Sample records for expansion study basis

  1. Morse basis expansion applied to diatomic molecules

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lima, Emanuel F. de, E-mail: [Departamento de Estatística, Matemática Aplicada e Computação, Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas, Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP, Rio Claro, São Paulo 13506-900 (Brazil)


    This work explores the use of the eigenfunctions of the Morse potential with a infinite barrier at long range to solve the radial Schrödinger equation for diatomic molecules. Analytical formulas are obtained for the kinetic energy operator matrix elements in the Morse basis. The Morse basis expansion is applied to find the vibrational–rotational levels of the sodium molecule in the electronic ground state. -- Highlights: ► The Morse potential basis is invoked to find the rovibrational levels of diatomic molecules. ► Analytical formulas for the kinetic energy operator in the Morse basis are obtained. ► The results of the Morse basis expansion show good agreement with the Fourier Grid technique.

  2. Basis set expansion for inverse problems in plasma diagnostic analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, B.; Ruiz, C. L. [Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185 (United States)


    A basis set expansion method [V. Dribinski, A. Ossadtchi, V. A. Mandelshtam, and H. Reisler, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 2634 (2002)] is applied to recover physical information about plasma radiation sources from instrument data, which has been forward transformed due to the nature of the measurement technique. This method provides a general approach for inverse problems, and we discuss two specific examples relevant to diagnosing fast z pinches on the 20–25 MA Z machine [M. E. Savage, L. F. Bennett, D. E. Bliss, W. T. Clark, R. S. Coats, J. M. Elizondo, K. R. LeChien, H. C. Harjes, J. M. Lehr, J. E. Maenchen, D. H. McDaniel, M. F. Pasik, T. D. Pointon, A. C. Owen, D. B. Seidel, D. L. Smith, B. S. Stoltzfus, K. W. Struve, W. A. Stygar, L. K. Warne, J. R. Woodworth, C. W. Mendel, K. R. Prestwich, R. W. Shoup, D. L. Johnson, J. P. Corley, K. C. Hodge, T. C. Wagoner, and P. E. Wakeland, in Proceedings of the Pulsed Power Plasma Sciences Conference (IEEE, 2007), p. 979]. First, Abel inversion of time-gated, self-emission x-ray images from a wire array implosion is studied. Second, we present an approach for unfolding neutron time-of-flight measurements from a deuterium gas puff z pinch to recover information about emission time history and energy distribution. Through these examples, we discuss how noise in the measured data limits the practical resolution of the inversion, and how the method handles discontinuities in the source function and artifacts in the projected image. We add to the method a propagation of errors calculation for estimating uncertainties in the inverted solution.

  3. Cluster expansions for the correlated basis functions theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guardiola, R. (Granada Univ. (Spain). Dept. de Fisica Nuclear)


    Four kinds of cluster expansions for the calculation of non-diagonal matrix elements of the hamiltonian between correlated states have been derived. The derivation is based on a linearization mechanism for the standard cluster expansions in a configuration mixed state. Particulary simple formulae result for the multiplicative Factor-Aviles-Hartog-Tolhoek expansion and for the exponential form of the Gaudin-Gillespie-Ripka cluster expansion. The resulting expansions are directly usable in finite nuclei.

  4. Comparative analysis of the solution of linear continuous inverse problems using different basis expansions (United States)

    Fernández-Muñiz, Zulima; Fernández-Martínez, Juan L.; Srinivasan, Sanjay; Mukerji, Tapan


    Geophysical inverse problems try to infer the value of a physical property of the earth from data measured at the boundary of the domain. Model parameterization is a key concept to make the inverse problem less ill conditioned. In this contribution we compare the performance of four different basis functions, Fourier, Pixel, Haar and Daubechies Wavelets, for a 1D linear continuous inverse problem. Adopting the right parameterization also reduces the number of dimensions in which the inverse problem is going to be solved, allowing easy posterior analysis. To compare the different basis expansions we have studied a simple 1D linear inverse problem in gravimetric inversion for a density anomaly with Gaussian shape. For this simple toy-problem we show that the Fourier basis gives a better reconstruction using Filon's quadrature to avoid numerical instabilities caused by highly oscillating functions, both, in the noise-free and noisy cases. Besides, the Fourier base is the one that provides the lowest reconstruction error for the number of basis terms and the highest condition number. The Haar and pixel (piecewise-continuous functions) bases provide similar results, although the pixel base needs more terms to achieve lower reconstruction errors. Also, the pixel basis is the one that has the lowest condition number that is obviously related to the way the energy in the system matrix is distributed. Besides, the Daubechies Db2 basis expansion is the one that has the highest system rank, it is more difficult to apply to project the integral kernel, and provides the worst results, compared to the other basis expansions. Finally we propose how to generalize this methodology to linear inverse problems in several dimensions and to non-linear problems. A separate paper will be devoted to this subject.

  5. Fuzzy local linearization and local basis function expansion in nonlinear system modeling. (United States)

    Gan, Q; Harris, C J


    Fuzzy local linearization is compared with local basis function expansion for modeling unknown nonlinear processes. First-order Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model and the analysis of variance (ANOVA) decomposition are combined for the fuzzy local linearization of nonlinear systems, in which B-splines are used as membership functions of the fuzzy sets for input space partition. A modified algorithm for adaptive spline modeling of observation data (MASMOD) is developed for determining the number of necessary B-splines and their knot positions to achieve parsimonious models. This paper illustrates that fuzzy local linearization models have several advantages over local basis function expansion based models in nonlinear system modeling.

  6. Communication: Density functional theory embedding with the orthogonality constrained basis set expansion procedure (United States)

    Culpitt, Tanner; Brorsen, Kurt R.


    Density functional theory (DFT) embedding approaches have generated considerable interest in the field of computational chemistry because they enable calculations on larger systems by treating subsystems at different levels of theory. To circumvent the calculation of the non-additive kinetic potential, various projector methods have been developed to ensure the orthogonality of molecular orbitals between subsystems. Herein the orthogonality constrained basis set expansion (OCBSE) procedure is implemented to enforce this subsystem orbital orthogonality without requiring a level shifting parameter. This scheme is a simple alternative to existing parameter-free projector-based schemes, such as the Huzinaga equation. The main advantage of the OCBSE procedure is that excellent convergence behavior is attained for DFT-in-DFT embedding without freezing any of the subsystem densities. For the three chemical systems studied, the level of accuracy is comparable to or higher than that obtained with the Huzinaga scheme with frozen subsystem densities. Allowing both the high-level and low-level DFT densities to respond to each other during DFT-in-DFT embedding calculations provides more flexibility and renders this approach more generally applicable to chemical systems. It could also be useful for future extensions to embedding approaches combining wavefunction theories and DFT. PMID:28576084

  7. High flux expansion divertor studies in NSTX

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soukhanovskii, V A; Maingi, R; Bell, R E; Gates, D A; Kaita, R; Kugel, H W; LeBlanc, B P; Maqueda, R; Menard, J E; Mueller, D; Paul, S F; Raman, R; Roquemore, A L


    Projections for high-performance H-mode scenarios in spherical torus (ST)-based devices assume low electron collisionality for increased efficiency of the neutral beam current drive. At lower collisionality (lower density), the mitigation techniques based on induced divertor volumetric power and momentum losses may not be capable of reducing heat and material erosion to acceptable levels in a compact ST divertor. Divertor geometry can also be used to reduce high peak heat and particle fluxes by flaring a scrape-off layer (SOL) flux tube at the divertor plate, and by optimizing the angle at which the flux tube intersects the divertor plate, or reduce heat flow to the divertor by increasing the length of the flux tube. The recently proposed advanced divertor concepts [1, 2] take advantage of these geometry effects. In a high triangularity ST plasma configuration, the magnetic flux expansion at the divertor strike point (SP) is inherently high, leading to a reduction of heat and particle fluxes and a facilitated access to the outer SP detachment, as has been demonstrated recently in NSTX [3]. The natural synergy of the highly-shaped high-performance ST plasmas with beneficial divertor properties motivated a further systematic study of the high flux expansion divertor. The National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) is a mid-sized device with the aspect ratio A = 1.3-1.5 [4]. In NSTX, the graphite tile divertor has an open horizontal plate geometry. The divertor magnetic configuration geometry was systematically changed in an experiment by either (1) changing the distance between the lower divertor X-point and the divertor plate (X-point height h{sub X}), or by (2) keeping the X-point height constant and increasing the outer SP radius. An initial analysis of the former experiment is presented below. Since in the divertor the poloidal field B{sub {theta}} strength is proportional to h{sub X}, the X-point height variation changed the divertor plasma wetted area due to

  8. Translationally invariant clusters in coordinate space: higher-order clusters and the Gaussian expansion basis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bishop, R.F. (Manchester Univ. (United Kingdom). Inst. of Science and Technology); Buendia, E. (Granada Univ. (Spain). Facultad de Ciencias); Flynn, M.F. (Kent State Univ., OH (United States)); Guardiola, R. (Univ. de Valencia Estudi General (Spain). Dept. de Fisica Atomica y Nuclear)


    We develop and apply a series of extensible and flexible cluster expansions, tailored specifically to few-body systems. Our analysis begins by recalling previous work which examined the role of the center-of-mass (CM) motion in the few-body system. We show how the problems generated by the CM motion generally associated with correlated wavefunctions can be explicitly avoided altogether, and from the outset, by restricting the excitations induced to those which leave the CM undisturbed. This is accomplished by expressing all correlation functions solely in terms of relative coordinates. All such functions are expanded in bases of Gaussians, which are shown to be highly efficient computationally. Applications to the [sup 3]H and [sup 4]He nuclei are presented. Results show that the method produces both accurate energies and wavefunction properties. (author).

  9. Basis Expansion Approaches for Regularized Sequential Dictionary Learning Algorithms With Enforced Sparsity for fMRI Data Analysis. (United States)

    Seghouane, Abd-Krim; Iqbal, Asif


    Sequential dictionary learning algorithms have been successfully applied to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data analysis. fMRI data sets are, however, structured data matrices with the notions of temporal smoothness in the column direction. This prior information, which can be converted into a constraint of smoothness on the learned dictionary atoms, has seldomly been included in classical dictionary learning algorithms when applied to fMRI data analysis. In this paper, we tackle this problem by proposing two new sequential dictionary learning algorithms dedicated to fMRI data analysis by accounting for this prior information. These algorithms differ from the existing ones in their dictionary update stage. The steps of this stage are derived as a variant of the power method for computing the SVD. The proposed algorithms generate regularized dictionary atoms via the solution of a left regularized rank-one matrix approximation problem where temporal smoothness is enforced via regularization through basis expansion and sparse basis expansion in the dictionary update stage. Applications on synthetic data experiments and real fMRI data sets illustrating the performance of the proposed algorithms are provided.

  10. Studies of Expansive Learning: Foundations, Findings and Future Challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yrjö Engeström


    Full Text Available The paper examines studies based on the theory of expansive learning, formulated in 1987. In recent years the theory has been used in a wide variety of studies and interventions. The theory builds on foundational ideas put forward by Vygotsky, Leont’ev, Il’enkov, and Davydov, key figures in the Russian school of cultural-historical activity theory. Studies based on the theory are reviewed in six sections: expansive learning as transformation of the object, expansive learning as movement in the zone of proximal development, expansive learning as cycles of learning actions, expansive learning as boundary crossing and network building, expansive learning as distributed and discontinuous movement, and formative interventions.A separate section is devoted to critiques of expansive learning. It is concluded that the ultimate test of learning theories is how they help practitioners to generate learning that grasps pressing issues the humankind is facing. The theory of expansive learning currently expands its analyses both up and down, outward and inward. Moving up and outward, it tackles learning in fields or networks of interconnected activity systems with their partially shared and often contested objects. Moving down and inward, it tackles issues of subjectivity, experiencing, personal sense, emotion, embodiment, identity, and moral commitment.

  11. Kinematic Analysis of Cell Division and Expansion: Quantifying the Cellular Basis of Growth and Sampling Developmental Zones in Zea mays Leaves. (United States)

    Sprangers, Katrien; Avramova, Viktoriya; Beemster, Gerrit T S


    Growth analyses are often used in plant science to investigate contrasting genotypes and the effect of environmental conditions. The cellular aspect of these analyses is of crucial importance, because growth is driven by cell division and cell elongation. Kinematic analysis represents a methodology to quantify these two processes. Moreover, this technique is easy to use in non-specialized laboratories. Here, we present a protocol for performing a kinematic analysis in monocotyledonous maize (Zea mays) leaves. Two aspects are presented: (1) the quantification of cell division and expansion parameters, and (2) the determination of the location of the developmental zones. This could serve as a basis for sampling design and/or could be useful for data interpretation of biochemical and molecular measurements with high spatial resolution in the leaf growth zone. The growth zone of maize leaves is harvested during steady-state growth. Individual leaves are used for meristem length determination using a DAPI stain and cell-length profiles using DIC microscopy. The protocol is suited for emerged monocotyledonous leaves harvested during steady-state growth, with growth zones spanning at least several centimeters. To improve the understanding of plant growth regulation, data on growth and molecular studies must be combined. Therefore, an important advantage of kinematic analysis is the possibility to correlate changes at the molecular level to well-defined stages of cellular development. Furthermore, it allows for a more focused sampling of specified developmental stages, which is useful in case of limited budget or time.

  12. Mean field theory and boson expansion at finite temperature on the basis of the thermo field dynamics (United States)

    Hatsuda, Tetsuo


    Thermo field dynamics (TFD) is applied to the general hamiltonian with two-body interaction. The Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) equation and RPA at finite temperature are derived by the approximate diagonalization of the time translational operator of TFD. A boson expansion theory at finite temperature is developed by introducing duplicated boson spaces as the image of the boson mapping. These methods are applied to the two-level Lipkin model in which the basic group is shown to become O(5) at finite temperature in place of SU(2).

  13. Thermal expansion and magnetostriction studies on iron pnictides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wang, Liran


    In this work, a 3-terminal capacitance dilatometer was set up and used for measurements of the thermal expansion and magnetostriction of novel superconducting iron pinictides and related materials. In particular, RFeAsO with R = La, Ce, Pr, Sm, Gd, LaFeASO{sub 1-x}F{sub x} and Ca(F{sub 1-c}Co{sub x}){sub 2}As{sub 2} have been investigated. The data on polycrystalline LaFeAsO{sub 1-x} are the first published thermal expansion data on this material. The lattice effects at the structural and the magnetic phase transition have been investigated and the phase diagram upon F-doping has been studied. A main result is the observation of a previously unknown fluctuation regime for the doping level x ≤ 0.04 over a large T range above the structural transition temperature T{sub S}. The absence of any structural anomalies in the normal state of the superconducting LaFeAlO{sub 1-x}F{sub x} samples with x ≥ 0.05 corroborates the discontinuous character of the phase boundary not only for the magnetism but also for the structural degrees of freedom. Similarly, the presence of high-temperature fluctuations is found for all RFeAsO undoped materials under study. The discussion of the probable origin of the fluctuations as well as the definition of the structural transition temperature T{sub S} are done. The low temperature features shown by the thermal expansion data for RFeAsO are caused by the onset of long range magnetic order of the 4f-moments and their different configurations. In particular, PrFeAsO, which has a very pronounced anomaly associated with Pr-ordering exhibits a large magnetostriction at low temperatures. By discussing this effect along with the magnetization, resistivity and other measurements, it is found that this large magneto-elastic effect may originate from the correlations between the momentum from Fe{sup 3+} and Pr{sup 3+}. Last, the thermal expansion of Ca(Fe{sub 1-x}Co{sub x}){sub 2}As{sub 2} 122 single crystals is investigated. Ca(Fe{sub 1-x}Co{sub x

  14. Rapid replacement of bridge deck expansion joints study - phase I. (United States)


    Bridge deck expansion joints are used to allow for movement of the bridge deck due to thermal expansion, dynamics loading, and : other factors. More recently, expansion joints have also been utilized to prevent the passage of winter de-icing chemical...

  15. Surgically assisted maxillary expansion in adults: prospective study. (United States)

    de Freitas, R R; Gonçalves, A J; Moniz, N J; Maciel, F A


    The purpose of this research was to carry out a prospective clinical study of patients with transverse maxillary deficiency, orthopaedically expanded after minimum osteotomies of the zygomatic pillars and the median palatine suture, with quantitative assessment of the stability of the transverse dimensions of the maxilla. The distance between the superior canines and the first superior molars was measured six times during the clinical experiment. The desired expansion was achieved by 15 days postoperatively for all patients. After one year of follow-up, clinical measurements showed a relapse rate of 23% in the superior canine area and 18% in the superior first molar area.

  16. Neural Basis of Tics: A Functional MRI Study


    J Gordon Millichap


    Event-related functional MRI (fMRI) was used to study the neural basis of spontaneous motor and vocal tics in 10 patients with Tourette syndrome, at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Bethesda, MD.

  17. Adult T-cell leukemia: molecular basis for clonal expansion and transformation of HTLV-1-infected T cells. (United States)

    Watanabe, Toshiki


    Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) is an aggressive T-cell malignancy caused by human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) that develops through a multistep carcinogenesis process involving 5 or more genetic events. We provide a comprehensive overview of recently uncovered information on the molecular basis of leukemogenesis in ATL. Broadly, the landscape of genetic abnormalities in ATL that include alterations highly enriched in genes for T-cell receptor-NF-κB signaling such as PLCG1, PRKCB, and CARD11 and gain-of function mutations in CCR4 and CCR7 Conversely, the epigenetic landscape of ATL can be summarized as polycomb repressive complex 2 hyperactivation with genome-wide H3K27 me3 accumulation as the basis of the unique transcriptome of ATL cells. Expression of H3K27 methyltransferase enhancer of zeste 2 was shown to be induced by HTLV-1 Tax and NF-κB. Furthermore, provirus integration site analysis with high-throughput sequencing enabled the analysis of clonal composition and cell number of each clone in vivo, whereas multicolor flow cytometric analysis with CD7 and cell adhesion molecule 1 enabled the identification of HTLV-1-infected CD4(+) T cells in vivo. Sorted immortalized but untransformed cells displayed epigenetic changes closely overlapping those observed in terminally transformed ATL cells, suggesting that epigenetic abnormalities are likely earlier events in leukemogenesis. These new findings broaden the scope of conceptualization of the molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis, dissecting them into immortalization and clonal progression. These recent findings also open a new direction of drug development for ATL prevention and treatment because epigenetic marks can be reprogrammed. Mechanisms underlying initial immortalization and progressive accumulation of these abnormalities remain to be elucidated. © 2017 by The American Society of Hematology.

  18. Using Charged Particle Imaging to Study Ultracold Plasma Expansion (United States)

    Zhang, X. L.; Fletcher, R. S.; Rolston, S. L.


    We develop a projection imaging technique to study ultracold plasma dynamics. We image the charged particle spatial distributions by extraction with a high-voltage pulse onto a position-sensitive detector. Measuring the 2D width of the ion image at later times (the ion image size in the first 20 μs is dominated by the Coulomb explosion of the dense ion cloud), we extract the plasma expansion velocity. These velocities at different initial electron temperatures match earlier results obtained by measuring the plasma oscillation frequency. The electron image size slowly decreases during the plasma lifetime because of the strong Coulomb force of the ion cloud on the electrons, electron loss and Coulomb explosion effects.

  19. Geographic Expansion Strategic Model in Iran: A Qualitative Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahram Yazdani


    Conclusion: For promotion of community health and improvement of the national and international position of Iran’s medical universities and HE centers, policymakers should consider the diverse factors that influence HE expansion in our developed model.

  20. Gateway Arch Circulator Conceptual Feasibility Study : Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (United States)


    The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JEFF) is undergoing major design changes as part of the City Arch River 2015 project (CAR) that will impact access for park visitors. The park and stakeholders are considering a circulator system to facilita...

  1. A longitudinal study of incremental expansion using a mandibular lip bumper. (United States)

    Murphy, C Chris; Magness, W Bonham; English, Jeryl D; Frazier-Bowers, Sylvia A; Salas, Anna Maria


    A retrospective study using models was performed to evaluate the incremental expansion that occurred during mandibular lip bumper therapy in 44 adolescent patients. The purpose was to determine whether expansion occurs evenly between appointments or whether it attenuates with treatment time. Dental cast measurements were made for arch width and arch length. Treatment duration was broken into near-equal time segments and compared. Results showed that about 50% of the total expansion achieved occurred within about the first 100 days. Forty percent of the total amount of expansion occurred during the next 200 days, with only about 10% of the total expansion occurring after the first 300 days. It is unnecessary to have the appliance in place for longer than 300 days. The percentage of expansion that occurred at each time segment was not related to whether the patient had concomitant maxillary expansion.

  2. Zambia : long-term generation expansion study - executive summary.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Conzelmann, G.; Koritarov, V.; Buehring, W.; Veselka, T.; Decision and Information Sciences


    The objective of this study is to analyze possible long-term development options of the Zambian electric power system in the period up to 2015. The analysis involved the hydro operations studies of the Zambezi river basin and the systems planning studies for the least-cost generation expansion planning. Two well-known and widely accepted computer models were used in the analysis: PC-VALORAGUA model for the hydro operations and optimization studies and the WASP-III Plus model for the optimization of long-term system development. The WASP-III Plus model is a part of the Argonne National Laboratory's Energy and Power Evaluation Model (ENPEP). The analysis was conducted in close collaboration with the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO). On the initiative from The World Bank, the sponsor of the study, ZESCO formed a team of experts that participated in the analysis and were trained in the use of computer models. Both models were transferred to ZESCO free of charge and installed on several computers in the ZESCO corporate offices in Lusaka. In September-October 1995, two members of the ZESCO National Team participated in a 4-week training course at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, U.S.A., focusing on the long-term system expansion planning using the WASP and VALORAGUA models. The hydropower operations studies were performed for the whole Zambezi river basin, including the full installation of the Kariba power station, and the Cahora Bassa hydro power station in Mozambique. The analysis also included possible future projects such as Itezhi-Tezhi, Kafue Gorge Lower, and Batoka Gorge power stations. As hydropower operations studies served to determine the operational characteristics of the existing and future hydro power plants, it was necessary to simulate the whole Zambezi river basin in order to take into account all interactions and mutual influences between the hydro power plants. In addition, it allowed for the optimization of reservoir

  3. Merchant electricity transmission expansion: A European case study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kristiansen, T. [RBS Sempra Commodities, 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M3TZ (United Kingdom); Rosellon, J. [Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas (CIDE), Division de Economia, Carretera Mexico-Toluca 3655, Lomas de Santa Fe, 01210 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), Mohrenstrasse 58, 10117, Berlin (Germany)


    We apply a merchant transmission model to the trilateral market coupling (TLC) arrangement among the Netherlands, Belgium and France as an example, and note that it could further be applied to other market splitting or coupling of Europe's different national power markets. In this merchant framework the system operator allocates financial transmission rights (FTRs) to investors in transmission expansion based upon their preferences, and revenue adequacy. The independent system operator (ISO) preserves some proxy FTRs to manage potential negative externalities that may result from expansion projects. This scheme could help European market coupling arrangements attract additional investment. (author)

  4. Langmuir probe study of plasma expansion in pulsed laser ablation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, T.N.; Schou, Jørgen; Lunney, J.G.


    Langmuir probes were used to monitor the asymptotic expansion of the plasma produced by the laser ablation of a silver target in a vacuum. The measured angular and temporal distributions of the ion flux and electron temperature were found to be in good agreement with the self-similar isentropic a...... and adiabatic solution of the gas dynamics equations describing the expansion. The value of the adiabatic index gamma was about 1.25, consistent with the ablation plume being a low temperature plasma....

  5. LED phototherapy on midpalatal suture after rapid maxilla expansion: a Raman spectroscopic study (United States)

    Rosa, Cristiane B.; Habib, Fernando Antonio L.; de Araújo, Telma M.; dos Santos, Jean N.; Cangussu, Maria Cristina T.; Barbosa, Artur Felipe S.; de Castro, Isabele Cardoso V.; Soares, Luiz Guilherme P.; Pinheiro, Antonio L. B.


    A quick bone formation after maxillary expansion would reduce treatment timeand the biomodulating effects of LED light could contribute for it. The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of LED phototherapy on the acceleration of bone formation at the midpalatal suture after maxilla expansion. Thirty rats divided into 6 groups were used on the study at 2 time points - 7 days: Control; Expansion; and Expansion + LED; and 14 days: Expansion; Expansion + LED in the first week; Expansion and LED in the first and second weeks. LED irradiation occurred at every 48 h during 2 weeks. Expansion was accomplished using a spatula and maintained with a triple helicoid of 0.020" stainless steel orthodontic wire. A LED light (λ850 ± 10nm, 150mW ± 10mW, spot of 0.5cm2, t=120 sec, SAEF of 18J/cm2) was applied in one point in the midpalatal suture immediately behind the upper incisors. Near infrared Raman spectroscopic analysis of the suture region was carried and data submitted to statistical analyzes (p≤0.05). Raman spectrum analysis demonstrated that irradiation increased hydroxyapatite in the midpalatal suture after expansion. The results of this indicate that LED irradiation; have a positive biomodulation contributing to the acceleration of bone formation in the midpalatal suture after expansion procedure.

  6. A prospective study of lip adaptation during six months of simulated mandibular dental arch expansion. (United States)

    Shellhart, W C; Moawad, M I; Matheny, J; Paterson, R L; Hicks, E P


    The stability of dental arch expansion with conventional orthodontic treatments is disappointing. An increase in labial soft tissue pressure resulting from the expansion may contribute to this instability. An 8-month study of lip pressure changes resulting from lip bumper wear has been conducted, but no long-term studies have been conducted on pressure changes resulting from conventional expansion using fixed appliances. The purpose of the current study was to investigate changes in labial soft tissue pressures when conventional expansion was simulated. Twenty-two subjects wore a stent simulating mandibular dental arch expansion. They were instructed to wear the stent full-time. Lip pressure was recorded initially at 1 week, and monthly for 6 months. A repeated measures ANOVA was used for statistical analysis. A statistically significant (P < or = 0.05) increase in pressure was documented after initial insertion of the expansion-simulating stent. The increase was not maintained, suggesting an adaptation of the labial soft tissues.

  7. The Barents Sea impact study (BASIS): methodology and first results (United States)

    Lange, Manfred; Basis Consortium


    Global and climate changes are subject to scientific, societal and political debates. Recent observational evidence and results of global climate models have identified the circumpolar North as a region particularly susceptible to future climate change. To understand and assess the consequences of these changes for environmental and societal components of the European Arctic, the Barents Sea Impact Study (BASIS), an EU-funded integrated regional impact study (IRIS) has been carried out (ENV4-CT-97-0637). In common with global integrated assessments (IAs), IRISs also take a holistic view on climate change and its impact. Contrary to IAs, however, IRISs adopt a regional to sub-regional spatial scale. BASIS was carried out by an interdisciplinary team of specialists from 13 institutions in 6 countries. Major results pertain to impacts of possible climate change on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, freshwater hydrology, marine trace gas budgets, forestry and fishery. However, in this paper we focus on the major methodological aspects of an IRIS in general and on methods applied in BASIS in particular.

  8. The Spatiotemporal Pattern of Urban Expansion in China: A Comparison Study of Three Urban Megaregions


    Wenjuan Yu; Weiqi Zhou


    Urban megaregions have emerged as a new urbanized form. However, previous studies mostly focused on urban expansion at the city scale, particularly for large cities. Understanding urban expansion at the regional scale including cities having different sizes is important for extending current knowledge of urban growth and its environmental and ecological impacts. Here, we addressed two questions: (1) How do the extent, rate, and morphological model of urban expansion vary at both the regional ...

  9. Clinical studies on neurophysiological and biochemical basis of acupuncture analgesia. (United States)

    Chen, G B; Li, S C; Jiang, C C


    From November 1965 to December 1978, about 10,635 cranio-cerebral operations were performed under acupuncture anesthesia in 24 neurosurgical departments in China. The extensive clinical practices have proved that acupuncture surely has analgesic effect. So far most researches upon the mechanism for analgesia by acupuncture were based on animal experiments, but not confirmed or evidenced in human beings. For this reason, a series of clinical studies upon the neurophysiological and biochemical basis for acupuncture analgesia has been made utilizing the facilities of a neurologic clinic provided that the patient's condition is not adversely affected and therapeutic efficiency is enhanced. The results are summarized as follows.

  10. Molecular dynamics study of the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon (United States)

    Nejat Pishkenari, Hossein; Mohagheghian, Erfan; Rasouli, Ali


    Due to the growing applications of silicon in nano-scale systems, a molecular dynamics approach is employed to investigate thermal properties of silicon. Since simulation results rely upon interatomic potentials, thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) and lattice constant of bulk silicon have been obtained using different potentials (SW, Tersoff, MEAM, and EDIP) and results indicate that SW has a better agreement with the experimental observations. To investigate effect of size on TEC of silicon nanowires, further simulations are performed using SW potential. To this end, silicon nanowires of different sizes are examined and their TEC is calculated by averaging in different directions ([100], [110], [111], and [112]) and various temperatures. Results show that as the size increases, due to the decrease of the surface effects, TEC approaches its bulk value.

  11. Two satellite study of substorm expansion near geosynchronous orbit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ø. Holter


    Full Text Available During several time intervals in 1979–1980 the satellites GEOS-2 and SCATHA were situated relatively close on the nightside of the Earth at geosynchronous distances. Several substorm events were identified during these periods. The event considered in this paper was recorded on 22 May 1979, when the satellites were separated by less than 30min in local time around 21:00 LT. The observed 45 to 60 s delay of magnetic signatures observed at the two s/c indicates a westward expansion of ~7.7°/min. At the two s/c, the magnetic signatures are, in particular for the azimuthal magnetic field components, quite different. At GEOS-2, being close to the magnetic equator, the dominant feature is a dipolarization with a weak field-aligned current signature corresponding to a symmetric current which cancels at the equator. On SCATHA, however, being close to the current sheet boundary, the azimuthal magnetic field indicates a strong field-aligned Birkeland current structure. On both s/c the first indication of an approaching substorm was an increase in the high energy ion flux followed by a reduction in the flux intensity of energetic electrons and a further tailward stretching of the magnetic field, starting ~2min before the onset of the magnetic field dipolarization. The tailward stretching, the observed variations of the magnetic field components, and the subsequent dipolarization are interpreted in terms of an azimuthally tilted field-aligned current system passing the s/c on the tailward side from east to west. The westward expansion and dipolarization observed at the two s/c are consistent with the propagation of a Rayleigh-Taylor type instability. The increased radial ion flux corresponds to the ExB-drift due to the substorm associated electric field.

    Key words. Magnetospheric physics (storms and substorms; plasma waves and instabilities; current systems

  12. Thermal Expansion Studies of Selected High Temperature Thermoelectric Materials (United States)

    Ravi, Vilupanur; Firdosy, Samad; Caillat, Thierry; Brandon, Erik; Van Der Walde, Keith; Maricic, Lina; Sayir, Ali


    Radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) generate electrical power by converting the heat released from the nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes (typically plutonium-238) into electricity using a thermoelectric converter. RTGs have been successfully used to power a number of space missions and have demonstrated their reliability over an extended period of time (tens of years) and are compact, rugged, radiation resistant, scalable, and produce no noise, vibration or torque during operation. System conversion efficiency for state-of-practice RTGs is about 6% and specific power less than or equal to 5.1 W/kg. Higher specific power would result in more on-board power for the same RTG mass, or less RTG mass for the same on-board power. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been leading, under the advanced thermoelectric converter (ATEC) project, the development of new high-temperature thermoelectric materials and components for integration into advanced, more efficient RTGs. Thermoelectric materials investigated to date include skutterudites, the Yb14MnSb11 compound, and SiGe alloys. The development of long-lived thermoelectric couples based on some of these materials has been initiated and is assisted by a thermo-mechanical stress analysis to ensure that all stresses under both fabrication and operation conditions will be within yield limits for those materials. Several physical parameters are needed as input to this analysis. Among those parameters, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is critically important. Thermal expansion coefficient measurements of several thermoelectric materials under consideration for ATEC are described in this paper. The stress response at the interfaces in material stacks subjected to changes in temperature is discussed, drawing on work from the literature and project-specific tools developed here. The degree of CTE mismatch and the associated effect on the formation of stress is highlighted.

  13. Two satellite study of substorm expansion near geosynchronous orbit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ø. Holter


    Full Text Available During several time intervals in 1979–1980 the satellites GEOS-2 and SCATHA were situated relatively close on the nightside of the Earth at geosynchronous distances. Several substorm events were identified during these periods. The event considered in this paper was recorded on 22 May 1979, when the satellites were separated by less than 30min in local time around 21:00 LT. The observed 45 to 60 s delay of magnetic signatures observed at the two s/c indicates a westward expansion of ~7.7°/min. At the two s/c, the magnetic signatures are, in particular for the azimuthal magnetic field components, quite different. At GEOS-2, being close to the magnetic equator, the dominant feature is a dipolarization with a weak field-aligned current signature corresponding to a symmetric current which cancels at the equator. On SCATHA, however, being close to the current sheet boundary, the azimuthal magnetic field indicates a strong field-aligned Birkeland current structure. On both s/c the first indication of an approaching substorm was an increase in the high energy ion flux followed by a reduction in the flux intensity of energetic electrons and a further tailward stretching of the magnetic field, starting ~2min before the onset of the magnetic field dipolarization. The tailward stretching, the observed variations of the magnetic field components, and the subsequent dipolarization are interpreted in terms of an azimuthally tilted field-aligned current system passing the s/c on the tailward side from east to west. The westward expansion and dipolarization observed at the two s/c are consistent with the propagation of a Rayleigh-Taylor type instability. The increased radial ion flux corresponds to the ExB-drift due to the substorm associated electric field. Key words. Magnetospheric physics (storms and substorms; plasma waves and instabilities; current systems

  14. Accurate double many-body expansion potential energy surface by extrapolation to the complete basis set limit and dynamics calculations for ground state of NH2. (United States)

    Li, Yongqing; Yuan, Jiuchuang; Chen, Maodu; Ma, Fengcai; Sun, Mengtao


    An accurate single-sheeted double many-body expansion potential energy surface is reported for the title system. A switching function formalism has been used to warrant the correct behavior at the H2(X1Σg+)+N(2D) and NH (X3Σ-)+H(2S) dissociation channels involving nitrogen in the ground N(4S) and first excited N(2D) states. The topographical features of the novel global potential energy surface are examined in detail, and found to be in good agreement with those calculated directly from the raw ab initio energies, as well as previous calculations available in the literature. The novel surface can be using to treat well the Renner-Teller degeneracy of the 12A″ and 12A' states of NH 2. Such a work can both be recommended for dynamics studies of the N(2D)+H2 reaction and as building blocks for constructing the double many-body expansion potential energy surface of larger nitrogen/hydrogen-containing systems. In turn, a test theoretical study of the reaction N(2D)+H2(X1Σg+)(ν=0,j=0)→NH (X3Σ-)+H(2S) has been carried out with the method of quantum wave packet on the new potential energy surface. Reaction probabilities, integral cross sections, and differential cross sections have been calculated. Threshold exists because of the energy barrier (68.5 meV) along the minimum energy path. On the curve of reaction probability for total angular momentum J = 0, there are two sharp peaks just above threshold. The value of integral cross section increases quickly from zero to maximum with the increase of collision energy, and then stays stable with small oscillations. The differential cross section result shows that the reaction is a typical forward and backward scatter in agreement with experimental measurement result. Copyright © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc..

  15. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors

    CERN Document Server

    Reithmaier, Johann Peter; Kulisch, Wilhelm; Popov, Cyril; Petkov, Plamen


    Bringing together experts from 15 countries, this book is based on the lectures and contributions of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on “Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors” held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, 30 May - 11 June, 2010. It gives a broad overview on this topic, and includes articles on: techniques for preparation and characterization of sensor materials; different types of nanoscaled materials for sensor applications, addressing both their structure (nanoparticles, nanocomposites, nanostructured films, etc.) and chemical nature (carbon-based, oxides, glasses, etc.); and on advanced sensors that exploit nanoscience and nanotechnology. In addition, the volume represents an interdisciplinary approach with authors coming from diverse fields such as physics, chemistry, engineering, materials science and biology. A particular strength of the book is its combination of longer papers, introducing the basic knowledge on a certain topic, and brief contributions highlighting special types of sensors a...

  16. Studies on the Pathophysiology and Genetic Basis of Migraine (United States)

    Gasparini, Claudia F; Sutherland, Heidi G.; Griffiths, Lyn R


    Migraine is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system causing painful attacks of headache. A genetic vulnerability and exposure to environmental triggers can influence the migraine phenotype. Migraine interferes in many facets of people’s daily life including employment commitments and their ability to look after their families resulting in a reduced quality of life. Identification of the biological processes that underlie this relatively common affliction has been difficult because migraine does not have any clearly identifiable pathology or structural lesion detectable by current medical technology. Theories to explain the symptoms of migraine have focused on the physiological mechanisms involved in the various phases of headache and include the vascular and neurogenic theories. In relation to migraine pathophysiology the trigeminovascular system and cortical spreading depression have also been implicated with supporting evidence from imaging studies and animal models. The objective of current research is to better understand the pathways and mechanisms involved in causing pain and headache to be able to target interventions. The genetic component of migraine has been teased apart using linkage studies and both candidate gene and genome-wide association studies, in family and case-control cohorts. Genomic regions that increase individual risk to migraine have been identified in neurological, vascular and hormonal pathways. This review discusses knowledge of the pathophysiology and genetic basis of migraine with the latest scientific evidence from genetic studies. PMID:24403849

  17. Molecular dynamics study of the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nejat Pishkenari, Hossein, E-mail:; Mohagheghian, Erfan; Rasouli, Ali


    Due to the growing applications of silicon in nano-scale systems, a molecular dynamics approach is employed to investigate thermal properties of silicon. Since simulation results rely upon interatomic potentials, thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) and lattice constant of bulk silicon have been obtained using different potentials (SW, Tersoff, MEAM, and EDIP) and results indicate that SW has a better agreement with the experimental observations. To investigate effect of size on TEC of silicon nanowires, further simulations are performed using SW potential. To this end, silicon nanowires of different sizes are examined and their TEC is calculated by averaging in different directions ([100], [110], [111], and [112]) and various temperatures. Results show that as the size increases, due to the decrease of the surface effects, TEC approaches its bulk value. - Highlights: • MD simulations of TEC and lattice constant of bulk silicon. • Effects of four potentials on the results. • Comparison to experimental data. • Investigating size effect on TEC of silicon nanowires.

  18. Stereotactic radiotherapy in the liver hilum. Basis for future studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zamboglou, C.; Messmer, M.B.; Momm, F. [Univ. Hospital Freiburg (Germany). Dept. of Radiation Oncology; Becker, G. [Univ. Hospital Freiburg (Germany). Dept. of Gastroenterology and Hepatology


    A basis for future trials with stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for tumors of the liver hilum should be established. Thus, dosage concepts, planning processes, and dose constraints as well as technical innovations are summarized in this contribution. Methods On the background of our own data, the current literature was reviewed. The use of SBRT in the most common tumors of the liver hilum (pancreatic cancer and Klatskin tumors) was investigated. Dose constraints were calculated in 2 Gy standard fractionation doses. Results A total of 8 pilot or phase I/II studies about SBRT in the liver hilum were identified. In recent years, the SBRT technique has developed very quickly from classical stereotactic body frame radiotherapy to IGRT techniques including gating and tracking systems. In the studies using classical body frame technique, patients experienced considerable toxicities (duodenal ulcer/perforation) as compared to tolerable side effects in IGRT studies (<10% grade 3 and 4 toxicities). Dose constraints for duodenum, liver, kidneys, colon, and spinal cord were derived from the investigated studies. Survival and local tumor control data are very heterogeneous: median survival in these patients with locally advanced pancreatic or Klatskin tumors ranges between 5 and 32 months. Excellent local tumor control rates of about 80% over 24 months were achieved using SBRT. Conclusion Despite a few negative results, SBRT seems to be a promising technique in the treatment of tumors of the liver hilum. Highest precision in diagnostics, positioning, and irradiation as well as strict dose constraints should be applied to keep target volumes as small as possible and side effects tolerable. (orig.)

  19. Effect of a rapid maxillary expansion on snoring and sleep in children: a pilot study. (United States)

    Giannasi, Lilian Chrystiane; Santos, Israel Reis; Alfaya, Thays Almeida; Bussadori, Sandra Kalil; Leitão-Filho, Fernando Studart; de Oliveira, Luis Vicente Franco


    The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of the McNamara rapid palatal expansion device for the treatment of sleep disorders in children. The sample enrolled 12 children aged 4-11 years. Children with snoring and bruxism whose parents did not agree to tonsil surgery were included in the study. During the initial evaluation, a questionnaire addressing sleep was administered, and plaster models were made for the construction of the McNamara rapid maxillary expansion device. The expansion period was 7-15 days, and the McNamara device was removed after 6-8 months. The same questionnaire was administered again after 30 days of use of the orthopedic appliance. The data were analyzed using the McNemar test, with the level of significance set to 5% (Pmaxillary expansion, can be an effective treatment for snoring and other undesirable sleep behaviors in children.

  20. Expansive waves of arts festivals. Approaches in impact studies


    Colombo Alba


    Having examined the conceptualisation of economic impact studies as well as the underlying methodological aspects, this paper analyses the following three economic impact studies of arts festivals: European Capital of Culture Salamanca 2002 (Spain), XI Festival de Flamenco de Jerez (Spain), and Glastonbury Music Festival (UK). The analysed data are mainly derived from the studies carried out by various researchers and institutions, as well as from several conceptualisation reviews. The paper ...

  1. Studies on the expansion characteristics of the granular bed present ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Zaki equation (1954) have been investigated. The settling velocity study shows that the mean settling velocity of the granules is in accordance with the Allen formula because the settling process falls within the intermediate flow regime range (1

  2. A comparison of skin expansion and contraction between one expander and two expanders: a preliminary study. (United States)

    Zhang, Gan-lin; Zhang, Jin-ming; Ji, Chen-yang; Meng, Hong; Huang, Jian-hua; Luo, He-yuan; Zhang, Hua-sheng; Liu, Xiao-tao; Hong, Xiao-fang


    This study aimed to compare the difference between the skin expansion and contraction rates for an expanded flap with one versus two expanders. The study cohort comprised 24 cases of two overlapping expanders and 15 cases of a single implanted expander involving 22 patients. The method of "wet-cloth sampling" was applied to measure the expanded flap area and the initial unexpanded area and to calculate the skin expansion rate. Two points 5 cm apart in the center of the expanded flap were selected before the second surgical stage. After removal of the expander, the distance between the two fixed points was measured and recorded. The contraction rate of the expanded flap then was calculated. During the same period of expansion in the two groups (p = 0.06, >0.01), the skin expansion rate was 3.5 ± 0.9 % in the group with two overlapping expanders and 2.6 ± 0.6 % in the control group. The difference between the two groups was statistically significant (p = 0.002, 0.05). We fitted a linear regression model that was Y = 0.533 − 0.003X, where Y was the contraction rate of the expanded flap and X was the period of expansion. The contraction rate of the expanded flap was negatively correlated with the period of expansion. Compared with the traditional method of implanting a single expander, the new method of overlapping two expanders in a single cavity increased the skin expansion rate. The instantly expanded flap contraction rate did not differ significantly between the two groups, so the amount of expanded skin area absolutely increased. The clinical application of the new method is worth promoting. This journal requires that authors assign a level of evidence to each article. For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors

  3. Study on radial core thermal expansion for MOX fuelled large LMFBRS

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ohkubo, Y. [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Yokohama (Japan); Watanabe, O. [Advanced Reactor Technology, Tokyo (Japan); Nakagawa, M. [Toshiba Co., Kawasaki (Japan); Fujimura, K. [Hitachi, Ltd., Ibarakiken (Japan); Ishida, M. [FBR Engineering Co., Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Kotake, S. [The Japan Atomic Power Com., Tokyo (Japan)


    A study has been performed to evaluate radial core thermal expansion characteristics in ULOF (Unprotected Loss Of Flow) events of large LMFBRs with MOX fuel, which are expected as a passive safety feature of LMFBRs. The mechanism of radial core expansion is so complicated that the precise evaluation of its reactivity effect needs a sophisticated analytical tool system. An analytical code system has been developed in order to determine the best-estimate reactivity due to core radial expansion. The code system consists of the 3-D core thermal hydraulic transient analysis code with point kinetics, the 3-D core deflection analysis code and the 3-D core bowing reactivity analysis code. The core radial expansion reactivity in ULOF events of a large FBR with electric power of 1500MWe has been evaluated by iteration procedures among the three codes in order to study the negative reactivity insertion mechanism. It has been concluded that the core radial expansion reactivity feedback is not sufficient to prevent the coolant boiling in ULOF event of the MOX fuelled large LMFBR by itself but is considered to assist other passive safety measures to settle the core in a stable shutdown state by delaying the coolant boiling inception.

  4. On the error in the nucleus-centered multipolar expansion of molecular electron density and its topology: A direct-space computational study (United States)

    Michael, J. Robert; Koritsanszky, Tibor


    The convergence of nucleus-centered multipolar expansion of the quantum-chemical electron density (QC-ED), gradient, and Laplacian is investigated in terms of numerical radial functions derived by projecting stockholder atoms onto real spherical harmonics at each center. The partial sums of this exact one-center expansion are compared with the corresponding Hansen-Coppens pseudoatom (HC-PA) formalism [Hansen, N. K. and Coppens, P., "Testing aspherical atom refinements on small-molecule data sets," Acta Crystallogr., Sect. A 34, 909-921 (1978)] commonly utilized in experimental electron density studies. It is found that the latter model, due to its inadequate radial part, lacks pointwise convergence and fails to reproduce the local topology of the target QC-ED even at a high-order expansion. The significance of the quantitative agreement often found between HC-PA-based (quadrupolar-level) experimental and extended-basis QC-EDs can thus be challenged.

  5. Maxillary Expansion


    Agarwal, Anirudh; Mathur, Rinku


    ABSTRACT Maxillary transverse discrepancy usually requires expansion of the palate by a combination of orthopedic and orthodontic tooth movements. Three expansion treatment modalities are used today: rapid maxillary expansion, slow maxillary expansion and surgically assisted maxillary expansion.This article aims to review the maxillary expansion by all the three modalities and a brief on commonly used appliances.

  6. Relapse and stability of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion, an anatomical biomechanical study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koudstaal, M.J.; Smeets, J.B.J.; Kleinrensink, G.J.; Schulten, A.J.M.; van der Wal, K.G.H.


    Purpose: This anatomic biomechanical study was undertaken to gain insight into the underlining mechanism of tipping of the maxillary segments during transverse expansion using tooth-borne and bone-borne distraction devices. Materials and Methods: An anatomic biomechanical study was performed on 10

  7. Experimental Study on the Tensile Strength and Linear Expansion Coefficient of Air Tunnel Terrazzo Surface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boping Li


    Full Text Available At present, studies on the surface tension of air tunnel terrazzo under wind load and how regularly it is affected by temperature are relatively less, and the measured results of the thermal expansion coefficient of terrazzo have not yet been given. In this paper, based on the top terrazzo surface structure of the inner wall of the wind tunnel, the tensile performance tests of terrazzo surface layer are conducted, while the thermal expansion coefficient of the six terrazzo test blocks were tested. The tests and analysis show that the construction of terrazzo surface, based on the proposed construction process, can effectively guarantee the reliable cement performance for the binding layer between mortar and concrete base layer, terrazzo surface layer and the cement mortar layer. And the thermal expansion coefficient of terrazzo can be valued at 1.06e-5/ºC.

  8. A study of uniform stars using 1/d-expansions and numerical methods (United States)

    Gaunt, D. S.; Yu, T. C.


    We study a lattice model of an interacting uniform self-avoiding star polymer with f branches. A 1/d -expansion for the limiting reduced free energy is derived through order 1/d for general f and, for f = 3, to order 1/d 2 . The terms in the expansion are independent of f and agree term by term with the corresponding expansion for interacting self-avoiding walks. We also present a miscellany of numerical results obtained by more conventional series and Monte Carlo techniques. All our results, both past and present, support the conjecture that the limiting reduced free energies of f -stars, walks and polygons are identical for all values of the interaction parameter icons/Journals/Common/beta" ALT="beta" ALIGN="TOP"/> .

  9. Clonal expansion under the microscope: studying lymphocyte activation and differentiation using live-cell imaging. (United States)

    Polonsky, Michal; Chain, Benjamin; Friedman, Nir


    Clonal expansion of lymphocytes is a hallmark of vertebrate adaptive immunity. A small number of precursor cells that recognize a specific antigen proliferate into expanded clones, differentiate and acquire various effector and memory phenotypes, which promote effective immune responses. Recent studies establish a large degree of heterogeneity in the level of expansion and in cell state between and within expanding clones. Studying these processes in vivo, while providing insightful information on the level of heterogeneity, is challenging due to the complex microenvironment and the inability to continuously track individual cells over extended periods of time. Live cell imaging of ex vivo cultures within micro fabricated arrays provides an attractive methodology for studying clonal expansion. These experiments facilitate continuous acquisition of a large number of parameters on cell number, proliferation, death and differentiation state, with single-cell resolution on thousands of expanding clones that grow within controlled environments. Such data can reveal stochastic and instructive mechanisms that contribute to observed heterogeneity and elucidate the sequential order of differentiation events. Intercellular interactions can also be studied within these arrays by following responses of a controlled number of interacting cells, all trapped within the same microwell. Here we describe implementations of live-cell imaging within microwell arrays for studies of lymphocyte clonal expansion, portray insights already gained from these experiments and outline directions for future research. These tools, together with in vivo experiments tracking single-cell responses, will expand our understanding of adaptive immunity and the ways by which it can be manipulated.

  10. Plume expansion of a laser-induced plasma studied with the particle-in-cell method

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ellegaard, Ole; Nedela, T; Urbassek, H


     The initial stage of laser-induced plasma plume expansion from a solid in vacuum and the effect of the Coulomb field have been studied. We have performed a one-dimensional numerical calculation by mapping the charge on a computational grid according to the particle-in-cell (PIC) method of Birdsall...

  11. Plume expansion of a laser-induced plasma studied with the particle-in-cell method

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ellegaard, O.; Nedelea, T.; Schou, Jørgen


    The initial stage of laser-induced plasma plume expansion from a solid in vacuum and the effect of the Coulomb field have been studied. We have performed a one-dimensional numerical calculation by mapping the charge on a computational grid according to the particle-in-cell (PIC) method of Birdsall...

  12. 76 FR 55732 - Public Listening Sessions Regarding the Maritime Administration's Panama Canal Expansion Study... (United States)


    ... Maritime Administration Public Listening Sessions Regarding the Maritime Administration's Panama Canal Expansion Study and the America's Marine Highway Program AGENCY: Maritime Administration, DOT. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The purpose of this notice is to announce a series of public listening sessions and...

  13. Plasma volume expansion by medium molecular weight hydroxyethyl starch in neonates: a pilot study. (United States)

    Liet, Jean-Michel; Bellouin, Anne-Sophie; Boscher, Cécile; Lejus, Corinne; Rozé, Jean-Christophe


    To study the renal effects (measured by creatininemia) of plasma volume expansion with a medium molecular weight hydroxyethyl starch in the newborn. A prospective, randomized, double-blinded, pilot study. The study included 26 neonates weighing 690-4030 g (gestational age, 26-40 wks), without cardiac or renal failure or major hemostasis abnormalities and requiring a peripherally inserted central catheter for parenteral nutrition. Pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit of a university-affiliated hospital. Plasma volume expansion was performed to facilitate insertion of the central catheter. After parental consent, neonates were randomly allocated to receive intravenous infusions at 10 of 5% albumin or 6% hydroxyethyl starch 200/0.5. Sample size was calculated to detect an increase in mean creatininemia of >20 micromol.L(-1) (with alpha = 0.05, beta = 0.80). No clinically or statistically significant differences were found between the two groups 6 hrs, 24 hrs, 48 hrs, and 7 days after plasma volume expansion. The study could detect an increase in creatininemia > or =20 micromol.L(-1) with a power of 80%. In 13 healthy neonates, plasma volume expansion with 10 of 6% hydroxyethyl starch 200/0.5 does not increase creatininemia.

  14. Bielefeld develops a heat demand atlas as a basis for further planning. Checking of expansion measures; Waermebedarfsatlas ist fuer Bielefeld wichtige Planungsgrundlage. Ueberpruefung von Ausbaumassnahmen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schulz, Wolfgang [Bremer Energie Institut, Bremen (Germany); Kracht, Christian [Stadtwerke Bielefeld, Bielefeld (Germany)


    In cooperation with Bremer Energie Institut, the Bielefeld municipal utility established a heat demand atlas which contains heat consumption data for every single heated building in the city. This will sere as a basis for analyzing intended extension measures on the existing district heating grid. So far, investment measures in the range of 10 million Euros were decided in November 2010, and further measures are to follow.

  15. Numerical study of laminar flow in a sudden expansion obstacled channel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mushatet Khudheyer S.


    Full Text Available In the present work, a numerical study has been conducted to investigate the flow heat transfer through an obstacled sudden expansion channel. Rectangular adiabatic obstacles mounted behind the expansion region on the upper and lower wall of the channel used. The effects of obstacles length, obstacles thickness and number of obstacles on flow and thermal fields for different Reynolds number and expansion ratio examined. Three values of expansion ratio (ER equal to 1.5, 1.75 and 2 were used. The choice of values of Reynolds number takes in consideration the symmetry state. The governing equations of continuity, momentum and energy discretized by using the finite difference formulation and the resulting algebraic equations solved by using Gauss-Seidle iteration method. The obtained results show that the obstacles have a considerable effect on dynamics of the flow and enhancement of heat transfer. In addition, it is found that the heat transfer is enhanced more as the obstacles thickness increases and this trend is decreased as the obstacles length increases.

  16. A Study of Attachment Behaviour as a Basis for Adolescent ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A single most pervasive factor that has accounted for adolescent\\'s homelessness is the stressful life experiences which hinge on a previous familial care given by the parents. The purpose of the present study was to find out if the pushway or forceaway adolescents were exercising or exhibiting a deviation in attachment ...

  17. Conceptual basis and methodology of the SOPHIA study. (United States)

    Glorioso, N; Argiolas, G; Filigheddu, F; Troffa, C; Cocco, F; Bulla, E; Bulla, P; Zaninello, R; Degortes, S; Pitzoi, S; Frau, F; Fadda, S; Pinna Parpaglia, P; Bernini, G; Bardini, M; Fallo, F; Malatino, L; Regolisti, G; Ferri, C; Cusi, D; Sciacqua, A; Perticone, F; Degli Esposti, E; Baraccani, C; Parati, G; Veglio, F; Mulatero, P; Williams, T A; Macciardi, F; Stancanelli, B


    To clarify the role of gene polymorphisms on the effect of losartan and losartan plus hydrochlorothiazide on blood pressure (primary end point) and on cardiac, vascular and metabolic phenotypes (secondary end point) after 4, 8, 12, 16 and 48 weeks treatment, an Italian collaborative study - The Study of the Pharmacogenomics in Italian hypertensive patients treated with the Angiotensin receptor blocker losartan (SOPHIA) - on never-treated essential hypertensives (n = 800) was planned. After an 8 week run-in, losartan 50 mg once daily will be given and doubled to 100 mg at week +4 if blood pressure is more than 140/90 mmHg. Hydroclorothiazide 25 mg once daily at week +8 and amlodipine 5 mg at week +16 will be added if blood pressure is more than 140/90 mmHg. Cardiac mass (echocardiography), carotid intima-media thickness, 24 h ambulatory blood pressure, homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) index, microalbuminuria, plasma renin activity and aldosterone, endogenous lithium clearance, brain natriuretic peptide and losartan metabolites will be evaluated. Genes of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, salt sensitivity, the beta-adrenergic system and losartan metabolism will be studied (Illumina custom arrays). A whole-genome scan will also be performed in half of the study cohort (1M array, Illumina 500 GX beadstation).

  18. Activity theory as a basis for the study of work. (United States)

    Bedny, Gregory; Karwowski, Waldemar


    Activity theory has been successfully applied in diverse schools of psychology with particularly extensive work in the fields of education, ergonomics, human factors and industrial-organizational psychology. However, existing efforts of translation and formulation in English suffer from certain limitations. These limitations include the blurring between Vygotsky's socio-cultural theory of the development of mind and activity theory, the restriction of activity theory in its entirety to the version offered by Leont'ev, errors in the interpretation of some basic concept and terminology, reliance on studies that use obsolete methods, and failure to consider the Russian work in activity theory in its entirety. This last problem results in the omission of the recent advances in engineering psychology and educational psychology in the former Soviet Union that facilitates the application of activity theory to practical problems. This paper is a description of the evolution of basic theory, concepts and terminology relevant to practitioners--particularly in the field of ergonomics.

  19. The Neural Basis of Typewriting: A Functional MRI Study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuichi Higashiyama

    Full Text Available To investigate the neural substrate of typewriting Japanese words and to detect the difference between the neural substrate of typewriting and handwriting, we conducted a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI study in 16 healthy volunteers. All subjects were skillful touch typists and performed five tasks: a typing task, a writing task, a reading task, and two control tasks. Three brain regions were activated during both the typing and the writing tasks: the left superior parietal lobule, the left supramarginal gyrus, and the left premotor cortex close to Exner's area. Although typing and writing involved common brain regions, direct comparison between the typing and the writing task revealed greater left posteromedial intraparietal cortex activation in the typing task. In addition, activity in the left premotor cortex was more rostral in the typing task than in the writing task. These findings suggest that, although the brain circuits involved in Japanese typewriting are almost the same as those involved in handwriting, there are brain regions that are specific for typewriting.

  20. Insects as models to study the epigenetic basis of disease. (United States)

    Mukherjee, Krishnendu; Twyman, Richard M; Vilcinskas, Andreas


    Epigenetic inheritance refers to changes in gene expression that are heritable across generations but are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence. Many environmental factors are now known to cause epigenetic changes, including the presence of pathogens, parasites, harmful chemicals and other stress factors. There is increasing evidence that transcriptional reprogramming caused by epigenetic modifications can be passed from parents to offspring. Indeed, diseases such as cancer can occur in the offspring due to epigenetically-inherited gene expression profiles induced by stress experienced by the parent. Empirical studies to investigate the role of epigenetics in trans-generational gene regulation and disease require appropriate model organisms. In this review, we argue that selected insects can be used as models for human diseases with an epigenetic component because the underlying molecular mechanisms (DNA methylation, histone acetylation and the expression of microRNAs) are evolutionarily conserved. Insects offer a number of advantages over mammalian models including ethical acceptability, short generation times and the potential to investigate complex interacting parameters such as fecundity, longevity, gender ratio, and resistance to pathogens, parasites and environmental stress. Copyright © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  1. A new isotropic cell for studying the thermo-mechanical behavior of unsaturated expansive clays


    Tang, Anh Minh; Cui, Yu-Jun; Barnel, Nathalie


    International audience; This paper presents a new suction-temperature controlled isotropic cell that can be used to study the thermo-mechanical behavior of unsaturated expansive clays. The vapor equilibrium technique is used to control the soil suction; the temperature of the cell is controlled using a thermostat bath. The isotropic pressure is applied using a volume/pressure controller that is also used to monitor the volume change of soil specimen. Preliminary experimental results showed go...

  2. Greenhouse automation, illumination and expansion study for mars desert research station


    Poulet, Lucie; Doule, Ondrej


    A partially or fully autonomous food production facility is one of the most important elements in any extraterrestrial settlement. The GreenHab, the greenhouse of the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), provides an excellent opportunity for an expansion study, considering it both as an experimental facility for crop growth but also as a food provider for the crew. The current GreenHab is a basic horizontal cylindrical structure divided into two parts. The larger part is used for vegetables g...

  3. Negative thermal expansion properties in tetragonal NbPO5 from the first principles studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tao Li


    Full Text Available By using the first-principles calculations based on density functional theory combined with quasi-harmonic approximation, we have studied the geometric structural, thermal properties, and the negative thermal expansion (NTE properties of tetrahedral NbPO5. The variations of cell parameter and cell volume of tetrahedral NbPO5 with temperature show that it displays NTE behavior in the range of 473-800 K along a-axis and the corresponding average coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE is approximately -0.766 ×10−6 K−1, while the c cell parameter and the cell volume display positive thermal expansion behaviors. These results are in consistent well with the experiment observations. Further vibrational modes analysis, together with Grüneisen parameters calculations, revealed that the transverse vibration of O corner atoms accompanying the rocking motions of corner-shared NbO6 octahedron and PO4 tetrahedron dominate the negative thermal properties of tetrahedral NbPO5. Our findings will provide an understanding for the underlying mechanisms of the NTE in oxides materials.

  4. Rapid Urban Expansion and Its Implications on Geomorphology: A Remote Sensing and GIS Based Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. N. Mohapatra


    Full Text Available Topography, vegetation, climate, water table, and even the anthropogenic activities all are affected by urban growth through diverse mechanisms. The present study focuses on the implications of urban expansion on geomorphology in the historical city of Gwalior in central India. The expansion of urban area has been quantified by deriving data for four decades (1972–2013 from the Landsat images. The results show that the urban built-up area has increased by 08.48 sq. km during the first eighteen years (1972–1990 which has increased to 16.28 sq. km during the next sixteen years (1990–2006. The built-up area has gone up to 23.19 sq. km in the next seven years (2006–2013. Overall during the last 40 years the growth of the urban built-up is nearly three times of the built-up areas in 1972. The average decadal growth rate of population is 27.28 percent while that of built-up land is 36.29 percent. The construction activities have affected important geomorphic features such pediplain, buried pediplain, residual hills, and denudational hills. It was concluded that, instead of shortsighted urban development, proper measures should be taken in accordance with scientific planning for the urban expansion of the city in the future.

  5. Enhancement of Tissue Expansion by Calcium Channel Blocker: A preliminary study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aktas Alper


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Reconstruction of the defects after surgical resection of tumors is one of the important issues in surgical oncology. It is essential that the defect should be covered with a tissue quite similar to the original one and is best achieved by harvesting tissue from an area adjacent to the defect. Tissue expansion is one of the most frequently used reconstructive techniques. A number of studies evaluated blood circulation, capsule formation, tissue tolerance, histomorphological changes and complications of expander placement. However, only a few attempted to enhance tissue expansion. This study we aimed to evaluate verapamil, a calcium channel blocker, to enhance tissue expansion. Material and method Twelve New Zealand rabbits weighing between 900 gm and 1200 gm were assigned into study and control groups. High volume expanders (100, 200 or 300 cc were placed into the subcutaneous tissue. Rabbits in the study group received verapamil. Expanders in the control group were inflated every three days to achieve same pressure as the study group. The size of the flaps was assessed by applying pressure on tip of the flap to demonstrate the contraction. Histopathological examinations were performed. Results By administering liquid earlier and more quickly less flap retraction was observed in the study group. In the control group expanders were exposed in two rabbits while no complication occurred in the study group. Following extraction of the expanders, the flaps were elevated and less retraction was observed in the study group compared to controls. Conclusion Verapamil is safe when used topically and provides less retracted flaps. It can be suggested that verapamil acts on the myofibroblasts in the capsule around tissue expanders and thus increases efficiency of the expanders.

  6. Three-dimensional assessment of buccal alveolar bone after rapid and slow maxillary expansion: a clinical trial study. (United States)

    Brunetto, Mauricio; Andriani, Juliana da Silva Pereira; Ribeiro, Gerson Luiz Ulema; Locks, Arno; Correa, Marcio; Correa, Letícia Ruhland


    The purposes of this study were to analyze and compare the immediate effects of rapid and slow maxillary expansion protocols, accomplished by Haas-type palatal expanders activated in different frequencies of activation on the positioning of the maxillary first permanent molars and on the buccal alveolar bones of these teeth with cone-beam computerized tomography. The sample consisted of 33 children (18 girls, 15 boys; mean age, 9 years) randomly distributed into 2 groups: rapid maxillary expansion (n = 17) and slow maxillary expansion (n = 16). Patients in the rapid maxillary expansion group received 2 turns of activation (0.4 mm) per day, and those in the slow maxillary expansion group received 2 turns of activation (0.4 mm) per week until 8 mm of expansion was achieved in both groups. Cone-beam computerized tomography images were taken before treatment and after stabilization of the jackscrews. Data were gathered through a standardized analysis of cone-beam computerized tomography images. Intragroup statistical analysis was accomplished with the Wilcoxon matched-pairs test, and intergroup statistical analysis was accomplished with analysis of variance. Linear relationships, among all variables, were determined by Spearman correlation. Both protocols caused buccal displacement of the maxillary first permanent molars, which had more bodily displacement in the slow maxillary expansion group, whereas more inclination was observed in the rapid maxillary expansion group. Vertical and horizontal bone losses were found in both groups; however, the slow maxillary expansion group had major bone loss. Periodontal modifications in both groups should be carefully considered because of the reduction of spatial resolution in the cone-beam computerized tomography examinations after stabilization of the jackscrews. Modifications in the frequency of activation of the palatal expander might influence the dental and periodontal effects of palatal expansion. Copyright © 2013

  7. Rehabilitation of a Distressed Single Storied Building Founded on Expansive Soil: A Case Study (United States)

    Pakrashi, Somdev


    A single storied building was constructed on strip foundation system—on a subsoil, with high expansivity, without taking necessary precautions and it suffered extensive cracks and damages in roof slab, beams, columns and brick walls, subsidence /upheavals in floors etc. within 2/3 years of its construction and consequently it had to be abandoned. The study examines the reasons for the severe damages, cracks etc. and also suggests remediation by ground improvement and other necessary measures that were actually taken up, to rehabilitate the highly distressed and abandoned building within a reasonably short period of time—at a reasonable cost.

  8. Rehabilitation of a Distressed Single Storied Building Founded on Expansive Soil: A Case Study (United States)

    Pakrashi, Somdev


    A single storied building was constructed on strip foundation system—on a subsoil, with high expansivity, without taking necessary precautions and it suffered extensive cracks and damages in roof slab, beams, columns and brick walls, subsidence/upheavals in floors etc. within 2/3 years of its construction and consequently it had to be abandoned. The study examines the reasons for the severe damages, cracks etc. and also suggests remediation by ground improvement and other necessary measures that were actually taken up, to rehabilitate the highly distressed and abandoned building within a reasonably short period of time—at a reasonable cost.


    Kawabata, Yuichiro; Matsushita, Hiromichi

    This paper reports the requirements for deleterious expansion due to delayed ettringite formation (DEF) based on field experience. In recent years, the delete rious expansion of concrete have been reported. The concrete have been characterized by expansion and cracking after several years of service in environments exposed in wet conditions. In many cases, the concrete consists of white cement, limestone and copper slag and it has been manufactured at elevated temperatures for early shipment. From detailed analysis, it was made clear that the cause of deleterious expansion was DEF. The gaps which are featured in DEF-damaged concrete were observed around limest one aggregate. There was a possibility that use of limestone aggregate affects DEF-related expansion while the condition of steam curing was the most effective factor for DEF-related expansion. Based on experimental data, the mechanism of DEF-related expansion and the methodology of diagnosing DEF-deterior ated concrete structures were discussed in this paper.

