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  1. Herbert Marcuse

    Dupont, Søren


    Artiklen placerer Herbert Marcuse som en kritisk tværvidenskabelig tænker med linier til både Karl Marx og Sigmund Freud. Den utopiske dimension hos Herbert Marcuse præsenteres og diskuteres.......Artiklen placerer Herbert Marcuse som en kritisk tværvidenskabelig tænker med linier til både Karl Marx og Sigmund Freud. Den utopiske dimension hos Herbert Marcuse præsenteres og diskuteres....

  2. Herbert Marcuse

    Larsen, Mihail


    For en hel generation af unge i Vesten kom den tysk-amerikanske filosof Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) i 1960’erne til at spille en vigtig rolle som en inspirator til en ny læsning af Marx. Den kolde krig delte vandene mellem kapitalisme og kommunisme, og for de fleste var kommunismen ikke noget...... af Marcuse, der lidt til sin egen overraskelse pludselig blev del af en bredere ’bevægelse’: 60’ernes vestlige ungdoms- og studenteroprør. Det var ikke mindst ham, der for en bredere kreds banede vejen for en ny læsning af Marx, fordi han med begreber og tanker fra bl.a. Marx kunne sætte ord på de...

  3. Herbert Salu "Sembardia" / Aarne Vinkel

    Vinkel, Aarne, 1918-2006


    Varem ilmunud: Saateks // Salu, Herbert. Sembardia : noorpõlve- ja reisimälestuse. Tartu : B. G. Forseliuse Selts, 1996. Saatesõna rmt.: Salu, Herbert. Sembardia : noorpõlve- ja reisimälestusi. Tartu, 1996

  4. The Herbert Virtual Museum

    Panagiotis Petridis


    Full Text Available In recent years, virtual reality and augmented reality have emerged as areas of extreme interest as unique methods for visualising and interacting with digital museum artefacts in a different context, for example, as a virtual museum or exhibition, particularly over the Internet. Modern cultural heritage exhibitions have evolved from static to dynamic exhibitions and challenging explorations. This paper presents two different applications developed for the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery that make the user’s experience more immersive, engaging, and interactive. The first application utilizes mobile phone devices in order to enrich the visitors experience in the museum, and the second application is a serious game for cultural heritage and in particular for museum environments focusing on the younger visitors.

  5. Lithuania 1940 / Herbert Foster Anderson

    Foster Anderson, Herbert


    Stseenid Leedu ennesõjaaegsest pealinnast Kaunasest briti ärimehe H. Foster Andersoni silme läbi 1940. aastal. Lühikokkuvõte raamatust: Foster Anderson, Herbert. Borderline Russia. London : Cresset press, 1942

  6. Scott Fitzgerald: famous writer, alcoholism and probable epilepsy

    Mariana M. Wolski

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Scott Fitzgerald, a world-renowned American writer, suffered from various health problems, particularly alcohol dependence, and died suddenly at the age of 44. According to descriptions in A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway, Fitzgerald had episodes resembling complex partial seizures, raising the possibility of temporal lobe epilepsy.

  7. Dedication to Herbert Friedman

    Gursky, Herbert


    Herbert Friedman died on 9 September 2000 at the age of 84. He spent his entire professional career at the Naval Research Laboratory, starting as a physicist in 1940 after completing his graduate work at Johns Hopkins University. During his first ten years at NRL he was occupied with analytical studies of materials using x-rays, building on the research experience he gained as a graduate student. His principal accomplishments related to the development and application of high efficiency gas counters for x-rays and the associated high speed electronics and included the development of x-ray fluorescence as a laboratory and industrial tool. He also developed the geiger counters used by NRL in the detection of the first Soviet nuclear bomb. By 1950 he had switched fields and had begun the program of rocket observations of the sun for which he is best known. His first rocket flight, a V2 flown in 1949, one of the first applications of photon counting to astronomy, established the relationship between solar x-rays and ultraviolet radiation and the ionization structure of the upper atmosphere. By the late 1950s Friedman had switched fields again, to the study of UV and x-rays from the night sky. In 1964 he performed a landmark rocket experiment, observing x-ray emission from the Crab Nebula as it was being occulted by the Moon. In 1960 Friedman was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and became increasingly involved in community affairs, including membership on the President’s Science Advisory Committee, the General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission, the Space Science Board of the National Academy of Sciences and the Governing Board of the National Academy of Sciences.

  8. The Great Kanto earthquake and F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Kawakatsu, Hitoshi; Bina, Craig R.

    How many recall the following striking sentence from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which appears on the second page of the novel, where Fitzgerald first introduces Gatsby? “If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes ten thousand miles away.”This line may have failed to focus our attention when we first read the book in our younger days. Now, however, as a Japanese seismologist and an American geophysicist (and student of Japanese culture), we would be greatly remiss for failing to take greater note of this statement. Indeed, as The Great Gatsby was published in 1925, it occurred to us that the earthquake Fitzgerald might have been thinking of was the Great Kanto earthquake, which occurred on September 1, 1923 and devastated the Tokyo metropolitan area.

  9. Zbigniew Herbert, Znaki na papierze

    Thibault Deleixhe


    Full Text Available Dans une interview, Zbigniew Herbert confiait : « Mon travail préparatoire à un livre, ce sont avant tout des dessins. Je ne fais pas de photos, cela simplifierait mon contact avec l’objet. » Il n’en fallait pas moins pour donner aux éditions Bosz l’envie d’un projet : réunir ces précieuses esquisses de travail et les confronter aux textes qui en sont nés. Le résultat s’intitule Znaki na papierze (Signes sur papier et appartient aux objets que l’on est fier de posséder dans sa bibliothèque. ...

  10. Indirect narration : a case study of Conrad's Heart of darkness and Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    Majda Šavle


    Full Text Available Joseph Conrad's narrative style bas influenced many writers, including F. Scott Fitzgerald. The objective of my study on verbs used in discourse in Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was to confirm  the speculation  that besides Conrad's innovative technique of indirect narration there were other techniques (such as careful selection of imagistic detail Fitzgerald learned from Conrad.

  11. Xavier Herbert. Requiem for Genius

    Russell McDougall


    Full Text Available In today’s global celebrity culture it’s hard to imagine a word more over-used and abused than ‘genius’. It is a slippery word with a long and contradictory conceptual history. Yet, in the Land of the Tall Poppy, self-confessions of genius invariably have paved a broad road to public ridicule and denigration. Xavier Herbert’s notion of genius was not static. It changed throughout his life and it evolved through his writing. He agreed with Carlyle that the first condition of genius must always be a ‘transcendent capacity of taking trouble’ and on this foundation he built his own concept of genius, as the unending ‘capacity for loving’. This article explores what genius meant to Xavier Herbert and how it translated into his fiction, before considering how our sense of genius today influences the way we respond to his most challenging fictions of love and hate, 'Capricornia' and 'Poor Fellow My Country'.

  12. Xavier Herbert: Forgotten or Repressed?

    Liz Conor


    Full Text Available Xavier Herbert is one of Australia’s outstanding novelists and one of the more controversial. In his time, he was also an outspoken public figure. Yet many young Australians today have not heard of the man or his novels. His key works Capricornia (1938 and Poor Fellow My Country (1975 won major awards and were judged as highly significant on publication, yet there has been relatively little analysis of their impact. Although providing much material for Baz Luhrmann’s blockbuster film Australia (2008, his works are rarely recommended as texts in school curricula or in universities. Gough Whitlam took a particular interest in the final draft of Poor Fellow My Country, describing it as a work of ‘national significance’ and ensuring the manuscript was sponsored to final publication. In 1976 Randolph Stow described it as ‘THE Australian classic’. Yet, a search of the Australian Literature database will show that it is one of the most under-read and least taught works in the Australian literary canon. In our view, an examination of his legacy is long overdue. This collection brings together new scholarship that explores the possible reasons for Herbert’s eclipse within public recognition, from his exposure of unpalatable truths such as interracial intimacy, to his relationship with fame. This reevaluation gives new readings of the works of this important if not troublesome public intellectual and author.

  13. Modernity in Two Great American Writers' Vision: Ernest Miller Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald

    Keshmiri, Fahimeh; Darzikola, Shahla Sorkhabi


    Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, American memorable novelists have had philosophic ideas about modernity. In fact their idea about existential interests of American, and the effects of American system on society, is mirrored in their creative works. All through his early works, Fitzgerald echoes the existential center of his era. Obviously,…

  14. Herbert Marcuse's Critical Theory of the Media.

    Daley, Patrick J.

    As a member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory, Herbert Marcuse believed that industrial capitalism and the bureaucratization of society stripped humans of any claims to autonomy and undermined their critical expression with a functional language. However, Marcuse did no more than point an inchoate ideological finger at the production side…

  15. Herbert Marcuse, Grandfather of the New Left.

    Bourne, Tom


    A little over ten years ago, Herbert Marcuse found himself in the cross fire of the student movement. The radical right saw in Marcuse an incitement to revolutionary action, but individualism distinguished him from doctrinaire Marxists. He upheld the importance of pure contemplation and theory. (MLW)

  16. Herbert: A Second Generation Mobile Robot.



  17. Herbert Marcuse: la vida y la muerte

    Miguel Ángel Hernández


    Full Text Available Una clave inicial con la que se puede recorrer a vuelo de pájaro -corno lo exige la limitación de una reseña-la obra de Herbert Marcuse es una valoración, instalada en el fundamento de su reflexión, según la cual la finalidad es la vida del hombre" ... es decir, la felicidad". Su teoría crítica eleva al nivel universalizante el objetivo que los individuos buscan en la vida corriente y han buscado siempre: la felicidad. En ese nivel ha de responderse por la riqueza del género, por el bien de la especie.

  18. Herbert L. Pick Jr. (1930-2012).

    Rieser, John J; Lockman, Jeffrey J


    Presents an obituary for Herbert L. Pick Jr. For 49 years at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development, new students were often greeted by an unassuming guy who rode to work on his bike, helped them carry boxes of books to their offices, and turned out to be a famous professor. Herbert L. Pick Jr. was a fabulous mentor, teacher, and developmental scientist. His work on perception and perceptual development spanned basic and applied science, laboratory and real-world settings. He was honored with the Division 7 (Developmental Psychology) Mentor Award from the American Psychological Association in 1998. He was honored again in 2002, jointly with his wife Anne D. Pick, with a volume of the Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology based on a central theme of their work and titled "Action as an Organizer of Learning and Development." Two weeks before his death he was honored yet again with a Festschrift titled "Realism to Relevance: An Ecological Approach to Perception, Action and Cognition." Former students and academic admirers gave talks focused on the scientific themes Herb championed, namely, effects of experience on learning and development, organism-environment fit, environmental structure, and societal applications of research about basic psychological processes. He gave the final talk, and after thanking everyone in his typically humble way, he discussed his new research on visual-locomotor coordination. Herb died on June 18, 2012. He is greatly missed by Anne, his wife of 50 years; his sister Barbara; his daughters (and their husbands) Cindy (Jon), Karen (John), and Gretchen (Michael); and his grandchildren Alex, Ted, Katy, Joe, Eva, Sam, Rowan, and Culley. He is also missed by his many students, colleagues, friends, and admirers.

  19. The Paradoxical World of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    ŠANDEROVÁ, Milada


    In The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald created a world of fundamental contradictions. Whether talking about the way the whole society works, the immense differences among social classes, the characters, or the tension between attributes of a particular character. Therefore, the goal of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the world of this novel as the world built on paradoxes.

  20. Herbert Hoover and William Shakespeare: Two Writers on Ethics.

    Somers, Margaret L.


    Outlines the ways in which Herbert Hoover and William Shakespeare wrote about professional ethics (for engineers and kings, respectively) using the writing techniques of concreteness, audience awareness, and development by induction. (TJ)

  1. Herbert Marcuse vai a Paris, Texas

    Patrick Pessoa


    Full Text Available Este ensaio fornece uma interpretação do filme Paris, Texas, de Wim Wenders, à luz da dialética da civilização como apresentada por Herbert Marcuse em Eros e civilização: uma interpretação filosófica do pensamento de Freud. Para que a “aplicação” do pensamento de Marcuse ao filme de Wenders não soterre a obra de arte com filosofemas previamente existentes e de uso disseminado, o contato entre a imagem do cineasta e a palavra do filósofo acontece em uma via de mão dupla. Assim, se a princípio a caracterização marcuseana da dialética entre a pulsão erótica e as demandas da civilização serve para articular algumas das imagens do filme de Wenders, tentamos mostrar, no final de nosso percurso, como o filme de Wenders permite a formulação de algumas questões que tornam visível o quanto o próprio Marcuse negligenciou uma das principais contribuições de Freud para a reflexão estética: a relação essencial entre a pulsão de morte e a negatividade da arte.

  2. Positivismo e Obediência em Herbert Hart / Positivism and obedience in Herbert Hart

    Luana Renostro Heinen


    Full Text Available O tema do respeito à legalidade sempre serviu como ponto de acusação aos adversários do Positivismo Jurídico. O presente artigo objetiva investigar o tema da obediência às leis no pensamento do Herbert Hart, um dos juristas mais importantes do século XX, filiado à corrente denominada de Positivismo Jurídico. Veremos como Hart desenvolve uma sofisticada argumentação visando manter a separação entre direito e moral, característica diferenciadora do Positivismo Jurídico, respondendo assim às críticas de que tal correntereferendaria ordens jurídicas marcadas por situações de flagrante injustiça.AbstractThe issue of respect for legality has always served as a point of complaint to the opponents of legal positivism. This articleaims to investigate the theme of obedience to the laws in the thinking of Herbert Hart, one of the most important jurists of the twentieth century, affiliated to the current called legal positivism.We’ll see how Hart developed a sophisticated argumentation in order to maintain the separation between law and morality, distinguishingcharacteristic of legal positivism, responding to critics that say that such current would ratify legal orders marked by situationsof injustice.

  3. Herbert M. Lefcourt (1936-2011).

    Martin, Rod A; Steffy, Richard A


    Presents an obituary for Herbert M. Lefcourt. In the summer of 1963, with a freshly minted PhD degree in his hands, Lefcourt moved to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Along with several other young faculty members from the United States, Herb had been recruited to help establish a new PhD program in clinical psychology at the University of Waterloo. Over the ensuing years, it became recognized as one of the leading clinical programs in North America. Ever an optimist with a zest for life, Herb focused on the positive side of human nature in his research interests. While others studied stress and distress, Herb was more interested in the personality traits of people who are particularly resilient, able to withstand adversity without succumbing to illness and depression. Later in his career, his interests turned to the study of the sense of humor, again conceptualized as a personality variable with important implications for mental and physical health. Herb retired from the university in 1996 and was awarded the honorific of Distinguished Professor Emeritus. He had a very enjoyable retirement, pursuing his many interests, which included international travel, hiking, woodworking, literature, film, and classical music, and enjoying his summer cottage on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron. He is remembered as an energetic teacher who, in addition to having an eclectic command of the theory and research, drew on his vast knowledge of literature, film, and current events to make his lectures interesting, informative, and thought-provoking. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved).

  4. George Herbert Mead, Um, osoba i društvo

    Bačeković, Alica


    Prikaz knjige George Herbert Mead, Um, osoba i društvo sa stajališta socijalnog biheviorista, priredio i uvod napisao Charles W. Morris, s engleskoga preveo Srđan Dvornik, Naklada Jesenski i Turk, Hrvatsko sociološko društvo, Zagreb 2003, xxx + 392 str

  5. George Herbert Mead's Contribution to the Philosophy of American Education.

    Renger, Paul, III


    George Herbert Mead's general philsophy showed that he regarded the development of distinctively human behavior as essentially the result of an individual's meaningful participation in the social process of the community to which he belongs. Mead believed that education was a social process involving the meaningful interaction and communication…

  6. Tuning the Self : George Herbert's poetry as cognitive behaviour

    van Es, Eelco


    This book provides a cognitive analysis of the poetry of George Herbert (1593- 1633). From Herbert’s own thinking, recorded in his prose treatises, can be deduced that his poems should serve a specific function: teaching self-knowledge to his readers. Self-knowledge is a necessary skill, to be

  7. Praxis Exiled: Herbert Marcuse and the One Dimensional University

    Cunningham, Joseph


    Leading Frankfurt School theorist, Herbert Marcuse, possessed an intricate relationship with higher education. As a professor, Marcuse participated in the 1960s student movements, believing that college students had potential as revolutionary subjects. Additionally, Marcuse advocated for a college education empowered by a form of praxis that…

  8. Herbert Johansoni eeskujulikud koolimajad / Mait Väljas

    Väljas, Mait


    Eesti arhitektuurimuuseumis eksponeeritava Herbert Johansoni (1884–1964) ja Eugen Habermanni (1884–1944) juubelinäituse taustal on kohane rääkida koolimajadest. Johansoni kontol on suur osa Tallinna sõdadevahelistest koolimajadest, kaks lasteaeda ja üks kutsekool

  9. On a Fairy's Wing: Hints of Fitzgerald in Hemingway's "The Butterfly and the Tank"

    Plath, James


    Lorsque, encore en France, Ernest Hemingway compose « The Butterfly and the Tank », le souvenir de conduite outrancière des Fitzgerald à Paris et à Juan-les-Pins est certainement présent dans son esprit. Le nombre d’allusions à Scott et Zelda sont trop soulignées pour qu’il en soit autrement. La structure de cette nouvelle, avec un Hemingway qui tient le rôle habituel de correspondant aguerri confirme ce postulat.Hemingway s’est souvent montré critique par rapport aux lamentations de Fitzgera...

  10. The Quest for Success and Power in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Novel The Beautiful and Damned

    Ala Eddin Sadeq


    Full Text Available This study aims at investigating the concepts of success and power, as depicted by F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and Damned (2009. Cultural change motivates individuals to work harder to achieve success, which in turn makes them influential. The study reveals that the concepts of success and power are controversial, as their means vary from one theorist to another.  Waldo Emerson, for example, believes that success is connected to happiness.  He, therefore, lists down features that characterize successful people. To succeed, one must learn to follow their desires, an argument that is expounded by the ideology of the American Dream.  Friedrich Nietzsche, however, explains that individuals are motivated to lead due to the fact that power brings about the superman. To achieve the status of the superman, Nietzsche believes that individuals develop the will to power and are able to influence others (Nietzsche, 1968. Fitzgerald, on the other hand, makes it clear that power leads to liberty. The novel provides a deep analysis of the quest for power and success. The main characters are Gloria, Joseph, and Anthony who helps to demonstrate the quest for success and power. Richard Caramel is also a character whose role explains the pursuit of true happiness. He is depicted as powerful because he influences the society through his writings. He has a strong determination to be a writer, which motivates him to work hard and to seek further success.

  11. Name etymology and its symbolic value in Francis Scott Fitzgerald's "The great Gatsby"

    Vanja Avsenak


    Full Text Available The aim of my paper is to scrutinize the manifold interpretations of proper names and their possible symbolical value that the reading of F. S. Fitzgerald's classic leaves in the reader. On the whole, the novel's internal structure is rather comprised, which consequently makes the story exact, its plot condensed, but behind this seemingly concise and more or less simple language the author nevertheless manages to embody powerful symbolism that speaks for itself. It is disputable whether Fitzgerald truly aimed to produce such a strong metaphorical emphasis that would most minutely delineate America's social character in the turbulent twenties as projected in the personal stories of the novel's leading protagonists. Within this figurative scope, large as it is, 1 therefore focus only on the significance of proper names and their obvious contribution to the holistic social portrayal. It may be only a minor, but nevertheless one of the most reliable and crucial means of outlining the consequences of the postwar spiritual apathy that overwhelmed the American nation and was in­ duced by the societal downfall due to the disillusion of the American Dream. How this Dream influenced each individual's and society's destiny remains to be my goal in this article. For the purpose of analysis 1 rely on the 1994 Penguin edition. All direct quotes from now on are to be taken from this source.

  12. The influence of finfish aquaculture on benthic fish and crustacean assemblages in Fitzgerald Bay, South Australia

    Jason E. Tanner


    Full Text Available The influence of sea-cage aquaculture on wildfish assemblages has received little attention outside of Europe. Sea-cage aquaculture of finfish is a major focus in South Australia, and while the main species farmed is southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii, there is also an important yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi industry. Yellowtail kingfish aquaculture did not appear to have any local or regional effects on demersal assemblages (primarily fish, but also some crustaceans surveyed by baited remote underwater video (BRUV in Fitzgerald Bay. We did, however, detect small scale spatial variations in assemblages within the bay. The type of bait used strongly influenced the assemblage recorded, with significantly greater numbers of fish attracted to deployments where sardines were used as the bait to compared to those with no bait. The pelleted feed used by the aquaculture industry was just as attractive as sardines at one site, and intermediate between sardines and no bait at the other. There was significant temporal variability in assemblages at both farm sites and one control site, while the second control site was temporally stable (over the 9 weeks of the study. Overall, the results suggested that aquaculture was having little if any impact on the abundance and assemblage structure of the demersal macrofauna in Fitzgerald Bay.

  13. Obituary: Herbert Gursky, 1930-2006

    Doschek, George; Dahlburg, Jill


    Dr. Herbert Gursky, Acting Associate Director of Research for the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL's) Systems Directorate, and formerly Superintendent of the Space Science Division and Chief Scientist of the E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research. Dr. Gursky died following a long illness on late Friday afternoon, December 1, 2006. Dr. Gursky was a great friend, valued colleague, and distinguished researcher who will be missed greatly. Dr. Gursky was born in Bronx, New York, on May 27, 1930. He was educated in secondary schools in Miami, Florida, and received a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida in 1951. He did graduate work in physics at Vanderbilt University (Master's degree in 1953) and Princeton University (Doctorate degree in 1959). His first professional position was at Columbia University as an instructor in the Physics Department from 1958 to 1961. In 1961, he joined American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a senior scientist and rose to the position of Vice President, Space Research in 1967. In 1973 he joined the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) as a supervisory astrophysicist. In 1974, Dr. Gursky was appointed Professor in the Practice of Astronomy at Harvard University and in 1976 was named Associate Director of the Center for Astrophysics for the Division of Optical and Infrared Astronomy. In 1981, Dr. Gursky joined NRL as Superintendent of its Space Science Division and Chief Scientist of the E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research. He moved to the position of Acting Associate Director of Research for NRL's Systems Directorate in 2006. Dr. Gursky's primary research interests were in the area of X-ray astronomy. He published more than 100 articles in this area and edited two books on the subject. Before arriving at NRL, he was the principal investigator for NASA-sponsored space programs on the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite (ANS) and the High Energy Astrophysics Observatory (HEAO)-1

  14. Pascale Antolin-Pires. L’Objet et ses doubles. Une relecture de Fitzgerald.

    Marie-Agnès Gay


    Full Text Available Ce n’est pas le moindre mérite de cet ouvrage que de tenir le pari affiché dans son titre, à savoir nous entraîner en effet dans une « relecture » de Fitzgerald. La référence aux objets évoque certes la dimension mimétique du texte fitzgeraldien, si souvent réduit à un documentaire sur le Jazz Age ; mais l’auteur, en traquant les doubles ou faux sens de ces objets-signes présente l’envers de cette œuvre qui, plutôt que d’une tradition réaliste fondée sur le mode référentiel, relève d’une écri...

  15. George Herbert Mead: contributions to history of the social psychology

    Souza, Renato Ferreira de


    Com este artigo pretende-se contribuir para a compreensão histórica de um autor/personagem da Psicologia. Analisamos e acrescemos conhecimento sobre George Herbert Mead e os desdobramentos de sua teoria psicossocial. Para esse propósito, explicitaremos, no texto, uma das vertentes analíticas utilizadas em nossa dissertação, qual seja: por meio da abordagem social em história da psicologia, confrontamos a vida de Mead com momentos de constituição da psicologia, colocando em relevo aspectos cen...

  16. George Herbert Mead on consciousness: antidote to Cartesian absurdities?

    Willert, Søren

    The article explicates George Herbert Mead's theory of consciousness as presented in Mind, Self and Society. According to Mead, the term consciousness may refer to three different sets of phenomena: (1) the environment as implied by our goal-directed action; Mead names this consciousness aspect...... experience; it is shared by humans and subhuman animals alike; (2) consciousness of environmental experience; Mead names this consciousness aspect awareness; it is exclusively human; (3) the peculiar sensed qualities attaching to consciousness, equalling what is today named qualia. Descartes......-inspired psychology makes the third consciousness aspect all-important. Within Mead's framework for a darwinistically inspired psycholgy, it becomes theoretically insignificant....

  17. Herbert a. simon y la economía organizacional

    Estrada Gallego, Fernando


    Este artículo analiza los aspectos centrales de la obra de Herbert A. Simon, en especial el orientado al análisis de la economía de las organizaciones con énfasis en el criterio de racionalidad limitada. Se interpreta la crítica de Simon a la versión ortodoxa de la burocracia organizacional y se extiende su análisis hacia la economía institucional. Uno de los principales logros de Simon en teoría organizacional consiste en haber valorado analíticamente la psicología del comportamiento individ...

  18. Arte e reconciliação em Herbert Marcuse Art and reconciliation in Herbert Marcuse's thought

    Rafael Cordeiro Silva


    Full Text Available O artigo pretende explicitar a relação entre arte e reconciliação no pensamento de Herbert Marcuse, considerando-se vários de seus escritos que tocam no tema. Ao longo deles, percebe-se que o uso do termo reconciliação assume um duplo significado: por um lado, significa a possibilidade de que os temas sublimados da cultura possam ser efetivados no plano das relações materiais, o que implicaria o desaparecimento da arte; por outro, significa a imagem de um mundo harmonizado que a arte preserva em si e que se distancia da ordem social. Sob esse aspecto, a arte permanece utopia.This paper aims to clarify the relation between art and reconciliation in Herbert Marcuse's thought, according to some of his writings concerning the subject. These works employ the term "reconciliation" with two meanings: it means the possibility of effectuating within material relations the sublimed cultural themes and this would result in the disappearance of the art; on the other hand, it means the image of a harmonic world which art preserves in itself and that stays away from social order. Under this aspect, art remains utopia.

  19. The Animals Reader: The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings (Linda Kalof y Amy Fitzgerald, Eds.

    Beto Vianna


    Full Text Available Las propuestas explicativas de la sociobiología y, aún más recientemente, de la psicología evolucionista han suscitado la queja, entre los científicos humanos, de una “colonización de las ciencias sociales” (término de Rose, 2000 desde la biología. La queja es legítima, si no por otros motivos, por una lamentable tendencia a la simplificación de las intricadas redes conductuales humanas a través de “explicaciones evolutivas”. Pero no podemos olvidar que hay un movimiento de igual tamaño e impacto desde las ciencias sociales que, a ejemplo de Bruno Latour, Tim Ingold y tantos otros, “colonizan” los estudios y objetos naturales (ver, por ejemplo, Latour, 1996 e Ingold, 2008. En The Animals Reader, dos sociólogas - Linda Kalof, de la Universidad del Estado de Michigan, y Amy Fitzgerald, de la Universidade de Windsor, Canada - son las responsables de hacer una incursión en un territorio tradicionalmente natural y, por tanto, perteneciente a las ciencias de la naturaleza: las descripciones que hacemos y las relaciones que mantenemos con los animales. The Animals Reader es una compilación bien cuidada, pienso que la primera de su tipo, que da forma a una preocupación multidisciplinar: los “estudios animales”.


    Mustafa Kınağ


    Klasik Amerikan pragmatistlerinden George Herbert Mead’a göre benlik, ne salt zihinden ibarettir, ne de ontolojik çatallaşmayı içerir. O, bunun yerine sadece analitik bir ayrım olarak benliği (self) özne benlik (I) ve nesne benlik (me) olarak ifade eder. Ancak ne özne benliği nesne benlik olmaksızın, ne de nesne benliği özne benlik olmaksızın düşünebiliriz. Özne benlik, doğrudan deneyimlerimizde kendisini göstermez, eylemin gerçekleşmesinden sonra biliş alanına girer. O, haf...

  1. [George Herbert Mead. Thought as the conversation of interior gestures].

    Quéré, Louis


    For George Herbert Mead, thinking amounts to holding an "inner conversation of gestures ". Such a conception does not seem especially original at first glance. What makes it truly original is the "social-behavioral" approach of which it is a part, and, particularly, two ideas. The first is that the conversation in question is a conversation of gestures or attitudes, and the second, that thought and reflexive intelligence arise from the internalization of an external process supported by the social mechanism of communication: that of conduct organization. It imports then to understand what distinguishes such ideas from those of the founder of behavioral psychology, John B. Watson, for whom thinking amounts to nothing other than subvocal speech.

  2. Herbert A. Simon: Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, 1978.

    Leahey, Thomas H


    In 1978, Herbert A. Simon won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, the same Nobel won by Daniel Kahneman in 2002. Simon's work in fact paved the way for Kahneman's Nobel. Although trained in political science and economics rather than psychology, Simon applied psychological ideas to economic theorizing. Classical and neoclassical economic theories assume that people are perfectly rational and strive to optimize economic outcomes. Simon argued that human rationality is constrained, not perfect, and that people seek satisfactory rather than ideal outcomes. Despite his Nobel, Simon felt isolated in economics and ultimately moved into psychology. Nevertheless, his ideas percolated through the economic community, so that Kahneman, whose research advanced Simon's broad perspective, could be the psychologist who won the Nobel in economics.

  3. Eesti aja arhitektuur : Eugen Habermann 125. Herbert Johanson 125 / Ike Volkov

    Volkov, Ike, 1951-


    Näitus Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis 04. 12. 2009-07. 03. 2010. Eugen Habermannist ja Herbert Johansonist, nende tegevusest ja loomingust. Selle aja ja praegustest probleemidest ning lahendusvõimalustest

  4. Remembering John Herbert Beynon 29th December 1923 to 24th August 2015

    Boyd, B.; Brenton, G.; Clayton, E.; Curtis, R. M.; Elliot, R. M.; Errock, G. A.; Green, B. N.; Bateman, R. H.; Gaskel, S. J.; Griffiths, I.; Herman, Zdeněk; Jonathan, P.; Kondrat, O.; Lauševič, M.; Lock, Ch.; Mathur, D.; Todd, J.F.J.; Vékey, K.


    Roč. 30, č. 11 (2016), s. 1253-1264 ISSN 0951-4198 Institutional support: RVO:61388955 Keywords : John Herbert Beynon * editorial * physical chemistry Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry Impact factor: 1.998, year: 2016

  5. Review of Amanda E. Herbert, Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in Early Modern Britain

    Angela Rehbein


    Full Text Available Review of Amanda E. Herbert, Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in Early Modern Britain. New Haven: Yale UP, 2014. xi, 256 pages: illustrations; 24 cm. ISBN 978-0-300-17740-4.

  6. George Herbert Mead on Humans and Other Animals: Social Relations After Human-Animal Studies

    Rhoda Wilkie; Andrew McKinnon


    The turn towards nonhuman animals within sociology has shed a critical light on George Herbert Mead, his apparent prioritisation of language and the anthropocentric focus of Symbolic Interactionism (SI). Although Herbert Blumer canonised Mead as the founder of this perspective he also played a key role in excising the evolutionary and 'more-than-human' components in Mead's work. This intervention not only misrepresented Mead's intellectual project, it also made symbols the predominant concern...

  7. Denver's Pioneer Astronomer: Herbert Alonso Howe (1858-1926)

    Howe, H. J.; Stencel, R. E.; Fisher, S.


    Herbert A. Howe arrived at Denver University (DU) to teach autumn 1880 classes, in math, astronomy and surveying. Howe established himself with clever solutions to the Kepler problem for orbit determinations in thesis work at Cincinnati Observatory. Riding the economic expansion of Colorado gold and silver mining in 1888, the University accepted a proposed gift of a major observatory, offered by Denver real estate baron, Humphrey Chamberlin. The result features a 20 inch aperture Alvan Clark refractor, which still ranks among the largest telescopes of the era. With the observatory building ready, the Silver Panic of 1893 -- when the US Congress dropped silver reserves from the currency basis -- burst the Denver economic bubble. Chamberlin was unable to complete payments on the balances due. Clark and G.N.Saegmuller (Fauth and Co.) at personal expense, delivered on the optics and telescope assemblies in 1894, but would wait for repayment. Sadly, this fiscal crisis affected DU for over a decade. Professor Howe, while observatory director, found himself consumed as Dean and Acting Chancellor for a young, struggling university, at the expense of the astronomy future that had looked so bright in 1892. Absent the Silver Panic, Howe would have probably been given an endowed chair in astronomy, as promised by Chamberlin. The complexion of American astronomy at the time of the birth of the American Astronomical Society in 1899 might have been different, in terms of US observing sites, etc. We are fortunate to have extensive Prof.Howe's daily diaries now in the University archives. These describe Howe's view of progress on the observatory, meetings with astronomy notables, plus vignettes of the life and times of Denver and the nation. Grandson, Herbert Julian Howe rediscovered their existence and is summarizing them in the form of a biography entitled: The Pioneer Astronomer. DU archival records contain numerous original letters from late 19th century astronomy luminaries

  8. Scott y Zelda Fitzgerald y el psicoanálisis: la construcción de "Suave es la noche"

    Esteve Díaz, Nuria


    Esta tesis aporta una investigación original que pretende analizar la novela Suave es la noche (Tender is the Night, 1934) del escritor norteamericano Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald desde la perspectiva de las humanidades médicas y de manera particular, de las relaciones entre medicina y literatura. En Suave es la noche existen amplias referencias médicas y conceptos psicoanalíticos relacionados con la psiquiatría europea de finales del siglo XIX y comienzos del XX, por lo que cobra especial in...

  9. La diaspora americana in Europa: il caso degli espatriati in Tender is the Night di F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Elisa A. Pantaleo


    Full Text Available From 1921 to 1930, F. Scott Fitzgerald travelled to Europe four times, and he spent almost four years in France and one year in Switzerland. While living abroad in the multicultural environment of Paris and of the French Riviera, his attitude towards Europe underwent a major change. Tender is the Night marks a significant transition from the narrow nationalism of Fitzgerald’s first travel correspondence to an increased sensitivity towards European otherness. The cultural encounter with Europe – that in the novel is rendered through an hybridization of the language and the characters –helped the author to reinterpret his identity in a cosmopolitan perspective.

  10. Muusikamaailm : "Represseeritud muusika" Moskvas. György Kurtagi festival Londonis. Junge Deutshe Philarmonie kevad. Herbert Wernicke lahkunud / Priit Kuusk

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    Moskvas toimuvast festivalist "Represseeritud muusika". Londonis toimuvast György Kurtagi festivalist. Saksa orkestri Junge Deutshe Philarmonie kevadesinemistest. Suri saksa ooperilavastaja Herbert Wernicke

  11. Tallinna linnaehituslik areng arhitekt Herbert Johansoni suunamisel aastail 1930-1940 / Dmitri Bruns

    Bruns, Dmitri, 1929-


    1930-ndate keskel pöörasid Tallinna linnaplaneerijad põhitähelepanu ehitustegevuse elustamisele peatänavate ääres, linna laialivalgumise tõkestamisele, uusehitiste kvaliteedi parandamisele. H. Johansonist. Järg vt. nr. 7-8, lk. 53-55 "Tallinna linnaehituslik areng Herbert Johansoni juhtimisel 1934-1940" (Tallinna linnaplaani muudatused, Kopli poolsaare aedlinnaku planeerimine), nr. 9, lk. 38-40 "Tallinna areng Herbert Johansoni suunamisel" (esimeste suurmajade kerkimine Pärnu ja Narva maanteedele), nr. 10, lk. 42-44 "Herbert Johansoni viimased aastad linnaarhitektina" (Kadrioru pargi korrastamine, valmisid kabelid Metsa- ja Liiva kalmistul, mõned alustatud ehitistest valmisid pärast sõda)

  12. Herbert: Design and Realisation of an full-sized anthropometrically correct humanoid robot

    Brennand ePierce


    Full Text Available In this paper we present the development of a new full-sized anthropometrically correct humanoid robot Herbert. Herbert has 33 DOFs: 1 29 active DOFs (2 × 4 in the legs, 2 × 7 in the arms, 4 in the waist and 3 in the head; 2 4 passive DOFs (2 × 2 in the ankles. We present the objectives of the design and the development of our system, the hardware (mechanical, electronics as well as the supporting software architecture that encompasses the realisation of the complete humanoid system.Several key elements, that have to be taken into account in our approach to keep the costs low while ensuring high-performance, will be presented. In realising Herbert we applied a modular design for the overall mechanical structure. Two core mechanical module types make up the main structural elements of Herbert: 1 small compact mechanical drive modules; and 2 compliant mechanical drive modules. The electronic system of Herbert, which is based on two different types of motor control boards and an FPGA module with a central controller, is discussed. The software architecture is based on ROS with a number of sub nodes used for the controller. All these supporting components have been important in the development of the complete system.Finally, we present results showing our robot’s performances: demonstrating the behaviour of the compliant modules, the ability of tracking a desired position/velocity as well as a simple torque controller. We also evaluate our custom communication system. Additionally, we demonstrate Herbert balancing and squatting to show its performance. Moreover, we also show the simplicity of the higher level supporting software framework in realising new behaviours. All in all, we show that our system is compact and able to achieve comparable human performances and has human proportions while being low cost.

