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  1. Optimization of interdigitated electrode (IDE) arrays for impedance based evaluation of Hs 578T cancer cells (United States)

    Alexander, Frank, Jr.; Price, Dorielle T.; Bhansali, Shekhar


    This paper examines the effect of electrode width and spacing of interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) for impedance-based cancer detection and characterization. IDEs are desired for bioimpedance measurements because their fabrication process is simple and inexpensive, and the geometry presents a potential for improved sensitivity over other microelectrode designs. Optimizing the geometry will eliminate this problem and increase the sensitivity of these devices for bioimpedance measurement applications. This paper evaluates the effect of IDE geometry on the sensitivity of breast cancer cell impedance measurements. Equivalent circuit data analysis was conducted to quantify and characterize the cells.

  2. Evaluation of subcutaneous ICD early performance in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from the pooled EFFORTLESS and IDE cohorts. (United States)

    Lambiase, Pier D; Gold, Michael R; Hood, Margaret; Boersma, Lucas; Theuns, Dominic A M J; Burke, Martin C; Weiss, Raul; Russo, Andrea M; Kääb, Stefan; Knight, Bradley P


    The subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (S-ICD) is a potential alternative to transvenous systems in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) where lead complications are a significant issue. To compare the S-ICD efficacy of defibrillation threshold (DFT) testing, arrhythmia therapy, and complications in HCM versus non-HCM patients. Outcomes of patients with HCM implanted with S-ICD were compared to non-HCM S-ICD recipients using pooled data from a total of 872 subjects enrolled in the EFFORTLESS Registry and US IDE study. The cohort included 99 HCM (75% male) and 773 non-HCM (72% male) patients with a median follow-up of 637 days. The HCM cohort was younger and more likely to receive a primary-prevention S-ICD (88.5% vs 67.5%, P One year postoperative complication-free rates were similar: 92.7% in HCM (with no lead complications) versus 89.5% in non-HCM. There were 3 appropriate shocks for ventricular tachycardia in 3 HCM patients that were all converted by the first shock. Overall final shock conversion efficacy was 100% in HCM versus 98% in non-HCM (P = ns). Inappropriate shocks occurred in 12.5% of HCM patients and 10.3% of non-HCM patients (P = ns), being reduced by 47% using dual-zone programming. These initial data indicate the S-ICD is safe and effective in patients with HCM who are at high risk of ventricular arrhythmias and pass preimplantation electrocardiogram screening. Inappropriate shocks were mainly due to T-wave oversensing, but there were no lead complications requiring reintervention. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  3. Adinda : A knowledgeable, browser-based IDE

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Deursen, A.; Mesbah, A.; Cornelissen, B.; Zaidman, A.; Pinzger, M.; Guzzi, A.


    In practice, many people have to work together to develop and maintain a software system. However, the programmer’s key tool, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a solo-tool, serving to help individual programmers understand and modify the system. Such an IDE does not leverage the

  4. The production of the rail system. Towards a historical IDE of rail heritage of Andalusia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patricia Ferreira Lopes


    This paper presents a new interpretation of the Andalucia railway heritage through the application of a Geographic Information System (GIS, which based on the historical creation of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI of railways in Andalucia, open and expands its spatiotemporal vision.

  5. IdeS: a bacterial proteolytic enzyme with therapeutic potential.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Björn P Johansson

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: IdeS, a proteinase from Streptococcus pyogenes, cleaves immunoglobulin (IgG antibodies with a unique degree of specificity. Pathogenic IgG antibodies constitute an important clinical problem contributing to the pathogenesis of a number of autoimmune conditions and acute transplant rejection. To be able to effectively remove such antibodies is therefore an important clinical challenge. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: IdeS was found to specifically and efficiently cleave IgG in human blood in vitro (20 microg of IdeS caused a complete degradation of IgG in one ml of human whole blood in 15 minutes and to clear IgG from the blood stream of rabbits in vivo (no IgG was detected six hours following an intravenous injection of 5 mg of IdeS without any side effects. In a mouse model of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP, polyclonal IgG antibodies against platelet surface antigens were used to induce a lethal disease. These profoundly thrombocytopenic animals were treated and cured by a single injection of IdeS. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Novel information is provided concerning the IgG-cleaving activity of IdeS in vitro and in vivo. The highly specific and rapid elimination of IgG in vivo, the dramatic effect in a mouse model of ITP, and the lack of side effects in the treated animals, indicate that IdeS could also be used to treat IgG-driven diseases in humans.

  6. Redundant arrays of IDE drives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    D.A. Sanders et al.


    The authors report tests of redundant arrays of IDE disk drives for use in offline high energy physics data analysis. Parts costs of total systems using commodity EIDE disks are now at the $4000 per Terabyte level. Disk storage prices have now decreased to the point where they equal the cost per Terabyte of Storage Technology tape silos. The disks, however, offer far better granularity; even small institutions can afford to deploy systems. The tests include reports on software RAID-5 systems running under Linux 2.4 using Promise Ultra 100{trademark} disk controllers. RAID-5 protects data in case of a single disk failure by providing parity bits. Tape backup is not required. Journaling file systems are used to allow rapid recovery from crashes. The data analysis strategy is to encapsulate data and CPU processing power. Analysis for a particular part of a data set takes place on the PC where the data resides. The network is only used to put results together. They explore three methods of moving data between sites; internet transfers, not pluggable IDE disks in FireWire cases, and DVD-R disks.

  7. Instant Geany IDE

    CERN Document Server

    Quan, Nguyen Hong


    Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. This is a practical, hands-on guide that helps you code efficiently.Instant Geany IDE is for software developers, programmers, and coders who need to optimize their time and productivity while scripting. It assumes that the reader has experience with Linux commands.

  8. Redundant Arrays of IDE Drives

    CERN Document Server

    Sanders, D A; Eschenburg, V; Lawrence, C N; Riley, C P; Summers, D J; Petravick, D L


    We report tests of redundant arrays of IDE disk drives for use in offline high energy physics data analysis. Parts costs of total systems using commodity EIDE disks are now at the $4000 per Terabyte level. Disk storage prices have now decreased to the point where they equal the cost per Terabyte of Storage Technology tape silos. The disks, however, offer far better granularity; even small institutions can afford to deploy systems. Our tests include reports on software RAID-5 systems running under Linux 2.4 using Promise Ultra 100 TM disk controllers. RAID-5 protects data in case of a single disk failure by providing parity bits. Tape backup is not required. Journaling file systems are used to allow rapid recovery from crashes. Our data analysis strategy is to encapsulate data and CPU processing power. Analysis for a particular part of a data set takes place on the PC where the data resides. The network is only used to put results together. We explore three methods of moving data between sites; internet transf...

  9. Redundant arrays of IDE drives (United States)

    Sanders, D. A.; Cremaldi, L. M.; Eschenburg, V.; Lawrence, C. N.; Riley, C.; Summers, D. J.; Petravick, D. L.


    The next generation of high-energy physics experiments is expected to gather prodigious amounts of data. New methods must be developed to handle this data and make analysis at universities possible. We examine some techniques that use recent developments in commodity hardware. We test redundant arrays of integrated drive electronics (IDE) disk drives for use in offline high-energy physics data analysis. IDE redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) arrays prices now equal the cost per terabyte of million dollar tape robots! The arrays can be scaled to sizes affordable to institutions without robots and used when fast random access at low cost is important. We also explore three methods of moving data between sites; internet transfers, hot pluggable IDE disks in FireWire cases, and writable digital video disks (DVD-R) disks.

  10. Identifying and Solving the Real Problems Facing the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) (United States)


    utilization by integrating DoD and DVA processes, eliminating duplication, and improving case management” (DoD 2007, 2). DoD and VA leaders noted that the...senior leaders within the DoD (DoD 2007, 4-5) with responsibility for “develop[ing] and direct[ing] the DES Pilot in collaboration with the DVA ,” “ensur

  11. Corticosteróides sistêmicos na prática dermatológica. Parte I: Principais efeitos adversos Systemic corticosteroids in dermatological practice. Part I: Main adverse effects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thais Helena Proença de Freitas


    Full Text Available Há quase 60 anos os corticosteróides sistêmicos têm sido amplamente utilizados na área de dermatologia, trazendo benefícios para muitas doenças em decorrência de suas ações antiinflamatórias e imunossupressoras. O desafio de seu uso consiste em contrabalançar os efeitos benéficos e as atividades farmacológicas indesejáveis. Infelizmente, os avanços no conhecimento sobre os mecanismos de ação dos corticosteróides não resultaram no desenvolvimento de regimes com mínima toxicidade. Dessa maneira, este artigo de revisão discorre sobre os aspectos farmacológicos dos corticosteróides sistêmicos, bem como suas principais indicações de uso e efeitos colaterais da administração em altas doses e/ou por longos períodos de tempo.Systemic corticosteroids have been used in dermatological practice for approximately 60 years due to their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. The challenge of corticosteroid therapy is to counterbalance the desirable actions and undesirable pharmacological effects. Unfortunately, advanced understanding of the mechanisms of action of corticosteroids has not resulted in the development of minimal toxicity regimens. In this article, we report the main pharmacological properties of systemic corticosteroids, their major indications in clinical practice and the adverse effects of high doses and/or prolonged administration.

  12. Evaluation Use in Evaluation Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Højlund, Steven


    This article investigates the European Union’s evaluation system and its conduciveness to evaluation use. Taking the European Commission’s LIFE programme as its case, the article makes an empirical contribution to an emerging focus in the literature on the importance of organization...... and institutions when analyzing evaluation use. By focusing on the European Union’s evaluation system the article finds that evaluation use mainly takes place in the European Commission and less so in the European Parliament and the European Council. The main explanatory factors enabling evaluation use relate...... to the system’s formalization of evaluation implementation and use; these factors ensure evaluation quality, timeliness and capacity in the Commission. At the same time, however, the system’s formalization also impedes evaluation use, reducing the direct influence of evaluations on policy-making and effectively...

  13. Micose fungóide: estudo epidemiológico de 17 casos e avaliação da resposta terapêutica à PUVA Mycosis fungoides: epidemiologic study of 17 cases and evaluation of PUVA photochemotherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ida Duarte


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTOS: A fotoquimioterapia com PUVA é indicada para tratamento da micose fungóide, empregada como monoterapia em estágios precoces ou combinada a outras drogas nos estágios mais avançados da doença. OBJETIVOS: Avaliação da resposta terapêutica à fotoquimioterapia PUVA em pacientes com micose fungóide. MÉTODOS: Entre janeiro de 1996 e novembro de 2003 avaliaram-se 17 pacientes com micose fungóide no setor de Fototerapia da Clínica Dermatológica da Santa Casa de São Paulo. A terapia com PUVA foi realizada como monoterapia nos estádios iniciais ou como coadjuvante nos estádios avançados da doença. Avaliou-se o resultado do tratamento quanto ao aspecto clínico das lesões e parâmetros histológicos após tratamento. RESULTADOS: Quatorze de 16 pacientes responderam à fotoquimioterapia. Relacionando o estadiamento da doença à resposta terapêutica obteve-se o seguinte: cinco pacientes (um em estágio IA e quatro em IB com controle total (cura das lesões; quatro (todos IB com melhora intensa (controle de 70-99%; dois (IIB e IVA com melhora moderada (de 50 a 69%; três (IA, IB, IIA com melhora discreta (menos 50%; dois (IB, IIB inalterados (sem resposta. Um paciente teve de descontinuar o tratamento por apresentar intenso ardor. CONCLUSÃO: Houve resposta à terapia PUVA em 87% dos pacientes, com controle total ou melhora intensa da doença em 56% dos casos. Sua efetividade permitiu regressão das lesões cutâneas, principalmente nos casos precoces. A fotoquimioterapia com PUVA mostrou ser tratamento seguro e efetivo, devendo ser considerado em pacientes com micose fungóide.BACKGROUND: PUVA photochemotherapy is indicated to treat mycosis fungoides, either as monotherapy in the earlier stages of the disease or in combination with other drugs in more advanced stages of evolution. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate PUVA photochemotherapy response in patients with mycosis fungoides. METHODS: From January 1996 to November 2003, 17

  14. Corticosteróides sistêmicos na prática dermatológica. Parte II: estratégias para minimizar os efeitos adversos Systemic corticosteroids in dermatological practice. Part II: strategies to minimize adverse effects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thais Helena Proença de Freitas


    Full Text Available Os efeitos benéficos dos corticosteróides sistêmicos no tratamento e/ou controle de inúmeras dermatoses é inquestionável. No entanto, o dermatologista deve conhecer os principais efeitos adversos destas drogas e adotar medidas apropriadas com o intuito de evitar danos maiores à saúde do paciente. Este artigo discorre sobre as medidas pré-corticoterapia e o seguimento clínico do paciente durante o tratamento, de modo que as complicações possam ser diagnosticadas e controladas prontamente.The beneficial effects of systemic corticosteroids in treatment and/or control of several skin diseases are unquestionable. Nevertheless, dermatologists should be aware of the main adverse effects of these drugs and do what is necessary to avoid any harm to patients. The authors report the measures physicians should take before and during glucocorticoid therapy, so that any complications be immediately diagnosed and treated.

  15. Vasculite ou vasculopatia livedóide?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zanini Maurício


    Full Text Available Vasculite livedóide ou atrofia branca não é uma vasculite verdadeira. Acredita-se ser um distúrbio primário na fibrinólise que estabelece uma vasculopatia oclusiva. Assim, não sendo uma vasculite, a expressão vasculopatia livedóide é preferível. Essa definição fisiopatológica reflete-se em novas perspectivas terapêuticas.

  16. Alterações de cromatina em espermatozóides de ovinos e caprinos avaliadas por azul de toluidina e alaranjado de acridina Chromatin alterations in ram and goat spermatozoa evaluated by toluidine blue and acridine orange

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina de Figueiredo Kamimura


    Full Text Available Reprodutores com espermograma normal podem se comportar como subférteis ou passarem por períodos de subfertilidade. As alterações na cromatina dos espermatozóides são possíveis explicações encontradas para tais comportamentos. Conduziu-se este trabalho, com o objetivo de testar a eficiência de azul de toluidina (AT e do alaranjado de acridina (AA na identificação de alterações na compactação de cromatina em espermatozóides de ovinos e caprinos, além de avaliar a correlação entre essas alterações e as de morfologia espermática. Para tal, foram avaliadas amostras de sêmen de 15 ovinos e de 15 caprinos, com dez repetições para cada método por animal. Calcularam-se a média, o desvio padrão (DP e o coeficiente de variação (CV para cada técnica e animal. Utilizou-se o teste t-Student para avaliar diferença entre as médias obtidas nos dois métodos. Também foram calculados a correlação de Pearson e os coeficientes kappa ponderado e não ponderado para avaliar a concordância entre os métodos com AT e AA. Foi verificado que nem sempre as anomalias morfológicas de cabeça são acompanhadas por alterações na cromatina identificáveis pelos métodos utilizados neste trabalho. O método AT é mais estável e possui maior sensibilidade do que AA para ambas as espécies, sendo o mais indicado para caprinos. Contudo, em razão de apresentar repetibilidade muito baixa, ambos os métodos não são indicados para avaliação espermática em ovinos.Males with normal spermogram can behave as subfertile or pass for periods of subfertility. Chromatin alterations of spermatozoa can account for such behavior. The objective of the present work was to test the efficacy of toluidine blue (TB and acridine orange (AO in the identification of alterations in chromatin compaction in spermatozoa from rams and goats, in addition to evaluate the correlation between those alterations and the ones of spermatic morphology. In order to do that

  17. Enzymatic Inactivation of Endogenous IgG by IdeS Enhances Therapeutic Antibody Efficacy. (United States)

    Järnum, Sofia; Runström, Anna; Bockermann, Robert; Winstedt, Lena; Crispin, Max; Kjellman, Christian


    Endogenous plasma IgG sets an immunologic threshold that dictates the activity of tumor-directed therapeutic antibodies. Saturation of cellular antibody receptors by endogenous antibody limits antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) and antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP). Here, we show how enzymatic cleavage of IgG using the bacterial enzyme IdeS can be utilized to empty both high and low affinity Fcγ-receptors and clear the entire endogenous antibody pool. Using in vitro models, tumor animal models as well as ex vivo analysis of sera collected during a previous clinical trial with IdeS, we show how clearing of competing plasma antibody levels with IdeS unblocks cellular antibody receptors. We show that therapeutic antibodies against breast cancer (trastuzumab), colon cancer (cetuximab), and lymphomas (rituximab and alemtuzumab) can be potentiated when endogenous IgG is removed. Overall, IdeS is shown to be a potent tool to reboot the human antibody repertoire and to generate a window to preferentially load therapeutic antibodies onto effector cells and thereby create an armada of dedicated tumor-seeking immune cells. Mol Cancer Ther; 16(9); 1887-97. ©2017 AACR . ©2017 American Association for Cancer Research.

  18. Covariance evaluation system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kawano, Toshihiko [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan); Shibata, Keiichi


    A covariance evaluation system for the evaluated nuclear data library was established. The parameter estimation method and the least squares method with a spline function are used to generate the covariance data. Uncertainties of nuclear reaction model parameters are estimated from experimental data uncertainties, then the covariance of the evaluated cross sections is calculated by means of error propagation. Computer programs ELIESE-3, EGNASH4, ECIS, and CASTHY are used. Covariances of {sup 238}U reaction cross sections were calculated with this system. (author)

  19. TCT-82 Evaluation of Current Practices in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: The WRITTEN (WoRldwIde TAVR ExperieNce) Survey

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nombela-Franco, Luis; Cerrato, Enrico; Nazif, Tamim


    the main areas of consensus and divergence between centers. Methods An online questionnaire was distributed in centers performing TAVR irrespective of the number of procedures and valve type. The questionnaire was divided in 3 main blocks: pre-procedural evaluation, procedural practices and post......-procedural management. Regional experts were recruited to distribute the survey in each country or region. Results The survey was completed by 250 TAVR centers (with a cumulative experience of nearly 70,000 procedures) from 38 different countries. Heart team meetings were regularly scheduled in most (>95%) centers...... in patients with atrial fibrillation requiring anticoagulation therapy (anticoagulation alone, anticoagulation+aspirin, anticoagulation+clopidogrel, and triple therapy in 28%, 37%, 26% and 4% of centers, respectively). Conclusion The WRITTEN survey provided extensive data on current TAVR-related practice...

  20. Uso de corticóide como inibidor da resposta inflamatória sistêmica induzida pela circulação extracorpórea Corticoid as an inhibitor of systemic inflammatory response, induced by cardiopulmonary bypass

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Antonio BRASIL


    diferença estatisticamente significativa entre os dois grupos. CONCLUSÕES: A metilprednisolona inibiu significantemente a liberação de citocinas pró-inflamatórias principalmente o TNFa. Os efeitos sistêmicos adversos decorrentes da reação inflamatória pós-CEC foram atenuados com o uso do corticóide.Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB induces the development of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome, with the release of cytokines that are responsible for many clinical manifestations. PURPOSE: The purpose of the study was to observe the release of the cytokines - tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFa and Interleukine-6 (IL-6, and to verify the clinical alterations produced in patients undergoing myocardial revascularization with CPB, with or without corticoids. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Thirty patients were studied - 15 used corticoid (methylprednisolone, 30 mg/kg -Group I and 15 did not (Group II. Serial blood samples were collected and the TNFa and IL-6 release were analyzed, as well as the leukocyte count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and glycemia. The blood pressure, cardiac rate, temperature, postoperative bleeding, orotracheal tubing time and inotropic drug requirement were also compared. Statistical significance was assumed when p £ 0.05. RESULTS: In Group I TNFa was not detected and IL-6 was detected in 13 patients, with levels ranging from 8.6 to 101.8 pg/ml. In Group II TNFa was detected in 13 patients, with levels between 5.4 and 231.0 pg/ml. The IL-6 in this group was detected in 15 patients, with higher levels than those in Group I, varying between 5.5 and 2569.0 pg/ml. The Group I patients had higher medium blood pressure (7.9 ± 0.5 vs 7.3 ± 0.4 mmHg and lower inotropic drug requirement (5 vs 11. They evolved with less tachycardia (105.6 ± 5.9 vs 109.3 ± 7.2 bpm, lower temperature (36.5 ± 0.2 vs 37.3 ± 0.2°C, lower postoperative bleeding, (576.6 ± 119.5 vs 810.0 ± 176.2 ml, shorter orotracheal tubing time (11.0 ± 2.0 vs 14.6 ± 2.9 hs and lower

  1. Mini table de radionucléides

    CERN Document Server


    Cette table est un outil pratique et quotidien pour tous les travailleurs opérant au contact de radionucléides. Elle concerne tous les secteurs scientifiques et techniques, comme la médecine, la recherche ou l'industrie. La Mini Table de radionucléides a été conçue comme un instrument permettant de repérer et valider rapidement les principales caractéristiques des radionucléides les plus utilisés (environ 300) que l'on rencontre en milieu médical, industriel, nucléaire, gestion des déchets, etc. Présentée en format de poche, elle permet pour chaque radionucléide d'indiquer ses caractéristiques fondamentales : La période radioactive ; Le ou les principaux modes de désintégration ; Les principales émissions en termes d'énergie et d'intensité. Pour des caractéristiques complètes, l'ouvrage renvoie aux Tables de Données de référence. Au sein du CEA, le Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNHB) est mandaté par le Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais (LNE) comme laboratoir...

  2. Melanoma epitelióide de coróide em adolescente: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Araújo Ângelo Augusto


    Full Text Available O melanoma maligno de úvea é uma doença muito rara antes dos 30 anos de idade. Este é um relato de um caso de melanoma epitelióide de coróide em adolescente de 12 anos cujo diagnóstico presuntivo foi realizado por exame clínico, ressonância e ultra-sonografia sendo confirmado por meio de exame anatomopatológico.

  3. Evaluation of Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil on goat gastrointestinal nematodes Avaliação do óleo essencial de Eucalyptus citriodora sobre nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iara Tersia Freitas Macedo


    Full Text Available Phytotherapy may be an alternative strategy for controlling gastrointestinal parasites. This study evaluated the anthelmintic efficacy of Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil (EcEO. The in vitro effects of EcEO were determined through testing the inhibition of egg hatching and larval development of Haemonchus contortus. EcEO was subjected to acute toxicity testing on mice, orally and intraperitoneally. The in vivo effects of EcEO were determined by the fecal egg count reduction test (FECRT in goats infected with gastrointestinal nematodes. The results showed that 5.3 mg.mL-1 EcEO inhibited egg hatching by 98.8% and 10.6 mg.mL-1 EcEO inhibited H. contortus larval development by 99.71%. The lethal doses for 50% of the mice were 4153 and 622.8, for acute toxicity orally and intraperitoneally. In the FECRT, the efficacy of EcEO and ivermectin was 66.25 and 79.16% respectively, on goat gastrointestinal nematodes eight days after treatment. EcEO showed in vitro and in vivo anthelmintic activity.Fitoterapia pode ser uma estratégia alternativa para o controle de parasitas gastrintestinais. Este estudo avaliou a eficácia anti-helmintica do óleo essencial de Eucalyptus citriodora (OeEc. Os efeitos in vitro do OeEc foram determinados através do teste de eclosão de ovos e inibição do desenvolvimento larvar de Haemonchus contortus. O OeEc foi submetido ao teste de toxicidade aguda oral e intraperitoneal, em camundongos. Os efeitos in vivo do OeEc foram avaliados através do teste de redução da contagem de ovos nas fezes (FECRT com caprinos infectados com nematóides gastrintestinais. Os resultados mostraram que 5,3 mg.mL-1 OeEc inibiram 98,8% a eclosão de ovos e 10,6 mg.mL-1 OeEc inibiram 99,71% o desenvolvimento larvar de H. contortus. As doses letais para 50% dos camundongos foram de 4153 e 622,8 pela via oral e intraperitoneal. No FECRT, a eficácia de OeEc e ivermectina foi de 66,25 e 79,16%, respectivamente, em caprinos 8 dias

  4. Pneumonia lipóide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gunther Kissmann


    Full Text Available Resumo: Dentre as afecções pulmonares exógenas, a pneumonia lipóide (PL, causada pela broncoaspiração de lipídeos, é uma doença pouco diagnosticada. Ela resulta da reacção tipo corpo estranho que se segue à presença de material lipídico dentro do parênquima pulmonar. Em geral, o agente etiológico é o óleo mineral utilizado como agente laxativo. Doentes com histórico de constipação intestinal e uso crónico de óleo mineral, com tosse e dispneia, devem ser pesquisados quanto a esta doença. Apresentamos um caso de pneumonia lipóide associada ao uso de óleo mineral como agente laxativo, acentuamos as dificuldades relacionadas com a definição diagnóstica e revemos a literatura pertinente ao tema.Rev Port Pneumol 2008; XIV (4: 545-549 Abstract: Lipoid pneumonia (LP is a pneumonitis resulting from the aspiration of lipids, and is commonly associated with the use of mineral oil as a laxative. LP is relatively unfamiliar to clinicians and is probably underdiagnosed. Making a diagnosis of LP requires a high degree of clinical suspicion. The aim of this publication are to present a case of a patient with LP and to increase physician awareness of LP, its diagnosis and prevention.Rev Port Pneumol 2008; XIV (4: 545-549 Palavras-chave: Pneumonia lipóide, óleo mineral, doenças pulmonares intersticiais, idoso, Key-words: Lipid pneumonia, mineral oil, interstitial lung diseases, aged

  5. An Evaluation of Potential Operating Systems for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (United States)


    Hardware In the Loop IDE Integrated Development Environment metaOS Meta Operating System MOOS Mission Oriented Operating System OpenCV Open Computer Vision...communities as shared, open source resources. These differ from useful code libraries, such as the Open Computer Vision ( OpenCV ) library [42], which...Bradski, G. and Kaehler, A. (2008) Learning OpenCV : Computer Vision with the OpenCV library. O’Reilly Media 43. Gerkey, B., Vaughan, R., and Howard, A

  6. Tumores dermóides e epidermóides intra-espinhas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar Fontenelle Filho


    Full Text Available São relatados dois casos de tumores epidermóides e um de tumor dermóide, todos intrarraquianos. Este último era de localização epidural ao nível da coluna torácica (caso 3; os dois tumores epidermóides situavam-se na coluna tóraco-lombar (caso 1 e lombar (caso 2, respectivamente, sendo o primeiro intramedular e o segundo intradural. Em dois casos (casos 2 e 3 os tumores associavam-se a fístula dérmica congênita. Um paciente (caso 3 foi operado aos dois meses de idade; a descoberta do tumor deveu-se à realização da raquimanometria que revelou bloqueio, apesar do paciente não apresentar qualquer sinal neurológico de compressão medular. Os autores são de opinião que, em presença de fístula dérmica congênita ao nível da coluna vertebral, principalmente quando localizada acima do segmento lombosacro, deve-se sempre suspeitar da possibilidade do tumor epidermóide ou dermóide intrarraquiano, mesmo na ausência de sinais neurológicos. A combinação de sintomas neurológicos de longa duração, a evidência radiológica de erosão e alargamento do canal raquiano e a história de fístula dérmica congênita proporcionaram o diagnóstico pré-operatório correto no caso 2.

  7. Technical and systems evaluations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Skolnik, E.G.; DiPietro, J.P. [Energetics, Inc., Washington, DC (United States)


    During FY 1998 Energetics performed a variety of technology-based evaluations for the Hydrogen Program. Three evaluations are summarized below: hydrogen bromine-based electricity storage, carbon-based hydrogen storage, and hydrogen-fueled buses.

  8. Cisto dermóide cerebelar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Walter Pereira


    Full Text Available Os autores relatam um caso de cisto dermóide cerebelar, único encontrado entre 513 tumores intracranianos operados de janeiro de 1945 a março de 1963, confirmando sua raridade. Tratava-se de criança que apresentava síndrome de hipertensão intracraniana e quadro cerebelar instalados dois meses antes da internação. Os exames complementares levaram ao diagnóstico provável de meduloblastoma cerebelar. Foi feita a abertura da lâmina terminal para aliviar a hipertensão intracraniana e, ulteriormente, cobaltoterapia visando a fossa poterior. Com estas medidas houve apenas discreta melhora do quadro de hipertensão intracraniana, não se alterando o quadro cerebelar. Cogitava-se da intervenção direta na fossa craniana posterior quando ocorreu osteomielite do retalho da craniotomia frontal. O osso contaminado foi retirado, seguindo-se a esta intervenção hipertermia acentuada e convulsões generalizadas, vindo a paciente a falecer. A necropsia mostrou, além de meningite purulenta, a existência de cisto dermóide cerebelar direito, contendo grande quantidade de substância sebácea e alguns pêlos. O exame histopatológico confirmou o diagnóstico microscópico, mostrando tratar-se de tecidos derivados do ectoderma e do mesoderma.

  9. FoCaLiZe: Inside an F-IDE

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    François Pessaux


    Full Text Available For years, Integrated Development Environments have demonstrated their usefulness in order to ease the development of software. High-level security or safety systems require proofs of compliance to standards, based on analyses such as code review and, increasingly nowadays, formal proofs of conformance to specifications. This implies mixing computational and logical aspects all along the development, which naturally raises the need for a notion of Formal IDE. This paper examines the FoCaLiZe environment and explores the implementation issues raised by the decision to provide a single language to express specification properties, source code and machine-checked proofs while allowing incremental development and code reusability. Such features create strong dependencies between functions, properties and proofs, and impose an particular compilation scheme, which is described here. The compilation results are runnable OCaml code and a checkable Coq term. All these points are illustrated through a running example.

  10. Evaluation of total carotenoids, alpha- and beta-carotene in carrots (Daucus carota L. during home processing Avaliação de carotenóides totais, alfa e beta-caroteno em cenoura (Daucus carota L. durante processamento a nível doméstico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helena Maria PINHEIRO-SANT’ANA


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the influence of dehydration and different preparation methods during home processing related toalpha-carotene, beta-carotene and total carotenoids stability in carrots. Vitamin A values were evaluated after different treatments. Thus, carrots were submitted to steam cooking, water cooking with and without pressure, moist/dry cooking and conventional dehydration. Determination of alpha- and beta-carotenes was made by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC (conditions were developed by us using spectrophotometric detection visible-UV at 470 nm; a RP-18 column and methanol: acetonitrile: ethyl acetate (80: 10: 10 as mobile phase. Total carotenoids quantification was made by 449 nm spectrophotometer. The retention of the analyzed carotenoids ranged from 60.13 to 85.64%. Water cooking without pressure promoted higher retention levels of alpha- and beta-carotene and vitamin A values, while water cooking with pressure promoted higher retention levels of total carotenoids. Dehydration promoted the highest carotenoid losses. The results showed that, among the routinely utilized methods under domestic condition, cooking without pressure, if performed under controlled time and temperature, is the best method as it reduces losses in the amount of alpha- and beta-carotene, the main carotenoids present in the carrots. Despite the significant carotenoid losses, carrots prepared through domestic methods, remain a rich source of provitamin A.O presente estudo teve como objetivo analisar a influência da desidratação e de diferentes métodos de preparo a nível doméstico sobre a estabilidade de alfa-caroteno, beta-caroteno e carotenóides totais em cenouras. Os valores de vitamina A foram avaliados após os diferentes tratamentos. Para tanto, amostras de cenoura foram submetidas à cocção a vapor, cocção em água com e sem pressão, cocção úmida/seca e à desidratação convencional. Para a determinação de alfa e beta

  11. Pervious Pavement System Evaluation (United States)

    Pervious pavement is a low impact development stormwater control. The Urban Watershed Management Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Edison, NJ, is evaluating concrete pavers as a popular implementation. The pollutant removal of a bench-scale permeable interlo...

  12. Produce Sanitation System Evaluation (United States)


    was also expected to improve food safety (i.e., reduce microbes) and reduce premature spoilage while minimizing environmental impact and unpleasant...PRECISION REDUCTION VEGETABLES CONTAMINATION TEST AND EVALUATION SAFETY PH FACTOR SANITATION FRESH FOODS MICROORGANISMS ...fruits and vegetables (FF&V) aboard Navy vessels, The sink saves labor associated with the washing of produce in food service operations by

  13. Pneumonia lipóide Lipoid pneumonia


    Gunther Kissmann; Mauro Zamboni; Andreia Salarini Monteiro; Aureliano M Cavalcanti de Sousa; Marilene Nascimento; Mauro Esteves; Paulo de Biasi; Deborah Cordeiro Lannes


    Dentre as afecções pulmonares exógenas, a pneumonia lipóide (PL), causada pela broncoaspiração de lipídeos, é uma doença pouco diagnosticada. Ela resulta da reacção tipo corpo estranho que se segue à presença de material lipídico dentro do parênquima pulmonar. Em geral, o agente etiológico é o óleo mineral utilizado como agente laxativo. Doentes com histórico de constipação intestinal e uso crónico de óleo mineral, com tosse e dispneia, devem ser pesquisados quanto a esta doença. Apresentamos...

  14. Rinoplastia do nariz negróide por via intra-oral sem ressecções externas: avaliação da eficácia da técnica Negroid nose's rinoplasty through intra-oral approach without external excisions: evaluation of the efficiency of the technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helton Traber de Castilho


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar a eficácia da técnica de redução da largura da base nasal do nariz negróide, modificando a inclinação dos eixos das narinas pela mobilização de tecidos internos, por abordagem intra-oral, evitando cicatrizes externas. MÉTODOS: Foram operadas 11 pacientes adulta do sexo feminino, com idade variando entre 19 a 45 anos, distribuindo-se em 2 da raça caucasóide e 9 da raça negróide, sendo desta 5 de cor parda e 4 de cor negra. O método de fotografia foi padronizado, e as imagens em papel foram digitalizadas. Por meio de software foram mensurados nas fotografias pré-operatórias e com 3 meses após a rinoplastia, 8 índices relativos à base nasal baseados em pontos antropométricos. Os valores obtidos foram submetidos à análise estatística descritiva e inferencial. RESULTADOS: Não houve diferença estatisticamente significante em 7 índices relativos a redução da largura da base nasal e à inclinação dos eixos das narinas. Apenas houve alteração significante no aumento do Ângulo Nasolabial (p=0,001. CONCLUSÃO: A técnica de rinoplastia de nariz negróide por via intra-oral sem ressecções externas, apenas com mobilização dos tecidos internos, não é eficaz para a reduzir a largura da base nasal.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate effectiveness of the technique of reduction of the width of the nasal base of negroid nose, modifying the inclination of the axes of the nostrils for the mobilization of internal tissues, through intra-oral approach, avoiding external scars. METHODS: Eleven adult female patients were operated with age varying between 19 to 45 years old, being distributed in 2 of the Caucasoid race and 9 of negroid race, being of this 5 brown color and 4 of black color. The picture method was standardized, and images in paper were digitized. Through software they were measured in the pre-operative pictures and with 3 months after the rhinoplasty. 8 relative indexes to the nasal base based on

  15. Avaliação dos efeitos da radiação gama nos teores de carotenóides, ácido ascórbico e açúcares do futo buriti do brejo (Mauritia flexuosa L. Evaluation of gamma irradiation rffects on carotenoids, ascorbic acid and sugar contents of buriti fruit (Mauritia flexuosa L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Luís dos Santos Lima


    Full Text Available Buriti do Brejo (Mauritia flexuosa L. é um típico fruto da Amazônia, Nordeste e Centro-Oeste brasileiro, muito utilizado na culinária para produção de sucos, doces e vinhos. É considerado uma excelente fonte de carotenóides precursores da vitamina A, apresentando maior concentração de β-caroteno. Além dos carotenóides também encontramos ácido ascórbico e açúcares. O ácido ascórbico administrado em quantidades suficientes pode prevenir os sinais clínicos de deficiência conhecida como escorbuto. O emprego da radiação ionizante gama tem mostrado um potencial efeito na redução de perdas pós-colheita, mantendo a qualidade nutricional dos alimentos. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar os efeitos da radiação gama, nas doses de 0,5 kGy e 1,0 kGy, na concentração de carotenóides totais, ácido ascórbico e açúcares do buriti. A determinação dos carotenos (α, β e luteína, ácido ascórbico e açúcares foi realizada por cromatografia líquida de alta eficiência (CLAE e os carotenóides totais por espectrofotometria. Os resultados demonstraram que o Buriti é uma excelente fonte de carotenóides totais (44600μg/100g, podendo ser utilizado no combate à hipovitaminose A. A irradiação dos frutos de buriti na dose de 0,5 kGy não alterou significativamente os teores de carotenóides e açúcares. Entretanto, houve uma redução na concentração do ácido ascórbico com o aumento da dose, que pode ter sido causada pela irradiação ou por fatores intrínsecos e extrínsecos que alteram a estabilidade do ácido ascórbico nos alimentos, podendo converter o ácido ascórbico a dehidroascórbico, mantendo ainda a forma ativa da vitamina C.Buriti (Mauritia flexuosa L., a typical fruit from the Northeast and Center-West Amazon of Brazil, is used in many regional dishes. It is considered an excellent source of carotenoids that are A vitamin precursors, showing a majority of β-carotene. It also presents ascorbic

  16. MTA Computer Based Evaluation System. (United States)

    Brenner, Lisa P.; And Others

    The MTA PLATO-based evaluation system, which has been implemented by a consortium of schools of medical technology, is designed to be general-purpose, modular, data-driven, and interactive, and to accommodate other national and local item banks. The system provides a comprehensive interactive item-banking system in conjunction with online student…

  17. Tüdruku muutunud veregrupp andis teadlastele idee / Alo Lõhmus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lõhmus, Alo


    Austraalia tüdruk on esimene teadaolev inimene, kelle organism on muutnud veregruppi ning võtnud üle siirdatud organi immuunsüsteemi. Teadlastele andis see idee äratõukereaktsioonide vältimiseks organisiirdamistel

  18. Carcinoma mucoepidermóide de tireóide: relato de caso e revisão da literatura


    França,Sabrina R.; Caldas,Dayse; V. Junior,Alcebíades; Oliveira,Carlos A.B. de


    O carcinoma mucoepidermóide é um tipo de neoplasia encontrada geralmente nas glândulas salivares, mamas, pâncreas e trato digestivo. O acometimento primário da glândula tireóide é muito raro, apenas 33 casos na literatura. Embora a maioria dos casos de carcinoma mucoepidermóide de tireóide (CMET) tenha evolução favorável, o caso clínico relatado descreve uma paciente com tumor agressivo e, a partir deste relato, é apresentada revisão da literatura quanto aos aspectos clínico, histopatológico,...

  19. Control Evaluation Information System Savings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eddy Sutedjo


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to evaluate the control of information system savings in the banking and to identify the weaknesses and problem happened in those saving systems. Research method used are book studies by collecting data and information needed and field studies by interview, observation, questioner, and checklist using COBIT method as a standard to assess the information system control of the company. The expected result about the evaluation result that show in the problem happened and recommendation given as the evaluation report and to give a view about the control done by the company. Conclusion took from this research that this banking company has met standards although some weaknesses still exists in the system.Index Terms - Control Information System, Savings

  20. New Evaluation System Wins Approval (United States)

    Barrett, Laura


    All Massachusetts school districts will have to adopt new evaluation systems based on a state framework that was approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on June 28. The new system will be phased in over three years, beginning with Level 4 schools--those designated "underperforming" by the state--in the 2011-12 school…

  1. High-throughput oxidation screen of antibody-drug conjugates by analytical protein A chromatography following IdeS digest. (United States)

    Buecheler, Jakob W; Winzer, Matthias; Weber, Christian; Gieseler, Henning


    Oxidation of protein therapeutics is a major chemical degradation pathway which may impact bioactivity, serum half-life and stability. Therefore, oxidation is a relevant parameter which has to be monitored throughout formulation development. Methods such as HIC, RPLC and LC/MS achieve a separation of oxidized and non-oxidized species by differences in hydrophobicity. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) although are highly more complex due to the heterogeneity in linker, drug, drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) and conjugation site. The analytical protein A chromatography can provide a simple and fast alternative to these common methods. A miniature analytical protein A chromatography method in combination with an IdeS digest was developed to analyse ADCs. The IdeS digest efficiency of an IgG1 was monitored using SEC-HPLC and non-reducing SDS-PAGE. An antibody-fluorescent dye conjugate was conjugated at different dye-to-antibody ratios as model construct to mimic an ADC. With IdeS, an almost complete digest of a model IgG1 can be achieved (digested protein amount >98%). This enables subsequent analytical protein A chromatography, which consequently eliminates any interference of payload with the stationary phase. A novel high-throughput method for an interchain cysteine-linked ADC oxidation screens during formulation development was developed. © 2018 Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

  2. "System evaluates system": method for evaluating the efficiency of IS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dita Blazkova


    Full Text Available In paper I deal with the possible solution of evaluating the efficiency of information systems in companies. The large number of existing methods used to address the efficiency of information systems is dependent on the subjective responses of the user that may distort output evaluation. Therefore, I propose a method that eliminates the subjective opinion of a user as the primary data source. Applications, which I suggests as part of the method, collects relevant data. In this paper I describe the application in detail. This is a follow-on program on any system that runs parallel with it. The program automatically collects data for evaluation. Data include mainly time data, positions the mouse cursor, printScreens, i-grams of previous, etc. I propose a method of evaluation of the data, which identifies the degree of the friendliness of the information system to the user. Thus, the output of the method is the conclusion whether users, who work with the information system, can handle effectively work with it.

  3. Infertilidade associada a defeito microtubular dos espermatozóides de jumento (Equus asinus avaliados por microscopia eletrônica de transmissão Infertility associated with microtubular defect in a donkey (Equus asinus spermatozoa evaluated by transmission electron microscopy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Maciel Crespilho


    Full Text Available Descreve-se um caso de infertilidade de um jumento SRD confirmada por meio de microscopia eletrônica de transmissão (MET. O espermiograma, avaliado sob microscopia ótica, revelou baixa motilidade e alta concentração de anormalidades espermáticas do tipo gota citoplasmática proximal. O material foi avaliado por MET, observando-se um acúmulo desordenado de microtúbulos causando protusões irregulares na região do colo espermático. O último teste realizado correspondeu ao de fertilidade in vivo, utilizando-se quatro éguas portadoras de bom histórico reprodutivo, nas quais não foi possível confirmar nenhuma prenhez. Frente aos resultados obtidos, associados aos achados da MET, estabeleceu-se o diagnóstico de infertilidade associada a defeito microtubular dos espermatozóides.A donkey infertility was described by transmission electron microscopy (MET. The spermiogram evaluated by light microscopy showed low sperm motility and high concentration of abnormal sperm with proximal cytoplasmic droplets. The material was evaluated by MET, where it was observed disarrangement of microtubules, causing irregular protrusions in the spermatic neck. The last test done was the in vivo fertility, using four mares, with a reproductive healthy historic, where no pregnancy occurred. Facing the results that we had in vivo, associated with the MET findings, we diagnosed infertility associated with microtubular defect of the spermatozoa.

  4. Reliability evaluation of power systems

    CERN Document Server

    Billinton, Roy


    The Second Edition of this well-received textbook presents over a decade of new research in power system reliability-while maintaining the general concept, structure, and style of the original volume. This edition features new chapters on the growing areas of Monte Carlo simulation and reliability economics. In addition, chapters cover the latest developments in techniques and their application to real problems. The text also explores the progress occurring in the structure, planning, and operation of real power systems due to changing ownership, regulation, and access. This work serves as a companion volume to Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems: Second Edition (1992).

  5. Concurrent ultrasonic weld evaluation system (United States)

    Hood, Donald W.; Johnson, John A.; Smartt, Herschel B.


    A system for concurrent, non-destructive evaluation of partially completed welds for use in conjunction with an automated welder. The system utilizes real time, automated ultrasonic inspection of a welding operation as the welds are being made by providing a transducer which follows a short distance behind the welding head. Reflected ultrasonic signals are analyzed utilizing computer based digital pattern recognition techniques to discriminate between good and flawed welds on a pass by pass basis. The system also distinguishes between types of weld flaws.

  6. Evaluating MT systems with BEER

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanojević Miloš


    Full Text Available We present BEER, an open source implementation of a machine translation evaluation metric. BEER is a metric trained for high correlation with human ranking by using learning-to-rank training methods. For evaluation of lexical accuracy it uses sub-word units (character n-grams while for measuring word order it uses hierarchical representations based on PETs (permutation trees. During the last WMT metrics tasks, BEER has shown high correlation with human judgments both on the sentence and the corpus levels. In this paper we will show how BEER can be used for (i full evaluation of MT output, (ii isolated evaluation of word order and (iii tuning MT systems.

  7. Towards Enabling Overture as a Platform for Formal Notation IDEs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luís Diogo Couto


    Full Text Available Formal Methods tools will never have as many users as tools for popular programming languages and so the effort spent on constructing Integrated Development Environments (IDEs will be orders of magnitudes lower than that of programming languages such as Java. This means newcomers to formal methods do not get the same user experience as with their favourite programming IDE. In order to improve this situation it is essential that efforts are combined so it is possible to reuse common features and thus not start from scratch every time. This paper presents the Overture platform where such a reuse philosophy is present. We give an overview of the platform itself as well as the extensibility principles that enable much of the reuse. The paper also contains several examples platform extensions, both in the form of new features and a new IDE supporting a new language.

  8. Digital Identifier Systems: Comparative Evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar


    Full Text Available Identifier is one of the main elements in identifying an object in digital environment. Digital identifier systems were developed followed by a lot of problems such as violation of persistency and uniqueness of physical identifiers and URL in digital environment. These identifiers try to guarantee uniqueness and persistency of hostnames by using indirect names for Domain Name System (DNS. The main objective of this research is to identify qualified digital identifier system among other systems. To achieve the research objective, researchers have considered two major steps: first, identifying main criteria for distinguishing digital identifier based on literature review and focus group interview; and second, performing a comparative evaluation on common identifier systems in the world. Findings of first step demonstrated seven main criteria in three domains for distinguishing digital identifier systems: identifier uniqueness and persistency in the identifier features domain, digital identification, digital uniqueness, digital persistency and digital actionability in the digital coverage domain, and globality in the comprehensiveness of scope domain. In the second step, results of the comparative evaluation on common identifier systems indicated that six identifier systems, included, DOI, Handle, UCI, URN, ARK and PURL, are appropriate choices for using as a digital identifier system. Also, according to these results, three identification systems Including NBN, MARIAM and ISNI were identified as suitable choices for digital identification in certain specialized fields. According to many benefits of using these identifiers in important applied fields, such as, digital content chains and networks integration, digital right management, cross referencing, digital libraries and citation analysis, results of this study can help digital environment experts to diagnose digital identifier and their effective use in applied fields.

  9. Concordant association of insulin degrading enzyme gene (IDE variants with IDE mRNA, Abeta, and Alzheimer's disease.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Minerva M Carrasquillo


    Full Text Available The insulin-degrading enzyme gene (IDE is a strong functional and positional candidate for late onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD.We examined conserved regions of IDE and its 10 kb flanks in 269 AD cases and 252 controls thereby identifying 17 putative functional polymorphisms. These variants formed eleven haplotypes that were tagged with ten variants. Four of these showed significant association with IDE transcript levels in samples from 194 LOAD cerebella. The strongest, rs6583817, which has not previously been reported, showed unequivocal association (p = 1.5x10(-8, fold-increase = 2.12,; the eleven haplotypes were also significantly associated with transcript levels (global p = 0.003. Using an in vitro dual luciferase reporter assay, we found that rs6583817 increases reporter gene expression in Be(2-C (p = 0.006 and HepG2 (p = 0.02 cell lines. Furthermore, using data from a recent genome-wide association study of two Croatian isolated populations (n = 1,879, we identified a proxy for rs6583817 that associated significantly with decreased plasma Abeta40 levels (ss = -0.124, p = 0.011 and total measured plasma Abeta levels (b = -0.130, p = 0.009. Finally, rs6583817 was associated with decreased risk of LOAD in 3,891 AD cases and 3,605 controls. (OR = 0.87, p = 0.03, and the eleven IDE haplotypes (global p = 0.02 also showed significant association.Thus, a previously unreported variant unequivocally associated with increased IDE expression was also associated with reduced plasma Abeta40 and decreased LOAD susceptibility. Genetic association between LOAD and IDE has been difficult to replicate. Our findings suggest that targeted testing of expression SNPs (eSNPs strongly associated with altered transcript levels in autopsy brain samples may be a powerful way to identify genetic associations with LOAD that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

  10. Riiklik venekeelne ajaleht: venelased laidavad ideed / Mirko Ojakivi, Hetlin Villak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ojakivi, Mirko


    Narvskaja Gazeta peatoimetaja Sergei Stepanov ja Den za Dnjomi tegevtoimetaja Jevgenia Garanža suhtuvad skeptiliselt siseminister Marko Pomerantsi ideesse hakata Ida-Virumaal välja andma riiklikku venekeelset ajalehte. BNS-i juhatuse liikme Anvar Samosti, TÜ emeriitprofessori Marju Lauristini arvamusi ja hinnanguid idee kohta

  11. Management information systems software evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Al-Tunisi, N.; Ghazzawi, A.; Gruyaert, F.; Clarke, D. [Saudi Aramco, Dhahran (Saudi Arabia). Process and Control Systems Dept.


    In November 1993, Saudi Aramco management endorsed a proposal to coordinate the development of the Management Information Systems (MISs) of four concurrent projects for its facilities Controls Modernization Program. The affected projects were the Ras Tanura Refinery Upgrade Project, the Abqaiq Plant Controls Modernization and the Shedgum and Uthmaniyah Gas plants Control Upgrade Projects. All of these projects had a significant requirement of MISs in their scope. Under the leadership of the Process and Control Systems Department, and MIS Coordination Team was formed with representatives of several departments. An MIS Applications Evaluation procedure was developed based on the Kepner Tregoe Decisions Analysis Process and general questionnaires were sent to over a hundred potential Vendors. The applications were divided into several categories, such as: Data Capture and Historization, Human User Interface, Trending, Reporting, Graphic Displays, Data Reconciliation, Statistical Analysis, Expert Systems, Maintenance Applications, Document Management and Operations Planning and Scheduling. For each of the MIS Application areas, detailed follow-up questionnaires were used to short list the candidate products. In May and June 1994, selected Vendors were invited to Saudi Arabia for an Exhibition which was open to all Saudi Aramco employees. In conjunction with this, the Vendors were subjected to a rigorous product testing exercise by independent teams of testers. The paper will describe the methods used and the lessons learned in this extensive software evaluation phase, which was a first for Saudi Aramco.

  12. Evaluating Storage Systems for Lustre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oral, H. Sarp [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Storage systems are complex, including multiple subsystems and components. Sustained operations with top performance require all these subsystems and components working as expected. Having a detailed performance profile helps establishing a baseline. This baseline can be used for easier identification of possible future problems. A systematic bottom-to-top approach, starting with a detailed performance analysis of disks and moving up across layers and subsystems, provides a quantitative breakdown of each component's capabilities and bottlenecks. Coupling these low-level tests with Lustre-level evaluations will present a better understanding of performance expectations under different I/O workloads.

  13. Evaluation of the COGITO system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, V.; Andersen, H.H.K.


    -site and for benefiting efficiently from the functionality of the site. In order to make the report a stand-alone report, it contains an introduction including 'Study of end-user needs and behaviour' exposing problemsconcerning e-commerce in general (taken from the D6.1), and a brief review of the objectives......This report covers the deliverable D7.2 of the COGITO project. It presents the evaluation of an 'intelligent' agent integrated into an e-commerce system. The aim of the agent is to support the user partly through direct communication and partly by guidinghim/her for navigating the web...

  14. Efficiency Evaluation of Energy Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Kanoğlu, Mehmet; Dinçer, İbrahim


    Efficiency is one of the most frequently used terms in thermodynamics, and it indicates how well an energy conversion or process is accomplished. Efficiency is also one of the most frequently misused terms in thermodynamics and is often a source of misunderstanding. This is because efficiency is often used without being properly defined first. This book intends to provide a comprehensive evaluation of various efficiencies used for energy transfer and conversion systems including steady-flow energy devices (turbines, compressors, pumps, nozzles, heat exchangers, etc.), various power plants, cogeneration plants, and refrigeration systems. The book will cover first-law (energy based) and second-law (exergy based) efficiencies and provide a comprehensive understanding of their implications. It will help minimize the widespread misuse of efficiencies among students and researchers in energy field by using an intuitive and unified approach for defining efficiencies. The book will be particularly useful for a clear ...

  15. Retrieval system evaluation: automatic evaluation versus incomplete judgments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hauff, C.; de Jong, Franciska M.G.

    In information retrieval (IR), research aiming to reduce the cost of retrieval system evaluations has been conducted along two lines: (i) the evaluation of IR systems with reduced amounts of manual relevance assessments, and (ii) the fully automatic evaluation of IR systems, thus foregoing the need

  16. Structural characterization of expressed monoclonal antibodies by single sample mass spectral analysis after IdeS proteolysis. (United States)

    Kirley, Terence L; Greis, Kenneth D; Norman, Andrew B


    Simple and rapid methods for analysis of monoclonal antibody structure and post-translational modifications are increasingly needed due to the explosion of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibody applications. Mass spectral analysis is a powerful method for characterizing monoclonal antibodies. Recent discovery and commercialization of the Immunoglobulin G-degrading enzyme of Streptococcus pyogene (IdeS protease) has facilitated and improved the generation of antibody fragments of suitable size to allow characterization of the structure of the entire antibody molecule via analysis of just a few fragments. In this study, we coupled IdeS fragmentation and simultaneous reduction and alkylation of the resultant fragments using tributylphosphine and iodoacetamide to prepare samples in about 2 h. Following simple introduction of a single, unseparated mixture of alkylated fragments into a mass spectrometer, detailed structural information is obtained, covering the entire antibody molecule. The large majority of the glycoforms present on the single, conserved N-linked glycosylation site of the heavy chain is elucidated, although some of the very low abundance glycoforms are not determined by this protocol. The ease, simplicity, speed, and power of this method make it attractive for analysis of the developmental stages and production batches of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. In vitro evaluation of nematophagous fungi patogenicity against nematode of domestic animals/
    Avaliação in vitro da patogenicidade de fungos predadores de nematóides parasitos de animais domésticos


    Alvimar José da Costa; Giane Serafim da Silva; Regina Célia Cândido; Jaime Maia dos Santos; Arlete Silveira Maia; Érika Barbosa Neves Graminha


    Biological control is a promising alternative for the control of pre-parasitic stages through the action of nematophagous fungi’s. The present study evaluated in vitro the patogenicity of both Arthrobotrys musiformis and A. conoides fungi on “infective larvae (or L3 state larvae)” of Haemonchus contortus, L3 larvae of Ancylostoma spp. And larvated eggs of the nematode Ascaridia galli. Nine groups were formed: six treated groups (G1A and G2A: L3 of H. contortus; G1B and G2B: L3 of Ancylostoma ...