  10. Neural Basis of Enhanced Executive Function in Older Video Game Players: An fMRI Study


    Ping Wang; Ping Wang; Xing-Ting Zhu; Xing-Ting Zhu; Zhigang Qi; Zhigang Qi; Silin Huang; Hui-Jie Li; Hui-Jie Li


    Video games have been found to have positive influences on executive function in older adults; however, the underlying neural basis of the benefits from video games has been unclear. Adopting a task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study targeted at the flanker task, the present study aims to explore the neural basis of the improved executive function in older adults with video game experiences. Twenty video game players (VGPs) and twenty non-video game players (NVGPs) of 60...

  11. Experimental study of rotating Hagen-Poiseuille flow discharging into a 1:8 sudden expansion (United States)

    Miranda-Barea, A.; Martínez-Arias, B.; Parras, L.; Burgos, M. A.; del Pino, C.


    In this paper, we present experimental evidence for the five different states that result from rotating Hagen-Poiseuille flow when it discharges into a 1:8 sudden expansion, namely: stable, convectively unstable, unstable shear layer, stable and unstable vortex breakdowns. Sanmiguel-Rojas et al. ["Three-dimensional structure of confined swirling jets at moderately large Reynolds numbers," Phys. Fluids 20, 044104 (2008)] numerically predicted four of these five states and mapped the transition from one state to another. Our main objective is to study the onset of instabilities and vortex breakdown in these states experimentally. For this purpose, we visualize the flow at the inlet of the expansion for several values of moderately large Reynolds numbers, Re, and of swirl parameters, S. We analyze the inner region of the state that corresponds to the unstable shear layer in the sudden expansion and find two different states that share the same character, although they have different non-dimensional frequencies. The first relates to an oscillating structure near the axis, which arises at a small value of the swirl parameter, as well as to a generation of vortices that move downstream. The second shows, for greater values of the swirl parameter, vortices interacting with the boundary layer located on the wall of the static container that is perpendicular to the flow direction. In addition, we find a transition from stable to unstable vortex breakdown when perturbations become absolutely unstable inside the rotating pipe flow. Therefore, the most remarkable experimental finding is a new state, namely, unstable or transient vortex breakdown that takes place for the same pair of values (Rea, Sa) at which the onset of the absolute instability curve appears and intersects the region of stable vortex breakdown.

  12. Genetic Code Expansion as a Tool to Study Regulatory Processes of Transcription (United States)

    Schmidt, Moritz; Summerer, Daniel


    The expansion of the genetic code with noncanonical amino acids (ncAA) enables the chemical and biophysical properties of proteins to be tailored, inside cells, with a previously unattainable level of precision. A wide range of ncAA with functions not found in canonical amino acids have been genetically encoded in recent years and have delivered insights into biological processes that would be difficult to access with traditional approaches of molecular biology. A major field for the development and application of novel ncAA-functions has been transcription and its regulation. This is particularly attractive, since advanced DNA sequencing- and proteomics-techniques continue to deliver vast information on these processes on a global level, but complementing methodologies to study them on a detailed, molecular level and in living cells have been comparably scarce. In a growing number of studies, genetic code expansion has now been applied to precisely control the chemical properties of transcription factors, RNA polymerases and histones, and this has enabled new insights into their interactions, conformational changes, cellular localizations and the functional roles of posttranslational modifications.

  13. The two-stage clonal expansion model in occupational cancer epidemiology: results from three cohort studies. (United States)

    Zeka, Ariana; Gore, Rebecca; Kriebel, David


    The objective of this work was to apply the two-stage clonal expansion model, with the intention to expand the literature on epidemiological applications of the model and demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating biologically based modelling methods into the widely used retrospective cohort study. The authors fitted the two-stage clonal expansion model model to three occupational cohort studies: (1) a cohort of textile workers exposed to asbestos and followed for lung cancer mortality; (2) a cohort of diatomaceous earth workers exposed to silica and also followed for lung cancer mortality; and (3) a cohort of automotive manufacturing workers exposed to straight metalworking fluid (MWF) and followed for larynx cancer incidence. The model allowed the authors to estimate exposure effects in three stages: cancer initiation (early effects), promotion or malignant transformation (late effects). In the first cohort, the authors found strong evidence for an early effect of asbestos on lung cancer risk. Findings from analyses of the second cohort suggested early and less evidently late effects of silica on lung cancer risk. In the MWF (third) cohort, there was only weak evidence of straight MWF exposure effects on both early and late stages. The authors also observed a late birth cohort effect on larynx cancer risk. The findings for asbestos and silica were essentially confirmatory, supporting evidence for their early effects on lung cancer from a large body of literature. The effect of straight MWF on larynx cancer was less clear.

  14. Preliminary Findings of the South Africa Power System Capacity Expansion and Operational Modelling Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reber, Timothy J [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Chartan, Erol Kevin [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Brinkman, Gregory L [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    Wind and solar power contract prices have recently become cheaper than many conventional new-build alternatives in South Africa and trends suggest a continued increase in the share of variable renewable energy (vRE) on South Africa's power system with coal technology seeing the greatest reduction in capacity, see 'Figure 6: Percentage share by Installed Capacity (MW)' in [1]. Hence it is essential to perform a state-of-the-art grid integration study examining the effects of these high penetrations of vRE on South Africa's power system. Under the 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has significantly augmented existing models of the South African power system to investigate future vRE scenarios. NREL, in collaboration with Eskom's Planning Department, further developed, tested and ran a combined capacity expansion and operational model of the South African power system including spatially disaggregated detail and geographical representation of system resources. New software to visualize and interpret modelling outputs has been developed, and scenario analysis of stepwise vRE build targets reveals new insight into associated planning and operational impacts and costs. The model, built using PLEXOS, is split into two components, firstly a capacity expansion model and secondly a unit commitment and economic dispatch model. The capacity expansion model optimizes new generation decisions to achieve the lowest cost, with a full understanding of capital cost and an approximated understanding of operational costs. The operational model has a greater set of detailed operational constraints and is run at daily resolutions. Both are run from 2017 through 2050. This investigation suggests that running both models in tandem may be the most effective means to plan the least cost South African power system as build plans seen to be more expensive than optimal by the

  15. Effect of hygroscopic expansion of resin filling on interfacial gap and sealing: a confocal microscopy study. (United States)

    Rosales-Leal, Juan I; Castillo-Salmerón, Ramón Del; Molino-Serrano, María A; González-Moreira, Humberto; Cabrerizo-Vílchez, Miguel A


    To measure dimensional changes due to hygroscopic expansion and their effect on interface gaps and sealing in four light-cured restorative materials using an original confocal microscopic methodology. The materials tested were an ormocer (Admira [Voco]), a compomer (Dyract AP [Dentsply]), a hybrid composite (Spectrum [Dentsply]), and a nanohybrid composite (Esthet·X [Dentsply]). Water sorption was evaluated by weighing material disks after immersion. Hygroscopic expansion was measured from volumetric variations of material fillings in cylindrical cavities in dentin slices; the interfacial gap size was obtained from the same cavities using a novel confocal microscopic method. Microleakage was evaluated in cavities prepared in extracted third molars. Measurements followed water immersion for 24 h, 1 week, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks. A factorial ANOVA, the Student Newman Keuls test for post-hoc comparisons, the Student's t-test, and the Pearson test were used for the statistical analysis (p hygroscopic expansion, and sealing. Hygroscopic expansion reduced post-polymerization interfacial gaps and improved cavity sealing. Dyract AP and Admira showed the highest water sorption, hygroscopic expansion, and gap size reduction. 1. The proposed methodology is valid to measure hygroscopic expansion and interfacial gap. 2. Water sorption and hygroscopic expansion are positively correlated, and hygroscopic expansion, gap size, and sealing are also positively correlated. 3. The adhesive influences the interfacial gap size and its variation after hygroscopic expansion. 4. Hygroscopic expansion reduces the interfacial gaps generated by polymerization shrinkage and improves cavity sealing.

  16. On skin expansion. (United States)

    Pamplona, Djenane C; Velloso, Raquel Q; Radwanski, Henrique N


    This article discusses skin expansion without considering cellular growth of the skin. An in vivo analysis was carried out that involved expansion at three different sites on one patient, allowing for the observation of the relaxation process. Those measurements were used to characterize the human skin of the thorax during the surgical process of skin expansion. A comparison between the in vivo results and the numerical finite elements model of the expansion was used to identify the material elastic parameters of the skin of the thorax of that patient. Delfino's constitutive equation was chosen to model the in vivo results. The skin is considered to be an isotropic, homogeneous, hyperelastic, and incompressible membrane. When the skin is extended, such as with expanders, the collagen fibers are also extended and cause stiffening in the skin, which results in increasing resistance to expansion or further stretching. We observed this phenomenon as an increase in the parameters as subsequent expansions continued. The number and shape of the skin expanders used in expansions were also studied, both mathematically and experimentally. The choice of the site where the expansion should be performed is discussed to enlighten problems that can lead to frustrated skin expansions. These results are very encouraging and provide insight into our understanding of the behavior of stretched skin by expansion. To our knowledge, this study has provided results that considerably improve our understanding of the behavior of human skin under expansion. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Periodontal and dental effects of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion, assessed by using digital study models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danilo Furquim Siqueira


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The present study assessed the maxillary dental arch changes produced by surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME. METHODS: Dental casts from 18 patients (mean age of 23.3 years were obtained at treatment onset (T1, three months after SARME (T2 and 6 months after expansion (T3. The casts were scanned in a 3D scanner (D-250, 3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark. Maxillary dental arch width, dental crown tipping and height were measured and assessed by ANOVA and Tukey's test. RESULTS: Increased transversal widths from T1 and T2 and the maintenance of these values from T2 and T3 were observed. Buccal teeth tipping also showed statistically significant differences, with an increase in all teeth from T1 to T2 and a decrease from T2 to T3. No statistically significant difference was found for dental crown height, except for left first and second molars, although clinically irrelevant. CONCLUSION: SARME proved to be an effective and stable procedure, with minimum periodontal hazards.

  18. Growth Type and Functional Trajectories: An Empirical Study of Urban Expansion in Nanjing, China (United States)

    Yuan, Feng


    Drawing upon the Landsat satellite images of Nanjing from 1985, 1995, 2001, 2007, and 2013, this paper integrates the convex hull analysis and common edge analysis at double scales, and develops a comprehensive matrix analysis to distinguish the different types of urban land expansion. The results show that Nanjing experienced rapid urban expansion, dominated by a mix of residential and manufacturing land from 1985 to 2013, which in turn has promoted Nanjing’s shift from a compact mononuclear city to a polycentric one. Spatial patterns of three specific types of growth, namely infilling, extension, and enclave were quite different in four consecutive periods. These patterns result primarily from the existing topographic constraints, as well as government-oriented urban planning and policies. By intersecting the function maps, we also reveal the functional evolution of newly-developed urban land. Moreover, both self-enhancing and mutual promotion of the newly developed functions are surveyed over the last decade. Our study confirms that the integration of a multi-scale method and multi-perspective analysis, such as the spatiotemporal patterns and functional evolution, helps us to better understand the rapid urban growth in China. PMID:26845155

  19. A Rapid Compression Expansion Machine (RCEM) for studying chemical kinetics: Experimental principle and first applications

    CERN Document Server

    Werler, Marc; Maas, Ulrich


    A novel extension of a rapid compression machine (RCM), namely a Rapid Compression Expansion Machine (RCEM), is described and its use for studying chemical kinetics is demonstrated. Like conventional RCMs, the RCEM quickly compresses a fuel/air mixture by pushing a piston into a cylinder; the resulting high temperatures and pressures initiate chemical reactions. In addition, the machine can rapidly expand the compressed gas in a controlled way by pulling the piston outwards again. This freezes chemical activity after a pre-defined reaction duration, and therefore allows a convenient probe sampling and ex-situ gas analysis of stable species. The RCEM therefore is a promising instrument for studying chemical kinetics, including also partially reacted fuel/air mixtures. The setup of the RCEM, its experimental characteristics and its use for studying chemical reactions are outlined in detail. To allow comparisons of RCEM results with predictions of chemical reaction mechanisms, a simple numerical model of the RCE...

  20. The Study on Thermal Expansion of Ceramic Composites with Addition of ZrW2O8 (United States)

    Dedova, E. S.; Shadrin, V. S.; Petrushina, M. Y.; Kulkov, S. N.


    The studies on structure, phase composition and thermal properties of (Al2O3 - 20 wt% ZrO2) - ZrW2O8 ceramic composites obtained using nanosized, initial powders were conducted. Homogeneously distributed white particles on the polished surface of composites were observed. Phase composition of the composites was represented with corundum, monoclinic ZrO2 and two modifications of ZrW2O8 (tetragonal and cubic). Linear thermal expansion coefficient values of the composites were determined. The difference in experimental and calculated coefficient of thermal expansion values for composites obtained may be attributed to phase transformations, features of the structure, internal stresses due to thermal expansion mismatch, which contribute significantly to thermal expansion of the ceramic composites.

  1. A Robust Single Primate Neuroepithelial Cell Clonal Expansion System for Neural Tube Development and Disease Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaoqing Zhu


    Full Text Available Developing a model of primate neural tube (NT development is important to promote many NT disorder studies in model organisms. Here, we report a robust and stable system to allow for clonal expansion of single monkey neuroepithelial stem cells (NESCs to develop into miniature NT-like structures. Single NESCs can produce functional neurons in vitro, survive, and extensively regenerate neuron axons in monkey brain. NT formation and NESC maintenance depend on high metabolism activity and Wnt signaling. NESCs are regionally restricted to a telencephalic fate. Moreover, single NESCs can turn into radial glial progenitors (RGPCs. The transition is accurately regulated by Wnt signaling through regulation of Notch signaling and adhesion molecules. Finally, using the “NESC-TO-NTs” system, we model the functions of folic acid (FA on NT closure and demonstrate that FA can regulate multiple mechanisms to prevent NT defects. Our system is ideal for studying NT development and diseases.

  2. A study of the coefficient of thermal expansion of nuclear graphites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hacker, P.J


    This thesis presents the results of a study of the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of two grades of nuclear graphite that are used as the moderator in the Magnox and Advanced Gas-Cooled reactors operated in the UK. This work has two main aims, the first is to characterise those elements of the graphite microstructure that control CTE within these materials and to relate these to the effects induced within the reactor. The second is to develop a microstructural model, of general applicability, that can initially be applied to model the CTE changes within the graphites under reactor conditions (neutron irradiation and radiolytic oxidation). These aims have been met by study in three interlinked areas, theoretical, experimental and modelling. Previous to this study, a loose assembly of single crystals together with changes in small scale nanometric porosity (Mrozowski cracks) were used to describe CTE behaviour of nuclear graphite both as-received and under reactor conditions. Within the experimental part of this thesis the graphite nanostructure was studied using, primarily, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). This work concluded that structure on this scale was complex and that the loose assembly of single crystals was a poor microstructural approximation for modelling the CTE of these materials. Other experimental programmes measured the CTE of highly oxidised samples and simulated the effects of irradiation. The former discovered that CTE remained largely unaffected to high weight losses. This insensitivity was explained by ''The Continuous Network Hypothesis'' that was also related to classical percolation theory. The final part of the thesis modelled an abstraction of the key microstructural features identified in the previous parts of the thesis. This approach has been applied to AGR moderator graphite where it has successfully modelled the thermal expansion behaviour of the as-received, irradiated and oxidised material. (author)

  3. An experimental study of arch perimeter and arch width increase with mandibular expansion: a finite element method. (United States)

    Baswaraj; Hemanth, M; Jayasudha; Patil, Chandrashekhargouda; Sunilkumar, P; Raghuveer, H P; Chandralekha, B


    The objective of this study was to estimate the increase in arch perimeter associated with mandibular lateral expansion, To estimate the increase in intermolar width with mandibular lateral expansion and to find out the changes of tooth inclination with mandibular expansion. The mandibular bone with dentition of indian skeletal specimen was obtained. The computer tomogram (CT) slices of the mandible were taken. Finite element model (FEM): Numerical representation of the geometry was created by dividing the geometry into finite number of elements and the elements were connected together with nodes at the junction. The result of the study showed when 10° of lateral expansion was applied to the lower buccal segment at the center of rotation found at 4.3 mm below the root apex of first molar, a space of 1.3 mm between the canine and first premolar, and thus an increase in arch perimeter of 2.6 mm. The tip of the mesiolingual cusp of the first molar moved 4.2 mm laterally, resulting in a change in intermolar width by 8.4 mm. Three-dimensional simulation showed that 1 mm of intermolar expansion increased the arch perimeter by 0.30 mm. As the finite element method evolves and scientists are able to more clearly define physical properties of biological tissues, more accurate information can be generated at the level that other analytical methods cannot fully provide data.This result would be of value clinically for prediction of the effects of mandibular expansion.

  4. Progressive GAA.TTC repeat expansion in human cell lines. (United States)

    Ditch, Scott; Sammarco, Mimi C; Banerjee, Ayan; Grabczyk, Ed


    Trinucleotide repeat expansion is the genetic basis for a sizeable group of inherited neurological and neuromuscular disorders. Friedreich ataxia (FRDA) is a relentlessly progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by GAA.TTC repeat expansion in the first intron of the FXN gene. The expanded repeat reduces FXN mRNA expression and the length of the repeat tract is proportional to disease severity. Somatic expansion of the GAA.TTC repeat sequence in disease-relevant tissues is thought to contribute to the progression of disease severity during patient aging. Previous models of GAA.TTC instability have not been able to produce substantial levels of expansion within an experimentally useful time frame, which has limited our understanding of the molecular basis for this expansion. Here, we present a novel model for studying GAA.TTC expansion in human cells. In our model system, uninterrupted GAA.TTC repeat sequences display high levels of genomic instability, with an overall tendency towards progressive expansion. Using this model, we characterize the relationship between repeat length and expansion. We identify the interval between 88 and 176 repeats as being an important length threshold where expansion rates dramatically increase. We show that expansion levels are affected by both the purity and orientation of the repeat tract within the genomic context. We further demonstrate that GAA.TTC expansion in our model is independent of cell division. Using unique reporter constructs, we identify transcription through the repeat tract as a major contributor to GAA.TTC expansion. Our findings provide novel insight into the mechanisms responsible for GAA.TTC expansion in human cells.

  5. A Study on Evaluation Method of Equipment Expansion in Power System under Competitive Environment (United States)

    Nakajima, Takuya; Oyama, Tsutomu

    The supply reliability of the power system strongly depends on the system planning and operation. Under the competitive environment, system planning and operation become more complicated and difficult due to the new uncertainties that have not been considered so far. Which may also results in the enlargement of difficulties in forecast in the planning stage, and causes the deterioration of supply reliability. In the competitive environment, the transmission network must be planned and operated with the economical rationality and fairness. However, it is difficult to realize the system planning and operation considering the economical rationality and fairness because of the uncertainties. Then, the high flexibility and robustness against the uncertainties are required for the system planning and operation. This paper evaluates the performance of system expansion planning from two points of views: the probabilistic supply reliability and transmission margin in power system. As indices, the Expected Energy Not Supplied (EENS) and Available Transmission Capability (ATC) are used in this study.

  6. Understanding How Students Study: The Genealogy and Conceptual Basis of a Widely Used Pedagogical Research Tool, Biggs' Study Process Questionnaire (United States)

    Lake, Warren; Boyd, William; Boyd, Wendy


    The Study Process Questionnaire (SPQ) continues to be applied in a wide range of pedagogical situations. However, the question remains as to how well a researcher understands the conceptual basis behind the tool they choose. This essay provides a compact and comprehensive view of the conceptual basis for the development of the original SPQ, and…

  7. High-pressure study on borides, nanocrystals and negative thermal expansion materials (United States)

    Chen, Bin


    By the use of Mao-Bell diamond anvil cell, employed with x-ray diffraction, optical absorption, Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, iron borides, nanocrystalline Ni, Fe, Ni3Fe, Al2O 3, Negative Thermal Expansion (NTE) materials such as HfW2O 8, ZrW2O8, ZrMo2O8 have been studied under high pressure. The results of a synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of Fe2B under quasi-hydrostatic conditions from 0 to 50 GPa are reported. Over this pressure range, no phase change or disproportionation has been observed. A value of the bulk modulus, K, of 192 +/- 14 GPa and the first pressure derivative of the bulk modulus, K', of 2.6 +/- 0.6, are obtained. The compression is found to be anisotropic, with the a-axis being more incompressible than the c-axis. X-ray diffraction data of nanocrystalline Ni, Fe and Ni3Fe, using a synchrotron source, was collected under nonhydrostatic and quasi-hydrostatic conditions up to 60 GPa. The bulk moduli, of 185.4 +/- 10 GPa, 171 +/- 5 GPa, 179.4 +/- 8.1 GPa, 168.3 +/- 2.6 GPa, are determined from quasi-hydrostatic compression data of nanocrystalline Ni, alpha-Fe, epsilon-Fe and Ni3Fe, respectively, which are found similar to those of large-grained counterparts. Their phase transformations are studied and compared with their bulk counterparts. A new phase of Al2O3 formed by compression of the nanocrystalline gamma-phase has been detected. This high-pressure phase is metastable upon decompression to ambient pressure, and has a bulk modulus of 251 +/- 10 GPa for Al2O3 of 67 nm. From hydrostatic compression, bulk moduli of K67 = 238 +/- 3 GPa and K37 = 172 +/- 3 GPa are obtained for the 67 nm and 37 nm gamma-Al2O3 particles, respectively, which are significantly higher than that found in a previous study of smaller sized nanocrystals of gamma-alumina (K20 = 162 +/- 14 GPa for 20 nm crystallites). High pressure optical absorption, Raman and FTIR measurements are carried out on negative thermal expansion materials: HfW2O8, ZrW2O

  8. Creating the strategic basis for corporate environmental management - a case study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Lars Bjørn


    The concept of Strategic Environmental Audit is introduced, as a first attempt to develop an operational tool, which can be used to develop a corporate environmental strategy in order to create the strategic basis for a sound response to the environmental challenge. The initial concept...... of developing environmental strategies using the SEA concept is illustrated by a case study....

  9. Rapid replacement of bridge deck expansion joints study - phase I : [tech transfer summary]. (United States)


    This initial research phase focused on documenting the current : means and methods of bridge expansion joint deterioration, : maintenance, and replacement and on identifying improvements : through all of the input gathered.

  10. Quantitative study on the hygroscopic expansion of spurr resin to obtain a high-resolution atlas of the mouse brain. (United States)

    Wang, Qingdi; Li, Anan; Gong, Hui; Xu, Dongli; Luo, Qingming


    Ultra-thin section-based microscopic imaging is considered one of the most realistic techniques for determining fine architectures of a brain-wide neural network. In this kind of method, the sample is usually embedded in resin and then immersed in water for sectioning and imaging. The effect of resin hygroscopic expansion on data accuracy and integrity is important as it may lead to inconsistent image qualities or degeneration of sectioning properties. But few studies have been conducted on this issue. Here, we have used surface profile measurements combined with sectioning and imaging by micro-optical sectioning tomography (MOST) to quantitatively study the sectioned surface expansion of spurr resin blocks as a result of water immersion for a short time period. The expansion effect on MOST imaging is also presented. The results revealed significant differences in the surface expansion of pure resin blocks with different immersion time durations (P hygroscopic expansion properties of resin materials for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of whole brain atlas data.

  11. Expansion Thoracoplasty Affects Lung Growth and Morphology in a Rabbit Model: A Pilot Study


    Mehta, Hemal P.; Olson, J. Casey; Kurek, Kyle Christopher; Matthew L Warman; Snyder, Brian Dale


    Background Thoracic insufficiency syndrome represents a novel form of postnatal restrictive respiratory disease occurring in children with early-onset scoliosis and chest wall anomalies. Expansion thoracoplasty improves lung volumes in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome; however, how it affects lung development is unknown. Questions/purposes Using a rabbit model of thoracic insufficiency syndrome, we evaluated the effect of expansion thoracoplasty on the response of biologic mechan...

  12. Study the Possibility for Manufacturing a Conical Pipe Thread by Expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. A. Evsyukov


    Full Text Available The experience of operating oil wells showed that the weak point of tubing is a connecting thread.Currently, the pipe thread of the specified class is made using the technology of cutting. The process of cutting a thread leads to waste metal chips and cutting fibers. Therefore the idea arose to make a thread by the method of pressure shaping.The aim was to study the possibility for full filling of the threaded matrix profile.The study was conducted by means of mathematical modeling in the software complex DEFORM. The impact of technological and geometrical factors on the process of form change was in detail analyzed. Thus, a work-piece material was specified to be continuous, isotropic, homogeneous, viscous-plastic and a tool material was set as a hard one. The friction was speci-fied according to Prandtl-Siebel law with the friction factor of 0.3. The thread profile has been replaced by the annular grooves of the similar profile. The task was considered to be axisymmetric.Scientific novelty of received results consists in revealed regularities of the plastic de-formation process of the work-piece when forming a profile of the conical thread on the pipe in the process of its expansion with a conical punch.The simulation allowed us to obtain information about the stress-strain state of the work-piece and tool, about the nature of the metal flow during deformation, and about the strength parameters of the process.In particular, it was found that the work-piece metal is displaced along the pipe axis both in punch movement direction and in the opposite one. Thus, a mechanical end burr is formed. The article shows that to remove a mechanical end burr requires insertion of extra limit stop housing. The article also analyses distribution of stresses arising in the matrix at the final moment of deformation. It was proved that the highest stresses occur in the hollows of the threaded part of matrix. Thus, their absolute value does not exceed 470 MPa that

  13. Scenario Analysis on Climate Change Impacts of Urban Land Expansion under Different Urbanization Patterns: A Case Study of Wuhan Metropolitan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xinli Ke


    Full Text Available Urban land expansion plays an important role in climate change. It is significant to select a reasonable urban expansion pattern to mitigate the impact of urban land expansion on the regional climate in the rapid urbanization process. In this paper, taking Wuhan metropolitan as the case study area, and three urbanization patterns scenarios are designed to simulate spatial patterns of urban land expansion in the future using the Partitioned and Asynchronous Cellular Automata Model. Then, simulation results of land use are adjusted and inputted into WRF (Weather Research and Forecast model to simulate regional climate change. The results show that: (1 warming effect is strongest under centralized urbanization while it is on the opposite under decentralized scenario; (2 the warming effect is stronger and wider in centralized urbanization scenario than in decentralized urbanization scenario; (3 the impact trends of urban land use expansion on precipitation are basically the same under different scenarios; (4 and spatial distribution of rainfall was more concentrated under centralized urbanization scenario, and there is a rainfall center of wider scope, greater intensity. Accordingly, it can be concluded that decentralized urbanization is a reasonable urbanization pattern to mitigate climate change in rapid urbanization period.

  14. Dental arch changes associated with rapid maxillary expansion: A retrospective model analysis study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivor M D′Souza


    Full Text Available Introduction: Transverse deficiency of the maxilla is a common clinical problem in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Transverse maxillary deficiency, isolated or associated with other dentofacial deformities, results in esthetic and functional impairment giving rise to several clinical manifestations such as asymmetrical facial growth, positional and functional mandibular deviations, altered dentofacial esthetics, adverse periodontal responses, unstable dental tipping, and other functional problems. Orthopedic maxillary expansion is the preferred treatment approach to increase the maxillary transverse dimension in young patients by splitting of the mid palatal suture. This orthopedic procedure has lately been subject of renewed interest in orthodontic treatment mechanics because of its potential for increasing arch perimeter to alleviate crowding in the maxillary arch without adversely affecting facial profile. Hence, the present investigation was conducted to establish a correlation between transverse expansion and changes in the arch perimeter, arch width and arch length. Methods: For this purpose, 10 subjects (five males, five females were selected who had been treated by rapid maxillary expansion (RME using hyrax rapid palatal expander followed by fixed mechanotherapy (PEA. Pretreatment (T1, postexpansion (T2, and posttreatment (T3 dental models were compared for dental changes brought about by RME treatment and its stability at the end of fixed mechanotherapy. After model measurements were made, the changes between T1-T2, T2-T3 and T1-T3 were determined for each patient. The mean difference between T1-T2, T2-T3 and T1-T3 were compared to assess the effects of RME on dental arch measurements. Results are expressed as mean ± standard deviation and are compared by repeated measures analysis of variance followed by a post-hoc test. Arch perimeter changes are correlated with changes in arch widths at the canine, premolar and molar

  15. Maxillary expansion in Class II correction with orthopedic cervical headgear. A posteroanterior cephalometric study. (United States)

    Kirjavainen, Mirja; Kirjavainen, Turkka


    Class-II, division-1 malocclusion appears to be associated with a narrow maxilla. A Class-II malocclusion may be corrected to a Class-I relationship in children using a cervical headgear provided that the narrow maxilla is expanded. This expansion is possible using headgear by dental cast analysis, but this has not been confirmed by cephalometry. We studied the effects of orthopedic cervical headgear on dental and skeletal facial widths in 40 children aged 9.1 (7.2-11.5) who had Class-II, division-I malocclusions. The headgear consisted of a long outer bow bent 15 degrees upward and a large inner bow expanded by 10 mm. Posteroanterior cephalographs and dental casts were taken before and after treatment. The results were compared with the control values presented in the literature. The malocclusion was treated to a Class-I relationship in all children. The average treatment time was 1.6 (0.3-3.1) years. The maxilla was widened significantly (P headgear therapy with Class-II malocclusions, a widening of maxilla and nasal cavity may be obtained.

  16. Multi-Criteria Analyses of Urban Planning for City Expansion: A Case Study of Zamora, Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Criado


    Full Text Available This study has established a methodology to determine the most environmentally suitable area for the expansion of Zamora (Spain using geographic information system (GIS technology. The objective was to develop a GIS-based methodology for the identification of urban peripheral areas that are suitable for the accommodation of new buildings and services, that are compliant with environmental criteria, and that guarantee an adequate quality of life for the future population such that extra construction costs are avoided. The methodological core is based on two multi-criteria analyses (MCAs: MCA-1 determines areas suitable for building—the most environmentally sustainable areas that do not present risks or discomforts to the population—by analyzing the restrictive factors; MCA-2 takes the sectors that received a favorable evaluation in MCA-1, determines which of those have a lower economic overhead for construction, and analyzes the different conditioning criteria related to their pre-existing infrastructures. Finally, the location of the sectors is determined by a decision factor that satisfies some strategic need of the municipality.

  17. From intent to action: A case study for the expansion of tiger conservation from southern India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanjay Gubbi


    Full Text Available To conserve a large, wide-ranging carnivore like the tiger, it is critical not only to maintain populations at key habitat sites, but also to enable the persistence of the species across much larger landscapes. To do this, it is important to establish well-linked habitat networks where sites for survival and reproduction of tigers are complemented by opportunities for dispersal and colonization. On the ground, expanding protection to areas with a potential for tiger recovery still remains the means of operationalizing the landscape approach. Yet, while the gazetting of protected areas is necessary to enable this, it is not sufficient. It is essential to benchmark and monitor the process by which establishment of protected areas must necessarily be followed by management changes that enable a recovery of tigers, their prey and their habitats. In this paper, we report a case study from the Cauvery and Malai Mahadeshwara Hills Wildlife Sanctuaries of southern India, where we document the infrastructural and institutional changes that ensued after an unprecedented expansion of protected areas in this landscape. Further, we establish ecological benchmarks of the abundance and distribution of tigers, the relative abundance of their prey, and the status of their habitats, against which the recovery of tigers in this area of vast conservation potential may be assessed over time.

  18. Personality traits in Huntington's disease: An exploratory study of gene expansion carriers and non-carriers. (United States)

    Larsen, Ida Unmack; Mortensen, Erik Lykke; Vinther-Jensen, Tua; Nielsen, Jørgen Erik; Knudsen, Gitte Moos; Vogel, Asmus


    Huntington's disease (HD) is associated with risk for developing psychiatric symptoms. Vulnerability or resilience to psychiatric symptoms may be associated with personality traits. This exploratory study, aimed to investigate personality traits in a large cohort of HD carriers and at risk gene-expansion negative individuals (HD non-carriers), exploring whether carrying the HD gene or growing up in an HD family influences personality traits. Forty-seven HD carriers, Thirty-nine HD non-carriers, and 121 healthy controls answered the Danish version of the revised NEO personality inventory. Comparisons between HD carriers and HD non-carriers were mostly non-significant but the combined group of HD carriers and non-carriers showed significantly higher scores on the facets: "hostility," "assertiveness," and "activity" and on the trait "Conscientiousness" relative to controls, "Conscientiousness" have been associated with resilience to psychiatric symptoms. Twelve HD carriers and non-carriers were classified as depressed and showed significantly lower scores on "Extraversion" and "Conscientiousness" and significantly higher scores on "Neuroticism," which are associated with vulnerability to psychiatric symptoms. Our findings suggest that, there is no direct effect of the HD gene on personality traits, but that personality assessment may be relevant to use when identifying individuals from HD families who are vulnerable to develop psychiatric symptoms. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  19. Expansion thoracoplasty affects lung growth and morphology in a rabbit model: a pilot study. (United States)

    Olson, J Casey; Kurek, Kyle C; Mehta, Hemal P; Warman, Matt L; Snyder, Brian D


    Thoracic insufficiency syndrome represents a novel form of postnatal restrictive respiratory disease occurring in children with early-onset scoliosis and chest wall anomalies. Expansion thoracoplasty improves lung volumes in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome; however, how it affects lung development is unknown. Using a rabbit model of thoracic insufficiency syndrome, we evaluated the effect of expansion thoracoplasty on the response of biologic mechanisms in the alveolar microstructure. Using archived material from a previous experiment, 10 4-week-old New Zealand rabbits were divided into three groups: normal (n = 3), disease (n = 3), and treated (n = 4). Left ribs four to eight were tethered in seven rabbits at age 5 weeks to induce hypoplasia of the left hemithorax (disease). At age 10 weeks, four of these rabbits were treated by expansion thoracoplasty (treated). At age 24 weeks, lungs were excised and processed. Alveolar density and parenchymal airspace were measured on histologic sections. Immunohistochemistry was performed for vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (angiogenesis), KI-67 (cell proliferation), and RAM-11 (macrophages). Alveolar walls were poorly perfused and airspace fraction was larger (emphysematous) in disease rabbits than normal or treated rabbits. Immunohistochemistry provided inconclusive evidence to support the concept that pulmonary hypoplasia is induced by thoracic insufficiency syndrome and controlled by expansion thoracoplasty. Treatment of thoracic insufficiency syndrome by expansion thoracoplasty may prevent emphysematous changes in the alveolar microstructure, thereby enhancing gas exchange.

  20. Impacts of impervious surface expansion on soil organic carbon--a spatially explicit study. (United States)

    Yan, Yan; Kuang, Wenhui; Zhang, Chi; Chen, Chunbo


    The rapid expansion of impervious surface areas (ISA) threatens soil organic carbon (SOC) pools in urbanized areas globally. The paucity of field observations on SOC under ISA (SOCISA), especially in dryland areas has limited our ability to assess the ecological impacts of ISA expansion. Based on systematically measured SOCISA (0-80 cm depth) of a dryland city, and land-use and land-cover change data derived from remotely sensed data, we investigated the magnitude and vertical/horizontal patterns of SOCISA and mapped the impact of ISA expansion on SOC storage. The mean SOCISA in the city was 5.36 ± 0.51 kg C m(-2), lower than that observed in humid cities but much higher than that assumed in many regional carbon assessments. SOCISA decreased linearly as the soil depth or the horizontal distance from the open area increased. SOCISA accounted for over half of the city's SOC stock, which decreased by 16% (primarily in the converted croplands) because of ISA expansion from 1990 to 2010. The impacts of the ISA expansion varied spatially, depending on the land- use and converted land-cover type.

  1. Probing community nurses' professional basis: a situational case study in diabetic foot ulcer treatment. (United States)

    Schaarup, Clara; Pape-Haugaard, Louise; Jensen, Merete Hartun; Laursen, Anders Christian; Bermark, Susan; Hejlesen, Ole Kristian


    Complicated and long-lasting wound care of diabetic foot ulcers are moving from specialists in wound care at hospitals towards community nurses without specialist diabetic foot ulcer wound care knowledge. The aim of the study is to elucidate community nurses' professional basis for treating diabetic foot ulcers. A situational case study design was adopted in an archetypical Danish community nursing setting. Experience is a crucial component in the community nurses' professional basis for treating diabetic foot ulcers. Peer-to-peer training is the prevailing way to learn about diabetic foot ulcer, however, this contributes to the risk of low evidence-based practice. Finally, a frequent behaviour among the community nurses is to consult colleagues before treating the diabetic foot ulcers.

  2. Study of query expansion techniques and their application in the biomedical information retrieval. (United States)

    Rivas, A R; Iglesias, E L; Borrajo, L


    Information Retrieval focuses on finding documents whose content matches with a user query from a large document collection. As formulating well-designed queries is difficult for most users, it is necessary to use query expansion to retrieve relevant information. Query expansion techniques are widely applied for improving the efficiency of the textual information retrieval systems. These techniques help to overcome vocabulary mismatch issues by expanding the original query with additional relevant terms and reweighting the terms in the expanded query. In this paper, different text preprocessing and query expansion approaches are combined to improve the documents initially retrieved by a query in a scientific documental database. A corpus belonging to MEDLINE, called Cystic Fibrosis, is used as a knowledge source. Experimental results show that the proposed combinations of techniques greatly enhance the efficiency obtained by traditional queries.

  3. Study of Query Expansion Techniques and Their Application in the Biomedical Information Retrieval (United States)

    Rivas, A. R.; Iglesias, E. L.; Borrajo, L.


    Information Retrieval focuses on finding documents whose content matches with a user query from a large document collection. As formulating well-designed queries is difficult for most users, it is necessary to use query expansion to retrieve relevant information. Query expansion techniques are widely applied for improving the efficiency of the textual information retrieval systems. These techniques help to overcome vocabulary mismatch issues by expanding the original query with additional relevant terms and reweighting the terms in the expanded query. In this paper, different text preprocessing and query expansion approaches are combined to improve the documents initially retrieved by a query in a scientific documental database. A corpus belonging to MEDLINE, called Cystic Fibrosis, is used as a knowledge source. Experimental results show that the proposed combinations of techniques greatly enhance the efficiency obtained by traditional queries. PMID:24723793

  4. The mathematical basis of business logistics as a field of study


    William J. Pienaar


    This article describes the meaning of the word logistics, outlines its mathematical basis and explains the meaning thereof as a contemporary field of study. The concept of logistics management is described in a business context and the strategic, tactical and operational tiers thereof are identified. The relationship that exists between systems analysis and logistics management is indicated. The role and essence of operations research in logistics decision- making are described. The most per...

  5. An in silico study of the molecular basis of B-RAF activation and conformational stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fratev, Filip Filipov; Jonsdottir, Svava Osk


    based on molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of B-RAFWT and the B-RAFV600E, B-RAFK601E and B-RAFD594V mutants. A strong hydrogen bond network was identified in B-RAFWT in which the interactions between Lys601 and the well known catalytic residues Lys483, Glu501 and Asp594 play an important role......B-RAF kinase plays an important role both in tumour induction and maintenance in several cancers and it is an attractive new drug target. However, the structural basis of the B-RAF activation is still not well understood. RESULTS: In this study we suggest a novel molecular basis of B-RAF activation...

  6. Compressive Sensing Cluster Expansion Studies of Lithium Intercalation and Phase Transformation in MoS2 for Energy Storage (United States)

    Liu, Chi-Ping; Zhou, Fei; Ozolins, Vidvuds; University of California, Los Angeles Collaboration; Lawrence livermore national laboratory Collaboration


    Bulk molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a good electrode material candidate for energy storage applications, such as lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors due to its high theoretical energy and power density. First-principles density-functional theory (DFT) calculations combined with cluster expansion are an effective method to study thermodynamic and kinetic properties of electrode materials. In order to construct accurate models for cluster expansion, it is important to effectively choose clusters with significant contributions. In this work, we employ a compressive sensing based technique to select relevant clusters in order to build an accurate Hamiltonian for cluster expansion, enabling the study of Li intercalation in MoS2. We find that the 2H MoS2 structure is only stable at low Li content while 1T MoS2 is the preferred phase at high Li content. The results show that the 2H MoS2 phase transforms into the disordered 1T phase and the disordered 1T structure remains after the first Li insertion/deinsertion cycle suggesting that disordered 1T MoS2 is stable even at dilute Li content. This work also highlights that cluster expansion treated with compressive sensing is an effective and powerful tool for model construction and can be applied to advanced battery and supercapacitor electrode materials.

  7. Impacts of road network expansion on landscape ecological risk in a megacity, China: A case study of Beijing. (United States)

    Mo, Wenbo; Wang, Yong; Zhang, Yingxue; Zhuang, Dafang


    Road networks affect the spatial structure of urban landscapes, and with continuous expansion, it will also exert more widespread influences on the regional ecological environment. With the support of geographic information system (GIS) technology, based on the application of various spatial analysis methods, this study analyzed the spatiotemporal changes of road networks and landscape ecological risk in the research area of Beijing to explore the impacts of road network expansion on ecological risk in the urban landscape. The results showed the following: 1) In the dynamic processes of change in the overall landscape pattern, the changing differences in landscape indices of various landscape types were obvious and were primarily related to land-use type. 2) For the changes in a time series, the expansion of the road kernel area was consistent with the extension of the sub-low-risk area in the urban center, but some differences were observed during different stages of development. 3) For the spatial position, the expanding changes in the road kernel area were consistent with the grade changes of the urban central ecological risk, primarily because both had a certain spatial correlation with the expressways. 4) The influence of road network expansion on the ecological risk in the study area had obvious spatial differences, which may be closely associated with the distribution of ecosystem types. Copyright © 2016 Office national des forêts. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  8. Effective potential of the three-dimensional Ising model: The pseudo-ϵ expansion study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.I. Sokolov


    Full Text Available The ratios R2k of renormalized coupling constants g2k that enter the effective potential and small-field equation of state acquire the universal values at criticality. They are calculated for the three-dimensional scalar λϕ4 field theory (3D Ising model within the pseudo-ϵ expansion approach. Pseudo-ϵ expansions for the critical values of g6, g8, g10, R6=g6/g42, R8=g8/g43 and R10=g10/g44 originating from the five-loop renormalization group (RG series are derived. Pseudo-ϵ expansions for the sextic coupling have rapidly diminishing coefficients, so addressing Padé approximants yields proper numerical results. Use of Padé–Borel–Leroy and conformal mapping resummation techniques further improves the accuracy leading to the values R6⁎=1.6488 and R6⁎=1.6490 which are in a brilliant agreement with the result of advanced lattice calculations. For the octic coupling the numerical structure of the pseudo-ϵ expansions is less favorable. Nevertheless, the conform-Borel resummation gives R8⁎=0.868, the number being close to the lattice estimate R8⁎=0.871 and compatible with the result of 3D RG analysis R8⁎=0.857. Pseudo-ϵ expansions for R10⁎ and g10⁎ are also found to have much smaller coefficients than those of the original RG series. They remain, however, fast growing and big enough to prevent obtaining fair numerical estimates.

  9. Effective potential of the three-dimensional Ising model: The pseudo-ɛ expansion study (United States)

    Sokolov, A. I.; Kudlis, A.; Nikitina, M. A.


    The ratios R2k of renormalized coupling constants g2k that enter the effective potential and small-field equation of state acquire the universal values at criticality. They are calculated for the three-dimensional scalar λϕ4 field theory (3D Ising model) within the pseudo-ɛ expansion approach. Pseudo-ɛ expansions for the critical values of g6, g8, g10, R6 =g6 / g42 , R8 =g8 / g43 and R10 =g10 / g44 originating from the five-loop renormalization group (RG) series are derived. Pseudo-ɛ expansions for the sextic coupling have rapidly diminishing coefficients, so addressing Padé approximants yields proper numerical results. Use of Padé-Borel-Leroy and conformal mapping resummation techniques further improves the accuracy leading to the values R6* = 1.6488 and R6* = 1.6490 which are in a brilliant agreement with the result of advanced lattice calculations. For the octic coupling the numerical structure of the pseudo-ɛ expansions is less favorable. Nevertheless, the conform-Borel resummation gives R8* = 0.868, the number being close to the lattice estimate R8* = 0.871 and compatible with the result of 3D RG analysis R8* = 0.857. Pseudo-ɛ expansions for R10* and g10* are also found to have much smaller coefficients than those of the original RG series. They remain, however, fast growing and big enough to prevent obtaining fair numerical estimates.

  10. Asymmetric rapid maxillary expansion in true unilateral crossbite malocclusion: a prospective controlled clinical study. (United States)

    Ileri, Zehra; Basciftci, Faruk Ayhan


    To investigate the short-term effects of the asymmetric rapid maxillary (ARME) appliance on the vertical, sagittal, and transverse planes in patients with true unilateral posterior crossbite. Subjects were divided into two groups. The treatment group was comprised of 21 patients with unilateral posterior crossbite (mean age  =  13.3 ± 2.1 years). Members of this group were treated with the ARME appliance. The control group was comprised of 17 patients with Angle Class I who were kept under observation (mean age  =  12.3 ± 0.8 years). Lateral and frontal cephalograms were taken before the expansion (T1), immediately after expansion (T2), and at postexpansion retention (T3) in the treatment group and at preobservation (T1) and postobservation (T2) in the control group. A total of 34 measurements were assessed on cephalograms. For statistical analysis, the Wilcoxon test and analysis of covariance were used. The ARME appliance produced significant increases in nasal, maxillary base, upper arch, and lower arch dimensions (P ARME appliance created asymmetric increments in the transversal dimensions of the nose, maxilla, and upper arch in the short term. Asymmetric expansion therapy for subjects with unilateral maxillary deficiency may provide satisfactory outcomes in adolescents, with the exception of mandibular arch expansion. The triangular pattern of expansion caused clockwise rotation of the mandible and the occlusal plane and produced significant alterations in the vertical facial dimensions, whereas it created no displacement in maxilla in the sagittal plane.

  11. expansion method

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper, we shall apply the (G /G)-expansion method to obtain the exact travelling wave solution of the two-dimensional ... In §3, we apply our method to the mentioned equations. In §4, some conclusions are ..... The exact solution obtained by this method can be used to check computer codes or as initial condition for ...

  12. Actual factors to determine cross-currency basis swaps: An empirical study on US dollar/Japanese yen basis swap rates from the late 1990s


    Shinada, Naoki


    Cross-currency basis swap rates that exchange US-dollar (USD) and Japanese-yen (JPY) LIBORs have fluctuated since the late 1990s. It is increasingly important for market participants to figure out such swap rates, but there have not been many empirical studies about actual markets. This study addresses factors of USD/JPY swap rates from the late 1990s to the present, and demonstrates that differences in credit risk premiums, forward exchange rates and assets swaps of foreign investors from JP...

  13. Study on the influences of interaction behaviors between multiple combustion-gas jets on expansion characteristics of Taylor cavities (United States)

    Xue, Xiaochun; Yu, Yonggang; Zhang, Qi


    The purpose of this study is to investigate means of controlling the interior ballistic stability of a bulk-loaded propellant gun (BLPG). Experiments on the interaction of twin combustion gas jets and liquid medium in a cylindrical stepped-wall combustion chamber are conducted in detail to obtain time series processes of jet expansion, and a numerical simulation under the same working conditions is also conducted to verify the reliability of the numerical method by comparing numerical results and experimental results. From this, numerical simulations on mutual interference and expansion characteristics of multiple combustion gas jets (four, six, and eight jets) in liquid medium are carried out, and the distribution characteristic of pressure, velocity, temperature, and evolutionary processes of Taylor cavities and streamlines of jet flow field are obtained in detail. The results of numerical simulations show that when different numbers of combustion gas jets expand in liquid medium, there are two different types of vortices in the jet flow field, including corner vortices of liquid phase near the step and backflow vortices of gas phase within Taylor cavities. Because of these two types of vortices, the radial expansion characteristic of the jets is increased, while changing numbers of combustion gas jets can restrain Kelvin-Helmholtz instability to a certain degree in jet expansion processes, which can at last realize the goal of controlling the interior ballistic stability of a BLPG. The optimum method for both suppressing Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and promoting radial expansion of Taylor cavities can be determined by analyzing the change of characteristic parameters in a jet flow field.

  14. Study of the observational compatibility of an inhomogeneous cosmology with linear expansion according to SNe Ia (United States)

    Monjo, R.


    Most of current cosmological theories are built combining an isotropic and homogeneous manifold with a scale factor that depends on time. If one supposes a hyperconical universe with linear expansion, an inhomogeneous metric can be obtained by an appropriate transformation that preserves the proper time. This model locally tends to a flat Friedman-Robertson-Walker metric with linear expansion. The objective of this work is to analyze the observational compatibility of the inhomogeneous metric considered. For this purpose, the corresponding luminosity distance was obtained and was compared with the observations of 580 SNe Ia, taken from the Supernova Cosmology Project. The best fit of the hyperconical model obtains χ02=562 , the same value as the standard Λ CDM model. Finally, a possible relationship is found between both theories.

  15. Neural Basis of Enhanced Executive Function in Older Video Game Players: An fMRI Study. (United States)

    Wang, Ping; Zhu, Xing-Ting; Qi, Zhigang; Huang, Silin; Li, Hui-Jie


    Video games have been found to have positive influences on executive function in older adults; however, the underlying neural basis of the benefits from video games has been unclear. Adopting a task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study targeted at the flanker task, the present study aims to explore the neural basis of the improved executive function in older adults with video game experiences. Twenty video game players (VGPs) and twenty non-video game players (NVGPs) of 60 years of age or older participated in the present study, and there are no significant differences in age (t = 0.62, p = 0.536), gender ratio (t = 1.29, p = 0.206) and years of education (t = 1.92, p = 0.062) between VGPs and NVGPs. The results show that older VGPs present significantly better behavioral performance than NVGPs. Older VGPs activate greater than NVGPs in brain regions, mainly in frontal-parietal areas, including the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the left supramarginal gyrus, the right angular gyrus, the right precuneus and the left paracentral lobule. The present study reveals that video game experiences may have positive influences on older adults in behavioral performance and the underlying brain activation. These results imply the potential role that video games can play as an effective tool to improve cognitive ability in older adults.

  16. Neural Basis of Enhanced Executive Function in Older Video Game Players: An fMRI Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ping Wang


    Full Text Available Video games have been found to have positive influences on executive function in older adults; however, the underlying neural basis of the benefits from video games has been unclear. Adopting a task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI study targeted at the flanker task, the present study aims to explore the neural basis of the improved executive function in older adults with video game experiences. Twenty video game players (VGPs and twenty non-video game players (NVGPs of 60 years of age or older participated in the present study, and there are no significant differences in age (t = 0.62, p = 0.536, gender ratio (t = 1.29, p = 0.206 and years of education (t = 1.92, p = 0.062 between VGPs and NVGPs. The results show that older VGPs present significantly better behavioral performance than NVGPs. Older VGPs activate greater than NVGPs in brain regions, mainly in frontal-parietal areas, including the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the left supramarginal gyrus, the right angular gyrus, the right precuneus and the left paracentral lobule. The present study reveals that video game experiences may have positive influences on older adults in behavioral performance and the underlying brain activation. These results imply the potential role that video games can play as an effective tool to improve cognitive ability in older adults.

  17. Marketing Strategic Change in Expansionof Disneyland : Cases Study of Disneyland's Overseas Expansion in Shanghai


    Zhu, Li; Xu, Dan


    Problem: The international theme park industry is growing but is also facing a series of bottleneck problems. Disneyland as one of the most famous theme parks, is trying to expand its kingdom to China. With the success and failure of the three previous oversea Disneyland, marketing strategic changes are becoming crucial and critical in the expansion of theme parks. Recognizing the elements that lead to strategic changes and generate proper strategies are preconditions of any successful expans...

  18. The mathematical basis of business logistics as a field of study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William J. Pienaar


    Full Text Available This article describes the meaning of the word logistics, outlines its mathematical basis and explains the meaning thereof as a contemporary field of study. The concept of logistics management is described in a business context and the strategic, tactical and operational tiers thereof are identified. The relationship that exists between systems analysis and logistics management is indicated. The role and essence of operations research in logistics decision- making are described. The most pertinent operations research topics in the field of logistics as well as the mathematical competencies a logistician should possess, are identified.

  19. Rapid maxillary expansion screws on the test bench--a pilot study. (United States)

    Muchitsch, Alfred Peter; Wendl, B; Winsauer, H; Pichelmayer, M; Payer, M


    In order to apply high, short-term forces during rapid maxillary expansion (RME) to the sutures of the maxilla with minimum loss of force and without causing unwanted side-effects (dentoalveolar tipping, etc.), the appliance should be as rigid as possible. The retention arms of the RME screws, representing a particularly vulnerable and stressed weak point of RME appliances, were the focus of this laboratory technical study. Retention arms of 16 types of RME screws comprising four arms and one with eight arms were examined using a three-point bending test. According to their ability to absorb the applied bending loads, the screws were classified in product groups from 1 (highest) to 6 (lowest). Fifteen of the tested retention arms (stainless steel), despite having the same diameter (1.48-1.49 mm), differed up to 69.81 per cent between the highest (288.0 N) and lowest (169.6 N) maximum force parameters and up to 66.40 per cent between the highest (3325.9 N/mm(2)) and lowest (1998.7 N/mm(2)) maximum bending stress parameters. Due to optimum formability, though reduced rigidity, a titanium screw for nickel-sensitive patients (group 6) displayed the lowest force and bending tension values. The stainless steel double arms of the eight-arm screw device welded on both ends displayed the highest force data. The mean ductilities of the groups with the most and least rigid single steel arms differed by 22.77 per cent. Statistical analysis using the Pearson correlation coefficient revealed a significant indirect correlation between ductility and both maximum force (r = -0.780, P < 0.001) and maximum bending stress (r = -0.778, P < 0.001). The SUPERscrews, the Tiger Dental four-arm screw (group 1), and the eight-arm screw displayed the highest capacity to absorb an applied bending load. The screws in groups 3-6 appear acceptable for RME during the pre-pubertal period, whereas in the pubertal and post-pubertal period, groups 1 and 2 are sufficient. In early adulthood only the

  20. Study of effect of electric arc furnace slag on expansion of mortars subjected to alkali-aggregate reaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. SOUZA

    Full Text Available Abstract Alkali-aggregate reaction is a chemical reaction between cement alkalis and some reactive mineral present in some aggregates, leading to concrete expansion and cracking. One kind usually observed and studied in Brazil is the alkali-silica reaction, due to its fast development. There are several methods that are effective to control and mitigate this reaction, and one of them is the partial replacement of cement by mineral additions such as pozzolans like fly-ash, silica fume and slag. In this study, we propose the use of electrical steel slag as a partial replacement of cement, evaluating its effectiveness by NBR 15577:2008, employing different proportions as replacement. It seems that the electrical steel slag, despite its expansive behavior, has been effective in the control of the ASR.

  1. Supporting decision makers in land use planning around chemical sites. Case study: expansion of an oil refinery. (United States)

    Papazoglou, I A; Bonanos, G S; Nivolianitou, Z S; Duijm, N J; Rasmussen, B


    An approach for supporting decisions on land use around chemical sites - along with a software decision support system (DSS) - based on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA; and particularly on the establishment of the set of efficient solutions and letting the final selection depend on local procedures and value tradeoffs) is being illustrated through a case study where five alternative expansions of a refinery are considered along with the existing situation. Alternative land use plans are based on combinations of alternative uses of specific land cells coupled with alternative expansion options. Criteria for evaluating alternative land use plans are the potential loss of life (PLL), the noise levels and the economic benefit resulting for each specific land use plan.

  2. Anisotropic Thermal Expansion of Zirconium Diboride: An Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William A. Paxton


    Full Text Available Zirconium diboride (ZrB2 is an attractive material due to its thermal and electrical properties. In recent years, ZrB2 has been investigated as a superior replacement for sapphire when used as a substrate for gallium nitride devices. Like sapphire, ZrB2 has an anisotropic hexagonal structure which defines its directionally dependent properties. However, the anisotropic behavior of ZrB2 is not well understood. In this paper, we use energy-dispersive synchrotron X-ray diffraction to measure the thermal expansion of polycrystalline ZrB2 powder from 300 to 1150 K. Nine Bragg reflections are fit using Pseudo-Voigt peak profiles and used to compute the a and c lattice parameters using a nonlinear least-squares approximation. The temperature-dependent instantaneous thermal expansion coefficients are determined for each a-axis and c-axis direction and are described by the following equations: αa = (4.1507×10-6 + 5.1086 × 10-9(T-293.15/(1+4.1507 × 10-6(T-293.15 + 2.5543×10-9(T-293.152 and αc = (4.5374×10-6 + 4.3004×10-9(T-293.15/(1+4.5374×10-6(T-293.15 + 2.1502×10-9(T-293.152. Our results are within range of previously reported values but describe the temperature anisotropy in more detail. We show that anisotropic expansion coefficients converge to the same value at about 780 K and diverge at higher temperatures. Results are compared with other reported values.

  3. Understanding the basis of auriculocondylar syndrome: Insights from human, mouse and zebrafish genetic studies. (United States)

    Clouthier, David E; Passos-Bueno, Maria Rita; Tavares, Andre L P; Lyonnet, Stanislas; Amiel, Jeanne; Gordon, Christopher T


    Among human birth defect syndromes, malformations affecting the face are perhaps the most striking due to cultural and psychological expectations of facial shape. One such syndrome is auriculocondylar syndrome (ACS), in which patients present with defects in ear and mandible development. Affected structures arise from cranial neural crest cells, a population of cells in the embryo that reside in the pharyngeal arches and give rise to most of the bone, cartilage and connective tissue of the face. Recent studies have found that most cases of ACS arise from defects in signaling molecules associated with the endothelin signaling pathway. Disruption of this signaling pathway in both mouse and zebrafish results in loss of identity of neural crest cells of the mandibular portion of the first pharyngeal arch and the subsequent repatterning of these cells, leading to homeosis of lower jaw structures into more maxillary-like structures. These findings illustrate the importance of endothelin signaling in normal human craniofacial development and illustrate how clinical and basic science approaches can coalesce to improve our understanding of the genetic basis of human birth defect syndromes. Further, understanding the genetic basis for ACS that lies outside of known endothelin signaling components may help elucidate unknown aspects critical to the establishment of neural crest cell patterning during facial morphogenesis. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. Managerial Guidelines for Market Penetration and Expansion: A Case Study of a Medical Devices Manufacturer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vlastimil Juppa


    Full Text Available This article brings managerial guidelines for new markets expansion and current market penetration on an example of a Czech medical devices manufacturer. We describe the strategy in evaluation of the opportunities in the territories, of setting up the benchmarks, the steps how to deal with the partners in current territories and how to approach the acquisition of new territories. We show how significant is the sales growth for financials, we mention the limit defined in the Theory of Sustainable Growth. We show how important the level is, how the products are advanced and how important is to have unique products.

  5. Short-term myeloid growth factor mediated expansion of bone marrow haemopoiesis studied by localized magnetic resonance proton spectroscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, K E; Hansen, P B; Larsen, V A


    Previously we have shown that short-term myeloid growth factor priming of haemopoiesis prior to bone marrow harvest increased the yield of myeloid progenitors in the graft. The present study is intended to investigate the expansion of haemopoiesis by volume selective proton magnetic resonance spe....... In conclusion, the non-invasive MRS method may be a useful and reliable in vivo examination for expansion of haemopoiesis and a correspondent reduction of fat tissue in bone marrow after priming with recombinant human haemopoietic growth factors.......Previously we have shown that short-term myeloid growth factor priming of haemopoiesis prior to bone marrow harvest increased the yield of myeloid progenitors in the graft. The present study is intended to investigate the expansion of haemopoiesis by volume selective proton magnetic resonance...... (day 0), day 5 and day 12. Spectroscopic examinations were performed with the stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) method on a 1.5 T clinical whole-body imaging unit. A cubic volume of interest (VOI) was selected in the bone marrow of the left iliac bone. The patients responded with a rise in blood...

  6. Conformal expansions and renormalons

    CERN Document Server

    Brodsky, S J; Grunberg, G; Rathsman, J; Brodsky, Stanley J.; Gardi, Einan; Grunberg, Georges; Rathsman, Johan


    The coefficients in perturbative expansions in gauge theories are factoriallyincreasing, predominantly due to renormalons. This type of factorial increaseis not expected in conformal theories. In QCD conformal relations betweenobservables can be defined in the presence of a perturbative infraredfixed-point. Using the Banks-Zaks expansion we study the effect of thelarge-order behavior of the perturbative series on the conformal coefficients.We find that in general these coefficients become factorially increasing.However, when the factorial behavior genuinely originates in a renormalonintegral, as implied by a postulated skeleton expansion, it does not affect theconformal coefficients. As a consequence, the conformal coefficients willindeed be free of renormalon divergence, in accordance with previousobservations concerning the smallness of these coefficients for specificobservables. We further show that the correspondence of the BLM method with theskeleton expansion implies a unique scale-setting procedure. Th...

  7. Drosophila americana as a Model Species for Comparative Studies on the Molecular Basis of Phenotypic Variation (United States)

    Fonseca, Nuno A.; Morales-Hojas, Ramiro; Reis, Micael; Rocha, Helder; Vieira, Cristina P.; Nolte, Viola; Schlötterer, Christian; Vieira, Jorge


    Understanding the molecular basis of within and between species phenotypic variation is one of the main goals of Biology. In Drosophila, most of the work regarding this issue has been performed in D. melanogaster, but other distantly related species must also be studied to verify the generality of the findings obtained for this species. Here, we make the case for D. americana, a species of the virilis group of Drosophila that has been diverging from the model species, D. melanogaster, for approximately 40 Myr. To determine the suitability of this species for such studies, polymorphism and recombination estimates are presented for D. americana based on the largest nucleotide sequence polymorphism data set so far analyzed (more than 100 data sets) for this species. The polymorphism estimates are also compared with those obtained from the comparison of the genome assembly of two D. americana strains (H5 and W11) here reported. As an example of the general utility of these resources, we perform a preliminary study on the molecular basis of lifespan differences in D. americana. First, we show that there are lifespan differences between D. americana populations from different regions of the distribution range. Then, we perform five F2 association experiments using markers for 21 candidate genes previously identified in D. melanogaster. Significant associations are found between polymorphism at two genes (hep and Lim3) and lifespan. For the F2 association study involving the two sequenced strains (H5 and W11), we identify amino acid differences at Lim3 and Hep that could be responsible for the observed changes in lifespan. For both genes, no large gene expression differences were observed between the two strains. PMID:23493635

  8. Anomalous thermal expansion in rare-earth gallium perovskites: a comprehensive powder diffraction study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Senyshyn, A; Trots, D M; Engel, J M; Ehrenberg, H; Fuess, H [Institute for Materials Science, Darmstadt University of Technology, D-64287 Darmstadt (Germany); Vasylechko, L [Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12 Bandera Street, 79013 Lviv (Ukraine); Hansen, T [Institut Max von Laue-Paul Langevin, 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France); Berkowski, M [Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Aleja Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw (Poland)


    Crystal structures of rare-earth gallium perovskites LaGaO{sub 3}, PrGaO{sub 3}, NdGaO{sub 3} and Pr{sub 1-x}Nd{sub x}GaO{sub 3} (x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75) solid solutions were investigated in the temperature range 12-300 K by high-resolution powder diffraction using synchrotron or neutron radiation. The previously reported negative thermal expansion in the b direction of the PrGaO{sub 3} lattice has been found to be persistent in Pr{sub 1-x}Nd{sub x}GaO{sub 3} solid solutions and its magnitude has been revealed as proportional to the amount of praseodymium. Evaluation of the obtained temperature evolution of cell dimensions indicated a weak anomalous behaviour of the b lattice parameter in NdGaO{sub 3}, and its origin is supposed to be the same as in PrGaO{sub 3}, i.e. a coupling of the crystal electric field levels with phonon excitations of about 23-25 meV energy. The performed bond length analysis revealed an anomalous behaviour of both LnO{sub 12} (Ln-rare-earth) and GaO{sub 6} coordination polyhedra, which can be a structural manifestation of anomalous thermal expansion in the considered compounds.

  9. Thermal expansion and decomposition of jarosite: a high-temperature neutron diffraction study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xu, Hongwu [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Zhao, Yusheng [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Vogel, Sven C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Hickmott, Donald D [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Daemen, Luke L [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Hartl, Monika A [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The structure of deuterated jarosite, KFe{sub 3}(SO{sub 4}){sub 2}(OD){sub 6}, was investigated using time-of-flight neutron diffraction up to its dehydroxylation temperature. Rietveld analysis reveals that with increasing temperature, its c dimension expands at a rate {approx}10 times greater than that for a. This anisotropy of thermal expansion is due to rapid increase in the thickness of the (001) sheet of [Fe(O,OH){sub 6}] octahedra and [SO{sub 4}] tetrahedra with increasing temperature. Fitting of the measured cell volumes yields a coefficient of thermal expansion, a = a{sub 0} + a{sub 1} T, where a{sub 0} = 1.01 x 10{sup -4} K{sup -1} and a{sub 1} = -1.15 x 10{sup -7} K{sup -2}. On heating, the hydrogen bonds, O1{hor_ellipsis}D-O3, through which the (001) octahedral-tetrahedral sheets are held together, become weakened, as reflected by an increase in the D{hor_ellipsis}O1 distance and a concomitant decrease in the O3-D distance with increasing temperature. On further heating to 575 K, jarosite starts to decompose into nanocrystalline yavapaiite and hematite (as well as water vapor), a direct result of the breaking of the hydrogen bonds that hold the jarosite structure together.

  10. Mapping palm oil expansion using SAR to study the impact on the CO2 cycle (United States)

    Pohl, Christine


    With Malaysia being the second largest palm oil producer in the world and the fact that palm oil ranks first in vegetable oil production on the world market the palm oil industry became an important factor in the country. Along with the expansion of palm oil across the nation causing deforestation of natural rain forest and conversion of peat land into plantation land there are several factors causing a tremendous increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Main causes of CO2 emission apart from deforestation and peat-land conversion are the fires to create plantation land plus the fires burning waste products of the plantations itself. This paper describes a project that aims at the development of a remote sensing monitoring system to allow a continuous observation of oil palm plantation activities and expansion in order to be able to quantify CO2 emissions. The research concentrates on developing a spaceborne synthetic aperture radar information extraction system for palm oil plantations in the Tropics. This will lead to objective figures that can be used internationally to create a policy implementation plan to sustainably reduce CO2 emission in the future.

  11. An X-Ray and Radio Study of the Varying Expansion Velocities in Tycho's Supernova Remnant (United States)

    Williams, Brian J.; Chomiuk, Laura; Hewitt, John W.; Blondin, John M.; Borkowski, Kazimierz J.; Ghavamian, Parviz; Petre, Robert; Reynolds, Stephen P.


    We present newly obtained X-ray and radio observations of Tycho's supernova remnant using Chandra and the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in 2015 and 2013/14, respectively. When combined with earlier epoch observations by these instruments, we now have time baselines for expansion measurements of the remnant of 12-15 years in the X-rays and 30 years in the radio. The remnant's large angular size allows for proper motion measurements at many locations around the periphery of the blast wave. Consistent with earlier measurements, we find a clear gradient in the expansion velocity of the remnant, despite its round shape. The proper motions on the western and southwestern sides of the remnant are about a factor of two higher than those in the east and northeast. We showed in an earlier work that this is related to an offset of the explosion site from the geometric center of the remnant due to a density gradient in the ISM, and using our refined measurements reported here, we find that this offset is approximately 23? toward the northeast. An explosion center offset in such a circular remnant has implications for searches for progenitor companions in other remnants.

