medicine in Recife. In this article, I intend to recover the contributions of Fróes da Fonseca on anthropology, analyzing some of his research developed at the Laboratory of Anthropology of the Museu Nacional and others published in the journal of this institution between the 1920s and 1930s. During this period, he brought together scientists, developed and directed several works on physical anthropology and the 'anthropological types', focusing on developing methods and patterns of racial classification, i.e., on producing concepts and techniques to guide anthropological practice. He refuted the scientific racism of the period, so the research conducted by Fróes da Fonseca reflected on the 'race problem' and the issue of miscegenation in favor of Brazil's future.

  8. Magmas with slab fluid and decompression melting signatures coexisting in the Gulf of Fonseca: Evidence from Isla El Tigre volcano (Honduras, Central America)

    Mattioli, Michele; Renzulli, Alberto; Agostini, Samuele; Lucidi, Roberto


    Isla El Tigre volcano is located in the Gulf of Fonseca (Honduras) along the Central America volcanic front, where a significant change in the strike of the volcanic chain is observed. The studied samples of this poorly investigated volcano are mainly subalkaline basic to intermediate lavas (basalts and basaltic andesites) and subordinate subalkaline/alkaline transitional basalts, both having the typical mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of arc volcanic rocks. On the basis of petrographic and geochemical features, two groups of rocks have been distinguished. Lavas from the main volcanic edifice are highly porphyritic and hy-qz normative, and have lower MgO contents ( 5 wt.%), are ol-hy normative and show lower HFSE depletions relative to LILE and LREE, with lower Ba/La, Ba/Nb and Zr/Nb ratios. This suggests that mantle-derived magmas were not produced by the same process throughout the activity of the volcano. The bulk rock geochemistry and 87Sr/86Sr (0.70373-0.70382), 143Nd/144Nd (0.51298-0.51301), 206Pb/204Pb (18.55-18.58), 207Pb/204Pb (15.54-15.56) and 208Pb/204Pb (38.23-38.26) isotopic data of Isla El Tigre compared with the other volcanoes of the Gulf of Fonseca and all available literature data for Central America suggests that this stratovolcano was mainly built by mantle-derived melts driven by slab-derived fluid-flux melting, while magmas erupted through its parasitic cones have a clear signature of decompression melting with minor slab contribution. The coexistence of these two different mantle melting generation processes is likely related to the complex geodynamic setting of the Gulf of Fonseca, where the volcanic front changes direction by ca. 30° and two fundamental tectonic structures of the Chortis continental block, mainly the N-S Honduras Depression and the NE-SW Guayape Fault Zone, cross each other.

  9. Caracterización metálica de material particulado PM10 en la atmósfera de Fonseca, La Guajira, Colombia

    Carlos Doria Argumedo


    Teniendo en cuenta  la importancia del efecto sobre la salud de las partículas inhalables PM10 y los metales asociados a ellas, se evaluaron los niveles de  metales: Al, Cr, V, As, Se, Na, K, Mg, Ca, Bi, Fe, Hg y Pb, generados por fuentes naturales como el aerosol marino y la re-suspensión del suelo; y de fuentes antropogénicas como las actividades mineras de carbón y la circulación vehicular, en Fonseca, La Guajira, Colombia, Las muestras fueron colectadas en dos sitios cercanos al complejo ...

  10. Desempeño docente y satisfacción/insatisfacción laboral del profesorado de nivel primario de la I.E. Alfredo Bonifaz Fonseca - 2015

    Ramírez Silva, Dante Alexander.


    El objetivo de la presente investigación fue determinar de qué manera se relaciona el desempeño docente con la satisfacción/insatisfacción laboral de los profesores del nivel primario de la LE. "Alfredo Bonifaz Fonseca". El enfoque fue de una investigación cuantitativa, de tipo descriptivo correlacional, de diseño no experimental. La población estuvo compuesta por sesenta y cuatro (64) docentes, de los cuales se tomó una muestra de cincuenta y cinco (55) participantes, obtenidos por muestreo ...

  11. Novos dados sobre os Spoligotypes de estirpes do complexo Mycobacterium tuberculosis isoladas no Hospital Fernando Fonseca (Amadora-Sintra, Portugal

    Suzana David


    Full Text Available Resumo: O presente estudo populacional, que decorreu entre 1999 e 2003, foi baseado na utilização do Spoligotyping na genotipagem de 452 isolados do complexo Mycobacterium tuberculosis de doentes com tuberculose internados no Hospital Fernando Fonseca. Spoligotypes foram identificados como shared types (ST recorrendo a uma base de dados internacional. Onze ST raros, não identificados na base de dados, acomodaram 8,4% dos isolados. Aliás, particular a Portugal poderá ser a predominância de ST identificados na base de dados mas não previamente classificados como famílias genotípicas, tais como o ST244, ST150 e ST389, representando 13,3 % do total. A identificação de isolados clínicos de M. africanum de genótipo Afri1 e de M. tuberculosis de genótipo CAS1 poderá confirmar a importação de isolados de origem africana e asiática. M. tuberculosis da família Beijing foi pela primeira vez por nós assinalado a partir de 1999. Desde então, o número de isolados provenientes do hospital passou de um para cinco, anualmente, representando actualmente 2,2%, o que a coloca em décimo lugar em prevalência. M. tuberculosis Beijing poderá corresponder a um problema emergente em Portugal devido à recente imigração proveniente da Europa Oriental e da Ásia. Outros genótipos, ST150 e ST389, mostraram um incremento, cujo significado não é claro. No entanto, as frequências relativas das famílias predominantes LAM, T1 e Haarlem mantiveram-se relativamente estáveis. O presente estudo confirma a variabilidade genética em Portugal dos isolados do complexo M. tuberculosis. Estes estudos poderão contribuir para a definição de prioridades nos programas nacionais de luta contra a tuberculose.Rev Port Pneumol 2005; XI (6: 513-531 Abstract: The present population study, from 1999 to 2003, has been based on the use of Spoligotyping in the genotyping of 452 isolates of

  12. Análisis bromatológico de la carne de la iguana verde (Iguana iguana de los sectores de Minca, Bonda y Mamatoco (Santa Marta D.T.C.H. y Fonseca (La Guajira

    Víctor Macías Villamizar


    Full Text Available ResumenSe determinó el contenido bromatológico parcial (proteínas, grasas, carbohidratos y minerales en veinte animales de los sectores de Minca, Bonda y Mamatoco (Santa Marta y Fonseca (Guajira.Se encontró que las iguanas capturadas en Mamatoco presentaron un relativo mayor porcentaje de proteína, calcio, hierro y potasio; en Bonda, mayor cantidad de humedad, cenizas y sodio; en Minca, mayor contenido de grasa, cloruro y calorías; mientras las de Fonseca mayor contenido de magnesio, manganeso, sulfatos y carbohidratos. Lo que convierte a la Iguana Verde en una fuente económica de nutrientes, siempre que se utilice en forma racional. (Duazary 2007; 1: 30 - 37AbstractThe contained partial bromathologic was determined (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals in twenty animals of the sectors of Minca, Bonda and Mamatoco (Santa Marta and Fonseca (Guajira. It was found that the iguanas captured in Mamatoco presented a relative bigger protein percentage, calcium, iron and potassium; those captured in Bonda, bigger quantity of humidity, ashy and sodium; those captured in Minca, bigger content of fat, chloride and calories; while those of contained bigger Fonseca of magnesium, manganese, sulphates and carbohydrates. What transforms the Green Iguana into a source of nutritious economic whenever it is used in rationally.Key word: Green iguana; food habits; reptiles; proximate analysis; meat.

  13. Description of the immature stages and redescription of the female of Ixodes schulzei Aragão & Fonseca, 1951 (Acari: Ixodidae), an endemic tick species of Brazil.

    Barros-Battesti, Darci M; Onofrio, Valeria C; Faccini, João L H; Labruna, Marcelo B; Arruda-Santos, Ana D; Giacomin, Flávia G


    Ixodes schulzei Aragão & Fonseca, 1951 is a tick endemic to Brazil, where nine species of Ixodes Latreille, 1796 are currently known to occur. Larvae, nymphs and females of I. schulzei were obtained from a laboratory colony originating from an engorged female collected on a free-living water rat Nectomys squamipes from the Santa Branca municipality, São Paulo State. Only female ticks were obtained from engorged nymphs. Unfed immature and female adult specimens were measured and the descriptions were based on optical and scanning electron microscopy, as were drawings of some features of the larva. Both immature stages present the very long palpi and basis capituli, and the female has large, contiguous porose areas. However, the basis capituli is triangular, with a slight central elevation in the larva and nymph, whereas in the female this area is depressed. The I. schulzei types deposited at the FIOCRUZ (Instituto Oswaldo Cruz) were also examined, as was other material from collections, such as the IBSP (Coleção Acarológica do Instituto Butantan), CNC-FMVZ/USP (Coleção Nacional de Carrapatos da Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia da USP) and USNTC (United States National Tick Collection). In addition, the relationship between I. schulzei and other immature neotropical species of Ixodes is discussed.

  14. Dos «nuevos» cuadros artísticos en colecciones estadounidenses inspirados en el Quijote. Escena de baile (¿1656-1658?), anónimo pero atribuido a Joos van Craesbeeck (Neerlinter, Flandes 1605/1606-Bruselas ca. 1660), y Dorotea (1823), de John Quidor (Tappan, Estado de Nueva York 1801-Jersey City, Nueva Jersey 1881)

    Brown, Kenneth


    Una descripción detallada y analítica de dos cuadros artísticos inspirados en la novela Don Quijote de la Mancha, y que han quedado anteriormente olvidados o malinterpretados. Pertenecen a colecciones de arte norteamericanas. Son Dorotea (1823), del neoyorkino John Quidor, que está en el Brooklyn Museum of Art, Nueva York, y Escena de baile (1656-1658), atribuido al maestro del barroco flamenco Joos van Craesbeeck, que se encuentra en el Rosenbach Museum and Gallery, de Filadelfia. El argumen...

  15. Caracterización metálica de material particulado PM10 en la atmósfera de Fonseca, La Guajira, Colombia

    Carlos Doria Argumedo


    Full Text Available Teniendo en cuenta  la importancia del efecto sobre la salud de las partículas inhalables PM10 y los metales asociados a ellas, se evaluaron los niveles de  metales: Al, Cr, V, As, Se, Na, K, Mg, Ca, Bi, Fe, Hg y Pb, generados por fuentes naturales como el aerosol marino y la re-suspensión del suelo; y de fuentes antropogénicas como las actividades mineras de carbón y la circulación vehicular, en Fonseca, La Guajira, Colombia, Las muestras fueron colectadas en dos sitios cercanos al complejo carbonífero, durante las épocas de sequía y de lluvia, empleando un muestreador de alto volumen con filtros de fibra de cuarzo, con una frecuencia mensual para un total de 20. Las muestras fueron sometidas a un proceso de digestión ácida, y analizadas por Espectrometría de Masas con Plasma Acoplado Inductivamente (ICP-MS. Los niveles de PM10 reportados  superaron  el estándar anual  de 20 µg/m3 establecido por  la OMS. Los metales de mayor concentración corresponden a Na (2,4 µg/m3 + 1,49 µg/m3, Al (0,52 µg/m3 + 1.78 µg/m3, Ca (0,49 µg/m3 + 0,60 µg/m3 y Cr (0,40 µg/m3 +  0,18 µg/m3. No se presentaron diferencias estadísticamente significativas entre los sitios de muestreo. El V, Hg y Pb no excedieron el estándar de calidad del aire establecido para Colombia y la OMS; por su parte, el As sobrepasó ampliamente el límite permisible de Colombia y la OMS. Adicionalmente, el análisis estadístico permite concluir que los metales pueden provenir de una misma fuente, tanto natural  como antropogénica.

  16. Entre antropologia e medicina: uma análise dos estudos antropológicos de Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca nas décadas de 1920 e 1930

    Adriana Tavares do Amaral Martins Keuller

    Full Text Available O médico e antropólogo Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca percorreu várias cidades do Brasil durante sua trajetória profissional, na primeira metade do século XX. Atuou no magistério na cadeira de Anatomia Médico-Cirúrgica, nas Faculdades de Medicina de Porto Alegre, da Bahia e do Rio de Janeiro. Como antropólogo, exerceu atividades no Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro e, já nos anos 1960, no Instituto de Antropologia Tropical da Faculdade de Medicina do Recife. Pretendo, neste artigo, resgatar a contribuição do estudioso no campo antropológico, analisando algumas de suas pesquisas desenvolvidas no Laboratório de Antropologia do Museu Nacional e outras publicadas no periódico dessa instituição entre os anos 1920 e 1930. Neste período, ele congregou cientistas, desenvolveu e orientou vários trabalhos no âmbito da antropologia física e dos 'tipos antropológicos', voltando-se para o desenvolvimento de métodos e índices de classificação racial, ou seja, para a produção de conceitos e técnicas que orientavam a prática antropológica. Refutou o racismo científico do período, motivo pelo qual as investigações desenvolvidas por Fróes da Fonseca refletiram sobre o 'problema da raça' e a questão da mestiçagem em prol do futuro do Brasil.

  17. Two «new» paintings inspired by Don Quixote and belonging to American art collections: Dance Scene (ca. 1656-1658?, anonymous although attributed to Joos van Crasbeeck (Neerlinter, Flanders 1605/1606-Brussels ca. 1660, and Dorothea (1823, by John Quidor (Tappan, New York State 1801-Jersey City, New Yersey 1881

    Kenneth Brown


    Full Text Available This study presents a detailed analysis of two hitherto ignored or poorly understood paintings inspired by Cervantes’ Don Quijote de la Mancha: Dorothea (1823, by the New Yorker John Quidor, and Dance Scene (1656-1658, attributed to the Flemish Baroque master Joos van Craesbeeck. Dorothea is housed in the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and Dance Scene in Philadelphia’s The Rosenbach Museum and Gallery. The novelty of these two works is that Quidor’s is an ingenious and colourful improvement of a widely circulating black and white print, and van Craesbeeck’s miniature captures not only multiple don Quijotes and Sancho Panzas at a masquerade ball, but also the Dukes of Alba, for at the time the Duke was Governor General of the Spanish Netherlands.

  18. Söö, joo, vaata filme / Jaak Lõhmus

    Lõhmus, Jaak


    57. "Berlinale" esimese poole filmidest: Olivier Dahani "Elu on roos" ("La Mome") Edith Piafist, Robert De Niro "Hea karjane" ("The Good Shepherd"), Clint Eastwoodi "Kirjad Iwo Jimalt" ("Letters from Iwo Jima"), Wang Quanani "Tuya abielu", Stefan Ruzowitsky "Võltsijad" ("Die Fälscher")

  19. Õhuke piir väärikuse ja demagoogia vahel / Tiago Marques

    Marques, Tiago


    Vastukaja art. Vooglaid, Varro. Ajas edasi, tsivilisatsiooniredelil tagasi // Postimees 20. veeb. 2007, lk. 15. Portugalis korraldatud rahvahääletusest abordikeelu kaotamiseks ja abordi olemuse eiramisest

  20. Auahnus ja mitmemõttelisus / Tiago Marques ; tõlk. Marek Laane

    Marques, Tiago


    Autor vaatleb arenguid, mida võib Euroopa Liidule tuua Portugal eesistujamaana ja leiab, et koos uue Euroopa Liidu lepingu eeldatava heakskiitmisega esitab Portugali programmile suurima väljakutse Euroopa Liidu ja Aafrika tippkohtumine

  1. "Joo mä lopetan pian!" : Katsaus nuorten pelitottumuksiin ja pelien vaikutuksiin

    Heikkuri, Matti; Vuorenmaa, Jan-Markus


    Videopelaaminen on yleistynyt yhä enemmän viime vuosien aikana ja lähes jokainen nuori pelaa niitä. Pelaamisesta on tullut myös paljon globaalimpi ilmiö verkkopelimahdollisuuksien lisääntymisen seurauksena. Nykyisin videopeleistä puhutaan mediassa lähinnä negatiivisena ilmiönä. Videopelaamisella on kuitenkin sekä positiivisia, että negatiivisia vaikutuksia, joista tulisi olla tietoinen. Tavoitteenamme oli tuottaa hyvä yleistietopaketti nuorten pelitottumuksista ja pelien vaikutuksista, jo...

  2. As farsas da linguagem em “Passeio Noturno”, de Rubem Fonseca

    Beatriz Regina Benradt Martinez


    Full Text Available One of the relevant remarkable characteristics of Rubem Fonseca’s fiction is to disbelieve the “truths” of the characters, disbelieving the language which build them up. For this reason it is fundamental to go in contact with the reality through the ways of expression of the own protagonists that come out of different social urban extracts. The objective of this work is to exam the question of the farce articulated at the problematic of the reified and mythical language, in “Passeio noturno – parte I” and “Passeio noturno – parte II”. In the narrator-character (“I” as protagonist of these short stories, the bourgeois coexists with the criminal. It is only the style that denounces them as the same “person”.

  3. A contribui??o das ONGs no ?mbito da sa?de: O caso das mulheres mastectomizadas na cidade de Jo?o Pessoa-PB

    Morais, Veronaldo de Lucena


    As pol?ticas sociais, ao longo dos anos, veem se modificando de acordo com as pol?ticas econ?micas adotadas, sendo essas pol?ticas mecanismos de reprodu??o da for?a de trabalho. Nesse aspecto, a interven??o do Estado vai se apresentar de forma diferenciada de acordo com a conjuntura e a correla??o de for?as entre as classes, de forma que, quanto mais organizadas, mais fortalecidas elas se tornar?o. A partir dessas rela??es em que o Estado passa a intervir nas rela??es dos meios de produ??o e ...

  4. Synthesis of (E)-9-Oxo-2-decenoic acid (the queen substance of honeybee) from methyl 3-formylpropionate; 3-horumiruporopion san mechiru wo mochiita (E)-9-okiso-2-desen san (Mitsubachi joo busshitsu) no gosei

    Tsukasa, H. [Toyotama Koryo Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The queen substance, (E)-9-oxo-2-decenoic acid (1) is a pheromone secreted by queen honeybee (Apis mellifera) and inhibits reproductive ability of worker bees. Several synthesese have been reported. It was synthesized starting from methyl-3-formylpropionate this time. Methyl 7,7-ethylenedioxy-4-oxooctanoate was prepared by radical addition reaction from (2) and 2-methyl-2-vinyl-1,3-dioxolane and reduced to an ethyelenedioxy carboxylic acid with hydrazine and KOH. This compound was converted to an alcohol by reduction with sodium bis(2-methoxyethoxy)aluminum hydride, followed by oxidation with pyridinium chlorochromate to an acetal aldehyde, which was condensed with malonic acid and (1) was obtained after the hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid. 7 refs., 1 tab.

  5. O realismo está morto. Viva o realismo!

    Coelho, Rui Pina


    Crítica ao espectáculo de teatro Blackbird, de David Harrower, encenado por Tiago Guedes, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (2010). ABSTRACT - Review of the theatre performance Blackbird, by David Harrower, directed by Tiago Guedes, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (2010).

  6. Strategy in Latin American Revolutionary Politics.


    Booth, The End and the Beginning, p. 143. 37. On the importance of Carlos Fonseca to the revolu- tion see Rogue Dalton, " Solidaridad con Carlos Fonseca...34 Solidaridad con Carlos Fonseca Amador." Casa de las Americas 20 (November-December 1979):181-B. Davis, Harold E. Latin American Diplomatic History: An

  7. Evidence from Students’ Information Seeking Diaries Underscores the Importance of Including Librarians in Undergraduate Education. A Review of: Lee, J. Y., Paik, W., & Joo, S. (2012. Information resource selection of undergraduate students in academic search tasks. Information Research, 17(1, paper511. Retrieved 8 Aug., 2012 from

    Maria Melssen


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine what informationresources undergraduate students choose tocomplete assignments for their courses, whythey choose those resources, the process ofselecting those resources and the factors thatcontributed to selecting the resources, andtheir perceptions of those resources.Design – Semi-structured information seekingdiary.Setting – Private university in Seoul, Korea.Subjects – 233 undergraduate students fromall majors and all years.Methods – Students selected one assignmentfrom their elective course and recorded thefollowing in a diary: what the assignment was,the topic they needed to research to completethe assignment, resources used, the factors thatcontributed to choosing the resources, andperceptions of those resources.Main Results – Data were analyzed bothqualitatively and quantitatively. The factorsthat affected the students’ resource selectionwere analyzed qualitatively using an opencoding method created by the researchers. Thefactors were not predetermined by theresearchers, but were selected based on thefactors identified by the students. Onlineresources (67.1% were the most frequentlyselected resources by the students compared tohuman resources (11.5%, print materials (11.5%, and mass media (3%. Students used an average of 5.28 resources to complete one assignment. Factors that affected the students’ selection of resources were the type of information provided by the resource, the features of the resource, the search strategy used when searching in the resource, and the students’ interaction with other people when selecting and using the resource. More than one factor typically contributed to the students’ selection of the resource. The students’ perceptions of the resources they selected were analyzed quantitatively: perceptions were analyzed in six content areas using a five point scale. Correlations and similarities across the six content areas were also analyzed. Perceptions of resources were broken down into six categories and the resources were rated on a five point scale. Librarians (4.50 were the most useful resource and lecture notes (5.0 were the most credible. Family (3.29 was the least useful, and social question and answer services, such as Yahoo! Answers, (2.62 were the least credible. Family was the most accessible and familiar resource (4.90 and 4.95 respectively. Experts (2.25 were least accessible and librarians (1.50 were the least familiar. Students were most satisfied with Google Scholar (4.33 and were most likely to use an online database (4.52 again. They were least satisfied with social question and answer services (3.05 and least likely to use a report sharing site (2.93 again. The usefulness and credibility of the resource contributed most to the undergraduates’ satisfaction with the resource, while accessibility and usefulness were the major contributing factors to users intended continued use of a resource.Conclusion – There are multiple reasons that support further information literacy education. Information literacy courses would encourage and teach students how to effectively use resources that they found credible and reliable, but considered inaccessible and unfamiliar. Information literacy education would also help educate students on how to best formulate their search strategies and how to select the best resource to use based on that strategy. Students also highlighted the importance of human interaction in resource selection and utilization. This is an opportunity for librarians and professors to play a more active role in assisting students in selecting and using the best resources to complete course assignments. Due to the limitations of this study, further research is needed to investigate the factors affecting the exclusion of resources, not only the inclusion. Future study designs should address the characteristics of the study participants themselves, such as the age and gender. The impact of the research topic and subject on resource selection, as well as what resources are selected for non-academic information needs, should also be investigated.

  8. Development of polyclonal antibodies for the detection of ...

    Development of polyclonal antibodies for the detection of recombinant human erythropoietin. Collares Thaís Farias, Monte Leonardo Garcia, Campos Vinicius Farias, Seixas Fabiana Kömmiling, Collares Tiago Veiras, Dellagostin Odir, Hartleben Cláudia Pinho ...

  9. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Journals; Journal of Biosciences; Volume 35; Issue 1. Transgene transmission in South American catfish (Rhamdia quelen) larvae by sperm-mediated gene transfer. Tiago Collares Vinicius Farias Campos Fabiana Kömmling Seixas Paulo V Cavalcanti Odir A Dellagostin Heden Luiz M Moreira João Carlos Deschamps.

  10. Maailmamainega baleriinid Vanemuises


    Vanemuisesse tulevad esinema balletitähed Sankt Peterburgist : V. Medvedev, Bae Joo Yoon, V. Ivanova, N. Bashkirtseva, J. Gludzhidze-Tukanova, E. Habibulina, S. Fecho, F. Miozzi, N. Sheglov, V. Samodurov


    In addition, these compounds have emerged as potential calcium ... As a consequence, the synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone derivatives has ..... Ramazani, A.; Shaghaghi,Z.; Aghahosseini, H.; Asiabi, P.A.; Joo, S.W. Silica nanoparticles.

  12. Investigation of manganese homeostasis in dogs with anaemia and ...

    Investigation of manganese homeostasis in dogs with anaemia and chronic enteropathy. Marisa da Fonseca Ferreira, Arielle Elizabeth Ann Aylor, Richard John Mellanby, Susan Mary Campbell, Adam George Gow ...

  13. Effective two-body equations for the four-body problem with exact treatment of (2+2)-subsystem contributions

    Haberzettl, H.; Sandhas, W.


    Noclear reactions: Four-body problem. Effective two-body equations with exact (2+2)-subsystem contributions. Relation to field-theoretical model by Fonseca and Shanley. Three-body propagator with exchange effects. (orig.)

  14. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Aliny Pereira De Lima1 Flávia De Castro Pereira1 Cesar Augusto Sam Tiago Vilanova-Costa1 Alessandra De Santana Braga Barbosa Ribeiro1 Luiz Alfredo Pavanin2 Wagner Batista Dos Santos3 Elisângela De Paula Silveira-Lacerda1. Laboratório de Genética Molecular e Citogenética, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, ...

  15. Palju kära, aga mitte kuigi palju villa = Talkin' loud and saying not that much / Mika Hannula

    Hannula, Mika, 1967-


    Kunstikriitik analüüsib nüüdisaegse kunsti poliitiliste aktide õnnestumisi ja ebaõnnestumisi Kiasma rahvusvahelisel rühmanäitusel "Demonstrating minds - disagreements in contemporary art" (Meele avaldused - erimeelsused nüüdisaegses kunstis) eksponeeritud tööde näitel. Vaatluse all on Cristina Lucase, Tanja Boukali, Jonathan Meese, Cinthia Marselle'i & Tiago Mata Machado ning Kader Attia teosed

  16. Departure from Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium in argon plasmas sustained in a Torche à Injection Axiale sur Guide d'Ondes

    Rincón, R.; Muñoz, J.; Calzada, M.D.


    Plasma torches are suitable plasma sources for a wide range of applications. The capability of these discharges to produce processes like sample excitation or decomposition of molecules inside them depends on the density of the plasma species and their energies (temperatures). The relation between these parameters determines the specific state of thermodynamic equilibrium in the discharge. Thus, the understanding of plasma possibilities for application purposes is related to the knowledge of the plasma thermodynamic equilibrium degree. In this paper a discussion about the equilibrium state for Ar plasmas generated by using a Torche à Injection Axiale sur Guide d'Ondes, TIAGO device, is presented. Emission spectroscopy techniques were used to measure gas temperature and electron density at the exit of the nozzle torch and along the dart. Boltzmann-plots as well as b p parameters were calculated to characterize the type and degree of departure from partial Local Saha Equilibrium (pLSE). This study indicates that the closer situation to Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE) of the plasma corresponds to larger Ar flows which highlights the importance of the nitrogen (atmosphere surrounding the plasma) in the kinetics of Ar-TIAGO discharges. - Highlights: • Discharges sustained in Ar using a TIAGO Torch show a significant departure from Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium. • Nitrogen entrance from surrounding air highly influences Thermodynamic Equilibrium. • Departure from LTE has been studied by means of Boltzmann plots and b p parameters. • The discharge is ionizing at the nozzle exit plasma, while along the dart it becomes recombining

  17. Acceleration of Regeneration of Large-Gap Peripheral Nerve Injuries Using Acellular Nerve Allografts Plus Amniotic Fluid Derived Stem Cells (AFS)


    repair in the upper extremity using processed nerve allograft. J Hand Surg Am 2012 Nov;37(11):2340-9. (9) Joo S, Ko IK, Atala A, Yoo JJ , Lee SJ. Amniotic...nerve grafts implanted with autologous mesenchymal stem cells.Exp Neurol. 2007 Apr;204(2):658-66. (18) Kim BS, Chun SY, Atala A, Soker S, Yoo JJ , Kwon TG...wounds. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2012 ;1(11):792-802 4. Joo S, Ko IK, Atala A, Yoo JJ , Lee SJ. Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells in regenerative

  18. Browse Title Index

    Michael Berry, Taryn-Lee Manasse, Yee-Joo Tan, Burtram C. Fielding. Vol 5, No 19 (2006), Characterisation of palm wine yeast isolates for industrial utilisation, Abstract PDF. IN Nwachukwu, VI Ibekwe, RN Nwabueze, BN Anyanwu. Vol 12, No 20 (2013), Characterisation of selected volatile organic compounds in Rwandan ...

  19. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 11, No 75 (2012)

    Characterisation of human coronavirus-NL63 nucleocapsid protein · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Michael Berry, Taryn-Lee Manasse, Yee-Joo Tan, Burtram C. Fielding, 13962-13968 ...

  20. A Framework for Interaction and Cognitive Engagement in Connectivist Learning Contexts

    Wang, Zhijun; Chen, Li; Anderson, Terry


    Interaction has always been highly valued in education, especially in distance education (Moore, 1989; Anderson, 2003; Chen, 2004a; Woo & Reeves, 2007; Wang, 2013; Conrad, in press). It has been associated with motivation (Mahle, 2011; Wen-chi, et al., 2011), persistence (Tello, 2007; Joo, Lim, & Kim, 2011), deep learning (Offir, et al.,…

  1. ethambutol in the treatment of patients with chronic pulmonary


    Feb 13, 1971 ... that INH may have a beneficial effect in patients with primary INH resistance ..... 50, suppl. March, 12. 4. Forbes, M., Kuck, N. A. and Peets, E. A. (1962): J. Bac!., 84. ... Joo LaCQuer, L. M. and Vanden· bergh•• E. (J968): Amer.

  2. First results from RHIC-PHENIX

    ... Jang J Jia B M Johnson S C Johnson K S Joo S Kametani J H Kang M Kann ... R Lacey J G Lajoie J Lauret A Lebedev D M Lee M J Leitch X H Li Z Li D J Lim ... Moss F Mühlbacher M Muniruzzaman J Murata S Nagamiya Y Nagasaka J L ...

  3. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Y Y Lee H Löhner D P Mahapatra V Manko M Martin A Maximov R Mehdiyev G .... Jang J Jia B M Johnson S C Johnson K S Joo S Kametani J H Kang M Kann ... Moss F Mühlbacher M Muniruzzaman J Murata S Nagamiya Y Nagasaka J L ...


    , Joo H Y., Neto F H. Odontogenic myxoma in the maxilla: A case report and characteristics on CT and MR. Oral Oncology Extra (2006) ; 42(4) : 133-136. 16- Asaumi J., Konouchi H., Hisatomi M., Kishi K. Odontogenic myxoma ...

  5. A Study by Contact Angle of the Acid-Base Behavior of Monolayers Containing W-Mercaptocarboxylic Acids Absorbed on Gold: An Example of Reactive Spreading


    1966,22, 138-143. 27 Joos, P. Bull. Soc. Chim. Belges 1971, 80, 277-281. 28 Patil, G. S.; Matthews, R. H.; Cornwell , D. G. In Monolayers; Goddard, E...Commanding Officer 1 Chief of Naval Research Naval Weapons Support Center Special Assistant Attn: Dr. Bernard E. Douda for Marine Corps Matters Crane


    This was particularly true of the sensa- tional Vestiges of the ... talks like the one simply titled 'On a Piece of. Chat' to an ... unbroken run ofJOO issues in the magazine Natu- ral History .... I hope he will go right on writing essays like these".

  7. On bare and induced masses of Susskind fermions

    Mitra, P.; Weisz, P.


    It is shown that the mass matrix for Susskind fermions on the lattice cannot have more than two distinct eigenvalues if cubic symmetry is enforced. If the standard interaction is replaced by one proposed by Becher and Joos, degeneracy-lifting mass counterterms are induced. The #betta#-parameter is calculated. (orig.)

  8. Author Details

    Bale, JOO. Vol 8, No 1&2 (2010) - Articles Survey for bovine trichomoniasis in cattle at Slaughter in the Sokoto metropolitan abattoir Sokoto state Nigeria Abstract PDF. ISSN: 1595-093X. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's ...

  9. Assessing College Student Subjective and Objective Knowledge in an Online Financial Education Program

    Bowles, Charity


    Purpose: This purpose of this correlational study using Joo's (2008) financial wellness framework was to determine the impact of an online financial literacy workshop on student subjective knowledge, dependent on indicators of stress, behavior, and objective knowledge, when controlling for demographic differences at a large public university.…

  10. Supplementary data: Association of CTLA4, CD28 and ICOS gene ...

    Supplementary data: Association of CTLA4, CD28 and ICOS gene polymorphisms with clinicopathologic characteristics of childhood IgA nephropathy in Korean population. Hak-Jae Kim, Joo-Ho Chung, Sungwook Kang, Su-Kang Kim, Byoung-Soo Cho, Sung-Do Kim and Won-Ho Hahn. J. Genet. 90, 151–155. Table 1.

  11. Invited Reaction: Investigating the Influences of Core Self-Evaluations, Job Autonomy, and Intrinsic Motivation on In-Role Job Performance

    Collins, Brian J.


    The authors of this featured article (Joo, Jeung, & Yoon, 2010) respond to calls for further examination of how individual differences and workplace environment jointly impact organizational behavior. The authors integrate social psychology and management research to examine employee behavior and its relation to human resource development.…

  12. The Implications of Arendt's Concept of Judgment for Humanistic Teaching in a Postmetaphysical Age

    Kwak, Duck-Joo


    In this essay, Duck-Joo Kwak draws on Hannah Arendt's concept of judgment in exploring what it means to teach the humanities as a form of values education in a postmetaphysical age. Arendt's concept of judgment is closely related to Ciceronian humanism, which is concerned with the wisdom to choose one's company while appreciating this pursuit…

  13. Financial Stress, Self-Efficacy, and Financial Help-Seeking Behavior of College Students

    Lim, HanNa; Heckman, Stuart J.; Letkiewicz, Jodi C.; Montalto, Catherine P.


    Financial stress and self-efficacy are examined in relationship to college students' financial help-seeking behavior utilizing Grable and Joo's (1999) framework. A cognitive approach is taken by focusing on the moderating role of financial self-efficacy on the relationship between financial stress and financial help-seeking. Data from the 2010…

  14. Loss of coherence in double-slit diffraction experiments

    Sanz, A.S.; Borondo, F.; Bastiaans, M.J.


    By using optical models based on the theory of partially coherent light, and the quantum decoherence model proposed by Joos and Zeh [Z. Phys. B 59, 223 (1985)], we explore incoherence and decoherence in interference phenomena. The problem chosen to study is that of the double-slit diffraction

  15. Reproducibility of an aerobic endurance test for nonexpert swimmers

    Veronese da Costa, Adalberto; Costa,Manoel da Cunha; Guerra,Luis Marcos de Medeiros; Barbosa,Tiago Manuel Cabral dos Santos; Carlos,Daniel Medeiros; Silva,Antônio José


    Adalberto Veronese da Costa,1,2 Manoel da Cunha Costa,3 Daniel Medeiros Carlos,1 Luis Marcos de Medeiros Guerra,1,2 Antônio José Silva,2 Tiago Manoel Cabral dos Santos Barbosa2,41Department of Physical Education, Bioscience Laboratory of Human Kinetics, Rio Grande do Norte State University, Mossoró, Brazil; 2Sport Sciences Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro University, Research Center in Sport, Health and Human Development, Vila Real, Portugal; 3Superior Sc...

  16. Mazagão Velho: imagem-mundo de uma festa, um baile e suas máscaras

    DIAS, Ronne Franklim Carvalho


    Esta pesquisa tem como objeto de estudo as máscaras da Festa de São Tiago de Mazagão Velho, no estado do Amapá. Realizada desde 1777 pelos moradores da cidade amapaense às margens do rio Mutuacá, a festa celebra a transferência da ex-colônia portuguesa da região de Dukkala, ao norte da África. Repleta de visualidades diversificadas, rituais e símbolos do catolicismo, a comunidade vive com intensidade suas manifestações culturais e religiosas. As máscaras ganham destaque durante um baile exclu...

  17. Investigations Regarding Anesthesia during Hypovolemic Conditions.


    Physiol 232:H44-H48, 1977 145. Diaz FA, Bianco JA, Bello A, Beer N, Uelarde H, Izquierdo JP, Jaen R: Effects of ketamine on canine cardiovascular...tuka NL nthorane depr-et, :r\\ - IlkNt ii hinire gose ;tiitia.. nd ~hii t(ndralle~iluri. icrdiat mtin peit isin. and metabuolism in the d,ig Aties- ti...ago, i its o n lit ven tr i i Iar :10. 140, t 12n : d’)’s. Ait J P iiys iol1 2 32 :[144 -I1. , 197 7 .7. Ui.iz FA, [[lane, JA, [ilo1 A, Beer N, UCelicd

  18. Development, characterization, and skin delivery studies of related ultradeformable vesicles: transfersomes, ethosomes, and transethosomes

    Ascenso, Andreia; Raposo, Sara; Batista, Cátia; Cardoso, Pedro; Mendes, Tiago; Praça, Fabíola Garcia; Bentley, Maria Vitória Lopes Badra; Simões, Sandra


    Andreia Ascenso,1 Sara Raposo,1 Cátia Batista,2 Pedro Cardoso,2 Tiago Mendes,2 Fabíola Garcia Praça,3 Maria Vitória Lopes Badra Bentley,3 Sandra Simões1 1Instituto de Investigação do Medicamento (iMed.ULisboa), 2Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal; 3Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Monte ...

  19. Fruit production and quality of guava 'Paluma' as a function of humic ...

    Fruit production and quality of guava 'Paluma' as a function of humic substances and soil mulching. Leonardo Fonseca da Rocha, Lourival Ferreira Cavalcante, Járisson Cavalcante Nunes, Antônio Gustavo de Luna Souto, Alian Cássio Pereira Cavalcante, Ítalo Herbert Lucena Cavalcante, Walter Esfrain Pereira ...

  20. rapid assessment of protected area pressures and threats in nigeria ...


    Consequently, much of tropical biodiversity is unlikely to survive without .... conservation of biodiversity was highest in KLNP followed by CRNP and CBNP. GGNP ..... Myers N., Mittermeier R. A., Mittermeier C. G., da. Fonseca G. A. B. and Kent J., 2000. Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorties. Nature 403: 853 – 858.

  1. Can Bt maize change the spatial distribution of predator Cycloneda ...

    Ezedom Theresa


    Oct 16, 2013 ... Thiago Alexandre Mota1*, Marcos Gino Fernandes1, Eder Alcebiades Alegre1, Maria Freire de ... 1Programa de Pós-graduação em Entomologia e Conservação da Biodiversidade, ..... Mota TA, Fernandes MG, Souza MF, Fonseca PRB, Quadros JC, ... Rodrigues TR, Fernandes MG, Santos HR (2010).

  2. Panama Papers

    Harrington, Brooke


    Mossack Fonseca kept its clients largely on the right side of the law. Indeed, that’s entirely the point. This article for The Atlantic draws on my wealth management research to explain why most of what is revealed in the Panama Papers leak will not result in criminal prosecution for anyone...

  3. A Pilot Study of Motor Disturbances in Children with ADHD Belonging to Chilean Schools

    Ancatén González, Carlos; Montes, Rodrigo; Gutiérrez-Rojas, Cristian


    The present pilot study aimed to determine motor control alterations in children with ADHD belonging to public schools, using Da Fonseca's Psychomotor Battery (BPM). This was a descriptive cross-sectional comparative study. The sample consisted of two groups, each group composed of 15 children between 7 and 9 years old belonging to public…

  4. Map of Portuguese 'Reconquista'; Map of Danish conquest in the Baltic; Map of the maritime routes

    Jakobsen, Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig


    Tre kort til artikel "Military orders between territorialization and periphery from the 12th to the 16th century" af Paula Pinto Costa, Luís Adão da Fonseca, Kurt Villads Jensen & Cristina Pimenta, udgivet i 'Scandinavian Journal of History' 41:2 (Routledge, 2016), s. 141-159 (fig. 1-3, s. 145-147)....

  5. Taming a Tiger in the City: Comparison of Motorized Backpack Applications and Source Reduction Against the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus


    TAMING A TIGER IN THE CITY: COMPARISON OF MOTORIZED BACKPACK APPLICATIONS AND SOURCE REDUCTION AGAINST THE ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO, AEDES ALBOPICTUS...FONSECA2 AND ARY FARAJOLLAHI2,3,7 ABSTRACT. We evaluated 2 strategies to manage Aedes albopictus: 1) motorized backpack applications and 2) source...the community level. KEY WORDS Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, Bti, methoprene, hand applications, backpack applications INTRODUCTION Aedes

  6. En qué hemos vivido

    Néstor Tobón Botero


    Full Text Available La arquitectura de la vivienda rural en Colombia, volumen 11: Minifundio cafetero en Antioquia, Caldas, Quindío y Risaralda. Lorenzo Fonseca Martínez y Alberto Saldarriaga Roa. Litocencoa Ltda., Cali, 1984, 204 págs., mapas, planos arquitectónicos, fotografías.

  7. En qué hemos vivido

    Néstor Tobón Botero


    La arquitectura de la vivienda rural en Colombia, volumen 11: Minifundio cafetero en Antioquia, Caldas, Quindío y Risaralda. Lorenzo Fonseca Martínez y Alberto Saldarriaga Roa. Litocencoa Ltda., Cali, 1984, 204 págs., mapas, planos arquitectónicos, fotografías.

  8. Applicability of "MEGA"[Eighth Note] to Sexually Abusive Youth with Low Intellectual Functioning

    Miccio-Fonseca, L. C.; Rasmussen, Lucinda A.


    The study explored the predictive validity of "Multiplex Empirically Guided Inventory of Ecological Aggregates for Assessing Sexually Abusive Children and Adolescents (Ages 4 to 19)" ("MEGA"[eighth note]; Miccio-Fonseca, 2006b), a comprehensive developmentally sensitive risk assessment outcome tool. "MEGA"[eighth note] assesses risk for coarse…

  9. correlação canônica entre as características químicas, físicas e ...

    Renata Nave

    and its components (Wilson, 1997; Hughes et al., 2000; Nave et al., 2009). ..... Eds Pereira, O.J., Obeid, J.A., Nascimento Júnior, D. & Fonseca ... Flores, R.S., Euclides, V.P.B., Abrão, M.P.C., Galbeiro, S., Difante, G.S. & Barbosa, R.A., 2008.

  10. Translations on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs No. 305


    prosecutor; Augusto Caro Rojas, court reporter; Rodolfo Carvajal Florez, municipal employee; Orlando Carrascal Claro, inspector; Jesus Antonio Carrillo...Arturo Melo Diaz, judge; Rafael Mendez Buendia, judge; Tirso Mendez Herrera, professor; Rubiela Maria Mendez Mendez , judge; Luis Orlando Mendez ...Misael Roa Fonseca, jail guard; Jose Ignacio Roa Mendez , policeman; Jose Anibal Robles Alvarado, judge; Jorge Rocha Mahecha, govern- ment inspector

  11. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 15, No 12 (2016)

    Nutritional composition of bioproducts generated from semi-solid fermentation of pineapple peel by edible mushrooms · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Raiane Áila Teixeira Souza, Tamiris Rio Branco da Fonseca, Larissa de Souza Kirsch, Larissa ...

  12. Nutritional composition of bioproducts generated from semi-solid ...

    Nutritional composition of bioproducts generated from semi-solid fermentation of pineapple peel by edible mushrooms. Raiane Áila Teixeira Souza, Tamiris Rio Branco da Fonseca, Larissa de Souza Kirsch, Larissa Svetlana Cavalcante Silva, Mircella Marialva Alecrim, Raimundo Felipe da Cruz Filho, Maria Francisca ...

  13. Features of the extended-release metformin

    T O Yalochkina


    Full Text Available Реферат по материалам статьи Ali S, Fonseca V. Overview of metformin: special focus on metformin extended release. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2012 Aug;13(12:1797-805.

  14. Decoherence in quantum mechanics and quantum cosmology

    Hartle, James B.


    A sketch of the quantum mechanics for closed systems adequate for cosmology is presented. This framework is an extension and clarification of that of Everett and builds on several aspects of the post-Everett development. It especially builds on the work of Zeh, Zurek, Joos and Zeh, and others on the interactions of quantum systems with the larger universe and on the ideas of Griffiths, Omnes, and others on the requirements for consistent probabilities of histories.

  15. 1029: Tranexamic Acid for Pediatric Trauma


    parts. Of total 74 cases of rib fracture , the number of fracture between bone scan and CT are identical in only 9 cases (12%), and different in 65...OF BONE SCANNING IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF HIDDEN FRACTURE IN MAJOR TRAUMA PATIENTS Hang Joo Cho1, Sung Jeep Kim1, Jin Seok Baek2; 1The Catholic University...the hidden fracture . We investi- gated the usefulness of bone scan in the diagnosis of hidden fracture of major trauma patients. Methods: This study

  16. Adaptive Origami for Efficiently Folded Structures


    heating. Although a large fold angle at a high temperature is desirable in order to extrapolate the origami geometry toward closure, more emphasis is...AFRL-RQ-WP-TR-2016-0020 ADAPTIVE ORIGAMI FOR EFFICIENTLY FOLDED STRUCTURES James J. Joo and Greg Reich Design and Analysis Branch... ORIGAMI FOR EFFICIENTLY FOLDED STRUCTURES 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER In-house 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 61102F 6. AUTHOR(S) James J

  17. ONR Tropical Cyclone Motion Research Initiative; First-Year Review, Discussion and Tentative Hypotheses.


    Division ,, e,,science AOML/NOAA .. National Taiwan University 3401 Rickenbacker Causeway .-. Taipei, Taiwan Miami, FL 33149 Dr. Mike Fiorino Dr. Peter...Atmospheric Sciences Herb Hunter Nanjing University Nichols Research Corporation Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 4040 S. Memorial Parkway People’s Republic...Computer Center Otemachi 1-3-4, Chiyodaku Central Weather Bureau Tokyo 100 Japan 64 Kung Yuan Road Taipei, Taiwan 100 Dr. Lim Joo Tick Republic of

  18. A case report of suicidal behavior related to subclinical hyperthyroidism

    Jeong, Jong-Hyun; Joo,Soo-Hyun; Hong,Seung-Chul


    Soo-Hyun Joo, Jong-Hyun Jeong, Seung-Chul HongDepartment of Psychiatry, St Vincent's Hospital, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, KoreaAbstract: Abnormalities in thyroid function are associated with many psychiatric symptoms. We present a report of a 15-year-old girl who was admitted to the psychiatry inpatient unit with symptoms of suicidal behavior, irritability, and impulsivity. One year previously, she had become more short-tempered, and had started to c...

  19. Efficacy and safety of metformin or oral contraceptives, or both in polycystic ovary syndrome

    Yang, Young-Mo; Choi, Eun Joo


    Young-Mo Yang, Eun Joo Choi College of Pharmacy, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrinopathy that affects approximately 10% of reproductive-aged women throughout their lives. Women with PCOS present with heterogeneous symptoms including ovulatory dysfunction, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries. Therefore, lifelong individualized management should be considered. Pharmacological agents commonly used to manage the symptoms are...

  20. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... J Jia B M Johnson S C Johnson K S Joo S Kametani J H Kang M Kann S S Kapoor S Kelly B Khachaturov A Khanzadeev J Kikuchi D J Kim H J Kim S Y Kim Y G Kim W W Kinnison E Kistenev A Kiyomichi C Klein-Boesing S Klinksiek L Kochenda V Kochetkov D Koehler T Kohama D Kotchetkov A Kozlov P J Kroon K Kurita ...

  1. High-Magnification In Vivo Imaging of Xenopus Embryos for Cell and Developmental Biology



    Authors: Esther K. Kieserman, Chanjae Lee, Ryan S. Gray, Tae Joo Park and John B. Wallingford Corresponding author ([]()). ### INTRODUCTION Embryos of the frog *Xenopus laevis* are an ideal model system for in vivo imaging of dynamic biological processes, from the inner workings of individual cells to the reshaping of tissues during embryogenesis. Their externally developing embryos are more amenable to in vivo analysis than in...

  2. Correlation between headache and temporomandibular joint dysfunction

    Menezes, Mariana Sampaio; Bussadori, Sandra Kalil; Fernandes, Kristianne Porta Santos; Biasotto-Gonzalez, Daniela Aparecida


    A relação entre disfunções temporomandibulares (DTM) e os diferentes tipos de cefaléias ainda não está bem compreendida, mas a dor de cabeça é provavelmente o sintoma mais comum da DTM. O objetivo deste estudo foi correlacionar cefaléia com o índice clínico de Fonseca de avaliação da DTM. Participaram 160 voluntários estudantes da Universidade Nove de Julho na faixa dos 18 aos 36 anos, sendo 80 mulheres e 80 homens. Foram aplicados dois questionários: o índice clínico de Fonseca e um question...




    Full Text Available Este estudo tem por objetivo a leitura do romance O Caso Morel, de RubemFonseca, cujo enfoque recai sobre o problema do personagem-escritor e o dacriação ficcional tematizados no espaço romanesco. Ao lado de uma“investigação policial” o leitor depara nesse primeiro romance do autor comuma “investigação literária” problematizada em vários níveis.The aim of this paper is the reading of O Caso Morel, by Rubem Fonseca,focusing on the character-writter and fictional creation. Besides a detectiveinvestigation we can find in the author’s first novel a problematic literacyinvestigation in several levels.

  4. Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) a buccal cavity parasite of the marine fish, Oligoplites saurus (Bloch & Schneider) (Osteichthyes, Carangidae) of Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) um parasito da cavidade bucal do peixe marinho, Oligoplites saurus (Bloch & Schneider) (Osteichthyes, Carangidae) do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

    Vernon E. Thatcher; Gustavo S. de Araújo; José T. A. X. de Lima; Sathyabama Chellappa


    Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) a buccal cavity parasite of the marine fish, Oligoplites saurus, is described on the basis of eight male specimens and one female. The fish hosts were captured in the coastal waters of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil. In the new species, the anterior margin of the cephalon is doubled ventrally over the bases of the antennae. In this respect, it resembles C. recifea Thatcher & Fonseca, 2005. It differs from that species, however, in ...

  5. Collapsing Insurgent Organizations through Leadership Decapitation: A Comparison of Targeted Killing and Targeted Incarceration in Insurgent Organizations


    case study, the deaths of Pedro Joaquin Chamorro and Carlos Fonseca in Nicaragua are examined to illustrate the failure of killing insurgent leaders...of house arrest in San Carlos del Rio on the Costa Rican border.82 Chamorro escaped from house arrest and lived in exile in Costa Rica for two years...Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, and Cuba began to openly support the insurgency, while the United States slowly removed its support from the Somoza

  6. Revista de tesis

    Facultad de Medicina Revista


    Full Text Available Las disquinesias biliares, criterio clinico moderno. (Tesis para el Doctorado en Medicina y Cirugía. Por Alvaro Reyes Fonseca. 1947. Meritoria / Nueva técnica de reconstrucción plástica para las vias biliares. Por José Tomás Henao Sáenz. 1947. Mención honorifica (primera categoría

  7. Correlação entre cefaléia e disfunção temporomandibular Correlation between headache and temporomandibular joint dysfunction

    Mariana Sampaio Menezes


    Full Text Available A relação entre disfunções temporomandibulares (DTM e os diferentes tipos de cefaléias ainda não está bem compreendida, mas a dor de cabeça é provavelmente o sintoma mais comum da DTM. O objetivo deste estudo foi correlacionar cefaléia com o índice clínico de Fonseca de avaliação da DTM. Participaram 160 voluntários estudantes da Universidade Nove de Julho na faixa dos 18 aos 36 anos, sendo 80 mulheres e 80 homens. Foram aplicados dois questionários: o índice clínico de Fonseca e um questionário sobre cefaléia. Os dados foram analisados estatisticamente e o nível de significância fixado em pThe relationship between temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD and different kinds of headaches is still not well understood, though headache is probably the most common symptom of TMD. The aim of this study was to correlate headache with Fonseca's TMD clinical index. A total of 160 university students aged 18 to 36 years old were selected, half women, half men. Two questionnaires were applied to them: the Fonseca clinical questionnaire and one on headache. Data were statistically analysed and significance level set at p<0.05. Results showed a higher prevalence of TMD among female individuals with headache, but a direct relationship between headache and degree of temporomandibular joint dysfunction could not be found.

  8. North American International Society for Microbial Electrochemical Technologies Meeting (Abstracts)


    electrode interface in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Catarina Paquete1, Bruno Fonseca1, Ricardo O. Louro1 1 Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica...response to anodic pH variation in a dual chamber microbial fuel cell Valentina Margaria, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia , Italy 2-15 Microbial...SnO2 nanostructured composite for cathode oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells Adriano Sacco, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia , Italy 2

  9. Pouteria gardneriana Radlk



    Dec 7, 2016 ... Massard CL, Fonseca AH (2004). Carrapatos e doenças transmitidas comuns ao homem e aos animais. A Hora Veterinária 23:15-23. Monteiro JR, Albuquerque UP, Araújo EL (2005).Taninos: Uma abordagem da química á ecologia. Quím. Nova. 28(5):892-896. Rocha WS, Lopes RM, Silva DB, Viera RF, ...