  18. Conteúdo de peptídeos e avaliação morfofisiológica dos espermatozóides do epidídimo e ejaculado de bovinos Peptides content and morphophisiological evaluation of epididymis and ejaculated sperm in bovine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Emidio D. Feliciano Silva


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se com este estudo a identificação de alguns fatores protéicos envolvidos na qualidade funcional dos espermatozóides epididimais (SPZEP e ejaculados (SPZEJ de bovinos. Foram avaliadas as características morfofisiológicas e analisado o conteúdo peptídico destas estruturas de 11 animais mestiços Nelore, de 24 a 30 meses de idade. As avaliações morfofisiológicas foram motilidade progressiva (MOT, %, vigor, patologias espermáticas, integridade acrossômica e da cromatina. Foi observado que, os SPZEJ, na média, apresentaram MOT maior do que os SPZEP, 72,3 e 46,4%, respectivamente. Considerando as patologias espermáticas, taxas de defeitos maiores (DEFMAI, menores (DEFMEN e totais (DEFTOT, houve diferença significativa entre as taxas dos DEFMEN e DEFTOT dos SPZEP e SPZEJ, sendo, em média, 91,1 e 8,5% e 95,4 e 11,8%, respectivamente. As taxas dos DEFMEN e DEFTOT dos SPZEP foram maiores em função da presença de espermatozóides com gotas citoplasmáticas distais. A análise das protéinas dos SPZEP e SPZEJ foi realizada por espectrometria de massa, método MALDI-TOF (matrix -assisted laser desorption/ionization - time of flight, e revelou presença de peptídeos de massa molecular variando de 1,1 a 26,3 kDa nos SPZEJ e de 1,1 a 11,6 kDa nos SPZEP. Foram identificados peptídeos de 10,6 e 13,4 kDa somente nos SPZEJ e de 6,8 kDa somente nos SPZEP. Foi observada relação do peptídeo de massa molecular de 7,4 kDa dos SPZEP e de 4,7 kDa dos SPZEJ, com a MOT Ê 80%, destas estruturas. Os resultados sugerem o envolvimento destes peptídeos nos processos funcionais das células espermáticas do epidídimo e ejaculado. O estudo utilizou o método MALDI/TOF para espectrômetro de massa, para identificar peptídeos em espermatozóides do epidídimo de bovinos, pela primeira vez no País.The objective of the study was to identify some protein factors involved in bovine epididymis (SPZEP and ejaculated (SPZEJ sperm functional quality

  19. Evaluating fractionated space systems - Status (United States)

    Cornford, S.; Jenkins, S.; Wall, S.; Cole, B.; Bairstow, B.; Rouquette, N.; Dubos, G.; Ryan, T.; Zarifian, P.; Boutwell, J.

    DARPA has funded a number of teams to further refine its Fractionated Spacecraft vision. Several teams, including this team led by JPL, have been tasked to develop a tool for the evaluation of the Business case for a fractionated system architecture. This evaluation is to understand under what conditions and constraints the fractionated architecture make more sense (in a cost/benefit sense) than the traditional monolithic paradigm. Our approach to this evaluation is to generate and evaluate a variety of trade space options. These options include various sets of stimuli, various degrees of fractionation and various subsystem element properties. The stimuli include many not normally modeled such as technology obsolescence, funding profile changes and changes in mission objectives during the mission itself. The degrees of fractionation enable various traditional subsystem elements to be distributed across different free flyers which then act in concert as needed. This will enable key technologies to be updated as need dictates and availability allows. We have described our approach in a previous IEEE Aerospace conference paper but will briefly summarize here. Our approach to generate the Business Case evaluation is to explicitly model both the implementation and operation phases for the life cycle of a fractionated constellation. A variety of models are integrated into the Phoenix ModelCenter framework and are used to generate various intermediate data which is aggregated into the Present Strategic Value (PSV). The PSV is essentially the value (including the value of the embedded real options) minus the cost. These PSVs are calculated for a variety of configurations and scenarios including variations of various stimuli or uncertainties (e.g. supply chain delays, launch vehicle failures and orbital debris events). There are various decision options (e.g. delay, accelerate, cancel) which can now be exercised for each stimulus. We can compute the PSV for the various comb

  20. Java Mission Evaluation Workstation System (United States)

    Pettinger, Ross; Watlington, Tim; Ryley, Richard; Harbour, Jeff


    The Java Mission Evaluation Workstation System (JMEWS) is a collection of applications designed to retrieve, display, and analyze both real-time and recorded telemetry data. This software is currently being used by both the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) and the International Space Station (ISS) program. JMEWS was written in the Java programming language to satisfy the requirement of platform independence. An object-oriented design was used to satisfy additional requirements and to make the software easily extendable. By virtue of its platform independence, JMEWS can be used on the UNIX workstations in the Mission Control Center (MCC) and on office computers. JMEWS includes an interactive editor that allows users to easily develop displays that meet their specific needs. The displays can be developed and modified while viewing data. By simply selecting a data source, the user can view real-time, recorded, or test data.

  1. Utilização de linhagens diplóides uvsH//uvsH de Aspergillus nidulans (Ascomycetes para a avaliação do potencial recombinagênico de agentes químicos e físicos uvsH//uvsH diploid strain favors an efficient method to evaluate the recombinagenic effect of chemical and physical agents in Aspergillus nidulans (Ascomycetes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francielle Baptista


    Full Text Available O ascomiceto Aspergillus nidulans apresenta-se como um excelente sistema para o estudo da recombinação somática, por passar grande parte de seu ciclo celular em G2 e por apresentar mutações uvs que promovem aumento das freqüências normais de recombinação mitótica (uvsF e uvsH. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo obter uma nova linhagem diplóide de A. nidulans, com características apropriadas para estudos da recombinagênese, tais como: hetererozigose para marcadores nutricionais e de coloração de conidios e homozigose para a mutação uvsH. A maior sensibilidade do diplóide uvsH//uvsH no monitoramento de eventos de recombinação mitótica foi demonstrada através dos mais altos índices de recombinação mitótica espontânea por ele apresentados, em comparação com o diplóide uvsH+//uvsH +. A nova linhagem apresenta-se como uma ferramenta versátil, podendo ser utilizada em diferentes estudos relacionados à recombinação mitótica em A. nidulansAscomycete Aspergillus nidulans is an excellent system for mitotic crossing-over studies. This is due to the fact that much of its cell cycle is passed in G2 and presents uvs mutations that increase frequencies of normal mitotic recombinations (uvsF and uvsH. The aim of this research was to obtain a new diploid strain of A. nidulans with proper characteristics for recombinagenesis investigations, or rather, heterozygous for nutritional markers and conidia coloration and homozygous for uvsH mutation. Higher sensitivity of diploid uvsH//uvsH in the monitoring of mitotic recombination events was shown by higher indexes of the diploid’s spontaneous mitotic recombination when compared with diploid uvsH+//uvsH +. New strain is a versatile tool that may be used in different studies on mitotic recombination in A. nidulans

  2. In vitro evaluation of nematophagous fungi patogenicity against nematode of domestic animals/ Avaliação in vitro da patogenicidade de fungos predadores de nematóides parasitos de animais domésticos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alvimar José da Costa


    Full Text Available Biological control is a promising alternative for the control of pre-parasitic stages through the action of nematophagous fungi’s. The present study evaluated in vitro the patogenicity of both Arthrobotrys musiformis and A. conoides fungi on “infective larvae (or L3 state larvae” of Haemonchus contortus, L3 larvae of Ancylostoma spp. And larvated eggs of the nematode Ascaridia galli. Nine groups were formed: six treated groups (G1A and G2A: L3 of H. contortus; G1B and G2B: L3 of Ancylostoma spp.; G1C and G2C: larvated eggs of A. galli, being that G1 with A. musiformis and G2 with A. conoides and three untreated groups (G3A, G3B and G3C: larvae of H. contortus, Ancylostoma spp. And eggs of A. galli, respectively, without fungi. Each treatment had ten repetitions (ten Petri dishes with an average of 120 larvae of H. contortus and 200 larvae of Ancylostoma spp. and, approximately, 100 larvated A. galli eggs. The results showed A. musiformis plundered 66% and 94% of Ancylostoma spp. L3 larvae and H. contortus L3 larvae, respectively. While that A. conoides plundered 51,7% and 89,4% at the same larvae. The nematophagous fungi evaluated have not presented any predation type on A. galli larvated eggs. Afterwards, both are promising fungi as to their use for biological control of parasitic helminths of animal hosts.O controle biológico é uma alternativa promissora no controle dos estágios pré-parasitários de helmintos, por meio da ação de fungos nematófagos. Com este propósito, o presente estudo avaliou in vitro a patogenicidade dos fungos Arthrobotrys musiformis e A. conoides sobre larvas infectantes de Haemonchus contortus, Ancylostoma spp. e ovos larvados de Ascaridia galli. Foram utilizados nove grupos: seis tratamentos (G1A e G2A: L3 de H. contortus; G1B e G2B: L3 de Ancylostoma spp.; G1C e G2C: ovos larvados de A. galli, com A. musiformis (G1 e A. conoides (G2, respectivamente e três testemunhos (G3A, G3B e G3C: larvas de H

  3. SPEEDY: An Eclipse-based IDE for invariant inference

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David R. Cok


    Full Text Available SPEEDY is an Eclipse-based IDE for exploring techniques that assist users in generating correct specifications, particularly including invariant inference algorithms and tools. It integrates with several back-end tools that propose invariants and will incorporate published algorithms for inferring object and loop invariants. Though the architecture is language-neutral, current SPEEDY targets C programs. Building and using SPEEDY has confirmed earlier experience demonstrating the importance of showing and editing specifications in the IDEs that developers customarily use, automating as much of the production and checking of specifications as possible, and showing counterexample information directly in the source code editing environment. As in previous work, automation of specification checking is provided by back-end SMT solvers. However, reducing the effort demanded of software developers using formal methods also requires a GUI design that guides users in writing, reviewing, and correcting specifications and automates specification inference.

  4. Tumor Filóides Borderline: Relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem o objetivo de narrar o caso de uma jovem de 24 anos, que teve quadro de Tumor Filóides do tipo borderline, evidenciado durante cirurgia de excisão de fibroadenoma, e diagnosticado por exame histopatológico da lesão, sendo futuramente reabordado com nova cirurgia. O Tumor Filóides é uma neoplasia fibroepitelial incomum da mama, representando de 0,3 a 0,9% de todos os tumores primários daquele órgão. É comumente vista entre pacientes com 40-50 anos. Sendo mais raro ainda sua apresentação em jovens. Por fim este artigo apresenta breve revisão de literatura, mostrando que a conduta utilizada no caso foi correta.

  5. Lesões expansivas do plexo coróide Choroid plexus mass lesions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ernesto Lima Araújo Melo


    Full Text Available As lesões expansivas do plexo coróide constituem um grupo bastante amplo e heterogêneo de doenças e seus simuladores. Tumores, infecções, anomalias congênitas, hemorragias, cistos e fenômenos degenerativos são alguns dos exemplos de causas de lesões expansivas do plexo coróide. No presente trabalho fizemos revisão da literatura pertinente, descrevendo os achados de imagem e ilustrando-os com alguns casos do nosso serviço. Apesar de não existir na literatura descrição de sinais patognomônicos, a avaliação criteriosa e sistemática das características das lesões pode sugerir determinada etiologia.Choroid plexus mass lesions encompass a broad and heterogeneous group of diseases and their simulators. Tumors, infections, congenital anomalies, hemorrhage, cysts and degenerative diseases are some examples of mass lesions affecting the choroid plexus. In this article we review the current literature, describing the imaging findings and illustrating choroid plexus mass lesions with some cases diagnosed at our facility. Despite the inexistence of pathognomonic signs, a careful and systematic evaluation of the imaging characteristics may suggest many etiologies.

  6. Matematik - ide og indsigt. Bind 5

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olesen, Mogens Nørgaard

    Difference equations of higher order, Fibonacci sequences, differential equations of higher order, systems of differential equations, stability criteria, calculus of variations, cybernetic ideas, optimal control theory, the historical development of the theory of variations and optimal control...

  7. Matematik - ide og indsigt. Bind 5

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olesen, Mogens Nørgaard

    Difference equations of higher order, Fibonacci sequences, differential equations of higher order, systems of differential equations, stability criteria, calculus of variations, cybernetic ideas, optimal control theory, the historical development of the theory of variations and optimal control...... theory seen in an interdisciplinary perspective....

  8. Avaliação laboratorial da doença residual mínima na leucemia mielóide crônica por Real-Time PCR Evaluation diagnosis of minimal residual disease in chronic myeloid leukemia by Real-Time PCR

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allyne Cristina Grando


    Full Text Available A leucemia mielóide crônica (LMC representa 15% das leucemias e apresenta três fases: crônica, acelerada e crise blástica. A partir da análise citogenética, pode ser identificado o cromossomo Philadelphia, característico da LMC. O transplante de células-tronco é o único tratamento curativo, mas é acompanhado de altas taxas de morbimortalidade, dificultando sua aplicação. A doença residual mínima é de grande importância para avaliar a resposta ao tratamento, tanto na verificação de doença residual, quanto na identificação de pacientes com alto risco de recaída. Muitas técnicas específicas têm sido introduzidas para detectar as translocações ou os produtos do cromossomo Philadelphia. A mais sensível é a Real-Time PCR, que detecta uma célula leucêmica em 10(5 células normais. O objetivo deste trabalho foi realizar uma revisão bibliográfica sobre a LMC, dando ênfase à utilização da técnica por Real-Time PCR.Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML represents about 15% of all leukemias and has three phases: the chronic phase, accelerated phase and blast crisis. After cytogenetic analysis, the Philadelphia chromosome, characteristic of CML, can be identificated. Stem cell transplantation is the only curative treatment for CML, but it is accompanied by high levels of morbimortality, difficulting its application. The minimal residual disease is very important for the evaluation of the response to treatment, to verify the residual disease and also to identify patients with a high risk of relapse. Many specific techniques have been introduced for the detection of translocations or products of the Philadelphia chromosome; the most sensitive being Real-Time PCR which detects 1 leukemia cell in 10(5 normal cells. The aim of this study was to perform a bibliographic review of CML, with emphasis on the utilization of the Real-Time PCR technique.

  9. Culturally Responsive Evaluation Meets Systems-Oriented Evaluation (United States)

    Thomas, Veronica G.; Parsons, Beverly A.


    The authors of this article each bring a different theoretical background to their evaluation practice. The first author has a background of attention to culturally responsive evaluation (CRE), while the second author has a background of attention to systems theories and their application to evaluation. Both have had their own evolution of…

  10. Prevalência de nódulos de tireóide detectados por ecografia em mulheres após os 40 anos Prevalence of thyroid nodules in 40 years-old or old women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. W. Furlanetto


    in cohorts strongly predisposed to this problem to be able to measure its impact on the health care system, and to devise appropriate diagnostic strategies. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of thyroid nodules in women 40 year-old or older by ecography. METHODS: Between August 1996 and December 1997, 207 women, 40 year-old or older, were consecutively evaluated by thyroid ecography in the Radiology Division of the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre. Patients who came to the Division to be submitted to thyroid ecography were excluded. The mean age of patients studied was 54.7 years (median: 53, range: 40-86 years. One hundred and twenty three patients (54.9% had a normal thyroid and eighty-two had an abnormal gland (39.6%. Thyroid nodules were detected in seventy-three women (35.3% and these were larger than 1 cm in 35 women (16.9%. Women without thyroid nodules were younger (53.1 ±10.7 years than women with thyroid nodules (58.2 ±10.6 years p=0.001; and the prevalence of any thyroid nodule (p=0.001 or nodules larger than 1 cm (p=0.007 increased with age. CONCLUSIONS: Thyroid nodules are very common in women 40 year-old or older, their prevalence increases with age in this cohort and these nodules are potentially palpable (larger than one cm in one of six women in this age group It is important to have these data in mind when ordering thyroid ecographic studies in women 40 year-old or older.

  11. Imaging X-ray detector front-end with high dynamic range: IDeF-X HD (United States)

    Gevin, O.; Lemaire, O.; Lugiez, F.; Michalowska, A.; Baron, P.; Limousin, O.; Delagnes, E.


    Presented circuit, IDeF-X HD (Imaging Detector Front-end) is a member of the IDeF-X ASICs family for space applications. It has been optimized for a half millimeter pitch CdTe or CdZnTe pixelated detector arranged in 16×16 array. It is aimed to operate in the hard X-ray range from few keV up to 250 keV or more. The ASIC has been realized in AMS 0.35 μm CMOS process. The IDeF-X HD is a 32 channel analog front-end with self-triggering capability. The architecture of the analog channel includes a chain of charge sensitive amplifier with continuous reset system and non-stationary noise suppressor, adjustable gain stage, pole-zero cancellation stage, adjustable shaping time low pass filter, baseline holder and peak detector with discriminator. The power consumption of the IDeF-X HD is 800 μW per channel. With the in-channel variable gain stage the nominal 250 keV dynamic range of the ASIC can be extended up to 1 MeV anticipating future applications using thick sensors. Measuring the noise performance without a detector at the input with minimized leakage current (programmable) at the input, we achieved ENC of 33 electrons rms at 10.7 μs peak time. Measurements with CdTe detector show good energy resolution FWHM of 1.1 keV at 60 keV and 4.3 keV at 662 keV with detection threshold below 4 keV. In addition, an absolute temperature sensor has been integrated with resolution of 1.5 °C.

  12. Synthesis and Characterization of Stimuli-Responsive Star-Like Polypept(o)ides: Introducing Biodegradable PeptoStars. (United States)

    Holm, Regina; Weber, Benjamin; Heller, Philipp; Klinker, Kristina; Westmeier, Dana; Docter, Dominic; Stauber, Roland H; Barz, Matthias


    Star-like polymers are one of the smallest systems in the class of core crosslinked polymeric nanoparticles. This article reports on a versatile, straightforward synthesis of three-arm star-like polypept(o)ide (polysarcosine-block-polylysine) polymers, which are designed to be either stable or degradable at elevated levels of glutathione. Polypept(o)ides are a recently introduced class of polymers combining the stealth-like properties of the polypeptoid polysarcosine with the functionality of polypeptides, thus enabling the synthesis of materials completely based on endogenous amino acids. The star-like homo and block copolymers are synthesized by living nucleophilic ring opening polymerization of the corresponding N-carboxyanhydrides (NCAs) yielding polymeric stars with precise control over the degree of polymerization (Xn = 25, 50, 100), Poisson-like molecular weight distributions, and low dispersities (Đ = 1.06-1.15). Star-like polypept(o)ides display a hydrodynamic radius of 5 nm (μ2 star-like polysarcosines and polypept(o)ides based on disulfide containing initiators are stable in solution, degradation occurs at 100 × 10(-3) m glutathione concentration. The disulfide cleavage yields the respective polymeric arms, which possess Poisson-like molecular weight distributions and low dispersities (Đ = 1.05-1.12). Initial cellular uptake and toxicity studies reveal that PeptoStars are well tolerated by HeLa, HEK 293, and DC 2.4 cells. © 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  13. Nódulos reumatóides pulmonares precedendo o aparecimento de artrite Pulmonary rheumatoid nodules preceding arthritis development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Eduardo Martinez


    Full Text Available A artrite reumatóide é uma doença sistêmica, de causa desconhecida e de natureza auto-imune. A característica clínica principal é a poliartrite crônica, em geral envolvendo pequenas e grandes articulações, com tendência a deformidades e incapacidades. A presença de nódulos subcutâneos pode ser parte da apresentação clínica e tem histopatologia típica. O comprometimento visceral pode incluir os pulmões, vasos, pericárdio etc. O envolvimento pulmonar pode se apresentar com derrame pleural, bronquiolite, vasculite pulmonar e mais raramente nódulos reumatóides. O desenvolvimento clássico é o dos envolvimentos viscerais após o aparecimento da artrite. Os nódulos reumatóides pulmonares têm baixa prevalência. Seu desenvolvimento precedendo a artrite acrescenta interesse ao assunto. Relata-se um caso de paciente do sexo feminino com nodulose reumatóide pulmonar que precedeu o envolvimento articular.Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease of unknown cause and autoimune disease mechanisms. Its main clinical feature is a chronic polyarthritis involving large and small joints that may cause deformities and disabilities. Subcutaneous nodules can be part of the clinical presentation with a typical pathological appearance. Visceral involvement may include lungs, pericardium, and blood vessels. Pulmonary involvement is characterized by pleural effusions, vasculitis, bronchiolitis and pulmonary rheumatoid nodules. Usually, visceral manifestations appear after arthritis development. Pulmonary rheumatoid nodules are a rare feature. Its development preceding arthritis make this characteristic even more interesting. Our case report refers to a female patient with pulmonary rheumatoid nodules that has preceded the arthritis.

  14. Evaluation of mobile systems: an integrative framework.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Högler, T.; Versendaal, J.; Batenburg, R.


    This work presents an integrative framework for the evaluation of mobile systems. In comparison to stationary systems, mobile systems have a bundle of specific singularities that should be considered for evaluation. Further analysis of existing approaches clarifies that an integrative approach for

  15. Uninhabited Traffic Management System Evaluator (UTME) Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The key innovation of this effort is the development of an Uninhabited Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Manager Evaluator (UTME) specifically targeted at evaluating...

  16. Pervious Pavement System Evaluation- Abstract (United States)

    Porous pavement is a low impact development stormwater control. The Urban Watershed Management Branch is evaluating interlocking concrete pavers as a popular implementation. The pavers themselves are impermeable, but the spaces between the pavers are backfilled with washed, gra...

  17. Complete Removal of Extracellular IgG Antibodies in a Randomized Dose-Escalation Phase I Study with the Bacterial Enzyme IdeS – A Novel Therapeutic Opportunity (United States)

    Winstedt, Lena; Järnum, Sofia; Nordahl, Emma Andersson; Olsson, Andreas; Runström, Anna; Bockermann, Robert; Karlsson, Christofer; Malmström, Johan; Palmgren, Gabriella Samuelsson; Malmqvist, Ulf; Björck, Lars; Kjellman, Christian


    IdeS is a streptococcal protease that cleaves IgG antibodies into F(ab’)2 and Fc fragments with a unique degree of specificity, thereby providing a novel treatment opportunity of IgG-driven autoimmune conditions and antibody mediated transplant rejection. Here we report the results from a first in man, double blinded and randomized study with single ascending doses of IdeS in healthy, male subjects. Twenty healthy subjects were given intravenous single ascending doses of IdeS. With impressive efficacy IdeS cleaved the entire plasma IgG-pool only minutes after dosing. IgG reached nadir 6-24 hours after dosing and then slowly recovered. The half-life of IdeS was 4.9 (±2.8) hours at 0.24 mg/kg with the main fraction eliminated during 24 hours. Already two hours after IdeS-dosing, the phagocytic capacity of IgG/IgG-fragments was reduced to background levels. Importantly, IdeS has the capacity to inactivate Fc-mediated effector function in vivo, was considered safe with no serious adverse events, and without dose limiting toxicity in this study. The complete, rapid, but temporary removal of IgG provides a new potent therapeutic opportunity in IgG-mediated pathogenic conditions. Trial Registration NCT01802697 PMID:26177518

  18. An Evaluation System for Foodservice Equipment (United States)


    Saws Vertical Food Mixers Pressure Cookers Steam Jacketed Kettles Fundamentals of Steam Procedures to Clean Coffee Urns A List of Foodservice...Evaluation System for Pressure Cookers 90 Evaluation Form for Pressure Cookers 92 Pressure Cooker Evaluation Form Guide 93 Evaluation System for Steam...cleaned. Other tasks include maintenance of the gas jets , thermostat calibration, and cleaning of under burner area. Compare manufacture requirements

  19. Evaluating neural networks and artificial intelligence systems (United States)

    Alberts, David S.


    Systems have no intrinsic value in and of themselves, but rather derive value from the contributions they make to the missions, decisions, and tasks they are intended to support. The estimation of the cost-effectiveness of systems is a prerequisite for rational planning, budgeting, and investment documents. Neural network and expert system applications, although similar in their incorporation of a significant amount of decision-making capability, differ from each other in ways that affect the manner in which they can be evaluated. Both these types of systems are, by definition, evolutionary systems, which also impacts their evaluation. This paper discusses key aspects of neural network and expert system applications and their impact on the evaluation process. A practical approach or methodology for evaluating a certain class of expert systems that are particularly difficult to measure using traditional evaluation approaches is presented.

  20. Dimensional Evaluation of Stone Die from Irreversíble Hydrocolloid Impression afther Disinfection Avaliação Dimensional de Troquéis de Gesso Obtidos de Moldes de Hidrocolóide Irreversível após Desinfecção

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Frossard


    Full Text Available During routine molding procedures in Dentistry, the material gets in touch with oral fluids such as blood, saliva, exudates and others, which can carry pathogenic microorganisms that cause contagious diseases such us herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, among others. Disinfection by immersing the molds in chemical solutions has been adopted. This work evaluated dimensional alterations in casts obtained from an irreversible hydrocolloid, after disinfection. A molding device with a standard metallic die representing the tooth ready to receive the crown was used during the evaluation. The molds were then immersed in deionized water and gluteraldehyde at 2% for 30 minutes. Only the control group was not immersed: they were poured in a special type IV (Durone, immediately after being taken. A special standard metallic crown, which adapted itself to the referred casts, was used to evaluate their dimensions. The combination die plus standard crown was submitted to a microscopic analysis by a depth microscope. Data from the evaluation were submitted to a statistical analysis, and the results showed no statistically difference among the groups studied. Nos procedimentos de moldagens, rotineiramente executados em Odontologia, os materiais entram em contacto com fluidos bucais, como: sangue, saliva, exudatos e outros que podem conter microorganismos patogênicos e, pelos moldes, podem transmitir doenças infecto-contagiosas como: herpes, hepatite, tuberculose, AIDS, dentre outras. O tratamento por imersão desses moldes em substâncias químicas, tem sido adotado no sentido de promover a desinfecção dos mesmos. Este trabalho avaliou a alteração dimensional de troquéis de gesso obtidos de moldes de hidrocolóide irreversível (alginato, após desinfecção. Utilizou-se, para isso, um dispositivo de moldagem que contém um troquel-padrão metálico, representando um dente preparado para receber uma coroa. Após a obtenção dos moldes, os mesmos foram

  1. Tratamento de leucemia linfóide aguda e crescimento


    Monteiro I.M.U.; Bedone A.J.; Pinto C.L.B.; Brandalise S.R.


    OBJETIVO: Determinar alterações no crescimento após o tratamento de leucemia linfóide aguda em meninas. PACIENTES E MÉTODO: Realizou-se estudo retrospectivo com 59 meninas que apresentavam medidas de estatura antes e com no mínimo um ano do tratamento, subdivididas de acordo com a dose de radioterapia cranial utilizada [18 ou 24 Grays (Gy)] e com a idade no início do tratamento (antes e após os cinco anos de idade). RESULTADOS: Observou-se deficiência do crescimento com um, dois e mais de doi...

  2. Evaluating Training and Development Systems. (United States)

    Tracey, William R.

    This training and development manual discusses guiding principles and elements of evaluation: (1) philosophy and goals; (2) administrative planning, organization, staffing, direction, and control; (3) plant and facilities; (4) staff and faculty composition, qualifications, screening and selection, promotion, duties, compensation, and incentives;…

  3. Modular system design and evaluation

    CERN Document Server

    Levin, Mark Sh


    This book examines seven key combinatorial engineering frameworks (composite schemes consisting of algorithms and/or interactive procedures) for hierarchical modular (composite) systems. These frameworks are based on combinatorial optimization problems (e.g., knapsack problem, multiple choice problem, assignment problem, morphological clique problem), with the author’s version of morphological design approach – Hierarchical Morphological Multicritieria Design (HMMD) – providing a conceptual lens with which to elucidate the examples discussed. This approach is based on ordinal estimates of design alternatives for systems parts/components, however, the book also puts forward an original version of HMMD that is based on new interval multiset estimates for the design alternatives with special attention paid to the aggregation of modular solutions (system versions). The second part of ‘Modular System Design and Evaluation’ provides ten information technology case studies that enriches understanding of th...

  4. Correlation among methods to evaluate sperm membrane integrity of bovine cryopreserved sperm Correlação entre métodos de avaliação da integridade da membrana plasmática do espermatozóide bovino criopreservado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thaíse Silva Passos


    Full Text Available It were established correlations among methods of sperm plasmatic membrane evaluation, by analyzing cryopreserved semen of five Nelore bulls, within three replicates / bull. After thawing at 37°C/30 seconds, there were assessed motility (%, concentration (x106, morphology (% and membrane integrity. To evaluate membrane integrity, hypoosmotic test (HOS, fluorescence (FLU and eosin/nigrosin (EN were used. Data were submitted to Pearson´s correlation analysis. According to the results, there was correlation between fluorescence vs eosin/nigrosin (r = 0.74; p<0.0013, fluorescence vs hypoosmotic test (r = 0.71; p<0.0029 and eosin/nigrosin vs hypoosmotic test (r = 0.59; p<0.0202. There was also correlation among motility and fluorescence (r = 0.70; p<0.0036, hypoosmotic test (r = 0.78; p<0.0006 and eosin/nigrosin (r = 0.52; p<0.0436. We conclude that the three methods were efficacious in evaluating plasmatic membrane integrity of bovine frozen-thawed spermatozoa, and each laboratory could make its choice according to disposable equipments.O objetivo, com este trabalho, foi verificar a correlação entre métodos de avaliação da integridade da membrana plasmática (IMP, no sêmen congelado comercial de cinco touros da raça Nelore, com três repetições por animal. Após o descongelamento a 37C/30 segundos, foram analisadas as variáveis motilidade (%, concentração (x106/ml, morfologia (% e IMP. Para a avaliação da IMP, foram usados o teste hiposmótico (HOS, fluorescência (FLU e eosina/nigrosina (EN, e contadas 100 células/lâmina. Os dados foram submetidos à análise de correlação de Pearson. Houve correlação entre as técnicas de fluorescência vs eosina/nigrosina (r = 0,74; p<0,0013, fluorescência vs teste hiposmótico (r = 0,71; p<0,0029 e correlação de média intensidade entre eosina/nigrosina vs teste hiposmótico (r = 0,59; p<0,0202. Houve correlação entre motilidade e fluorescência (r = 0,70; p<0,0036; teste hiposm

  5. UNIX-based operating systems robustness evaluation (United States)

    Chang, Yu-Ming


    Robust operating systems are required for reliable computing. Techniques for robustness evaluation of operating systems not only enhance the understanding of the reliability of computer systems, but also provide valuable feed- back to system designers. This thesis presents results from robustness evaluation experiments on five UNIX-based operating systems, which include Digital Equipment's OSF/l, Hewlett Packard's HP-UX, Sun Microsystems' Solaris and SunOS, and Silicon Graphics' IRIX. Three sets of experiments were performed. The methodology for evaluation tested (1) the exception handling mechanism, (2) system resource management, and (3) system capacity under high workload stress. An exception generator was used to evaluate the exception handling mechanism of the operating systems. Results included exit status of the exception generator and the system state. Resource management techniques used by individual operating systems were tested using programs designed to usurp system resources such as physical memory and process slots. Finally, the workload stress testing evaluated the effect of the workload on system performance by running a synthetic workload and recording the response time of local and remote user requests. Moderate to severe performance degradations were observed on the systems under stress.

  6. IDEA: A Unifying Theory for Evaluation Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bella, Giampaolo; Giustolisi, Rosario


    Secure systems for voting, exams, auctions and conference paper management are theorised to address the same problem, that of secure evaluations. In support of such a unifying theory comes a model for Secure Evaluation Systems (SES), which offers innovative common grounds to understand all four...

  7. Development of a School Leadership Evaluation System (United States)

    Orlando, Nik


    This action research study examined the effectiveness of the process implemented by Partnerships to Uplift Communities (PUC) Schools Charter Management Organization to develop their school leader evaluation system in collaboration with current PUC school leaders. The development of the leadership evaluation system included the collective voices of…

  8. Overcoming barriers to evaluation of terminological systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cornet, Ronald; de Keizer, Nicolette F.; Arts, Daniëlle G. T.


    Evaluation of terminological systems has been demonstrated to be a complicated task. This is due to the broad range of terminological systems, their application, and the clinical contexts in which they can be applied. We propose an evaluation framework that explicitly distinguishes an

  9. Evaluation Methods for Intelligent Tutoring Systems Revisited (United States)

    Greer, Jim; Mark, Mary


    The 1993 paper in "IJAIED" on evaluation methods for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) still holds up well today. Basic evaluation techniques described in that paper remain in use. Approaches such as kappa scores, simulated learners and learning curves are refinements on past evaluation techniques. New approaches have also arisen, in…

  10. Development of a Sound Quality Evaluation System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kvist, Preben; Thomsen, Carsten; Lee, Sanjil


    This paper describes the development of the first version of the Sound Quality Evaluation System. The purpose of the system is to predict the subjective sound quality of home theater systems from objective measurements. 16 home theater systems were measured in an anechoic room. Several metrics...... expected to correlate w ith the subjective quality were proposed and tested. A model for the sound quality was created by mapping the subjective evaluations of the Home Theater System s with the metrics calculated for each system. Correlation between subjective listening test and the prediction is presente...

  11. Accelerating the creation of customized, language-specific IDEs in Eclipse

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P. Charles; R.M. Fuhrer; S.M. Sutton; E. Duesterwald; J.J. Vinju (Jurgen); G.T. Leavens


    textabstractFull-featured integrated development environments have become critical to the adoption of new programming languages. Key to the success of these IDEs is the provision of services tailored to the languages. However, modern IDEs are large and complex, and the cost of constructing one from

  12. IdeMatch – a digital tool for innovative, social and transdisciplinary learning designs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Gitte Riis

    This paper presents IdeMatch which is a digital tool implemented in University College Zealand (UCZ) in spring 2015. IdeMatch is based on educational policies and educational structural intentions and needs, and this paper examines and offers an outline for the learning perspective and the impact...

  13. The Spoofax language workbench rules for declarative specification of languages and IDEs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kats, L.C.L.; Visser, E.


    Spoofax is a language workbench for efficient, agile development of textual domain-specific languages with state-of-the-art IDE support. Spoofax integrates language processing techniques for parser generation, meta-programming, and IDE development into a single environment. It uses concise,

  14. Computerized ultrasound risk evaluation system (United States)

    Duric, Nebojsa; Littrup, Peter J.; Holsapple, III, Earle; Barter, Robert Henry; Moore, Thomas L.; Azevedo, Stephen G.; Ferguson, Sidney W.


    A method and system for examining tissue are provided in which the tissue is maintained in a position so that it may be insonified with a plurality of pulsed spherical or cylindrical acoustic waves. The insonifying acoustic waves are scattered by the tissue so that scattered acoustic radiation including a mix of reflected and transmitted acoustic waves is received. A representation of a portion of the tissue is then derived from the received scattered acoustic radiation.

  15. Phenolic compounds, carotenoids and antioxidant activity in plant products / Compostos fenólicos, carotenóides e atividade antioxidante em produtos vegetais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Gabriela Bello Koblitz


    Full Text Available The respiratory process and several aerobic cells oxidative reactions lead to the formation of free radicals which contribute to the appearance of different diseases. The human cells depend on their antioxidant ability to provide protection against the prejudicial effects of free radical and reactive oxygen species that are inevitable consequences of aerobic life. Several epidemiologic studies indicate that high plant products ingestion is associated to a reduction in the hazard of a variety of cronical diseases such as arteriosclerosis and cancer. These effects have been specifically attributed to the plant compounds that have antioxidant activity: vitamin C and E, phenolic compounds, specially flavonoids, and carotenoids. Phenolic compounds act as antioxidants, not only for their ability to donate hydrogen atoms or electrons, but also because of their stable intermediary radicals, that prevent the oxidation of many food ingredients, especially lipids. Carotenoids are built by polyene chains in a long conjugated double bonds system, electron rich, which is responsible for the antioxidant activity of these compounds, by the absorption of singlet oxygen and free radicals, to interrupt the chain reaction they are involved in. This paper had as a goal to review the different qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods of the main non-nutrient antioxidants in plant originated foods: phenolic compounds and carotenoids.O processo respiratório e diversas reações oxidativas das células aeróbicas levam à formação de radicais livres, que contribuem para o aparecimento de diversas doenças. As células humanas dependem de sua capacidade antioxidante para fornecer proteção contra os efeitos prejudiciais de radicais livres e espécies reativas do oxigênio, que são conseqüências inevitáveis da vida aeróbica. Vários estudos epidemiológicos indicam que a alta ingestão de produtos vegetais está associada com uma redução no risco de uma

  16. Harvard Catalyst | The Clinical Translational Science Center IND/IDE Consult Service: Providing an IND/IDE Consult Service in a Decentralized Network of Academic Healthcare Centers (United States)

    Winkler, Sabune J.; Bierer, Barbara E.; Wolf, Delia


    Abstract The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations require sponsors of clinical investigations involving an investigational drug or device to submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) or Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application. Strict adherence to applicable regulations is vital to the success of clinical research. Unlike most major pharmaceutical sponsors, investigator sponsors often do not fully appreciate their regulatory obligations nor have resources to ensure compliance. As a result they can place themselves and their institutions at risk. Nevertheless, investigator‐initiated clinical trials are vital to the further development of innovative drugs, biologics, and medical devices. The IND/IDE Subcommittee under the Regulatory Knowledge and Support Program at Harvard Catalyst, The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center worked in collaboration with Harvard and Harvard affiliated institutions to create and launch an IND/IDE Consult Service in a decentralized network of collaborating Academic Healthcare Centers (AHC). The IND/IDE Consult Service offers expertise, resources, and shared experiences to assist sponsor‐investigators and IRBs in meeting regulatory requirements for conducting and reviewing investigator‐initiated IND/IDE studies. The scope of the services provided by the Harvard Catalyst IND/IDE Consult Service are described, including the specifics of the service, lessons learned, and challenges faced, in a scalable model that builds inter‐institutional capacity. PMID:24455986

  17. Proteolytic processing of the streptococcal IgG endopeptidase IdeS modulates the functional properties of the enzyme and results in reduced immunorecognition. (United States)

    Persson, Helena; Söderberg, Jenny Johansson; Vindebro, Reine; Johansson, Björn P; von Pawel-Rammingen, Ulrich


    The important human gram positive bacterial pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes employs various virulence factors to promote inflammation and to facilitate invasive disease progression. In this study we explored the relation of the secreted streptococcal cysteine proteases IdeS and SpeB, and neutrophil (PMN) proteases. We found that SpeB is resistant to proteolytic attack in an inflammatory environment, emphasizing the importance of SpeB for streptococcal pathogenicity, while PMN enzymes and SpeB itself process the IgG degrading endopeptidase IdeS. Processing occurs as NH2-terminal cleavage of IdeS resulting in reduced immunorecognition of the protease by specific antibodies. While the endopeptidase retains IgG cleaving activity, its ability to suppress the generation of reactive oxygen species is abolished. We suggest that the cleavage of NH2-terminal peptides by SpeB and/or neutrophil proteases is a mechanism evolved to prevent early inactivation of this important streptococcal virulence factor, albeit at the cost of impaired functionality. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. How to Evaluate Integrated Library Automation Systems. (United States)

    Powell, James R.; Slach, June E.


    This paper describes methodology used in compiling a list of candidate integrated library automation systems at a corporate technical library. Priorities for automation, identification of candidate systems, the filtering process, information for suppliers, software and hardware considerations, on-site evaluations, and final system selection are…

  19. Lupus eritematoso discóide na infância Discoid lupus erythematosus in childhood

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Carolina de A. Sampaio


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Realizar revisão da literatura sobre o lupus eritematoso discóide (LED na infância. FONTES DE DADOS: Livros-texto e artigos de revistas indexadas pelo Medline e SciELO nos últimos dez anos, usando as seguintes palavras-chave: "discoid lupus erythematosus", "chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus", "lupus erythematosus in childhood", "lupus erythematosus in children", "discoid lupus erythematosus in childhood", "discoid lupus erythematosus in children". SÍNTESEDOS DADOS: A idade de início da doença ocorre predominantemente entre cinco e dez anos e a história familiar de lupus eritematoso está presente em 11 a 35% dos casos. A relação gênero feminino/masculino varia de 1/1 a 2,4/1. Por sua vez, 24 a 27% dos pacientes com LED desenvolvem lupus eritematoso sistêmico (LES. Lesões discóides localizadas (que acometem cabeça e pescoço são observadas em 56 a 75% dos pacientes. A face é o local mais acometido. O LED localizado e o generalizado apresentam evolução semelhante. Os achados histológicos são típicos, mostrando dermatite de interface. IgM e IgG são os depósitos mais freqüentes na zona da membrana basal da epiderme. Os tratamentos geralmente utilizados são: fotoproteção, corticosteróides tópicos e antimaláricos. Imunossupressores, talidomida, dapsona e retinóides podem ser usados nos casos refratários. CONCLUSÕES: O LED da infância parece ter pequeno predomínio no gênero feminino, alta prevalência de história familiar de lupus eritematoso e elevada proporção que evolui para a forma sistêmica da doença, comparada ao LED do adulto. O LED localizado e o generalizado apresentam prognósticos semelhante. Os achados histológicos não foram diferentes daqueles descritos no LED do adulto.OBJECTIVE: To review the literature about discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE in childhood. DATA SOURCES: Textbooks and journals indexed for Medline and SciELO in the last ten years. The following key-words were

  20. Concept Evaluation for Hydraulic Yaw System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stubkier, Søren; Pedersen, Henrik C.; Andersen, Torben Ole


    a suspension system on a car, leading the loads away from the turbine structure. However, to realize a soft hydraulic yaw system a new design concept must be found. As a part of the development of the new concept a preliminary concept evaluation has been conducted, evaluating seven different hydraulic yaw...... concepts, ranging from a one-to-one copy of the electrical drive (electrical drives replaced by hydraulic dittos), to floating suspension systems mounted on hydraulic cylinders. Rough calculations of size and consequences of the different systems are presented ending up with the final concept for further...

  1. Pervious Pavement System Evaluation-Poster (United States)

    Pervious pavement is a low impact development stormwater control. The Environmental Protection Agency's Urban Watershed Management Branch is evaluating interlocking concrete pavingstone pervious pavement systems. The pavingstones themselves are impermeable, but the spaces between...

  2. Growth of Coxiella burnetii in the Ixodes scapularis-derived IDE8 tick cell line. (United States)

    Herrin, Brian; Mahapatra, Saugata; Blouin, Edmour F; Shaw, Edward I


    Q fever, a zoonotic disease, is caused by a gram-negative intracellular bacterium, Coxiella burnetii. Although normally transmitted during exposure to infectious aerosols, C. burnetii is also found in arthropod vectors. In the environment, ticks are thought to play a crucial role in bacterial maintenance and transmission by infecting various mammalian species. However, the nature of the pathogen-tick relationship is not well defined. To determine C. burnetii's interactions with a cultured tick cell line, we introduced purified C. burnetii NMII into Ixodes scapularis-derived IDE8 cells and assayed for bacterial presence, replication, gene expression, and subsequent infectivity for mammalian cells. Tick cells were harvested at 24 h, 72 h, 7 days, and 11 days postinfection (PI). C. burnetii uptake and subsequent replication was demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence assay, electron microscopy, and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). When a genome equivalent multiplicity of infection of 30 was used, 30%-40% of exposed cells were seen to have small, rounded, vacuoles at 72 h PI, whereas at 7 and 11 days PI, 60%-70% of cells contained enlarged vacuoles harboring large numbers of bacteria. Quantitative PCR analysis of total genomic DNA confirmed that C. burnetii genome numbers increased significantly from 24 h to 11 days PI. Expression of C. burnetii type four secretion system homologs at 7 days PI was demonstrated by reverse transcriptase PCR. Finally, indirect immunofluorescence assay demonstrated that C. burnetii propagated within IDE8 cells were infectious for mammalian cells. These studies demonstrate the utility of cultured tick cell lines as a model to investigate C. burnetii's molecular interactions with its arthropod vectors.

  3. Il dito di Galileo le dieci grandi idee della scienza

    CERN Document Server

    Atkins, Peter


    Domande e risposte per dieci idee che hanno plasmato il mondo di oggi. Possiamo rintracciare l'origine e il divenire del cosmo? Perché spazio e tempo formano una cosa sola? Che cosa significa l'evoluzione del vivente? Perché il DNA è così importante? Perché il mondo ha bisogno di energia? E com'è che l'aumento dell'entropia scandisce il cambiamento dell'intero universo? Cosa sono gli atomi e cosa c'è di più piccolo di essi? Perché la simmetria della natura e dell'arte cattura il nostro senso della bellezza? Cosa sono quegli elusivi quanti alla base della fisica contemporanea? Siamo sicuri che l'aritmetica non ci inganni? Peter Atkins offre una guida chiara e completa all'impresa scientifica, seguendo la via indicata dal dito di Galileo.

  4. Diagnostico laboratorial das leucemias mielóides agudas


    Silva,Graziele C. da; Pilger, Diogo Andre; Castro,Simone Martins de; Wagner,Sandrine Comparsi


    As leucemias agudas caracterizam-se pela proliferação clonal e pelo bloqueio maturativo das células hematopoéticas, com substituição difusa da medula óssea por células neoplásicas. A leucemia mielóide aguda (LMA) é um grupo heterogêneo de doenças clonais do tecido hematopoético, que acomete predominantemente idosos acima de 60 anos de idade. A LMA apresenta oito subtipos distintos morfologicamente: LMA M0 a M7. Os métodos diagnósticos para identificação da LMA e classificação dos subtipos são...

  5. Multimodal Trip Planner System final evaluation report. (United States)


    This evaluation of the Multimodal Trip Planning System (MMTPS) is the culmination of a multi-year project evaluating the development and deployment of a multimodal trip planner in the Chicagoland area between 2004 and 2010. The report includes an ove...

  6. Identification and functional characterization of a putative IDE, C28F5.4 (ceIDE-1), in Caenorhabditis elegans: Implications for Alzheimer's disease. (United States)

    Haque, Rizwanul; Nazir, Aamir


    Insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) is a zinc metalloprotease, known to degrade insulin peptide and amyloid-beta (Aβ); the key protein involved in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Considering the important role played by IDE in disease progression of AD and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), we endeavored to identify the Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) IDE orthologous genes and test them for their role in AD related outcomes. We employed bioinformatics, reverse genetics and molecular biology approaches towards identification and functional characterization of putative IDE candidates in C. elegans. Using in-silico analysis we have identified seven C. elegans genes that possess HXXEH motif, an identifying marker of IDE. We further carried out functional analysis of the identified genes in Aβ expressing C. elegans strain CL4176 [myo-3/Aβ1-42 long 3'-UTR] via studying effect on Aβ induced toxicity, cholinergic neuroanatomy, content of acetylcholine/acetylcholine-esterase, extent of reactive oxygen species and expression of FOXO transcription factor DAF-16. Our findings reveal that amongst the identified putative IDE orthologs, a functionally uncharacterized gene C28F5.4 had a profound effect on the tested endpoints. Knocking down C28F5.4 modulated the AD associated conditions by decreasing Aβ induced toxicity, severely compromising cholinergic neuroanatomy, reducing expression of acetylcholine-transporter, decreasing acetylcholine content, elevating ROS, with no effect on DAF-16 stress-response protein. These studies provide crucial insight into the structural/functional orthology of IDEs across human and nematode species and further our understanding of the involvement of these proteins and insulin pathway in AD. Further studies could aid in identifying novel drug-targets and in understanding the common modulating factors between AD and T2DM. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Increasing Diversity in the Earth Sciences (IDES) - An Oregon Effort (United States)

    de Silva, S. L.; Duncan, R. A.; Wright, D. J.; de Silva, L.; Guerrero, E. F.


    The IDES (Increasing Diversity in Earth Sciences) Program is the first partnership of its kind in the state of Oregon targeted at broadening participation in the Earth Science enterprise. Funded by the National Science Foundation Opportunities to Enhance Diversity in the Geosciences program (NSF-OEDG), this partnership involves community colleges, a research university with major strengths in Earth Science research and education and an institutionalized commitment to enhancing diversity, state and federal agencies, centers of informal education, and the Oregon Space Grant Consortium, IDES has two integrated goals: 1) to increase the number of students from under-represented groups who pursue careers in Earth Science research and education, and 2) to strengthen the understanding of Earth Sciences and their relevance to society among broad and diverse segments of the population. Built around the best practices of tiered mentoring, interactive student cohort, research and education internships, and financial support, this 4-year program recruits 10 to 12 students (mainly rising juniors) each year from science majors at Oregon State University and five Oregon community colleges. The program is reaching its goals by: a) training participants in the application of geospatial to Earth Science problems of personal relevance b) immersing participants in a two-year mentored research project that involves summer internships with academic units, state and federal agencies, and centers for informal education in Oregon. c) exposing, educating, and involving participants in the breadth of Earth Science careers through contact with Earth Science professionals through mentors, a professional internship, and a learning community that includes a speaker series. d) instilling an understanding of context and relevance of the Earth Science Enterprise to the participants, their families, their communities, and the general public. We report on the first two years of this program during

  8. Comparison of three Land Evaluation Systems in Evaluating the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Three land evaluation system.(Land Capability Classification, Fertility Capability Classification and Land Suitability Classification) were compared for their practical relevance in terms of the accuracy of their predictive value on seven major soil types in the humid forest zone of south western Nigeria. The result showed that ...

  9. evaluation of municipal solid waste management system

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    This paper reports the evaluation of households' usage of the current solid waste management system (SWMS) within the city of Ilorin, ... respectively of the households were unsatisfied and moderately satisfied with the current waste management system. ..... collection, separation and willingness to pay”,. Kuwait Journal of ...

  10. Expected energy production evaluation for photovoltaic systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ding, Yi; Østergaard, Jacob; Peng, Wang


    A photovoltaic (PV) system consists of many solar panels, which are connected in series, parallel or a combination of both. Energy production for the PV system with various configurations is different. In this paper, a methodology is developed to evaluate and analyze the expected energy production...

  11. Evaluation System Weighing down Tennessee Teachers (United States)

    Heitin, Liana


    A state law, which helped Tennessee win Race to the Top money, pushed schools to implement a system that had limited pilot-testing. Education officials in Tennessee are taking flak from teachers and unions for rushing the implementation of the new teacher-evaluation system that will eventually undergird tenure decisions--a move, some worry, that…

  12. Advanced technology wind shear prediction system evaluation (United States)

    Gering, Greg


    The program overviews: (1) American Airline (AA)/Turbulence Prediction Systems (TPS), which have installed forward looking infrared predictive windshear system on 3 MD-80 aircraft; (2) AA/TPS AWAS III evaluation, which is a joint effort and is installed in the noise landing gear (NLG) area and a data recorder installed in the E/E compartment.

  13. The simulation system of credit portfolio evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Magariu


    Full Text Available A simulation system of evaluation of a portfolio of credits is presented. The system answers user's question from the list of possible questions. Design, execution and analysis of results of experiments needed for the answer are controlled by user question. Input and output data may be precise as well as probabilistic.

  14. Bases anatómicas da cirurgia da glândula tiróide


    Melo, Catarina José Monteiro Campos de


    Trabalho final de mestrado integrado em Medicina área cientifica de Anatomia, apresentado á Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra Introdução: É indispensável ter um conhecimento profundo da Morfologia da glândula tiróide, para minimizar a incidência de complicações suscitadas pela tiroidectomia, nomeadamente a lesão das glândulas paratiróides e dos nervos laríngeos. Objectivos: Revisão teórica sobre a Anatomia normal da glândula tiróide e das estruturas com ela relacionadas d...

  15. System Modeling and Trust Evaluation of Distributed Systems


    Alhadad, Nagham; Serrano-Alvarado, Patricia; Busnel, Yann; Lamarre, Philippe


    International audience; Nowadays, digital systems are connected through complex architectures. These systems involve persons, physical and digital resources such that we can consider that a system consists of elements from two worlds, the social world and the digital world, and their relations. Users perform activities like chatting, buying, sharing data, etc. Evaluating and choosing appropriate systems involve aspects like functionality, performance, QoS, ease of use, or price. Recently, tru...

  16. Automated Laser Seeker Performance Evaluation System (ALSPES) (United States)

    Martin, Randal G.; Robinson, Elisa L.


    The Automated Laser Seeker Performance Evaluation System (ALSPES), which supports the Hellfire missile and Copperhead projectile laser seekers, is discussed. The ALSPES capabilities in manual and automatic operation are described, and the ALSPES test hardware is examined, including the computer system, the laser/attenuator, optics systems, seeker test fixture, and the measurement and test equipment. The calibration of laser energy and test signals in ALSPES is considered.

  17. Fenólicos e carotenóides totais em pitanga Total phenolics and carotenoids in surinam cherry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vera Lúcia Arroxelas Galvão de Lima


    Full Text Available Em decorrência de uma ampla diversidade genética, a pitanga (Eugenia uniflora L. apresenta cor que varia do alaranjado até o vermelho escuro quase negro. Em Pernambuco, no entanto, é comum encontrá-la com coloração laranja-avermelhada. Como muitos fitoquímicos presentes em frutos exibem propriedades antioxidantes, com destaque para carotenóides e compostos fenólicos, e frente a escassez de informações sobre seus teores em pitanga, objetivou-se quantificá-los nas seleções cujos frutos apresentam coloração vermelha e roxa. Assim, foram determinados espectrofotometricamente os teores de carotenóides e fenólicos totais nos frutos destas seleções nos estádios maduro e semi-maduro. Na pitanga roxa madura e em sua película também foram determinados os teores de antocianinas, flavonóis e carotenóides totais. Os compostos fenólicos e os carotenóides totais na pitanga roxa madura encontram-se em maiores teores do que na pitanga vermelha no mesmo estádio de maturação. A seleção roxa exibiu quantidade significante de antocianinas, cujo teor foi mais elevado no fruto maduro do que no semi-maduro. Os carotenóides, antocianinas e flavonóis encontram-se mais concentrados na película do que na polpa deste fruto maduro. A presença de antocianinas, flavonóis e carotenóides totais na pitanga roxa fazem deste fruto uma fonte promissora de compostos antioxidantes cujo cultivo deveria ser estimulado.Because of the genetic diversity, fruits of Surinam cherry (Eugenia uniflora L. show colours that range from orange to deep, almost dark red. However, in Pernambuco, Brazil, it is common to find this fruit with an orange-red colour. Many phytochemicals in fruits have antioxidant properties with emphasis on phenolic compounds and carotenoids. Since the information on these phytochemicals in surinam cherry is scarce, the aim of this research was to analyse them in fruits which show red and purple colours. Half-mature and mature fruits

  18. Evaluation of Automated Yeast Identification System (United States)

    McGinnis, M. R.


