Sample records for exp 15 stability

  1. Liter Sized Ion Clock with 10 (exp -15) Stability

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Prestage, J. D; Chang, S; Le, T; Lim, L; Maleki, L


    .... This development shows that Hmaser quality stabilities can be produced in a small clock package, comparable in size to an ultra-stable quartz oscillator required for holding 1-2x10-13 at 1 second...

  2. Isg15 controls p53 stability and functions (United States)

    Huang, Yi-Fu; Wee, Sheena; Gunaratne, Jayantha; Lane, David P; Bulavin, Dmitry V


    Degradation of p53 is a cornerstone in the control of its functions as a tumor suppressor. This process is attributed to ubiquitin-dependent modification of p53. In addition to polyubiquitination, we found that p53 is targeted for degradation through ISGylation. Isg15, a ubiquitin-like protein, covalently modifies p53 at 2 sites in the N and C terminus, and ISGylated p53 can be degraded by the 20S proteasome. ISGylation primarily targets a misfolded, dominant-negative p53, and Isg15 deletion in normal cells results in suppression of p53 activity and functions. We propose that Isg15-dependent degradation of p53 represents an alternative mechanism of controlling p53 protein levels, and, thus, it is an attractive pathway for drug discovery. PMID:24844324

  3. Physicochemical stability of high indomethacin payload ordered mesoporous silica MCM-41 and SBA-15 microparticles. (United States)

    Limnell, Tarja; Heikkilä, Teemu; Santos, Hélder A; Sistonen, Sanna; Hellstén, Sanna; Laaksonen, Timo; Peltonen, Leena; Kumar, Narendra; Murzin, Dmitry Yu; Louhi-Kultanen, Marjatta; Salonen, Jarno; Hirvonen, Jouni; Lehto, Vesa-Pekka


    Stability of high indomethacin (IMC) content formulations based on ordered mesoporous silica MCM-41 and SBA-15 materials was studied before and after a 3 month storage in stressed conditions (30°C/56% RH). Overall, the physical stability of the samples was found satisfactory after the storage. However, some issues with the chemical stability were noted, especially with the MCM-41 based samples. The stability issues were evident from the decreased HPLC loading degrees of the drug after stressing as well as from the observed extra peaks in the HPLC chromatograms of the drug in the stressed samples. Drug release from the mesoporous formulations before stressing was rapid at pH 1.2 in comparison to bulk crystalline IMC. The release profiles also remained similar after stressing. Even faster and close to complete IMC release was achieved when the pH was raised from 1.2 to 6.8. To our knowledge, this is the first report of chemical stability issues of drugs in mesoporous silica drug formulations. The present results encourage further study of the factors affecting the chemical stability of drugs in mesoporous silica MCM-41 and SBA-15 formulations in order to realize their potential in oral drug delivery. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Enhanced dissolution and stability of artemisinin by nano-confinement in ordered mesoporous SBA-15 particles. (United States)

    Letchmanan, Kumaran; Shen, Shou-Cang; Ng, Wai Kiong; Tan, Reginald B H


    Dissolution of poorly water-soluble drug, Artemisinin (ART), was enhanced by encapsulating the drug particles inside pore channels of ordered mesoporous silica, SBA-15, via co-spray drying. The drug release profiles of ART were investigated by using flow-through cell (USP IV) and in vitro dissolution tester (USP II). The co-spray-dried ART/SBA-15 samples demonstrated significantly improved dissolution rates and supersaturation compared to the untreated ART. The low cytotoxicity effect of ART and SBA-15 on Caco-2 cells after 24 h incubation demonstrated the biocompatibility of ART/SBA-15. Finally, the storage stability of the samples was investigated for 6 months under five different storage conditions. Overall, the solid dispersions exhibited excellent physical stability; however, their chemical stability was affected by humidity regardless of storage temperatures. The formulation of solid dispersions of ART/SBA-15 is potentially safe and an effective approach to enhance the solubility of poorly water-soluble ART.

  5. Stability Analysis of Numerical Methods for a 1.5-Layer Shallow-Water Ocean Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guang-an Zou


    Full Text Available A 1.5-layer reduced-gravity shallow-water ocean model in spherical coordinates is described and discretized in a staggered grid (standard Arakawa C-grid with the forward-time central-space (FTCS method and the Leap-frog finite difference scheme. The discrete Fourier analysis method combined with the Gershgorin circle theorem is used to study the stability of these two finite difference numerical models. A series of necessary conditions of selection criteria for the time-space step sizes and model parameters are obtained. It is showed that these stability conditions are more accurate than the Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL condition and other two criterions (Blumberg and Mellor, 1987; Casulli, 1990, 1992. Numerical experiments are proposed to test our stability results, and numerical model that is designed is also used to simulate the ocean current.

  6. An improved CAMRAD model for aeroelastic stability analysis of the XV-15 with advanced technology blades (United States)

    Acree, C. W., Jr.


    In pursuit of higher performance, the XV-15 Tiltrotor Research Aircraft was modified by the installation of new composite rotor blades. Initial flights with the Advanced Technology Blades (ATB's) revealed excessive rotor control loads that were traced to a dynamic mismatch between the blades and the aircraft control system. The analytical models of both the blades and the mechanical controls were extensively revised for use by the CAMRAD computer program to better predict aeroelastic stability and loads. This report documents the most important revisions and discusses their effects on aeroelastic stability predictions for airplane-mode flight. The ATB's may be flown in several different configurations for research, including changes in blade sweep and tip twist. The effects on stability of 1 deg and 0 deg sweep are illustrated, as are those of twisted and zero-twist tips. This report also discusses the effects of stiffening the rotor control system, which was done by locking out lateral cyclic swashplate motion with shims.

  7. Rotor Design Options for Improving XV-15 Whirl-Flutter Stability Margins (United States)

    Acree, C. W., Jr.; Peyran, R. J.; Johnson, Wayne


    Rotor design changes intended to improve tiltrotor whirl-flutter stability margins were analyzed. A baseline analytical model of the XV-15 was established, and then a thinner, composite wing was designed to be representative of a high-speed tiltrotor. The rotor blade design was modified to increase the stability speed margin for the thin-wing design. Small rearward offsets of the aerodynamic-center locus with respect to the blade elastic axis created large increases in the stability boundary. The effect was strongest for offsets at the outboard part of the blade, where an offset of the aerodynamic center by 10% of tip chord improved the stability margin by over 100 knots. Forward offsets of the blade center of gravity had similar but less pronounced effects. Equivalent results were seen for swept-tip blades. Appropriate combinations of sweep and pitch stiffness completely eliminated whirl flutter within the speed range examined; alternatively, they allowed large increases in pitch-flap coupling (delta-three) for a given stability margin. A limited investigation of the rotor loads in helicopter and airplane configuration showed only minor increases in loads.

  8. Lattice stability and high pressure melting mechanism of dense hydrogen up to 1.5 TPa

    CERN Document Server

    Geng, Hua Y; Wu, Q


    Lattice stability and metastability, as well as melting, are important features of the physics and chemistry of dense hydrogen. Using ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD), the classical superheating limit and melting line of metallic hydrogen are investigated up to 1.5 TPa. The computations show that the classical superheating degree is about 100 K, and the classical melting curve becomes flat at a level of 350 K when beyond 500 GPa. This information allows us to estimate the well depth and the potential barriers that must be overcome when the crystal melts. Inclusion of nuclear quantum effects (NQE) using path integral molecular dynamics (PIMD) predicts that both superheating limit and melting temperature are lowered to below room temperature, but the latter never reach absolute zero. Detailed analysis indicates that the melting is thermally activated, rather than driven by pure zero-point motion (ZPM). This argument was further supported by extensive PIMD simulations, demonstrating the stability of Fddd stru...

  9. Thermo-oxidative stability studies of PMR-15 polymer matrix composites reinforced with various continuous fibers (United States)

    Bowles, Kenneth J.


    An experimental study was conducted to measure the thermooxidative stability of PMR-15 composites reinforced with various fibers and to observe differences in the way they degrade in air. The fibers studied include graphite and the thermally stable Nicalon and Nextel ceramic fibers. Weight-loss rates for the different composites were assessed as a function of mechanical properties, specimen geometry, fiber sizing, and interfacial bond strength. Differences were observed in rates of weight loss, matrix cracking, geometry dependency, and fiber sizing effects. It was shown that Celion 6000 fiber-reinforced composites do not exhibit a straight-line Arrhenius relationship at temperatures above 316 C.

  10. Thermo-oxidative stability studies of PMR-15 polymer matrix composites reinforced with various fibers (United States)

    Bowles, Kenneth J.


    An experimental study was conducted to measure the thermo-oxidative stability of PMR-15 polymer matrix composites reinforced with various fibers and to observe differences in the way they degrade in air. The fibers that were studied included graphite and the thermally stable Nicalon and Nextel ceramic fibers. Weight loss rates for the different composites were assessed as a function of mechanical properties, specimen geometry, fiber sizing, and interfacial bond strength. Differences were observed in rates of weight loss, matrix cracking, geometry dependency, and fiber-sizing effects. It was shown that Celion 6000 fiber-reinforced composites do not exhibit a straight-line Arrhenius relationship at temperatures above 316 C.

  11. Stability of the barium–benzo-15-crown-5 complex in nitrobenzene saturated with water

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available From extraction experiments and g-activity measurements, the exchange extraction constant corresponding to the equilibrium Ba2+(aq + SrL22+(nb D BaL22+(nb + Sr2+(aq occurring in the two-phase water–nitrobenzene system (L =benzo-15-crown-5; aq = aqueous phase, nb = nitrobenzene phase was evaluated as log Kex (Ba2+, SrL22+ = 0.3 ± 0.1. Furthermore, the stability constant of the benzo-15-crown-5–barium complex in nitrobenzene saturated with water was calculated for the temperature of 25 °C: log bnb (BaL22+=13.3±0.1.

  12. Stabilization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad H. Al-Malack


    Full Text Available Fuel oil flyash (FFA produced in power and water desalination plants firing crude oils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is being disposed in landfills, which increases the burden on the environment, therefore, FFA utilization must be encouraged. In the current research, the effect of adding FFA on the engineering properties of two indigenous soils, namely sand and marl, was investigated. FFA was added at concentrations of 5%, 10% and 15% to both soils with and without the addition of Portland cement. Mixtures of the stabilized soils were thoroughly evaluated using compaction, California Bearing Ratio (CBR, unconfined compressive strength (USC and durability tests. Results of these tests indicated that stabilized sand mixtures could not attain the ACI strength requirements. However, marl was found to satisfy the ACI strength requirement when only 5% of FFA was added together with 5% of cement. When the FFA was increased to 10% and 15%, the mixture’s strength was found to decrease to values below the ACI requirements. Results of the Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP, which was performed on samples that passed the ACI requirements, indicated that FFA must be cautiously used in soil stabilization.

  13. Magnetic states stabilization in Ni51Mn33.4In15.6 Heusler alloy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammadreza Ghahremani


    Full Text Available The rate-independent stabilization of magnetic states with iterations in a Heusler alloy has been studied. The direct measurement of the adiabatic temperature change, ΔTad, of a Ni51Mn33.4In15.6 alloy near the magnetostructural phase transition is presented. The adiabatic temperature change at a given temperature within the temperature range of the magnetostructural transition is history dependent and varies considerably with the iteration count of the field cycle. The data show the transition from the low magnetization state to the high magnetization state during low to high (L–H temperature change direction and from high magnetization to low magnetization state during high to low (H–L temperature change direction require several field cycles to stabilize the ΔTad measurement, similar to the accommodation phenomenon in hysteretic materials. In the mixed magnetic state inside the first-order transition, both low and high magnetization portions of the alloy exist and it varies considerably with the induced fields. This original observation emphasizes that it is incorrect to assess the performance of a magnetic refrigeration system through a single measurement, and that achieving a stable, utilizable, adiabatic temperature change requires several field-induced transitions.

  14. Insights into the Hydrothermal Stability of Triamine-Functionalized SBA-15 Silica for CO2Adsorption. (United States)

    Jahandar Lashaki, Masoud; Ziaei-Azad, Hessam; Sayari, Abdelhamid


    The hydrothermal stability of triamine-grafted, large-pore SBA-15 CO 2 adsorbents was studied by using steam stripping. Following two 3 h cycles of steam regeneration, lower CO 2 uptakes, lower CO 2 /N ratios, and slower adsorption kinetics were observed relative to fresh samples, particularly at the lowest adsorption temperature (25 °C). CO 2 adsorption measurements for a selected sample exposed to 48 h of steam stripping depicted that after the initial loss during the first exposure to steam (3-6 h), the adsorptive properties stabilized. For higher adsorption temperatures (i.e., 50 and 75 °C), however, all adsorptive properties remained almost unchanged after steaming, indicating the significance of diffusional limitations. Thermogravimetric analysis and FTIR spectroscopy on grafted samples before and after steam stripping showed no amine leaching and no change in the chemical nature of the amine groups, respectively. Also, a six-cycle CO 2 adsorption/desorption experiment under dry conditions showed no thermal degradation. However, N 2 adsorption measurement at 77 K showed significant reductions in the BET surface area of the grafted samples following steaming. Based on the pore size distribution of calcined, grafted samples before and after steaming, it is proposed that exposure to steam restructured the grafted materials, causing mass transfer resistance. It is inferred that triamine-grafted, large-pore SBA-15 adsorbents are potential candidates for CO 2 capture at relatively high temperatures (50-75 °C; for example, flue gas) combined with steam regeneration. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Idiris Saleh


    Full Text Available The reaction of benzo-15-crown-5 (C14H20O5 ligand with La(NO33.7H2O in the presence of HBr has resulted in the production of an exotic sandwich complex, [LaC28H36Br4O10][3Br]. The crystal system is triclinic with space group P1, a = 12.5834(14 Å, b = 13.5816(16 Å, c = 13.8403(16 Å, a = 70.751(2°, b = 66.773(2° and g = 67.631(2°. The cation comprises of the lanthanum atom coordinated to two crowns via three oxygen atoms from each crown in a η3-sandwich fashion. The two phenyl groups of the crown are brominated. The La-OLigand bond lengths are between 2.857(7 and 2.949(7 Å. The trianion [3Br]3- is linear with Br-Br bond lengths of 2.518(2 and 2.560(2 Å respectively. The molecule is stabilized by intermolecular interactions of the type C-H...Br to form dimers and are arranged parallel to bc face.  Keywords: lanthanum, benzo-15-crown-5, hydrogen bonding, bromination, x-ray structure

  16. Improving the stability of coal slurries: Quarterly progress report for the period June 15, 1987-September 15, 1987

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fogler, H.S.


    Gum tragacanth, GT is a polysaccharide containing tragacanthic acid and arabinogalactan. In order to find which polysaccharide is responsible for the stabilization, the arabinogalactan and polygalacturonic acid were used in the flocculation test. The polygalacturonic acid is a linear polysaccharide which constitutes the core of tragacanthic acid that is branched polysaccharide. The much greater stabilization effect by polygalacturonic acid indicated that the tragacanthic acid is responsible for the stabilization by GT. More interestingly, the similar pH dependence of the stability was found for polygalacturonic acid as had been found for GT. The binding study indicated that this pH effect for polygalacturonic acid is due to the difference in the amount of adsorption whereas the pH effect for GT is due to the difference in the steric layer thickness with about the same amount of adsorption. This relative pH independence of amount of adsorption for GT indicates that the binding mechanism of GT is hydrophobic. In order to verify this, the hydrophilic latex was used in the adsorption study as well as hydrophobic latex. It was found that the amount of adsorption of GT for the hydrophilic latex was less than that for the hydrophobic sulfate polystyrene latex. 10 refs., 6 figs., 2 tabs.

  17. Wide band gap solar cells with high stabilized performance. Annual technical report, 15 July 1995--15 July 1996

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wronski, C R; Collins, R W; Fujiwara, H [Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA (United States); and others


    This report describes work on an improved understanding of stability in materials and silicon solar cells. Topics include novel intrinsic materials optimization; solar cells optimized for p- and i-layer performance; novel p-type materials; interfaces; and device modeling.

  18. Stability behavior of human tibias after bone removal--comparative examination in 15 cadaver tibia pairs. (United States)

    Gerressen, Marcus; Riediger, Dieter; Marx, Rudolf; Saxe, Jan; Ghassemi, Alireza


    To obtain scientific information on the loss of stability of tibias after removal of bone grafts, we performed a comparative study of 15 freshly preserved adult cadavers to determine the axial breaking loads of the operated and nonoperated tibial heads. From all cadavers, 1 tibia was randomly selected from which the maximum possible amount of cancellous bone was harvested. The respective contralateral side remained untouched. After maceration, the proximal tibias of each cadaver were removed bilaterally and adjusted to precisely equal lengths. Using a Zwick universal testing machine, the tibial heads were loaded by an axial force until fracture. As the final breaking load, the force value was recorded when the first distinct decrease in the feed-force curve was observed. To compare the mean breaking loads of the operated and nonoperated control tibias, a t test for related samples at P = .05 was used. The mean breaking load for the donor tibias was 3,767 N and was significantly lower than that of the control side with an average of 5,126 N. This finding was independent of age and gender. Bone removal from the proximal tibia leads to a significant reduction of the axial load capacity. Therefore, we recommend partial loading of up to one half of the body weight during the first postoperative week. For an additional 5 weeks, patients should bear their full body weight on the affected leg only when walking normally and on flat ground.

  19. Flight Test Results on the Stability and Control of the F-15 Quiet Spike(TradeMark) Aircraft (United States)

    Moua, Cheng M.; McWherter, Shaun C.; Cox, Timothy H.; Gera, Joe


    The Quiet Spike F-15B flight research program investigated supersonic shock reduction using a 24-ft sub-scale telescoping nose boom on an F-15B airplane. The program primary flight test objective was to collect flight data for aerodynamic and structural models validation up to 1.8 Mach. Other objectives were to validate the mechanical feasibility of a morphing fuselage at the operational conditions and determine the near-field shock wave characterization. The stability and controls objectives were to assess the effect of the spike on the stability, controllability, and handling qualities of the aircraft and to ensure adequate stability margins across the entire research flight envelop. The two main stability and controls issues were the effects of the telescoping nose boom influenced aerodynamics on the F-15B aircraft flight dynamics and air data and angle of attack sensors. This paper reports on the stability and controls flight envelope clearance methods and flight test analysis of the F-15B Quiet Spike. Brief pilot commentary on typical piloting tasks, approach and landing, refueling task, and air data sensitivity to the flight control system are also discussed in this report.

  20. Use of a 1.5 mm butterfly locking plate for stabilization of atlantoaxial pathology in three toy breed dogs. (United States)

    Dickomeit, M; Alves, L; Pekarkova, M; Gorgas, D; Forterre, F


    The objective of this study was to describe the use of a titanium 1.5 mm locking plate in the stabilization of atlantoaxial pathology in three toy breed dogs. Two dogs with atlantoaxial subluxation and another dog with an axial fracture, confirmed by diagnostic imaging, were stabilized via a ventral approach with a 1.5 mm titanium 5-hole locking butterfly-plate. Surgical reduction and stabilization were assessed by computed tomography and radiography after surgery. Follow-up evaluation for resolution of neurological signs and possible complications was performed in all three dogs. For long-term assessment, a telephone follow-up was performed. A considerable improvement of neurological signs occurred within two to four weeks after surgery. An excellent clinical outcome was identified in all three patients. Adequate stabilization and resolution of neurological signs in all three dogs was achieved. The stabilization of atlantoaxial surgical conditions in toy breeds with the 1.5 mm titanium 5-hole butterfly locking plate appears to be an effective means of surgical treatment.

  1. 16 CFR 1203.15 - Positional stability test (roll-off resistance). (United States)


    ... resistance). 1203.15 Section 1203.15 Commercial Practices CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION CONSUMER PRODUCT... test (roll-off resistance). (a) Test equipment. (1) Headforms. The test headforms shall comply with the... over the helmet along the midsagittal plane and attaching the hook over the edge of the helmet as shown...

  2. Discrete Volterra equation via Exp-function method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhu, S-d [College of Mathematics and Physics, Zhejiang Lishui University, Lishui 323000 (China)], E-mail:


    In this paper, we utilize the Exp-function method to construct three families of new generalized solitary solutions for the discrete Volterra equation. It is shown that the Exp-function method, with the help of symbolic computation, provides a powerful mathematical tool for solving typical discrete nonlinear evolution equations in physics.

  3. Thermal stability of Ni1-uPtu (0 < u < 0.15) germanosilicide (United States)

    Bourjot, E.; Grégoire, M.; Nemouchi, F.; Mangelinck, D.


    Solid-state reactions between Ni1-uPtu (0 determine the formation and morphological degradation mechanisms of the pure Ni-based germanosilicide. In particular, atom probe tomography was used to quantitatively determine the element distribution in 3D and at the atomic scale. Similar mechanisms for the degradation were found for the Ni mono germano-silicide with and without Pt and led to Ge rich Si1-xGex regions that are etched away by the selective etch. These mechanisms, Ge out-diffusion and agglomeration, have a combined effect on the germanosilicide degradation and occurs through Ge and Ni diffusion, respectively. Adding Pt increases the thermal stability of the layer owing to changes in the phase sequence and texture and strong binding with Ge atoms. Several models are developed to explain the different steps of the film morphological degradation. The thermodynamics description of the equilibrium in the quaternary Ni-Pt-Si-Ge system allows us to rule out a pure thermodynamics explanation for the morphological stabilization due to Pt addition.

  4. Plans d'expérience constructions et analyses statistiques

    CERN Document Server

    Tinsson, Walter


    Il est souvent n cessaire de r aliser des exp riences afin de mod liser le comportement d un ph nom ne complexe. La m thode des plans d exp rience a pour objectif d obtenir un maximum d information sur le ph nom ne tudi en un minimum d exp riences. Ceci est primordial si l objectif est un gain de temps ou de qualit . Cet ouvrage d taille les fondements th oriques de la m thode math matique des plans d exp rience. Ceci est abord tout au long des quatre parties suivantes. Pr sentation g n rale de la m thode et des outils math matiques. Plans d exp rience pour facteurs quantitatifs: mod le d ordr

  5. Development of Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors from 15 to 77 Months: Stability of Two Distinct Subtypes? (United States)

    Uljarevic, Mirko; Arnott, Bronia; Carrington, Sarah J.; Meins, Elizabeth; Fernyhough, Charles; McConachie, Helen; Le Couteur, Ann; Leekam, Susan R.


    A community sample of 192 parents reported on their children's restricted and repetitive behaviors (RRBs) at mean ages 15 months (N = 138), 26 months (N = 191), and 77 months (N = 125) using the Repetitive Behavior Questionnaire-2 (RBQ-2). Consistent with previous factor analytic research, 2 factors were found at each age: 1 comprising repetitive…

  6. Stability and Safety of an AAV Vector for Treating RPGR-ORF15 X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa. (United States)

    Deng, Wen-Tao; Dyka, Frank M; Dinculescu, Astra; Li, Jie; Zhu, Ping; Chiodo, Vince A; Boye, Sanford L; Conlon, Thomas J; Erger, Kirsten; Cossette, Travis; Hauswirth, William W


    Our collaborative successful gene replacement therapy using AAV vectors expressing a variant of human RPGR-ORF15 in two canine models provided therapeutic proof of concept for translation into human treatment. The ORF15 sequence contained within this AAV vector, however, has ORF15 DNA sequence variations compared to the published sequence that are likely due to its unusual composition of repetitive purine nucleotides. This mutability is a concern for AAV vector production and safety when contemplating a human trial. In this study, we establish the safety profile of AAV-hIRBP-hRPGR and AAV-hGRK1-hRPGR vectors used in the initial canine proof-of-principle experiments by demonstrating hRPGR-ORF15 sequence stability during all phases of manipulation, from plasmid propagation to vector production to its stability in vivo after subretinal administration to animals. We also evaluate potential toxicity in vivo by investigating protein expression, retinal structure and function, and vector biodistribution. Expression of hRPGR is detected in the inner segments and synaptic terminals of photoreceptors and is restricted to the connecting cilium when the vector is further diluted. Treated eyes exhibit no toxicity as assessed by retinal histopathology, immunocytochemistry, optical coherence tomography, fundoscopy, electroretinogram, and vector biodistribution. Therefore, the hRPGR-ORF15 variant in our AAV vectors appears to be a more stable form than the endogenous hRPGR cDNA when propagated in vitro. Its safety profile presented here in combination with its proven efficacy supports future gene therapy clinical trials.

  7. In-Situ Measurements of the Radiation Stability of Amino Acids at 15-140 K (United States)

    Gerakines, Perry A.; Hudson, Reggie L.; Moore, Marla H.; Bell, Jan-Luca


    We present new kinetics data on the radiolytic destruction of amino acids measured in situ with infrared spectroscopy. Samples were irradiated at 15, 100, and 140 K with D.8-MeV protons, and amino-acid decay was followed at each temperature with and without H2O present. Observed radiation products included CO2 and amines, consistent with amino-acid decarboxylation. The half-lives of glycine, alanine, and phenylalanine were estimated for various extraterrestrial environments. Infrared spectral changes demonstrated the conversion from the non-zwitterion structure NH2-CH2(R)-COOH at 15 K to the zwitterion structure +NH3-CH2(R)-COO- at 140 K for each amino acid studied.

  8. Development of restricted and repetitive behaviors from 15 to 77 months : stability of two distinct subtypes?


    Uljarević, M.; Arnott, B.; Carrington, S. J.; Meins, E.; Fernyhough, C.; McConachie, H.; Le Couteur, A.; Leekam, S. R.


    A community sample of 192 parents reported on their children’s restricted and repetitive behaviors (RRBs) at mean ages 15 months (N=138), 26 months (N=191), and 77 months (N=125) using the Repetitive Behavior Questionnaire-2 (RBQ-2). Consistent with previous factor analytic research, two factors were found at each age: one comprising repetitive sensory and motor behaviors (RSM), and the other comprising insistence on sameness behaviors including rigidity, routines, and restricted interests (I...

  9. Electrodeposition, Characterization, and Corrosion Stability of Nanostructured Anodic Oxides on New Ti-15Zr-5Nb Alloy Surface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jose M. Calderon Moreno


    Full Text Available A new Ti-15Zr-5Nb alloy with suitable microstructure and mechanical properties was processed by galvanostatic anodization in 0.3 M H3PO4 solution and a continuous nanostructured layer of protective TiO2 oxide was electrodeposited. The obtained anatase oxide layer has a nanotubes-like porosity (SEM observations and contains significant amount of phosphorus in phosphotitanate compound embedded in the oxide lattice (Raman, FT-IR, SEM, and EDX analysis. This layer composition can stimulate the formation of the bone and its porosity can offer a good scaffold for bone cell adhesion. The electrochemical behaviour, corrosion stability, and variations of the open circuit potentials, Eoc, and corresponding open circuit potential gradients, ΔEoc, for 1500 soaking hours in Ringer solutions of 3.21, 7.58, and 8.91 pH values were studied. The anodized layer was more resistant, stable (from EIS spectra, and was formed from an inner barrier insulating layer that assures the very good alloy corrosion resistance and an outer porous layer that provides the good conditions for cell development. The nanostructured alloy has higher corrosion stability, namely, a more reduced quantity of ions released and a lower toxicity than that of the bare one. The monitoring of Eoc and ΔEoc showed the enhancement and stabilizing of the long-term passive state of the anodized alloy and, respectively, no possibility at galvanic corrosion.

  10. Frequency tripled 1542 nm telecom laser diode stabilized to iodine hyperfine line in the 10-15 range

    CERN Document Server

    Philippe, Charles; Holleville, David; Lours, Michel; Minh-Pham, Tuam; Hrabina, Jan; Burck, Frederic Du; Wolf, Peter; Acef, Ouali


    We report on telecom laser frequency stabilization to narrow iodine hyperfine line in the green range of the optical domain, after a frequency tripling process using two nonlinear PPLN crystals. We have generated up to 300 mW optical power in the green (P3w), from 800 mW of infrared power (Pw). This result corresponds to an optical conversion efficiency eta= P3w/Pw ~ 36 %. To our knowledge, this is the best value ever demonstrated for a CW frequency tripling process. We have used a narrow linewidth iodine hyperfine line (component a1 of the 127I2 R 35 (44-0) line) to stabilize the IR laser yielding to frequency stability of 4.8x10-14 t-1/2 with a minimum of 6x10-15 reached after 50 s of integration time. The whole optical setup is very compact and mostly optically fibered. This approach opens the way for efficient and elegant architecture development for space applications as one of several potential uses.

  11. Continued increase of extreme El Niño frequency long after 1.5 °C warming stabilization (United States)

    Wang, Guojian; Cai, Wenju; Gan, Bolan; Wu, Lixin; Santoso, Agus; Lin, Xiaopei; Chen, Zhaohui; McPhaden, Michael J.


    The Paris Agreement aims to constrain global mean temperature (GMT) increases to 2 °C above pre-industrial levels, with an aspirational target of 1.5 °C. However, the pathway to these targets and the impacts of a 1.5 °C and 2 °C warming on extreme El Niño and La Niña events--which severely influence weather patterns, agriculture, ecosystems, public health and economies--is little known. Here, by analysing climate models participating in the Climate Model Intercomparison Project's Phase 5 (CMIP5; ref. ) under a most likely emission scenario, we demonstrate that extreme El Niño frequency increases linearly with the GMT towards a doubling at 1.5 °C warming. This increasing frequency of extreme El Niño events continues for up to a century after GMT has stabilized, underpinned by an oceanic thermocline deepening that sustains faster warming in the eastern equatorial Pacific than the off-equatorial region. Ultimately, this implies a higher risk of extreme El Niño to future generations after GMT rise has halted. On the other hand, whereas previous research suggests extreme La Niña events may double in frequency under the 4.5 °C warming scenario, the results presented here indicate little to no change under 1.5 °C or 2 °C warming.

  12. Thermal creep properties of Ti-stabilized DIN 1.4970 (15-15Ti) austenitic stainless steel pressurized cladding tubes (United States)

    Cautaerts, Niels; Delville, Rémi; Dietz, Wolfgang; Verwerft, Marc


    This paper presents a large database of thermal creep data from pressurized unirradiated DIN 1.4970 Ti-stabilized austenitic stainless steel (i.e. EN 1515CrNiMoTiB or ;15-15Ti;) cladding tubes from more than 1000 bi-axial creep tests conducted during the fast reactor R&D program of the DeBeNe (Deutschland-Belgium-Netherlands) consortium between the 1960's to the late 1980's. The data comprises creep rate and time-to-rupture between 600 and 750 °C and a large range of stresses. The data spans tests on material from around 70 different heats and 30 different melts. Around one fourth of the data was obtained from cold worked material, the rest was obtained on cold worked + aged (800 °C, 2 h) material. The data are graphically presented in log-log graphs. The creep rate data is fit with a sinh correlation, the time to rupture data is fit with a modified exponential function through the Larson-Miller parameter. Local equivalent parameters to Norton's law are calculated and compared to literature values for these types of steels and related to possible creep mechanisms. Some time to rupture data above 950 °C is compared to literature dynamic recrystallization data. Time to rupture data between 600 and 750 °C is also compared to literature data from 316 steel. Time to rupture was correlated directly to creep rate with the Monkman-Grant relationship at different temperatures.

  13. Une force venant du futur chercherait à saboter l'expérience du LHC...

    CERN Multimedia

    Scappaticci, Bruno


    "A quelques jours de la reprise de l'expérience du LHC, on ne parle plus de la menace d'un trou noir, mais deux physicines souteinnent aujourd'hui une tout autres hypothèse: la nature, depuis le futur, va continuer de contrarier les travaux du Cern, afin d'éviter à l'Homme de mettre le doigt là où il ne faut pas..." (1.5 pages)

  14. Exp-function method for solving Maccari's system (United States)

    Zhang, Sheng


    In this Letter, the Exp-function method is used to seek exact solutions of Maccari's system. As a result, single and combined generalized solitonary solutions are obtained, from which some known solutions obtained by extended sine-Gordon equation method and improved hyperbolic function method are recovered as special cases. It is shown that the Exp-function method provides a very effective and powerful mathematical tool for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    injections of procaine penicillin 500,000 units for 15 days with 1gm probenecichorally. Those with post- primary syphilis were treated with injections of. Benzathin Penicillin, 2.5 mega units followed by twice weekly injections of 1.4 megaunits for 3 weeks. Patients with LGV were treated with either. Sulphadiasine 2gm daily in ...

  16. Lattice stability and high-pressure melting mechanism of dense hydrogen up to 1.5 TPa

    KAUST Repository

    Geng, Hua Y.


    © 2015 American Physical Society. Lattice stability and metastability, as well as melting, are important features of the physics and chemistry of dense hydrogen. Using ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD), the classical superheating limit and melting line of metallic hydrogen are investigated up to 1.5 TPa. The computations show that the classical superheating degree is about 100 K, and the classical melting curve becomes flat at a level of 350 K when beyond 500 GPa. This information allows us to estimate the well depth and the potential barriers that must be overcome when the crystal melts. Inclusion of nuclear quantum effects (NQE) using path integral molecular dynamics (PIMD) predicts that both superheating limit and melting temperature are lowered to below room temperature, but the latter never reaches absolute zero. Detailed analysis indicates that the melting is thermally activated, rather than driven by pure zero-point motion (ZPM). This argument was further supported by extensive PIMD simulations, demonstrating the stability of Fddd structure against liquefaction at low temperatures.

  17. Silicon oxynitrides of KCC-1, SBA-15 and MCM-41 for CO 2 capture with excellent stability and regenerability

    KAUST Repository

    Patil, Umesh


    We report the use of silicon oxynitrides as novel adsorbents for CO 2 capture. Three series of functionalized materials based on KCC-1, SBA-15 and MCM-41 with Si-NH 2 groups were prepared using a simple one-step process via thermal ammonolysis using ammonia gas, and they demonstrated excellent CO 2 capture capabilities. These materials overcome several limitations of conventional amine-grafted mesoporous silica. They offer good CO 2 capture capacity, faster adsorption-desorption kinetics, efficient regeneration and reuse, more crucially excellent thermal and mechanical stability even in oxidative environments, and a clean and green synthesis route, which allows the overall CO 2 capture process to be practical and sustainable. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012.

  18. Stability and Controls Analysis and Flight Test Results of a 24-Foot Telescoping Nose Boom on an F-15B Airplane (United States)

    Moua, Cheng M.; Cox, Timothy H.; McWherter, Shaun C.


    The Quiet Spike(TradeMark) F-15B flight research program investigated supersonic shock reduction using a 24-ft telescoping nose boom on an F-15B airplane. The program goal was to collect flight data for model validation up to 1.8 Mach. In the area of stability and controls, the primary concerns were to assess the potential destabilizing effect of the oversized nose boom on the stability, controllability, and handling qualities of the airplane and to ensure adequate stability margins across the entire research flight envelope. This paper reports on the stability and control analytical methods, flight envelope clearance approach, and flight test results of the F-15B telescoping nose boom configuration. Also discussed are brief pilot commentary on typical piloting tasks and refueling tasks.

  19. The effects of mutating Tyr9 and Arg15 on the structure, stability, conformational dynamics and mechanism of GSTA3-3

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Robertson, GJ


    Full Text Available account for GSTA3-3 having a ten-fold greater affinity for the substrate GSH. Y9F and R15L mutations, singly or together, have no effect on the structure and stability of GSTA3-3 (the same effect they have on GSTA1-1) despite the R15L mutation removing...

  20. Disordered Cold Regulated15 Proteins Protect Chloroplast Membranes during Freezing through Binding and Folding, But Do Not Stabilize Chloroplast Enzymes in Vivo1[W][OPEN (United States)

    Thalhammer, Anja; Bryant, Gary; Sulpice, Ronan; Hincha, Dirk K.


    Freezing can severely damage plants, limiting geographical distribution of natural populations and leading to major agronomical losses. Plants native to cold climates acquire increased freezing tolerance during exposure to low nonfreezing temperatures in a process termed cold acclimation. This involves many adaptative responses, including global changes in metabolite content and gene expression, and the accumulation of cold-regulated (COR) proteins, whose functions are largely unknown. Here we report that the chloroplast proteins COR15A and COR15B are necessary for full cold acclimation in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). They protect cell membranes, as indicated by electrolyte leakage and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Recombinant COR15 proteins stabilize lactate dehydrogenase during freezing in vitro. However, a transgenic approach shows that they have no influence on the stability of selected plastidic enzymes in vivo, although cold acclimation results in increased enzyme stability. This indicates that enzymes are stabilized by other mechanisms. Recombinant COR15 proteins are disordered in water, but fold into amphipathic α-helices at high osmolyte concentrations in the presence of membranes, a condition mimicking molecular crowding induced by dehydration during freezing. X-ray scattering experiments indicate protein-membrane interactions specifically under such crowding conditions. The COR15-membrane interactions lead to liposome stabilization during freezing. Collectively, our data demonstrate the requirement for COR15 accumulation for full cold acclimation of Arabidopsis. The function of these intrinsically disordered proteins is the stabilization of chloroplast membranes during freezing through a folding and binding mechanism, but not the stabilization of chloroplastic enzymes. This indicates a high functional specificity of these disordered plant proteins. PMID:25096979

  1. Le sujet de l’expérience chez Freud

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandra Renault


    Full Text Available La problématisation freudienne de l’expérience ne consiste pas à s’interroger, de manière classique, sur la façon dont le sujet constitue en un savoir objectif des événements particuliers, mais comment le sujet lui-même est constitué en une identité objective, c’est-à-dire dont il peut avoir une connaissance consciente et qui peut être reconnue comme telle par d’autres, à partir d’événements singuliers qui se produisent dans un contexte en-deçà du champ théorique de la conscience, celui du plaisir. S’il part ainsi d’une problématique empiriste de l’expérience (comment, dans le donné, peut-il se constituer un sujet tel qu’il dépasse le donné ?, il estime qu’il faut également chercher à comprendre, à partir de l’expérience elle-même en tant que vécu, la nécessité du rapport entre expérience et subjectivité : si c’est l’expérience qui « produit » le sujet, celui-ci faisant alors figure de dérivé ou d’ « épiphénomène », comment comprendre la « nécessité » de cette production, ainsi que le fait que, une fois constitué, le sujet se définit en retour comme un élément essentiel à l’expérience ? Le sujet de l’expérience ne fait-il que répéter indéfiniment des événements originaires dont le sens lui échappe, ou participe-t-il effectivement à la réalité des expériences qui l’affectent ?

  2. The stability of life satisfaction in a 15-year follow-up of adult Finns healthy at baseline

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Honkanen Risto J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background While physical health has improved considerably over recent decades in Finland, the disease burden of mental health, especially that of depression, has become increasingly demanding. However, we lack long-term data on the natural course of subjective well-being in the general population. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term course of self-reported life satisfaction. Methods This was a 15-year prospective cohort study on a nationwide sample of adult Finnish twins (N = 9679, aged 18–45 and healthy at baseline, who responded to postal questionnaires in 1975, 1981 and 1990 including a 4-item life satisfaction scale (happiness/easiness/interest in life and feelings of loneliness. Life satisfaction score (range: 4–20 was classified into three categories: satisfied (4–6, intermediate (7–11 and dissatisfied group (12–20. The associations between life satisfaction scores during the follow-up were studied with linear/logistic regression. Results Moderate stability and only a slight effect of age or birth-cohort on mean life satisfaction score (LS were detected. In 1990, 56% of all and 31% of the dissatisfied remained in the same LS category as at baseline. Only 5.9% of the study subjects changed from being satisfied to dissatisfied or vice versa. Correlations between continuous scores (1975, 1981 and 1990 were 0.3–0.4. Baseline dissatisfaction (compared to satisfaction predicted dissatisfaction in 1981 (OR = 10.4; 95%CI 8.3–13.1 and 1990 (5.6; 4.6–6.8. Multiple adjustments decreased the risk only slightly. Conclusions Life satisfaction in adult Finns was moderately stable during 15 years. Among an identifiable group (i.e. the dissatisfied life dissatisfaction may become persistent, which places them at a greater risk of adverse health outcomes.

  3. An Instrument to Measure Elemental Energy Spectra of Cosmic Ray Nuclei Up to 10(exp 16) eV (United States)

    Adams, J.; Bashindzhagyan, G.; Chilingarian, A.; Drury, L.; Egorov, N.; Golubkov,S.; Korotkova, N.; Panasyuk, M.; Podorozhnyi, D.; Procqureur, J.


    A longstanding goal of cosmic ray research is to measure the elemental energy spectra of cosmic rays up to and through the "knee" (approx. equal to 3 x 10 (exp 15) eV. It is not currently feasible to achieve this goal with an ionization calorimeter because the mass required to be deployed in Earth orbit is very large (at least 50 tonnes). An alternative method will be presented. This is based on measuring the primary particle energy by determining the angular distribution of secondaries produced in a target layer using silicon microstrip detector technology. The proposed technique can be used over a wide range of energies (10 (exp 11)- 10 (exp 16) eV) and gives an energy resolution of 60% or better. Based on this technique, a design for a new lightweight instrument with a large aperture (KLEM) will be described.

  4. Some remarks on exp-function method and its applications


    Aslan, İsmail; Marinakis, Vangelis


    Recently, many important nonlinear partial differential equations arising in the applied physical and mathematical sciences have been tackled by a popular approach, the so-called Exp-function method. In this paper, we present some shortcomings of this method by analyzing the results of recently published papers. We also discuss the possible improvement of the effectiveness of the method.

  5. Récit d'expérience et figuration

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jenny, Laurent


    RésuméPrenant pour exemple de «récit d'expérience» Misérable miracle, le livre d'Henri Michaux sur la mescaline, il s'agit de montrer les limites de la narrativité dans tout récit de «souffrance...

  6. Improved stability of TiO{sub 2} modified Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xu, Ting; Ma, Yuanwei; Jin, Hong [PEMFC Key Materials and Technology Laboratory, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian 116023 (China); Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039 (China); Zhang, Huamin; Zhong, Hexiang; Zhang, Yining [PEMFC Key Materials and Technology Laboratory, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian 116023 (China)


    The electrocatalytic stability of the carbon supported Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15} nanoparticles has been improved by the modification of titanium dioxide for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements and inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) are applied for characterizing Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C and titanium dioxide modified Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C (Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/TiO{sub 2}/C) electrocatalysts. Electrochemical measurements and single cell tests are conducted for the evaluation of the electrocatalysts. The results indicate that Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/TiO{sub 2}/C electrocatalyst, presenting similar initial oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity with Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C, reveals better electrochemical stability. The final potential of Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/TiO{sub 2}/C is 137 mV higher than that of Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C at 2 mA cm{sup -2} after the electrochemical durability test. Moreover, in the single cell stability test Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/TiO{sub 2}/C also shows comparable initial performance with Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C, but better final performance. Therefore, the Ru{sub 85}Se{sub 15}/C is expected to be used as an effective cathode electrocatalyst for PEMFCs by TiO{sub 2} modification on the carbon support. (author)

  7. Terrain, expérimentation et sciences sociales


    Fleury-Vilatte, Béatrice; Walter, Jacques


    Consacrés au terrain et à la méthode expérimentale, ces « Échanges » donnent la parole à cinq chercheurs appartenant à différentes disciplines. C’est du côté de la mythologie que Stéphane Olivesi place le terrain dès lors qu’il en situe les usages et légitimations dans le champ académique. Pour sa part, Thierry Meyer mène une réflexion sur la validité externe des approches expérimentales. Françoise Bernard et Robert-Vincent Joule discutent de l’intérêt à intégrer une méthodologie d’inspiratio...

  8. Exp-Function Method for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bin Zheng


    Full Text Available We extend the Exp-function method to fractional partial differential equations in the sense of modified Riemann-Liouville derivative based on nonlinear fractional complex transformation. For illustrating the validity of this method, we apply it to the space-time fractional Fokas equation and the nonlinear fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver (STO equation. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  9. Exp-function method for solving fractional partial differential equations. (United States)

    Zheng, Bin


    We extend the Exp-function method to fractional partial differential equations in the sense of modified Riemann-Liouville derivative based on nonlinear fractional complex transformation. For illustrating the validity of this method, we apply it to the space-time fractional Fokas equation and the nonlinear fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver (STO) equation. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  10. 1.5 μm InAs/InGaAsP/InP quantum dot laser with improved temperature stability (United States)

    Zubov, F. I.; Gladii, S. P.; Shernyakov, Yu M.; Maximov, M. V.; Semenova, E. S.; Kulkova, I. V.; Yvind, K.; Zhukov, A. E.


    Temperature characteristics of InAs/InGaAsP quantum dot (QD) lasers synthesized on InP (001) substrate are presented. The lasers demonstrate high temperature stability: a threshold current characteristic temperature as high as 205 K in the temperature range between 20 to 50°C was measured. Lasing wavelength of 1.5 μm was achieved by covering QDs with 1.7 monolayers of GaAs.

  11. A new SrBi4Ti4O15/CaBi4Ti4O15 thin-film capacitor for excellent electric stability. (United States)

    Noda, Minoru; Nomura, Shuhei; Uchida, Hiroshi; Yamashita, Kaoru; Funakubo, Horoshi


    SrBi(4)Ti(4)O(15) (SBTi) and CaBi(4)Ti(4)O(15) (CBTi) dielectric films of bismuth layered-structure dielectrics (BLSD) are prepared on Pt(100) film for constructing stacked-type dielectric capacitors; it is observed that they are c-axis singleoriented crystalline films. Compared with the perovskite barium titanate family of (Ba,Sr)TiO(3) (BST), it is observed that the SBTi film keeps a low leakage of 10(-7) A/cm(2) at 250 kV/ cm, which is smaller by an order of magnitude than the BST film, even with thinner SBTi film. The temperature coefficient of capacitance (TCC) of the SBTi or CBTi film is about 100 to 250 ppm/K and is much smaller than that of the perovskite BST film. Because the SBTi and CBTi films have opposite polarities of TCC in this experiment, they are expected to cancel out the temperature dependence in the SBTi/CBTi composite capacitor. These results indicate that the BLSD films of SBTi and CBTi are effective for application in high-temperature and high-permittivity capacitors with the practical barium perovskite oxide family.

  12. Vacuum stability testing of Apollo 15 Scientific Instrument Module (SIM) non-metallic materials and reversion of silicone rubber in a motor switch (United States)

    Clancy, H. M.


    Vacuum stability screening tests were performed on the Apollo 15 Scientific Instrument Module (SIM) bay nonmetallic materials in accordance with the NASA document SP-R-0022. The testing was necessary to support the evaluation to determine the effect material outgassing contamination would have on the SIM bay optical lenses and sensing devices. The Apollo 15 SIM experiments were highly successful, therefore, it is assumed that contamination due to the outgassing of nonmetallic materials did not affect equipment operation. A related problem, the reversion of a silicone rubber grommet which affected an electrical motor switch operation is also reported.

  13. Fully stabilized optical frequency comb with sub-radian CEO phase noise from a SESAM-modelocked 1.5-µm solid-state laser. (United States)

    Schilt, Stephane; Bucalovic, Nikola; Dolgovskiy, Vladimir; Schori, Christian; Stumpf, Max C; Di Domenico, Gianni; Pekarek, Selina; Oehler, Andreas E H; Südmeyer, Thomas; Keller, Ursula; Thomann, Pierre


    We report the first full stabilization of an optical frequency comb generated from a femtosecond diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPSSL) operating in the 1.5-μm spectral region. The stability of the comb is characterized in free-running and in phase-locked operation by measuring the noise properties of the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) beat, of the repetition rate, and of a comb line at 1558 nm. The high Q-factor of the semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM)-modelocked 1.5-µm DPSSL results in a low-noise CEO-beat, for which a tight phase lock can be much more easily realized than for a fiber comb. Using a moderate feedback bandwidth of only 5.5 kHz, we achieved a residual integrated phase noise of 0.72 rad rms for the locked CEO, which is one of the smallest values reported for a frequency comb system operating in this spectral region. The fractional frequency stability of the CEO-beat is 20‑fold better than measured in a standard self-referenced commercial fiber comb system and contributes only 10(-15) to the optical carrier frequency instability at 1 s averaging time. © 2011 Optical Society of America

  14. Expérience, activité, apprentissage


    Albarello, Luc; Barbier, Jean-Marie; Bourgeois, Etienne; Durand, Marc


    La question de l’expérience, de ses rapports avec l’activité, l’apprentissage et le développement humain est devenue une question centrale, tant sur le plan social que scientifique. Dans une perspective de formation et dans un contexte de transformation constante des rapports entre travail et formation, la compréhension de sa construction, de sa transmission et de sa validation représente un enjeu considérable. Elle concerne toutes les activités et tous les métiers ayant pour objet la transfo...

  15. Be careful with the Exp-function method - Additional remarks (United States)

    Navickas, Zenonas; Ragulskis, Minvydas; Bikulciene, Liepa


    It is shown that the solution produced by the Exp-function method may not hold for all initial conditions. Riccati and Maccari nonlinear differential equations are used to illustrate that fact. Conditions of existence for the produced solution in the space of initial conditions and in the space of system's parameters are derived using the operator method based on the generalized operator of differentiation. The concept of the expansion of an ordinary differential equation is introduced and it is shown that the algebraic-analytical solution of Maccari equation can be produced by solving Riccati equation.

  16. Design of β-amino acid with backbone-side chain interactions: stabilization of 14/15-helix in α/β-peptides. (United States)

    Sharma, Gangavaram V M; Yadav, Thota Anupama; Choudhary, Madavi; Kunwar, Ajit C


    A new C-linked carbo-β-amino acid, (R)-β-Caa((r)), having a carbohydrate side chain with D-ribo configuration, was prepared from D-glucose by inverting the C-3 stereocenter to introduce constraints/interactions. From the NMR studies it was inferred that the new monomer may participate in additional electrostatic interactions, facilitating and enhancing novel folds in oligomeric peptides derived from it. The α/β-peptides, synthesized from alternating L-Ala and (R)-β-Caa((r)), have shown the presence of 14/15-helix by NMR (in CDCl(3), methanol-d(3) and CD(3)CN), CD and MD calculations. The hybrid peptides showed the presence of electrostatic interactions involving the intraresidue amide proton and the C3-OMe, which helped in the stabilization of the NH(i)···CO(i-4) H-bonds and adoption of 14/15-helix. The importance of such additional interactions has been well defined in recent times to stabilize the folding in a variety of peptidic foldamers. These observations suggest and emphasize that the side chain-backbone interactions are crucial in the stabilization of the desired folding propensity. The designed monomer thus enlarges the opportunities for the synthesis of peptides with novel conformations and expands the repertoire of the foldamers.

  17. Surface Decorated Zn0.15Cd0.85S Nanoflowers with P25 for Enhanced Visible Light Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Rh-B and Stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muneerah Alomar


    Full Text Available Decoration of Zn0.15Cd0.85S nanoflowers with P25 for forming P25/Zn0.15Cd0.85S nanocomposite has been successfully synthesized with fine crystallinity by one-step low temperature hydrothermal method. Photocatalytic efficiency of the as-prepared P25/Zn0.15Cd0.85S for the degradation of Rh-B is evaluated under the visible light irradiation. The synthesized composite is completely characterized with XRD, FESEM, TEM, BET, and UV-vis DRS. TEM observations reveal that P25 is closely deposited on the Zn0.15Cd0.85S nanoflowers with maintaining its nanoflower morphology. The photocatalytic activity of the as-obtained photocatalyst shows that the P25/Zn0.15Cd0.85S exhibits very high catalytic activity for degradation of Rh-B under visible light irradiation due to an increasing of the active sites and enhancing the catalyst stability because of the minimum recombination of the photo-induced electrons and holes. Moreover, it is found that the nanocomposite retains its photocatalytic activity even after four cycles. In addition, to explain the mechanism of degradation, scavengers are used to confirm the reactive species. Photo-generated holes and ●OH play a significant role in the visible light of P25/Zn0.15Cd0.85S nanocomposite induced degradation system, but electrons play the most important role.

  18. The Effect of Indium Content on the Atomic Environment and Cluster Stability of GeSe4Inx=10,15 Glasses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Georgios S. E. Antipas


    Full Text Available The atomic environments of two chalcogenide glasses, with compositions GeSe4In10 and GeSe4In15, were studied via Reverse Monte Carlo and Density Functional Theory. Indium content demoted Ge–Se bonding in favor of Se-In while the contribution of Se–Se in the first coordination shell order was faint. Upon transition to the richer In glass, there was formation of rich Ge-centered clusters at radial distances further than 4 Å from the RMC box center, which was taken to signify a reduction of Ge–Se interactions. Cluster coordination by Se promoted stability while, very conclusively, In coordination lowered cluster stability by intervening in the Ge–Se and Se–Se networks.

  19. High beta and second region stability analysis and ICRF edge modeling. Progress report, March 15, 1988--May 14, 1989

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report describes the tasks accomplished under Department of Energy contract {number_sign}DE-FG02-86ER53236 in modeling the edge plasma-antenna interaction that occurs during Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequency (ICRF) heating. This work has resulted in the development of several codes which determine kinetic and fluid modifications to the edge plasma. When used in combination, these code predict the level of impurity generation observed in experiments on the experiments on the Princeton Large Torus. In addition, these models suggest improvements to the design of ICRF antennas. Also described is progress made on high beta and second region analysis. Code development for a comprehensive infernal mode analysis code is nearing completion. A method has been developed for parameterizing the second region of stability and is applied to circular cross section tokamas. Various studies for high beta experimental devices such as PBX-M and DIII-D have been carried out and are reported on.