  12. Heat demand mapping and district heating grid expansion analysis: Case study of Velika Gorica (United States)

    Dorotić, Hrvoje; Novosel, Tomislav; Duić, Neven; Pukšec, Tomislav


    Highly efficient cogeneration and district heating systems have a significant potential for primary energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the utilization of a waste heat and renewable energy sources. These potentials are still highly underutilized in most European countries. They also play a key role in the planning of future energy systems due to their positive impact on the increase of integration of intermittent renewable energy sources, for example wind and solar in a combination with power to heat technologies. In order to ensure optimal levels of district heating penetration into an energy system, a comprehensive analysis is necessary to determine the actual demands and the potential energy supply. Economical analysis of the grid expansion by using the GIS based mapping methods hasn't been demonstrated so far. This paper presents a heat demand mapping methodology and the use of its output for the district heating network expansion analysis. The result are showing that more than 59% of the heat demand could be covered by the district heating in the city of Velika Gorica, which is two times more than the present share. The most important reason of the district heating's unfulfilled potential is already existing natural gas infrastructure.

  13. Heat demand mapping and district heating grid expansion analysis: Case study of Velika Gorica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorotić Hrvoje


    Full Text Available Highly efficient cogeneration and district heating systems have a significant potential for primary energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the utilization of a waste heat and renewable energy sources. These potentials are still highly underutilized in most European countries. They also play a key role in the planning of future energy systems due to their positive impact on the increase of integration of intermittent renewable energy sources, for example wind and solar in a combination with power to heat technologies. In order to ensure optimal levels of district heating penetration into an energy system, a comprehensive analysis is necessary to determine the actual demands and the potential energy supply. Economical analysis of the grid expansion by using the GIS based mapping methods hasn’t been demonstrated so far. This paper presents a heat demand mapping methodology and the use of its output for the district heating network expansion analysis. The result are showing that more than 59% of the heat demand could be covered by the district heating in the city of Velika Gorica, which is two times more than the present share. The most important reason of the district heating's unfulfilled potential is already existing natural gas infrastructure.

  14. Standardised tobacco packaging: a health policy case study of corporate conflict expansion and adaptation. (United States)

    Hatchard, Jenny L; Fooks, Gary J; Gilmore, Anna B


    To investigate opposition to standardised tobacco packaging in the UK. To increase understanding of how transnational corporations are adapting to changes in their access to policymakers precipitated by Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Case study web-based documentary analysis, using NVivo V.10. Examination of relationships between opponents of standardised packaging and transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) and of the volume, nature, transparency and timing of their activities. UK standardised packaging policy debate 2011-2013. Organisations selected on basis of opposition to, or facilitation thereof, standardised tobacco packaging in the UK; 422 associated documents. Excluding tobacco manufacturing and packaging companies (n=12), 109 organisations were involved in opposing standardised packaging, 82 (75%) of which had a financial relationship with 1 or more TTC. These 82 organisations (43 actively opposing the measure, 39 facilitating opposition) were responsible for 60% of the 404 activities identified, including the majority of public communications and research production. TTCs were directly responsible for 28% of total activities, predominantly direct lobbying, but also financially underwrote third party research, communication, mass recruitment and lobbying. Active organisations rarely reported any financial relationship with TTCs when undertaking opposition activities. The multifaceted opposition to standardised packaging was primarily undertaken by third parties with financial relationships with major tobacco manufacturers. Low levels of transparency regarding these links created a misleading impression of diverse and widespread opposition. Countries should strengthen implementation of Article 5.3 of the FCTC by systematically requiring conflict of interest declarations from all organisations participating in political or media debates on tobacco control. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to

  15. The effect of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion on sleep architecture: an exploratory risk study in healthy young adults. (United States)

    Bach, N; Tuomilehto, H; Gauthier, C; Papadakis, A; Remise, C; Lavigne, F; Lavigne, G J; Huynh, N


    Maxillary transverse deficiencies (MTD) cause malocclusions. Rapid maxillary expansion treatment is commonly used treatment for correcting such deficiencies and has been found to be effective in improving respiration and sleep architecture in children with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). However, thus far, the effect of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME) treatment on sleep architecture and breathing of normal subjects has not been assessed. We hypothesised that sleep quality will improve after maxillary expansion treatment. The objective of this study is to access the effect of maxillary expansion treatment on sleep structure and respiratory functions in healthy young adults with severe MTD. This is a prospective and exploratory clinical study. Twenty-eight consecutive young adult patients (15 males and 13 females, mean age 20·6 ± 5·8 years) presenting with severe MTD at the orthodontic examination were recruited into the study. All the participants underwent a standardised SARME procedure (mean expansion 6·5 ± 1·8 and 8·2 ± 1·8 mm, intercanine and intermolar distance, respectively) to correct malocclusion caused by MTD. An overnight in-laboratory polysomnography, before and after the treatment, was performed. The mean follow-up time was 9 months. The main outcome parameters were the changes in sleep architecture, including sleep stages, arousals, slow-wave activity (SWA) and respiratory variables. Before surgery, young adult patients with MTD presented no evidence of sleep breathing problems. At baseline sleep recording, 7 of 28 (25%) had apnoea-hypopnoea index (AHI) ≥ 5 events per hour. No negative effect of the SARME was observed in questionnaires or sleep laboratory parameters. In the patients with a higher baseline AHI (AHI ≥ 5 h of sleep), we observed a reduction in AHI after surgical treatment (P = 0·028). SARME did not have a negative effect on any sleep or respiration parameters in healthy young individuals

  16. Biographic Parallels as a Basis for Typological Studying of George Orwell and Ivan Bahrianyi Works

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Svitlana Korshunova


    Full Text Available This article deals with the problem of biographic parallelism as a basis for typological research. The main task is to find out similarities and differences in the works by George Orwell and Ivan Bahrianyi, all of them being based of the real facts from the writers' lives. The peculiarities of the literary interpretation of the biography of the both authors become the comparative basis for revealing of the common processes in their works. The research sheds the light on the interdependence between authors' motivations and its literary results. It also highlights the problem of genres chosen by the writers and of the dependence of this choice on the biographic facts usage. The article compares the genres of the authors' works from the point of view of their artistic motivation. The subject under study includes such books of the authors as “Burmese Days”, “Keep the Aspidistra Flying” and other by George Orwell, as well as “The Getsyman Garden”, “The Hunters and the Hunted” and others by Ivan Bahrianyi. It deals with the problem of the influence of the writers' biographic facts on their creation of the literary images and characters, as well as on the plots of the stories. The similarities between authors and their characters are revealed and this allows us to say that writers used their own lives as a source of inspiration and artistic motivation for the sake of making their stories credible. The article also raises the question of the nature of the writers' characters with authors' being their possible prototypes. In general, the article studies the parallels of George Orwell and Ivan Bahrianyi lives, trying to prove their compatibility in the typological field while both use their biographies as a creative method.

  17. Pengembangan Basis Data Penjualan, Persediaan dan Logistic Tracking: Studi Kasus PT Abhimata Citra Abadi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayuliana Ayuliana


    Full Text Available This study aims at designing a database system processes sales, inventory, and goods tracking in accordance with the needs of PT Citra Abadi Abhimata, as well as building the application program. This system records each process in a flow of goods, ranging from the entry of the principal goods until the goods are sold to end customers plus goods tracking. This study uses the fact finding method carried out by a direct field study at the company concerned, interviews with relevant parties, studying the company’s documentation, and literary study of textbooks. Furthermore, database design uses the three design concepts (conceptual design, logical design and physical design, as well as the interface design to create the application program. The result obtained is a data base system and application that can improve the company’s performance since data is stored on a regular basis so that it can be easily obtained when needed. The existence of this database design, along with related application, makes the company easier to manage data and monitor the process of goods flow and produce better work.

  18. Epidemiology of Cerebellar Ataxia on the Etiological Basis: A Cross Sectional Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simindokht Hosseini Seyede


    Full Text Available Cerebellar ataxias are a heterogenous group of disorders, clinically and etiologically, that result in considerable health burden. Finding out about the various etiologies, and their relative prevalences in the population suffering from cerebellar ataxia helps the clinician to perform a better management, in treatment process. This is a cross sectional study designed to estimate the relative prevalence of each etiologic factor. One-hundred and thirty-five patients ,in the range of 6 to 73 years from march 1993 to march1999, were classified in different groups on the basis of etiological findings. Relative prevalence of each of the etiological factors , common accompanying disorders besides ataxia in the patients,CT and MRI changes,and CSF alterations are studied and recorded. A widely spread age group, and the extended number of the cases under study, are the advantages of the current study over the previously reported case series. Among the etiologic groups, multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular accidents and hereditary cerebellar ataxia, were the most common etiologic factors associated with cerebellar ataxia respectively.

  19. Electrophysiological basis of reading related phonological impairment in Chinese speakers with schizophrenia: An ERP study. (United States)

    Wang, Jiuju; Liu, Qi; Wydell, Taeko N; Liao, Jinmin; Wang, Fang; Quan, Wenxiang; Tian, Ju; Wang, Pengfei; Liu, Jin; Dong, Wentian


    It has been reported in alphabetic languages that individuals with schizophrenia showed language-related cognitive impairments including phonological deficits, which were in turn associated with clinical symptoms such as auditory hallucinations and thought disorders. To date, however, the phonological deficits involved in schizophrenia in Chinese and its neural basis have not been well established. In order to establish such a relationship we conducted a behavioral study using lexical tone judgment and digit span tasks as well as an event-related potential (ERP) study with an auditory oddball paradigm, in particular, for P300 effects, the event-related brain potential (ERP) index of discrimination. Chinese patients with schizophrenia and Chinese healthy controls in China participated in the current study. Compared to the healthy controls, the patients with schizophrenia showed significant impairments in phonological processing skills, which in turn significantly correlated with smaller P300 effects. Thus these behavioral and electrophysiological findings in Chinese patients with schizophrenia were critically evaluated in terms of their phonological processing abilities. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. [Comparative study on microplate and anchor fixation in open-door cervical expansive laminoplasty]. (United States)

    Zeng, Yun; Xiong, Min; Yu, Hualong; He, Ning; Wang, Zhiyong; Liu, Zhigang; Han, Heng; Chen, Sen


    To evaluate the effectiveness of microplate fixation in open-door cervical expansive laminoplasty (ELP) by comparing with anchor fixation. Between January 2005 and October 2008, 35 patients with multi-segment cervical spondylotic myelopathy were treated. Of them, 15 patients underwent ELP by microplate fixation (microplate group) and 20 patients underwent ELP by anchor fixation (anchor group). In microplate group, there were 10 males and 5 females with the age of (51.2 +/- 11.5) years; the disease duration ranged from 6 to 60 months (mean, 14 months); and the preoperative Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA) score was 7.7 +/- 2.5. In anchor group, there were 13 males and 7 females with the age of (50.7 +/- 10.8) years; the disease duration ranged from 3 to 58 months (mean, 17 months); and the preoperative JOA score was 7.8 +/- 2.9. There was no significant difference in the general data, such as gender, age, and JOA score between 2 groups (P > 0.05). All incisions healed by first intention. Thirty-five cases were followed up 24-68 months (mean, 32 months). The operation time was (113 +/- 24) minutes in anchor group and (111 +/- 27) minutes in microplate group, showing no significant difference (t = 0.231 3, P = 0.818 5). The rate of spinal canal expansion in microplate group (60% +/- 24%) was significantly higher than that in anchor group (40% +/- 18%) (t = 2.820, P = 0.008). The JOA scores of 2 groups at 3 months and 24 months after operation were significantly higher than the preoperative scores (P anchor group at 24 months after operation (t = 3.454 3, P = 0.001 5). X-ray film, MRI, and CT scan at 3-6 months after operation displayed that door spindle reached bony fusion. There was no occurrence of "re-close of door" in 2 groups. The rate of complication in microplate group (13.3%, 2/15) was significantly lower than that in anchor group (25.0%, 5/20) (chi2 = 7.160 0, P = 0.008 6). ELP by microplate fixation can achieve the stability quickly after operation

  1. Using a Novel Motion Index to Study the Neural Basis of Event Segmentation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frank Pollick


    Full Text Available Our understanding of the perceived actions of those around us includes an ability to segment this continuous stream of activity into discrete events. We studied naïve observers' abilities to segment a video of an unfamiliar dance style into events using a combination of behavioural, computational vision and brain imaging methods. A 386 s video of a solo Bharatanatyam dancer was used as the basis for the study. A computational analysis provided us with, for every video frame, a Motion Index (MI quantifying the movement of the entire dancer. A behavioural analysis using 30 naïve observers provided us with the time points where observers were most likely to place an event boundary. These behavioural and computational data were used to interpret the brain activity of another 11 participants who viewed the dance video while in an MRI scanner. Results showed that the Motion Index predicted brain activity in a single cluster in the right hemisphere that was located close to the Extrastriate Body Area (EBA. Event boundaries in the video were related to extensive clusters of bilateral activity in the Inferior Occipital Gyrus which extended towards the posterior Superior Temporal Sulcus (pSTS. Event boundaries also activated a region in the right Inferior Frontal Gyrus. These results extend our understanding of how movement kinaesthetics modulate action interpretation.

  2. The neuroanatomical basis of panic disorder and social phobia in schizophrenia: a voxel based morphometric study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marisol Picado

    Full Text Available It is known that there is a high prevalence of certain anxiety disorders among schizophrenic patients, especially panic disorder and social phobia. However, the neural underpinnings of the comorbidity of such anxiety disorders and schizophrenia remain unclear. Our study aims to determine the neuroanatomical basis of the co-occurrence of schizophrenia with panic disorder and social phobia.Voxel-based morphometry was used in order to examine brain structure and to measure between-group differences, comparing magnetic resonance images of 20 anxious patients, 20 schizophrenic patients, 20 schizophrenic patients with comorbid anxiety, and 20 healthy control subjects.Compared to the schizophrenic patients, we observed smaller grey-matter volume (GMV decreases in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and precentral gyrus in the schizophrenic-anxiety group. Additionally, the schizophrenic group showed significantly reduced GMV in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, precentral gyrus, orbitofrontal cortex, temporal gyrus and angular/inferior parietal gyrus when compared to the control group.Our findings suggest that the comorbidity of schizophrenia with panic disorder and social phobia might be characterized by specific neuroanatomical and clinical alterations that may be related to maladaptive emotion regulation related to anxiety. Even thought our findings need to be replicated, our study suggests that the identification of neural abnormalities involved in anxiety, schizophrenia and schizophrenia-anxiety may lead to an improved diagnosis and management of these conditions.

  3. A Hartree–Fock study of the confined helium atom: Local and global basis set approaches

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Young, Toby D., E-mail: [Zakład Metod Komputerowych, Instytut Podstawowych Prolemów Techniki Polskiej Akademia Nauk, ul. Pawińskiego 5b, 02-106 Warszawa (Poland); Vargas, Rubicelia [Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa, División de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías, Departamento de Química, San Rafael Atlixco 186, Col. Vicentina, Iztapalapa, D.F. C.P. 09340, México (Mexico); Garza, Jorge, E-mail: [Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa, División de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías, Departamento de Química, San Rafael Atlixco 186, Col. Vicentina, Iztapalapa, D.F. C.P. 09340, México (Mexico)


    Two different basis set methods are used to calculate atomic energy within Hartree–Fock theory. The first is a local basis set approach using high-order real-space finite elements and the second is a global basis set approach using modified Slater-type orbitals. These two approaches are applied to the confined helium atom and are compared by calculating one- and two-electron contributions to the total energy. As a measure of the quality of the electron density, the cusp condition is analyzed. - Highlights: • Two different basis set methods for atomic Hartree–Fock theory. • Galerkin finite element method and modified Slater-type orbitals. • Confined atom model (helium) under small-to-extreme confinement radii. • Detailed analysis of the electron wave-function and the cusp condition.

  4. Resonant state expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lind, P.


    The completeness properties of the discrete set of bound state, virtual states and resonances characterizing the system of a single nonrelativistic particle moving in a central cutoff potential is investigated. From a completeness relation in terms of these discrete states and complex scattering states one can derive several Resonant State Expansions (RSE). It is interesting to obtain purely discrete expansion which, if valid, would significantly simplify the treatment of the continuum. Such expansions can be derived using Mittag-Leffler (ML) theory for a cutoff potential and it would be nice to see if one can obtain the same expansions starting from an eigenfunction theory that is not restricted to a finite sphere. The RSE of Greens functions is especially important, e.g. in the continuum RPA (CRPA) method of treating giant resonances in nuclear physics. The convergence of RSE is studied in simple cases using square well wavefunctions in order to achieve high numerical accuracy. Several expansions can be derived from each other by using the theory of analytic functions and one can the see how to obtain a natural discretization of the continuum. Since the resonance wavefunctions are oscillating with an exponentially increasing amplitude, and therefore have to be interpreted through some regularization procedure, every statement made about quantities involving such states is checked by numerical calculations.Realistic nuclear wavefunctions, generated by a Wood-Saxon potential, are used to test also the usefulness of RSE in a realistic nuclear calculation. There are some fundamental differences between different symmetries of the integral contour that defines the continuum in RSE. One kind of symmetry is necessary to have an expansion of the unity operator that is idempotent. Another symmetry must be used if we want purely discrete expansions. These are found to be of the same form as given by ML. (29 refs.).

  5. Study on Electricity Business Expansion and Electricity Sales Based on Seasonal Adjustment (United States)

    Zhang, Yumin; Han, Xueshan; Wang, Yong; Zhang, Li; Yang, Guangsen; Sun, Donglei; Wang, Bolun


    [1] proposed a novel analysis and forecast method of electricity business expansion based on Seasonal Adjustment, we extend this work to include the effect the micro and macro aspects, respectively. From micro aspect, we introduce the concept of load factor to forecast the stable value of electricity consumption of single new consumer after the installation of new capacity of the high-voltage transformer. From macro aspects, considering the growth of business expanding is also stimulated by the growth of electricity sales, it is necessary to analyse the antecedent relationship between business expanding and electricity sales. First, forecast electricity consumption of customer group and release rules of expanding capacity, respectively. Second, contrast the degree of fitting and prediction accuracy to find out the antecedence relationship and analyse the reason. Also, it can be used as a contrast to observe the influence of customer group in different ranges on the prediction precision. Finally, Simulation results indicate that the proposed method is accurate to help determine the value of expanding capacity and electricity consumption.

  6. Nuclear expansion with excitation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De, J.N. [Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700064 (India); Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain); Samaddar, S.K. [Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700064 (India); Vinas, X. [Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain); Centelles, M. [Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain)]. E-mail:


    The expansion of an isolated hot spherical nucleus with excitation energy and its caloric curve are studied in a thermodynamic model with the SkM{sup *} force as the nuclear effective two-body interaction. The calted results are shown to compare well with the recent experimental data from energetic nuclear collisions. The fluctuations in temperature and density are also studied. They are seen to build up very rapidly beyond an excitation energy of {approx}9 MeV/u. Volume-conserving quadrupole deformation in addition to expansion indicates, however, nuclear disassembly above an excitation energy of {approx}4 MeV/u.

  7. Decoding the neuroanatomical basis of reading ability: a multivoxel morphometric study. (United States)

    He, Qinghua; Xue, Gui; Chen, Chunhui; Chen, Chuansheng; Lu, Zhong-Lin; Dong, Qi


    As a relatively recent cultural invention in human evolution, reading is an important gateway to personal development and socioeconomic success. Despite the well documented individual differences in reading ability, its neuroanatomical correlates have not been well understood, largely due to the fact that reading is a complex skill that consists of multiple components. Using a large sample of 416 college students and 7 reading tasks, the present study successfully identified three uncorrelated components of reading ability: phonological decoding, form-sound association, and naming speed. We then tried to predict individuals' scores in these components from their gray matter volume (GMV) on a subset of participants (N = 253) with high-quality structural images, adopting a multivariate support vector regression analysis with tenfold cross-validation. Our results revealed distinct neural regions that supported different aspects of reading ability: whereas phonological decoding was associated with the GMV in the left superior parietal lobe extending to the supramarginal gyrus, form-sound association was predicted by the GMV in the hippocampus and cerebellum. Naming speed was associated with GMV in distributed brain regions in the occipital, temporal, parietal, and frontal cortices. Phonological decoding and form-sound association were uncorrelated with general cognitive abilities. However, naming speed was correlated with intelligence and processing speed, and some of the regions that were predictive of naming speed also predicted these general cognitive abilities. These results provide further insights on the cognitive and neural architecture of reading and the structural basis of individual differences in reading abilities.

  8. Brain basis of early parent-infant interactions: psychology, physiology, and in vivo functional neuroimaging studies. (United States)

    Swain, James E; Lorberbaum, Jeffrey P; Kose, Samet; Strathearn, Lane


    Parenting behavior critically shapes human infants' current and future behavior. The parent-infant relationship provides infants with their first social experiences, forming templates of what they can expect from others and how to best meet others' expectations. In this review, we focus on the neurobiology of parenting behavior, including our own functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain imaging experiments of parents. We begin with a discussion of background, perspectives and caveats for considering the neurobiology of parent-infant relationships. Then, we discuss aspects of the psychology of parenting that are significantly motivating some of the more basic neuroscience research. Following that, we discuss some of the neurohormones that are important for the regulation of social bonding, and the dysregulation of parenting with cocaine abuse. Then, we review the brain circuitry underlying parenting, proceeding from relevant rodent and nonhuman primate research to human work. Finally, we focus on a study-by-study review of functional neuroimaging studies in humans. Taken together, this research suggests that networks of highly conserved hypothalamic-midbrain-limbic-paralimbic-cortical circuits act in concert to support aspects of parent response to infants, including the emotion, attention, motivation, empathy, decision-making and other thinking that are required to navigate the complexities of parenting. Specifically, infant stimuli activate basal forebrain regions, which regulate brain circuits that handle specific nurturing and caregiving responses and activate the brain's more general circuitry for handling emotions, motivation, attention, and empathy--all of which are crucial for effective parenting. We argue that an integrated understanding of the brain basis of parenting has profound implications for mental health.

  9. HK97 maturation studied by crystallography and H/2H exchange reveals the structural basis for exothermic particle transitions (United States)

    Gertsman, Ilya; Komives, Elizabeth A.; Johnson, John E.


    HK97 is an exceptionally amenable system for characterizing major conformational changes associated with capsid maturation in dsDNA bacteriophage. HK97 undergoes a capsid expansion of ~20%, accompanied by major subunit rearrangements during genome packaging. A previous 3.44 Å resolution crystal structure of the mature capsid, Head II, and Cryo-EM studies of other intermediate expansion forms of HK97 suggested that primarily rigid body movements facilitated the maturation process. We recently reported a 3.65 Å resolution structure of the pre-expanded particle form, Prohead II, and found that the capsid subunits undergo significant refolding and twisting of the tertiary structure to accommodate expansion. The Prohead II study focused on the major twisting motions in the P-domain, and refolding of the spine helix during the transition. Here we extend the crystallographic comparison between Prohead II and Head II, characterizing the refolding events occurring in each of the four major domains of the capsid subunit and their effect on quaternary structure stabilization. In addition, H/2H exchange coupled to mass spectrometry, was used to characterize the structural dynamics of three distinct capsid intermediates, Prohead II, EI, and the nearly mature Head I. Differences in solvent accessibilities of the 7 quasi-equivalent capsid subunits were observed in P-II, attributed to differences in secondary and quaternary structure. Nearly all differences in solvent accessibility among subunits disappear after the first transition to Expansion Intermediate (EI). We show that most of the refolding is coupled to this transformation, an event associated with the transition from asymmetric to symmetric hexamers. PMID:20093122

  10. Study of the causes and identification of the dominant mechanisms of failure of bellows expansion joints used in district heating system pipelines at MOEK (United States)

    Tomarov, G. V.; Nikolaev, A. E.; Semenov, V. N.; Shipkov, A. A.; Shepelev, S. V.


    The results of laboratory studies of material properties and of numerical and analytical investigations to assess the stress-strain state of the metal of the bellows expansion joints used in the district heating system pipelines at MOEK subjected to corrosion failure are presented. The main causes and the dominant mechanisms of failure of the expansion joints have been identified. The influence of the initial crevice defects and the operating conditions on the features and intensity of destruction processes in expansion joints used in the district heating system pipelines at MOEK has been established.

  11. Thermodynamics of the AF Heisenberg Model on the Checkerboard Lattice; a Numerical Linked-Cluster Expansion Study (United States)

    Khatami, Ehsan; Rigol, Marcos


    Employing numerical linked-cluster expansions (NLCEs) along with exact diagonalizations of finite clusters with periodic boundary condition, we study the energy, specific heat, entropy, and various susceptibilities of the antiferromagnetic (AF) Heisenberg model on the checkerboard lattice. NLCEs, combined with extrapolation techniques, allow us to access temperatures much lower than those accessible to exact diagonalization and other series expansions. We find that the high-temperature peak in specific heat decreases as the frustration increases, consistent with the large amount of unquenched entropy in the region around maximum classical frustration, where the nearest-neighbor and next-nearest-neighbor exchange interactions (J and J ' , respectively) have the same strength, and with the formation of a second peak at lower temperatures. The staggered susceptibility shows a change of character when J ' increases beyond 0.75 J , implying the disappearance of the long-range AF order at zero temperature. For J ' = 4 J , in the limit of weakly-coupled crossed chains, we find large susceptibilities for stripe and Néel order with Q = (π / 2 , π / 2) at low temperatures with AF correlations along the chains. Other magnetic and bond orderings, such as a plaquette valence-bond solid and a crossed-dimer order suggested by previous studies, have also been investigated. Supported by NSF Grant No. OCI-0904597 and Teragrid Account No. TG-DMR100026.

  12. Numerical Study of an Ejector as an Expansion Device in Split-type Air Conditioners for Energy Savings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kasni Sumeru


    Full Text Available The present study describes a numerical approach for determining both the motive nozzle and constant-area diameters of an ejector as an expansion device, based on the cooling capacity of a split-type air-conditioner using R290 as refrigerant. Previous studies have shown that replacement of HCFC R22 with HC290 (propane in the air conditioner can improve the coefficient of performance (COP. The purpose of replacing the capillary tube with an ejector as an expansion device in a split-type air conditioner using HC290 is to further improve the COP. In developing the model, conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy equations were applied to each part of the ejector. The numerical results show that the motive nozzle diameter remains constant (1.03 mm under varying condenser temperatures, whereas the diameter of the constant-area decreases as the condenser temperature increases. It was also found that improvement of the COP can reach 32.90% at a condenser temperature of 55 °C. From the results mentioned above, it can be concluded that the use of an ejector can further improve the COP of a split-type air conditioner using HC290 as working fluid.

  13. Rapid palatal expansion effects on mandibular transverse dimensions in unilateral posterior crossbite patients: a three-dimensional digital imaging study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Ugolini


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The purpose of this controlled study was to investigate indirect effects on mandibular arch dimensions, 1 year after rapid palatal expansion (RPE therapy. Methods Thirty-three patients in mixed dentition (mean age 8.8 years showing unilateral posterior crossbite and maxillary deficiency were treated with a RPE (Haas type cemented on the first permanent molars. Treatment protocol consisted of two turns per day until slight overcorrection of the molar transverse relationship occurred. The Haas expander was kept on the teeth as a passive retainer for an average of 6 months. Study models were taken prior (T1 and 15 months on average (T2 after expansion. A control group of 15 untreated subjects with maxillary deficiency (mean age 8.3 years was also recorded with a 12-month interval. Stone casts were digitized with a 3D scanner (3Shape, DK. Results In the treated group, both mandibular intermolar distance (+1.9 mm and mandibular molar angulation (+9° increased. Mandibular incisor angulation showed an increase of 1.9°. There was little effect on intercanine distance and canine angulation. Controls showed a reduction in transverse arch dimension and a decrease in molar and canine angulation values. Conclusions RPE protocol has indirect widening effects on the mandibular incisors and first molars.

  14. Wake Expansion Models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Branlard, Emmanuel Simon Pierre


    Different models of wake expansion are presented in this chapter: the 1D momentum theory model, the cylinder analog model and Theodorsen’s model. Far wake models such as the ones from Frandsen or Rathmann or only briefly mentioned. The different models are compared to each other. Results from thi...... this chapter are used in Chap. 16 to link near-wake and far-wake parameters and in Chap. 20 to study the influence of expansion on tip-losses....

  15. Computational study of influence of diffuse basis functions on geometry optimization and spectroscopic properties of losartan potassium (United States)

    Mizera, Mikołaj; Lewadowska, Kornelia; Talaczyńska, Alicja; Cielecka-Piontek, Judyta


    The work was aimed at investigating the influence of diffusion of basis functions on the geometry optimization of molecule of losartan in acidic and salt form. Spectroscopic properties of losartan potassium were also calculated and compared with experiment. Density functional theory method with various basis sets: 6-31G(d,p) and its diffused variations 6-31G(d,p)+ and 6-31G(d,p)++ was used. Application of diffuse basis functions in geometry optimization resulted in significant change of total molecule energy. Total molecule energy of losartan potassium decreased by 112.91 kJ/mol and 114.32 kJ/mol for 6-31G(d,p)+ and 6-31G(d,p)++ basis sets, respectively. Almost the same decrease was observed for losartan: 114.99 kJ/mol and 117.08 kJ/mol respectively for 6-31G(d,p)+ and 6-31G(d,p)++ basis sets. Further investigation showed significant difference within geometries of losartan potassium optimized with investigated basis sets. Application of diffused basis functions resulted in average 1.29 Å difference in relative position between corresponding atoms of three obtained geometries. Similar study taken on losartan resulted in only average 0.22 Å of dislocation. Extensive analysis of geometry changes in molecules obtained with diffused and non-diffuse basis functions was carried out in order to elucidate observed changes. The analysis was supported by electrostatic potential maps and calculation of natural atomic charges. UV, FT-IR and Raman spectra of losartan potassium were calculated and compared with experimental results. No crucial differences between Raman spectra obtained with different basis sets were observed. However, FT-IR spectra of geometry of losartan potassium optimized with 6-31G(d,p)++ basis set resulted in 40% better correlation with experimental FT-IR spectra than FT-IR calculated with geometry optimized with 6-31G(d,p) basis set. Therefore, it is highly advisable to optimize geometry of molecules with ionic interactions using diffuse basis functions

  16. Evaluation of territorial conflicts caused by residential expansion in Bucharest suburban area. Case study: Voluntari City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available L'évaluation des conflits territoriaux causés par l'expansion résidentielle dans la zone périurbaine de Bucarest. Étude de cas: La ville Voluntari. L’aménagement territorial de l’espace aide les diverses utilisations du terrain à s’associer sans causer des dysfonctionnements ou des conflits. Dans la zone suburbaine de Bucarest les erreurs d’approche dans l’aménagement du territoire ont changé dans ces dernières années sa physionomie, particulièrement grâce au développement imprévu des zones résidentielles. Les conséquences de la consommation accidentelle de l’espace dans la ville Voluntari décrit un espace défavorisé par la complexité des problèmes environnementaux qui apparaissent. À cet effet ont été appliquées des méthodes pour évaluer la taille des conflits territoriaux causés par le développement imprévu des espaces résidentiels dans moins de 15 m des stations de distribution de carburant. Les résultats ont mis en évidence spatialement et quantitativement les zones en conflit, en suggérant l’emplacement imprévu des espaces résidentiels comme la principale conséquence de la création des voisinages incompatibles avec les stations de distribution de carburant. Les conflits territoriaux continuent à croître, leur identification et leur évaluation étant la solution de démarrage de nouvelles stratégies pour une bonne planification de l’espace avec un impact positif sur la qualité de l’environnement et du logement.

  17. Anatomic Basis for Brachial Plexus Block at the Costoclavicular Space: A Cadaver Anatomic Study. (United States)

    Sala-Blanch, Xavier; Reina, Miguel Angel; Pangthipampai, Pawinee; Karmakar, Manoj Kumar


    The costoclavicular space (CCS), which is located deep and posterior to the midpoint of the clavicle, may be a better site for infraclavicular brachial plexus block than the traditional lateral paracoracoid site. However, currently, there is paucity of data on the anatomy of the brachial plexus at the CCS. We undertook this cadaver anatomic study to define the anatomy of the cords of the brachial plexus at the CCS and thereby establish the anatomic basis for ultrasound-guided infraclavicular brachial plexus block at this proximal site. The anatomy and topography of the cords of the brachial plexus at the CCS was evaluated in 8 unembalmed (cryopreserved), thawed, fresh adult human cadavers using anatomic dissection, and transverse anatomic and histological sections, of the CCS. The cords of the brachial plexus were located lateral and parallel to the axillary artery at the CCS. The topography of the cords, relative to the axillary artery and to one another, in the transverse (axial) plane was also consistent at the CCS. The lateral cord was the most superficial of the 3 cords and it was always anterior to both the medial and posterior cords. The medial cord was directly posterior to the lateral cord but medial to the posterior cord. The posterior cord was the lateral most of the 3 cords at the CCS and it was immediately lateral to the medial cord but posterolateral to the lateral cord. The cords of the brachial plexus are clustered together lateral to the axillary artery, and share a consistent relation relative to one another and to the axillary artery, at the CCS.

  18. The impact of urban land expansion on soil quality in rapidly urbanizing regions in China: Kunshan as a case study. (United States)

    Zhang, Jian; Pu, Lijie; Peng, Buzhuo; Gao, Zhonggui


    At a stage of rapid economic development and urbanization in China, most cities are faced with serious problems caused by environment deterioration such as pollution, space press, afforestation degradation, and disordering. Kunshan City, one of the most economically vigorous regions in China, has suffered a more prominent conflict between urbanization and environmental safety. In this paper, urban land expansion in Kunshan City in the Yangtze River Delta was measured with reference to the Landsat data recorded in 1982, 1991, 1995, and 2003 and change in land-use pattern in 1981, 1991, 1995, and 2004 as well as that in nutrients in soils of different purposes between the periods were analyzed to study the effect of urban land-use expansion on soil characteristics. To get a better understanding of soil nutrients, heavy metal content, and pollution, on-the-spot investigation, sampling and laboratory analysis were all conducted, and the geo-accumulation factors and revised Nemerow comprehensive index method were adopted for evaluation of the findings. The results show that the content of organic matter, total nitrogen, rapidly available nitrogen, and available phosphorus in the soil (except available potassium) all increased, and the average content of As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Ni, Hg, Se, and Zn prove to be 8.61, 0.12, 83.53, 32.49, 29.93, 30.45, 0.27, 0.24, and 93.3 mg kg(-1), respectively, showing degradation in soil quality.

  19. Debridement alone without decortication can achieve lung re-expansion in patients with empyema: an observational study. (United States)

    Kho, Phoebe; Karunanantham, Jayenthan; Leung, Maria; Lim, Eric


    Decortication is widely performed for empyema, but the effectiveness in achieving lung re-expansion has never been formally reported. The aim of this study is to quantify the degree of lung re-expansion in comparison to that achieved naturally after debridement alone. A retrospective review of patients who underwent either decortication or debridement for empyema between 2007 and 2009. The change of the cavity size with time were standardized and recorded before, immediately after surgery and on follow-up. Of 25 patients who underwent surgical management of empyema, 16 (64%) underwent debridement alone and nine (36%) underwent decortication. The mean age (standard deviation) was 58 (19) years and 15 (60%) were male. On radiological follow-up at a median [interquartile range (IQR)] of 45 (36-116) days, further reduction of 36% and 34% was achieved leaving 27% and 12% of the original cavity size in the debridement and decortication groups, respectively. Procedure (debridement or decortication) was not associated with any difference to the eventual follow-up cavity size (P = 0.937). Similar follow-up results were achieved by debridement alone without decortication in patients presenting with empyema, despite the presence of an underlying trapped lung.

  20. Mechanisms and Neural Basis of Object and Pattern Recognition: A Study with Chess Experts (United States)

    Bilalic, Merim; Langner, Robert; Erb, Michael; Grodd, Wolfgang


    Comparing experts with novices offers unique insights into the functioning of cognition, based on the maximization of individual differences. Here we used this expertise approach to disentangle the mechanisms and neural basis behind two processes that contribute to everyday expertise: object and pattern recognition. We compared chess experts and…

  1. Permissible limit for mandibular expansion. (United States)

    Motoyoshi, Mitsuru; Shirai, Sawa; Yano, Shinya; Nakanishi, Kotoe; Shimizu, Noriyoshi


    In recent years, mandibular expansion has been increasingly performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Lateral tipping of the molars associated with mandibular expansion should, however, be considered, because excessive expansion may result in excessive buccal tooth inclination, which may disturb the occlusal relationship. This study was conducted to quantitatively clarify molar movement during mandibular expansion using the Schwarz appliance to determine the permissible limit of mandibular expansion as a clinical index for inclination movement. Inclinations in the masticatory surface of the first molar and intermolar width were measured before expansion (T1), after expansion (T2), and before edgewise treatment (T3). Lower plaster models from 29 subjects treated with expansion plates were used and compared with models from 11 control subjects with normal occlusion. The average treatment change (T1-T2) in intermolar width was 5.42 mm (standard deviation 1.98), and the average angle of buccal tooth inclination was 10.16 degrees (standard deviation 3.83). No significant correlation was found between age prior to treatment and the treatment period when they were compared with the intermolar width increments and inclination angles. There was a significant positive correlation between retention duration and the amount of expansion. The regression coefficient of the angle of buccal tooth inclination during expansion to the increment of the intermolar width was approximately 0.2. This means that 1 mm of expansion is accompanied by 5 degrees of molar lateral tipping. This coefficient is clinically useful for estimating the permissible limit for mandibular expansion.

  2. The genetic basis of DOORS syndrome: an exome-sequencing study (United States)

    Campeau, Philippe M; Kasperaviciute, Dalia; Lu, James T; Burrage, Lindsay C; Kim, Choel; Hori, Mutsuki; Powell, Berkley R; Stewart, Fiona; Félix, Têmis Maria; van den Ende, Jenneke; Wisniewska, Marzena; Kayserili, Hülya; Rump, Patrick; Nampoothiri, Sheela; Aftimos, Salim; Mey, Antje; Nair, Lal D V; Begleiter, Michael L; De Bie, Isabelle; Meenakshi, Girish; Murray, Mitzi L; Repetto, Gabriela M; Golabi, Mahin; Blair, Edward; Male, Alison; Giuliano, Fabienne; Kariminejad, Ariana; Newman, William G; Bhaskar, Sanjeev S; Dickerson, Jonathan E; Kerr, Bronwyn; Banka, Siddharth; Giltay, Jacques C; Wieczorek, Dagmar; Tostevin, Anna; Wiszniewska, Joanna; Cheung, Sau Wai; Hennekam, Raoul C; Gibbs, Richard A; Lee, Brendan H; Sisodiya, Sanjay M


    Summary Background Deafness, onychodystrophy, osteodystrophy, mental retardation, and seizures (DOORS) syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder of unknown cause. We aimed to identify the genetic basis of this syndrome by sequencing most coding exons in affected individuals. Methods Through a search of available case studies and communication with collaborators, we identified families that included at least one individual with at least three of the five main features of the DOORS syndrome: deafness, onychodystrophy, osteodystrophy, intellectual disability, and seizures. Participants were recruited from 26 centres in 17 countries. Families described in this study were enrolled between Dec 1, 2010, and March 1, 2013. Collaborating physicians enrolling participants obtained clinical information and DNA samples from the affected child and both parents if possible. We did whole-exome sequencing in affected individuals as they were enrolled, until we identified a candidate gene, and Sanger sequencing to confirm mutations. We did expression studies in human fibroblasts from one individual by real-time PCR and western blot analysis, and in mouse tissues by immunohistochemistry and real-time PCR. Findings 26 families were included in the study. We did exome sequencing in the first 17 enrolled families; we screened for TBC1D24 by Sanger sequencing in subsequent families. We identified TBC1D24 mutations in 11 individuals from nine families (by exome sequencing in seven families, and Sanger sequencing in two families). 18 families had individuals with all five main features of DOORS syndrome, and TBC1D24 mutations were identified in half of these families. The seizure types in individuals with TBC1D24 mutations included generalised tonic-clonic, complex partial, focal clonic, and infantile spasms. Of the 18 individuals with DOORS syndrome from 17 families without TBC1D24 mutations, eight did not have seizures and three did not have deafness. In expression studies, some

  3. Chapter Ten. A Study on Legislative Inhibition of Discrimination on the Basis of Disability


    Zhijiang, Wang


    I. DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF DISABILITY – AN OVERVIEW (I) Definition Discrimination is usually defined as a person or group being treated differently (usually worse) than others. Chinese and English language interpretations of discrimination are basically similar. Discrimination is a prejudice by its very nature. Although there may be different reasons for discriminatory behaviour, a commonality exists: the party who prejudices feels psychologically superior, so much so that it leads to ...

  4. Effects of rapid palatal expansion on the sagittal and vertical dimensions of the maxilla: a study on cephalograms derived from cone-beam computed tomography. (United States)

    Habeeb, Miriam; Boucher, Normand; Chung, Chun-Hsi


    The purpose of this study was to use cone-beam computed tomography imaging to examine the skeletal and dental changes in the sagittal and vertical dimensions after rapid palatal expansion. Twenty-eight healthy children (mean age, 9.9 years; range, 7.8-12.8 years; 17 boys, 11 girls) who required rapid palatal expansion treatment were included. For each patient, a bonded Haas-type expander with full occlusal and palatal acrylic coverage was cemented in place. Cone-beam computed tomography images were obtained as part of the pretreatment orthodontic records and at the completion of rapid palatal expansion for all patients. The mean interval between pretreatment and completion of rapid palatal expansion was 52 days (range, 19-96 days). The average skeletal age of the patients, determined from hand-wrist films also obtained before treatment, was 10.1 years. The mean expansion of the expander was 8.0 mm (range, 5.9-9.6 mm). Each cone-beam computed tomography image was compressed from the outer portion of the right side of the patient's head to the center of the left central incisor into a 2-dimensional synthesized cephalogram, which was then traced and measured. The results showed that from pretreatment to completion of rapid palatal expansion, SNA, FH-NA, and A-Nperp increased by means of 1.04°, 0.92°, and 0.87 mm, respectively (P expansion treatment. Bonded rapid palatal expansion treatment resulted in downward displacement of the maxilla with a greater displacement of ANS than PNS and posterior movement of the maxillary central incisors. Copyright © 2013 American Association of Orthodontists. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. A Study of Cosmic Expansion Generated by Non-conservation of Matter in the Framework of Brans-Dicke Theory

    CERN Document Server

    Roy, Sudipto


    The present study, on the expansion of universe, is based on an assumption regarding the possibility of inter-conversion between matter and dark energy, through some interaction of matter with the scalar field in the framework of Brans-Dicke theory. The field equations for a spatially flat space-time have been solved using an empirical dependence of scalar field parameter upon the scale factor. To represent the behaviour regarding the non-conservation of matter, a function, expressed in terms of the Hubble parameter, has been empirically incorporated into the field equations. Their solution shows that, this function, whose value is proportional to the matter content of the universe, decreases monotonically with time. This matter-field interaction generates late time acceleration, causing the deceleration parameter to change its sign from positive to negative. Time dependence of the proportion of dark energy component of the universe has been determined and shown graphically. Time variation of gravitational co...

  6. Studies on capillary tube expansion device used in J-T refrigerators operating with nitrogen-hydrocarbon mixtures (United States)

    Harish Kruthiventi, S. S.; Venkatarathnam, G.


    Capillary tube expansion devices are used extensively in small closed cycle J-T refrigerators operating with refrigerant mixtures due to its low cost and the absence of any moving parts. It is possible for J-T refrigerators operating with mixtures that the velocity of refrigerant mixture at capillary tube outlet reaches a value where it equals the speed of sound at certain conditions. The variation of the speed of sound of nitrogen-hydrocarbon mixtures used in J-T refrigerators has been studied in two phase (vapour-liquid) and three-phase (Vapour-liquid-liquid) region as a function of temperature and pressure in this work. Also the conditions under which choking occurs in practical J-T refrigerators is investigated.

  7. Convergence of generalized eigenfunction expansions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mayumi Sakata


    Full Text Available We present a simplified theory of generalized eigenfunction expansions for a commuting family of bounded operators and with finitely many unbounded operators. We also study the convergence of these expansions, giving an abstract type of uniform convergence result, and illustrate the theory by giving two examples: The Fourier transform on Hecke operators, and the Laplacian operators in hyperbolic spaces.

  8. Study on the pathological basis of classification of spleen deficiency in chronic gastritis. (United States)

    Yin, Guang-yao; Zhang, Wu-ning; Shen, Xiao-jing; He, Xue-fen; Chen, Yi


    Spleen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not actually the spleen in the anatomic sense designated in western medicine because its functions basically belong to the physiological category of digestive system in modern medicine, and it represents a macroscopic concept of digestion, absorption and nutrition metabolism. Spleen deficiency syndrome refers to the clinical phenomena such as hypofunction of digestion, absorption and nutrition metabolism. By integrating TCM with modern medicine, this paper is intended to explore the pathological basis of classification of spleen deficiency in chronic gastritis. By means of optical microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and histochemical staining, we conducted histopathological and subcellular ultrastructural (nuclei and mitochondrial) analysis of gastric mucosa of 188 patients of spleen deficiency, and that of 42 voluntary blood donors without clinical symptoms. The gastric mucosa of patients with spleen Qi deficiency (SQD) and spleen yang deficiency (SyangD) could either be affected by organic lesion (type G-occurring on the basis of chronic superficial gastritis (CSG), chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG)) or unaffected (type F-chiefly belonging to functional indigestion); spleen yin deficiency (SyinD) and spleen deficiency with Qi stagnation (SDQS) both occurred on the basis of CSG and CAG; and the degree of mucosa inflammatory cells infiltration, the degree of decrease in glands propria, and the incidence of IMIIb in CSG and CAG were more serious than those of G-SQD and G-SyangD, P < 0.05 - 0.01. Spleen deficiency syndrome is likely to occur on the basis of organic lesion of gastric mucosa (disease with symptoms of both CSG or CAG and spleen deficiency symptoms), as well as on the basis of inorganic lesion of gastric mucosa (nondisease with symptoms, which is, despite spleen deficiency symptoms, there is no CSG or CAG). Besides, the clinical phenomenon of disease without

  9. Stress and displacement patterns in the craniofacial skeleton with rapid maxillary expansion-a finite element method study. (United States)

    Priyadarshini, J; Mahesh, C M; Chandrashekar, B S; Sundara, Abhishek; Arun, A V; Reddy, Vinay P


    Rapid maxillary expansion (RME), indicated in the treatment of maxillary deficiency directs high forces to maxillary basal bone and to other adjacent skeletal bones. The aim of this study is to (i) evaluate stress distribution along craniofacial sutures and (ii) study the displacement of various craniofacial structures with rapid maxillary expansion therapy by using a Finite Element model. An analytical model was developed from a dried human skull of a 12 year old male. CT scan images of the skull were taken in axial direction parallel to the F-H plane at 1 mm interval, processed using Mimics software, required portion of the skull was exported into stereo-lithography model. ANSYS software was used to solve the mathematical equation. Contour plots of the displacement and stresses were obtained from the results of the analysis performed. At Node 47005, maximum X-displacement was 5.073 mm corresponding to the incisal edge of the upper central incisor. At Node 3971, maximum negative Y-displacement was -0.86 mm which corresponds to the anterior zygomatic arch, indicating posterior movement of craniofacial complex. At Node 32324, maximum negative Z-displacement was -0.92 mm representing the anterior and deepest convex portion of the nasal septum; indicating downward displacement of structures medial to the area of force application. Pyramidal displacement of maxilla was evident. Apex of pyramid faced the nasal bone and base was located on the oral side. Posterosuperior part of nasal cavity moved minimally in lateral direction and width of nasal cavity at the floor of the nose increased, there was downward and forward movement of maxilla with a tendency toward posterior rotation. Maximum von Mises stresses were found along midpalatal, pterygomaxillary, nasomaxillary and frontomaxillary sutures.

  10. A combined study of expansive and tensile strength evolution of mortars under sulfate attack: implications on durability assessment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akpinar, P.


    Full Text Available In this paper, we present a combined study of the length-change and tensile strength evolution of highand low-C3A Portland cements. This approach has proven useful to provide an assessment on the performance under severe and moderate sulfate attack. While higher expansion rates are observed in high-C3A samples, tensile strength evolution of both cement types is essentially identical. The simultaneous increase of expansion rate and decrease in tensile strength is strongly suggestive that both processes are related. This is attributed to the formation and development of microcracks that favor the ingress of the sulfate solution in the specimens. These results provide further insights into the commonly accepted idea that standard (accelerated tests aiming to evaluate the expansion behavior do not provide reliable information on the expected performance (sulfate resistance and damage potential of Portland cements.

    En este trabajo se presenta un estudio combinado de la evolución de la expansión y resistencia a tracción de cementos Portland con contenidos variables de C3A. Esta aproximación ha demostrado ser útil en el diagnóstico de las prestaciones bajo condiciones severas y moderadas de ataque sulfático. Aunque las muestras con contenidos más altos de C3A muestran velocidades mayores de expansión, la evolución de la resistencia a tracción es idéntica para los cementos estudiados. La simultaneidad en el aumento de velocidad de expansión y disminución de la resistencia a tracción sugiere que ambos procesos están relacionados. Este comportamiento se atribuye a la formación y desarrollo de microfisuras que favorecen el ingreso de la solución de sulfatos en las probetas. Los resultados de este trabajo proporcionan evidencia adicional sobre la idea comúnmente aceptada de que los ensayos estándar (acelerados dirigidos a la evaluación del comportamiento expansivo no proporcionan

  11. Antiferromagnetic spintronics of Mn{sub 2}Au: An experiment, first principle, mean field and series expansions calculations study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Masrour, R., E-mail: [Laboratory of Materials, Processes, Environment and Quality, Cady Ayyed University, National School of Applied Sciences, 63 46000, Safi (Morocco); LMPHE (URAC 12), Faculty of Science, Mohammed V-Agdal University, Rabat (Morocco); Hlil, E.K. [Institut Néel, CNRS et Université Joseph Fourier, BP 166, F-38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France); Hamedoun, M. [Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, MAScIR, Rabat (Morocco); Benyoussef, A. [LMPHE (URAC 12), Faculty of Science, Mohammed V-Agdal University, Rabat (Morocco); Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, MAScIR, Rabat (Morocco); Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Rabat (Morocco); Boutahar, A.; Lassri, H. [LPMMAT, Université Hassan II-Casablanca, Faculté des Sciences, BP 5366 Maârif (Morocco)


    The self-consistent ab initio calculations, based on DFT (Density Functional Theory) approach and using FLAPW (Full potential Linear Augmented Plane Wave) method, are performed to investigate both electronic and magnetic properties of the Mn{sub 2}Au. Polarized spin and spin–orbit coupling are included in calculations within the framework of the antiferromagnetic state between two adjacent Mn plans. Magnetic moment considered to lie along (110) axes are computed. Obtained data from ab initio calculations are used as input for the high temperature series expansions (HTSEs) calculations to compute other magnetic parameters. The exchange interactions between the magnetic atoms Mn–Mn in Mn{sub 2}Au are given by using the experiment results and the mean field theory. The High Temperature Series Expansions (HTSEs) of the magnetic susceptibility with the magnetic moments in Mn{sub 2}Au (m{sub Mn}) is given up to tenth order series in, 1/k{sub B}T. The Néel temperature T{sub N} is obtained by HTSEs combined with the Padé approximant method. The critical exponent associated with the magnetic susceptibility is deduced as well. - Highlights: • The both electronic and magnetic properties of the Mn{sub 2}Au are studied. • The exchange interactions between the magnetic atoms Mn–Mn in Mn{sub 2}Au are given. • The Néel temperature T{sub N} of Mn{sub 2}Au is obtained by HTSEs method. • The critical exponent associated with the magnetic susceptibility is deduced.

  12. Sugarcane Water Sustainability Assessment Through the Indicators Extracted from Spatial Models: Case Study of Sugarcane Expansion Hotspots in Brazil (United States)

    Ferraz, R. P.; Simoes, M.; Dubreuil, V.


    The CanaSat project data from INPE (2010) has evidenced the trend of sugarcane expansion into savanna areas in the Midwest region of Brazil that has a great potential for the sugarcane development, in terms of topography and suitable soils, according to Sugarcane Agroecological Zoning (EMBRAPA, 2009). However, in this region the climatic water availability has limitations, once the climate is marked by drought season with a strong water deficiency due to reduction of rainfall (SILVA et al. 2008). There may be serious risks to the sugarcane culture conducted in dryland crop system without any support from additional irrigation. Silva et al. (2008) state that, for the expansion of sugarcane cultivation in the Cerrado region will be necessary supplemental irrigation with 80 to 120 mm of water applied after cutting or planting. In the Brazilian Midwest the sugarcane agroindustry expansion is technically viable, but for the sustainable development of this activity it is necessary an adequate planning based on knowledge about water demand and availability. The aim of this study was to conduct an assessment of the potential water sustainability for the sugarcane cultivation in four microregions in Goiás State, Brazil, through the use of indicators proposed in Indicators System of Sugarcane Water Sustainability Assessment (Ferraz, 2012), that was thought to subsidize the public policies proposals and sectoral planning in strategic level by means of indicators that enable to perform diagnostic and prognostic analysis. These indicators are direct and relevant indexes obtained from data extracted through geoprocessing techniques from integration of many spatial models. The used indicators were: (i) Three indexes expressing the land favorability for sugarcane development conducted in dryland or irrigation system through the establishment of the ratio between the sugarcane suitable area for each different system and the total area of territorial unit of analysis (micro

  13. Optogenetics in the Teaching Laboratory: Using Channelrhodopsin-2 to Study the Neural Basis of Behavior and Synaptic Physiology in "Drosophila" (United States)

    Pulver, Stefan R.; Hornstein, Nicholas J.; Land, Bruce L.; Johnson, Bruce R.


    Here we incorporate recent advances in "Drosophila" neurogenetics and "optogenetics" into neuroscience laboratory exercises. We used the light-activated ion channel channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) and tissue-specific genetic expression techniques to study the neural basis of behavior in "Drosophila" larvae. We designed and implemented exercises using…

  14. A Study to Determine the Teaching Effectiveness of Faculty in Courses Taught on a Multiple Section Basis. (United States)

    Bukowski, Joseph E.

    The present study attempted to discover if significant differences in grade distributions occurred in certain accounting courses taught on a multiple section basis at Johnson & Wales College during the academic years 1972-1973 and 1973-1974. All multiple section courses for the above mentioned years were identified and grade distributions…

  15. Nomogram to diagnose familial combined hyperlipidemia on the basis of results of a 5-year follow-up study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Graaf, J. de; Hendriks, J.C.M.; Demacker, P.N.M.; Stalenhoef, A.F.H.


    BACKGROUND: Familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCH) is traditionally diagnosed by total plasma cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels above the 90th percentile adjusted for age and gender. In a recent study, we showed that the diagnosis of FCH on the basis of these diagnostic criteria was

  16. Short-term skeletal and dental changes following bone-borne versus tooth-borne surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion: a randomized clinical trial study. (United States)

    Zandi, Mohammad; Miresmaeili, Amirfarhang; Heidari, Ali


    To evaluate and compare the short-term (post-retention) skeletal and dental changes following bone-borne and tooth-borne surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME) using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). In this randomized clinical study, 30 patients with transverse maxillary deficiency underwent either tooth-borne (n = 15) or bone-borne (n = 15) SARME. Before treatment and immediately after the consolidation period, CBCT was obtained and the nasal floor width, interdental root distance, palatal bone width and interdental cusp distance were measured at first premolar and first molar regions of maxilla. Twenty eight patients completed the study protocol. In both tooth-borne (n = 13) and bone-borne (n = 15) groups the highest degree of expansion occurred in the dental arch, followed by palatal bone, and nasal floor (V-shaped widening in coronal dimension). The amount and pattern of expansion was comparable between anterior and posterior maxillary regions in each group (parallel posteroanterior expansion) and between the two groups. Dental and skeletal effects of tooth-borne and bone-borne devices were comparable. The overall complication rate was negligible. Selection of an expansion device should be based on each individual patient's requirements. Future long-term clinical trial studies to evaluate the stability and relapse of these two techniques are recommended. Copyright © 2014 European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Learning nursing through simulation: A case study approach towards an expansive model of learning. (United States)

    Berragan, Liz


    This study explores the impact of simulation upon learning for undergraduate nursing students. The study objectives were (a) to explore the experiences of participating in simulation education for a small group of student nurses; and (b) to explore learning through simulation from the perspectives of the nursing students, the nurse educators and the nurse mentors. Conducted as a small-scale narrative case study, it tells the unique stories of a small number of undergraduate nursing students, nurse mentors and nurse educators and explores their experiences of learning through simulation. Data analysis through progressive focusing revealed that the nurse educators viewed simulation as a means of helping students to learn to be nurses, whilst, the nurse mentors suggested that simulation helped them to determine nursing potential. The students' narratives showed that they approached simulation learning in different ways resulting in a range of outcomes: those who were successfully becoming nurses, those who were struggling or working hard to become nurses and those who were not becoming nurses. Theories of professional practice learning and activity theory present an opportunity to articulate and theorise the learning inherent in simulation activities. They recognise the links between learning and the environment of work and highlight the possibilities for learning to inspire change and innovation. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. A study of role expansion: a new GP role in cardiology care (United States)


    Background The National Health Service is reconfiguring health care services in order to meet the increasing challenge of providing care for people with long-term conditions and to reduce the demand on specialised outpatient hospital services by enhancing primary care. A review of cardiology referrals to specialised care and the literature on referral management inspired the development of a new GP role in Cardiology. This new extended role was developed to enable GPs to diagnose and manage patients with mild to moderate heart failure or atrial fibrillation and to use a range of diagnostics effectively in primary care. This entailed GPs participating in a four-session short course with on-going clinical supervision. The new role was piloted in a small number of GP practices in one county in England for four months. This study explores the impact of piloting the Extended Cardiology role on the GP’s role, patients’ experience, service delivery and quality. Methods A mixed methods approach was employed including semi-structured interviews with GPs, a patient experience survey, a quality review of case notes, and analysis on activity and referral data. Results The participating GPs perceived the extended GP role as a professional development opportunity that had the potential to reduce healthcare utilisation and costs, through a reduction in referrals, whilst meeting the patient’s wishes for the provision of care closer to home. Patient experience of the new GP service was positive. The standard of clinical practice was judged acceptable. There was a fall in referrals during the study period. Conclusion This new role in cardiology was broadly welcomed as a model of care by the participating GPs and by patients, because of the potential to improve the quality of care for patients in primary care and reduce costs. As this was a pilot study further development and continuing evaluation of the model is recommended. PMID:24885826

  19. Big geo data surface approximation using radial basis functions: A comparative study (United States)

    Majdisova, Zuzana; Skala, Vaclav


    Approximation of scattered data is often a task in many engineering problems. The Radial Basis Function (RBF) approximation is appropriate for big scattered datasets in n-dimensional space. It is a non-separable approximation, as it is based on the distance between two points. This method leads to the solution of an overdetermined linear system of equations. In this paper the RBF approximation methods are briefly described, a new approach to the RBF approximation of big datasets is presented, and a comparison for different Compactly Supported RBFs (CS-RBFs) is made with respect to the accuracy of the computation. The proposed approach uses symmetry of a matrix, partitioning the matrix into blocks and data structures for storage of the sparse matrix. The experiments are performed for synthetic and real datasets.

  20. The role of the CI expansion length in time-dependent studies. (United States)

    Ulusoy, Inga S; Stewart, Zachary; Wilson, Angela K


    With the recent advances in experimental attosecond science, theoretical predictions of electron dynamics can now be validated against experiment. Time-dependent studies of the electron motion in molecules can be used to obtain information about electronic transitions and the interaction of the electrons with electromagnetic fields. Often, these approaches rely on single-excited wave functions. Presented here is a first attempt to evaluate the accuracy of the time-dependent configuration interaction method so that the optimal representation of the electronic wave function for time-dependent studies can be assessed. A quantifier is determined that can aid in finding this optimal representation. The approach is demonstrated on a variety of molecules that include both localized and intramolecular charge transfer electron excitations. Observables including excitation energies, dipole moments, strengths, and static polarizabilities are obtained from time-independent and time-dependent calculations and are compared to experimental data. In this way, a rigorous routine is developed by which the reliability and accuracy of the CI wave function can be assessed and which represents a first step to a more quantitative description of electron dynamics in molecules.

  1. The role of the CI expansion length in time-dependent studies (United States)

    Ulusoy, Inga S.; Stewart, Zachary; Wilson, Angela K.


    With the recent advances in experimental attosecond science, theoretical predictions of electron dynamics can now be validated against experiment. Time-dependent studies of the electron motion in molecules can be used to obtain information about electronic transitions and the interaction of the electrons with electromagnetic fields. Often, these approaches rely on single-excited wave functions. Presented here is a first attempt to evaluate the accuracy of the time-dependent configuration interaction method so that the optimal representation of the electronic wave function for time-dependent studies can be assessed. A quantifier is determined that can aid in finding this optimal representation. The approach is demonstrated on a variety of molecules that include both localized and intramolecular charge transfer electron excitations. Observables including excitation energies, dipole moments, strengths, and static polarizabilities are obtained from time-independent and time-dependent calculations and are compared to experimental data. In this way, a rigorous routine is developed by which the reliability and accuracy of the CI wave function can be assessed and which represents a first step to a more quantitative description of electron dynamics in molecules.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available During the past decades, urban growth has been accelerating with the massive immigration of population to cities. Urban population in the world was estimated as 2.9 billion in 2000 and predicted to reach 5.0 billion in 2030. Rapid urbanization and population growth have been a common phenomenon, especially in the developing countries such as Iran. Rapid population growth, environmental changes and improper land use planning practices in the past decades have resulted in environmental deterioration, haphazard landscape development and stress on the ecosystem structure, housing shortages, insufficient infrastructure, and increasing urban climatological and ecological problems. In this study, urban sprawl assessment was implemented using Shannon entropy and then, Artificial Neural Network (ANN has been adopted for modeling urban growth. Our case study is Tehran Metropolis, capital of Iran. Landsat imageries acquired in 1988, 1999 and 2010 are used. According to the results of sprawl assessment for this city, this city has experienced sprawl between 1988 to 2010. Dataset include distance to roads, distance to green spaces, distance to developed area, slope, number of urban cells in a 3 by 3 neighborhood, distance to fault and elevation. Relative operating characteristic (ROC method have been used to evaluate the accuracy and performance of the model. The obtained ROC equal to 0.8366.

  3. Neural basis of individual differences in the response to mental stress: a magnetoencephalography study. (United States)

    Yamano, Emi; Ishii, Akira; Tanaka, Masaaki; Nomura, Shusaku; Watanabe, Yasuyoshi


    Stress is a risk factor for the onset of mental disorders. Although stress response varies across individuals, the mechanism of individual differences remains unclear. Here, we investigated the neural basis of individual differences in response to mental stress using magnetoencephalography (MEG). Twenty healthy male volunteers completed the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI). The experiment included two types of tasks: a non-stress-inducing task and a stress-inducing task. During these tasks, participants passively viewed non-stress-inducing images and stress-inducing images, respectively, and MEG was recorded. Before and after each task, MEG and electrocardiography were recorded and subjective ratings were obtained. We grouped participants according to Novelty seeking (NS) - tendency to be exploratory, and Harm avoidance (HA) - tendency to be cautious. Participants with high NS and low HA (n = 10) assessed by TCI had a different neural response to stress than those with low NS and high HA (n = 10). Event-related desynchronization (ERD) in the beta frequency band was observed only in participants with high NS and low HA in the brain region extending from Brodmann's area 31 (including the posterior cingulate cortex and precuneus) from 200 to 350 ms after the onset of picture presentation in the stress-inducing task. Individual variation in personality traits (NS and HA) was associated with the neural response to mental stress. These findings increase our understanding of the psychological and neural basis of individual differences in the stress response, and will contribute to development of the psychotherapeutic approaches to stress-related disorders.

  4. Simplifying Bridge Expansion Joint Design and Maintenance (United States)


    This report presents a study focused on identifying the most durable expansion joints for the South : Carolina Department of Transportation. This is performed by proposing a degradation model for the : expansion joints and updating it based on bridge...

  5. Construction Land Expansion and Transfer of Gravity Center from 1984 to 2016 : A study on Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Urban Agglomeration (United States)

    Lv, Jinxia; Jiang, Weiguo


    With the economic development and technological innovation, urban planning and construction has already broken through the shackles of the natural conditions such as topography and geomorphology, and the social factors such as politics and location have been affected by the urbanization process in the process of urbanization. At the same time, the synergies between urban development and local economy, national policy, industrial distribution and so on are also paid more attention. As the third pole of Chinese economy after the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolis Circle has attracted extensive attention on experts and scholars in its urban development and location. In recent years, studies on urban development have not only analyzed the spatial characteristics of urban or urban agglomerations, but also discussed the relationship between urban development and certain elements or phenomena. This paper presents a multi-threshold and multi-feature extraction method for building land using the optical characteristics of different landforms, based on Landsat remote sensing images from 1984 to 2016. The method selected Automated Water Extraction Index (AWEI), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Soil Extraction Index (SOEI) and Normalized Difference Built-up Index (BUEI) to extract the construction land. It is an example study area of Beijing to extract the construction land in 30 years and to do a examine research. Using the ArcGIS software to calculate, we can get the coordinates of the city center of gravity in Beijing in various years. It can be seen that the center of gravity of built-up area and the movement of the center of gravity in Beijing. The results showed that the construction land in Beijing has an increasing tendency in recent 30 years. The main characteristic of expansion is the way of high-speed outward development. From 1984 to 1999, the center of gravity of the city shifted to the northeast, and

  6. Modelling end-glacial earthquakes at Olkiluoto. Expansion of the 2010 study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Faelth, B.; Hoekmark, H. [Clay Technology AB, Lund (Sweden)


    The present report is an extension of Posiva working report 2011-13: 'Modelling end-glacial earthquakes at Olkiluoto'. The modelling methodology and most parameter values are identical to those used in that report. The main objective is the same: to obtain conservative estimates of fracture shear displacements induced by end-glacial earthquakes occurring on verified deformation zones at the Olkiluoto site. The remotely activated rock fractures (with their fracture centres positioned at different distances around the potential earthquake fault being considered) are called 'target fractures'. As in the previous report, all target fractures were assumed to be perfectly planar and circular with a radius of 75 m. Compared to the previous study, the result catalogue is more complete. One additional deformation zone (i.e. potential earthquake fault) has been included (BFZ039), whereas one deformation zone that appeared to produce only insignificant target fracture disturbances (BFZ214) is omitted. For each of the three zones considered here (BFZ021, BFZ039, and BFZ100), four models, each with a different orientation of the target fractures surrounding the fault, are analysed. Three of these four sets were included in the previous report, however not as systematically as here where each of the four fracture orientations is tried in all fracture positions. As in the previous study, seismic moments and moment magnitudes are as high as reasonably possible, given the sizes and orientations of the zones, i.e., the earthquakes release the largest possible amount of strain energy. The strain energy release is restricted only by a low residual fault shear strength applied to suppress post-rupture fault oscillations. Moment magnitudes are: 5.8 (BFZ021), 3.9 (BFZ039) and 4.3 (BFZ100). For the BFZ100 model, the sensitivity of the results to variations in fracture shear strength is checked. The BFZ021 and BFZ100 models are analyzed for two additional in situ stress

  7. Specification aggregate quarry expansion: a case study demonstrating sustainable management of natural aggregate resources (United States)

    Langer, William H.; Tucker, M.L.