  13. Hans Joas & Daniel R. Huebner (eds.), The Timeliness of George Herbert Mead

    Baggio, Guido


    The Timeliness of George Herbert Mead is a significant contribution to the recent “Mead renaissance.” It gathers some contributions first presented at the conference celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of George Herbert Mead held in April 2013 at the University of Chicago and organized by Hans Joas, Andrew Abbott, Daniel Huebner, and Christopher Takacs. The volume brings scholarship on G. H. Mead up to date highlighting Mead’s relevance for areas of research completely ignored by p...

  14. Siim Nestor soovitab : D1 Recordingsi turnee Eestis. Matthew Herbert / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Iiri techno-firma D1 Recordingsi esindajate kontsertidest 4. märtsil üritusel "Kõigem ruudus" Von Krahlis Tallinnas ja 5. märtsil Ranna klubis Sillamäel. Matthew Herbert Big Band'i ja soome elktroonilise muusika ansambli Uusi Fantaasia kontserdist 5. märtsil Sakala keskuses Tallinnas üritusel "Jazz'n'Motion"

  15. George Herbert Mead's Lecture on Philosophy of Education at the University of Chicago (1910-1911).

    Biesta, Gert J. J.

    This paper recounts the influence of two of the great educational philosophers of this century, John Dewey and George Herbert Mead. Both men came to the University of Chicago from teaching at the University of Michigan. The men were life-long personal friends and professional colleagues. Although Mead published little during his life, his…

  16. Groundwork for the Concept of Technique in Education: Herbert Marcuse and Technological Society

    Pierce, Clayton


    This article articulates the groundwork for a new understanding of the concept of technique through a critical engagement with Herbert Marcuse's critical theory of technology. To this end, it identifies and engages three expressions of technique in Marcuse's work: mimesis, reified labor, and the happy consciousness. It is argued that this mapping…

  17. Fin-de-Siecle Advances in Neuroeducation: Henry Herbert Donaldson and Reuben Post Halleck

    Theodoridou, Zoe D.; Triarhou, Lazaros C.


    This article focuses on two early attempts at bridging neuroscience and education, made by Henry Herbert Donaldson (1857-1938), a neurologist, and Reuben Post Halleck (1859-1936), an educator. Their works, respectively entitled "The Growth of the Brain: A Study of the Nervous System in Relation to Education" (1895) and "The Education of the…

  18. Ethanol production from Lycoris radiata Herbert (Amarylllidaceae) residues as a new resource

    Liu, Shuangping; Ding, Zhongyang; Zhang, Liang; Gu, Zhenghua; Wang, Xiaolan; Sun, Xiaojun; Shi, Guiyang


    The large quantities of Lycoris radiata Herbert (Amarylllidaceae) residues, left after the extraction of alkaloids from the bulbs, could threaten the environment if not properly disposed. Therefore, the aim of this research is to investigate the feasibility of bioconversion of L. radiata Herbert residues to ethanol through batch fermentation. In L. radiata Herbert residues, the average contents (g kg −1 ) of non-structural carbohydrates, crude fiber, crude protein, ash, and lignin are 485.1, 177.3, 124.7, 108.9, and 91.0, respectively. Five commercial enzymes (β-glucanase, pectinase, xylanase, phytase and cellulase) were employed in pretreatment process and ethanol bioconversion was evaluated with three yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, osmotolerant S. cerevisiae and genetically engineered S. cerevisiae constructed to use cellobiose). The results showed that pretreament by β-glucanase successfully facilitated the penetration of α-amylase into ground material. After residues pretreatment by 10 g kg −1 of β-glucanase for 14 h at 50 °C, the viscosity decreased from 1135 to 59 Pa·s which was equivalent to that obtained by the combined whole five enzymes. Further experiments proved that osmotolerant S. cerevisiae was desirable for ethanol production from Lycoris radiate Herbert residues. The results are helpful to develop non-grain bioethanol production. -- Highlights: ► The residuals from Lycoris radiata Herbert bulbs were able to generate 55% ethanol concentrations by yeast fermentation. ► Treatment with xylanase significantly reduced the viscosity more than 10-fold and improved fermentable sugars by ∼35%. ► An osmotolerant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain that showed improved fermentation rates was identified.

  19. Herbert Fröhlich a physicist ahead of his time

    Hyland, G J


    This biography provides a stimulating and coherent blend of scientific and personal narratives describing the many achievements of the theoretical physicist Herbert Fröhlich. For more than half a century, Fröhlich was an internationally renowned and much respected figure who exerted a decisive influence, often as a ‘man ahead of his time’, in fields as diverse as meson theory and biology. Although best known for his contributions to the theory of dielectrics and superconductivity, he worked in many other fields, his most important legacy being the pioneering introduction quantum field-theoretical methods into condensed matter physics in 1952, which revolutionised the subsequent development of the subject. Gerard Hyland has written an absorbing and informative account, in which Herbert Fröhlich’s magnetic personality shines through.

  20. Economía y racionalidad de las organizaciones. Los aportes de Herbert A. Simon .

    Fernando Estrada.


    Full Text Available This article evaluates Herbert A. Simon’s contribution to organization theory, placing special emphasis on the idea of bounded rationality. It interprets Simon’s criticism of the orthodox version of organizational bureaucracy and extends his analysis to the institutional economics. One of Simon’s main achievements in organizational theory was analytically evaluating individual and collective behavior, clearing the way for the future studies of D. Kahneman and T. Schelling.

  1. Herbert Spencer's Contributions to Behavior Analysis: A Retrospective Review of Principles of Psychology

    Leslie, Julian C


    Herbert Spencer's Principles of Psychology (1855, first edition) was regarded by his contemporaries, including William James and John Dewey, as a major contribution to what was then a very new discipline. In this book he first expounded his ideas about both evolution of species and how behavior of the individual organism adapts through interaction with the environment. His formulation of the principle that behavior changes in adaptation to the environment is closely related to the version of ...

  2. Cognitive Comparative Advantage and the Organization of Work: Lessons from Herbert Simon's Vision of the Future

    Richard N. Langlois


    In a marvelous but somewhat neglected paper, 'The Corporation: Will It Be Managed by Machines?' Herbert Simon articulated from the perspective of 1960 his vision of what we now call the New Economy the machine-aided system of production and management of the late twentieth century. Simon's analysis sprang from what I term the principle of cognitive comparative advantage: one has to understand the quite different cognitive structures of humans and machines (including computers) in order to exp...

  3. George Herbert Mead: contribuições para a história da psicologia social George Herbert Mead: contributions to history of the social psychology

    Renato Ferreira de Souza


    Full Text Available Com este artigo pretende-se contribuir para a compreensão histórica de um autor/personagem da Psicologia. Analisamos e acrescemos conhecimento sobre George Herbert Mead e os desdobramentos de sua teoria psicossocial. Para esse propósito, explicitaremos, no texto, uma das vertentes analíticas utilizadas em nossa dissertação, qual seja: por meio da abordagem social em história da psicologia, confrontamos a vida de Mead com momentos de constituição da psicologia, colocando em relevo aspectos centrais dessa interlocução nem sempre identificados. Correlacionamos a história de Mead com questões sociais, políticas, econômicas e científicas, assim como suas conexões com práticas e valores culturais específicos de sua época. Buscamos compreender sua limitada difusão na ciência psicológica, dando, assim, continuidade ao processo de (revolta do autor.This article intends to contribute to historical understanding of author/character of Psychology. We analyzed and enlarged knowledge about George Herbert Mead and the developing of his psychosocial theory. For this reason, we will explain in the text as analytical side used in our dissertation, in other words: through of the social approach in history of psychology we confront the life of Mead with facts of constitution of the psychology, emphasizing central aspects of this discussion not always identified. We correlate the history of Mead with social, politic, economic and scientific questions as well as his connections with practices and specific cultural values of his time. We look to understand his limited diffusion in the psychological science, giving, so, continuity to the process of returns of the author.

  4. Rb/Sr ages of metamorphites of the Herbert Mountains, Shackleton Range, Antarctica

    Hofmann, J.; Pilot, J.; Schlichting, M.


    Results of Rb/Sr-age determinations from six mica schists, sampled in the upper part of the Shackleton metamorphic complex (Herbert Mountains, Shackleton Range, Antarctica) are reported. A three point isochrone gives an age of 470 +- 36 mio. yrs., a two point isochrone an age of 1414 +- 185 mio yrs. The first age marks a thermo-magmatic activation of early paleozoic age, the second one is interpretated as the age of regional metamorphism from the upper parts of the Shackleton metamorphic complex. The results are discussed under consideration of former age determinations. (author)

  5. Herbert M. Parker: Publications and contributions to radiological and health physics

    Kathren, R.L.; Baalman, R.W.; Bair, W.J.


    For more than a half century, Herbert M. Parker was a leading force in radiological physics. As a scientist, he was codeveloper of a systematic dosimetry scheme for implant therapy and the innovative proposer of radiological units with unambiguous physical and biological bases. He made seminal contributions to the development of scientifically based radiation protection standards and, as an administrator and manager as well as scientist, helped the Hanford Laboratories to achieve preeminance in several areas, including radiation biology, radioactive waste disposal, and environmental radioactivity. This volume brings together, sometimes from obscure sources, his works

  6. Clio goes roller-skating: Images of Memory in some poems by Mary Kennan Herbert Clio goes roller-skating: Images de la mémoire dans quelques poèmes de Mary Kennan Herbert

    Jennifer Kilgore


    Full Text Available A few words about Mary Kennan HerbertMary Kennan Herbert is a writer with midwestern roots. She was born in 1938 in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent most of her childhood there. During her adolescent years she lived in Tennessee. She obtained a University degree in art from Peabody College in Nashville. In New York, she pursued a career as editor in a publishing house until the 1980s, when a merger ended her job security. After several attempts at working for different publishers, she started s...

  7. Encountering Indigeneity: Xavier Herbert, ‘Inky’ Stephensen and the Problems of Settler Nationalism

    Dan Tout


    Full Text Available The 1930s in Australia was a period marked by rising awareness of and attention to Australia’s ‘half-caste problem’. Released and promoted in tandem with the 1938 sesquicentenary of Australia’s settler colonisation, Xavier Herbert’s novel Capricornia appeared as a searing protest against the exclusion of so-called ‘half-castes’ from white Australia. The novel itself was published by the Publicist Publishing Company, platform for rationalist and businessman W.J. Miles and editor and polemicist P.R. ‘Inky’ Stephensen, both strict advocates of a racially pure white Australia. Yet together, Herbert and his patrons capitalised on the sesquicentenary, and the Day of Mourning protests they helped organise, to promote what they proclaimed the ‘Great Australian Novel’. This article reads Herbert’s racial understandings in relation to those of Stephensen, and reads them both in relation to the prevailing circumstances of 1930s Australia, as well as the underlying dynamics of settler colonialism. Whereas Stephensen subscribed to the ‘Aryan Aborigines’ hypothesis and emphasised Australia’s supposed racial purity, Herbert celebrated instead the potentiality of ‘Euraustralian’ hybridity. While these approaches are ostensibly at odds, this article argues instead that they share a common drive towards settler indigenisation and independence as their ultimate aims.

  8. Herbert Hoover and the Organization of the American Relief Effort in Poland (1919-1923

    Matthew Lloyd Adams


    Full Text Available Poland, recreated after the armistice of 1918, was confronted at its rebirth with four very severe challenges: welding together the separate sections of the dissected country, which for many decades had been under the rule of Prussia-Germany, Austria and Russia; creating a functioning administration and military force for the country; ensuring the recovery of agriculture, which, during World War I, had seriously declined; and restarting industries destroyed or closed during foreign military occupation. Even under the valuable leadership of the first Prime Minister of the new Polish Republic Ignacy Paderewski and Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, the Poles could not accomplish the goal of rebuilding a strong Poland without outside help. The American Relief Administration (ARA, founded and led by Herbert Hoover, offered their help. The ARA, with its food aid and provision of economic assistance and expertise, played an important role in bringing about stability in the newly independent state of Poland. This paper examines the many steps Herbert Hoover had to take to arrange food relief in Poland and will outline the organization of the ARA, including the establishment of the Polish relief organization and the introduction of young Polish-American women, called the Grey Samaritans, into the field.


    M. Harir Muzakki


    Full Text Available Abstraks: Penelitian ini berusaha mengungkap proses terjadinya prilaku seks bebas di kalangan remaja dalam interaksionalisme simbolik George Herbert Mead dan pola interaksi seks bebas di kalangan remaja di kabupaten Ponorogo. Penelitian ini bersifat deskriptif-analitis dan didesain dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Data diambil dengan cara wawancara dengan para pelaku sek bebas. Ada beberapa tahapan sebelum aktor melakukan tindakan atau hubungan seks yaitu, impuls, persepsi,manipulasi dan terakhir konsumasi. Dari hasil penilitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa proses terjadinya seks bebas pada awalnya mereka tertarik dengan lawan jenisnya. Kemudian melakukan pendekatan, saling melirik, berkenalan, kemudian pacaran. Tahap berikutnya mereka saling berpegangan, berciuman, meremas payudara, kedudian melakukan hubungan seks. Sementara pola interaksi seks bebas di kalangan remaja ada dua: pertama, remaja melakukan hubungan seks bebas dengan pacarnya sendiri. Kedua, remaja tersebut melakukan hubungan dengan membeli atau menyewa wanita lain.

  10. George Herbert Mead, La Philosophie du temps en perspective(s)

    Leclerc, Natalia


    L’ouvrage intitulé La Philosophie du temps en perspective(s) comporte plusieurs textes de G. H. Mead, précédés d’une importante introduction de Michèle Leclerc-Olive, qui présente « Les figures du temps dans la philosophie de George Herbert Mead ». Son caractère pédagogique est très appréciable : elle permet en effet d’entrer progressivement dans la pensée, ou plutôt dans les différentes facettes et étapes de la réflexion de Mead. Il est extrêmement dense, et le présent compte rendu n’a pas d...

  11. A sociohistorical examination of George Herbert Mead's approach to science education.

    Edwards, Michelle L


    Although George Herbert Mead is widely known for his social psychological work, his views on science education also represent a significant, yet sometimes overlooked contribution. In a speech delivered in March 1906 entitled "The Teaching of Science in College," Mead calls for cultural courses on the sciences, such as sociology of science or history of science courses, to increase the relevancy of natural and physical science courses for high school and university students. These views reflect Mead's perspective on a number of traditional dualisms, including objectivity versus subjectivity and the social sciences versus natural and physical sciences. Taking a sociohistorical outlook, I identify the context behind Mead's approach to science education, which includes three major influences: (1) German intellectual thought and the Methodenstreit debate, (2) pragmatism and Darwin's theory of evolution, and (3) social reform efforts in Chicago and the General Science Movement. © The Author(s) 2014.

  12. George Herbert Mead and the Allen controversy at the University of Wisconsin.

    Cook, Gary A


    This essay uses previously unpublished correspondence of George Herbert Mead to tell the story of his involvement in the aftermath of a political dispute that took place at the University of Wisconsin during the years 1914-1915. It seeks thereby to clarify the historical significance of an article he published on this controversy in late 1915. Taken together with relevant information about the educational activities of William H. Allen of the New York Bureau of Municipal Research, Mead's correspondence and article throw helpful light upon his understanding of how an educational survey of a university should proceed; they also show how he went about the task of evaluating a failed attempt at such a survey. (c) 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Estado e sociedade, totalitarismo e tecnologia: algumas considerações a partir de Herbert Marcuse

    Eduardo Barbosa Lenzi


    Full Text Available Herbert Marcuse had applied the term “totalitarian” to designate the advanced industrial societies, even those that maintain themselves under a democratic political system. The use, by the philosopher, of such a deep term as this, has shown that, according to him, the democratic societies developed technologically had kept an ordinary tendency among the Nazi-fascism and Stalinism, as well: a non critical tendency, in which one, the significant differences are contracted and the most relevant contradictions are flatten, making thorough this, raise a unique dimension world. Thus, the goal of this schoolwork has been necessarily an analysis of Marcusian thought about this totalitarian organization of society. Therefore. This study aims mainly to the texts of the philosopher produced within the 30’s and 40’s, seeking into them the origins of what Marcuse would call later, in the 60’s, one-dimensional society.

  14. Landscapes of The Mind: The Setting as Psyche in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter And F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Landscapes of The Mind: The Setting as Psyche in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter And F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    Cruce Stark


    Full Text Available In the closing moment of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gateby, Nick returns for one last look at what once was Gateby's house. But instead of physical buildings, he has a vision of an earlier time, a vision of the "old island" that "flowered once for Dutch sailor's eyes -- a fresh green breast of the new world." "For a transitory enchanted moment," Nick thinks, "man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder (182." In the closing moment of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gateby, Nick returns for one last look at what once was Gateby's house. But instead of physical buildings, he has a vision of an earlier time, a vision of the "old island" that "flowered once for Dutch sailor's eyes -- a fresh green breast of the new world." "For a transitory enchanted moment," Nick thinks, "man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder (182."

  15. Arte em Herbert Marcuse: formação e resistência à sociedade unidimensional

    Juliana Castro Chaves


    Full Text Available Este trabalho é resultado de uma pesquisa teórica que teve como objetivo analisar a contribuição de Herbert Marcuse, autor da teoria crítica da sociedade, para pensar a relação entre arte, sujeito e formação para a resistência à sociedade unidimensional. Foram estudados os seguintes textos escritos entre 1941 e 1977: Razão e revolução (1941/1978, Eros e civilização (1955/1969, Ideologia da sociedade industrial: o homem unidimensional (1964/1973, Ideias sobre uma teoria crítica da sociedade (1969/1981 e A dimensão estética (1977/1999. Para Marcuse, a arte é política, apresenta universalidade, alteridade, transcendência, forma estética e negação e confirmação da realidade. A arte é objetivação e não trabalho alienado, ela realiza a sublimação e provoca sensibilidade, diferenciando-se da mercadoria que se apropria da cultura, fazendo-a esvaziar-se em seu sentido. Ao analisar a arte, esse autor contribuiu para uma psicologia social crítica que revela a arte como mediação psicossocial para um sujeito não adaptado.

  16. Points of View: Herbert Bayer’s Exhibition Catalogue for the 1930 Section Allemande

    Wallis Miller


    Full Text Available Sigfried Giedion called Herbert Bayer’s exhibition catalogue for the 1930 'Section Allemande' a “minor typographical masterpiece.” Like similar catalogues, it is inexpensive, provides an inventory list, has an introduction, functions as a guide, and is illustrated. However, the majority of its images are of installations, not their contents. Bayer accommodates the catalogue type for applied arts exhibitions by listing installations as objects, but he confronts the type by showing installations as display contexts that establish points of view, emulating, idealizing and interpreting the experience of the exhibition. By independently constructing ways of seeing and understanding the exhibition, the catalogue resists being an appendage to the exhibition, despite their close relationship. Giedion may have viewed Bayer’s catalogue as an important but secondary work of graphic design, but this article argues that it is of primary significance as an exhibition catalogue, an unusual essay on the book typology that is conscious of its history while moving outside — to other types of book design and to exhibitions — to transform it.

  17. Harry Stack Sullivan Colloquium: George Herbert Mead and Harry Stack Sullivan: an unfinished synthesis.

    Cottrell, L S


    HOW DO YOU create a new self? However he may phrase this question, it is a central theoretical and practical concern of the therapist every time he confronts a client who comes to him for help. What are the processes out of which the human self emerges? However he may phrase the question, it is a central concern of the social psychologist. The obvious convergence of interests indicated by these two questions should occasion no surprise among students of Sullivan and Mead. What perhaps should be surprising is that an effective synthesis of their theories has progressed no further than it has to date. My remarks today are based on the conviction that a more adequate psychiatric theory and practice and a more complete social psychological theory and research program depend on such a synthesis. Behavioral scientists concerned with the development of a truly interactionist social psychology are, I believe, generally agreed that George Herbert Mead (1863-1931), philosopher and social psychologist, and Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949), psychiatrist and social psychologist, have laid conceptual foundations upon which such a discipline can be erected. Now a vast assortment of activities is tagged as social psychology and its boundaries are, indeed, difficult to draw. However, for our present purposes we can define its focus as the study of the processes and products of inter- and intrapersonal and inter- and intragoup interaction, let the boundaries fall where they will.

  18. El problema del nombre: los casos de Jorge Baron Biza y Julián Herbert

    Julia Musitano


    Full Text Available Dos relatos sobre el dolor ajeno. Dos madres convalecientes en una cama de hospital, dos hijos sentados en el sillón contiguo a esa cama. Dos hijos que escriben en primera persona para intentar escaparle al dolor, con la simple diferencia de que uno usa su nombre para hacerlo y el otro elige modificarlo. Me interesa leer juntos El desierto y su semilla de Jorge Baron Biza y Canción de tumba de Julián Herbert, para indagar en el problema del nombre propio. En el análisis sobre la ambigüedad entre autobiografía y novela que revelan ambas autoficciones, quisiera problematizar sobre la elección del nombre para poder, primero, establecer la operatividad del término autoficción; y segundo, señalar, en cada caso, la singularidad de la voz narrativa a través de la técnica que pone en tensión los mecanismos de recuerdo y memoria.

  19. Essay and Ekphrasis (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk

    Roma Sendyka


    Full Text Available Michel Riffaterre in article L'lllusion d'ekphrasis put forward an idea of "critical ekphrasis" (1994 what may become an invitation to ask if other sub-genres/modes of ekphrasis may be described. The text Essay and Ekphrasis develops this question in the field of essayistic traditions. Evoking the tendency of writing on art in that genre (from Montaigne, Diderot, Ruskin, Pater to art historians, critics and artists the article analyses three examples of ekphrases (by Zbigniew Herbert, Ewa Bieńkowska and Marek Bieńczyk to voice a hypothesis that ekphrasis in an essay may be a useful proof for those who question (ostensive representational powers of that textual tool. Essayistic ekphrasis seems to have a foremost referential character, pointing towards an object of art only to use it in order to describe cognitive procedures of the subject who in such a way (performatively and not overtly pictures himself mirroring his inner self in dispersed fragments of cultural object, dismantling the temporal and spatial difference between the viewer and the object in an illusion of an immediate presence.

  20. Drawing the eczema aesthetic: the psychological effects of chronic skin disease as depicted in the works of John Updike, Elizabeth Bishop, and Zelda Fitzgerald.

    Tatum, Karen E


    How might the psycho-social effects of chronic skin disease, its treatments (and discontents) be figuratively expressed in writing and painting? Does the art reveal common denominators in experience and representation? If so, how do we understand the cryptic language of these expressions? By examining the works of artists with chronic skin diseases--John Updike, Elizabeth Bishop, and Zelda Fitzgerald--some common features can be noted. Chronically broken skin can fracture the ego or self-perception, resulting in a disturbed body image, which leads to personality disorders and co-morbid affective disorders such as anxiety and depression. The vertiginous feeling that results can be noted in the paradoxical characters, figures, and psyches portrayed in the works of these artists. This essay will examine the more specific ways in which artists disclose and/or conceal their experiences and the particular ways in which these manifest in their works. While certain nuances exist, the common denominators give us a starting point for developing an eczema aesthetic, a code for interpreting the ways in which artists' experiences with skin disease manifest in their works.

  1. Socially Accountable Medical Education: An Innovative Approach at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

    Greer, Pedro J; Brown, David R; Brewster, Luther G; Lage, Onelia G; Esposito, Karin F; Whisenant, Ebony B; Anderson, Frederick W; Castellanos, Natalie K; Stefano, Troy A; Rock, John A


    Despite medical advances, health disparities persist, resulting in medicine's renewed emphasis on the social determinants of health and calls for reform in medical education. The Green Family Foundation Neighborhood Health Education Learning Program (NeighborhoodHELP) at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine provides a platform for the school's community-focused mission. NeighborhoodHELP emphasizes social accountability and interprofessional education while providing evidence-based, patient- and household-centered care. NeighborhoodHELP is a required, longitudinal service-learning outreach program in which each medical student is assigned a household in a medically underserved community. Students, teamed with learners from other professional schools, provide social and clinical services to their household for three years. Here the authors describe the program's engagement approach, logistics, and educational goals and structure. During the first six years of NeighborhoodHELP (September 2010-August 2016), 1,470 interprofessional students conducted 7,452 visits to 848 households with, collectively, 2,252 members. From August 2012, when mobile health centers were added to the program, through August 2016, students saw a total of 1,021 household members through 7,207 mobile health center visits. Throughout this time, households received a variety of free health and social services (e.g., legal aid, tutoring). Compared with peers from other schools, graduating medical students reported more experience with clinical interprofessional education and health disparities. Surveyed residency program directors rated graduates highly for their cultural sensitivity, teamwork, and accountability. Faculty and administrators are focusing on social accountability curriculum integration, systems for assessing and tracking relevant educational and household outcomes, and policy analysis.

  2. Herbert Aldersmith (1847-1918): Christ's Hospital medical officer and co-founder of the Medical Officers of Schools Association.

    Hoskins, Trevor


    Herbert Aldersmith spent his entire working life, from the age of 23 years until his retirement at 65 years, as Resident Medical Officer to Christ's Hospital School. It was a crucial period in the school's history, from the overdue reforms of the late Victorian era to its historic move from the City of London to Sussex in 1902. He became an acknowledged authority on ringworm and also published extensively on the other great interest of his life, the British-Israel Society. He was the prime mover in founding the first-ever professional association of school doctors in 1884.

  3. Herbert Fröhlich: A Physicist Ahead of His Time, by G.J. Hyland [Book Review

    Devanathan, Ram [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    This authoritative biography of Herbert Fröhlich (1905-1991), a well-known theoretical physicist, paints an intimate portrait of a pioneering scientist who made seminal contributions to condensed matter physics and left his mark on other domains such as biology over a 60-year career. From his vantage point as the last graduate student of this eminent physicist, Gerard Hyland has produced an account that weaves the personal experiences and travails of Fröhlich with detailed discussion of the theory of dielectrics. The political upheavals in Europe during the 20th century provide a dramatic backdrop for the narrative.


    Silvano A. Wueschner


    Full Text Available This paper examines the controversy arising out of Great Britain’s decision to implement the Stevenson plan. It examines, in particular, the role played by Herbert Hoover, both behind the scenes and in an effort to affect the repeal of the Stevenson scheme and at the same time to encourage and support the development of new sources of rubber under the control of American producers. During the period 1920-1922 rubber producing countries were confronted by the specter of overproduction. The existence of even a short term oversupply coupled with the business slump, a reaction from the war, led to a decline in the price of rubber. British producers succeeded in inducing the British Colonial authorities to support a scheme whereby rubber exports would be regulated in order to bring about an increase in the price of rubber. This plan, developed by the Stevenson Committee, called for a small minimum tax on all exports. Moreover, it soughtto limit production by establishing a quota based on the actual production of rubber during the 1919-1920 growing season. A progressive tax was applied to exports beyond standard production. American reaction to the scheme was varied. Secretary of Commerce Hoover, while publicly stating that the price of rubber had been low and was supportive of efforts to regulate production, behind the scenes showed a great deal of concern about the actions of the British government in regulating a commodity of which the United States was the single largest consumer. He was also linked, by some, to the idea that Great Britain sought to pay its war debt to the United States through the application of this tax. Much was made in American newspapers and the British press about Hoover’s criticism of British rubber restrictions. He was not opposed to regulating the supply of rubber, but only to the involvement of a government in the process, especially when it affected American producers and consumers. In response he proposed a scheme

  5. Sobre a alteridade do artista em relação ao mundo que o cerca, segundo Herbert Marcuse

    Imaculada Kangussu


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta a primeira reflexão de Herbert Marcuse a respeito da separação entre arte e vida, desenvolvida em sua tese de doutorado, Der deutsche Kunstlerroman (O romance do artista alemão. A dissonância entre o mundo da arte e o mundo da vida percebida nesse texto inicial permeia o pensamento do filósofo em toda sua obra futura. A infinita riqueza interior da imaginação e da criatividade humana será sempre vista em conflito estético e social com o chamado mundo real.The article presents the first Herbert Marcuse reflection towards the separation between art and life, which is developed in his doctoral dissertation, Der deutsche Kunstlerroman (The German Artist Novel. The dissonance between the world of art and that of life per pass the philosopher thought and all his future works. The infinite inner richness of human imagination will always be in aesthetic and social conflict with the so-called real world.

  6. WE-A-201-00: Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship On Modern Statistical Modeling



    Chris Marshall: Memorial Introduction Donald Edmonds Herbert Jr., or Don to his colleagues and friends, exemplified the “big tent” vision of medical physics, specializing in Applied Statistics and Dynamical Systems theory. He saw, more clearly than most, that “Making models is the difference between doing science and just fooling around [ref Woodworth, 2004]”. Don developed an interest in chemistry at school by “reading a book” - a recurring theme in his story. He was awarded a Westinghouse Science scholarship and attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology (later Carnegie Mellon University) where his interest turned to physics and led to a BS in Physics after transfer to Northwestern University. After (voluntary) service in the Navy he earned his MS in Physics from the University of Oklahoma, which led him to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to pursue a PhD. The early death of his wife led him to take a salaried position in the Physics Department of Colorado College in Colorado Springs so as to better care for their young daughter. There, a chance invitation from Dr. Juan del Regato to teach physics to residents at the Penrose Cancer Hospital introduced him to Medical Physics, and he decided to enter the field. He received his PhD from the University of London (UK) under Prof. Joseph Rotblat, where I first met him, and where he taught himself statistics. He returned to Penrose as a clinical medical physicist, also largely self-taught. In 1975 he formalized an evolving interest in statistical analysis as Professor of Radiology and Head of the Division of Physics and Statistics at the College of Medicine of the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL where he remained for the rest of his career. He also served as the first Director of their Bio-Statistics and Epidemiology Core Unit working in part on a sickle-cell disease. After retirement he remained active as Professor Emeritus. Don served for several years as a consultant to the Nuclear

  7. WE-A-201-00: Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship On Modern Statistical Modeling


    Chris Marshall: Memorial Introduction Donald Edmonds Herbert Jr., or Don to his colleagues and friends, exemplified the “big tent” vision of medical physics, specializing in Applied Statistics and Dynamical Systems theory. He saw, more clearly than most, that “Making models is the difference between doing science and just fooling around [ref Woodworth, 2004]”. Don developed an interest in chemistry at school by “reading a book” - a recurring theme in his story. He was awarded a Westinghouse Science scholarship and attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology (later Carnegie Mellon University) where his interest turned to physics and led to a BS in Physics after transfer to Northwestern University. After (voluntary) service in the Navy he earned his MS in Physics from the University of Oklahoma, which led him to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to pursue a PhD. The early death of his wife led him to take a salaried position in the Physics Department of Colorado College in Colorado Springs so as to better care for their young daughter. There, a chance invitation from Dr. Juan del Regato to teach physics to residents at the Penrose Cancer Hospital introduced him to Medical Physics, and he decided to enter the field. He received his PhD from the University of London (UK) under Prof. Joseph Rotblat, where I first met him, and where he taught himself statistics. He returned to Penrose as a clinical medical physicist, also largely self-taught. In 1975 he formalized an evolving interest in statistical analysis as Professor of Radiology and Head of the Division of Physics and Statistics at the College of Medicine of the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL where he remained for the rest of his career. He also served as the first Director of their Bio-Statistics and Epidemiology Core Unit working in part on a sickle-cell disease. After retirement he remained active as Professor Emeritus. Don served for several years as a consultant to the Nuclear

  8. [Surgery of ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractures via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws].

    Zhang, P; Dong, Q R; Wang, Z Y; Chen, B; Wan, J H; Wang, L


    Objective: To explore the manual operation skills of operative treatment of ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractures via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws, and to study the clinical results. Method: From Jan 2009 to Dec 2014, the clinical data of 13 patients with ipsilateral Hawkins Ⅲ talus neck and ankle joint fractres via internal and lateral approaches with Herbert screws were retrospectively analyzed in our department.There were 10 males and 3 female, ranging in age from 20 to 60 years with an average age of 31.5 years.The fractures occurred on the right side in 9 patients and on the left side in 4 patients.Three cases had the complication of medial malleolar fracture.Ten cases had the complication of medial and lateral malleolar fracture. Totally 11 cases were made calcaneal skeletal traction, and all the were made CT with three-dimensional image reconstruction.Two cases were treated with emergency operation.Eleven cases were treated with selective operation.The operation time was 5 hours-10 days after injury. The functional results were evaluated by American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS). Result: The average duration of follow-up was 22.6 months (range, 14-65 months). There was skin necrosis in one cases, no incision infection, malunion and nonunion of the fractures and loss of reduction. At final follow-up, AOFAS ankle score was 75.2 (range, 42 to 93), higher than preoperative 39.2 (range, 23 to 60), the difference was statistically significant ( P =0.023). The result was excellent in 4 cases, good in 5 cases, fair in 3 cases and 1 cases in poor, and the overall excellent or good rate was 69.2%. Avascular necrosis occurred in 3 cases (23.1%, 3/13). Traumatic arthritis was found in 5 cases (38.5%, 5/13), involved tibial astragaloid joint in 2 cases, involved subtalar joint in 1 case, involved tibial astragaloid joint and subtalar joint in 2 cases. Conclusion: The effect of surgical treatment for ipsilateral

  9. Herbert Rackow and Ernest Salanitre: the emergence of pediatric anesthesia as a specialty in the United States.

    Friesen, Robert H


    Herbert Rackow and Ernest Salanitre were pediatric anesthesiologists at Babies Hospital at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York whose work spanned three decades beginning in the early 1950s. Their pioneering research included studies of the uptake and elimination of inhalational anesthetics and of the risk of cardiac arrest in infants and children. They were actively involved in the development of pediatric anesthesia as a specialty, and their efforts contributed to inter-disciplinary collaboration and to the formation of the Section on Anesthesiology of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Their 1969 review article, 'Modern Concepts in Pediatric Anesthesiology', provides a fascinating view of pediatric anesthesia 50 years ago. In 1990, they were jointly awarded the Robert M. Smith award by the Section on Anesthesiology of the American Academy of Pediatrics. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Influence and canonical supremacy: an analysis of how George Herbert Mead demoted Charles Horton Cooley in the sociological canon.

    Jacobs, Glenn


    This analysis assesses the factors underlying Charles Horton Cooley's place in the sociological canon as they relate to George Herbert Mead's puzzling diatribe-echoed in secondary accounts-against Cooley's social psychology and view of the self published scarcely a year after his death. The illocutionary act of publishing his critique stands as an effort to project the image of Mead's intellectual self and enhance his standing among sociologists within and outside the orbit of the University of Chicago. It expressed Mead's ambivalence toward his precursor Cooley, whose influence he never fully acknowledged. In addition, it typifies the contending fractal distinctions of the scientifically discursive versus literary styles of Mead and Cooley, who both founded the interpretive sociological tradition. The contrasting styles and attitudes toward writing of the two figures are discussed, and their implications for the problems of scale that have stymied the symbolic interactionist tradition are explored.

  11. Lady Mary Sidney Herbert a Lady Mary Wroth: labutí píseň a imaginativní svět jako součást rodinného odkazu (Lady Mary Sidney Herbert and Lady Mary Wroth: a Swan song and Fictional World as a part of Sidneyan legacy

    Martina Kastnerová


    Full Text Available The study intends to clarify the process of forming of Sidneyan literary cult as a part of (Sidneyʼs family legacy based on the the literary activities of Sidneyʼs sister Lady Mary Sidney Herbert, countess of Pembroke, and his niece Lady Mary Wroth, daughter of his younger brother Robert. Mary Sidney Herbert throughout her literary career sings a swan song of her brother, Mary Wroth creates an imaginative world of free love choice and happy endings and her literary career is based on the well-established cult of Sidneyʼs name.

