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  1. [PIC Program Evaluation Forms. (United States)

    Short, N. J.

    These 4 questionnaires are designed to elicit teacher and parent evaluations of the Prescriptive Instruction Center (PIC) program. Included are Teacher Evaluation of Program Effectiveness (14 items), M & M Evaluation of Program Implementation (methods and materials specialists; 11 items), Teacher Evaluation of Program Effectiveness--Case Study…

  2. Mobile based optical form evaluation system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asım Sinan YÜKSEL


    Full Text Available Optical forms that contain multiple-choice answers are widely used both for electing students and evaluating student achievements in education systems in our country and worldwide. Optical forms are evaluated by employing optical mark recognition techniques through optical readers. High cost of these machines, limited access to them, long waiting time for evaluation results make the process hard for educationists working in cities or countries. In this study, a mobile application was developed for the educationists who own mobile phones or tablets for the purpose of evaluating students' answer sheets quickly and independent of location and optical readers. Optical form recognition, reading and evaluation processes are done on the image of student's answer sheet that is taken with the mobile phone or tablet of educationist. The Android based mobile application that we developed has a user-friendly interface, high success rate and is the first of our knowledge application that operates on mobile platforms in this field.

  3. Mixed low-level waste form evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pohl, P.I.; Cheng, Wu-Ching; Wheeler, T.; Waters, R.D.


    A scoping level evaluation of polyethylene encapsulation and vitreous waste forms for safe storage of mixed low-level waste was performed. Maximum permissible radionuclide concentrations were estimated for 15 indicator radionuclides disposed of at the Hanford and Savannah River sites with respect to protection of the groundwater and inadvertent intruder pathways. Nominal performance improvements of polyethylene and glass waste forms relative to grout are reported. These improvements in maximum permissible radionuclide concentrations depend strongly on the radionuclide of concern and pathway. Recommendations for future research include improving the current understanding of the performance of polymer waste forms, particularly macroencapsulation. To provide context to these estimates, the concentrations of radionuclides in treated DOE waste should be compared with the results of this study to determine required performance.

  4. Evaluation of control strategies in forming processes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Calmano Stefan


    Full Text Available Products of forming processes are subject to quality fluctuations due to uncertainty in semi-finished part properties as well as process conditions and environment. An approach to cope with these uncertainties is the implementation of a closed-loop control taking into account the actual product properties measured by sensors or estimated by a mathematical process model. Both methods of uncertainty control trade off with a financial effort. In case of sensor integration the effort is the cost of the sensor including signal processing as well as the design and manufacturing effort for integration. In case of an estimation model the effort is mainly determined by the time and knowledge needed to derive the model, identify the parameters and implement the model into the PLC. The risk of mismatch between model and reality as well as the risk of wrong parameter identification can be assumed as additional uncertainty (model uncertainty. This paper evaluates controlled and additional uncertainty by taking into account process boundary conditions like the degree of fluctuations in semi-finished part properties. The proposed evaluation is demonstrated by the analysis of exemplary processes.

  5. An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Microteaching Evaluation Forms: How Peer Feedback Forms Shape What Constitutes "Good Teaching" (United States)

    Vander Kloet, Marie Annette; Chugh, Brige Paul


    Microteaching, a standard method for developing teaching skills, places high importance on peer feedback, which is guided by post-session feedback forms. This paper focuses on how feedback forms can shape what becomes understood as important to teaching. A sample of 10 microteaching evaluation forms drawn from North American postsecondary…

  6. Analytical evaluation of atomic form factors: Application to Rayleigh scattering

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Safari, L., E-mail: [IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria), Am Campus 1, 3400 Klosterneuburg (Austria); Department of Physics, University of Oulu, Box 3000, FI-90014 Oulu (Finland); Santos, J. P. [Laboratório de Instrumentação, Engenharia Biomédica e Física da Radiação (LIBPhys-UNL), Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica (Portugal); Amaro, P. [Laboratório de Instrumentação, Engenharia Biomédica e Física da Radiação (LIBPhys-UNL), Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica (Portugal); Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg, D-69120 Heidelberg (Germany); Jänkälä, K. [Department of Physics, University of Oulu, Box 3000, FI-90014 Oulu (Finland); Fratini, F. [Department of Physics, University of Oulu, Box 3000, FI-90014 Oulu (Finland); Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics, TU Wien, Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien (Austria); Departamento de Física, Instituto de Ciências Exatas, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 31270-901 Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    Atomic form factors are widely used for the characterization of targets and specimens, from crystallography to biology. By using recent mathematical results, here we derive an analytical expression for the atomic form factor within the independent particle model constructed from nonrelativistic screened hydrogenic wave functions. The range of validity of this analytical expression is checked by comparing the analytically obtained form factors with the ones obtained within the Hartee-Fock method. As an example, we apply our analytical expression for the atomic form factor to evaluate the differential cross section for Rayleigh scattering off neutral atoms.

  7. Cross-platform digital assessment forms for evaluating surgical skills

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steven Arild Wuyts Andersen


    Full Text Available A variety of structured assessment tools for use in surgical training have been reported, but extant assessment tools often employ paper-based rating forms. Digital assessment forms for evaluating surgical skills could potentially offer advantages over paper-based forms, especially in complex assessment situations. In this paper, we report on the development of cross-platform digital assessment forms for use with multiple raters in order to facilitate the automatic processing of surgical skills assessments that include structured ratings. The FileMaker 13 platform was used to create a database containing the digital assessment forms, because this software has cross-platform functionality on both desktop computers and handheld devices. The database is hosted online, and the rating forms can therefore also be accessed through most modern web browsers. Cross-platform digital assessment forms were developed for the rating of surgical skills. The database platform used in this study was reasonably priced, intuitive for the user, and flexible. The forms have been provided online as free downloads that may serve as the basis for further development or as inspiration for future efforts. In conclusion, digital assessment forms can be used for the structured rating of surgical skills and have the potential to be especially useful in complex assessment situations with multiple raters, repeated assessments in various times and locations, and situations requiring substantial subsequent data processing or complex score calculations.

  8. Cross-platform digital assessment forms for evaluating surgical skills. (United States)

    Andersen, Steven Arild Wuyts


    A variety of structured assessment tools for use in surgical training have been reported, but extant assessment tools often employ paper-based rating forms. Digital assessment forms for evaluating surgical skills could potentially offer advantages over paper-based forms, especially in complex assessment situations. In this paper, we report on the development of cross-platform digital assessment forms for use with multiple raters in order to facilitate the automatic processing of surgical skills assessments that include structured ratings. The FileMaker 13 platform was used to create a database containing the digital assessment forms, because this software has cross-platform functionality on both desktop computers and handheld devices. The database is hosted online, and the rating forms can therefore also be accessed through most modern web browsers. Cross-platform digital assessment forms were developed for the rating of surgical skills. The database platform used in this study was reasonably priced, intuitive for the user, and flexible. The forms have been provided online as free downloads that may serve as the basis for further development or as inspiration for future efforts. In conclusion, digital assessment forms can be used for the structured rating of surgical skills and have the potential to be especially useful in complex assessment situations with multiple raters, repeated assessments in various times and locations, and situations requiring substantial subsequent data processing or complex score calculations.

  9. Constitution of the forest road evaluation form for Turkish forestry ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The method of. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to define the significance rates at the step of factor evaluation. Survey method was applied for expert ... Factors in the form and their respective significance rates were defined as vertical slope value, 12.73%; condition of superstructure, 6.89%; condition of art ...

  10. Formulation and evaluation of tablet dosage form of Hunteria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The present study was aimed at formulating and evaluating tablet dosage form of Hunteria umbellata (HU) seed aqueous and purified extracts. HU seeds were dried, pulverized and the powder macerated in water to obtain aqueous extract, while alkaloidal extraction process was used to obtain purified extract. Extracts ...

  11. Evaluation of the antioxidant effects of different forms of Schisandra ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The effects of different forms of Schisandra chinesis extract (20% S. chinensis juice, 20% S. chinensis ethanol extract, and 20% S. chinensis water extract) on physico-chemical characteristics and color in emulsion-type sausage were evaluated. Physico-chemical characteristics and color were determined during storage.

  12. Redox Biology Course Evaluation Form | Center for Cancer Research (United States)

    To improve the Redox Biology (RB) course in future years, we would appreciate your feedback by completing this course evaluation. Please score the course elements as poor, fair, average, good or excellent. Please type any comments that you have in response to the questions at the bottom of the form. Remember to include your name as you wish it to appear on the certificate. Thank you for your feedback.

  13. Development, evaluation, and utility of a peer evaluation form for online teaching. (United States)

    Gaskamp, Carol D; Kintner, Eileen


    Formative assessment of teaching by peers is an important component of quality improvement for educators. Teaching portfolios submitted for promotion and tenure are expected to include peer evaluations. Faculty resources designed for peer evaluation of classroom teaching are often inadequate for evaluating online teaching. The authors describe development, evaluation, and utility of a new peer evaluation form for formative assessment of online teaching deemed relevant, sound, feasible, and beneficial.

  14. Multibarrier waste forms. Part II. Characterization and evaluation.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rusin, J.M.; Gray, W.J.; Wald, J.W.


    The multibarrier concept for the storage of radioactive waste is to use up to three barriers to isolate radionuclides from the environment: a solidified waste inner core, an impervious coating, and a metal matrix. The four multibarrier waste forms were evaluated for thermal stability (volatility), mechanical strength (impact resistance), and leach resistance. This report discusses the characterization of the multibarrier waste forms and compares them to reference calcine and glass waste forms. The weight loss of supercalcine-ceramics after 4 h in dry air ranges between 0.01 and 1.6 wt % from 1000 to 1200/sup 0/C and is dependent upon composition. Glass marbles in a cast lead alloy offer approximately an order of magnitude decease in the wt % fines < 37 released after impact as compared to a glass monolith. CVD-coated supercalcine in a sintered 410 SS matrix offers up to two orders of magnitude decrease. Hot-pressed supercalcine ceramics may offer no increase in impact resistance or leach resistance over that of a glass monolith. Supercalcine may offer no advantage over waste glasses in leach resistance. Glass and PyC/Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ coatings provide effective inert leaching barriers.