  10. Pop / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Heliplaatidest: Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero", Notorious B.I.G. "Greatest Hits", Black Sabbath "The Dio Years", Cibo Matto "Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto", The Juju Orchestra "Bossa Nova In Not A Crime", Tharaphita "Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel", Clara Moreno featuring Celso Fonseca & Joyce "Meu Samba Torto", Patti Smith "Twelve", RZA "Afro Samurai OST", Modest Mouse "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank", HND "Patu raamat"

  11. Role of Natural Killer T Cells in Immunogenic Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer


    Dureta,b, Maya Hassanec, Fernando Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraesd, Geoffrey R. Hilld,e, Paul Neesona,b, David S. Ritchiea,b, François Trotteinc, Gabrielle T... conserved spectrum of cytokines to various stimuli. This pool of cells can either be rapidly expanded and/or recruited at sites of inflammation...which conserved this population in different backgrounds may also imply specialized functions in some organs. In line with this, the rapid response

  12. «El aguador» de Velázquez o una meditación sóbre la cultura clásica: «Diógenes y los hijos de Xeníades»

    Mena Marqués, Manuela B.


    Full Text Available Considered traditionally as the best example of Velazquez early «pintura de bodegones», or genre and still life The Water-seller is presented here as a clear representation of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, in his most essential role of mentor of youth. Based on texts of Diogenes Laertius, well known in Spain at the time, Velazquez painted it for Juan de Fonseca, canon «maestrescuela» of Seville Cathedral.No disponible

  13. Epidemiological Factors Associated with Increased Body Mass Index in Active Duty Military Engaged in Vigorous Physical Activity


    influence on a military research participant (McManus, Mehta, McClinton, DeLorenzo, & Baskin , 2005). The purpose of this article is to explore... Baskin , T. (2005). Informed consent and ethical issues in military medical research. Academy of Emergency Medicine, 11, 1120-1126. Parvizi, J. Tarity...standards, as well as programs and policies in place, to ensure compliance with these standards ( Robbins , Chao, Fonseca, Snedecor & Knapik, 2001

  14. A Política Externa Independente em ação: a Conferência de Punta del Este de 1962 Independent Foreign Politics in action: an Overview of the Punta del Este Convention in 1962

    Hélio Franchini Neto


    Full Text Available Considerada por San Tiago Dantas como "uma reunião que marcou época na formação do americanismo", a Conferência de Punta del Este, de janeiro de 1962, dedicou-se a tratar dos efeitos da Revolução Cubana no hemisfério. Declarou-se a incompatibilidade do comunismo com os princípios americanos e suspendeu-se Cuba da Junta Interamericana de Defesa (JID e da OEA. A participação brasileira teve grande destaque e repercussão tanto interna quanto internacionalmente. Procura-se analisar as razões que levaram o Brasil a adotar a posição de condenar o comunismo cubano e aprovar a suspensão de Cuba da JID, sem, porém, concordar com sua suspensão da OEA.Considered by San Tiago Dantas as "a landmark meeting for the formation of Americanism", the Conference of Punta del Este of January 1962 dealt with the effects of the Cuban Revolution on the Hemisphere. A resolution was approved declaring the incompatibility of communism with American principles, suspended Cuba from the Inter-American Defense Board (IDB and from the Organization of American States (OAS. The Brazilian participation gained high distinction and had repercussions not only domestically but also internationally. The present work seeks to analyse the reasons that led Brazil to condemn communism in Cuba and approve the suspension of this country from the IDB, without, however, agreeing to the suspension of Cuba from the OAS.

  15. Passado português, presente negro e indizibilidade ameríndia: o caso de Mazagão Velho, Amapá

    Véronique Boyer


    Full Text Available Através de um estudo de caso amazônico, o artigo propõe analisar como as orientações do Estado brasileiro, dizendo respeito ao caráter pluriétnico da sociedade, são elaboradas a nível local. Pois, os grupos sociais são agora incentivados a dar relevo a certas práticas culturais enquanto símbolos de identidades especificas. Quais são então os lugares atribuídos às genealogias concorrentes, doravante minoritárias? Como são ritualizadas e encenadas as diferenças culturais, étnicas e religiosas? Essas questões serão discutidas para uma vila amapaense que, através das suas festas, reivindica uma dupla ou talvez mesmo uma tripla herança: "portuguesa" com a festa católica de São Tiago, "negra" com a dança do marabaixo, e "índia" com a dança do sairê - esta última expressando atualmente um desejo, ainda não concretizado, de reativação.This article analyses through an Amazonian example how the multi-ethnic orientations of the Brazilian State are locally elaborated. The Brazilian State is now stimulating the promotion of new cultural practises and symbols of specific identities. What is happening with genealogical identities now less considered? How are they located? How the ethnic and cultural distinctions (or specificities are ritualized and performed? These questions will be discussed through the festivities of a village from the Amapa proclaiming a double and perhaps triple inheritance: Portuguese, with the celebration of São Tiago, "Black", with the dance of the Marabaixo and "Indian", with the dance of the Saiê. The later actually is trying to be reactivated.

  16. First results from RHIC-PHENIX£

    S C Johnson,. Ѕѕ. K S Joo, ѕї. S Kametani,. ½. J H Kang,. ¿. M Kann, їј. S S Kapoor,. ¾. S Kelly, B Khachaturov,. ¾. A Khanzadeev, їј. J Kikuchi,. ½. D J Kim,. ¿. H J Kim,. ¿. S Y Kim,. ¿. Y G Kim,. ¿. W W Kinnison,. ½. E Kistenev,. ¿. A Kiyomichi,. ¿. C Klein-Boesing, ѕѕ. S Klinksiek,. ¾. L Kochenda, їј. D Kochetkov, V Kochetkov,.

  17. Comparative steady-state pharmacokinetic study of an extended-release formulation of itopride and its immediate-release reference formulation in healthy volunteers

    Yoon, Seonghae; Lee, Howard; Kim, Tae-Eun; Lee, SeungHwan; Chee, Dong-Hyun; Cho, Joo-Youn; Yu, Kyung-Sang; Jang, In-Jin


    Seonghae Yoon,1,* Howard Lee,2,* Tae-Eun Kim,1 SeungHwan Lee,1 Dong-Hyun Chee,3 Joo-Youn Cho,1 Kyung-Sang Yu,1 In-Jin Jang1 1Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, 2Clinical Trials Center, Seoul National University Hospital, 3AbbVie Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: This study was conducted to compare the oral bioavailability of an itopride extended-release (ER...

  18. International Conference on Photochemistry (15th) Abstracts of Invited Lectures and Oral and Poster Contributions Held in Paris, France on 28 July-2 August 1991 (XVeme Conference Internationale de Photochimie, Paris, France 28 Juillet-2 Aout 1991)


    M. Novo, C. Rios, F. Rodrlguez PrIelo Dpto. Quimica Fisica. Universidad de Santiago. E-15706 Santiago de Compostela. SPAIN. Ground- and excited-state...Sebastiao J. Formosinh Jo~o S. Brancod), and M. Mendes M.M. Fernandes a ) a) Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra,3000-Coibra,Portugal b) Department of...Braslavskyl, and Kurt Schaffner i I 3Max-Planck-Institut far Strahlenchemie, D.4330 M~lhem a.d. Ruhr, Stiftstrafle 34- 36, FRG. ’ Departamento de QuImica

  19. Role of Stat3 and ErbB2 in Breast Cancer


    Nemoto, K.E. Pestell , K. Cooley, E.C. Southwick, D.A. Mitchell, W. Furey, R. Gussio, D.W. Zaharevitz, B. Joo, P. Wipf, Identification of a potent...7). Inorg Chem 2008, 47:2798–2804. 26. Bromberg JF, Wrzeszczynska MH, Devgan G, Zhao Y, Pestell RG, Albanese C, et al: Stat3 as an oncogene. Cell...Biochem Biophys Res Commun 382: 440-444, 2009. 7 Bromberg JF, Wrzeszczynska MH, Devgan G, Zhao Y, Pestell RG, Albanese C and Darnell JE Jr.: Stat3 as an

  20. Acupuntura como recurso terapêutico na dor e na gravidade da desordem temporomandibular Acupuncture as therapeutic resource in the pain and in the severity of the temporomandibular disorder

    Graciele da Silva Borin


    Full Text Available Este estudo avaliou o efeito da acupuntura no nível de dor e gravidade da Desordem Temporomandibular (DTM. Participaram dele 40 mulheres entre 20 e 40 anos com DTM diagnosticada pelo Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC/TMD. A dor foi avaliada pela escala visual analógica e a gravidade da desordem pelos Índices de Disfunção Craniomandibular e de Fonseca. As 20 primeiras participantes foram submetidas a acupuntura duas vezes na semana por cinco semanas ininterruptas e, após o período, foram reavaliadas. Os dados destas participantes constituíram os resultados para o grupo acupuntura. As demais voluntárias receberam o tratamento após o primeiro grupo e seus dados, coletados no início e após cinco semanas sem tratamento, foram utilizados para controle. Na análise estatística foram levados em conta os testes de Wilcoxon para o nível de dor e Índice Craniomandibular e Teste t de Student para o Índice de Fonseca, com nível de significância de 5%. Houve redução significante no nível de dor (p=0,000 e na gravidade da DTM pelos Índices Craniomandibular (p=0,004 e de Fonseca (p=0,000 após o tratamento. O grupo controle não apresentou melhora. A efetividade da acupuntura foi demonstrada pela melhora no nível da dor e na gravidade da DTM.This study assessed the effect of acupuncture on the pain level and severity of the temporomandibular disorder (TMD. Forty women with TMD diagnosed by Research Diagnostic Criteria, from 20 and 40 years old, took part in the study. Pain was assessed by visual analogue scale and severity by the Craniomandibular Dysfunction and Fonseca Indexes. The first 20 volunteers were undergone to acupuncture twice a week for five weeks without interruption, and after they were reassessed. The results of these participants constituted acupuncture group. The other volunteers received the treatment after the first group and their data, collected in the beginning and after five weeks without treatment, were utilized as

  1. ISOTDAQ School: one of a kind

    Joannah Caborn Wengler


    Particle physics research has many unique needs and sometimes has to create its own expertise to keep its systems running. For specialised areas like cryogenics and high-voltage technology, labs often run their own training courses. In line with this trend, CERN has started a series of International Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ) Schools. 2012 has seen the third ISOTDAQ School, which generated a lot of enthusiasm among the future generation of TDAQ experts.   Markus Joos tutoring a group of students. “Can I call you back in about an hour? I’m just in the middle of tutoring a group of four students in one of our practical sessions,” says Markus Joos, one of the organisers, when we call him to ask some questions about the current ISOTDAQ School taking place in Cracow, Poland, from 1 to 8 February. He later explains that half of the teaching time at the School is dedicated to such practical sessions, where students complete exercises using computers, elect...

  2. Two derivations of the master equation of quantum Brownian motion

    Halliwell, J J [Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London SW7 2BZ (United Kingdom)


    Central to many discussion of decoherence is a master equation for the reduced density matrix of a massive particle experiencing scattering from its surrounding environment, such as that of Joos and Zeh. Such master equations enjoy a close relationship with spontaneous localization models, like the GRW model. The aim of this paper is to present two derivations of the master equation. The first derivation is a pedagogical model designed to illustrate the origins of the master equation as simply as possible, focusing on physical principles and without the complications of S-matrix theory. This derivation may serve as a useful tutorial example for students attempting to learn this subject area. The second is the opposite: a very general derivation using non-relativistic many-body field theory. It reduces to the equation of the type given by Joos and Zeh in the one-particle sector, but correcting certain numerical factors which have recently become significant in connection with experimental tests of decoherence. This master equation also emphasizes the role of local number density as the 'preferred basis' for decoherence in this model.

  3. Two derivations of the master equation of quantum Brownian motion

    Halliwell, J J


    Central to many discussion of decoherence is a master equation for the reduced density matrix of a massive particle experiencing scattering from its surrounding environment, such as that of Joos and Zeh. Such master equations enjoy a close relationship with spontaneous localization models, like the GRW model. The aim of this paper is to present two derivations of the master equation. The first derivation is a pedagogical model designed to illustrate the origins of the master equation as simply as possible, focusing on physical principles and without the complications of S-matrix theory. This derivation may serve as a useful tutorial example for students attempting to learn this subject area. The second is the opposite: a very general derivation using non-relativistic many-body field theory. It reduces to the equation of the type given by Joos and Zeh in the one-particle sector, but correcting certain numerical factors which have recently become significant in connection with experimental tests of decoherence. This master equation also emphasizes the role of local number density as the 'preferred basis' for decoherence in this model

  4. Antibody-Mediated BRCC36 Silencing: A Novel Approach for Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy


    studied to determ ine if BRCC36 can mediate protein stability using 2D protein gels. In this study, MCF-10A ce lls were transfected w ith a GFP...F, Fonseca D, Kaneko S, Baer R, Manley JL. 2005. BRCA1 /BARD1 inhib ition of mRNA 3’ processing involves targeted degrad ation of RNA polym erase...4% to 5 % reduc tion in overa ll mortality (Clarke et al., 2006). These findings support the contribution of radiotherapy to both the reduction of

  5. An evaluation of new circle system of anesthesia. Quantitative anesthesia with isoflurane in new zealand rabbits Avaliação de um novo sistema circular de anestesia: anestesia quantitativa com isuflorane em coelhos

    Neuber M. Fonseca


    Full Text Available A small circuit system of anesthesia was developed by Fonseca and Goldenberg in 1993. The authors used in this study New Zealand White (NZW rabbits under closed system anesthetic regiment by insoflurane. Twenty male adult New Zealand rabbits were distributed in two groups of ten animals. No premedicant drugs were given. Endotraqueal intubation was made after intravenous administration of propofol (10mg/kg. Insoflurane was used to anesthesia management, administred by lowflow closed system technique with cooper kettle vaporizer, fixed by pre-calculated vaporizing flow in double times intervals. The group II underwent surgical periostal scratching in the medial tibial surface at the proximal shaft. Rabbits breathed spontaneously. Hypotensio, hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis were characteristic of the cardiopulmonary effects of the anesthesia. The corneal reflex and pinch reflex was useful as reliable indicators of anesthesic depth. Manual or mechanical ventilation should be considered as a way of improving alveolar ventilation and normalize blood-gas values. The system developed by Fonseca and Goldenberg was considered suitable for anesthesic management in rabbits.Um sistema circular de anestesia para animais de pequeno porte foi desenvolvido por FONSECA e GOLDENBERG, em 1993. No presente estudo foram utilizados 20 coelhos brancos linhagem Nova Zelândia, submetidos ao sistema com isoflurane, distribuidos em dois grupos de 10 animais. O grupo I, controle, que foi apenas anestesiado e o grupo II foi submetido a raspagem periostal da parte proximal e medial da tíbia. Não foi administrada droga pré-anestésica. Após administração do propofol intravenoso (10mg/kg procedeu-se a intubação endotraqueal. O isuflorane foi administrado lentamente no sistema circular de anestesia. Os animais respiravam espontaneamente. Houve efeitos cardiorespiratórios conseqüentes da anestesia, tais como, hipotensão, hipercapnia e acidose respiratória. O

  6. Description of the last nymphal instar of Talipes appendiculatus (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Membracinae, and notes on the biology of the immatures and adults

    Frederico Lencioni-Neto

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The last instar nymph of Talipes appendiculatus (Fonseca is described and illustrated, and biological data are given on the immatures and adults. The 5th instar nymph has the body covered with tuberculate chalazae; head and thorax without scoli; abdomen with terga III-VIII with single dorsal scoli, all different in size, III and VIII small, V the largest about 2x longer than wide. Descriptions of the adults (male and female are also provided, with the addition of some new characters. The species (adults, immatures of various stages has been collected on branches of Cassia fistula L. (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioidea, and is frequently attended by bees and wasps.

  7. Epigenetic Regulation of microRNA Expression: Targeting the Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Phenotype


    tumorigenesis and promote hormone independence, Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 121 (2010) 293–300. [30] V.A. Salvo, S.M. Boue , J.P. Fonseca, S. Elliott, C...31] M.C. Zimmermann, S.L. Tilghman, S.M. Boue , V.A. Salvo, S. Elliott, K.Y. Williams, E.V. Skripnikova, H. Ashe, F. Payton-Stewart, L. Vanhoy-Rhodes...Payton-Stewart, N.W. Schoene, Y.S. Kim,M.E. Burow, T.E. Cleveland, S.M. Boue , T.T.Wang,Molecular effects of soy phytoalexin glyceollins in human

  8. Six sigma methodologies: implementation and impacts on Portuguese small and medium companies (SMES)

    Fonseca, Luis; Leite, David; Lima, Vanda


    Artigo elaborador no âmbito dos trabalhos decorrentes à dissertação de Mestrado do Aluno David Leite, no Mestrado em Gestão Integrada Qualidade, Ambiente e Segurança, ESTGF-IPP, Oreintados pelos Professores Luís Fonseca (ISEP-IPP) e Vanda Lima (ESTGF-IPP). Abstract: Six Sigma is a disciplined approach for dramatically reducing defects and producing measurable financial results (Anand, 2006; Linderman et al. 2003). It should not be a simple statistical tool, but rather a strategic managemen...

  9. Measurement of the orbital angular momentum density of light by modal decomposition

    Schulze, C


    Full Text Available indices for light fields possessing orbital angular momentum Appl. Phys. Lett. 100 231115 [17] Hickmann J M, Fonseca E J S, Soares W C and Cha´vez-Cerda S 2010 Unveiling a truncated optical lattice associated with a triangular aperture using light’s... fields J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 24 3500–7 [39] Lee W-H 1979 Binary computer-generated holograms Appl. Opt. 18 3661–9 [40] Born M and Wolf E 1991 Principles of Optics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) [41] Berry H G, Gabrielse G and Livingston A E 1977...

  10. A narrativa seriada televisiva: O seriado Mandrake produzido para a TV a cabo HBO

    Lílian Fontes Moreira


    Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende abordar a investigação que se baseia na construção deum seriado produzido exclusivamente para uma TV a cabo, mais especificamente aHBO, baseado num personagem da literatura brasileira que surgiu na década de 60, opersonagem  Mandrake  criado pelo escritor Rubem Fonseca. Faremos, portanto, umtrajeto abordando a televisão como dispositivo audiovisual, seu papel na sociedadecontemporânea, as questões relativas à recepção e as características da narrativa seriadaaplicadas ao seriado em estudo.

  11. Patrimônios Culturais e Imaginários Urbanos: apropriações do espaço público pelos mercados no Rio de Janeiro

    Bitar, Nina Pinheiro


    Nos últimos anos diversos mercados populares vieram a ser reconhecidos como patrimônio “material” e “imaterial” pelo Iphan (Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional). Conjuntamente ao processo de patrimonialização (Fonseca 2005; Gonçalves 2003, 2007, 2008; Leitão 2010), esses espaços urbanos também passam pela chamada “gentrificação” (Bidou-Zachariansen 2006; Leite 2004; Zukin 1989, 2000b, 2008) ou “enobrecimento”. Torna-se primordial compreender como tais transformações são rei...

  12. Dating by fission tracers of some metamorphic rocks within the city of Rio de Janeiro

    Fonseca, A.C.; Poupeau, G.


    Fission-Track (FT) ages were measured in apatites from metamorphic rocks outcropping within the city of Rio de Janeiro. One apatite presented a 'substraction age' of 124 + - 10 my (2σ) and a second one a 'plateau age' of 117 + - 5 my. These ages are supposed to be related to the isostatic uplift related to the opening of the South-Atlantic Ocean. A younger plateau age of 85 + - 5 my might possibly be related to a later readjustment phase. Based on these and Fonseca et al. (1984) results, a cooling history for the rocks in Rio de Janeiro city is proposed. (Author) [pt

  13. Envelhecimento ativo e caracteristicas de personalidade em idosos portugueses

    Santos, Inês Soreano dos


    Os estudos sobre idade adulta, a velhice e o processo de envelhecimento, têm vindo a adquirir um relevo e pertinência neste início do século vinte e um, devido à evolução demográfica que se assiste no mundo ocidental (Fonseca, 2006). Em Portugal, os Censos 2011 (INE, 2011) refletem um perfil demográfico caracterizado por um aumento da população mais idosa e pela diminuição da população mais jovem, motivada sobretudo pela diminuição da natalidade. Este presente estudo pretendeu testar empirica...

  14. Novos gêneros e espécies de ácaros (Mesostigmata, Ixodorhynchidae ectoparasitas de serpentes

    Nélida M. Lizaso


    Full Text Available Ectoparasitic mites on Brazilian non-poisonous snakes, collected from March 1976 to December 1979, are herein reported. A systematic study of the Ixodorhynchidae, which include exclusively parasites of snakes is given, including all immature forms. Two new genera are described: Ophiogongylus gen.n. with two species: Ophiogongylus rotundus sp.n. and Ophiogongylus breviscutum sp.n. and Chironobius gen.n. with two species: Chironobius alvus sp.n. and Chironobius nordestinus sp.n. Ixobioides brachispinosus sp.n. and the male of Ixobioides fonsecae (Fain are also described. Immature forms, hosts relations and geographical distribution are given for the species.

  15. Várias máscaras, a mesma doença

    Santos, C; Ramalho, M; Pedrosa, C; Coutinho, I; Mota, M; Amaral, N; Bernardo, M


    Introdução: a sífilis é uma doença sistémica sexualmente transmissível, causada pela bactéria Treponema pallidum. Conhecida como a grande imitadora, pode afectar qualquer estrutura ocular, sendo que muitas vezes as manifestações oftalmológicas apontam no sentido do diagnóstico. Materiais e Métodos: Análise retrospectiva dos processos clínicos de casos confirmados e presuntivos de sifilis ocular observados na Consulta de Inflamação Ocular do Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando da Fonseca, EPE en...

  16. A new Paxillus MacLeay, 1819 (Coleoptera: Passalidae: Passalinae from the state of Amazonas, Brazil Um novo Paxillus MacLeay, 1819 (Coleoptera: Passalidae: Passalinae do Estado do Amazonas, Brasil

    Claudio Ruy Vasconcelos da Fonseca


    Full Text Available Paxillus is a neotropical genus belonging to the subfamily Passalinae widespread from Mexico to Argentina. Brazil is known to harbor five species belonging to this genus with most of them presenting at head a flattened central tubercle lacking a free apex. However, one of these species, Paxillus macrocerus Reyes-Castillo & Fonseca, differs from that pattern by having a long central tubercle with a completely free apex. The present study describes and illustrates another new species, which has been found in the Brazilian Amazon, showing this same characteristic.Paxillus é um gênero neotropical pertencente à subfamília Passalinae, distribuído do México até a Argentina. No Brasil são conhecidas cinco espécies desse gênero, a maioria delas apresentando um tubérculo central achatado sem ápice livre. Entretanto, uma dessas espécies, Paxillus macrocerus Reyes-Castillo & Fonseca, apresenta um padrão diferente, tendo em vista que possui um tubérculo central longo com o ápice completamente livre. O presente estudo descreve e ilustra outra espécie nova, a qual foi encontrada na Amazônia brasileira, que apresenta essa mesma característica.

  17. O ofício do procurador geral das missões e a formação de redes sociais da Companhia de Jesus nas missões do Grão-Pará e Maranhão = The office of the attorney general of missions and the formation of networks of the Society of Jesus in missions of the Grão-Pará and Maranhão

    Joaquim, Mariana Alliatti


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem como foco de investigação a função exercida por um ex-missionário da Companhia de Jesus no Brasil, integrante do grupo de jesuítas expulsos da Vice-Província do Grão Pará e Maranhão encarcerado na prisão de São Julião da Barra, a partir da expulsão em 1759. O Padre Bento da Fonseca, neste momento, atuava em Lisboa como procurador geral das missões da Vice-Província do Grão-Pará e Maranhão, junto a autoridades civis e eclesiásticas. Desta forma, objetiva-se enquadrar o cargo do procurador geral das missões da Companhia de Jesus na formação e consolidação de redes socioeconômicas e de poder entre os jesuítas e os vários setores da sociedade lusitana. A partir do conceito de redes sociais, conforme definiram Barnes (1987, Castells (2011 e Elias (1994, far-se-á uma seleção e análise evolutiva da correspondência e de outros escritos de Bento da Fonseca, complementada com a análise sincrônica de outros textos produzidos

  18. Taxonomic notes on some Polyglyptini: descriptions of new genus and new species (Homoptera, Membracidae, Smiliinae

    Albino M. Sakakibara


    Full Text Available Taxonomic notes on some Polyglyptini; descriptions of new genus and new species (Homoptera, Membracidae, Smiliinae. The genera Hemiptycha Germar, Metheisa Fowler, Maturnaria Metcalf, Aphetea Fowler, Dioclophara Kirkaldy, and Phormophora Stål, are redescribed; Creonus, gen.n. (type species: Maturna lloydi Funkhouser, 1914, and Aphetea robustula, sp.n. (from Bolivia, are described. Some nomenclatural changes are introduced, as follow: - Hemiptycha Germar, 1833 = Polyrhyssa Stål, 1869, syn.n.: - Hemiptycha cultrata (Coquebert, 1801, comb.n., = Polyglyptodes flavocostatus Haviland, 1925, syn.n., = Polyrhyssa cultrata maculata Fonseca, 1942, syn.n. - Hemiptycha obtecta (Fabricius, 1803 = Hille herbicola Haviland, 1925, syn.n. - Maturnaria ephippigera (Fairmaire, 1846 = Publilia tumulata Buckton, 1903, syn.n., = Metheisa fowleri Funkhouser, 1927, syn.n. - Creonus lloydi (Funkhouser, 1914, comb.n. - Aphetea parvula (Fabricius, 1803, comb.n., = Aphetea affinis Haviland, 1925, syn.n. - Dioclophara Kirkaldy, 1904 = lncolea Goding, 1926, syn.n. - Dioclophara viridula (Fairmaire, 1846 = Maturna multilineata Fonseca, 1942, syn.n. - Dioclophara variegata (Goding, 1926, comb.n. = lncolea viridis Goding, 1926, syn.n. - Phormophora maura (Fabricius, 1803 = Darnis dorsata Fabricius, 1803, syn.n.

  19. Geology of the Pavana geothermal area, Departamento de Choluteca, Honduras, Central America: Field report

    Eppler, D.B.; Heiken, G.; Wohletz, K.; Flores, W.; Paredes, J.R.; Duffield, W.A.


    The Pavana geothermal area is located in southern Honduras near the Gulf of Fonseca. This region is underlain by late Tertiary volcanic rocks. Within ranges near the geothermal manifestations, the rock sequences is characterized by intermediate to mafic laharic breccias and lavas overlain by silicic tuffs and lavas, which are in turn overlain by intermediate to mafic breccias, lavas, and tuffs. The nearest Quaternary volcanoes are about 40 km to the southwest, where the chain of active Central American volcanoes crosses the mouth of the Gulf of Fonseca. Structure of the Pavana area is dominated by generally northwest-trending, southwest-dipping normal faults. This structure is topographically expressed as northwest-trending escarpments that bound blocks of bedrock separated by asymmetric valleys that contain thin alluvial deposits. Thermal waters apparently issue from normal faults and are interpreted as having been heated during deep circulation along fault zones within a regional environment of elevated heat flow. Natural outflow from the main thermal area is about 3000 l/min of 60/sup 0/C water. Geothermometry of the thermal waters suggests a reservoir base temperature of about 150/sup 0/C.

  20. Da ordem. Da cidade. Da literatura: personagens à beira do "ruim do mundo"

    Eliana Kuster


    Full Text Available As grandes cidades estão doentes. Seus sintomas: a quebra da sociabilidade e a irrupção rotineira da violência. Diante disso, ecoa na sociedade um clamor por ordem. No mesmo momento em que a polícia põe a tropa na rua, os literatos criam personagens que dão voz à sensação crescente de que a cidade está deixando de ser uma referência à constituição das identidades urbanas. É a partir da literatura, em especial da obra do escritor Rubem Fonseca, que iremos perscrutar as possibilidades apresentadas pela cidade para o convívio humano.The great cities are sick. Its indications: the sociability in addition and the routine irruption of the violence. Ahead of this, a outcry for order echoes in the society. At the same moment where the policy goes to the street, the writers create personages who give voice to the increasing sensation of that the city is leaving of being a reference to the constitution of the urban identities. It is from literature, in special of the writer Rubem Fonseca, that we will go to investigate the possibilities presented for the city for the human conviviality.


    Raquel Álvares Leão


    Full Text Available Mining activities for urbanization purposes have been practiced in the BrazilianFederal District for the last fifty years. Exploitation of sand, clay, stones, calcareous rocks,and gravel deposits resulted in 0.6% of the territory degraded by mining. Deposits explored inthe last ten years have been reclaimed as demanded by local laws.The natural restoration of areas degraded by mining explotation is unpraticable,because the seed-bed and seedlings-bed is very injuried. Also the superficial layers of soil aretaken off, causing loss of microorganism like fungi, which contributes for environmental’squality improvement for the vegetation reestablishment (Vargas & Hungria, 1997.Fortunatelly, environmental laws oblige miners to replace these superficial layers of soil(CREA-DF Cursos, 2004.The recovering of a degradaded area doesn’t necessarily mean restoration. Restorationonly happens when the damage is minimal, for example, a glade opened by the death of a tree(Fonseca et al., 2001. When an area is hardly damaged, the vegetal climax community,resulting from secondary succession, will never be the same as the one standed there before(CREA-DF Cursos, 2004; Fonseca et al., 2001. In the case of areas degraded by mining,human intervention is necessary, because the vegetation has lost its resilience, and is not ableto commence a secondary succession by itself.

  2. Seismic sources in El Salvador. A geological and geodetic contribution

    Alonso-Henar, J.; Martínez-Díaz, J. J.; Benito, B.; Alvarez-Gomez, J. A.; Canora, C.; Capote, R.; Staller, A.; Tectónica Activa, Paleosismicidad y. Riesgos Asociados UCM-910368


    El Salvador Fault Zone is a deformation band of 150 km long and 20 km wide within the Salvadorian volcanic arc. This shear band distributes the deformation between main strike-slip faults trending N90°-100°E and around 30 km long, and secondary normal faults trending between N120°E and N170°E. The ESFZ continues westward and is relieved by the Jalpatagua Fault. Eastward ESFZ becomes less clear disappearing at Golfo de Fonseca. The ESFZ deforms and offsets quaternary deposits with a right lateral movement in its main segments. Five segments have been proposed for the whole fault zone, from the Jalpatagua Fault to the Golfo de Fonseca. Paleoseismic studies in the Berlin and San Vicente Segments reveal an important amount of quaternary deformation. In fact, the San Vicente Segment was the source of the February 13, 2001 destructive earthquake. In this work we propose 18 capable seismic sources within El Salvador. The slip rate of each source has been obtained through out the combination of GPS data and paleoseismic data when it has been possible. We also have calculated maximum theoretical intensities produced by the maximum earthquakes related with each fault. We have taken into account several scenarios considering different possible surface rupture lengths up to 50 km and Mw 7.6 in some of the strike slip faults within ESFZ.

  3. Measurement of electric field distribution along the plasma column in Microwave jet discharges at atmospheric pressure

    Razzak, M. Abdur; Takamura, Shuichi; Tsujikawa, Takayuki; Shibata, Hideto; Hatakeyama, Yuto


    A new technique for the direct measurement of electric field distribution along the plasma column in microwave jet discharges is developed and employed. The technique is based on a servomotor-controlled reciprocating antenna moving along the nozzle axis and plasma column. The measurement technique is applied to a rectangular waveguide-based 2.45 GHz argon and helium plasma jets generated by using the modified TIAGO nozzle at atmospheric pressure with a microwave power of less than 500 W. The measurement has been done with and without igniting the plasma jet in order to investigate the standing wave propagation along the nozzle axis and plasma column. It is observed that the electric field decay occurs slowly in space with plasma ignition than that of without plasma, which indicates the surface electromagnetic wave propagation along the plasma column in order to sustain the plasma jet. This study enables one to design, determine and optimize the size and structure of launcher nozzle, which plays an important role for the stable and efficient microwave plasma generators. (author)

  4. A rota como memória

    Patrick Fraysse

    Full Text Available No contexto de estudo do patrimônio por um ponto de vista comunicacional, este artigo permitiu-nos visualisar um objeto de comunicação por excelência « a estrada » como portador de informação a decifrar e a interpretar um documento, mas também como um repositário da memória coletiva, quer dizer um monumento. Paralelamente, a patrimonialização dos monumentos, dos conjuntos arquiteturais e sobretudo dos itinerários que os religam, dito de outra maneira, da estrada, assim como a sua documentarização (relatos de viagens, guias, bancos de dados participam de uma nova institucionalização da memória integrante também das estradas míticas como o caminho de São Tiago na França ou a famosa estrada 66 nos Estados-Unidos.

  5. Study of the potential of carbon credits to SHP CDM projects based on evolution of installed capacity (2010 - 2019); Estudo do potencial de receitas decorrentes de creditos de carbono provenientes de projetos de MDL para PCHs com base na evolucao da potencia instalada (2010 - 2019)

    Pieroni, Marcela Fernandes [Centro Nacional de Referencia em Pequenas Centrais Hidreletricas (CERPCH/UNIFEI), Itajuba, MG (Brazil); Barros, Regina Mambeli; Tiago Filho, Geraldo Lucio [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (IRN/UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Recursos Naturais


    This study aims to assess the generation of carbon credits from projects under the clean development mechanism of small hydropower (SHP), based on studies of the evolution of installed capacity for these new developments over the next nine years. For this reason, two hypotheses and two scenarios were considered in order to better represent the reality of revenue generation over the years. The first hypothesis considers the development of small hydro power installed according to the Ten Year Plan for Expansion of Energy 2019. The second hypothesis considers the study of Tiago Filho, Barros e Silva (2009) about growth of installed capacity based on the gross national product (GNP). The simulation of revenues from carbon credits was done using the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel for Michellis Jr (2010). The results showed that the forecast of growth of SHP performed based on GNP (hypothesis 1) is more conservative, thus leading to a lower potential of carbon credits, about 4.113.957 tCO{sub 2} avoided. Already the results of hypothesis 2 showed a total of 3.247.717 tCO{sub 2} avoided. (author)

  6. Low-cost in vitro fertilization: current insights

    Teoh PJ


    Full Text Available Pek Joo Teoh, Abha MaheshwariAberdeen Fertility Centre, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UKAbstract: Despite the development of in vitro fertilization (IVF more than 30 years ago, the cost of treatment remains high. Furthermore, over the years, more sophisticated technologies and expensive medications have been introduced, making IVF increasingly inaccessible despite the increasing need. Globally, the option to undergo IVF is only available to a privileged few. In recent years, there has been growing interest in exploring strategies to reduce the cost of IVF treatment, which would allow the service to be provided in low-resource settings. In this review, we explore the various ways in which the cost of this treatment can be reduced.Keywords: IVF, low-cost, accessible, developing world

  7. Land And Forest Area Changes In The Vicinity Of The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Central Wetlands Region, 1935-2010


    2001,. Llf’lll•r•• fNoJ’C• IIO~I’tf~.f-.\\ ~~~~~~pen~lllfllr-0111 tn&:oJOO&)· v__s.~t~sc .. l!llftt ll’fUIIV!JOI’$ lh:~) Olt i’:’~ l!HQ,.OOQ.l! D...911/:!oot l009.7 ’li.Uf7010 l<HO 1 I. &et!Jil·•·~ tt3S•ltS8 &tnfl·~ lt.S$·1965 lCIC>niO~ 19 Olt 8lll.4 fM 1909,7 󈧏>1 9\\4t


    Darra Pradita Hidayat


    Full Text Available This research refers to a previous study conducted by Matthew S. Crow, Chang-Bae Lee Jae-Jin and Joo (2011 and completed by Andy Myhill & Ben Bradford (2012. This research is about “The Impact of Organizational Justice to Affective Commitment mediated by Job Satisfaction on Banking Companies In Jakarta”. The background of this research is to analyze the Affective Commitment as determining factors dedication and loyalty in banking industry. The purpose of this research was to examine the impact of Organizational Justice to Affective Commitment mediated by Job Satisfaction. The design of this research using primary data obtained by distributing questionnaires to 130 employees of Private Bank in Jakarta. Data analysis method used in this research is Structural Equation Model (SEM. The results of this research concluded that there is a positive effect of Organizational Justice, Procedural Justice, Distributive Justice, Interactional Justice against Affective Commitment through Job Satisfaction.

  9. A case report of suicidal behavior related to subclinical hyperthyroidism

    Joo SH


    Full Text Available Soo-Hyun Joo, Jong-Hyun Jeong, Seung-Chul HongDepartment of Psychiatry, St Vincent's Hospital, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, KoreaAbstract: Abnormalities in thyroid function are associated with many psychiatric symptoms. We present a report of a 15-year-old girl who was admitted to the psychiatry inpatient unit with symptoms of suicidal behavior, irritability, and impulsivity. One year previously, she had become more short-tempered, and had started to cut her wrists impulsively. Laboratory tests revealed subclinical hyperthyroidism. She was treated with anxiolytic and antithyroid drugs, and her suicidal ideation and irritability resolved. This case demonstrates that subclinical hyperthyroidism can be associated with suicidal behavior as well as overt hyperthyroidism. Early intervention is required to prevent suicidal behavior in patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism.Keywords: suicidal behavior, subclinical hyperthyroidism, anxiolytics

  10. Brazilian daycares: weighing the risks and benefits.

    Marchand, D


    The number of day care centers in Brazil has doubled over the last few years; with this increase has come a rise in the numbers of cases of communicable disease, particularly pneumonia (the main cause of child mortality in Brazil). A study by Dr. Walter V.C. da Fonseca states that a day care child is 5 times more likely to contact pneumonia. However, since the income earned by women in Brazil today is necessary to meet basic needs, children must be left at home with relatives or sent to day care. Most of the centers taking in children under 6 years of age are urban; they care for, on average, 125-200 children. These children are usually from low income families who live on the outskirts of cities; free day care is only provided to working mothers. There are 3 social factors involved: the greater number of single-parent families, more households supported solely by the mother, and an economic crisis that has hit the poor particularly hard. Financial and administrative responsibility for these centers varies. The centers provide meals, baths, rest, education (including some special education services), and health care (doctors, dentists, and nurses). Some accept abandoned children, who are cared for until they are adopted. However, new studies indicate that the centers represent the primary risk factor for respiratory illnesses and were, until recently, the principal causes of diarrhea and child mortality. An ongoing comparative study by da Fonseca is analyzing the incidence rates of respiratory and infectious diseases among 400 children attending a nursery in Fortaleza in comparison to those for 400 cared for at home by family. Doctor Aluiso Barros, in another study, is observing 1000 children in 40 nurseries in Campinas. For 8 weeks, data was collected on the health, socioeconomic situation, medical history, and family medical history of each child. The nurseries were examined and information was collected regarding the number of diseases reported each month, their

  11. Confirmatory factorial analysis of TEOSQp / Análise factorial confirmatória do TEOSQp

    Helder M. Fernandes


    Full Text Available The present research assessed the reliability, factorial validity and measurement invariance (by gender of the Portuguese version of TEOSQ –Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire (Fonseca & Biddle, 2001. Data were collected from 1010 physical education students with a mean age of 15.42 ( SD=1.91. Factorial and invariance measurements were tested via confirmatory factorial analysis. Results supported internal consistency for the two proposed subscales (task and ego. Based on modification indices and theoretical justification the TEOSQ p was reduced to 12 items with better goodness-of-fit indices for the oblique model. The results of gender invariance did not provide full empirical support to the multi-group equivalence assumption, being suggested that TEOSQ p does not measure in the same way goal orientations for boys (orthogonal model and girls (oblique model. In light of these results, conceptual, empirical and practical issues were discussed.

  12. Leadership Management Personnel in Primary Education Subsystem. EU. “Dr. Amilcar Fonseca”

    Yajaira Esperanza Araujo Araujo


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to determine the leadership of the management staff in the subsystem of primary education Educational Unit "Dr. Amílcar Fonseca "County Candelaria Trujillo state. The study was descriptive type that helped deepen understanding, knowledge and variable information posed: leadership, using a field design because the information was obtained on the same site the facts; ie, where the school was delimited research. In relation to the sample population worked with 43 teachers working in the institution to which they applied an instrument type questionnaire composed of multiple alternative 36 items and its validation was granted three (03 experts who verified the compliance methodological criteria required for that purpose. While reliability was 0.98 using Cronbach alpha coefficient. The results showed that on campus management does not use different types of leadership; It was concluded that the relevant time current educational managers must combine different paradigms in his leadership.

  13. A new species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from North Carolina with additional records for North Carolina and Virginia

    Kondratieff, B.C.; Zuellig, R.E.; Lenat, D.R.


    Twenty-eight species of Nearctic Perlesta are currently recognized (Stark 1989, 2004; Kondratieff et al. 2006, 2008; Grubbs and DeWalt 2008, Grubbs and DeWalt 2011, Kondratieff and Myers 2011). Interestingly, but needing confirmation, Perlesta has been recently recorded from Central America (Gutiérrez-Fonseca and Springer 2011). Continued collecting and study of Perlesta from North Carolina by the authors revealed one additional undescribed species. Ten species of Perlesta currently have been recorded from North Carolina (Stark 1989, 2004, Kondratieff et al. 2006, 2008, Grubbs and DeWalt 2008). Additionally, new Perlesta species records are given for Virginia. The terminology used in the description of the male adult follows Stark (1989, 2004).

  14. MESSIANISMO E CULTURA DE BEM-ESTAR SOCIAL NAS NAÇÕES UNIDAS: poder, violência e políticas públicas na construção da identidade onusiana

    Elisabete Cristina Cruvello da Silveira


    Full Text Available The article aims to discuss the affinities and ambiguities between messianism and welfare culture within the United Nations, around the following question: how power, violence and public policies conform specifically in their space, manifesting itself in its identity? The discussion is systematized in two articulated axes: Brazilian flagship identity and the international conjuncture of the past and present. Points out International Relations Analysts, that contributed to the historical interpretation, as Bauman, Moniz Bandeira, Fonseca Júnior, Garcia, Bertrand and Senarclens. It verifies that the United Nations cover a dialectic of identities, depending on the lens adopted by an analyst for its interpretation and the type of service it provides to Member States. It concludes that, power, violence and public policies configure the bulge of the United Nations as an institution dedicated to the dissemination of the Messianic ideals and culture of social welfare.

  15. Indústria de notícias: capitalismo e novas tecnologias no jornalismo contemporâneo (News Industry: Capitalism and new technologies in contemporary journalism

    Thais de Mendonça Jorge


    Full Text Available The thesis was the winner of the Capes Award in the area of Applied Social Sciences in 2006, with the original title of O Jornalismo no conglomerado de mídia: reestruturação produtiva sob o capitalismo global (Journalism in the media conglomeration: production restructuring under global capitalism. For editorial reasons, it became Indústria de notícias: capitalismo e novas tecnologias no jornalismo contemporâneo (News industry: capitalism and new technologies in contemporary journalism, a name which doubtlessly better expresses the results which the author obtained in her academic work. We are really in a period of mass production of news, as in a factory or in the post-Fordian assembly line which Fonseca points to, and the objective of this great network, for which the electronic machines supply the power, is profit.

  16. Indústria de notícias: capitalismo e novas tecnologias no jornalismo contemporâneo (News Industry: Capitalism and new technologies in contemporary journalism

    Thais de Mendonça Jorge


    Full Text Available The thesis was the winner of the Capes Award in the area ofApplied Social Sciences in 2006, with the original title of O Jornalismo no conglomerado de mídia: reestruturação produtiva sob o capitalismo global (Journalism in the media conglomeration: production restructuring under global capitalism. For editorial reasons, it became Indústria de notícias: capitalismo e novas tecnologias no jornalismo contemporâneo (News industry: capitalism and new technologies in contemporary journalism, a name which doubtlessly better expresses the results which the author obtained in her academic work. We are really in a period of mass production of news, as in a factory or in the post-Fordian assembly line which Fonseca points to, and the objective of this great network, for which the electronic machines supply the power, is profit.

  17. Effective two-body equations for the four-body problem with exact treatment of (2+2)-subsystem contributions

    Haberzettl, H.; Sandhas, W.


    Effective two-body equations for the four-body problem are derived within the general N-body theory of Alt, Grassberger, and Sandhas. In contrast to usual treatments, the final expressions do not require separable (2+2) subamplitudes but incorporate these exactly. All four-body amplitudes can be calculated from the solution of a single integral equation for the reaction (3+1)→(3+1). With single-term separable approximations for the two-particle and the (3+1) subsystem amplitudes the driving terms of the final equations are seen to reduce to those of the field-theoretical model by Fonseca and Shanley. Since our results are based on an exact and complete N-body theory, the investigation of subsystem reaction mechanisms is facilitated. As a consequence, we are led to a three-particle propagator which has the right pole behavior and includes exchange effects

  18. Crítica de Libros.

    Ramón Esteban Arnáiz; Mauricio Jalón; Fernando Colina Pérez; José Antonio Espina Barrio


    Robert GAUPP, El caso Wagner, Madrid, Asociación Española de Neuropsiquiatría, 1998. Ramón Esteban Arnáiz Pierre JANET, L’automatisme psychologique, París, Odile Jacob, 1998. Mauricio Jalón Pedro LAÍN ENTRALGO, La historia clínica.Historia y teoría del relato patográfico, Madrid, Triacastela, 1998. Ramón Esteban Arnáiz Henry EY, Estudios sobre los delirios, Madrid, Tricastela, 1998. Fernando Colina L. E. FONSECA FÁBREGAS, «Las Formas del Círculo»-Test Proyectivo Psicodramático, Barcelona, L.E...

  19. The translator’s decisions and the expression of focus in two translations into Spanish of a Brazilian short story

    Paulo Antonio Pinheiro-Correa


    Full Text Available El estudio compara dos traducciones al español del cuento El globo fantasma, del escritor brasileño Rubem Fonseca. En concreto, se analizan las discrepancias en el orden de palabras en la expresión de la función pragmática foco entre las dos traducciones con el objetivo de explorar la traducción de elementos del dominio de la pragmática en el par traductivo portugués-español. El trabajo se basa en la Gramática Funcional de Dik (1989, 1997 y los resultados ponen en evidencia diferencias en el funcionamiento de la interfaz sintaxis-pragmática entre las dos lenguas y muestran que el foco informativo puede ocupar distintas posiciones en la oración en español según las decisiones traductivas del traductor que atienden a regularidades discursivas de cada variedad.

  20. Personality traits and theory of mind: Performance data of a Spanish sample of university students

    José M. Gavilán


    Full Text Available This article allows consulting the performance data of 96 Spanish university students in two personality questionnaires and two theory of mind (ToM tasks. Personality dimensions were evaluated through the OPERAS questionnaire (Vigil-Colet et al., 2013 [1], which evaluates global personality through 5 scales: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to experience, and the ESQUIZO-Q questionnaire (Fonseca-Pedrero et al., 2010 [2], which assesses schizotypy by means of 10 subscales: ideas of reference, magical thinking, unusual perceptual experiences, odd thinking and language, paranoid ideation, physical anhedonia, social anhedonia, odd behavior, lack of close friends, and excessive social anxiety. The ability to attribute/infer mental states, i.e. ToM, was measured through two computerized tasks: the revised Reading the Mind in the Eyes (Baron-Cohen et al., 1997, 2001 [3,4], and the Director's task (Keysar et al., 2000, 2003; Dumontheil et al., 2010 [5–7].

  1. Comparative morphology and identification key for females of nine Sarcophagidae species (Diptera with forensic importance in Southern Brazil

    Karine Pinto e Vairo


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe identification of female flesh flies was always considered a difficult task since morphological descriptions and keys for females are rare. Even in a forensic entomology framework, where females play a major role, female flesh flies are usually not identified. In order to fill this gap in Southern Brazil fauna we provide detailed descriptions and key for the female of nine species included in four genera: Microcerella halli (Engel, Oxysarcodexia paulistanensis (Mattos, Oxysarcodexia riograndensis (Lopes, Peckia (Euboettcheria australis (Townsend, Peckia(Euboettcheria florencioi (Prado and Fonseca, Peckia (Pattonella intermutans (Walker, Peckia(Pattonella resona (Lopes, Peckia (Sarcodexia lambens (Wiedemann, and Sarcophaga(Bercaea africa (Wiedemann. These species are distinguished mainly by genital characters as tergite 6 divided or undivided, presence of tergite 8, spermatheca morphology and vaginal plate shape.


    Tadeu Celestino


    Full Text Available The pursuit of perfection has been one of the challenges that always was followed by the human being. Currently no one is indifferent to the systematic and exceptional performances of athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer, Simone Luder Niglli and Thierry Gueorgiou (orienteering, Usain Bolt (athletics, Michael Phelps (swimming among many others, and whose characteristics, capabilities and development paths up immediately a great admiration and curiosity to know: how they developed these abilities? What characteristics and skills makes them so exceptional? How can maintain their high performance? In this sense the results have been showing that the development of excellence in sport has its origins in childhood and it is the result of an investment and long-term commitment (Barreiros, Côté, & Fonseca, 2013. But there are few studies focusing in some manner as orienteering.Objectives: This study aims to identify characteristics and peculiarities that mark the path of a group of excellent athletes in orienteering.

  3. Revisão do gênero Potnia Stål (Homoptera, Membracidae, Membracinae, Hoplophorionini Revision of the genus Potnia Stål (Homoptera, Membracidae, Membracinae, Hoplophorionini

    Antônio J Creão-Duarte


    Full Text Available Fifteen species of Potnia Stål, 1866 are presented with descriptions, illustrations and a key for identification. The following nomenclatural changes are introduced: P. knightae sp.n. (from Guiana, P. miracyae sp.n. (from Costa Rica, P. diringshofeni sp.n. (from Brasil, P. webbi sp.n. (from Brazil, P. turrialbensis sp.n. (from Costa Rica, P. pinheiroi sp.n. (from Brazil, P. tapuruquarensis sp.n. (from Brasil, P. cornigera sp.n. (from Brazil and P. inca sp.n. (from Peru. Potnia venosa (Germar, 1821 = Aconophora nigrivittata Walker, 1851, syn.n. = Potnia perobtusa Fowler, 1894, syn.n.. Potnia brevicornis Fowler, 1894, sp. reval. = Potnia brunneifrontis Funkhouser, 1943, syn.n. = Potnia maculata Funkhouser, 1943, syn.n.. Potnia jacula (Fabricius, 1803 = Potnia orthosoma Fonseca & Diringshofen, 1974, syn.n.

  4. Comentários e Notícias

    BAD, Cadernos


    • Disposições que regulam o exame de admissão ao curso de Bibliotecário-Arquivistas• Júri do exame de aptidão ao Curso de Bibliotecário-Arquivista• Actividade da Comissão Técnica Portuguesa de Normalização (CT-7).• Estágios no CDCU. (1) Regulamento• O complexo problema do livro português. O Instituto Nacional do Livro e da Bibliografia Portuguesa• Criação da «Casa-Biblioteca Tomaz da Fonseca»• Novas bibliotecas municipais em Lisboa• Arquivo Distrital de Aveiro• Fichas de Documentação - um ser...

  5. Personality traits and theory of mind: Performance data of a Spanish sample of university students.

    Gavilán, José M; Haro, Juan


    This article allows consulting the performance data of 96 Spanish university students in two personality questionnaires and two theory of mind (ToM) tasks. Personality dimensions were evaluated through the OPERAS questionnaire (Vigil-Colet et al., 2013) [1], which evaluates global personality through 5 scales: extraversion , agreeableness , conscientiousness , emotional stability , openness to experience , and the ESQUIZO-Q questionnaire (Fonseca-Pedrero et al., 2010) [2], which assesses schizotypy by means of 10 subscales: ideas of reference , magical thinking , unusual perceptual experiences , odd thinking and language , paranoid ideation , physical anhedonia , social anhedonia , odd behavior , lack of close friends , and excessive social anxiety . The ability to attribute/infer mental states, i.e. ToM, was measured through two computerized tasks: the revised Reading the Mind in the Eyes (Baron-Cohen et al., 1997, 2001) [3], [4], and the Director's task (Keysar et al., 2000, 2003; Dumontheil et al., 2010) [5-7].

  6. Retinopathy of prematurity: results from 10 years in a single neonatal intensive care unit

    Inês Coutinho


    Full Text Available Introduction: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP is a vasoproliferative disorder of the retina of preterm newborns and is an important and preventable cause of visual impairment in childhood. This study aimed to assess the incidence and main risk factors associated with the development of ROP in the last 10 years at Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca in Lisbon, Portugal.Methods: Observational and retrospective study conducted between 2005 and 2014 at Hospital Prof. Doctor Fernando Fonseca. The study included newborns of gestational age < 32 weeks. We analyzed maternal, prenatal and neonatal factors associated with the development of ROP. Statistical analysis were performed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS® software. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed and a multiple logistic regression model was carried out with a significance level α = 0.05.Results: 527 premature infants with a gestational age < 32 weeks were studied, of which 165 developed ROP. 60 of these patients needed treatment. In the univariate analysis, the risk factors for the development of ROP were maternal infection in pregnancy, low birth weight, low gestational age, low Apgar score at 5 minutes, need for oxygen therapy until the 28th day of life, a high score on the CRIB and SNAPPE2 scales, use of surfactant, respiratory distress syndrome, persistence of patent ductus arteriosus, peri-intraventricular hemorrhage and neonatal sepsis. In the multiple logistic regression analysis, risk factors for ROP were the presence of neonatal sepsis, respiratory distress syndrome, persistence of patent ductus arteriosus and a high score on the neonatal SNAPPE2 scale.Conclusions: We found a ROP incidence rate of 31.3%, with risk factors similar to those observed in other studies.