    One hundred and nine teleomorphic and anamorphic yeast isolates representing approximately 30 taxa were used to evaluate the accuracy of the Biolog yeast identification system. Isolates derived from nomenclatural types, environmental, and clinica isolates of known identity were tested in the Biolog system. Of the isolates tested, 81 were in the Biolog database. The system correctly identified 40, incorrectly identified 29, and was unable to identify 12. Of the 28 isolates not in the database, 18 were given names, whereas 10 were not. The Biolog yeast identification system is inadequate for the identification of yeasts originating from the environment during space program activities.

  19. Sensibilidade dos nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos a anti-helmínticos na mesorregião do Sertão Paraibano Evaluation of the efficacy of antihelmintics to control gastrointestinal nematodes in goats raised in the state of Paraíba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana B. Rodrigues


    Full Text Available As helmintoses gastrintestinais ocupam um lugar de destaque na estatística de problemas sanitários da caprino-cultura moderna, criando continuamente novas dificuldades para o seu controle, sendo a resistência a drogas anti-helmínticas fator estratégico limitante para o seu controle. O presente estudo teve o objetivo de verificar a sensibilidade de nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos a ação de compostos anti-helmínticos, convencionais e alternativos. Foram utilizados 120 animais, de ambos os sexos, sendo distribuídos em grupos de 24 animais cada (12 animais machos e 12 animais fêmeas, totalizando 10 grupos, submetidos, cada grupo ao tratamento com um composto anti-helmíntico específico. As drogas utilizadas nos ensaios foram a moxidectina 0,2%, albendazole, cloridrato de levamisol, ivermectina (drogas convencionais e extrato aquoso de batata de purga (Operculina hamiltonii. Para avaliar a resistência, aplicou-se o teste de redução na contagem de ovos por grama de fezes (RCOF e a larvacultura. As amostras fecais foram coletadas no dia em que foi realizada a medicação (dia base, aos 7, 14 e 21 dias após tratamento. Foram obtidos os seguintes resultados para a redução de ovos para a família Trichostrongyloidea, no tratamento de fêmeas com a moxidectina reduziu 92,8%, 88,7% e 89,8%; nos machos: 92,6%, 96,2% e 98,1%; com o levamisol as fêmeas reduziram 96%, 97,1% e 91%; nos machos: 85,7%, 94,2% e 100%; com o albendazol as fêmeas reduziram 65%, 60,3% e 75,4%; nos machos 88,8%, 88,8% e 55,5%; com a ivermectina reduziram 92,2%, 68,6% e 70,6%; nos machos 41,7%, 73,6% e 59,7%; com a batata de purga as fêmeas reduziram 31,8%, 34,1% e 49,4%, nos machos 61,5%, 80,7% e 50%. Na cultura de larvas o gênero Haemonchus, seguido de Bunostomum., Trichostrongylus e Oesophagostomum, foram identificados mesmo após os tratamentos.The objective was to evaluate conventional and alternative anthelminthic action on the sensibility of

  20. Tallinna idee / Andres Alver, Ott Alver, Marten Kaevats ; intervjueerinud Margit Mutso ; kommenteerinud Douglas Gordon

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alver, Andres, 1953-


    17. veebruaril esitleti raamatut "Tallinna idee", mis on koostatud Eesti Kunstiakadeemia 4. kursuse arhitektuuritudengite kursuseprojektide põhjal. Tallinna teemal vestlevad tudengid Ott Alver ja Marten Kaevats ning nende juhendaja professor Andres Alver

  1. Flavonóides: potencial terapêutico no estresse oxidativo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. C. Dornas


    Full Text Available

    Flavonóides pertencem a uma classe de compostos polifenólicos produzidos por plantas a partir da via dos fenilpropanóides. Embora possuam atividades benéficas, suas aplicações como suplemento dietético é vista com precaução, já que, participam de vários processos no organismo. Nessa revisão foram avaliados os flavonóides, suas classes, seus efeitos em doenças crônico-degenerativas, uma vez que, o interesse por eles tem aumentado pelas suas propriedades em combater radicais livres. Palavras-chave: flavonóides; polifenóis; radical livre; estresse oxidativo.

  2. Study of surface functionalization on IDE by using 3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane (APTES) for cervical cancer detection (United States)

    Raqeema, S.; Hashim, U.; Azizah, N.


    This paper presented the study of surface functionalization on IDE by using 3-Aminopropyl triethoxysilane (APTES). The DNA nanochip based interdigitated (IDE) has been proposed to optimized the sensitivity of the device due to the cervical cancer detection. The DNA nanochip will be more efficient using surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles with 3-Aminopropyl triethoxysilane (APTES). Furthermore, APTES gain the better functionalization of the adsorption mechanism on IDE. The combination of the DNA probe and the HPV target will produce more sensitivity and speed of the DNA nanochip due to their properties. The IDE has been characterized using current-voltage (IV) measurement. This functionalization of the surface would be applicable, sensitive, selective and low cost for cervical cancer detection.

  3. PM/IDE - An Integrated Development Environment for Planning Models Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We propose to develop a planning model integrated development environment (PM/IDE) that will help people construct, review, understand, test, and debug high-quality...

  4. Formal Reasoning Using an Iterative Approach with an Integrated Web IDE

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nabil M. Kabbani


    Full Text Available This paper summarizes our experience in communicating the elements of reasoning about correctness, and the central role of formal specifications in reasoning about modular, component-based software using a language and an integrated Web IDE designed for the purpose. Our experience in using such an IDE, supported by a 'push-button' verifying compiler in a classroom setting, reveals the highly iterative process learners use to arrive at suitably specified, automatically provable code. We explain how the IDE facilitates reasoning at each step of this process by providing human readable verification conditions (VCs and feedback from an integrated prover that clearly indicates unprovable VCs to help identify obstacles to completing proofs. The paper discusses the IDE's usage in verified software development using several examples drawn from actual classroom lectures and student assignments to illustrate principles of design-by-contract and the iterative process of creating and subsequently refining assertions, such as loop invariants in object-based code.

  5. Erisipelóide de Baker-Rosenbach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aureo Guimarães de Macedo


    Full Text Available O erisipelóide de Baker-Rosenbach, embora assinalado no Brasil há 23, anos, por Sebastião Sampaio, seguido de nove casos estudados em 1951 por Lacaz e Ancona Lopes, não tem sido motivo de publicações posteriores. O A. teve ocasião de estudar seis casos, senão que três foram motivo de trabalho anterior e foram observados em 1953. Os três restantes, um de 1965 e dois de 1967, são aqui relatados. Assinala o A. a ubiquidade do germe, o Erysipelotrix rhusiopathiae e a variedade de condições em que o homem pode infectar-se, especialmente no exercício de determinadas profissões, o que dá à doença, caráter típico de doença profissional. São os operários de fábricas de botões ou em geral os que lidam com ossos, especialmente de porco ou carneiro, os açougueiros, magarefes, salsicheiros etc. São particularmente vulneráveis os que tratam com produtos do mar, pescadores, mercadores de siris, camarões, crustáceos, peixes em geral, pela facilidade com que se podem ferir e adquirir a infecção por picada ocasional. A doença atinge numerosos animais domésticos ou não, com formas clínicas bem definidas no porco (erisipela dos porcos, no carneiro (poliartrite dos carneiros, em animais de corte e de tração, em aves domésticas ou de rapina, ratos e camundongos, além de outros numerosos roedores. Moscas hematófagas e outros insetos têm sido encontrados infectados. Nunca é demais frisar que os produtos do mar são grande fonte de infecção humana. No homem, tem a dcença em geral, caráter benigno e localizado (erisipelóide, podendo em certas circunstâncias assumir característica septicêmica como no porco, produzir endocardite, como no carneiro além de outras formas clínicas e complicações. São resumidos no texto os três casos anteriormente apresentados e bem descritos os três inéditos, que têm história clínica e evolução típicas de erisipelóide. Tratando-se de doença com características tipicamente

  6. Brayton isotope power system. Volume II. System evaluation attributes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This volume of the Brayton Isotope Power System, Phase II Plan, contains the self-evaluation by AiResearch, GE, and TECO, addressing Section 3 of The Dynamic Systems Evaluation Criteria and Procedures established by the Department of Energy. These evaluation criteria addresses: Component Feasibility; Flight System Design Performance; GDS Test Results; Reliability and Practicality; Safety; Spacecraft Integration; and Cost and Risk. Included in each of these general categories are several attributes, each of which addresses a separate component, feature, or area of interest related to the power system, its development status, degree of preparedness for proceeding into a flight program, and/or the contractors' performance during Phase I. The key elements which indicate the readiness of a radioisotope power system to progress into a flight qualification program are: an advanced state of development of the power conversion system; demonstrated or exhibited potential for space systems standards of reliability; evident capability of meeting system safety requirements; favorable cost/benefit tradeoff considering projected missions and technology advancement potential; and proven feasibility of fabricating and qualifying a flight system and integrating it with a candidate spacecraft and launch vehicle. As a result of considerable government investment in Brayton system component development, the MHW isotope heat source and the BIPS Phase I Ground Demonstration System, the BIPS is a more advanced state of development than any previous radioisotope power system technology. Evidence of this is presented along with a complete review of the attributes, the contractor recommended ratings, and the rationale for the self-evaluation.

  7. Mobile based optical form evaluation system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asım Sinan YÜKSEL


    Full Text Available Optical forms that contain multiple-choice answers are widely used both for electing students and evaluating student achievements in education systems in our country and worldwide. Optical forms are evaluated by employing optical mark recognition techniques through optical readers. High cost of these machines, limited access to them, long waiting time for evaluation results make the process hard for educationists working in cities or countries. In this study, a mobile application was developed for the educationists who own mobile phones or tablets for the purpose of evaluating students' answer sheets quickly and independent of location and optical readers. Optical form recognition, reading and evaluation processes are done on the image of student's answer sheet that is taken with the mobile phone or tablet of educationist. The Android based mobile application that we developed has a user-friendly interface, high success rate and is the first of our knowledge application that operates on mobile platforms in this field.

  8. Evaluation of Explanation Interfaces in Recommender Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Cleger-Tamayo


    Full Text Available Explaining interfaces become a useful tool in systems that have a lot of content to evaluate by users. The different interfaces represent a help for the undecided users or those who consider systems as boxed black smart. These systems present recommendations to users based on different learning models. In this paper, we present the different objectives of the explanation interfaces and some of the criteria that you can evaluate, as well as a proposal of metrics to obtain results in the experiments. Finally, we showed the main results of a study with real users and their interaction with e-commerce systems. Among the main results, highlight the positive impact in relation to the time of interaction with the applications and acceptance of the recommendations received.

  9. Termoterapia transpupilar em melanoma maligno da coróide Transpupillary thermotherapy for malignant choroidal melanoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martha M. Motomo Chojniak


    ,63%, vitreite associada a tênues membranas vítreas em 1 paciente (9,09% e quemose associada a edema palpebral em 1 paciente (9,09%. Controle tumoral local com conservação do globo ocular foi observado durante este pequeno tempo de seguimento em 100% dos pacientes tratados. Por ocasião da "última revisão", 100% dos pacientes estavam vivos e sem doença metastática. Conclusão: Este estudo preliminar sugere que a termoterapia transpupilar apresenta-se como um método efetivo e seguro para o tratamento de selecionados melanomas pequenos da coróide. Para melhor avaliação é necessário tempo de seguimento prolongado.Purpose: Several methods have been used for treatment of choroidal melanoma. The purpose of this preliminary paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of transpupillary thermo- therapy (TTT as a primary treatment of small choroidal melanomas. Methods: This is a prospective nonrandomized study evaluating clinical aspects, tumor response, complications and visual outcome in patients presenting small choroidal melanomas (up to 4.0 mm thick and 12 mm base diameter treated with TTT over 810 nm laser diode applications. Results: There were 11 patients treated with trans-pupillary thermotherapy, all of them presenting pig-mented small choroidal melanomas. Growth previous to treatment was documented in 5 patients and risk factors for growth or metastatic disease was present in all the patients. After treatment the patients were followed for 3 to 8 months (mean 5.7 months. Three laser sessions were used in 5 pa-tients and 4 sessions in 6 patients. The lesions presented at the beginning of the treatment a mean thickness of 2.7 mm, with a mean larger base diameter of 7.8 mm. All the lesions responded to treatment and presented decrease of thickness and base diameters. After transpupillary thermotherapy, the lesions' mean thickness was 1.8 mm and the mean larger base diameter was 6.7 mm. The mean reduction in thickness was 0.9 mm and the mean decrease in larger base

  10. Evaluating Ventilation Systems for Existing Homes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aldrich, Robb [Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB), Norwalk, CT (United States); Arena, Lois [Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB), Norwalk, CT (United States)


    In an effort to improve housing options near Las Vegas, Nevada, the Clark County Community Resources Division (CCCRD) performs substantial renovations to foreclosed homes. After dramatic energy, aesthetic, and health and safety improvements are made, homes are rented or sold to qualified residents. This report describes the evaluation and selection of ventilation systems for these homes, including key considerations when selecting an ideal system. The report then describes CCCRD’s decision process with respect to ventilation.

  11. ESPRE: Expert System for Platelet Request Evaluation


    Sielaff, B H; Scott, E.; Connelly, D. P.


    ESPRE, a knowledge-based system designed to facilitate good platelet transfusion practices, is under development at the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic. This microcomputer based decision support system aids Blood Bank personnel in evaluating requests for platelet transfusions. Because of a direct link with the laboratory computers, most patient data need not be entered manually, but rather can be accessed directly. ESPRE uses a combination of frames and rules during its inference ...

  12. CTBT integrated verification system evaluation model supplement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Sandia National Laboratories has developed a computer based model called IVSEM (Integrated Verification System Evaluation Model) to estimate the performance of a nuclear detonation monitoring system. The IVSEM project was initiated in June 1994, by Sandia's Monitoring Systems and Technology Center and has been funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Nonproliferation and National Security (DOE/NN). IVSEM is a simple, ''top-level,'' modeling tool which estimates the performance of a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) monitoring system and can help explore the impact of various sensor system concepts and technology advancements on CTBT monitoring. One of IVSEM's unique features is that it integrates results from the various CTBT sensor technologies (seismic, in sound, radionuclide, and hydroacoustic) and allows the user to investigate synergy among the technologies. Specifically, IVSEM estimates the detection effectiveness (probability of detection), location accuracy, and identification capability of the integrated system and of each technology subsystem individually. The model attempts to accurately estimate the monitoring system's performance at medium interfaces (air-land, air-water) and for some evasive testing methods such as seismic decoupling. The original IVSEM report, CTBT Integrated Verification System Evaluation Model, SAND97-25 18, described version 1.2 of IVSEM. This report describes the changes made to IVSEM version 1.2 and the addition of identification capability estimates that have been incorporated into IVSEM version 2.0.

  13. Differential cerebral deposition of IDE and NEP in sporadic and familial Alzheimer’s disease (United States)

    Dorfman, Verónica Berta; Pasquini, Laura; Riudavets, Miguel; López-Costa, Juan José; Villegas, Andrés; Troncoso, Juan Carlos; Lopera, Francisco; Castaño, Eduardo Miguel; Morelli, Laura


    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is characterized by amyloid β (Aβ) accumulation in the brain and is classified as familial early-onset (FAD) or sporadic late-onset (SAD). Evidences suggest that deficits in the brain expression of insulin degrading enzyme (IDE) and neprilysin (NEP), both proteases involved in amyloid degradation, may promote Aβ deposition in SAD. We studied by immunohistochemistry IDE and NEP cortical expression in SAD and FAD samples carrying the E280A presenilin-1 missense mutation. We showed that IDE, a soluble peptidase, is linked with aggregated Aβ40 isoform while NEP, a membrane-bound protease, negatively correlates with amyloid angiopathy and its expression in the senile plaques is independent of aggregated amyloid and restricted to SAD cases. NEP, but not IDE, is over-expressed in dystrophic neurites, both proteases are immunoreactive in activated astrocytes but not in microglia and IDE was the only one detected in astrocytes of white matter from FAD cases. Collectively, our results support the notion that gross conformational changes involved in the modification from “natively folded-active” to “aggregated-inactive” IDE and NEP may be a relevant pathogenic mechanism in SAD. PMID:19019493

  14. IDE Gene Polymorphism Influences on BPSD in Mild Dementia of Alzheimer's Type

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noriko Sato


    Full Text Available Insulin degrading enzyme (IDE degrades amyloid (A, which may inhibit the accumulation of A in a brain affected with dementia of Alzheimer's type (DAT. A decrease in the activity of IDE results in changes in glucose utilization in the brain, which could affect the cognitive and psychiatric symptoms of DAT. We investigated a possible association of IDE gene polymorphism and the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD in mild DAT. The genotyping for IDE and apolipoprotein E (ApoE was determined in 207 patients with mild DAT and 215 controls. The occurrence of BPSD was demonstrated using the Behavioral Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease Rating Scale (BEHAVE-AD. IDE gene polymorphism is unlikely to play a substantial role in conferring susceptibility to DAT, but it may be involved in the development of affective disturbance through the course of mild DAT, regardless of the presence of an ApoE 4 allele. The present data could be the result of a small sample size. Further investigations using larger samples are thus required to clarify the correlation between IDE gene polymorphism, susceptibility to DAT, and emergence of BPSD.

  15. Cedar Avenue driver assist system evaluation report. (United States)


    This paper summarizes an evaluation of the Driver Assist System (DAS) used by the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MTVA) for bus shoulder operations. The DAS is a GPS-based technology suite that provides lane-position feedback to the driver via a ...

  16. Distribution system reliability evaluation using credibility theory

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Xufeng Xu, Joydeep Mitra

    trapezoidal fuzzy numbers have been used to express uncertainties in Lei et al, 2005; Yuan et al, 2007 have used interval algorithm to deal with the uncertainty of component data to calculate the interval reliability indices. Most of fuzzy methods for reliability evaluation of distribution system are based on fuzzy set theory.

  17. A Case for Automatic System Evaluation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hauff, C.; Hiemstra, Djoerd; Azzopardi, Leif; de Jong, Franciska M.G.

    Ranking a set retrieval systems according to their retrieval effectiveness without relying on relevance judgments was first explored by Soboroff et al. [13]. Over the years, a number of alternative approaches have been proposed, all of which have been evaluated on early TREC test collections. In

  18. Pervious Pavement System Evaluation-Paper (United States)

    The use of a pervious pavement can be effective as a low impact development stormwater control. The Urban Watershed Management Branch is evaluating interlocking concrete paver systems as a type of porous pavement. Although the pavers are impermeable, the spaces between the pave...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vladimir P. Bogko


    Full Text Available Implementation of the controlling system onto the high-tech enterprises requires the development of specific tools for their evaluation. The models of projects estimation are offered on the article on the basis of the methods of factor analysis, linear regression analysis and fuzzy logic of Mamdani’s algorithm.

  20. Nódulos linfóides medulares Bone marrow lymphoid nodules

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia M. M. Magalhães


    Full Text Available A biópsia de medula óssea é parte integrante do estadiamento e seguimento de pacientes com doenças hematológicas. Nódulos linfóides são um achado comum, usualmente observados em associação com doenças inflamatórias crônicas, infecção, hemólise, síndromes mieloproliferativas e doenças auto-imunes. São, em geral, considerados reacionais. Sendo a medula óssea o sítio extranodal mais comumente envolvido nos linfomas foliculares, o diagnóstico diferencial mais importante é a infiltração medular por doença linfoproliferativa. Do ponto de vista prático, os infiltrados linfóides são, em geral, facilmente distinguíveis ao estudo histológico. Agregados reacionais são pequenos, têm bordas delimitadas, são compostos por uma população celular heterogênea e têm localização central. Nódulos malignos infiltram a medula óssea na região paratrabecular e são compostos por células clivadas. A análise imunofenotípica, utilizando um painel de anticorpos monoclonais, é capaz de definir a linhagem celular, subpopulação e estágio de diferenciação da população neoplásica, contribuindo para a confirmação do diagnóstico. Nos casos controversos, a análise molecular da proliferação linfóide pode ser útil. A monoclonalidade pode ser demonstrada pela restrição de cadeias leves ou através do rearranjo do DNA da cadeia pesada das imunoglobulinas. Idealmente, os resultados da análise molecular devem ser interpretados em conjunto com a análise morfológica e imunofenotípica. A morfologia continua sendo o padrão-ouro na avaliação da infiltração medular por linfoma folicular e as análises imunofenotípica e molecular devem ser consideradas complementares.Bone marrow trephine biopsies are an integral part of the diagnosis, staging and follow-up of patients with haematologic disorders. Lymphoid nodules are a common finding, usually reported in association with chronic inflammatory syndromes, infection

  1. Performance evaluation of a computed radiography system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roussilhe, J.; Fallet, E. [Carestream Health France, 71 - Chalon/Saone (France); Mango, St.A. [Carestream Health, Inc. Rochester, New York (United States)


    Computed radiography (CR) standards have been formalized and published in Europe and in the US. The CR system classification is defined in those standards by - minimum normalized signal-to-noise ratio (SNRN), and - maximum basic spatial resolution (SRb). Both the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the contrast sensitivity of a CR system depend on the dose (exposure time and conditions) at the detector. Because of their wide dynamic range, the same storage phosphor imaging plate can qualify for all six CR system classes. The exposure characteristics from 30 to 450 kV, the contrast sensitivity, and the spatial resolution of the KODAK INDUSTREX CR Digital System have been thoroughly evaluated. This paper will present some of the factors that determine the system's spatial resolution performance. (authors)

  2. Composite system reliability evaluation by stochastic calculation of system operation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Haubrick, H.-J.; Hinz, H.-J.; Landeck, E. [Dept. of Power Systems and Power Economics (Germany)


    This report describes a new developed probabilistic approach for steady-state composite system reliability evaluation and its exemplary application to a bulk power test system. The new computer program called PHOENIX takes into consideration transmission limitations, outages of lines and power stations and, as a central element, a highly sophisticated model to the dispatcher performing remedial actions after disturbances. The kernel of the new method is a procedure for optimal power flow calculation that has been specially adapted for the use in reliability evaluations under the above mentioned conditions. (author) 11 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Evaluation of a Data Messaging System Solution : Case: Evaluation of Apache Kafka™ at Accanto Systems


    Nguyen, Huong


    This study aims to explore the process of adapting a new Data Messaging System Solution, i.e Apache Kafka™ (Kafka), and to evaluate whether it is suitable for the needs at Accanto Systems. The research follows the framework for Design Science research methodology. Evaluation of the artefact involves the use of a software quality model. The results of the study confirm that Kafka is satisfactory as a Data Messaging System solution. The results may also serve as an implementation guide...

  4. Observação de anemia hemolítica auto-imune em artrite reumatóide Observation of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in rheumatoid arthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo A. S. Souza


    Full Text Available Artrite reumatóide é uma doença difusa do tecido conjuntivo que se caracteriza pelo acometimento articular e sistêmico. Disfunções hematológicas como anemia ocorrem em até 65% dos pacientes, sendo a anemia das doenças crônicas a forma mais comum. A anemia hemolítica auto-imune pode estar associada à difusa do tecido conjuntivo, sendo classicamente associada ao lúpus eritematoso sistêmico e fazendo parte dos seus critérios de classificação. A presença de anemia hemolítica auto-imune em artrite reumatóide é relatada raramente na literatura e os mecanismos etiopatogênicos para o seu desenvolvimento ainda não estão esclarecidos. Descrevemos um caso de artrite reumatóide no adulto e outro de artrite reumatóide juvenil que desenvolveram anemia hemolítica auto-imune e discutimos os prováveis mecanismos etiopatogênicos envolvidos.Rheumatoid arthritis is a connective tissue disease characterized by articular and systemic involvement. Hematological abnormalities such as anemia may occur in up to 65% of the patients, with chronic disease anemia being the commonest form. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia can be associated with different connective tissue diseases, particularly systemic lupus erythematosus and it is part of its classification criteria. On the other hand, the presence of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in rheumatoid arthritis has rarely been described in the literature and the pathogenic mechanisms for its development remain unclear. We describe here a case of rheumatoid arthritis and another of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that developed to autoimmune hemolytic anemia and present the probable etiopathogenic mechanisms.

  5. Cochlear implants: system design, integration, and evaluation. (United States)

    Zeng, Fan-Gang; Rebscher, Stephen; Harrison, William; Sun, Xiaoan; Feng, Haihong


    As the most successful neural prosthesis, cochlear implants have provided partial hearing to more than 120000 persons worldwide; half of which being pediatric users who are able to develop nearly normal language. Biomedical engineers have played a central role in the design, integration and evaluation of the cochlear implant system, but the overall success is a result of collaborative work with physiologists, psychologists, physicians, educators, and entrepreneurs. This review presents broad yet in-depth academic and industrial perspectives on the underlying research and ongoing development of cochlear implants. The introduction accounts for major events and advances in cochlear implants, including dynamic interplays among engineers, scientists, physicians, and policy makers. The review takes a system approach to address critical issues in cochlear implant research and development. First, the cochlear implant system design and specifications are laid out. Second, the design goals, principles, and methods of the subsystem components are identified from the external speech processor and radio frequency transmission link to the internal receiver, stimulator and electrode arrays. Third, system integration and functional evaluation are presented with respect to safety, reliability, and challenges facing the present and future cochlear implant designers and users. Finally, issues beyond cochlear implants are discussed to address treatment options for the entire spectrum of hearing impairment as well as to use the cochlear implant as a model to design and evaluate other similar neural prostheses such as vestibular and retinal implants.

  6. Síndrome do nevus organóide: relato de caso Organoid nevus syndrome: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Priscilla Luppi Ballalai


    Full Text Available Os autores apresentam um caso de uma criança com síndrome do nevus organóide, que se caracteriza pela presença de uma lesão epibulbar em olho direito, associada a nevus sebáceo de Jadassohn em couro cabeludo e cisto de aracnóide na fossa temporal. O exame anatomopatológico da lesão ocular revelou a presença de tecidos de origem ectodérmica e mesodérmica, levando ao raro diagnóstico de coristoma epibulbar complexo. A síndrome é raramente descrita na literatura oftalmológica. São feitas considerações a respeito das alterações oftalmológicas e sistêmicas associadas a esta síndrome.The authors present a case of a child with organoid nevus syndrome, characterized by epibulbar choristoma in the right eye, Jadassohn's nevus sebaceous in the scalp and arachnoid cist. The pathology of the ocular lesion revealed a mixture of ectodermal and mesodermal elements, leding to the rare diagnosis of epibulbar complex choristoma.The syndrome is rarely described in the ophthalmologic literature. Some considerations are made regarding ophthalmologic and systemic associations.

  7. CTBT Integrated Verification System Evaluation Model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Edenburn, M.W.; Bunting, M.L.; Payne, A.C. Jr.


    Sandia National Laboratories has developed a computer based model called IVSEM (Integrated Verification System Evaluation Model) to estimate the performance of a nuclear detonation monitoring system. The IVSEM project was initiated in June 1994, by Sandia`s Monitoring Systems and Technology Center and has been funded by the US Department of Energy`s Office of Nonproliferation and National Security (DOE/NN). IVSEM is a simple, top-level, modeling tool which estimates the performance of a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) monitoring system and can help explore the impact of various sensor system concepts and technology advancements on CTBT monitoring. One of IVSEM`s unique features is that it integrates results from the various CTBT sensor technologies (seismic, infrasound, radionuclide, and hydroacoustic) and allows the user to investigate synergy among the technologies. Specifically, IVSEM estimates the detection effectiveness (probability of detection) and location accuracy of the integrated system and of each technology subsystem individually. The model attempts to accurately estimate the monitoring system`s performance at medium interfaces (air-land, air-water) and for some evasive testing methods such as seismic decoupling. This report describes version 1.2 of IVSEM.

  8. Performance evaluation of the suggestion system. (United States)

    Hadi, Mohammad; Sajjadi, Haniye Sadat; Baratpour, Sara; Toghiani, Ali


    This cross-sectional research evaluated the suggestion system of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) using CIPP model. The population consisted of all members of executive committee of suggestion system and the members of professional and general committee of IUMS; regarding to some limitations, sampling was not done. The tool of gathering data was a self-constructed questionnaire that its content validity approved by the professors' ideas, and calculating Cronbach's alpha confirmed its reliability. Collected data was analyzed using SPSS software. Analyzed data showed that the average score of the performance of the mentioned system was 50.47 +/- 14.8; based on this result it can be claimed that most of the participants (about 91%) evaluated the performance of the system moderate. The comparison of the average score of the four dimensions of CIPP model showed that the input dimension had the highest score and process, product and context dimensions were next on the hierarchy. Planning some programs for paying awards, facilitating and accelerating the personnel's and notifying the procedures of the suggestion system implementation are some useful strategy that could be used to increase the staff's participants.

  9. Purificação do flavonóide trans-tilirosídeo do extrato metanólico das folhas de Gochnatia barrosii Cabrera (asteraceae e avaliação da sua atividade nematicida Purification of the flavonoid trans-tiliroside from the methanolic extract of Gochnatia barrosii Cabrera (Asteraceae leaves and evaluation of the nematicidal activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helvécio Martins dos Santos Júnior


    Full Text Available O fracionamento do extrato metanólico das folhas de Gochnatia barrosii Cabrera (Asteraceae resultou no isolamento do flavonol glicosídico trans-tilirosídeo [kaempferol 3-O- -D-(6''-O-E-p-cumaroil-glicopiranosídeo], que nunca tinha sido identificado na referida espécie vegetal. Em teste realizado in vitro, observou-se que tal substância a 500 μg/mL, não tem efeito sobre a mortalidade de juvenis do segundo estágio do nematóide Meloidogyne exigua Goeldi.Fractionation of the methanolic extract from Gochnatia barrosii Cabrera (Asteraceae leaves resulted in the isolation of the flavonol glycoside trans-tiliroside [kaempferol 3-O- -D-(6''-O-E-p-coumaroyl-glucopyranoside], which had never been found in such plant species. Such substance at 500 μg/mL caused no in vitro effect on the mortality of second-stage juveniles of the nematode Meloidogyne exigua Goeldi.

  10. Evaluating baghouse systems for energy efficiency

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Energy efficiency of pulse jet baghouses may be evaluated by the magnitude of the pressure drop across the unit and the amount of cleaning energy it takes to properly clean the filter bags. The higher the pressure drop, the higher the energy consumption. Hints are given on optimum pressure drop specification, and efficient pulse system design. Proper insulation of the collector and proper flow control devices also help to conserve energy.

  11. Evaluation of CDMA system capacity for mobile satellite system applications (United States)

    Smith, Partrick O.; Geraniotis, Evaggelos A.


    A specific Direct-Sequence/Pseudo-Noise (DS/PN) Code-Division Multiple-Access (CDMA) mobile satellite system (MSAT) architecture is discussed. The performance of this system is evaluated in terms of the maximum number of active MSAT subscribers that can be supported at a given uncoded bit-error probability. The evaluation decouples the analysis of the multiple-access capability (i.e., the number of instantaneous user signals) from the analysis of the multiple-access mutliplier effect allowed by the use of CDMA with burst-modem operation. We combine the results of these two analyses and present numerical results for scenarios of interest to the mobile satellite system community.

  12. Comprehensive evaluation system of intelligent urban growth (United States)

    Li, Lian-Yan; Ren, Xiao-Bin


    With the rapid urbanization of the world, urban planning has become increasingly important and necessary to ensure people have access to equitable and sustainable homes, resources and jobs.This article is to talk about building an intelligent city evaluation system.First,using System Analysis Model(SAM) which concludes literature data analysis and stepwise regression analysis to describe intelligent growth scientifically and obtain the evaluation index. Then,using the improved entropy method to obtain the weight of the evaluation index.Afterwards, establishing a complete Smart Growth Comprehensive Evaluation Model(SGCEM).Finally,testing the correctness of the model.Choosing Otago(New Zealand )and Yumen(China) as research object by data mining and SGCEM model,then we get Yumen and Otago’s rational degree’s values are 0.3485 and 0.5376 respectively. It’s believed that the Otago’s smart level is higher,and it is found that the estimated value of rationality is consistent with the reality.

  13. Estableciendo una plataforma de acción y difusión: Primeros pasos del Portal Observatorio IDE


    Moya Honduvilla, Javier; Vivas White, Pedro; Bernabe Poveda, Miguel Angel


    Considerando de gran importancia la misión del Subgrupo de Trabajo Observatorio IDE (OBsIDE) con respecto a la divulgación y difusión del paradigma IDE, el Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) y el Laboratorio de Tecnologías de la Información Geográfica (LatinGEO) de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) han establecido una serie de acuerdos encaminados a idear diferentes estrategias de formación y difusión de las Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales (IDE). Los escenarios y grupos de inte...

  14. Usability Evaluation of Laboratory Information Systems. (United States)

    Mathews, Althea; Marc, David


    Numerous studies have revealed widespread clinician frustration with the usability of electronic health records (EHRs) that is counterproductive to adoption of EHR systems to meet the aims of health-care reform. With poor system usability comes increased risk of negative unintended consequences. Usability issues could lead to user error and workarounds that have the potential to compromise patient safety and negatively impact the quality of care.[1] While there is ample research on EHR usability, there is little information on the usability of laboratory information systems (LISs). Yet, LISs facilitate the timely provision of a great deal of the information needed by physicians to make patient care decisions.[2] Medical and technical advances in genomics that require processing of an increased volume of complex laboratory data further underscore the importance of developing user-friendly LISs. This study aims to add to the body of knowledge on LIS usability. A survey was distributed among LIS users at hospitals across the United States. The survey consisted of the ten-item System Usability Scale (SUS). In addition, participants were asked to rate the ease of performing 24 common tasks with a LIS. Finally, respondents provided comments on what they liked and disliked about using the LIS to provide diagnostic insight into LIS perceived usability. The overall mean SUS score of 59.7 for the LIS evaluated is significantly lower than the benchmark of 68 ( P effect of years of experience and LIS used did not account for the statistically significant difference in the mean SUS score between Orchard Harvest and each of the other LISs evaluated. The results of this study indicate that overall usability of LISs is poor. Usability lags that of systems evaluated across 446 usability surveys.

  15. Curdlan: an important microbial hydrocolloid/ Goma curdlana: um importante hidrocolóide microbiano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaine Soares Amorim


    Full Text Available The use of gums in the food industry is mainly based in its functional properties, which are related to the capacity to prevent or delay a series of physicals phenomenon, having an important role in the stability of many industrialized food. The use of these in the several food productions is indispensable, because they contribute to thickening, gelling, stabilization, suspension, film formation and gums can act as auxiliary agents of processing. Therefore, our objective was evaluated the chemistries physical properties, as well as, the areas of application of the microbial hydrocolloid, curdlan.O uso das gomas na indústria de alimentos baseia-se principalmente no aproveitamento de suas propriedades funcionais, que estão relacionadas à capacidade de prevenir ou retardar uma série de fenômenos físicos, desempenhando papel importante na estabilidade de muitos alimentos industrializados. É indispensável o uso destas na produção de diversos produtos alimentícios, pois contribuem para o espessamento, gelificação, estabilização, suspensão, formação de filme e podem atuar como agentes auxiliares de processamento. Desta forma, o presente trabalho buscou avaliar as propriedades físico-químicas, bem como, as áreas de aplicação da goma curdlana que é um hidrocolóide de origem microbiana.

  16. Penfigóide cicatricial no trato aerodigestivo superior: relato de dois casos Cicatricial pemphygoid in the upper aerodigestive tract: report of two cases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vinicius Antunes Freitas


    Full Text Available Penfigóide Cicatricial (Penfigóide Cicatricial de Membrana Mucosa é uma doença auto-imune inflamatória crônica caracterizada pela presença de bolhas subepiteliais em membranas mucosas e, ocasionalmente na pele. Pode haver acometimento oral, nasal, faríngeo, laríngeo, ocular, esofágico, anogenital e de pele, predominantemente em pacientes na quinta e sexta décadas de vida. O tratamento preconizado inclui corticóides sistêmicos e agentes imunossupressores. Descrevemos neste trabalho dois casos com a doença em atividade, sendo que um evoluiu com complicação séptica pelo uso de imunossupressor e outro que apresentou estenose supraglótica exigindo traqueotomia.Cicatricial pemphygoid (mucous membrane cicatricial pemphygoid is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by subepithelial bubbles in mucous membranes and, occasionally on the skin. It may affect the mouth, the nose, pharynx, larynx, the eyes, esophagus, anus, genitals and skin; especially affecting patients between fifty and sixty years of life. Treatment includes systemic steroids and immunosuppressive agents. In the present paper we describe two cases with the active disease, and one of them had sepsis because of using immunosuppressive agents and another that presented supraglottic stenosis requiring tracheostomy.

  17. Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation systems industrial application issues

    CERN Document Server

    Callegari, Sergio; Montisci, Augusto; Ricci, Marco; Versaci, Mario


    This book covers the practical implementation of ultrasonic NDT techniques in an industrial environment, discussing several issues that may emerge and proposing strategies for addressing them successfully.  It aims to bridge advanced academic research results and their application to industrial procedures. The topics covered in the text range from the basic operation of an ultrasonic NDT system to the simulation of the measurement operations; from the choice and generation of the signals energizing the system to the different ways of exploiting the probes and their output signals; and from quality assessment evaluation to the use of soft computing techniques for classification. Throughout the text, an effort is made to embrace a system view where the physical and technological aspects of sensing are addressed together with higher abstraction levels, such as signal and information processing. Consequently, the book aims at guiding the reader through the various tasks requested for developing a complete ultras...

  18. Perceived Usability Evaluation of Learning Management Systems: Empirical Evaluation of the System Usability Scale (United States)

    Orfanou, Konstantina; Tselios, Nikolaos; Katsanos, Christos


    Perceived usability affects greatly student's learning effectiveness and overall learning experience, and thus is an important requirement of educational software. The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a well-researched and widely used questionnaire for perceived usability evaluation. However, surprisingly few studies have used SUS to evaluate the…

  19. Evaluating Ventilation Systems for Existing Homes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aldrich, R.; Arena, L.


    During the course of this project, an affordable and high performance ductwork system to directly address the problems of thermal losses, poor efficiency, and air leakage was designed. To save space and enable direct connections between different floors of the building, the ductwork system was designed in such a way that it occupied interior or exterior frame wall cavities. The ductwork system satisfied building regulations for structural support when bridging multiple floors, the spread of fire and smoke, and insulation to reduce the heat flow into or out of the building. Retrofits of urban residential buildings will be the main focus for the application of this ductwork system. Highly reflective foils and insulating materials were used to aid in the increase of the overall R-value of the ductwork itself and the wall assembly. It is expected that the proposed system will increase the efficiency of the HVAC system and the thermal resistance of the building envelope. The performance of the proposed ductwork design was numerically evaluated in a number of different ways. Our results indicate that the duct method is a very cost attractive alternative to the conventional method.

  20. Usability evaluation of laboratory information systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Althea Mathews


    Full Text Available Background: Numerous studies have revealed widespread clinician frustration with the usability of electronic health records (EHRs that is counterproductive to adoption of EHR systems to meet the aims of health-care reform. With poor system usability comes increased risk of negative unintended consequences. Usability issues could lead to user error and workarounds that have the potential to compromise patient safety and negatively impact the quality of care.[1] While there is ample research on EHR usability, there is little information on the usability of laboratory information systems (LISs. Yet, LISs facilitate the timely provision of a great deal of the information needed by physicians to make patient care decisions.[2] Medical and technical advances in genomics that require processing of an increased volume of complex laboratory data further underscore the importance of developing user-friendly LISs. This study aims to add to the body of knowledge on LIS usability. Methods: A survey was distributed among LIS users at hospitals across the United States. The survey consisted of the ten-item System Usability Scale (SUS. In addition, participants were asked to rate the ease of performing 24 common tasks with a LIS. Finally, respondents provided comments on what they liked and disliked about using the LIS to provide diagnostic insight into LIS perceived usability. Results: The overall mean SUS score of 59.7 for the LIS evaluated is significantly lower than the benchmark of 68 (P < 0.001. All LISs evaluated received mean SUS scores below 68 except for Orchard Harvest (78.7. While the years of experience using the LIS was found to be a statistically significant influence on mean SUS scores, the combined effect of years of experience and LIS used did not account for the statistically significant difference in the mean SUS score between Orchard Harvest and each of the other LISs evaluated. Conclusions: The results of this study indicate that overall

  1. [Systemic-psychodynamic model for family evaluation]. (United States)

    Salinas, J L; Pérez, M P; Viniegra, L; Armando Barriguete, J; Casillas, J; Valencia, A


    In this paper a family evaluation instrument called systemic-psychodynamic family evaluation model is described. Also, the second stage of the validation study of this instrument is presented (which deals with the inter-observers variation). Twenty families were studied. They were assessed always by the same interviewers designated as experts. They are all family therapy specialists and their assessment was used as the evaluation reference standard or "gold standard". The observers were psychiatrists without previous training in family therapy. For the purpose of the interview, both experts and observers were blind to the medical diagnosis of the patients. During the first stage of the validation study the observers did not have a reference guide which resulted in a low concordance rating. For the second stage, a 177 item guide was used and a considerable increase in the concordance rating was observed. Validation studies like the one used here are of considerable value to increase the reliability and further utilisation of evaluation instruments of this type.

  2. Avaliação da capacidade de produzir fitotoxinas in vitro por parte de fungos com propriedades antagônicas a nematóides In vitro evaluation of the phytotoxin production ability by fungi with antagonic properties to nematodes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Diego Costa Carvalho


    Full Text Available Em trabalho preliminar foram obtidos 24 isolados fúngicos com propriedades antagônicas a nematóides parasitas de plantas segundo experimentos realizados em laboratório. Para dar continuidade a tal trabalho, tornou-se desejável dispor de metodologia simples e de baixo custo para selecionar aqueles sem capacidade de produção de substâncias fitotóxicas, para serem empregados em experimentos em casa-de-vegetação com fitonematóides. Conseqüentemente, cultivaram-se os fungos em meio líquido e, após filtração, as fases líquidas foram liofilizadas e extraídas com acetato de etila/metanol. Os extratos foram concentrados sob vácuo e dissolvidos em água e solução de sacarose para serem submetidos a testes in vitro com sementes de alface (Lactuca sativa L. e com coleóptilos de trigo (Triticum aestivum L., respectivamente. Vinte e três isolados pertencentes aos gêneros Arthrobotrys, Aspergillus, Coniothyrium, Cunninghamella, Cylindrocarpon, Fusarium, Monacrosporium, Mortierella, Paecilomyces, Penicillium, Sclerotinia, Trichoderma e Verticillium, apresentaram atividade tóxica contra os coleóptilos de trigo. Apenas os isolados de Cylindrocarpon magnusianum (Sacc. Wollenw., Fusarium moniliforme Shelden, Mortierella sp., Paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom. Samson e Penicillium sp. apresentaram atividade fitotóxica no teste com sementes de alface. Somente um isolado de F. moniliforme se mostrou inativo em ambos os testes, o que sugere que não seja produtor de fitotoxinas.In a previous work 24 fungi cultures were selected due to their antagonic properties to phytonematodes in laboratory experiments. To proceed to further studies, it became desirable to use a simple and inexpensive methodology to identify those fungi able to produce phytotoxic substances, so that only the non phytotoxin producers could be used in green-house experiments with plant parasite nematodes. Thus, fungi were grown in liquid medium and the resulting mixtures were

  3. New method for evaluating composite reservoir systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Benson, S.M.; Lai, C.H.


    A simple new technique has been developed for evaluating interference test data in radially symmetric composite reservoirs. The technique is based on the realization that systematic variations in the apparent storage coefficient (calculated from semi-log analysis of the late-time data are indicative of a two-mobility (k/ reservoir. By analyzing variations in the apparent storage coefficient, both the mobility and size of the inner region can be calculated. The technique is particularly useful for evaluating heterogeneous geothermal systems where the intersection of several faults, or hydrothermal alteration has created a high permeability region in the center of the geothermal field. The technique is applied to an extensive interference test in the geothermal reservoir at Klamath Falls, Oregon. 7 refs., 7 figs.

  4. Evaluation of mammographic screen-film systems. (United States)

    Arnold, B A; Webster, E W; Kalisher, L


    Four screen-film systems were evaluated for their imaging properties in mammography, Modulation-transfer functions were measured at 40 kVp. Absolute screen-film sensitivities in mR and entrance exposures were measured with tungsten and molybdenum target tubes. Five radiologists viewed radiographs of a phantom containing microgranules of SiC ranging in diameter from 590 to 120 micrometer. The Rarex-B screen--composed of yttrium oxysulfide--performed best, allowing phantom radiographs at 185 mR with image quality sufficient to demonstrate microgranules greater than 330 micrometer in dimension.

  5. Fusion-fission energy systems evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Teofilo, V.L.; Aase, D.T.; Bickford, W.E.


    This report serves as the basis for comparing the fusion-fission (hybrid) energy system concept with other advanced technology fissile fuel breeding concepts evaluated in the Nonproliferation Alternative Systems Assessment Program (NASAP). As such, much of the information and data provided herein is in a form that meets the NASAP data requirements. Since the hybrid concept has not been studied as extensively as many of the other fission concepts being examined in NASAP, the provided data and information are sparse relative to these more developed concepts. Nevertheless, this report is intended to provide a perspective on hybrids and to summarize the findings of the rather limited analyses made to date on this concept.

  6. Distributed Impact Detector System (DIDS) Health Monitoring System Evaluation (United States)

    Prosser, William H.; Madaras, Eric I.


    Damage due to impacts from micrometeoroids and orbital debris is one of the most significant on-orbit hazards for spacecraft. Impacts to thermal protection systems must be detected and the damage evaluated to determine if repairs are needed to allow safe re-entry. To address this issue for the International Space Station Program, Langley Research Center and Johnson Space Center technologists have been working to develop and implement advanced methods for detecting impacts and resultant leaks. LaRC funded a Small Business Innovative Research contract to Invocon, Inc. to develop special wireless sensor systems that are compact, light weight, and have long battery lifetimes to enable applications to long duration space structures. These sensor systems are known as distributed impact detection systems (DIDS). In an assessment, the NASA Engineering and Safety Center procured two prototype DIDS sensor units to evaluate their capabilities in laboratory testing and field testing in an ISS Node 1 structural test article. This document contains the findings of the assessment.

  7. An evaluation of classification systems for stillbirth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pattinson Robert


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Audit and classification of stillbirths is an essential part of clinical practice and a crucial step towards stillbirth prevention. Due to the limitations of the ICD system and lack of an international approach to an acceptable solution, numerous disparate classification systems have emerged. We assessed the performance of six contemporary systems to inform the development of an internationally accepted approach. Methods We evaluated the following systems: Amended Aberdeen, Extended Wigglesworth; PSANZ-PDC, ReCoDe, Tulip and CODAC. Nine teams from 7 countries applied the classification systems to cohorts of stillbirths from their regions using 857 stillbirth cases. The main outcome measures were: the ability to retain the important information about the death using the InfoKeep rating; the ease of use according to the Ease rating (both measures used a five-point scale with a score Results InfoKeep scores were significantly different across the classifications (p ≤ 0.01 due to low scores for Wigglesworth and Aberdeen. CODAC received the highest mean (SD score of 3.40 (0.73 followed by PSANZ-PDC, ReCoDe and Tulip [2.77 (1.00, 2.36 (1.21, 1.92 (1.24 respectively]. Wigglesworth and Aberdeen resulted in a high proportion of unexplained stillbirths and CODAC and Tulip the lowest. While Ease scores were different (p ≤ 0.01, all systems received satisfactory scores; CODAC received the highest score. Aberdeen and Wigglesworth showed poor agreement with kappas of 0.35 and 0.25 respectively. Tulip performed best with a kappa of 0.74. The remainder had good to fair agreement. Conclusion The Extended Wigglesworth and Amended Aberdeen systems cannot be recommended for classification of stillbirths. Overall, CODAC performed best with PSANZ-PDC and ReCoDe performing well. Tulip was shown to have the best agreement and a low proportion of unexplained stillbirths. The virtues of these systems need to be considered in the development of an

  8. Interdigitated electrode (IDE) for porcine detection based on titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin films (United States)

    Nordin, N.; Hashim, U.; Azizah, N.


    Interdigited Electrode (IDE) porcine detection can be accomplished to authenticate the halal issue that has been a concern to Muslim not only in Malaysia but all around the world. The method used is photolithography that used the p-type photoresist on the spin coater with 2500 rpm. Bare IDEs device is deposited with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to improve the performance of the device. The result indicates that current-voltage (I-V) measurement of porcine probe line slightly above porcine target due to negative charges repelled each other. The IDE device can detect the porcine presence in food as lowest as 1.0 µM. Better performance of the device can be achieved with the replacement of gold deposited to trigger more sensitivity of the device.

  9. Information System Architectures: Representation, Planning and Evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available In recent years organizations have been faced with increasingly demanding business environments - pushed by factors like market globalization, need for product and service innovation and product life cycle reduction - and with new information technologies changes and opportunities- such as the Component-off-the-shelf paradigm, the telecommunications improvement or the Enterprise Systems off-the-shelf modules availability - all of which impose a continuous redraw and reorganization of business strategies and processes. Nowadays, Information Technology makes possible high-speed, efficient and low cost access to the enterprise information, providing the means for business processes automation and improvement. In spite of these important technological progresses, information systems that support business, do not usually answer efficiently enough to the continuous demands that organizations are faced with, causing non-alignment between business and information technologies (IT and therefore reducing organization competitive abilities. This article discusses the vital role that the definition of an Information System Architecture (ISA has in the development of Enterprise Information Systems that are capable of staying fully aligned with organization strategy and business needs. In this article the authors propose a restricted collection of founding and basis operations, which will provide the conceptual paradigm and tools for proper ISA handling. These tools are then used in order to represent, plan and evaluate an ISA of a Financial Group.

  10. Evaluating architecture impact on system energy efficiency. (United States)

    Yu, Shijie; Yang, Hailong; Wang, Rui; Luan, Zhongzhi; Qian, Depei


    As the energy consumption has been surging in an unsustainable way, it is important to understand the impact of existing architecture designs from energy efficiency perspective, which is especially valuable for High Performance Computing (HPC) and datacenter environment hosting tens of thousands of servers. One obstacle hindering the advance of comprehensive evaluation on energy efficiency is the deficient power measuring approach. Most of the energy study relies on either external power meters or power models, both of these two methods contain intrinsic drawbacks in their practical adoption and measuring accuracy. Fortunately, the advent of Intel Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) interfaces has promoted the power measurement ability into next level, with higher accuracy and finer time resolution. Therefore, we argue it is the exact time to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the existing architecture designs to understand their impact on system energy efficiency. In this paper, we leverage representative benchmark suites including serial and parallel workloads from diverse domains to evaluate the architecture features such as Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) and Turbo Boost. The energy is tracked at subcomponent level such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores, uncore components and Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DRAM) through exploiting the power measurement ability exposed by RAPL. The experiments reveal non-intuitive results: 1) the mismatch between local compute and remote memory node caused by NUMA effect not only generates dramatic power and energy surge but also deteriorates the energy efficiency significantly; 2) for multithreaded application such as the Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers (PARSEC), most of the workloads benefit a notable increase of energy efficiency using SMT, with more than 40% decline in average power consumption; 3) Turbo Boost is effective to accelerate the workload execution

  11. Evaluating architecture impact on system energy efficiency (United States)

    Yu, Shijie; Wang, Rui; Luan, Zhongzhi; Qian, Depei


    As the energy consumption has been surging in an unsustainable way, it is important to understand the impact of existing architecture designs from energy efficiency perspective, which is especially valuable for High Performance Computing (HPC) and datacenter environment hosting tens of thousands of servers. One obstacle hindering the advance of comprehensive evaluation on energy efficiency is the deficient power measuring approach. Most of the energy study relies on either external power meters or power models, both of these two methods contain intrinsic drawbacks in their practical adoption and measuring accuracy. Fortunately, the advent of Intel Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) interfaces has promoted the power measurement ability into next level, with higher accuracy and finer time resolution. Therefore, we argue it is the exact time to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the existing architecture designs to understand their impact on system energy efficiency. In this paper, we leverage representative benchmark suites including serial and parallel workloads from diverse domains to evaluate the architecture features such as Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) and Turbo Boost. The energy is tracked at subcomponent level such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores, uncore components and Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DRAM) through exploiting the power measurement ability exposed by RAPL. The experiments reveal non-intuitive results: 1) the mismatch between local compute and remote memory node caused by NUMA effect not only generates dramatic power and energy surge but also deteriorates the energy efficiency significantly; 2) for multithreaded application such as the Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers (PARSEC), most of the workloads benefit a notable increase of energy efficiency using SMT, with more than 40% decline in average power consumption; 3) Turbo Boost is effective to accelerate the workload execution

  12. Falha a longo prazo no tratamento do melanoma de coróide com termoterapia transpupilar


    Pasetto,Gabriela Soncini; Freitas,Henrique Pedroso de; Colossi,Carina Graziottin; Vilela,Manuel Augusto Pereira


    OBJETIVO: Avaliar, retrospectivamente, num longo intervalo de tempo, os resultados da termoterapia transpupilar em casos selecionados do melanoma de coróide. MÉTODOS: Foram identificados todos os casos com melanoma de coróide tratados com termoterapia transpupilar, como terapia única ou suplementar. Foram excluídos os casos com seguimento inferior a 60 meses, prontuários incompletos ou com o abandono do acompanhamento. RESULTADOS: De um total de 18 olhos, 7 (38.9%) foram incluídos no estudo. ...

  13. Andocanabinóides: aplicações terapêuticas


    Fernandes, Ana Luísa Nunes Vieira


    Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre no Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz As propriedades dos numerosos compostos da planta Canabis sativa L., comummente conhecida por canabis ou marijuana, têm sido ao longo das últimas décadas extensamente estudadas. A descoberta de receptores para os canabinóides e dos endocanabinóides, sendo os principais a anandamida e 2-araquidonil-glicerol, sugeriu que estas moléculas poderiam ser importantes na fisiologia humana. Verifi...