  20. Application of δ13C and δ15N isotopic signatures of organic matter fractions sequentially separated from adjacent arable and forest soils to identify carbon stabilization mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Sommer


    Full Text Available Identifying the chemical mechanisms behind soil carbon bound in organo-mineral complexes is necessary to determine the degree to which soil organic carbon is stabilized belowground. Analysis of δ13C and δ15N isotopic signatures of stabilized OM fractions along with soil mineral characteristics may yield important information about OM-mineral associations and their processing history. We anlayzed the δ13C and δ15N isotopic signatures from two organic matter (OM fractions along with soil mineral proxies to identify the likely binding mechanisms involved. We analyzed OM fractions hypothesized to contain carbon stabilized through organo-mineral complexes: (1 OM separated chemically with sodium pyrophosphate (OM(PY and (2 OM occluded in micro-structures found in the chemical extraction residue (OM(ER. Because the OM fractions were separated from five different soils with paired forest and arable land use histories, we could address the impact of land use change on carbon binding and processing mechanisms. We used partial least squares regression to analyze patterns in the isotopic signature of OM with established mineral and chemical proxies indicative for certain binding mechanisms. We found different mechanisms predominate in each land use type. For arable soils, the formation of OM(PY-Ca-mineral associations was identified as an important OM binding mechanism. Therefore, we hypothesize an increased stabilization of microbial processed OM(PY through Ca2+ interactions. In general, we found the forest soils to contain on average 10% more stabilized carbon relative to total carbon stocks, than the agricultural counter part. In forest soils, we found a positive relationship between isotopic signatures of OM(PY and the ratio of soil organic carbon content to soil surface area (SOC/SSA. This indicates that the OM(PY fractions of forest soils represent layers of slower exchange not directly attached to mineral surfaces. From the isotopic composition

  1. Retour sur Sociologie de l'expérience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernard Francq


    Full Text Available Le texte que François Dubet a choisi pour présenter son livre est bien en-deçà du contenu de celui-ci. S’il met en évidence trois aspects qui lui semblent importants – la fin du paradigme de la correspondance de l’acteur et du système, le passage de l’analyse en terme d’intégration à celle de cohésion, l’association entre expériences et domination –, Le Travail des sociétés est plus riche quant aux propositions faites pour faire de la sociologie.Après Bruno Latour persuadé de redessiner le co...

  2. Chemical Passivation of Li(exp +)-Conducting Solid Electrolytes (United States)

    West, William; Whitacre, Jay; Lim, James


    Plates of a solid electrolyte that exhibits high conductivity for positive lithium ions can now be passivated to prevent them from reacting with metallic lithium. Such passivation could enable the construction and operation of high-performance, long-life lithium-based rechargeable electrochemical cells containing metallic lithium anodes. The advantage of this approach, in comparison with a possible alternative approach utilizing lithium-ion graphitic anodes, is that metallic lithium anodes could afford significantly greater energy-storage densities. A major impediment to the development of such cells has been the fact that the available solid electrolytes having the requisite high Li(exp +)-ion conductivity are too highly chemically reactive with metallic lithium to be useful, while those solid electrolytes that do not react excessively with metallic lithium have conductivities too low to be useful. The present passivation method exploits the best features of both extremes of the solid-electrolyte spectrum. The basic idea is to coat a higher-conductivity, higher-reactivity solid electrolyte with a lower-conductivity, lower-reactivity solid electrolyte. One can then safely deposit metallic lithium in contact with the lower-reactivity solid electrolyte without incurring the undesired chemical reactions. The thickness of the lower-reactivity electrolyte must be great enough to afford the desired passivation but not so great as to contribute excessively to the electrical resistance of the cell. The feasibility of this method was demonstrated in experiments on plates of a commercial high-performance solid Li(exp +)- conducting electrolyte. Lithium phosphorous oxynitride (LiPON) was the solid electrolyte used for passivation. LiPON-coated solid-electrolyte plates were found to support electrochemical plating and stripping of Li metal. The electrical resistance contributed by the LiPON layers were found to be small relative to overall cell impedances.

  3. Qu’expérimente le cinéma expérimental ? Sur la notion d’expérimentation dans le cinéma d’avant-garde américain (1950-1970)


    Turquier, Barbara


    Pratique multiforme dont le point central est peut-être de refuser les assignations génériques, le cinéma que l’on dit expérimental souffre d’un trouble de définition. Qu’expérimente-on au juste dans le cinéma expérimental ? Est-ce un médium, une forme, un programme d’action, un type de réception ? Pris entre la tentation d’un jeu purement formel ou conceptuel, et la valeur politique d’un cinéma indépendant, entre expérimentations plastiques et provocation à l’encontre d’un système dominant d...

  4. Tibial Slope Strongly Influences Knee Stability After Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Prospective 5- to 15-Year Follow-up. (United States)

    Gwinner, Clemens; Weiler, Andreas; Roider, Manoussos; Schaefer, Frederik M; Jung, Tobias M


    The reported failure rate after posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction remains high. Previous studies have shown that the tibial slope (TS) influences sagittal plane laxity. Consequently, alterations of TS might have an effect on postoperative knee stability after PCL reconstruction. We hypothesized that flattening of TS is associated with increased posterior laxity after PCL reconstruction. Cohort study; Level of evidence 3. This study consisted of 48 patients who underwent PCL reconstruction in a single-surgeon series. Eight patients underwent an isolated PCL reconstruction, 27 patients underwent an additional posterolateral corner reconstruction, and 13 patients underwent a combined reconstruction of the PCL, anterior cruciate ligament, and posterolateral corner. Three blinded observers measured TS and the side-to-side difference (SSD) of posterior tibial translation (PTT) before and after PCL reconstruction using standardized stress radiographs. The minimum follow-up was 5 years. At a mean follow-up of 103 months (range, 65-187), the mean SSD of PTT was significantly reduced (10.9 ± 2.9 vs 4.9 ± 4.3 mm; P slope.

  5. Livrable RFF 1.5 : Plan d'expériences sur LGV


    LORINO, Tristan; BOSQUET, Romain; COIRET, Alex; PRUAL, Jean Marie; VANDANJON, Pierre Olivier


    Ce rapport est un livrable de l’Ifsttar à destination de RFF , dans le cadre de leur partenariat commun de recherche intitulé « Améliorer l’efficacité énergie-carbone des investissements ». Ce contrat vise à effectuer des recherches sur l’impact énergétique du tracé ferroviaire. L’objectif est de concevoir des outils permettant de prendre en compte le coût énergétique des différentes étapes du cycle de vie : la construc- tion de l’infrastructure, l’exploita...

  6. CRN5EXP: Expert system for statistical quality control (United States)

    Hentea, Mariana


    The purpose of the Expert System CRN5EXP is to assist in checking the quality of the coils at two very important mills: Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling in a steel plant. The system interprets the statistical quality control charts, diagnoses and predicts the quality of the steel. Measurements of process control variables are recorded in a database and sample statistics such as the mean and the range are computed and plotted on a control chart. The chart is analyzed through patterns using the C Language Integrated Production System (CLIPS) and a forward chaining technique to reach a conclusion about the causes of defects and to take management measures for the improvement of the quality control techniques. The Expert System combines the certainty factors associated with the process control variables to predict the quality of the steel. The paper presents the approach to extract data from the database, the reason to combine certainty factors, the architecture and the use of the Expert System. However, the interpretation of control charts patterns requires the human expert's knowledge and lends to Expert Systems rules.

  7. Temperature and electric field stabilities of dielectric and insulating properties for c-axis-oriented CaBi4Ti4O15 films (United States)

    Kimura, Junichi; Takuwa, Itaru; Matsushima, Masaaki; Yasui, Shintaro; Yamada, Tomoaki; Funakubo, Hiroshi


    Temperature and electric field dependencies of the dielectric and insulating properties of (001)-oriented epitaxial CaBi4Ti4O15 films grown on (100)cSrRuO3//(100)SrTiO3 substrates were investigated and compared with those of conventional (100)-oriented epitaxial (Ba0.3Sr0.7)TiO3 and SrTiO3 films. All films showed negative temperature dependency of the capacitance from 25 to 500 °C, and their changes were -18%, -83%, and -58% for CaBi4Ti4O15, (Ba0.3Sr0.7)TiO3, and SrTiO3 films, respectively. Smaller change of the capacitance against dc electric field was also observed for CaBi4Ti4O15 films. Moreover, the maximum leakage current density of CaBi4Ti4O15 films measured at ±100 kV/cm was below 10-3 A/cm2 up to 500 °C, which was smaller than those of (Ba0.3Sr0.7)TiO3 and SrTiO3 films. These results indicate that (001)-oriented CaBi4Ti4O15 films are a useful candidate as the capacitor material applicable for the high temperature use because of its high stability against temperature and an electric field as well as the good insulating characteristics.

  8. In Silico Analysis of the Biomechanical Stability of Commercially Pure Ti and Ti-15Mo Plates for the Treatment of Mandibular Angle Fracture. (United States)

    Yamaguchi, Satoshi; Anchieta, Rodolfo B; Guastaldi, Fernando P S; Tovar, Nick; Tawara, Daisuke; Imazato, Satoshi; Coelho, Paulo G


    To investigate the influence of different materials and fixation methods on maximum principal stress (MPS) and displacement in reconstruction plates using in silico 3-dimensional finite element analysis (3D-FEA). Computer-assisted designed (CAD) models of the mandible and teeth were constructed. Champy and AO/ASIF plates and fixation screws were designed with CAD software. 3D-FEA was performed by image-based CAE software. Maximum and minimum values of biomechanical stability, MPS, and displacement distribution were compared in Champy and AO/ASIF plates made from commercially pure titanium grade 2 (cp-Ti) and a titanium-and-molybdenum (14.47% wt) alloy (Ti-15Mo). For plates fixed on a model of a fractured left angle of the mandible, the maximum and minimum values of MPS in the cp-Ti-constructed Champy plate, upper AO/ASIF plate, and lower AO/ASIF plate were 19.5 and 20.3%, 15.2 and 25.3%, and 21.4 and 4.6% lower, respectively, than those for plates made from Ti-15Mo. In the same model, the maximum and minimum values of displacement in the cp-Ti-constructed Champy plate, upper AO/ASIF plate, and lower AO/ASIF plate were 1.6 and 3.8%, 3.1 and 2.7%, and 5.4 and 10.4% higher, respectively, than those for plates made from Ti-15Mo. This in silico 3D-FEA shows that Ti-15Mo plates have greater load-bearing capability. Copyright © 2017 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Virial coefficients and vapor-liquid equilibria of the EXP6 and 2-Yukawa fluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Nezbed


    Full Text Available Virial coefficients B2 through B4 and the vapor-liquid equilibria for the EXP6 and 2-Yukawa (2Y fluids have been determined using numerical integrations and Gibbs ensemble simulations, respectively. The chosen 2Y models have been recently determined as an appropriate reference fluid for the considered EXP6 models.

  10. A generalized exp-function method for multiwave solutions of sine ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper, the exp-function method is generalized to sine-Gordon (sG) equation and single-, double- and three-wave solutions are obtained. It is shown that the generalized exp-function method combined with appropriate anstaz may provide a straightforward, effective and alternative method for constructing multiwave ...

  11. Evaluation of [(11)C]methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 for PET imaging of renal AT1receptor in rats. (United States)

    Ismail, Basma; Hadizad, Tayebeh; Antoun, Rawad; Lortie, Mireille; deKemp, Robert A; Beanlands, Rob S B; DaSilva, Jean N


    The angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R) is responsible for the main effects of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), and its expression pattern is altered in several diseases. The [(11)C]methylated derivatives of the clinically used AT1R blocker (ARB) losartan and its active metabolite EXP3174, that binds with higher affinity to AT1R, were evaluated as potential PET imaging tracers in rat kidneys. [(11)C]Methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 were synthesized by [(11)C]methylation of the tetrazole-protected analogs using [11C]methyl iodide. Tissue uptake and binding selectivity of [(11)C]methyl-losartan were assessed by ex-vivo biodistribution and in-vitro autoradiography. Radiolabeled metabolites in rat plasma and kidneys were analysed by column-switch HPLC. Both tracers were evaluated with small animal PET imaging. Due to better pharmacokinetics, [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 was further investigated via PET by co-injection with AT1R antagonist candesartan or the AT2R antagonist PD123,319. Binding selectivity to renal AT1 over AT2 and Mas receptors was demonstrated for [(11)C]methyl-losartan. Plasma metabolite analysis at 10 min revealed stability of [(11)C]methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 with the presence of unchanged tracer at 70.8 ± 9.9% and 81.4 ± 6.0%, of total radioactivity, respectively. Contrary to [(11)C]methyl-losartan, co-injection of candesartan with [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 reduced the proportion of unchanged tracer (but not metabolites), indicating that these metabolites do not bind to AT1R in rat kidneys. MicroPET images for both radiotracers displayed high kidney-to-background contrast. Candesartan significantly reduced [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 uptake in the kidney, whereas no difference was observed following PD123,319 indicating binding selectivity for AT1R. [(11)C]Methyl-EXP3174 displayed a favorable binding profile compared to [(11)C]methyl-losartan for imaging renal AT1Rs supporting further studies to assess its full potential as a

  12. Page 1 Stoke's problem in MHD – 5 - 10, *) = y [(exp(— 4) , º*P(3))]4 ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    10, *) = y [(exp(— 4) , º*P(3))]4/F f coso (, – ル)2-32. {}. #. * * *************p = (2,4) +694ฎj/,. {} respectively, where Ha and function, expression (21) is. (21). +Hg are Hermite polynomials. In terms of auxiliary. PI(; )]/8) ſexp(L* يې (ر4 -) U ()', t) = [exp. + exp (L. -- iot) (W (– 31) -. From Maxwel. **quations, the current density J.

  13. Genome Analysis and Genetic Stability of the Cryptophlebia leucotreta Granulovirus (CrleGV-SA after 15 Years of Commercial Use as a Biopesticide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcel van der Merwe


    Full Text Available Thaumatotibia leucotreta Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae is an indigenous pest in southern Africa which attacks citrus fruits and other crops. To control T. leucotreta in South Africa, an integrated pest management (IPM programme incorporating the baculovirus Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus (CrleGV-SA as a biopesticide has been implemented. This study investigated the genetic stability of a commercially produced CrleGV-SA product that has been applied in the field since 2000. Seven representative full-genome sequences of the CrleGV-SA isolate spanning a 15-year period were generated and compared with one another. Several open reading frames (ORFs were identified to have acquired single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs during the 15-year period, with three patterns observed and referred to as “stable”, “reversion”, and “unstable switching”. Three insertion events were also identified, two of which occurred within ORFs. Pairwise multiple alignments of these sequences showed an identity ranging from 99.98% to 99.99%. Concentration-response bioassays comparing samples of CrleGV-SA from 2000 and 2015 showed an increase in virulence toward neonate T. leucotreta larvae. The CrleGV-SA genome sequence generated from the 2015 sample was compared to the Cape Verde reference genome, CrleGV-CV3. Several fusion events were identified between ORFs within these genomes. These sequences shared 96.7% pairwise identity, confirming that CrleGV-SA is a genetically distinct isolate. The results of this study indicate that the genome of CrleGV-SA has remained stable over many years, with implications for its continued use as a biopesticide in the field. Furthermore, the study describes the first complete baculovirus genome to be sequenced with the MinION (Oxford Nanopore, Oxford, UK platform and the first complete genome sequence of the South African CrleGV isolate.

  14. Genome Analysis and Genetic Stability of the Cryptophlebia leucotreta Granulovirus (CrleGV-SA) after 15 Years of Commercial Use as a Biopesticide. (United States)

    van der Merwe, Marcel; Jukes, Michael D; Rabalski, Lukasz; Knox, Caroline; Opoku-Debrah, John K; Moore, Sean D; Krejmer-Rabalska, Martyna; Szewczyk, Boguslaw; Hill, Martin P


    Thaumatotibia leucotreta Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) is an indigenous pest in southern Africa which attacks citrus fruits and other crops. To control T. leucotreta in South Africa, an integrated pest management (IPM) programme incorporating the baculovirus Cryptophlebialeucotreta granulovirus (CrleGV-SA) as a biopesticide has been implemented. This study investigated the genetic stability of a commercially produced CrleGV-SA product that has been applied in the field since 2000. Seven representative full-genome sequences of the CrleGV-SA isolate spanning a 15-year period were generated and compared with one another. Several open reading frames (ORFs) were identified to have acquired single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) during the 15-year period, with three patterns observed and referred to as "stable", "reversion", and "unstable switching". Three insertion events were also identified, two of which occurred within ORFs. Pairwise multiple alignments of these sequences showed an identity ranging from 99.98% to 99.99%. Concentration-response bioassays comparing samples of CrleGV-SA from 2000 and 2015 showed an increase in virulence toward neonate T. leucotreta larvae. The CrleGV-SA genome sequence generated from the 2015 sample was compared to the Cape Verde reference genome, CrleGV-CV3. Several fusion events were identified between ORFs within these genomes. These sequences shared 96.7% pairwise identity, confirming that CrleGV-SA is a genetically distinct isolate. The results of this study indicate that the genome of CrleGV-SA has remained stable over many years, with implications for its continued use as a biopesticide in the field. Furthermore, the study describes the first complete baculovirus genome to be sequenced with the MinION (Oxford Nanopore, Oxford, UK) platform and the first complete genome sequence of the South African CrleGV isolate.

  15. Changes in tropical cyclones under stabilized 1.5 and 2.0 °C global warming scenarios as simulated by the Community Atmospheric Model under the HAPPI protocols

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. F. Wehner


    Full Text Available The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC invited the scientific community to explore the impacts of a world in which anthropogenic global warming is stabilized at only 1.5 °C above preindustrial average temperatures. We present a projection of future tropical cyclone statistics for both 1.5 and 2.0 °C stabilized warming scenarios with direct numerical simulation using a high-resolution global climate model. As in similar projections at higher warming levels, we find that even at these low warming levels the most intense tropical cyclones become more frequent and more intense, while simultaneously the frequency of weaker tropical storms is decreased. We also conclude that in the 1.5 °C stabilization, the effect of aerosol forcing changes complicates the interpretation of greenhouse gas forcing changes.

  16. Designed seamless outer surface: Application for high voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode with excellent cycling stability (United States)

    Zhang, Kan; Li, Ping; Ma, Ming; Park, Jong Hyeok


    Suppressing side reactions at the cathode-electrolyte interface (CEI) is critical for alleviating capacity fading of the high-voltage (>5 V) spinel cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 (LNMO). The primary bottleneck in conventional nanoengineering of LNMO involves an antagonistic relationship between the positive effects of the nanometer particle size and negative effects stemming from the larger CEI area. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes, we have designed a seamless LNMO hollow sphere (S-LNMO) that comprises average 120 nm-sized triangles and truncated triangle subunits by means of grain growth orientation. The "tensegrity" structure has efficiently hindered the interfacial side reaction, which occurs only within a depth of 5 nm from the surface, thereby improving its electrochemical stability. The embedded layered Li2TiO3 (LTO) in bulk S-LNMO (LTO:S-LNMO) region further improved the high-rate performance, demonstrating an ∼110 mAh/g capacity with 80.9% retention after 400 cycles at 5 C and remaining stable after 900 cycles at 5 C even after being stored at 50 °C for one week.

  17. A generalized exp-function method for multiwave solutions of sine ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ) equation and single-, double- and three-wave solutions are obtained. It is shown that the generalized exp-function method combined with appropriate anstaz may provide a straightforward, effective and alternative method for constructing ...

  18. EXP6 fluids at extreme conditions modeled by two-Yukawa potentials. (United States)

    Krejcí, Jan; Nezbeda, Ivo; Melnyk, Roman; Trokhymchuk, Andrij


    A two-Yukawa representation of the EXP6 fluids at supercritical temperatures and high pressures has been developed and examined using molecular simulations. A uniquely defined mapping of the repulsive part of the EXP6 potential curve onto the two-Yukawa potential is used. Two ranges of temperatures, one encountered in geochemical applications (T(geo) range) and the other at conditions of detonations (T(det) range), are considered and it is shown that the local structures of both fluids are practically identical. Deviations between the EXP6 and two-Yukawa potential functions at intermediate separations lead to differences in the thermodynamic properties of the two fluids at lower temperatures of the T(geo) range; at higher temperatures and in the high T(det) temperature range both the structural and thermodynamic properties of the EXP6 and two-Yukawa fluids are practically identical.

  19. Watermarking in H.264/AVC compressed domain using Exp-Golomb code words mapping (United States)

    Xu, Dawen; Wang, Rangding


    In this paper, a fast watermarking algorithm for the H.264/AVC compressed video using Exponential-Golomb (Exp-Golomb) code words mapping is proposed. During the embedding process, the eligible Exp-Golomb code words of reference frames are first identified, and then the mapping rules between these code words and the watermark bits are established. Watermark embedding is performed by modulating the corresponding Exp-Golomb code words, which is based on the established mapping rules. The watermark information can be extracted directly from the encoded stream without resorting to the original video, and merely requires parsing the Exp-Golomb code from bit stream rather than decoding the video. Experimental results show that the proposed watermarking scheme can effectively embed information with no bit rate increase and almost no quality degradation. The algorithm, however, is fragile and re-encoding at alternate bit rates or transcoding removes the watermark.

  20. Overexpression of sweetpotato expansin cDNA (IbEXP1) increases seed yield in Arabidopsis. (United States)

    Bae, Jung Myung; Kwak, Man Sup; Noh, Seol Ah; Oh, Mi-Joung; Kim, Youn-Sung; Shin, Jeong Sheop


    Results of transcriptome analyses suggest that expansin genes play an active role in seed development and yield, but gain- or loss-of-function studies have not yet elucidated the functional role(s) of the expansin gene(s) in these processes. We have overexpressed a sweetpotato expansin gene (IbEXP1) in Arabidopsis under the control of cauliflower mosaic 35S promoter in an attempt to determine the effect of the expansin gene in seed development and yield in heterologous plants. The growth rate was enhanced in IbEXP1-overexpressing (ox) plants relative to wild-type Col-0 plants during early vegetative growth stage. At the reproductive stage, the number of rosette leaves was higher in IbEXP1-ox plants than that in Col-0 plants, and siliques were thicker. IbEXP1-ox plants produced larger seeds, accumulated more protein and starch in each seed, and produced more inflorescence stems and siliques than Col-0 plants, leading to a 2.1-2.5-fold increase in total seed yield per plant. The transcript level of IbEXP1 was up-regulated in response to brassinosteroid (BR) treatment in sweetpotato, and the transcript levels of three BR-responsive genes, fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 1, HAIKU1 and MINISEED3, were also increased in IbEXP1-ox Arabidopsis plants, suggesting a possible involvement of IbEXP1 in at least one of the BR signaling pathways. Based on these results, we suggest that overexpression of IbEXP1 gene in heterologous plants is effective in increasing seed size and number and, consequently, seed yield.

  1. Fractional Complex Transform and exp-Function Methods for Fractional Differential Equations


    Bekir, Ahmet; Güner, Özkan; Cevikel, Adem C.


    The exp-function method is presented for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear fractional equations. New solutions are constructed in fractional complex transform to convert fractional differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The fractional derivatives are described in Jumarie's modified Riemann-Liouville sense. We apply the exp-function method to both the nonlinear time and space fractional differential equations. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are succ...

  2. Fractional Complex Transform and exp-Function Methods for Fractional Differential Equations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet Bekir


    Full Text Available The exp-function method is presented for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear fractional equations. New solutions are constructed in fractional complex transform to convert fractional differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The fractional derivatives are described in Jumarie's modified Riemann-Liouville sense. We apply the exp-function method to both the nonlinear time and space fractional differential equations. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  3. Exp-function method for solving Maccari's system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang Sheng [Department of Mathematics, Bohai University, Jinzhou 121000 (China)], E-mail:


    In this Letter, the Exp-function method is used to seek exact solutions of Maccari's system. As a result, single and combined generalized solitonary solutions are obtained, from which some known solutions obtained by extended sine-Gordon equation method and improved hyperbolic function method are recovered as special cases. It is shown that the Exp-function method provides a very effective and powerful mathematical tool for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics.

  4. Aminopropyl-modified mesoporous silica SBA-15 as recovery agents of Cu(II)-sulfate solutions: Adsorption efficiency, functional stability and reusability aspects

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lombardo, M.V. [Gerencia Quimica, Centro Atomico Constituyentes, CNEA, Av. General Paz 1499 (B1650KNA), San Martin, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Videla, M. [Rhein Chemie Argentina, Luis Maria Drago 1555 - (B1852LGS) Burzaco, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Calvo, A.; Requejo, F.G. [INIFTA-CONICET, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, CC 16 Sucursal 4 (1900), La Plata (Argentina); Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A., E-mail: [Gerencia Quimica, Centro Atomico Constituyentes, CNEA, Av. General Paz 1499 (B1650KNA), San Martin, Buenos Aires (Argentina); DQIAyQF, FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, Pab. II (C1428EHA), Buenos Aires (Argentina)


    Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer We produce mesoporous amino-silica as Cu(II) adsorbent (1.15-1.75 mmol Cu(II) g{sup -1}). Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Elemental analysis and XPS demonstrate that amino groups concentrate at the material surface. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The integrity of the adsorbent through the adsorption, desorption and recycling processes is assessed. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer These materials can be regenerated by exposure to acidic media. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer A careful thermal processing of the material is central to better durability during reprocessing. - Abstract: Hybrid mesoporous materials are potentially useful for metal ion scavenging and retrieval because of their high surface areas, controlled accessibility and tailored functionalization. Some aspects that are linked to the performance of HMM include pore accessibility, stability of the organic functions and reusability. Knowledge of these aspects is critical in the design of adsorption-desorption protocols. In this work we produce and characterize propylamino-substituted large pore silica (SBA-15-N), which is submitted to Cu(II) adsorption from copper sulfate solutions, followed by desorption in acid media and material regeneration. We find that the hybrid material is an efficient adsorbent (1.15-1.75 mmol Cu(II) g{sup -1}), although a fraction of the organic groups is lost during the adsorption process. An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) study demonstrates that the contents of amino groups are higher in the material surface, leading to different behaviors in Cu(II) complexation along the material. These materials can be regenerated by exposure to acidic media. Thermal processing of the hybrid materials leads to better durability in aqueous solutions during reprocessing, due to enhanced polycondensation of the inorganic framework. Thermally treated samples, once regenerated, are efficient adsorbents in a second step of Cu(II) adsorption. We discuss the

  5. Plant phenolic volatiles inhibit quorum sensing in pectobacteria and reduce their virulence by potential binding to ExpI and ExpR proteins (United States)

    Joshi, Janak Raj; Khazanov, Netaly; Senderowitz, Hanoch; Burdman, Saul; Lipsky, Alexander; Yedidia, Iris


    Quorum sensing (QS) is a population density-dependent regulatory system in bacteria that couples gene expression to cell density through accumulation of diffusible signaling molecules. Pectobacteria are causal agents of soft rot disease in a range of economically important crops. They rely on QS to coordinate their main virulence factor, production of plant cell wall degrading enzymes (PCWDEs). Plants have evolved an array of antimicrobial compounds to anticipate and cope with pathogens, of which essential oils (EOs) are widely recognized. Here, volatile EOs, carvacrol and eugenol, were shown to specifically interfere with QS, the master regulator of virulence in pectobacteria, resulting in strong inhibition of QS genes, biofilm formation and PCWDEs, thereby leading to impaired infection. Accumulation of the signal molecule N-acylhomoserine lactone declined upon treatment with EOs, suggesting direct interaction of EOs with either homoserine lactone synthase (ExpI) or with the regulatory protein (ExpR). Homology models of both proteins were constructed and docking simulations were performed to test the above hypotheses. The resulting binding modes and docking scores of carvacrol and eugenol support potential binding to ExpI/ExpR, with stronger interactions than previously known inhibitors of both proteins. The results demonstrate the potential involvement of phytochemicals in the control of Pectobacterium.

  6. Concevoir des protocoles expérimentaux en sciences de la vie et de la Terre. Deux expérimentations en classe de terminale.


    Sanchez, Eric; Monod-Ansaldi, Réjane; Devallois, Daniel; Marzin, Patricia


    Cet article est destiné à montrer comment on peut amener des élèves à construire des protocoles en sciences de la vie et de la Terre, de manière autonome, dans des conditions qui soient réalistes. Il s’agit de proposer des outils à l’enseignant qui souhaite organiser de telles activités dans ses classes. Pour ce faire, nous préciserons ce que nous entendons par conception de protocole, nous présenterons les séances que nous avons expérimentées et les enseignements que ces expérimentations app...

  7. checkCIF/PLATON report Datablock: exp_3274

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    SE1 -CA1 -SE1 -P1 18.00 0.00 2.665 1.555 1.555 1.555. PLAT710_ALERT_4_G Delete 1-2-3 or 2-3-4 Linear Torsion Angle ... #. 15 Do ! P1 -CA1 -P1 -N1 0.00 0.00 2.665 1.555 1.555 1.555. PLAT710_ALERT_4_G Delete 1-2-3 or 2-3-4 Linear Torsion Angle ... #. 22 Do ! P1 -CA1 -P1 -C11 9.00 0.00 2.665 1.555 1.555 1.555.

  8. Marché du travail, évaluation et économie expérimentale


    Nicolas Jacquemet; Olivier l'Haridon; Isabelle Vialle


    International audience; L'économie comportementale et l'économie expérimentale ont connu un formidable essor au cours des dernières décennies. L'objectif de cet article est de présenter, au travers d'un cadre général d'analyse et d'exemples d'applications, l'intérêt de l'économie expérimentale pour l'évaluation des politiques publiques sur le marché du travail. L'économie expérimentale et les méthodes alternatives existantes apparaissent comme des outils d'analyse complémentaires dans l'étude...

  9. 1.5 μm InAs/InGaAsP/InP quantum dot laser with improved temperature stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zubov, F. I.; Gladii, S. P.; Shernyakov, Yu M.


    Temperature characteristics of InAs/InGaAsP quantum dot (QD) lasers synthesized on InP (001) substrate are presented. The lasers demonstrate high temperature stability: a threshold current characteristic temperature as high as 205 K in the temperature range between 20 to 50°C was measured. Lasing...

  10. The Utility of the Lambert Function W[a exp(a - bt)] in Chemical Kinetics (United States)

    Williams, Brian Wesley


    The mathematical Lambert function W[a exp(a - bt)] is used to find integrated rate laws for several examples, including simple enzyme and Lindemann-Christiansen-Hinshelwood (LCH) unimolecular decay kinetics. The results derived here for the well-known LCH mechanism as well as for a dimer-monomer reaction mechanism appear to be novel. A nonlinear…

  11. Dynamics of higher-dimensional FRW cosmology in Rp exp (λR ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We study the cosmological dynamics for R p exp( λ R ) gravity theory in the metric formalism, using dynamical systems approach. Considering higher-dimensional FRW geometries in case of an imperfect fluid which has two different scale factors in the normal and extra dimensions, we find the exact solutions, and study its ...

  12. Reconstruction of 10(exp 20)ev Showers in EUSO and JEM EUSO (United States)

    Andreev, V.; Adams, J.; Cline, D.


    We describe the procedure to reconstruct 10(exp 20) ev showers in Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO). We show the angular and energy resolution is excellent. We now apply this to the newly proposed Japanese JEM-EUSO and will present results at the meeting.

  13. Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le contrôle de Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae), une espèce envahissante dans la réserve communautaire de la forêt d'Analalava-Foulpointe (Madagascar)

  14. Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le contrôle de Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae), une espèce envahissante dans la réserve ... Melaleuca quinquenervia, one of the most aggressive invasive species in Madagascar, gains more and more ground and colonizes wetland environments around ...

  15. Stabilization and plant uptake of N from 15N-labelled pea residue 16.5 years after incorporation in soil

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laberge, G.; Ambus, P.; Hauggaard-Nielsen, H.


    The decline of N from N-15-labelled mature pea residues was followed in unplanted soil over 16.5 yr. Eight years after residue incorporation, 24% of the residue N-15 input was still present in the soil and, after 16.5 yr, 16% of the residue N-15 input remained. A double exponential model...... successfully described the decay of N from N-15-labelled pea residues. The total residual N-15 declined with average decay constants of 1.45 yr(-1) for the 30 d to 1 yr period and of 0.07 yr(-1) for the 1-16 yr period. Sixteen years following incorporation of the residues, indicator plants growing in residues......-amended soils were obtaining 1.7% of their N from residue N. This is, to our knowledge, the longest study on decay of N in soils from N-15-labelled crop residues. The current study thus provides a unique data set for our empirical understanding of N-dynamics in agricultural systems, which is a prerequisite...

  16. Une mesure expérimentale de la discrimination homme-femme à l’embauche


    David Masclet; Emmanuel Peterle; Sophie Larribeau


    Le marché du travail offre de nombreux exemples de discrimination, tant au niveau des salaires que dans les recrutements. Cet article a pour objectif de contribuer à la littérature en mettant en évidence l’existence de pratiques discriminatoires à l’embauche dans le cadre d’une expérience en laboratoire en effort réel. Dans cette expérience, l’employeur (le principal) doit recruter un employé (l’agent) afin de réaliser un effort de production. Le principal résultat de cette étude est qu’en l’...

  17. Microtubules Nonlinear Models Dynamics Investigations through the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method Implementation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nur Alam


    Full Text Available In this research article, we present exact solutions with parameters for two nonlinear model partial differential equations(PDEs describing microtubules, by implementing the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method. The considered models, describing highly nonlinear dynamics of microtubules, can be reduced to nonlinear ordinary differential equations. While the first PDE describes the longitudinal model of nonlinear dynamics of microtubules, the second one describes the nonlinear model of dynamics of radial dislocations in microtubules. The acquired solutions are then graphically presented, and their distinct properties are enumerated in respect to the corresponding dynamic behavior of the microtubules they model. Various patterns, including but not limited to regular, singular kink-like, as well as periodicity exhibiting ones, are detected. Being the method of choice herein, the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method not disappointing in the least, is found and declared highly efficient.

  18. Expériences scolaires au Congo Belge. Etude exploratoire | Vinck ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Expériences scolaires au Congo Belge. Etude exploratoire. H Vinck, J Briffaerts, F Herman, M Depaepe. Abstract. Résumé Sur base de huit interviews d'anciens élèves de l'enseignement colonial au Congo belge, cette étude explore les effets que les processus pédagogiques coloniaux ont eu sur les élèves. Mots-clés: ...

  19. 21 Gbits/s/cm(exp 2) throughput density two dimensional array optical interconnection construction (United States)

    Kato, T.; Yuuki, F.; Tanaka, K.; Tanaka, H.; Masuda, H.; Tanoue, T.; Oishi, A.; Ito, K.; Murakami, K.; Teraoka, T.


    A new two-dimensional array optical interconnection construction is developed for the board-to-board level. A high throughput density of 21 Gbit/s/cm(exp 2) over the electric coaxial cable limit is achieved by the direct hybridization of an 8 x 2-channel LD/PD array onto the transmitter/receiver IC and surface-mount packaging of a microlens array and a fiber-connector receptacle.

  20. Étude expérimentale sur la reproduction chez le cobaye ( Cavia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objectif : Une étude expérimentale sur les paramètres de la reproduction chez le cobaye (Cavia porcellus) élevé en zone périphérique de Kinshasa a été réalisée. Son objectif est d'apprendre aux éleveurs des cobayes une gestion rationnelle de la reproduction par un choix judicieux des femelles actives à la saillie, ...

  1. Partis islamistes et démocratisation : expérience du Parti de la ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    ... reposant sur la causalité et de comparer l'explication ainsi obtenue avec les perceptions de certains acteurs politiques et économiques, recueillies au moyen d'entrevues. Des experts de différents pays musulmans se réuniront dans le cadre d'un atelier pour examiner l'expérience de la Turquie sous un angle comparatif.

  2. TRAILER Project Overview. Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    García-Peñalvo, Francisco J.; Zangrando, Valentina; García Holgado, Alicia; Conde González, Miguel Ángel; Seoane Pardo, Antonio; Alier Forment, Marc; Janssen, José; Griffiths, Dai; Mykowska, Aleksandra; Ribeiro Alves, Gustavo; Minovic, Miroslav


    García-Peñalvo, F. J., Zangrando, V., García Holgado, A., Conde González, M. Á., Seoane Pardo, A. M., Alier Forment, M., Janssen, J., et al. (2012). TRAILER Project Overview. Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences. In F. J. García, L. Vicent, M. Ribó, A. Climent, J.

  3. GenoExp: a web tool for predicting gene expression levels from single nucleotide polymorphisms. (United States)

    Manor, Ohad; Segal, Eran


    Understanding the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the expression level of genes is an important goal. We recently published a study in which we devised a multi-SNP predictive model for gene expression in Lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL), and showed that it can robustly predict the expression of a small number of genes in test individuals. Here, we validate the generality of our models by predicting expression profiles for genes in LCL in an independent study, and extend the pool of predictable genes for which we are able to explain more than 25% of their expression variability to 232 genes across 14 different cell types. As the number of people who obtained their SNP profiles through companies such as 23andMe is rising rapidly, we developed GenoExp, a web-based tool in which users can upload their individual SNP data and obtain predicted expression levels for the set of predictable genes across the 14 different cell types. Our tool thus allows users with biological knowledge to study the possible effects that their set of SNPs might have on these genes and predict their cell-specific expression levels relative to the population average. GenoExp is freely available at © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  4. Recherches biologiques et pisciculture expérimentale du goujon (Gobio gobio L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available 1.1. Le goujon Gobio gobio L. (sous-espèce gobio est un poisson de rivières peu rapides, à instinct grégaire, vivant sur fond de gravier entre la région salmonicole et la région cyprinicole. Il peut vivre de 5 à 7 années et se reproduire dès la seconde année. 1.2. Le goujon n'est pas un poisson migrateur comme les expériences réalisées par marquage tendent à le démontrer, mais ce poisson à forte capacité reproductrice peut passer par des périodes de prolifération ou de raréfaction. 1.3. Le goujon est un poisson de type Carnivore qui s'alimente normalement durant toute l'année. Les adultes se nourissent principalement à partir du benthos ; les proies sont, en ordre d'importance décroissante, des larves d'Insectes, des Crustacés, des Mollusques, des Vers et des Algues ou détritus végétaux. Les alevins s'alimentent principalement à partir du plancton ; la nourriture est de même nature qualitativement, mais quantitativement les Crustacés y sont beaucoup plus abondants que les Insectes. 1.4. Le goujon est fréquemment parasité par le Plathelminte Monogène du genre Diplozoon ; ce parasite peut infester 90 % de la population. Il est parfois parasité par un grand Nématode du genre Philometra qui envahit la cavité générale. 1.5. Le goujon pond au printemps et en été, mais le début de la ponte est nettement lié à la température de l'eau (minimum de + 16°C à + 17°C; la ponte est fractionnée, mais peut atteindre 4 000 à 5 000 œufs par femelle et par saison. L'œuf, blanc translucide, mesure 1,5 mm de diamètre; l'incubation est de 125 degrés/jour. L'essai d'élevage en aquarium prouve qu'une alimentation artificielle adaptée doit être possible. 1.6. La pisciculture des alevins est réalisée dans la région toulousaine et permet d'indiquer les normes souhaitables. Pour la ponte, des bassins de 1 000 m2 , avec pente de 1 % et fond de gravier, peuvent recevoir 500 géniteurs. La croissance des alevins d'un

  5. Measurements of Band Intensities, Herman-Wallis Parameters, and Self-Broadening Line-Widths of the 30011 - 00001 and 30014 - 00001 Bands of CO2 at 6503 cm(exp -1) and 6076 cm(exp -1) (United States)

    Giver, L. P.; Brown, L. R.; Wattson, R. B.; Spencer, M. N.; Chackerian, C., Jr.; Strawa, Anthony W. (Technical Monitor)


    Rotationless band intensities and Herman-Wallis parameters are listed in HITRAN tabulations for several hundred CO2 overtone-combination bands. These parameters are based on laboratory measurements when available, and on DND calculations for the unmeasured bands. The DND calculations for the Fermi interacting nv(sub 1) + v(sub 3) polyads show the a(sub 2) Herman-Wallis parameter varying smoothly from a negative value for the first member of the polyad to a positive value for the final member. Measurements of the v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) dyad are consistent with the DND calculations for the a(sub 2) parameter, as are our recent measurements of the 4v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) pentad. However, the measurement-based values in the HITRAN tables for the 2v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) triad and the 3v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) tetrad do not support the DND calculated values for the a(sub 2) parameters. We therefore decided to make new measurements to improve some of these intensity parameters. With the McMath FTS at Kitt Peak National Observatory/National Solar Observatory we recorded several spectra of the. 4000 to 8000 cm(exp -1) region of pure CO2 at 0.011 cm(exp -1) resolution using the 6 meter White absorption cell. The signal/noise and absorbance of the first and fourth bands of the 3v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) tetrad of C-12O-16 were ideal on these spectra for measuring line intensities and broadening widths. Our selfbroadening results agree with the HITRAN parameterization, while our measurements of the rotationless band intensities are about 15% less than the HITRAN values. We find a negative value of a(sub 2) for the 30011-00001 band and a positive value for the 30014-00001 band, whereas the HITRAN values of a(sub 2) are positive for all four tetrad bands. Our a(sub 1) and a(sub 2) Herman-Wallis parameters are closer to DND calculated values than the 1992 HITRAN values for both the 30011-00001 and the 30014-00001 band.

  6. Assessing the Effects of Suomi NPP VIIRS M15/M16 Detector Radiometric Stability and Relative Spectral Response Variation on Striping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhuo Wang


    Full Text Available Modern satellite radiometers have many detectors with different relative spectral response (RSR. Effect of RSR differences on striping and the root cause of striping in sensor data record (SDR radiance and brightness temperature products have not been well studied. A previous study used MODTRAN radiative transfer model (RTM to analyze striping. In this study, we make efforts to find the possible root causes of striping. Line-by-Line RTM (LBLRTM is used to evaluate the effect of RSR difference on striping and the atmospheric dependency for VIIRS bands M15 and M16. The results show that previous study using MODTRAN is repeatable: the striping is related to the difference between band-averaged and detector-level RSR, and the BT difference has some atmospheric dependency. We also analyzed VIIRS earth view (EV data with several striping index methods. Since the EV data is complex, we further analyze the onboard calibration data. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA test shows that the noise along track direction is the major reason for striping. We also found evidence of correlation between solar diffuser (SD and blackbody (BB for detector 1 in M15. Digital Count Restoration (DCR and detector instability are possibly related to the striping in SD and EV data, but further analysis is needed. These findings can potentially lead to further SDR processing improvements.

  7. Effet de la jachére sur l'expérimentation de la fusariose vasculaire ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effet de la jachére sur l'expérimentation de la fusariose vasculaire du palmier à huile ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq ) : Effects of the fallow in the expression of oil-palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq ) vascular wilt.

  8. Apprendre, un moment de vie ? Savoir, expérience et rapport au vivant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noack Julie


    Full Text Available L’objectif de cette communication est de comparer sur le plan pédagogique deux conceptions du rapport entre science et vivant, diamétralement opposées sur le plan épistémologique. En se basant sur un livre [1], une conférence [2] et un entretien [3], on analysera l’expérience de pensée par laquelle le biologiste et épistémologue Jean-Jacques Kupiec fait se sentir vivants les apprenants afin de mieux les conscientiser aux réquisits de la démarche scientifique. On comparera ensuite les motivations de Kupiec avec les idées pédagogiques du philosophe-médecin Georges Canguilhem (1904–1995 afin d’essayer de comprendre pourquoi l’un et l’autre jugent pertinent de faire remarquer à l’apprenant qu’il est actuellement en vie. Car, malgré des conceptions du vivant diamétralement opposées, Canguilhem et Kupiec se rejoignent sur l’idée que l’expérience vitale joue un rôle crucial – que ce soit en positif ou en négatif, comme un obstacle épistémologique ou comme un levier heuristique – dans l’apprentissage et la pratique de la biologie ou de la médecine. Prendre en charge cette expérience constitue peut-être une ressource face au double défi (scientifique et éthico-politique qui échoit à l’éducation aux sciences du vivant.

  9. Étude expérimentale de l'hydrodynamique des suspensions non ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cette étude expérimentale a permis de vérifier si les modèles rhéologiques établis pour les suspensions de sphères dures de structure microscopique peuvent s'appliquer à des suspensions de « grosses » sphères dures de diamètre d tel que d = 4,4 mm et d'expliquer les problèmes liés au mécanisme de transport des ...

  10. Étude expérimentale hydrodynamique des suspensions non ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cette étude expérimentale a permis de vérifier si les modèles rhéologiques établis pour les suspensions de sphères dures de structure microscopique peuvent s'appliquer à des suspensions de « grosses » sphères dures de structure macroscopique de diamètre d = 4,4 mm et d'expliquer les problèmes liés au mécanisme ...

  11. Analyse expérimentale et analytique du comportement en flexion ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'analyse a été faite par une étude expérimentale et analytique sur onze éléments en béton et en béton armé sous et moyennement armés, préfissurés puis renforcés par du tissu en fibre de carbone collé in situ à l'aide d'une résine époxy. Afin d'étudier l'influence de l'état de fissuration initiale sur le comportement, l'une ...

  12. A Small Molecule that Targets r(CGG)exp and Improves Defects in Fragile X-Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (United States)

    Disney, Matthew D.; Liu, Biao; Yang, Wang-Yong; Sellier, Chantal; Tran, Tuan; Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas; Childs-Disney, Jessica L.


    The development of small molecule chemical probes or therapeutics that target RNA remains a significant challenge despite the great interest in such compounds. The most significant barrier to compound development is a lack of knowledge of the chemical and RNA motif spaces that interact specifically. Herein, we describe a bioactive small molecule probe that targets expanded r(CGG) repeats, or r(CGG)exp , that causes Fragile X-associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS). The compound was identified by using information on the chemotypes and RNA motifs that interact. Specifically, 9-hydroxy-5,11-dimethyl-2-(2-(piperidin-1-yl)ethyl)-6H-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazol-2-ium, binds the 5’CGG/3’GGC motifs in r(CGG)exp and disrupts a toxic r(CGG)exp -protein complex in vitro. Structure-activity relationships (SAR) studies determined that the alkylated pyridyl and phenolic side chains are important chemotypes that drive molecular recognition to r(CGG)exp . Importantly, the compound is efficacious in FXTAS model cellular systems as evidenced by its ability to improve FXTAS-associated pre-mRNA splicing defects and to reduce the size and number of r(CGG)exp -protein aggregates. This approach may establish a general strategy to identify lead ligands that target RNA while also providing a chemical probe to dissect the varied mechanisms by which r(CGG)exp promotes toxicity. PMID:22948243

  13. A small molecule that targets r(CGG)(exp) and improves defects in fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome. (United States)

    Disney, Matthew D; Liu, Biao; Yang, Wang-Yong; Sellier, Chantal; Tran, Tuan; Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas; Childs-Disney, Jessica L


    The development of small molecule chemical probes or therapeutics that target RNA remains a significant challenge despite the great interest in such compounds. The most significant barrier to compound development is defining which chemical and RNA motif spaces interact specifically. Herein, we describe a bioactive small molecule probe that targets expanded r(CGG) repeats, or r(CGG)(exp), that causes Fragile X-associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS). The compound was identified by using information on the chemotypes and RNA motifs that interact. Specifically, 9-hydroxy-5,11-dimethyl-2-(2-(piperidin-1-yl)ethyl)-6H-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazol-2-ium binds the 5'CGG/3'GGC motifs in r(CGG)(exp) and disrupts a toxic r(CGG)(exp)-protein complex in vitro. Structure-activity relationship studies determined that the alkylated pyridyl and phenolic side chains are important chemotypes that drive molecular recognition of r(CGG)(exp). Importantly, the compound is efficacious in FXTAS model cellular systems as evidenced by its ability to improve FXTAS-associated pre-mRNA splicing defects and to reduce the size and number of r(CGG)(exp)-containing nuclear foci. This approach may establish a general strategy to identify lead ligands that target RNA while also providing a chemical probe to dissect the varied mechanisms by which r(CGG)(exp) promotes toxicity.

  14. Trophic structure of two intertidal Fucus spp. communities along a vertical gradient: Similarity and seasonal stability evidenced with δ13C and δ15N (United States)

    Bordeyne, François; Davoult, Dominique; Migné, Aline; Bertaud du Chazaud, Euriell; Leroux, Cédric; Riera, Pascal


    Intertidal communities dominated by canopy-forming macroalgae typically exhibit some differences in their specific composition that are related to their location along the emersion gradient of rocky shores. Tidal level is also expected to affect resource availability for both primary producers and consumers, potentially leading to divergence in the trophic structure of these communities. Furthermore, in temperate areas, the alternation of seasons has usually a large influence on the primary production and on life-history traits of numerous species, which may induce some changes in the food webs of intertidal communities. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the trophic structure of two intertidal communities located at different tidal levels, over several seasons. Focusing on the dominant species of primary producers and consumers, the food webs of the Fucus vesiculosus Linnaeus and Fucus serratus Linnaeus communities were studied during four successive seasons, using an isotopic (δ13C and δ15N) approach. Due to the diversity of primary producers and consumers living in these two communities, food webs were relatively complex and composed of several trophic pathways. These food webs remained rather conserved over the successive seasons, even though some variability in isotopic signature and in diet has been highlighted for several species. Finally, despite their location at different tidal levels, the two Fucus spp. communities exhibited nearly the same trophic structure, with common consumer species displaying similar isotopic signature in both of them.

  15. Enzymatic production of microthecin by aldos-2-ulose dehydratase from 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose and stability studies of microthecin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Yu, Shukun; Andreassen, Mikkel; Lundt, Inge


    .2.2.13) from glycogen and starch by aldos-2-ulose dehydratase (AUDH; EC 4. 2.1.110). In the current study, the yield and purity of microthecin was examined with respect to pH and buffers using AUDH purified from the fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium. It was found that AUDH had a Km of 5.4 and 4.9 mM towards......Microthecin (2-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)-2H-pyran-3(6H)-one), which has anti-microbial activity, is one of the end products of an alternative glycogen and starch degrading pathway, the anhydrofructose pathway. It is formed from 1,5- anhydro-D-fructose (AF), a product of a-1,4-glucan lyase (EC 4...... AF and its natural substrate glucosone, respectively, while its Vmax with AF was 5.5 times higher than that with glucosone. Higher molar conversion of 90% was obtained in a reactor with pH controlled around 5.0 and 248C with de-ionized water as the solvent. Microthecin was found to be most stable...

  16. Study of the stability of 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphine (TPP) and metalloporphyrins NiTPP, CoTPP, CuTPP, and ZnTPP by differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gamboa, Minerva; Campos, Myriam [Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN, Departamento de Quimica, Av. IPN 2508, 07360, Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Torres, Luis Alfonso, E-mail: ltorres@cinvestav.m [Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN, Departamento de Quimica, Av. IPN 2508, 07360, Mexico D.F. (Mexico)


    In this work, the stability of 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphine (TPP) and its metallic derivatives, NiTPP, CoTPP, CuTPP, and ZnTPP has been studied through differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry. The decomposition temperatures are (712, 710, 708, 702, and 671) K for NiTPP, CoTPP, CuTPP, ZnTPP, and TPP, respectively. These values are in correspondence with the N-M bond length d{sub M-N}, of the metalloporphyrins. The corresponding molar enthalpies of melting DELTA{sub fus}H{sub m}, were determined as (58, 57, 55, 52, and 44) kJ . mol{sup -1} for the same series. These values are discussed in terms of the crystallographic features in the solid state.

  17. Research Progress in Improving the Cycling Stability of High-Voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Cathode in Lithium-Ion Battery (United States)

    Xu, XiaoLong; Deng, SiXu; Wang, Hao; Liu, JingBing; Yan, Hui


    High-voltage lithium-ion batteries (HVLIBs) are considered as promising devices of energy storage for electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, and other high-power equipment. HVLIBs require their own platform voltages to be higher than 4.5 V on charge. Lithium nickel manganese spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 (LNMO) cathode is the most promising candidate among the 5 V cathode materials for HVLIBs due to its flat plateau at 4.7 V. However, the degradation of cyclic performance is very serious when LNMO cathode operates over 4.2 V. In this review, we summarize some methods for enhancing the cycling stability of LNMO cathodes in lithium-ion batteries, including doping, cathode surface coating, electrolyte modifying, and other methods. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different methods.

  18. Selectively De-animating and Stabilizing Videos (United States)


    welcoming me into their classes. I have learnt so much from them. My graduate life has been wonderful due to the great friends and lab mates I have...techniques for interactive control of video stabilization. The first step in current video stabilization methods is to track feature points that esti- mate ...Transactions on 18.11 (2012), pp. 1868–1879. [103] Gregory P. Sutton and Malcolm Burrows. “Biomechanics of jumping in the flea ”. In: J Exp Biol 214.5

  19. The effect of tripterygium glucoside tablet on pharmacokinetics of losartan and its metabolite EXP3174 in rats. (United States)

    Hu, Yongsheng; Zhou, Xuexue; Shi, Hui; Shi, Wenyu; Ye, Shengjie; Zhang, Hai


    Losartan and tripterygium glucoside tablet (TGT) are often simultaneously used for reducing urine protein excretion in clinic. However, it is unknown whether there is potential herb-drug interaction between losartan and TGT. The aim of this study was to investigate their potential herb-drug interaction, and clarify the mechanism of the effect of TGT on the pharmacokinetics of losartan and its metabolite EXP3174 in rats. The plasma concentrations of losartan and EXP3174 were determined by LC-MS, and the main pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated. The Cmax , t1/2 and AUC(0-t) of losartan became larger after co-administration, while the Cmax and AUC(0-t) of EXP3174 became smaller, suggesting that TGT could influence the pharmacokinetics of losartan and EXP3174. The effects of TGT and its main components on the metabolic rate of losartan were further investigated in rat liver microsomes. Results indicated that TGT and its two main ingredients could decrease the metabolic rate of losartan. Therefore, it was speculated that TGT might increase the plasma concentration of losartan and decrease the concentration of EXP3174 by inhibiting the metabolism of losartan. The results could provide references for clinical medication guidance of losartan and TGT to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  20. L'expérience ATLAS : les particules contre-attaquent ( épisode II)

    CERN Multimedia

    Michael Barnett - Erik Johansson


    ATLAS, la Grève des particules est de retour dans le deuxième épisode d'une série en trois parties qui dévoile les mystères de l'expérience ATLAS. Tourné de l'intérieur du détecteur, sont montrées les parties interne, moyenne et externe du détecteur ATLAS. Le narrateur décrit comment les différentes parties du détecteur sont capables de détecter 6 différents types de particules: les électrons, photons, protons, neutrons, muons et de neutrinos.

  1. Garantir l’excellence du CERN : consolider l’expérience

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Les missions du CERN nécessitent une compétence confirmée dans tous ses domaines d’activité L’Organisation a plusieurs missions : la recherche fondamentale, les développements techniques et l’innovation, la formation de plusieurs centaines d’associés, de boursiers et d’étudiants et l’encadrement de plus de 10'000 utilisateurs. Afin de garantir l’excellence dans tous ces domaines, le CERN doit mettre en œuvre une politique du personnel performante. Celle-ci doit permettre à l’Organisation non seulement de recruter dans tous les États membres des collaborateurs de la plus haute compétence, mais aussi d’être capable de les retenir et de les motiver tout au long de leur parcours professionnel. De plus, l’Organisation doit pouvoir compter sur un personnel stable, avec une exp&a...