  12. Herbert Marcuse and the defense of the revolutionary violence in the 60's Herbert Marcuse e a defesa da violência revolucionária nos anos 60

    Maria Ribeiro do Valle


    Full Text Available Our work is centered in the debate about the importance of the “revolutionary” violence in the 60’s according to Herbert Marcuse, a well-known intellectual who lived and discussed that period. It presents the restatement of the anticapitalistic utopias of the XIX century – particularly the Marxist one. Marcuse also emphasizes the urgent combat against the North American imperialism - a flag carried by the protest movements of the time – arguing that violence is inherent to the political and economical system and, therefore, the opposition must fight it by means of the “revolutionary violence”. Keywords: Violence. Rationality. Revolution. Socialism. Imperialism. Nosso trabalho está centrado no debate sobre a violência “revolucionária”travado por Marcuse, expoente significativo da intelectualidade que vivenciou e pensou os anos 60. Há a retomada, então, das utopias anticapitalistas do século XIX – particularmente a marxista. Marcuse aponta também para a urgência do combate ao imperialismo norte-americano – bandeira de luta carregada pelos movimentos de protesto neste período – argumentando que a violência é inerente ao sistema político-econômico, e que deve ser combatida através da violência “revolucionária” pela oposição. Palavras-chave: Violência. Razão. Revolução. Socialismo. Imperialismo.

  13. De l’usage de l’intertexte biblique dans quelques poèmes de George Herbert et de John Donne Biblical Intertextuality in some Poems by George Herbert and John Donne

    Jean-Louis Breteau


    Full Text Available Controversial as the underlying theology of metaphysical poetry may be, such poets as George Herbert and John Donne extensively resorted to the use of the biblical intertext, and they had a thorough knowlege of both the hermeneutics and the poetics of their time. As a matter of fact, they cared more about conforming to the Word than to their Church’s rites and forms. And yet they did not read Scripture literally, but, like their contemporaries, freely indulged in the practice of typology, while displaying a great mastery of such poetic devices as emblems or conceits. Some differences can nevertheless be identified between Herbert’s and Donne’s respective approaches to religious poetry. In this study, a few poems are closely examined. “Easter Wings” and “Prayer I” can be seen to exemplify Herbert’s so-called “plain”, but in fact very elaborate, writing, while “Good Friday” and “At the round earth’s imagined corners” illustrate Donne’s paradoxical and ironical ways.

  14. James L.W. West III, ed. The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald : « Trimalchio » : an Early Version of The Great Gatsby.

    Jean-Loup Bourget


    Full Text Available Présenté comme « an early version of The Great Gatsby », “Trimalchio” est une tentative de reconstitution du manuscrit dactylographié envoyé par Fitzgerald à son éditeur, Scribner’s, en octobre 1924. Ce tapuscrit étant perdu, le texte a été établi à partir des épreuves avant correction, elles-mêmes composées à partir du tapuscrit. Il représente donc un stade intermédiaire entre le manuscrit holographe conservé à Princeton (fac-similé publié par les soins de Matthew J. Bruccoli en 1973 et le ...

  15. Mortality disparities among groups participating in an East Africa surveying expedition: the Herbert Henry Austin expedition of 1900-1901.

    Imperato, Pascal James; Imperato, Gavin H; Imperato, Austin C


    In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a number of European expeditions traveled to the region of Lake Rudolf, now largely in northern Kenya. Although diverse in intent, many of these were undertaken in the interests of furthering colonial territorial claims. In 1900-1901, Major Herbert Henry Austin led a British expedition down to the lake from Khartoum in the north. Of the 62 African, Arab, and European members of this expedition, only 18 (29 %) arrived at its final destination at Lake Baringo in Kenya. Because of a confluence of adverse climatic, social, and political conditions, the expedition ran short of food supplies when it arrived at the northern end of the lake in April 1901. For the next 4 months, the members of the expedition struggled down the west side of the lake and beyond. The greatest mortality (91 %) occurred among the 32 African transport drivers who were the most marginally nourished at the outset of the trip. The lowest mortality among the Africans on the expedition (15 %) occurred among the members of the Tenth Sudanese Rifles Battalion, who had an excellent nutritional status at the start of the expedition. Major Austin himself suffered from severe scurvy with retinal hemorrhages which left him partially blind in his right eye. An analysis of the mortality rates among the groups that participated in this expedition was undertaken. This revealed that poor nutritional status at the start of the trip was predictive of death from starvation.

  16. Compreensão dialética da ética revolucionária de Herbert Marcuse

    Alberto Dias Gadanha


    Full Text Available A alteração qualitativa objetivo de uma ética revolucionária pressupõe a reciprocidade entre a decisão política enquanto asserção de parâmetros deontológicos a priori e a efetivação governamental de uma vida sem medo e sem miséria, uma vida de paz. Marcuse ao compreender que o objetivo a ser efetivado é uma vida sem medo e sem miséria supera tanto a eticidade deontológica caracterizada pelo imperativo categórico quanto a ética caracterizada pelo imperativo hipotético de determinação utilitarista. Ética revolucionária, como exposta por Herbert Marcuse na conferência de 1964 na Universidade de Kansas, é uma ética de superação dialética porque contempla por meio do imperativo implicativo tanto as exigências deontológicas, configuradas pela decisão política quanto as exigências utilitaristas configuradas pelo cálculo histórico de efetivação governamental da teleologia política.


    Ramom Gomes da Silva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta uma reflexão acerca dos instrumentos de dominação e repressão da sociedade industrial avançada. A partir da leitura da primeira parte do livro Ideologia da sociedade industrial: O homem unidimensional, Herbert Marcuse analisa a sociedade industrial avançada e as tendências do capitalismo tardio expondo as novas formas de controle e dominação dos indivíduos na contemporaneidade. Os meios de dominação do capitalismo avançado têm-se mostrado mais eficientes e eficazes do que antigos regimes baseados na violência explícita, isto é, sem uso de um terror aberto, tem o domínio das esferas da existência humana, sejam elas públicas ou privadas. Esses mecanismos de controles proporcionaram a integração entre o pensamento e o comportamento dos indivíduos, de tal modo que o sujeito sente-se livre em situação de não liberdade, situação em que  necessidades impostas são aceitas e ainda repassadas às gerações seguintes sem o menor questionamento.

  18. From 'circumstances' to 'environment': Herbert Spencer and the origins of the idea of organism-environment interaction.

    Pearce, Trevor


    The word 'environment' has a history. Before the mid-nineteenth century, the idea of a singular, abstract entity--the organism--interacting with another singular, abstract entity--the environment--was virtually unknown. In this paper I trace how the idea of a plurality of external conditions or circumstances was replaced by the idea of a singular environment. The central figure behind this shift, at least in Anglo-American intellectual life, was the philosopher Herbert Spencer. I examine Spencer's work from 1840 to 1855, demonstrating that he was exposed to a variety of discussions of the 'force of circumstances' in this period, and was decisively influenced by the ideas of Auguste Comte in the years preceding the publication of Principles of psychology (1855). It is this latter work that popularized the word 'environment' and the corresponding idea of organism--environment interaction--an idea with important metaphysical and methodological implications. Spencer introduced into the English-speaking world one of our most enduring dichotomies: organism and environment. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Herbert Ernst Wiegand

    R.B. Ruthven

    lexicography (17564), Pakistani lexicography (9865), Mexican (12043) and Chil- .... the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX). Aspects of .... mended that every library and especially university libraries, should have a copy.

  20. A metateoria social de Herbert Blumer: esboço para uma reconstrução metodológica do interacionismo simbólico

    Henrique Nagashima Milanello


    Este trabalho é uma tentativa de reconstrução metodológica parcial do pensamento de Herbert Blumer e de seu interacionismo simbólico sob a luz da polêmica entre causalidade e compreensão, que emerge no seio das discussões acerca da natureza das explicações nas ciências sociais. Assim, tem-se enfocado principalmente sua tese de doutorado, Method in Social Psychology, a fim de deslindar a concatenação dos elementos explícitos e implícitos de fundamentação ontológica, epistemológica e lógica em ...

  1. Heurísticas no estudo das decisões econômicas: contribuições de Herbert Simon, Daniel Kahneman e Amos Tversky

    Adriana Sbicca


    Full Text Available Herbert Simon apresenta uma vasta produção acadêmica na qual propôs uma teoria da decisão econômica em torno do conceito de racionalidade limitada. O reconhecimento do meio complexo e dos limites cognitivos levaram-no a sustentar o frequente uso de heurísticas pelo ser humano. Novas abordagens têm sido desenvolvidas ao redor dessa ideia. Mais recentemente, Daniel Kahneman e Amos Tversky analizaram a relação entre heurísticas e vieses de comportamento e esta proposta tem ganhado espaço no mundo acadêmico. Este texto discute as contribuições de Simon, Kahneman e Tversky, e propõe a existência de complementaridade entre as mesmas, promissora para o desenvolvimento de uma teoria da decisão do agente econômico.

  2. Tracking discourse complexity preceding Alzheimer's disease diagnosis: a case study comparing the press conferences of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

    Berisha, Visar; Wang, Shuai; LaCross, Amy; Liss, Julie


    Changes in some lexical features of language have been associated with the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease. Here we describe a method to extract key features from discourse transcripts, which we evaluated on non-scripted news conferences from President Ronald Reagan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1994, and President George Herbert Walker Bush, who has no known diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Key word counts previously associated with cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease were extracted and regression analyses were conducted. President Reagan showed a significant reduction in the number of unique words over time and a significant increase in conversational fillers and non-specific nouns over time. There was no significant trend in these features for President Bush.

  3. Libertação e Autonomia anticapitalista: a transformação radical da consciência e do inconsciente em Herbert Marcuse

    Leandro Pereira Gonçalves


    Full Text Available O sociólogo e filósofo Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979 foi responsável por uma construção teórica inspirada em Karl Marx. O objetivo central deste trabalho é resgatar as idéias de Marx cotejadas com as de Marcuse mostrando como o pensamento marcusiano atravessou o século XX e mantém-se atual, polêmico e desafiador. Marcuse procura recuperar as bases conceituais da tradição marxista, na perspectiva de compreensão dos elementos de sustentação do modelo imperialista vigente e as possibilidades de seu enfrentamento e superação.

  4. Re-examining Herbert Schiller’s cultural imperialism thesis with cases of chinese and korean cultural industries and China’s quest for soft power: A comparative study of chinese film and online gaming industries’ going-out efforts

    Zhang, Yuji


    First essay: In the climate of a new orthodoxy foregrounding de-centralization and cultural diversification in globalization since the 1990s, Herbert Schiller's theory of cultural imperialism has been largely discredited in communication studies. Schiller's cultural account of U.S. imperialism is considered unsatisfactory for explaining emerging markets and rapid developments in global cultural industries. Both the Korean wave and the rise of China’s soft power seem to support this propositio...

  5. Construction of Indonesian cultural thoughts in tafsir al-Azhar as Hamka’s teaching practice; text analysis using George Herbert Mead communication theory

    Hamdi Putra Ahmad


    Full Text Available Tafsir al-Azhar is one of the many exegesis books written by Nusantara scholars. Authored by Hamka, this book includes products come in the contemporary era and has attracted many researchers to analyze deeply all of the secrets contained in them. Tafsir al-Azhar contains a number of information related to the elements of Indonesia cultures. But not many of the readers are aware of this fact because of its relatively small capacity. It is the main attraction to be studied in depth in order to know how the construction built by a Hamka related to his Indonesian cultural thoughts contained in Tafsir al-Azhar. Using George Herbert Mead's social communication theory, this research will formulate the construction of the Indonesian cultural commentary constructed by Hamka in Tafsir al-Azhar and prove that the use of elements of Indonesian culture in interpreting the Qur'an is one of the effective strategies to teach about the Qur’anic interpretation to the Muslims in particular, and the Indonesian people in general.

  6. Repressed Sexual Modernity: A Case Study of Herbert Giles’ (1845 - 1935 Rendition of Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (1880 in the late Qing

    Wing Bo Anna TSO


    Full Text Available Translation studies in English and Chinese has long been of great interest to academics. Yet, Chinese scholars who have translation training and linguistic expertise are often found to “give excessive attention to listing facts and probing linguistic matters, to the neglect of the cultural and contextual considerations that have given rise to translation in China in the first place” (Lin, 2002, p. 170. Much emphasis has been placed on translation strategies, while translation “in connection with power and patronage” (Lefereve, 1992, p. 10 is overlooked, leaving “existing ideology” or “existing poetics” (Lefereve, 1992, p. 10, such as gender unexplored. In light of this, this paper attempts to take the literary and cultural approach and focus on examining the gender ideologies in Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (1740 and Herbert Giles’ English rendition (1880. By comparing the source and target texts, the paper reveals that in many of Pu Songling’s stories, spirit-freelove and sexual pleasure are celebrated. A witty parody of the imitative structures of gender can be found in Pu Songling’s “Painted Skin” too. Unfortunately, to a large extent, such transgressive gender views are repressed in Giles’ English rendition.

  7. Avaliação da atividade antiviral e determinação do perfil cromatográfico de Hippeastrum glaucescens (Martius Herbert (Amaryllidaceae

    A. E. Hofmann JR

    Full Text Available Plantas da família Amaryllidaceae são caracterizadas pela presença de alcalóides isoquinolínicos. Desde o primeiro estudo envolvendo alcalóides desta família em 1877, um grande número destas plantas tem sido analisado quimicamente. Estes compostos apresentam uma ampla variedade de atividades biológicas, tais como: antiviral, citotóxica, antitumoral e analgésica. Neste trabalho, foram avaliados o perfil cromatográfico e a potencial atividade antiviral das frações diclorometano A e B, isoladas dos diferentes órgãos vegetais (bulbos, raízes, folhas e flores de Hippeastrum glaucescens (Martius Herbert, assim como dos alcalóides licorina, tazetina e pretazetina, previamente isolados desta planta. A extração dos alcalóides de H. glaucescens foi realizada por métodos clássicos, a partir de bulbos, raízes, folhas e flores fornecendo rendimentos totais em alcalóides de 0,53%; 0,81%; 0,29% e 0,12%, respectivamente. Empregando-se cromatografia em camada delgada, verificou-se que os bulbos e as raízes apresentam perfis cromatográficos semelhantes e que os alcalóides licorina, tazetina e pretazetina estão presentes em todas as partes testadas do vegetal. As frações diclorometano A e B, de cada órgão vegetal, e os alcalóides isolados (licorina, tazetina e pretazetina não inibiram a replicação do herpesvírus simples humano tipo 1 (HSV-1 cepa KOS, quando avaliados através do método de inibição do efeito citopático viral.

  8. Xavier Herbert. Requiem for Genius

    McDougall, Russell


    In today’s global celebrity culture it’s hard to imagine a word more over-used and abused than ‘genius’. It is a slippery word with a long and contradictory conceptual history. Yet, in the Land of the Tall Poppy, self-confessions of genius invariably have paved a broad road to public ridicule and denigration. Xavier Herbert’s notion of genius was not static. It changed throughout his life and it evolved through his writing. He agreed with Carlyle that the first condition of genius must always...

  9. Euroopa contra Ameerika / Herbert Vainu

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Ühiskonnateadlase J. Rifkini raamatust "Euroopa unistus", milles kontsentreeritakse tähelepanu sellele, kuidas Ameerika ja Euroopa tulevad toime praeguste suurte muutustega maailmas, mis on paljuski loonud kaosetaolise situatsiooni

  10. Análisis del factor tecnológico desde las perspectivas de Lewis Mumford, Herbert Marcuse, Daniel Bell y su relación con la política de información

    Lourdes Díaz


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo registra tres miradas distintas acerca del rol del factor tecnológico en la construcción de la sociedad contemporánea, siguiendo las líneas de interpretación y análisis de Lewis Mumford, Herbert Marcuse y Daniel Bell. Se pretenden aportar algunos elementos teóricos  al debate que se ha dado en Ciencia de la Información sobre el papel de las TIC en la disciplina y el lugar que ocupa, o debería ocupar, lo tecnológico en el diseño de una política de información.

  11. Formerly utilized MED/AEC sites remedial action program. Radiological survey of The George Herbert Jones Chemical Laboratory, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, June 13-17, 1977

    Wynveen, R.A.; Smith, W.H.; Mayes, C.B.; Justus, A.L.


    A comprehensive radiological survey was conducted at George Herbert Jones Chemical Laboratory at the University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Radiochemistry for the MED/AEC project was performed in this building in the 1940s. The building is now used as laboratories, offices, and classrooms. The survey was undertaken to determine the location and quantities of any radioactive materials remaining from the MED/AEC operations. Forty-three spots of contamination possibly resulting from MED/AEC occupancy in 17 rooms exceeded the allowable limits as given in the ANSI Standard N13.12. Under current use conditions, the potential for radiation exposure to occupants of this building from these sources of contamination is remote. Concentrations of radon daughters in the air of the building, as measured with grab-sampling techniques, were below the limit of 0.01 WL above background as given in the Surgeon General's Guidelines. No long-lived radionuclides were detected in any air sample. Concentrations of radionuclides in soil samples from near the laboratory generally indicated background levels. In order to reduce the potential for radiation exposure, remedial measures such as stabilization of the contamination in place would be applicable as a short-term measure. In order to reduce the risk in the event that building modifications take place in the future, health physics procedures and coverage are recommended. The long-term solution would involve decontamination by removal of the radioactive residues from the 17 rooms or areas where contamination possibly resulting from MED/AEC activities was detected

  12. Miks astume tarastamise teed? / Herbert Vainu

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Kapitalismi ja sotsialismi positiivseid jooni ühitava konvergentsiteooria asendumisest sotsiaalseid aspekte mittearvestava algkapitalismiga Eestis ja teistes Euroopa Liidu riikides. Inglise tarastamissüsteemist kui eeskujust

  13. Käiguvahetuse kasulikkusest / Herbert Vainu

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Autori arvates saavutas Eesti alguses küll kiire majandustõusu, kuid nüüd hakkab avalduma teistest endistest sotsialismimaadest ettejõudmise pahupool. Tema sõnul oleme ise löönud jalad alt edasiselt kiirelt majandusarengult

  14. Herbert Marcuse - anticapitalismo e emancipação Herbert Marcuse anticapitalism and emancipation

    Isabel Loureiro


    Full Text Available Marcuse teve no Brasil na década de 1970 uma recepção unilateral, sendo visto unicamente como guru da contra-cultura. Contra esse equívoco o artigo mostra a relação intrínseca entre teoria e prática na filosofia de Marcuse, caracterizada como uma filosofia política cuja preocupação central é a transformação radical da sociedade capitalista.Marcuse had in Brazil, in the 70s, an one-sided reception, being seen only as a guru of the counter-culture. Against this misconception the paper exposes the intrinsic relationship between theory and practice in Marcuses's philosophy, characterized as a political philosophy whose main concern is the radical transformation of capitalist society.

  15. Utopia e psicanálise em Herbert Marcuse Utopia and psychoanalysis on Herbert Marcuse

    Marilia Mello Pisani


    Full Text Available Neste artigo apresentaremos uma importante idéia formulada por Marcuse na segunda parte do livro Eros e Civilização: uma interpretação filosófica do pensamento de Freud (1955 - a hipótese da transformação não repressiva das pulsões em uma sociedade transformada. Marcuse preocupa-se com a "transformação subjetiva" necessária à passagem do capitalismo para o "comunismo", rompendo assim com um determinado "marxismo ortodoxo". A "utopia" desenvolvida neste livro baseia-se na reinterpretação de algumas das principais concepções da teoria freudiana e caracteriza a originalidade de seu pensamento.In the present article is given an important idea prescribed by Marcuse in the second part of his Eros and Civilization. A Philosophical inquiry into Freud. (1955 - the non-repressive transformation of the instincts in a transformed society. The utopia developed in this book is based in the reinterpretation of some of his main conceptions of the freudian theory and characterize the singularity of his ideas and of his general thinking.

  16. Reconcile Planck-scale discreteness and the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction

    Rovelli, Carlo; Speziale, Simone


    A Planck-scale minimal observable length appears in many approaches to quantum gravity. It is sometimes argued that this minimal length might conflict with Lorentz invariance, because a boosted observer can see the minimal length further Lorentz contracted. We show that this is not the case within loop quantum gravity. In loop quantum gravity the minimal length (more precisely, minimal area) does not appear as a fixed property of geometry, but rather as the minimal (nonzero) eigenvalue of a quantum observable. The boosted observer can see the same observable spectrum, with the same minimal area. What changes continuously in the boost transformation is not the value of the minimal length: it is the probability distribution of seeing one or the other of the discrete eigenvalues of the area. We discuss several difficulties associated with boosts and area measurement in quantum gravity. We compute the transformation of the area operator under a local boost, propose an explicit expression for the generator of local boosts, and give the conditions under which its action is unitary

  17. The Russian Military Today and Tomorrow: Essays in Memory of Mary Fitzgerald


    aim to persuade relevant audiences, in this case the political and military elite, that the issue in question poses an “ existential threat to the... existential gamble by Lenin and Trotsky stood Marxism on its head. That gamble failed when Germany did not become the vanguard of the world revolution...for Russia’s spiritual renewal, the development of moral values, patriotic and humanistic traditions, and cultural and scientific potential. Most

  18. Erving Goffmans Kaderanalyse: een Negatie van Herbert Blumers Symbolisch Interactionisme

    Verhoeven, Jef


    Goffmans sociologie wordt dikwijls symbolisch interactionistisch genoemd. Om dit probleem te onderzoeken werd het werk van Goffman vergeleken met de visie van Blumer over het symbolisch interactionisme. Er wordt aangetoond dat Goffmans kaderanalyse, uitgewerkt in Frame Analysis (1974), reeds in zijn vroegere werken aanwezig was en dat deze benadering een andere bedoeling heeft dan het symbolisch interactionisme. In het artikel wordt verduidelijkt dat beide auteurs vertrekken van een ged...

  19. Herbert Wiegand with a "Metalexi- cographical Panga" in the Jungle ...


    lexicography can either be a self-taught, nonscientific cultural practice, or an independent cultural and scientific practice, consisting of a more or less clearly demarcated self-reflecting component, which can only be mastered, because of ..... tics, psychology and empirical social research (Wiegand 1998: 684).22 These user.

  20. Herbert Wiegand with a "Metalexicographical Panga" in the Jungle ...

    Wiegand firstly discusses different aspects of language lexicography and ... based on action theory, and a detailed methodology which includes empirical research. ... to plan the microstructures of future dictionaries in a more systematic way.

  1. En recuerdo de Herbert Simon (1916-2001

    Alfonso Barceló


    Full Text Available Las ciencias sociales padecen esquizofrenia aguda en su tratamiento de la racionalidad. Tenemos, a un extremo, a los economistas, que atribuyen al hombre económico una racionalidad absurdamente omnisciente. El hombre económico dispone de un sistema completo y consistente de preferencias, que le permite elegir siempre entre las alternativas que se le presentan; se da siempre perfecta cuenta de lo que son estas alternativas; no existen límites en la complejidad de los cálculos que puede realizar para determinar qué alternativas son mejores; los cálculos de probabilidad no le asustan ni encierran misterios para él. Durante la última década este cuerpo de teoría ha alcanzado, en relación con las situaciones de juego competitivo y la toma de decisiones en situación de incertidumbre, un estado de refinamiento tomístico que posee considerable interés normativo, pero escasa relación discernible con el comportamiento real o posible de los seres humanos de carne y hueso.

  2. Looking back at the year 2003 / Herbert H. Payne

    Payne, Herbert H.


    Eesti Raudtee juhatuse esimees ettevõttes erastamisel seatud eesmärkide - raudteetranspordi turvalisuse suurendamine, teenuse kvaliteedi parandamine ja efektiivsuse tõstmine - saavutamiseks tehtust

  3. Eestlaste imepäraselt vahelduvad vaimustuse vood / Herbert Vainu

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Autor kommenteerib Eesti poliitilist olukorda alates Edgar Savisaare poolt algatatud IMEst ja Rahvarindest, Keskerakonna ja Savisaare valitsuse tegevust, kritiseerib samas järgmisi valitsusjuhte. Kommentaar Arnold Rüütli presidendiks ja Res Publica võimule saamisele, sotsiaaldemokraatide võidule europarlamendi valimistel ning üüripiirmäärade kaotamise seaduse läbisurumisele Riigikogus

  4. Herbert Marcuse's Theory of Play--A Social Philosophical Perspective.

    Volkwien, Karin A. E.

    Sport has been widely discussed, by conservatives who argue that sport operates within the realm of freedom, and so lies outside the deterministic nexus of capitalist economics and policies, and leftists who argue that sport reproduces the repressive features of capitalism and serves as an ideological tool of the latter. The purpose of this study…

  5. Eco-aesthetic dimensions: Herbert Marcuse, ecology and art

    Malcolm Miles


    Full Text Available In his last book, The Aesthetic Dimension (1978, Marcuse argued that a concern for aesthetics is justified when political change is unlikely. But the relation between aesthetics and politics is oblique: “Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness … of the men and women who could change the world.” (p. 33. Marcuse also linked his critique of capitalism to environmentalism in the early 1970s: “the violation of the Earth is a vital aspect of the counterrevolution.” (Ecology and Revolution, in The New Left and the 1960s, Collected Papers 3, 2005, p. 173. This article revisits Marcuse’s ideas on aesthetics and ecology, and reviews two recent art projects which engage their audiences in ecological issues: The Jetty Project (2014 by Wolfgang Weileder—which used recycled material and community participation to construct a temporary monument within a wider conservation project on the Tyne, N-E England—and Fracking Futures by HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen—which turned the interior of the gallery at FACT, Liverpool, into what appeared to be a fracking site. The aim is not to evaluate the projects, nor to test the efficacy of Marcuse’s ideas, more to ask again whether art has a role in a shift of attitude which might contribute to dealing with the political and economic causes of climate change.


    Suryo Tri Saksono


    Full Text Available Adaptation is the process of transforming one form of art into another one. Many decent films are adapted from great literary work. In the adaptation process, some changes occur in film. It is because film is produced in different way from novel. This study focuses on the transformation of the narrative elements from the short story into the film entitled The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This study uses the theory of adaptation by Linda Seger to explain the adaptation process from the short story into the film as the sources of data. There are three processes of adaptation: condensing and expanding the material, the process of making the film commercial, and varied changing. The narrative elements theory is also used to explain the structure that builds the literary work.

  7. The Texture of Educational Inquiry: An Exploration of George Herbert Mead's Concept of the Scientific.

    Franzosa, Susan Douglas


    Explores the implications of Mead's philosophic social psychology for current disputes concerning the nature of the scientific in educational studies. Mead's contextualization of the knower and the known are found to be compatible with a contemporary critique of positivist paradigms and a critical reconceptualization of educational inquiry.…

  8. George Herbert Mead, Curriculum Theorist: The Curriculum Field and the Problem of Social Control.

    Franklin, Barry M.

    This paper is one of three presented at a symposium intended to suggest how historical studies of the curriculum field can aid in identifying alternative perspectives to the prevailing scientific-technical perspective, an orientation that has dominated the curriculum field since its inception as a formal area of study. This paper contends that…

  9. George Herbert Mead and Sören Kierkegaard as theorists of the self

    Willert, Søren

    The self concepts of Mead and Kierkegaard respectively show striking similarities. A comparative analysis of the two self concepts is carried out. Similarities are indeed present at a structural level. Clear-cut differences appear when semantic deep structures of the concepts used by the two...... thinkers are included in the analysis. The observed differences are reflecting the fact that they drew their inspiration from widely divergent intellectual traditions, Kierkegaard from Christian theology, Mead from a darwinistically inspired world-view....

  10. 76 FR 53942 - Richard A. Herbert, M.D.; Decision and Order


    ... containing dronabinol, a Schedule III controlled substance, the active ingredient of which is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol, which naturally occurs in the Schedule I controlled substance marijuana...

  11. Riigikogu hoone / Herbert Voldemar Johanson, Eugen Habermann, Alar Kotli...[jt.


    23 ill.; fotod: Andres Teiss; autorid: H. Johanson, E. Habermann, saaliavade ja aknapõskede kujundamisel oli abiks J. Koort; 1935. a. rajati A. Kotli projekti järgi lossi lõunatiib; valge saal rekonstrueeriti 1936. a. A. Perna ja J. Ostrati kavandite järgi; Eesti taasiseseisvumise järel on hoonet M. Kalmu, L. Pärtelpoja, M. ja K. Kurismaa ning Ü. Saare juhendamisel renoveeritud; Riigikogu esimehe kabineti vaiba (1938) kavandas Adamson-Eric, kontorimööbli kujundasid 1997. a. EKA sisearhitektuuri üliõpilased L. Pärtelpoja juhendamisel

  12. Marxismo e psicanálise no pensamento de Herbert Marcuse: uma polêmica

    Marilia Pisani Mello


    The proposal of this paper is to show that Marcuses´interpretation about Freud´s work can not be understood out of relation between the Freudian Psychoanalysis and the Marxism, a relation that is not of opposition neither of synthesis (union), but dialetic at this context that Freudian Theory reveal its whole importance. To understand the interpretation about Freud achieved by Marcuse, we chose for analyse the Paul Robinson´s criticism. According to Robinson´s interpreta...

  13. A study of sediment transport in the Herbert River, Australia, using plutonium AMS

    Everett, S.E.; Tims, S.G.; Fifield, L.K.; Hancock, G.J.


    The ANU and CSIRO have begun a new collaboration to study the human impacts of sediment transport into the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lagoon. The project aims to use fallout plutonium for essentially the first time, as an isotopic tracer of soil and sediment movement. The study aims to assess how recent human activity in the river catchments that feed the GBR lagoon is influencing the distribution and quantity of sediment entering the lagoon. 2 figs

  14. Eesti ja Venemaa uue külma sõja õhutamise avangardis / Herbert Vainu

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Eesti ja Venemaa juhtide mängimine rahvustundel tõstab rahvusvahelist pinget, mis võib viia külma sõja taastekkimisele. Autor kritiseerib muuhulgas president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poliitilist tegevust ja esinemist Hantõ-Manskiiskis toimunud soome-ugri maailmakongressil. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Venemaal 27.-30.06.2008

  15. Juhatuse esimehe-tegevdirektori pöördumine / Herbert H Payne

    Payne, Herbert H


    Ilmunud ka: 2003 : annual report : [Eesti Raudtee]. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 9-10; 2003 : godovoi ottshjot : [Eesti Raudtee]. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 9-10. AS-i Eesti Raudtee juhatuse esimehe-tegevdirektori ülevaade ettevõtte tegevustulemustest 2003. aastal

  16. Notas para uma teoria da mudança social em Herbert Marcuse

    Abel Silva Borges


    Full Text Available As análises e reflexões apresentadas neste ensaio têm por base as questões e propostas lançadas por Marcuse em relação ao mundo desenvolvido e à formação do indivíduo. É possível se delinear um projeto de investigação que deve dar base às teorias da mudança social, mantendo unidas Filosofia, Teoria social e Política radical. Neste ensaio apresento reflexões para a refundamentação da teoria marxista, tais como as desenvolvidas por Marcuse no texto "Acerca do conceito de negação da dialética", escrito em 1966. O autor ainda nos remete a uma reflexão sobre o capitalismo maduro, sua fase imperialista. Exibo, também, uma breve exposição das ideias do autor a respeito da importância da esfera estética para uma teoria da mudança social. É grande a valorização dada por ele à dimensão estética, estando a formação do homem contemporâneo calcada na técnica, na estética e na política, o que abre novas possibilidades para se pensar projetos de mudança social.

  17. George Herbert Mead y la psicología social de los objetos

    Doménech Miquel


    Full Text Available Hace más de una década que diversas disciplinas de las ciencias sociales vindican la necesidad de una semiología de lo material. Sin duda, la realidad social es eminentemente simbólica, pero tal simbolismo no se ciñe exclusivamente a lo textual, discursivo o lingüístico. Existen prácticas más allá de esta dimensión que producen sentido y significado. Los objetos y las cosas están implicados en ellas. ¿Qué elementos definen semejante semiología? ¿Cómo hay que interpretar esas prácticas? ¿Cómo se relacionan con la producción de lo social? Las respuestas vienen de la mano de la formulación de una cultura material. Mas la elaboración de ésta exige la revisión de las propuestas que al respecto realizó G.H.Mead. Efectivamente, en su obra es posible encontrar una explicación para el papel que los objetos juegan en la constitución y mantenimiento de identidades sociales, entender cómo confieren al self un ambiente estable y familiar, examinar cómo los actos de tocar y comprender, en tanto que relación básica con lo material, detentan un papel clave en la construcción y mantenimiento de la realidad, y, en definitiva, observar como la relación del self con el mundo físico se configura como relación social. En el presente trabajo revisaremos todas estas cuestiones. Y concluiremos que constituyen los primeros pasos para esbozar una Psicología Social de los objetos.

  18. Hedonism And Materialism As Negative Effects Of Social Changes In American Society Potrayed In The Novel This Side Of Paradise Written By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Elysia, Irene Nyssa


    Judul skripsi ini adalah ‘HEDONISM AND MATERIALISM AS NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL CHANGES IN AMERICAN SOCIETY POTRAYED IN THE NOVEL THIS SIDE OF PARADISE WRITTEN BY F. SCOTT FITZGERALD’. Sesuai dengan judulnya, skripsi ini membahas tentang fenomena hedonisme dan materialisme yang terjadi di Amerika pada awal tahun 1920an, sebagai dampak negatif dari Perang Dunia I. Fenomena ini dapat dibuktikan dari gambaran yang dipaparkan oleh Scott melalui novel ini, yaitu tentang kondisi masyarakat terutam...

  19. The Relationship between Psychological Type and Performance in a Copywriting Course or Why F. Scott Fitzgerald Didn't Make It As a Copywriter.

    McCann, Guy

    A study was conducted to determine whether there is a relationship between the psychological types of copywriting students and performance in a copywriting class. The goal was to develop a program of instruction which would systematically alter psychological makeup in a constructive manner to enable students to become better copywriters. Subjects,…

  20. Nursing Models: Application to practice Alan Pearson , Barbara Vaughan and Mary Fitzgerald Nursing Models: Application to Practice Quay Books £24.99 280pp [Formula: see text].


    AT A time when evidence-based practice is the predominant nursing model, the authors of this book want to interest academics and practitioners in models that were in vogue in the Uk in the 1980s and 1990s.

  1. 2007 Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Lidar: Herbert Hoover Dike Project Area (Southeastern Florida, Lake Okeechobee Surrounding Area)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — LiDAR data was collected by Merrick & Company from September through December of 2007 for the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). The project area...

  2. The morphological and anatomical studies on endemic crocus biflorus miller subsp. Pulchricolor (herbert) mathew (iridaceae) in turkey

    Akyol, Y.


    In this study, the morphological and anatomical characteristics of Crocus biflorus subsp. pulchricolor (Iridaceae)were investigated. The subsp. pulchricolor has, 4 leaves, 1 mm broad, bracts drying brownish. these properties are characteristics of these plants. In anatomical studies, cross-sections of the root, stem and leaves were examined. These parts photographed and compared with the other crocus and Iridaceae family species. (author)

  3. Comentário sobre a esperança em O homem unidimensional, de Herbert Marcuse

    Imaculada Kangussu


    Full Text Available De acordo com o modelo adotado pelo Grupo de Trabalho em Estética, o presente escrito é um comentário ao texto do colega Bruno Guimarães, “Arte, liberdade e política, em diálogo com Danto”. “Somente para os desesperados é que nos foi dada a esperança”: essa frase enigmática, com a qual Marcuse encerra o livro One-Dimensional Man, aparece na última parte do trabalho comentado e é o foco desse ensaio. Trata-se de uma citação que Marcuse faz de Walter Benjamin que com ela também termina seu ensaio sobre As afinidades eletivas, de Goethe (“Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften”. Cabe a pergunta: o que o homem unidimensional tem em comum com a novela romântica de Goethe? Tendo como foco a ideia de esperança, discorremos sobre os três textos – o de Marcuse, o de Benjamin e o de Goethe – com o propósito de esclarecer o, quase desesperado, conceito de esperança que brilha no final das obras de Benjamin e de Marcuse. A escolha foi motivada por duas razões: por o outro comentador, Rodrigo Duarte, ter se dedicado, durante um tempo considerável, ao estudo das reflexões de Danto, com mestria admirável e, portanto, ser capaz de analisá-las com competência indiscutível; e pelo fato de One-Dimensional Man, a obra mencionada de Marcuse, filósofo a cujo estudo venho me dedicando, neste ano de 2014 comemorar seu cinquentenário e, com isso, justificar o desejo de fazer-lhe essa homenagem.