    Many countries, provinces, territories, or states in the European Union, Australia, Canada, the United States, and elsewhere have begun implementing sustainability programs, but most of those programs stop short of sustainable management of aggregate resources. Sustainable practices do not always have to be conducted under the title of sustainability. This case study describes how Lafarge, a large multinational construction materials supplier, implemented the principles of sustainability even though there was an absence of existing local government policies or procedures addressing sustainable resource management. Jefferson County, Colorado, USA, is one of three counties in the six-county Denver, Colorado, region that has potentially available sources of crushed stone. Crushed stone comprises 30 percent of the aggregate produced in the area and plays a major role in regional aggregate resource needs. Jefferson County is home to four of the five crushed stone operations in the Denver region. Lafarge operates one of those four quarries. Lafarge recently proposed to expand its reserves by exchanging company-owned land for existing dedicated open space land adjacent to their quarry but owned by Jefferson County. A similar proposal submitted about 10 years earlier had been denied. Contrary to the earlier proposal, which was predicated on public relations, the new proposal was predicated on public trust. Although not explicitly managed under the moniker of sustainability, Lafarge used basic management principles that embody the tenets of sustainability. To achieve the goals of sustainable aggregate management where no governmental policies existed, Lafarge not only assumed their role of being a responsible corporate and environmental member of the community, but also assumed the role of facilitator to encourage and enable other stakeholders to responsibly resolve legitimate concerns regarding the Lafarge quarry proposal. Lafarge successfully presented an enlightened

  8. Nature of the Spin Liquid Ground State in a Breathing Kagome Compound Studied by NMR and Series Expansion (United States)

    Orain, J.-C.; Bernu, B.; Mendels, P.; Clark, L.; Aidoudi, F. H.; Lightfoot, P.; Morris, R. E.; Bert, F.


    In the vanadium oxyfluoride compound (NH4 )2[C7H14 N ][V7O6 F18 ] (DQVOF), the V4 + (3 d1, S =1 /2 ) ions realize a unique, highly frustrated breathing kagome lattice composed of alternately sized, corner-sharing equilateral triangles. Here we present an O 17 NMR study of DQVOF, which isolates the local susceptibility of the breathing kagome network. By a fit to series expansion, we extract the ratio of the interactions within the breathing kagome plane, J∇/JΔ=0.55 (4 ) , and the mean antiferromagnetic interaction J ¯ =60 (7 ) K . Spin lattice (T1) measurements reveal an essentially gapless excitation spectrum with a maximum gap Δ /J ¯ =0.007 (7 ) . Our study provides new impetus for further theoretical investigations in order to establish whether the gapless spin liquid behavior displayed by DQVOF is intrinsic to its breathing kagome lattice or whether it is due to perturbations to this model, such as a residual coupling of the V4 + ions in the breathing kagome planes to the interlayer V3 + (S =1 ) spins.

  9. Transverse effects on the nasomaxillary complex one year after rapid maxillary expansion as the only intervention: A controlled study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina da Luz Baratieri


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to assess by means of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT scans the transverse effects on the nasomaxillary complex in patients submitted to rapid maxillary expansion (RME using Haas expander in comparison to untreated individuals. This prospective controlled clinical study assessed 30 subjects (18 boys and 12 girls with mixed dentition and during pubertal growth. The treated group was submitted to RME with Haas expander, retention for six months and a six-month follow-up after removal. The control group matched the treated group in terms of age and sex distribution. CBCT scans were taken at treatment onset and one year after the expander was activated. Maxillary first molars (U6 width, right and left U6 angulation, maxillary alveolar width, maxillary basal width, palatal alveolar width, palatal base width, right and left alveolar angulation, palatal area, nasal base width, nasal cavity width and inferior nasal cavity area on the posterior, middle and anterior coronal slices were measured with Dolphin Imaging Software(r 11.5, except for the first two variables which were performed only on the posterior slice. All transverse dimensions increased significantly (P 0.05. Results suggest that increase of molar, maxillary, palatal and nasal transverse dimensions was stable in comparison to the control group one year after treatment with RME.

  10. Denture-frame modifications in class III patients treated with rapid palatal expansion and facemask: a prospective controlled study. (United States)

    Migliorati, M; Signori, A; Isaia, L; Menini, A; Rubiano, R; Aonzo, E; Silvestrini Biavati, A


    The aim of this prospective controlled investigation was to analyze the short-term cephalometric treatment outcomes, according to the denture frame analysis proposed by Sato, of rapid palatal expansion (RPE) and facial mask (FM) therapy. A group of 21 patients with Class III malocclusion treated with the RPE and FM (TG) was compared with untreated Class III controls (CG). The mean age of treatment group was 8.8 years; treatment consisted of 4 weeks of RPE activation (0.20 mm/die) followed by 14 hours wear of the FM for a mean of 333.1 days. As CG were used the data published by Tanaka and Sato. Pre- and post-treatment cephalometric values were compared and statistical analyzed with one-sample t-test. A P-value plane (POC) values some differences compared to control group were found but they were not statistically significant (P=0.067) while for aterior occlusal plane (POA) no differences where noticed. This study revealed an increase in inter-jaw angle during treatment with FM and RPE, an increase in the inclination of the posterior occlusal plane with respect to the Frankfurt plane and a posterior and lower adaptation of the mandible.

  11. Short-term myeloid growth factor mediated expansion of bone marrow haemopoiesis studied by localized magnetic resonance proton spectroscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, K E; Hansen, P B; Larsen, V A


    Previously we have shown that short-term myeloid growth factor priming of haemopoiesis prior to bone marrow harvest increased the yield of myeloid progenitors in the graft. The present study is intended to investigate the expansion of haemopoiesis by volume selective proton magnetic resonance...... absolute neutrophil count from median 3.3 x 10(9)/l (range 1.3-7.3 x 10(9)/l) before to 15.6 x 10(9)/l (range 6.8-22.0 x 10(9)/l) after treatment. Concomitantly an increase in bone marrow cellularity and myeloid:erythroid ratios documented the stimulation of myelopoiesis. During priming, the light......-density cell proliferation rate in marrow samples increased from median 21.9 (range 4.5-31) x 10(3) cpm to 54.7 (range 13.9-94) x 10(3) cpm and the total number of myeloid progenitors enumerated as day 7/14 GM-CFUs per volume aspirated marrow increased from median 11/8 x 10(3) (range 4.0-87.5/2.2-103.0) to 64...

  12. Genetic association studies: discovery of the genetic basis of renal disease

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verduijn, Marion; Jager, Kitty J.; Zoccali, Carmine; Dekker, Friedo W.


    Genetic association studies are a means to investigate the causal role of genes in diseases in order to unravel pathways involved in the etiology of disease. There are two types of genetic association studies: hypothesis-driven studies, i.e. candidate gene studies, targeting genes with a known or

  13. The status and development of a theoretical basis for advanced study in fashion design



    M.Tech. (Fashion) Advanced studies in fashion design in South Africa have attracted little interest. Master’s studies are limited and doctoral studies are almost non-existent. This situation has resulted in the academic vulnerability of the discipline as a creative and commercial practice. In order to promote and expand research activities and advanced studies within fashion design at the University of Johannesburg, this study contends that it is necessary to develop a systematic understan...

  14. The Effect of Expansion of Vision Span on Reading Speed: A Case Study of EFL Major Students at King Khalid University (United States)

    Kana'an, Basim Hamdan Ibrahim; Rab, Salahud Din Abdul; Siddiqui, Ahlullah


    The objective of the study is to demonstrate how and to what extent the expansion of vision span could be a decisive factor in enhancing the reading speed of EFL major students in the English Department at King Khalid University while maintaining their previous level of comprehension. The reading speed of students in the English Department at KKU…

  15. Patients Without Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM) Alerts During VEPTR Implantation Did Not Sustain Neurological Injury During Subsequent Routine Expansions: A Retrospective Multicenter Cohort Study. (United States)

    LaGreca, Jaren; Flynn, Tara; Cahill, Patrick J; Samdani, Amer; Vitale, Michael G; El-Hawary, Ron; Smith, John T; Phillips, Jonathan H; Flynn, John M; Glotzbecker, Michael; Garg, Sumeet


    The purpose of this study was to determine the rate of intraoperative neurological monitoring (IONM) alerts and neurological injury during vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib (VEPTR) treatment and evaluate the utility of IONM during VEPTR expansion procedures in patients who have not previously had neurological injury or IONM alerts. After institutional review board approval, VEPTR procedures and IONM records were reviewed at 17 institutions for patients treated with VEPTR from 2005 to 2011. All consecutive cases in patients with minimum 2-year follow-up were included. Patients with prior history of growing rods or other invasive spine-based surgical treatment were excluded. Surgeries were categorized into implant, revision, expansion, and removal procedures. Cases with IONM alerts or neurological injury had additional detailed review. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. In total, 2355 consecutive VEPTR procedures (352 patients) consisting of 299 implant, 377 revision, 1587 expansion, and 92 removal procedures were included. In total, 620 VEPTR procedures had IONM, and 539 of those had IONM records available for review. IONM alerts occurred in 9/539 procedures (1.7%): 3/192 implants (1.6%), 3/58 revisions (5.2%), and 3/258 expansions (1.2%). New neurological injury occurred in 3/2355 procedures (0.1%), 3/352 patients (0.9%). All 3 injuries were in implant procedures, only 1 had an IONM alert. All 3 had upper extremity motor deficits (1 had sensory deficit also). All had full recovery at 17, 30, and 124 days postinjury. One patient without prior neurological injury or IONM alert had an IONM alert during expansion that resolved after an increase in blood pressure. The remaining IONM alerts during expansions were all in children with prior IONM alerts during implant, revision, or exchange procedures. The highest rate of neurological injury in VEPTR surgery was found for implant procedures. There were no instances of neurological injury during


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia H.G. Coelho


    Full Text Available The development of the airport segment faces environmental externalities especially related to the increase in emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs from combustion of fossil fuels by the aircraft engine, by the machinery for the maintenance of the planes and also by the vehicles used for passengers connections (private cars, taxicabs or public transportation system. In this scope, the current work presents the case study of the expansion of the Viracopos International Airport at Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil. To evaluate that, the methodology of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC was implemented to estimate the emissions of GHGs by aircraft for the years 2008 (before expansion, 2012 (current picture and 2018 (future scenario observing the changes in demand for passengers and cargo transportation. To evaluate the emissions from the vehicles it was used the AIMSUN microsimulation software to estimate emissions in the years 2012 and to simulate sensitivity scenarios for the year 2018. It was found that the inventory of CO2 emissions for both types of transports considered for the Viracopos airport showed similar orders of magnitude, what can be inferred about the equivalent contribution of these two modes on emissions of GHGs for the study area. These results may serve as a basis for establishing emission management plans of air pollutants by the competent organizations and to propose more targeted and effective measures to reduce the GHG emissions by these sources.

  17. Impact of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion on emergency department high utilizers with ambulatory care sensitive conditions: A cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Gingold, Daniel B; Pierre-Mathieu, Rachelle; Cole, Brandon; Miller, Andrew C; Khaldun, Joneigh S


    The effect of the Affordable Care Act on emergency department (ED) high utilizers has not yet been thoroughly studied. We sought to determine the impact of changes in insurance eligibility following the 2014 Medicaid expansion on ED utilization for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC) by high ED utilizers in an urban safety net hospital. High utilizers were defined as patients with ≥4 visits in the 6months before their most recent visit in the study period (July-December before and after Maryland's Medicaid expansion in January 2014). A differences-in-differences approach using logistic regression was used to investigate if differences between high and low utilizer cohorts changed from before and after the expansion. During the study period, 726 (4.1%) out of 17,795 unique patients in 2013 and 380 (2.4%) of 16,458 during the same period in 2014 were high utilizers (p-value <0.001). ACSC-associated visit predicted being a high utilizer in 2013 (OR 1.66 (95% CI [1.37, 2.01])) and 2014 (OR 1.65 (95% CI [1.27, 2.15])) but this was not different between years (OR ratio 0.99, 95% CI [0.72, 1.38], p-value 0.97). Although the proportion of high utilizers decreased significantly after Maryland's Medicaid expansion, ACSC-associated ED visits by high ED utilizers were unaffected. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.



    Ayuliana Ayuliana; Nadya Permata Putri; Araminta Pranoto; Ronald Novembry


    This study aims at designing a database system processes sales, inventory, and goods tracking in accordance with the needs of PT Citra Abadi Abhimata, as well as building the application program. This system records each process in a flow of goods, ranging from the entry of the principal goods until the goods are sold to end customers plus goods tracking. This study uses the fact finding method carried out by a direct field study at the company concerned, interviews with relevant parties, stu...

  19. Correlated atomic motions in the negative thermal expansion material ZrW2O8: A local structure study (United States)

    Cao, D.; Bridges, F.; Kowach, G. R.; Ramirez, A. P.


    Recent studies of zirconium tungstate, ZrW2O8, show an isotropic negative thermal expansion (NTE) over a wide temperature range. It has been proposed that the low-energy phonon vibrational modes, observed in both specific heat and phonon density-of-states measurements, are responsible for this unusual NTE. We have carried out x-ray-absorption fine-structure (XAFS) experiments at both the W LIII edge and Zr K edge to study the detailed local structure in ZrW2O8. Our XAFS results show a very small temperature dependence of the broadening parameter, σ, for the W-Zr atom pair and the W-O-Zr linkage; consequently, the displacements of the W, O, and Zr atoms must be correlated. The data show a much larger temperature dependence of σ for the nearest W1-W2 pair as well as for the nearest Zr-Zr pair. These combined results indicate that it is the correlated motion of a WO4 tetrahedron and its three nearest ZrO6 octahedra that leads to the NTE effect in this material instead of primarily transverse vibrations of the middle O atom in the W-O-Zr linkage. The data for both W-W and Zr-Zr atom pairs also indicate a hardening of the effective spring constant near 100 K, which is consistent with the shift of the lowest mode with T in the phonon density of states. A simple model is developed to explain the NTE in terms of the local structure results; it also provides a natural explanation for the lack of a soft-mode phase transition.

  20. Cerrejon expansion in a tight market?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pretelt, A. [Carbocol SA, Bogota (Colombia)


    Examines plans to expand Carbocol`s Cerrejon North Zone coal mine (Colombia). Covers: background; current status of the project; main features of the expansion (i.e. coal reserves, infrastructure, operating costs, expansion schedule and market factors); advantages of expansion; and Carbocol`s vision of the market. A positive decision to expand will depend on the results of a feasibility class III study which will define in exact terms the technical and economic aspects of the expansion and the best way to execute it. The study will be completed next year. The expansion programme should improve the profitability of the project. 10 figs.

  1. A study of SEC chromatograms on the basis of polymer structure properties

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    already been well established, while for nonlinear polymer samples and mixtures of linear and nonlinear polymers, the measured SEC data are often used just qualitatively. The SEC separation process is rather complicated, and a detailed study using finite element method and/or Brownian Dynamics simulation...... Carlo simulations. Such calculations can be performed for polymer molecules with almost any kind of chain architectures, and can therefore be formulated into a model in the study of SEC chromatograms of complex polymer samples within the framework of universal calibration strategies. In this study...

  2. A Study of SEC Chromatograms on the basis of Polymer Structure Calculations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hassager, Ole; Wang, Yanwei


    already been well established, while for nonlinear polymer samples and mixtures of linear and nonlinear polymers, the measured SEC data are often used just qualitatively. The SEC separation process is rather complicated, and a detailed study using finite element method and/or Brownian Dynamics simulation...... Carlo simulations. Such calculations can be performed for polymer molecules with almost any kind of chain architectures, and can therefore be formulated into a model in the study of SEC chromatograms of complex polymer samples within the framework of universal calibration strategies. In this study...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Ma


    Full Text Available Urban expansion, particularly the movement of residential and commercial land use to sub-urban areas in metropolitan areas, has been considered as a significant signal of regional economic development. In 1970s, the economic centre of Canada moved from Montreal to Toronto. Since some previous research have been focused on the urbanization process in Greater Toronto Area (GTA, it is significant to conduct research in its counterpart. This study evaluates urban expansion process in Montréal census metropolitan area (CMA, Canada, between 1975 and 2015 using satellite images and socio-economic data. Spatial and temporal dynamic information of urbanization process was quantified using Landsat imagery, supervised classification algorithms and the post-classification change detection technique. Accuracy of the Landsat-derived land use classification map ranged from 80% to 97%. The results indicated that continuous growth of built-up areas in the CMA over the study period resulted in a decrease in the area of cultivated land and vegetation. The results showed that urban areas expanded 442 km2 both along major river systems and lakeshores, as well as expanded from urban centres to surrounded areas. The analysis revealed that urban expansion has been largely driven by population growth and economic development. Consequently, the urban expansion maps produced in this research can assist decision-makers to promote sustainable urban development, and forecast potential changes in urbanization growth patterns.

  4. Thermal versus high pressure processing of carrots: A comparative pilot-scale study on equivalent basis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vervoort, L.; Plancken, Van der L.; Grauwet, T.; Verlinde, P.; Matser, A.M.; Hendrickx, M.; Loey, van A.


    This report describes the first study comparing different high pressure (HP) and thermal treatments at intensities ranging from mild pasteurization to sterilization conditions. To allow a fair comparison, the processing conditions were selected based on the principles of equivalence. Moreover,

  5. Polymerization shrinkage and hygroscopic expansion of contemporary posterior resin-based filling materials--a comparative study. (United States)

    Rüttermann, Stefan; Krüger, Sören; Raab, Wolfgang H-M; Janda, Ralf


    To investigate the polymerization shrinkage and hygroscopic expansion of contemporary posterior resin-based filling materials. The densities of SureFil (SU), CeramXMono (CM), Clearfil AP-X (CF), Solitaire 2 (SO), TetricEvoCeram (TE), and Filtek P60 (FT) were measured using the Archimedes' principle prior to and 15min after curing for 20, 40 and 60s and after 1h, 24h, 7 d, and 30 d storage at 37 degrees C in water. Volumetric changes (DeltaV) in percent after polymerization and after each storage period in water were calculated from the changes of densities. Water sorption and solubility were determined after 30 d for all specimens and their curing times. Two-way ANOVA was calculated for shrinkage and repeated measures ANOVA was calculated for hygroscopic expansion (pHygroscopic expansion depended on water sorption and solubility. Except for SU, all materials showed DeltaV approximately +1% after water storage. Polymerization shrinkage depended on the type of resin-based filling material but not on curing time. Shrinkage was not compensated by hygroscopic expansion.

  6. Serial Tissue Expansion at the Same Site in Pediatric Patients: Is the Subsequent Expansion Faster?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moon Ki Lee


    Full Text Available Background Serial tissue expansion is performed to remove giant congenital melanocytic nevi. However, there have been no studies comparing the expansion rate between the subsequent and preceding expansions. In this study, we analyzed the rate of expansion in accordance with the number of surgeries, expander location, expander size, and sex. Methods A retrospective analysis was performed in pediatric patients who underwent tissue expansion for giant congenital melanocytic nevi. We tested four factors that may influence the expansion rate: The number of surgeries, expander location, expander size, and sex. The rate of expansion was calculated by dividing the ‘inflation amount’ by the ‘expander size’. Results The expansion rate, compared with the first-time group, was 1.25 times higher in the second-or-more group (P=0.04 and 1.84 times higher in the third-or-more group (P<0.01. The expansion rate was higher at the trunk than at other sites (P<0.01. There was a tendency of lower expansion rate for larger expanders (P=0.03. Sex did not affect the expansion rate. Conclusions There was a positive correlation between the number of surgeries and the expansion rate, a positive correlation between the expander location and the expansion rate, and a negative correlation between the expander size and the expansion rate.

  7. 337 Expansion of Dendritic Cells Using FLT3 Ligand to Treat Glioblastoma: A Preclinical Study. (United States)

    Garzon-Muvdi, Tomas; Mangraviti, Antonella; Theodros, Debebe; Kim, Eileen; Yellin, Michael Jay; Marsh, Henry; Lim, Michael


    FLT3L induces expansion and recruitment of plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) into the brain. By increasing antigen presentation, FLT3L agonists may enhance an immune response against glioblastoma (GBM). Previous results suggest that the antitumor response generated by FLT3 is secondary to production of interferon gamma. We studied the effect of FLT3L treatment of mice with a syngeneic GBM model. Under ACUC approval, 32 mice underwent implantation of 130 000 GL261 cells in the left striatum using a stereotactic frame. The presence of tumor was confirmed by bioluminescence imaging at day 7. Mice were randomly assigned to 4 groups: Control, FLT3 (courtesy of Celldex) treatment, Poly IC treatment, and FLT3+Poly IC treatment. Survival was assessed using log-rank analysis and described using Kaplan-Meier curves. A survival experiment demonstrated that FLT3L treatment of mice resulted in 50% long-term survival of mice and improved survival compared with control groups (P = .001). Addition of Poly IC (TLR3 agonist), did not add survival benefit. The present work suggests that an increase in antigen presentation by enhancing and recruiting dendritic cells into the brain and brain tumor may be beneficial and a potential therapeutic strategy for patients with GBM. The mechanism of this phenomenon is currently under investigation, but includes increased secretion of interferon gamma. Additionally, increased antigen presentation may aid the immune system mount a significant antitumor immune response. Further experiments evaluating the proportion of T cells that have been exposed to antigen are currently underway.

  8. Forecasting deforestation and carbon emissions in tropical developing countries facing demographic expansion: a case study in Madagascar. (United States)

    Vieilledent, Ghislain; Grinand, Clovis; Vaudry, Romuald


    Anthropogenic deforestation in tropical countries is responsible for a significant part of global carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. To plan efficient climate change mitigation programs (such as REDD+, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), reliable forecasts of deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions are necessary. Although population density has been recognized as a key factor in tropical deforestation, current methods of prediction do not allow the population explosion that is occurring in many tropical developing countries to be taken into account. Here, we propose an innovative approach using novel computational and statistical tools, including R/GRASS scripts and the new phcfM R package, to model the intensity and location of deforestation including the effect of population density. We used the model to forecast anthropogenic deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions in five large study areas in the humid and spiny-dry forests of Madagascar. Using our approach, we were able to demonstrate that the current rapid population growth in Madagascar (+3.39% per year) will significantly increase the intensity of deforestation by 2030 (up to +1.17% per year in densely populated areas). We estimated the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the loss of aboveground biomass to be of 2.24 and 0.26 tons per hectare and per year in the humid and spiny-dry forest, respectively. Our models showed better predictive ability than previous deforestation models (the figure of merit ranged from 10 to 23). We recommend this approach to reduce the uncertainty associated with deforestation forecasts. We also underline the risk of an increase in the speed of deforestation in the short term in tropical developing countries undergoing rapid population expansion.

  9. Neural basis of attachment-caregiving systems interaction: insights from neuroimaging studies (United States)

    Lenzi, Delia; Trentini, Cristina; Tambelli, Renata; Pantano, Patrizia


    The attachment and the caregiving system are complementary systems which are active simultaneously in infant and mother interactions. This ensures the infant survival and optimal social, emotional, and cognitive development. In this brief review we first define the characteristics of these two behavioral systems and the theory that links them, according to what Bowlby called the “attachment-caregiving social bond” (Bowlby, 1969). We then follow with those neuroimaging studies that have focused on this particular issue, i.e., those which have studied the activation of the careging system in women (using infant stimuli) and have explored how the individual attachment model (through the Adult Attachment Interview) modulates its activity. Studies report altered activation in limbic and prefrontal areas and in basal ganglia and hypothalamus/pituitary regions. These altered activations are thought to be the neural substrate of the attachment-caregiving systems interaction. PMID:26379578

  10. Note: A stand on the basis of atomic force microscope to study substrates for imaging optics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chkhalo, N. I.; Salashchenko, N. N.; Zorina, M. V. [Department of Multilayer Optics, Institute for Physics of Microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, GSP-105, 603950 Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation)


    A description of a stand based on atomic force microscopy (AFM) for roughness measurements of large optical components with arbitrary surfaces is given. The sample under study is mounted on a uniaxial goniometer which allows the sample to be tilted in the range of ±30°. The inclination enables the local normal along the axis of the probe to be established at any point of the surface under study. A comparison of the results of the measurement of noise and roughness of a flat quartz sample, in the range of spatial frequencies 0.025–70 μm{sup −1}, obtained from “standard” AFM and developed versions is given. Within the experimental error, the measurement results were equivalent. Examples of applications of the stand for the study of substrates for X-ray optics are presented.

  11. Bridges Expansion Joints


    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    The survey is concerned with the expansion joints, used in bridge constructions to compensate medium and significant operational linear and spatial displacements between adjacent spans or between bridge span and pier. The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting the modern demands imposed to expansion joints.

  12. Race, consanguinity and social features in Birmingham babies: a basis for prospective study. (United States)

    Bundey, S; Alam, H; Kaur, A; Mir, S; Lancashire, R J


    STUDY OBJECTIVE--The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of consanguinity on children's health. DESIGN--The study is a prospective survey from birth to five years of a cohort of babies born in a multiracial community. This report details the initial findings on consanguinity. SETTING--Participating families live predominantly in three health districts of Birmingham, and were recruited in three local maternity hospitals. PARTICIPANTS--Babies of 2432 European mothers, 509 Afro-Caribbean mothers, 625 Indian mothers, 956 Pakistani mothers, and 216 Bangladeshi mothers have been enrolled in the study. Eighty mothers refused to participate. MEASUREMENTS AND RESULTS--Sociodemographic information was obtained using a structured questionnaire administered at interview. Interview data were supplemented with obstetric information from the medical records. The highest prevalence of parental consanguinity was in Pakistani Muslims (69%), whereas in Muslims from other countries it was 23%, and it was less than 1% in non-Muslims. In the majority of consanguineous Muslim pedigrees the degree of inbreeding was greater than that for first cousin parents. CONCLUSIONS--This prospective study will allow an assessment to be made about any ill health in childhood arising from parental consanguinity, about whether screening programmes are indicated for particular autosomal recessive diseases, and about whether premarital health education might be beneficial. The study has also documented parental ages in different races and this, together with the levels of parental consanguinity in all races, will be useful in genetic methods for assessing the frequency of recessive genes, the possibility of genetic heterogeneity, and whether or not parental age effect exists for new mutations of specific genetic disorders. PMID:2370500

  13. Ultrastructural Mapping of the Zebrafish Gastrointestinal System as a Basis for Experimental Drug Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Delfine Cheng


    Full Text Available Research in the field of gastroenterology is increasingly focused on the use of alternative nonrodent model organisms to provide new experimental tools to study chronic diseases. The zebrafish is a particularly valuable experimental platform to explore organ and cell structure-function relationships under relevant biological and pathobiological settings. This is due to its optical transparency and its close-to-human genetic makeup. To-date, the structure-function properties of the GIS of the zebrafish are relatively unexplored and limited to histology and fluorescent microscopy. Occasionally those studies include EM of a given subcellular process but lack the required full histological picture. In this work, we employed a novel combined biomolecular imaging approach in order to cross-correlate 3D ultrastructure over different length scales (optical-, X-ray micro-CT, and high-resolution EM. Our correlated imaging studies and subsequent data modelling provide to our knowledge the first detailed 3D picture of the zebrafish larvae GIS. Our results provide unequivocally a limit of confidence for studying various digestive disorders and drug delivery pathways in the zebrafish.

  14. Ultrastructural Mapping of the Zebrafish Gastrointestinal System as a Basis for Experimental Drug Studies. (United States)

    Cheng, Delfine; Shami, Gerald J; Morsch, Marco; Chung, Roger S; Braet, Filip


    Research in the field of gastroenterology is increasingly focused on the use of alternative nonrodent model organisms to provide new experimental tools to study chronic diseases. The zebrafish is a particularly valuable experimental platform to explore organ and cell structure-function relationships under relevant biological and pathobiological settings. This is due to its optical transparency and its close-to-human genetic makeup. To-date, the structure-function properties of the GIS of the zebrafish are relatively unexplored and limited to histology and fluorescent microscopy. Occasionally those studies include EM of a given subcellular process but lack the required full histological picture. In this work, we employed a novel combined biomolecular imaging approach in order to cross-correlate 3D ultrastructure over different length scales (optical-, X-ray micro-CT, and high-resolution EM). Our correlated imaging studies and subsequent data modelling provide to our knowledge the first detailed 3D picture of the zebrafish larvae GIS. Our results provide unequivocally a limit of confidence for studying various digestive disorders and drug delivery pathways in the zebrafish.

  15. A Theory for the Neural Basis of Language Part 2: Simulation Studies of the Model (United States)

    Baron, R. J.


    Computer simulation studies of the proposed model are presented. Processes demonstrated are (1) verbally directed recall of visual experience; (2) understanding of verbal information; (3) aspects of learning and forgetting; (4) the dependence of recognition and understanding in context; and (5) elementary concepts of sentence production. (Author)

  16. Ultrastructural Mapping of the Zebrafish Gastrointestinal System as a Basis for Experimental Drug Studies (United States)

    Shami, Gerald J.; Morsch, Marco; Chung, Roger S.; Braet, Filip


    Research in the field of gastroenterology is increasingly focused on the use of alternative nonrodent model organisms to provide new experimental tools to study chronic diseases. The zebrafish is a particularly valuable experimental platform to explore organ and cell structure-function relationships under relevant biological and pathobiological settings. This is due to its optical transparency and its close-to-human genetic makeup. To-date, the structure-function properties of the GIS of the zebrafish are relatively unexplored and limited to histology and fluorescent microscopy. Occasionally those studies include EM of a given subcellular process but lack the required full histological picture. In this work, we employed a novel combined biomolecular imaging approach in order to cross-correlate 3D ultrastructure over different length scales (optical-, X-ray micro-CT, and high-resolution EM). Our correlated imaging studies and subsequent data modelling provide to our knowledge the first detailed 3D picture of the zebrafish larvae GIS. Our results provide unequivocally a limit of confidence for studying various digestive disorders and drug delivery pathways in the zebrafish. PMID:27340669

  17. Ultrastructural Mapping of the Zebrafish Gastrointestinal System as a Basis for Experimental Drug Studies


    Delfine Cheng; Shami, Gerald J.; Marco Morsch; Chung, Roger S.; Filip Braet


    Research in the field of gastroenterology is increasingly focused on the use of alternative nonrodent model organisms to provide new experimental tools to study chronic diseases. The zebrafish is a particularly valuable experimental platform to explore organ and cell structure-function relationships under relevant biological and pathobiological settings. This is due to its optical transparency and its close-to-human genetic makeup. To-date, the structure-function properties of the GIS of the ...

  18. Linguistic basis of studies of communicative and strategic competence of future elementary school teachers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Марія Петрівна Оліяр


    Full Text Available The article highlights the importance of linguistic studies for the formation of communicative and strategic competence of future elementary school teachers. It also compares the content of different communication terms. The article clarifies the essence of basic communication concepts. The author's interpretation of communicative strategies and communication tactics is provided, and their structure is described. The basic principles of teaching students the strategic planning of communicative interaction are provided

  19. A genetic basis for infectious mononucleosis: evidence from a family study of hospitalized cases in Denmark. (United States)

    Rostgaard, Klaus; Wohlfahrt, Jan; Hjalgrim, Henrik


    Circumstantial evidence from genome-wide association and family studies of various Epstein-Barr virus-associated diseases suggests a substantial genetic component in infectious mononucleosis (IM) etiology. However, familial aggregation of IM has scarcely been studied. We used data from the Danish Civil Registration System and the Danish National Hospital Discharge Register to study rate ratios of IM in a cohort of 2 823 583 Danish children born between 1971 and 2011. Specifically, we investigated the risk of IM in twins and in first-, second-, and third-degree relatives of patients with IM. In the analyses, IM was defined as a diagnosis of IM in a hospital contact. Effects of contagion between family members were dealt with by excluding follow-up time the first year after the occurrence of IM in a relative. A total of 16 870 cases of IM were observed during 40.4 million person-years of follow-up from 1977 to 2011. The rate ratios and the associated 95% confidence intervals were 9.3 (3.0-29) in same-sex twins, 3.0 (2.6-3.5) in siblings, 1.9 (1.6-2.2) in children, 1.4 (1.3-1.6) in second-degree relatives, and 1.0 (0.9-1.2) in third-degree relatives of IM patients. The rate ratios were very similar for IM in children (aged 0-6 years) and older children/adolescents (aged 7-19 years). We found evidence of familial aggregation of IM that warrants genome-wide association studies on IM disease etiology, especially to examine commonalities with causal pathways in other Epstein-Barr virus-related diseases. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  20. Improving Class II malocclusion as a side-effect of rapid maxillary expansion: a prospective clinical study. (United States)

    Guest, Susan S; McNamara, James A; Baccetti, Tiziano; Franchi, Lorenzo


    The objective of this prospective clinical study was to evaluate the dentoalveolar and skeletal effects induced by rapid maxillary expansion (RME) therapy in mixed dentition patients with Class II Division 1 malocclusion compared with a matched untreated Class II Division 1 control group. The treatment sample consisted of cephalometric records of 50 patients with Class II malocclusion (19 boys, 31 girls) treated with an RME protocol including an acrylic splint expander. Some patients also had a removable mandibular Schwarz appliance or maxillary incisor bracketing as part of their treatment protocol. Postexpansion, the patients were stabilized with a removable maintenance plate or a transpalatal arch. The mean age at the start of treatment of the RME group was 8.8 years (T1), with a prephase 2 treatment cephalogram (T2) taken 4.0 years later. The control sample, derived from the records of 3 longitudinal growth studies, consisted of the cephalometric records of 50 Class II subjects (28 boys, 22 girls). The mean age of initial observation for the control group was 8.9 years, and the mean interval of observation was 4.1 years. All subjects in both groups were prepubertal at T1 and showed comparable prevalence rates for prepubertal or postpubertal stages at T2. Independent-sample Student t tests were used to examine between-group differences. Class II patients treated with the described bonded RME protocol showed statistically significant increases in mandibular length and advancement of pogonion relative to nasion perpendicular. The acrylic splint RME had significant effects on the anteroposterior relationship of the maxilla and the mandible, as shown by the improvements toward Class I in the maxillomandibular differential value, the Wits appraisal value, and the ANB angle. Patients treated with the bonded RME showed the greatest effects of therapy at the occlusal level, specifically highly significant improvement of Class II molar relationship and decrease in

  1. Structural basis for feedback inhibition of the deoxyribonucleoside salvage pathway: Studies of the Drosophila deoxyribonucleoside kinase

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mikkelsen, N.E.; Johansson, K.; Karlsson, A.


    Deoxyribonucleoside kinases are feedback inhibited by the final products of the salvage pathway, the deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates. In the present study, the mechanism of feedback inhibition is presented based on the crystal structure of a complex between the fruit fly deoxyribonucleoside...... kinase and its feedback inhibitor deoxythymidine triphosphate. The inhibitor was found to be bound as a bisubstrate inhibitor with its nucleoside part in the nucleoside binding site and with its phosphate groups partially occupying the phosphate donor site. The overall structure of the enzyme...... and to the primary base, Glu52, that normally is positioned close to the 5'-OH of the substrate deoxyribose....

  2. Characterizing the Genetic Basis for Nicotine Induced Cancer Development: A Transcriptome Sequencing Study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jasmin H Bavarva

    Full Text Available Nicotine is a known risk factor for cancer development and has been shown to alter gene expression in cells and tissue upon exposure. We used Illumina® Next Generation Sequencing (NGS technology to gain unbiased biological insight into the transcriptome of normal epithelial cells (MCF-10A to nicotine exposure. We generated expression data from 54,699 transcripts using triplicates of control and nicotine stressed cells. As a result, we identified 138 differentially expressed transcripts, including 39 uncharacterized genes. Additionally, 173 transcripts that are primarily associated with DNA replication, recombination, and repair showed evidence for alternative splicing. We discovered the greatest nicotine stress response by HPCAL4 (up-regulated by 4.71 fold and NPAS3 (down-regulated by -2.73 fold; both are genes that have not been previously implicated in nicotine exposure but are linked to cancer. We also discovered significant down-regulation (-2.3 fold and alternative splicing of NEAT1 (lncRNA that may have an important, yet undiscovered regulatory role. Gene ontology analysis revealed nicotine exposure influenced genes involved in cellular and metabolic processes. This study reveals previously unknown consequences of nicotine stress on the transcriptome of normal breast epithelial cells and provides insight into the underlying biological influence of nicotine on normal cells, marking the foundation for future studies.

  3. The rectilinear three-body problem as a basis for studying highly eccentric systems (United States)

    Voyatzis, G.; Tsiganis, K.; Gaitanas, M.


    The rectilinear elliptic restricted three-body problem (TBP) is the limiting case of the elliptic restricted TBP when the motion of the primaries is described by a Keplerian ellipse with eccentricity e'=1, but the collision of the primaries is assumed to be a non-singular point. The rectilinear model has been proposed as a starting model for studying the dynamics of motion around highly eccentric binary systems. Broucke (AIAA J 7:1003-1009, 1969) explored the rectilinear problem and obtained isolated periodic orbits for mass parameter μ =0.5 (equal masses of the primaries). We found that all orbits obtained by Broucke are linearly unstable. We extend Broucke's computations by using a finer search for symmetric periodic orbits and computing their linear stability. We found a large number of periodic orbits, but only eight of them were found to be linearly stable and are associated with particular mean motion resonances. These stable orbits are used as generating orbits for continuation with respect to μ and e'systems of very highly eccentric orbits can be found in stable resonant configurations. As an application we present a stability study for the planetary system HD7449.

  4. Pengembangan Aplikasi Sistem Basis Data Penjualan, Pembelian, dan Persediaan: Studi Kasus Pada PT. Speed Game

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Honni Honni


    Full Text Available This study aims to to perform database application development system on purchasing, sales and inventory of PT. Speed Game, a company that applies manual database system. The company often faces difficulties in obtaining and processing data information about purchasing, sales and inventory that may affect the employee performance. Therefore, to facilitate the company in processing data and produce information quickly, precisely and accurately, a development of database application system is build using database lifecycle method. The result achieved is a database application system of purchasing, sales and inventory that will facilitate the company in running its business processes. It can be concluded that the development of database application system is necessary to help the company accelerate and simplify the obtaining information process and as well as store and retrieve any information needed. 

  5. Formation of Linguistic Competence of Bachelors on the Basis of the Case-Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iren U. Gats


    Full Text Available The author presents the methodology of conducting academic classes based on the method of situational analysis. Teaching experience is presented in the form of the model of educational communication. The author describes how the activities in the cooperation in the group. The situation of total dictation is elected as an example. Students learn specific methodological situation, analyze linguistic and didactic information, identify problems of teaching the Russian language. Participant observation showed that there is a didactic relationship between the content of training of students-philologists and level of development of linguistic competence of students. A method of the case-study is considered not only as a way of teacher education, but also as a way of entering values of the professional community. Methodically competent application of technology is part of the professional training and development of the student.

  6. Genetic basis of variation in carotid artery plaque in the San Antonio Family Heart Study. (United States)

    Hunt, Kelly J; Duggirala, Ravindranath; Göring, Harald H H; Williams, Jeff T; Almasy, Laura; Blangero, John; O'Leary, Daniel H; Stern, Michael P


    In contrast to the commonly used quantitative marker of subclinical atherosclerosis, namely intima-media thickness, we investigated the extent to which the presence or absence of carotid artery plaque (CAP) was under genetic control. The study population consisted of 750 individuals distributed across 29 randomly ascertained extended Mexican American pedigrees who participated in the second examination cycle of the San Antonio Family Heart Study. Extracranial focal CAP was identified by B-mode ultrasound bilaterally in the internal carotid artery or the carotid bulb. Using a variance decomposition approach implemented in the SOLAR computer program, we performed genetic analysis on the discrete trait CAP (ie, liability to disease) using a threshold model. Covariates considered in the analysis included age, sex, diabetes, current smoking status, lipid levels, and markers of hypertension and obesity. Fifty-one of 461 women and fifty-seven of 289 men with a mean age of 42.1 years had evidence of a plaque in the right and/or left carotid artery. The age- and sex-adjusted heritability (h(2)+/-SE) for CAP was significant (h(2)=0.28+/-0.15, P=0.01). Furthermore, after adjustment for additional covariates that contributed significantly to the model (P<0.05; diabetes, hypertension, body mass index, waist circumference, and smoking status), heritability remained significant (h(2)=0.23+/-0.15, P=0.03). Our data indicate that after established cardiovascular risk factors are controlled for, the variation of the discrete trait CAP is under appreciable additive genetic influences.

  7. Fundamental basis and implementation of shell and tube heat exchanger project design: condenser and evaporator study (United States)

    Dalkilic, A. S.; Acikgoz, O.; Tapan, S.; Wongwises, S.


    A shell and tube heat exchanger is used as a condenser and an evaporator in this theoretical study. Parametric performance analyses for various actual refrigerants were performed using well-known correlations in open sources. Condensation and evaporation were occurred in the shell side while the water was flowing in the tube side of heat exchanger. Heat transfer rate from tube side was kept constant for condenser and evaporator design. Condensing temperatures were varied from 35 to 60 °C whereas evaporating temperatures were ranging from -15 to 10 °C for the refrigerants of R12, R22, R134a, R32, R507A, R404A, R502, R407C, R152A, R410A and R1234ZE. Variation of convective heat transfer coefficients of refrigerants, total heat transfer coefficients with Reynolds numbers and saturation temperatures were given as validation process considering not only fouling resistance and omission of it but also staggered (triangular) and line (square) arrangements. The minimum tube lengths and necessary pumping powers were calculated and given as case studies for the investigated refrigerants considering validation criteria. It was understood that refrigerant type, fouling resistance and arrangement type are one of the crucial issues regarding the determination of heat exchanger's size and energy consumption. Consequently, R32 and R152a were found to require the shortest tube length and lowest pumping power in the condenser, whereas R507 and R407C have the same advantages in the evaporator. Their heat transfer coefficients were also determined larger than others as expectedly.

  8. Semiotic study of Jami’s Layla and Majnun story on the basis of discourse analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sayyed Ahmad Parsa


    Full Text Available Sign-semantic analysis checks the relationship between language signs in the Dialogue system and beyond Sentence. This analysis shows that a sign associated with other discourse signs follow up what process with a special meaning. In the meantime, checking the elements that underlie the formation of meaning is crucial. Effective tools to analyze the sign-semantics include many elements such as: Internal and external forms of discourse, the dynamic word of dialogue, the role of effective verbs in the discourse, the word stress process, actors, types of actions, relationship of elements in succession and juxtaposition Axis, etc. In this study, we have tried to find some of the elements of meaning in the story of Layla and Majnun narrative Jami. And we check these elements show: first: signs of a discourse on the story pass what process to the forming Semantic structure. Secondly, we explored the types of discourse in this story. Third, we check the structure of narrative text to achieve the superstructure or essence. Methods based on classification and discourse analysis and semantic elements in the story of Layla and Majnun. In the process of discourse analysis we take full advantage of the mode of Sha’iry in the book Fundamentals of modern semantics. For this purpose, the general framework of analysis is classified in four chains. Leili and Majnoon of meaning elements such as inside and outside of verbal language factors, the word dynamic, active persuasion, the value of the word, of discourse factors, stress the word, the word value, verbs effective role in the dialogue, the process of succession and juxtaposition of word and so on in the form of the four chains were studied. Leili and Majnoon of Jami’s sign-semantic analysis in four analytical chain in the context of this study achieved the following results: 1 The basic narrative in the story of Layla and Majnun, based on the change from the unbalanced situation (separation to the

  9. Hopelessness as a basis for tuberculosis diagnostic delay in the Arkhangelsk region: a grounded theory study. (United States)

    Kuznetsov, Vladimir N; Grjibovski, Andrej M; Mariandyshev, Andrej O; Johansson, Eva; Enarson, Donald A; Bjune, Gunnar A


    Data about delayed tuberculosis diagnosis in Northern Russia are scarce yet such knowledge could enhance the care of tuberculosis. The Arkhangelsk region is situated in the north of Russia, where the population is more than one million residents.The aim of the study was to understand factors influencing diagnostic delay among patients with tuberculosis in the Arkhangelsk region and to develop a theoretical model in order to explain diagnostic delay from the patients' perspectives. Twenty-three patients who had experienced diagnostic delay of tuberculosis were interviewed in Arkhangelsk. Using a qualitative approach, we conducted focus-group discussions for data gathering using Grounded Theory with the Paradigm Model to analyse the phenomenon of diagnostic delay. The study resulted in a theoretical model of the pathway of delay of tuberculosis diagnosis in the Arkhangelsk region in answer to the question: "Why and how do patients in the Arkhangelsk region delay tuberculosis diagnosis?" The model included categories of causal conditions, context and intervening conditions, action/interaction strategies, and consequences. The causal condition and main concern of the patients was that they were overpowered by hopelessness. Patients blamed policy, the administrative system, and doctors for their unfortunate life circumstances. This was accompanied by avoidance of health care, denial of their own health situations, and self-treatment. Only a deadly threat was a sufficient motivator for some patients to seek medical help. "Being overpowered by hopelessness" was identified as the core category that affected their self-esteem and influenced their entire lives, including family, work and social relations, and appeared even stronger in association with alcohol use. This category reflected the passive position of many patients in this situation, including their feelings of inability to change anything in their lives, to obtain employment, or to qualify for disability benefits

  10. 3D Computer graphical anatomy study of the femur: a basis for a new nail design. (United States)

    Schmutz, Beat; Kmiec, Stanley; Wullschleger, Martin E; Altmann, Martin; Schuetz, Michael


    Current intramedullary nails with a radius of curvature (ROC) of 1500-2000 mm sometimes cause distal anterior cortical encroachment. Furthermore, clinical data indicate that the proximal nail end is too long for some Asian patients. The objective of our study was to develop a comprehensive 3D measurement protocol that measures both the anatomy of the canal and the proximal region. The protocol was used to obtain measurements from Caucasian and Asian (Japanese and Thai) specimens. A total of 90 3D bone models representative of hip fracture patients were reconstructed from CT data. RapidForm 2006 was used to generate the reference geometries required for determining radius and angulation of shaft antecurvature as well as measurements of the proximal anatomy. Multiple linear regression analyses were used to determine the relative contribution of height, age, ethnicity, gender, and body side on the total variance. The mean ROC in the natural 3D antecurvature plane was 885 mm overall, 974 mm in Caucasians and 787 mm in Asians. Height, age, ethnicity, gender, and body side significantly predicted ROC (R = 0.53, p = 0.000). The mean values of anteversion measurements for Asians (Japanese: 22.1°; Thai: 22.7°) were significantly larger than those of the Caucasians (14.5°; p = 0.001). There was virtually no difference (p = 0.186) between the measurements pertaining to the length of the proximal nail end between Caucasian and Asian samples. There was no significant difference between the mean neck-to-shaft angles (Caucasian: 126°; Japanese: 128.2°; Thai: 125.7°; p = 0.198 for Asians vs Caucasians). The developed comprehensive anatomical 3D measurement protocol could serve as standardised approach for anthropometric studies in the future. Our data suggest that the ROC of current nail designs should be reduced from between 1500 and 2000 to 1000 mm to achieve an improved fit for the investigated population.

  11. Studi Tentang Pengaruh Doping Tinggi Terhadap Resistansi Basis Dan Bandgap Narrowing Pada Si/si1-xgex /Si Hbt


    Achmad Fadhol


    Study About High Influence Doping to Base Resistance and Bandgap Narrowing at Si/Si1-xGex/Si HeterojunctionBipolar Transistor. Heterojunction is a link formed bedween two semiconductor materials and differend bandgapwhich has thinness under 50nm and grow the mixture of plate SiGe as bases. The link is an abrupt link or graded one.In this research learnt formulation of doping concentration influence to basis resistance and bandgap narrowing throughSi/Si1-xGex/Si Heterojunction Bipolar Transist...

  12. Technical Basis for the Removal of Unremediated Nitrate Salt Sampling (UNS) to Support LANL Treatment Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Funk, David John [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The sampling of unremediated nitrate salts (UNS) was originally proposed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) (collectively, the Permittees) as a means to ensure adequate understanding and characterization of the problematic waste stream created when the Permittees remediated these nitrate salts-bearing waste with an organic absorbent. The proposal to sample the UNS was driven by a lack of understanding with respect to the radioactive contamination release that occurred within the underground repository at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in February 14, 2014, as well as recommendations made by a Peer Review Team. As discussed, the Permittees believe that current knowledge and understanding of the waste has sufficiently matured such that this additional sampling is not required. Perhaps more importantly, the risk of both chemical and radiological exposure to the workers sampling the UNS drum material is unwarranted. This memo provides the technical justification and rationale for excluding the UNS sampling from the treatment studies.

  13. A computational study to evaluate indoor gamma dose-rate on the basis of outdoor measurements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nuccetelli, C.; Menghi, E.; Bochicchio, F. [Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Roma (Italy)


    A new method to estimate the indoor gamma dose rate has been developed. This method is based on outdoor gamma dose rate measurements and a computational model that requires the knowledge of some structural and geometrical characteristics of the dwelling. It can be a very useful tool in situations in which it is impossible entering the dwellings to measure the indoor gamma dose rate, such as epidemiological studies and other surveys. To validate the method, estimates and actual indoor measurements have been compared for a sample of dwellings. In a first phase, indoor gamma dose rate estimates were obtained using the detailed dwelling information contained in questionnaire filled-in during the indoor measurements. This first comparison gave excellent results. A more general and less site dependent approach has now been implemented, assuming average values for many indoor parameters instead of using questionnaire data, in order to evaluate the predictive characteristics of this method for a practical use. In this paper, the new procedure is presented and the results obtained till now are summarized. (authors)

  14. The Anatomic Basis for the Arthroscopic Latarjet Procedure: A Cadaveric Study. (United States)

    Hawi, Nael; Reinhold, Aja; Suero, Eduardo M; Liodakis, Emmanouil; Przyklenk, Sandra; Brandes, Julia; Schmiedl, Andreas; Krettek, Christian; Meller, Rupert


    The Latarjet technique is a reliable treatment option for recurrent anterior shoulder instability. However, the complication rate has been reported to be as high as 30%, with 1.6% of patients suffering a nerve injury. The all-arthroscopic Latarjet procedure has been gaining popularity, even as it has introduced its own challenges. Given that the surgeon is not able to palpate the nerves, their localization and protection can be difficult. Additionally, the use of different instruments can lead to distinct nerve injury mechanisms. To describe the anatomic trajectory of the musculocutaneous, axillary, and suprascapular nerves in relation to the arthroscopic Latarjet approach. Using this information, guidance is provided for reducing nerve injuries during instrumentation and screw insertion. Descriptive laboratory study. A total of 50 cadaveric shoulders from 25 whole-body specimens were examined. The specimens were placed in the beach-chair position, and the deltopectoral and dorsal approaches were used to expose the relevant structures. A subscapularis muscle split was performed between the inferior and middle thirds of the tendon. Digital caliper measurements were taken between various points of the trajectories of the nerves and surrounding anatomic landmarks. The location of the nerves relative to the split was recorded. The musculocutaneous nerve lay within the split in 66% of the shoulders (n = 33); it was medial to the split in 28% (n = 14); it was found lateral to split in 2% (n = 1); and it was not identified in 4% of shoulders (n = 2). The mean length of the axillary nerve was 4.0 cm (95% CI, 3.7-4.2) from the exit of the plexus to the quadrangular space. The axillary nerve was found to be within the split in 50% of the shoulders (n = 25) and medial to the split in the remaining 50% (n = 25). The suprascapular nerve at the level of the supraspinatous fossa passed 3.3 cm (95% CI, 3.1-3.5) medial to the superior rim of the posterior glenoid. The nerve curves

  15. When a loved one feels unfamiliar: a case study on the neural basis of Capgras delusion. (United States)

    Thiel, Christiane M; Studte, Sara; Hildebrandt, Helmut; Huster, Rene; Weerda, Riklef


    Perception of familiar faces depends on a core system analysing visual appearance and an extended system dealing with inference of mental states and emotional responses. Damage to the core system impairs face perception as seen in prosopagnosia. In contrast, patients with Capgras delusion show intact face perception but believe that closely related persons are impostors. It has been suggested that two deficits are necessary for the delusion, an aberrant perceptual or affective experience that leads to a bizarre belief as well as an impaired ability to evaluate beliefs. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we compared neural activity to familiar and unfamiliar faces in a patient with Capgras delusion and an age matched control group. We provide evidence that Capgras delusion is related to dysfunctional activity in the extended face processing system. The patient, who developed the delusion for the partner after a large right prefrontal lesion sparing the ventromedial and medial orbitofrontal cortex, lacked neural activity to the partner's face in left posterior cingulate cortex and left posterior superior temporal sulcus. Further, we found impaired functional connectivity of the latter region with the left superior frontal gyrus and to a lesser extent with the right superior frontal sulcus/middle frontal gyrus. The findings of this case study suggest that the first factor in Capgras delusion may be reduced neural activity in the extended face processing system that deals with inference of mental states while the second factor may be due to a lesion in the right middle frontal gyrus. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Using the Activity-based Anorexia Rodent Model to Study the Neurobiological Basis of Anorexia Nervosa. (United States)

    Chowdhury, Tara Gunkali; Chen, Yi-Wen; Aoki, Chiye


    Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a psychiatric illness characterized by excessively restricted caloric intake and abnormally high levels of physical activity. A challenging illness to treat, due to the lack of understanding of the underlying neurobiology, AN has the highest mortality rate among psychiatric illnesses. To address this need, neuroscientists are using an animal model to study how neural circuits may contribute toward vulnerability to AN and may be affected by AN. Activity-based anorexia (ABA) is a bio-behavioral phenomenon described in rodents that models the key symptoms of anorexia nervosa. When rodents with free access to voluntary exercise on a running wheel experience food restriction, they become hyperactive - running more than animals with free access to food. Here, we describe the procedures by which ABA is induced in adolescent female C57BL/6 mice. On postnatal day 36 (P36), the animal is housed with access to voluntary exercise on a running wheel. After 4 days of acclimation to the running wheel, on P40, all food is removed from the cage. For the next 3 days, food is returned to the cage (allowing animals free food access) for 2 hr daily. After the fourth day of food restriction, free access to food is returned and the running wheel is removed from the cage to allow the animals to recover. Continuous multi-day analysis of running wheel activity shows that mice become hyperactive within 24 hr following the onset of food restriction. The mice run even during the limited time during which they have access to food. Additionally, the circadian pattern of wheel running becomes disrupted by the experience of food restriction. We have been able to correlate neurobiological changes with various aspects of the animals' wheel running behavior to implicate particular brain regions and neurochemical changes with resilience and vulnerability to food-restriction induced hyperactivity.

  17. New analytical techniques for traffic management on the basis of system studies in logistics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Олександр Павлович Кіркін


    Full Text Available In today's market conditions, it is necessary for enterprises to constantly maintain their competitiveness. This is achieved through raising customer service standards and use of the latest management techniques. In most cases, enterprises adhere to the logistic principles to optimize production. Over time, however, the development of logistics resulted in emergence of its principal subdivisions: transport, storage, etc. Thus, nowadays there are several parallel methodological developments in the field of logistics and making up logistics chains and systems at different stages of the life cycle of the goods. System research in the field of warehouse logistics showed that the majority of its analytical models of management are based on task conflict. Similar tasks of managing traffic flows in transport logistics are solved by methods of SMO, graph theory, linear programming and differential equations of state etc. These methods are not more accurate than the methods of warehouse logistics, have similar important assumptions and simplifications, and require appropriate mathematical training and knowledge in the field of transport, and sometimes lack visible correlation with economic performance. New analytical techniques for the management of transportation systems based on task conflict will reduce the time and resources for optimization and finding solutions. Methods of warehousing logistics can only be used for the continuous transport quantities (intensity, speed, performance, capacity, execution of works, etc.. In the static condition the search for the optimal service intensity can be found in warehouse logistics. In the study of object in dynamics it is better to use transport approach. Some problems such as supplement of warehouse logistics models with elements of the transport task, are still to be decided

  18. Advantages of comparative studies in songbirds to understand the neural basis of sensorimotor integration. (United States)

    Murphy, Karagh; James, Logan S; Sakata, Jon T; Prather, Jonathan F


    Sensorimotor integration is the process through which the nervous system creates a link between motor commands and associated sensory feedback. This process allows for the acquisition and refinement of many behaviors, including learned communication behaviors such as speech and birdsong. Consequently, it is important to understand fundamental mechanisms of sensorimotor integration, and comparative analyses of this process can provide vital insight. Songbirds offer a powerful comparative model system to study how the nervous system links motor and sensory information for learning and control. This is because the acquisition, maintenance, and control of birdsong critically depend on sensory feedback. Furthermore, there is an incredible diversity of song organizations across songbird species, ranging from songs with simple, stereotyped sequences to songs with complex sequencing of vocal gestures, as well as a wide diversity of song repertoire sizes. Despite this diversity, the neural circuitry for song learning, control, and maintenance remains highly similar across species. Here, we highlight the utility of songbirds for the analysis of sensorimotor integration and the insights about mechanisms of sensorimotor integration gained by comparing different songbird species. Key conclusions from this comparative analysis are that variation in song sequence complexity seems to covary with the strength of feedback signals in sensorimotor circuits and that sensorimotor circuits contain distinct representations of elements in the vocal repertoire, possibly enabling evolutionary variation in repertoire sizes. We conclude our review by highlighting important areas of research that could benefit from increased comparative focus, with particular emphasis on the integration of new technologies. Copyright © 2017 the American Physiological Society.

  19. Study of aerosol behavior on the basis of morphological characteristics during festival events in India (United States)

    Agrawal, Anubha; Upadhyay, Vinay K.; Sachdeva, Kamna


    Two important festival events were selected to assess their impacts on atmospheric chemistry by understanding settling velocity and emission time of aerosols. Using high volume sampler, aerosols were collected in a sequential manner to understand settling velocity and emission time of aerosols on a particular day. Composition and total suspended particulate load of the aerosols collected during the festivals were used as markers for strengthening the assessment. Terminal settling velocity of the aerosols were calculated using morphological and elemental compositional data, obtained from scanning electron microcopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) study. Aerosol load, black carbon, aromatic carbon and terminal velocity calculations were correlated to obtain conclusion that aerosols collected on the festival day might have been emitted prior to the festival. Settling time of aerosols collected on 17th and 19th October'09 during Diwali were found to be 36.5 (1.5 days) and 12.8 h, respectively. Carbon concentration estimated using EDX was found to be almost double in the sample collected after 2 days of the festival event. This strengthens our inference of time calculation where carbon with high concentration of load must have settled approximately after two days of the event. Settling time of aerosols collected on Holi morning and afternoon was found to be 1.7 and 24.8 h, respectively. Further, because of the small distance of 5.4 km between the meteorological station and sampling site, observed TSP values were compared with theoretical load values, calculated by using visibility values taken from the meteorological data. And it was found that both experimental and calculated values are close to each other about 50% of the times, which proves the assumption that experimental and meteorological data are comparable.

  20. Final Report: Molecular Basis for Microbial Adhesion and Geochemical Surface Reactions: A Study Across Scales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dixon, David Adams [The University of Alabama


    Computational chemistry was used to help provide a molecular level description of the interactions of Gram-negative microbial membranes with subsurface materials. The goal is to develop a better understanding of the molecular processes involved in microbial metal binding, microbial attachment to mineral surfaces, and, eventually, oxidation/reduction reactions (electron transfer) that can occur at these surfaces and are mediated by the bacterial exterior surface. The project focused on the interaction of the outer microbial membrane, which is dominated by an exterior lipopolysaccharide (LPS) portion, of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with the mineral goethite and with solvated ions in the environment. This was originally a collaborative project with T.P. Straatsma and B. Lowery of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The University of Alabama effort used electronic structure calculations to predict the molecular behavior of ions in solution and the behavior of the sugars which form a critical part of the LPS. The interactions of the sugars with metal ions are expected to dominate much of the microscopic structure and transport phenomena in the LPS. This work, in combination with the molecular dynamics simulations of Straatsma and the experimental electrochemistry and microscopy measurements of Lowry, both at PNNL, is providing new insights into the detailed molecular behavior of these membranes in geochemical environments. The effort at The University of Alabama has three components: solvation energies and structures of ions in solution, prediction of the acidity of the critical groups in the sugars in the LPS, and binding of metal ions to the sugar anions. An important aspect of the structure of the LPS membrane as well as ion transport in the LPS is the ability of the sugar side groups such as the carboxylic acids and the phosphates to bind positively charged ions. We are studying the acidity of the acidic side groups in order to better understand the ability of

  1. Rationalization of the Irrational Neuropathologic Basis of Hypothyroidism-Olfaction Disorders Paradox: Experimental Study. (United States)

    Aydin, Nazan; Ramazanoglu, Leyla; Onen, Mehmet Resid; Yilmaz, Ilhan; Aydin, Mehmet Dumlu; Altinkaynak, Konca; Calik, Muhammet; Kanat, Ayhan


    Hypothyroidism is defined as an underactive thyroid gland and one of the reasons for inadequate stimulation of thyroid is dysfunction of the hormone regulating brain centers. Olfaction disorders have been considered as a problem in hypothyroidism. It has been hypothesized that olfaction disorders reduce olfactory stimulation and diminished olfactory stimulus may trigger hypothyroidism. In this study, an examination was made of the thyroid hormone levels, histologic features of thyroid glands, and vagal nerve network degradation in an experimental animal model of olfactory bulbectomy (OBX). A total of 25 rats were divided into control (n = 5), SHAM (n = 5), and OBX (n = 15) groups and were followed up for 8 weeks. Thyroid hormone levels were measured before (1 time), during the experiment (1 time/month) and the animals were decapitated. The olfactory bulbs, dorsal motor nucleus of the vagal nerves, and thyroid gland sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and tunnel dye to determine OBX-related damage. Specimens were analyzed stereologically to evaluate neuron density of the vagal nucleus and hormone-filled total follicle volume (TFV) per cubic centimeter, and these were statistically compared with thyroid hormone levels. The mean degenerated neuron density of the vagal nucleus was 21 ± 8/mm 3 . TFV and triiodothyronine (T 3 )-thyroxine (T 4 ) levels were measured as TFV, (312 ± 91) × 10 6 μm 3 /cm 3 ; T 3 , 105 μg/dl; T 4 , 1.89 μg/dl in control (group I). Mean degenerated neuron density, 56 ± 12/mm 3 ; TFV, (284 ± 69) × 10 6 μm 3 /cm 3 ; T 3 , 103 μg/dl; T 4 , 1.85 μg/dl in SHAM (group II). Mean degenerated neuron density, 235 ± 64/mm 3 ; TFV, (193 ± 34) × 10 6 μm 3 /cm 3 ; T 3 , 86 μg/dl; T 4 , 1.37 μg/dl in the OBX group (group III). The TFV were significantly diminished because of apoptotic degradation in olfactory bulbs and thyroid gland with decreased T 3 - T 4 levels with increased thyroid-stimulating hormone levels in OBX

  2. Full-Genome Sequencing as a Basis for Molecular Epidemiology Studies of Bluetongue Virus in India (United States)

    Maan, Sushila; Maan, Narender S.; Belaganahalli, Manjunatha N.; Rao, Pavuluri Panduranga; Singh, Karam Pal; Hemadri, Divakar; Putty, Kalyani; Kumar, Aman; Batra, Kanisht; Krishnajyothi, Yadlapati; Chandel, Bharat S.; Reddy, G. Hanmanth; Nomikou, Kyriaki; Reddy, Yella Narasimha; Attoui, Houssam; Hegde, Nagendra R.; Mertens, Peter P. C.


    Since 1998 there have been significant changes in the global distribution of bluetongue virus (BTV). Ten previously exotic BTV serotypes have been detected in Europe, causing severe disease outbreaks in naïve ruminant populations. Previously exotic BTV serotypes were also identified in the USA, Israel, Australia and India. BTV is transmitted by biting midges (Culicoides spp.) and changes in the distribution of vector species, climate change, increased international travel and trade are thought to have contributed to these events. Thirteen BTV serotypes have been isolated in India since first reports of the disease in the country during 1964. Efficient methods for preparation of viral dsRNA and cDNA synthesis, have facilitated full-genome sequencing of BTV strains from the region. These studies introduce a new approach for BTV characterization, based on full-genome sequencing and phylogenetic analyses, facilitating the identification of BTV serotype, topotype and reassortant strains. Phylogenetic analyses show that most of the equivalent genome-segments of Indian BTV strains are closely related, clustering within a major eastern BTV ‘topotype’. However, genome-segment 5 (Seg-5) encoding NS1, from multiple post 1982 Indian isolates, originated from a western BTV topotype. All ten genome-segments of BTV-2 isolates (IND2003/01, IND2003/02 and IND2003/03) are closely related (>99% identity) to a South African BTV-2 vaccine-strain (western topotype). Similarly BTV-10 isolates (IND2003/06; IND2005/04) show >99% identity in all genome segments, to the prototype BTV-10 (CA-8) strain from the USA. These data suggest repeated introductions of western BTV field and/or vaccine-strains into India, potentially linked to animal or vector-insect movements, or unauthorised use of ‘live’ South African or American BTV-vaccines in the country. The data presented will help improve nucleic acid based diagnostics for Indian serotypes/topotypes, as part of control strategies. PMID

  3. Expansion techniques for collisionless stellar dynamical simulations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meiron, Yohai [Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University, Beijing 100871 (China); Li, Baile; Holley-Bockelmann, Kelly [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235 (United States); Spurzem, Rainer, E-mail: [National Astronomical Observatories of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100012 (China)


    We present graphics processing unit (GPU) implementations of two fast force calculation methods based on series expansions of the Poisson equation. One method is the self-consistent field (SCF) method, which is a Fourier-like expansion of the density field in some basis set; the other method is the multipole expansion (MEX) method, which is a Taylor-like expansion of the Green's function. MEX, which has been advocated in the past, has not gained as much popularity as SCF. Both are particle-field methods and optimized for collisionless galactic dynamics, but while SCF is a 'pure' expansion, MEX is an expansion in just the angular part; thus, MEX is capable of capturing radial structure easily, while SCF needs a large number of radial terms. We show that despite the expansion bias, these methods are more accurate than direct techniques for the same number of particles. The performance of our GPU code, which we call ETICS, is profiled and compared to a CPU implementation. On the tested GPU hardware, a full force calculation for one million particles took ∼0.1 s (depending on expansion cutoff), making simulations with as many as 10{sup 8} particles fast for a comparatively small number of nodes.

  4. Long-term development of the Czech landscape studied on the basis of old topographic maps (United States)

    Skokanová, H.; Havlíček, M.


