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  1. Kui kaugel on Peruu? / Ricardo Mateo Durand

    Durand, Ricardo Mateo


    Peruu Vabariigi aukonsul Eestis Ricardo Mateo Durand Eesti-Portugali diplomaatilistest suhetest, Eesti viisa hankimise raskustest Peruus, Lõuna-Ameerikast. Vt. samas Tiina Maiberg "Välisministeerium loodab saata Peruusse aukonsuli"

  2. [Felice Fontana precursor of neurosciences (author's transl)].

    Disertori, B; Piazza, M


    The A.A. insert the life and work of the naturalist and chemist Felice Fontana, born in Pomarolo (Trentino), in the frame of 18th century sciences, beside other great names of that century like Carolus Linnaeus, Réaumur, von Haller, Spallanzani, Morgagni, Priestley and Lavoisier. In the field of general biology, the discovery of nucleus and nucleolus and consequently the discovery of the eukaryotic cell, as we say in our days, in his, as well as the one of anabiosis. The A.A. enucleate and analyse the contributions of Fontana to the neurosciences; he has discovered the axon and the myelinic sheath half century before Remak and Purknije; he found out that the white matter of the brain is made of fibres alike those of nerves and the grey matter is made of globules (i.e. cells) mixed up with fibres; he discovered in the retina a part of coming out from the brain; he described the transversal bands of fibres of the skeletal muscles; he was the first to introduce into physiology the law of "all and nothing"; he attributed the irritability to the whole animal life; he identified the pupillar reflexes to the light, the reflex of accommodation, the consensual reflex, the psycho-emotive mydriasis and at last the myosis of sleep. He made experimental searches about nerves and recognised their regeneration, he enumerated various pathological intracranial masses, he made an important anatomopathological research about hydatid cyst in the brain of the sheep affected by "capostorno" and madness, he demonstrated their parasitical nature (he said that the hydated cysts were covered inside by small animals), he come out to formulate the hypothesis that some neuropsychiatric diseases of man can depend from similar aetiology. He declared that passions may have pathological effects (psyco-somatic aetiology), but he has also drawned the attention against the danager of aprioristical generalisation of neurogenical causes in all diseases. The A.A. give to Fontana the palm of precursor

  3. Ricardo, o tempo e o valor

    Rogério Arthmar


    Full Text Available O artigo revisa a evolução da teoria ricardiana do valor em sua conexão com o elemento tempo. Inicialmente, procede-se breve inspeção da primeira proposta de Ricardo para a lei geral das trocas. Contempla-se, a seguir, uma ilustração numérica da fórmula original dos preços competitivos, esclarecendo-se como o fator tempo surgiu nas discussões sobre a teoria desenvolvida nos Principles. Examina-se ainda a versão simplificada da regra do valor introduzida na terceira edição do livro, assim como a proposição ricardiana fundamental de que as variações nos lucros teriam impacto mínimo nos preços. Mostra-se, na última seção, que a generalização do exemplo concebido por Ricardo, incluindo processos produtivos com múltiplos períodos, não sustenta tal asserção.

  4. InterClone hotell / Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio

    Diller, Elizabeth


    Reklaamikampaania fiktiivsele hotelliketile. Algne installatsioon Attatürki lennujaamas Istanbuli biennaalil 1997. Autorid ameerika arhitektid Elizabeth Diller ja Ricardo Scofidio (büroo Diller + Scofidio). 4 ill.

  5. Ricardo Piglia: el lector de la tribu / Ricardo Piglia: reader tribe

    Raquel Fernández Cobo


    Full Text Available In this article the writer and Argentine Ricardo Piglia profesor stands at the center of the academic debate on literary education based on the idea that his poetic reading hypothesis provides a framework capable to build viable research on the formation of the reading and literary competence. His ideas about circuits of knowledge production about reading, types of readers, the debate on the canon narrative and intertextuality, are considered fundamental to the discussion and to contribute to the discussion on how we should teach literature in a context governed by new technologies and the new reading.

  6. The measures of the castle San Felice a Cancello

    Adriana Rossi


    Full Text Available  Geometric logic characterizes the function and standard structure of the castles built under Frederick II: a square form with four square towers inserted at the summit. Any changes made have been few and slight, all intended to optimize the adaption of the structure to the site. However, the Matinale Castle in San Felice a Cancello, province of Caserta, in the region of Campania, represents an innovative exception. The study of the ruins confirms a rather singular guiding principle: the position and shape of the foundations of the towers allowed them to halve the number of the inevitable sectors used for flank defence. This solution anticipates by more than two centuries the advent of the bastion, the key element of the trace italienne or star fort. In order to fully comprehend this sophisticated concept, unique of its type, for a restoration was made aware of the critical survey.

  7. Hydrotherapy and medical entrepreneurship: the "water spell" of Ricardo Jorge.

    Pinto Costa, Rui Manuel

    Between 1886 and 1893, the doctor and hygienist Ricardo Jorge was linked to a commercial and medical project on the waters of Gerês. Known for many centuries and used for therapeutic purposes, they were administered on an empirical basis. When new chemical analyses were first published, the empirical properties of these waters took on a new role in hydrotherapy based on their now proven mineral and medicinal qualities. The article discusses in detail Ricardo Jorge's business venture, framing it in the context of the economic collection and treatment potential of mineral waters and the revival of the phenomenon of hydrotherapy, legitimized by new developments in the chemical analysis of waters. The commercial failure to exploit the water resources highlights the difficulties of this project and the complexity of the professional practice of hydrological medicine, although it resulted in a strengthening of Ricardo's authority and prestige in the field of hydrotherapy.

  8. ¡Felices aquellos siervos! Lucas 12, 37

    Ignacio Chuecas Saldías


    Full Text Available ¡Felices aquellos siervos! Lucas 12, 37 Las Bienaventuranzas en el Evangelio como reflejo de la propuesta de felicidad de Jesús El presente artículo investiga el tema de las bienaventuranzas en el Nuevo Testamento, es decir, la declaración de felicidad en los evangelios como un testimonio del anuncio de Jesús en relación a la felicidad humana. El empleo del género macarisma es especialmente relevante en la tradición de los evangelios sinópticos, en especial en Lucas y Mateo, estando totalmente ausente en Marcos. Un primer paso para acercarse a la temática es la presentación de los antecedentes veterotestamentarios: Jesús al emplear el género literario de los macarismas para anunciar su propuesta de felicidad lo hace a partir de un elemento clásico en la literatura del Antiguo Testamento. Pero al mismo tiempo lo adapta a la nueva situación del anuncio del Reino de Dios. En la literatura sapiencial era considerado feliz quien sigue los caminos de la Torá; en la predicación de Jesús son felices los pequeños porque en ellos se manifiestan las nuevas leyes del reinado de Dios. En el caso de las bienaventuranzas lucanas, los macarismas, propios de la escuela sapiencial, son complementados con lamentos, propios de las escuelas proféticas. Al mismo tiempo que se acentúa la centralidad del tema de la pobreza material. En la tradición de Mateo los macarismas son expresión de la nueva Torá proclamada por Jesús, como nuevo Moisés; bajo esta perspectiva el tema de la felicidad adquiere un significado especial. Lo propio de las Bienaventuranzas de Mateo es la tendencia a focalizar la actitud interior-espiritual del hombre: es en el interior del hombre donde se ha de cumplir la nueva ley dada por Jesús. Sin duda que el empleo de los macarismas en el Nuevo Testamento es reflejo de un momento importante en la predicación de Jesús: la felicidad del Reino es prometida a quienes representan los valores del ReinoHappy those servants

  9. Experimental farming and Ricardo's political arithmetic of distribution

    Mary S. Morgan


    The development of David Ricardo’s economic theory of distribution - the laws that determine the share of output between the economic classes - depended on specific connections at several levels between two practical sciences of the early 19th century, namely experimental agriculture and political economy. This paper shows how Ricardo, one of the foremost British economists of his day, combined his empirical knowledge of farming and agricultural experiments to develop both the content and met...

  10. IQs in Italy Are Higher in the North: A Reply to Felice and Giugliano

    Lynn, Richard


    Criticisms advanced by Felice and Giugliano (2011) of the thesis that IQs in Italy are higher in the north than in the south are answered and new data confirming the thesis are given from the PISA 2009 study and for math and reading abilities in the recent INVALSI study. New genetic data are given showing higher frequency of blond hair the…

  11. Business leadership concepts exemplified by the two exceptional leaders Daniel Vasella and Ricardo Semler

    Alexander Betov; Patrick Szillat


    Purpose – Against the background of current leadership theory, this research paper analyses and compares the leadership approaches of two outstanding leaders: Daniel Vasella, chairman of the leading Swiss pharmaceutical organization Novartis and Ricardo Semler, owner of the Brazilian conglomerate

  12. Straight talk with... Ricardo Dolmetsch. Interview by Elie Dolgin.

    Dolmetsch, Ricardo


    Neuroscience, in recent years, has started to look like a graveyard for drug development, with many large pharmaceutical companies either eliminating their brain disorder programs or cutting back heavily on such research. Novartis seemed to have made exactly this kind of drastic change two years ago when the company announced plans to shutter its neuroscience operations at its global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. But the company made it known then that its intention was to ultimately set up a new neuroscience division at the company's US base in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The US site was initially picked to take advantage of the local academic strength in the field of psychiatric genetics. Now, it seems that Novartis is also looking to add stem cell technologies to the mix with the appointment in August of Ricardo Dolmetsch as the company's global head of neurosciences-the first new hire for the company's reincarnated division. As a professor at California's Stanford University School of Medicine for the past ten years, Dolmetsch made his name using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to study a rare form of autism known as Timothy syndrome. Elie Dolgin met with Dolmetsch at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in the Technology Square area of Cambridge to discuss how he plans to succeed where so many others have failed.

  13. Felicity's Condition.

    Goffman, Erving


    Reviewed are the relevance and limitations of work in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and conversational analysis with respect to a central issue in the sociological study of social interaction: the taken-for-granted and inferences made therefrom. The hope is to show the arbitrariness of the line dividing microsociological studies and…

  14. On the seismic behavior of the main tower of the San Felice sul Panaro (Italy) fortress

    Castellazzi, Giovanni; D'Altri, Antonio Maria; de Miranda, Stefano; Magagnini, Stefano; Tralli, Antonio


    The medieval fortresses are a very common and distinctive type among the Emilian historical constructions and the earthquakes of May 20th and 29th, 2012 underlined their high vulnerability. Among those heavily damaged, there is the fortress of San Felice sul Panaro located between the two epicenters. This study presents some FE results regarding the behavior under seismic actions of the main tower (Mastio tower). The Mastio has peculiar geometric features and represents a typical example of non-isolated tower. In fact, it is constrained in very different ways by the surrounding parts of the fortress along two of its sides: on the north side it is constrained by the perimeter wall until one third of his high, while a stiffer building constrains it on the west side. In order to remodel the entire fortress, a multidisciplinary project involving the Municipality of San Felice sul Panaro and four Universities of the Emilia- Romagna (Bologna, Ferrara, Parma and Modena) together with the University of Genoa is going on. The study, oriented to the structural restoration, produced an accurate survey of the entire building including a fine definition of architectural peculiarities, historical stages and materials evolution. Based on such geometrical data, we developed a detailed 3D realistic mesh, with a point-by-point characterization of each single geometric element. We performed both pushover and nonlinear dynamic analyses using accelerograms data measured near the fortress on May 29th. A damage-plasticity material model exhibiting softening in both tension and compression, already available in the commercial code Abaqus, has been used for masonry in nonlinear dynamic analyses. On the other hand, pushover analyses have been performed utilizing similar constitutive equations available on code DIANA. The effects of higher modes of vibration have been taken into account by means of the modal pushover analysis technique. For the sake of conciseness, only some preliminary

  15. San Felices de los Gallegos (Salamanca: análisis estratigráfico de la Cerca Vieja



    Full Text Available San Felices de los Gallegos es un pueblo alejado, confín geográfico de la provincia, e injustamente olvidado de cualquier promoción institucional, dado el interés geográfico de la comarca y el valor arquitectónico de su núcleo urbano. Más conocido que por su interesantísima arquitectura popular1, San Felices lo es por su castillo, palimpsesto de defensas ha sido llamado, y como tal domina y abarcaba a todo el caserío. La población de San Felices de los Gallegos ha sido considerada históricamente como defensa avanzada, junto con la plaza de Ciudad Rodrigo, de la diócesis Mirobrigense frente al Reino de Portugal. Su nombre dícese fue impuesto por el obispo de Oporto, D. Félix XI, se supone que a una población ya existente, corriendo el año 690. De historia tan disputada frente al vecino reino da fe su conquista por el rey portugués don Dionís en 12962, monarca al que se atribuye también la erección de la fortaleza.

  16. Becker meets Ricardo: A social and cognitive skills model of human capabilities

    Xianwen Shi; Ronald Wolthoff; Aloysius Siow; Robert McCann


    This paper studies an equilibrium model of social and cognitive skills interactions in school, work and marriage. The model uses a common team production function in each sector which integrates the complementarity concerns of Becker with the task assigment and comparative advantage concerns of Ricardo. The theory delivers full task specialization in the labor and education markets, incomplete task specialization in marriage. It rationalizes many to one matching, a common feature in labor mar...

  17. Arquitectura y prefabricación: últimas realizaciones en Francia de Ricardo Bofill

    Salas, Julián


    Full Text Available Not available.Se exponen, gráficamente, las últimas realizaciones de conjuntos de viviendas en los alrededores de París, según proyectos de Ricardo Bofill y del Taller de Arquitectura. Asimismo se comenta, especialmente, la utilización de técnicas de prefabricación en la ejecución de estas realizaciones, objeto de una fuerte polémica conceptual.

  18. Theory of Money of David Ricardo: Quantity Theory and Theory of Value

    Susumu Takenaga


    Full Text Available En lo que es necesario enfatizar, al caracterizar la teoría cuantitativa de David Ricardo, es en que ésta es una teoría de determinación del valor del dinero en una situación particular en la cual se impide que el dinero, sin importar cual sea su forma, entre y salga libremente de la circulación. Para Ricardo, la regulación del valor del dinero por su cantidad es un caso particular en el cual el ajuste del precio de mercado al precio natural requiere un largo periodo de tiempo. La determinación cuantitativa es completamente inadmisible, pero solo cuando el período de observación es más corto que el de ajuste. En todo caso, la determinación del valor del dinero rara vez es vinculada a su teoría del valor de las mercancías. Contrario a la interpretación aceptada comúnmente, Ricardo no aplicó a la determinación del valor del dinero una teoría del valor distinta de aquélla aplicada a las mercancías en general.




    Full Text Available Este artículo tiene como objetivo central analizar el papel del recurso tierra en la teoría económica de David Ricardo como primer acercamiento al análisis económico de los recursos naturales. Esto se realiza mediante una revisión bibliográfica analítica de la obra de Ricardo y de otros autores en torno a la misma. En este sentido, se examina el concepto de renta de la tierra, así como los planteamientos en torno a la llamada ley de los rendimientos decrecientes. Asimismo, se establecen algunas reflexiones críticas con relación al enfoque de la renta de la tierra. Un resultado importante del trabajo es que en el análisis de la renta de Ricardo está ausente el concepto de costo de oportunidad, lo cual implica una reconsideración del concepto de renta para abordar el análisis económico de recursos naturales.

  20. A fala fora de lugar: testemunho, resto, tempo e linguagem em Ricardo Piglia The speech misplaced: testimony, remnants, time and language in Ricardo Piglia

    Rafaela Scardino


    Full Text Available Um pensamento dedicado ao problema do testemunho defronta, não raro, questões relacionadas, intrinsecamente, a tempo e linguagem. Tais questões surgem no debate como conceitos de larga abordagem, uma vez que acompanham, por milênios, o desenvolvimento das meditações humanas. Giorgio Agamben, em parte significativa de sua obra, insere, no debate acerca do testemunho, um relevante ponto de discussão: o resto. Buscando refletir sobre esses aspectos, em especial sobre testemunho, resto, tempo e linguagem, propomo-nos a analisar o romance A cidade ausente, de Ricardo Piglia, de modo a investigar, na narrativa do escritor argentino, os mecanismos textuais que interrogam as possibilidades (e impossibilidades de constituição da experiência na contemporaneidade.Un pensamiento dedicado al problema del testimonio enfrenta, a menudo, problemas relacionados al tiempo y el lenguaje. Estas cuestiones surgen en el debate como conceptos de largo enfoque, una vez que acompañan el desarrollo de las meditaciones humanas. Giorgio Agamben, en importante parte de su obra, inserta en el debate sobre el testigo, un punto relevante de la discusión: el resto. Buscando reflexionar sobre estos aspectos, especialmente sobre el testimonio, el resto, el tiempo y el lenguaje, nos proponemos analizar la novela La ciudad ausente, de Ricardo Piglia, de modo a investigar, en la narrativa del escritor argentino, los mecanismos textuales que cuestionan las posibilidades (e imposibilidades de la constitución de la experiencia en la contemporaneidad.A thought devoted to the problem of testimony is often obliged to face questions related to time and language. Such issues arise in the debate as concepts of a broader approach, since they are attached to the development of human meditations. Giorgio Agamben, in a significant part of his work, inserts, in the debate about testimony, a relevant point of discussion: the remnant. Seeking to on these aspects, particularly on

  1. La discretio en Beniamin minor de Ricardo de San Víctor

    Carlos Hallet


    Full Text Available La estructura del alma y la antropología han sido temas abundantemente desarrollados por los autores cristianos medievales a partir de la expresión bíblica "imagen y semejanza". En ese contexto conceptual, el Beniamin minor de Ricardo de San Víctor muestra cómo ratio y affectio necesitan la discretio para equilibrar todas las virtudes y poder acceder a la contemplación. Ricardo, que ve en cada hijo de Jacob, un símbolo de las virtudes, atribuye la discretio a José, hijo de Raquel, quien a su vez representa la razón. El artículo recuerda cómo, ya a partir del final del siglo XII, la discretio quedará absorta en la noción de prudencia. Ricardo siendo su último e importante exponenteThe soul structure and the anthropology are topics that the christian authors of the Middle Age abundantly explained starting from the biblical expression imago et similitudo. In that conceptual context, Beniamin minor of Richard of Saint Victor demonstrates that ratio and affectio need discretio in order to equilibrate all the virtues and to be able to accede to the contemplation. Richard, who sees in every son of Jacob a symbol of the virtues, attributes discretio to Joseph, which is the son of Rachel, the symbol of reason. The article shows that, from the end of the XIIth century, discretio will be absorbed in the virtue of prudentia. Richard is his last and more important exponent

  2. Xaimaca de Ricardo Güiraldes: La escritura del bibelot americano

    Adriana A. Bocchino


    Full Text Available Based on the analysis of a typed copy of Xaimaca, with corrections made by Ricardo Güiraldes and Adelina del Carril, probably the last draft before it was sent to the printing press, this article recovers a writing process that enables us to read the patient building of an autonomous and self-sufficient aesthetics, long meditated in relation to the intellectual field surrounding the writer and laying the foundations for a literature to come. Returning to this text provides the chance to re-examine Güiraldes's place within the network of Argentinian literature

  3. La teoría de la historia del derecho en Ricardo Zorraquín Becú

    Vilches Fuentes,Hugo


    El artículo estudia las ideas del profesor Ricardo Zorraquín Becú, historiador del derecho indiano y del derecho argentino, que desde ambas especialidades salta a la historia del derecho como ciencia en sus relaciones con la historia y con el derecho.

  4. Pedagogía y humanismo en el pensamiento de Ricardo Nassif

    Silber, Julia Marta


    Con la intención de definir los rasgos de la pedagogía sostenida por Ricardo Nassif, se examina en este artículo el movimiento humanista en sus diferentes etapas históricas y en sus significaciones para el campo de la educación. Con ese objetivo, se analiza el componente central de la pedagogía de Nassif, influida principalmente por el neohumanismo: la concepción de la educación como proceso dialéctico, ya que transcurre históricamente a través de las funciones de conservación y renovación de...

  5. Ricardo Guilherme Dicke e o processo de transculturação na l iteratura

    Adriana Lins Precioso


    Full Text Available The article presents a brief overview of the emergence of the cultural studies in England, the concepts of Stuart Hall and the appropriation of these searches by the literary studies, mainly in Latin America represented through the contributions of Ángel R ama. To exemplify this proposal, we analyze excerpts of the short stories „Toada do Esquecido‟ (2006, „Sinfonia equestre‟ (2006, „A proximidade do mar‟ (2011, „O Velho Moço‟ (2011 and „A perseguição‟ (2011, by Ricardo Guilherme Dicke, writer from the state of Mato Grosso, who promotes the dialogue between regional and global issues by the transculturation bias.

  6. Sobre meninas e máquinas: “La nena” de Ricardo Piglia

    Odenildo de França Almeida


    Full Text Available La Nena” is one of the short-stories generated by the narrative machine of Ricardo Piglia’s novel La ciudad ausente (1992, and it proves to be the key for understanding the capacity of the storytelling process to function  as a tool for  the reconstruction of the narrating subject and its  experiences. Besides that, it hides the story of Laura, “la nena” that is mentioned in the title, a story that parallels  the story of the machine that created it, allowing, in part, to understand its  points of origin and its programming. “La nena” is also a tale generated according to the central theme of loss which sustains not only n the story history of the machine’s origin, but also that of the novel and of other short-stories within.

  7. Dimensões irônicas em Ricardo III, de Shakespeare

    Pedro Piccoli Garcia


    Full Text Available Analisa-se, no artigo, as diferentes formas com que a ironia se efetiva em um texto literário. Parte-se do pressuposto de que a ironia configura, ao mesmo tempo, uma figura de linguagem, como uma sentença que anula a si mesma na medida em que orienta o leitor a rejeitar seu significado literal; e uma visão de mundo, na medida em que implica uma postura de negação de uma realidade. À luz dos preceitos de D.C. Muecke e Søren Kierkegaard, busca-se identificar as dimensões irônicas da peça Ricardo III, de William Shakespeare, e refletir acerca delas.

  8. El diario de un escritor en Encuentro en Saint-Nazaire de Ricardo Piglia

    Amor Arelis Hernández Peñaloza


    Full Text Available En este artículoestudiamos el género diario íntimo a través de la nouvelleEncuentro en Saint-Nazaire(1988 que contiene el ”Diario de un loco”del escritor ficticio Stephen Stevensen. Este uso ficcional del diario, dentro delmarco de la estructura de la obra literaria adquiere un sentido diferente porque renuncia a la comunicación de algo íntimo y secreto, para convertirse en literatura, en ”comunicación estética”. Asimismopretendemosevidenciar la importancia y la magnitud del género diario en la unidad narrativa de un autor como Ricardo Piglia. Junto a esto, el ejemplo de Encuentro en Saint- Nazairenos ayudará a mostrar las características de este tipo de prosa pigliana, que funciona como un laboratorio de la escritura.

  9. Una [otra] novela que comienza: Lata peinada de Ricardo Zelarayán

    Carlos Hernán Sosa


    Full Text Available This work intends to analyze the novel Lata peinada [2008] by Ricardo Zelarayán, which shows a recovery of the uses of narrative experimentation in the tradition of Macedonio Fernández' antinovel and of the writing mode with variations as practiced by Leónidas Lamborghini. These filiations, eminently rooted in the literary history of the Río de la Plata, are articulated with linguistic uses that try to subtly imitate oral forms typical of Northwest Argentina, where the stories narrated take place. In this sense, Zelarayán's writing allows us to analyze the curious choice of an author who struggled for many years to place himself in the literary field of the city of Buenos Aires and who put forward a style interweaving strong metropolitan traditions [Macedonio, Cortázar, Lamborghini] with outstanding -though less renowned- authorial figures from the provinces [Manuel J. Castilla, Jacobo Regen

  10. Una [otra] novela que comienza: Lata peinada de Ricardo Zelarayán

    Carlos Hernán Sosa


    Full Text Available This work intends to analyze the novel Lata peinada [2008] by Ricardo Zelarayán, which shows a recovery of the uses of narrative experimentation in the tradition of Macedonio Fernández' antinovel and of the writing mode with variations as practiced by Leónidas Lamborghini. These filiations, eminently rooted in the literary history of the Río de la Plata, are articulated with linguistic uses that try to subtly imitate oral forms typical of Northwest Argentina, where the stories narrated take place. In this sense, Zelarayán's writing allows us to analyze the curious choice of an author who struggled for many years to place himself in the literary field of the city of Buenos Aires and who put forward a style interweaving strong metropolitan traditions [Macedonio, Cortázar, Lamborghini] with outstanding -though less renowned- authorial figures from the provinces [Manuel J. Castilla, Jacobo Regen

  11. ColaBoraBora, experiences around the commons. Interview with Ricardo Antón

    David Prieto Serrano


    Full Text Available Ricardo Anton is co-director of Amasté, an office of ideas behind the project ColaBoraBora which focuses on the commons, open source, collaborative dynamics and social entrepreneurship emerged from the opportunity framework offered by Eutokia , a Centre of Social Innovation in Bilbao. In this interview, the author not only describes the project itself but also the general reflections generated along the road of CBB: answering questions such as what is meant by the commons, and questions about the possibility of generating a social economy, about cultural, institutional and personal obstacles when undertaking the project or about the need to link theory and practice to build a common knowledge.

  12. O absurdo em «Caieira», de Ricardo Guilherme Dicke

    Hilda Gomes Dutra Magalhães


    Full Text Available Resumo: Nosso objetivo neste artigo consiste em analisar o espaço do absurdo no romance Caieira, do escritor matogrossense Ricardo Guilherme Dicke. Como suporte teóricometodológico, utilizamos as ideias sobre o absurdo de Camus. Durante a análise, percebemos que o espaço em que se desenvolvem as ações narradas em Caieira representa uma relação de dominação, em que os personagens são reduzidas a fantasmas ou objetos, presas num mundo de cal, árido de humanidade. Mesmo quando o personagem principal tenta reverter o quadro, acaba se transformando num reverso da mesma moeda, repetindo o modelo de dominação contra o qual se insurge, reeditando um ciclo de poder e dominação. Palavras-chave: Literatura brasileira; análise literária; absurdo; espaço.Abstract: Our aim in this paper is to analyze the space of the absurd at the novel Caieira, by Ricardo Guilherme Dicke, writer from Mato Grosso. As a theoretical-methodological support, we use the ideas of on the absurd presented by Camus. During the analysis, we find that the space in which the actions narrated in Caieira develop represents a relationship of domination, in which the characters are reduced to objects or ghosts, trapped in a world of lime, arid of humanity. Even when the main character tries to reverse the situation, eventually becoming a reverse of the same coin, repeating the pattern of domination against which it protests, reissuing a cycle of power and domination. Keywords: Brazilian literature; literary analysis; absurd; space.

  13. Ricardo Dyrgalla (1910-1970), pioneer of rocket development in Argentina

    de León, Pablo


    One of the most important developers of liquid propellant rocket engines in Argentina was Polish-born Ricardo Dyrgalla. Dyrgalla immigrated to Argentina from the United Kingdom in 1946, where he had been studying German weapons development at the end of the Second World War. A trained pilot and aeronautical engineer, he understood the intricacies of rocket propulsion and was eager to find practical applications to his recently gained knowledge. Dyrgalla arrived in Argentina during Juan Perón's first presidency, a time when technicians from all over Europe were being recruited to work in various projects for the recently created Argentine Air Force. Shortly after immigrating, Dyrgalla proposed to develop an advanced air-launched weapon, the Tábano, based on a rocket engine of his design, the AN-1. After a successful development program, the Tábano was tested between 1949 and 1951; however, the project was canceled by the government shortly after. Today, the AN-1 rocket engine is recognized as the first liquid propellant rocket to be developed in South America. Besides the AN-1, Dyrgalla also developed several other rockets systems in Argentina, including the PROSON, a solid-propellant rocket launcher developed by the Argentine Institute of Science and Technology for the Armed Forces (CITEFA). In the late 1960s, Dyrgalla and his family relocated to Brazil due mostly to the lack of continuation of rocket development in Argentina. There, he worked for the Institute of Aerospace Technology (ITA) until his untimely death in 1970. Ricardo Dyrgalla deserves to be recognized among the world's rocket pioneers and his contribution to the science and engineering of rocketry deserves a special place in the history of South America's rocketry and space flight advocacy programs.

  14. Arte, mito e historia en dos obras de Ricardo Menéndez Salmón

    Giovanna Fiordaliso


    Full Text Available Abstract – The object of this study are two works written by Ricardo Menéndez Salmon (1971- , La luz es más antigua que el amor (2010 and Medusa (2012. These texts are very interesting because, as postmodern works, they result as a mixture of different genres (essay, novel, biography and because they are built with a combination of fiction and history, through the red line of the reflection on Art. Through the experience of several artists, imagined or real, Ricardo Menéndez Salmon proposes a reflection on History and Myth, on the role of literature and art, establishing a significant relationship between the present and the past, memory and oblivion, language and images. Resumen – Objeto de este estudio son dos obras del escritor Ricardo Menéndez Salmón (1971- , La luz es más antigua que el amor (2010 y Medusa (2012. Estos textos son muy interesantes porque se fundan en una mezcla de varios géneros (ensayo, novela, biografía y se caracterizan por una manera original de combinar ficción e historia, reflexionando sobre el papel del Arte. A través de la experiencia de varios artistas, unos imaginados, otros reales, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón nos propone una reflexión sobre la Historia, el Mito, el papel de la literatura y el arte, el establecimiento de una relación significativa entre el presente y el pasado, la memoria y el olvido, el lenguaje y las imágenes.

  15. La atención según los niveles de dislexia evolutiva en estudiantes del programa Caritas Felices Villa María del Triunfo – 2015

    Herrera Simón, Verónica Rosario


    El objetivo de la investigación fue determinar la diferencia de la atención según los niveles de dislexia evolutiva en los estudiantes de siete y ocho años del Programa Caritas Felices del distrito de Villa María del Triunfo año 2015. Metodológicamente, la investigación fue de tipo básico, de diseño no experimental de nivel descriptivo comparativo. La muestra estuvo constituida por 15 estudiantes de siete y ocho años que asisten a una misma institución pero tienen diferentes ni...

  16. Ensino da Bioética Convergente de ricardo maliandi nos Cursos de medicina

    Nalita Maria Hall Brum de Barros Mugayar

    Full Text Available RESUMO Este artigo sublinha a patente deficiência dos currículos de Medicina em relação às Ciências Humanas e defende que o estudo da Bioética — disciplina que procura integrar as Ciências Humanas às Ciências Biológicas — poderá ajudar a preencher essa nociva lacuna. Apresentamos a Bioética Convergente de Ricardo Maliandi e Oscar Thüer como um valioso arcabouço teórico capaz de auxiliar o médico a protagonizar a resolução dos conflitos éticos inerentes à sua prática profissional, sem incorrer em unilateralidade. Comparamos sua fundamentação teórica com a conhecida proposta, também principialista, de Beauchamp e Childress, apontando as vantagens daquela em relação a esta. Exemplificamos sua aplicabilidade com a análise de potenciais conflitos éticos inferidos de informações obtidas em prontuário de uma paciente internada no Centro de Terapia Intensiva do Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro. Para a realização dessa análise, buscamos, na literatura médica, dados probabilísticos em relação ã doença em questão (neoplasia de esôfago com fístula traqueoesofageana complicada por choque séptico pulmonar, ressaltando que esses dados podem ajudar na melhor compreensão do prognóstico, sem que por isso possam ser utilizados como respaldo da equipe médica para decisões unilaterais de limitação terapêutica. A literatura médica também nos brindou com propostas de condução de casos difíceis do ponto de vista ético, como o da paciente em tela. Escolhemos uma delas (Azoulayet al.12, reconhecendo e demonstrando sua compatibilidade com a Bioética Convergente de Maliandi e Thüer. Trata-se de um ensaio teórico sobre limitação terapêutica, no qual procuramos unir a fundamentação da literatura à aplicabilidade em um caso real de paciente crítica. Acreditamos que este artigo poderá ser um ponto de partida para a difusão da Ética Convergente — trabalho de toda a vida do filósofo Ricardo

  17. Labor as a source of value and capital formation:Ibn Khaldun, Ricardo and Marx – A Comparison

    Hasan, Zubair


    Exclusive writings on the contribution of Ibn Khaldun to economics in the English language have not been many, the references to his work also remain scanty and far between. Even in what little is available mostly authors talk about his views on professions, markets and the cloud he castes on merchants. The present paper avoids treading the familiar tracks. It sees close similarities between the views of Ibn Khaldun (1332 – 1406), David Ricardo (1772 – 1823) and Karl Marx (1818 -I823) in...

  18. De lo inmaterial literario al monumento arquitectónico: la casa museo de Ricardo Rojas / From the literary immateriality to the architectural monument: the House Museum of Ricardo Rojas

    Amanda Salvioni


    The House Museum of Ricardo Rojas, built in 1927 by the architect Angel Guido in Buenos Aires, is an ideal starting point for a reflection on the social uses of cultural heritage in Twentieth Century Argentina. The House reflects an aesthetic program that intended to reinvent the national tradition as a fusion between indigenous and Hispanic elements. Nonetheless, the national tradition codified by Rojas and Guido was the result of an arbitrary selection of heterogeneous elements that excluded immigrants and did not guarantee access to cultural heritage of all sectors of society. The project of the House was directly related to the emergence of cultural and politic nationalism that took place in Argentina from the Centenary of Independence in 1910 to the beginning of Second World War. This essay focuses on the contradictions of monumentalization of intangible cultural heritage in a multicultural society.

  19. Desemprego tecnológico: Ricardo, Marx e o caso da indústria de transformação Brasileira (1990-2007 Technological unemployment: Ricardo, Marx, and the case of the manufacturing industry in Brazil (1990-2007

    Joaquim Miguel Couto


    Full Text Available A questão do desemprego tecnológico preocupou a mente de dois dos maiores pensadores da ciência econômica: David Ricardo e Karl Marx. Ambos acreditaram que a introdução de novas máquinas poderia causar uma situação de desemprego crônico durante certo período de tempo. No entanto, esta era apenas uma possibilidade, que já havia ocorrido no capitalismo industrial inglês, mas que poderia ser evitada caso novos investimentos absorvessem a mão de obra dispensada pela introdução de nova maquinaria. O Brasil, por sua vez, passou, ao longo da década de 1990, por um período de reestruturação de seu parque industrial que, mediante a metodologia utilizada em nosso estudo, resultou na conclusão da existência do fenômeno do desemprego tecnológico durante boa parte da referida década.The issue of technological unemployment was a cause for concern for two of the greatest thinkers in the field of economic science: David Ricardo and Karl Marx. Both believed that the introduction of new machines could bring about chronic unemployment for a certain period of time. However, this was only a possibility that had already taken place within English industrial capitalism, but that could be avoid if new investments absorbed the workforce laid off by the introduction of new machinery. In the case of Brazil, the country underwent a restructuring period of its industrial base during the 1990s, which according to the methodology employed in our study, verified the existence of the technological unemployment phenomenon during much of the aforementioned decade.

  20. Cola Bora Bora, experiencias en torno al procomún. Entrevista con Ricardo Antón ColaBoraBora, experiences around the commons. Interview with Ricardo Antón

    David Prieto Serrano


    Full Text Available Ricardo Antón es co-director de Amasté, oficina de ideas detrás de ColaBoraBora (CBB; un proyecto en torno al procomún, el código abierto, las dinámicas colaborativas y el emprendizaje social surgido del marco de oportunidad ofrecido por Eutokia, Centro de Innovación Social de Bilbao. En esta entrevista se describe tanto el propio proyecto como reflexiones generales generadas a lo largo del propio camino de CBB: respondiendo cuestiones como qué se entiende por procomún, sobre la posibilidad de generar una economía social, sobre los frenos culturales, institucionales y personales a la hora de emprender el proyecto o sobre la necesidad de articular teoría y práctica para construir un saber procomún.Ricardo Anton is co-director of Amasté, an office of ideas behind the project ColaBoraBora which focuses on the commons, open source, collaborative dynamics and social entrepreneurship emerged from the opportunity framework offered by Eutokia , a Centre of Social Innovation in Bilbao. In this interview, the author not only describes the project itself but also the general reflections generated along the road of CBB: answering questions such as what is meant by the commons, and questions about the possibility of generating a social economy, about cultural, institutional and personal obstacles when undertaking the project or about the need to link theory and practice to build a common knowledge.

  1. Doctor Ricardo A. Ronderos (1928-1995. El legado de un destacado entomólogo argentino



    Full Text Available Se analiza la trayectoria académica y profesional del Prof. Dr. Ricardo Arturo Ronderos (1928-1995, quien fuera Presidente de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina (SEA (1964-1979 y Director de su publicación periódica (RSEA (1968- 1985. Se incluyen sus principales aportes a la entomología y, en menor grado, a otros campos de las ciencias naturales, desarrollados durante cuatro décadas de actividad ininterrumpida (1954-1994. Se destaca su actuación en la formación de recursos humanos, en la organización de sociedades científicas y en el asesoramiento a organismos nacionales e internacionales de promoción científica, especialmente aquellas relacionadas con la evaluación ambiental de proyectos de infraestructura y sus impactos ambientales en macrosistemas acuáticos de Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay.

  2. Headhunting and Colonialism. Anthropology and the Circulation of Human Skulls in the Portuguese Empire, 1870-1930, Ricardo Roque

    Frédéric Durand


    Full Text Available Le livre de Ricardo Roque sur la chasse aux têtes et le colonialisme dans l’empire portugais est tiré d’une thèse de doctorat soutenue à l’université de Cambridge en 2007. Bien que son titre laisse envisager une aire d’extension large, son propos se limite en réalité essentiellement à des éléments et événements liés à la colonisation de la partie orientale de l’île de Timor, située entre l’Indonésie et l’Australie. Les Portugais y ont mené des activités commerciales et religieuses à partir de...

  3. Respiración artificial de Ricardo Piglia: una reformulación de la novela de artista tras el fin de las utopías

    Inmaculada Donaire del Yerro


    Full Text Available Este estudio propone una lectura de Respiración artificial (1980, de Ricardo Piglia, desde la perspectiva del subgénero de la novela de artista, de acuerdo con la definición de Herbert Marcuse, que ha sido validada para las novelas de artista hispanoamericanas de finales del siglo XIX, en las que se centran la mayoría de los estudios críticos. La representación del escritor en Respiración artificial se compara con su representación en la narrativa de fin de siglo con un doble objetivo: poner de manifiesto el hecho de que Respiración artificial es una novela de artista propiamente dicha y asimismo mostrar la reformulación del subgénero llevada a cabo por Piglia a través de su amalgama con el policial. Palabras clave: novela hispanoamericana, novela de artista, policial latinoamericano, Ricardo Piglia, Respiración artificial.   This paper proposes a reading of Artificial respiration (1980 by Ricardo Piglia as an artist novel, according to Herbert Marcuse’s definition, validated for Latin American artist novels written at the end of the nineteenth century. The most influential critical studies have focused on that period. In this paper, the representation of the writer in Artificial respiration is compared with its corresponding representation at the end of the nineteenth century. This comparison allows us to highlight, on the one hand, the survival of the artist’s novel as an answer to the purpose of the literature after the end of the utopias. And on the other hand, the literary change carried out by Piglia: his reformulation of the character of the writer and also of the artist novel by employing narrative methods coming from the detective subgenre. Keywords: Latin American novel, artist’s novel, Latin American detective fiction, Ricardo Piglia, Artificial respiration.

  4. Use of Statistical Analysis of Acoustic Emission Data on Carbon-Epoxy COPV Materials-of-Construction for Enhanced Felicity Ratio Onset Determination

    Abraham, Arick Reed A.; Johnson, Kenneth L.; Nichols, Charles T.; Saulsberry, Regor L.; Waller, Jess M.


    Broadband modal acoustic emission (AE) data were acquired during intermittent load hold tensile test profiles on Toray T1000G carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy (C/Ep) single tow specimens. A novel trend seeking statistical method to determine the onset of significant AE was developed, resulting in more linear decreases in the Felicity ratio (FR) with load, potentially leading to more accurate failure prediction. The method developed uses an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control chart. Comparison of the EWMA with previously used FR onset methods, namely the discrete (n), mean (n (raised bar)), normalized (n%) and normalized mean (n(raised bar)%) methods, revealed the EWMA method yields more consistently linear FR versus load relationships between specimens. Other findings include a correlation between AE data richness and FR linearity based on the FR methods discussed in this paper, and evidence of premature failure at lower than expected loads. Application of the EWMA method should be extended to other composite materials and, eventually, composite components such as composite overwrapped pressure vessels. Furthermore, future experiments should attempt to uncover the factors responsible for infant mortality in C/Ep strands.

  5. Un sistema de información para la ciencia argentina: biografía de Ricardo Alberto Gietz (1932-1998 = An information System for Argentine Science: Ricardo Alberto Gietz Biography (1932-1998

    Tomás Solari


    Full Text Available El presente artículo aborda el trabajo profesional del bibliotecario Ricardo Gietz, entre los años del Estado Benefactor desarrollado por el peronismo hasta el desmantelamiento del mismo por el neoliberalismo en la década de 1990. El interés en la figura de Gietz, se debe a que fue el único latinoamericano que tuvo a su cargo la presidencia de la FID, fue director del CAICYT y del Servicio Iberoamericano de Información sobre la Traducción de la UNESCO en la Argentina, entre otros cargos que ocupó en organismos nacionales e internacionales. Ha sido uno de los documentalistas más importantes que tuvo el país, no obstante, es desconocido para las nuevas generaciones de trabajadores de la información. Junto a su padre, que también había sido bibliotecario, tuvieron un papel clave en la implementación de políticas documentales y bibliotecológicas que, en algunos casos, siguen dando frutos dentro y fuera del CONICET = This article deals with the professional work of the librarian Richard Gietz, between the Welfare State developed by Peronism to the dismantling of the same by neoliberalism in the 1990s. The interest in the figure of Gietz is in that he was the only Latin American who was in charge of the presidency of FID, was the director of CAICYT, and of Latin American Service on Translation Information of UNESCO in Argentina, among other charges in national and international organizations. He was one of the most important documentalists in the country, however, he is unknown to the new generations of information workers. Along with his father, who was also a librarian, they played a key role in the implementation of documental and library policies and, in some cases, continue to bear fruit inside and outside CONICET.

  6. 10 December 2015 - Director-General for Research, Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University V. Di Felice visiting LHC superconducting magnet assembly hall and CERN Control centre with Director for Research and Scientific Computing S. Bertolucci.

    Gadmer, Jean-Claude Robert


    Dr Vincenzo Di Felice Director-General for Research Ministry of Education, Research and University Italian Republic were also present: A. Di Donato, MIUR; M. Gargano, MIUR - INFN Auditor; F. Ciardiello, MIUR - INFN Auditor; A. Mondera, Court of Auditors - INFN Auditor; S. Odorizzi, AD Tassullo S.p.A.; M. Dalpiaz, Tassullo S.p.A.; F. Conforti, Tassullo S.p.A; A. Sartor, Tassullo S.p.A.; D. Bonn, Tassullo S.p.A.; M. Allegri, INFN; F. Ferroni, INFN President; S. Falciano, INFN Vice President; A. Zoccoli, INFN Executive Member; U. Dosselli, Scientific Attaché, Permanent Mission to the UNOG.

  7. Ricardo Piglia lector de Walter Benjamin: compromiso político y vanguardia artística en los 70 argentinos.

    Luis Ignacio García García


    This paper analyzes the reception of Walter Benjamin by the young Ricardo Piglia. Walter Benjamin, together with Bertolt Brecht, was very important for Piglia’s self-comprehension in the context of the agitated aesthetical-political debates of the ’60s and ’70s. Piglia makes use of the Brechtian Benjamin to articulate aesthetics and politics in a way that singles out his critical work in those years. He builds, from the parameters of a production aesthetic, a position that goes beyond not only the idealistic aesthetics but also the principles of the socialist realism, putting aside the opposition between aesthetic experimentation and politicization of art.

  8. La ficci??n paranoica: lo fant??stico como transgresi??n social en Blanco nocturno y El camino de Ida de Ricardo Piglia

    Fern??ndez Cobo, Raquel


    A excepci??n de La ciudad ausente (1992), las novelas de Ricardo Piglia han sido consideras por la mayor??a de los cr??ticos como realistas. En este trabajo, pretendemos demostrar como el recurso de la metaficci??n, la intertextualidad y el motivo del doble provocan una ruptura con los modos de leer convencionales que permite leer toda su obra desde lo fant??stico. Piglia logra hacer confusas al lector las nociones de realidad y ficci??n provocando la incertidumbre y la paranoia. En sus novel...

  9. Ricardo Bracho | NREL

    - Finance, University of Connecticut Bachelors - Accounting, Universidad La Salle, Mexico Certified Public Manager within the Project Development and Finance Department in the Integrated Applications Center securitization, and portfolio management. Research Interests Climate Finance Market Regulation Distributed

  10. 'Ardor con ardor se apaga' de José Ricardo Morales y la actualización de la noción de ‘las tres culturas’ como estrategia discursiva

    Valdivia, P.


    In this article, we study the updated notion of ‘the three cultures’ as a discursive strategy, which allows José Ricardo Morales to undermine the stereotypes of a specific identity construction. Morales use Don Juan’s myth to subvert it and to propose a new reading of this character. Besides,

  11. De Italo Calvino a Ricardo Piglia, do centro para a margem: o deslocamento como proposta para a literatura deste milênio

    Renato Cordeiro Gomes


    Full Text Available O escritor italiano Italo Calvino deixou como testamento literário seis propostas que caracterizariam a literatura do "próximo milênio", mas não teve tempo de redigir a sexta dessas propostas, justamente a "consistência". O escritor argentino Ricardo Piglia, na conferência "Três propostas para o próximo milênio (e cinco dificuldades", proferida na Casa de las Américas, Cuba, em 2000, propõe, então, escrevê-la, não a consistência, mas o "deslocamento, a distância", para equacionar o problema do futuro da literatura e sua função na sociedade, vista, entretanto, a partir da margem, das bordas das tradições centrais da América Hispânica.El escritor italiano Italo Calvino ha dejado como testigo literario seis propuestas para caracterizar la literatura del "próximo milenio", pero no tuvo tiempo de escribir la sexta, justo la que llevaria el nombre de "consistencia". El escritor argentino Ricardo Piglia en su conferencia "Tres propuestas para el próximo milenio (y cinco dificultades", hecha en la Casa de Las Américas, Cuba, año 2000, intenta escribirla - no como consistencia - sino como "desplazamiento, distancia", para equacionar el problema del futuro de la literatura y su función en la sociedad, pero desde el margen, desde el borde de las tradiciones centrales de Hispano-América.The Italan writer Italo Calvino has left as his literary legacy the six proposals that would characterize the literature of the "next millenium", but he had no time to write "consistency", the sixth of these proposals. The Argentinian writer Ricardo Piglia at the "Three proposals for the next millenium (and five difficulties", conference held at "Casa de las Américas", Cuba, in 2000, proposes, therefore, to write the proposals "dislocation" and "distance" in the place of consistency, aiming at solving the problem of literature's future and its role in society, which is seen, however, from the edge, from the border of Spanish America's central

  12. As duas vias do princípio das vantagens comparativas de David Ricardo e o padrão-ouro: um ensaio crítico The two ways of Ricardo's principle of comparative advantages and the gold standard: a critical essay

    Cláudio Gontijo


    Full Text Available This article critically resumes Ricardo's principle of comparative advantages pointing out internal coherence problems that have been neglected by the specialized literature. First, long-lasting disequilibria observed in the balance of trade seem incompatible with the idea that these disequilibria are caused by technical advances that change relative prices. Second, comparative advantages do not seem to work in an economy with a universally accepted commodity-money. Finally, the contradiction between the gold standard mechanisms, ruled by Smith's "Law of Reflux", and the quantitative theory of money, which is a necessary condition for the "second way" of the theory of comparative advantages.

  13. Ricardo, Marx y Keynes ante la Ley de Say : fundamentos microeconómicos de esta ley y de su crítica

    Posada Posada, Carlos Esteban


    El objetivo del presente artículo está expresado sintéticamente en el título, refiriéndose entonces, a las relaciones lógicas existentes entre: A) Las teorías ricardiana, marxista y Keynesiana de los precios y B) La posición de Ricardo, Marx y Keynes con respecto a dicha Ley. Se deduce de lo anterior que este artículo no estudia los fundamentos neo-clásicos de la Ley de Say o de sus críticas, aunque lo corriente sea identificar los términos: "fundamentos microeconómicos" de tesis macroeconómi...


    Cintya Arely Hernández-López


    Full Text Available The Rural School “Ricardo Flores Magon” is concerned about providing an education that contributes to the integral formation of its students, with the intention that they will graduate with the skills needed to enter the labor and social world, for it is required to acquire values that contribute of the significantly way to consolidate the graduate profile. The quantitative method was used in this research; It focuses on the type of non-experimental design; the sample was probabilistic, 90 students of the Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Among the results it highlighted that students who practice more often the values of responsibility, solidarity and tolerance obtain higher academic achievement than those of their classmates.

  15. Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust in der spanischen Gegenwartsliteratur: Fiktionalisierte ‚images malgré tout‘ bei Ricardo Menéndez Salmón

    Marco Thomas Bosshard


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Artikel untersucht die literarischen Repräsentationen von nationalsozialistischen Kriegsverbrechen in den Romanen La ofensa und Medusa des spanischen Schriftstellers Ricardo Menéndez Salmón. Ausgehend von einer Kontextualisierung der Romane im Gesamtschaffen des Autors werden intertextuelle Bezüge nicht nur zu anderen literarischen Texten, sondern auch zur Theorie herausgearbeitet. Gegenüber dem im Zusammenhang mit Holocaust-Darstellungen oft postulierten ‚Bilderverbot‘ realisiert Menéndez Salmón in Anlehnung an Didi-Huberman fiktionalisierte images malgré tout im Medium der Sprache, deren Funktion über die Darstellung von Nazi-Verbrechen hinausgeht und eine metamediale Reflexion über den Zusammenhang von Bild, Sprache und Schrecken anstößt.

  16. ¿Independencia o afiliación? Felices días tío Sergio de Magali García Ramis: una batalla literaria contra el olvido

    María Fernanda Díaz Basteris


    Full Text Available Se explora la relación entre la identidad cultural y el sentimiento de pertenencia de los puertorriqueños en la novela Felices días tío Sergio (1986 de Magali García Ramis. El texto plantea que el conflicto transitivo entre colonia y Estado Libre Asociado de la isla de Puerto Rico afecta de manera compleja las estructuras más sensibles y profundas de una familia. Se analiza la lucha de ideologías en el texto: conservadores/independentistas, las diferencias entre viejas (el pasado y nuevas generaciones (presente y futuro. En esta novela el conflicto social entre mantener la ciudadanía, como estatus político, y la identidad, como permanencia cultural refleja interesantes situaciones históricas dignas de un análisis literario

  17. Académico RICARDO RUEDA GONZÁLEZ (Panamá, abril 1, 1929 - Bogotá, noviembre 14, 2011

    Efraim Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    Anonadados por lo impetuoso de su separa-ción definitivanos reunimos aquí hoy bajo el cielo invernal de una Bogotá doliente para despedir los restos mortales de un paradigma de académicos, de señores y amigos como fue Ricardo Rueda González. Quizás así lo hubiera querido él, epítome de la elegancia y el ingenio bogotanos, para irse de esta tierra ajustando su corbata Tremlet, su chaqueta de Tweed y su bufanda de Cachemira como para salir airoso de este club del mundo moderno, que lo tenía ya aburrido por lo abigarrado, por lo vulgar y por lo anónimo; y llegar a donde el Padre Eterno sin presumir, confrmando que “la elegancia es el arte de pasar desapercibido”, como lo hubiera dicho Oscar Wilde, uno de sus autores preferidos.

    Porque tal es, señores académicos, queridos familiares y amigos, la imagen superficial que nos deja Ricardo. Digo superfical, porque en el fondo se agitaba el más profundo de los humanistas y el más compasivo y atento de los médicos, preocupado a toda hora por ayudar a sus abnegadas pacientes a concebir y a dar a luz lo mejor de sus entrañas, así como él mismo se preocupaba siempre por dar a luz lo mejor y más vivaz de su gracia y de su intelecto.

  18. De la melancolía al horror: una aproximación a la gráfica de Ricardo Warecki

    Elisabet Veliscek


    Full Text Available [es] Durante gran parte de su itinerario plástico, el artista rosarino Ricardo Warecki elaboró imágenes gráficas inspiradas en los repertorios iconográficos y en las convenciones estéticas de los movimientos modernos. Las nuevas formas de figuración, el expresionismo y el surrealismo fueron reinterpretados en una clave peculiar a partir de ilustraciones y grabados. En ellos prevalece desde una mirada sobre el sentimiento melancólico hasta paisajes oníricos, donde aparecen el erotismo y la violencia de los márgenes urbanos o la aspereza de la propia naturaleza. Estas imágenes, publicadas en periódicos y revistas culturales de Rosario desde finales de los años treinta hasta los primeros cuarenta, eran acompañadas por relatos literarios con un estilo narrativo cercano a lo fantástico. Si bien dicho vínculo operó como refuerzo de sentidos, Warecki se permitió ciertas licencias que le dejaron explorar significados diversos, excediendo las propias narraciones literarias. En un continuo devenir entre la representación de atmósferas de sosiego y escenarios caóticos, sus ilustraciones exhibieron una mirada cargada de emociones contrapuestas. Una ambigüedad que constituiría un rasgo distintivo tanto de su obra gráfica como de su personalidad. [en] During a large part of their itinerary plastic, the artist of Rosario, Ricardo Warecki, produced graphic images inspired by the iconographic repertoire and the aesthetic forms of the modern movements. The new forms of figuration, expressionism and surrealism were reinterpreted in a peculiar key from illustrations and engravings. Therein prevails since a poetic vision about the melancholic feeling until oneiric landscapes where it appears the eroticism and the violence of the urban margins or the roughness of the nature. These images, published in newspapers and cultural magazines in Rosario from the late thirties until the first forty, were accompanied by stories with a narrative style

  19. Programa e estratégia da revolução mexicana em Ricardo Flores Magón

    Fabio Santos


    ="Subtle Emphasis" />

    No decênio anterior a explosão da Revolução Mexicana (1910, Ricardo Flores Magón (1874-1922 liderou o Partido Liberal Mexicano em uma trajetória de radicalização política e ideológica, evoluindo da denúncia de cunho jurídico dos abusos da ditadura até afirmar-se como oposição revolucionária ao Porfiriato. Constrangido ao exílio nos Estados Unidos, Ricardo planejou duas

  20. Conversación con José Ricardo Morales Malva (Málaga, 1915- Santiago de Chile, 2016 Santiago, 01 de octubre de 2013.

    David Caralt


    Full Text Available En su brillante trayectoria como escritor –ensayista y celebrado autor dramático- José Ricardo Morales Malva estuvo vinculado de cerca a la arquitectura como profesor titular en la universidad e incluso representó a la arquitectura chilena en congresos internacionales, como el de Monumentos Históricos de la UNESCO (París, 1957 y el de la Unión Internacional de Arquitectos (Londres, 1961, siendo nombrado “Arquitecto Honorario” por el Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile en 1963 en la ciudad de Concepción. En 2003 durante una entrevista declaró: “Hay un cargo que recuerdo con placer: la creación de los departamentos de Humanidades y de Teoría e Historia de la Arquitectura. Nuestra misión era desarrollar en los alumnos el sentido humanístico de la ciencia. Que supieran buscar la causalidad de sus investigaciones; el equilibrio entre ciencia y humanidad, a pensar sobre la técnica y buscar modelos causales

  1. La Traviata (Verdi, 1853 sob a ótica da tradução poética: Vertendo “Un dì felice, eterea” para o português e o inglês

    Andréia Riconi


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo refletir sobre o processo de tradução da ária “Un dì felice, eterea”, escrita por Francesco Maria Piave (1810-1876, presente na obra operística La Traviata (1853, composta por Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901. Para chegar a este escopo, num primeiro momento, traçamos um breve panorama que contextualiza a ópera como gênero musical e textual, bem como tratamos de algumas nuances específicas inerentes a este tipo de produção, que tocam diretamente em nosso trabalho enquanto tradutores. Na segunda parte, trazemos nossas propostas de tradução acompanhadas de comentários acerca da atividade tradutória, dos seus desafios e de nossa busca por soluções que levem em consideração o projeto de tradução ao qual nos propusemos e que foi neste trabalho descrito. Nosso intuito, portanto, é o de fazer uma reflexão, com base em teóricos que se debruçaram sobre questões que envolvem literatura e tradução poética e sobre o que, nesse percurso tradutório, optamos por privilegiar.

  2. Do restrito ao irrestrito: o diário de reconhecimento do rio Paraguai por Ricardo Franco de Almeida Serra na revista do Instituto Histórico e Geográfico Brasileiro (IHGB

    Domingos Sávio da Cunha Garcia


    Full Text Available A comissão mista de demarcação da fronteira, determinada pelo Tratado de Santo Ildefonso, seguiu os seus trabalhos de acordo com os critérios definidos pelo Tratado, sendo fundamentais as explorações realizadas pela equipe de engenheiros e astrônomos na Capitania de Mato Grosso, na qual figurava o engenheiro Ricardo Franco de Almeida Serra (1748-1809. Neste artigo é analisado o contexto em que se deu a elaboração do diário de viagem de Ricardo Franco -com as informações sigilosas para a coroa portuguesa sobre o território e com as descrições cartográficas que trouxe- e os objetivos de sua posterior veiculação pela Revista do IHGB, que procurava reforçar a construção de uma ideia de nação para o Brasil independente no período que antecedeu à Guerra da Tríplice Aliança, legitimando através de documentos o domínio do território de sua fronteira oeste, objeto de disputas com Estados vizinhos. From the restricted to unrrestricted. The Paraguay Ri

  3. 李嘉图与曼德维尔经济伦理思想的分歧%The Differences of Economic Ethics between David Ricardo and Bernard Mandeville



    Both David Ricardo and Bernard Mandeville made great contribution to the development of modern economic thought. The former is a representative of utilitarianism, and the latter is a representative of egotism. Although they all emphasized the role of personal interests acting on social interests, there are fundamental differences between them. When the principle of general happiness, which was put forward by the David Ricardo, is regarded as an example, compared with " private vices, public benefits" which was put forward by Bernard Mandeville, we can find the fundamental differences between the two schools obviously. And the most important difference is that egoism has deliberately despised the social morality, but utilitarianism has never given up the pursuit of justice.%大卫·李嘉图和伯纳德·曼德维尔都对经济思想的形成和发展作出了很大贡献。前者代表的是功利主义,后者代表的则是利己主义。尽管他们都强调个人利益对社会利益的作用,但二者之间又有根本的分歧。以李嘉图的一般幸福原则为例,并与伯纳德·曼德维尔的“私恶即公利”进行对比。就可以明显看出两个学派的根本歧异。其中最重要的歧异就在于,利己主义显然有意地藐视了社会的道德,而功利主义却从来没有放弃过对于公正的追求。

  4. RICARDO, Eleonora J. (Org.. Gestão da educação corporativa - cases, reflexões e ações em educação a distância. 1. ed. São Paulo : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007.

    Luciano Venelli Costa


    Full Text Available A educação corporativa vem ganhando espaço nas estratégias de gestão de pessoas, à medida que se percebe como o talento humano faz a diferença competitiva no mundo empresarial. A obra organizada por Eleonora Jorge Ricardo é uma coletânea de casos de implantação e consolidação de programas educacionais em grandes empresas e grupos, relatadas por pesquisadores, consultores e também pelos próprios responsáveis pela gestão de talentos e seu desenvolvimento nas empresas.

  5. RICARDO VENEGAS FLORES (1940 - 2015) | CTIO

    Preserving the Dark Skies La Oficina de Protección de la Calidad del Cielo del Norte de Chile - OPCC Light ³ su gran capacidad de trabajo, su meticulosidad y profesionalismo y su gran calidad humana, lo que le

  6. Aproximación al lenguaje político fundacional de la Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia en Chile. Análisis de los conceptos Democracia y Socialismo en las revistas políticas durante la segunda mitad de 1980: El caso de Ricardo Lagos

    Mauricio Kantar Contreras


    Full Text Available El golpe de Estado de 1973 inaugura en la izquierda chilena, particularmente en el Partido Socialista y el MAPU, un proceso de autocrítica frente a lo realizado durante la Unidad Popular, debido a este proceso se repiensan y reelaboran conceptos fundamentales del acervo teórico de la izquierda, modificando el lenguaje político de la oposición a la dictadura. En este escenario, revisamos las apropiaciones, reelaboraciones y usos conceptuales de la democracia y el socialismo que el líder socialista Ricardo Lagos desarrollo desde la tribuna de lasrevistas políticas opositoras al régimen dictatorial.