  15. Preparation and evaluation of a novel dosage form for onychomycosis. (United States)

    Laffleur, Flavia; Ataii, Martin


    Onychomycosis is a common infection of the nail caused by dermatophyte affecting mostly toenails in adults being associated with limited treatment options. In this study novel dosage forms were prepared and evaluated for their suitability in treatment of onychomycosis. Films were prepared comprising polymeric excipients such as chitosan, (hydroxypropyl)methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl-cellulose, carboxymethylcellulose according to solvent evaporation method. Developed formulations were evaluated in terms of physical appearance, stability and adhesiveness. Furthermore skin and nail irritation studies were conducted. Five potential formulations (F1-F5) were designed while F1 and F4 exhibited the most promising results in terms of stability with 26min and 40.67min, respectively, and suitability in nail application. F1 as the most favorable dosage form revealed with 2.9438kg/m/s in terms of adhesive force the most adhesive properties in contrast to the other preparations. All formulations were found to be non-skin irritating and safe to use. Taken together, these findings suggest novel designed films containing polymeric excipients as a fruitful platform for the treatment in onychomycosis. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Evaluating the MBTI® Form M in a South African context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Casper J.J. van Zyl


    Full Text Available Orientation: Psychological instruments require continued refinement, updating and evaluation.Research purpose: To investigate the reliability, validity and differential item functioning of the MBTI® Form M across groups in South Africa using Classical Test Theory (CTT and Item Response Theory (IRT methods.Motivation for the study: To add to the continual research and improvement of the MBTI® Form M through the investigation of its psychometric properties across groups in South Africa.Research design, approach and method: This study falls within the quantitative research paradigm. Classical test theory methods and Rasch analysis were used to evaluate the functioning of the MBTI Form M across gender and ethnic groups. A cross-sectional study was completed consisting of 10 705 South African respondents.Main findings: Excellent reliability was found for the instrument across groups in the sample. Good evidence for construct validity was found using exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. Some evidence for uniform bias was found across ethnic and gender groups and a few items reflected non-uniform DIF across gender groups only. The effect of uniform and non-uniform DIF did not appear to have major practical implications for the interpretation of the scales.Practical/managerial implications: The results provided evidence that supports the psychometric validity of the MBTI instrument in the South African context.Contribution/value-add: This study is the largest study to date regarding the psychometric functioning of the MBTI instrument in South Africa. It contributes to the evolution of the instrument in line with the legislative requirements concerning the use of psychometric tests in South Africa. 

  17. Designing usable web forms- Empirical evaluation of web form improvement guidelines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Seckler, Mirjam; Heinz, Silvia; Bargas-Avila, Javier A.


    This study reports a controlled eye tracking experiment (N = 65) that shows the combined effectiveness of 20 guidelines to improve interactive online forms when applied to forms found on real company websites. Results indicate that improved web forms lead to faster completion times, fewer form...... submission trials, and fewer eye movements. Data from subjective questionnaires and interviews further show increased user satisfaction. Overall, our findings highlight the importance for web designers to improve their web forms using UX guidelines....

  18. Biocompatibility evaluation of magnetosomes formed by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yan Lei [Institute of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000 (China); College of Life Science and Technology, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing, 163319 (China); Yue Xiaoxuan [Institute of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000 (China); Zhang Shuang [College of Life Science and Technology, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing, 163319 (China); Chen Peng [Institute of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000 (China); GIBT, Gansu Institute of Business and Technology, Yannan Road 18, Lanzhou, 730010 (China); Xu Zhiliang; Li Yang [Institute of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000 (China); Li Hongyu, E-mail: [Institute of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000 (China)


    Magnetite nanocrystal has been extensively used in biomedical field. Currently, an interesting alternative to synthetic magnetic Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} nanoparticles, called magnetosome, has been found in magnetotactic bacteria. It has been reported that Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (At. ferrooxidans) has a potential to synthesize magnetosome. In this study, transmission electron microscope (TEM) was used to analyze the magnetite particles in At. ferrooxidans BY-3. The magnetosomes formed by this bacterium were isolated by a method combining ultracentrifugation and magnetic separation. Crystalline phase and surface functional group of the magnetosomes were investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), respectively. Biocompatibility of the magnetosomes was systematically evaluated at various concentrations (0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0 mg/ml). MTT test, hemolysis assay and Micronucleus Test were carried out to evaluate in vitro cytotoxicity, blood toxicity and genotoxicity of magnetosomes, respectively. Under these conditions, magnetosomes showed no cytotoxic, genotoxic and hemolytic effects up to 4.0 mg/ml indicating good biocompatibility of these biological nanoparticles. These revealed that the magnetosomes might have a potential for biotechnological and biomedical applications in the future. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The production of magnetosomes from At. ferrooxidans has been easily available. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Several techniques are used to characterize properties of the magnetosomes. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The magnetosomes have no cytotoxicity, no hemolysis activity and no genotoxicity.

  19. Cross-platform digital assessment forms for evaluating surgical skills

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Steven Arild Wuyts


    assessment situations. In this paper, we report on the development of cross-platform digital assessment forms for use with multiple raters in order to facilitate the automatic processing of surgical skills assessments that include structured ratings. The FileMaker 13 platform was used to create a database...... containing the digital assessment forms, because this software has cross-platform functionality on both desktop computers and handheld devices. The database is hosted online, and the rating forms can therefore also be accessed through most modern web browsers. Cross-platform digital assessment forms were...... developed for the rating of surgical skills. The database platform used in this study was reasonably priced, intuitive for the user, and flexible. The forms have been provided online as free downloads that may serve as the basis for further development or as inspiration for future efforts. In conclusion...

  20. Evaluating the MBTI® Form M in a South African context

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Casper J J van Zyl; Nicola Taylor


    .... This study aims to investigate the reliability, validity and differential item functioning of the MBTI Form M across groups in South Africa using Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory methods...

  1. Measurement of neonatal abstinence syndrome: Evaluation of short forms. (United States)

    Jones, Hendrée E; Seashore, Carl; Johnson, Elisabeth; Horton, Evette; O'Grady, Kevin E; Andringa, Kim


    1) How well do the short forms previously developed from the Maternal Opioid Treatment: Human Experimental Research (MOTHER) neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) scale (MNS) discriminate between neonates untreated and treated for NAS? (2) Can a short form be developed that is superior to other short forms in discriminating between the two groups? This secondary analysis study used data from 131 delivered neonates in the MOTHER study, a randomized controlled trial comparing neonatal and maternal outcomes in opioid-dependent pregnant women administered buprenorphine or methadone. Comprehensive care was provided at seven university hospitals. A 19-item instrument measuring neonatal abstinence signs. A five-item index proved superior to the previous indices (ps < 0.01) and discriminated between the treated and untreated NAS groups as well as did the MNS total score (p=0.09). A short form developed from the MNS shows promise as a possible screening measure.

  2. Evaluating the MBTI® Form M in a South African context

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Casper J.J. van Zyl; Nicola Taylor


    Orientation: Psychological instruments require continued refinement, updating and evaluation.Research purpose: To investigate the reliability, validity and differential item functioning of the MBTI...

  3. Repeated Low Teaching Evaluations: A Form of Habitual Behaviour? (United States)

    Grayson, J. Paul


    Teaching evaluations have become part of life on Canadian campuses; however, there is no agreement among researchers as to their validity. In this article, comparisons were made between first- and third-year collective evaluations of professors' performance at the University of British Columbia, York University, and McGill University. Overall, it…

  4. Evaluation of request forms submitted to the haematology laboratory ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 29, 2011 ... A Six Sigma approach to the rate and clinical effect of registration errors in a laboratory. J Clin Pathol. 2010; 63 (5):434- 437. This article on PubMed. 9. Zemlin AE, Nutt L, Burgess CJ, Eiman F and Erasmus RT. Potential for medical error: incorrectly completed request forms for thyroid function tests limit ...

  5. Evaluation of metrology technologies for free form surfaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Arámbula, K.; Siller, H.R.; De Chiffre, Leonardo


    This research work describes a novel approach for comparing different technologies for free form surface metrology: computerized tomography (CT), photogrammetry and coordinate measuring machines (CMM). The comparison has the aim of providing relevant information for the selection of metrology...... also deals with costs issues, required standards, and necessary additional information when selecting inspection equipment....

  6. Evaluation of Microbiology Request Forms at a Tertiary Health ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Laboratory analytical errors were hitherto believed to be responsible for inaccurate investigation results. Recent findings have shown that with advances in analytical techniques, preanalytic factors are now responsible for most of the errors. We audited the Laboratory Request Forms, which were sent for microbiological ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meftah Hrairi


    Full Text Available Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF is a promising sheet-metal-forming process that permits the manufacturing of small to medium-sized batches of complex parts at low cost. It allows metal forming to work in the critical ‘necking-to-tearing' zone which results in a strong thinning before failure if the process is well designed. Moreover, the process is complex due to the number of variables involved. Thus, it is not possible to consider that the process has been well assessed; several remaining aspects need to be clarified. The objective of the present paper is to study some of these aspects, namely, the phenomenon of the wall thickness overstretch along depth and the effect of the tool path on the distribution of the wall thickness using finite element simulations.Abstrak: Pembentukan Tokokan Mata Tunggal (Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF merupakan satu proses pembentukan kepingan logam yang membolehkan pembuatan dalam jumlah yang kecil hingga sederhana, bahagian-bahagian yang kompleks pada kos yang rendah. Jika proses ini direka dengan baik, kaedah ini membolehkan pembentukan logam yang baik terhasil. Jika tidak, semasa peringkat zon kritikal ‘perleheran-ke-pengoyakan' menyebabkan penipisan keterlaluan yang boleh menyebabkan logam tersebut rosak. Tambahan pula, proses ini agak kompleks, kerana ia melibatkan beberapa pemboleh ubah. Maka, walaupun proses ini telah dinilaikan seeloknya; masih terdapat beberapa aspek lain yang perlu diperjelaskan. Objektif kertas ini dibentangkan adalah untuk mengkaji beberapa aspek tertentu, seperti, ketebalan dinding regangan berlebihan di sepanjang kedalaman dan kesan tool path (beberapa siri posisi koordinat untuk menentukan pergerakan alatan memotong ketika operasi memesin terhadap pengagihan ketebalan dinding menggunakan simulasi unsur terhingga.