  2. Optimised ExpTime Tableaux for ℋℐ over Finite Residuated Lattices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Huang


    Full Text Available This study proposes to adopt a novel tableau reasoning algorithm for the description logic ℋℐ with semantics based on a finite residuated De Morgan lattice. The syntax, semantics, and logical properties of this logic are given, and a sound, complete, and terminating tableaux algorithm for deciding fuzzy ABox consistency and concept satisfiability problem with respect to TBox is presented. Moreover, based on extended and/or completion-forest with a series of sound optimization technique for checking satisfiability with respect to a TBox in the logic, a new optimized ExpTime (complexity-optimal tableau decision procedure is presented here. The experimental evaluation indicates that the optimization techniques we considered result in improved efficiency significantly.

  3. Maxime Quijoux, Néolibéralisme et autogestion. L’expérience argentine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maud Simonet


    Full Text Available Fondé sur une solide enquête de terrain dans deux usines argentines « récupérées » par les travailleurs, pour la plupart des travailleuses, l’ouvrage de Maxime Quijoux, Néolibéralisme et autogestion. L’expérience argentine, se lit avec un grand plaisir. Bien écrit, ce livre est également intelligemment construit. La première partie commence par le « récit des conditions d’enquête », pour reprendre l’expression de Daniel Bizeul (1998. Elle permet de saisir à la fois les méthodes d’enquêtes mo...

  4. New analytical solutions for conformable fractional PDEs arising in mathematical physics by exp-function method (United States)

    Tasbozan, Orkun; Çenesiz, Yücel; Kurt, Ali; Baleanu, Dumitru


    Modelling of physical systems mathematically, produces nonlinear evolution equations. Most of the physical systems in nature are intrinsically nonlinear, therefore modelling such systems mathematically leads us to nonlinear evolution equations. The analysis of the wave solutions corresponding to the nonlinear partial differential equations (NPDEs), has a vital role for studying the nonlinear physical events. This article is written with the intention of finding the wave solutions of Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov and Klein-Gordon equations. For this purpose, the exp-function method, which is based on a series of exponential functions, is employed as a tool. This method is an useful and suitable tool to obtain the analytical solutions of a considerable number of nonlinear FDEs within a conformable derivative.

  5. Effects of ticlopidine on pharmacokinetics of losartan and its main metabolite EXP-3174 in rats (United States)

    Yang, Si-hyung; Cho, Young-ah; Choi, Jun-shik


    Aim: Losartan and antiplatelet agent ticlopidine can be prescribed concomitantly for prevention or therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, the effects of ticlopidine on the pharmacokinetics of losartan and its active metabolite EXP-3174 were evaluated in rats. Methods: Ticlopidine (4 or 10 mg/kg po) was administered 30 min before administration of losartan (9 mg/kg po or 3 mg/kg iv). The activity of human CYP2C9 and 3A4 were measured using the CYP inhibition assay kit. The activity of P-gp was evaluated using rhodamine-123 retention assay in MCF-7/ADR cells. Results: Ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) significantly increased the areas under the plasma concentration-time curves (AUCs) and peak plasma concentration (Cmax) of oral losartan (9 mg/kg), as well as the AUCs of the active metabolite EXP-3174. Ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) did not significantly change the pharmacokinetics of intravenous losartan (3 mg/kg). Ticlopidine inhibited CYP2C9 and 3A4 with IC50 values of 26.0 and 32.3 μmol/L, respectively. The relative cellular uptake of rhodamine-123 was unchanged. Conclusion: The significant increase in the AUC of losartan (9 mg/kg) by ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) could be attributed to the inhibition of CYP2C9- and 3A4-mediated losartan metabolism in small intestine and/or in liver. The inhibition of P-gp in small intestine and reduction of renal elimination of losartan by ticlopidine are unlikely to be causal factors. PMID:21666702

  6. L’écrivain palimpseste dans L’expérience interdite d’Ook Chung

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilles Dupuis


    Full Text Available Dans son roman L’expérience interdite, Ook Chung introduit deux figures inédites d’écrivain fictif dans la littérature québécoise contemporaine, inspirées des cultures japonaise et himalayenne : l’otaku (ou hikikomori et le mythique Yéti. Il imagine également une fiction dystopique gravitant autour de la figure de « l’écrivain encagé », qui emprunte ses traits au roman de science-fiction de H. G. Wells, L’île du docteur Moreau. À travers une lecture de ce roman qui interroge son statut générique (entre autofiction et science-fiction et ses procédés littéraires (parodie et réécriture, il s’agit d’éclairer les diverses figures de l’écrivain fictif qui s’y profilent en relation avec celle de l’auteur. In his novel L’expérience interdite, Ook Chung introduces two new figures of the fictional writer, inspired by Japanese and Himalayan cultures, into contemporary Québécois literature: the otaku (or hikikomori and the mythical Yeti. The novel also portrays the dystopian figure of the “imprisoned” writer, which recalls H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau. The aim of this article is to shed light on the different figures of the fictional writer encountered in Chung’s fiction in relation to that of the author, by questioning the generic status (between autofiction and science fiction and literary devices (parody and rewriting of the novel.

  7. 15 CFR 742.6 - Regional stability. (United States)


    ... OF INDUSTRY AND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE EXPORT ADMINISTRATION REGULATIONS CONTROL POLICY-CCL... Supplement No. 1 to part 738 of the EAR), a license is required to all destinations, except Canada, for items...,” “production,” or “use” of equipment controlled by 6A002.e or 6A998.b); 6E001 (only technology” for...

  8. GenExp: an interactive web-based genomic DAS client with client-side data rendering.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernat Gel Moreno

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The Distributed Annotation System (DAS offers a standard protocol for sharing and integrating annotations on biological sequences. There are more than 1000 DAS sources available and the number is steadily increasing. Clients are an essential part of the DAS system and integrate data from several independent sources in order to create a useful representation to the user. While web-based DAS clients exist, most of them do not have direct interaction capabilities such as dragging and zooming with the mouse. RESULTS: Here we present GenExp, a web based and fully interactive visual DAS client. GenExp is a genome oriented DAS client capable of creating informative representations of genomic data zooming out from base level to complete chromosomes. It proposes a novel approach to genomic data rendering and uses the latest HTML5 web technologies to create the data representation inside the client browser. Thanks to client-side rendering most position changes do not need a network request to the server and so responses to zooming and panning are almost immediate. In GenExp it is possible to explore the genome intuitively moving it with the mouse just like geographical map applications. Additionally, in GenExp it is possible to have more than one data viewer at the same time and to save the current state of the application to revisit it later on. CONCLUSIONS: GenExp is a new interactive web-based client for DAS and addresses some of the short-comings of the existing clients. It uses client-side data rendering techniques resulting in easier genome browsing and exploration. GenExp is open source under the GPL license and it is freely available at

  9. Enhanced piezoelectric properties and excellent thermal stabilities of cobalt-modified Aurivillius-type calcium bismuth titanate (CaBi{sub 4}Ti{sub 4}O{sub 15})

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhao, Tian-Long [School of Physics, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Jinan 250100 (China); Wang, Chun-Ming, E-mail: [School of Physics, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Jinan 250100 (China); Wang, Chun-Lei; Wang, Yi-Ming [School of Physics, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Jinan 250100 (China); Dong, Shuxiang [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871 (China)


    Highlights: • Cobalt oxide modified CBT-based ceramics were prepared and investigated in detail. • XRPD analysis revealed Co ions enter into B-site of CBT-based ceramics. • CBT-Co4 ceramics show the enhanced d{sub 33} of 14 pC/N and T{sub c} of 782 °C. • CBT-Co4 ceramics present the improved high-temperature resistivity. • Thermal depoling behavior indicates CBT-Co4 ceramics exhibit good thermal stability. - Abstract: Bismuth layer-structured ferroelectric (BLSF) calcium bismuth titanate (CaBi{sub 4}Ti{sub 4}O{sub 15}, CBT) piezoelectric ceramics with 0.0–1.0 wt.% cobalt oxide (Co{sub 2}O{sub 3}) have been prepared via a conventional solid-state reaction method. Microstructural morphology and electrical properties of cobalt oxide-modified CBT ceramics were investigated in detail. X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) analysis revealed that the cobalt oxide-modified CBT ceramics have a pure four-layer Aurivillius-type structure. The piezoelectric properties of CBT ceramics were significantly enhanced by cobalt oxide modifications. The piezoelectric coefficient d{sub 33} and Curie temperature T{sub c} of 0.2 wt.% cobalt oxide-modified CBT ceramics (CBT-Co4) are 14 pC/N and 782 °C, respectively. The DC resistivity and thermal depoling behavior at elevated temperature indicated that the CBT-Co4 ceramics exhibit good thermal stability, demonstrating that the CBT-Co4 ceramics are potential materials for high temperature piezoelectric applications.

  10. Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) procured by the French Benthédi-expédition, 1977, and the Md 32-réunion-expédition, 1982, in the Southwestern Indian Ocean

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kaas, P.


    The late Eugène Leloup examined samples from five stations of the Benthédi-Expédition, 1977, in the North of the Mozambique Channel, containing four species of chitons, two of which proved to be new to science. The material here discussed, coming from eighteen Benthédistations, proved to contain

  11. The Caltech-NRAO Stripe 82 Survey (CNSS) Paper. I. The Pilot Radio Transient Survey in 50 Deg.(exp. 2) (United States)

    Mooley, K. P.; Hallinan, G.; Bourke, S.; Horesh, A.; Myers, S. T.; Frail, D. A.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Levitan, D. B.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Cenko, S. B.; hide


    We have commenced a multiyear program, the Caltech-NRAO Stripe 82 Survey (CNSS), to search for radio transients with the Jansky VLA in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stripe 82 region. The CNSS will deliver five epochs over the entire approx. 270 deg.(exp. 2) of Stripe 82, an eventual deep combined map with an rms noise of approx. 40 proper motion epoch y and catalogs at a frequency of 3 GHz, and having a spatial resolution of 3 inches. This first paper presents the results from an initial pilot survey of a 50 deg.(exp. 2) region of Stripe 82, involving four epochs spanning logarithmic timescales between 1 week and 1.5 yr, with the combined map having a median rms noise of 35 proper motion epoch y. This pilot survey enabled the development of the hardware and software for rapid data processing, as well as transient detection and follow-up, necessary for the full 270 deg.(exp. 2) survey. Data editing, calibration, imaging, source extraction, cataloging, and transient identification were completed in a semi-automated fashion within 6 hr of completion of each epoch of observations, using dedicated computational hardware at the NRAO in Socorro and custom-developed data reduction and transient detection pipelines. Classification of variable and transient sources relied heavily on the wealth of multiwavelength legacy survey data in the Stripe 82 region, supplemented by repeated mapping of the region by the Palomar Transient Factory. A total of 3.9(+0.5%/-0.9%) of the few thousand detected point sources werefound to vary by greater than 30%, consistent with similar studies at 1.4 and 5 GHz. Multiwavelength photometric data and light curves suggest that the variability is mostly due to shock-induced flaring in the jets of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Although this was only a pilot survey, we detected two bona fide transients, associated with an RS CVn binary and a dKe star. Comparison with existing legacy survey data (FIRST, VLA-Stripe 82) revealed additional highly

  12. Aerodynamics of Slender Bodies at Mach Number of 3.12 and Reynolds Numbers from 2 x 10(exp 6) to 15 x 10(exp 6) V : Aerodynamic Load Distributions for a Series of Four Boattailed Bodies (United States)

    Moskowitz, Barry; Jack, John R


    Pressure distributions for a series of four boattailed bodies of revolution were obtained and compared with theory for a Mach number of 3.12, a Reynolds number range of 2 x 10 to 6th power to 14 x 10 to the 6th power, and angles of attack from zero to 9 degrees. Second-order theory adequately predicted the pressure distribution for regions free of the effects of cross-flow separation.

  13. L’excellence : impossible sans un personnel stable et expérimenté

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    Le monde entier avait les yeux fixés sur le CERN ce 4 juillet 2012, quand ATLAS et CMS ont annoncé leur découverte d’une particule « compatible avec le Higgs ». Début 2013 il n’a fallu que quelques jours pour régler le LHC et faire tourner des protons et des ions lourds. Toutes ces découvertes et prouesses techniques n’ont été possibles que grâce à l’expérience et la poursuite de l’excellence d’équipes soudées de techniciens et ingénieurs qui ont conçu, construit, mis en marche, et finalement font fonctionner ce complexe d’accélérateurs unique au monde. Un service d’excellence avec un encadrement adéquat Entre 2002 et 2012 (voir Fig. 1), le nombre d’utilisateurs est passé de 5912 à...

  14. Build up and integration of the rocket-borne Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment-2 (United States)

    Lanz, Alicia E.; Arai, Toshiaki; Battle, John; Bock, James; Cooray, Asantha R.; Hristov, Viktor; Kojima, Tomoya; Korngut, Phillip; Lee, Dae Hee; Mason, Peter; Matsumoto, Toshio; Matsuura, Shuji; Nguyen, Chi; Shirahata, Mai; Takahashi, Aoi; Tsumurai, Kohji; Wada, Takehiko; Wang, Shiang-Yu; Zemcov, Michael B.


    The Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment, CIBER-2, is a near-infrared rocket-borne instrument designed to conduct comprehensive multi-band measurements of extragalactic background light anisotropy on arcsecond to degree angular scales. Recent measurements of the near-infrared Extragalactic Background Light (EBL) anisotropy find excess spatial power above the level predicted by known galaxy populations at large angular scales. CIBER-2 is designed to make measurements of the EBL anisotropy with the sensitivity, spectral range, and spectral resolution required to disentangle the contributions to the EBL from various sources throughout cosmic history.CIBER-2 consists of a 28.5 cm Cassegrain telescope assembly, imaging optics, and cryogenics mounted aboard a sounding rocket. Two dichroic beam-splitters spectrally subdivide the incident radiation into three optical paths, which are further subdivided in two wavelength bands per path, for a total of six observational wavelength bands that span the optical to the near-infrared and produce six 1.2 by 2.4 degree images recorded by three 2048 x 2048 HAWAII-2RG detector arrays. A small portion of each detector is also dedicated to absolute spectrophotometric imaging provided by a linear-variable filter. The instrument has several novel cryogenic mechanisms, a cryogenically-cooled pop-up baffle that extends during observations to provide radiative shielding and an electromagnetic cold shutter. We provide an overview of the instrument and current integration.

  15. Diffraction des neutrons : principe, dispositifs expérimentaux et applications (United States)

    Muller, C.


    La diffraction de neutrons, sur monocristal ou sur échantillon polycristallin (ou poudre), est une technique très largement utilisée, en science des matériaux comme en biologie, lorsque l'on souhaite déterminer la structure cristalline d'un composé ou d'une molécule. Toutefois, le degré de précision de la détermination structurale est très corrélé au choix de l'instrument utilisé. Il s'en suit que la question “comment choisir l'instrument le mieux adapté au composé et à la problématique ?" apparaît comme fondamentale. L'objectif de ce cours est de tenter de répondre à cette question en décrivant brièvement les caractéristiques instrumentales de différents diffractomètres, en exposant les avantages spécifiques des expériences de diffraction de neutrons et en donnant quelques exemples d'application.

  16. 46 CFR 42.25-15 - Stowage. (United States)


    ...) Stability. (1) Provision shall be made for a safe margin of stability at all stages of the voyage, regard... spaces, etc. (1) In addition to the requirements of § 42.15-75(e) guardrails or life lines spaced not...

  17. SOX15 (United States)

    Rui, Xiaohui; Xu, Yun; Jiang, Xiping; Guo, Caixia; Jiang, Jingting


    The study aimed to investigate the effects of Sry-like high mobility group box 15 ( SOX15 ) on proliferation and migration of endometrial cancer (EC) cells. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) was applied to determine the expression of SOX15 in EC tissues and adjacent tissues. We used cell transfection method to construct the HEC-1-A and Ishikawa cell lines with stable overexpression and low expression SOX15 Reverse-transcription quantitative real-time PCR (RT-qPCR) and Western blot were performed to examine expression of SOX15 mRNA and SOX15 protein, respectively. By conducting a series of cell proliferation assay and migration assay, we analyzed the influence of SOX15 overexpression or low expression on EC cell proliferation and migration. The expression of SOX15 mRNA and protein in EC tissues was significantly lower than that in adjacent tissues. After lentivirus-transfecting SOX15 , the expression level of SOX15 mRNA and protein was significantly increased in cells of SOX15 group, and decreased in sh- SOX15 group. Overexpression of SOX15 could suppress cell proliferation, while down-regulation of SOX15 increased cell proliferation. Flow cytometry results indicated that overexpression of SOX15 induced the ratio of cell-cycle arrest in G 1 stage. In addition, Transwell migration assay results showed that SOX15 overexpression significantly inhibited cell migration, and also down-regulation of SOX15 promoted the migration. As a whole, SOX15 could regulate the proliferation and migration of EC cells and up- regulation of SOX15 could be valuable for EC treatment. © 2017 The Author(s).

  18. Deformation microstructures and timing of a large submarine landslide drilled offshore Martinique (IODP Exp. 340) (United States)

    Guyard, H.; Le Friant, A.; Brunet, M.; Boudon, G.; Emmanuel, L.; Caron, B.; Villemant, B.; Feuillet, N.


    Flank-instabilities constitute a recurrent process in the long-term evolution of many volcanoes. A very large submarine landslide deposit (~2100 km2, ~300 km3) drilled southwest Martinique island during the IODP Exp. 340 in 2012 is likely associated with one (or more) major volcanic flank collapse of Mount Pelée during the Late Pleistocene. A recent study revealed that this D1/D2 deposit is emergent in its central part, frontally confined, and mainly comprises remobilized seafloor sediments rather than debris avalanche material from the volcanic edifice (Brunet et al., subm). Here, we investigate the sedimentary microstructures and timing of deformation from the central (Hole 1400B, ~37 km from the coastline) and distal (Hole 1399A, ~70 km from the coastline) units of the D1/D2 deposit, in order to better understand the emplacement dynamics of such potentially tsunamigenic submarine landslides. High resolution CT-Scan analyses were continuously performed on more than 300 m of sediment cores, in order to characterize and distinguish the internal architecture and the complex deformation features of the sediments at each drilling site. The establishment of the stratigraphy, based on δ18O measurements and AMS 14C dating, is still in progress and may confirm the possible link between the submarine landslide deposits and the flank collapse scars observed on the subaerial part of Martinique. These new insights into the timing and emplacement processes of this large submarine landslide will have important implications for tsunami hazards. ReferenceBrunet, M., Le Friant, A., Boudon, G., Lafuerza, S., Talling, P., Hornbach, M., Lebas, E., Guyard, H., and IODP Expedition 340 science party, submitted. Composition, geometry and emplacement dynamics of a large volcanic island landslide offshore Martinique: from volcano flank-collapse to seafloor sediment failure? Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

  19. Médier les récits de vie. Expérimentations de cartographies narratives et sensibles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarah Mekdjian


    Full Text Available Alors que les méthodes narratives sont des outils qualitatifs particulièrement intéressants pour étudier des expériences socio-spatiales complexes, elles présentent également d’importantes limites déontologiques, éthiques et interprétatives. Nous exposons ici quelques-unes de ces limites, à partir de deux contextes de recherche spécifiques et comparés. Pour sortir des impasses méthodologiques rencontrées, les auteures ont eu recours à des expérimentations cartographiques. Quelles pratiques alternatives inventer, notamment à partir de la cartographie, pour élaborer des relations respectueuses et créatives en contexte de recherche ?

  20. The Exp-function method for solving nonlinear space–time fractional differential equations in mathematical physics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ozkan Guner


    Full Text Available Using the Exp-function method, we derive exact solutions of the nonlinear space–time fractional Telegraph equation and space–time fractional KPP equation. As a result, we obtain many exact analytical solutions including hyperbolic function. The fractional derivative is described in Jumarie’s modified Riemann–Liouville sense. This method is very effective and convenient for solving nonlinear fractional differential equations.

  1. Détermination expérimentale des paramètres de Wilson Experimental Dertermination of Wilson Parameters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monfort J.-P.


    Full Text Available La volabilité relative ait; =(yilxil(Y;lxi des constituants d'un mélange binaire a été mesurée à partir d'un nouveau dispositif expérimental, on reporte les données d'équilibre liquide-vapeur obtenues à 45'C de plusieurs binaires : toluène-acétoni-trile, benzène-acétonitrile et benzène-n-heptane. En ajustant à l'équation de Wilson les données expérimentales de «i/; de ces constituants ainsi que des volatilités relatives des constituants des mélanges d'hydrocarbures-alcools, obtenues dans un précédent travail, on calcule les paramètres énergétiques. La prédiction des points de bulle de mélanges binaires et ternaires obtenue à partir de ces paramètres est satisfaisante. La méthode expérimentale ainsi proposée convient particulièrement pour la sélection des solvant extractifs utilisés dans la distillation extractive. From a new expérimental method, relative volatilities aiti = (yilxil(yilxi for a binary mixture are obtained; vapor-liquid equilibrium data are presented for several systems, i.e. toluene-acétonitrile, benzene-acétonitrile and benzene-n-heptane at 45°C. The two adjustable energyparameters of thé Wilson équation, are obtained by adopting thé «,/j data for these binary mixtures and for alcohol-hydrocarbon mixtures previously studied. Theresults obtained in predicting bubble-pressure data for binary and ternary mixtures are consistent with experimental data.

  2. L'histoire littéraire peut-elle être expérimentale?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Kushner


    Full Text Available L'histoire littéraire était longtemps considérée comme le fondement nécessaire à toute critique littéraire, ce qui rendait le contexte historique un facteur fondamental à la formation et l'interprétation des œuvres. L'histoire littéraire traditionnelle est caractérisée par une unité qui détermine le contenu en termes d'inclusions et d'exclusions, elle assimile l'hétérogénéité dans des ensembles cohérents qui peu à peu deviennent entités englobantes dans un devenir collectif. Les facteurs historiques contextuels acquièrent un impact pris pour acquis plutôt que démontré. L'histoire littéraire sert ainsi les aspirations nationales, elle est une totalité vivante au sein de l'histoire nationale qui l'englobe. Ces pratiques totalisantes et universalisantes ont eu quelques alternatives. En 1967, Hans Robert Jauss proposait une histoire littéraire fondée sur la réception esthétique des textes, selon un «horizon d'attente» en fonction duquel une œuvre a été créée et reçue. Pour Michael Riffaterre l'histoire littéraire narrative devrait être associée à l'approche stylistique, à l'analyse textuelle. L'histoire littéraire, tant traditionnelle que novatrice, a pu résister aux critiques et aux transformations. Elle a assuré sa survivance en tant que pratique liée à l'essor des cultures, du fait qu'elle a pu devenir plus expérimentale, accepter le provisoire, et devenir discours de la recherche plutôt que de l'affirmation.

  3. L’expérimentation du dispositif chez Olivia Rosenthal : Les Larmes hors le livre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nancy Murzilli


    Full Text Available La question des rapports du sujet et de l’art en littérature, loin de se limiter à des enjeux d’ordre thématique, s’étend également à la façon dont le sujet est affecté par le croisement des pratiques d’écriture avec d’autres pratiques artistiques. Cette étude se propose de montrer comment le travail réalisé par Olivia Rosenthal autour de Ils ne sont pour rien dans mes larmes met en relation de façon originale les deux aspects de cette question dans la mise en place de dispositifs expérimentaux conduisant à une extension de la pratique littéraire hors du livre. Cette pratique est ici interrogée à travers une mise en regard du texte Les Larmes avec sa mise en performance et son adaptation cinématographique en collaboration avec Laurent Larivière. Ces différentes déclinaisons du dispositif littéraire ne soulignent pas seulement l’intermodalité des pratiques artistiques mais, en mettant le sujet au centre du dispositif, elles rappellent également que le dialogue entre ces pratiques possède un enjeu humain : celui de la diversification des accès que le sujet peut avoir à la compréhension des autres et de lui-même.The question of the relationship between the subject and art in literature, far from being limited to stakes of a thematic nature, also extens to the way in which the subject is affected by the intersection of writing practices with other artistic practices. This study aims to show how the work done by Olivia Rosenthal around Ils ne sont pour rien dans mes larmes originally connects the two aspects of this issue through the development of experimental devices that lead to an extension of the literary practice beyond the book. This practice is examined here through a comparison of the text Les Larmes with the performance and the film by the same name made in collaboration with Laurent Larivière. These different versions of the literary device not only highlight intermodal artistic practices, but

  4. Espaces virtuels et pré-expérience de l’espace géographique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jérémie Valentin


    Full Text Available Les représentations virtuelles de l’espace se sont largement démocratisées lors des dernières années. La libéralisation du marché des images satellites et l’augmentation des capacités de transfert de données sur les réseaux filaires et non filaires participent largement à la mise en place de mondes miroirs désormais connectés au cyberespace.L’homme a de plus en plus recours aux espaces virtuels pour appréhender l’espace. Que ce soit pour l’élaboration d’un itinéraire ou la découverte d’un lieu, la carte papier et le guide touristique s’effacent au profit du monde miroir et du téléphone portable.Dans ce contexte de transfert d’usage, les représentations virtuelles de l’espace semblent, au même titre que l’usage des GPS, offrir une perception biaisée de l’espace. Car malgré leurs qualités intrinsèques communes, en particulier pour la navigation dans un espace inconnu, leurs usages modifieraient notre relation à l’espace et pourraient dans certains cas altérer son apprentissage. L’objectif de cette communication pluridisciplinaire est de mettre au jour la popularité des mondes miroirs tout en interrogeant leurs usages en condition de pré-expérience de l’espace, car les dispositifs actuels permettent d’expérimenter virtuellement l’espace avant d’en faire physiquement l’expérience. Nous verrons à travers une expérience comparative, que dans le cadre d’un parcours complexe, les sujets ayant eu une pré-expérience virtuelle de l’espace s’avèrent moins efficaces que les sujets qui ont consulté un plan papier 2D et moins efficaces que les sujets ayant effectué une visite guidée. L’analyse des traces GPS des sujets nous permettra de tirer des conclusions sur les typologies d’échecs et d’erreurs.


    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Portable Field Emission Spectrometer (PFES) data were acquired on July 15 and 17, 1989. A total of 31 measurements were collected for GRSFE. Of these measurements,...

  6. Shape and stability of a viscous thread

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bohr, Tomas; Senchenko, Sergey


    When a viscous fluid, like oil or syrup, streams from a small orifice and falls freely under gravity, it forms a long slender thread, which can be maintained in a stable, stationary state with lengths up to several meters. We discuss the shape of such liquid threads and their surprising stability....... The stationary shapes are discussed within the long-wavelength approximation and compared to experiments. It turns out that the strong advection of the falling fluid can almost outrun the Rayleigh-Plateau instability. The asymptotic shape and stability are independent of viscosity and small perturbations grow...... with time as exp(Ct(1/4)), where the constant is independent of viscosity. The corresponding spatial growth has the form exp[(z/L)(1/8)], where z is the down stream distance and L similar to Q(2)sigma(-2)g and where sigma is the surface tension divided by density, g is the gravity, and Q is the flux. We...

  7. T15

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Kaigorodova


    The study was conducted with financial support from the Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation (Russia for the state support of young philosophy doctors, agreements of SC Russian Scientific Foundation (Russia, Grant No. 14-15-00318 (sample collection and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Russia, Grant No. 15-34-20864. We acknowledge support of this work by the Tomsk State University Competitiveness Improvement Program (Russia.

  8. Evaluation expérimentale des performances d'un système hybride WDM/DS-OCDMA


    Cordette, Steevy; Fsaifes, Ihsan; Kibler, Bertrand; Ware, Cédric; Lepers, Catherine; Finot, Christophe; Millot, Guy


    National audience; Nous étudions expérimentalement une solution hybride WDM/DS-OCDMA pour l'application réseau d'accès optique haut débit. Cette solution permet d'augmenter la capacité de multiplexage du réseau WDM en y ajoutant une dimension supplémentaire : le code temporel. Le système est réalisé dans une configuration mono-canal WDM. Les performances de la transmission, en termes de taux d'erreurs binaires, sont évaluées après 20 km de transmission.

  9. Va, vis et deviens : l’expérience utilisateur au coeur de l’évolution des services.


    Clot, Nathalie


    National audience; Les méthodes de design de l'expérience utilisateur (Design UX) peuvent être un levier puissant d'évolution et d'amélioration de la qualité des services rendus aux utilisateurs de bibliothèque. À travers une métaphore cinématographique, le chapitre de la boîte à outils sur Développer l'accueil en bibliothèque, montre que penser les services de manière globale en lien étroit avec les observations de terrain est ferment de changement profond pour le fonctionnement des organisa...

  10. Exp-Function Method and Fractional Complex Transform for Space-Time Fractional KP-BBM Equation (United States)

    Guner, Ozkan


    In the present article, He’s fractional derivative, the ansatz method, the (G‧/G)-expansion method, and the exp-function method are used to construct the exact solutions of nonlinear space-time fractional Kadomtsev–Petviashvili–Benjamin–Bona–Mahony (KP-BBM). As a result, different types of exact solutions are obtained. Also we have examined the relation between the solutions obtained from the different methods. These methods are an efficient mathematical tool for solving fractional differential equations (FDEs) and it can be applied to other nonlinear FDEs.

  11. Le voyage en « oxygène rare » comme expérience initiatique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michel Raspaud


    Full Text Available L’expérimentation de la haute altitude (souvent baptisée « zone de la mort » en Himalaya, avec son cortège d’essais techniques et d’erreurs souvent fatales, apparaît bien comme le prototype de l’initiation en montagne. Par delà l’explication classique du phénomène d’ordalie, il s’agit bien d’un « rite personnel de passage » où la souffrance et la douleur renvoient à une anthropologie alpine.

  12. Arboriculture Biologique : 11 années d'expérimentation en vergers de pêchers et pommiers




    Un programme de recherche a été conduit en arboriculture biologique pendant 11 ans (1994-2004) à l'unité expérimentale INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) de Gotheron dans le Sud-Est de la France, en partenariat avec Agribiodrôme (F-26150 Die), asssociation de développement de l'Agriculture Biologique (AB) en Drôme, et le GRAB (Groupe de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique, F-84911 Avignon). Les objectifs étaient : (i) acquérir des références en arboriculture biologique ; (ii...

  13. Small Molecule Recognition and Tools to Study Modulation of r(CGG)(exp) in Fragile X-Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome. (United States)

    Yang, Wang-Yong; He, Fang; Strack, Rita L; Oh, Seok Yoon; Frazer, Michelle; Jaffrey, Samie R; Todd, Peter K; Disney, Matthew D


    RNA transcripts containing expanded nucleotide repeats cause many incurable diseases via various mechanisms. One such disorder, fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS), is caused by a noncoding r(CGG) repeat expansion (r(CGG)(exp)) that (i) sequesters proteins involved in RNA metabolism in nuclear foci, causing dysregulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, and (ii) undergoes repeat associated non-ATG translation (RANT), which produces toxic homopolymeric proteins without using a start codon. Here, we describe the design of two small molecules that inhibit both modes of toxicity and the implementation of various tools to study perturbation of these cellular events. Competitive Chemical Cross Linking and Isolation by Pull Down (C-Chem-CLIP) established that compounds bind r(CGG)(exp) and defined small molecule occupancy of r(CGG)(exp) in cells, the first approach to do so. Using an RNA GFP mimic, r(CGG)(exp)-Spinach2, we observe that our optimal designed compound binds r(CGG)(exp) and affects RNA localization by disrupting preformed RNA foci. These events correlate with an improvement of pre-mRNA splicing defects caused by RNA gain of function. In addition, the compounds reduced levels of toxic homopolymeric proteins formed via RANT. Polysome profiling studies showed that small molecules decreased loading of polysomes onto r(CGG)(exp), explaining decreased translation.

  14. Numerical solution to generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation using Exp-function method hybridized with heuristic computation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suheel Abdullah Malik

    Full Text Available In this paper, a new heuristic scheme for the approximate solution of the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation is proposed. The scheme is based on the hybridization of Exp-function method with nature inspired algorithm. The given nonlinear partial differential equation (NPDE through substitution is converted into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation (NODE. The travelling wave solution is approximated by the Exp-function method with unknown parameters. The unknown parameters are estimated by transforming the NODE into an equivalent global error minimization problem by using a fitness function. The popular genetic algorithm (GA is used to solve the minimization problem, and to achieve the unknown parameters. The proposed scheme is successfully implemented to solve the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation. The comparison of numerical results with the exact solutions, and the solutions obtained using some traditional methods, including adomian decomposition method (ADM, homotopy perturbation method (HPM, and optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM, show that the suggested scheme is fairly accurate and viable for solving such problems.

  15. Numerical solution to generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation using Exp-function method hybridized with heuristic computation. (United States)

    Malik, Suheel Abdullah; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor; Amir, Muhammad; Malik, Aqdas Naveed; Haq, Ihsanul


    In this paper, a new heuristic scheme for the approximate solution of the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation is proposed. The scheme is based on the hybridization of Exp-function method with nature inspired algorithm. The given nonlinear partial differential equation (NPDE) through substitution is converted into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation (NODE). The travelling wave solution is approximated by the Exp-function method with unknown parameters. The unknown parameters are estimated by transforming the NODE into an equivalent global error minimization problem by using a fitness function. The popular genetic algorithm (GA) is used to solve the minimization problem, and to achieve the unknown parameters. The proposed scheme is successfully implemented to solve the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation. The comparison of numerical results with the exact solutions, and the solutions obtained using some traditional methods, including adomian decomposition method (ADM), homotopy perturbation method (HPM), and optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM), show that the suggested scheme is fairly accurate and viable for solving such problems.

  16. Análisis de la mortalidad expósita de la Inclusa de Toledo (1900-1930

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martín Espinosa, Noelia M.


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is to analyze the mortality and its causes in the abandoned children of the Children’s home of Toledo, who were born in the Maternity House, because it was a homogeneous group which had the same conditions in their delivery and they were abandoned at the moment of their birth. It allows us to compare the mortality of this group of foundlings with the mortality of the general population and with the mortality of those abandoned in other Charity Institutions. This paper explains the different factors which could determine the mortality.El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la mortalidad expósita y sus causas en una cohorte de niños abandonados en la inclusa toledana, aquellos que nacieron en la Maternidad aneja, como grupo homogéneo que partía de unas condiciones de alumbramiento similares y fueron institucionalizados al nacer. Ello permite comparar esta mortalidad expósita con la de otras inclusas españolas y con la mortalidad poblacional, a la vez que explica los distintos factores que pudieron condicionarla.

  17. Le partage des connaissances et de l'expérience entre pays voisins ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    15 déc. 2010 ... Mais Qahtan trouve que la situation est moins décourageante depuis que les pays ont commencé à partager entre eux leurs connaissances, leur savoir-faire et leurs technologies. Par exemple, l'information échangée lors de rencontres du Forum sur la gestion de la demande en eau a été très utile, selon ...

  18. Traumatismes ano-rectaux en pratique civile: Expérience de la prise ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La cause était huit accidents de la voie publique, six empalements, deux accidents par arme à feu, un encornement et une agression sexuelle. Tous les patients présentaient une rectorragie, une douleur ano rectale associée à une douleur abdominale dans un cas. Le diagnostic lésionnel était : 15 (83%) plaies anales avec ...

  19. Visual stability. (United States)

    Melcher, David


    Our vision remains stable even though the movements of our eyes, head and bodies create a motion pattern on the retina. One of the most important, yet basic, feats of the visual system is to correctly determine whether this retinal motion is owing to real movement in the world or rather our own self-movement. This problem has occupied many great thinkers, such as Descartes and Helmholtz, at least since the time of Alhazen. This theme issue brings together leading researchers from animal neurophysiology, clinical neurology, psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience to summarize the state of the art in the study of visual stability. Recently, there has been significant progress in understanding the limits of visual stability in humans and in identifying many of the brain circuits involved in maintaining a stable percept of the world. Clinical studies and new experimental methods, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, now make it possible to test the causal role of different brain regions in creating visual stability and also allow us to measure the consequences when the mechanisms of visual stability break down.

  20. Macroeconomic stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jespersen, Jesper


    It is demonstrated that full employment and sustainable development not necessarily are conflicting goals. On the other hand macroeconomic stability cannot be obtained without a deliberate labour sharing policy and a shift in the composition of private consumption away from traditional material...

  1. The exp1 gene essential for pileus expansion and autolysis of the inky cap mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea (Coprinus cinereus) encodes an HMG protein. (United States)

    Muraguchi, Hajime; Fujita, Takashi; Kishibe, Yuya; Konno, Kanako; Ueda, Nanae; Nakahori, Kiyoshi; Yanagi, Sonoe O; Kamada, Takashi


    The homobasidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea is a member of the fungi known as inky cap mushrooms, and its fruiting-body pileus autolyzes soon after completion of the development. During the last 3h of the development, the pileus exhibits umbrella-like expansion: the pileal tissue is cracked at the base of each gill and then each gill tissue is split to form a V-shape, as seen in a cross section. We identified two C. cinerea mutants defective in both pileus expansion and autolysis. The defects in both mutants are due to recessive mutations in a single gene, designated exp1. The exp1 gene is predicted to encode an HMG1/2-like protein with two HMG domains. The transcription of exp1 is strongly induced in the pileus 3h before pileus expansion. This result, together with the fact that the exp1 mutations cause a specific developmental phenotype, suggest that Exp1 is a novel, transcriptional regulator controlling the final phase of fruiting-body morphogenesis.

  2. Stabilité d'un écoulement miscible radial en milieu poreux : étude théorique et expérimentale Stabilitv of a Radial Miscible Flow in Porous Media: Theoretical and Experimental

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertin H.


    Full Text Available Les instabilités de déplacements miscibles radiaux en milieu poreux dues à un contraste de mobilité sont étudiées de manière théorique et expérimentale. Dans une première partie, la mise au point d'un modèle numérique bidimensionnel permet la visualisation mathématique d'une configuration instable. A partir des équations aux perturbations linéarisées, l'étude nous permet d'évaluer l'influence de chacun des paramètres conditionnant la stabilité d'un tel écoulement. Ces résultats, dans la gamme des paramètres étudiés, nous permettent d'établir un critère d'instabilité. La deuxième partie, expérimentale, nous permet de visualiser, grâce à une méthode optique basée sur l'effet Christiansen, des instabilités dues au contraste de mobilité (développement notable de digitations. L'interprétation des résultats expérimentaux est comparée aux prédictions théoriques. The instabilities of radial miscible displacements in porous media due to a mobility contrast are examined theoretically and experimentally. The first part describes a two-dimensional numerical model used for the mathematical visualization of an unstable configuration. On the basis of linearized perturbation equations, we can evaluate the influence of each parameter governing the stability of the displacement. In the range of parameters investigated, these results enable an instability criterion to be established. The second part is experimental. An optical method based on the Christiansen effect is used to visualize instabilities due to mobility contrast (appreciable development of fingerings. The interpretation of the experimental results is compared to theoretical predictions.

  3. Effect of an Auxiliary Belly Fuel Tank on the Low-Speed Static Stability Characteristics of a 1/5-Scale Model of the Grumman XF8F-1 Airplane, TED No. NACA 2384 (United States)

    Cook, Charles B.


    In.order to determine the aerodynamic effects of an auxiliary belly fuel tank on the Grumman F8F-1 airplane, a wind-tunnel investigation was made on a l/5 - scale model of the Grumman XF8F-1 airplane. Pitch and yaw tests were made with the model in the cruising and landing configurations for windmilling and take-off power conditions. Tuft studies and static-pressure measurements were also made to determine the flow characteristics in the region of the fuel tank. It was found that, at low speed, the auxiliary fuel tank test conditions, especially with power on in the landing configuration at high lift coefficients. The static directional stability was decreased for most test conditions, but the addition of a fairing between the fuselage and fuel tank improved the directional stability slightly in the power-on clean condition. The effective dihedral and lateral force were increased for most of the conditions tested. The tuft studies and pressure measurements indicated that the removal of the away braces would improve the.flow characteristics considerably in the region of the fuel tank end might also decrease the buffeting of the belly tank at high speeds.

  4. Le laboratoire de pédagogie expérimentale de la Grange-aux-Belles :


    Ouvrier-Bonnaz, Régis


    Dans cette communication nous étudions le contexte de création en 1905, à l’initiative de Binet, du Laboratoire de pédagogie expérimentale dans une école primaire du Xème arrondissement de Paris au 36 de la rue de la Grange-aux-Belles. Cette étude nous donne l’occasion de nous interroger sur le rôle joué par Victor Vaney, le directeur de cette école, dont l’influence sur les travaux de Binet nous semble avoir été sous estimée. Nous analysons comment la création de ce laboratoire, aboutissemen...

  5. Modeling the vertical profiles of the index of refraction and (C(sub n))(exp 2) in marine atmosphere (United States)

    Claverie, Jacques; Hurtaud, Yvonick; Defromont, Yannick; Junchat, Alain


    The determination of the conditions of propagation, for systems evolving/moving in the CLSO (Boundary layer of Oceanic Surface), requires the knowledge of the vertical profile of index of refraction. From simple weather measurements, the model PIRAM (Profiles of Index of Refraction in Atmosphere Navy) makes it possible to calculate this profile starting from the vertical profiles of temperature and moisture. PIRAM takes again, with the help of some modifications, the step followed in the Bulk-CELAR model conceived initially for the radio frequencies. Calculations from now on were extended to the optical field. PIRAM also allows the modeling of the vertical profile of the structural parameter of the index of refraction of the air (C(sub n))(exp 2). This new modeling will have to be validated by experimental data. Near the coasts, the knowledge of the vertical profiles is however not always sufficient, because in particular of the horizontal inhomogeneousness of the channel of propagation.

  6. La révélation expérimentale des préférences des consommateurs


    Pierre Combris; Bernard Ruffieux


    Sur des marchés très segmentés où l'information joue un rôle considérable, l'estimation des consentements à payer pour des produits ayant des caractéristiques spécifiques est une question centrale. Les méthodes de l'économie expérimentale ont pour but d'inciter les individus à révéler leurs consentements à payer dans un environnement où l'apport d'information est contrôlé. Appliquées à différents types de produits (aliments contenant des OGM, vin, Champagne, …), dont on révèle progressivement...

  7. Etude expérimentale et modélisation des écoulements liquide-liquide en conduite horizontale


    Conan, Christophe


    Dans ce travail, une étude expérimentale des écoulements liquide-liquide en régime dispersé-stratifié est présentée. La formation d’une émulsion concentrée, issue de la décantation de gouttes dans la partie supérieure de la conduite, peut mener à une augmentation brusque de la perte de charge. Une analyse locale de l’hydrodynamique, réalisée par PIV, nous engage à envisager une modélisation à « deux fluides »: le facteur de frottement pariétal de la couche continue vérifie la loi de Blasius e...

  8. Découvre les sciences avec les petits débrouillards 39 expériences faciles et amusantes

    CERN Document Server


    Comment plier des os sans les casser ? Peut-on enlever la rouille d’un vieux clou ? Est-ce facile de multiplier une plante ? Comment fabriquer un mini-geyser ? Un anneau de papier qui n’a qu’une seule face, est-ce possible ? Voilà quelques-unes des 40 énigmes et expériences que ce livre propose aux jeunes lecteurs curieux de comprendre le monde et les phénomènes qui les entourent. Une initiation aux grands principes de la physique, de la chimie et de la biologie, pour s’étonner et aussi épater ses amis ou sa famille.

  9. Continuations intra- et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bartkova Katarina


    Full Text Available Continuations intra et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux Cet article rend compte d’un certain nombre d’observations pour l’étude des continuations mineures et majeures en français. Ces observations ont été obtenues dans le cadre d’un projet en cours sur les patrons prosodiques non-conclusifs en français et en anglais. Ici, Nous discutons plus particulièrement les variations de pente concernant deux types de configurations continuatives : (i le segment final d’un SN sujet dans une phrase simple déclarative, suivie ou non d’une autre phrase, (ii le segment final de X dans une suite complexe de type XY où X et Y sont des phrases simples reliées par une relation de discours, marquée ou non par une conjonction. A l’issu d’un protocole expérimental contrastant huit configurations proposées à trente deux sujets, nous avons relevé les valeurs de F0 toutes les 10 ms sur les segments finaux du SN et de X. En calculant le coefficient de la droite de régression correspondant à ce segment, nous avons contrasté les différentes configurations. Les résultats vont dans le sens de l’existence deux types de continuation, conformément à une intuition répandue dans la littérature, mais montrent aussi que leur différence doit se décrire à l’aide paramètres plus complexes que ce qui est généralement proposé.

  10. ENJA15

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carl, Michael; Aizawa, Akiko; Yamada, Masaru

    Speech-enabled interfaces have the potential to become one of the most efficient and ergonomic environments for human-computer interfaces, text production and documentation. This paper introduces and evaluates a corpus of more than 55 hours of English-to-Japanese user activity data that were...... collected within the ENJA15 project, in which translators were observed while writing and speaking translations (translation dictation) and during machine translation post-editing. The transcription of the spoken data, keyboard logging and eye-tracking data were recorded with Translog-II, post-processed...... over six consecutive days. This longitudinal study aims at investigating translators’ learning effect in the automatic speech recognition (ASR) environment. A preliminary evaluation of the data was conducted with respect to the productivity of the three translation modes where we found that translation...

  11. L’expérience française de l’évaluation technologique interactive des recherches sur les vignes transgéniques


    Bertrand, Anne; Joly, Pierre-Benoit; Marris, Claire


    Dans cet article, les auteurs présentent une réflexion sur les jugements de légitimité de l’organisation de la démocratie participative en relatant l’expérience originale qu’ils ont conduite en 2001 et 2002 en France, dans le domaine de la recherche agronomique. Mise sur pied par l’un des trois grands organismes publics de recherche nationaux (l’INRA) qui souhaitait ouvrir la délibération sur sa recherche à des acteurs extérieurs, cette expérience pilote de coconstruction d’un programme de re...

  12. The stability of protoplanet systems

    CERN Document Server

    Yoshinaga, K; Makino, J


    The authors investigated the stability of 10 protoplanet systems using three-dimensional N-body simulations. They found that the time scale of instability T depends strongly on the initial random velocities nu (eccentricities e and inclinations i) and orbital separations Delta a. For zero initial random velocities, they confirmed the result of Chambers et al. (1996, Icarus 119, 261-268) that T is proportional to exp( Delta a). For finite random velocities, they found that T depends strongly on the initial random velocities. The relation between T and Delta a is still expressed as log T=b+c Delta a. However, both b and c depend on initial random velocities and the slope, b, becomes smaller for larger nu . Even for relatively small initial eccentricities such as e~2r/sub H//a, where r/sub H/ is the Hill radius, the time scale can be reduced by a factor of 10 compared with the case of the zero random velocity. Therefore, the time scale of the formation of inner planets might be much shorter than what implied by ...

  13. Rheology of Aqueous Foams: a Literature Review of Some Experimental Works Rhéologie des mousses aqueuses : revue bibliographique de quelques travaux expérimentaux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herzhaft B.


    Full Text Available Foam is a dispersed system and is unstable by nature, its rheological characterization is very difficult. Numerous parameters have to be considered and controlled: foam quality, i. e. gas volume fraction, foam texture (bubbles size distribution, size of the measurement apparatus compared to bubbles size, influence of foam production method, wall slip phenomena and foam compressibility. Foam must be stable and must not evolve during measurement time. These numerous parameters do explain there is no general view concerning the behavior of this kind of system. Influence of pressure and temperature has not been the subject of many studies, even on static foam. A rigorous experimental method should consider and control each of these parameters affecting foam stability and structure. La mousse étant un système dispersé et instable par nature, sa caractérisation rhéologique est délicate. De nombreux paramètres doivent être pris en compte et contrôlés : la qualité de la mousse (fraction volumique en gaz, sa texture (distribution en tailles de bulles, la taille de l'appareil de mesure par rapport à la taille des bulles, l'influence du mode de formation, le glissement aux parois et la compressibilité de la mousse. D'autre part, la mousse doit être stable et ne pas évoluer dans les conditions de la mesure. Ces nombreux paramètres expliquent qu'il n'y ait pas, à l'heure actuelle, de consensus concernant le comportement de ce type de système. L'influence de la pression et de la température (ne serait-ce que sur le comportement en statique de la mousse est très peu étudiée. Une étude expérimentale rigoureuse doit prendre en compte et contrôler tous les paramètres influençant la stabilité et la structure de la mousse.

  14. Before Stabilization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Plesner, Ursula; Horst, Maja


    of the communication about innovations in information and communication technology (ICT), and to contribute to an understanding of how different visions promise particular future configurations of workflows, communication processes, politics, economic models and social relations. Hereby, the paper adds...... to the literature on the relationship between ICTs and organizing, but with a distinct focus on innovation communication and distributed innovation processes taking place before ICTs are stabilized, issues which cannot be captured by studies of diffusion and adaptation of new ICTs within single organizations....

  15. Highly Accurate Potential Energy Surface, Dipole Moment Surface, Rovibrational Energy Levels, and Infrared Line List for (32)S(16)O2 up to 8000 cm(exp -1) (United States)

    Huang, Xinchuan; Schwenke, David W.; Lee, Timothy J.


    A purely ab initio potential energy surface (PES) was refined with selected (32)S(16)O2 HITRAN data. Compared to HITRAN, the root-mean-squares error (RMS) error for all J=0-80 rovibrational energy levels computed on the refined PES (denoted Ames-1) is 0.013 cm(exp -1). Combined with a CCSD(T)/aug-cc-pV(Q+d)Z dipole moment surface (DMS), an infrared (IR) line list (denoted Ames-296K) has been computed at 296K and covers up to 8,000 cm(exp -1). Compared to the HITRAN and CDMS databases, the intensity agreement for most vibrational bands is better than 85-90%. Our predictions for (34)S(16)O2 band origins, higher energy (32)S(16)O2 band origins and missing (32)S(16)O2 IR bands have been verified by most recent experiments and available HITRAN data. We conclude that the Ames-1 PES is able to predict (32/34)S(16)O2 band origins below 5500 cm(exp -1) with 0.01-0.03 cm(exp -1) uncertainties, and the Ames-296K line list provides continuous, reliable and accurate IR simulations. The Ka-dependence of both line position and line intensity errors is discussed. The line list will greatly facilitate SO2 IR spectral experimental analysis, as well as elimination of SO2 lines in high-resolution astronomical observations.

  16. 75 FR 38179 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8ECI, W- 8EXP, and W-8IMY... 104-13 (44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is soliciting comments concerning Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, Form W-8ECI, Certificate...

  17. 78 FR 63570 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury. ACTION: Notice and request for comments... Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, Form...

  18. 75 FR 11185 - Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request; Reinstatement of OMB No. 0925-0601/exp. 02/28/2010... (United States)


    ... of OMB No. 0925-0601/exp. 02/28/2010, Request for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line To Be Approved for Use in NIH Funded Research ACTION: Correction notice. On March 2, 2010 the National Institutes of... public comment for an information collection entitled ``Request for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line to be...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sunarsih Sunarsih


    Full Text Available This paper presents a model for natural syst ems used in Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP Sewon Bantul. The model is m odeling development, derived from the physical and biochemical phenomena involved in the biological treatment process. The numerical solution of the resulting on 13 simultaneous systems of nonlinear equations by the Quasi_Newton. Data validation is measured by facultative pond at the inlet and outlet of the pond to the concentration of b acteria, algae, zooplankton, organic matter, detritus, organic nitrogen, NH3, organi c phosphor, dissolved phosphorus, Dissolved Oxygen (DO, total coliform, faecal coliform and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD. A simulation model is presented to predict performance regime steady state of domestic wastewater treatment facultative stabilization pond. The high degree of significant of at least 10% indicates that the effluent parameters can be reasonably accurately predicted.

  20. MovExp: A Versatile Visualization Tool for Human-Computer Interaction Studies with 3D Performance and Biomechanical Data. (United States)

    Palmas, Gregorio; Bachynskyi, Myroslav; Oulasvirta, Antti; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Weinkauf, Tina


    In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), experts seek to evaluate and compare the performance and ergonomics of user interfaces. Recently, a novel cost-efficient method for estimating physical ergonomics and performance has been introduced to HCI. It is based on optical motion capture and biomechanical simulation. It provides a rich source for analyzing human movements summarized in a multidimensional data set. Existing visualization tools do not sufficiently support the HCI experts in analyzing this data. We identified two shortcomings. First, appropriate visual encodings are missing particularly for the biomechanical aspects of the data. Second, the physical setup of the user interface cannot be incorporated explicitly into existing tools. We present MovExp, a versatile visualization tool that supports the evaluation of user interfaces. In particular, it can be easily adapted by the HCI experts to include the physical setup that is being evaluated, and visualize the data on top of it. Furthermore, it provides a variety of visual encodings to communicate muscular loads, movement directions, and other specifics of HCI studies that employ motion capture and biomechanical simulation. In this design study, we follow a problem-driven research approach. Based on a formalization of the visualization needs and the data structure, we formulate technical requirements for the visualization tool and present novel solutions to the analysis needs of the HCI experts. We show the utility of our tool with four case studies from the daily work of our HCI experts.

  1. 7 CFR 15a.15 - Exempt activities. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Exempt activities. 15a.15 Section 15a.15 Agriculture Office of the Secretary of Agriculture EDUCATION PROGRAMS OR ACTIVITIES RECEIVING OR BENEFITTING FROM FEDERAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Coverage § 15a.15 Exempt activities. (a) These regulations shall not apply to...