  7. Clinical features of adolescents with deliberate self-harm: A case control study in Lisbon, Portugal

    Diogo F Guerreiro


    Full Text Available Diogo F Guerreiro, Ema L Neves, Rita Navarro, Raquel Mendes, Ana Prioste, Diana Ribeiro, Tiago Lila, António Neves, Mónica Salgado, Nazaré Santos, Daniel SampaioYouth Suicide Study Group (NES, The Hospital Santa Maria, Psychiatry Department, Lisbon Faculty of Medicine, PortugalAbstract: Deliberate self-harm (DSH among adolescents is a high-risk condition for suicide. The aim of the present study is to describe the characteristic clinical features of adolescents with DSH according to our local context (Lisbon, Portugal, using easily available information from clinical settings. A case control study was constructed from a sample of 100 adolescents (aged 12 to 21 years. The sample was divided into two groups: adolescents with and without DSH. Case files were examined and data was completed by clinical interviews. Demographic, psychosocial, and psychopathological data were assessed and compared. Ninety-eight subjects completed the protocol. The DSH group was associated with the following: suicidal ideation or suicidal behavior as consultation motive, emergency room referral, previous follow-up attempts, suicidal ideation, psychosocial difficulties, or lack of therapeutic goals. There was a nonsignificant trend towards diagnosis of depression in the DSH group. These results reflect our clinical practice with adolescents and add data about teenagers who self-harm to the literature. Prevention and early recognition of DSH (and frequently associated depression in adolescents are essential and could be life-saving measures. An integrated approach, which takes into account psychosocial difficulties, family dysfunction, and negative expectations, seems to be of great importance.Keywords: deliberate self-harm, suicide, adolescents, suicide risk, case control

  8. Orthotopic liver transplantation after the combined use of locoregional therapy and sorafenib for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

    Yoo EJ


    Full Text Available Eun Jin Yoo,1,* Hye Sun Shin,1,* Seung Up Kim,1,2,7 Dong Jin Joo,3,4 Jun Yong Park,1,2,7 Gi Hong Choi,3 Do Young Kim,1,2,7 Sang Hoon Ahn,1,2,7 Jinsil Seong,5 Myung Joo Koh,6 Kwang-Hyub Han,1,2,7 Chae Yoon Chon1,2,7 1Department of Internal Medicine, 2Institute of Gastroenterology, 3Department of Surgery, 4Research Institute for Transplantation, 5Department of Radiation Oncology, 6Department of Pathology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea; 7Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Research Center, Seoul, South Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: We herein report a patient with advanced hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC beyond the Milan criteria. He underwent orthotopic liver transplantation after successful HCC downstaging that satisfied the University of California, San Francisco criteria, using concurrent chemoradiation therapy with a combination of repeated hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy (HAIC and sorafenib. A 52-year-old male was diagnosed with advanced hepatitis B virus-related HCC beyond the Milan criteria. He underwent concurrent chemoradiation therapy (50 Gy with 20 fractions over 5 weeks with HAIC using 5-fluorouracil at a dose of 500 mg/day, which was administered during the first and fifth weeks of radiation therapy as an initial treatment modality. This was followed by the combined use of HAIC using 5-fluorouracil (500 mg/m2 for 5 hours on days 1–3 and cisplatin (60 mg/m2 for 2 hours on day 2 every 4 weeks (twelve cycles and sorafenib (from the third to the twelfth cycle of HAIC to treat the remaining HCC. Because a remarkable decrease in the tumor burden that satisfied the University of California, San Francisco criteria was observed after these combination treatments, the patient underwent orthotopic liver transplantation with curative aim and survived for 11 months without evidence of HCC recurrence. Keywords: hepatocellular carcinoma, liver transplantation

  9. Analyticity properties of two-body helicity amplitudes; Proprietes d'analyticite des amplitudes d'helicite a deux corps

    Navelet-Noualhier, H [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Helicity amplitudes are expressed via the spinor amplitudes in terms of the Joos invariant which have been shown by Williams to be free from kinematical singularities. This procedure allows to analyze the kinematical singularities of helicity amplitudes and separate them out, which results into the definition of regularized helicity amplitudes. A crossing matrix for helicity amplitudes, is written down, corresponding to the continuation path used to cross spinor amplitudes. We verify explicitly that the corresponding crossing matrix for regularized helicity amplitudes is uniform as it should be. Kinematical constraints which generalize, to the case of arbitrary spins and masses, relations which must hold between helicity amplitudes at some values of the energy variable in {pi}N {yields} {pi}N, {pi}{pi} {yields} NN-bar and NN-bar {yields} NN-bar reactions, appear as a consequence of the existence of poles in the crossing matrix between regularized helicity amplitudes. An english version of this work has been written with G. Cohen-Tannoudji and A. Morel and submitted for publication to Annals of Physics. (author) [French] Les amplitudes d'helicite pour une reaction a deux corps sont exprimees, par l'intermediaire des amplitudes spinorielles, en fonction d'amplitudes invariantes de Joos qui sont, comme l'a montre Williams, sans singularites cinematiques. Ce procede nous permet d'analyser puis d'eliminer les singularites cinematiques des amplitudes d'helicite. Ceci nous conduit a la definition d'amplitudes d'helicite 'regularisees'. Une relation de 'croisement' entre amplitudes d'helicite est ecrite; elle realise leur prolongement analytique le long du chemin utilise pour 'croiser' les amplitudes spinorielles. Nous verifions que les elements de la matrice de croisement entre amplitudes d'helicite 'regularisees' sont bien uniformes. Les contraintes cinematiques qui generalisent, au cas de masses et de spins arbitraires, les relations obtenues dans les reactions {pi

  10. Behaviour of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, Triton X-100 and Triton X-114 in mixed monolayer at the (water–air) interface

    Szymczyk, Katarzyna; Zdziennicka, Anna; Krawczyk, Joanna; Jańczuk, Bronisław


    Graphical abstract: Synergetic effect of the binary and ternary mixtures of surfactants at their concentration equal to 1 · 10 −5 M in the reduction of the water surface tension. -- Highlights: • Joos equation modified by us is useful for the ternary mixtures of surfactant. • Composition of the CTAB + TX-100 + TX-114 monolayer is not proportional to the bulk phase. • Synergetic effect of the TX-100, TX-114 and CTAB mixtures is confirmed by the adsorption efficiency. • Adsorption efficiency of ternary mixtures is not related to their effectiveness. -- Abstract: The measured values of the surface tension of aqueous solution of binary and ternary mixtures including CTAB, TX-100 and TX-114 were compared to those calculated from the Joos equation modified by us. It appeared that it is possible to predict, at the first approximation, the changes of the surface tension of aqueous solutions studied as a function of concentration of all possible binary and ternary mixtures in the range from 0 to the minimal value of their surface tension. However, the deviations of the calculated values of surface tension from those measured depend on the synergetic effect in the reduction of water surface tension. This effect was established by the values of the molecular interaction parameter calculated from the Rosen and Hua equations. From these equations the relative mole fraction of three surfactants in the mixed monolayer at the (water–air) interface was also determined and compared to that obtained by using surface excess concentrations of particular surfactants in this monolayer. As follows from this comparison the Rosen and Hua equations give the proper relation between the mole fraction of TX-100, TX-114 and CTAB in the monolayer but on the condition it is determined at the same concentration of each surfactant in the mixture. The synergetic effect of ternary mixture in the reduction of the water surface tension is also reflected in the changes of the values of the

  11. Fifty years of progress in acoustic phonetics

    Stevens, Kenneth N.


    Three events that occurred 50 or 60 years ago shaped the study of acoustic phonetics, and in the following few decades these events influenced research and applications in speech disorders, speech development, speech synthesis, speech recognition, and other subareas in speech communication. These events were: (1) the source-filter theory of speech production (Chiba and Kajiyama; Fant); (2) the development of the sound spectrograph and its interpretation (Potter, Kopp, and Green; Joos); and (3) the birth of research that related distinctive features to acoustic patterns (Jakobson, Fant, and Halle). Following these events there has been systematic exploration of the articulatory, acoustic, and perceptual bases of phonological categories, and some quantification of the sources of variability in the transformation of this phonological representation of speech into its acoustic manifestations. This effort has been enhanced by studies of how children acquire language in spite of this variability and by research on speech disorders. Gaps in our knowledge of this inherent variability in speech have limited the directions of applications such as synthesis and recognition of speech, and have led to the implementation of data-driven techniques rather than theoretical principles. Some examples of advances in our knowledge, and limitations of this knowledge, are reviewed.

  12. Persistent cauda equina syndrome after caudal epidural injection under severe spinal stenosis: a case report

    Seo YT


    Full Text Available Young Tak Seo,1 Hyun Ho Kong,1 Goo Joo Lee,1 Heui Je Bang1,2 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chungbuk National University Hospital, 2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, College of Medicine, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Republic of Korea Abstract: Caudal epidural injection (CEI is one of the most common treatments for low-back pain with sciatica. CEI rarely leads to neurologic complications. We report a case of persistent cauda equina syndrome after CEI. A 44-year-old male patient with severe L4 and L5 spinal stenosis underwent CEI for low-back pain and sciatica. The CEI solution consisted of bupivacaine, hyaluronidase, triamcinolone acetonide, and normal saline. He experienced motor weakness and sensory loss in both lower extremities and neurogenic bladder for more than 1 year after the procedure. His ankle dorsiflexors, big-toe extensors, and ankle plantar flexors on both sides were checked and categorized as motor-power Medical Research Council grade 0. His bilateral ankle-jerk reflection was absent. An electrophysiological study showed lumbosacral polyradiculopathy affecting both sides of the L5 and S1 nerve roots. A urodynamic study revealed hypoactive neurogenic bladder affecting both sacral roots. Keywords: epidural injection, cauda equina syndrome, complications

  13. CERN welcomes Korea as an official collaborator


    His Excellency Mr. Won-Hwa Park, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Switzerland, with CERN's Director-General at the signature ceremony to mark Korea as an official collaborator. On 25 October, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Switzerland, His Excellency Mr Won-Hwa Park, visited CERN. He came to sign, together with the Director-General Dr Robert Aymar, a formal Cooperation Agreement between CERN and the Government of the Republic of Korea, witnessed by Dr Joo-Han Kim of the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. With this agreement that covers the development of scientific and technical cooperation in high-energy physics, Korea's participation in the experimental physics programme of CERN has now been formalised. Two days earlier, Dr Myung-Bak Lee, the former Mayor of Seoul, paid a visit to CERN, accompanied by ten members of his staff and fifteen Korean journalists. CERN was one of the destinations in Europe (together with GSI in Germany) on Dr Lee's agenda to gain information and to estab...

  14. Gold nanoparticle–choline complexes can block nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

    Chur Chin


    Full Text Available Chur Chin1, In Kyeom Kim2, Dong Yoon Lim3, Ki Suk Kim4, Hyang Ae Lee4, Eun Joo Kim41Department of Pediatrics, Fatima Hospital, Daegu, Korea; 2Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea; 3Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea; 4Korea Institute of Toxicology, Daejeon, KoreaAbstract: We identified a novel class of direct ion-channel blockers of ligand-gated ion channels called the gold nanoparticle–choline complex. Negatively charged gold nanoparticles (1.4 nm block ion pores by binding to the sulfur group of the cysteine loop of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs, and currents evoked by acetylcholine (Ach can break these bonds. The current evoked by ACh in nAChRs was blocked directly in ion pores by the gold nanoparticle–choline complex. In adrenal-gland perfusion studies, the complex also blocked nAChRs by diminishing catecholamine release by about 75%. An in vivo study showed muscle relaxation in rats after injection of the complex. These results will foster the application of gold nanoparticles as a direct ion-channel blocker. Keywords: negatively charged gold nanoparticle, choline, gold–sulfur bond, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, direct ion-channel blocker

  15. History of rheumatology

    Shrikant Deshpande


    Full Text Available This article describes the history and various milestones of rheumatology from ancient to modern times. The origin of rheumatology can be traced to ancient times. Diseases such as gout and osteoarthritis were prevalent in ancient people. Many ancient skeletons show signs of gout and osteoarthritis. The ancient book on Indian Medicine, Charaka Samhita, gives a vivid description of many variants of arthritis. Charaka, an eminent Ayurvedic physician, described rheumatoid arthritis (RA in Charaka Samhitha as "Vishkantha," meaning painful joints. The word rheumatology has its origin in the word "rheuma," which means flowing, and is mentioned in Hippocratic corpus. Hippocrates made several observations about gout, popularly known as "aphorisms of gout." Many famous paintings in the medieval era depict joint diseases. Hand lesions resembling those of RA are found in paintings of the Flemish school. "The virgin with canon van der paele," a painting by Jan Van Eyck (1436, shows thickened arteries in the temple, suggestive of temporal arthritis. The famous portrait of Federigo de Montefeltre, thought to have been painted by Joos (Justus van Gent, shows arthritis of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the left index finger. Rheumatology developed as a well-recognized specialty of medicine in the 20th century. American Physicians Bernard Comroe and Joseph Lee Hollander coined the term rheumatologist in 1940. Rheumatology has rapidly advanced during the last 50 years due to improved diagnosis as a result of progress in immunology, molecular biology, genetics and imaging.

  16. gemcWeb: A Cloud Based Nuclear Physics Simulation Software

    Markelon, Sam


    gemcWeb allows users to run nuclear physics simulations from the web. Being completely device agnostic, scientists can run simulations from anywhere with an Internet connection. Having a full user system, gemcWeb allows users to revisit and revise their projects, and share configurations and results with collaborators. gemcWeb is based on simulation software gemc, which is based on standard GEant4. gemcWeb requires no C++, gemc, or GEant4 knowledge. Using a simple but powerful GUI allows users to configure their project from geometries and configurations stored on the deployment server. Simulations are then run on the server, with results being posted to the user, and then securely stored. Python based and open-source, the main version of gemcWeb is hosted internally at Jefferson National Labratory and used by the CLAS12 and Electron-Ion Collider Project groups. However, as the software is open-source, and hosted as a GitHub repository, an instance can be deployed on the open web, or any institution's intra-net. An instance can be configured to host experiments specific to an institution, and the code base can be modified by any individual or group. Special thanks to: Maurizio Ungaro, PhD., creator of gemc; Markus Diefenthaler, PhD., advisor; and Kyungseon Joo, PhD., advisor.

  17. Registrations open for ISOTDAQ 2013


    The 4th edition of the International School on Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ 2013) will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 1 to 8 February.   The target audience is Physics and Engineering MSc and PhD students as well as practising scientists with an interest in Trigger and Data Acquisition. The school provides an up-to-date overview of the basic instruments and methods used in high energy physics DAQ systems, spanning small experiments to the very large ones at the LHC.  As in previous years (see here and here) half of the time will be dedicated to lectures that will be given by experts from CERN and other institutes. The other half of the programme is a comprehensive set of hands-on exercises that will allow the students to work on real DAQ hardware in small groups under the supervision of experienced tutors. Applications are accepted until 1 December. For further details please visit the school's Web site. Markus Joos on behalf of the organizers

  18. Gold nanoparticles promote osteogenic differentiation in human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells through the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

    Choi SY


    Full Text Available Seon Young Choi,1 Min Seok Song,1 Pan Dong Ryu,1 Anh Thu Ngoc Lam,2 Sang-Woo Joo,2 So Yeong Lee1 1Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacology, Research Institute for Veterinary Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, 2Department of Chemistry, Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea Abstract: Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs are attractive materials for use in biomedicine due to their physical properties. Increasing evidence suggests that several nanoparticles induce the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts and adipocytes. In this study, we hypothesized that chitosan-conjugated AuNPs promote the osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. For the evaluation of osteogenic differentiation, alizarin red staining, an alamarBlue® assay, and a quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis were performed. In order to examine specific signaling pathways, immunofluorescence and a western blotting assay were performed. Our results demonstrate that chitosan-conjugated AuNPs increase the deposition of calcium content and the expression of marker genes related to osteogenic differentiation in human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells at nontoxic concentrations. These results indicate that chitosan-conjugated AuNPs promote osteogenesis through the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway. Therefore, chitosan-conjugated AuNPs can be used as a reagent for promoting bone formation. Keywords: chitosan-conjugated gold nanoparticle, mineralization, nonphosphorylated beta-catenin

  19. Decoherence plus spontaneous symmetry breakdown generate the ''ohmic'' view of the state-vector collapse

    Ne'eman, Y.; Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX


    The collapse of the state-vector is described as a phase transition due to three features. First, there is the atrophying of indeterminacy for macroscopic objects -- including the measurement apparatus. Secondly, there is the environment decohering mechanism, as described by Zeh, Joos and others -- dominant in macroscopic objects. As a result, the classical background, an input in the Copenhagen prescriptions, is generated as an ''effective'' picture, similar to the ''effective'' introduction of Ohmic resistance or of thermodynamical variables, when going from the micro to the macroscopic; in this case, the collectivized substrate is provided by the multiplicity of photon scatterings, etc., on top of the effect of the large number of particles in macroscopic objects. Thirdly, there is the Everett ''branching'', i.e. the materialization of one of the now decoherent states, accompanied by the destruction of the other branches. By definition, quantum indeterminancy represents a symmetry; in a measurement, or in a branching, this symmetry is broken ''spontaneously'', involving a Ginzburg-Landau type potential with asymmetric minima, thus concretizing the quantum ''dice'' without the burden of ''many worlds''. The authors review and systematize the various phase transitions relating quantum to classical phenomena

  20. The Effects of the Hominis Placenta Herbal acupuncture on Sleep pattern disturbance

    Youn Hyoun-min


    Full Text Available Objective : This study has been designed and performed to identify the effects of Hominis Placenta herbal acupuncture which is usually used in reducing sleep pattern disturbances. Methods : The study subjects studied included 48 patients who were admitted in hospital located in Pusan, and they were classified into 2 groups : 25 patients in the experimental group who injected Hominis Placenta herbal acupuncture and 23 patients in the control group who were treated by acupuncture. The both group injected on GB20, GB12 and HT7 for 5 days without medicine. The sleep pattern disturbance score was measured by using 15 questions according to Korean Sleep Scale A(Oh, Jin Joo. Song, Mi Soon. Kim, Shin Mi. 1998. Results & conclusions : The sleep pattern disturbance score of the experimental group who injected Hominis Placenta herbal acupuncture was significantly lower than that of the control group. (t= 7.00 p= .00 These results provided that Hominis Placenta herbal acupuncture of GB20, GB12 and HT7 was effective for relieving sleep pattern disturbances, it is need more sample's number and more treatmentt's duration.

  1. Performance analysis of 60-min to 1-min integration time rain rate conversion models in Malaysia

    Ng, Yun-Yann; Singh, Mandeep Singh Jit; Thiruchelvam, Vinesh


    Utilizing the frequency band above 10 GHz is in focus nowadays as a result of the fast expansion of radio communication systems in Malaysia. However, rain fade is the critical factor in attenuation of signal propagation for frequencies above 10 GHz. Malaysia is located in a tropical and equatorial region with high rain intensity throughout the year, and this study will review rain distribution and evaluate the performance of 60-min to 1-min integration time rain rate conversion methods for Malaysia. Several conversion methods such as Segal, Chebil & Rahman, Burgeono, Emiliani, Lavergnat and Gole (LG), Simplified Moupfouma, Joo et al., fourth order polynomial fit and logarithmic model have been chosen to evaluate the performance to predict 1-min rain rate for 10 sites in Malaysia. After the completion of this research, the results show that Chebil & Rahman model, Lavergnat & Gole model, Fourth order polynomial fit and Logarithmic model have shown the best performances in 60-min to 1-min rain rate conversion over 10 sites. In conclusion, it is proven that there is no single model which can claim to perform the best across 10 sites. By averaging RMSE and SC-RMSE over 10 sites, Chebil and Rahman model is the best method.

  2. Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission

    Ricke, Katharine L; Caldeira, Ken


    It is known that carbon dioxide emissions cause the Earth to warm, but no previous study has focused on examining how long it takes to reach maximum warming following a particular CO 2 emission. Using conjoined results of carbon-cycle and physical-climate model intercomparison projects (Taylor et al 2012, Joos et al 2013), we find the median time between an emission and maximum warming is 10.1 years, with a 90% probability range of 6.6–30.7 years. We evaluate uncertainties in timing and amount of warming, partitioning them into three contributing factors: carbon cycle, climate sensitivity and ocean thermal inertia. If uncertainty in any one factor is reduced to zero without reducing uncertainty in the other factors, the majority of overall uncertainty remains. Thus, narrowing uncertainty in century-scale warming depends on narrowing uncertainty in all contributing factors. Our results indicate that benefit from avoided climate damage from avoided CO 2 emissions will be manifested within the lifetimes of people who acted to avoid that emission. While such avoidance could be expected to benefit future generations, there is potential for emissions avoidance to provide substantial benefit to current generations. (letter)

  3. Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission

    Ricke, Katharine L.; Caldeira, Ken


    It is known that carbon dioxide emissions cause the Earth to warm, but no previous study has focused on examining how long it takes to reach maximum warming following a particular CO2 emission. Using conjoined results of carbon-cycle and physical-climate model intercomparison projects (Taylor et al 2012, Joos et al 2013), we find the median time between an emission and maximum warming is 10.1 years, with a 90% probability range of 6.6-30.7 years. We evaluate uncertainties in timing and amount of warming, partitioning them into three contributing factors: carbon cycle, climate sensitivity and ocean thermal inertia. If uncertainty in any one factor is reduced to zero without reducing uncertainty in the other factors, the majority of overall uncertainty remains. Thus, narrowing uncertainty in century-scale warming depends on narrowing uncertainty in all contributing factors. Our results indicate that benefit from avoided climate damage from avoided CO2 emissions will be manifested within the lifetimes of people who acted to avoid that emission. While such avoidance could be expected to benefit future generations, there is potential for emissions avoidance to provide substantial benefit to current generations.

  4. Device performance of in situ steam generated gate dielectric nitrided by remote plasma nitridation

    Al-Shareef, H. N.; Karamcheti, A.; Luo, T. Y.; Bersuker, G.; Brown, G. A.; Murto, R. W.; Jackson, M. D.; Huff, H. R.; Kraus, P.; Lopes, D.


    In situ steam generated (ISSG) oxides have recently attracted interest for use as gate dielectrics because of their demonstrated reliability improvement over oxides formed by dry oxidation. [G. Minor, G. Xing, H. S. Joo, E. Sanchez, Y. Yokota, C. Chen, D. Lopes, and A. Balakrishna, Electrochem. Soc. Symp. Proc. 99-10, 3 (1999); T. Y. Luo, H. N. Al-Shareef, G. A. Brown, M. Laughery, V. Watt, A. Karamcheti, M. D. Jackson, and H. R. Huff, Proc. SPIE 4181, 220 (2000).] We show in this letter that nitridation of ISSG oxide using a remote plasma decreases the gate leakage current of ISSG oxide by an order of magnitude without significantly degrading transistor performance. In particular, it is shown that the peak normalized transconductance of n-channel devices with an ISSG oxide gate dielectric decreases by only 4% and the normalized drive current by only 3% after remote plasma nitridation (RPN). In addition, it is shown that the reliability of the ISSG oxide exhibits only a small degradation after RPN. These observations suggest that the ISSG/RPN process holds promise for gate dielectric applications. [copyright] 2001 American Institute of Physics

  5. Update on emerging regional techniques and novel local anesthetics in ambulatory anesthesia

    Szafran MJ


    Full Text Available Martin J Szafran, Eldhose Abrahams, Tong Joo Gan Department of Anesthesiology, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, USA Abstract: New regional anesthetic techniques have been incorporated into the multimodal approach to postoperative analgesia. Blocks such as the transversus abdominis plane block, adductor canal block, and pectoral nerves blocks all show promise as potential tools used in opioid-sparing techniques, but at the same time have significant limitations to their utility. Novel long-acting formulations of local anesthetics further add to the possible benefit of these blocks, but their application to peripheral nerve blocks is currently being investigated and is not well defined. This review focuses on evaluating the relevant anatomy, technique, and indications of several newer peripheral nerve blocks, the emerging evidence supporting the use of liposomal bupivacaine and SABER®-Bupivacaine, and the application of both in ambulatory anesthesia. Keywords: transversus abdominis plane (TAP block, adductor canal block, pectoral nerves block, regional anesthesia, liposomal bupivacaine, SABER®-Bupivacaine

  6. Tsunami hazard assessment in El Salvador, Central America, from seismic sources through flooding numerical models.

    Álvarez-Gómez, J. A.; Aniel-Quiroga, Í.; Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, O. Q.; Larreynaga, J.; González, M.; Castro, M.; Gavidia, F.; Aguirre-Ayerbe, I.; González-Riancho, P.; Carreño, E.


    El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America; its coast has an approximate length of 320 km, 29 municipalities and more than 700 000 inhabitants. In El Salvador there were 15 recorded tsunamis between 1859 and 2012, 3 of them causing damages and resulting in hundreds of victims. Hazard assessment is commonly based on propagation numerical models for earthquake-generated tsunamis and can be approached through both probabilistic and deterministic methods. A deterministic approximation has been applied in this study as it provides essential information for coastal planning and management. The objective of the research was twofold: on the one hand the characterization of the threat over the entire coast of El Salvador, and on the other the computation of flooding maps for the three main localities of the Salvadorian coast. For the latter we developed high-resolution flooding models. For the former, due to the extension of the coastal area, we computed maximum elevation maps, and from the elevation in the near shore we computed an estimation of the run-up and the flooded area using empirical relations. We have considered local sources located in the Middle America Trench, characterized seismotectonically, and distant sources in the rest of Pacific Basin, using historical and recent earthquakes and tsunamis. We used a hybrid finite differences-finite volumes numerical model in this work, based on the linear and non-linear shallow water equations, to simulate a total of 24 earthquake-generated tsunami scenarios. Our results show that at the western Salvadorian coast, run-up values higher than 5 m are common, while in the eastern area, approximately from La Libertad to the Gulf of Fonseca, the run-up values are lower. The more exposed areas to flooding are the lowlands in the Lempa River delta and the Barra de Santiago Western Plains. The results of the empirical approximation used for the whole country are similar to the results

  7. Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae a buccal cavity parasite of the marine fish, Oligoplites saurus (Bloch & Schneider (Osteichthyes, Carangidae of Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae um parasito da cavidade bucal do peixe marinho, Oligoplites saurus (Bloch & Schneider (Osteichthyes, Carangidae do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

    Vernon E. Thatcher


    Full Text Available Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae a buccal cavity parasite of the marine fish, Oligoplites saurus, is described on the basis of eight male specimens and one female. The fish hosts were captured in the coastal waters of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil. In the new species, the anterior margin of the cephalon is doubled ventrally over the bases of the antennae. In this respect, it resembles C. recifea Thatcher & Fonseca, 2005. It differs from that species, however, in being much smaller and having basal carinae on the pereopods 4 to 7 that are small and rounded (not large and pointed. Also, pleopods 2-4 lack the folds and pockets that are present in C. recifea. The new species can be distinguished from all known Cymothoa spp. by the mandibular palps which are entirely covered with small spines in adult males. The mancas of the new species resemble those of Cymothoa oestrum since they have elongate antennae but they are wider and have shorter uropods.Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae, um parasito da cavidade bucal do peixe marinho, Oligoplites saurus, é descrita baseada em oito espécimes machos e uma fêmea Os peixes foram capturados nas águas costeiras de Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil. Na nova espécie, a margem anterior do cefalon é dobrada ventralmente sobre as bases das antenas. Neste aspecto, ela assemelha-se a C. recifea Thatcher & Fonseca, 2005. Distingue-se dessa espécie, no entanto, pelo menor tamanho e pelas carinas dos pereópodos 4 a 7 que são relativamente pequenas e arredondadas (não grandes e ponte agudas. Aliás, os pleópodos 2-4 carecem das dobras e bolsos que são presentes em C. recifea. Cymothoa spinipalpa sp. nov. distingue-se de todas as demais espécies de Cymothoa por ter palpos mandibulares completamente cobertos por espinhos nos machos adultos. As mancas têm antenas compridas e por isso parecem com as de Cymothoa oestrum mas distinguem-se por serem mais largas e de

  8. Análise factorial confirmatória do TEOSQp Confirmatory factorial analysis of TEOSQp

    Helder M. Fernandes


    Full Text Available O propósito do presente estudo foi avaliar a confiabilidade, a validade factorial e a invariância (por sexo da versão portuguesa do TEOSQ (Fonseca & Biddle, 2001. Integraram a amostra 1010 estudantes com uma média de idade de 15,42 anos. A análise factorial e da invariância foi avaliada através da análise factorial confirmatória. Os resultados corroboram a proposta de uma estrutura de duas subescalas (tarefa e ego. Com base nos índices de modificação e justificação teórica, o TEOSQ p foi reduzido a 12-itens, com melhores índices de adequação para o modelo oblíquo. Os resultados relativos à invariância por sexo não apresentaram apoio empírico total para a assumpção de equivalência multi-grupo, sugerindo que o TEOSQ p não parece avaliar as orientações cognitivas do mesmo modo, para os indivíduos do sexo masculino (modelo ortogonal e feminino (modelo oblíquo. Face aos resultados obtidos, foram discutidas as implicações conceptuais, empíricas, assim como os aspectos de carácter aplicado.The present research assessed the reliability, factorial validity and measurement invariance (by gender of the Portuguese version of TEOSQ -Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire (Fonseca & Biddle, 2001. Data were collected from 1010 physical education students with a mean age of 15.42 ( SD=1.91. Factorial and invariance measurements were tested via confirmatory factorial analysis. Results supported internal consistency for the two proposed subscales (task and ego. Based on modification indices and theoretical justification the TEOSQ p was reduced to 12 items with better goodness-of-fit indices for the oblique model. The results of gender invariance did not provide full empirical support to the multi-group equivalence assumption, being suggested that TEOSQ p does not measure in the same way goal orientations for boys (orthogonal model and girls (oblique model. In light of these results, conceptual, empirical and practical

  9. Analgesic properties of oleoylethanolamide (OEA) in visceral and inflammatory pain.

    Suardíaz, Margarita; Estivill-Torrús, Guillermo; Goicoechea, Carlos; Bilbao, Ainhoa; Rodríguez de Fonseca, Fernando


    Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) is a natural fatty acid amide that mainly modulates feeding and energy homeostasis by binding to peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR-alpha) [Rodríguez de Fonseca F, Navarro M, Gómez R, Escuredo L, Navas F, Fu J, et al. An anorexic lipid mediator regulated by feeding. Nature 2001;414:209-12; Fu J, Gaetani S, Oveisi F, Lo Verme J, Serrano A, Rodríguez de Fonseca F, et al. Oleoylethanolamide regulates feeding and body weight through activation of the nuclear receptor PPAR-alpha. Nature 2003;425:90-3]. Additionally, it has been proposed that OEA could act via other receptors, including the vanilloid receptor (TRPV1) [Wang X, Miyares RL, Ahern GP. Oleoylethanolamide excites vagal sensory neurones, induces visceral pain and reduces short-term food intake in mice via capsaicin receptor TRPV1. J Physiol 2005;564:541-7.] or the GPR119 receptor [Overton HA, Babbs AJ, Doel SM, Fyfe MC, Gardner LS, Griffin G, et al. Deorphanization of a G protein-coupled receptor for oleoylethanolamide and its use in the discovery of small-molecule hypophagic agents. Cell Metab 2006;3:167-175], suggesting that OEA might subserve other physiological roles, including pain perception. We have evaluated the effect of OEA in two types of nociceptive responses evoked by visceral and inflammatory pain in rodents. Our results suggest that OEA has analgesic properties reducing the nociceptive responses produced by administration of acetic acid and formalin in two experimental animal models. Additional research was performed to investigate the mechanisms underlying this analgesic effect. To this end, we evaluated the actions of OEA in mice null for the PPAR-alpha receptor gene and compared its actions with those of PPAR-alpha receptor wild-type animal. We also compared the effect of MK-801 in order to evaluate the role of NMDA receptor in this analgesia. Our data showed that OEA reduced visceral and inflammatory responses through a PPAR

  10. Update of the basement model of the Cerro Prieto, B. C., geothermal field, Mexico; Actualizacion del modelo del basamento en el campo geotermico de Cerro Prieto, B.C., Mexico

    Gonzalez Lopez, Macario [Residencia General de Cerro Prieto, Comision Federal de Electricidad, Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico)


    With the aim to actualize the basement model of the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, a gravity interpretation has been held. We modeled in 2.5 D, nine profiles traced over the Bouguer anomaly map. Well data concerning lithology and density changes were used to fit the gravity models. Results of this work confirm that the geometry of the basement of Cerro Prieto, corresponds to a structural sequence. From west to east it starts as a big depression, continues with a strong uplift of the basement in the middle sector and finally deepens eastward in steps. The basement model proposed in the present work, defines a similar trend to that established by Fonseca y Razo (1980), but there are differences in basement depth in some areas. In the present model we interpret basement depths between 200 and 400 m deeper than in previous models to the south and northwest of the actual exploitation zone. [Spanish] Con el fin de actualizar el modelo del basamento en el Campo Geotermico de Cerro Prieto, se realizo una reinterpretacion gravimetrica, modelando en 2.5 D, 9 perfiles trazados sobre el mapa de anomalia de Bouguer. Utilizando la informacion litologica obtenida a traves de numerosas perforaciones profundas, se hicieron coincidir, dentro de los mofelos gravimetricos, las principales variaciones litologicas con cambios en la densidad. Los resultados de este trabajo reiteran que la geometria del basamento del Campo de Cerro Prieto, vista de W a E, corresponde con una secuencia estructural que se inicia con una gran depresion en el W, continua con un fuerte levantamiento y finalmente se extiende con una tendencia a profundizarse hacia el E de forma escalonada. El modelo de basamento derivado del presente trabajo, define una tendencia muy similar al modelo de basamento establecido (Fonseca y Razo, 1980), pero difiere en cuanto a la profundidad en algunos sectores del campo. En el actual trabajo se interpreta una profundidad entre 200 y 400 m mayor hacia el sur y noroeste de la

  11. Methotrexate diethyl ester-loaded lipid-core nanocapsules in aqueous solution increased antineoplastic effects in resistant breast cancer cell line

    Yurgel VC


    Full Text Available Virginia C Yurgel,1,* Catiuscia P Oliveira,2,* Karine R Begnini,1 Eduarda Schultze,1 Helena S Thurow,1 Priscila MM Leon,1 Odir A Dellagostin,1 Vinicius F Campos,1 Ruy CR Beck,2 Silvia S Guterres,2 Tiago Collares,1 Adriana R Pohlmann,2–4 Fabiana K Seixas11Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biotecnologia (PPGB, Grupo de Pesquisa em Oncologia Celular e Molecular, Laboratório de Genômica Funcional, Biotecnologia/Centro de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; 2Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Farmacêuticas, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; 3Departamento de Química Orgânica, Instituto de Química, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; 4Centro de Nanociência e Nanotecnologia, CNANO-UFRGS, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil*These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer affecting women. Methotrexate (MTX is an antimetabolic drug that remains important in the treatment of breast cancer. Its efficacy is compromised by resistance in cancer cells that occurs through a variety of mechanisms. This study evaluated apoptotic cell death and cell cycle arrest induced by an MTX derivative (MTX diethyl ester [MTX(OEt2] and MTX(OEt2-loaded lipid-core nanocapsules in two MTX-resistant breast adenocarcinoma cell lines, MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231. The formulations prepared presented adequate granulometric profile. The treatment responses were evaluated through flow cytometry. Relying on the mechanism of resistance, we observed different responses between cell lines. For MCF-7 cells, MTX(OEt2 solution and MTX(OEt2-loaded lipid-core nanocapsules presented significantly higher apoptotic rates than untreated cells and cells incubated with unloaded lipid-core nanocapsules. For MDA-MB-231

  12. Development, characterization, and skin delivery studies of related ultradeformable vesicles: transfersomes, ethosomes, and transethosomes

    Ascenso A


    Full Text Available Andreia Ascenso,1 Sara Raposo,1 Cátia Batista,2 Pedro Cardoso,2 Tiago Mendes,2 Fabíola Garcia Praça,3 Maria Vitória Lopes Badra Bentley,3 Sandra Simões1 1Instituto de Investigação do Medicamento (iMed.ULisboa, 2Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal; 3Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Monte Alegre, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Abstract: Ultradeformable vesicles (UDV have recently become a promising tool for the development of improved and innovative dermal and transdermal therapies. The aim of this work was to study three related UDV: transfersomes, ethosomes, and transethosomes for the incorporation of actives of distinct polarities, namely, vitamin E and caffeine, and to evaluate the effect of the carrier on skin permeation and penetration. These actives were incorporated in UDV formulations further characterized for vesicles imaging by transmission electron microscopy; mean vesicle size and polydispersity index by photon correlation spectroscopy; zeta potential by laser-Doppler anemometry; deformability by pressure-driven transport; and incorporation efficiency (IE after actives quantification by high-performance liquid chromatography. Topical delivery studies were performed in order to compare UDV formulations regarding the release, skin permeation, and penetration profiles. All UDV formulations showed size values within the expected range, except transethosomes prepared by “transfersomal method”, for which size was smaller than 100 nm in contrast to that obtained for vesicles prepared by “ethosomal method”. Zeta potential was negative and higher for formulations containing sodium cholate. The IE was much higher for vitamin E- than caffeine-loaded UDV as expected. For flux measurements, the following order was obtained: transethosomes (TE > ethosomes (E ≥ transfersomes (T. This result was consistent with the release and skin penetration

  13. Association of age and macular pigment optical density using dual-wavelength autofluorescence imaging

    Lima VC


    Full Text Available Verônica Castro Lima,1,2 Richard B Rosen,1,3 Tiago Santos Prata,2 Syril Dorairaj,4 Leigh Spielberg,1 Mauricio Maia,2 Juliana M Sallum21Retina Service, Department of Ophthalmology, The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York, NY, 2Department of Ophthalmology, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 3New York Medical College, New York, NY, 4Department of Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL, USABackground: Several lines of evidence suggest that macular pigment may play a protective role against age-related macular degeneration, but the influence of age on macular pigment density levels remains unclear. This study was designed to investigate the relationship between age and the normal distribution of macular pigment optical density (MPOD values surrounding the fovea.Methods: Consecutive healthy subjects with no evidence of ocular disease were enrolled in this study. After inclusion, MPOD values were measured at specific eccentricities (0.5, 1, and 2 degrees from the foveal center using a dual-wavelength autofluorescence method employing a modified confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope. Whenever both eyes were eligible, one was randomly selected for analysis. The correlation between age and MPOD values was investigated using regression analysis.Results: Thirty subjects (30 eyes were included (mean age 48.6 ± 16.4 [range 23–77] years. Significant differences were found between MPOD values measured at 0.5, 1, and 2 degrees from the center of the fovea (0.49 ± 0.12 density units, 0.37 ± 0.11 density units, and 0.13 ± 0.05 density units, respectively, P < 0.05. Significant correlations between age and MPOD values at 0.5 and 1 degree were found (P ≤ 0.02. Values measured at 2 degrees did not correlate significantly with age (P = 0.06.Conclusion: In healthy subjects, MPOD values were highest near the foveal center. These values appeared to increase during adulthood (peak at 45–50 years, followed by a gradual reduction

  14. Pattern of intraocular pressure reduction following laser trabeculoplasty in open-angle glaucoma patients: comparison between selective and nonselective treatment

    Almeida Jr ED


    Full Text Available Eglailson Dantas Almeida Júnior1, Luciano Moreira Pinto1,2, Rodrigo Antonio Brant Fernandes1,2, Tiago Santos Prata1,31Department of Ophthalmology, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 2Cerpo Oftalmologia, São Paulo, Brazil; 3Hospital Medicina dos Olhos, São Paulo, BrazilObjective: To compare the pattern of intraocular pressure (IOP reduction following selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT versus argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT in open-angle glaucoma (OAG patients, and to investigate the ability of initial IOP reduction to predict mid-term success.Methods: A prospective, nonrandomized, interventional case series was carried out. Consecutive uncontrolled OAG glaucoma patients underwent SLT or ALT; the same preoperative medical regimen was maintained during follow-up. Data collected included age, type of OAG, pre- and postoperative IOP, number of glaucoma medications, and surgical complications. Post-treatment assessments were scheduled at day 1 and 7 and months 1, 3, and 6.Results: A total of 45 patients (45 eyes were enrolled [SLT group (n = 25; ALT group (n = 20]. Groups were similar for age, baseline IOP, and number of glaucoma medications (P ≥ 0.12. We found no significant differences in mean IOP reduction between SLT (5.1 ± 2.5 mmHg; 26.6% and ALT (4.4 ± 2.8 mmHg; 22.8% groups at month 6 (P = 0.38. Success rates (IOP ≤ 16 mmHg and IOP reduction ≥25% at last follow-up visit were similar for SLT (72% and ALT (65% groups (P = 0.36. Comparing the pattern of IOP reduction (% of IOP reduction at each visit between groups, we found a greater effect following SLT compared with ALT at day 7 (23.7% ± 13.7% vs 8.1% ± 9.5%; P < 0.001. No significant differences were observed at other time points (P ≥ 0.32. Additionally, the percentage of IOP reduction at day 7 and at month 6 were significantly correlated in the SLT group (R2 = 0.36; P < 0.01, but not in the ALT group (P = 0.89. Early postoperative success predicted late

  15. Attention–memory training yields behavioral and academic improvements in children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder comorbid with a learning disorder

    Farias AC


    Full Text Available Antonio Carlos Farias,1–4 Mara L Cordeiro,1,2,5 Erico PG Felden,6 Tiago S Bara,1,2 Cássia R Benko,1,2 Daniele Coutinho,1,2 Leandra F Martins,2 Rosilda TC Ferreira,1,2 James T McCracken5 1Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe, 2Neurosciences Core, Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute, Curitiba, 3Department of Neuropediatrics, Children’s Hospital, Pequeno Príncipe, 4School of Medicine, University Positivo, Curitiba, Brazil; 5Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, David Geffen School of Medicine, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, US; 6Center for Health Science Research, Santa Catarina State University, Florianópolis, Brazil Background: Recent studies have suggested that children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD may benefit from computerized cognitive training. Therapy implementation is especially complicated when ADHD is associated with learning disorders (LDs. This study tested the efficacy of a computer-based cognitive training program, namely, computerized cognitive training (CCT, in children with ADHD comorbid with an LD (ADHD-LD, with or without psychostimulant medication. Materials and methods: After diagnostic evaluations, 27 children with ADHD-LD (8 unmedicated and 19 medicated participated in CCT, which is intended to improve attention, memory, reasoning, visual processing, and executive functioning. The participants completed 24 1-hour sessions over 3 months. Neuropsychometric and standardized academic test results before and after training were compared to assess treatment efficacy. Shapiro–Wilk normality tests were applied, and subsequent Wilcoxon tests were used to identify significant differences in pre- versus post-training performance. Results: After CAT, children diagnosed with ADHD-LD showed 1 improvements in trained skills, measured directly within the software and indirectly by external psychometric tests; 2 improvements in

  16. Psychomotor profile of a child with specific language impairment and Dyslexia

    Dias Tânia


    Full Text Available Projecting beyond the ideia of the organic and expressive body and cementing a close relationship between motor skills, cognition and language, the current practices Psychomotricity reach a new conceptual field. In this paper of qualitative nature, it was intended to draw the psychomotor profile of a 8 years old child with Specific Language Impairment (SLI and Dyslexia, by using the Vitor da Fonseca ‘s Observation Psychomotor Battery (OPB and correlate it with the linguistic and cognitive profiles. Through the triangulation of the results obtained in psychomotor, cognitive and language tests, the data in literature was corroborated, which clearly point to the existence of co-morbidity between PEL, Dyslexia and disturbances in the psychomotor’s profile, thereby demonstrating a strong correlation between psychomotricity, cognition and language. Therefore, it’s urgent, and possible, to sensitize the family, the health and education professionals for the need to a multidisciplinary approach in the areas of psychomotricity and language, both at a prophylactic or rehabilitative level.

  17. Association Between Severity of Temporomandibular Disorders and the Frequency of Headache Attacks in Women With Migraine: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    Florencio, Lidiane Lima; de Oliveira, Anamaria Siriani; Carvalho, Gabriela Ferreira; Dach, Fabiola; Bigal, Marcelo Eduardo; Fernández-de-Las-Peñas, César; Bevilaqua-Grossi, Débora


    The aim of this study was to investigate the magnitude of association of the severity of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) in women with episodic and chronic migraine. Thirty-one women with episodic migraine (mean age: 33 years), 21 with chronic migraine (mean age: 35 years) and 32 healthy controls (mean age: 31 years) were included. The Fonseca Anamnestic Index was applied to assess severity of TMDs. TMD severity was considered as follows: no TMD (0-19 points), mild TMD (20-49 points), moderate TMD (50-69 points), and severe TMD (70-100 points). To compare the proportion of TMD severity among groups, a χ 2 test was performed. Prevalence ratio (PR) was calculated to determine the association of TMD severity and both migraine groups using the control group as the reference. Women with chronic and episodic migraine were more likely to exhibit TMD signs and symptoms of any severity than healthy controls (χ 2 = 30.26; P < .001). TMD prevalence was 54% for healthy controls, 78% for episodic migraine, and 100% for chronic migraine. Women with chronic migraine exhibited greater risk of more severe manifestations of TMD than healthy controls (PR: 3.31; P = .008). This association was not identified for episodic migraine (PR: 2.18; P = .101). The presence of TMD signs and symptoms was associated with migraine independently of the frequency; however, the magnitude of the association of more severe TMD was significantly greater in chronic, but not episodic, migraine. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  18. O Passeio Público do Rio de Janeiro: Análise Histórica com Auxílio da Representação Gráfica Digital

    Naylor Barbosa Vilas Boas


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem por objetivo expor uma breve análise histórica do Passeio Público do Rio de Janeiro, um dos mais importantes jardins públicos da cidade ao longo do século 19, concebido originalmente no século 18, por mestre Valentim da Fonseca e Silva, ilustre artista do Rio colonial. Por meio de modernos recursos de reconstrução virtual e modelagem eletrônica, baseados em intensas pesquisas iconográficas e na análise de antigos relatos de viajantes, foram recriados os dois principais momentos desse jardim ao longo desses dois séculos de existência: o Passeio Público original de mestre Valentim e o passeio remodelado na reforma romântica de 1860, por Auguste Glaziou. Originalmente fazendo parte de um trabalho que trata de questões de análise da percepção do espaço, a utilização de recursos de reconstrução virtual e modelagem eletrônica apresenta-se como uma importante ferramenta de auxílio na reconstituição de espaços que não mais existem fisicamente, permitindo assim a simulação das percepções vivenciadas por um observador hipotético caminhando por eles

  19. Atribuciones causales en el deporte: estudio sobre las diferencias entre la percepción de éxito y fracaso

    Paulo Malico Sousa


    Full Text Available Teniendo como referencia el modelo atribucional de la motivación y emoción de Weiner (1979,1986, se pretenden evaluar las atribuciones causales en situaciones de éxito y fracaso deportivo. La muestra es de 338 atletas, con edades comprendidas entre 16 y 38 años (M = 23,73; DS = 5,86, participantes en competiciones federadas del deporte portugués, en las modalidades olímpicas de Fútbol (n =192, Atletismo (n =100 y Esgrima (n = 46. En la evaluación de las atribuciones causales se utilizó la Causal Dimensión Scale II (CDSII: McAuley, Duncan y Russell, 1992 en una versión traducida y adaptada para la población portuguesa por Fonseca (1993b. Los datos evidenciaron que los atletas, en general, consideran que sus éxitos se deben a causas internas, menos inestables y pasibles de control personal, mientras se desvinculan de una manera pronunciada de sus malos resultados deportivos al atribuir las causas a factores menos internos, más inestables y pasibles de control por parte de otras personas.

  20. The continuous process – social production of architecture in Hestnes Ferreira

    Alexandra Saraiva


    Full Text Available This article aims at describing the continuous process in the social production of the architecture of Raúl Hestnes Ferreira. The neorealist ideology defended by his father and followed by the family, as well as the values of freedom, democracy and respect for the others, built his personality and his humanistic character. His cross-cultural career in Portugal, Finland and the United States of America was instrumental in building his architectural lexicon. In order to illustrate these influences, four housing works with different conceptual dimensions are presented such as laboratorial experiments: the José Gomes Ferreira House in Albarraque (1960-1961, the Twin Housing in Queijas (1967-1973, finishing with the presentation of two social housing experiences, namely, the neighborhood Fonsecas and Calçada (1974-1986 under the SAAL project in Lisbon and the João Barbeiro Housing Unit (1978-1987 in Beja. In Hestnes Ferreira, the social production of architecture was not a consequence, nor an anticipation, but a fact that by the simultaneity, defined and characterized his architecture.

  1. Homenagem a colette pétonnet

    Claudia Fonseca


    Full Text Available O seminário "Les sentiers de l'ethnologie urbaine, avec Colette Pétonnet" ("Pistas da etnologia urbana, com Colette Petonnet", realizado entre 3 e 4 de outubro de 2013, no Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Paris, reuniu diversos pesquisadores para uma homenagem póstuma a esta precursora da etnologia em meio urbano, fundadora, com Jacques Gutwirth, do Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Urbaine do Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (LAU/CNRS. Este artigo é uma tradução do paper enviado por Claudia Fonseca, ex-orientanda da homenageada, apresentado, na ocasião, em forma de um vídeo, produzido em conjunto com Claudia Turra Magni e Mauro Bruschi, sob o título Colette Pétonnet au Brésil: les effets pédagogiques d'un exercice ethnographique. Aqui, as autoras evocam as marcas e repercussões dos ensinamentos da mestra, a partir de sua estada no Brasil, na última década do século passado.

  2. Perceived stress and bruxism in university students.

    Cavallo, Pierpaolo; Carpinelli, Luna; Savarese, Giulia


    Many studies have shown the correlation between bruxism and stress that affects the quality of life of university students. The present study highlights this correlation-for the first time-in a group of university students in Italy. We have investigated the prevalence of awake and asleep bruxism and its correlation with perceived stress in a group of 278 Italian undergraduate students (117 M). A self report questionnaire was constructed using a socio-demographic test, the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and the item n. 8 of the Fonseca Questionnaire for presence of bruxism. The perceived stress score using PSS-10 scale was 32.2 (SD 4.6, 95% CL 31.6-32.7) for all the subjects, with significant gender difference: M = 31.2 and F = 32.9 (P = 0.0019). The prevalence for awake bruxism was 37.9% (F = 40.8%; M = 34.2%,), while for sleep bruxism was 31.8% (F = 33.3%; M = 29.1%), both without significant gender difference. A positive correlation, with significant concordance and dependence, between stress score and awake bruxism was present for male students only. University students showed higher bruxism and stress levels compared to the general population, with higher stress for females, but, even if female students show higher stress, a correlation between stress and bruxism exists only for male gender. Further studies should be performed.

  3. Emergetic analysis of the electrolytic hydrogen production using the secondary energy from the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant; Analise emergetica da producao de hidrogenio eletrolitico aproveitando a energia vertida nao turbinada da Usina Hidroeletrica de Itaipu

    Agarussi, Maria Alessandra Silva Nunes; Espinola, Michel Osvaldo Galeano [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica. Planejamento de Sistemas Energeticos


    Due to the possibility of increase in the energy market in a few years and awareness of the necessity of using the secondary energy in hydroelectric power plants and also concerned about the environmental problems related to energy enterprises, the present paper develops the emergy analyses of electrolytic hydrogen production in the Itaipu Power Plant located in the countries of Brazil and Paraguay. The emergy analyses despite being unknown by the major people and technicians responsible for the development of Environmental Impacts Studies, named EIA/RIMAS in Brazil, represents a way to fulfill all requirements imposed by law and government and also an important manner to internalize externalities in the evaluation of all variables involved in the execution and maintenance of natural and artificial processes. Afterwards, this database can be used to be compared with other actual processes of producing and supplying energy, guiding stake holders when deciding where and how to implement and take advantage of available energy sources. This work aims to evaluate with emergetic criteria the research done by Antonio Carlos Fonseca Santos Jr.: Analysis of the Economic Feasibility of Hydrogen Production in Hydroelectric Power Plants: A Case Study at Itaipu. (author)


    Ângela Cristina Alves Albino


    Full Text Available O artigo traz um panorama histórico dos discursos da descentralização e autonomia no contexto de reformas na política educacional brasileira, sobretudo a partir da década de 90. Nesse contexto, o projeto político pedagógico aparece como instrumental necessário àsescolas em sua “formatação” democrática. Questiona‐se sobre a importância ou não de avaliar as próprias políticas que vão requerer autonomia nas escolas a partir de estudos como de Fonseca (1998 Martins (2006, bem como de documentos legais do PDE 1993 até o texto final da CONAE 2010 que prefigura o PNE 2011‐2020. Avaliar a onstcrução de políticas, pode ajudar às instituições e professores refletirem sobre a significação da autonomia na formulaçãocurricular local por meio do Projeto político‐pedagógico.