  4. Herbert Marcuse, Paulo Freire e a economia solidária como alternativa emancipatória

    Daniel Calbino


    Full Text Available O presente artigo visou compreender porque as tentativas de revoluções de caráter socialista “fracassaram”, utilizando como referência as concepções de Marcuse e Freire. Para realizar esta tarefa recorremos principalmente à análise das obras Eros e civilização de Marcuse (1968 e Pedagogia do oprimido de Freire (2006b. Constatamos algumas similaridades nas perspectivas destes autores. Marcuse (1968 recorreu às teorias psicanalíticas de Freud para compreender este fenômeno, e concluiu que a causa é a repressão das pulsões de vida (Eros que gera indivíduos aptos a aceitarem uma sociedade repressiva e a temerem sua libertação. Freire (2006b, por sua vez, partiu da premissa de que os oprimidos carregam dentro de si o opressor, reproduzindo suas atitudes e comportamentos quando chegam ao poder, pois temem a liberdade de preencher o vazio deixado pela expulsão do opressor. Para sanar estes problemas, Marcuse (1968 pregava a luta pela redução do trabalho alienado, e Freire (2006b a busca por uma educação dialógica entre o educando e o educador. Depois da exposição e interpretação das leituras dos dois autores, apresentamos a Economia Solidária como um cenário para a implementação das saídas sugeridas por Freire (2006b e Marcuse (1968, o que a torna uma possível nova via revolucionária.

  5. Toward a Critique of the Information Age: Herbert Marcuse's Contribution to Information Science's Conceptions

    Cibangu, Sylvain K.


    Introduction: Just as we have created them, the new social media technologies have shaped every aspect of our societies. Meanwhile, information science has hardly addressed the ways in which these information technologies have shaped humans, and vice-versa. The major reason is the tendency and pressure to adjust (the needs of) humans to the ever…

  6. 18 May 2012 - University College Dublin Vice-President and Director of Research D. Fitzgerald signing the guest book with Director for Accelerators and Technology S. Myers and Director-General R. Heuer.

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    accompanied by: Prof. Padraig Dunne, Head of the School of Physics, UCD Prof. Marc Shapira, Hematologist and CERN users: Prof. Martin Grunewald, CMS Collaboration, Team Leader, University College Dublin Prof. Ronan McNulty, LHCb Collaboration, Team Leader, University College Dublin

  7. UVES abundances of stars in nearby galaxies : How good are theoretical isochrones?

    Tolstoy, E; Piotto, G; Meylan, G; Djougovski, SG; Riello, M


    Here we report some results from an ESO-VLT programme to observe individual stars in nearby dwarf galaxies at high resolution with the UVES spectrograph (Tolstoy, Venn, Shetrone, Primas, Hill, Kaufer & Szeifert 2002, submitted to AJ). We mainly concentrate on illustrating the issues and

  8. Redefining the Subject, Redefining the Social, Reconsidering Education: George Herbert Mead's Course on Philosophy of Education at the University of Chicago.

    Biesta, Gert J. J.


    George Mead's posthumously published works express a genuine philosophy of education. This paper contributes to the reconstruction of Mead's educational philosophy, examining a typescript of student notes from his course on philosophy of education at the University of Chicago. The essay discusses the typescript against the backdrop of Mead's…


    Paulo Irineu Barreto Fernandes


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é estabelecer uma relação entre as concepções de revolução cultural em Marcuse e Lefebvre, a partir da maneira como os dois filósofos visualizaram a revolução, no contexto do capitalismo. Os pontos de partida são: a crítica marcuseana ao caráter afirmativo da cultura e a crítica de Lefebvre à ideologia capitalista. Defende-se a hipótese de que as razões que levaram Marcuse a se aproximar das manifestações artísticas revolucionárias foram as mesmas que fizeram Lefebvre se aproximar do estudo do cotidiano. Para realizar a pesquisa, a metodologia aplicada foi revisão de literatura e leitura de obras dos autores em que as questões propostas aparecem com mais frequência, a saber: o texto “33 teses”, do livro Tecnologia, guerra e fascismo, os textos “A arte na sociedade unidimensional” e “Sobre o caráter afirmativo da cultura”, de Marcuse e os textos “Filosofia e conhecimento do cotidiano”, “Como nomear a sociedade atual?” e “Rumo a uma revolução cultural permanente”, do livro A vida cotidiana no mundo moderno, de Lefebvre. Concluímos, provisoriamente, que enquanto em Marcuse a revolução cultural exige uma mudança na sensibilidade; em Lefebvre, a revolução cultural se dá no próprio processo do cotidiano.

  10. Heideggerianismo de esquerda ou marxismo fenomenológico?Reconsiderando a teoria crítica da tecnologia de Herbert Marcuse

    John Abromeit

    Full Text Available Diferentemente de interpretações recentes sobre a teoria marcuseana da tecnologia, elogiosas ou críticas, que identificam nela uma forte e contínua influência de Heidegger, pretendo mostrar, no presente artigo, que Marcuse toma de empréstimo elementos importantes da fenomenologia de Heidegger e, mais ainda, de Husserl, mas que essses elementos são apropriados dentro de uma abordagem teórica geral marxista. Dessa maneira, enfatizam-se os fatores sociais e históricos como os determinantes últimos da tecnologia e da racionalidade tecnológica. Com isso, o presente artigo procura esclarecer a relação entre o marxismo e a fenomenologia na obra tardia de Marcuse.

  11. La dimension estética y la crítica social en el pensamiento crítico y utópico de herbert marcuse



    A partir de una interpretación de corte fundamentalmente psicológico-antropológico, el siguiente ensayo busca sustentar la idea de Marcuse que afirma que el carácter crítico y utópico de la dimensión estética es el resultado de una represión cultural. des

  12. Book Review: Computational Topology

    Raussen, Martin


    Computational Topology by Herbert Edelsbrunner and John L. Harer. American Matheamtical Society, 2010 - ISBN 978-0-8218-4925-5......Computational Topology by Herbert Edelsbrunner and John L. Harer. American Matheamtical Society, 2010 - ISBN 978-0-8218-4925-5...

  13. Champagne og naiv dekadence

    Bjerre, Thomas Ærvold


    Portrætartikel om den amerikanske forfatter F. Scott Fitzgerald i anledningen af den danske udgivelse af De smukke og fortabte. Udgivelsesdato: 24. august......Portrætartikel om den amerikanske forfatter F. Scott Fitzgerald i anledningen af den danske udgivelse af De smukke og fortabte. Udgivelsesdato: 24. august...

  14. DMPD: The role of type I interferon production by dendritic cells in host defense. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available e. Fitzgerald-Bocarsly P, Feng D. Biochimie. 2007 Jun-Jul;89(6-7):843-55. Epub 2007 May 8. (.png) (.svg) (.h...fense. Authors Fitzgerald-Bocarsly P, Feng D. Publication Biochimie. 2007 Jun-Jul;89(6-7):843-55. Epub 2007

  15. N-[3-(2,6-Dimethylanilino-1-methylbut-2-enylidene]-2,6-dimethylanilinium chlorideThis paper is dedicated to Professor Dr Dr mult. h.c. Herbert W. Roesky.

    Víctor M. Jiménez-Pérez


    Full Text Available The title salt, C21H27N2+·Cl− resulted from the condensation between 2,6-dimethylaniline and acetylacetone in acidified ethanol. The bulky cation is stabilized in a β-iminoenamine tautomeric form, and presents a W-shaped conformation. The benzene rings are arranged almost parallel, with a dihedral angle of 6.58 (4° between the mean planes. Both N—H groups in the cation form strong hydrogen bonds with two symmetry-related chloride anions. The resulting supramolecular structure is a one dimensional polymer running along [001], alternating cations and anions. The π–π interaction observed in the molecule, characterized by a centroid–centroid separation of 4.298 (4 Å, is thus extended to the chains, with separations of 5.222 (4 Å between benzene rings of neighbouring cations in the crystal.

  16. Bits of Accountability in a Sea of Freedom. In: Eberwein, T., Fenglers, S. Lauk, E. & Leppik-Bork, T.(Eds.) Mapping Media Accountability - in Europe and Beyond. Koln: Herbert von Halem Verlag.

    Dr Huub Evers; drs Harmen Groenhart


    Freedom of speech, plurality and self-regulation characterize the Dutch media system. With fading political parallelism, strong public service broadcasting and a fair level of professionalization the Dutch media system fits the model of Democratic Corporatist media system. Continuous debates on

  17. Raamatulett / Jaanus Tamm

    Tamm, Jaanus


    Põder, Rein. Armastuse hääl; Schmidt, Erik. Pagana eestlane!; Lina, Jüri. Skorpioni märgi all; Nesser, Hõkan, Tagasitulek; Fallada, Hans. Tookord meil isakodus; Fitzgerald, Francis Scott. Suur Gatsby

  18. Bereaved Employee: Returning to Work

    ... Work Working Through Grief About Us The Bereaved Employee: Returning to Work By Helen Fitzgerald, CT After ... One employer called a grief therapist to help employees after a co-worker reported the death of ...

  19. Why Don't We Tell Children the Truth about America?

    Marshall, Kim


    Frances FitzGerald's critique of American social studies and history curricula in "America Revised" is reviewed. The conclusion drawn is that censorship, special interests, and marketability exercise too great an influence on the textbook industry. (JMF)

  20. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest plaatidest Chingy "Jackpot", Don Johnson Big Band "Breaking Daylight", Mars Volta "De-loused In The Comatorium", Ella Fitzgerald "Sings Sweet Songs For Swingers", Queen "Live At Wembley 86", Iron Maiden "Dance Of Death"

  1. Modernising patient clothing: a Florence Nightingale Foundation project.

    Fitzgerald, Christine


    Christine Fitzgerald, Matron at The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (currently on secondment) discusses a project to boost patient self-esteem and dignity through the clothing provided for them to wear.

  2. Benjamin Franklin a Jay Gatsby: Srovnání amerických literárních hrdinů, kteří se vypracovali vlastní silou

    Korejtková, Adéla


    The thesis focuses on Benjamin Franklin, as he is portrayed in his Autobiography, and Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, who are connected not only by being self-made men. Firstly, they are both symbolical figures that made a powerful commentary on a period, on the country and on its core myth - the American Dream. Secondly, they are linked by Fitzgerald himself since his hero creates a schedule and a table of general resolves which clearly imitate Franklin's schedu...

  3. Tallinna Teeninduskooli juurdeehitus = Addition to the Tallinn School of Servise / Maarja Nummert ; intervjueerinud Margit Mutso

    Nummert, Maarja, 1944-


    Tallinnas Majaka t. 2 asuva Tallinna Teeninduskooli juurdeehituse arhitektuursest lahendusest ja sisekujundusest. Arhitekt ja sisearhitekt Maarja Nummert (Pikoprojekt). Ajaloolise hoone (1932) autor Herbert Johanson

  4. Nagu Indiana Jones / Riina Mägi ; komment. Märt Väljataga

    Mägi, Riina, 1957-


    Poola Vabariigi saatkonnas esitleti kahte Hendrik Lillepuu tõlkeraamatut: Herbert, Zbigniew. Valitud luuletused. - Jõgevamaa : H. Lindepuu, 2008 ja Szymborska, Wislawa. Oma aja lapsed. - Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2008

  5. The Interactionist Imagination

    to the works of: Georg Simmel, Robert E. Park, George Herbert Mead, Everett C. Hughes, Herbert Blumer, Manford H. Kuhn, Erving Goffman, Harold Garfinkel, Anselm L. Strauss, Jack D. Douglas, Howard S. Becker, Stanford M. Lyman, Arlie R. Hochschild and Gary Alan Fine....

  6. 75 FR 14656 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision


    ... shows no crashes and no convictions for moving violations in a CMV. Herbert C. Hirsch Mr. Hirsch, 63..., Mr. Herbert Hirsch has full function of his remaining eye and I feel he has sufficient vision to perform the driving tasks required for operating a commercial vehicle.'' Mr. Hirsch reported that he has...

  7. Methods in Lexicography and Dictionary Research


    Access Structures in Printed Dictionaries. Gouws,. Rufus H., Ulrich Heid, Wolfgang Schweickard and Herbert Ernst Wiegand (Eds.). 2013: 110-149. Wiegand, Herbert Ernst and Mª Teresa Fuentes Morán. 2010. Estructuras lexicográficas. Aspectos centrales de una teoría de la forma del diccionario. Colección Lexicografía 2.

  8. Märtsipäevade valupisaraid peab lastele näitama / Anu Bollverk

    Bollverk, Anu


    1949. aasta märtsiküüditamisele pühendatud mälestuspäevast Koeru kultuurimajas ning sealse huviteatri poolt ette kantud Herbert Lasti näidendist "Valupisarais märtsipäevad" (lavastajad Herbert Last ja Uno Aav)

  9. Mennesket

    Rønhede, Søren Lykke


    Med af sæt i ungdomsoprørets filosof Herbert Marcuse gives - uden versefødder - en karakteristik af det moderne menneskes mekaniske og risikoaccepterende livssituation......Med af sæt i ungdomsoprørets filosof Herbert Marcuse gives - uden versefødder - en karakteristik af det moderne menneskes mekaniske og risikoaccepterende livssituation...

  10. Sir Horatio Herbert Kitchener, pouštní železnice a britské znovudobytí Súdánu v letech 1896-1898. (Příspěvek k dějinám Britského impéria v 19. století)

    Valkoun, Jaroslav


    Britské znovudobytí Súdánu probíhalo oficiálně od března 1896 do září 1898. Fakticky však začalo již v lednu 1885, pádem Chartúmu a smrtí generála Gordona. Tyto události se staly latentním "hnacím motorem", který vytvořil celospolečenskou oporu pro jakékoliv akce proti mahdistům, v britské společnosti. Veřejně zmiňovaným důvodem bylo potrestání teroru a násilí, kterého se derviši dopouštěli na "súdánském lidu". Oficiálním a současně i politickým důvodem k tažení byla snaha pomoci zvrátit potu...

  11. History and First Descriptions of Autism: Asperger Versus Kanner Revisited.

    Chown, Nick; Hughes, Liz


    When reading Michael Fitzgerald's chapter entitled 'Autism: Asperger's Syndrome-History and First Descriptions' in 'Asperger's Disorder' edited by Rausch, Johnson and Casanova, a while ago, one of us was struck by his contention that Kanner was guilty of plagiarism as well as non-attribution of Asperger's 1938 paper 'Das psychisch abnorme kind' (Fitzgerald in Asperger's disorder. Informa Healthcare, New York, 2008) published in a Vienna weekly. Steve Silberman has discovered evidence that Kanner rescued Asperger's chief diagnostician from the Nazis in 1944 so must have been aware of Asperger's work and conclusions. Fitzgerald was on the right track but it appears that Kanner may have plagiarised Asperger's ideas rather than his 1938 paper.

  12. The Promise and Failure of the American Dream in Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction

    Mitra Tiur


    Full Text Available The Great Gatsby is Fitzgerald’s best fictional account of the promise and failure of the American dream because here the congruity of story and style and attitude is most meaningful to the depiction of this theme. Fitzgerald created Gatsby and his myth to be an emblem of the irony and the corruption of the American dream. Fitzgerald was the embodiment of the fluid polarities of American experience: success and failure, illusion and disillusion, dream and nightmare. The exhaustion of the frontier and the rebound of the post war expatriate movement marked for Fitzgerald as the end of a long period in human history, the history of the Post-Renaissance man in America, that he made the substance of his works. Fitzgerald’s ideology, a serious criticism on the American Dream, reveals the real nature of American life so that he could find a way to the truth of the American identity.

  13. The SMO-COIN Nexus: Using Social Movement Theory to Demobilize Insurgency


    individual members.74 Frances FitzGerald describes the NLF activities in her book Fire in the Lake as a process of slow integration as the NLF cadre...Guerilla War.” 75 Frances FitzGerald, Fire in the Lake (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1972), 155-182. 76 Once organized and mobilized, emerge from the bourgeoisie . By 1957, over 90,000 individuals were engaged in foreign and domestic trading and another 9,000 in real estate sales

  14. Max Graf's "Reminiscences of Professor Sigmund Freud" revisited: new evidence from the Freud archives.

    Wakefield, Jerome C


    Recently derestricted Freud Archive interviews with Max and Herbert Graf and Herbert's wife shed new light on Max Graf's article, "Reminiscences of Professor Sigmund Freud," published in The Psychoanalytic Quarterly in 1942. To explain discrepancies between the interviews and the earlier article, the author postulates that, in the article, Max Graf purposely distorted or omitted certain details in order not to reveal Herbert's identity as "Little Hans" (Freud 1909). The interviews place incidents reported in the article in a new and more complex light, and also underscore the intensely personal nature of the intellectual development of the psychoanalytic movement.

  15. Pop / Erkki Luuk

    Luuk, Erkki, 1971-


    Heliplaatidest: Arovane "Lilies", The Remote Viewer "You're going to love our defeatist attitude", B. Fleishcmann und Herbert Weixelbaum present Duo 505 "Late", The Go Find "Miami", Corker Conboy "Six For Five"

  16. Resale Price Maintenance Under the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance—An Uneasy Compromise

    Mark Jephcott; Adelaide Luke; Lisa Geary; Molly Herron


    However, the compromise position reached in the Guideline provides relatively little in terms of legal certainty as to the circumstances in which RPM may be acceptable. Mark Jephcott, Adelaide Luke, Lisa Geary, & Molly Herron (Herbert Smith Freehills)

  17. Pop / Lauri Tikerpe

    Tikerpe, Lauri


    Heliplaatidest: Hot Chip "The Warning", Ronan Keating "Bring You Home", Wizzards "Hidden City of Taurmond", Bubba Sparxxx "The Charm", Herbert "Scale", DJ Olive "Sleep", Scritti Politti "White Bread, Black Beer", Dirty Pretty Things "Waterloo To Anywhere"

  18. Muusika valib Tristan Priimägi / Tristan Priimägi

    Priimägi, Tristan, 1976-


    Heliplaatidest: Roy Ayers "Virgin Ubiquity - Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981", "Ibadan People", "A Journey to the Dawn", The Matthew Herbert Big Band "Goodbye Swingtime", Amp Fiddler "Waltz of a Ghetto Fly"

  19. Spektaakel läbi / Kadri Mälk

    Mälk, Kadri, 1958-


    Rahvusvaheline ehtekunstisündmus "Schmuckszene" Münchenis. Herbert Hofmanni preemia: Peter Chang (Inglismaa), Andy Gut (Šveits), Ike Jünger (Saksamaa). 2002. a. avatud kaasaegse kunsti muuseumist (Pinakothek der Moderne, arhitekt Stephan Braunfels)

  20. 78 FR 52114 - Proposed Amendment of Class E Airspace; Macon, GA


    ... changed in light of the comments received. A report summarizing each substantive public contact with FAA... AFB, and within a 8.8-mile radius of Macon Downtown Airport, formerly called Herbert Smart Downtown...

  1. Pop / Lauri Tikerpe

    Tikerpe, Lauri


    Heliplaatidest: Little Brother "The Minstrel Show", Jackson and his Computer Band "Smash", Matthew Herbert "Plat du Jour", Porn Sword Tobacco "Explains Freedom", Jamiroquai "Dynamite", Ryan Adams and the Cardinals "Jacksonville City Nights", The Dandy Warhols "Odditorium", Neil Young "Prairie Wind"

  2. Kungla rahva kuldne aeg / Karin Paulus

    Paulus, Karin, 1975-


    1970ndal aastal Lomonossovi tänavale (praegune Gonsiori tänav) ehitatud Kungla hotellist. Arhitektid Ilmar Puumets, Herbert Rüütlane; sisearhitektid Valter Pormeister, Ingrid Pormeister, Maia Laul. Samale kohale ehitati hiljem 13-korruseline Hilton hotell

  3. Mõjukad eurooplased / Aavo Kokk

    Kokk, Aavo, 1964-


    Portree inimestest, kes mõjutavad Ida-Euroopa äri ja poliitikat: Frederick Kempe, Jean Lumierre, Vagit Alekperov, Moritz Gerke, Henri Giraud, Jean-Yves le Gall, Malay Mukherjee, Herbert Stepic, Pedrag Max Vranic, Maria Wisniewska

  4. Early Restoration Public Meeting, Washington, DC | NOAA Gulf Spill

    benefit injured marshes, coastal dune and nearshore habitats, oysters, and human uses (on water recreation . Department of Commerce Herbert Hoover Building Auditorium 1401 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20230

  5. Strategy to improve the burden of gestational diabetes in African ...

    Strategy to improve the burden of gestational diabetes in African women: Rwandan perspective. Herbert T. Mapira, David K. Tumusiime, Kevin Yarasheski, Nadine Rujeni, Todd W. Cade, Eugene Mutimura ...



    The availability of instant and ubiquitous musical entertainment foist by technology on contemporary society has tended to becloud the fact that it was not ..... changes. There was the coming of Cinema that ironically was managed by Herbert.

  7. Loglines. September - October 2011


    Deputy Director, Strategic Communications Jack Hooper Loglines Staff Managing Editor Kathleen T. Rhem Editor Jacob Boyer Writer Beth Reece Writer...recommendation from a presidential commission headed by former President Herbert Hoover to coordinate procurement, storage, distribution and

  8. OM85. Basic Properties of Optical Materials Summaries of Papers.


    1984. [2] D. Marcuse : IEEE J. QE-14, 736 (1978). 163 ... . . . .. . . .. . . CALORIMETRIC MEASUREMENT OF OPTICAL ABSORPTION IN SAPPHIRE AT VISIBLE...ARSENIDE Herbert S. Bennett Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Division National Bureau of Standards Gaithersburg, MD 20899 Introduction Lasers, opto

  9. A Critical Theory Perspective on Accelerated Learning.

    Brookfield, Stephen D.


    Critically analyzes accelerated learning using concepts from Herbert Marcuse (rebellious subjectivity) and Erich Fromm (automaton conformity). Concludes that, by providing distance and separation, accelerated learning has more potential to stimulate critical autonomous thought. (SK)

  10. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 15, No 36 (2016)

    Emmanuel O. Olorunsola, Timma O. Uwah, Olubunmi J. Olayemi, Unyime B. Etukudo ... Marcio Costa, Juan Carlos Motamayor, Ray Schnell, Jean-Philippe Marelli ... Pereira Cavalcante, Ítalo Herbert Lucena Cavalcante, Walter Esfrain Pereira ...

  11. Poola luule ime / Märt Väljataga

    Väljataga, Märt, 1965-


    Arvustus: Rozewicz, Tadeusz. Alati fragment / tlk. Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2007 ; Herbert, Zbigniew. Valitud luuletused / tlk. Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2008 ; Szymborska, Wislawa. Oma aja lapsed / tlk. Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2008

  12. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest "...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Worlds Apart", Matthew Herbert Big Band "Goodbye Swingtime", Vangelis "Alexander OST", "The Phantom of the Opera", Manic Street Preachers "Lifeblood"

  13. Download this PDF file

    experiential learning and an historical analysis is taken up within axes of tension that ..... methodologically constituted as pedagogy across society as a whole – for ..... that can be traced back to George Herbert Mead and was initially orientated ...

  14. Rüütel handed over the Order of the Gross of Terra Mariana to George H. W. Bush


    President Arnold Rüütel andis New Yorgis USA endisele presidendile Georg Herbert Walker Bushile Eesti iseseisvuspüüdluste toetamise eest Maarjamaa Risti I klassi ordeni. Töövisiit New Yorki 13.-17.09.2005

  15. Raamaturida / Arno Oja

    Oja, Arno, 1950-


    Wells, Herbert George. Lühike maailmaajalugu; Seton, Anya. Katherine, 1.osa; Durrell, Gerald. Linnud, loomad ja sugulased. Jumalate aed; Andersson, Lars. Katkukuninga legend; Erkelius, Per Agne. Unistus Johannesest; Kõvamees, Raissa. Kahe väina vahel.

  16. Scaphoid Fracture Fixation with an Acutrak? Screw

    Loving, Vilert A.; Richardson, Michael L.


    We report a case of fixation of a scaphoid fracture using an Acutrak? screw. This screw is cannulated and headless, which allows it to be implanted below the surface of the bone. It uses the same concept of variable thread pitch as the Herbert screw, but unlike the Herbert screw, is fully threaded, with continuously varying pitch along its length. This variable pitch creates constant compression across a fracture as the screw is advanced, and gives the screw its unique appearance. This featur...

  17. Meninos, eu vi e ouvi! (Um depoimento)

    Trinta, Aluizio Ramos


    Herbert Marshall McLuhan e o Centro para a Cultura e a Tecnologia da Universidade de Toronto (Canadá). Origens artísticas, literárias e filosóficas do mcluhanismo (ou do "mcluhnatismo", segundo adversários). Memórias de um jovem professor brasileiro: conhecendo um Mestre. Anotações filológicas acerca dos modos de pensar, escrever e dizer de Herbert Marshall McLuhan.

  18. Aspects of the History of the Nerves: Bell's Theory, the Bell-Magendie Law and Controversy, and Two Forgotten Works by P.W. Lund and D.F. Eschricth

    Jørgensen, C. Barker


    History of nerves, Bell's Idea, Bell-Magendie law, Bell-Magendie controversy, Charles Bell, Francois Magendie, P.W. Lund, D.F. Eschricht, Herbert Mayo, Johannes Müller, Claude Bernard, spinal nerve roots, cranial nerves, recurrent sensitivity......History of nerves, Bell's Idea, Bell-Magendie law, Bell-Magendie controversy, Charles Bell, Francois Magendie, P.W. Lund, D.F. Eschricht, Herbert Mayo, Johannes Müller, Claude Bernard, spinal nerve roots, cranial nerves, recurrent sensitivity...

  19. G. H. Mead in the History of Sociological Ideas

    Silva, Filipe Carreira da


    My aim is to discuss the history of the reception of George Herbert Mead’s ideas in sociology. After discussing the methodological debate between presentism and historicism, I address the interpretations of those responsible for Mead’s inclusion in the sociological canon: Herbert Blumer, Jürgen Habermas, and Hans Joas. In the concluding section, I as- sess these reconstructions of Mead’s thought and suggest an alternative more consistent with my initial methodological remarks. In particular, ...

  20. The Weaponized Crowd: Violent Dissident Irish Republicans Exploitation of Social Identity within Online Communities


    Symbolic Interactionism is a sociological perspective on self and society based on the ideas of George H. Mead (1934), Charles H. Cooley (1902), W...cornerstone of a movement. The grievance leads into the first stage of the social movement life cycle known as the emergence, or, as described by Herbert ...policy or some social 97 Ibid., 29. 98 Ibid. 99 Herbert Blumer, American sociologist whose main

  1. The Learning Curve: MACVs Grasp of Intelligence, PSYOP, and Their Coordination, 1965-1971


    of the “angry colonels” is George Walton, author of The Tarnished Shield: A Report of Today’s Army, New York: Dodd, Mead , 1973. Milam argues that...closed- system concept of business, to an open-system process of warfare – an egregious error. Ibid, 8- 9. 21 Herbert R. McMaster, Dereliction of Duty...1 MACV, Command History 1965, 253. 2 Martin J., Manning and Herbert Romerstein. Historical Dictionary of American Propaganda. (Westport

  2. Sobre o problema da autonomia da arte e suas implicações hermenêuticas e ontológicas

    Sandra Abdo


    Full Text Available O presente artigo discute o problema da autonomia da arte e suas implicações hermenêuticas e ontológicas, tomando por base as concepções de Herbert Marcuse e de Luigi Pareyson.This article discusses the problem of artistic autonomy and its hermeneutic and ontological implications from the point of view of Herbert Marcuse's and Luigi Pareyson's theory.

  3. Transactions of the Army Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computing (2nd) Held at Washington, DC on 22-25 May 1984


    Highly Viscous Fluid Flow in a Spinning and Nutating Cylinder Thorwaid Herbert .................................................. 883 Computing Sets...Mann Chang, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 0 HIGHLY VISCOUS FLUID FLOW IN A SPINNING AND NUTATING CYLINDER Thorwald Herbert , Virginial Polytechnic...linear system contexts. Future work should explore the feasibility of such "inE.xact" )deconvolution. "REFERENCES 1. D. Marcuse , "Principles of Optical

  4. FORUM: Instructional Communication and Millennial Students: "Me"llennials and the Paralysis of Choice: Reigniting the Purpose of Higher Education

    Buckner, Marjorie M.; Strawser, Michael G.


    As opposed to the "place where you were forced to consider new ideas, to meet new people, to ask new questions, and to learn to think, to socialize, to imagine" (Fitzgerald, 2012, p. 20), millennial students view college as a financial rather than philosophical training ground (Berrett, 2015). Unfortunately, this perspective…

  5. Disease: H01828 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H01828 Opsismodysplasia Opsismodysplasia (OPS) is a rare, autosomal-recessive skel...THORS ... Fradet A, Fitzgerald J ... TITLE ... INPPL1 gene mutations in opsismodysplasia. ... JOURNAL ... J Hum Gene...ate phosphatase-like 1 cause opsismodysplasia. ... JOURNAL ... Am J Hum Genet 92:137-43 (2013) DOI:10.1016/j.ajhg.2012.11.011


    year, June and July, when the night temperature in the Rukwa valley falls to 60°F (16°C) and ... The fist-shaped nest is made of dry grass blades, and is hidden under loose ... runs of other species under the herb mat of streamsides, and as a casual ..... VESEY-FITZGERALD, D. F. 1963. Central African Grasslands. J. Ecol.

  7. Rape Myth Acceptance, Sexual Trauma History, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

    Baugher, Shannon N.; Elhai, Jon D.; Monroe, James R.; Gray, Matt J.


    The prediction of false rape-related beliefs (rape myth acceptance [RMA]) was examined using the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (Payne, Lonsway, & Fitzgerald, 1999) among a nonclinical sample of 258 male and female college students. Predictor variables included measures of attitudes toward women, gender role identity (GRI), sexual trauma…

  8. Textbook America.

    Karp, Walter


    Focuses on how political attitudes have been influenced by American history textbooks at various times throughout history. Excerpts from traditional and revisionist textbooks are presented, with emphasis on "America Revised" by Frances FitzGerald. Journal available from Harper's Magazine Co., 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. (DB)

  9. Risk Factors for Sexual Violence in the Military: An Analysis of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Incidents and Reporting


    sexual assault had negative impacts on the career, reputation, and overall welfare of the victims (Bergman, Palmiere, Cortina, & Fitzgerald, 2002, p...women sexually, non-sexually, or both. The team evaluated subjects based on home environment, delinquency , sexual promiscuity, attitudes supporting...The findings suggest that “hostile childhood experiences affect involvement in delinquency and lead to aggression through two paths: hostile

  10. Targeted Magnetic Hyperthermia for Lung Cancer


    1171:583- 590 . 32. Colell, A., Ricci, J.E., Tait, S., Milasta, S., Maurer, U., Bouchier-Hayes, L., Fitzgerald, P., Guio-Carrion, A., Waterhouse, N.J...and spectroscopic detection with surface-enhanced Raman nanoparticle tags. Nat Biotechnol 2008;26(1):83e90. [7] Lee H, Lee E, Kim do K, Jang NK, Jeong

  11. Workplace Discrimination Outcomes and Their Predictive Factors for Adults with Multiple Sclerosis

    Roessler, Richard T.; Neath, Jeanne; McMahon, Brian T.; Rumrill, Phillip D.


    Because employment is a significant predictor of the quality of life of people with disabilities (Rumrill, Roessler, & Fitzgerald, 2004; Viermo & Krause, 1998), discrimination in the workplace that interferes with successful job acquisition or retention is a serious matter. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination is all too prevalent.…

  12. Reading "Gatsby"/Performing "Jazz": On Narrative Voice, Race, and Resistance.

    Rogers, Theresa


    Describes an experiment in pairing the novels "The Great Gatsby" (F. Scott Fitzgerald) and "Jazz" (Toni Morrison) in a teacher preparation class. Relates that the students (all European American) initially resisted "Jazz" and accepted "Gatsby" as a timeless classic. Includes responses about another Toni…

  13. The Technological Diegesis in "The Great Gatsby"

    Zhang, Mingquan


    This paper explores the technological diegesis in "The Great Gatsby." In the novel, Fitzgerald cleverly integrates the technological forces into his writing. He particularly relies on the two main props of automobile and telephone to arrange his fragmented plots into a whole. By the deliberate juxtaposition of men and women and machines…

  14. The Great Gatsby. [Lesson Plan].

    Zelasko, Ken

    Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby," this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students understand that adapting part of a novel into a dramatic reading makes students more intimate with the author's intentions and craft; and that a part of a novel may lend itself to various oral interpretations. The main activity…

  15. One High School English Teacher: On His Way to a Flipped Classroom

    Shaffer, Shelly


    This article describes a qualitative case study, conducted at a high school in the Southwestern United States, that follows a veteran teacher as he develops and implements a two-week unit on "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald using flipped classroom methods. The researcher collected data while the teacher used this method for the…

  16. The Great Gatsby en The Diamont as Big as the Ritz

    Scott Fitzgerald, F.


    The Great Gatsby has long been celebrated as the archetypal American novel, and its influence on later writers from J.D. Salinger to John OHara cannot be overestimated. Fitzgerald looks deeply into himself and his milieu to create the story of James Gatz, a self-educated nobody from Kentucky who has

  17. Mollified in Madison: Optimism in Contemporary American Literature.

    Vale, Geraldine R.


    Discusses difficulties in teaching/reading "depressing" twentieth-century American literature. Suggests that the underlying themes are not depressing, and illustrates this assertion with examples from Edith Wharton's "Ethan Frome" and F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." Provides an annotated list of 25…

  18. Archeological Testing at Four Sites on the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, Las Animas County, Colorado


    Although it is possible that the nails may have been used to stake materials such as a hide for drying or curing , no clear evidence of these activities...34Females are ’ absentee mothers’ and up to [thirty] hours may elapse between nursing bouts" (Fitzgerald et al. 1994:141). Desert cottontail may live

  19. Lapsesamm Trullist Dostojevskini / Vaapo Vaher

    Vaher, Vaapo, 1945-


    Tutvustus: Raitar, Maie ; Sööt, Andres. Konrad Mägi. Kunstnik. Looming. Aeg. Tartu : Ilmamaa, 2011 ; Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Maipüha. Tallinn : Eesti Raamat, 2011 ; Trull, Ilmar. Väike viisakas kärbes. Tallinn : Varrak, 2011

  20. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1960-1968. Part 1


    34 Furthermore, the general was "to evaluate what could be accomplished by the introduction of SE ATO or I hiited States forces into South Vietnam...Laotian Crisis, 1 Feb-31 Mar 61, pp. 42-43. See also Edward J. Marolda and Oscar P. Fitzgerald, The I hiited Slates Nary and the Yiclna in (’oiijlicl

  1. Plaadid / Rando Tooming

    Tooming, Rando


    Uutest plaatidest Back in the ESSR "From the Archives of Eesti raadio 1966-1982", The Donnas "Spend the Night", "Furure Sounds of Jazz vol. 9", Dino Saluzzi "Responsorium", The Clash "Essential Clash", Sly & Family Stone "Essential", Madonna "American Life", Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald "Ella & louis Again"


    Preferred Customer

    Absorption of arsenic in inhaled air borne particles is highly dependent on the ... study. Arsenic is found in the earth crust and the activities of underground mining involving ... electrons within the coil to flow in the closed annular paths. .... Cameron, N.; Fitzgerald, M.; Li, H.; Robin, J.; Yskollari, M.; Dodova, E. Measurement of.

  3. Seeking Justice for Sexual Harassment in Schools: Is Title IX the Only Option?

    Taylor, Kelley R.


    In its current term, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in "Fitzgerald v. Barnstable School Committee" (2007), a case involving alleged student-to-student sexual harassment between a kindergartner and a third grader. At first blush, the case is about unfortunate, alleged incidents of harassment of a young student while on the…

  4. Comparació de les dues traduccions al català de This Side of Paradise

    Trias i Freixa, Mireia


    En aquest treball es fa una anàlisi de This Side of Paradise, de Scott Fitzgerald, enfocada a avaluar les traduccions catalanes. A continuació, es comparen les dues traduccions existents: una de Francesc Parcerisas (Aquest costat del paradís, 1984) i l’altra de Josep Maria Fulquet (En aquest costat del paradís, 2003).

  5. DMPD: Interferon gene regulation: not all roads lead to Tolls. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available 16095970 Interferon gene regulation: not all roads lead to Tolls. Jefferies CA, Fit...zgerald KA. Trends Mol Med. 2005 Sep;11(9):403-11. (.png) (.svg) (.html) (.csml) Show Interferon gene regulation: not all roads... lead to Tolls. PubmedID 16095970 Title Interferon gene regulation: not all roads lead to

  6. Coefficient estimates of negative powers and inverse coefficients for ...

    and the inequality is sharp for the inverse of the Koebe function k(z) = z/(1 − z)2. An alternative approach to the inverse coefficient problem for functions in the class S has been investigated by Schaeffer and Spencer [27] and FitzGerald [6]. Although, the inverse coefficient problem for the class S has been completely solved ...