  2. Optimized structure stability and electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 by sputtering nanoscale ZnO film (United States)

    Lai, Yan-Qing; Xu, Ming; Zhang, Zhi-An; Gao, Chun-Hui; Wang, Peng; Yu, Zi-Yang


    LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA) is one of the most promising cathode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) in electric vehicles, which is successfully adopted in Tesla. However, the dissolution of the cation into the electrolyte is still a one of the major challenges (fading capacity and poor cyclability, etc.) presented in pristine NCA. Herein, a homogeneous nanoscale ZnO film is directly sputtered on the surface of NCA electrode via the magnetron sputtering (MS). This ZnO film is evidenced by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The results clearly demonstrate that ZnO film is fully and uniformly covered on the NCA electrodes. After 90 cycles at 1.0C, the optimized MS-2min coated NCA electrode delivers much higher discharge capacity with 169 mAh g-1 than that of the pristine NCA electrode with 127 mAh g-1. In addition, the discharge capacity also reaches 166 mAh g-1 at 3.0C, as compared to that of 125 mAh g-1 for the pristine electrode. The improved electrochemical performance can be ascribed to the superiority of the MS ZnO film that reduce charge transfer resistance and protect the NCA electrode from cation dissolution.

  3. Zircon U-Pb Ages of Tuffs and Volcaniclastic Sandstone of the Core Sample of IODP Exp. 322 at the Northern Part of the Shikoku Basin. (United States)

    Shinjoe, H.; Nakajima, T.; Orihashi, Y.; Saito, S.; Oda, H.; Danhara, T.


    We determined U-Pb ages of zircons from core samples of IODP Exp. 322 using the laser abrasion ICP-MS (VG Plasma Quad 3 with New Wave Research UP-213). Zircon crystals were separated from four felsic tuffs from the Unit V of Site C0011, and a volcaniclastic turbidite sandstone of the lowermost horizon of the Unit V of Site C0012. Both of the drilling sites are located off the Nankai trough on the Shikoku Basin of the Philippine Sea plate, southwest Japan. Zircons from two felsic tuffs from Site C0011 are euhedral crystals, and most of their 238U-206Pb ages range 13 - 16 Ma. Weighted means of the 238U-206Pb ages of these samples are ca. 14.3 Ma. The other two felsic tuffs include zircon grains with older ages (80 - 260 Ma), however, weighted means of the 238U-206Pb ages of population with young ages ranges 14.5 - 14.7 Ma. These ages are coincide with those of the intense felsic magmatism occurred in the forearc region of southwest Japan (14 - 15 Ma) just after the opening of the Japan Sea and consequent clockwise rotation of the southwest Japan. Some of the felsic igneous bodies of the middle Miocene southwest Japan ejected large amount of felsic materials resulting caldera formation. So the provenance of felsic tuffs from the core of the Site C0011 are presumed to be one of the felsic igneous bodies of the forearc region of southwest Japan. Turbidite sandstone from Site C0012 also includes Miocene zircon grains of which their weighted mean of the 238U-206Pb ages is ca. 14.2 Ma. Moreover turbidite sandstone contains zircons with various ages (19 - 2500 Ma). One of the possible origin of such old zircon grains is reworking from sediments of the accretionary complex in the forearc of southwest Japan. If we assume the present rate of convergence of the Philippine sea plate (ca. 4 cm/y) is invariant, the turbidite including both clastic sediment and coeval felsic igneous materials traveled ca. 600 km across the trench.

  4. Reamer stabilizer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garrett, W.R.


    A roller reamer-stabilizer tool includes a tubular body having threaded pin and box connectors at each end adapted to be connected in a drill string and providing a fluid passage connecting the upper part of the drill string with the lower part. Rollers having integral pins at their ends are mounted in pockets in the sides of the body. The pins are received in stepped, arcuate cross-section bearing blocks received in correlative sockets in the body at the ends of the pockets. The blocks make an interference fit with the body. Releasing bar access passages allow a releasing bar to be inserted behind each block to drive, wedge, or pry it out. Means is provided to seal and lubricate the full lengths of the pin-block interfaces. The seals are downwardly facing to avoid entrapment of foreign material. The lubrication means includes a reservoir having a flexible wall exposed to pressure outside the tool. The roller pins are locked to the bearing blocks to enable the roller-block assemblies to be handled as unitary subassemblies used to replace worn out subassemblies of existing tools. The locking means at one end includes ball bearings to take axial thrust; at the other end the locking means is releasable to enable the block at that end to shift axially relating to the roller, to accommodate manufacturing tolerances and wear and prevent preloading of the thrust bearings.

  5. Electrochemical Studies of Passive Film Stability on Fe49.7Cr17.7Mn1.9Mo7.4W1.6B15.2C3.8Si2.4 Amorphous Metal in Seawater at 90oCElectrochemical Studies of Passive Film Stability on Fe49.7Cr17.7Mn1.9Mo7.4W1.6B15.2C3.8Si2.4 Amorphous Metal in Seawater at 9

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Farmer, J C; Haslam, J; Day, S D; Lian, T; Saw, C K; Hailey, P D; Choi, J S; Rebak, R B; Yang, N; Payer, J H; Perepezko, J H; Hildal, K; Lavernia, E J; Ajdelsztajn, L; Branagan, D J; Buffa, E J; Aprigliano, L F


    An iron-based amorphous metal, Fe{sub 49.7}Cr{sub 17.7}Mn{sub 1.9}Mo{sub 7.4}W{sub 1.6}B{sub 15.2}C{sub 3.8}Si{sub 2.4} (SAM2X5), with very good corrosion resistance was developed. This material was prepared as a melt-spun ribbon, as well as gas atomized powder and a thermal-spray coating. During electrochemical testing in several environments, including seawater at 90 C, the passive film stability was found to be comparable to that of high-performance nickel-based alloys, and superior to that of stainless steels, based on electrochemical measurements of the passive film breakdown potential and general corrosion rates. This material also performed very well in standard salt fog tests. Chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) and tungsten (W) provided corrosion resistance, and boron (B) enabled glass formation. The high boron content of this particular amorphous metal made it an effective neutron absorber, and suitable for criticality control applications. This material and its parent alloy maintained corrosion resistance up to the glass transition temperature, and remained in the amorphous state during exposure to relatively high neutron doses.

  6. Étude expérimentale des performances thermiques d’un nanofluide: eau-éthylène-glycol-Al2O3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Răzvan-Silviu Luciu


    Full Text Available Une nouvelle classe de fluides composée par des nanoparticules métalliques en suspension dans un liquide, appelée nanofluide, est apparue récemment. Quelques études numériques et expérimentales ont montré que ces nouveaux fluides possedent une puissance d’échange thermique remarquable, comparée aux liquides conventionnels. L’étude qui suit a le bout de montrer par voie expérimentale les performances thermiques d’un nanofluide composé d’oxyde d’alumine dispersé dans de l’éthylene-glycol en différentes concentrations, allant de 0 a 2%. Le dispositif expérimental est un échangeur a tubes concentriques en inox, avec écoulement du fluide chaud dans le tube central et du fluide froid dans le tube annulaire. Les résultats obtenus montrent que la présence des nanoparticules dans le fluide de base a pour effet une augmentation considérable du transfert thermique.

  7. Grands principes de symétrie à l'épreuve de l'expérience (United States)

    Depommier, P.

    of nuclear forces. Cet article est une version révisée d'un cours donné à l'Ecole Joliot-Curie de Physique Nucléaire, en 1986, et destiné à des physiciens nucléaires. Le texte a été remanié et complété pour le rendre plus conforme à un article de synthèse. Après un court préambule (chapitre 1), on rappelle quelques définitions et théorèmes dans le chapitre 2. Une courte introduction historique est donnée dans le chapitre 3. Dans le chapitre 4 on expose le formalisme du modèle standard qui servira de cadre théorique pour l'ensemble de l'article. Le chapitre 5 est consacré à la violation de la parité, due aux interactions faibles, et qui se manifeste dans divers domaines : physique nucléaire, physique des particules, mais aussi physique atomique. On passe en revue les effets dus aux courants faibles chargés et neutres, en insistant sur les aspects expérimentaux. Le chapitre 6 est consacré à la violation de l'invariance CP, qui n'a été observée que dans le système des mésons K. En postulant l'invariance CPT on est conduit à se poser la question de la validité de l'invariance sous le renversement du temps. On discute des expériences qui ont été effectuées pour rechercher une violation de cette invariance, en physique nucléaire notamment. Dans le chapitre 7 on introduit à la grande unification des interactions faibles, électromagnétiques et fortes, dont une conséquence spectaculaire est la nonconservation du nombre baryonique, avec comme conséquences expérimentales l'instabilité du nucléon et les oscillations neutron-antineutron. Le chapitre 8 s'adresse à la violation du nombre leptonique. Cette question est importante dans le cadre des théories unificatrices et elle se rattache à la nature du neutrino (particule de Dirac ou particule de Majorana massive). La recherche de la double désintégration β est devenue une activité expérimentale de très grande importance. Le chapitre 9 traite de la non-conservation des

  8. De source sûre. Expérimentations croisées sur l’archive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christine Jungen


    Full Text Available De source sûre. Expérimentations croisées sur l’archive. La notion d’archive va-t-elle de soi ? Ainsi, alors que l’historiographie occidentale a imposé l’archive comme fondement de régime de véridiction de l’histoire, deux entreprises concurrentes d’écriture de l’histoire s’affrontent en Jordanie : l’histoire académique d’une part, universitaire, qui a placé l’archive comme source exclusive de vérité objective au cœur de son entreprise historiographique ; l’histoire tribale d’autre part, qui met en compétition différentes modalités d’authentification, entre autorité de la performance orale et autorité de l’écrit, autorité du locuteur et autorité de l’archive. Dans cet article, je reviens sur les étapes qui m’ont progressivement permis de saisir la pluralité des registres dans lesquels se déploie le rapport à l’archive et à l’histoire en Jordanie.From a reliable source. Crossed experiments on archives. Is the concept of the archive as evident as it seems? While Western historiography has imposed the archive as the foundation for its regime of historical veridiction, two contrasting enterprises of writing history are currently competing with each other in Jordan. One is academic history, which has defined archives as the sole legitimate source of objective truth of the historiographical process. The other is tribal history, in which different methods of authentification compete, between the authority of oral performance and the authority of writings, between the authority of the speaker and the authority of the archive. In the present paper, I review how my own understanding of archives was confronted with the different ways people relate to archives and history in Jordan.

  9. Etude expérimentale du cliquetis à haut régime Experimental Study of Hight-Speed Knocking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guibet J. C.


    Full Text Available La première partie de cette étude a consisté à observer et à tenter d'interpréter l'action des conditions de fonctionnement et des paramètres de réglage du moteur sur la tendance au cliquetis à haut régime. On a montré ensuite que les différentes familles chimiques d'hydrocarbures qui constituent les carburants classiques présentent chacune un comportement bien distinct en fonction de la richesse, de la pression et de la température d'admission. On a également étudié l'influence de la teneur en plomb du carburant et du type d'alkyle de plomb employé. Quelques expériences ont été effectuées afin de déterminer l'incidence d'une réduction de un point de taux de compression sur l'exigence en octane à haut régime et sur l'action des caractéristiques de composition du carburant. Enfin, en déterminant le pourcentage de cycles soumis au cliquetis pour différentes avances à l'allumage, il a été possible de fournir quelques indications permettant de mieux caractériser l'intensité du phénomène. The first part of this study consists in observing and trying to interpret the effect of operating conditions and engine tuning parameters on the tendency for high-speed knocking to appear. The different chemical families of the hydrocarbons making up conventional fuels are shown to each have a quite different behavior depending on the fuel-air equivalency ratio and the admission pressure and temperature. The influence of the lead content in the fuel and of the type of lead alkyl used is also studied. Some experiments were performed to determine the influence of a one-point reduction in the compression ratio on the high-speed octane requirement and on the effect of fuel composition properties. Lastly, by determing the percentage of cycles accompanied by knocking at different spark advances, some indications were found for better characterizing the intensity of the phenomenon.

  10. Dispersal and metapopulation stability

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wang, Shaopeng; Haegeman, Bart; Loreau, Michel


    .... Previous studies have shown that dispersal can stabilize local populations; however, as dispersal also tends to increase spatial synchrony, its net effect on metapopulation stability has been controversial...

  11. Amélioration de la maîtrise des risques dans les projets par l'utilisation des mécanismes de retour d'expérience


    Manotas Niño, Vanessa Patricia


    Pour améliorer l’analyse des risques dans les projets et renforcer son efficacité, les gestionnaires de projet devraient réutiliser les expériences et les bonnes pratiques acquises au cours de projets antérieurs. Le retour d’expérience constitue une source de connaissances importante pour réduire les niveaux d’incertitude et donc les risques dans les projets. Les méthodologies de retour d’expériences sont ainsi devenues réellement reconnues dans de nombreuses entreprises. Toutefois, ces entre...

  12. Xanthan gum stabilized gold nanoparticles: characterization, biocompatibility, stability and cytotoxicity. (United States)

    Pooja, Deep; Panyaram, Sravani; Kulhari, Hitesh; Rachamalla, Shyam S; Sistla, Ramakrishna


    Xanthan gum (XG) has been widely used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the present study, we explored the potential of XG in the synthesis of gold nanoparticle. XG was used as both reducing and stabilizing agent. The effect of various formulation and process variables such as temperature, reaction time, gum concentration, gum volume and gold concentration, in GNP preparation was determined. The XG stabilized, rubey-red XGNP were obtained with 5 ml of XG aqueous solution (1.5 mg/ml). The optimum temperature was 80°C whereas the reaction time was 3 h. The optimized nanoparticles were also investigated as drug delivery carrier for doxorubicin hydrochloride. DOX loaded gold nanoparticles (DXGP) were characterized by dynamic light scattering, TEM, FTIR, and DSC analysis. The synthesized nanoparticle showed mean particle size of 15-20 nm and zeta potential -29.1 mV. The colloidal stability of DXGP was studied under different conditions of pH, electrolytes and serum. Nanoparticles were found to be stable at pH range between pH 5-9 and NaCl concentration up to 0.5 M. In serum, nanoparticles showed significant stability up to 24h. During toxicity studies, nanoparticles were found biocompatible and non-toxic. Compared with free DOX, DXGP displayed 3 times more cytotoxicity in A549 cells. In conclusion, this study provided an insight to synthesize GNP without using harsh chemicals. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Plutonium inventories for stabilization and stabilized materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, A.K.


    The objective of the breakout session was to identify characteristics of materials containing plutonium, the need to stabilize these materials for storage, and plans to accomplish the stabilization activities. All current stabilization activities are driven by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Recommendation 94-1 (May 26, 1994) and by the recently completed Plutonium ES&H Vulnerability Assessment (DOE-EH-0415). The Implementation Plan for accomplishing stabilization of plutonium-bearing residues in response to the Recommendation and the Assessment was published by DOE on February 28, 1995. This Implementation Plan (IP) commits to stabilizing problem materials within 3 years, and stabilizing all other materials within 8 years. The IP identifies approximately 20 metric tons of plutonium requiring stabilization and/or repackaging. A further breakdown shows this material to consist of 8.5 metric tons of plutonium metal and alloys, 5.5 metric tons of plutonium as oxide, and 6 metric tons of plutonium as residues. Stabilization of the metal and oxide categories containing greater than 50 weight percent plutonium is covered by DOE Standard {open_quotes}Criteria for Safe Storage of Plutonium Metals and Oxides{close_quotes} December, 1994 (DOE-STD-3013-94). This standard establishes criteria for safe storage of stabilized plutonium metals and oxides for up to 50 years. Each of the DOE sites and contractors with large plutonium inventories has either started or is preparing to start stabilization activities to meet these criteria.

  14. Filtrage actif des harmoniques en courant et en tension des reseaux électriques : modélisation, simulation numérique et expérimentation (United States)

    Lott, C.; Lapierre, O.; Pouliquen, H.; Saadate, S.


    Static converters generate harmonic currents and consume reactive power. These new phenomena on the mains generate some perturbations going from malfunction to destruction of the connected sensible equipments. In this paper disturbances generated by static converters are studied. Some solutions based on passive and active filtering are presented. Some passive filter design elements are given. Active filter is then studied. Both structures, current and voltage, are studied and voltage source structure is chosen. Different active filter control principles are presented. The active and reactive instantaneous power theory give good results for harmonic identification. Some numerical simulation are realized. A 100kVA prototype is realized and tested on an industrial site. The GTO prototype shows good results for harmonic filtering. The voltage active filtering is also presented. The active filter eliminates voltage harmonics on 400 V busbar generated by a MVA SCR bridge connected on 15kV busbar. Les convertisseurs statiques absorbent des courants non sinusoïdidaux et consomment généralement de la puissance réactive. Ces deux phénomènes nouveaux sur le réseau ont engendré un certain nombre de perturbations allant du dysfonctionnement d'un équipement jusqu'à la destruction d'une partie des équipements connectés. Dans cet article, les problèmes liés aux perturbations générées par les convertisseurs statiques ont été étudiés et des solutions visant à les éliminer ont été présentées. Elles portent sur les méthodes de filtrage passif et actif. Quelques éléments de définition et de dimensionnement de filtres passifs sont donnés. Le filtrage actif est ensuite traité. Les deux structures, courant et tension, sont étudiées et la structure tension a été retenue pour la suite de l'article. Différents principes de contrôle du filtre actif à structure tension ont été présentés. La méthode d'identification des harmoniques par le principe du

  15. 15 CFR 285.15 - Obtaining documents. (United States)


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Obtaining documents. 285.15 Section... VOLUNTARY LABORATORY ACCREDITATION PROGRAM § 285.15 Obtaining documents. (a) Application forms, NVLAP handbooks, and other NVLAP documents and information may be obtained by contacting the NVLAP, National...

  16. 15 CFR 30.15 - Introduction. (United States)


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Introduction. 30.15 Section 30.15 Commerce and Foreign Trade Regulations Relating to Commerce and Foreign Trade BUREAU OF THE CENSUS... Introduction. (a) For export shipments to foreign countries, the EEI is used both for statistical and for...

  17. A double blinded randomized clinical trial of perioperative ketorolac 15 mg versus 30 mg, evaluated by visual analog score in orthopedic and ear-nose and throat patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisabeth Arndal


    Conclusion: Our study demonstrated that 15 mg i.v. perioperative ketorolac exerts the same postoperative pain relief as 30 mg and does not result in a higher secondary analgesia consumption. [Arch Clin Exp Surg 2017; 6(3.000: 120-125

  18. Overexpression of the carbohydrate binding module from Solanum lycopersicum expansin 1 (Sl-EXP1) modifies tomato fruit firmness and Botrytis cinerea susceptibility. (United States)

    Perini, M A; Sin, I N; Villarreal, N M; Marina, M; Powell, A L T; Martínez, G A; Civello, P M


    Firmness, one of the major determinants of postharvest quality and shelf life of fruits is determined by the mechanical resistance imposed by the plant cell wall. Expansins (EXP) are involved in the non-hydrolytic metabolic disassembly of plant cell walls, particularly in processes where relaxation of the wall is necessary, such as fruit development and ripening. As many carbohydrate-associated proteins, expansins have a putative catalytic domain and a carbohydrate-binding module (CBM). Several strategies have been pursued to control the loss of fruit firmness during storage. Most of the approaches have been to suppress the expression of key enzymes involved in the cell wall metabolism, but this is the first time that a CBM was overexpressed in a fruit aimed to control cell wall degradation and fruit softening. We report the constitutive overexpression of the CBM of Solanum lycopersicum expansin 1 (CBM-SlExp1) in the cell wall of tomato plants, and its effects on plant and fruit phenotype. Overexpression of CBM-SlExp1 increased the mechanical resistance of leaves, whereas it did not modify plant growth and general phenotype. However, transgenic plants showed delayed softening and firmer fruits. In addition, fruits were less susceptible to Botrytis cinerea infection, and the "in vitro" growth of the fungus on media containing AIR from the pericarp of transgenic fruits was lower than controls. The possibility of overexpressing a CBM of a fruit-specific expansin to control cell wall degradation and fruit softening is discussed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  19. Publiwide Reader: évaluation de l'expérience utilisateur offerte par quatre applications de lecture numérique


    Joye, Angélique; Schneider, René


    Ce travail a pour objet l’évaluation de l’expérience de lecture offerte par les applications de lecture numérique développées par la startup fribourgeoise Publiwide. Ces applications ont pour vocation d’offrir une lecture agréable et engageante de fichiers en format Epub 3 à l’usager, quel que soit le support. Ces applications se déclinent en quatre produits en version bêta : Publiwide Web Reader, Publiwide Desktop Reader, Publiwide Ipad Reader et Publiwide Android Reader. Pour procéder à cet...

  20. Etude expérimentale d'une décharge d'arc électrique contaminée par des vapeurs d'isolants


    Cheminat, B.; Andanson, P.


    Une étude expérimentale a permis de montrer que la présence de vapeurs issues de certains isolants industriels entraîne une augmentation de la température, du champ électrique et de la conductivité thermique de la colonne d'un arc électrique ainsi qu'une diminution du temps d'extinction de l'arc. Les mesures sont faites par spectrométrie et par une méthode de sondes.

  1. Emergence du sujet-entrepreneur au Cameroun. L'engagement entrepreneurial saisi par la réappropriation subjective d'expériences socio-biographiques


    Amougou, Gérard


    Cette recherche traite de la dynamique de subjectivation portée par la figure du sujet-entrepreneur, évoluant en dehors du sérail étatique au Cameroun. Son expérience biographique laisse percevoir un modèle d’engagement dit entrepreneurial qui l’inscrit au cœur de l’histoire sociale et politique en cours. Le récit de vie laisse percevoir un souci pressant de réalisation de soi qui le pousse à relativiser les supports institutionnels classiques, et non moins contraignantes, de socialisation. D...

  2. La adopción a expósitos a través de los fondos notariales. La casa cuna de Antequera (1667-1800)"


    León Vegas, Milagros


    La Edad Moderna fue un periodo de estigmatización de los niños abandonados con apellidos de “Expósito”, “De la Cruz”, “De la Iglesia”. La salvaguarda del honor amenazado por el fruto de relaciones extramatrimoniales junto a la miseria omnipresente en las sociedades de aquella época, llevan a este colectivo a una muerte casi segura, ya fuera dentro o fuera de la inclusa, arrastrando consigo, si salían con vida, la marca del rechazo y la exclusión. Sin embargo, algunos de estos infantes, los me...

  3. L'analyse automatique des clichés associés aux détecteurs visuels en physique des particules. Traitement d'une expérience à haute statistique $\\overline{p}d A 4,72 GeV/c$ et exploitation des données des expériences EHS à haute résolution

    CERN Document Server

    Lutz, Jean-Robert

    L'analyse automatique des clichés associés aux détecteurs visuels en physique des particules. Traitement d'une expérience à haute statistique $\\overline{p}d A 4,72 GeV/c$ et exploitation des données des expériences EHS à haute résolution

  4. Stability of parallel flows

    CERN Document Server

    Betchov, R


    Stability of Parallel Flows provides information pertinent to hydrodynamical stability. This book explores the stability problems that occur in various fields, including electronics, mechanics, oceanography, administration, economics, as well as naval and aeronautical engineering. Organized into two parts encompassing 10 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the general equations of a two-dimensional incompressible flow. This text then explores the stability of a laminar boundary layer and presents the equation of the inviscid approximation. Other chapters present the general equation

  5. Experimental Assessment of Battery Cycle Life Within the SIMSTOCK Research Program Évaluation expérimentale de la durée de vie de la batterie dans le programme de recherche SIMSTOCK

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gyan P.


    éhicules électrifiés, hybrides et électriques. L’affaiblissement de la capacité et l’augmentation de la résistance interne due au vieillissement affecteront directement l’autonomie du véhicule et ses performances. Par conséquent, la prévision du vieillissement des ESS reste un domaine important de recherche. Atteindre cet objectif implique des recherches fondamentales sur les matériaux, l’expérimentation, la simulation et la conception. Ce papier décrit les principaux résultats du programme de recherche collaboratif SIMSTOCK qui s’est déroulé pendant 3,5 années avec un budget de 4,2 M € et qui s’est terminé à l’automne 2011. Ce programme a impliqué 15 partenaires parmi lesquels, des laboratoires de recherche, des fabricants d’ESS, des fournisseurs de composants de véhicules et des constructeurs automobiles et il a bénéficié du soutien de l’ADEME. Cet article se concentre principalement sur la modélisation et la simulation d’une cellule lithium-ion haute puissance testée dans ce programme. En premier lieu, est décrit l’élaboration d’un modèle numérique de circuit électrique équivalent de la batterie, associé à un outil de calibration et à sa validation expérimentale. En second, sont présentées la construction d’un plan d’expériences, son utilisation et sa validation, pour la définition des expressions mathématiques représentant les évolutions des paramètres du modèle de batterie en fonction du vieillissement de la batterie. Ensuite le papier détaille la méthode mathématique créée dans le but de prendre en compte le cycle et les effets calendaires sur les caractéristiques de la batterie lors des expériences sur bancs. Enfin, le modèle de batterie est intégré dans un modèle complet du véhicule hybride dans la plateforme de simulation Imagine Lab AMESim, afin de déterminer, avec des conditions de conduite réalistes, l’impact du vieillissement de la batterie sur la performance du véhicule et

  6. Stabilization of expanded (CTG)•(CAG) repeats by antisense oligonucleotides. (United States)

    Nakamori, Masayuki; Gourdon, Geneviève; Thornton, Charles A


    Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) is caused by expansion of a CTG repeat in the gene DMPK. The expansion is highly unstable in somatic cells, a feature that may contribute to disease progression. The RNA expressed from the mutant allele exerts a toxic gain of function, due to the presence of an expanded CUG repeat (CUG(exp)). This RNA dominant mechanism is amenable to therapeutic intervention with antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs). For example, CAG-repeat ASOs that bind CUG(exp) RNA are beneficial in DM1 models by altering the protein interactions or metabolism of the toxic RNA. Because CUG(exp) RNA has been shown to aggravate instability of expanded CTG repeats, we studied whether CAG-repeat ASOs may also affect this aspect of DM1. In human cells the instability of (CTG)(800) was suppressed by addition of CAG-repeat ASOs to the culture media. In mice that carry a DMPK transgene the somatic instability of (CTG)(800) was suppressed by direct injection of CAG-repeat ASOs into muscle tissue. These results raise the possibility that early intervention with ASOs to reduce RNA or protein toxicity may have the additional benefit of stabilizing CTG:CAG repeats at subpathogenic lengths.

  7. Limits to Stability (United States)

    Cottey, Alan


    The author reflects briefly on what limited degree of global ecological stability and human cultural stability may be achieved, provided that humanity retains hope and does not give way to despair or hide in denial. These thoughts were triggered by a recent conference on International Stability and Systems Engineering. (Contains 5 notes.)

  8. Thermal stability of Co Ti multilayered neutron polarizers (United States)

    Mâaza, M.; Spegel, M.; Sella, C.; Pardo, B.; Menelle, A.; Corno, J.; Gaziel, R.


    Thermal stability of multilayered Co-Ti neutron optic polarizers with a period of the order of 103 Å is investigated. The diffusion kinetics is determined by using the Du Mond and Youtz's method with grazing angle neutron reflectometry in the temperature range of 293-723 K. It was found that the diffusion is mainly directed from Co-layers towards the Ti-layers. The effective interdiffusion coefficient Deff of cobalt into titanium is calculated from the rate of decrease of the first reflected Bragg peak related to the artificial periodicity of the multilayer with the annealing temperature T. The temperature dependence of Deff is found to be described approximately by Deff≈( D0 exp (-0.25 eV/k BT)) cm 2 s -1.

  9. Feedback stabilization initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Much progress has been made in attaining high confinement regimes in magnetic confinement devices. These operating modes tend to be transient, however, due to the onset of MHD instabilities, and their stabilization is critical for improved performance at steady state. This report describes the Feedback Stabilization Initiative (FSI), a broad-based, multi-institutional effort to develop and implement methods for raising the achievable plasma betas through active MHD feedback stabilization. A key element in this proposed effort is the Feedback Stabilization Experiment (FSX), a medium-sized, national facility that would be specifically dedicated to demonstrating beta improvement in reactor relevant plasmas by using a variety of MHD feedback stabilization schemes.

  10. Stability and Diversity of Ecosystems

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Anthony R. Ives; Stephen R. Carpenter


    .... The relationship is also complex, because the concept of stability is multifaceted; different types of stability describing different properties of ecosystems lead to multiple diversity-stability relationships...

  11. Retour d'expérience du démantèlement du barrage de Kernansquillec


    Derville, I.; Bonenfant, M.; Royet, P.; Lepetit, D.; Jigorel, A.


    Kernansquillec dam in French Britany has been demolished in 1996. It was a multiple arch dam, 75-year-old, 15 m high , with a reservoir capacity of 400 000 m3. Due to the poor condition of the dam, risks involved downstream, and lack of an operator after the end of the concession, the Prefet decided the dam demolition. Management of the sediments, representing 50% of the reservoir capacity was achieved without interrupting water intakes for domestic water supply and fishfarming, situated few ...

  12. Préférences budgétaires des citoyens: résultats d'une expérience en ligne


    Foucault, Martial; Brouard, Sylvain


    Quelles sont les préférences budgétaires des Français sous contrainte de respect du critère de Maastricht (3% de déficit public) ? L’objet de cette note est de présenter les résultats d’une expérience en ligne où les répondants ont été mis en situation d’arbitre budgétaire parmi les 10 principaux postes de dépenses publiques de l’Etat. Trois résultats importants s’en dégagent : 1- les répondants expriment des choix cohérents avec leurs préférences politiques au détriment d’une rationalité pro...

  13. Lecture sensible et interprétation du paysage: analyse d'une expérience pédagogique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacqueline HERBILLON


    Full Text Available La lecture du paysage, qui permet une approche globale et systémique des contenus disciplinaires, nécessite un apprentissage.Une expérience pédagogique, menée avec une classe de Seconde, nous a conduit à élaborer une démarche paysagère comprenant d'abord une éducation au regard sensible puis interprétatif pour aboutir, grâce à une grille de lecture, à un modèle paysager général explicitant les rapports entre la société et l'espace.

  14. Poésie et iconicité : concrétisme et expérimentalisme dans la poésie espagnole contemporaine


    Le Bigot, Claude


    Dans le sillage des avant-gardes littéraires des années 20, qui ont donné lieu en Espagne à une véritable floraison qu’on pourrait réunir sous le label du créationnisme, il se produit autour de 1968 un nouvel éveil contestataire qui affecte le domaine poétique que Ton désigne sous le terme d’expérimentalisme. Ce courant, animé principalement par des écrivains comme Fernando Millán, Joan Brossa, Francisco Pino, Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, José Miguel Ullán, a poussé dans ses ultimes retranchements...

  15. Etude expérimentale d'un écoulement à surface libre au-dessus d'un obstacle


    Vigié, Franc


    Ce travail a pour objet l'étude d'un écoulement à surface libre en présence d'un obstacle unique bidimensionnel placé sur le fond d'un canal. L'objectif est de déterminer quel est le rôle de l'obstacle et son influence sur la dynamique de l'écoulement. Deux obstacles, un demi-cylindre et un obstacle de forme gaussienne sont utilisés. Pour ces deux types d'obstacles, des mesures expérimentales de hauteurs d'eau au centre du canal permettent d'obtenir différents profils de surface libre. Ceux-c...

  16. Instabilité, solitons et solhiatons: une approche expérimentale de la dynamique non linéaire en fibres optiques


    Van Simaeys, Gaetan


    Il y a un demi siècle, Fermi, Pasta et Ulam découvraient la récurrence du même nom, et créaient une discipline nouvelle, la dynamique non linéaire. Leur expérience numérique consistait à exciter le mode fondamental d'une chaîne d'oscillateurs reliés entre eux par des ressorts linéaires et faiblement non linéaires. Alors qu'ils s'attendaient à ce que l'énergie se répartisse progressivement sur un large spectre en raison du couplage non linéaire, ils observèrent au contraire un échange périodiq...

  17. Infestation expérimentale de caprins par Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni : effets pathogènes comparés


    Labbo R.; Boulanger D; Brémond P; Chippaux J.P.


    La mortalité et la morbidité spécifique dues à Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni a été quantifiée chez des caprins élevés au Niger. L’étude a porté sur neuf animaux suivis pendant 380 jours après infestation expérimentale à l’aide de respectivement 1 800 et 2400 cercaires. S. bovis s’est révélé significativement plus pathogène que S. curassoni que ce soit en termes de mortalité, de perte de poids ou d’altération de l’hématocrite. L’intensité des symptômes cliniques s’est en outre révélée être...

  18. Etude expérimentale de l'ébullition convective en milieu poreux : assèchement et flux critique


    Gourbil, Ange


    Cette thèse est motivée par le besoin de compléter les connaissances actuelles des phénomènes ayant lieu lors d’un renvoi d’eau dans un lit de débris radioactifs, opération appelée « renoyage » et qui intervient dans une séquence d’accident grave où un cœur de réacteur nucléaire est dégradé suite à une perte prolongée de refroidissement primaire. Notre étude, de nature expérimentale, vise à mieux caractériser la crise d’ébullition en convection forcée, dans un milieu poreux chauffant. Le cœur...

  19. L’expérience d’un partenariat entre deux institutions muséales à caractère scientifique


    Galangau-Quérat, Fabienne


    L’expérience relatée est celle d’un partenariat entre deux musées nationaux d’histoire naturelle, le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle de Paris (MNHN) et le National Museum of Namibia (NMN) à Windhoek. En 2002, la directrice du Musée national de Namibie venait faire un séjour à Paris pour visiter les musées français et rencontrer des professionnels de musée. Au Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, elle fut accueillie par un enseignant-chercheur en muséologie (l’auteur de ce texte). De cet...

  20. Getting a grip on illusions: replicating Stöttinger et al [Exp Brain Res (2010) 202:79-88] results with 3-D objects. (United States)

    Stöttinger, Elisabeth; Pfusterschmied, Jürgen; Wagner, Herbert; Danckert, James; Anderson, Britt; Perner, Josef


    Studies using visual illusions to demonstrate a dissociation within the visual system can provide relevant and decisive data only if certain methodological points are taken into account. Although, our previous work (Stöttinger et al. in Exp Brain Res 202:88-97, 2010) followed these points, the task made use of only 2-D stimuli which may raise doubts concerning the nature of grasping in that experiment. We therefore replicated the study using a 3-D version of the empty space illusion. Consistent with the earlier study, that used 2-D stimuli, we found that grip aperture followed actual target size independent of illusory effects, while perceived length, as indicated by finger-thumb span, clearly was subject to the illusion. Therefore, the prior results cannot be due to the use of 2-D stimuli. Together, these two studies provide clear evidence for the perception versus action hypothesis.

  1. La modélisation des réseaux d’habitat en archéologie: trois expériences.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laure Nuninger


    Full Text Available Cet article est le résultat d’une collaboration entre archéologues et géographes utilisant les principes d’un modèle classique d’analyse spatiale, le modèle de gravité, pour formaliser les interactions entre des établissements humains à des époques anciennes (y compris protohistoriques. Trois expériences ont été réunies afin de rendre compte de l’émergence d’une démarche et de son adaptation/enrichissement selon l’époque, l’espace considérés et les hypothèses sur l’organisation des sociétés correspondantes.

  2. Bioaccumulation d'un polychlorobiphényle commercial dans une chaîne trophodynamique expérimentale en eau douce

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    CAZIN J. C.


    Full Text Available Ce travail décrit les conditions d'expérimentation d'un polychlorobiphényle commercial sur les différents maillons d'une chaîne alimentaire en eau douce : algues-crustacés-poissons. Après avoir déterminé les modalités de contamination compatibles avec la croissance normale des organismes végétaux et animaux, les cinétiques de concentration au niveau de chaque espèce, l'association des différents maillons a permis d'apprécier l'importance du transfert biologique du polluant qui apparaît limité, aux environs de 10 ppm, par l'état d'équilibre qui s'installe progressivement dans le milieu aquatique.

  3. Initier au projet par le jeu. Evaluation d’une expérimentation en école d’ingénieurs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline Verzat


    Full Text Available Cette communication s’appuie sur une recherche-action menée à l’automne 2006 auprès des élèves ingénieurs de l’Ecole Centrale de Lille (Bac + 3 et 4. Elle évalue l’impact d’un jeu de construction utilisant des spaghettis sur la capacité des équipes d’étudiants à émettre des idées créatives, à constituer des groupes, à gérer leurs relations au sein de ces groupes et à apprendre de leurs expériences. L’impact du jeu est mesuré par l’analyse des retours d’expérience en séance, puis par le suivi des équipes de projet réel qui démarrent ensuite. Sont examinés la composition des équipes, l’origine des sujets six semaines plus tard, puis les auto-évaluations du travail en équipe au bout de trois mois.This paper is based on an action-research, conducted with students in engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in 2006. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effects of a construction game using spaghettis on the students’ capacity to suggest creative ideas, to build and manage their team work and to learn from experience. These effects are measured through the immediate feedbacks on the game and the management of real project teams after the game. Items such as the composition of the teams, the origins of their subject six weeks later and self-evaluations of team management after 3 month are examined.

  4. Internet Addiction: Stability and Change (United States)

    Huang, Chiungjung


    This longitudinal study examined five indices of stability and change in Internet addiction: structural stability, mean-level stability, differential stability, individual-level stability, and ipsative stability. The study sample was 351 undergraduate students from end of freshman year to end of junior year. Convergent findings revealed stability…

  5. Scenari + Moodle = une première expérience de classe inversée en génie des procédés au Cnam


    Debacq, Marie; Corsyn, Nicole; DELASTRE, François


    National audience; Cette communication présente une première expérience d'enseignement en pédagogie inversée en génie des procédés au Cnam. Cette expérience s'inscrit dans une progression de l'usage d'outils Tice dans cette formation sur dix ans. Il s'agit d'un tournant dans l'approche pédagogique, l'enseignante souhaitant évaluer le potentiel de cette stratégie.Cette première expérience apparaît globalement très positive, avec notamment une acquisition des savoirs et des compétences sensible...

  6. Structural Stability and Vibration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wiggers, Sine Leergaard; Pedersen, Pauli

    This book offers an integrated introduction to the topic of stability and vibration. Strikingly, it describes stability as a function of boundary conditions and eigenfrequency as a function of both boundary conditions and column force. Based on a post graduate course held by the author at the Uni......This book offers an integrated introduction to the topic of stability and vibration. Strikingly, it describes stability as a function of boundary conditions and eigenfrequency as a function of both boundary conditions and column force. Based on a post graduate course held by the author...... and their derivation, thus stimulating them to write interactive and dynamic programs to analyze instability and vibrational modes....

  7. E15 and Infrastructure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moriarty, K. [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Yanowitz, J. [Ecoengineering, Inc.,Sharonville, OH (United States)


    This report explores the compatibility of refueling station equipment with E15--a 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline blend intended for use in conventional gasoline light duty vehicles model year 2001 or newer. The report includes background information on E15, a literature review seeking to identify issues during the nationwide deployment of E10, a diagram of all station equipment and supporting data.

  8. Translational control of ribosomal protein S15. (United States)

    Portier, C; Philippe, C; Dondon, L; Grunberg-Manago, M; Ebel, J P; Ehresmann, B; Ehresmann, C


    The expression of ribosomal protein S15 is shown to be translationally and negatively autocontrolled using a fusion within a reporter gene. Isolation and characterization of several deregulated mutants indicate that the regulatory site (the translational operator site) overlaps the ribosome loading site of the S15 messenger. In this region, three domains, each exhibiting a stem-loop structure, were determined using chemical and enzymatic probes. The most downstream hairpin carries the Shine-Dalgarno sequence and the initiation codon. Genetic and structural data derived from mutants constructed by site-directed mutagenesis show that the operator is a dynamic structure, two domains of which can form a pseudoknot. Binding of S15 to these two domains suggests that the pseudoknot could be stabilized by S15. A model is presented in which two alternative structures would explain the molecular basis of the S15 autocontrol.

  9. Aerodynamics of Slender Bodies at Mach Number of 3.12 and Reynolds Numbers from 2 x 10(exp 6) to 15 x 10(exp 6) IV : Aerodynamic Characteristics of Series of Four Bodies Having Near-parabolic Noses and Cylindrical Afterbodies (United States)



    Pressure distributions and forces for a series of four bodies of revolution having nose-fineness ratios varying from 4 to 10 have been obtained and compared with theory for a Mach number of 3.12, a Reynolds number range of 2x10(sup)6 to 14x10(sup)6, and angles of attack from zero to 9 degrees. In general, a comparison of the experimental data with a second-order theory showed good agreement for the range of variables investigated.

  10. Photochemical stability of electrochromic polymers and devices

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Jacob; Madsen, Morten Vesterager; Krebs, Frederik C


    , AM 1.5G) under ambient conditions the majority of the polymers degraded within 4-5 hours. Three polymers showed increased stability with degradation rates from 0.44 to 1.58% per hour measured as loss of absorption. Application of oxygen and UV barrier foils was found to drastically slow......The stability of fully printed flexible organic electrochromics based on 11 different conjugated polymers is explored from the fundamental chemical degradation level to the operational device level. The photochemical stability of the electrochromic polymers (ECPs) is studied enabling an analysis...... of the influence that the chemical constitution of the conjugated polymer backbone has on the photochemical stability. Based on changes in the UV-visible absorption and IR spectra, the polymers were categorized into two distinct groups, each with a separate degradation mechanism. During irradiation (1000 W m -2...

  11. Etude expérimentale et numérique de la dissolution d’un polluant hydrocarboné dans un milieu poreux hétérogène


    YRA, Adrienne; AHMADI-SENICHAULT, Azita; Bertin, Henri


    Le travail présenté traite de la dissolution d'un solvant partiellement miscible dans l'eau en milieu poreux hétérogène saturé. Une étude expérimentale réalisée à la fois sur des milieux poreux microscopiquement et macroscopiquement hétérogènes met en évidence des phénomènes de non équilibre local. Une interprétation numérique des données expérimentales est ensuite décrite.

  12. Synthesis and Characterization of Oleic Acid Stabilized ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Oleic acid stabilized magnetite nanocrystals have been synthesized by the organic phase thermal decomposition of iron oleate complex in 1-octadecene for potential application as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent. The synthetic process resulted in 13.5 and 15.1 nm highly monodisperse nanocrystals as ...

  13. Ornithopter flight stabilization (United States)

    Dietl, John M.; Garcia, Ephrahim


    The quasi-steady aerodynamics model and the vehicle dynamics model of ornithopter flight are explained, and numerical methods are described to capture limit cycle behavior in ornithopter flight. The Floquet method is used to determine stability in forward flight, and a linear discrete-time state-space model is developed. This is used to calculate stabilizing and disturbance-rejecting controllers.

  14. Stability of Hyperthermophilic Proteins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stiefler-Jensen, Daniel

    in the high stability of hyperthermophilic enzymes. The thesis starts with an introduction to the field of protein and enzyme stability with special focus on the thermophilic and hyperthermophilic enzymes and proteins. After the introduction three original research manuscripts present the experimental data...

  15. Conformational stability of calreticulin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Charlotte S; Trandum, Christa; Larsen, Nanna Brink


    The conformational stability of calreticulin was investigated. Apparent unfolding temperatures (Tm) increased from 31 degrees C at pH 5 to 51 degrees C at pH 9, but electrophoretic analysis revealed that calreticulin oligomerized instead of unfolding. Structural analyses showed that the single C......-terminal alpha-helix was of major importance to the conformational stability of calreticulin....

  16. Conformational stability of calreticulin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, C.S.; Trandum, C.; Larsen, N.


    The conformational stability of calreticulin was investigated. Apparent unfolding temperatures (T-m) increased from 31 degrees C at pH 5 to 51 degrees C at pH 9, but electrophoretic analysis revealed that calreticulin oligomerized instead of unfolding. Structural analyses showed that the single C......-terminal a-helix was of major importance to the conformational stability of calreticulin....

  17. Climate-Ocean-Ice sheet interactions across the Pliocene and Pleistocene: Preliminary Results from IODP 341 Exp (Gulf of Alaska). (United States)

    Sánchez Montes, Maria Luisa; McClymont, Erin L.; Müller, Juliane; Cowan, Ellen A.; Romero, Oscar E.; Moy, Chris; Lloyd, Jerry M.


    matter), bulk δ13C and δ15N analyses, IRD and diatom counts, and we compare our results with evidence for evolving ice-sheet history as determined through the shipboard-generated lithostratigraphy. Our SSTs during the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene are on average 2.5 and 3.5 C warmer than the modern, respectively, with the first IRD peak appearance at 2.8 Ma. The overall trend towards cooler SSTs and a larger Cordilleran ice-sheet is similar to other northern hemisphere ice-sheets, but we show that there may be important local control from north-east Pacific SSTs.

  18. Long-term variations of clay mineral composition in the Andaman Sea (IODP Exp. 353 Site U1447): preliminary result (United States)

    Lee, J.; Khim, B. K.; Cho, H. G.; Kim, S.; 353 Scientists, I. E.


    Clay mineral studies in the Bengal Fan have allowed the reconstruction of the erosional history of the Himalayan-Tibetan complex since the Early Miocene. Several factors such as climate change and tectonic activity are important for the erosion rate of the Himalaya-Tibet complex. IODP Expedition 353 Site U1447 (10°47.4'N, 93°00'E; 1391 mbsl) was drilled on a ridge 45 km offshore Little Andaman Island in the Andaman Sea, penetrating to total depths of 738 m. Riverine sediments supplied mainly by the Irrawaddy and Salween (draining the Indo-Burman Ranges; smectite-rich) and the Ganga/Brahmaputra (draining the Himalaya; illite-rich) via the surface currents have been known to deposit in the Andaman Sea. We measured clay minerals of 38 sediment samples collected from 150 to 737 m CSF-A at Site U1447 in order to reveal long-term variation patterns of clay minerals and their controlling factors. Age reconstruction of Site U1447 aided by shipboard biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic data defined the study interval spanning from the Late Miocene ( 10 Ma) to Early Pleistocene ( 1.25 Ma). At this interval, clay minerals consist mainly of smectite (28-61% with an average of 47%) followed by illite (20-41% with an average of 29%), kaolinite (9-19% with an average of 14%), and chlorite (5-15% with an average of 10%). Variation of clay mineral compositions is divided into three stages; almost consistent variations of all clay minerals (from 750 to 570 m CSF-A; 10.0 to 7.5 Ma), gradual decrease of smectite and increase of illite and chlorite (from 570 to 400 m CSF-A; 7.5 to 4.5 Ma), and great fluctuation of all clay minerals (from 400 to 150 m CSF-A; 4.5 to 1.1 Ma). Such long-term clay mineral changes may be related to provenance switches, tectonic evolution of the source regions, climatic variations, degree of volcanism with basin evolution, sedimentation history by sea level changes or some combination of these factors.

  19. The statistical stability phenomenon

    CERN Document Server

    Gorban, Igor I


    This monograph investigates violations of statistical stability of physical events, variables, and processes and develops a new physical-mathematical theory taking into consideration such violations – the theory of hyper-random phenomena. There are five parts. The first describes the phenomenon of statistical stability and its features, and develops methods for detecting violations of statistical stability, in particular when data is limited. The second part presents several examples of real processes of different physical nature and demonstrates the violation of statistical stability over broad observation intervals. The third part outlines the mathematical foundations of the theory of hyper-random phenomena, while the fourth develops the foundations of the mathematical analysis of divergent and many-valued functions. The fifth part contains theoretical and experimental studies of statistical laws where there is violation of statistical stability. The monograph should be of particular interest to engineers...

  20. Effect of impregnation of La0.85Sr0.15MnO3/Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Solid Oxide Fuel Cell cathodes with La0.85Sr0.15MnO3 or Al2O3 nano-particles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kammer Hansen, Kent; Wandel, Marie; Liu, Yi-Lin


    Strontium substituted lanthanum manganite and yttria stabilized zirconia solid oxide fuel cell composite electrodes were impregnated with nano-particles of strontium substituted lanthanum manganite or alumina. A clear positive effect was observed on low performing electrodes and on good performing...... electrodes if the temperature was kept low after the impregnation with strontium substituted lanthanum manganite. On good performing electrodes the effect disappeared on heating. Alumina nano-particles had a detrimental effect on the activity of the strontium substituted lanthanum manganite based electrodes....

  1. The role of stabilization centers in protein thermal stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Magyar, Csaba [Institute of Enzymology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Magyar Tudósok krt 2, H-1117 Budapest (Hungary); Gromiha, M. Michael [Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036 (India); Sávoly, Zoltán [Institute of Enzymology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Magyar Tudósok krt 2, H-1117 Budapest (Hungary); Simon, István, E-mail: [Institute of Enzymology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Magyar Tudósok krt 2, H-1117 Budapest (Hungary)


    The definition of stabilization centers was introduced almost two decades ago. They are centers of noncovalent long range interaction clusters, believed to have a role in maintaining the three-dimensional structure of proteins by preventing their decay due to their cooperative long range interactions. Here, this hypothesis is investigated from the viewpoint of thermal stability for the first time, using a large protein thermodynamics database. The positions of amino acids belonging to stabilization centers are correlated with available experimental thermodynamic data on protein thermal stability. Our analysis suggests that stabilization centers, especially solvent exposed ones, do contribute to the thermal stabilization of proteins. - Highlights: • Stabilization centers contribute to thermal stabilization of protein structures. • Stabilization center content correlates with melting temperature of proteins. • Exposed stabilization center content correlates with stability even in hyperthermophiles. • Stability changing mutations are frequently found at stabilization centers.

  2. Oke et al (15)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    This paper evaluated selected Biochemical Oxygen Demand first order kinetics methods. Domestic- institutional wastewaters were collected twice in a month for three months from the Obafemi Awolowo. University, Ile-Ife waste stabilization ponds. Biochemical Oxygen Demand concentrations at different days were.

  3. Myxoma virus expressing a fusion protein of interleukin-15 (IL15 and IL15 receptor alpha has enhanced antitumor activity.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vesna Tosic

    Full Text Available Myxoma virus, a rabbit poxvirus, can efficiently infect various types of mouse and human cancer cells. It is a strict rabbit-specific pathogen, and is thought to be safe as a therapeutic agent in all non-rabbit hosts tested including mice and humans. Interleukin-15 (IL15 is an immuno-modulatory cytokine with significant potential for stimulating anti-tumor T lymphocytes and NK cells. Co-expression of IL15 with the α subunit of IL15 receptor (IL15Rα greatly enhances IL15 stability and bioavailability. Therefore, we engineered a new recombinant myxoma virus (vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr, which expresses an IL15Rα-IL15 fusion protein plus tdTomato red fluorescent reporter protein. Permissive rabbit kidney epithelial (RK-13 cells infected with vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr expressed and secreted the IL15Rα-IL15 fusion protein. Functional activity was confirmed by demonstrating that the secreted fusion protein stimulated proliferation of cytokine-dependent CTLL-2 cells. Multi-step growth curves showed that murine melanoma (B16-F10 and B16.SIY cell lines were permissive to vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr infection. In vivo experiments in RAG1-/- mice showed that subcutaneous B16-F10 tumors treated with vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr exhibited attenuated tumor growth and a significant survival benefit for the treated group compared to the PBS control and the control viruses (vMyx-IL15-tdTr and vMyx-tdTr. Immunohistological analysis of the subcutaneous tumors showed dramatically increased infiltration of NK cells in vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr treated tumors compared to the controls. In vivo experiments with immunocompetent C57BL/6 mice revealed a strong infiltrate of both NK cells and CD8+ T cells in response to vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr, and prolonged survival. We conclude that delivery of IL15Rα-IL15 in a myxoma virus vector stimulates both innate and adaptive components of the immune system.

  4. Myxoma virus expressing a fusion protein of interleukin-15 (IL15) and IL15 receptor alpha has enhanced antitumor activity. (United States)

    Tosic, Vesna; Thomas, Diana L; Kranz, David M; Liu, Jia; McFadden, Grant; Shisler, Joanna L; MacNeill, Amy L; Roy, Edward J


    Myxoma virus, a rabbit poxvirus, can efficiently infect various types of mouse and human cancer cells. It is a strict rabbit-specific pathogen, and is thought to be safe as a therapeutic agent in all non-rabbit hosts tested including mice and humans. Interleukin-15 (IL15) is an immuno-modulatory cytokine with significant potential for stimulating anti-tumor T lymphocytes and NK cells. Co-expression of IL15 with the α subunit of IL15 receptor (IL15Rα) greatly enhances IL15 stability and bioavailability. Therefore, we engineered a new recombinant myxoma virus (vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr), which expresses an IL15Rα-IL15 fusion protein plus tdTomato red fluorescent reporter protein. Permissive rabbit kidney epithelial (RK-13) cells infected with vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr expressed and secreted the IL15Rα-IL15 fusion protein. Functional activity was confirmed by demonstrating that the secreted fusion protein stimulated proliferation of cytokine-dependent CTLL-2 cells. Multi-step growth curves showed that murine melanoma (B16-F10 and B16.SIY) cell lines were permissive to vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr infection. In vivo experiments in RAG1-/- mice showed that subcutaneous B16-F10 tumors treated with vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr exhibited attenuated tumor growth and a significant survival benefit for the treated group compared to the PBS control and the control viruses (vMyx-IL15-tdTr and vMyx-tdTr). Immunohistological analysis of the subcutaneous tumors showed dramatically increased infiltration of NK cells in vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr treated tumors compared to the controls. In vivo experiments with immunocompetent C57BL/6 mice revealed a strong infiltrate of both NK cells and CD8+ T cells in response to vMyx-IL15Rα-tdTr, and prolonged survival. We conclude that delivery of IL15Rα-IL15 in a myxoma virus vector stimulates both innate and adaptive components of the immune system.

  5. Baskarp Sand No. 15

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borup, Marianne; Hedegaard, Jette

    The Soil Mechanics Laboratory has started performing tests with a new sand, Baskarp No 15. Baskarp No 15 is a graded sand from Sweden. The shapes of the largest grains are round, while the small grains have sharp edges. The main part of of Baskarp No 15 is quarts, but it also contains feldspar...... and biotit. Mainly the sand will be used for tests concerning the development og the theory of building up pore pressure in sand, L. B. Ibsen 1993....

  6. Baskarp Sand No. 15

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ibsen, Lars Bo; Bødker, Lars Bødker

    The Soil Mechanics Laboratory has started performing tests with a new sand, Baskarp No 15. Baskarp No 15 is a graded sand from Sweden. The shapes of the largest grains are round, while the small grains have sharp edges. The main part of of Baskarp No 15 is quarts, but it also contains feldspar...... and biotit. Mainly the sand will be used for tests concerning the development of the theory of building up pore pressure in sand....