  8. 48 CFR 247.372 - DD Form 1654, Evaluation of Transportation Cost Factors. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false DD Form 1654, Evaluation... Transportation in Supply Contracts 247.372 DD Form 1654, Evaluation of Transportation Cost Factors. Contracting personnel may use the DD Form 1654 to furnish information to the transportation office for development of...

  9. Computer-Aided Color Aesthetic Evaluation Method Based on the Combination of Form and Color


    Kang, Wenke; Qin, Sheng-feng; Zhang, Quan


    This paper presents a new method of color aesthetic evaluation based on the combination of form and color. According to the human visual physiological and psychological characteristics, this paper first proposes a new form-color field theory for the coupled form-color aesthetic evaluation based on the psychophysical field theory and the Moon and Spencer model. Second, it builds a coupled form-color topological graph for describing their interaction and develops a strength calculation algorith...

  10. Psychometric Evaluation of the Interpersonal Support Evaluation List–Short Form in the ARIC Study Cohort

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas J. Payne


    Full Text Available The impact of social support on health outcomes is well documented. The current study evaluated a short form of the Interpersonal Support Evaluation List (ISEL-SF administered to 14,257 participants in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study. Using confirmatory factor analysis, we attempted to replicate the subscale structure of the full-scale version. Additional analyses were conducted to examine the relationship of ISEL scores to key demographic variables, as well as the relationship with the Lubben Social Support Scale. We replicated the existing full-scale ISEL subscale structure in this short version. In addition, subscale scores were found to differ across gender, race, level of educational attainment, and marital status, although the magnitude of the various effects was modest. Correlations with another established measure of social support provide convergent validity for this abbreviated instrument. Results suggest this brief measure of perceived social support is a psychometrically valid instrument. An evaluation of its clinical utility is warranted.

  11. Evaluation of performance of co crystals of mefloquine hydrochloride in tablet dosage form. (United States)

    Shete, A S; Yadav, A V; Murthy, M S


    The objective of present investigation was to evaluate performance of cocrystals of Mefloquine Hydrochloride (MFL) in tablet dosage form. Our previous investigation showed significant effect of cocrystal formers on improving the solubility and dissolution rate of Mefloquine hydrochloride by cocrystallization method when prepared by solution cocrystallization method. Prepared cocrystals of MFL with different ratio of cocrystal formers were incorporated in tablet dosage form and evaluated for micrometric properties, drug content, hardness, disintegration test, vitro dissolution studies and stability studies. Performance was compared with laboratory prepared tablet of MFL 250 mg. The considerable improvement in the dissolution rate was observed in case of cocrystals based tablets than pure MFL tablets. So we can incorporate cocrystals in tablet dosage form to enhance in vitro and in vivo performance. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report, cocrystals has been evaluated in tablet dosage form.

  12. Cognitive testing to evaluate revisions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reporting form. (United States)

    Suragh, Tiffany A; Miller, Elaine R; Hibbs, Beth F; Winiecki, Scott K; Zinderman, Craig; Shimabukuro, Tom T


    The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the spontaneous (passive) reporting system CDC and FDA use to monitor vaccine safety. We used cognitive testing to evaluate proposed revisions to the current VAERS form. We conducted in-person cognitive interviews with 22 volunteers to evaluate proposed revisions in a prototype VAERS 2.0 form (new VAERS form). We analyzed data using thematic analysis. Repeating themes included preferences for: brevity, simplicity and clarity; features to minimize time requirements and facilitate ease of completion; logical ordering of questions by topic and importance; and visual cues like color-coded highlighting. Interviews identified instances of discordance between the intended meaning questions (from the perspective of CDC and FDA) and interpretation by volunteers. Cognitive testing yielded useful information to guide further revisions of the VAERS form. Cognitive testing can be an effective tool for public health programs interested in developing surveys and reporting forms. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  13. An Evaluation of a Language for Paper-based Form Sketching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Farruglia, Phillip; Borg, Johnathan; Camilleri, K.P.


    Designers still sketch on paper to externalize their early form concepts. The user-interface of current Computer-Aided Geometric Modeling (CAGM) systems lacks the fluidity of sketching. Yet, such systems are still useful in conceptual design since they assist designers in visualizing an evolving...... between paper-based form sketching and CAGM systems. Evaluation results revealed that whilst PSL is easy-to-learn, yet it requires improvements. Such a sketching language contributes a step towards simulating early form design solutions by the combined use of paper-based sketches and 3D models....

  14. Intraoperative Evaluation of Reverse Bypass Using a Naturally Formed "Bonnet" Superficial Temporal Artery: Technical Note. (United States)

    Nagm, Alhusain; Horiuchi, Tetsuyoshi; Hasegawa, Takatoshi; Hongo, Kazuhiro


    In reverse bypass that used a naturally formed "bonnet" superficial temporal artery, intraoperative volume flow measurement quantifies flow augmentation after revascularization, confirms flow preservation, and identifies inadvertent vessel compromise. A 75-year-old man presented with transient ischemic attacks attributed to right internal carotid artery stenosis. He underwent successful reverse bypass via a naturally formed "bonnet" superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery bypass. As the result of proper intraoperative volume flow evaluation, a successful reverse bypass was achieved. Modification of the intraoperative stroke risk and prediction of the long-term patency after reverse bypass can be achieved by meticulous intraoperative blood flow evaluation. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Evaluation of a biphasic in vitro dissolution test for estimating the bioavailability of carbamazepine polymorphic forms. (United States)

    Deng, Jia; Staufenbiel, Sven; Bodmeier, Roland


    The purpose of this study was to discriminate three crystal forms of carbamazepine (a BCS II drug) by in vitro dissolution testing and to correlate in vitro data with published in vivo data. A biphasic dissolution system (phosphate buffer pH6.8 and octanol) was used to evaluate the dissolution of the three polymorphic forms and to compare it with conventional single phase dissolution tests performed under sink and non-sink conditions. Similar dissolution profiles of three polymorphic forms were observed in the conventional dissolution test under sink conditions. Although a difference in dissolution was seen in the single phase dissolution test under non-sink conditions as well as in the aqueous phase of the biphasic test, little relevance for in vivo data was observed. In contrast, the biphasic dissolution system could discriminate between the different polymorphic forms in the octanol phase with a ranking of form III>form I>dihydrate form. This was in agreement with the in vivo performance. The dissolved drug available for oral absorption, which was dominated by dissolution and solution-mediated phase transformation, could be reflected in the biphasic dissolution test. Moreover, a good correlation was established between in vitro dissolution in the octanol phase of the biphasic test and in vivo pharmacokinetic data (R(2)=0.99). The biphasic dissolution method is a valuable tool to discriminate between different crystal forms in the formulations of poorly soluble drugs. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  16. Validity, Reliability, and Potential Bias of Short Forms of Students' Evaluation of Teaching: The Case of UAE University (United States)

    Dodeen, Hamzeh


    Students' opinions continue to be a significant factor in the evaluation of teaching in higher education institutions. The purpose of this study was to psychometrically assess short students evaluation of teaching (SET) forms using the UAE University form as a model. The study evaluated the form validity, reliability, the overall question, and…

  17. Quality evaluation of the Finasteride polymorphic forms I and II in capsules. (United States)

    da Silva, Lucélia Magalhães; Montanari, Cristina Martiniano; Santos, Olimpia Maria Martins; Cazedey, Edith Cristina Laignier; Ângelo, Marilene Lopes; de Araújo, Magali Benjamin


    Finasteride (FNS) is a specific competitive inhibitor of steroid type-II 5α-reductase and is widely used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, and androgenetic alopecia. FNS has two polymorphic forms identified as Form I and Form II. It is known that polymorphism can cause significant differences in the physicochemical properties of a compound such as melting point, density, morphology, solubility, and color. Thus, proper qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the solid-state forms is crucial to ensure high-quality products. There are no published papers studying the influence of the FNS polymorphs on the physicochemical quality of capsules. Furthermore, the available analytical methods are time-consuming, expensive, use buffer or do not demonstrate stability-indicating capacity. The aim of this work was to validate a rapid high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method to evaluate FNS in capsules and to study the physicochemical properties of polymorphic forms, evaluating their possible influence in the dissolution profile and stability of FNS in capsules. Capsules containing Forms I and II of FNS were prepared and subjected to quality control studies, dissolution profiles and a stability study at 50°C. A significant effect of polymorphism on the FNS solubility and dissolution properties was observed. These results suggest that changes in the effects of FNS can occur if a suitable control study is not performed on the raw material used to produce the capsules. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation in New Forms of Training Near the Workplace. (United States)

    Geldermann, Brigitte

    The project Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation in New Forms of Training near the Workplace--A Step Towards the Learning Organisation was undertaken in Bavaria, Germany, to help companies begin the process of becoming learning organizations by helping workers manage their own learning. The project is based on the following principles and…

  19. Evaluation and optimization of a force field for crystalline forms of mannitol and sorbitol

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Waard, H; Amani, A; Kendrick, J; Hinrichs, W L J; Frijlink, H W; Anwar, J


    Two force fields, the GROMOS53A5/53A6 (united atom) and the AMBER95 (all atom) parameter sets, coupled with partial atomic charges derived from quantum mechanical calculations were evaluated for their ability to reproduce the known crystalline forms of the polyols mannitol and sorbitol. The force

  20. Syndrome dimensions of the Child Behavior Checklist and the Teacher Report Form : a critical empirical evaluation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hartman, CA; Hox, J; Auerbach, J; Erol, N; Fonseca, AC; Mellenbergh, GJ; Novik, TS; Oosterlaan, J; Roussos, AC; Shalev, RS; Zilber, N; Sergeant, JA


    The construct representation of the cross-informant model of the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) and the Teacher Report Form (TRF) was evaluated using confirmatory factor analysis. Samples were collected in seven different countries. The results are based on 13,226 parent ratings and 8893 teacher

  1. Preliminary Evaluation of the Childhood Experiences of Violence Questionnaire Short Form (United States)

    Tanaka, Masako; Wekerle, Christine; Leung, Eman; Waechter, Randall; Gonzalez, Andrea; Jamieson, Ellen; MacMillan, Harriet L.