  7. Duelos felices, teorías ágiles

    Gabriel Gatti


    Full Text Available A partir de la revisión de los límites y los usos posibles de una categoría periférica en la obra de Alfonso Párez-Agote, la del duelo, el artículo hace un "elogio aplicado" de una forma de "hacer teoría investigando" (teoría caliente, teoría de alcance intermedio. El elogio aplicado, por mandato de coherencia, solo puede ser tal si estira los usos de la categoría en Pérez-Agote, si los lleva más allá. Así, además de proponer desindividualizar o socializar el concepto de duelo, el texto lanza una hipótesis sencilla: que el duelo puede ocupar existencias colectivas completas en el espacio y en el tiempo y que esas existencias colectivas son sociales, pero no sociales como cualquier otra.


    Gabriel Gatti


    Full Text Available A partir de la revisión de los límites y los usos posibles de una categoría periférica en la obra deAlfonso Párez-Agote, la del duelo, el artículo hace un "elogio aplicado" de una forma de "hacerteoría investigando" (teoría caliente, teoría de alcance intermedio. El elogio aplicado, pormandato de coherencia, solo puede ser tal si estira los usos de la categoría en Pérez-Agote, si loslleva más allá. Así, además de proponer desindividualizar o socializar el concepto de duelo, eltexto lanza una hipótesis sencilla: que el duelo puede ocupar existencias colectivas completas enel espacio y en el tiempo y que esas existencias colectivas son sociales, pero no sociales comocualquier otra.

  9. Ricardo’s Work as Viewed by Later Economists


    value was necessary for exchange value but did not explain its magnitude. Jeremy Bentham with his usual clarity of thought did in fact resolve the...paradox by distinguishing between marginal and total utility; but as usual with him the fragment was not published. Bentham was very close to James Mill

  10. Ricardo Salles (éd., God and Cosmos in Stoicism

    Pierre-Marie Morel


    Full Text Available « Chaque homme est regardé comme une partie de l’univers, laquelle doit se conformer et concourir à l’ordre général, et à la perfection du tout ». C’est en ces termes que l’Abbé Batteux, professeur de philosophie grecque et latine au Collège Royal de France, définit la philosophie stoïcienne, dans sa Morale d’Épicure de 1758. Cette esquisse, malgré ses implicites, révèle bien l’une des images fortes que le stoïcisme antique a laissées à la Modernité. À l’op...

  11. L'infelicità del principe felice. Oscar Wilde e Tommaso Landolfi

    Luca Federico


    Full Text Available Both Tommaso Landolfi’s education and his translations from Russian, French and German have inspired a number of comparative studies within these three linguistic areas. On the contrary, how Anglo-Irish literature influenced this writer’s artistic evolution has not yet been thoroughly explored. This article aims to explore the relationship between Landolfi and Oscar Wilde by comparing Landolfi’s Favola (1938 and Il principe infelice (1943 with a selection of Wilde’s short stories included in the collections Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888 and A House of Pomegranates (1891.

  12. Felicity Conditions for Human Skill Acquisition: Validating an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-Based Theory.


    B1 /SHOW2 1/BORROW 2/BORROW 1/SHOW X/OVRWRT W/OVRWRT Figure 2-12...34,,** ’% ".."’ ’ ° ’ . . . . " " *, . . " " . " ". .". , . • " . " . ., ’ -". ,""" ’" - . , ’ ’. " FETcHi PATTERNS 229 V,., *AC1:AC LC:A C1 :COL A1 :BLK C2:COL A2:BLK T1DIG T B1 T2:DIGIT...Glen Bryan ERIC Facility-Acquisitions . Dr. Edward C. Weiss 6208 Poe Road 4833 Rugby Avenue National Science Foundation Bethesda, MD 20817 Bethesda.

  13. El mapalé de Sonia Osorio. Todos somos uno, felices y copulando

    Maria Teresa García


    Full Text Available El artículo busca indagar desde perspectivas de la antropología de la danza, estudios de cuerpo, género y otras, el legado de la maestra Sonia Osorio (1928-2011, quien durante más de 60 años logró representar a Colombia nacional e internacionalmente como un país sexy, diverso y unificado. Se demuestra el análisis de la coreografía del Mapalé, que fue emblemática del Ballet de Colombia, el cual dirigió hasta su muerte. Su legado hegemónico por largos años y en conflicto con otras figuras de la danza en Colombia, cuya investigación vengo adelantando, hace parte de lo que he llamado “los itinerarios de formación del cuerpo de la mujer como espectáculo de la nación”.

  14. War and Peace in the West /1644/): A Dilemma at the Threshold of Felicity?

    Štěpánek, Petr


    Roč. 69, č. 2 (2001), s. 327-340 ISSN 0044-8699 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAB9021902 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z9021901 Keywords : Ottoman Empire * Hapsburg diplomacy Subject RIV: AB - History

  15. Revisiting Ricardo: Can productivity differences explain the pattern of trade between EU countries?

    Beine, Michel


    In this paper we revise the empirical tests of the Ricardian model by testing properly the Ricardian hypotheses on bilateral trade flows. Our tests are based on NACE 2-digit industry aggregation of productivity and of bilateral trade flows between 21 EU member states for the period 1994-2004. We compare the matchings between relative bilateral sectoral productivity rankings and bilateral sectoral exports-to-imports ratio rankings for each of 21 x 20 country pairs. We find that the Ricardian h...

  16. Lucille Ball, the Queen of Show Business versus Lucy Ricardo, the Failed Actress

    Aurélie Blot


    Full Text Available Most American people, all generations taken into account, remember Lucille Ball as a great comic figure of the Fifties. Nonetheless, just a few people remember her as one of the most powerful women of her time. This might be because Lucille Ball refused to be considered as a businesswoman; she wanted to be seen as an actress above all. In this article, I will analyze how Lucille Ball became a businesswoman in spite of herself and how her success as an actress contributed to her success as a businesswoman.


    Pedro Eiras


    Full Text Available This essay aims to analyze three literary and cinematic meditations about the Ikea stores: a chronic, a theatre play, a movie of experimental cinema. It is questioned whether the ways in which the artistic work defies, by humor, the logic of consumption and analyzes the speech of the advertising and private property, to consider possible alternatives.

  18. Académico Dr. Ricardo Galán Morera (1938-2008

    Gustavo Malagón Londoño


    Tuve la suerte de ser su amigo durante más de cuarenta años en los cuales pude disfrutar de la exquisitez de su trato y de su riqueza intelectual. Preparamos con su coautoría cuatro libros sobre temas de calidad de salud, auditoría en salud, salud pública y administración hospitalaria, que han sido distribuidos por la casa Editorial en los países iberoamericanos. Fue verdaderamente grato adelantar esta labor productiva con él, por la creatividad y lucidez de sus conceptos y la rapidez y la lógica de sus raciocinios; fue un compañero excepcional en esta labor editorial. Como lo fue en la labor educativa cuando me acompañó en los albores de la Facultad Militar de Medicina y en las lides ejecutivas cuando trabajamos en la Secretaría de Salud de Bogotá. En su interesante carrera se desempeñó como Secretario General y Viceministro de Salud, fue el primer Superintendente de Salud, alto funcionario del Instituto Nacional de Salud, destacado Asesor de Organismos Nacionales e Internacionales y hasta el último de sus días se desempeñó como Director de los programas de postgrado en salud de la EAN.

  19. El Estado, sus fines y su relación con el Derecho. La perspectiva de Felice Battaglia

    Anzalone, Angelo


    Estado, sociedad, Derecho, juridicidad. Se trata de los principales conceptos que preocupan las corrientes idealistas alemanas y, en un segundo momento, las corrientes neo idealistas italianas. Siguiendo la estela de Hegel, Gentile y Croce, son los dos grandes pensadores italianos que han querido presentar el Estado como autentica categoría espiritual. Entre el 1940 y el 1970, en Italia, aparecen una serie de autores que, sin abandonar del todo sus originarias posturas, pretenderán ¿depurar¿ ...

  20. The quality of environmental impact reports for explosive industry projects in South Africa / Felicity van der Vyver

    Van der Vyver, Felicity Brunesia


    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process that seeks to reduce the negative environmental consequences of listed development activities, which could have a detrimental effect on the environment, in the advance of their implementation, and a requirement of legislation in South Africa. An important element of the systematic EIA process is the submission of an environmental impact or scoping report or an environmental impact report (EIR) to the relevant governmental department, interest...

  1. Productividad y felicidad: ¿las personas más productivas son más felices?

    Aliaga, Francisco Javier; Gantier Mita, Marcelo; Herrera Jiménez, Alejandro


    The Economics of Happiness is an area of the economy that emerged as an alternative for measuring the quality of life of people from the perspective of subjective well-being. Most of happiness studies study the determinants of happiness and relationships with economic, social and psychological variables. In this context exist evidence of a positive correlation between happiness and productivity of workers. However, some authors argue that the causality between the two variables can go in both...

  2. El Discovery Channel está al borde de la extinción. Entrevista con Ricardo Carrere

    Amorín, Carlos


    Afable, meticuloso pero distraído, Carrere es conocido y reconocido internacionalmente como uno de los más versados expertos en los aspectos no sólo ambientales de los bosques, sino también en los políticos, sociales y económicos. Participó en la reciente Sexta Conferencia sobre Cambio Climático realizada en La Haya, de la que hace un balance.Es pequeño, de aspecto amigable y mirada irónica. Fuma un cigarro tras otro, armados con tabaco Puerto Rico. Nació en Montevideo hace 58 años, es técnic...

  3. (Relembrando Elvira de Felic: gestos e falas de enfermeiras sobre o banho no leito, uma técnica/tecnologia de enfermagem Reacordando Elvira de Felice: gestos y hablas de enfermeras sobre el baño en el lecho, una técnica/tecnología de Enfermería Remembering Elvira de Felice: gestures and speechs of the nurses about the bathing in the bed, a technique/technology of Nursing

    Nébia Maria Almeida de Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Trata-se de uma pesquisa quanti-qualitativa sobre banho no leito, com os objetivos de identificar expressões verbais e caracterizar expressões não verbais durante a execução da atividade de banhar e de ser banhada.. A coleta de dados incluiu o registro de falas, gestos e expressões durante a Cena de Reflexão, uma dramatização do banho em sala de aula, com a participação de 32 enfermeiras e alunas de pós-graduação - mestrado. Os resultados indicaram dois núcleos de representações: o primeiro, "O Corpo que Toca e Fala"; e o segundo, "O Corpo que Toca e Cala". A Multireferencialidade, Subjetividade, Psicossociologia e as concepções de Nightingale, Figueiredo e Carvalho foram usadas como apoio teórico. Os resultados constataram dificuldades das enfermeiras em relação ao toque e ao corpo nu, durante o procedimento técnico, e também quando opinavam e defendiam, de fato, o próprio corpo e o toque como intermediadores de emoções, subjetividade, estética, sexualidade e sensualidadeSe trata de una investigación cuanti-cualitativa sobre el baño en el lecho, con los objetivos de identificar expresiones verbales y caracterizar expresiones no verbales durante la actividad de bañar y de ser bañada. La recolección de datos incluyó el registro de hablas, gestos y expresiones durante la Escena de Reflexión, una dramatización del baño en clase, con la participación de 32 enfermeras ya alumnas de posgrado (Maestría. Los resultados indicaron dos núcleos de representaciones: "El cuerpo que toca y habla" y "El cuerpo que toca y calla". La Multireferencialidad, Subjetividad, Psicosociología y las concepciones de Nightgale, Figueiredo Y Carvalho fueron usadas como soporte teórico. Se constató dificultades de las enfermeras en relación al toque y al cuerpo desnudo en el decurso del procedimento técnico, y también cuando opinaban y defendían, en realidad, el propio cuerpo y el toque como intermediadores de emociones, subjetividad, estética, sexualidad y sensualidadThis is about a quantitative and qualitative research about the bath in the bed, with the objectives to identify verbal expressions and to characterize not verbal expressions during the execution of the activity to bathe and of being bathed. The collection of data included the register of speechs, gestures and expressions during the Scene of Reflection, a dramatization of the bath in classroom, with the participation of 32 nurses and students of Postgraduation - masters. The results had indicated two nuclei of representations: the first one, "the Body that Touchs and Speaks"; and the second one, "the Body that Touchs and Quiet". The Multireferentiality, Subjectivity, Psychosociology and the conceptions of Nightingale, Figueiredo and Carvalho had been used as theoretical support. The results had evidenced difficulties of the nurses in relation to the touch and to the naked body, during the technician procedure, and also when they thought and they defended, in fact, the proper body and the touch as intermediate of emotions, subjectivity, aesthetic, sexuality and sensuality.

  4. Los adolescentes latinos son más felices y saludables si sus familias adoptan ambas culturas (Latino teens happier, healthier)


    Podcast para los padres latinos: Este podcast proporciona sugerencias a los padres de adolescentes latinos sobre lo que pueden hacer para ayudar a sus hijos a tener una vida más feliz y saludable.  Created: 8/19/2009 by Centro Coordinador de Salud Ambiental y Prevención de Lesiones (CCEHIP).   Date Released: 8/19/2009.

  5. Determination of the parameters of traps in thermoluminescent dosemeters of ZrO2: Eu + Ptfe

    Nieto H, B.; Azorin N, J.; Rivera M, T.


    In this work the manufacture of dosemeters in pellets form of ZrO 2 : Eu + Ptfe is described; which after were exposed to UV radiation (260 nm) were generated the corresponding thermoluminescent curves and in the basis to the properties of symmetry of the curves it was determined the kinetic order using the Chen and the Balarin criteria. (Author)

  6. Radiation annealing in cuprous oxide

    Vajda, P.


    Experimental results from high-intensity gamma-irradiation of cuprous oxide are used to investigate the annealing of defects with increasing radiation dose. The results are analysed on the basis of the Balarin and Hauser (1965) statistical model of radiation annealing, giving a square...

  7. Kas valitsuse tarbimine mõjutab eratarbimist? / Lenno Uusküla

    Uusküla, Lenno


    Ilmunud ka: Kroon & Economy, nr. 3, 2004, lk. 5-16. Tarbimisfunktsioonidest, Ricardo samasuse teoreetilistest aspektidest, tarbe- ja kestvuskaupade olemusest, likviidsuspiirangutest, Ricardo samasusest Eestis. Graafikud. Tabelid

  8. América Latina: ¿Integración o Fragmentación?; Ricardo Lagos (compilador) : Buenos Aires, Edhasa, 2008

    Manera, Teresa Lucía


    Los autores, historiadores, politólogos, especialistas en ciencias sociales, pensadores de larga trayectoria y reconocido prestigio internacional ofrecen un excelente análisis reflexivo y propuestas sobre el presente y futuro de la región. La obra reúne ensayos preparados en el marco de un proyecto llevado a cabo por el Instituto Autónomo de México (ITAM), el Woodrow Wilson Internacional Center for Scholars y la Fundación Grupo Mayan. Se debatieron las versiones preliminares y se discutieron ...

  9. Geomorfologia, geodiversidade e análise da fragilidade ambiental das paisagens do parque estadual Serra Ricardo Franco, MT-Brasil

    Ana Rosa Ferreira


    Mato Grosso encontra-se em acelerado processo de desenvolvimento do agronegócio, expandindo cada vez mais suas fronteiras agrícolas. Por outro lado, amplia a criação de áreas de conservação ambiental sendo elas estaduais ou municipais. A concepção de proteção da flora, fauna e de recursos hídricos, manejo de recursos naturais, desenvolvimento de pesquisas científicas, manutenção do equilíbrio climático e ecológico e preservação de recursos genéticos, representa um importante instrumento para ...

  10. 78 FR 37788 - In the Matter of: Juan Ricardo Puente-Paez, Inmate Number #05086-379, FCI McDowell, Federal...


    ... exported from the United States to Mexico four military spec Interceptor body armor vests, which were... owned, possessed or controlled by the Denied Person, or service any item, of whatever origin, that is... subject to the Regulations are the foreign-produced direct product of U.S.-origin technology. V. This...

  11. Género y metaforización de la creación literaria en dos obras de Ricardo Piglia

    Teresa Orecchia Havas


    Full Text Available The reflection on language and on the experience of limits which characterizes modern literature has in literary worksoften taken the form of a contradictory debate over the female figure and gender. La ciudad ausente explores the imaginary of the [im]possible sex and of the journey of the female other with an original device in which the allegorization of the textual functioning and the fictionalization of a subversive femininity converge, apart from the evocation of some important models in the author's literary canon. This article analyzes the meaning of gender myths [the marginal and rebel woman] and the variants in the narrative of origins of the literary creation, as well as the representation of the phantasmal artist-work couple in the novel, concluding with an evaluation of the same issue in the opera script and performance

  12. Qualche considerazione sulle "Pensées" di Montesquieu

    Fabiana Fraulini


    Full Text Available The paper examines the the books: Montesquieu, "Pensieri diversi", a cura di D. Felice, Napoli, Liguori, 2010; Montesquieu, "Riflessioni e pensieri inediti (1716-1755", tr. it. di L. Ginzburg, intr. di D. Felice, Bologna, CLUEB, 2010.

  13. Il problema morale nei "Pensieri" di Montesquieu

    Lucia Dileo


    The paper examines two recent italian anthologies of Montesquieu's "Mes Pensées":- Montesquieu, Riflessioni e pensieri inediti (1716-1755), ed. by Domenico Felice, Bologna, Clueb, 2010;- Montesquieu, Pensieri diversi, ed. by Domenico Felice, Napoli, Liguori, 2010.

  14. La sostenibilidad del desarrollo entre Rio-92 y Johannesburgo 2002: eramos felices y no sabiamos Development's sustainability between Rio-92 and Johannesburg-2002: we did not realize how happy we were

    Roberto P. Guimarães


    Full Text Available Transcurridas tres décadas desde la Conferencia sobre el Medio Ambiente Humano en Estocolmo, y estando a las puertas de la próxima Cumbre Mundial sobre Desarrollo Sostenible en Johannesburgo, corresponde hacer una evaluación del camino recorrido, en especial a partir del verdadero divisor de aguas que representó la Conferencia de Rio en 1992. Para tales propósitos se introduce, en primer lugar, un balance de la evolución económica, social e institucional de la década pasada para, en seguida, poner de relieve los avances y retrocesos de la agenda global del desarrollo sostenible, del propio proceso regional preparatorio para Johannesburgo 2002 y de las amenazas que puede representar la nueva agenda de seguridad estratégica a partir de los acontecimientos del 11 de septiembre.After three decades since the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, and at the doorsteps of the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, its seems appropriate to assess the path followed particularly since the Rio conference of 1992. For this purpose, it is analyzed the economic, social and institutional evolution of the region during the past decade, followed by an assessment of the advances and shortcomings of the global agenda of sustainable development, of the regional preparatory process for Johannesburg 2002, as well as of the threats posed by the new agenda of strategic security after the events of 11 September.

  15. BORTONI-Ricardo, Stella M. The urbanization of rural dialect speakers: a sociolinguistic study in Brazil. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985. 265p. BORTONI-Ricardo, Stella M. The urbanization of rural dialect speakers: a sociolinguistic study in Brazil. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985. 265p.

    Maria Jandyra Cunha


    Full Text Available Quais são os principais fatores em ação na preservção das variedades linguisticas rurais e/ou não padrão no Brasil? Seria a sua manutenção simplesmente o resultado do analfabetismo ou da marginalização social ou geografica? Os dialetos retrocedem a medida que a população ganha acesso a educação formal? Até que ponto há uma ideologia de prestigio operando entre a chamada população marginal? Até que ponto a tendência homogeneizadora da sociedade urbana oscila entre duas forças contrarias: de um lado as pressões de uma padronização, de outro a manutengao das formas não-padrão como baluartes de identidades grupais?

  16. Modificando prácticas en salud ambiental a través del modelo de Nola Pender en la comunidad educativa Ricardo Palma, Mórrope 2011-2012

    Carrasco Fernández, Juver Augusto


    La presente investigación mixta tipo concurrente, con enfoque metodológico acción participación, tuvo como objetivo modificar las prácticas en salud ambiental de una comunidad educativa primaria rural a través del modelo de Nola Pender, 2011 - 2012. Las bases conceptuales se sustentan en: Rengifo (2011) para salud ambiental y Nola Pender (2011) para promoción de la salud. La muestra fue probabilística causal de 32 estudiantes entre el 4to y 5to grado de educación primaria, asimismo los sujeto...

  17. Punakeskus


    Ricardo Legoretta kujundatud kujutava kunsti keskus Santa Fe kolledzhile. Tomatipunane hoone, ehitatud eri tasapindadele. Hoones on ruumi tudengitele joonistamiseks ja maalimiseks, kunstiajaloo keskusele, fotokunstikeskusele.

  18. Unistuste õhuloss juustumaal Šveitsis / Ivar-Kristjan Hein

    Hein, Ivar-Kristjan


    New Yorgi arhitektide Elizabeth Dilleri (46) ja Ricardo Scofidio (65) looming Neuchateli järvel - kunstlik pilv, kuhu saab siseneda. Arhitektid eksperimenteerivad ruumikasutuse erinevate võimalustega

  19. Critical Arts - Vol 14, No 2 (2000)

    Alice Area. Felicity Wood. A Postcolonial reading of Mural Art in South Africa. Sabine Marschall. Popular History; Cultural Memory. David Coplan. To Whom it May concern; Or, Is anyone Concerned? The Nyae Nyae Bushman Tape Archive.

  20. Strauss: Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings / Michael Kennedy

    Kennedy, Michael


    Uuest heliplaadist "Strauss: Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings, Tod und Verklärung, Op. 24, Drei Hymnen, Op.71. Felicity Lott (sop.), Scottish National Orchestra, Neeme Järvi" Chandos ABRD 1374. ABTD 1374. CHAN 8734

  1. Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - Suite / Michael Kennedy

    Kennedy, Michael


    Uuest heliplaadist "Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - Suite, Salome-Dance of the seven veils, Capriccio-Prelude, Intermezzo, Morgen Mittag um elf! Felicity Lott, Scottish National Orchestra, Neeme Järvi" Chandos ABRD 1397. ABTD 1397. CHAN 8758

  2. Images in medicine


    Pearled papules over tattoo: Molluscum cotagiosum. Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde1,&, Daniel Sánchez-Cano2. 1Dermatology Unit. Complejo Hospitalario de Jaen, Jaen, Spain, 2Internal Medicine. Hospital Santa Ana, Motril, Granada, Spain. &Corresponding author: Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde, Dermatology Unit. Complejo ...

  3. Multilingual Manipulation and Humor in "I Love Lucy"

    Kirschen, Bryan


    "I Love Lucy" is considered to have been one of the most humorous television programs in the United States as early as the 1950s. This paper explores the use of language by the protagonists, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, in order to understand the source of the program's humor. Linguistic analysis of the Ricardos' speech is applied,…

  4. Root Cause Investigation Best Practices Guide


    Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 1997 A-1 Appendix A. Case Study A.1 Type B Reaction Wheel...Ricardo Gonzalez ricardo.gonzalez@baesystem BAE Systems Dale Gordon Rocket Chuck Gray Fescorp Luigi Greco

  5. Peñaranda Supelano, Daniel Ricardo. 2015. Guerra propia, guerra ajena. Conflictos armados y reconstrucción identitaria en los Andes colombianos. El movimiento armado Quintín Lame. Bogotá: Cnmh, Iepri. ISBN: 978-958-59068-5-3

    Juan José Escobar López


    Full Text Available ¿Cuál es la relación entre el conflicto armado y las comunidades indígenas? ¿De qué manera y por qué medios han buscado reivindicar su cultura, su lengua, a la vez que proteger su territorio y su identidad estos grupos? ¿Cómo se han visto afectados, usados y desprotegidos por los grupos al margen de la ley los pueblos indígenas? Tantas preguntas buscan responder esta investigación, que nos interesa analizar, entonces, su papel historiográfico en la tarea por reconstruir la memoria histórica.

  6. GLOBAL WARMING AND POSSIBLE EFFECTS ON FUTURE THE BRAZILIAN GRAIN PRODUCTION Hilton S. Pinto.State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). CNPq. Eduardo D. Assad. Embrapa Agriculture Informatics (CNPTIA). CNPq. Eduardo Pavao. Embrapa Agriculture Informatics (CNPTIA). Ricardo Luna. Embrapa Agriculture Informatics (CNPTIA)

    Pinto, H. S.; Assad, E. D.; Pavao, E.; Luna, R.


    According to the Brazilian Government (CONAB, July 2012) the actual area of grain production in the country is close to 50.8 million ha and the perspective of production is 162.6 million of tons. Maize and Soybean are responsible for more than 83% of the total harvest. The area available for agriculture in Brazil is 282.2 million ha or close to 33% of the total land of the country. From 1991 until 2010 the agricultural technology was responsible for an increase of production close to 154% while the planted area raised only 25%. Considering this rate of production in the last 20 years the Ministry of Agriculture made an extrapolation for 2020, when the country can produce close to 176 million of grains being 65 million tons of maize, 86 million tons of soybean and 70 million bags of coffee. In this case, it was not considered any variation in the climate conditions. In 2002, in partnership with the British Embassy in Brazil, Unicamp and Embrapa published the study "Global Warming and the New Geography of Agricultural Production in Brazil" (Pinto and Assad, 2002) based on a Regional Climate Model PRECIS from Hadley Centre, where the grain production was estimated to decrease due to temperature rise. Without considering any mitigation or adaptation action, in the worst scenario (A2-IPCC) the principal crops to be affected will be coffee with 6.7% estimated production decrease until 2020, soybean 22% and corn 12%. On the other hand, sugar cane, as a C4 plant, will have an increase of production in the order of 170%. As suggested by the Word Bank, a new project was developed for a more detailed analysis of the influence of the global warming in the Brazilian agriculture, affecting temperature and water deficit in the years 2020 and 2030. It was considered initially 23 Global Climatic Models (GCM) defined by IPCC, that were separated in blocks of similar comportment using cluster multivariate analysis. Other 3 Regional Climatic Models (RCM) were also used to give more detailed information of the future scenarios: PRECIS, BRAMS and ETA. The 4 GCMs that showed more similarity among themselves and the 3 RCM were used as simulation models with similar behavior for establishing the new scenarios for 2020 and 2030. The better and the worst forecast of the curves were used as simulation points for the future agriculture scenarios. In Brazil, most part of the agricultural plantation as well as the insurance are financed by the Ministry of Agriculture that has a basic directive of following the Public Policy Program of Climatic Risk Zoning for authorizing what, when and where to plant according to climate predominance. Based in this program and in the new climatic scenarios provided by the 7 models, a new geography for Brazilian agriculture was suggested for the years 2020 and for 2030 showing the same pessimistic tendency of decrease in production close to 24% for soybean and 19% for maize summer season as compared to 2012. The results obtained with this study were used as input for the economics complimentary analysis of Brazilian possible modification of the agribusiness until the years 2020 and 2030.

  7. Evaluation of substrates from renewable-resources in biosurfactants ...

    Evaluation of substrates from renewable-resources in biosurfactants production by Pseudomonas strains. Sidnei Cerqueira dos Santos, Luzimar Gonzaga Fernandez, Juan Carlos Rossi-Alva, Milton Ricardo de Abreu Roque ...

  8. Browse Title Index

    Items 251 - 300 of 1250 ... Ricardo Gomez-Flores, David Espinosa-Ramos, Ramiro ... Porfiria Barrón- Gonzalez, Patricia Tamez-Guerra, Reyes Tamez-Guerra, ... TC Fleischer, MLK Mensah, AY Mensah, G Komlaga, SY Gbedema, H Skaltsa.

  9. Anneli Remme soovitab : Kammerdžässi kava "Jõulud mõisas" / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Eesti-Tšiili trio Raivo Tafenau - Meelis Vind - Ricardo Padilla kontsertidest sarja "Mõisaromantika" raames 25. nov. Taagepera lossis Valgamaal, 26. nov. Tõstamaa mõisas Pärnumaal ja 16. dets. Vihterpalu mõisas Harjumaal

  10. Research Article Special Issue



    Oct 17, 2017 ... There are some advantages of relationship marketing strategy that ..... [20] Wang C L. Guanxi vs. relationship marketing: Exploring underlying differences, ... [24] Ricardo R, Wade D. Corporate performance management: How ...

  11. Combined Effects of JP-8 Fuel and Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings on the Performance and Emissions of a DI Diesel Engine

    Klett, David


    .... The experiments were conducted on a Ricardo Hydra single-cylinder DI diesel engine. Thin ceramic thermal barrier coatings were applied to various combustion chamber surfaces including the piston crown, cylinder head, and cylinder liner...

  12. 75 FR 64782 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act


    ... Negros, Baja California Norte, Mexico; R.F.C. CDO-980604-4V7 (Mexico); (ENTITY) [SDNTK]. 4. MANTENIMIENTO.... FLCCAL64032609H300 (Mexico); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNTK]. 2. GARCIA SANCHEZ, Ricardo, c/o MANTENIMIENTO, AERONAUTICA...

  13. Matemáticas

    Uriel Octavio Moreles Vázquez


    Full Text Available Berlanga Zubiaga, Ricardo, Carlos Bosch Giral, Juan José Rivaud Morayta. Las Matemáticas, perejil de todas las salsas. México: (SEP; FCE; CONACYT, 2001. (La Ciencia para todos; No. 163.

  14. Renforcement des capacités d'évaluation dans le domaine des ...

    . North of Sahara, South of Sahara, Central Asia, Far East Asia, South Asia. Project Leader. Ricardo Ramirez. Project Leader. Peter Brodhead. Institution. New Economy Development Group, Inc. Institution Country. Canada. Institution Website.

  15. Ensemble system for Part-of-Speech tagging

    Dell'Orletta, Felice


    The paper contains a description of the Felice-POS-Tagger and of its performance in Evalita 2009. Felice-POS-Tagger is an ensemble system that combines six different POS taggers. When evaluated on the official test set, the ensemble system outperforms each of the single tagger components and achieves the highest accuracy score in Evalita 2009 POS Closed Task. It is shown rst that the errors made from the dierent taggers are complementary, and then how to use this complementary behavior to the...

  16. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 68 of 68 ... Vol 14, No 2 (2000): Ethnicity and Identity, The Snake in the sky: Tornadoes in Clay and Local Narrative in the Hogsback-Alice Area, Details. Felicity Wood. Vol 14, No 2 (2000): Ethnicity and Identity, Thelma Gutsche: A Great South African film Scholar, Details. Ntongela Masilela. Vol 14, No 2 (2000): ...

  17. Grace and Courtesy: A Human Responsibility. AMI/USA Conference (Oak Brook, Illinois, July 23-26, 1998).

    American Montessori International of the United States, Inc., Rochester, NY.

    This conference proceedings compile presentations from a 1998 meeting of the American Montessori International of the United States, focusing on the importance of grace and courtesy in children's lives and in Montessori education. The papers presented are: (1) "Grace--The Felicity of Being" (Renilde Montessori); (2) "A Montessori…

  18. JE PARCOURS LA TERRE. Un cammino con Montesquieu

    Giulia Bezzi


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the following volume: Domenico Felice, Introduzione a Montesquieu, Bologna, Clueb, 2013. The author examines not only the main works of the French philosopher like Lettres persanes or L’esprit des lois but also minor books which leads Montesquieu to develop a universal science of socio-political systems.

  19. The effective mass of the Kerr spacetime

    Kulkarni, R.; Chellathurai, V.; Dadhich, N.


    The expressions for the effective mass of rotating spacetimes existing in the literature do not incorporate the rotational contribution at all. We generalise a result of Cohen and de Felice [1984, J. Math. Phys. 25, 992] and show how rotational effects can be taken into account. (author)

  20. Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?--The Language of Public Apologies in the Contexts of American and Philippine Television

    Dela Rosa, John Paul O.; Castro, Lorna B.


    This pragmatic study of the speech act of apology aims to look into the apology strategies and felicity conditions fulfilled in the public apology statements of an American and a Filipino TV host after alleged faults done during the pageant nights of Miss Universe 2015 and Binibining Pilipinas 2015, respectively. Specifically, the study purposes…

  1. Investigating the Speech Act of Correction in Iraqi EFL Context

    Darweesh, Abbas Deygan; Mehdi, Wafaa Sahib


    The present paper investigates the performance of the Iraqi students for the speech act of correction and how it is realized with status unequal. It attempts to achieve the following aims: (1) Setting out the felicity conditions for the speech act of correction in terms of Searle conditions; (2) Identifying the semantic formulas that realize the…

  2. Single-Size Thermometric Measurements on a Size Distribution of Neutral Fullerenes

    Cauchy, C.; Bakker, J. M.; Huismans, Y.; Rouzee, A.; Redlich, B.; van der Meer, A. F. G.; Bordas, C.; Vrakking, M. J. J.; Lepine, F.


    We present measurements of the velocity distribution of electrons emitted from mass-selected neutral fullerenes, performed at the intracavity free electron laser FELICE. We make use of mass-specific vibrational resonances in the infrared domain to selectively heat up one out of a distribution of

  3. Questioning the 'exotic' in two Italian travellers' accounts of New ...

    L'articolo studia le testimonianze di due missionari italiani presenti in Nuova Zelanda tra la fine dell'Ottocento e l'inizio del Novecento: il benedettino Dom Felice Vaggioli e il salesiano Giuseppe Capra. Sia l'uno sia l'altro, attratti dalle bellezze naturali del paese descritto come una sorta di esotico nuovo Eden, finirono col ...

  4. El pintor Marco Tulio Salas Vega: Un símbolo de la lucha por el arte

    Jorge Moreno Clavijo


    Full Text Available La muerte del pintor narmense Marco Tulio Salas Vega, ocurrida recientemente en Bogotá, por las circunstancias especiales que la rodearon, nos obliga a pensar, forzosamente, en el artista colombiano y su destino. Hablamos, claro está, del artista en general, no de las felices excepciones que, al fin y al cabo, vienen a confirmar la regla

  5. ES-ONANC-.E--IMaY

    with equal feliCity apply a grammatical dictum to the same purpose. Sundararaja , a contemporary. Tamil astronomer, refers to Nllakal)!ha as facf - darshani - piirangata , one who had mastered the six systems of Indian philosophy. Another major work of Nllakar:ttha is his 8ho~a on Aryabhatiyam of. Aryabhata (476 A.D).

  6. Moving beyond the "Mommy Track": An Organization Change Approach.

    Hall, Douglas T.


    Reacts to two points in an article by Felice Schwartz that has drawn reactions from a variety of sources: (1) the cost of employing women is greater than that of employing men, and (2) to reduce this cost, corporations should provide more flexible arrangements for women who want to combine career and family. (JOW)

  7. Kiiksuga kangelased / Mele Pesti

    Pesti, Mele, 1979-


    USA roadmovie tüüpi sisukad mängufilmid "Väike Miss Päikesepaiste" ("Little Miss Sunshine"; režissöörid Jonathan Dayton ja Valerie Faris, peaosas 10-aastane Abigail Breslin) ja "Transamerica" ( režissöör Duncan Tucker, peaosas Felicity Huffman)

  8. ¿Qué se crea al fomentar el emprendimiento? Los principales impactos de la formación en este campo

    Julián Cárdenas


    del Emprendimiento de Medellín (Colombia. Los resultados evidencian que el fomento delemprendimiento creó ciudadanos políticamente activos, aumentó su capital humano, impactó levemente en su capital económico y social, pero no creó sujetos más solidarios ni más felices.

  9. \\'The snake will swallow you': supernatural snakes and the creation ...

    \\'The snake will swallow you': supernatural snakes and the creation of the Khotso legend. Felicity Wood. Abstract. No Abstract. Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IAJIKS) Vol. 4(1) 2005: 347-359. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  10. Heidegger and Leibniz: Reason and Faith


    Heidegger and Leibniz: Reason and Faith. Renato Cristin (1998). Heidegger and Leibniz: Reason and Faith. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Hard Cover (130 pages + index) by Felicity Haynes. Cristin sets out to analyze. Heidegger's treatment and use of Leibniz, and in so doing presents a view of. Leibniz which ...

  11. Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Red Sandstone Specimens Under Uniaxial Cyclic Loading and Unloading Compression

    Meng, Qingbin; Zhang, Mingwei; Han, Lijun; Pu, Hai; Chen, Yanlong


    To explore the acoustic emission (AE) characteristics of rock materials during the deformation and failure process under periodic loads, a uniaxial cyclic loading and unloading compression experiment was conducted based on an MTS 815 rock mechanics test system and an AE21C acoustic emissions test system. The relationships among stress, strain, AE activity, accumulated AE activity and duration for 180 rock specimens under 36 loading and unloading rates were established. The cyclic AE evolutionary laws with rock stress-strain variation at loading and unloading stages were analyzed. The Kaiser and Felicity effects of rock AE activity were disclosed, and the impact of the significant increase in the scale of AE events on the Felicity effect was discussed. It was observed that the AE characteristics are closely related to the stress-strain properties of rock materials and that they are affected by the developmental state and degree of internal microcracks. AE events occur in either the loading or unloading stages if the strain is greater than zero. Evolutionary laws of AE activity agree with changes in rock strain. Strain deformation is accompanied by AE activity, and the density and intensity of AE events directly reflect the damage degree of the rock mass. The Kaiser effect exists in the linear elastic stage of rock material, and the Felicity effect is effective in the plastic yield and post-peak failure stages, which are divided by the elastic yield strength. This study suggests that the stress level needed to determine a significant increase in AE activity was 70% of the i + 1 peak stress. The Felicity ratio of rock specimens decreases with the growth of loading-unloading cycles. The cycle magnitude and variation of the Felicity effect, in which loading and unloading rates play a weak role, are almost consistent.

  12. 8th Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and 7th Clinical Engineering Meeting

    Meschino, Gustavo Javier; Ballarin, Virginia L.


    President Dr Gustavo Meschino Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Comittee Dr Gustavo Abraham Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Mg Rubén Acevedo Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Ing Pablo Agüero Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Mariela Ambrustolo Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ricardo Armentano Universidad Favaloro Dra Virginia L Ballarin Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Josefina Ballarre Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dr Eduardo Blotta Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Marco Benalcázar Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Freddy Geovanny Benalcázar Palacios Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, Ecuador Dr Roberto Boeri Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET - INTEMA Dra Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ariel Braidot Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Marcel Brun Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Silvia Ceré Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Fernando Clara Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Raúl Correa Prado Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pablo Cortez Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Teresita R Cuadrado Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Eduardo De Forteza Universidad Favaloro Dra Mariana Del Fresno Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Dr Martín Diaz Informática Médica Hospital Aleman de Buenos Aires - GIBBA Ing Julio César Doumecq Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Ana María Echenique Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pedro Escobar Universidad Nacional del Centro, Olavarría, Pcia de Buenos Aires Dr Fernando Daniel Farfán Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Dr Carmelo Felice Universidad Nacional de Tucumán - CONICET Dr Elmer Fernández Universidad Católica de Córdoba - CONICET Ing José Flores Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Arturo Gayoso Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Bioing Agustina Garcés Universidad Nacional de San

  13. Adam Smith on labour and value: challenging the standard interpretation

    Ormazabal Sánchez, Kepa Mirena


    This paper was presented at the Seminars of the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis I, University of the Basque Country in September 2004. This paper has two parts. In the first I critically analyze Smith’s refutation of the labor theory of value in book I, chapter 6 of his “Wealth of Nations”. My thesis is that Smith’s refutation is unsound and that Ricardo and Marx rightly saw why. In the second part I discuss Blaug’s critique of the Ricardo-Marx refutation of Smith. According...

  14. Use of Acoustic Emission to Monitor Progressive Damage Accumulation in KEVLAR® 49 Composites

    Waller, J. M.; Andrade, E.; Saulsberry, R. L.


    Acoustic emission (AE) data acquired during intermittent load hold tensile testing of epoxy impregnated Kevlar® 49 (K/Ep) composite strands were analyzed to monitor progressive damage during the approach to tensile failure. Insight into the progressive damage of K/Ep strands was gained by monitoring AE event rate and energy. Source location based on energy attenuation and arrival time data was used to discern between significant AE attributable to microstructural damage and spurious AE attributable to noise. One of the significant findings was the observation of increasing violation of the Kaiser effect (Felicity ratio <1.0) with damage accumulation. The efficacy of three different intermittent load hold stress schedules that allowed the Felicity ratio to be determined analytically is discussed.

  15. Felicidad: lecciones de una nueva ciencia

    Fernando Tula Molina


    Full Text Available Este libro busca comprender la paradoja por la cual cuando las sociedades occidentales se volvieron más ricas, sus integrantes no se volvieron más felices La hipótesis es que el individualismo falló: no aumentó la felicidad de los individuos; si realmente deseamos ser felices necesitamos de un concepto debien común al cual contribuir... exige cuidado del otro, tanto cuanto de nosotros mismos. El marco filosófico de esta reflexión lo proporciona el pensamiento de Jeremy Bentham según el cual la mejor política pública es la que produce más felicidad.

  16. Use of Acoustic Emission to Monitor Progressive Damage Accumulation in Kevlar (R) 49 Composites

    Waller, Jess M.; Saulsberry, Regor L.; Andrade, Eduardo


    Acoustic emission (AE) data acquired during intermittent load hold tensile testing of epoxy impregnated Kevlar(Registeres TradeMark) 49 (K/Ep) composite strands were analyzed to monitor progressive damage during the approach to tensile failure. Insight into the progressive damage of K/Ep strands was gained by monitoring AE event rate and energy. Source location based on energy attenuation and arrival time data was used to discern between significant AE attributable to microstructural damage and spurious AE attributable to noise. One of the significant findings was the observation of increasing violation of the Kaiser effect (Felicity ratio < 1.0) with damage accumulation. The efficacy of three different intermittent load hold stress schedules that allowed the Felicity ratio to be determined analytically is discussed.

  17. The Mommy Trek? Working Women’s Choices

    Susan P. Eisner


    A quarter century after Felice Schwartz urged companies to craft policies accommodating parental responsibilities or risk losing talented women, many highly educated women are leaving traditional careers. Is the 21st century workplace experiencing a “Mommy Trek” foreshadowed by Schwartz’s recommendation for a Mommy Track? What choices are today’s working women making? Do things turn out as planned? Will Family Friendly programs keep women from leaving? This paper presents results of a study c...

  18. The Maze of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Discovery

    Leszek Herbowski


    Full Text Available The author analyzes a historical, long, and tortuous way to discover the cerebrospinal fluid. At least 35 physicians and anatomists described in the text have laid the fundamentals of recognition of this biological fluid’s presence. On the basis of crucial anatomical, experimental, and clinical works there are four greatest physicians who should be considered as equal cerebrospinal fluid’s discoverers: Egyptian Imhotep, Venetian Nicolo Massa, Italian Domenico Felice Cotugno, and French François Magendie.

  19. Acousto-Optic Measurements in CFRP Laminates Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors


    light weight, high durability, corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, and great design flexibility that are generating many areas of...instability in the laser produced an abundance of noise in our signal obtained from the FBG that wasn’t found in the PZT signal. Figure 3...comparable to that of the PZT [Figure 3]. Felicity Ratio Most of the loading procedures performed were such that they were intended to show

  20. Looking for ‘Home’? New Zealand Soldiers Visiting London during the First World War

    Maguire, Anna


    For colonial troops from the British Empire, the military mobilizations of the First World War created the opportunity to visit the imperial metropolis – London – leaving the war behind. This article explores the experience and encounters of New Zealand's soldiers in London during the First World War and the ambiguity of their identity and belonging in a city that could be positioned as ‘home’. Using diaries, letters, newspapers and oral testimonies, the article builds on the work of Felicity...

  1. European Geophysical Society (23rd) General Assembly, Annales Geophysicae, Part 1, Society Symposia, Solid Earth Geophysics & Geodesy, Supplement 1 to Volume 16 Held in Nice, France on 20-24 April 1998


    means of recognising partial melting were tested there. 1) Macroscopic texture: because melt is mobile it collects in structural sites, e.g. boudin ...Janicot (3), A. Viltard (1), P. de Felice (1), H. Laurent (2) (1) Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, CNRS Ecole Polytechnique, France (2...the main aircraft emissions injection area. AUTOMATIC TRACKING OF WEST AFRICAN CLOUD CLUSTERS V. Mathon and H. Laurent (ORSTOM, BP 5045, F-34Q32

  2. Use of Modal Acoustic Emission to Monitor Damage Progression in Carbon Fiber/Epoxy and Implications for Composite Structures

    Waller, J. M.; Nichols, C. T.; Wentzel, D. J.; Saulsberry R. L.


    Broad-band modal acoustic emission (AE) data was used to characterize micromechanical damage progression in uniaxial IM7 and T1000 carbon fiber-epoxy tows and an IM7 composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) subjected to an intermittent load hold tensile stress profile known to activate the Felicity ratio (FR). Damage progression was followed by inspecting the Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) associated with acoustic emission events. FFT analysis revealed the occurrence of cooperative micromechanical damage events in a frequency range between 100 kHz and 1 MHz. Evidence was found for the existence of a universal damage parameter, referred to here as the critical Felicity ratio, or Felicity ratio at rupture (FR*), which had a value close to 0.96 for the tows and the COPV tested. The implications of using FR* to predict failure in carbon/epoxy composite materials and related composite components such as COPVs are discussed. Trends in the FFT data are also discussed; namely, the difference between the low and high energy events, the difference between early and late-life events, comparison of IM7 and T1000 damage progression, and lastly, the similarity of events occurring at the onset of significant acoustic emission used to calculate the FR.

  3. Journal of East African Natural History - Vol 104, No 1-2 (2015)

    Andrew E. Bowkett, Trevor Jones, Francesco Rovero, Martin R. Nielsen, Amy B. Plowman, Jamie R. Stevens, 91-125 ... Andrew R. Marshall, Ricardo J.R. Lemos de Figueiredo, Roy E. Gereau, Yahya Abeid, Antje Ahrends, Eibleis Fanning, Trevor Jones, Jon C. Lovett, Cara J. Marshall, Tim R.B. Davenport, Claire E.

  4. Control of Chaos: New Perspectives in Experimental and Theoretical Science. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering. Theme Issue. Part 1. Volume 8, Number 8, August 1998.


    de Matemdticas, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain RICARDO CHACON Departamento de Electr6nica e, Ingenieria Electromecdnica, Escuela, de... Ingenierias Industriales, Universidad de Extremadura, 06071, Badajoz, Spain MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ Departamento de Matemdticas, Aplicada, Escuela Universitaria de...World Scientific Publishing Company FUZZY CONTROL OF CHAOS OSCAR CALVO* CICpBA, L.E.L C.1, Departamento de Electrotecnia, Facultad de Ingenieria

  5. Maal ei ole surnud / Jaan Elken

    Elken, Jaan, 1954-


    Põhjamaade ja Baltikumi I maalibiennaal Rootsis Väsbys. Biennaali Rootsi-poolne kuraator ja kujundaja Ricardo Donoso, Eesti komplekti koostas Mare Pedanik. Eksponeeritud on Tiit Pääsukese, Ado Lille, Andres Toltsi, Kaido Ole, Jaan Elkeni tööd. Näituse ülevaade, eraldi peatutud Leedu ja Läti kunstnikel

  6. Erakust muusiku maja Jaapanis


    Väikesel kunstlikul neemel asuva maja eksterjöör koosneb lihtsatest valgetest pindadest, maja läänekülg avaneb Vaikse ookeani lahele. Interjöör on rikkaliku koloriidiga. Kavandas mehhiko arhitekt Ricardo Legorreta koos kolleegidega Kajiama Designist

  7. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Alana Fernandes Golin1 Ricardo Stefani1. Laboratório de Estudos de Materiais (LEMAT), Instituto de Ciências Exatas e da Terra, Av. Governador Jaime Campos 6390, Campus Universitário do Araguaia, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, 78600-00 Barra do Garças – MT. Brazil ...

  8. Group recommendation strategies based on collaborative filtering

    Ricardo de Melo Queiroz, Sérgio


    Ricardo de Melo Queiroz, Sérgio; de Assis Tenório Carvalho, Francisco. Group recommendation strategies based on collaborative filtering. 2003. Dissertação (Mestrado). Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Computação, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, 2003.

  9. Mineral content in French type bread with sodium replacement using ...

    Mineral content in French type bread with sodium replacement using fluorescence spectrometry X-rays by energy dispersive. Thaisa A. Souza Gusmão, Rennan P. De Gusmão, Severina De Sousa, Mário Eduardo R. Moreira Cavalcanti Mata, Maria Elita M Duarte, Rossana Maria F. De Figuereido, Ricardo T Moreira ...

  10. Majanduse spetsialiseerujad ja kõigesööjad / Mikk Salu

    Salu, Mikk, 1975-


    Kas riigid peaksid majandusedu saavutamiseks spetsialiseeruma või hoidma võimalikult laia profiili. Majandusteadlaste Ricardo Hausmanni ja Bailey Klingeri ning füüsikute Albert-Laszlo Barabasi ja Cesar Hidalgo vaatenurgast küsimusele, mida toota ja kuidas ühelt tootelt teisele üle minna

  11. Area Handbook Series: Paraguay: A Country Study


    interna- tionally popular; lyrics in Spanish and Guarani were a hallmark of Paraguayan culture. 64 The Society and Its Environment Sociolinguist Joan...the Paraguayan econo- my in the 1980s was Guillermo F. Peroni and Martin Burt’s Paraguay: Laws and Economy. Two more critical essays were Ricardo

  12. Xylanase from Fusarium heterosporum: Properties and influence of ...



    Feb 26, 2014 ... influence of thiol compounds on xylanase activity. Paulo Ricardo ... and the extraction of plant oil, coffee and starch (Ahmed ... of F. heterosporum on 5 g of various carbon sources ... brewing residue under solid-state fermentation (fungal strain and .... active within the acidic pH range of 4.5 to 5.5 and.

  13. Characterization of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Features of the Ocean as a Function of Wind Speed and High Frequency Radar Products


    Portugal 7. Instituto Hidrografico - Biblioteca Portuguese Navy, Instituto Hidrografico Lisbon, Portugal 8. Escola Naval - CINAV Base Lisboa, 2810-001 Alfeite Almada, Portugal 9. Escola Naval - Biblioteca Base Naval de Lisboa, 2810-001 Alfeite Almada, Portugal 10. LT Ricardo Vicente Portuguese Navy, Instituto Hidrografico Lisbon, Portugal

  14. La ciudad violenta y su memoria

    Inzaurralde, Gabriel


    The aim of this thesis is to explore in which way Latin American novels from the last decade of the twentieth century represent urban violence. These novele are: Plata quemada by Ricardo Piglia, La pesquisa by Juan José Saer and La virgen de los sicarios by Fernando Vallejo. All three display

  15. Innovative Leadership: Insights from a Learning Technologist

    Campbell, Bruce


    Professor Ricardo Torres Kompen is a leading proponent for, and researcher in, personal learning environments (PLEs). During his interview, Torres Kompen clarified his research on PLEs, particularly the digital toolbox within PLEs. He elaborated on experiences with implementing PLE initiatives, personal insights on using social media and Web 2.0…

  16. Välismaa arhitektuuriuudised / Mihkel Karu

    Karu, Mihkel, 1983-


    Arhitektuuribüroode Office dA ja Johnston Markelee öko-bensiinijaam. Neutlelings-Riedijk AB projekteeritud elamu Rotterdami tööstuspiirkonnas. Paviljon-kohvik Lissabonis, arhitektid Joao Pedro Falcao de Campos ja Jose Ricardo Vaz. Eramu Prantsusmaal, arhitektuuribüroo Peripherique Architects

  17. La batalla de Budapest. Historia de la insurrección húngara de 1956 [book review

    Huguet, Montserrat


    Este artículo reseña: Ricardo Martín de la Guarcia, Guillermo Pérez Sánchez, István Szilágyi. "La Batalla de Budapest. Historia de la insurrección húngara de 1956". Madrid: Actas, 2006. ISBN: 8497390547

  18. Sobre Dios y el mundo. Una autobiografía dialogada

    Carabante, Josemaría; Spaemann, Robert


    Reseña del libro "Sobre Dios y el mundo. Una autobiografía dialogada" de Robert Spaemann, por Josemaría Carabante. Traducción: José María Barrio Maestre y Ricardo Barrio Moreno Palabra, Madrid. 2014, 396 págs

  19. Maailma jalgpallis valitseb nooruslik uljus / Aet Süvari, Veiko Visnapuu

    Süvari, Aet, 1977-


    Täna õhtul selgub Zürichis rahvusvahelise jalgpalliliidu FIFA galaõhtul, kes on 2007. aasta parim jalgpallur. Sõelale on jäänud kolm meest - Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Lionel Andres Messi ja Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite

  20. Luis José de Tejada y Guzmán : espejo de peregrinos penitentes

    Darío Achury Valenzuela


    Full Text Available Graciela Maturo, docta escritora argentina, ha escrito un estudio documentado y erudito bajo el rubro de Luis de Tejada y su peregrino místico, editado por el Instituto de Literatura Argentina "Ricardo Rojas", de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

  1. Otsustusõigus töötajatele!? / Lawrence M. Fisher ; tõlk. Kadi Tarand

    Fisher, Lawrence M.


    Semco Grupi peadirektor Ricardo Semler on ettevõtte juhtimises praktiseerinud uut meetodit, mille puhul töölised on kaasatud oluliste otsuste tegemisse. Osalusjuhtimine ja korporatiivdemokraatia. Kommenteerivad: Kaspars Kaulinsh. Semleri meetodi rakendamiseks tuleb pidada kaks olulist võitlust; Alo Lillepea. Kuus inimest kümnest ei mõista Semlerit

  2. Cinematographic and Political Transitions in "La Redada" and "La Frontera"

    Franco, Bridget V.


    This paper reveals and analyzes the cinematographic, political, and aesthetic transitions intersecting two Southern Cone films that premiered concurrently in 1991: the award-winning Chilean movie "La frontera" by Ricardo Larraín and the forgotten Argentine independent production "La redada" directed by Rolando Pardo. Despite…

  3. Application of multivariate analysis to evaluate the biochemical ...

    Luma Castro de Souza, Glauco André dos Santos Nogueira, Risely Ferraz de Almeida, Leane Castro de Souza, Myriam Galvão, Cândido Ferreira de Oliveira Neto, Tamires Borges de Oliveira, Ismael de Jesus Matos Viégas, Ricardo Shigueru Okumura ...

  4. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science - Vol 2, No 1 (2003)

    Combined Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Larval Development of the Mangrove Crab Parasesarma catenata Ortman, 1897 (Brachyura: Sesarmidae) · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. José Paula, Ricardo Nogueira Mendes, James Mwaluma, ...

  5. Population Dynamics and Diversity of Synechococcus on the New England Shelf


    Suzanne L Strom, Brian Palenik, and Bianca Brahamsha. Vari- ability in protist grazing and growth on different marine Synechococcus isolates. Applied...Ricardo Anadón. Protist control of phytoplankton growth in the subtropical north-east atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 221:29– 38, 2001. [86

  6. Innovar en diseño, nuevas tendencias en el marco de la Publicidad y el Periodismo

    José Luis González-Esteban


    Full Text Available Reseña del libro 'Diseño gráfico publicitario: principios fundamentales para el análisis y elaboración de mensajes visuales', publicado por los profesores Manuel Montes Vozmediano y Ricardo Vizcaníno-Laorga, y editado por Ommpress.

  7. A systematic study of acoustic emission from nuclear graphites

    Neighbour, G.B.; McEnaney, B.


    Acoustic emission (AE) monitoring has been identified as a possible method to determine internal stresses in nuclear graphites using the Kaiser effect, i.e., on stressing a graphite that has been subject to a prior stress, the onset of AE occurs at the previous peak stress. For three nuclear graphites (PGA, IM1-24 and VNEC), AE was monitored during both monotonic and cyclic loading to failure in tensile, compressive and flexural test modes. For unirradiated graphites, the Kaiser effect was not found in cyclic loading, but a Felicity effect was observed, i.e., the onset of AE occurred below the previously applied peak stress. The Felicity effect was attributed to time-dependent relaxation and recovery processes and was characterized using a new parameter, the Recovery ratio. It was shown that AE can be used to monitor creep strain and creep recovery in graphites at zero load. The AE-time responses from these experiments were fitted to equations similar to those used for creep strain-time at elevated temperatures. The number of AE counts from irradiated graphites were greater than those from unirradiated graphites, subject to similar stresses, due to increases in porosity caused by radiolytic oxidation. A Felicity effect was also observed on cyclic loading of irradiated graphites, but no evidence for a Kaiser effect was found for irradiated graphites loaded monotonically to failure. Thus internal stresses in irradiated graphites could not be measured using AE. This was attributed to relaxation and recovery processes that occur between removing the irradiated graphite from the reactor and AE testing. This work indicated that AE monitoring is not a suitable technique for measuring internal stresses in irradiated graphite. (author). 19 refs, 6 figs, 6 tabs

  8. Evaluadores del Número

    . .


    Full Text Available Corina Rodriguez – Centro Interdisciplinario para el Estudio de la Política Pública/CONICETEleonor Faur - Fondo de Población de Naciones UnidasIara María de Almeida Souza – Universidade Federal do Bahía, BrasilKatia Sento Sé Mello - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, BrasilLeonor Slavsky – Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Pensamiento LatinoamericanoLorena Rodríguez – Universidad de Buenos AiresRicardo Abduca – Universidad de Buenos AiresRicardo Melgar Bao – Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, MéxicoRossana Guber – Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y SocialVictoria Ceres – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Ilustración de Tapa El pensamiento se hace forma, 2010, oleo sobre tela, 100 x 40cm. Silvana Merello, Artista Plástica




    El caso de Ricardo Farías es un acontecimiento en la vida jurídica de nuestro país, al ser un poblador de calle que se atrevió a demandar al Estado el cumplimiento y la protección de sus derechos establecidos en la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. La autoridad jurisdiccional que conoció sobre el caso de Ricardo Farías, determinó la responsabilidad de la Secretaría de Desarrollo Social del Distrito Federal, al no poder otorgarle protección en el momento que terminó por...

  10. Por qué Cortázar?

    José Luis De Diego


    semánticas, históricas e ideológicas del género “novela de aprendizaje”. En la segunda, se plantea una lectura crítica de seis novelas claves en el itinerario del género en nuestro país: Divertidas aventuras del nieto de Juan Moreira, de Roberto Payró; Don Segundo Sombra de Ricardo Güiraldes; El juguete rabioso de Roberto Arlt; La traición de Rita Hayworth de Manuel Puig: Respiración artificial de Ricardo Piglia y Flores robadas en los jardines de Quilmes de Jorge Asís. Debido a su extensión, el artículo se publica en dos entregas; la primera formó parte del número 6 de Orbis Tertius, y aquí se presenta la segunda

  11. Looks Matter

    Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt; Wong, Bang


    We’ve all done it—spent hours getting a figure just right for a paper, presenta- tion, or grant application. We use tried and true compositions, standard depic- tions, and intuitive colors and then think to ourselves, this is how you do it. Or is it? A new guide by Felice C. Frankel and Angela H....... DePace, Visual Strategies, eases the process of data presentation and enhances its effectiveness. If you seek inspiration and practical advice on how to craft more useful scientific graphics, this guide might be what you are looking for....

  12. Jovellanos: the Enlightenment, economics and «public happiness»



    Full Text Available From mid XVIII Century, an intensification of international circulation of economic ideas made Spain participate in the emergence of Political Economy as a discipline in the service of public felicity. Jovellanos did not fail to contribute to the new science. His life and professional development, as well as the particular circumstances of the period, explain the fact that the reforming emergencies became the priorities in his duties as an economist: economic theory was placed in the service of applied economics. The aim of this paper is to provide a synthetic view of the above mentioned question.

  13. Delivering happiness at UEM: aprendiendo a ser feliz en el trabajo

    Vidal García, Marta Esmeralda; Linati, Andrea


    El objetivo último de cualquier persona es ser feliz, todo aquello que hacemos está encaminado a alcanzar dicha meta. La felicidad es el pilar sólido que nos permitirá alcanzar el éxito tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional. Cuando somos felices en el trabajo, estamos más motivados, rendimos más, somos más productivos, mejores compañeros, tenemos mejores ideas, etc., y todo ello aumenta enormemente las probabilidades de tener éxito. La felicidad pronostica importantes res...

  14. Deleuze y Guattari, lectores de Canetti

    Martínez, Francisco José


    Se trata de analizar la recepción en la obra de Deleuze y Guattari de las ideas de Canetti: especialmente las nociones de masa y banda, y el significado de la noción de orden, con los dos sentidos de sentencia de muerte y de invitación a la fuga. Igualmente, se retoma la lectura de las cartas de Kafka a Felice por parte de Canetti. Por último, se compara la idea de metamorfosis y la idea de devenir.