  7. Dispersal and metapopulation stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shaopeng Wang


    Full Text Available Metapopulation dynamics are jointly regulated by local and spatial factors. These factors may affect the dynamics of local populations and of the entire metapopulation differently. Previous studies have shown that dispersal can stabilize local populations; however, as dispersal also tends to increase spatial synchrony, its net effect on metapopulation stability has been controversial. Here we present a simple metapopulation model to study how dispersal, in interaction with other spatial and local processes, affects the temporal variability of metapopulations in a stochastic environment. Our results show that in homogeneous metapopulations, the local stabilizing and spatial synchronizing effects of dispersal cancel each other out, such that dispersal has no effect on metapopulation variability. This result is robust to moderate heterogeneities in local and spatial parameters. When local and spatial dynamics exhibit high heterogeneities, however, dispersal can either stabilize or destabilize metapopulation dynamics through various mechanisms. Our findings have important theoretical and practical implications. We show that dispersal functions as a form of spatial intraspecific mutualism in metapopulation dynamics and that its effect on metapopulation stability is opposite to that of interspecific competition on local community stability. Our results also suggest that conservation corridors should be designed with appreciation of spatial heterogeneities in population dynamics in order to maximize metapopulation stability.

  8. La dialyse péritonéale chez les patients de moins de vingt ans: expérience d'un centre hospitalier universitaire marocain (United States)

    Haddiya, Intissar; Rhou, Hakima; Ezaitouni, Fatima; Ouzeddoun, Naima; Bayahia, Rabia; Benamar, Loubna


    Introduction La dialyse péritonéale (DP) est une méthode d'épuration extra-rénale qui offre plusieurs avantages chez l'enfant et l'adolescent. Le but de cette étude est de rapporter notre expérience de DP chez des patients jeunes âgés de moins de vingt ans, et soulever l'intérêt et les avantages de cette technique chez cette catégorie de patients. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective incluant tous les dialysés péritonéaux âgés de moins de vingt ans au début du traitement par DP. Les paramètres de DP ainsi que les données cliniques et biologiques ont été recueillit et analysés. Résultats Parmi 41 dialysés péritonéaux dans notre centre, huit sont des enfants et adolescents. L'âge moyen de nos patients est 16,1±2,6. Le sexe ratio M/F est égal à 1,6. 37,5% de nos patients ont une activité professionnelle et 62,5% ont une activité scolaire. Ils ont tous gardé leur activité toute la durée du traitement par DP. A l'initiation de la DP, 62,5% étaient hypertendus alors qu'actuellement 25% seulement sont hypertendus et aucun patient ne présente de signes cliniques de surcharge. Le maintien de la fonction rénale et résiduelle (FRR) et une amélioration de l'anémie a été noté chez nos patients. Conclusion Notre expérience de DP chez l'enfant et l'adolescent est globalement satisfaisante. La DP a procuré plusieurs avantages dont le maintien d'une FRR, l'équilibre hydro-électrolytique, ainsi qu'une vie sociale éducative pour l'enfant et un maximum d'indépendance chez l'adolescent. Cette technique doit donc être encouragée surtout chez cette catégorie de patients. PMID:22937185

  9. Les expériences de victimisation, la santé mentale et le bien-être de jeunes trans au Québec (United States)

    Raymond, Guillaume; Blais, Martin; Bergeron, Félix-Antoine; Hébert, Martine


    Résumé Les normes traditionnelles de genre prescrivent l’adéquation de l’expression de la masculinité et de la féminité au sexe anatomique de naissance. Les personnes qui présentent des variations dans l’expression de genre sont sujettes à diverses formes de réactions sociales suggérant la réprobation (des regards désapprobateurs aux violences physiques) susceptibles d’influencer négativement leur santé mentale. Trente-sept (37) jeunes se décrivant comme trans ou en questionnement sur leur identité de genre ont été recrutés dans le cadre de l’enquête sur les Parcours Amoureux des Jeunes de minorités sexuelles du Québec. Leurs expériences de victimisation parentale et de victimisation basée sur la non-conformité de genre ainsi que des indicateurs de santé mentale (détresse psychologique, estime de soi) ont été mesurés. Afin de comparer les expériences de victimisation et l’état de santé mentale des jeunes trans, ils ont été appariés à 37 garçons et 37 filles cisgenres sur la base de leurs caractéristiques sociodémographiques. Des analyses de prévalence et un modèle acheminatoire ont été réalisés. Les résultats mettent en évidence que les jeunes trans sont plus susceptibles de présenter des scores cliniques de détresse psychologique et de faible estime d’eux-mêmes que leurs pairs cisgenres. La violence verbale parentale et la victimisation basée sur la non-conformité de genre influencent négativement l’estime de soi, ce qui en retour augmente la probabilité de vivre de la détresse psychologique. Les résultats appuient l’importance des interventions de soutien à la diversité sexuelle et de genre. PMID:26966849

  10. Grammaire de l’expérience romantique adolescente au Québec: une analyse sociosémantique des idéaux amoureux (United States)

    Blais, Martin; Hébert-Ratté, Roxanne; Hébert, Martine; Lavoie, Francine


    Cette étude vise à décrire, à travers les thèmes qu’évoque la plus belle expérience amoureuse chez de jeunes Québécois âgés de 14 à 19 ans, les formes sémantiques de l’amour contemporain ainsi que les attentes et les paradoxes dont elles témoignent sur le plan communicationnel. Au total, 6 961 jeunes Québécois âgés de 14 à 18 ans recrutés dans les milieux scolaires ont décrit leur plus belle expérience amoureuse vécue ou souhaitée. Une analyse des champs lexicaux, réalisée avec le logiciel Sémato, a permis de dégager six (6) formes sémantiques dominantes: 1) la fidélité, le respect et l’authenticité, 2) les références à la sensualité (embrasser et enlacement), 3) l’ancrage de l’amour idéal dans la compagnie de l’autre et des activités concrètes, 4) l’importance de la passion, de la magie (pour les deux genres) et, surtout pour les garçons, du plaisir, 5) l’ancrage de l’idéal amoureux dans des projets d’union et d’enfants, et 6) l’ancrage du couple dans des lieux précis, dans un quotidien ou des souvenirs tangibles. Ces formes sémantiques sont discutées en fonction des problèmes qu’elles ont pu résoudre et ceux qu’elles font émerger. Les différences de genre sont aussi discutées. PMID:27917004

  11. Gravity stabilizes itself

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chakraborty, Sumanta; SenGupta, Soumitra [Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Department of Theoretical Physics, Kolkata (India)


    We show that a possible resolution to the stabilization of an extra spatial dimension (radion) can be obtained solely in the context of gravitational dynamics itself without the necessity of introducing any external stabilizing field. In this scenario the stabilized value of the radion field gets determined in terms of the parameters appearing in the higher curvature gravitational action. Furthermore, the mass of the radion field and its coupling to the standard model fields are found to be in the weak scale implying possible signatures in the TeV scale colliders. Some resulting implications are also discussed. (orig.)

  12. Modeling of residue stabilization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Velasco-Arjona, A.; Castro, M.D.L. de [Univ. of Cordoba (Spain). Dept. of Analytical Chemistry; Izquierdo, A. [Gemasur, Cordoba (Spain). Dept. of R and D


    Because of the variety in anthropogenic toxic residues produced by human activity, the establishment of a general procedure for the destruction of these residues or transformation into less toxic materials is difficult. A study was made on the decrease in toxicity of various contaminated residues when treated with three different stabilizers. General criteria of the requirements for stabilization were also established, which depended on both the toxicity and nature of the toxic substances. The modeling of the stabilization process will allow nonspecialized personnel to carry out the operations and will also standardize the modus operandi of such enterprises.

  13. Stability analysis of ferrofluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katharina Duda


    Full Text Available Superparamagnetic iron oxides (SPIOs are used as tracer for the new imaging technique Magnetic Particle Imaging. The stability of ferrofluids for medical application has a great importance, in addition to the particle size. The shell material, which protects the iron core prior from agglomeration and sedimentation, can be degraded by various processes. Another important aspect of stability is the constant performance of magnetisation. Therefore, the measurement of the magnetisation of the particles must be controlled in order to ensure the stability of the samples.

  14. The operator's emotional stability (United States)

    Zilberman, P. B.


    An attempt is made to provide a psychological interpretation of the concept of emotional stability in connection with other psychics qualities of an operator's personality. Emotional stability is understood as a person's capacity to control his emotional state for the purpose of maintaining the necessary level of work performance under extreme stress conditions. By modeling the operator's sensorimotor activity and by comparing the productivity indicators under ordinary conditions with those obtained during work involving an emotional load, the level of emotional stability can be determined.

  15. Relationship between cycling mechanics and core stability. (United States)

    Abt, John P; Smoliga, James M; Brick, Matthew J; Jolly, John T; Lephart, Scott M; Fu, Freddie H


    Core stability has received considerable attention with regards to functional training in sports. Core stability provides the foundation from which power is generated in cycling. No research has described the relationship between core stability and cycling mechanics of the lower extremity. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between cycling mechanics and core stability. Hip, knee, and ankle joint kinematic and pedal force data were collected on 15 competitive cyclists while cycling untethered on a high-speed treadmill. The exhaustive cycling protocol consisted of cycling at 25.8 km x h(-1) while the grade was increased 1% every 3 minutes. A core fatigue workout was performed before the second treadmill test. Total frontal plane knee motion (test 1: 15.1 +/- 6.0 degrees ; test 2: 23.3 +/- 12.5 degrees), sagittal plane knee motion (test 1: 69.9 +/- 4.9 degrees ; test 2: 79.3 +/- 10.1 degrees), and sagittal plane ankle motion (test 1: 29.0 +/- 8.5 degrees ; test 2: 43.0 +/- 22.9 degrees) increased after the core fatigue protocol. No significant differences were demonstrated for pedaling forces. Core fatigue resulted in altered cycling mechanics that might increase the risk of injury because the knee joint is potentially exposed to greater stress. Improved core stability and endurance could promote greater alignment of the lower extremity when riding for extended durations as the core is more resistant to fatigue.

  16. La participación femenina en la beneficencia española. La Junta de Damas de la Casa de Maternidad y Expósitos de Barcelona, 1853-1903

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana María Rodríguez Martín


    Full Text Available En este artículo se analiza la extracción social de las mujeres que, en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, en España, formaban parte de las juntas de damas y de las comisiones de señoras que se dedicaban a la supervisión, y en algunos casos a la gestión, de los establecimientos de beneficencia. También se estudian las motivaciones de esta dedicación, sus objetivos y sus resultados. Asimismo, se analizan los principios que guiaron la labor de la Junta de Damas y de sus comisiones auxiliares, en la Casa de Maternidad y Expósitos de Barcelona, haciendo hincapié en sus actuaciones y sus consecuencias respecto a los expósitos pequeños, las jóvenes expósitas, las nodrizas y las mujeres que querían prohijar un expósito.

  17. Note: Silicon Carbide Telescope Dimensional Stability for Space-based Gravitational Wave Detectors (United States)

    Sanjuah, J.; Korytov, D.; Mueller, G.; Spannagel, R.; Braxmaier, C.; Preston, A.; Livas, J.


    Space-based gravitational wave detectors are conceived to detect gravitational waves in the low frequency range by measuring the distance between proof masses in spacecraft separated by millions of kilometers. One of the key elements is the telescope which has to have a dimensional stability better than 1 pm Hz(exp -1/2) at 3 mHz. In addition, the telescope structure must be light, strong, and stiff. For this reason a potential telescope structure consisting of a silicon carbide quadpod has been designed, constructed, and tested. We present dimensional stability results meeting the requirements at room temperature. Results at -60 C are also shown although the requirements are not met due to temperature fluctuations in the setup.

  18. Core stability exercise principles. (United States)

    Akuthota, Venu; Ferreiro, Andrea; Moore, Tamara; Fredericson, Michael


    Core stability is essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. The so-called core is the group of trunk muscles that surround the spine and abdominal viscera. Abdominal, gluteal, hip girdle, paraspinal, and other muscles work in concert to provide spinal stability. Core stability and its motor control have been shown to be imperative for initiation of functional limb movements, as needed in athletics. Sports medicine practitioners use core strengthening techniques to improve performance and prevent injury. Core strengthening, often called lumbar stabilization, also has been used as a therapeutic exercise treatment regimen for low back pain conditions. This article summarizes the anatomy of the core, the progression of core strengthening, the available evidence for its theoretical construct, and its efficacy in musculoskeletal conditions.

  19. Measuring core stability. (United States)

    Liemohn, Wendell P; Baumgartner, Ted A; Gagnon, Laura H


    In this study, a 4-item battery of core stability (CS) tests modeled on core stabilization activities used in training and rehabilitation research was developed, and a measurement schedule was established to maximize internal consistency and stability reliabilities. Specifically, we found that 4 test administrations on each of 4 days produced intraclass correlation coefficients that in most instances exceeded 0.90 and stability reliability coefficients on the third and fourth days of testing that exceeded 0.90 for 2 of the tests and 0.80 for the other 2. Thus, it is recommended that in future research, examiners administer the battery for at least 3 days and consider the data collected on day 3 as the best estimate of participant CS.

  20. Intelligent passively stabilized quadrotor (United States)

    Sayfeddine, D.; Bulgakov, A. G.; Kruglova, T. N.


    Quadrotor stability is one of the most topical researches worldwide. It is due to the simplicity, availability and cost of such platform. This miniature aerial vehicle is highly manoeuvrable, straight forward to use and to maintain. It can be deployed to perform wide variety of tasks. On the other hand, the quadrotor suffers from non-stability, which makes it unreliable, especially when flying on low speed, high altitude and in windy circumstances. This paper discusses the improvement of the quadrotor by adding a stabilizing mechanism working as a passive breaking system in sharp and spontaneous turns. The mechanism is described and simulated as a standalone module. The end result represents the determination of the stiffness coefficient of the stabilizing actuator using fuzzy logic controller.

  1. Stability of extemporaneously prepared rosuvastatin oral suspension. (United States)

    Zaid, Abdel Naser; Shtayah, Rania; Qadumi, Ayman; Ghanem, Mashour; Qedan, Rawan; Daibes, Marah; Awwad, Somud Abu; Jaradat, Nidal; Kittana, Naim


    The stability of an extemporaneously prepared rosuvastatin suspension stored over 30 days under various storage conditions was evaluated. Rosuvastatin suspension was extemporaneously prepared using commercial rosuvastatin tablets as the source of active pharmaceutical ingredient. The organoleptic properties, dissolution profile, and stability of the formulation were investigated. For the stability studies, samples of the suspension were stored under 2 storage conditions, room temperature (25 °C and 60% relative humidity) and accelerated stability chambers (40 °C and 75% relative humidity). Viscosity, pH, organoleptic properties, and microbial contamination were evaluated according to the approved specifications. High-performance liquid chromatography was used for the analysis and quantification of rosuvastatin in selected samples. Microbiological investigations were also conducted. The prepared suspension showed acceptable organoleptic properties. It showed complete release of rosuvastatin within 15 minutes. The pH of the suspension was 9.8, which remained unchanged during the stability studies. The microbiological investigations demonstrated that the preparation was free of any microbial contamination. In addition, the suspension showed stability within at least the period of use of a 100-mL rosuvastatin bottle. Extemporaneously prepared rosuvastatin 20-mg/mL suspension was stable for 30 days when stored at room temperature. Copyright © 2017 by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. PFP solution stabilization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aftanas, B.L.


    This Functional Design Criteria (FDC) addresses remediation of the plutonium-bearing solutions currently in inventory at the Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP). The recommendation from the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is that the solutions be treated thermally and stabilized as a solid for long term storage. For solutions which are not discardable, the baseline plan is to utilize a denitration process to stabilize the solutions prior to packaging for storage.

  3. Stabilities of generalized entropies


    Abe, Sumiyoshi; Kaniadakis, G.; Scarfone, A. M.


    The generalized entropic measure, which is optimized by a given arbitrary distribution under the constraints on normalization of the distribution and the finite ordinary expectation value of a physical random quantity, is considered and its Lesche stability property (that is different from thermodynamic stability) is examined. A general condition, under which the generalized entropy becomes stable, is derived. Examples known in the literature, including the entropy for the stretched-exponenti...

  4. Fuel Stability Foam (United States)


    The third method is to add liquid chemical stabilizing additives to fuel which is likely to form insoluble products from chemical degradation 1 The treatment choice depends on the storage stability of the fuel and several highly accelerated test methods have been developed to...include carbamate, amide, urea, biuret , isocyanurate and allophanate which may interact with the polar species responsible for deposit formation. PU foams


    Magnuson, D.W.; Smith, D.F.


    High-frequency oscillators for the generation of microwaves, particularly a system for stabilizing frequency-modulated klystron oscillators of the reflex type, are described. The system takos advantage of the fact that a change in oscillator frequency will alter the normal phase displacement between the cavity and its modulator, creating an error voltage which is utilized to regulate the frequency of the oscillator and stabilize it.

  6. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Sirmons, T. A.; Cooper, M. R.; Douglas, G. L.


    This study aimed to assess the stability of vitamin content, sensory acceptability and color variation in fortified spaceflight foods over a period of two years. Findings will help to identify optimal formulation, processing, and storage conditions to maintain stability and acceptability of commercially available fortification nutrients. Changes in food quality were monitored to indicate whether fortification affects quality over time (compared to the unfortified control), thus indicating their potential for use on long-duration missions.

  7. Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narcis Eduard Mitu


    Full Text Available Policies or institutions (built into an economic system that automatically tend to dampen economic cycle fluctuations in income, employment, etc., without direct government intervention. For example, in boom times, progressive income tax automatically reduces money supply as incomes and spendings rise. Similarly, in recessionary times, payment of unemployment benefits injects more money in the system and stimulates demand. Also called automatic stabilizers or built-in stabilizers.

  8. Stability of the Solar System (United States)

    Leubner, I. H.


    It is a well established myth that the solar system is stable. The argument is generally based on the fact that the rate of the radiative plus solar wind mass loss of the Sun has a relatively small value of 8.81E-05 (1/Byr = 1/Ma) (radiative: 6.63E-05 (1/By)). Experimental results, e.g., that the Earth is separating from the Sun (10m/100year)(1), put the concept of stability of solar planetary orbits into doubt. An understanding of the stability of the solar system is a critical step towards the understanding of the stability of galaxies and the Universe.(2,3) The stability of planetary orbits, which is the other factor determining the stability of the solar system, has until recently not been modeled.(4) A model is presented which shows that the planetary orbits are weakly bound relative to orbital separation, ranging from 0.6 percent for Mercury to 0.006 for Pluto, and 0.0011 percent for CR105, the furthest reported planetesimal. These values are in the order of solar mass/gravity loss, and as a consequence, the model predicts that the solar system is expanding since its formation. The present separation rate of Earth is calculated to 3.0 m/year. Eventually orbital separation of planets will occur, e.g., at 133.8, 1.30, and 0.23 Billion years for Mercury, Pluto, Cr105, respectively under current conditions. The model shows that Mars was previously closer to the Sun and exposed to higher radiation, and that the transition from water to ice on its surface occurred 3.6 Billion years ago.(4) Predictions of the model are reported for all planets and dwarf planets. References: 1. C. Laemmerzahl, 2006, 70th Annual Meeting, German Physical Society, (DPG); Note: indirect measurements, quote: The cause for the drifting apart of Sun and Earth cannot be explained by present knowledge and methods of gravitation physics' 2. I. H. Leubner, 2003, 'The Formation of the universe (Big Bang) as a Crystallization Process', Rochester Academy of Science, 30th Fall Paper Session

  9. Growth modulation effects of CBM2a under the control of AtEXP4 and CaMV35S promoters in Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana tabacum and Eucalyptus camaldulensis. (United States)

    Keadtidumrongkul, Pornthep; Suttangkakul, Anongpat; Pinmanee, Phitsanu; Pattana, Kanokwan; Kittiwongwattana, Chokchai; Apisitwanich, Somsak; Vuttipongchaikij, Supachai


    The expression of cell-wall-targeted Carbohydrate Binding Modules (CBMs) can alter cell wall properties and modulate growth and development in plants such as tobacco and potato. CBM2a identified in xylanase 10A from Cellulomonas fimi is of particular interest for its ability to bind crystalline cellulose. However, its potential for promoting plant growth has not been explored. In this work, we tested the ability of CBM2a to promote growth when expressed using both CaMV35S and a vascular tissue-specific promoter derived from Arabidopsis expansin4 (AtEXP4) in three plant species: Arabidopsis, Nicotiana tabacum and Eucalyptus camaldulensis. In Arabidopsis, the expression of AtEXP4pro:CBM2a showed trends for growth promoting effects including the increase of root and hypocotyl lengths and the enlargements of the vascular xylem area, fiber cells and vessel cells. However, in N. tabacum, the expression of CBM2a under the control of either CaMV35S or AtEXP4 promoter resulted in subtle changes in the plant growth, and the thickness of secondary xylem and vessel and fiber cell sizes were generally reduced in the transgenic lines with AtEXP4pro:CBM2a. In Eucalyptus, while transgenics expressing CaMV35S:CBM2a showed very subtle changes compared to wild type, those transgenics with AtEXP4pro:CBM2a showed increases in plant height, enlargement of xylem areas and xylem fiber and vessel cells. These data provide comparative effects of expressing CBM2a protein in different plant species, and this finding can be applied for plant biomass improvement.

  10. Infestation expérimentale de caprins par Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni : effets pathogènes comparés

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Labbo R.


    Full Text Available La mortalité et la morbidité spécifique dues à Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni a été quantifiée chez des caprins élevés au Niger. L’étude a porté sur neuf animaux suivis pendant 380 jours après infestation expérimentale à l’aide de respectivement 1 800 et 2400 cercaires. S. bovis s’est révélé significativement plus pathogène que S. curassoni que ce soit en termes de mortalité, de perte de poids ou d’altération de l’hématocrite. L’intensité des symptômes cliniques s’est en outre révélée être significativement et positivement corrélée au niveau d’excrétion fécale des oeufs. Un différentiel de croissance par rapport aux témoins non infestés de respectivement 1600 et 880 grammes par mois doivent inciter à considérer S. bovis et S. curassoni comme des parasites d’importance économique dans les pays sahéliens.

  11. Cryogénie hélium et efficacité énergétique: L'expérience du LHC au CERN

    CERN Document Server

    Claudet, S; Tavian, L


    Résumé La supraconductivité et la cryogénie hélium associée sont devenues des technologies clés des grands équipements de recherche en physique, et en particulier des accélérateurs de particules. Le coût thermodynamique du fonctionnement à basse température impose à leurs systèmes cryogéniques une haute efficacité énergétique dans la gestion des charges thermiques, la distribution des fluides et la production de froid, obtenue par une approche intégrée couvrant toutes les phases du projet, de la conception préliminaire jusqu'à l'exploitation. L'expérience du LHC au CERN vient illustrer le propos, tandis que quelques pistes de développements futurs sont évoquées. Abstract Superconductivity and associated helium cryogenics have become key technologies for large research infrastructures in physics, and particularly particle accelerators. The thermodynamic penalty for operating at low temperature requires their cryogenic systems to be highly energy efficient in managing heat loads, dis...

  12. Coordination de la sécurité de l'installation du LHC et de ses expériences

    CERN Document Server

    Vadon, M


    La coordination de sécurité pour l'installation du LHC et de ses expériences a été mise en place lors du démantèlement du LEP. Depuis, les contractants et les surveillants de chantier ont fait beaucoup de progrès en matière de sécurité et les procédures en vigueur sont maintenant suivies. Néanmoins, des accidents et incidents se produisent encore et pourraient être facilement évités. Un incident important, des dommages sérieux aux équipements, ou pire un accident mortel affecteraient sérieusement le projet LHC. L'analyse des causes des accidents récents révèle toujours une marge d'amélioration, en particulier en ce qui concerne l'analyse à priori des procédures l'installation et des méthodes de travail. L'intégration des aspects de sécurité dès la phase de conception et l'application stricte des règles dans tout le projet sont les clefs pour une meilleure sécurité des chantiers. Ceci ne peut être réalisable que si la sécurité est abordée de la même manière que la qualit...

  13. L’expérience de recherche de l’Alliance de recherche universités-communautés en économie sociale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Marc Fontan


    Full Text Available L’article qui suit présente le cadre de réalisation des travaux de l’ARUC-ÉS. Cette section rappelle la genèse du programme de recherche, ses objectifs, le partenariat qu’il implique et la façon dont les travaux sont conduits. Nous concluons cette section en présentant les principales leçons qui se dégagent de notre expérience et les défis qui sont toujours à relever. Au nombre de ces défis, nous retrouvons la question liée à l’éternel débat sur la finalité de l’économie sociale et la place et la fonction qu’elle occupe eu égard à la transformation d’ensemble du système socioéconomique de la société québécoise. Nous développerons quelques éléments de réflexion sur cette question, ce qui nous permettra de présenter les trois éléments clés qui structureront les travaux de l’ARUC-ÉS au cours des cinq prochaines années.

  14. Développement expérimental d'une ligne PIXE-XRF pour les matériaux du patrimoine (United States)

    Bertrand, L.; Calligaro, T.; Dran, J.-C.; Dubus, M.; Guerra, M. F.; Moignard, B.; Pichon, L.; Salomon, J.; Walter, P.


    L'analyse élémentaire d'objets d'art ou d'archéologie exige l'emploi de méthodes non destructives possédant une sensibilité suffisante- pour les éléments traces. La méthode PIXE (acronyme pour Particle Induced X-ray Emission) satisfait à cette condition tout en se heurtant à deux contraintes majeures : le risque de détérioration de matériaux sensibles tels que les matériaux organiques et la faible sensibilité pour l'analyse d'impuretés légères dans les matrices lourdes. Nous avons développé une nouvelle ligne expérimentale sur l'accélérateur de particules du Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France, permettant de s'affranchir de ces deux limitations en recourant à une variante de la fluorescence des rayons X, dénommée PIXE-XRF (XRF pour X-Ray Fluorescence). L'extraction à l'air du faisceau permet une souplesse du dispositif nettement améliorée.

  15. Cyber Deterrence and Stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goychayev, Rustam [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Carr, Geoffrey A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Weise, Rachel A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Donnelly, David A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Clements, Samuel L. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Benz, Jacob M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Rodda, Kabrena E. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Bartholomew, Rachel A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); McKinnon, Archibald D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Andres, Richard B. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    Throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries, deterrence and arms control have been cornerstones of strategic stability between the superpowers. However, the weaponization of the cyber realm by State actors and the multipolar nature of cyber conflict now undermines that stability. Strategic stability is the state in which nations believe that if they act aggressively to undermine U.S. national interests and the post-World War II liberal democratic order, the consequences will outweigh the benefits. The sense of lawlessness and lack of consequences in the cyber realm embolden States to be more aggressive in taking actions that undermine stability. Accordingly, this paper examines 1) the role of deterrence and arms control in securing cyber stability, and 2) the limitations and challenges associated with these traditional national security paradigms as applied to this emerging threat domain. This paper demonstrates that many 20th-century deterrence and arms control concepts are not particularly applicable in the cyber realm. However, they are not entirely irrelevant. The United States can distill lessons learned from this rich deterrence and arms control experience to develop and deploy a strategy to advance cyber stability.

  16. Global stability of self-gravitating discs in modified gravity (United States)

    Ghafourian, Neda; Roshan, Mahmood


    Using N-body simulations, we study the global stability of a self-gravitating disc in the context of modified gravity (MOG). This theory is a relativistic scalar-tensor-vector theory of gravity and it is presented to address the dark matter problem. In the weak field limit, MOG possesses two free parameters α and μ0, which have already been determined using the rotation curve data of spiral galaxies. The evolution of a stellar self-gravitating disc and, more specifically, the bar instability in MOG are investigated and compared to a Newtonian case. Our models have exponential and Mestel-like surface densities as Σ ∝ exp (-r/h) and Σ ∝ 1/r. It is found that, surprisingly, the discs are more stable against the bar mode in MOG than in Newtonian gravity. In other words, the bar growth rate is effectively slower than the Newtonian discs. Also, we show that both free parameters (i.e. α and μ0) have stabilizing effects. In other words, an increase in these parameters will decrease the bar growth rate.

  17. The Erosion of Diamond and Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite After 1.5 Years of Space Exposure (United States)

    De Groh, Kim K.; Banks, Bruce A.


    Polymers and other oxidizable materials on the exterior of spacecraft in the low Earth orbit (LEO) space environment can be eroded due to reaction with atomic oxygen (AO). Therefore, in order to design durable spacecraft, it is important to know the LEO AO erosion yield (Ey, volume loss per incident oxygen atom) of materials susceptible to AO reaction. The Polymers Experiment was developed to determine the AO Ey of various polymers and other materials flown in ram and wake orientations in LEO. The experiment was flown as part of the Materials International Space Station Experiment 7 (MISSE 7) mission for 1.5 years on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS). As part of the experiment, a sample containing Class 2A diamond (100 plane) and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG, basal and edge planes) was exposed to ram AO and characterized for erosion. The materials were salt-sprayed prior to flight to provide isolated sites of AO protection. The Ey of the samples was determined through post-flight electron microscopy recession depth measurements. The experiment also included a Kapton H witness sample for AO fluence determination. This paper provides an overview of the MISSE 7 mission, a description of the flight experiment, the characterization techniques used, the mission AO fluence, and the LEO Ey results for diamond and HOPG (basal and edge planes). The data is compared to the Ey of pyrolytic graphite exposed to four years of space exposure as part of the MISSE 2 mission. The results indicate that diamond erodes, but with a very low Ey of 1.58 +/- 0.04 x 10(exp -26) cm(exp 3)/atom. The different HOPG planes displayed significantly different amounts of erosion from each other. The HOPG basal plane had an Ey of 1.05 +/- 0.08 x 10(exp -24) cm(exp 3)/atom while the edge plane had a lower Ey of only 5.38 +/- 0.90 x 10(exp -25) -cm(exp 3)/atom. The Ey data from this ISS spaceflight experiment provides valuable information for understanding of chemistry

  18. Expérience DIRAC

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: The DIRAC upstream vacuum channel placed between the target and the upstream detector region. Both the non-intracting primary proton beam and the seconday particle channel travel inside the shown vacuum channel. Photo 02: The DIRAC upstream detector region consisting of 4 planes of GEM/MSGC; 3 planes of Scintillating Fibres; 4 planes of Ionisation hodospope. The photo shows the cabling of GEM/MSGC (right end) and Scintillating Fibres (left end) detectors. Photo 03: Detailed view of the 4 GEM/MSGC planes. The secondary particle channel and the detectors are tilted by 5.7 degrees with respect to the primary proton beam channel visible on the bottom. Photo 04: View of the downstream part of the double arm DIRAC spectrometer, facing the direction of incoming particles. The Drift Chamber system, the scintillation hodoscopes and the threshold Cherenkov counters are shown in the picture. Photo 05: The DIRAC vacuum region between upstream detectors and the dipole magnet. The shielding around the primary pro...

  19. Stability and diversity of ecosystems. (United States)

    Ives, Anthony R; Carpenter, Stephen R


    Understanding the relationship between diversity and stability requires a knowledge of how species interact with each other and how each is affected by the environment. The relationship is also complex, because the concept of stability is multifaceted; different types of stability describing different properties of ecosystems lead to multiple diversity-stability relationships. A growing number of empirical studies demonstrate positive diversity-stability relationships. These studies, however, have emphasized only a few types of stability, and they rarely uncover the mechanisms responsible for stability. Because anthropogenic changes often affect stability and diversity simultaneously, diversity-stability relationships cannot be understood outside the context of the environmental drivers affecting both. This shifts attention away from diversity-stability relationships toward the multiple factors, including diversity, that dictate the stability of ecosystems.

  20. The stability of dual-taper modular hip implants: a biomechanical analysis examining the effect of impact location on component stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas B. Frisch, MD


    Conclusions: Direction of impaction influences stability of the modular interface. The greatest stability was achieved with impaction directed in line with the longitudinal axis of the taper junction. Off-axis impaction of the 8° and 15° neck led to significantly reduced stability at the NS. Improving stability of dual-taper modular hip prostheses with appropriately directed impaction may help to minimize micromotion, component settling, fretting corrosion, and subsequent failure.

  1. Pharmacovigilance in Space: Stability Payload Compliance Procedures (United States)

    Daniels, Vernie R.; Putcha, Lakshmi


    Pharmacovigilance is the science of, and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of drug-related problems. Over the lase decade, pharmacovigilance activities have contributed to the development of numerous technological and conventional advances focused on medication safety and regulatory intervention. The topics discussed include: 1) Proactive Pharmacovigilance; 2) A New Frontier; 3) Research Activities; 4) Project Purpose; 5) Methods; 6) Flight Stability Kit Components; 7) Experimental Conditions; 8) Research Project Logistics; 9) Research Plan; 10) Pharmaceutical Stability Research Project Pharmacovigilance Aspects; 11) Security / Control; 12) Packaging/Containment Actions; 13) Shelf-Life Assessments; 14) Stability Assessment Parameters; 15) Chemical Content Analysis; 16) Preliminary Results; 17) Temperature/Humidity; 18) Changes in PHysical and Chemical Assessment Parameters; 19) Observations; and 20) Conclusions.

  2. Practical considerations in voltage stability assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kundur, P.; Gao, B. [Powertech Labs. Inc., Surrey, BC (Canada)


    This paper deals with some of the most important practical issues related to voltage stability assessment of large practical systems. A brief discussion of the practical aspects of voltage stability problem and prevention of voltage instability is given first, followed by descriptions of different analytical techniques and tools for voltage stability analysis. Presentations of analytical tools is focused on the VSTAB program which incorporates the modal analysis, continuation power flow, and shortest distance to instability techniques, Finally, an example case study of a practical large system is presented. The case study illustrates how modal analysis is used to determine the most effective load shedding scheme for preventing voltage instability. (author) 15 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability

    CERN Document Server

    Chandrasekhar, S


    Dr. Chandrasekhar's book received high praise when it first appeared in 1961 as part of Oxford University Press' International Series of Monographs on Physics. Since then it has been reprinted numerous times in its expensive hardcover format. This first lower-priced, sturdy paperback edition will be welcomed by graduate physics students and scientists familiar with Dr. Chandrasekhar's work, particularly in light of the resurgence of interest in the Rayleigh-Bénard problem. This book presents a most lucid introduction to the Rayleigh-Bénard problem: it has also been applauded for its thorough, clear coverage of the theory of instabilities causing convection. Dr. Chandrasekhar considers most of the typical problems in hydromagnetic stability, with the exception of viscous shear flow; a specialized domain deserving a book unto itself. Contents include: Rotation; Stability of More General Flows; Bénard Problem; Gravitational Equilibrium and Instability; Stability of a Magnetic Field; Thermal Instability of a L...

  4. Evaluation et développement durable :Retour d’expérience de la pratique de l’évaluation à l’ADEME

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Plottu


    Full Text Available L’ADEME a une expérience de l’évaluation des politiques publiques d’une douzaine d’années marquée par la création dès 1993 d’un service central dédié à l’évaluation. Ces évaluations visent à apprécier la pertinence, l’efficacité et l’impact des actions de l’Agence sur l’ensemble de ces champs d’intervention (énergie, déchets, air et transport, développement durable.  L’objectif de cet article sera de tirer des enseignements de ce retour d’expérience.  Nous nous appuierons notamment sur les études les plus récentes, en particulier les évaluations de démarches territoriales à forte composante développement durable (évaluation des Contrats Territoriaux Déchets, évaluation à mi-étape de la démarche ATEnEE pour discuter du lien entre évaluation et développement durable. Plus généralement, les évaluations menées au sein de l’Agence permettront de tirer deux types d’enseignements :sur les conditions de mise en œuvres et les attentes des cibles bénéficiaires relativement à une action publique visant à  favoriser le développement durable, en nous appuyant sur les résultats et les recommandations des évaluations menées ;sur la pratique elle-même de l’évaluation des politiques publiques, en particulier les spécificités de la conduite d’évaluations dans le domaine de l’environnement et du développement durable.      Outre les évaluations précitées de démarches territoriales visant à favoriser une approche globale des problématiques liées à l’environnement au sein d’un territoire, des évaluations d’actions de l’ADEME visant plus spécifiquement le citoyen et la sphère privée (entreprises seront étudiées. Elles permettront de dresser un panorama des conditions du développement de comportements favorables au développement durable de l’ensemble des acteurs présents sur un territoire.

  5. Gestion de l’usage d’une nappe par un groupement d’agriculteurs : l’expérience de Bsissi Oued El Akarit en Tunisie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iheb Frija


    Full Text Available En Afrique du Nord, de nombreux aquifères sont surexploités, principalement du fait d’une agriculture irriguée intensive. Cependant, les politiques publiques qui ont cherché à réguler cet usage se sont montrées jusqu’à maintenant peu efficaces, du fait du manque de moyens et parce que les agriculteurs les considèrent comme peu légitimes. L’article analyse un cas de gestion collective de l’usage des eaux souterraines par les agriculteurs eux-mêmes, dans le cadre d’une association au Sud de la Tunisie. Dans la zone de Bsissi Oued El Akarit, l’administration multipliait dans les années 1990 les procédures de contrôle des puits, conduisant à de nombreux conflits. En 1999, les agriculteurs et l’administration se sont mis d’accord pour qu’un groupement de développement agricole soit créé spécifiquement pour contrôler les puits et forages dans cette zone. Depuis, le groupement a effectivement réussi à mettre en oeuvre un tel contrôle, mais reste toujours fragile financièrement car il ne s’auto-finance pas. Le processus de concertation qui a conduit à ce dispositif de gestion a réussi grâce à : i la posture de l’administration, à la fois ferme en matière d’application des lois en vigueurs, et ouverte à la concertation avec les agriculteurs, et ii aux compétences et à la légitimité des leaders du groupement. Cette expérience montre que, dans certains cas, les agriculteurs peuvent devenir partie prenante d’une cogestion des eaux souterraines pour un usage durable de cette ressource.

  6. Integrated In Situ Stress Estimation by Hydraulic Fracturing, Borehole Observations and Numerical Analysis at the EXP-1 Borehole in Pohang, Korea (United States)

    Kim, Hanna; Xie, Linmao; Min, Ki-Bok; Bae, Seongho; Stephansson, Ove


    It is desirable to combine the stress measurement data produced by different methods to obtain a more reliable estimation of in situ stress. We present a regional case study of integrated in situ stress estimation by hydraulic fracturing, observations of borehole breakouts and drilling-induced fractures, and numerical modeling of a 1 km-deep borehole (EXP-1) in Pohang, South Korea. Prior to measuring the stress, World Stress Map (WSM) and modern field data in the Korean Peninsula are used to construct a best estimate stress model in this area. Then, new stress data from hydraulic fracturing and borehole observations is added to determine magnitude and orientation of horizontal stresses. Minimum horizontal principal stress is estimated from the shut-in pressure of the hydraulic fracturing measurement at a depth of about 700 m. The horizontal stress ratios ( S Hmax/ S hmin) derived from hydraulic fracturing, borehole breakout, and drilling-induced fractures are 1.4, 1.2, and 1.1-1.4, respectively, and the average orientations of the maximum horizontal stresses derived by field methods are N138°E, N122°E, and N136°E, respectively. The results of hydraulic fracturing and borehole observations are integrated with a result of numerical modeling to produce a final rock stress model. The results of the integration give in situ stress ratios of 1.3/1.0/0.8 ( S Hmax/ S V/ S hmin) with an average azimuth of S Hmax in the orientation range of N130°E-N136°E. It is found that the orientation of S Hmax is deviated by more than 40° clockwise compared to directions reported for the WSM in southeastern Korean peninsula.

  7. Analyse expérimentale du jet moteur d'un éjecteur a flux induit fonctionnant en régime mixte (United States)

    Desevaux, P.


    An experimental investigation of the driving (or primary) jet of an induced air ejector operating in a mixed flow condition is presented. This study is carried out using recently developed investigation techniques in order to measure the centerline static pressure, and to achieve the visualization of the flow in the secondary nozzle. The results permit the study of the driving jet expansion in the primary nozzle, and the detection of the appearance of the mixed flow pattern with separation. Effects of the driving and entrainment ratios on the behaviour of the driving jet, and on the recornpression and mixing processes in the secondary nozzle, are also examined. Suggestions for the design of the mixing tube are indicated. Une analyse expérimentale du jet moteur (ou primaire) d'un éjecteur à air induit fonctionnant en régime mixte est présentée. Cette analyse est menée grâce à l'utilisation de techniques d'investigation récemment mises au point, que ce soit pour la mesure de la pression statique le long de l'axe, ou pour la visualisation de l'écoulement dans la tuyère secondaire. Les résultats permettent de suivre la détente du jet moteur dans la tuyère primaire et de détecter l'apparition du régime mixte avec séparation. L'influence du rapport moteur et du taux d'entraînement sur le comportement du jet moteur, ainsi que sur les processus de recompression et de mélange au sein de la tuyère secondaire, est également examinée. Des suggestions concernant le dimensionnement de la chambre de mélange sont indiquées.

  8. Intégration des CLOM dans une université à distance – Retour d’expérimentation à la TÉLUQ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilbert Paquette


    Full Text Available Dans une université à distance comme la Télé-université (TÉLUQ, pratiquant la formation à distance depuis plus de 40 ans et offrant la formation en ligne depuis une vingtaine d’années, l’intégration de cours en ligne ouverts et massifs (CLOM; MOOC en anglais se posait dans un contexte très différent de celui d’une université offrant principalement des cours en présence. Pour clarifier les enjeux, un projet pilote a été réalisé à la TÉLUQ à la fin de 2014 dans lequel deux cours ont été produits et diffusés à l’international en mode CLOM. Les objectifs de ce projet consistaient à évaluer les possibilités offertes par les approches pédagogiques réalisées dans les CLOM par rapport à celles en usage en formation à distances (FAD à la TÉLUQ; à établir un processus d’adaptation des cours en ligne pour une diffusion massive; à élaborer une stratégie de communication et de recrutement international pour ces cours et finalement à définir un modèle de diffusion cible pour les CLOM en prenant en compte les caractéristiques d’une université à distance comme la TÉ- LUQ. Cet article présente un retour d’expérience de ce projet pilote, ainsi qu’une synthèse du modèle de diffusion en mode CLOM qui en a résulté.

  9. Outreach Aboard the JOIDES Resolution During IODP Exp. 360: Bringing Cutting Edge Research on Mid Ocean Ridge Processes to Classrooms Worldwide (United States)

    Kavanagh, L.; Martinez, A. O.; Burgio, M.; Zhang, J.; Expedition 360 Scientists, I.


    In order to increase classroom engagement for the next generation of scientists, teachers must include current research in their curriculum. The JOIDES Resolution offers this opportunity to teachers worldwide. We recently served as four Education and Outreach Officers during Exp. 360: Southwest Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho. Our aim was to communicate the goals of the expedition to students and the general public through webcasts, social media, videos, and interviews. Prior to the expedition, I visited a number of schools in Texas and shared my upcoming experience with 800 teachers and students. Webcasts hosted during the expedition were tailored to the teacher's specifications of subject area and grade level. Students and teachers were able to witness cutting edge science during a tour of the ship and ask questions of those directly involved in the research. Lessons, resources, and videos featuring the scientific activities taking place and highlighting the workings of a research vessel were developed and will be featured at science teacher conferences at the state and national level. Upon my return home I visited schools that participated in webcasts and provided samples of peripheral rock material for instructional purposes. This expedition has also led to post cruise collaboration with some of the Expedition 360 scientists. My students will have the opportunity to do research with the microbiologists along the Rio Grande River and at Texas A&M University. Expedition 360 has opened up a multitude of opportunities for my students and those around the world that participated in the live webcasts. I was able to reach out to the same students multiple times during this experience which made it possible for them to connect with the science before, during, and after the expedition. These types of opportunities will inspire the next generation of scientists who will make advances towards new understandings of Earth's processes.

  10. Progress on plutonium stabilization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hurt, D. [Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, Washington, DC (United States)


    The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board has safety oversight responsibility for most of the facilities where unstable forms of plutonium are being processed and packaged for interim storage. The Board has issued recommendations on plutonium stabilization and has has a considerable influence on DOE`s stabilization schedules and priorities. The Board has not made any recommendations on long-term plutonium disposition, although it may get more involved in the future if DOE develops plans to use defense nuclear facilities for disposition activities.

  11. Chromium and Genomic Stability (United States)

    Wise, Sandra S.; Wise, John Pierce


    Many metals serve as micronutrients which protect against genomic instability. Chromium is most abundant in its trivalent and hexavalent forms. Trivalent chromium has historically been considered an essential element, though recent data indicate that while it can have pharmacological effects and value, it is not essential. There are no data indicating that trivalent chromium promotes genomic stability and, instead may promote genomic instability. Hexavalent chromium is widely accepted as highly toxic and carcinogenic with no nutritional value. Recent data indicate that it causes genomic instability and also has no role in promoting genomic stability. PMID:22192535

  12. Stability of dynamical systems

    CERN Document Server

    Liao, Xiaoxin; Yu, P 0


    The main purpose of developing stability theory is to examine dynamic responses of a system to disturbances as the time approaches infinity. It has been and still is the object of intense investigations due to its intrinsic interest and its relevance to all practical systems in engineering, finance, natural science and social science. This monograph provides some state-of-the-art expositions of major advances in fundamental stability theories and methods for dynamic systems of ODE and DDE types and in limit cycle, normal form and Hopf bifurcation control of nonlinear dynamic systems.ʺ Presents

  13. Magnetohydrodynamic stability of tokamaks

    CERN Document Server

    Zohm, Hartmut


    This book bridges the gap between general plasma physics lectures and the real world problems in MHD stability. In order to support the understanding of concepts and their implication, it refers to real world problems such as toroidal mode coupling or nonlinear evolution in a conceptual and phenomenological approach. Detailed mathematical treatment will involve classical linear stability analysis and an outline of more recent concepts such as the ballooning formalism. The book is based on lectures that the author has given to Master and PhD students in Fusion Plasma Physics. Due its strong lin

  14. Stability analysis of sandy slope considering anisotropy effect in ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    strength anisotropy. Finally, considering the variability of soil shear strength parameters with loading orientation, the stability of a sandy slope with various geometries is analyzed by the limit equilibrium .... The participant of training, testing and validation subsets from the whole of records are 70, 15 and 15%, respectively.

  15. Stabilization of expansive soil using bagasse ash & lime | Wubshet ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    7-5 soil on the AASHTO classification was stabilized using 3% lime, 15% bagasse ash and 15% bagasse ash in combination with 3% lime by dry weight of the soil. The effect of the additives on the soil was investigated with respect to plastcity, ...

  16. X-15 research objectives (United States)

    Beeler, De E


    Paper presents the areas of research interest for the most important and urgent problems at the present time. Indications are given of other types of data that will be obtained, as well as possible additional research uses of the X-15. In the course of conducting the flight research for the X-15, the emphasis will change from one area to another and problems of new and different significance will result. Those problems that are found to be real will be better understood as a result of the flight investigations and those problems that have been imagined will be replaced with unexpected or overlooked problems. (author)

  17. Another Challenge for Africa: Ethnic Stability (United States)


    assuage and improve, given the right focus and assistance. Ethnicity can combine with other factors of instability such as poverty , disease...regional stability in Africa in support of U.S. national interests. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Conflict Prevention, Global and Regional Strategic Issues...FORMAT: Strategy Research Project DATE: 24 March 2011 WORD COUNT: 8,312 PAGES: 42 KEY TERMS: Conflict Prevention, Global and Regional Strategic

  18. Stability of psychiatric diagnoses in clinical practice. (United States)

    Daradkeh, T K


    This is a retrospective study that aimed at studying the diagnostic stability of psychiatric diagnoses over a 4-year period. Three-hundred and twelve patients (n = 312) admitted more than once to Al Ain in-patient unit from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1993, were the subjects for this study. The sample included patients with the following index diagnoses: acute psychoses (n = 37), alcohol abuse (n = 15), bipolar disorder (n = 27), depressive disorders (n = 63), drug abuse (n = 21), hysteria (n = 23), neurotic disorders (n = 50) and schizophrenia (n = 76). Diagnoses on discharge for first admissions were considered the index diagnoses. The shift from index diagnoses to subsequent diagnoses was counted. Diagnostic stability was calculated as the percentages of index diagnoses that did not change over time. In nearly half of the patients the index diagnoses changed over the 4-year period. Highest diagnostic stability was found in patients with index diagnoses of alcohol abuse, schizophrenia and drug abuse (92%, 74% and 71% respectively), while the lowest stability was found in patients with neurotic, hysterical, depressive disorders, acute psychoses and bipolar disorders (38%, 48% and 45%, 42%, 52% respectively). Two distinct patterns of shifts were noted. First shift occurred between functional psychoses and second shift between depressive and neurotic disorders. This study provides further support to the notion that diagnostic stability in clinical practice is still far from being satisfactory.

  19. Accelerating Vaccine Formulation Development Using Design of Experiment Stability Studies. (United States)

    Ahl, Patrick L; Mensch, Christopher; Hu, Binghua; Pixley, Heidi; Zhang, Lan; Dieter, Lance; Russell, Ryann; Smith, William J; Przysiecki, Craig; Kosinski, Mike; Blue, Jeffrey T


    Vaccine drug product thermal stability often depends on formulation input factors and how they interact. Scientific understanding and professional experience typically allows vaccine formulators to accurately predict the thermal stability output based on formulation input factors such as pH, ionic strength, and excipients. Thermal stability predictions, however, are not enough for regulators. Stability claims must be supported by experimental data. The Quality by Design approach of Design of Experiment (DoE) is well suited to describe formulation outputs such as thermal stability in terms of formulation input factors. A DoE approach particularly at elevated temperatures that induce accelerated degradation can provide empirical understanding of how vaccine formulation input factors and interactions affect vaccine stability output performance. This is possible even when clear scientific understanding of particular formulation stability mechanisms are lacking. A DoE approach was used in an accelerated 37(°)C stability study of an aluminum adjuvant Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B vaccine. Formulation stability differences were identified after only 15 days into the study. We believe this study demonstrates the power of combining DoE methodology with accelerated stress stability studies to accelerate and improve vaccine formulation development programs particularly during the preformulation stage. Copyright © 2016 American Pharmacists Association®. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Lexikos - Vol 15 (2005)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ostensiewe illustrasies as mikrostrukturele items in verklarende skoolwoordeboeke gerig op leerders in die junior sekondêre fase* · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. P Louw. ...

  1. August 15, 2009

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Aug 15, 2009 ... #. 2. Expressindia | The I ndian Expres$ The Financial Express | City Newslines | Screen | Kashmir Live ||. Express Computer. | Network Mag az ine I ndifa eBusiness TravellerExpressP harmal Express Hospitality| Express Textile ||. Express TravelWorld.

  2. Stability through cycles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groot, de E.A. (Bert); Franses, P.H.P.H.


    Economic variables like GDP growth, employment, interest rates and consumption show signs of cyclical behavior. Many variables display multiple cycles, with lengths ranging in between 5 to even up to 100 years. We argue that multiple cycles can be associated with long-run stability of the economic

  3. Orbit Stabilization of Nanosat

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    An algorithm is developed to control a pulsed {Delta}V thruster on a small satellite to allow it to fly in formation with a host satellite undergoing time dependent atmospheric drag deceleration. The algorithm uses four short thrusts per orbit to correct for differences in the average radii of the satellites due to differences in drag and one thrust to symmetrize the orbits. The radial difference between the orbits is the only input to the algorithm. The algorithm automatically stabilizes the orbits after ejection and includes provisions to allow azimuthal positional changes by modifying the drag compensation pulses. The algorithm gives radial and azimuthal deadbands of 50 cm and 3 m for a radial measurement accuracy of {+-} 5 cm and {+-} 60% period variation in the drag coefficient of the host. Approaches to further reduce the deadbands are described. The methodology of establishing a stable orbit after ejection is illustrated in an appendix. The results show the optimum ejection angle to minimize stabilization thrust is upward at 86{sup o} from the orbital velocity. At this angle the stabilization velocity that must be supplied by the thruster is half the ejection velocity. An ejection velocity of 0.02 m/sat 86{sup o} gives an azimuthal separation after ejection and orbit stabilization of 187 m. A description of liquid based gas thrusters suitable for the satellite control is included in an appendix.

  4. Linearity stabilizes discrete breathers

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 27, 2015 ... Here we study the dynamics of highly localized excitations, or discrete breathers, which are known to be initiated by the quasistatic stretching of bonds between adjacent particles. We show via dynamical simulations that acoustic waves introduced by the harmonic term stabilize the discrete breather by ...

  5. The Dynamics of Stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hedegaard, Troels Fage

    politiske aktører der greb disse muligheder. Disse historiske faktorer, der hjalp med at skabe opbakning til velfærdsstaten, er dog blevet svækket med tiden, mens støtten til modellen forbliver stabil. Denne umiddelbare modsætning er denne afhandlings omdrejningspunkt. Derfor vender jeg I denne afhandling...

  6. Effet d'un sédiment marin sur le développement embryonnaire de mollusques bivalves : Optimisation du protocole expérimental et traitement des résultats


    Hoch, Thierry


    Les tests biologiques permettent de mesurer l'effet global d'une solution supposée polluée. Ils sont d'une grande importance dans la surveillance de la qualité du milieu marin. Les expériences décrites effectuées sur les embryons de mollusques bivalves, concernent le sédiment , qui accumule de nombreux produits toxiques. Afin d'obtenir rapidement des résultats précis, une optimisation du protocole expérimental est proposée. Le traitement des données, particulier, est abordé ensuite et une ana...

  7. Expériences proches de la mort (NDE) et autres états de conscience modifiés: difficultés, besoins et intégration


    Métrailler, Delphine; Berthod, Marc-Antoine


    Sorties hors-du-corps, rêves lucides, dialogues avec des personnes décédées, médiumnité, expériences proches de la mort… Plusieurs milliers de personnes vivent des phénomènes liés à des états de conscience modifiés. S’ils sont courants et bienvenus dans d’autres cultures et bien que de plus en plus de personnes s’intéressent à ces événements, ils sont encore peu connus et moins recherchés dans notre culture occidentale. De nombreux films comme "L’expérience interdite" de Joel Schumacher, "Gho...