  14. Carcinoma bilateral do plexo coróide operado com sucesso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto M. de Almeida


    Full Text Available Os autores não encontraram na literatura caso de carcinoma bilateral do plexo coróide operado com sucesso. O trabalho consta da apresentação de uma criança de 11 anos com carcinoma dos plexos coróides nos dois ventrículos laterais. São feitas considerações a respeito das dificuldades no diagnóstico, da importância dó estudo angiográfico completo e do tratamento

  15. Angiopatia amilóide cerebral simulando tumor cerebral: relato de caso


    Andrade Gustavo Cardoso de; Silveira Roberto Leal; Pinheiro Jr. Nilson; Rocha Eckstânio Marcos Melo; Pittella José Eymard Homem


    Descrevemos o raro caso de um paciente de 45 anos portador de lesão expansiva intracraniana por angiopatia amilóide cerebral com características clínicas e de imagem compatíveis com um glioma de baixo grau. A biópsia revelou angiopatia amilóide cerebral. Os achados clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos são discutidos e analisados juntamente à literatura disponível.We describe the unusual case of a 45-year-old male patient harboring an intracranial mass due to cerebral amyloid angiopathy w...

  16. Problembaseret læring som pædagogisk ide og strategi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Riemenschneider, Anni Vester; Kobbelgaard, Lis; Kloppenborg, Kamma Møldrup


    Rapporten beskriver et udviklingsarbejde i relation til at tænke problembaseret læring (PBL) som pædagogisk ide og strategi i forbindelse med undervisning i sygeplejefagområdet "Sygeplejeprocessen" på 1. semester på Sygeplejeskolen i Silkeborg.......Rapporten beskriver et udviklingsarbejde i relation til at tænke problembaseret læring (PBL) som pædagogisk ide og strategi i forbindelse med undervisning i sygeplejefagområdet "Sygeplejeprocessen" på 1. semester på Sygeplejeskolen i Silkeborg....

  17. Corticosteróides inalatórios e crescimento em crianças asmáticas ambulatoriais Inhaled corticosteroid treatment and growth of asthmatic children seen at outpatient clinics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisete E. Arend


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Verificar o efeito do uso de corticosteróides inalatórios no aumento estatural e ponderal de crianças asmáticas tratadas ambulatorialmente MÉTODOS: Foi realizado um estudo de coorte prospectivo de 1 ano, no qual 124 crianças asmáticas com 3 a 16 anos de idade que haviam recebido prescrição para uso de corticosteróides inalatórios há pelo menos 12 meses foram avaliadas quanto aos escore z altura/idade, peso/idade, índice de massa corporal e altura alvo parental estimada para a idade atual. Os critérios de exclusão foram: peso de nascimento menor que 2.500 g, desnutrição, doenças crônicas e uso de corticóide sistêmico por mais de 7 dias consecutivos. RESULTADOS: A média ± desvio padrão dos escores z altura/idade inicial e final foi, respectivamente, de 0,06±1,2 e 0,01±1,2, (IC95% 0,05-0,11; dos escores z peso/idade inicial e final foi de 0,6±1,5 e 0,5±1,5, respectivamente (IC95% 1,84-6,6. Esses valores não diferiram significativamente (p = 0,199 e p = 0,808. Quando estratificados em grupos bem e mal controlados da asma, púberes e não-púberes, também não houve perda estatural. CONCLUSÃO: Em relação às curvas NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics, não houve prejuízo na estatura e peso corporal de crianças/adolescentes que utilizaram corticosteróides inalatórios por mais de 1 ano nas doses preconizadas para prevenir asma.OBJECTIVE: To ascertain the effect of inhaled corticosteroid use on gain in height and weight of asthmatic pediatric outpatients. METHODS: A one-year prospective cohort study was carried out with 124 asthmatic children aged 3 to 16 years who were prescribed inhaled corticosteroids for at least 12 months, evaluating z-scores for height/age, weight/age, body mass index and parental target height for current age. Exclusion criteria were: birth weight less than 2,500 g, malnutrition, chronic diseases and systemic corticoid use for more than 7 consecutive days. RESULTS: The mean

  18. Disposal systems evaluations and tool development : Engineered Barrier System (EBS) evaluation.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rutqvist, Jonny (LBNL); Liu, Hui-Hai (LBNL); Steefel, Carl I. (LBNL); Serrano de Caro, M. A. (LLNL); Caporuscio, Florie Andre (LANL); Birkholzer, Jens T. (LBNL); Blink, James A. (LLNL); Sutton, Mark A. (LLNL); Xu, Hongwu (LANL); Buscheck, Thomas A. (LLNL); Levy, Schon S. (LANL); Tsang, Chin-Fu (LBNL); Sonnenthal, Eric (LBNL); Halsey, William G. (LLNL); Jove-Colon, Carlos F.; Wolery, Thomas J. (LLNL)


    Key components of the nuclear fuel cycle are short-term storage and long-term disposal of nuclear waste. The latter encompasses the immobilization of used nuclear fuel (UNF) and radioactive waste streams generated by various phases of the nuclear fuel cycle, and the safe and permanent disposition of these waste forms in geological repository environments. The engineered barrier system (EBS) plays a very important role in the long-term isolation of nuclear waste in geological repository environments. EBS concepts and their interactions with the natural barrier are inherently important to the long-term performance assessment of the safety case where nuclear waste disposition needs to be evaluated for time periods of up to one million years. Making the safety case needed in the decision-making process for the recommendation and the eventual embracement of a disposal system concept requires a multi-faceted integration of knowledge and evidence-gathering to demonstrate the required confidence level in a deep geological disposal site and to evaluate long-term repository performance. The focus of this report is the following: (1) Evaluation of EBS in long-term disposal systems in deep geologic environments with emphasis on the multi-barrier concept; (2) Evaluation of key parameters in the characterization of EBS performance; (3) Identification of key knowledge gaps and uncertainties; and (4) Evaluation of tools and modeling approaches for EBS processes and performance. The above topics will be evaluated through the analysis of the following: (1) Overview of EBS concepts for various NW disposal systems; (2) Natural and man-made analogs, room chemistry, hydrochemistry of deep subsurface environments, and EBS material stability in near-field environments; (3) Reactive Transport and Coupled Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) processes in EBS; and (4) Thermal analysis toolkit, metallic barrier degradation mode survey, and development of a Disposal Systems

  19. Evaluation of an adjustable epidemiologic information system.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiunn-Shyan Julian Wu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: In order to facilitate public health response and to achieve early control of infectious disease epidemics, an adjustable epidemiologic information system (AEIS was established in the Taiwan public health network in February 2006. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: The performance of AEIS for the period 2006 through 2008 was evaluated based on a number of response times (RT and the public health impact. After implementation of the system, the apparent overall shortened RT was mainly due to the shortening of personnel response time (PRT and the time needed to draft a new questionnaire that incurred as personnel-system interface (PSI; PRT dropped from a fluctuating range of 9.8 ∼28.8 days in the first four months to <10 days in the following months and remained low till 2008 (0.88±1.52 days. The PSIs for newly emerged infectious diseases were 2.6 and 3.4 person-hours for H5N1 in 2007 and chikungunya in 2008, respectively, a much improvement from 1142.5 person-hours for SARS in 2003. The duration of each rubella epidemic cluster was evaluated as public health impact and showed a shortening trend (p = 0.019 that concurred with the shortening of PRT from 64.8±47.3 to 25.2±38.2 hours per cluster (p<0.0001. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: The first evaluation of the novel instrument AEIS that had been used to assist Taiwan's multi-level government for infectious diseases control demonstrated that it was well integrated into the existing public health infrastructure. It provided flexible tools and computer algorithms with friendly interface for timely data collection, integration, and analysis; as a result, it shortened RTs, filled in gaps of personnel lacking sufficient experiences, created a more efficient flow of response, and identified asymptomatic/mild cases early to minimize further spreading. With further development, AEIS is anticipated to be useful in the application of other acute public health events needing immediate

  20. Tegijad meenutavad "52 üllatust ja ideed" / Annika Maior, Ats Parve, Epp Kubu ...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kultuuripealinna ootussarjas osalenud räägivad, kuidas idee teostamine kulges. Projektidest "Fantaasiaaed" (Annika Maior), "Camera obscura" (Ats Parve), "Tallinna bussijaam heliseb" (Epp, Kubu, Tõnis Hiiesalu), "Tänavamiimid" (Mihkel Ernits, Kaarel Väli), "Kunstijärjekord" (Flo Kasearu, Aet Ader, Grete Soosalu, Andra Aaloe)

  1. Accessibility Analysis of the Eclipse IDE for Users with Visual Impairment. (United States)

    Petrausch, Vanessa; Loitsch, Claudia


    Integrated Development Environments support software developers during their daily work. However, complex graphical interfaces and various functions disable an accessible development environment. We present the results of an online questionnaire, which identifies accessibility issues regarding the Eclipse IDE, and an inclusive tutorial for Eclipse for people with visual impairment.

  2. Détermination des radionucléides dans le repas. Application aux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    40 sont des radionucléides naturels présents dans les riz, les tubercules, les bouillons et les friandises. Dans les quatre échantillons des repas du Riz analysés, les activités spécifiques en potassium-40 sont différentes. Cette différence est ...

  3. Efficient construction of approximate call graphs for JavaScript IDE services

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Feldthaus, Asger; Schäfer, Max; Sridharan, Manu


    The rapid rise of JavaScript as one of the most popular programming languages of the present day has led to a demand for sophisticated IDE support similar to what is available for Java or C#. However, advanced tooling is hampered by the dynamic nature of the language, which makes any form of stat...

  4. 21 ideed, millest võiks saada monument või skulptuur / Jüri Saar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saar, Jüri, 1973-


    Tartu linnavalitsus kogus kokku 21 skulptuuride, monumentide ja mälestustahvlite ideed, et esile tõsta auväärseid kaaslinlasi ning ehitisi. Valmis dokument "Tartu linna monumentide ja skulptuuride rajamise kava aastateks 2008-2013". Kommenteerivad Tiit Kaunissaare ja Jüri Sasi

  5. IDES-EDU – new interdisciplinary education program for Sustainable Buildings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dvorakova, Pavla; Kabele, Karel; Brunsgaard, Camilla


    Buildings fulfilling all requirements related to energy, economy and environment are necessary to be designed by interdisciplinary teams with efficient transfer of information and good knowledge base. IDES EDU is a project co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe program in which 15 European...

  6. Ideed on isiksustest tähtsamad / Vilen Künnapu ; intervjueerinud Madli Maruste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Künnapu, Vilen, 1948-


    Rahvusvahelisel üritusel London Festival of Architecture esindas Eestit Vilen Künnapu oma kohaspetsiifilise objektiga "The River Bell" ehk jõekell. Installatsiooni idee sünnist ja teostamisest, arhitektuuri funktsioonist, kunsti rollist tänapäeval

  7. Immersiivne kunst : virtuaalne reaalsus, panoraam ja ruumilise maalikunsti ideed / Raivo Kelomees

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kelomees, Raivo, 1960-


    Virtuaalne reaalsus, ruumilise maalikunsti ideed ja panoraam kui moodsa installatsiooni eelkäija. 19. sajandi panoraamidest. Anton von Werneri eestvõtmisel loodud Sedani lahingu (Prantsuse-Preisi sõjas 1. septembril 1870) panoraamist. Virtuaalse ruumi eelkäijad on Pompei freskod, Baldassaare Peruzzi maalitud Sala delle Prospettive ning Sacro Monte liikumine

  8. Detergent resistant membrane-associated IDE in brain tissue and cultured cells: Relevance to Aβ and insulin degradation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Castaño Eduardo M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Insulin degrading enzyme (IDE is implicated in the regulation of amyloid β (Aβ steady-state levels in the brain, and its deficient expression and/or activity may be a risk factor in sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD. Although IDE sub-cellular localization has been well studied, the compartments relevant to Aβ degradation remain to be determined. Results Our results of live immunofluorescence, immuno gold electron-microscopy and gradient fractionation concurred to the demonstration that endogenous IDE from brain tissues and cell cultures is, in addition to its other localizations, a detergent-resistant membrane (DRM-associated metallopeptidase. Our pulse chase experiments were in accordance with the existence of two pools of IDE: the cytosolic one with a longer half-life and the membrane-IDE with a faster turn-over. DRMs-associated IDE co-localized with Aβ and its distribution (DRMs vs. non-DRMs and activity was sensitive to manipulation of lipid composition in vitro and in vivo. When IDE was mis-located from DRMs by treating cells with methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MβCD, endogenous Aβ accumulated in the extracellular space and exogenous Aβ proteolysis was impaired. We detected a reduced amount of IDE in DRMs of membranes isolated from mice brain with endogenous reduced levels of cholesterol (Chol due to targeted deletion of one seladin-1 allele. We confirmed that a moderate shift of IDE from DRMs induced a substantial decrement on IDE-mediated insulin and Aβ degradation in vitro. Conclusion Our results support the notion that optimal substrate degradation by IDE may require its association with organized-DRMs. Alternatively, DRMs but not other plasma membrane regions, may act as platforms where Aβ accumulates, due to its hydrophobic properties, reaching local concentration close to its Km for IDE facilitating its clearance. Structural integrity of DRMs may also be required to tightly retain insulin receptor and IDE for

  9. Crystal structures, metal activation, and DNA-binding properties of two-domain IdeR from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (United States)

    Wisedchaisri, Goragot; Chou, C James; Wu, Meiting; Roach, Claudia; Rice, Adrian E; Holmes, Randall K; Beeson, Craig; Hol, Wim G J


    The iron-dependent regulator IdeR is a key transcriptional regulator of iron uptake in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In order to increase our insight into the role of the SH3-like third domain of this essential regulator, the metal-binding and DNA-binding properties of two-domain IdeR (2D-IdeR) whose SH3-like domain has been truncated were characterized. The equilibrium dissociation constants for Co2+ and Ni2+ activation of 2D-IdeR for binding to the fxbA operator and the DNA-binding affinities of 2D-IdeR in the presence of excess metal ions were estimated using fluorescence spectroscopy. 2D-IdeR binds to fxbA operator DNA with similar affinity as full-length IdeR in the presence of excess metal ion. However, the Ni2+ concentrations required to activate 2D-IdeR for DNA binding appear to be smaller than that for full-length IdeR while the concentration of Co2+ required for activation remains the same. We have determined the crystal structures of Ni2+-activated 2D-IdeR at 1.96 A resolution and its double dimer complex with the mbtA-mbtB operator DNA in two crystal forms at 2.4 A and 2.6 A, the highest resolutions for DNA complexes for any structures of iron-dependent regulator family members so far. The 2D-IdeR-DNA complex structures confirm the specificity of Ser37 and Pro39 for thymine bases and suggest preferential contacts of Gln43 to cytosine bases of the DNA. In addition, our 2D-IdeR structures reveal a remarkable property of the TEV cleavage sequence remaining after removal of the C-terminal His6. This C-terminal tail promotes crystal contacts by forming a beta-sheet with the corresponding tail of neighboring subunits in two unrelated structures of 2D-IdeR, one with and one without DNA. The contact-promoting properties of this C-terminal TEV cleavage sequence may be beneficial for crystallizing other proteins.

  10. Disability Evaluation System Analysis and Research Annual Report 2017 (United States)


    Annual Report 2017 Disability Evaluation Systems Analysis and Research Prepared by Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity...Disabi l i ty Evaluation Systems Analysis and Research Annual Report 2017 Contributors Jan I. Maby, DO, MPH Paul O. Kwon, DO, MPH LTC...Disability Evaluation System ........................................................................... 3 Figure 1: Key Variables Collected at Each Stage

  11. Evaluation System for Pesticides (ESPE). 1. Agricultural pesticides

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Emans HJB; Beek MA; Linders JBHJ


    In this report a risk assessment or evaluation system for agricultural pesticides is presented, which estimates the hazards for man and environment resulting from the use of these pesticides. The evaluation system has also been placed within the context of the Uniform System for the Evaluation of

  12. Evaluation of the sustainability of contrasted pig farming systems: the procedure, the evaluated systems and the evaluation tools. (United States)

    Bonneau, M; de Greef, K; Brinkman, D; Cinar, M U; Dourmad, J Y; Edge, H L; Fàbrega, E; Gonzàlez, J; Houwers, H W J; Hviid, M; Ilari-Antoine, E; Klauke, T N; Phatsara, C; Rydhmer, L; van der Oever, B; Zimmer, C; Edwards, S A


    Although a few studies consider the sustainability of animal farming systems along the three classical main pillars (economy, environment and society), most studies on pig farming systems address only one of these pillars. The present paper is the introduction to a series of companion papers presenting the results of a study undertaken within the EU-supported project Q-PorkChains, aiming at building a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of pig farming systems, which is robust to accommodate the large variability of systems existing in Europe. The tool is mostly based on questions to farmers and comprises a total of 37 dimensions distributed along eight themes: Animal Welfare, Animal Health, Breeding Programmes, Environmental Sustainability, Meat Safety, Market Conformity, Economy and Working Conditions. The paper describes the procedure that was used for building the tool, using it on 15 contrasted pig farming systems and analysing the results. The evaluated systems are briefly described and a short overview of the dimensions is provided. Detailed descriptions of the theme-wise tools and results, as well as the results of an integrated evaluation, are available in the companion papers.

  13. Developing a Formative Evaluation System for Distance Teaching. (United States)

    Melton, Reginald F.


    Describes steps taken in developing an evaluation system for distance teaching at the Open Junior High School system in Indonesia. Reviews data collection techniques, and discusses advantages and disadvantages of evaluation studies. Presents a historical background of the system, and lists the system's strengths and weaknesses discovered via…

  14. Students Prefer Audience Response System for Lecture Evaluation


    Turban, Joseph W


    Objectives: Student evaluation of courses is an important component of overall course evaluation. The extent of student participation in the evaluation may be related to the ease of the evaluation process. The standard evaluation format is a paper form. This study examines medical students preference of utilizing Audience Response System compared to a paper method. Methods: Following several medical school lectures, students were queried if they preferred Audience Response System versus a pap...

  15. Systems and methods for circuit lifetime evaluation (United States)

    Heaps, Timothy L. (Inventor); Sheldon, Douglas J. (Inventor); Bowerman, Paul N. (Inventor); Everline, Chester J. (Inventor); Shalom, Eddy (Inventor); Rasmussen, Robert D. (Inventor)


    Systems and methods for estimating the lifetime of an electrical system in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention includes iteratively performing Worst Case Analysis (WCA) on a system design with respect to different system lifetimes using a computer to determine the lifetime at which the worst case performance of the system indicates the system will pass with zero margin or fail within a predetermined margin for error given the environment experienced by the system during its lifetime. In addition, performing WCA on a system with respect to a specific system lifetime includes identifying subcircuits within the system, performing Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) with respect to each subcircuit to determine whether the subcircuit fails EVA for the specific system lifetime, when the subcircuit passes EVA, determining that the subcircuit does not fail WCA for the specified system lifetime, when a subcircuit fails EVA performing at least one additional WCA process that provides a tighter bound on the WCA than EVA to determine whether the subcircuit fails WCA for the specified system lifetime, determining that the system passes WCA with respect to the specific system lifetime when all subcircuits pass WCA, and determining that the system fails WCA when at least one subcircuit fails WCA.

  16. Multicentre evaluation of the Bayer DAX system. (United States)

    Morosini, L; Rossetti, M; Berti, P; Pallotti, G; Fabbri, V; Mambelli, M C; Franceschin, A; Dell'Anna, L; Cappelletti, P; Brocco, G


    The analytical performance of the DAX, a high-throughput random access analyser, was studied according to ECCLS guidelines (ECCLS Document Vol. 3, No. 2, Beuth Verlag, Berlin, 1986) in a multicentre evaluation involving four laboratories. The trial took about 4 months. Determinations of 12 analytes produced more than 60,000 data. The imprecision study on 3 control sera for all analytes gave a within-run CV (median of 4 laboratories) which never exceeded 3% and was below 2% in 94% of the results. The median between-day CV was less than 3% in 92% of the results, with a highest value of 5.0%. No significant drift was detected during the 5-hour work period. No relevant sample- and cuvette-related carry-over was found. The manufacturer's claims concerning linearity were fulfilled or exceeded. The recovery of the assigned values for the control sera (median of 4 laboratories) ranged from 94 to 106%. In the method comparison on patients' samples, deviations were statistically significant in some cases, due to differences either in the methods used or in the calibration of the systems used for comparison; the regression lines, as inspected visually, and the coefficients of correlation were, however, generally acceptable. Imprecision and inaccuracy were within the acceptability limits as recommended by the Société Française de Biologie Clinique (SFBC) (Biochim. Clin. 12 (1988) 284-327) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie (DGKC) (Dt. Arztebl. 85 (11) (1988) A697-A712). The limits of acceptance, proposed more recently by Fraser et al. (Eur. J. Clin. Chem. Clin. Biochem. 30 (1992) 311-317), were met in thirty-three of thirty-six cases. The alpha-amylase assay was significantly affected by bilirubin and haemolysis; interferences for the remaining analytes were predictable and well-known from the literature. The rate of sample throughput was found to be in agreement with that claimed by the manufacturer. The software did not present problems and was readily

  17. Evaluation of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation System (United States)

    Kofman, I. S.; Warren, E.; DeSoto, R.; Moroney, G.; Chastain, J.; De Dios, Y. E.; Gadd, N.; Taylor, L.; Peters, B. T.; Allen, E.; hide


    ) similar to what astronauts experience during transitions to new gravitational environments. Stochastic electrical stimulation can be applied to the vestibular system through electrodes placed over the mastoid process behind the ears in the binaural configuration resulting in stimulation in the mediolateral (side-to-side) plane. An additional electrode can be placed over the bony landmark of the tip of the c7 spinous process for the double monaural configuration, which will cause stimulation in the anteroposterior (forward-backward) plane. A portable constant current bipolar stimulator with subject isolation was designed and built to deliver the stimulus. The unit is powered using a 3.7 V battery pack and designed to produce currents up to 5 mA. The stimulator, controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, offers several stimulus signal generation options including a standalone mode, which uses onboard signal files stored on the flash memory card. Stochastic stimulation signals will be generated in 0-30 Hz frequency bandwidth. Stimulation amplitude can be increased incrementally to a maximum amplitude of 5.0 mA (e.g., 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 mA). In control trials, subjects will be experiencing vestibular stimulation with 0-mA current applied through the electrodes. The system will be evaluated at various levels of stimulation and in both the binaural and double monaural electrode configurations. One of the objectives is to identify stimulation levels producing effects most comparable to the post-flight disturbances. This is a pilot study that will set the stage for a larger, more comprehensive study that will investigate wider aspects of post-flight sensorimotor dysfunction and set sensorimotor standards for crew health.

  18. Standardized evaluation method for electromagnetic tracking systems (United States)

    Hummel, Johann; Maurer, Calvin, Jr.; Figl, Michael; Bax, Michael; Bergmann, Helmar; Birkfellner, Wolfgang; Shahidi, Ramin


    The major aim of this work was to define a protocol for evaluation of electromagnetic tracking systems (EMTS). Using this protocol we compared two commercial EMTS: the Ascension microBIRD (B) and NDI Aurora (A). To enable reproducibility and comparability of the assessments a machined base plate was designed, in which a 50 mm grid of holes is precision drilled for position measurements. A circle of 32 equispaced holes in the center enables the assessment of rotation. A small mount which fits into pairs of grid holes on the base plate is used to mount the sensor in a defined and rigid way. Relative positional/orientational errors are found by subtracting the known distances/rotations between the machined locations from the differences of the mean observed positions/rotation. To measure the influence of metallic objects we inserted rods (made of SST 303, SST 416, aluminum, and bronze) into the sensitive volume between sensor and emitter. Additionally the dynamic behavior was tested by using an optical sensor mounted on a spacer in a distance of 150 mm to the EMTS sensors. We found a relative positional error of 0.96mm +/- 0.68mm, range -0.06mm;2.23mm (A) and 1.14mm +/- 0.78mm, range -3.72mm;1.57mm (B) for a give distance of 50 mm. The positional jitter amounted to 0.14 mm(A) / 0.20mm (B). The relative rotation error was found to be 1.81 degrees(A) / 0.63 degrees(B). For the dynamic behavior we calculated an error of 1.63mm(A)/1.93mm(B). The most relevant distortion caused by metallic objects results from SST 416. The maximum error 4.2mm(A)/41.9mm(B) occurs when the rod is close to the sensor(20mm).

  19. Improving system quality through software evaluation. (United States)

    McDaniel, James G


    The role of evaluation is examined with respect to quality of software in healthcare. Of particular note is the failure of the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine. This example provides evidence of several types of defect which could have been detected and corrected using appropriate evaluation procedures. The field of software engineering has developed metrics and guidelines to assist in software evaluation but this example indicates that software evaluation must be extended beyond the formally defined interfaces of the software to its real-life operating context.

  20. Making Sense of Alternative Assessment in a Qualitative Evaluation System (United States)

    Rojas Serrano, Javier


    In a Colombian private English institution, a qualitative evaluation system has been incorporated. This type of evaluation poses challenges to students who have never been evaluated through a system that eliminates exams or quizzes and, as a consequence, these students have to start making sense of it. This study explores the way students face the…

  1. Evaluation Criteria for the Educational Web-Information System (United States)

    Seok, Soonhwa; Meyen, Edward; Poggio, John C.; Semon, Sarah; Tillberg-Webb, Heather


    This article addresses how evaluation criteria improve educational Web-information system design, and the tangible and intangible benefits of using evaluation criteria, when implemented in an educational Web-information system design. The evaluation criteria were developed by the authors through a content validation study applicable to…

  2. Usability Evaluation of a Web-Based Learning System (United States)

    Nguyen, Thao


    The paper proposes a contingent, learner-centred usability evaluation method and a prototype tool of such systems. This is a new usability evaluation method for web-based learning systems using a set of empirically-supported usability factors and can be done effectively with limited resources. During the evaluation process, the method allows for…

  3. An Analysis of Critical Issues in Korean Teacher Evaluation Systems (United States)

    Choi, Hee Jun; Park, Ji-Hye


    Korea has used three different teacher evaluation systems since the 1960s: teacher performance rating, teacher performance-based pay and teacher evaluation for professional development. A number of studies have focused on an analysis of each evaluation system in terms of its advent, development, advantages and disadvantages, but these studies have…

  4. Applying Knowledge Management in Teacher Evaluation Systems (United States)

    Essandoh, Albert


    Teacher evaluations are underused in public schools, resulting in the loss of knowledge critical to professional development. Knowledge management (KM) theory offers approaches that can lead to improvements in the effectiveness of evaluations and teacher performance. This multiple case study of 9 campuses in an exemplary school district…

  5. Sample evaluation of ontology-matching systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hage, W.R. van; Isaac, A.; Aleksovski, Z.


    Ontology matching exists to solve practical problems. Hence, methodologies to find and evaluate solutions for ontology matching should be centered on practical problems. In this paper we propose two statistically-founded evaluation techniques to assess ontology-matching performance that are based on

  6. Razor UAS Test and Evaluation System Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Adsys Controls' Razor UAS Test System is a high fidelity simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test system. Razor provides extensive existing capability for high...

  7. TASLIMAGE System #2 Technical Equivalence Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Topper, J. D. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Stone, D. K. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    In early 2017, a second TASLIMAGE system (TASL 2) was procured from Track Analysis Systems, Ltd. The new device is intended to complement the first system (TASL 1) and to provide redundancy to the original system which was acquired in 2009. The new system functions primarily the same as the earlier system, though with different X-Y stage hardware and a USB link from the camera to the host computer, both of which contribute to a reduction in CR-39 foil imaging time. The camera and image analysis software are identical between the two systems. Neutron dose calculations are performed externally and independent of the imaging system used to collect track data, relying only on the measured recoil proton track density per cm2 for a set of known-dose CR-39 foils processed in each etch.

  8. Evaluating Performances of Solar-Energy Systems (United States)

    Jaffe, L. D.


    CONC11 computer program calculates performances of dish-type solar thermal collectors and power systems. Solar thermal power system consists of one or more collectors, power-conversion subsystems, and powerprocessing subsystems. CONC11 intended to aid system designer in comparing performance of various design alternatives. Written in Athena FORTRAN and Assembler.

  9. Postoperative urinary retention: evaluation of patients using opioids analgesic Retención urinaria post-operatoria: evaluación de pacientes en tratamiento analgésico con opioides Retenção urinária pós-operatória: avaliação de pacientes em uso de analgesia com opióides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria do Carmo Barretto de Carvalho Fernandes


    ás frecuente en hombres, así como en aquellos pacientes sometidos a analgesia epidural continua. Se sugiere una orientación y vigilancia adecuadas por el equipo de enfermería, haciendo énfasis en el cateterismo vesical intermitente aséptico, durante el transcurso de la retención urinaria, para prevenir complicaciones del tracto urinario.Os objetivos deste estudo foram determinar a incidência de retenção urinária pós-operatória em pacientes que estavam em uso de analgesia com opióides e descrever o método utilizado para esvaziamento vesical. Trata-se de uma série prospectiva e consecutiva de 1.316 pacientes cirúrgicos de 9/1999 a 4/2003. Dos 1.316 pacientes, 594 não usaram cateterismo de demora no pré-operatório. Desses, 128 pacientes apresentaram retenção urinária, com incidência de 22% (128/594. Houve associação estatisticamente significativa entre a ocorrência de retenção urinária e uso da analgesia peridural contínua (p=0,009. Cerca de 69% dos pacientes apresentaram micção espontânea após a realização de apenas um cateterismo. A incidência de retenção urinária encontrada é semelhante à literatura, sendo mais freqüente em homens e naqueles submetidos à analgesia peridural contínua. Sugere-se orientação e vigilância adequada pela equipe de enfermagem, com ênfase no cateterismo vesical intermitente asséptico, na ocorrência de retenção urinária para prevenção de complicações do trato urinário.

  10. Mecanismos de ação de himenópteros parasitóides sobre Megastes spp. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae em agroecossistema de batata-doce (Ipomoea batatas L. Attack of parasitoids himenoptera on Megastes spp. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae in sweet potato agroecossystem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Alves Wanderley


    Full Text Available Estudaram-se a presença e a ação de himenópteros parasitóides em agroecossistema de batata-doce (Ipomoea batatas L. no município de Pedra de Fogo - PB, sobre o complexo Megastes spp, com o objetivo de identificar as espécies de parasitóides existentes, bem como descrever os principais eventos na ação de parasitismo sobre Megastes grandalis Guenee e Megastes pusialis Snellen. No levantamento direto, em 14% das plantas, existiam fêmeas de microhimenópteros ectoparasitóides da família braconidae atacando lagartas de Megastes spp. No levantamento indireto, constatou-se um ataque de parasitóide em 22% das lagartas, emergindo adultos de sete espécies das famílias braconidae, Chalcididae e Ichneumonidae, com predominância de braconídeos ectoparasitóides. Concluiu-se que a presença de parasitóides no agroecossistema da batata-doce é bastante diversificada e proporcionam uma boa contribuição na mortalidade natural da praga.The presence and action of Hymenoptera parasitoids in agroecossystems of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. in Pedra de Fogo county - PB, Brazil, on Megastes spp. complex were studied, with the objective of identifying parasitoids species and to describe the main aspects on parasitism action on Megastes grandalis Guenee and Megastes pusialis Snellen. On direct evaluation 14% of plants had females of ectopasitoids belonging to the braconidae family. The indirect evaluation showed the occurrence of 22% of worms attacked by parasitoids. The emergence of parasitoids adults of seven species belonging to the braconidae, Chalcididae and Ichneumonidae families has been observed. It was concluded that the presence of parasitoids in sweet potato agroecossystem is diversified and important to suppress the insect pest.

  11. Automated Information Systems for Evaluation of Social Service in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This research developed information systems for evaluation of social services in Nigeria. The system is to be used by social workers in the long term care of children in the motherless babies' homes. The research has developed a system that evaluates the activities and operation of the motherless babies homes thereby ...

  12. Taxonomia de Coffea arabica L. VI: caracteres morfológicos dos haplóides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Carvalho


    Full Text Available No decorrer dos trabalhos de melhoramento do café em execução no Instituto Agronômico de Campinas, plantas haplóides foram encontradas nas variedades typica, bourbon, maragogipe, semperflorens, laurina, erecta, caturra e San Ramon, da espécie Coffea arabica. Todos os haplóides apresentam porte menor e fôlhas mais estreitas e mais finas do que as variedades que lhes deram origem. Apesar de as flores serem completas, nota-se esterilidade muito acentuada. Raramente se formam alguns frutos, e êstes são providos de uma única semente, motivo pelo qual as plantas haplóides são denominadas "monosperma". Os fatôres genéticos dominantes maragogipe (Mg, erecta (Er, caturra (Ct e San Ramon, bem como os gens recessivos semperflorens (sf, e laurina (lr, das variedades estudadas, manifestam-se nas plantas haplóides, de modo semelhante ao que ocorre nas plantas diplóides correspondentes. O fator para coloração bronze dos brotos novos tem dominância incompleta e, na condição heterozigota (Brbr, mostra intensidade intermediária de côr. Nas plantas haplóides contendo um só alelo Br, a côr dos brotos novos é bronze-clara. Uma única dose do fator Na, que também apresenta dominância incompleta, dando, na forma heterozigota (Nana e na presença de tt, o fenótipo conhecido por murta, manifesta-se, na forma haplóide, dando plantas semelhantes às homozigotas ttNaNa, apenas com fôlhas mais estreitas e mais finas. Chamou-se atenção para as linhas puras de café obtidas pela duplicação do número de cromosômios dos haplóides e sua aplicação nos ensaios de linhagens e na determinação das taxas de mutação. As observações realizadas na meiose da espécie C. arabica, bem como os dados das análises genéticas e as observações feitas nesses haplóides parecem indicar que, se essa espécie fôr alotetraplóide, tal origem deve ser bem antiga, comportando-se hoje a espécie C. arábica, como um diplóide normal. As plantas

  13. Fitonematóides associados à gravioleira (Annona muricata no sul da Bahia Phytonematodes associated to soursop tree (Aannona muricata in the south of Bahia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arlete Silveira


    Full Text Available Nematóides têm sido reportados, em alguns Estados do Brasil, causando danos à gravioleira (Annona muricata L.. No sul da Bahia, o cultivo da graviola é bastante recente; portanto, há carência de informações sobre os problemas fitossanitários. O presente estudo teve como objetivo o levantamento dos fitonematóides associados a gravioleiras dos municípios de Una e Ilhéus, sul da Bahia (BA. Subamostras de solo e raízes de 10 diferentes plantas foram coletadas, ao acaso, e misturadas para formar uma amostra composta representativa de cada pomar. As análises nematológicas foram realizadas nos Laboratórios de Fitopatologia e Nematologia da Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC, Ilhéus-BA, e Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV, Viçosa-MG. Os nematóides encontrados associados à gravioleira foram: Aphelenchoides sp., Aphelenchus sp., Helicotylenchus sp., Mesocriconema sp., Rotylenchus sp., Rotylenchulus sp. e Tylenchus sp. Futuramente, serão conduzidos estudos para avaliar a patogenicidade desses nematóides à gravioleira.Nematodes have been reported in some States of Brazil causing damage to soursop (Annona muricata L.. In the South of Bahia, the soursop growing is very recent; therefore there is a lack of information regarding its phytosanitary problems. The present study aimed the survey of plant nematodes associated with soursop in the municipal district of Una and Ilhéus, South of Bahia (BA. Soil and root subsamples from 10 distinct soursop plants were randomly collected and mixed to form a representative composite sample of each orchard. The nematodes analyses were carried out in the Laboratories of Plant Pathology and Nematology of the University of Ilhéus, BA (UESC and Viçosa, MG (UFV. The nematodes found associated with soursop were: Aphelenchoides sp., Aphelenchus sp., Helicotylenchus spp., Mesocriconema spp., Rotylenchus sp., Rotylenchulus sp. and Tylenchus sp. Future studies will be conducted to evaluate the

  14. Fire safety evaluation system for NASA office/laboratory buildings (United States)

    Nelson, H. E.


    A fire safety evaluation system for office/laboratory buildings is developed. The system is a life safety grading system. The system scores building construction, hazardous areas, vertical openings, sprinklers, detectors, alarms, interior finish, smoke control, exit systems, compartmentation, and emergency preparedness.

  15. Evaluating operating system vulnerability to memory errors.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ferreira, Kurt Brian; Bridges, Patrick G. (University of New Mexico); Pedretti, Kevin Thomas Tauke; Mueller, Frank (North Carolina State University); Fiala, David (North Carolina State University); Brightwell, Ronald Brian


    Reliability is of great concern to the scalability of extreme-scale systems. Of particular concern are soft errors in main memory, which are a leading cause of failures on current systems and are predicted to be the leading cause on future systems. While great effort has gone into designing algorithms and applications that can continue to make progress in the presence of these errors without restarting, the most critical software running on a node, the operating system (OS), is currently left relatively unprotected. OS resiliency is of particular importance because, though this software typically represents a small footprint of a compute node's physical memory, recent studies show more memory errors in this region of memory than the remainder of the system. In this paper, we investigate the soft error vulnerability of two operating systems used in current and future high-performance computing systems: Kitten, the lightweight kernel developed at Sandia National Laboratories, and CLE, a high-performance Linux-based operating system developed by Cray. For each of these platforms, we outline major structures and subsystems that are vulnerable to soft errors and describe methods that could be used to reconstruct damaged state. Our results show the Kitten lightweight operating system may be an easier target to harden against memory errors due to its smaller memory footprint, largely deterministic state, and simpler system structure.

  16. Performance evaluations and control system design

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    S. Kramer (Stephan)


    markdownabstractThe accuracy of information available to managers about an employee's performance, combined with the transparency of performance evaluations based on that information, can help to motivate managers to reward good performance and highlight poor performance.

  17. Thermal Protection Systems Nondestructive Evaluation Tool Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — To address NASA's need for evaluation of bondline and in-depth integrity for lightweight rigid and/or flexible ablative materials, Physical Optics Corporation (POC)...

  18. Pervious Pavement System Evaluation- Abstract 1 (United States)

    Porous pavement is a low impact development stormwater control. The Urban Watershed Management Branch is evaluating interlocking concrete pavers as a popular implementation. The pavers themselves are impermeable, but the spaces between the pavers are backfilled with washed, gra...

  19. Experimental Evaluation of Mountain Bike Suspension Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Titlestad


    Full Text Available A significant distinction between competitive mountain bikes is whether they have a suspension system. Research studies indicate that a suspension system gives advantages, but it is difficult to quantify the benefits because they depend on so many variables, including the physiology and psychology of the cyclist, the roughness of the track and the design of the suspension system. A laboratory based test rig has been built that allows the number of variables in the system to be reduced and test conditions to be controlled. The test rig simulates regular impacts of the rear wheel with bumps in a rolling road. The physiological variables of oxygen consumption and heart rate were measured, together with speeds and forces at various points in the system. Physiological and mechanical test results both confirm a significant benefit in using a suspension system on the simulated rough track, with oxygen consumption reduced by around 30 % and power transmitted through the pedals reduced by 30 % to 60 %.

  20. IDES-EDU: Comprehensive multidisciplinary education programme to accelerate the implementation of EPBD in Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wyckmans, Annemie; Almeida, Manuela; Brunsgaard, Camilla

    This paper presents a new education and training programme on integrated energy design developed by fifteen European universities collaborating within the IDES-EDU project (2010-2013), funded by Intelligent Energy Europe. IDES-EDU aims to accelerate the implementation of the Energy Performance...... educational programmes targetting integrated project design at the interface of architecture and engineering. Taking into account local variations in climate, construction and pedagogical approaches, the programme facilitates gradual implementation towards full integration of energy efficiency in building...... are expected learning outcomes, level of integration in existing curricula and alignment with theory and assessment methods. Measures for improvement as well as further dissemination to other European educational facilities are proposed. In this manner, the project will contribute to make the multiple...

  1. Penfigóide bolhoso no lactente Bullous pemphigoid in childhood

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ada Lobato Quattrino


    Full Text Available O penfigóide bolhoso é doença que comumente acomete pessoas idosas. Desde o primeiro caso na infância, confirmado por imunofluorescência em 1970, cerca de 50 casos foram relatados e poucos ocorreram em crianças com menos de um ano de idade. Apresentase caso de penfigóide bolhoso em lactente de quatro meses de idade e discutem-se as características clínicas e imunopatológicas dessa rara bulose da infância.Bullous pemphigoid typically affects the elderly. Since the first description of bullous pemphigoid in childhood in 1970, about 50 cases have been reported, but only 10 were reported in children under the first year of age. We report a case of bullous pemphigoid in a 4-month-old girl and discuss the clinical and immunopathological features of this rare bullous disease of infancy.

  2. Resíduos de frutos de pequi no controle do nematóide das galhas em tomateiro Pequi fruit waste in the control of root-knot nematodes in tomato

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hudson B Ribeiro


    ão indicativos de fitotoxicidade.The exocarp and external mesocarp of pequi fruit are discarded during the extraction of internal mesocarp which is the commercial part used as food. The objective of this research was to study the use of aqueous extract and of pequi ground-powder to the control of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica. From ground pequi fruit exocarp and external mesocarp were obtained the aquaeous extract and powder. Five doses of aquaeous extract (0.0; 2.5; 5; 10 or 20% were evaluated on root-knot nematode J2 (second stage juvenile hatching and mortality. The assays were carried out in entirely randomized design with 10 replications. The hatching assay was set in Petri plates with 800 nematode eggs and 10 mL of different doses of extract. During 14 days we counted the number of hatched juveniles under optical microscope. The mortality assay of root-knot nematode was evaluated putting 100 µL of each dose of extract plus 20 µL of supension containing 20 J2 in each cell Elisa plate. After 24 h was counted the number of live and dead juveniles. The pequi powder was tested in tomato plants in greenhouse in four doses (0; 7.5; 15 or 30 g/4 kg of soil in randomized blocks design with 10 replications per treatment. The pequi powder was incorporated to the soil seven days before transplanting and nematode eggs inoculation was carried out after transplanting. After 40 days we evaluated the number of galls, egg masses, eggs/root and J2 per 200 cm³ soil and the tomato shoot dry weight and height. The aquaeous extract reduced J2 hatching and increased J2 mortality. The increased application of powder doses reduced the number of galls, egg masses and eggs of root-knot nematodes per root system and the tomato shoot dry weight being a good indication of phytotoxicity.

  3. 10 Détermination des radionucléides dans le repas. Application aux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ISSN 1813-548X, Frédéric ASIMANANA. Détermination des radionucléides dans le repas. Application aux arts culinaires de Madagascar. Frédéric ASIMANANA. Métrologie Nucléaire et Environnement, Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires,. Faculté des Sciences, BP 201, ...

  4. Biometric systems technology, design and performance evaluation

    CERN Document Server

    Wayman, James; Maltoni, Davide


    A reference book for anyone involved in the design, management or implementation of biometric systems, and provides all the information needed to a build reliable system. It focuses on the four most widely used types of biometric technology - speech, fingerprint, iris and face recognition.

  5. Reverse electrodialysis : evaluation of suitable electrode systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veerman, J.; Saakes, M.; Metz, S. J.; Harmsen, G. J.

    Reverse electrodialysis (RED) is a method for directly extracting electrical energy from salinity gradients, especially from sea and river water. For the commercial implementation of RED, the electrode system is a key component. In this paper, novel electrode systems for RED were compared with

  6. Evaluation of an Automated Keywording System. (United States)

    Malone, Linda C.; And Others


    Discussion of automated indexing techniques focuses on ways to statistically document improvements in the development of an automated keywording system over time. The system developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to automate the storage, categorization, and retrieval of information from military exercises is explained, and performance measures are…

  7. Advanced public transportation systems : evaluation guidelines (United States)


    The Federal Transit Administration has developed the Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) Program which is an integral part of the overall U.S. DOT Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) effort. A major aim of the APTS Program is to prom...

  8. Composição de carotenóides de maracujá-amarelo (Passiflora edulis flavicarpa in natura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silva Sandra Regina da


    Full Text Available A composição de carotenóides de maracujá-amarelo in natura (Passiflora edulis comercializado em Campinas, Brasil, foi avaliada utilizando-se cromatografia líquida de alta eficiência. Em todas as amostras foram encontrados os seguintes carotenóides: beta-criptoxantina, prolicopeno, cis-zeta-caroteno, zeta-caroteno, beta-caroteno e 13-cis-beta-caroteno, além de neurosporeno e gama-caroteno em alguns lotes. Em geral, os teores de carotenóides nos diversos lotes foram significativamente diferentes. Em dois dos cinco lotes analisados, o z-caroteno foi o carotenóide principal, contribuindo com 41 e 62% do total de carotenóides, enquanto que em outros dois lotes, o beta-caroteno foi o majoritário, com 55 e 74% do total e em um dos lotes o cis-zeta-caroteno esteve presente em maior concentração, com 29%. Este tipo de inversão entre os carotenóides majoritários não é comumente encontrado em frutas e vegetais.

  9. Hyperparasitism by helminths: new records of cestodes and nematodes in proteocephalid cestodes from South American siluriform fishes Hiperparasitismo por helmintos: novas ocorrências de cestóides e nematóides em cestóides proteocefalídeos de peixes siluriformes da América do Sul

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amilcar Arandas Rego


    Full Text Available Proteocephalid cestode hyperparasite are reported from numerous proteocephalids occurring in pimelodid fishes in different regions of Brazil. In addition, three specimens of a nematode hyperparasite are reported from the proteocephalid cestode Choanoscolex abscissus from the pimelodid fish Pseudoplatystoma corruscans in Brazil. Previous records of cestode and nematode hyperparasite of cestode are listed, and the possible identities of the Brazilian records are discussed.Cestóides hiperparasitos são descritos de espécies de proteocefalídeos, que ocorrem em peixes pimelodídeos de diferentes regiões do Brasil. Referimos ainda, a ocorrência de nematóide hiperparasito em espécimes de Choanoscolex abscissus, do peixe pimelodídeo, Pseudoplatystoma carruscans. São citadas as referências anteriores de cestóides e nematóides hiperparasitos, e discutida a possível identificação dos mesmos.

  10. Economic evaluation for adoption of cogeneration system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oh, Si-Doek [Hyosung Corporation, Bangbae-Dong, Seocho-Ku, Seoul 137-850 (Korea, Republic of); Oh, Hoo-Suk; Kwak, Ho-Young [Mechanical Engineering Department, Chung-Ang University, Seoul 156-756 (Korea, Republic of)


    An optimal planning for gas turbine cogeneration system was applied to find whether or not the adoption of the system to an office building or hotel in Seoul, Korea is profitable. The planning problem considered in this study is to determine the optimal configuration of the system equipment and optimal operational policy of the system when the annual energy demands of electric power, heat and cooling are given a priori. The optimal configuration of the system equipment has been determined based on annual cost method with proper choice of representative energy demand patterns obtained for the building and hotel in a 1-year period. A mixed-integer linear programming and the branch and bound algorithm have been used to obtain the optimal solution. The planning method employed here may be applied to making decision on the adoption of the cogeneration plant to any specific office building or hotel. (author)

  11. Síndrome carcinóide: relato de caso Carcinoid syndrome: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ane Beatriz Mautari Niwa


    Full Text Available Os tumores carcinóides são raros, com incidência aproximada de um a dois casos por 100.000 habitantes. Estima-se que a síndrome carcinóide - que se caracteriza por flushing, diarréia, dor abdominal e, em menor freqüência, pelagra, broncoespasmo e doença valvar cardíaca - ocorra em menos de 10% dos doentes. Entretanto, nos casos avançados a incidência varia de 40 a 50%. Estudos retrospectivos e de série de casos mostram que as manifestações cutâneas são freqüentes nessa entidade, embora sejam raramente relatadas. Apresenta-se um caso de síndrome carcinóide diagnosticadoa partir das manifestações dermatológicas.Carcinoid tumors are rare neoplasms with an estimated incidence of 1 to 2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The malignant carcinoid syndrome, characterized by flushing, diarrhea, abdominal pain and, less frequently, pellagra, bronchospasm and valvular disease, occurs in less than 10% of patients. Nevertheless, in advanced stages of the disease, the incidence is about 40 to 50%. Retrospective studies and descriptive case series have shown that cutaneous involvement is relatively common but has rarely been reported. We present a case of carcinoid syndrome diagnosed with basis on skin findings on clinical examination.

  12. The study of concentration effects of target hybridization on cervical cancer detection using interdigitated electrodes (IDE) (United States)

    Noriani, C.; Hashim, U.; Azizah, N.


    Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a virus from the Papilloma virus family that affects human skin and the moist membranes that line the body, such as the throat, mouth, feet, fingers, nails, anus and cervix [1]. There are over 100 types, of which 40 can affect the genital area. Most known HPV types cause no symptoms to humans. Some, however, can cause verrucae (warts), while a small number can increase the risk of developing several cancers, such as that of the cervix, penis, vagina, anus and oropharynx (oral part of the pharynx - throat cancer). HPV strand 16 and 18 are well known for causing the advanced of Cervical Cancer (CC). Currently, integrated electrodes (IDEs) are implemented in various sensing devices including surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, chemical sensors as well as current MEMS biosensors. IDEs have been optimized for a variety of sensing applications including biosensors sensors, acoustic sensors, and chemical sensors. However, optimization for cancer cell detection has yet to be reported. The output signal strength of IDEs is controlled through careful design of the active area, width, and spacing of the electrode fingers the efficiency of DNA nanochip depends mainly on the sequence of the capture probes and the way they are attached to the support [2]. This strategy presented a simple, rapid and sensitive platform for HPV detection and would become a powerful tool for pathogenic microorganisms screening in clinical diagnosis. The coupling procedure must be quick, covalent, and reproducible.

  13. Falha a longo prazo no tratamento do melanoma de coróide com termoterapia transpupilar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriela Soncini Pasetto


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar, retrospectivamente, num longo intervalo de tempo, os resultados da termoterapia transpupilar em casos selecionados do melanoma de coróide. MÉTODOS: Foram identificados todos os casos com melanoma de coróide tratados com termoterapia transpupilar, como terapia única ou suplementar. Foram excluídos os casos com seguimento inferior a 60 meses, prontuários incompletos ou com o abandono do acompanhamento. RESULTADOS: De um total de 18 olhos, 7 (38.9% foram incluídos no estudo. Cinco (71,4% pacientes foram tratados exclusivamente com termoterapia transpupilar, em 1 (14,2% olho a crioterapia foi simultânea, 1 (14,2% suplementou braquiterapia - placa episcleral. Três (42.8% sofreram recorrência, 2 (28.5% apresentaram metástases (um óbito, 2 foram enucleados. Complicações foram encontradas em 3 olhos: dobras maculares em 2, hemorragia vítrea em 1. Nos olhos enucleados, não havia extensão extraescleral, porém células interesclerais foram identificadas. CONCLUSÃO: Termoterapia transpupilar mostra um declínio em sua eficácia e conserva os riscos de metástases em períodos mais longos de acompanhamento, sendo necessária uma definição mais exata de seu papel nos melanomas de coróide.

  14. Nodulose reumatóide epibulbar bilateral: relato de caso Bilateral epibulbar rheumatoid nodulosis: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Namir Clementino Santos


    Full Text Available Apresentamos o caso de uma paciente de 64 anos, com diagnóstico de artrite reumatóide, apresentando nódulos episclerais bilaterais, sem inflamação articular ativa. A biópsia das lesões revelou presença de granulomas com células epitelióides e fibroblastos em orientação radial à zona central de degeneração necrobiótica do colágeno da episclera e esclera superficial e infiltrados de linfócitos e plasmócitos em todos os níveis da substância própria da conjuntiva. Na literatura reumatológica o desenvolvimento de nódulos reumatóides na ausência de doença articular ativa é chamado de "nodulosis rheumatoidis".A 64-year-old woman with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis developed painless bilateral episcleral rheumatoid nodules without any flareup of her associated disease. Biopsy of the lesions disclosed a lymphocytic and plasmacytic infiltration within the conjunctiva, overlying palisading granulomas with multinucleated giant cells, and central necrobiotic degeneration of the collagen of the episclera and superficial sclera. The rheumatologic designation for the development of groups of nodules in inactive rheumatoid arthritis is rheumatoid nodulosis.

  15. Tumores de plexo coróide: estudo epidemiológico comparativo de 24 casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Torres Luiz Fernando Bleggi


    Full Text Available Tumores derivados do plexo coróide são neoplasias raras do sistema nervoso central que acometem principalmente crianças. Este estudo apresenta uma série de 38 pacientes com tumores de origem neuroectodérmica, dentre os quais 24 possuem diagnóstico histológico e/ou imunoistoquímico de Carcinoma do Plexo Coróide (CPC. Destes, 16 eram do gênero masculino. O local predominantemente acometido foi o ventrículo lateral esquerdo. As manifestações clínicas mais freqüentes foram hidrocefalia, hipertensão intracraniana e crises convulsivas. Todos os pacientes foram submetidos a tratamento cirúrgico. Houve um óbito no per-operatório e outro no pós-operatório imediato. Nove pacientes tiveram recidiva, evoluindo a óbito em tempo médio de 12,3 meses. Sete estão vivos. Os demais casos não apresentavam dados disponíveis. Em Curitiba, o CPC tem uma alta prevalência em relação a outros tumores do plexo coróide, podendo estar relacionado a algum agente patogênico.

  16. Evaluating the Software Design of a Complex System of Systems (United States)


    shows the main claim, C1, is supported by three sub-claims C2, C3 , and C4. For purposes of illustration, each sub-claim is shown to be directly...Operational Capability IOT &E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation IOTE Initial Operational Test and Evaluation IPDR Initial Preliminary Design

  17. Resilience assessment and evaluation of computing systems

    CERN Document Server

    Wolter, Katinka; Vieira, Marco


    The resilience of computing systems includes their dependability as well as their fault tolerance and security. It defines the ability of a computing system to perform properly in the presence of various kinds of disturbances and to recover from any service degradation. These properties are immensely important in a world where many aspects of our daily life depend on the correct, reliable and secure operation of often large-scale distributed computing systems. Wolter and her co-editors grouped the 20 chapters from leading researchers into seven parts: an introduction and motivating examples,

  18. Global Positioning System receiver evaluation results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Byrne, R.H.


    A Sandia project currently uses an outdated Magnavox 6400 Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver as the core of its navigation system. The goal of this study was to analyze the performance of the current GPS receiver compared to newer, less expensive models and to make recommendations on how to improve the performance of the overall navigation system. This paper discusses the test methodology used to experimentally analyze the performance of different GPS receivers, the test results, and recommendations on how an upgrade should proceed. Appendices contain detailed information regarding the raw data, test hardware, and test software.

  19. Systems Evaluation at the Cool Energy House

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williamson, J. [Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Norwalk, CT (United States); Puttagunta, S. [Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Norwalk, CT (United States)


    Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) monitored several advanced mechanical systems within a 2012 deep energy retrofitted home in the small Orlando suburb of Windermere, FL. This report provides performance results of one of the home's heat pump water heaters (HPWH) and the whole-house dehumidifier (WHD) over a six month period. In addition to assessing the energy performance of these systems,this study sought to quantify potential comfort improvements over traditional systems. This information is applicable to researchers, designers, plumbers, and HVAC contractors. Though builders and homeowners can find useful information within this report, the corresponding case studies are a likely better reference for this audience.