  15. Para develar un espejismo

    Rodrigo Pérez Gil


    Al final del ensayo, volvemos a encontrar esta idea del Colón creador al enterarnos de las zozobras durante el primer viaje del Almirante en el que éste estuvo a punto de perder la cabeza por un motín de los nada felices tripulantes; el narrador ensalza “la figura egregia del piloto genovés, gobernando un frágil leño de pocas toneladas, con el puño puesto en el timón, con el ojo clavado sobre el Occidente y con el corazón alentado por la fe”.

  16. Recursive Utility and the Superneutrality of Money on the Transition Path

    Miyazaki, Kenji


    this paper investigates whether a change in the growth rate of the money supply enhances the rate of capital accumulation in a cash-in-advance monetary model with recursive utility. Although money is superneutral in the steady state, the effect of the growth rate of money on the speed of capital accumulation depends not only on the curvature of the felicity but also on the slope and curvature of the discount rate function. We find that when the discount rate decreases with consumption and the...

  17. Venice Film Festival before, during and after Pontecorvo

    Roberto Donati


    Full Text Available A brief historical introduction to Venice Film Festival. The reasons that led Gillo Pontecorvo to become Director in 1992. Pontecorvo’s programmatic standpoint, successes and first false steps: the Unforgiven case. The five Pontecorvo editions in detail: titles, directors, discoveries, reassessments. His initiatives aimed to repopulate the Lido of common moviegoers, specifically young spectators, after years when the Mostra had become an insiders’ exclusive destination. Gillo’s comeback as a former Director, again as a filmmaker, with the short movie Nostalgia di protezione. Pontecorvo’ aftermath: from Felice Laudadio to Alberto Barbera, from Moritz de Hadeln to Marco Müller, until Barbera’s comeback.

  18. El Centro de Investigaciones Toxicológicas

    Castro, Gerardo Daniel


    La vida de nuestro laboratorio es tan extensa como la mía, ¡pues ambos nacimos el mismo año! Y no son pocos los años que llevo trabajando aquí, desde 1983... Los tiempos más felices de mi actividad profesional han sido aquellos cuando los tres, mis viejos y yo, trabajábamos juntos en el CEITOX. No solamente por el placer de investigar, pensar experimentos, discutir resultados (en el laboratorio y en casa) si no también por todas aquellas oportunidades compartidas conociendo lugares hermosos e...

  19. Improving Statistical Machine Translation Through N-best List Re-ranking and Optimization


    Linguistics, Boulder, Colorado, June 2009. URL anthology /N/N09/ N09-1025. [31] Dahlgren, Peter. “The Internet, public spheres, and...Computational Linguis- tics, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2007. URL anthology /W/ W07/W07-0232. [36] Duh, Kevin and Katrin Kirchhoff. “Beyond...Computational Linguistics, Columbus, Ohio, June 2008. URL anthology /P/P08/P08-2010. [37] Felice, Mariano and Lucia Specia

  20. Determinantes de la felicidad en los administradores: una investigación realizada en las farmacias del Grupo Difare en Ecuador

    Juan Pablo López; Isidro Fierro


    El bienestar subjetivo es un indicador de la felicidad y de la calidad de vida de los individuos. Refleja la experiencia de los seres humanos de acuerdo a condiciones de vida como buenas relaciones sociales, prosperidad económica y salud. Las personas felices tienden a ser más saludables, mejores ciudadanos y empleados más productivos. En esta investigación se aborda la teoría y los diversos estudios que analizan diferentes determinantes de la felicidad. Se toma como terreno de campo al Grupo...

  1. Gestión de los seguimientos de los empleados.

    Díaz Rodrigo, Jaime


    Tiempo atrás y más aún en la actualidad, las empresas están prestando mayor interés en conseguir que los trabajadores sean felices y vayan motivados al trabajo. Con la intención de alcanzar un ambiente de trabajo en el que los empleados se sientan a gusto, disfruten con lo que hacen y dónde están, muchas empresas están tomando medidas ante ello y llegan al punto de crear departamentos dedicados a la felicidad del trabajador. Para prestar especial atención a los empleados, se les hacen entr...

  2. Transnational Crime Fictions and Argentina's Criminal State

    Caballero, Juan


    My dissertation, titled "Transnational Crime Fictions and Argentina's Criminal State," proposes a new understanding of the dictatorship novels of Ricardo Piglia, Juan José Saer, and Manuel Puig grounded in their shared appropriation from popular crime fiction. Across the 1940's, 50's, and 60's, a wide range of popular crime fiction was translated, written, theorized, printed and reprinted in Argentina, and these popular genres grew steadily in readership, visibility, and cultural legitimacy....

  3. Conception de réseaux de télécommunications : optimisation et expérimentations

    Lalande , Jean-François


    Jury: Jean-Claude Bermond, Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah, Ricardo Cordeiro Corrêa, Jean-Marc Fédou, Michel Syska, Samir Tohmé; This thesis deals with optimization problems in telecommunication networks. Our first goal consist in identifying the specific problems in optical and satellite networks and to present our contributions for optimizing the network resources. The second goal consist in presenting the developed softwares for the design and optimizations of networks.The first part begins with t...

  4. Long-run determinants of immigration to Germany 1974 - 1999: A Ricardian framework

    Foders, Federico


    This paper examines the long-run determinants of immigration to Germany using a modified version of the Ricardo model. After a brief overview of labour flows to Germany and the related empirical literature, a Ricardian model of migration is estimated using static panel data methods. The results show that variables representing factor abundance appear to have no effect whatsoever on labour flows to Germany in a period of rising unemployment (1974–1999), while variables representing income or p...

  5. Gestión ambiental urbana en un barrio del área metropolitana del Gran Resistencia

    Foulkes, María Dora


    Fil: Foulkes, María Dora. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo; Argentina. Fil: Lombardo, Ricardo. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo; Argentina. Fil: Berent, Mario. Universidad Nacional del Nordeste. Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo; Argentina. La gestión ambiental se entiende como el conjunto de acciones realizadas por una sociedad, o una parte de la misma, para proteger el ambiente, modificando situaciones...

  6. The Economics of Starvation

    Stahl, Rune Møller


    Stahl investigates the role of liberal economics in the formulation of the disastrous famine policy of the British colonial administration in nineteenth-century India, where millions of Indians starved to death in a series of famines. The chapter examines the influential debates around the Great....... The hegemonic position of free trade ideas and economic liberalism allowed for proponents of a hard laissez-faire line to mobilize considerable intellectual resources, from Adam Smith to Ricardo, to overcome humanitarian critiques....

  7. Las cicatrices de la fugacidad

    Edgar O'Hara


    Full Text Available Fernando de Szyszlo. Reproducciones en color y textos en inglés (más separata con traducción castellana de Mario Vargas Llosa, Ana Moría Escallón, Ricardo Pau-Llosa; entrevista de Ana María Escallón y cronografía de Judith Alnaís. Ediciones Alfred Wild, Bogota, 1991.

  8. TICs en las PYMES de Centroamérica: Impacto de la adopción de ...

    TICs en las PYMES de Centroamérica: Impacto de la adopción de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación. Book cover TICs en las PYMES de Centroamérica: Impacto de la adopción de las tecnologías. Auteur(s) : Ricardo Monge-González, Cindy Alfaro-Azofeifa, and José I. Alfaro-Chamberlain. Maison(s) ...

  9. Minutes of Leibniz-Sozietaet der Wissenschaften

    Herrmann, Dieter B.; Lanius, Karl; Flach, Guenter; Jaeger, Klaus; Sylvers, Malcolm; Heise, Arne; Luft, Christa


    Topics in general: Science and art; research on microcosmos - a break (entered in INIS); energy problem of human society (entered in ETDE); Climate change and settlement history in Middle Europe after glacial period (entered in ETDE); Why there is no idea history in the USA; political economy of power elite; Ricardos Theorem of comparative advantages - Prosperity benefit for all by free trade. (orig./GL)

  10. North American International Society for Microbial Electrochemical Technologies Meeting (Abstracts)


    electrode interface in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Catarina Paquete1, Bruno Fonseca1, Ricardo O. Louro1 1 Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica...response to anodic pH variation in a dual chamber microbial fuel cell Valentina Margaria, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia , Italy 2-15 Microbial...SnO2 nanostructured composite for cathode oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells Adriano Sacco, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia , Italy 2

  11. Un acto de memoria

    Melisa Restrepo Molina


    Full Text Available La animación en Colombia hasta finales de los años 80. Ricardo Arce, Carolina Sánchez y Óscar Velásquez. Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Programa de Diseño Gráfico, Facultad de Arte y Diseño, Bogotá, 2013, 187 págs., il.

  12. Purchasing Power Parity

    Rudiger Dornbusch


    The paper is a survey of PPP theory and evidence prepared for the New Palgrave dictionary of economics. Following a statement of the absolute and relative versions of the theory, there is a brief sketch of the history of thought with emphasis on Cassel and the monetary approach. A theoretical part distinguishes structural and transitory deviations from PPP. The main basis for structural deviations is the Ricardo-Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson model of productivity differentials that affect the real...

  13. Sustainable Medical and Wellness Destinations: Client-, Result- and Innovation-Focussed Case Studies

    Joukes, Veronika; Lourenço-Gomes, Lina; Marta-Costa, Alexandra


    In a first client-focussed section (Part 1), Rosa Maria Riveiro Conde, Andrés Mazaira and Patrício Ricardo Soares Costa surveyed customers of northern Portuguese thermal tourism units about their perceptions of the service quality (Chapter 1.1). Joaquim Antunes then relates the results of a questionnaire he distributed among clients at similar businesses in the centre of Portugal in order to highlight the importance of relationship marketing for the medical and wellness tourism br...


    Alejua, Hilda Yelitza; Lopez, Ricardo Castillo


    INFORMACION ASIMETRICA Y ACTIVOS ESPECIFICOS EN LA AGRICULTURA ORGANICA: UNA INTERPRETACION NEOINSTITUCIONAL Hilda Alejua y Ricardo Castillo Docentes Investigadores del Decanato de Ingeniería Agronómica de la Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado UCLA. Venezuela , Introducción: El objetivo de la presente investigación es analizar las posibles consecuencias de la información asimétrica y los activos específicos en las actividades económicas relacionada...

  15. CTC Sentinel. Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2013


    for the sake of the religion and the ‘end.’” Yaacoub detailed Rami’s instructions to set up e-mail accounts through which he could contact FBI counterterrorism analyst, including work on the Millennial and September 11th plots. He also served as a State Department counterterrorism...December 12, 2011. 31 Ricardo Ravelo, Osiel: Vida y Tragedia de un Capo (Mexico City: Grijalbo, 2009). 32 Marc Lacey, “76 Arrested as Officials

  16. Latin America Report No. 2532


    Trimarco himself who put forward Nicolaides’ name, according to military sources. Nicolaides’ father was bom in Greece and his mother in Cordoba...telephone companies, and the water works, as well as other terrorist acts aimed at social clubs, embassies, urban transportation, military hospital centers...34), Jesus Maria Pesca Garcia (alias "Chucho"), Nelson Ortiz Ovalle, Wilson Ramirez Hurtado, Jairo Arias Perez, Ricardo Londono, Elvira Reyes de

  17. The Death of Socialism in Chile


    Greenwood Press, 1978), p. 136. 1 5 Burnett, p. 170. 1 6 Merrill, . 112. .38 17Books such as Ricardo Lagos’s La concentracion del poder economico en...establishment of three distinct sectors : social, mixed, and private. With regard to the social, it stated: 42 The process of transformation of our...economy begins with a policy destined to construct a dominant state sector , formed by those firms which the state currently possesses plus the firms

  18. Danmarks Økonomisk Monetære Integration i EU

    Mærks-Møller, Christian; Elmegaard, Joachim; Jensen, Rasmus Wagner; Wolf, Pernille


    The project is a critical assessment of the Danish economical monetary integration in the EU. The assignment will highlight the problem definition; What characterizes economical monetary integration in Denmark, and why is the integration different from Finland? For this, the following theories will be used; Adam Smith's theory of the Invisible Hand and Absolute Advantages, David Ricardo's theory of comparative advantages, neofunctionalism and intergovernmentalism. The project is a critical...

  19. Battery Ownership Model - Medium Duty HEV Battery Leasing & Standardization

    Kelly, Ken; Smith, Kandler; Cosgrove, Jon; Prohaska, Robert; Pesaran, Ahmad; Paul, James; Wiseman, Marc


    Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, this milestone report focuses on the economics of leasing versus owning batteries for medium-duty hybrid electric vehicles as well as various battery standardization scenarios. The work described in this report was performed by members of the Energy Storage Team and the Vehicle Simulation Team in NREL's Transportation and Hydrogen Systems Center along with members of the Vehicles Analysis Team at Ricardo.

  20. La ciudad ausente

    Maria Antonieta Pereira


    Full Text Available Análise das relações intersemióticas e interculturais relativas ao romance La ciudad ausente e à ópera homônima. Estudo das traduções e apropriações realizadas pela rede narrativa de Ricardo Piglia e Gerardo Gandini, particularmente no que diz respeito ao texto romanesco, ao libreto e ao vídeo da ópera.

  1. Uudised : Tüüri esiettekanne Frankfurdis. Corelli Musicult "Jõulud mõisas"


    22., 23. ja 24. nov. Frankfurdi Alte Operis esiettekandele tulevast Erkki-Sven Tüüri uuest "Klaverikontserdist". Eesti-Tšiili trio Raivo Tafenau - Meelis Vind - Ricardo Padilla kontsertidest sarja "Mõisaromantika" raames 25. nov. Taagepera lossis Valgamaal, 26. nov. Tõstamaa mõisas Pärnumaal ja 16. dets. Vihterpalu mõisas Harjumaal. Hans Neuenfelsi lavastatud Mozarti ooperist "Idemeneo" Deutsche Operis Berliinis. Inglise ansambli Procol Harumi hiti "A Whiter Shade of Pale" autoriõigustest


    Fatma Sariaslan


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze Riccardo Fontana, one of the main characters of the movie “Amen.” directed by Constantin Costa-Gavras in 2002, in terms of Kohlberg’s moral development stages. At the center of the movie lies the efforts of the SS officer Kurt Gerstein, posted in the army, and Ricardo Fontana, in the service of the church, to announce the holocaust policy of Hitler to the world. The movie gives a conspicuous voice to how the two main characters inexhaustibly struggled to resist the holocaust policy and what they did to announce this fact to the world and also how they strove to prioritize their faith of ethics over the drive to self protection. An SS officer, Kurt Gerstein constantly condemns the crimes, warns the allies, the Pope and the church of Germany but at the same time provides the Zyklon B gas used in camps. Ricardo Fontana, a Jesuit in the service of the church, is a reverend who aims to break the silence in the Vatican, which has kept its silence against the entire holocaust. And here in this article will the reader find an evaluation of the character named Ricardo Fontana in terms of Kohlberg’s moral development stages.


    G. Bitelli


    Full Text Available In the context of cultural heritage, an accurate and comprehensive digital survey of a historical building is today essential in order to measure its geometry in detail for documentation or restoration purposes, for supporting special studies regarding materials and constructive characteristics, and finally for structural analysis. Some proven geomatic techniques, such as photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning, are increasingly used to survey buildings with different complexity and dimensions; one typical product is in form of point clouds. We developed a semi-automatic procedure to convert point clouds, acquired from laserscan or digital photogrammetry, to a filled volume model of the whole structure. The filled volume model, in a voxel format, can be useful for further analysis and also for the generation of a Finite Element Model (FEM of the surveyed building. In this paper a new approach is presented with the aim to decrease operator intervention in the workflow and obtain a better description of the structure. In order to achieve this result a voxel model with variable resolution is produced. Different parameters are compared and different steps of the procedure are tested and validated in the case study of the North tower of the San Felice sul Panaro Fortress, a monumental historical building located in San Felice sul Panaro (Modena, Italy that was hit by an earthquake in 2012.


    Gravante, Steve [Ricardo, Inc.; Fenske, George [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Demas, Nicholas [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Erck, Robert [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    High-fidelity measurements of the coefficient of friction and the parasitic friction power of the power cylinder components have been made for the Isuzu 5.2L 4H on-highway engine. In particular, measurements of the asperity friction coefficient were made with test coupons using Argonne National Lab’s (ANL) reciprocating test rig for the ring-on-liner and skirt-on-liner component pairs. These measurements correlated well with independent measurements made by Electro-Mechanical Associates (EMA). In addition, surface roughness measurements of the Isuzu components were made using white light interferometer (WLI). The asperity friction and surface characterization are key inputs to advanced CAE simulation tools such as RINGPAK and PISDYN which are used to predict the friction power and wear rates of power cylinder components. Finally, motored friction tests were successfully performed to quantify the friction mean effective pressure (FMEP) of the power cylinder components for various oils (High viscosity 15W40, low viscosity 5W20 with friction modifier (FM) and specially blended oil containing consisting of PAO/ZDDP/MoDTC) at 25, 50, and 110 °C. Ricardo's objective is to use this data along with advanced CAE methods to develop empirical characterizations of friction and wear mechanisms in internal combustion engines such that the impact of such mechanisms of engine fuel consumption and/or vehicle fuel economy can be estimated. The value of such predictive schemes is that if one knows how a particular friction reduction technology changes oil viscosity and/or the friction coefficient then the fuel consumption or fuel economy impacts can be estimated without the excessive cost of motored or fired engine tests by utilizing cost effective lab scale tests and in combination with advanced analytical methods. One accomplishment made during this work was the development and validation of a novel technique for quantifying wear using data from WLI through the use of

  5. Adam Smith's Concept of Labour: Value or Measure?

    Adolfo Rodriguez-Herrera


    The terminology employed by Smith to refer to value and measure of value is used in his time with imprecision, which has led to different interpretations about his position on these issues. It is no coincidence that Smith is considered the father of the labour theory of value developed by David Ricardo and Karl Marx and simultaneously of the cost-of-production theory of value developed by John Stuart Mill and Alfred Marshall. This paper reviews the concepts developed by Smith to formulate his...

  6. Contradicciones del testimonio. Políticas de memoria y retóricas de la violencia en Chile postdictatorial

    Peris Blanes, Jaume


    El artículo analiza la evolución de la función política y social de los testimonios y las intervenciones de los supervivientes, desde las primeras manifestaciones de denuncia de la dictadura de Pinochet hasta las políticas de memoria de la dictadura. Desde los primeros testimonios del exilio hasta la publicación del Informe sobre Torturas (2004) durante el gobierno de Ricardo Lagos, los testimonios de los supervivientes han cumplido funciones muy diferentes en la construcción de un sentido y ...

  7. Trade and Sectoral Productivity

    Fadinger, Harald; Fleiss, Pablo


    Even though differences in sectoral total factor productivity are at the heart of Ricardian trade theory and many models of growth and development, very little is known about their size and their form. In this paper we try to fill this gap by using a Hybrid-Ricardo-Heckscher-Ohlin trade model and bilateral sectoral trade data to overcome the data problem that has limited previous studies, which have used input and output data to back out productivities, to a small number of OECD economies. We...


    Falla, Ricardo


    EL ARTISTA Y LA ÉPOCA: UN «HUAYCO» DE CREACIÓN COLECTIVA» RICARDO FALLA Hace aproximadamente 3 años [sic], apareció en Barranco el Taller de Arte «Huayco» EPS con el deliberado propósito de mostrar las esencias de nuestro ser nacional. Francisco Mariotti (36), María Luy (30), Charo Noriega (23), Mariela Zevallos (21), Herbert Rodríguez (21), Armando Williams (24) y juan Javier Salazar (25), integrantes de esta singular experiencia, decidieron apoyarse mutuamente para «crear una alternativa o ...

  9. El desarrollo del conocimiento y el manejo de las organizaciones: a propósito de la discusión sobre el taylorismo

    Romero Urrego, Ricardo


    Los anteriores artículos recogen las exposiciones del debate sobre la vigencia del taylorismo, realizado en el primer semestre de 1997 en mesa redonda convocada por el Departamento de Gestión empresarial, el Programa Maestría en Administración y la revista innovar. Se conto con la participación de la profesora Anita Waiss del departamento de sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, los profesores Carlos Martínez, Ricardo Romero y Bernardo Parra, del departamento de Gestión Empresari...

  10. Fronteras de papel: archivos, colecciones y la cuestión de límites en las naciones americanas

    Irina Podgorny


    Full Text Available This article analyzes various intellectual practices tied to the use of public and private documents in the practice of history in Argentina over the second half of the nineteenth century. Starting from the "question of limits," this essay analyzes the work of bibliophiles Manuel Ricardo Trelles and Juan Martín Leguizamón, both of whom tried to histori­cally reconstruct the territorial unity of Argentina. It shows how this work lies at the crossroads of antiquarian studies, History, and Natural History.

  11. Economía del turismo : Un enfoque desde la teoría del comercio internacional

    Porto, Natalia


    Desde sus inicios y por largo tiempo, la teoría del comercio internacional estuvo centrada en la explicación de los flujos de comercio de bienes entre países. Al mismo tiempo, la política económica también se ha ocupado de esta problemática. Desde la teoría de la ventaja comparativa de Ricardo a principios del siglo XIX y los modelos de dotaciones factoriales de Heckscher y Ohlin a principios del siglo XX hasta la integración de la competencia imperfecta en la teoría del comercio a fines del ...

  12. AGARD Index of Publications, 1989-1991 (Index des Publications 1989-1991)


    26150 18-08) May N92-12458# Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas S.A., Madrid (Spain). 1991 A METHODOLOGY FOR SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION AND (AGARD-AG-317...RICARDO MINGUEZ, andAGARND/ Scientionl ruestions Executive PEDRO SEGUROLA (Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas S.A., Madrid, Complex control systems like those used...rai-1ir-a nt"l madala p310 9*1-15745 Renaent i wrosmrnevsto thite RAF atr tensapfortce "Is"-pt p77 M91-10972 AM TOc eun.111ACa Al@ g p 34 N9*1-191)72

  13. Mananase : produção por via convencional e recombinante e obtenção de produto formulado líquido

    Montibeller, Valesca Weingartner


    Orientador : Profª. Drª. Luciana Porto Souza Vandenberghe Coorientadores : Prof. Dr. Carlos Ricardo Soccol e Profª. Drª.Vanete Thomaz Soccol Tese (doutorado) - Universidade Federal do Paraná, Setor de Tecnologia, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Bioprocessos e Biotecnologia. Defesa: Curitiba, 15/06/2015 Inclui referências : f. 145-166 Área de concentração: Agroindústria e biocombustíveis Resumo:As mananases são enzimas aplicadas nos mais diversos segmentos industriais...

  14. La Renta de la Tierra en el Pensamiento de J.S. Mill y H. George

    Alberto José Figueras


    Full Text Available El año 2008 ha visto a la sociedad argentina enfrascada en un debate sobre los impuestos a las exportaciones agrícolas. Uno de los puntos centrales fue quién soportaría finalmente el costo de este tributo, su impacto sectorial, grupal y territorial. Ahora bien, cuando surgen estas controversias suele ser útil mirar hacia atrás para descubrir qué fue lo que opinaron los grandes autores del pasado en circunstancias similares, mutatis mutandi. Se revisan ideas y pensamientos de William Petty, Adam Smith, Henry George , David Ricardo y John Stuar Mill entre otros.

  15. Tendencias de la demanda de transporte público y el plan de transporte urbano de Santiago

    Germán Correa Díaz


    Full Text Available El Gobierno del Presidente Ricardo Lagos está comprometido en la ejecución de un vasto y complejo Plan de Transporte Urbano, que toca todos los modos de transporte, tanto público como privado, tanto de personas como de bienes, que circulan por la ciudad. Su principal programa es la modernización del transporte público, consistente en la construcción de un Sistema Integrado que proporcione un buen servicio, seguro, menos contaminante y con rentabilidades que permitan mantener un estándar óptimo.

  16. Post mortem examination report concerning Nadim Nuwwara

    Leth, Peter Mygind


    Post mortem examination report concerning Nadim Nuwawara, 17-years old, who was killed may 15 2014 in Beitunia near Rahmallah, Palestine. The examination was performed by an international team consisting of dr. Saber Al-Aloul, director of the Medico Legal Institute at Quds University, dr. Marc A....... Krouse, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, dr. Chen Kugel, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, Tel Aviv, dr. Ricardo Pablo Nachman, forensic expert at Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, Tel Aviv and dr. Peter...

  17. Informes clínicos breves

    Facultad de Medicina Revista de la


    Full Text Available Carcinoma de tiroides / Cristian Roger Barbosa Sandoval y Edgar Jose Figueredo ; tutor Erix Boz6n -- Protocolo para el manejo de pacientes con trastorno afectivo bipolar manfaco (TABM / Luis Eduardo Jaramillo y Ricardo Sanchez -- Apendicitis aguda: experiencia en el Hospital de La Misericordia / Enrique Villamizar Zuniga ; tutores Efrairn Bonilla, Mizrahinn Mendez -- Comparacion del crecimiento facial en pacientes con fisuras labio-palatinas reparadas mediante dos tecnicas de palatoplastia / Oswaldo J. Gomez ; tutor Rafael Gomez -- Enfermedades del tejido conectivo en neoplasia / MarJioCharry Barrios ; tutor Jorge Rodrfguez Riveros.

  18. Beta-cell function is associated with metabolic syndrome in Mexican subjects



    Blanca G Baez-Duarte1,3, María Del Carmen Sánchez-Guillén3†, Ricardo Pérez-Fuentes2,3, Irma Zamora-Ginez1,3, Bertha Alicia Leon-Chavez1, Cristina Revilla-Monsalve4, Sergio Islas-Andrade41Posgrado en Ciencias Químicas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México; 2Facultad de Medicina, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México; 3Centro de Investigaci...

  19. ¿Vigencia del taylorismo? De los enunciados a la realidad

    Anita Weiss de Belalcázar


    Los anteriores artículos recogen las exposiciones del debate sobre la vigencia del taylorismo, realizado en el primer semestre de 1997 en mesa redonda convocada por el Departamento de Gestión empresarial, el Programa Maestría en Administración y la revista innovar. Se conto con la participación de la profesora Anita Waiss del departamento de sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, los profesores Carlos Martínez, Ricardo Romero y Bernardo Parra, del departamento de Gestión Empresari...

  20. Commander manipulator scoops prestigious mulit-million pound BNFL contract

    Bailey, Andrew.


    Twenty-one Commander robotic arms are on order from INBIS (formerly Ricardo Hitec) and BNFL Engineering Limited (''BEL'', the engineering arm of parent company BNFL). The multi-million pound contract was won amid fierce competition from other well-known names in robotic engineering. The specially designed Commander manipulators will be engaged in remotely handling Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) in a suite of four BNFL ILW plants, which are currently either under construction or planned at Sellafield. The first Commander will delivered to BNFL's Sellafield Silo Emptying Project in January 1998. (Author)

  1. Mobiliser les jeunes, enraciner la démocratie

    C'est là où la lutte en faveur de la démocratie prend sa source. Patrick Watson, auteur et homme de télévision canadien. Ricardo Funari / LA RECHERCHE BIEN ... Mais ce n'est qu'un côté de la médaille, car il y a aussi beaucoup de .... Les jeunes associent violence et criminalité à une foule d'autres.

  2. Jõulujazz alustab heaga / Kai Ilustrumm

    Ilustrumm, Kai


    Heategevuskontserdist "Aita alustada elu!" Kaarli kirikus 28. nov., Soome multiinstrumentalisti Sakari Kukko trio kontserdist 5. dets. Niguliste muuseum-kontserdisaalis, ameerika vokaalansambli M-Pact kontserdist 7. dets. Pärnu kontserdimajas, Raivo Tafenau-Meelis Vindi koosmusitseerimisest tšiili löökpillimängija Ricardo Padillaga 11. dets. Niguliste muuseum-kontserisaalis, Helin-Mari Arderi kontserdist "Sajab esimest lund" 15. dets. Niguliste muuseum-kontserisaalis, rootsi ansambli Bossa Electrica esinemiset 16. dets. Rock Café's, ansambli Eesti Keeled kontserdist "Vaiksel ööl" 17. dets. Tallinnas Sokos Hotell Virus

  3. Autobiografía de Juan Miguel Acevedo

    Juan Miguel Acevedo


    Full Text Available Cuatro años ha que había empezado a escribir esta obra, cuando llegó a mis manos la filosófica carta que en junio de 72 dirige el sabio y erudito doctor Ricardo de la Parra al señor José Caicedo Rojas. La lectura de esta carta hizo caer la puma de mis manos y destruyó mis borrados. Me encontraba con un hombre sumamente estudioso, que se me había adelantado en sus dudas y en sus estudios sobre religión.

  4. El lado oscuro de la economía internacional: comercio, distribución y bienestar

    Anchorena, Sergio Oscar


    Según la teoría de las ventajas comparativas de Ricardo, expuesta en la actualidad por Paul Krugman y Maurice Obstfeld (2001), los países intercambian por necesidad y por conveniencia. Esto es, importan lo que les es difícil o caro producir y exportan aquellos productos para los son más productivos. La diferencia de productividad entre los países es la base del intercambio y es el origen de las llamadas "ventajas comparativas". El comercio resulta siempre benéfico, afirman, porque permite sat...

  5. Los medios masivos y las redes de comunicación interpersonal en la difusión de innovaciones agropecuarias y de control de la natalidad .

    Juan Braun


    Full Text Available En América Latina se ha investigado muy poco sobre los sistemas o redes de comunicación interpersonal. En la presente investigación del Experto argentino Juan Ricardo Braun, se analiza la importancia que esos sistemas tie­nen en la difusión de innovaciones en la región. Esta investigación se ha centrado en Acción Cultural Popular -ACPO- que es una agencia colombiana de cambio que, entre otras acciones, trata de difundir innovaciones agropecuarias y de control de la natalidad utilizando medios interpersonales de comunicación.

  6. Prefacio

    Walker, Charles


    Este libro contiene los tomos primero, segundo y tercero de las Memorias histórico, físicas, crítico, apologéticas de la América Meridional de José Eusebio Llano Zapata (Lima 1721-Cádiz 1780), las cuales abarcan respectivamente los reinos mineral, vegetal y animal. Los dos volúmenes manuscritos consultados en la Real Biblioteca del Palacio Real de Madrid catalogados como 11/1809 y 11/1810, fueron concluidos hacia 1757. Ricardo Palma publicó el primer tomo dedicado al reino mineral en 1904 en ...

  7. Materiais antropogênicos suspensos na atmosfera de Curitiba

    Polezer, Gabriela


    Orientador: Prof. Dr. Ricardo H. Moreton Godoi Co-orientador: Prof. Dr. Andrea P. de Oliveira Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal do Paraná, Setor de Tecnologia, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia e Ciência dos Materiais - PIPE. Defesa: Curitiba, 28/10/2015 Inclui referências : f. 91-99 Área de concentração: Engenharia e ciência de materiais Resumo: O material particulado (MP) tem sido considerado um dos principais poluentes atmosféricos, e muitos estudos vêm dem...

  8. Jamming the Works: Art, Politics and Activism Introduction

    Linda Dittmar; Joseph Entin


    As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, art that aims to actively challenge the social order continues to spark controversy and encounter resistance. In one recent instance, the University of California at San Diego threatened to revoke the tenure of Ricardo Dominguez, a professor of visual art, who developed what he calls “transborder immigrant tools”—recycled cell phones loaded with GPS software that point border-crossers to caches of fresh water in the desert. Dominquez has call...

  9. Jamming the Works: Art, Politics and Activism Introduction

    Linda Dittmar


    Full Text Available As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, art that aims to actively challenge the social order continues to spark controversy and encounter resistance. In one recent instance, the University of California at San Diego threatened to revoke the tenure of Ricardo Dominguez, a professor of visual art, who developed what he calls “transborder immigrant tools”—recycled cell phones loaded with GPS software that point border-crossers to caches of fresh water in the desert. Dominquez has called the phones, which feature an audio application that plays inspirational poetry to migrants, a “mobile Statue of Liberty.”

  10. JPRS Report, Science & Technology Europe & Latin America.


    Brazil’s Plasma Physics Program Described [Antonio Monies Filho, Ricardo Magnus Osorio Galvao; ESPACIAL , May 87p 7] 33 JPRS-ELS-88-003 ^ D T...these offset by equivalent sales of products or services. An exception was Itau Tecnologia S.A., one of the few, if not the only, firms to show a...a Scopus — In the case of Scopus Tecnologia , the first semester was terrible, with high costs and weak sales. During the second trimester, sales

  11. Electromagnetic simulations of the ASDEX Upgrade ICRF Antenna with the TOPICA code

    Krivska, A.; Milanesio, D.; Bobkov, V.; Braun, F.; Noterdaeme, J.-M.


    Accurate and efficient simulation tools are necessary to optimize the ICRF antenna design for a set of operational conditions. The TOPICA code was developed for performance prediction and for the analysis of ICRF antenna systems in the presence of plasma, given realistic antenna geometries. Fully 3D antenna geometries can be adopted in TOPICA, just as in available commercial codes. But while those commercial codes cannot operate with a plasma loading, the TOPICA code correctly accounts for realistic plasma loading conditions, by means of the coupling with 1D FELICE code. This paper presents the evaluation of the electric current distribution on the structure, of the parallel electric field in the region between the straps and the plasma and the computation of sheaths driving RF potentials. Results of TOPICA simulations will help to optimize and re-design the ICRF ASDEX Upgrade antenna in order to reduce tungsten (W) sputtering attributed to the rectified sheath effect during ICRF operation.

  12. Seismic performance evaluation of an historical concrete deck arch bridge using survey and drawing of the damages, in situ tests, dynamic identification and pushover analysis

    Bergamo, Otello; Russo, Eleonora; Lodolo, Fabio


    The paper describes the performance evaluation of a retrofit historical multi-span (RC) deck arch bridge analyzed with in situ tests, dynamic identification and FEM analysis. The peculiarity of this case study lies in the structural typology of "San Felice" bridge, an historical concrete arch bridge built in the early 20th century, a quite uncommon feature in Italy. The preservation and retrofit of historic cultural heritage and infrastructures has been carefully analyzed in the international codes governing seismic response. A complete survey of the bridge was carried out prior to sketching a drawing of the existing bridge. Subsequently, the study consists in four steps: material investigation and dynamic vibration tests, FEM analysis and calibration, retrofit assessment, pushover analysis. The aim is to define an innovative approach to calibrate the FEM analysis through modern experimental investigations capable of taking structural deterioration into account, and to offer an appropriate and cost-effective retrofitting strategy.

  13. El buen vivir: La búsqueda de su comprensión a través de diferentes filosofías

    Margolis Schweber, Elías


    Resumen: En el presente texto, el autor señala que la búsqueda de aquello que nos complete como seres y nos haga felices, nos lleva a la comprensión y realización de la crítica a la modernidad con la finalidad de aterrizarlo en un aspecto más complejo: el Buen Vivir. Un “vivir y dejar vivir”, teniendo claro que no hay que dictar consignas para que quepan las formas de cambio que en las prácticas la gente en general busca para su existencia. Siendo así busca referencias a la idea del Buen Vivi...

  14. Análisis de nuevos modelos organizativos. Aplicación al caso CLH

    Pareja Álvarez, Sara


    A lo largo de los últimos años se está viendo una corriente emergente dentro de las organizaciones sobre la forma en que son gestionadas y sobre dónde sitúan el foco de su éxito. Cada vez más, las organizaciones basan su eficiencia, sus logros y su éxito en las personas. Ponen a los trabajadores como el eje central de la organización y se preocupan de su bienestar y felicidad. Esto es así, porque hay estudios y teorías que han demostrado ser ciertas y que defienden que las personas felices y ...

  15. Analytical methodologies for the determination of nutraceuticals in foods

    Rosanna, Gatti; Domenica Masci


    The term nutraceutical was coined almost thirty years ago (Stephen De Felice, 1989) by the union of the two terms nutrition and pharmaceutical. According to the definition, for 'Nutraceutical' refers to 'any substance that can be considered a food (or part of a food), and which provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and / or the treatment of a disease'. At the Casaccia Research Centre ENEA, are developed and validated methodologies analytics for detection and quantification of nutraceutical substances. This is to highlight some cultivars in relation to genotype, geographical area production, cultural practices, or for the purpose to assess the content relative to conservation techniques or transport of raw materials and processed products. [it

  16. «La teoría del todo». Neurología: Esclerosis lateral amiotrófica



    Full Text Available Recreación de la vida de Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne desde 1963, cuando se encontraba en Cambridge para realizar su tesis doctoral, hasta que fue nombrado caballero por Isabel II y se vislumbra el fin de su primer matrimonio. En 1963 conoce a la que sería su pri? mera mujer, contrapunto femenino de la historia, y se le manifiesta la enfermedad. Este proceso, que comenzó tempranamente, no acabó con su existencia en poco tiem? po, como suele ser habitual, sino que ha sobrevivido.Premios: Óscar al Mejor Actor (Eddie Redmayne y nomi? nada a la Mejor Película, Mejor Actriz (Felicity Jones, Mejor Guión Adaptado y Mejor Banda Sonora (2015.

  17. Las ideas y la obra de Francisco Pascasio Moreno

    Riccardi, Alberto Carlos


    Francisco Pascasio Moreno consagró su vida a servir a la Patria, según su propia definición. Felices aquéllos que, inspirados por altos ideales, los ejecutan en una misión de servicio para contribuir a que los demás seamos mejores. En tal sentido Moreno es un paradigma para todos los argentinos, de hoy y de siempre. Creyó, pensó, actuó, superó tremendas dificultades con voluntad y convicción férreas, y nos legó sus obras, sus ideas y su ejemplo. Fue un auténtico, creativo e inspirado héroe ci...

  18. Los datos: la cancha donde se juega la democracia

    Omar Rincón


    Full Text Available La guerra de los datos existe. La guerra, por ahora, la va ganando el capital, las empresas y los gobiernos. Jobs-Zuckerberg-Page-Bezos-EE.UU. y todos los gobiernos están cerca del control total de los datos sobre los sujetos y la sociedad. Nos persiguen y encuentran gracias a nuestras intimidades conectadas. Lo peor, parecemos felices entregados a la vigilancia y el control. En este contexto, los datos son la cancha donde se está jugando la democracia. En este texto-ensayo se pasa del optimismo tecnológico (el big data es solo una tecnología y una maravilla que lo puede todo, a la ironía de la tecnología como dispositivo de poder y al cinismo del big data como ideología.

  19. Single-size thermometric measurements on a size distribution of neutral fullerenes.

    Cauchy, C; Bakker, J M; Huismans, Y; Rouzée, A; Redlich, B; van der Meer, A F G; Bordas, C; Vrakking, M J J; Lépine, F


    We present measurements of the velocity distribution of electrons emitted from mass-selected neutral fullerenes, performed at the intracavity free electron laser FELICE. We make use of mass-specific vibrational resonances in the infrared domain to selectively heat up one out of a distribution of several fullerene species. Efficient energy redistribution leads to decay via thermionic emission. Time-resolved electron kinetic energy distributions measured give information on the decay rate of the selected fullerene. This method is generally applicable to all neutral species that exhibit thermionic emission and provides a unique tool to study the stability of mass-selected neutral clusters and molecules that are only available as part of a size distribution.

  20. Recensement des articles d’opinion sur l’Italie fasciste, dans les quotidiens espagnols : ABC, El Debate, La Época, Heraldo de Madrid, La Libertad et El Sol, du 25 octobre 1922 au 28 février 1929 Recensión de artículos de opinión sobre Italia fascista en seis diarios españoles : ABC, El Debate, La Época, Heraldo de Madrid, La Libertad y El Sol del 25 de octubre de 1922 al 28 de febrero de 1929

    Manuelle Peloille


    Full Text Available Dates liminairesLe choix de la date initiale peut prêter le flanc à l’objection que fit Renzo de Felice, selon laquelle le fascisme ne commence pas avec la prise de pouvoir par les chemises noires, dans les derniers jours d’octobre 1922 :Par rapport à l’histoire intérieure du fascisme, les événements d’octobre 1922 ont une faible importance du point de vue de la périodisation : l’entrée de Mussolini ne représenta pour les fascistes qu’un moment – certes important – de la vie du fascisme et de...

  1. La persistenza di Montesquieu: interpretazioni e letture novecentesche

    Giovanni Galli


    Full Text Available Montesquieu is widely known as one of the most important and influential authors of the French Enlightenment. The anthology of collected essays reviewed below, Lo spirito della politica. Letture di Montesquieu, edited by Domenico Felice, finds its name from one of the Montesquieu’s books entitled, De l’esprit des lois, written in 1748. Many authors from the twentieth century have studied different issues about Montesquieu’s opus maius. Some of the main arguments they discuss, like the method of his work and its relation with the Aristotelian empirical enterprise, or the differences between the claims of his thinking and that of Rousseau and many other, are now presented inside this collection of essays. It could be a useful guide for those who would like to start the study of Montesquieu’s ideas.

  2. L'insegnamento della Storia della musica nell'educazione universitaria giapponese

    Midori Sonoda


    Full Text Available Uno degli istituti-guida nel campo della musicologia in Giappone è quello presso la Tokyo University of the Arts (già Università Statale di Belle Arti di Tōkyō. Il suo corso di musicologia, fondato nel 1949, è stato e continua ancora ad essere un motore della diffusione dell’insegnamento della storia della musica nell’università giapponese. Una riflessione su più di sessant’anni della sua storia, caratterizzata dalla felice convivenza degli studenti in musicologia e quelli a indirizzo esecutivo-musicale, potrebbe contribuire alla sensibilizzazione dei musicologi europei per il mandato pedagogico-didattico che loro spetta nella presente situazione della cultura musicale occidentale.

  3. Why (suffering women matter for the heart of transformative missional theology perspectives on empowered women and mission in the New Testament and early Christianity

    Jacobus (Kobus Kok


    Full Text Available In this article, it is argued that from the beginning of the Christ-following movement, the gospelmessage represented a challenge to a male-dominated social system. Early Christian literature shows that women, whose voices were often silenced in antiquity, are empowered. This is seen most clearly in the Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity. There we see how the protagonists is presented as acting counter culturally, challenging the world of men and turning patriarchal values and expectations upside down. It could be argued that the gospel message portrays women in the centre of missionary witness and empowers them in this manner. Furthermore, early Christian Martyrdom texts also show how the concept of suffering, honour and shame is redefined and how power and strength in weakness and oppression is reformulated.

  4. Marjane Satrapi’s Poulet aux Prunes: fetish, desire, and illusions

    Stefania Rimini


    Full Text Available Il saggio si propone di individuare e descrivere le sfumature erotiche e sentimentali del film Poulet aux prunes di Marjane Satrapi, felice adattamento dell’omonima graphic novel. Il racconto procede per scarti, ellissi, anticipazioni e flasback, dando luogo a una narrazione labirintica dalla singolare trama arabescante. Le sottili dinamiche seduttive messe in campo dal complesso stile di regia di Satrapi-Paronnaud vengono analizzate alla luce delle categorie feticistiche individuate da Massimo Fusillo, che offrono interessanti modelli di interazione fra desiderio e creatività. L’esito di tale indagine consente di ampliare il dibattito relativo al rapporto di scambio e interferenza fra oggetti, pulsioni e sguardi nel cinema contemporaneo.

  5. El trabajo en Smith: valor o medida del valor?

    Adolfo Rodríguez Herrera


    Este artículo revisa los conceptos desarrollados por Smith para formular su teoría del valor (valor, precio real y valor de  cambio. Nuestra interpretación de sus textos sobre el valor no coincide con la que tradicionalmente se ha hecho. De acuerdo con nuestra interpretación, no sería correcta la crítica de Ricardo y Marx a la posición de Smith sobre el papel del trabajo como medida de valor. Para estos autores, Smith no es consistente al proponer que el valor de una mercancía es definido o medido como la cantidad de trabajo necesaria para producirla y simultáneamente como la cantidad de trabajo que puede ser comprada por esta mercancía. Tratamos de demostrar que para Smith el trabajo tiene un doble papel –como fuente y como medida del valor–, y que a ello se debe la confusión generada por su uso de algunos términos: Smith propone el trabajo como una medida de valor porque lo concibe como una fuente de valor. Con esta interpretación queda claro, paradójicamente, que la teoría del valor trabajo de Smith corresponde sustancialmente con la que más tarde desarrollarán Ricardo y Marx.

  6. Publisher Correction: Discordant congenital Zika syndrome twins show differential in vitro viral susceptibility of neural progenitor cells.

    Caires-Júnior, Luiz Carlos; Goulart, Ernesto; Melo, Uirá Souto; Araujo, Bruno Henrique Silva; Alvizi, Lucas; Soares-Schanoski, Alessandra; de Oliveira, Danyllo Felipe; Kobayashi, Gerson Shigeru; Griesi-Oliveira, Karina; Musso, Camila Manso; Amaral, Murilo Sena; daSilva, Lucas Ferreira; Astray, Renato Mancini; Suárez-Patiño, Sandra Fernanda; Ventini, Daniella Cristina; da Silva, Sérgio Gomes; Yamamoto, Guilherme Lopes; Ezquina, Suzana; Naslavsky, Michel Satya; Telles-Silva, Kayque Alves; Weinmann, Karina; van der Linden, Vanessa; van der Linden, Helio; de Oliveira, João Ricardo Mendes; Arrais, Nivia Maria Rodrigues; Melo, Adriana; Figueiredo, Thalita; Santos, Silvana; Meira, Joanna Goes Castro; Passos, Saulo Duarte; de Almeida, Roque Pacheco; Bispo, Ana Jovina Barreto; Cavalheiro, Esper Abrão; Kalil, Jorge; Cunha-Neto, Edécio; Nakaya, Helder; Andreata-Santos, Robert; de Souza Ferreira, Luis Carlos; Verjovski-Almeida, Sergio; Ho, Paulo Lee; Passos-Bueno, Maria Rita; Zatz, Mayana


    The original PDF version of this Article contained errors in the spelling of Luiz Carlos Caires-Júnior, Uirá Souto Melo, Bruno Henrique Silva Araujo, Alessandra Soares-Schanoski, Murilo Sena Amaral, Kayque Alves Telles-Silva, Vanessa van der Linden, Helio van der Linden, João Ricardo Mendes de Oliveira, Nivia Maria Rodrigues Arrais, Joanna Goes Castro Meira, Ana Jovina Barreto Bispo, Esper Abrão Cavalheiro, and Robert Andreata-Santos, which were incorrectly given as Luiz Carlos de Caires Jr., UiráSouto Melo, Bruno Silva Henrique Araujo, Alessandra Soares Schanoski, MuriloSena Amaral, Kayque Telles Alves Silva, Vanessa Van der Linden, Helio Van der Linden, João Mendes Ricardo de Oliveira, Nivia Rodrigues Maria Arrais, Joanna Castro Goes Meira, Ana JovinaBarreto Bispo, EsperAbrão Cavalheiro, and Robert Andreata Santos. Furthermore, in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Article, the top panel of Fig. 3e was incorrectly labeled '10608-1' and should have been '10608-4', and financial support from CAPES and DECIT-MS was inadvertently omitted from the Acknowledgements section. These errors have now been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Article.

  7. Interplay simulation/testing in the optimisation of gearshift quality for manual transmissions; Zusammenspiel Simulation/Erprobung bezueglich optimierte Schaltqualitaet von Handschaltgetriebe

    Leist, S.; Donin, R. [Ricardo Deutschland GmbH, Schwaebisch Gmuend (Germany); Kelly, D. [Ricardo DTS, Leamington Spa (United Kingdom)


    Passenger comfort is an aspect of the development of modern passenger cars that cannot be overlooked. Achieving a high degree of shift comfort, i.e. a combination of shift feeling and low shift forces, is a great challenge, since the mechanical processes taking place are highly non-linear and arbitrary. A purely test-based programme of shift quality development is cost- and time-intensive. Such a programme runs the risk of not delivering the necessary results on time. Therefore it is necessary to develop a methodology that facilitates a complementary interplay between simulation and testing, and in which the vehicle is considered as a complete system. Sub-systems such as shift lever, inner and outer shift mechanism, transmission, clutch and engine must be considered very carefully with regard to the system requirements, which are often conflicting. Over the last 15 years, Ricardo has developed a tool with which shift quality can be objectively assessed-''GSQA - Gear Shift Quality Assessment''. Today, with the help of its detailed dynamic simulation models, Ricardo is in a position to solve complex shift quality problems in the concept phase as well as in series production. (orig.)

  8. First International Symposium on Long QT Syndrome through the Internet, April 2004

    Sergio Dubner


    Full Text Available With the First Virtual Symposium on Long QT Syndrome already finished; which was held over the month of April, 2004 as an educational activity of the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE, and completely through the Internet; we, the Presidents of the Scientific and Steering Committees, Sergio Dubner, Edgardo Schapachnik and Andrés Ricardo Pérez Riera, are wondering gladly surprised, which may have been the main causes of such a huge success as we have reached, and the enormous interest arisen. Just to have an idea of the dimension achieved, data obtained from (an site or with the traditional search engine Google, prove that the first reply when you request information about long QT Syndrome is the access site of the Symposium. We believe that the response to this question may be summarized in one word: REALIZATION. The best definition for success is realization. The huge motivation in each one of us made the difference. We worked with a cohesive group, like a team, aware of the unparalleled and great opportunity Prof. Arthur Moss had initially assigned to Sergio Dubner and Edgardo Schapachnik, an invitation that the latter extended to Andrés Ricardo Pérez Riera.

  9. Evolução darwiniana & ciências sociais

    José Eli da Veiga


    Full Text Available Este artigo sintetiza os principais resultados do ciclo temático com o mesmo título que foi coordenado pelo autor em 2007 como uma das atividades públicas do Instituto de Estudos Avançados da Universidade de São Paulo. Também é uma introdução às outras três contribuições que fazem parte deste dossiê: os artigos dos professores Ricardo Waizbort, da Fiocruz, e do professor Mario Possas, da UFRJ, e a entrevista especial concedida pelo professor Geoffrey Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, UK.This article is a synthesis of the main results obtained in a thematic cycle with the same title which was coordinated by the author during 2007 as one of the public activities of the University of Sao Paulo's Institute of Advanced Studies. It is also an introduction to the three o other contributions to this dossier: the articles from professors Ricardo Waizbort (Fiocruz and Mario Possas (UFRJ, and the especial interview with professor Geoffrey Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, UK.

  10. Attenuation in the translation of bilingual journalistic texts

    Armando González Salinas


    Full Text Available First approach to the identification of mitigation/intensification markers in translating journalistic articles from bilingual publication in English and its translation into Spanish. There are three articles from Newsweek Magazine, a useful tool to use with translation students. The objective is the Annotated Translation of finished articles and book chapters that, after a pre-screening analysis, foster the translation of the Spanish version from written English texts. The first journalistic article with a historical theme is: The Return of Ruthless Richard – El Regreso del despiadado Ricardo (Ricardo III, used to detect the mitigation/intensification markers in both versions. Steps: 1. Sentence by sentence analysis in English, to find mitigation characteristics. 2. Review selected sentences in English with the Spanish counterpart. 3. Comparison and contrast of both versions. 4. Discuss similarities/differences to notice if the transfer of markers signals mitigation/intensification in both versions. 5. Discuss findings and write comments of translation aspects whose changes are discussed: annotated translation. Although most mitigation studies are based on oral discourse (not excluding the written text, this research considers written texts as a means and an end, in the observation and description, since original versions are unchangeable; this opens the option to edit and modify, which is promoted, before the final version elaborated between students and researchers is reached. Some comments are included as the result of what is described above.

  11. Progresso tecnico, forme di mercato e disoccupazione. ( Technical progress, market forms and unemployment



    Full Text Available Lo scopo del presente lavoro è triplice . Il primo obiettivo è quello di sottolineare l'importanza delle intuizioni da trovare nel lavoro di Sylos Labini . Il secondo scopo è quello di espandere su di essa distinguendo tra i diversi tipi di progresso tecnico . Infine , il terzo obiettivo è quello di commentare il confronto di Labini di Ricardo e Keynes sulla possibilità di disoccupazione tecnologica . Per quanto riguarda la sua descrizione del progresso tecnologico come " risparmio di lavoro " , l'autore mostra che una descrizione più completa sarebbe più utile per i suoi scopiThe purpose of the present paper is threefold. The first purpose is to emphasise the importance of the insights to be found in Sylos Labini’s work. The second purpose is to expand upon it by distinguishing  between the different types of technical progress. Finally, the third purpose is to comment on Labini’s comparison of Ricardo and Keynes on the possibility of technological unemployment. Regarding his description of technological progress as “labour saving”, the author shows that a more comprehensive description would be more useful for his purposes.JEL: E24, J64, O33

  12. Ideology and population theory.

    Harvey, D


    The ideological and ethical foundations of population theory are examined in the light of the supposed eithical neutrality of scientific enquiry. The works of Malthus, Ricardo, and Marx are contrasted and it is shown that their theories of population resulted in each case from the adoption of a particular kind of method--empiricism in Malthus, normative analytic "model building" in Ricardo, and dialectical materialism in Marx. It is shown that a Malthusian or neo-Malthusian view of the population problem is inevitable if enquiry is founded in empiricism or in normative analytics. The well-known disagreement between Malthusian and Marxian viewpoints therefore has its foundation in method. Most modern enquiry into the population-resources problem is dominated by empirical and analytic (including systems theory) approaches and consequently arrives at neo-Malthusian conclusions. The final section analyses the consequences of adopting a neo-Malthusian view, and it is shown that in a world dominated by an elite, this can frequently bring about the political, social, and economic repression of a non-elite. It is concluded that the choice of scientific method does not produce unbiased results and that the dominance of a certain conception of scientific method leads to the scientific support of a viewpoint used to justify repression of the underprivileged in society.

  13. Experimental cross-correlation nitrogen Q-branch CARS thermometry in a spark ignition engine

    Lockett, R. D.; Ball, D.; Robertson, G. N.


    A purely experimental technique was employed to derive temperatures from nitrogen Q-branch Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) spectra, obtained in a high pressure, high temperature environment (spark ignition Otto engine). This was in order to obviate any errors arising from deficiencies in the spectral scaling laws which are commonly used to represent nitrogen Q-branch CARS spectra at high pressure. The spectra obtained in the engine were compared with spectra obtained in a calibrated high pressure, high temperature cell, using direct cross-correlation in place of the minimisation of sums of squares of residuals. The technique is demonstrated through the measurement of air temperature as a function of crankshaft angle inside the cylinder of a motored single-cylinder Ricardo E6 research engine, followed by the measurement of fuel-air mixture temperatures obtained during the compression stroke in a knocking Ricardo E6 engine. A standard CARS programme (SANDIA's CARSFIT) was employed to calibrate the altered non-resonant background contribution to the CARS spectra that was caused by the alteration to the mole fraction of nitrogen in the unburned fuel-air mixture. The compression temperature profiles were extrapolated in order to predict the auto-ignition temperatures.

  14. Cinquentenário do "Manual de Técnica de Enfermagem" (1957-2007: contribuições na construção do saber de enfermagem Los cincuenta años del "Manual de Procedimientos de la Enfermería" (1957-2007: contribuciones a la construcción de conocimientos de la enfermería Fiftieth anniversary of the "Manual de técnica de enfermagem" [1975-2007]: contributions to nursing knowledge construction

    Ive Cristina Duarte de Lucena


    Full Text Available Trata-se de um estudo histórico social que tem como objetivos: descrever a trajetória da professora Elvira De Felice Souza (EFS; analisar o conteúdo do "Manual de Técnica de Enfermagem", escrito por EFS; e discutir a contribuição histórica desta obra para a bibliografia brasileira de enfermagem. O referencial teórico são as fases da construção do saber de enfermagem. Verificou-se que a obra de EFS veio avançar a produção bibliográfica brasileira a respeito da execução dos procedimentos técnicos de enfermagem, que à época se expressava por uma única autora brasileira. Somaram-se mais de quatro décadas desde sua utilização pelas alunas de enfermagem (1953, e, até sua última reimpressão (1995, a obra atravessou periódica atualização, chegando a ser o principal guia para a execução dos procedimentos pelas alunas de fundamentos de enfermagem, tendo sido utilizada por enfermeiros do Brasil inteiro para a elaboração de diversos manuais de enfermagem.Es es un estudio histórico y social, que tiene como objetivos: describir la trayectoria de la profesora Elvira De Felice Souza (EFS; analizar el contenido del "Manual de Procedimientos de la Enfermería", escrito por EFS; discutir la contribución histórica de este trabajo a la bibliografia brasileña del área de enfermería. El referencial teórico está constituído por las etapas de construcción de conocimientos de enfermería. Se constató que la obra de EFS ayudó al avance de la producción bibliográfica brasileña en relación a la ejecución de los procedimientos técnicos de enfermería, que en la época estaban expresados por una única autora brasileña. Pasaron más de cuatro décadas desde su uso por las estudiantes de enfermería (1953 hasta su última reimpresión (1995, recibiendo periódica actualización, y llegar a ser un guía principal para la aplicación de procedimientos por las estudiantes de fundamentos de enfermería, y fue utilizado por las

  15. O "Outubro" de Marx

    João Antonio de Paula


    Full Text Available This article examines a decisive moment in the critique of political economy developed by Marx,  which is the somewhat abrupt choice of theconcept of merchandise as a starting point for the book Contribution to a Critique of Political Economy, of 1859. It is known that up until a few months before he delivered his text to the publisher, Marx thought about beginning his book with a chapter on value, similar to what Ricardo had done in his Principles. The theoretical and methodological implications of this choice are well known today. This text seeks to situate the circumstances and meanings of the concept of merchandise in Marx’s work.

  16. Poesia em Revista: Oroboro

    Helena Alves Gouveia


    Full Text Available A serpente que engole a si mesma é uma figura curiosa do simbolismo de um processo de contínua transformação, de um movimento circular incessante, rumo à infinitude, sem traços de fim ou começo. Oroboro é um nome de origem grega que remete a esta serpente que se morde e penetra em si mesma ao engolir o próprio rabo. Mas também é o nome da revista de cultura editada em Curitiba pelos artistas-editores Ricardo Corona e Eliana Borges.

  17. La funzione di produttività di Sylos Labini tra mercato e territorio: un'analisi econometrica per le regioni italiane

    Giulio Guarini


    Full Text Available This study analyzes the labour productivity for the Italian regions estimating the Sylos Labini's function. In this function, in dynamic term, the labour productivity depends positively on market (Smith effect, on unit labour cost (organization's effect, on difference between wages and prices of machine (Ricardo effect and past investments, while it depends negatively on current investments (disturbance effect. According to the estimates, for the Italian regions, these three effects are significant; moreover the dimension of these effects are conditioned by sector and territorial peculiarities. In particular, the Smith effect could be determined by the phenomenon of labour hoarding for which during recession entrepreneur prefers to reduce utilization of workers that fire them. Finally, the significance of investments could be caused by an important multicollinearity between present and past investments.

  18. A fotorreportagem sobre o sequestro dos uruguaios na revista Veja, de 1978 a 1980: a atuação dos fotógrafos e o papel da fotografia = The photographs about the uruguayans kidnapping in Veja magazine, from 1978 to 1980: the photographer`s job and the role of the photography

    Proença, Caio de Carvalho


    Full Text Available O presente artigo procura compreender o papel que as fotografias assumiram no decorrer de diversas reportagens sobre o caso do sequestro clandestino de dois uruguaios, Lilián Celiberti e Universindo Díaz, em Porto Alegre, publicadas na revista semanal Veja de 1978 a 1980 durante atuação da Operação Condor. Com base nas obras de Lorenzo Vilches e Jorge Pedro Sousa, tentaremos desenvolver algumas questões como: Qual o papel da fotografia, perante textos e legendas, nas páginas da revista? Perante um contexto específico do fotojornalismo nos principais meios de comunicação ocidentais, qual a importância da produção dos fotógrafos Ricardo Chaves e Olívio Lamas no caso do sequestro? Estes e outros assuntos serão brevemente apresentados

  19. Memory and memory’s appropriation: educator Thales Castanho de Andrade’s profiles

    Fernando Luiz Alexandre


    Full Text Available The purpose of this work is to analyse the construction process of educator and infant-juvenile literature writer Thales Castanho de Andrade’s different profiles. The starting point of this research was the examination of three bound tomes of newspaper clippings, at “Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Piracicaba ‘Ricardo Ferraz de Arruda Pinto’”, referred like folders, denomination conferred by the public library, relating to the author’s memory. To verify the Thales Castanho de Andrade’s and other city important people’s profiles, were analysed speeches by local press journalists who had elected pertinent subjects which contributed to the making of author’s memory and to make him a reference to the city.