  8. Assortative mating and directional or stabilizing selection for a non-linear function of traits in Tribolium. (United States)

    Campo, J L; Gil, M G


    Assortative or random mating following selection in either direction on a non-linear index (experiment 1) or stabilizing selection for pupal length (experiment 2) were carried out for five generations in two lines of Tribolium castaneum (A and R, respectively), with three replicates each. The selected proportion was 25% in all lines. In experiment 1, the selection criterion was designed to increase the aggregate value of adult weight and the first- and second-order powers of pupal length. The A and R lines gave significant responses for the aggregate value (184 ± 6 and 161 ± 14, respectively), pupal length (0.74 ± 0.02 and 0.64 ± 0.05, respectively), and adult weight (0.79 ± 0.03 and 0.78 ± 0.12, respectively). Although the A line was not significantly better than the R line, there was a consistent advantage for assortative mating over random mating, the mean response for aggregate value and pupal length being approximately 1.15 times greater for the A line. In experiment 2 the selection criterion was the square of the deviation from the mean pupal length (stabilizing selection); both lines did not show any change for pupal length. The phenotypic variance showed a significant decrease in the A and R lines, due to a decrease in between-family variance. The assortatively and randomly mated lines were similar for these changes in phenotypic variation. RESUMEN: Aparemiento clasificado y selección direccional o estabilizante para una función no lineal en Tribolium. Dos líneas de Tribolium castaneum fueron seleccionadas direccionalmente para un índice no lineal (experimento 1) o estabilizantemente para longitud de pupa (experimento 2), apareando los animales seleccionados clasificadamente (A) o aleatoriamente (R). Había tres repeticiones por experimento y línea, siendo la proporción de selección el 25%. En el experimento 1, el objetivo de selección incluía el peso adulto así como la longitud de pupa y su cuadrado. Ambas líneas dieron respuesta

  9. M4FT-15LL0806062-LLNL Thermodynamic and Sorption Data FY15 Progress Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zavarin, M. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Wolery, T. J. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    This progress report (Milestone Number M4FT-15LL0806062) summarizes research conducted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) within Work Package Number FT-15LL080606. The focus of this research is the thermodynamic modeling of Engineered Barrier System (EBS) materials and properties and development of thermodynamic databases and models to evaluate the stability of EBS materials and their interactions with fluids at various physicochemical conditions relevant to subsurface repository environments. The development and implementation of equilibrium thermodynamic models are intended to describe chemical and physical processes such as solubility, sorption, and diffusion.

  10. Exploration d'une expérience PV en champ électrique transverse, exploitant la détection par émission stimulée (United States)

    Jahier, E.; Guéna, J.; Lintz, M.; Jacquier, Ph.; Bouchiat, M. A.


    Nous présentons ici les premières étapes de la mise en place d'une expérience de violation de parité dans l'atome de césium, dans une nouvelle configuration expérimentale. II s'agit d'une expérience pompe-sonde, exploitant la détection par émission stimulée, où la transition d'excitation est assistée par l'application d'un champ électrique transverse. La possibilité d'appliquer un champ électrique transverse homogène dans une vapeur dense de césium vient de l'emploi de cellules en saphir, dont la conductivité électrique au contact du césium est de plusieurs ordres de grandeur inférieure à celles des cellules en verre.

  11. UX-15 Reaches LEP

    CERN Multimedia


    The creation of the world's largest sandstone cavern, not a small feat! At the bottom, cave-in preventing steel mesh can be seen clinging to the top of the tunnel. The digging of UX-15, the cavern that will house ATLAS, reached the upper ceiling of LEP on October 10th. The breakthrough which took place nearly 100 metres underground occurred precisely on schedule and exactly as planned. But much caution was taken beforehand to make the LEP breakthrough clean and safe. To prevent the possibility of cave-ins in the side tunnels that will eventually be attached to the completed UX-15 cavern, reinforcing steel mesh was fixed into the walls with bolts. Obviously no people were allowed in the LEP tunnels below UX-15 as the breakthrough occurred. The area was completely evacuated and fences were put into place to keep all personnel out. However, while personnel were being kept out of the tunnels below, this has been anything but the case for the work taking place up above. With the creation of the world's largest...

  12. Influence du contexte expérimental sur l’interprétation des anaphores pronominales en français

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colonna Saveria


    Full Text Available Cette étude présente les résultats de trois questionnaires réalisés en français afin d’observer les préférences d’interprétation de formes pronominales ambiguës. Plus précisément, nous nous sommes intéressés à l’influence du contexte expérimental sur l’interprétation de pronoms anaphoriques plus ou moins réduits. Dans un premier questionnaire, seules des constructions avec le pronom faible « il » étaient présentées. Un deuxième questionnaire comportait seulement la forme forte « lui, il ». Enfin, dans un troisième questionnaire les deux formes étaient mélangées afin d’observer si la présence, dans un même questionnaire, des deux formes (« il » et « lui, il » pouvait influencer leur interprétation. C’est seulement lorsque les deux formes sont présentées dans un même questionnaire que nous observons une division fonctionnelle entre la forme pronominale réduite « il » et la forme accentuée « lui, il ». La présence de « lui, il » dans le même questionnaire que le pronom « il », augmente les interprétations du pronom « il » en faveur du référent saillant (premier mentionné, sujet et topique et les interprétations de « lui, il » en faveur de l’antécédent moins saillant. Ces résultats révèlent à quel point les locuteurs sont rapidement capables d’adapter leur préférence d’interprétation à la présence de formes alternatives dans le contexte.

  13. Dosage de la 25 OH vitamine D: expérience du laboratoire central de biochimie clinique du Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina (United States)

    Handor, Najat; Elalami, Sanae; Bouabdellah, Mounya; Srifi, Abdelatif; Esselmani, Hicham; Benchekroun, Laila; Chabraoui, Layachi


    La connaissance de la physiologie de la vitamine D a considérablement progressé ces dernières années, la faisant passer de simple vitamine à tropisme purement phosphocalcique et osseux à celui d'hormone jouant un rôle crucial dans de nombreux mécanismes physiologiques et dont le déficit est impliqué dans plusieurs pathologies. Nous présentons, dans ce travail, l'expérience du laboratoire central de biochimie dans le dosage de la 25 OH vitamine D. Enquête descriptive exhaustive portant sur les dosages de la 25 OH vitamine D effectués chez 350 patients du Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina (CHIS). La méthode adoptée est un dosage immunologique par chimiluminescence sur microparticules réalisés sur l'auto-analyseur ARCHITECT 8200 (ABBOTT®) pendant une période de six mois (du 01 Juin 2011 au 31 Decembre 2011). Quatre vingt et onze pourcent des patients présentent une hypovitaminose. En effet 76,6% des patients souffrent d'une insuffisance en vitamine D, 12,3% de carence vitaminique et 2,6% d'ostéomalacie. L'hypovitaminose est associée dans 92,18% des cas à une normocalcémie, dans 76,87% des cas à une Hyperparathormone, dans 92,81% à des troubles thyroïdiens et dans 97,5% à une insuffisance rénale. Par ailleurs aucune relation statistiquement significative n'est établie entre l'hypovitaminose et le diabète. A la lumière des implications des hypovitaminoses dans plusieurs pathologies ou dans leurs complications et au vu du nombre élevé de patients présentant un déficit en vitamine D, il paraît judicieux d'envisager une étude épidémiologique sur le statut en vitamine D dans la population marocaine comme outil préventif avant d'élargir le dosage de ce marqueur biologique en vue d'une éventuelle supplémentation. PMID:25374649

  14. Levantamento pedológico da estação experimental de Pindamonhangaba A soil survey of the Pindamonhangaba agr. Exp. Sta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alfredo Küpper


    Full Text Available No presente trabalho são estudados, classificados e delimitados os solos da Estação Experimental de Pindamonhangaba. Êsse campo experimental possui uma área de 226 hectares, ou 93,9 alqueires paulistas, dedicando-se a pesquisas agrícolas. Os solos estão classificados em séries monotípicas ou tipos de solo, grande grupo, subordem e ordem, segundo a classificação climática. Acompanham cada série descrições morfológica e genética, bem como principais propriedades físicas e químicas. A fertilidade foi analisada somente pelas propriedades químicas de amostras compostas, colhidas em locais diversos dentro da Estação Os solos zonais, da subordem Latossolo, de boa drenagem, compreendem as séries Pinhão, Pinda, Polêmica e Ponte Alta, e os moderadamente drenados estão definidos pelas séries Guatemala e Gleba. Na categoria de intrazonais são encontrados os grandes grupos Glei Pouco Húmico (série Mosqueada e o Glei Húmico (série Estação. A eerie Dourada é a única que se enquadra no grande grupo Aluvião, da ordem azonal.A detailed soil survey of lhe Paraíba Valley (Taubaté basin is being carried on as a cooperative project between the Instituto Agronômico, Campinas, and the Serviço do Vale do Paraíba. As a part of this project, a soil survey of the Pindamonhangaba Agr, Exp. Sta. (226 hectares was made, the results of which are reported in this paper. The soils were classified in monotype series or soil types, Great Soil Group, sub-order, and order, according to the climatic classification. The fertility problems were studied on the basis of composile soil samples several site of the slatian. The zonal soils belong to the sub-order Latosol and were defined in soil types Pinhão, Pinda. Polêmica, and Ponte Alta, as well drained soils, and Guatemala and Gleba as moderately drained ones. As intraional soils was the Mosqueada series present, defined as Low Humíc Gley and Estação Series as Humic Gley. The Dourada

  15. Sulfur isotope geochemistry of the central Japan Sea sediments (IODP Exp. 346) 20 150 kyr ago: Implications for the evolution of Asian Monsoon climate system (United States)

    Oshio, S.; Yamaguchi, K. E.; Takahashi, S.; Naraoka, H.; Ikehara, M.


    Asian monsoon climate system has started about 50 Ma, after the collision of the Indian and Eurasian continents followed by uplift of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau. It has influenced sediments in the Japan Sea, where cm-scale alternation of Corg-rich dark layers and Corg-poor light layers occurs. This is most likely due to temporal changes in the nutrient status and/or oceanic redox conditions, which are likely caused by the fluctuations in the intensity of continental weathering and ocean currents, both of which were ultimately caused by the variable monsoon system. In order to obtain insights into the evolving oceanic redox state and the monsoon system, we conducted sulfur speciation and isotope study for the marine sediment core samples recovered in the central Japan Sea by IODP Exp. 346. The light layers have lower Spy (0.03-0.25 wt.%) contents when compared to the dark layers (0.26-1.49 wt.%). The Corg contents have similar distribution (0.34-1.10 wt.% for light layers and 1.16-3.38 wt.% for dark layers). However, the SSO4 contents (0.02-.64 wt.%) and the δ34S values (-34 to -38‰) did not show such light-dark distinction. Elevated Spy/Corg ratios (0.03-1.00) in the dark layers are interpreted to represent sulfide formation in the anoxic water column by bacterial sulfate reduction. During deposition of light layers, oxidation of sulfide minerals could have resulted in formation of sulfate minerals without significant isotope fractionation, as observed in this study. Regardless of the type of the sediments (dark vs. light), sulfate was not limiting during bacterial sulfate reduction, as reflected in the sulfur isotope compositions. We speculate that, during deposition of dark layers, enhanced summer monsoon activity caused heavy rainfall and increased source-rock weathering, runoff of the Yangtze River, and nutrient input into the East China Sea and the Tsushima Warm Current. Inflow of nutrient-rich and less salty water into the Japan Sea triggered

  16. Surface-stabilized gold nanocatalysts (United States)

    Dai, Sheng [Knoxville, TN; Yan, Wenfu [Oak Ridge, TN


    A surface-stabilized gold nanocatalyst includes a solid support having stabilizing surfaces for supporting gold nanoparticles, and a plurality of gold nanoparticles having an average particle size of less than 8 nm disposed on the stabilizing surfaces. The surface-stabilized gold nanocatalyst provides enhanced stability, such as at high temperature under oxygen containing environments. In one embodiment, the solid support is a multi-layer support comprising at least a first layer having a second layer providing the stabilizing surfaces disposed thereon, the first and second layer being chemically distinct.

  17. Clinical Outcomes Following Revision Anterior Shoulder Stabilization (United States)

    Frank, Rachel M.; Mellano, Chris; Shin, Jason J.; Feldheim, Terrence F.; Mascarenhas, Randhir; Yanke, Adam Blair; Cole, Brian J.; Nicholson, Gregory P.; Romeo, Anthony A.; Verma, Nikhil N.


    Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine the clinical outcomes following revision anterior shoulder stabilization performed either via all-arthroscopic soft tissue repair or via Latarjet coracoid transfer. Methods: A retrospective review of prospectively collected data on 91 shoulders undergoing revision anterior shoulder stabilization was performed. All patients underwent prior soft tissue stabilization; those with prior open bone grafting procedures were excluded. For patients with 25% glenoid bone loss, Latarjet was performed (n=28). Patients were queried regarding recurrent instability (subluxation or dislocation). Clinical outcomes were evaluated using validated patient reported outcome questionnaires including the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) score, Simple Shoulder Test (SST), visual analog scale (VAS) for pain, and Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index (WOSI). Results: A total of 63 shoulders in 62 patients (46 males, 16 females) with an average age of 23.2 ± 6.9 years were included in the revision arthroscopy group. At an average follow-up of 46.9 ± 16.8 months (range, 15 to 78), the mean WOSI score was 80.1 (range, 15.0 to 100), and there were significant improvements (pLatarjet group. Thirteen (46%) had more than one previous stabilization attempt. ), the average WOSI score was 71.9, and there were significant improvements (pLatarjet. Conclusion: Both arthroscopic revision stabilization and Latarjet coracoid transfer result in satisfactory outcomes in patients who have failed previous arthroscopic capsulolabral repair. Recurrent instability rates were higher in the all-arthroscopic group (19% versus 7%). Longer-term studies are required to determine whether similar results are maintained over time, and to provide guidance on focused clinical indications for this challenging patient population.

  18. Hillslope hydrology and stability (United States)

    Lu, Ning; Godt, Jonathan


    Landslides are caused by a failure of the mechanical balance within hillslopes. This balance is governed by two coupled physical processes: hydrological or subsurface flow and stress. The stabilizing strength of hillslope materials depends on effective stress, which is diminished by rainfall. This book presents a cutting-edge quantitative approach to understanding hydro-mechanical processes across variably saturated hillslope environments and to the study and prediction of rainfall-induced landslides. Topics covered include historic synthesis of hillslope geomorphology and hydrology, total and effective stress distributions, critical reviews of shear strength of hillslope materials and different bases for stability analysis. Exercises and homework problems are provided for students to engage with the theory in practice. This is an invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers in hydrology, geomorphology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and geomechanics and for professionals in the fields of civil and environmental engineering and natural hazard analysis.

  19. Marital stability and repartnering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Martins, Mariana V; Costa, Patrício; Peterson, Brennan D


    OBJECTIVE: To compare the trajectories of infertility-related stress between patients who remain in the same relationship and patients who repartner. DESIGN: Longitudinal cohort study using latent growth modeling. SETTING: Fertility centers. PATIENT(S): Childless men and women evaluated before...... starting a new cycle of fertility treatment and observed for a 5-year period of unsuccessful treatments. INTERVENTION(S): None. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Marital stability and infertility-related stress. RESULT(S): The majority of patients (86%) remained with their initial partner, but 14% of participants...... separated and repartnered while pursuing fertility treatments. Marital stability significantly predicted the initial status of infertility stress and infertility stress growth levels. Specifically, patients who repartnered had higher infertility stress levels at all time points compared with those who...

  20. Dynamically stabilized magnetic skyrmions (United States)

    Zhou, Y.; Iacocca, E.; Awad, A. A.; Dumas, R. K.; Zhang, F. C.; Braun, H. B.; Åkerman, J.


    Magnetic skyrmions are topologically non-trivial spin textures that manifest themselves as quasiparticles in ferromagnetic thin films or noncentrosymmetric bulk materials. So far attention has focused on skyrmions stabilized either by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) or by dipolar interaction, where in the latter case the excitations are known as bubble skyrmions. Here we demonstrate the existence of a dynamically stabilized skyrmion, which exists even when dipolar interactions and DMI are absent. We establish how such dynamic skyrmions can be nucleated, sustained and manipulated in an effectively lossless medium under a nanocontact. As quasiparticles, they can be transported between two nanocontacts in a nanowire, even in complete absence of DMI. Conversely, in the presence of DMI, we observe that the dynamical skyrmion experiences strong breathing. All of this points towards a wide range of skyrmion manipulation, which can be studied in a much wider class of materials than considered so far.

  1. Stability of Organic Nanowires

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balzer, F.; Schiek, M.; Wallmann, I.


    The morphological stability of organic nanowires over time and under thermal load is of major importance for their use in any device. In this study the growth and stability of organic nanowires from a naphthyl end-capped thiophene grown by organic molecular beam deposition is investigated via...... atomic force microscopy (AFM). Aging experiments under ambient conditions already show substantial morphological changes. Nanoscopic organic clusters, which initially coexist with the nanowires, vanish within hours. Thermal annealing of nanowire samples leads to even more pronounced morphology changes......, such as a strong decrease in nanowire number density, a strong increase in nanowire height, and the formation of new types of crystallites. This happens even before sublimation of organic material starts. These experiments also shine new light on the formation process of the nanowires....

  2. Glycosylation and thermodynamic versus kinetic stability of horseradish peroxidase

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tams, J.W.; Welinder, Karen G.


    Glycoprotein stability, glycoprotein unfolding, horseradish peroxidase, thermodynamic stability, kinetik stability......Glycoprotein stability, glycoprotein unfolding, horseradish peroxidase, thermodynamic stability, kinetik stability...

  3. Limits of Nuclear Stability

    CERN Document Server

    Nerlo-Pomorska, B; Kleban, M


    The modern version of the liquid-drop model (LSD) is compared with the macroscopic part of the binding energy evaluated within the Hartree-Fock- Bogoliubov procedure with the Gogny force and the relativistic mean field theory. The parameters of a liquid-drop like mass formula which approximate on the average the self-consistent results are compared with other models. The limits of nuclear stability predicted by these models are discussed.

  4. Chromium and Genomic Stability


    Wise, Sandra S.; Wise, John Pierce


    Many metals serve as micronutrients which protect against genomic instability. Chromium is most abundant in its trivalent and hexavalent forms. Trivalent chromium has historically been considered an essential element, though recent data indicate that while it can have pharmacological effects and value, it is not essential. There are no data indicating that trivalent chromium promotes genomic stability and, instead may promote genomic instability. Hexavalent chromium is widely accepted as high...

  5. Heterotic moduli stabilization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cicoli, M. [Bologna Univ. (Italy). Dipt. Fisica ed Astronomia; INFN, Bologna (Italy); Adbus Salam ICTP, Trieste (Italy); De Alwis, S. [Adbus Salam ICTP, Trieste (Italy); Colorado Univ., Boulder, CO (United States). UCB 390 Physics Dept.; Westphal, A. [DESY Hamburg (Germany). Theory Group


    We perform a systematic analysis of moduli stabilization for weakly coupled heterotic string theory compactified on smooth Calabi-Yau three-folds. We focus on both supersymmetric and supersymmetry breaking vacua of generic (0,2) compactifications obtained by minimising the total (F+D)-term scalar potential. After reviewing how to stabilise all the geometric moduli in a supersymmetric way by including fractional fluxes, non-perturbative and threshold effects, we show that the inclusion of {alpha}' corrections leads to new de Sitter or nearly Minkowski vacua which break supersymmetry spontaneously. The minimum lies at moderately large volumes of all the geometric moduli, at perturbative values of the string coupling and at the right phenomenological value of the GUT gauge coupling. However the structure of the heterotic 3-form flux used for complex structure moduli stabilization does not contain enough freedom to tune the superpotential. This results in the generic prediction of high-scale supersymmetry breaking around the GUT scale. We finally provide a dynamical derivation of anisotropic compactifications with stabilized moduli which allow for perturbative gauge coupling unification around 10{sup 16} GeV.

  6. Vibrational stability of graphene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yangfan Hu


    Full Text Available The mechanical stability of graphene as temperature rises is analyzed based on three different self-consistent phonon (SCP models. Compared with three-dimensional (3-D materials, the critical temperature Ti at which instability occurs for graphene is much closer to its melting temperature Tm obtained from Monte Carlo simulation (Ti ≃ 2Tm, K. V. Zakharchenko, A. Fasolino, J. H. Los, and M. I. Katsnelson, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 23, 202202. This suggests that thermal vibration plays a significant role in melting of graphene while melting for 3-D materials is often dominated by topologic defects. This peculiar property of graphene derives from its high structural anisotropy, which is characterized by the vibrational anisotropic coefficient (VAC, defined upon its Lindermann ratios in different directions. For any carbon based material with a graphene-like structure, the VAC value must be smaller than 5.4 to maintain its stability. It is also found that the high VAC value of graphene is responsible for its negative thermal expansion coefficient at low temperature range. We believe that the VAC can be regarded as a new criterion concerning the vibrational stability of any low-dimensional (low-D materials.

  7. Improved roof stabilization technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ebadian, M.A.


    Decontamination and decommissioning (D and D) activities require that personnel have access to all areas of structures, some of which are more than 40 years old. In many cases, these structures have remained in a standby condition for up to 10 years; few preventative maintenance activities have been performed on them because of lack of funding or a defined future plan of action. This situation has led to deteriorated building conditions, resulting in potential personnel safety hazards. In addition, leaky roofs allow water to enter the buildings, which can cause the spread of contamination and increase building deterioration, worsening the already unsafe working conditions. To ensure worker safety and facilitate building dismantlement, the assessment of roof stabilization techniques applicable to US Department of Energy (DOE) structures has become an important issue. During Fiscal year 1997 (FY97), a comprehensive reliability-based model for the structural stabilization analysis of roof system in complex structures was developed. The model consists of three major components: a material testing method, a deterministic structural computer model, and a reliability-based optimization, and probabilistic analyses of roof structures can be implemented. Given site-specific needs, this model recommends the most appropriate roof stabilization system. This model will give not only an accurate evaluation of the existing roof system in complex structures, but it will also be a reliable method to aid the decision-making process. This final report includes in its appendix a Users` Manual for the Program of Deterministic and Reliability Analysis of Roof Structures.

  8. 15th Cluster workshop

    CERN Document Server

    Laakso, Harri; Escoubet, C. Philippe; The Cluster Active Archive : Studying the Earth’s Space Plasma Environment


    Since the year 2000 the ESA Cluster mission has been investigating the small-scale structures and processes of the Earth's plasma environment, such as those involved in the interaction between the solar wind and the magnetospheric plasma, in global magnetotail dynamics, in cross-tail currents, and in the formation and dynamics of the neutral line and of plasmoids. This book contains presentations made at the 15th Cluster workshop held in March 2008. It also presents several articles about the Cluster Active Archive and its datasets, a few overview papers on the Cluster mission, and articles reporting on scientific findings on the solar wind, the magnetosheath, the magnetopause and the magnetotail.

  9. A transmission line phase stabilizer (United States)

    Lutes, G. F.


    To meet the phase stability requirements of certain experiments performed with the Deep Space Network, transmission lines carrying reference signals must be stabilized to reduce changes in their electrical length due to mechanical movement or changes in ambient temperature. A transmission line phase stabilizer being developed at JPL to perform this function is described.

  10. Stability of biogenic metal(loid) nanomaterials related to the colloidal stabilization theory of chemical nanostructures. (United States)

    Piacenza, Elena; Presentato, Alessandro; Turner, Raymond J


    In the last 15 years, the exploitation of biological systems (i.e. plants, bacteria, mycelial fungi, yeasts, and algae) to produce metal(loid) (Me)-based nanomaterials has been evaluated as eco-friendly and a cost-effective alternative to the chemical synthesis processes. Although the biological mechanisms of biogenic Me-nanomaterial (Bio-Me-nanomaterials) production are not yet completely elucidated, a key advantage of such bio-nanostructures over those chemically synthesized is related to their natural thermodynamic stability, with several studies ascribed to the presence of an organic layer surrounding these Bio-Me-nanostructures. Different macromolecules (e.g. proteins, peptides, lipids, DNA, and polysaccharides) or secondary metabolites (e.g. flavonoids, terpenoids, glycosides, organic acids, and alkaloids) naturally produced by organisms have been indicated as main contributors to the stabilization of Bio-Me-nanostructures. Nevertheless, the chemical-physical mechanisms behind the ability of these molecules in providing stability to Bio-Me-nanomaterials are unknown. In this context, transposing the stabilization theory of chemically synthesized Me-nanomaterials (Ch-Me-nanomaterials) to biogenic materials can be used towards a better comprehension of macromolecules and secondary metabolites role as stabilizing agents of Bio-Me-nanomaterials. According to this theory, nanomaterials are generally featured by high thermodynamic instability in suspension, due to their high surface area and surface energy. This feature leads to the necessity to stabilize chemical nanostructures, even during or directly after their synthesis, through the development of (i) electrostatic, (ii) steric, or (iii) electrosteric interactions occurring between molecules and nanomaterials in suspension. Based on these three mechanisms, this review is focused on parallels between the stabilization of biogenic or chemical nanomaterials, suggesting which chemical-physical mechanisms may be

  11. Standing Stability in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.T. Karimi


    Full Text Available Aims: Being prevalent in the more than 40 years old persons, the knee osteoarthritis is one of the main factors in the function system failure mainly affecting their life. There is a type of instability in the persons with knee osteoarthritis, which is an increase in the domain and frequency of body pressure center. The aim of the present study was to compare the standing stability parameters in persons with knee osteoarthritis and healthy persons. Instrument & Methods: In this case-control, 15 patients with knee osteoarthritis referred to the physiotherapy clinic of the rehabilitation center and Al-Zahra hospital were studied in the muscle-skeletal research center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2015. The subjects were selected via stratified sampling method. As control group, 15 healthy persons were also studied in Isfahan. Total path length and the domain and frequency of pressure center in different directions were measured to assess the stability. Data was analyzed by SPSS 19 software using descriptive statistics and paired T test. Findings: There were increases in the mean movement domain and the frequency of pressure center in the anterior-posterior and the internal-external directions, as well as in the total path proceeded by the pressure center in the internal-external direction, in the persons with knee osteoarthritis than the healthy persons (p0.05. Conclusion: Standing stability and balance in persons with knee osteoarthritis decreases compared to healthy persons.

  12. Stability of Silver Nanoparticles as Imaging Materials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Umi Nur Sholikhah


    Full Text Available Determining the stability of silver nanoparticles is a very important process. It was associated with unwanted metal charge and materials properties. Therefore, we studied to synthesis and stability of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs. The synthesis was performed by reduction method used sodium borohydride (NaBH4. Silver nitrate solution 0.0005 M in 1 mL was reduced using 1 mL 0.002 M of NaBH4. Then a 40.0 mL of polyvinylpyrrolidone 0.3% and 20 mL of 1.5 N NaCl was added to the mixture. Characterization of silver nanoparticles is undertaken using spectrophotometer UV-Vis, transmission electron microscopy, particle size analyzer and zeta potential. The stability of products is observed for 5 times using spectrophotometer UV-Vis. The product was characterized by determining its surface plasmon resonance (SPR of AgNPs and the result was obtained at 403 nm. The size of AgNPs was 20 nm using tomography emission microscopy analysis and the particle size distribution give 5.8 nm. The dielectric charge was 53 mV. The stable AgNPs showed no significant SPR shift at 402±0.89 nm wavelength during 5 days observation. Based on the size and stability, it was suitable for imaging materials.

  13. Gaining stability in pit-bottom workings at great depths

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Trunov, L.F.; Khalimendik, Yu.M.; Losev, G.F.; Zborshchik, M.P.; Nazimko, V.V. (Shakhta im. Bazhanova (Ukraine))


    Presents a case study of lost stability of an explosive store-room caused by second drivage of a pipeline drift at a distance of 15-37 m in the Bazhanova mine. The mechanism of rock breaking was monitored with the aid of indicator props and modelled by the finite element method. The progress of rock breaking and weakening is discussed. Development of rock pressure and stabilization of the weakened rock by injection of a cement-rock mixture are described. Application of a four-element closed support with injection of a cement-sand mixture proved to be the most suitable stabilization method. 3 refs.

  14. Multiphase Reactors: Models and Experimental Verification Les réacteurs polyphasés : modèles et vérification expérimentale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dudukovic M. P.


    implementation of a convection dispersion model. The planned implementation of fan-beam tomography would quantify the two-dimensional holdup distribution and together with CARPT provide all the data necessary for verification of fundamental two phase flow models. Pressure drop, holdup, flow regime transition and phase distribution in trickle-beds has received considerable attention but no generally accepted theory for prediction of these quantities exists. Here we describe a phenomenological model for the low interaction regime which views the bed as an array of slits with liquid film flow. Universal velocity profile is used to describe the flow in both liquid films and the gas core and a large data bank for pressure drop and holdup was used to confirm that in the low interaction regime each of the two phases ignores the presence of the other one. The final model contains only two parameters, which are determined from single phase flow experiments, and contains no constants fitted to two phase flow data. The model predicts pressure drop and holdup in the uniform low interaction regime better than any of the existing models. Furthermore, introducing the Kapitza's criterion for laminar liquid film instability into the model the flow regime transition to pulsing is predicted well for all the data that satisfy the conditions for the theory to apply. Other pore level transition mechanisms are suspected for other data. The above phenomenological model is also used as a basis for predicting liquid distribution in a cell model of a trickle-bed. Experimental confirmation awaits the application of PET technology. L'identification et la quantification des régimes, des distributions des rétentions de phase, des schémas de flux et du mélange en retour sont d'une importance primordiale pour extrapoler à l'échelle et concevoir correctement les réacteurs polyphasés. Les modèles existants sont, malheureusement, bien souvent étayés par des résultats expérimentaux inadéquats. Nous d

  15. SPAT 15 - Assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bartley, J.C. (Coordinator)


    In the Spring of 1997, the Department of Energy's Department Standards Committee (DSC) convened a Standards Process Action Team (SPAT-15) to evaluate assessment processes within the DOE complex. If time and resources permitted, the team was also to evaluate assessment processes used by private industry conducting similar work and activities. The specific task statement was as follows: "Define the attributes of assessment programs that effectively support organizational feedback and improvement of safety systems at all the different levels of contractor and Department organizations." The team gathered information on existing assessment programs through surveys and presentations by representatives from national laboratories, processing facilities, and remediation sites. Examples of assessment programs described in this report encompass site-wide, individual facility, and task level applications within the DOE compIex

  16. Physics Colloquium | 15 April

    CERN Multimedia


    From multiferroic oxides to cosmology with electronic structure calculations, Professeur Nicola Spaldin, Materials Theory, ETH Zürich. Monday 15 April 2013, 5 pm École de Physique, Auditoire Stueckelberg 24, quai Ernest-Ansermet, 1211 Genève 4 Abstract: What happened in the early universe just after the Big Bang? This is one of the most intriguing basic questions in all of science, and is difficult to answer because of insurmountable issues associated with replaying the Big Bang in the laboratory. One route to the answer is to use condensed matter systems to test the so-called "Kibble- Zurek" scaling laws for the formation of defects such as cosmic strings that are proposed to have formed in the early universe. In this talk I will show that a popular multiferroic material -- with its coexisting magnetic, ferroelectric and structural phase transitions -- generates the crystallographic equivalent of cosmic strings. I will describe how we used electronic struc...

  17. Moral Hazard and Stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tumennasan, Norovsambuu


    Economists perceive moral hazard as an undesirable problem because it undermines efficiency. Carefully designed contracts can mitigate the moral hazard problem, but this assumes that a team is already formed. This paper demonstrates that these contracts are sometimes the reason why teams do...... not form. Formally, we study the team formation problem in which the agents’ efforts are not verifiable and the size of teams does not exceed quota r . We show that if the team members cannot make transfers, then moral hazard affects stability positively in a large class of games. For example, a stable...

  18. Core stability and bicycling. (United States)

    Asplund, Chad; Ross, Michael


    Bicycling is a popular fitness activity in the United States and around the world. Because of the nature of the bicycling position, the neck and back are at risk for injury. One method to prevent these injuries is to ensure that the body's "core" is strong and stable. A strong and stable core also provides a platform to maximize power transfer, improving performance. Core exercises also may enhance recovery from intense bicycling efforts. Simple stability exercises can improve performance and may prevent injuries in bicyclists.

  19. Cosmic baldness and stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Panchapakesan, N.; Lohiya, D.


    The stability of the de Sitter metric and the relevance of the initial state of a domain which approaches a de Sitter universe asymptotically are investigated analytically, adapting the one-dimensional wave equation with effective potential derived by Khanal and Panchapakesan (1981), for the perturbations of the de Sitter-Schwarzschild metric, to the de Sitter case. It is demonstrated that initial nonspherical perturbations do not increase exponentially with time but rather decay, the frozen modes exponentially and the backscattered perturbations of finite angular momentum l as t to the -(2l - l). It is concluded that the cosmic horizon is stable and has no hair. 14 references.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Fourteen lentil genotypes were tested for grain yield in Southeastern Anatolia ecological conditions, over our consecutive years to classify these cultivars for yield stability. Seed yield ranged from 1.903 t/ha to 1.367 t/ha. RM76, RM601 and RM152 showed regression coeffi cient above 1.00, but RM76 among these lines was consistently produced the highest yields. The unstable cultivars, RM601 and RM152 had the highest S2 values and high C.V. for grain yield.

  1. Sustainability, Stability, and Resilience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Don Ludwig


    Full Text Available The purpose of this essay is to define and refine the concepts of stability and resilience and to demonstrate their value in understanding the behavior of exploited systems. Some ecological systems display several possible stable states. They may also show a hysteresis effect in which, even after a long time, the state of the system may be partly determined by its history. The concept of resilience depends upon our objectives, the types of disturbances that we anticipate, control measures that are available, and the time scale of interest.

  2. Stability Landscape of Shell Buckling (United States)

    Virot, Emmanuel; Kreilos, Tobias; Schneider, Tobias M.; Rubinstein, Shmuel M.


    We measure the response of cylindrical shells to poking and identify a stability landscape, which fully characterizes the stability of perfect shells and imperfect ones in the case where a single defect dominates. We show that the landscape of stability is independent of the loading protocol and the poker geometry. Our results suggest that the complex stability of shells reduces to a low dimensional description. Tracking ridges and valleys of this landscape defines a natural phase-space coordinates for describing the stability of shells.

  3. Le Gascon extravagant, la valeur de l’expérience et la fiction comme discours d’histoire (de Loudun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurence Giavarini


    Full Text Available J’interroge dans cet article le rapport que le roman du Gascon entretient avec l’événement de la possession de Loudun qui n’y est jamais mentionné en tant que tel, mais sert constamment de référence à la lecture qu’on peut en faire. Comment l’écrit qu’est le Gascon participe-t-il de l’événement d’écritures qu’est, suivant l’analyse de Michel de Certeau, la possession de Loudun ? J’analyse successivement la façon dont la possession est d’emblée inscrite dans un lieu de la philosophie épicurienne, comment le récit enchâssé dans la fiction-cadre développe l’expérience du Gascon en une éthique du corps, et comment le roman peut ainsi se lire comme une « histoire de Loudun » en tant que symptôme. Le Gascon extravagant et sa préface se lisent ainsi comme des textes interrogeant dans la possession un théâtre du corps qui fonctionne à l’inverse d’une éthique des actions. Le roman serait une autre forme de consolation du problème religieux que la possession a « réglée » d’une manière spectaculaire et a-mémorielle, en se proposant pour sa part comme un fragment de mémoire gasconne et, sinon libertine, du moins protestante.Le Gascon extravagant, value of experience and fiction as a speech on the history (of Loudun : In this paper, I question the relation between the novel of the Gascon and the event of the demonic possession of the Ursulines in Loudun. This event is never mentioned, however it is constantly used as a reference in our way to read the novel. How the written piece that the Gascon is, does take part in the event of writings which is immediately this demonic possession, as stated by Michel de Certeau in his analysis ? I analyse first the way how this possession is immediately abscribed within a common place of the Epicurian philosophy, then how does the story embedded in the fiction-framework develop the gascon’s experience as a body ethics, and finally how the novel

  4. S’exercer à l’empathie : une expérience pédagogique en design d’intérieur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabah Bousbaci


    de l’autre, de le comprendre et de ressentir ses sentiments et ses émotions, est bien adapté pour explorer cette attitude. Cet article est composé de deux parties. La première présente une expérience pédagogique en design d’intérieur où des étudiants apprennent à se représenter les usagers de leur projet d’aménagement en utilisant un outil méthodologique appelé « boussole éthique ». Cette boussole est constituée essentiellement de trois pôles qui renvoient aux trois rapports fondamentaux de l’être humain tels qu’étudiés dans la tradition stoïcienne : rapport à soi-même, à autrui et à la nature. Dans la seconde partie, l’article met en relief plusieurs éléments théoriques qui permettent de comprendre, de consolider et, éventuellement, de faire évoluer les bases conceptuelles qui sous-tendent cette démarche. Il s’agira notamment des théories éthiques et de certaines approches spécifiques au concept de l’empathie.

  5. Effects of poultry manure supplemented by NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    , respectively. ... gestation crop that requires fast release of nutrients in the ... supplemented by NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer on cucumber vine length for wet season crops. (cm). Treatment. 2 WAP. 4 WAP. 6 WAP. 8 WAP. Control.

  6. Ligand-Stabilized Reduced-Dimensionality Perovskites

    KAUST Repository

    Quan, Li Na


    Metal halide perovskites have rapidly advanced thin film photovoltaic performance; as a result, the materials’ observed instabilities urgently require a solution. Using density functional theory (DFT), we show that a low energy of formation, exacerbated in the presence of humidity, explains the propensity of perovskites to decompose back into their precursors. We find, also using DFT, that intercalation of phenylethylammonium between perovskite layers introduces quantitatively appreciable van der Waals interactions; and these drive an increased formation energy and should therefore improve material stability. Here we report the reduced-dimensionality (quasi-2D) perovskite films that exhibit improved stability while retaining the high performance of conventional three-dimensional perovskites. Continuous tuning of the dimensionality, as assessed using photophysical studies, is achieved by the choice of stoichiometry in materials synthesis. We achieved the first certified hysteresis-free solar power conversion in a planar perovskite solar cell, obtaining a 15.3% certified PCE, and observe greatly improved performance longevity.

  7. Providing emotional stability through relaxation training. (United States)

    Janbozorgi, M; Zahirodin, A; Norri, N; Ghafarsamar, R; Shams, J


    To determine the effects of integrative relaxation training (IRT) on emotional stability, we exposed 32 patients diagnosed with anxiety disorder to a pre-test (16PF) and to 12 sessions of group psychoeducation training. Patients were randomly assigned to 2 groups (study 17 and control 15 patients). The study group received 12 weekly group sessions of IRT. Level of anxiety was evaluated in a post-test using a questionnaire and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). Emotional stability and level of anxiety were significantly reduced in the study group: there was a marked increase in scores for emotionally s and venturesome and a decrease in scores for apprehensive and tense. The STAI score was statistically significantly lower in the study group.

  8. Effects of Cultivars and Rates of NPK (15-15-15) Fertilizer ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The influence of maize (zea mays L.) cultivars and levels of NPK (151515) fertilizer application was studied for two years at the Experimental Farm of the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State in the rainforest zone of South Western Nigeria. Commercial NPK (151515) fertilizer was applied at 0, 250, 500 and 750kg/ha to ...

  9. Stability of the Levitron (United States)

    Heflinger, Lee O.; Ridgway, S. L.; Simon, Martin D.


    The Levitron, manufactured by Fascinations in Seattle WA, successfully demonstrates magnetic suspension. A 22 gram spinning magnetic dipole top is supported by magnetic forces that balance its weight about 3.2 cm above a magnetized base, and it will float about two minutes until its spin rate has declined to about 1000 rpm. However, since in general it is not possible (The Feynman Lectures on Physics Volume II, 5-4) to have a potential energy minimum or maximum for any rigidly connected system of poles in a magnetic field, the stability of the Levitron is not obvious. Gyroscopic forces that prevent the top from flipping over and being attracted to the base have been suggested as the source of the stability (US Patent 5,404,062, Hones et al.). We find that fixing the direction of the top axis in space is not sufficient. An analysis and numerical integration of the five degree of freedom equations of motion of the top that includes gyroscopic precession around the local magnetic field lines do predict that the top will be supported stably up to spin speeds of 2100 rpm.

  10. Genotype adaptability and stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitrijević Miodrag


    Full Text Available One of the primary concerns in breeding programs is a small genotype reaction to environmental factor variation for better usage of yield genetic potential. Particularly if one takes in consideration that yield could van greatly because of more and more variable meteorological conditions. Studies conducted to observe genotype and environmental relations relay on numerous mathematical models, but genotype behavior in various ecological conditions is not, still, precisely defined Major sources of variation influencing genotype behavior in different environments are genotype/environment interaction, genetic background and environmental conditions. These factors could play an important role in establishing growth regions for maximal realization of genotype genetic potential, as well as in selection of genotypes having better response to complex requirements of particular growth region. Stability, the genotype ability to perform high, uniform yield no meter of different environmental conditions, and adaptability, genotype ability to give uniform yield in a different environmental conditions, are two common terms used to define genotype reaction in a consequence of environmental changes. Most of the models dealing with stability and adaptability are based on variation sources appearing under the influence of treatment, multivariate effects and residue. No meter which statistical model is used for GE interaction estimation, there is an opinion that no solid proof for the existence of stable genotypes obtained in breeding programs, which make some space for further investigations. There are still questions to answer dealing with definitions, sources of variation, usage value of existent models and interpretation of the results. .

  11. Gender and family stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available The increasing trend of partnership disruption among families with children in recent decades has been accompanied by substantial changes in traditional gender roles in industrialized countries. Yet, relatively little is known about the effects of changing gender relations on family stability in the European context. In this paper, we study such gender influences at the familial and societal level in Sweden and Hungary between the mid-1960s and the early 1990s. We focus on the disruption of the first parental union (i.e. the union in which a couple's first child was born. Our analysis is based on data extracted from the Swedish and Hungarian Fertility and Family Surveys of 1992/93. We use the method of hazard regression. The results suggest (i that the establishment of the dual-earner family model influences family stability only if it is accompanied by some changes in traditional gender relations within the family, and (ii that women's and men's labor-market behavior have different effects in spite of the relatively long history of women's (also mothers' labor-force participation in both Sweden and Hungary.

  12. Polymer Thin Film Stabilization. (United States)

    Costa, A. C.; Oslanec, R.; Composto, R. J.; Vlcek, P.


    We study the dewetting dynamics of thin polystyrene (PS) films deposited on silicon oxide surfaces using optical (OM) and atomic force (AFM) microscopes. Quantitative analysis of the hole diameter as a function of annealing time at 175^oC shows that blending poly(styrene-block-methyl-methacrylate) (PS-b-PMMA) with PS acts to dramatically slow down the dewetting rate and even stops holes growth before they impinge. AFM studies show that the hole floor is smooth for a pure PS film but contains residual polymer for the blend. At 5% vol., a PS-b-PMMA with high molar mass and low PMMA is a more effective stabilizing agent than a low molar mass/high PMMA additive. The optimum copolymer concentration is 3% vol. beyond which film stability doesn't improve. Although dewetting is slowed down relative to pure PS, PS/PS-b-PMMA bilayers dewet at a faster rate than blends having the same overall additive concentration.

  13. Stability of the Martian atmosphere: Is heterogeneous catalysis essential? (United States)

    Atreya, Sushil K.; Gu, Zhen Gang


    A comprehensive homogeneous gas phase photochemical model is developed to study the problem of stability of the Martian atmosphere. The one-dimensional model extends from the ground up to 220 km, passing through the homopause at 125 km. The model thus couples the lower (neutral) atmosphere to the ionosphere above which provides significant downward flux of carbon monoxide and oxygen atoms. It is concluded on the basic of currently accepted values for globally and seasonally averaged water vapor abundance, dust opacity and the middle atmospheric eddy mixing coefficient, as well as the relevant laboratory data (particularly the temperature dependence of CO2 absorption cross section and the rate constant for CO+OH reaction), that the rate of re-formation of carbon dioxide exceeds its photolytic destruction rate by about 40%. Furthermore, it is found that this result is virtually independent of the choice of eddy mixing coefficient, unless its value in the middle atmosphere exceeds 10(exp 8) sq cm/sec or is far smaller than 10(exp 5)sq cm/sec, or the dust opacity, unless it exceeds unity, or the water vapor mixing ratio at the surface, unless it is far smaller (less than or = 1 ppm) or far greater (greater than or = 500 ppm) than the average value (approximately 150 ppm). Since none of these extremes represent globally and seasonally averaged conditions on Mars, we propose that the present model requires existence of a mechanism to throttle down the recycling rate of carbon dioxide on Mars. Therefore, it is suggested that a heterogeneous process which provides a sink to the species that participate in the recycling of CO2, i.e., H2O, H2O2, OH, CO or O, in particular, may be necessary to bring about the balance between the CO2 recycling rate and its photolytic destruction rate. Aerosols of dust or ice (pure or doped water or carbon dioxide ice present in the atmosphere of Mars) can provide the appropriate adsorption sites for the above heterogeneous process. Despite our

  14. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Sirmons, T.; Cooper, M.; Douglas, G.


    NASA has established the goal of traveling beyond low-Earth orbit and extending manned exploration to Mars. The length of proposed Mars missions and the lack of resupply missions increases the importance of nutritional content in the food system, which will need a five-year shelf life. The purpose of this research is to assess the stability of vitamin supplementation in traditionally processed spaceflight foods. It is expected that commercially available fortification nutrients will remain stable through a long duration exploration mission at sufficient levels if compatible formulation, processing, and storage temperatures are achieved. Five vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and thiamin) were blended into a vitamin premix (DSM, Freeport, TX) such that the vitamin concentration per serving equaled 25% of the recommended daily intake after two years of ambient storage. Four freeze-dried foods (Scrambled Eggs, Italian Vegetables, Potatoes Au Gratin, Noodles and Chicken) and four thermo-stabilized foods (Curry Sauce with Vegetables, Chicken Noodle Soup, Grilled Pork Chop, Rice with Butter) were produced, with and without the vitamin premix, to assess the impact of the added fortification on color and taste and to determine the stability of supplemental vitamins in spaceflight foods. The addition of fortification to spaceflight foods did not greatly alter the organoleptic properties of most products. In most cases, overall acceptability scores remained above 6.0 (minimum acceptable score) following six months and one year of low-temperature storage. Likewise, the color of fortified products appears to be preserved over one year of storage. The only exceptions were Grilled pork Chop and Chicken Noodle Soup whose individual components appeareddegrade rapidly over one year of storage. Finally, most vitamins appeared to be stable during long-term storage. The only exception was thiamin, which degraded rapidly during the first year of storage at

  15. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Abdulmalik, T. O.; Cooper, M. R.; Douglas, G. L.


    NASA has established the goal of traveling beyond low-Earth orbit and extending manned exploration to Mars. The extended length of a Mars mission, along with the lack of resupply missions increases the importance of nutritional content in the food system. The purpose of this research is to assess the stability of vitamin supplementation in traditionally processed spaceflight foods. It is expected that commercially available fortificants will remain stable through long-duration missions if proper formulation, processing, and storage temperatures are all achieved. Five vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and thiamin) were blended into a vitamin premix (DSM, Freeport, TX); premixes were formulated to be compatible with current processing techniques (retort or freeze-dried), varied water activities (high or low), and packaging material. The overall goal of this process is to provide 25% of the recommended daily intake of each vitamin (per serving), following processing and two years of ambient storage. Four freeze-dried foods (Scrambled Eggs, Italian Vegetables, Potatoes Au Gratin, Noodles and Chicken) and four thermostabilized foods (Curry Sauce with Vegetables, Chicken Noodle Soup, Grilled Pork Chop, Rice with Butter) were produced (with and without the vitamin premix), to assess the impact of the added fortificant on color and taste, and to determine the stability of supplemental vitamins in spaceflight foods. The use of fortification in spaceflight foods appears to be a plausible mitigation step to inadequate nutrition. This is due to the ease of vitamin addition as well as the sustainability of the premixes through initial processing steps. Postprocessing analysis indicated that vitamin fortification with this premix did not immediately impact organoleptic properties of the food. At this stage, the largest hurdle to fortification is the preciseness to which vitamins can be added; the total amount of vitamins required for production is 10

  16. Stability versus Optimality (United States)

    Inanloo, B.


    The Caspian Sea is considered to be the largest inland body of water in the world, which located between the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia. The Caspian Sea has been a source of the most contentious international conflicts between five littoral states now borders the sea: Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. The conflict over the legal status of this international body of water as an aftermath of the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then the parties have been negotiating without coming up with any agreement neither on the ownerships of waters, nor the oil and natural gas beneath them. The number of involved stakeholders, the unusual characteristics of the Caspian Sea in considering it as a lake or a sea, and a large number of external parties are interested in the valuable resources of the Sea has made this conflict complex and unique. This paper intends to apply methods to find the best allocation schemes considering acceptability and stability of selected solution to share the Caspian Sea and its resources fairly and efficiently. Although, there are several allocation methods in solving such allocation problems, however, most of those seek a socially optimal solution that can satisfy majority of criteria or decision makers, while, in practice, especially in multi-nation problems, such solution may not be necessarily a stable solution and to be acceptable to all parties. Hence, there is need to apply a method that considers stability and acceptability of solutions to find a solution with high chance to be agreed upon that. Application of some distance-based methods in studying the Caspian Sea conflict provides some policy insights useful for finding solutions that can resolve the dispute. In this study, we use methods such as Goal Programming, Compromise Programming, and considering stability of solution the logic of Power Index is used to find a division rule that is stable negotiators. The results of this study shows that the

  17. Étude expérimentale du rôle de la phase liquide dans les phénomènes d’instabilités thermo-acoustiques agissant au sein de turbomachines diphasiques


    Apeloig, Julien


    Le travail présenté concerne l'étude des instabilités thermo-acoustiques apparaissant dans une chambre de combustion aéronautique. Le montage expérimental permet de faire varier continument les fréquences de résonances et de passer pour une même condition d'écoulement, d'un régime de combustion stable à un régime instable. La caractérisation complète d'un cas instable comprend une mesure des conditions acoustiques aux limites du banc, une analyse du comportement des phases liqu...

  18. La Franc-maçonnerie à l’épreuve de la Révolution française : Une expérience aux origines de la Franc-maçonnerie libérale


    Éric Saunier


    Après vingt ans de travaux réalisés en vue d’éclaircir la relation entre franc-maçonnerie et Révolution Française, il est temps d’extraire quelques enseignements concernant les expériences historiographiques. Ce qui nous permettra d’entrevoir les chemins qui s’ouvrent à nous dans la recherche sur cette sociabilité dans une des périodes les plus importantes de son histoire.

  19. L’environnement optimal d’apprentissage : contribution de la recherche empirique sur les déterminants psychologiques de l’expérience positive subjective aux sciences de l’éducation et de la formation des adultes.


    Heutte, Jean


    International audience; En tant que pionnier de la recherche empirique sur les déterminants psychologiques de l’expérience positive subjective, via l’élaboration de la théorie de l’autotélisme- flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi est l’inspirateur de la psychologie positive. Afin de mieux illustrer la portée de cette théorie majeure de la psychologie scientifique contemporaine, nous mettrons en lumière son importante contribution à la recherche fondamentale en sciences de l’éducation et de la forma...

  20. Thomas BOUCHET, Vincent BOURDEAU, Edward CASTLETON, Ludovic FROBERT, François JARRIGE [dir.], Quand les socialistes inventaient l’avenir. Presse, théories et expériences, 1825-1860


    Hincker, Louis


    La tradition du « socialisme utopique » – selon l’expression péjorative de l’époque – qui se forge à la fin de la Monarchie de Juillet est annonciatrice de la révolution de 1848. L’anathème de « socialistes utopistes », lancé par des conservateurs comme Adolphe Thiers aux réformateurs sociaux, entend disqualifier les doctrines qui remettent en cause l’ordre social bourgeois. Cet ouvrage collectif est l’aboutissement du programme ANR « Utopies 19 – Intellectuels et expérimentateurs socialistes...

  1. Entrepreneurship and Employment Stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Failla, Virgilio; Melillo, Francesca; Reichstein, Toke


    This paper challenges the conventional belief that entrepreneurship is an unstable career path. Using longitudinal matched employer–employee data from Denmark, the analysis reveals that a transition to entrepreneurship decreases individual's employment turnover tendency. Three explanations...... are identified and empirically explored: (i) job matching, (ii) labour market value, and (iii) personal commitment. Entrepreneurs appear to be more productive and thus better matched compared to wageworkers. However, they also appear to be locked in entrepreneurship because of their anticipated lower value...... in the labour market and because of their personal attachment to the venture. The counter-intuitive finding – entrepreneurship yields greater employment stability – only holds with respect to subsequent transitions to wagework and not for new venture founding. The results have implications for our understanding...

  2. From Crisis to Stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ban, Cornel; Seabrooke, Leonard

    , but also access to documents regulation and accountability vis-à-vis the European Parliament, the Court of Auditors and Anti-Fraud Office. Transparency International EU’s in-depth study of the governance and accountability of the ESM provides the first comprehensive analysis of the newest European economic...... governance institution, and makes a number of concrete recommendations. To make the ESM accountable, more transparency is in order, about where decisions are taken and who calls the shots. Is it the ESM, the Eurogroup, the Commission, or a coalition of Member States? Our report launch attempts to answer......The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was created to save the euro from collapse. But the Eurozone’s bailout fund is not actually an EU institution. This has a series of knock-on effects, making it difficult to hold the ESM to EU standards as regards transparency, legal review by the CJEU...

  3. Laser controlled flame stabilization (United States)

    Early, James W.; Thomas, Matthew E.


    A method and apparatus is provided for initiating and stabilizing fuel combustion in applications such as gas turbine electrical power generating engines and jet turbine engines where it is desired to burn lean fuel/air mixtures which produce lower amounts of NO.sub.x. A laser induced spark is propagated at a distance from the fuel nozzle with the laser ignitor being remotely located from the high temperature environment of the combustion chamber. A laser initiating spark generated by focusing high peak power laser light to a sufficiently tight laser spot within the fuel to cause the ionization of air and fuel into a plasma is unobtrusive to the flow dynamics of the combustion chamber of a fuel injector, thereby facilitating whatever advantage can be taken of flow dynamics in the design of the fuel injector.