  5. Validity and reliability of developmental coordination disorder questionnaire-spanish version

    Luisa Matilde Salamanca Duque


    Full Text Available The Developmental Coordination Disorder is characterized by difficulties that produce consequences on the psychomotor performance in daily and school activities, and requires early diagnosis. The Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire CTDC is used for its diagnosis.The objective of the study was to determinate the psychometric properties of CTDC. Methodology. Descriptive study and instrument validation, with a sample of 41 children aged between 6 to 12 years old, at school, with the application of the CTDC and the Da Fonseca Psychomotor Battery. The study analyzed internal consistency reliability, and intra-rater and concurrent validity through the two instruments. Results. Positive results were obtained: the reliability for the full internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.92, and the intra-rater reliability using Kappa index was 0.82 with ap<0.001, independent items showed values above 0.5; concurrent validity through the Spearman correlation coefficient Rho was 0.6, with ap<0.01. Conclusions. The CTDC has appropriate and strong psychometric properties for its application and clinical use.

  6. Propriedades contextuais e mudança construcional: o caso de aí está e aí tá no português do Brasil

    Mariangela Rios de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Com base na Linguística Funcional Centrada no Uso, nos termos de Traugott e Trousdale (2013 e Bybee (2010; 2015, entre outros, analisam-se os types aí está e aí tá no português do Brasil, com foco em seus contextos de ocorrência. De acordo com Rocha (2016, trata-se de duas microconstruções da construção conectora textual formada por pronome locativo e verbo, representada como [LocV]conect. Partindo-se dos resultados de Fonseca (2017, postula-se que aí tá, na modalidade falada e em registros menos monitorados do português contemporâneo, passa a assumir, além da função conectora textual, traços da categoria de marcador discursivo, por conta do papel de “arremate” conferido à sequência em que ocorre. Considera-se que a erosão fonética de aí tá, ao nível da forma, é acompanhada por alteração funcional, ao nível do sentido, configurando etapa inicial de construcionalização gramatical, conforme postulam Traugott e Trousdale (2013.

  7. Community Psychiatry in the Team of Brandoa - Services Provided in December 2008

    Alexandre Mendes


    Full Text Available The Psychiatric Department of the Hospital Fernando Fonseca (HFF was the first service in Portugal based on the general hospital to develop an integrated model of mental health care in the community, oriented towards the needs of the population and supported by multidisciplinary teams. This model is based on continuity of care by the same team, assertive follow-up of patients in the community, in conjunction with primary health care and a wide range of interventions. The activity of the Service occurs at both hospital and community levels, maintaining a close articulation between the different units that constitute it, to ensure the necessary continuity of care. The Community Teams of Amadora, Brandoa, Damaia and Queluz constitute the Functional Community Intervention Unit and are based in the Health Centers of the area where they operate. This work aims to characterize the active population followed by the Brandoa Community Team in December 2008, at socio-demographic and clinical levels and from the data obtained to do a brief reflection in order to question the activities undertaken and to improve care practices in the future.


    Grunberger, George; Handelsman, Yehuda; Bloomgarden, Zachary T; Fonseca, Vivian A; Garber, Alan J; Haas, Richard A; Roberts, Victor L; Umpierrez, Guillermo E


    This document represents the official position of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American College of Endocrinology. Where there are no randomized controlled trials or specific U.S. FDA labeling for issues in clinical practice, the participating clinical experts utilized their judgment and experience. Every effort was made to achieve consensus among the committee members. Position statements are meant to provide guidance, but they are not to be considered prescriptive for any individual patient and cannot replace the judgment of a clinician. AACE/ACE Task Force on Integration of Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Management of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Chair George Grunberger, MD, FACP, FACE Task Force Members Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FNLA, MACE Zachary T. Bloomgarden, MD, MACE Vivian A. Fonseca, MD, FACE Alan J. Garber, MD, PhD, FACE Richard A. Haas, MD, FACE Victor L. Roberts, MD, MBA, FACP, FACE Guillermo E. Umpierrez, MD, CDE, FACP, FACE Abbreviations: AACE = American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists ACE = American College of Endocrinology A1C = glycated hemoglobin BGM = blood glucose monitoring CGM = continuous glucose monitoring CSII = continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion DM = diabetes mellitus FDA = Food & Drug Administration MDI = multiple daily injections T1DM = type 1 diabetes mellitus T2DM = type 2 diabetes mellitus SAP = sensor-augmented pump SMBG = self-monitoring of blood glucose STAR 3 = Sensor-Augmented Pump Therapy for A1C Reduction phase 3 trial.

  9. Natural poisoning by Manihot esculenta in horses - Case reports

    Pierre Barnabé Escodro


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Escodro P.B., Silva T.J.F., Notomi M.K., do Nascimento T.G., Mariz T.M. de A. & da Fonseca L.S. [Natural poisoning by Manihot esculenta in horses - Case reports.] Intoxicação natural por Manihot esculenta em equinos - Relato de casos. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 38(4:382-386, 2016. Grupo de Pesquisa e Extensão em Equídeos, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Unidade de Ensino Viçosa, Fazenda São Luis s/n, Viçosa, AL 57700-000, Brasil. Email: The cyanogenic plants are responsible for most cases of poisoning in farm animals, mainly cattle and small ruminants, being less frequent in horses due to the high selectivity food and non-use of derivatives of cassava in the feed species. This paper reports with unprecedented intoxication three horses Mangalarga Marchador by Manihot esculenta (manioc offered to the animals under confinement, which after continuous intake, had followed colic syndrome and clinical signs consistent with poisoning by cyanogenic plants, succeeding clinical treatment using support associated with sodium thiosulfate intravenously.

  10. The use of drugs in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery

    Geraldo MSP


    Full Text Available Mariana de Sousa Prado Geraldo,1 Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca,2,3 Marisa Regina de Fatima Veiga Gouveia,4 David Feder41Department of Medicine, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, 2Department of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, 3Department of Hematology, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, 4Department of Pharmacology, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo Andre, SP, Brazil Abstract: According to the World Health Organization, obesity has become an epidemic in the 21st century affecting around 300 million people of all ages worldwide. Clinical treatment modalities for this disease are limited and ineffective when it comes to morbidly obese patients (body mass index – the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared – surpasses 40 kg/m2. Therefore, the alternative, surgical treatment, is the best option for these patients, namely gastric restrictive procedures or an intestinal bypass culminating in a malabsorptive syndrome. In the past 20 years, there has been a 70% increase in the number of bariatric procedures all over the world. The main pharmacokinetic consequence observed in the postoperative period of these individuals is a higher or lower absorption of orally administered drugs.Keywords: anatomophysiological alterations, pharmacokinetic, obesity

  11. Bamboxê Obitikô e a expansão do culto aos orixás (século XIX: uma rede religiosa afroatlântica

    Lisa Earl Castillo

    Full Text Available Resumo Lembrado em tradições orais na Bahia, em Pernambuco, no Rio de Janeiro e em Lagos (África Ocidental, o nagô liberto Rodolfo Manoel Martins de Andrade (Bamboxê Obitikô é um dos personagens históricos mais conhecidos do candomblé. Entretecendo tradição oral e pesquisa documental, o presente texto reconstrói sua trajetória de vida, desde a escravidão nos últimos anos do tráfico atlântico, sua alforria e a relação com Marcelina da Silva, ialorixá do terreiro Ilê Axé Iyá Nassô Oká. A segunda parte do texto examina suas viagens, tanto a Lagos quanto a outras partes do império, com ênfase em seu tempo na corte, onde se tornou um líder religioso conhecido entre a população africana de nação mina. O texto também analisa seus vínculos com um conhecido morador negro do Rio de Janeiro, o alferes Candido da Fonseca Galvão, popularmente conhecido como dom Obá II, cujo pai era compadre de Marcelina da Silva.

  12. Effects of massage therapy and occlusal splint therapy on mandibular range of motion in individuals with temporomandibular disorder: a randomized clinical trial.

    Gomes, Cid André Fidelis de Paula; Politti, Fabiano; Andrade, Daniel Ventura; de Sousa, Dowglas Fernando Magalhães; Herpich, Carolina Marciela; Dibai-Filho, Almir Vieira; Gonzalez, Tabajara de Oliveira; Biasotto-Gonzalez, Daniela Aparecida


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of massage therapy compared with occlusal splint therapy on mandibular range of motion (ROM) in individuals with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and compare the results with ROM obtained in a group of individuals without this disorder. A blinded randomized clinical trial was conducted. Twenty-eight volunteers with TMD were randomly distributed into either a massage therapy group or an occlusal splint group. Both treatments were provided for 4 weeks. Fourteen individuals without TMD were consecutively allocated to a comparison group. Fonseca anamnestic index was used to characterize TMD and allocate the volunteers to either of the intervention groups or asymptomatic comparison group. Mandibular ROM was evaluated before and after treatment using a digital caliper. Two-way repeated-measures analysis of variance with a post hoc Bonferroni testing was used for intergroup and intragroup comparisons (level of significance was set to 5%). Cohen d was used to calculate the effect size. In the intragroup analysis, significant increases in ROM were found for all measures in both the massage and occlusal splint groups (P massage therapy and asymptomatic comparison groups (0.2 Massage therapy on the masticatory muscles and the use of an occlusal splint lead to an increase in mandibular ROM similar to that of the asymptomatic comparison group with regard to maximum active mouth opening and both right and left excursion in individuals with TMD. © 2013. Published by National University of Health Sciences All rights reserved.


    Helena Parente Cunha


    Full Text Available Tem sido a conquista dos últimos anos o reconhecimento das autoras brasileiras dos séculos passados, mias numerosas do que se supunha e que foram esquecidas devido aos preconceitos do canone Literário. A partir da segunda metade do século XIX, com o levantamento dos períodos em todo o país, dirigidos e editados por mulheres e para mulheres, veiculavam as ideias avançadas e, ao mesmo tempo, concepções do sistema patriarcado. O medo do corpo e do erotismo se transmite à produção literária feminina que, ao se inspirar no amor, quase sempre usa linguagem pudica, procuando santificar o sentimento. Mas não raro surgem passagens de uma audácia inesperada, num desafio ostensivo aos convencionalizmos do cânone comportamental. Estudam-se como as escritoreas Ana Ribeiro, Ildefonsa Laura César e Adelio Fonseca, dentro deste contexto

  14. The availability of teaching–pedagogical resources used for promotion of learning in teaching human anatomy

    Aragão JA


    Full Text Available José Aderval Aragão,1,5 Ana Terra Fonseca-Barreto,2 Ciro José Brito,1,3 Danilo Ribeiro Guerra,1 José Carlos Nunes-Mota,4 Francisco Prado Reis5 1Master's Degree Program in Physical Education, Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS, Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil; 2School of Medicine, Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS, Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil; 3Department of Physical Education, Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS, Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil; 4Department of Morphology, (UFS, Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil; 5School of Medicine, Universidade Tiradentes (UNIT, Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil Abstract: Five hundred students attending higher education institutions in northeastern Brazil responded to questionnaires about their anatomy classes; students represented a variety of different health sciences disciplines. Analysis of the responses revealed the participation of teaching assistants in a large percentage of classes and the use of teaching resources, particularly images, from conventional radiographs to magnetic resonance images. The number of classes for cadaver dissection and the number of students with access to that type of class were small. In most cases, dissection was performed according to anatomic regions or systems. Medicine and nursing students had the highest number of practical dissection classes. Most students were assessed using practical and theoretical tests. Findings revealed conditions similar to those found elsewhere. Resources should be renewed and used to improve teaching for students whose courses demand the study of human anatomy. Keywords: educational assessments, gross anatomy, dissection, education medical undergraduate, anatomic models

  15. Risk Factors for new accidental falls in elderly patients at traumatology ambulatory center

    Daiane Porto Gautério


    Full Text Available Objective. To identify the risks factors for new accidental falls in elderly patients attended in the Traumatology Ambulatory of a University hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Methodology. Quantitative study of the type of multiple cases. Performed at the traumatology ambulatory, amongst fifteen elders that attended the inclusion criteria: age of sixty or more; patient at the traumatology ambulatory because of a fall motivated by accident, oriented and in conditions of answer an interview of data collectors. The data collection was made between April and June, 2013, with the Elderly Nursing Core Set scale (Lopes & Fonseca. The data analysis was made by a descriptive structure, which helped identify the existence of relation patterns among the cases. Results. The risk factors for new accidental falls identified with larger incidence amongst the elders studied were: impaired balance (15/15, age above 65 (11/15, use of antihypertensive drugs (9/15, absence of non-slip material at home environment (7/15, in seven cases; rugs scattered at the floor of the house (6/15. Conclusion. The combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that include the environmental risks is considered a much more relevant cause to occur the new falls. The minimization of the home dangers, allied to the control of the elder intrinsic factors, may reduce the risks of causes. In that sense, is necessary that the nursing team make available more attention to the elderly assisted at the ambulatories, mainly those with sequelae due to fall accidents.

  16. Risk Factors for new accidental falls in elderly patients at traumatology ambulatory center.

    Porto Gautério, Daiane; Zortea, Bruna; Costa Santos, Silvana Sidney; da Silva Tarouco, Bárbara; Lopes, Manoel José; João Fonseca, Cesar


    To identify the risks factors for new accidental falls in elderly patients attended in the Traumatology Ambulatory of a University hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Quantitative study of the type of multiple cases. Performed at the traumatology ambulatory, amongst fifteen elders that attended the inclusion criteria: age of sixty or more; patient at the traumatology ambulatory because of a fall motivated by accident, oriented and in conditions of answer an interview of data collectors. The data collection was made between April and June, 2013, with the Elderly Nursing Core Set scale (Lopes & Fonseca). The data analysis was made by a descriptive structure, which helped identify the existence of relation patterns among the cases. The risk factors for new accidental falls identified with larger incidence amongst the elders studied were: impaired balance (15/15), age above 65 (11/15), use of antihypertensive drugs (9/15), absence of non-slip material at home environment (7/15), in seven cases; rugs scattered at the floor of the house (6/15). The combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that include the environmental risks is considered a much more relevant cause to occur the new falls. The minimization of the home dangers, allied to the control of the elder intrinsic factors, may reduce the risks of causes. In that sense, is necessary that the nursing team make available more attention to the elderly assisted at the ambulatories, mainly those with sequelae due to fall accidents.

  17. Secuencia argumentativa y dialogismo en una crónica de Diogo Mainardi: perspectivas en lectocomprensión en lengua portuguesa

    Carlos A. Pasero


    Full Text Available El propósito de este trabajo es analizar, desde una perspectiva didáctica, un texto argumentativo escrito, de carácter periodístico, tomando en consideración, además de la secuencia argumentativa principal que lo conforma, sus aspectos dialógicos e interactivos (interactividad, relacionados con la creación de un contexto favorable para la aceptación de las ideas expuestas, en el cual cumplen importante función los contenidos implícitos, el sentido común y el saber enciclopédico. Nos apoyamos en recursos teóricos provenientes principalmente de los estudios sobre el discurso, así como también en aquellos originados en el ámbito de la lingüística textual, especialmente el concepto de secuencia textual (ADAM, 1992; BAKHTIN, 2003; DUARTE, 2005; FONSECA, 1992; GUMPERZ, 1980 y 1989; KERBRAT-ORECCHIONI, 1994 y MAINGUENEAU, 2009. Nuestro objetivo final es contribuir, en el ámbito de la enseñanza de la lengua portuguesa en su modalidad de lectocomprensión, para la elaboración de tareas interactivas que permitan un abordaje de la argumentación dinámico y contextualizado, basado en los recursos disponibles en los medios electrónicos.

  18. El significado de las actividades acuáticas del bebé desde una perspectiva evolutiva

    Gil Pla Campàs


    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende profundizar desde una perspectiva evolutiva en el estudio y análisis de las actividades acuáticas del bebé. A partir de aquí, el artículo interpreta desde la óptica filogenética y ontogenética de las actividades acuáticas de los be¬bés qué significado tendrán estas actividades en su desarrollo general. Para alcanzar los objetivos fijados se utiliza un enfoque fenomenológico (Husserl, 1996 que se sustentará conceptualmente en el abordaje filogenético del desarrollo psicomotor de Fonseca (1998. Partiendo de esta estructura, se estudiarán las razones filogenéticas y ontogenéticas que nos pueden significar las actividades acuáticas del bebé a fin de que, en última instancia, y desde la línea más existencial de la fenomenología (Sartre, 1999; Merleau-Ponty, 2000, podamos argumentar la significación evolutiva de estas actividades.

  19. El colegio de la compañía y la Universidad de Salamanca en el siglo XVI. Desde los orígenes hasta la incorporación a la Universidad



    Full Text Available San Ignacio de Loyola, fundador de la Compañía de Jesús, decidió venir a estudiar a la Universidad de Salamanca en el verano de 1527, una vez que vio cerradas para él las puertas de la Universidad de Alcalá. El arzobispo Fonseca le ofreció un puesto en el Colegio Mayor de Santiago el Cebedeo por él fundado. No aceptó el santo el ofrecimiento, por lo que, llegado a la ciudad del Tormes vestido como un pobre estudiante, se aposentó en una posada.Lo más probable es que ni siquiera llegase a matricularse en la academia salmantina, por más que el tardío claustro pleno de la Universidad del 4-VII-1624 llame a Ignacio «hijo de esta Vniversidad». Una iniciativa de los dominicos de San Esteban hizo que aquel candidato a estudiante de Salamanca diera pronto con sus huesos en la cárcel episcopal. Salido de ella, abandonó para siempre la ciudad camino de la Sorbona parisiense «llevando algunos libros en un asnillo».

  20. Geodetically resolved slip distribution of the 27 August 2012 Mw=7.3 El Salvador earthquake

    Geirsson, H.; La Femina, P. C.; DeMets, C.; Hernandez, D. A.; Mattioli, G. S.; Rogers, R.; Rodriguez, M.


    On 27 August 2012 a Mw=7.3 earthquake occurred offshore of Central America causing a small tsunami in El Salvador and Nicaragua but little damage otherwise. This is the largest magnitude earthquake in this area since 2001. We use co-seismic displacements estimated from episodic and continuous GPS station time series to model the magnitude and spatial variability of slip for this event. The estimated surface displacements are small (earthquake. We use TDEFNODE to model the displacements using two different modeling approaches. In the first model, we solve for homogeneous slip on free rectangular fault(s), and in the second model we solve for distributed slip on the main thrust, realized using different slab models. The results indicate that we can match the seismic moment release, with models indicating rupture of a large area, with a low magnitude of slip. The slip is at shallow-to-intermediate depths on the main thrust off the coast of El Salvador. Additionally, we observe a deeper region of slip to the east, that reaches towards the Gulf of Fonseca between El Salvador and Nicaragua. The observed tsunami additionally indicates near-trench rupture off the coast of El Salvador. The duration of the rupturing is estimated from seismic data to be 70 s, which indicates a slow rupture process. Since the geodetic moment we obtain agrees with the seismic moment, this indicates that the earthquake was not associated with aseismic slip.

  1. Tax Evasion and Inequality

    Alstadsæter, Annette; Johannesen, Niels; Zucman, Gabriel


    .01% of the wealth distribution, a group that includes households with more than $45 million in net wealth. A simple model of the supply of tax evasion services can explain why evasion rises steeply with wealth. Taking tax evasion into account increases the rise in inequality seen in tax data since the 1970s......This paper attempts to estimate the size and distribution of tax evasion in rich countries. We combine random audits—the key source used to study tax evasion so far—with new micro-data leaked from large offshore financial institutions—HSBC Switzerland (“Swiss leaks”) and Mossack Fonseca (“Panama...... Papers”)—matched to population-wide wealth records in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We find that tax evasion rises sharply with wealth, a phenomenon random audits fail to capture. On average about 3% of personal taxes are evaded in Scandinavia, but this figure rises to close to 30% in the top 0...

  2. Motor proficiency in normal children and with learning difficulty: a comparative and correlational study based on the motor proficiency test of Bruininks-Oseretsky

    Nilson Roberto Moreira


    Full Text Available The aim of this investigation is to verify the difference between children with learning disabilities and children without learning disabilities through motor proficiency test of Bruininks and Ozeretsky (1978. The sample was constituted by 30 children, with 8-year average age, 15 males and 15 females, subdivided into two groups of 15 children from both sexes: children without learning disabilities attending 3rd grade and children with learning disabilities attending 2nd grade having failed a term once. All of them came from a middle class background, according to Grafar scale (adapted by Fonseca, 1991. All children presenting any other disabilities were excluded from the sample. Intelligence factor “G” was controlled by using a percentile, higher or equal to 50 (middle and high level, measured by Raven’s (1974 progressive combinations test. In motor proficiency, children with learning disabilities showed significant differences when compared with normal children of the same age, in all components of global, composed and fine motricity. The tests administered showed a strong correlation between the variables of the motor proficiency components. The results lead to the conclusion that there were significant differences in motor proficiency between normal children and children with learning disabilities, who showed specific motor difficulties evincing a more vulnerable motor profile and not the presence of neurological dysfunction signs.

  3. Analysis of the frequency and degree of temporomandibular disorder in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy

    Douglas Roberto Pegoraro

    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction: Head and neck cancer is responsible for an increasing incidence of primary malignant neoplasm cases worldwide. Radiotherapy is one of the treatments of choice for this type of cancer, but it can cause adverse effects, such as temporomandibular disorder. The objective of this study was to characterize the degree and frequency of temporomandibular disorder in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy. Method: This research was quantitative, descriptive and exploratory. The sample consisted of 22 patients that answered assessment questions and the Helkimo anamnestic questionnaire, modified by Fonseca (1992. The data were collected from May to October 2014, and statistically analyzed using the Chi-square test, with a significance level of p ≤ 0.05. Results: Of the 22 patients, 86.4 % were male, with a mean age of 58.86 ± 9.41 years. Temporomandibular disorder was present in 31.8% of the subjects, based on the assessment prior to radiotherapy, and in 59.1% in the post-treatment assessment. Among all questions, the most frequent was "Do you use only one side of the mouth to chew?" with 22.7% "yes" answers, both at the first assessment and at the post treatment. Conclusion: According to the results of this study, temporomandibular disorder is a disease that is present with a high prevalence in people diagnosed with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy.

  4. Produção e análise econômica do maracujazeiro-amarelo sob diferentes densidades e desbaste de plantas Production and economical analysis of the yellow passion fruit plant under different densities and pruning

    Sebastião Elviro de Araújo Neto


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o efeito de diferentes densidades de plantio na produção e rentabilidade econômica do maracujazeiro-amarelo (Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Degener. O experimento foi instalado e conduzido em pomar comercial da Fazenda Sant'Ana, município de São Tiago-MG, com plantio em outubro de 2001 e colheitas no primeiro semestre de 2002, 2003 e 2004. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o de blocos casualizados com sete tratamentos e quatro repetições. Os tratamentos constituíram-se de diferentes densidades na linha de plantio: T1= 1,0 m (3.330 plantas/ha, T2= 2,0 m (1.660 plantas/ha, T3= 3,0 m (1.110 plantas/ha, T4= 4,0 m (830 plantas/ha, T5= 1,0 m (3.330/1.660 plantas/ha, T6= 1,5 m (2.220/1.110 plantas/ha e T7= 2,0 m (1.660/830 plantas/ha. Nos tratamentos T5, T6 e T7, foi feito desbaste de plantas alternadas logo após o término da colheita da primeira safra. A produtividade acumulada das três safras, revelou menor produtividade para o sistema menos adensado com 25,6 t/ha, não havendo diferença entre os demais tratamentos, com média de 27,96 t/ha. A máxima eficiência econômica foi alcançada na densidade de 1.110 plantas/ha, com receita líquida de R$2.637,56/ha, considerando o sistema de comercialização "Mista" (Industria/Mesa, com preço médio de R$0,55/kg, pois a comercialização exclusiva para a indústria (R$ 0,40/kg proporcionou um situação de resíduo.The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of different planting densities on production and economical profitability of yellow passion fruit plant (Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Degener. The experiment was installed and led in a commercial orchard in Sant'ana Farm, municipal district of São Tiago, Minas Gerais, Brazil, with planting in October of 2001 and harvest began in the first semester of 2002, 2003 and 2004. The experimental design was in of randomized blocks with seven treatments and four

  5. Committees


    Leadership Team of the IAHR Committee for Hydraulic Machinery and Systems Eduard EGUSQUIZA, UPC Barcelona, Spain, Chair François AVELLAN, EPFL-LMH, Switzerland, Past Chair Richard K FISHER, Voith Hydro Inc., USA, Past Chair Fidel ARZOLA, Edelca, Venezuela Michel COUSTON, Alstom Hydro, France Niklas DAHLBÄCKCK, Vatenfall, Sweden Normand DESY, Andritz VA TECH Hydro Ltd., Canada Chisachi KATO, University of Tokyo, Japan Andrei LIPEJ, Turboinstitut, Slovenija Torbjørn NIELSEN, NTNU, Norway Romeo SUSAN-RESIGA, 'Politehnica' University Timisoara, Romania Stefan RIEDELBAUCH, Stuggart University, Germany Albert RUPRECHT, Stuttgart University, Germany Qing-Hua SHI, Dong Fang Electrical Machinery Co., China Geraldo TIAGO, Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Brazil International Advisory Committee Shouqi YUAN (principal) Jiangsu University China QingHua SHI (principal) Dong Fang Electrical Machinery Co. China Fidel ARZOLA EDELCA Venezuela Thomas ASCHENBRENNER Voith Hydro GmbH & Co. KG Germany Anton BERGANT Litostroj Power doo Slovenia B C BHAOYAL Research & Technology Centre India Hermod BREKKE NTNU Norway Stuart COULSON Voith Hydro Inc. USA Paul COOPER Fluid Machinery Research Inc USA V A DEMIANOV Power Machines OJSC Russia Bart van ESCH Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Netherland Arno GEHRER Andritz Hydro Graz Austria Akira GOTO Ebara Corporation Japan Adiel GUINZBURG The Boeing Company USA D-H HELLMANN KSB AG Germany Ashvin HOSANGADI Combustion Research and Flow Technology USA Byung-Sun HWANG Korea Institute of Material Science Korea Toshiaki KANEMOTO Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan Mann-Eung KIM Korean Register of Shipping Korea Jiri KOUTNIK Voith Hydro GmbH & Co. KG Germany Jinkook LEE Eaton Corporation USA Young-Ho LEE Korea Maritime University Korea Woo-Seop LIM Hyosung Goodsprings Inc Korea Jun MATSUI Yokohama National University Japan Kazuyoshi Mitsubishi H I Ltd, Japan MIYAGAWA Christophe NICOLET Power Vision Engineering Srl Switzerland Maryse PAGE Hydro

  6. Does breast density measured through population-based screening independently increase breast cancer risk in Asian females?

    Park B


    Full Text Available Boyoung Park,1,2 Hye Mi Cho,2 Eun Hye Lee,3 Seunghoon Song,2 Mina Suh,2 Kui Son Choi,1,2 Bong Joo Kang,4 Kyungran Ko,5 Ann Yi,6 Hae Kyoung Jung,7 Joo Hee Cha,8 Jae Kwan Jun,1,2 1National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy, Goyang, Republic of Korea; 2National Cancer Control Institute, National Cancer Center, Goyang, Republic of Korea; 3Department of Radiology, Bucheon Hospital, Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine, Bucheon, Republic of Korea; 4Department of Radiology, Seoul St Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 5Center for Breast Cancer, National Cancer Center Hospital, National Cancer Center, Goyang, Republic of Korea; 6Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 7Department of Radiology, CHA Bundang Medical Center, CHA University, Seongnam, Republic of Korea; 8Department of Radiology and Research Institute of Radiology, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of breast density on breast cancer risk among women screened via a nationwide mammographic screening program. Patients and methods: We conducted a nested case–control study for a randomly selected population of 1,561 breast cancer patients and 6,002 matched controls from the National Cancer Screening Program. Breast density was measured and recorded by two independent radiologists using the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS. Associations between BI-RADS density and breast cancer risk were evaluated according to screening results, time elapsed since receiving non-recall results, age, and menopausal status after adjusting for possible covariates. Results: Breast cancer risk for women with extremely dense breasts was five times higher (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] =5.0; 95% confidence interval [CI] =3

  7. EEG oscillatory power dissociates between distress- and depression-related psychopathology in subjective tinnitus.

    Meyer, Martin; Neff, Patrick; Grest, Angelina; Hemsley, Colette; Weidt, Steffi; Kleinjung, Tobias


    Recent research has used source estimation approaches to identify spatially distinct neural configurations in individuals with chronic, subjective tinnitus (TI). The results of these studies are often heterogeneous, a fact which may be partly explained by an inherent heterogeneity in the TI population and partly by the applied EEG data analysis procedure and EEG hardware. Hence this study was performed to re-enact a formerly published study (Joos et al., 2012) to better understand the reason for differences and overlap between studies from different labs. We re-investigated the relationship between neural oscillations and behavioral measurements of affective states in TI, namely depression and tinnitus-related distress by recruiting 45 TI who underwent resting-state EEG. Comprehensive psychopathological (depression and tinnitus-related distress scores) and psychometric data (including other tinnitus characteristics) were gathered. A principal component analysis (PCA) was performed to unveil independent factors that predict distinct aspects of tinnitus-related pathology. Furthermore, we correlated EEG power changes in the standard frequency bands with the behavioral scores for both the whole-brain level and, as a post hoc approach, for selected regions of interest (ROI) based on sLORETA. Behavioral data revealed significant relationships between measurements of depression and tinnitus-related distress. Notably, no significant results were observed for the depressive scores and modulations of the EEG signal. However, akin to the former study we evidenced a significant relationship between a power increase in the β-bands and tinnitus-related distress. In conclusion, it has emerged that depression and tinnitus-related distress, even though they are assumed not to be completely independent, manifest in distinct neural configurations. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  8. Capillary Rise: Validity of the Dynamic Contact Angle Models.

    Wu, Pingkeng; Nikolov, Alex D; Wasan, Darsh T


    The classical Lucas-Washburn-Rideal (LWR) equation, using the equilibrium contact angle, predicts a faster capillary rise process than experiments in many cases. The major contributor to the faster prediction is believed to be the velocity dependent dynamic contact angle. In this work, we investigated the dynamic contact angle models for their ability to correct the dynamic contact angle effect in the capillary rise process. We conducted capillary rise experiments of various wetting liquids in borosilicate glass capillaries and compared the model predictions with our experimental data. The results show that the LWR equations modified by the molecular kinetic theory and hydrodynamic model provide good predictions on the capillary rise of all the testing liquids with fitting parameters, while the one modified by Joos' empirical equation works for specific liquids, such as silicone oils. The LWR equation modified by molecular self-layering model predicts well the capillary rise of carbon tetrachloride, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, and n-alkanes with the molecular diameter or measured solvation force data. The molecular self-layering model modified LWR equation also has good predictions on the capillary rise of silicone oils covering a wide range of bulk viscosities with the same key parameter W(0), which results from the molecular self-layering. The advantage of the molecular self-layering model over the other models reveals the importance of the layered molecularly thin wetting film ahead of the main meniscus in the energy dissipation associated with dynamic contact angle. The analysis of the capillary rise of silicone oils with a wide range of bulk viscosities provides new insights into the capillary dynamics of polymer melts.

  9. Clinical Feasibility of Continuously Monitored Data for Heart Rate, Physical Activity, and Sleeping by Wearable Activity Trackers in Patients with Thyrotoxicosis: Protocol for a Prospective Longitudinal Observational Study.

    Lee, Jie-Eun; Lee, Dong Hwa; Oh, Tae Jung; Kim, Kyoung Min; Choi, Sung Hee; Lim, Soo; Park, Young Joo; Park, Do Joon; Jang, Hak Chul; Moon, Jae Hoon


    Thyrotoxicosis is a common disease caused by an excess of thyroid hormones. The prevalence of thyrotoxicosis about 2% and 70-90% of thyrotoxicosis cases are caused by Graves' disease, an autoimmune disease, which has a high recurrence rate when treated with antithyroid drugs such as methimazole or propylthiouracil. The clinical symptoms and signs of thyrotoxicosis include palpitation, weight loss, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping. Although these clinical changes in thyrotoxicosis can be detected by currently available wearable activity trackers, there have been few trials of the clinical application of wearable devices in patients with thyrotoxicosis. The aim of this study is to investigate the clinical applicability of wearable device-generated data to the management of thyrotoxicosis. We are analyzing continuously monitored data for heart rate, physical activity, and sleep in patients with thyrotoxicosis during their clinical course after treatment. Thirty thyrotoxic patients and 10 control subjects were enrolled in this study at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Heart rate, physical activity, and sleep are being monitored using a Fitbit Charge HR or Fitbit Charge 2. Clinical data including anthropometric measures, thyroid function test, and hyperthyroidism symptom scale are recorded. Study enrollment began in December 2016, and the intervention and follow-up phases are ongoing. The results of the data analysis are expected to be available by September 2017. This study will provide a foundational feasibility trial of the clinical applications of biosignal measurements to the differential diagnosis, prediction of clinical course, early detection of recurrence, and treatment in patients with thyrotoxicosis. NCT03009357; (Archived by WebCite at ©Jie-Eun Lee, Dong Hwa Lee, Tae Jung Oh, Kyoung Min Kim, Sung Hee Choi, Soo Lim, Young Joo Park, Do

  10. Soluble common gamma chain exacerbates COPD progress through the regulation of inflammatory T cell response in mice

    Lee B


    Full Text Available Byunghyuk Lee,1 Eunhee Ko,1 Jiyeon Lee,2 Yuna Jo,1 Hyunju Hwang,1 Tae Sik Goh,1,3 Myungsoo Joo,2 Changwan Hong1 1Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Pusan National University School of Medicine, 2Division of Applied Medicine, School of Korean Medicine, Pusan National University, Yangsan, 3Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Medical Research Institute, Pusan National University School of Medicine, Busan, South Korea Abstract: Cigarette smoking (CS is a major cause of considerable morbidity and mortality by inducing lung cancer and COPD. COPD, a smoking-related disorder, is closely related to the alteration of immune system and inflammatory processes that are specifically mediated by T cells. Soluble common gamma chain (sγc has recently been identified as a critical regulator of the development and differentiation of T cells. We examined the effects of sγc in a cigarette smoke extract (CSE mouse model. The sγc level in CSE mice serum is significantly downregulated, and the cellularity of lymph node (LN is systemically reduced in the CSE group. Overexpression of sγc enhances the cellularity and IFNγ production of CD8 T cells in LN and also enhances Th1 and Th17 differentiation of CD4 T cells in the respiratory tract. Mechanistically, the downregulation of sγc expression mediated by CSE is required to prevent excessive inflammatory T cell responses. Therefore, our data suggest that sγc may be one of the target molecules for the control of immunopathogenic progresses in COPD. Keywords: COPD, T cell, soluble common gamma chain, cytokine

  11. Facilitated saliva secretion and reduced oral inflammation by a novel artificial saliva system in the treatment of salivary hypofunction

    Kang M


    Full Text Available Minkyung Kang,1 Hyounggeun Park,1 Joon-Ho Jun,1 Miwon Son,1 Myung Joo Kang2 1Pharmaceutical Product Research Laboratories, Dong-A ST Research Institute, Gyeonggi, 2Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Dankook University, Cheonan, Chungnam, Korea Abstract: Saliva substitutes and/or lubricants are commonly employed to lessen dry mouth symptoms by stimulating and/or substituting for the secretion of saliva. In this study, a novel artificial saliva containing inorganic salts, including sodium chloride and potassium chloride, and bactericidal agents, including potassium thiocyanate and lactoperoxidase, was formulated in the form of a solution (DM-sol or gel (DM-gel. Those in vivo therapeutic efficacies were assessed in terms of saliva secretion and anti-inflammatory activity in rats and mice, respectively. Salivary secretion was promoted by mucosal application of DM-formulations in normal rats. In particular, DM-gel resulted in 2.5- and 1.9-fold greater salivary flow rates compared to normal saline and DM-sol, respectively. In an in vivo efficacy evaluation in diabetic mice with salivary hypofunction, repeated application of DM-formulations alleviated histopathological changes in the buccal mucosa in terms of atrophy and thinning of the epithelium, compared to vehicle, after 4 weeks. Moreover, the DM-sol and DM-gel were comparably effective for relieving periodontal gingivitis, reducing infiltration of inflammatory cells, and normalizing the neutrophil level in the gingival gingiva, after 4 weeks. Therefore, the novel artificial saliva is expected to facilitate salivary secretion and restore physiological conditions in the mouth of patients with salivary hypofunction. Keywords: saliva substitute, carbopol gel, hypothiocyanite–hydrogen peroxide mixture, antimicrobial activity, diabetic rats

  12. Enhanced bioavailability of sirolimus via preparation of solid dispersion nanoparticles using a supercritical antisolvent process

    Kim MS


    Full Text Available Min-Soo Kim1, Jeong-Soo Kim1, Hee Jun Park1, Won Kyung Cho1,3, Kwang-Ho Cha1,3, Sung-Joo Hwang2,31College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 2College of Pharmacy, 3Yonsei Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of KoreaBackground: The aim of this study was to improve the physicochemical properties and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble sirolimus via preparation of a solid dispersion of nanoparticles using a supercritical antisolvent (SAS process.Methods: First, excipients for enhancing the stability and solubility of sirolimus were screened. Second, using the SAS process, solid dispersions of sirolimus-polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP K30 nanoparticles were prepared with or without surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS, tocopheryl propylene glycol succinate, Sucroester 15, Gelucire 50/13, and Myrj 52. A mean particle size of approximately 250 nm was obtained for PVP K30-sirolimus nanoparticles. Solid state characterization, kinetic solubility, powder dissolution, stability, and pharmacokinetics were analyzed in rats.Results: X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, and high-pressure liquid chromatography indicated that sirolimus existed in an anhydrous amorphous form within a solid dispersion of nanoparticles and that no degradation occurred after SAS processing. The improved supersaturation and dissolution of sirolimus as a solid dispersion of nanoparticles appeared to be well correlated with enhanced bioavailability of oral sirolimus in rats. With oral administration of a solid dispersion of PVP K30-SLS-sirolimus nanoparticles, the peak concentration and AUC0→12h of sirolimus were increased by approximately 18.3-fold and 15.2-fold, respectively.Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that preparation of PVP K30-sirolimus-surfactant nanoparticles using the SAS process may be a promising approach for improving the bioavailability of sirolimus

  13. Cationic PLGA/Eudragit RL nanoparticles for increasing retention time in synovial cavity after intra-articular injection in knee joint

    Kim SR


    Full Text Available Sung Rae Kim,1 Myoung Jin Ho,2 Eugene Lee,3 Joon Woo Lee,3 Young Wook Choi,1 Myung Joo Kang21College of Pharmacy, Chung-Ang University, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 2College of Pharmacy, Dankook University, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungnam, 3Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South KoreaAbstract: Positively surface-charged poly(lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA/Eudragit RL nanoparticles (NPs were designed to increase retention time and sustain release profile in joints after intra-articular injection, by forming micrometer-sized electrostatic aggregates with hyaluronic acid, an endogenous anionic polysaccharide found in high amounts in synovial fluid. The cationic NPs consisting of PLGA, Eudragit RL, and polyvinyl alcohol were fabricated by solvent evaporation technique. The NPs were 170.1 nm in size, with a zeta potential of 21.3 mV in phosphate-buffered saline. Hyperspectral imaging (CytoViva® revealed the formation of the micrometer-sized filamentous aggregates upon admixing, due to electrostatic interaction between NPs and the polysaccharides. NPs loaded with a fluorescent probe (1,1'-dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3' tetramethylindotricarbocyanine iodide, DiR displayed a significantly improved retention time in the knee joint, with over 50% preservation of the fluorescent signal 28 days after injection. When DiR solution was injected intra-articularly, the fluorescence levels rapidly decreased to 30% of the initial concentration within 3 days in mice. From these findings, we suggest that PLGA-based cationic NPs could be a promising tool for prolonged delivery of therapeutic agents in joints selectively.Keywords: PLGA, Eudragit RL, hyaluronic acid, cationic nanoparticles, intra-articular injection, electrostatic interaction

  14. Rudolf Mössbauer in Munich

    Kalvius, G. M.; Kienle, P.

    Mössbauer and one of the authors (PK) started in 1949 studying physics at the Technische Hochschule München (THM), which was still under reconstruction from the war damages. It offered two directions for studying physics: "Physik A" and "Physik B." I took courses in "Physik A," which meant Technical Physics; Mössbauer studied "Physik B," which was General Physics. Actually, the lectures of both directions were not too different up to the forth semester, followed by a "pre-diploma" examination, which Mössbauer passed in 1952. I as "Physik A" student had besides the various physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses, in addition lectures in Technical Electricity, Technical Mechanics, Technical Thermodynamics, and later Measurement Engineering offered by very famous professors, such as W.O. Schumann, L. Föppl, W. Nußelt, and H. Piloty. Our physics teachers were G. Joos (Experimental physics), G. Hettner (Theoretical Physics), and W. Meissner (Technical Physics); in mathematics, we enjoyed lectures by J. Lense and R. Sauer, and interesting chemistry lectures by W. Hieber. Thus we received a high-class classical education, but quantum mechanics was not a compulsory subject. Mössbauer complained about this deficiency when he realized that the effect he found was a quantum mechanical phenomenon. Quantum mechanics was offered as an optional subject by Prof. Fick and Prof. Haug. Mössbauer just missed to take these advanced lectures, although he was highly talented in mathematics and received even a tutoring position in the mathematics institute of Prof. R. Sauer, while I worked in engineering projects and had extensive industrial training.

  15. Dataset of acute repeated sessions of bifrontal transcranial direct current stimulation for treatment of intractable tinnitus: A randomized controlled trial

    Ali Yadollahpour


    Full Text Available Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS has reportedly shown promising therapeutic effects for tinnitus (Forogh et al., 2016; Joos et al., 2014 [1,2]. Studies are ongoing to determine optimum treatment protocol and the site of stimulation. Findings of the early studies are heterogeneous and most studies have focused on single session tDCS and short follow-up periods. There is no study on repeated sessions of tDCS with long term follow-up. This study presents the results of a randomized clinical trial investigating the therapeutic effects of acute multi-session tDCS over dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC on tinnitus symptoms and comorbid depression and anxiety in patients with chronic intractable tinnitus. The dataset includes the demographic information, audiometric assessments, tinnitus specific characteristics, and the response variables of the study. The response variables included the scores of tinnitus handicap inventory (THI, tinnitus loudness and tinnitus related distress based on 0–10 numerical visual analogue scale (VAS scores, beck depression inventory (BDI-II and beck anxiety inventory (BAI scores. The dataset included the scores of THI pre and immediately post intervention, and at one month follow-up; the tinnitus loudness and distress scores prior to intervention, and immediately, one hour, one week, and at one month after the last stimulation session. In addition, the BDI-II, and BAI scores pre and post intervention are included. The data of the real (n=25 and sham tDCS (n=17 groups are reported. The main manuscript of this dataset is 'Acute repeated sessions of bifrontal transcranial direct current stimulation for treatment of intractable tinnitus: a randomized controlled trial' (Bayat et al., submitted for publication [3]. Keywords: Transcranial direct current stimulation, Acute stimulations, Tinnitus, Depression, Anxiety, DLPFC

  16. Technical and Physical Activities of Small-Sided Games in Young Korean Soccer Players.

    Joo, Chang H; Hwang-Bo, Kwan; Jee, Haemi


    Joo, CH, Hwang-Bo, K, and Jee, H. Technical and physical activities of small-sided games in young Korean soccer players. J Strength Cond Res 30(8): 2164-2173, 2016-The aim of this study was to examine the technical aspects and physical demands during small-sided games (SSGs) with different sized pitches in young Korean soccer players. Participants were randomly selected during a nationally held youth competition. Three different game formats were used: SSG8 (8 vs. 8 played on a small-sized field [68 × 47 m]), RSG8 (8 vs. 8 played on a regular-sized field [75 × 47 m]), and RSG11 (11 vs. 11 played on a regular-sized field). Eleven technical (ball touches, passes, and shots) and 6 physical demand variables (exercise frequency by intensity) were observed and analyzed. Same variables were also analyzed for the goalkeepers. As a result, SSG8 and RSG8 showed significantly greater numbers of technical plays in 5 and 4 variables in comparison to RSG11, respectively. In addition, although the exercise intensities increased slightly in both SSG formats, the amount was within the similar range as previous reports. In conclusion, the SSGs with reduced number of players may be referred in young players to effectively train them in technical aspects of the game by allowing greater ball exposure time without excessive physical demands. Various confounding factors such as pitch dimension should be carefully considered for training specific technical and physical variables in young Korean players.

  17. Register as the Situational Variety of Language

    Natalya B. Boyeva-Omelechko


    Full Text Available The problem discussed in the article is topical due to the interest of scientists to different types of language variations and especially registers or situational dialects treated by M.A.K. Halliday as use-related varieties of language or varieties used in a particular social setting. As discourse categorization is a very complex problem scholarly consensus has not been reached for the definitions of the term «register». The universal criteria for defining and discriminating registers have not been worked out either. The authors of the article give the review of scientific works devoted to the problem in question especially works by M.A.K. Halliday, R. Quirk, M. Joos, D. Hymes P. Trudgill, E.I. Belyaeva and others and analyze different definitions of the term «register», spectrums of registers and criteria for their discriminating. It enables the authors to come to the conclusion that only registers with the same field (religious, political, business etc. and mode (oral/written, dialogue/monologue can be compared. The difference lies in the sphere of tenor which depends on the degree of formality, distance of power and socio-psychological distance between speakers. The authors believe that it is also necessary to take into account the cooperative/ uncooperative character of conversation and para-verbal and non-verbal components of the speech situation. With this in mind they offer their definition of the register and describe main characteristics of registers in the sphere of oral communication.

  18. Multiple-unit tablet of probiotic bacteria for improved storage stability, acid tolerability, and in vivo intestinal protective effect

    Park HJ


    Full Text Available Hee Jun Park,1 Ga Hyeon Lee,1 Joonho Jun,1 Miwon Son,1 Myung Joo Kang2 1Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Yongin, Gyeonggi, 2College of Pharmacy, Dankook University, Cheonan, Chungnam, Korea Abstract: The aim of this study was to formulate probiotics-loaded pellets in a tablet form to improve storage stability, acid tolerability, and in vivo intestinal protective effect. Bacteria-loaded pellets primarily prepared with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate were compressed into tablets with highly compressible excipients and optimized for flow properties, hardness, and disintegration time. The optimized probiotic tablet consisted of enteric-coated pellets (335 mg, microcrystalline cellulose (Avicel PH102, 37.5 mg, and porous calcium silicate (25 mg and allowed whole survival of living bacteria during the compaction process with sufficient tablet hardness (13 kp and disintegration time (14 minutes. The multiple-unit tablet showed remarkably higher storage stability under ambient conditions (25°C/60% relative humidity over 6 months and resistance to acidic medium compared to uncoated strains or pellets. Repeated intake of this multiple-unit tablet significantly lowered plasma level of endotoxin, a pathogenic material, compared to repeated intake of bare probiotics or marketed products in rats. These results, therefore, suggest that the multiple-unit tablet is advantageous to better bacterial viability and gain the beneficial effects on the gut flora, including the improvement of intestinal barrier function. Keywords: probiotics, multiple-unit tablet, bacterial viability, acid resistance, intestinal barrier function

  19. Decoherence and the Appearance of a Classical World in Quantum Theory

    Alicki, R


    In the last decade decoherence has become a very popular topic mainly due to the progress in experimental techniques which allow monitoring of the process of decoherence for single microscopic or mesoscopic systems. The other motivation is the rapid development of quantum information and quantum computation theory where decoherence is the main obstacle in the implementation of bold theoretical ideas. All that makes the second improved and extended edition of this book very timely. Despite the enormous efforts of many authors decoherence with its consequences still remains a rather controversial subject. It touches on, namely, the notoriously confusing issues of quantum measurement theory and interpretation of quantum mechanics. The existence of different points of view is reflected by the structure and content of the book. The first three authors (Joos, Zeh and Kiefer) accept the standard formalism of quantum mechanics but seem to reject orthodox Copenhagen interpretation, Giulini and Kupsch stick to both while Stamatescu discusses models which go beyond the standard quantum theory. Fortunately, most of the presented results are independent of the interpretation and the mathematical formalism is common for the (meta)physically different approaches. After a short introduction by Joos followed by a more detailed review of the basic concepts by Zeh, chapter 3 (the longest chapter) by Joos is devoted to the environmental decoherence. Here the author considers mostly rather 'down to earth' and well-motivated mechanisms of decoherence through collisions with atoms or molecules and the processes of emission, absorption and scattering of photons. The issues of decoherence induced superselection rules and localization of objects including the possible explanation of the molecular structure are discussed in details. Many other topics are also reviewed in this chapter, e.g., the so-called Zeno effect, relationships between quantum chaos and decoherence, the role of

  20. The internal structure of eclogite-facies ophiolite complexes: Implications from the Austroalpine outliers within the Zermatt-Saas Zone, Western Alps

    Weber, Sebastian; Martinez, Raul


    -pressure indications. By contrast, the peak conditions derived from the ophiolites of the Zermatt-Saas Zone are uniform, and close to or inside the coesite stability field. These results further underline that the oceanic lithosphere, which experienced its geodynamic evolution as a relatively coherent unit, may contain slices of continental rocks, which in turn show differences in the metamorphic evolution compared to the surrounding ophiolites. Faßmer, K., Obermüller, G., Nagel, T.J., Kirst, F., Froitzheim, N., Sandmann, S., Miladinova, I., Fonseca, R.O.C., Münker, C. (2015): Coherent vs. non-coherent subduction of ophiolite complexes - new insights from the Zermatt-Saas Zone in the Western Alps. GeoBerlin 2015, Berlin, Germany. Skora, S., Mahlen, N. J., Johnson, C. M., Baumgartner, L. P., Lapen, T. J., Beard, B. L., Szilvagyi, E. T., 2015. Evidence for protracted prograde metamorphism followed by rapid exhumation of the Zermatt-Saas Fee ophiolite. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 33, 711-734. Weber, S., Sandmann, S., Fonseca, R. O. C., Froitzheim, N., Mu¨ nker, C., Bucher, K., 2015. Dating the beginning of Piemonte-Liguria Ocean subduction: Lu-Hf garnet chronometry of eclogites from the Theodul Glacier Unit (Zermatt-Saas Zone, Switzerland). Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 108, 183-199.

  1. Pré-hipertensão arterial e pressão de pulso aumentada em adolescentes: prevalência e fatores associados Arterial prehypertension and elevated pulse pressure in adolescents: prevalence and associated factors

    Maria Luiza Garcia Rosa


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estimar a prevalência de pré-hipertensão e pressão de pulso aumentada em escolares, e verificar associação dessas duas condições com sexo, idade, maturidade sexual, obesidade e atividade física. MÉTODOS: Em amostra de 456 estudantes de 12 a 17 anos, de escolas públicas e privadas do bairro do Fonseca, Niterói-RJ, entre 2003 e 2004, mediu-se a pressão arterial em duas visitas, aplicou-se questionário e foram feitas medidas antropométricas. RESULTADOS: Trinta e nove (8,6% adolescentes apresentaram pré-hipertensão (PH e 13,4%, pressão de pulso (PP aumentada. Na análise bivariada, a PH mostrou associação significativa com sexo, idade e obesidade, com prevalência maior em meninos, naqueles de 15 a 17 anos, e nos obesos. A PP aumentada associou-se somente com o sexo - maior prevalência nos meninos. A maturidade sexual não mostrou associação com a PH ou PP aumentada. Na regressão logística, as associações se mantiveram, com razões de chance de prevalência de PH de 7,7 para sexo; 4,3 para idade e 4,6 para obesidade; e de PP aumentada, de 10,8 para sexo. A PP mostrou correlação positiva com a atividade física. O aumento da PP ocorreu com o aumento da pressão arterial sistólica. CONCLUSÃO: A PH e a PP aumentadas estão presentes em adolescentes em uma população com baixa prevalência de hipertensão, principalmente em meninos, indicando a necessidade de realização de estudos com desenhos prospectivos para examinar a persistência e o impacto dessas condições.OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of prehypertension and elevated pulse pressure in adolescents and assess the association between those two conditions and sex, age, sexual development, obesity and physical activity. METHODS: Anthropometrical data and blood pressure were measured in and a questionnaire was applied to 456 adolescents (aged 12 to 17 years recruited from public and private schools, in the Fonseca district, in the city of Niter

  2. Correlação entre autoestima e grau de severidade da disfunção temporomandibular em sujeitos controle e afetados

    José Adolfo Menezes Garcia Silva

    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: A disfunção temporomandibular (DTM apresenta associação com manifestações psicológicas. OBJETIVO: Os objetivos deste estudo foram correlacionar o grau de severidade da DTM e o nível de autoestima, e investigar diferenças relacionadas ao gênero. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foram avaliados 57 sujeitos de ambos os gêneros, com idade média de 20,28 ± 2,07 anos, por meio do Índice Anamnésico de Fonseca (IAF e da Escala de Autoestima de Rosenberg (EAR. As correlações entre as variáveis foram avaliadas por meio do coeficiente de correlação de Spearman; as comparações entre os gêneros foram realizadas com a utilização do teste Mann-Whitney. Foi considerado um nível de significância de 5%. RESULTADO: Não foram encontradas diferenças para as comparações entre os gêneros no IAF (p = 0,79 e na EAR (p = 0,90. A EAR se correlacionou com o IAF em mulheres (p = 0,01; contudo, em homens, este resultado não ocorreu (p = 0,07. CONCLUSÃO: Conclui-se que as mulheres são mais propensas a apresentar distúrbios emocionais decorrentes de alterações na articulação temporomandibular do que os homens.