  20. Expedient

    Fernando de Assis Rodrigues


    Full Text Available Expedient of Volume 3, Issue 1 from the year 2017EDITORIAL STAFFEditorsDiana Vilas Boas Souto AleixoFernando de Assis RodriguesEditorial ComissionDiana Vilas Boas Souto AleixoFernando de Assis RodriguesRicardo César Gonçalves Sant’AnaExecutive ComissionPedro Henrique Santos BisiAd hoc peer reviewersAna Carolina Simionato, Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCarDiana Vilas Boas Souto Aleixo, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESPElaine Parra Affonso, Faculdade de Tecnologia de Presidente Prudente (FATEC - Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESPElvio Gilberto da Silva, Universidade do Sagrado Coração (USCFábio Mosso Moreira, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESPThais Batista Zanineli, Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UELText reviewersDiana Vilas Boas Souto Aleixo, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESPElizabete Cristina de Souza Aguiar Monteiro (UNESP

  1. What is Quantum Information?

    Lombardi, Olimpia; Fortin, Sebastian; Holik, Federico; López, Cristian


    Preface; Introduction; Part I. About the Concept of Information: 1. About the concept of information Sebastian Fortin and Olimpia Lombardi; 2. Representation, information, and theories of information Armond Duwell; 3. Information, communication, and manipulability Olimpia Lombardi and Cristian López; Part II. Information and quantum mechanics: 4. Quantum versus classical information Jeffrey Bub; 5. Quantum information and locality Dennis Dieks; 6. Pragmatic information in quantum mechanics Juan Roederer; 7. Interpretations of quantum theory: a map of madness Adán Cabello; Part III. Probability, Correlations, and Information: 8. On the tension between ontology and epistemology in quantum probabilities Amit Hagar; 9. Inferential versus dynamical conceptions of physics David Wallace; 10. Classical models for quantum information Federico Holik and Gustavo Martin Bosyk; 11. On the relative character of quantum correlations Guido Bellomo and Ángel Ricardo Plastino; Index.

  2. Informe de Actividades de la Academia Segundo Semestre 2005.

    Alfredo Jácome Roca


    • Los días 30 de septiembre y 1º de octubre se llevó a cabo el Simposio sobre Historia de la Terapéutica en Colombia, organizado por la Sociedad Colombiana de Historia de la Medicina, que preside el Académico Efraim Otero Ruiz. Los ponentes fueron los Académicos Otero Ruiz, Alberto Gómez Gutiérrez, Fernando Sánchez Torres, Ricardo Rueda González, Alfredo Jácome Roca, Germán Peña Quiñones, Hugo A. Sotomayor, Diego Andrés Rosselli Cock y además los doctores Liliana Támara, Rudolph Martínez, Est...


    Alfons Barceló


    Full Text Available No era Ernest Lluch individuo propenso a adoptar un singular libro de cabecera, ni a seguir con fidelidad las huellas de un único maestro. Pero, por supuesto, tenía su personal esquema devalores y sus escalas de preferencias. Y uno de los autores que sin discusión estaba presente en su galería privada de economistas ilustres fue Piero Sraffa (1898-1983. Creo que también habríacolocado en esa división de honor a François Quesnay, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Knut Wicksell, John M. Keynes, Joseph A.Schumpeter, Maurice H. Dobb, Wassily Leontief, John K. Galbraith, Paolo Sylos Labini y Albert O. Hirschman.

  4. New models for droplet heating and evaporation

    Sazhin, Sergei S.


    A brief summary of new models for droplet heating and evaporation, developed mainly at the Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratory of the University of Brighton during 2011-2012, is presented. These are hydrodynamic models for mono-component droplet heating and evaporation, taking into account the effects of the moving boundary due to evaporation, hydrodynamic models of multi-component droplet heating and evaporation, taking and not taking into account the effects of the moving boundary, new kinetic models of mono-component droplet heating and evaporation, and a model for mono-component droplet evaporation, based on molecular dynamics simulation. The results, predicted by the new models are compared with experimental data and the prehctions of the previously developed models where possible. © 2013 Asian Network for Scientific Information.

  5. A prediction study of a spark ignition supercharged hydrogen engine

    Al-Baghdadi, Maher A.R. Sadiq.; Al-Janabi, Haroun A.K. Shahad


    Hydrogen is found to be a suitable alternative fuel for spark ignition engines with certain drawbacks, such as high NO x emission and small power output. However, supercharging may solve such problems. In this study, the effects of equivalence ratio, compression ratio and inlet pressure on the performance and NO x emission of a four stroke supercharged hydrogen engine have been analyzed using a specially developed computer program. The results are verified and compared with experimental data obtained from tests on a Ricardo E6/US engine. A chart specifying the safe operation zone of the hydrogen engine has been produced. The safe operation zone means no pre-ignition, acceptable NO x emission, high engine efficiency and lower specific fuel consumption in comparison with the gasoline engine. The study also shows that supercharging is a more effective method to increase the output of a hydrogen engine rather than increasing the compression ratio of the engine at the knock limited equivalence ratio

  6. Enrique Barba and the Rioplatense Colonial World. Balances and Projections

    Emir Reitano


    Full Text Available The Universidad Nacional de La Plata and the history studies at the Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación were shaped by Ricardo Levene, who left his wake for years in many of his disciples. The figure of Enrique Barba, one of the outstanding members of that school of history, developed and shined in the city of la Plata and its university. In his fifty-five years of work, Barba wrote more than fifty books, articles and contributions. However, in the lines that follow, we will refer to his least known streak, his contribution to the Rioplatense colonial past. In addition, we will study his followers in the study of the colonial period.

  7. The fight for funding deficits. About the illusion of prosperity and financial depletion of the State

    Ion-Lucian Catrina


    Full Text Available From Ricardo and Smith the deficits were seen as the one of „the most terrible scourges which was ever invented to afflict a nation” as a system which tends to make us less thrifty, to blind us to our real situation. In the twentieth century allowing deficits regardless of their destination opened the wrong door to excessive debt and vulnerable states to the credit markets. This paper aims at showing that currently many European Member States faced not only with high deficits and high stocks of public debt, which under normal conditions could be easier managed, but with the rejection and the lower confidence of investors and financial institution, with higher burden of interests and significant loss of growth perspective.

  8. Los trabajos de restauración en la cúpula de Santa María del Fiore. FLORENCIA

    Riccardo Dalla Negra


    Full Text Available En la actualidad está a punto de concluir un proceso iniciado en el año 1977, denso en estudios y hallazgos científicos sobre la obra maestra de Filippo Brunelleschi, la Cúpula de Santa María del Fiore en Florencia. Ricardo Dalla Negra director de los trabajos de restauración resume en este artículo uno de los experimentos de monitorización más avanzado en el campo internacional revelado como un instrumento decisivo para conocer el comportamiento estructural, extendiéndose además a las distintas fases de restauración de las pinturas murales de Vasari y Zuccari.

  9. Shift Performance Test and Analysis of Multipurpose Vehicle

    Can Yang


    Full Text Available This paper presented an analysis of the gear shifting performances of a multipurpose vehicle transmission in driving condition by Ricardo's Gear Shift Quality Assessment (GSQA system. The performances of the transmission included the travel and effort of the gear shift lever and synchronizing time. The mathematic models of the transmission including the gear shift mechanism and synchronizer were developed in MATLAB. The model of the gear shift mechanism was developed to analyze the travel map of the gear shift lever and the model of the synchronizer was developed to obtain the force-time curve of the synchronizer during the slipping time. The model of the synchronizer was used to investigate the relationship between the performances of the transmission and the variation of parameters during gear shifting. The mathematic models of the gear shift mechanism and the synchronizer provided a rapid design and verification method for the transmission with ring spring.

  10. Effect of pilot fuel quantity on the performance of a dual fuel engine

    Abd Alla, G.H.; Soliman, H.A.; Badr, O.A.; Abd Rabbo, M.F. [Zagazig University, Cairo (Egypt). Shoubra Faculty of Engineering


    It is well known that the operation of dual fuel engines at lower loads suffers from lower thermal efficiency and higher unburned percentages of fuel. To rectify this problem, tests have been conducted on a special single cylinder compression ignition research engine (Ricardo E6) to investigate the effect of pilot fuel quantity on the performance of an indirect injection diesel engine fuelled with gaseous fuel. Diesel fuel was used as the pilot fuel and methane or propane was used as the main fuel which was inducted into the intake manifold to mix with the intake air. Through experimental investigations, it is shown that, the low efficiency and excess emissions at light loads can be improved significantly by increasing the amount of pilot fuel, while increasing the amount of pilot fuel at high loads led to early knocking. (author)

  11. Organizational Learning Capability: An Example of University Hospital



    Full Text Available In health care institutions aiming healthy society by the way protecting and promoting human health, reaching information has a vital importance. This descriptive research purposed an evaluation of organizational learning capability of 396 employees working in Gülhane Military Medical Academy Hospital. A questionnaire including socio-demographic characteristics was used along with Organizational Learning Capability scale designed by Ricardo CHIVA and His Friends. Data acquired was analyzed with SPSS 15.0 program. Participants’ Organizational Learning Capability and its subscales means were assessed in terms of their sociodemographic characteristics. Assessing participants’ answers in terms of 5 subscales which are experimentation, risk taking, interaction with the external environment, dialogue and participatory decision-making; for education level and professional groups, statistical significant differences was found between Organizational Learning Capability and its subscales means.

  12. Applied Mathematics Seminar 1982


    This report contains the abstracts of the lectures delivered at 1982 Applied Mathematics Seminar of the DPD/LCC/CNPq and Colloquy on Applied Mathematics of LCC/CNPq. The Seminar comprised 36 conferences. Among these, 30 were presented by researchers associated to brazilian institutions, 9 of them to the LCC/CNPq, and the other 6 were given by visiting lecturers according to the following distribution: 4 from the USA, 1 from England and 1 from Venezuela. The 1981 Applied Mathematics Seminar was organized by Leon R. Sinay and Nelson do Valle Silva. The Colloquy on Applied Mathematics was held from october 1982 on, being organized by Ricardo S. Kubrusly and Leon R. Sinay. (Author) [pt

  13. Fundamentación de los derechos de propiedad: clásicos y modernos

    Michel S. Zouboulakis


    Full Text Available La historia de un concepto a veces descubre representaciones mentales y expresiones particulares que revelan desarrollos teóricos distintos. Aunque el análisis económico de los derechos de propiedad fue iniciado a comienzos de los años sesenta por Alchian, Coase y Demsetz, el concepto era conocido para los economistas clásicos. En su sentido amplio, la definición de derechos de propiedad estaba presente en las Lecturas sobre jurisprudencia de Adam Smith. Evolucionó notablemente con Ricardo, Senior y J. S. Mill. Recordar las ideas de los clásicos acerca de los derechos de propiedad y del uso de los factores de producción –trabajo, tierra y capital– y su producto mejorará en forma visible el debate actual.

  14. Reducing the viscosity of Jojoba Methyl Ester diesel fuel and effects on diesel engine performance and roughness

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E.


    An experimental investigation has been carried out to test two approaches to reduce the viscosity of the Jojoba Methyl Ester (JME) diesel fuel. The first approach is the heating of the fuel to two temperatures of 50 and 70 deg. C as compared to the base ambient temperature and to diesel fuel too. The second approach is adding one chemical which is considered by its own as alternative and renewable fuel which is Diethyl Ether (DEE). The viscosity has been reduced by both methods to close to diesel values. The performance of a diesel engine using those fuels has been tested in a variable compression research engine Ricardo E6 with the engine speed constant at 1200 rpm. The measured parameters included the exhaust gas temperature, the ignition delay period, the maximum pressure rise rate, maximum pressure, and indicated mean effective pressure and maximum heat release rate. The engine performance is presented and the effects of both approaches are scrutinized.

  15. Plant maintenance and plant life extension issue, 2008

    Agnihotri, Newal


    The focus of the March-April issue is on plant maintenance and plant life extension. Major articles include the following: Exciting time to be at the U.S. NRC, by Dale Klein, Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Extraordinary steps to ensure a minimal environmental impact, by George Vanderheyden, UniStar Nuclear Energy, LLC.; Focused on consistent reduction of outages, by Kevin Walsh, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy; On the path towards operational excellence, by Ricardo Perez, Westinghouse Electric Company; Ability to be refuelled on-line, by Ian Trotman, CANDU Services, Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.; ASCA Application for maintenance of SG secondary side, by Patrick Wagner, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation, Phillip Battaglia and David Selfridge, Westinghouse Electric Company; and, An integral part of the landscape and lives, by Tyler Lamberts, Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. The Industry Innovation article is titled Steam generator bowl drain repairs, by John Makar and Richard Gimple, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation

  16. Combustion of jojoba methyl ester in an indirect injection diesel engine

    Selim, M.Y.E. [United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates). Mechanical Engineering Dept.; Radwan, M.S.; Elfeky, S.M.S. [Helwan University, Cairo (Egypt). Mechanical Power Engineering Dept.


    An experimental investigation has been carried out to examine for the first time the performance and combustion noise of an indirect injection diesel engine running with new fuel derived from pure jojoba oil, jojoba methyl ester, and its blends with gas oil. A Ricardo E6 compression swirl diesel engine was fully instrumented for the measurement of combustion pressure and its rise rate and other operating parameters. Test parameters included the percentage of jojoba methyl ester in the blend, engine speed, load, injection timing and engine compression ratio. Results showed that the new fuel derived from jojoba is generally comparable and a good replacement to gas oil in diesel engine at most engine operating conditions, in terms of performance parameters and combustion noise produced. (author)

  17. Reducing the viscosity of Jojoba Methyl Ester diesel fuel and effects on diesel engine performance and roughness

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E. [Mech. Eng. Dept., UAE University, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi 17555 (United Arab Emirates)


    An experimental investigation has been carried out to test two approaches to reduce the viscosity of the Jojoba Methyl Ester (JME) diesel fuel. The first approach is the heating of the fuel to two temperatures of 50 and 70 C as compared to the base ambient temperature and to diesel fuel too. The second approach is adding one chemical which is considered by its own as alternative and renewable fuel which is Diethyl Ether (DEE). The viscosity has been reduced by both methods to close to diesel values. The performance of a diesel engine using those fuels has been tested in a variable compression research engine Ricardo E6 with the engine speed constant at 1200 rpm. The measured parameters included the exhaust gas temperature, the ignition delay period, the maximum pressure rise rate, maximum pressure, and indicated mean effective pressure and maximum heat release rate. The engine performance is presented and the effects of both approaches are scrutinized. (author)

  18. Hot topics from the Assemblies.


    INSTEAD: a randomised switch trial of indacaterol versus salmeterol/fluticasone in moderate COPD Authors: Rossi A, van der Molen T, Ricardo del Olmo, et al. Eur Respir J 2014; 44: 6, 1548-1556 SUMMARY: Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) remain a highly controversial treatment for stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Data linking high-dose ICS with complications, such as pneumonia and fractures, has necessitated a re-evaluation of their role in COPD management. Guidelines currently suggest ICS for patients with a forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) <50% predicted (or <60% in some regions) and a history of exacerbations. Nevertheless, it is well known that ICS and combination ICS/long-acting β-agonist (LABA) treatments are commonly used outside these groups. In view of the increasingly recognised dangers of ICS treatment, data demonstrating the safety of discontinuing ICS treatment is welcome.

  19. 1st National Health Examination Survey (INSEF 2015): determinants of health

    Namorado, Sónia; Santos, Joana; Antunes, Liliana; Kislaya, Irina; Santos, Ana João; Castilho, Emília; Cordeiro, Eugénio; Dinis, Ana; Barreto, Marta; Gaio, Vânia; Gil, Ana Paula; Rodrigues, Ana Paula; Silva, Ana Clara; Alves, Clara Alves; Vargas, Patrícia


    O primeiro INSEF realizado em Portugal é promovido e coordenado pelo Instituto Ricardo Jorge através do seu Departamento de Epidemiologia, em parceria com o Instituto Norueguês de Saúde Publica e em colaboração com as Administrações Regionais de Saúde do Continente e Secretarias Regionais de Saúde das Regiões Autónomas dos Açores e da Madeira. Enquadramento: A importância da informação obtida através de inquéritos de saúde com exame físico realizados a amostras probabilísticas da pop...

  20. The empty cradle: fragment of the life of a fighter for the argentine pediatric

    María Cristina TARRÉS


    Full Text Available This paper pays tribute to a pioneer of the Argentinean Pediatrics, Dr, Ricardo Gutiérrez, founder of the Buenos Aires Children’s Hospital whose name carries at present. This mark of respect is made by analyzing the film La cuna vacía (The Empty Cradle, which homage him during 1949. Exceeding the nationalist and social context of its premiere, this simple and slightly sweetened version of Gutiérrez’s fragment of life may be now rescued, in critical axiological moments in our country, because of its didactic and motivational nature and especially because of its build-up-values stimulation during health sciences undergraduate and graduate education.


    Adnan PARLAK


    Full Text Available An optimisation of the Diesel cycle has been performed for power output and thermal efficiency with respect to compression ratio for various extreme temperature ratio. The relation between compression ratio and extreme temperature ratio, which gives optimum performance is derived. As the compression ratio of the diesel engine is increased in comparison to the optimum value of the engine, it is shown that the performance of the engine is decreased. The experimental study agrees with these results. In this study, compression ratio of a single cylinder pre-combustion chamber variable compression ratio Ricardo E6 type engine with the optimum compression ratio of 18.20 was increased to 19.60. As a results of this increase, specific fuel consumption was increased about 8 % and brake thermal efficiency was decreased about 7.5 %.

  2. Efficiency of a new internal combustion engine concept with variable piston motion

    Dorić Jovan Ž.


    Full Text Available This paper presents simulation of working process in a new IC engine concept. The main feature of this new IC engine concept is the realization of variable movement of the piston. With this unconventional piston movement it is easy to provide variable compression ratio, variable displacement and combustion during constant volume. These advantages over standard piston mechanism are achieved through synthesis of the two pairs of non-circular gears. Presented mechanism is designed to obtain a specific motion law which provides better fuel consumption of IC engines. For this paper Ricardo/WAVE software was used, which provides a fully integrated treatment of time-dependent fluid dynamics and thermodynamics by means of onedimensional formulation. The results obtained herein include the efficiency characteristic of this new heat engine concept. The results show that combustion during constant volume, variable compression ratio and variable displacement have significant impact on improvement of fuel consumption.

  3. Filatelia y Medicina

    Ricardo Rueda González


    Full Text Available

    El Museo de la Academia Nacional de Medicina, por iniciativa de su Curador, Académico Ricardo Rueda González, creo la Sección de Filatelia y Medicina, que ha logrado recolectar un número significativo de estampillas de Colombia, tanto de correos como sobretasas que se han emitido en nuestro país con motivos médicos o relacionados con la medicina.

    En esta oportunidad presentamos las sobretasas de la Liga Antituberculosa Colombiana, como las que existen en muchos lugares del mundo a las que el coleccionismo internacional les reconoce valor filatélico, constituyen un aporte voluntario a una obra benéfica y que circularon junto con las estampillas de correo ordinario que se adhieren a los sobres.

  4. Gestión moderna y taylorismo en el tercer milenio

    Carlos Martínez Fajardo


    Full Text Available El presente articulo expone las ideas básicas de la presentación que realicé en la mesa redonda organizada por el Departamento de Gestión Empresarial, el programa Maestría en Administración y la revista Innovar en el segundo semestre de 1997, centrada en el tema de la vigencia del taylorismo. Este evento contó con la participación de la profesora Anita Weiss del departamento de Sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, del profesor Guillermo Camacho como consultor y conferencista de diferentes universidades del país, y de los profesores Bernardo Parra, coordinador del evento, Ricardo Romero, profesor, y Carlos E. Martínez Fajardo, profesor y director del Departamento de Gestión.

  5. ¿Ciudades más humanas? Una aproximación a través de los instrumentos de planificación urbana

    Waldo López Moya


    Full Text Available Bajo el slogan “más democracia y más derechos”, en Junio de 1991, se dieron a conocer las Bases programáticas de la Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia para el Gobierno de Ricardo Lagos Escobar, 2000-2006. Según esas bases, uno de los puntales en materia de desarrollo sería la de alcanzar “Ciudades más humanas” y en las que hubiera importantes transformaciones en lo concerniente a desarrollo urbano, transporte, medio ambiente, ordenamiento territorial y participación ciudadana.

  6. The Family and Community Medicine Residency Program of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro

    Daniel Ricardo Soranz


    Daniel Ricardo Soranz é Subsecretário de Atenção Primária, Vigilância e Promoção da Saúde do Município do Rio de Janeiro desde 2009, ano em que a Atenção Primária à Saúde (APS) do município começou a ser reestruturada por meio da Estratégia Saúde da Família (ESF), ampliando de 3,5% (2009) para 42% (2013) a cobertura da APS dos mais de seis milhões de cariocas. Com a crescente ampliação surgiu, ao final de 2011, a necessidade de formar médicos de família e comunidade. Assim, em 2012, o municíp...

  7. “Gate and Port of the South of Argentina”? Nuances and Debates in the Image of Bahia Blanca City in Its Regional Context in the Mid-twentieth Century

    Juliana López Pascual


    Full Text Available For over a century the people of Bahia Blanca, Argentinian port city located at the south west of the province of Buenos Aires, they have imagined it and defined it not only as part of the Patagonian territories but also as their legitimate political, economic and cultural center. The aim of historicizing and questioning this idea, trying to account for the interests that were mobilized, the ideological postures that hinted, and the impact it had on the effective regional layout, is what motivates our research. To that end, this article does focus on economic and infrastructural dimension that some debates of mid-twentieth century used simultaneously as evidence and as ultimate goal of this alleged hegemony. For this purpose, we will analyze the writings of Domingo Pronsato and Ricardo M. Ortiz whom, from different geopolitical perspectives, devised specific roles for the city that suited their plans for the regional development of Patagonia.

  8. 1915: Representación de la subjetividad femenina en la Vanguardia, periódico activista veracruzano

    Flores Grajales, María Guadalupe


    Si el hombre es esclavo, vosotros lo sois también. La cadena no reconoce sexos; la infamia que avergüenza al hombre os infama de igual modo a vosotras. No podéis sustraeros a la vergüenza de la opresión; la misma garra que acogota al hombre os extingue a vosotras, necesario es, pues, ser solidario con gran contienda de la felicidad... ¿Qué no entendéis de política? No es esta una cuestión de política es una cuestión de vida o muerte...Ricardo Flores Magón, Regeneración (1904) Durante el porfi...




    Full Text Available In this paper we reflect on the discourse of political humor and its constitution from gestures of interpretation related to inscription and movement of subjects and senses in/among affiliation and memory networks. As analysis unit, we have chosen an electronic cartoon that textualizes the electoral dispute between the political parties PT and PSDB aired in 2015 on the website by Maurício Ricardo. Analysis of the selected text allowed us to observe the work of subject-author signifying the political events, as well as on the network of meanings regarding Brazilian political memory. This article enrolls in the theoretical field of French and Brazilian tradition of Discourse Analysis taking as basic references Pêcheux and Orlandi’s works.


    José Alfredo Balderrama-Ruedas


    Full Text Available This descriptive research is under the quantitative approach, the method analysis statistic is used, to show up the results obtained by the students from the Escuela Normal Rural Ricardo Flores Magón (ENRRFM, whose performed work out and sports among the four years in the bachelor´s degree in education, so on the entry test to the teaching service and analyze the relationship between work out and the sports with academic performance. The results found were the following: from the 96 students analyzed, an average of 21.87% performed work out and sport; this group got a higher average in the final results in comparison to the ones who did not and they got a qualified higher average in the entry test to the professional teaching service, however the difference did not show to mean significant according to the statistic used to analyze the data.

  11. Representations of desires in some recent gay Asian-American writings.

    Murray, Stephen O


    This article explores conceptions of same-sex sexual behavior and desires by American gay males who grew up in Pacific Island or Asian societies. In the absence of systematic survey data, representations, which are not assumed to be autobiographical, by two South Asian émigrés to Canada (Badruddin Khan and Shyam Selvadurai), two second generation Filipino-Americans (Joël Tan and Ricardo Ramos), a second generation Chinese-Hawaiian (Norman Wong) and three men of Chinese descent born and raised in Southeast Asia (Lawrence Chua, Justin Chin, and T. C. Huo) are examined. The unsatisfying script of sexual submission of Asians to whites is particularly central, except for the South Asians. These books provide recurrent evidence of role distance, of switching roles (often without rewriting a dominance-submission conception of insertion-reception) and of some degree of reconceiving the (sexual) self.


    Irma Yazmina Araiza-Delgado


    Full Text Available Today, one of the major challenges facing society is the care of the environment, and for this reason the thematic becomes important for the education system that aims to educate citizens to be able to engage harmoniously into the environment where they are embedded. Therefore, this is research´s aims to understand the social representations of the school student teachers Normal Ricardo Flores Magon regarding the care of the environment, starting from the course Environmental Education for Sustainability and was conducted from a qualitative perspective, to gather information were used the survey and the portfolio of the students as instruments. The results were: the persistence of an anthropocentric paradigm therefore is responsibility to the teacher’s trainers of educators to change this view where prevails a critical and self-centered approach.

  13. Componentes para una renovada teoría de la renta

    Cuevas Homero


    Full Text Available


    1.1 El sistema de Ricardo legó una teoría de la renta con un alto grado de generalidad y consistencia, quiza mayor del que sule reconocérsele, lo cual parece evidente cuando se dejan de lado ciertas simplificaciones expositivas del capítulo II de los Principios y se enfrenta a la complejidad del modelo íntegro desarrollado en el capítulo XXIV. Esta complejidad descansa, a su vez en la interrelación de unas pocas lineas muy sólidas, las cuales se identifican a continuación (1.2 a 1.7.

  14. To the last drop. About oil's political economy; Til siste draape. Om oljens politiske oekonomi

    Ryggvik, Helge


    This book sets the last few years dramatic oil news into a context which until now has been missing in the Norwegian debate. The starting point is an analysis of what the classical economists - from Smith and Ricardo to Marx and George - would have called the oil companies special political economy. The book shows that which is good for the new Statoil, nearly never will be good for Norway and the rest of the world. It shows how a small elite has secured a good grip on straws into the great oil wealth, how the foundation, in international context presented as a successful Norwegian oil policy, is about to break down and how the great internationalization project which lay behind, will change Norway's relationship to the world - forever. (AG)

  15. Antijudaïsme, pouvoir politique et administration de la justice. Juifs, chrétiens et convertis dans l’espace juridictionnel de la Chancillería de Valladolid (xve-xvie siècles

    Elisa Caselli


    Full Text Available Composition du juryMonsieur. Bernard Vincent, Directeur de thèses (ÉHESS,Monsieur. Bartolomé Bennassar (Université de Toulouse le Mirail,Monsieur. Ricardo Garcia Carcel (Université Autonome de Barcelone,Madame. Claude Gauvard (Université de Paris I,Madame. Béatrice Perez (Université de Rennes II,Monsieur. Jean-Paul Zuñiga, (ÉHESSMention très honorable avec félicitation du juryThèse soutenue le 28 juin 2010RésuméÀ travers des procès judiciaires impliquant des juifs, plaidant entre eux ou...

  16. Acto encabezado por el ex presidente Raúl Alfonsín a 30 años del golpe de estado de 1976 en la entrada de la ESMA (Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada)

    Alfonsín, Raúl Ricardo


    Radio Universidad registra el discurso del ex presidente Raúl Alfonsín en el frente de la ESMA, en Buenos Aires, el 24 de marzo de 2006, al cumplirse 30 años del último golpe de estado. Se refiere al rol de las Fuerzas Armadas y a su desempeño a lo largo del siglo XX, a la participación civil en los gobiernos de facto, al terrorismo y la desvalorización de la democracia. También se pronuncia contra la instauración del feriado nacional el 24 de marzo. Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín: nació en Chasco...

  17. Italian Fascism and Culture: Some Notes on Investigation

    Jan Nelis


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo mostraremos algunas de las más actuales y fértiles tendencias en el estudio del fascismo italiano y su relación con la cultura. Comenzaremos desde el punto de vista de que el fascismo italiano triunfó gracias a la obtención de un alto grado de apoyo popular. Siguiendo a Renzo De Felice, podría argumentarse que el consenso de masas fue crucial para la supervivencia de Mussolini. Presentándose a sí mismo como la única opción para una nueva Italia, el fascismo alcanzó un cierto grado –aunque de forma inestable- de hegemonía en el sentido gramsciano. Lo que sucedió a continuación no sólo fue el resultado del uso de la fuerza, sino también de una cuidadosa orquestación de la vida pública y, en un nivel superior, de la estética y de la cultura. De esta forma, en la segunda parte de este trabajo, revisaremos algunos de los más interesantes llamados estudios “culturalistas” sobre la cultura, mayoritariamente visual, fascista. Concluiremos con un análisis del fascismo italiano como forma de mito secular, de religión política en la que la mencionada estética fascista jugó un rol crucial.__________________ABSTRACT:In the following article we will illustrate some of the most actual and fertile tendencies in the study of Italian fascism and of its relationship to culture. We will start off from the viewpoint that fascism in Italy succeeded in obtaining a high degree of popular support. Following Renzo De Felice, it could be argued that mass consenso (consensus was crucial to Mussolini’s survival. Presenting itself as the only choice for the new Italy, fascism did thus in a very real sense reach a certain degree of –albeit unstable- gramscian egemonia (hegemony. The latter was in its turn the consequence not only of the use of force, but also of a careful orchestration of public life and, on a higher level, of aesthetics, of culture. Hence, in a second part of our study, we will turn to some of the

  18. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders.

    Malhi, Gin S; Bassett, Darryl; Boyce, Philip; Bryant, Richard; Fitzgerald, Paul B; Fritz, Kristina; Hopwood, Malcolm; Lyndon, Bill; Mulder, Roger; Murray, Greg; Porter, Richard; Singh, Ajeet B


    , Professor John O'Brien, Professor Harold Sackeim, Professor Jan Scott, Dr Nobuhiro Sugiyama, Professor Eduard Vieta, Professor Lakshmi Yatham. Professor Marie-Paule Austin, Professor Michael Berk, Dr Yulisha Byrow, Professor Helen Christensen, Dr Nick De Felice, A/Professor Seetal Dodd, A/Professor Megan Galbally, Dr Josh Geffen, Professor Philip Hazell, A/Professor David Horgan, A/Professor Felice Jacka, Professor Gordon Johnson, Professor Anthony Jorm, Dr Jon-Paul Khoo, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Dr Cameron Lacey, Dr Noeline Latt, Professor Florence Levy, A/Professor Andrew Lewis, Professor Colleen Loo, Dr Thomas Mayze, Dr Linton Meagher, Professor Philip Mitchell, Professor Daniel O'Connor, Dr Nick O'Connor, Dr Tim Outhred, Dr Mark Rowe, Dr Narelle Shadbolt, Dr Martien Snellen, Professor John Tiller, Dr Bill Watkins, Dr Raymond Wu. © The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2015.

  19. Los autores como actores en el teatro experimental español de los años veinte

    Fraga Fernández-Cuevas, María Jesús


    Full Text Available During the attempts for theatrical renewal in the twenties, several playwrights worked also as actors. The Baroja’s acted in the company ‘El Mirlo Blanco’; D. Pío participation was enthusiastic although brief, while his brother Ricardo was better recognized for his work as stage designer. Rivas Cherif participated in numerous performances and his coherence with the new theatre model that he defended was unanimously praised. Eusebio de Gorbea was considered the best actor among the playwrights, although his more appreciated characteristics like tone, gesture and roughness approached him to naturalism. The interpretative work of these authors as components of a group, whose nucleus remained amongst successive renovation attempts, is also recognized by its discipline, renounce to individual success and subordination to scenic treatment.En los ensayos de renovación teatral de los años veinte, varios dramaturgos intervinieron como actores. Los hermanos Baroja actuaron en la compañía ‘El Mirlo Blanco’: la participación de D. Pío fue entusiasta pero breve; de su hermano Ricardo se recuerda con mayor interés su labor de escenógrafo. Las numerosas actuaciones de Rivas Cherif fueron unánimemente valoradas por su coherencia con los presupuestos del nuevo teatro que tanto defendió. Eusebio de Gorbea fue el dramaturgo más reconocido en su labor de actor, si bien sus rasgos más destacados, tono, ademán, rudeza le sitúan cercano al naturalismo. La labor interpretativa de estos autores como componentes de un grupo, cuyo núcleo se mantiene en los sucesivos intentos renovadores, es también alabada por su disciplina, renuncia al lucimiento y supeditación al tratamiento escénico.

  20. Effects of diluent admissions and intake air temperature in exhaust gas recirculation on the emissions of an indirect injection dual fuel engine

    Abd-Alla, G.H.; Soliman, H.A.; Badr, O.A.; Abd-Rabbo, M.F. [Zagazig University, Cairo (Egypt). Shoubra Faculty of Engineering


    The operation of Diesel engines on gaseous fuels, commonly known as dual fuel engines, uses Diesel fuel as the pilot fuel and gaseous fuel (methane and sometimes propane in the present work) as the main fuel. The gaseous fuel was inducted in the intake manifold to mix with the intake air. The investigation was conducted on a high speed indirect injection (Ricardo-E6) dual fuel engine and was concerned with the effects of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on the dual fuel engine combustion and emissions, in particular, the effects of intake air temperature and diluent admissions (N{sub 2} and CO{sub 2}) on combustion and emissions. The use of diluents to displace oxygen (O{sub 2}) in the intake air resulted in a reduction in the O{sub 2} supplied to the engine, increased the inlet charge thermal capacity (thermal effect) and, potentially, CO{sub 2} and N{sub 2} participated in the combustion process (chemical effect). In a separate series of tests, the temperature of the engine inlet charge was raised gradually in order to simulate the effect of mixing hot EGR with the engine inlet gaseous fuel air mixture. It was found that the admission of diluents resulted in reductions in the exhaust oxides of nitrogen (NO{sub x}). Higher inlet charge temperature increases the exhaust NO{sub x} but reduces the unburned hydrocarbon emissions. Finally, when carbon dioxide was added to the inlet gaseous fuel air charge, large reductions in NO{sub x} were observed. (author)

  1. An economic assessment of low carbon vehicles

    Summerton, P. [Cambridge Econometrics CE, Cambridge (United Kingdom); Harrison, P. [European Climate Foundation ECF, Brussels (Belgium)] (eds.)


    The study aimed to analyse the economic impacts of decarbonizing light duty vehicles. As part of the study, the impacts of the European Commissions proposed 2020 CO2 regulation for cars and vans have been assessed. The analysis showed that a shift to low-carbon vehicles would increase spending on vehicle technology, therefore generating positive direct employment impacts, but potentially adding 1,000-1,100 euro to the capital cost of the average new car in 2020. However, these additional technology costs would be offset by fuel savings of around 400 euro per year, indicating an effective break-even point for drivers of approximately three years. At the EU level, the cost of running and maintaining the European car fleet would become 33-35 billion euro lower each year than in a 'do nothing scenario' by 2030, leading to positive economic impacts including indirect employment gains. Data on the cost of low carbon vehicle technologies has largely been sourced from the auto industry itself, with the study supported by a core working group including Nissan, GE, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), and the European Storage Battery Manufacturers Association (Eurobat). Fuel price projections for the study were based on the IEA's World Energy Outlook, while technical modelling was carried out using the transport policy scoping tool SULTAN (developed by Ricardo-AEA for the European Commission) and the Road Vehicle Cost and Efficiency Calculation Framework, also developed by Ricardo-AEA. Macro-economic modelling was done using the E3ME model, which has previously been used for several European Commission and EU government impact assessments. This report focuses on efficient use of fossil fuels in internal combustion- and hybrid electric vehicles. It will be followed by a second report, which will focus on further reducing the use of fossil fuels by also substituting them with domestically produced energy carriers, such as electricity and

  2. Modelos nacionais e regionais de família no pensamento social brasileiro National and Regional Family Patterns in Brazilian Social Thought



    Full Text Available As revisões sobre os estudos clássicos de família no Brasil convergem na crítica ao patriarcalismo como modelo genérico e fixo de descrição dessa instituição, propondo que a família brasileira era uma pluralidade dispersa de experiências. Sugerimos que já nas narrativas ensaísticas sobre a identidade nacional existem modelos plurais de família brasileira, diversificados em termos da compreensão dos arranjos locais de relações familiares. Com esse objetivo, relemos, sob o eixo família-nação-região, dois conjuntos de ensaístas significativos para a construção de identidades regionais particulares (primeiro, Alfredo Ellis Jr. e Cassiano Ricardo; segundo, Alceu Amoroso Lima e Sylvio de Vasconcellos, pensadores/produtores de visões de São Paulo e de Minas Gerais, respectivamente, enquanto culturas e sociedades em grande parte caracterizadas por suas experiências de organização familiar própria.Revisions of classical studies of the family in Brazil agree in criticizing patriarchalism as a general and fixed model describing this institution, arguing that the Brazilian family was a plurality of dispersed experiences. We suggest that in the essay narratives of national identity there are already plural models of the Brazilian family, which are diversified according to local arrangements of family relations. Considering the themes family-nation-region, we review the work of two groups of important essayists on the construction of particular regional identities: Alfredo Ellis Jr. e Cassiano Ricardo; Alceu Amoroso Lima e Sylvio de Vasconcellos. We argue that these essayists articulated visions of São Paulo and Minas Gerais as cultures and societies characterized in a significant way by experiences of a proper family organization.

  3. «The Multiplicity of Agreeable Consciousness»

    Freiburg, Rudolf


    Full Text Available Samuel Johnson’s life was troubled by diverse physical diseases and – one year before his death – he experienced a stroke. Moreover, he suffered from recurring fits of depression. But Johnson was also merry, loved witty conversations, good food and his nightly tours through London pubs. Johnson maintained that pleasure and pain were closely connected with each other. In both his dialogues with James Boswell and in his comprehensive literary works, Johnson reveals a philosophy of happiness characterized by a radical skepticism reminiscent of Michel de Montaigne’s Pyrrhonism. Influenced by Richard Burton, Thomas Browne and Francis Bacon, Johnson developed his specific doctrine of eudaemonic idols: as an idiosyncratic representative of Enlightenment philosophy he examined and questioned traditional clichès of happiness such as Stoicism, natural philosophy, learning, and marriage. Though not completely denying the possibility of earthly happiness, which he defined as the «multiplicity of agreeable consciousness», he was convinced that all earthly pleasures were doomed to fade away. As «a gloomy gazer on a world» to which he had «little relation», Johnson gave up any hope of attaining happiness on earth and exclusively trusted in felicity beyond the grave. 

  4. Torres Blancas

    José Manuel López-Peláez


    Full Text Available Nella Madrid degli anni sessanta l’architetto navarro Sáenz de Oíza sperimenta la costruzione di un edificio residenziale a torre in cemento armato. Risultato della felice relazione con un imprenditore mecenate, Juan Huarte, l’edificio si articola nella variazione tipologica di alloggi ad L e duplex, di locali per uffici e servizi, fino agli spazi ad uso comune, come la piscina e il ristorante della terrazza sul tetto, per proporsi come modello di piccola città autosufficiente. / In 1960s Madrid, the Navarrese architect Sáenz de Oíza tried constructing a residential tower in reinforced concrete. The happy result of a partnership with an entrepreneur patron, Juan Huarte, the building is split into L-shaped dwellings and duplexes, rooms for offices and services, as well as communal spaces, such as a swimming pool and a restaurant on the roof terrace, to exemplify a model of a small, self-sufficient town.

  5. Anatomical models and wax Venuses: art masterpieces or scientific craft works?

    Ballestriero, R


    The art of wax modelling has an ancient origin but rose to prominence in 14th century Italy with the cult of votive artefacts. With the advent of Neoclassicism this art, now deemed repulsive, continued to survive in a scientific environment, where it flourished in the study of normal and pathological anatomy, obstetrics, zoology and botany. The achievement of having originated the creation of anatomical models in coloured wax must be ascribed to a joint effort undertaken by the Sicilian wax modeller Gaetano Giulio Zumbo and the French surgeon Guillaume Desnoues in the late 17th century. Interest in anatomical wax models spread throughout Europe during the 18th century, first in Bologna with Ercole Lelli, Giovanni Manzolini and Anna Morandi, and then in Florence with Felice Fontana and Clemente Susini. In England, the art of anatomical ceroplastics was brought to London from Florence by the sculptor Joseph Towne. Throughout the centuries many anatomical artists preferred this material due to the remarkable mimetic likeness obtained, far surpassing any other material. Independent of the material used, whether wood, wax or clay, anatomical models were always considered merely craft works confined to hospitals or faculties of medicine and have survived to this day only because of their scientific interest. Italian and English waxes are stylistically different but the remarkable results obtained by Susini and Towne, and the fact that some contemporary artists are again representing anatomical wax bodies in their works, makes the border that formerly separated art and craft indistinguishable.

  6. Anila Hanxhari (Durrës, 1974

    María Antonia Blat Mir


    Full Text Available Anila Hanxhari nació en Durrës (Albania y vive en Lanciano (Italia. Es poetisa, pintora, narradora, traductora y presidenta de la asociación cultural Italfida, con la que ha ideado y organizado diversas actividades culturales y congresos internacionales. Actualmente es directora responsable del sector cultural de Ascom Abruzzo ocupándose de la iniciativa “Poesia e Impresa”. Ha publicado las antologías de poesía Io tu e l’Anima (Ianieri, 1997, Assopita erba dell’est (Noubs, 2002, Cicatrici d’acqua (Noubs, 2007, con prólogo de Giuseppe Conte, Brindisi degli angeli (La Vita Felice, 2012, con prólogo de Maurizio Cucchi, Tiro a sorte la libertà (Tabula Fati, 2016, con prólogo de Davide Rondoni y Rolando D’Alonzo. Sus poemas han aparecido, entre otras, en las antologías Nuovissima poesia italiana (Oscar Mondadori, 2005, editada por Antonio Riccardi y Maurizio Cucchi, La parola che ricostruisce. Poeti italiani per l’Aquila (Tracce, 2009, además de en la colección Specchio de La Stampa y en numerosas revistas. Ha ganado diferentes premios, como el Premio Camaiore-Proposta (2002, el Premio Matacotta a la opera prima 2003, el Premio Valle Senio o el premio Poesia nella vita (2011.

  7. Magnetized particle motion and acceleration around a Schwarzschild black hole in a magnetic field

    Abdujabbarov, Ahmadjon; Bobomurat Ahmedov; Rahimov, Ozodbek; Salikhbaev, Umar


    The capture cross section of magnetized particles with nonvanishing magnetic moment by a Schwarzschild black hole immersed in an asymptotically uniform magnetic field has been studied as an extension of the approach developed in Zakharov (1994 Class. Quantum Grav. 11 1027) for neutral unmagnetized particles in the Reissner–Nordström spacetime. The magnetic moment of the particle is chosen as in de Felice and Sorge (2003 Class. Quantum Grav. 20 469). It is shown that the spin of the particle sustains the stability of particles circularly orbiting around the black hole immersed in a magnetic field, i.e., a spinning particle's motion near the Schwarzschild black hole horizon is more stable than that of a particle with zero spin. It is shown that the magnetic parameter essentially changes the value of the critical angular momentum and affects the process of capture of the particles by the central black hole. Furthermore, the interaction between the magnetic moment of the particle and the magnetic field forces stable circular orbits to shift to the central object, and this effect should be taken into account in astrophysical scenarios related to the accretion discs and in measuring the spin of the black holes. The magnetized particle's acceleration mechanism near the black hole in an external magnetic field is studied. It is shown that due to the presence of a magnetic field, magnetized particles can accelerate to unlimited high energies. (paper)

  8. Neutron activation analysis: a powerful tool in provenance investigations

    Meloni, Sandro; Oddone, Massimo


    It is well known that neutron activation analysis (NAA), both instrumental and destructive, allows the simultaneous determination of a number of elements, mostly trace elements, with high levels of precision and accuracy. These peculiar properties of NAA are very useful when applied to provenance studies, i.e. to the identification of the origin of raw materials with which artifacts had been manufactured in ancient times. Data reduction by statistical procedures, especially multivariate analysis techniques, provides a statistical 'fingerprint' of investigated materials, both raw materials and archaeological artifacts, that, upon comparison, allows the identification of the provenance of prime matters used for artifact manufacturing. Thus information on quarries and flows exploitation in the antiquity, on technological raw materials processing, on trade routes and about the circulation of fakes, can be obtained. In the present paper two case studies are reported. The first one deals with the identification of the provenance of clay used to make ceramic materials, mostly bricks and tiles, recovered from the excavation of a Roman 'villa' in Lomello (Roman name Laumellum) and of Roman settlings in Casteggio (Roman name Clastidium). Both sites are located in the Province of Pavia in areas called Lomellina and Oltrepo respectively. The second one investigates the origin of the white marble used to build medieval arks, Carolingian age, located in the church of San Felice, now property of the University of Pavia. Experimental set-up, analytical results and data reduction procedures are presented and discussed. (author)

  9. Jovellanos: the Enlightenment, economics and «public happiness» Jovellanos: ilustración, economía y «felicidad pública»



    Full Text Available From mid XVIII Century, an intensification of international circulation of economic ideas made Spain participate in the emergence of Political Economy as a discipline in the service of public felicity. Jovellanos did not fail to contribute to the new science. His life and professional development, as well as the particular circumstances of the period, explain the fact that the reforming emergencies became the priorities in his duties as an economist: economic theory was placed in the service of applied economics. The aim of this paper is to provide a synthetic view of the above mentioned question.Desde mediados del XVIII, la intensificación de la circulaci��n internacional de las ideas económicas hizo a España partícipe de la emergencia de la Economía política como disciplina al servicio de la felicidad pública. Jovellanos no faltará a la cita con la nueva ciencia. Su trayectoria vital y profesional, y las propias circunstancias de la época, explican que en su quehacer como economista las urgencias reformadoras marquen las prioridades: la teoría económica se pondrá al servicio de la Economía aplicada. Este artículo no aspira a otro objetivo que el de ofrecer una visión de síntesis sobre la cuestión apuntada.

  10. 'And' or 'or': General use coordination in ASL

    Kathryn Davidson


    Full Text Available In American Sign Language (ASL, conjunction (‘and’ and disjunction (‘or’ are often conveyed by the same general use coordinator (transcribed as “COORD”. So the sequence of signs MARY WANT TEA COORD COFFEE can be interpreted as ‘Mary wants tea or coffee’ or ‘Mary wants tea and coffee’ depending on contextual, prosodic, or other lexical cues. This paper takes the first steps in describing the syntax and semantics of two general use coordinators in ASL, finding that they have a similar syntactic distribution to English coordinators and and or. Semantically, arguments are made against an ambiguity approach to account for the conjunctive and disjunctive readings; instead, I propose a Hamblin-style alternative semantics where the disjunctive and conjunctive force comes from external quantification over a set of alternatives. The pragmatic consequences of using only a prosodic distinction between disjunction from conjunction is examined via a felicity judgement study of scalar implicatures. Results indicate decreased scalar implicatures when COORD is used as disjunction, supporting the semantic analysis and suggesting that the contrast of lexical items in the scale plays an important role in its pragmatics. Extensions to other languages with potential general use coordination are discussed. BibTeX info

  11. Mario Fresa (Salerno, 1973

    Paolino Nappi


    Full Text Available Mario Fresa cursa estudios clásicos y musicales y se licencia en Literatura Italiana. Es traductor de Catulo, Marcial, Bernardo de Claraval, Baudelaire, Musset, Desnos, Apollinaire, Frénaud, Cendrars, Char, Duprey y Queneau, además de autor de libros de ensayo, poesía y crítica literaria. Comienza su carrera como poeta en 1999 presentado por Maurizio Cucchi en Specchio, el suplemento semanal del periódico La Stampa. Algunos de sus textos han formado parte de la antología Nuovissima poesia italiana (Mondadori, 2004 y han aparecido en las principales revistas culturales italianas como Caffè Michelangiolo, Paragone y Nuovi Argomenti. De 2002 es la colección de poemas Liaison (Premio Giusti Opera Prima, con prefacio de Maurizio Cucchi, a la que han seguido, entre otros títulos, Costellazione urbana (Mondadori, col. Almanacco dello Specchio, 2008, el poema Alluminio (con prefacio de Mario Santagostini, Lietocolle, 2008, Uno stupore quieto (edizioni Stampa, a cargo de M. Cucchi, 2012, mención especial del Premio Internacional de Literatura Ciudad de Como o La tortura per mezzo delle rose (aparecido en el volumen 14 de la revista Smerilliana y con un ensayo de Valeria Di Felice. Firma la columna Sguardi en la revista de poesía Gradiva. International Journal of Italian Poetry, en la que además es redactor.

  12. Adjuvant therapy of pancreatic carcinoma: the experience of Policlinico Umberto I, Università "Sapienza" Rome

    De Felice F


    Full Text Available Francesca De Felice, Daniela Musio, Raffaele Cassese, Daria Masi, Vincenzo TomboliniDipartimento di Scienze Radiologiche Oncologiche e Anatomo-Patologiche, Cattedra di Radioterapia, Università degli Studi di Roma "Sapienza", Rome, ItalyBackground: Pancreatic cancer represents an unsolved oncological problem: only 10%–20% of patients have resectable disease at diagnosis. We describe our adjuvant treatment approach and our results of subsequent multidisciplinary care of resected pancreatic cancer patients.Materials and methods: Between January 2007 and May 2012, 17 patients with resected pancreatic cancer underwent adjuvant radiochemotherapy. Radiotherapy was delivered with a three-dimensional-conformational multiple field technique at a total dose of 50.4–54.0 Gy. Chemotherapy consisted of gemcitabine (200 mg/m2/week or fluorouracil (200 mg/m2/day.Results: 16 patients completed programmed treatment; one patient suspended planned adjuvant treatment because of hematological toxicity grade 3. He was the only case of toxicity grade 3. At a median follow-up of 17.7 months, nine patients are still disease-free survivors. The 2-year survival was 30%.Discussion: Our experience in resected pancreatic cancer patients treated with a radiochemotherapy regimen highlights the survival and toxicity profile benefits associated with concomitant treatment.Keywords: pancreatic cancer, adjuvant treatment, pancreas

  13. "Confabulando" valores: La cigarra y la hormiga

    Sofia Marreiros Monteiro


    Full Text Available En una época en la que tanto se oye hablar de "crisis de valores", "sociedad sin valores", "inversión de valores", sentimos la necesidad de percibir en qué medida el texto literario infantil, en general, y la fábula, en particular, asumen una función modelizadora del mundo, proporcionando una contribución válida, no solo para su descodificación, sino también para la formación de los individuos y para la transmisión del capital cultural de cada sociedad. Del amplio universo fabulístico centramos nuestra atención en la fábula La cigarra y la hormiga, dado que es uno de los textos que ilustra, en el imaginario popular, situaciones menos felices de la vida de los individuos, que presentan las consecuencias nefastas que acarrearía el hecho de que éstas no perpetúen las enseñanzas que vehicula.

  14. «Confabulando» valores: La cigarra y la hormiga

    Marreiros Monteiro, S.


    Full Text Available En una época en la que tanto se oye hablar de “crisisde valores”, “sociedad sin valores”, “inversión devalores”, sentimos la necesidad de percibir en quémedida el texto literario infantil, en general, y lafábula, en particular, asumen una función modelizadoradel mundo, proporcionando una contribuciónválida, no solo para su descodificación, sino tambiénpara la formación de los individuos y para la transmisióndel capital cultural de cada sociedad.Del amplio universo fabulístico centramos nuestraatención en la fábula La cigarra y la hormiga, dadoque es uno de los textos que ilustra, en el imaginariopopular, situaciones menos felices de la vidade los individuos, que presentan las consecuenciasnefastas que acarrearía el hecho de que éstas noperpetúen las enseñanzas que vehicula.

  15. Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Dry and Water Saturated Igneous Rock with Acoustic Emission Monitoring

    Jun Guo


    Full Text Available The uniaxial cyclic loading tests have been conducted to study the mechanical behavior of dry and water saturated igneous rock with acoustic emission (AE monitoring. The igneous rock samples are dried, naturally immersed, and boiled to get specimens with different water contents for the testing. The mineral compositions and the microstructures of the dry and water saturated igneous rock are also presented. The dry specimens present higher strength, fewer strains, and rapid increase of AE count subjected to the cyclic loading, which reflects the hard and brittle behavior and strong burst proneness of igneous rock. The water saturated specimens have lower peak strength, more accumulated strains, and increase of AE count during the cyclic loading. The damage of the igneous rocks with different water contents has been identified by the Felicity Ratio Analysis. The cyclic loading and unloading increase the dislocation between the mineral aggregates and the water-rock interactions further break the adhesion of the clay minerals, which jointly promote the inner damage of the igneous rock. The results suggest that the groundwater can reduce the burst proneness of the igneous rock but increase the potential support failure of the surrounding rock in igneous invading area. In addition, the results inspire the fact that the water injection method is feasible for softening the igneous rock and for preventing the dynamic disasters within the roadways and working faces located in the igneous intrusion area.

  16. Comparison of Sexual Dysfunctions among Employed Women and Housewives Attending’s to Tabriz Counseling Crescent Center Iran

    Ahmad Esmaili


    Full Text Available foundations of healthy family life combined with felicity. Suppress the innate and God-given needs, has undesirable consequences on intimacy and vitality of family members. Therefore, the aim of this study is evaluating and comparing sexual dysfunction of employed women and housewives. Finding the issue that whether there are differences between both groups, and if there is, which of these measures it includes. It is what the study is conducted to achieve. Materials and Methods: The method of this study is descriptive-comparative, that in which 50 person from employed women were select and compared with 50 housewives based on the examination of female sexual function index (FSFI. MANOVA analyses were used for analysis data. Results: The results of the analysis showed that measures of FSFI such as the desire, orgasm and sexual satisfaction have a significant difference with housewife's group. Conclusion: On the basis of findings, it could be said that unlike employed women, housewives suffered from sexual dysfunctions and these disorders can lead to marital dissatisfaction in the life.

  17. Les implications du travestissement dans I Capuleti e i Montecchi de Vincenzo Bellini The Implications of the Transvestite Part in Vincenzo Bellini’s I Capuleti e i Montecchi

    Isabelle Schwartz-Gastine


    Full Text Available My concern for transvestite parts stems from the Shakespearean drama conventions in which all female roles were performed by young men and apprentice boys for decency’s sake. Bellini and Felice Romani, his librettist, were certainly not influenced by the English bard, but by a common source, book 4 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, when they composed the score and lyrics of their opera in the 1820s. According to baroque Italian operatic conventions, the part of the lover should have been performed by a castrato so that his voice could merge perfectly with that of the soprano heroine. However Bellini preferred a female singer, Giuditta Grisi, who specialised in a repertoire of young male lovers called musico, to play against her own sister, Giulia, as Julietta. Both women met with great success as appears from contemporary reviews, which praise their vocal performances but ignore the change from the tradition of the castrato, as well as the physicality of the show. An analysis of some photographs from a series of recent productions of the opera sheds some light on this visual dimension and on the choices made by several stage directors in their own approach to the opera.


    Manuel Enrique Luján Ferrer


    Full Text Available Este artículo ofrece una definición de Campamento como programa didáctico, haciendo referencia a su origen, a su desarrollo y a su situación actual en la institución museal en el ámbito internacional. Además, esboza una reconstrucción histórica, analítica y crítica de los elementos teórico-metodológicos que fundamentan al Campamento en el contexto de la educación no formal y de la recreación educativa. Adicionalmente, identifica y describe diversas etapas de los Campamentos organizados según sus funciones y objetivos socio-educativos. Presenta los fundamentos conceptuales del Campamento como programa didáctico desde la educación no formal, donde los procesos de aprender haciendo, aprender jugando, aprender por descubrimiento, así como la colaboración y la cooperación son ejes esenciales. Señala aspectos centrales del liderazgo, de la formación de facilitadores y los principales aspectos de la administración de la educación no formal aplicados a un programa de Campamento, especialmente en el ámbito de los Museos. Lo anterior es complementado con la presentación de la experiencia del Museo de los Niños de Costa Rica: El Campamento Urbano Vacaciones Felices.

  19. Felicidad, suicidio, riqueza y desempeño estatal

    José Fernando Flórez Ruiz


    Full Text Available Mediante una puesta en perspectiva del estudio clásico de Durkheim (1897 sobre el suicidio como síntoma de malestar social y un análisis crítico de la proliferación reciente de índices globales de medición de la felicidad, este artículo propone articular ambas variables (tasa de suicidio y coeficiente de felicidad como indicadores del desempeño estatal en la dimensión del bienestar subjetivo de sus habitantes. Pone además en evidencia el sesgo que ha llevado a excluir estos dos parámetros, al igual que el impacto ambiental de los países, de los índices de bajo desempeño estatal existentes debido a que los Estados más ricos, “centros de producción” donde se construyen estas tablas comparativas, no son necesariamente los más felices y presentan tasas relativamente altas de muerte voluntaria. El Happy Planet Index constituye una notable excepción a esta tendencia, pero su metodología resulta insatisfactoria. La religiosidad, las instituciones políticas y la economía en sus tres dimensiones: riqueza, pobreza y desigualdad, están presentes en la reflexión como factores de felicidad pero se les matiza para evitar caer en determinismos.

  20. Felicidad, suicidio, riqueza y desempeño estatal

    José Fernando Flórez Ruiz


    Full Text Available Mediante una puesta en perspectiva del estudio clásico de Durkheim (1897 sobre el suicidio como síntoma de malestar social y un análisis crítico de la proliferación reciente de índices globales de medición de la felicidad, este artículo propone articular ambas variables (tasa de suicidio y coeficiente de felicidad como indicadores del desempeño estatal en la dimensión del bienestar subjetivo de sus habitantes. Pone además en evidencia el sesgo que ha llevado a excluir estos dos parámetros, al igual que el impacto ambiental de los países, de los índices de bajo desempeño estatal existentes debido a que los Estados más ricos, “centros de producción” donde se construyen estas tablas comparativas, no son necesariamente los más felices y presentan tasas relativamente altas de muerte voluntaria. El Happy Planet Index constituye una notable excepción a esta tendencia, pero su metodología resulta insatisfactoria. La religiosidad, las instituciones políticas y la economía en sus tres dimensiones: riqueza, pobreza y desigualdad, están presentes en la reflexión como factores de felicidad pero se les matiza para evitar caer en determinismos.

  1. An improved routine for the fast estimate of ion cyclotron heating efficiency in tokamak plasmas

    Brambilla, M.


    The subroutine ICEVAL for the rapid simulation of Ion Cyclotron Heating in tokamak plasmas is based on analytic estimates of the wave behaviour near resonances, and on drastic but reasonable simplifications of the real geometry. The subroutine has been rewritten to improve the model and to facilitate its use as input in transport codes. In the new version the influence of quasilinear minority heating on the damping efficiency is taken into account using the well-known Stix analytic approximation. Among other improvements are: a) the possibility of considering plasmas with more than two ion species; b) inclusion of Landau, Transit Time and collisional damping on the electrons non localised at resonances; c) better models for the antenna spectrum and for the construction of the power deposition profiles. The results of ICEVAL are compared in detail with those of the full-wave code FELICE for the case of Hydrogen minority heating in a Deuterium plasma; except for details which depend on the excitation of global eigenmodes, agreement is excellent. ICEVAL is also used to investigate the enhancement of the absorption efficiency due to quasilinear heating of the minority ions. The effect is a strongly non-linear function of the available power, and decreases rapidly with increasing concentration. For parameters typical of Asdex Upgrade plasmas, about 4 MW are required to produce a significant increase of the single-pass absorption at concentrations between 10 and 20%. (orig.)