  20. Systems Evaluation at the Cool Energy House

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    J. Williamson and S. Puttagunta


    Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) monitored several advanced mechanical systems within a 2012 deep energy retrofitted home in the small Orlando suburb of Windermere, FL. This report provides performance results of one of the home's heat pump water heaters (HPWH) and the whole-house dehumidifier (WHD) over a six month period. In addition to assessing the energy performance of these systems, this study sought to quantify potential comfort improvements over traditional systems. This information is applicable to researchers, designers, plumbers, and HVAC contractors. Though builders and homeowners can find useful information within this report, the corresponding case studies are a likely better reference for this audience.

  1. Evaluation of a Cyber Security System for Hospital Network. (United States)

    Faysel, Mohammad A


    Most of the cyber security systems use simulated data in evaluating their detection capabilities. The proposed cyber security system utilizes real hospital network connections. It uses a probabilistic data mining algorithm to detect anomalous events and takes appropriate response in real-time. On an evaluation using real-world hospital network data consisting of incoming network connections collected for a 24-hour period, the proposed system detected 15 unusual connections which were undetected by a commercial intrusion prevention system for the same network connections. Evaluation of the proposed system shows a potential to secure protected patient health information on a hospital network.

  2. Evaluation of the Kloswall longwall mining system (United States)

    Guay, P. J.


    A new longwal mining system specifically designed to extract a very deep web (48 inches or deeper) from a longwall panel was studied. Productivity and cost analysis comparing the new mining system with a conventional longwall operation taking a 30 inch wide web is presented. It is shown that the new system will increase annual production and return on investment in most cases. Conceptual drawings and specifications for a high capacity three drum shearer and a unique shield type of roof support specifically designed for very wide web operation are reported. The advantages and problems associated with wide web mining in general and as they relate specifically to the equipment selected for the new mining system are discussed.

  3. An Evaluation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jelacic, Allan [U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); Fortuna, Raymond [U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); LaSala, Raymond [U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); Nathwani, Jay [U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); Nix, Gerald [U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States); Visser, Charles [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Green, Bruce [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Renner, Joel [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Blankenship, Douglas [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Kennedy, Mack [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Bruton, Carol [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    This 2008 document presents the results of an eight-month study by the Department of Energy (DOE) and its support staff at the national laboratories concerning the technological requirements to commercialize a new geothermal technology, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).

  4. Automatic Tracking Evaluation and Development System (ATEDS) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The heart of the ATEDS network consists of four SGI Octane computers running the IRIX operating system and equipped with V12 hardware graphics to support synthetic...

  5. PV System Energy Evaluation Method (Presentation)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kurtz, S.


    This presentation describes a comparison of the "predicted" energy (based on historical weather data) with the "expected" energy (based on the measured weather data) to determine whether a PV system is performing as modeled in order to verify the accuracy of a model. A key factor in defining this energy test is determining the test boundary so that weather variations are not inadvertently included in what is considered to be PV system performance.

  6. Handling Qualities Evaluations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (United States)


    control power from the propulsion system, a two axis control stick to control pitch and roll, and a dual axis pedal system to control yaw and braking...cockpit in a GCS may consist of a throttle, control stick, and rudder pedals as well as any other hardware inputs benefi- cial to the pilot (landing gear...will consist of: a visual display, throttle, control stick, rudder pedals , and other appropriate hardware switches and levers. Removing the pilot from

  7. Interface Evaluation for Open System Architectures (United States)


    information protection level ( IPL ) required for connected systems. Utilization of an open interface implies that a willingness to share information about...the interface exists. An inverse relationship between the IPL and the value of an open interface exists. As the IPL of connected systems increases...unclassified IPL . The minimum value is associated with a compartmentalized top secret IPL . The IPL scale is shown in Table 10. Information

  8. Vantagens e desvantagens das colunas C18 e C30 para a separação de carotenóides por CLAE Advantages and disadvantages of C18 and C30 columns for HPLC separation of carotenoids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Itaciara Larroza Nunes


    Full Text Available Estudos têm demonstrado uma alta associação entre ingestão ou nível plasmático de carotenóides e a diminuição do risco ou proteção contra algumas doenças. Estes fatos, bem como a elevada suscetibilidade destes compostos à luz e calor, com formação de isômeros cis, os quais apresentam menor atividade biológica, torna importante o desenvolvimento de sistemas que permitam a separação destes carotenóides em alimentos. Neste trabalho foi avaliada a separação de isômeros geométricos de licopeno, e dos isômeros de posição luteína e zeaxantina, por cromatografia líquida de alta eficiência (CLAE, utilizando colunas C18 (monomérica, 4 mm, 300 x 3,9 mm e C30 (polimérica, 3 mm, 250 x 4,6 mm e diferentes fases móveis, tanto com eluição isocrática como com gradiente. Os carotenóides foram identificados através das características espectrais e co-cromatografia com padrões. As melhores condições cromatográficas foram obtidas em coluna C30 com temperatura de 33 ºC, eluição isocrática a 1 mL/min e fase móvel com metanol (0,1% trietilamina/éter metil-terc-butílico (50:50 para separar isômeros de licopeno e (95:5 para luteína e zeaxantina. Entretanto, para análise quantitativa, é necessário verificar a repetibilidade da área dos picos na coluna C30. Além disso, a coluna C18 monomérica pode ser empregada para separar luteína e zeaxantina.Several studies have demonstrated a high association between dietary intake or plasma levels of carotenoids and the decrease of risk or the protection against some diseases. Taking this into consideration, as well as the high susceptibility of these compounds to light and heat, leading to the formation of cis isomers with lower biological activity, it is important to develop systems that allow the separation of such compounds in foods. This work evaluated the separation of the geometric isomers of lycopene and of the position isomers, lutein and zeaxanthin, by high

  9. Evaluation of reliability worth in an electric power system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Billinton, Roy [Saskatchewan Univ., Saskatoon, SK (Canada). Power System Research Group


    This paper illustrates the application of basic power system reliability evaluation techniques to the quantification for reliability worth. The approach presented links customer interruption cost estimates with predictable indices of power system reliability. The technique is illustrated by application in the areas of generation, composite generation and transmission, and distribution system assessment using a hypothetical test system. (author)

  10. Evaluation of cassava-based systems for adaptation to climatic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluation of cassava-based systems for adaptation to climatic variations in eastern Nigeria. ... and Cassava + pigeon pea + maize were evaluated for five years using cassava root, shoot yields and their ratio as the index of adaptation to climatic variations. ... Keywords: Cassava, climate, cropping systems, Eastern Nigeria ...

  11. Sex Role Stereotyping and Evaluation: A Systems Approach. (United States)

    McLure, Gail T.

    The usefulness of applying the Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIPP) Evaluation Model to school systems or projects where social change is needed is examined. The author introduces a systems approach to the examination of sex stereotyping, using the CIPP evaluation model, and sketches briefly the relationship between this model and the…

  12. Implementing, a sensory evaluation system in the manufacturing ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Often the people responsible for implementing sensory evaluation systems have had no formal training in sensory evaluation and the-task can seem quite ... This reliability can be assured through proper selection and training of panellists. .... results is a vehicle for lifting the profile of the sensory system. Ensure results are.

  13. Implementing a Sensory Evaluation System in the Manufacturing ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Often the people responsible for implementing sensory evaluation systems have had no formal training in sensory evaluation and the task can seem quite daunting. This paper presents some elements that are considered important when planning the design and implementation of a sensory system for process control.

  14. Application of computerized land evaluation systems in Tanzania: a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Automated Land Evaluation System (ALES) and Land Evaluation Computer System (LECS) were applied in Kilosa District, Tanzania to test their applicability and adaptability in the area within the context of low-input rainfed maize farming. The study comprised physical land suitability classification of dominant soils ...

  15. Rhode Island Model Evaluation & Support System: Teacher. Edition III (United States)

    Rhode Island Department of Education, 2015


    Rhode Island educators believe that implementing a fair, accurate, and meaningful educator evaluation and support system will help improve teaching and learning. The primary purpose of the Rhode Island Model Teacher Evaluation and Support System (Rhode Island Model) is to help all teachers improve. Through the Model, the goal is to help create a…

  16. Rhode Island Model Evaluation & Support System: Building Administrator. Edition III (United States)

    Rhode Island Department of Education, 2015


    Rhode Island educators believe that implementing a fair, accurate, and meaningful educator evaluation and support system will help improve teaching, learning, and school leadership. The primary purpose of the Rhode Island Model Building Administrator Evaluation and Support System (Rhode Island Model) is to help all building administrators improve.…

  17. Rhode Island Model Evaluation & Support System: Support Professional. Edition II (United States)

    Rhode Island Department of Education, 2015


    Rhode Island educators believe that implementing a fair, accurate, and meaningful evaluation and support system for support professionals will help improve student outcomes. The primary purpose of the Rhode Island Model Support Professional Evaluation and Support System (Rhode Island Model) is to help all support professionals do their best work…

  18. Document Level Assessment of Document Retrieval Systems in a Pairwise System Evaluation (United States)

    Rajagopal, Prabha; Ravana, Sri Devi


    Introduction: The use of averaged topic-level scores can result in the loss of valuable data and can cause misinterpretation of the effectiveness of system performance. This study aims to use the scores of each document to evaluate document retrieval systems in a pairwise system evaluation. Method: The chosen evaluation metrics are document-level…

  19. IBM PC/IX operating system evaluation plan (United States)

    Dominick, Wayne D. (Editor); Granier, Martin; Hall, Philip P.; Triantafyllopoulos, Spiros


    An evaluation plan for the IBM PC/IX Operating System designed for IBM PC/XT computers is discussed. The evaluation plan covers the areas of performance measurement and evaluation, software facilities available, man-machine interface considerations, networking, and the suitability of PC/IX as a development environment within the University of Southwestern Louisiana NASA PC Research and Development project. In order to compare and evaluate the PC/IX system, comparisons with other available UNIX-based systems are also included.

  20. STAR Network Distributed Computer Systems Evaluation Results. (United States)


    image processing systems. Further, because of the small data require- ments a segment of TOTT is a good candidate for VLSI. It can attain the...broadcast capabilities of the distributed architecture to isolate the overhead of accounting and enhacing of fault isolation (see Figure B-1). B-1 The

  1. A new evaluation platform for Navigation systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sejerøe, Thomas Hanefeld; Poulsen, Niels Kjølstad; Ravn, Ole


    The KALMTOOL 2 toolbox is a set of MATLAB tools for state estimation for nonlinear systems. The toolbox contains functions for extended Kalman filtering as well as for two new filters called the DD1 filter and the DD2 filter. It also contains function for Uncented Kalman filters as well as three...

  2. A self-evaluation token system versus an external evaluation token system alone in a residential setting with predelinquent youth. (United States)

    Wood, R; Flynn, J M


    This study compared the effects of self-evaluation and adult-dispensed tokens on room-cleaning behavior of six predelinquent youths in a residential token-economy setting. The self-evaluation token system proved to be as effective as the external adult-administered system in increasing room-cleaning behavior and was more effective in maintaining performance after contingencies were withdrawn. The self-evaluation token system increased resistance to extinction, compared to the external token system, and appeared to be a useful component for a traditional token-economy system.

  3. A monitoring and evaluation system for South African higher ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article is based on research done at the Council on Higher Education to produce a framework for the monitoring and evaluation of the achievement of higher education policy objectives in South Africa. The article situates monitoring and evaluation systems within the context of the rise of the evaluative state and argues ...

  4. Evaluation of the Reserve Components Automation System (United States)


    996 . " Director, Information S s for Commad and Control Computer and Communicatio Prog r irector, Policy, Followup and Training (SAAG-PMF-L " FOR The...they are shipped. We will also use a straight- forward approach to network design. (e.g., we will use Routing Internet Protocol (RIP) rather than a...E. Novis Wei K. Chang Margie A. D’Orazio Donna M. Preston Mary Ann HourcI6 INTERNET DOCUMENT INFORMATION FORM A. Report Title: Evaluation of the

  5. Performance evaluation of computer and communication systems

    CERN Document Server

    Le Boudec, Jean-Yves


    … written by a scientist successful in performance evaluation, it is based on his experience and provides many ideas not only to laymen entering the field, but also to practitioners looking for inspiration. The work can be read systematically as a textbook on how to model and test the derived hypotheses on the basis of simulations. Also, separate parts can be studied, as the chapters are self-contained. … the book can be successfully used either for self-study or as a supplementary book for a lecture. I believe that different types of readers will like it: practicing engineers and resea

  6. Comparative analysis of existing food safety culture evaluation systems


    Jespersen, Lone; Griffiths, Mansel; Wallace, Carol Anne


    The purpose of the research was firstly, to analyze existing culture evaluation systems for commonalities and differences in research quality, applied validation strategies, and content. Secondly, to suggest a simple structure of food safety cultural dimensions to help unify the culture evaluation field. To achieve these goals, a comparison of eight culture evaluation models applied to varing degrees in the food industry was conducted. The systems were found to vary significantly in applied v...

  7. Management Control Systems, Evaluative Style, and Behaviour : Exploring the Concept and Behavioural Consequences of Evaluative Style

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Noeverman (Jan)


    textabstractOrganisations develop and implement performance measurement and performance evaluation systems to motivate employees to take actions that -in the end- improve organisational (financial) performance. But do these systems really influence employee behaviour as intended? This thesis shows


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dubravka Mandušić


    Full Text Available Today`s technology supported and accelerated learning time requires constant and continuous acquisition of new knowledge. On the other hand, it does not leave enough time for additional education. Increasing number of E-learning systems, withdraws a need for precise evaluation of functionality that those systems provide; so they could be reciprocally compared. While implementing new systems for electronic learning, it is very important to pre-evaluate existing systems in order to select the one that meets all defined parameters, with low costs/investment. Proper evaluation can save time and money.

  9. Evaluation of the WavTrac Expeditionary Mobility Matting System (United States)


    ER D C/ G SL T R- 17 -4 Evaluation of the WavTrac Expeditionary Mobility Matting System G eo te ch ni ca l a nd S tr uc tu re s La ERDC/GSL TR-17-4 April 2017 Evaluation of WavTrac Expeditionary Mobility Matting System...the evaluation of the WavTrac prototype expeditionary mobility matting system. Under full-scale truck traffic, the WavTrac system performed comparably

  10. Coqoon - An IDE for Interactive Proof Development in Coq

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    these projects using the Eclipse common build system. Coqoon takes advantage of the latest features of Coq, including asynchronous and parallel processing of proofs, and—when used together with a third-party OCaml extension for Eclipse—can even be used to work on large developments containing Coq plugins....

  11. MITLL 2015 Language Recognition Evaluation System Description (United States)


    using SDC features BNF2: i-vector classifier trained using the BNF features STATS: i-vector classifier trained using the DNN posteriors and SDC ...features PITCH1: i-vector classifier trained using SDC and pitch features PITCH2: i-vector classifier trained using BNF and pitch features 2.1 CSAIL...The IVEC system used Shifted Delta Cepstra features as input. The SDC features used speech windowing of 20 ms length and 10 ms shift. Window DC was

  12. Information System Architectures: Representation, Planning and Evaluation


    André Vasconcelos; Pedro Sousa; José Tribolet


    In recent years organizations have been faced with increasingly demanding business environments - pushed by factors like market globalization, need for product and service innovation and product life cycle reduction - and with new information technologies changes and opportunities- such as the Component-off-the-shelf paradigm, the telecommunications improvement or the Enterprise Systems off-the-shelf modules availability - all of which impose a continuous redraw and reorganization of business...

  13. A Management System for Computer Performance Evaluation. (United States)


    background nearly always exposes an individual to fundamientals of mathematics and statistics. These traits of systematic thinking and a kmowledge of math and...It may be derived rigorously through the use of measurement, simulation, or mathematics or it may be literally estimated based on observation and...systematic identification of a. comuter performance management system. 5. Administration of Group and Project 11anagement Depending on the size and

  14. Comportamento de diversas plantas daninhas, de ocorrência comum no estado de São Paulo, em relação a duas espécies de nematóides das galhas: primeira parte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.C.C.B. Ferraz


    Full Text Available Estudou-se o comportamento de 10 espécies de plantas daninhas, comuns no Estado de São Paulo, quando o solo em que vegetavam foi inoculado com os nematóides das galhas Meloidogyne incognita raça 4 ou M. javanica. As avaliações foram feitas 50 dias após a inoculação dos parasitos, baseando-se nos números de galha s e ootec as pre sentes nas raízes e nos valores de altura e de pesos secos da parte aérea e sistemas radiculares das plantas. Em relação as duas espécies de nematóides, comportaram-se como alta mente suscetíveis Alternaria ficoidea (apaga -fogo e Ipomoea acuminata (cordade -viola , como olerantes Amaranthus hybridus var. patulus (caruru e Commelina virgunica (trapoeraba, como pouco suscetível Euphorbia heterophylla (amendoim bravo e como altamente resistentes Blainvillea rhomboidea (erva - palha, Crotonn glandulosus (gervãobranco, Emilia sonchifolia (serralha e Tagetes minuta (cravo-de-defunto. O carrapicho-de-carneiro, Acant horpermum hispidum, mostrou-se altamente resis tente a M. incognita raça 4 e moderadamente suscetível a M. javanica.The behaviour of ten different weed species belonging to Amaranthaceae, Commelinaceae, Compositae, Convolvulaceae and Euphorbiaceae in relation to the root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita race 4 and M. javanica was studied under greenhouse conditions. Evaluations were carried out 50 days after the nematode inoculations, by means of gall and egg masses indexes observed in the root systems and through the determination of height and/or top dry weight of the plants. Alternanthera ficoidea and Ipomoea acuminate were considered highly suscetible to both nematode species; Amaranthus hybridus var. patul us and Commelina virgunica were tolerant to the arasites whereas Euphorbia heterophylla showed low susceptibility; Acanthospernum hispidum was conside red moderately suscetible to M. javanica and highly resistant to M. incognita race 4; all other weeds - Blainvillea rhomboidea

  15. Flexible Conversion Ratio Fast Reactor Systems Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Neil Todreas; Pavel Hejzlar


    Conceptual designs of lead-cooled and liquid salt-cooled fast flexible conversion ratio reactors were developed. Both concepts have cores reated at 2400 MWt placed in a large-pool-type vessel with dual-free level, which also contains four intermediate heat exchanges coupling a primary coolant to a compact and efficient supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle power conversion system. Decay heat is removed passively using an enhanced Reactor Vessel Auxiliary Cooling System and a Passive Secondary Auxiliary Cooling System. The most important findings were that (1) it is feasible to design the lead-cooled and salt-cooled reactor with the flexible conversion ratio (CR) in the range of CR=0 and CR=1 n a manner that achieves inherent reactor shutdown in unprotected accidents, (2) the salt-cooled reactor requires Lithium thermal Expansion Modules to overcme the inherent salt coolant's large positive coolant temperature reactivity coefficient, (3) the preferable salt for fast spectrum high power density cores is NaCl-Kcl-MgCl2 as opposed to fluoride salts due to its better themal-hydraulic and neutronic characteristics, and (4) both reactor, but attain power density 3 times smaller than that of the sodium-cooled reactor.

  16. Aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae and their associations related to biological control in Brazil Parasitóides (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae de pulgões e suas interações relacionadas ao controle biológico no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petr Starý


    Full Text Available This study evaluated the parasitoid-aphid-plant associations in Brazil with the objective of developing a useful research database for further studies of aphid parasitoid ecology and aphid management. The original material was obtained from collections made in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo states. The published information on the Aphidiinae in Brazil is revised. The general features of the target parasitoid fauna of Central and South America is summarized and promising biological control programs of some aphid species in Brazil is discussed.Este trabalho avaliou as interações parasitóides-pulgão-planta no Brasil, com o objetivo de desenvolver um banco útil de dados para estudos subseqüentes em ecologia de parasitóides de afídeos e manejo de pulgões. O material original foi obtido de coletas nos estados do Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais e São Paulo, sendo revisadas as informações sobre Aphidiinae publicadas no Brasil. Foram também sumarizadas as caracteristicas gerais da fauna de parasitóides das Américas Central e do Sul e discutidos os programas potenciais de controle biológico de algumas espécies de pulgões no Brasil.

  17. A new method for analysis of plasma carotenoids in poultry Novo método para dosagem de carotenóides plasmáticos em aves domésticas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Teixeira


    Full Text Available A study was carried out to evaluate a new quantitative analytical technique for determination of plasma carotenoids in poultry. Plasma carotenoides were extracted and measured from 30 blood samples of male Cobb broilers. The new technique was efficient in detecting plasma carotenoids of chickens and also showed advantages upon those techniques currently in use such as the form of presentation of results, use of a compatible solvent, and the scanning method for reading. The new technique did not increase the cost of the analysis.Avaliou-se uma nova técnica analítica quantitativa para mensuração do teor de carotenóides plasmáticos em aves domésticas. Para extração e dosagem dos carotenóides plasmático, foram utilizadas 30 amostras de sangue de frangos de corte Cobb. A técnica testada foi capaz de detectar carotenóides no plasma das aves de forma eficiente tendo ainda vantagens sobre as técnicas correntes tais como a forma de apresentação dos resultados, uso de solvente compatível e método de leitura por varredura. A nova técnica não aumentou o custo da análise.

  18. <i>De novo pathway-based biomarker identification

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alcaraz, Nicolas; List, Markus; Batra, Richa


    on their molecular subtypes can provide a detailed view of the disease and lead to more personalized therapies. We propose and discuss a novel MG approach based on de novo pathways, which for the first time have been used as features in a multi-class setting to predict cancer subtypes. Comprehensive evaluation...... in a large cohort of breast cancer samples from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) revealed that MGs are considerably more stable than SG models, while also providing valuable insight into the cancer hallmarks that drive them. In addition, when tested on an independent benchmark non-TCGA dataset, MG features...

  19. Toward a New Protocol to Evaluate Recommender Systems


    Meyer, Frank; Fessant, Françoise; Clérot, Fabrice; Gaussier, Eric


    In this paper, we propose an approach to analyze the performance and the added value of automatic recommender systems in an industrial context. We show that recommender systems are multifaceted and can be organized around 4 structuring functions: help users to decide, help users to compare, help users to discover, help users to explore. A global off line protocol is then proposed to evaluate recommender systems. This protocol is based on the definition of appropriate evaluation measures for e...

  20. Evaluation of the Embedded Firewall System (United States)


    No a niffng I IN FOCO Alpha FallbackP ode: a La stPaiaY(Bljk) J r NospOr . Na oain a S.. CIN D\\ Brava -Juga F AlIaa CaP aa [ • INFO O harlie (Mission...test is used for off-loading test. Table 6 in Appendix A and Figure 9 below shows the throughput data collected from both firewall systems. The bars on...the left part of the diagram that are labeled "w/IPSEC" demonstrates the previous throughput measurements whereas the bars on the right shows the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. V. Khalipova


    Full Text Available Purpose. In the paper the question of the development of a methodological approach to the determination of logistics systems’ performance and grounding of the most effective goods’ delivery schemes, based on the theory of functions and sets of multiple objects, vector optimization approaches and discrete maximum principle for multi-stage processes (phase method is considered. Methodology. To achieve the goals of the research, the model of logistic system represented by multiple object that defined by the structure and content. The object is represented by hybrid superposition, composed of sets, multi-sets, ordered sets (lists and inhomogeneous sets (sequences, corteges, which at each stage of cargo delivery present sets of technological operations of their processing, choices and decisions algorithms. Multiple structure of objects is constructive three, consisting of the carrier, signatures and axiomatic. To determine the effective scheme of delivery, applied discrete maximum principle using vector optimization criterion. Findings. In this article, logistics system of delivery is presented in the form of a multi-stage (phase of the process. Each stage reviews a plurality of discrete activities sets, which includes the possible technology cycles of operations in goods handling. At each stage of a multi-phase delivery process from the supplier to the consumer, these sets are different. Considered a model example solving the problem of vector optimization options for delivery of goods by the road in the international logistics system for the five-step process. Optimization performed on the basis of three indicators. Originality. In this paper, the choice of the most effective way of delivery goods produced using the theory of functions and sets of multiple objects, using the discrete maximum principle for multi-stage processes, based on the vector optimization criterion. At each of its stages are formed a plurality of valid solutions as

  2. Expressão citofotométrica da Caspase-3 no carcinoma papilífero da tireóide e no bócio colóide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Rodrigues Queiroz de Souza

    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever a expressão citofotométrica quantitativa do marcador caspase-3 no bócio colóide e no carcinoma papilífero da tireóide e comparar a imunoexpessão entre as doenças. MÉTODOS: Realizou-se estudo imunoistoquímico da proteína caspase-3 em 17 blocos de parafina de carcinoma papilífero da tiróide e 20 de bócio colóide, através do sistema SAMBA 4000 - (Sistema de análise microscópica de busca automática, objetivando-se analisar duas variáveis: índice de marcagem e densidade óptica. RESULTADOS: Houve diferença significativa quanto ao índice de marcagem da caspase-3, entre o bócio colóide e o carcinoma papilífero, sendo maior no carcinoma, e não foi encontrada diferença significativa quanto à densidade óptica. Para o bócio colóide, o coeficiente de correlação estimado entre o índice de marcagem e a densidade óptica foi igual a 0,72, indicando assim, a rejeição da hipótese nula (p <0,001, afirmando-se que existe associação positiva e significativa entre o índice de marcagem e a densidade óptica da caspase-3. Para o carcinoma papilífero da tiróide, o coeficiente de correlação estimado entre o índice de marcagem e a densidade óptica 3 foi de 0,34. O resultado do teste estatístico indicou que não se pode afirmar que existe associação entre esses parâmetros. CONCLUSÃO: Para o bócio colóide existe associação positiva e significativa entre as duas variáveis, índice de marcagem e a densidade óptica da caspase-3, enquanto que para o carcinoma papilífero não existe essa associação. O estudo comparativo entre a análise quantitativa da caspase-3, demonstrou que a apoptose é mais evidente no carcinoma papilífero do que no bócio colóide.

  3. A Methodology for Evaluating System Performance for Radiological/Nuclear Counterterrorism Systems - Full Paper

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bredt, Ofelia P.; Holter, Gregory M.; Wood, Thomas W.


    Various countermeasure systems could be deployed against radiological/nuclear terrorism. The need to compare various systems and configurations has resulted in development of a method for estimating performance of such systems. This paper presents one such performance evaluation method.

  4. Evaluation Indicator System of Marketing Planning Ability Based on ANP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Min Jin


    Full Text Available The evaluation of “Marketing planning” curriculum in higher vocational colleges should pay attention to planning ability of students which requires a set of scientific evaluation indicator system of marketing planning ability, however, there is less in-depth study in this field, especially the quantitative research. Scientific evaluation indicator system of marketing planning ability should divide the elements of marketing planning ability reasonably, and should give them reasonable weight. Combined with document and the interview data, this paper will carry on the construction and analysis of the evaluation index system of marketing planning ability with Analytic Network Process (ANP, and use Super Decisions Software (SD to carry on the corresponding calculation and verification. Finally a set of more scientific and reasonable evaluation indicator system of marketing planning ability will be summed up.

  5. An urban energy performance evaluation system and its computer implementation. (United States)

    Wang, Lei; Yuan, Guan; Long, Ruyin; Chen, Hong


    To improve the urban environment and effectively reflect and promote urban energy performance, an urban energy performance evaluation system was constructed, thereby strengthening urban environmental management capabilities. From the perspectives of internalization and externalization, a framework of evaluation indicators and key factors that determine urban energy performance and explore the reasons for differences in performance was proposed according to established theory and previous studies. Using the improved stochastic frontier analysis method, an urban energy performance evaluation and factor analysis model was built that brings performance evaluation and factor analysis into the same stage for study. According to data obtained for the Chinese provincial capitals from 2004 to 2013, the coefficients of the evaluation indicators and key factors were calculated by the urban energy performance evaluation and factor analysis model. These coefficients were then used to compile the program file. The urban energy performance evaluation system developed in this study was designed in three parts: a database, a distributed component server, and a human-machine interface. Its functions were designed as login, addition, edit, input, calculation, analysis, comparison, inquiry, and export. On the basis of these contents, an urban energy performance evaluation system was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2015. The system can effectively reflect the status of and any changes in urban energy performance. Beijing was considered as an example to conduct an empirical study, which further verified the applicability and convenience of this evaluation system. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Fenestration System Performance Research, Testing, and Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jim Benney


    The US DOE was and is instrumental to NFRC's beginning and its continued success. The 2005 to 2009 funding enables NFRC to continue expanding and create new, improved ratings procedures. Research funded by the US DOE enables increased fenestration energy rating accuracy. International harmonization efforts supported by the US DOE allow the US to be the global leader in fenestration energy ratings. Many other governments are working with the NFRC to share its experience and knowledge toward development of their own national fenestration rating process similar to the NFRC's. The broad and diverse membership composition of NFRC allows anyone with a fenestration interest to come forward with an idea or improvement to the entire fenestration community for consideration. The NFRC looks forward to the next several years of growth while remaining the nation's resource for fair, accurate, and credible fenestration product energy ratings. NFRC continues to improve its rating system by considering new research, methodologies, and expanding to include new fenestration products. Currently, NFRC is working towards attachment energy ratings. Attachments are blinds, shades, awnings, and overhangs. Attachments may enable a building to achieve significant energy savings. An NFRC rating will enable fair competition, a basis for code references, and a new ENERGY STAR product category. NFRC also is developing rating methods to consider non specular glazing such as fritted glass. Commercial applications frequently use fritted glazing, but no rating method exists. NFRC is testing new software that may enable this new rating and contribute further to energy conservation. Around the world, many nations are seeking new energy conservation methods and NFRC is poised to harmonize its rating system assisting these nations to better manage and conserve energy in buildings by using NFRC rated and labeled fenestration products. As this report has shown, much more work needs to be

  7. Feedback Systems for the Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation System. (United States)


    2, Winter 1979, pp. 50-59. 45. Festinger , Leon and Katz, Danie, Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1966. 46...and provides a comparison. a. Measurement Definition Evaluation is identical to measurement. It builds on attempts to measure psychological attributes...obtain evidence to rally opposition to a program, . 6. to contribute to the understanding of basic psychologi - cal, social, and other programs. [Ref

  8. Evaluating Teachers More Strategically: Using Performance Results to Streamline Evaluation Systems. Issue Brief (United States)

    White, Taylor


    Teacher evaluation systems introduced by states and school systems in the past several years have focused attention on improving the performance of public school teachers, but they have been cost- and time-intensive, placing a significant burden on states' and districts' resources. In Tennessee, for example, trained evaluators conducted nearly…

  9. Evaluation of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass (United States)

    J.L. do Canto; John Klepac; Robert Rummer; P. Savoie; F. Seixas


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance and to estimate costs of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass. One system was a cutter-shredderbaler prototype (Bio-baler). The other system required two successive operations. The first operation was cutting and shredding with a Supertrak tractor equipped with a Fecon mulcher head. The...

  10. Evaluating the Performance of an Integrated Navigation System.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lorga, J.F.M.; Chu, Q.P.; Mulder, J.A.; Halsema, D. van


    In this paper, the authors propose to introduce and describe a newly developed precise tightly-coupled integrated navigation system. The performed experiments with the purpose of evaluating the system performance are shown. A complete description of the integrated navigation system hardware,

  11. Evaluation of HIV Surveillance System in Rivers State, Nigeria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Rivers State has been reported to have the highest HIV prevalence of all the thirty-six states in Nigeria. HIV surveillance system generates information for timely and appropriate public health action. Evaluation of the surveillance system is vital in ensuring that the purpose of the surveillance system is being met.

  12. Tritium glovebox stripper system seismic design evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grinnell, J. J. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States); Klein, J. E. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL)


    The use of glovebox confinement at US Department of Energy (DOE) tritium facilities has been discussed in numerous publications. Glovebox confinement protects the workers from radioactive material (especially tritium oxide), provides an inert atmosphere for prevention of flammable gas mixtures and deflagrations, and allows recovery of tritium released from the process into the glovebox when a glovebox stripper system (GBSS) is part of the design. Tritium recovery from the glovebox atmosphere reduces emissions from the facility and the radiological dose to the public. Location of US DOE defense programs facilities away from public boundaries also aids in reducing radiological doses to the public. This is a study based upon design concepts to identify issues and considerations for design of a Seismic GBSS. Safety requirements and analysis should be considered preliminary. Safety requirements for design of GBSS should be developed and finalized as a part of the final design process.

  13. A Proposed RTN Officer Performance Evaluation System (United States)


    subordinates. IRef, 38 :pp. 61-63] 32b b. Peery td Ce-Worker: Rati*~ Syae A rating by those of equal rank or position in a hierarchical social system is tanned...w~ _ 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o - 5*4- S C . 55m U d U~t..#5Cs5.d me ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .1.-Sý .d .P ý 5 ds 55Ws. SSe SP 0 0, 0 0- 0 0 0 1E tVMUSI2 aSU =595 -Wdo 5...F2A -f 500 gb0" 5W0.* P54 b . M- I--d ! Td . I. -4.WP . w .~ A5 �" or- V 6P.- W." of -- P5 .W - ’. owD vd94r " S -. -d55 0 hwo5 W" -% g555e5 k*.~ bws

  14. GIS in Evaluation: Utilizing the Power of Geographic Information Systems to Represent Evaluation Data (United States)

    Azzam, Tarek; Robinson, David


    This article provides an introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) and how the technology can be used to enhance evaluation practice. As a tool, GIS enables evaluators to incorporate contextual features (such as accessibility of program sites or community health needs) into evaluation designs and highlights the interactions between…

  15. ID'ing innate and innate-like lymphoid cells. (United States)

    Verykokakis, Mihalis; Zook, Erin C; Kee, Barbara L


    The immune system can be divided into innate and adaptive components that differ in their rate and mode of cellular activation, with innate immune cells being the first responders to invading pathogens. Recent advances in the identification and characterization of innate lymphoid cells have revealed reiterative developmental programs that result in cells with effector fates that parallel those of adaptive lymphoid cells and are tailored to effectively eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogenic challenges. However, activation of these cells can also be associated with pathologies such as autoimmune disease. One major distinction between innate and adaptive immune system cells is the constitutive expression of ID proteins in the former and inducible expression in the latter. ID proteins function as antagonists of the E protein transcription factors that play critical roles in lymphoid specification as well as B- and T-lymphocyte development. In this review, we examine the transcriptional mechanisms controlling the development of innate lymphocytes, including natural killer cells and the recently identified innate lymphoid cells (ILC1, ILC2, and ILC3), and innate-like lymphocytes, including natural killer T cells, with an emphasis on the known requirements for the ID proteins. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  16. Technical Evaluation Report 30: Vendor-Assisted Evaluation of a Learning Management System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrienne De Schutter


    Full Text Available A product evaluation was conducted of Desire2Learn, an online learning management system gaining popularity in educational institutions. Since an online trial version of the software was not available for evaluation, an inspection meeting with the vendor was arranged. This provided the evaluation team with an opportunity to examine the precautions necessary for ensuring the objectivity of a product evaluation based on vendor-supplied information. The report outlines the team’s use of evaluator-driven enquiry and a triangulated approach to information checking. The Desire2Learn product is assessed as a flexible and useful addition to the range of learning management system options.

  17. Evaluation of new suspension system for limb prosthetics. (United States)

    Gholizadeh, Hossein; Abu Osman, Noor Azuan; Eshraghi, Arezoo; Ali, Sadeeq; Arifin, Nooranida; Wan Abas, Wan Abu Bakar


    Good prosthetic suspension system secures the residual limb inside the prosthetic socket and enables easy donning and doffing. This study aimed to introduce, evaluate and compare a newly designed prosthetic suspension system (HOLO) with the current suspension systems (suction, pin/lock and magnetic systems). All the suspension systems were tested (tensile testing machine) in terms of the degree of the shear strength and the patient's comfort. Nine transtibial amputees participated in this study. The patients were asked to use four different suspension systems. Afterwards, each participant completed a questionnaire for each system to evaluate their comfort. Furthermore, the systems were compared in terms of the cost. The maximum tensile load that the new system could bear was 490 N (SD, 5.5) before the system failed. Pin/lock, magnetic and suction suspension systems could tolerate loads of 580 N (SD, 8.5), 350.9 (SD, 7) and 310 N (SD, 8.4), respectively. Our subjects were satisfied with the new hook and loop system, particularly in terms of easy donning and doffing. Furthermore, the new system is considerably cheaper (35 times) than the current locking systems in the market. The new suspension system could successfully retain the prosthesis on the residual limb as a good alternative for lower limb amputees. In addition, the new system addresses some problems of the existing systems and is more cost effective than its counterparts.

  18. Evaluating the benefits realized from a nurse management information system. (United States)

    Malone, N; Loader, S; Poulter, J


    The information requirements of nurse managers have been uncreasing rapidly in recent years. The demand for access to relevant and accurate information has led to the development of computerized information systems for use a ward level. However, once implemented, few information systems have been evaluated to identify the benefits that will be realized. This paper presents the results of a study carried our in Oxford to evaluate one nurse management information system using a multi-method approach to identify ways in which returns may be manifested. It suggests that evaluation should be an active process planned at the same time is defining information requirements.

  19. Small Bore Piping Socket Weld Evaluation System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Dong Min; Cho, Hong Seok; Choi, Sang Hoon; Cho, Ki Hyun; Lee, Jang Wook [Korea Plant Service and Enginccring Co., Seongnam (Korea, Republic of)


    Kori unit 3 had stopped operation due to leakage at Steam Generator drain line socket weld on June 6, 2008. The Cause of socket weld damage was known as a fatigue crack. According to this case, all socket welds located in RCS pressure boundary are carrying out Radiographic Testing. But to inspect socket welds by RT has some problems. The result of EPRI study showed that RT has limitation to find flaws at socket welds.The orientation of flaws has big influence on RT inspection capability and there is not enough space at socket welds for RT, dose problems as well. Although the gap between coupling and pipe at socket welds must follow up code, surface inspection can't inspect the gap. If there is absence of the gap, socket welds are damaged during operation. The gap should be identified by RT but the distance of gap can't be measured. As this paper, the ultrasonic inspection system was introduced to figure out indication and gap in the socket welds.

  20. Evaluation of reliability modeling tools for advanced fault tolerant systems (United States)

    Baker, Robert; Scheper, Charlotte


    The Computer Aided Reliability Estimation (CARE III) and Automated Reliability Interactice Estimation System (ARIES 82) reliability tools for application to advanced fault tolerance aerospace systems were evaluated. To determine reliability modeling requirements, the evaluation focused on the Draper Laboratories' Advanced Information Processing System (AIPS) architecture as an example architecture for fault tolerance aerospace systems. Advantages and limitations were identified for each reliability evaluation tool. The CARE III program was designed primarily for analyzing ultrareliable flight control systems. The ARIES 82 program's primary use was to support university research and teaching. Both CARE III and ARIES 82 were not suited for determining the reliability of complex nodal networks of the type used to interconnect processing sites in the AIPS architecture. It was concluded that ARIES was not suitable for modeling advanced fault tolerant systems. It was further concluded that subject to some limitations (the difficulty in modeling systems with unpowered spare modules, systems where equipment maintenance must be considered, systems where failure depends on the sequence in which faults occurred, and systems where multiple faults greater than a double near coincident faults must be considered), CARE III is best suited for evaluating the reliability of advanced tolerant systems for air transport.

  1. Data driven uncertainty evaluation for complex engineered system design (United States)

    Liu, Boyuan; Huang, Shuangxi; Fan, Wenhui; Xiao, Tianyuan; Humann, James; Lai, Yuyang; Jin, Yan


    Complex engineered systems are often difficult to analyze and design due to the tangled interdependencies among their subsystems and components. Conventional design methods often need exact modeling or accurate structure decomposition, which limits their practical application. The rapid expansion of data makes utilizing data to guide and improve system design indispensable in practical engineering. In this paper, a data driven uncertainty evaluation approach is proposed to support the design of complex engineered systems. The core of the approach is a data-mining based uncertainty evaluation method that predicts the uncertainty level of a specific system design by means of analyzing association relations along different system attributes and synthesizing the information entropy of the covered attribute areas, and a quantitative measure of system uncertainty can be obtained accordingly. Monte Carlo simulation is introduced to get the uncertainty extrema, and the possible data distributions under different situations is discussed in detail. The uncertainty values can be normalized using the simulation results and the values can be used to evaluate different system designs. A prototype system is established, and two case studies have been carried out. The case of an inverted pendulum system validates the effectiveness of the proposed method, and the case of an oil sump design shows the practicability when two or more design plans need to be compared. This research can be used to evaluate the uncertainty of complex engineered systems completely relying on data, and is ideally suited for plan selection and performance analysis in system design.

  2. Evaluation protocol for the WIND system atmospheric models

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fast, J.D.


    Atmospheric transport and diffusion models have been developed for real-time calculations of the location and concentration of toxic or radioactive materials during a accidental release at the Savannah River Site (SRS). These models are have been incorporated into an automated menu-driven computer based system called the WIND (Weather INformation and Display) system. In an effort to establish more formal quality assurance procedures for the WIND system atmospheric codes, a software evaluation protocol is being developed. An evaluation protocol is necessary to determine how well they may perform in emergency response (real-time) situations. The evaluation of high-impact software must be conducted in accordance with WSRC QA Manual, 1Q, QAP 20-1. This report will describe the method that will be used to evaluate the atmospheric models. The evaluation will determine the effectiveness of the atmospheric models in emergency response situations, which is not necessarily the same procedure used for research purposes. The format of the evaluation plan will provide guidance for the evaluation of atmospheric models that may be added to the WIND system in the future. The evaluation plan is designed to provide the user with information about the WIND system atmospheric models that is necessary for emergency response situations.

  3. Evaluation protocol for the WIND system atmospheric models

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fast, J.D.


    Atmospheric transport and diffusion models have been developed for real-time calculations of the location and concentration of toxic or radioactive materials during a accidental release at the Savannah River Site (SRS). These models are have been incorporated into an automated menu-driven computer based system called the WIND (Weather INformation and Display) system. In an effort to establish more formal quality assurance procedures for the WIND system atmospheric codes, a software evaluation protocol is being developed. An evaluation protocol is necessary to determine how well they may perform in emergency response (real-time) situations. The evaluation of high-impact software must be conducted in accordance with WSRC QA Manual, 1Q, QAP 20-1. This report will describe the method that will be used to evaluate the atmospheric models. The evaluation will determine the effectiveness of the atmospheric models in emergency response situations, which is not necessarily the same procedure used for research purposes. The format of the evaluation plan will provide guidance for the evaluation of atmospheric models that may be added to the WIND system in the future. The evaluation plan is designed to provide the user with information about the WIND system atmospheric models that is necessary for emergency response situations.

  4. Integrated titanium dioxide (TiO{sub 2}) nanoparticles on interdigitated device electrodes (IDEs) for pH analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Azizah, N., E-mail:; Gopinath, Subash C. B.; Nadzirah, Sh.; Farehanim, M. A.; Fatin, M. F.; Ruslinda, A. R. [Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Kangar, Perlis (Malaysia); Hashim, U., E-mail:; Arshad, M. K. Md.; Ayub, R. M. [Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Kangar, Perlis (Malaysia); School of Microelectronic Engineering Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Kangar, Perlis (Malaysia)


    Titanium dioxide (TiO{sub 2}) nanoparticles based Interdigitated Device Electrodes (IDEs) Nanobiosensor device was developed for intracellular biochemical detection. Fabrication and characterization of pH sensors using IDE nanocoated with TiO{sub 2} was studied in this paper. In this paper, a preliminary assessment of this intracellular sensor with electrical measurement under different pH levels. 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) was used to enhance the sensitivity of titanium dioxide layer as well as able to provide surface modification by undergoing protonation and deprotonation process. Different types of pH solution provide different resistivity and conductivity towards the surface. Base solution has the higher current compared to an acid solution. Amine and oxide functionalized TiO{sub 2} based IDE exhibit pH-dependent could be understood in terms of the change in surface charge during protonation and deprotonation. The simple fabrication process, high sensitivity, and fast response of the TiO{sub 2} based IDEs facilitate their applications in a wide range of areas. The small size of semiconductor TiO{sub 2} based IDE for sensitive, label-free, real time detection of a wide range of biological species could be explored in vivo diagnostics and array-based screening.

  5. The Anti-TNF-α Therapy in the Rheumatoid Arthritis A Terapia Anti-TNF-α na Artrite Reumatóide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilian Resende Faleiro


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systemic autoimmune disease of unknown etiology that involves predominantly synovial articulations, which can lead to deformity and destruction. With the progression of the disease, patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis develop inability to perform activities of daily living both as a professional, generating a significant economic impact for the patient and to society. Although the exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis remains unknown, studies conducted over the past two decades has enabled greater understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease. This knowledge has allowed the development of new therapies used to treat severe forms of the disease. The main goal of treatment is to achieve remission, however, when this can not be expected to prevent joint damage and loss of function and even reduce pain. The latest strategies for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis involve the early diagnosis and aggressive control of inflammation. The recognition of pro-inflammatory cytokines expressed more as tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α and interleukin (IL 1 and IL6 enabled developing new therapies directed against these cytokines targets. TNF-α is a proinflammatory cytokine that plays a key role in immune response, defense against microorganisms and the inflammatory process. Biological agents that inhibit TNF-α are considered effective in reducing activity and in the retardation of structural joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis, especially in forms refractory to conventional treatments. Currently, they are available in Brazil, three anti-TNF-α: infliximab, etanercept and adalimumab. These drugs are relatively safe for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but may, however, present serious infectious complications such as reactivation of latent tuberculosis.The high cost of these drugs, their use in hospital and the risk to opportunistic infections remain the limiting factors for its widespread use in the treatment of Rheumatoid

  6. Airborne Systems Course Textbook. Communications System Test and Evaluation (United States)


    Bandwidth Antenna Type Narrow Band Dipole Linearly Polarized Loop , Biconical Omnidirectional Broad Band Swastika Antenna Narrow Band Normal Mode Helix...Communications, Avionics, Digital Systems, Data Transmission, Electronics, Signal Processing, Antennas , Electromagnetic Wave, Propagation, Airbornet...Atmospheric Noise 2.120 Galactic Noise 2.121 Man-Made Noise 2.121 Methods of Noise Rejection 1.121 liii "Subject Page 2.6 Antennas 2.123 2.6.1 Antenna

  7. Avaliação da eficácia de taboa (Typha domingensis Pers. e batata-de-purga [Operculina hamiltonii (G. Don D.F. Austin & Staples] in natura sobre nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos, naturalmente infectados, em clima semi-árido Evaluation of the effectiveness of "taboa" (Typha domingensis Pers. and "batata-de-purga" [Operculina hamiltonii (G. Don D.F. Austin & Staples] in natura on gastrointestinal nematodes of goats, naturally infected, in the semi-arid region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.F. Silva


    Full Text Available Avaliou-se a eficácia da Typha domingensis (taboa e da Operculina hamiltonii (batata-de-purga in natura sobre nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos, naturalmente infectados, em clima semi-árido. Foram utilizados 30 caprinos da raça Moxotó, e o rizoma da taboa e a raiz da batata-de-purga, avaliados através da fitoquímica. As fezes foram coletadas nos dias zero, sete e 25, após, o tratamento da contagem de OPG. Os animais foram distribuídos inteiramente ao acaso, com cinco tratamentos e seis repetições. Grupo I tratado com Moxidectina 0,2% em dose única de 0,5 mg Kg-1; o Grupo II tratado com Taboa na dose (10 g 20 Kg-1 peso vivo; Grupo III com batata-de-purga na dose de 9 g 20 Kg-1 p.v.; Grupo IV tratado com taboa 10 g 20 Kg-1 p.v. associada a batata 9 g 20 Kg-1 p.v. durante três dias consecutivos, todos administrados oralmente e o Grupo V como grupo controle. Os grupos tratados apresentaram redução no número médio de OPG aos 7 e 25 dias pós-tratamento, quando comparado com o grupo controle no respectivo período, sendo a batata-de-purga com maior redução aos 7 e a taboa aos 25 dias. A maior eficácia foi da batata-de-purga de 84% e 70%, nos dias 7 e 25 pós-tratamento. Verificou-se que a batata-de-purga foi eficaz no controle de nematóides gastrintestinais de caprinos no clima semi-árido e que a taboa associada com a batata tem potencial para serem utilizadas em programas alternativos de controle parasitário.The effectiveness of Typha domingensis ("taboa" and Operculina hamiltonii ("batata-de-purga" in natura was evaluated on gastrointestinal nematodes of goats, naturally infected, in the semi-arid region. Thirty Moxotó goats were used, and the rhizome of "taboa" and the root of "batata-de-purga" were analyzed through phytochemistry. Feces were collected on days zero, seven and 25 after the treatment for FECs. The distribution of animals was completely at random, with five treatments and six replicates. Group I was

  8. TARANIS XGRE and IDEE detection capability of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes and associated electron beams (United States)

    Sarria, David; Lebrun, Francois; Blelly, Pierre-Louis; Chipaux, Remi; Laurent, Philippe; Sauvaud, Jean-Andre; Prech, Lubomir; Devoto, Pierre; Pailot, Damien; Baronick, Jean-Pierre; Lindsey-Clark, Miles


    With a launch expected in 2018, the TARANIS microsatellite is dedicated to the study of transient phenomena observed in association with thunderstorms. On board the spacecraft, XGRE and IDEE are two instruments dedicated to studying terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs) and associated terrestrial electron beams (TEBs). XGRE can detect electrons (energy range: 1 to 10 MeV) and X- and gamma-rays (energy range: 20 keV to 10 MeV) with a very high counting capability (about 10 million counts per second) and the ability to discriminate one type of particle from another. The IDEE instrument is focused on electrons in the 80 keV to 4 MeV energy range, with the ability to estimate their pitch angles. Monte Carlo simulations of the TARANIS instruments, using a preliminary model of the spacecraft, allow sensitive area estimates for both instruments. This leads to an averaged effective area of 425 cm2 for XGRE, used to detect X- and gamma-rays from TGFs, and the combination of XGRE and IDEE gives an average effective area of 255 cm2 which can be used to detect electrons/positrons from TEBs. We then compare these performances to RHESSI, AGILE and Fermi GBM, using data extracted from literature for the TGF case and with the help of Monte Carlo simulations of their mass models for the TEB case. Combining this data with the help of the MC-PEPTITA Monte Carlo simulations of TGF propagation in the atmosphere, we build a self-consistent model of the TGF and TEB detection rates of RHESSI, AGILE and Fermi. It can then be used to estimate that TARANIS should detect about 200 TGFs yr-1 and 25 TEBs yr-1.

  9. Efeito de diferentes doses de flavonóides em ratos hiperlipidêmicos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    OLIVEIRA Tania Toledo de


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o efeito de diferentes doses de baicaleína, morina, naringenina, naringina, quercetina e rutina no aumento dos níveis de colesterol-HDL e trigliceróis em ratos hiperlipidêmicos. Tais flavonóides foram administrados em 3 doses (5, 10, 15 mg/animal a ratos machos da raça Wistar, com 30 dias de vida, alimentados com dieta não purificada de fórmula da marca Labina®. A hiperlipidemia foi induzida pela administração de Triton, na dose de 300 mg/kg de peso vivo. Após 24 horas, os flavonóides foram administrados, sendo cada dose aplicada em grupos de 8 animais. Após 48 horas da aplicação do Triton, os animais foram anestesiados e, por punção cardíaca, amostras de sangue foram coletadas para realização das análises de colesterol, colesterol-HDL e triacilgliceróis no soro. Os melhores resultados para a redução do colesterol foram obtidos com os flavonóides quercetina e rutina, na dose de 5 mg, e naringenina, na dose de 10 mg. A baicaleína, nas doses de 5 e 10 mg, foi a que apresentou as menores reduções para colesterol-HDL. Já para as concentrações de triacilgliceróis, a baicaleína foi a que mais reduziu este parâmetro, independentemente da dose utilizada.

  10. An approach to evaluating reactive airborne wind shear systems (United States)

    Gibson, Joseph P., Jr.


    An approach to evaluating reactive airborne windshear detection systems was developed to support a deployment study for future FAA ground-based windshear detection systems. The deployment study methodology assesses potential future safety enhancements beyond planned capabilities. The reactive airborne systems will be an integral part of planned windshear safety enhancements. The approach to evaluating reactive airborne systems involves separate analyses for both landing and take-off scenario. The analysis estimates the probability of effective warning considering several factors including NASA energy height loss characteristics, reactive alert timing, and a probability distribution for microburst strength.

  11. Laringectomia supracricóide (chep para câncer glótico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto R. M. Araújo Lima

    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Com a intenção de se avaliar os resultados funcionais e terapêuticos da laringectomia supracricóide com crico-hióide-epiglote-pexia (CHEP foram estudados 50 casos de pacientes com carcinoma epidermóide da glote classificados como T2/T3 submetidos a esta técnica em nossa instituição. MÉTODOS: Foi realizada uma análise retrospectiva entre 1996 e 1999. Classificamos 18 pacientes como T2N0M0 e 32 pacientes como T3N0M0. Quarenta e um pacientes foram submetidos a esvaziamento cervical seletivo lateral bilateralmente, quatro foram submetidos ao mesmo esvaziamento unilateralmente, e cinco não foram esvaziados. Analisamos as complicações e a sobrevida livre de doença pelo método de Kaplan-Meyer. RESULTADOS: Dez pacientes tiveram complicações pós-operatórias, dois foram tratados com complementação da laringectomia. Os 48 pacientes restantes mantiveram a via aérea normal, deglutição e a voz. Três pacientes no grupo submetido a esvaziamento cervical apresentaram linfonodo metastático. Quatro pacientes tiveram recidiva da doença, três com recidiva local, sendo dois tratados com laringectomia total e estão vivos e sem doença, o outro com doença avançada alcançou o óbito pela doença. O paciente que teve recidiva no pescoço foi tratado com esvaziamento cervical mais radioterapia e morreu com doença. Dois pacientes tiveram um segundo tumor primário em orofaringe, sendo um tratado com radioterapia paliativa e morreu com doença e o outro tratado com cirurgia está vivo e sem doença. A sobrevida livre de doença em três anos foi de 88% para pacientes T2 e 72% para pacientes T3. CONCLUSÕES: Esta técnica é útil no tratamento de casos selecionados de carcinoma epidermóide da glote T2/T3 sempre se considerando a extensão da doença. A incidência de complicações necessitando laringectomia total de resgate não compromete a funcionalidade desta técnica. A sobrevivência é comparável aos pacientes submetidos

  12. An Evaluation of Knowledge Base Systems for Large OWL Datasets

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Guo, Yuanbo; Pan, Zhengxiang; Heflin, Jeff


    .... To this end, we have developed the Lehigh University Benchmark (LUBM). The benchmark is intended to evaluate knowledge base systems with respect to extensional queries over a large dataset that commits to a single realistic ontology...