    Francy Sousa Rabelo


    Full Text Available : At this work, we have done an analysis focused on the constitution of teaching knowledge in the initial formation of a pedagogue, based on the developed experience in the hospital environment. Such research is configured as a case study , subsidized at Stake (2007 , Yin (2010 and André (2005. The research subjects are graduates of the Pedagogy course of Maranhão State University, who participated as scholarship holders and volunteers of the extension project Estudar, uma ação saudável (Studying, a healthy action, developed at the University Hospital of Maranhão Federal University. The acquired data is the result of semi-structured interviews. It was subsequently organized, analyzed and interpreted in light of authors such as Fonseca (2003, Tardif (2010 and Gauthier et al. (1998 , among others. The results show that the pedagogues in training experience the characteristics of different working areas of education, as shown by the Curriculum Guidelines of the course (BRAZIL, 2006, such as a hospital, and the challenges of this representation are outweighed by the constitution of knowledge on the professional formation , which evoke a more humanized teaching by the sensitive listening of the live stories of the subjects , their gestures, their words and behavior that follow the reaction to their hospitalization and disease. It is concluded that the school attendance of hospitalized children require from pedagogues a training that incorporates the discussion about the new spaces for their performance , that includes the subsidies for the exercise of teaching in various activities inside and outside of the schools.

  4. Estudo sobre os teores de Tório, Urânio e Potássio nas águas superficiais e sedimento marginal do Rio Piracicaba, Minas Gerais, Brasil

    Marluce Teixeira Andrade Queiroz

    Full Text Available RESUMO: Nesse estudo, o principal objetivo foi mensurar a concentração de tório, urânio e potássio aplicando a técnica da análise por Ativação Neutrônica Instrumental em dois compartimentos ambientais, águas superficiais e sedimento marginal, do rio Piracicaba, em Minas Gerais. Esse rio possui área de drenagem que inclui as regiões do Quadrilátero Ferrífero da Região do Vale do Aço, sujeitando-se a intensa ação antropogênica. As amostragens ocorreram em quatro pontos de coleta, localizados nos municípios de Fonseca, Rio Piracicaba, Nova Era e Ipatinga, nas estações seca e chuvosa. As concentrações determinadas para aqueles elementos no sedimento se apresentaram elevadas em comparação com os valores usualmente observados para o perfil geológico na região de estudo, denotando relação com o modelo de exploração econômica, notadamente com a mineração e siderurgia. Evidencia, também, a relação com a degradação do feldspato potássico e do quartzo. Na água superficial, constatou-se o incremento da concentração do tório e potássio em comparação com os valores do Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente (CONAMA, nº. 357/2005. Os achados desse estudo explicitaram a necessidade da adoção de medidas mitigadoras, visando a contenção dos danos ambientais.

  5. Association between temporomandibular disorders and music performance anxiety in violinists.

    Amorim, M I T; Jorge, A I L


    Professional violin playing has been associated with a predisposition to develop temporomandibular disorder (TMD). There are a number of risk factors, including physical trauma from the playing posture and the presence of parafunctional habits. Music performance anxiety (MPA) may also be a factor, as it has been associated with playing-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMD). To evaluate a possible association between the presence of TMD and the level of MPA in violin players. An observational study using a written questionnaire that retrieved data related to TMD symptoms (Fonseca Anamnestic Questionnaire), MPA level (Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory, K-MPAI), instrument practice time, chinrest type, sex and age. Descriptive, bivariate and logistic regression analyses were conducted. Ninety-three professional or semi-professional violinists performing in and around Lisbon, Portugal, completed the questionnaire (73% response rate). TMD was present in 50 violinists (58%). There was a statistically significant association between the presence of TMD and high MPA levels (P < 0.001) and the most anxious violinists were six times (95% confidence interval 2.51-15.33; P < 0.001) more likely to report TMD symptoms when compared with the least anxious players. Violin players had a high prevalence of reported TMD symptoms, which was significantly associated with high MPA levels. It may therefore be necessary to address psychological and physical factors simultaneously in musicians who do not improve with physical therapy alone. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Occupational Medicine. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  6. Prevalence of temporomandibular disorders in patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis.

    Grozdinska, Alina; Hofmann, Elisabeth; Schmid, Matthias; Hirschfelder, Ursula


    Autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD), also known as Hashimoto thyroiditis (HT), is a degenerative inflammatory disease with high prevalence among women and has been associated with fibromyalgia and widespread chronic pain. The goal was to determine the frequency of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in patients with HT. In all, 119 women (age 19-60 years) were divided into a study (52 women diagnosed with HT) and a control (67 healthy individuals, of which 15 were excluded) group. Serum concentrations of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free triiodothyronine (fT3), free thyroxine (fT4), anti-thyroglobulin (Tg) and anti-thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibody levels were measured. The temporomandibular jaw and muscles were examined using the German Society of Functional Diagnostics and Therapy guidelines. The Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD) was used to assess TMD. Standardized questionnaires, incorporating epidemiological criteria, state and treatment of the thyroid disease, Helkimo Index (HI), and Fonseca Anamnestic Index (FAI), were filled out by all patients. The two groups did not differ in terms of demographic parameters or mandibular jaw mobility. Significantly higher levels of anti-TPO and anti-Tg were attested in all subjects of the HT group. Markedly elevated prevalence of TMD was found in the HT group. Muscle pain and stiffness were found in 45 (86.5%) subjects of the HT group (p < 0.001), of whom 33 (63.4%) also had disc displacement with reposition (p < 0.001). Whereas 50% of the control group showed no TMD symptoms, all subjects in the HT group had symptoms. A significantly elevated prevalence of TMD was found in patients with HT. Thus, patients with TMD who do not respond to therapy should be referred for thyroid diagnostic workup.

  7. Proceedings of the Prop'Elec 2000 colloquium. Advances of electric drive in urban transportation systems; Actes du colloque Prop'Elec 2000. Progres de la traction electrique dans les transports urbains



    This document is the proceedings of Prop'Elec 2000 colloquium on the advances in electric power drive in urban transportation systems. The colloquium comprises 5 sessions dealing with: 1 - public collective electric-powered transportation system: synthesis of urban guided systems (C. Soulas, INRETS), the fast travelator (A. Cote, RATP), the power supply system of METEOR automatic underground railway (P. Lagrange, W. Seiler, RATP); 2 - electrical drive in urban transportation systems: start-up of a thermal engine with super-capacitors (D. Bouquain (CREEBEL), H. Gualous, A. Djerdir, A. Berthon, J.M. Kauffmann (L2ES, IGE)), The LEV (light weight electric vehicle) project in Mendrisio (U. Schwegler, LEV/Suisse), prototype of electrical bike that use a wheel-engine (C. Espanet, F. Gustin, J.M. Kauffmann (IGE), S. Robert, M. Karmous (EICN)), TWIL: a new generation of small electrical bikes (E. Escallot, T. Bontems (EPMI)), thermal and magnetic analysis of a rectilinear movement actuator (J.C. Vannier, M. Kadiri (SUPELEC)), torque undulation and vibrations in automobile electrical drives (A.L. Bui-Van (Renault), A. Fonseca (LEG)); 3 - collective electric-powered transportation systems: STARS: autonomous transportation system with flywheel charging at the station (P. Gibard (Alstom Transport), K. Abuda, J.M. Vinassa (IXL Bordeaux)), Translhor tramway: presentation of the drive system (L. Verdier, LHOR); 4 - electric-powered and hybrid vehicles: batteries for electric-powered vehicles (J.F. Fauvarque, CNAM), Li-ion batteries and their application in automotive industry (T. Faugeras, SAFT), optimized drive systems for electric-powered vehicles (J. Saint-Michel, Leroy Somer), the Citroen Xsara Dynactive (S. Derou, PSA), 5 - electric-powered and hybrid vehicles: the electrical car in tomorrows' city (M. Parent, INRIA), the market of electric-powered vehicles in France and Europe (M. Valet, PSA). (J.S.)

  8. Literatura e cinema: diálogos possíveis

    Danglei Castro Pereira


    Full Text Available O artigo discute um continum de tradição na literatura brasileira que possibilita a mobilização de temas entre literatura e Cinema em um contexto amplo de diálogos interculturais. Nossa preocupação central é apontar para a permanência de um processo de fragilização do humano como resultado das constantes revitalizações dos temas dentro da tradição artística. O diálogo intertextual e a recuperação temática em procedimentos estéticos em diferentes obras artísticas é o ponto de contato teórico que possibilita a aproximação aqui proposta. Nosso corpus de investigação compreende o conto “Ascensão e queda de Robhéa, manequim & robô” de Caio Fernando Abreu (2009; “O cobrador”, de Rubem Fonseca (1986 e os filmes Metrópolis, de Fritz Lang (1927 e Tropa de Elite, de José Padilha (2008. Entendemos que, cada um a sua maneira, conforme Friedrich (1991 mobiliza formas complexas de representação artística e provocam a atualização da precariedade humana em um continum dentro da tradição. É importante ressaltar que o perfil teórico adotado neste estudo pressupõe a compreensão da modernidade com “arte de conjugação”, conforme Paz (1972, 1994, o que garante um processo contínuo de transformação estética, mas paradoxalmente, a permanência e revitalização desta tradição ao longo do tempo histórico, aqui recortado como o século XX.

  9. Proceedings of the Prop'Elec 2000 colloquium. Advances of electric drive in urban transportation systems; Actes du colloque Prop'Elec 2000. Progres de la traction electrique dans les transports urbains



    This document is the proceedings of Prop'Elec 2000 colloquium on the advances in electric power drive in urban transportation systems. The colloquium comprises 5 sessions dealing with: 1 - public collective electric-powered transportation system: synthesis of urban guided systems (C. Soulas, INRETS), the fast travelator (A. Cote, RATP), the power supply system of METEOR automatic underground railway (P. Lagrange, W. Seiler, RATP); 2 - electrical drive in urban transportation systems: start-up of a thermal engine with super-capacitors (D. Bouquain (CREEBEL), H. Gualous, A. Djerdir, A. Berthon, J.M. Kauffmann (L2ES, IGE)), The LEV (light weight electric vehicle) project in Mendrisio (U. Schwegler, LEV/Suisse), prototype of electrical bike that use a wheel-engine (C. Espanet, F. Gustin, J.M. Kauffmann (IGE), S. Robert, M. Karmous (EICN)), TWIL: a new generation of small electrical bikes (E. Escallot, T. Bontems (EPMI)), thermal and magnetic analysis of a rectilinear movement actuator (J.C. Vannier, M. Kadiri (SUPELEC)), torque undulation and vibrations in automobile electrical drives (A.L. Bui-Van (Renault), A. Fonseca (LEG)); 3 - collective electric-powered transportation systems: STARS: autonomous transportation system with flywheel charging at the station (P. Gibard (Alstom Transport), K. Abuda, J.M. Vinassa (IXL Bordeaux)), Translhor tramway: presentation of the drive system (L. Verdier, LHOR); 4 - electric-powered and hybrid vehicles: batteries for electric-powered vehicles (J.F. Fauvarque, CNAM), Li-ion batteries and their application in automotive industry (T. Faugeras, SAFT), optimized drive systems for electric-powered vehicles (J. Saint-Michel, Leroy Somer), the Citroen Xsara Dynactive (S. Derou, PSA), 5 - electric-powered and hybrid vehicles: the electrical car in tomorrows' city (M. Parent, INRIA), the market of electric-powered vehicles in France and Europe (M. Valet, PSA). (J.S.)

  10. Combining rimonabant and fentanyl in a single entity: preparation and pharmacological results

    Fernández-Fernández C


    Full Text Available Cristina Fernández-Fernández,1 Luis F Callado,2 Rocío Girón,3 Eva Sánchez,3 Amaia M Erdozain,2 José Antonio López-Moreno,4 Paula Morales,1 Fernando Rodríguez de Fonseca,5 Javier Fernández-Ruiz,6 Pilar Goya,1 J Javier Meana,2 M Isabel Martín,3 Nadine Jagerovic1 1Instituto de Química Médica, CSIC, Madrid, 2Departamento de Farmacología, Universidad del Pais Vasco, UPV/EHU, CIBERSAM, Leioa, 3Departamento de Farmacología y Nutrición, Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Alcorcón, 4Departamento de Psicobiologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, 5Laboratorio de Medicina Regenerativa, Hospital Carlos Haya, Fundación IMABIS, Málaga, 6Departamento de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular, Facultad de Medicina, CIBERNED, IRYCIS, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain Abstract: Based on numerous pharmacological studies that have revealed an interaction between cannabinoid and opioid systems at the molecular, neurochemical, and behavioral levels, a new series of hybrid molecules has been prepared by coupling the molecular features of two wellknown drugs, ie, rimonabant and fentanyl. The new compounds have been tested for their affinity and functionality regarding CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid and µ opioid receptors. In [35S]-GTPγS (guanosine 5’-O-[gamma-thio]triphosphate binding assays from the post-mortem human frontal cortex, they proved to be CB1 cannabinoid antagonists and µ opioid antagonists. Interestingly, in vivo, the new compounds exhibited a significant dual antagonist action on the endocannabinoid and opioid systems. Keywords: fentanyl, rimonabant, cannabinoid, opioid, behavioral assays


    Helena Mesquita


    Full Text Available Sabendo que a psicomotricidade engloba o movimento do corpo, a relação com o meio e a capacidade psíquica, a interação destes elementos leva a que a atividade física seja sentida e vivida de um modo rico e saudável para a mente e corpo de uma criança. A psicomotricidade pretende usar o corpo como instrumento de ação sobre o mundo e de relação e expressão com os outros (Fonseca, 2001.A criança com perturbação do espetro do autismo (PEA tem caraterísticas únicas de um ser capaz de uma inteligência diferente de outras crianças, tendo dificuldades na relação com meio, dificuldades em se exprimir (falando pouco, ou por gestos, ou não comunicando de maneira alguma e ainda dificuldades na imaginação e de criar jogos ou diversões, seja sozinho ou acompanhado. Estas dificuldades atrasam o relacionamento com os outros e o seu desenvolvimento (Leboyer, 1985; Benenzon, 1987. A ação da psicomotricidade é indispensável para um trabalho educativo que promova um melhor desenvolvimento das potencialidades destas crianças, levando a que estas criem e descubram um mundo á sua volta. Objetivo: Avaliar se a criança com espetro do autismo, após um plano de atividades adaptadas, melhora ou não o seu perfil psicomotor.

  12. Meliponiculture in Rio Grande do Norte

    Ulysses Madureira Maia


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Maia U.M., Jaffe R., Carvalho A.T. & Imperatriz-Fonseca V.L. [Meliponiculture in Rio Grande do Norte.] Meliponicultura no Rio Grande do Norte. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 37(4:327-333, 2015. Departamento de Biologia, Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Avenida Bandeirantes, 3900, Monte Alegre, Ribeirão Preto, SP 14040-901, Brasil. E-mail: This study aimed to assess the current status of stingless bee beekeeping (meliponiculture in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, with the aid of structured questionnaires made during visits to beekeepers. The results were compared with a previous census made in the state and with a similar study from Australia. Meliponiculture in Rio Grande do Norte is still informal and little standardized. The activity has grown in recent years considering the mean number of nests per beekeeper. Most apiaries are formed of up to 50 colonies, usually distributed in the backyards of homes. Twelve species of stingless bees were reared in the state, and the most common was the “Jandaíra” bee (Melipona subnitida, whose honey is considered medicinal. While many beekeepers already know the importance of bees as pollinators, stingless bees are still not used for crop pollination. Compared to a recent analysis of beekeeping in Australia, meliponiculture in Brazil is more traditional, honey is the main product and the number of colonies per beekeeper is much higher. Our results highlight the need to reinforce knowledge about bees and promote specific training aimed at improving and standardizing management practices.

  13. Design, characterization, and biological evaluation of curcumin-loaded surfactant-based systems for topical drug delivery

    Fonseca-Santos B


    Full Text Available Bruno Fonseca-Santos, Aline Martins dos Santos, Camila Fernanda Rodero, Maria Palmira Daflon Gremião, Marlus Chorilli School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UNESP – São Paulo State University, Araraquara, São Paulo Brazil Abstract: From previous studies, it has been found that curcumin exhibits an anti-inflammatory activity and is being used for the treatment of skin disorders; however, it is hydrophobic and has weak penetrating ability, resulting in poor drug transport through the stratum corneum. The aim of this study was to develop liquid crystalline systems for topical administration of curcumin for the treatment of inflammation. These liquid crystalline systems were developed from oleic acid, polyoxypropylene (5 polyoxyethylene (20 cetyl alcohol, and water as the surfactant, oil phase, and aqueous phase, respectively. These systems were characterized, and polarized light microscopy showed anisotropy with lamellar mesophases (Formulation 1 and hexagonal mesophases (Formulations 2 and 3, which were confirmed by the peak ratio measured using small-angle X-ray scattering. In addition, rheological tests revealed that the formulations exhibited gel-like behavior (G'>G'', as evidenced by the increased G' values that indicate structured systems. Texture profile analysis showed that hexagonal mesophases have high values of hardness, adhesiveness, and compressibility, which indicate structured systems. In vitro studies on bioadhesion revealed that the hexagonal mesophases increased the bioadhesiveness of the systems to the skin of the pig ear. An in vivo inflammation experiment showed that the curcumin-loaded hexagonal mesophase exhibited an anti-inflammatory activity as compared to the positive control (dexamethasone. The results suggest that this system has a potential to be used as a bioadhesive vehicle for the topical administration of curcumin. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that these systems can be used for the optimization of drug

  14. Innovación tecnológica. Caso: Centro de Audiovisuales de la Universidad de la Guajira colombiana

    Lilia Palacios Sprockel


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo es explorar sobre los tipos de innovación tecnológica que se encuentran presentes en el Centro de Audiovisuales de la Universidad de la Guajira y sus extensiones en Colombia, sabiendo que es un país que actualmente apunta hacia la investigación y desarrollo como medio para alcanzar la estabilidad de su economía y competitividad. Para la investigación se siguieron las teorías de Hidalgo, León y Pavón (2002, Escorsa y Valls (2003, el Manual de Oslo de la Organización de Cooperación y Desarrollo Económico (OCDE (2005, Ballart (2001, entre otros. Para la investigación de campo se aplicó un cuestionario a los funcionarios que laboran en la sede principal y en las cuatro extensiones de la universidad ubicadas en el Departamento de la Guajira; Fonseca, Maicao, Villanueva, Albania y Montería. Los resultados de la investigación permiten deducir la contribución de estas unidades, para que la Universidad de la Guajira logre aportes significativos a los indicadores de innovación esperados por el área académica, ya que el conocimiento organizacional adquirido mediante el manejo de equipos y sistemas de información obtenidos a través de la contratación de licencias ha logrado la producción de innovaciones incrementales. Las innovaciones radicales se presentan por medio del desarrollo de aplicaciones para nuevos servicios, que consisten básicamente en nuevas aplicaciones de software; con las cuales han mejorado la eficacia de los procesos académicos y administrativos.

  15. Fat embolism after fractures in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: an underdiagnosed complication? A systematic review

    Feder D


    Full Text Available David Feder,1 Miriam Eva Koch,1 Beniamino Palmieri,2 Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca,1 Alzira Alves de Siqueira Carvalho3 1Pharmacology Department, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil; 2Department of General Surgery and Surgical Specialties, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Medical School, Surgical Clinic, Modena, Italy; 3Neuroscience Department, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil Abstract: Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most frequent lethal genetic disease. Several clinical trials have established both the beneficial effect of steroids in Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the well-known risk of side effects associated with their daily use. For many years it has been known that steroids associated with ambulation loss lead to obesity and also damage the bone structure resulting in the bone density reduction and increased incidence of bone fractures and fat embolism syndrome, an underdiagnosed complication after fractures. Fat embolism syndrome is characterized by consciousness disturbance, respiratory failure and skin rashes. The use of steroids in Duchenne muscular dystrophy may result in vertebral fractures, even without previous trauma. Approximately 25% of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy have a long bone fracture, and 1% to 22% of fractures have a chance to develop fat embolism syndrome. As the patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy have progressive cardiac and respiratory muscle dysfunction, the fat embolism may be unnoticed clinically and may result in increased risk of death and major complications. Different treatments and prevention measures of fat embolism have been proposed; however, so far, there is no efficient therapy. The prevention, early diagnosis and adequate symptomatic treatment are of paramount importance. The fat embolism syndrome should always be considered in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy presenting with fractures, or an unexplained and

  16. Mapping Mangrove Density from Rapideye Data in Central America

    Son, Nguyen-Thanh; Chen, Chi-Farn; Chen, Cheng-Ru


    Mangrove forests provide a wide range of socioeconomic and ecological services for coastal communities. Extensive aquaculture development of mangrove waters in many developing countries has constantly ignored services of mangrove ecosystems, leading to unintended environmental consequences. Monitoring the current status and distribution of mangrove forests is deemed important for evaluating forest management strategies. This study aims to delineate the density distribution of mangrove forests in the Gulf of Fonseca, Central America with Rapideye data using the support vector machines (SVM). The data collected in 2012 for density classification of mangrove forests were processed based on four different band combination schemes: scheme-1 (bands 1-3, 5 excluding the red-edge band 4), scheme-2 (bands 1-5), scheme-3 (bands 1-3, 5 incorporating with the normalized difference vegetation index, NDVI), and scheme-4 (bands 1-3, 5 incorporating with the normalized difference red-edge index, NDRI). We also hypothesized if the obvious contribution of Rapideye red-edge band could improve the classification results. Three main steps of data processing were employed: (1), data pre-processing, (2) image classification, and (3) accuracy assessment to evaluate the contribution of red-edge band in terms of the accuracy of classification results across these four schemes. The classification maps compared with the ground reference data indicated the slightly higher accuracy level observed for schemes 2 and 4. The overall accuracies and Kappa coefficients were 97% and 0.95 for scheme-2 and 96.9% and 0.95 for scheme-4, respectively.

  17. Academia Nacional de Médicina-Abbott 2008. Rotavirus, efectos adversos evitables y otras investigaciones

    Alfredo Jácome Roca


    Full Text Available

    La Academia Nacional de Medicina con la colaboración de Laboratorios Abbott otorgó en noviembre de
    2008 la segunda versión del Premio a las Ciencias Médicas, uno en las áreas de Ciencias Médicas y
    experimentales y otro en el área de Ciencias Clínicas.
    Presentamos aqui algunas notas sobre los trabajos ganadores y los que obtuvieron menciones honoríficas. 

    El Premio en el área de las Ciencias Básicas lo obtuvieron profesores de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá, pertenecientes al Laboratorio de Biología Molecular de Virus de la Facultad de Medicina y al Departamento de Química de la Facultad de Ciencias. Se trata de los investigadores Carlos Arturo Guerrero Fonseca, Martha Calderón, Orlando Acosta y Fanny Guzmán.

    El trabajo se titula "Interferencia de la infección por rotavirus mediante la inhibición de la actividad de
    la proteína disulfuro isomerasa (PDI de la membrana celular de las líneas MA 104 y Caen-2".

  18. Seropositive pigs to Toxoplasma gondii (Apicomplexa: Toxoplasmatinae sent to slaughter and destined for human consumption

    Wanderley M. de Almeida


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. de Almdeida W., Miranda Z.B., Flausino W., Coelho C.D., Fonseca A.B.M. & Lopes C.W.G. [Seropositive pigs to Toxoplasma gondii (Apicomplexa: Toxoplasmatinae sent to slaughter and destined for human consumption.] Suínos sororreagentes a Toxoplasma gondii (Apicomplexa: Toxoplasmatinae enviados para abate e destinados ao consumo humano. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 37(4:397-400, 2015. Curso de Pós-Graduação em Medicina Veterinária - Higiene Veterinária e Processamento Tecnológico de Produtos de Origem Animal, Faculdade de Veterinária, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rua Vital Brasil Filho, 64, Vital Brazil, Niterói, RJ 24230-340, Brasil. E-mail: This study aimed to determine the frequency of pigs seropositive to Toxoplasma gondii by indirect immunofluorescence assay with cutoff 1:16. Of blood samples collected at slaughter, 250 of them were from animals raised in the State of Minas Gerais; while 181 were from the State of Rio de Janeiro with a total of 431 examined samples. Of these, 19/250 (4.41% of MG and 39/181 (9.04% of RJ, determining a total of 13.45% seropositive animals. Regardless of slaughter be under the control of the inspection service, the precedence of the animals was highly significant (p = 0.0001 in the number of seropositive animals. Although the percentage of seropositive animals to T. gondii from both regions studied in this work, and from the point of view of a public health problem, pork and its frescal type products may continue to be considered as a source of infection of this coccidia for humans, if they are consumed as raw or undercooked.

  19. Evolução dos comportamentos e do estado de saúde na passagem à reforma Evolución de las conductas y estado de salud en el período de jubilación Evolution of behaviour and health status during transition to retirement

    Helena Loureiro


    Full Text Available A passagem à reforma é um acontecimento de vida de caráter transicional que exige uma inevitável adaptação à mudança (Fonseca, 2011; Meleis, 2010. A evolução dos comportamentos e do estado de saúde que os indivíduos revelam durante esse período são ilustrativos deste facto e traduzem os efeitos que a aquisição deste estatuto lhes poderá suscitar, em termos de saúde. Com a finalidade de conhecer esses efeitos, o presente estudo teve por objetivo descrever a evolução dos comportamentos e do estado de saúde dos indivíduos no período de passagem à reforma. Tratou-se de um estudo de caráter quantitativo, no qual foi aplicado um questionário a 432 indivíduos aposentados há menos de cinco anos. A amostra foi conseguida pelo método de rede e os dados foram analisados recorrendo ao SPSS17. As evidências revelaram que os inquiridos melhoraram os seus comportamentos em saúde após a reforma. Todavia essa melhoria não se expressou numa correspondente melhoria do estado de saúde (ex. Índice Massa Corporal aumentou em 94,8% dos casos e a patologia crónica em 3,7%, com destaque para o foro psiquiátrico. Concluiu-se que a passagem à reforma apresenta expressivas implicações na saúde dos indivíduos, particularmente naquelas que são as dimensões psicoemocionais desse mesmo estado.La jubilación es un acontecimiento transicional que exige la experiencia de una adaptación a los cambios (Fonseca, 2011; Meleis, 2010. La evolución de la conducta y del estado de salud, expresado por las personas durante ese período, puede ser ilustrativo de ese fenómeno y reflejar los efectos que esta condición les puede aportar a su salud. El estudio tuvo por objeto describir la evolución del comportamiento y del estado de salud de las personas durante la jubilación. Fue un estudio de carácter cuantitativo, en el cual se aplicó un cuestionario a 432 personas que se jubilaron hace menos de cinco años. La muestra se obtuvo por m

  20. Factors Associated With Weight Change in Online Weight Management Communities: A Case Study in the LoseIt Reddit Community.

    Pappa, Gisele Lobo; Cunha, Tiago Oliveira; Bicalho, Paulo Viana; Ribeiro, Antonio; Couto Silva, Ana Paula; Meira, Wagner; Beleigoli, Alline Maria Rezende


    within the community were independently associated with weight change. Our findings suggest that among active users of a weight management community, self-declaration of higher BMI levels (which may represent greater dissatisfaction with excess weight), high online activity, and engagement in discussions that might provide social support are associated with greater weight loss. These findings have the potential to aid health professionals to assist patients in online interventions by focusing efforts on increasing engagement and/or starting discussions on topics of higher impact on weight change. ©Gisele Lobo Pappa, Tiago Oliveira Cunha, Paulo Viana Bicalho, Antonio Ribeiro, Ana Paula Couto Silva, Wagner Meira Jr, Alline Maria Rezende Beleigoli. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 16.01.2017.

  1. Reproducibility of an aerobic endurance test for nonexpert swimmers

    Veronese da Costa A


    Full Text Available Adalberto Veronese da Costa,1,2 Manoel da Cunha Costa,3 Daniel Medeiros Carlos,1 Luis Marcos de Medeiros Guerra,1,2 Antônio José Silva,2 Tiago Manoel Cabral dos Santos Barbosa2,41Department of Physical Education, Bioscience Laboratory of Human Kinetics, Rio Grande do Norte State University, Mossoró, Brazil; 2Sport Sciences Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro University, Research Center in Sport, Health and Human Development, Vila Real, Portugal; 3Superior School of Physical Education, Human Performance Laboratory, Pernambuco State University, Recife, Brazil; 4National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeBackground: This study aimed to verify the reproduction of an aerobic test to determine nonexpert swimmers' resistance.Methods: The sample consisted of 24 male swimmers (age: 22.79 ± 3.90 years; weight: 74.72 ± 11.44 kg; height: 172.58 ± 4.99 cm; and fat percentage: 15.19% ± 3.21%, who swim for 1 hour three times a week. A new instrument was used in this study (a Progressive Swim Test: the swimmer wore an underwater MP3 player and increased their swimming speed on hearing a beep after every 25 meters. Each swimmer's heart rate was recorded before the test (BHR and again after the test (AHR. The rate of perceived exertion (RPE and the number of laps performed (NLP were also recorded. The sample size was estimated using G*Power software (v 3.0.10; Franz Faul, Kiel University, Kiel, Germany. The descriptive values were expressed as mean and standard deviation. After confirming the normality of the data using both the Shapiro–Wilk and Levene tests, a paired t-test was performed to compare the data. The Pearson's linear correlation (r and intraclass coefficient correlation (ICC tests were used to determine relative reproducibility. The standard error of measurement (SEM and the coefficient of variation (CV were used to determine absolute reproducibility. The limits of agreement and the bias of the absolute and relative

  2. Peer review statement


    , HeidenheimGermany Albert RUPRECHTUniversity of StuttgartGermany Michel SABOURINAlstom Hydro Canada Inc.Canada Rudolf SCHILLINGTechnische Universität MünchenGermany Qing-Hua SHIDong Fang Electrical Machinery Co.China Aleš SKOTAKCKD Blansko Engineering, a. s.Czech Republic Romeo F. SUSAN-RESIGAPolitehnica University of TimisoaraRomania Geraldo TIAGO FILHOUniversidade Federal de ItajubaBrazil Yoshinobu TSUJIMOTOOsaka UniversityJapan Bart van ESCHTechnische Universiteit EindhovenNetherland Thi C. VUAndritz Hydro Ltd, QuebecCanada Satoshi WATANABEKyushu University, FukuokaJapan Yulin WUTsinghua University, BeijingChina The reviewing process was organized in several steps. First, the 238 abstracts submitted for the symposium were reviewed, and 197 were accepted, with 30 abstracts having recommendations. Second, the authors have submitted 152 full-length papers, and each paper has been reviewed by two referees. The recommendations have been sent back to the authors, in order to prepare the final form or the paper. Third, 118 papers have been received in final form, accounting for the referees recommendations, to be included in the proceedings and to be presented at the symposium.

  3. Influence of optic disc size on the diagnostic performance of macular ganglion cell complex and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer analyses in glaucoma

    Cordeiro DV


    Full Text Available Daniela Valença Cordeiro1, Verônica Castro Lima1,2, Dinorah P Castro1,3, Leonardo C Castro1,3, Maria Angélica Pacheco2, Jae Min Lee2, Marcelo I Dimantas2, Tiago Santos Prata1,21Department of Ophthalmology, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2Hospital Medicina dos Olhos, São Paulo, 3Centro Brasileiro de Especialidades Oftalmológicas, Araraquara, BrazilAim: To evaluate the influence of optic disc size on the diagnostic accuracy of macular ganglion cell complex (GCC and conventional peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (pRNFL analyses provided by spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT in glaucoma.Methods: Eighty-two glaucoma patients and 30 healthy subjects were included. All patients underwent GCC (7 × 7 mm macular grid, consisting of RNFL, ganglion cell and inner plexiform layers and pRNFL thickness measurement (3.45 mm circular scan by SD-OCT. One eye was randomly selected for analysis. Initially, receiver operating characteristic (ROC curves were generated for different GCC and pRNFL parameters. The effect of disc area on the diagnostic accuracy of these parameters was evaluated using a logistic ROC regression model. Subsequently, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 mm2 disc sizes were arbitrarily chosen (based on data distribution and the predicted areas under the ROC curves (AUCs and sensitivities were compared at fixed specificities for each.Results: Average mean deviation index for glaucomatous eyes was -5.3 ± 5.2 dB. Similar AUCs were found for the best pRNFL (average thickness = 0.872 and GCC parameters (average thickness = 0.824; P = 0.19.The coefficient representing disc area in the ROC regression model was not statistically significant for average pRNFL thickness (-0.176 or average GCC thickness (0.088; P ≥ 0.56. AUCs for fixed disc areas (1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 mm2 were 0.904, 0.891, and 0.875 for average pRNFL thickness and 0.834, 0.842, and 0.851 for average GCC thickness, respectively. The highest sensitivities – at

  4. Application of different Scheimpflug-based lens densitometry methods in phacodynamics prediction

    Faria-Correia F


    Full Text Available Fernando Faria-Correia,1–5 Bernardo T Lopes,5,6 Isaac C Ramos,5,6 Tiago Monteiro,1,2 Nuno Franqueira,1 Renato Ambrósio Jr5–8 1Ophthalmology Department, Hospital de Braga, Braga, Portugal; 2Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS, School of Health Sciences, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal; 3ICVS/3B’s - PT Government Associate Laboratory, Braga, Portugal; 4ICVS/3B’s - PT Government Associate Laboratory, Guimarães, Portugal; 5Rio de Janeiro Corneal Tomography and Biomechanics Study Group, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 6Instituto de Olhos Renato Ambrósio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 7VisareRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 8Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Purpose: To evaluate the correlations between preoperative Scheimpflug-based lens densitometry metrics and phacodynamics. Methods: The Lens Opacities Classification System III (LOCS III was used to grade nuclear opalescence (NO, along with different methods of lens densitometry evaluation (absolute scale from 0% to 100%: three-dimensional (3D, linear, and region of interest (ROI modes. Cumulative dissipated energy (CDE and total ultrasound (US time were recorded and correlated with the different methods of cataract grading. Significant correlations were evaluated using Pearson or Spearman correlation coefficients according to data normality. Results: A positive correlation was detected between the NO score and the average density and the maximum density derived from the 3D mode (r=0.624, P<0.001; r=0.619, P<0.001, respectively and the ROI mode (r=0.600, P<0.001; r=0.642, P<0.001, respectively. Regarding the linear mode, only the average density parameter presented a significant relationship with the NO score (r=0.569, P<0.001. The 3D-derived average density and maximum density were positively correlated with CDE (rho =0.682, P<0.001; rho =0.683, P<0.001, respectively and total US time (rho =0.631 and rho =0

  5. Enhancement of the dissolution rate and bioavailability of fenofibrate by a melt-adsorption method using supercritical carbon dioxide

    Cha KH


    Full Text Available Kwang-Ho Cha,1,3 Kyung-Jin Cho,3 Min-Soo Kim,4 Jeong-Soo Kim,3 Hee Jun Park,1,3 Junsung Park,1,3 Wonkyung Cho,1,3 Jeong-Sook Park,3 Sung-Joo Hwang1,21Yonsei Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2College of Pharmacy, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 3College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Republic of Korea; 4Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Inje University, Gimhae, Republic of KoreaBackground: The aim of this study was to enhance the bioavailability of fenofibrate, a poorly water-soluble drug, using a melt-adsorption method with supercritical CO2.Methods: Fenofibrate was loaded onto Neusilin® UFL2 at different weight ratios of fenofibrate to Neusilin UFL2 by melt-adsorption using supercritical CO2. For comparison, fenofibrate-loaded Neusilin UFL2 was prepared by solvent evaporation and hot melt-adsorption methods. The fenofibrate formulations prepared were characterized by differential scanning calorimetry, powder x-ray diffractometry, specific surface area, pore size distribution, scanning electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry. In vitro dissolution and in vivo bioavailability were also investigated.Results: Fenofibrate was distributed into the pores of Neusilin UFL2 and showed reduced crystal formation following adsorption. Supercritical CO2 facilitated the introduction of fenofibrate into the pores of Neusilin UFL2. Compared with raw fenofibrate, fenofibrate from the prepared powders showed a significantly increased dissolution rate and better bioavailability. In particular, the area under the drug concentration-time curve and maximal serum concentration of the powders prepared using supercritical CO2 were 4.62-fold and 4.52-fold greater than the corresponding values for raw fenofibrate.Conclusion: The results of this study highlight the usefulness of the melt-adsorption method using supercritical CO2 for improving the bioavailability of fenofibrate.Keywords: fenofibrate

  6. Height and sex is strongly associated with radial augmentation index in Korean patients with never-treated hypertension

    Ahn KT


    Full Text Available Kye Taek Ahn, Kwang-In Park, Mi Joo Kim, Jin Kyung Oh, Ji Hye Han, Hee Jin Kwon, Seon-Ah Jin, Jun-Hyung Kim, Jae-Hyeong Park, Jae-Hwan Lee, Si Wan Choi, In-Whan Seong, Jin-Ok Jeong Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Chungnam National University Hospital, Chungnam National University School of Medicine, Daejeon, Republic of Korea Objectives: Central hemodynamics may better represent the load imposed on the coronary and cerebral arteries and thereby bear a stronger relationship to cardiovascular outcomes. Methods: Patients who had confirmed hypertension as assessed by daytime 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (≥135/85 mmHg were enrolled. Central blood pressure and radial augmentation index (AIx corrected for a heart rate of 75 bpm (radial AIx 75 were measured for all patients. We evaluated the association of age, height, and sex with central hemodynamics in patients with never-treated hypertension. Results: A total of 203 patients were enrolled, of whom men numbered 101 (49.7%. The median height of all patients was 162 cm, and mean age was 53.2 years. In the Pearson correlation analysis, regardless of sex difference (R=-0.627 for height, R=0.035 for age, P-value =0.005, a stronger relationship was observed between height and radial AIx 75 than between age and radial AIx 75. In the multiple regression analysis, the sex difference and height were strongly associated with elevated radial AIx 75 in all patients (adjusted R2=0.428, β=6.237, 95% confidence interval [CI] for women 1.480–10.995, P-value =0.011 and β=-0.632, 95% CI for height -0.929 to -0.335, P-value =0.009, respectively. Conclusion: In patients with never-treated hypertension, female sex and shorter height are the important risk factors of elevated radial AIx 75. Keywords: hypertension, augmentation index, height, sex

  7. The health care burden of high grade chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Korea: analysis of the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service data

    Kim JH


    Full Text Available JinHee Kim,1 Chin Kook Rhee,2 Kwang Ha Yoo,3 Young Sam Kim,4 Sei Won Lee,5 Yong Bum Park,6 Jin Hwa Lee,7 YeonMok Oh,5 Sang Do Lee,5 Yuri Kim,8 KyungJoo Kim,8 HyoungKyu Yoon9 1Office of Health Service Research, National Evidence-Based Healthcare Collaborating Agency, Seoul, Korea; 2Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul St Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea; 3Department of Internal Medicine, Konkuk University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea; 4Department of Internal Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea; 5Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea; 6Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Hallym University Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul, Korea; 7Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea; 8Department of Clinical Research Support, National Strategic Coordinating Center for Clinical Research, Seoul, Korea; 9Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Yeouido St Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea Background: Patients with high grade chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD account for much of the COPD-related mortality and incur excessive financial burdens and medical care utilization. We aimed to determine the characteristics and medical care use of such patients using nationwide data from the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in 2009. Materials and methods: Patients with COPD were identified by searching with the International Classification of Diseases–10th Revision for those using medication. Patients with high grade COPD were selected based on their patterns of tertiary institute visits and medication use. Results: The numbers of patients with high grade COPD increased rapidly

  8. Comparable pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of two epoetin alfa formulations Eporon® and Eprex® following a single subcutaneous administration in healthy male volunteers

    Yoon S


    Full Text Available Sumin Yoon,1 Su-jin Rhee,1 Sun Ju Heo,2 Tae Young Oh,2 Seo Hyun Yoon,1 Joo-Youn Cho,1 SeungHwan Lee,1,3 Kyung-Sang Yu1,3 1Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, Seoul, 2Dong-A ST Co. Ltd., Seoul, 3Clinical Trials Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea Purpose: This study aimed to assess and compare the pharmacokinetic (PK and pharmacodynamic (PD properties following a single subcutaneous injection of epoetin alfa (Eporon® with those of the comparator (Eprex® in healthy male subjects. Subjects and methods: A randomized, double-blind, two-sequence, crossover study was conducted. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive a single dose, that is, 4,000 IU, of the test or comparator epoetin alfa. After 4 weeks, all subjects received the alternative formulation. The primary PK parameters, maximum observed concentration (Cmax and area under the curve extrapolated to infinity (AUCinf, were calculated with the serum erythropoietin (EPO concentrations from blood samples collected for 144 h after dosing. The reticulocyte, hematocrit, hemoglobin and red blood cell counts were measured up to 312 h as PD markers. The primary PD parameters, maximum observed effect (Emax and area under the effect curve (AUEC, were obtained from the baseline-corrected reticulocyte count. The serum EPO concentration and the reticulocyte count were used to assess the concentration–response relationship. The tolerability and immunogenicity profiles were assessed together. Results: Forty-two subjects completed the study. The mean EPO concentration–time profiles were comparable between the two formulations. The geometric mean ratios (90% CI of the Cmax and AUCinf were 0.908 (0.843–0.978 and 1.049 (0.999–1.101, respectively, both of which were within the regulatory range of 0.80–1.25. Additionally, the PD and tolerability profiles were similar between the two

  9. Increased localized delivery of piroxicam by cationic nanoparticles after intra-articular injection

    Kim SR


    Full Text Available Sung Rae Kim,1 Myoung Jin Ho,2 Sang Hyun Kim,1 Ha Ra Cho,2 Han Sol Kim,2 Yong Seok Choi,2 Young Wook Choi,1 Myung Joo Kang2 1Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, 2College of Pharmacy, Dankook University, Cheonan, Chungnam, South Korea Abstract: Piroxicam (PRX, a potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is prescribed to relieve postoperative and/or chronic joint pain. However, its oral administration often results in serious gastrointestinal adverse effects including duodenal ulceration. Thus, a novel cationic nanoparticle (NP was explored to minimize the systemic exposure and increase the retention time of PRX in the joint after intra-articular (IA injection, by forming micrometer-sized electrostatic clusters with endogenous hyaluronic acid (HA in the synovial cavity. PRX-loaded NPs consisting of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid, Eudragit RL, and polyvinyl alcohol were constructed with the following characteristics: particle size of 220 nm, zeta potential of 11.5 mV in phosphate-buffered saline, and loading amount of 4.0% (w/w of PRX. In optical and hyperspectral observations, the cationic NPs formed more than 50 µm-sized aggregates with HA, which was larger than the intercellular gaps between synoviocytes. In an in vivo pharmacokinetic study in rats, area under the plasma concentration–time curve (AUC0–24 h and maximum plasma concentration (Cmax of PRX after IA injection of the cationic NPs were <70% (P<0.05 and 60% (P<0.05, respectively, compared to those obtained from drug solution. Moreover, the drug concentration in joint tissue 24 h after dosing with the cationic NPs was 3.2-fold (P<0.05 and 1.8-fold (P<0.05 higher than that from drug solution and neutrally charged NPs, respectively. Therefore, we recommend the IA cationic NP therapy as an effective alternative to traditional oral therapy with PRX, as it increases drug retention selectively in the joint. Keywords: piroxicam

  10. Prospective Retinal and Optic Nerve Vitrectomy Evaluation (PROVE study: findings at 3 months

    Reddy RK


    Full Text Available Rahul K Reddy,1 Maziar Lalezary,1 Stephen J Kim,1 Jeffrey A Kammer,1 Rachel W Kuchtey,1 Edward F Cherney,1 Franco M Recchia,2 Karen M Joos,1 Anita Agarwal,1 Janice C Law11Department of Ophthalmology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN, USA; 2Tennessee Retina, PC, Nashville, TN, USABackground: The purpose of this paper is to report the 3-month findings of the Prospective Retinal and Optic Nerve Vitrectomy Evaluation (PROVE study.Methods: Eighty eyes of 40 participants undergoing vitrectomy were enrolled. Participants underwent baseline evaluation of the study (surgical and fellow (control eye that included: intraocular pressure, central corneal thickness, gonioscopy, cup-to-disc ratio measurement, color fundus and optic disc photography, automated perimetry, and optical coherence tomography of the macula and optic nerve. Evaluation was repeated at 3 months. Main outcome measures were changes in macula and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL thickness and intraocular pressure.Results: All participants completed follow-up. Mean cup-to-disc ratio of study and fellow eyes at baseline was 0.43 ± 0.2 and 0.46 ± 0.2, respectively, and 13% of participants had undiagnosed narrow angles. There was no significant change in intraocular pressure, cup-to-disc ratio, or pattern standard deviation in study eyes compared with baseline or fellow eyes at 3 months. Vision improved in all study eyes at 3 months compared with baseline (P = 0.013, but remained significantly worse than fellow eyes (P < 0.001. Central subfield and temporal peripapillary RNFL thickness were significantly greater in eyes with epiretinal membrane (P < 0.05, and resolution after surgery correlated with visual improvement (P < 0.05.Conclusion: The 3-month results do not indicate any increased risk for open-angle glaucoma but suggest that a relatively high percentage of eyes may be at risk of angle closure glaucoma. Temporal RNFL thickness and central subfield were increased

  11. Effects of dexamethasone coadministered with oseltamivir on the pharmacokinetics of oseltamivir in healthy volunteers

    Jang K


    Full Text Available Kyungho Jang,1,2,* Min-Kyoung Kim,3,4,* Jaeseong Oh,1 SeungHwan Lee,1 Joo-Youn Cho,1 Kyung-Sang Yu,1 Tai Kiu Choi,3 Sang-Hyuk Lee,3,4 Kyoung Soo Lim4 1Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, Seoul, 2Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Biomedical Research Institute, Chonbuk National University Medical School, Jeonju, 3Department of Psychiatry, 4Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, CHA University School of Medicine and CHA Bundang Medical Center, Seongnam, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: Oseltamivir is widely used in the treatment and prophylaxis of influenza A and B viral infections. It is ingested as an oral prodrug that is rapidly metabolized by carboxylesterase 1 (CES1 to its active form, oseltamivir carboxylate. Dexamethasone is also used in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a severe complication of influenza; however, its influence on the pharmacokinetics (PK of oseltamivir is controversial. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of coadministering oseltamivir and dexamethasone on the PK of oseltamivir in healthy volunteers. Methods: An open-label, two-period, one-sequence, multiple-dose study was conducted in 19 healthy male volunteers. Oseltamivir (75 mg was orally administered on Day 1 and Day 8, and dexamethasone (1.5 mg was administered once daily from Day 3 to Day 8. Serial blood and urine samples were collected for PK analysis of oseltamivir and oseltamivir carboxylate on Day 1 and Day 8. Oseltamivir and oseltamivir carboxylate concentrations in plasma and urine were determined using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. Results: Area under the plasma concentration–time curve (AUC of oseltamivir and oseltamivir carboxylate decreased after dexamethasone treatment for 6 days. The geometric mean ratio (90% confidence interval of the metabolic ratio

  12. Grammar of Binding in the languages of the world: Innate or learned?

    Cole, Peter; Hermon, Gabriella; Yanti


    Languages around the world often appear to manifest nearly identical grammatical properties, but, at the same time, the grammatical differences can also be great, sometimes even seeming to support Joos's (1958) claim that "languages can differ from each other without limit and in unpredictable way" (p. 96). This state of affairs provides a puzzle for both nativist approaches to language like Generative Grammar that posit a fixed "Universal Grammar", and for approaches that minimize the contribution of innate grammatical structure. We approach this puzzling state of affairs by looking at one area of grammar, "Binding", the system of local and long distance anaphoric elements in a language. This is an area of grammar that has long been central to the Generative approach to language structure. We compare the anaphoric systems found in "familiar" (European-like) languages that contain dedicated classes of bound and free anaphors (pronouns and reflexives) with the anaphoric systems in endangered Austronesian languages of Indonesia, languages in which there is overlap or no distinction between pronouns and reflexives (Peranakan Javanese and Jambi Malay). What is of special interest about Jambi anaphora is not only that conservative dialects of Jambi Malay do not distinguish between pronouns and reflexives, but that Jambi anaphora appear to constitute a live snapshot of a unitary class of anaphora in the process of grammaticalization as a distinct system of pronouns and reflexives. We argue that the facts of Jambi anaphora cannot be explained by theories positing a Universal Grammar of Binding. Thus, these facts provide evidence that complex grammatical systems like Binding cannot be innate. Our results from Austronesian languages are confirmed by data from signed and creole languages. Our conclusion is that the human language learning capacity must include the ability to model the full complexity found in the syntax of the world's languages. From the perspective of child

  13. The effects of shared situational awareness on functional and hospital outcomes of hospitalized older adults with heart failure

    Lee JH


    Full Text Available Joo H Lee,1 Sun J Kim,2,3 Julia Lam,4 Sulgi Kim,5 Shunichi Nakagawa,6 Ji W Yoo7,8 1Department of Media and Communication, Hanyang University College of Social Sciences, Seoul, Korea; 2Department of Public Health, 3Institute of Health Services Research, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea; 4University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI, USA; 5Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA; 6Department of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY, USA; 7Center for Senior Health and Longevity, Aurora Health Care, 8Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Milwaukee, WI, USA Background: Functional decline of hospitalized older adults is common and triggers health care expenditures. Physical therapy can retard the functional decline that occurs during hospitalization. This study aims to examine whether shared situational awareness (SSA intervention may enhance the benefits of physical therapy for hospitalized older persons with a common diagnosis, heart failure. Method: An SSA intervention that involved daily multidisciplinary meetings was applied to the care of functionally declining older adults admitted to the medicine floor for heart failure. Covariates were matched between the intervention group (n=473 and control group (n=475. Both intervention and control groups received physical therapy for ≥0.5 hours per day. The following three outcomes were compared between groups: 1 disability, 2 transition to skilled nursing facility (SNF, post-acute care setting, and 3 30-day readmission rate. Results: Disability was lower in the intervention group (28% than in the control group (37% (relative risk [RR] =0.74; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.35–0.97; P=0.026, and transition to SNF was lower in the intervention group (22% than in the control group (30% (RR =0.77; 95% CI, 0.39

  14. Pharmacokinetics and tolerability of DA-8031, a novel selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for premature ejaculation in healthy male subjects

    Shin D


    Full Text Available Dongseong Shin,1 SeungHwan Lee,2 Sojeong Yi,2 Seo Hyun Yoon,2 Joo-Youn Cho,2 Mi Young Bahng,3 In-Jin Jang,2 Kyung-Sang Yu2 1Clinical Trials Center, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Incheon, 2Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, 3Department of Product Development, Dong-A ST, Seoul, Korea Objective: DA-8031 is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor under development for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This is the first-in-human study aimed at evaluating the pharmacokinetics and tolerability of DA-8031 and its metabolites (M1, M2, M4, and M5 in the plasma and urine after administration of a single oral dose in healthy male subjects.Methods: A dose block-randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single ascending dose study was conducted. Subjects received either placebo or a single dose of DA-8031 at 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, or 120 mg. DA-8031 and its four metabolites were analyzed in the plasma and urine for pharmacokinetic evaluation. The effect of genetic polymorphisms of cytochrome-P450 (CYP enzymes on the pharmacokinetics of DA-8031 was evaluated.Results: After a single dose, plasma DA-8031 reached the maximum concentration at a median of 2–3 h and was eliminated with terminal elimination half-life of 17.9–28.7 h. The mean renal clearance was 3.7–5.6 L/h. Dose-proportional pharmacokinetics was observed over the dose range of 20–80 mg. Among the metabolites, M4 had the greatest plasma concentration, followed by M5 and M1. Subjects with CYP2D6 intermediate metabolizer had significantly greater dose-normalized Cmax and AUC0–t of DA-8031 as well as smaller metabolic ratios than those subjects with CYP2D6 extensive metabolizer. The most common adverse events were nausea, dizziness, and headache, and no serious adverse events were reported.Conclusion: In conclusion, the systemic exposure of DA-8031 was increased proportionally to the dose within 20

  15. The professional perspective on patient involvement in the development of quality indicators: a qualitative analysis using the example of chronic heart failure in the German health care setting

    Pohontsch NJ


    Full Text Available Nadine Janis Pohontsch,1 Heidrun Herzberg,2 Stefanie Joos,3 Felix Welti,4 Martin Scherer,1 Eva Blozik1 1Department of Primary Medical Care, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamberg, Germany; 2Faculty of Health, Nursing, Management, Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg, Germany; 3Department of General Practice and Health Services Research, Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany; 4Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany Purpose: There is an international consensus that quality indicators (QIs of health care ought to represent patient-relevant aspects. Therefore, patient involvement in the development process is essential. However, there is no methodological gold standard for involving patients in QI development. The aim of this study is to explore experts’ views on the representation of patient-relevant aspects in the QI development process using the QIs developed in the context of the German National Disease Management Guideline for Heart Failure as an example. Methods: Semi-structured, open telephone interviews were conducted with 15 German experts (patient representatives, physicians, researchers, and methodologists involved in guideline development or quality assessment. Interview themes were the relevance of the exemplary set of QIs for patients, as well as the legitimacy of, competence of, and collaboration with the patient representative who participated in the development process. Interviews were fully transcribed and content analyzed. Deductive categories derived from the research questions were supplemented by inductively formed categories during the review of the interview material.Results: The qualitative analysis suggests a discrepancy between the guidelines’ QIs and those relevant to patients from an expert’s point of view, such as physician-patient communication and quality of counseling. Experts reported only minor communication and cooperation