  7. Cell Survival After Exposure to a Novel Endodontic Irrigant


    healthy gingiva and no periodontal disease who underwent extraction of impacted third molars at the Department of Oral Surgery at the Louisiana State...Stanley HR, Fitzgerald RJ. The effects of surgical exposures of dental pulps in germ-free and conventional laboratory rats. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral...Pathol 1965;20:340–9. 2. Moller AJR, Fabricius L, Dahlen G, et al. Influence on periapical tissues of indigenous oral bacteria and necrotic pulp

  8. The Effect of Smear Layer Removal on Endodontic Outcomes


    pulpal and periapical disease (1). The goal of root canal treatment is to remove diseased pulpal tissue and reduce bacteria within the canal...Patients with a history of periodontal disease , previously initiated or previously treated, on antibiotic therapy or presenting with an acute apical...Fitzgerald RJ. The effects of surgical exposures of dental pulps in germ-free and conventional laboratory rats. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1965;20

  9. 2016 Service Academy Gender Relations Survey: Overview Report


    questions allows for more accurate estimation of prevalence rates (Fisher & Cullen , 2000). The 2016 SAGR specifically asks about behaviors that were against... Williams , Fitzgerald, & Drasgow, 1999). We note that the cross-sectional nature of the data in these sexual harassment studies does not permit... Cullen , & Turner (2003) showed that survivors were more likely to report when the assaults had characteristics that made them more “believable” (e.g

  10. The Disillusion of American Dream-Essay On“The Great Gatsby”



    “The Great Gatsby”, a fiction by Fitzgerald, is about the failure of the American dream. For the protagonist Gatsby, He is the true heir to American dream. He devotes his whole life to pursues his dream of romantic success without ever understand-ing that it has escaped him. Finally, he dies in his pursuit. His failure symbolizes the disillusion of American dream.

  11. The End of the American Dream——On the Tragedy of Gatsby


    The Great Gatsby is considered as F. Scott Fitzgerald' s most important book. This paper will concentrate on the symbolic meaning of Gatsby's tragedy-the end of the mythical American dream. Gatsby's personal experience approximates the whole of the American dream. This paper gives a detailed analysis on the formation of his dream,his great efforts in realizing his dream and his disillusionment.

  12. What Do Girls Do When Boys Are Away?

    Jamal Ali Assadi


    Full Text Available Rand’s triadic model is particularly germane to understanding Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair. I will discuss Fitzgerald’s characters, their worlds, and beliefs in terms of the conflicts between the three types of people: “Being,” “Having,” and “Doing.” I will also explain why Fitzgerald presents his characters the way he does and examine how Rand’s theory influences his narrative point of view.

  13. Pojetí Amerického snu ve Velkém Gatsbym Francise Scotta Fitzgeralda a v Americkém snu od Normana Mailera

    Kříž, Jonáš


    The thesis provides a comparative analysis of the American Dream's concept in the two essential pieces of American literature: Francis Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Norman Mailer's An American Dream. The theoretical part of the text focuses on the general definition of the American Dream and its development throughout the history of the United States. It aims at exposing the close relationship of the idea of the American Dream and the American national consciousness in terms of self...

  14. Constructed identities A Chronotopic reading of The Great Gatsby, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, and Mad Men

    Yndestad, Ingrid Rivedal


    This thesis aims to explore how the past figures in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (1925), Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1955), and in the AMC series Mad Men (2007-2015), written by Matthew Weiner. Focusing on the main protagonists in these works, namely Jay Gatsby, Thomas Rath, and Donald Draper, this thesis examines how the past makes itself valid in these characters' present lives and how it arguably affects their future lives. In do...

  15. Mercury speciation in coastal sediments from the central east coast of India by modified BCR method.

    Chakraborty, P.; Babu, P.V.R.; Vudamala, K.; Ramteke, D.; Chennuri, K.

    pervasiveness and adverse effects on wildlife and human health (US EPA, 1997). The high biomagnifications rate of Hg in food chain, makes this metal of the most environmental concern (Fitzgerald et al., 2007; Morel et al., 1998). Global oceans, coastal zones... been reported that coastal sediments act both as a sink and source for toxic metals (Chakraborty et al., 2012b). Sediment contamination in the coastal areas is a major environmental issue because of its potential toxic effects on biological resources...

  16. 2006 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Members: Report on Scales and Measures


    Originally a 15-item scale, the FS was adapted from an emotions scale by Folkman and Lazarus (1985) and measures the extent individuals assess sexually...152-175. Folkman , S., & Lazarus , R.S. (1985). If it changes it must be a process: Study of emotion and coping during three stages of a college...Questionnaire (SEQ-DoD). Military Psychology, 3, 243-264. Fitzgerald, L. F., Shullman, S., Bailey, N., Richards, M., Swecker, J., Gold, Y ., Ormerod

  17. International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials (22nd) (IPRM) held on 31 May-4 Jun 2010, at Takamatsu Symbol Tower, Kagawa, Japan


    Bergman. M. J. Choc . M. T. Bulsara, E. A. Fitzgerald. D. Smith. D. Clark. R. Thompson, C. Drazek. N. Daval. L. Benaissa, F. Augendre, "A high...architectures on a single-chip in order to optimize components with different optical properties. The execution of this integration strategy has...Chris Choc , and Charles H. Fields, "IF-sampling fourth-order bandpass AS modulator for digital receiver applications", IEEE Journal of Solid

  18. A Quantitative Analysis of Factors Affecting Retention of Female Aviators in U.S. Naval Aviation


    various reasons and is controlled by either US law or military regulations, and it equates to a basic quid pro quo scenario. The Navy offers the...Fitzgerald (2005) used time dependent modeling to investigate the effects of sexual harassment on turnover in the military. They discovered that to sexual harassment were likely to leave either the job or organization to escape it, depending on the extent of the perceived threat

  19. Selected Current Acquisitions and Articles from Periodicals


    OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTIES--COSTS. Military occupational specialty training cost handbook (MOSB). Indianapolis, Ind. : U.S. Army Finance and Accounting...UNITED STATES--ARMED FORCES--RECREATION-- FINANCE . United States. General Accounting Office. Morale, welfare, and recreation declining funds require...FRANCE O’Sullivan, Edmund. Roofless Money Heads West (Saudi prince buys Euro Disneyland ). MEED 38:2-3 Jun 17 󈨢. FUTURE FitzGerald, Mary C. The Russian

  20. A Naval Postgraduate Dental School Analysis of Initial Endodontic Treatment


    to prevent or heal disease , i.e. apical periodontitis . Accordingly, endodontic treatment outcomes can better be defined in reference to healing and...Janket S, Baird AE, Chuang S, Jones JA. Meta-analysis of periodontal disease risk and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral...appointment endodontic therapy in dogs ’ teeth with apical periodontitis . J Endod 2003;29:121-4. 27. Penesis VA, Fitzgerald PI, Fayad MI, Wenckus

  1. Borges y Calvino: La genesis de la novela Si una noche de invierno un viajero

    Tea Štoka


    Full Text Available El crítico italiano Cesare Segre1   adscribe la génesis de la novela de Calvino Si una noche de invierno un viajero al cuento de Borges Examen de la obra de Herbert Quain, que figura entre los trece cuentos de Ficciones (1944. En este cuento, Borges describe, analiza y comenta las novelas de Herbert Quain inventadas como si fueran obras literarias reales. Las emplaza al mismo nivel de realidad que las obras dramáticas de Shakespeare, las novelas de Henry James y Gustavo Flaubert.

  2. Om at oversætte Mead

    Willert, Søren


    George Herbert Mead har skrevet en rigtig dårlig bog, der dog også er en klassiker. "sindet, selvet og samfundet" er den blevet til i en udgivelsesklar dansk udgave- og oversættelsen er en historie i seig selv.......George Herbert Mead har skrevet en rigtig dårlig bog, der dog også er en klassiker. "sindet, selvet og samfundet" er den blevet til i en udgivelsesklar dansk udgave- og oversættelsen er en historie i seig selv....

  3. Deer forests, game shooting and landed estates in the South West of Ireland, 1840 - 1970

    Ryan, John M. (Sean)


    This thesis is concentrated on the historical aspects of the elitist field sports of deer stalking and game shooting, as practiced by four Irish landed ascendancy families in the south west of Ireland. Four great estates were selected for study. Two of these were, by Irish standards, very large: the Kenmare estate of over 136,000 acres in the ownership of the Roman Catholic Earls of Kenmare, and the Herbert estate of over 44,000 acres in the ownership of the Protestant Herbert family. The oth...

  4. Simon on Problem-Solving

    Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul

    as a general approach to problem solving. We apply these Simonian ideas to organizational issues, specifically new organizational forms. Specifically, Simonian ideas allow us to develop a morphology of new organizational forms and to point to some design problems that characterize these forms.Keywords: Herbert...... Simon, problem-solving, new organizational forms. JEL Code: D23, D83......Two of Herbert Simon's best-known papers are "The Architecture of Complexity" and "The Structure of Ill-Structured Problems." We discuss the neglected links between these two papers, highlighting the role of decomposition in the context of problems on which constraints have been imposed...

  5. Creating Space Plasma from the Ground


    AFRL-AFOSR-VA-TR-2016-0179 CREATING SPACE PLASMA FROM THE GROUND Herbert C Carlson UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY Final Report 05/12/2016 DISTRIBUTION A...DATE (DD-MM-YYYY) 05/14/2016 2. REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) 08/14/2012-05/14/2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Creating space plasma from...Report (2016) Creating Space Plasma from the Ground Grant FA9550-11-1-0236 AFOSR Program Manager Dr. Kent Miller PI: Herbert C. Carlson Center for

  6. Extended Abstracts. International Symposium on Halide Glasses (2nd), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA, 2-5 August 1983.


    Malibu, CA 90265 Phone: 0742 78555 Phone: (213)456-6411 William A. Sibley Herbert B. Rosenstock Physics Dept. Naval Research Laboratory Oklahoma State...INFRARED SPECTRA OF BaF2 CRYSTALS 43 THREE LOSS MECHANISMS IN HALIDE GLASS FIBERS Herbert B. Rosenstock* Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC 20375 As...Banerjee, H.S. Lipson, G. Fonteneau, J. Lucas, C.T. Moynihan, Appl. Optics 2L, 971 (1982). 3. D. Gloge, A.J. Marcatili, D. Marcuse , S.D. Personick, Ch. 4

  7. An analysis of the effect of STEM initiatives on socially responsible diversity management in the US aerospace and defense industry

    Johnson-Oliver, Patrick

    Workforce diversity is a growing concern at a global level and enlightened economic self-interest and corporate image compels industries to leverage it as a competitive advantage. The US aerospace and defense industry (US ADI) addresses workforce diversity through socially responsible diversity management. Prior research into the topic of approaching workforce diversity as a business rationale and a moral imperative has been limited. Scharmer and Kaufer's (2013) Theory U guided this longitudinal explanatory quantitative study, leading from the future as it emerged relative to socially responsible diversity management to compel industry to remove blind spots and co-create an economy that benefits all by promoting workforce diversity as a dual agenda. This study filled a research gap investigating the business case for diversity as a dual agenda in aerospace industry science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The study also investigated the America COMPETES Act as a moderator of the relationship between historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and industry. Data was retrieved for secondary data analysis from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other public government services and agency websites. Two hypotheses were tested using quantitative analysis including descriptive statistics, linear regression, ANOVA, and two factor analysis. The statistical results were analyzed and deductive logic employed to develop conclusions for the study. There was a significant relationship found between both predictors and socially responsible diversity management. The results reinforce the necessity for the aerospace defense industry to promote the dual agenda of the business case for diversity as complementary; not as competing mandates.

  8. Interpreting Definitions of Public Relations: Self Assessment and a Symbolic Interactionism-Based Alternative.

    Gordon, Joye C.


    Reviews several popular definitions of public relations; explicates the shared elements and assumptions inherent in these definitions. Presents an alternative conceptualization of public relations based upon Herbert Blumer's symbolic interactionism. Looks to stimulate questioning and self assessment and to introduce alternative goals, ideas, and…

  9. Fruit production and quality of guava 'Paluma' as a function of humic ...

    Fruit production and quality of guava 'Paluma' as a function of humic substances and soil mulching. Leonardo Fonseca da Rocha, Lourival Ferreira Cavalcante, Járisson Cavalcante Nunes, Antônio Gustavo de Luna Souto, Alian Cássio Pereira Cavalcante, Ítalo Herbert Lucena Cavalcante, Walter Esfrain Pereira ...

  10. Bounded Rationality, Emotions and Older Adult Decision Making: Not so Fast and yet so Frugal

    Hanoch, Yaniv; Wood, Stacey; Rice, Thomas


    Herbert Simon's work on bounded rationality has had little impact on researchers studying older adults' decision making. This omission is surprising, as human constraints on computation and memory are exacerbated in older adults. The study of older adults' decision-making processes could benefit from employing a bounded rationality perspective,…

  11. Description of Manufacture - Optical Elements for Five Control Instruments


    Locating Locating Shell,—The function of the locat- ing shell is to hold the lenses in the proper position during the blocking operation. Theo ...London: MäcMillan and Co., Ltd., 1931. Eisenhart , M. Herbert and Melson, E. W. "Development and Manufacture cf Optical Glass in America," Scientific

  12. It's about Time for Autism Reform Legislation in Utah

    Shiozawa, Brian J.


    On 3 April 2014, Governor Gary Herbert signed into law a health insurance reform bill that requires private insurers to cover autism therapy. Specifically, SB57 requires state-regulated health plans to cover applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. While early diagnosis and intervention can reduce the long-term cost of autism, families are finding…

  13. Quirks of dye nomenclature. 1. Evans blue.

    Cooksey, C J


    The history, origin, identity, chemistry and use of Evans blue dye are described along with the first application to staining by Herbert McLean Evans in 1914. In the 1930s, the dye was marketed under the name, Evans blue dye, which was profoundly more acceptable than the ponderous chemical name.

  14. Vil USA angribe Iran?

    Elling, Rasmus Christian


    Sammen med Mogens Lykketoft, Søren Espersen og Herbert Pundik stilles Rasmus Chr. Elling en række spørgsmål om hvordan Vesten bør handle ift. Irans atomenergiprogram og om faren for et amerikansk angreb på den islamiske republik....

  15. TBT recommends : Doctor Rockit. Vitas


    Eksperimentaalse elektroonilise muusika produtsent Matthew Herbert oma Big Bändiga 5. märtsil Tallinnas Sakala keskuses. Vene laulja Vitase heliplaadi "The Songs of My Mother" esitluskontsertidest 14. märtsil Vilniuses, 19. märtsil Riias ja 20. märtsil Tallinnas Vene Kultuurikeskuses

  16. Health Aspects of Adolescent Sex, 1982. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Aging, Family and Human Services of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources. United States Senate, Ninety-Seventh Congress, Second Session on Examination of the Alarming Increase in the Rate of Sexual Relations among Adolescents.

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources.

    These hearings begin with an opening statement by Senator Jeremiah Denton, which highlights the concerns of this hearing and introduces discussion panel participants: the Honorable Gordon J. Humphrey, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire; Herbert Ratner, former public health officer and editor of Child and Family Quarterly; Adele Hofmann, director,…

  17. Art Education and the Development of Self-Concept.

    Hausman, Jerome J.

    References are often made in art education literature about how art can enhance individuals' self-concepts. This document discusses the work of authors, Manuel Barkan, George Herbert Mead, and Sigmund Freud, who support this concept. Barkan's theory concerning how an individual's personality develops and changes by interacting socially is…

  18. Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnomethodology: A Perspective on Qualitiative Research.

    Soloski, John; Daley, Patrick J.

    Methods employed in social science research must be true to the phenomena under investigation. Both symbolic interactionism and ethnomethodology take everyday life as their fundamental premise. Symbolic interactionism, based primarily on the work of George Herbert Mead, is the peculiar and distinctive character of interaction as it takes place…

  19. What's New? Temporality in Practice Theory and Pragmatism

    Buch, Anders; Stjerne, Iben Sandal


    This chapter discuss two temporal approaches to social order that accentuate the role of novelty, change, and temporality in accounts of social organization, activity, and human action, namely, the pragmatist approach of George Herbert Mead and the practice theoretical approach of Theodore R...

  20. Bridging Identities

    Deaux, Kay; Burke, Peter


    Sociology and psychology are no strangers in the theoretical world of self and identity. Early works by William James (1890), a psychologist, and George Herbert Mead (1934), a sociologist, are often taken as a starting point by investigators in both fields. In more recent years, with the development of a number of identity theories in both fields,…

  1. Tæt på relationen

    Siersted, Mette


    sættes på begreb : teori og metode / Janne Hedegaard Hansen og Bent Madsen ; Velfærdsstaten i det moderne. Bent Madsen: Refleksion og fortolkning - i lyset af George Herbert Meads symbolske interaktionisme ; At beskrive praksis : fra empiri til praksisportræt. Med praksis som kilde til kundskab : otte...

  2. Getting an "Inside": The Role of Objects in Mead's Theory of Self.

    McCarthy, E. Doyle

    The paper examines George Herbert Mead's account of the individual's relation to the physical world. Mead (1863-1931) taught social psychology and philosophy at the University of Chicago from 1893-1931 and is best known for his theory of self. This theory maintains that the self is formed in a particular historical context and that it includes…

  3. A Social Behaviorist Interpretation of the Meadian "I."

    Lewis, J. David


    Argues that the two most common interpretations of the Meadian "I" in George Herbert Mead's theory of social self have failed to place the concept within the context of Mead's philosophy of social behaviorism. Stresses also that Mead's theory of social behaviorist interpretation is applicable to sociological inquiry when it is properly…

  4. Family Influence on Teenage Participation in School Activities.

    Cashion, Barbara G.; Dager, Edward Z.

    This paper is concerned with the relationship between social participation and family structure. A theory is developed in the framework of George Herbert Mead's analysis on the development of a consistent self in response to a generalized other. According to this theory, the influence of the family is implicated as one of the social-psychological…

  5. Homelessness in Modern Society: An Integration of Mead and Berger and Implications for a Paradigm of Mass Communication.

    Jones, Charlotte

    George Herbert Mead's theory of mind, self, and society is synthesized in this paper, as is the extension of that basic theory by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann. The paper argues that Mead's functionalist perspective, while rich and internally consistent, is naive in that it lacks a theory of institutions, and it shows how Berger and Luckmann's…

  6. Phenomenology and Symbolic Interactionism: Recommendations for Social Science Research.

    Johnson, Karen S.

    Commonalities between the philosophical perspectives of Alfred Schatz, a European phenomenologist, and George Herbert Mead, the father of symbolic interactionism, are discussed, and the two men's potential significance in social science research is examined. Both men were concerned with the question of the nature of social action, believing that…

  7. Democratic Citizenship and Service Learning: Advancing the Caring Self.

    Rhoads, Robert A.


    Discusses how service learning can promote the development of a "caring self" in college students by drawing on the ideas of John Dewey, George Herbert Mead, and contemporary critical theorists. Links this caring self to democratic citizenship and uses students' narratives to illustrate how it develops through service learning contexts.…

  8. En rejse i kommune 3.0

    Larsen-Nielsen, Inger Marie


    didaktiske nye betydning, forstået som design og facilitering af samskabelse, undersøges derfor i hovedafsnit 2.1 i lyset af den pragmatiske erkendelsesfilosofi (John Dewey og Georg Herbert Mead). På baggrund heraf bliver den nye faciliterende didaktik at forstå som et inspirerende læringspartnerskab, der...

  9. Different Personal Skills and Competencies Which Local Agricultural Advisers Can Use to Co-Create Change in Management Procedures: A Case-Study of Danish Dairy Farmers and Advisers

    Andersen, H. J.


    In this paper three different skills and competencies of the local agricultural adviser are described: "The specialist, the reflective specialist and the reflective listener". The skills and competencies are framed as potentials and theoretically rooted in the ideas of George Herbert Mead, Chris Argyris and Donald Schon. The empirical…

  10. Constructivism and Education: Education as an Interpretative Transformational Process

    Sutinen, Ari


    This paper provides an analysis of the ideas of John Dewey and George Herbert Mead with regards the relationship between experience, meaning, language and thinking. It discusses how experience, meaning, language and thinking are based on the creative and constructive actions of individuals. Unlike what is the case in so-called radical…

  11. Taking and Coordinating Perspectives: From Prereflective Interactivity, through Reflective Intersubjectivity, to Metareflective Sociality

    Martin, Jack; Sokol, Bryan W.; Elfers, Theo


    Despite being eclipsed in recent years by simulation theory, theory of mind and accounts of executive functioning, social-relational approaches to perspective taking and coordination based on the ideas of Jean Piaget and George Herbert Mead have never completely disappeared from the literature of developmental psychology. According to the…

  12. Følelser er kommentarer ..

    Willert, Søren


    Artikeloverskriften præsenteres som en nøgleformulering, der kan bygge teoretisk bro mellem forståelser af det menneskelige følelsesliv som afspejlet i henholdsvis (1) evolutionspsykologisk inspireret almenpsykologi med forankring i George Herbert Mead; (2) moderne psyko-biologisk emotionsforskning...

  13. Play's Importance in School

    Sandberg, Anette; Heden, Rebecca


    The purpose of this study is to contribute knowledge on and gain an understanding of elementary school teachers' perspectives on the function of play in children's learning processes. The study is qualitative with a hermeneutical approach and has George Herbert Mead as a theoretical frame of reference. Interviews have been carried out with seven…

  14. Reinterpreting Internalization and Agency through G. H. Mead's Perspectival Realism

    Martin, Jack


    Toward the end of his life, George Herbert Mead developed a theory of perspectives that may be used to reinterpret his social, developmental psychology. This paper attempts such a reinterpretation, leading to the emergence of a theory of perspective taking in early childhood that looks quite different from that which is assumed in most extant work…

  15. Meeting Generalized Others

    Strøbæk, Pernille Solveig; Willert, Søren


    Following George Herbert Mead, we contend that work-related organizational behavior requires continued negotiation of meaning – using linguistic, behavioral, and social tools. The meaning structures of the Generalized Other(s) of a particular employing organization provide the regulatory framework...

  16. Mead and Dewey: Thematic Connections on Educational Topics.

    Dennis, Lawrence J.; Stickel, George W.


    Common themes emerge from the writings of John Dewey and George Herbert Mead on four educational topics discussed here: (1) play; (2) science teaching; (3) history teaching; and (4) industrial education. Both men deplored the fragmentation of education and believed moral insight could be furthered through social understanding, science, and…

  17. Old Pain or New Pain: A Social Psychological Approach to Recurrent Grief.

    Brabant, Sarah


    Draws on work of George Herbert Mead to question premise that acute grief that continues or reoccurs two or more years following loss of loved one is pathological. Suggests that onset of intense pain years after loss may be response to "new" death or loss. (Author/NB)

  18. Professionalisme med innovativt potentiale

    Nielsen, Inger Marie

    To teoretiske sværvægtere bliver koblet sammen i Inger Marie Larsen-Nielsen arbejdspapir om professionalisme med innovativt potentiale. De to teoretikere er læringsteoretikeren John Dewey og socialpsykologen Georg Herbert Mead, som er sat sammen i en teoretisk forståelsesramme omkring professionel...

  19. Creativity as a Sociocultural Act

    Glaveanu, Vlad Petre


    The present article introduces, develops, and illustrates a perspectival framework for the creative process drawing on current developments within the cultural psychology of creativity and the social theory of George Herbert Mead. The creative process is conceptualized as a form of action by which actors, materially and symbolically, alone and in…

  20. System - kompleksitet - etik

    Willert, Søren


    Teksten er bygget op som følger: Jeg starter med fortællingen om hhv systemperspektivets, herunder socialkonstruktionismens, og kompleksitetsperspektivets historiske tilblivelse. Begge disse fortællinger rundes af med en fremstilling af de etiske grundlagsbetragtninger, som – i al deres forskelli...... samfundsfilosof og socialpsykolog George Herbert Mead (1863-1934) leverer vigtig teoretisk baggrundsinspiration til disse afsluttende brobygningsovervejelser....

  1. Visual Literacy: Implications for the Production of Children's Television Programs.

    Amey, L. J.

    Visual literacy, the integration of seeing with other cognitive processes, is an essential tool of learning. To explain the relationship between the perceiver and the perceived, three types of theories can be brought to bear: introverted; extroverted; and transactional. Franklin Fearing, George Herbert Mead, Martin Buber, and other theorists have…

  2. Integrating Operational Energy Implications into System-Level Combat Effects Modeling: Assessing the Combat Effectiveness and Fuel Use of ABCT 2020 and Current ABCT


    Endy M. Daehner, John Matsumura, Thomas J. Herbert , Jeremy R. Kurz, Keith Walters Integrating Operational Energy Implications into System-Level... George Guthridge, and Megan Corso for their clear guid- ance and assistance throughout the study. We also received valuable information and insights from...helped with processing modeling and simulation outputs. Laura Novacic and Donna Mead provided invaluable administrative assistance and help with

  3. A Constructive Task in Religious Education: Making Christian Selves.

    Anderson, E. Byron


    Discusses the self as socially constructed by comparing George Herbert Mead and Robert Kegan and then addresses the construction of the religious self by focusing on Mead, Kegan, and George Lindbeck. Considers the "theonomous self" (identity related to God). Concludes by discussing ecclesial practices that correspond to the theonomous…

  4. Consuming Anomie: Children and Global Commercial Culture. Research Note

    Langer, Beryl


    This article locates George Herbert Meads account of self-formation in the context of global consumer capitalism, in which the "generalized other" is constructed as a desiring consumer. It argues for a sociology of consumer childhood that, via Mead, takes children's agency as a given and explores the implications of their interaction with the…

  5. Educating Communal Agents: Building on the Perspectivism of G.H. Mead

    Martin, Jack


    In their search for more communal forms of agency that might guide education, contemporary educational psychologists have mostly neglected the theorizing of George Herbert Mead. In this essay, Jack Martin aims to remedy such oversight by interpreting Mead's social-psychological and educational theorizing of selfhood and agency through the lenses…

  6. The Emergence of Meaning during the Occasion of Performance.

    Buzza, Bonnie Wilson

    For those analyzing oral interpretation performance, the theory of Symbolic Interactionism can be used to explain two interrelated phenomena that occur during the performance: expanded understanding of the text (emergent meaning) and expanded understanding of oneself (development of the self-concept). George Herbert Mead, a founder of Symbolic…

  7. "Where is Everybody?" An Account of Fermi's Question

    Jones, E. M.


    Enrico Fermi's famous question, now central to debates about the prevalence of extraterrestrial civilizations, arose during a luncheon conversation with Emil Konopinski, Edward Teller, and Herbert York in the summer of 1950. Fermi's companions on that day have provided accounts of the incident.

  8. Tüüri ava(sta)mas, kuid mitte ainult / Igor Garšnek

    Garšnek, Igor, 1958-


    Kahest kontserdist Estonia kontserdisaalis - 4. märtsil ERSO ja Herbert Schuch (klaver) Olari Eltsi dirigeerimisel, kavas Tüüri Sümfoonia nr 8, Pärdi "Nekroloog" ja Ullmanni Klaverikontsert ning 10. märtsil Erkki-Sven Tüüri autorikontsert, kus esinesid Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoor ja Sinfonietta Riga Daniel Reussi juhatusel

  9. 78 FR 47317 - Ore Knob Mine Superfund Site; Laurel Springs, Ashe County, North Carolina; Notice of Settlement


    ... ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY [FRL-9843-3; CERCLA-04-2013-3759] Ore Knob Mine Superfund Site; Laurel Springs, Ashe County, North Carolina; Notice of Settlement AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency... settlement with Herbert N. Francis concerning the Ore Knob Mine Superfund Site located in Laurel Springs...

  10. 48 CFR 1352.233-70 - Agency protests.


    ... served upon the Contract Law Division of the Office of the General Counsel within one day of filing a... Contract Law Division shall be made as follows: U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of the General Counsel, Chief, Contract Law Division, Room 5893, Herbert C. Hoover Building, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue...

  11. 48 CFR 1352.233-71 - GAO and Court of Federal Claims protests.


    ... attachments, shall be served upon (i) the Contracting Officer, and (ii) the Contract Law Division of the... Claims. (c) Service upon the Contract Law Division shall be made as follows: U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of the General Counsel, Chief, Contract Law Division, Room 5893, Herbert C. Hoover Building, 14th...

  12. Sõrmuste isand Karl Fritsch / Merike Alber

    Alber, Merike


    Saksa ehtekunstniku Karl Fritschi (sünd. 1963) näitus "Metrosideros robusta. Ehted" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis kuni 29. VI. Karl Fritsch pälvis 2006. a. Francoise van den Boschi (hollandi ehtekunstnik, 1944-1977) auhinna, 1995. ja 2007. a. Herbert Hoffmanni preemia. Darling Publications kirjastas Karl Fritschist raamatud "Metrosideros Robusta" ja "Baby Brick"


    incidences of both neural tube defects and folate deficiency. .... As a general rule, patients with an Hb of .... abdominal pain (24%), loss of weight (6%>- loss of appetite .... homocystinaemia, possibly carrying an increased risk of .... Herbert V. Current concepts in therapy - megaloblastic anaemia- N Engl j Med 1963; ~.

  14. The Other Hall Effect: College Board Physics

    Sheppard, Keith; Gunning, Amanda M.


    Edwin Herbert Hall (1855-1938), discoverer of the Hall effect, was one of the first winners of the AAPT Oersted Medal for his contributions to the teaching of physics. While Hall's role in establishing laboratory work in high schools is widely acknowledged, his position as chair of the physics section of the Committee on College Entrance…

  15. “All Like and Yet Unlike the Old Country:” Kipling in Cape Town ...

    The Woolsack was commissioned by Cecil John Rhodes, mining magnate, sometime Cape prime minister and fervent builder of the British Empire. Designed by Rhodes's protégé, the architect Herbert Baker, this sunny atrium protected from the winds that buffet Devil's Peak was first occupied by that empire's most famous ...

  16. Representing experimental procedures through diagrams at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider : The communicatory value of diagrammatic representations in collaborative research

    Karaca, Koray


    The aim of this paper is to elucidate the use and role of diagrams in the design of present-day high energy physics experiments. To this end, drawing upon a prominent account of diagrammatic representations advanced by the cognitive scientists Jill Larkin and Herbert Simon, I provide an analysis of

  17. R-ES-ONANCE--IMay

    [2] Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins (Revised by Ian Stewart), Whatis. Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods, Oxford. University Press, 1996. [3] Thomas Hawkins,Lebesgue's Theory of Integration, Chelsea Publishing. Co., The Bronx, New York, 1975. [4] H ·L Royden,RealAnalysis, Prentice Hall ...

  18. The Knowledge-Based View Revisited

    Håkanson, Lars


    Two of Herbert Simon's best-known papers are "The Architecture of Complexity" and "The Structure of Ill-Structured Problems." We discuss the neglected links between these two papers, highlighting the role of decomposition in the context of problems on which constraints have been imposed as a gene...

  19. A theoretical reassessment of microbial maintenance and implications for microbial ecology modeling.

    Wang, Gangsheng; Post, Wilfred M


    We attempted to reconcile three microbial maintenance models (Herbert, Pirt, and Compromise) through a theoretical reassessment. We provided a rigorous proof that the true growth yield coefficient (Y(G)) is the ratio of the specific maintenance rate (a in Herbert) to the maintenance coefficient (m in Pirt). Other findings from this study include: (1) the Compromise model is identical to the Herbert for computing microbial growth and substrate consumption, but it expresses the dependence of maintenance on both microbial biomass and substrate; (2) the maximum specific growth rate in the Herbert (μ(max,H)) is higher than those in the other two models (μ(max,P) and μ(max,C)), and the difference is the physiological maintenance factor (m(q) = a); and (3) the overall maintenance coefficient (m(T)) is more sensitive to m(q) than to the specific growth rate (μ(G)) and Y(G). Our critical reassessment of microbial maintenance provides a new approach for quantifying some important components in soil microbial ecology models. © This article is a US government work and is in the public domain in the USA.

  20. What Has "Harry Potter" Done for Me? Children's Reflections on Their "'Potter' Experience"

    Dempster, Steve; Oliver, Alice; Sunderland, Jane; Thistlethwaite, Joanne


    This article reports findings from a small-scale focus-group study funded by the British Academy. Drawing on Herbert Marsh and Richard Shavelson's notion of "Academic Self-Concept" and David Barton and Mary Hamilton's view of literacy as context-specific social practices, the authors examine what young British "Harry Potter"…

  1. Naval War College Review. Volume 67, Number 1, Winter 2014


    english in about 1938, it has been published only in french. the original typescript docu- ment is in Manuscript Collection 91: Herbert rosinski...english typescript pp. 33–34). 24. Ibid. see a. t. Mahan, lessons of the war with Spain (boston: little, brown, 1899), pp. 78, 123–24; Mahan, life

  2. The Politics of Unreason : The Frankfurt School and the Origins of Modern Antisemitism

    Rensmann, Lars


    Although the Frankfurt School—most prominently associated with Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Leo Löwenthal and Herbert Marcuse—represents one of the most influential intellectual traditions of the 20th century, its multi-faceted work on modern antisemitism has so far largely been neglected. The

  3. Transitional Media Vs. Normative Theories: Schramm, Altschull, and China.

    Huang, Chengju


    Discusses how Wilbur Schramm's "Soviet" communist model and J. Herbert Altschull's "Marxist" approach have been widely used as general theoretical frameworks to examine press systems in the Marxist world in general and China in particular. Argues that neither of the two models is sufficient in conceptualizing the Chinese case…

  4. A Geology-Based Estimate of Connate Water Salinity Distribution


    poses serious environmental concerns if connate water is mobilized into shallow aquifers or surface water systems. Estimating the distribution of...groundwater flow and salinity transport near the Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD) surrounding Lake Okeechobee in Florida . The simulations were conducted using the...on the geologic configuration at equilibrium, and the horizontal salinity distribution is strongly linked to aquifer connectivity because

  5. 75 FR 57056 - Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge, Accomack...


    ... designated a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization... the National Park Service and the FWS, Assateague Island supports a growing tourism economy in the... Herbert H. Bateman Educational and Administrative Center, a green facility that opened in 2003, is the...

  6. Learning as a Machine: Crossovers between Humans and Machines

    Hildebrandt, Mireille


    This article is a revised version of the keynote presented at LAK '16 in Edinburgh. The article investigates some of the assumptions of learning analytics, notably those related to behaviourism. Building on the work of Ivan Pavlov, Herbert Simon, and James Gibson as ways of "learning as a machine," the article then develops two levels of…

  7. Promoting Reasoning through the Magic V Task

    Bragg, Leicha A.; Widjaja, Wanty; Loong, Esther Yook-Kin; Vale, Colleen; Herbert, Sandra


    Reasoning in mathematics plays a critical role in developing mathematical understandings. In this article, Bragg, Loong, Widjaja, Vale & Herbert explore an adaptation of the Magic V Task and how it was used in several classrooms to promote and develop reasoning skills.

  8. Developing Civil-Military Competencies Among Senior National Security Practitioners in Democratizing Latin America


    President Raul Alfonsin did not retaliate against the military. Nor did President Carlos Menem in the 1990s. There was no question in either of these...1 Herbert C. Huser, Argentine Civil-Military Relations: From Alfonsin to Menem (Washington, DC: National Defense University Press, 2002

  9. Behavioral economics: from advising organizations to nudging individuals

    Sent, E.-M.; Heukelom, F.


    This paper starts from a distinction between “old” and “new” behavioral economics. The former is associated with, amongst others, a Carnegie group around Herbert Simon and a Michigan cluster led by George Katona. The roots of the latter may be traced to the work of especially Amos Tversky and Daniel

  10. Rationality, perception, and the all-seeing eye

    Felin, Teppo; Koenderink, Jan|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/070864543; Krueger, Joachim I

    Seeing-perception and vision-is implicitly the fundamental building block of the literature on rationality and cognition. Herbert Simon and Daniel Kahneman's arguments against the omniscience of economic agents-and the concept of bounded rationality-depend critically on a particular view of the

  11. At the RF Lab (EF Division)


    Two 3.5 m long travelling-wave cavities were developed and designed as a part of the 800 MHz system for stabilizing a high-intensity proton beam in the SPS by Landau damping (see Annual Report 1979, p. 70). The photo shows the work progressing on the mechanical structure. Herbert Lengeler stands on the right.