  2. New perspectives on targeted therapy in ovarian cancer

    Coward JIG


    Full Text Available Jermaine IG Coward,1–3 Kathryn Middleton,1 Felicity Murphy1 1Mater Health Services, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia; 2Inflammtion and Cancer Therapeutics Group, Mater Research, University of Queensland, Translational Research Institute, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; 3School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia Abstract: Epithelial ovarian cancer remains the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. During the last 15 years, there has been only marginal improvement in 5 year overall survival. These daunting statistics are compounded by the fact that despite all subtypes exhibiting striking heterogeneity, their systemic management remains identical. Although changes to the scheduling and administration of chemotherapy have improved outcomes to a degree, a therapeutic ceiling is being reached with this approach, resulting in a number of trials investigating the efficacy of targeted therapies alongside standard treatment algorithms. Furthermore, there is an urge to develop subtype-specific studies in an attempt to improve outcomes, which currently remain poor. This review summarizes the key studies with antiangiogenic agents, poly(adenosine diphosphate [ADP]-ribose inhibitors, and epidermal growth factor receptor/human epidermal growth factor receptor family targeting, in addition to folate receptor antagonists and insulin growth factor receptor inhibitors. The efficacy of treatment paradigms used in non-ovarian malignancies for type I tumors is also highlighted, in addition to recent advances in appropriate patient stratification for targeted therapies in epithelial ovarian cancer. Keywords: antiangiogenic therapy, high-grade serous, low grade ovarian cancer, PARP inhibition, cancer-related inflammation

  3. Stance in TED talks: Strategic use of subjective adjectives in online popularisation

    Giuseppina Scotto di Carlo


    Full Text Available This paper analyses “stance” in TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design talks, which are popularising speeches aiming at knowledge dissemination. Based on a corpus of the TED talks presented between 2006 and 2012, this study focuses on how the speakers express judgments and take up positions through subjective adjectives. Drawing upon Kerbat-Orecchioni (1980 and Felices Lago’s (1997 adjective classifications, the quantitative and qualitative study attempts to analyse the use of axiological evaluative adjectives, which are fully subjective, as they imply a qualitative evaluation adding a judgement to the modified noun. It has been noticed that TEDsters use vivid, descriptive subjective adjectives to establish a connection with the audience, which perceives a sense of similarity with the speaker. Like traditional scientific presentations, TED talks use adjectives conveying the relevance of their findings, while they distinguish themselves for the role given to aesthetic and emotional adjectives, practicality and veracity, also including the moral, political, and economic aspects involved in science. The work suggests that maybe TEDsters’ approach to science might possibly contribute to breach the expert/non expert barrier, considering science not as something distant, but as a human experience for both laypersons and professionals.


    Omar Parra Rozo


    Full Text Available La íntima relación que se establece entre la investigación, la lectura y la escritura determina las posibilidades de acercarse al mundo, de tratar de entenderlo, interpretarlo y proponer su transformación. El investigador busca afanosamente una explicación para los sucesos que lo rodean. El lector se detiene a palpar las figuras, a entender los artilugios del lenguaje y el escritor recrea el mundo. Estas interacciones se fundamentan en cuestionamientos elementales que parten del sencillo hecho de la observación y confluyen en la complejidad del juicio sobre deter- minadas situaciones. Se lee para tratar de entender, interpretar y transformar el contexto y se plasman las ideas sobre un pasado y un presente con el sueño de un cambio, de un mejoramiento individual y colectivo. Las preguntas dan apertura a nuevos interrogantes que se enmarcan en la posibilidad de leer, escribir e investigar para ser ordena- dos o definitivamente para sobrevivir, probablemente para ser felices, lo cual constituye el último horizonte del ser humano y su razón de vida.

  5. Silvia Caratti (Cuneo, 1972

    Juan Pérez Andrés


    Full Text Available Silvia Caratti es diplomada en el Conservatorio y licenciada en Historia de la Música, en el año 2000 publicó para Lietocollelibri La trama dei metali, título vencedor el año siguiente del premio “Franco Matacotta” a la mejor opera prima.  Sus trabajos han aparecido en numerosas antologías: I poeti di vent’anni (Brunello, Stampa, 2000; Nuovissima Poesia Italiana (Milán, Mondadori, 2004; Almanacco dello Specchio (Milán, Mondadori, 2005; 12 poetesse italiane (Varese, Nuova Editrice Magenta, 2008; Lingue di confine. Dodici poeti cuneesi, (Turín, Torino Poesia, 2009; Il mulo è scettico per natura, (Turín, Torino Poesia, 2010. En 2012 ha publicado Mea infera caro con poesías de Mary Barbara Tolusso y dibujos de Massimo Dagnino (EDB Edizioni. En la casa editorial Arca Felice ha aparecido recientemente la plaquette Lettere per un ritorno, con dibujos de Massimo Dagnino.

  6. In-Situ NDE Characterization of Kevlar and Carbon Composite Micromechanics for Improved COPV Health Monitoring

    Waller, Jess M.; Saulsberry, Regor L.


    This project is a subtask of a multi-center project to advance the state-of-the-art by developing NDE techniques that are capable of evaluating stress rupture (SR) degradation in Kevlar/epoxy (K/Ep) composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs), and damage progression in carbon/epoxy (C/Ep) COPVs. In this subtask, acoustic emission (AE) data acquired during intermittent load hold tensile testing of K/Ep and C/Ep composite tow materials-of-construction used in COPV fabrication were analyzed to monitor progressive damage during the approach to tensile failure. Insight into the progressive damage of composite tow was gained by monitoring AE event rate, energy, source location, and frequency. Source location based on arrival time data was used to discern between significant AE attributable to microstructural damage and spurious AE attributable to background and grip noise. One of the significant findings was the observation of increasing violation of the Kaiser effect (Felicity ratio < 1.0) with damage accumulation.

  7. [An overview of the history of electro-vectorcardiography. Tribute to the memory of the unforgettable Dr. Gustavo A. Medrano Castro].

    de Micheli Serra, Alfredo; Iturralde Torres, Pedro


    The history of the investigations about of the so-called irritability of animal tissues showed by English physician Francis Glisson in the 17th century, is summarized. During the 18th century, reliable studies on the bioelectric properties of these tissues began, due to the Swiss scientist Albrecht von Haller and continuated by the Italian naturalist Felice Fontana. In the second half of this century, multiple controversies of the partisans of the animal electricity against the partisans of the contact electricity took place. The Danish scientist Oersted in 1820 proved the close relation of magnetism to electricity, which led to construction of electrometers. These instruments allowed to register and measure record of the electric current. On this way, at middle 21st century, the true animal electricity was identified as the injury current. Later it was possible to record the electric current, risen in the myocardium, out the thorax first by means of the Lippmann' capillary electrometer and later thanks to the Einthoven's string galvanometer at the beginning of the 20th century. So the modern electro-vectorcardiography took off, due to English Thomas Lewis, the North-American Frank N. Wilson and the Mexican Demetrio Sodi Pallares. The last one allowed to rationalize the electro-vectorcardiographic exploration on experimental bases. Copyright © 2013 Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez. Published by Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.

  8. Los jóvenes y la salud. Construcción de grupos en función de representaciones sobre salud y enfermedad

    Weller Silvana Inés


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo fue indagar la existencia de diferentes "grupos" de jóvenes en función de sus representaciones alrededor de la salud y la enfermedad. En la construcción de estos "grupos" se busca incorporar conceptos tradicionalmente relegados al estudio de la subjetividad. Se trabajó con una encuesta cerrada que se aplicó sobre 400 jóvenes escolarizados. El procesamiento de los datos se realizó con el análisis de correspondencias múltiples, una técnica de análisis multivariado especialmente diseñada para trabajar con un alto número de variables cualitativas. El estudio permitió despejar ocho "tipos" de jóvenes ­ los asustados, los que cierran los ojos, los hipocondríacos, los sensuales, los felices, los amargados, los que miran al mundo y los que miran su ombligo. Estos resultados indicarían la necesidad de diversificar las estrategias de indagación e intervención en terreno dirigidas a esta población.

  9. Defective DNA repair mechanisms in prostate cancer: impact of olaparib

    De Felice F


    Full Text Available Francesca De Felice,1 Vincenzo Tombolini,1 Francesco Marampon,2 Angela Musella,3 Claudia Marchetti3 1Department of Radiotherapy, Policlinico Umberto I, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Rome, 2Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences, Laboratory of Radiobiology, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, 3Department of Gynecological and Obstetrical Sciences and Urological Sciences, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Rome, Italy Abstract: The field of prostate oncology has continued to change dramatically. It has truly become a field that is intensely linked to molecular genetic alterations, especially DNA-repair defects. Germline breast cancer 1 gene (BRCA1 and breast cancer 2 gene (BRCA2 mutations are implicated in the highest risk of prostate cancer (PC predisposition and aggressiveness. Poly adenosine diphosphate ribose polymerase (PARP proteins play a key role in DNA repair mechanisms and represent a valid target for new therapies. Olaparib is an oral PARP inhibitor that blocks DNA repair pathway and coupled with BRCA mutated-disease results in tumor cell death. In phase II clinical trials, including patients with advanced castration-resistant PC, olaparib seems to be efficacious and well tolerated. Waiting for randomized phase III trials, olaparib should be considered as a promising treatment option for PC. Keywords: prostate cancer, metastatic disease, castration resistant, BRCA, DNA-repair, PARP, olaparib

  10. Aerial inventory of surficial geological effects induced by the recent Emilia earthquake (Italy: preliminary report

    Giovanni Bertolini


    Full Text Available As a consequence of the two main shocks that recently struck the central alluvial Po Plain (May 20, 2012, Ml 5.9, and May 29, 2012, Ml 5.8, a great number of surficial geologic disturbances appeared over a wide area (ca. 500 km2, which extended up to 20 km from the epicenters. The affected area includes Mirabello, San Carlo, Sant'Agostino (Province of Ferrara, San Felice, Cavezzo, Concordia (Modena, Moglia and Quistello (Mantova. Most of the surficial effects that were observed during this study were clearly induced (directly or indirectly by sand liquefaction phenomena, such as sand volcanoes, burst of water and sand from domestic wells, tension cracks, lateral spreading and associated deformation, graben-like fracturing, and sink-holes. Other effects can probably be ascribed simply to the shaking of the ground (e.g., small collapses of irrigation canal walls. Lastly, there were also some features of dubious origin, such as two 'yellow crop spots' that are cited here with reservations. All of these data were surveyed by means of a small airplane that was especially adapted for this purpose. The aim of this study was to furnish a wide-ranging image of the surface deformation over the whole area impacted by these recent earthquakes, as an instrument towards more exhaustive research, both at the scientific and technical levels (e.g., seismic microzonation. […

  11. Happiness and well-being at work: A special issue introduction

    Alfredo Rodríguez-Muñoz


    Full Text Available Durante los últimos 10 años, la investigación en el área de la felicidad ha sufrido una gran explosión, creando una riqueza de conocimiento empírico sobre los mecanismos y procesos que hacen felices a las personas. Uno de los hallazgos más aceptados en este campo es que el trabajo contribuye de manera sustancial a mejorar el nivel de bienestar de las personas. Con la aparición de la psicología positiva en la pasada década ha surgido también un mayor interés en el lado positivo de la vida organizacional, prestándose más atención a fenómenos como el engagement, el bienestar, la satisfacción laboral, o las experiencias de afecto positivo en el trabajo. Esperamos que el foco positivo que se propone en este número especial ayude a fomen- tar la investigación en esta temática.

  12. Determinantes de la felicidad en los administradores: una investigación realizada en las farmacias del Grupo Difare en Ecuador

    Juan Pablo López


    Full Text Available El bienestar subjetivo es un indicador de la felicidad y de la calidad de vida de los individuos. Refleja la experiencia de los seres humanos de acuerdo a condiciones de vida como buenas relaciones sociales, prosperidad económica y salud. Las personas felices tienden a ser más saludables, mejores ciudadanos y empleados más productivos. En esta investigación se aborda la teoría y los diversos estudios que analizan diferentes determinantes de la felicidad. Se toma como terreno de campo al Grupo Difare, una cadena de retail farmacéutico en Ecuador. Se realizó una encuesta que permitió determinar el nivel de bienestar subjetivo y de otros nueve indicadores: 1 bienestar psicológico, 2 felicidad laboral, 3 espiritualidad, 4 salud, 5 apoyo social, 6 afectos positivos, 7 bienestar material, 8 balance trabajo-vida y 9 acceso a educación, cultura y recreación. Se evidencia, como resultado, qué dominios afectan más la felicidad de los trabajadores y se sugiere en cuáles se debería trabajar más.

  13. Benefit–risk assessment of golimumab in the treatment of refractory ulcerative colitis

    Pugliese D


    Full Text Available Daniela Pugliese, Carla Felice, Rosario Landi, Alfredo Papa, Luisa Guidi, Alessandro Armuzzi Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit, Complesso Integrato Columbus, Catholic University, Rome, Italy Abstract: Significant advances in the management of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC have been made since the introduction of anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha agents, especially for those who fail or do not tolerate conventional therapies. Two drugs, infliximab first, then adalimumab afterward, showed effectiveness in inducing and maintaining long-term remission both in pivotal trials as well as in clinical practice. However, approximately 25% of patients with UC, who fail or do not tolerate all available therapies, require a colectomy for refractory disease. The therapeutic scenario of UC has been recently upgraded by the introduction of golimumab, the latest anti TNF-alpha agent to be approved. Golimumab is a totally humanized monoclonal antibody, administered by a subcutaneous injection every 4 weeks. Treatment with golimumab has shown to be effective to induce sustained clinical benefit in tough-to-treat patients with UC, including steroid and/or immunosuppressive refractory and steroid-dependent patients. In this review, we summarize all available efficacy and safety data of golimumab in UC, analyzing the potential therapeutic position for the treatment of refractory patients with UC. Keywords: ulcerative colitis, refractoriness, anti-TNF-alpha, golimumab 

  14. Courting the future: cancer and genetics in Cuba.


    Describing this double issue of MEDICC Review could be an exercise for a first-year philosophy course in logic. It's not about "cancer and genetics" in Cuba. It's about cancer in Cuba and about genetics in Cuba, not about exploring relationships between them. Nevertheless, while the marriage of the two themes was fortuitous, in that the two had long been scheduled for the journal in 2014, there is a certain felicity to their sharing an issue. To date, the outstanding accomplishments of genetics have been most helpful for conditions occurring at the beginning of life and cancer is largely (though not exclusively) a disease related to aging. But the two are intrinsically connected: Although only a few of the more than 100 different diseases grouped under the term cancer are known to be hereditary, every cancer begins with a mutation in one or more genes, whether the mutation is inherited, due to an exposure, or is simply a random error in the millions of cell divisions that are part and parcel of cellular reproduction. Our cover image, a stained-glass window by Cuban artist Rosa María de la Terga at Cuba's National Medical Genetics Center, illustrates the elegance of the DNA molecule, the intricate key to life.

  15. Considerazioni sui lettori di Montesquieu (XVIII-XX secolo

    Piero Venturelli


    Full Text Available This article in meant to bring a contribution to the study of the penetration of Montesquieu’s ideas and theories starting from Montesquieu e i suoi interpreti (a cura di D. Felice, 2 tt., Pisa, ETS, 2005. The most relevant interpretations or uses of the philosopher’s work of the last two hundred and fifty years will be put together with particular reference to the Esprit des Lois (1748. We consider France, Great Britain, North America, Germany and Italy as the linguistic and cultural areas where Montesquieu’s thought is stronger and more lasting. Over forty authors have been taken into consideration: J.-B. le Rond d’Alembert, D. Hume, J.-J. Rousseau, C. Beccaria, A. Genovesi, E. Personè, D. Diderot, L. de Jaucourt, E. Gibbon, J.G. Herder, G. Filangieri, Th. Jefferson, A. Hamilton, J.-A.-N. Caritat de Condorcet, L. Saint-Just, B. Constant, G.W.F. Hegel, A. de Tocqueville, H. Taine, F. Sclopis di Salerano, É.-R. Lefebvre de Laboulaye, F. Meinecke, Ch. Eisenmann, J. Starobinski, L. Althusser, H. Arendt, R. Aron, R. Shackleton etc. In this article, Voltaire, E. Burke, L.-C. Destutt de Tracy, A. Comte, É. Durkheim and S. Cotta have been considered more in detail.

  16. Spectroscopic Identification of the Carbyne Hydride Structure of the Dehydrogenation Product of Methane Activation by Osmium Cations.

    Armentrout, P B; Kuijpers, Stach E J; Lushchikova, Olga V; Hightower, Randy L; Boles, Georgia C; Bakker, Joost M


    The present work explores the structures of species formed by dehydrogenation of methane (CH 4 ) and perdeuterated methane (CD 4 ) by the 5d transition metal cation osmium (Os + ). Using infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD) action spectroscopy and density functional theory (DFT), the structures of the [Os,C,2H] + and [Os,C,2D] + products are explored. This study complements previous work on the related species formed by dehydrogenation of methane by four other 5d transition metal cations (M + = Ta + , W + , Ir + , and Pt + ). Osmium cations are formed in a laser ablation source, react with methane pulsed into a reaction channel downstream, and the resulting products spectroscopically characterized through photofragmentation using the Free-Electron Laser for IntraCavity Experiments (FELICE) in the 300-1800 cm -1 range. Photofragmentation was monitored by the loss of H 2 /D 2 . Comparison of the experimental spectra and DFT calculated spectra leads to identification of the ground state carbyne hydride, HOsCH + ( 2 A') as the species formed, as previously postulated theoretically. Further, a full description of the systematic spectroscopic shifts observed for deuterium labeling of these complexes, some of the smallest systems to be studied using IRMPD action spectroscopy, is achieved. A full rotational contour analysis explains the observed linewidths as well as the observation of doublet structures in several bands, consistent with previous observations for HIrCH + ( 2 A'). Graphical Abstract ᅟ.

  17. Reseñas

    HC Reseñas


    Full Text Available CARO CANCELA, Diego (coord.: El primer liberalismo en Andalucía (1808- 1869. Política, economía y sociabilidad. Cádiz: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz, 2005 (295 pp.. VILAR, María José: Territorio y ordenación administrativa en la España contemporánea. Los orígenes de la actual Región uniprovincial de Murcia. Murcia: Asamblea Regional de Murcia y Real Academia Alfonso X el Sabio, 2004. iv + 377 pp. + cartografía (s.n. Juana Martínez Mercader PÉREZ MARÍN, María Dolores (Sch. P.: Escolapias en Andalucía. Córdoba: Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Córdoba, 2005. Prólogo de José Manuel Cuenca Toribio. 748 p. Fernando López Mora EALHAM, Chris & RICHARDS, Michael (eds.: The Splintering of Spain. Cultural History and the Spanish Civil War. Cambridge: University Press, 2005. 282 pp., XV ilustraciones, VI mapas. Luis Arias González ÁLVAREZ TARDÍO, Manuel: El camino a la democracia en España. 1931 y 1978. Madrid: Gota a Gota, 2005. PAYNE, Stanley G.: El colapaso de la República. Los orígenes de la Guerra Civil Española. Madrid: La Esfera de los Libros, Alianza, 2005. Hernán Rodríguez Velasco ALY, Götz: La utopía nazi: cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes. Barcelona: Crítica, 2006. Helí Ovalle Fuente MARTÍN DE LA GUARDIA, Ricardo y PÉREZ SÁNCHEZ, Ricardo: La URSS contra las Comunidades Europeas. La percepción soviética del mercado común (1957-1962. Valladolid: Universidad de Valladolid, Secretariado de Publicaciones e Intercambio Editorial, 2005. Silvia Marcu DÍAZ FERNÁNDEZ, Antonio M.: Los servicios de inteligencia españoles. Desde la guerra civil hasta el 11-M. Historia de una transición. Madrid: Alianza, 2005 Hernán Rodríguez Velasco BENEYTO, José María; MARTÍN DE LA GUARDIA, Ricardo M. y PÉREZ SÁNCHEZ, Guillermo Á. (dir.: Europa y Estados Unidos — Una historia de la relación atlántica en los últimos cien años. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, 2005. Silvia Marcu CUENCA

  18. Correspondencia sobre la estela romana de Araño (Rianxo conservada en el Museo de Pontevedra

    Santos Fernández, Carlos


    Full Text Available The aim of this collaboration is to present a series of documents, basically letters (signed by Casto Sampedro, Eladio Oviedo Arce, Ricardo Blanco-Cicerón and others about a Roman tombstone that was found in 1907 in Araño (Rianxo, A Coruña, Spain, and at present is in the Museo de Pontevedra. The documents, which are reproduced in an appendix, come from four Galician archives (Museo do Pobo Galego, Museo de Pontevedra, Real Academia Galega, Catedral de Santiago and Instituto de Estudios Gallegos Padre Sarmiento, and they provide new data about the discovery of the stele, the laborious process for his acquisition, the admission into the Sociedad Arqueológica de Pontevedra, his exhibition in the Exposición Regional Gallega de 1909, and the fruitless negotiations on the definitive permanency of the tombstone in Santiago. The stele’s description (text, anthropomorphic decoration and architectural decoration and a bibliographical update over this gravestone precede the study of the documents and his transcription.La finalidad de esta colaboración es dar a conocer un conjunto de documentos, fundamentalmente cartas (suscritas, entre otros, por Casto Sampedro, Eladio Oviedo Arce o Ricardo Blanco-Cicerón, acerca de una estela funeraria romana (CIRG-I n.º 81 adscribible al Subgrupo Rías Baixas, hallada en 1907 en Araño (Rianxo y que actualmente se exhibe en el Museo de Pontevedra. Los documentos, que se transcriben íntegramente en el Apéndice, proceden de cinco archivos gallegos (Museo do Pobo Galego, Museo de Pontevedra, Real Academia Galega, Catedral de Santiago e Instituto de Estudios Gallegos Padre Sarmiento, y proporcionan nuevos datos sobre el descubrimiento de la estela, las laboriosas gestiones encaminadas a su adquisición, el ingreso en la Sociedad Arqueológica de Pontevedra, su exhibición en la Exposición Regional Gallega de 1909 y las infructuosas negociaciones encaminadas a que la pieza quedara definitivamente en Santiago

  19. Accumulation and foreign trade from a center-periphery perspective Acumulación y comercio exterior desde una perspectiva centro-periferia

    García José Guillermo


    Full Text Available The theories which have attempted to explain the insertion of the countries of the periphery in the international division of labor haven't been able to explain in a satisfactory way the economic foundations and mechanisms of foreign trade in that contexto To understand the logic of the mechanism of peripheral insertion, the function served by foreign
    trade in the capital accumulation process must be analyzed. By going back to this problem in the classical analysis, some pieces of a new puzzle can be found. Smith's theory of the extension of the market, the structural heterogeneity of capitalism expressed in the differentiation of national price systems and profit rates according to Ricardo, and the foundations of the forms of mercantile and industrial accumulation in Marx are the new elements. The profit rate improves the conditions of accumulation when it exploits the differences in the national price systems. In the process of accumulation, the mechanisms of industrial accumulation operate in the interior, and they are strengthened by the
    mechanisms of mercantile accumulation which operate in external trade. As a consequence, the extension of the market outward to the periphery is only viable to the extent that this zone offers compensations which improve the condi tions determining the rates of profi t and accumulation
    in the center.Las teorías que han intentado explicar en forma satisfactoria los fundamentos y los mecanismos económicos del comercio exterior en ese contexto. Para entender la lógica del mecanismos de inserción periférica, es necesario analizar la funci´pon que cumple el comercio exterior en el proceso de acumulación de capital. Retomando está problemática en el análisis clásico, se pueden sacara las piezas del nuevo romprecabezas. La teroría de la extensión de mercados de Smith, la heterogenidad estructural del capitalismo expresada en la diferenciación de sistemas de precios nacionales y de tasas

  20. The influence of psychoeducation on regulating biological rhythm in a sample of patients with bipolar II disorder: a randomized clinical trial

    Faria AD


    Full Text Available Augusto Duarte Faria,1 Luciano Dias de Mattos Souza,2 Taiane de Azevedo Cardoso,2 Karen Amaral Tavares Pinheiro,2 Ricardo Tavares Pinheiro,2 Ricardo Azevedo da Silva,2 Karen Jansen21Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil; 2Health and Behavior Postgraduate Program, Universidade Católica de Pelotas – UCPEL, Pelotas, RS, BrazilIntroduction: Changes in biological rhythm are among the various characteristics of bipolar disorder, and have long been associated with the functional impairment of the disease. There are only a few viable options of psychosocial interventions that deal with this specific topic; one of them is psychoeducation, a model that, although it has been used by practitioners for some time, only recently have studies shown its efficacy in clinical practice.Aim: To assess if patients undergoing psychosocial intervention in addition to a pharmacological treatment have better regulation of their biological rhythm than those only using medication.Method: This study is a randomized clinical trial that compares a standard medication intervention to an intervention combined with drugs and psychoeducation. The evaluation of the biological rhythm was made using the Biological Rhythm Interview of Assessment in Neuropsychiatry, an 18-item scale divided in four areas (sleep, activity, social rhythm, and eating pattern. The combined intervention consisted of medication and a short-term psychoeducation model summarized in a protocol of six individual sessions of 1 hour each.Results: The sample consisted of 61 patients with bipolar II disorder, but during the study, there were 14 losses to follow-up. Therefore, the final sample consisted of 45 individuals (26 for standard intervention and 19 for combined. The results showed that, in this sample and time period evaluated, the combined treatment of medication and psychoeducation had no statistically significant impact on the

  1. Performance of a Mobile Phone App-Based Participatory Syndromic Surveillance System for Acute Febrile Illness and Acute Gastroenteritis in Rural Guatemala.

    Olson, Daniel; Lamb, Molly; Lopez, Maria Renee; Colborn, Kathryn; Paniagua-Avila, Alejandra; Zacarias, Alma; Zambrano-Perilla, Ricardo; Rodríguez-Castro, Sergio Ricardo; Cordon-Rosales, Celia; Asturias, Edwin Jose


    surveillance system demonstrated a high reporting rate and good agreement between parental reported data and nurse-reported data during home visits. Several household-level and external factors were associated with decreased syndromic reporting. Poor reporting rate was associated with decreased syndromic and pathogen-specific case ascertainment. ©Daniel Olson, Molly Lamb, Maria Renee Lopez, Kathryn Colborn, Alejandra Paniagua-Avila, Alma Zacarias, Ricardo Zambrano-Perilla, Sergio Ricardo Rodríguez-Castro, Celia Cordon-Rosales, Edwin Jose Asturias. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 09.11.2017.

  2. "La Salud Pública, Situación actual, Propuestas y Recomendaciones"

    Alvaro Moncayo Medina


    Full Text Available




    El Académico Gustavo Malagón-Londoño es Médico Cirujano de la Universidad Javeriana y Especialista en Ortopedia y Traumatología.
    Es Profesor Titular de la Universidad Militar Nueva Granada y ha sido Profesor de la Universidad del Rosario y de la Juan N. Corpas. Fue Decano Fundador de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Militar.
    Ha sido Presidente de la Asociación Colombiana de Facultades de Medicina y Asesor y Secretario General del Ministerio de Salud. Además ha sido Gerente de CORPAL y Secretario de Salud del Distrito Capital de Bogotá.
    En la actualidad es Miembro de Número de la Academia Nacional de Medicina, Miembro Titular de la Sociedad de Ortopedia, Miembro de laAcademia Americana de Ortopedia, de la Sociedad Latinoamericana de Ortopedia y de la Asociación Mundial de Ortopedia.
    El Dr. Malagón ha publicado 10 Libros: 2 con la Organización Panamericana de la Salud, 1 con la Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá y 7 con la Editorial Médica Panamericana difundidos en los países de habla hispana. De los 7 últimos libros publicados por el Académico Malagón, uno va por la tercera edición y cuatro por la segunda. Ha recibido 18 Condecoraciones entre ellas la Cruz de Boyacá y la Medalla Jorge Bejarano por servicios a la Salud Pública ya la Educación en Salud. También ha publicado más de 1.000 artículos en periódicos y revistas especializadas sobre temas de salud.
    El Doctor Ricardo Galán Morera es Médico Cirujano egresado de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Magíster en Salud Pública de la Universidad de Antioquia, Especialista en Medicina Preventiva y Salud

  3. Prehistoria y primera historia de la Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada = Background and early history of the Spanish Comparative Education Society

    Ramona Valls


    Full Text Available En este artículo los autores se aproximan a los orígenes de la educación comparada en España, analizando su proceso de institucionalización universitaria. Después de referirse someramente a los vestigios de la etapa anterior a la Guerra Civil (1936-1939, se revisa el papel activo desarrollado por el profesor Juan Tusquets que puso las bases para una primera institucionalización de la disciplina, a partir de la revista Perspectivas Pedagógicas (1958 y del Instituto de Pedagogía Comparada (1964, dependiente del CSIC y adscrito a la Universidad de Barcelona. A partir de 1974 se dan los primeros pasos para la gestación y puesta en marcha de la Sociedad Española de Educación Comparada, cuyas dos primeras décadas –hasta llegar a 1994– contaron con la dirección del profesor Ricardo Marín Ibáñez. A partir de 1995, con la aparición de la Revista Española de Educación Comparada, la Sociedad alcanza su mayoría de edad, científica y académica.In this article, the authors examine the origins of comparative education in Spain, analyzing the process of its university institutionalization. After taking a brief look at the vestiges of the period prior to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939 they review the active role played by Professor Juan Tusquets, who set the groundwork for the preliminary institutionalization of the discipline, from the 1958 journal Perspectivas Pedagógicas (Educational Perspectives and the Institute for Comparative Education (1964, part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC affiliated with the University of Barcelona. The first steps to develop and implement the Spanish Comparative Education Society were taken in 1974 and for the first two decades, through 1994, the Society was run by Professor Ricardo Marín Ibáñez. After 1995, with the appearance of the Revista Española de Educación Comparada (Spanish Journal of Comparative Education, the Society came of age, both scientifically and academically.

  4. Catholic sports in Italy: After World War II until second Vatican Council

    Maria Mercedes Palandri


    Full Text Available En Italia, el deporte católico tiene una importancia fundamental para el desarrollo del sistema deportivo italiano como lo conocemos hoy en día. La historiografía ha estudiado el origen y desarrollo de este deporte, concretamente lo que sucedió durante el primer cuarto del siglo XX, es decir, los trabajos de Stefano Pivato y especialmente de Felice Fabrizio. Este texto tiene el objetivo de explorar el desarrollo y la importancia que este deporte tiene con la esfera nacional del deporte a partir de su reconstrucción después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Este período coincide con los años del Concilio Vaticano II (CVII por un lado y los Juegos Olímpicos de Roma por el otro, y el deseo de mostrar la influencia recíproca que existe entre estos acontecimientos. También se explicará el Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI y su contribución al sistema deportivo en Italia durante este tiempo, de los Juegos Olímpicos de Roma en 1960 y sobre el impulso que CSI dio a difundir el espíritu olímpico entre los población, del CVII y la influencia que este evento tuvo en la dinámica de la CSI. No son muchos los que saben que el Concilio habla también acerca de los deportes, en particular en la Constitución Gaudium et Spes, un documento en el que la Iglesia da atención a los signos de los tiempos y escucha el mundo contemporáneo, y se abre hacia la investigación y el diálogo. Esta actitud de apertura dio la oportunidad a los padres conciliares para reflexionar sobre el deporte como un importante fenómeno social del siglo XX.----------------------------------------------------------------In Italy, catholic sport is of fundamental importance for the development of the Italian sport system as we know it today. Historiography has studied the origin and development of this sport, exactly the happenings in the first quarter of the twentieth century, that is the works of Stefano Pivato and especially of Felice Fabrizio. This paper has the aim to

  5. Psychopathology, symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and risk factors in juvenile offenders

    Margari F


    Full Text Available Francesco Margari,1 Francesco Craig,2 Lucia Margari,2 Emilia Matera,2 Anna Linda Lamanna,2 Paola Alessandra Lecce,2 Donatella La Tegola,3 Felice Carabellese3 1Psychiatry Unit, 2Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sense Organs of the Aldo Moro University of Bari, 3Section of Criminology and Forensic Psychiatry, Department of Internal Medicine and Public Medicine, University of Bari, Bari, Italy Background: The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of potential environmental and psychopathological risk factors, with special focus on symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, in a sample of adolescent offenders in relation to the type of crime committed.Methods: The assessment included data collection and administration of clinical standardized scales such as the Youth Self-Report and Conners’ Adolescent Self-Report Scale. A total of 135 juvenile offenders participated in the study. In relation to the type of crime committed, we identified three groups matched for age and sex (crimes against people, property crimes, and alcohol-drug-related crimes.Results: Fifty-two percent of juvenile offenders reported educational achievement problems and 34% reported a family history of psychiatric disorders. We detected a statistically significant difference between the three groups with regard to ADHD (P=0.01 and conduct problems (P=0.034. Juvenile offenders who had committed crimes against people showed more ADHD symptoms (18% and conduct problems (20% than adolescents who had committed property crimes and alcohol-drug-related crimes. Sixty percent of the juvenile offenders who had committed property crimes and 54% of those who had committed alcohol-drug-related crimes showed problems in academic achievement.Conclusion: These findings suggest the need to implement specific interventions for prevention and treatment of specific criminal behavior. Keywords: juvenile offenders

  6. Chemical fractionations in meteorites. IX. C3 chondrites

    Anders, E; Higuchi, H; Ganapathy, R; Morgan, J W [Chicago Univ., Ill. (USA). Enrico Fermi Inst.


    Four C3V chondrites (Grosnaja, Kaba, Mokoia, Vigarano) and three C30 chondrites (Felic, Kainsaz, and Lance) were analyzed by radiochemical neutron activation for 17 trace elements. Both classes show a typical chondritic step pattern, reflecting loss of volatiles during chondrule formation. Elements condensing above 1300 K (U, Re, Ir, Ni) are present in essentially C1 chondrite proportions, while moderately volatile elements condensing between 1300 K and 800 K (Ge, Rb, Ag) are depleted by a factor of 0.44. However, elements condensing below 700 K (S, Cs, Bi, Tl, Br, Se, Te, In, Cd) are depleted to a still greater degree, and more so in the Ornans subclass (factor of 0.24, except Cd 0.007) than in the Vigarano subclass (factor of 0.29). This additional depletion may be due to a slight (less than 3-fold) dust-gas fractionation, by settling of dust to the median plane of the solar nebula. Among other chondrite classes, ordinary chondrites show a similar depletion, but C2 chondrites do not. Possibly the undepleted meteorites formed in one of the convection zones of the nebula predicted by Cameron and Pine, whereas the depleted meteorites formed in a quiescent region. The condensation of chalocophile elements as a function of H/sub 2/S partial pressure is discussed, in an attempt to explain the drastic difference in Cd abundance between the two subclasses. It appears that the H/sub 2/S/H/sub 2/ ratio is the key variable. C30's seem to have condensed in a region where enough metallic Fe was present to buffer the H/sub 2/S pressure, while C3V's condensed in a more oxidized region, where H/sub 2/S was in excess. Accretion temperatures, for an assumed nebular pressure of 10/sup -5/ atm, were between 415 and 430 K for C30's and less than 440 K for CeV's.

  7. Women as a business imperative.

    Schwartz, F N


    In 1989, Felice N. Schwartz's HBR article "Management Women and the New Facts of Life" generated a huge debate over the rules established by corporations in their handling of women executives. Now in "Women as a Business Imperative," Schwartz follows up with practical insights about the costs companies incur in passing over qualified businesswomen. In the form of a memo to a fictional CEO, Schwartz describes how the atmosphere within most companies is corrosive to women and must change. Preconceptions harbored by male senior managers about women are so deeply ingrained that many men are not even aware of them. Yet senior managers must help women advance. Those companies that accept their responsibility to make radical change--both in women's treatment and in family support--can improve their bottom lines enormously. Treating women as a business imperative is the equivalent of creating a unique R&D product for which there is great demand. Most companies ignore child care and other family concerns. Many companies hire women to ensure mere adequacy and avoid litigation. Women's ambitions and energies are stifled by such businesses at the same time that women have demonstrated their competence and potential in the best business schools. High turnover results. However, the restraints that now hold women back can be loosened easily. CEOs and other senior managers must support their female employees by (1) acknowledging the fundamental difference between women and men--the biological fact of maternity; (2) allowing flexibility for women and men who need it; (3) providing training that takes advantage of women's leadership potential; and (4) eliminating the corrosive atmosphere and the barriers that exist for women in the workplace.

  8. Voces en un campo de sangre: Max Aub y los penúltimos episodios nacionales

    Joan Oleza Simó


    Full Text Available Certain reading of postmodernity has diagnosed (actually, offered the end of history, and therefore the end of historical novel, although some of us choose not to bury it but to bring it to live again. Within the context of this debate it is worth to stop at Max Aub's Laberinto mágico, which is a Spanish Civil War magnificent mural as well as one of the last manifestation of the pure model of national episode, Galdós and Valle Inclán's ultimate legacy. In spite of containing apparent heterogeneous elements, the historical and ideological signs in Campo cerrado (1939 are the ones of modern historical novel. In the following campos, Aub's historical-novel formula reached its maturity, Campo del moro (1963 possibly being the most brilliant and balanced example in this modality among the novels of the series. In it, the of history announced in, Campo del moro banishes away as a victim of treason and shocked by the madness that grows on Madrid's streets. Campo del moro could be considered a pure historical novel, since the necessary felicity conditions are accomplished, causing this genre to be completely fulfilled: historicity of the events and respect for the chronological order in which they occur; fiction limited by the historical referent; initiative of the historical events over fiction, and power of the public logic over the private; and last but not least, narrativity of the events manifestated in the selection of the golpe de estado of Casado and Besteiro and their enlightment as the key to the historical story. Three are the big issues that are presented in the argumental logic of the novel: treason, the confusion in the maze and the heroic cause degradation. ln Max Aub's speech, which feeds the novel, fiction, reality and history are weaved together to the point of creating Ariadna's in the Maze.

  9. Unravelling the Mysteries of Slip Histories, Validating Cosmogenic 36Cl Derived Slip Rates on Normal Faults

    Goodall, H.; Gregory, L. C.; Wedmore, L.; Roberts, G.; Shanks, R. P.; McCaffrey, K. J. W.; Amey, R.; Hooper, A. J.


    The cosmogenic isotope chlorine-36 (36Cl) is increasingly used as a tool to investigate normal fault slip rates over the last 10-20 thousand years. These slip histories are being used to address complex questions, including investigating slip clustering and understanding local and large scale fault interaction. Measurements are time consuming and expensive, and as a result there has been little work done validating these 36Cl derived slip histories. This study aims to investigate if the results are repeatable and therefore reliable estimates of how normal faults have been moving in the past. Our approach is to test if slip histories derived from 36Cl are the same when measured at different points along the same fault. As normal fault planes are progressively exhumed from the surface they accumulate 36Cl. Modelling these 36Cl concentrations allows estimation of a slip history. In a previous study, samples were collected from four sites on the Magnola fault in the Italian Apennines. Remodelling of the 36Cl data using a Bayesian approach shows that the sites produced disparate slip histories, which we interpret as being due to variable site geomorphology. In this study, multiple sites have been sampled along the Campo Felice fault in the central Italian Apennines. Initial results show strong agreement between the sites we have processed so far and a previous study. This indicates that if sample sites are selected taking the geomorphology into account, then 36Cl derived slip histories will be highly similar when sampled at any point along the fault. Therefore our study suggests that 36Cl derived slip histories are a consistent record of fault activity in the past.

  10. Breve historia de la formación psicopedagógica del profesorado universitario en España

    José Emilio Palomero Pescador


    Full Text Available En este artículo se resume la historia de la formación psicopedagógica del profesorado universitario en España. Se analiza el reciente cambio de orientación que se ha producido al respecto, que el autor conecta con el sistema de evaluación del profesorado universitario mediante encuestas, con la aplicación progresiva del Plan Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad de las Universidades y con el nuevo Espacio Europeo de la Educación Superior. Destaca que los sistemas de evaluación han provocado, desde mediados de los pasados años noventa, un notable incremento del interés de las Universidades españolas por la formación psicopedagógica de su profesorado, de forma que hoy día todas ellas organizan algún tipo de actividad orientada a la formación psicopedagógica del mismo. Analiza el reciente incremento de investigaciones, publicaciones, congresos, jornadas, redes y foros de debate en torno al tema. Y deja constancia de los planes de formación que existen en la actualidad, así como de las dificultades, problemas y alternativas que existen al respecto. Finalmente, subraya la necesidad de que se produzcan cambios importantes en la Universidad y en su profesorado, en aras de su doble misión pedagógica: formar profesionales competentes, a la vez que ciudadanos libres, ilustrados, respetuosos, democráticos, críticos, tolerantes y felices.

  11. Capacidad aeróbica, felicidad y satisfacción con la vida en adolescentes españoles

    Juan A. Jim\\u00E9nez-Moral


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Analizar la asociación entre capacidad aeróbica, felicidad subjetiva y satisfacción con la vida en adolescentes. Método: Participaron 388 adolescentes (207 mujeres de 12-18 años de edad. La capacidad aeróbica se evaluó mediante el test de 20 metros de ida y vuelta. La felicidad subjetiva y la satisfacción con la vida se evaluaron mediante las escalas Subjective Happiness Scale y Satisfaction With Life Scale, respectivamente. Se midió el peso y la talla de los adolescentes y se calculó el índice de masa corporal (IMC. Los adolescentes indicaron el nivel de estudios de la madre. Resultados: Los análisis de regresión lineal mostraron que la capacidad aeróbica se asocia positivamente con felicidad subjetiva (ß no estandarizada = .09 ± .03, r = .128, p = .013 y satisfacción con la vida (ß no estandarizada = .31 ± .13, r = .118, p = .022, independientemente del sexo, IMC y estudios de la madre. Conclusión: Los resultados de este estudio sugieren que los adolescentes que tienen una mejor capacidad aeróbica también son más felices y tienen una mayor satisfacción con la vida. Hacen falta estudios de intervención para corroborar si un programa dirigido a la mejora de la capacidad aeróbica puede inducir también mejoras en los niveles de felicidad y satisfacción con la vida en adolescentes.

  12. The Proposition: Imagining Race, Family and Violence on the Nineteenth-Century Australian Frontier

    Catriona Elder


    Full Text Available This article analyses John Hillcoat’s 2005 film The Proposition in relation to a spate of Australian films about violence and the (postcolonial encounter released in the early twenty-first century. Extending on  Felicity Collins and Therese Davis argument that these films can be read in terms of the ways they capture or refract aspects of contemporary race relations in Australia in a post-Mabo, this article analyses how The Proposition reconstructs the trauma of the Australian frontier; how from the perspective of the twenty-first century it worries over the meaning of violence on the Australian frontier. It also explores what has become speakable (and remains unspeakable in the public sphere about the history of the frontier encounter, especially in terms of family and race.  The article argues that The Proposition and other early twenty-first century race relations films can be understood as post-reconciliation films, emerging in a period when Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians were rethinking ideas of belonging through a prism of post-enmity and forgiveness. Drawing on the theme of violence and intimate relations in the film, this article argues that the challenges to the everyday formulation of Australian history proffered in The Proposition reveal painful and powerful differences amongst Australian citizens’ understanding of who belongs and how they came to belong to the nation. I suggest that by focusing on violence in terms of intimacy, relationships, family and kin, it is possible to see this film presented an opportunity to begin to refigure ideas of belonging.

  13. Impacto del proyecto “Con una botella podemos todos” en instituciones educativas bogotanas

    Gladys Amparo Cárdenas-Frías


    Full Text Available Objetivo: determinar el impacto, en los ámbitos psico- socio-ambiental, del proyecto Con una botella podemos todos, en dos instituciones educativas distritales de Bogotá. Materiales y Métodos: estudio cualitativo de carácter descriptivo, fenomenológico. La muestra de 126 participantes (108 estudiantes, 1 docente, 17 estudiantes de enfermería se obtuvo por conveniencia, de tipo no probabilístico. Las variables del estudio se centran en la relacion existente entre lo que piensa, siente y hace la persona o grupo investigado cuando participa y se ve enfrentado en actividades y/o procesos para reciclar y su influencia en el campo ambiental. Para la recolección de la información se utilizó una encuesta de 15 ítems con preguntas abiertas, dirigida a los estudiantes participantes de las dos instituciones, una entrevista de 13 ítems para el docente y los estudiantes de enfermería (grupo focal. Resultados: el plástico es el material de mayor reducción. De 8 a 10 personas reducen el consumo en un 50 %; más del 90 % mostraron una motivación extrínseca que los impulsó a actuar y cuidar el planeta, el medio ambiente y la familia. El 76,85 % del grupo encuestado se sintieron tranquilos, felices y, orgullosos como ciudadanos conscientes. Conclusiones: con los procesos de reciclaje se logra una mejora en la participación colectiva o social, en el entendimiento del otro como persona y en la importancia de realizar acciones individuales con el fin de buscar un bien común.

  14. Correlación del estado emocional con la estabilidad laboral

    Sandra Aurora Vázquez Solís


    Full Text Available Uno de los principales argumentos que se dan para explicar la variación que se observa en la conducta humana es que, esta conducta, está determinada solo parcialmente por el tipo de necesidad o de motivación que se tienen como miembros de la especie humana. El estado emocional en el cual se encuentre cualquier ser humano es trascendental cuando se trata de desempeñar funciones laborales. Aunque en el pasado se pensaba que la extraversión estaba más relacionada con la felicidad y satisfacción en la vida, se ha visto que, en realidad, el nivel de extraversión/introversión de una persona no es tan importante en este sentido como lo es el nivel de estabilidad emocional.Las personas que experimentan mayor estabilidad emocional, son más felices y se sienten más satisfechos con sus vidas en general; ¿cuál sería el efecto que desencadenaría en el área laboral?, la respuesta es obvia, las emociones positivas que genera un trabajador, muestran la estimulación que se puede alcanzar en lo laboral, lo cual a su vez, tiene un impacto favorable para cualquier compañía, logrando en el empleado oportunidades de satisfacción, de investigación y el desarrollo de sus capacidades, apoyo social y una sensación de identidad.

  15. La visión de la Justicia en la literatura de utopía

    Castán Vázquez, José María


    Full Text Available Varios han sido, desde la Antigüedad, los libros que han descrito una sociedad imaginaria, dotada de instituciones ideales en óptimo funcionamiento e integrada por dirigentes virtuosos y súbditos felices. Entre los libros griegos en esa línea destaca ya La República de Platón. En siglos posteriores no faltaron obras que de algún modo reflejaran también el sueño de una vida social feliz, pero fue en 1516 cuando se produjo el hecho más importante: la aparición de la primera edición del libro Utopía de Tomás Moro, cuyo éxito había de abrir el camino a toda una literatura centrada en el mismo tema; aquel libro daría para siempre su nombre al género, porque la voz «utopía», con la que Moro había bautizado a su imaginaria isla, alcanzaría general aceptación para designar los sistemas que se consideran deseables e irrealizables. Y es natural que al describir tales sistemas los autores se plantearan el funcionamiento en ellos de la Justicia, sin la cual no puede existir una sociedad.
    Propósito de estas notas es indagar las ideas referentes a las Justicia contenidas en sólo tres libros influidos por el Renacimiento: uno, la Utopía moreana, fundamental en el género; otro. La Ciudad del Sol, de Campanella, clásico también entre los relatos de utopía; y el tercero, los Comentarios Reales del Inca Gracilaso, que, aunque no suelan aparecer en la bibliografía de ese género, contienen una mezcla de utopía e historia…

  16. Migration Rate Of Tidal Meanders: Inferences From The Venice Lagoon

    Finotello, A.; D'Alpaos, A.; Ghinassi, M.; Lanzoni, S.; Marani, M.; Rinaldo, A.


    Meandering channels are ubiquitous features of tidal landscapes. However, despite their fundamental role on the eco-morphodynamic evolution of these landscapes, tidal meanders have received less attention when compared to their fluvial counterparts. Improving current understanding of tidal meander migration, a largely-examined topic in fluvial landscapes, is a key step to highlight analogies and differences between tidal and fluvial cases. The migration of about 400 meander bends, belonging to 40 salt-marsh channels in the Northern Venice Lagoon (Italy), from 1968 to nowadays, has been investigated by means of both a classical method in fluvial frameworks and new procedure. Similarities with fluvial meanders occur, although important difference also emerge. Meanders cutting through the San Felice marsh follow the relationship between cartesian length and channel width, typical of meanders developed within different settings. However, meander migration rates proved to be smaller than those characterizing fluvial meanders. Indeed, the analysis of meander migration suggests a mean migration rate of about 0.10 m/year, consistent with the few data available in the literature. As for the fluvial case, the maximum-potential migration rate (i.e. the envelope curve of the relationship between migration rate and bend radius, both divided by channel width) reaches a maximum for radius-over-width ratio included between 2 and 3, regardless of the considered method. Nevertheless, the new-proposed method allows us to provide a more objective and continuous characterization. By using this new procedure, the channel curvature has finally been Fourier-analyzed, confirming the importance of even harmonics along the curvature spectrum. A correlation between migration rates and dominant harmonics seems to drive the evolution of tidal meanders and might represent a key-feature to distinguish them from their fluvial counterparts.

  17. Influencia de la autoestima en niños de 6º de primaria según la variable género

    Margarita Alcaide Risoto


    Full Text Available Con la elaboración de este trabajo se pretende dar una visión de la importancia que tiene la autoestima en el desarrollo de las personas y cómo ésta influye en todos los aspectos. Así se ha realizado un recorrido por el concepto, los tiposqué podemos encontrar, qué aspectos influyen en ella, cómo podemos mejorarla, su influencia en el aula y qué papel juega el maestro en la autoestima de susalumnos. El fin de este trabajo es comprobar la influencia que tiene la autoestima en el rendimiento escolar de los niños, hasta qué grado puede influir en el aprendizaje la personalidad de cada individuo y el papel que tiene el maestro en la construccióny mejorade ésta. El estudio se realizó con una muestra de cincuenta alumnos de sexto curso de Educación Primaria de un colegio de Madrid capital. El instrumento utilizado fue el cuestionario de Autoconcepto AF-5 que contiene una batería de treinta preguntas y evalúa cinco dimensiones (Académico/Laboral, Social, Emocional, Familiar y Física. El tipo de metodología es cuantitativa, descriptiva no experimental. Las conclusiones más importantes a las que se llegaron fueron que la autoestima influye en el rendimiento escolar del niño, padres y profesores juegan un papel fundamental en el desarrollo de éstay los maestros deben potenciar las cualidades positivas de sus alumnos para desarrollar una autoestima positiva que les permita crecer como personas completas y felices.

  18. Los jóvenes y la salud. Construcción de grupos en función de representaciones sobre salud y enfermedad Adolescents and health. Group-building based on representations of health and disease

    Silvana Inés Weller


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo fue indagar la existencia de diferentes "grupos" de jóvenes en función de sus representaciones alrededor de la salud y la enfermedad. En la construcción de estos "grupos" se busca incorporar conceptos tradicionalmente relegados al estudio de la subjetividad. Se trabajó con una encuesta cerrada que se aplicó sobre 400 jóvenes escolarizados. El procesamiento de los datos se realizó con el análisis de correspondencias múltiples, una técnica de análisis multivariado especialmente diseñada para trabajar con un alto número de variables cualitativas. El estudio permitió despejar ocho "tipos" de jóvenes ­ los asustados, los que cierran los ojos, los hipocondríacos, los sensuales, los felices, los amargados, los que miran al mundo y los que miran su ombligo. Estos resultados indicarían la necesidad de diversificar las estrategias de indagación e intervención en terreno dirigidas a esta población.This study explores the presence of different "groups" of adolescents based on their representations of health and disease. Concepts traditionally linked to the study of subjectivity were incorporated into the building of these "groups". Four hundred students participated in the survey. Data were analyzed through multiple correspondence analysis, a multivariate approach especially designed to work with large numbers of qualitative variables. Eight groups of adolescents were detected, described as follows: frightened; tends to close eyes; hypochondriac; sensual; happy; embittered; outgoing (looks out on the world; and introspective (contemplates own navel. The results highlight the importance of diversifying research and interventions focusing on this age bracket.

  19. Nanoparticle–allergen complexes for allergen immunotherapy

    Di Felice G


    Full Text Available Gabriella Di Felice,1 Paolo Colombo2 1National Center for Drug Research and Evaluation, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, 2Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology, National Research Council, Palermo, Italy Abstract: Allergen-specific immunotherapy was introduced in clinical settings more than 100 years ago. It remains the only curative approach to treating allergic disorders that ameliorates symptoms, reduces medication costs, and blocks the onset of new sensitizations. Despite this clinical evidence and knowledge of some immunological mechanisms, there remain some open questions regarding the safety and efficacy of this treatment. This suggests the need for novel therapeutic approaches that attempt to reduce the dose and frequency of treatment administration, improving patient compliance, and reducing costs. In this context, the use of novel adjuvants has been proposed and, in recent years, biomedical applications using nanoparticles have been exploited in the attempt to find formulations with improved stability, bioavailability, favorable biodistribution profiles, and the capability of targeting specific cell populations. In this article, we review some of the most relevant regulatory aspects and challenges concerning nanoparticle-based formulations with immunomodulatory potential, their related immunosafety issues, and the nature of the nanoparticles most widely employed in the allergy field. Furthermore, we report in vitro and in vivo data published using allergen/nanoparticle systems, discuss their impact on the immune system in terms of immunomodulatory activity and the reduction of side effects, and show that this strategy is a novel and promising tool for the development of allergy vaccines. Keywords: allergy, nanocarriers, immunotoxicity, immune modulation, immunotherapy, allergens

  20. La implicación en la actividad física como fuente de felicidad en personas mayores

    Alfonso J. García


    Full Text Available El principal objetivo de este estudio fue explorar la felicidad presente de personas mayores de 65 años, así como la relación que la implicación en la Actividad Física pudiera tener con ella. Los participantes cumplimentaron voluntariamente un cuestionario de datos sociodemográficos, La Escala de Actividad Física de la Batería STEPS 2.1 (OMS, 2012 y la Escala de Felicidad (Godoy-Izquierdo y Godoy, 2006. Los resultados muestran que la felicidad actual de los mayores es inferior a la felicidad pasada. Además, se demuestra que la práctica actual de actividad física incide en la felicidad de los mayores, siendo más felices aquellos más activos en esta etapa de su vida. Finalmente, haber estado implicado en la práctica de actividad física en algún momento del ciclo vital (en el pasado, en el presente o de manera continua está relacionado con un nivel mayor de felicidad que haber tenido un estilo de vida sedentario, los mecanismos gracias a los cuales la práctica de actividad física tiene este papel protector de la felicidad están por determinar. Este papel protector de la Actividad Física ha de ser tenido en cuenta en el diseño de los programas de promoción e intervención en el envejecimiento activo y positivo de la población.

  1. A teoria ambientalista de florence nightingale no ensino da escola de enfermagem Anna Nery (1962 - 1968 La teoría ambientalista de florence nightingale en la enseñanza de la escola de enfermagem Anna Nery (1962 - 1968 The environmental theory by florence nightingale in the teaching of the nursing school Anna Nery (1962 - 1968

    Veronica Cristin do Nascimento Haddad


    Full Text Available Estudo histórico-social. Objetivos: caracterizar a Teoria Ambientalista de Florence Nightingale e analisar a aplicação dos conceitos dessa teoria no ensino da disciplina "fundamentos de enfermagem" na EEAN. Fontes: quarta edição do "Novo Manual de Técnica de Enfermagem" de Elvira de Felice Souza, livros, leis, teses, dissertações, trabalhos científicos. O Manual apresenta princípios para a boa execução da assistência de enfermagem, citando ações que proporcionam ao doente bem-estar físico, mental e espiritual. Estes princípios corroboram os pensamentos de Florence Nightingale que denotam a importância da implementação de uma assistência caracterizada por condições de recuperação, cura e reabilitação relacionadas com a qualidade do ambiente. Conclusão: constatação de que o ensino na época focalizava não somente o desenvolvimento das técnicas de enfermagem de forma correta, mas também a prática de ações que garantissem o cuidado holístico através de uma assistência pautada nos valores morais da sociedade e pelos princípios éticos da profissão.Estudio histórico y social. Objetivos: Caracterizar la Teoría Ambientalista de Florence Nightingale y analizar la aplicación de sus conceptos en la enseñanza de la asignatura "Fundamentos de Enfermería" en EEAN. Fuentes: 4ª edición del "Nuevo Manual de Enfermería Técnica", de Elvira de Felice Souza, libros, leyes, tesis, disertaciones y trabajos científicos. El manual establece los principios para el buen desarrollo de los cuidados de enfermería, citando las acciones que le dan al paciente el bienestar físico, mental y espiritual. Estos principios están de acuerdo con el pensamiento de Florence Nightingale, que denota la importancia de implementar un servicio caracterizado por las condiciones de la recuperación, curación y rehabilitación relacionadas con la calidad del medio ambiente. Conclusión: la constatación de que la enseñanza de la

  2. A hydrodynamic model for cooperating solidary countries

    De Luca, Roberto; Di Mauro, Marco; Falzarano, Angelo; Naddeo, Adele


    The goal of international trade theories is to explain the exchange of goods and services between different countries, aiming to benefit from it. Albeit the idea is very simple and known since ancient history, smart policy and business strategies need to be implemented by each subject, resulting in a complex as well as not obvious interplay. In order to understand such a complexity, different theories have been developed since the sixteenth century and today new ideas still continue to enter the game. Among them, the so called classical theories are country-based and range from Absolute and Comparative Advantage theories by A. Smith and D. Ricardo to Factor Proportions theory by E. Heckscher and B. Ohlin. In this work we build a simple hydrodynamic model, able to reproduce the main conclusions of Comparative Advantage theory in its simplest setup, i.e. a two-country world with country A and country B exchanging two goods within a genuine exchange-based economy and a trade flow ruled only by market forces. The model is further generalized by introducing money in order to discuss its role in shaping trade patterns. Advantages and drawbacks of the model are also discussed together with perspectives for its improvement.

  3. Mometasone furoate in the management of asthma: a review

    Ricardo A Tan


    Full Text Available Ricardo A Tan1, Jonathan Corren21California Allergy and Asthma Medical Group, Los Angeles, CA; 2Allergy Research Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USAAbstract: Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS have proven to be the most effective and essential therapy for the treatment of bronchial asthma. The 2007 National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines recommend ICS as preferred therapy for patients with mild to severe persistent asthma. Mometasone furoate (MF is a relatively new ICS agent with high affinity for the glucocorticoid receptor. It is approved in the US for maintenance treatment of asthma for patients 4 years of age and older. It has been shown to be well tolerated with no significant adverse side effects observed in clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance. The efficacy of mometasone furoate has been established in large, well-designed studies. In patients with persistent asthma previously treated either with short-acting beta-agonists alone or twice-daily maintenance therapy with ICS, once-daily MF has been shown to be superior to placebo in improving lung function, symptom control, and quality of life; and has shown comparable efficacy compared with budesonide, beclomethasone, and fluticasone. Twice-daily dosing with MF has been demonstrated to successfully allow for reduction or elimination of oral corticosteroids in severe asthmatics.Keywords: inhaled steroids, mometasone furoate, once-daily dosing, asthma, stepwise approach

  4. Association of body composition with sarcopenic obesity in elderly women

    Silva AO


    Full Text Available Alessandro Oliveira Silva,1,2 Margô Gomes Oliveira Karnikowski,3 Silvana Schwerz Funghetto,3 Marina Morato Stival,3 Ricardo Moreno Lima,3 Jéssica Cardoso de Souza,1 James Wilfred Navalta,4 Jonato Prestes11Catholic University of Brasilia, Brasilia, DF, Brazil; 2Center University of Brasilia, Brasilia, DF, Brazil; 3University of Brasilia, Brasilia, DF, Brazil; 4University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, USAAbstract: The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of sarcopenic obesity and its association with obesity and sarcopenia in elderly Brazilian women. Two hundred and seventy-two sedentary women with a mean age of 66.75 ± 5.38 years were recruited for participation in this study. Obesity was determined by both body mass index and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA evaluations. Sarcopenic obesity diagnosis was established from the ratio between fat-free mass and body surface area as obtained by DXA. There was no association of obesity with sarcopenic obesity (P = 0.424. In contrast, sarcopenia was significantly related to sarcopenic obesity (P < 0.001, although most of the elderly women with sarcopenia (n = 171 did not exhibit sarcopenic obesity. These results highlight the importance of diagnosing sarcopenic obesity as elderly women exhibiting sarcopenia could be either eutrophic or obese.Keywords: sarcopenic obesity, aging, obesity, sarcopenia, health

  5. Escrituras subversivas: pensamiento crítico desde Centroamérica

    Juan Pablo Gómez


    Full Text Available ¿Qué significa escribir durante la guerra? ¿Qué posicionalidades y sensibilidades se producen a partir de estas experiencias límites y de qué forma nos pueden ayudar a comprender el pasado y el presente? Para responder estas preguntas analizamos la política de escritura de tres pensadores centroamericanos: Ignacio Martín-Baró, Ricardo Falla e Ileana Rodríguez. A través del método etnográfico de la historia propuesto por Cristina Rivera Garza, postulamos que estos intelectuales nos permiten establecer un puente para presenciar el pasado. Cada uno de ellos nos ofrece una imagen del pasado reciente de tres países de la región. El pensamiento producido desde Centroamérica durante los contextos revolucionarios y de guerra nos permite dialogar críticamente con el pasado, a la vez que nos da luces para pensar los cambios que continúan pendientes hoy.

  6. [Diagnosis of congenital endocrinological disease in newborns with prolonged jaundice and hypoglycaemia].