  4. Complementarity and stability conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Howard Georgi


    Full Text Available We discuss the issue of complementarity between the confining phase and the Higgs phase for gauge theories in which there are no light particles below the scale of confinement or spontaneous symmetry breaking. We show with a number of examples that even though the low energy effective theories are the same (and trivial, discontinuous changes in the structure of heavy stable particles can signal a phase transition and thus we can sometimes argue that two phases which have different structures of heavy particles that cannot be continuously connected and thus the phases cannot be complementary. We discuss what this means and suggest that such “stability conditions” can be a useful physical check for complementarity.

  5. Stabilizing posture through imagery. (United States)

    Papalia, Eleonora; Manzoni, Diego; Santarcangelo, Enrica L


    Abstract In the general population, suppression of vision modulates body sway by increasing the center of pressure (CoP) velocity, while a light fingertip touch reduces the area of the CoP displacement in blindfolded subjects. This study assessed whether imagined fixation and fingertip touch differentially stabilize posture in subjects with high (highs) and low (lows) hypnotizability. Visual and tactile imageries were ineffective in lows. In highs, the effects of visual imagery could not be evaluated because the real information was ineffective; real tactile stimulation was effective only on velocity, but the imagery effects could not be definitely assessed owing to low effect size. The highs' larger variability could account for this and represents the most important finding.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    M.A. Ebadian, Ph.D.


    Many U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) remediation sites have performed roof repair and roof replacement to stabilize facilities prior to performing deactivation and decommissioning (D&D) activities. This project will review the decision criteria used by these DOE sites, along with the type of repair system used for each different roof type. Based on this information, along with that compiled from roofing experts, a decision-making tool will be generated to aid in selecting the proper roof repair systems. Where appropriate, innovative technologies will be reviewed and applied to the decision-making tool to determine their applicability. Based on the results, applied research and development will be conducted to develop a method to repair these existing roofing systems, while providing protection for the D and D worker in a cost-efficient manner.

  7. Stabilities of generalized entropies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abe, Sumiyoshi [Institute of Physics, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8571 (Japan); Kaniadakis, G [Dipartimento di Fisica and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia (INFM), Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, I-10129 Torino (Italy); Scarfone, A M [Dipartimento di Fisica and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia (INFM), Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, I-10129 Torino (Italy)


    The generalized entropic measure, which is maximized by a given arbitrary distribution under the constraints on normalization of the distribution and the finite ordinary expectation value of a physical random quantity, is considered. To examine if it can be of physical relevance, its experimental robustness is discussed. In particular, Lesche's criterion is analysed, which states that an entropic measure is stable if its change under an arbitrary weak deformation of the distribution (representing fluctuations of experimental data) remains small. It is essential to note the difference between this criterion and thermodynamic stability. A general condition, under which the generalized entropy becomes stable, is derived. Examples known in the literature, including the entropy for the stretched-exponential distribution, the quantum-group entropy and the {kappa}-entropy are discussed.

  8. Coupled Directional Stability of Multiple Ship Formations (United States)


    Systems The vessel is considered to be a rigid body with only three degrees of freedom— surge , sway and yaw—and which maneuvers in the horizontal plane...u vr x r X m v ur x r Y I r mx v ur N               (8) where u and v are the surge and sway velocity, respectively; and Gx is the...stability, Platoon, Surface marine vessel, Path control, Control law, Guidance law, Eigenvalues, Damping ratio, Natural frequency 15. NUMBER OF

  9. Temperature stabilization of optofluidic photonic crystal cavities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kamutsch, Christian; Smith, Cameron L.C.; Graham, Alexandra


    demonstrate a PhC cavity with a quality factor of Q15 000 that exhibits a temperature-independent resonance. Temperature-stable cavities constitute a major building block in the development of a large suite of applications from high-sensitivity sensor systems for chemical and biomedical applications......We present a principle for the temperature stabilization of photonic crystal (PhC) cavities based on optofluidics. We introduce an analytic method enabling a specific mode of a cavity to be made wavelength insensitive to changes in ambient temperature. Using this analysis, we experimentally...

  10. Radiolytic stabilization of poly(hydroxybutyrate)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Santos, Renata F.S. [Department of Nuclear Energy, Federal University of Pernambuco, Av. Prof. Luiz Freire 1000 Cidade Universitaria, 50740-540 Recife/PE (Brazil); Araujo, Elmo S. [Department of Nuclear Energy, Federal University of Pernambuco, Av. Prof. Luiz Freire 1000 Cidade Universitaria, 50740-540 Recife/PE (Brazil)], E-mail:; Ferreira, Carlas R.C.; Ribeiro, Abene S. [Department of Nuclear Energy, Federal University of Pernambuco, Av. Prof. Luiz Freire 1000 Cidade Universitaria, 50740-540 Recife/PE (Brazil)


    Stabilization against gamma irradiation effects on Brazilian poly(hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) films was investigated by using commercial additives. With the most effective additive the G value of main chain scissions decreased from 8.6 to 1.5 scissions/100 eV in the absorbed dose range up to 35 kGy. Irradiation increased the biodegradability of the samples, whereas the additives-induced reduction in biodegradability. Irradiation treatment did not influence the degree of crystallinity. Protonic nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR-{sup 1}H) analysis revealed formation of hydroxyl-terminal groups upon irradiation.

  11. Pilot Neil Armstrong with X-15 #1 (United States)


    vertical stabilizers to control yaw and movable horizontal stabilizers to control pitch when moving in synchronization or roll when moved differentially. For flight in the thin air outside of the appreciable Earth's atmosphere, the X-15 used a reaction control system. Hydrogen peroxide thrust rockets located on the nose of the aircraft provided pitch and yaw control. Those on the wings provided roll control. Because of the large fuel consumption, the X-15 was air launched from a B-52 aircraft at approximately 45,000 ft and a speed of about 500 mph. Depending on the mission, the rocket engine provided thrust for the first 80 to 120 sec of flight. The remainder of the normal 10 to 11 min. flight was powerless and ended with a 200-mph glide landing. Generally, one of two types of X-15 flight profiles was used; a high-altitude flight plan that called for the pilot to maintain a steep rate of climb, or a speed profile that called for the pilot to push over and maintain a level altitude. The X-15 was flown over a period of nearly 10 years -- June 1959 to Oct. 1968 -- and set the world's unofficial speed and altitude records of 4,520 mph (Mach 6.7) and 354,200 ft in a program to investigate all aspects of manned hypersonic flight. Information gained from the highly successful X-15 program contributed to the development of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo manned spaceflight programs, and also the Space Shuttle program. The X-15s made a total of 199 flights, and were manufactured by North American Aviation. X-15-1, serial number 56-6670, is now located at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC. North American X-15A-2, serial number 56-6671, is at the United States Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. X-15-3, serial number 56-6672, crashed on 15 November 1967, resulting in the death of Maj. Michael J. Adams.

  12. Stability Analysis of Hybrid ALOHA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Huahui


    Full Text Available We perform stability analysis of a recently proposed MAC protocol, hybrid ALOHA, based on the multipacket reception (MPR model. Hybrid ALOHA distinguishes from conventional slotted ALOHA by allowing conditional collision-free channel estimation and simultaneous transmissions, and hence improves the MPR capability of the system. The stability analysis of the two-user case ( has been conducted in our previous work. In this paper, we study the stability region of hybrid ALOHA for the general N-user ( system. By using the method of stochastic dominance and mathematical induction, we obtain the sufficient condition for the stability of hybrid ALOHA. As an illustration, we characterize the stability inner bounds for the case. In this particular situation, the results are derived by solving a nonhomogeneous Riemann-Hilbert problem. Potentially, the mathematical tools used in this paper can be exploited for obtaining closed-form results in stability analysis of wireless networks.

  13. La littérature comme expérience personnelle : la Macédoine et Stratis Myrivilis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Georges Kostakiotis


    Full Text Available L’écrivain Stratis Myrivilis traduit son expérience de la guerre en Macédoine, son désarroi en découvrant l’identité culturelle « macédoniens orthodoxes ».Cet article examine la relation de Stratis Myrivilis, écrivain grec né à Lesbos en 1890 et mort à Athènes en 1967, avec la Macédoine, qu’il a connue en tant que soldat pendant les Guerres balkaniques de 1912-1913 puis lors de la Première Guerre mondiale de 1917 à 1919, au travers de son roman La vie dans le tombeau publié de 1923 à 1924 et plusieurs fois réédité. L’article souligne le désarroi du narrateur qui s’exprime dans le chapitre « La Cité Fantôme », alors qu’il participe, en 1917, à la jonction des Grecs avec le front français, face à la complexité de la situation de la Macédoine où les frontières sont en permanente construction, où les guerres se succèdent et où les alliances se font et se défont au détriment des populations. D’une part il montre comment Myrivilis, dans les chapitres « La maison de la bonté » et « Zavali Maïko – Pauvre Mère », commente les sentiments des membres de la famille où, blessé, il passe sa convalescence, comment il analyse l’identité culturelle de ces gens qui ne se veulent ni Bulgares, ni Serbes, ni Grecs, mais seulement Macédoniens orthodoxes et enfin comment les habitants sont pris au piège de la rivalité gréco–bulgare entre le patriarcat Œcuménique et l’Église indépendantiste bulgare, l’Exarchat. D’autre part, il présente la position de l’écrivain qui semble prendre des distances quand le terme « Macédoine » est utilisé, par les voisins du nord, pour exprimer une entité politique et non géographique. En conclusion, l’article souligne l’humanisme de Myrivilis qui décrit les catastrophes de la guerre et la vanité humaine et prône la nécessité de surmonter les différences et de vivre ensemble en paix.This article examines the relationship of

  14. 15 CFR 14.15 - Metric system of measurement. (United States)


    ... 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Metric system of measurement. 14.15... COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS Pre-Award Requirements § 14.15 Metric system of measurement. The Metric Conversion... system is the preferred measurement system for U.S. trade and commerce. The Act requires each Federal...

  15. Towards predicting the stability of protein-stabilized emulsions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Delahaije, R.J.B.M.; Gruppen, H.; Giuseppin, M.L.F.; Wierenga, P.A.


    The protein concentration is known to determine the stability against coalescence during formation of emulsions. Recently, it was observed that the protein concentration also influences the stability of formed emulsions against flocculation as a result of changes in the ionic strength. In both

  16. La crianza y educación de los expósitos en España entre la Ilustración y el Romanticismo (1790-1835

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Cuando son escasos entre nosotros los trabajos específicos sobre los niños expósitos, entraña una evidente dificultad la elaboración de una síntesis como la que ahora presentamos. Solamente nuestro personal convencimiento de que, de vez en cuando, una oportuna reflexión retrospectiva y su constatación escrita, desde una perspectiva globalizadora, de cuanto se viene haciendo en un determinado campo de investigación, pueda estimular y orientar nuevos estudios, justifica el intento de superarar estos inconvenientes. Y si, por otra parte, se observa que aquellos pocos artículos o libros sobre los niños expósitos abordan, por ahora, solamente aspectos de demografía estadística, sociología o pediatría, no debe parecer desproporcionado el esfuerzo de abordar aquí el tema de la pedagogía con la intención de aportar algún dato nuevo a la historia educacional de la infancia en España.

  17. Stability of simultaneously triangularizable switched systems on hybrid domains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geoffrey Eisenbarth


    Full Text Available In this paper, we extend the results of [8, 15, 22], which provide sufficient conditions for the global exponential stability of switched systems under arbitrary switching via the existence of a common quadratic Lyapunov function. In particular, we extend the Lie algebraic results in [15] to switched systems with hybrid non-uniform discrete and continuous domains, a direct unifying generalization of switched systems on R and Z, and extend the results in [8, 22] to a larger class of switched systems, namely those whose subsystem matrices are simultaneously triangularizable. In addition, we explore an easily checkable characterization of our required hypotheses for the theorems. Finally, conditions are provided under which there exists a stabilizing switching pattern for a collection of (not necessarily stable linear systems that are simultaneously triangularizable and separate criteria are formed which imply the stability of the system under a given switching pattern given a priori.

  18. Slope stabilization at El Cerrejon coal mine, Colombia, South America

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jaramillo, M. [International Colombia Resources (Intercor), Baranquilla (Colombia)


    The expanded west pit of the 15 Mta (13.6 stpy) El Cerrejon mine will eventually reach a maximum depth of 270 m (890 ft). Slope-stability evaluations indicated that this depth, combined with structural complexities, would create a serious risk of footwall instability. Stabilization calls for anchoring the footwall by the installation of 9- to 33-m- (30- to 108-ft) long multistrand steel cable bolts. For each of the 15-m- (50-ft-) high mining benches, a row of bolts is installed with variable horizontal spacing, depending on the dip magnitude. Cable bolting is now standard operating practice,and an estimated 11,800 bolts will be installed during the life of the mine. Results to date have been satisfactory in terms of the stability condition of the bolted slopes. 2 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  19. Ring stability of underground toroidal tanks (United States)

    Lubis, Asnawi; Su'udi, Ahmad


    The design of pressure vessels subjected to internal pressure is governed by its strength, while the design of pressure vessels subjected to external pressure is governed by its stability, which is for circular cross-section is called the ring stability. This paper presented the results of finite element study of ring stability of circular toroidal tank without stiffener under external pressure. The tank was placed underground and external pressure load from soil was simulated as pressure at the top of the vessel along 30° circumferentially. One might ask the reason for choosing toroidal rather than cylindrical tank. Preliminary finite element studies showed that toroidal shells can withstand higher external pressure than cylindrical shells. In this study, the volume of the tank was fixed for 15,000 litters. The buckling external pressure (pL) was calculated for radius ratio (R/r) of 2, 3, and 4. The corresponding cross-section radiuses were 724.3 mm, 632.7 mm, and 574.9 mm, respectively. The selected element type was SHELL 281 from the ANSYS element library. To obtain the buckling load, the arc-length method was used in the nonlinear analysis. Both material and geometric nonlinearities were activated during the analysis. The conclusion of this study is that short-radius and thin-walled toroidal shell produces higher buckling load.

  20. Editorial, n. 15, 2003

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Editor Encontros Bibli


    Informação da UFSC, que já está em seu oitavo ano, por sua Comissão Editorial, compartilhada com a presença de colegas do Brasil e exterior, manifesta sua alegria por esta conquista e exulta pela coincidência neste ano das Comemorações dos trinta anos do Curso de Biblioteconomia da UFSC e o início do Mestrado em Ciência da Informação desta instituição. Nesta edição do primeiro semestre do ano de 2003, Encontros Bibli tem a satisfação de trazer quatro artigos, dois oriundos da produção de pesquisadores da Escola de Ciência da Informação da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais e dois oriundos da produção de pesquisa realizada por pesquisadores do Departamento de Ciência da Informação da UFSC. Aos leitores desejamos que estas contribuições ensejem questões que contribuam com a produção de reflexões e interrogações geradoras de novas investigações as quais naturalmente virão a contribuir para o progresso do conhecimento nacional em Ciência da Informação. Um grande abraço a todos e a todas! Prof. Francisco das Chagas de Souza Editor Departamento de Ciência da Informação Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Disponibilizado na WWW em 20/05/2003. Enc. Bibli: R. Eletr. Bibliotecon. Ci. Inf., Florianópolis, n.15, 1º sem. 2003. 1

  1. 29 August 2013 - J.-F. Jauslin, Directeur de l’Office fédéral de la culture (OFC) Ambassadeur suisse auprès de l’UNESCO et de l’OIF au 1er septembre 2013 Confédération suisse visite le centre visiteurs de l’expérience ATLAS ainsi que la caverne expérimentale d'ATLAS avec P. Jenny, ancien Porte-parole d'ATLAS. M. Bona, Conseiller du Directeur général pour les relations avec les Organisations internationales présent tout au long.

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    29 August 2013 - J.-F. Jauslin, Directeur de l’Office fédéral de la culture (OFC) Ambassadeur suisse auprès de l’UNESCO et de l’OIF au 1er septembre 2013 Confédération suisse visite le centre visiteurs de l’expérience ATLAS ainsi que la caverne expérimentale d'ATLAS avec P. Jenny, ancien Porte-parole d'ATLAS. M. Bona, Conseiller du Directeur général pour les relations avec les Organisations internationales présent tout au long.

  2. Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for the Simultaneous ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Methods: A stability indicating method for the simultaneous estimation of valsartan and ezetimibe in combined tablet formulation using a RP-HPLC was developed and validated as per ICH guidelines using a symmetry C18 column with a mobile phase comprising phosphate buffer and acetonitrile (58:42 v/v, pH 3.15) with a ...

  3. Organelles genome stability of wheat plantlets produced by anther ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 15, 2012 ... Since the direction of most studies is toward nuclear genome, there is a little known about the DNA of organelles. This study was conducted to test the genetic stability of wheat ...... Tajiri H, Tsunewaki K (2002). Structural features of a wheat plastome as revealed by complete sequencing of chloroplast DNA.

  4. Stress determination and geomechanical stability analysis of an oil ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    geothermal site, New Mexico, determined from well breakouts. Geophys. Res. Lett. 15(5): 467–70. Bell J S 1996 In-situ stresses in sedimentary rocks (Part 1) Measurement techniques. Geoscience Canada. 23(2): 85–100. Bell J S 2003 Practical methods for estimating in-situ stresses for borehole stability applications in.

  5. Organelles genome stability of wheat plantlets produced by anther ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 15, 2012 ... genetic stability of wheat organelles genomes for plantlets produced by anther culture using restriction fragment length polymorphism ... information regarding recombination and genetic control of chromosomal pairing .... DNAMAN™ software (Iynnon Biosoft, Quebec., Canada and. Version 5.2.9) and the ...

  6. Structural stability and theoretical strength of Cu crystal under equal ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    and slips spontaneously to a stress-free metastable BCT phase by consuming internal en- ergy. The stable region ranges from −15.131 GPa to 2.803 GPa in the theoretical strength or from −5.801% to 4.972% in the strain respectively. Keywords. Structural stability; theoretical strength; equal biaxial loading; modified an-.

  7. Stability of Maternal Autonomy Support between Infancy and Preschool Age (United States)

    Matte-Gagne, Celia; Bernier, Annie; Gagne, Christine


    The goals of this article were to examine (1) the relative and absolute stability of maternal autonomy support between infancy and preschool age, and (2) the moderating role of child gender, maternal attachment state of mind, and stressful life events. Sixty-nine mother-child dyads participated in five visits when the child was 8, 15, and 18…

  8. The biodiversity and stability of alpine meadow plant communities in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 2, 2012 ... The biodiversity and stability of alpine meadow plant communities in relation to altitude gradient in three ... grassland to global climate change. MATERIALS AND METHODS. Site description ..... ultramafic substrate and altitude in south western New Zealand [J]. Vegetation 86:15-20. Wills KJ, Whittaker RJ ...

  9. Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for the Simultaneous ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Estimation of Valsartan and Amlodipine in Capsule. Formulation. Asian J. Research Chem. 2008; 1(1):. 15-18. 9. Imran M, Singh RS, Chandran S. Stability indicating ultraviolet spectroscopic method for the estimation of Ezetimibe and carvedilol. Pharmazie, 2006;. 61(9): 766-9. 10. BabySudhaLakshmi P, Ramachandran D, ...

  10. 14 CFR 25.629 - Aeroelastic stability requirements. (United States)


    ... defined by a .05 Mach increase in MC at constant altitude. (c) Balance weights. If concentrated balance... enlarged at all points by an increase of 15 percent in equivalent airspeed at both constant Mach number and constant altitude. In addition, a proper margin of stability must exist at all speeds up to VD/MD and...

  11. Reamer-stabilizer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Allison, G.L.


    A roller reamer-stabilizer tool includes a tubular body having threaded pin and box connectors at each end adapted to be connected in a drill string and providing a fluid passage connecting the upper part of the drill string with the lower part. Rollers having integral pins at their ends are mounted in pockets in the sides of the body. The pins are journaled in holes in arcuate cross section bearing blocks received in correlative sockets in the body at the ends of the pockets. The blocks make an interference fit with the body. Release bar access passages allow a release bar to be inserted behind each block to drive, wedge or pry it out. The holes in the blocks extend only part way through the blocks, the hole in the block at one end of each roller being blind, and the wall at the end of the hole in the block at the other end of each roller being ported. Each bearing is sealed by an O ring at the mouth or open end of the hole in the block. An additional O ring is provided adjacent the end wall of the ported block. Grease is stored in a bore extending axially in each roller through the pins at each end. Radial ports in the pins communicate the bore with the bearings. A flexible elastomeric boot closes the bore at the end of each roller received in the respective ported block, the port subjecting the interior of the boot to drilling fluid pressure.

  12. Spray combustion stability (United States)

    Liang, Pak-Yan; Jeng, S. M.; Litchford, Ronald


    The central purpose of this project is the improvement of liquid-fueled rocket motor design technology in order to assist the establishment of economical commercial access to space through the development of engines with enhanced performance and reliability. Specific research effort in the project is focused on spray physics and associated combustion instability phenomena. Results garnered from this work will contribute to the development of new computational tools for design of stable liquid propellant rocket engines. The specific objectives of the research effort include identifying and evaluating physical submodels which pertain to spray combustion stability with the idea of enhancing or refining existing submodels with a more comprehensive approach. In particular, any refinements to the spray combustion physical submodels which are achieved during the project will be channeled back to Rocketdyne for incorporation in their ARICC liquid rocket combustor code as second generation improvements. Also, as the ARICC code forms the basis or future CFD development, some effort is devoted to an evaluation of the code's capability for modeling oscillating pressure waves within the combustor.

  13. Stability and Change

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    April K. Clark


    Full Text Available Ever since Stouffer began to measure political tolerance a half century ago, multiple studies have shown that a number of social, psychological, and political characteristics play a significant role in influencing whether individuals want to extend civil liberties to fringe groups. However, less is known about the stability of tolerance attitudes over an individual’s lifetime. To address this problem, our research draws on a national U.S. multiple-generation, four-wave panel study stretching from 1965 to 1997. The intuitive appeal of the approach used in this study is to advance theoretical accounts for variations in political intolerance irrespective of generational placement, life cycle, and differences in the political context. Specifically, the panel design encourages an effort to examine the relative impact of the social, political, and psychological predictors on intolerance over time and across the same individuals, and to assess the consequences of how changes in these determinants affect some of our most fundamental hypotheses about the origins of these attitudes.

  14. Exponential Stabilization of Underactuated Vehicles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pettersen, K.Y.


    Underactuated vehicles are vehicles with fewer independent control actuators than degrees of freedom to be controlled. Such vehicles may be used in inspection of sub-sea cables, inspection and maintenance of offshore oil drilling platforms, and similar. This doctoral thesis discusses feedback stabilization of underactuated vehicles. The main objective has been to further develop methods from stabilization of nonholonomic systems to arrive at methods that are applicable to underactuated vehicles. A nonlinear model including both dynamics and kinematics is used to describe the vehicles, which may be surface vessels, spacecraft or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). It is shown that for a certain class of underactuated vehicles the stabilization problem is not solvable by linear control theory. A new stability result for a class of homogeneous time-varying systems is derived and shown to be an important tool for developing continuous periodic time-varying feedback laws that stabilize underactuated vehicles without involving cancellation of dynamics. For position and orientation control of a surface vessel without side thruster a new continuous periodic feedback law is proposed that does not cancel any dynamics, and that exponentially stabilizes the origin of the underactuated surface vessel. A further issue considered is the stabilization of the attitude of an AUV. Finally, the thesis discusses stabilization of both position and attitude of an underactuated AUV. 55 refs., 28 figs.

  15. Stability of Polymer Solar Cells

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Mikkel; Norrman, Kion; Gevorgyan, Suren


    Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) evolve in an exponential manner in the two key areas of efficiency and stability. The power conversion efficiency (PCE) has in the last decade been increased by almost a factor of ten approaching 10%. A main concern has been the stability that was previously measured ...

  16. Vibrations and Stability: Solved Problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Jon Juel

    Worked out solutions for exercise problems in J. J. Thomsen 'Vibrations and Stability: Advanced Theory, Analysis, and Tools', Springer, Berlin - Heidelberg, 2003.......Worked out solutions for exercise problems in J. J. Thomsen 'Vibrations and Stability: Advanced Theory, Analysis, and Tools', Springer, Berlin - Heidelberg, 2003....

  17. Physical stability of nanosuspensions: investigation of the role of stabilizers on Ostwald ripening. (United States)

    Verma, Sudhir; Kumar, Sumit; Gokhale, Rajeev; Burgess, Diane J


    The effect of stabilizer type (small molecule vs. polymeric) and the amount of micellar solubilized drug on Ostwald ripening of nanosuspensions was investigated. Indomethacin nanosuspensions were prepared with small molecule stabilizers (sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Dowfax 2A1 (DF)) and a polymeric stabilizer (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)). Two different drug:stabilizer ratios were used to evaluate the effect of micellar solubilized drug. The Ostwald ripening potential of nanosuspensions was evaluated by subjecting them to various stress conditions (temperature (15, 25, 35 and 45°C), thermal cycling, and mechanical shaking) for three months. The mean particle size increased in all SLS and DF formulations stored under different stress conditions. No effect of micellar solubilized drug on the Ostwald ripening rate was observed. In the case of HPMC formulations only those stored at higher temperatures (35 or 45°C) exhibited an increase in mean particle size. The increase in size in the HPMC formulation stored at 45°C was attributed to dehydration of the HPMC chains and subsequent loss of protection of the nanoparticles. The cube of the mean particle diameter versus time plot was determined to be non-linear for all formulations exhibiting Ostwald ripening. Therefore, according to the Lifshitz, Slyozov and Wagner theory the process was not diffusion controlled. The most probable mechanism for Ostwald ripening was surface nucleation controlled. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Dispersion stability of thermal nanofluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fan Yu


    Full Text Available Thermal nanofluids, the engineered fluids with dispersed functional nanoparticles, have exhibited extraordinary thermophysical properties and added functionalities, and thus have enabled a broad range of important applications. The poor dispersion stability of thermal nanofluids, however, has been considered as a long-existing issue that limits their further development and practical application. This review overviews the recent efforts and progresses in improving the dispersion stability of thermal nanofluids such as mechanistic understanding of dispersion behavior of nanofluids, examples of both water-based and oil-based nanofluids, strategies to stabilize nanofluids, and characterization techniques for dispersion behavior of nanofluids. Finally, on-going research needs, and possible solutions to research challenges and future research directions in exploring stably dispersed thermal nanofluids are discussed. Keywords: Thermal nanofluids, Dispersion, Aggregation, Electrostatic stabilization, Steric stabilization

  19. Radiolytic stabilization of poly(hydroxybutyrate)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Santos, Renata F.S.; Araujo, Elmo S. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Energia Nuclear], E-mail:, E-mail:


    Poly(hydroxybutyrate), PHB, is a thermoplastic polyester synthesized by many types of bacteria. PHB is of special interest in the manufacture of medical devices sterilizable by gamma radiation, because of remarkable characteristics like its great biocompatibility and biodegradability. However, ionizing radiation causes main chain scissions of PHB followed by the reduction in its molar mass. Then, the purpose of this study was to investigate the radiolytic stabilization of the structure and properties of Brazilian PHB by commercial additives used in photo and thermo-oxidative stabilization of polymers. Initially, casting solvent films were prepared adding 0.5 wt% of five different additives to the polymer system. These films were irradiated at 25 kGy and investigated viscosity-average molar mass (Mv) changes in order to select the best stabilizer. Among the tested additives only one, antioxidant type, provided a good radiostabilization. New polymeric films were prepared with the antioxidant, whose concentrations (wt%) were 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0. In this case, the samples were submitted to doses that varied from 15 to 50 kGy. Viscometric analysis was performed in order to assess the radiation-induced main chain scissions. The G value (scissions/100eV of energy transferred to the system) was also obtained by the viscosity technique. The most effective additive, added to the polymer system at 0.5 wt%, promotes a decrease of 8.6 to 1.5 in G value at a dose range of 0 - 35 kGy. In addition, (FT-IR, NMR-1H) spectroscopic analyses on polymer system were also performed. (author)

  20. Studies in the suitability of NPK-15-15-15 fertilizer, animal dung, and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The suitability of three nutrient supplements (NPK-15-15-15 fertilizer, petroleum agar, and animal (cattle) dung) in promoting growth of microorganisms in produced water and crude-oil-contaminated soil are investigated experimentally. The analysis involves monitoring the total microbial count (TMC) in produced water and ...

  1. Effect of Saw Dust Biochar and NPK 15:15:15 Inorganic Fertilizer on ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A factorialexperiment was conducted in the screen house of Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria to examine the response of Moringa oleifera Lam. seedlings to saw dust biochar and NPK 15:15:15 inorganic fertilizer amendments. The plants were grown for twelve weeks in top soil (0-30cm) collected from an Oxisol in the ...

  2. to different npk 15:15:15 fertilizer rates in nrcri

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Mr A. O. Akinpelu

    ABSTRACT. The study examined the response of Hausa potato (Solesnostemon rotundifolius Poir) to different rates of NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer. The work was carried out during 2005 and 2006 cropping seasons. The experiment was laid out in split-plot design with three replications. Plant spacing of 100cm x 50cm was used.

  3. Acute Toxicity Of Npk (15:15:15) Fertilizer To Tilapia zilli Fingerlings ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... showed decrease in dissolved oxygen content and increase in both alkalinity and conductivity as the concentration of the fertilizer was increased. Consequences of strategic fertilizer applications are discussed. Keywords: ke NPK (15-15-15) fertilizer, Acute toxicity, Tilapia zilli fingerlings. Nigerian Journal of Fisheries Vol.

  4. Jet dynamics and stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perucho M.


    Full Text Available The dynamics and stability of extragalactic jets may be strongly influenced by small (and probable di_erences in pressure between the jet and the ambient and within the jet itself. The former give rise to expansion and recollimation of the jet. This occurs in the form of conical shocks, or Mach disks, if the pressure di_erence is large enough. Pressure asymmetries within the jet may trigger the development of helical patterns via coupling to kink current-driven instability, or to helical Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, depending on the physical conditions in the jet. I summarize here the evidence collected during the last years on the presence of recollimation shocks and waves in jets. In the jet of CTA 102 evidence has been found for (travelingshock-(standingshock interaction in the core-region (0.1 mas from the core, using information from the light-curve of the source combined with VLBI data. The conclusions derived have been confirmed by numerical simulations combined with emission calculations that have allowed to study the spectral evolution of the perturbed jet. Helical structures can also be identified in radio-jets. The ridge-line of emission of the jet of S5 0836+710 has been identified as a physical structure corresponding to a wave developing in the jet flow. I review here the evidence that has allowed to reach this conclusion, along with an associated caveat. Current data do not allow to distinguish between magnetic or hydrodynamical instabilities. I finally discuss the importance of these linear and non-linear waves for jet evolution.

  5. Quantifying Stability in Complex Networks: From Linear to Basin Stability (United States)

    Kurths, Jürgen

    The human brain, power grids, arrays of coupled lasers and the Amazon rainforest are all characterized by multistability. The likelihood that these systems will remain in the most desirable of their many stable states depends on their stability against significant perturbations, particularly in a state space populated by undesirable states. Here we claim that the traditional linearization-based approach to stability is in several cases too local to adequately assess how stable a state is. Instead, we quantify it in terms of basin stability, a new measure related to the volume of the basin of attraction. Basin stability is non-local, nonlinear and easily applicable, even to high-dimensional systems. It provides a long-sought-after explanation for the surprisingly regular topologies of neural networks and power grids, which have eluded theoretical description based solely on linear stability. Specifically, we employ a component-wise version of basin stability, a nonlinear inspection scheme, to investigate how a grid's degree of stability is influenced by certain patterns in the wiring topology. Various statistics from our ensemble simulations all support one main finding: The widespread and cheapest of all connection schemes, namely dead ends and dead trees, strongly diminish stability. For the Northern European power system we demonstrate that the inverse is also true: `Healing' dead ends by addition of transmission lines substantially enhances stability. This indicates a crucial smart-design principle for tomorrow's sustainable power grids: add just a few more lines to avoid dead ends. Further, we analyse the particular function of certain network motifs to promote the stability of the system. Here we uncover the impact of so-called detour motifs on the appearance of nodes with a poor stability score and discuss the implications for power grid design. Moreover, it will be shown that basin stability enables uncovering the mechanism for explosive synchronization and

  6. Comportement d'un absorbant actif en écoulement : étude théorique et expérimentale


    Betgen, Benjamin


    The background of the present study is the research at the "Centre Acoustique du LMFA" in hybrid active/passive absorbers in the past 15 years. These absorbers are made of thin resistive layers backed by cells that each contain an active control system permitting to cancel acoustic pressure on the rear side of the resistive layer. The surface impedance that is realised in active mode is purely real and given by the resistance of the layer. The concept of hybrid absorption implies the use of a...

  7. Stability study of Raloxifene tablets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Chanfrau

    Full Text Available Introduction: Raloxifene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator from the benzothiophene family. Several clinical trials have shown that raloxifene reduces bone loss rate in the spinal column and may increase bone mass at certain sites. Objective: to determine the physical and chemical stabilities of raloxifene tablets. Methods. three pilot scale batches of 5 kg each were prepared. In vitro dissolution, chemical stability, photostability and humidity studies were carried out. Samples were collected at 0, 1, 2, 3 and 6 months for the accelerated stability study and at 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months for the shelf life stability study. Chemical stability was determined using high performance liquid chromatography analytical method, which was developed and validated prior to the study. Results: in the accelerated stability study, the percentages of dissolved drug were more than 90 % and drug content porcentages were between 90 % and 110 %. Humidity conditions affected the chemical stability of the tablets. Conclusions: All raloxifene tablet batches formulations were stable for 24 months in the studied containers stored at 32 ± 2 ºC and waterproof. In vitro drug release dissolution showed good results for 24 months.

  8. Stability of dispersions in polar organic media. I. Electrostatic stabilization

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rooy, N. de; Bruyn, P.L. de; Overbeek, J.Th.G.

    Electrostatically stabilized sols of silver, silver iodide, α-goethite, and copper phthalocyanine in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and acetone have been prepared and characterized. Coagulation concentrations with electrolytes of various charge numbers have been determined in water, in organic

  9. Can the UN Stabilize Mali? Towards a UN Stabilization Doctrine?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Arthur Boutellis


    ... of MINUSMA’s mandate and capabilities. It also raises a broader issue, of whether the consent-based UN peacekeeping tool is appropriate and can be effective in carrying out stabilization mandates in such a context and what doctrine...

  10. Environnement alimentaire de la vente au détail et expériences de magasinage dans les collectivités des Premières nations du nord des provinces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristin Burnett


    Full Text Available Introduction : Cet article porte sur l'environnement de la vente d’aliments dans les collectivités des Premières nations du nord des provinces, en particulier sur la concurrence éventuelle dans la vente au détail de la North West Company (NWC ainsi que sur les expériences d'achats alimentaires de la population vivant dans le Nord canadien. Méthodologie : Nous avons utilisé deux méthodologies pour évaluer l’environnement alimentaire de la vente au détail dans le Nord. D’abord, nous avons cartographié les détaillants en alimentation du Nord afin d’examiner le degré de concurrence au détail dans les régions nordiques, en prêtant une attention particulière aux collectivités qui ne sont pas accessibles à l’année par la route. Ensuite, nous avons enquêté auprès des personnes vivant dans les collectivités du Nord canadien à propos de leurs expériences d’achat au détail et de magasinage. Résultats : Cinquante‑quatre pour cent des collectivités du nord des provinces et du Grand Nord n’avaient aucune épicerie en concurrence avec la NWC. Les provinces comptant les plus fortes proportions de collectivités nordiques sans concurrence dans la vente au détail étaient l’Ontario (87 %, la Saskatchewan (83 % et le Manitoba (72 %. Les participants au sondage (n = 92 ont fait état de leurs préoccupations quant à leurs expériences d'achat dans trois grands secteurs : le coût des aliments, la qualité et la fraîcheur des aliments et la disponibilité de certains aliments. Conclusion : La concurrence dans la vente au détail est limitée dans le nord des provinces. Au Manitoba, en Saskatchewan et en Ontario, la NWC ne fait face à aucune concurrence dans au moins 70 % des collectivités nordiques. Les consommateurs du Nord canadien considèrent que les aliments nutritifs sont peu abordables, et ils souhaitent avoir accès à un plus grand choix d’aliments périssables en bon état.

  11. Field investigation of keyblock stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yow, Jr., Jesse Lewis [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    Discontinuities in a rock mass can intersect an excavation surface to form discrete blocks (keyblocks) which can be unstable. This engineering problem is divided into two parts: block identification, and evaluation of block stability. One stable keyblock and thirteen fallen keyblocks were observed in field investigations at the Nevada Test Site. Nine blocks were measured in detail sufficient to allow back-analysis of their stability. Measurements included block geometry, and discontinuity roughness and compressive strength. Back-analysis correctly predicted stability or failure in all but two cases. These two exceptions involved situations that violated the stress assumptions of the stability calculations. Keyblock faces correlated well with known joint set orientations. The effect of tunnel orientation on keyblock frequency was apparent. Back-analysis of physical models successfully predicted block pullout force for two-dimensional models of unit thickness. Two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) analytic models for the stability of simple pyramidal keyblocks were examined. Calculated stability is greater for 3D analyses than for 2D analyses. Calculated keyblock stability increases with larger in situ stress magnitudes, larger lateral stress ratios, and larger shear strengths. Discontinuity stiffness controls block displacement more strongly than it does stability itself. Large keyblocks are less stable than small ones, and stability increases as blocks become more slender. Rock mass temperature decreases reduce the confining stress magnitudes and can lead to failure. The pattern of stresses affecting each block face explains conceptually the occurrence of pyramidal keyblocks that are truncated near their apex.

  12. Finite-time stability and finite-time stabilization (United States)

    Bhat, Sanjay Purushottam

    While non-Lipschitzian effects such as Coulomb friction abound in nature, most of the available techniques for feedback stabilization yield closed-loop systems with Lipschitzian dynamics. The convergence in such systems is at best exponential with infinite settling time. In this dissertation, we are interested in finite-settling-time behavior, that is, finite-time stability. The object of this dissertation is to provide a rigorous foundation for the theory of finite-time stability of continuous autonomous systems and motivate a closer examination of finite-time stability as a possible objective in control design. Accordingly, the notion of finite-time stability is precisely formulated and properties of the settling-time function are studied. Lyapunov and converse Lyapunov results involving scalar differential inequalities are obtained. It is shown that, under certain conditions, finite-time-stable systems possess better disturbance rejection and robustness properties. As an application of these ideas, we consider the finite-time stabilization of the translational and rotational double integrators. In the case of the rotational double integrator, the topology of the cylindrical state space renders continuous global stabilization impossible and hence the closed-loop system possesses saddle points. Because of the non-Lipschitzian character of the feedback law, these saddle points are, in fact, finite-time repellers--equilibria from which solutions can spontaneously and unpredictably depart. It is generally believed that models obtained from classical dynamics are completely deterministic. We present a counterexample to this widely held notion. The counterexample consists of a particle moving along a nonsmooth (once, but not twice, differentiable) constraint in a uniform gravitational field. The equation of motion obtained by applying classical Lagrangian dynamics contains non-Lipschitzian terms and, consequently, the dynamics of the system exhibit a finite-time saddle

  13. Sludge Stabilization Campaign blend plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Vries, M.L.


    This sludge stabilization blend plan documents the material to be processed and the order of processing for the FY95 Sludge Stabilization Campaign. The primary mission of this process is to reduce the inventory of unstable plutonium bearing sludge. The source of the sludge is residual and glovebox floor sweepings from the production of material at the Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP). The reactive sludge is currently being stored in various gloveboxes at PFP. There are two types of the plutonium bearing material that will be thermally stabilized in the muffle furnace: Plutonium Reclamation Facility (PRF) sludge and Remote Mechanical C (RMC) Line material.

  14. Plutonium stabilization and packaging system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document describes the functional design of the Plutonium Stabilization and Packaging System (Pu SPS). The objective of this system is to stabilize and package plutonium metals and oxides of greater than 50% wt, as well as other selected isotopes, in accordance with the requirements of the DOE standard for safe storage of these materials for 50 years. This system will support completion of stabilization and packaging campaigns of the inventory at a number of affected sites before the year 2002. The package will be standard for all sites and will provide a minimum of two uncontaminated, organics free confinement barriers for the packaged material.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonia Jaguljnjak Lazarević


    Full Text Available In this paper, basic structural stability phenomena are described. After some general comments about stability in the field of civil engineering, four elementary sources of nonlinearity are mentioned: of equilibrium equations, strain (geometry relations, material (stress-strain law, force and displacement boundary conditions. Four fundamental stability models are analysed, both ideal (perfect and with geometric imperfection. Besides geometrically exact theory, initial post-buckling behavior and linearization are briefly sketched. This paper is concluded with comments about the influence of plasticity.

  16. MATLAB Stability and Control Toolbox Trim and Static Stability Module (United States)

    Kenny, Sean P.; Crespo, Luis


    MATLAB Stability and Control Toolbox (MASCOT) utilizes geometric, aerodynamic, and inertial inputs to calculate air vehicle stability in a variety of critical flight conditions. The code is based on fundamental, non-linear equations of motion and is able to translate results into a qualitative, graphical scale useful to the non-expert. MASCOT was created to provide the conceptual aircraft designer accurate predictions of air vehicle stability and control characteristics. The code takes as input mass property data in the form of an inertia tensor, aerodynamic loading data, and propulsion (i.e. thrust) loading data. Using fundamental nonlinear equations of motion, MASCOT then calculates vehicle trim and static stability data for the desired flight condition(s). Available flight conditions include six horizontal and six landing rotation conditions with varying options for engine out, crosswind, and sideslip, plus three take-off rotation conditions. Results are displayed through a unique graphical interface developed to provide the non-stability and control expert conceptual design engineer a qualitative scale indicating whether the vehicle has acceptable, marginal, or unacceptable static stability characteristics. If desired, the user can also examine the detailed, quantitative results.

  17. The inv dup (15 or idic (15 syndrome (Tetrasomy 15q

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Battaglia Agatino


    Full Text Available Abstract The inv dup(15 or idic(15 syndrome displays distinctive clinical findings represented by early central hypotonia, developmental delay and intellectual disability, epilepsy, and autistic behaviour. Incidence at birth is estimated at 1 in 30,000 with a sex ratio of almost 1:1. Developmental delay and intellectual disability affect all individuals with inv dup(15 and are usually moderate to profound. Expressive language is absent or very poor and often echolalic. Comprehension is very limited and contextual. Intention to communicate is absent or very limited. The distinct behavioral disorder shown by children and adolescents has been widely described as autistic or autistic-like. Epilepsy with a wide variety of seizure types can occur in these individuals, with onset between 6 months and 9 years. Various EEG abnormalities have been described. Muscle hypotonia is observed in almost all individuals, associated, in most of them, with joint hyperextensibility and drooling. Facial dysmorphic features are absent or subtle, and major malformations are rare. Feeding difficulties are reported in the newborn period. Chromosome region 15q11q13, known for its instability, is highly susceptible to clinically relevant genomic rearrangements, such as supernumerary marker chromosomes formed by the inverted duplication of proximal chromosome 15. Inv dup(15 results in tetrasomy 15p and partial tetrasomy 15q. The large rearrangements, containing the Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome critical region (PWS/ASCR, are responsible for the inv dup(15 or idic(15 syndrome. Diagnosis is achieved by standard cytogenetics and FISH analysis, using probes both from proximal chromosome 15 and from the PWS/ASCR. Microsatellite analysis on parental DNA or methylation analysis on the proband DNA, are also needed to detect the parent-of-origin of the inv dup(15 chromosome. Array CGH has been shown to provide a powerful approach for identifying and detecting the extent of the

  18. Development of a core-stability model: a delphi approach. (United States)

    Majewski-Schrage, Tricia; Evans, Todd A; Ragan, Brian


    Despite widespread acceptance, there is currently no consensus on the definition, components, and the specific techniques most appropriate to measure and quantify core stability. To develop a comprehensive core-stability model addressing its definition, components, and assessment techniques. Delphi technique. University laboratory. 15 content experts from United States and Canada, representing a variety of disciplines. The authors distributed an open-ended questionnaire pertaining to a core-stability definition, components, and assessment techniques specific to each expert. They collected data over 2 rounds of telephone interviews. They concluded data collection once a consensus was achieved that equated with 51% agreement among respondents. The authors developed a working definition of core stability as the ability to achieve and sustain control of the trunk region at rest and during precise movement. Eighty-three percent of the experts considered the definition satisfactory. Therefore, the definition was accepted. Furthermore, the experts agreed that muscles (14/15 = 93.3%) and neuromuscular control (8/12 = 66.7%) were components of core stability. Assessment techniques were identified and inconsistencies were highlighted; however, no consensus was established. A consensus core-stability definition was created and 2 components were identified. However, of the initial definitions provided by the experts, no 2 were identical, which revealed the inconsistencies among experts and the importance of this study. Nonetheless, the goal of obtaining a consensus definition was obtained. Although a consensus for the assessment techniques of core stability could not be reached, it was a beneficial starting point to identify the inconsistencies that were discovered among the content experts.

  19. Police, participation et accès aux droits dans des favelas de Rio de Janeiro : l’expérience des Unités de police de pacification (UPP)


    Amoroso, Mauro; Brum, Mario; Gonçalves, Rafael Soares


    Dans un environnement social profondément altéré par deux mégas-événements en préparation – la Coupe du monde de football de 2014 et les Jeux Olympiques de 2016 – le gouvernement de l’État de Rio de Janeiro a mis en place dans plusieurs favelas de la ville de Rio de Janeiro une modalité de police de proximité, les UPPs. Une enquête menée dans quatre quartiers populaires permet aux auteurs de l’article d’examiner les aléas de cette expérience, soumise à la critique des habitants, sur arrière-f...

  20. Las letrerías de Antonio Espinosa en la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos (1790-1802) : El caso del Telégrafo Mercantil, primer periódico de Buenos Aires


    Ares, Fabio Eduardo


    El presente artículo brinda un panorama sobre la Buenos Aires finicolonial, la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos y sus ediciones para comprender el marco contextual de la provisión tipográfica. Luego se concentra en las letrerías llegadas desde España en 1790 y, por último, y por intermedio de estas, en la composición del primer periódico porteño: el Telégrafo Mercantil, Rural, Político, Económico e Historiógrafo, un verdadero paradigma del periodismo y las artes gráficas argentinas,...

  1. Mesure de la masse du boson de Higgs se désintégrant en quatre leptons dans l'expérience CMS auprès du LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Baffioni, Stéphanie

    Le sujet de ce mémoire est la mesure de la masse du boson de Higgs dans l'expérience CMS auprès du LHC, au travers du canal de désintégration en quatre leptons, avec un point de vue volontairement accentué vers les électrons. Ce document n’est ni une liste exhaustive de mes implications sur CMS, ni une revue générale de la reconstruction des électrons et de l’analyse du boson de Higgs en quatre leptons, mais une mixture des deux. La trame est structurée autour de la notion d’ingrédients, qui, pas à pas, sont nécessaires à la réalisation de la mesure finale.

  2. La obra de Claude Bernard, Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale, de la difusión del conocimiento a la traducción


    Micó Romero, Noelia


    En este artículo proponemos una aproximación a la traducción científica de un texto que tuvo en su momento una gran repercusión en el ámbito de la ciencia. Estudiaremos la traducción (hacia el español) de la obra maestra de Claude Bernard: Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale de 1865, traducida al español como Introducción al estudio de la medicina experimental (desde ahora Introducción). Dada la extensión de la obra, hemos emprendido, a modo de primera cata, ...

  3. Effet de la visibilité du handicap et de l’expérience d’intégration sur la représentation sociale du handicap chez de jeunes collégiens


    Kahina, Harma; Anne, Gombert; J-Yves, Roussey; ARCISZEWSKI, Thomas


    Cette recherche a pour objectif de repérer l’impact de l’intégration en milieu scolaire ordinaire de collégiens en situation de handicap sur la représentation sociale du handicap des autres élèves de la classe. L’effet de l’expérience d’intégration (le fait d’appartenir à une classe qui intègre ou non un élève handicapé) ainsi que celui de la visibilité du handicap (handicap visible comme l’Infirmité Motrice Cérébrale versus non visible, comme les Troubles Sévères des Apprentissages) ont été ...

  4. Modélisation de la consommation en carburant d'un véhicule léger à partir de données expérimentales




    La modélisation de la consommation en carburant des véhicules fait l'objet de nombreux travaux de recherche ces dernières années. La comparaison de quelques modèles connus sur des données expérimentales montre une précision insuffisante pour l'usage futur dans un système d'aide à la conduite (système d'alerte ou système actif ). L'objectif de cet article est de faire un point sur ces travaux et de proposer des modèles de consommation instantanée d'un véhicule léger. La construction de ces mod...

  5. Etude expérimentale du soudage par laser YAG de l'alliage base nickel Hastelloy X Experimental study of YAG laser welding of nickel base alloy Hastelloy X

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graneix Jérémie


    Full Text Available Le procédé de soudage laser YAG est envisagé pour remplacer le procédé de soudage TIG manuel pour la réalisation de pièces de turboréacteur en alliage nickel-chrome-molybdène Hastelloy X. Cette étude expérimentale a permis de définir un domaine de soudabilité de cet alliage répondant aux critères spécifiques du secteur aéronautique. The YAG laser welding process is contemplated to replace the manual TIG welding process for the production of parts of turbojet in Hastelloy X. This experimental study has identified the field of weldability of this alloy to meet the specific requirements of the aerospace industry.

  6. Oxidative stability of marine phospholipids

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lu, Henna Fung Sieng; Nielsen, Nina Skall; Baron, Caroline Pascale

    Many studies have shown that marine phospholipids (MPL) provide more advantages than fish oil. They have better bioavailability, better resistance towards oxidation and higher content of eicosapentaenoic acids (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) than oily triglycerides (fish oil). The objective...... of this study is to investigate the oxidative and hydrolytic stability of MPL. In addition, this study also investigates the effect of chemical composition of MPL and Maillard reaction (interaction between lipids oxidation products with the residue of amino acids) on MPL emulsions’ stability. Firstly, MPL were...... prepared in the form of emulsions by high pressure homogenizer. Then, the oxidative and hydrolytic stability of phospholipids was investigated by measurement of simple chemical analyses such as Peroxide Value and Free Fatty Acids, and 31PNMR after 32 days storage at 2ºC. The oxidative stability of MPL...

  7. Influential Factors on the Stability of Building Slope (United States)

    Yan, Jianlong; Cheng, Yong; Sun, Yanjie; Zhao, Yungang


    Based on the loess structure and topography of northern Shaanxi area, the construction slope model is built. The numerical simulation method is used to analyze the slope stability coefficient under conditions that the self-weight load, slope ratio and the distance from building to slope. The results are analyzed using soil mechanics. The results show that the construction load, slope ratio and d value have influences on the slope stability. The development trend of the slope stability coefficient with the change of the load depends mainly on the value of d. When the d value is less than 15m, the trend is rapid and continues to decrease; when the d value is 20m, the trend of the stability coefficient is gentle, and the stability coefficient increases with the increase of the load. The influential factors of the slope stability coefficient are different in different stages. The larger influential factors in the stage A is the building load, and the larger influential factor in the stage B is the slope ratio.

  8. Cyclicity of stability in economy


    Kuzmin, Evgeny


    The article considers the science problem of identification of a life cycle of an economic agent in particular and of organizational-economic system in general. As an alternative solution of this problem the author proposes to use an universal index – stability index, which is directly linked with measure of uncertainty (entropy) and certainty (negentropy). Differentiated life cycle of stability allows us to approach the question of deliberate adaptation to ongoing changes, when control and r...

  9. Market liquidity and financial stability.


    Crockett, A.


    Stability in financial institutions and in financial markets are closely intertwined. Banks and other financial institutions need liquid markets through which to conduct risk management. And markets need the back-up liquidity lines provided by financial institutions. Market liquidity depends not only on objective, exogenous factors, but also on endogenous market dynamics. Central banks responsible for systemic stability need to consider how far their traditional responsibility for the health ...

  10. Financial Stability and Financial Inclusion


    Peter J. Morgan; Victor Pontines


    Developing economies are seeking to promote financial inclusion, i.e., greater access to financial services for low-income households and firms, as part of their overall strategies for economic and financial development. This raises the question of whether financial stability and financial inclusion are, broadly speaking, substitutes or complements. In other words, does the move toward greater financial inclusion tend to increase or decrease financial stability? A number of studies have sugge...

  11. Reliability criteria for voltage stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Taylor, Carson W.; Silverstein, Brian L. [Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR (United States)


    In face of costs pressures, there is need to allocate scare resources more effectively in order to achieve voltage stability. This naturally leads to development of probabilistic criteria and notions of rick management. In this paper it is presented a discussion about criteria for long term voltage stability limited to the case in which the time frames are topically several minutes. (author) 14 refs., 1 fig.

  12. Experimental Investigations of Generalized Predictive Control for Tiltrotor Stability Augmentation (United States)

    Nixon, Mark W.; Langston, Chester W.; Singleton, Jeffrey D.; Piatak, David J.; Kvaternik, Raymond G.; Bennett, Richard L.; Brown, Ross K.


    A team of researchers from the Army Research Laboratory, NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), and Bell Helicopter-Textron, Inc. have completed hover-cell and wind-tunnel testing of a 1/5-size aeroelastically-scaled tiltrotor model using a new active control system for stability augmentation. The active system is based on a generalized predictive control (GPC) algorithm originally developed at NASA LaRC in 1997 for un-known disturbance rejection. Results of these investigations show that GPC combined with an active swashplate can significantly augment the damping and stability of tiltrotors in both hover and high-speed flight.

  13. India's INDC for transport and 2 C stabilization target

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dhar, Subash; Shukla, Priyadarshi Ramprasad; Pathak, Minal


    infrastructures, sustainable logistics and inland waterways to achieve these reductions. The Paris agreement that followed the announcement of the INDC increased the global ambition to stabilize the greenhouse gases so that maximum temperature rise is limited to 2 ?C with an enhanced ambition for 1.5 ?C....... The paper analyses how far INDC will reduce the emissions from transport and to what extent a 2 ?C temperature stabilization goal will decarbonize the transport sector. The analysis is carried out using ANSWER MARKAL model for evaluating the energy system in combination with a transport demand module...