  12. "I Had Made a Mistake": William H. Kilpatrick and the Project Method

    Knoll, Michael


    Background/Context: William H. Kilpatrick is known worldwide as "Mr. Project Method." Despite considerable scholarship by Lawrence A. Cremin, Herbert M. Kliebard, Milton A. Bleeke, John A. Beineke, and others, the origin of Kilpatrick's celebrated paper of 1918 has never been explored in depth and its historical context. Focus of Study:…

  13. 77 FR 24712 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License; Applicants


    ... Global Logistics LLC (OFF), 9816 Whithorn Drive, Suite B, Houston, TX 77095, Officer: Herbert R. Hogg, Operating Manager (Qualifying Individual), Application Type: New OFF License. Toyo Logistics America, Inc... Individual), Application Type: New NVO License. Choiceone Logistics, Inc. (NVO & OFF), 10025 NW 116th Way, 17...

  14. Caught in the Middle: Understanding Asian Pacific American Perspectives on Affirmative Action through Blumer's Group Position Theory.

    Inkelas, Karen Kurotsuchi


    This study examines Asian Pacific American undergraduates' views on affirmative action and their perspectives on U.S. race relations through Herbert Blumer's (1958) theory of group position. Results indicate that Asian Pacific American (APA) students may perceive other minority student applicants as inferior to APA applicants and feel threatened…

  15. Collection Development: Relaxation & Meditation, September 1, 2010

    Lettus, Dodi


    One of the first books to document the relationship between stress and physical and emotional health was "The Relaxation Response" by Herbert Benson, M.D., with Miriam Z. Klipper. Originally published in 1975, the book grew out of Benson's observations as a cardiologist and his research as a fellow at Harvard Medical School. Benson's study of…

  16. Not a rainbow but a river prospects for a nonracial future | Alexander ...

    ... the Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. Mahmood Mamdani was (and is) the Herbert Lehman Professor of Government at the School of International and Public Affairs and professor of anthropology, political science and African studies at Columbia University.

  17. Eventos de Agosto (August Events).

    Toro, Leonor; Pla, Myrna

    Written in Spanish, this booklet contains brief information on seven August events celebrated by Puerto Ricans: Herbert Hoover's birthdate (August 10); Acta del Seguro Social (Social Security Act, August 14); Julian E. Blanco (August 14), Enmienda 19 Sufragia de la Mujer (Amendment 19, Women's Suffrage, August 26); Benjamin Harrison (August 20);…

  18. Viewpoint: Transatlantic Scholarship on Victorian Literature and Culture

    Isobel Armstrong


    Full Text Available This viewpoint offers a comparison of recent British and American criticism of Victorian literature and culture, encompassing Dickens, Tennyson, the epic and ethical criticism. Discussion centres on recent studies by Sally Ledger, Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Cornelia Pearsall, Kirstie Blair, Simon Dentith, Herbert Tucker, Andrew Miller and Mike Sanders.

  19. Level of Aspiration, Risk-Taking Behavior, and Projective Test Performance: A Search for Coherence

    Lefcourt, Herbert M.; Steffy, Richard A.


    Correlations were obtained between level of aspiration, gambling, and projective test variables. Achievement oriented behaviors in the level of aspiration task and in the gambling task were related to each other, and both were related to the adequacy of response to sexual stimuli in projective testing. Reprints from Herbert M. Lefcourt, Department…

  20. Trace Analysis and Spatial Reasoning: An Example of Intensive Cognitive Diagnosis and Its Implications for Testing. September 1987. Technical Report.

    Ohlsson, Stellan

    Recent theoretical developments in cognitive psychology imply both a need and a possibility for methodological development. In particular, the theory of problem solving proposed by Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon (1972) provides the rationale for a new empirical method for the processing of think-aloud protocols--trace analysis. A detailed…

  1. Saving Our Seniors: Preventing Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation. Hearing before the Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session.

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Special Committee on Aging.

    In this report of a congressional hearing, testimony includes statements and prepared statements of these four senators: John Breaux, Larry Craig, Debbie Stabenow, and Herbert Kohl. Panel I is presented by the Acting Assistant Attorney General, United States (U.S.) Department of Justice. Panel II consists of individuals representing the National…

  2. Passionate Rationalism: The Role of Emotion in Decision Making

    Lakomski, Gabriele; Evers, Colin W.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to argue that emotion has a central role to play in rational decision making based on recent research in the neuroanatomy of emotion. As a result, traditional rational decision-making theories, including Herbert Simon's modified model of satisficing that sharply demarcates emotions and values from rationality…

  3. Zugriff auf Informationen in Wörterbüchern und anderen Informationswerkzeugen

    Bergenholtz, Henning


    In the middle of the nineteen seventies Herbert Ernst Wiegand discovered the lexicographic Yeti: The Dictionary User. This should not count as a discovery; Lexicography has always aimed to satisfy certain needs for information of certain user groups and many dictionaries and encyclopedias have do...

  4. Tundlikud ja tundelised / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : David Herbert Lawrence. Vikerkaar; Kazuo Ishiguro. Hõljuva maailma kunstnik; Vassil Bõkav. Toru; Torcuato Luca de Tena. Jumala käega; Roxanne Pulitzer. Carrie ja Gracie; Graham Robb. Victor Hugo; Scott Adams. Dilberti printsiip; Andrea Fehringer, Gerald Reischl, Clemens Stadlbauer. Sajandi suurimad pigilinnud; Gertrud Teusen. Jonniiga

  5. No Child Left Behind: A Neoliberal Repackaging of Social Darwinism

    Leyva, Rodolfo


    It is widely believed that the end of Nazism, and the postwar era brought an end to academic theories and discourses regarding inherent racial inferiority. There was little tolerance Hawkins (1997) argues, for biological justifications for racism, war, and exploitation. The infamous Social Darwinism of key intellectual Herbert Spencer, and its…

  6. Transportation Systems Center Bibliography of Technical Reports, July 1970 - December 1976,


    Systems Center. AD-733-763 Judith Gertler, Herbert Glynn, Vivian Hobbs, Frederick Interim Report. June 1971. 16p. Woolfall. AD-733-764 Air Traffic Control...of Deployment Cost Analysis .. .......... FAA-76-20 Airspace Control Environmnent Simulator - Final Report.... ............ .. TSC-131.3 *All- Wether

  7. What Simon says

    Heukelom, F.


    This paper provides an overview of the work of Herbert Simon and his ideas about rational decision making. By his own standards, Simon is an economist who works in the tradition of Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall. The central theme in Simon’s research is how human beings organize themselves in

  8. Assessment of diagnostic technology in health care: rationale, methods, problems, and directions

    Sox, Harold C


    ... Rationale, Methods, Problems, and Directions Harold Sox, Susan Stern, Douglas Owens, and Herbert L. Abrams Institute of Medicine NATIONAL ACADEMY PRESS WASHINGTON, D.C. 1989 Copyrightthe cannot be not from book, paper however, version for formatting, original authoritative the typesetting-specific the as from created publication files XML from...

  9. Euroopa tundmatud tshempionid / tõlk. Eva Rüütel


    Euroopa vähetuntud väikeettevõtetest, mis on üle maailma edu saavutanud - Essilor International, Vitra, Autoliv, Rexam, Herbert Kannegiesser, Antonio Zamperla, La Sportiva, Assa Abloy, Dassault Systemes, Tomra Systems, Technogym ja Kässbohrer All-Terrain Vehicles

  10. Eesti saatkonna ehitamisest Riiga 1938. aastal / Karin Hallas-Murula

    Hallas-Murula, Karin, 1957-


    Riiga Eesti saatkonna hoone rajamise katsest. Välisministeeriumi poolt Aleksander Nürnbergilt tellitud eskiisist. 1938. a. korraldatud arhitektuurikonkursist ja selle tulemustest (I preemia - Erich Jacoby ja Hermann Berg, II - Herbert Johanson ja Lorenz Johanson, 1939. aastast Lorenz Haljak, III - Elmar Lohk)

  11. Saksa vaim Kunstihoones


    Fotokunsti väljapanek "Ajastu vaim. Saksa moefotod 1945-1995". Kuraator F. C Gundlach. Esindatud kunstnikud Helmut Newton, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jürgen Teller, Charlotte Rohrbach, Norbert Leonard, Willy Maywald, Regi Relang, Hubs Flöter, Herbert Tobias, Rico Puhlmann, Will McBride, Charlotte March.

  12. Letters in this Issue


    Reforming the General Chemistry Textbook individual letters by Edward T. Samulski; Stephen J. Hawkes; Stephen J. Fisher; J. Stephen Hartman; A. R. H. Cole; Stanley Pine, Ronald Archer, and Herbert Kaesz; Jimmy Reeves; Robert Hill; and Brock Spencer, C. Bradley Moore and Nedah Rose. Re: article by R. J. Gillespie The author replies

  13. Åben og Rolig for Unge

    Westphael, Gitte; Krogh, Søren Christian; Jensen, Christian Gaden

    -14 deltagere) i samarbejde mellem Rigshospitalet og Herbert Bensons forskningsgruppe ved Harvard University (Jensen et al., 2015). Kurset afholdes af to psykologuddannede, certificerede instruktører og baseres på den biopsykosociale sundhedsmodel og sammensatte metoder, herunder meditation, kognitive øvelser...

  14. 76 FR 10004 - President's Export Council; Subcommittee on Export Administration; Notice of Open Meeting


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Bureau of Industry and Security President's Export Council; Subcommittee on... security and foreign policy reasons. Agenda 1. Welcome by Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and... Administration (PECSEA) will meet on March 10, 2011, 1 p.m., at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Herbert C...

  15. Three Models of Anthrax Toxin Effects on the MAP-Kinase Pathway and Macrophage Survival


    2005). Apic, Gordana, Tijana Ignjatovic, Scott Boyer , and Robert B. Russell. “Illuminating drug discovery with biological pathways,” FEBS Letters...Molecular Biology Reviews, 68(2): 320–344 (June 2004). Sauro, Herbert M. and Boris N. Kholodenko. “Quantitative analysis of signaling networks

  16. Security Force Assistance Logistics: The Key to Self-Reliance?


    ranks. In 1901 Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener incorporated these “armed native troops” into “scouting missions for his flying columns” and also used...advice; the result: a French military mission.”189 General Pierre Boyer and fourteen French officers arrived in 1824 with the mission to complete the

  17. Re-Imagining Spaces, Collectivity, and the Political Dimension of Contemporary Art

    Peters, Clorinde


    In a neoliberal moment of cultural production marked by commodification and the dominance of economic values, it is necessary to investigate the cultural, social, and aesthetic value of art. By examining Herbert Marcuse's aesthetic dimension, this article seeks to locate the political and pedagogic potential both in the aesthetics and in the…

  18. Behavioral Science in the Army: A Corporate History of the Army Research Institute


    we asked for; Andrea DeLaGarza of Editorial Experts, Inc., for her editorial assistance; Jean Lee, Inga Jackman , and Debbie Leon of ARI for their...HumRRO were General John E. Dahlquist, General Bruce C. Clarke, General Herbert B. Powell, and General Hugh P. Harris. From the 1960s to the early 1970s

  19. South African Medical Journal - Vol 85, No 3 (1995)

    Use of saliva as an alternative to serum for HIV screening in Africa · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Nkandu Luo, Francis Kasolo, Beth-Khumalo Ngwenya, Herbert L. du Pont, Alimuddin Zumla, 156-157 ...

  20. Adopting an Adaptive Architecture

    Ayres, Phil


    This thesis grounds itself upon two implicitly time-based assumptions: 1. Change is inevitable 2. Design is an iterative process Herbert Simon posits design as an engine of change. He states that design activity is the devising of ‘courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into pref...

  1. Cytotaxonomical studies on some Crocus L. taxa in Turkey



    Sep 15, 2009 ... The present study investigated the chromosome number and morphology of Crocus fleischeri Gay, C. pallasii Goldb subsp. pallasii, C. cancellatus Herbert subsp. lycius ... For identification of the plants, the book “Flora of Turkey” was used. (Mathew, 1984). Root tips of the plants were used for observing the ...

  2. An Assessment of Nonresponse Bias in Mail Surveys of Naval Personnel


    Hollowell, Ida Harloff, and Marge Covher. Special thanks are due to Jim Herbert who spent many hours keep- ing track of cases, tabulating, and...volunteering for psychological experiments has revealed that the type of experiment (Martin & Marcuse , 1958), the alterna- tives to participating...M., & Marcuse , F. L. Characteristics of volunteers and nonvol- unteers in psychological experimentation. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 1958

  3. Thanatos and Civilization: Lacan, Marcuse, and the Death Drive

    Cho, Daniel


    During the 1950s and 1960s two thinkers, Herbert Marcuse and Jacques Lacan, were conducting a "return to Freud" for very similar reasons. If the differences between them are often advertised, their affinities are less so. In this article, I examine how their "return to Freud" and fidelity to psychoanalysis serves as a common ground to read each in…

  4. Racism and Surplus Repression.

    Johnson, Howard


    Explores the relationship between Herbert Marcuse's theory of "surplus repression" and Freud's theory of the "unconscious" with respect to latent, hidden, covert, or subliminal aspects of racism in the United States. Argues that unconscious racism, manifested in evasion/avoidance, acting out/projection, and attempted…

  5. Finding Educational Insights in Psychoanalytic Theory with Marcuse and Adorno

    Huhtala, Hanna-Maija


    This article seeks to clarify the potential that Herbert Marcuse's and Theodor W. Adorno's psychoanalytic accounts may have with respect to the philosophy of education today. Marcuse and Adorno both share the view that psychoanalytic theory enables a deeper understanding of the social and biological dynamics of consciousness. For both thinkers,…

  6. The Existence of Violence in Nonviolent Protest Groups.


    Paul Sartre, and Herbert Marcuse . Although these writers are from a broad range of disciplines, they all agree that political violence is inevitable...sacrifice, the use of political M A 1, ’. - - .eI y. 34 violence is justified when personal freedom is at stake. Marcuse , Zinn, and Sartre all agree

  7. An X-Ray Source for Lithography Based on a Quasi-Optical Maser Undulator


    18, 1986, Edited by J. B. Godel, W. Marcuse and G. P. Williams, Brookhaven National Laboratory Report 52046. 2. In preparing this and the following...90278 Dr. Herbert S. Bennett Dr. John Booske National Bureau of Standards Energy Research Bldg. Bldg. 225, Rm. A352 University of Maryland Washington

  8. Reassessing Subjectivity, Criticality, and Inclusivity: Marcuse's Challenge to Adult Education.

    Brookfield, Stephen


    Although Herbert Marcuse did not write as an adult educator, his analysis of subjectivity, criticality, and inclusivity has implications for adult education. He demonstrated how apparently humanistic tolerance for diversity can be manipulated to reinforce dominant ideology, and he made a case for aesthetic education as a site for critical…

  9. Neoteny, Dialogic Education and an Emergent Psychoculture: Notes on Theory and Practice

    Kennedy, David


    This article argues that children represent one vanguard of an emergent shift in Western subjectivity, and that adult-child dialogue, especially in the context of schooling, is a key locus for the epistemological change that implies. Following Herbert Marcuse's invocation of a "new sensibility", the author argues that the…

  10. Chemistry Research of Optical Fibers.


    BROADENING IN OPTICAL FIBERS Herbert B. Rosenstock* Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC 20375 ABSTRACT A light pulse transmitted through a fiber...Marcatili, Marcuse , and Personick, "Dispersion Properties of Fibers" (Ch. 4 in "Optical Fiber Telecommunications," S. E. Miller and A. C. Chynoweth, eds

  11. Critical Social Theory: A Portrait

    Torres, Carlos A.


    The term Critical Social Theory is employed in this article following the tradition of the Frankfurt School, and particularly the work of Herbert Marcuse and his interpretation of the political and social philosophy of Hegel and Marx. Discussing the contribution of G.W.F. Hegel to social theory Marcuse argued that: "Hegel's system brings to a…

  12. Utopia and Education in Critical Theory

    Lewis, Tyson


    In this article the author examines the intimate connections between utopia and education in Frankfurt School critical theory. Although substantial links have been made in the critical pedagogy tradition between education, critique, and utopian dreaming, an in-depth analysis of the utopia-education matrix in the works of Herbert Marcuse, Theodor…

  13. An Archetypal Phenomenology of "Skholé"

    Kennedy, David


    In this essay David Kennedy argues that children represent one vanguard of an emergent shift in Western subjectivity, and that adult-child dialogue, especially in the context of schooling, is a key locus for the epistemological change that implies. Following Herbert Marcuse's invocation of a "new sensibility," Kennedy argues that the…

  14. The International Communist Movement: Origins and Trends


    of youth-who are the world’s future-are assisting in the downfall of the West and the establishment of the communist "new order" worldwide. Herbert ... Marcuse , the "New Left," and their followers are involved in this action. Destruction-that is the watchword of a madness that is sweeping the world. 16

  15. Critical Theory and Information Studies: A Marcusean Infusion

    Pyati, Ajit K.


    In the field of library and information science, also known as information studies, critical theory is often not included in debates about the discipline's theoretical foundations. This paper argues that the critical theory of Herbert Marcuse, in particular, has a significant contribution to make to the field of information studies. Marcuse's…

  16. Critical Thinking as Cultural-Historical Practice.

    Panofsky, Carolyn P.


    Explores critical thinking as it has been constructed in schooling and in dominant traditions of psychological theory, presenting a dialectical view of critical thinking suggested in the social and philosophical writings of critical theorists (e.g., Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse) and supported by the sociohistorical or cultural-historical…

  17. Repressive Tolerance and the Practice of Adult Education

    Brookfield, Stephen D.


    Herbert Marcuse's concept of repressive tolerance argues that behind the justification of tolerance lies the possibility of ideological domination. Tolerance allows intolerable practices to go unchallenged and flattens discussion to assume all viewpoints have equal validity. When alternative, dissenting views are inserted into the curriculum…

  18. Memory, Critical Theory and the Argument from History.

    Cox, J. Robert


    Explores the function of memory in critical theory, particularly in the work of Herbert Marcuse, as the basis for a critical argumentation. Argues that Marcuse's view suggests that argument is a "re-membering" of what had been split asunder--reason, imagination, and the capacity of action. Discusses other implications of Marcuse's…

  19. Writing to Read: A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Writing and Writing Instruction on Reading

    Graham, Steve; Hebert, Michael


    Reading is critical to students' success in and out of school. One potential means for improving students' reading is writing. In this meta-analysis of true and quasi-experiments, Graham and Herbert present evidence that writing about material read improves students' comprehension of it; that teaching students how to write improves their reading…

  20. Research Article ( New England Journal of Medicine ) A trial of a 7 ...

    Research Article (New England Journal of Medicine) A trial of a 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in HIV-infected adults. Neil French, Stephen B. Gordon, Thandie Mwalukomo, Sarah A. White, Gershom Mwafulirwa, Herbert Longwe, Martin Mwaiponya, Eduard E. Zijlstra, Malcolm E. Molyneux, Charles F. Gilks ...

  1. Restoring Law and Order: The Kentucky State Guard in the Black Patch War of 1907-1909


    Fulton, Galloway , Graves, Hickman, Hopkins, Livingston, Logan, Lyon, Marshall, McCracken, Simpson, Todd, and Trigg. The region’s name refers to the...Infernal Machine Addressed to Sanford Hall Found in Paducah Post Office,” September 28, 1908, Will Scott , “Herbert Hall Murdered: His Fate Told By

  2. Guns and Violence. Current Controversies.

    Kim, Henny H., Ed.

    This book focuses on gun violence and gun control, presenting both sides of arguments about firearms ownership and gun control. Each of five chapters poses a question about gun control and provides answers for both sides of the question. The following essays are included: (1) "Gun Violence Is Becoming an Epidemic" (Bob Herbert); (2) "Gun Violence…

  3. Toward a Broader Dialectic: Joining Marxism with Mailer to Forge a Multilectics That Advances Teaching and Learning

    Fellner, Gene


    I contrast the lenses that Norman Mailer, Herbert Marcuse, and Karl Marx bring to their analyses of social life, exploring the contributions and limits of their respective approaches. I then propose what I call a "multilectical" theoretical lens that encompasses the strengths of all three and leans on the insights of post-Marxist…

  4. Poola luule ime / Märt Väljataga

    Väljataga, Märt, 1965-


    Rets. rmt. : Różewicz, Tadeusz. Alati fragment / poola keelest tõlkinud Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : Hendrik Lindepuu Kirjastus, 2007; Herbert, Zbigniew. Valitud luuletused / poola keelest tõlkinud Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2008; Szymborska, Wislawa. Oma aja lapsed / poola keelest tõlkinud Hendrik Lindepuu. Laiuse : H. Lindepuu, 2008

  5. Race, Racism, and Darwinism

    Jeynes, William H.


    This article examines the views of Darwinist evolution on issues regarding race and how this contributed to the spread of racism in the United States. The writings of Charles Darwin and a myriad of his followers are examined, including Herbert Spencer, Francis Galton, and others. The influence of Darwinism in contributing to the growth of…

  6. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 100 of 705 ... Herbert Ernst Wiegand. Vol 17 (2007), Über Zugriffspfade in Printwörterbüchern. Ein Beitrag zur Schnittstelle von Benutzungshandlungen und Wörterbuchform, Abstract PDF. H Wiegand. Vol 27 (2017), Überlegungen zu einem neuen zweisprachigen phraseologischen Wörterbuch Deutsch–Rumänisch ...

  7. Timepiece: Extending and Enhancing Learning Time.

    Anderson, Lorin W., Ed.; Walberg, Herbert J., Ed.

    This publication offers suggestions for making more productive use of time, a scarce and valued educational resource. The chapter authors, authorities on the use of educational time, write about how to extend and enhance learning time within and outside schools. In "Productive Use of Time," Herbert Walberg describes how learning time can be…

  8. The Impact of Sociocultural Changes on the Youth’s Achievement Orientation in Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned

    S. Itafarida


    Full Text Available This essay is an attempt to show Fitzgerald's concern over the fate of the younger generation of the Twenties. Through Anthony's damnation in The Beautiful and Damned he tries to warn the younger generation against the danger of their hedonistic life. The values of hard work, investment, and self-restraint which used to be cherished no longer attract the youth's attention. On the contrary, they actualize their new-acquired freedom in parties, in drinking bootleg liquor, in their dancing mania, accompanied by the new rhythm of jazz music symbolizing their freedom.

  9. Photoshop CS5 restoration and retouching for digital photographers only

    Fitzgerald, Mark


    Adobe Photoshop CS5 Restoration and Retouching For Digital Photographers Only is the complete guide to restoration and retouching. Whether you're new to Photoshop, or if you've been using it for years, you'll learn lots of new tricks that will help put the beauty back into cherished family photos, and turn new photos into frameable works of art. Follow Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert Mark Fitzgerald as he guides you through the restoration and retouching workflows. Begin by learning about basic concepts, such as proper tonal and color adjustment, selections, and masking. Then learn t

  10. The Happy Beginning of Z The Belle,Weltbürgerin

    Anca Peiu


    Full Text Available The source of inspiration for my essay is Therese Anne Fowler’s book Z: A Novel by Zelda Fitzgerald,St. Martin’s Press, New York, 2013.  This exceptionally well documented volume is what made me start my own research of Zelda Fitzgerald’s original literary output. Linking facts to fiction (and Zelda’s non-fiction, as well as Gertrude Stein’s non-poetry, I have come to better understand and appreciate Therese Anne Fowler’s insight and hard work, dedicated to a tragic writer of the Roaring Twenties, better known under her mask as an emblematic flapper.

  11. Integrating student-focused career planning into undergraduate gerontology programs.

    Manoogian, Margaret M; Cannon, Melissa L


    As our global older adult populations are increasing, university programs are well-positioned to produce an effective, gerontology-trained workforce (Morgan, 2012; Silverstein & Fitzgerald, 2017). A gerontology curriculum comprehensively can offer students an aligned career development track that encourages them to: (a) learn more about themselves as a foundation for negotiating career paths; (b) develop and refine career skills; (c) participate in experiential learning experiences; and (d) complete competency-focused opportunities. In this article, we discuss a programmatic effort to help undergraduate gerontology students integrate development-based career planning and decision-making into their academic programs and achieve postgraduation goals.

  12. The current status of immunotoxins: an overview of experimental and clinical studies as presented at the Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins.

    Uckun, F M; Frankel, A


    The Third International Symposium on Immunotoxins was held on June 19-21, 1992 in Orlando, Florida. This symposium was sponsored by NATO, NIH, Pierce Chemical Company, Walt Disney Cancer Institute at Florida Hospital, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Xoma, Immunogen, Seragen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chiron, Ortho Biotech, Upjohn, Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, Abbot Laboratories, Lilly Research Laboratories, and Evans & Sutherland. The Pierce Immunotoxin Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to immunotoxin research and development, was presented to Drs David FitzGerald, Fatih Uckun, David Eisenberg, and Ira Wool, for their contributions to the immunotoxin field.

  13. Role of ionization fronts in the colliding wind model of planetary nebulae

    Giuliani, J.L. Jr.


    A similarity transformation is used to study the expansion of a planetary nebula which is driven by a fast stellar wind as well as an expanding H II region. The undisturbed gas is taken to be the remnant of a slow, red giant wind. The present analysis improves upon Kwok, Purton, and FitzGerald's colliding wind model for the formation of planetary nebulae since it includes the dynamical influence of ionization fronts, and calculates the variation of velocity and density within the flow

  14. Books in Action: Armed Services Editions


    there were two F. Scott Fitzgerald titles in ASE: The Great Gatsby and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories (a "made" book). It took me...hundred fifty-five thousand ASE copies of The Great Gatsby were distributed-as against the twenty-five thousand copies of the novel printed by Scribners...what he wrote about another war and found a great deal of comfort and reassurance. ’ Years later, Sand- burg inscribed the book for him. Special

  15. Retention Patterns for Army National Guard Units Attending the National Training Center


    which are more difficult, Table 2.1 NTC ROUNDOUT BATTALION SCHEDULE ARNG UNIT STATE DATES 1-108 AR GA 9-22 September 󈨗 2-136 INF (M) MN 19 April-8 May...1984 1-121 INF (M) GA 3-22 October 󈨘 2-121 INF (M) GA 18 March-6 April 󈨙 2-152 AR AL 1-20 June 󈨙 2-120 INF (M) NC 26 June-15 July 󈨙 3-156 INF...roundout unit to the 24th Infantry Division headquartered at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Elements of the unit are located in Tifton , Valdosta, Fitzgerald and

  16. Screening for autistic spectrum disorder at the 18-month developmental assessment: a population-based study

    VanDenHeuvel, A.; Fitzgerald, M.; Greiner, Birgit A.; Perry, Ivan J.


    VanDenHeuvel A, Fitzgerald M, Greiner B, Perry IJ. Screening for autistic spectrum disorder at the 18-month developmental assessment: a population-based study. Ir Med J. 2007;100(8):565-7. The objectives of this study were to assess the feasibility of administering the CHecklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT) at the 18-month developmental check, estimate the prevalence of screening positive for autism at the first and second administrations of the CHAT and estimate the prevalence of diagnos...

  17. G. H. Mead in the history of sociological ideas.

    da Silva, Filipe Carreira


    My aim is to discuss the history of the reception of George Herbert Mead's ideas in sociology. After discussing the methodological debate between presentism and historicism, I address the interpretations of those responsible for Mead's inclusion in the sociological canon: Herbert Blumer, Jürgen Habermas, and Hans Joas. In the concluding section, I assess these reconstructions of Mead's thought and suggest an alternative more consistent with my initial methodological remarks. In particular, I advocate a reconstruction of Mead's ideas that apprehends simultaneously its evolution over time and its thematic breadth. Such a historically minded reconstruction can be not only a useful corrective to possible anachronisms incurred by contemporary social theorists, but also a fruitful resource for their theory-building endeavors. Only then can meaningful and enriching dialogue with Mead begin. Copyright 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  18. Editorial Commentary: All-Suture Anchors, Foam Blocks, and Biomechanical Testing.

    Brand, Jefferson C


    Barber's biomechanical work is well known to Arthroscopy's readers as thorough, comprehensive, and inclusive of new designs as they become available. In "All-Suture Anchors: Biomechanical Analysis of Pullout Strength, Displacement, and Failure Mode," the latest iteration, Barber and Herbert test all-suture anchors in both porcine femurs and biphasic foam. While we await in vivo clinical trials that compare all-suture anchors to currently used anchors, Barber and Herbert have provided data to inform anchor choice, and using their biomechanical data at time zero from all-suture anchor trials in an animal model, we can determine the anchors' feasibility for human clinical investigations. Copyright © 2017 Arthroscopy Association of North America. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. A drifter for measuring water turbidity in rivers and coastal oceans.

    Marchant, Ross; Reading, Dean; Ridd, James; Campbell, Sean; Ridd, Peter


    A disposable instrument for measuring water turbidity in rivers and coastal oceans is described. It transmits turbidity measurements and position data via a satellite uplink to a processing server. The primary purpose of the instrument is to help document changes in sediment runoff from river catchments in North Queensland, Australia. The 'river drifter' is released into a flooded river and drifts downstream to the ocean, measuring turbidity at regular intervals. Deployment in the Herbert River showed a downstream increase in turbidity, and thus suspended sediment concentration, while for the Johnstone River there was a rapid reduction in turbidity where the river entered the sea. Potential stranding along river banks is a limitation of the instrument. However, it has proved possible for drifters to routinely collect data along 80 km of the Herbert River. One drifter deployed in the Fly River, Papua New Guinea, travelled almost 200 km before stranding. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Exploitation of political and technical scopes for free play. Energy conservation in buildings - part of a future-oriented energy policy; Politische und technische Handlungsspielraeume nutzen. Energieeinsparung im Gebaeudebereich - Teil einer zukunftsweisenden Energiepolitik

    Ehm, H. [Bundesministerium fuer Verkehr, Bau- und Wohnungswesen, Berlin (Germany)


    In April of this year, the section of architecture of the University of Kassel conferred on Professor Dr. Herbert Ehm, department head at the federal building ministry, the title of honorary doctor for his achievements in the sector of energy-saving construction. In his address given at the awarding ceremony, entitled 'Energy conservation in buildings - part of a future-oriented energy policy', the recipient underlined the necessity of energy conservation measures in buildings because of the current high energy consumption and outlined approaches. (orig.) [German] Im April dieses Jahres verlieh der Fachbereich Architektur der Universitaet/GSH Kassel Professor Dr. Herbert Ehm, Abteilungsleiter im Bundesbauministerium, die Ehrendoktorwuerde fuer seine Verdienste um das energiesparende Bauen. In seinem Festvortrag 'Energieeinsparung im Gebaeudebereich - Teil einer zukunftsweisenden Energiepolitik' unterstrich der Geehrte wegen des erheblichen Verbrauchs die Notwendigkeit der Sparmassnahmen im Wohnungsbau und skizzierte Loesungswege. (orig.)

  1. Antropologia fotografii Zdjęcia artystów w literackim ujęciu Wisławy Szymborskiej, Zbigniewa Herberta i Andrzeja Stasiuka

    Cezary Zalewski


    Full Text Available The article discusses transpositions of photographs of artists contained in W. Szymborska's works Znieruchomienie [Demotioning], Z. Herbert's Pan Cogito z Marią Rasputin - próba kontaktu [Pan Cogito with Mary Rasputin - an attempt to contact] and A. Stasiuk's Jadąc do Babadag (Going to Babadag. The common feature of these three presentations consists in depriving or levelling the biographical context thanks to which general musings on human nature become possible. They lead to a conclusion on the uprooted character of human condition, which becomes deprived of its home (Stasiuk, mother country and culture (Herbert and even corporality (Szymborska. Due to this, man appears as an unrecognisable being, possible to capture exclusively in the temporal categories.

  2. Phenomenological 'Verstehen' and interactionist 'sympathetic understanding': similarities and differences

    Verhoeven, Jef


    Herbert Blumer, albeit accepting some similarities, did see clear differences between "symbolic interactionism" and "phenomenology". His main criticisms concerned the introspection of phenomenology and consequently the solipsism of this approach. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity in this interview to go into this problem more thoroughly. I want to resume this discussion here. As far as I have been abie to determine, the topic has not yet been treated in detail elsewhere. There has been ...

  3. In gesprek met een 'behoudend kritisch' socioloog

    Verhoeven, Jef; Ruebens, Martin; Van Eyken, Monique


    ABSTRACT On the 13th of April 1987 Herbert Blumer died. This essay gives a description of the methodological ideas and the philosophy of science of this scholar, who invented the neologism "Symbolic interactionism" and contributed very much to the development of this approach. For this purpose use has been made of an interview with H. Biumer in 1980 by one of the authors. Biumer advocates a methodology guaranteeing a reliable knowledge of social reality. Research should start from an ac...

  4. Case series


    13 janv. 2015 ... Abstract. Les fractures du capitulum sont rares. Leur prise en charge initiale doit être précoce et efficace en raison des risques engendrés sur le coude : rigidité, instabilité, arthrose. De nombreux traitements ont été proposés. Notre étude décrit le vissage par vis d'Herbert pratiqué chez trois patientes ...

  5. DMA Modern Programming Environment Study.


    capabilities. The centers are becoming increasingly dependent upon the computer and digital data in the fulfillment of MC&G goals. Successful application...ftticrcsrccessors C140 by Herbert AlteroDigital Citmmuncaticns C141 0 Structuredl Design ’-:orkshocr by Ned Chapin KC 156o Digital Systems En17lrceriirg CC 139 o3...on a programming environment. The study, which resulted in production of a paper entitled An EXEC 8 Programming Support Libary , contends that most of

  6. Substanciniai ir procedūriniai praktinio racionalumo aspektai

    Norkus, Zenonas


    The article discusses the distinction between substantive and procedural rationality made by Herbert Simon, which has provided the conceptual framework for the empirical research on the boundaries of human rationality. In this research, two approaches with a different understanding of heuristics for cognition and choice are distinguished. In the first approach (David Kahneman, Amos Tversky), heuristics is interpreted as a source of the pathologies in human rationality. In the second (Gerd Gig...


    Дама Ибрагима


    Aim of this article - to analyze Hegel and Karl Marx’s classic bureaucracy theories and also Max Weber’s concept of rational bureaucracy and its development in the works of Herbert Simon, Robert Merton, Peter Blau and Michel Crozier. It shows that the above listed researchers only undertook a change of terminology within the same theoretical tradition. The article describes different approaches to the bureaucratic system of administrative schools of the late 1950s and early 1980s. Major concl...

  8. On Innovation, Instability, and Growth. A Review and an Interpretative Framework

    Pammolli Fabio


    In this paper I refer to and summarize the main findings of the stochastic benchmark developed together with S. Buldyrev, M. Riccaboni, and H.E. Stanley to analyze business firms growth and corporate dynamics. The framework encompasses the Gibrat's Law of Proportionate Effect and the growth process originally described by Herbert A. Simon as particular instances. The framework generates testable propositions along four different dimensions: i) firm size distribution, ii) the distribution of f...

  9. United States Navy Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Costs: A Preliminary Study


    inspiration to us, Cullen M. Greenfield, Cameron A. Ingram, Stephen A. Ures, Dana M. Herbert, James A. Prosser, Rachele A. Wharton, Alexander Kaczur...1ST LT JACK LUMMUS T-AK 6 15 8,785,619 42,392,055 24,070 116,143 PFC DEWAYNE T. WILLIAMS T-AK 4 28 5,080,970 28,210,371 13,920 77,289 SACAGAWEA T-AKE

  10. Bounded Rationality and Budgeting

    Ibrahim, Mukdad


    This article discusses the theory of bounded rationality which had been introduced by Herbert Simon in the 1950s. Simon introduced the notion of bounded rationality stating that while decision-makers strive for rationality, they are limited by the effect of the environment, their information process capacity and by the constraints on their information storage and retrieval capabilities. Moreover, this article tries to specifically blend this notion into budgeting, using the foundations of inc...

  11. Sixth International Workshop on Laser Physics (LPHYS 97) Volume 8, No. 1


    Microcavity Trap F. De Martini, O. Jedrkiewicz, and P. Mataloni Dipartimento di Fisica , Universita di Roma "La Sapienza," Istituto Nationale di...Fizica, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, Apartado 21827, Caracas 1020 A, Venezuela e-mail: Received August...Optics, Garching, Germany Herbert .Walther @ mpq. mpg. de Douwe A. Wiersma University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

  12. Coherent Operations, Entanglement, and Progress Toward Quantum Search in a Large 2D Array of Neutral Atom Qubits


    by Benjamin Bederson and Herbert Walther, pp. 95 –170. issn: 1049-250X. doi: 10.1016/S1049-250X(08)60186-X. [49] Nicolas Schlosser, Georges Reymond...144 Genetic Algorithm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 145 Nelder- Mead Simplex...from 2013-11-14-15-18-54. 90 Nelder- Mead optimizing readout frequency, power and time Readout frequency Iterations Python Controller Arroyo TEC and

  13. Cyberspace: A Selected Bibliography


    Implications of the Private Sector’s Role in Cyber Conflict." Texas International Law Journal 47, no. 3 (Summer 2012): 617-640. ProQuest Lucas, George R...Cyberspace." Proceedings: United States Naval Institute 137, no. 2 (February 2011): 32-37. ProQuest Lin, Herbert . "Escalation Dynamics and Conflict...Harold Hongju. "International Law in Cyberspace." USCYBERCOM [United States Cyber Command] Inter-Agency Legal Conference, Ft. Meade , MD, September 18

  14. Assessing socially situated participation: a way of integrating communication and social assessment approaches.

    Duchan, J F


    We have long treated communication and social assessment as related but separate domains. Theorizing by George Herbert Mead on "the social self" offers an alternative to this conceptual separation and a means of evaluating children's social interaction, social participation, and communication simultaneously. This article describes Mead's thinking and presents a framework for assessing children's social reciprocity, interactive stances, and role participation as they participate in everyday life contexts.