  16. Cross-border data exchange - a case study on international collaboration gone wrong

    Yanko-Hombach, Valentina


    , J., Farmer, J., Gutierrez, J.P., Hennessy, K., Kosek, D., Joo Hyoung Lee, Olteanu, D., Russell, T., Shaikh, F., Wang, K. 2005. Ethics and scientific publication. Adv. Physiol. Educ. 29: 59-74. Gleick, P. 2011. AGU's new task force on scientific ethics and integrity begins work. EOS 92(47): 22. Guidelines for responsible conduct of research. FOR ETHICAL PRACTICES IN RESEARCH-FINALrevised2-March 2011.pdf

  17. Effects of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor monoclonal antibody (bevacizumab on lens epithelial cells

    Jun JH


    Full Text Available Jong Hwa Jun,1 Wern-Joo Sohn,2 Youngkyun Lee,2 Jae-Young Kim21Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, Dongsan Medical Center, Keimyung University, 2Department of Oral Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, IHBR, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South KoreaAbstract: The molecular and cellular effects of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor monoclonal antibody (bevacizumab on lens epithelial cells (LECs were examined using both an immortalized human lens epithelial cell line and a porcine capsular bag model. After treatment with various concentrations of bevacizumab, cell viability and proliferation patterns were evaluated using the water-soluble tetrazolium salt assay and 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, respectively. The scratch assay and Western blot analysis were employed to validate the cell migration pattern and altered expression levels of signaling molecules related to the epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT. Application of bevacizumab induced a range of altered cellular events in a concentration-dependent manner. A 0.1–2 mg/mL concentration demonstrated dose-dependent increase in proliferation and viability of LECs. However, 4 mg/mL decreased cell proliferation and viability. Cell migrations displayed dose-dependent retardation from 0.1 mg/mL bevacizumab treatment. Transforming growth factor-β2 expression was markedly increased in a dose-dependent manner, and α-smooth muscle actin, matrix metalloproteinase-9, and vimentin expression levels showed dose-dependent changes in a B3 cell line. Microscopic observation of porcine capsular bag revealed changes in cellular morphology and a decline in cell density compared to the control after 2 mg/mL treatment. The central aspect of posterior capsule showed delayed confluence, and the factors related to EMT revealed similar expression patterns to those identified in the cell line. Based on these results, bevacizumab modulates the proliferation

  18. Comparative steady-state pharmacokinetic study of an extended-release formulation of itopride and its immediate-release reference formulation in healthy volunteers

    Yoon S


    Full Text Available Seonghae Yoon,1,* Howard Lee,2,* Tae-Eun Kim,1 SeungHwan Lee,1 Dong-Hyun Chee,3 Joo-Youn Cho,1 Kyung-Sang Yu,1 In-Jin Jang1 1Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, 2Clinical Trials Center, Seoul National University Hospital, 3AbbVie Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: This study was conducted to compare the oral bioavailability of an itopride extended-release (ER formulation with that of the reference immediate-release (IR formulation in the fasting state. The effect of food on the bioavailability of itopride ER was also assessed. Methods: A single-center, open-label, randomized, multiple-dose, three-treatment, three-sequence, crossover study was performed in 24 healthy male subjects, aged 22–48 years, who randomly received one of the following treatments for 4 days in each period: itopride 150 mg ER once daily under fasting or fed conditions, or itopride 50 mg IR three times daily in the fasting state. Steady-state pharmacokinetic parameters of itopride, including peak plasma concentration (Cmax and area under the plasma concentration versus time curve over 24 hours after dosing (AUC0–24h, were determined by noncompartmental analysis. The geometric mean ratio of the pharmacokinetic parameters was derived using an analysis of variance model. Results: A total of 24 healthy Korean subjects participated, 23 of whom completed the study. The geometric mean ratio and its 90% confidence interval of once-daily ER itopride versus IR itopride three times a day for AUC0–24h were contained within the conventional bioequivalence range of 0.80–1.25 (0.94 [0.88–1.01], although Cmax was reached more slowly and was lower for itopride ER than for the IR formulation. Food delayed the time taken to reach Cmax for itopride ER, but AUC0–24h was not affected. There were no serious adverse events and both formulations were

  19. Improvisation Theatre Performance as Maintaining and Breaking Cultural Model Narratives. Artiklis uuritakse, kuidas improvisatsiooniteater ja seda žanri harrastavad trupid kannavad edasi teatud tüüpi kultuurilisi narratiive, mida samas mõjutavad reaalsed

    Reetta Jokinen


    Full Text Available Artiklis uuritakse, kuidas improvisatsiooniteater ja seda žanri harrastavad trupid kannavad edasi teatud tüüpi kultuurilisi narratiive, mida samas mõjutavad reaalsed sündmused nii etenduse ruumis kui väljaspool seda. Lähemalt analüüsitakse üht Jyväskyläs tegutseva Improvisatsiooniteatri Joo etendust, selles loodud tegelasi ning nende kaudu esitatavaid kultuurilisi narratiive, milles segunevad erinevad sotsiaalsed, ajaloolised ja müütilised teemad. Kuigi improvisatsiooniteatri ajaloo, meetodite ja eesmärkide kohta on avaldatud palju praktilise kallakuga käsiraamatuid, on seda valdkonda siiski vähe uuritud. Mis tegelikult juhtub, kui inimesed improviseerivad? Teine küsimuste ring on seotud improviseeritud loo temaatika ja dünaamikaga. Improteatri etendus on koht, kus mängitakse simultaanselt läbi mitmeid erinevaid narratiive, kusjuures igal hetkel on iga süžee puhul õhus mitmeid erinevaid arenguvõimalusi, millest mõned on aktuaalsemad kui teised. Need narratiivid võivad ka üksteist kommenteerida või osutada teistele tekstidele, näiteks isegi mõnele nii triviaalsele asjale nagu varem aset leidnud vestlusele. Tekste interpreteeritakse alati suhtes ümbritseva kultuurilise kontekstiga, teiste tekstide ja diskursustega. Artiklis vaadeldakse, kuidas etendajate tehtud valikud kinnistavad või küsitlevad erinevaid kultuurispetsiifilisi stereotüüpseid narratiive, kuidas neid narratiive saaks uutest vaatepunktidest interpreteerida ning kuidas need peegeldavad suhteid trupis. Improetenduses toimuvat ei käsitleta juhuslike sündmustena, vaid kompleksse mõjutuste kogumina, kus etenduse kultuuriline ja esteetiline väljund sõltuvad paljus proovimeetodist, trupi dünaamikast, etendajate unikaalsetest isiklikest narratiividest ja tegeliku elu sündmustest ning laiemast kultuurikontekstist. Improetenduse puhul ei ole kuigi lihtne eristada ühe etendaja valikuid või etenduse pöördepunkte, sest kogu protsess põhineb t

  20. Self-perceived cognitive deficits and their relationship with internalized stigma and quality of life in patients with schizophrenia

    Shin YJ


    Full Text Available Yeon-Jeong Shin,1,2 Yo-Han Joo,1 Jong-Hoon Kim1–3 1Neuroscience Research Institute, 2Department of Health Sciences and Technology, Gachon Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology, 3Department of Psychiatry, Gil Medical Center, Gachon University School of Medicine, Gachon University, Incheon, Republic of Korea Background: We investigated self-perceived cognitive deficits and their relationship with internalized stigma and quality of life in patients with schizophrenia in order to shed light on the clinical correlates of subjective cognitive deficits in schizophrenia.Methods: Seventy outpatients with schizophrenia were evaluated. Patients’ self-perceived cognitive deficits, internalized stigma, and subjective quality of life were assessed using the Scale to Investigate Cognition in Schizophrenia (SSTICS, the Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness Scale (ISMI, and the Schizophrenia Quality of Life Scale Revision 4 (SQLS-R4, respectively. Correlation and regression analyses controlling for the severity of symptoms of schizophrenia were performed, and a mediation analysis was conducted to examine the hypothesis that internalized stigma mediates the relationship between self-perceived cognitive deficits and subjective quality of life.Results: Pearson’s partial correlation analysis showed significant correlations among the SSTICS, ISMI, and SQLS-R4 scores (P<0.01. Multiple regression analysis showed that the SSTICS and ISMI scores significantly predicted the SQLS-R4 score (P<0.01. Mediation analysis revealed that the strength of the association between the SSTICS and SQLS-R4 scores decreased from β=0.74 (P<0.01 to β=0.56 (P<0.01, when the ISMI score was statistically controlled. The Sobel test revealed that this difference was significant (P<0.01, indicating that internalized stigma partially mediated the relationship between self-perceived cognitive deficits and quality of life.Conclusion: The present study indicates that self

  1. Reduction in cardiovascular risk using a proactive multifactorial intervention is consistent among patients residing in Pacific Asian and non-Pacific Asian regions: a CRUCIAL trial subanalysis

    Cho EJ


    Full Text Available Eun Joo Cho,1 Jae Hyung Kim,1 Santosh Sutradhar,2 Carla Yunis,2 Mogens Westergaard2On behalf of the CRUCIAL trial investigators1Department of Cardiology, St Paul's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea; 2Pfizer Inc., New York, NY, USABackground: Few trials have compared different approaches to cardiovascular disease prevention among Pacific Asian (PA populations. The Cluster Randomized Usual Care versus Caduet Investigation Assessing Long-term-risk (CRUCIAL trial demonstrated that a proactive multifactorial intervention (PMI approach (based on single-pill amlodipine/atorvastatin resulted in a greater reduction in calculated Framingham 10-year coronary heart disease (CHD risk compared with usual care (UC among hypertensive patients with additional risk factors. One-third of CRUCIAL patients resided in the PA region. The aim of this subanalysis was to compare two approaches to cardiovascular risk factor management (PMI versus UC among patients residing in PA and non-PA regions.Methods: This subanalysis of the CRUCIAL trial compared treatment-related changes in calculated CHD risk among patients residing in PA and non-PA regions. Sensitivity analyses were conducted among men and women and those with and without diabetes.Results: Overall, 448 patients (31.6% resided in the PA region and 969 patients (68.4% resided in non-PA regions. The PMI approach was more effective in reducing calculated CHD risk versus UC in both PA (−37.1% versus −3.5%; P<0.001 and non-PA regions (−31.1% versus −4.2%; P<0.001; region interaction P=0.131. PA patients had slightly greater reductions in total cholesterol compared with non-PA patients. PA patients without diabetes had slightly greater reductions in CHD risk compared with non-PA patients. Treatment effects were similar in men and women and those with diabetes.Conclusion: The PMI approach was more effective in reducing calculated Framingham 10-year CHD risk compared with UC among men and

  2. Optimized formulation of solid self-microemulsifying sirolimus delivery systems

    Cho W


    Full Text Available Wonkyung Cho,1,2 Min-Soo Kim,3 Jeong-Soo Kim,2 Junsung Park,1,2 Hee Jun Park,1,2 Kwang-Ho Cha,1,2 Jeong-Sook Park,2 Sung-Joo Hwang1,4 1Yonsei Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 2College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Republic of Korea; 3Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Inje University, Gimhae, Republic of Korea; 4College of Pharmacy, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of Korea Background: The aim of this study was to develop an optimized solid self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS formulation for sirolimus to enhance its solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Methods: Excipients used for enhancing the solubility and stability of sirolimus were screened. A phase-separation test, visual observation for emulsifying efficiency, and droplet size analysis were performed. Ternary phase diagrams were constructed to optimize the liquid SMEDDS formulation. The selected liquid SMEDDS formulations were prepared into solid form. The dissolution profiles and pharmacokinetic profiles in rats were analyzed. Results: In the results of the oil and cosolvent screening studies, Capryol™ Propylene glycol monocaprylate (PGMC and glycofurol exhibited the highest solubility of all oils and cosolvents, respectively. In the surfactant screening test, D-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (vitamin E TPGS was determined to be the most effective stabilizer of sirolimus in pH 1.2 simulated gastric fluids. The optimal formulation determined by the construction of ternary phase diagrams was the T32 (Capryol™ PGMC:glycofurol:vitamin E TPGS = 30:30:40 weight ratio formulation with a mean droplet size of 108.2 ± 11.4 nm. The solid SMEDDS formulations were prepared with Sucroester 15 and mannitol. The droplet size of the reconstituted solid SMEDDS showed no significant difference compared with the liquid SMEDDS. In the dissolution study, the release amounts of

  3. Electrification of remote coastal areas through wind-energy

    Hassan, M.


    It has been estimated that with the present utilization of resources, the country will run out of oil and gas reserves in one and a half decade. There is, thus, a strong need to take measures to tap other resources of energy, which are abundantly available in Pakistan. The exploitation of these resources for production of electricity on local basis, under participatory system of development, would supplement energy being provided by WAPDA, at a much lower cost due to the avoidance of laying high-tension cables, transformers, and meters, etc., and the manpower required to maintain the system. Balochistan is a large but thinly populated province of Pakistan. The situation of electrification in Balochistan is serious, as a vast majority of the population is without access to electricity. Many villages and districts of Balochistan do not have centralized electricity-grid and there is no hope, in the near future, to have one because the extension of grid to such remote and scattered settlements is neither practical nor economically viable. In Balochistan, out of a total number of 13,700 villages, WAPDA has merely electrified 3,154 villages due to the high cost involved in developing the necessary infrastructure. Not surprisingly, this situation is a source of discontentment among the people of the Province. Pakistan has a considerable potential of wind-energy in the coastal belt of Balochistan and Sindh, as well as in the desert areas of Punjab and Sindh, which if utilized effectively, can not only electrify all remote coastal villages, but the electricity so produced also can be fed to the national grid. This renewable source of energy has however, so far, not been utilized. Recently, fourteen small wind-turbines (300-500 watts) were procured and installed by PCRET under Sino-Pak S and T Protocol. Being encouraged by performance of these small wind- turbines, a further 120 wind turbines (JOO of 500 watts and 20 wind-turbines of 5kW each) are being installed. The small

  4. Optimal medical therapy for secondary prevention after an acute coronary syndrome: 18-month follow-up results at a tertiary teaching hospital in South Korea

    Byeon HJ


    Full Text Available Hee Ja Byeon,1,* Young-Mo Yang,2,* Eun Joo Choi21Department of Pharmacy, Chosun University Hospital, 2Department of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea*These authors contributed equally to this workBackground: Acute coronary syndrome (ACS is a fatal cardiovascular disease caused by atherosclerotic plaque erosion or rupture and formation of coronary thrombus. The latest guidelines for ACS recommend the combined drug regimen, comprising aspirin, P2Y12 inhibitor, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin II receptor blocker, β-blocker, and statin, at discharge after ACS treatment to reduce recurrent ischemic cardiovascular events. This study aimed to examine prescription patterns of secondary prevention drugs in Korean patients with ACS after hospital discharge, to access the appropriateness of secondary prevention drug therapy for ACS, and to evaluate whether to persistently use discharge medications for 18 months.Methods: This study was retrospectively conducted with the patients who were discharged from the tertiary hospital, located in South Korea, after ACS treatment between September 2009 and August 2013. Data were collected through electronic medical record.Results: Among 3,676 patients during the study period, 494 were selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. The regimen of aspirin + clopidogrel + β-blocker + angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor/angiotensin II receptor blocker + statin was prescribed to 374 (75.71% patients with ACS at discharge. Specifically, this regimen was used in 177 (69.69% unstable angina patients, 44 (70.97% non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients, and 153 (85.96% ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients. Compared with the number of ACS patients with all five guideline-recommended drugs at discharge, the number of ACS patients using them 12 (n=169, 34.21% and 18 (n=105, 21.26% months after discharge tended to be gradually

  5. Biodistribution of newly synthesized PHEA-based polymer-coated SPION in Sprague Dawley rats as magnetic resonance contrast agent

    Park J


    Full Text Available Junsung Park,1,2,* Wonkyung Cho,1,2,* Hee Jun Park,1,2 Kwang-Ho Cha,1,2 Dae-Chul Ha,2,5 Youn-Woong Choi,5 Ha-Young Lee,3 Sun-Hang Cho,5 Sung-Joo Hwang1,4 1Yonsei Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 2College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Republic of Korea; 3Biomaterials Laboratory, Korea Research Institutes of Chemical Technology, Daejeon, Republic of Korea; 4College of Pharmacy, Yonsei University, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 5Korea United Pharm Inc, Seoul, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Objectives: The purpose of this study was to observe the pharmacokinetic behavior of newly synthesized biocompatible polymers based on polyhydroxyethylaspartamide (PHEA to be used to coat an iron oxide core to make superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION. Materials and methods: The isotopes [14C] and [59Fe] were used to label the polymer backbone (CLS and iron oxide core (FLS, respectively. In addition, unradiolabeled cold superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION/ULS were synthesized to characterize particle size by dynamic light scattering, morphology by transmission electron microscopy, and in vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI. CLS and FLS were used separately to investigate the behavior of both the synthesized polymer and [Fe] in Sprague Dawley (SD rats, respectively. Because radioactivity of the isotopes was different by β for CLS and γ for FLS, synthesis of the samples had to be separately prepared. Results: The mean particle size of the ULS was 66.1 nm, and the biodistribution of CLS concentrations in various organs, in rank order of magnitude, was liver > kidney > small intestine > other. The biodistribution of FLS concentrations was liver > spleen > lung > other. These rank orders show that synthesized SPION mainly accumulates in the liver. The differences in the distribution were caused by the SPION metabolism. Radiolabeled

  6. Efficacy and safety of metformin or oral contraceptives, or both in polycystic ovary syndrome

    Yang YM


    Full Text Available Young-Mo Yang, Eun Joo Choi College of Pharmacy, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS is an endocrinopathy that affects approximately 10% of reproductive-aged women throughout their lives. Women with PCOS present with heterogeneous symptoms including ovulatory dysfunction, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries. Therefore, lifelong individualized management should be considered. Pharmacological agents commonly used to manage the symptoms are metformin and oral contraceptive pills. Although these medications have been beneficial in treating PCOS symptoms, their efficacy and safety are still not entirely elucidated. This study aimed to report the efficacy and safety of metformin, oral contraceptives, or their combination in the treatment of PCOS and to define their specific individual roles.Methods: A literature search of original studies published in PubMed and Scopus was conducted to identify studies comparing metformin with oral contraceptives or evaluating the combination of both in PCOS.  Results: Eight clinical trials involving 313 patients were examined in the review. The intervention dosage of metformin ranged from 1,000 to 2,000 mg/d and that of oral contraceptives was ethinylestradiol 35 µg and cyproterone acetate 2 mg. Lower body mass index was observed with regimens including metformin, but increased body mass index was observed in monotherapy with oral contraceptives. Administration of metformin or oral contraceptives, especially as monotherapy, had a negative effect on lipid profiles. In addition, there are still uncertainties surrounding the effects of metformin or oral contraceptives in the management of insulin level, although they improved total testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin levels. In the included studies, significant side effects due to metformin or oral contraceptives were not reported.  Conclusion: The clinical trials suggest that metformin or oral

  7. Characterization and stability studies of a novel liposomal cyclosporin A prepared using the supercritical fluid method: comparison with the modified conventional Bangham method

    Karn PR


    Full Text Available Pankaj Ranjan Karn,1,3 Wonkyung Cho,1,3 Hee-Jun Park,1,3 Jeong-Sook Park,3 Sung-Joo Hwang1,21Yonsei Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yonsei University, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 2College of Pharmacy, Yonsei University, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea; 3College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of KoreaAbstract: A novel method to prepare cyclosporin A encapsulated liposomes was introduced using supercritical fluid of carbon dioxide (SCF-CO2 as an antisolvent. To investigate the strength of the newly developed SCF-CO2 method compared with the modified conventional Bangham method, particle size, zeta potential, and polydispersity index (PDI of both liposomal formulations were characterized and compared. In addition, entrapment efficiency (EE and drug loading (DL characteristics were analyzed by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. Significantly larger particle size and PDI were revealed from the conventional method, while EE (% and DL (% did not exhibit any significant differences. The SCF-CO2 liposomes were found to be relatively smaller, multilamellar, and spherical with a smoother surface as determined by transmission electron microscopy. SCF-CO2 liposomes showed no significant differences in their particle size and PDI after more than 3 months, whereas conventional liposomes exhibited significant changes in their particle size. The initial yield (%, EE (%, and DL (% of SCF-CO2 liposomes and conventional liposomes were 90.98 ± 2.94, 92.20 ± 1.36, 20.99 ± 0.84 and 90.72 ± 2.83, 90.24 ± 1.37, 20.47 ± 0.94, respectively, which changed after 14 weeks to 86.65 ± 0.30, 87.63 ± 0.72, 18.98 ± 0.22 and 75.04 ± 8.80, 84.59 ± 5.13, 15.94 ± 2.80, respectively. Therefore, the newly developed SCF-CO2 method could be a better alternative compared with the conventional method and may provide a promising approach for large-scale production of liposomes

  8. Optical inactivation of the anterior cingulate cortex modulate descending pain pathway in a rat model of trigeminal neuropathic pain created via chronic constriction injury of the infraorbital nerve

    Moon HC


    Full Text Available Hyeong Cheol Moon,1 Won Ik Heo,2 Yon Ji Kim,3 Daae Lee,4 So Yoon Won,5 Hong Rae Kim,1 Seung Man Ha,1 Youn Joo Lee,6 Young Seok Park1 1Department of Medical Neuroscience and Neurosurgery, College of Medicine, 2Department of Veterinary, College of Veterinary Medicine, 3Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, 4Department of Advanced Material Engineering, College of Engineering, 5Biochemistry and Medical Research Center, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, 6Department of Radiology, Daejoen St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea Purpose: The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC plays a critical role in the initiation, development, and maintenance of neuropathic pain. Recently, the effects of optical stimulation on pain have been investigated, but the therapeutic effects of optical stimulation on trigeminal neuralgia (TN have not been clearly shown. Here, we investigated the effects of optical inhibition of the ACC on TN lesions to determine whether the alleviation of pain affects behavior performance and thalamic neuron signaling.Materials and methods: TN lesions were established in animals by generating a chronic constriction injury of the infraorbital nerve, and the animals received injections of AAV-hSyn-eNpHR3.0-EYFP or a vehicle (phosphate-buffered saline [PBS] in the ACC. The optical fiber was fixed into the ipsilateral ACC after the injection of adeno-associated virus plasmids or vehicle. Behavioral testing, consisting of responses to an air puff and cold allodynia, was performed, and thalamic neuronal activity was monitored following optical stimulation in vivo. Optical stimulation experiments were executed in three steps: during pre-light-off, stimulation-light-on, and post-light-off states. The role of the optical modulation of the ACC in response to pain was shown using a combination of optical stimulation and electrophysiological recordings in vivo.Results: Mechanical thresholds and

  9. Effect of different exercise intensities on the pancreas of animals with metabolic syndrome

    Amaral F


    Full Text Available Fernanda Amaral,1 Nathalia EA Lima,1 Elisabete Ornelas,1 Lucila Simardi,2 Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca,2,3 Laura Beatriz Mesiano Maifrino1,4 1Laboratório de Estudos Morfoquantitativo e Imunohistoquímico, Universidade São Judas Tadeu, São Paulo, Brazil; 2Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil; 3Departamento de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 4Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia, São Paulo, Brazil Introduction: Metabolic syndrome (MS comprises several metabolic disorders that are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and has its source connected to the accumulation of visceral adipose tissue (VAT and development of insulin resistance. Despite studies showing beneficial results of exercise on several risk factors for cardiovascular disease, studies evaluating the effects of different intensities of exercise training on the pancreas with experimental models are scarce. Methods: In total, 20 Wistar rats were used, divided into four groups: control (C, metabolic syndrome (MS and without exercise, metabolic syndrome and practice of walking (MSWalk, and metabolic syndrome and practice of running (MSRun. The applied procedures were induction of MS by fructose in drinking water; experimental protocol of walking and running; weighing of body mass and VAT; sacrifice of animals with blood collection and removal of organs and processing of samples for light microscopy using the analysis of volume densities (Vv of the studied structures. Results: Running showed a reduction of VAT weight (–54%, triglyceride levels (–40%, Vv[islet] (–62%, Vv[islet.cells] (–22%, Vv[islet.insterstitial] (–44%, and Vv[acinar.insterstitial] (–24% and an increase of Vv[acini] (+21% and Vv[acinar.cells] (+22%. Regarding walking, we observed a decrease of VAT weight (–34% and triglyceride levels (–27%, an increase of Vv[islet.cells] (+72% and Vv[acinar.cells] (+7%, and a decrease of Vv

  10. Photoabsorption and time-of-flight mass spectroscopy for gas-phase trimethyl phosphate following valence shell excitation

    Homem, M.G.P.; Rosa, L.F.S.; Farenzena, L.S.; Hasse, A. [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Iza, P. [Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, Guayaquil Guaya (Ecuador); Cavasso Filho, R.L. [Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), Santo Andre, SP (Brazil); Lee, M.T.; Iga, I. [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil)


    . A. Morais, A. Mocellin, O. Bjorneholm, S. L. Sorensen, P. T. Fonseca, A. Lindgren and A. Naves de Brito, J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 180, 6 (2010). (author)

  11. Photoabsorption and time-of-flight mass spectroscopy for gas-phase trimethyl phosphate following valence shell excitation

    Homem, M.G.P.; Rosa, L.F.S.; Farenzena, L.S.; Hasse, A.; Iza, P.; Cavasso Filho, R.L.; Lee, M.T.; Iga, I.


    Full text: In this work we report an experimental study on photoabsorption of trimethyl phosphate (TMP) molecules in the vacuum-ultraviolet energy range. More specifically, absolute photoabsorption cross sections and photoionization yields are measured and reported in the (11.11-21.45) eV energy range. The photoionization and neutral-decay cross sections in absolute scale are also derived and reported. Details of our experimental setup and procedure for cross-section determination can be found in our previous work [1]. Essentially, the measurements were performed using a double-ion-chamber technique [2]. The experimental cross-section results are analyzed in comparison with PES measurements. Oscillator strengths sum rules over the extrapolated experimental data gives a value of 71.6 au for the static dipole polarizability of TMP, which is in excellent agreement with the value of 72.3 au reported in literature. In addition, the ionic dissociation in the same energy range has been studied by time-of-flight mass spectrometry [3]. The detected product cations are C 3 H 9 O 4 P + , C 3 H 8 O 4 P + , CH 3 O 4 P + , C 2 H 6 O 3 P + , PO 4 + , CH 5 O 2 P + , PO 3 + , and CH 3 + . The observed ionic branching ratios are converted in absolute scale by using the measured photoionization cross sections. The presence of two ionic metastable states corresponding to the C 3 H 9 O 4 P + and CH 3 O 4 P + fragments are reported and their metastable ion mean lives are estimated in (152±5) ns and (248±30) ns. The results and discussion will be presented during the workshop. [1] M. G. P. Homem, P. Iza, L. S. Farenzena, R. L. Cavasso-Filho, M. T. Lee and I. Iga, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 42, 235204 (2009). [2] J. A. R. Samson and Lifeng Yin, J. Opt. Soc. Am B 6, 2326 (1989). [3] F. Burmeister, L. H. Coutinho, R. R. T. Marinho, M. G. P. Homem, M. A. A. Morais, A. Mocellin, O. Bjorneholm, S. L. Sorensen, P. T. Fonseca, A. Lindgren and A. Naves de Brito, J. Electron Spectrosc

  12. A construção de sentidos pela Argumentação na Língua: blocos semânticos em um debate sobre o Estatuto da Família

    Marildo de Oliveira Lopes


    Full Text Available Este artigo objetiva discutir, por meio de uma análise linguística, a construção de sentidos possibilitada pelos encadeamentos argumentativos evocados nas falas dos deputados Ronaldo Fonseca e Jean Wyllys, em um debate acerca do Estatuto da Família - Projeto de Lei 6.583/13 - que objetiva restringir o conceito de família aos casais heterossexuais e filho (s. Essa análise se dá à luz da Teoria dos Blocos Semânticos (TBS, criada por Oswald Ducrot e Marion Carel (2005, fase mais expressiva da Teoria da Argumentação na Língua (ANL. A TBS defende que a argumentação está na própria língua e que discursos são evocados por meio de encadeamentos argumentativos – que são a combinação de dois segmentos de um enunciado, unidos pelos conectores PORTANTO (DC e NO ENTANTO (PT, que estabelecem interdependência semântica entre eles. Um encadeamento argumentativo pertence a um bloco semântico composto de quatro aspectos argumentativos. Para atingir nosso propósito, transcrevemos o debate em questão, realizamos um estudo bibliográfico acerca do tema e prosseguimos com a análise do nosso corpus. Selecionamos dois excertos das falas de cada debatedor que melhor ilustram a evocação de encadeamentos argumentativos. Isso nos possibilitou elaborar quatro aspectos argumentativos para o bloco semântico defendido por cada deputado e mais quatro aspectos argumentativos que compõem o bloco oposto. Nossos dados comprovam que a própria língua possui orientação argumentativa e que os sentidos são construídos a partir da argumentação. Além disso, confirmamos que a argumentação é materializada na relação entre entidades linguísticas.

  13. Las habilidades motoras en niños víctimas de maltrato físico

    Eulalia María Amador Rodero


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Aplicar un programa de habilidades motoras en niños víctimas de maltrato físico. Materiales y métodos: Se trata de un estudio cuasiexperimental en el que se aplica el programa de Estimulación de Habilidades Motoras formulado por el grupo POYMOCOR de la Universidad Libre a una población diana conformada por 16 niños víctimas de maltrato físico en la ciudad de Barranquilla (Colombia; los cuales cumplieron con los criterios de inclusión: haber sido víctimas de maltrato físico y no padecer de alteraciones musculoesquéliticas de origen congénito. La participación de los niños fue voluntaria, pre- via autorización de de la ONG que tiene bajo su cuidado a los niños víctimas de maltrato. El estudio fue autorizado por el Centro de Investigación de la Universidad Libre. Para el análisis de la información se utilizó el programa SPSS para estimar las frecuencias de las variables sociodemográficas y las medias y desviaciones estándar de cada subfactor de la Batería Psicomotriz (BPM de Vitor Da Fonseca, utilizada como instrumento de medición en este proyecto. Las diferencias significativas entre las medias de las puntuaciones de cada subfactor resultado de la evaluación antes y después de la intervención se establecie- ron mediante el test T de Students. Resultados: evidenciaron que el programa de estimulación es efectivo para mejorar las habilidades motoras en niños víctimas de maltrato fisico. Conclusiones: Se concluye que el maltrato físico deja secuelas que interfieren con la ad- quisición y desarrollo de habilidades motoras, pero los programas de estimulación, en este caso el formulado por el grupo investigador, son efectivos para que los niños recuperen sus habilidades y destrezas motoras.

  14. O desenvolvimento corporal na educação infantil

    Adriana Pacheco da Silva Santos


    Full Text Available Este artigo é resultado de um estudo realizado em uma creche pública pertencente à rede municipal de educação de Sinop - MT. Objetivamos compreender o movimento corporal das crianças como parte do desenvolvimento integral das crianças. E também entender como os profissionais trabalham a especificidade do corpo infantil, dos movimentos das crianças durante a rotina da instituição de uma turma de crianças de dois a três anos de idade. Optamos em focalizar a pesquisa na área da Educação Infantil por entender que as crianças desta faixa etária apresentam características importantes no desenvolvimento corporal, visto que muitas vezes na educação infantil o movimento é considerado como ‘indisciplina’, fazendo com que a criança, na maioria das vezes permanece quietas e sentadas em suas cadeiras. Diante de tal propósito, buscamos uma metodologia que nos possibilitasse apreender o movimento corporal da criança e encontramos na pesquisa qualitativa, através da ‘observação participante’, trilhas que nos conduziram à construção de conhecimentos. Como pesquisadora, permanecemos na instituição investigada por quase três meses, em horários intercalados, utilizando o caderno de campo, no qual registramos as observações realizadas, bem como as entrevistas com as professoras da referida turma. Os principais referenciais utilizados para o estudo foram: Vygotsky, Piaget, Vitor Fonseca e Henri Wallon. De acordo com o observado em campo e leituras teóricas, ressaltamos com este estudo a importância do movimento para as crianças e sua contribuição no desenvolvimento infantil pleno.Palavras-chave: educação; educação infantil; maternal II; movimento; sociointeracionismo.

  15. Bereavement and behavioral changes as risk factors for cognitive decline in adults with Down syndrome

    Fonseca LM


    Full Text Available Luciana Mascarenhas Fonseca,1 Melaine Cristina de Oliveira,2 Laura Maria de Figueiredo Ferreira Guilhoto,3,4 Esper Abrao Cavalheiro,3,4 Cássio MC Bottino1 1Old Age Research Group, Department of Psychiatry, 2Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of São Paulo, 3Association of Parents and Friends of People with Intellectual Disability of São Paulo, 4Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Background: Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease often affect older adults with Down syndrome (DS much earlier than those in the general population. There is also growing evidence of the effects of negative life events on the mental health and behavior of individuals with intellectual disability. However, to our knowledge, this is the first study investigating objective cognitive decline following bereavement in aging individuals with DS.Objective: The objective of this study was to determine whether cognitive decline correlates with bereavement following the recent loss of a caregiver or with behavioral changes in a sample of adult individuals with DS who do not meet the criteria for dementia or depression, using the longitudinal assessment of the Cambridge Cognitive Examination (CAMCOG, together with the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE.Methods: We evaluated 18 subjects at baseline and over a follow-up period of 14–22 months, attempting to determine whether cognitive decline correlates with bereavement following the recent loss of the main caregiver or with behavioral changes (as assessed with the Neuropsychiatric Inventory.Results: The mean rate of change in CAMCOG was -1.83 (standard deviation 4.51. Behavioral changes had a significant direct influence on cognitive decline. When bereavement was accompanied by behavioral changes, the probability of cognitive decline was 87% (odds ratio 3.82. Conclusion: The occurrence of behavioral changes attributed to bereavement following the loss of


    Ezequiel Alfeu Abrahamo


    Este estudio se basa en la comparación de los resultados del estudio realizado por AFSUN en 2008 con los niveles de inseguridad alimentar en la ciudad de Maputo en los años 2008 y 2014. La investigación se volvió hacia el método cuantitativo recomendado por Fonseca (2002, p. 37 y Denise y Gerhardt (2009, p. 37-39, utilizando un cuestionario como instrumento de recolección de datos. Se realizó una encuesta para recoger datos sobre 473 Hogares seleccionados en la muestra. Fueron seleccionados Hogares de los Distritos Municipales (DM de KaMpfumo, KaMaxaqueni, KaLhamanculo, KaMubukwane y KaMavota. Para garantizar la comparabilidad de los resultados en cada una de DM, fue seleccionada la misma proporción de los Hogares en comparación con la encuesta de la muestra hecho por AFSUN en 2008. En el análisis e interpretación de datos, hemos utilizado los siguientes indicadores, que fueron tomadas como variables analítica y, en particular indicador HFIAS, que le permite medir y evaluar el grado de inseguridad alimentaria durante el mes anterior a la encuesta y el indicador HFIAP. Los resultados procesados mediante el programa SPSS, mostraron que el nivel de los valores tabulados de los puntos (puntajes del indicador HFIAS es, en promedio, 3,9% y también muestran una "caída" de los valores, en comparación con el valor regis-trado en el estudio en 2008. Por otra parte, se tomaron de forma individual, las respuestas dadas sobre la situación de la inseguridad alimentaria en los cuatro meses anteriores a la encuesta para la que una comparación entre los resultados de los estudios realizados en 2008 y en 2014 muestra una tendencia de mejora de los niveles de inseguridad alimentaria de los encuestados, señalando que sólo el 18,4% de los encuestados “se preocuparan por no tener suficiente comida en las últimas cuatro semanas", y sólo alrededor del 16,7% de ellos eran incapaces de comer el tipo de alimento preferido por la falta de recursos financieros para

  17. Abnormal uterine bleeding as a presenting symptom is related to multiple uterine leiomyoma: an ultrasound-based study

    Fonseca-Moutinho JA


    Full Text Available José Alberto Fonseca-Moutinho,1,2 Lígia Silva Barbosa,1 Daniel Gonçalves Torres,1 Sara Morgado Nunes31Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Beira Interior University, Covilhã, Portugal; 2Child and Women Department, Cova da Beira Academic Medical Center, Covilhã, Portugal; 3Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, PortugalPurpose: To determine the prevalence of uterine leiomyomas, diagnosed by ultrasound, in a private health care setting located in the central eastern region of Portugal, and to explore the demographic and clinical factors related to diagnosis and symptomatology.Patients and methods: The files of 624 patients attending a private clinic in Covilhã, Portugal, from January 2 to December 31, 2010 were retrieved for evaluation. Pelvic ultrasound record, age, weight, height, age at menarche, number of pregnancies and deliveries, marital status, menstrual cycles characteristic, and contraceptive method at consultation were included in the analysis.Results: Uterine leiomyoma (UL was diagnosed by ultrasonography in 161 (25.8% patients. A single UL was diagnosed in 80 (49.7% patients. In 79 (49.1% patients, the largest leiomyoma had a dimension <20 mm. Prevalence of UL was age dependent: at 11.0% for women 20–39 years old; 45.4% for those aged 40–59 years; and 19.5% for women 60 years or older. Metrorrhagia was the most distressing presenting symptom. When menorrhagia was the presenting symptom, the probability of having an ultrasound diagnosis of UL was 73.3%. Metrorrhagia or menorrhagia, as presenting symptom, was significantly related to the ultrasound diagnosis of multiple ULs.Conclusion: UL was especially prevalent in women aged between 40 and 59 years. Patients with multiple ULs had significantly more abnormal uterine bleeding. In patients with menorrhagia or metrorrhagia, special attention should be taken in searching for the presence of multiple ULs during ultrasound.Keywords: fibroid, leiomyoma

  18. Graphene oxide-silver nanocomposite as a promising biocidal agent against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

    de Moraes ACM


    Full Text Available Ana Carolina Mazarin de Moraes,1 Bruna Araujo Lima,2 Andreia Fonseca de Faria,1 Marcelo Brocchi,2 Oswaldo Luiz Alves1 1Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil; 2Department of Genetics, Evolution and Bioagents, Institute of Biology, University of Campinas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil Background: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA has been responsible for serious hospital infections worldwide. Nanomaterials are an alternative to conventional antibiotic compounds, because bacteria are unlikely to develop microbial resistance against nanomaterials. In the past decade, graphene oxide (GO has emerged as a material that is often used to support and stabilize silver nanoparticles (AgNPs for the preparation of novel antibacterial nanocomposites. In this work, we report the synthesis of the graphene-oxide silver nanocomposite (GO-Ag and its antibacterial activity against relevant microorganisms in medicine. Materials and methods: GO-Ag nanocomposite was synthesized through the reduction of silver ions (Ag+ by sodium citrate in an aqueous GO dispersion, and was extensively characterized using ultraviolet-visible absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric analysis, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The antibacterial activity was evaluated by microdilution assays and time-kill experiments. The morphology of bacterial cells treated with GO-Ag was investigated via transmission electron microscopy. Results: AgNPs were well distributed throughout GO sheets, with an average size of 9.4±2.8 nm. The GO-Ag nanocomposite exhibited an excellent antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant S. aureus, Acinetobacter baumannii, Enterococcus faecalis, and Escherichia coli. All (100% MRSA cells were inactivated after 4 hours of exposure to GO-Ag sheets. In addition, no toxicity was found for either pristine GO or bare Ag

  19. Nicaragua.


    Focus in this discussion of Nicaragua is on the following: geography; the people and history; government and polictical conditions; the economy; foreign relations; defense; and relations between the US and Nicaragua. Nicaragua's population is 2.9 million with an annual growth rate of 3.3% (1981). The infant mortality rate is 37/1000; life expectancy is 56 years. Most Nicaraguans are mestizo, a mix of European and Indian. Smaller ethnic groups also are recognizable. A large black minority of Jamaican origin is concentrated on the Caribbean coast, although migration to Managua is on the rise. Nicaragua borders Costa Rica to the south and El Salvador--across the Gulf of Fonseca--and Honduras to the north. The climate is tropical. About 40% of the population are urban; most live in the Pacific lowlands and the adjacent interior highlands region. On July 19, 1979 the Government of National Reconstruction formed in exile as a coalition of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) and civic leaders, stepped into the power vacuum left by the Somoza government's collapse. The GRN was organized into a 5-member junta, the 19 member Council of Ministers, and the 33 member quasi legislative National Council. The GRN's July 19 Declaration of San Jose, promising a democratically elected government and an equitable pluralistic society, met with strong popular support. Freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly are guaranteed by the declaration, yet the GRN's efforts at promoting political freedom have been less successful than its efforts at economic equity. At different times, the GRN has restricted operation of opposition newspapers on national security grounds, banned individual foreign films on political grounds, attempted to reduce the role of the Roman Catholic Church and tried to reduce the traditional autonomy of the national university. The country's resources are primarily agricultural. Some estimates indicate that 70% of Nicaragua's territory is usable

  20. Perfil epidemiológico de pacientes atendidos em um Serviço de Controle da Dor Orofacial

    Alana Moura Xavier Dantas

    Full Text Available ResumoIntroduçãoA Disfunção Temporomandibular (DTM se manifesta clinicamente como diversos problemas envolvendo a musculatura mastigatória, as articulações temporomandibulares e/ou suas estruturas associadas. Atualmente, essas disfunções apresentam elevada prevalência na população e afetam a qualidade de vida de seus portadores.ObjetivoDescrever as principais características e os sinais e sintomas de pacientes atendidos em um serviço especializado de Dor Orofacial.Material e métodoA pesquisa foi realizada no Ambulatório do Serviço de Controle da Dor Orofacial do Hospital Universitário de uma universidade federal, contendo uma amostra de 236 fichas de pacientes atendidos no período entre 2005 e 2011. Realizou-se a coleta de dados contidos na ficha clínica específica do serviço, elaborada pelos próprios pesquisadores com base no RDC/TMD e no Índice Anamnésico Simplificado de Fonseca. A ficha clínica foi elaborada de acordo com a realidade deste ambulatório e dos seus pacientes, para facilitar o diagnóstico destas desordens. Em seguida, foi procedida a análise descritiva dos dados.ResultadoEntre os pacientes atendidos, houve predomínio do gênero feminino, faixa etária entre 41 a 60 anos, grau de escolaridade Ensino Médio completo, vínculo empregatício e encaminhamento por cirurgiões-dentistas. A presença de dor diária com intensidade 5 e dor do tipo pulsátil, e o cansaço muscular foram as características mais prevalentes.ConclusãoDe acordo com os resultados obtidos, pode-se concluir que as mulheres procuram mais o serviço especializado e que os pacientes com DTM normalmente possuem elevados níveis de tensão e dor, sendo necessário um tratamento multidisciplinar.

  1. Effects of massage therapy and occlusal splint therapy on electromyographic activity and the intensity of signs and symptoms in individuals with temporomandibular disorder and sleep bruxism: a randomized clinical trial.

    Gomes, Cid André Fidelis de Paula; El Hage, Yasmin; Amaral, Ana Paula; Politti, Fabiano; Biasotto-Gonzalez, Daniela Aparecida


    Temporomandibular disorder (TDM) is the most common source of orofacial pain of a non-dental origin. Sleep bruxism is characterized by clenching and/or grinding the teeth during sleep and is involved in the perpetuation of TMD. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of massage therapy, conventional occlusal splint therapy and silicone occlusal splint therapy on electromyographic activity in the masseter and anterior temporal muscles and the intensity of signs and symptoms in individuals with severe TMD and sleep bruxism. Sixty individuals with severe TMD and sleep bruxism were randomly distributed into four treatment groups: 1) massage group, 2) conventional occlusal splint group, 3) massage + conventional occlusal splint group and 4) silicone occlusal splint group. Block randomization was employed and sealed opaque envelopes were used to conceal the allocation. Groups 2, 3 and 4 wore an occlusal splint for four weeks. Groups 1 and 3 received three weekly massage sessions for four weeks. All groups were evaluated before and after treatment through electromyographic analysis of the masseter and anterior temporal muscles and the Fonseca Patient History Index. The Wilcoxon test was used to compare the effects of the different treatments and repeated-measures ANOVA was used to determine the intensity of TMD. The inter-group analysis of variance revealed no statistically significant differences in median frequency among the groups prior to treatment. In the intra-group analysis, no statistically significant differences were found between pre-treatment and post-treatment evaluations in any of the groups. Group 3 demonstrated a greater improvement in the intensity of TMD in comparison to the other groups. Massage therapy and the use of an occlusal splint had no significant influence on electromyographic activity of the masseter or anterior temporal muscles. However, the combination of therapies led to a reduction in the intensity of signs and

  2. Desordens temporomandibulares em usuários de prótese parcial removível: prevalência de acordo com a classificação de Kennedy

    Janaina Habib Jorge

    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: O objetivo deste estudo foi determinar a prevalência das desordens temporomandibulares em pacientes com prótese parcial removível, de acordo com a classificação de Kennedy. MÉTODO: A população estudada consistiu de pacientes que procuraram tratamento na Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa. Os pacientes selecionados eram usuários de prótese total superior e prótese parcial removível inferior, e esse uso, à época do estudo, fazia entre 1 e 5 anos. Os pacientes foram divididos em cinco grupos (n = 15: G1: usuários de prótese total superior e prótese parcial removível inferior Classe I (Kennedy; G2: usuários de prótese total superior e prótese parcial removível inferior Classe II (Kennedy; G3: usuários de prótese total superior e prótese parcial removível inferior Classe III (Kennedy; G4: usuários de prótese total superior e prótese parcial removível inferior Classe IV (Kennedy, e G5: pacientes totalmente dentados (grupo controle. O questionário de Fonseca foi aplicado para verificar o grau de DTM. O teste qui-quadrado (α = 0,05 foi usado para avaliar a associação entre as variáveis. RESULTADO: Nenhuma diferença estatística (P > 0,05 foi encontrada entre os grupos. Em todos os grupos, os pacientes apresentaram DTM leve ou moderada. CONCLUSÃO: Os resultados deste estudo clínico mostraram que a presença de DTM em pacientes usuários de prótese não pôde ser correlacionada ao uso de prótese, já que a presença de DTM para pacientes desdentados e dentados apresentou-se semelhante.

  3. Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii in dogs in the State of Rio de Janeiro

    Nathalie Costa da Cunha


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Cunha N.C., Cordeiro M.D., Bravo S.A.C., Matos P.C.M., Almosny N.R.P. & da Fonseca A.H. [Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii in dogs in the State of Rio de Janeiro.] Soroepidemiologia de Toxoplasma gondii em cães no estado do Rio de Janeiro. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária 38(supl. 3: 114-121, 2016. Departamento de Saúde Coletiva Veterinária e Saúde Pública, Faculdade de Veterinária. Universidade Federal Fluminense, Vital Brazil, Niterói, RJ, Brazil. E-mail: Toxoplasmosis is a serious public health problem worldwide as it can cause prenatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in humans. Although dogs are not definitive hosts of T. gondii, they play an important role in the mechanical dissemination of oocysts. This study aimed to carry out a seroepidemiological investigation of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in domestic dogs from seven municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A crosssectional epidemiological study was carried out to evaluate the profile of anti-Toxoplasma gondii IgG antibodies in dogs from canine sera from different municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The municipalities studied were Cachoeiras de Macacu, Guapimirim, Itaboraí, Magé, Resende, Seropédica and Silva Jardim. The detection of antibodies of the IgG class anti-Toxoplasma gondii was performed using the indirect enzyme immunoadsorption (ELISA assay and the statistical analyzes used were the chi-square test and the prevalence ratio. Of the 651 samples tested, 300 were reactive for T. gondii, representing a relative frequency of 46.08% of seroreactive dogs. It was concluded that dogs are good sentinels for evaluations of risk for occurrence of T. gondii, emphasizing those coming from rural areas and that there was no difference in the occurrence of serorreative dogs in front of different municipalities studies of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

  4. Influence of FTO rs9939609 polymorphism on appetite, ghrelin, leptin, IL6, TNFα levels, and food intake of women with morbid obesity

    Magno FCCM


    Full Text Available Fernanda Cristina Carvalho Mattos Magno,1 Helena Chrispim Guaraná,1 Ana Carolina Proença Fonseca,2 Giselda Maria Kalil Cabello,2 João Régis Ivar Carneiro,3 Aline Pereira Pedrosa,1 Ana Carolina Ximenes,1 Eliane Lopes Rosado1 1Institute of Nutrition, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; 2Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ, Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC, Human Genetics Laboratory, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; 3Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, University Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho, Service of Nutrology, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Background: The fat mass and obesity-related (FTO gene has a strong relationship with obesity, extreme obesity and inflammatory state, and may also be associated with food intake regulation.Objective: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of the rs9939609 single-nucleotide polymorphism of the FTO gene on appetite, ghrelin, leptin, interleukin 6 (IL6, tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα levels and food intake of morbidly obese women.Materials and methods: The study comprised 70 women, aged between 20 and 48 years, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The participants were selected according to the body mass index between 40 and 60 kg/m2. Anthropometric and biochemical data were measured during fasting. Hormones and inflammatory data were measured before and after the participants ate an isocaloric meal. Dietary records were calculated and analyzed using a nutritional assessment program. Visual analog scales were used for behaviors of the sensations of appetite and food preferences. The FTO rs9939609 variant was genotyped using real-time polymerase chain reaction.Results: Participants with the AA genotype had lower values of ghrelin and IL6 and higher values of leptin than those with TT and TA in the postprandial period. Comparing the plasma concentrations of ghrelin, insulin, IL6 and TNFα intragenotypes, it was observed that those with TT had decreased leptin and increased IL6

  5. A GPS and modelling study of deformation in northern Central America

    Rodriguez, M.; DeMets, C.; Rogers, R.; Tenorio, C.; Hernandez, D.


    from Honduras. Poor fits of our preferred models to the velocities of GPS sites near the Gulf of Fonseca may be an artefact of the still-short GPS time-series in this region or the simplifying assumptions of our FEMs.

  6. New seismic sources parameterization in El Salvador. Implications to seismic hazard.

    Alonso-Henar, Jorge; Staller, Alejandra; Jesús Martínez-Díaz, José; Benito, Belén; Álvarez-Gómez, José Antonio; Canora, Carolina


    El Salvador is located at the pacific active margin of Central America, here, the subduction of the Cocos Plate under the Caribbean Plate at a rate of ~80 mm/yr is the main seismic source. Although the seismic sources located in the Central American Volcanic Arc have been responsible for some of the most damaging earthquakes in El Salvador. The El Salvador Fault Zone is the main geological structure in El Salvador and accommodates 14 mm/yr of horizontal displacement between the Caribbean Plate and the forearc sliver. The ESFZ is a right lateral strike-slip fault zone c. 150 km long and 20 km wide .This shear band distributes the deformation among strike-slip faults trending N90º-100ºE and secondary normal faults trending N120º- N170º. The ESFZ is relieved westward by the Jalpatagua Fault and becomes less clear eastward disappearing at Golfo de Fonseca. Five sections have been proposed for the whole fault zone. These fault sections are (from west to east): ESFZ Western Section, San Vicente Section, Lempa Section, Berlin Section and San Miguel Section. Paleoseismic studies carried out in the Berlin and San Vicente Segments reveal an important amount of quaternary deformation and paleoearthquakes up to Mw 7.6. In this study we present 45 capable seismic sources in El Salvador and their preliminary slip-rate from geological and GPS data. The GPS data detailled results are presented by Staller et al., 2014 in a complimentary communication. The calculated preliminary slip-rates range from 0.5 to 8 mm/yr for individualized faults within the ESFZ. We calculated maximum magnitudes from the mapped lengths and paleoseismic observations.We propose different earthquakes scenario including the potential combined rupture of different fault sections of the ESFZ, resulting in maximum earthquake magnitudes of Mw 7.6. We used deterministic models to calculate acceleration distribution related with maximum earthquakes of the different proposed scenario. The spatial distribution of

  7. Comparative effects of the ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acid derivatives resolvins E1 and D1 and protectin DX in models of inflammation and pain

    Fonseca FCS


    Full Text Available Flávia CS Fonseca,1 Ricardo M Orlando,2 Regina MM Turchetti-Maia,1 Janetti Nogueira de Francischi1 1Department of Pharmacology, Biological Sciences Institute, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil; 2Department of Chemistry, Exact Sciences Institute, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil Purpose: Specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators (SPMs, also known as lipoxins, resolvins (Rvs, protectins and maresins, have been implicated in the resolution of the inflammatory process. However, a systematic comparison of their activity in the relief of inflammation and pain models is still lacking.Materials and methods: The effects of Rvs E1 and D1 and protectin DX (PDX were assessed in rat paws inflamed by the standard proinflammatory stimulus carrageenan or by histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, substance P or prostaglandin E2. The experimental outcomes were the mechanical nociceptive threshold and increase in paw volume as a measure of pain and edema formation, respectively. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the indicated SPMs were also compared with nonsteroidal (indomethacin and celecoxib and steroidal (dexamethasone anti-inflammatory drugs.Results: Only RvE1 and RvD1 presented analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities in the carrageenan model, and RvE1 was twice as potent as RvD1. Both substances tended to be better analgesics than anti-inflammatory agents, with a modeling profile similar to steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, proinflammatory effects (edema formation were also detected when the mediators histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine or substance P replaced carrageenan as the proinflammatory stimuli. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of resolvins were specifically prevented by an antagonist of the leukotriene B4 receptor 1 (BLT1.Conclusion: Rvs, as analgesic agents, may be better therapeutic agents than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the

  8. Detection of brucellosis in water buffaloes for exportation in northern and northeastern of Brazil

    José Diomedes Barbosa


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Barbosa J.D., Bomjardim H.dosA., Lima D.H.daS., Reis A.dosS.B., Barboza F.B., Albernaz T.T., Oliveira C.M.C., Fonseca A.H., Nicolino R.R. & da Silva J.B. Detection of brucellosis in water buffaloes for exportation in northern and northeastern of Brazil. [Detecção de brucelose em búfalos d’agua para exportação no norte e nordeste do Brasil}. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 38(supl. 3: 129-135, 2016. Laboratório de Doenças Parasitárias, Departamento de Epidemiologia e Saúde Pública, Instituto de Veterinária, Universidade Federal Rural de Rio de Janeiro, BR 465, Km 7 Seropédica, RJ 23890-000, Brazil. E-mail: The prevalence of brucellosis in buffaloes was evaluated by the Buffered Acidified Plate Antigen (BAPA in 5.163 water buffaloes from Maranhão state, Pará state and Marajó Island, Brazil. The detection of buffaloes positive for brucellosis by BAPA was 7.37% in Marajó Island, 8.45% in Pará state and 29.86% in Maranhão state. The locations with the highest prevalences were Santa Cruz do Arari, in Marajó Island (12.50%; Ipixuna, in Pará state (30.25%; and Santa Inês, in Maranhão state (34.76%. After the confirmatory test (Complement Fixation Test, only 7 animals remained positive in Marajó Island, and 22 remained positive in the state of Pará. None of the 66 animals that reacted positively in the BAPA test in Maranhão reacted positively in the CF. The high prevalence of B. abortus that was observed in animals, especially in the state of Maranhão, is worrisome for the health system for the control and eradication of bovine brucellosis.