    Despite advances in child maltreatment research, accurate measurement of exposure remains a key issue. In this study, we evaluated a short form (CEVQ-SF) of the Childhood Experiences of Violence Questionnaire (CEVQ) in a sample of adolescents involved with child protection services in an urban city in Ontario, Canada. Focusing on the two most…

  2. Evaluation of a standardized morbidity surveillance form for use during disasters caused by natural hazards. (United States)

    Schnall, Amy H; Wolkin, Amy F; Noe, Rebecca; Hausman, Leslie B; Wiersma, Petra; Soetebier, Karl; Cookson, Susan T


    Surveillance for health outcomes is critical for rapid responses and timely prevention of disaster-related illnesses and injuries after a disaster-causing event. The Disaster Surveillance Workgroup (DSWG) of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a standardized, single-page, morbidity surveillance form, called the Natural Disaster Morbidity Surveillance Individual Form (Morbidity Surveillance Form), to describe the distribution of injuries and illnesses, detect outbreaks, and guide timely interventions during a disaster. Traditional data sources can be used during a disaster; however, supplemental active surveillance may be required because traditional systems often are disrupted, and many persons will seek care outside of typical acute care settings. Generally, these alternative settings lack health surveillance and reporting protocols. The need for standardized data collection was demonstrated during Hurricane Katrina, as the multiple surveillance instruments that were developed and deployed led to varied and uncoordinated data collection methods, analyses, and morbidity data reporting. Active, post-event surveillance of affected populations is critical for rapid responses to minimize and prevent morbidity and mortality, allocate resources, and target public health messaging. The CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) conducted a study to evaluate a Morbidity Surveillance Form to determine its ability to capture clinical presentations. The form was completed for each patient evaluated in an emergency department (ED) during triage from 01 August, 2007 through 07 August, 2007. Data from the form were compared with the ED discharge diagnoses from electronic medical records, and kappa statistics were calculated to assess agreement. Nine hundred forty-nine patients were evaluated, 41% were male and 57% were Caucasian. According to the forms, the most common reasons for seeking treatment were acute illness, other (29%); pain (12

  3. Evaluation of resistance form of different preparation features on mandibular molars. (United States)

    Farshad, Bajoghli; Ehsan, Ghasemi; Mahmoud, Sabouhi; Reza, Khodadadi; Mozhdeh, Behdarvand


    Resistance form of full metal-ceramic crown is an important feature that determines longevity of these restorations. This study evaluated the resistance form of full metal-ceramic prepared with four different design features. An acrylic tooth was prepared with 20° total occlusal convergence (TOC) angle, 2.5 mm of occlusocervical dimension and a shoulder finishing line. This design lacked resistance form. The crown preparation was subsequently modified by preparing Mesial Occlusal Distal isthmus, placing occlusal inclined plane, and reducing TOC. Four metal dies from these designs were constructed by lathe machine and then 10 metal copings were fabricated for each preparation. Metal coping were cemented on metal dies with temp-bond cement. Force was applied at 45° from lingual to buccal direction with universal testing machine. The data were evaluated by Kruskal-Wallis and non-parametric Mann-Whitney test. All features increased resistance form when compare to control group. However, reduce TOC group showed greatest value of resistance. Within the limitation of this study, reducing the tapering of occlusocervival dimension is the most effective way in increasing resistance form, although, other features were also effective.

  4. Evaluation of resistance form of different preparation features on mandibular molars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bajoghli Farshad


    Full Text Available Aims: Resistance form of full metal-ceramic crown is an important feature that determines longevity of these restorations. This study evaluated the resistance form of full metal-ceramic prepared with four different design features. Materials and Methods: An acrylic tooth was prepared with 20° total occlusal convergence (TOC angle, 2.5 mm of occlusocervical dimension and a shoulder finishing line. This design lacked resistance form. The crown preparation was subsequently modified by preparing Mesial Occlusal Distal isthmus, placing occlusal inclined plane, and reducing TOC. Four metal dies from these designs were constructed by lathe machine and then 10 metal copings were fabricated for each preparation. Metal coping were cemented on metal dies with temp-bond cement. Force was applied at 45° from lingual to buccal direction with universal testing machine. Statistical analysis used: The data were evaluated by Kruskal-Wallis and non-parametric Mann-Whitney test. Results: All features increased resistance form when compare to control group. However, reduce TOC group showed greatest value of resistance. Conclusion: Within the limitation of this study, reducing the tapering of occlusocervival dimension is the most effective way in increasing resistance form, although, other features were also effective.

  5. 48 CFR 1553.209-71 - EPA Form 1900-27, Project Officer's Evaluation of Contractor Performance. (United States)


    ... EPA Form 1900-27, Project Officer's Evaluation of Contractor Performance. As prescribed in 1509.170-4(a), EPA Form 1900-27 shall be used by the Project Officer to record his/her evaluation of Contractor... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 true EPA Form 1900-27, Project...

  6. Evaluation of Melanoidins Formed from Black Garlic after Different Thermal Processing Steps. (United States)

    Kang, Ok-Ju


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of melanoidins formed from black garlic (BG) after different thermal processing steps. The melanoidins formed from BG during thermal processing were produced in large amounts, and the initial (280 nm), intermediate (360 nm), and final stage product (420 nm) had similar tendencies. Compounds like degraded proteins, peptides, and phenolic acids were present in the melanoidins during thermal processing. All the melanoidin samples showed different absorptions in the UV-visible spectra, although these had similar shapes. Moreover, the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen content of melanoidins formed from BG during thermal processing decreased initially, and then increased. However, the nitrogen content increased during thermal processing. As thermal processing progressed, the molecular weight of all the melanoidin samples showed increasing intensities, whereas the major peaks of each melanoidin sample had different retention times. Furthermore, the melanoidins formed from BG after different thermal processing steps contained -OH, -CH, amide I, and III groups. The crystallinity of the melanoidins was majorly formed at 31.58° and 43.62° (2θ).

  7. Evaluating formability of LCP plate for sacral fractures with one step inverse forming finite element analysis. (United States)

    Li, Xiaoda; Zhang, Xiangkui; Hu, Ping; Liu, Weijie; Shen, Guozhe; Zhan, Xianghui


    The locking compression plate fixation treatment for the unstable sacral fractures is simple and effective, with less trauma and complications. Some locking compression plate parts have been made of high-strength Plate manufactured by hot stamping process since the demand for lightweight biomedical materials. Finite Element (FE) method of One-Step inverse forming based on deformation theory is the tool to evaluate the formability of locking compression plate panel quickly in initial design for reducing costs and development cycle of Plate. But current one-step inverse forming methods are all suitable for cold stamping, not hot-stamping. This paper proposed one-step inverse forming method and workflow for hot-stamping of locking compression Plate. And the B pillar of a sacral bone was simulated and its computing result was compared with experimental value. The result shows that the proposed method in this paper can quickly evaluate high temperature formability of high-strength Plate. And the method is proposed to be used in initial design.

  8. Artificial Neural Networks in Evaluation and Optimization of Modified Release Solid Dosage Forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zorica Djurić


    Full Text Available Implementation of the Quality by Design (QbD approach in pharmaceutical development has compelled researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to employ Design of Experiments (DoE as a statistical tool, in product development. Among all DoE techniques, response surface methodology (RSM is the one most frequently used. Progress of computer science has had an impact on pharmaceutical development as well. Simultaneous with the implementation of statistical methods, machine learning tools took an important place in drug formulation. Twenty years ago, the first papers describing application of artificial neural networks in optimization of modified release products appeared. Since then, a lot of work has been done towards implementation of new techniques, especially Artificial Neural Networks (ANN in modeling of production, drug release and drug stability of modified release solid dosage forms. The aim of this paper is to review artificial neural networks in evaluation and optimization of modified release solid dosage forms.

  9. Evaluation of the Development pf Various Forms of Agriculture Cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akimbekova Galiya


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the current situation in the agricultural complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the necessity of combining small farms in the cooperative structure, evaluation of existing forms of cooperatives in agriculture are substantiated (production cooperatives, rural consumer cooperatives, rural consumer cooperatives of water users, a map of their location in the context of regions of the country is shown, problems hindering their development are revealed, particularly the formation and development trends of each of them, the economic indicators of production of products are given, together with their organizational structure, etc. On the basis of the conducted analysis of the production conditions, rural consumers and rural consumer cooperatives of water users, problems hindering their development are revealed, the positive and negative trends in the development of various forms of agricultural cooperation are assessed, and proposals has been substantiated in order to improve the regulatory framework, mechanisms of state support, credit and financial mechanisms, etc.