  15. Smart Power and U.S. National Strategy


    and Chauncey Wright (members of The Metaphysical Club) as well as John Dewey and George Herbert Mead . See http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Pragmatism...statecraft.54 Dennis Ross, State Department Director of Policy Planning under George H.W. Bush, sees statecraft in broad terms as “knowing how best to...the Creel Committee after George Creel its chairman, was created in April 1917 after the U.S. declared war on Germany. Creel defined the

  16. Collecting to Win: ISR for Strategic Effect


    Cryptologic History (Ft. George G. Meade , MD: National Security Agency, 1992), 1-143; Matthew M. Aid, The Secret Sentry: The Untold History of the National...United States Cryptologic History. Ft. George G. Meade , MD: National Security Agency, 1992. Norris, Pat. Spies in the Sky: Surveillance Satellites in...Submitted to the Faculty In Partial Fulfillment of the Graduation Requirements Advisor: Dr. Herbert L. Frandsen, Jr. 13 February 2014

  17. Minding the Gap: The Growing Divide Between Privacy and Surveillance Technology


    issues regarding evolving technology remain unaddressed. George Orwell saw government as big brother—all watching (Orwell, 1949). However, complex...action, and information. Within the broad realm of the literature on privacy, inclusive of the works of Thomas Locke through Margaret Mead , ( Herbert , 2011, pp. 448–450). Additionally, as newer technology emerges, the level and degree of the government’s physical intrusion into

  18. The Enemy Below: Preparing Ground Forces for Subterranean Warfare


    States of America (CSA). Under the command of Lieutenant General (LTG) Ulysses S. Grant, Major General (MG) George Meade’s forces waged a nearly...Additionally, in his statement he noted that General Meade and Grant’s chief engineer regarded the effort as nonsense; that a mine that length had...tomorrow, but we shall certainly change the geography.” Sir Herbert Plumer, 2nd Army Commander44 1. Introduction The Western Front was caught in a

  19. A Homeland Security Net Assessment Needed Now!


    George Washington University. Cilluffo argues that the DHS responds to most threats reactively and has only a limited capability for assessing...also the director of the NSA and the two organizations are both located at Fort Meade , Maryland, the two commands have dif- ferent missions and operate...12. 75. David Clark, Thomas Berson, and Herbert S. Lin, eds., At the Nexus of Cybersecurity and Public Policy: Some Basic Concepts and Issues

  20. How America Saved Italy and the World


    resources/ herbert -hoover-great- depression-and-new-deal-1931%E2%80%931933. Kennan, George writing as X. “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” in Foreign Affairs... George C. Marshall provided $13 billion in aid to rebuild European countries following World War II.24 The plan was also a natural outgrowth of a long...every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants – 118 Walter Mead , Special

  1. Let Slip the Dogs of (CYBER) War: Progressing Towards a Warfighting U.S. Cyber Command


    requirements, nor a headquarters building (it is currently housed within NSA facilities on Fort George G. Meade , MD).22 In addition, the DOD cyber...Information Conflict: National Security Law in Cyberspace (Falls Church, VA: Aegis Research Corporation, 2000); Herbert Lin, “Offensive Cyber Operations...this legislation was pocket-vetoed by then President George H.W. Bush due to a lack of consistency between the stated intent of the oversight

  2. Lost in Translation: The Importance of Retaining Army Sociocultural Capabilities in an Era of Persistent Conflict


    Operations Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ― George Santayana, The Life of Reason History provides more than enough...York: Dodd, Mead , 1980), 13. 79Takamae Eiji, Inside GHQ: The Allied Occupation of Japan and Its Legacy (New York: Continuum International, 2002), 93...response to the need to assess and unify the operations of the opinion agencies in Japan. 100 According to POSRs first director, Dr. Herbert Passin

  3. Development of Universal Controller Architecture for SiC Based Power Electronic Building Blocks


    SiC Based Power Electronic Building Blocks Award Number Title of Research 30 October 2017 SUBMITTED BY D R. HERBERT L. G INN, Pl DEPT. OF...Naval Research , Philadelphia PA, Aug. 2017. • Ginn, H.L. Bakos J., "Development of Universal Controller Architecture for SiC Based Power Electronic...Controller Implementation for MMC Converters", Workshop on Control Architectures for Modular Power Conversion Systems, Office of Naval Research , Arlington VA

  4. A Brief Survey of the Team Software ProcessSM (TSPSM)


    de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Siemens AG SILAC Ingenieria de Software S.A. de C.V...S.A. de C.V. Delivery Excellence Grupo Empresarial Eisei, S.A. de C.V. Herbert Consulting Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. Idea Entity Corp...SKIZCorp Technology Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) Software Park Thailand STPP, Inc. TOWA INTEGRADADORA S.A. de C.V. TRX

  5. Information Security: A Scientometric Study of the Profile, Structure, and Dynamics of an Emerging Scholarly Specialty


    analysis to study biotechnology research and development. Co-classification, according to McCain, relies on the interpretation of subject analysts...difficulties when mapping higher levels entities (e.g., specialties). Chen and Guan (2011) argued that nanotechnology, biotechnology , and pharmaceuticals... Magazine Communications of the ACM 56 (6): 48-53. Georgi, Christoph, Inga-Lena Darkow, and Herbert Kotzab. 2010. “The Intellectual Foundation of the

  6. Pathogenesis of Ovarian Serous Carcinoma as the Basis for Immunologic Directed Diagnosis and Treatment


    Trope§, Ben Davidson§, and Tian-Li Wang*† *Departments of Pathology, Gynecology, and Oncology, ‡Department of Biostatistics , The Johns Hopkins University...Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Piscataway, NJ) was used in the immunohistochemistry study. Immunohistochemistry was performed by standard...Eksir, 4 Daniel Egger, 2 James Geyer, 4 Brad H. Nelson, 5 Brad Stone, 6 Herbert A. Fritsche, 7 and Richard B.S. Roden 8 1Department of Biostatistics and

  7. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development - Winter 1992. Volume 29, Number 1, 1992


    70(4):206- NY 10021 212, 1991. Contact: Denis Brunt, EdD, PT, Physical Therapy, Univer- 146. Bonding of Hydroxyapatite -Coated Femoral Pros- sity of... Hydroxyapatite Contact: Charles A. Engh, Anderson Orthopaedic Research Ceramic Coatings. Furlong RI, Osborn JF. J Bone Joint Institute, 2445 Army Navy Dr...Proubasta IR , Lluch AL, 159. The Herbert Screw in Closed Reduction and J Bone Joint Surg 73- A(6):938-941. 1991. Internal Fixation of the Jones Fracture

  8. Bayesian Aggregation of Evidence for Detection and Characterization of Patterns in Multiple Noisy Observations


    Konstantin N Borozdin, Alexei V Klimenko, William C Priedhorsky, Nicolas Hengartner, Charles C Alexander, R Andres Cortez, Herbert G Tanner, and Xanthi... Tan - don, Rob MacLachlan, and Jay Jin. Presentation: Machine learning for effective nuclear search and broad area monitoring. ARI Annual Review, 2014...Distributed Constraints Reasoning (DCR09), at IJCAI, volume 9, 2009. [70] Di Tian and Nicolas D Georganas. A node scheduling scheme for energy

  9. Messiahs, pachacutis and prophets. The apocalypse or contingency discourse in Peru

    Lucero de Vivanco


    Full Text Available Facing the pervasive presence of an apocalyptic imaginariness in Peruvian narrative fiction, this article shows that the Apocalypse has also been evoked by “serious” or non-fictional discourses, primarily in order to interpret issues related to social and political contingency. From this position, the article reviews a series of political events along Herbert Morote’s Réquiem por Perú, mi patria, a literary essay that interprets national reality.

  10. Crisis and the Emergence of Illicit Markets: A Pragmatist View on Economic Action outside the Law

    Dewey, M.


    Although illicit exchange has also been an organized, silent, and ever-present response to harsh economic crisis, only protest and social movements have captured scholars’ attention. In order to fill this void, this paper analyzes the emergence of illegal markets under situations of social breakdown. I claim that an illicit market emerging under socio-economic crisis conditions might be understood as the result of a constant valuation process and the intervention of what Herbert Mead called “...

  11. Die soektog na 'n mitiese wêreld: Equatoria van Tom Dreyer

    RENDERS, Luc


    Equatoria (2006) is Tom Dreyer's third novel. It is a historical novel, which is situated in 1912 in the Belgian Congo. Equatoria makes use of an age old narrative pattern, namely the quest, and combines historical and mythological sources. Dreyer loosely bases his novel on the expedition of Herbert Lang and James Chapin to the Congo from 1909 to 1915. With the historical facts Dreyer creates a fictional world with strongly mythical overtones. The hunt for the elusive okapi is the focal point...

  12. Robert J. Aumann - matemaatikust Nobeli preemia laureaat / Peeter Puusemp

    Puusemp, Peeter, 1947-


    2005. a. Nobeli preemia majanduse alal silmapaistva panuse eest mänguteooria ülesannete lahendamisse saanud Robert J. Aumannist ja D. Saari loetelu matemaatikutest - Nobeli preemia laureaatidest: John Nash'ist, Herbert Hauptman'ist, John Pople'ist, Bertrand Arthur William Russell'ist, Kenneth Joseph Arrow'ist, Gerard Debreu'ist, Leonid Vitaljevitš Kantorovitš'ist, Reinhard Selten'ist, Jan Tinbergen'ist

  13. Data-Driven and Expectation-Driven Discovery of Empirical Laws.


    occurred in small integer proportions to each other. In 1809, Joseph Gay- Lussac found evidence for his law of combining volumes, which stated that a...of Empirical Laws Patrick W. Langley Gary L. Bradshaw Herbert A. Simon T1he Robotics Institute Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...Subtitle) S. TYPE OF REPORT & PERIOD COVERED Data-Driven and Expectation-Driven Discovery Interim Report 2/82-10/82 of Empirical Laws S. PERFORMING ORG

  14. Uudised : Loits. Kontsert. Moodne ooper. DVD


    Briti ekstreem-metal-ajakiri Terrorizer arvustas oma jaanuarinumbris Eesti bändi Loits albumit "Vere kutse kohustab". Eksperimentaalse house-muusika produtsent ja DJ, pianist ja helilooja Matthew Herbert ja bigbänd annab kontserdi Tallinnas ürituse "Jazz'n Motion" raames. 30. jaan. esietendub Antverpeni Flandria Ooperis itaalia helilooja Giorgio Battistelli kahevaatuseline moodne ooper "Richard III" (lavastaja Robert Carsen). 31. jaan. ilmub poplaulja Marc Almondi uus DVD "Sin Songs, Torch and Romance Live from the Almeida"

  15. U.S. Naval Strategy in the 1980s: Selected Documents


    Dr. Carnes Lord Managing Editor: Pelham G. Boyer Telephone: 401.841.2236 Fax: 401.841.1071 DSN exchange: 948 E-mail: Web...Naval War College, who provided valuable assistance in locating copies of the documents pub- lished here; Pelham Boyer , managing editor of the Naval War...Corbett and Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond, ed. James Goldrick and John B. Hattendorf (Newport, R.I.: Naval War College Press, 1993), pp. 141–75, with

  16. Acting and Collecting: Imagining Asia through material culture and musical theatre

    Peter Thorley


    This paper explores the link between Asian-inspired material culture and musical theatre through the collections of Anglo-Australian performer Herbert Browne (1895-1975). Brown played lead roles in 1920s Australian musical theatre productions of The Mikado and Chu Chin Chow and re-lived his connection with oriental theatre by collecting and responding to objects performatively in the Chinoiserie room of his Melbourne home. Oriental musical theatre blended exotic cultures and locales in visual...

  17. Adaptive information-theoretic bounded rational decision-making with parametric priors

    Grau-Moya, Jordi; Braun, Daniel A.


    Deviations from rational decision-making due to limited computational resources have been studied in the field of bounded rationality, originally proposed by Herbert Simon. There have been a number of different approaches to model bounded rationality ranging from optimality principles to heuristics. Here we take an information-theoretic approach to bounded rationality, where information-processing costs are measured by the relative entropy between a posterior decision strategy and a given fix...

  18. Kajian Estetika Bentuk Interior Restoran Pada Hotel Shangri-La Di Surabaya

    Salim, Yelly Monalisa


    Design of the restaurant in the hotel has a long life to represent the character of the hotel. Considering the atmosphere inside the restaurant which can be induced by social and environmental conditions. Shangri-La, one of the biggest hotels in Surabaya with Timeless Elegance legend that has some characteristics of fusion type restaurant with lounge, buffet, specialty and has a different special character, but still ongoing. Approach to the theory of aesthetic form of Herbert Read which refe...

  19. H. Marcuse. Cultura y represión, una renuncia a la felicidad

    Jhonathan Esneider Villegas Betancourth


    Full Text Available Este trabajo analiza el concepto de cultura afirmativa, introducido por Herbert Marcuse, y lo contrasta con otro concepto más amplio de cultura que este filósofo conceptualiza, producto de sus reflexiones en torno a Freud y su obra El malestar en la cultura. En esa perspectiva, se muestra cómo, desde Marcuse, es posible pensar, al menos teóricamente, en una cultura no represiva.


    Nicole Roessle Guiata


    Full Text Available The present rehearsal search to make a critical analysis of the process of Regulation of the Professional of Physical education using for that the German philosopher's Herbert Marcuse thoughts. Concluded through the dialogue with the writings marcuseanos that the system CONFEF / CREF is adaptations form the all the present irrational rationality in the capitalist society, and that still exists space for a Utopia based in the beginnings of a society truly free and emancipated.

  1. Effects of Strong Local Sporadic E on ELF Propagation.


    Huygens diffraction model (e.g., Marcuse , 1972). The model is similar to that used by Crombie. Unlike Crombie’s work however , the Fresnel approximation...40. Marcuse , D., “Light transmission optics ,” Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York , 1972. Papper t , R. A. & Moler , W. F., “A theoretica’ study of...ATTN Donald Dubbert O1 CY ATTN Herbert Rend University of IllinoisDepartment of Electrical Engineering Develco Urbana , IL 61803 530 Logue Avenue O2CY


    Adauto Lopes da Silva Filho


    Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende demonstrar a influencia do pensamento de Marx nas teses de Herbert Marcuse, um dos grandes representantes da Escola de Frankfurt. Ao mesmo tempo destaca alguns dos elementos aceitos e refutados por Marcuse acerca da teoria hegeliana. Os prolegômenos dessas questões são delineados com os fundamentos críticos da Escola de Frankfurt.

  3. De strijd om de richting van de Westerse cultuur

    E. Schuurman


    The struggle around the direction of Western culture Herbert Marcuse is the most important representative of the cultural revolution of the sixties of the twentieth century. He represents resistance against the scientific-technological ideal of the Enlightenment. His ideal of freedom has, nevertheless, the same roots. Since the Enlightenment Western culture has been characterised by a struggle between the freedom ideal and the scientific-technological control ideal. To lessen the tension we n...

  4. De strijd om de richting van de Westerse cultuur

    Schuurman, E.


    Herbert Marcuse is de belangrijkste vertegenwoordiger van de culturele revolutie van de twintigste eeuw. Hij vertegenwoordigt de weerstand in de Westerse cultuur tegen het wetenschappelijk-technisch ideaal van de Verlichting. Zijn vrijheidsideaal heeft niettemin dezelfde wortels. Sinds de Verlichting wordt de Westerse cultuur beheerst door de strijd tussen deze twee idealen. Om de strijd te verminderen en de spanning in de cultuur te laten afnemen, is een transformatie van de cultuur noodzake...

  5. Motivation Modeling: Influencing Subordinate Motivation and Organizational Effectiveness.


    William Morrow, Inc., 1985. E’luner , Herbert. Symbolic Interactionism : Perspective and Method. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1969. Bothwell...individuals are active and observing who profit from the experiences of others and store these observations symbolically for future use and regulate...Burns, J.M. Leadership. NY: Harper and iow, 1978. Purke, Kenneth. Language as Symbolic Action. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1969. Byrne

  6. Rukkikrahvi Sangaste loss / Airi Hallik

    Hallik, Airi, 1975-


    Sangaste lossi (arhitekt Otto Pius Hippius, ehitusmeister Rudolf Maag, 1879-1883) ajaloost, omanikest, arhitektuurist, parkmetsast, legendidest, Bergide suguvõsa vapist jm. Lossi lasi ehitada krahv Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg. Talli ja veetorni kavandasid Paul Alisch ja R. Bernhard. 2004. a. sai lossi haldajaks OÜ Lossihaldus. Lossi restaureerimisest, haldaja tulevikuplaanidest. Parkmetsa on püstitatud sammas metsaülemale Herbert Raap'ile. 18 ill

  7. Combining Radio and PIT-Telemetry to Study the Large and Fine-Scale Movements of Stocked and Wild Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) in a Northeastern Stream, Portugal

    Teixeira, Amílcar A. T.; Cortes, Rui M. V.


    Stream-resident salmonid movements have been the subject of numerous studies and their behaviour is relatively well-known (Harcup et al., 1984; Heggenes, 1988). For example, brown trout (Salmo trutta) is described as a sedentary species based on the behaviour displayed, often associated to the strong site attachment to a territory or home range (Bridcut & Giller, 1993; Armstrong & Herbert, 1997). Other salmonids like brook (Salvelinus fontinalis) (Roghair & Dolloff, 2005) and c...

  8. Den sundhedsskadelige bøn

    Geertz, Armin W.; Bjerrisgaard, Line Tviis


    At religion kan være sundhedsskadeligt er velkendt. Men at bøn også kan være det, er noget nyt. Herbert Benson, læge ved Harvard Universitet, har foretaget en storstilet videnskabelig undersøgelse af fjernforbøn på seks forskellige amerikanske sygehuse. Undersøgelsen viser - stik imod Bensons per...

  9. Njv Magazine 3 final


    alcohol). For six days post infection 0.1ml of blood was collected daily from all the rabbits between 9.0 and 10.0 am for parasites detection and estimation. At day 1 pre .... could be due to increase demand of the sub-fraction ... TABLE I: Estimated parasitemia per milliliter of blood using the method of Lumsden and Herbert ...

  10. O uso de heurísticas no estudo das decisões econômicas

    Adriana Sbicca


    Herbert Simon disseminated his bounded rationality approach in his vast academic production. The recognition of the complex environment and the cognitive limits led him to study about the use of heuristics in the decision-making. Around this idea, a new path to the study of human decisions has been developed. More recently, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky have analysed the relation between heuristics and biases of behaviour, and this approach has gained great space in the academic world. Thi...

  11. Veerenni asumi süda oli Lutheri vabrik / Robert Nerman

    Nerman, Robert, 1946-2015


    Tallinna kesklinnas Pärnu maantee, Tallinn-Narva raudtee ja Siselinna kalmistu vahel asuva piirkonna ajaloost. Lutheri puidutööstuse rajamisest. Hooned projekteeris arhitekt Erwin Bernhard. Juugendstiilis rahvamaja arhitektid olid Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren ja Eliel Saarinen. Keskhaigla töötajatele Herne tänavale rajatud elamute ning Tallinna Ühisgümnaasiumi hoone arhitekt oli Herbert Johanson

  12. Lidar Range-Resolved Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

    Weitkamp, Claus


    Written by leading experts in optical radar, or lidar, this book brings all the recent practices up-to-date and covers a multitude of applications, from atmospheric sciences to environmental protection. Its broad cross-disciplinary scope should appeal to both the experienced scientist and the novice in the field. The Foreword is by one of the early pioneers in the area, Herbert Walther.

  13. How relevant are Schiller’s concerns about commodification of information and class inequality in today’s world?

    Faludi, Orsolya


    In his book, ‘Information Inequality’ (1996) Herbert Schiller argues that, by the mid-1990s, information had become another commodity of the newly global political system of market capitalism and this development was instrumental in widening the gap between the poorest and the best off in American society. This paper reviews Schiller’s claims and examines its bearing on society in the decade and half since the publication of his book.

  14. Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Lower Ohio River Navigation Area, Illinois and Kentucky


    Pulaski Counties, Illinois. O.L. Baskins and Company, Historical Publishers: Chicago, IL. Robbins , Chandles S., Bertel Brunn, and Herbert S. Zim 196b...woodpecker (Campephllus principalis) ( Robbins et^ al . 1966). Faunal resources available from the Ohio River, the levee flank lakes, and the backwater...the area, occasional raids occurred (Müller and Davy 1977:31). These Indian raids were often bloody and cruel ( Baskin 1883:536-537) as rage and

  15. Juugendstiil / Mai Levin

    Levin, Mai, 1942-


    Suurte metropolide mõju. Heimatkunst. Kristjan Raua naivism. Ants Laikmaa pastellid. Paul Raud ja juugend. Eestlased Peterburis. Nikolai Triigi ekspressionismigeenidega stiilsus. Konrad Mägi lõõmavad värvid. Aleksander Tassa minimalism. Roman Nyman ja teatridekoratsioon. August Jansen ja Peet Aren ning vene maalikool. Herbert Lukk. Laikmaa õpilased. Varaküps Erik Obermann. Balder Tomasberg. Eduard Wiiralt. Jaan Koorti juugendlik algus. Tarbekunst

  16. Challenges in Computational Social Modeling and Simulation for National Security Decision Making


    34 Sociological Theory 25:268-291. Mead , George Herbert . 1913. "The social self." Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods 10:374-380...Coastal Science and Policy, and University Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Sociology with adjunct appointments in Biology...Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and formerly of the U.S. Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) to discuss the history and importance of

  17. Dynamic cyclical comovements of oil prices with industrial production, consumer prices, unemployment, and stock prices

    Ewing, Bradley T.; Thompson, Mark A.


    This paper examines the empirical relationship between oil prices and several key macroeconomic variables. In particular, we investigate the cyclical comovements of crude oil prices with output, consumer prices, unemployment, and stock prices. The methodology involves the use of the Hodrick-Prescott [Hodrick, R.J., Prescott, E.C., 1980. Post-War US Business Cycles: An Empirical Investigation. Working Paper, Carnegie Mellon University] and Baxter-King [Baxter, M., King, R.G., 1999. Measuring business cycles: approximate band-pass filters for economic time series. Review of Economics and Statistics 81, 575-593] filters, as well as the recently developed full-sample asymmetric Christiano-Fitzgerald [Christiano, L.J., Fitzgerald, T.J., 2003. The band pass filter. International Economic Review 44, 435-465] band-pass filter. Contemporaneous and cross-correlation estimates are made using the stationary cyclical components of the time series to make inference about the degree to which oil prices move with the cycle. Besides documenting a number of important cyclical relationships using three different time series filtering methods, the results suggest that crude oil prices are procyclical and lag industrial production. Additionally, we find that oil prices lead consumer prices. (author)


    Houle, Jason N; Staff, Jeremy; Mortimer, Jeylan T; Uggen, Christopher; Blackstone, Amy


    Sexual harassment has been theorized as a stressor with consequences for the physical and mental health of its targets. Though social scientists have documented a negative association between sexual harassment and mental health, few longitudinal studies have investigated the association between sexual harassment and depressive symptoms. Using longitudinal survey data from the Youth Development Study, combined with in-depth interviews, this article draws on Louise Fitzgerald's theoretical framework, stress theory, and the life course perspective to assess the impact of sexual harassment on depressive affect during the early occupational career. In support of Fitzgerald's model, our findings confirm that sexual harassment is a stressor that is associated with increased depressive symptoms. Our quantitative results show that women and men who experience more frequent sexual harassment at work have significantly higher levels of depressed mood than non-harassed workers, even after controlling for prior harassment and depressive symptoms. Moreover, we find evidence that sexual harassment early in the career has long-term effects on depressive symptoms in adulthood. Interviews with a subset of our survey respondents point to a variety of coping strategies and reveal further links between harassment and other aspects of mental health, such as anger and self-doubt.

  19. Regional IS Knowledge Networks: Elaborating the Theme of Relevance of IS Research

    Mikael Söderström


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the theme of the relevance of IS research. Based on recent experiments and experiences in the borderland between research and practice and politics we suggest some additions to the discussion of the IS research relevance in Fitzgerald (2001. One addition concerns relevance to whom, where we suggest considering a regional relevance through cultivation of regional IS knowledge networks. Such networks comprise regional knowledge production in collaboration between researchers and practitioners, and results are made public and tested in other organizations in addition to the research sites. This is closely related to the view of knowledge and research put forward by American pragmatism. A second addition is to complement Fitzgerald's suggestion to expose researchers to practice with the suggestion to expose practitioners to research. It is just as difficult to learn the 'true nature' of research from reading the executive summary in MIS Quarterly as it is to learn the 'true nature' of practice from a couple of interviews with practitioners. A regional IS knowledge network is an excellent opportunity for such double exposure.

  20. Blood Call and ‘Natural Flutters’: Xavier Herbert’s Racialised Quartet of Heteronormativity

    Liz Conor


    Full Text Available National belonging for Xavier Herbert was intimately tied to interracial sexuality. ‘Euraustralians’ (‘half-castes’ were for Herbert a redemptive motif that could assuage the ‘awful loneliness of the colonial born’ by which he hinted at the land claim of settler-colonials as spurious. Herbert’s exposure of the spectrum of interracial sex—from companionate marriage to casual prostitution to endemic sexual assault—in his novels Capricornia (1938 and Poor Fellow My Country (1975 was unprecedented and potentially game-changing in the administration of Aboriginal women’s sexuality under the assimilation era. But his deeply fraught masculinity was expressed through a picaresque frontier manhood that expressed itself through this spectrum of relations with Aboriginal women. For all his radical assertions of a ‘Euraustralian’ or hybrid nation, Herbert was myopic and dismissive of the women attached to the ‘lean loins’ he hoped it would spring from. He was also vitriolic about the white women, including wives, who interfered with white men’s access to Aboriginal women’s bodies. In this article I examine how Herbert’s utopian racial destinies depended on the unexamined sexual contract of monogamy and the asymmetrical pact to which it consigned white men and white women, and the class of sexually available Indigenous women, or ‘black velvet’, it rested on in colonial scenarios of sex.

  1. CBIOS Science Sessions - 2015 - Part I

    João Costa et al.


    Full Text Available Redox modulation by SOD mimics in renal cancer: from etiology to progression; Modulação redox por miméticos da SOD no cancro renal: da etiologia à progressão; João Costa. Role of the Notch pathway in female reproductive function; Papel da via Notch na função reprodutiva feminina; Daniel Murta; Marta Batista; Alexandre Trindade; Elisabete Silva; Luisa Mateus; António Duarte; Luís Costa. Skin permeation and in vivo antioxidant activity of gelatin nanoparticles; Permeação cutânea e actividade antioxidante in vivo de nanopartículas de gelatina; Camila Areias de Oliveira Isolation, modeling and phytosome forms of antiproliferative compounds from Plectranthus spp; Isolamento, modelação e formulações fitossomais de compostos antiproliferativos obtidos de plantas do género Plectranthus; Diogo Matias, Marisa Nicolai, A. S. Fernandes, Nuno Saraiva, M. Fátima Simões, Ana Diaz Lanza, Catarina Pinto Reis, Patricia Rijo. Role of SOD mimetics in breast cancer metastization; Papel de miméticos da SOD em metastização do cancro da mama; Ana Catarina Flórido. Royleanone derivatives from Plectranthus grandidentatus and its topical application through drug delivery nanosystems; Derivados de roileanona de Plectranthus grandidentatus e a sua aplicação tópica em nanossistemas para veiculação de fármacos; Filipe Pereira, M. J. Cebola, Rita Sobral, Ana Diaz Lanza, Lia Ascenção, Carlos Afonso, Catarina Pinto Reis, Patrícia Rijo. Research in dental veterinary medicine; Investigação em medicina dentária veterinária; João Filipe Requicha. Marek's disease virus (MDV ibiquitin-specific protease (USP performs critical functions beyond its enzymatic activity during virus replication; O papel das proteases específicas da ubiquitina na replicação viral e oncoginese induzida pelo virus da doença de Marek; Inês M.V. Veiga, Keith W. Jarosinski, Benedikt B. Kaufer, Nikolaus Osterrieder.

  2. [The function of analogies in natural sciences, also in contrast to metaphors and models].

    Hentschel, Klaus


    This introduction surveys the various functions of analogies in science, medicine and technology. The focus is on their heuristic importance. The productiveness of analogies is linked to the systematic depth and breadth of the established connections. Various examples are presented from different periods in the history of science, most notably Galileo; such late-Victorian Maxwellians as George Francis FitzGerald and Oliver Lodge; and Heinrich HERTZ and Niels BOHR. These examples are examined in terms of the specific differing temporal ranges of their claimed validities. They serve as evidence or counterevidence for various systematic analyses of analogies as put forward by various philosophers of science, most notably Francis Bacon, John Stuart Mill, Ernst Mach, Harald Høffding, Ernest Nagel, Mary Hesse and Peter Achinstein. The analytic framework for analogies supported here is what the cognitive scientist Dedre Gentner has termed structure-mapping.

  3. Linking Micro and Macro Levels

    Breidahl, Karen Nielsen; Fersch, Barbara

    shortcomings of this new perspective is the neglect of the on-going importance of the state for migration processes. Waldinger & Fitzgerald (2004) therefore propose that, instead of building upon one of the two paradigms (assimilationalism and transnationalism), migration research should investigate how state...... and migration processes intersect as an empirically open question. In this paper we argue that one dimension of the relevance of the state has been overseen in the debate so far, namely that institutional characteristics and experiences with state institutions in the receiving country can also become relevant...... when it comes to the migrants’ dispositions. The role and relevance of these policy feedback processes for the migrants’ orientations and values will be discussed with an outset in the Nordic welfare states (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) and their social policies as a case due to their ‘strong...

  4. Great Gatsby-the Disillusionment of American Dream



    American Dream is a mystery. It makes a lot of Americans prosperous, but also ruins some of them. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby is just such a character created to describe the disillusionment of the American Dream. Yet, his doom of failure results from his illusion actually. In this essay, we shall see how the American dream of Gatsby comes from illusion to disillusionment step by step. Besides, what kind of person Gatsby is and what kind of love Gatsby and his ideal love "Daisy" has are depicted in this essay to reveal the doom of Gatsby's dream. And a general understanding of the Jazz Age, the specific era Gatsby is set in, of the original sense of American Dream and also of the conflicts between two extreme classes in the face of the challenge of American Dream will make us clearer of how Gatsby - the tragic hero - met his fate.

  5. Fotometría y polarimetría de Lynga 1

    Brusasco, M. A.; Baume, G.; Vázquez, R. A.

    Se presentan los resultados de las observaciones fotométricas CCD-UBVRI hasta magnitud aproximadamente V = 18 y polarimétricas hasta V = 13 en la zona del cúmulo abierto Lynga 1. El mismo se halla en una dirección cercana a un remanente de supernova y fue estudiado previamente por Peterson y FitzGerald (1988) mediante fotometría fotoeléctrica. Se ha redeterminado el enrojecimiento, la distancia y la edad de dicho objeto. Se han hallado además los valores de las pendientes de las funciones de luminosidad y de masa comparándoselas con las de otros cúmulos de edades similares.

  6. Fotometría y polarimetría de Trumpler 21

    Giorgi, E.; Baume, G.; Vázquez, R. A.

    Se presentan los resultados de las observaciones fotométricas CCD-UBVI hasta aproximadamente magnitud V = 19 y polarimétricas UBVRI hasta V =13 en la región del cúmulo abierto Trumpler 21. El mismo se halla en una dirección cercana al remanente de supernova G307.6-0.3 y fue estudiado previamente por Moffat y Vogt (1973) y por Peterson y FitzGerald (1988) mediante fotometría fotoeléctrica de las estrellas más brillantes. Se ha redeterminado el enrojecimiento, la distancia y la edad de dicho objeto. Se han hallado además los valores de las pendientes de las funciones de luminosidad y de masa comparandoselas con las de otros cúmulos de edades similares.

  7. Joseph Rotblat: Moral Dilemmas and the Manhattan Project

    Veys, Lucy


    John Fitzgerald Kennedy famously said, "One man can make a difference and every man should try."1 Joseph Rotblat (1908-2005) was the quintessence of Kennedy's conviction. He was the only scientist who left Los Alamos after it transpired that the atomic bomb being developed there was intended for use against adversaries other than Nazi Germany. I explore Rotblat's early research in Warsaw and Liverpool, which established his reputation as a highly capable experimental physicist, and which led him to join the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos in 1944. I examine his motivation for resigning from the project in 1945, and the unwillingness of his fellow scientists to follow suit, which draws attention to the continuing discourse on the responsibility of scientists for the consequences of their research.

  8. La decision de Anne (2009: estudio de la creación de embriones genéticamente seleccionados para la curación de pacientes crónicos



    Full Text Available La decisión de Anne/ My sister´s keeper (2009 es una película de Nick Cassavetes que cuenta la historia de Anne Fitzgerald, una niña de 11 años que fue concebida para salvar a su hermana mayor, Karen, con Leucemia Promielocítica Aguda. Cuando se le plantea la necesidad de realizar un trasplante de riñón a su hermana enferma, Anne decide demandar a sus padres sobre los derechos de su cuerpo para no tener que someterse a ese procedimiento que puede condicionar para siempre su calidad de vida. Ante esta situación la madre de Anne comienza una lucha judicial contra la menor de sus hijas en un intento de disuadirla para que realice la donación aunque esto implique seguir siendo el soporte del que dependa la supervivencia de su hermana de forma indefinida.


    Lee Kum Chee


    Full Text Available This study examined the potential risks factors associated with sexually harassing behaviors within the framework of the four-factor model of sexual harassment. The factors examined are unprofessional work environment, skewed gender ratio in the workplace, knowledge of grievance procedure for sexual harassment, sexist attitudes among co-workers, privacy of workspace, physical attractiveness, dress manner of victims, job status, and sex roles. The dependent variable is incidence of sexual harassment which was evaluated using the Sexual Experience Questionnaire developed by Fitzgerald, Shullman, Bailey, Richards, Swecker, Gold, Ormerod, and Weitzman (1988. Data were collected from 657 women employees working in Malaysian organizations. The findings showed that the predictions of the four-factor model are also largely true in the case of the Malaysian workplace. The study also found that sexual harassment behaviors are fairly widespread in Malaysia.

  10. An introduction to tensor calculus, relativity and cosmology /3rd edition/

    Lawden, D. F.

    This textbook introduction to the principles of special relativity proceeds within the context of cartesian tensors. Newton's laws of motion are reviewed, as are the Lorentz transformations, Minkowski space-time, and the Fitzgerald contraction. Orthogonal transformations are described, and invariants, gradients, tensor derivatives, contraction, scalar products, divergence, pseudotensors, vector products, and curl are defined. Special relativity mechanics are explored in terms of mass, momentum, the force vector, the Lorentz transformation equations for force, calculations for photons and neutrinos, the development of the Lagrange and Hamilton equations, and the energy-momentum tensor. Electrodynamics is investigated, together with general tensor calculus and Riemmanian space. The General Theory of Relativity is presented, along with applications to astrophysical phenomena such as black holes and gravitational waves. Finally, analytical discussions of cosmological problems are reviewed, particularly Einstein, de Sitter, and Friedmann universes, redshifts, event horizons, and the redshift.

  11. Attractiveness of the underling: an automatic power --> sex association and its consequences for sexual harassment and aggression.

    Bargh, J A; Raymond, P; Pryor, J B; Strack, F


    One characteristic of men who sexually harass is that they are not aware that their actions are inappropriate or a misuse of their power (L. F. Fitzgerald, 1993a). We investigated the existence and automaticity of a mental association between the concepts of power and sex, and its consequences for sexual harassment tendencies. Using a subliminal priming paradigm, Experiment 1 demonstrated an automatic link between power and sex, and only for men high in the likelihood to sexually harass or aggress. In Experiment 2, male participants were unobtrusively primed with either power-related or neutral stimuli. For men likely to sexually aggress, but not other participants, attraction ratings of a female confederate were significantly higher in the power priming than the neutral priming condition.