  9. Alimentación y estado nutricional de los niños en zonas palúdicas de Antioquia (Colombia.Food and nutritional status among children of endemic malaria zones of Antioquia (Colombia.

    Jaime Carmona-Fonseca, MD MSc*


    Full Text Available Introducción: Malaria, parasitosis intestinales y desnutrición interactúan en los habitantes de zonas palúdicas, en particular en niños. Objetivo: Medir el estado nutricional de niños (4-10 años con malaria y algunos aspectos del consumo alimentario familiar en dos zonas maláricas del departamento de Antioquia. Metodología: Estudio transversal en niños que consultaron por paludismo. Diseño muestral aleatorio. Resultados: A Consumo alimentario familiar: 74% obtenían regularmente alimentos de criar animales menores, huerta casera o ambos; 17% recibían regularmente alimentos, dinero o ambos; consumo de alimentos fuentes de vitamina A (veces/semana: carnes-vísceras animales 1, leche y huevos 2-3 cada uno, frutas con provitamina A. Satisfacción alimentaria de requerimientos nutricionales familiares de fuentes de vitamina A: 55% (grado bajo-medio. B Estado nutricional infantil: Riesgo de desnutrición: 52% crónica, 15% aguda; parásitos intestinales patógenos 80%; promedio de hemoglobina pretratamiento 10.3 gr/dL (6.39 mmol/L y al día 30 en 11.8 gr/dL (7.32 mmol/L; promedio de retinol pretratamiento de 19.1 µg/dL (0.67 µmol/L y al día 30 31.2 µg/dL (1.09 µmol/L. Conclusiones: La desnutrición crónica amenaza a ≥50% de los niños; esa frecuencia es 3-4 veces la encontrada en Colombia. No hubo asociación estadísticamente significativa entre estado nutricional y las variables asociadas a obtención-consumo alimentario. Quizás esta ausencia de relación se deba a que las variables usadas para medir estas condiciones no sean adecuadas o se hayan medido de manera inapropiada. [Carmona-Fonseca J. Alimen-tación y estado nutricional de los niños en zonas palúdicas de Antioquia (Colombia. MedUNAB 2011; 14:94-102]._______________________Introduction: Malaria, intestinal parasites and malnutritioninteract in people of malaria areas, particularly in childrenObjective: To measure the nutritional status of children (4-10years and

  10. Relação entre bruxismo e o grau de sintomatologia de disfunção temporomandibular The relationship between the bruxism and the severity of symptoms in the temporomandibular disorder

    Cíntia Corrêa Blini


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: verificar a ocorrência de bruxismo em sujeitos adultos do sexo feminino com queixa de disfunção temporomandibular e sua relação com o grau de sintomatologia da disfunção. MÉTODOS: participaram deste estudo 28 mulheres na faixa etária de 19 a 56 anos, que apresentavam sintomas de disfunção temporomandibular e que não haviam realizado tratamento anterior. Todas responderam o questionário de Índice Anamnésico proposto por Fonseca et al (1994, o qual possibilita a classificação do grau de sintomatologia de disfunção temporomandibular e verificação da queixa do hábito parafuncional bruxismo; e realizaram uma avaliação odontológica, constituída de exame da musculatura mastigatória, por meio de palpação digital intra e extra-oral, inspeção das articulações temporomandibulares e exame dental. Os resultados foram analisados descritivamente e, para verificar a relação entre o grau de severidade da disfunção temporomandibular com a ocorrência de bruxismo, foram realizados o Teste de Independência do Qui-quadrado e o Teste Exato de Fisher, ambos ao nível de significância de 5%. RESULTADOS: verificou-se que o bruxismo esteve presente em 50% dos casos de disfunção temporomandibular. Não houve relação entre o bruxismo e o grau de sintomatologia de disfunção temporomandibular, estabelecido pelo Índice Anamnésico. CONCLUSÃO: os resultados deste estudo sugerem que sujeitos com sintomas de disfunção temporomandibular devem ser questionados e avaliados quanto à presença de bruxismo, independentemente do grau de sintomatologia da disfunção. Assim como deve ser realizado diagnóstico e tratamento do bruxismo em sujeitos assintomáticos de disfunção temporomandibular como forma de prevenir o desenvolvimento de lesões nas articulações temporomandibulares e demais estruturas do sistema estomatognático.PURPOSE: to check the occurrence of bruxism in female gender adult subject, with temporomandibular

  11. Análise comparativa entre dois ângulos cervicais com a oclusão em crianças com e sem DTM Comparative analysis between two cervical angles with occlusion in children with and without TMD

    Daniela Aparecida Biasotto-Gonzalez


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: comparar dois ângulos cervicais com as classificações oclusais em crianças de 6 a 10 anos com e sem Disfunção Temporomandibular (DTM,identificar se há prevalência de DTM quanto ao gênero, e se há influencia da oclusão sobre os ângulos estudados. MÉTODO: realizou-se um estudo observacional transversal com 91 crianças de ambos os gêneros de uma Instituição de Ensino privado, dispostas em Grupo A (sem DTM e Grupo B (com DTM. Todas as crianças foram avaliadas seguindo uma ficha cadastral constituída de dados referentes a sexo, idade, peso, altura e exame clínico intra-oral para classificação oclusal de Angle. O diagnóstico e a severidade da DTM, foram verificados pelo questionário proposto por Fonseca. Para avaliação dos ângulos cervicais (A1 e A2 foi utilizada a fotogrametria e o Software Alcimagem®. RESULTADOS: entre as crianças avaliadas, 52 (57,14% apresentaram maloclusão, sendo 29 com DTM e 23 sem DTM, 39 (42,85% apresentaram normoclusão, sendo 18 sem DTM e 21 com DTM. Quando comparados os ângulos (A1 e A2 a classe oclusal, foi encontrada diferença significante entre as crianças normoclusivas e maloclusivas com o ângulo A1 (p=0,04. CONCLUSÃO: esse estudo demonstrou que o ângulo A1 (C7, ATM e Ápice do Mento foi estatisticamente significante quando associado com a condição oclusal. Não foi encontrado associação, na população estudada, entre ângulo cervical e DTM. Além disso, também foi possível observar que, a prevalência de crianças do gênero feminino com DTM é significantemente maior que a do gênero masculino. Esse estudo demonstrou que a maloclusão pode alterar somente o ângulo A1 e que a DTM não interfere nos ângulos cervicais estudados.PURPOSE: to compare two cervical angles with occlusal classifications in children between 6 and 10 years old with and without Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD, to identify if there is a prevalence of TMD according to gender, and if there is

  12. Alguns dados sobre a leishmaniose visceral americana e doença de Chagas no Nordeste Brasileiro (Relatório de uma excursão realizada nos Estados do Ceará, Pernambuco e Baía

    R. Pondé


    Full Text Available Antes de nossas pesquisas, nas zonas emque trabalhamos, haviam sido asinalados cinco casos vivos de Leishmaniose Visceral Americana, três no Ceará e dois em Pernambuco. Alem desses, oito tinham sido evidenciados por viscerotomia na Baía, município de Jacobina. Já se tinha conhecimento tambem, de um caso de Doença de Chagas no Ceará. Na confecção do presente trabalho visitamos regiões dos Estados do Ceará, Pernambuco e Baía, onde realizamos rápidos inquéritos epidemiológicos sobre as duas protozooses. No Ceará, região do Cariri, encontramos dois novos casos de Leishmaniose Visceral Americana, cujo diagnóstico foi confirmado pelo exame de esfregaços de polpa esplênica, e cinco de Doença de Chagas, evidenciandos pelos xenodiagnóstico. Foram capturados Flebotomus longipalpis Lutz & Neiva, F. villelai Mangabeira., F. limai Fonseca e F. nordestinus Mangabeira, assim com Panstrongylus megistus (Burm., 13.5% dos quais infectados. Examinamos animais domésticos (cães e gatos e silvestres com resultado negativo. Em Pernambuco, município de Exú, fizemos um inquérito sobre os dois casos de Leishmaniose Visceral Americana anteriormente assinalados, não encontrando outros. foram capturados F. longipalpis Lutz & Neiva, alem de Panstrongylus magistus (Burm. e Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva; nenhum deles estava infectado. Dos animais domésticos foram autopsiados três cães sendo encontrado um com leishmanias no fígado e no baço. O exame de 43 animais silvestres nada revelou. Na Baía, município de Jacobina, encontramos, na zona periférica da cidade, um caso de Leishmaniose visceral Americana e, em outras localidades do município, três outros casos, cujos diagnósticos foram confirmados pelo exame de esfregaços de polpa esplênica; encontramos, também dois casos de Doença de Chagas, evidenciados pelo xenodiagnóstico. Foram capturados F. evandroi Costa Lima, F. lenti Mangabeira e F. longipalpis Lutz & Neiva; Panstrongylus

  13. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    . Translated and annotated by Felicia Brichoux (Nicole Revel Joos van Vugt, José Eijt, Marjet Derks (eds; Tempo doeloe, tempo sekarang; Het proces van Indonesianisering in Nederlandse orden en congregaties (Karel Steenbrink Nancy Eberhardt; Imagining the course of life; Self-transformation in a Shan Buddhist community (Nicholas Tapp J.C. Smelik, C.M. Hogenstijn, W.J.M. Janssen; A.J. Duymaer van Twist; Gouverneur-Generaal van Nederlands-Indi? (1851-1856 (Gerard Termorshuizen David Steinberg; Turmoil in Burma; Contested legitimacies in Myanmar (Sean Turnell Carl A. Trocki; Singapore; Wealth, power and the culture of control (Bryan S. Turner Matthew Isaac Cohen; The Komedie Stamboel; Popular theatre in colonial Indonesia, 1891-1903 (Holger Warnk Jörgen Hellman; Ritual fasting on West Java (Robert Wessing Waruno Mahdi; Malay words and Malay things; Lexical souvenirs from an exotic archipelago in German publications before 1700 (Edwin Wieringa RECENT PUBLICATIONS Russell Jones, C.D. Grijns, J.W. de Vries, M. Siegers (eds; Loan-words in Indonesian and Malay VERHANDELINGEN 249 Peter Carey: The power of prophecy. Prince Dipanagara and the end of an old order in Java, 1785-1855

  14. Pharmacokinetics and tolerability of the new second-generation nonnucleoside reverse- transcriptase inhibitor KM-023 in healthy subjects

    Cha YJ


    Full Text Available Yu-Jung Cha,1,* Kyoung Soo Lim,2,* Min-Kyu Park,1 Stephen Schneider,3 Brian Bray,3 Myung-Chol Kang,3 Jae-Yong Chung,1 Seo Hyun Yoon,1 Joo-Youn Cho,1 Kyung-Sang Yu11Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, Seoul, South Korea; 2Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, CHA University School of Medicine and CHA Bundang Medical Center, Seongnam, South Korea; 3Kainos Medicine USA Inc., Morrisville, NC, USA *These authors contributed equally to this workBackground: KM-023 is a new second-generation nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor that is under development for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV type 1 infection. Objective: This study determined KM-023 tolerability and pharmacokinetic characteristics in healthy subjects. Materials and methods: A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study was conducted in 80 healthy South Korean male volunteers. The subjects were allocated to single- or multiple-dose (once daily for 7 days groups that received 75, 150, 300, or 600 mg drug or placebo in a 4:1 ratio. Safety and pharmacokinetic assessments were performed during the study. Plasma and urine concentrations were quantified using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. Results: The average maximum concentration (Cmax and area under the concentration–time curve from time 0 to infinity (AUC∞ values of KM-023 for the 75–600 mg doses in the single-dose study ranged from 440.2 ng/mL to 1,245.4 ng/mL and 11,142.4 ng • h/mL to 33,705.6 ng • h/mL, respectively. Values of the mean Cmax at a steady state and AUC within the dosing interval ranged from 385.1 ng/mL to 1,096.7 ng/mL and 3,698.9 ng • h/mL to 10,232.6 ng • h/mL, respectively, following 75–600 mg doses in the multiple-dose study. Dose proportionality was not observed for KM-023. KM-023 showed a 0.6-fold accumulation after multiple doses in the 600

  15. Cut-off value of FEV1/FEV6 as a surrogate for FEV1/FVC for detecting airway obstruction in a Korean population

    Chung KS


    Full Text Available Kyung Soo Chung,1,2 Ji Ye Jung,1,2 Moo Suk Park,1,2 Young Sam Kim,1,2 Se Kyu Kim,1,2 Joon Chang,1,2 Joo Han Song1,2 1Division of Pulmonology, Department of Internal Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 2Institute of Chest Disease, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea Background: Forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1/forced expiratory volume in 6 seconds (FEV6 has been proposed as an alternative to FEV1/forced vital capacity (FVC for detecting airway obstruction. A fixed cut-off value for FEV1/FEV6 in a Korean population is lacking. We investigated a fixed cut-off for FEV1/FEV6 as a surrogate for FEV1/FVC for detecting airway obstruction.Materials and methods: We used data obtained in the 5 years of the Fifth and Sixth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. A total of 14,978 participants aged ≥40 years who underwent spirometry adequately were the study cohort. “Airway obstruction” was a fixed cut-off FEV1/FVC <70% according to the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease guidelines. We also used European Respiratory Society/Global Lung Initiative 2012 equations for the FEV1/FVC lower limit of normal.Results: Among the 14,978 participants (43.5% male, 56.5% female; mean age: 56.9 years for men and 57.0 years for women, 14.0% had obstructive lung function according to a fixed cut-off FEV1/FVC <70%. Optimal FEV1/FEV6 cut-off for predicting FEV1/FVC <70% was 75% using receiver operating characteristic curve analyses (area under receiver operating characteristic curve =0.989, 95% confidence interval 0.987–0.990. This fixed cut-off of FEV1/FEV6 showed 93.8% sensitivity, 94.8% specificity, 74.7% positive predictive value, 98.9% negative predictive value, and 0.8 Cohen’s kappa coefficient. When compared with FEV1/FVC < lower limit of normal, FEV1/FEV6 <75% tended to over-diagnose airflow limitation (just like a fixed cut

  16. Interglacial climate dynamics and advanced time series analysis

    Mudelsee, Manfred; Bermejo, Miguel; Köhler, Peter; Lohmann, Gerrit


    , Fischer H, Joos F, Knutti R, Lohmann G, Masson-Delmotte V (2010) What caused Earth's temperature variations during the last 800,000 years? Data-based evidence on radiative forcing and constraints on climate sensitivity. Quaternary Science Reviews 29:129. Loulergue L, Schilt A, Spahni R, Masson-Delmotte V, Blunier T, Lemieux B, Barnola J-M, Raynaud D, Stocker TF, Chappellaz J (2008) Orbital and millennial-scale features of atmospheric CH4 over the past 800,000 years. Nature 453:383. L¨ü thi D, Le Floch M, Bereiter B, Blunier T, Barnola J-M, Siegenthaler U, Raynaud D, Jouzel J, Fischer H, Kawamura K, Stocker TF (2008) High-resolution carbon dioxide concentration record 650,000-800,000 years before present. Nature 453:379. Mudelsee M (2000) Ramp function regression: A tool for quantifying climate transitions. Computers and Geosciences 26:293. Mudelsee M (2002) TAUEST: A computer program for estimating persistence in unevenly spaced weather/climate time series. Computers and Geosciences 28:69. Mudelsee M (2010) Climate Time Series Analysis: Classical Statistical and Bootstrap Methods. Springer, Dordrecht, 474 pp. [] Siegenthaler U, Stocker TF, Monnin E, L¨ü thi D, Schwander J, Stauffer B, Raynaud D, Barnola J-M, Fischer H, Masson-Delmotte V, Jouzel J (2005) Stable carbon cycle-climate relationship during the late Pleistocene. Science 310:1313.

  17. Quantification of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from various waste treatment facilities by tracer dilution method

    Mønster, Jacob; Rella, Chris; Jacobson, Gloria; Kjeldsen, Peter; Scheutz, Charlotte


    tracer gas concentrations while another measured the nitrous oxide concentration. We present the performance of these instruments at different waste treatment facilities (waste water treatment plants, composting facilities, sludge mineralization beds, anaerobic digesters and landfills) in Denmark, and discuss the strengths and limitations of the method of the method for quantifying methane and nitrous oxide emissions from the different sources. Furthermore, we have measured the methane emissions from 10 landfills with emission rates ranging from 5 to 135 kg/h depending on the age, state, content and aftercare of the landfill. In addition, we have studied 3 waste water treatment plants, and found nitrous oxide emission of 200 to 700 g/h from the aeration tanks and a total methane emission ranging from 2 to 15 kg/h, with the primary emission coming from the sludge treatment. References Galle, B., Samuelsson, J., Svensson, B.H., and Börjesson, G. (2001). Measurements of methane emissions from landfills using a time correlation tracer method based on FTIR absorption spectroscopy. Environmental Science & Technology 35 (1), 21-25 Scheutz, C., Samuelsson, J., Fredenslund, A. M., and Kjeldsen, P. (2011). Quantification of multiple methane emission sources at landfills using a double tracer technique. Waste Management, 31(5), 1009-17 Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. Manning, R.B. Alley, T. Berntsen, N.L. Bindoff, Z. Chen, A. Chidthaisong, J.M. Gregory, G.C. Hegerl, M. Heimann, B. Hewitson, B.J. Hoskins, F. Joos, J. Jouzel, V. Kattsov, U. Lohmann, T.Matsuno, M. Molina, N. Nicholls, J.Overpeck, G. Raga, V. Ramaswamy, J. Ren, M. Rusticucci, R. Somerville, T.F. Stocker, P. Whetton, R.A.Wood and D. Wratt, 2007: Technical Summary. In: Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.

  18. Spatial performance of RegEM climate field reconstruction techniques in a realistic pseudoproxy context

    Wang, J.; Emile-Geay, J.; Guillot, D.


    . Joos, D. S. Schimel, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, and R. A. Tomas (2007), Solar influence on climate during the past millennium: Results from transient simulations with the NCAR Climate System Model, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 104, 3713-3718, doi:10.1073/pnas.0605064103. Mann, M. E., R. S. Bradley, and M. K. Hughes (1998), Global-scale temperaturepatterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries, Nature, 392, 779-787, doi:10.1038/33859. Mann, M. E., S. Rutherford, E. Wahl, and C. Ammann (2007), Robustness of proxy-based climate field reconstruction methods, J. Geophys. Res., 112, D12109, doi:10.1029/2006JD008272. Mann, M. E., et al. (2008), Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric and global surface temperature variations over the past two millennia, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 105, 13,252-13,257, doi:10.1073/pnas.0805721105. Schneider, T. (2001), Analysis of incomplete climate data: Estimation of mean values and covariance matrices and imputation of missing values, J. Clim., 14, 853-871, doi:10.1175/1520-0442(2001)0142.0.CO;2. Smerdon, J. E., A. Kaplan, E. Zorita, J. F. González-Rouco, and M. N. Evans (2011), Spatial performance of four climate field reconstruction methods targeting the Common Era, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L11705, doi:10.1029/2011GL047372.

  19. Association of systolic blood pressure drop with intravenous administration of itraconazole in children with hemato-oncologic disease

    Lee HJ


    Full Text Available Hyeong Jin Lee,1,* Bongjin Lee,2,* June Dong Park,2 Hyung Joo Jeong,2 Yu Hyeon Choi,2 Hee Young Ju,1 Che Ry Hong,1 Ji Won Lee,1 Hyery Kim,1 Dong In Suh,3 Kyung Duk Park,1 Hyoung Jin Kang,1 Hee Young Shin,1 Hyo Seop Ahn1 1Department of Pediatrics, Cancer Research Institute, 2Division of Pediatric Intensive Care, Department of Pediatrics, 3Division of Pulmonology, Department of Pediatrics, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: Although few adverse effects have been reported for itraconazole, a widely used antifungal therapy for febrile neutropenia, we found intravenous (IV itraconazole to be associated with serious cases of blood pressure (BP drop. We therefore evaluated the incidence and risk factors for BP drop during IV administration of the drug.Materials and methods: We reviewed the medical records of children with hemato-oncologic disease who were treated with IV itraconazole from January 2012 to December 2013. By analyzing systolic BP (SBP measurements made from 4 hours before through to 4 hours after itraconazole administration, we evaluated the changes in SBP and the risk factors for an SBP drop, especially clinically meaningful (≥20% drops.Results: Itraconazole was administered 2,627 times to 180 patients. The SBP during the 4 hours following itraconazole administration was lower than during the 4 hours before administration (104 [53.0–160.33 mmHg] versus 105 [59.8–148.3 mmHg]; P<0.001. The decrease in SBP was associated with the application of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT (P=0.012 and the use of inotropic (P=0.005 and hypotensive drugs (P=0.021. A clinically meaningful SBP drop was seen in 5.37% (141 out of 2,627 of the administrations, and the use of inotropics (odds ratio [OR] 6.70, 95% confidence interval [CI] 3.22–13.92; P<0.001, reducing the dose of inotropics (OR 8.08; 95% CI 1.39–46.94; P=0

  20. Design of a novel theranostic nanomedicine: synthesis and physicochemical properties of a biocompatible polyphosphazene–platinum(II conjugate

    Avaji PG


    Full Text Available Prakash G Avaji,1,2,* Jung Hyun Park,1,* Hyun Jeong Lee,1 Yong Joo Jun,2 Kyung Su Park,3 Kyung Eun Lee,3 Soo-Jin Choi,4 Hwa Jeong Lee,1 Youn Soo Sohn2 1Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 2C & Pharm, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 3Advanced Analysis Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 4Department of Food Science and Technology, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: To develop a theranostic nanomedicine involving the antitumor-active moiety (dachPt(II (dach: trans-(±-1,2-diaminocyclohexane of oxaliplatin (OX, a new biocompatible polyphosphazene carrier polymer was designed by grafting with a methoxy poly(ethylene glycol (MPEG to increase duration of circulation in the blood and with aminoethanol (AE as a spacer group. The antitumor (dachPt moiety was conjugated to the carrier polymer using cis-aconitic acid (AA as a linker, resulting in a polymer conjugate formulated as [NP(MPEG550(AE-AAPt(dach]n, named “Polyplatin” (PP. PP was found to self-assemble into very stable polymeric nanoparticles with a mean diameter of 55.1 nm and a critical aggregation concentration of 18.5 mg/L in saline. PP could easily be labeled with a fluorescence dye such as Cy5.5 for imaging studies. The time-dependent ex vivo image studies on organ distributions and clearance of Cy-labeled PP have shown that PP accumulated in the tumor with high selectivity by the enhanced permeability and retention effect but was cleared out from all the major organs including the liver in about 4 weeks postinjection. Another time-dependent bioimaging study on distribution and clearance of PP in mouse kidney using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy has shown that PP accumulates much less in kidney and is more rapidly excreted than monomeric OX, which is in accord with the

  1. A genetic screen of the mutations in the Korean patients with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease

    An SS


    Full Text Available Seong Soo An,1,* Sun Ah Park,2,* Eva Bagyinszky,1 Sun Oh Bae,1 Yoon-Jeong Kim,2 Ji Young Im,2 Kyung Won Park,3 Kee Hyung Park,4 Eun-Joo Kim,5 Jee Hyang Jeong,6 Jong Hun Kim,7 Hyun Jeong Han,8 Seong Hye Choi,9 SangYun Kim10 1Department of Bionano Technology, Gachon University, Seongnam-si, 2Department of Neurology, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, Bucheon, 3Department of Neurology, Dong-A University College of Medicine and Institute of Convergence Bio-Health, Busan, 4Department of Neurology, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Incheon, 5Department of Neurology, Pusan National University Hospital, Busan, 6Department of Neurology, Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, Seoul, 7Department of Neurology, Ilsan Hospital, National Health Insurance Corporation, 8Department of Neurology, Myongii Hospital, Goyang, 9Department of Neurology, Inha University School of Medicine, Incheon, 10Department of Neurology, Seoul National University College of Medicine & Neurocognitive Behavior Center, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam-si, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (EOAD has distinct clinical characteristics in comparison to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD. The genetic contribution is suggested to be more potent in EOAD. However, the frequency of causative mutations in EOAD could be variable depending on studies. Moreover, no mutation screening study has been performed yet employing large population in Korea. Previously, we reported that the rate of family history of dementia in EOAD patients was 18.7% in a nationwide hospital-based cohort study, the Clinical Research Center for Dementia of South Korea (CREDOS study. This rate is much lower than in other countries and is even comparable to the frequency of LOAD patients in our country. To understand the genetic characteristics of EOAD in Korea, we screened the common Alzheimer’s disease (AD

  2. Predicting Acute Exacerbations in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    Samp, Jennifer C; Joo, Min J; Schumock, Glen T; Calip, Gregory S; Pickard, A Simon; Lee, Todd A


    exacerbations had slightly more comorbidities, medication use, and health care resource utilization compared with patients without exacerbations. In the base model, sensitivity was 41.6% and specificity was 85.5%. Positive and negative predictive values were 66.2% and 68.2%, respectively. Other models that were evaluated resulted in similar test characteristics as the base model. In this study, we were not able to predict COPD exacerbations with a high level of accuracy using health insurance claims data from COPD patients treated with bronchodilator-based combination therapy. Future studies should be done to explore predictive models for exacerbations. No outside funding supported this study. Samp is now employed by, and owns stock in, AbbVie. The other authors have nothing to disclose. Study concept and design were contributed by Joo and Pickard, along with the other authors. Samp and Lee performed the data analysis, with assistance from the other authors. Samp wrote the manuscript, which was revised by Schumock and Calip, along with the other authors.

  3. On the linkages between the global carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles

    Tanaka, Katsumasa; Mackenzie, Fred; Bouchez, Julien; Knutti, Reto


    W, Brovkin V, Cadule P, Doney S, Eby M, Fung I, Bala G, John J, Jones C, Joos F, Kato T, Kawamiya M, Knorr W, Lindsay K, Matthews HD, Raddatz T, Rayner P, Reick C, Roeckner E, Schnitzler KG, Schnur R, Strassmann K, Weaver AJ, Yoshikawa C, Zeng N (2006) Climate-Carbon Cycle Feedback Analysis: Results from the C4MIP Model Intercomparison. Journal of Climate, 19, 3337-3353. Mackenzie FT, De Carlo EH, Lerman A (2011) Coupled C, N, P, and O biogeochemical cycling at the land-ocean interface. In: Wolanski E, McLusky DS (eds) Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science, vol 5. Academic Press, Waltham, pp 317-342. Thornton PE, Doney SC, Lindsay K, Moore JK, Mahowald N, Randerson JT, Fung I, Lamarque JF, Feddema JJ, Lee YH (2009) Carbon-nitrogen interactions regulate climate-carbon cycle feedbacks: results from an atmosphere-ocean general circulation model. Biogeosciences, 6, 2099-2120. Ver LMB, Mackenzie FT, Lerman A (1999) Biogeochemical responses of the carbon cycle to natural and human perturbations: Past, present, and future. American Journal of Science, 299, 762-801.

  4. Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US

    Schumock GT


    Full Text Available Glen T Schumock1, Robert D Gibbons2, Todd A Lee1,3,4,6, Min J Joo4, Robert J Valuck5, Leslie T Stayner61Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research, and Department of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA; 2Center for Health Statistics, and Departments of Medicine and Health Studies, Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA; 3Center for Management of Complex Chronic Care, Hines VA Hospital, Hines, IL, USA; 4Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA; 5Department of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, University of Colorado, Aurora, CO, USA; 6Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USABackground: The US Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about a potential link between leukotriene receptor-modifying agents (LTMA and suicide. These warnings are based on case reports and there is controversy about the association. While spontaneous reporting of suicide-related events attributed to LTMA has risen dramatically, these data may be biased by the warnings. The objective of this study was to explore the relationship between LTMA and suicide deaths using event data preceding the Food and Drug Administration warnings.Methods: We conducted a mixed-effects Poisson regression analysis of the association between LTMA prescriptions dispensed and suicide deaths at the county level. Counts of suicide deaths in each US county, stratified by race, age group, gender, and year were obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics for the period January 1, 1999 to December 31, 2006. Counts of LTMA prescriptions dispensed in each US county were obtained from IMS Health Incorporated. The model estimated the overall suicide rate conditional on LTMA use, adjusted for age, gender, race, year

  5. Frequency of antibodies class IgG anti-Rickettsia rickettsii in horses of Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Seropédica campus

    Matheus Dias Cordeiro


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Cordeiro M.D., Raia V.A., Valim J.R.A., Castro G.N.S., Souza C.E. & Fonseca A.H. [Frequency of antibodies class IgG anti-Rickettsia rickettsii in horses of Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Seropédica campus.] Frequência de anticorpos da classe IgG anti-Rickettsia rickettsii em equinos na Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Campus Seropédica. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 37(1:78-82, 2015. Departamento de Epidemiologia e Saúde Pública, Instituto de Veterinária, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Campus Seropédica, BR 465, Km7, Seropédica, RJ 23890-000, Brasil. E-mail: The aim of this study was to verify, through the indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA, the frequency of anti-Rickettsia rickettsii antibodies in horses at Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ Seropédica campus, state of Rio de Janeiro. We analyzed serum samples from 42 horses from Department of Breeding Equine of UFRRJ. All samples were tested using fixed slides with antigens for R. rickettsii, Rickettsia rhipicephali and Rickettsia parkeri. We observed an overall prevalence of Rickettsia spp. 83.33% (35/42. For the agent R. rickettsii revealed a prevalence of 66.67% (28/42, still being categorized in titers of 1:64 (19/28 and 1:128 (9/28. Nine of the 28 positives horses for R. rickettsii (21.43% were no reactive to other agents, with titers 1:64 (8/9 and 1:128 (1/9. The only tick species found parasitizing horses on the campus of UFRRJ during the collection period were Amblyomma cajennense and Dermacentor nitens. The UFRRJ presents an environment that provides a ideal epidemiological niche for the permanence of Rickettsia bacteria. The high prevalence found in this study indicates that attention to epidemiological agent of Brazilian Spotted Fever in the study area is of utmost importance. The aim of this study was to verify, through the indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA, the

  6. CBIOS Science Sessions - 2016 - Part I and III National Symposium on Nanoscience and Biomedical Nanotechnology - Proceedings

    L. Monteiro Rodrigues, et al.


    Full Text Available CBiOS Science Sessions - 2016 – Part 1 New methods to explore efficacy and safety of natural origin products; Stefânia Duz Delsin Effectiveness of Hypopressive Exercises in women with pelvic floor dysfunctions; Beatriz Navarro Brazález Indoor air quality in baby rooms: a study about VOC levels; Raquel Rodrigues dos Santos, Ana Sofia Fernandes e Liliana Mendes A medicinal chemistry approach for the development of novel anti-tumor agentes; Maria M. M. Santos Isolation, modelling and phytosome forms of antibacterial and anti-proliferative compounds from Plectranthus spp; Diogo Matias Intellectual Property – Patenting Propriedade Intelectual – Patenteamento Rui Gomes Biomarkers in wastewater; Álvaro Lopes A Contribution for a Better Comprehension of Donkey Dentistry: the Importance of Dental Care; João Brandão Rodrigues Characterization of Lusitano’s Pure Blood Pressure Centers using two pressure plates; Pequito M.; Gomes-Costa M.; Prazeres J.; Bragança M.; Roupa I.; Fonseca R.G.; Abrantes J. Application of photoplethysmography to monitor heart rate in dogs; Rui Assunção, Henrique Silva, João Requicha, Luis Lobo, Luis Monteiro Rodrigues Looking into the oscillatory properties of the laser Doppler flowmetry signal in human microcirculation; Henrique Silva, Hugo Ferreira, Marie-Ange Renault, Alain-Pierre Gadeau, Julia Buján, LM Rodrigues III Symposium of Nanoscience and Biomedical Nanotechnology – Proceedings April 15/04/2016 Lisboa - Universidade Lusófona Honor Commitee /Comissão de Honra Magnífico Reitor da Universidade Lusófona, Mário Moutinho Presidente do Conselho de Administração da Universidade Lusófona, Manuel de Almeida Damásio Sr. Bastonário da Ordem dos Engenheiros, Carlos Matias Ramos Sr. Bastonário da Ordem dos Médicos, José Silva Vice-presidente do Conselho de Enfermagem, Maria José Costa Dias Presidente da Associação Nacional de Farmácias, Paulo Cleto Duarte Presidente da Sociedade Portuguesa de Ci

  7. PREFACE: 19th International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (EDISON'19)

    González, T.; Martín-Martínez, M. J.; Mateos, J.


    The 19th International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (EDISON'19) was held at the Hospedería Fonseca (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain), on 29 June - 2 July, 2015, and was organized by the Electronics Area from the University of Salamanca. The Conference is held biannually and covers the recent progress in the field of electron dynamics in solid-state materials and devices. This was the 19th meeting of the international conference series formerly named Hot Carriers in Semiconductors (HCIS), first held in Modena in 1973. In the edition of 1997 in Berlin the name of the conference changed to International Conference on Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors, keeping the same acronym, HCIS; and finally in the edition of Montpellier in 2009 the name was again changed to the current one, International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (EDISON). The latest editions took place in Santa Barbara, USA, in 2011 and Matsue, Japan, in 2013. Research work on electron dynamics involves quite different disciplines, and requires both fundamental and technological scientific efforts. Attendees to the conference come mostly from academic institutions, belonging to both theoretical and experimental groups working in a variety of fields, such as solid-state physics, electronics, optics, electrical engineering, material science, laser physics, etc. In this framework, events like the EDISON conference become a basic channel for the progress in the field. Here, researchers working in different areas can meet, present their latest advances and exchange their ideas. The program of EDISON'19 included 13 invited papers, 61 oral contributions and 73 posters. These contributions originated from scientists in more than 30 different countries. The Conference gathered 140 participants, coming from 24 different countries, most from Europe, but also with a significant participation

  8. Noticias de la Academia

    Alberto Hernández Saenz


    Full Text Available

    El primer trimestre de 1.991, fué de particular interés para la Academia, por la presentación de originales e interesantes contribuciones al acervo médico nacional.

    Temas: sobre Farmacología en Barranquilla, tratado por los Académicos Antonio Reales Orozco y José Francisco Socarrás; el Académico Enrique Núñez Olarte en sesión conjunta con la Sociedad Colombiana de Historia de la Medicina expuso la ponencia sobre El Dolor en la Historia de la Medicina la cual fue comentada por el doctor Enrique Osorio Fonseca; en foro abierto el Académico Guillermo Sánchez Medina, el doctor Egón Lichtemberger y el periodista Gustavo Castro Caicedo expusieron sobre los Aspectos Médico-Legales de la Violencia en Colombia; el Académico Alberto Albornoz-Plata disertó sobre Geofagia Masiva Imperiosa con comentarios del Académico Gonzalo López Escobar; en Simposio sobre Climaterio la Academia escuchó a los Académicos Alfredo Jácome Roca, Roberto Jaramillo Uricoechea, Fernando Sánchez Torres y por invitación al doctor William Onatra ; en sesión cultural se presentó el doctor Gustavo Vargas Martínez con su trabajo sobre Cartografía Hispánica Precolombina; el Académico Alfonso Latiff Conde para su ingreso a la Academia como Miembro Correspondiente presentó su estudio sobre Factores de Pronóstico en los Tumores del Riñón con comentarios del Académico Jorge Cavelier Gaviria.

    Libros: “Derechos del Enfermo Mental” y “Educación Integral- el mejor comportamiento para la salud -“, del Académico Gustavo Cristo Saldivia. Llevaron la palabra los Académicos Ernesto Plata Rueda y Fernando Sánchez Torres.

    Homenajes: a la memoria del Profesor Carlos Esguerra.

    Congresos: El doctor Juan Bernal, Presidente del VIII Congreso Latinoam ericano de Enfermedades de Transmisión Sexual y Sida, anuncia su realización en Santiago de Chile del 1 – 4 de

  9. Quando o garrancho é disgrafia: a atuação do professor diante dessa dificuldade de aprendizagem

    Felipe Costa Negrão


    Full Text Available Atualmente, estamos vivendo em dias, onde os conceitos são mais importantes que as atitudes, ou o bem estar de nossos educandos. A sede por números positivos nas avaliações do MEC, por muitas vezes impossibilitam que o desenvolvimento de nossos alunos seja equilibrado. O professor é o profissional que está em contato diário com estes sujeitos aprendentes, logo é ele que observará as dificuldades apresentadas pelos mesmos. Perdurou-se por tempos, o rótulo de que os alunos que apresentavam alguma dificuldade de aprendizagem eram desprovidos de inteligência, sendo classificados até como “burros”, entretanto, atualmente podemos ver que este campo da educação, tem ganhado uma atenção especial. O presente artigo tem como propósito apresentar algumas considerações acerca da atuação do professor diante a disgrafia, tendo como objetivo geral compreender como o educador deve posicionar-se ao encontrar em sala de aula um aluno com sinais de disgrafia, objetivando a melhora da aprendizagem deste educando. A metodologia utilizada na pesquisa é de caráter bibliográfico, onde recorremos a autores como Topczewski (2011, Almeida (2010, Fonseca (1995, Vallet (1977, entre outros. Elucidamos a importância da formação continuada, visto que as dificuldades de aprendizagem não são estudadas na graduação, e os educadores precisam estar preparados para lidarem com alunos que possuam disgrafia em sala de aula, na tentativa de evitar rótulos enganosos e desempenhos insatisfatórios. Enfim, compreendemos que a função do professor diante da disgrafia é ser um facilitador e um motivador, e também deve mostrar a este educando as suas habilidades e competências. Espera-se, então que o professor desperte-se, e promova mudanças em sua sala de aula, visando alcançar estes alunos que convivem com esta limitação em seu dia-a-dia. Em conformidade com o que foi apresentado nesta pesquisa, o aluno com disgrafia apresenta suas

  10. Sustentabilidade e Gestão de Empreendimentos Hoteleiros: Analisando Hotéis de Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul

    Maria Claudia Mancuelho Malta


    intensification of the diffusion of the concept, and the effective promotion of its implementation as a method of organizational management - helping in the process of encouraging the establishment of harmonious relations between the different economic activities, the environment, the culture and the other socio-spatial characteristics of the territories. Keywords: Tourism. Hotel Enterprises. Sustainability. Campo Grande, MS, Brazil. Maria Claudia Mancuelho Malta – Mestre. Professor da Escola Superior de Administração e Negócios da Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso de Sul, Campo Grande, MS, Curriclo Lattes: E-mail: Milton Augusto Pasquotto Mariani – Doutor. Professor nos Programa de Mestrado em Administração e no Mestrado Profissional em Estudos Fronteiriços, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. Currículo Lattes: E-mail: Dyego de Oliveira Arruda – Mestre. É Professor do Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET-RJ, Campus Valença, RJ. Currículo Lattes: E-mail:

  11. Forty years experience in developing and using rainfall simulators under tropical and Mediterranean conditions

    Pla-Sentís, Ildefonso; Nacci, Silvana


    obtained with small size 500-1000 cm2, easily dismantled, drop former simulators, than with larger, nozzle, or more sophisticated equipments. In this contribution there are presented some of the rainfall simulators developed and used by the main author, and some of the results obtained in different studies of practical problems under tropical and Mediterranean conditions. References Pla, I.,G.Campero, y R.Useche.1974.Physical degradación of agricultural soils in the Western Plains of Venezuela. "Trans.10th Int.Cong.Soil.Sci.Soc". 1:231-240. .Moscú Pla, I. 1975.Effects of bitumen emulsion and polyacrilamide on some physical properties of Venezuelan soils. En "Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Special Publication"• 7. 35-46. Madison. Wisconsin . (USA). Pla, I. 1977.Aggregate size and erosion control on sloping land treated with hydrophobic bitumen emulsion."Soil Conservation and Management in the Humid Tropics".109-115. John Wiley & Sons. Pla, I.1981.Simuladores de lluvia para el estudio de relaciones suelo-agua bajo agricultura de secano en los trópicos. Rev. Fac. Agron. XII(1-2):81-93.Maracay (Venezuela) Pla, I. 1986.A routine laboratory index to predict the effects of soil sealing on soil and water conservation. En "Assesment of Soil Surface Sealing and Crusting". 154-162.State Univ. of Ghent.Gante (Bélgica Pla, I., M.C. Ramos, S. Nacci, F. Fonseca y X. Abreu. 2005. Soil moisture regime in dryland vineyards of Catalunya (Spain) as influenced by climate, soil and land management. "Integrated Soil and Water Management for Orchard Development". FAO Land and Water Bulletin 10. 41-49. Roma (Italia).

  12. Rickettsiae of the Spotted Fever group in dogs, horses and ticks: an epidemiological study in an endemic region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Nathalie Costa da Cunha


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. Cunha N.C., Lemos E.R.S., Rozental T., Teixeira R.C., Cordeiro M.D., Lisbôa R.S., Favacho A.R., Barreira J.D., Rezende J. & Fonseca A.H. Rickettsiae of the Spotted Fever group in dogs, horses and ticks: an epidemiological study in an endemic region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [Rickettsias do grupo da febre maculosa em cães, equinos e carrapatos: um estudo epidemiológico em região endêmica do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.] Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 36(3:294-300, 2014. Departamento de Epidemiologia e Saúde Pública, Instituto de Veterinária, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, BR 465, Km 7, Seropédica, RJ 23890-000, Brasil. E-mail: Spotted fever is a disease of which Rickettsia rickettsii is the most pathogenic agent. Its transmission is by tick bites and the infected ticks can act as vectors, reservoirs or amplifiers. The purpose of this paper is to assess the potential of dogs and horses as sentinels for brazilian spotted fever (BSF emergence and become acquainted with the tick species in a municipal region of Resende, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, where five BSF cases in man were registered. Dog and horse blood samples were collected from rural and periurban properties to assess IgG anti-Rickettsia rickettsii, using the indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA. First, an analysis was conducted to detect association between IFA results and answers obtained from a questionnaire. Afterwards, a multivariate investigation was undertaken that presented significant statistical differences. Ticks were collected directly from dogs and horses for taxonomic identification. Out of the 107 canine serum samples, 30 (28.0% were reactive, with titers varying from 1:64 to 1:4096, and 77 (72.0% were not reactive. Of 96 animals in the serum analysis of horses, 9 (9.4% were reactive, all with titers of 1:64, and 87 (90.6% were non-reactive. The tick species collected from dogs were

  13. Role of estrogen receptors in the regulation of reactive gliosis

    Luis Miguel Garcia-Segura


    Full Text Available Although estradiol may directly act on neurons to promote neuroprotection in vitro, the participation of other cell types is also necessary to maintain global tissue homeostasis in vivo (Arevalo et al., 2010; Johann and Beyer, 2013; Acaz-Fonseca et al., 2014. Thus, estradiol acts on glial and endothelial cells to maintain the function of the neurovascular unit, regulates gliosis and the inflammatory response of astrocytes and microglia to control neuroinflammation and acts on neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes to maintain the function and propagating properties of neuronal circuits (Garcia-Ovejero et al., 2005; Tapia-Gonzalez et al., 2008; Barrerto et al., 2009; Cerciat et al., 2010; López Rodríguez et al., 2011; Barreto et al., 2014. Glial cells express estrogen receptors (ERs, including ERalpha, ERbeta and G protein-coupled estrogen receptor-1 (GPER (Garcia-Ovjero et al., 2005; Dhandapani and Brann, 2007 and brain injury induces both the synthesis of estradiol in both reactive astrocytes and the expression of ERs in these cells (Garcia-Ovejero et al., 2002. This suggests that astrocytes may play an important role in the neuroprotective actions of estradiol. Indeed, recent studies, using conditional KO mice for ERalpha and ERbeta, have shown that in an experimental model of multiple sclerosis the protective action of estradiol is mediated by ERalpha expressed in astrocytes, but not by ERalpha expressed in neurons or ERbeta expressed in astrocytes or neurons (Spence et al., 2013. ERs in glial cells activate several neuroprotective mechanisms in response to estradiol, including the release of factors that have trophic effects on neurons and other cell types and the control of neuroinflammation, edema and extracellular glutamate levels. Classical ERs associated with the plasma membrane of astrocytes are involved in the estradiol-induced release of transforming growth factor (TGF-beta, through the activation of the PI3K/Akt signaling

  14. PREFACE: Introduction to the proceedings of Dynamics Days South America 2010

    Macau, Elbert E. N.; Pereira, Tiago; Prado, Antonio F. B. A.; Turci, Luiz F. R.; Winter, Othon C.


    number of attendees ever. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the participants for their presentations, discussions, and remarkable interactions with one another. The tireless work undertaken by all the members of the International Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee must also be recognized. We also wish to express our deep appreciation for the Scientific Societies and Research Support Agencies which supported the conference and provided all the resources which were necessary to make this idea of a South American Dynamics Days come true. Elbert E N Macau, Tiago Pereira, Antonio F B A Prado, Luiz F R Turci, and Othon C WinterEditors Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph International Advisory Committee Adilson E MotterNorthwestern UniversityEvanston - IL - USA Alfredo OzorioCentro Brasileiro de Pesquisas FísicasRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Celso Grebogi (Chair)University of AberdeenAberdeen - UK Ed OttUniversity of MarylandCollege Park - MD - USA Epaminondas Rosa JrIllinois State UniversityNormal - IL - USA Hans Ingo WeberPontifícia Universidade CatólicaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Holger KantzMax Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex SystemsDresden - Germany Jason Gallas (Co-chair)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulPorto Alegre - RS - Brazil José Roberto Rios LeiteUniv. Federal de PernanbucoRecife - PE - Brazil Jürgen KurthsPotsdam Institute for climate Impact ResearchHumboldt University, Berlin - Germany Kenneth ShowalterWest Virginia UniversityMorgantown - WV - USA Lou PecoraNaval Research LabWashington - DC - USA Luis Antonio AguirreUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte - MG - Brazil Marcelo VianaIMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e AplicadaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Miguel A F SanjuánUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosMadrid - Spain Paulo Roberto de Souza MendesPontifícia Universidade CatólicaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Roland KorbeleUniversidade de

  15. EDITORIAL: Greetings from the new Editor-in-Chief Greetings from the new Editor-in-Chief

    Nielsch, Kornelius


    -review, with the aim to raise the quality of our content, three years later the number of published articles has remained stable at around 220 per year, whilst the number of downloads and citations to the journal has grown. In 2011, three topical issues have been published, on: (Nano)characterization of semiconductor materials and structures (Guest Editor: Alberta Bonanni, University of Linz, Austria) Flexible OLEDs and organic electronics (Guest Editors: Jang-Joo Kim, Min-Koo Han, Cambridge University, UK, and Yong-Young Noh, Seoul National University, Korea) From heterostructures to nanostructures: an 80th birthday tribute to Zhores Alferov (Guest Editor: Dieter Bimberg, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany) For the coming years, I will strongly support that the number of published topical issues will continue on the same level or slightly rise. SST has planned the publication of the following topical issues for 2012: Non-polar and semipolar nitride semiconductors (Guest Editors: Jung Han, Yale University, USA, and Michael Kneissl, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany) Topological insulators (Guest Editors: Alberto Morpurgo, Université de Genève, Switzerland and Björn Trauzettel, Universität Basel, Switzerland) Atomic layer deposition (Guest Editor: Marek Godlewski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland) 50th Anniversary of the laser diode (Guest Editors: Mike Adams, Univeristy of Essex, UK and Stephane Calvez, University of Strathclyde, UK) In addition to the traditional topics of SST, I as Editor-in-chief, strongly support and welcome the submission of manuscripts on organic semiconductors, topological insulators, semiconductor nanostructures for photovoltaic, solid-state lighting and energy harvesting, IC application beyond Moore's law and fundamental works on semiconductors based on abundant materials. I am extremely optimistic about the future of SST. I believe that we will raise the standards of acceptance while maintaining the short time from submission to

  16. EDITORIAL: Focus on Plasma Medicine

    Morfill, G. E.; Kong, M. G.; Zimmermann, J. L.


    -pressure microwave plasmas in an N2 and O2 gas mixture M K Singh, A Ogino and M Nagatsu Degradation of adhesion molecules of G361 melanoma cells by a non-thermal atmospheric pressure microplasma H J Lee, C H Shon, Y S Kim, S Kim, G C Kim and M G Kong The acidification of lipid film surfaces by non-thermal DBD at atmospheric pressure in air A Helmke, D Hoffmeister, N Mertens, S Emmert, J Schuette and W Vioel Reduction and degradation of amyloid aggregates by a pulsed radio-frequency cold atmospheric plasma jet D L Bayliss, J L Walsh, G Shama, F Iza and M G Kong The effect of low-temperature plasma on bacteria as observed by repeated AFM imaging René Pompl, Ferdinand Jamitzky, Tetsuji Shimizu, Bernd Steffes, Wolfram Bunk, Hans-Ulrich Schmidt, Matthias Georgi, Katrin Ramrath, Wilhelm Stolz, Robert W Stark, Takuya Urayama, Shuitsu Fujii and Gregor Eugen Morfill Removal and sterilization of biofilms and planktonic bacteria by microwave-induced argon plasma at atmospheric pressure Mi Hee Lee, Bong Joo Park, Soo Chang Jin, Dohyun Kim, Inho Han, Jungsung Kim, Soon O Hyun, Kie-Hyung Chung and Jong-Chul Park Cell permeabilization using a non-thermal plasma M Leduc, D Guay, R L Leask and S Coulombe Physical and biological mechanisms of direct plasma interaction with living tissue Danil Dobrynin, Gregory Fridman, Gary Friedman and Alexander Fridman Nosocomial infections-a new approach towards preventive medicine using plasmas G E Morfill, T Shimizu, B Steffes and H-U Schmidt Generation and transport mechanisms of chemical species by a post-discharge flow for inactivation of bacteria Takehiko Sato, Shiroh Ochiai and Takuya Urayama Low pressure plasma discharges for the sterilization and decontamination of surfaces F Rossi, O Kylián, H Rauscher, M Hasiwa and D Gilliland Contribution of a portable air plasma torch to rapid blood coagulation as a method of preventing bleeding S P Kuo, O Tarasenko, J Chang, S Popovic, C Y Chen, H W Fan, A Scott, M Lahiani, P Alusta, J D Drake and M Nikolic A two

  17. Human brain evolution and the "Neuroevolutionary Time-depth Principle:" Implications for the Reclassification of fear-circuitry-related traits in DSM-V and for studying resilience to warzone-related posttraumatic stress disorder.

    Bracha, H Stefan


    exception and are likely to be followed by PTSD rates approaching those that follow warzone exposure. During bioevents, Amygdala-driven and locus-coeruleus-driven epidemic pseudosomatic symptoms may be an order of magnitude more common than infection-caused cytokine-driven symptoms. Implications for the red cross and FEMA are discussed. It is also argued that hospital phobia as well as dog phobia, bird phobia and bat phobia require re-taxonomization in DSM-V in a new "overconsolidational disorders" category anchored around PTSD. The overconsolidational spectrum category may be conceptualized as straddling the fear circuitry spectrum disorders and the affective spectrum disorders categories, and may be a category for which Pitman's secondary prevention propranolol regimen may be specifically indicated as a "morning after pill" intervention. Predictions are presented regarding obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) (e.g., female-pattern hoarding vs. male-pattern hoarding) and "culture-bound" acute anxiety symptoms (taijin-kyofusho, koro, shuk yang, shook yong, suo yang, rok-joo, jinjinia-bemar, karoshi, gwarosa, Voodoo death). Also discussed are insights relevant to pseudoneurological symptoms and to the forthcoming Dissociative-Conversive disorders category in DSM-V, including what the author terms fright-triggered acute pseudo-localized symptoms (i.e., pseudoparalysis, pseudocerebellar imbalance, psychogenic blindness, pseudoseizures, and epidemic sociogenic illness). Speculations based on studies of the human abnormal-spindle-like, microcephaly-associated (ASPM) gene, the microcephaly primary autosomal recessive (MCPH) gene, and the forkhead box p2 (FOXP2) gene are made and incorporated into what is termed "The pre-FOXP2 Hypothesis of Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia." Finally, the author argues for a non-reductionistic fusion of "distal (evolutionary) neurobiology" with clinical "proximal neurobiology," utilizing neurological heuristics. It is noted that the value of re

  18. EDITORIAL: Terahertz nanotechnology Terahertz nanotechnology

    Demming, Anna; Tonouchi, Masayoshi; Reno, John L.