    Braslavsky, D; Keselman, A; Chiesa, A; Bergadá, I


    The association of prolonged neonatal jaundice and hypoglycaemia may be secondary to an endocrinological disease. Pituitary insufficiency and primary adrenal insufficiency are the most likely endocrine diseases that need to be ruled out. We retrospectively analysed the clinical and laboratory characteristics of thirteen patients referred to the Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez between years 2003 and 2008 due to prolonged neonatal jaundice and hypoglycaemia secondary to pituitary insufficiency in twelve patients, and in one secondary to primary adrenal insufficiency. All patients had a history of neonatal hypoglycaemia. Ten patients had conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia and six also had elevated transaminases. Combined pituitary hormone deficiency was observed in the twelve hypopituitarism patients. Hormonal replacement normalised liver function and resolved the prolonged jaundice in all the patients. None of them underwent liver biopsy. Hypoglycaemia also remitted after hormonal therapy. Prolonged or cholestatic jaundice associated with neonatal hypoglycaemia is highly likely to be due to pituitary hormone deficiency or primary adrenal insufficiency. Early diagnosis and treatment of these children reverts the prolonged jaundice and prevents morbidity and mortality due to recurrent hypoglycaemia and hormone deficiencies. Copyright © 2011 Asociación Española de Pediatría. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  7. Diagnóstico ambiental preliminar de la Central Termoeléctrica de Paipa

    Carlos Magno Martínez Mora


    Full Text Available Este trabajo, realizado por el Ingeniero Carlos M. Martínez Mora, como uno de los requisitos para optar al título de Magister Scientiae en Ingeniería ambiental y dirigido por el ingeniero Jorge Ricardo Bernal, tuvo como objetivo analizar las condiciones actuales de operación de la Central Termoeléctrica de Paipa y establecer las bases para la preparación del expediente ambiental exigido por el Código de los Recursos Naturales Renovables y de Protección al Medio Ambiente. Se estableció que en el momento operan tres unidades de generación de 33, 66 Y 74 megavatios. Se utiliza el agua del río Chicamocha, para condensación y transferencia de calor hacia el ambiente. El combustible utilizado es carbón mineral, cuyas emisiones contaminadoras son cenizas y óxidos de azufre. Se llevó a cabo un programa de muestreo de calidad del agua y se hizo un estimativo de calidad del aire, mediante la aplicación de un modelo de dispersión. Definido el estado actual o de referencia, se realizó un análisis de los efectos predecibles que podría causar sobre la calidad ambiental, la instalación de una cuarta unidad generadora de 150 megavatios. Se hacen varias recomendaciones tendientes a minimizar tales posibles efectos negativos.

  8. Juventudes universitarias de izquierda. De la lucha ideológica a la violencia política

    Álvaro Acevedo Tarazona


    Full Text Available Tal como sucedió en otros lugares del mundo, en Colombia du - rante las décadas de los sesenta y los setenta primó un ambien - te de lucha revolucionaria. Los líderes sindicales, los antiguos militantes del partido Comunista, algunos literatos y artistas de avanzada y los jóvenes universitarios fueron atraídos, desde puntos de vista ideológico, emocional y político por las corrien - tes discursivas que abogaban por una revolución total. Este artí - culo analiza los casos de cinco jóvenes que pasaron de la lucha ideológica a empuñar las armas. Son los casos de Jaime Arenas Reyes, Víctor Medina Morón, Fabio y Manuel Vásquez Castaño y Ricardo Lara Parada, quienes conformaron el primer núcleo de lo que se conocería después como Ejército de Liberación Nacio - nal (ELN. Un análisis prosopográfico de estos cinco casos nos permitirá ver la estrecha relación entre el ambiente universitario de las décadas de los sesenta y setenta y el surgimiento de la lu - cha armada en Colombia.

  9. [Scientific Research Policy for Health in Portugal: II - Facts and Suggestions].

    Guerreiro, Cátia Sá; Hartz, Zulmira; Sambo, Luís; Conceição, Cláudia; Dussault, Gilles; Russo, Giuliano; Viveiros, Miguel; Silveira, Henrique; Pita Barros, Pedro; Ferrinho, Paulo


    After more than 40 years of democracy and 30 years of European integration, Portugal has bridged the research gap it had previously. However, when compared to global and European research policies, Portugal still has a long way go regarding investment in research and development. Health Research in Portugal has been managed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and the National Health Institute Doctor Ricardo Jorge, and it has not been a political priority, emphasized by the absence of a national scientific research plan for health, resulting in a weak coordination of actors in the field. The strategic guidelines of the 2004 - 2010 National Health Plan are what comes closest to a health research policy, but these were not implemented by the institutions responsible for scientific research for the health sector. Trusting that adopting a strategy of incentives to stimulate health research is an added-value for the Portuguese health system, the authors present five strategic proposals for research in health in Portugal.

  10. Petrography and geochronology (U/Pb-Sm/Nd) the Passagem Granite, Pensamiento Granitoid Complex, Paragua Terrane, SW Amazon Craton, Mato Grosso, Brazil; Petrologia e geocronologia (U/Pb-Sm/Nd) do Granito Passagem, Complexo Granitoide Pensamiento, SW do Craton Amazonico (MT)

    Jesus, Gisely Carmo de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (ICET/UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Inst. de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Geociencias; Sousa, Maria Zelia Aguiar de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso(ICET/UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Inst. de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra. Dept. de Recursos Minerais; Ruiz, Amarildo Salina; Matos, Joao Batista de, E-mail:, E-mail: jmatos@cpd.ufmt.b [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (ICET/UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Inst. de Ciencias Exatas e da Terra. Dept. de Geologia Geral


    The Passagem granite includes stocks, plugs and dikes located in the Ricardo Franco hill - Vila Bela da Santissima Trindade region - state of Mato Grosso, central Brazil. The Passagem Granite is included in the Paragua terrane - SW Amazonian Craton. It consists of isotropic monzogranite, sienogranite and more rarely granodiorites with leucocratic dark gray to white color. These rocks range from hypidomorphic inequigranular to xenomorphic texture, fine to medium grained. Biotite is the only primary mafic present as essential phase and characterize an expanded slightly acid sequence formed by a sub-alkaline magmatism of high-potassium calc-alkaline, slightly peraluminous composition from arc magmatic tectonic environment during a post-collisional period. Mechanism of fractional crystallization of plagioclase, biotite, titanite, apatite and zircon associated with simultaneous crustal assimilation are suggested for the evolution of these rocks. The results support the hypothesis of a post-collisional magmatism in the Paragua terrane at 1284 +- 20 Ma corresponding to the crystallization age of the Passagem granite. This paper propose that Passagem Granite represents as an extension in Brazilian terrane of the Pensamiento Granitoid Complex. (author)

  11. O trabalho docente no gênero charge: uma análise pelo modelo do interacionismo sociodiscursivo

    Lília Santos Abreu-Tardelli


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem por objetivo (i compreender a representação social do professor e seus respectivos reflexos sociais e culturais propagados pela mídia brasileira no cenário político contemporâneo e (ii propor o trabalho com gêneros na perspectiva do interacionismo sociodiscursivo (ISD a partir do seu modelo de análise (Bronckart, 1999; Bronckart e Machado 2004;2009 como instrumento auxiliar no desenvolvimento de consciência crítica nos estudantes. Para tanto, analisamos as marcas linguístico-discursivas na charge eletrônica “A noite não compensa”, de autoria de Maurício Ricardo, a partir do modelo do ISD, complementando-o com a proposta de Ducrot (1987. O estudo levou-nos a tecer considerações a respeito do discurso polifônico característico do gênero charge, permitindo-nos concluir que a construção do chargista reflete o discurso de senso comum na sociedade contemporânea brasileira, que considera o exercício do magistério um trabalho pouco valorizado.

  12. Mercato culturale: El nacimiento de la ornamentación de un Coliseo

    Mauricio Oviedo Salazar


    Full Text Available La República de Costa Rica, al igual que muchas otras naciones latinoamericanas a lo largo del siglo XIX, asumió la ruta para construir un Estado positivo a partir de políticas económicas liberales y un programa cultural basado en modelos europeos. Las negociaciones y contrataciones, principalmente con Europa, efectuadas para la construcción y ornamentación del Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica (1891-1897, fueron sumamente complejas. Ciertamente, el Ministro Plenipotenciario en el Exterior Marqués Manuel María de Peralta y Alfaro desempeñó un rol esencial en este proyecto, no obstante, la red de personas participantes fue más amplia. Respecto del proyecto de ornamentación y decoración de este inmueble, nos preguntamos: ¿Cómo se llevaron a cabo las relaciones entre los mercaderes italianos y el Estado costarricense? Mediante la revisión de fuentes primarias y secundarias, utilizando el método hipotético-deductivo, hemos podido realizar un esbozo de las relaciones comerciales-culturales de cinco comerciantes italianos, a saber, Francesco y Lorenzo Durini, Ruy Cristóforo Molinari, Attilio Lazaro Riatti y Gaetano de Benedictis; con algunos ciudadanos costarricenses que actuaron en calidad de representantes del Estado: Adolfo Erba, el Marqués de Peralta, Ricardo Pacheco Marchena y Juan José Ulloa Giralt.

  13. Eli Hecksher as a Portrait Maker

    Benny Carlson


    Full Text Available Eli Heckscher was not only author of extensive investigations into economic history. He was also skillful in depicting phenomena in small format in encyclopædias, journals and newspapers. This article presents Heckscher as portrait maker of economic scholars. In these portraits—what he emphasized, what he praised, what he criticized—one can discern the stance of the portrait maker himself. Overall, his portraits are permeated by admiration of sharp theoretical analyses and massive economic historical investigations. He admires the founding fathers of political economy, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, stresses continuity in the development of economic thought, praises humble innovators like David Davidson, Knut Wicksell and Alfred Marshall and denounces (what he perceives as pretentious innovators like Gustav Cassel and John Maynard Keynes. He is critical towards economists who attempt to break out of the classical and neoclassical tradition, especially representatives of the German historical school, and what he judges to be a new type of mercantilism, represented by Bertil Ohlin and Keynes. At the same time he appreciates voluminous and solid investigations into economic history, even if performed without theoretical beacons, by scholars like William Cunningham, William Ashley, John Clapham, Marc Bloch, Richard Ehrenberg and Werner Sombart.

  14. Redes intelectuales y recepción en la cultura jurídico penal de Córdoba (1900–1950

    José Daniel Cesano


    Full Text Available El propósito de este artículo es analizar los factores que contribuyeron al abandono de la doctrina científica del positivismo criminológico en el ámbito de la cultura jurídica de Córdoba a partir de 1926. Con ese objeto, y a partir de las categorías de la historia intelectual, se analizará la conformación de una élite intelectual, conformada por juristas europeos (Luis Jiménez de Asúa, Marcello Finzi y Roberto Goldschmidt, y su relación con juristas locales (Enrique Martínez Paz, Sebastián Soler y Ricardo Núñez. A partir de ese contacto, y en el ámbito del Instituto de Derecho Comparado de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Córdoba, comenzó un proceso de recepción de la dogmática analítica de la teoría del delito que vino a sustituir el modelo epistemológico del positivismo. En este proceso, se analiza, especialmente, la traducción de obras relevantes de la ciencia jurídica alemana y su difusión a través de empresas editoriales locales.

  15. Tangential 2-D Edge Imaging for GPI and Edge/Impurity Modeling

    Maqueda, Ricardo; Levinton, Fred M.


    Nova Photonics, Inc. has a collaborative effort at the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). This collaboration, based on fast imaging of visible phenomena, has provided key insights on edge turbulence, intermittency, and edge phenomena such as edge localized modes (ELMs) and multi-faceted axisymmetric radiation from the edge (MARFE). Studies have been performed in all these areas. The edge turbulence/intermittency studies make use of the Gas Puff Imaging diagnostic developed by the Principal Investigator (Ricardo Maqueda) together with colleagues from PPPL. This effort is part of the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) edge, scrape-off layer and divertor group joint activity (DSOL-15: Inter-machine comparison of blob characteristics). The edge turbulence/blob study has been extended from the current location near the midplane of the device to the lower divertor region of NSTX. The goal of this effort was to study turbulence born blobs in the vicinity of the X-point region and their circuit closure on divertor sheaths or high density regions in the divertor. In the area of ELMs and MARFEs we have studied and characterized the mode structure and evolution of the ELM types observed in NSTX, as well as the study of the observed interaction between MARFEs and ELMs. This interaction could have substantial implications for future devices where radiative divertor regions are required to maintain detachment from the divertor plasma facing components.

  16. A prediction study of a spark ignition supercharged hydrogen engine

    Al-Baghdadi, M.A.R.S.; Al-Janabi, H.A.K.S. [University of Babylon (Iraq). Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


    Hydrogen is found to be a suitable alternative fuel for spark ignition engines with certain drawbacks, such as high NO{sub x} emission and small power output. However, supercharging may solve such problems. In this study, the effects of equivalence ratio, compression ratio and inlet pressure on the performance and NO{sub x} emission of a four stroke supercharged hydrogen engine have been analyzed using a specially developed computer program. The results are verified and compared with experimental data obtained from tests on a Ricardo E6/US engine. A chart specifying the safe operation zone of the hydrogen engine has been produced. The safe operation zone means no pre-ignition, acceptable NO{sub x} emission, high engine efficiency and lower specific fuel consumption in comparison with the gasoline engine. The study also shows that supercharging is a more effective method to increase the output of a hydrogen engine rather than increasing the compression ratio of the engine at the knock limited equivalence ratio. (author)

  17. Repairs in 104 Gy/h?



    In 1989 it was found that in each unit of the MAPS Candu nuclear power station in India the centre portion of the heavy water inlet manifold opposite the 300 mm inlet pipe had torn away. Equipment for remote inspection, repair and removal of debris in an area with constricted and difficult access and radiation fields of about 10 4 Gy/h was developed by Ricardo Hitec of the United Kingdom. This consists of a work performing manipulator, TV viewing systems and a posting tube manipulator for insertion of tools and debris containers into the calandria. A variety of special end effector and tools were also developed jointly with AEA Technology. A first repair campaign was carried out on Unit 1 in 1991. Following a detailed TV survey of the damage a reappraisal of the situation was undertaken and a programme of equipment enhancement carried out. In July 1992 a second repair campaign took place on Unit 2. The difficulties encountered and the degree of success achieved are described. Work proceeded at an intensive level for 14 days when the campaign was ended in view of the exhaustion both of personnel and the equipment. Although more work could have been done a major improvement had been achieved. (UK)

  18. Interoceptive sensitivity as a proxy for emotional intensity and its relationship with perseverative cognition

    Lugo RG


    Full Text Available Ricardo G Lugo,1 Kirsi Helkala,2 Benjamin J Knox,2 Øyvind Jøsok,2 Natalie M Lande,1 Stefan Sütterlin3,4 1Department of Psychology, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Elverum, Norway; 2Norwegian Defence Cyber Academy, Lillehammer, Norway; 3Faculty for Health and Welfare Sciences, Østfold University College, Oslo, Norway; 4CHDT Research Group, Oslo University Hospital, Halden, Norway Background: Technical advancement in military cyber defense poses increased cognitive demands on cyber officers. In the cyber domain, the influence of emotion on decision-making is rarely investigated. The purpose of this study was to assess psychophysiological correlation with perseverative cognitions during emotionally intensive/stressful situations in cyber military personnel. In line with parallel research on clinical samples high on perseverative cognition, we expected a decreased interoceptive sensitivity in officers with high levels of perseverative cognition.Method: We investigated this association in a sample of 27 cyber officer cadets.Results: Contrary to our hypothesis, there was no relationship between the factors.Discussion: Cyber officers might display characteristics not otherwise found in general populations. The cyber domain may lead to a selection process that attracts different profiles of cognitive and emotional processing. Keywords: cyber, perseverative cognitions, interoception, decision-making

  19. School Inclusion Strategies: Physical Education and Sport Practices in Projeto Semear at Caic Vale do Sol de Araraquara (SP

    Fábio Tadeu Reina


    Full Text Available This paper examines the potential of Physical Education discipline in the process of school inclusion of students from the lower working classes in a peripherical elementary school EMEF Ricardo C. C. Monteiro, popularly known as CAIC Vale do Sol, because of its location in the section of the city of Araraquara, SP, named as Vale do Sol ( Sun Valley. The data, obtained from interviews with people of the institution, confirmed the importance of the discipline Physical Education and of the Project SEMEAR as strategies for maintaining the continuity of the students' presence at school and the positive consequences of this inclusion. Considering the sociological character of this research, the studies of Pierre Bourdieu and followers offered the categories of sociological analysis which ensured the necessary support to verify the restructuring of the primary habitus of the students acquired in their families in a habitus cultivated in school, to assure the acceptance of symbolic codes imposed by the educational institution and legitimized by society. We can conclude that Physical Education as a compulsory subject in school curriculum plays a key role in this educational institution and especially to those families belonging to this class fraction that consciously or unconsciously ascribe to it (Physical Education the continuity of the school trajectory of their children, making possible a better quality of life.

  20. [Recurrent wheezing: prevalence and associated factors in infants from Buenos Aires City, Argentina].

    Szulman, Gabriela Aída; Freilij, Héctor; Behrends, Ilse; Gentile, Ángela; Mallol, Javier

    The episodes of bronchial obstruction at early age constitute a frequent problem in Pediatrics. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of recurrent wheezing in infants in Buenos Aires City, as well as to identify any associated factors. Cross-sectional study performed from 2011 to 2012 in the Children Hospital Ricardo Gutiérrez, Buenos Aires City, as part of the International Study of Wheezing in Infants. A validated questionnaire was applied to parents of infants aged between 12 and 15 months. The prevalence of wheezing, mostly the recurrent episodes (three or more), and their probable associated factors were evaluated. Data were statistically analyzed with χ 2 , Fisher's test, binary and logistics multiple regression analysis. The significance level was 0.05. Over 1063 infants, 58.9% (confidence interval (CI) 95% 55.9-61.9) presented at least one episode of wheezing and 26.3% (CI95% 23.8-29.9) three or more episodes (recurrent wheezing). Risk factors associated to wheezing were male gender (p=0.001), six or more episodes of cold during the first year of life (p Infantil de México Federico Gómez. Publicado por Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.

  1. El plano Bogotá Futuro. Primer intento de modernización urbana

    José Miguel Alba Castro


    Full Text Available El crecimiento acelerado de Bogotá a comienzos del siglo XX llevo a Ricardo Olano, promotor del plano Medellín Futuro, a proponer a la Sociedad de Embellecimiento de Bogotá, en 1917, el plano Bogotá Futuro. El plano Bogotá Futuro (1923-1925 consigno los ideales de modernización urbanística del city planning, tras su discusión en los congresos de Mejoras Nacionales, las direcciones de obras públicas del departamento y del municipio y las sociedades de embellecimiento y de ingenieros. El plano, apoyado parcialmente en la modernización de la administración municipal (1915-1924 y considerado un plano de ensanche, contiene propuestas de intervenciones para sus calles centrales, reinterpretadas por Karl Brunner en sus proyectos de 1934 y 1935. Aunque efectivamente se modernizaron las instituciones de la ciudad, no se logró constituir un proyecto de sociedad moderna. Así, al tener influencias, francesas, anglosajonas y españolas, el plano propuso una ciudad bella, monumental y compacta, mientras que se caracterizó a Bogotá como una ciudad de parcelas y barracas.

  2. False sense of safety by daily QTc interval monitoring during methadone IVPCA titration in a patient with chronic pain

    Miranda-Grajales H


    Full Text Available Hector Miranda-Grajales, Joy Hao, Ricardo A CrucianiDepartment of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY, USAAbstract: It has been proposed that some deaths attributed to methadone are related to prolongation of the QTc interval; however, there are no clear recommendations on electrocardiogram (ECG monitoring in patients undergoing intravenous methadone infusion. This is a report on a patient receiving methadone intravenous patient-controlled analgesia titration for the treatment of chronic pain. Initially, her daily ECGs showed QTc intervals within normal limits; however, she experienced a rapid increase in QTc interval from 317 ms to 784 ms within a 24-hour period after methadone had been discontinued for excessive sedation. QTc interval greater than 500 ms is considered to be high risk for the fatal arrhythmia Torsades de Pointes. Daily ECGs did not detect a gradual increase in the QTc interval that would have alerted the medical staff of the need to decrease or stop the methadone before reaching a prolonged QTc interval associated with cardiotoxicity. In selected cases where aggressive methadone titration is required, more intensive monitoring, such as telemetry or ECG determinations every 12 hours, might help detect changes in QTc interval duration that might otherwise be missed by daily ECG determinations.Keywords: methadone, QTc prolongation, opioids, opioid side effects, IVPCA methadone

  3. NOx emission control in SI engine by adding argon inert gas to intake mixture

    Moneib, Hany A.; Abdelaal, Mohsen; Selim, Mohamed Y.E.; Abdallah, Osama A.


    The Argon inert gas is used to dilute the intake air of a spark ignition engine to decrease nitrogen oxides and improve the performance of the engine. A research engine Ricardo E6 with variable compression was used in the present work. A special test rig has been designed and built to admit the gas to the intake air of the engine for up to 15% of the intake air. The system could admit the inert gas, oxygen and nitrogen gases at preset amounts. The variables studied included the engine speed, Argon to inlet air ratio, and air to fuel ratio. The results presented here included the combustion pressure, temperature, burned mass fraction, heat release rate, brake power, thermal efficiency, volumetric efficiency, exhaust temperature, brake specific fuel consumption and emissions of CO, CO 2 , NO and O 2 . It was found that the addition of Argon gas to the intake air of the gasoline engine causes the nitrogen oxide to reduce effectively and also it caused the brake power and thermal efficiency of the engine to increase. Mathematical program has been used to obtain the mixture properties and the heat release when the Argon gas is used.

  4. CERN innovators tackle humanitarian needs

    Katarina Anthony


    At last year's THE Port hackathon, the Better Body Bags team emerged with a new approach to body-bag technology that catered to the needs of humanitarian organisations. What started as a weekend hack has developed into a full-scale R& D project, as the team joins forces with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to put their body bags into production.   Ricardo Páramo Peláez, the team's product designer, presented the first prototype at THE Port Hackathon 2014. The "body" is his fellow team mate, João Cordovil Bárcia. A typical body bag is essentially a long plastic bag with handles: it breaks, leaks, smells and isn't cheap. “Little thought had gone into using new technology to improve the bags,” says Tim Head, an LHCb physicist who is leading the Better Body Bags team. “Simple improvements can keep bodies in better condition, thus improving the identification ...

  5. House of Cards: dna Shakesperiano na trilogia e nas séries

    Brunilda T. Reichmann


    Full Text Available Este artigo faz uma leitura de produções literárias e televisivas contemporâneas, da trilogia política House of Cards, To Play the King e The Final Cut, do escritor inglês Michael Dobbs; da série da BBC: The House of Cards Trilogy, adaptação desses romances; bem como da maxissérie da Netflix, House of Cards, baseada nas anteriores. Detém-se em alguns elementos literários dessas produções e os relaciona com peças do dramaturgo inglês William Shakespeare, mais especificamente, a Macbeth, a Otelo, o Mouro de Veneza e a Ricardo III. Tentamos demonstrar como romancistas, roteiristas e diretores de séries celebram a inigualável arte de Shakespeare ao retrabalhar temas, atualizar contextos e reconstruir traços de personalidade de seus personagens inesquecíveis. Em suma, este texto visa resgatar algumas características genéticas das peças de Shakespeare presentes na produção artística/midiática contemporânea.


    Sergio Miguel Vélez Zambrano


    Full Text Available La investigación tuvo como propósito identificar y describir especies de Meliola (Meliolales/Ascomycetes/Ascomycota asociadas a plantas silvestres del Cerrado brasileño. Se analizaron muestras colectadas en la hacienda Pelicano del Parque Estatal Serra Ricardo Franco, situado en Vila Bela da Santíssima Trindade en la frontera con Bolivia, y también en Barra do Garças, ambos sitios localizados en el Estado de Mato Grosso. A partir de la visualización de estructuras vegetativas y reproductivas de los hongos fueron montadas láminas de vidrio que contenían lactoglicerol y que fueron selladas con esmalte, para su posterior observación a través de microscopio estereoscópico y microscopio de luz. Se identificaron un total de 5 especies de Meliola, siendo estas M. alibertiae en Alibertia edulis, M. desmodii–laxiflori y M. stizolobii var. eriosematis en Desmodium spp., M. kernii en Casearia sp. Meliola voacangae en Aspidosperma nobile. Cada especie fue identificada basándose en la planta hospedera, morfología del ascoma, forma y dimensión de las ascosporas, ramificación de las hifas, distribución de los apresorios e hifopodios espermáticos en las hifas.

  7. Cylinder pressure sensing and model-based control in engine management systems

    Truscott, A.; Noble, A.; Akoachere, A.; Beaumont, A. [Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd., Bridge Works (United Kingdom); Mueller, R.; Hart, M. [FT2/EA, HPC T721, DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart (Germany); Kroetz, G. [FT2/M, DaimlerChrysler AG, Muenchen (Germany); Cavalloni, C.; Gnielka, M. [Kistler Instrumente AG, Winterthur (Switzerland)


    Global demands on fuel economy and lower emissions from automotive vehicles have had a large impact on the development of engine management systems (EMS) in recent years. However, despite the advances in system hardware, the software programmed into these systems has yet to utilise the full potential of modern control methodologies. Model based control and diagnostics is the next step forward in the development of EMS software with the potential of providing improvements in cost, efficiency, emissions and comfort. However, the full utilisation of such techniques requires very close monitoring of engine conditions. This is made possible with the advent of new inexpensive sensor technology that can withstand the harsh environment of the combustion chamber. To exploit the above advances, the AENEAS collaborative project is being carried out by Ricardo, DaimlerChrysler and Kistler, with financial support from the European Commission and Swiss government, and has the objective of realising the benefits of cylinder pressure based engine management system (CPEMS) technology. This paper describes the application of CPEMS technology to a spark ignition (SI) engine. It describes how the combination of model based algorithms, incorporating physical principles, and cylinder pressure sensing can provide an effective means of engine control and diagnostics. (orig.)

  8. Combustion pressure-based engine management system

    Mueller, R.; Hart, M. [DaimlerChrysler, Stuttart (Germany); Truscott, A.; Noble, A. [Ricardo, Shoreham-by-Sea (United Kingdom); Kroetz, G.; Richter, C. [DaimlerChrysler, Munchen (Germany); Cavalloni, C. [Kistler Instruments AG, Winterthur (Switzerland)


    In order to fulfill future emissions and OBD regulations, whilst meeting increasing demands for driveability and refinement, new technologies for SI engines have to be found in terms of sensors and algorithms for engine control units. One promising way, explored in the AENEAS collaborative project between DaimlerChrysler, Kistler, Ricardo and the European Commission, is to optimize the behavior of the system by using in-cylinder measurements and analysing them with modern control algorithms. In this paper a new engine management system based on combustion pressure sensing is presented. The pressure sensor is designed to give a reliable and accurate signal of the full pressure trace during a working cycle. With the application of new technologies low cost manufacturing appears to be achievable, so that an application in mass production can be considered. Furthermore, model-based algorithms were developed to allow optimal control of the engine based on the in-cylinder measurements. The algorithms incorporate physical principles to improve efficiency, emissions and to reduce the parameterisation effort. In the paper, applications of the combustion pressure signal for air mass estimation, knock detection, ignition control cam phase detection and diagnosis are discussed. (author)

  9. A cylinder pressure based engine management system

    Truscott, A.; Noble, A. [Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd. (United Kingdom); Mueller, R.; Hart, M.; Kroetz, G.; Eickhoff, M. [DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany); Cavalloni, C.; Gnielka, M. [Kistler Instrumente AG (Switzerland)


    Worldwide demands on fuel economy and lower emissions from automotive vehicles have led to stringent requirements in the development of Engine Management Systems (EMS). Cylinder Pressure based Engine Management Systems (CPEMS) provide a way forward in EMS technology by combining intelligent control algorithms with innovative sensing techniques. The full utilisation of model-based control and diagnostics to provide improvements in cost, efficiency, emissions and comfort requires the close monitoring of engine conditions. This is made possible with the advent of new inexpensive sensor materials that can withstand the harsh environment of the combustion chamber. AENEAS is a collaborative project undertaken by Ricardo, DaimlerChrysler and Kistler, with financial support from the European Commission and the Swiss Government, aimed at demonstrating the major benefits of CPEMS technology. This paper describes the application of CPEMS technology to a spark ignition (SI) engine. It describes how the combination of model based algorithms, incorporating physical principles, and cylinder pressure sensing can provide an effective means of engine control and diagnostics. Results are presented to demonstrate the benefits of this new technology. (author)

  10. Effect of exhaust gas recirculation on some combustion characteristics of dual fuel engine

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E. [United Arab Emirates Univ., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates)


    Combustion pressure rise rate and thermal efficiency data are measured and presented for a dual fuel engine running on a dual fuel of Diesel and compressed natural gas and utilizing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The maximum pressure rise rate during combustion is presented as a measure of combustion noise. The experimental investigation on the dual fuel engine revealed the noise generated from combustion and the thermal efficiency at different EGR ratios. A Ricardo E6 Diesel version engine is converted to run on a dual fuel of Diesel and compressed natural gas and having an exhaust gas recycling system is used throughout the work. The engine is fully computerized, and the cylinder pressure data and crank angle data are stored in a PC for offline analysis. The effects of EGR ratio, engine speeds, loads, temperature of recycled exhaust gases, intake charge pressure and engine compression ratio on combustion noise and thermal efficiency are examined for the dual fuel engine. The combustion noise and thermal efficiency of the dual fuel engine are found to be affected when EGR is used in the dual fuel engine. (Author)

  11. Exhaust emissions from an indirect injection dual-fuel engine

    Abd Alla, G.H.; Badr, O.A.; Soliman, H.A.; Abd Rabbo, M.F.


    Diesel engines operating on gaseous fuels are commonly known as dual-fuel engines. In the present work, a single-cylinder, compression ignition, indirect injection research (Ricardo E6) engine has been installed at United Arab Emirates University for investigation of the exhaust emissions when the engine is operating as a dual-fuel engine. The influence of changes in major operating and design parameters, such as the concentration of gaseous fuel in the cylinder charge, pilot fuel quantity, injection timing and intake temperature, on the production of exhaust emissions was investigated. Diesel fuel was used as the pilot fuel, while methane or propane was used as the main fuel which was inducted in the intake manifold and mixed with the intake air. The experimental investigations showed that the poor emissions at light loads can be improved significantly by increasing the concentration of gaseous fuel (total equivalence ratio), employing a large pilot fuel quantity, advancing the injection timing of the pilot fuel and increasing the intake temperature. It is demonstrated that, in general, any measure that tends to increase the size of the combustion regions within the overly lean cylinder charge will reduce markedly the concentrations of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gases. (Author)

  12. Exhaust emissions from an indirect injection dual-fuel engine

    Abd Alla, G.H.; Badr, O.A.; Soliman, H.A.; Abd Rabbo, M.F. [Zagazig Univ., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Cairo (Egypt)


    Diesel engines operating on gaseous fuels are commonly known as dual-fuel engines. In the present work, a single-cylinder, compression ignition, indirect injection research (Ricardo E6) engine has been installed at United Arab Emirates University for investigation of the exhaust emissions when the engine is operating as a dual-fuel engine. The influence of changes in major operating and design parameters, such as the concentration of gaseous fuel in the cylinder charge, pilot fuel quantity, injection timing and intake temperature, on the production of exhaust emissions was investigated. Diesel fuel was used as the pilot fuel, while methane or propane was used as the main fuel which was inducted in the intake manifold and mixed with the intake air. The experimental investigations showed that the poor emissions at light loads can be improved significantly by increasing the concentration of gaseous fuel (total equivalence ratio), employing a large pilot fuel quantity, advancing the injection timing of the pilot fuel and increasing the intake temperature. It is demonstrated that, in general, any measure that tends to increase the size of the combustion regions within the overly lean cylinder charge will reduce markedly the concentrations of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gases. (Author)

  13. Sensitivity of dual fuel engine combustion and knocking limits to gaseous fuel composition

    Selim, M.Y.E. [United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates). Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


    Combustion noise, knock and ignition limits data are measured and presented for a dual fuel engine running on dual fuels of Diesel and three gaseous fuels separately. The gaseous fuels used are liquefied petroleum gas, pure methane and compressed natural gas mixture. The maximum pressure rise rate during combustion is presented as a measure of combustion noise, and the knocking and ignition limits are presented as torque output at the onset of knocking and ignition failure. Experimental investigation on the dual fuel engine revealed the noise generated from combustion, knocking and ignition limits for all gases at different design and operating conditions. A Ricardo E6 Diesel version engine is converted to run on dual fuel of Diesel and the tested gaseous fuel and is used throughout the work. The engine is fully computerized, and the cylinder pressure data, crank angle data and engine operating variables are stored in a PC for off line analysis. The effects of engine speeds, loads, pilot injection angle, pilot fuel quantity and compression ratio on combustion noise, knocking torque, thermal efficiency and maximum pressure are examined for the dual engine running on the three gaseous fuels separately. The combustion noise, knocking and ignition limits are found to relate to the type of gaseous fuels and to the engine design and operating parameters. (author)

  14. Effect of engine parameters and gaseous fuel type on the cyclic variability of dual fuel engines

    Mohamed Y.E. Selim [United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain (United Arab Emirates). Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering


    This paper presents an analysis of the cycle-to-cycle combustion variation as reflected in the combustion pressure data of a single cylinder, naturally aspirated, four stroke, Ricardo E6 engine converted to run as dual fuel engine on diesel and gaseous fuel of LPG or methane. A measuring set-up consisting of a piezo-electric pressure transducer with charge amplifier and fast data acquisition card installed on an IBM microcomputer was used to gather the data of up to 1200 consecutive combustion cycles of the cylinder under various combination of engine operating and design parameters. These parameters included type of gaseous fuel, engine load, compression ratio, pilot fuel injection timing, pilot fuel mass, and engine speed. The data for each operating conditions were analyzed for the maximum pressure, the maximum rate of pressure rise representing the combustion noise, and indicated mean effective pressure. The cycle-to-cycle variation is expressed as the mean value, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation of these three parameters. It was found that the type of gaseous fuel and engine operating and design parameters affected the combustion noise and its cyclic variation and these effects have been presented. 21 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  15. Pressure-time characteristics in diesel engine fueled with natural gas

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E. [Helwan Univ., Mechanical Power Engineering Dept., Cairo (Egypt)


    Combustion pressure data are measured and presented for a dual fuel engine running on dual fuel of diesel and compressed natural gas, and compared to the diesel engine case. The maximum pressure rise rate during combustion is presented as a measure of combustion noise. Experimental investigation on diesel and dual fuel engines revealed the noise generated from combustion in both cases. A Ricardo E6 diesel version engine is converted to run on dual fuel of diesel and compressed natural gas and is used throughout the work. The engine is fully computerized and the cylinder pressure data, crank angle data are stored in a PC for off-line analysis. The effect of engine speeds, loads, pilot injection angle, and pilot fuel quantity on combustion noise is examined for both diesel and dual engine. Maximum pressure rise rate and some samples of ensemble averaged pressure-crank angle data are presented in the present work. The combustion noise, generally, is found to increase for the dual fuel engine case as compared to the diesel engine case. (Author)

  16. Analysis of the Scavenging Process of a Two-Stroke Free-Piston Engine Based on the Selection of Scavenging Ports or Valves

    Boru Jia


    Full Text Available The free-piston engine generator (FPEG is a linear energy conversion device with the objective of utilisation within a hybrid-electric automotive vehicle power system. In this research, the piston dynamic characteristics of an FPEG is compared with that of a conventional engine (CE of the same size, and the difference in the valve timing is compared for both port scavenging type and valve scavenging type, with the exhaust valve closing timing is selected as the parameter. A zero-dimensional simulation model is developed in Ricardo WAVE software (2016.1, with the piston dynamics obtained from the simulation model in Matlab/SIMULINK (R2017a. For the CE and FEPG using scavenging ports, in order to improve its power output to the same level as that of a CE, the inlet gas pressure is suggested to be improved to above 1.2 bar, approximately 0.2 bar higher than that used for a CE. If a CE cylinder with exhaust valves is adopted or referred to during the development of an FPEG prototype, the exhaust valve is suggested to be closed earlier to improve its power output, and a higher intake pressure is also suggested if its output power is expected to be the same or higher than that of a CE.

  17. El objeto a en los sueños de fin de análisis

    Celeste Labaronnie

    Full Text Available Resumen Este artículo se ubica en el marco del psicoanálisis lacaniano y su objetivo es la discusión de aportes teóricos sobre la plasmación del objeto a en los sueños de fin de análisis y su relación con el despertar. Se utilizan herramientas conceptuales de la disciplina para analizar cuatro contribuciones teóricas: la propuesta de Colette Soler de considerar la aparición del objeto a en algunos sueños como el punto de inserción de la pulsión, que conduce al despertar; los desarrollos de Ricardo Nepomiachi acerca de la plasmación onírica del vaciamiento del objeto a; la relación entre el objeto y el despertar sin angustia destacado por Frida Nemirovsky y Fabián Naparstek; y la noción de sueños-índice, postulada por Marcelo Mazzuca, en los cuales el objeto se inserta en una trama onírica, según una relación establecida entre deseo y satisfacción en determinado momento del análisis.

  18. Improving the performance of dual fuel engines running on natural gas/LPG by using pilot fuel derived from jojoba seeds

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E. [Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, UAE University, Jimmi, Al-Ain, P.O. Box 17555, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates); Radwan, M.S.; Saleh, H.E. [Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Mattaria, Helwan University, Cairo (Egypt)


    The use of jojoba methyl ester as a pilot fuel was investigated for almost the first time as a way to improve the performance of dual fuel engine running on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at part load. The dual fuel engine used was Ricardo E6 variable compression diesel engine and it used either compressed natural gas (CNG) or LPG as the main fuel and jojoba methyl ester as a pilot fuel. Diesel fuel was used as a reference fuel for the dual fuel engine results. During the experimental tests, the following have been measured: engine efficiency in terms of specific fuel consumption, brake power output, combustion noise in terms of maximum pressure rise rate and maximum pressure, exhaust emissions in terms of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, knocking limits in terms of maximum torque at onset of knocking, and cyclic variability data of 100 engine cycles in terms of maximum pressure and its pressure rise rate average and standard deviation. The tests examined the following engine parameters: gaseous fuel type, engine speed and load, pilot fuel injection timing, pilot fuel mass and compression ratio. Results showed that using the jojoba fuel with its improved properties has improved the dual fuel engine performance, reduced the combustion noise, extended knocking limits and reduced the cyclic variability of the combustion. (author)

  19. Comparative performance and emissions study of a direct injection Diesel engine using blends of Diesel fuel with vegetable oils or bio-diesels of various origins

    Rakopoulos, C.D.; Antonopoulos, K.A.; Rakopoulos, D.C.; Hountalas, D.T.; Giakoumis, E.G.


    An extended experimental study is conducted to evaluate and compare the use of various Diesel fuel supplements at blend ratios of 10/90 and 20/80, in a standard, fully instrumented, four stroke, direct injection (DI), Ricardo/Cussons 'Hydra' Diesel engine located at the authors' laboratory. More specifically, a high variety of vegetable oils or bio-diesels of various origins are tested as supplements, i.e. cottonseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and their corresponding methyl esters, as well as rapeseed oil methyl ester, palm oil methyl ester, corn oil and olive kernel oil. The series of tests are conducted using each of the above fuel blends, with the engine working at a speed of 2000 rpm and at a medium and high load. In each test, volumetric fuel consumption, exhaust smokiness and exhaust regulated gas emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NO x ), carbon monoxide (CO) and total unburned hydrocarbons (HC) are measured. From the first measurement, specific fuel consumption and brake thermal efficiency are computed. The differences in the measured performance and exhaust emission parameters from the baseline operation of the engine, i.e. when working with neat Diesel fuel, are determined and compared. This comparison is extended between the use of the vegetable oil blends and the bio-diesel blends. Theoretical aspects of Diesel engine combustion, combined with the widely differing physical and chemical properties of these Diesel fuel supplements against the normal Diesel fuel, are used to aid the correct interpretation of the observed engine behavior

  20. A campanha #foraricardoteixeira no Twitter: interações sociais e debate público a respeito do esporte

    Diego de Sousa Mendes


    Full Text Available Em 2011 ganhou espaço na mídia um movimento que se iniciou no Twitter e que reivindicava a saída do então presidente da Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF. O episódio demonstrava o poder que a mobilização popular assumia nas Redes Sociais. A partir dessa temática, realizamos uma pesquisa com o objetivo de investigar como são os debates públicos sobre fatos esportivos na Rede Social Twitter, a partir de um estudo de caso da campanha "Fora Ricardo Teixeira". Para tal, analisamos 725 postagens textuais do Twitter e acompanhamos a campanha por seis meses. Constatamos que, para protestar, os participantes debatem entre si, divulgam opiniões pessoais e informações da mídia que não são presentes nos meios televisivos, além de abordarem a temática esportiva de modo amplo e crítico.

  1. Organic Rankine cycle - review and research directions in engine applications

    Panesar, Angad


    Waste heat to power conversion using Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) is expected to play an important role in CO2 reductions from diesel engines. Firstly, a review of automotive ORCs is presented focusing on the pure working fluids, thermal architectures and expanders. The discussion includes, but is not limited to: R245fa, ethanol and water as fluids; series, parallel and cascade as architectures; dry saturated, superheated and supercritical as expansion conditions; and scroll, radial turbine and piston as expansion machines. Secondly, research direction in versatile expander and holistic architecture (NOx + CO2) are proposed. Benefits of using the proposed unconventional approaches are quantified using Ricardo Wave and Aspen HYSYS for diesel engine and ORC modelling. Results indicate that, the implementation of versatile piston expander tolerant to two-phase and using cyclopentane can potentially increase the highway drive cycle power by 8%. Furthermore, holistic architecture offering complete utilisation of charge air and exhaust recirculation heat increased the performance noticeably to 5% of engine power at the design point condition.

  2. Organic Rankine cycle – review and research directions in engine applications

    Panesar Angad


    Full Text Available Waste heat to power conversion using Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC is expected to play an important role in CO2 reductions from diesel engines. Firstly, a review of automotive ORCs is presented focusing on the pure working fluids, thermal architectures and expanders. The discussion includes, but is not limited to: R245fa, ethanol and water as fluids; series, parallel and cascade as architectures; dry saturated, superheated and supercritical as expansion conditions; and scroll, radial turbine and piston as expansion machines. Secondly, research direction in versatile expander and holistic architecture (NOx + CO2 are proposed. Benefits of using the proposed unconventional approaches are quantified using Ricardo Wave and Aspen HYSYS for diesel engine and ORC modelling. Results indicate that, the implementation of versatile piston expander tolerant to two-phase and using cyclopentane can potentially increase the highway drive cycle power by 8%. Furthermore, holistic architecture offering complete utilisation of charge air and exhaust recirculation heat increased the performance noticeably to 5% of engine power at the design point condition.

  3. Encarnaciones poéticas. Cuerpo, arte y necropolítica

    Ileana Dieguez Caballero


    Full Text Available En este trabajo discuto la emergencia de la sangre como mimesis de la pérdida de cuerpos y vidas en un contexto de necropolítica, pero también como impregnación espectral de la ausencia a través de acciones artísticas. La presencia de la sangre ha comprometido estrategias metafóricas, como figuras de semejanza con las escenas de la violencia. Y también ha comprometido a la sangre misma como flujo abyecto, implicando estrategias metonímicas que generan poéticas secrecionales. A partir de las elaboraciones teóricas de Georges Didi-Huberman, me interesa abordar el imaginativo vínculo entre encarnar y sangrar a través del efecto del rojo cinabrio. Este texto aborda acciones de tres artistas. Ricardo Wiesse, Rosa María Robles y Teresa Margoles. Pero más allá de los escenarios del arte, busco pensar lo que se pinta, lo que se trastorna, en los escenarios abyectos, teñidos por la catástrofe de los cuerpos desencarnados.

  4. ¿Sobrevivira taylor en el tercer milenio?

    Bernardo Parra R.


    Full Text Available Los anteriores artículos recogen las exposiciones del debate sobre la vigencia del taylorismo, realizado en el primer semestre de 1997 en mesa redonda convocada por el Departamento de Gestión empresarial, el Programa Maestría en Administración y la revista innovar. Se conto con la participación de la profesora Anita Waiss del departamento de sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, los profesores Carlos Martínez, Ricardo Romero y Bernardo Parra, del departamento de Gestión Empresarial de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. El debate también conto con la presencia del profesor Guillermo Camacho Caro, consultor y conferencista de las diferentes universidades del país, quien hizo una excelente comparecencia del taylorismo, la profesora Lilian M. Gilbreth quien se concentro en las formas de promover el bienestar del trabajador. Por ese entonces ella trabajaba en un proyecto de diseñar cocinas integrales.

  5. ¿Vigencia del taylorismo? De los enunciados a la realidad

    Anita Weiss de Belalcázar


    Full Text Available Los anteriores artículos recogen las exposiciones del debate sobre la vigencia del taylorismo, realizado en el primer semestre de 1997 en mesa redonda convocada por el Departamento de Gestión empresarial, el Programa Maestría en Administración y la revista innovar. Se conto con la participación de la profesora Anita Waiss del departamento de sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, los profesores Carlos Martínez, Ricardo Romero y Bernardo Parra, del departamento de Gestión Empresarial de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. El debate también conto con la presencia del profesor Guillermo Camacho Caro, consultor y conferencista de las diferentes universidades del país, quien hizo una excelente comparecencia del taylorismo, la profesora Lilian M. Gilbreth quien se concentro en las formas de promover el bienestar del trabajador. Por ese entonces ella trabajaba en un proyecto de diseñar cocinas integrales.

  6. El desarrollo del conocimiento y el manejo de las organizaciones: a propósito de la discusión sobre el taylorismo

    Ricardo Romero Urrego


    Full Text Available Los anteriores artículos recogen las exposiciones del debate sobre la vigencia del taylorismo, realizado en el primer semestre de 1997 en mesa redonda convocada por el Departamento de Gestión empresarial, el Programa Maestría en Administración y la revista innovar. Se conto con la participación de la profesora Anita Waiss del departamento de sociología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, los profesores Carlos Martínez, Ricardo Romero y Bernardo Parra, del departamento de Gestión Empresarial de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. El debate también conto con la presencia del profesor Guillermo Camacho Caro, consultor y conferencista de las diferentes universidades del país, quien hizo una excelente comparecencia del taylorismo, la profesora Lilian M. Gilbreth quien se concentro en las formas de promover el bienestar del trabajador. Por ese entonces ella trabajaba en un proyecto de diseñar cocinas integrales.

  7. Comparison of Engine Simulation Software for Development of Control System

    KinYip Chan


    Full Text Available Most commonly used commercial engine simulation packages generate detailed estimation of the combustion and gas flow parameters. These parameters are required for advanced research on fluid flow and heat transfer and development of geometries of engine components. However, engine control involves different operating parameters. Various sensors are installed into the engine, the combustion performance is recorded, and data is sent to engine control unit (ECU. ECU computes the new set of parameters to make fine adjustments to actuators providing better engine performance. Such techniques include variable valve timing, variable ignition timing, variable air to fuel ratio, and variable compression ratio. In the present study, two of the commercial packages, Ricardo Wave and Lotus Engine Simulation, have been tested on the capabilities for engine control purposes. These packages are compared with an in-house developed package and with reference results available from the literature. Different numerical experiments have been carried out from which it can be concluded that all packages predict similar profiles of pressure and temperature in the engine cylinder. Moreover, those are in reasonable agreement with the reference results while in-house developed package is possible to run simulations with changing speed for engine control purpose.

  8. Allelism of Genes in the Ml-a locus

    Giese, Nanna Henriette; Jensen, Hans Peter; Jørgensen, Jørgen Helms


    Seven barley lines or varieties, each with a different gene at the Ml-a locus for resistance to Erysiphe graminis were intercrossed. Progeny testing of the F2s using two different fungal isolates per cross provided evidence that there are two or more loci in the Ml-a region. Apparent recombinants...... were also screened for recombination between the Hor1 and Hor2 loci which are situated either side of the Ml-a locus. The cross between Ricardo and Iso42R (Rupee) yielded one possible recombinant, with Ml-a3 and Ml-a(Rul) in the coupling phase; other recombinants had wild-type genes in the coupling...... phase. Iso20R, derived from Hordeum spontaneum 'H204', carrying Ml-a6, had an additional gene, in close coupling with Ml-a6, tentatively named Ml-aSp2 or Reglv, causing an intermediate infection type with isolate EmA30. It is suggested that Ml-a(Ar) in Emir and Ml-a(Rul), shown to differ from other Ml...

  9. Bibliografía

    Rosa María Montero Tejada


    Full Text Available RESEÑA 1 de : Beceiro Pita, Isabel; Córdoba de la Llave, Ricardo. Parentesco, poder y mentalidad. La nobleza castellana (siglos XII-XV. Madrid : CSIC, 1990. RESEÑA 2 de : Coll-Vinet, Roberto; Bernal Cruz, Francisco J. Curso de documentación. Madrid : Edit. Dossat, 1990. RESEÑA 3 de : Corral García, Esteban. Ordenanzas de los concejos castellanos : formación, contenidos y manifestaciones: siglos XIII-XVIII. Burgos : S.E., 1988. RESEÑA 4 de : García Oliva, María Dolores. Organización económica y social del concejo de Cáceres en la baja Edad Media. Cáceres : Institución Cultural el Brócense, 1990. RESEÑA 5 de : Magdalena Nom de Deu, JOsé Ramón. Libro de viajes de Benjamín de Tudela. Barcelona : Biblioteca Nueva Sefarad, Ríopiedras Ediciones, 1989. RESEÑA 6 de : TOrres Fontes, Juan. Repartimiento de Orihuela. Murcia : Ed. Academia Alfonso X el Sabio / Patronato Ángel García Rogel, 1988.

  10. Enhanced photodynamic leishmanicidal activity of hydrophobic zinc phthalocyanine within archaeolipids containing liposomes [Corrigendum

    Perez AP


    Full Text Available Perez AP, Casasco A, Schilrreff P, et al. Int J Nanomedicine. 2014;9:3335–3345.The author list on page 3335 was incorrect, it should have been: Ana Paula Perez,1 Agustina Casasco,2 Priscila Schilrreff,1 Maria Victoria Defain Tesoriero,1,3 Luc Duempelmann,1 Juan Sebastián Pappalardo,4 Maria Julia Altube,1 Leticia Higa,1 Maria Jose Morilla,1 Patricia Petray,2 Eder L Romero11Programa de Nanomedicinas, Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnología, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, 2Servicio de Parasitología y Enfermedad de Chagas, Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, 3Unidad Operativa Sistemas de Liberación Controlada, Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Química, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI, Buenos Aires,4Virology Institute, Center for Research in Veterinary and Agronomic Sciences, National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA, Hurlingham, BA, ArgentinaRead the original article

  11. Reseñas/Book Reviews

    Book Review Editor, Barbara Hogenboom


    Full Text Available The Triumph of Politics: The Return of the Left in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, by George Philip and Francisco Panizza; reviewed by Peadar Kirby, p. 99The Struggle for Maize: Campesinos, Workers, and Transgenic Corn in the Mexican Countryside, by Elizabeth Fitting; reviewed by Gerard Verschoor, p. 100The Allure of Labor. Workers, Race and the Making of the Peruvian State, por Paulo Drinot; reviewed by Miguel F. Canessa Montejo, p. 102Workshop of Revolution. Plebeian Buenos Aires and the Atlantic World, 1776-1810, by Lyman Johnson; reviewed by Ricardo Cicerchia, p. 104Elegía Criolla. Una reinterpretación de las guerras de independencia hispanoamericanas, por Tomás Pérez Vejo ; reviewed by Raymond Buve, p. 105Forty Miles from the Sea. Xalapa, the Public Sphere and the Atlantic World in Nineteenth-Century Mexico, by Rachel A. Moore; reviewed by Raymond Buve, p. 107Creating Good Neighbors? Die Kultur- und Wirtschaftspolitik der USA in Lateinamerika, 1940-1946, by Ursula Prutsch; reviewed by Gisela Cramer, p. 109Between Horse & Buggy and Four-wheel Drive – Change and Diversity among Mennonite Settlements in Belize, Central America, by Carel Roessingh and Tanja Plasil; reviewed by Anna Sofia Hedberg, p. 111

  12. Experimental study on an IC engine in-cylinder flow using different steady-state flow benches

    M. El-Adawy


    Full Text Available In-cylinder air flow structures are known to strongly impact on the performance and combustion of internal combustion engines (ICE. Therefore the aim of this paper is to experimentally study an IC engine in-cylinder flow under steady-state conditions. Different methods can be used to characterize the in-cylinder flow which are optical engines and laser diagnostics, computational fluid dynamic and steady-state flow bench. Here we are concentrating on two different types of flow benches. The first (Ricardo uses the impulse torque meter method while the other (FEV uses the paddle wheel technique. The experiments were carried out on the same cylinder head and the same pressure difference across the inlet valves of 600 mmH2O in order to compare the results. The experimental results are presented in terms of the measured air flow rate, flow coefficient, discharge coefficient and non-dimensional rig tumble. Moreover, number of modifications were conducted on the FEV flow bench in order to apply particle image velocimetry measurements on the vertical tumble plane, which passing through the middle of the cylinder at different valve lifts. The results show that a reasonably good level of agreement can be achieved between both methods, providing the methods of calculations of the various parameters are consistent. Keywords: In-cylinder flow, Flow bench, Tumble motion, Flow coefficient, Particle image velocimetry

  13. Omora Ethnobotanical Park and the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve

    Eugene C. Hargrove


    Full Text Available The biocultural conservation and research initiative of Omora Ethnobotanical Park and the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve was born in a remote part of South America and has rapidly expanded to attain regional, national, and international relevance. The park and the biosphere reserve, led by Ricardo Rozzi and his team, have made significant progress in demonstrating the way academic research supports local cultures, social processes, decision making, and conservation. It is a dynamic hive of investigators, artists, writers, students, volunteers, and friends, all exploring ways to better integrate academia and society. The initiative involves an informal consortium of institutions and organizations; in Chile, these include the University of Magallanes, the Omora Foundation, and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, and in the United States, the University of North Texas, the Omora Sub-Antarctic Research Alliance, and the Center for Environmental Philosophy at the University of North Texas. The consortium intends to function as a hub through which other institutions and organizations can be involved in research, education, and biocultural conservation. The park constitutes one of three long-term socio-ecological research sites in Chile of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity.

  14. Air pollution, land price development and assessment of immission control needs in urban development plans. The impact of immission pollution by sulphur dioxide and dust precipitation on property prices in residential areas of Dortmund and Duisburg

    Lee Chenjai.


    Air pollution, land price development and assessment of immission control needs in urban development plans. The impact of immission pollution by sulphur dioxide and dust precipitation on property prices in residential areas of Dortmund and Duisburg. The focus of this thesis is on studying the links between property prices and air pollution. The ground rent theory which goes back to the 16th century provides the theoretical basis for this work. RICARDO put forward the theory, that air may, under certain circumstances, - as for instance different local air pollution levels or sensitivity of locals to air quality -, which did not apply 200 years ago actually produce rent. These circumstances do indeed apply widely today - different air pollution levels in urban areas are just a case in point. Various empiricial studies in the U.S. proved that air pollution with different substances does actually influence the value of property. The ground rent influenced by air pollution is called ''air rent''. This study contains empirical studies on the influence of air pollution by sulphur dioxide SO 2 and dust precipitation on general property prices in residential areas of Dortmund between 1979 and 1989 and Duisburg between 1981 and 1989. (orig./UA) [de

  15. Free time minimizers for the three-body problem

    Moeckel, Richard; Montgomery, Richard; Sánchez Morgado, Héctor


    Free time minimizers of the action (called "semi-static" solutions by Mañe in International congress on dynamical systems in Montevideo (a tribute to Ricardo Mañé), vol 362, pp 120-131, 1996) play a central role in the theory of weak KAM solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation (Fathi in Weak KAM Theorem in Lagrangian Dynamics Preliminary Version Number 10, 2017). We prove that any solution to Newton's three-body problem which is asymptotic to Lagrange's parabolic homothetic solution is eventually a free time minimizer. Conversely, we prove that every free time minimizer tends to Lagrange's solution, provided the mass ratios lie in a certain large open set of mass ratios. We were inspired by the work of Da Luz and Maderna (Math Proc Camb Philos Soc 156:209-227, 1980) which showed that every free time minimizer for the N-body problem is parabolic and therefore must be asymptotic to the set of central configurations. We exclude being asymptotic to Euler's central configurations by a second variation argument. Central configurations correspond to rest points for the McGehee blown-up dynamics. The large open set of mass ratios are those for which the linearized dynamics at each Euler rest point has a complex eigenvalue.

  16. Mine rent and the new economic system

    Cadan, K. (Federalni Ministerstvo Paliv a Energetiky, Prague (Czechoslovakia))


    Reviews historical concept of ground rents with reference to works of Adam Smith and David Ricardo and to 19th century capitalism and Marxism-Leninism. Asks whether mine rents can exist under a socialist system and examines theoretical basis for mine rents, which includes socio-economic aspects, geological conditions, proximity to markets and environmental considerations. Compares mine rents with agricultural land rents and analyzes value of end product (coal) and effect of pricing method on it. Explains pricing system in Czechoslovakia, which involves 3 groupings: coking coal, coke and energy coal (including briquets), the price of each of which is set according to average costs and geological conditions. Surplus revenue (or positive mine rent) only arises therefore at mines where the production costs are lower than fixed trade prices. Discusses in general terms application of new economic system (perestroika) to concept of mine rent and assessment of mine profitability and concludes that method of pricing solid fuels will play a decisive role. 4 refs.

  17. Farinelli o sobre las derivaciones vocales de esa vieja costumbre de castrar

    Óscar BOTTASSO


    Full Text Available La película representa algunos pasajes de la vida de Carlo Broschi, el célebre Farinelli, un castrato que hizo las delicias de tantísimos amantes de la ópera settecentista. De un reto callejero entre el joven cantante y un trompetista del cual Farinelli emerge triunfante gracias a su voz excepcional, George F. Haendel por ese entonces músico oficial de la corte inglesa y casi como de paso por el lugar le propone viajar a Londres. La oferta es desechada por Farinelli lo cual da lugar a una tirantez en la relación entre ambos, impregnada por antipatías pero al mismo tiempo un dejo de reconocimiento mutuo. En contraposición al escasamente abordado confinamiento de Farinelli en la corte española, en pleno apogeo de su carrera, el film abunda en mostrarnos las variadas visitas de los hermanos Broschi a distintos escenarios europeos, matizado por episodios donde lo seductor de su talante servía de disparador de numerables escenas amorosas finalmente efectivizadas por su hermano Ricardo, anatómicamente intacto. Un hecho que en función de la fisiopatología de un castrado prepuberal parece más sobrerepresentado que veraz.

  18. Concepts and Bounded Rationality: An Application of Niestegge's Approach to Conditional Quantum Probabilities

    Blutner, Reinhard


    Recently, Gerd Niestegge developed a new approach to quantum mechanics via conditional probabilities developing the well-known proposal to consider the Lüders-von Neumann measurement as a non-classical extension of probability conditionalization. I will apply his powerful and rigorous approach to the treatment of concepts using a geometrical model of meaning. In this model, instances are treated as vectors of a Hilbert space H. In the present approach there are at least two possibilities to form categories. The first possibility sees categories as a mixture of its instances (described by a density matrix). In the simplest case we get the classical probability theory including the Bayesian formula. The second possibility sees categories formed by a distinctive prototype which is the superposition of the (weighted) instances. The construction of prototypes can be seen as transferring a mixed quantum state into a pure quantum state freezing the probabilistic characteristics of the superposed instances into the structure of the formed prototype. Closely related to the idea of forming concepts by prototypes is the existence of interference effects. Such inference effects are typically found in macroscopic quantum systems and I will discuss them in connection with several puzzles of bounded rationality. The present approach nicely generalizes earlier proposals made by authors such as Diederik Aerts, Andrei Khrennikov, Ricardo Franco, and Jerome Busemeyer. Concluding, I will suggest that an active dialogue between cognitive approaches to logic and semantics and the modern approach of quantum information science is mandatory.