  12. On the use of formulations in person-centred, solution-focused short-term psychotherapy.

    Fitzgerald, Pamela; Leudar, Ivan


    According to Carl Rogers, therapy must be non-directive in order to be effective. This means that the therapist needs to be trained to work within the clients' frame of reference and do so in their practice. Conversation analytic research, however, suggests that therapists who claim to practise non-directive, non-authoritarian therapy nevertheless exercise subtle means of influencing their clients (e.g. through active listening, see Fitzgerald and Leudar 2010). The questions are: what in practice counts as being non-directive and how (relatively) nondirective psychotherapy is accomplished in practice. The present paper focuses on formulations which are one of the therapist's most useful tools and we demonstrate how these are used to guide clients to think along lines conducive to change.

  13. Searching for otherness: the view of a novel.

    Magalhães, Susana; Carvalho, Ana Sofia


    The ethical issues concerning the use of PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) to select embryos of a particular HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) type are numerous. They arise from the potentially conflicting interests between those of the pre-existing child, the subject of a treatment which may be curative, and those of the sibling to be created, who cannot give consent to the donation, together with the problem of the destruction of potentially healthy embryos. This essay focuses on the web of vulnerabilities affecting the parents, the sick child and the "saviour sibling," while addressing three areas: science, bioethics and literature. The novel My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, provides the reader with an in-depth view of the conflicting interests and emotional problems that affect the Fitzgeralds, a family experiencing the pain of seeing one of their children dying while facing the tragic consequences of trying to save this child by having another offspring.

  14. Radioimmunoassay of human Hageman factor (factor XII)

    Saito, H.; Ratnoff, O.D.; Pensky, J.


    A specific, sensitive, and reproducible radioimmunoassay for human Hageman factor (HF, factor XII) has been developed with purified human HF and monospecific rabbit antibody. Precise measurements of HF antigen were possible for concentrations as low as 0.1 percent of that in normal pooled plasma. A good correlation (correlation coefficient = 0.82) existed between the titers of HF measured by clot-promoting assays and radioimmunoassays among 42 normal adults. Confirming earlier studies, HF antigen was absent in Hageman trait plasma, but other congenital deficient plasmas, including those of individuals with Fletcher trait and Fitzgerald trait, contained normal amounts of HF antigen. HF antigen was reduced in the plasmas of patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation or advanced liver cirrhosis, but it was normal in those of patients with chronic renal failure or patients under treatment with warfarin. HF antigen was detected by this assay in plasmas of primates, but not detectable in plasmas of 11 nonprimate mammalian and one avian species

  15. Us and Them: A Vision of Heroes on the Move in John McGahern’s Fiction

    Radler Dana


    Full Text Available Current explorations of migration in fiction focus on innovative perspectives, linking memory and trauma with the concepts of exile and conflict. Personal memories ask for an understanding of what belonging and identity represent for the Irish; immigration has hybrid and fertile links to memory studies, psychology and psychoanalysis (Akhtar, making the immigrant both love and hate his new territory, while returning to the past or homeland to reflect and regain emotional balance. From the focus on ‘the sexy foreigner’ (Beltsiou, we rely on the idea of crisis discussed by León Grinberg and Rebeca Grinberg, Frank Summers’ examination of identity, the place of the modern polis and the variations of the narrative (Phillips, the trans-generational factor (Fitzgerald and Lambkin, the departure seen as an exile (Murray and Said and the impact of guilt (Wills.

  16. Vaghezza e chiarezza: tradurre Il grande Gatsby

    Franca Cavagnoli


    Full Text Available La traduzione di The Great Gatsby (1925 di Francis Scott Fitzgerald, pubblicata da Feltrinelli nel 2011: dalla tensione fra lingua scritta e lingua orale all’alternarsi di registri linguistici assai vari nei dialoghi (formale, colloquiale, popolare, dalla difficoltà di seguire Fitzgerald nelle sue ellissi all’aderenza sia alle sue scelte stilistiche sia ai campi espressivi da lui prediletti, in particolare l’area semantica del mare, delle tenebre, dell’inquietudine. Nell’articolo entro nel dettaglio delle singole scelte traduttive – attraverso il confronto della traduzione con il testo fonte e la spiegazione delle decisioni prese – compiute all’insegna di una scelta di fondo, e cioè che il fine etico dell’atto traduttivo sia accogliere lo Straniero in quanto tale, affinché nel versare un libro nella propria lingua madre l’Altro resti Altro e il desiderio di tradurre non porti a sostituire il proprio all’altrui. The article retraces the path I followed in my translation, published by Feltrinelli in 2011, of Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925 – from the tension between the written and spoken languages to the wide diversity of registers (formal, colloquial, popular in the dialogues, from the difficulty of staying in step with Fitzgerald’s ellipses to the preservation of his stylistic choices and his favourite semantic fields, particularly those of the sea, of darkness and of restlessness. By comparing my translation with the source text and explaining the rationale behind my decisions, I will perform a thorough examination of my translation choices, which have been based on the tenet that the ethical aim of the translation act is to receive the Foreign as Foreign, so that when one turns a book into one’s own mother tongue the Other remains the Other and the wish to translate does not lead one to replace the Other with the Self.  

  17. Does filler database size influence identification accuracy?

    Bergold, Amanda N; Heaton, Paul


    Police departments increasingly use large photo databases to select lineup fillers using facial recognition software, but this technological shift's implications have been largely unexplored in eyewitness research. Database use, particularly if coupled with facial matching software, could enable lineup constructors to increase filler-suspect similarity and thus enhance eyewitness accuracy (Fitzgerald, Oriet, Price, & Charman, 2013). However, with a large pool of potential fillers, such technologies might theoretically produce lineup fillers too similar to the suspect (Fitzgerald, Oriet, & Price, 2015; Luus & Wells, 1991; Wells, Rydell, & Seelau, 1993). This research proposes a new factor-filler database size-as a lineup feature affecting eyewitness accuracy. In a facial recognition experiment, we select lineup fillers in a legally realistic manner using facial matching software applied to filler databases of 5,000, 25,000, and 125,000 photos, and find that larger databases are associated with a higher objective similarity rating between suspects and fillers and lower overall identification accuracy. In target present lineups, witnesses viewing lineups created from the larger databases were less likely to make correct identifications and more likely to select known innocent fillers. When the target was absent, database size was associated with a lower rate of correct rejections and a higher rate of filler identifications. Higher algorithmic similarity ratings were also associated with decreases in eyewitness identification accuracy. The results suggest that using facial matching software to select fillers from large photograph databases may reduce identification accuracy, and provides support for filler database size as a meaningful system variable. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved).

  18. Evidence for the assimilation of ancient glacier organic carbon in a proglacial stream food web

    Fellman, Jason; Hood, Eran; Raymond, Peter A.; Hudson, J.H.; Bozeman, Maura; Arimitsu, Mayumi L.


    We used natural abundance δ13C, δ15N, and Δ14C to compare trophic linkages between potential carbon sources (leaf litter, epilithic biofilm, and particulate organic matter) and consumers (aquatic macroinvertebrates and fish) in a nonglacial stream and two reaches of the heavily glaciated Herbert River. We tested the hypothesis that proglacial stream food webs are sustained by organic carbon released from glacial ecosystems. Carbon sources and consumers in the nonglacial stream had carbon isotope values that ranged from -30‰ to -25‰ for δ13C and from -14‰ to 53‰ for Δ14C reflecting a food web sustained mainly on contemporary primary production. In contrast, biofilm in the two glacial stream sites was highly Δ14C-depleted (-215‰ to 175‰) relative to the nonglacial stream consistent with the assimilation of ancient glacier organic carbon. IsoSource modeling showed that in upper Herbert River, macroinvertebrates (Δ14C = -171‰ to 22‰) and juvenile salmonids (Δ14C = −102‰ to 17‰) reflected a feeding history of both biofilm (~ 56%) and leaf litter (~ 40%). We estimate that in upper Herbert River on average 36% of the carbon incorporated into consumer biomass is derived from the glacier ecosystem. Thus, 14C-depleted glacial organic carbon was likely transferred to higher trophic levels through a feeding history of bacterial uptake of dissolved organic carbon and subsequent consumption of 14C-depleted biofilm by invertebrates and ultimately fish. Our findings show that the metazoan food web is sustained in part by glacial organic carbon such that future changes in glacial runoff could influence the stability and trophic structure of proglacial aquatic ecosystems.

  19. Syrio. A program for the calculation of the inverse of a matrix; Syrio. Programa para el calculo de la inversa de una matriz

    Garcia de Viedma Alonso, L.


    SYRIO is a code for the inversion of a non-singular square matrix whose order is not higher than 40 for the UNIVAC-UCT (SS-90). The treatment stands from the inversion formula of sherman and Morrison, and following the Herbert S. Wilf's method for special matrices, generalize the procedure to any kind of non-singular square matrices. the limitation of the matrix order is not inherent of the program itself but imposed by the storage capacity of the computer for which it was coded. (Author)

  20. The bounds of reason game theory and the unification of the behavioral sciences

    Gintis, Herbert


    Game theory is central to understanding human behavior and relevant to all of the behavioral sciences-from biology and economics, to anthropology and political science. However, as The Bounds of Reason demonstrates, game theory alone cannot fully explain human behavior and should instead complement other key concepts championed by the behavioral disciplines. Herbert Gintis shows that just as game theory without broader social theory is merely technical bravado, so social theory without game theory is a handicapped enterprise. This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. Reinvigorati


    Falla, Ricardo


    EL ARTISTA Y LA ÉPOCA: UN «HUAYCO» DE CREACIÓN COLECTIVA» RICARDO FALLA Hace aproximadamente 3 años [sic], apareció en Barranco el Taller de Arte «Huayco» EPS con el deliberado propósito de mostrar las esencias de nuestro ser nacional. Francisco Mariotti (36), María Luy (30), Charo Noriega (23), Mariela Zevallos (21), Herbert Rodríguez (21), Armando Williams (24) y juan Javier Salazar (25), integrantes de esta singular experiencia, decidieron apoyarse mutuamente para «crear una alternativa o ...

  2. Decision making process: a comparison between the public and private sector

    Igreja, Arthur Schuler da


    The problem of decision making, its mechanisms and consequences is the very core of management, it is virtually impossible to separate the act of manage from this knowledge area. As defined by Herbert Simon – "decision making" as though it were synonymous with "managing". A decision is a selection made by an individual regarding a choice of a conclusion about a situation. This represents a course of behavior pertaining to what must be done or what must not be done. A decision is the point at ...

  3. Squares of the natural numbers in radiation protection

    Parker, H.M.


    An informal history of radiation protection is given. The following topics are included: the discovery of x rays and their effects, the formation of the International Committee on X-ray and Radium Protection, the Manhattan Project and its plutonium aspects, dose limits and their origin, the increase in antinuclear writings, the publication of reports on radiation levels and effects, the role of the EPA in medical radiation, and the Oklo phenomenon. Recommendations for NCRP and ICRP actions are given. The publication also contains brief biographies of Lauriston S. Taylor and Herbert M. Parker

  4. Insertion profiles of 4 headless compression screws.

    Hart, Adam; Harvey, Edward J; Lefebvre, Louis-Philippe; Barthelat, Francois; Rabiei, Reza; Martineau, Paul A


    In practice, the surgeon must rely on screw position (insertion depth) and tactile feedback from the screwdriver (insertion torque) to gauge compression. In this study, we identified the relationship between interfragmentary compression and these 2 factors. The Acutrak Standard, Acutrak Mini, Synthes 3.0, and Herbert-Whipple implants were tested using a polyurethane foam scaphoid model. A specialized testing jig simultaneously measured compression force, insertion torque, and insertion depth at half-screw-turn intervals until failure occurred. The peak compression occurs at an insertion depth of -3.1 mm, -2.8 mm, 0.9 mm, and 1.5 mm for the Acutrak Mini, Acutrak Standard, Herbert-Whipple, and Synthes screws respectively (insertion depth is positive when the screw is proud above the bone and negative when buried). The compression and insertion torque at a depth of -2 mm were found to be 113 ± 18 N and 0.348 ± 0.052 Nm for the Acutrak Standard, 104 ± 15 N and 0.175 ± 0.008 Nm for the Acutrak Mini, 78 ± 9 N and 0.245 ± 0.006 Nm for the Herbert-Whipple, and 67 ± 2N, 0.233 ± 0.010 Nm for the Synthes headless compression screws. All 4 screws generated a sizable amount of compression (> 60 N) over a wide range of insertion depths. The compression at the commonly recommended insertion depth of -2 mm was not significantly different between screws; thus, implant selection should not be based on compression profile alone. Conically shaped screws (Acutrak) generated their peak compression when they were fully buried in the foam whereas the shanked screws (Synthes and Herbert-Whipple) reached peak compression before they were fully inserted. Because insertion torque correlated poorly with compression, surgeons should avoid using tactile judgment of torque as a proxy for compression. Knowledge of the insertion profile may improve our understanding of the implants, provide a better basis for comparing screws, and enable the surgeon to optimize compression. Copyright

  5. Are Media Personalisation and Public Value compatible?

    Sørensen, Jannick Kirk


    Public Service Broadcasters (PSBs) are currently challenged by emergence of personalised webservices on the commercial marked. These webservices let the user become editors through so-called ‘widgets'.  This paper examines as a case study how the Danish PSB ‘DR' relates to the editorial questions...... and design questions emerging through their implementation of a personalised widget-based webservice ‘'. The case-study of communicative properties of ‘' is related to the concepts ‘public value' and ‘personal value'. The concept ‘personal value' is subsequently analysed with Herbert Simon...

  6. Towards a Pragmatic Theory of Creative Practice

    Elkjær, Bente; Simpson, Barbara

    specifically on the works of John Dewey and George Herbert Mead, who developed these general Pragmatist principles in ways that directly inform practice.  Dewey concentrated particularly on relational dynamics, emphasising the continuous transactions between subjects and worlds in the situated construction...... of meanings.  He argued that inquiry, which he saw as synonymous with critical and reflective thinking, is the foundation of all constructive activity, and that creative thinking and action are generated by a forward-looking, anticipative mode of inquiry.  Mead contributed considerable analytical detail...

  7. Depleting Glycine and Sarcosine in Prostate Cancer Cells as a New Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer


    fluorescein labelled Annexin V. J Immunol Methods. 1995;184(1):39–51. 19. Mead RN, Ryu J, Liu S, et al. Supraphysiologic temperature enhances cytotoxic...Dauchy1, David E. Blask1,2, Steven M. Hill1,2, Brian G. Rowan1,2,3, George C. Brainard4, John P. Hanifin4, Kate S. Cecil4, Zhenggang Xiong5, Leann Myers6...leads to metastatic prostate cancer. Cancer Cell 2003;4(3):209–221. 30. Shappell SB, Thomas GV, Roberts RL, Herbert R, Ittmann MM, Rubin MA, Humphrey

  8. Walmart Supercenters a Suitable Alternative to Shopping at the Commissary for Eligible Military Patrons


    close commissaries was short lived. The Hoover Commission, led by President Herbert Hoover, was formed to look at Organization of the Executive...AFB (E;C;F;H) 4333 George St GA 31699 -83.208281 30.978815 8.17 0.51 2 7 39 1 1 1 Robins AFB (E;C;F;H) 215 Page Rd GA 31098 -83.587079 32.594073...miles # of Com w/in 100 miles Fort Meade (E;C;F;H) 4217 Roberts Ave MD 20755 -76.735308 39.116714 3.84 0.92 11 30 88 6 9 Goddard Space

  9. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2025


    George , James Meade , and Antonio Gramsci,” Modern China, No. 37, No. 6, 2011, pp. 646-660. 30. Contrast Zhou Xincheng (周新城), “历史在这里沉思—苏 联解体近  20...the Horizon,” pp. 52-54. 161 54. Ian Anthony, “The ‘Third Tier’ Countries: Production of Major Weapons,” Herbert Wulf, ed., Arms Industry Limited...policies of the George W. Bush admin- istration were very unpopular with regional elites and public opinion, weakening the U.S. position in the Asia

  10. Project AIR FORCE Modeling Capabilities for Support of Combat Operations in Denied Environments


    within the Air Force and OSD.7 First, we thank Generals Herbert Carlisle, PACAF/CC, and Janet Wolfenbarger, AFMC/CC, for sponsoring this work. Gen...A5X, Brig Gen (s) John Cherrey, AF/A5XS, Col Jordan Thomas, AFA5XS, Lt Col Nathan Mead , AF/A5XS, Col Rich Gannon, AF/A9F, Ray Miller, AF/A9FC...linear programming (LP), which was developed in the 1940s by George Danzig to solve problems relevant to military logistics. Setting up MIP is

  11. The Scandinavian Value Nihilists. The Crisis of Democracy in the 1930s and 1940s

    Johan Strang


    Full Text Available In the 1930s and 40s many theories were raised about some kind of connection between relativistic or nihilistic moral theories and the rise of totalitarianism in Europe. In Scandinavia these allegations were directed at the adherents of the value nihilistic theory of Axel Hägerström.This article explores the ways in which three democratically-minded followers of Hägerström (Ingemar Hedenius, Herbert Tingsten and Alf Ross struggled to overcome these charges and to reconcile their democratic convictions with Hägerström’s value nihilistic theory.

  12. The whole blood oxygen binding properties of a large but presumably sluggish polar elasmobranch, the Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus

    Steffensen, John Fleng


    ) is the most notable example. These extremely large and long-lived sharks are thought to be sluggish but their active hunting lifestyle has recently been questioned by the finding of mobile prey species in their stomach (i.e. squid, fish and seal). The whole blood oxygen binding property of S. microcephalus......Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry. Auckland, N.Z., December 2012. Herbert, N.A.1, Skov, p.V.l, Tirsgaard, B.z and Steffensen, J.F. Z Only a few species of elasmobranch live in cold polar waters and the Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus...

  13. Ursula a Quintessential Modern Woman in The Rainbow



    David Herbert Lawrence is one of the greatest novelists in the 20th century. In his novels, he portrays various types of women characters. Ursula Brangwen is a quintessential modern woman in The Rainbow and she shows the important characteris-tics of the western modern women. Being different from the traditional women, She is a rebelling woman and does not want to be bounded by conventions. She dares to condemn the religion, the Education system and the democracy. What's more, she pur-sues knowledge and freedom and strives for the value of self-realization, independence and individualism.

  14. MARCUSE CRÍTICO DE WEBER. A política no capitalismo tardio

    Vasconcellos, Caio Eduardo Teixeira


    O objetivo deste artigo é analisar aspectos da leitura de Herbert Marcuse da sociologia de Max Weber, privilegiando suas considerações sobre transformações na esfera política desencadeadas com o fim do período liberal do capitalismo. A partir de uma crítica imanente do pensamento weberiano, Marcuse correlaciona sua interpretação da imbricação entre a forma de dominação racional-burocrática e as lideranças de tipo carismático aos pressupostos materiais das sociedades modernas em seu decurso ta...

  15. Areeni aasta album 2001 / Andres Lõo

    Lõo, Andres, 1978-


    Areeni edetabel heliplaatidest: 1. N*E*R*D "In Search Of..."; 2. Moodymann "Forever-nevermore"; 3. Una Bomba "Aerosol"; 4. The Avalanches "Since I Left You"; 5. Blaze "Natural Blaze"; 6. Daft Punk "Discovery"; 7. The Strokes "Is This It"; 8. Cannibal Ox "The Cold Vein"; 9. Aphex Twin "Drukqs"; 10. Radiohead "Amnesiac"; 11. Super Furry Animals "Rings Around The World"; 12. The White Stripes "White Blood Cells"; 13. Ladytron "604"; 14. Spiritualized "Let It Come Down"; 15. Herbert "Bodily Functions"; 16. Mercury Rev "All Is Dream"; 17. Basement Jaxx "Rooty"; 18. Turin Brakes "The Optimist LP"; 19. Pulp "We Love Life"; 20. Mice Parade "Mokoondi".

  16. Teoría de la decisión individual bajo incertidumbre: algunas conexiones con la planeación estratégica.

    Montes Cortes, Federico


    En éste documento nos preguntamos por la posible compatibilidad entre una herramienta estadística en particular, la Teoría Bayesiana de la Decisión individual bajo la incertidumbre, con procesos de planeación estratégica a largo plazo en cualquier tipo de organización. Esta compatibilidad la buscamos a partir de las afirmaciones de dos autores en particular: Herbert SIMON y Henry MINTZBERG. In this document we wonder about the possible compatibility of a particular statistical tool, the Ba...

  17. Development and application of approaches in protein profiling for Nguni cattle

    Buthelezi, SG


    Full Text Available was repeated three times and it led to the highest amount of protein spots identified compared to the others and it will be adopted for downstream analysis. After method selection gels were ran and stained with the more sensitive SYPRO Ruby stain (Figures 3.... Analytical Biochemistry, 394:259-268. 2. Harry, J., Wilkins M. R., Herbert M. R., Packer N. H., Gooly., K. L. and Williams, K. L. 2000. Electrophoresis. Journal of Bioloy, 21:1071-1081 3. Xu, H., Hu, L., Chang, M., Jing, L., Zhang, X. and Li G. S. 2005...

  18. Värvikas Riigikogu / Lylian Meister

    Meister, Lylian, 1966-


    1920-1922 Herbert Johansoni ja Eugen Habermanni projekti järgi ehitatud Riigikogu hoonest. Saaliavade ja aknapõskede kujundamisel oli abiks Jaan Koort. 1935. a. rajati Alar Kotli projekti järgi lossi lõunatiib.Valge saal rekonstrueeriti 1936. a. Artur Perna ja Johann Ostrati kavandite järgi. Eesti taasiseseisvumise järel on hoonet Mart Kalmu, Leila Pärtelpoja, Mari ja Kaarel Kurismaa ning Ülar Saare juhendamisel renoveeritud. Riigikogu esimehe kabineti vaiba (1938) kavandas Adamson-Eric, kontorimööbli kujundasid 1997. a. EKA sisearhitektuuri üliõpilased L. Pärtelpoja juhendamisel. 23 ill

  19. Simon on problem solving

    Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul


    as a general approach to problem solving. We apply these Simonian ideas to organisational issues, specifically new organisational forms. Specifically, Simonian ideas allow us to develop a morphology of new organisational forms and to point to some design problems that characterise these forms.......Two of Herbert Simon's best-known papers are 'The Architecture of Complexity' and 'The Structure of Ill-Structured Problems.' We discuss the neglected links between these two papers, highlighting the role of decomposition in the context of problems on which constraints have been imposed...

  20. Eros and Thanatos: A Nondualistic Interpretation: The Dynamic of Drives in Personal and Civilizational Development From Freud to Marcuse.

    Kli, Maria


    The Freudian theory of drives gave prominence to the idea that there is an inherent principle of entropy, a tendency for dissolution of life, referred to as the Death drive, or Thanatos. Freud recognized a counterbalancing tendency for sustaining life, known as the Life drive, or Eros. The psychoanalytical expounding of the struggle of Eros and Thanatos in the context of the civilizational process sparked the philosophical critique of civilization. Although Freud tended to consider repression an indispensable dimension of this process, the author proposes in this paper that Herbert Marcuse's political critique took Freud's metapsychology further philosophically, suggesting a nondualistic interpretation of Freud's position.

  1. Deglycosylated Filovirus Glycoproteins as Effective Vaccine Immunogens


    protective, non-infectious vaccine against Ebola virus challenge 2 Nicholas J. Lennemann1, #, Andrew S. Herbert2, Rachel Brouillette1, Bethany Rhein1...for GP1 N-481 linked glycans. RBD is shown in red, glycan cap is shown in teal, GP2 is shown in tan , N-linked 482 glycans are shown in orange, and...glycans. RBD is shown in red, glycan cap is shown in teal, GP2 is shown in tan , N-linked glycans are shown in orange, and the MLD (not included in

  2. Simulación del crecimiento de aerobacter cloacae

    Alberto Duarte Torres


    Full Text Available EI propósito de este artículo es presentar los resultados obtenidos mediante la simulación del crecimiento de Aerobacter cloacae, con el programa: C:\\GWBASIClHERBERT.BAS, y analizar algunos factores tales como caudal, tiempo de retención y productividad, relacionados con el diseño y operación de reactores donde ocurren transformaciones bioquírnicas originadas par la acción de células vivas.

  3. What Simon says

    Floris Heukelom


    This paper provides an overview of the work of Herbert Simon and his ideas about rational decision making. By his own standards, Simon is an economist who works in the tradition of Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall. The central theme in Simon’s research is how human beings organize themselves in different structures of distributed decision making in order to achieve a degree of rationality that is higher than which can be attained by the individual. In this realm his main preoccupation are hiera...

  4. H.A. Welker and Pedagogical Lexicography

    Tarp, Sven


    The lexicographer Herbert Andreas Welker's book of more than 500 pages about pedagogical lexicography provides a panoramic overview of the various types of pedagogical dic¬tionaries as well as the corresponding theoretical literature. Welker's method is descriptive, with himself mainly an observer...... of lexicographical practice and a "collector" of — frequently opposed — opinions and ideas expressed by a large number of scholars. This method allows the reader to become acquainted with an important part of the most relevant literature on pedagogical lexico¬graphy which is presented in a systematic and condensed...

  5. Popper and Dingle on special relativity and the issue of symmetry

    Dotson, Allen Clark


    Karl Popper and Herbert Dingle engaged in a fascinating debate concerning the kind of theory the special theory of relativity is. One of the issues was whether applications of the theory could be made consistent with the principle of relativity, a cornerstone of the theory itself. The principle of relativity seems to imply some sort of symmetry in results obtained for similar experiments as observed in two different inertial reference frames. Peter Hayes has recently dealt with the Dingle-Popper debate on this matter, as well as other issues. The present paper seeks to clarify what kind of symmetry is appropriate in a situation discussed by Popper, Dingle, and Hayes.

  6. Rehabilitation R@D Progress Reports, 1992-1993. Volume 30-31


    Armstrong Laboratory AL/CFBS, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH 45433; School of Biomedical and Human Factors Engineering, Wright State...Ruth Gannon, MS; Herbert Andrew Leeper, PhD; Nancy Thomas-Stonell, BSc, DSP; Philip Doyle, PhD; Morris Milner, PhD; Ava-Lee Kotler , MSc Hugh MacMillan...Korres E 281 Kotler A 289 Kozak K 213 Kraft MR 371 Krag MH 216 Krajbich I 35 Kralj A 86 Krick H 8 481 Author Index Krouskop T 176 Kula J 215

  7. Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet

    Fuchs, Christian


    "This book contributes to the foundations of a critical theory of communication as shaped by the forces of digital capitalism. One of the world's leading theorists of digital media Professor Christian Fuchs explores how the thought of some of the Frankfurt School’s key thinkers can be deployed for critically understanding media in the age of the Internet. Five essays that form the heart of this book review aspects of the works of Georg Lukács, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Axel Honneth ...

  8. rKnowledge: The Spatial Diffusion of rDNA Methods

    Maryann Feldman; Dieter Kogler; David Rigby


    The 1980 patent granted to Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer for their development of rDNA technology played a critical role in the establishment of the modern biotechnology industry. From the birth of this general purpose technology in the San Francisco Bay area, rDNA-related knowledge diffused across sectors and regions of the U.S. economy. The local absorption and application of rDNA technology is tracked across metropolitan areas with USPTO patent data. The influence of cognitive, geographi...

  9. Syrio. A program for the calculation of the inverse of a matrix

    Garcia de Viedma Alonso, L.


    SYRIO is a code for the inversion of a non-singular square matrix whose order is not higher than 40 for the UNIVAC-UCT (SS-90). The treatment stands from the inversion formula of sherman and Morrison, and following the Herbert S. Wilf's method for special matrices, generalize the procedure to any kind of non-singular square matrices. the limitation of the matrix order is not inherent of the program itself but imposed by the storage capacity of the computer for which it was coded. (Author)

  10. Syrio. A program for the calculation of the inverse of a matrix; Syrio. Programa para el calculo de la inversa de una matriz

    Garcia de Viedma Alonso, L.


    SYRIO is a code for the inversion of a non-singular square matrix whose order is not higher than 40 for the UNIVAC-UCT (SS-90). The treatment stands from the inversion formula of sherman and Morrison, and following the Herbert S. Wilf's method for special matrices, generalize the procedure to any kind of non-singular square matrices. the limitation of the matrix order is not inherent of the program itself but imposed by the storage capacity of the computer for which it was coded. (Author)

  11. Hüpped modernismi poole II : 20. sajandi eesti kirjandusteadus Euroopa kirjandusteaduse taustal : 17. loeng : pagulasaastad III. Hilisem kirjandusuurimine Rootsis ja kirjanduslood / Tiit Hennoste

    Hennoste, Tiit, 1953-


    1970.-1980. aastatel ilmunud rootsieesti uurijate töödest ja kirjanduslugudest eesti kirjanduse kohta. Pikemalt Herbert Salu, Bernard Kangro, Valter Uibopuu, Ilmar Talve, Ilmar Laabani, Ivar Grünthali ja Ilmar Mikiveri uurimustest. Võõrkeelsetest ülevaadetest käsitletakse Jüri Kurmani, Raimond Kolga, Arvo Mägi ja Mall Jürma töid. Samuti on juttu eesti kirjandust uurinud välismaiste uurijate Friedrich Scholzi, Erik Thomsoni ja Ernest Howard Harrise töödest


    Jesús Díaz


    Full Text Available In this essay, an interpretation of the concept of freedom is intended, based on the Herbert Marcuse principles. The Marcusian theories do not conceive the possibility of freedom existence in a capitalist system. It is necessary to transform the society to be pacified, and its production process to be automated in a way to liberate man physical force from the alienating work. Free time is the necessary conclusion of freedom. “Androgenization” of human activity will determine the conclusion of the relationship between man and woman. Woman will bring her kindness, solidarity, tenderness, among others; so to produce feminization of human society.

  13. Présentation

    Stéphane Haber


    Full Text Available Les articles réunis dans ce dossier de la revue Astérion portent sur la première génération de la Théorie critique (dont Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse et Erich Fromm constituent sans doute les figures principales. Ils se concentrent plus précisément sur les contributions philosophiques qui marquèrent la période ouverte par l’accession de Horkheimer à la direction de l’Institut de recherches sociales (1931 et close par la publication en 1944 de Dialektik...

  14. Fragmented one dimensional man / El hombre unidimensional fragmentado

    Juan Antonio Rodríguez del Pino


    Full Text Available Paraphrase the title of the famous essay by Herbert Marcuse, since the image has traditionally been generated of man, masculinity, has been one-dimensional. I mean, the man was characterized by traits and behaviors established and entrenched since ancient time, considering all other distinguishing signs as mere deviations from the normative improper. But observe that this undeniable reality, as analyzed various researchers through what has come to be called Men's studies, has proven to be a fallacy difficult to maintain throughout history and today turns into fallacious and ineffective against changes in our current existing corporate models.

  15. Reseña de Feenberg y Friesen (Eds. (2011 (ReInventig Internet. Critical Case Studies

    Feliciano Castaño Villar


    Full Text Available Andrew Feenberg, discípulo de Herbert Marcuse, viene profundizando en la filosofía y teoría crítica de la tecnología, así como su relación con la ciencia y la democracia. Reflexiona sobre quién debe decidir sobre ciencia y tecnología, a quién debe servir y cuál es el rol de las políticas públicas e instituciones, comprometiéndose sin vacilaciones por la democratización de las mismas.

  16. Psychoanalysis and the community mental health movement.

    Croghan, L M


    Psychoanalysis and CMHM were once enemies. Psychoanalysis has made noteworthy advances toward the CMHM idea both in technique changes and in community involvement. It is possible that CMHM may finally reject all psychoanalytic contribution and face its future without a theory. If that takes place, the CMHM some day in its future may turn a corner and find itself face to face with the lonely, individual man, conscious of his past and fearful of the unexplained anxiety within him. It is then that the CMHM will find itself once again studying the works of Herbert Marcuse, Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud, and the psychoanalytic world.

  17. Alex Houen. Powers of Possibility: Experimental American Writing since the 1960s.

    Despoina Feleki


    Full Text Available After building a socio-political background on Fredric Jameson’s late capitalist postmodernism, Michel Foucault’s “biopolitics,” Herbert Marcuse’s “automatization” of social life and György Lukács’s “abstract” and “concrete” potentials, Alex Houen investigates in his work Powers of Possibility: Experimental American Writing since the 1960s (2012 the main political and technological events which have had a decisive impact on cultural production since the 60s in the U.S. Since Vietnam War, Col...

  18. Hüpped modernismi poole II : 20. sajandi eesti kirjandusteadus Euroopa kirjandusteaduse taustal : 16. loeng : pagulasaastad II. Institutsioonid ja kirjanikulood / Tiit Hennoste

    Hennoste, Tiit, 1953-


    Vaadeldakse positivismi piiridesse jäävaid kirjaniku- ja kirjanduslugusid, keskmeks Rootsis toimunu ja ilmunu. Pikemalt Bernard Kangro, Arvo Mägi, Karl Ristikivi, Helmi Elleri, Herbert Salu, Henno Jänese, Otto Alexander Webermanni, Peeter Lindsaare poolt kirjutatud kirjanikelugudest. Kirjanduslugudest käsitletakse põhjalikumalt Arvo Mägi uurimusi "Lühike eesti kirjanduslugu I-II", "Viron kirjallisuuden historia" ja "Estonian Literature. An Outline" ning Henno Jänese "Geschichte der estnischen Literatur". Eksiilkirjanduse ajalugudest vaadeldakse Ants Orase teost "Estonian literature in exile" ning Arvo Mägi, Karl Ristikivi ja Bernard Kangro raamatut "Eesti kirjandus paguluses 1944-1972"

  19. Focus: Bounded Rationality and the History of Science. Introduction.

    Cowles, Henry M; Deringer, William; Dick, Stephanie; Webster, Colin


    Historians of science see knowledge and its claimants as constrained by myriad factors. These limitations range from the assumptions and commitments of scientific practitioners to the material and ideational contexts of their practice. The precise nature of such limits and the relations among them remains an open question in the history of science. The essays in this Focus section address this question by examining one influential portrayal of constraints--Herbert Simon's theory of "bounded rationality"--as well as the responses to which it has given rise over the last half century.

  20. Mid-infrared spectroscopy of Uranus from the Spitzer Infrared Spectrometer: 1. Determination of the mean temperature structure of the upper troposphere and stratosphere

    Orton, Glenn S.; Fletcher, Leigh N.; Moses, Julianne I.; Mainzer, Amy K.; Hines, Dean; Hammel, Heidi B.; Martin-Torres, F. Javier; Burgdorf, Martin; Merlet, Cecile; Line, Michael R.


    On 2007 December 16-17, spectra were acquired of the disk of Uranus by the Spitzer Infrared Spectrometer (IRS), ten days after the planet's equinox, when its equator was close to the sub-Earth point. This spectrum provides the highest-resolution broad-band spectrum ever obtained for Uranus from space, allowing a determination of the disk-averaged temperature and molecule composition to a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. The temperature profiles derived from the Voyager radio occultation experiment by Lindal et al. (Lindal, G.F., Lyons, J.R., Sweetnam, D.N., Eshleman, V.R., Hinson, D.P. [1987]. J. Geophys. Res. 92, 14987-15001) and revisions suggested by Sromovsky et al. (Sromovsky, L.A., Fry, P.A., Kim, J.H. [2011]. Icarus 215, 292-312) that match these data best are those that assume a high abundance of methane in the deep atmosphere. However, none of these model profiles provides a satisfactory fit over the full spectral range sampled. This result could be the result of spatial differences between global and low-latitudinal regions, changes in time, missing continuum opacity sources such as stratospheric hazes or unknown tropospheric constituents, or undiagnosed systematic problems with either the Voyager radio-occultation or the Spitzer IRS data sets. The spectrum is compatible with the stratospheric temperatures derived from the Voyager ultraviolet occultations measurements by Herbert et al. (Herbert, F. et al. [1987]. J. Geophys. Res. 92, 15093-15109), but it is incompatible with the hot stratospheric temperatures derived from the same data by Stevens et al. (Stevens, M.H., Strobel, D.F., Herbert, F.H. [1993]. Icarus 101, 45-63). Thermospheric temperatures determined from the analysis of the observed H2 quadrupole emission features are colder than those derived by Herbert et al. at pressures less than ∼1 μbar. Extrapolation of the nominal model spectrum to far-infrared through millimeter wavelengths shows that the spectrum arising solely from H2