    The paper deals with long-term land use changes in the Czech Republic with the help of old topographic maps. Departments of Landscape Ecology and GIS Applications from the Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, v.v.i. study these changes mainly in the research project MSM 6293359101 Research into sources and indicators of biodiversity in cultural landscape in the context of its fragmentation dynamics, the subpart Quantitative analysis of the dynamics of the Czech landscape development. In this paper, the authors concentrate mainly on map sources, which were acquired for the purpose of the project and also introduce partial results. Maps, which are the sources for the analyses, are following: maps from 2nd Austrian military survey in the scale 1:28 800 (created for the territory of the Czech Republic in the period 1836-1852), maps from 3rd Austrian military survey in the scale 1:25 000 (created for the Czech Republic in the period 1876-1880), Czechoslovak military topographic maps in the scale 1:25 000 from 1950s and 1990s, and Czech topographic base maps in the scale 1:10 000 from 2002-2006. It is necessary to complete maps of the 2nd and 3rd Austrian military survey thanks to their incompleteness, mainly along state borders. Also maps from 1nd Austrian military survey in the scale 1:28 800 (created for the Czech Republic in the period 1764-1783) are available; however, their usage for the accurate analyses in the GIS environment is restricted by their poor cartographic accuracy. Apart of the above mentioned maps, there has been progress in collecting maps from the interwar and war period (revised maps of the 3rd Austrian military survey maps, maps of the provisional military survey from 1923-1933, maps of definitive military survey from 1934-1938 and maps from survey of Moravian part of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, so called Messtischblätter from 1939-1945). Maps from five periods are manually vectorised in the GIS

  5. Real Time Control strategies to reduce expansion of urban drainage systems. Case study: Lyngby-Taarbæk

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Meneses Ortega, Elbys Jose; Gaussens, Marion; Jakobsen, Carsten


    been planned to fulfil new environmental requirements. Two RTC methods are implemented in order to maintain the same combined sewer network performance while reducing the planned basin expansion, and consequently reducing the investment cost. A state-of-the-art global control scheme using a 2-hour...... overflow (CSO) discharges for small to medium rain events; while the desired performance of the system is achieved for big events. The rule-based strategy reduces significantly CSO, however DORA provides generally better results by using forecasting and riskbased approach. These results show...... that implementing RTC strategies during the design stages could reduce the elevated cost associated with UDS expansion while offering a similar or even better protection to the environment....

  6. Negative thermal expansion in cubic ZrMo2 O8 : Inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamical studies (United States)

    Mittal, R.; Chaplot, S. L.; Schober, H.; Kolesnikov, A. I.; Loong, C.-K.; Lind, C.; Wilkinson, A. P.


    Disordered cubic ZrMo2O8(Pa3¯,Z=4) is known to display isotropic negative thermal expansion (NTE) below 600 K. We report high-pressure inelastic neutron scattering experiments up to 2.5 kbar in this material using the IN6 spectrometer at Institut Laue-Langevin. The observed phonon softening of about 0.1-0.3 meV for phonons below 8 meV is able to account for the NTE below 100 K. The phonon spectrum in the entire energy range up to 150 meV has been measured using the HRMECS spectrometer at Argonne National Laboratory. The ordered phase (space group P213 ) of cubic ZrMo2O8 has not yet been synthesized. However, we have calculated the phonon spectrum and thermal expansion in this phase for comparison with the known ordered phase of cubic ZrW2O8 .

  7. Global Monte Carlo Simulation with High Order Polynomial Expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    William R. Martin; James Paul Holloway; Kaushik Banerjee; Jesse Cheatham; Jeremy Conlin


    The functional expansion technique (FET) was recently developed for Monte Carlo simulation. The basic idea of the FET is to expand a Monte Carlo tally in terms of a high order expansion, the coefficients of which can be estimated via the usual random walk process in a conventional Monte Carlo code. If the expansion basis is chosen carefully, the lowest order coefficient is simply the conventional histogram tally, corresponding to a flat mode. This research project studied the applicability of using the FET to estimate the fission source, from which fission sites can be sampled for the next generation. The idea is that individual fission sites contribute to expansion modes that may span the geometry being considered, possibly increasing the communication across a loosely coupled system and thereby improving convergence over the conventional fission bank approach used in most production Monte Carlo codes. The project examined a number of basis functions, including global Legendre polynomials as well as “local” piecewise polynomials such as finite element hat functions and higher order versions. The global FET showed an improvement in convergence over the conventional fission bank approach. The local FET methods showed some advantages versus global polynomials in handling geometries with discontinuous material properties. The conventional finite element hat functions had the disadvantage that the expansion coefficients could not be estimated directly but had to be obtained by solving a linear system whose matrix elements were estimated. An alternative fission matrix-based response matrix algorithm was formulated. Studies were made of two alternative applications of the FET, one based on the kernel density estimator and one based on Arnoldi’s method of minimized iterations. Preliminary results for both methods indicate improvements in fission source convergence. These developments indicate that the FET has promise for speeding up Monte Carlo fission source

  8. Political Dialogue As The Basis Of Foreign Policy: A Case Study Of Modern Russian-German Relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia V. Zaytseva


    Full Text Available His article deals with political dialogue as the basis of the progressive development of interstate cooperation and one of the few ways to diminish interstate tensions without use of military force. With the growing list of new threats and challenges it is very important to work out an effective mechanism of interstate cooperation and to use it in foreign policy. Political dialogue helps to form the basis for cooperation between states to ensure the security, political and socio-economic stability of countries. Moreover, the political dialogue in its various forms is no longer a seldom-used private practice. It is the "all-encompassing reality" now the study of which is necessary for understanding of the social, economic, and humanitarian phenomena in the international relations. The author analyzes principles, functions, rules of constructive interstate dialogue, reflects the conditions of the development of a true political dialogue and reveals the situation of its "stylization" The provisions presented in this article are presented from the viewpoint of practical use in the development of a constructive foreign policy. At the same time the author points to their philosophical basis, identifies regularities and characteristics from the standpoint of philosophical knowledge. As a practical demonstration of carrying on the political dialogue the article presents a brief description of Russian-German political relations at the present stage. Bilateral relations between these two countries, based on the rich history, consilience of main positions in resolving of international problems, largely reflect the basic terms and principles of a competent political dialogue.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia V. Zaytseva


    Full Text Available His article deals with political dialogue as the basis of the progressive development of interstate cooperation and one of the few ways to diminish interstate tensions without use of military force. With the growing list of new threats and challenges it is very important to work out an effective mechanism of interstate cooperation and to use it in foreign policy. Political dialogue helps to form the basis for cooperation between states to ensure the security, political and socio-economic stability of countries. Moreover, the political dialogue in its various forms is no longer a seldom-used private practice. It is the "all-encompassing reality" now the study of which is necessary for understanding of the social, economic, and humanitarian phenomena in the international relations. The author analyzes principles, functions, rules of constructive interstate dialogue, reflects the conditions of the development of a true political dialogue and reveals the situation of its "stylization" The provisions presented in this article are presented from the viewpoint of practical use in the development of a constructive foreign policy. At the same time the author points to their philosophical basis, identifies regularities and characteristics from the standpoint of philosophical knowledge. As a practical demonstration of carrying on the political dialogue the article presents a brief description of Russian-German political relations at the present stage. Bilateral relations between these two countries, based on the rich history, consilience of main positions in resolving of international problems, largely reflect the basic terms and principles of a competent political dialogue.

  10. Thermal expansion of CuInSe{sub 2} in the 11-1,073 K range: an X-ray diffraction study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Paszkowicz, W.; Minikayev, R.; Wojciechowski, T. [Institute of Physics PAS, Warsaw (Poland); Piszora, P. [A. Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Chemistry, Poznan (Poland); Trots, D. [Universitaet Bayreuth, Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Bayreuth (Germany); Knapp, M. [Institute for Applied Materials-Energy Storage Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe (Germany); Bacewicz, R. [Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw (Poland)


    Structural and elastic properties of chalcopyrite-type CuInSe{sub 2} are determined in almost full stability range of temperature from 11 to 1,073 K, by in situ X-ray diffraction, employing a synchrotron-radiation source. The studied polycrystalline sample was prepared from a stoichiometric single crystal. Phase analysis reveals the formation of a trace amount of indium oxide impurity phase at the highest temperatures studied. From the obtained smooth lattice-parameter dependencies on temperature, the temperature dependencies of thermal expansion coefficients are derived. These coefficients are found to follow the trends previously reported for narrow temperature intervals. The present results provide a clear experimental evidence that the linear expansion coefficient is slightly negative below 47 K in both, a and c, directions; this temperature limit is in between the previously reported theoretical value (35 K) and the experimental ones (60 and 80 K) of such limit. (orig.)

  11. [Building of defects of the bladder wall by membrane, created on the basis of type I collagen (an experimental study)]. (United States)

    Kamalov, A A; Mksimov, V A; Kirpatovskiĭ, V I; Kudriavtsev, Iu V; Karpov, V K; Tokarev, F K; Kamalov, D M; Burov, V N; Okhobotov, D A


    Experimental study was performed on 24 Chinchilla rabbits, which underwent resection of the bladder with building of defect by membrane "Collost", created on the basis of type I collagen. The functional state of the bladder in situ was assessed by infusion cystomanometry during repeated surgery at 7, 14 day and at 1, 3, 6 months, and at 1 and 1.5 years. It is found that developing detrusor pressure during bladder contractions was decreased by 10 times in the first week of the study; it was in line with the subcompensation after 3 months, and was restored at 6 month. At 1 and 1.5 years, increase of cumulative function of bladder while saving detrusor pressure was observed. Dilating cystoplastics using biopolymer "Collost" provides good long-term functional results.

  12. Expansive Openness in Teacher Practice (United States)

    Kimmons, Royce


    Background/Context: Previous work on the use of open educational resources in K-12 classrooms has generally focused on issues related to cost. The current study takes a more expansive view of openness that also accounts for adaptation and sharing in authentic classroom contexts. Purpose/Objective/Research Question/Focus of Study The study seeks to…

  13. Bridges Expansion Joints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    Full Text Available The survey is concerned with the expansion joints, used in bridge constructions to compensate medium and significant operational linear and spatial displacements between adjacent spans or between bridge span and pier. The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting the modern demands imposed to expansion joints.

  14. Study of negative thermal expansion and shift in phase transition temperature in Ti4+- and Sn4+-substituted ZrW2O8 materials. (United States)

    Buysser, Klaartje De; Driessche, Isabel Van; Putte, Bart Vande; Vanhee, Paul; Schaubroeck, Joseph; Hoste, Serge


    The negative-thermal-expansion material ZrW(2)O(8) is known to undergo an order-disorder phase transition which affects its expansion behavior. In this study, Ti(4+) and Sn(4+) are examined as possible substituting ions for the Zr(4+) position in ZrW(2)O(8). This substitution leads to a decrease in cell parameters, as the ionic radii of the substituents are smaller than the Zr(4+) ionic radius. A remarkable decrease in transition temperature is noticed. DSC is used to quantify the enthalpy and entropy changes during the phase transition in order to reveal the mechanisms behind this decrease. It is shown that the strength of the M-O bond plays an important role, as it is a partner in the rigid unit mode motion and the order-disorder transition mechanism.

  15. A study on the interaction and evolution of the spatial expansion and administrative division adjustment in Beijing metropolitan area (United States)

    Li, Yongfu; Dang, Anrong


    Since 1990s and especially since 2000, the city space of Beijing has grown rapidly. There's no doubt that the urban construction land area is expanding to the suburban areas, which is the result of rapid social and economic growth in the city and also closely related to the reform of "turning county into district". In other words, the adjustment of administrative division in Beijing interacts with the expansion of urban construction land space. Beijing turns counties into districts and introduces regional offices are two distinct evidence. As for the interaction, there're both advantages and disadvantages and the focus of the article is to explore how to exploit the favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable ones. The article takes the town administrative region as the minimum space unit so as to better explore the anisotropism and regional differences of city space expansion as well as the impact caused by the adjustment of administrative divisions. With initial analysis, we find that: firstly, on the contrary to the sharp reduction of farming land, the city construction land are for residential communities, factories and mines increases the fastest; secondly, the big central cluster expansion has great regional difference and the three directions of northwest, north and south grows the fastest, which is mainly caused by the positive guidance of trunk roads including highway construction; thirdly, the land area in central cluster used for new construction projects is mainly located in suburban area, but exurb districts of Daxing and Changping also take up a considerable proportion; fourthly, as for the key exurb towns including Changping, Shunyi, and Fangshan, the built-up area also grows rapidly.

  16. Bridges Expansion Joints

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    .... The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting...

  17. Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Policy Implications of Urban Land Expansion in Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of Wuhan Urban Agglomeration, Central China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shasha Lu


    Full Text Available Relatively little attention has been paid to examining the spatial expansion features of cities at various tiers at the regional level in China, especially those located in central and western regions of the country. Based on Landsat satellite imagery from four years—1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010, this paper investigates the spatio-temporal pattern of urban land expansion and its influencing factors in the Wuhan Urban Agglomeration (WUA in central China. The research found that the total area of urban land expanded from 203.66 km2 in 1980 to 1370.07 km2 in 2010, and that urban land areas increased by 423.82, 167.42, and 574.93 km2 in the periods 1980–1990, 1990–2000, and 2000–2010 respectively, exhibiting significant fluctuation between the different periods studied. Geographically, this spatial expansion pattern was characterised by conspicuous concentrations and regional imbalances across the overall study period. Whilst these spatio-temporal differences were found to be closely related to industrialisation, urban population growth, land-use policies, urbanisation guidelines (governmental plans and regulations addressing urbanisation, and national development strategy, the dominant mechanisms driving those differences varied over time. In response, the paper presents an urban-rural and regional integration strategy, with the aim of avoiding economic gaps and the inefficient utilisation of various resources in the urban agglomeration areas.

  18. Analyzing the effects of urban expansion on land surface temperature patterns by landscape metrics: a case study of Isfahan city, Iran. (United States)

    Madanian, Maliheh; Soffianian, Ali Reza; Koupai, Saeid Soltani; Pourmanafi, Saeid; Momeni, Mehdi


    Urban expansion can cause extensive changes in land use and land cover (LULC), leading to changes in temperature conditions. Land surface temperature (LST) is one of the key parameters that should be considered in the study of urban temperature conditions. The purpose of this study was, therefore, to investigate the effects of changes in LULC due to the expansion of the city of Isfahan on LST using landscape metrics. To this aim, two Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 images, which had been acquired, respectively, on August 2, 1985, and July 4, 2015, were used. The support vector machine method was then used to classify the images. The results showed that Isfahan city had been encountered with an increase of impervious surfaces; in fact, this class covered 15% of the total area in 1985, while this value had been increased to 30% in 2015. Then LST zoning maps were created, indicating that the bare land and impervious surfaces categories were dominant in high temperature zones, while in the zones where water was present or NDVI was high, LST was low. Then, the landscape metrics in each of the LST zones were analyzed in relation to the LULC changes, showing that LULC changes due to urban expansion changed such landscape properties as the percentage of landscape, patch density, large patch index, and aggregation index. This information could be beneficial for urban planners to monitor and manage changes in the LULC patterns.

  19. Mechanistic study on lung cancer mortality after radon exposure in the Wismut cohort supports important role of clonal expansion in lung carcinogenesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zaballa, I.; Eidemueller, M. [Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Institute of Radiation Protection, Neuherberg (Germany)


    Lung cancer mortality after radon exposure in the Wismut cohort was analyzed using the two-stage clonal expansion (TSCE) model. A total of 2996 lung cancer deaths among the 58,695 male workers were observed during the follow-up period between 1946 and 2003. Adjustment to silica exposure was performed to find a more accurate estimation of the risk of radon exposure. An additional analysis with the descriptive excess relative risk (ERR) model was carried out for comparison. The TSCE model that best describes the data is nonlinear in the clonal expansion with radon exposure and has a saturation level at an exposure rate of d{sub r} ≅ 100 WLM/yr. The excess relative risk decreases with age and shows an inverse exposure rate effect. In comparison with the ERR model, the TSCE model predicts a considerably larger risk for low exposures rates below 50 WLM/yr. Comparison to other mechanistic studies of lung cancer after exposure to alpha particles using the TSCE model reveals an extraordinary consistency in the main features of the exposure response, given the diversity in the characteristics of the cohorts and the exposure across different studies. This suggests that a nonlinear response mechanism in the clonal expansion, with some level of saturation at large exposure rates, may be playing a crucial role in the development of lung cancer after alpha particle irradiation. (orig.)

  20. [Analysis of prevalence and variability of Legionella pneumophila and Legionella spp. strains on the basis of study of allelic profiles]. (United States)

    Voronina, O L; Kunda, M S; Bitkina, V V; Karpova, T I; Romanenko, V V; Durasova, A L; Tartakovskiĭ, I S


    To analyze prevalence and variability of Legionella strains isolated in town Verkhnaya Pyshma located in Sverdlovsk region during prophylactic surveillance of potentially dangerous water objects in 2007 - 2008. Sequencing of mip gene was conducted for identification of species of Legionella. Multi-locus sequence typing was used for describing of allelic profiles of Legionella pneumophila strains. Five firstly identified on Russian territory strains of Legionella species were deposited in institute's collection. Sixty-three strains of L. pneumophila belonging to 28 sequence types were characterized. Relation between strains isolated in industrial building and from water supply system was demonstrated. Observations made on the basis of study of L. pneumophila strains isolated from cooling stacks of industrial plants confirmed potential danger of these objects as a source of dissemination of Legionella infection.

  1. Songbird: a unique animal model for studying the molecular basis of disorders of vocal development and communication. (United States)

    Mori, Chihiro; Wada, Kazuhiro


    Like humans, songbirds are one of the few animal groups that learn vocalization. Vocal learning requires coordination of auditory input and vocal output using auditory feedback to guide one's own vocalizations during a specific developmental stage known as the critical period. Songbirds are good animal models for understand the neural basis of vocal learning, a complex form of imitation, because they have many parallels to humans with regard to the features of vocal behavior and neural circuits dedicated to vocal learning. In this review, we will summarize the behavioral, neural, and genetic traits of birdsong. We will also discuss how studies of birdsong can help us understand how the development of neural circuits for vocal learning and production is driven by sensory input (auditory information) and motor output (vocalization).

  2. Changes in skeletal and dental relationship in Class II Division I malocclusion after rapid maxillary expansion: a prospective study. (United States)

    Baratieri, Carolina; Alves, Matheus; Bolognese, Ana Maria; Nojima, Matilde C G; Nojima, Lincoln I


    To assess skeletal and dental changes immediately after rapid maxillary expansion (RME) in Class II Division 1 malocclusion patients and after a retention period, using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging. Seventeen children with Class II, Division 1 malocclusion and maxillary skeletal transverse deficiency underwent RME following the Haas protocol. CBCT were taken before treatment (T1), at the end of the active expansion phase (T2) and after a retention period of 6 months (T3). The scanned images were measured anteroposteriorly (SNA, SNB, ANB, overjet and MR) and vertically (N-ANS, ANS-Me, N-Me and overbite). Significant differences were identified immediately after RME as the maxilla moved forward, the mandible moved downward, overjet increased and overbite decreased. During the retention period, the maxilla relapsed backwards and the mandible was displaced forward, leaving patients with an overall increase in anterior facial height. RME treatment allowed more anterior than inferior positioning of the mandible during the retention period, thus significantly improving Class II dental relationship in 75% of the patients evaluated.

  3. Changes in skeletal and dental relationship in Class II Division I malocclusion after rapid maxillary expansion: a prospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Baratieri


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To assess skeletal and dental changes immediately after rapid maxillary expansion (RME in Class II Division 1 malocclusion patients and after a retention period, using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT imaging. METHODS: Seventeen children with Class II, Division 1 malocclusion and maxillary skeletal transverse deficiency underwent RME following the Haas protocol. CBCT were taken before treatment (T1, at the end of the active expansion phase (T2 and after a retention period of 6 months (T3. The scanned images were measured anteroposteriorly (SNA, SNB, ANB, overjet and MR and vertically (N-ANS, ANS-Me, N-Me and overbite. RESULTS: Significant differences were identified immediately after RME as the maxilla moved forward, the mandible moved downward, overjet increased and overbite decreased. During the retention period, the maxilla relapsed backwards and the mandible was displaced forward, leaving patients with an overall increase in anterior facial height. CONCLUSION: RME treatment allowed more anterior than inferior positioning of the mandible during the retention period, thus significantly improving Class II dental relationship in 75% of the patients evaluated.

  4. HK97 Maturation Studied by Crystallography and H/[superscript 2]H Exchange Reveals the Structural Basis for Exothermic Particle Transitions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gertsman, Ilya; Komives, Elizabeth A.; Johnson, John E. (Scripps); (UCSD)


    HK97 is an exceptionally amenable system for characterizing major conformational changes associated with capsid maturation in double-stranded DNA bacteriophage. HK97 undergoes a capsid expansion of {approx}20%, accompanied by major subunit rearrangements during genome packaging. A previous 3.44-{angstrom}-resolution crystal structure of the mature capsid Head II and cryo-electron microscopy studies of other intermediate expansion forms of HK97 suggested that, primarily, rigid-body movements facilitated the maturation process. We recently reported a 3.65-{angstrom}-resolution structure of the preexpanded particle form Prohead II (P-II) and found that the capsid subunits undergo significant refolding and twisting of the tertiary structure to accommodate expansion. The P-II study focused on major twisting motions in the P-domain and on refolding of the spine helix during the transition. Here we extend the crystallographic comparison between P-II and Head II, characterizing the refolding events occurring in each of the four major domains of the capsid subunit and their effect on quaternary structure stabilization. In addition, hydrogen/deuterium exchange, coupled to mass spectrometry, was used to characterize the structural dynamics of three distinct capsid intermediates: P-II, Expansion Intermediate, and the nearly mature Head I. Differences in the solvent accessibilities of the seven quasi-equivalent capsid subunits, attributed to differences in secondary and quaternary structures, were observed in P-II. Nearly all differences in solvent accessibility among subunits disappear after the first transition to Expansion Intermediate. We show that most of the refolding is coupled to this transformation, an event associated with the transition from asymmetric to symmetric hexamers.

  5. Reed's Conjecture on hole expansions

    CERN Document Server

    Fouquet, Jean-Luc


    In 1998, Reed conjectured that for any graph $G$, $\\chi(G) \\leq \\lceil \\frac{\\omega(G) + \\Delta(G)+1}{2}\\rceil$, where $\\chi(G)$, $\\omega(G)$, and $\\Delta(G)$ respectively denote the chromatic number, the clique number and the maximum degree of $G$. In this paper, we study this conjecture for some {\\em expansions} of graphs, that is graphs obtained with the well known operation {\\em composition} of graphs. We prove that Reed's Conjecture holds for expansions of bipartite graphs, for expansions of odd holes where the minimum chromatic number of the components is even, when some component of the expansion has chromatic number 1 or when a component induces a bipartite graph. Moreover, Reed's Conjecture holds if all components have the same chromatic number, if the components have chromatic number at most 4 and when the odd hole has length 5. Finally, when $G$ is an odd hole expansion, we prove $\\chi(G)\\leq\\lceil\\frac{\\omega(G)+\\Delta(G)+1}{2}\\rceil+1$.

  6. Implications of the complete basis set limit in valence bond theory : a case study of molecular hydrogen

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Duke, Brian J.; Havenith, Remco W. A.


    The use of larger basis sets to approach the complete basis limit, now common in quantum chemistry, is applied for the first time to a range of valence bond functions for the simplest case of molecular hydrogen. Good convergence of the energy is slow due to difficulty in getting a correct cusp near

  7. Repeated expansion in burn sequela. (United States)

    Pitanguy, Ivo; Gontijo de Amorim, Natale Ferreira; Radwanski, Henrique N; Lintz, José Eduardo


    This paper presents a retrospective study of the use of 346 expanders in 132 patients operated at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic, between the period of 1985 and 2000. The expanders were used in the treatment of burn sequela. In the majority of cases, more than one expander was used at the same time. In 42 patients, repeated tissue expansion was done. The re-expanded flaps demonstrated good distension and viability. With the increase in area at each new expansion, larger volume expanders were employed, achieving an adequate advancement of the flaps to remove the injured tissue. The great advantage of using tissue re-expansion in the burned patient is the reconstruction of extensive areas with the same color and texture of neighboring tissues, without the addition of new scars.

  8. Influence of the expansion screw height on the dental effects of the hyrax expander: a study with finite elements. (United States)

    Araugio, Rafael Marques de Sousa; Landre, Jánes; Silva, Diana de Lourdes Almeida; Pacheco, Wellington; Pithon, Matheus Melo; Oliveira, Dauro Douglas


    Our objective was to evaluate the influence of the expansion screw height of a hyrax expander on the degree of dental inclination during rapid maxillary expansion by using the finite element method. The hyrax expander and the maxillary arch were modeled by using Solidworks software (Dassault Systèmes, Paris, France). Three distinct finite element method models were created by simulating different screw heights relative to the plane that intersected the center of resistance of the maxillary first molars. These 3 relative positions were 10 mm below the maxillary first molars' center of resistance, at the same level as the maxillary first molars' center of resistance, and 10 mm above the maxillary first molars' center of resistance. The initial activation of the expanders was simulated, and tooth displacements for each finite element method model were registered in the buccolingual, corono-apical, and mesiodistal directions. The simulations tested showed that the 3 hyrax screw heights had different dental tipping tendencies. When the screw was simulated below the maxillary first molars' center of resistance, buccal tipping of the crowns and lingual tipping of the roots were registered. This tendency decreased when the screw was simulated at the same level as the maxillary first molars' center of resistance. However, when the screw was simulated above the maxillary first molars' center of resistance, the tipping tendency was inverted, with the crowns displaying lingual tipping and the roots displaying buccal tipping. These findings might explain the importance of carefully planning the height of the hyrax expander screw, since, depending on this position, different tooth movements can be achieved. From an orthopedic perspective, the ideal screw position might be slightly above the maxillary first molars' center of resistance; this would generate less dental tipping. Copyright © 2013 American Association of Orthodontists. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. The cognitive basis of diglossia in Arabic: Evidence from a repetition priming study within and between languages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphiq Ibrahim


    Full Text Available Raphiq IbrahimEdmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities, Department of Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa, Haifa, IsraelAbstract: This study examined diglossia and its cognitive basis in Arabic. Repetition priming effects were compared within spoken Arabic (SA, as well as with the effects found when the primes were in either literary Arabic (LA or Hebrew. In experiment 1, using lexical decisions for auditory presented words, a significant priming effect was found at lag 0 when the primes were in LA and in Hebrew. Furthermore, large repetition priming effects were found at relatively long lags (lag 8–12 within SA. This effect was absent when the repetition involved translation equivalents using either Hebrew or LA. The results showing that lexical decisions for words in SA were not influenced by previous presentations of translation equivalents in LA, in addition to the findings from a former study on semantic priming effects, suggest that the status of LA is similar to that of Hebrew and is consistent with the typical organization of L2 in a separate lexicon. Thus, learning LA appears to be, in some respects, more like learning a second language than like learning the formal register of one’s native language.Keywords: spoken Arabic, literary Arabic, bilingualism, repetition priming, translation equivalents, lexical organization

  10. Correction: Dynamic properties of dipeptidyl peptidase III from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and the structural basis for its substrate specificity - a computational study. (United States)

    Tomin, M; Tomić, S


    Correction for 'Dynamic properties of dipeptidyl peptidase III from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and the structural basis for its substrate specificity - a computational study' by M. Tomin et al., Mol. BioSyst., 2017, 13, 2407-2417.

  11. On Fourier re-expansions


    Liflyand, E.


    We study an extension to Fourier transforms of the old problem on absolute convergence of the re-expansion in the sine (cosine) Fourier series of an absolutely convergent cosine (sine) Fourier series. The results are obtained by revealing certain relations between the Fourier transforms and their Hilbert transforms.

  12. The cognitive basis of diglossia in Arabic: Evidence from a repetition priming study within and between languages (United States)

    Ibrahim, Raphiq


    This study examined diglossia and its cognitive basis in Arabic. Repetition priming effects were compared within spoken Arabic (SA), as well as with the effects found when the primes were in either literary Arabic (LA) or Hebrew. In experiment 1, using lexical decisions for auditory presented words, a significant priming effect was found at lag 0 when the primes were in LA and in Hebrew. Furthermore, large repetition priming effects were found at relatively long lags (lag 8–12) within SA. This effect was absent when the repetition involved translation equivalents using either Hebrew or LA. The results showing that lexical decisions for words in SA were not influenced by previous presentations of translation equivalents in LA, in addition to the findings from a former study on semantic priming effects, suggest that the status of LA is similar to that of Hebrew and is consistent with the typical organization of L2 in a separate lexicon. Thus, learning LA appears to be, in some respects, more like learning a second language than like learning the formal register of one’s native language. PMID:22110324

  13. Optogenetics in the teaching laboratory: using channelrhodopsin-2 to study the neural basis of behavior and synaptic physiology in Drosophila. (United States)

    Pulver, Stefan R; Hornstein, Nicholas J; Land, Bruce L; Johnson, Bruce R


    Here we incorporate recent advances in Drosophila neurogenetics and "optogenetics" into neuroscience laboratory exercises. We used the light-activated ion channel channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) and tissue-specific genetic expression techniques to study the neural basis of behavior in Drosophila larvae. We designed and implemented exercises using inexpensive, easy-to-use systems for delivering blue light pulses with fine temporal control. Students first examined the behavioral effects of activating glutamatergic neurons in Drosophila larvae and then recorded excitatory junctional potentials (EJPs) mediated by ChR2 activation at the larval neuromuscular junction (NMJ). Comparison of electrically and light-evoked EJPs demonstrates that the amplitudes and time courses of light-evoked EJPs are not significantly different from those generated by electrical nerve stimulation. These exercises introduce students to new genetic technology for remotely manipulating neural activity, and they simplify the process of recording EJPs at the Drosophila larval NMJ. Relatively little research work has been done using ChR2 in Drosophila, so students have opportunities to test novel hypotheses and make tangible contributions to the scientific record. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of student experiences suggest that these exercises help convey principles of synaptic transmission while also promoting integrative and inquiry-based studies of genetics, cellular physiology, and animal behavior.

  14. Effects of rapid maxillary expansion and mandibular advancement on upper airways in Marfan's syndrome children: a home sleep study and cephalometric evaluation. (United States)

    Taddei, M; Alkhamis, N; Tagariello, T; D'Alessandro, G; Mariucci, E M; Piana, G


    Evaluation of the effects of rapid maxillary expansion and mandibular advancement using Propulsor Universal Light appliance on the upper airways in Marfan's syndrome children through home sleep studies, Epworth Sleepiness Scale questionnaire, and cephalometric analysis of the upper airways on lateral radiographs. The study sample consisted of 30 children with Marfan's syndrome, and the control group consisted of 30 untreated and matched children. For Marfan subjects, data were taken at different time points compared to treatment: at T0 (before treatment), T1 (after rapid maxillary expansion), and T2 (after mandibular advancement). For control subjects, data were taken at similar intervals, at three follow-up visits: at T0 (as a starting screening tool), T1 (after approximately 2 years), and T2 (in proximity of the peak skeletal growth). Apnea-hypopnea and oxygen desaturations were significantly higher in the study group at T0 and T1 compared with control children. At T2, the values were not significant (p value 0.442 for both apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) and oxygen desaturation index (ODI)). Horizontal airway dimensions were significantly reduced, and vertical airway values were significantly increased in Marfan's syndrome at T0 and T1 but not at T2 (p values at T2: 0.071 for Phw1-Psp, 0.106 for Phw1-Psp', 0.101 for Phw2-Tb, 0.559 for UAL in male and 0.560 for UAL in female). Early rapid maxillary expansion and mandibular advancement using Propulsor Universal Light appliance significantly improved airway patency of Marfan's syndrome children and are strongly encouraged as a routine treatment for both correction of class II malocclusions and prevention of obstructive sleep apnea.

  15. Study of Associated Genetic Variants in Indian Subjects Reveals the Basis of Ethnicity Related Differences in Susceptibility to Venous Thromboembolism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Babita Kumari


    Full Text Available The genetic variants linked with the susceptibility of individuals to VTE are well known; however, the studies explaining the ethnicity based difference in susceptibility to VTE are limited. Present study assesses mutations in six candidate genes contributing to the etiology of VTE in Indian subjects. The study comprised 93 VTE patients and 102 healthy controls. A PCR-RFLP based analysis was performed for nine mutations in the following genes associated with VTE: favtor V Leiden (FVL, prothrombin, tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI, fibrinogen-beta, plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1, and methylene tetrahydrofolatereductase (MTHFR. All the subjects were found to be monomorphic for FVL 1691G/A, prothrombin 20210G/A and TFPI −536C/T mutations. The mutation in the MTHFR gene (677C/T was observed only in patients. Contrarily, higher frequency of mutation in the PAI-1 −844G/A and the fibrinogen-β −455G/A was observed in controls in comparison to the patients. This study suggests that the PAI-1 −844G/A and fibrinogen-β −455G/A could be protective variants against VTE in Indians. While MTHFR 677C/T mutation was found to be associated, in contrast to other populations, the established genetic variants FVL 1691G/A, prothrombin 20210G/A, and TFPI −536C/T may not be associated with VTE in Indians thus revealing the basis of ethnicity related differences in susceptibility of Indians to VTE.

  16. Neural basis of phonological processing in second language reading: an fMRI study of Chinese regularity effect. (United States)

    Zhao, Jing; Li, Qing-Lin; Wang, Jiu-Ju; Yang, Yang; Deng, Yuan; Bi, Hong-Yan


    The present study examined the neural basis of phonological processing in Chinese later acquired as a second language (L2). The regularity effect of Chinese was selected to elucidate the addressed phonological processing. We recruited a group of alphabetic language speakers who had been learning Chinese as L2 for at least one year, and a control group of native Chinese speakers. Participants from both groups exhibited a regularity effect in a pilot behavioral test. Neuroimaging results revealed that L2 learners exhibited stronger activation than native Chinese speakers in the right occipitotemporal region (i.e. right lingual gyrus and right fusiform gyrus). Moreover, L2 learners exhibited greater activations in the ventral aspects of the left inferior parietal lobule (LIPL) and the left inferior frontal gyrus (LIFG) for irregular character reading minus regular character reading. In contrast, native Chinese speakers exhibited more dorsal activations in the LIPL and LIFG. According to the "accommodation/assimilation" hypothesis of second language reading, the current findings suggest that native speakers of alphabetic languages utilized an accommodation pattern for the specific requirements of the visual form of Chinese characters, and an assimilation pattern for orthography-to-phonology transformation in Chinese reading. Crown Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Contribution to the physical-mechanical study of cement CRS basis of dune-sand powder and other minerals (United States)

    Dahmani, Saci; Kriker, Abdelouahed


    The Portland cements are increasingly used for the manufacture of cement materials (mortar or concrete). Sighting the increasing demand of the cement in the field of construction, and the wealth of our country of minerals. It is time to value these local materials in construction materials and in the manufacture of cement for the manufacture of a new type of cement or for the improvement of the cement of characteristics for several reasons either technical, or ecological or economic or to improve certain properties to the State fees or hardened. The uses of mineral additions remain associated to disadvantages on the time of solidification and the development of the mechanical resistance at the young age [8]. The objective of our work is to study the effects of the incorporation of additions minerals such the pozzolan (active addition) [3], slag of blast furnace (active addition) [4] and the sand dune powder (inert addition) on the physico-mechanical properties of compositions of mortar collaborated compositions according to different binary combinations basis of these additions. This will allow selecting of optimal dosages of these combinations the more efficient, from the point of view of mechanical resistanceas well. The results of this research work confirm that the rate of 10% of pozzolan, slag or powder of dune sand contributes positively on the development of resistance in the long term, at of this proportion time,there is a decrease in the latter except for the slag (20 - 40%) [4]Seems the more effective resistors and physical properties.

  18. Cephalometric variables used to predict the success of interceptive treatment with rapid maxillary expansion and face mask. A longitudinal study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniele Nóbrega Nardoni


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Prognosis is the main limitation of interceptive treatment of Class III malocclusions. The interceptive procedures of rapid maxillary expansion (RME and face mask therapy performed in early mixed dentition are capable of achieving immediate overcorrection and maintenance of facial and occlusal morphology for a few years. Individuals presenting minimal acceptable faces at growth completion are potential candidates for compensatory orthodontic treatment, while those with facial involvement should be submitted to orthodontic decompensation for orthognathic surgery. OBJECTIVES: To investigate cephalometric variables that might predict the outcomes of orthopedic treatment with RME and face mask therapy (FM. METHODS: Cephalometric analysis of 26 Class III patients (mean age of 8 years and 4 months was performed at treatment onset and after a mean period of 6 years and 10 months at pubertal growth completion, including a subjective facial analysis. Patients was divided into two groups: success group (21 individuals and failure group (5 individuals. Discriminant analysis was applied to the cephalometric values at treatment onset. Two predictor variables were found by stepwise procedure. RESULTS: Orthopedic treatment of Class III malocclusion may have unfavorable prognosis at growth completion whenever initial cephalometric analysis reveals increased lower anterior facial height (LAFH combined with reduced angle between the condylar axis and the mandibular plane (CondAx.MP. CONCLUSION: The results of treatment with RME and face mask therapy at growth completion in Class III patients could be predicted with a probability of 88.5%.

  19. Urban Land Expansion and Sustainable Land Use Policy in Shenzhen: A Case Study of China’s Rapid Urbanization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jing Qian


    Full Text Available Shenzhen is a city that is highly representative of China’s rapid urbanization process. As the city rapidly expands, there are enormous challenges to the sustainable use of land resources. This paper introduces the evolution of urban land expansion and the sustainable land use policy of the Shenzhen Government since 2005. The policy covers the reduction in rural-to-urban land conversion, the delineation of urban growth boundaries, arable land reclamation and the establishment of farmland protection areas, urban redevelopment, and the investigation and prosecution of illegal construction. This paper considers the aspects of urbanization and land management systems that are unique to China. The current top-down indicative and mandatory mode of control, which relies on the central government, has very limited effects. Good results were achieved in Shenzhen for the following elements: governmental self-restraint, governmental identity change, and policy innovation. Shenzhen’s sustainable land use practices can provide a reference for other cities in China.

  20. A numerical study on the effect of geometrical parameters and loading profile on the expansion of stent. (United States)

    Beigzadeh, Borhan; Mirmohammadi, Seyed Alireza; Ayatollahi, Majid Reza


    Stenting has been proposed as an effective treatment to restore blood flow in obstructed arteries by plaques. Although several modified designs for stents have been suggested, most designs have the risk of disturbing blood flow. The main objective is to propose a stent design to attain a uniform lumen section after stent deployment. Mechanical response of five different designs of J & J Palmaz-Schatz stent with the presence of plaque and artery are investigated; four stents have variable strut thickness of different magnitudes and the rest one is a uniform-strut-thickness stent. Nonlinear finite element is employed to simulate the expansion procedure of the intended designs using ABAQUS explicit. The stent design whose first cell thickness linearly increases by 35 percent, exhibits the best performance, that is it has the lowest recoiling and stress induced in the intima for a given lumen gain. It also enjoys the minimal discrepancy between the final at the distal and proximal ends. A uniform widened artery can be achieved by using the stent design with 35 percent increase in its first cell, which provides the possibility to prevent from disturbing blood flow and consequently post-operation complications.

  1. Earnings Returns to the British Education Expansion (United States)

    Devereux, Paul J.; Fan, Wen


    We study the effects of the large expansion in British educational attainment that took place for cohorts born between 1970 and 1975. Using the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, we find that the expansion caused men to increase education by about a year on average and gain about 8% higher wages; women obtained a slightly greater increase in education…

  2. Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure (United States)

    Seema Chandrakant Shah-Fairbank


    This study examines calculating total sediment discharge based on the Modified Einstein Procedure (MEP). A new procedure based on the Series Expansion of the Modified Einstein Procedure (SEMEP) has been developed. This procedure contains four main modifications to MEP. First, SEMEP solves the Einstein integrals quickly and accurately based on a series expansion. Next,...

  3. The Raman Spectrum of the Squarate (C4O4-2 Anion: An Ab Initio Basis Set Dependence Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miranda Sandro G. de


    Full Text Available The Raman excitation profile of the squarate anion, C4O4-2 , was calculated using ab initio methods at the Hartree-Fock using Linear Response Theory (LRT for six excitation frequencies: 632.5, 514.5, 488.0, 457.9, 363.8 and 337.1 nm. Five basis set functions (6-31G*, 6-31+G*, cc-pVDZ, aug-cc-pVDZ and Sadlej's polarizability basis set were investigated aiming to evaluate the performance of the 6-31G* set for numerical convergence and computational cost in relation to the larger basis sets. All basis sets reproduce the main spectroscopic features of the Raman spectrum of this anion for the excitation interval investigated. The 6-31G* basis set presented, on average, the same accuracy of numerical results as the larger sets but at a fraction of the computational cost showing that it is suitable for the theoretical investigation of the squarate dianion and its complexes and derivatives.

  4. Soft versus hard: An Australian study of an ideological basis to attitudes towards energy use and supply

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knight, L.O.P. (Div. of Science and Technology, Griffith Univ., Queensland (Australia))


    Evidence suggests that there are ideological bases for the way people view energy. The main hypothesis of this study is that people's attitudes towards energy use and supply can be predicted on the basis of their overall systems of belief. The second hypothesis is that business people and supporters of green politics are attitudinaly consistent groups and can function as ideal type for the Dominant Social Paradigm (DSP) and New Environmental Paradigm (NEP), respectively. To test these hypotheses, a postal survey was carried out in July 1985, following Dillman's (1978) guidelines where possible. Each subject was mailed a questionnaire booklet with a covering letter and reply-paid envelope. A follow-up letter was mailed one week later. The main implication of this study is that people who support economic individualism have materialistic lifestyles, have faith in the ability of science and technology to solve problems, are in favour of industrialization, have an anthropocentric view of the environment, and tend to view energy as a commodity to be expoited. Conversely, people who are opposed to economic individualism, whose lifestyles have a nonmaterial orientation, who are skeptical of the benefits of unconstrained science, technology and industrialization, and who have a biocentric view of the environment, tend to view energy as an ecological resource to be conserved. This overall conclusion is consistent with the findings of Jackson, linking attitudinal support for hard energy paths to the DSP and support for soft energy paths to the NEP. 19 refs., 1 fig., 3 tabs.

  5. Ab initio localized basis set study of structural parameters and elastic properties of HfO{sub 2} polymorphs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Caravaca, M A [Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Avenida Las Heras 727, 3500-Resistencia (Argentina); Casali, R A [Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales y Agrimensura, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Avenida Libertad, 5600-Corrientes (Argentina)


    The SIESTA approach based on pseudopotentials and a localized basis set is used to calculate the electronic, elastic and equilibrium properties of P 2{sub 1}/c, Pbca, Pnma, Fm3m, P4{sub 2}nmc and Pa3 phases of HfO{sub 2}. Using separable Troullier-Martins norm-conserving pseudopotentials which include partial core corrections for Hf, we tested important physical properties as a function of the basis set size, grid size and cut-off ratio of the pseudo-atomic orbitals (PAOs). We found that calculations in this oxide with the LDA approach and using a minimal basis set (simple zeta, SZ) improve calculated phase transition pressures with respect to the double-zeta basis set and LDA (DZ-LDA), and show similar accuracy to that determined with the PPPW and GGA approach. Still, the equilibrium volumes and structural properties calculated with SZ-LDA compare better with experiments than the GGA approach. The bandgaps and elastic and structural properties calculated with DZ-LDA are accurate in agreement with previous state of the art ab initio calculations and experimental evidence and cannot be improved with a polarized basis set. These calculated properties show low sensitivity to the PAO localization parameter range between 40 and 100 meV. However, this is not true for the relative energy, which improves upon decrease of the mentioned parameter. We found a non-linear behaviour in the lattice parameters with pressure in the P 2{sub 1}/c phase, showing a discontinuity of the derivative of the a lattice parameter with respect to external pressure, as found in experiments. The common enthalpy values calculated with the minimal basis set give pressure transitions of 3.3 and 10.8?GPa for P2{sub 1}/c {yields} Pbca and Pbca {yields} Pnma, respectively, in accordance with different high pressure experimental values.

  6. Effects of urbanization expansion on landscape pattern and region ecological risk in Chinese coastal city: a case study of Yantai city. (United States)

    Zhou, Di; Shi, Ping; Wu, Xiaoqing; Ma, Jinwei; Yu, Junbao


    Applied with remote sensing, GIS, and mathematical statistics, the spatial-temporal evolution characteristics of urbanization expansion of Yantai city from 1974 to 2009 was studied. Based on landscape pattern metrics and ecological risk index, the landscape ecological risk from the landscape pattern dynamics was evaluated. The results showed that the area of urban land increased by 189.77 km(2) with average expansion area of 5.42 km(2) y(-1) from 1974 to 2009. The urbanization intensity index during 2004-2009 was 3.92 times of that during 1974-1990. The land use types of urban land and farmland changed greatly. The changes of landscape pattern metrics for land use patterns indicated that the intensity of human activities had strengthened gradually in study period. The landscape ecological risk pattern of Yantai city shaped half-round rings along the coastline. The ecological risk index decreased with increase of the distance to the coastline. The ratio of high ecological risk to subhigh ecological risk zones in 2009 was 2.23 times of that in 1990. The significant linear relationship of urbanization intensity index and regional ecological risk indicated that the anthropological economic activities were decisive factors for sustainable development of costal ecological environment.

  7. Are serum-free and xeno-free culture conditions ideal for large scale clinical grade expansion of Wharton's jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells? A comparative study. (United States)

    Swamynathan, Priyanka; Venugopal, Parvathy; Kannan, Suresh; Thej, Charan; Kolkundar, Udaykumar; Bhagwat, Swaroop; Ta, Malancha; Majumdar, Anish Sen; Balasubramanian, Sudha


    Mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) for clinical use have largely been isolated from the bone marrow, although isolation of these cells from many different adult and fetal tissues has been reported as well. One such source of MSCs is the Whartons Jelly (WJ) of the umbilical cord, as it provides an inexhaustible source of stem cells for potential therapeutic use. Isolation of MSCs from the umbilical cord also presents little, if any, ethical concerns, and the process of obtaining the cord tissue is relatively simple with appropriate consent from the donor. However, a great majority of studies rely on the use of bovine serum containing medium for isolation and expansion of these cells, and porcine derived trypsin for dissociating the cells during passages, which may pose potential risks for using these cells in clinical applications. It is therefore of high priority to develop a robust production process by optimizing culture variables to efficiently and consistently generate MSCs that retain desired regenerative and differentiation properties while minimizing risk of disease transmission. We have established a complete xeno-free, serum-free culture condition for isolation, expansion and characterization of WJ-MSCs, to eliminate the use of animal components right from initiation of explant culture to clinical scale expansion and cryopreservation. Growth kinetics, in vitro differentiation capacities, immunosuppressive potential and immunophenotypic characterization of the cells expanded in serum-free media have been compared against those cultured under standard fetal bovine serum (FBS) containing medium. We have also compared the colony-forming frequency and genomic stability of the large scale expanded cells. Secretome analysis was performed to compare the angiogenic cytokines and functional angiogenic potency was proved by Matrigel assays. Results presented in this report identify one such serum-free, xeno-free medium for WJ expansion. Cells cultured in serum

  8. The neural and psychological basis of herding in purchasing books online: an event-related potential study. (United States)

    Chen, Mingliang; Ma, Qingguo; Li, Minle; Dai, Shenyi; Wang, Xiaoyi; Shu, Liangchao


    In this study, event-related brain potentials (ERPs) were used to investigate the neural and psychological bases of consumer herding decision in purchasing books online. Sixteen participants were asked to decide as quickly as possible whether to buy a book on the basis of its title keywords and the numbers of positive and negative reviews in stimulus. The given title keywords were very similar, and participants did not have special preference for any particular one. Hence, they were forced to adopt the strategy of herding decision: choosing to buy the book when there were consistent positive reviews, choosing not to buy when there were consistent negative reviews, randomly choosing to buy or not to buy when there were no consistent reviews. The herding decision triggers a categorical processing of the consistency level of customer reviews. Remarkable late positive potential (LPP), a component of ERP sensitive to categorization processes, was elicited. The LPP amplitudes varied as a function of review consistency. The LPP amplitudes for three categories of review consistency were significantly different, and their order is such that absolute consistent review was greater than relative consistent review, which was greater than inconsistent review. In addition, behavioral data revealed that the higher the consistency of the customer reviews, the higher the herd rate. It is possible that customer reviews with higher consistency let participants make herding decisions more resolutely. The present results suggest that the LPP may be regarded as an endogenous neural signal of the herding mechanism in a sense and that the LPP amplitude is potentially a measure of consumers' herd tendency in purchase decisions.

  9. The analysis of three-dimensional effects of nitanium palatal expander 2 and hyrax maxillary expansion appliances on craniofacial structures: A finite element study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Avinash Kumar


    Full Text Available Objectives: To analyze three-dimensional effects of stress distribution and displacement on the craniofacial structures, following the application of forces from Nitanium Palatal Expander 2 (NPE2 and Hyrax appliance in early mixed dentition period using finite element analysis. Materials and Methods: Three-dimensional finite element models of the young dried human skull, NPE2 and Hyrax were constructed, and the initial activation of the expanders was simulated to carry out the analysis and to evaluate the von misses stresses and displacement on the craniofacial structures. Results: Both the models demonstrated the highest stresses at the mid-palatal suture, with maximum posterior dislocation. The inferior nasal floor showed highest downward displacement and point A showed outward, backward, and upward displacement in both the models. The pattern of stress distribution was almost similar in both the groups, but NPE2 revealed lower magnitude stresses than Hyrax. The cusp of the erupting canine and the mesiobuccal cusp of the second molar showed outward, backward, and downward displacement signifying eruption pattern following maxillary expansion. Conclusions: Nickel titanium palatal expander-2 and Hyrax produced similar stress pattern in early mixed dentition period finite element model. We conclude from this finite element method study that NPE2 is equally effective as Hyrax when used in early mixed dentition period as it exhibits orthopedic nature of expansion with minimal residual stresses in the craniofacial structures.

  10. Optical emission spectroscopy study of the expansion dynamics of a laser generated plasma during the deposition of thin films by laser ablation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fazio, Enza


    Full Text Available The dynamics of the expanding plasma produced by excimer laser ablation of different materials such as silicon, silicon carbide, graphite and tin powder were studied by means of time integrated, spatially resolved emission spectroscopy and fast photography imaging of the expanding plasma. Experiments were performed both in vacuum and in different pure background atmosphere (i.e. oxygen or nitrogen and, finally, in gaseous mixtures (i.e. in O2/Ar and N2/Ar mixtures. These investigations were performed to gather information on the nature of the chemical species present in the plasma and on the occurrence of chemical reactions during the interaction between the plasma and the background gas. Then, we tried to correlate the plasma expansion dynamics to the structural and physical properties of the deposited materials. Experimental results clearly indicate that there is a strong correlation between the plasma expansion dynamics and the structural properties of the deposited thin films. In this respect, the investigations performed by means of fast photography and of optical emission spectroscopy revealed themselves as powerful tools for an efficient control of the deposition process itself.

  11. Nitrogen-Related Constraints of Carbon Uptake by Large-Scale Forest Expansion: Simulation Study for Climate Change and Management Scenarios (United States)

    Kracher, Daniela


    Increase of forest areas has the potential to increase the terrestrial carbon (C) sink. However, the efficiency for C sequestration depends on the availability of nutrients such as nitrogen (N), which is affected by climatic conditions and management practices. In this study, I analyze how N limitation affects C sequestration of afforestation and how it is influenced by individual climate variables, increased harvest, and fertilizer application. To this end, JSBACH, the land component of the Earth system model of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology is applied in idealized simulation experiments. In those simulations, large-scale afforestation increases the terrestrial C sink in the 21st century by around 100 Pg C compared to a business as usual land-use scenario. N limitation reduces C sequestration roughly by the same amount. The relevance of compensating effects of uptake and release of carbon dioxide by plant productivity and soil decomposition, respectively, gets obvious from the simulations. N limitation of both fluxes compensates particularly in the tropics. Increased mineralization under global warming triggers forest expansion, which otherwise is restricted by N availability. Due to compensating higher plant productivity and soil respiration, the global net effect of warming for C sequestration is however rather small. Fertilizer application and increased harvest enhance C sequestration as well as boreal expansion. The additional C sequestration achieved by fertilizer application is offset to a large part by additional emissions of nitrous oxide.

  12. CSF1R inhibition with emactuzumab in locally advanced diffuse-type tenosynovial giant cell tumours of the soft tissue: a dose-escalation and dose-expansion phase 1 study. (United States)

    Cassier, Philippe A; Italiano, Antoine; Gomez-Roca, Carlos A; Le Tourneau, Christophe; Toulmonde, Maud; Cannarile, Michael A; Ries, Carola; Brillouet, Anne; Müller, Claudia; Jegg, Anna-Maria; Bröske, Ann-Marie; Dembowski, Markus; Bray-French, Katharine; Freilinger, Christine; Meneses-Lorente, Georgina; Baehner, Monika; Harding, Ross; Ratnayake, Jayantha; Abiraj, Keelara; Gass, Nathalie; Noh, Karen; Christen, Randolph D; Ukarma, Lidia; Bompas, Emmanuelle; Delord, Jean-Pierre; Blay, Jean-Yves; Rüttinger, Dominik


    Diffuse-type tenosynovial giant cell tumour (dt-GCT) of the soft tissue (alternatively known as pigmented villonodular synovitis), an orphan disease with unmet medical need, is characterised by an overexpression of colony-stimulating factor 1 (CSF1), and is usually caused by a chromosomal translocation involving CSF1. CSF1 receptor (CSF1R) activation leads to the recruitment of CSF1R-expressing cells of the mononuclear phagocyte lineage that constitute the tumor mass in dt-GCT. Emactuzumab (RG7155) is a novel monoclonal antibody that inhibits CSF1R activation. We have assessed the safety, tolerability and activity of emactuzumab in patients with Dt-GCT of the soft tissue. In this phase 1, first-in-human dose-escalation and dose-expansion study, eligible patients were aged 18 years or older with dt-GCT of the soft tissue with locally advanced disease or resectable tumours requiring extensive surgery, an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status of 1 or less, measurable disease according to Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors version 1.1, and adequate end-organ function. Patients with GCT of the bone were not eligible. Patients received intravenous emactuzumab at 900 mg, 1350 mg, or 2000 mg every 2 weeks in the dose-escalation phase and at the optimal biological dose in a dose-expansion phase. The primary objective was to evaluate the safety and tolerability of emactuzumab, and to determine the maximum tolerated dose or optimal biological dose. All treated patients were included in the analyses. Expansion cohorts are currently ongoing. This study is registered with, number NCT01494688. Between July 26, 2012, and Oct 21, 2013, 12 patients were enrolled in the dose-escalation phase. No dose-limiting toxicities were noted in the dose-escalation cohort; on the basis of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and safety information, we chose a dose of 1000 mg every 2 week for the dose-expansion cohort, into which 17 patients were enrolled

  13. Virial Expansion Bounds (United States)

    Tate, Stephen James


    In the 1960s, the technique of using cluster expansion bounds in order to achieve bounds on the virial expansion was developed by Lebowitz and Penrose (J. Math. Phys. 5:841, 1964) and Ruelle (Statistical Mechanics: Rigorous Results. Benjamin, Elmsford, 1969). This technique is generalised to more recent cluster expansion bounds by Poghosyan and Ueltschi (J. Math. Phys. 50:053509, 2009), which are related to the work of Procacci (J. Stat. Phys. 129:171, 2007) and the tree-graph identity, detailed by Brydges (Phénomènes Critiques, Systèmes Aléatoires, Théories de Jauge. Les Houches 1984, pp. 129-183, 1986). The bounds achieved by Lebowitz and Penrose can also be sharpened by doing the actual optimisation and achieving expressions in terms of the Lambert W-function. The different bound from the cluster expansion shows some improvements for bounds on the convergence of the virial expansion in the case of positive potentials, which are allowed to have a hard core.

  14. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan

    of firewood collection. A delayed reaction to the ending of the little ice age cannot be excluded, but seems rather unlikely considering other studies from Greenland. Effects of global warming in SW Greenland must be studied over even longer time periods than the 120 years of the current study. To answer......, and has a range of ecosystem effects where it occurs. Shrub expansion has to a large extend been attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century, while grazing and human disturbance have received less attention. Alnus viridis ssp. crispa is a common arctic species that contributes...... by factors like grazing and human disturbance; II. which climatic factors control shrub growth in SW Greenland and whether these have improved sufficiently over the past century to allow shrub expansion; III. whether growth of A. viridis is promoted by experimental warming; IV. and whether plant genotypes...

  15. Changes in blood flow due to stented parent artery expansion in an intracranial aneurysm. (United States)

    Mori, Futoshi; Ohta, Makoto; Matsuzawa, Teruo


    Stent placement is thought to obstruct the inflow of blood to an aneurysm. However, we introduced parent artery expansion and demonstrated that this may reduce the blood flow by the stent. In our previous study using idealized shapes, the results showed that flow reduction was greater than 22.2%, even if the expansion rate was only 6%. Furthermore, the parent artery expansion is predominantly caused by the effect of flow reduction as compared to that of flow reduction due to the obstruction of flow under stent placement. However, a realistic shape is complex and the blood flow also becomes complex flow. It is not understood whether the results of flow in the idealized shape are reflective of flow from a realistic 3D model. Therefore, we examined the effect of parent artery expansion using a realistic model. The aim is to clarify the effects of parent artery expansion on inflow rate, wall shear stress, and oscillatory shear index. We used a patient-specific geometry of a human internal carotid artery with an aneurysm. The geometry of parent artery expansion due to oversized stent constructed based on the voronoi diagram. We performed calculations in the unsteady-state situations using constructed models. The complexity of the flow in the aneurysm decreases in case of expanded parent artery. The inflow rate decreases by 33.6% immediately after parent artery expansion alone without a stent. The effect of the parent artery expansion on flow reduction is larger than that of the obstruction flow by stent placement. In addition, wall shear stress and oscillatory shear index on the aneurysm wall decrease by change in blood flow due to the parent artery expansion. The effects of the parent artery expansion in a realistic aneurysm model with different stent lengths were evaluated on the basis of a numerical simulation. Although the flow was complex, the parent artery expansion with stent reduces the inflow to the aneurysm and wall shear stress and oscillatory shear index on

  16. Effective Expansion: Balance between Shrinkage and Hygroscopic Expansion. (United States)

    Suiter, E A; Watson, L E; Tantbirojn, D; Lou, J S B; Versluis, A


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between hygroscopic expansion and polymerization shrinkage for compensation of polymerization shrinkage stresses in a restored tooth. One resin-modified glass-ionomer (RMGI) (Ketac Nano, 3M ESPE), 2 compomers (Dyract, Dentsply; Compoglass, Ivoclar), and a universal resin-based composite (Esthet•X HD, Dentsply) were tested. Volumetric change after polymerization ("total shrinkage") and during 4 wk of water storage at 37°C was measured using an optical method (n= 10). Post-gel shrinkage was measured during polymerization using a strain gauge method (n= 10). Extracted human molars with large mesio-occluso-distal slot preparations were restored with the tested restorative materials. Tooth surfaces at baseline (preparation), after restoration, and during 4 wk of 37°C water storage were scanned with an optical scanner to determine cuspal flexure (n= 8). Occlusal interface integrity was measured using dye penetration. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance and post hoc tests (significance level 0.05). All tested materials shrunk after polymerization. RMGI had the highest total shrinkage (4.65%) but lowest post-gel shrinkage (0.35%). Shrinkage values dropped significantly during storage in water but had not completely compensated polymerization shrinkage after 4 wk. All restored teeth initially exhibited inward (negative) cuspal flexure due to polymerization shrinkage. Cuspal flexure with the RMGI restoration was significantly less (-6.4 µm) than with the other materials (-12.1 to -14.1 µm). After 1 d, cuspal flexure reversed to +5.0 µm cuspal expansion with the RMGI and increased to +9.3 µm at 4 wk. After 4 wk, hygroscopic expansion compensated cuspal flexure in a compomer (Compoglass) and reduced flexure with Dyract and resin-based composite. Marginal integrity (93.7% intact restoration wall) was best for the Compoglass restorations and lowest (73.1%) for the RMGI restorations. Hygroscopic

  17. Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under Health Reform.. (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under Health Reform, Interviews with Medicaid Officials In a new study entitled Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under...

  18. Uniform gradient expansions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Massimo Giovannini


    Full Text Available Cosmological singularities are often discussed by means of a gradient expansion that can also describe, during a quasi-de Sitter phase, the progressive suppression of curvature inhomogeneities. While the inflationary event horizon is being formed the two mentioned regimes coexist and a uniform expansion can be conceived and applied to the evolution of spatial gradients across the protoinflationary boundary. It is argued that conventional arguments addressing the preinflationary initial conditions are necessary but generally not sufficient to guarantee a homogeneous onset of the conventional inflationary stage.

  19. Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease on the basis of clinical and genetic classification: a population-based modelling study. (United States)

    Nalls, Mike A; McLean, Cory Y; Rick, Jacqueline; Eberly, Shirley; Hutten, Samantha J; Gwinn, Katrina; Sutherland, Margaret; Martinez, Maria; Heutink, Peter; Williams, Nigel M; Hardy, John; Gasser, Thomas; Brice, Alexis; Price, T Ryan; Nicolas, Aude; Keller, Margaux F; Molony, Cliona; Gibbs, J Raphael; Chen-Plotkin, Alice; Suh, Eunran; Letson, Christopher; Fiandaca, Massimo S; Mapstone, Mark; Federoff, Howard J; Noyce, Alastair J; Morris, Huw; Van Deerlin, Vivianna M; Weintraub, Daniel; Zabetian, Cyrus; Hernandez, Dena G; Lesage, Suzanne; Mullins, Meghan; Conley, Emily Drabant; Northover, Carrie A M; Frasier, Mark; Marek, Ken; Day-Williams, Aaron G; Stone, David J; Ioannidis, John P A; Singleton, Andrew B


    Accurate diagnosis and early detection of complex diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, has the potential to be of great benefit for researchers and clinical practice. We aimed to create a non-invasive, accurate classification model for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, which could serve as a basis for future disease prediction studies in longitudinal cohorts. We developed a model for disease classification using data from the Parkinson's Progression Marker Initiative (PPMI) study for 367 patients with Parkinson's disease and phenotypically typical imaging data and 165 controls without neurological disease. Olfactory function, genetic risk, family history of Parkinson's disease, age, and gender were algorithmically selected by stepwise logistic regression as significant contributors to our classifying model. We then tested the model with data from 825 patients with Parkinson's disease and 261 controls from five independent cohorts with varying recruitment strategies and designs: the Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers Program (PDBP), the Parkinson's Associated Risk Study (PARS), 23andMe, the Longitudinal and Biomarker Study in PD (LABS-PD), and the Morris K Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center of Excellence cohort (Penn-Udall). Additionally, we used our model to investigate patients who had imaging scans without evidence of dopaminergic deficit (SWEDD). In the population from PPMI, our initial model correctly distinguished patients with Parkinson's disease from controls at an area under the curve (AUC) of 0·923 (95% CI 0·900-0·946) with high sensitivity (0·834, 95% CI 0·711-0·883) and specificity (0·903, 95% CI 0·824-0·946) at its optimum AUC threshold (0·655). All Hosmer-Lemeshow simulations suggested that when parsed into random subgroups, the subgroup data matched that of the overall cohort. External validation showed good classification of Parkinson's disease, with AUCs of 0·894 (95% CI 0·867-0·921) in the PDBP cohort, 0·998 (0·992-1·000

  20. Identification of biomes affected by marginal expansion of agricultural land use induced by increased crop consumption

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kløverpris, Jesper Hedal


    on agricultural statistics and maps of global agricultural areas and the global distribution of biomes. The application of the method is illustrated with four examples. The results indicate that agricultural expansion on land suited for crop cultivation (cultivable land) typically affects forest biomes...... to characterise these areas. The present study ascribes so-called biomes (natural potential vegetation) to the areas affected by agricultural expansion in order to provide a basis for assessing the environmental impacts from land use in the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA). The methodology builds...... or potential grassland/steppe, whereas expansion on land suited for grazing but not for crop cultivation (grazable land) typically occurs on potential shrubland or a few other biomes depending on the region. Some uncertainty applies to the results but it is concluded that it is feasible to identify biomes...

  1. AUTO-EXPANSIVE FLOW (United States)

    Physics suggests that the interplay of momentum, continuity, and geometry in outward radial flow must produce density and concomitant pressure reductions. In other words, this flow is intrinsically auto-expansive. It has been proposed that this process is the key to understanding...

  2. Rethinking expansive learning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolbæk, Ditte; Lundh Snis, Ulrika

    discussion forum on Google groups, they created new ways of reflecting and learning. We used netnography to select qualitative postings from the online community and expansive learning concepts for data analysis. The findings show how students changed practices of organisational learning...

  3. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan

    , and has a range of ecosystem effects where it occurs. Shrub expansion has to a large extend been attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century, while grazing and human disturbance have received less attention. Alnus viridis ssp. crispa is a common arctic species that contributes...... including only undisturbed sites. Shrub cover increased most on E and SE facing slopes, in sites with stable substrate, in areas characterised by human disturbance and in areas without muskoxen grazing. Aspect and human disturbances had the strongest effect on shrub expansion, followed by muskoxen...... locations. A. viridis represents an interesting case to study these effects. SW Greenland is a subarctic to low-arctic region with only limited increases in temperatures during the past decades, and observed climate trends being largely dependent on the observation period. In this region there is limited...

  4. Spatial Linkage and Urban Expansion: AN Urban Agglomeration View (United States)

    Jiao, L. M.; Tang, X.; Liu, X. P.


    Urban expansion displays different characteristics in each period. From the perspective of the urban agglomeration, studying the spatial and temporal characteristics of urban expansion plays an important role in understanding the complex relationship between urban expansion and network structure of urban agglomeration. We analyze urban expansion in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (YRD) through accessibility to and spatial interaction intensity from core cities as well as accessibility of road network. Results show that: (1) Correlation between urban expansion intensity and spatial indicators such as location and space syntax variables is remarkable and positive, while it decreases after rapid expansion. (2) Urban expansion velocity displays a positive correlation with spatial indicators mentioned above in the first (1980-1990) and second (1990-2000) period. However, it exhibits a negative relationship in the third period (2000-2010), i.e., cities located in the periphery of urban agglomeration developing more quickly. Consequently, the hypothesis of convergence of urban expansion in rapid expansion stage is put forward. (3) Results of Zipf's law and Gibrat's law show urban expansion in YRD displays a convergent trend in rapid expansion stage, small and medium-sized cities growing faster. This study shows that spatial linkage plays an important but evolving role in urban expansion within the urban agglomeration. In addition, it serves as a reference to the planning of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and regulation of urban expansion of other urban agglomerations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. M. Jiao


    Full Text Available Urban expansion displays different characteristics in each period. From the perspective of the urban agglomeration, studying the spatial and temporal characteristics of urban expansion plays an important role in understanding the complex relationship between urban expansion and network structure of urban agglomeration. We analyze urban expansion in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (YRD through accessibility to and spatial interaction intensity from core cities as well as accessibility of road network. Results show that: (1 Correlation between urban expansion intensity and spatial indicators such as location and space syntax variables is remarkable and positive, while it decreases after rapid expansion. (2 Urban expansion velocity displays a positive correlation with spatial indicators mentioned above in the first (1980–1990 and second (1990–2000 period. However, it exhibits a negative relationship in the third period (2000–2010, i.e., cities located in the periphery of urban agglomeration developing more quickly. Consequently, the hypothesis of convergence of urban expansion in rapid expansion stage is put forward. (3 Results of Zipf’s law and Gibrat's law show urban expansion in YRD displays a convergent trend in rapid expansion stage, small and medium-sized cities growing faster. This study shows that spatial linkage plays an important but evolving role in urban expansion within the urban agglomeration. In addition, it serves as a reference to the planning of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and regulation of urban expansion of other urban agglomerations.