  13. Holistic Evaluation of Lightweight Operating Systems using the PERCU Method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kramer, William T.C.; He, Yun (Helen); Carter, Jonathan; Glenski, Joseph; Rippe, Lynn; Cardo, Nicholas


    The scale of Leadership Class Systems presents unique challenges to the features and performance of operating system services. This paper reports results of comprehensive evaluations of two Light Weight Operating Systems (LWOS), Cray's Catamount Virtual Node (CVN) and Linux Environment (CLE) operating systems, on the exact same large-scale hardware. The evaluation was carried out over a 5-month period on NERSC's 19,480 core Cray XT-4, Franklin, using a comprehensive evaluation method that spans Performance, Effectiveness, Reliability, Consistency and Usability criteria for all major subsystems and features. The paper presents the results of the comparison between CVN and CLE, evaluates their relative strengths, and reports observations regarding the world's largest Cray XT-4 as well.

  14. Evaluation of Communication Alternatives for Intelligent Transportation Systems (United States)


    The primary focus of this study involved developing a process for the evaluation of wireless technologies : for intelligent transportation systems, and for conducting experiments of potential wireless technologies : and topologies. Two wireless techn...

  15. Evaluation of the intelligent cruise control system. Volume 2, Appendices (United States)


    The Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system evaluation was sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and based on an ICC Field Operational Test (FOT) conducted under a cooperative agreement between the NHTSA and the Univ...

  16. Evaluation methodology for query-based scene understanding systems (United States)

    Huster, Todd P.; Ross, Timothy D.; Culbertson, Jared L.


    In this paper, we are proposing a method for the principled evaluation of scene understanding systems in a query-based framework. We can think of a query-based scene understanding system as a generalization of typical sensor exploitation systems where instead of performing a narrowly defined task (e.g., detect, track, classify, etc.), the system can perform general user-defined tasks specified in a query language. Examples of this type of system have been developed as part of DARPA's Mathematics of Sensing, Exploitation, and Execution (MSEE) program. There is a body of literature on the evaluation of typical sensor exploitation systems, but the open-ended nature of the query interface introduces new aspects to the evaluation problem that have not been widely considered before. In this paper, we state the evaluation problem and propose an approach to efficiently learn about the quality of the system under test. We consider the objective of the evaluation to be to build a performance model of the system under test, and we rely on the principles of Bayesian experiment design to help construct and select optimal queries for learning about the parameters of that model.

  17. 40 CFR 35.927 - Sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation. (United States)


    ... rehabilitation. 35.927 Section 35.927 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY GRANTS AND OTHER... § 35.927 Sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation. (a) All applicants for step 2 or step 3 grant... evaluation survey and, if appropriate, a program, including an estimate of costs, for rehabilitation of the...

  18. Considerations in designing an evaluation system for adaptive delta management

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hermans, L.M.; Maat, J.; Haasnoot, M.; Kwakkel, J.H.


    New planning approaches put new requirements on evaluation. A recent innovation in the water domain is adaptive delta management (ADM). ADM supports long-term planning in the face of uncertainty. This paper discusses the main considerations for the design of an evaluation system for ADM, departing

  19. thermal power stations' reliability evaluation in a hydrothermal system

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr Obe

    A quantitative tool for the evaluation of thermal power stations reliability in a hydrothermal system is presented. A reliable power station is one which would supply the required power within its installed capacity at any time within the specified voltage and frequency limits. Required for this evaluation are the station's installed ...

  20. Evaluation of an intelligent open learning system for engineering education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Samarakou


    Full Text Available In computer-assisted education, the continuous monitoring and assessment of the learner is crucial for the delivery of personalized education to be effective. In this paper, we present a pilot application of the Student Diagnosis, Assistance, Evaluation System based on Artificial Intelligence (StuDiAsE, an open learning system for unattended student diagnosis, assistance and evaluation based on artificial intelligence. The system demonstrated in this paper has been designed with engineering students in mind and is capable of monitoring their comprehension, assessing their prior knowledge, building individual learner profiles, providing personalized assistance and, finally, evaluating a learner's performance both quantitatively and qualitatively by means of artificial intelligence techniques. The architecture and user interface of the system are being exhibited, the results and feedback received from a pilot application of the system within a theoretical engineering course are being demonstrated and the outcomes are being discussed.

  1. Evaluation of a Lameness Scoring System for Dairy Cows

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, P T; Munksgaard, L; Tøgersen, F A


    Lameness is a major problem in dairy production both in terms of reduced production and compromised animal welfare. A 5-point lameness scoring system was developed based on previously published systems, but optimized for use under field conditions. The scoring system included the words "in most...... cases" in the descriptions of the clinical signs evaluated. This was done to avoid a situation in which cows might not fit into any of the categories. Additionally, a number of clinical signs used in other lameness scoring systems, considered of less importance in relation to lameness, were not included....... Only clinical signs were included that could easily be assessed within a few seconds from a distance. The scoring system was evaluated with intra-and interobserver agreement using kappa statistics. The evaluation was done before and after training 5 observers. Weighted kappa values ranged from 0...

  2. [Development and clinical evaluation of an anesthesia information management system]. (United States)

    Feng, Jing-yi; Chen, Hua; Zhu, Sheng-mei


    To study the design, implementation and clinical evaluation of an anesthesia information management system. To record, process and store peri-operative patient data automatically, all kinds of bedside monitoring equipments are connected into the system based on information integrating technology; after a statistical analysis of those patient data by data mining technology, patient status can be evaluated automatically based on risk prediction standard and decision support system, and then anesthetist could perform reasonable and safe clinical processes; with clinical processes electronically recorded, standard record tables could be generated, and clinical workflow is optimized, as well. With the system, kinds of patient data could be collected, stored, analyzed and archived, kinds of anesthesia documents could be generated, and patient status could be evaluated to support clinic decision. The anesthesia information management system is useful for improving anesthesia quality, decreasing risk of patient and clinician, and aiding to provide clinical proof.

  3. A Top-N Recommender System Evaluation Protocol Inspired by Deployed Systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A. Said (Alan); A. Bellogín Kouki (Alejandro); A.P. de Vries (Arjen)


    htmlabstractThe evaluation of recommender systems is crucial for their development. In today's recommendation landscape there are many standardized recommendation algorithms and approaches, however, there exists no standardized method for experimental setup of evaluation -- not even for widely used

  4. Interdigitated electrode (IDE) for porcine detection based on titanium dioxide (TiO{sub 2}) thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nordin, N.; Azizah, N. [Institute of Electronic Engineering (INEE), Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 01000 Kangar Perlis (Malaysia); Hashim, U., E-mail: [Institute of Electronic Engineering (INEE), Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 01000 Kangar Perlis (Malaysia); School of Microelctronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, 01000 Kangar Perlis (Malaysia)


    Interdigited Electrode (IDE) porcine detection can be accomplished to authenticate the halal issue that has been a concern to Muslim not only in Malaysia but all around the world. The method used is photolithography that used the p-type photoresist on the spin coater with 2500 rpm. Bare IDEs device is deposited with Titanium Dioxide (TiO{sub 2}) to improve the performance of the device. The result indicates that current-voltage (I-V) measurement of porcine probe line slightly above porcine target due to negative charges repelled each other. The IDE device can detect the porcine presence in food as lowest as 1.0 µM. Better performance of the device can be achieved with the replacement of gold deposited to trigger more sensitivity of the device.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crispin Humberto GARCIA-CRUZ


    Full Text Available

    RESUMO: Foram testados diferentes tipos de hidrocolóides comerciais num sistema carne-água na proporção 1:2. Utilizaram-se diferentes concentrações (1% a 6% dos hidrocolóides: carboximetilcelulose de sódio, gelatina, amido de mandioca, amido modificado por fosfatação, goma arábica, goma guar, goma tragacanta, goma xantana, goma locusta, carragena, alginato de sódio, pectina de alto e baixo teor de metoxilação e a mistura das gomas xantana-locusta. Dos resultados obtidos, selecionaram-se aqueles hidrocolóides que proporcionaram maior estabilidade ao sistema após o cozimento. Os hidrocolóides selecionados foram as gomas guar, xantana, locusta e a mistura xantana-locusta, sendo que, destes, a goma xantana, a goma guar e a goma locusta proporcionaram melhores resultados na estabilidade do sistema ao cozimento (99,0%, 90,5% e 91,0%, respectivamente e a menor sinerese (0,01; 0,08 e 0,10 ml/g de pasta na concentração de 1,0%. Determinou-se também a capacidade emulsificante dos hidrocolóides anteriormente selecionados. Os resultados obtidos mostraram que a goma xantana proporcionou a capacidade emulsificante mais elevada, quando comparada com a capacidade emulsificante obtida com as gomas guar, locusta e a mistura xantana-locusta. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Hidrocolóides; sistema modelo; emulsão; gomas.

  6. DITCM roadside facilities for cooperative systems testing and evaluation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Passchier, I.; Netten, B.D.; Wedemeijer, H.; Maas, S.M.P.; Leeuwen, C.J. van; Schackmann, P.P.M.


    Cooperative systems are being developed for large scale deployment in the near future. Validation of the performance of cooperative systems, and evaluation of the impact of cooperative applications is crucial before large scale deployment can proceed. The DITCM test site facilitates testing,

  7. Scientific evaluation of the ArmorGuard mobile barrier system. (United States)


    "Accidents and injuries occur during maintenance activities that could be protected by the ArmorGuard or BalsiBeam mobile barrier systems. The main purpose of this study is to perform a scientific evaluation of the utility of the ArmorGuard system in...

  8. Evaluation of the delirium early monitoring system (DEMS)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rippon, Daniel; Milisen, Koen; Detroyer, Elke; Mukaetova-Ladinska, Elizabeta; Harrison, Beth; Schuurmans, Marieke; Pryor, Claire; Teodorczuk, Andrew


    Background: Despite awareness of the negative health and financial outcomes of delirium, systems to routinely assess and manage the condition are absent in clinical practice. We report the development and pilot evaluation of a Delirium Early Monitoring System (DEMS), designed to be completed by

  9. Automated Information Systems for Evaluation of Social Service in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Mar 1, 2013 ... are designed to use XML as a data interchange methodology[11]. The social service evaluation system will implement XML as a data interchange process and the use of XML would provide the following advantages: A standard means to exchange information between different systems and A standard way ...

  10. African Social Security Systems: An Ordinal Evaluation | Dixon ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of this paper is to rank the social security systems in 45 African countries using a comparative evaluation methodology that enables an assess ment to be ma(le of a country's statutory social security intention. The conclusion drawn is that the spread of African social security system design standards are ...

  11. Image processing system performance prediction and product quality evaluation (United States)

    Stein, E. K.; Hammill, H. B. (Principal Investigator)


    The author has identified the following significant results. A new technique for image processing system performance prediction and product quality evaluation was developed. It was entirely objective, quantitative, and general, and should prove useful in system design and quality control. The technique and its application to determination of quality control procedures for the Earth Resources Technology Satellite NASA Data Processing Facility are described.

  12. Evaluating the Security Risks of System Using Hidden Markov Models

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluating the Security Risks of System Using Hidden Markov Models. ... tool to an existing multifactor authentication model. The results of the analysis and the empirical study provide insights into the authentication model design problem and establish a foundation for future research in system authentication application.

  13. Evaluation of intelligent transport systems impact on school transport safety

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jankowska-Karpa Dagmara


    Full Text Available The integrated system of safe transport of children to school using Intelligent Transport Systems was developed and implemented in four locations across Europe under the Safeway2School (SW2S project, funded by the EU. The SW2S system evaluation included speed measurements and an eye-tracking experiment carried out among drivers who used the school bus route, where selected elements of the system were tested. The subject of the evaluation were the following system elements: pedestrian safety system at the bus stop (Intelligent Bus Stop and tags for children, Driver Support System, applications for parents’ and students’ mobile phones, bus stop inventory tool and data server. A new sign designed for buses and bus stops to inform about child transportation/children waiting at the bus stop was added to the system. Training schemes for system users were also provided. The article presents evaluation results of the impact of selected elements of the SW2S system on school transport safety in Poland.

  14. Evaluation index system for positive operation of water conservancy projects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qing-yuan ZHU


    Full Text Available The conditions for the positive operation of water conservancy projects are described in this paper. A scientific and effective evaluation index system was established based on frequency analysis, theoretical analysis, and expert consultation. This evaluation index system can be divided into six first-level indices: the degree to which facilities are intact and functionality standards are reached, the status of operation and management funds, the rationality and degree of advancement of the management team structure, the adaptability and rationality of the water conservancy project management system, the degree of automatization and informationization of the management techniques, and the conduciveness of the exterior environment. The weights for evaluation indices were obtained through the analytic hierarchy process method with consideration of the difference between public welfare and profit-oriented water conservancy projects. This study provides a scientific method for evaluating the positive operation of water conservancy projects.

  15. Evaluation of computer-based ultrasonic inservice inspection systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harris, R.V. Jr.; Angel, L.J.; Doctor, S.R.; Park, W.R.; Schuster, G.J.; Taylor, T.T. [Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States)


    This report presents the principles, practices, terminology, and technology of computer-based ultrasonic testing for inservice inspection (UT/ISI) of nuclear power plants, with extensive use of drawings, diagrams, and LTT images. The presentation is technical but assumes limited specific knowledge of ultrasonics or computers. The report is divided into 9 sections covering conventional LTT, computer-based LTT, and evaluation methodology. Conventional LTT topics include coordinate axes, scanning, instrument operation, RF and video signals, and A-, B-, and C-scans. Computer-based topics include sampling, digitization, signal analysis, image presentation, SAFI, ultrasonic holography, transducer arrays, and data interpretation. An evaluation methodology for computer-based LTT/ISI systems is presented, including questions, detailed procedures, and test block designs. Brief evaluations of several computer-based LTT/ISI systems are given; supplementary volumes will provide detailed evaluations of selected systems.

  16. Aids e estomatite aftóide recidivante AIDS and recurrent aphtous stomatitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Dieb Miziara


    Full Text Available O estado de imunodeficiência em pacientes HIV positivos tem sido causa de episódios severos de Estomatite Aftóide Recidivante (EAR. OBJETIVO: Este estudo objetiva estabelecer evidências da relação entre o surgimento (ou agravamento de EAR com o estado de imunossupressão causado pelo vírus HIV, por meio da contagem de células CD4+, CD8+ e da carga viral infectante. FORMA DE ESTUDO: estudo de série. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Noventa e quatro pacientes HIV (1-positivos (25 mulheres e 69 homens com EAR foram acompanhados no ambulatório de Aids da Divisão de Clínica ORL do Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP no período de janeiro de 1998 a dezembro de 2003. A idade dos pacientes variou de 19 a 63 anos (média = 35,3 anos. RESULTADO: Os pacientes com Aids e soropositivos apresentaram, respectivamente, oito aftas e duas aftas por surto. Da mesma maneira, os pacientes portadores de úlceras do tipo major apresentaram menor contagem de células CD8+, CD4+ e relação CD4+/CD8+ e maior valor médio da carga viral do que os pacientes portadores de aftas herpetiformes e minor. Entre os portadores de aftas minor e herpetiforme não houve diferença estatística. CONCLUSÕES O aparecimento das lesões, principalmente as do tipo major, está diretamente relacionado ao estado imunitário do paciente soropositivo, acarretando déficits nutricionais e piora na qualidade de vida. Desta forma, o diagnóstico e tratamento da EAR é um desafio que não deve ser desprezado.The immunodeficiency state in HIV infected patients has been the cause of severe episodes of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS. AIM: Our study aims to establish correlation between the manifestations of RAS and the immunosuppression state caused by HIV infection, through counting of CD4+ cells, CD8+ cells, CD4+:CD8+ cells ratio and viral load. STUDY DESIGN: series study. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Ninety-four HIV infected patients (25 women and 69 men with RAS were evaluated in the ENT Department of

  17. An Evaluation of Information Consistency in Grid Information Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Field, Laurence


    A Grid information system resolves queries that may need to consider all information sources (Grid services), which are widely distributed geographically, in order to enable efficient Grid functions that may utilise multiple cooperating services. Fundamentally this can be achieved by either moving the query to the data (query shipping) or moving the data to the query (data shipping). Existing Grid information system implementations have adopted one of the two approaches. This paper explores the two approaches in further detail by evaluating them to the best possible extent with respect to Grid information system benchmarking metrics. A Grid information system that follows the data shipping approach based on the replication of information that aims to improve the currency for highly-mutable information is presented. An implementation of this, based on an Enterprise Messaging System, is evaluated using the benchmarking method and the consequence of the results for the design of Grid information systems is discu...

  18. Specific aspects of evaluation of control systems similarity (United States)

    Evtushenko, V. F.; Burkov, V. N.; Myshlyaev, L. P.; Makarov, G. V.


    The paper discusses the problem of estimating the similarity of two or more control systems. In accordance with the statements made earlier it is indicated that such management systems should be characterized by a strict or approximate equality of the values of targeted indicators (criteria) of control effectiveness. Two main variants of procedures for estimating the control systems similarity are proposed. The first is based on the direct evaluation of the targeted indicators of control performance, the second - on the use of the so-called similarity relations, describing the conditions the fulfillment of which is valid for such systems. The procedures for evaluating the control systems similarity with the help of special similarity relations are associated with considerably less expenses. However, they are formed for a relatively narrow class of automatic control systems and are basically special cases of similarity, which requires further research in this direction.

  19. Anaesthesia synchronization software: target controlled infusion system evaluation. (United States)

    Bressan, Nadja; Paulo Moreira, A; Amorim, Pedro; Nunes, Catarina S


    Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) systems are based in drug Pharmacokinetic (Pk) and Pharmacodynamic (Pd) models implemented in an algorithm to drive an infusion device. Several studies had compare manual titration of anesthesia and TCI system use; some studies evaluate the performance of the control algorithms for TCI systems, and a considerable number of studies assess the performance of Pk/Pd models implemented into TCI systems. This study presents a set of tests to validate the performance of a TCI system as a computer-aided. The goal of the current study was to assess the performance of the TCI system, Anaesthesia Synchronization Software (ASYS), on clinical set up to evaluate communication consistence (computer - infusion device) and controller performance in real time. These measures provided quantitative and qualitative evidences of software robustness and accuracy to be used at clinical environment.

  20. Knowledge aided display design (KADD) system - An evaluation (United States)

    Hunt, Ruston M.; Frey, Paul R.


    The development and evaluation of the Knowledge Aided Display Design (KADD) system is described. Developed to investigate several designer support concepts in the context of the design of computer-generated displays, KADD's implementation uses technology from several disciplines of computer science including data base design and management, graphics, expert systems, and real-time simulation. This paper discusses KADD's goals and concepts, the implementation of the system, and the results of a two-part evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the KADD concepts.

  1. HPV DNA target hybridization concentrations studies using interdigitated electrodes (IDE) for early detection of cervical cancer (United States)

    Noriani, C.; Hashim, U.; Azizah, N.; Nadzirah, Sh.; Arshad, M. K. Md; Ruslinda, A. R.; Gopinath, Subash C. B.


    Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) is the major cause of cervical cancer. HPV 16 and HPV 18 are the two types of HPV are the most HPV-associated cancers and responsible as a high-risk HPV. Cervical cancer took about 70 percent of all cases due to HPV infections. Cervical cancer mostly growth on a woman's cervix and its was developed slowly as cancer. TiO2 particles give better performance and low cost of the biosensor. The used of 3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane (APTES) will be more efficient for DNA nanochip. APTES used as absorption reaction to immobilize organic biomolecules on the inorganic surface. Furthermore, APTES provide better functionalization of the adsorption mechanism on IDE. The surface functionalized for immobilizing the DNA, which is the combination of the DNA probe and the HPV target produces high sensitivity and speed detection of the IDE. The Current-Voltage (IV) characteristic proved the sensitivity of the DNA nanochip increase as the concentration varied from 0% concentration to 24% of APTES concentration.

  2. Parasitóides de Cerconota anonella (Sepp., 1830 (Lep.: Oecophoridae em gravioleira (Annona muricata L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Broglio-Micheletti Sônia Maria Forti


    Full Text Available A quantificação de inimigos naturais presentes em uma cultura é importante, porque influi nas decisões a serem tomadas em relação ao Manejo Integrado de Pragas. Assim, este trabalho teve por objetivos identificar e quantificar gêneros de parasitóides de Cerconota anonella (Sepp. coletados na cultura de graviola entre março de 1997 e abril de 1998 em Maceió, AL (lat.9°S, long. 35°W. O parasitismo foi determinado pela relação entre o número de formas biológicas dos inimigos naturais e o de formas biológicas da praga e dos parasitóides. Os insetos, por ordem de incidência, foram: Apanteles sp. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Rhysipolis sp. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae e Xiphosomella sp. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae. Apanteles sp. predominou durante o período. Os menores percentuais de parasitismo total foram observados no mês de outubro de 1997 (6,60% e os maiores em janeiro de 1998 ( 80,27%, resultando em um parasitismo médio anual de 38,1%.

  3. Observações citológicas em citrus: ll. variedades triplóides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. A. Krug


    Full Text Available No presente trabalho apresenta-se um breve resumo dos conhecimentos atuais sôbre a citologia do gênero Citrus; descrevem-se, a seguir, duas variedades triplóides de interêsse econômico. Admite-se que uma delas se tenha derivado da outra por meio de um "seedling" nucelar. Os caracteres morfológicos e citológicos dêstes triplóides são apresentados em detalhes. Chama-se a atenção para a importância da triploidia nos trabalhos de melhoramento das plantas cítricas.A review is presented of citrus cytology and account is given of the author's investigations of this subject. Two triploid citrus varieties are described which are of economic importance. It appears probable that one of these is a nucellar seedling derived from the other. The morphological and cytological characteristics of these triploids are given in detail. Attention is called to the importance of triploidy in citrus breeding.

  4. MeTA studio: a cross platform, programmable IDE for computational chemist. (United States)

    Ganesh, V


    The development of a cross-platform, programmable integrated development environment (IDE), MeTA Studio, specifically tailored but not restricted to computational chemists working in the area of quantum chemistry with an emphasis on handling large molecules is presented. The IDE consists of a number of modules which include a visualizer and a programming and collaborative framework. The inbuilt viewer assists in visualizing molecules, their scalar fields, manually fragmenting a molecule, and introduces some innovative but simple techniques for handling large molecules. These include a simple Find language and simultaneous multiple camera views of the molecule. Basic tools needed to handle collaborative computing effectively are also included opening up new vistas for sharing ideas and information among computational chemists working on similar problems. MeTA Studio is an integrated programming environment that provides a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) which can be used to easily extend its functionality or build new applications as needed by the users. (

  5. Carcinoma de plexo coróide: relato de quinze casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O carcinoma de plexo coróide (CPC é um raro tumor do sistema nervoso central (SNC, derivado do epitélio de revestimento dos plexos coróides, que acomete pacientes abaixo dos 3 anos de idade. Apresentamos um estudo clínico, epidemiológico e histopatológico de 15 casos de CPC. Destes, 10 eram do gênero masculino. As idades variaram de 4 meses a 21 anos. Quanto a localização, acometeram predominante o ventrículo lateral (73,3%. Os sinais e sintomas predominantes foram hidrocefalia (62,5%, hipertensão intracrania (25% e crise convulsiva (12,5%. Os pacientes foram submetidos a tratamento cirúrgico com ressecção parcial em 75% dos casos e completa em 25%. Houve um óbito per-operatório. Em 85,7% dos pacientes houve recidiva tumoral, com evolução a óbito em média 13,6 meses após o diagnóstico. Apenas um paciente encontra-se vivo num seguimento de 5 anos. Esses dados suportam o prognóstico sombrio e a alta mortalidade do CPC.

  6. Endurance training inhibits insulin clearance and IDE expression in Swiss mice.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José M Costa-Júnior

    Full Text Available Endurance training improves peripheral insulin sensitivity in the liver and the skeletal muscle, but the mechanism for this effect is poorly understood. Recently, it was proposed that insulin clearance plays a major role in both glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity. Therefore, our goal was to determine the mechanism by which endurance training improves insulin sensitivity and how it regulates insulin clearance in mice.Mice were treadmill-trained for 4 weeks at 70-80% of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max for 60 min, 5 days a week. The glucose tolerance and the insulin resistance were determined using an IPGTT and an IPITT, respectively, and the insulin decay rate was calculated from the insulin clearance. Protein expression and phosphorylation in the liver and the skeletal muscle were ascertained by Western blot.Trained mice exhibited an increased VO2 max, time to exhaustion, glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. They had smaller fat pads and lower plasma concentrations of insulin and glucose. Endurance training inhibited insulin clearance and reduced expression of IDE in the liver, while also inhibiting insulin secretion by pancreatic islets. There was increased phosphorylation of both the canonical (IR-AKT and the non-canonical (CaMKII-AMPK-ACC insulin pathways in the liver of trained mice, whereas only the CaMKII-AMPK pathway was increased in the skeletal muscle.Endurance training improved glucose homeostasis not only by increasing peripheral insulin sensitivity but also by decreasing insulin clearance and reducing IDE expression in the liver.

  7. Tumor desmóide tratado com tamoxifeno: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Juste Werneck Côrtes


    Full Text Available O tumor desmóide (TD é uma neoplasia benigna, que se origina de estruturas fasciais ou músculo-aponeuróticas, constituída por proliferação fibroblástica. Ocorre em 4 a 13% dos pacientes com polipose adenomatosa familiar (FAP. Apesar de histologicamente benignos, os TD têm comportamento maligno, sendo localmente invasivos e com elevada recorrência após ressecção. Os autores relatam um caso de tumor desmóide tratado cirurgicamente no Hospital Governador Israel Pinheiro - IPSEMG e fazem revisão da literatura sobre o tratamento.The desmoid tumors are benign tumors arising from fibroaponeurotic tissue. They occur in 4 to 13% patients who present familial adenomatous polyposis. Although a benign disease, desmoid tumors are focally invasive. They do not metastasize but can be lethal because of aggressive growth with pressure and erosion causing small bowel obstruction. Their tendency to recur (65% to 85% after removal has encouraged a conservative approach to management. The authors report the case of a patient who presented intra-abdominal desmoid tumor, treated surgically in the Hospital Governador Israel Pinheiro - Belo Horizonte (MG and discuss the therapeutic options in the literature.

  8. Meningioma com transformação rabdóide: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Costa Jr Leodante Batista da


    Full Text Available Meningiomas correspondem a cerca de 20% dos tumores intracranianos, com incidência aproximada em 2,3 por 100000. Considerando-se os achados em autópsia, estes tumores representam 30% dos tumores intracranianos. A maioria destas lesões é benigna, sendo o prognóstico do paciente diretamente relacionado à facilidade de ressecção cirúrgica da lesão. A incidência de meningiomas malignos é baixa, cerca de 0,17 por 100000, representando cerca de 1 a 11% dos meningiomas . Tal variação na incidência entre as séries ocorre devido a diferenças nos critérios de definição de malignidade para estes tumores. Só recentemente têm sido relatados casos de meningiomas com morfologia rabdóide, descritos como tumores de comportamento extremamente agressivo. Relatamos o caso de um meningioma rabdóide, em mulher de 56 anos, tratado cirurgicamente em duas ocasiões num período de 6 meses, com êxito letal devido à recidiva local da lesão, apesar de radioterapia e quimioterapia.

  9. Influence of thermal conditions on successful ide (Leuciscus idus L. artificial reproduction during spawning season

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dariusz Kucharczyk


    Full Text Available Two forms of ide Leuciscus idus (L. spawners: wild-coloured and ornamental: yellow-coloured were kept at three various temperature regimes shortly before spawning at optimal temperature regimes (group 1, under natural temperature conditions (group 2 and in rapidly increasing temperature (group 3. The quality and quantity of collected semen, ovulation rate and survival rate of embryos to the eyed-egg-stage were recorded. The quality of semen from group 3 (where the temperature increased over the thermal spawning optimum was the worst (46 and 51% motility of spermatozoa for the wild-coloured and yellow form, respectively. The quantity of collected semen also was the lowest in the same groups (1.1 and 1.0 cm3 kg-1 for the wild-coloured and yellow form, respectively. Increasing the temperature to 16°C also caused a decreasing percentage of ovulated females (70% and 60% of ovulation for wild-coloured and yellow form, respectively and biological quality of eggs (48.9 and 47.8% embryo survival for wild-coloured and yellow form, respectively. Fluctuations of temperature at a level of 8-14°C (group 2 did not negatively affect spawning results, except for a longer latency time (over 44 hrs. The results suggest that the temperature regime shortly before controlled reproduction of ide plays an important role influencing reproductive success.

  10. El <i>De imaginibus caelestibus de Ibn al-Ḥātim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oliveras, Marc


    Full Text Available K. Lippincott and D. Pingree published in 1987 a first Latin edition and English translation of the 15th bilingual Arabic-Latin <i>De imaginibus caelestibus, written originally by the Andalusian Ibn al-Ḥātim in the 10th century. The paper presented here aims to complete the preceding one with an Arabic edition, Spanish translation and some interpretations on the possible sources of talismanic imagery. In this brief astromagic treatise, Ibn al-Ḥātim focuses on twenty eight talismans, related to the lunar mansions, and their magical properties.

    En 1987 K. Lippincott y D. Pingree publicaron una primera edición latina junto a una traducción inglesa del tratado bilingüe árabo-latino del s. XV <i>De imaginibus caelestibus, escrito originariamente por el andalusí Ibn al-Ḥātim en el s. X. El trabajo que se presenta aquí pretende completar al precedente con una edición del texto árabe, su traducción al español y añadir algunas interpretaciones a las posibles fuentes de la imaginería talismánica. En este breve tratado de astromagia, Ibn al-Ḥātim se dedica principalmente a describir veintiocho talismanes, relacionados con las mansiones lunares, y sus propiedades mágicas.

  11. Development of an Integrity Evaluation System for Nuclear Power Plants (United States)

    Kim, Young-Jin; Choi, Jae-Boong; Lee, Joon-Seong; Jun, Hyun-Kyu; Park, Youn-Won

    This paper describes the structure and development strategy for integrity evaluation system for nuclear power plants called NPP-KINS/SAFE. NPP-KINS/SAFE consists of three different programs covering the integrity assessment of reactor pressure vessel, pipings, and pressure tubes, respectively. The system has been developed based on currently available codes and standards, and includes a number of databases, expert systems, and numerical analysis schemes. NPP-KINS/SAFE is applicable for various types of nuclear power plants constructed in Korea with the aid of attached database systems including plant specific data. Case studies for the developed system are also provided.

  12. Rural applications of Advanced Traveler Information Systems : evaluation of satellite communications systems for mayday applications (United States)

    This report documents the results of an evaluation of satellite communication systems for mayday applications conducted as part of the Rural Applications of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) study. It focuses on satellite communications sy...

  13. Design and Evaluation of Menu Systems for Immersive Virtual Environments


    Bowman, Doug A.; Wingrave, Chadwick A.


    Interfaces for system control tasks in virtual environments (VEs) have not been extensively studied. This paper focuses on various types of menu systems to be used in such environments. We describe the design of the TULIP menu, a menu system using Pinch Gloves™, and compare it to two common alternatives: floating menus and pen and tablet menus. These three menus were compared in an empirical evaluation. The pen and tablet menu was found to be significantly faster, while users had a preference...

  14. The Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS): A comparative evaluation


    Meredith, Mark S.


    Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. This theses is an evaluation of the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) to determine whether it is likely to solve a host of long-standing problems with use of automatic test equipment (ATE) for support of Naval aircraft. CASS is a new ATE program nearing the end of full scale development which will replace all current ATE systems and many smaller manual testers to form a single, general purpose test system for all intermediate ...

  15. Resilient Plant Monitoring System: Design, Analysis, and Performance Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Humberto E. Garcia; Wen-Chiao Lin; Semyon M. Meerkov; Maruthi T. Ravichandran


    Resilient monitoring systems are sensor networks that degrade gracefully under malicious attacks on their sensors, causing them to project misleading information. The goal of this paper is to design, analyze, and evaluate the performance of a resilient monitoring system intended to monitor plant conditions (normal or anomalous). The architecture developed consists of four layers: data quality assessment, process variable assessment, plant condition assessment, and sensor network adaptation. Each of these layers is analyzed by either analytical or numerical tools, and the performance of the overall system is evaluated using simulations. The measure of resiliency of the resulting system is evaluated using Kullback Leibler divergence, and is shown to be sufficiently high in all scenarios considered.

  16. Using Expert Systems in Evaluation of the State of High Voltage Machine Insulation Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Záliš


    Full Text Available Expert systems are used for evaluating the actual state and future behavior of insulating systems of high voltage electrical machines and equipment. Several rule-based expert systems have been developed in cooperation with top diagnostic workplaces in the Czech Republic for this purpose. The IZOLEX expert system evaluates diagnostic measurement data from commonly used offline diagnostic methods for the diagnostic of high voltage insulation of rotating machines, non-rotating machines and insulating oils. The CVEX expert system evaluates the discharge activity on high voltage electrical machines and equipment by means of an off-line measurement. The CVEXON expert system is for evaluating the discharge activity by on-line measurement, and the ALTONEX expert system is the expert system for on-line monitoring of rotating machines. These developed expert systems are also used for educating students (in bachelor, master and post-graduate studies and in courses which are organized for practicing engineers and technicians and for specialists in the electrical power engineering branch. A complex project has recently been set up to evaluate the measurement of partial discharges. Two parallel expert systems for evaluating partial dischatge activity on high voltage electrical machines will work at the same time in this complex evaluating system.

  17. An economic evaluation comparison of solar water pumping system with engine pumping system for rice cultivation (United States)

    Treephak, Kasem; Thongpron, Jutturit; Somsak, Dhirasak; Saelao, Jeerawan; Patcharaprakiti, Nopporn


    In this paper we propose the design and economic evaluation of the water pumping systems for rice cultivation using solar energy, gasoline fuel and compare both systems. The design of the water and gasoline engine pumping system were evaluated. The gasoline fuel cost used in rice cultivation in an area of 1.6 acres. Under same conditions of water pumping system is replaced by the photovoltaic system which is composed of a solar panel, a converter and an electric motor pump which is compose of a direct current (DC) motor or an alternating current (AC) motor with an inverter. In addition, the battery is installed to increase the efficiency and productivity of rice cultivation. In order to verify, the simulation and economic evaluation of the storage energy battery system with batteries and without batteries are carried out. Finally the cost of four solar pumping systems was evaluated and compared with that of the gasoline pump. The results showed that the solar pumping system can be used to replace the gasoline water pumping system and DC solar pump has a payback less than 10 years. The systems that can payback the fastest is the DC solar pumping system without batteries storage system. The system the can payback the slowest is AC solar pumping system with batteries storage system. However, VAC motor pump of 220 V can be more easily maintained than the motor pump of 24 VDC and batteries back up system can supply a more stable power to the pump system.

  18. Methods for reliability evaluation of trust and reputation systems (United States)

    Janiszewski, Marek B.


    Trust and reputation systems are a systematic approach to build security on the basis of observations of node's behaviour. Exchange of node's opinions about other nodes is very useful to indicate nodes which act selfishly or maliciously. The idea behind trust and reputation systems gets significance because of the fact that conventional security measures (based on cryptography) are often not sufficient. Trust and reputation systems can be used in various types of networks such as WSN, MANET, P2P and also in e-commerce applications. Trust and reputation systems give not only benefits but also could be a thread itself. Many attacks aim at trust and reputation systems exist, but such attacks still have not gain enough attention of research teams. Moreover, joint effects of many of known attacks have been determined as a very interesting field of research. Lack of an acknowledged methodology of evaluation of trust and reputation systems is a serious problem. This paper aims at presenting various approaches of evaluation such systems. This work also contains a description of generalization of many trust and reputation systems which can be used to evaluate reliability of such systems in the context of preventing various attacks.

  19. ISOS: A job evaluation system to implement comparable worth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albert Corominas


    Full Text Available A fair pay structure is an essential element of the personnel policy of a firm. If the pay structure is perceived as arbitrary by the members of the staff, it becomes a cause of disturbance of the labor relations. Particularly, a pay structure is unfair if it discriminates against women. Job evaluation is a traditional tool used by companies to assist in the process of determining pay structures that can be also useful to detect and combat wage discrimination, since allow determining whether two jobs are of comparable worth or not. Although there are many kinds of systems, authors agree when defining point factor methods as the most appropriate and fair job evaluation systems. However, even being well defined from a technical point of view, most existing systems give discriminatory results regarding to gender. ISOS, a new job evaluation system which is described in this paper, has been designed, with the aim to define a neutral system with regard to gender, based on present jobs characteristics, existing job evaluation systems and job description questionnaires, international experts’ knowledge and a wide body of literature on gender discrimination and its relation with job evaluation. Using ISOS can contribute to detect, combat and eliminate part of the existing wage discrimination in general and, in particular, against women. ISOS includes all aspects of the work so no characteristics are omitted. The system can be applied in any company and to evaluate any job, and offers flexibility to be adapted to the specific characteristics of an organization. ISOS can also be used to detect and combat wage discrimination. Furthermore, characteristics of present jobs, such as cross-training or flexible working time, are also included so the system can be considered innovative in a very traditional field of industrial engineering.

  20. Test, measurement and evaluation with the mine boot test and evaluation system

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Ramaloko, PM


    Full Text Available Protective footwear that mitigates the shock transferred to the victim’s leg during an antipersonnel landmine blast need to be evaluated to verify their protection levels. The Mine Boot Test and Evaluation System which include a surrogate lower leg...

  1. Support for system connectivity –Learning from evaluating an evaluation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Jesper Lindgaard

    BANs may provide only a partial picture. The broader benefits of an angel network include both direct and indirect effects. In a story of the evolution of Danish Business Angel Network it is illustrated that it was closed down because of lack of understanding of the important effects that go beyond......Innovation is said to be dependent upon collaboration and networks. The innovation system thinking empha-sizes networks but also their supporting informal institutions, learning processes, and the relations between actors in the system. Despite the importance of networks, evaluation studies have...... been sparse on investigat-ing effects of these as well as on the broader criteria to evaluate the innovation networks and functioning of the system. This paper discusses what are such criteria for evaluating innovation policies that rely on enhanc-ing system connectivity and repair system failures...

  2. Teacher Evaluation Reform: Principals' Beliefs about Newly Adopted Teacher Evaluation Systems (United States)

    Young, Suzanne; Range, Bret G.; Hvidston, David; Mette, Ian M.


    Principals in one Western state were surveyed about teacher evaluation systems commonly used across the state. Findings suggest that principals' beliefs about aligning practice to performance expectations, about how much the view of professional practice is growth-oriented, and the degree to which systems use multiple measures are the variables…

  3. Evaluating Nurses' Satisfaction With Two Nursing Information Systems. (United States)

    Khajouei, Reza; Abbasi, Reza


    Evaluating user satisfaction is one of the methods to ensure the usability of information systems. Considering the importance of nursing information systems in patient health, the objective of this study is to evaluate nurses' satisfaction with two widely used nursing information systems (Peyvand Dadeh and Tirazhe) in Iran. This descriptive-analytical study was done on 230 nurses in all teaching hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2015. Data were collected using an augmented version of a questionnaire developed by IBM. Data were analyzed by SPSS.16 using descriptive and analytical statistical methods including t test, analysis of variance, and Pearson correlation coefficient. The mean of overall satisfaction with the two systems was 61 ± 2.2 and 74 ± 2.4, respectively. The mean of satisfaction with different systems dimensions, that is, ease of use, information quality, and interface quality, was, respectively, 24 ± 1.9, 26 ± 9.7, and 12 ± 4.7 for Tirazhe and 29 ± 1.1, 39 ± 1.04 and 13 ± 5.3 for Peyvand Dadeh system. Nurses' satisfaction with both systems was at a medium level. The majority of nurses were relatively satisfied with the information quality and user interface quality of these systems. The results suggest that designing nursing information systems in accordance with their users' need improves usability. Hence, policy and decision makers of healthcare institutions should invest on usability when purchasing such systems.

  4. Parking and routing information system phase 1 evaluation -- Individual evaluation test plans

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carter, R.J.


    A parking and routing information system (PARIS) is being designed and deployed at a test site on the Mountain Home Veterans Administration campus in Johnson City, Tennessee using three sensor technologies. The purpose of the PARIS project is to demonstrate innovative integration of vehicle sensing technologies with parking management strategies to improve mobility and relieve congestion associated with a growing medical/technology complex. This technical memorandum presents the four individual evaluation test plans, System Performance Individual Evaluation Test Plan, User Acceptance Individual Evaluation Test Plan, Institutional and Business Issues Individual Evaluation Test Plan, and Transportation Systems Individual Evaluation Test Plan, which were developed to support ORNL`s responsibilities and functions during the four studies. The plans define the level of effort required to satisfy the data collection, processing, and analysis requirements for the assessment of the system performance, user acceptance, institutional and business issues, and transportation systems components of the PARIS phase 1 evaluation. Each plan is divided into three subsections: executive summary, detailed study design, and study management.

  5. Development of multilateral comparative evaluation method for fuel cycle system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tamaki, Hitoshi; Ikushima, Takeshi; Nomura, Yasushi [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Tokai Research Establishment; Nakajima, Kiyoshi


    In the near future, Japanese nuclear fuel cycle system will be promoted by national nuclear energy policy, and it`s options i.e. once through, thermal cycle and fast breeder cycle must be selected by multilateral comparative evaluation method from various aspects of safety, society, economy, and e.t.c. Therefore such a problem can be recognized as a social problem of decision making and applied for AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) that can multilaterally and comparatively evaluate the problem. On comparative evaluation, much information are needed for decision making, therefore two kinds of databases having these information have been constructed. And then, the multilateral comparative evaluation method consisting of two kinds of databases and AHP for optimum selection of fuel cycle system option have been developed. (author)

  6. Sodium fire testing: structural evaluation of sodium fire suppression system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report describes the development and the lessons learned from the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Sodium Fire Testing Program (DRS 26.03). The purpose of this program was to evaluate the behavior of the Sodium Fire Suppression System and validate the analytical techniques used in the calculation of the effects of sodium fires in air-filled cells. This report focuses on the fire suppression capability and the structural integrity of the Fire Suppression System. System features are discussed; the test facility is described and the key results are provided. Modifications to the fire suppression system and the plant made as a result of test experience are also discussed.

  7. Teleradiology: an evaluation of a microcomputer-based system. (United States)

    Gayler, B W; Gitlin, J N; Rappaport, W; Skinner, F L; Cerva, J


    A laboratory evaluation of a microcomputer-based teleradiology system is described. The system used state-of-the-art hardware, and provided for contrast and brightness control by the consulting radiologists. The transmitted, digitized images were compared with conventional radiographs. The radiologists' scores for findings, impressions, and confidence levels were significantly lower for radiographic images viewed on the teleradiology system. However, the quality of the images provided by the teleradiology system was high enough to warrant further study, especially since microcomputer-based teleradiology offers the advantage of providing access to radiology services for rural areas and small hospitals.

  8. Assessment of Existing Data and Reports for System Evaluation (United States)

    Matolak, David W.; Skidmore, Trent A.


    This report describes work done as part of the Weather Datalink Research project grant. We describe the work done under Task 1 of this project: the assessment of the suitability of available reports and data for use in evaluation of candidate weather datalink systems, and the development of a performance parameter set for comparative system evaluation. It was found that existing data and reports are inadequate for a complete physical layer characterization, but that these reports provide a good foundation for system comparison. In addition, these reports also contain some information useful for evaluation at higher layers. The performance parameter list compiled can be viewed as near complete-additional investigations, both analytical/simulation and experimental, will likely result in additions and improvements to this list.

  9. Evaluation of Workflow Management Systems - A Meta Model Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Rosemann


    Full Text Available The automated enactment of processes through the use of workflow management systems enables the outsourcing of the control flow from application systems. By now a large number of systems, that follow different workflow paradigms, are available. This leads to the problem of selecting the appropriate workflow management system for a given situation. In this paper we outline the benefits of a meta model approach for the evaluation and comparison of different workflow management systems. After a general introduction on the topic of meta modeling the meta models of the workflow management systems WorkParty (Siemens Nixdorf and FlowMark (IBM are compared as an example. These product specific meta models can be generalized to meta reference models, which helps to specify a workflow methodology. Exemplary, an organisational reference meta model is presented, which helps users in specifying their requirements for a workflow management system.

  10. Evaluation of several corrosion protective coating systems on aluminum (United States)

    Higgins, R. H.


    A study of several protective coating systems for use on aluminum in seawater/seacoast environments was conducted to review the developments made on protective coatings since early in the Space Shuttle program and to perform comparative studies on these coatings to determine their effectiveness for providing corrosion protection during exposure to seawater/seacoast environments. Panels of 2219-T87 aluminum were coated with 21 different systems and exposed to a 5 percent salt spray for 4000 hr. Application properties, adhesion measurements, heat resistance and corrosion protection were evaluated. For comparative studies, the presently specified Bostik epoxy system used on the SRB structures was included. Results of these tests indicate four systems with outstanding performance and four additional systems with protection almost as good. These systems are based on a chromated pretreatment, a chromate epoxy primer, and a polyurethane topcoat. Consideration for one of these systems should be included for those applications where superior corrosion protection for aluminum surfaces is required.

  11. Answer Extraction Towards better Evaluations of NLP Systems


    Schwitter, R; Mollà, D; Fournier, R; Hess, M


    We argue that reading comprehension tests are not particularly suited for the evaluation of NLP systems. Reading comprehension tests are specifically designed to evaluate human reading skills, and these require vast amounts of world knowledge and common-sense reasoning capabilities. Experience has shown that this kind of full-fledged question answering (QA) over texts from a wide range of domains is so difficult for machines as to be far beyond the present state of the art of NLP. To advance ...

  12. Feedback – A systems approach to evaluation and course design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Holmes


    Full Text Available This article discusses feedback and evaluation in classroom materials and in course design, very important issues for language teachers, from the point of view of systems analysis. It compares both open-loop feedback (less controlled and closed-loop feedback (more controlled and explores both the application and the consequences of choosing between one or the other within the language learning process. Apart from the theoretical discussion, examples of practical materials that integrate evaluation and meaningful meaning are provided.

  13. Unraveling equivocality in evaluations of information systems projects


    Arviansyah, A.


    This thesis is motivated by the practical conundrums encountered when making information systems and technology (IS/IT) project continuation decisions and by the dearth of research pertaining to the causes of equivocality in IS/IT project evaluations. Despite the paucity of studies dealing with this theme, there is great concern among both practitioners and academics that continuation decisions and the evaluations need to be improved. To enrich our conceptual understanding of equivocality in ...

  14. The nature and evaluation of commercial expert system building tools (United States)

    Gevarter, William B.


    This memorandum reviews the factors that constitute an Expert System Building Tool (ESBT) and evaluates current tools in terms of these factors. Evaluation of these tools is based on their structure and their alternative forms of knowledge representation, inference mechanisms and developer/end-user interfaces. Next, functional capabilities, such as diagnosis and design, are related to alternative forms of mechanization. The characteristics and capabilities of existing commercial tools are then reviewed in terms of these criteria.

  15. Evaluation of computer-aided detection and diagnosis systems. (United States)

    Petrick, Nicholas; Sahiner, Berkman; Armato, Samuel G; Bert, Alberto; Correale, Loredana; Delsanto, Silvia; Freedman, Matthew T; Fryd, David; Gur, David; Hadjiiski, Lubomir; Huo, Zhimin; Jiang, Yulei; Morra, Lia; Paquerault, Sophie; Raykar, Vikas; Samuelson, Frank; Summers, Ronald M; Tourassi, Georgia; Yoshida, Hiroyuki; Zheng, Bin; Zhou, Chuan; Chan, Heang-Ping


    Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) systems are increasingly being used as an aid by clinicians for detection and interpretation of diseases. Computer-aided detection systems mark regions of an image that may reveal specific abnormalities and are used to alert clinicians to these regions during image interpretation. Computer-aided diagnosis systems provide an assessment of a disease using image-based information alone or in combination with other relevant diagnostic data and are used by clinicians as a decision support in developing their diagnoses. While CAD systems are commercially available, standardized approaches for evaluating and reporting their performance have not yet been fully formalized in the literature or in a standardization effort. This deficiency has led to difficulty in the comparison of CAD devices and in understanding how the reported performance might translate into clinical practice. To address these important issues, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) formed the Computer Aided Detection in Diagnostic Imaging Subcommittee (CADSC), in part, to develop recommendations on approaches for assessing CAD system performance. The purpose of this paper is to convey the opinions of the AAPM CADSC members and to stimulate the development of consensus approaches and "best practices" for evaluating CAD systems. Both the assessment of a standalone CAD system and the evaluation of the impact of CAD on end-users are discussed. It is hoped that awareness of these important evaluation elements and the CADSC recommendations will lead to further development of structured guidelines for CAD performance assessment. Proper assessment of CAD system performance is expected to increase the understanding of a CAD system's effectiveness and limitations, which is expected to stimulate further research and development efforts on CAD technologies, reduce problems due to improper use, and eventually improve the utility and efficacy of CAD in

  16. Evaluation of Current Controllers for Distributed Power Generation Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Timbus, Adrian; Liserre, Marco; Teodorescu, Remus


    This paper discusses the evaluation of different current controllers employed for grid-connected distributed power generation systems having variable input power, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic systems. The focus is mainly set on linear controllers such as proportional......-integral, proportional-resonant, and deadbeat (DB) controllers. Additionally, an improved DB controller robust against grid impedance variation is also presented. Since the paper discusses the implementation of these controllers for grid-connected applications, their evaluation is made in three operating conditions...

  17. Evaluation of the NucleDyne Passive Containment System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leininger, W. J.; Coleman, J. H.; Merrell, W. W.


    This reports contains: (1) an evaluation by Gilbert/Commonwealth (G/C) of the NucleDyne passive Containment System (PCS) as that conceptual design is applied to a Westinghouse, two loop, Pressurized Water Reactor; (2) an evaluation by Westinghouse of two questions about the impact of the PCS on the Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS), which were posed by G/C and best answered by an NSSS vendor; and (3) replies to both the Gilbert/Commonwealth report and the Westinghoue report by NucleDyne Engineering Corporation.

  18. Cardiovascular System Sonographic Evaluation Algorithm: A New Sonographic Algorithm for Evaluation of the Fetal Cardiovascular System in the Second Trimester. (United States)

    De León-Luis, Juan; Bravo, Coral; Gámez, Francisco; Ortiz-Quintana, Luis


    To evaluate the reproducibility and feasibility of the new cardiovascular system sonographic evaluation algorithm for studying the extended fetal cardiovascular system, including the portal, thymic, and supra-aortic areas, in the second trimester of pregnancy (19-22 weeks). We performed a cross-sectional study of pregnant women with healthy fetuses (singleton and twin pregnancies) attending our center from March to August 2011. The extended fetal cardiovascular system was evaluated by following the new algorithm, a sequential acquisition of axial views comprising the following (caudal to cranial): I, portal sinus; II, ductus venosus; III, hepatic veins; IV, 4-chamber view; V, left ventricular outflow tract; VI, right ventricular outflow tract; VII, 3-vessel and trachea view; VIII, thy-box; and IX, subclavian arteries. Interobserver agreement on the feasibility and exploration time was estimated in a subgroup of patients. The feasibility and exploration time were determined for the main cohort. Maternal, fetal, and sonographic factors affecting both features were evaluated. Interobserver agreement was excellent for all views except view VIII; the difference in the mean exploration time between observers was 1.5 minutes (95% confidence interval, 0.7-2.1 minutes; P cardiovascular system sonographic evaluation algorithm is a reproducible and feasible approach for exploration of the extended fetal cardiovascular system in a second-trimester scan. It can be used to explore these areas in normal and abnormal conditions and provides an integrated image of extended fetal cardiovascular anatomy. © 2015 by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

  19. Atrofia girata de coróide e retina: relato de caso Girate atrophy of the retina and choroid: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emerson Kenji Oyamaguchi


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Relatar um caso de atrofia girata de coróide e retina com confirmação por meio da bioquímica do plasma. MÉTODO: Aferiu-se a melhor acuidade visual corrigida de ambos olhos (AO em tabela de Snellen. Foram realizados biomicroscopia do segmento anterior, refração, mapeamento de retina, angiografia fluoresceínica, campo visual e dosagem da ornitina sérica (aminoacidograma. RESULTADOS: Paciente de 22 anos, sexo feminino, cor branca, apresentando alta miopia e acuidade visual (AV 20/100 em AO. À biomicroscopia do segmento anterior apresentava catarata subcapsular posterior em AO. À oftalmoscopia foram verificadas lesões atróficas da coróide e da retina bem delimitadas em meia periferia de AO. O aminoacidograma constatou elevação correspondente ao complexo da ornitina. CONCLUSÃO: Relata-se um caso típico de atrofia girata, distrofia retiniana rara associada a hiperornitinemia.PURPOSE: To report a case of gyrate atrophy confirmed by biochemical blood analysis. METHODS: Best corrected visual acuity was evaluated. Biomicroscopy of the anterior segment, indirect ophthalmoscopy, fluorescein angiography and computerized visual fields were performed. Color vision was assessed and plasma ornithine level was determined. RESULTS: 22-year-old white female with high myopia, visual acuity of 20/100 in both eyes. Biomicroscopy showed posterior subcapsular cataract in both eyes. Retinography showed well-delineated atrophic lesions of the choroid and retina in the mid-periphery and around the optic nerve in both eyes. Blood aminoacid determination showed high levels of ornithine. CONCLUSION: We describe here a typical case of girate atrophy of the retina and choroid, a rare disease associated with high levels of plasma ornithine.