  19. Recovery Act - Sustainable Transportation: Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program

    Caille, Gary


    The collective goals of this effort include: 1) reach all facets of this society with education regarding electric vehicles (EV) and plug–in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), 2) prepare a workforce to service these advanced vehicles, 3) create web–based learning at an unparalleled level, 4) educate secondary school students to prepare for their future and 5) train the next generation of professional engineers regarding electric vehicles. The Team provided an integrated approach combining secondary schools, community colleges, four–year colleges and community outreach to provide a consistent message (Figure 1). Colorado State University Ventures (CSUV), as the prime contractor, plays a key program management and co–ordination role. CSUV is an affiliate of Colorado State University (CSU) and is a separate 501(c)(3) company. The Team consists of CSUV acting as the prime contractor subcontracted to Arapahoe Community College (ACC), CSU, Motion Reality Inc. (MRI), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Ricardo. Collaborators are Douglas County Educational Foundation/School District and Gooru (, a nonprofit web–based learning resource and Google spin–off.

  20. Renda da Terra, Expansão da Fronteira Imobiliária, Gentrificação e Exclusão no Brasil (2009-2015

    Fabian Scholze Domingues


    Full Text Available This article uses the differential rent theory of David Ricardo to offer an economic explanation for the recent rise in property prices and rents seen in Brazil between 2009 and 2015. Unlike the advocates of the existence of a speculative bubble in the housing market, it is proposed that increase price in rents and properties come from the expansion of the urban frontier, largely caused by the public policies of housing geared to low-income classes. As in the Ricardian model, the analysis is done by dividing the society into three social classes: workers, capitalists and rentiers. It is argued that nominal prices will not decrease, as would be expected if the origin of the phenomenon had been located in the credit market. Thus, the main beneficiaries of this policy is the class of rentiers, not the worker class, neither the capitalist class. The differential rent theory also allows explain movements of gentrification and exclusion, ie revaluation central areas with good urban infrastructure, but degraded, resulting in the exclusion of large population, removed to areas far from the center of metropolitan areas. As a result, to solve the long term problem of housing shortage and ensure the right to housing, the government should create a coordinated set of regulatory measures for the housing policy. These policies should aimed not only housing construction, as well as control of the rent prices, to reduce the excessive burden on housing, and create of a social tax on vacant dwellings, to curb property speculation.

  1. Apertura comercial y desarrollo económico mundial en la globalización

    Carlos Encinas Ferrer


    Full Text Available La política económica neoliberal ha promovido a escala global la apertura comercial bajo la hipótesis de que la liberalización del comercio da lugar automáticamente a un quiebre positivo en la tendencia de crecimiento económico. Esta acción de política económica está sustentada fundamentalmente en la teoría de la ventaja comparativa desarrollada por David Ricardo en la segunda década del Siglo XIX. Sin embargo, la ausencia de un incremento generalizado del PIB que acompañe la apertura comercial implementada a partir de la década de los ochenta en una gran cantidad de países nos muestra señales de que algo ha sucedido en el modelo exportador adoptado contrario a las expectativas favorables prometidas. México y muchos otros países se encuentran en un callejón sin salida, con problemas que se han profundizado con la reciente crisis económica que hasta ahora, especialmente en EE.UU. y Europa, no muestra señales de una recuperación global.


    Abdelhak RAZKY


    Full Text Available This study aims to examine the treatment of linguistic variation in Brazilian Portuguese textbooks for High School and prompts a debate about concepts like right and wrong, language variation, language change and language prejudice. In this sense, it considers whether the textbook discusses the linguistic variation, understanding it as a result of a variety of sociocultural factors of a linguistic community. Our corpus consists of a collection of Portuguese Language for High School, prepared by Carlos Alberto Faraco, approved by the National Textbook Program (PNLD 2015. The research is part of the dialogue between Sociolinguistics and mother tongue teaching, more specifically, in theoretical and methodological studies of Bortoni-Ricardo (2004, Faraco (2004, Alkmim (2005, Labov (2008, among others, in addition to the National Curriculum Parameters of High School Portuguese Language – PCN (BRASIL, 2000. The methodology is based on descriptive, bibliographical and documentary research and a qualitative approach. The results show, that the current development, in that collection highlights a concern to incorporate linguistic studies in the heterogeneity and linguistic diversity from sociolinguistic perspective.

  3. Sensitivity of dual fuel engine combustion and knocking limits to gaseous fuel composition

    Selim, Mohamed Y.E.


    Combustion noise, knock and ignition limits data are measured and presented for a dual fuel engine running on dual fuels of Diesel and three gaseous fuels separately. The gaseous fuels used are liquefied petroleum gas, pure methane and compressed natural gas mixture. The maximum pressure rise rate during combustion is presented as a measure of combustion noise, and the knocking and ignition limits are presented as torque output at the onset of knocking and ignition failure. Experimental investigation on the dual fuel engine revealed the noise generated from combustion, knocking and ignition limits for all gases at different design and operating conditions. A Ricardo E6 Diesel version engine is converted to run on dual fuel of Diesel and the tested gaseous fuel and is used throughout the work. The engine is fully computerized, and the cylinder pressure data, crank angle data and engine operating variables are stored in a PC for off line analysis. The effects of engine speeds, loads, pilot injection angle, pilot fuel quantity and compression ratio on combustion noise, knocking torque, thermal efficiency and maximum pressure are examined for the dual engine running on the three gaseous fuels separately. The combustion noise, knocking and ignition limits are found to relate to the type of gaseous fuels and to the engine design and operating parameters

  4. The central bank issuing policy and Fisher´s equation of exchange

    Richard Pospíšil


    Full Text Available The issue of money and establishing interest rates are the main activities of central banks. Through this, the banks immediately influence the behaviour of households, companies, financial markets and the state with the impact on real outcome, employment and prices. When monitoring the issue of money, it is necessary to focus not only on its volume, but also on the attributes and functions carried by money. Among the first economists who considered the quality monetary aspect were J. Locke, D. Hume, D. Ricardo and others. The founders of modern monetarism of the 20th century were I. Fisher and M. Friedman. Fisher was the first to define the equation of monetary equilibrium in the present-day form. The objective of the paper is to point out different approaches to the equation and its modifications and different meanings of its variables. As regards the monetary aggregate M – Money – the paper also deals with the denomination of the aggregate to its various elements, which is significant for fulfilling monetary policy targets. This approach is very important especially at present in the time of crisis when central banks are performing their policy considering contradictory targets of price stability and economic growth.


    Stefanía Cuellar Alvira


    Full Text Available El presente documento plantea el abordaje de una idea errónea acerca de la evolución visita de manera unidireccional. La propuesta se realiza en el  marco del trabajo de práctica del seminario de Didáctica II del programa de Licenciatura De Ciencias Naturales Y Educación Ambiental de la Universidad Surcolombiana.  Empleando la estrategia enseñanza de resolución de problemas, partiendo de la pregunta central a resolver ¿cómo evolucionaron los animales y las plantas? Con una secuencia de tres fases: la presentación del problema, plan de solución teniendo en cuenta el uso de los videos The Simpsons – Homer  Evolution” y “La era del hielo 4 - Trailer Oficial Español Latino” para la representación sobre las concepciones unidireccional y multidireccional del concepto de evolución y mecanismos de evolución; con una fase final de conclusiones por medio del planteamiento de situaciones problemas. Propuesta desarrollada a estudiantes del grado noveno de la institución Educativa Ricardo Borrero Álvarez,de la ciudad de Neiva.

  6. Chagas. From Exotic Tropical Disease to Pathology Globalized

    Beatriz BASSO


    Full Text Available Chagas disease, whose aetiological agent is Trypanosoma cruzi, is one of the main endemic diseases in Latin America, ranking fourth regarding the number of lost life years due to death or disability in the area; nevertheless, it is among the so-called “neglected diseases”. Despite its rural origin, where it is transmitted through vector insects belonging to the Reduviidae family, it has nowadays also become a problem in urbanized areas and is becoming globalized through inter-human transmission, above all congenital, but also through transfusions and transplants. Chagas, a Hidden Affliction (Chagas, Un mal escondido, a documentary by Ricardo Preve, focuses on both aspects of the disease: the rural and the global one, including interviews with North American doctors and European researchers. A significant part of the film takes place in the USA, showing the worst consequence of the evolution of the disease, which is death by chagasic cardiopathy which, being a reality that takes place during filming, increases the sense of drama. In this paper we approach specific topics related to Chagas disease from a biomedical point of view, including comments related to the highlights of the film that are connected with such aspects. Towards the end, there is mention of the film Houses of Fire (Casas de fuego and of certain illustrative aspects concerning the life of Dr Salvador Mazza and the Argentine Mission of Regional Pathology Studies (MEPRA, topics that have already been dealt with in this. 

  7. A contribution to the thermal and aero-dynamical modelling of the urban micro-climate. Analysis of the water and vegetation impact on the comfort conditions in outdoor spaces; Contribution a la modelisation thermo-aeraulique du microclimat urbain. Caracterisation de l'impact de l'eau et de la vegetation sur les conditions de confort en espaces exterieurs

    Vinet, J.


    In summer, temperatures in cities may rise, thereby inducing the so-called 'urban heat island' and tremendous consequences on outdoor comfort, health risks, pollutant emission and energy consumption. Replacing vegetation and moist surfaces by concrete or asphalt may enhance these problems. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to quantify the impact of vegetation and water on urban micro-climate and comfort through numerical modelling; In the first part, a scientific literature review considers various topics applied to our problem such as urban micro-climate, simulations, urbanism, urban forestry and outdoor thermal comfort. This information is relevant to define and interpret further numerical modelling. Numerical simulations based on the coupling of the SOLENE. thermal program and the N3S CFD code are proposed to model wind flow, air and surface temperatures. The theoretical principles, hypothesis and coupling methodology are presented here. This set of numerical tools is combined in order to help urban or landscape planners, architects and engineers, to analyse the impacts of different projects on micro-climate and on outdoor thermal comfort, under hot summer conditions. To illustrate this approach, an open space in Montpellier (southern France) called the 'Place du Millenaire' and designed by Ricardo Bofill is studied, considering various cases (no vegetation, actual vegetation and vegetation in 30 years). The comparative results demonstrate improvements of urban form, micro-climate and outdoor thermal comfort. (author)

  8. Power, Gender, and Canon Formation in Mexico

    Cynthia Steele


    Full Text Available I propose to analyze Castellanos's trajectory from marginalized ethnographer and critic of "latino" society, to presidential insider and ambassador, and the first modern Mexican woman writer to be accepted into the literary canon. I will explore the intersection of politics, gender, and the (self- creation of a literary persona with regard to the following issues: 1 the tension between self-exposure and self-censorship in Castellanos's literary work; 2 Castellanos's intense and problematic relationship with her illegitimate, mestizo half-brother; 3 the coincidences and contradictions between Castellanos's journalistic account of her relationship with her servant Maria Escandon, and Maria's own oral history twenty years later; 4 the tension between depression and dependency, on the one hand, and self-assertiveness and audacity, on the other; 5 the relation between Castellanos's role as ambassador and the personal, apolitical, often frivolous character of her journalistic articles written in Israel; 6 the contradictory readings of Castellanos's death, and the respective implications for her place in the canon; and 7 the implications, for their reception, of the love letters published in Cartas a Ricardo 1994, as opposed to 1974.

  9. Subjective evaluation of uncorrected vision in patients undergoing cataract surgery with (diffractive multifocal lenses and monovision

    Stock RA


    Full Text Available Ricardo Alexandre Stock, Thaís Thumé, Luan Gabriel Paese, Elcio Luiz Bonamigo Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina, Rua Getúlio Vargas, Joaçaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil Purpose: To analyze patient satisfaction and difficulties with bilateral multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs implantation and aspheric monofocal IOLs implantation using monovision, after cataract surgery.Materials and methods: A total of 61 participants were included in the study, 29 with monovision and 32 with multifocal lenses. The inclusion criteria were patients undergoing phacoemulsification for bilateral visual impairment due to cataracts and presenting with postoperative visual acuity of 20/30 or better for distance and line J3 or better for near vision.Results: The 2 groups had similar results regarding difficulties with daily activities such as distance vision, near vision, watching television, reading, cooking, using a computer or cellphone, shaving/putting on makeup and shopping. There were differences in responses between the groups regarding difficulty with night vision (P=0.0565 and night driving (P=0.0291. Degree of satisfaction in terms of distance vision without glasses was statistically significantly better in monovision group (P=0.0332, but not for near (P=0.9101.Conclusion: Both techniques yielded satisfactory results regarding visual acuity for different activities without the need to use glasses. Multifocal lenses are a good option for patients with the exception of night driving, and who desire independence from glasses. Keywords: cataract extraction, aphakia, postcataract, patient satisfaction, night vision

  10. Revista Panida

    Gilberto Loaiza Cano


    Full Text Available Panida fue la revista quincenal de arte y literatura que nació en Medellín el 15 de febrero de 1915 y aglutinó, por primera vez, a una nueva generación de intelectuales que, con algunas poses propias de las vanguardias artísticas, animó el ambiente patriarcal de la capital antioqueña. En esa revista se reunieron quienes, posteriormente, construyeron sus peculiares, y en algunos casos truncos, caminos creativos: Ricardo Rendón, León de Greiff, Teodomiro Isaza, Libardo Parra, Rafael Jaramillo, Jesús Restrepo Olarte, Eduardo Vasco, Jorge Villa, Félix Mejía, Bernardo Martínez, Fernando González, José Manuel Mora y José Gaviria. La revista reunió poetas, pintores, músicos, filósofos, que constituyeron el núcleo germinal de la generación de Los Nuevos. En sus diez números -murió el 20 de junio de 1915- logró expresar la intención de revaluar la tradición artística decimonónica y dio las puntadas iniciales de lo que sería el tímido contacto de nuestros intelectuales de comienzos de siglo con el vigoroso movimiento vanguardista.

  11. LÁZARO GILA MEDINA. Pedro de Mena. Madrid: Arco/Libros, 2007. 228 pp. y 124 ils.

    José Luis Requena Bravo De Laguna


    Full Text Available Una de las primeras monografías de la colección Ars Hispanica dirigida bajo la experta supervisión del profesor Benito Navarrete Prieto está dedicada a uno de los escultores del barroco andaluz y español más excelsos de todos los tiempos, nos referimos al granadino Pedro de Mena (1628-1688. Sin duda alguna, la aparición de esta monografía —la segunda después de la publicada por Ricardo de Orueta y Duarte en 1914— ha de celebrarse como un verdadero acontecimiento para todos los amantes de la escultura. Se armonizan en él un conocimiento riguroso de las fuentes documentales —en archivos y bibliotecas— rastreando la historia de las obras con una sorprendente minuciosidad, y una extraordinaria sensibilidad para calibrar el valor estético de la obra escultórica de Mena, hoy dispersa entre numerosas iglesias, museos y colecciones.

  12. Petrography and geochronology (U/Pb-Sm/Nd) the Passagem Granite, Pensamiento Granitoid Complex, Paragua Terrane, SW Amazon Craton, Mato Grosso, Brazil

    Jesus, Gisely Carmo de; Sousa, Maria Zelia Aguiar de; Ruiz, Amarildo Salina; Matos, Joao Batista de


    The Passagem granite includes stocks, plugs and dikes located in the Ricardo Franco hill - Vila Bela da Santissima Trindade region - state of Mato Grosso, central Brazil. The Passagem Granite is included in the Paragua terrane - SW Amazonian Craton. It consists of isotropic monzogranite, sienogranite and more rarely granodiorites with leucocratic dark gray to white color. These rocks range from hypidomorphic inequigranular to xenomorphic texture, fine to medium grained. Biotite is the only primary mafic present as essential phase and characterize an expanded slightly acid sequence formed by a sub-alkaline magmatism of high-potassium calc-alkaline, slightly peraluminous composition from arc magmatic tectonic environment during a post-collisional period. Mechanism of fractional crystallization of plagioclase, biotite, titanite, apatite and zircon associated with simultaneous crustal assimilation are suggested for the evolution of these rocks. The results support the hypothesis of a post-collisional magmatism in the Paragua terrane at 1284 +- 20 Ma corresponding to the crystallization age of the Passagem granite. This paper propose that Passagem Granite represents as an extension in Brazilian terrane of the Pensamiento Granitoid Complex. (author)

  13. Effects of butanol-diesel fuel blends on the performance and emissions of a high-speed DI diesel engine

    Rakopoulos, D.C.; Rakopoulos, C.D.; Giakoumis, E.G.; Dimaratos, A.M.; Kyritsis, D.C.


    An experimental investigation is conducted to evaluate the effects of using blends of n-butanol (normal butanol) with conventional diesel fuel, with 8%, 16% and 24% (by volume) n-butanol, on the performance and exhaust emissions of a standard, fully instrumented, four-stroke, high-speed, direct injection (DI), Ricardo/Cussons 'Hydra' diesel engine located at the authors' laboratory. The tests are conducted using each of the above fuel blends or neat diesel fuel, with the engine working at a speed of 2000 rpm and at three different loads. In each test, fuel consumption, exhaust smokiness and exhaust regulated gas emissions such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and total unburned hydrocarbons are measured. The differences in the measured performance and exhaust emission parameters of the three butanol-diesel fuel blends from the baseline operation of the diesel engine, i.e., when working with neat diesel fuel, are determined and compared. It is revealed that this fuel, which can be produced from biomass (bio-butanol), forms a challenging and promising bio-fuel for diesel engines. The differing physical and chemical properties of butanol against those for the diesel fuel are used to aid the correct interpretation of the observed engine behavior.

  14. O Museu da Saúde em Portugal: um espaço físico, um espaço virtual

    Inês Cavadas de Oliveira

    Full Text Available Resumo O Museu da Saúde em Portugal, baseado no duplo conceito de espaço físico polinucleado e espaço virtual, desenvolve o inventário do seu acervo, tendo, até ao momento, estudado mais aprofundadamente cinco das suas coleções – Tuberculose, Urologia, Psicologia, Medicamento e Malária. Neste artigo, o museu apresenta essas coleções, bem como a problemática do desenvolvimento da atividade museológica no espaço de um laboratório nacional, o Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, salientando as questões dos espaços de reserva e de exposição, o processo de inventário e as atividades de divulgação, atendendo aos desafios inerentes a uma atividade desenvolvida num espaço não museológico.

  15. Colombianos de ayer. Don Ezequiel de Uricoechea

    Víctor Sánchez Montenegro


    Full Text Available Este ilustre sabio nació en Bogotá el 10 de abril de 1834. Contemporáneos de él o mejor dicho de su misma generación, fueron José María Cordovez Moure, Epifanio Mejía, Rafael Celedón, José Joaquín Borda, Camacho Roldán, Diego Fallon, Jorge Isaacs, Felipe Pérez, José María Samper, Ricardo Silva, José María Vergara y Vergara y muchos otros ingenios que formaron la tertulia de "El Mosaico", a la cual perteneció también el doctor Uricoechea. En el lapso comprendido entre el nacimiento y la muerte, acaecida en julio de 1880, el país ha presenciado los grandes acontecimientos históricos y la floración de una nueva generación que fue "la edad de oro de la República", según el concepto autorizado del doctor Luis López de Mesa.

  16. Los iniciadores de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional

    Héctor Pedraza


    Full Text Available El año 1967 es prolífico en efemérides para la cultura colombiana al celebrar fechas centenarias: el natalicio de egregios varones: Carlos Arturo Torres y Carlos E. Restrepo, quienes en diferente forma contribuyeron a cimentar el concepto y la vida democrática de la República; Ricardo Acevedo Bernal quien interpretó en el lienzo con perfección a nuestros próceres de la Independencia y fue émulo de Gregorio Vásquez Arce y Ceballos en la pintura religiosa; Julio Flórez, el bardo dilecto del pueblo; la aparición de la novela de Isaacs que encarnó el sentimiento literario y amoroso de varias generaciones románticas. En el campo científico, aparentemente modesto, pero trascendental para el progreso del país, celebramos el centenario de la reaparición de la Universidad Nacional y con ella, el de su Facultad de Medicina, tan íntimamente ligada a nuestra Academia Nacional de Medicina, pues ambas tuvieron en sus orígenes los mismos fundadores, aun cuando en épocas diferentes, y pre-existieron durante algunos años como instituciones privadas, antes de su incorporación o reconocimiento oficial.

  17. Literatura, historia y memoria

    Nancy Malaver Cruz


    Full Text Available Este artículo señala la estrecha relación que existe entre los conceptos de literatura, historia y memoria. En primer lugar, analiza las similitudes entre la actividad de escribir ficciones (es decir, hechos imaginados y la de escribir acerca de la historia (es decir, hechos del pasado. Para ello, el artículo se detiene en las ideas de filósofos como Hegel y Nietzsche. El artículo señala la gran importancia de la literatura en términos de la construcción de la memoria histórica de los diferentes grupos humanos. Específicamente, el artículo se refiere al género de la historia-ficción, ejemplos del cual son algunas de las obras maestras de los latinoamericanos Jorge Luis Borges y Ricardo Piglia. El artículo ofrece una sucinta presentación de la teoría tropológica del discurso, propuesta por White, en especial su idea de la mediación lingüística, así como de algunas observaciones que sobre el tema han hecho autores como Ricœur y Genecco.

  18. Tres miradas sobre paisaje, identidad regional y cultura folclórica en Santiago del Estero

    Judith Farberman


    Full Text Available Este artículo explora las relaciones entre paisaje, identidad y cultura popular en algunas obras de Ricardo Rojas, Bernardo Canal Feijóo y Orestes Di Lullo sobre Santiago del Estero. Consideramos que Canal Feijóo y Di Lullo regresaron en sus trabajos de las décadas de 1930 y 1940 a tres cuestiones tratadas por Rojas en El país de la selva (1907, aunque en un contexto ya irremediablemente cambiado de destrucción del bosque chaqueño. La primera de ellas consiste en la búsqueda de los orígenes de la cultura folclórica santiagueña en el período colonial. En ausencia de flujos consistentes de inmigración europea, los autores se remitieron a la conquista y a los mestizajes biológicos y culturales posteriores como punto de partida para la formación de una cultura local que ambos estimaban aún vigorosa y original. La segunda es la identidad entre paisaje y cultura folclórica. Di Lullo y Canal compartían con Rojas la idea de que la imaginación popular nacía de la naturaleza o, mejor dicho, de la sensibilidad de sujetos íntimamente consustanciados con ella. En consecuencia, la destrucción del paisaje sólo podía conducir a la del folclore, al que encontraban ya irremediablemente degradado. En tercer lugar, se hallaba la elevación del folclore santiagueño a marca de origen, a sello identitario. El componente indígena, hispano o mestizo se encontraba presente, en diferentes medidas, en aquel patrimonio ancestral que, como Rojas lo había hecho antes, Canal y Di Lullo describieron e interpretaron a la luz de sus personales lecturas de la historia santiagueña.This article explores the relationship between landscape, identity and popular culture of Santiago del Estero in the works of Ricardo Rojas, Bernardo Canal Feijóo and Orestes Di Lullo. In my opinion, Di Lullo and Canal Feijóo revisited El país de la selva (1907 in some of their works, especially in those written in the 30's and 40's. Three issues are analyzed here. The first

  19. O cuidado nos centros municipais educacionais infantis em relação às infecções respiratórias agudas = The care in the municipal centers for children education about acute respiratory infections

    Eloeth Kaliska Piva


    Full Text Available As infecções respiratórias agudas (IRA são causa de morbidade e mortalidade na infância, e sua crescente manifestação e transmissão nos centros educacionais infantis têm sugestionado maior atenção aos cuidados prestados nesses locais as crianças. Este estudo teve por objetivo conhecer as atitudes preventivas e curativas do cuidado proporcionado pelos monitores educacionais dos Centros Municipais Educacionais Infantis da Cidade de Cascavel - PR diante das IRA. Para tanto, realizamos entre novembro a dezembro de 2008, uma pesquisa qualitativa com 12 monitores educacionais, por meio da entrevista semi-estruturada gravada. Os aspectos emergentes das entrevistas foram pontuados e orientado na ótica do cuidado integral de José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita Ayres. As ações das monitoras educacionais em relação as IRA têm caráter curativo, sendo fundamentadas no cuidado técnico e entendimentos causais. Nessas ações faltam elementos que compõem o cuidado integral como o movimento, a interação, a reconstrução de identidades e alteridades, a não-causalidade, a plasticidade, a temporalidade e a responsabilidade. Diante disso, enfatiza-se a necessidade de preparar os monitores e as instituições para o cuidado integral. E, sobretudo, a articulação dos centros educacionais aos setores de saúde promovendo a aplicação de estratégias para o controle, prevenção e promoção da saúde das crianças.Acute respiratory infections are the causes of morbidity and mortality during infancy and childhood. Their increasing manifestation and transmission in day-care centers have demanded greater attention for children’ care in such institutions. Current research investigates prevention and care activities provided by educational monitors of day-care center in Cascavel, Paraná State, Brazil, with regard to acute respiratory infections. A qualitative research was undertaken with 12 educational monitors between November and December 2008

  20. A Low Cost Air Hybrid Concept Un concept hybride à air et à bas prix

    Lee C. Y.


    Full Text Available The air hybrid engine absorbs the vehicle kinetic energy during braking, stores it in an air tank in the form of compressed air, and reuses it to propel a vehicle during cruising and acceleration. Capturing, storing and reusing this braking energy to give additional power can therefore improve fuel economy, particularly in cities and urban areas where the traffic conditions involve many stops and starts. In order to reuse the residual kinetic energy, the vehicle operation consists of 3 basic modes, i.e. Compression Mode (CM, Expander Mode (EM and normal firing mode. Unlike previous works, a low cost air hybrid engine has been proposed and studied. The hybrid engine operation can be realized by means of production technologies, such as VVT and valve deactivation. In this work, systematic investigation has been carried out on the performance of the hybrid engine concept through detailed gas dynamic modelling using Ricardo WAVE software. Valve timing optimization has been done for the more efficient operation of air hybrid operation and obtaining higher braking and motoring mean effective pressure for CM and EM respectively. Le moteur hybride à air absorbe l’énergie cinétique du véhicule en cas de freinage, la stocke sous forme d’air comprimé, puis la réutilise pour faire avancer le véhicule en circulation ou en accélération. Capter, stocker et réutiliser cette énergie et créer ainsi une puissance plus importante peut donc permettre de plus grandes économies de carburant, surtout en ville et zone urbaine, lorsque les conditions de circulation imposent de nombreux arrêts et démarrages. Pour pouvoir réutiliser l’énergie cinétique, on distingue trois modes de base d’utilisation du véhicule : les modes compression (MC, expansion (ME et standard. Un moteur hybride à air et à bas prix a été proposé et étudié. Un tel moteur peut être opéré par le biais de technologies de production, comme le VVT et la d

  1. School and writing. A school page in the daily newspaper Escuela y escritura. Una página escolar en la prensa diaria



    Full Text Available The innovative and vanguard experience known as «La Isla de los Niños» that was accomplished in the Canary Islands by the teacher Ricardo García Luis, represents the reality of writing done in the schools. His ability to prepare students for participation in a form of media communication led to the fusion of educational, cultural and social elements that facilitated a dialog between the students and the world. The purpose was not to prepare a student publication for the educational center, but rather to publish in the daily newspaper. The children expressed themselves freely on diverse topics and themes at a time in which the Franco dictatorship represented definite censorship. Initially the work came out of the professional work of the aforementioned teacher, in a school in the town of La Zarza, in the municipality of Arico (south of the island of Tenerife, that discovered the ability to narrate, describe, interpret and retell the activities of his students that he felt worthy of notice. He broke with the mold and all educational stereotypes and opened new horizons for his students when he edited the material written in his school and published in the newspaper El Día a weekly paper from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.La experiencia innovadora y vanguardista que realizó en Canarias el maestro Ricardo García Luis, conocida como «La Isla de los Niños», representa la proyección de la escritura desde la escuela. Su conciencia y disposición para habilitar a los escolares para su intervención y proyección en un medio de comunicación condujo a la conjugación educativa, cultural y social, a través de la cual los alumnos dialogaban con el mundo. Porque no se trataba de elaborar una página escolar para el centro educativo, sino para insertarla en la prensa diaria. De acuerdo con los objetivos de su creador, los niños se expresaban libremente sobre diversos aspectos y temas en una etapa aún amordazada por la dictadura franquista. En un

  2. Unidades fototérmicas e temperatura-base inferior de frutos de Mangueira Alfa, na Baixada Cuiabana Photothermal units and lower base temperature for alfa mango fruit on the Baixada Cuiabana

    Marcelo Paes de Barros


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi determinar a temperatura-base inferior (Tb a partir da unidade fototérmica (UF para o cultivo experimental de manga Alfa sob condições de cerrado. Foram utilizados dados diários da temperatura do ar disponibilizados pela Estação Agrometeorológica Padre Ricardo Remetter, localizada em Santo Antônio do Leverger-MT (15,8° S e 56,1° W, 140 m, e avaliação sensorial do estádio de maturação dos frutos de manga. A Tb foi determinada pelo método da menor variabilidade das unidades fototérmicas (UF acumuladas do período da floração à colheita dos frutos, variabilidade avaliada pelo coeficiente de variação (cv simulado para diferentes valores da Tb. De julho a novembro de 2007, em três plantas de um pomar demonstrativo irrigado, foram identificados 82 frutos para o acompanhamento do crescimento e maturação. Entre esses frutos, em meados de dezembro de 2007, foi possível identificar 13 frutos que atingiram a maturidade fisiológica, após um período médio de observação de 112 dias. Para exigência fototérmica de 1.878.166,1 UF, encontrou-se Tb de 10 °C, valor consistente com os apresentados na literatura para a cultivar de manga, o que comprova a eficiência do método que combina a ação da temperatura e do fotoperíodo sobre a maturação dos frutos e que confere um caráter mais racional que o método tradicional da soma térmica.In this study was to determine the lower base temperature (Tb for Alfa mango fruit, using the photothermal units (PTU method in cerrado conditions. The meteorological data for the study were acquired from "Padre Ricardo Remetter" meteorological station located at Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brazil (15,8° S and 56,1° W, 140 m, and the fruit data was acquired by sensorial evaluation of mango fruit maturation state. The Tb was determined by less variability of the coefficient of variation (cv method applied to the PTU sum, from flowering to harvest, simulated for


    Manuel Alcides Jofré


    Full Text Available El cuento "Warma kuyay (Amor de niño" se publica en 1935, en Agua1. Han transcurrido 70 años desde su aparición. Esta breve pieza narrativa de José María Arguedas fue conocida en Chile a partir de la Antología del cuento hispanoamericano de Ricardo Latcham2 y figura también en la recopilación de todos los cuentos de Arguedas en Amormundo3. En el presente trabajo de investigación, se utilizará primero una técnica de análisis textual que se centrará en el análisis de motivos, entendidos como una situación básica en la vida humana. El triángulo amoroso y la ruptura provocada por el cuarto elemento son cuidadosamente estudiados, en la perspectiva de definir al cuento tanto como una narración de un solo episodio o como una narración de un solo motivo. Esta definición orgánica es esencial para el discurso narrativo bajo análisis, en la cual se percibirán oposiciones estructurales entre luminosidad-oscuridad, armonía e inarmonía, naturaleza y marginalidad, interior y exterior. Finalmente, se intenta una clasificación, desde el punto de vista de su organización interna mediante una tipología, todo lo cual lleva la exégesis a una propuesta histórica y diacrónica, abordando así las nociones de generación, promoción, tendencia y corriente, características de la construcción de la historia literaria en el periodo superrealistaThe short story "Warma kuyay" ("A child's love" was published in "Agua", in 1935. Seventy years have passed since then. This brief narrative piece by José María Arguedas was known in Chile through Ricardo Latcham's Anthology of 1962, "Antología del cuento hispanoamericano", and it also appears in the compilation of all of Arguedas's short fiction in "Amormundo". Our research will first use the textual analysis technique, centered on the analysis of motivation, understood as a basic situation in human life. The love triangle and the rupture provided by the fourth element are carefullly studied, in

  4. The income concept in classical applied to the study of agrarian conflict in 2008 El concepto de renta en los clásicos aplicado al estudio del conflicto agrario del año 2008

    José A. Pierri


    Full Text Available The Agrarian Conflict of 2008 divided the society of Argentina in sectors that supported and opposed the adoption of Resolution No. 125 of the Secretary of Agriculture. Fisheries and Food referred to establish mobileexport duties on exports of grains and soy .The confrontation addressed, indirectly, a classic theoretical debate in the economic history of Argentina, the origin and definition of the concept of land and income distribution, issues including the main theme Income Differential. The problem addressed by several authors, can be cited recent work by Ernesto Laclau, Guillermo Flichman, Eduardo Azcuy Ameghino and Juan Iñigo Carreras, refers to the theoretical approaches proposed by Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Karl Marx on these issues applied European countries in the nineteenth century. The purpose of this study is to analyze those classic concepts on income statements and contrast these theoretical approaches with statistical data about the evolution of production and income from the production of soybeans and soybean products in the decades immediately preceding and during the 2008, when agriculture was referred to the long conflict. In light of the above to analyze the validity and limitations of the traditional theoretical approaches to analyze the present agrarian situation.El conflicto agrario del año 2008 dividió a la sociedad argentina en sectores que apoyaron y se opusieron a la aprobación de la Resolución N§ 125 de la Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganadería. Pesca y Alimentación referida a establecer derechos de exportación móviles a la exportación de granos y derivados de la soja. La confrontación abordó, indirectamente, un clásico debate teórico en la historia económica argentina, el del origen y definición del concepto renta de la tierra y su distribución, cuestiones que incluyen como tema principal a la Renta Diferencial. La problemática abordada por diversos autores, entre los que se pueden citar trabajos

  5. Validation of a 3D/1D Simulation Tool for ICRF Antennas

    Maggiora, R.; Lancellotti, V.; Milanesio, D.; Vecchi, G.; Kyrytsya, V.; Parisot, A.; Wukitch, S. J.


    TOPICA is an innovative tool for the simulation of the Ion Cyclotron Radio Frequency (ICRF) antenna systems that incorporates commercial-grade graphic interfaces into a fully 3D self-consistent description of the antenna geometry and an accurate description of the plasma; it can be considered as a 'Virtual Prototyping Laboratory' to assist the detailed design phase of the antenna system. Recent theoretical and computational advances of the TOPICA code has allowed to incorporate a CAD drawing capability of the antenna geometry, with fully 3D geometrical modeling, and to combine it with a 1D accurate plasma description that takes into account density and temperature profiles, and FLR effects; the profiles are inserted directly from measured data (when available), or specified analytically by the user. The coaxial feeding line is modeled as such; computation and visualization of relevant parameters (input scattering parameters, current and field distributions, etc.) complete the suite. The approach to the problem is based on an integral-equation formulation for the self-consistent evaluation of the current distribution on the conductors. The environment has been subdivided in two coupled region: the plasma region and the vacuum region. The two problems are linked self-consistently by representing the field continuity in terms of equivalent (unknown) sources. In the vacuum region all the calculations are executed in the spatial (configuration) domain, and this allows triangular-facet description of the arbitrarily shaped conductors and associated currents; in the plasma region a spectral representation of the fields is used, which allows to enter the plasma effect via a surface impedance matrix; for this reason any plasma model can be used, and at present the FELICE code has been adopted; special techniques have been adopted to increase the numerical efficiency. The TOPICA suite has been previously tested against assessed codes and against measurements of mock-ups and


    Luz Cristina López


    Full Text Available La Investigación Dramática para Metodología Ludotecas - NAVES, es un proceso de investigación concertado entre la Universidad Santo Tomas sede Bogotá y la Corporación Día del Niño - CDN. El objetivo general fue describir y comprender la metodología NAVES a través de encuentros dramáticos realizados en 12 ludotecas del país. Se integró un equipo de investigadores con docentes de la Facultad de Cultura Física, Deporte y Recreación y funcionarios del área técnica de la CDN, quienes acogieron los principios de la investigación cualitativa y construyeron una propuesta innovativa denominada investigación dramática, con criterios, conceptos, instrumentos y técnicas apropiadas a estas ludotecas. Las ludotecas NAVES con las que se desarrolló esta propuesta investigativa fueron María Ignacia Fajardo de Chiquinquirá, Sueños de Belén de Umbría, Cafeteritos de Chinchiná, Cocorobé de Quibdo, Aventuras Mágicas de Cúcuta, Mundo de Ilusiones de Santiago, Texaco de Manaure, La Tora de Barrancabermeja, Luz del Saber de Túquerres, Caritas Felices de Valledupar, Aventura Mágica de Restrepo y Valentina de Sabaneta. El presente artículo hace parte del texto final de la investigación y expone los fundamentos de esta innovación en investigación dramática como propuesta investigativa desde lo social que surge del buscar la caracterización de la metodología NAVES, y que permitió revelar desde una acción lúdico dramática, conocimientos, prácticas y generar acciones significativas de empoderamiento y autogestión de las comunidades en torno a las ludotecas.

  7. Atoms for Peace (and War): US Forms of Influence on Italy's Civilian Nuclear Programs (1946-1964)

    Bini, Elisabetta


    these agreements and, most importantly, the marginalization of 'Comitato Nazionale per l'Energia Nucleare's Secretary General Felice Ippolito after the so-called 'Ippolito affair'.


    Rita Osipovna Mazel


    Full Text Available This article presents Dostoyevsky to readers as an author praising happiness and felicity. Having lived through deep sorrows he acquired insight into another dimension of life. Like a longing pathfinder, he states the unfeigned grace of life. “Life is a gift, life is mercy, and any minute may be the age of happiness”, – this is the essence of his great novels. People are not lonesome on Earth; they are bound by invisible threads. A loner may not succeed. One heart or one consciousness attracts another one like a magnet, as if claiming: thou art... Christ, with his Love and his Sacrifice, the greatest miracle on the Earth. It is impossible to be aware of Christ’s existence and not to be joyful. Dostoyevsky reveals one of the main principles of life: when you love someone and sacrifice yourself to this person you satisfy your aspiration for a beau ideal and feel like in heavens. In this article the author analyzes selected scenes of happiness in Dostoevsky’s novels: Arkady’s and his sister Liza’s admiration for the sacrifice of their father Versilov; Alyosha and Grushen’ka, saving each other instead of committing sins and transgressing moral standards; Alyosha’s dream about the Christ’s first miracle in Cana of Galilee; Stavrogin’s dream of the Golden Age of the blessed mankind... In Dostoyevsky’s tragic novel The Possessed (The Devils, or Demons a reader faces an image of love – mutual, sacrificial, fulfilling, and blithe. There is probably nothing similar in the history of the world literature. One can eminently feel the interconnectedness of Dostoevsky’s heroes with another, higher world that penetrates into every aspect of their lives. All of his creatures are illumed by the light of other worlds. It is clear that there cannot be darkness, despair, or hopelessness in Dostoevsky’s works, because even in the hell full of demons there is a place for righteous people, luminous (as Nikolai Berdyaev called them and

  9. El cuidado en la trayectoria vital: rompiendo moldes con criterios de justicia y felicidad

    Irene Comins Mingol


    .. In this article the author proposes sharing the activities of caring between men and women not only according criteria based on justice and equity but also on felicity and self-realization. It will imply rearrangements on basic dimensions of social organization from a life-course perspective, like work and education system.

  10. Full-wave and Fokker Planck analysis of ICRF heating experiments in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak

    Bonoli, P.T.; Golovato, S.; Porkolab, M.; Takase, Y.


    The Alcator C-Mod device is a high field, high density, shaped tokamak with parameters a = 0.22 m, R 0 = 0.67 m, B 0 ≤ 9.0 T, κ ≤ 1.8, δ ≤ 0.8, and 1.0 x 10 20 m -3 n e (0) ≤ 1.0 x 10 21 m -3 . Four megawatt of ICRF power is available at 80 MHz. The wide operating range in magnetic field makes several heating schemes possible: (i) Second harmonic heating of hydrogen (f 0 = 2f CH ) at 2.6 T in (D-H); (ii) Fundamental heating of (H) (f 0 = f CH ) at 5.3T in a D-(H) plasma; and (iii) Fundamental heating of ( 3 He) (f 0 = f C 3 He ) at 7.9 T in a D-( 3 He) plasma. The most successful heating regime to date has been (H)-minority heating at 5.3 T. Pellet enhanced performance (PEP) modes have also been achieved in C-Mod in D-(H) at 5.3 T and in D-( 3 He) at 7.9 T, with a combination of intense ICRF heating and Li-pellet injection. A variety of numerical models are used to analyze these heating schemes. A 1-D full-wave code (FELICE) is used to study open-quotes single passclose quotes damping of the ICRF wavefront and damping of mode-converted ion Bernstein waves. A toroidal full-wave code (FISIC) is used to study interference and focussing effects of the ICRF waves as well as damping of the ICRF power upon multiple passes of the ICRF wavefront. A combined bounce averaged Fokker Planck and toroidal full-wave code (FPPRF) is used to study the ion tail formation, orbit losses, and the power partition of the ICRF tail to the background electrons and ions. Full-wave and Fokker Planck analyses confirm the strong single pass absorption of the ICRF power in D-(H) at 5.3 T. Analysis of PEP-mode plasmas in D-( 3 He) indicates improved wave focussing and 3 He-cyclotron absorption of the ICRF waves relative to L-mode. A dramatic increase in the transfer of 3 He tail power to the background deuterium is also found for PEP-mode plasmas

  11. O significado da velhice e da experiência de envelhecer para os idosos Significado de la vejez y de la experiencia de envejecer para los ancianos The meaning of old age and the aging experience of in the elderly

    Maria Célia de Freitas


    Full Text Available O estudo objetivou conhecer e analisar o significado da velhice e da experiência de envelhecer para os idosos moradores da zona rural do Estado do Ceará. Pesquisa descritiva-exploratória, realizada com 48 idosos, homens e mulheres, cadastrados e atendidos na estratégia saúde da família da zona rural do Ceará, no primeiro semestre de 2005. Os discursos dos idosos revelaram que a velhice traz muitas perdas, principalmente quando acometidos pelo adoecimento. No entanto, relatam que, hoje, são felizes pelas conquistas pessoais e materiais, além da família que conseguiram formar. A experiência de envelhecer e a velhice para o grupo pesquisado revelam-se como acontecimento positivo, comparado aos mitos e preconceitos oriundos do meio urbano.El estudio tuvo como objetivo conocer y analizar el significado de la vejez y de la experiencia de envejecer para los ancianos habitantes de la zona rural del Estado de Ceará. Investigación descriptivo-exploratoria, realizada con 48 ancianos, hombres y mujeres, censados y atendidos en la estrategia Salud de la Familia de la zona rural de Ceará, durante el primer semestre de 2005. Las declaraciones de los ancianos revelaron que la vejez acarrea muchas pérdidas, principalmente cuando están afectados por alguna enfermedad. Aún así, relatan que hoy son felices por las conquistas personales y materiales, y también por la familia que consiguieron formar. La experiencia de envejecer y la vejez para el grupo investigado se manifiestan como acontecimientos positivos en comparación a los mitos y preconceptos originados en el medio urbano.The objective of the present study was to identify and analyze the meaning of old age and the experience of aging for elderly individuals living in the rural area of Ceará state. This descriptive, exploratory study was performed with 48 aged men and women, registered in the family health strategy of the rural zone of Ceara, in the first semester of 2005. The statements

  12. Abstract [NOMA-15: International workshop on nonlinear maps and their applications


    The International Workshop on Nonlinear Maps and their Applications (NOMA) is a series of international conferences. NOMA editions were held in Toulouse (Noma’07), Urbino (Noma’09), Évora (Noma’ 11) and Zaragoza (Noma’13). The fifth edition of NOMA was organised and hosted by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University College Dublin. This workshop brings together researchers from theoretical and application areas (mathematics, physics, engineering and economics) who study nonlinear discrete systems. Nonlinear iterative processes play an important role in physical, biological and social phenomena. Nonlinear mappings can directly model various systems or can be obtained using numerical methods permitting the solution of differential nonlinear equations. In both cases, the understanding of specific behaviours and bifurcations of these type of systems is of the greatest interest. This workshop is open to theoretical studies as well as applicative ones in the fields of physics, electronics, biology, computational methods, engineering, telecommunications and others. The scientific programme of NOMA’ 15 included 28 invited and regular lectures with 12 selected talks published in this special issue. Prof Vassili Gelfreich (the University of Warwick), Prof Daniele Fournier-Prunaret (INSA Toulouse), Prof Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz (the University of Zaragoza), Prof Sergio Callegari (the University of Bologna), Prof Yoshifumi Nishio (Tokushima University) and Dr Elena Blokhina (University College Dublin) have served as the editors of NOMA’2015 and selected the papers. On behalf of the scientific committee of NOMA, we would like to thank the editors and Eoghan O'Riordan and Panagiotis Giounanlis for their help in preparing this special issue. We are very grateful for the support of University College Dublin and to the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. (paper)

  13. Summary of the analyses for recovery factors

    Verma, Mahendra K.


    IntroductionIn order to determine the hydrocarbon potential of oil reservoirs within the U.S. sedimentary basins for which the carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) process has been considered suitable, the CO2 Prophet model was chosen by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to be the primary source for estimating recovery-factor values for individual reservoirs. The choice was made because of the model’s reliability and the ease with which it can be used to assess a large number of reservoirs. The other two approaches—the empirical decline curve analysis (DCA) method and a review of published literature on CO2-EOR projects—were deployed to verify the results of the CO2 Prophet model. This chapter discusses the results from CO2 Prophet (chapter B, by Emil D. Attanasi, this report) and compares them with results from decline curve analysis (chapter C, by Hossein Jahediesfanjani) and those reported in the literature for selected reservoirs with adequate data for analyses (chapter D, by Ricardo A. Olea).To estimate the technically recoverable hydrocarbon potential for oil reservoirs where CO2-EOR has been applied, two of the three approaches—CO2 Prophet modeling and DCA—do not include analysis of economic factors, while the third approach—review of published literature—implicitly includes economics. For selected reservoirs, DCA has provided estimates of the technically recoverable hydrocarbon volumes, which, in combination with calculated amounts of original oil in place (OOIP), helped establish incremental CO2-EOR recovery factors for individual reservoirs.The review of published technical papers and reports has provided substantial information on recovery factors for 70 CO2-EOR projects that are either commercially profitable or classified as pilot tests. When comparing the results, it is important to bear in mind the differences and limitations of these three approaches.

  14. Las éticas de la convergencia y la filosofía de lo cotidiano: Los actos comunicativos como condiciones de humanización del mundo globalizado mediante la responsabilidad, la reflexión, la compasión y el reconocimiento del otro

    Francisco Javier Villar


    Full Text Available El artículo presentará el cruce y coincidencias de dos propuestasfilosófico-morales latinoamericanas para el mundo actual: la que surge apartir de la edición de un libro homenaje al filósofo argentino Ricardo Maliandi(Salas, 2010 y la del filósofo chileno Humberto Giannini, reflejadatambién en un libro homenaje (Sánchez y Aguirre, 2011. En el artículoambas propuestas son presentadas como un aporte propio de la filosofíalatinoamericana al mundo de la filosofía desde las éticas del diálogo, rescatandosus coincidencias y similitudes. El artículo aprovechará sus enfoquespara leer la realidad latinoamericana con sus problemas y necesidades sociales,éticas y políticas proponiendo con sus autores aquellos principalesrasgos de una ética comunicativa que posibilitarán condiciones de vida personaly colectivas más humanizadoras y habitables para todas las personas:la responsabilidad, la reflexión, la compasión y el reconocimiento del otro.Siendo la educación, en estas propuestas filosóficas, uno de los vehículosesenciales de construcción social del mundo actual, a partir de ellas propondrá a su vez caminos de educabilidad y de logros de dichas condiciones enel ámbito de la educación superior latinoamericana. Por último, el artículoplantea la responsabilidad social universitaria como un concepto, enriquecidopor el aporte de estas éticas convergentes y cotidianas, a consolidarse enlas universidades para que éstas, en cuanto organizaciones sociales, logrendicha construcción social

  15. Biological trade and markets.

    Hammerstein, Peter; Noë, Ronald


    Cooperation between organisms can often be understood, like trade between merchants, as a mutually beneficial exchange of services, resources or other 'commodities'. Mutual benefits alone, however, are not sufficient to explain the evolution of trade-based cooperation. First, organisms may reject a particular trade if another partner offers a better deal. Second, while human trade often entails binding contracts, non-human trade requires unwritten 'terms of contract' that 'self-stabilize' trade and prevent cheating even if all traders strive to maximize fitness. Whenever trading partners can be chosen, market-like situations arise in nature that biologists studying cooperation need to account for. The mere possibility of exerting partner choice stabilizes many forms of otherwise cheatable trade, induces competition, facilitates the evolution of specialization and often leads to intricate forms of cooperation. We discuss selected examples to illustrate these general points and review basic conceptual approaches that are important in the theory of biological trade and markets. Comparing these approaches with theory in economics, it turns out that conventional models-often called 'Walrasian' markets-are of limited relevance to biology. In contrast, early approaches to trade and markets, as found in the works of Ricardo and Cournot, contain elements of thought that have inspired useful models in biology. For example, the concept of comparative advantage has biological applications in trade, signalling and ecological competition. We also see convergence between post-Walrasian economics and biological markets. For example, both economists and biologists are studying 'principal-agent' problems with principals offering jobs to agents without being sure that the agents will do a proper job. Finally, we show that mating markets have many peculiarities not shared with conventional economic markets. Ideas from economics are useful for biologists studying cooperation but need

  16. Analysis of the backpressure effect of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) evaporator on the exhaust line of a turbocharged heavy duty diesel power generator for marine applications

    Michos, Constantine N.; Lion, Simone; Vlaskos, Ioannis; Taccani, Rodolfo


    Highlights: • Waste heat recovery on internal combustion engines is studied. • The backpressure effect of the Organic Rankine Cycle boiler has been evaluated. • Three different state-of-the art turbocharging technologies have been assessed. • Six different fluids for medium-high temperature recovery have been considered. • A reduction up to 10% in fuel consumption can be achieved. - Abstract: In marine and power generation sectors, waste heat recovery technologies are attracting growing attention in order to increase heavy duty diesel engines efficiency and decrease fuel consumption, with the purpose of respecting stringent emissions legislations. In this work, the backpressure effect of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) evaporator on the exhaust line of a turbocharged, V12 heavy duty diesel engine, for typical marine and power generation applications has been investigated using the commercial software Ricardo WAVE. Three different state-of-the art turbocharging strategies are assessed in order to counterbalance the increased pumping losses of the engine due to the boiler installation: fixed turbine, Waste-Gate (WG) and Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT). At the same time, the steady-state thermodynamic performance of two different ORC configurations, simple tail-pipe evaporator and recuperated simple tail-pipe evaporator layouts, are assessed, with the scope of further increasing the engine power output, recovering unutilized exhaust gas heat. Several different working fluids, suitable for medium-high temperature waste heat recovery, are evaluated and screened, considering, as well, health and safety issues. Thermodynamic cycle parameters such as, for example, evaporation and condensing pressures, working fluid mass flow and cycle temperatures, are optimized in order to obtain the maximum improvement in Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (bsfc). From the engine side point of view, a VGT turbocharger is the most favorable solution to withstand increased

  17. The somatic marker theory in the context of addiction: contributions to understanding development and maintenance

    Olsen VV


    Full Text Available Vegard V Olsen,1 Ricardo G Lugo,1 Stefan Sütterlin1,2 1Section of Psychology, Lillehammer University College, Lillehammer, 2Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Division of Surgery and Clinical Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital – Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway Abstract: Recent theoretical accounts of addiction have acknowledged that addiction to substances and behaviors share inherent similarities (eg, insensitivity to future consequences and self-regulatory deficits. This recognition is corroborated by inquiries into the neurobiological correlates of addiction, which has indicated that different manifestations of addictive pathology share common neural mechanisms. This review of the literature will explore the feasibility of the somatic marker hypothesis as a unifying explanatory framework of the decision-making deficits that are believed to be involved in addiction development and maintenance. The somatic marker hypothesis provides a neuroanatomical and cognitive framework of decision making, which posits that decisional processes are biased toward long-term prospects by emotional marker signals engendered by a neuronal architecture comprising both cortical and subcortical circuits. Addicts display markedly impulsive and compulsive behavioral patterns that might be understood as manifestations of decision-making processes that fail to take into account the long-term consequences of actions. Evidence demonstrates that substance dependence, pathological gambling, and Internet addiction are characterized by structural and functional abnormalities in neural regions, as outlined by the somatic marker hypothesis. Furthermore, both substance dependents and behavioral addicts show similar impairments on a measure of decision making that is sensitive to somatic marker functioning. The decision-making deficits that characterize addiction might exist a priori to addiction development; however, they may be worsened by ingestion of substances with

  18. Postmenopausal vaginal atrophy: evaluation of treatment with local estrogen therapy

    Minkin MJ


    Full Text Available Mary Jane Minkin,1 Ricardo Maamari,2 Suzanne Reiter3 1Department of Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA; 2Novo Nordisk Inc., Plainsboro, NJ, USA; 3Mid-County Health Center, Largo, FL, USA Abstract: Postmenopausal vaginal atrophy, resulting from decreased estrogen production, frequently requires treatment. Estrogen preparations provide the most effective treatment; local application is preferred to systemic drugs when treating only vaginal symptoms. As local estrogen therapies have comparable efficacy, this study aimed to understand treatment practices, assess experiences with different forms of local estrogen-delivering applicators, and evaluate satisfaction. Women who were US residents aged ≥18 years, menopausal (no spontaneous menstrual period for ≥1 year or with a double oophorectomy, and receiving local estrogen therapy for 1–6 months (vaginal cream [supplied with a reusable applicator] or vaginal tablets [supplied with a single-use/disposable applicator], completed an online questionnaire. Data from 200 women (100 cream users and 100 tablet users; mean therapy duration 3.48 months showed that most stored medication in the room in which it was applied (88% and applied it at bedtime (71%, a procedure for which cream users required, on average, more than twice the time of tablet users (5.08 minutes versus 2.48 minutes. Many cream users applied larger-than-prescribed amounts of cream, attempting to achieve greater efficacy (42%, or lower-than-recommended doses (45%, most frequently to avoid messiness (33% or leakage (30%. More tablet users (69% than cream users (14% were "extremely satisfied" with their applicator. Postmenopausal women using local estrogen therapy were generally more satisfied with the application of vaginal tablets than cream. Patient satisfaction may help to facilitate accurate dosing. Positive perceptions of medication will help to optimize treatment, which

  19. Small sets of interacting proteins suggest functional linkage mechanisms via Bayesian analogical reasoning.

    Airoldi, Edoardo M; Heller, Katherine A; Silva, Ricardo



  20. [Clinical and endoscopic features of a selected population with serrated colorectal adenomas in a private clinic in Lima - Peru].

    Castillo, Ofelia; Barreda, Carlos; Recavarren, Sixto; Barriga, José A; Salazar M, Fernando; Yriberry, Simón; Barriga, Eduardo; Salazar C, Fernando


    To describe the clinical and endoscopic caracteristics of a population that has only serrated polyps of colon (mainly sessile serrated adenomas) in a private clinic in Lima, Perú, from 2009-2011. Retrospective study conducted at the endoscopy center of Clinic Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru. Olympus colonoscope was used with high definition, including NBI (narrow band imaging) and electronic magnification. Patients had pathologic diagnosis of “polyps and / or colorectal serrated adenomas” and excluded those with synchronous tubular or villous adenomas. Images were evaluated by two endoscopists and then by a third gastroenterologist. We found 201 serrated polyps in 108 patients. Women were 60.2% and overweight predominated. Eighty (74.1%) had only one serrated adenoma and 23 (21.3%) with at least one synchronous hyperplastic polyp. The average size of sessile serrated adenomas was 5.12 mm (± 3.87 DS) and the flat type was 91 (58.7%). There were significant differences in the diameter of sessile serrated adenomas between the distal and proximal colon (4.47 mm ± 2.23 vs. 6.90 mm ± 6.25; p<0.000). The common features of sessile serrated adenomas were: White (31/36, 86.1%), smooth (28/36, 77.8%) and regular margins (26/36, 72.2%). There was a relationship between vascular pattern according NBI and serrated polyp histology (p=0.024). The endoscopic features of sessile serrated adenomas can evade detection to white light. NBI is a useful tool to define some features of these lesions.

  1. Simulation of the fuel consumption benefits of various transmission arrangements and control strategies within a flywheel based mechanical hybrid system

    Body, William; Brockbank, Chris [Torotrak (Development) Ltd. (United Kingdom)


    Flywheel based mechanical hybrid technology is being developed for both motorsport and mainstream automotive applications. One particular road car application project, part funded by the UK Government Technology Strategy Board, is being led by Jaguar Land Rover, managed by Prodrive and using advanced technology from Flybrid Systems, Ford, Ricardo. Torotrak and Xtrac. During the two year programme, the group will develop the new technology and build a demonstrator vehicle equipped with the system. The mechanical system recovers kinetic energy from the vehicle during braking to a high speed rotating flywheel via a variable drive system. When compared to an electric motor / battery arrangement, the mechanical hybrid system offers benefits in cost, weight, package, efficiency and ultimately vehicle fuel consumption. As part of the development and optimisation process in order to specify the road car system, all aspects of the mechanical hybrid system are under investigation by the group. Alongside the required quantity of energy storage and the rates of energy recovery and reapplication, a number of different physical architectures for the system are being analysed. The Torotrak full-toroidal traction drive has been assigned as the variable drive element of the mechanical hybrid system. Multiple configuration options are available including direct drive, epicyclic shunted, range extended CVT and epicyclic shunted IVT arrangements. In addition, the flywheel and variable drive system can be connected to the powertrain in a variety of different locations, from the engine through the powertrain to the wheels. This paper describes the simulation of the mechanical hybrid system with particular focus on the impact on the fuel consumption benefit, over multiple drive cycles, of the variable drive configuration, the location of the variable drive and flywheel system and the control strategy options. (orig.)

  2. Late- versus early-onset geriatric depression in a memory research center

    Carol Dillon


    Full Text Available Carol Dillon1, Ricardo F Allegri2, Cecilia M Serrano1, Mónica Iturry1, Pablo Salgado1, Frank B Glaser1, Fernando E Taragano21Memory Research Center, Department of Neurology, Hospital General Abel Zubizarreta, GCBA Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2Department of Neuropsychology (SIREN, CEMIC University, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaObjective: To contrast early-onset (<60 years and late-onset (>60 years depression in geriatric patients by evaluating differences in cognition, vascular comorbidity and sociological risk factors. Both patient groups were compared with normal subjects.Materials and methods: We recruited 76 patients with depressive symptoms (37 late onset and 39 early onset and 17 normal controls matched by age and educational level. All subjects were assessed using a semistructured neuropsychiatric interview and an extensive neuropsychological battery. Vascular and sociological risk factors were also evaluated.Results: We found a significant variation in performance between depressive patients and normal controls in most cognitive functions, especially memory (P < 0.0001, semantic fluency (P < 0.0001, verbal fluency, and digit-symbol (P < 0.0001. Late-onset depression patients scored lower and exhibited more severe impairment in memory domains than early-onset depression patients (P < 0.05. Cholesterol levels and marital status were significantly (P < 0.05 different between the depressive groups. Both depressed groups (early- and lateonset were more inactive than controls (P < 0.05; odds ratio: 6.02.Conclusion: Geriatric depression may be a manifestation of brain degeneration, and the initial symptom of a dementia. It is important to consider this in the treatment of patients that exhibit late-onset depressive symptoms.Keywords: early- and late-onset depression, geriatrics, cognition

  3. Experimental study of dual fuel engine performance using variable LPG composition and engine parameters

    Elnajjar, Emad; Selim, Mohamed Y.E.; Hamdan, Mohammad O.