  10. Social and Emotional Competencies Evaluation Questionnaire-Teacher's Version: Validation of a Short Form. (United States)

    Coelho, Vitor A; Sousa, Vanda; Marchante, Marta


    The Social and Emotional Competencies Evaluation Questionnaire-Teacher's version, Short Form (QACSE-P-SF) allows teachers to assess their students' social and emotional competencies, having been designed for program evaluation. Thirty-nine teachers completed the QACSE-P-SF, regarding 657 students (fourth to ninth grades). Factor analyses supported a six-factor structure with acceptable internal consistency. Sex differences were found with teachers reporting girls as having higher scores on Self-Control, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. Developmental differences were also found with fourth-grade students presenting higher levels of Social Awareness and Relationship Skills than older students. The final version of the QACSE-P-SF is composed by 30 items, organized into six scales and less time consuming than the previous version for teachers who need to assess full classes. © The Author(s) 2016.

  11. Psychometric Evaluation of the Hypogonadism Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire Short Form (HIS-Q-SF). (United States)

    Gelhorn, Heather L; Roberts, Laurie J; Khandelwal, Nikhil; Revicki, Dennis A; DeRogatis, Leonard R; Dobs, Adrian; Hepp, Zsolt; Miller, Michael G


    The Hypogonadism Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire Short Form (HIS-Q-SF) is a patient-reported outcome measurement designed to evaluate the symptoms of hypogonadism. The HIS-Q-SF is an abbreviated version including17 items from the original 28-item HIS-Q. To conduct item analyses and reduction, evaluate the psychometric properties of the HIS-Q-SF, and provide guidance on score interpretation. A 12-week observational longitudinal study of hypogonadal men was conducted as part of the original HIS-Q psychometric evaluation. Participants completed the original HIS-Q every 2 weeks. Blood samples were collected to evaluate testosterone levels. Participants completed the Aging Male's Symptoms Scale, the International Index of Erectile Function, the Short Form-12, and the PROMIS Sexual Activity, Satisfaction with Sex Life, Sleep Disturbance, and Applied Cognition Scales (baseline and weeks 6 and 12). Clinicians completed the Clinical Global Impression of Severity and Change scales and a clinical form. Item performance was evaluated using descriptive statistics and Rasch analyses. Reliability (internal consistency and test-retest), validity (concurrent and know groups), and responsiveness were assessed. One hundred seventy-seven men participated (mean age = 54.1 years, range = 23-83). Similar to the full HIS-Q, the final abbreviated HIS-Q-SF instrument includes five domains (sexual, energy, sleep, cognition, and mood) with two sexual subdomains (libido and sexual function). For key domains, test-retest reliability was very good, and construct validity was good for all domains. Known-groups validity was demonstrated for all domain scores, subdomain scores, and total score based on the Clinical Global Impression-Severity. All domains and subdomains were responsive to change based on patient-rated anchor questions. The HIS-Q-SF could be a useful tool in clinical practice, epidemiologic studies, and other academic research settings. Careful consideration was given to the

  12. Psychometric evaluation and short form development of The Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding (BIDR-6

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Subotić Siniša


    Full Text Available The goals of this research were to evaluate the Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS translation of the BIDR-6 scale, develop its short form, and to present its initial convergent/discriminative validation. The sample included 827 participants. MIRT CFA analysis revealed that fourfactor model (containing 32/40 items fits the data best, with Self-Deceptive Enhancement (SDE and Impression Management (IM both splitting into the denial (SD-D and IM-D and enhancement (SD-E and IM-E factors. Fit and item properties were generally mediocre. SD-D and IM-E subscales were the strongest sources of misfit, thus SD-E and IM-D subscales were retained in the short form, which had good fit and replicated almost all main patterns of associations with other variables of interest (e.g., HEXACO personality traits typically reported for the full SDE and IM scales in other research. Thus, 17-item BIDR-6 short form, containing only SD-E and IM-D subscales, is recommended for use in the BCS speaking area.

  13. Evaluation of final waste forms and recommendations for baseline alternatives to group and glass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bleier, A.


    An assessment of final waste forms was made as part of the Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement/Development, Demonstration, Testing, and Evaluation (FFCA/DDT&E) Program because supplemental waste-form technologies are needed for the hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes of concern to the Department of Energy and the problematic wastes on the Oak Ridge Reservation. The principal objective was to identify a primary waste-form candidate as an alternative to grout (cement) and glass. The effort principally comprised a literature search, the goal of which was to establish a knowledge base regarding four areas: (1) the waste-form technologies based on grout and glass, (2) candidate alternatives, (3) the wastes that need to be immobilized, and (4) the technical and regulatory constraints on the waste-from technologies. This report serves, in part, to meet this goal. Six families of materials emerged as relevant; inorganic, organic, vitrified, devitrified, ceramic, and metallic matrices. Multiple members of each family were assessed, emphasizing the materials-oriented factors and accounting for the fact that the two most prevalent types of wastes for the FFCA/DDT&E Program are aqueous liquids and inorganic sludges and solids. Presently, no individual matrix is sufficiently developed to permit its immediate implementation as a baseline alternative. Three thermoplastic materials, sulfur-polymer cement (inorganic), bitumen (organic), and polyethylene (organic), are the most technologically developed candidates. Each warrants further study, emphasizing the engineering and economic factors, but each also has limitations that regulate it to a status of short-term alternative. The crystallinity and flexible processing of sulfur provide sulfur-polymer cement with the highest potential for short-term success via encapsulation. Long-term immobilization demands chemical stabilization, which the thermoplastic matrices do not offer. Among the properties of the remaining

  14. Development and Test Evaluations for Ni-DOBDC Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Engineered Forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Troy G. Garn; Mitchell Greenhalgh


    A joint effort to prepare engineered forms of a Ni-DOBDC metal organic framework (MOF) was completed with contributions from PNNL, SNL and the INL. Two independent methods were used at INL and SNL to prepare engineered form (EF) sorbents from Ni-DOBDC MOF powder developed and prepared at PNNL. Xe and Kr capacity test evaluations were performed at ambient temperature with the cryostat experimental setup at INL. The initial INL EF MOF test results indicated a Xe capacity of 1.6 mmol/kg sorbent and no Kr capacity. A large loss of surface area also occurred during minimal testing rendering the INL EF MOF unusable. Four capacity tests were completed using the SNL EF MOF at ambient temperature and resulted in Xe capacities of 1.4, 4.2, 5.0 and 3.8 mmol/kg sorbent with no Kr capacity observed in any ambient temperature tests. Two additional capacity tests were performed at 240 K to further evaluate SNL EF MOF performance. Xe capacities of 50.7 and 49.3 mmol/kg of sorbent and Kr capacities of 0.77 and 0.69 mmol/kg of sorbent were obtained, respectively. Following the adsorption evaluations, the SNL EF MOF material had lost about 40 % of the initial mass and 40 % of the initial surface area. In general, the Xe capacity results at ambient temperature for the INL and SNL EF Ni-DOBDC MOF’s were lower than 9.8 mmol Xe/kg sorbent test results reported by INL in FY-12 using PNNL’s inital EF supplied material.

  15. Residual stress evaluation and curvature behavior of aluminium 7050 peen forming processed; Avaliacao da tensao residual em aluminio 7050 conformado pelo processo peen forming

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oliveira, R.R. de; Lima, N.B., E-mail: rolivier@ipen.b, E-mail: nblima@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Braga, A.P.V.; Goncalves, M., E-mail: anapaola@ipt.b, E-mail: mgoncalves@ipt.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas (IPT), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Shot peening is a superficial cold work process used to increase the fatigue life evaluated by residual stress measurements. The peen forming process is a variant of the shot peening process, where a curvature in the plate is obtained by the compression of the grains near to the surface. In this paper, the influence of the parameters such as: pressure of shot, ball shot size and thickness of aluminum 7050 samples with respect to residual stress profile and resulting arc height was studied. The evaluation of the residual stress profile was obtained by sin{sup 2} {Psi} method. (author)

  16. Student Practice Evaluation Form-Revised Edition online comment bank: development and reliability analysis. (United States)

    Rodger, Sylvia; Turpin, Merrill; Copley, Jodie; Coleman, Allison; Chien, Chi-Wen; Caine, Anne-Maree; Brown, Ted


    The reliable evaluation of occupational therapy students completing practice education placements along with provision of appropriate feedback is critical for both students and for universities from a quality assurance perspective. This study describes the development of a comment bank for use with an online version of the Student Practice Evaluation Form-Revised Edition (SPEF-R Online) and investigates its reliability. A preliminary bank of 109 individual comments (based on previous students' placement performance) was developed via five stages. These comments reflected all 11 SPEF-R domains. A purpose-designed online survey was used to examine the reliability of the comment bank. A total of 37 practice educators returned surveys, 31 of which were fully completed. Participants were asked to rate each individual comment using the five-point SPEF-R rating scale. One hundred and two of 109 comments demonstrated satisfactory agreement with their respective default ratings that were determined by the development team. At each domain level, the intra-class correlation coefficients (ranging between 0.86 and 0.96) also demonstrated good to excellent inter-rater reliability. There were only seven items that required rewording prior to inclusion in the final SPEF-R Online comment bank. The development of the SPEF-R Online comment bank offers a source of reliable comments (consistent with the SPEF-R rating scale across different domains) and aims to assist practice educators in providing reliable and timely feedback to students in a user-friendly manner. © 2014 Occupational Therapy Australia.