  20. Long-term use of oral nucleos(t)ide analogues for chronic hepatitis B does not increase cancer risk - a cohort study of 44 494 subjects. (United States)

    Wong, G L-H; Tse, Y-K; Yip, T C-F; Chan, H L-Y; Tsoi, K K-F; Wong, V W-S


    Patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) need long-term antiviral treatment with nucleos(t)ide analogues (NA). Animal studies suggest that some NA may increase cancer risk, but human data are lacking. To investigate cancer risks in patients with or without NA treatment. We conducted a territory-wide cohort study using the database from Hospital Authority in Hong Kong. The diagnosis of CHB and various malignancies was based on the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) diagnosis codes between 2000 and 2012. Patients exposed to any of the oral NA for CHB were included. The primary outcome was incident cancers. A 3-year landmark analysis, with follow-up up to 7 years, was used to evaluate the relative risk of cancers in treated and untreated patients. A total of 44 494 patients (39 712 untreated and 4782 treated) were included in the analysis. During 194 890 patient-years of follow-up, hepatocellular carcinoma developed in 402 (1.0%) untreated patients and 179 (3.7%) treated patients, while other cancers developed in 528 (1.3%) and 128 (2.7%) patients respectively. After propensity score weighting, treated patients had similar risks of all malignancies [weighted hazard ratio (wHR): 1.01, 95% CI: 0.82-1.25, P = 0.899], lung/pleural cancers (wHR: 0.82, 95% CI: 0.52-1.31, P = 0.409) and urinary/renal malignancies (wHR: 1.04, 95% CI: 0.38-2.81, P = 0.944) when compared with untreated patients. Oral nucleos(t)ide analogue treatment does not appear to increase cancer risk in patients with chronic hepatitis B. Given the beneficial effect on liver outcomes, our data support the current practice of long-term anti-viral therapy. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Financial rating and ranking firms often use linguistic instead of numerical values. When input data are mostly qualitative and are based on subjective knowledge of experts, the Fuzzy Set Theory provides a solid mathematical model to represent and handle these data. The aim of this study is developing a fuzzy expert model to evaluate the performance of the pension funds by using their risk and return values. The method is used for evaluating the performance of the randomly selected of twenty seven Turkish pension funds. The obtained results proved that the fuzzy expert system is appropriate and consistent for performance evaluation.

  2. Heuristic evaluation of eNote: an electronic notes system. (United States)

    Bright, Tiffani J; Bakken, Suzanne; Johnson, Stephen B


    eNote is an electronic health record (EHR) system based on semi-structured narrative documents. A heuristic evaluation was conducted with a sample of five usability experts. eNote performed highly in: 1)consistency with standards and 2)recognition rather than recall. eNote needs improvement in: 1)help and documentation, 2)aesthetic and minimalist design, 3)error prevention, 4)helping users recognize, diagnosis, and recover from errors, and 5)flexibility and efficiency of use. The heuristic evaluation was an efficient method of evaluating our interface.

  3. A Group Creativity Support System for Dynamic Idea Evaluation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ulrich, Frank


    Idea evaluation is necessary in most modern organizations to identify the level of novelty and usefulness of new ideas. However, current idea evaluation research hinders creativity by primarily supporting convergent thinking (narrowing down ideas to a few tangible solutions), while divergent...... thinking (the development of wildly creative and novel thoughts patterns) is discounted. In this paper, this current view of idea evaluation is challenged through the development of a prototype that supports dynamic idea evaluation. The prototype uses knowledge created during evaluative processes...... to facilitate divergent thinking in a Group Creativity Support System (GCSS) designed from state-of-the-art research. The prototype is interpretively explored through a field experiment in a Danish IS research department. Consequently, the prototype demonstrates the ability to including divergent thinking...

  4. Evaluation systems for clinical governance development: a comparative study. (United States)

    Hooshmand, Elaheh; Tourani, Sogand; Ravaghi, Hamid; Ebrahimipour, Hossein


    Lack of scientific and confirmed researches and expert knowledge about evaluation systems for clinical governance development in Iran have made studies on different evaluation systems for clinical governance development a necessity. These studies must provide applied strategies to design criteria of implementing clinical governance for hospital's accreditation. This is a descriptive and comparative study on development of clinical governance models all over the world. Data have been gathered by reviewing related articles. Models have been studied in comprehensive review method. The evaluated models of clinical governance development were Australian, NHS, SPOCK and OPTIGOV. The final aspects extracted from these models were Responsiveness, Policies and Strategies, Organizational Structure, Allocating Resources, Education and Occupational Development, Performance Evaluation, External Evaluation, Patient Oriented Approach, Risk Management, Personnel's Participation, Information Technology, Human Resources, Research and Development, Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical Audit, Health Technology Assessment and Quality. These results are applicable for completing the present criteria which evaluating clinical governance application and provide practical framework to evaluate country's hospital on the basis of clinical governance elements.

  5. Evaluation systems for clinical governance development: a comparative study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaheh Hooshmand


    Full Text Available Lack of scientific and confirmed researches and expert knowledge about evaluation systems for clinical governance development in Iran have made studies on different evaluation systems for clinical governance development a necessity. These studies must provide applied strategies to design criteria of implementing clinical governance for hospital's accreditation. This is a descriptive and comparative study on development of clinical governance models all over the world. Data have been gathered by reviewing related articles. Models have been studied in comprehensive review method. The evaluated models of clinical governance development were Australian, NHS, SPOCK and OPTIGOV. The final aspects extracted from these models were Responsiveness, Policies and Strategies, Organizational Structure, Allocating Resources, Education and Occupational Development, Performance Evaluation, External Evaluation, Patient Oriented Approach, Risk Management, Personnel's Participation, Information Technology, Human Resources, Research and Development, Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical Audit, Health Technology Assessment and Quality. These results are applicable for completing the present criteria which evaluating clinical governance application and provide practical framework to evaluate country's hospital on the basis of clinical governance elements.

  6. Miopatia por corpos esferóides: relato de caso Spheroid body myopathy: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosana Hermínia Scola


    Full Text Available A miopatia por corpos esferóides é doença rara, classificada no grupo das miopatias congênitas relacionadas aos distúrbios da desmina; apresenta, em geral, origem autossômica dominante e com início dos sintomas na fase adulta. Relatamos o caso de menina de sete anos, com diparesia facial, hipotrofia e hipotonia muscular generalizadas, arreflexia profunda generalizada, força muscular proximal nos membros superiores e inferiores e distal dos membros superiores grau 3 e distal nos membros inferiores grau 1. A eletromiografia de agulha evidenciou recrutamento aumentado e potenciais de unidade motora de curta duração e baixa amplitude, caracterizando um padrão miopático. A biópsia muscular revelou padrão misto para miopatia e desinervação e presença de corpos esferóides intracitoplasmáticos compatíveis com a miopatia por corpos esferóides. No presente caso, a paciente apresentou precocemente o início dos sintomas e não há relatos de casos semelhantes na família.Spheroid body myopathy is a rare illness classified in the group of the congenital myopathies as a desmin-related neuromuscular disorder, presenting dominant autosomical origin with the beginning of the symptoms in the adult phase. We report on a seven years old girl with facial paresia, generalized muscular hypotrophy and hypotony, generalized deep areflexia, proximal upper and lower limbs muscular strengh and distal upper limbs grade 3 and distal lower limbs grade 1. Needle electromyography evidenced increased conscription and potentials of motor unit of short duration and low amplitude, characterizing a myopathic standard. The muscle biopsy disclosed mixed standard to myopathy, denervation and inclusion bodies that are consistent to spheroid body myopathy. In this case, the patient presented, in advance, early beginning of the symptoms and there are no similar cases in the family.

  7. Highlights of recent balance of system research and evaluation (United States)

    Thomas, M. G.; Stevens, J. W.

    The cost of most photovoltaic (PV) systems is more a function of the balance of system (BOS) components than the collectors. The exception to this rule is the grid-tied system whose cost is related more directly to the collectors, and secondarily to the inverter/controls. In fact, recent procurements throughout the country document that collector costs for roof-mounted, utility-tied systems (Russell, PV Systems Workshop, 7/94) represent 60% to 70% of the system cost. This contrasts with the current market for packaged stand-alone all PV or PV-hybrid systems where collectors represent only 25% to 35% of the total. Not only are the BOS components the cost drivers in the current cost-effective PV system market place, they are also the least reliable components. This paper discusses the impact that BOS issues have on component performance, system performance, and system cost and reliability. We will also look at recent recommended changes in system design based upon performance evaluations of fielded PV systems.

  8. SVD-Based Evaluation of Multiplexing in Multipinhole SPECT Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aaron K. Jorgensen


    Full Text Available Multipinhole SPECT system design is largely a trial-and-error process. General principles can give system designers a general idea of how a system with certain characteristics will perform. However, the specific performance of any particular system is unknown before the system is tested. The development of an objective evaluation method that is not based on experimentation would facilitate the optimization of multipinhole systems. We derive a figure of merit for prediction of SPECT system performance based on the entire singular value spectrum of the system. This figure of merit contains significantly more information than the condition number of the system, and is therefore more revealing of system performance. This figure is then compared with simulated results of several SPECT systems and is shown to correlate well to the results of the simulations. The proposed figure of merit is useful for predicting system performance, but additional steps could be taken to improve its accuracy and applicability. The limits of the proposed method are discussed, and possible improvements to it are proposed.

  9. Designing and evaluating risk-based surveillance systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willeberg, Preben; Nielsen, Liza Rosenbaum; Salman, Mo


    Risk-based surveillance systems reveal occurrence of disease or infection in a sample of population units, which are selected on the basis of risk factors for the condition under study. The purpose of such systems for supporting practical animal disease policy formulations and management decisions...... applicable risk estimate for use in designing and evaluating a risk-based surveillance system would be a crude (unadjusted) relative risk, odds ratio or apparent prevalence. Risk estimates found in the published literature, however, are often the results of multivariable analyses implicitly adjusting...... the estimates for confounding from other risk factors. We describe some potential unintentional effects when using adjusted risk estimates in evaluating the efficacy and sensitivity of risk-based surveillance systems (SSe). In two examples, we quantify and compare the efficacy and SSe using adjusted and crude...

  10. Kultuuriajakirjad ja uued ideed / Marc-Olivier Padis, Märt Väljataga ; prantsuse tõlkinud Indrek Koff

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Padis, Marc-Olivier


    M.-O. Padise ja M. Väljataga mõttevahetus kultuuriajakirjades avaldatud ideede kõlapinnast ja mõjust. Prantsuse Instituut Eestis poolt 28. septembril 2012. aastal Tallinna Ülikoolis avatud mõttevahetuste sarja "Uued ideed Euroopas" avaüritusel

  11. Framework for evaluation of CRM systems with mobile support


    Lipovž, Urša


    The thesis is about the self-made framework for evaluation of systems for customer relationship management or CRMs ( Eng. Customer Relationship Management ), which offers support for mobile applications. The first part of the thesis includes the description of the CRM system and the description of the mobile support. It also shows some examples and their usage of currently available mobile applications for CRM solutions. The second part is followed by a description of the criteria and charact...

  12. Evaluation of Air Force and Navy Demand Forecasting Systems (United States)


    FORECASTING SYSTEMS THESIS Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of...compute the forecasting error measurements (MAD, , vAPE & MPE) to evaluate the accuracy and the stability of the Air Force RDB Forecasting system. The RDB...Institute, March 1993. Bond, A. Craig and Marvin E. Ruth. A Conceptual Model of the Air Force Logistics Picline. MS thesis, AFIT/GLM/LSM/89S-2. School

  13. Programming system for rapid evaluation of coal deposits


    Stanìk Frantiek


    Programming system for rapid evaluation of coal deposits (calculation of coal reserves) based on data stored in coal deposit database including processing of textual and graphic outputs was elaborated. The nature of such outputs is based on conventional coal reserve calculations so that connection with coal reserve calculations made in the past is secured. Differences in particular coal deposits as well as in individual coal seams are respected in the system. Coal seams differ one from anothe...

  14. Quality Management System Proposed to JENDL Evaluation Project


    Yamano, N; Yoshida, T.; Nakajima, K; Ishikawa, M.; Shibata, K.; Suyama, K.; Okumura, K.; IWAMOTO O.; Uematsu, M.; Tahara, Y.


    A concept of the quality management system proposed for the Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (JENDL) is described. The concept is based on the process approach established as an International Standard of a quality management system (ISO 9001). In order to discuss how to guarantee the quality of JENDL, a working group focusing on a quality assurance strategy was established in the Japanese Nuclear Data Committee. After three years of discussions, the working group published a report abo...

  15. Advanced transport systems analysis, modeling, and evaluation of performances

    CERN Document Server

    Janić, Milan


    This book provides a systematic analysis, modeling and evaluation of the performance of advanced transport systems. It offers an innovative approach by presenting a multidimensional examination of the performance of advanced transport systems and transport modes, useful for both theoretical and practical purposes. Advanced transport systems for the twenty-first century are characterized by the superiority of one or several of their infrastructural, technical/technological, operational, economic, environmental, social, and policy performances as compared to their conventional counterparts. The advanced transport systems considered include: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems in urban area(s), electric and fuel cell passenger cars, high speed tilting trains, High Speed Rail (HSR), Trans Rapid Maglev (TRM), Evacuated Tube Transport system (ETT), advanced commercial subsonic and Supersonic Transport Aircraft (STA), conventionally- and Liquid Hydrogen (LH2)-fuelled commercial air trans...

  16. Environmental impact analysis with the airspace concept evaluation system (United States)

    Augustine, Stephen; Capozzi, Brian; DiFelici, John; Graham, Michael; Thompson, Terry; Miraflor, Raymond M. C.


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center has developed the Airspace Concept Evaluation System (ACES), which is a fast-time simulation tool for evaluating Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. This paper describes linking a capability to ACES which can analyze the environmental impact of proposed future ATM systems. This provides the ability to quickly evaluate metrics associated with environmental impacts of aviation for inclusion in multi-dimensional cost-benefit analysis of concepts for evolution of the National Airspace System (NAS) over the next several decades. The methodology used here may be summarized as follows: 1) Standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) noise and emissions-inventory models, the Noise Impact Routing System (NIRS) and the Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS), respectively, are linked to ACES simulation outputs; 2) appropriate modifications are made to ACES outputs to incorporate all information needed by the environmental models (e.g., specific airframe and engine data); 3) noise and emissions calculations are performed for all traffic and airports in the study area for each of several scenarios, as simulated by ACES; and 4) impacts of future scenarios are compared to the current NAS baseline scenario. This paper also provides the results of initial end-to-end, proof-of-concept runs of the integrated ACES and environmental-modeling capability. These preliminary results demonstrate that if no growth is likely to be impeded by significant environmental impacts that could negatively affect communities throughout the nation.

  17. Design and Evaluation Methods for Underwater Control Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chi, Lin


    This thesis on underwater control systems is written with the designer in mind, assuming that the reader has some knowledge of control theory. It can be used as a text for undergraduate students and engineers. To help readers better understand the system they will be working with, the thesis is organised in a stepwise way. The reader will gain basic knowledge about underwater operations, equipment and control systems. Then the reader will be able to follow the steps to develop a required control system for an underwater equipment by first understanding the characteristics of the design problem, customer requirement, functional requirement, and possible solution, and then to present a mathematical model of the control problem. Having developed the concept, the thesis guides the reader to develop evaluation criteria and different ways to make the decision. The thesis gives an overview of how to achieve a successful design rather than giving the techniques for detailed control system design. Chapter 1 describes underwater operations and systems. Chapter 2 discusses issues of underwater control systems and control methods. Chapter 3 deals with design method and control systems theory, focusing on human-centered control. Chapter 4 discusses methods used to evaluate and rank products, and chapter 5 applies the methods to an example. 113 refs., 115 figs., 80 tabs.

  18. Differential Evolution Based Intelligent System State Search Method for Composite Power System Reliability Evaluation (United States)

    Bakkiyaraj, Ashok; Kumarappan, N.


    This paper presents a new approach for evaluating the reliability indices of a composite power system that adopts binary differential evolution (BDE) algorithm in the search mechanism to select the system states. These states also called dominant states, have large state probability and higher loss of load curtailment necessary to maintain real power balance. A chromosome of a BDE algorithm represents the system state. BDE is not applied for its traditional application of optimizing a non-linear objective function, but used as tool for exploring more number of dominant states by producing new chromosomes, mutant vectors and trail vectors based on the fitness function. The searched system states are used to evaluate annualized system and load point reliability indices. The proposed search methodology is applied to RBTS and IEEE-RTS test systems and results are compared with other approaches. This approach evaluates the indices similar to existing methods while analyzing less number of system states.

  19. Evaluation of the sustainability of contrasted pig farming systems: integrated evaluation. (United States)

    Bonneau, M; Klauke, T N; Gonzàlez, J; Rydhmer, L; Ilari-Antoine, E; Dourmad, J Y; de Greef, K; Houwers, H W J; Cinar, M U; Fàbrega, E; Zimmer, C; Hviid, M; van der Oever, B; Edwards, S A


    The aim of this paper is to present an approach for an integrated evaluation of the sustainability of pig farming systems, taking into account the three classical pillars: economy, environment and society. Eight sustainability themes were considered: Animal Welfare (AW), Animal Health (AH), Breeding Programmes (BP), Environment (EN), Meat Safety (MS), Market Conformity (MC), Economy (EC) and Working Conditions (WC). A total of 37 primary indicators were identified and used for the evaluation of 15 much contrasted pig farming systems in five EU countries. The results show that the eight themes were not redundant and all contributed to the observed variation between systems. The tool was very robust for highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the systems along the eight themes that were considered. The number of primary indicators could be reduced from 37 to 18 with limited impact on the strengths/weaknesses profile of the individual systems. Integrating the eight theme evaluations into a single sustainability score is based on hypotheses or presumptions on the relative weights that should be given to the eight themes, which are very dependent on the context and on the purpose of the users of the tool. Therefore, the present paper does not have the ambition to provide a ready-for-use tool, rather to suggest an approach for the integrated evaluation of the sustainability of pig farming systems.

  20. First report on spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses Primeiro relato do uso de opióide hiperbárico por via espinhal em cavalos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre da Silva Polydoro


    Full Text Available This study is the first to report the use of spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses injected through a lumbar-sacral subarachnoid catheter. The injection of hyperbaric subarachnoid morphine and methadone produced short term intense analgesia over the dermatomes of the perineal, sacral, lumbar, and thoracic areas without cardiorespiratory depression, ataxia or central nervous system excitement. The technique involves the use of 10% dextrose as a hyperbaric solvent producing an average hyperbaric solution with a specific gravity of 1030. The use of spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses can be recommended for short term moderate to severe pain management in this species.Este estudo relata pela primeira vez o uso de opioide hiperbárico por via espinhal em cavalos, administrado através de um cateter subaraquenóide lombo-sacro. Foi demonstrado que a administração de morfina ou metadona hiperbáricos em solução de dextrose 10% produz analgesia intensa e de curta duração sobre os dermatomas perineais, sacrais, lombares e torácicos, sem depressão cardiorrespiratória, ataxia ou excitação do sistema nervoso central. A técnica descrita, neste estudo, produziu soluções com gravidade específica de 1030. O uso de solução hiperbárica de opióides pode ser recomendado para obtenção de analgesia intensa de curta duração no cavalo.

  1. Comparative effectiveness studies to improve clinical outcomes in end stage renal disease: the DEcIDE patient outcomes in end stage renal disease study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boulware Ebony L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Evidence is lacking to inform providers’ and patients’ decisions about many common treatment strategies for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD. Methods/design The DEcIDE Patient Outcomes in ESRD Study is funded by the United States (US Agency for Health Care Research and Quality to study the comparative effectiveness of: 1 antihypertensive therapies, 2 early versus later initiation of dialysis, and 3 intravenous iron therapies on clinical outcomes in patients with ESRD. Ongoing studies utilize four existing, nationally representative cohorts of patients with ESRD, including (1 the Choices for Healthy Outcomes in Caring for ESRD study (1041 incident dialysis patients recruited from October 1995 to June 1999 with complete outcome ascertainment through 2009, (2 the Dialysis Clinic Inc (45,124 incident dialysis patients initiating and receiving their care from 2003–2010 with complete outcome ascertainment through 2010, (3 the United States Renal Data System (333,308 incident dialysis patients from 2006–2009 with complete outcome ascertainment through 2010, and (4 the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Chronic Kidney Disease Registry (53,399 patients with chronic kidney disease with outcome ascertainment from 2005 through 2009. We ascertain patient reported outcomes (i.e., health-related quality of life, morbidity, and mortality using clinical and administrative data, and data obtained from national death indices. We use advanced statistical methods (e.g., propensity scoring and marginal structural modeling to account for potential biases of our study designs. All data are de-identified for analyses. The conduct of studies and dissemination of findings are guided by input from Stakeholders in the ESRD community. Discussion The DEcIDE Patient Outcomes in ESRD Study will provide needed evidence regarding the effectiveness of common treatments employed for dialysis patients. Carefully planned dissemination strategies to the

  2. Decision support systems for ecosystem management: An evaluation of existing systems (United States)

    H. Todd Mowrer; Klaus Barber; Joe Campbell; Nick Crookston; Cathy Dahms; John Day; Jim Laacke; Jim Merzenich; Steve Mighton; Mike Rauscher; Rick Sojda; Joyce Thompson; Peter Trenchi; Mark Twery


    This report evaluated 24 computer-aided decision support systems (DSS) that can support management decision-making in forest ecosystems. It compares the scope of each system, spatial capabilities, computational methods, development status, input and output requirements, user support availability, and system performance. Questionnaire responses from the DSS developers (...

  3. Evaluation of forest management systems under risk of wildfire (United States)

    Kari Hyytiainen; Robert G. Haight


    We evaluate the economic efficiency of even- and uneven-aged management systems under risk of wildfire. The management problems are formulated for a mixed-conifer stand and approximations of the optimal solutions are obtained using simulation optimization. The Northern Idaho variant of the Forest Vegetation Simulator and its Fire and Fuels Extension is used to predict...

  4. The Assessment Agent System: Design, Development, and Evaluation (United States)

    Liu, Jianhua


    This article reports the design, development, and evaluation of an online software application for assessing students' understanding of curricular content based on concept maps. This computer-based assessment program, called the Assessment Agent System, was designed by following an agent-oriented software design method. The Assessment Agent System…

  5. Evaluating Usability in a Distance Digital Systems Laboratory Class (United States)

    Kostaras, N.; Xenos, M.; Skodras, A. N.


    This paper presents the usability evaluation of a digital systems laboratory class offered to distance-learning students. It details the way in which students can participate remotely in such a laboratory, the methodology employed in the usability assessment of the laboratory infrastructure (hardware and software), and also outlines the main…

  6. Development, application, and evaluation of an organizational performance measurement system


    Clark, L. Altyn.


    Organizational performance measurement is an issue in any large-scale organizational change effort. In general, an organizational performance management system is the set of people, methods and tools for generating, analyzing, portraying, discriminating and evaluating data and information about multiple dimensions of performance at the individual, group and organization level for multiple constituencies.

  7. Evaluation of skid test automatic digital recording system. (United States)


    The Virginia skid vehicle has been equipped with a digital data recording system to provide rapid reduction of skid measurement data. It was found that five to ten minutes are required to evaluate a single measurement using the original analog strip ...

  8. Evaluation of a Statewide Education Management Information System. (United States)

    Bahn, Theodore I.; Maas, John


    This summary of a recent evaluation of the Minnesota Management Information System (MIS) focuses on problems encountered during its evolution and on options available to solve those problems. A delineation between state and district information needs is provided, with an emphasis on statewide standards for reporting educational needs. (MER)

  9. Planning and Evaluating Library System Services in Illinois. (United States)

    Michael, Mary Ellen; Young, Arthur P.

    This manual was conceived as a reference guide for Illinois' 18 library systems to use in their long-range planning and evaluation program. Section 1 of the manual explains the planning model: Context Input Process Product (CIPP). CIPP was selected as a coherent adaptation and modification of many previous planning and design methods: systems…

  10. An Evaluation of a Comprehensive System of Transition Services. (United States)

    Aspel, Nellie; Bettis, Gail; Test, David W.; Wood, Wendy M.


    This study evaluated a comprehensive transition model for students with disabilities known as TASSEL (Teaching All Students Skills for Employment and Life) in two North Carolina school systems. Analysis of social validity data and student outcome data for 76 students found that consumers were satisfied with TASSEL transition services and student…

  11. Implementing New Teacher Evaluation Systems: Principals' Concerns and Supervisor Support (United States)

    Derrington, Mary Lynne; Campbell, John W.


    Principal leadership is the key to successful implementation of mandated, high-accountability, teacher evaluation systems. Given the magnitude and complexity of change at the school level, understanding principals' perceptions, responses, and concerns is essential for effective change and support during implementation. Thus, research that…

  12. Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management System and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper reports the evaluation of households' usage of the current solid waste management system (SWMS) within the city of Ilorin, central Nigeria and investigates the determinants of household's willingness-to-Pay (WTP) for its improvement. Data was collected with the aid of a structured questionnaire administered to ...

  13. Outcome-driven Evaluation Metrics for Treatment Recommendation Systems. (United States)

    Mei, Jing; Liu, Haifeng; Li, Xiang; Yu, Yiqin; Xie, Guotong


    Treatment recommendation systems aim to providing clinical decision supports, e.g. with integration of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). One of the most significant issue is the quality of recommendations which needs to be quantified, before getting the acceptance from physicians. In computer science, such evaluations are typically performed by applying appropriate metrics that provides a comparison of different systems. However, a big challenge for evaluating treatment recommendation systems is that ground truth is only partially observed. In this paper, we propose an outcome-driven evaluation methodology, and present five metrics (i.e. precision, recall, accuracy, relative risk and odds ratio) with highlight of their statistic meanings in clinical context. The experimental results are based on the comparison of two well-developed treatment recommendation systems (one is knowledge-driven and based on clinical practice guidelines, while the other is data-driven and based on patient similarity analysis), using our proposed evaluation metrics. As a conclusion, physicians are less prone to comply with clinical guidelines, but once following guideline recommendations, it is much more likely to get good outcomes than not following.

  14. Influence of core self-evaluation and reward system on ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study investigated the influence of core self-evaluation (self efficacy, self esteem, work locus of control and neuroticism) and reward system on career commitment of local government employees in Oyo State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was adopted in the study and using stratified random of equal ...

  15. Distribution system reliability evaluation using credibility theory | Xu ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper describes a new method of using credibility theory to evaluate distribution system reliability. The advantage of this method lies in its ability to account for both objective and subjective uncertainty by integrating stochastic and fuzzy approaches. Equipment failures are modeled as random events, while the ...

  16. Open Source Library Management Systems: A Multidimensional Evaluation (United States)

    Balnaves, Edmund


    Open source library management systems have improved steadily in the last five years. They now present a credible option for small to medium libraries and library networks. An approach to their evaluation is proposed that takes account of three additional dimensions that only open source can offer: the developer and support community, the source…

  17. Evaluating complex fusion systems based on causal probabilistic models

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mignet, F.; Pavlin, G.; de Oude, P.; da Costa, P.C.G.


    The paper evaluates a class of fusion systems that support interpretation of complex patterns consisting of large numbers of heterogeneous data obtained from distributed sources at different points in time. The fusion solutions in such domains must be able to process large quantities of

  18. Development of an operations evaluation system for sinking EDM

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lauwers, B.; Oosterling, J.A.J.; Vanderauwera, W.


    This paper describes the development and validation of an operations evaluation system for sinking EDM operations. Based on a given workpiece geometry (e.g. mould), regions to be EDM'ed are automatically indentified. For a given electrode configuration, consisting of one or more regions, EDM

  19. Performance Evaluation of Irbene RT-16 Radio Telescope Receiving System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bleiders M.


    Full Text Available In the present paper, recent measurement results of refurbished Irbene RT-16 radio telescope receiving system performance are presented. The aim of the research is to evaluate characteristics of RT-16, which will allow carrying out necessary amplitude calibration in both single dish and VLBI observations, to improve the performance of existing system as well as to monitor, control and compare performance if possible changes in the receiving system will occur in future. The evaluated receiving system is 16 m Cassegrain antenna equipped with a cryogenic receiver with frequency range from 4.5 to 8.8 GHz, which is divided into four sub-bands. Multiple calibration sessions have been carried out by observing stable astronomical sources with known flux density by using in-house made total power registration backend. First, pointing offset calibration has been carried out and pointing model coefficients calculated and applied. Then, amplitude calibration, namely antenna sensitivity, calibration diode equivalent flux density and gain curve measurements have been carried out by observing calibration sources at different antenna elevations at each of the receiver sub-bands. Beam patterns have also been evaluated at different frequency bands. As a whole, acquired data will serve as a reference point for comparison in future performance evaluation of RT-16.

  20. Unraveling equivocality in evaluations of information systems projects

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Arviansyah, A.


    This thesis is motivated by the practical conundrums encountered when making information systems and technology (IS/IT) project continuation decisions and by the dearth of research pertaining to the causes of equivocality in IS/IT project evaluations. Despite the paucity of studies dealing with this

  1. Diagnóstico laboratorial das leucemias mielóides agudas


    Silva,Graziele C. da; Pilger,Diogo A.; Castro,Simone M. de; Wagner,Sandrine C.


    As leucemias agudas caracterizam-se pela proliferação clonal e pelo bloqueio maturativo das células hematopoéticas, com substituição difusa da medula óssea por células neoplásicas. A leucemia mielóide aguda (LMA) é um grupo heterogêneo de doenças clonais do tecido hematopoético, que acomete predominantemente idosos acima de 60 anos de idade. A LMA apresenta oito subtipos distintos morfologicamente: LMA M0 a M7. Os métodos diagnósticos para identificação da LMA e classificação dos subtipos são...

  2. Hemangioendotelioma epitelióide de pleura Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the pleura


    Patrícia K. Vitório; Ester M. Coletta; Nelson Morrone; Carlos H. Lima; Guilherme J. Costa; Daniel Inoue; Fabiam B. Hernandes


    Relata-se o caso de um paciente exposto profissionalmente a asbesto por dez anos e portador de um tumor pleural muito raro, o hemangioendotelioma epitelióde. O paciente apresentava derrame pleural serohemorrágico, sem evidência de células neoplásicas e com predomínio de linfócitos. A biópsia pleural por agulha revelou processo inflamatório crônico inespecífico, com áreas de tecido mixóide. A videotoracoscopia mostrou nódulos difusos nas pleuras parietal e visceral. A biópsia revelou neoplasia...

  3. Estudo micro-mesoscópico das granulações aracnóides humanas


    Marcílio Hubner de Miranda Neto; Walter Biazoto; Renato Paulo Chopard; Guilherme Araújo Lucas


    A anatomia funcional das granulacões aracnóides do seio sagital superior foi estudada por técnicas micro-mesoscópicas a fim de contribuir para esclarecimentos de vias de drenagem do liqüido cerebrospinal através de seus componentes fibrosos. A disposição dos elementos fibrosos foi analisada na base do pedículo, pedículo, centro e ápice da granulação. A análise dos cortes seriados mostra na base do pedículo, malhas de colágeno com morfologia predominantemente circular orientando-se longitudina...

  4. Paratireóides: estrutura, funções e patologia


    Prospero,José Donato de; Baptista,Pedro Pericles Ribeiro; Amary,Maria Fernanda Carriel; Santos,Priscila Pizzo Crêm dos


    Os autores tecem considerações sobre a estrutura e funções normais das glândulas paratireóides como introdução à patologia e as repercussões clinico - patológicas tanto do excesso como da redução do paratormônio. Maior ênfase é dedicada ao hiperparatireoidismo primário quanto às causas, a fisiopatologia das alterações, os aspectos anatomopatológicos macro e microscópicos das lesões e sua patogenia, na "Osteite fibrocistica" ou "doença de von Recklinghausen dos ossos" com a correlação aos aspe...

  5. Study of concentration of HPV DNA probe immobilization for cervical cancer detection based IDE biosensor (United States)

    Roshila, M. L.; Hashim, U.; Azizah, N.


    This paper mainly illustrates regarding the detection process of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA probe. HPV is the most common virus that infected to human by a sexually transmitted virus. The most common high-risk HPV are 16 and 18. Interdigitated electrode (IDE) device used as based of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) acts as inorganic surface, where by using APTES as a linker between inorganic surface and organic surface. A strategy of rapid and sensitive for the HPV detection was proposed by integrating simple DNA extraction with a gene of DNA. The extraction of the gene of DNA will make an efficiency of the detection process. It will depend on the sequence of the capture probes and the way to support their attached. The fabrication, surface modification, immobilization and hybridization processes are characterized by current voltage (I-V) measurement by using KEITHLEY 6487. This strategy will perform a good sensitivity of HPV detection.

  6. Lessons Learned From The Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Review of Children's Oncology Group Trial AAML1031 (United States)

    Meshinchi, Soheil; Hunger, Stephen P.; Aplenc, Richard; Adamson, Peter C.; Jessup, J. Milburn


    The FDA is now exerting its regulatory authority over molecular diagnostics and their assays used for medical-decision making in clinical trials by performing pre-Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) reviews in all phases of clinical trials. This review assesses the analytical performance of the assay for the diagnostic and considers how that performance affects the diagnostic and the patient and their risks and benefits from treatment. This manuscript reviews the process of the first review that was performed on a new Children's Oncology Group (COG) Phase III trial in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. The lessons learned and recommendations for how to prepare for and incorporate this new level of regulatory review into the protocol development process are presented. PMID:22422407

  7. Plexo coróide hipertrofiado (demonstrado angiogràficamente e hidrocefalia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Machado de Almeida


    Full Text Available É discutido e mesmo pôsto em dúvida por alguns autores, o papel desempenhado pelo aumento de produção do líquido cefalorraqueano (LCR, na patogênese da hidrocefalia. No caso apresentado foram encontrados os seguintes elementos que indicam ser o aumento de produção do LCR a causa da hipertensão intracraniana: 1 hipertrofia dos plexos coróides sugerida pelas angiografias e confirmada pelo ato cirúrgico e necropsia; 2 ausência de bloqueio ao trânsito do LCR; 3 grande aumento do espaço subaracnói-deo, mais evidente ao nível das cisternas, inclusive inter-hemisférica e silviana.

  8. Tratamento das fraturas do processo odontóide Treatment of odontoid fractures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Augusto Pontin


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Este artigo faz a avaliação retrospectiva clínica e radiológica das fraturas do odontóide de 20 pacientes atendidos no IOT-HCFMUSP, durante o período de 2004-2010. MÉTODOS: Foi realizado a estratificação destas fraturas segundo sua classificação (AO/Anderson e D'Alonzo, perfil epidemiológico, tipo de tratamento, tempo de consolidação e complicações. RESULTADOS: Observou-se maior número de casos da fratura do odontóide em pacientes do sexo masculino (4:1, com idade entre 3ª e 4ª década de vida (60%, vítimas de quedas de altura (60% e acidentes automobilísticos (25% como principais mecanismos de trauma, e 15% dos casos apresentaram-se com déficit neurológico. A fraturas do odontóide de maior prevalência foram as do tipo II (55%, seguidas pelas fraturas do tipo III (40%. Os tratamentos mais empregados nas fraturas do tipo II e III foram, respectivamente, o cirúrgico (73% e conservador (87,5%. A consolidação ocorreu em até 16 semanas para 87,5% dos casos de tratamento cirúrgico e para 54,5% dos tratados conservadoramente. Não houve casos de pseudoartrose. CONCLUSÃO: O tratamento cirúrgico das fraturas do odontóide do tipo II apresentou resultados satisfatórios em relação ao tempo consolidação e baixa incidência de complicações, bem como o tratamento conservador destinado às fraturas do tipo III.Nivel de Evidência IV, série de casos.OBJECTIVE: This article describes a clinical and radiologic retrospective analysis of odontoid fractures in20 patients accompanied byThe IOT-HCFMUSP,from 2004 to 2010. METHODS: These fractures were stratified according to their classification (AO/Anderson andD'Alonzo, epidemiologic profile, type of treatment, time to consolidation of the fracture, and complications. RESULTS: It was observed that there was a higher number of odontoid fractures in males (4:1, between the third and fourth decades of life (60%, and that the main causes of the trauma were falling from

  9. System for Evaluating Powerlifting and Other Multievent Performances. (United States)

    Bishop, Phillip A; Williams, Tyler D; Heldman, Alex N; Vanderburgh, Paul M


    Bishop, PA, Williams, TD, Heldman, AN, and Vanderburgh, PM. System for evaluating powerlifting and other multievent performances. J Strength Cond Res 32(1): 201-204, 2018-Currently, the sport of powerlifting discriminates against bench press scores and uses an empirical equation which is very difficult to update to determine the best lifter within sex. The purpose of this study was to provide a simple and statistically sound method for evaluating powerlifting performance which could also be used with other multievent sports. Data were collected from a large public database on the top 50 (men) or the top 30 (women) individual raw competition scores in each weight class for each of the 3 powerlifting lifts. Mean and SDs were then calculated for each lift and weight class by sex. Powerlifting performance was evaluated by the sum of the 3 z-scores for the 3 lifts divided by 3 (the highest score wins). The z-scores reflect a dimensionless number which can be used to evaluate each lift and the total of the 3 lifts across weight classes and between sexes. Although the mean and SDs should be relatively stable, this computation is transparent and can be readily updated as lifters improve. This system overcomes the bias against bench press and many of the measurement challenges in evaluating athletes in multievent sports, in multiple weight divisions, and between sexes. These findings can benefit coaches and athletes by allowing simpler evaluations of performance and improvement.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. A. Yamnaja


    Full Text Available The National Technical Committee on standardization “Quality Control” has proposed a mechanism for evaluation of quality management system efficiency while applying experts’ appraisal by points – ТК РБ 4.2-МР-16–2002 which has a number of disadvantages and which is complicated for being used at enterprises. A methodology for evaluation of quality management system efficiency has been developed on the basis of a qualimetric approach to the formation of an experts’ group, working out of estimation scales and their realization, ТК РБ 4.2-МР-16–2002 propositions. The methodology has been put to evaluation test at the enterprise which is dealing with manufacturing and repair of railway products and can be applied at mechanical engineering and other enterprises

  11. Solar energy system economic evaluation: Fern Tunkhannock, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania (United States)


    The economic performance of an Operational Test Site (OTS) is described. The long term economic performance of the system at its installation site and extrapolation to four additional selected locations to demonstrate the viability of the design over a broad range of environmental and economic conditions is reported. Topics discussed are: system description, study approach, economic analysis and system optimization, and technical and economical results of analysis. Data for the economic analysis are generated through evaluation of the OTS. The simulation is based on the technical results of the seasonal report simulation. In addition localized and standard economic parameters are used for economic analysis.

  12. Evaluation of Routine Atmospheric Sounding Measurements using Unmanned Systems (ERASMUS)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bland, Geoffrey [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Greenbelt, MD (United States)


    The use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) with miniature sensor systems for atmospheric research is an important capability to develop. The Evaluation of Routine Atmospheric Sounding Measurements using Unmanned Systems (ERASMUS) project, lead by Dr. Gijs de Boer of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES- a partnership of NOAA and CU-Boulder), is a significant milestone in realizing this new potential. This project has clearly demonstrated that the concept of sUAS utilization is valid, and miniature instrumentation can be used to further our understanding of the atmospheric boundary layer in the arctic.

  13. Requirements for the evaluation of computational speech segregation systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    May, Tobias; Dau, Torsten


    Recent studies on computational speech segregation reported improved speech intelligibility in noise when estimating and applying an ideal binary mask with supervised learning algorithms. However, an important requirement for such systems in technical applications is their robustness to acoustic...... conditions not considered during training. This study demonstrates that the spectro-temporal noise variations that occur during training and testing determine the achievable segregation performance. In particular, such variations strongly affect the identification of acoustical features in the system...... associated with perceptual attributes in speech segregation. The results could help establish a framework for a systematic evaluation of future segregation systems....

  14. Development and evaluation of new coupling system for lower limb prostheses with acoustic alarm system. (United States)

    Eshraghi, Arezoo; Osman, Noor Azuan Abu; Gholizadeh, Hossein; Ahmadian, Jalil; Rahmati, Bizhan; Abas, Wan Abu Bakar Wan


    Individuals with lower limb amputation need a secure suspension system for their prosthetic devices. A new coupling system was developed that is capable of suspending the prosthesis. The system's safety is ensured through an acoustic alarm system. This article explains how the system works and provides an in vivo evaluation of the device with regard to pistoning during walking. The system was designed to be used with silicone liners and is based on the requirements of prosthetic suspension systems. Mechanical testing was performed using a universal testing machine. The pistoning during walking was measured using a motion analysis system. The new coupling device produced significantly less pistoning compared to a common suspension system (pin/lock). The safety alarm system would buzz if the suspension was going to fail. The new coupling system could securely suspend the prostheses in transtibial amputees and produced less vertical movement than the pin/lock system.

  15. Papel do Fator de Crescimento Endotelial Vascular nos Carcinomas de Tireóide

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clarissa Capp


    Full Text Available O crescimento tumoral está diretamente relacionado com a neovascularização, a qual decorre do desequilíbrio entre os fatores pró-angiogênicos e antiangiogênicos, secretados pelas células neoplásicas O fator de crescimento endotelial vascular (VEGF desempenha papel chave na angiogênese tumoral, estimulando a proliferação, migração e sobrevivência das células endoteliais. Atua através da ligação a receptores tirosina quinase específicos: VEGFR-1/Flt-1, VEGFR-2/KDR e VEGFR-3. O aumento da expressão do VEGF e de seus receptores tem sido associado à progressão, metastatização e pior prognóstico em diversos tumores malignos. A compreensão das vias moleculares que envolvem o mecanismo de indução da angiogênese tumoral por fatores de crescimento como o VEGF aumentam as possibilidades de novas terapêuticas a serem utilizadas no tratamento de tumores malignos humanos. Evidências indicam um importante papel do VEGF nas neoplasias da tireóide e a utilização de inibidores do VEGF ou de seus receptores pode constituir um importante recurso terapêutico, já tendo sido utilizado em determinados tipos de tumores humanos. O presente artigo tem como objetivo fazer uma revisão da atuação do VEGF no crescimento tumoral com enfoque nas neoplasias malignas da tireóide.

  16. Artrite reumatóide: diagnóstico e tratamento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    IMM Laurindo


    Full Text Available DESCRIÇÃO DO MÉTODO DE COLETA DE EVIDÊNCIAS: Reunião consensual e multidisciplinar com a participação de médicos reumatologistas, fisiatra e ortopedista para elaboração do texto final. O texto inicial tomou por base o documento do Colégio Americano de Reumatologia "Guidelines for the management of rheumatoid arthritis" e também o texto das "Diretrizes do Ministério da Saúde para o Diagnóstico e Tratamento da Artrite Reumatóide", acrescido da experiência de reumatologistas, e complementado por extensa revisão bibliográfica, com prioridade para meta-análises. Os participantes, divididos em três grupos, produziram o texto básico, cujas recomendações foram submetidas à revisão e à aprovação pelo conjunto dos participantes. Depois, disponibilizados na internet, foi objeto de novas sugestões por parte de outros especialistas, até alcançar a forma final. GRAU DE RECOMENDAÇÃO E FORÇA DE EVIDÊNCIA: A: Estudos experimentais e observacionais de melhor consistência. B: Estudos experimentais e observacionais de menor consistência. C: Relatos de casos (estudos não controlados. D: Opinião desprovida de avaliação crítica, baseada em consensos, estudos fisiológicos ou modelos animais. OBJETIVOS: Estabelecer diretrizes claras e sucintas para o diagnóstico e tratamento da artrite reumatóide. CONFLITO DE INTERESSE: Os autores Laurindo IMM, Ximenes AC, Lima FAC, Pinheiro GRC, Bertolo MB, Xavier RM, Ciconelli RM e Radominski SC declararam vínculo com a Indústria Farmacêutica.

  17. Novel automatic endotracheal position confirmation system: mannequin model algorithm evaluation. (United States)

    Lederman, Dror; Shamir, Micha Y


    A novel endotracheal intubation accurate positioning confirmation system based on image classification algorithm is introduced and evaluated using a mannequin model. The system comprises a miniature complementary metal oxide silicon sensor (CMOS) attached to the tip of a semi rigid stylet and connected to a digital signal processor (DSP) with an integrated video acquisition component. Video signals acquired and processed by an algorithm implemented on the processor. During mannequin intubations, video signals were continuously recorded. A total of 10 videos were recorded. From each video, 7 images of esophageal intubation and 8 images of endotracheal intubation (in which the carina could be clearly seen) were extracted, yielding a total of 150 images taken from arbitrary positions and angles which were processed by the confirmation algorithm. The performance of the confirmation algorithm was evaluated using a leave-one-out method: in each iteration, 149 images were used to train the system and estimate the models, and the remaining image was used to test the system. This process was repeated 150 times such that each image participated once in testing. The system correctly identified 80 out of 80 endotracheal intubations and 70 out of 70 esophageal intubations. This fully automatic image recognition system was used successfully to discriminate airway carina and non-carina endotracheal tube positioning. The system had a 100% success rate using a mannequin model and therefore further investigation including live tissue model and human research should follow.

  18. Reliability evaluation of deregulated electric power systems for planning applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ehsani, A. [Electrical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, PO Box 11365-8639, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)], E-mail:; Ranjbar, A.M. [Electrical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, PO Box 11365-8639, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Jafari, A. [Niroo Research Institute, PO Box 14665/517, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M. [Electrical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, PO Box 11365-8639, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    In a deregulated electric power utility industry in which a competitive electricity market can influence system reliability, market risks cannot be ignored. This paper (1) proposes an analytical probabilistic model for reliability evaluation of competitive electricity markets and (2) develops a methodology for incorporating the market reliability problem into HLII reliability studies. A Markov state space diagram is employed to evaluate the market reliability. Since the market is a continuously operated system, the concept of absorbing states is applied to it in order to evaluate the reliability. The market states are identified by using market performance indices and the transition rates are calculated by using historical data. The key point in the proposed method is the concept that the reliability level of a restructured electric power system can be calculated using the availability of the composite power system (HLII) and the reliability of the electricity market. Two case studies are carried out over Roy Billinton Test System (RBTS) to illustrate interesting features of the proposed methodology.

  19. Evaluation of energy system analysis techniques for identifying underground facilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    VanKuiken, J.C.; Kavicky, J.A.; Portante, E.C. [and others


    This report describes the results of a study to determine the feasibility and potential usefulness of applying energy system analysis techniques to help detect and characterize underground facilities that could be used for clandestine activities. Four off-the-shelf energy system modeling tools were considered: (1) ENPEP (Energy and Power Evaluation Program) - a total energy system supply/demand model, (2) ICARUS (Investigation of Costs and Reliability in Utility Systems) - an electric utility system dispatching (or production cost and reliability) model, (3) SMN (Spot Market Network) - an aggregate electric power transmission network model, and (4) PECO/LF (Philadelphia Electric Company/Load Flow) - a detailed electricity load flow model. For the purposes of most of this work, underground facilities were assumed to consume about 500 kW to 3 MW of electricity. For some of the work, facilities as large as 10-20 MW were considered. The analysis of each model was conducted in three stages: data evaluation, base-case analysis, and comparative case analysis. For ENPEP and ICARUS, open source data from Pakistan were used for the evaluations. For SMN and PECO/LF, the country data were not readily available, so data for the state of Arizona were used to test the general concept.

  20. Hardware Testing and System Evaluation: Procedures to Evaluate Commodity Hardware for Production Clusters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goebel, J


    Without stable hardware any program will fail. The frustration and expense of supporting bad hardware can drain an organization, delay progress, and frustrate everyone involved. At Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), we have created a testing method that helps our group, SLAC Computer Services (SCS), weed out potentially bad hardware and purchase the best hardware at the best possible cost. Commodity hardware changes often, so new evaluations happen periodically each time we purchase systems and minor re-evaluations happen for revised systems for our clusters, about twice a year. This general framework helps SCS perform correct, efficient evaluations. This article outlines SCS's computer testing methods and our system acceptance criteria. We expanded the basic ideas to other evaluations such as storage, and we think the methods outlined in this article has helped us choose hardware that is much more stable and supportable than our previous purchases. We have found that commodity hardware ranges in quality, so systematic method and tools for hardware evaluation were necessary. This article is based on one instance of a hardware purchase, but the guidelines apply to the general problem of purchasing commodity computer systems for production computational work.

  1. Performance evaluation and design of flight vehicle control systems

    CERN Document Server

    Falangas, Eric T


    This book will help students, control engineers and flight dynamics analysts to model and conduct sophisticated and systemic analyses of early flight vehicle designs controlled with multiple types of effectors and to design and evaluate new vehicle concepts in terms of satisfying mission and performance goals. Performance Evaluation and Design of Flight Vehicle Control Systems begins by creating a dynamic model of a generic flight vehicle that includes a range of elements from airplanes and launch vehicles to re-entry vehicles and spacecraft. The models may include dynamic effects dealing with structural flexibility, as well as dynamic coupling between structures and actuators, propellant sloshing, and aeroelasticity, and they are typically used for control analysis and design. The book shows how to efficiently combine different types of effectors together, such as aero-surfaces, TVC, throttling engines and RCS, to operate as a system by developing a mixing logic atrix. Methods of trimming a vehicle controll...

  2. Performance management in the Slovak higher education system: preliminary evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juraj Nemec


    Full Text Available The aim of our paper is a preliminary evaluation of the introduction of performance management and performance financing arrangements in the Slovak higher education system – accreditation and formula based performance financing. This evaluation will be mainly based on the assessment of short-term impacts of the above mentioned instruments and is expected to invite further professional discussion. We feel that the data and brief analysis included are sufficient enough to show that the Slovak system represents a typical example of the potential of performance management and performance financing being significantly limited, if not destroyed. Not only because of improperly defined indicators, which are too much input and quantity orientated, but very much also due to a lack of resources (the ratio of public expenditures for higher education to the GDP in Slovakia is significantly below EU average, as well as the politicization of the system.

  3. A novel reliability evaluation method for large engineering systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reda Farag


    Full Text Available A novel reliability evaluation method for large nonlinear engineering systems excited by dynamic loading applied in time domain is presented. For this class of problems, the performance functions are expected to be function of time and implicit in nature. Available first- or second-order reliability method (FORM/SORM will be challenging to estimate reliability of such systems. Because of its inefficiency, the classical Monte Carlo simulation (MCS method also cannot be used for large nonlinear dynamic systems. In the proposed approach, only tens instead of hundreds or thousands of deterministic evaluations at intelligently selected points are used to extract the reliability information. A hybrid approach, consisting of the stochastic finite element method (SFEM developed by the author and his research team using FORM, response surface method (RSM, an interpolation scheme, and advanced factorial schemes, is proposed. The method is clarified with the help of several numerical examples.

  4. Counter unmanned aerial system testing and evaluation methodology (United States)

    Kouhestani, C.; Woo, B.; Birch, G.


    Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are increasing in flight times, ease of use, and payload sizes. Detection, classification, tracking, and neutralization of UAS is a necessary capability for infrastructure and facility protection. We discuss test and evaluation methodology developed at Sandia National Laboratories to establish a consistent, defendable, and unbiased means for evaluating counter unmanned aerial system (CUAS) technologies. The test approach described identifies test strategies, performance metrics, UAS types tested, key variables, and the necessary data analysis to accurately quantify the capabilities of CUAS technologies. The tests conducted, as defined by this approach, will allow for the determination of quantifiable limitations, strengths, and weaknesses in terms of detection, tracking, classification, and neutralization. Communicating the results of this testing in such a manner informs decisions by government sponsors and stakeholders that can be used to guide future investments and inform procurement, deployment, and advancement of such systems into their specific venues.

  5. Course Evaluation Systems for Open-ended Quality Enhancement

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Piihl, Jesper; Rasmussen, Jens Smed


    Quality in higher education is widely controlled through surveys asking students to evaluate teaching. However, control of quality does not necessarily lead to enhancement of quality. Drawing on accounting research and a case study, a measurement-based and open-ended quality control system...... emphasising quality enhancement is suggested. The case shows how interactive use of performance measurement can lead to more engaged and enabling dialogue amongst involved actors concerning quality enhancement, however institutionalised beliefs regarding course evaluation systems makes a change challenging....... The chapter suggests that open-ended measurement systems enabling stakeholders to take responsibility for quality enhancement is not so much a matter of technical design as a matter of an enabling style of use....

  6. Roll control resonance test vehicle (RCRTV) system postflight evaluation report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kryvoruka, J.K.


    This report presents the flight test results for a reentry vehicle spin-fin roll control system. The test vehicle, designated the Roll Control Resonance Test Vehicle, was flight tested on May 10, 1972, at the Sandia Laboratories Tonopah Test Range. The purpose of the flight were (1) to demonstrate and evaluate the capability of the control system to overcome a roll resonance flight instability and (2) to confirm the analytic predictions of system performance. The flight test vehicle had built-in asymmetries which, without roll control, would have caused a persistent roll resonance instability to occur. The test was successful in that all systems functioned properly and all program and flight test objectives were accomplished. Flight test data presented herein confirm analytic predictions and flight simulation methods. Results show that the system maintained roll rate control and prevented the roll resonance instability.

  7. Satellite power system concept development and evaluation program system definition technical assessment report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The results of the system definition studies conducted by NASA as a part of the Department of Energy/National Aeronautics and Space Administration SPS Concept Development and Evaluation Program are summarized. The purpose of the system definition efforts was to identify and define candidate SPS concepts and to evaluate the concepts in terms of technical and cost factors. Although the system definition efforts consisted primarily of evaluation and assessment of alternative technical approaches, a reference system was also defined to facilitate economic, environmental, and societal assessments by the Department of Energy. This reference system was designed to deliver 5 GW of electrical power to the utility grid. Topics covered include system definition; energy conversion and power management; power transmission and reception; structures, controls, and materials; construction and operations; and space transportation.

  8. Usability evaluation of Laboratory and Radiology Information Systems integrated into a hospital information system. (United States)

    Nabovati, Ehsan; Vakili-Arki, Hasan; Eslami, Saeid; Khajouei, Reza


    This study was conducted to evaluate the usability of widely used laboratory and radiology information systems. Three usability experts independently evaluated the user interfaces of Laboratory and Radiology Information Systems using heuristic evaluation method. They applied Nielsen's heuristics to identify and classify usability problems and Nielsen's severity rating to judge their severity. Overall, 116 unique heuristic violations were identified as usability problems. In terms of severity, 67 % of problems were rated as major and catastrophic. Among 10 heuristics, "consistency and standards" was violated most frequently. Moreover, mean severity of problems concerning "error prevention" and "help and documentation" heuristics was higher than of the others. Despite widespread use of specific healthcare information systems, they suffer from usability problems. Improving the usability of systems by following existing design standards and principles from the early phased of system development life cycle is recommended. Especially, it is recommended that the designers design systems that inhibit the initiation of erroneous actions and provide sufficient guidance to users.