    Highlights: • The effect of using variable LPG is studied. • Five fuels with propane to butane % volume ratio are: 100-70-55-25-0. • 100% Propane composition shows the highest noise levels with similar performance. • At 45° BTDC injection timing 55% Propane LPG the only fuel experience knocking. • LPG fuels gave similar engine performance, with differences in levels of noise. - Abstract: The present work investigates experimentally the effect of LPG fuel with different composition and engine parameters on the performance of a dual compression engine. Five different blends of LPG fuels are used with Propane to Butane volume ratio of 100:0, 70:30, 55:45, 25:75, and 0:100. A single cylinder, naturally aspirated, four strokes, indirectly injected, water cooled modified Ricardo E6 engine, is used in this study. The study is carried out by measuring the cylinder pressure, engine load, engine speed, crank angle, and the fuel’s flow rate. The engine performance under variable LPG fuel composition, engine load, pilot fuel injection timing, compression ratio, pilot fuel mass and engine speed, are estimated by comparing the following engine parameters: the cylinder maximum pressure, the indicated mean effective pressure, the maximum rate of pressure rise, and the thermal efficiency. The experimental data indicates that the engine parameters are playing a major role on the engine’s performance. Different LPG fuel composition did not show a major effect on the engine efficiency but directly impacted the levels of generated combustion noise

  4. Mayaro virus: the jungle flu

    Izurieta RO


    Full Text Available Ricardo O Izurieta,1 David A DeLacure,1 Andres Izurieta,2 Ismael A Hoare,1 Miguel Reina Ortiz,1,3 1Department of Global Health, College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA; 2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA; 3Fundación Raíces, Esmeraldas, Ecuador Abstract: Mayaro fever is an emerging acute viral disease endemic in Central and South America. Mayaro virus (MAYV is classified in the Semliki Forest virus antigenic complex and shares similarities with the alphavirus Chikungunya virus and the flavivirus Dengue virus. MAYV is an arbovirus transmitted by Haemagogus janthinomys, with competence also demonstrated in Aedes aegypti, Aedes scapularis, and Anopheles quadrimaculatus. Outbreaks and small epidemics of Mayaro fever have occurred in several countries in northern South America and the Caribbean. In addition, travel-associated cases have been reported in European nationals returning from endemic areas. Clinical features of Mayaro fever include fever, chills, persistent arthralgia, retro-orbital pain, maculopapular rash, itching, dizziness, and, rarely, lymphadenopathy. Methods of control for MAYV are similar to those used for other sylvatic arboviruses. Although MAYV was discovered as long ago as the 1950s and continues to be prevalent in the tropical areas of the Americas, it remains neglected and under-studied. This paper provides a thorough and current review of the published MAYV literature ranging from its original description to modern outbreaks, and from the basic virus characteristics to the clinical and epidemiological aspects of this disease. Keywords: Mayaro virus, emerging arbovirus, dengue-like virus, arthrogenic virus

  5. Razón y amor en la teología medieval incipiente: Aproximación desde la confluencia de las fuentes griegas y latinas

    Anneliese Meis


    Full Text Available El presente estudio escoje un período de gran envergadura teológica y excepcionalmente sensible al problema razón y amor. En el siglo XII se va gestando la subjetividad moderna, de tanta relevancia para la Teología, pero, sobre todo, se produce aquella confluencia de fuentes latinas y griegas, que como problema requiere máxima atención, ya que su recepción patrística medieval es vital para la búsqueda de la verdad a través de la ciencia. Se estudian siete autores que remontan al siglo XII: -Hildegard von Bingen, Guillermo de St. Thierry, Ricardo de San Víctor-, pero tres le preceden: -Gregorio Magno, Juan Escoto Eriúgena, Anselmo de Canterbury- y uno los complementa: Buenaventura. La elección de estos autores ha permitido seguir de cerca la articulación del problema, su contextualización y las soluciones novedosas, de gran riqueza antropológica teológicaThis study selects a period of great theological depth and particularty sensitive to the issue of reason and love. The modern subjectivity, which has had enormous relevance for Theology, started to germinate during the XII century; the times of the convergence of the Latin and Greek sources. This required much attention, as their reception by the medieval patristic is essential for a proper search of the truth through the science. The article focuses on seven authors who date from the XII century. Hildegard von Binger, Willian of St. Thierry, Richard of Saint Victor, who are preceded by Gregory the Greta, John Scotus Eriungena, Anselm of Canterbury and Bonaventure. The selecction of these authors allows a close articulation of the problem, its contextualisation and novel solutions of great theological and anthropological richness

  6. Physical exercise is effective in preventing cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary oxidative response in mice

    Nesi RT


    Full Text Available Renata Tiscoski Nesi,1 Priscila Soares de Souza,1 Giulia Pedroso dos Santos,1 Anand Thirupathi,1 Bruno T Menegali,1 Paulo Cesar Lock Silveira,1 Luciano Acordi da Silva,1 Samuel Santos Valença,2 Ricardo Aurino Pinho11Laboratory of Exercise Biochemistry and Physiology, Graduate Program in Health Sciences, Health Sciences Unit, Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brazil; 2Biomedical Science Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAbstract: Reactive oxygen species (ROS are important in the pathogenesis of pulmonary injury induced by cigarette smoke (CS exposure, and physical exercise (Ex is useful in combating impaired oxidative process. We verified the preventive effects of Ex on lung oxidative markers induced by smoking. In this study, 36 mice (C57BL-6, 30–35 g were split into four groups: control, CS, Ex, and CS plus Ex. Ex groups were given prior physical training in water (2×30 min/d, 5 days/wk, 8 weeks. After training, the CS groups were subjected to passive exposure to four cigarettes, 3 × per day, for 60 consecutive days. After 24 hours from the last exposure, CS animals were sacrificed, and lung samples were collected for further analysis. Left lung sample was prepared for histological analysis, and right lung was used for biochemical analysis (superoxide, hydroxyproline, lipid peroxidation [thiobarbituric acid reactive species], protein carbonylation [carbonyl groups formation], superoxide dismutase [SOD], catalase [CAT], and glutathione peroxidase [GPx] activities. Group comparisons were evaluated by analysis of variance (ANOVA. Results were expressed as mean ± standard deviation, with P<0.05 considered significantly different. Preventive Ex impeded histological changes and increased the enzymatic defense system (SOD and GPx by reducing oxidative damage in lipids and proteins. This preventive effect of prior physical Ex alleviates damage caused by CS exposure.Keywords: exercise

  7. Empujados hacia la muerte. Guiones trágicos para los hombres que aman a otros hombres.

    Miguel Arroyo Fernández


    Full Text Available Pensadores como Michel Foucault,  Judith Butler o Ricardo Llamas, han llamado la atención acerca de la estrecha relación que se establece en la cultura occidental entre la homosexualidad y la muerte, lo cual se manifiesta en sus creaciones culturales. Otro rasgo que caracteriza la politica sexual predominante es la desvirtuación de la bisexualidad originaria del ser humano, a través del establecimiento de dos categorías excluyentes: homosexual y heterosexual. Con objeto de verificar cómo todo ello se refleja en nuestros discursos cinematográficos se ha escogido un corpus amplio de películas  europeas y norteamericanas, de todas las épocas, que incluyen en su relato un evento específico: el de la muerte de uno o varios personajes que mantienen relaciones sexuales con personas de su mismo sexo. Se han detectado varias líneas narrativas que se repiten, de las cuales se han incluido aquí ejemplos de las siguientes: la perplejidad el hombre ante su propia ambivalencia sexual y su trágico destino cuando infringe la norma heterosexista; la muerte social, el suicidio y las conductas autodestructivas; la ejecución del sodomita; el asesinato del homosexual como resultado del clima de homofobia, la muerte del homosexual malvado; la eliminación del intruso en la relación heterosexual. Se concluye que, efectivamente, el cine es un agente activo en la difusión de narrativas que asocian estrechamente la homosexualidad con la muerte.

  8. The impact of limbic system morphology on facial emotion recognition in bipolar I disorder and healthy controls

    Bio DS


    Full Text Available Danielle Soares Bio,1 Márcio Gerhardt Soeiro-de-Souza,1 Maria Concepción Garcia Otaduy,2 Rodrigo Machado-Vieira,3 Ricardo Alberto Moreno11Mood Disorders Unit, 2Institute of Radiology, Department and Institute of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 3Experimental Therapeutics and Pathophysiology Branch (ETPB, National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH NIH, Bethesda, MD, USAIntroduction: Impairments in facial emotion recognition (FER have been reported in bipolar disorder (BD subjects during all mood states. This study aims to investigate the impact of limbic system morphology on FER scores in BD subjects and healthy controls.Material and methods: Thirty-nine euthymic BD I (type I subjects and 40 healthy controls were subjected to a battery of FER tests and examined with 3D structural imaging of the amygdala and hippocampus.Results: The volume of these structures demonstrated a differential pattern of influence on FER scores in BD subjects and controls. In our control sample, larger left and right amygdala demonstrated to be associated to less recognition of sadness faces. In BD group, there was no impact of amygdala volume on FER but we observed a negative impact of the left hippocampus volume in the recognition of happiness while the right hippocampus volume positively impacted on the scores of happiness.Conclusion: Our results indicate that amygdala and hippocampus volumes have distinct effects on FER in BD subjects compared to controls. Knowledge of the neurobiological basis of the illness may help to provide further insights on the role of treatments and psychosocial interventions for BD. Further studies should explore how these effects of amygdala and hippocampus volumes on FER are associated with social networks and social network functioning.Keywords: bipolar disorder, social cognition, facial emotion recognition

  9. Effects of piston surface treatments on performance and emissions of a methanol-fueled, direct injection, stratified charge engine

    West, B.; Green, J.B. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of thermal barrier coatings and/or surface treatments on the performance and emissions of a methanol-fueled, direct-injection, stratified-charge (DISC) engine. A Ricardo Hydra Mark III engine was used for this work and in previous experiments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The primary focus of the study was to examine the effects of various piston insert surface treatments on hydrocarbon (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NO{sub x}) emissions. Previous studies have shown that engines of this class have a tendency to perform poorly at low loads and have high unburned fuel emissions. A blank aluminum piston was modified to employ removable piston bowl inserts. Four different inserts were tested in the experiment: aluminum, stainless steel with a 1.27-mm (0.050-in.) air gap (to act as a thermal barrier), and two stainless steel/air-gap inserts with coatings. Two stainless steel inserts were dimensionally modified to account for the coating thickness (1.27-mm) and coated identically with partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ). One of the coated inserts then had an additional seal-coat applied. The coated inserts were otherwise identical to the stainless steel/air-gap insert (i.e., they employed the same 1.27-mm air gap). Thermal barrier coatings were employed in an attempt to increase combustion chamber surface temperatures, thereby reducing wall quenching and promoting more complete combustion of the fuel in the quench zone. The seal-coat was applied to the zirconia to reduce the surface porosity; previous research suggested that despite the possibly higher surface temperatures obtainable with a ceramic coating, the high surface area of a plasma-sprayed coating may actually allow fuel to adhere to the surface and increase the unburned fuel emissions and fuel consumption.

  10. Reseñas y Notas Bibliográficas

    Hermes Tovar Pinzón Tovar Pinzón


    Full Text Available Jorge Juan y Antonio de Ulloa, Noticias Secretas de América (Edición Facsimilar, Biblioteca Banco Popular, Bogotá 1983 2 volúmenes 707 pp. / Bernardo Tovar Zambrano, La Colonia en la Historiografía Colombiana, Edit. La Carreta, Medellín, 1984,193 págs. / David Bushnell. Eduardo Santos y la Política del Buen Vecino. Bogotá El Ancora Editores, 1984. / Ricardo Sánchez: Historia Política de la clase obrera. Editorial La Rosa Roja, Bogotá 1982. / Gonzalo Sánchez Donny Meertens: bandoleros, gamonales y campesinos el caso de la violencia en Colombia prologo de Eric j. Hobsbawm (el angora editores, Bogotá, 1983,255 paginas. / Marco Palacios. El Café en Colombia. 1850-1970. Una Historia Económica, Social y Política. El Colegio de México. El Ancora Editores. Bogotá 1983. Segunda Edición corregida y aumentada. / Nina S. de Friedemann y Carlos Patifio Rosselli, Lengua y Sociedad en el Palenque de San Basilio (Bogotá 1983, Publicaciones del Instituto Caro y Cuervo, mapas, fotografías, 300 pp.. / Documentos para la historia de la insurrección comunera en la Provincia de Antioquia, 1765-1785 (Medellín 1982, Universidad de Antioquia, departamento de Historia,.620 pp.. / Manual Lucena Salmoral, EI memorial de don Salvador Plata, Los comuneros y los movimientos antirreformistas (Bogotá 1982, Instituto colombiano de cultura hispánica, 316 pp.. / Juan Marchena Fernández, Oficiales y Soldados en el ejercito de América (Sevilla, 1983, Escuela de Estudios Hispanoamericanos, apéndices, gráficos, 400 pp.. / Eduardo Pérez 0., Guerra Irregular en la Independencia 1810- 1830 (Tunja 1982, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, ilustraciones, 468 pp..

  11. Cognitive reserve and Aβ1-42 in mild cognitive impairment (Argentina-Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

    Harris P


    Full Text Available Paula Harris,1,2 Marcos Fernandez Suarez,1 Ezequiel I Surace,1,2 Patricio Chrem Méndez,1 María Eugenia Martín,1 María Florencia Clarens,1 Fernanda Tapajóz,1,2 Maria Julieta Russo,1 Jorge Campos,1 Salvador M Guinjoan,1,2 Gustavo Sevlever,1 Ricardo F Allegri1,2 1Instituto de Investigaciones Neurológicas, 2Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina Background: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between cognitive reserve and concentration of Aβ1-42 in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF of patients with mild cognitive impairment, those with Alzheimer’s disease, and in control subjects. Methods: Thirty-three participants from the Argentina-Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative database completed a cognitive battery, the Cognitive Reserve Questionnaire (CRQ, and an Argentinian accentuation reading test (TAP-BA as a measure of premorbid intelligence, and underwent lumbar puncture for CSF biomarker quantification. Results: The CRQ significantly correlated with TAP-BA, education, and Aβ1-42. When considering Aβ1-42 levels, significant differences were found in CRQ scores; higher levels of CSF Aβ1-42 were associated with higher CRQ scores. Conclusion: Reduced Aβ1-42 in CSF is considered as evidence of amyloid deposition in the brain. Previous results suggest that individuals with higher education, higher occupational attainment, and participation in leisure activities (cognitive reserve have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Our results support the notion that enhanced neural activity has a protective role in mild cognitive impairment, as evidenced by higher CSF Aβ1-42 levels in individuals with more cognitive reserve. Keywords: amyloid, biomarkers, cerebrospinal fluid, Alzheimer’s disease 

  12. [History from neuropsychology to cognitive neurosciences in Argentina].

    Allegri, Ricardo F; Bagnatti, Pablo


    The first step from the neuropsychology in Argentina was in 1883 with the thesis of Antonio Piñeiro about the brain localization of the language and vision disorders, only few years after Broca. The aim of this work has been to describe the development of the neuropsychology in Argentina and its relation with the psychology, neurology and psychiatry. The first period was into the neurology with its French school in?uence. In 1907, Jose Ingeniero published in French his book about "amusia", Cristofredo Jakob the "folia neurobiologica" where he described the organization of the human brain, Vicente Dimitri in 1933 his book "aphasia" and Bernardo de Quiros in 1959 his works about dyslexia. The psychiatry at the hospices with the German influence from Jakob developed to the modern neuropsychiatry with Juan Carlos Goldar. The argentine school of psychology by the holism and the psychoanalysis influence do not accept the neuropsychology until 1960 where was included at the school of psychology from the university of Buenos Aires (UBA) with the first linguistics works of Juan Azcoaga. At the 80, began the North American influence of the neurology with authors like Carlos Mangone (dementia), Ramon Leiguarda (apraxia), Sergio Starkstein (depression and apathy) and Ricardo Allegri (memory and Alzheimer). In 1982 the Argentine Neuropsychological Society was founded and in 1987 was the working group of dementia from the Argentine Neurological Society. At this moment, Aldo Ferreres organized the chair of neuropsychology at the school of psychology (UBA). Nowadays, the growing as discipline is in context of the psychology, neurology and psychiatry in the way of the recent cognitive neurosciences.

  13. Quality of life of glaucoma patients under medical therapy with different prostaglandins

    Paletta Guedes RA


    Full Text Available Ricardo Augusto Paletta Guedes,1–3 Vanessa Maria Paletta Guedes,1–3, Sirley Maria Freitas,2 Alfredo Chaoubah11Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil; 2Paletta Guedes Ophthalmological Center, Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil; 3Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, BrazilPurpose: To assess the quality of life of glaucoma patients under medical therapy with different prostaglandin analogs.Methods: A cross-sectional study of consecutive glaucoma patients was designed. We assessed the patients' quality of life through the Brazilian 25-question version of the National Eye Institute Visual Functioning Questionnaire, comprising 12 subscales (general health, general vision, ocular pain, near vision, distance vision, social function, mental health, role limitations, dependency, driving, color vision, and peripheral vision and a total composite score. Clinical features, including current medical treatment, were obtained from each patient's medical record. Three groups of patients were identified according to the prostaglandin in use: bimatoprost, latanoprost, or travoprost. The main outcome measures were: mean score in each subscale and mean total composite score.Results: The mean total composite score for the whole group was 70.60. The bimatoprost, latanoprost, and travoprost groups had the following mean composite scores, respectively: 56.56, 77.36, and 71.08 (P = 0.001, analysis of variance [ANOVA]. Latanoprost and travoprost results were similar, and both were superior to bimatoprost. Most subscales had similar results. The subscale with the lowest score for all groups was general health. Groups were homogenous and comparable.Conclusion: There is a difference in the quality of life between glaucoma patients using prostaglandin analogs. It seems that bimatoprost users have lower QoL when compared to latanoprost and travoprost users.Keywords: glaucoma, medical treatment, prostaglandin analogs

  14. From Ecology to Finance (and Back?): A Review on Entropy-Based Null Models for the Analysis of Bipartite Networks

    Straka, Mika J.; Caldarelli, Guido; Squartini, Tiziano; Saracco, Fabio


    Bipartite networks provide an insightful representation of many systems, ranging from mutualistic networks of species interactions to investment networks in finance. The analyses of their topological structures have revealed the ubiquitous presence of properties which seem to characterize many—apparently different—systems. Nestedness, for example, has been observed in biological plant-pollinator as well as in country-product exportation networks. Due to the interdisciplinary character of complex networks, tools developed in one field, for example ecology, can greatly enrich other areas of research, such as economy and finance, and vice versa. With this in mind, we briefly review several entropy-based bipartite null models that have been recently proposed and discuss their application to real-world systems. The focus on these models is motivated by the fact that they show three very desirable features: analytical character, general applicability, and versatility. In this respect, entropy-based methods have been proven to perform satisfactorily both in providing benchmarks for testing evidence-based null hypotheses and in reconstructing unknown network configurations from partial information. Furthermore, entropy-based models have been successfully employed to analyze ecological as well as economic systems. As an example, the application of entropy-based null models has detected early-warning signals, both in economic and financial systems, of the 2007-2008 world crisis. Moreover, they have revealed a statistically-significant export specialization phenomenon of country export baskets in international trade, a result that seems to reconcile Ricardo's hypothesis in classical economics with recent findings on the (empirical) diversification industrial production at the national level. Finally, these null models have shown that the information contained in the nestedness is already accounted for by the degree sequence of the corresponding graphs.

  15. Design of a nanostructured lipid carrier intended to improve the treatment of tuberculosis

    Pinheiro M


    Full Text Available Marina Pinheiro,1,* Ricardo Ribeiro,1,* Alexandre Vieira,1,* Fernanda Andrade,2 Salette Reis1 1IUCIBIO, REQUIMTE, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, 2Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Drug Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: This work aimed to design, develop, and characterize a lipid nanocarrier system for the selective delivery of rifabutin (RFB to alveolar macrophages. Lipid nanoparticles, specifically nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC, were synthetized by the high-shear homogenization and ultrasonication techniques. These nanoparticles were designed to exhibit both passive and active targeting strategies to be efficiently internalized by the alveolar macrophages, traffic to the acidified phagosomes and phagolysosomes, and release bactericidal concentrations of the antituberculosis drug intracellularly. NLC that could entrap RFB were prepared, characterized, and further functionalized with mannose. Particles’ diameter, zeta potential, morphology, drug% entrapping efficiency, and drug release kinetics were evaluated. The mannose coating process was confirmed by Fourier transform infrared. Further, the cytotoxicity of the formulations was evaluated by 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5 diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT assay in A549, Calu-3, and Raw 264.7 cells. The diameter of NLC formulations was found to be in the range of 175–213 nm, and drug entrapping efficiency was found to be above 80%. In addition, high storage stability for the formulations was expected since they maintained the initial characteristics for 6 months. Moreover, the drug release was pH-sensitive, with a faster drug release at acidic pH than at neutral pH. These results pose a strong argument that the developed nanocarrier can be explored as a promising carrier for safer and more efficient management of tuberculosis by exploiting the pulmonary route of

  16. Violência, culpa e ato: causas e efeitos subjetivos em adolescentes

    Henrique Figueiredo Carneiro


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta um relato de pesquisa realizada sobre a violência e o adolescente, evidenciando o objetivo, as causas e os efeitos subjetivos que desencadeiam a violência na atualidade. Apresenta também uma investigação qualitativa com referencial teórico-conceitual da psicanálise, em destaque os conceitos de mal-estar, lei, anomia, limites, laços sociais, necessidade, desejo, culpa, passagem ao ato, individualismo, discurso capitalista, amor, vida e morte. Foram utilizados fotografias e fragmentos de filmes apresentados aos adolescentes inseridos no projeto Pró-jovem, desenvolvido na cidade de Maracanaú, Ceará, Brasil. As análises confirmaram os pressupostos da pesquisa de que a violência guarda relação direta com a ineficácia dos discursos normativos, que a culpa não comparece em consequência dos atos desfechados contra o próximo e que o sujeito não se guia por uma referência mítica do representante da lei.(* Colaboradores da pesquisa: doutora Marta Gerez Ambertín (Universidad de Santiago del Estero - Argentina; mestra em Psicologia Márcia Batista dos Santos (Universidade de Fortaleza - Brasil; alunos de Mestrado em Psicologia: Thiago Costa Matos Carneiro da Cunha (Labio, Rossana Vaz Borja (Labio, Carla Renata Braga de Souza (Labio/Leipcs, Lisieux D’Jesus Luzia de Araújo Rocha (Labio/Otium - Universidade de Fortaleza - Brasil; graduado em Psicologia Marcus Vinicius Ximenes Rocha (Universidade de Fortaleza – Brasil; bolsista de I. C. CNPq: Ricardo Pinheiro Maia Júnior; bolsista de I. C. Funcap: Rayana Silva Lima (Universidade de Fortaleza. Projeto apoiado pelo CNPq por meio de Bolsa de Produtividade em Pesquisa concedida ao Prof. Dr. Henrique Figueiredo Carneiro.

  17. How we went digital without a strategy.

    Semler, R


    Once you say what business you're in, you put your employees into a mental straitjacket and hand them a ready-made excuse for ignoring new opportunities. So rather than dictate his company's identity, Ricardo Semler--the majority owner of Semco in São Paulo, Brazil--lets his employees shape it through their individual efforts and interests. "I don't know what Semco is," he writes in this first-person account of his company's expansion from manufacturing to Internet services. "Nor do I want to know." Ten years ago, Semco employees who were selling cooling towers to owners of large commercial buildings heard customers complain about the high cost of maintaining the towers. The salespeople proposed a new business in cooling-tower maintenance, and the venture is now a $30 million property-management business. That initiative led to the creation, with Semco's support, of an on-line exchange to facilitate the management of commercial construction projects. The exchange is revolutionizing the construction process in Brazil and has become a springboard for further Web initiatives such as virtual trade shows. The author shares some of the lessons he has learned along the way: Forget about the top line. Never stop being a start-up. Don't be a nanny (treat your employees like adults). Let talent find its place. Make decisions quickly and openly when it comes to reviewing proposals for new businesses. And partner promiscuously: "Our partners," Semler says, "are as much a part of our company as our employees."


    Henry Manuel Mora Jiménez


    Full Text Available Adam Smith se maravilló con los resultados de la división del trabajo y del cambio desarrollado en una economía de mercado (el mecanismo de la “mano invisible”; pero llamó la atención sobre los límites a largo plazo del proceso capitalista de acumulación, que parecía imponer una tendencia a la baja de las ganancias.David Ricardo fue un firme defensor del libre comercio y propuso la teoría de las “ventajas comparativas”, pero avanzó el descubrimiento del fundamento económico de la lucha de clases, que él ubicó en la pugna distributiva por el “producto neto” y en la ley de los rendimientos decrecientes.John Stuart Mill realizó una síntesis sincrética de la Escuela clásica inglesa y del desarrollo capitalista hasta mediados del siglo XIX, pero incorporó en su marco conceptual la contradicción entre la producción y la distribución (la eficiencia y la equidad, y adelantó la teoría del “estado estacionario”.Karl Marx reconoció e incluso elogió, la “misión histórica civilizadora” del capitalismo y el gigantesco desarrollo de las fuerzas productivas que el mismo ha hecho posible, pero dedicó gran parte de su vida a demostrar científicamente los efectos autodestructivos sobre el ser humano y sobre la naturaleza que el capitalismo conlleva en sus entrañas.

  19. Research Networks: a fundamental value-added for scientific communication / Redes de investigación: un valor agregado fundamental para la comunicación científica

    Wilson López López


    Full Text Available This edition of Universitas Psychologica has a special value because it is the result of a collaborative work with a research group from the Universidad de La Frontera led by Ricardo Perez Luco, Jaime Alfaro and Beatriz Paes from Chile, who organized the “First International Seminar of Juvenile Justice. Be and Ought to be of the public policy” a meeting that brought together world leading researchers in order to investigate an emerging and critical problem in our societies, such as the juvenile justice. We accep their proposals after agreeing the compliance of our demands of peer review and think that we are a trusted international academic channel. The first 14 articles of this edition were the result of an exhaustive peer-review evaluation, which have guaranteed quality. We hope readers will recognize the building of the theme proposed. This edition contains articles from universities and institutions of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, The United States, Spain, Italy, France and Mexico.Moreover, I would like to mention the importance of our panorama section in which we are publishing interviews with world leading academics such as Professor Mario Bunge, one of the most influential living philosophers of our time (authorof the Treaty of Philosophy 1974-1989 “one of the most ambitious projects of modern philosophy” and of numerous, influential and provocative books on multiple topics of the contemporary society; and recently with Kenneth Gergen, a theorist who has significantly substantiated the social constructivist psychology and critical perspectives associated with this. There are also interviews with psychologistswho have made contributions to psychology, as Fernando González Rey. Universitas will continue publishing these types of articles for discussion and reflection, as well as a quality research, and we invite our readers and authors to evaluate the presentation of this kind of contributions.

  20. Inventar o passado, construir o futuro: São Paulo entre nacionalismos e cosmopolitismos nas primeiras décadas do século 20

    Joana Mello de Carvalho e Silva


    Full Text Available O artigo aponta como a questão do estilo mais adequado para São Paulo estava inserida no debate autorizado de engenheiros e arquitetos, ao mesmo tempo em que animava a discussão entre intelectuais e o público leigo. A partir dos textos do jornalista e escritor modernista Menotti del Picchia (1892-1988 e do arquiteto russo Gregori Warchavchik (1896-1972, publicados sobretudo no jornal Correio Paulistano, bem como os do escritor e editor Monteiro Lobato (1884-1948 e do engenheiro português Ricardo Severo (1869-1940, veiculados n’O Estado de S. Paulo, e ainda das crônicas do crítico e poeta Mário de Andrade (1893-1945, divulgadas no Diário Nacional, percebe-se que o tema da fisionomia daquela cidade em plena marcha de progresso alimenta a construção do discurso acerca da nacionalidade e da modernidade artística, nas primeiras décadas do século 20. Tal debate ocorre em um campo de investigação e experimentação artísticas intensas, que se dá no embate entre a idealização universalista, a defesa radical da modernidade artística, o tradicionalismo conservador e o patriotismo tacanho.

  1. Infectious crystalline keratopathy caused by Cladosporium sp. after penetrating keratoplasty: a case report

    Stock RA


    Full Text Available Ricardo Alexandre Stock,1 Elcio Luiz Bonamigo,2 Emeline Cadore,3 Rafael Allan Oechsler4 1Corneal Transplant Section, Santa Terezinha University Hospital, 2Department of Ophthalmology and Bioethics, 3University of Western Santa Catarina, Joaçaba, 4Cornea Department, Oftalmo Center Blumenau, Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil Background: Infectious crystalline keratopathy is a rare, progressive infection characterized by the insidious progression of branches and crystalline corneal opacities with minimal or no inflammation. This case report describes the evolution of an infectious crystalline keratopathy caused by Cladosporium sp., which developed after tectonic keratoplasty in a patient with a history of ocular trauma.Case presentation: A 40-year-old Brazilian male was the victim of firework-induced trauma to the left eye, which resulted in a corneal laceration that could not be sutured as well as a severe traumatic cataract. The patient underwent penetrating keratoplasty and phacoemulsification. During postoperative follow-up, another therapeutic keratoplasty was required because unresponsive infectious keratitis was observed. The infiltrate’s characteristics were suggestive of infectious crystalline keratopathy; in particular, the infiltrate was insidious and progressive, and grayish-white branches appeared in the anterior corneal stroma. As different therapies were administered, inflammatory reactions ranging from mild to severe were observed. The infection was unresponsive to typical antifungal drugs. This lack of response most likely occurred due to steroid treatment and the diffuse corneal spread of an atypical microorganism, which was subsequently identified in culture as Cladosporium sp. After the second therapeutic keratoplasty, the patient’s eye integrity was successfully reestablished.Conclusion: This study likely provides the first report describing a case of infectious crystalline keratopathy caused by Cladosporium sp. This case


    Carolina Julieta Fernández


    Full Text Available This paper is a comparative analysis of the Logica Campsale Anglici, valde utilis et realis contra Ocham, from an anonymous author known as pseudo Richard of Campsall, and Ockham’s Summa logicae, in answer to which the former was written. We summarize both authors’s fundamental positions on five key issues: 1 the synonymy between abstract and concrete terms, 2 the reference of primary and secondary intentions, 3 the nature of the relations of predication between terms in propositions, 4 the status of the “passions of the soul” and 5 the prime signification of spoken words. Our aim is to sketch the polemic between Nominalism and Realism in the second decade of the XIVth century.Este trabajo es un análisis comparativo de la Logica Campsale Anglici, valde utilis et realis contra Ocham, de autor anónimo vulgarmente conocido como pseudo Ricardo de Campsall, y la Summa logicae de Guillermo de Ockham, en respuesta a la cual fue redactada. Se reseñan las posiciones fundamentales de ambos autores respecto de cinco cuestiones paradigmáticas: la sinonimia entre términos abstractos y concretos, la referencia de las primeras y segundas intenciones, la naturaleza de las relaciones de predicación en las proposiciones, el estatus de las pasiones del alma y el significado primario de las voces. El objetivo es caracterizar la polémica entre nominalismo y realismo en la segunda década del s. XIV.

  3. The Discontinuous Development Trend of Structuralism: Alternative Tradition of Economic Analysis (R. Prebisch, Y. Yaremenko, G. Mensch, and others

    Petr A. Orekhovsky


    Full Text Available The main factors of economic growth in the mainstream of the economic theory are capital and labor, and the rates of growth are determined by the rate of savings. Alternative tradition of the economic analyses does accent on the structural changes that are taking place in the economic system. This restructuring is the main factor of development. This paper is a brief outline of the formation and evolution of the structuralist theory of economic growth. Elements of structuralism are standing yet in the concept of expanded reproduction of Marx, theory of comparative costs Ricardo, the model Solow. The characteristic of the concept of unequal exchange in international trade associated with the hypothesis Prebisch – Singer, describes the formation of a global system of «center – periphery». We introduce a distinction between the structuralist and neo-classical theories of economic growth associated with the discussions in the Soviet Union on the role of «extensive» and «intensive» growth factors. Considered in detail the model of «multi-level economy» Yuri Yaremenko as compared to the «economy of shortage» J. Kornai. The heterogeneity of the technological structure is present both in Soviet economy, as in the market, capitalist economy. The last situation was demonstrated by the concept of «technological stalemate» G. Mensch. As the impact of international economic relations on the economic development of the role of structural analysis will increase. The need for industries with increasing and diminishing returns, as well as the establishment of appropriate structural policies in their work justifies E. Reinert. His concept complements views Y. Yaremenko and G. Mensch on economic development.

  4. El cuerpo entre la educación, la política y los estudios sociales.

    Javier Schargorodsky


    Full Text Available P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 0; text-align: left; }P.western { font-family: "Liberation Serif",serif; font-size: 12pt; }P.cjk { font-family: "Tahoma (Thai"; font-size: 12pt; }P.ctl { font-family: "Times New Roman CE"; font-size: 12pt; } En el libro Cuerpo, educación, política: tensiones epistémicas, históricas y prácticas, Eduardo Galak y Emiliano Gambarotta compilan ocho artículos en los cuales, desde diversos enfoques, se realizan aportes a las investigaciones sociales sobre el cuerpo. La compilación está estructurada en tres partes. La primera, titulada “Tensiones epistemológicas: la conquista del problema”, está compuesta por tres capítulos que brindan herramientas para la construcción del objeto de estudio en cuestión, objeto que oscila entre el cuerpo y las prácticas corporales. La segunda parte se titula “Tensiones histórico-genealógicas en la educación de los cuerpos”. Allí se inscriben dos textos en los que se muestran las consonancias y disonancias entre las políticas educativas del distrito bonaerense y las políticas nacionales. La tercera parte del libro “Tensiones de las prácticas corporales: deportes, juegos, danzas”, se centra en prácticas corporales específicas. Los autores de los capítulos son: Ricardo Crisorio, Emiliano Gambarotta, Santiago Pich, Sidinei Pithan da Silva, Paulo Fensterseifer, Myriam Southwell, Eduardo Galak, Alexandre Fernández Vaz, Carolina Duek, Noelia Enriz y Ana Sabrina Mora.

  5. Reduced Order Modeling in General Relativity

    Tiglio, Manuel


    Reduced Order Modeling is an emerging yet fast developing filed in gravitational wave physics. The main goals are to enable fast modeling and parameter estimation of any detected signal, along with rapid matched filtering detecting. I will focus on the first two. Some accomplishments include being able to replace, with essentially no lost of physical accuracy, the original models with surrogate ones (which are not effective ones, that is, they do not simplify the physics but go on a very different track, exploiting the particulars of the waveform family under consideration and state of the art dimensional reduction techniques) which are very fast to evaluate. For example, for EOB models they are at least around 3 orders of magnitude faster than solving the original equations, with physically equivalent results. For numerical simulations the speedup is at least 11 orders of magnitude. For parameter estimation our current numbers are about bringing ~100 days for a single SPA inspiral binary neutron star Bayesian parameter estimation analysis to under a day. More recently, it has been shown that the full precessing problem for, say, 200 cycles, can be represented, through some new ideas, by a remarkably compact set of carefully chosen reduced basis waveforms (~10-100, depending on the accuracy requirements). I will highlight what I personally believe are the challenges to face next in this subarea of GW physics and where efforts should be directed. This talk will summarize work in collaboration with: Harbir Antil (GMU), Jonathan Blackman (Caltech), Priscila Canizares (IoA, Cambridge, UK), Sarah Caudill (UWM), Jonathan Gair (IoA. Cambridge. UK), Scott Field (UMD), Chad R. Galley (Caltech), Frank Herrmann (Germany), Han Hestahven (EPFL, Switzerland), Jason Kaye (Brown, Stanford & Courant). Evan Ochsner (UWM), Ricardo Nochetto (UMD), Vivien Raymond (LIGO, Caltech), Rory Smith (LIGO, Caltech) Bela Ssilagyi (Caltech) and MT (UMD & Caltech).

  6. Selected Lectures of the 13th International Workshop on Neonatology; Cagliari (Italy; October 25th-28th, 2017

    --- Various Authors



  7. Planets and Life

    Sullivan, Woodruff T., III; Baross, John


    Foreword; Preface; Contributors; Prologue; Part I. History: 1. History of astrobiological ideas W. T. Sullivan and D. Carney; 2. From exobiology to astrobiology S. J. Dick; Part II. The Physical Stage: 3. Formation of Earth-like habitable planets D. E. Brownlee and M. Kress; 4. Planetary atmospheres and life D. Catling and J. F. Kasting; Part III. The Origin of Life on Earth: 5. Does 'life' have a definition? C.E. Cleland and C. F. Chyba; 6. Origin of life: crucial issues R. Shapiro; 7. Origin of proteins and nucleic acids A. Ricardo and S. A. Benner; 8. The roots of metabolism G.D. Cody and J. H. Scott; 9. Origin of cellular life D. W. Deamer; Part IV. Life on Earth: 10. Evolution: a defining feature of life J. A. Baross; 11. Evolution of metabolism and early microbial communities J. A. Leigh, D. A. Stahl and J. T. Staley; 12. The earliest records of life on Earth R. Buick; 13. The origin and diversification of eukaryotes M. L. Sogin, D. J. Patterson and A. McArthur; 14. Limits of carbon life on Earth and elsewhere J. A. Baross, J. Huber and M. Schrenk; 15. Life in ice J. W. Deming and H. Eicken; 16. The evolution and diversification of life S. Awramik and K. J. McNamara; 17. Mass extinctions P. D. Ward; Part V. Potentially Habitable Worlds: 18. Mars B. M. Jakosky, F. Westall and A. Brack; 19. Europa C. F. Chyba and C. B. Phillips; 20. Titan J. I. Lunine and B. Rizk; 21. Extrasolar planets P. Butler; Part VI. Searching for Extraterrestrial Life: 22. How to search for life on other worlds C. P. McKay; 23. Instruments and strategies for detecting extraterrestrial life P. G. Conrad; 24. Societial and ethical concerns M. S. Race; 25. Planetary protection J. D. Rummel; 26. Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence J. C. Tarter; 27. Alien biochemistries P. D. Ward and S. A. Benner; Part VII. Future of the Field: 28. Disciplinary and educational opportunities L. Wells, J. Armstrong and J. Huber; Epilogue C. F. Chyba; Appendixes: A. Units and usages; B. Planetary

  8. Intestinal parasites in paper money circulating in the city of Diamantina (Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Costa MA


    Full Text Available Marina A Costa,1 Layane M Teodoro,1 Gustavo H Bahia-de-Oliveira,2 Ana Paula N Nunes,3 Ricardo A Barata1 1Laboratório de Parasitologia, Departamento de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Federal dos Vales dos Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, Diamantina, MG, Brazil; 2Laboratório de Doenças Parasitárias, Departamento de Farmácia, Universidade Federal dos Vales dos Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, Diamantina, MG, Brazil; 3Laboratório de Bioestatística e Epidemiologia, Departamento de Ciências Básicas, Universidade Federal dos Vales dos Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, Diamantina, MG, Brazil Background: Banknotes are objects of great turnover and diffusion among the population, and can be efficient mechanisms in the dissemination of several intestinal parasites. This study investigated the presence of biological forms of intestinal parasites present in circulating cash banknotes in the city of Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil, aiming to propose interventions aimed at improving local public health. Materials and methods: Between February and April 2017, samples of banknotes collected in five commercial establishments of the city were analyzed, namely: 1 gas station, 2 supermarket, 3 butchery, 4 pharmacy and 5 free fair. Ten circulating banknotes of each value (R$2.00, R$5.00, R$10.00, R$20.00, R$50.00 and R$100.00 were exchanged for new banknotes, washed with Tween 80 and, after spontaneous sedimentation, analyzed under an optical microscope with a magnification of 10× and 40×. Results: Cysts of Entamoeba coli (74.60%, cysts of Endolimax nana (16.94%, Giardia lamblia cysts (4.44%, unidentified nematode larvae (2.02%, Hymenolepis sp. (0.81%, Taenia sp. (0.81% and Ancylostomidae larvae (0.40% were found. Conclusions: The results revealed the need for improvements in basic sanitation, health and education activities that emphasized the importance of proper hand hygiene. Keywords: intestinal parasites, banknotes, Diamantina

  9. Clinical utility and development of the fluticasone/formoterol combination formulation (Flutiform® for the treatment of asthma

    Tan RA


    Full Text Available Ricardo Antonio Tan,1 Jonathan Corren2 1California Allergy and Asthma Medical Group, 2David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USAAbstract: Pharmacologic treatment of asthma should be done with a stepwise approach recommended in treatment guidelines. If inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs alone are not adequate, ICSs in combination with long-acting β-agonists (LABAs are now established and widely used as the next step in effective controller therapy. Fixed-dose ICS/LABA combinations in a single device are the preferred form of delivery and improve compliance by enabling patients to get symptom relief from the LABA while receiving the anti-inflammatory benefits of ICSs. Fluticasone propionate/formoterol fumarate is one of the newest fixed-dose combinations. It has been in use in Europe in 2012, but is still under regulatory review in the US. Fluticasone is a synthetic ICS with potent anti-inflammatory effects, while formoterol is a selective β2-adrenergic receptor agonist with a rapid onset of bronchodilation within 5–10 minutes and a 12-hour duration of action. Fluticasone/formoterol has shown superior efficacy when compared to fluticasone or formoterol alone in multiple well-designed studies. The combination has shown comparable or “noninferior” benefits in lung function, clinical symptoms, and asthma control when compared with fluticasone and formoterol administered concurrently in separate inhalers. Fluticasone/formoterol provides similar efficacy with fluticasone/salmeterol, but with more rapid symptom relief. It has been compared directly with budesonide/formoterol with comparable results. Fluticasone/formoterol is well tolerated, with no unusual or increased safety concerns versus each individual component or other available ICS/LABA combinations. Fluticasone/formoterol is the latest entry into a relatively crowded market of branded fixed-dose preparations. Upcoming generic fixed-dose combinations and once-daily agents

  10. MOMA and other next-generation ion trap mass spectrometers for planetary exploration

    Arevalo, R. D., Jr.; Brinckerhoff, W. B.; Getty, S.; Mahaffy, P. R.; van Amerom, F. H. W.; Danell, R.; Pinnick, V. T.; Li, X.; Grubisic, A.; Southard, A. E.; Hovmand, L.; Cottin, H.; Makarov, A.


    Since the 1970's, quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) systems have served as low-risk, cost-efficient means to explore the inner and outer reaches of the solar system. These legacy instruments have interrogated the compositions of the lunar exosphere (LADEE), surface materials on Mars (MSL), and the atmospheres of Venus (Pioneer Venus), Mars (MAVEN) and outer planets (Galileo and Cassini-Huygens). However, the in situ detection of organic compounds on Mars and Titan, coupled with ground-based measurements of amino acids in meteorites and a variety of organics in comets, has underlined the importance of molecular disambiguation in the characterization of high-priority planetary environments. The Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) flight instrument, centered on a linear ion trap, enables the in situ detection of volatile and non-volatile organics, but also the characterization of molecular structures through SWIFT ion isolation/excitation and tandem mass spectrometry (MSn). Like the SAM instrument on MSL, the MOMA investigation also includes a gas chromatograph (GC), thereby enabling the chemical separation of potential isobaric interferences based on retention times. The Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (LITMS; PI: William Brinckerhoff), developed to TRL 6 via the ROSES MatISSE Program, augments the core MOMA design and adds: expanded mass range (from 20 - 2000 Da); high-temperature evolved gas analysis (up to 1300°C); and, dual polarity detector assemblies (supporting the measurement of negative ions). The LITMS instrument will be tested in the field in 2017 through the Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies (ARADS; PI: Brian Glass) ROSES PSTAR award. Following on these advancements, the Advanced Resolution Organic Molecule Analyzer (AROMA; PI: Ricardo Arevalo Jr.), supported through the ROSES PICASSO Program, combines a highly capable MOMA/LITMS-like linear ion trap and the ultrahigh resolution CosmOrbitrap mass analyzer developed by a consortium of five

  11. El Paciente Winston Churchill

    Alfredo Jácome Roca


    Full Text Available

    El 24 de enero de 1965 moría Sir Winston Churchill, unos dos meses después de haber cumplido su nonagésimo aniversario y a los 9 días de haber entrado en coma por un tercer y último accidente cerebro vascular.

    Fue un hombre extraordinario, el mejor estadista que ha tenido Inglaterra y uno de los personajes
    más importantes del siglo XX.

    Fue longevo a pesar de su agitada existencia y de la presencia de muchas dolencias que le aquejaron, confirmando aquel dicho de que los más enfermos son los que más viven. Recordando el libro de Accoce “Los enfermos que nos gobiernan”, y habiendo visitado la casa de Chartwell en unas vacaciones en el Reino Unido, el académico Ricardo Rueda González se dedicó a investigar y a conseguir datos sobre la historia médica de Winston Spencer Churchill, logrando en medio de apuntes de aquí y de allá, y con la ayuda de personal de nuestra corporación, la elaboración de un estupendo libro con ese título, en buena hora publicado por la Universidad Javeriana.

    Sobra decir que esta muy bien escrita obra se la lee uno de un tirón, dado el estilo fácil del autor, lo bien documentada que está y el interesante anecdotario, pues la vida de este gigante de la raza humana fue una permanente anécdota. Dice el prologuista Alberto Dangond Uribe, experto en el tema, lo siguiente: “En el curso de esa larga vida, tan intensa y tan activa, la envoltura mortal de Winston Churchill atravesará con éxito, peligros innumerables, accidentes y enfermedades de diversa índole...


    Soledad Mart\\u00EDnez Zuccardi


    Full Text Available Además de vehículos de proyectos estéticos, científicos y/o ideológicos, las revistas culturales configuran experiencias propicias para la formación de grupos de intelectuales y escritores. Este trabajo estudia los rasgos de lo que denomino como el «grupo realizador» de la Revista de Letras y Ciencias Sociales (Tucumán, 1904-1907 y que a mi entender está integrado por sus fundadores (el poeta modernista de origen boliviano Ricardo Jaimes Freyre y los abogados tucumanos Juan B. Terán y Julio López Mañán y por otras figuras que colaboran en el proyecto desde la provincia (José Ignacio Aráoz, Alberto Rougés, Juan Heller, Miguel Lillo, Germán García Hamilton, Abraham Maciel y Ubaldo Benci. El trabajo se detiene en el examen de los perfiles y las trayectorias intelectuales de las distintas figuras mencionadas (en especial de los fundadores, así como en el análisis del grupo que constituyen, tomando en cuenta aspectos tales como la procedencia social, las vinculaciones con las instituciones culturales y con el poder político, el lugar otorgado a la cultura (con particular referencia a los campos de la literatura y la historia, las relaciones que vinculan entre sí a los integrantes (intelectuales, familiares, de amistad. El desarrollo del trabajo muestra que se trata de un grupo estrechamente ligado a los sectores de elite locales, al poder político y a las instituciones culturales y que por otra parte exhibe una conciencia sobre la cultura que hasta entonces no parecía haberse desplegado de modo tan resuelto y sistemático en Tucumán. La Revista de Letras y Ciencias Sociales es acaso la cristalización inicial de esa preocupación cultural así como la primera manifestación pública del grupo, algunos de cuyos miembros crearían luego una institución central en la vida intelectual de la provincia y del Norte argentino como la Universidad de Tucumán. Palabras clave: Revistas culturales; Intelectuales; Formaciones culturales

  13. Comportamento informacional em teses e dissertações na ciência da informação no Brasil entre 2007-2012: revisão de literatura

    Vitor Taga


    Full Text Available Estudos sobre comportamento informacional têm atraído o interesse de diversas áreas do conhecimento, entre elas a Ciência da Informação. Realizou-se uma pesquisa documental exaustiva em âmbito brasileiro, das teses e dissertações apresentadas nos onze Programas de Pós-Graduação de Ciência da Informação, defendidas no período de 2007 a abril de 2012. Foi identificado um total de 465 dissertações e 157 teses publicadas no respectivo período. Ao aplicar a escolha dos seguintes termos no título e palavras-chave: Comportamento Informacional; Comportamento de Busca da Informação; Necessidade de Informação; Estudo de Usuários; Busca da Informação; Acesso à informação; Uso da Informação; Necessidade, Busca, Acesso e Uso da Informação; Sense-Making; Tomada de decisão; e, Recuperação da Informação obteve-se para a análise 88 dissertações e 17 teses. Os termos com maior ocorrência no título foram: Tomada de Decisão (11, Comportamento Informacional (10 e Recuperação da Informação (10. Cabe salientar que, nas palavras-chave a Recuperação da Informação (49 teve a maior ocorrência entre os termos, seguida de Estudo de Usuários (19, Comportamento informacional (15, Necessidade de Informação (12, e Tomada de Decisão (10. A média de 19 documentos publicados por ano entre 2007 e 2010. O estudo identificou os autores, os orientadores e gerou um grafo no qual se percebe o posicionamento central de seis orientadores: Ricardo Barbosa (UFMG, Mônica Erichsen Nassif Borges (UFMG, Murilo Bastos da Cunha (UNB, Emir José Suaiden (UNB, Helen de Castro Silva Casarin (UNESP, Isa Maria Freire (UFF / UFPB. A temática comportamento informacional aparece com maior ocorrência nas instituições: UFMG, UNB, UNESP e UFPB. A pesquisa demonstrou a continuidade de estudos na área e apontaram que aproximadamente 1/5 das dissertações e 1/10 das teses brasileiras abrangem.

  14. Knowledge and attitudes of Latin American gynecologists regarding unplanned pregnancy and use of combined oral contraceptives

    Bahamondes L


    Full Text Available Luis Bahamondes,1 Josefina Lira-Plasencia,2 Ricardo Martin,3 Victor Marin,4 Maria Y Makuch1 1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil; 2Instituto Nacional de Perinatología, México, DF, México; 3Hospital Universitario, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia; 4Hospital Central, Petróleos Mexicanos, México, DF, México Background: Unintended pregnancy is a public health problem and unmet medical need worldwide. It is estimated that in the year 2012, almost 213 million pregnancies occurred, and the global pregnancy rate decreased only slightly from 2008 to 2012. It was also estimated that 85 million pregnancies (40% of all pregnancies were unintended and that 38% ended in an unintended birth. Objectives: To assess knowledge and attitudes of Latin American (LA obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs regarding unintended pregnancies and aspects of combined oral contraceptive (COC use. Methods: A survey was conducted during a scientific meeting about contraception in 2014, in which OBGYNs from 12 LA countries who provide attention in contraception were invited to respond to a multiple-choice questionnaire to assess their knowledge and attitudes regarding unplanned pregnancy and some aspects regarding COC use. Results: A total of 210 OBGYNs participated in the study. Their knowledge regarding COC failure was low. The participants reported they believed that their patients habitually forgot to take a pill and that their patients did not know what to do in these situations. They were aware of the benefits of COC use; however, they were less prone to prescribe COCs for the purpose of protecting against ovarian and endometrial cancer, and one-quarter of them had doubts about the association between COC use and cancer risk. Conclusion: The interviewed LA OBGYNs showed some flaws in terms of knowledge of COC failure rates and the non-contraceptive benefits and risks

  15. Post-War Central America

    Dirk Kruijt


    Full Text Available – Terror in the Countryside. Campesino Responses to Political Violence in Guatemala, 1954-1985, by Rachel A. May. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Center for International Studies/Research in International Studies/Latin America Series #35, 2001. – La guerrilla fue mi camino. Epitafio para César Montes, by Julio César Macías. Guatemala: Piedra Santa/Colección Afluentes de Modernidad, 1999. – Testigo de conciencia (Periodismo de Opinión Documentado, by Marco A. Mérida. Guatemala: ARCASAVI, 2000. – Centroamérica 2002. Un nuevo modelo de desarrollo regional, edited by Klaus Bodemer and Eduardo Gamarra. Caracas: Nueva Sociedad, 2002. – Who Governs? Guatemala Five years After the Peace Accords, by Rachel Sieder, Megan Thomas, George Vickers and Jack Spence. Cambridge, Mass.: Hemispheric Initiatives/Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA, January 2002. – Pasos hacia una nueva convivencia: Democracia y participación en Centroamérica, edited by Ricardo Córdova Macías, Günther Maihold and Sabina Kurtenbach. San Salvador: FUNDAUNGO, Instituto de Estudios Iberoamericanos de Hamburgo and Instituto Iberoamericano de Berlin, 2001. – Los desafíos de la democracia en Centroamérica, by René Poitevin and Alexander Sequén-Mónchez. Guatemala: FLACSO, 2002. – Más allá de las elecciones: Diez años después de los acuerdos de paz, edited by Hector Dada Hirezi. San Salvador: FLACSO, 2002. – Guatemala, un proyecto inconcluso: La multiculturalidad, un paso hacia la democracia, by Hugo Cayzac. Guatemala: FLACSO, 2001. – La violencia en el contexto del posconflicto, según la percepción de comunidades urbanas pobres de Guatemala, by Caroline Moser and Cathy McIlwaine. Washington/Bogotá: Banco Mundial-Región de Latinoamérica y el Caribe/Tercer Mundo Editores, 2001. – El lado oscuro de la eterna primavera. Violencia, criminalidad y delincuencia en la postguerra, by Manolo Vela, Alexander Sequén-Mónchez and Hugo Antonio Solares

  16. Improved Large Aperture Collector Manufacturing

    O' Rourke, Deven [Abengoa Solar LLC, Lakewood, CO (United States); Farr, Adrian [Abengoa Solar LLC, Lakewood, CO (United States)


    The parabolic trough is the most established CSP technology and carries a long history of design experimentation dating back to the 1970’s. This has led to relatively standardized collector architectures, a maturing global supply chain, and a fairly uniform cost reduction strategy. Abengoa has deployed more than 1,500MWe of CSP troughs across several countries and has built and tested full-scale prototypes of many R&D concepts. The latest trough R&D efforts involved efforts to internalize non-CSP industry experience including a preliminary DFMA principles review done with Boothroyd Dewhurst, a construction literature review by the Arizona State University School of Construction Management, and two more focused manufacturing engineering subcontracts done by Ricardo Inc. and the nonprofit Edison Welding Institute. The first two studies highlighted strong opportunities in lowering part count, standardizing components and fasteners, developing modular designs to support prefabrication and automation, and devising simple, error-proof manual assembly methods. These principles have delivered major new cost savings in otherwise “mature” products in analogous industries like automotive, truck trailer manufacture, metal building fabrication, and shipbuilding. For this reason, they were core in the design development of the SpaceTube® collector, and arguably key to its early successes. The latter two studies were applied specifically to the first-generation SpaceTube® design and were important in setting the direction of the present SolarMat project. These studies developed a methodology to analyze the costs of manufacture and assembly, and identify new tooling concepts for more efficient manufacture. Among the main opportunities identified in these studies were the automated mirror arm manufacturing concept and the need for a less infrastructure-intensive assembly line, both of which now form central pillars of the SolarMat project strategy. These new designs will be

  17. Development of biodegradable methylprednisolone microparticles for treatment of articular pathology using a spray-drying technique

    Tobar-Grande B


    Full Text Available Blanca Tobar-Grande,1 Ricardo Godoy,1 Paulina Bustos,2 Carlos von Plessing,1 Elias Fattal,3,4 Nicolas Tsapis,3,4 Claudia Olave,1 Carolina Gómez-Gaete11Departamento de Farmacia, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile; 2Departamento de Bioquímica Clínica e Inmunología, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile; 3Univ Paris-Sud, Institut Galien Paris-Sud, Faculté de Pharmacie, Châtenay-Malabry, France; 4CNRS, UMR 8612, Faculté de Pharmacie, Châtenay-Malabry, FranceAbstract: In this work, microparticles were prepared by spray-drying using albumin, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid as excipients to create a controlled-release methylprednisolone system for use in inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrated that these microparticles were almost spherical, with development of surface wrinkling as the methylprednisolone load in the formulation was increased. The methylprednisolone load also had a direct influence on the mean diameter and zeta potential of the microparticles. Interactions between formulation excipients and the active drug were evaluated by x-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, and thermal gravimetric analysis, showing limited amounts of methylprednisolone in a crystalline state in the loaded microparticles. The encapsulation efficiency of methylprednisolone was approximately 89% in all formulations. The rate of methylprednisolone release from the microparticles depended on the initial drug load in the formulation. In vitro cytotoxic evaluation using THP-1 cells showed that none of the formulations prepared triggered an inflammatory response on release of interleukin-1ß, nor did they affect cellular viability, except for the 9.1% methylprednisolone formulation, which was the maximum test concentration used. The microparticles developed in this study have characteristics amenable to a therapeutic role in

  18. Status rent in new developing economy

    Aleksandrova Natal'ja


    Full Text Available The status rent and conditions of its appearance are characterized in new developing economy by the position of new political economy. The bases of the general theory of rent were laid by classicists of political economy (F. Cene, A. Smith, J. Anderson, J. Mill, T. Maltus, D. Ricardo, K. Marx. They differentiated the rare rent (natural, absolute rent and differential land rent. Neoclassicists widened the definition of rent understanding it as income from any productive factor not only from land. Mostly, investigators of rent keep to two main postulates. Firstly, it is over profit, the income of special kind connected with using of exclusive, limited or rare goods for some time. Secondly, the rent is owned by the owners of these goods. These statements belonging to the natural rent can be used for the analysis of others, unnatural kinds of rent. The status rent belongs here. Let us analyze the status rent from the position of new political economy. As old political economy the new one also has its object - economic relations in the society and it call for the opening of deep, important processes of economic life. But by contrast with old political economy the new one, firstly, is based on other methodology (institutional economy, the theory of social choice, system approach; secondly, it studies economic relations not as static (the position of different classes, but as dynamic in economic behavior; thirdly, it is not confrontational: economic relations are understood not as antagonistic with non-avoidance of social cataclysm but as conflict-compromising; fourthly, it operates not only with social aggregates (class, country, social group, but it is also directed to a person, his/her freedom of choice in economic behavior; and, finally, fifthly, it overcomes the past careful marking out of other sciences, and, on the contrary, strives for an interdisciplinary approach in the stream of modern institutionalism including the problems of sociology

  19. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Christoph Antons (ed.; Law and development in East and South-East Asia (Adriaan Bedner David B. Dewitt, Carolina G. Hernandez (eds; Development and security in Southeast Asia (vol. 1 & 2 (Freek Colombijn Lily Kong, Brenda S.A. Yeoh; The politics of landscape in Singapore; Constructions of ‘nation’ (Ben Derudder Andrew Hardy; Red hills; Migrants and the state in the highlands of Vietnam (Hans Hägerdal Hanneman Samuel, Henk Schulte Nordholt (eds; Indonesia in transition; Rethinking ‘civil society’, ‘region’, and ‘crisis’ (david Henley S. Margana; Pujangga Jawa dan bayang-bayang kolonial (Mason Hoadley Karel E.M. Bongenaar; De ontwikkeling van het zelfbesturend landschap in Nederlandsch-Indie: 1855-1942 (Gerry van Klinken Pamela J. Stewart, Andrew Strathern; Humors and substances; Ideas of the body in New Guinea (Michael Lieber Wu Xiao An; Chinese business in the making of a Malay state, 1882-1941 (Loh Wei Leng Mikihiro Moriyama; Sundanese print culture and modernity in 19th-century West Java (Julian Millie Yunita T. Winarto; Seeds of knowledge; The beginning of integrated pest management in Java (Simon Platten Jelle Miedema, Ger Reesink; One head, many faces; New perspectives on the Bird’s Head Peninsula of New Guinea (Anton Ploeg Christopher R. Duncan (ed.; Civilizing the margins; Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities (Nathan Porath Rosario Mendoza Cortes, Celestina Puyal Boncan, Ricardo Trota Jose; The Filipino saga; History as social change (Portia L. Reyes Stephen Dobbs; The Singapore River; A social history, 1819-2002 (Victor R. Savage Michael Wood; Official history in modern Indonesia; New Order perceptions and counterviews (Henk Schulte Nordholt Claudio O. Delang (ed.; Living at the edge of Thai society; The Karen in the highlands of northern Thailand (Nicholas Tapp Andrew C. Willford, Kenneth M. George (eds; Spirited politics: Religion

  20. Foot health-related quality of life among elderly with and without lesser toe deformities: a case–control study

    López-López D


    Full Text Available Daniel López-López,1 María Martínez-Vázquez,1 Marta Elena Losa-Iglesias,2 César Calvo-Lobo,3 David Rodríguez-Sanz,4 Patricia Palomo-López,5 Ricardo Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo6 1Research, Health and Podiatry Unit, Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry, Universidade da Coruña, Ferrol, Spain; 2Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain; 3Nursing and Physical Therapy Department, Institute of Biomedicine (IBIOMED, Universidad de León, Ponferrada, León, Spain; 4School of Sports Science, European University, Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, Spain; 5University Center of Plasencia, Universidad de Extremadura, Extremadura, Spain; 6School of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain Purpose: The aim of this study was to compare the health-related quality of life impact related to foot health and health in general in older adults with lesser toe deformities (LTD and without any foot conditions. Methods: A case–control observational study was carried out following the Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology criteria. A total of 100 older adults with a mean age of 74.39±6.02 years were recruited at an outpatient clinic; 50 of these subjects had LTD (case group and 50 subjects were without any foot conditions (control group. Presence of LTD was determined in both feet using the Kelikian push-up test, and the Foot Health Status Questionnaire scores were self-reported.Results: The case group showed lower scores in quality of life in relation to health in general and to foot health specifically. Statistically significant differences (p<0.05 between case and control groups were shown by means of the Wicoxon test.Conclusion: A negative impact in quality of life in relation to foot health should be considered in older adults with LTD, regardless of gender. Keywords: aged, foot deformities, foot disease, quality of life, toes