  17. Evaluation and prevention of the precipitate formed on interaction between sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine. (United States)

    Krishnamurthy, Shashikala; Sudhakaran, Sunu


    The purpose of this study was (1) to evaluate maximum thickness the and chemical composition of the precipitate formed between sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and chlorhexidine (CHX) and (2) to evaluate effectiveness of absolute alcohol to remove residual NaOCl and thereby prevent the formation of the precipitate. Forty extracted single-rooted human teeth were decoronated, and the canals were instrumented. In the test group (Ts group), canals were irrigated with 17% EDTA and 2.5% NaOCl followed by 2% CHX. In the absolute alcohol (Aba), saline (Sa), and distilled water (Dw) groups, intermediate flushes of absolute alcohol, saline, and distilled water were used between the last two irrigants. Teeth were sectioned longitudinally and subjected to stereomicroscopic examination. The Ts group samples showed orange-brown precipitate, concentrated more in the coronal and middle thirds, whereas the Aba group showed no evidence of precipitate. The Sal and Dw groups showed minimal precipitate in the coronal and middle thirds. The thickness of the precipitate was measured using the ProgRes computer software (Olympus, Hamburg, Germany). The chemical composition of the precipitate was confirmed by Beilstein and HCl tests, and the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technique confirmed chlorine in the para position of the benzene ring. The interaction between NaOCl and CHX resulted in an insoluble neutral salt as a precipitate that can be prevented using absolute alcohol and minimized using saline and distilled water as intermediate flushes. Copyright 2010 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Initial Evaluation of Processing Methods for an Epsilon Metal Waste Form

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crum, Jarrod V.; Strachan, Denis M.; Zumhoff, Mac R.


    During irradiation of nuclear fuel in a reactor, the five metals, Mo, Pd, Rh, Ru, and Tc, migrate to the fuel grain boundaries and form small metal particles of an alloy known as epsilon metal ({var_epsilon}-metal). When the fuel is dissolved in a reprocessing plant, these metal particles remain behind with a residue - the undissolved solids (UDS). Some of these same metals that comprise this alloy that have not formed the alloy are dissolved into the aqueous stream. These metals limit the waste loading for a borosilicate glass that is being developed for the reprocessing wastes. Epsilon metal is being developed as a waste form for the noble metals from a number of waste streams in the aqueous reprocessing of used nuclear fuel (UNF) - (1) the {var_epsilon}-metal from the UDS, (2) soluble Tc (ion-exchanged), and (3) soluble noble metals (TRUEX raffinate). Separate immobilization of these metals has benefits other than allowing an increase in the glass waste loading. These materials are quite resistant to dissolution (corrosion) as evidenced by the fact that they survive the chemically aggressive conditions in the fuel dissolver. Remnants of {var_epsilon}-metal particles have survived in the geologically natural reactors found in Gabon, Africa, indicating that they have sufficient durability to survive for {approx} 2.5 billion years in a reducing geologic environment. Additionally, the {var_epsilon}-metal can be made without additives and incorporate sufficient foreign material (oxides) that are also present in the UDS. Although {var_epsilon}-metal is found in fuel and Gabon as small particles ({approx}10 {micro}m in diameter) and has survived intact, an ideal waste form is one in which the surface area is minimized. Therefore, the main effort in developing {var_epsilon}-metal as a waste form is to develop a process to consolidate the particles into a monolith. Individually, these metals have high melting points (2617 C for Mo to 1552 C for Pd) and the alloy is

  19. In situ forming chitosan hydrogels: Preliminary evaluation of the in vivo inflammatory response. (United States)

    Moura, Maria José; Brochado, João; Gil, Maria Helena; Figueiredo, Maria Margarida


    This study aims to provide important preliminary in vivo data on the general biocompatibility and degradation of in situ forming chitosan hydrogels which differ in the type of cross-linking: physical cross-linking (with glycerol phosphate disodium salt) and physico/chemical co-cross-linking (with glycerol phosphate disodium salt and genipin). Additionally, in vitro degradation studies, using lysozyme, were conducted for comparison. The subcutaneous implantation of the liquid formulations of both hydrogels in animal model (Wistar rats) was performed to assess tissue response at the end of two time periods (8 and 30days). Although the properties of both hydrogels are different (namely, pore size and mechanical strength), leading to remarkably distinct in vitro degradation behaviors, the in vivo degradation is quite similar for both types. Regarding biocompatibility, the in vivo evaluation performed by histological analysis, showed a mild to moderate chronic inflammatory reaction with no foreign body reaction, demonstrating that both hydrogels show good results for in vivo biodegradation and biocompatibility, therefore are most adequate for biomedical applications. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Evaluation of the Biocidal Efficacy of Different Forms of Silver Against Cupriavidus (formerly Wautersia) Species Bacteria (United States)

    Gazda, Daniel B.; Schultz, John R.; Wong, Wing; Algate, Michelle T.; Bryant, Becky; Castro, Victoria A.


    Contingency Water Containers (CWCs) are used to store potable and technical water that is transferred to the International Space Station (ISS) from the Shuttle orbiter vehicles. When CWCs are filled, water from the orbiter galley is passed through an ion exchange/activated carbon cartridge that removes the residual iodine biocide used on Shuttle before silver biocide is added. Removal of iodine and addition of silver is necessary to inhibit microbial growth inside CWCs and maintain compatibility with the water systems in the Russian segment of ISS. As part of nominal water transfer activities, crewmembers collect samples from several CWCs for postflight analysis. Results from the analysis of water transfer samples collected during the docked phases of STS-118/13A.1 and STS-120/10A showed that several of the CWCs contained up to 10(exp 4) CFU/mL of bacteria despite the fact that the silver concentrations in the CWCs were within acceptable limits. The samples contained pure cultures of a single bacteria, a Cupriavidus (formerly Wautersia) species that has been shown to be resistant to metallic biocides. As part of the investigation into the cause and remediation of the bacterial contamination in these CWCs, ground studies were initiated to evaluate the resistance of the Cupriavidus species to the silver biocides used on ISS and to determine the minimum effective concentration for the different forms of silver present in the biocides. The initial findings from those experiments are discussed herein.

  1. Evaluation of some organic compounds on bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João S. Silva


    Full Text Available Accidental transmission of Chagas' disease to man by blood transfusion is a serious problem in Latin-America. This paper describes the testing of several synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural compounds for their activity against blood trypomastigotes in vitro at 4-C. The compounds embody several types of chemical structures: benzoquinone, naphthoquinone, anthracenequinone, phenanthrenequinone, imidazole, piperazine, quinoline, xanthene, and simple benzenic and naphthalenic derivates. Some of them are for the first time tested against Trypanosoma cruzi. The toxic effect these compounds on this parasite was done by two quite distinct sets of experiments. In one set, the compounds were added to infected blood as ethanolic solution. In this situation the most active one was a furan-1, 2-naphthoquinone, in the same range as gentian violet, a new fact to be considered in the assessment of structure-activity relationships in this class of compounds. In other set, we tentatively evaluated the biological activity of water insoluble compounds by adding them in a pure form without solvent into infected blood. In this way some appear to be very active and it was postulated that the effectiveness of such compounds must result from interactions between them and specific blood components.

  2. Evaluating the presence of Toxoplasma gondii in peripheral blood of patients with diverse forms of uveitis. (United States)

    Belfort, Rubens N; Isenberg, Jordan; Fernandes, Bruno F; Di Cesare, Sebastian; Belfort, Rubens; Burnier, Miguel N


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presence of Toxoplasmosis gondii in samples of peripheral blood from patients with varying etiologies of uveitis. Whole blood from patients with different forms of uveitis was tested for the presence of T. gondii using real-time PCR targeting the well-characterized 529 bp fragment. Extracted DNA was both frozen. Thirty-one patients were included in the current study and grouped as follows: acute toxoplasmosis (n = 10); toxoplasmic retinal scars (n = 9); non-infectious etiologies of uveitis (n = 6); and IgG negative for toxoplasmosis (n = 6). In total, only two patients were shown to have circulating T. gondii in peripheral blood; both of these patients were IgG positive for toxoplasmosis, were receiving immunosuppressive therapy for autoimmune uveitis, and had no clinical features of toxoplasmosis. T. gondii was identified in peripheral blood of some immunosuppressed patients. No other patients, including those with acute toxoplasmosis, had circulating parasites in peripheral blood.

  3. Evaluating Statistical Targets for Assembling Parallel Mixed-Format Test Forms (United States)

    Debeer, Dries; Ali, Usama S.; van Rijn, Peter W.


    Test assembly is the process of selecting items from an item pool to form one or more new test forms. Often new test forms are constructed to be parallel with an existing (or an ideal) test. Within the context of item response theory, the test information function (TIF) or the test characteristic curve (TCC) are commonly used as statistical…

  4. Preservation of urine samples for metabolic evaluation of stone-forming patients. (United States)

    Ferraz, Renato Ribeiro Nogueira; Baxmann, Alessandra Calábria; Ferreira, Larissa Gorayb; Nishiura, José Luiz; Siliano, Priscila Reina; Gomes, Samirah Abreu; Moreira, Silvia Regina Silva; Heilberg, Ita Pfeferman


    Metabolic evaluation of stone-forming (SF) patients is based on the determination of calcium, oxalate, citrate, uric acid and other parameters in 24-h urine samples under a random diet. A reliable measurement of urinary oxalate requires the collection of urine in a receptacle containing acid preservative. However, urinary uric acid cannot be determined in the same sample under this condition. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that the addition of preservatives (acid or alkali) after urine collection would not modify the results of those lithogenic parameters. Thirty-four healthy subjects (HS) were submitted to two non-consecutive collections of 24-h urine. The first sample was collected in a receptacle containing hydrochloric acid (HCl 6 N) and the second in a dry plastic container, with HCl being added as soon as the urine sample was received at the laboratory. Additionally, 34 HS and 34 SF patients collected a spot urine sample that was divided into four aliquots, one containing HCl, another containing sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO(3 )5 g/l), and two others in which these two preservative agents were added 24 h later. Urinary oxalate, calcium, magnesium, citrate, creatinine and uric acid were determined. Urinary parameters were also evaluated in the presence of calcium oxalate or uric acid crystals. Mean values of all urinary parameters obtained from previously acidified 24-h urine samples did not differ from those where acid was added after urine collection. The same was true for spot urine samples, with the exception of urinary citrate that presented a slight albeit significant change of 5.9% between samples in HS and 3.1% in SF. Uric acid was also not different between pre- and post-alkalinized spot urine samples. The presence of crystals did not alter these results. We concluded that post-delivery acidification or alkalinization of urine samples does not modify the measured levels of urinary oxalate, calcium, magnesium, creatinine and uric acid, and that the

  5. Evaluation of Cryotechniques for Tem Observation of Sols - Application to Boehmite Sols Used in Catalysts Forming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fauchadour D.