  9. Evaluation of wind capacity credit considering key system parameters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hu, P.; Karki, R.; Billinton, R. [Saskatchewan Univ., Saskatoon, SK (Canada). Power Systems Research Group


    This paper discussed the importance of considering the capacity credit of wind sources given that wind power penetration in power generation continues to increase. The capacity credit of a wind source is the amount of conventional capacity that can be replaced by wind energy without the loss of system reliability. As such, the reliability benefit of adding a wind energy conversion system to a power system must be analyzed. A quantitative index was used to examine the effect of key system variables on system reliability in order to estimate wind capacity credit as a function of wind penetration in electric power systems. The size and the composition of the generating system were among the parameters examined along with the wind regime at the wind farm locations and the wind power penetration level. The method for evaluating the adequacy of a power system includes separate steps for wind data modeling, wind turbine generator (WTG) modeling, combined wind and conventional generation unit modeling, load modeling and convolution of generation and load models to obtain the system risk indices. The loss of load expectation (LOLE) was also used as the risk index for reliability evaluation. The different factors that affect the capacity credit of WTG were combined to obtain the general relationship between the effective capacity ratio (ECR) and the wind penetration level (WPL). The study showed that WTG capacity credit is highly influenced by the WPL, and the wind regime at the wind farm location. The size and composition of the system and the generating units, and the LOLE reliability criterion did not have much influence on the ECR of wind sources. The obtained results were combined to produce a general approximate relationship between the wind capacity credit and the wind penetration. It was concluded that the general approximation of capacity credit of wind sources presented in this study could prove useful in determining the capacity credit of wind sources at different


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sharma, Anuj [Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, India; Mathur, Jyotirmay [Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, India; Bhandari, Mahabir S [ORNL


    Radiant cooling systems are proving to be an energy efficient solution due to higher thermal capacity of cooling fluid especially for the buildings that require individual zone controls and where the latent loads are moderate. The Conventional air conditioners work at very low temperature i.e.5-8 c (refrigerant evaporator inlet) while the radiant cooling systems, also referred as high temperature cooling system, work at high temperatures i.e. 14-18 c. The radiant cooling systems can maintain lower MRT (Mean Radiant Temperature) as ceiling panels maintain uniform temperature gradient inside room and provide higher human comfort. The radiant cooling systems are relatively new systems and their operation and energy savings potential are not quantified for a large number of buildings and operational parameters. Moreover, there are only limited numbers of whole building simulation studies have been carried out for these systems to have a full confidence in the capability of modelling tools to simulate these systems and predict the impact of various operating parameters. Theoretically, savings achieve due to higher temperature set point of chilled water, which reduces chiller-running time. However, conventional air conditioner runs continuously to maintain requisite temperature. In this paper, experimental study for performance evaluation of radiant cooling system carried out on system installed at Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur. This paper quantifies the energy savings opportunities and effective temperature by radiant cooling system at different chilled water flow rates and temperature range. The data collected/ analysed through experimental study will used for calibration and validation of system model of building prepared in building performance simulation software. This validated model used for exploring optimized combinations of key parameters for composite climate. These optimized combinations will used in formulation of radiant cooling system

  11. Evaluation System and Implementation Countermeasure of Automobile Green Maintenance (United States)

    Zhang, Fei; Xie, Xinxin; Yan, Chaoyong


    Green maintenance research is in the beginning of our country, the work is being explored. Based on the existing research results at home and abroad, this paper learns and draws lessons from the experiences and lessons of foreign advanced countries and domestic advanced enterprises. In the face of the challenges brought by economic development and energy saving and emission reduction, this paper discusses the green maintenance theory and security system, And the research status of green maintenance content and system at home and abroad, through the deletion and selection of green maintenance index, through the AHP method to determine the green evaluation criteria, and the introduction of C equivalent evaluation system, the use of fuzzy synthesis Evaluation method to build a green maintenance evaluation model, and the actual validation, put forward the implementation of green maintenance feasibility programs and related security recommendations, vehicle maintenance enterprises to carry out green maintenance, improve business efficiency and reduce environmental management costs to provide theoretical basis. And to achieve effective reduction of environmental pollution, reduce maintenance costs of the target, a reasonable promotion of maintenance and environmental protection and sustainable development. Promote green maintenance from research to practice, from the laboratory to the maintenance of enterprises, from the pilot to the overall development and transformation.

  12. Clinical evaluation of a multimodality cardiac case conferencing system (United States)

    Dowling, Anita; Kennedy, Jonathon M.; O'Hare, Neil J.; Mulvihille, Niall; Murphy, Joseph A.; Malone, James F.


    Cardiac patients may undergo a range of diagnostic examinations including angiography, echocardiography, nuclear medicine, x-ray, ECG and blood pressure measurement. Cine angiograms are reviewed at cardiac case conferences. Other data types are not typically exhibited due to the incompatibility of display devices. The aim of this study was to evaluate a workstation developed for multimodality reporting in cardiac case conferencing. A PC based system was developed as part of an EU project AMIE enabling all patient data to be viewed and manipulated on a large screen display using a high resolution video projector. The digital data was acquired using a variety of methods compatible with the systems involved. A technical evaluation of the projected imagery was performed by the grading of phantom test objects. A limited clinical evaluation was also performed whereby a panel of 10 consultant radiologists and cardiologists reported on angiography and x-ray images from 50 patients. Several months later the original data sets were reported and the result compared. Results of the clinical and technical evaluations indicate that the systems is satisfactory for the primary diagnosis of all data types with the exception of x-ray. The projected x-ray imagery is satisfactory for reference and teaching purposes.

  13. [Assessment of an Evaluation System for Psychiatry Learning]. (United States)

    Campo-Cabal, Gerardo


    Through the analysis of a teaching evaluation system for a Psychiatry course aimed at Medicine students, the author reviews the basic elements taken into account in a teaching assessment process. Analysis was carried out of the assessment methods used as well as of the grades obtained by the students from four groups into which the they were divided. The selected assessment methods are appropriate to evaluate educational objectives; the contents are selected by means of a specification matrix; there is a high correlation coefficient between the grades obtained in previous academic periods and the ones obtained in the course, thus demonstrating the validity of the results (both considering the whole exam or just a part of it). Most of the students are on the right side of the grading curve, which means that the majority of them acquire the knowledge expected. The assessment system used in the Psychopathology course is fair, valid and reliable, specifically concerning the objective methods used, but the conceptual evaluation should be improved or, preferably, eliminated as a constituernt part of the evaluation system. Copyright © 2012 Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría. Publicado por Elsevier España. All rights reserved.

  14. Evaluation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Roadway Drainage Systems. (United States)

    Byrne, Diana M; Grabowski, Marta K; Benitez, Amy C B; Schmidt, Arthur R; Guest, Jeremy S


    Roadway drainage design has traditionally focused on cost-effectively managing water quantity; however, runoff carries pollutants, posing risks to the local environment and public health. Additionally, construction and maintenance incur costs and contribute to global environmental impacts. While life cycle assessment (LCA) can potentially capture local and global environmental impacts of roadway drainage and other stormwater systems, LCA methodology must be evaluated because stormwater systems differ from wastewater and drinking water systems to which LCA is more frequently applied. To this end, this research developed a comprehensive model linking roadway drainage design parameters to LCA and life cycle costing (LCC) under uncertainty. This framework was applied to 10 highway drainage projects to evaluate LCA methodological choices by characterizing environmental and economic impacts of drainage projects and individual components (basin, bioswale, culvert, grass swale, storm sewer, and pipe underdrain). The relative impacts of drainage components varied based on functional unit choice. LCA inventory cutoff criteria evaluation showed the potential for cost-based criteria, which performed better than mass-based criteria. Finally, the local aquatic benefits of grass swales and bioswales offset global environmental impacts for four impact categories, highlighting the need to explicitly consider local impacts (i.e., direct emissions) when evaluating drainage technologies.

  15. Movimento quântico e semiclássico no campo de um magnético-solenóide


    Damião Pedro Meira Filho


    Um novo procedimento para construir os estados coerentes (CS) e os estados semiclássicos (SS) no campo de um magnético-solenóide é proposto. A idéia principal é baseada sobre o fato de que o AB solenóide quebra a simetria translacional no plano-xy, isto apresenta um efeito topológico tal que surgem dois tipos de trajetórias, aquelas que circundam e aquelas que não circundam o solenóide. Devido a este fato, deve-se construir dois tipos diferentes dos CS/SS, os quais correspondem as referidas t...

  16. Tumor marrom em esterno: uma causa potencial de resultado falso-positivo na cintilografia das paratireóides com sestamibi-99mTc


    Duarte, Paulo Schiavom; Domingues, Fernanda C.; Costa, Michele Santi; Brandão, Cynthia; Oliveira, Marco A.C. de; Vieira, José G.H.


    A cintilografia das paratireóides tem sido utilizada para detectar glândulas patológicas em pacientes com hiperparatireoidismo, tanto antes quanto após a cirurgia de paratireoidectomia. Apesar da elevada especificidade, a cintilografia das paratireóides pode apresentar resultados falso-positivos. Neste artigo, relatamos o caso de uma paciente transplantada renal, com múltiplas lesões osteolíticas na bacia, interpretadas como tumores marrons, que à cintilografia das paratireóides com sestamibi...

  17. Information Systems Evaluation: A Study in Hospital Organizations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laís Coelho Ayala


    Full Text Available Given increasing demand for timely and accurate information to support decision making, hospitals, a particularly complex type of service organization, have increasingly resorted to a wide range of tools such as the Clinical Information Systems (CIS. However, research has shown that such systems do not always meet hospital managers’ needs, and assessment processes are necessary both before and after CIS implementation. Aiming to identify whether the CIS do meet hospital managers’ information needs and do fit in the specificities of such organizations, this paper reports on the assessment of four CIS based on the perspective of their users in four hospitals in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The data was collected by means of semi-structured interviews and non-obtrusive observation. On the one hand, the result shows that the four organizations have difficulties in using their systems, such as accessibility problems, inadequate training and system underutilization. On the other hand, they also benefit from such systems, as they make processes faster and enable information control. One can say that the results from this research contribute to a better understanding of evaluating information systems in hospitals. Managers of such organizations can benefit from these results when seeking to evaluate and improve their information systens.

  18. Usability evaluation of in-housed developed ERP system (United States)

    Faisal, Chaudhry Muhammad Nadeem; Shakeel Faridi, Muhammad; Javed, Zahid


    Enterprise Resource Planning systems are the combination of different business IS (Information System) applications that are designed according to the organization requirements. Generally ERP systems are suffering from complex user interface issues. Recent research shows that there is a need for improvement concerning, the user interface from their perspectives. In order to design the software applications that are easy to use, memorize and apply to new problems, we must know the users philosophy and something about learning, reminiscence and problems solving. The Usability engineering is the only way to study the deeds of users while interacting with ERP (Enterprise Resource & Planning). This paper will focus on the users' experiences view of financial module in ERP system. The HCI research method, explicitly survey questionnaire method was adopted to gather users understanding in order to evaluate the selected modules for in-housed ERP system. The study involved group of users from two industries, the results can not be generalized as a whole. The study was first time successfully applied Usability evaluation on in-housed ERP in local industry (Masood Textile Mills, Interloop Ltd) in Pakistan. The results may hopefully opened-up an area of research and methodology that could provide considerable further benefits to Industry in developments of Industrial information systems.

  19. Cross-System Evaluation of Clinical Trial Search Engines (United States)

    Jiang, Silis Y.; Weng, Chunhua


    Clinical trials are fundamental to the advancement of medicine but constantly face recruitment difficulties. Various clinical trial search engines have been designed to help health consumers identify trials for which they may be eligible. Unfortunately, knowledge of the usefulness and usability of their designs remains scarce. In this study, we used mixed methods, including time-motion analysis, think-aloud protocol, and survey, to evaluate five popular clinical trial search engines with 11 users. Differences in user preferences and time spent on each system were observed and correlated with user characteristics. In general, searching for applicable trials using these systems is a cognitively demanding task. Our results show that user perceptions of these systems are multifactorial. The survey indicated eTACTS being the generally preferred system, but this finding did not persist among all mixed methods. This study confirms the value of mixed-methods for a comprehensive system evaluation. Future system designers must be aware that different users groups expect different functionalities. PMID:25954590

  20. Cross-system evaluation of clinical trial search engines. (United States)

    Jiang, Silis Y; Weng, Chunhua


    Clinical trials are fundamental to the advancement of medicine but constantly face recruitment difficulties. Various clinical trial search engines have been designed to help health consumers identify trials for which they may be eligible. Unfortunately, knowledge of the usefulness and usability of their designs remains scarce. In this study, we used mixed methods, including time-motion analysis, think-aloud protocol, and survey, to evaluate five popular clinical trial search engines with 11 users. Differences in user preferences and time spent on each system were observed and correlated with user characteristics. In general, searching for applicable trials using these systems is a cognitively demanding task. Our results show that user perceptions of these systems are multifactorial. The survey indicated eTACTS being the generally preferred system, but this finding did not persist among all mixed methods. This study confirms the value of mixed-methods for a comprehensive system evaluation. Future system designers must be aware that different users groups expect different functionalities.

  1. EVA Metro Sedan electric-propulsion system: test and evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reimers, E.


    The procedure and results of the performance evaluation of the EVA Metro Sedan (car No. 1) variable speed dc chopper motor drive and its three speed automatic transmission are presented. The propulsion system for a battery powered vehicle manufactured by Electric Vehicle Associates, Valley View, Ohio, was removed from the vehicle, mounted on the programmable electric dynamometer test facility and evaluated with the aid of a hp 3052A Data Acquisition System. Performance data for the automatic transmission, the solid state dc motor speed controller, and the dc motor in the continuous and pulsating dc power mode, as derived on the dynamometer test facility, as well as the entire propulsion system are given. This concept and the system's components were evaluated in terms of commercial applicability, maintainability, and energy utility to establish a design base for the further development of this system or similar propulsion drives. The propulsion system of the EVA Metro Sedan is powered by sixteen 6-volt traction batteries, Type EV 106 (Exide Battery Mfg. Co.). A thyristor controlled cable form Pulsomatic Mark 10 controller, actuated by a foot throttle, controls the voltage applied to a dc series field motor, rated at 10 hp at 3800 rpm (Baldor Electric Co.). Gear speed reduction to the wheel is accomplished by the original equipment three speed automatic transmission with torque converter (Renault 12 Sedan). The brake consists of a power-assisted, hydraulic braking system with front wheel disk and rear drum. An ability to recuperate electric energy with subsequent storage in the battery power supply is not provided.

  2. Approach for evaluating inundation risks in urban drainage systems. (United States)

    Zhu, Zhihua; Chen, Zhihe; Chen, Xiaohong; He, Peiying


    Urban inundation is a serious challenge that increasingly confronts the residents of many cities, as well as policymakers. Hence, inundation evaluation is becoming increasingly important around the world. This comprehensive assessment involves numerous indices in urban catchments, but the high-dimensional and non-linear relationship between the indices and the risk presents an enormous challenge for accurate evaluation. Therefore, an approach is hereby proposed to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate inundation risks in urban drainage systems based on a storm water management model, the projection pursuit method, the ordinary kriging method and the K-means clustering method. This approach is tested using a residential district in Guangzhou, China. Seven evaluation indices were selected and twenty rainfall-runoff events were used to calibrate and validate the parameters of the rainfall-runoff model. The inundation risks in the study area drainage system were evaluated under different rainfall scenarios. The following conclusions are reached. (1) The proposed approach, without subjective factors, can identify the main driving factors, i.e., inundation duration, largest water flow and total flood amount in this study area. (2) The inundation risk of each manhole can be qualitatively analyzed and quantitatively calculated. There are 1, 8, 11, 14, 21, and 21 manholes at risk under the return periods of 1-year, 5-years, 10-years, 20-years, 50-years and 100-years, respectively. (3) The areas of levels III, IV and V increase with increasing rainfall return period based on analyzing the inundation risks for a variety of characteristics. (4) The relationships between rainfall intensity and inundation-affected areas are revealed by a logarithmic model. This study proposes a novel and successful approach to assessing risk in urban drainage systems and provides guidance for improving urban drainage systems and inundation preparedness. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All

  3. Influência do tratamento com metformina sobre a tolerância à glicose induzida por corticosteróides em ratos Wistar = Influence of metformin treatment on glucose tolerance induced by corticosteroid administration in rats Wistar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fábio César Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Corticóides induzem um estado de intolerância à glicose, resistência à insulina e hiperglicemia. Este trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a participação de corticosteróides endógenos sobre a hiperglicemia aguda em modelo experimental de intolerância à glicose induzida por dexametasona (0,1 mg kg-1, s.c., 4 dias. O modelo experimental foicaracterizado pela determinação da concentração de glicose sanguínea, volume urinário de 24 horas, consumo de ração e água. Os ratos foram tratados com clorpropamida (100 mg kg-1, metformina (300 mg kg-1 ou pioglitazona (10 mg kg-1 durante 4 dias e o efeito do tratamento foi avaliado pelo teste de tolerância à glicose endovenoso (GTT. Aadrenalectomia corrigiu o quadro de intolerância à glicose destes animais, demonstrando que a dexametasona promove hiperglicemia por meio de um provável efeito sinérgico sobre os corticosteróides endógenos. O tratamento com metformina reduziu a alteração glicêmica.Nossos resultados sugerem um efeito benéfico na utilização da metformina como profilático no uso de corticóides em pacientes hiperglicêmicos.This work evaluated the effect of the corticosteroid administration on glucose intolerance state induced by dexamethasone (0.1 mg kg-1, s.c., 4 days. The experimental model was characterized through bloodand urine glucose levels determination, 24 hour urinary volume, food and water intake. The rats were treated with chlorpropamide (100 mg kg-1, metformin (300 mg kg-1 or pioglitazone (10 mg kg-1 during 4 days. The effect of adrenalectomy or the drugs treatment effectiveness on hyperglycemia state were evaluated during intravenousGTT. Metformin treatment restored the altered hyperglycemia observed in this experimental model. Results suggest that dexamethasone promotes a hyperglycemia state through a synergic effect on endogenous corticosteroids, and that metformin treatment restores these altered responses. Indeed, the dexamethasone induced

  4. Sustainable Deforestation Evaluation Model and System Dynamics Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huirong Feng


    Full Text Available The current study used the improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to construct a sustainable deforestation development evaluation system and evaluation model, which has refined a diversified system to evaluate the theory of sustainable deforestation development. Leveraging the visual image of the system dynamics causal and power flow diagram, we illustrated here that sustainable forestry development is a complex system that encompasses the interaction and dynamic development of ecology, economy, and society and has reflected the time dynamic effect of sustainable forestry development from the three combined effects. We compared experimental programs to prove the direct and indirect impacts of the ecological, economic, and social effects of the corresponding deforest techniques and fully reflected the importance of developing scientific and rational ecological harvesting and transportation technologies. Experimental and theoretical results illustrated that light cableway skidding is an ecoskidding method that is beneficial for the sustainable development of resources, the environment, the economy, and society and forecasted the broad potential applications of light cableway skidding in timber production technology. Furthermore, we discussed the sustainable development countermeasures of forest ecosystems from the aspects of causality, interaction, and harmony.

  5. Evaluation of health care system reform in Hubei Province, China. (United States)

    Sang, Shuping; Wang, Zhenkun; Yu, Chuanhua


    This study established a set of indicators for and evaluated the effects of health care system reform in Hubei Province (China) from 2009 to 2011 with the purpose of providing guidance to policy-makers regarding health care system reform. The resulting indicators are based on the "Result Chain" logic model and include the following four domains: Inputs and Processes, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. Health care system reform was evaluated using the weighted TOPSIS and weighted Rank Sum Ratio methods. Ultimately, the study established a set of indicators including four grade-1 indicators, 16 grade-2 indicators and 76 grade-3 indicators. The effects of the reforms increased year by year from 2009 to 2011 in Hubei Province. The health status of urban and rural populations and the accessibility, equity and quality of health services in Hubei Province were improved after the reforms. This sub-national case can be considered an example of a useful approach to the evaluation of the effects of health care system reform, one that could potentially be applied in other provinces or nationally.

  6. Evaluation of Supply Chain Management Systems Used in Civil Engineering (United States)

    Tomczak, Michał; Rzepecki, Łukasz


    One of the most important factors which have an effect on the cost and time of the building process is the organization of physical resources and the information flow structure. Depending on how effective this system is, a building project may end with a success or a failure. Because of many conditions of the construction executing and different needs of the contractors, there are different Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems connected with supplying construction projects: single-stage, multi-stage or combined. The article presents a comparative analysis of construction SCM systems based on a modified fuzzy AHP. The modification of this method is based on the use of interval type-2 fuzzy sets to aggregate evaluation according to the idea proposed by Mikhailov. The use of such a model of group preferences of decision-makers, makes it possible to take into consideration both the linguistic imprecision of an evaluation and the small number of experts. The weight values of specific criteria and the final scale vector of considered variants are obtained during the analysis. This may give a recommendation to general contractors in construction projects about which evaluation criteria and supply systems are preferred.

  7. Sustainable deforestation evaluation model and system dynamics analysis. (United States)

    Feng, Huirong; Lim, C W; Chen, Liqun; Zhou, Xinnian; Zhou, Chengjun; Lin, Yi


    The current study used the improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to construct a sustainable deforestation development evaluation system and evaluation model, which has refined a diversified system to evaluate the theory of sustainable deforestation development. Leveraging the visual image of the system dynamics causal and power flow diagram, we illustrated here that sustainable forestry development is a complex system that encompasses the interaction and dynamic development of ecology, economy, and society and has reflected the time dynamic effect of sustainable forestry development from the three combined effects. We compared experimental programs to prove the direct and indirect impacts of the ecological, economic, and social effects of the corresponding deforest techniques and fully reflected the importance of developing scientific and rational ecological harvesting and transportation technologies. Experimental and theoretical results illustrated that light cableway skidding is an ecoskidding method that is beneficial for the sustainable development of resources, the environment, the economy, and society and forecasted the broad potential applications of light cableway skidding in timber production technology. Furthermore, we discussed the sustainable development countermeasures of forest ecosystems from the aspects of causality, interaction, and harmony.

  8. An Evaluation System for the Online Training Programs in Meteorology and Hydrology (United States)

    Wang, Yong; Zhi, Xiefei


    This paper studies the current evaluation system for the online training program in meteorology and hydrology. CIPP model that includes context evaluation, input evaluation, process evaluation and product evaluation differs from Kirkpatrick model including reactions evaluation, learning evaluation, transfer evaluation and results evaluation in…

  9. Evaluating portfolio assessment systems: what are the appropriate criteria? (United States)

    Webb, Christine; Endacott, Ruth; Gray, Morag A; Jasper, Melanie A; McMullan, Mirjam; Scholes, Julie


    The purpose of this paper is to discuss how portfolio assessment processes should be evaluated. Articles in the nursing literature discuss the use of validity and reliability as criteria for evaluating portfolio assessment processes, and recommendations include tighter specification of grading criteria, a standardized national approach to assessing clinical competence in nursing students, and inter-rater reliability checks. On the other hand, some general practitioner educators suggest that these may not be the appropriate criteria because the nature of the evidence in portfolios is descriptive and judgement-based rather than quantifiable. Drawing on multi-method case study data from a recent study evaluating the use of portfolios in the assessment of learning and competence in nursing education in England, we suggest that criteria developed to evaluate qualitative research may be more appropriate for evaluating portfolio assessment processes. Multiple sources of evidence from the varied perspectives of students, teachers, practice assessors and external examiners are tapped as part of the portfolio assessment process. Tripartite meetings between students, teachers and clinical assessors to review placements are crucial in verifying both the written evidence and students' ability to communicate and critically analyse their performance. The variety of evidence collected would potentially allow monitoring, using qualitative research evaluation criteria, both of the portfolios themselves and the systems by which they are monitored and evaluated. However, not all this information is collected consistently and systematically, as called for in curriculum documents. Use of qualitative research evaluation criteria offers a potentially productive way forward in evaluating portfolio assessment processes but some aspects of current practice need to be tightened, particularly double marking, internal moderation and external examining.

  10. Scopus: A system for the evaluation of scientific journals (United States)

    Guz, A. N.; Rushchitsky, J. J.


    The paper discusses the evaluation of scientific journals based on the Scopus database, information tools, and criteria. The SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) as the main criterion used by Scopus to evaluate scientific journals is considered. The Scopus and ISI systems are compared using information on the journal Prikladnaya Mekhanika ( International Applied Mechanics), a number of world-known journals on mechanics, and some journals on natural sciences issued by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Some comments and proposals are formulated. This paper may be considered as a follow up on papers published in Prikladnaya Mekhanika ( International Applied Mechanics) in 2005-2009

  11. Automated evaluation of service oriented architecture systems: a case study (United States)

    Fouad, Hesham; Gilliam, Antonio; Guleyupoglu, Suleyman; Russell, Stephen M.


    The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model is fast gaining dominance in how software applications are built. They allow organizations to capitalize on existing services and share data amongst distributed applications. The automatic evaluation of SOA systems poses a challenging problem due to three factors: technological complexity, organizational incompatibility, and integration into existing development pipelines. In this paper we describe our experience in developing and deploying an automated evaluation capability for the Marine Corps' Tactical Service Oriented Architecture (TSOA). We outline the technological, policy, and operational challenges we face and how we are addressing them.

  12. Evaluating New York City's abortion reporting system: insights for public health data collection systems. (United States)

    Toprani, Amita; Madsen, Ann; Das, Tara; Gambatese, Melissa; Greene, Carolyn; Begier, Elizabeth


    New York City (NYC) mandates reporting of all abortion procedures. These reports enable tracking of abortion incidence and underpin programs, policy, and research. Since January 2011, the majority of abortion facilities must report electronically. We conducted an evaluation of NYC's abortion reporting system and its transition to electronic reporting. We summarize the evaluation methodology and results and draw lessons relevant to other vital statistics and public health reporting systems. The evaluation followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for evaluating public health surveillance systems. We interviewed key stakeholders and conducted a data provider survey. In addition, we compared the system's abortion counts with external estimates and calculated the proportion of missing and invalid values for each variable on the report form. Finally, we assessed the process for changing the report form and estimated system costs. NYC Health Department's Bureau of Vital Statistics. Usefulness, simplicity, flexibility, data quality, acceptability, sensitivity, timeliness, and stability of the abortion reporting system. Ninety-five percent of abortion data providers considered abortion reporting important; 52% requested training regarding the report form. Thirty percent reported problems with electronic biometric fingerprint certification, and 18% reported problems with the electronic system's stability. Estimated system sensitivity was 88%. Of 17 variables, education and ancestry had more than 5% missing values in 2010. Changing the electronic reporting module was costly and time-consuming. System operating costs were estimated at $80 136 to $89 057 annually. The NYC abortion reporting system is sensitive and provides high-quality data, but opportunities for improvement include facilitating biometric certification, increasing electronic platform stability, and conducting ongoing outreach and training for data providers. This evaluation will help data

  13. Use of outcomes to evaluate surveillance systems for bioterrorist attacks. (United States)

    McBrien, Kerry A; Kleinman, Ken P; Abrams, Allyson M; Prosser, Lisa A


    Syndromic surveillance systems can potentially be used to detect a bioterrorist attack earlier than traditional surveillance, by virtue of their near real-time analysis of relevant data. Receiver operator characteristic (ROC) curve analysis using the area under the curve (AUC) as a comparison metric has been recommended as a practical evaluation tool for syndromic surveillance systems, yet traditional ROC curves do not account for timeliness of detection or subsequent time-dependent health outcomes. Using a decision-analytic approach, we predicted outcomes, measured in lives, quality adjusted life years (QALYs), and costs, for a series of simulated bioterrorist attacks. We then evaluated seven detection algorithms applied to syndromic surveillance data using outcomes-weighted ROC curves compared to simple ROC curves and timeliness-weighted ROC curves. We performed sensitivity analyses by varying the model inputs between best and worst case scenarios and by applying different methods of AUC calculation. The decision analytic model results indicate that if a surveillance system was successful in detecting an attack, and measures were immediately taken to deliver treatment to the population, the lives, QALYs and dollars lost could be reduced considerably. The ROC curve analysis shows that the incorporation of outcomes into the evaluation metric has an important effect on the apparent performance of the surveillance systems. The relative order of performance is also heavily dependent on the choice of AUC calculation method. This study demonstrates the importance of accounting for mortality, morbidity and costs in the evaluation of syndromic surveillance systems. Incorporating these outcomes into the ROC curve analysis allows for more accurate identification of the optimal method for signaling a possible bioterrorist attack. In addition, the parameters used to construct an ROC curve should be given careful consideration.

  14. Implementation and Evaluation of the Z-Score System for Normalizing Residency Evaluations. (United States)

    Wanderer, Jonathan P; de Oliveira Filho, Getulio R; Rothman, Brian S; Sandberg, Warren S; McEvoy, Matthew D


    Assessment of clinical competence is essential for residency programs and should be guided by valid, reliable measurements. We implemented Baker's Z-score system, which produces measures of traditional core competency assessments and clinical performance summative scores. Our goal was to validate use of summative scores and estimate the number of evaluations needed for reliable measures. We performed generalizability studies to estimate the variance components of raw and Z-transformed absolute and peer-relative scores and decision studies to estimate the evaluations needed to produce at least 90% reliable measures for classification and for high-stakes decisions. A subset of evaluations was selected representing residents who were evaluated frequently by faculty who provided the majority of evaluations. Variance components were estimated using ANOVA. Principal component extraction from 8,754 complete evaluations demonstrated that a single factor explained 91 and 85% of variance for absolute and peer-relative scores, respectively. In total, 1,200 evaluations were selected for generalizability and decision studies. The major variance component for all scores was resident interaction with measurement occasions. Variance due to the resident component was strongest with raw scores, where 30 evaluation occasions produced 90% reliable measurements with absolute scores and 58 for peer-relative scores. For Z-transformed scores, 57 evaluation occasions produced 90% reliable measurements with absolute scores and 55 for peer-relative scores. The results were similar for high-stakes decisions. The Baker system produced moderately reliable measures at our institution, suggesting that it may be generalizable to other training programs. Raw absolute scores required few assessment occasions to achieve 90% reliable measurements.

  15. Linhagens diaplóides de trigo obtidas via cultura de antera Dihaploid wheat lines developed via anther culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Carlos da Silva Ramos


    Full Text Available Realizaram-se quatro experimentos de campo no Estado de São Paulo, tanto em condição de sequeiro como de irrigação por aspersão, empregando o delineamento experimental de blocos casualizados, visando a comparação de 20 genótipos de trigo, sendo 18 linhagens diaplóides obtidas e dois cultivares, IAC-24 e Anahuac, quanto à produção de grãos, características agronômicas, resistência à ferrugem-da-folha e outros componentes da produção. Também estudou-se a tolerância ao alumínio em soluções nutritivas em condição de laboratório. As linhagens diaplóides 11, 12, 14, 17 e 18, originárias do cruzamento IAS-63/ALDAN "S"//GLEN/3/IAC-24, de porte baixo, com resistência ao acamamento, com ciclo precoce da emergência ao florescimento e da emergência à maturação e tolerância à toxicidade de alumínio, destacaram-se quanto à produção de grãos, considerando a média dos quatro experimentos. A linhagem 8 mostrou ser fonte genética de espiga comprida; a 15, de maior número de espiguetas por espiga; o cultivar Anahuac de maior número de grãos por espiga e por espigueta, e as linhagens 10, 11, 13, 15, 16 e 18 de grãos mais pesados. Todos os genótipos foram tolerantes à toxicidade de Al3+, exceto a linhagem 5, sendo que o cultivar Anahuac exibiu elevada sensibilidade. A técnica de obtenção de linhagens diaplóides via cultura de anteras de plantas em geração F1 de cruzamentos de trigo foi eficiente originando genótipos produtivos, com características agronômicas desejáveis e com tolerância à toxicidade de alumínio, num menor período de tempo em relação ao método convencional de melhoramento genético do Instituto Agronômico.Four field experiments were carried out at two locations in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, under upland and sprinkler irrigation conditions, using a randomized block design, to evaluate 18 dihaploid wheat lines and the cultivars IAC-24 and Anahuac for grain yield, with respect to

  16. Rationale and design of the DARWIN-T2D (DApagliflozin Real World evIdeNce in Type 2 Diabetes): A multicenter retrospective nationwide Italian study and crowdsourcing opportunity. (United States)

    Fadini, G P; Zatti, G; Consoli, A; Bonora, E; Sesti, G; Avogaro, A


    Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in the field of diabetes have limitations inherent to the fact that design, setting, and patient characteristics may be poorly transferrable to clinical practice. Thus, evidence from studies using routinely accumulated clinical data are increasingly valued. We herein describe rationale and design of the DARWIN-T2D (DApagliflozin Real World evIdeNce in Type 2 Diabetes), a multicenter retrospective nationwide study conducted at 50 specialist outpatient clinics in Italy and promoted by the Italian Diabetes Society. The primary objective of the study is to describe the baseline clinical characteristics (particularly HbA1c) of patients initiated on dapagliflozin from marketing authorization approval to the end of 2016. Secondary and exploratory objectives will evaluate the changes in glycaemic and extraglycaemic efficacy parameters after initiation of dapagliflozin or after initiation of comparator glucose lowering medications (DPP-4 inhibitors, gliclazide extended release, and long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonists). An automated software will extract relevant data from the same electronic chart system at all centres, thereby minimizing data treatment and human intervention. The study is expected to collect an enormous dataset of information on dapagliflozin- and comparator-using patients. After study completion, the Italian Diabetes Society will launch an open crowdsourcing call on the DARWIN-T2D database, challenging diabetes researchers to apply their ideas and approaches to address new unmet needs and knowledge gaps in diabetes. We believe this will move DARWIN-T2D to the next generation of real world studies. Copyright © 2017 The Italian Society of Diabetology, the Italian Society for the Study of Atherosclerosis, the Italian Society of Human Nutrition, and the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Federico II University. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  17. Evaluation of the sustainability of contrasted pig farming systems: integrated evaluation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bonneau, M.; Klauke, T.N.; Gonzalez, J.; Rydhmer, L.; Ilari-Antoine, E.; Dourmad, J.Y.; Greef, de K.H.; Houwers, H.W.J.; Cinar, M.U.; Fabrega, E.; Zimmer, C.; Hviid, M.; Oever, van der B.; Edwards, S.A.


    The aim of this paper is to present an approach for an integrated evaluation of the sustainability of pig farming systems, taking into account the three classical pillars: economy, environment and society. Eight sustainability themes were considered: Animal Welfare (AW), Animal Health (AH), Breeding

  18. An Ontological Evaluation of Jackson's System Development Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fiona Rohde


    Full Text Available Within the discipline of information systems, numerous methodologies exist to aid the analyst and designer develop a well-designed system that meets the specifications put forward by the user. These methodologies tend to fall into two categories: (a reality driven, or (b information systems driven. Wand and Weber (1989, have mapped a set of ontologically-based constructs onto two widely-used analysis and design techniques being data flow diagrams (an information systems driven methodology and entity relationship modelling (a reality-driven methodology. In this paper, Wand and Weber's work is extended to investigate the systems analysis and design methodology created by Michael Jackson, namely Jackson System Development (JSD. JSD was selected as it combines the reality-driven and information-system driven approaches by modelling what is happening in reality through the use of constructs related to the process to be modelled (usually computerised processes. The ontological analysis of JSD undertaken during this paper is used to evaluate the methodology's strengths and weaknesses as a modelling technique and ultimately to investigate its usefulness as a systems analysis and design methodology.

  19. Modeling and evaluation of information systems using coloured petri network

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ehsan Zamirpour


    Full Text Available Nowadays with the growth of organizations and their affiliates, the importance of information systems has increased. Functional and non-functional requirements of information systems in an organization are supported. There are literally several techniques to support the functional requirements in terms of software methodologies, but support for the second set of requirements has received little attention. Software Performance Engineering (SPE forum tries to address this issue by presenting software methodologies to support both types of requirements. In this paper, we present a formal model for the evaluation of system performance based on a pragmatic model. Because of supporting the concurrency concepts, petri net has a higher priority than queuing system. For mapping UML to colored Petri net diagram, we use an intermediate graph. The preliminary results indicate that the proposed model may save significant amount of computations.

  20. Evaluation of Supercapacitors Effects on Hybrid Energy Systems for Automotive (United States)

    Lungoci, Carmen; Helerea, Elena

    This work aims at evaluating the effects of the supercapacitors presence in hybrid energy systems used in automotive. The design and the electrical schema of a hybrid energy system that contains batteries and supercapacitors and propel a synchronous motor are purposed. The motor operating regime is described, detailing the drive evolution of the cycle speed imposed. In these conditions, to model the systems behavior, simulations developed in Matlab/Simulink environment are carried out. Two energies management strategies for the ensemble energy system-motor are implemented. Simulations are done and the energy management is discussed, making the comparative analyses. Applying a current control strategy on the supercapacitors, under two working conditions, functional diagrams are showed and compared. The results obtained highlight the advantages of the supercapacitors.

  1. Design and Evaluation of a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Shuai; Li, Yang; Bilberg, Arne


    In modern manufacturing industry, reconfigurable manufacturing system (RMS) is a promising concept in the research arena. A new RMS system structure has been recently designed by a large consumer goods manufacturer in Europe, aiming to improve its production efficiency. This article shows...... an exploratory research on the (re)configuration procedure and evaluation of the RMS philosophy based on the new RMS structure, which is part of the RMS research in University of Southern Denmark. Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is used for system analysis and optimization. Results from simulation show that the RMS...... implemented in this consumer goods manufacturer can be effectively (re)configured as part of the daily operations, and the configuration is analyzed by computer simulation before release. Flexibility can be increased considerably meanwhile the system can maintain an acceptable productivity....

  2. Laboratory evaluation of Fecker and Loral optical IR PWI systems (United States)

    Gorstein, M.; Hallock, J. N.; Houten, M.; Mcwilliams, I. G.


    A previous flight test of two electro-optical pilot warning indicators, using a flashing xenon strobe and silicon detectors as cooperative elements, pointed out several design deficiencies. The present laboratory evaluation program corrected these faults and calibrated the sensitivity of both systems in azimuth elevation and range. The laboratory tests were performed on an optical bench and consisted of three basic components: (1) a xenon strobe lamp whose output is monitored at the indicator detector to give pulse to pulse information on energy content at the receiver; (2) a strobe light attenuating optical system which is calibrated photometrically to provide simulated range; and (3) a positioning table on which the indicator system under study is mounted and which provides spatial location coordinates for all data points. The test results for both systems are tabulated.

  3. Evaluation of a Binaural Reproduction System Using Multiple Dipoles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lacouture Parodi, Yesenia; Rubak, Per


    the listener.  The system is based on the idea of dividing the sound reproduction into regions to reduce front-back confusions and enhance the virtual experience without the aid of a head tracker.  A set of subjective experiments with the intention of evaluating and comparing the performance of the proposed...... the loudspeakers are placed at elevated positions.  In this paper we describe a system that uses the characteristics of the loudspeakers placed above the listener.   The proposed system is comprised by  three pairs of closely spaced loudspeakers: one pair placed in front, one placed behind and one placed above...... system are also discussed....

  4. System Life Cycle Evaluation(SM) (SLiCE): harmonizing water treatment systems with implementers' needs. (United States)

    Goodman, Joseph; Caravati, Kevin; Foote, Andrew; Nelson, Molly; Woods, Emily


    One of the methods proposed to improve access to clean drinking water is the mobile packaged water treatment system (MPWTS). The lack of published system performance comparisons combined with the diversity of technology available and intended operating conditions make it difficult for stakeholders to choose the system best suited for their application. MPWTS are often deployed in emergency situations, making selection of the appropriate system crucial to avoiding wasted resources and loss of life. Measurable critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs) and a system selection tool for MPWTS were developed by utilizing relevant literature, including field studies, and implementing and comparing seven different MPWTS. The proposed System Life Cycle Evaluation (SLiCE) method uses these CTQs to evaluate the diversity in system performance and harmonize relevant performance with stakeholder preference via a selection tool. Agencies and field workers can use SLiCE results to inform and drive decision-making. The evaluation and selection tool also serves as a catalyst for communicating system performance, common design flaws, and stakeholder needs to system manufacturers. The SLiCE framework can be adopted into other emerging system technologies to communicate system performance over the life cycle of use.

  5. Composite system reliability evaluation using sequential Monte Carlo simulation (United States)

    Jonnavithula, Annapoorani

    Monte Carlo simulation methods can be effectively used to assess the adequacy of composite power system networks. The sequential simulation approach is the most fundamental technique available and can be used to provide a wide range of indices. It can also be used to provide estimates which can serve as benchmarks against which other approximate techniques can be compared. The focus of this research work is on the reliability evaluation of composite generation and transmission systems with special reference to frequency and duration related indices and estimated power interruption costs at each load bus. One of the main objectives is to use the sequential simulation method to create a comprehensive technique for composite system adequacy evaluation. This thesis recognizes the need for an accurate representation of the load model at the load buses which depends on the mix of customer sectors at each bus. Chronological hourly load curves are developed in this thesis, recognizing the individual load profiles of the customers at each load bus. Reliability worth considerations are playing an ever increasing role in power system planning and operation. Different methods for bus outage cost evaluation are proposed in this thesis. It may not be computationally feasible to use the sequential simulation method with time varying loads at each bus in large electric power system networks. Time varying load data may also not be available at each bus. This research work uses the sequential methodology as a fundamental technique to calibrate other non sequential methods such as the state sampling and state transition sampling techniques. Variance reduction techniques that improve the efficiency of the sequential simulation procedure are investigated as a part of this research work. Pertinent features that influence reliability worth assessment are also incorporated. All the proposed methods in this thesis are illustrated by application to two reliability test systems. In addition

  6. Evaluating Complex Healthcare Systems: A Critique of Four Approaches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heather Boon


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to bring clarity to the emerging conceptual and methodological literature that focuses on understanding and evaluating complex or ‘whole’ systems of healthcare. An international working group reviewed literature from interdisciplinary or interprofessional groups describing approaches to the evaluation of complex systems of healthcare. The following four key approaches were identified: a framework from the MRC (UK, whole systems research, whole medical systems research described by NCCAM (USA and a model from NAFKAM (Norway. Main areas of congruence include acknowledgment of the inherent complexity of many healthcare interventions and the need to find new ways to evaluate these; the need to describe and understand the components of complex interventions in context (as they are actually practiced; the necessity of using mixed methods including randomized clinical trials (RCTs (explanatory and pragmatic and qualitative approaches; the perceived benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach to research; and the understanding that methodological developments in this field can be applied to both complementary and alternative medicine (CAM as well as conventional therapies. In contrast, the approaches differ in the following ways: terminology used, the extent to which the approach attempts to be applicable to both CAM and conventional medical interventions; the prioritization of research questions (in order of what should be done first especially with respect to how the ‘definitive’ RCT fits into the process of assessing complex healthcare systems; and the need for a staged approach. There appears to be a growing international understanding of the need for a new perspective on assessing complex healthcare systems.

  7. Comparison of heuristic and cognitive walkthrough usability evaluation methods for evaluating health information systems. (United States)

    Khajouei, Reza; Zahiri Esfahani, Misagh; Jahani, Yunes


    There are several user-based and expert-based usability evaluation methods that may perform differently according to the context in which they are used. The objective of this study was to compare 2 expert-based methods, heuristic evaluation (HE) and cognitive walkthrough (CW), for evaluating usability of health care information systems. Five evaluators independently evaluated a medical office management system using HE and CW. We compared the 2 methods in terms of the number of identified usability problems, their severity, and the coverage of each method. In total, 156 problems were identified using the 2 methods. HE identified a significantly higher number of problems related to the "satisfaction" attribute ( P  = .002). The number of problems identified using CW concerning the "learnability" attribute was significantly higher than those identified using HE ( P  = .005). There was no significant difference between the number of problems identified by HE, based on different usability attributes ( P  = .232). Results of CW showed a significant difference between the number of problems related to usability attributes ( P  < .0001). The average severity of problems identified using CW was significantly higher than that of HE ( P  < .0001). This study showed that HE and CW do not differ significantly in terms of the number of usability problems identified, but they differ based on the severity of problems and the coverage of some usability attributes. The results suggest that CW would be the preferred method for evaluating systems intended for novice users and HE for users who have experience with similar systems. However, more studies are needed to support this finding.

  8. Performance Evaluation of a Bedside Cardiac SPECT System (United States)

    Studenski, Matthew T.; Gilland, David R.; Parker, Jason G.; Hammond, B.; Majewski, Stan; Weisenberger, Andrew G.; Popov, Vladimir


    This paper reports on the initial performance evaluation of a bedside cardiac PET/SPECT system. The system was designed to move within a hospital to image critically-ill patients, for example, those in intensive care unit (ICU) or emergency room settings, who cannot easily be transported to a conventional SPECT or PET facility. The system uses two compact (25 cm times 25 cm) detectors with pixilated NaI crystals and position sensitive PMTs. The performance is evaluated for both 140 keV (Tc-99m) and 511 keV (F-18) emitters with the system operating in single photon counting (SPECT) mode. The imaging performance metrics for both 140 keV and 511 keV included intrinsic energy resolution, spatial resolution (intrinsic, system, and reconstructed SPECT), detection sensitivity, count rate capability, and uniformity. Results demonstrated an intrinsic energy resolution of 31% at 140 keV and 23% at 511 keV, a planar intrinsic spatial resolution of 5.6 mm full width half-maximum (FWHM) at 140 keV and 6.3 mm FWHM at 511 keV, and a sensitivity of 4.15 countsmiddotmuCi-1 ldr s-1 at 140 keV and 0.67 counts ldr muCi-1 ldr s-1 at 511 keV. To further the study, a SPECT acquisition using a dynamic cardiac phantom was performed, and the resulting reconstructed images are presented.

  9. Programming system for rapid evaluation of coal deposits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanìk František


    Full Text Available Programming system for rapid evaluation of coal deposits (calculation of coal reserves based on data stored in coal deposit database including processing of textual and graphic outputs was elaborated. The nature of such outputs is based on conventional coal reserve calculations so that connection with coal reserve calculations made in the past is secured. Differences in particular coal deposits as well as in individual coal seams are respected in the system. Coal seams differ one from another in their development by variability of seam thickness and seam quality within coal deposit etc. In addition to this, coal deposits are disturbed by tectonic failures and deformations. The system of evaluation of coal deposits is based on development of planar models of particular seams where calculation blocks are created and coal reserves contained in them are determined. Subsequently coal reserves of particular seams and of the whole deposit are determined. Natural limitation of seam model is given by determined minimum seam thickness and maximum ash content (i.e. content of inorganic component in coal. Basic model is structured according to detected main tectonic lines into tectonic blocks. According to further geological factors (e.g. erosion and contractual boundaries (e.g. demarcations, the deposit is structured into smaller units - calculation blocks. The whole system operates in a maximum automated regime with minimum manual interventions into solving procedure. The system enables rapid alternative calculations of coal reserves according to varying limit values of basic calculation parameters.

  10. Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Energy Systems with Sustainability Considerations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Despoina E. Keramioti


    Full Text Available A multi-criteria approach is presented for the assessment of alternative means for covering the energy needs (electricity and heat of an industrial unit, taking into consideration sustainability aspects. The procedure is first described in general terms: proper indicators are defined; next they are grouped in order to form sub-indices, which are then used to determine the composite sustainability index. The procedure is applied for the evaluation of three alternative systems. The three systems are placed in order of preference, which depends on the criteria used. In addition to conclusions reached as a result of the particular case study, recommendations for future work are given.

  11. Performance evaluation of the distance education system with fuzzy logic (United States)

    Armaǧan, Hamit; Yiǧit, Tuncay


    Distance education is a kind of education that brought together course advisor, student and educational materials in a different time and place through communicational technologies. In this educational system the success of education is directly related to audio, video and interaction. In this study, a model is created by using fuzzy logic with the success of distance education students and the components of distance education. This study is made by MATLAB fuzzy logic toolbox. Audio, video, educational technology, student achievement are used as parameters in the evaluation. System assessment is carried out depending on parameter.

  12. Evaluating Frequency Quality of Nordic System using PMU data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xu, Zhao; Østergaard, Jacob; Togeby, Mikael


    This paper focuses on analysing frequency quality of Nordic power system using measurements from Phasor Measurement Units (PMU). The PMU data of one year long period is used which has very high time resolution (20 ms per sample) and is able to provide detailed information in evaluating frequency...... quality and its correlation with time. The results show that the frequency quality of the Nordic power system is not satisfactory according to the suggested requirements. The electricity market operation is found to be one of the major reasons behind. Based on the results, discussion of frequency control...

  13. Performance Evaluation of a Biometric System Based on Acoustic Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan J. Villacorta


    Full Text Available An acoustic electronic scanning array for acquiring images from a person using a biometric application is developed. Based on pulse-echo techniques, multifrequency acoustic images are obtained for a set of positions of a person (front, front with arms outstretched, back and side. Two Uniform Linear Arrays (ULA with 15 l/2-equispaced sensors have been employed, using different spatial apertures in order to reduce sidelobe levels. Working frequencies have been designed on the basis of the main lobe width, the grating lobe levels and the frequency responses of people and sensors. For a case-study with 10 people, the acoustic profiles, formed by all images acquired, are evaluated and compared in a mean square error sense. Finally, system performance, using False Match Rate (FMR/False Non-Match Rate (FNMR parameters and the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC curve, is evaluated. On the basis of the obtained results, this system could be used for biometric applications.

  14. Evaluation of systems and components for hybrid optical firing sets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Landry, M.J.; Rupert, J.W.; Mittas, A.


    High-energy density light appears to be a unique energy form that may be used to enhance the nuclear safety of weapon systems. Hybrid optical firing sets (HOFS) utilize the weak-link/strong-link exclusion region concept for nuclear safety; this method is similar to present systems, but uses light to transmit power across the exclusion region barrier. This report describes the assembling, operating, and testing of fourteen HOFS. These firing sets were required to charge a capacitor-discharge unit to 2.0 and 2.5 kV (100 mJ) in less than 1 s. First, we describe the components, the measurement techniques used to evaluate the components, and the different characteristics of the measured components. Second, we describe the HOFS studied, the setups used for evaluating them, and the resulting characteristics. Third, we make recommendations for improving the overall performance and suggest the best HOFS for packaging. 36 refs., 145 figs., 14 tabs.

  15. Technical Evaluation Report 5: Classification of DE Delivery Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diane Belyk


    Full Text Available For their optimal use in distance education (DE, online educational applications need to be integrated within a comprehensive course management system (CMS. Such systems are server-based software that supports the development, delivery, administration, and evaluation of online learning environments. The selection of an appropriate CMS should be considered from the multiple perspectives of the student, the course developer, the course instructor/ tutor, the technical support staff, and the DE institution’s administration. The current evaluation of CMS packages was conducted by a team of individuals with experience and contacts in relation to each of these DE user types. The report compares a series of CMS packages in terms of their range of features, and in relation to their satisfaction of international online education standards.

  16. Carotenóides como alternativa contra a hipovitaminose A Carotenoids as an alternative against hypovitaminosis A

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmem Lygia Burgos Ambrósio


    Full Text Available A hipovitaminose A acarreta xeroftalmia, cegueira e morte em milhares de crianças no mundo e constitui um dos principais problemas nutricionais de populações de países em desenvolvimento, incluído o Brasil. Embora haja grande disponibilidade de frutas e verduras, fontes de carotenóides no Brasil, a hipovitaminose A constitui um grave problema de saúde pública. A falta de informação da população, no que diz respeito às fontes alimentares e aos fatores que interferem na biodisponibilidade dos carotenóides, citados na literatura, com a "mnemônica" SLAMENGHI são possíveis causas associadas a esta contradição. Os atuais fatores de conversão de carotenóides em retinol são superiores aos antigos fatores, o que pressupõe uma efetividade ainda menor na conversão dos carotenóides na forma ativa da vitamina A e coloca em questão a utilização destes no combate à hipovitaminose A. Esta revisão tem como objetivo relatar o que vem sendo abordado acerca do tema biodisponibilidade e fontes de carotenóides, para possibilitar um melhor posicionamento na utilização dos carotenóides no combate à hipovitaminose A.Hypovitaminosis A causes xerophthalmia, blindness and death in thousands of children throughout the world and constitutes one of the main nutritional problems in the populations of developing countries, including Brazil. Although fruits and vegetables, sources of carotenoids, are widely available in Brazil, hypovitaminosis A constitutes a serious public health problem. The lack of information available to the population about the dietary sources of carotenoids and factors affecting their bioavailability, known in the literature as SLAMENGHI, are possible causes associated with this contradiction. Current carotenoid conversion factors to retinol are higher than earlier ones. This suggests a reduced effectiveness in the conversion of carotenoids into the active form of vitamin A, questioning the role of carotenoids in

  17. OWL2 benchmarking for the evaluation of knowledge based systems.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sher Afgun Khan

    Full Text Available OWL2 semantics are becoming increasingly popular for the real domain applications like Gene engineering and health MIS. The present work identifies the research gap that negligible attention has been paid to the performance evaluation of Knowledge Base Systems (KBS using OWL2 semantics. To fulfil this identified research gap, an OWL2 benchmark for the evaluation of KBS is proposed. The proposed benchmark addresses the foundational blocks of an ontology benchmark i.e. data schema, workload and performance metrics. The proposed benchmark is tested on memory based, file based, relational database and graph based KBS for performance and scalability measures. The results show that the proposed benchmark is able to evaluate the behaviour of different state of the art KBS on OWL2 semantics. On the basis of the results, the end users (i.e. domain expert would be able to select a suitable KBS appropriate for his domain.

  18. Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Energy Systems with Sustainability Considerations


    Despoina E. Keramioti; Christos A. Frangopoulos


    A multi-criteria approach is presented for the assessment of alternative means for covering the energy needs (electricity and heat) of an industrial unit, taking into consideration sustainability aspects. The procedure is first described in general terms: proper indicators are defined; next they are grouped in order to form sub-indices, which are then used to determine the composite sustainability index. The procedure is applied for the evaluation of three alternative systems. The three syste...

  19. Long-term stake evaluations of waterborne copper systems (United States)

    Stan Lebow; Cherilyn Hatfield; Douglas Crawford; Bessie Woodward


    Limitations on the use of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) have heightened interest in use of arsenic-free copper-based alternatives. For decades, the USDA Forest Products Laboratory has been evaluating several of these systems in stake plots. Southern Pine 38- by 89- by 457-mm (1.5- by 3.5- by 18-inch) stakes were treated with varying concentrations of acid copper...

  20. Performance Metrics for the Evaluation of Hyperspectral Chemical Identification Systems (United States)


    infrared hyperspectral remote sensing of chemical clouds: A focus on signal processing approaches,” IEEE Signal Process- ing Magazine 31(4), 120–141...Performance Metrics for the Evaluation of Hyperspectral Chemical Identification Systems Eric Truslowa, Steven Golowichb, Dimitris Manolakis b, and...Vinay Inglea aNortheastern University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. bMIT Lincoln Laboratory