  6. Cognitive and clinical characteristics of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis carrying a C9orf72 repeat expansion: a population-based cohort study.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Byrne, Susan


    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease of upper and lower motor neurons, associated with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in about 14% of incident cases. We assessed the frequency of the recently identified C9orf72 repeat expansion in familial and apparently sporadic cases of ALS and characterised the cognitive and clinical phenotype of patients with this expansion.

  7. Effect of prolonged thermal cycling on microleakage around Class V cavities restored with glass-ceramic inserts with different coefficients of thermal expansion: an in vitro study. (United States)

    Santini, Ario; Ivanovic, Vladimir; Tan, Chuei Luan; Ibbetson, Richard


    The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate microleakage around Class V glass-ceramic restorations of different coefficients of thermal expansion after prolonged thermal cycling. One hundred and twenty noncarious extracted human premolars (patient age range 12-20 years) were randomly assigned to three groups. Standard Class V preparations were cut in the buccal surface using customised Cerana burs, size no. 3. Glass-ceramic inserts from two manufacturers (Cerana, Nordiska Dental AB, Helsingborg, Sweden; Beta-Quartz, Hager & Werken GmbH, Duisburg, Germany) were used to restore the cavities and were luted with a hybrid, high-viscous composite (Tetric Ceram, Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein) and a bonding agent (Excite, Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein). A control group, without inserts, was bulk-filled with the same composite used as the luting agent. In accordance with American Dental Association guidelines, half of the preparation was in enamel, half in dentine/cementum and had a mesio-distal width of 3 mm, an occluso-gingival height of 3 mm, and a depth of 2 mm. All margins had butt joints. Sixty teeth, selected at random, were not thermal cycled; the remaining 60 teeth were thermal cycled 4000 times between water baths held at 5 degrees C and 55 degrees C and the specimens prepared and examined for microleakage using 2.0% Procion Red (ICI, Slough, UK) dye, buffered at pH7, as a marker. The results were analysed using the Kruskal-Wallis test (ANOVA) at a 95% significance level. At the occlusal margins there was no significant difference in microleakage between the three groups (P>0.5) without thermal cycling. After thermal cycling, microleakage at the occlusal margins was significantly less around cavities restored with Cerana glass-ceramic inserts versus Beta-Quartz and Tetric Ceram (Pmicroleakge between the groups before thermal cycling (P>0.5). After thermal cycling, there was significantly less microleakage between Cerana inserts and

  8. Educational expansion and field of study: Trends in the intergenerational transmission of educational inequality in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kraaykamp, G.L.M.; Tolsma, J.; Wolbers, M.H.J.


    In this paper we study to what extent parental field of study affects a person's educational level and field of study. We employ information on 8800 respondents from the Family Survey Dutch Population (1992-2009). Our results first of all show that, over the last five decades, economic fields of

  9. U. S. Government Factors Influencing an Expansion of Study Abroad in the Middle East/North Africa (United States)

    Lane-Toomey, Cara


    As the United States continued to grow as a world power throughout the later part of the twentieth century, government funding for international education grew more closely connected to its national security needs. Federal funds have contributed to the growth of Area Studies and studying Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Within the last ten…

  10. Studying the genetic basis of drought tolerance in sorghum by managed stress trials and adjustments for phenological and plant height differences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    sabadin, P.; Malosetti, M.; Tardin, F.; Santos, dos F.; Guimaraes, C.; Gomide, R.; Andrade, C.; albuquerque, P.; Caniato, F.; Mollinari, M.; Margarido, G.; Oliveira, B.; Schaffert, R.; Garcia, A.; Eeuwijk, van F.A.


    Managed environments in the form of well watered and water stressed trials were performed to study the genetic basis of grain yield and stay green in sorghum with the objective of validating previously detected QTL. As variations in phenology and plant height may influence QTL detection for the

  11. Implementation of an Industrial-Based Case Study as the Basis for a Design Project in an Introduction to Mechanical Design Course (United States)

    Lackey, Ellen


    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the implementation of an industrial-based case study as the basis for a design project for the Spring 2009 Introduction to Mechanical Design Course at the University of Mississippi. Course surveys documented the lack of student exposure in classes to the types of projects typically experienced by engineers…

  12. A blinded international study on the reliability of genetic testing for GGGGCC-repeat expansions in C9orf72 reveals marked differences in results among 14 laboratories. (United States)

    Akimoto, Chizuru; Volk, Alexander E; van Blitterswijk, Marka; Van den Broeck, Marleen; Leblond, Claire S; Lumbroso, Serge; Camu, William; Neitzel, Birgit; Onodera, Osamu; van Rheenen, Wouter; Pinto, Susana; Weber, Markus; Smith, Bradley; Proven, Melanie; Talbot, Kevin; Keagle, Pamela; Chesi, Alessandra; Ratti, Antonia; van der Zee, Julie; Alstermark, Helena; Birve, Anna; Calini, Daniela; Nordin, Angelica; Tradowsky, Daniela C; Just, Walter; Daoud, Hussein; Angerbauer, Sabrina; DeJesus-Hernandez, Mariely; Konno, Takuya; Lloyd-Jani, Anjali; de Carvalho, Mamede; Mouzat, Kevin; Landers, John E; Veldink, Jan H; Silani, Vincenzo; Gitler, Aaron D; Shaw, Christopher E; Rouleau, Guy A; van den Berg, Leonard H; Van Broeckhoven, Christine; Rademakers, Rosa; Andersen, Peter M; Kubisch, Christian


    The GGGGCC-repeat expansion in C9orf72 is the most frequent mutation found in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Most of the studies on C9orf72 have relied on repeat-primed PCR (RP-PCR) methods for detection of the expansions. To investigate the inherent limitations of this technique, we compared methods and results of 14 laboratories. The 14 laboratories genotyped DNA from 78 individuals (diagnosed with ALS or FTD) in a blinded fashion. Eleven laboratories used a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR, whereas three laboratories used RP-PCR alone; Southern blotting techniques were used as a reference. Using PCR-based techniques, 5 of the 14 laboratories got results in full accordance with the Southern blotting results. Only 50 of the 78 DNA samples got the same genotype result in all 14 laboratories. There was a high degree of false positive and false negative results, and at least one sample could not be genotyped at all in 9 of the 14 laboratories. The mean sensitivity of a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR was 95.0% (73.9-100%), and the mean specificity was 98.0% (87.5-100%). Overall, a sensitivity and specificity of more than 95% was observed in only seven laboratories. Because of the wide range seen in genotyping results, we recommend using a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR as a minimum in a research setting. We propose that Southern blotting techniques should be the gold standard, and be made obligatory in a clinical diagnostic setting. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  13. Origin of the colossal positive and negative thermal expansion in Ag{sub 3}[Co(CN){sub 6}]: an ab initio density functional theory study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Calleja, Mark [Cambridge eScience Centre, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA (United Kingdom); Goodwin, Andrew L; Dove, Martin T [Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EQ (United Kingdom)], E-mail:


    DFT calculations have been used to provide insights into the origin of the colossal positive and negative thermal expansion in Ag{sub 3}[Co(CN){sub 6}]. The results confirm that the positive expansion within the trigonal basal plane and the negative expansion in the orthogonal direction are coupled due to the existence of a network defined by nearly rigid bonds within the chains of Co-C-N-Ag-N-C-Co linkages. The origin of the colossal values of the coefficients of thermal expansion arise from an extremely shallow energy surface that allows a flexing of the structure with small energy cost. The thermal expansion can be achieved with a modest value of the overall Grueneisen parameter. The energy surface is so shallow that we need to incorporate a small empirical dispersive interaction to give ground-state lattice parameters that match experimental values at low temperature. We compare the results with DFT calculations on two isostructural systems: H{sub 3}[Co(CN){sub 6}], which is known to have much smaller values of the coefficients of thermal expansion, and Au{sub 3}[Co(CN){sub 6}], which has not yet been synthesized but which is predicted by our calculations to be another candidate material for showing colossal positive and negative thermal expansion.

  14. Computed tomographic studies of the basis pedunculi in chronic hemiplegic patients: Topographic correlation between cerebral lesion and midbrain shrinkage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Warabi, T.; Miyasaka, K.; Inoue, K.; Nakamura, N.


    A computed tomographic method for analyzing the shrinkage of the basis pedunculi (BP) due to the secondary degeneration of the descending fibers was applied in correlation to the site of cerebral lesions in 89 chronic hemiplegic patients. Cerebral lesions in the anterior corona radiata or the anterior limb of the capsula interna caused shrinkage of the medial BP. Lesions in the central corona radiata or the genu and posterior limb of the capsula interna caused shrinkage of the central BP, while lesions of the posterior corona radiata or the posterior limb of the capsula interna caused shrinkage of the lateral BP. These results suggested that CT images are able to reveal the principle sites of atrophy of the descending fiber tracts in chronic hemiplegia.

  15. A Study of Bahram’s Character in Haft Peikar on the Basis of Mazlo Theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    mh Karami


    Full Text Available As a thoughtful poet, Nazami has tried to manifest his main preoccupation, i.e. an ideal man who can be a moral model for the readers, in his works. In Haft Peikar, the basis of Nezami’s thought is Perfection and self-fulfillment of characters, especially Bahram Goor. For him, such Perfection is not an agonized experience but a happy and hopeful experience which is achieved with regard to both Body and Soul. In this way, Nezami’s idea is similar to Mazlo theory of personality. Throughout the story, Bahram gradually reaches the level of Knowledge and, as there are dilemmas and denouements in the story, it seems that he gets free from his complexes. In this article, the character of Bahram is compared with the elements of self-fulfillment in Mazlo theory.

  16. IKEA's International Expansion


    Harapiak, Clayton


    This case concerns a global retailing firm that is dealing with strategic management and marketing issues. Applying a scenario of international expansion, this case provides a thorough analysis of the current business environment for IKEA. Utilizing a variety of methods (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE, McKinsey Matrix) the overall objective is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their research skills and knowledge regarding a highly competitive industry to develop strategic marketing strateg...

  17. Expansion of methylmercury poisoning outside of Minamata: An epidemiological study on chronic methylmercury poisoning outside of Minamata

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ninomiya, Tadashi [Yoron Hospital, Kagoshima (Japan); Ohmori, Hiroyuki; Hashimoto, Kiyomi [Kumamoto Univ. Medical School (Japan)] [and others


    The first methylmercury poisoning by consumption of fish arose in Minamata, Japan, in 1953. Methylmercury dispersed from Minamata to the to the Shiranui Sea until 1968. Mercury concentration in the hair of residents on the coast of the Shiranui Sea was 10 to 20 times higher than in nonpolluted people in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1960. People on the coast of the Shiranui Sea have consumed fish containing low-dose methylmercury without a ban over decades until 1968. We studied the effect of long-term consumption of methylmercury on those people 10 years later after the end of methylmercury dispersion. Our epidemiological study clarified that people in a fishing village (Ooura) on the coast of the Shiranui Sea showed a significantly higher frequency of neurological signs characteristics of methylmercury poisoning (hypoesthesia, ataxia, impairment of hearing, visual change, and dysarthria) in comparison with people in a nonpolluted fishing village (Ichiburi). The neurological disorders were still detected 10 years later in Ooura after the end of methylmercury dispersion from Minamata: hypoesthesia showed the highest frequency in Ooura. These results suggest that people on the coast of the Shiranui Sea were affected by long-term dietary exposure to methylmercury. 14 refs., 1 fig., 1 tab.

  18. Thermal expansion of doped lanthanum gallates

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Thermal expansion of several compositions of Sr and Mg-doped LaGaO3 including an -site deficient composition (La0.9Sr0.1)0.98(Ga0.8Mg0.2)O2.821 were measured in the temperature range from 298 to 1273 K. The effect of doping on thermal expansion was studied by varying the composition at one site of the ...

  19. Expansion and rupture of charged microcapsules


    Datta, Sujit S.; Abbaspourrad, Alireza; Weitz, David A


    We study the deformations of pH-responsive spherical microcapsules -- micrometer-scale liquid drops surrounded by thin, solid shells -- under the influence of electrostatic forces. When exposed to a large concentration of NaOH, the microcapsules become highly charged, and expand isotropically. We find that the extent of this expansion can be understood by coupling electrostatics with shell theory; moreover, the expansion dynamics is well described by Darcy's law for fluid flow through the mic...

  20. Negative thermal expansion in framework compounds

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 27, 2015 ... We have studied negative thermal expansion (NTE) compounds with chemi- cal compositions of NX2O8 and NX2O7 (N=Zr, Hf and X=W, Mo, V) and M2O (M=Cu, Ag) using the techniques of inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamics. There is a large variation in the negative thermal expansion ...

  1. Stochastic quantization and 1/N expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunelli, J.C. [Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Mendes, R.S. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    We study the 1/N expansion of field theories in the stochastic quantization method of Parisi and Wu using the supersymmetric functional approach. This formulation provides a systematic procedure to implement the 1/N expansion which resembles the ones used in the equilibrium. The 1/N perturbation theory for the non linear sigma model in two dimensions is worked out as an example. (author). 19 refs., 5 figs.

  2. Character expansion of matrix integrals


    van de Leur, J. W.; Orlov, A. Yu.


    We consider character expansion of tau functions and multiple integrals in characters of orhtogonal and symplectic groups. In particular we consider character expansions of integrals over orthogonal and over symplectic matrices.

  3. Progesterone induces adult mammary stem cell expansion. (United States)

    Joshi, Purna A; Jackson, Hartland W; Beristain, Alexander G; Di Grappa, Marco A; Mote, Patricia A; Clarke, Christine L; Stingl, John; Waterhouse, Paul D; Khokha, Rama


    Reproductive history is the strongest risk factor for breast cancer after age, genetics and breast density. Increased breast cancer risk is entwined with a greater number of ovarian hormone-dependent reproductive cycles, yet the basis for this predisposition is unknown. Mammary stem cells (MaSCs) are located within a specialized niche in the basal epithelial compartment that is under local and systemic regulation. The emerging role of MaSCs in cancer initiation warrants the study of ovarian hormones in MaSC homeostasis. Here we show that the MaSC pool increases 14-fold during maximal progesterone levels at the luteal dioestrus phase of the mouse. Stem-cell-enriched CD49fhi cells amplify at dioestrus, or with exogenous progesterone, demonstrating a key role for progesterone in propelling this expansion. In aged mice, CD49fhi cells display stasis upon cessation of the reproductive cycle. Progesterone drives a series of events where luminal cells probably provide Wnt4 and RANKL signals to basal cells which in turn respond by upregulating their cognate receptors, transcriptional targets and cell cycle markers. Our findings uncover a dynamic role for progesterone in activating adult MaSCs within the mammary stem cell niche during the reproductive cycle, where MaSCs are putative targets for cell transformation events leading to breast cancer.

  4. Final results of a phase I dose-escalation, dose-expansion study of adding disulfiram with or without copper to adjuvant temozolomide for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. (United States)

    Huang, Jiayi; Campian, Jian L; Gujar, Amit D; Tsien, Christina; Ansstas, George; Tran, David D; DeWees, Todd A; Lockhart, A Craig; Kim, Albert H


    Disulfiram has shown promising activity including proteasome inhibitory properties and synergy with temozolomide in preclinical glioblastoma (GBM) models. In a phase I study for newly diagnosed GBM after chemoradiotherapy, we have previously reported our initial dose-escalation results combining disulfiram with adjuvant temozolomide and established the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) as 500 mg per day. Here we report the final results of the phase I study including an additional dose-expansion cohort of disulfiram with concurrent copper. The phase I study consisted of an initial dose-escalation phase of disulfiram 500-1000 mg daily during adjuvant temozolomide, followed by a dose-expansion phase of disulfiram 500 mg daily with copper 2 mg three times daily. Proteasome inhibition was assessed using fluorometric 20S proteasome assay on peripheral blood cell. A total of 18 patients were enrolled: 7 patients received 500 mg disulfiram, 5 patients received 1000 mg disulfiram, and 6 patients received 500 mg disulfiram with copper. Two dose-limiting toxicities occurred with 1000 mg disulfiram. At disulfiram 500 mg with or without copper, only 1 patient (7%) required dose-reduction during the first month of therapy. Addition of copper to disulfiram did not increase toxicity nor proteasome inhibition. The median progression-free survival was 4.5 months (95% CI 0.8-8.2). The median overall survival (OS) was 14.0 months (95% CI 8.3-19.6), and the 2-year OS was 24%. The MTD of disulfiram at 500 mg daily in combination with adjuvant temozolomide was well tolerated by GBM patients, but 1000 mg daily was not. Toxicity and pharmacodynamic effect of disulfiram were similar with or without concurrent copper. The clinical efficacy appeared to be comparable to historical data. Additional clinical trials to combine disulfiram and copper with chemoradiotherapy or to resensitize recurrent GBM to temozolomide are ongoing.

  5. Factors associated with postoperative C5 palsy after expansive open-door laminoplasty: retrospective cohort study using multivariable analysis. (United States)

    Tsuji, Takashi; Matsumoto, Morio; Nakamura, Masaya; Ishii, Ken; Fujita, Nobuyuki; Chiba, Kazuhiro; Watanabe, Kota


    The aim of the present study was to investigate the factors associated with C5 palsy by focusing on radiological parameters using multivariable analysis. The authors retrospectively assessed 190 patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy treated by open-door laminoplasty. Four radiographic parameters-the number of expanded lamina, C3-C7 angle, lamina open angle and space anterior to the spinal cord-were evaluated to clarify the factors associated with C5 palsy. Of the 190 patients, 11 developed C5 palsy, giving an overall incidence of 5.8%. Although the number of expanded lamina, lamina open angle and space anterior to the spinal cord were significantly larger in C5 palsy group than those in non-palsy group, a multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that only the space anterior to the spinal cord (odds ratio 2.60) was a significant independent factor associated with C5 palsy. A multiple linear regression analysis indicated that the lamina open angle was associated with the space anterior to the spinal cord and the analysis identified the following equation: space anterior to the spinal cord (mm) = 1.54 + 0.09 × lamina open angle (degree). A cut-off value of 53.5° for the lamina open angle predicted the development of C5 palsy with a sensitivity of 72.7% and a specificity of 83.2%. The larger postoperative space anterior to the spinal cord, which was associated with the lamina open angle, was positively correlated with the higher incidence of C5 palsy.

  6. Collisional and collisionless expansion of Yukawa balls. (United States)

    Piel, Alexander; Goree, John A


    The expansion of Yukawa balls is studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations of collisionless and collisional situations. High computation speed was achieved by using the parallel computing power of graphics processing units. When the radius of the Yukawa ball is large compared to the shielding length, the expansion process starts with the blow-off of the outermost layer. A rarefactive wave subsequently propagates radially inward at the speed of longitudinal phonons. This mechanism is fundamentally different from Coulomb explosions, which employ a self-similar expansion of the entire system. In the collisionless limit, the outer layers carry away most of the available energy. The simulations are compared with analytical estimates. In the collisional case, the expansion process can be described by a nonlinear diffusion equation that is a special case of the porous medium equation.

  7. Ultra-low thermal expansion realized in giant negative thermal expansion materials through self-compensation (United States)

    Shen, Fei-Ran; Kuang, Hao; Hu, Feng-Xia; Wu, Hui; Huang, Qing-Zhen; Liang, Fei-Xiang; Qiao, Kai-Ming; Li, Jia; Wang, Jing; Liu, Yao; Zhang, Lei; He, Min; Zhang, Ying; Zuo, Wen-Liang; Sun, Ji-Rong; Shen, Bao-Gen


    Materials with zero thermal expansion (ZTE) or precisely tailored thermal expansion are in urgent demand of modern industries. However, the overwhelming majority of materials show positive thermal expansion. To develop ZTE or negative thermal expansion (NTE) materials as compensators has become an important challenge. Here, we present the evidence for the realization of ultra-low thermal expansion in Mn-Co-Ge-In particles. The bulk with the Ni2In-type hexagonal structure undergoes giant NTE owing to a martensitic magnetostructural transition. The major finding is that the thermal expansion behavior can be totally controlled by modulating the crystallinity degree and phase transition from atomic scale. Self-compensation effect leads to ultra-low thermal expansion with a linear expansion coefficient as small as +0.68 × 10-6/K over a wide temperature range around room temperature. The present study opens an avenue to reach ZTE particularly from the large class of giant NTE materials based on phase transition.

  8. Ticlopidine safety profile: a case/non-case study on the basis of the spontaneous ADRs reporting in Italy. (United States)

    Motola, Domenico; Biagi, Chiara; Leone, Roberto; Venegoni, Mauro; Lapi, Francesco; Cutroneo, Paola; Vargiu, Antonio; Bonaiuti, Roberto; Montanaro, Nicola; Vaccheri, Alberto


    INTRODUCTON: Ticlopidine is an antiplatelet agent available from several decades. Its most important adverse drug reactions (ADRs) involve haematological system. Our aim was to evaluate the safety profile of ticlopidine in the real life, on the basis of spontaneous ADR reporting. Spontaneous reports from 8 Italian Regions collected from 1990 to March 2007 were analysed. According to WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology for causality assessment only "certain", "probable" or "possible" ADRs were included. Association between drugs and any ADR was assessed by using the case/non-case methodoloy. Reporting odds ratio (ROR) was computed as a measure of disproportionality. Overall, 478 reports concerning ticlopidine were analysed. The system organ classes with significant disproportionality for ticlopidine included White Cell Disorders (ROR=22.43, 95% CI 18.54-27.12), Red Cell Disorders (8.22; 6.03-11.18), Liver And Biliary System (6.67; 5.35-8.32), Platelet, Bleeding & Clotting (6.59; 5.16-8.40). Fifteen percent of the ADRs occurred beyond the first three months of ticlopidine therapy. In 386 reports (80.7%), ticlopidine was the only suspected drug. Safety profile of ticlopidine can be considered well-established in terms of ADRs type but their frequency and severity continue to be higher in its current use. Since this drug is still widely used in Italy, both healthcare providers and patients should be aware of its ADRs. More specifically, patients should be regularly monitored during the whole period of use and not only in the first months of treatment.

  9. Locally-smeared operator product expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monahan, Christopher; Orginos, Kostantinos


    We propose a "locally-smeared Operator Product Expansion" (sOPE) to decompose non-local operators in terms of a basis of locally-smeared operators. The sOPE formally connects nonperturbative matrix elements of smeared degrees of freedom, determined numerically using the gradient flow, to non-local operators in the continuum. The nonperturbative matrix elements do not suffer from power-divergent mixing on the lattice, provided the smearing scale is kept fixed in the continuum limit. The presence of this smearing scale prevents a simple connection to the standard operator product expansion and therefore requires the construction of a two-scale formalism. We demonstrate the feasibility of our approach using the example of real scalar field theory.

  10. Following Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion, Do Tooth-Borne or Bone-Borne Appliances Provide More Skeletal Expansion and Dental Expansion? (United States)

    Hamedi-Sangsari, Adrien; Chinipardaz, Zahra; Carrasco, Lee


    The aim of this study was to compare outcome measurements of skeletal and dental expansion with bone-borne (BB) versus tooth-borne (TB) appliances after surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (SARPE). This study was performed to provide quantitative measurements that will help the oral surgeon and orthodontist in selecting the appliance with, on average, the greatest amount of skeletal expansion and the least amount of dental expansion. A computerized database search was performed using PubMed, EBSCO, Cochrane, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar on publications in reputable oral surgery and orthodontic journals. A systematic review and meta-analysis was completed with the predictor variable of expansion appliance (TB vs BB) and outcome measurement of expansion (in millimeters). Of 487 articles retrieved from the 6 databases, 5 articles were included, 4 with cone-beam computed tomographic (CBCT) data and 1 with non-CBCT 3-dimensional cast data. There was a significant difference in skeletal expansion (standardized mean difference [SMD], 0.92; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.54-1.30; P < .001) in favor of BB rather than TB appliances. However, there was no significant difference in dental expansion (SMD, 0.05; 95% CI, -0.24 to 0.34; P = .03). According to the literature, to achieve more effective skeletal expansion and minimize dental expansion after SARPE, a BB appliance should be favored. Copyright © 2017 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Unsteady fluid flow in a slightly curved pipe: A comparative study of a matched asymptotic expansions solution with a single analytical solution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Messaris, Gerasimos A. T., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Division of Theoretical Physics, University of Patras, GR 265 04 Rion (Greece); School of Science and Technology, Hellenic Open University, 11 Sahtouri Street, GR 262 22 Patras (Greece); Hadjinicolaou, Maria [School of Science and Technology, Hellenic Open University, 11 Sahtouri Street, GR 262 22 Patras (Greece); Karahalios, George T. [Department of Physics, Division of Theoretical Physics, University of Patras, GR 265 04 Rion (Greece)


    The present work is motivated by the fact that blood flow in the aorta and the main arteries is governed by large finite values of the Womersley number α and for such values of α there is not any analytical solution in the literature. The existing numerical solutions, although accurate, give limited information about the factors that affect the flow, whereas an analytical approach has an advantage in that it can provide physical insight to the flow mechanism. Having this in mind, we seek analytical solution to the equations of the fluid flow driven by a sinusoidal pressure gradient in a slightly curved pipe of circular cross section when the Womersley number varies from small finite to infinite values. Initially the equations of motion are expanded in terms of the curvature ratio δ and the resulting linearized equations are solved analytically in two ways. In the first, we match the solution for the main core to that for the Stokes boundary layer. This solution is valid for very large values of α. In the second, we derive a straightforward single solution valid to the entire flow region and for 8 ≤ α < ∞, a range which includes the values of α that refer to the physiological flows. Each solution contains expressions for the axial velocity, the stream function, and the wall stresses and is compared to the analogous forms presented in other studies. The two solutions give identical results to each other regarding the axial flow but differ in the secondary flow and the circumferential wall stress, due to the approximations employed in the matched asymptotic expansion process. The results on the stream function from the second solution are in agreement with analogous results from other numerical solutions. The second solution predicts that the atherosclerotic plaques may develop in any location around the cross section of the aortic wall unlike to the prescribed locations predicted by the first solution. In addition, it gives circumferential wall stresses

  12. Studying social aspects of vegetarianism: a research proposal on the basis of a survey among adult population of two Slovenian biggest cities. (United States)

    Crnic, Ales


    The article discuses the fundamental characteristics of vegetarianism as a heterogeneous and controversial practice, and tries to asses its scope in contemporary Western world. In the central part it presents the main results of the empirical study of vegetarianism and its perceptions on a representative sample of adult residents of the two largest cities in Slovenia, Ljubljana and Maribor. On this basis, the author proposes a more comprehensive design of quantitative and qualitative research on social aspects of vegetarianism and responses to it.

  13. Functionalization and fragmentation during ambient organic aerosol aging: application of the 2-D volatility basis set to field studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. N. Murphy


    Full Text Available Multigenerational oxidation chemistry of atmospheric organic compounds and its effects on aerosol loadings and chemical composition is investigated by implementing the Two-Dimensional Volatility Basis Set (2-D-VBS in a Lagrangian host chemical transport model. Three model formulations were chosen to explore the complex interactions between functionalization and fragmentation processes during gas-phase oxidation of organic compounds by the hydroxyl radical. The base case model employs a conservative transformation by assuming a reduction of one order of magnitude in effective saturation concentration and an increase of oxygen content by one or two oxygen atoms per oxidation generation. A second scheme simulates functionalization in more detail using group contribution theory to estimate the effects of oxygen addition to the carbon backbone on the compound volatility. Finally, a fragmentation scheme is added to the detailed functionalization scheme to create a functionalization-fragmentation parameterization. Two condensed-phase chemistry pathways are also implemented as additional sensitivity tests to simulate (1 heterogeneous oxidation via OH uptake to the particle-phase and (2 aqueous-phase chemistry of glyoxal and methylglyoxal. The model is applied to summer and winter periods at three sites where observations of organic aerosol (OA mass and O:C were obtained during the European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions (EUCAARI campaigns. The base case model reproduces observed mass concentrations and O:C well, with fractional errors (FE lower than 55% and 25%, respectively. The detailed functionalization scheme tends to overpredict OA concentrations, especially in the summertime, and also underpredicts O:C by approximately a factor of 2. The detailed functionalization model with fragmentation agrees well with the observations for OA concentration, but still underpredicts O:C. Both heterogeneous oxidation and

  14. The mechanism of the area negative thermal expansion in KBe{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2} family crystals: A first-principles study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jiang, Xingxing [Center for Crystal Research and Development, Key Lab of Functional Crystals and Laser Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190 (China); University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Molokeev, Maxim S. [Laboratory of Crystal Physics, Kirensky Institute of Physics, SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk 660036 (Russian Federation); Department of Physics, Far Eastern State Transport University, Khabarovsk 680021 (Russian Federation); Li, Wei [School of Physics and Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074 (China); Wu, Shaofan [Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou, Fujian 350002 (China); Lin, Zheshuai, E-mail:; Wu, Yicheng; Chen, Chuangtian [Center for Crystal Research and Development, Key Lab of Functional Crystals and Laser Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190 (China)


    A very recent study demonstrated that the KBe{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2} (KBBF) family of crystals, including KBBF, RbBe{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2}, and CsBe{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2}, are the only known borates exhibiting a rarely occurring isotropic area negative thermal expansion (NTE) behavior, over a very large temperature range. In the present work, the NTE mechanism in these crystals is comprehensively investigated using the first-principles calculations. It is revealed that the area NTE behavior mainly originates from the concerted distortion of [BeO{sub 3}F] tetrahedra in the two-dimensional [Be{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2}]{sub ∞} framework with respect to temperature, while the [BO{sub 3}] triangles remain almost rigid. Moreover, the different magnitude of NTE effect in the three crystals is attributed to the interaction difference between the alkali metal atoms (K, Rb, or Cs) and the [Be{sub 2}BO{sub 3}F{sub 2}]{sub ∞} layer.

  15. Tongue posture improvement and pharyngeal airway enlargement as secondary effects of rapid maxillary expansion: a cone-beam computed tomography study. (United States)

    Iwasaki, Tomonori; Saitoh, Issei; Takemoto, Yoshihiko; Inada, Emi; Kakuno, Eriko; Kanomi, Ryuzo; Hayasaki, Haruaki; Yamasaki, Youichi


    Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is known to improve nasal airway ventilation. Recent evidence suggests that RME is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea in children with maxillary constriction. However, the effect of RME on tongue posture and pharyngeal airway volume in children with nasal airway obstruction is not clear. In this study, we evaluated these effects using cone-beam computed tomography. Twenty-eight treatment subjects (mean age 9.96 ± 1.21 years) who required RME treatment had cone-beam computed tomography images taken before and after RME. Twenty control subjects (mean age 9.68 ± 1.02 years) received regular orthodontic treatment. Nasal airway ventilation was analyzed by using computational fluid dynamics, and intraoral airway (the low tongue space between tongue and palate) and pharyngeal airway volumes were measured. Intraoral airway volume decreased significantly in the RME group from 1212.9 ± 1370.9 mm(3) before RME to 279.7 ± 472.0 mm(3) after RME. Nasal airway ventilation was significantly correlated with intraoral airway volume. The increase of pharyngeal airway volume in the control group (1226.3 ± 1782.5 mm(3)) was only 41% that of the RME group (3015.4 ± 1297.6 mm(3)). In children with nasal obstruction, RME not only reduces nasal obstruction but also raises tongue posture and enlarges the pharyngeal airway. Copyright © 2013 American Association of Orthodontists. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Critical and Griffiths-McCoy singularities in quantum Ising spin glasses on d-dimensional hypercubic lattices: A series expansion study. (United States)

    Singh, R R P; Young, A P


    We study the ±J transverse-field Ising spin-glass model at zero temperature on d-dimensional hypercubic lattices and in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) model, by series expansions around the strong-field limit. In the SK model and in high dimensions our calculated critical properties are in excellent agreement with the exact mean-field results, surprisingly even down to dimension d=6, which is below the upper critical dimension of d=8. In contrast, at lower dimensions we find a rich singular behavior consisting of critical and Griffiths-McCoy singularities. The divergence of the equal-time structure factor allows us to locate the critical coupling where the correlation length diverges, implying the onset of a thermodynamic phase transition. We find that the spin-glass susceptibility as well as various power moments of the local susceptibility become singular in the paramagnetic phase before the critical point. Griffiths-McCoy singularities are very strong in two dimensions but decrease rapidly as the dimension increases. We present evidence that high enough powers of the local susceptibility may become singular at the pure-system critical point.

  17. Theoretical study on the dispersion curves of Lamb waves in piezoelectric-semiconductor sandwich plates GaAs-FGPM-AlAs: Legendre polynomial series expansion (United States)

    Othmani, Cherif; Takali, Farid; Njeh, Anouar


    In this paper, the propagation of the Lamb waves in the GaAs-FGPM-AlAs sandwich plate is studied. Based on the orthogonal function, Legendre polynomial series expansion is applied along the thickness direction to obtain the Lamb dispersion curves. The convergence and accuracy of this polynomial method are discussed. In addition, the influences of the volume fraction p and thickness hFGPM of the FGPM middle layer on the Lamb dispersion curves are developed. The numerical results also show differences between the characteristics of Lamb dispersion curves in the sandwich plate for various gradient coefficients of the FGPM middle layer. In fact, if the volume fraction p increases the phase velocity will increases and the number of modes will decreases at a given frequency range. All the developments performed in this paper were implemented in Matlab software. The corresponding results presented in this work may have important applications in several industry areas and developing novel acoustic devices such as sensors, electromechanical transducers, actuators and filters.

  18. Expansion of protein domain repeats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asa K Björklund


    Full Text Available Many proteins, especially in eukaryotes, contain tandem repeats of several domains from the same family. These repeats have a variety of binding properties and are involved in protein-protein interactions as well as binding to other ligands such as DNA and RNA. The rapid expansion of protein domain repeats is assumed to have evolved through internal tandem duplications. However, the exact mechanisms behind these tandem duplications are not well-understood. Here, we have studied the evolution, function, protein structure, gene structure, and phylogenetic distribution of domain repeats. For this purpose we have assigned Pfam-A domain families to 24 proteomes with more sensitive domain assignments in the repeat regions. These assignments confirmed previous findings that eukaryotes, and in particular vertebrates, contain a much higher fraction of proteins with repeats compared with prokaryotes. The internal sequence similarity in each protein revealed that the domain repeats are often expanded through duplications of several domains at a time, while the duplication of one domain is less common. Many of the repeats appear to have been duplicated in the middle of the repeat region. This is in strong contrast to the evolution of other proteins that mainly works through additions of single domains at either terminus. Further, we found that some domain families show distinct duplication patterns, e.g., nebulin domains have mainly been expanded with a unit of seven domains at a time, while duplications of other domain families involve varying numbers of domains. Finally, no common mechanism for the expansion of all repeats could be detected. We found that the duplication patterns show no dependence on the size of the domains. Further, repeat expansion in some families can possibly be explained by shuffling of exons. However, exon shuffling could not have created all repeats.

  19. Chemical material basis study of Xuefu Zhuyu decoction by ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lei Zhang


    Full Text Available Xuefu Zhuyu decoction, a classic prescription in traditional Chinese medicine, has been widely used in the clinical treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In order to profile the chemical material basis of this formula, an ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (Q/TOF MS method has been established for rapid separation and structural characterization of compounds in the decoction. As a result, 103 compounds including phenolic acids, spermidines, C-glycosyl quinochalcones, terpenoids, flavonoids, saponins, and others were detected; 35 of them were unambiguously identified, and 68 were tentatively characterized by comparing the retention time, MS data, characteristic MS fragmentation pattern and retrieving the literature. In conclusion, the UPLC coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry method developed in this work is an efficient approach to perform chemical material basis studies of traditional Chinese medicine formulae.

  20. Thermal expansion of vitrified blood vessels permeated with DP6 and synthetic ice modulators. (United States)

    Eisenberg, David P; Taylor, Michael J; Jimenez-Rios, Jorge L; Rabin, Yoed


    This study provides thermal expansion data for blood vessels permeated with the cryoprotective cocktail DP6, when combined with selected synthetic ice modulators (SIMs): 12% polyethylene glycol 400, 6% 1,3-cyclohexanediol, and 6% 2,3-butanediol. The general classification of SIMs includes molecules that modulate ice nucleation and growth, or possess properties of stabilizing the amorphous state, by virtue of their chemical structure and at concentrations that are not explained on a purely colligative basis. The current study is part of an ongoing effort to characterize thermo-mechanical effects on structural integrity of cryopreserved materials, where thermal expansion is the driving mechanism to thermo-mechanical stress. This study focuses on the lower part of the cryogenic temperature range, where the cryoprotective agent (CPA) behaves as a solid for all practical applications. By combining results obtained in the current study with literature data on the thermal expansion in the upper part of the cryogenic temperature range, unified thermal expansion curves are presented. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. EDEX Educational Expansion and Labour Market: A Comparative Study of Five European Countries--France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom with Special Reference to the United States. CEDEFOP Reference Series. (United States)

    Beduwe, Catherine; Planas, Jordi

    The long-term economic and social impacts of the rise in levels of education on mechanisms of access to employment and on human resources management were examined in a comparative study of educational expansion and the labor markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with special reference to the United States. Five teams of…

  2. A call for action: Improve reporting of research studies to increase the scientific basis for regulatory decision-making

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ågerstrand, Marlene; Christiansen, Sofie; Hanberg, Annika


    This is a call for action to scientific journals to introduce reporting requirements for toxicity and ecotoxicity studies. Such reporting requirements will support the use of peer-reviewed research studies in regulatory decision-making. Moreover, this could improve the reliability and reproducibi......This is a call for action to scientific journals to introduce reporting requirements for toxicity and ecotoxicity studies. Such reporting requirements will support the use of peer-reviewed research studies in regulatory decision-making. Moreover, this could improve the reliability...

  3. On the Teaching of the Talmud: Toward a Methodological Basis for Curriculum in Oral-Tradition Studies. (United States)

    Hayman, Pinchas


    Argues that problems with teaching the Talmud are methodological not didactic. Talmudic methodology is reviewed and summarized. Suggests a new curriculum based on four curricular stations from study of Mishnah to study of the Talmudic superstructure. Argues that the new method allows students to be active participants in the learning process. (DSK)

  4. Conformal expansions and renormalons

    CERN Document Server

    Gardi, E; Gardi, Einan; Grunberg, Georges


    The large-order behaviour of QCD is dominated by renormalons. On the other hand renormalons do not occur in conformal theories, such as the one describing the infrared fixed-point of QCD at small beta_0 (the Banks--Zaks limit). Since the fixed-point has a perturbative realization, all-order perturbative relations exist between the conformal coefficients, which are renormalon-free, and the standard perturbative coefficients, which contain renormalons. Therefore, an explicit cancellation of renormalons should occur in these relations. The absence of renormalons in the conformal limit can thus be seen as a constraint on the structure of the QCD perturbative expansion. We show that the conformal constraint is non-trivial: a generic model for the large-order behaviour violates it. We also analyse a specific example, based on a renormalon-type integral over the two-loop running-coupling, where the required cancellation does occur.

  5. Genetic mixture of multiple source populations accelerates invasive range expansion. (United States)

    Wagner, Natalie K; Ochocki, Brad M; Crawford, Kerri M; Compagnoni, Aldo; Miller, Tom E X


    A wealth of population genetic studies have documented that many successful biological invasions stem from multiple introductions from genetically distinct source populations. Yet, mechanistic understanding of whether and how genetic mixture promotes invasiveness has lagged behind documentation that such mixture commonly occurs. We conducted a laboratory experiment to test the influence of genetic mixture on the velocity of invasive range expansion. The mechanistic basis for effects of genetic mixture could include evolutionary responses (mixed invasions may harbour greater genetic diversity and thus elevated evolutionary potential) and/or fitness advantages of between-population mating (heterosis). If driven by evolution, positive effects of source population mixture should increase through time, as selection sculpts genetic variation. If driven by heterosis, effects of mixture should peak following first reproductive contact and then dissipate. Using a laboratory model system (beetles spreading through artificial landscapes), we quantified the velocity of range expansion for invasions initiated with one, two, four or six genetic sources over six generations. Our experiment was designed to test predictions corresponding to the evolutionary and heterosis mechanisms, asking whether any effects of genetic mixture occurred in early or later generations of range expansion. We also quantified demography and dispersal for each experimental treatment, since any effects of mixture should be manifest in one or both of these traits. Over six generations, invasions with any amount of genetic mixture (two, four and six sources) spread farther than single-source invasions. Our data suggest that heterosis provided a 'catapult effect', leaving a lasting signature on range expansion even though the benefits of outcrossing were transient. Individual-level trait data indicated that genetic mixture had positive effects on local demography (reduced extinction risk and enhanced

  6. Effects of acute plasma volume expansion on renal perfusion, filtration, and oxygenation after cardiac surgery: a randomized study on crystalloid vs colloid. (United States)

    Skytte Larsson, J; Bragadottir, G; Krumbholz, V; Redfors, B; Sellgren, J; Ricksten, S E


    In the present randomized study, we evaluated the differential effects of a colloid and a crystalloid fluid on renal oxygen delivery (RD(O2)), glomerular filtration (GFR), renal oxygen consumption ((RV(O2))), and the renal oxygen supply-demand relationship (i.e., renal oxygenation) after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. Thirty patients with normal preoperative renal function, undergoing uncomplicated cardiac surgery, were studied in the intensive care unit in the early postoperative period. Patients were randomized to receive a bolus dose of either a crystalloid (Ringers-acetate 20 ml kg(-1), n=15) or a colloid solution (Venofundin) 10 ml kg(-1), n=15). Systemic haemodynamics were measured via a pulmonary artery catheter. Renal blood flow and GFR were measured by the renal vein retrograde thermodilution technique and by renal extraction of 51Cr-EDTA (=filtration fraction). Arterial and renal vein blood samples were obtained for measurements of renal oxygen delivery (RD(O2)) and RV(O2). Renal oxygenation was estimated from the renal oxygen extraction. Despite an increase in cardiac index and renal blood flow with both fluids, neither of the fluids improved RD(O2), because they both induced haemodilution. The GFR increased in the crystalloid (28%) but not in the colloid group. The crystalloid increased the filtration fraction (24%) and renal oxygen extraction (23%), indicating that the increase in GFR, the major determinant of RV(O2), was not matched by a proportional increase in RD(O2). Neither the colloid nor the crystalloid improved RD(O2) when used for postoperative plasma volume expansion. The crystalloid-induced increase in GFR was associated with impaired renal oxygenation, which was not seen with the colloid. NCT01729364. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Journal of Anaesthesia. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  7. The effect of chronic hypotonic volume expansion on the renal regulation of acid-base equilibrium. (United States)

    Lowance, D C; Garfinkel, H B; Mattern, W D; Schwartz, W B


    Balance studies have been carried out to evaluate the influence of vasopressin-induced volume expansion on acid-base equilibrium in normal dogs and in dogs with steady-state metabolic acidosis induced by the administration of 5-7 mmoles/kg per day of hydrochloric acid.Hypotonic expansion in dogs with metabolic acidosis (mean plasma bicarbonate concentration 14 mEq/liter) produced a marked increase in renal acid excretion that restored plasma bicarbonate concentration to normal (20-21 mEq/liter) despite continued ingestion of acid. When water was restricted during the vasopressin period, and fluid retention thus prevented, no increase in acid excretion or plasma bicarbonate concentration occurred. From these findings we conclude that hypotonic expansion is a potent stimulus to renal hydrogen ion secretion and greatly facilitates the renal removal of an acid load. Normal dogs subjected to expansion demonstrated no change in net acid excretion or in plasma bicarbonate concentration even in the face of a marked diuresis of sodium and chloride and a reduction in plasma sodium concentration to approximately 110 mEq/liter. The animals did, however, regularly lose potassium, a finding that clearly indicates an acceleration of distal sodiumcation exchange. On the basis of these observations, and the findings in the expanded acidotic dogs, we suggest that in the expanded normal dogs acceleration of sodium-hydrogen exchange was responsible for preventing a bicarbonate diuresis and for stabilizing plasma bicarbonate concentration. These studies clearly demonstrate that chronic hypotonic expansion exerts a major influence on the renal regulation of acid-base equilibrium. The exact nature of the mechanism responsible for the increase in sodium-hydrogen exchange during hypotonic expansion remains to be determined.

  8. Supercritical flow characteristics at abrupt expansion structure (United States)

    Lim, Jia Jun; Puay, How Tion; Zakaria, Nor Azazi


    When dealing with the design of a hydraulic structure, lateral expansion is often necessary for flow emerging at high velocity served as a cross-sectional transition. If the abrupt expansion structure is made to diverge rapidly, it will cause the major part of the flow fail to follow the boundaries. If the transition is too gradual, it will result in a waste of structural material. A preliminary study on the flow structure near the expansion and its relationship with flow parameter is carried out in this study. A two-dimensional depth-averaged model is developed to simulate the supercritical flow at the abrupt expansion structure. Constrained Interpolation Profile (CIP) scheme (which is of third order accuracy) is adopted in the numerical model. Results show that the flow structure and flow characteristics at the abrupt expansion can be reproduced numerically. The validation of numerical result is done against analytical studies. The result from numerical simulation showed good agreement with the analytical solution.

  9. The importance of expressing antimicrobial agents on water basis in growth/no growth interface models: a case study for Zygosaccharomyces bailii. (United States)

    Dang, T D T; Vermeulen, A; Mertens, L; Geeraerd, A H; Van Impe, J F; Devlieghere, F


    In a previous study on Zygosaccharomyces bailii, three growth/no growth models have been developed, predicting growth probability of the yeast at different conditions typical for acidified foods (Dang, T.D.T., Mertens, L., Vermeulen, A., Geeraerd, A.H., Van Impe, J.F., Debevere, J., Devlieghere, F., 2010. Modeling the growth/no growth boundary of Z. bailii in acidic conditions: A contribution to the alternative method to preserve foods without using chemical preservatives. International Journal of Food Microbiology 137, 1-12). In these broth-based models, the variables were pH, water activity and acetic acid, with acetic acid concentration expressed in volume % on the total culture medium (i.e., broth). To continue the previous study, validation experiments were performed for 15 selected combinations of intrinsic factors to assess the performance of the model at 22°C (60days) in a real food product (ketchup). Although the majority of experimental results were consistent, some remarkable deviations between prediction and validation were observed, e.g., Z. bailii growth occurred in conditions where almost no growth had been predicted. A thorough investigation revealed that the difference between two ways of expressing acetic acid concentration (i.e., on broth basis and on water basis) is rather significant, particularly for media containing high amounts of dry matter. Consequently, the use of broth-based concentrations in the models was not appropriate. Three models with acetic acid concentration expressed on water basis were established and it was observed that predictions by these models well matched the validation results; therefore a "systematic error" in broth-based models was recognized. In practice, quantities of antimicrobial agents are often calculated based on the water content of food products. Hence, to assure reliable predictions and facilitate the application of models (developed from lab media with high dry matter contents), it is important to express

  10. Body Part Terms as a Semantic Basis for Grammaticalization: A Mordvin Case Study into Spatial Reference and beyond (United States)

    van Pareren, Remco


    Body parts have played an important role in the development of theories describing grammaticalization processes (Heine and Kuteva, 2002, pp. 62-63 and 165-171). Within Uralic linguistics, this particular area of study has not yet received a great deal of attention, although the agglutinative character of most of these languages is known to have…

  11. Dynamics study of green AuNP formation and their basis for Au-Pt core-shell nanostructure synthesis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engelbrekt, Christian; Seselj, Nedjeljko; Ulstrup, Jens

    The SAMENS method (saccharide - based approach to metallic nanostructure synthesis) is a synthesis platform for metallic nanostructures. The method has been developed since 2008 and can produce nanostructures of various sizes, shapes and compositions. Recently, a new methodology for studying the ...

  12. The Development of Primary Teachers Competencies as a Basis to Introduce the Study Programmes of Undergraduate Teacher Education (United States)

    Devjak, Tatjana; Pavlin, Samo; Polak, Alenka


    In this article the authors establish the key competencies that should be acquired by future teachers in the course of their undergraduate studies. They also develop a model of the factors for which they presume most significantly contribute to the development of the selected competencies. For the selection of competencies and predictors of their…

  13. A subleading operator basis and matching for gg → H (United States)

    Moult, Ian; Stewart, Iain W.; Vita, Gherardo


    The Soft Collinear Effective Theory (SCET) is a powerful framework for studying factorization of amplitudes and cross sections in QCD. While factorization at leading power has been well studied, much less is known at subleading powers in the λ ≪ 1 expansion. In SCET subleading soft and collinear corrections to a hard scattering process are described by power suppressed operators, which must be fixed case by case, and by well established power suppressed Lagrangians, which correct the leading power dynamics of soft and collinear radiation. Here we present a complete basis of power suppressed operators for gg → H, classifying all operators which contribute to the cross section at O({λ}^2) , and showing how helicity selection rules significantly simplify the construction of the operator basis. We perform matching calculations to determine the tree level Wilson coefficients of our operators. These results are useful for studies of power corrections in both resummed and fixed order perturbation theory, and for understanding the factorization properties of gauge theory amplitudes and cross sections at subleading power. As one example, our basis of operators can be used to analytically compute power corrections for N -jettiness subtractions for gg induced color singlet production at the LHC.

  14. Comparative study of the expansion dynamics of laser-driven plasma and shock wave in in-air and underwater ablation regimes (United States)

    Nguyen, Thao T. P.; Tanabe, Rie; Ito, Yoshiro


    We compared the expansion characteristics of the plasma plumes and shock waves generated in laser-induced shock process between the two ablation regimes: in air and under water. The observation was made from the initial moment when the laser pulse hit the target until 1.5 μs. The shock processes were driven by focusing a single laser pulse (1064 nm, FWHM = 13 ns) onto the surface of epoxy-resin blocks using a 40-mm focal length lens. The estimated laser intensity at the target plane is approximate to 9 ×109Wcm-2 . We used the fast-imaging technique to observe the expansion of the plasma plume and a custom-designed time-resolved photoelasticity imaging technique to observe the propagation of shock waves with the time resolution of nanoseconds. We found that at the same intensity of the laser beam, the plasma expansion during the laser pulse follows different mechanisms: the plasma plume that grows in air follows a radiation-wave model while a detonation-wave model can explain the expansion of the plasma plume induced in water. The ideal blast wave theory can be used to predict the decay of the shock wave in air but is not appropriate to describe the decay of the shock wave induced under water.

  15. In-vitro-Studie zum Einfluss von Fibrin in Knorpelkonstrukten auf der Basis von PGA-Vliesstoffen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmal, H; Mehlhorn, A T; Kurze, C


    BACKGROUND: The matrix component in autologous chondrocyte implantation plays an important role. In this study the influence of an additional fibrin component in cartilage constructs based on polyglycolide polymers (PGA) was investigated. METHODS: Human chondrocytes of femoral heads were isolated...... and cultured using a serum-free technique. The cells were seeded on PGA-91 scaffolds with and without an additional fibrin component; the constructs were cultured for 2 weeks in vitro. Besides cell viability, DNA content, pH, aggrecan production, mRNA expression of aggrecan, and collagen types I and II were....... CONCLUSION: Cartilage constructs based on carbohydrate matrices are suitable for matrix-associated chondrocyte implantation. The results of this study suggest a partially inhibitory effect of an additional fibrin component in PGA constructs for chondrogenic differentiation....

  16. T2D-Db: An integrated platform to study the molecular basis of Type 2 diabetes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sriram S


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM is a non insulin dependent, complex trait disease that develops due to genetic predisposition and environmental factors. The advanced stage in type 2 diabetes mellitus leads to several micro and macro vascular complications like nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, heart related problems etc. Studies performed on the genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology of this disease to understand the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus has led to the generation of a surfeit of data on candidate genes and related aspects. The research is highly progressive towards defining the exact etiology of this disease. Results T2D-Db (Type 2 diabetes Database is a comprehensive web resource, which provides integrated and curated information on almost all known molecular components involved in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the three widely studied mammals namely human, mouse and rat. Information on candidate genes, SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in candidate genes or candidate regions, genome wide association studies (GWA, tissue specific gene expression patterns, EST (Expressed Sequence Tag data, expression information from microarray data, pathways, protein-protein interactions and disease associated risk factors or complications have been structured in this on line resource. Conclusion Information available in T2D-Db provides an integrated platform for the better molecular level understanding of type 2 diabetes mellitus and its pathogenesis. Importantly, the resource facilitates graphical presentation of the gene/genome wide map of SNP markers and protein-protein interaction networks, besides providing the heat map diagram of the selected gene(s in an organism across microarray expression experiments from either single or multiple studies. These features aid to the data interpretation in an integrative way. T2D-Db is to our knowledge the first publicly available resource that

  17. Integrated Comparison of GWAS, Transcriptome, and Proteomics Studies Highlights Similarities in the Biological Basis of Animal and Human Myopia. (United States)

    Riddell, Nina; Crewther, Sheila G


    To identify commonalities between the genes in close proximity to genome-wide association study (GWAS) refractive error and axial length loci, and the genes and proteins differentially expressed in animal models of optically induced refractive error. The GWAS catalog was searched for loci significantly (P ≤ 5*10-8) associated with refractive error or axial length. PubMed was searched for exploratory animal transcriptome and proteomics studies of optically induced refractive error. A total of 15 GWAS, 7 transcriptome, and 9 proteomics studies met inclusion criteria. Ensembl's BioMart was used to identify human orthologs for the differentially expressed genes and proteins from animal studies. These orthologs were then compared to the protein-coding genes within 1 megabase (Mb), 500 kilobases (kb), and 250 kb of human GWAS loci by using the GeneOverlap R package, and Benjamini-Hochberg-adjusted P values and odds ratios (ORs) were calculated for each intersection. The genes near human GWAS loci overlapped significantly with the genes downregulated during early myopia induction in animals (1Mb: OR = 1.56, P = 0.025; 500 kb: OR = 1.92, P = 0.010; 250 kb: OR = 2.33, P = 0.010). There was also significant overlap between the genes and proteins differentially expressed in late myopia (OR = 4.12, P = 0.018). When animal study results were segregated by methodologic parameters, GWAS candidate genes overlapped significantly with the genes differentially expressed at early (OR = 1.50, P = 0.010) but not late (OR = 1.04, P = 0.684) induction time-points. Gene and protein expression responses also appeared well conserved across model species, and there was no evidence of greater GWAS-transcriptome concordance in similar species to humans (e.g., primates or mammals). These findings suggest that genetic and environmental factors control ocular growth via similar biological pathways across species, and support the continued use of animal models for investigating the biological

  18. Burial Ground Expansion Hydrogeologic Characterization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaughan , T.F.


    Sirrine Environmental Consultants provided technical oversight of the installation of eighteen groundwater monitoring wells and six exploratory borings around the location of the Burial Ground Expansion.

  19. Modeling the effects of urban expansion on natural capital stocks and ecosystem service flows: A case study in the Puget Sound, Washington, USA (United States)

    Zank, Ben; Bagstad, Kenneth J.; Voigt, Brian; Villa, Ferdinando


    Urban expansion and its associated landscape modifications are important drivers of changes in ecosystem service (ES). This study examined the effects of two alternative land use-change development scenarios in the Puget Sound region of Washington State on natural capital stocks and ES flows. Land-use change model outputs served as inputs to five ES models developed using the Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services (ARIES) platform. While natural capital stocks declined under managed (1.3–5.8%) and unmanaged (2.8–11.8%) development scenarios, ES flows increased by 18.5–56% and 23.2–55.7%, respectively. Human development of natural landscapes reduced their capacity for service provision, while simultaneously adding beneficiaries, particularly along the urban fringe. Using global and local Moran’s I, we identified three distinct patterns of change in ES due to projected landuse change. For services with location-dependent beneficiaries – open space proximity, viewsheds, and flood regulation – urbanization led to increased clustering and hot-spot intensities. ES flows were greatest in the managed land-use change scenario for open space proximity and flood regulation, and in the unmanaged land-use change scenario for viewsheds—a consequence of the differing ES flow mechanisms underpinning these services. We observed a third pattern – general declines in service provision – for carbon storage and sediment retention, where beneficiaries in our analysis were not location dependent. Contrary to past authors’ finding of ES declines under urbanization, a more nuanced analysis that maps and quantifies ES provision, beneficiaries, and flows better identifies gains and losses for specific ES beneficiaries as urban areas expand.

  20. Safety Basis Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    R.J. Garrett


    As part of the internal Integrated Safety Management Assessment verification process, it was determined that there was a lack of documentation that summarizes the safety basis of the current Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) site characterization activities. It was noted that a safety basis would make it possible to establish a technically justifiable graded approach to the implementation of the requirements identified in the Standards/Requirements Identification Document. The Standards/Requirements Identification Documents commit a facility to compliance with specific requirements and, together with the hazard baseline documentation, provide a technical basis for ensuring that the public and workers are protected. This Safety Basis Report has been developed to establish and document the safety basis of the current site characterization activities, establish and document the hazard baseline, and provide the technical basis for identifying structures, systems, and components (SSCs) that perform functions necessary to protect the public, the worker, and the environment from hazards unique to the YMP site characterization activities. This technical basis for identifying SSCs serves as a grading process for the implementation of programs such as Conduct of Operations (DOE Order 5480.19) and the Suspect/Counterfeit Items Program. In addition, this report provides a consolidated summary of the hazards analyses processes developed to support the design, construction, and operation of the YMP site characterization facilities and, therefore, provides a tool for evaluating the safety impacts of changes to the design and operation of the YMP site characterization activities.

  1. Quantitative Confocal Microscopy Analysis as a Basis for Search and Study of Potassium Kv1.x Channel Blockers (United States)

    Feofanov, Alexey V.; Kudryashova, Kseniya S.; Nekrasova, Oksana V.; Vassilevski, Alexander A.; Kuzmenkov, Alexey I.; Korolkova, Yuliya V.; Grishin, Eugene V.; Kirpichnikov, Mikhail P.

    Artificial KcsA-Kv1.x (x = 1, 3) receptors were recently designed by transferring the ligand-binding site from human Kv1.x voltage-gated potassium channels into corresponding domain of the bacterial KscA channel. We found that KcsA-Kv1.x receptors expressed in E. coli cells are embedded into cell membrane and bind ligands when the cells are transformed to spheroplasts. We supposed that E. coli spheroplasts with membrane-embedded KcsA-Kv1.x and fluorescently labeled ligand agitoxin-2 (R-AgTx2) can be used as elements of an advanced analytical system for search and study of Kv1-channel blockers. To realize this idea, special procedures were developed for measurement and quantitative treatment of fluorescence signals obtained from spheroplast membrane using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). The worked out analytical "mix and read" systems supported by quantitative CLSM analysis were demonstrated to be reliable alternative to radioligand and electrophysiology techniques in the search and study of selective Kv1.x channel blockers of high scientific and medical importance.

  2. Dynamic properties of dipeptidyl peptidase III from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and the structural basis for its substrate specificity - a computational study. (United States)

    Tomin, M; Tomić, S


    Dipeptidyl peptidase III (DPP III) from the human gut symbiont Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (Bt) is the first identified prokaryotic DPP III orthologue. It has low sequence similarity to the thoroughly studied human DPP III, and differently from eukaryotic orthologues it has a cysteine (Cys450) residue in the zinc-binding motif HEXXGH (HECLGH). The recently determined crystal structure of BtDPP III showed that its 3D structure, similar to the structure of the human DPP III, consists of two domains with a wide cleft in between. Although such a striking similarity of the 3D structures of orthologues with low sequence similarity is not surprising, it is no guarantee for similarity of their dynamic properties and the catalytic performance. Here, we report the results of the molecular modelling study of BtDPP III, wild type and its C450S mutant, as well as their complexes with characteristic DPP III substrates Arg-Arg-2-naphthylamide (RRNA) and Lys-Ala-2-naphtylamide (KANA). During several hundred nanoseconds of all-atom MD simulations of the wild type protein, the long range conformational changes, which can be described as protein 'closing', have been traced. We have determined a similar conformational change for the human orthologue as well. However, the amplitude of the change is lower for BtDPP III than for the human DPP III. The MD simulations have been performed using ff03, ff12SB and ff14SB force fields wherein the results of the last two better fit to the experimental results. The hydrogen bond analysis indicates reasons for higher substrate specificity of BtDPP III towards RRNA than KANA as well as for the decrease of the RRNA hydrolysis rate induced by the Cys450 to Ser mutation. The obtained results are in line with the experimental data.

  3. Which walking capacity tests to use in multiple sclerosis? A multicentre study providing the basis for a core set. (United States)

    Gijbels, Domien; Dalgas, Ulrik; Romberg, Anders; de Groot, Vincent; Bethoux, Francois; Vaney, Claude; Gebara, Benoit; Medina, Carme Santoyo; Maamâgi, Heigo; Rasova, Kamila; de Noordhout, Benoit Maertens; Knuts, Kathy; Feys, Peter


    Many different walking capacity test formats are being used. It is unclear whether walking speed, obtained from short tests, and walking distance, obtained from long tests, provide different clinical information. To determine the differential effect of various short and long walk test formats on gait velocity, and the actual relationship between walking speed and walking distance in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with diverse ambulation status. A cross-sectional multicentre study design was applied. Ambulatory MS patients (Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) 0-6.5; n = 189) were tested at 11 sites. Short tests consisted of the Timed 25-Foot Walk (static start, fastest speed) and 10-Metre Walk Test (dynamic start, usual and fastest speed). Long tests consisted of the 2- and 6-Minute Walk Tests (fastest speed). Subjects were divided into mild (EDSS 0-4; n = 99) or moderate (EDSS 4.5-6.5; n = 79) disability subgroups. In both subgroups, the start protocol, instructed pace and length of test led to significantly different gait velocities. Fastest walking speed and 6-Minute walking distance showed the strongest correlation (R (2) = 0.78 in mild and R (2) = 0.81 in moderate MS; p tests' relative estimation errors for 6-Minute walking distance were 8-12% in mildly and 15-16% in moderately affected subjects. Based on the 2-Minute Walk Test, estimation errors significantly reduced to approximately 5% in both subgroups. A single short test format at fastest speed accurately describes an MS patient's general walking capacity. For intervention studies, a long test is to be considered. We propose the Timed 25-Foot Walk and 2-Minute Walk Test as standards. Further research on responsiveness is needed.

  4. Three-Dimensional Force Measurements During Rapid Palatal Expansion in Sus scrofa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kelly Goeckner


    Full Text Available Rapid palatal expansion is an orthodontic procedure widely used to correct the maxillary arch. However, its outcome is significantly influenced by factors that show a high degree of variability amongst patients. The traditional treatment methodology is based on an intuitive and heuristic treatment approach because the forces applied in the three dimensions are indeterminate. To enable optimal and individualized treatment, it is essential to measure the three-dimensional (3D forces and displacements created by the expander. This paper proposes a method for performing these 3D measurements using a single embedded strain sensor, combining experimental measurements of strain in the palatal expander with 3D finite element analysis (FEA. The method is demonstrated using the maxillary jaw from a freshly euthanized pig (Sus scrofa and a hyrax-design rapid palatal expander (RPE appliance with integrated strain gage. The strain gage measurements are recorded using a computer interface, following which the expansion forces and extent of expansion are estimated by FEA. A total activation of 2.0 mm results in peak total force of about 100 N—almost entirely along the direction of expansion. The results also indicate that more than 85% of the input activation is immediately transferred to the palate and/or teeth. These studies demonstrate a method for assessing and individualizing expansion magnitudes and forces during orthopedic expansion of the maxilla. This provides the basis for further development of smart orthodontic appliances that provide real-time readouts of forces and movements, which will allow personalized, optimal treatment.

  5. Economic evaluation of temsirolimus on the basis of the results of the ARCC (Advanced Renal-Cell Carcinoma study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simona de Portu


    Full Text Available Introduction: metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC is highly resistant to chemotherapeutics, rendering limited antitumor effect. Temsirolimus, a specific inhibitor of the mammalian target of rapamycin kinase, may benefit patients with this disease. The Global ARCC Trial (Temsirolimus, Interferon Alfa, or Both for Advanced Renal-Cell Carcinoma compared temsirolimus alone or temsirolimus plus interferon alfa with interferon alfa alone in mRCC. It has demonstrated that, as compared with interferon alfa, temsirolimus improved overall survival among patients with metastatic renal-cell carcinoma and a poor prognosis while the addition of temsirolimus to interferon did not improve survival. Aim: the objective of our study was to investigate the pharmacoeconomic impact in the Italian context of temsirolimus vs interferon alfa in patients with metastatic renal-cell carcinoma and a poor prognosis. Methods: economic evaluation is based on clinical outcome data from the ARCC trial and was carried out conducting a cost/effectiveness analysis, comparing economic and clinical consequences of temsirolimus (25 mg weekly vs interferon alfa (18 MU 3 times weekly in the perspective of the Italian National Health Service. Direct medical costs included in the analysis were drug costs, costs associated with the management of treatment-related serious adverse events (grade 3 and 4, cost related to progression and best supportive care. Effects were measured in terms of overall survival. A sensitivity analysis was performed. Results: the cost of temsirolimus or interferon alfa therapy amounted to approximately € 14,000 and € 2,000 patient respectively. The cost of hospitalization related to drug toxicity was about € 1,500 for temsirolimus and € 2,100 for interferon alfa. Temsirolimus shows an incremental cost per patient per month saved of € 3,767. Sensitivity analysis demonstrates that cost consequences parameters are sensitive to fluctuation. Discussion


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evgenia N. Cheremisina


    Full Text Available The article gives the concept of the Electronic Educational Environment for training in the IT field of study that allows to build individual learning strategies according to fast changes in the labor market. The structure of the Electronic Educational Environment includes analytical services allowing to receive a list of the most demanded positions, related information technologies and competences. The strategy of creation of the Electronic Educational Environment on the basis of the Institute for System Analysis in Dubna University is described. 

  7. A case study on the ecological evaluation of water conservation facilities on the basis of plant diversity (United States)

    Wu, C. Y.; Xia, G. J.; He, T. H.; Yu, J.; Qiao, B.


    In this experiment, water conservation facilities in the Yinchuan Plains were studied to establish ecological evaluation criterion for water conservation facilities based on plant diversity indexes. Among the tested indexes, the Margalef and the Simpson indexes were found to effectively characterize the ecological degree of water conservation facilities. Natural lake plant diversity has been used to as a metric; the ecological criteria degree of water conservation facilities can be divided into 4 grades. The results showed that the ecological level of the field ditch, primary furrow, and second furrow qualified as class A, which is the highest grade. The branch canal was grade B, which is good. The lateral canal and flood furrow were grade C, which is a medium level. The trunk canal was grade D, which is the poorest. In addition, the results establish an ecologicalization evaluation system based on the plant diversity composite index of the original lake. Metrics such as biomass, carbon and nitrogen fluctuations, temperature, and humidity could be used to comprehensively evaluate the ecologicalization degree of water conservation projects, such as large reservoirs.