    Full Text Available The use of suspensions in the heterogeneous catalysis field being a big issue, it appears important to be able to control this step as much as possible. Size of the objects in the suspension, aggregation state, homogeneity or heterogeneity (all called texture or structure here are some important parameters which are sometimes difficult to evaluate with traditionalmethods such as X-ray scattering or rheology. The cryotechniques applied to transmission electron microscopy is then an interesting alternative. Three different methods of cryofixation have been tested on low solid content suspensions of boehmite commonly used during the dispersion step of alumina carrier forming. Two different cryoprotectants were tested as well. It is shown that liquid propane immersion cooling (PL and slam freezing (SF methods require the use of a cryoprotectant whereas high pressure technique (HP avoids ice crystal formation without any addition of cryoprotectant in the suspension. It is shown also that DMSO is efficient with PL and SF techniques only when added at a high concentration (50% to the suspension. Glycerol is preferred because water is vitrified since that 30% of glycerol is added. Comparisons of high pressure preparations with and without glycerol show very little differences of texture on the replica. Explanations of the origin of the small differences of density are tentatively given. More analyses are now under progress to clarify the role of glycerol. Cryomicroscopy is conclude to be a very good technique when the texture of a suspension must be studied for example in the elaboration or in the improvement of a peptisation or a colloid formation process.

  6. Performance evaluation of aprons according to lead equipment and form types

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Ki Won; Choi, Sung Hyun; Kim, Ki Yeol; Lee, Ik Pyo; Hwang, Sun Gwang [Dept. of Radiology, Kyung Hee University Hostpital at Gangdong, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Dong, Kyung Rae [Dept. of of Radiological Technology, Gwangju Health University, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of)


    The apron is one of the essential protectors to reduce the exposure dose of radiological technologists. This study is to provide a guideline for purchasing the aprons with excellent performance and to help reducing the exposure dose by measuring the shielding ration and uniformity of aprons according to lead equivalent and form types. The shielding ratio of aprons were measured by using radiation generator and dosimeter. Exposure conditions were 81 kVp, 25 mAs, source to image receptor distance (SID) 100 cm and field of view (FOV) 17{sup ×}17{sup .} Exposure areas for front type and around type aprons were divided into 9 areas and for 2 pieces type aprons were divided into 3 areas of top and 4 areas of skirt. The uniformity of aprons were measured by using fluoroscopy and Image J. The 4 regions of interest (ROI) were set into acquired images and measured uniformity by measuring the standard deviation of pixel intensity in ROIs. In continuous shielding ration measurement of aprons according to exposure area, there was not statistical significance (P>0.05). In ANOVA test of aprons, there was statistical significance (P<0.01). In the results of shielding ratio, although the aprons had equal lead equivalent, there were difference in shielding ratio from 83.59% to 98.15%. In the results of uniformity, the front type aprons with equal lead equivalent indicated the similar uniformity. However, the around type and 2 pieces type apron with equal lead equivalent indicated the different uniformity each other, from 1.8 to 22.2. If the performance evaluation in this study were conducted regularly before and after purchase the aprons, the exposure does to patients and radiological technologists could be reduced.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crawford, C.; Jantzen, C.


    , sulfates/sulfides, chlorides, fluorides, volatile radionuclides or other aqueous components. The FBSR technology can process these wastes into a crystalline ceramic (mineral) waste form. The mineral waste form that is produced by co-processing waste with kaolin clay in an FBSR process has been shown to be as durable as LAW glass. Monolithing of the granular FBSR product, which is one of the objectives of this current study, is being investigated to prevent dispersion during transport or burial/storage but is not necessary for performance. FBSR testing of a Hanford LAW simulant and a WTP-SW simulant at the pilot scale was performed by THOR Treatment Technologies, LLC at Hazen Research Inc. in April/May 2008. The Hanford LAW simulant was the Rassat 68 tank blend and the target concentrations for the LAW was increased by a factor of 10 for Sb, As, Ag, Cd, and Tl; 100 for Ba and Re (Tc surrogate); 1,000 for I; and 254,902 for Cs based on discussions with the DOE field office and the environmental regulators and an evaluation of the Hanford Tank Waste Envelopes A, B, and C. It was determined through the evaluation of the actual tank waste metals concentrations that some metal levels were not sufficient to achieve reliable detection in the off-gas sampling. Therefore, the identified metals concentrations were increased in the Rassat simulant processed by TTT at HRI to ensure detection and enable calculation of system removal efficiencies, product retention efficiencies, and mass balance closure without regard to potential results of those determinations or impacts on product durability response such as Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure (TCLP). A WTP-SW simulant based on melter off-gas analyses from Vitreous State Laboratory (VSL) was also tested at HRI in the 15-inch diameter Engineering Scale Test Demonstration (ESTD) dual reformer at HRI in 2008. The target concentrations for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) metals were increased by 16X for Se, 29X for

  8. Annotated corpus and the empirical evaluation of probability estimates of grammatical forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ševa Nada


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study is to demonstrate the usage of an annotated corpus in the field of experimental psycholinguistics. Specifically, we demonstrate how the manually annotated Corpus of Serbian Language (Kostić, Đ. 2001 can be used for probability estimates of grammatical forms, which allow the control of independent variables in psycholinguistic experiments. We address the issue of processing Serbian inflected forms within two subparadigms of feminine nouns. In regression analysis, almost all processing variability of inflected forms has been accounted for by the amount of information (i.e. bits carried by the presented forms. In spite of the fact that probability distributions of inflected forms for the two paradigms differ, it was shown that the best prediction of processing variability is obtained by the probabilities derived from the predominant subparadigm which encompasses about 80% of feminine nouns. The relevance of annotated corpora in experimental psycholinguistics is discussed more in detail .

  9. An Evaluation of Indian Consumers' Reporting of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions with a Designated Reporting Form. (United States)

    Rehan, Harmeet Singh; Sah, Ravinder; Gupta, Anubhuti; Nagar, Parvesh


    The Pharmacovigilance Program of India recently initiated a process for direct patient reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) with a designated form. A survey of 200 patients reporting ADRs filling the form. Forms were analysed for patient data, the suspected medication(s), ADRs and possible causality. 54.3% of respondents provided their contact information; the implicated medicine was mentioned in 60% and the description of ADRs in 80% although 46.2% were not interpretable. The severity of ADRs was mentioned in 73.5%. No responder filled the expiry date component of the implicated modification and a causality assessment from most forms was unclassifiable (57%) or unclassified (26%). Details of concomitant drugs were missing. Missing information was a deterrent in analysing the consumer ADR reports for signal detection. It is recommended that the following fields are highlighted in the form: consumer's initials, address, date suspected reaction started, description of event, name, dose, and the reason for the use the medication as well as its expiry date. These should be mandatory in the existing form and new fields added for weight and height, batch number for vaccines and biological products, de challenge and rechallenge results to the suspected medicine and concomitantly used medicines. To improve the quality of information in the consumer reporting form an awareness campaign is also suggested. Copyright© Bentham Science Publishers; For any queries, please email at

  10. Residual stress evaluation and curvature behavior of aluminum 7050 peen forming processed; Avaliacao da tensao residual em aluminio 7050 conformado pelo processo peen forming

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oliveira, Rene Ramos de


    Shot peening is a superficial cold work process used to increase the fatigue life evaluated by residual stress measurements. The peen forming process is a variant of the shot peening process, where a curvature in the plate is obtained by the compression of the grains near to the surface. In this paper, the influence of the parameters such as: pressure of shot, ball shot size and thickness of aluminum 7050 samples with respect to residual stress profile and resulting arc height was studied. The evaluation of the residual stress profile was obtained by sin{sup 2} {psi} method. The results show that the formation of the curvature arc height is proportional to the shot peening pressure, of spheres size and inversely proportional to the thickness of the sample, and that stress concentration factor is larger for samples shot peened with small balls. On final of this paper presents an additional study on micro strain and average crystallite size, which can evaluate the profile of the samples after blasting. (author)

  11. Cycle water chemistry based on film forming amines at power plants: evaluation of technical guidance documents (United States)

    Dyachenko, F. V.; Petrova, T. I.


    Efficiency and reliability of the equipment in fossil power plants as well as in combined cycle power plants depend on the corrosion processes and deposit formation in steam/water circuit. In order to decrease these processes different water chemistries are used. Today the great attention is being attracted to the application of film forming amines and film forming amine products. The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) consolidated the information from all over the World, and based on the research studies and operating experience of researchers and engineers from 21 countries, developed and authorized the Technical Guidance Document: “Application of Film Forming Amines in Fossil, Combined Cycle, and Biomass Power Plants” in 2016. This article describe Russian and International technical guidance documents for the cycle water chemistries based on film forming amines at fossil and combined cycle power plants.