    A useful synergy is being established between terahertz research and nanotechnology. High power sources [1-3] and detectors [4] in what was once considered the terahertz 'frequency gap' [5] in the electromagnetic spectrum have stimulated research with huge potential benefits in a range of industries including food, medicine and security, as well as fundamental physics and astrophysics. This special section, with guest editors Masayoshi Tonouchi and John Reno, gives a glimpse of the new horizons nanotechnology is broaching in terahertz research. While the wavelengths relevant to the terahertz domain range from hundreds of micrometres to millimetres, structures at the nanoscale reveal interesting low energy dynamics in this region. As a result terahertz spectroscopy techniques are becoming increasingly important in nanomaterial characterization, as demonstrated in this special section by colleagues at the University of Oxford in the UK and the Australian National University. They use terahertz spectroscopy to identify the best nanostructure parameters for specific applications [6]. The low energy dynamics in nanostructures also makes them valuable tools for terahertz detection [7]. In addition the much sought after terahertz detection over broadband frequency ranges has been demonstrated, providing versatility that has been greatly in demand, particularly in spectroscopy applications [8, 9]. Also in this special section, researchers in Germany and China tackle some of the coupling issues in terahertz time domain spectroscopy with an emitter specifically well suited for systems operated with an amplified fibre [3]. 'In medical imaging, the advantage of THz radiation is safety, because its energy is much lower than the ionization energy of biological molecules, in contrast to hazardous x-ray radiation,' explains Joo-Hiuk Son from the University of Seoul in Korea in his review [10]. As he also points out, the rotational and vibrational energies of water molecules are

  19. XXXI LIAC Meeting on Vascular Research - Proceedings

    L. Monteiro Rodrigues et al.


    ência Keynote Speaker | Prelector Livia Visai Free Comunications | Comunicações livres Speakers | Prelectores Gabriele Corsaro Michel Spina Ricardo Moreira Keynote lecture 5 | 5ª Conferência Keynote Speaker | Prelector Antonio D'Amore 4st Session |Sessão 4 Innovation and Technology from Diagnostics to Therapeutics | Inovação e Tecnologia de Diagnóstico à Terapêutica Charmain | Moderador - Philippe Charpiot Keynote lecture 6 | 6ª Conferência Keynote Speaker | Prelector Laurent Riou Free Comunications | Comunicações livres Speakers | Prelectores Carlota Saldanha Eduardo Vilela Hugo Ferreira Keynote lecture 7 | 7ª Conferência Keynote Speaker | Prelecto Geoffrey Mitchell 12 September | 12 de Setembro 5st Session |Sessão 4 Clinical Applications | Aplicações Clínicas Charmain | Moderador - Vicenta Llorente-Cortés Free Comunications | Comunicações livres Speakers | Prelectores Antonio Leppeda Henrique Silva Diogo Fonseca Open Session ANTONIO TAMBURRO Conference 1st Session | Sessão 1 Molecular and Supramolecular Structure | Estrutura Molecular e Supramolecular Chairman / Moderador Alain Pierre Gadeau C.01 - Molecular and Supramolecular Structure of glycopeptides as scaffolds in tissue engineering (U Basilicata Speaker / Prelector Brigida Bochicchio C.02 - Domain CR9 of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein 1 (LRP1 Is Critical for Aggregated LDL-Induced Foam Cell Formation from Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (CSIC-ICCC, Barcelona Speaker / Prelector Vicenta Llorente-Cortés 1st Session | Sessão 1 Molecular and Supramolecular Structure | Estrutura Molecular e Supramolecular C.03 - Beneficial effects of physical training on the vascular dysfunction induced by intermittent hypoxia (U Grenoble - U Libanaise Speaker / Prelector Zeinab El Dirani C.04 - Protocols for studying Pelvic Venous Pathology (Hospital Rúber Internacional, Madrid Speaker / Prelector Leal Monedero 1st Session | Sessão 1 Molecular and Supramolecular Structure | Estrutura

  20. Editorial L&E, v.9, n.3, 2015

    Rede Conpadre


    Full Text Available É com imensa satisfação que apresentamos mais um número da revista Labor & Engenho, este, o terceiro do seu nono ano: L&E, v.9, n.3, 2015. Cumprindo fielmente sua missão de difundir a engenharia e a ciência aplicadas ao desenvolvimento local sustentável, valorizando o trabalho (labor e a inovação (engenho resultantes da pesquisa acadêmica ou da experiência profissional, este número destaca a importância da gestão de pessoas e da participação da comunidade nos processos produtivos ou culturais que integram os sistemas territoriais através da conexão "Patrimônio, Paisagem e Desenvolvimento Regional”. Assim, 8 trabalhos de autores de 5 nacionalidades (Brasil, Colômbia, Argentina, México e Espanha compõem a presente edição. O artigo de Carlos Alberto Mariottoni (Universidade Estadual de Campinas [Brasil] e Francisco Javier Cárcel Carrasco (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia [Espanha] apresenta uma interessante pesquisa acompanhada de estudos práticos que tratam da gestão do conhecimento na engenharia industrial, particularmente no que se poderia denominar engenharia de manutenção. O artigo intitulado Mejora de la eficiencia industrial por la gestión del conocimiento en la Ingeniería del mantenimiento propugna por uma adequada gestão para se evitar nas empresas a ruptura do binômio informação-conhecimento. Na sequência, os autores Ivan Felipe Silva dos Santos; Geraldo Lucio Tiago Filho; Regina Mambeli Barros e Helmo Lemos, da Universidade Federal de Itajubá, em Minas Gerais [Brasil], salientam que a viabilidade de empreendimentos de geração hidrelétrica deve ser testada antes da construção dos mesmos, e para isto são necessárias estimativas de custo, que normalmente são construídas a partir de dados históricos. No artigo intitulado Ajuste e avaliação dos modelos agregados de estimativas de custo de PCHs no Brasil eles se propõem a analisar e comparar, por meio de gráficos e parâmetros estat

  1. 16th International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2016)


    , JAPAN Reza Ghodssi - University of Maryland Einar Halvorsen - Grenoble Alpes Université, FRANCE Hiroki Kuwano-Tohoku University, JAPAN Jeff Lang - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Carol Livermore - Northeastern University, USA Ryutaro Maeda - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JAPAN Kazusuke Maenaka - University of Hyogo, JAPAN Paul Mitcheson - Imperial College London, UK Yuji Suzuki - University of Tokyo, JAPAN Shuji Tanaka -Tohoku University, JAPAN Luis Velásquez-García - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Peter Woias - University Freiburg-IMTEK, GERMANY Eric Yeatman - Imperial College London, UK Technical Program Committee Mahmoud Almasri, University of Missouri, USA David Arnold, University of Florida, USA Mustafa Beyaz, Antalya International University, TURKEY Danick Briand, EPFL, SWITZERLAND Stephen Burrow, Univesrity of Bristol, UK Francesco Cottone, University of Perugia, ITALY Alper Erturk, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Luis Fonseca, IMB-CNM (CSIC)Micro-Nanosytems, SPAIN Takayuki Fujita, University of Hyogo, JAPAN Dimitri Galayko, UPMC-Sorbonne, FRANCE Tzeno Galchev, Analog Devices Inc., USA Gideon Gouws, Victoria University of Wellington, NEW ZEALAND Andrew Holmes, Imperial College London, UK Yoshihiro Kawahara, The University of Tokyo, JAPAN Sang-Woo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, SOUTH KOREA Jeffrey Lang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Janet Ledesma-García, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, MEXICO Carol Livermore, Northeastern University, USA Yiannos Manoli, University of Freiburg, GERMANY Jianmin Miao, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE Paul Mitcheson, Imperial College London, UK Koji Miyazaki, Kyushu Institute of Technology, JAPAN Jaeyeong Park, Kwangwoon University, KOREA Michael Renaud, Holst Centre-lmec NL, NETHERLANDS Paul Ronney, University of Southern California, USA Shad Roundy, University of Utah, USA Tomonori Seki, OMRON Corporation, JAPAN Yuji Suzuki, The

  2. Difficulties in the evaluation and measuring of soil water infiltration

    Pla-Sentís, Ildefonso


    conditions by the land management, but also due to the manipulation of the soil before and during the measurement. Direct "in situ" field evaluations have to be preferred in any case to indirect deductions from other soil characteristics measured under laboratory conditions in the same soils, or in other soils, through the so called "pedo-transfer" functions, or through the use of stochastic models such as the SCS Curve Number Method, or of other models using empirical or physical approaches, which have demonstrated to be of limited value in most of the cases. References Philip, J. R., 1954., An infiltration equation with physical significance: Soil Sci..,v. 77, p. 153-157. Philip, J. R., 1958. The theory of infiltration, pt. 7: Soil Sci., v. 85, no. 6, p. 333-337. Pla, I.1981. Simuladores de lluvia para el estudio de relaciones suelo-agua bajo agricultura de secano en los trópicos. Rev. Fac. Agron. XII(1-2):81-93.Maracay (Venezuela) Pla, I. 1986. A routine laboratory index to predict the effects of soil sealing on soil and water conservation. En "Assesment of Soil Surface Sealing and Crusting". 154-162.State Univ. of Ghent.Gante (Bélgica Pla, I., 1997. A soil water balance model for monitoring soil erosion processes and effects on steep lands in the tropics. Soil Technology. 11(1):17-30. Elsevier Pla, I., M.C. Ramos, S. Nacci, F. Fonseca y X. Abreu. 2005. Soil moisture regime in dryland vineyards of Catalunya (Spain) as influenced by climate, soil and land management. "Integrated Soil and Water Management for Orchard Development". FAO Land and Water Bulletin 10. 41-49. Roma (Italia). Pla, I., 2006. Hydrological approach for assessing desertification processes in the Mediterranean region. In W.G. Kepner et al. (Editors), Desertification in the Mediterranean Region. A Security Issue. 579-600 Springer. Heidelberg (Germany) Pla, I. 2011. Evaluación y Modelización Hidrológica para el Diagnóstico y Prevención de "Desastres Naturales". Gestión y Ambiente 14 (3): 17-22. UN

  3. Big break for charge symmetry

    Miller, G.A. [Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle (United States); Kolck, U. van [Department of Physics, University of Arizona, Tucson (United States)


    production of neutral pi-mesons (pions) when a neutron is captured by a proton in a hydrogen target to form a deuteron. The probability, or cross-section, for this n + p {yields} d + {pi}{sup 0} reaction to occur depends on the angle between the momentum of the outgoing pion and that of the incident neutron beam. Another experimental team, led by Andy Bacher and Ed Stephenson at Indiana University in the US. Since the 1950s experimentalists have been trying to detect the formation of a neutral pion and an alpha particle in the fusion of two deuterons, d + d {yields} {alpha} +{pi}{sup 0}. The experiment was approved and everything was set and ready, except for the fact that the IUCF was already scheduled to be transformed into a materials and medical research facility. Bacher and Stephenson's team worked frantically for two months and finally produced two separate observations of a beautiful peak at exactly the right pion energy. Their experimental cross-section is almost the same as our estimate, and this measurement of such a small charge-symmetry-breaking probability is an immense technical achievement. Now the ball is back in the theorists' court. A large group, including Antonio Fonseca at the University of Lisbon in Portugal, Anders Gardestig and Chuck Horowitz at Indiana University, Andreas Nogga at the University of Arizona, and the present authors, is carrying out the task of turning the initial estimate of the cross-section of the d + d {yields} {alpha} +{pi}{sup 0} reaction into a reliable calculation. The same charge-symmetry-breaking mechanisms contribute to both the TRIUMF and IUCF experiments, which means that together they can provide important information on the mass difference between up and down quarks. The origin of the quark masses is not fully understood. In the Standard Model of particle physics, the Higgs mechanism allows the generation of such masses but it cannot predict the actual mass values. This is like having a recipe to make cookies

  4. Predictive models and spatial analysis for the study of deserted medieval villages in Basilicata Region (Italy)

    Biscione, Marilisa; Danese, Maria; Masini, Nicola; Sabia, Canio


    (August 5, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2027954 Danese M., Masini N., Biscione M., Lasaponara R. 2014. Predictive modeling for preventive Archaeology: Overview and case study. Central European Journal of Geosciences. March 2014,Volume 6, Issue 1, 42-55, doi: 10.2478/s13533-012-0160-5 G. Demians d'Archimbaud - Rougiers, Castrum médiéval déserté. In : Pays Sainte-Baume 9 (2001) 6-8 Lasaponara R., Masini N. 2009, Full-waveform Airborne Laser Scanning for the detection of medieval archaeological microtopographic relief, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 10S, pp. e78-e82, doi:10.1016/j.culher.2009.10.004. Lasaponara R., Leucci G., Masini N., Persico R., Scardozzi G., 2016, Towards an operative use of remote sensing for exploring the past using satellite data: The case study of Hierapolis (Turkey), Remote sensing of Environment, vol. 174: 148-164, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2015.12.016 Masini N. 1998, La fotointerpretazione aerea finalizzata allo studio morfologico dei siti urbani e fortificati medioevali della Basilicata, in "Castra ipsa possunt et debent reparari." Indagini conoscitive e metodologie di restauro delle strutture castellane normanno-sveve, a cura C. D. Fonseca, Roma, Edizioni De Luca, tomo I, pp. 205-250, ISBN: 8880162888 Podobnikar, T., Veljanovski, T., Stanèiè, Z., Oštir, K. (2001) Archaeological Predictive Modelling in Cultural Resource Management. In: Konečný, M. (ed): GI in EUROPE: integrative - interoperable - interactive. Proceedings of 4th Agile Conference on Geographic Information Science, April 19-21 2001, Brno, pp. 535-544.

  5. EDITORIAL: Selected papers from the 10th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2010) Selected papers from the 10th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2010)

    Reynaerts, Dominiek; Vullers, Ruud


    collaboration with the staff of IOP Publishing. PowerMEMS 2010 contents Harvesting energy from airflow with a michromachined piezoelectric harvester inside a Helmholtz resonator S P Matova, R Elfrink, R J M Vullers and R van Schaijk Analysis and characterization of triangular electrode structures for electrostatic energy harvestingDaniel Hoffmann, Bernd Folkmer and Yiannos Manoli A smart and self-sufficient frequency tunable vibration energy harvesterC Eichhorn, R Tchagsim, N Wilhelm and P Woias Power output enhancement of a vibration-driven electret generator for wireless sensor applicationsTatsuakira Masaki, Kenji Sakurai, Toru Yokoyama, Masayo Ikuta, Hiroshi Sameshima, Masashi Doi, Tomonori Seki and Masatoshi Oba Harvesting traffic-induced vibrations for structural health monitoring of bridgesT V Galchev, J McCullagh, R L Peterson and K Najafi Dispenser-printed planar thick-film thermoelectric energy generatorsA Chen, D Madan, P K Wright and J W Evans Silicon nanowire arrays as thermoelectric material for a power microgeneratorD Dávila, A Tarancón, M Fernández-Regúlez, C Calaza, M Salleras, A San Paulo and L Fonseca A micro thermal switch with a stiffness-enhanced thermal isolation structureTakashiro Tsukamoto, Masayoshi Esashi and Shuji Tanaka A dielectric liquid contact thermal switch with electrowetting actuationA R McLanahan, C D Richards and R F Richards A self-regulating valve for single-phase liquid cooling of microelectronicsRadu Donose, Michaël De Volder, Jan Peirs and Dominiek Reynaerts A MEMS-enabled 3D zinc-air microbattery with improved discharge characteristics based on a multilayer metallic substructureA Armutlulu, Y Fang, S H Kim, C H Ji, S A Bidstrup Allen and M G Allen Design, fabrication and testing of an air-breathing micro direct methanol fuel cell with compound anode flow fieldLuwen Wang, Yufeng Zhang, Youran Zhao, Zijiang An, Zhiping Zhou and Xiaowei Liu A shadow-mask evaporated pyroMEMS igniterD A de Koninck, D Briand and N F de Rooij Aerodynamic

  6. Expediente - 2014 (2

    Revista de Ensino de Bioquímica


    Junior, Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas (CCNH Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC, Brasil Raul Herrera Faúndez, Instituto de Biología Vegetal y Biotecnologia, Universidad de Talca, Chile Wagner Seixas da Silva, Instituto de Bioquímica Médica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Brasil 2. Avaliadores V12. N2, 2014 Adriana Cassina, Departamento de Bioquímica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República, Uruguai. André Amaral Gonçalves Bianco, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp, Brasil. Daniela Kiyoko Yokaichiya, Doutora em Bioquímica, EUA. Eduardo Galembeck, Departamento de Bioquímica Instituto de Biologia, UNICAMP, Brasil. Gabriel Gerber Hornink, Depto. Bioquímica, Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal-MG, Brasil. Jair Adriano Kopke de Aguiar, Departamento de Bioquímica/ICB, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF, Brasil. José Maurício Scheedorf da Silva, Departamento de Bioquímica/ ICB, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal-MG, Brasil. Leila Maria Beltramini, Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade Estadual de São Paulo - USP, Brasil Marília Gabriella Alves Goulart Pereira, Departamento de Bioquímica/ ICB, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal-MG, Brasil. Marise Fonseca dos Santos, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil. Michele Waltz Comar, Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo, Brasil. Miguel Ángel MedinaTorres, Departamento de Biologia Molecular e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Málaga, Espanha. Paulo De Avila Junior, Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas (CCNH Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC, Brasil Patrícia Cristina Rodrigues, Pós-doutoranda, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brasil. Rodrigo Maciel Lima, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Fluminense, Brasil. Thiago Corrêa de Souza, Instituto de Ciências da natureza, Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal-MG, Brasil. Vera Maria Treis Trindade, Instituto de Ciências B

  7. A GPS Modeling Study of Earthquakes and Deformation in Northern Central America and along the Middle America Trench: 1999 to 2017

    Ellis, Andria P.

    southern Guatemala; 9) Strain-rate tensors consistent with no significant deformation of the elongate Central America forearc sliver, but extension within the Gulf of Fonseca step-over in the Central America volcanic arc; 10) Evidence for slower slip along the Motagua fault than any previous estimate and a well-determined geodetic estimate for the long-term slip rate of the Polochic fault.

  8. An estimation of Central Iberian Peninsula atmospheric δ13C and water δD in the Upper Cretaceous using pyrolysis compound specific isotopic analysis (Py-CSIA) of a fossil conifer.

    González-Pérez, José A.; Jiménez-Morillo, Nicasio T.; De la Rosa, José M.; Almendros, Gonzalo; González-Vila, Francisco J.


    /alkene series in the range C24-C29 (δD = -124.44±5.2‰). This was taken as a proxy to infer the original H isotopic signal of water in the area in the Upper Cretaceous. Poole et al. (2004) proposed that δDpalaeowarter= δDC24-C29 n-alkanes + 100 giving a value for plaeowater δD = -24.44±5.2‰. This indicates that 75 Mya our plant probably uptake deuterium enriched rain water that again points to warm growing environmental conditions. (1) Gómez, B.; Martín-Closas C.; Brale G.; Solé de Porta N.; Thévenard F.; Guignard G. Paleontology 2002 45, 997-1036. (2) Nguyen Tu, T.T.; Kvaček, J.; Uličnỷ, D.; Bocherens, H.; Mariotti, A.; Broutin, J. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 2002 183, 43-70. (3) Almendros, G.; Álvarez-Ramis, C.; Polo, A. Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales 1982 76, 285-302. (4) Dabin, B. Chah. ORSTOM Ser. Pedol. 1976 4, 287-297. (5) Schnitzer, M.; Khan, S.U. Humic Substances in the Environment. Marcel Dekker Inc. 1972, New York, N.Y. (6) Dorado, E.; Polo. A. An. Edafol. Agrobiol. 1976 55, 723-732. (7) Bocherens, H.; Friis, E.M.; Mariotti, A.; Pedersen, K.R. Lethaia 1993 26, 347-358. (8) Nguyen Tu, T.T.; Bocherens, H.; Mariotti, A.; Baudin, F.; Pons, D.; Broutin, J.; Derenne, S.; Largeau C. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 1999 145, 79-93. (9) Aucour, A-.M.; Gomez, B.; Sheppard, S.M.F., Thévenard, F. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 2008 257, 462-473. (10) Michener, N.; Lajtha K. (Eds). Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Environmental Science (2nd Ed) 2007 Blackwell Publishing. (11) Poole, I., van Bergen, P.F.; Kool, K.; Schouten , S.; Cantrill, D. J. Org. Geochem. 2004 35, 1261-1274. (12) Gerber, S.; Joos, F.; Brügger, P.; Stocker, T.F.; Mann, M.E.; Sitch, S.; Scholze, M. Clim. Dyn. 2003 20, 281-299, 2003 (13) Pedentchouk, N.; Freeman, K.H.; Harris, N.B. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 2006 70, 2063-2072. (14) Radke, J.; Bechtel, A.; Gaupp, R.; Püttmann, W.; Schwark, L.; Sachse D.; Gleixner, G. Geochim

  9. Revista História da Educação, v. 13, n. 28, 2009

    RHE Asphe


    Full Text Available

    Temos a satisfação de oferecer para nosso público leitor mais um número de nossa revista. Temos a certeza que neste mais uma vez contribuímos para a produção e divulgação de conhecimento em nossa área de atuação a história da educação e a qual este periódico tem como missão e razão de existir.

    Abrimos este número de nossa revista com o trabalho do professor francês Pierre Caspard: A historiografia francesa da educação em um contexto memorialistico: Reflexões sobre algumas problematicas evoluções. Neste trabalho este renomado pesquisador propõe algumas explicações para a discrepância, que diz respeito às mudanças recentes no sistema educativo, nas condições em que operam os historiadores da educação, e da evanescência de dois quadros de análise há muito tempo paradigmáticos: as classes sociais e a nação.

    É com satisfação que publicamos o trabalho do professor Marcus Vinicius Fonseca: Apontamentos em relação às formas de tratamento dos negros pela história da educação. Neste artigo, o autor procura demonstrar a necessidade de uma mudança de postura dos historiadores no sentido de integrar de forma plena os negros à história da educação.

    A seguir publicamos um texto sobre um dos clássicos da história da educação mundial - Comenius. A professora Alessandra Avanzini, no texto O sentido e o papel que desempenha o “alfabeto” em Comenius, destaca que a maneira que Comenius concebeu a idéia de educação para todos deriva de uma visão particularmente sugestiva de alfabetização universal.

    No artigo Discursos do poder, política educacional e os livros didáticos de leitura no Rio Grande do Sul (1930/1945 as professoras Berenice Corsetti, Elisabete Magda Klaus, Márcia Cristina Furtado Ecoten tratam da relação percebida entre os discursos pronunciados pelos dirigentes maiores da educação brasileira, no

  10. Editorial: Focus on Laser- and Beam-Driven Plasma Accelerators

    Joshi, Chan; Malka, Victor


    , S Mangles, L O Silva, R Fonseca and P A Norreys Electro-optic shocks from blowout laser wakefields D F Gordon, A Ting, M H Helle, D Kaganovich and B Hafizi Onset of self-steepening of intense laser pulses in plasmas J Vieira, F Fiúza, L O Silva, M Tzoufras and W B Mori Analysis of laser wakefield dynamics in capillary tubes N E Andreev, K Cassou, F Wojda, G Genoud, M Burza, O Lundh, A Persson, B Cros, V E Fortov and C-G Wahlstrom Characterization of the beam loading effects in a laser plasma accelerator C Rechatin, J Faure, X Davoine, O Lundh, J Lim, A Ben-Ismaïl, F Burgy, A Tafzi, A Lifschitz, E Lefebvre and V Malka Energy gain scaling with plasma length and density in the plasma wakefield accelerator P Muggli, I Blumenfeld, C E Clayton, F J Decker, M J Hogan, C Huang, R Ischebeck, R H Iverson, C Joshi, T Katsouleas, N Kirby, W Lu, K A Marsh, W B Mori, E Oz, R H Siemann, D R Walz and M Zhou Generation of tens of GeV quasi-monoenergetic proton beams from a moving double layer formed by ultraintense lasers at intensity 1021-1023Wcm-2 Lu-Le Yu, Han Xu, Wei-Min Wang, Zheng-Ming Sheng, Bai-Fei Shen, Wei Yu and Jie Zhang Carbon ion acceleration from thin foil targets irradiated by ultrahigh-contrast, ultraintense laser pulses D C Carroll, O Tresca, R Prasad, L Romagnani, P S Foster, P Gallegos, S Ter-Avetisyan, J S Green, M J V Streeter, N Dover, C A J Palmer, C M Brenner, F H Cameron, K E Quinn, J Schreiber, A P L Robinson, T Baeva, M N Quinn, X H Yuan, Z Najmudin, M Zepf, D Neely, M Borghesi and P McKenna Numerical modelling of a 10-cm-long multi-GeV laser wakefield accelerator driven by a self-guided petawatt pulse S Y Kalmykov, S A Yi, A Beck, A F Lifschitz, X Davoine, E Lefebvre, A Pukhov, V Khudik, G Shvets, S A Reed, P Dong, X Wang, D Du, S Bedacht, R Zgadzaj, W Henderson, A Bernstein, G Dyer, M Martinez, E Gaul, T Ditmire and M C Downer Effects of laser prepulses on laser-induced proton generation D Batani, R Jafer, M Veltcheva, R Dezulian, O Lundh, F Lindau, A

  11. 7ª Contribuição ao estudo dos Flebotomus (Diptera: Psychodidae: descrição dos machos de 24 novas espécies

    O. Mangabeira Filho


    Full Text Available The A. and his co-workers captured in trips in the hinterland of Brazil more tham 17.000 flebotomi from which 35 are new ones, 11 discribed by, him in previous papers. The A. found these insects in groups of species living in different habitats, some ones of them not yet known: ondoors, or outdoors attracted by light or animal baits, without Shannon’s trap, in great or small caves, in the jungle in tree’s holes, holes in stones, holes in the soil habited by animals like armadillos, pacas (Aguti paca, wild rats, cururú toad (Bufo sp.. He observed the life history of 13 species: Flebotomus longipalpis Lutz& Neiva, 1912, Flebotomus intermedius Lutz & Neiva, 1912, Flebotomus avellari Costa Lima, 1932, Flebotomus aragãoi costa Lima, 1932, Flebotomus lutzianus Costa Lima, 1932, Flebotomus limai fonseca, 1935, Flebotomus rickardi Costa Lima, 1936, Flebotomus dasipodogeton Castro, 1939, Flebotomus oswaldoi n. sp., Flebotomus villelai n. sp., Flebotomus triacanthus n. sp., Flebotomus longispinus n. sp. And flebotomus travassosi n. sp. He describes the male of 24 n. sp., explaining the differential diagnose of group or nearly allied species. He inclued F. rooti n. sp. And F. hirsutus n. sp. In the sub-genus Shannonomyia. The first one, very allied to F. davisi Root is different from it, for presenting in the dorsal side of the abdomen bristles and not scales and to have the median claspers longer than his inner appendage and F. hirsutus quite different from the others which show 3 spines on distal segment of the upper clasper and for being the only one who presents the bristles of inner appendage of median clasper longer than it. Only the females of F. amazonensis Root and f. chagasi Costa Lima, are known and then it is possible that they belong to one of the species of this sub-genus from whom only the male have been described. F. choti Floch & Abonnenc, captured also at Pará, F. triacanthus n. sp. F. trispinosus n. sp. And F. equatorialis n. sp

  12. Editors page

    Margarita Barretto


    aculturação supostamente provocados pelo Turismo. É preciso, no entanto, verificar a relação da aculturação coma história social e a auto-estima dos povos. Na década de 1980 os defensores da chamada plataforma da conciliação propuseram novas formas de Turismo, que permitissem a convivência dos visitantes com os visitados. No entanto, é preciso ainda avaliart qual a influência dos preconceitos e estereótipos no relacionamento destes, assim como qual o limite da possibilidade de conviv~encia antes que a mes ma se transforme em invasão de privacidade. É necessário estar atento às implicações na área da saúde de novas formas de turismo rural, por exemplo. E, fundamentalmente, verificar qual o limite aceitável da turistificação de espaços e costumes. Sabemos que a resposta a estas questões não é fácil de se obter, porque é muito difícil isolar o turismo de outros fenômenos sociais coadjunvantes que podem ou não ter com ele uma relação causal. Apesar das dificuldades inerentes à pesquisa na área de Turismo temos certeza de que estamos trilhando o caminho, com uma comunidade científica que se esforça por investigar seriamente este objeto, fascinante por sua complexidade e diversidade. O formato eletrônico da Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Turismo, conjugado comn a gratuidade, permitirá o acesso livre e irrestrito por parte de todos os interessados, em qualquer parte do mundo, propiciando assim a difusão ampla do conhecimento asem barreiras físicas ou econômicas, o que é missão de uma associação de classe. No primeiro número, apresentamos artigos versando sobre educação, ensino, souvenirs, memória coletiva e museus. O artigo de Ari da Silva Fonseca FIlho apresenta um panorama da educação para o Turismo no ensino básico, concluindo que os programas desenvolvidos formam. ao mesmo tempo, bons turistas e bons anfitriões. A análise dos souvenirs realizada por Bianca Freire-Medeiros e Celso castro permite ver como estes comp

  13. Discurso de Orden Pronunciado por el Dr. Carlos Sanmartín

    Carlos Sanmartín


    el centenario del nacimiento de tan ilustre colombiano.

    En el libro de bautismos No. 15, folio 56, de la pequeña población de Iza, sita en el Valle de Sogamoso, dice: “En Iza, a veintinueve de noviembre de 1891, bauticé solemnemente a un niño de cuatro días de nacido a quien llamé Luis Benigno, hijo legítimo de Timoteo Patiño y Mercedes Camargo; abuelos paternos Domingo (Patiño y Valeria Ramos; maternos, Remigio (Camargo y Bárbara Bayona. Fueron padrinos Telésforo Bayona y Domitila Fonseca, a quienes advertí lo necesario. Doy fe Rubén Salcedo”.

    Su niñez transcurrió en Iza y allí, en la escuela pública y en el Colegio de Pesca hizo los estudios de primaria. Los de secundaria los inició en el Colegio Sugamuxi de Sogamoso y los terminó en el Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Bogotá; este Colegio y su rector, Monseñor Rafael María Carrasquilla, tuvieron gran influencia sobre Luis Patiño. En 1914 recibió su diploma de Bachiller y fue elegido para la honrosa posición de Colegial de Número de ese centro docente.

    Siempre estuvo orgulloso de haberse formado en esos claustros y siempre recordó con respeto, afecto y gratitud a Monseñor Carrasquilla; estos sentimientos los expresó bellamente en repetidas ocasiones, por ejemplo, en su tesis de grado de 1922, a la cual me referiré más adelante, y en el discurso que pronunció en 1968 cuando ingresó a la Academia Colombiana de la Lengua tratando doctamente el tema del léxico médico.

    Relatar y comentar en una ocasión como esta que hoy nos congrega la vida, las múltiples actividades, las muchas realizaciones de Luis Patiño Camargo y las numerosas distinciones que recibió y todo lo que sobre él se ha escrito, sería tarea de varias horas. Existe un gran caudal de información al respecto, gracias al escrupuloso cuidado con que él conservaba correspondencia, documentos, publicaciones, etc., ya la excelente labor de recopilación y ordenamiento, que con

  14. PREFACE: Fourth Meeting on Constrained Dynamics and Quantum Gravity

    Cadoni, Mariano; Cavaglia, Marco; Nelson, Jeanette E.


    ) Georgi Dvali (NYU, USA) Sergio Ferrara (CERN) Gian Francesco Giudice (CERN) Roman Jackiw (MIT, USA) Edward W. Kolb (Fermilab, USA) Luca Lusanna (INFN Firenze, Italy) Roy Maartens (Univ. Portsmouth, UK) Hermann Nicolai (AEI, Potsdam, Germany) Tullio Regge (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) Augusto Sagnotti (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, Italy) Kellogg S. Stelle (Imperial College London, UK) Ruth Williams (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK) SPONSORS Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Università di Cagliari Università di Torino University of Mississippi Università di Pisa Regione autonoma della Sardegna Tiscali LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Eun-Joo Ahn (University of Chicago, USA) David Alba (Università di Firenze, Italy) Stanislav Alexeyev (Lomonosov Moscow State U., Russia) Damiano Anselmi (Università di Pisa, Italy) Ignatios Antoniadis (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland) Maria Da Conceicao Bento (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal) Orfeu Bertolami (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal) Massimo Bianchi (Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy) Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez (University of Portsmouth, UK) Raphael Bousso (University of California at Berkeley, USA) Mariano Cadoni (Università di Cagliari, Italy) Steven Carlip (University of California at Davis, USA) Roberto Casadio (Università di Bologna, Italy) Marco Cavaglià (University of Mississippi, USA) Demian Cho (Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India) Theodosios Christodoulakis (University of Athens, Greece) Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos (Inst. de Ciencias Nucleares - UNAM, Mexico) Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo (JINR, Dubna, Russia) Denis Comelli INFN, Sezione di Ferrara, Italy ) Ruben Cordero-Elizalde (Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico) Lorenzo Cornalba (Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy) Branislav Cvetkovic (Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia ) Maro Cvitan (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Alessandro D'Adda (Università di Torino, Italy) Claudio Dappiaggi (Università di Pavia, Italy) Roberto De Leo (Università di

  15. Editorial

    Gildenir Carolino Santos


    Full Text Available Caros Leitores, É com satisfação que anunciamos mais um lançamento da edição de 2014. Este é o segundo fascículo, que traz como temática “Olhares da educação e tecnologia no processo transformativo do ensino-aprendizagem”. Sendo assim, é possível observar que cada vez mais as tecnologias digitais são aplicadas nos afazeres e nas atividades do dia a dia, em que foram identificamos relatos sobre seu emprego na educação em larga escala no Brasil e no exterior, construindo assim, uma via única onde tanto a educação quanto as tecnologias digitais se complementam para que o processo transformativo da aprendizagem possa atingir cada vez mais as camadas menos favorecidas com a evolução constante das tecnologias no âmbito do ensino. Nesta edição, presentamos seis artigos, duas pesquisas e um relato de experiência. Na primeira seção, ARTIGOS, Eliseo Berni Reategui, Maria Lúcia Kroeff Barbosa, Johannes Doll e Valter Roesler – todos da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul –, responsáveis pelo artigo “Um sistema de apoio à educação em saúde voltado a idosos com doenças crônicas”, apresentam um estudo sobre o emprego de um sistema de monitoramento remoto que busca auxiliar o idoso a compreender a importância de determinados cuidados com sua saúde. Além de monitorar dados e sinais do idoso, o sistema também disponibiliza e sugere ao usuário, vídeos e materiais informativos. O estudo envolveu coleta e análise de dados com abordagem qualitativa na modalidade de estudo de caso. No segundo artigo, intitulado “O esencantamento moral da escola pública: um ensaio de compreensão crítica”, Gabriel Lelis da Fonseca Ferreira e Carlos Alberto Lopes Sousa – ambos da Universidade de Brasília –, conferem nesse artigo particular atenção ao caso da escola pública, que vem, progressivamente, assumindo alguns aspectos morais da chamada escola-empresa, em um movimento geral de homogeneização da

  16. O puru-puru da Amazônia (Pinta, Carate, Mal del Pinto etc

    F. Nery Guimarães


    Full Text Available 1 "Purú-purú" é uma palavra indígena que quer dizer "pintado" ou "manchado", peculiar à Amazonia Brasileira. Com êsse nome é designada uma dermatose referida entre os selvicolas desde 1774, por Ribeiro Sampaio. Certas tribus, com alta incidência da moléstia passaram a ser cahamadas também "Purú-purús", o mesmo acontecendo com o rio onde habitavam - Rio Purús. 2 A doença existe na bacia do Rio Solimões e seus principais afluentes: Javari, Juruá, Purús, Içá, Japurá, e Negro. Por esses rios, o fóco da dermatose se continua nos países limitrofes com o Brasil: Guianas, Venezuela, Colombia, Perú (Equador e Bolivia. 3 Desde 1890 essa dermatose foi relacionada à pinta (carate ou mal del pinto por P. S. de Magalhães, idéa essa depois defendida por Juliano Moreira, Carlos Chagas, Roquete Pinto, Wappeus, O. da Fonseca Filho, Da Matta, Brumpt e outros, baseados na semelhança clínica e na terapêutica. Recentemente (1945, essa provavel identidade das duas dermatoses, recebeu fundamento sorológico de Biocca (que verificou a positividade das reações de Kline e Kahn em doentes de purú-purú, e, pelo presente trabalho, recebe base clínico-epidemio-anatomo-patológica. 4 Sob o ponto de vista clínico, as lesões cutaneas discromicas da moléstia, são de 3 órdens: a lesões papulo-eritemato-escamosas, isoladas ou não, arredondadas, pruriginosas e de bordos nitidos; b lesões maculo-escamosas, maiores mais pálidas, ás vezes já mostrando alterações pigmentares na parte central; c máculas discromod´rmicas, lisas ou ligeiramente escamosas, com maior ou menor alteração pigmentar, as quais assumem diferentes aspéctos, consequentes à hipo - ou hiperpigmentação, variaveis também com a côr do paciente. As colorações predominantes nas manchas, são o branco, o preto e o vermelho, com tonalidades eminentemente variaveis. Embora raramente, nessas extensas dermodiscromias, observa-se superposição de lesões papulo

  17. Dossiê - 3º Simpósio Brasileiro de Comunicação Científica – SBCC, 2012.

    Márcio Matias


    -SC - instituições que apoiaram com recursos financeiros, humanos e de infraestrutura; e a todos os profissionais, professores e estudantes que contribuíram para a realização do evento. A Comissão organizadora do evento foi composta pelos seguintes professores do Departamento de Ciência de Informação da UFSC: Dr. Moisés Lima Dutra - presidente, Dra. Miriam Figueiredo Vieira da Cunha, Dra. Gleisy Regina Bóries Fachin, Dra. Lígia Café, Dr. Márcio Matias, Me. Luciane Paula Vital, Me. Sonali Paula Molin Bedin, Me. Graziela Martins de Medeiros; e Dr. Gregório Varvakis Rados do Departamento de Engenharia do Conhecimento da UFSC. O Comitê Científico do 3º SBCC foi composto por: Dr. Hélio Kuramoto (IBICT, Dra. Edna Lúcia da Silva (UFSC, Dra. Graça Targino (UESPI / UFPB, Dra. Ida Stumpf (UFRGS, Dr. Fábio Mascarenhas (UFPE, Dra. Sely Costa (UnB, Dra. Sueli Ferreira (USP, Dr. Márcio Matias (UFSC, presidente. O evento foi realizado por: UFSC, Departamento de Ciência da Informação; Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Informação; Encontros Bibli: Revista Eletrônica de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação; Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES. O evento contou com o apoio de: SENAC-SC, por intermédio de Elisabete Werlang; Departamento de Engenharia do Conhecimento (EGC/UFSC; Ivan Coelho Eventos. A Comissão Organizadora contou com suporte de funcionários técnico-administrativos, bolsistas, alunos de graduação e de mestrado ligados ao Departamento CIN, PGCIN e Revista Encontros Bibli: Sabrina Fonseca de Conto, Renata Cardozo Padilha, Leila Cristina Weiss, Lidiana Sagaz Silva, Aline Borges de Oliveira, Rodrigo Freitas da Silveira e Rafaela Paula Schmitz. Em sua edição de 2012, o SBCC confirmou sua função de atuar como um fórum para reunir especialistas, promover discussões e o compartilhamento de informações associadas à área de comunicação científica.

  18. Dossiê - 3º Simpósio Brasileiro de Comunicação Científica – SBCC, 2012.

    Moisés Lima Dutra Correio


    financeiros, humanos e de infraestrutura; e a todos os profissionais, professores e estudantes que contribuíram para a realização do evento. A Comissão organizadora do evento foi composta pelos seguintes professores do Departamento de Ciência de Informação da UFSC: Dr. Moisés Lima Dutra - presidente, Dra. Miriam Figueiredo Vieira da Cunha, Dra. Gleisy Regina Bóries Fachin, Dra. Lígia Café, Dr. Márcio Matias, Me. Luciane Paula Vital, Me. Sonali Paula Molin Bedin, Me. Graziela Martins de Medeiros; e Dr. Gregório Varvakis Rados do Departamento de Engenharia do Conhecimento da UFSC. O Comitê Científico do 3º SBCC foi composto por: Dr. Hélio Kuramoto (IBICT, Dra. Edna Lúcia da Silva (UFSC, Dra. Graça Targino (UESPI / UFPB, Dra. Ida Stumpf (UFRGS, Dr. Fábio Mascarenhas (UFPE, Dra. Sely Costa (UnB, Dra. Sueli Ferreira (USP, Dr. Márcio Matias (UFSC, presidente. O evento foi realizado por: UFSC, Departamento de Ciência da Informação; Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Informação; Encontros Bibli: Revista Eletrônica de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação; Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES. O evento contou com o apoio de: SENAC-SC, por intermédio de Elisabete Werlang; Departamento de Engenharia do Conhecimento (EGC/UFSC; Ivan Coelho Eventos. A Comissão Organizadora contou com suporte de funcionários técnico-administrativos, bolsistas, alunos de graduação e de mestrado ligados ao Departamento CIN, PGCIN e Revista Encontros Bibli: Sabrina Fonseca de Conto, Renata Cardozo Padilha, Leila Cristina Weiss, Lidiana Sagaz Silva, Aline Borges de Oliveira, Rodrigo Freitas da Silveira e Rafaela Paula Schmitz. Em sua edição de 2012, o SBCC confirmou sua função de atuar como um fórum para reunir especialistas, promover discussões e o compartilhamento de informações associadas à área de comunicação científica.

  19. Solid State Ionics Advanced Materials for Emerging Technologies

    Chowdari, B. V. R.; Careem, M. A.; Dissanayake, M. A. K. L.; Rajapakse, R. M. G.; Seneviratne, V. A.


    . M. Brahmanandhan ... [et al.]. Effect of filler addition on plasticized polymer electrolyte systems / M. Sundar, S. Selladurai. Ionic motion in PEDOT and PPy conducting polymer bilayers / U. L. Zainudeen, S. Skaarup, M. A. Careem. Film formation mechanism and electrochemical characterization of V[symbol]O[symbol] xerogel intercalated by polyaniniline / Q. Zhu ... [et al.]. Effect of NH[symbol]NO[symbol] concentration on the conductivity of PVA based solid polymer electrolyte / M. Hema ... [et al.]. Dielectric and conductivity studies of PVA-KSCN based solid polymer electrolytes / J. Malathi ... [et al.] -- pt. IV. Emerging applications. Invited papers. The use of solid state ionic materials and devices in medical applications / R. Linford. Development of all-solid-state lithium batteries / V. Thangadurai, J. Schwenzei, W. Weppner. Reversible intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells / B.-E. Mellander, I. Albinsson. Nano-size effects in lithium batteries / P. Balaya, Y. Hu, J. Maier. Electrochromics: fundamentals and applications / C. G. Granqvist. Electrochemical CO[symbol] gas sensor / K. Singh. Polypyrrole for artificial muscles: ionic mechanisms / S. Skaarup. Development and characterization of polyfluorene based light emitting diodes and their colour tuning using Forster resonance energy transfer / P. C. Mattur ... [et al.]. Mesoporous and nanoparticulate metal oxides: applications in new photocatalysis / C. Boxall. Proton Conducting (PC) perovskite membranes for hydrogen separation and PC-SOFC electrodes and electrolytes / H. Jena, B. Rambabu. Contributed papers. Electroceramic materials for the development of natural gas fuelled SOFC/GT plant in developing country (Trinidad and Tobogo (T&T)) / R. Saunders, H. Jena, B. Rambabu. Thin film SOFC supported on nano-porous substrate / J. Hoon Joo, G. M. Choi. Characterization and fabrication of silver solid state battery Ag/AGI-AgPO[symbol]/I[symbol], C / E. Kartini ... [et al.]. Performance of lithium polymer

  20. Editorial

    Dulce Amélia de Brito Neves


    cognitivas e a Ciência da Informação destacando a Psicologia Cognitiva, como campo científico colaborativo no delineamento do contexto sociocognitivo do indexador, visto como elemento norteador na representação temática adequada para a recuperação por assunto em catálogos online de áreas científicas especializadas. Em “Contribuição das ciências cognitivas e da ciência da informação para representação da informação: proposta para utilização na construção de biblioteca virtual temática em saúde” de Leandro Guedes da Fonseca, Iara Rodrigues de Amorim, Regina Goulart Lourenço e Jorge Calmon de Almeida Biolchini focalizam Ciências Cognitivas que podem aprimorar a representação da informação na construção de bibliotecas virtuais temáticas na área da Saúde. Destacam, também, características e funcionalidades desejáveis para uma biblioteca virtual temática e a importância do caráter interdisciplinar das áreas, com vistas ao aprimoramento de produtos e serviços de informação em benefício do usuário. Já em “A intervenção humana na qualificação de processos de data mining: estudo de caso em uma base de dados hipotética” os autores Juliano Tonizetti Brignoli, Egon Sewald Junior, Viviane Brandão Miguez, Neri dos Santos e Fernando Spanhol exploram as contribuições da intervenção de analistas humanos em processos de Data Mining. Enfatizam as propriedades da intelectualidade humana, como a inferência e a percepção que propiciam excelente complementação aos processos de análise de dados. Usando um estudo de caso baseado em simulação pretende-se validar proposições que asseguram o fato dos processos de Data Mining ser conduzidos e interpretados por analistas humanos, tornando-os assim, de característica dinâmica. O artigo “Ontologia: ambiguidade e precisão” de José Marcelo Schiessl e Marisa Bräscher enfatizam ambiguidade como um grande obstáculo para a recuperação de informação. Enfatizam as diversas

  1. The use of new technologies in Cohort studies

    Carlos Antonio Bruno da Silva


    élites de posicionamento (GPS para a localização de residências, o uso de coletas de DNA para comparações futuras, as bases de dados institucionais e governamentais são fontes de informações que abreviam, minimizam gastos e dão maior confiabilidade aos estudos de muito longa duração.Tem-se visto antigos trabalhos realizados há décadas sendo submetidos a novas avaliações estatísticas com o desenvolvimento de novas teorias e descobertas. Neste número da revista brasileira em promoção da saúde, acompanhamos o nascimento de uma nova coorte(14, que acompanhará a evolução dos determinantes de saúde de população de uma grande comunidade do Nordeste do Brasil.REFERÊNCIAS1. Morabia A, Guthold R. Wilhelm Weinberg’s 1913Large Retrospective Cohort Study: a rediscovery. Am JEpidemiol. 2007;165(7:727-33.2. Doll R. Cohort studies: history of the method. II.Retrospective cohort studies. Soz Praventivmed.2001;46(3:152-60. Erratum in: Soz Praventivmed2002;47(2:90.3. Dawber TR, Meadors GF, Moore Jr. FE. Epidemiologicalapproaches to heart disease: the Framingham Study.Am J Public Health Nations Health. 1951;41(3:279-81.4. Fonseca MGU, Peres F, Firmo JOA, Uchoa E.,Percepção de risco: maneiras de pensar e agirno manejo de agrotóxicos. Ciênc saúde coletiva[periódico na Internet]. 2007 Mar [acesso em 2010Maio 26]; 12(1:39-50. Disponível em: doi: 10.1590/S1413-81232007000100009.5. Victora CG, Barros FC. Cohort profile: the 1982Pelotas (Brazil birth cohort study. Int J Epidemiol.2006;35(2:237-42.6. Armenian HK (editor. Applications of the case-controlmethod. Epidemiol Rev. 1994;16:1-164.7. Samet JM, Muñoz A. Evolution of the cohort study.Epidemiol Rev. 1998;20(1:1-14.8. Doll R. Cohort studies: history of the method. II.Retrospective cohort studies. Soz Praventivmed.2001;46(3:152-60. Erratum in: Soz Praventivmed2002;47(2:909. Lima-Costa MF, Barreto SM. Tipos de

  2. Dergilerden Özetler

    Zeki Kır


    ış olduğu görüldü. Postmortem serum kalsiyum ve magnezyum ölçümlerinin tatlı ve tuzlu suda boğulma olgularının ayrımında, iskelet kas hasarı, metamfetamin yada yanığa bağlı ölümlerde ölüm sebebi açısından fikir vereceği kanaatini taşımaktayız. GASTRİK MUKOZA LEZYONLARININ SUDA BOĞULMA OLAYLARINDA KULLANILMASI VE ADLİ PATOLOJİ AÇISINDAN YARARLILIĞI Leg Med (Tokyo. 2005;7(2:89-95. Gastric mucosa lesions in drowning: its usefulness in forensic pathology. Blanco Pampin J, Garcia Rivero SA, Tamayo NM, Hinojal Fonseca R. Suda boğulma sonucu ölen 52 vakanın gastrik mukozalarmı makroskopik ve mikroskobik açıdan retrospektif olarak inceledik. Sonuçları 80 vakalık asfiksi, kafa travmaları, ani kardiyak ölümler ve zehirlenmeler gibi suda boğulma dışı ölümlerin olduğu kontrol grubuyla karşılaştırdık. Suda boğulan grupta yapılan mide incelemelerinde gastrik mukozada %21.1 ve fundus-ta %54.5 oranında mukozal hasar gördük. Kontrol grubunda benzer lezyonlara rastlamadık. Bu tür lezyonlarm patolojik mekanizması da değerlendirildi. Sonuçlar değerlendirildiğinde makroskopik ve mikroskopik açıdan gastrik mukoza incelemelerinin suda boğulma tamsmda kullanılmasının anlamlı sonuçlar verdiği görüldü. Gastrik mukoza incelemeleri suda boğulma tanısında kullanılan diğer anatomik ve histolojik faktörlerle birlikte vitalité belirlemek açısından da önemli olduğunu belirtmekteyiz. ANİ BEBEK ÖLÜMÜ SENDROMUNU DÜŞÜNDÜREN DOĞAL OLMAYAN SEBEPLERE BAĞLI BEBEK ÖLÜM OLGULARI International Journal of Legal Medicine, 2005;119(4:213-6 Unnatural causes of sudden unexpected deaths initially thought to be sudden infant death syndrome T. Bajanowski, M. Vennemann, M. Bohnert, E. Rauch, B. Brinkmann, E. A. Mitchell and GeSID Group Çalışmamızın amacı ani bebek ölümü sendromu düşünülen vakalarda doğal olmayan sebeplere bağlı bebek ölümlerinin sıklığını araştırmaktır. Almanya’da toplam n

  3. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Geologia - 2003 - Teses Defendidas - Doutorado - Instituto de Geociências, UFRJ


    tulo: Estudos geoambientais no alto curso da sub-bacia do rio Sarapuí (período 1979-2002 – zona oeste do município do Rio de Janeiro (RJ - 312 p. 186 Anuário do Instituto de Geociências - UFRJ Volume 26 / 2003 Resumo Um dos maiores problemas urbanos da atualidade é a disposição final do lixo. É preciso encarar esta questão sob uma visão que busque privilegiar o seu aproveitamento, visando a otimização dos recursos e, ao mesmo tempo, buscando minimizar as conseqüências da permanência destes resíduos no ambiente. Assim sendo, o objetivo do presente estudo é quantificar os impactos ambientais causados pelo mau tratamento dado ao lixo urbano e como estes impactos podem contribuir para a degradação não só do ambiente, mas também em todo o sistema onde está inserido. Esta tese de Doutorado pretende estabelecer a contaminação do solo e das águas superficiais e subterrâneas condicionada pelos Lixões de Bangu e Santa Cruz situados no Município do Rio de Janeiro. Autor: Mario Jorge Gesteira Fonseca Orientador: Julio Cezar Mendes Título: Pegmatitos da parte centro-leste do estado do Rio de Janeiro e seu contexto tectônico - 229 p. Resumo O estudo dos pegmatitos da parte centro-leste do território do estado do Rio de Janeiro, a leste da baía de Guanabara, conduziram a uma separação em três Distritos Pegmatíticos: o Distrito Niterói - Rio Bonito, a sudoeste da área estudada, o Distrito de Casimiro de Abreu-Sana, a leste-sudeste, e o Distrito de Cantagalo, a nordeste. Este último distrito tem um condicionamento tectono-magmático-metamórfico bem distinto dos dois anteriores. Mais de 60% dos corpos pegmatíticos estão ligados à anatexia. Eles se classificam como pegmatitos simples ou de grande profundidade, de paragênese e mineralogia bastante simplificadas. Os pegmatitos restantes estão associados a granitóides brasilianos, desde os corpos pré-colisionais até os granitóides pós-tectônicos. Os pegmatitos provenientes desses corpos