  8. Molecular basis for the effects of zinc deficiency on spermatogenesis: An experimental study in the Sprague-dawley rat model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander E Omu


    Full Text Available Introduction: The objective of this study is to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of zinc deficiency on spermatogenesis in the Sprague-Dawley (SD rat. Materials and Methods: Three groups of eight adult male SD rats were maintained for 4 weeks on a normal diet as control, zinc deficient diet and zinc deficient diet with zinc supplementation of 28 mg zinc/kg body weight respectively. Using standard techniques, the following parameters were compared between the three groups of experimental animals at the end of 4 weeks: (a Serum zinc, magnesium (Mg, copper (Cu, selenium (Se and cadmium (Cd, (b serum sex hormones, malondialdehyde (MDA, superoxide dismutase (SOD and glutathione peroxidase (GPX, (c interleukin-4 (IL-4, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α, Bcl-2, Bax and caspase-3 expression in the testes, (d assessment of apoptosis of testicular cells using electron microscopy and (e testicular volume and histology using the orchidometer and Johnsen score, respectively. Results: The zinc deficient group showed a reduction of testicular volume, serum concentrations of Zn, Cu, Se, Mg, SOD, GPX, IL-4, Bcl-2 and testosterone (P < 0.05, as well as increased levels of serum Cd, MDA and tissue TNF-α, Bax, caspase-3 and apoptosis of the germ cells (P < 0.05 compared with control and zinc supplementation groups. Conclusion: Zinc deficiency is associated with impaired spermatogenesis because of reduced testosterone production, increased oxidative stress and apoptosis. These findings suggest that zinc has a role in male reproduction.

  9. The neural basis of hand gesture comprehension: A meta-analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging studies. (United States)

    Yang, Jie; Andric, Michael; Mathew, Mili M


    Gestures play an important role in face-to-face communication and have been increasingly studied via functional magnetic resonance imaging. Although a large amount of data has been provided to describe the neural substrates of gesture comprehension, these findings have never been quantitatively summarized and the conclusion is still unclear. This activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis investigated the brain networks underpinning gesture comprehension while considering the impact of gesture type (co-speech gestures vs. speech-independent gestures) and task demand (implicit vs. explicit) on the brain activation of gesture comprehension. The meta-analysis of 31 papers showed that as hand actions, gestures involve a perceptual-motor network important for action recognition. As meaningful symbols, gestures involve a semantic network for conceptual processing. Finally, during face-to-face interactions, gestures involve a network for social emotive processes. Our finding also indicated that gesture type and task demand influence the involvement of the brain networks during gesture comprehension. The results highlight the complexity of gesture comprehension, and suggest that future research is necessary to clarify the dynamic interactions among these networks. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. [Sexuality and contraception in young people with mild intellectual disability; a qualitative study on the basis of 28 interviews]. (United States)

    Dekker, Annet; Safi, Mahdjubah; van der Zon-van Welzenis, Evelien I; Echteld, Michael A; Evenhuis, Heleen M


    To investigate how doctors can improve the advice and education about sexuality and contraception given to young people with mild intellectual disability (IQ :50-70). Semi-structured interviews. Young people attending special needs secondary schools (IQ: 50-70) were interviewed. Pupils with a known history of sexual abuse were excluded. A total of 17 of the 57 potential candidates were excluded. Of the remaining 40 pupils, 28 agreed to take part (13 male; age range: 15-18 years, average IQ: 58). Of the 28 participants, 19 had been in a relationship, 5 had experience with sexual intercourse and 11 used contraception. Just as in other studies, the participants seemed to have less knowledge, and less experience than young people of their age without a disability, but did show interest. They were at increased risk because of inappropriate use of contraception and had limited social resilience. Only knowledge about the pill and condoms was fair to good. Interest and knowledge seemed greater in those young people in a relationship. Poor verbal skills hampered their understanding of the questions asked and of the information offered, and limited their ability to express feelings and opinions. Those young people in a relationship wanted to choose their own form of contraception. In this group of vulnerable young people, provision of sexual education by the doctor at the right moment using simple language and repetition, can contribute to the timely and safe use of contraceptives.Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.

  11. Family study of a Swiss patient uncovered a novel genetic basis for the S-s-U+(var) phenotype. (United States)

    Saison, Carole; Waldvogel, Sophie; Gien, Dominique; Peyrard, Thierry; Arnaud, Lionel


    The rare S-s- phenotype is typically found in persons of African origin. Three genetic bases underlying this phenotype have been identified so far: a large deletion including the GYPB gene, which encodes the S and s antigens, and two mutations affecting GYPB splicing (commonly called "P2" and "NY"). The discovery of the S-s- phenotype in a Swiss patient prompted this study. The GYPB genotype of the patient was analyzed with Beadchip technology and Sanger sequencing. GYPB haplotype analysis was also carried out in the patient's family. A functional splicing assay was developed to determine the impact of the identified mutation on GYPB splicing. Sanger sequencing of GYPB in the patient indicated that she was homozygous for a GYPB*s allele carrying a novel mutation in the splice donor site of Intron 5 (c.270+5G>A). Analysis of GYPB haplotypes in the patient's family revealed that she actually inherited this mutated GYPB*s allele from her mother of Swiss ancestry and a deleted GYPB allele from her father of Egyptian ancestry. Using a minigene-based splicing assay, we showed that GYPB mutation c.270+5G>A causes the skipping of Exon B5, as previously reported for the P2 mutation (c.270+5G>T). Consistently, the patient's red blood cells were found to be S-s-U+(var) . A novel GYPB mutation (c.270+5G>A) accounting for the S-s-U+(var) phenotype was identified. In contrast with P2 and NY mutations, which also drive this rare phenotype, this novel GYPB mutation inactivates a GYPB*s allele and does not appear to be of African origin. © 2014 AABB.

  12. Ecological thresholds as a basis for defining management triggers for National Park Service vital signs: case studies for dryland ecosystems (United States)

    Bowker, Matthew A.; Miller, Mark E.; Belote, R. Travis; Garman, Steven L.


    understanding and estimating of threshold dynamics for terrestrial dryland ecosystems in national parks of the Colorado Plateau. We provide a structured approach to identify and describe degradation processes associated with threshold behavior and to estimate indicator levels that characterize the point at which a threshold crossing has occurred or is imminent (tipping points) or points where investigative or preventive management action should be triggered (assessment points). We illustrate this method for several case studies in national parks included in the Northern and Southern Colorado Plateau NPS I&M networks, where historical livestock grazing, climatic change, and invasive species are key agents of change. The approaches developed in these case studies are intended to enhance the design, effectiveness, and management-relevance of monitoring efforts in support of conservation management in dryland systems. They specifically enhance National Park Service (NPS) capacity for protecting park resources on the Colorado Plateau but have applicability to monitoring and conservation management of dryland ecosystems worldwide.

  13. Exercise and Prognosis on the Basis of Clinicopathologic and Molecular Features in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: The LACE and Pathways Studies. (United States)

    Jones, Lee W; Kwan, Marilyn L; Weltzien, Erin; Chandarlapaty, Sarat; Sternfeld, Barbara; Sweeney, Carol; Bernard, Philip S; Castillo, Adrienne; Habel, Laurel A; Kroenke, Candyce H; Langholz, Bryan M; Queensberry, Charles P; Dang, Chau; Weigelt, Britta; Kushi, Lawrence H; Caan, Bette J


    To investigate whether the impact of postdiagnosis exercise on breast cancer outcomes in women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer differs on the basis of tumor clinicopathologic and molecular features. Using a prospective design, 6,211 patients with early-stage breast cancer from two large population-based cohort studies were studied. Age-adjusted and multivariable Cox regression models were performed to determine the relationship between exercise exposure (total MET-hours/week) and recurrence and breast cancer-related death for: (i) all patients ("unselected" cohort), and on the basis of (ii) classic clinicopathologic features, (iii) clinical subtypes, (iv) PAM50-based molecular intrinsic subtypes, and (v) individual PAM50 target genes. After a median follow-up of 7.2 years, in the unselected cohort (n = 6,211) increasing exercise exposure was not associated with a reduction in the risk of recurrence (adjusted Ptrend = 0.60) or breast cancer-related death (adjusted Ptrend = 0.39). On the basis of clinicopathologic features, an exercise-associated reduction in breast cancer-related death was apparent for tumors exercise (recurrence: adjusted HR, 0.63; 95% CI, 0.45-0.88; breast cancer-related death: adjusted HR, 0.57; 95% CI, 0.37-0.86). The impact of exercise on cancer outcomes appears to differ as a function of pathologic and molecular features in early-stage breast cancer. Cancer Res; 76(18); 5415-22. ©2016 AACR. ©2016 American Association for Cancer Research.

  14. Negative thermal expansion in framework compounds

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    electron microscopy, EXAFS and differential scanning calorimetry have been used to study structural properties as a function of temperature for these compounds. In this paper we report the results obtained from our study [14–20] of negative thermal expansion (NTE) compounds with chemical compositions of NX2O8 and.

  15. Mapping Brazilian Cropland Expansion, 2000-2013 (United States)

    Zalles, V.; Hansen, M.; Potapov, P.


    Brazil is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of agricultural goods. Despite undergoing significant increases in its cropland area in the last decades, it remains one of the countries with the most potential for further agricultural expansion. Most notably, the expansion in production areas of commodity crops such as soybean, corn, and sugarcane has become the leading cause of land cover conversion in Brazil. Natural land covers, such as the Amazon and Cerrado forests, have been negatively affected by this agricultural expansion, causing carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, altered water cycles, and many other disturbances to ecosystem services. Monitoring of change in cropland area extent can provide relevant information to decision makers seeking to understand and manage land cover change drivers and their impacts. In this study, the freely-available Landsat archive was leveraged to produce a large-scale, methodologically consistent map of cropland cover at 30 m. resolution for the entire Brazilian territory in the year 2000. Additionally, we mapped cropland expansion from 2000 to 2013, and used statistical sampling techniques to accurately estimate cropland area per Brazilian state. Using the Global Forest Change product produced by Hansen et al. (2013), we can disaggregate forest cover loss due to cropland expansion by year, revealing spatiotemporal trends that could advance our understanding of the drivers of forest loss.

  16. A test for the genetic basis of natural selection: an individual-based longitudinal study in a stream-dwelling fish. (United States)

    Morrissey, Michael B; Ferguson, Moira M


    In addition to the well-studied evolutionary parameters of (1) phenotype-fitness covariance and (2) the genetic basis of phenotypic variation, adaptive evolution by natural selection requires that (3) fitness variation is effected by heritable genetic differences among individuals and (4) phenotype-fitness covariances must be, at least in part, underlain by genetic covariances. These latter two requirements for adaptive evolutionary change are relatively unstudied in natural populations. Absence of the latter requirements could explain stasis of apparently directionally selected heritable traits. We provide complementary analyses of selection and variation at phenotypic and genetic levels for juvenile growth rate in brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis in Freshwater River, Newfoundland, Canada. Contrary to the vast majority of reports in fish, we found very little viability selection of juvenile body size. Large body size appears nonetheless to be selectively advantageous via a relationship with early maturity. Genetic patterns in evolutionary parameters largely reflected phenotypic patterns. We have provided inference of selection based on longitudinal data, which are uncommon in high fecundity organisms. Furthermore we have provided a practicable framework for further studies of the genetic basis of natural selection. © 2010 The Author(s). Evolution© 2010 The Society for the Study of Evolution.

  17. Numerical Investigations on Characteristics of Stresses in U-Shaped Metal Expansion Bellows

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. H. Gawande


    Full Text Available Metal expansion bellows are a mechanical device for absorbing energy or displacement in structures. It is widely used to deal with vibrations, thermal expansion, and the angular, radial, and axial displacements of components. The main objective of this paper is to perform numerical analysis to find various characteristics of stresses in U-shaped metal expansion bellows as per the requirement of vendor and ASME standards. In this paper, extensive analytical and numerical study is carried out to calculate the different characteristics of stresses due to internal pressure varying from 1 MPa to 2 MPa in U-shaped bellows. Finite element analysis by using Ansys14 is performed to find the characteristics of U-shaped metal expansion bellows. Finally, the results of analytical analysis and finite element method (FEM show a very good agreement. The results of this research work could be used as a basis for designing a new type of the metal bellows.

  18. Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on sleep characteristics in children


    Navya Ashok; N. K. Sapna Varma; Ajith, V. V.; Siby Gopinath


    Introduction: Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is an orthopedic treatment procedure routinely used to treat constricted maxillary arches and also a potential additional treatment in children presenting with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). Aims and Objectives: The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of RME on sleep characteristics in children. Materials and Methods: Polysomnography was done on children of 8-13 years of age before expansion (T0), after expansion (T1) and a...

  19. Flow in axisymmetric expansion in a catalytic converter


    Gotfredsen, Erik; Meyer, Knud Erik


    The flow in an axisymmetric expansion (circular diffusor) is used in many different engineering applications, such as heat exchangers, catalytic converters and filters. These applications require a relatively uniform flow at the inlet. To minimise the pressure loss, an ideal solution would be to use a quite long expansion, but this is often not possible due to space restrictions. Therefore a short expansion combined with e.g. guide vanes is often used. The present study will use a Selective C...

  20. Coherence of evidence from systematic reviews as a basis for evidence strength - a case study in support of an epistemological proposition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mickenautsch Steffen


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This article aims to offer, on the basis of Coherence theory, the epistemological proposition that mutually supportive evidence from multiple systematic reviews may successfully refute radical, philosophical scepticism. Methods A case study including seven systematic reviews is presented with the objective of refuting radical philosophical scepticism towards the belief that glass-ionomer cements (GIC are beneficial in tooth caries therapy. The case study illustrates how principles of logical and empirical coherence may be applied as evidence in support of specific beliefs in healthcare. Results The results show that radical scepticism may epistemologically be refuted on the basis of logical and empirical coherence. For success, several systematic reviews covering interconnected beliefs are needed. In praxis, these systematic reviews would also need to be of high quality and its conclusions based on reviewed high quality trials. Conclusions A refutation of radical philosophical scepticism to clinical evidence may be achieved, if and only if such evidence is based on the logical and empirical coherence of multiple systematic review results. Practical application also requires focus on the quality of the systematic reviews and reviewed trials.

  1. Air expansion in the water rocket

    CERN Document Server

    Romanelli, Alejandro; Madina, Federico González


    We study the thermodynamics of the water rocket in the thrust phase, taking into account the expansion of the air with water vapor, vapor condensation and the energy taken from the environment. We set up a simple experimental device with a stationary bottle and verified that the gas expansion in the bottle is well approximated by a polytropic process $PV^\\beta$= constant, where the parameter $\\beta$ depends on the initial conditions. We find an analytical expression for $\\beta $ that only depends on the thermodynamic initial conditions and is in good agreement with the experimental results.

  2. On the Bantu expansion. (United States)

    Rowold, Daine J; Perez-Benedico, David; Stojkovic, Oliver; Garcia-Bertrand, Ralph; Herrera, Rene J


    Here we report the results of fine resolution Y chromosomal analyses (Y-SNP and Y-STR) of 267 Bantu-speaking males from three populations located in the southeast region of Africa. In an effort to determine the relative Y chromosomal affinities of these three genotyped populations, the findings are interpreted in the context of 74 geographically and ethnically targeted African reference populations representing four major ethno-linguistic groups (Afro-Asiatic, Niger Kordofanin, Khoisan and Pygmoid). In this investigation, we detected a general similarity in the Y chromosome lineages among the geographically dispersed Bantu-speaking populations suggesting a shared heritage and the shallow time depth of the Bantu Expansion. Also, micro-variations in the Bantu Y chromosomal composition across the continent highlight location-specific gene flow patterns with non-Bantu-speaking populations (Khoisan, Pygmy, Afro-Asiatic). Our Y chromosomal results also indicate that the three Bantu-speaking Southeast populations genotyped exhibit unique gene flow patterns involving Eurasian populations but fail to reveal a prevailing genetic affinity to East or Central African Bantu-speaking groups. In addition, the Y-SNP data underscores a longitudinal partitioning in sub-Sahara Africa of two R1b1 subgroups, R1b1-P25* (west) and R1b1a2-M269 (east). No evidence was observed linking the B2a haplogroup detected in the genotyped Southeast African Bantu-speaking populations to gene flow from contemporary Khoisan groups. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Prevalence of hepatic steatosis in apparently healthy medical students: a transient elastography study on the basis of a controlled attenuation parameter. (United States)

    Kaya, Eda; Demir, Dogac; Alahdab, Yesim O; Yilmaz, Yusuf


    Despite the increasing burden of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in modern societies, the optimal screening method to detect hepatic steatosis in the general population remains to be established. Controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) measured with transient elastography (TE) has recently emerged as a reliable imaging tool for the screening and diagnosis of NAFLD. Here, we sought to investigate the prevalence of TE-defined hepatic steatosis in a sample of apparently healthy medical students. We also assessed the relationships between CAP and traditional NAFLD risk factors. A total of 112 Turkish medical students (48 women and 64 men, mean age 20.5±1.1 years) underwent TE. On the basis of previous studies, a cut-off value of 238 dB/m for CAP was used for the diagnosis of hepatic steatosis. On the basis of the selected cut-off for CAP, we identified 26 students (23.2%) with TE-defined NAFLD. Univariate correlation analyses showed that CAP values were significantly associated with BMI (r=0.40, PCAP (β=0.36, t=3.4, PCAP assessment with TE may be useful for an early, noninvasive identification of hepatic steatosis.

  4. Potential energy curves for diatomic molecules calculated with numerical basis functions (United States)

    Rantala, Tapio T.; Wästberg, Bo; Rosén, Arne


    A computational scheme for molecules is presented for the evaluation of total enregy properties such as potential energy curves and vibrational frequencies. The calculations are performed within the local density approximation utilizing the LCAO MO scheme with numerical basis functions, and multipole expansion of the molecular charge density is used to obtain the molecular potential. The total energy expression is written in terms of matrix elements already used for solving one-electron equations, and hence any evaluation of explicit integrals over charge density is avoided. The accuracy of the method and the effect of basis set incompleteness are studied for the CO and N 2 molecules and compared with fully numerical (basis-free) results.

  5. Impact of size and temperature on thermal expansion of nanomaterials

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A theoretical method has been discussed to study the size dependency of thermal expansion of nanomaterials at higher temperature by considering the surface effect. A thermodynamical analysis of the equation of state (EoS) is studied from the knowledge of thermal expansion of nano-materials based on theoretical ...

  6. Asymptotic expansions for high-contrast linear elasticity

    KAUST Repository

    Poveda, Leonardo A.


    We study linear elasticity problems with high contrast in the coefficients using asymptotic limits recently introduced. We derive an asymptotic expansion to solve heterogeneous elasticity problems in terms of the contrast in the coefficients. We study the convergence of the expansion in the H1 norm. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

  7. Annual cropped area expansion and agricultural production ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper assesses the relationship between annual cropped area expansion and crop output and discusses the implication of such a relationship for environmental management in Benue State, Nigeria. The study was carried out using agricultural production survey (APS) data of five selected crops, namely: rice, sorghum, ...

  8. Effects of forest expansion on mountain grassland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guidi, Claudia; Magid, Jakob; Rodeghiero, Mirco


    Background and aims. Grassland abandonment followed by forest succession is the dominant land-use change in the European Alps. We studied the impact of current forest expansion on mountain grassland on changes in physical soil organic carbon (SOC) fractions along a land-use and management gradient...

  9. Stakeholder Support for School Food Policy Expansions (United States)

    Pettigrew, Simone; Pescud, Melanie; Donovan, Robert J.


    The aim of this study was to assess the extent to which parents and school-based stakeholders (principals, teachers, canteen managers and Parents & Citizen Committee presidents) are supportive of potential expansions to a new school food policy. Eight additional policy components elicited in preliminary focus groups with parents and 19 additional…

  10. Taylor series expansions for stationary Markov chains

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heidergott, B.F.; Hordijk, A.


    We study Taylor series expansions of stationary characteristics of general-state-space Markov chains. The elements of the Taylor series are explicitly calculated and a lower bound for the radius of convergence of the Taylor series is established. The analysis provided in this paper applies to the

  11. Term Dependence: Truncating the Bahadur Lazarsfeld Expansion. (United States)

    Losee, Robert M., Jr.


    Studies the performance of probabilistic information retrieval systems using differing statistical dependence assumptions when estimating the probabilities inherent in the retrieval model. Experimental results using the Bahadur Lazarsfeld expansion on the Cystic Fibrosis database are discussed that suggest that incorporating term dependence…

  12. Revisting expansive learning for knowledge production and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Revisting expansive learning for knowledge production and capability development at postgraduate level in Higher Education Studies. R Niemann. Abstract. Higher education in South Africa is challenged by academic and social demands. Universities, therefore, have to produce graduates who will be able to function ...

  13. Multihazard risk analysis and disaster planning for emergency services as a basis for efficient provision in the case of natural hazards - case study municipality of Au, Austria (United States)

    Maltzkait, Anika; Pfurtscheller, Clemens


    Multihazard risk analysis and disaster planning for emergency services as a basis for efficient provision in the case of natural hazards - case study municipality of Au, Austria A. Maltzkait (1) & C. Pfurtscheller (1) (1) Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck, Austria The extreme flood events of 2002, 2005 and 2013 in Austria underlined the importance of local emergency services being able to withstand and reduce the adverse impacts of natural hazards. Although for legal reasons municipal emergency and crisis management plans exist in Austria, they mostly do not cover risk analyses of natural hazards - a sound, comparable assessment to identify and evaluate risks. Moreover, total losses and operational emergencies triggered by natural hazards have increased in recent decades. Given sparse public funds, objective budget decisions are needed to ensure the efficient provision of operating resources, like personnel, vehicles and equipment in the case of natural hazards. We present a case study of the municipality of Au, Austria, which was hardly affected during the 2005 floods. Our approach is primarily based on a qualitative risk analysis, combining existing hazard plans, GIS data, field mapping and data on operational efforts of the fire departments. The risk analysis includes a map of phenomena discussed in a workshop with local experts and a list of risks as well as a risk matrix prepared at that workshop. On the basis for the exact requirements for technical and non-technical mitigation measures for each natural hazard risk were analysed in close collaboration with members of the municipal operation control and members of the local emergency services (fire brigade, Red Cross). The measures includes warning, evacuation and, technical interventions with heavy equipment and personnel. These results are used, first, to improve the municipal emergency and crisis management plan by providing a risk map, and a

  14. A Hybrid approach to molecular continuum processes combiningGaussian basis functions and the discrete variable representation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rescigno, Thomas N.; Horner, Daniel A.; Yip, Frank L.; McCurdy,C. William


    Gaussian basis functions, routinely employed in molecular electronic structure calculations, can be combined with numerical grid-based functions in a discrete variable representation to provide an efficient method for computing molecular continuum wave functions. This approach, combined with exterior complex scaling, obviates the need for slowly convergent single-center expansions, and allows one to study a variety of electron-molecule collision problems. The method is illustrated by computation of various bound and continuum properties of H2+.

  15. Thermodynamic basis for cluster kinetics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hu, Lina; Bian, Xiufang; Qin, Xubo


    Due to the inaccessibility of the supercooled region of marginal metallic glasses (MMGs) within the experimental time window, we study the cluster kinetics above the liquidus temperature, Tl, to acquire information on the fragility of the MMG systems. Thermodynamic basis for the stability...

  16. TOPICAL REVIEW: Negative thermal expansion (United States)

    Barrera, G. D.; Bruno, J. A. O.; Barron, T. H. K.; Allan, N. L.


    There has been substantial renewed interest in negative thermal expansion following the discovery that cubic ZrW2O8 contracts over a temperature range in excess of 1000 K. Substances of many different kinds show negative thermal expansion, especially at low temperatures. In this article we review the underlying thermodynamics, emphasizing the roles of thermal stress and elasticity. We also discuss vibrational and non-vibrational mechanisms operating on the atomic scale that are responsible for negative expansion, both isotropic and anisotropic, in a wide range of materials.

  17. Thermal Expansion of Polyurethane Foam (United States)

    Lerch, Bradley A.; Sullivan, Roy M.


    Closed cell foams are often used for thermal insulation. In the case of the Space Shuttle, the External Tank uses several thermal protection systems to maintain the temperature of the cryogenic fuels. A few of these systems are polyurethane, closed cell foams. In an attempt to better understand the foam behavior on the tank, we are in the process of developing and improving thermal-mechanical models for the foams. These models will start at the microstructural level and progress to the overall structural behavior of the foams on the tank. One of the key properties for model characterization and verification is thermal expansion. Since the foam is not a material, but a structure, the modeling of the expansion is complex. It is also exacerbated by the anisoptropy of the material. During the spraying and foaming process, the cells become elongated in the rise direction and this imparts different properties in the rise direction than in the transverse directions. Our approach is to treat the foam as a two part structure consisting of the polymeric cell structure and the gas inside the cells. The polymeric skeleton has a thermal expansion of its own which is derived from the basic polymer chemistry. However, a major contributor to the thermal expansion is the volume change associated with the gas inside of the closed cells. As this gas expands it exerts pressure on the cell walls and changes the shape and size of the cells. The amount that this occurs depends on the elastic and viscoplastic properties of the polymer skeleton. The more compliant the polymeric skeleton, the more influence the gas pressure has on the expansion. An additional influence on the expansion process is that the polymeric skeleton begins to breakdown at elevated temperatures and releases additional gas species into the cell interiors, adding to the gas pressure. The fact that this is such a complex process makes thermal expansion ideal for testing the models. This report focuses on the thermal

  18. Expansion of Tubular with Elastomers in Multilateral Wells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md Velden


    Full Text Available The use of solid expandable tubular technology during the last decade has focused on solving many challenges in well drilling and delivery including zonal isolation, deep drilling, conservation of hole sizes, etc. not only as pioneered solution but also providing cost effective and long lasting solutions. Concurrently, the technology was extended for construction of multilateral in typical wells. The process of horizontal tubular expansion is similar to the vertical expansion of expandable tubular in down-hole environment with the addition of uniformly distributed force due to its weight. The expansion is targeted to increase its diameter such that post expansion characteristics remain within allowable limits. In this study a typical expandable tubular of 57.15 mm outer diameter and 6.35 mm wall thickness was used with two different elastomer seals of 5 and 7 mm thickness placed at equal spacing of 200 mm. The developed stress contours during expansion process clearly showed the high stress areas in the vicinity of expansion region which lies around the mandrel. These high stresses may result in excessive wear of the mandrel. It was also found out that the drawing force increases as the mandrel angle, expansion ratio, and friction coefficient increases. A mandrel angle of 20o  requires minimum expansion force and can be considered as an optimum geometrical parameter to lower the power required for expansion.

  19. Coordinating rule-based and system-wide model predictive control strategies to reduce storage expansion of combined urban drainage systems: The case study of Lundtofte, Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Meneses, Elbys Jose; Gaussens, Marion; Jakobsen, Carsten


    The environmental benefits of combining traditional infrastructure solutions for urban drainage (increasing storage volume) with real time control (RTC) strategies were investigated in the Lundofte catchment in Denmark, where an expensive traditional infrastructure expansion is planned to comply...... with environmental requirements. A coordinating, rule-based RTC strategy and a global, system-wide risk-based dynamic optimization strategy (model predictive control), were compared using a detailed hydrodynamic model. RTC allowed a reduction of the planned storage volume by 21% while improving the system...

  20. Theoretical and numerical study of the expansion of a laser-produced plasma: high energy ion acceleration; Etude theorique et numerique de l'expansion d'un plasma cree par laser: acceleration d'ions a haute energie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grismayer, T


    This work is a theoretical and numerical study on the high energy ion acceleration in laser created plasma expansion. The ion beams produced on the rear side of an irradiated foil reveal some characteristics (low divergence, wide spectra) which distinguish them from the ones coming from the front side. The discovery of these beams has renewed speculation for applications such as proton-therapy or proton radiography. The ion acceleration is performed via a self-consistent electrostatic field due to the charge separation between ions and hot electrons. In the first part of this dissertation, we present the fluid theoretical model and the hybrid code which simulates the plasma expansion. The numerical simulation of a recent experience on the dynamic of the electric field by proton radiography validates the theoretical model. The second part deals with the influence of an initial ion density gradient on the acceleration efficiency. We establish a model which relates the plasma dynamic and more precisely the wave breaking of the ion flow. The numerical results which predict a strong decrease of the ion maximum energy for large gradient length are in agreement with the experimental data. The Boltzmann equilibrium for the electron assumed in the first part has been thrown back into doubt in the third part. We adopt a kinetic description for the electron. The new version of the code can measure the Boltzmann law deviation which does not strongly modify the maximum energy that can reach the ions. (author)

  1. A Computational Approach to Competitive Range Expansions (United States)

    Weber, Markus F.; Poxleitner, Gabriele; Hebisch, Elke; Frey, Erwin; Opitz, Madeleine


    Bacterial communities represent complex and dynamic ecological systems. Environmental conditions and microbial interactions determine whether a bacterial strain survives an expansion to new territory. In our work, we studied competitive range expansions in a model system of three Escherichia coli strains. In this system, a colicin producing strain competed with a colicin resistant, and with a colicin sensitive strain for new territory. Genetic engineering allowed us to tune the strains' growth rates and to study their expansion in distinct ecological scenarios (with either cyclic or hierarchical dominance). The control over growth rates also enabled us to construct and to validate a predictive computational model of the bacterial dynamics. The model rested on an agent-based, coarse-grained description of the expansion process and we conducted independent experiments on the growth of single-strain colonies for its parametrization. Furthermore, the model considered the long-range nature of the toxin interaction between strains. The integration of experimental analysis with computational modeling made it possible to quantify how the level of biodiversity depends on the interplay between bacterial growth rates, the initial composition of the inoculum, and the toxin range.

  2. A Comparative-Interdisciplinary Study of the Production and Publication of Works of Fiction by Simin Daneshvar and Belgheis Soleimani on the Basis of the Theory of Paratextuality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Rostami


    Full Text Available Interdisciplinary studies confirm the fact that different branches of the humanities are closely connected with each other and increase each others’ efficiency. Since comparative interdisciplinary studies also include fields that are not purely literary, such as printing and publishing industries, the present study aims to analyze how cultural products achieve a better marketing through designing processes. Paratextuality, from Genette’s point of view, is the theoretical basis of this study, and peritexts and epitexts in the novels of Daneshvar and Soleimani are analyzed here. First, we define “comparative interdisciplinary study” and then discuss the peritexts and the epitexts in their novels. This is a library-based research; however, data is also collected through interviews with the publishers of their novels, Kharazmi, Ghoghnoos and Cheshmeh publications. It is a descriptive-analytical study and its findings show that there are some features in the appearance of books that motivate the customers to buy them. During years, because of cultural structures, advertising strategies and critical reviews, these features have changed. However, this study shows that the scope of the changes in the novels of Soleimani is vaster; in other words, by changing such features, publishers have been able to create a better marketing for Soleimani, even though he is less known than Daneshvar.

  3. Strategic Complexity and Global Expansion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oladottir, Asta Dis; Hobdari, Bersant; Papanastassiou, Marina


    The purpose of this paper is to analyse the determinants of global expansion strategies of newcomer Multinational Corporations (MNCs) by focusing on Iceland, Israel and Ireland. We argue that newcomer MNCs from small open economies pursue complex global expansion strategies (CGES). We distinguish....... The empirical evidence suggests that newcomer MNCs move away from simplistic dualities in the formulation of their strategic choices towards more complex options as a means of maintaining and enhancing their global competitiveness....

  4. Estimates of expansion time scales (United States)

    Jones, E. M.

    Monte Carlo simulations of the expansion of a spacefaring civilization show that descendants of that civilization should be found near virtually every useful star in the Galaxy in a time much less than the current age of the Galaxy. Only extreme assumptions about local population growth rates, emigration rates, or ship ranges can slow or halt an expansion. The apparent absence of extraterrestrials from the solar system suggests that no such civilization has arisen in the Galaxy.

  5. Analysis of Factors Influencing Agritourism Businesses in Expansion


    Jensen, Kimberly; Bruch Leffew, Megan; Menard, Jamey; English, Burton C.


    This study assesses how characteristics of agritourism operations may influence future expansion plans. Differences in barriers which agritourism operations face, as well as types of promotion methods used are examined for expansion-minded agritourism operators. This information will be useful to agritourism operators, as they look for contributors to future growth.

  6. Did the Higgs boson drive the universe's expansion?

    CERN Multimedia


    The Higgs boson has been moonlighting. Not content with its day job of giving other particles their mass, it may also have driven the expansion of the early universe, given a little tinkering, according to two separate studies. Soon after the big bang the early universe is believed to have undergone a period of rapid expansion, known as inflation.

  7. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland under modest regional warming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan; Meilby, Henrik; Kollmann, Johannes


    Shrub expansion has been observed widely in tundra areas across the Arctic. This phenomenon has been partially attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century. However, relationships among shrub expansion, grazing, and human disturbance have been studied little. SW Greenland is a suba...

  8. Surgical Splint Design Influences Transverse Expansion in Segmental Maxillary Osteotomies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stokbro, Kasper; Aagaard, Esben; Torkov, Peter


    Purpose: In segmental maxillary procedures, it is imperative to obtain as much of the planned expansion as possible. Lack of obtained expansion, in addition to late relapse after splint removal, can result in relapse of the posterior crossbite. This study investigated the influence of 2 surgical ...

  9. The Hawaiian bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes): a model to study the molecular basis of eukaryote-prokaryote mutualism and the development and evolution of morphological novelties in cephalopods. (United States)

    Lee, Patricia N; McFall-Ngai, Margaret J; Callaerts, Patrick; de Couet, H Gert


    The Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes, is a cephalopod whose small size, short lifespan, rapid growth, and year-round availability make it suitable as a model organism. E. scolopes is studied in three principal contexts: (1) as a model of cephalopod development; (2) as a model of animal-bacterial symbioses; and (3) as a system for studying adaptations of tissues that interact with light. E. scolopes embryos can be obtained continually and can be reared in the laboratory over an entire generation. The embryos and protective chorions are optically clear, facilitating in situ developmental observations, and can be manipulated experimentally. Many molecular protocols have been developed for studying E. scolopes development. This species is best known, however, for its symbiosis with the luminous marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri and has been used to study determinants of symbiont specificity, the influence of symbiosis on development of the squid light organ, and the mechanisms by which a stable association is achieved. Both partners can be grown independently under laboratory conditions, a feature that offers the unusual opportunity to manipulate the symbiosis experimentally. Molecular and genetic tools have been developed for V. fischeri, and a large expressed sequence tag (EST) database is available for the host symbiotic tissues. Additionally, comparisons between light organ form and function to those of the eye can be made. Both types of tissue interact with light, but have divergent embryonic development. As such, they offer an opportunity to study the molecular basis for the evolution of morphological novelties.

  10. Contemporary childhood psycho-pathologization: a study on the expansion of the diagnoses of “attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniele de Andrade Ferrazza


    Full Text Available The expansion of psychiatric labeling does not reach only the adult population, but also the problematic related to childhood have been captured by the speeches and practices of the medical-psychiatric knowledge and turned into psychopathologies which tend to be treated  with the main resource made available by psychiatrics in the present times: the psychotropic drugs. This work presents a critical thinking on the expansion of the diagnoses of “attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity” (ADHD both in children and teenagers and on the conduction of drug therapies. It follows that the processes of childhood psycho-pathologization and the trivializing of psychotropic drug prescription are related to the overvaluation of the biological conception of psychic suffering and to the economic interests of the great pharmaceutical laboratories which by means of several strategies influence the medical practices, factors that lead to exposure of these patients to possible side effects and the risks of stigmatization that must be considered.

  11. On Learning Ring-Sum-Expansions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fischer, Paul; Simon, H. -U.


    The problem of learning ring-sum-expansions from examples is studied. Ring-sum-expansions (RSE) are representations of Boolean functions over the base {#123;small infinum, (+), 1}#125;, which reflect arithmetic operations in GF(2). k-RSE is the class of ring-sum-expansions containing only monomials...... of length at most k:. term-RSE is the class of ring-sum-expansions having at most I: monomials. It is shown that k-RSE, k>or=1, is learnable while k-term-RSE, k>2, is not learnable if RPnot=NP. Without using a complexity-theoretical hypothesis, it is proven that k-RSE, k>or=1, and k-term-RSE, k>or=2 cannot...... be learned from positive (negative) examples alone. However, if the restriction that the hypothesis which is output by the learning algorithm is also a k-RSE is suspended, then k-RSE is learnable from positive (negative) examples only. Moreover, it is proved that 2-term-RSE is learnable by a conjunction...

  12. Polytope expansion of Lie characters and applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walton, Mark A., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4 (Canada)


    The weight systems of finite-dimensional representations of complex, simple Lie algebras exhibit patterns beyond Weyl-group symmetry. These patterns occur because weight systems can be decomposed into lattice polytopes in a natural way. Since lattice polytopes are relatively simple, this decomposition is useful, in addition to being more economical than the decomposition into single weights. An expansion of characters into polytope sums follows from the polytope decomposition of weight systems. We study this polytope expansion here. A new, general formula is given for the polytope sums involved. The combinatorics of the polytope expansion are analyzed; we point out that they are reduced from those of the Weyl character formula (described by the Kostant partition function) in an optimal way. We also show that the weight multiplicities can be found easily from the polytope multiplicities, indicating explicitly the equivalence of the two descriptions. Finally, we demonstrate the utility of the polytope expansion by showing how polytope multiplicities can be used in the calculation of tensor product decompositions, and subalgebra branching rules.

  13. Hole expansion test of third generation steels (United States)

    Agirre, Julen; Mendiguren, Joseba; Galdos, Lander; de Argandoña, Eneko Sáenz


    The trend towards the implementation of new materials in the chassis of the automobiles is considerably making more complex the manufacturing of the components that built it up. In this scenario materials with higher strengths and lower formabilities are daily faced by tool makers and component producers what reduces the process windows and makes the forming processes to be in the limits of the materials. One of the concerns that tool makers must face during the definition of the tools is the expansion ratios that the holes in the sheet may reach before producing a breakage due to the stretching of the material (also known as edge cracks). For the characterization of such limits, a standard test, the hole expansion test, can be applied so that the limits of the material are known. At the present study, hole expansion tests of a third generation steel, Fortiform1050 with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters have been carried out and compared them to a mild steel, DX54D with a thickness of 0.6 millimeters. A comparison for each material in terms of technology used to punch the hole, mechanical punching vs laser cutting has also been conducted. In addition, the measurement technique (online measurement vs offline measurement) followed in the Hole Expansion Ratio (HER) identification has also been analyzed. Finally, differences between both materials and techniques are presented.

  14. Design basis 2

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Larsen, G.; Soerensen, P. [Risoe National Lab., Roskilde (Denmark)


    Design Basis Program 2 (DBP2) is comprehensive fully coupled code which has the capability to operate in the time domain as well as in the frequency domain. The code was developed during the period 1991-93 and succeed Design Basis 1, which is a one-blade model presuming stiff tower, transmission system and hub. The package is designed for use on a personal computer and offers a user-friendly environment based on menu-driven editing and control facilities, and with graphics used extensively for the data presentation. Moreover in-data as well as results are dumped on files in Ascii-format. The input data is organized in a in-data base with a structure that easily allows for arbitrary combinations of defined structural components and load cases. (au)

  15. A perspective for biowaivers of human bioequivalence studies on the basis of the combination of the ratio of AUC to the dose and the biopharmaceutics classification system. (United States)

    Sakuma, Shinji; Tachiki, Hidehisa; Uchiyama, Hitoshi; Fukui, Yasunobu; Takeuchi, Naohiro; Kumamoto, Kazuo; Satoh, Tomonori; Yamamoto, Yoshinobu; Ishii, Emi; Sakai, Yoshiyuki; Takeuchi, Susumu; Sugita, Masaru; Yamashita, Shinji


    The ratio of AUC to the dose (AUC/dose) was previously found as a parameter that predicts a risk of bioinequivalence of oral drug products. On the basis of the combination of this parameter and the biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS), a perspective for biowaivers of human bioequivalence studies is discussed. Databases of bioequivalence studies using immediate-release solid oral dosage forms were disclosed by 6 Japanese generic pharmaceutical companies, and the number of subjects required for demonstrating bioequivalence between generic and reference products was plotted as a function of AUC/dose for each BCS category. A small variation in the number of subjects was constantly observed in bioequivalence studies using dosage forms containing an identical BCS class 1 or class 3 drug, even though formulations of the generic product differ between companies. The variation was extremely enlarged when the drugs were substituted with BCS class 2 drugs. Rate-determining steps in oral absorption of highly water-soluble BCS class 1 and class 3 drugs are independent of formulations when there is no significant difference in the in vitro dissolution profiles between formulations. The small variation observed for both BCS categories indicates that the number of subjects converges into one value for each drug. Our analysis indicates the appropriateness of biowaiver of bioequivalence studies for immediate-release solid oral dosage forms containing not only BCS class 1 drugs but also class 3 drugs.

  16. Safe cervical spine clearance in adult obtunded blunt trauma patients on the basis of a normal multidetector CT scan--a meta-analysis and cohort study. (United States)

    Raza, Mushahid; Elkhodair, Samer; Zaheer, Asif; Yousaf, Sohail


    A true gold standard to rule out a significant cervical spine injury in subset of blunt trauma patients with altered sensorium is still to be agreed upon. The objective of this study is to determine whether in obtunded adult patients with blunt trauma, a clinically significant injury to the cervical spine be ruled out on the basis of a normal multidetector cervical spine computed tomography. Comprehensive database search was conducted to include all the prospective and retrospective studies on blunt trauma patients with altered sensorium undergoing cervical spine multidetector CT scan as core imaging modality to "clear" the cervical spine. The studies used two main gold standards, magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine and/or prolonged clinical follow-up. The data was extracted to report true positive, true negatives, false positives and false negatives. Meta-analysis of sensitivity, specificity, negative and positive predictive values was performed using Meta Analyst Beta 3.13 software. We also performed a retrospective investigation comparing a robust clinical follow-up and/or cervical spine MR findings in 53 obtunded blunt trauma patients, who previously had undergone a normal multidetector CT scan of the cervical spine reported by a radiologist. A total of 10 studies involving 1850 obtunded blunt trauma patients with initial cervical spine CT scan reported as normal were included in the final meta-analysis. The cumulative negative predictive value and specificity of cervical spine CT of the ten studies was 99.7% (99.4-99.9%, 95% confidence interval). The positive predictive value and sensitivity was 93.7% (84.0-97.7%, 95% confidence interval). In the retrospective review of our obtunded blunt trauma patients, none was later diagnosed to have significant cervical spine injury that required a change in clinical management. In a blunt trauma patient with altered sensorium, a normal cervical spine CT scan is conclusive to safely rule out a clinically

  17. CO{sub 2} expansion work recovery by impulse turbine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Toendell, Espen


    This study focuses on refrigeration processes with relatively low cooling capacities and hereby low circulation rates. The presented theory for turbines focuses on work extraction in impulse turbines. For an impulse turbine, the optimal rotational speed gives a turbine blade tip speed equal to half the nozzle jet velocity. With small volume flow rates, the turbine will have small dimensions, and hereby the rotational speed will be high. Together with principles for work extraction, the losses in the turbine were discussed. The main losses are nozzle losses (Friction and incomplete flashing), rotational losses, disc friction, windage, changing angles, non-rotational losses, fluid friction between jet and turbine blade, jet not hitting turbine blade, mechanical losses in bearings. A literature survey was made to show some examples on two-phase turbines and to create a theoretical basis for fluid expansion in a nozzle. The literature survey on two-phase expanders showed some examples on Helium expanders with small dimensions and good efficiencies. Compared to a helium expander, a CO{sub 2} expander will be working on a higher pressure, and hereby some extra losses must be expected. Some work on expander for R134a was also referred. That work was however focused on high cooling capacities, which means that the R134a expander will have much higher mass flow than the CO{sub 2} expander in this study. The literature survey on fluid expansion and nucleation showed that the critical radius is important in nucleation. The critical radius is dependent on the surface tension and the difference between the liquid saturation pressure and the local pressure. For the current study, understanding of nucleation will be important in order to understand the function of the nozzle. Finally some models for critical flow were presented (author) (ml)

  18. Electric Grid Expansion Planning with High Levels of Variable Generation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hadley, Stanton W. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); You, Shutang [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Shankar, Mallikarjun [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Liu, Yilu [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Renewables are taking a large proportion of generation capacity in U.S. power grids. As their randomness has increasing influence on power system operation, it is necessary to consider their impact on system expansion planning. To this end, this project studies the generation and transmission expansion co-optimization problem of the US Eastern Interconnection (EI) power grid with a high wind power penetration rate. In this project, the generation and transmission expansion problem for the EI system is modeled as a mixed-integer programming (MIP) problem. This study analyzed a time series creation method to capture the diversity of load and wind power across balancing regions in the EI system. The obtained time series can be easily introduced into the MIP co-optimization problem and then solved robustly through available MIP solvers. Simulation results show that the proposed time series generation method and the expansion co-optimization model and can improve the expansion result significantly after considering the diversity of wind and load across EI regions. The improved expansion plan that combines generation and transmission will aid system planners and policy makers to maximize the social welfare. This study shows that modelling load and wind variations and diversities across balancing regions will produce significantly different expansion result compared with former studies. For example, if wind is modeled in more details (by increasing the number of wind output levels) so that more wind blocks are considered in expansion planning, transmission expansion will be larger and the expansion timing will be earlier. Regarding generation expansion, more wind scenarios will slightly reduce wind generation expansion in the EI system and increase the expansion of other generation such as gas. Also, adopting detailed wind scenarios will reveal that it may be uneconomic to expand transmission networks for transmitting a large amount of wind power through a long distance

  19. Skew-t fits to mortality data--can a Gaussian-related distribution replace the Gompertz-Makeham as the basis for mortality studies? (United States)

    Clark, Jeremy S C; Kaczmarczyk, Mariusz; Mongiało, Zbigniew; Ignaczak, Paweł; Czajkowski, Andrzej A; Klęsk, Przemysław; Ciechanowicz, Andrzej


    Gompertz-related distributions have dominated mortality studies for 187 years. However, nonrelated distributions also fit well to mortality data. These compete with the Gompertz and Gompertz-Makeham data when applied to data with varying extents of truncation, with no consensus as to preference. In contrast, Gaussian-related distributions are rarely applied, despite the fact that Lexis in 1879 suggested that the normal distribution itself fits well to the right of the mode. Study aims were therefore to compare skew-t fits to Human Mortality Database data, with Gompertz-nested distributions, by implementing maximum likelihood estimation functions (mle2, R package bbmle; coding given). Results showed skew-t fits obtained lower Bayesian information criterion values than Gompertz-nested distributions, applied to low-mortality country data, including 1711 and 1810 cohorts. As Gaussian-related distributions have now been found to have almost universal application to error theory, one conclusion could be that a Gaussian-related distribution might replace Gompertz-related distributions as the basis for mortality studies.

  20. Completeness relations and resonant state expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lind, P. (Department of Mathematical Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 118, S-221 00 Lund (Sweden))


    The completeness properties of the discrete set of bound states, virtual states, and resonant states characterizing the system of a single nonrelativistic particle moving in a central cutoff potential are investigated. We do not limit ourselves to the restricted form of completeness that can be obtained from Mittag-Leffler theory in this case. Instead we will make use of the information contained in the asymptotic behavior of the discrete states to get a new approach to the question of eventual overcompleteness. Using the theory of analytic functions we derive a number of completeness relations in terms of discrete states and complex continuum states and give some criteria for how to use them to form resonant state expansions of functions, matrix elements, and Green's functions. In cases where the integral contribution vanishes, the discrete part of the expansions is of the same form as that given by Mittag-Leffler theory but with regularized inner products. We also consider the possibility of using the discrete states as basis in a matrix representation.

  1. Improving the housing conditions and climate change on the basis on extensive eco-ceilings. Case study: La Isla neighborhood, Altos de Cazucá, Soacha, Cundinamarca


    Forero Cortés, Carolina; Devia Castillo, Carlos Alfonso


    Climate change generated by the expansion of the urban area affects the temperature rise by the thermal properties of the materials of construction. The shortage of green areas (which increases impervious surfaces) causes climatic imbalances that diminish quality within the housing. In this sense, this paper aims to estimate and compare the thermal attenuation and CO2 capture in priority interest housing located in Altos de Cazucá, who used eco ceilings as vegetable crops. The experimental de...

  2. Local expansions and accretive mappings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. A. Kirk


    Full Text Available Let X and Y be complete metric spaces with Y metrically convex, let D⊂X be open, fix u0∈X, and let d(u=d(u0,u for all u∈D. Let f:X→2Y be a closed mapping which maps open subsets of D onto open sets in Y, and suppose f is locally expansive on D in the sense that there exists a continuous nonincreasing function c:R+→R+ with ∫+∞c(sds=+∞ such that each point x∈D has a neighborhood N for which dist(f(u,f(v≥c(max{d(u,d(v}d(u,v for all u,v∈N. Then, given y∈Y, it is shown that y∈f(D iff there exists x0∈D such that for x∈X\\D, dist(y,f(x0≤dist(u,f(x. This result is then applied to the study of existence of zeros of (set-valued locally strongly accretive and ϕ-accretive mappings in Banach spaces

  3. Comparative Study of Determining of the Responsible Person and the Basis of Compensation in Civil Liability Results from Events Related to Nuclear Facilities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sayyed Mohammad Mahdi Qabuli Dorafshan


    Full Text Available Nuclear facilities, though have large advantages for human being, they also creates heavy hazards. Thus, the question of civil liability results from events of mentioned facilities are so significant. This paper studies the question of the basis and responsible for compensation results from aforementioned events in international instruments, Iran and French law. Outcome of this study shows that in this regard, Paris and Vienna conventions and the other related conventions and protocols adjust a special legal régime. In this respect, the international instruments while distancing themselves from liability based on fault, highlight the exclusive responsibility of the operator of nuclear facilities and they have commited the operator to insurance or appropriate secure financing. Also French legal régime have followed this manner with the impact of the Paris Convention and its amendments and additions. There is no special provisions in Iran legal régime in this matter so civil liability results from nuclear events is under general rules of civil liability and rules such Itlaf (loss, Tasbib (causation, Taqsir (fault and La-zarar (no damage in the context of Imamye jurisprudence. Ofcourse, the responsible is basically the one who the damage is attributable to him. Finaly, It is appropriate that the Iranian legislator predict favorable régime and provides special financial fund for compensation of possible injured parties in accordance with necessities and specific requirements related to nuclear energy

  4. Radial basis function network-based transform for a nonlinear support vector machine as optimized by a particle swarm optimization algorithm with application to QSAR studies. (United States)

    Tang, Li-Juan; Zhou, Yan-Ping; Jiang, Jian-Hui; Zou, Hong-Yan; Wu, Hai-Long; Shen, Guo-Li; Yu, Ru-Qin


    The support vector machine (SVM) has been receiving increasing interest in an area of QSAR study for its ability in function approximation and remarkable generalization performance. However, selection of support vectors and intensive optimization of kernel width of a nonlinear SVM are inclined to get trapped into local optima, leading to an increased risk of underfitting or overfitting. To overcome these problems, a new nonlinear SVM algorithm is proposed using adaptive kernel transform based on a radial basis function network (RBFN) as optimized by particle swarm optimization (PSO). The new algorithm incorporates a nonlinear transform of the original variables to feature space via a RBFN with one input and one hidden layer. Such a transform intrinsically yields a kernel transform of the original variables. A synergetic optimization of all parameters including kernel centers and kernel widths as well as SVM model coefficients using PSO enables the determination of a flexible kernel transform according to the performance of the total model. The implementation of PSO demonstrates a relatively high efficiency in convergence to a desired optimum. Applications of the proposed algorithm to QSAR studies of binding affinity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors and activity of 1-phenylbenzimidazoles reveal that the new algorithm provides superior performance to the backpropagation neural network and a conventional nonlinear SVM, indicating that this algorithm holds great promise in nonlinear SVM learning.

  5. The molecular basis of conformational instability of the ecdysone receptor DNA binding domain studied by in silico and in vitro experiments.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agnieszka Szamborska-Gbur

    Full Text Available The heterodimer of the ecdysone receptor (EcR and ultraspiracle (Usp, members of the nuclear receptors superfamily, regulates gene expression associated with molting and metamorphosis in insects. The DNA binding domains (DBDs of the Usp and EcR play an important role in their DNA-dependent heterodimerization. Analysis of the crystal structure of the UspDBD/EcRDBD heterocomplex from Drosophila melanogaster on the hsp27 gene response element, suggested an appreciable similarity between both DBDs. However, the chemical denaturation experiments showed a categorically lower stability for the EcRDBD in contrast to the UspDBD. The aim of our study was an elucidation of the molecular basis of this intriguing instability. Toward this end, we mapped the EcRDBD amino acid sequence positions which have an impact on the stability of the EcRDBD. The computational protein design and in vitro analyses of the EcRDBD mutants indicate that non-conserved residues within the α-helix 2, forming the EcRDBD hydrophobic core, represent a specific structural element that contributes to instability. In particular, the L58 appears to be a key residue which differentiates the hydrophobic cores of UspDBD and EcRDBD and is the main reason for the low stability of the EcRDBD. Our results might serve as a benchmark for further studies of the intricate nature of the EcR molecule.

  6. An fMRI study of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with different pathological basis using amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wei WEI


    Full Text Available Objective To study the distinction of abnormal brain activity in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mTLE with hippocampal sclerosis (HS or other pathogical basis, and to discuss their underlying pathophysiological mechanism in mTLE.  Methods Thirty mTLE patients with unilateral hippocampal sclerosis (mTLE-HS and 30 mTLE patients with occupying lesion in unilateral temporal lobe (mTLE-OL were investigated by comparing with 30 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects. MRI data were collected using a Siemens 3.0T scanner, and all of the participants were studied using amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF analysis of resting state fMRI. A cost-function modification was used for image preprocessing, then the difference of extratemporal mALFF changes between the two groups of mTLE patients were analyzed with two-sample t test, and the correlation between mALFF and epilepsy duration of mTLE were also investigated.  Results In the resting state, mTLE-HS patients and mTLE-OL patients all showed significant changes in mALFF in extratemporal structures, but the distribution patterns of changes in brain were different. Compared with mTLE-HS, the mTLE-OL patients showed increased mALFF in bilateral inferior parietal lobes, precuneus, angular gyrus, middle and posterior cingulate gyrus and contralateral middle temporal gyrus, while mALFF reducing was observed in contralateral postcentral gyrus, bilateral middle occipital gyrus and cerebellum (P < 0.05, AlphaSim corrected, that is to say, the default mode network (DMN in mTLE-HS were inhibited more seriously than in mTLE-OL patients. Correlation analysis showed that no significant correlation was found between mALFF and epilepsy duration in mTLE-HS patients; mALFF in bilateral middle and posterior cingulate gyrus was positively correlated with epilepsy duration in mTLE-OL patients (r = 0.687, P = 0.000, while mALFF in bilateral anterior cingulate gyrus was negatively correlated with epilepsy duration (r

  7. Cryo-electron microscopy study of insect cell-expressed enterovirus 71 and coxsackievirus a16 virus-like particles provides a structural basis for vaccine development. (United States)

    Gong, Minqing; Zhu, Hongtao; Zhou, Jun; Yang, Chunting; Feng, Jing; Huang, Xiaojun; Ji, Gang; Xu, Honglin; Zhu, Ping


    Enterovirus 71 (EV71) and coxsackievirus A16 (CA16) are the two most common etiological agents responsible for the epidemics of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), a childhood illness with occasional severe neurological complications. A number of vaccine candidates against EV71 or CA16 have been reported; however, no vaccine is currently available for clinical use. Here, we generated a secreted version of EV71 and CA16 virus-like particles (VLPs) using a baculovirus-insect cell expression system and reconstructed the three-dimensional (3D) structures of both VLPs by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) single-particle analysis at 5.2-Å and 5.5-Å resolutions, respectively. The reconstruction results showed that the cryo-EM structures of EV71 and CA16 VLPs highly resemble the recently published crystal structures for EV71 natural empty particles and CA16 135S-like expanded particles, respectively. Our cryo-EM analysis also revealed that the majority of previously identified linear neutralizing epitopes are well preserved on the surface of EV71 and CA16 VLPs. In addition, both VLPs were able to induce efficiently neutralizing antibodies against various strains of EV71 and CA16 viruses in mouse immunization. These studies provide a structural basis for the development of insect cell-expressed VLP vaccines and for a potential bivalent VLP vaccine against both EV71- and CA16-associated HFMD. The recent outbreaks of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) in the Asia Pacific region spurred the search for effective vaccines against EV71 and CA16 viruses, the two most common etiological agents responsible for HFMD. In this paper, we show that secreted versions of EV71 and CA16 VLPs generated in the baculovirus-insect cell expression system highly resemble the crystal structures of their viral conterparts and that the majority of previously identified linear neutralizing epitopes are well preserved on the VLP surfaces. In addition, the generated VLPs can efficiently induce


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tsapatsaris, Nikolaos; Willendrup, Peter Kjær; E. Lechner, Ruep


    rate at the sample position between the virtual instrument simulation and experiments was found, in both time and energy distributions. This achievement was only possible after a new component for a bent single crystal analyser in McStas, using a Gaussian approximation, was developed. These findings......Results based on virtual instrument models for the first high-flux, high-resolution, spallation based, backscattering spectrometer, BASIS are presented in this paper. These were verified using the Monte Carlo instrument simulation packages McStas and VITESS. Excellent agreement of the neutron count...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvio Cezar Arend


    Full Text Available Development is very present in speeches, discussions and studies by different institutions and an area that is gaining ground is the regional development. From this observation, we sought to identify the presence of theoretical preconditions that influence the development of a region, taking as reference the theories of the export basis and growth poles. The chosen area was the Association of Municipalities of West Santa Catarina - AMOSC - that parts from West Santa Catarina, known by the presence of meat (poultry and pigs processing agribusiness. Its effective occupation occurred after the arrival of immigrants from Rio Grande do Sul and market-oriented economic activities began with the timber and, subsequently, with diversified agricultural production, carried out on small rural properties. The business capital was the basis for the implementation of refrigerators for the processing of meat and swine products and the expansion of agribusiness occurred from the integration with the farmers who supplied the raw material for the industry. Regarding the theories analyzed, it was found that the agribusiness of meat processing and meat products played the role of industry-driving; in other words, boosted the development of other activities and industries. Agribusiness also represents the export basis, which promoted the economic expansion of AMOSC.

  10. Does query expansion limit our learning? A comparison of social-based expansion to content-based expansion for medical queries on the internet. (United States)

    Pentoney, Christopher; Harwell, Jeff; Leroy, Gondy


    Searching for medical information online is a common activity. While it has been shown that forming good queries is difficult, Google's query suggestion tool, a type of query expansion, aims to facilitate query formation. However, it is unknown how this expansion, which is based on what others searched for, affects the information gathering of the online community. To measure the impact of social-based query expansion, this study compared it with content-based expansion, i.e., what is really in the text. We used 138,906 medical queries from the AOL User Session Collection and expanded them using Google's Autocomplete method (social-based) and the content of the Google Web Corpus (content-based). We evaluated the specificity and ambiguity of the expansion terms for trigram queries. We also looked at the impact on the actual results using domain diversity and expansion edit distance. Results showed that the social-based method provided more precise expansion terms as well as terms that were less ambiguous. Expanded queries do not differ significantly in diversity when expanded using the social-based method (6.72 different domains returned in the first ten results, on average) vs. content-based method (6.73 different domains, on average).

  11. Micro-architected Composite Lattices with Tunable Negative Thermal Expansions (United States)

    Wang, Qiming

    Solid materials with minimum or negative thermal expansion (NTE) have broad applications, from dental fillings to thermal-sensitive precision instruments. Previous studies on NTE structures were mostly focused on theoretically design and 2D experimental demonstrations. Here, aided with multimaterial projection micro-stereolithography, we experimentally fabricate multi-material composite lattices that exhibit significant negative thermal expansion in three directions and over a large range of temperature variations. The negative thermal expansion is induced by the structural interaction of material components with distinct thermal expansion coefficients. The NTE performance can be tuned over a large range by varying the thermal expansion coefficient difference between constituent beams and geometrical arrangement. Our experimental results match qualitatively with a simple scaling law and quantitatively consistently with computational models.

  12. Bubble motion in sudden expansion in vertical pipe flow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kondo, Koichi [Marine Technical College, Ashiya, Hyogo (Japan); Yoshida, Kenji; Matsumoto, Tadayoshi; Okawa, Tomio; Kataoka, Isao [Osaka Univ., Suita, Osaka (Japan)


    Experimental studies were made on the multi-dimensional behavior of upward gas-liquid two-phase flow through the vertical round tube with an axisymmetric sudden expansion, which is one of the typical multi-dimensional channel geometry. The direct observation using high-speed video camera was performed and revealed the multi-dimensional dynamic flow behavior affected by the sudden expansion. Characteristic phenomena were observed such as bubble break-up, deformation due to the strong share of liquid flow, or liquid micro jet penetration through the gas-slug, and so on. From these results, the flow regime map at the below or above of the sudden expansion part was classified. The phase distributions in sudden expansion were also showed in detail that how the two-phase flow develops along the direction of the downstream of the sudden expansion. (J.P.N.)

  13. Impacts of Scarification and Degermination on the Expansion Characteristics of Select Quinoa Varieties during Extrusion Processing. (United States)

    Aluwi, Nicole A; Gu, Bon-Jae; Dhumal, Gaurav S; Medina-Meza, Ilce G; Murphy, Kevin M; Ganjyal, Girish M


    Extrusion of 2 quinoa varieties, Cherry Vanilla and Black (scarified and unscarified) and a mixed quinoa variety, Bolivian Royal (scarified and degermed) were studied for their extrusion characteristics. A corotating twin-screw extruder with a 3 mm round die was used. Feed moisture contents of 15%, 20%, and 25% (wet basis) were studied. The extruder barrel temperature was kept constant at 140 °C and screw speeds were varied from 100, 150, and 200 revolutions per minutes. Process responses (specific mechanical energy, back pressure, and torque) and product responses (expansion ratio, unit density, and water absorption index/water solubility index) were evaluated. The degermed Bolivian Royal showed the highest expansion in comparison to all other varieties, attributed to its significantly low levels of fat, fiber, and protein. The scarified Cherry Vanilla resulted in the lowest expansion ratio. This was attributed to the increase in the protein content from the removal of the outer layer. The results indicate that all the varieties performed differently in the extrusion process due to their modification processes as well as the individual variety characteristics. © 2016 Institute of Food Technologists®.

  14. Low thermal expansion glass ceramics

    CERN Document Server


    This book is one of a series reporting on international research and development activities conducted by the Schott group of companies With the series, Schott aims to provide an overview of its activities for scientists, engineers, and managers from all branches of industry worldwide where glasses and glass ceramics are of interest Each volume begins with a chapter providing a general idea of the current problems, results, and trends relating to the subjects treated This volume describes the fundamental principles, the manufacturing process, and applications of low thermal expansion glass ceramics The composition, structure, and stability of polycrystalline materials having a low thermal expansion are described, and it is shown how low thermal expansion glass ceramics can be manufactured from appropriately chosen glass compositions Examples illustrate the formation of this type of glass ceramic by utilizing normal production processes together with controlled crystallization Thus glass ceramics with thermal c...

  15. Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics

    CERN Document Server

    Bach, Hans


    This book appears in the authoritative series reporting the international research and development activities conducted by the Schott group of companies. This series provides an overview of Schott's activities for scientists, engineers, and managers from all branches of industry worldwide in which glasses and glass ceramics are of interest. Each volume begins with a chapter providing a general idea of the current problems, results, and trends relating to the subjects treated. This new extended edition describes the fundamental principles, the manufacturing process, and applications of low thermal expansion glass ceramics. The composition, structure, and stability of polycrystalline materials having a low thermal expansion are described, and it is shown how low thermal expansion glass ceramics can be manufactured from appropriately chosen glass compositions. Examples illustrate the formation of this type of glass ceramic by utilizing normal production processes together with controlled crystallization. Thus g...

  16. Thermal Expansion of Hafnium Carbide (United States)

    Grisaffe, Salvatore J.


    Since hafnium carbide (HfC) has a melting point of 7029 deg. F, it may have many high-temperature applications. A literature search uncovered very little information about the properties of HfC, and so a program was initiated at the Lewis Research Center to determine some of the physical properties of this material. This note presents the results of the thermal expansion investigation. The thermal-expansion measurements were made with a Gaertner dilatation interferometer calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 1 deg. F. This device indicates expansion by the movement of fringes produced by the cancellation and reinforcement of fixed wave-length light rays which are reflected from the surfaces of two parallel quartz glass disks. The test specimens which separate these disks are three small cones, each approximately 0.20 in. high.

  17. Expansive Learning in Construction Projects - a Contradiction in terms?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klitgaard, Anne; Nissen, Søren Bülow; Beck, Frederikke


    This research is a preliminary study performed as part of a primary research into expansive learning in interorganizational network set up to solve a construction project. The construction industry has long had issues about productivity, which can be an indication of lack of learning. A case study...... acquisition and participation but not by expansive learning. The construction industry needs to accept that the learning generated from projects will be limited to learning by acquisition and participation. The interorganizational network cannot facilitate expansive learning while working on object......-fixed projects. Research in construction management fails to generate and document knowledge because of the limitations of case studies....

  18. 18 CFR 154.309 - Incremental expansions. (United States)


    ... Changes § 154.309 Incremental expansions. (a) For every expansion for which incremental rates are charged... 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Incremental expansions... incremental facilities to be rolled-in to the pipeline's rates. For every expansion that has an at-risk...

  19. Prediction of Welded Joint Strength in Plasma Arc Welding: A Comparative Study Using Back-Propagation and Radial Basis Neural Networks (United States)

    Srinivas, Kadivendi; Vundavilli, Pandu R.; Manzoor Hussain, M.; Saiteja, M.


    Welding input parameters such as current, gas flow rate and torch angle play a significant role in determination of qualitative mechanical properties of weld joint. Traditionally, it is necessary to determine the weld input parameters for every new welded product to obtain a quality weld joint which is time consuming. In the present work, the effect of plasma arc welding parameters on mild steel was studied using a neural network approach. To obtain a response equation that governs the input-output relationships, conventional regression analysis was also performed. The experimental data was constructed based on Taguchi design and the training data required for neural networks were randomly generated, by varying the input variables within their respective ranges. The responses were calculated for each combination of input variables by using the response equations obtained through the conventional regression analysis. The performances in Levenberg-Marquardt back propagation neural network and radial basis neural network (RBNN) were compared on various randomly generated test cases, which are different from the training cases. From the results, it is interesting to note that for the above said test cases RBNN analysis gave improved training results compared to that of feed forward back propagation neural network analysis. Also, RBNN analysis proved a pattern of increasing performance as the data points moved away from the initial input values.

  20. A comparative study of the processes of generation of singlet oxygen upon irradiation of aqueous preparations on the basis of chlorin e6 and coproporphyrin III (United States)

    Bagrov, I. V.; Belousova, I. M.; Gorelov, S. I.; Dobrun, M. V.; Kiselev, V. M.; Kislyakov, I. M.; Kris'ko, A. V.; Kris'ko, T. K.