  14. Application d’une approche inspirée des colonies de fourmis pour la recommandation des chemins d’apprentissage dans un cours en ligne : modèle et expérience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aziz Dahbi


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, nous présentons la mise en œuvre, l’expérimentation et l’évaluation d’une approche pour la recommandation des chemins d’apprentissage dans un cours en ligne. Le processus de recommandation est inspiré de l’intelligence en essaim et plus particulièrement de l’optimisation par colonies de fourmis (OCF (ant colony optimization [ACO]. Dans ce contexte, nous avons considéré une différenciation des chemins d’apprentissage en fonction de l’activité explorée pour l’apprentissage d’un cours. Dans l’objectif de recommander des chemins d’apprentissage considérés optimaux et d’évaluer ainsi leur impact sur l’apprentissage d’un cours en ligne, l’approche proposée est basée à la fois sur la recommandation de chemins pertinents par l’enseignant et sur les résultats stockés au fur et à mesure par les apprenants sur les chemins empruntés. Notre approche a été validée expérimentalement et les résultats obtenus ont montré l’émergence d’un chemin d’apprentissage favorisant la réussite d’un nombre d’apprenants relativement considérable.

  15. Hubble 15 years of discovery

    CERN Document Server

    Lindberg Christensen, Lars; Kornmesser, M


    Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery was a key element of the European Space Agency's 15th anniversary celebration activities for the 1990 launch of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. As an observatory in space, Hubble is one of the most successful scientific projects of all time, both in terms of scientific output and its immediate public appeal.

  16. Subgrade stabilization alternatives to lime and cement. (United States)


    This project involved four distinct research activities, (1) the influence of temperature on lime-stabilized soils, (2) the influence of temperature on cement-stabilized soils (3) temperature modeling of stabilized subgrade and (4) use of calcium chl...

  17. Use of soil stabilizers on highway shoulders. (United States)


    This study evaluated soil additives as stabilizers for aggregate and topsoil shoulders. Its purpose was to determine (1) the effect soil stabilizers have on the strength and stability of soil shoulders, and (2) the costs and benefits of using stabili...

  18. Stability criteria for complex ecosystems. (United States)

    Allesina, Stefano; Tang, Si


    Forty years ago, May proved that sufficiently large or complex ecological networks have a probability of persisting that is close to zero, contrary to previous expectations. May analysed large networks in which species interact at random. However, in natural systems pairs of species have well-defined interactions (for example predator-prey, mutualistic or competitive). Here we extend May's results to these relationships and find remarkable differences between predator-prey interactions, which are stabilizing, and mutualistic and competitive interactions, which are destabilizing. We provide analytic stability criteria for all cases. We use the criteria to prove that, counterintuitively, the probability of stability for predator-prey networks decreases when a realistic food web structure is imposed or if there is a large preponderance of weak interactions. Similarly, stability is negatively affected by nestedness in bipartite mutualistic networks. These results are found by separating the contribution of network structure and interaction strengths to stability. Stable predator-prey networks can be arbitrarily large and complex, provided that predator-prey pairs are tightly coupled. The stability criteria are widely applicable, because they hold for any system of differential equations.

  19. Stability of p53 homologs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tobias Brandt

    Full Text Available Most proteins have not evolved for maximal thermal stability. Some are only marginally stable, as for example, the DNA-binding domains of p53 and its homologs, whose kinetic and thermodynamic stabilities are strongly correlated. Here, we applied high-throughput methods using a real-time PCR thermocycler to study the stability of several full-length orthologs and paralogs of the p53 family of transcription factors, which have diverse functions, ranging from tumour suppression to control of developmental processes. From isothermal denaturation fluorimetry and differential scanning fluorimetry, we found that full-length proteins showed the same correlation between kinetic and thermodynamic stability as their isolated DNA-binding domains. The stabilities of the full-length p53 orthologs were marginal and correlated with the temperature of their organism, paralleling the stability of the isolated DNA-binding domains. Additionally, the paralogs p63 and p73 were significantly more stable and long-lived than p53. The short half-life of p53 orthologs and the greater persistence of the paralogs may be biologically relevant.

  20. Stability of Pharmaceuticals in Space (United States)

    Nguyen, Y-Uyen


    Stability testing is a tool used to access shelf life and effects of storage conditions for pharmaceutical formulations. Early research from the International Space Station (ISS) revealed that some medications may have degraded while in space. This potential loss of medication efficacy would be very dangerous to Crew health. The aim of this research project, Stability of Pharmacotherapeutic Compounds, is to study how the stability of pharmaceutical compounds is affected by environmental conditions in space. Four identical pharmaceutical payload kits containing medications in different dosage forms (liquid for injection, tablet, capsule, ointment and suppository) were transported to the ISS aboard a Space Shuttle. One of the four kits was stored on that Shuttle and the other three were stored on the ISS for return to Earth at various time intervals aboard a pre-designated Shuttle flight. The Pharmacotherapeutics laboratory used stability test as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), to access the degree of degradation to the Payload kit medications that may have occurred during space flight. Once these medications returned, the results of stability test performed on them were compared to those from the matching ground controls stored on Earth. Analyses of the results obtained from physical and chemical stability assessments on these payload medications will provide researchers additional tools to promote safe and efficacious medications for space exploration.

  1. Drogas: famílias que protegem e que expõem adolescentes ao risco Drugs: families that protect and that expose teenagers to risk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rogério Lessa Horta


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Este estudo tem por objetivo avaliar o consumo de substâncias psicoativas (bebidas alcoólicas, tabaco e drogas ilícitas por adolescentes do município de Pelotas (RS, de acordo com a presença de pai e/ou mãe no domicílio e o hábito de fumar ou não de ambos. MÉTODOS: Foi realizado, em 2002, um estudo transversal na área urbana de Pelotas. Empregou-se amostragem em múltiplos estágios para se obter uma amostra de adolescentes entre 15 e 18 anos de idade. As entrevistas foram realizadas com questionário auto-aplicado. RESULTADOS: A coabitação de pais ou mães e adolescentes parece reduzir significativamente as chances de os adolescentes consumirem tabaco, diminuir discretamente para drogas ilícitas e não tem influência em relação ao consumo de bebidas alcoólicas. CONCLUSÃO: O tabagismo de pais e mães parece aumentar as chances de os adolescentes fumarem. Não houve interação entre as duas variáveis em relação ao consumo de qualquer das substâncias estudadas.OBJECTIVE: This study was aimed to assess the relationship between substance use (alcoholic beverages, smoking and drug use among teenagers and cohabitation with parents, as well as the relationship between substance use and parental smoking. METHODS: In 2002, a cross-sectional survey was carried out in the urban area of Pelotas, southern Brazil. Multi-stage sampling was used to obtain a sample of adolescents aged between 15 and 18 years. Adolescents were interviewed using a self-applied confidential questionnaire. RESULTS: The cohabitation of parents and adolescents significantly reduced the odds ratio of tobacco smoking, but had a lower effect on reducing drugs use and was not related to alcohol intake. CONCLUSION: Parental smoking seems to be related only to adolescent smoking. No interaction was found between the two variables in relation to the consumption of any of studied substances.

  2. Long term stability of power systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kundur, P.; Gao, B. [Powertech Labs. Inc., Surrey, BC (Canada)


    Power system long term stability is still a developing subject. In this paper we provide our perspectives and experiences related to long term stability. The paper begins with the description of the nature of the long term stability problem, followed by the discussion of issues related to the modeling and solution techniques of tools for long term stability analysis. Cases studies are presented to illustrate the voltage stability aspect and plant dynamics aspect of long term stability. (author) 20 refs., 11 figs.

  3. Molecular mobility, thermodynamics and stability of griseofulvin's ultraviscous and glassy states from dynamic heat capacity. (United States)

    Tombari, E; Presto, S; Johari, G P; Shanker, Ravi M


    To determine the calorimetric relaxation time needed for modeling griseofulvin's stability against crystallization during storage. Both temperature-modulated and unmodulated scanning calorimetry have been used to determine the heat capacity of griseofulvin in the glassy and melt state. The calorimetric relaxation time, tau cal, of its melt varies with the temperature T according to the relation, tau cal [s] = 10(-13.3) exp [2, 292 /(T[K] - 289.5)] , and the distribution of relaxation times parameter is 0.67. The unrelaxed heat capacity of the griseofulvin melt is equal to its vibrational heat capacity. Griseofulvin neither crystallizes on heating to 373 K at 1 K/h rate, nor on cooling. Molecular mobility and vibrational heat capacity measured here are more reliable for modeling a pharmaceutical's stability against crystallization than the currently used kinetics-thermodynamics relations, and molecular mobility in the (fixed structure) glassy state is much greater than the usual extrapolation from the melt state yields. Molecular relaxation time of the glassy state of griseofulvin is about 2 months at 298 K, and longer at lower temperatures. It would spontaneously increase with time. If the long-range motions alone were needed for crystallization, griseofulvin would become more stable against crystallization during storage.

  4. Epidermal growth factor pathway substrate 15, Eps15

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Salcini, A E; Chen, H; Iannolo, G


    . These strategies have potentially far reaching implications extending to the control of cell proliferation. In this regard, it is of note that Eps15 has the potential of transforming NIH-3T3 cells and that the eps15 gene is rearranged with the HRX/ALL/MLL gene in acute myelogeneous leukemias, thus implicating...... this protein in the subversion of cell proliferation in neoplasia....... multiple copies of the amino acid triplet Aspartate-Proline-Phenylalanine. A pool of Eps15 is localized at clathrin coated pits where it interacts with the clathrin assembly complex AP-2 and a novel AP-2 binding protein, Epsin. Perturbation of Eps15 and Epsin function inhibits receptor-mediated endocytosis...

  5. Stability Analysis and Stabilization of Miduk Heap Leaching Structure, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehdi Amini


    Full Text Available To construct copper heap leaching structures, a stepped heap of ore is placed over an isolated sloping surface and then washed with sulphuric acid. The isolated bed of such a heap consists of some natural and geosynthetic layers. Shear strength parameters between these layers are low, so they form the possible sliding surfaces of the heaps. Economic and environmental considerations call for studying such slides. In this study, firstly, results of the laboratory tests carried on the materials of the heap leaching structures bed are presented. Then, the instability mechanisms of such structures are investigated and proper approaches are summarized for their stabilization. Finally, stability of the Miduk copper heap is evaluated as a case history, and appropriate approaches and their effects are discussed for its stabilization.

  6. Matlab Stability and Control Toolbox: Trim and Static Stability Module (United States)

    Crespo, Luis G.; Kenny, Sean P.


    This paper presents the technical background of the Trim and Static module of the Matlab Stability and Control Toolbox. This module performs a low-fidelity stability and control assessment of an aircraft model for a set of flight critical conditions. This is attained by determining if the control authority available for trim is sufficient and if the static stability characteristics are adequate. These conditions can be selected from a prescribed set or can be specified to meet particular requirements. The prescribed set of conditions includes horizontal flight, take-off rotation, landing flare, steady roll, steady turn and pull-up/ push-over flight, for which several operating conditions can be specified. A mathematical model was developed allowing for six-dimensional trim, adjustable inertial properties, asymmetric vehicle layouts, arbitrary number of engines, multi-axial thrust vectoring, engine(s)-out conditions, crosswind and gyroscopic effects.

  7. Marie-Christine Presse et Gérad Figari (dir.), « La valorisation des expériences personnelles et professionnelles », Transformations. Recherches en éducation des adultes, n°4, décembre 2010


    Leroux, Céline


    A travers ce quatrième numéro de la revue Transformations. Recherches en éducation des adultes consacrée aux recherches en éducation pour adultes, les auteurs reviennent sur les dispositifs de valorisation des expériences personnelles et professionnelles des adultes rendue possible en France par la loi de modernisation sociale de 2002 avec le dispositif de Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience (VAE), au Portugal, en Belgique et en Suisse, avec des dispositifs similaires. Les différentes contr...

  8. Stability of coagulation proteins in lyophilized plasma. (United States)

    Jennings, I; Kitchen, D P; Woods, T A L; Kitchen, S; Preston, F E; Walker, I D


    External quality assessment (EQA) is an important component of quality assurance for laboratory tests of haemostasis. Lyophilization of plasma confers stability of labile clotting factors, allowing valid comparison of results between participating centres. However, elevated ambient temperatures in some geographical areas could affect the stability of lyophilized samples in transit. The effect on lyophilized plasma samples of consistent elevated temperature with respect to haemostasis tests was determined in a single centre. The temperature to which packages were exposed during transit was also monitored. Survey packages were exposed to average temperatures up to 31.9 °C and maximum temperatures up to 39.7 °C over delivery periods between 1 and 8 weeks. In-house studies revealed samples to be stable over a 6-week period at a constant 30 °C, and only small changes were observed for samples exposed to 37 °C for 4 weeks. 6-week storage at 37 °C was associated with average changes of up to 15% in factor assay activity. Lyophilized EQA material employed in UK NEQAS surveys is stable under conditions encountered for the majority of participants, but in cases of delayed delivery of samples, the effect of temperature on sample integrity must be considered when assessing laboratory performance. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  9. Study on atmospheric stability to determine dispersion factor in Yonggwang Site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Seung Chan; Yoon, Duk Joo; Song, Dong Soo; Kim, In Hwan; Ha, Sang Jun [Korea Hydro Nuclear Power Co. Ltd, KHNP Central Research Institute, Nuclear Safety Laboratory, Gueongju (Korea, Republic of)


    Air pollution models have been studied by IAEA, NRC and EPA. The aim of this study is to get more efficient methodology of explaining the behavior of atmosphere using the stability. Specially, air pollution model can be Lagrangian, Eulerian or Gaussian. The Gaussian dispersion models are usually used in estimating the stability of atmosphere. The first study and the improved method for stability have been carried out by Cramer in 1957 and Pasquil in 1961, respectively. The methodology consists of wind speed, radiation from Sun, night and cloud's clusters. In conception, the convection and the radiation affect the behavior of atmosphere. In present, this conception is generally used to calculation of stability of atmosphere. This study is focused on the relation between stability and atmosphere dispersion factor. In this study, various methods to determine the stability of atmosphere are reviewed. Especially, IAEA methodology(△T·U) is discussed and compared with other methods. △T·U methodology is very reasonable in both dynamic and static stability. Some conclusions from this study are: 1. For wind speed higher than 1.5 m/sec, △T·U is similar to δ{sub θ}. 2. For wind speed less than 1.5 m/sec, △T·U is in good agreement with △T/△Z. 3. Stability of atmosphere is generally impacted by wind speed. 4. Stability frequency has the similar trends in comparison between △T·U and δ{sub θ}.

  10. Can the UN Stabilize Mali? Towards a UN Stabilization Doctrine?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arthur Boutellis


    Full Text Available Almost two years after the deployment of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA in July 2013, the increasing number of asymmetric terrorist attacks targeting UN peacekeepers – in the context of a drawn-out peace process – has raised a number of questions in Mali, the sub-region, and in New York, over the relevance and adequacies of MINUSMA’s mandate and capabilities. It also raises a broader issue, of whether the consent-based UN peacekeeping tool is appropriate and can be effective in carrying out stabilization mandates in such a context and what doctrine such operations should be based on. The UN is indeed under increasing pressure from host countries and some African troop-contributing countries to go on the offensive. Member States have also increasingly recognized terrorism and organized crime as a strategic threat, and while opposed to the UN directly engaging in counterterrorism (CT operations, some may wish to see the UN playing a greater stabilization role following the January 2013 French military intervention in Mali. However, little guidance and means have been given so far to UN missions for dealing with such threats and implementing effective stabilization mandates. The High-Level Panel on Peace Operations, which recently released its report, noted that the usage of the term “stabilization” by the UN requires clarification. This article analyses the complex and evolving nature of threats in northern Mali and implications for MINUSMA and describes the military and political tools – including mediation – so far available within and outside the UN. The article concludes that the UN is bound to move towards stabilization when and if deployed in contexts such as Mali’s if it wants to remain relevant. However, such a move should be based on an overarching UN stabilization doctrine and context-specific UN-wide stabilization strategies which are first and foremost political

  11. ISS Expedition 15 Press Kit (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Press kit for ISS mission Expedition 15 from 04/2007-10/2007. Press kits contain information about each mission overview, crew, mission timeline, benefits, and media...

  12. Your Child's Development: 15 Months (United States)

    ... Months Print A A A en español El desarrollo de su hijo: 15 meses Toddlers this age ... stacks three blocks scribbles with crayon on paper Social and Emotional Development begins to show preference for ...

  13. Targeting Alpha5 Beta1 Integrin to Prevent Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Invasion: PhScN Target Site Definition and Plasma Stability (United States)


    termini, and/or cysteine side chain to determine the initial spatial constraints of the binding pocket of the ligand to its target site. This will...invasion, extravasation, and lung colony formation. Clin Exp Metastasis, 2010. 27(3): p. 173-84. PMID: 20339907 14. Woods Ignatoski, K.M., N.K. Grewal, S...Neoplasia, 2003. 5(2): p. 128-34. PMID: 12659685 20 15. Woods Ignatoski, K.M., D.L. Livant, S. Markwart, N.K. Grewal, and S.P. Ethier, The role of

  14. Development of emotional stability scale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Chaturvedi


    Full Text Available Background: Emotional stability remains the central theme in personality studies. The concept of stable emotional behavior at any level is that which reflects the fruits of normal emotional development. The study aims at development of an emotional stability scale. Materials and Methods: Based on available literature the components of emotional stability were identified and 250 items were developed, covering each component. Two-stage elimination of items was carried out, i.e. through judges′ opinions and item analysis. Results: Fifty items with highest ′t′ values covering 5 dimensions of emotional stability viz pessimism vs. optimism, anxiety vs. calm, aggression vs. tolerance., dependence vs. autonomy., apathy vs. empathy were retained in the final scale. Reliability as checked by Cronbach′s alpha was .81 and by split half method it was .79. Content validity and construct validity were checked. Norms are given in the form of cumulative percentages. Conclusion: Based on the psychometric principles a 50 item, self-administered 5 point Lickert type rating scale was developed for measurement of emotional stability.

  15. Clay facial masks: physicochemical stability at different storage temperatures. (United States)

    Zague, Vivian; de Almeida Silva, Diego; Baby, André Rolim; Kaneko, Telma Mary; Velasco, Maria Valéria Robles


    Clay facial masks--formulations that contain a high percentage of solids dispersed in a liquid vehicle--have become of special interest due to specific properties presented by clays, such as particle size, cooling index, high adsorption capacity, and plasticity. Although most of the physicochemical properties of clay dispersions have been studied, specific aspects concerning the physicochemical stability of clay mask products remain unclear. This work aimed at investigating the accelerated physicochemical stability of clay mask formulations stored at different temperatures. Formulations were subjected to centrifuge testing and to thermal treatment for 15 days, during which temperature was varied from -5.0 degrees to 45.0 degrees C. The apparent viscosity and visual aspect (homogeneity) of all formulations were affected by temperature variation, whereas color, odor, and pH value remained unaltered. These results, besides the estimation of physicochemical stability under aging, can be useful in determining the best storage conditions for clay-based formulations.

  16. UV radiometry issues for UV stabilization of photoresist (United States)

    Shi, Jianou; Grindle, Steven P.; Chen, Sharine; Owen, Greg; Insalaco, Linda J.; Cromer, Christopher L.; Goldner, Laurie S.


    The use of intense, broadband, ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the stabilization of photoresist requires stable UV sources and sensors, as well as suitable calibration procedures. We have constructed and measured the stability of a new UV transfer source standard with a spectrum that is identical to that of a commercially available photostabilizer. This device is particularly useful in calibrating the broadband UV detectors that monitor photostabilizer irradiance. The irradiance of this new source in a narrow band around 310 nm is monitored and found to be stable to better than 1.5% over 12 days. Spectral measurements of the source are also presented. The stability of two other commercially available UV sources is investigated and the behavior of the broadband UV sensors is discussed.

  17. Notre expérience de méningiome intracrânien à Dakar: à propos de 50 cas (United States)

    Thiam, Alioune Badara; Kessely, Yannick Canton; Thioub, Mbaye; Mbaye, Maguette; Faye, Mouhamed; Sy, El Hadj Cheikh Ndiaye; Ndoye, Ndaraw; Ba, Momar Codé; Sakho, Youssoupha; Badiane, Seydou Boubacar


    Les méningiomes sont des tumeurs bénignes extra parenchymateuses développées aux dépens des villosités arachnoïdiennes. Ils tirent leur gravité de leur localisation dans des zones hyperfonctionnelles. Le but de cette étude est d’évaluer la prise en charge des méningiomes intracrâniens depuis la réhabilitation du service de neurochirurgie en 2007. Les auteurs rapportent une série rétrospective portant sur 50 patients admis et opérés d'un méningiome intracrânien d'octobre 2007 à Juin 2013 dans leur service. Ont été inclus les patients ayant un dossier complet. Les patients étaient âgés de 08 à 70 ans avec une moyenne d’âge de 47,3 ans, 68% avaient plus de 40 ans. La sex-ratio était de 0,76. Les manifestations cliniques étaient essentiellement l'hypertension intracrânienne (46%), le déficit moteur (30%) et la comitialité (48%). La tomodensitométrie cérébrale était réalisée chez 41 patients et l'IRM chez 23. Le méningiome était localisé sur la convexité chez 24 patients. L'imagerie postopératoire immédiate était réalisée chez 15 patients. L'exérèse a consisté dans 44% des cas à un Sympson II, et dans 30% des cas à un Sympson III. L'anatomopathologie a conclu à une prédominance du type méningothélial (38%) et 60% des méningiomes étaient de grade I selon la classification de l'O.M.S. Aucun patient n'a bénéficié d'une radiothérapie. La mortalité était de 16%. Les pays d'Afrique subsaharienne continuent d'accuser un retard malgré les efforts réalisés dans les domaines diagnostic et thérapeutique des méningiomes intracrâniens. Le pronostic s'est considérablement amélioré à mesure de l'amélioration du plateau technique dans notre pays. PMID:26185569

  18. Adaptabilidade e estabilidade de genótipos de girassol no Brasil Central Adaptability and stability of sunflower genotypes in Central Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Karolina Grunvald


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a adaptabilidade e estabilidade de genótipos de girassol, no Brasil Central, quanto ao rendimento de grãos e de óleo. Os dados foram obtidos de ensaios de genótipos de girassol coordenados pela Embrapa Soja, de 2004 a 2007. Foram usados os métodos de Eberhart & Russell, Porto et al., Rocha et al. e Annicchiarico. Foi realizada a decomposição do índice de recomendação de Annicchiarico nos ambientes favoráveis e desfavoráveis. Este método e o de Porto et al. foram similares e mais adequados para avaliar a adaptabilidade dos genótipos. Em relação ao rendimento de grãos, as variedades BRSGira 02 e Nutrissol apresentaram adaptação ampla. Os híbridos Agrobel 959, MG50 e V03005 e as variedades Catissol e Multissol apresentaram adaptação aos ambientes favoráveis, e os híbridos BRHS 02 e BRHS 04 apresentaram adaptação aos ambientes desfavoráveis. Quanto ao rendimento de óleo, os híbridos Agrobel 959, V03005, MG50, VDH 487, EXP 1441, EXP 1447 e EXP 1446 e as variedades BRSGira 01, BRSGira 02 e Nutrissol apresentaram adaptação ampla. O híbrido MG52 e as variedades Catissol e Multissol mostraram adaptação aos ambientes favoráveis, e BRHS 04 e BRHS 02 mostraram adaptação aos ambientes desfavoráveis. Os genótipos selecionados mostraram-se estáveis, mas em níveis diferenciados.The objective of this study was to evaluate the adaptability and stability of sunflower genotype grain and oil yield, in Central Brazil. The analyzed data were obtained from sunflower genotype trials coordinated by Embrapa Soja, from 2004 to 2007. Genotype adaptability and stability were evaluated using the methods of Eberhart & Russell, Porto et al., Rocha et al., and Annicchiarico. The Annicchiarico method divides sites into favorable and unfavorable environments. This method and the one of Porto et al. were similar and more adequate to evaluate genotypic adaptability. For grain yield, the varieties BRSGira

  19. 2-Methyl-5-(4-tolyl-7-(trifluoromethylpyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clarissa P. Frizzo


    Full Text Available In the title compound, C15H12F3N3, the pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine system ring is essentially planar with a maximum deviation from the mean plane of 0.014 (1 Å. The 4-tolyl group makes a dihedral angle of 14.1 (1° with the pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine ring system. The crystal packing is stabilized mainly by van der Waals forces.

  20. Stability Ops In The Western Hemisphere (CALL Newsletter, Number 11-15, February 2011) (United States)


    Defensa Nacional , or MDN) the security forces pre pared their own plans to implement the Democratic Security and Defense Policy.6 Both the military’s...Quito: Programa de la Naciones Unidas Para el Desarrollo , 2004. 33. Catherine M. Conaghan, “Ecuador: Correa’s Plebiscitary President,” Journal of...Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática, Cencos Nacionales 2007: XI Población y VI de Vivienda, 2007. 27. UN World Drug Report (2010). 28

  1. Stabilizing effect of epoxidized sunflower oil as a secondary stabilizer for Ca/Hg stabilized PVC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Unsaturated triglyceride oil sunflower was epoxidized and characterized by chemical and spectroscopic methods. Epoxidized sunflower oil (ESO was used as an organic thermal co-stabilizer for rigid poly(vinyl chloride (PVC in the presence of tricalcium dicitrate (Ca3(C6H5O72 and mercury (II acetate (Hg(CH3COO2. The thermo-oxidative degradation of PVC was studied in the presence of these ternary stabilizer systems at 170, 180, 190 and 200°C in N2 atmosphere. The effects of metal carboxylate combination Ca/Hg in the absence and in the presence of epoxidized sunflower oil on static heat treatment of PVC have been studied. The formation of polyene sequences was investigated by UV-visible and FT-IR spectroscopy and by comparing viscosity data obtained in the presence and in the absence of the additives. It was found that the additives retard the rate of degradation and reduce the extent of polymer chain scission associated with the thermal degradation of poly(vinyl chloride. Synergistic effects were found when stabilizer was blended in 50:50 weight ratios with either. It was found that ESO exerted a stabilizing effect on the degradation of PVC. The activation energy for degraded PVC in absence of stabilizers was 38.6 kJ•mol–1 and in the presence of Ca/Hg and Ca/Hg/ESO were 53.3 and 64.7 kJ•mol–1 respectively. In order of compare the efficiency of the epoxidized sunflower oil with these metal soap stabilizers, thermal stabilities were evaluated on the basis of evolved hydrogen chloride determined by conductometry technique and degree of discoloration are discussed.

  2. Translational Influence on Messenger Stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eriksen, Mette

    RNA messenger stability is in uenced by how well it is protected from ribonuclase degradation. The level and distribution of translating ribosomes on the messenger has an effect on messenger stability, which is tuned partly by the nature of the ribosome binding site and partly by the codon...... composition of the coding sequence of a gene. This thesis focussed on illuminating the impact of ribosome binding sites on the functional messenger half-life using a range of ribosome binding sites with altered binding strength. Furthermore, the additive in uence of the transcription terminator, Rho......, on messenger stability was examined. Depending on the translation initiation frequency, the chance of an initial ribosome trailing the RNA polymerase get better for better initiation sites, thus protecting transcription from termination by Rho. A polarity assay in which the activity of the downstream lac...

  3. Hydraulic Stability of Accropode Armour

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, T.; Burcharth, H. F.; Frigaard, Peter

    , and to assess the influence of core permeability on the hydraulic stability of Accropodes. Two structures were examined, one with a relatively permeable core and one with a relatively impermeable core. In November/December 1995, Ph.D.-student Marten Christensen carried out the model tests on the structure...... with permeable core (crushed granite with a gradation of 5-8 mm). The outcome of this study is described in "Hydraulic Stability of Single-Layer Dolos and Accropode Armour Layers" by Christensen & Burcharth (1995). In January/February 1996, Research Assistant Thomas Jensen carried out a similar study......The present report describes the hydraulic model tests of Accropode armour layers carried out at the Hydraulics Laboratory at Aalborg University from November 1995 through March 1996. The objective of the model tests was to investigate the hydraulic stability of Accropode armour layers...

  4. Protein stability, flexibility and function

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Teilum, Kaare; Olsen, Johan G; Kragelund, Birthe B


    for a delineation of the molecular details of their function. Several of these mutations interfered with the binding of a specific ligand with a concomitant effect on the stability of the protein scaffold. It has been ambiguous and not straightforward to recognize if any relationships exist between the stability...... presented is it clear that there are specific sites (flexibility hotspots) in proteins that are important for both binding and stability. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Protein Dynamics: Experimental and Computational Approaches.......Proteins rely on flexibility to respond to environmental changes, ligand binding and chemical modifications. Potentially, a perturbation that changes the flexibility of a protein may interfere with its function. Millions of mutations have been performed on thousands of proteins in quests...

  5. Hydrothermal stability of zirconia ceramics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, D.Y. [Daelim College of Technology, Anyang (Korea); Gogotsi, G.A. [National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev (Uzbekistan); Kim, D.J. [Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul (Korea); Park, N.J. [Kumho National University of Technology, Kumi (Korea)


    3 mol% Y{sub 2}O{sub 3} partially-Stabilized Zirconia single Crystals (PSZCs) containing a small quantity (<0.5%) of rare-earth oxides (CeO{sub 2}, Tb{sub 2}O{sub 3}) were prepared by using a direct high-frequency skull melting technique to evaluate hydrothermal stability in an autoclave. Pole figure measurements indicate that both CeO{sub 2} and Tb{sub 2}O{sub 3} containing specimens prepared by the skull melting are single crystals. PSZCs exhibited no t{yields}m phase transformation during aging for 5 h at temperatures from 150 to 250 deg. C and 4 MPa water vapor pressure in an autoclave, resulting in excellent hydrothermal stability. (author). 19 refs., 1 tab., 4 figs.

  6. Dual mechanisms regulate ecosystem stability under decade-long warming and hay harvest. (United States)

    Shi, Zheng; Xu, Xia; Souza, Lara; Wilcox, Kevin; Jiang, Lifen; Liang, Junyi; Xia, Jianyang; García-Palacios, Pablo; Luo, Yiqi


    Past global change studies have identified changes in species diversity as a major mechanism regulating temporal stability of production, measured as the ratio of the mean to the standard deviation of community biomass. However, the dominant plant functional group can also strongly determine the temporal stability. Here, in a grassland ecosystem subject to 15 years of experimental warming and hay harvest, we reveal that warming increases while hay harvest decreases temporal stability. This corresponds with the biomass of the dominant C4 functional group being higher under warming and lower under hay harvest. As a secondary mechanism, biodiversity also explains part of the variation in temporal stability of production. Structural equation modelling further shows that warming and hay harvest regulate temporal stability through influencing both temporal mean and variation of production. Our findings demonstrate the joint roles that dominant plant functional group and biodiversity play in regulating the temporal stability of an ecosystem under global change.

  7. Ultra-High Pressure Homogenization improves oxidative stability and interfacial properties of soy protein isolate-stabilized emulsions. (United States)

    Fernandez-Avila, C; Trujillo, A J


    Ultra-High Pressure Homogenization (100-300MPa) has great potential for technological, microbiological and nutritional aspects of fluid processing. Its effect on the oxidative stability and interfacial properties of oil-in-water emulsions prepared with 4% (w/v) of soy protein isolate and soybean oil (10 and 20%, v/v) were studied and compared to emulsions treated by conventional homogenization (15MPa). Emulsions were characterized by particle size, emulsifying activity index, surface protein concentration at the interface and by transmission electron microscopy. Primary and secondary lipid oxidation products were evaluated in emulsions upon storage. Emulsions with 20% oil treated at 100 and 200MPa exhibited the most oxidative stability due to higher amount of oil and protein surface load at the interface. This manuscript addresses the improvement in oxidative stability in emulsions treated by UHPH when compared to conventional emulsions. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Solution stability of Captisol-stabilized melphalan (Evomela) versus Propylene glycol-based melphalan hydrochloride injection. (United States)

    Singh, Ramsharan; Chen, Jin; Miller, Teresa; Bergren, Michael; Mallik, Rangan


    The objective of this study was to compare the stability of recently approved Captisol-stabilized propylene glycol-free melphalan injection (Evomela™) against currently marketed propylene glycol-based melphalan injection. The products were compared as reconstituted solutions in vials as well as admixture solutions prepared from normal saline in infusion bags. Evomela and propylene glycol-based melphalan injection were reconstituted in normal saline and organic custom diluent, respectively, according to their package insert instructions. The reconstituted solutions were diluted in normal saline to obtain drug admixture solutions at specific drug concentrations. Stability of the solutions was studied at room temperature by assay of melphalan and determination of melphalan-related impurities. Results show that based on the increase in total impurities in propylene glycol-based melphalan injection at 0.45 mg/mL, Evomela admixture solutions are about 5, 9, 15 and 29 times more stable at concentrations of 0.45, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 mg/mL, respectively. Results confirmed that reconstituted Evomela solution can be stored in the vial for up to 1 h at RT or for up to 24 h at refrigerated temperature (2-8 °C) with no significant degradation. After storage in the vial, it remains stable for an additional 3-29 h after preparation of admixture solution in infusion bags at concentrations of 0.25-5.0 mg/mL, respectively. In addition, Evomela solution in saline, at concentration of 5.0 mg/mL melphalan was bacteriostatic through 72 h storage at 2-8 °C. Formulation of melphalan with Captisol technology significantly improved stability compared to melphalan hydrochloride reconstituted with propylene-glycol based diluents.

  9. 21 CFR 211.166 - Stability testing. (United States)


    ... shelf life studies, there must be stability studies conducted, including drug product testing at... 21 Food and Drugs 4 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Stability testing. 211.166 Section 211.166 Food... Stability testing. (a) There shall be a written testing program designed to assess the stability...

  10. Stability constant estimator user`s guide

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hay, B.P.; Castleton, K.J.; Rustad, J.R.


    The purpose of the Stability Constant Estimator (SCE) program is to estimate aqueous stability constants for 1:1 complexes of metal ions with ligands by using trends in existing stability constant data. Such estimates are useful to fill gaps in existing thermodynamic databases and to corroborate the accuracy of reported stability constant values.

  11. Stability and stabilization of linear systems with saturating actuators

    CERN Document Server

    Tarbouriech, Sophie; Gomes da Silva Jr, João Manoel; Queinnec, Isabelle


    Gives the reader an in-depth understanding of the phenomena caused by the more-or-less ubiquitous problem of actuator saturation. Proposes methods and algorithms designed to avoid, manage or overcome the effects of actuator saturation. Uses a state-space approach to ensure local and global stability of the systems considered. Compilation of fifteen years' worth of research results.

  12. Gelatin stabilization of quantum dots for improved stability and biocompatibility. (United States)

    Parani, Sundararajan; Pandian, Kannaiyan; Oluwafemi, Oluwatobi Samuel


    We herein report an aqueous synthesis of gelatin stabilized CdTe/CdS/ZnS (CSSG) core/double shell quantum dots (QDs) with improved biocompatibility. The as-synthesized QDs were characterized by ultraviolet-visible (UV-vis) and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopic techniques, x-ray diffraction technique (XRD), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The CSSG QDs revealed high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) with excellent stability over a period of one year and retained 90% of its initial PLQY without any aggregation or precipitation under ambient condition. The cell viability study conducted on HeLa, cervical cancer cell lines indicated that the gelatin stabilization effectively decreased the QDs cytotoxicity by about 50%. The CSSG QDs were conjugated with transferrin (Tf) for the efficient delivery to the cancer cells followed by fluorescence imaging. The results showed that the CSSG QDs illuminates the entire cell which renders the QDs as cell labeling markers. The gelatin stabilized core/double shell QDs are potential candidates for long time fluorescent bio-imaging. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  13. Association of Stability Parameters and Yield Stability of Sesame ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ten sesame genotypes were tested in four locations in 2011 and 2012 crop seasons using a randomized block design, with three replications. Nine statistical methods were used to determine seed yield stability of the sesame genotypes. The results of the various statistical analyses showed significant variations in seed ...

  14. The myth of core stability. (United States)

    Lederman, Eyal


    The principle of core stability has gained wide acceptance in training for the prevention of injury and as a treatment modality for rehabilitation of various musculoskeletal conditions in particular of the lower back. There has been surprisingly little criticism of this approach up to date. This article re-examines the original findings and the principles of core stability/spinal stabilisation approaches and how well they fare within the wider knowledge of motor control, prevention of injury and rehabilitation of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems following injury.

  15. Stability of facetted translation shells

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Almegaard, Henrik; Vanggaard, Ole


    This article is discussing the spatial stability i.e. rigidity of double curved shell surfaces under different support conditions. It is based upon a method developed by Henrik Almegaard, as part of the theory concerning the stringer system (ALM04a).......This article is discussing the spatial stability i.e. rigidity of double curved shell surfaces under different support conditions. It is based upon a method developed by Henrik Almegaard, as part of the theory concerning the stringer system (ALM04a)....

  16. Radiohumeral stability to forced translation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Steen Lund; Olsen, Bo Sanderhoff; Seki, Atsuhito


    Radiohumeral stability to forced translation was experimentally analyzed in 8 osteocartilaginous joint preparations. The joints were dislocated in 8 centrifugal directions at 12 different combinations of joint flexion and rotation while a constant joint compression force of 23 N was applied...... did not. In supination, the greatest stability was observed for anteromedial dislocations, in neutral rotation for posteromedial dislocations, and in pronation for posterolateral dislocations. The findings from this study indicate systematic variations in wall height around the radial head concavity...... as well as individual variations in joint constraint. This may have implications for the treatment of conditions involving radiohumeral joint dislocation....

  17. [Stability of complete dentures. 1]. (United States)

    Palazzo, U


    The Author considers the necessary requisites for the complete denture's stability during masticatory function. This is due to the following anatomic and functional factors: a) Support tissues' morphology. b) Morpho-functional characteristics of the prosthetic tooth: unitary nupolivalent function in the different occlusal sectors. c) Linear arrangement of the teeth with unitary function along the "structural sagittal axis" or "central axis of dinamic and muscolar stabilization" of the mandible. d) Teeth's arrangement in the neutral or muscolar equilibration zone. e) Interalveolar axis' verticality of the teeth with unitary grinding function.

  18. Radiation Stability of Metal Nanowires (United States)

    Bedin, S. A.; Makhin'ko, F. F.; Ovchinnikov, V. V.; Gerasimenko, N. N.; Zagorskiy, D. L.


    The aim of this work is to investigate the radiation stability of pure nickel and iron- nickel Fe0.56Ni0.44 alloy nanowires fabricated by matrix synthesis using polymer track membranes and Ar+ and Xe+ (E = 20 keV, j = 300 μA/cm2) beam irradiation. The dependence of the stability of nanowires on their diameter, fluence, and type of implanted ions is investigated. The assumption that the thermalized regions of dense cascades of atomic displacements (thermal spikes) play an important role in the nanowire structure change is made. These regions are nanosized zones of explosive energy release and heated to several thousands of degrees.

  19. Stability analysis of nonlinear systems

    CERN Document Server

    Lakshmikantham, Vangipuram; Martynyuk, Anatoly A


    The book investigates stability theory in terms of two different measure, exhibiting the advantage of employing families of Lyapunov functions and treats the theory of a variety of inequalities, clearly bringing out the underlying theme. It also demonstrates manifestations of the general Lyapunov method, showing how this technique can be adapted to various apparently diverse nonlinear problems. Furthermore it discusses the application of theoretical results to several different models chosen from real world phenomena, furnishing data that is particularly relevant for practitioners. Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems is an invaluable single-sourse reference for industrial and applied mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, researchers in the applied sciences, and graduate students studying differential equations.



    Gurkirat Kaur; Pravin Kumar


    Background: Low Back Pain (LBP) is a health related problem than affects 80% of the population within the age limit of 15 to 45 years. The primary treatment used for patients with LBP includes muscle strengthening along with thermotherapeutic modalities. Thus the purpose of the study is to see the efficacy of EMG biofeedback assisted core stability exercises versus core stability exercises alone in patients suffering from pain and disability. Methodology: A total of 30 patients were divide...

  1. La pratique sportive comme vecteur d’expérience créative en prison Sport as a Vector of Creative Experience in Prison. The Case of Volleyball at the Rennes Detention Centre for Women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sophie Piot


    Full Text Available Le cas du volley-ball au Centre de détention pour femmes de RennesStarting from notions and concepts developed by Goffman and the socio-anthropology of play, this article proposes an analysis of convicts' lived experiences in the area of team sports in a prison milieu. Penitentiary sociological studies generally tend to explain the conduct of detainees in terms of strategies and resistances. It is certainly undeniable that the constraints related to incarceration generate many losses for prisoners, and that they try to fabricate arrangements for bypassing obstacles and for compensation. Nevertheless, due to the installation of these arrangements, consisting in mobilizing varied objects and transitional phenomena, and under environmental conditions (topological, human and material instilling sufficient confidence in them, certain prisoners manage to have creative experiences (the impression “of escaping”, of no longer being prisoners. Despite the precarious, transitory and situated nature of these forms of experience to a certain extent they allow a suspension and attenuation of their constraints, releasing them emotionally and “lasting” over time.Cet article propose, à partir de notions et de concepts développés par Goffman et par la socio-anthropologie du jeu, une analyse de l’expérience vécue par des détenues dans l’espace du sport collectif en milieu carcéral. Les études sociologiques pénitentiaires tendent le plus souvent à expliquer les conduites des reclus en termes de stratégies et de résistances. Il est certes indéniable que les contraintes liées à l’incarcération génèrent de multiples pertes pour les prisonniers, et que ces derniers tentent de mettre en place des dispositifs de contournement et de compensation. Néanmoins, sur base de l’aménagement de ces dispositifs consistant à mobiliser des objets et phénomènes transitionnels variés, et dans des conditions environnementales (topologiques

  2. Assessment of Interleukin 15 (IL-15) Gene Polymorphism in Adult ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    From its beginnings two decades ago with the analysis of chromosomal translocation break points, research into the molecular pathogenesis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) has now progressed to the large scale sequencing of candidate genes that might be linked to the pathogenesis of leukemia. Interleukon-15 ...

  3. 15 CFR 15.3 - Acceptance of service of process. (United States)


    ... as otherwise authorized by law on the Patent and Trademark Office or the Commissioner of Patents and... Section 15.3 Commerce and Foreign Trade Office of the Secretary of Commerce LEGAL PROCEEDINGS Service of... by law on the Department, a component or the Secretary or a Department employee in their official...

  4. Synthesis and Characterization of DNase 1-Stabilized Gold Nanoclusters (United States)


    up using a mortar and pestle , 2) particles dispersed in deionized water and bath sonicated for 15 min, 3) solution pipetted onto TEM grids...and photobleaching properties of FITC- and dylight488-conjugated herceptin. International Journal of Green Nanotechnology. 2011;3:264–270. 3... Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2004;126:6115–6123. 7. Chevrier DM, Chatt A, Zhang P. Properties and applications of protein-stabilized

  5. Serum and Urine Copper – Contamination and Stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitrova Ivanova I.


    Full Text Available Pre-analytical factors of variation need to be carefully considered and investigated in efforts to harmonize all aspects of the total testing process. This study aimed to evaluate contamination and stability in copper (Cu analysis of serum and urine by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS and to compare the stability of urine Cu in controls and in D-penicillamine (D-PA administration. Cu was measured by AAnalyst 400, Perkin Elmer, USA. Blood was collected in BD Vacutainer®SSTTM II Advance tubes and BD Vacutainer® Trace Element tubes. Sterile polyethylene and polypropylene vessels for collection, transportation, storage and preliminary preparation of samples were used in urinalysis. Stability in serum and 24 h urine was evaluated in two temperature regimens: 15-25°C and 2-8°C, for particular time of storage. No significant differences (p = 0.20 in Cu concentration was found between the two types of tested tubes with patient`s sera. The stability of the samples (serum and urine was better at refrigeration temperature. In urine the stability was better in D-PA administration.Standardization of Cu analysis could be achieved by assessing the aspects of pre-analytical factors of variations.

  6. Compressive strength and hydrolytic stability of fly ash based geopolymers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolić Irena


    Full Text Available The process of geopolymerization involves the reaction of solid aluminosilicate materials with highly alkaline silicate solution yielding an aluminosilicate inorganic polymer named geopolymer, which may be successfully applied in civil engineering as a replacement for cement. In this paper we have investigated the influence of synthesis parameters: solid to liquid ratio, NaOH concentration and the ratio of Na2SiO3/NaOH, on the mechanical properties and hydrolytic stability of fly ash based geopolymers in distilled water, sea water and simulated acid rain. The highest value of compressive strength was obtained using 10 mol dm-3 NaOH and at the Na2SiO3/NaOH ratio of 1.5. Moreover, the results have shown that mechanical properties of fly ash based geopolymers are in correlation with their hydrolytic stability. Factors that increase the compressive strength also increase the hydrolytic stability of fly ash based geopolymers. The best hydrolytic stability of fly ash based geopolymers was shown in sea water while the lowest stability was recorded in simulated acid rain. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 172054 i Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Center, funded by the European FP7 project No. 245916



    A. V. Endovitskaya; Volkova, T. A.


    Summary. The article examines the linkages between financial stability and the level of its economic security. Considered the content of financial stability, represented by its own definition, we studied the basic conditions to achieve it. The logic diagram showing the location of financial stability and financial security to ensure the economic security of the business entity. A system of internal and external factors affecting the financial stability and endanger financial stability and fin...

  8. Stability of personality traits in adulthood


    Allemand, Mathias; Gruenenfelder-Steiger, Andrea E; Hill, Patrick L.


    Stability represents a fundamental concept in developmental theory and research. In this article we give an overview of recent work on personality traits and their stability in adulthood. First, we define personality traits and stability. Second, we present empirical evidence supporting change and stability of personality traits across the adult years with respect to conceptually and statistically different forms of stability. Third, we describe mechanisms and processes that enable trait stab...

  9. Intergranular Pressure Solution in Nacl: Grain-To-Grain Contact Experiments under the Optical Microscope Dissolution sous contrainte dans NaCl : expériences de contact grain à grain sous microscope optique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spiers C. J.


    effective diffusivity varying with contact force and on-going convergence. The results agree broadly with those of previous compaction creep experiments performed using wet halite powder. Discrepancies with other workers results for single-contact dissolution experiments can be explained in terms of differences in experimental configuration and competition between driving forces. La dissolution sous contrainte (IPS - Intergranular Pressure Solution représente un mécanisme de lithification, de compaction et de déformation à l'échelle géologique pour une large gamme de roches. Les études expérimentales d'IPS réalisées sur des agrégats de quartz n'ont pas été couronnées de succès en raison d'un taux faible d'IPS, et les expériences IPS réalisées en utilisant une halite saturée comme analogue de roche (Spiers et Schutjens, 1990 ; Hickman et Evans, 1991 ont laissé des incertitudes quant au détail des mécanismes IPS et à la structure/saturation au contact du grain dans ce matériau. La présente étude fait état de quatre expériences de dissolution de contact réalisées sous microscope optique afin d'étudier le mécanisme et la cinétique de l'IPS pour des contacts simples halite/halite et halite/verre, chargés en eau salée (température ambiante. Des forces normales de contact dans la gamme de 1,0 à 2,6 N ont été appliquées en présence d'eau salée saturée en NaCl, induisant des pressions de 0,8 à 7,4 MPa. Des pertes de masse et des convergences - fonction du temps - ont été observées pour tous les contacts. Dans tous les cas, le fait de charger le contact (ou d'augmenter la charge sur le contact a conduit à la formation immédiate d'une morphologie de contact rugueuse, composée d'un motif d'îles et de canaux, contrôlé par des caractéristiques cristallographiques, à l'échelle de quelques microns. Cette microstructure non équilibrée a évolué dans le temps vers une face de contact optiquement plate. Le processus de convergence

  10. Mild hallux valgus angle affects single-limb postural stability in asymptomatic subjects. (United States)

    Çınar-Medeni, Özge; Atalay Guzel, Nevin; Basar, Selda


    Single-limb postural stability is a key component of lower extremity functional status. Factors affecting postural stability should be well defined to prevent injuries. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the hallux valgus angle on postural stability in asymptomatic subjects. A total of 19 subjects were included in the study. The hallux valgus angle and postural stability were assessed. Participants were assigned to two groups according to whether the hallux valgus angle was pathological or not. A hallux valgus angle greater than 15 degrees was accepted as pathological. The relationship between the hallux valgus angle and postural stability, and the differences in postural stability scores between the two groups were analyzed. Postural stability was assessed with a stabilometer. The test was performed with the eyes open. We found a significant correlation between the hallux valgus angle and mediolateral and overall stability index (r= 0.484, p= 0.036; r = 0.463, p= 0.046 respectively). Subjects with a pathological mild hallux valgus angle had greater stability index scores than normal subjects (phallux valgus angle has negative effects on postural stability as a forefoot deformity. This deformity should be taken into account for injury prevention strategies in pain-free younger adults.

  11. Etude expérimentale de l'écoulement gaz-liquide ascendant à deux et trois fluides en conduite verticale Experimental Study of Upward Gas-Liquid Flow of Two and Three Fluids in a Vertical Pipe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frechou D.


    Full Text Available Cette étude a pour objet de préciser certains phénomènes essentiels des écoulements ascendants diphasiques et triphasiques rencontrés dans les puits de production pétrolière. Des expériences ont été réalisées sur une conduite verticale de 5 cm de diamètre et de 12,5 m de long. Les mesures du gradient de pression, des fractions volumiques et des célérités des poches de gaz, en écoulement intermittent d'eau, d'huile et d'air, mettent en évidence le rôle important (a de la viscosité du liquide, (b du comportement du mélange d'eau et d'huile. A partir des données expérimentales, on propose une loi de fermeture sur la célérité des poches. Elle est utilisée dans les modèles cellulaires pour améliorer la prédiction du glissement du gaz en écoulement intermittent gaz-liquide, à deux ou trois fluides. The aim of this study is to determine various essential phenomena in the two-phase and three-phase upward flows encountered in petroleum production wells. Experiments were performed on a vertical tube 5 cm in diameter and 12. 5 m long. The pressure gradient, volume fractions and velocities of gas pockets were measured with intermittent flow of water, oil and air. These measurements revealed the important role of both the liquid viscosity and the behavior of the water/oil mixture. On the basis of experimental data, a closure law is proposed for the velocity of the pockets, This law is used in cellular models to improve the forecasting of gas slippage in intermittent gas-liquid flow with two or three fluids.

  12. First observation of 15Be (United States)

    Snyder, J.; Baumann, T.; Christian, G.; Haring-Kaye, R. A.; DeYoung, P. A.; Kohley, Z.; Luther, B.; Mosby, M.; Mosby, S.; Simon, A.; Smith, J. K.; Spyrou, A.; Stephenson, S.; Thoennessen, M.


    The neutron-unbound nucleus 15Be was observed for the first time. It was populated using neutron transfer from a deuterated polyethylene target with a 59 MeV/u 14Be beam. Neutrons were measured in coincidence with outgoing 14Be particles and the reconstructed decay energy spectrum exhibits a resonance at 1.8(1) MeV. This corresponds to 15Be being unbound by 0.45 MeV more then 16Be thus significantly hindering the sequential two-neutron decay of 16Be to 14Be through this state.

  13. The condition for dynamic stability

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hof, AL; Gazendam, MGJ; Sinke, WE

    The well-known condition for standing stability in static situations is that the vertical projection of the centre of mass (CoM) should be within the base of support (BoS). On the basis of a simple inverted pendulum model, an extension of this rule is proposed for dynamical situations: the position

  14. Postmortem stability of Ebola virus. (United States)

    Prescott, Joseph; Bushmaker, Trenton; Fischer, Robert; Miazgowicz, Kerri; Judson, Seth; Munster, Vincent J


    The ongoing Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has highlighted questions regarding stability of the virus and detection of RNA from corpses. We used Ebola virus-infected macaques to model humans who died of Ebola virus disease. Viable virus was isolated <7 days posteuthanasia; viral RNA was detectable for 10 weeks.

  15. Homological stability of diffeomorphism groups

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Berglund, Alexander; Madsen, Ib Henning


    In this paper we prove a stability theorem for block diffeomorphisms of 2d -dimensional manifolds that are connected sums of S d ×S d . Combining this with a recent theorem of S. Galatius and O. Randal-Williams and Morlet’s lemma of disjunction, we determine the homology of the classifying space ...

  16. Quantum Contextuality with Stabilizer States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiri Vala


    Full Text Available The Pauli groups are ubiquitous in quantum information theory because of their usefulness in describing quantum states and operations and their readily understood symmetry properties. In addition, the most well-understood quantum error correcting codes—stabilizer codes—are built using Pauli operators. The eigenstates of these operators—stabilizer states—display a structure (e.g., mutual orthogonality relationships that has made them useful in examples of multi-qubit non-locality and contextuality. Here, we apply the graph-theoretical contextuality formalism of Cabello, Severini and Winter to sets of stabilizer states, with particular attention to the effect of generalizing two-level qubit systems to odd prime d-level qudit systems. While state-independent contextuality using two-qubit states does not generalize to qudits, we show explicitly how state-dependent contextuality associated with a Bell inequality does generalize. Along the way we note various structural properties of stabilizer states, with respect to their orthogonality relationships, which may be of independent interest.

  17. Rudder roll stabilization for ships

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Amerongen, J.; van der Klugt, P.G.M.; van Nauta lemke, H.R.


    This paper describes the design of an autopilot for rudder roll stabilization for ships. This autopilot uses the rudder not only for course keeping but also for reduction of the roll. The system has a series of properties which make the controller design far from straightforward: the process has

  18. On core stability and extendability


    Shellshear, Evan


    This paper investigates conditions under which the core of a TU cooperative game is stable. In particular the author extends the idea of extendability to find new conditions under which the core is stable. It is also shown that these new conditions are not necessary for core stability.

  19. Stability of Molten Core Materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Layne Pincock; Wendell Hintze


    The purpose of this report is to document a literature and data search for data and information pertaining to the stability of nuclear reactor molten core materials. This includes data and analysis from TMI-2 fuel and INL’s LOFT (Loss of Fluid Test) reactor project and other sources.

  20. The stability of lifestyle behaviour

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mulder, M; Ranchor, AV; Sanderman, R; Bouma, J; van den Heuvel, WJA

    Background The stability of Lifestyle behaviour has been studied over a 4-year period in a sample of 1400 men in The Netherlands. The influence of both socioeconomic status and age was studied in relation to lifestyle behaviour change. Methods Lifestyle behaviour was analysed by means of index