    The photosensitizing ability of an agent based on chlorin e6 (Photoditazin), which is used for photodynamic diagnosis and therapy, is compared with that of a new preparation on the basis of coproporphyrin III in the environment of a phosphate buffer and a simulated biological environment (albumin solution). The efficiency of singlet-oxygen production was estimated by EPR spectroscopy and spectroscopy in the UV and visible ranges with the use of "chemical traps" of singlet oxygen. By irradiating drugs with LED emission centered at λmax = 520 nm, we determined the quantum yield of singlet-oxygen production in a buffer solution; the obtained values are 0.60 and 0.37 for chlorine and coproporphyrin, respectively. The steady-state concentration of singlet oxygen upon irradiation of solutions of the studied photosensitizers with concentrations of 12-43 μM and the density of radiation power within the 6-96 W/cm2 region was found to be in the region of 1010-1011 molecules/cm3. It is shown that the introduction into the solution of egg albumin (0.1%) reduces the sensitizing properties of the two drugs by two to three times, while the efficiencies of the preparations with respect to singlet-oxygen production become almost identical (0.19 and 0.17).

  1. The return of airships - report 2. Study on wind power expansion in Sweden with focus on transport and logistics issues; Luftskeppens aaterkomst - rapport 2. Studie om vindkraftens utbyggnad i Sverige med fokus paa transport och logistikfraagor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lundin, Matts; Svensson, Ulf


    This study deals with the efforts carried out in Sweden in the wind power area as part of the adjustment process of the Swedish energy system. An effort which is important for achieving parliamentary climate goals and other objectives of the energy policy. The purpose of the study is to find attractive solutions to the transportation and logistics issues. If handled in a less advantageous way it can be costly for the society, the businesses, local residents, the natural systems and for the climate. The emphasis and main focus of the study is on transport- and logistics-related issues. First, we compared conventional transport solutions with the option to also use lighter-than-air technology, where the focus has been on comparisons of application and cost standpoint. Secondly, we have put the issues into a broader development framework as the expansion of wind power generates transports affecting use of existing infrastructure, building of new infrastructure and various ecosystem services as well as land use in general

  2. Higher Order Hierarchical Legendre Basis Functions for Electromagnetic Modeling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Erik; Volakis, John L.; Meincke, Peter


    This paper presents a new hierarchical basis of arbitrary order for integral equations solved with the Method of Moments (MoM). The basis is derived from orthogonal Legendre polynomials which are modified to impose continuity of vector quantities between neighboring elements while maintaining most....... In addition, all higher-order terms in the expansion have two vanishing moments.In contrast to existing formulations, these properties allow the use of very high-order basis functions without introducing ill-conditioning of the resulting MoM matrix. Numerical results confirm that the condition number...... of the MoM matrix obtained with this new basis is much lower than existing higher-order interpolatory and hierarchical basis functions. As a consequence of the excellent condition numbers, we demonstrate that even very high-order MoM systems, e.g. 10th order, can be solved efficiently with an iterative...

  3. Expansion of World Drylands Under Global Warming (United States)

    Feng, S.; Fu, Q.; Hu, Q. S.


    The world drylands including both semi-arid and arid regions comprise of one-third of the global land surfaces, which support 14% of the world's inhabitants and a significant share of the world agriculture. Because of meager annual precipitation and large potential evaporative water loss, the ecosystems over drylands are fragile and sensitive to the global change. By analyzing the observations during 1948-2008 and 20 fully coupled climate model simulations from CMIP5 for the period 1900-2100, this study evaluated the changes of the world drylands that are defined with a modified form of the Thornthwaite's moisture index. The results based on observational data showed that the world drylands are steadily expanding during the past 60 years. The areas occupied by drylands in 1994-2008 is about 2.0×10^6km^2 (or 4%) larger than the average during the 1950s. Such an expansion is also a robust feature in the simulations of the 20 global climate models, though the rate is much smaller in the models. A stronger expanding rate is projected during the first half of this century than the simulations in the last century, followed by accelerating expansion after 2050s under the high greenhouse gas emission scenario (RCP8.5). By the end of this century, the world drylands are projected to be over 58×10^6km^2 (or 11% increase compared to the 1961-1990 climatology). The projected expansion of drylands, however, is not homogeneous over the world drylands, with major expansion of arid regions over the southwest North America, the northern fringe of Africa, southern Africa and Australia. Major expansions of semi-arid regions are projected over the north side of the Mediterranean, southern Africa, North and South America. The global warming is the main factor causing the increase of potential evapotranspiration estimated by Penman-Monteith algorithm, which in turn dominants the expansion of drylands. The widening of Hadley cell, which has impact on both temperature and precipitation

  4. Optimization design of energy deposition on single expansion ramp nozzle (United States)

    Ju, Shengjun; Yan, Chao; Wang, Xiaoyong; Qin, Yupei; Ye, Zhifei


    Optimization design has been widely used in the aerodynamic design process of scramjets. The single expansion ramp nozzle is an important component for scramjets to produces most of thrust force. A new concept of increasing the aerodynamics of the scramjet nozzle with energy deposition is presented. The essence of the method is to create a heated region in the inner flow field of the scramjet nozzle. In the current study, the two-dimensional coupled implicit compressible Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes and Menter's shear stress transport turbulence model have been applied to numerically simulate the flow fields of the single expansion ramp nozzle with and without energy deposition. The numerical results show that the proposal of energy deposition can be an effective method to increase force characteristics of the scramjet nozzle, the thrust coefficient CT increase by 6.94% and lift coefficient CN decrease by 26.89%. Further, the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm coupled with the Radial Basis Function neural network surrogate model has been employed to determine optimum location and density of the energy deposition. The thrust coefficient CT and lift coefficient CN are selected as objective functions, and the sampling points are obtained numerically by using a Latin hypercube design method. The optimized thrust coefficient CT further increase by 1.94%, meanwhile, the optimized lift coefficient CN further decrease by 15.02% respectively. At the same time, the optimized performances are in good and reasonable agreement with the numerical predictions. The findings suggest that scramjet nozzle design and performance can benefit from the application of energy deposition.

  5. Low-thermal expansion infrared glass ceramics (United States)

    Lam, Philip


    L2 Tech, Inc. is in development of an innovative infrared-transparent glass ceramic material with low-thermal expansion (ZrW2O8) which has Negative Thermal Expansion (NTE). The glass phase is the infrared-transparent germanate glass which has positive thermal expansion (PTE). Then glass ceramic material has a balanced thermal expansion of near zero. The crystal structure is cubic and the thermal expansion of the glass ceramic is isotropic or equal in all directions.

  6. A Meta-Analysis of Global Urban Land Expansion (United States)

    Seto, Karen C.; Fragkias, Michail; Güneralp, Burak; Reilly, Michael K.


    The conversion of Earth's land surface to urban uses is one of the most irreversible human impacts on the global biosphere. It drives the loss of farmland, affects local climate, fragments habitats, and threatens biodiversity. Here we present a meta-analysis of 326 studies that have used remotely sensed images to map urban land conversion. We report a worldwide observed increase in urban land area of 58,000 km2 from 1970 to 2000. India, China, and Africa have experienced the highest rates of urban land expansion, and the largest change in total urban extent has occurred in North America. Across all regions and for all three decades, urban land expansion rates are higher than or equal to urban population growth rates, suggesting that urban growth is becoming more expansive than compact. Annual growth in GDP per capita drives approximately half of the observed urban land expansion in China but only moderately affects urban expansion in India and Africa, where urban land expansion is driven more by urban population growth. In high income countries, rates of urban land expansion are slower and increasingly related to GDP growth. However, in North America, population growth contributes more to urban expansion than it does in Europe. Much of the observed variation in urban expansion was not captured by either population, GDP, or other variables in the model. This suggests that contemporary urban expansion is related to a variety of factors difficult to observe comprehensively at the global level, including international capital flows, the informal economy, land use policy, and generalized transport costs. Using the results from the global model, we develop forecasts for new urban land cover using SRES Scenarios. Our results show that by 2030, global urban land cover will increase between 430,000 km2 and 12,568,000 km2, with an estimate of 1,527,000 km2 more likely. PMID:21876770

  7. The Lost Foam method – pre-expansion process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Pacyniak


    Full Text Available In the study, a pre-expansion station, designed by authors, was presented. It consists of a batch pre-expander with a 90 liters capacity foaming chamber, equipped with fluidized-solid dryer of pre-expanded beads and a pneumatic transport system of granules to the silo. Steam is delivered to the pre-expander from the electric vapor generator type LW 40.1. In the study, work principle of the pre-expansion station and pre-expansion tests carried out on this position were presented.

  8. Efficient model chemistries for peptides. I. General framework and a study of the heterolevel approximation in RHF and MP2 with Pople split-valence basis sets. (United States)

    Echenique, Pablo; Alonso, José Luis


    We present an exhaustive study of more than 250 ab initio potential energy surfaces (PESs) of the model dipeptide HCO-L-Ala-NH(2). The model chemistries (MCs) investigated are constructed as homo- and heterolevels involving possibly different RHF and MP2 calculations for the geometry and the energy. The basis sets used belong to a sample of 39 representants from Pople's split-valence families, ranging from the small 3-21G to the large 6-311++G(2df,2pd). The reference PES to which the rest are compared is the MP2/6-311++G(2df,2pd) homolevel, which, as far as we are aware, is the most accurate PES in the literature. All data sets have been analyzed according to a general framework, which can be extended to other complex problems and which captures the nearness concept in the space of MCs. The great number of MCs evaluated has allowed us to significantly explore this space and show that the correlation between accuracy and computational cost of the methods is imperfect, thus justifying a systematic search for the combination of features in a MC that is optimal to deal with peptides. Regarding the particular MCs studied, the most important conclusion is that the potentially very cost-saving heterolevel approximation is a very efficient one to describe the whole PES of HCO-L-Ala-NH(2). Finally, we show that, although RHF may be used to calculate the geometry if a MP2 single-point energy calculation follows, pure RHF//RHF homolevels are not recommendable for this problem. (c) 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  9. Theoretical study on the reaction mechanism of cyclopropenylidene with cyclic CnH2nO (n = 2, 3 compounds: Ring expansion process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaojun Tan


    Full Text Available The ring expansion reaction mechanisms between cyclopropenylidene and cyclic CnH2nO (n = 2, 3 compounds have been systematically investigated employing the second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2 method in order to better understand the reactivity of cyclopropenylidene with epoxy compounds (oxirane and epoxypropane. Geometry optimizations and vibration analyses have been performed for the stationary points on the potential energy surfaces of the system. The calculated results show that cyclopropenylidene can insert into oxirane at its CO bond and into epoxypropane at its CO or CC bond. From the kinetic viewpoint, it is easier for cyclopropenylidene to insert into the CO bond of oxirane than that of the CO bond of epoxypropane. For insertion into epoxypropane, it is easier for cyclopropenylidene to insert into its CO bond than CC bond. Through the first insertion step and the second ring-opened step, spiro and carbene intermediates can been formed between cyclopropenylidene and epoxy compounds, respectively. Through the following two H-transfer steps, carbene intermediate forms the products of allenes and alkynes, respectively. From the thermodynamics viewpoint, the allenes are the dominant product for the title reaction.

  10. Health workforce planning and service expansion during an economic crisis: A case study of the national breast screening programme in Ireland. (United States)

    McHugh, S M; Tyrrell, E; Johnson, B; Healy, O; Perry, I J; Normand, C


    This article aims to estimate the workforce and resource implications of the proposed age extension of the national breast screening programme, under the economic constraints of reduced health budgets and staffing levels in the Irish health system. Using a mixed method design, a purposive sample of 20 participants were interviewed and data were analysed thematically (June-September 2012). Quantitative data (programme-level activity data, screening activity, staffing levels and screening plans) were used to model potential workload and resource requirements. The analysis indicates that over 90% operational efficiency was achieved throughout the first six months of 2012. Accounting for maternity leave (10%) and sick leave (3.5%), 16.1 additional radiographers (whole time equivalent) would be required for the workload created by the age extension of the screening programme, at 90% operational efficiency. The results suggest that service expansion is possible with relatively minimal additional radiography resources if the efficiency of the skill mix and the use of equipment are improved. Investing in the appropriate skill mix should not be limited to clinical groups but should also include administrative staff to manage and support the service. Workload modelling may contribute to improved health workforce planning and service efficiency. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. On persistently positively expansive maps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Arbieto


    Full Text Available In this paper, we prove that any C¹-persistently positively expansive map is expanding. This improves a result due to Sakai (Sakai 2004.Neste artigo, mostramos que todo mapa C¹-persistentemente positivamente expansivo e expansor. Isto melhora um resultado devido a Sakai (Sakai 2004.

  12. The bootstrap and edgeworth expansion

    CERN Document Server

    Hall, Peter


    This monograph addresses two quite different topics, in the belief that each can shed light on the other. Firstly, it lays the foundation for a particular view of the bootstrap. Secondly, it gives an account of Edgeworth expansion. Chapter 1 is about the bootstrap, witih almost no mention of Edgeworth expansion; Chapter 2 is about Edgeworth expansion, with scarcely a word about the bootstrap; and Chapters 3 and 4 bring these two themes together, using Edgeworth expansion to explore and develop the properites of the bootstrap. The book is aimed a a graduate level audience who has some exposure to the methods of theoretical statistics. However, technical details are delayed until the last chapter (entitled "Details of Mathematical Rogour"), and so a mathematically able reader without knowledge of the rigorous theory of probability will have no trouble understanding the first four-fifths of the book. The book simultaneously fills two gaps in the literature; it provides a very readable graduate level account of t...

  13. Multiscale expansions in discrete world

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... multiscale expansions discretely. The power of this manageable method is confirmed by applying it to two selected nonlinear Schrödinger evolution equations. This approach can also be applied to other nonlinear discrete evolution equations. All the computations have been made with Maple computer packet program.

  14. Large N Expansion. Vector Models


    Nissimov, Emil; Pacheva, Svetlana


    Preliminary version of a contribution to the "Quantum Field Theory. Non-Perturbative QFT" topical area of "Modern Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics" (SELECTA), eds. Aref'eva I, and Sternheimer D, Springer (2007). Consists of two parts - "main article" (Large N Expansion. Vector Models) and a "brief article" (BPHZL Renormalization).


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elmegaard, Brian; Qvale, Einar Bjørn


    their efficiency are always of interest. Recently, two independent studies have proposed recuperated gas turbines to be configured with the turbine expansion divided, in order to obtain higher efficiency. The idea is to operate the system with a gas generator and a power turbine, and use the gas from the gas......Recuperated gas turbines are currently drawing an increased attention due to the recent commercialization of micro gas turbines with recuperation. This system may reach a high efficiency even for the small units of less than 100 kW. In order to improve the economics of the plants, ways to improve...... divided expansion can be advantageous under certain circumstances. But, in order for todays micro gas turbines to be competitive, the thermodynamic efficiencies will have to be rather high. This requires that all component efficiencies including the recuperator effectiveness will have to be high...

  16. Bond return predictability in expansions and recessions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engsted, Tom; Møller, Stig Vinther; Jensen, Magnus David Sander

    We document that over the period 1953-2011 US bond returns are predictable in expansionary periods but unpredictable during recessions. This result holds in both in-sample and out-of-sample analyses and using both univariate regressions and combination forecasting techniques. A simulation study...... but negative in recessions. The results are also consistent with tests showing that the expectations hypothesis of the term structure holds in recessions but not in expansions. However, the results for bonds are in sharp contrast to results for stocks showing that stock returns are predictable in recessions...... but not in expansions. Thus, our results indicate that there is not a common predictive pattern of stock and bond returns associated with the state of the economy....

  17. Myocardial infarct expansion, infarct extension, and reinfarction: pathophysiologic concepts. (United States)

    Weisman, H F; Healy, B


    Infarct expansion and infarct extension are events early in the course of myocardial infarction with serious short- and long-term consequences. Infarct expansion, disproportionate thinning, and dilatation of the infarct segment probably begin within hours of acute infarction and usually reach peak extent within seven to 14 days. Clinical data suggest that infarct expansion occurs in approximately 35% to 45% of anterior transmural myocardial infarctions and to a lesser extent in infarctions at other sites. Although expansion usually develops in large infarcts, the extent of transmural necrosis rather than absolute infarct size predicts its occurrence. Expansion has an adverse effect on infarct structure and function for several reasons. Functional infarct size is increased because of infarct segment lengthening, and expansion results in over-all ventricular dilatation. Thus, patients with expansion of an infarct have poorer exercise tolerance, more congestive heart failure symptoms, and greater early and late mortality than those without expansion. Infarct rupture and late aneurysm formation are two additional structural consequences of infarct expansion. Experimental and clinical data suggest that the incidence and severity of expansion can be modified by interventions. Increased ventricular loading conditions and steroidal and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents make expansion more severe. Reperfusion of the infarct segment and pharmacologic interventions that decrease ventricular afterload lessen the severity of expansion. Previous myocardial infarction and preexisting ventricular hypertrophy may also limit the development of infarct expansion. Infarct extension is defined clinically as early in-hospital reinfarction after a myocardial infarction. The pathologic finding of infarct extension is necrotic and healing myocardium of several different recent ages within the same vascular territory. Although this pathologic criterion usually cannot be verified, studies

  18. The [epsilon] expansion and the electroweak phase transition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arnold, P.; Yaffe, L.G. (Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195 (United States))


    Standard perturbative (or mean field theory) techniques are not adequate for studying the finite-temperature electroweak phase transition in some cases of interest to scenarios for electroweak baryogenesis. We instead study the properties of this transition using the renormalization group and the [epsilon] expansion. This expansion, based on dimensional continuation from 3 to 4--[epsilon] spatial dimensions, provides a systematic approximation for computing the effects of (near-)critical fluctuations. The [epsilon] expansion is known to predict a first-order transition in Higgs theories, even for heavy Higgs boson masses. The validity of this conclusion in the standard model is examined in detail. A variety of physical quantities are computed at leading and next-to-leading order in [epsilon]. For moderately light Higgs boson masses (below 100 GeV), the [epsilon] expansion suggests that the transition is more strongly first order than is predicted by the conventional analysis based on the one-loop (ring-improved) effective potential. Nevertheless, the rate of baryon nonconservation after the transition is found to be [ital larger] than that given by the one-loop effective potential calculation. Detailed next-to-leading order calculations of some sample quantities suggests that the [epsilon] expansion is reasonably well behaved for Higgs boson masses below 100--200 GeV. We also compare the [epsilon] expansion with large-[ital N] results (where [ital N] is the number of scalar fields) and find that the [epsilon] expansion is less well behaved in this limit.

  19. Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Urban Expansion in China. (United States)

    Zhao, Shuqing; Zhou, Decheng; Zhu, Chao; Sun, Yan; Wu, Wenjia; Liu, Shuguang


    The scale of urbanization in China during the past three decades is unprecedented in human history, and the processes are poorly understood. Here we present an effort to map the urban land expansion processes of 32 major cities in China from 1978 to 2010 using Landsat satellite data to understand the temporal and spatial characteristics. Results showed that the urban extent of the 32 cities expanded exponentially with very high annual rates varying from 3.2% to 12.8%. Temporal fluctuation in urban expansion rates in these 32 cities was obvious, with unexpected and alarming expansion rates from 2005 to 2010 that drastically exceeded their expectation, which was calculated from the long-term trend between 1978 and 2005, by 45%. Overall, we found that the growth rates of cities during the entire study period were inversely related to city size, contradicting the theory or Gibrat's law, which states that the growth rate is independent of city size. More detailed analysis indicated that city growth in China has transitioned from contradicting to conforming to Gibrat's law since 1995. Our study suggests that the urban expansion theory (i.e., Gibrat's law) does not fit Chinese expansion consistently over time, and the exact causes are unknown. Exploring the causes in future research will improve our understanding of the theory and, more importantly, understand the feasibility of the theoretical relationship between city size and expansion rate in guiding contemporary urban expansion planning.

  20. Susceptibility of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) strains from central Colombia to two insecticides, methomyl and lambda-cyhalothrin: a study of the genetic basis of resistance. (United States)

    Ríos-Díez, J D; Saldamando-Benjumea, C I


    Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is an important pest of several crops in the western hemisphere. This insect has genetically differentiated into two host-associated populations: the corn (Zea mays L.) and the rice (Oryza sativa L.) strains. The corn strain also is found in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and sorghum and the rice strain in Bermuda grass [Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.] and millet. In the United States and Brazil, lines from corn, rice, Bermuda grass, and millet were used to evaluate the resistance of both strains to various insecticides, and found that the corn strain is more resistant than the rice strain. However, in these studies the larvae were not genotyped. In Colombia, genotyping of fall armyworm is necessary because the rice strain also can be found in corn fields. In this work, collected larvae from corn and rice fields from Tolima (central Colombia) were genotyped and evaluated for the resistance to methomyl and lambda-cyhalothrin. We found that the rice strain does not significantly differ in resistance to methomyl compared with the corn strain but it develops tolerance more rapidly to lambda-cyhalothrin. The eggs viability of treated females also was significantly affected by methomyl on each generation. The realized heritability of resistance was higher for lambda-cyhalothrin (0.23-0.42) than for methomyl (0.04-0.14). The number of generations needed for 10-fold increase in resistance is approximately 11.5 generations for methomyl and 6.5 for lambda-cyhalothrin. Finally, the genetic basis of resistance to both insecticides involves few recessive autosomal genes. The results obtained here suggest that methomyl is a better option than lambda-cyalothin to control fall armyworm.

  1. Molecular basis of calcium-sensitizing and desensitizing mutations of the human cardiac troponin C regulatory domain: a multi-scale simulation study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Michael Kekenes-Huskey

    Full Text Available Troponin C (TnC is implicated in the initiation of myocyte contraction via binding of cytosolic Ca²⁺ and subsequent recognition of the Troponin I switch peptide. Mutations of the cardiac TnC N-terminal regulatory domain have been shown to alter both calcium binding and myofilament force generation. We have performed molecular dynamics simulations of engineered TnC variants that increase or decrease Ca²⁺ sensitivity, in order to understand the structural basis of their impact on TnC function. We will use the distinction for mutants that are associated with increased Ca²⁺ affinity and for those mutants with reduced affinity. Our studies demonstrate that for GOF mutants V44Q and L48Q, the structure of the physiologically-active site II Ca²⁺ binding site in the Ca²⁺-free (apo state closely resembled the Ca²⁺-bound (holo state. In contrast, site II is very labile for LOF mutants E40A and V79Q in the apo form and bears little resemblance with the holo conformation. We hypothesize that these phenomena contribute to the increased association rate, k(on, for the GOF mutants relative to LOF. Furthermore, we observe significant positive and negative positional correlations between helices in the GOF holo mutants that are not found in the LOF mutants. We anticipate these correlations may contribute either directly to Ca²⁺ affinity or indirectly through TnI association. Our observations based on the structure and dynamics of mutant TnC provide rationale for binding trends observed in GOF and LOF mutants and will guide the development of inotropic drugs that target TnC.

  2. Comparison of Two Different PCR-based Methods for Detection of GAA Expansions in Frataxin Gene. (United States)

    Entezam, Mona; Amirfiroozi, Akbar; Togha, Mansoureh; Keramatipour, Mohammad


    Expansion of GAA trinucleotide repeats is the molecular basis of Friedreich's ataxia (FRDA). Precise detection of the GAA expansion repeat in frataxin gene has always been a challenge. Different molecular methods have been suggested for detection of GAA expansion, including; short-PCR, long-PCR, Triplet repeat primed-PCR (TP-PCR) and southern blotting. The aim of study was to evaluate two PCR-based methods, TP-PCR and long-PCR, and to explore the use of TP-PCR accompanying with long-PCR for accurate genotyping of FRDA patients. Blood samples were collected from six Iranian patients suspected to FRDA, who referred to the Department of Medical Genetics at Tehran University of Medical Sciences during the year 2014. For one of these patients' four asymptomatic members of the family were also recruited for the analysis. DNA extraction was performed by two different methods. TP-PCR and long-PCR were carried out in all samples. The type of this study is assessment / investigation of methods. Using a combination of the above methods, the genotypes of all samples were confirmed as five homozygous mutants (expanded GAA repeats), two heterozygous and three homozygous normal (normal repeat size). The results obtained by TP-PCR are consistent with long-PCR results. The presence or absence of expanded alleles can be identified correctly by TP-PCR. Performing long-PCR and Fluorescent-long-PCR enables accurate genotyping in all samples. This approach is highly reliable. It could be successfully used for detection of GAA expansion repeats.

  3. Familial frontotemporal dementia with neuronal intranuclear inclusions is not a polyglutamine expansion disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neal Scott J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Many cases of frontotemporal dementia (FTD are familial, often with an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance. Some are due to a mutation in the tau- encoding gene, on chromosome 17, and show an accumulation of abnormal tau in brain tissue (FTDP-17T. Most of the remaining familial cases do not exhibit tau pathology, but display neuropathology similar to patients with dementia and motor neuron disease, characterized by the presence of ubiquitin-immunoreactive (ub-ir, dystrophic neurites and neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions in the neocortex and hippocampus (FTLD-U. Recently, we described a subset of patients with familial FTD with autopsy-proven FTLD-U pathology and with the additional finding of ub-ir neuronal intranuclear inclusions (NII. NII are a characteristic feature of several other neurodegenerative conditions for which the genetic basis is abnormal expansion of a polyglutamine-encoding trinucleotide repeat region. The genetic basis of familial FTLD-U is currently not known, however the presence of NII suggests that a subset of cases may represent a polyglutamine expansion disease. Methods We studied DNA and post mortem brain tissue from 5 affected members of 4 different families with NII and one affected individual with familial FTLD-U without NII. Patient DNA was screened for CAA/CAG trinucleotide expansion in a set of candidate genes identified using a genome-wide computational approach. Genes containing CAA/CAG trinucleotide repeats encoding at least five glutamines were examined (n = 63, including the nine genes currently known to be associated with human disease. CAA/CAG tract sizes were compared with published normal values (where available and with those of healthy controls (n = 94. High-resolution agarose gel electrophoresis was used to measure allele size (number of CAA/CAG repeats. For any alleles estimated to be equal to or larger than the maximum measured in the control population, the CAA/CAG tract

  4. Photographic assessment of nasal morphology following rapid maxillary expansion in children


    Omar Gabriel da Silva Filho; Tulio Silva Lara; Priscila Vaz Ayub; Amanda Sayuri Cardoso Ohashi; Francisco Antônio Bertoz


    Objective: The aim of the present study was to use facial analysis to determine the effects of rapid maxillary expansion (RME) on nasal morphology in children in the stages of primary and mixed dentition, with posterior cross-bite. Material and Methods: Facial photographs (front view and profile) of 60 patients in the pre-expansion period, immediate post-expansion period and one year following rapid maxillary expansion with a Haas appliance were evaluated on 2 occasions by 3 experienced ortho...

  5. Properties of Expansive Porous Materials Based on Aluminate Cement for Underground Mining (United States)

    Klimas, Wojciech


    The paper presents the results of laboratory tests of expansive mineral binding materials based on calcium aluminate with mineral additive and carbonate expander. The expansion size can be controlled by the amount of expander as well as by water-binder ratio. The study describes the method of measuring the expansion size and selected technical parameters of obtained expansive binders together with the proposed scope of their use in underground construction.

  6. Molecular Basis of Inactive B-RAF(WT) and B-RAF(V600E) Ligand Inhibition, Selectivity and Conformational Stability: An in Silico Study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fratev, Filip Filipov; Jonsdottir, Svava Osk; Mihaylova, E.


    The B-RAF kinase plays an important role both in tumor induction and maintenance in several cancers. The molecular basis of the inactive B-RAF(WT) and B-RAF(V600E) inhibition and selectivity of a series of inhibitors was examined with a combination of molecular dynamics (MD), free energy MM...

  7. Frequency dependent thermal expansion in binary viscoelasticcomposites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berryman, James G.


    The effective thermal expansion coefficient beta* of abinary viscoelastic composite is shown to be frequency dependent even ifthe thermal expansion coefficients beta A and beta B of both constituentsare themselves frequency independent. Exact calculations for binaryviscoelastic systems show that beta* is related to constituent valuesbeta A, beta B, volume fractions, and bulk moduli KA, KB, as well as tothe overall bulk modulus K* of the composite system. Then, beta* isdetermined for isotropic systems by first bounding (or measuring) K* andtherefore beta*. For anisotropic systems with hexagonal symmetry, theprincipal values of the thermal expansion beta*perp and beta*para can bedetermined exactly when the constituents form a layered system. In allthe examples studied, it is shown explicitly that the eigenvectors of thethermoviscoelastic system possess non-negative dissipation -- despite thecomplicated analytical behavior of the frequency dependent thermalexpansivities themselves. Methods presented have a variety ofapplications from fluid-fluid mixtures to fluid-solid suspensions, andfrom fluid-saturated porous media to viscoelastic solid-solidcomposites.

  8. Small dead-time expansion in counting distributions and moments (United States)

    Ackermann, J.; Hogreve, H.


    Considering type I counters affected by a dead-time τ, we study the τ expansion of the probabilities and moments of the underlying stochastic renewal process. For the counting distributions and probabilities we extend results from the literature and analyse their approximation properties. Our results show, in particular, that for increasing counting numbers ever larger orders of the τ expansion are required for accurate approximations. Furthermore, the τ expansion for the first and second moments are obtained; their series is proved to coincide with the respective long time asymptotics. This asymptotics is demonstrated to converge exponentially fast to the exact quantities for growing time.

  9. Edgeworth expansion for the pre-averaging estimator

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Podolskij, Mark; Veliyev, Bezirgen; Yoshida, Nakahiro

    asymptotic variance. Our approach is based on martingale embedding, Malliavin calculus and stable central limit theorems for continuous diffusions. Moreover, we derive the density expansion for the studentized statistic, which might be applied to construct asymptotic confidence regions.......In this paper, we study the Edgeworth expansion for a pre-averaging estimator of quadratic variation in the framework of continuous diffusion models observed with noise. More specifically, we obtain a second order expansion for the joint density of the estimators of quadratic variation and its...

  10. Multiple pathways of commodity crop expansion in tropical forest landscapes (United States)

    Meyfroidt, Patrick; Carlson, Kimberly M.; Fagan, Matthew E.; Gutiérrez-Vélez, Victor H.; Macedo, Marcia N.; Curran, Lisa M.; DeFries, Ruth S.; Dyer, George A.; Gibbs, Holly K.; Lambin, Eric F.; Morton, Douglas C.; Robiglio, Valentina


    Commodity crop expansion, for both global and domestic urban markets, follows multiple land change pathways entailing direct and indirect deforestation, and results in various social and environmental impacts. Here we compare six published case studies of rapid commodity crop expansion within forested tropical regions. Across cases, between 1.7% and 89.5% of new commodity cropland was sourced from forestlands. Four main factors controlled pathways of commodity crop expansion: (i) the availability of suitable forestland, which is determined by forest area, agroecological or accessibility constraints, and land use policies, (ii) economic and technical characteristics of agricultural systems, (iii) differences in constraints and strategies between small-scale and large-scale actors, and (iv) variable costs and benefits of forest clearing. When remaining forests were unsuitable for agriculture and/or policies restricted forest encroachment, a larger share of commodity crop expansion occurred by conversion of existing agricultural lands, and land use displacement was smaller. Expansion strategies of large-scale actors emerge from context-specific balances between the search for suitable lands; transaction costs or conflicts associated with expanding into forests or other state-owned lands versus smallholder lands; net benefits of forest clearing; and greater access to infrastructure in already-cleared lands. We propose five hypotheses to be tested in further studies: (i) land availability mediates expansion pathways and the likelihood that land use is displaced to distant, rather than to local places; (ii) use of already-cleared lands is favored when commodity crops require access to infrastructure; (iii) in proportion to total agricultural expansion, large-scale actors generate more clearing of mature forests than smallholders; (iv) property rights and land tenure security influence the actors participating in commodity crop expansion, the form of land use displacement

  11. Divergence of activity expansions: Is it actually a problem? (United States)

    Ushcats, M. V.; Bulavin, L. A.; Sysoev, V. M.; Ushcats, S. Yu.


    For realistic interaction models, which include both molecular attraction and repulsion (e.g., Lennard-Jones, modified Lennard-Jones, Morse, and square-well potentials), the asymptotic behavior of the virial expansions for pressure and density in powers of activity has been studied taking power terms of high orders into account on the basis of the known finite-order irreducible integrals as well as the recent approximations of infinite irreducible series. Even in the divergence region (at subcritical temperatures), this behavior stays thermodynamically adequate (in contrast to the behavior of the virial equation of state with the same set of irreducible integrals) and corresponds to the beginning of the first-order phase transition: the divergence yields the jump (discontinuity) in density at constant pressure and chemical potential. In general, it provides a statistical explanation of the condensation phenomenon, but for liquid or solid states, the physically proper description (which can turn the infinite discontinuity into a finite jump of density) still needs further study of high-order cluster integrals and, especially, their real dependence on the system volume (density).

  12. CAG repeat expansions in bipolar and unipolar disorders

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oruc, L.; Verheyen, G.R.; Raeymaekers, P.; Van Broeckhoven, C. [Univ. of Antwerp (Belgium)] [and others


    Family, twin, and adoption studies consistently have indicated that the familial aggregation of bipolar (BP) disorder and unipolar recurrent major depression (UPR) is accounted for largely by genetic factors. However, the mode of inheritance is complex. One of the possible explanations could be that a gene with variable penetrance and variable expression is involved. Recently there have been reports on a new class of genetic diseases caused by an abnormal trinucleotide-repeat expansion (TRE). In a number of genetic disorders, these dynamic mutations were proved to be the biological basis for the clinically observed phenomenon of anticipation. DNA consisting of repeated triplets of nucleotides becomes unstable and increases in size over generations within families, giving rise to an increased severity and/or an earlier onset of the disorder. It has been recognized for a long time that anticipation occurs in multiplex families transmitting mental illness. More recent studies also suggest that both BP disorder and UPR show features that are compatible with anticipation. Although the findings of anticipation in BP disorders and in UPR must be interpreted with caution because of the possible presence of numerous ascertainment biases, they support the hypothesis that pathological TREs are implicated in the transmission of these disorders. TRE combined with variable penetrance of expression could explain the complex transmission pattern observed in BP disorder. In view of this, the recent reports of an association between CAG-repeat length and BP disorder in a Belgian, Swedish, and British population are promising. 14 refs., 1 fig., 1 tab.

  13. Polynomial Chaos Expansion Approach to Interest Rate Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Di Persio


    Full Text Available The Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE technique allows us to recover a finite second-order random variable exploiting suitable linear combinations of orthogonal polynomials which are functions of a given stochastic quantity ξ, hence acting as a kind of random basis. The PCE methodology has been developed as a mathematically rigorous Uncertainty Quantification (UQ method which aims at providing reliable numerical estimates for some uncertain physical quantities defining the dynamic of certain engineering models and their related simulations. In the present paper, we use the PCE approach in order to analyze some equity and interest rate models. In particular, we take into consideration those models which are based on, for example, the Geometric Brownian Motion, the Vasicek model, and the CIR model. We present theoretical as well as related concrete numerical approximation results considering, without loss of generality, the one-dimensional case. We also provide both an efficiency study and an accuracy study of our approach by comparing its outputs with the ones obtained adopting the Monte Carlo approach, both in its standard and its enhanced version.

  14. Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on sleep characteristics in children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Navya Ashok


    Full Text Available Introduction: Rapid maxillary expansion (RME is an orthopedic treatment procedure routinely used to treat constricted maxillary arches and also a potential additional treatment in children presenting with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB. Aims and Objectives: The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of RME on sleep characteristics in children. Materials and Methods: Polysomnography was done on children of 8-13 years of age before expansion (T0, after expansion (T1 and after a period of 3 months after retention (T2. Bonded rapid maxillary expander was cemented in all children. Inter-molar distance was also measured at T0 and T2. Statistical Analysis: Nonparametric Friedman test was used for comparing the averages of sleep parameters at different time period (T0, T1, T2. Wilcoxon signed ranks test was used for comparing the averages of inter-molar width (T0-T2. P < 0.05 were considered as significant. Results: All children showed an improvement in sleep parameters with an increase in sleep efficiency, decreased in arousal and desaturation index after expansion. Total sleep time showed a statistically significant increase after expansion. A statistically significant increase in inter-molar distance was obtained after expansion. Conclusions: Rapid maxillary expansion is a useful treatment option for improving quality of sleep even in normal children without SDB. It also induces widening of the maxilla, corrects posterior crossbites and improves maxillary and mandibular dental arch coordination.

  15. Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on sleep characteristics in children. (United States)

    Ashok, Navya; Varma, N K Sapna; Ajith, V V; Gopinath, Siby


    Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is an orthopedic treatment procedure routinely used to treat constricted maxillary arches and also a potential additional treatment in children presenting with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of RME on sleep characteristics in children. Polysomnography was done on children of 8-13 years of age before expansion (T0), after expansion (T1) and after a period of 3 months after retention (T2). Bonded rapid maxillary expander was cemented in all children. Inter-molar distance was also measured at T0 and T2. Nonparametric Friedman test was used for comparing the averages of sleep parameters at different time period (T0, T1, T2). Wilcoxon signed ranks test was used for comparing the averages of inter-molar width (T0-T2). P children showed an improvement in sleep parameters with an increase in sleep efficiency, decreased in arousal and desaturation index after expansion. Total sleep time showed a statistically significant increase after expansion. A statistically significant increase in inter-molar distance was obtained after expansion. Rapid maxillary expansion is a useful treatment option for improving quality of sleep even in normal children without SDB. It also induces widening of the maxilla, corrects posterior crossbites and improves maxillary and mandibular dental arch coordination.

  16. Controlling Thermal Expansion: A Metal–Organic Frameworks Route (United States)


    Controlling thermal expansion is an important, not yet resolved, and challenging problem in materials research. A conceptual design is introduced here, for the first time, for the use of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) as platforms for controlling thermal expansion devices that can operate in the negative, zero, and positive expansion regimes. A detailed computer simulation study, based on molecular dynamics, is presented to support the targeted application. MOF-5 has been selected as model material, along with three molecules of similar size and known differences in terms of the nature of host–guest interactions. It has been shown that adsorbate molecules can control, in a colligative way, the thermal expansion of the solid, so that changing the adsorbate molecules induces the solid to display positive, zero, or negative thermal expansion. We analyze in depth the distortion mechanisms, beyond the ligand metal junction, to cover the ligand distortions, and the energetic and entropic effect on the thermo-structural behavior. We provide an unprecedented atomistic insight on the effect of adsorbates on the thermal expansion of MOFs as a basic tool toward controlling the thermal expansion. PMID:28190918

  17. Controlling Thermal Expansion: A Metal-Organic Frameworks Route. (United States)

    Balestra, Salvador R G; Bueno-Perez, Rocio; Hamad, Said; Dubbeldam, David; Ruiz-Salvador, A Rabdel; Calero, Sofia


    Controlling thermal expansion is an important, not yet resolved, and challenging problem in materials research. A conceptual design is introduced here, for the first time, for the use of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as platforms for controlling thermal expansion devices that can operate in the negative, zero, and positive expansion regimes. A detailed computer simulation study, based on molecular dynamics, is presented to support the targeted application. MOF-5 has been selected as model material, along with three molecules of similar size and known differences in terms of the nature of host-guest interactions. It has been shown that adsorbate molecules can control, in a colligative way, the thermal expansion of the solid, so that changing the adsorbate molecules induces the solid to display positive, zero, or negative thermal expansion. We analyze in depth the distortion mechanisms, beyond the ligand metal junction, to cover the ligand distortions, and the energetic and entropic effect on the thermo-structural behavior. We provide an unprecedented atomistic insight on the effect of adsorbates on the thermal expansion of MOFs as a basic tool toward controlling the thermal expansion.

  18. Expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. (United States)

    Bulut, Emel Uzun; Acikgoz, Aydan; Ozan, Bora; Zengin, Ayse Zeynep; Gunhan, Omer


    To present a case of expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia and emphasize the importance of differential diagnosis. Cemento-osseous dysplasia is categorized into three subtypes on the basis of the clinical and radiographic features: Periapical, focal and florid. The focal type exhibits a single site of involvement in any tooth-bearing or edentulous area of the jaws. These lesions are usually asymptomatic; therefore, they are frequently diagnosed incidentally during routine radiographic examinations. Lesions are usually benign, show limited growth, and do not require further surgical intervention, but periodic follow-up is recommended because occasionally, this type of dysplasia progresses into florid osseous dysplasia and simple bone cysts are formed. A 24-year-old female patient was referred to our clinic for swelling in the left edentulous mandibular premolarmolar region and felt discomfort when she wore her prosthetics. She had no pain, tenderness or paresthesia. Clinical examination showed that the swelling in the posterior mandible that was firm, nonfluctuant and covered by normal mucosa. On panoramic radiography and computed tomography, a well defined lesion of approximately 1.5 cm in diameter of mixed density was observed. The swelling increased slightly in size over 2 years making it difficult to use prosthetics and, therefore, the lesion was totally excised under local anesthesia, and surgical specimens were submitted for histopathological examination. The histopathological diagnosis was focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. In the present case, because of the increasing size of the swelling making it difficult to use prosthetics, young age of the patient and localization of the lesion, in the initial examination, cemento-ossifying fibroma was suspected, and the lesion was excised surgically; the histopathological diagnosis confirmed it as focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. We present a case of expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. Differential diagnosis

  19. Pushing the Limits: The Pattern and Dynamics of Rubber Monoculture Expansion in Xishuangbanna, SW China.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huafang Chen

    Full Text Available The rapidly growing car industry in China has led to an equally rapid expansion of monoculture rubber in many regions of South East Asia. Xishuangbanna, the second largest rubber planting area in China, located in the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot, supplies about 37% of the domestic natural rubber production. There, high income possibilities from rubber drive a dramatic expansion of monoculture plantations which poses a threat to natural forests. For the first time we mapped rubber plantations in and outside protected areas and their net present value for the years 1988, 2002 (Landsat, 30 m resolution and 2010 (RapidEye, 5 m resolution. The purpose of our study was to better understand the pattern and dynamics of the expansion of rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna, as well as its economic prospects and conservation impacts. We found that 1 the area of rubber plantations was 4.5% of the total area of Xishuangbanna in 1988, 9.9% in 2002, and 22.2% in 2010; 2 rubber monoculture expanded to higher elevations and onto steeper slopes between 1988 and 2010; 3 the proportion of rubber plantations with medium economic potential dropped from 57% between 1988 and 2002 to 47% in 2010, while the proportion of plantations with lower economic potential had increased from 30% to 40%; and 4 nearly 10% of the total area of nature reserves within Xishuangbanna has been converted to rubber monoculture by 2010. On the basis of our findings, we conclude that the rapid expansion of rubber plantations into higher elevations, steeper terrain, and into nature reserves (where most of the remaining forests of Xishuangbanna are located poses a serious threat to biodiversity and environmental services while not producing the expected economic returns. Therefore, it is essential that local governments develop long-term land use strategies for balancing economic benefits with environmental sustainability, as well as for assisting farmers with the selection of land suitable

  20. Evaluating expansion strategies for startup European Union dairy farm businesses. (United States)

    McDonald, R; Shalloo, L; Pierce, K M; Horan, B


    A stochastic whole-farm simulation model was used to examine alternative strategies for new entrant dairy farmers to grow and develop dairy farm businesses in the context of European Union (EU) milk quota abolition in 2015. Six alternative strategies were compared: remain static, natural growth expansion, waiting until after EU milk quota abolition to expand, a full-scale expansion strategy without milk quotas and not incurring super levy penalties, a full-scale expansion strategy with milk quotas and incurring super levy penalties, and once-a-day milking until EU milk quota abolition, followed by full-scale expansion. Each discrete whole farm investment strategy was evaluated over a 15-yr period (2013-2027) using multiple financial stability and risk indicators, including overall discounted farm business profitability, net worth change, return on investment, and financial risk. The results of this study indicate that, although associated with increased risk, dairy farm expansion will ensure the future profitability of the farm business. Within the context of EU milk quotas until 2015, the most attractive expansion strategy is to increase cow numbers while avoiding super levy fines using once-a-day milking techniques, increasing to the full capacity of the dairy farm once milk quotas are removed. In contrast, the results also indicate that dairy farms that remain static will experience a significant reduction in farm profitability in the coming year due to production cost inflation. Cash flow deficits were observed during the initial year of expansion and, therefore, rapidly expanding dairy farm businesses require a significant cash reserve to alleviate business risk during the initial year of expansion. The results of this analysis also indicate that dairy farm businesses that expand using lower cost capital investments and avoid milk quota super levy fines significantly reduce the financial risks associated with expansion. Copyright © 2013 American Dairy Science


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel BURLACU,


    Full Text Available Axial lenticular compensators are made to take over the longitudinal heat expansion, shock , vibration and noise, made elastic connections for piping systems. In order to have a long life for installations it is necessary that all elements, including lenticular compensators, have a good reliability. This desire can be did by technology of manufactoring and assembly of compensators, the material for lenses and by maintenance.of compensator

  2. Theoretical basis of good land governance


    Jebaee, Muhamed


    The study aims to explore the land governance, or land management, in historical context with view to analyze the theoretical basis of land mana gement. While analyzing the theoretical basis, the study explores different dimensions of the land ma nagement that constitute the integral component of land governance. The study concludes with the recommendations for future researchers and scholars and the implication of good land governance for land administers and town planners.

  3. Compact representation of radiation patterns using spherical mode expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Simpson, T.L.; Chen, Yinchao (South Carolina Univ., Columbia, SC (USA). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering)


    This report presents the results of an investigation of SM (Spherical Mode) expansions as a compact and efficient alternative to the use of current distributions for generating radiation patterns. The study included three areas: (1) SM expansion from the radiation pattern; (2) SM expansion from the antenna current; and (3) Literature search. SM expansions were obtained from radiation patterns during the initial phase of this study. Although straightforward in principal, however, this technique was found to be awkward for the treatment on theoretical radiation patterns. It is included here for completeness and for possible use to summarize experimental results in a more meaningful way than with an exhaustive display of amplitude with azimuth and elevation angles. In essence, the work in this area served as as warm-up problem to develop our skills in computing and manipulating spherical modes as mathematical entities. 6 refs., 21 figs., 6 tabs.

  4. Structural basis for species specific inhibition of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (17β-HSD1: computational study and biological validation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tobias Klein

    Full Text Available 17β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (17β-HSD1 catalyzes the reduction of estrone to estradiol, which is the most potent estrogen in humans. Inhibition of 17β-HSD1 and thereby reducing the intracellular estradiol concentration is thus a promising approach for the treatment of estrogen dependent diseases. In the past, several steroidal and non-steroidal inhibitors of 17β-HSD1 have been described but so far there is no cocrystal structure of the latter in complex with 17β-HSD1. However, a distinct knowledge of active site topologies and protein-ligand interactions is a prerequisite for structure-based drug design and optimization. An elegant strategy to enhance this knowledge is to compare inhibition values obtained for one compound toward ortholog proteins from various species, which are highly conserved in sequence and differ only in few residues. In this study the inhibitory potencies of selected members of different non-steroidal inhibitor classes toward marmoset 17β-HSD1 were determined and the data were compared with the values obtained for the human enzyme. A species specific inhibition profile was observed in the class of the (hydroxyphenylnaphthols. Using a combination of computational methods, including homology modelling, molecular docking, MD simulation, and binding energy calculation, a reasonable model of the three-dimensional structure of marmoset 17β-HSD1 was developed and inhibition data were rationalized on the structural basis. In marmoset 17β-HSD1, residues 190 to 196 form a small α-helix, which induces conformational changes compared to the human enzyme. The docking poses suggest these conformational changes as determinants for species specificity and energy decomposition analysis highlighted the outstanding role of Asn152 as interaction partner for inhibitor binding. In summary, this strategy of comparing the biological activities of inhibitors toward highly conserved ortholog proteins might be an alternative to

  5. Hearing aids in the real world: typical automatic behavior of expansion, directionality, and noise management. (United States)

    Banerjee, Shilpi


    Automatic DSP (digital signal processing) features, widely available in hearing aids today, are useful because they alleviate the need for the hearing aid wearer to manually adjust the hearing aid as listening conditions change. Although the theoretical basis for the design of these features may be sound, little is known about their behavior in the real world. Data logging offers a glimpse into the life of the individual hearing aid wearer, but there are no published data to date that provide a frame of reference for the interpretation of this information. Further, data logging in hearing aids provides only aggregate summaries for individual features, ignoring complex interactions including the differences between the left and right sides of a bilateral pair. The purpose of this study was to determine the typical behavior of three automatic DSP hearing aid features-expansion, directionality, and noise management-in daily life. Ten individuals with hearing impairment were fitted bilaterally with BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids. The hearing aids were programmed for the individual's hearing loss with expansion, directionality, and noise management set to activate automatically. A PDA (personal digital assistant) logged the input level and status of expansion, directionality, and noise management from both devices at 5 sec intervals. Data were gathered in this manner over a period of 4-5 wk. A total of 741 hr of hearing aid use were logged, 50% of which were spent in environments no louder than 50 dB SPL. Expansion, directionality, and noise management were active 45, 10, and 21% of the time, respectively; the median amount of gain reduction for noise management was ∼1 dB. Although expansion and noise management were always active at the low and high input levels, respectively, activation of directionality never exceeded 50%. Expansion and noise management were sometimes active simultaneously, as were directionality and noise management. Bilateral agreement in

  6. Measuring progress and projecting attainment on the basis of past trends of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries: an analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016. (United States)


    The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are grounded in the global ambition of "leaving no one behind". Understanding today's gains and gaps for the health-related SDGs is essential for decision makers as they aim to improve the health of populations. As part of the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2016 (GBD 2016), we measured 37 of the 50 health-related SDG indicators over the period 1990-2016 for 188 countries, and then on the basis of these past trends, we projected indicators to 2030. We used standardised GBD 2016 methods to measure 37 health-related indicators from 1990 to 2016, an increase of four indicators since GBD 2015. We substantially revised the universal health coverage (UHC) measure, which focuses on coverage of essential health services, to also represent personal health-care access and quality for several non-communicable diseases. We transformed each indicator on a scale of 0-100, with 0 as the 2·5th percentile estimated between 1990 and 2030, and 100 as the 97·5th percentile during that time. An index representing all 37 health-related SDG indicators was constructed by taking the geometric mean of scaled indicators by target. On the basis of past trends, we produced projections of indicator values, using a weighted average of the indicator and country-specific annualised rates of change from 1990 to 2016 with weights for each annual rate of change based on out-of-sample validity. 24 of the currently measured health-related SDG indicators have defined SDG targets, against which we assessed attainment. Globally, the median health-related SDG index was 56·7 (IQR 31·9-66·8) in 2016 and country-level performance markedly varied, with Singapore (86·8, 95% uncertainty interval 84·6-88·9), Iceland (86·0, 84·1-87·6), and Sweden (85·6, 81·8-87·8) having the highest levels in 2016 and Afghanistan (10·9, 9·6-11·9), the Central African Republic (11·0, 8·8-13·8), and Somalia (11·3, 9·5-13·1) recording the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Л Л Салехова


    Full Text Available Recently there is a need for training of the competitive experts of a technical profile capable to carry out oral and written communication within professional communication. Training of this sort of experts can be carried out on the basis of the integrated subject and language training - Content and LanguageIntegrated Learning. In article the essence of this concept reveals, its social and constructivist orientation is considered, examples of use of information and communication technologies are given.

  8. Estudo cefalométrico de alterações induzidas por expansão lenta da maxila em adultos Cephalometric study of alterations induced by maxillary slow expansion in adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Almiro José Machado Júnior


    Full Text Available A expansão da maxila é um procedimento que objetiva o aumento do arco dental maxilar para correção de desvios oclusais. Amplamente empregada em crianças, há controvérsias sobre sua eficácia em adultos, quando o crescimento crânio-facial já atingiu sua maturidade óssea. OBJETIVO: O presente estudo tem como objetivo avaliar modificações cefalométricas decorrentes da expansão da maxila em pacientes adultos, observando as seguintes medidas lineares: largura facial, largura nasal, altura nasal, largura maxilar, largura mandibular e largura molar-maxilar. MATERIAL E MÉTODOS: A amostra constituiu-se de 24 telerradiografias frontais, tomadas antes e imediatamente após as expansões, obtidas de 12 pacientes, ambos os sexos, com idade entre 18 anos e dois meses e 37 anos e oito meses. Todos os pacientes foram submetidos à expansão lenta dos ossos maxilares com o uso do aparelho expansor da técnica denominada "reabilitação dinâmica e funcional dos maxilares". Foi utilizado teste estatístico de Wilcoxon pareado, para amostras relacionadas e nível de significância 5%. RESULTADOS: Ocorreu aumento médio de 1,92mm na largura nasal e altura nasal 2,5mm. Nas medidas lineares largura maxilar e largura mandibular o aumento médio foi de 2,42mm e 1,92mm respectivamente. Para largura facial encontrou-se aumento médio de 1,41mm e largura molar-maxilar 2,0mm, sendo tais alterações estatisticamente significativas, obtidas em um tempo médio de 5,3 meses. CONCLUSÃO: Baseado nos resultados obtidos conclui-se que o uso da expansão maxilar induz o aumento das medidas faciais estudadas em adultos.Maxilla expansion is a procedure that aims at increasing the maxillary dental arch to correct occlusal disharmony. Largely used in children, its efficacy in adults, when craniofacial growth has attained bone maturity, is controversial. AIM: The present study has the objective of evaluating cephalometric modifications resulting from maxilla expansion

  9. Separable Ernst-Shakin-Thaler expansions of local potentials (United States)

    Bund, Gerhard Wilhelm


    The boundary condition Ernst-Shakin-Thaler method, introduced previously to generate separable expansions of local potentials of finite range, is applied to the study of the triplet s-wave Malfliet-Tjon potential. The effect of varying the radius where the boundary condition is applied on the T matrix is analyzed. Further, we compare the convergence of the n-d scattering cross sections in the quartet state below the breakup threshold for expansions corresponding to two different boundaries.

  10. The impact of the treaty basis on health policy legislation in the European Union: A case study on the tobacco advertising directive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maarse Hans


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Europe Against Cancer programme was initiated in the late 1980s, recognising, among other risk factors, the problematic relationship between tobacco use and cancer. In an attempt to reduce the number of smokers in the European Community, the European Commission proposed a ban on tobacco advertising. The question of why it took over ten years of negotiating before the EU adopted a policy measure that could in fact improve the health situation in the Community, can only be answered by focusing on politics. Methods We used an actor-centred institutionalist approach, focusing on the strategic behaviour of the major actors involved. We concentrated our analysis on the legal basis as an important institution and evaluated how the absence of a proper legal basis for public health measures in the Treaties influenced policy-making, framing the discussion in market-making versus market-correcting policy interventions. For our analysis, we used primary and secondary sources, including policy documents, communications and press releases. We also conducted 9 semi-structured interviews. Results The ban on tobacco advertising was, in essence, a public health measure. The Commission used its agenda-setting power and framed the market-correcting proposal in market-making terms. The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers then used the discussion on the legal basis as a vehicle for real political controversies. After adoption of the ban on tobacco advertising, Germany appealed to the European Court of Justice, which annulled the ban but also offered suggestions for a possible solution with article 100a as the legal basis. Conclusion The whole market-making versus market-correcting discussion is related to a broader question, namely how far European health regulation can go in respect to the member states. In fact, the policy-making process of a tobacco advertising ban, as described in this paper, is related to the 'constitutional

  11. The impact of the treaty basis on health policy legislation in the European Union: a case study on the tobacco advertising directive. (United States)

    Boessen, Sandra; Maarse, Hans


    The Europe Against Cancer programme was initiated in the late 1980s, recognising, among other risk factors, the problematic relationship between tobacco use and cancer. In an attempt to reduce the number of smokers in the European Community, the European Commission proposed a ban on tobacco advertising. The question of why it took over ten years of negotiating before the EU adopted a policy measure that could in fact improve the health situation in the Community, can only be answered by focusing on politics. We used an actor-centred institutionalist approach, focusing on the strategic behaviour of the major actors involved. We concentrated our analysis on the legal basis as an important institution and evaluated how the absence of a proper legal basis for public health measures in the Treaties influenced policy-making, framing the discussion in market-making versus market-correcting policy interventions. For our analysis, we used primary and secondary sources, including policy documents, communications and press releases. We also conducted 9 semi-structured interviews. The ban on tobacco advertising was, in essence, a public health measure. The Commission used its agenda-setting power and framed the market-correcting proposal in market-making terms. The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers then used the discussion on the legal basis as a vehicle for real political controversies. After adoption of the ban on tobacco advertising, Germany appealed to the European Court of Justice, which annulled the ban but also offered suggestions for a possible solution with article 100a as the legal basis. The whole market-making versus market-correcting discussion is related to a broader question, namely how far European health regulation can go in respect to the member states. In fact, the policy-making process of a tobacco advertising ban, as described in this paper, is related to the 'constitutional' foundation of health policy legislation in the Community. The

  12. Transverse Expansion and Stability after Segmental Le Fort I Osteotomy versus Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion: a Systematic Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Starch-Jensen


    Full Text Available Objectives: The objective of the present systematic review was to test the hypothesis of no difference in transverse skeletal and dental arch expansion and relapse after segmental Le Fort I osteotomy versus surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion. Material and Methods: A MEDLINE (PubMed, Embase and Cochrane library search in combination with a hand-search of relevant journals was conducted by including human studies published in English from January 1, 2000 to June 1, 2016. Results: The search provided 130 titles and four studies fulfilled the inclusion criteria. All the included studies were characterized by high risk of bias and meta-analysis was not possible due to considerable variation. Both treatment modalities significantly increase the transverse maxillary skeletal and dental arch width. The transverse dental arch expansion and relapse seems to be substantial higher with tooth-borne surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion compared to segmental Le Fort I osteotomy. The ratio of dental to skeletal relapse was significantly higher in the posterior maxilla with tooth-borne surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion. Moreover, a parallel opening without segment tilting was observed after segmental Le Fort I osteotomy. Conclusions: Maxillary transverse deficiency in adults can be treated successfully with both treatment modalities, although surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion seems more effective when large transverse maxillary skeletal and dental arch expansion is required. However, considering the methodological limitations of the included studies, long-term randomized studies assessing transverse skeletal and dental expansion and relapse with the two treatment modalities are needed before definite conclusions can be provided.

  13. Volume of Plasma Expansion and Functional Outcomes in Stroke. (United States)

    Miller, Joseph B; Lewandowski, Christopher; Wira, Charles R; Taylor, Andrew; Burmeister, Charlotte; Welch, Robert


    Plasma expansion in acute ischemic stroke has potential to improve cerebral perfusion, but the long-term effects on functional outcome are mixed in prior trials. The goal of this study was to evaluate how the magnitude of plasma expansion affects neurological recovery in acute stroke. This was a secondary analysis of data from the Albumin in Acute Stroke Part 2 trial investigating the relationship between the magnitude of overall intravenous volume infusion (crystalloid and colloid) to clinical outcome. The data were inclusive of 841 patients with a mean age of 64 years and a median National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) of 11. In a multivariable-adjusted logistic regression model, this analysis tested the volume of plasma expansion over the first 48 h of hospitalization as a predictor of favorable outcome, defined as either a modified Rankin Scale score of 0 or 1 or a NIHSS score of 0 or 1 at 90 days. This model included all study patients, irrespective of albumin or isotonic saline treatment. Patients that received higher volumes of plasma expansion more frequently had large vessel ischemic stroke and higher NIHSS scores. The multivariable-adjusted model revealed that there was decreased odds of a favorable outcome for every 250 ml additional volume plasma expansion over the first 48 h (OR 0.91, 95 % CI, 0.88-0.94). The present study demonstrates an association between greater volume of plasma expansion and worse neurological recovery.

  14. [Landscape ecological security pattern during urban expansion of Nanchong City]. (United States)

    Li, Sui; Shi, Tie-mao; Fu, Shi-lei; Zhou, Le; Liu, Miao; Wang, Wei


    Based on the theory of landscape ecological security pattern and the RS and GIS techniques, this paper analyzed the distribution of ecological security grades in Nanchong City, taking six elements including terrain condition, flood hazard, soil erosion, vegetation cover, geological disaster, and biological protection as the ecological constraints (or determinants) of urban expansion. According to the minimum cumulative resistance model, the ecological corridors and ecological nodes were built to strengthen the space contact of ecological network, and, on the basis of the protection of ecological safety, the reasonable trend of urban expansion and the optimization of space layout were investigated. The results showed that the ecological security of Nanchong City was quite good, with the regions of low ecological security mainly distributed in the west suburban mountains and the downstream region of Jialing River in the south of the City. Ecological elements were the most important constraints for the future expansion of urban space. There were more spaces for the urban expansion in the southern and northern parts of Nanchong City. To develop satellite towns would be the best selection to guarantee the ecological security of the city.

  15. 48 CFR 570.403 - Expansion requests. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Expansion requests. 570.403 Section 570.403 Federal Acquisition Regulations System GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SPECIAL... Continued Space Requirements 570.403 Expansion requests. (a) If the expansion space is in the general scope...

  16. Negative thermal expansion near two structural quantum phase transitions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Occhialini, Connor A.; Handunkanda, Sahan U.; Said, Ayman; Trivedi, Sudhir; Guzmán-Verri, G. G.; Hancock, Jason N.


    Recent experimental work has revealed that the unusually strong, isotropic structural negative thermal expansion in cubic perovskite ionic insulator ScF3 occurs in excited states above a ground state tuned very near a structural quantum phase transition, posing a question of fundamental interest as to whether this special circumstance is related to the anomalous behavior. To test this hypothesis, we report an elastic and inelastic x-ray scattering study of a second system Hg2I2 also tuned near a structural quantum phase transition while retaining stoichiometric composition and high crystallinity. We find similar behavior and significant negative thermal expansion below 100 K for dimensions along the body-centered-tetragonal c axis, bolstering the connection between negative thermal expansion and zero-temperature structural transitions.We identify the common traits between these systems and propose a set of materials design principles that can guide discovery of newmaterials exhibiting negative thermal expansion

  17. Short interval expansion of Rényi entropy on torus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Bin [Department of Physics and State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology,Peking University,5 Yiheyuan Rd, Beijing 100871 (China); Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter,5 Yiheyuan Rd, Beijing 100871 (China); Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University,5 Yiheyuan Rd, Beijing 100871 (China); Wu, Jun-Bao [Theoretical Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,19B Yuquan Rd, Beijing 100049 (China); Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities, Chinese Academy of Sciences,19B Yuquan Rd, Beijing 100049 (China); Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University,5 Yiheyuan Rd, Beijing 100871 (China); Zhang, Jia-ju [Theoretical Physics Division, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,19B Yuquan Rd, Beijing 100049 (China); Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities, Chinese Academy of Sciences,19B Yuquan Rd, Beijing 100049 (China)


    We investigate the short interval expansion of the Rényi entropy for two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT) on a torus. We require the length of the interval ℓ to be small with respect to the spatial and temporal sizes of the torus. The operator product expansion of the twist operators allows us to compute the short interval expansion of the Rényi entropy at any temperature. In particular, we pay special attention to the large c CFTs dual to the AdS{sub 3} gravity and its cousins. At both low and high temperature limits, we read the Rényi entropies to order ℓ{sup 6}, and find good agreements with holographic results. Moreover, the expansion allows us to read 1/c contribution, which is hard to get by expanding the thermal density matrix. We generalize the study to the case with the chemical potential as well.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lettis, William [William Lettis & Associates, Inc.


    This report presents the findings of a fault hazard investigation for the C-746-U landfill's proposed expansion located at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP), in Paducah, Kentucky. The planned expansion is located directly north of the present-day C-746-U landfill. Previous geophysical studies within the PGDP site vicinity interpret possible northeast-striking faults beneath the proposed landfill expansion, although prior to this investigation the existence, locations, and ages of these inferred faults have not been confirmed through independent subsurface exploration. The purpose of this investigation is to assess whether or not Holocene-active fault displacement is present beneath the footprint of the proposed landfill expansion.

  19. Investigation of the impact of extraterrestrial energetic particles on stratospheric nitrogen compounds and ozone on the basis of three dimensional model studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wieters, Nadine


    As a result of solar events like Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and solar flares, highly energetic charged particles including protons and electrons can precipitate in the direction of the Earth. Having sufficient energies, these particles can penetrate down to the middle atmosphere and lead to a change in the chemical composition of the atmosphere. In particular during strong events, these charged particles induce an ionisation in the atmosphere that can reach down to the lower stratosphere. This ionisation is followed by a fast positive ion chemistry that causes a strong increase in reactive HO{sub x} (H,OH,HO{sub 2}) an NO{sub x} (N,NO,NO{sub 2}). HO{sub x} and NO{sub x} constituents eventually destroy O{sub 3} in catalytical reaction cycles. Furthermore, NO{sub x} is long-lived during polar winter and can be transported into the middle and lower stratosphere, where it can contribute to the O{sub 3} depletion. The increase in NO{sub x} in the upper and middle atmosphere due to solar events and the consequential depletion of O{sub 3} has been observed as during the Solar Proton Event (SPE) in October/November 2003 by satellite instruments. In atmospheric models, the generation of HO{sub x} and NO{sub x} can be well described by parametrisations to include in neutral models. Whereas other changes, for instance in chlorine compounds, can not be described sufficiently by this parametrisation. The purpose of this PhD thesis is, to investigate the impact of strong solar particle events on the abundance in NO{sub x} and O{sub 3} in the stratosphere and mesosphere on the basis of three-dimensional model studies. For this purpose a three-dimensional Chemistry and Transport Model (CTM) has been extended to the upper atmosphere (lower thermosphere). To include the processes in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere a new meteorological data set has been implemented to the model. To describe the ionising effect of energetic particle on the atmosphere, three

  20. Rose bush leaf and internode expansion dynamics: analysis and development of a model capturing interplant variability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabine eDemotes-Mainard


    Full Text Available Bush rose architecture, among other factors, such as plant health, determines plant visual quality. The commercial product is the individual plant and interplant variability may be high within a crop. Thus, both mean plant architecture and interplant variability should be studied. Expansion is an important feature of architecture, but it has been little studied at the level of individual organs in bush roses. We investigated the expansion kinetics of primary shoot organs, to develop a model reproducing the organ expansion of real crops from non destructive input variables. We took interplant variability in expansion kinetics and the model’s ability to simulate this variability into account. Changes in leaflet and internode dimensions over thermal time were recorded for primary shoot expansion, on 83 plants from three crops grown in different climatic conditions and densities. An empirical model was developed, to reproduce organ expansion kinetics for individual plants of a real crop of bush rose primary shoots. Leaflet or internode length was simulated as a logistic function of thermal time. The model was evaluated by cross-validation. We found that differences in leaflet or internode expansion kinetics between phytomer positions and between plants at a given phytomer position were due mostly to large differences in time of organ expansion and expansion rate, rather than differences in expansion duration. Thus, in the model, the parameters linked to expansion duration were predicted by values common to all plants, whereas variability in final size and organ expansion time was captured by input data. The model accurately simulated leaflet and internode expansion for individual plants (RMSEP = 7.3% and 10.2% of final length, respectively. Thus, this study defines the measurements required to simulate expansion and provides the first model simulating organ expansion in rosebush to capture interplant variability.