  12. Evaluation of an MMPI--a short form: implications for adaptive testing. (United States)

    Archer, R P; Tirrell, C A; Elkins, D E


    Efforts to develop a viable short form of the MMPI (Hathaway & McKinley, 1943) span more than 50 years, with more recent attempts to significantly shorten the item pool focused on the use of adaptive computerized test administration. In this article, we report some psychometric properties of an MMPI-Adolescent version (MMPI-A; Butcher et al., 1992) short form based on administration of the first 150 items of this test instrument. We report results for both the MMPI-A normative sample of 1,620 adolescents and a clinical sample of 565 adolescents in a variety of treatment settings. We summarize results for the MMPI-A basic scales in terms of Pearson product-moment correlations generated between full administration and short-form administration formats and mean Tscore elevations for the basic scales generated by each approach. In this investigation, we also examined single-scale and 2-point congruences found for the MMPI-A basic clinical scales as derived from standard and short-form administrations. We present the relative strengths and weaknesses of the MMPI-A short form and discuss the findings in terms of implications for attempts to shorten the item pool through the use of computerized adaptive assessment approaches.

  13. Environmental correlates of cycling: Evaluating urban form and location effects based on Danish micro-data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Thomas Alexander Sick; Olafsson, Anton Stahl; Carstensen, Trine Agervig


    The paper analyses the environmental correlates of cycling based on Danish transportation and urban form micro-data. The results show that established walkability factors such as density, connectivity and diversity are related to cycling, but access to retail concentrations/centres, public...... transportation level-of-service, as well as competition between walking and cycling depending on environmental features can be added. Attractive conditions for using public transportation or walking are related to less cycling. The findings quantify the effects of urban form on the probability of cycling...

  14. Forms in Search of Substance: Quality and Evaluation in Romanian Universities (United States)

    Geven, Koen; Maricut, Adina


    Romania's integration into the European Union is fraught with cultural stereotypes. One dominant narrative is that the country creates "forms without substance": meaningless institutions without adequate personnel or intellectual capital. In this paper, we investigate whether this popular stereotype adequately describes higher education…

  15. Test plan for formulation and evaluation of grouted waste forms with shine process wastes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ebert, W. L. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Jerden, J. L. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    The objective of this experimental project is to demonstrate that waste streams generated during the production of Mo99 by the SHINE Medical Technologies (SHINE) process can be immobilized in cement-based grouted waste forms having physical, chemical, and radiological stabilities that meet regulatory requirements for handling, storage, transport, and disposal.

  16. 78 FR 40760 - 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Training Evaluation Form (United States)


    ... forms or other available information. Persons with hearing or speech impairments may access this number...; telephone 202-402-4109 This is not a toll-free number. Persons with hearing or speech impairments may access... asset management in 2010 and 2011. These sessions may be held as technical assistance seminars...

  17. Student Evaluation of Teaching: A Study Exploring Student Rating Instrument Free-Form Text Comments (United States)

    Stupans, Ieva; McGuren, Therese; Babey, Anna Marie


    Student rating instruments are recognised to be valid indicators of effective instruction, providing a valuable tool to improve teaching. However, free-form text comments obtained from the open-ended question component of such surveys are only infrequently analysed comprehensively. We employed an innovative, systematic approach to the analysis of…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. V. Zenkin


    Full Text Available The article highlights the method of calculating the optimum curvature of the river channels using the kinematic model of the flow structure based on the concept of discrete nature of the channel process. It offers the analytic form of the equation of motion of river flow, which can be used simulation modeling for searching dynamically stable form of the river channel, and which can control water level in rivers. The source data for the illustrations of given in the article modeling methods have been served the images received from MODIS on the Terra satellite, for the lower reaches of the river Kur, which merges with the river Urmi, forming the Tunguska river – the left tributary of the Amur.The modified geometric method can be used to calculate obliquity of tangent to the curve and normal in those situations when observed on satellite imagery points are located on the coordinate of the network irregularly and when three points lying on the curve of the riverbed do not form isosceles triangle.The model assembles tangential and radial components of the forces acting on the water flow (centrifugal, friction and gravity. Curvature radius is explicitly expressed in the model through the parameter  – gradient angle relative to the axis X. As solution for the value of the angle  is searched, when the correlation function reaches its maximum. It is assumed that the riverbed shape “wrong” and could be modified so that the resulting curve better correlated with calculated curve. Morphometric dependences for macroforms allow creating series of morphological methods for the calculation of deformations and displacement of the shore in any section of meander scroll.The proposed technique has been tested also on satellite imagery of high resolution. The presented methods of calculation are used as the basis for hydrological projects of geoinformation systems oriented at prediction of morphodynamic processes and morphological evolution of river

  19. The evaluation of patient self-completion concordance forms used in community pharmacy : a comparison of two European countries

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Geurts, Marlies M E; Zuydgeest, Iris A; Walser, Sabine; Kijlstra, Nico B; Petkova, Valentina; de Gier, Johan J

    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the use of patient self-completion concordance forms in Dutch and Bulgarian pharmacies. Second, to show any differences in pharmacy practice and patient behaviour in two European countries: the Netherlands and Bulgaria. METHODS: A random sample of 500 pharmacies were

  20. Development and evaluation of short forms of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale and the Pain Self-efficacy Questionnaire. (United States)

    McWilliams, L A; Kowal, J; Wilson, K G


    To facilitate efficient screening and reduce the length of comprehensive self-report batteries, a four-item short form of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS) and a two-item short form of the Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (PSEQ) have been developed and evaluated in samples of patients with arm and upper extremity pain. The first aim of this study was to evaluate these short forms in a heterogeneous sample of patients seeking treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain, using a priori criteria for determining adequate internal consistency, construct validity and sensitivity to change. In addition, the findings of past studies were used to identify items suitable for new and potentially stronger short forms of these measures. Data were provided by 280 patients who completed the original PCS and PSEQ as part of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation programme. The previously developed four-item PCS and the newly developed six-item short form of the PCS both met the internal consistency and construct validity criteria. They did not meet the criterion regarding sensitivity to change. However, similar to what was obtained using the original PCS, large effect sizes were found when using these short forms to examine pre-treatment to post-treatment changes in catastrophizing. For the PSEQ, the new four-item short form was clearly superior to the other alternatives and met all three criteria. The strongest short forms of the PCS and PSEQ could facilitate the assessment of pain catastrophizing and self-efficacy in situations in which the use of the longer original measures is not feasible. © 2015 European Pain Federation - EFIC®

  1. Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF)


    Lamers, S.M.A.; Westerhof, Gerben Johan; Bohlmeijer, Ernst Thomas; ten Klooster, Peter M; Keyes, Cory L.M.


    There is a growing consensus that mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness, but it also includes the presence of positive feelings (emotional well-being) and positive functioning in individual life (psychological well-being) and community life (social well-being). We examined the structure, reliability, convergent validity, and discriminant validity of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF), a new self-report questionnaire for positive mental health assessment. We ex...

  2. Numerical modelling evaluation for the microclimate of an outdoor urban form in Cairo, Egypt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed H. Elnabawi


    Full Text Available In order to achieve outdoor thermal comfort it is necessary to understand the interactions between the prevailing climate, the urban form and roughness. The near surface boundary layer is directly influenced by local irradiative and convective exchange processes due to the presence of a variety of different surfaces, sheltering elements and obstacles to air flow leading to distinctive micro-scale climates. The paper presents a micro-scale numerical model for an outdoor urban form for a hot summer’s day in Al-Muizz street located at the Islamic quarter of Cairo, where a few studies have attempted to study these conditions in vernacular settings in hot arid areas where the continuously evolving urban patterns and shaded environments were perceived to produce more pedestrian friendly outdoor environments. In situ measurements are used to validate the ENVI-met results which showed an overall agreement with the observed ones, representing adequate mean radiant temperature (Tmrt which is one of the most important meteorological parameters governing human energy balance and has therefore a strong influence on thermal sensation of the pedestrians using the open public spaces and generating a micro-climatic map as an initial step in addressing the urgent need for a modelling platform accessible to urban designers, architects, and decision makers towards sustainable urban forms.

  3. US Pharmacopeial Convention safety evaluation of menaquinone-7, a form of vitamin K. (United States)

    Marles, Robin J; Roe, Amy L; Oketch-Rabah, Hellen A


    Vitamin K plays important biological roles in maintaining normal blood coagulation, bone mineralization, soft tissue physiology, and neurological development. Menaquinone-7 is a form of vitamin K2 that occurs naturally in some animal-derived and fermented foods. It is also available as an ingredient of dietary supplements. Menaquinone-7 has greater bioavailability than other forms of vitamin K, which has led to increasing sales and use of menaquinone-7 supplements. This special article reviews the chemistry, nomenclature, dietary sources, intake levels, and pharmacokinetics of menaquinones, along with the nonclinical toxicity data available and the data on clinical outcomes related to safety (adverse events). In conclusion, the data reviewed indicate that menaquinone-7, when ingested as a dietary supplement, is not associated with any serious risk to health or with other public health concerns. On the basis of this conclusion, US Pharmacopeia monographs have been developed to establish quality standards for menaquinone-7 as a dietary ingredient and as a dietary supplement in various dosage forms. © The Author(s) 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the International Life Sciences Institute. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  4. Evaluation of the ability of Acinetobacter baumannii to form biofilms on six different biomedical relevant surfaces. (United States)

    Greene, C; Wu, J; Rickard, A H; Xi, C


    The human opportunistic pathogen, Acinetobacter baumannii, has the propensity to form biofilms and frequently cause medical device-related infections in hospitals. However, the physio-chemical properties of medical surfaces, in addition to bacterial surface properties, will affect colonization and biofilm development. The objective of this study was to compare the ability of A. baumannii to form biofilms on six different materials common to the hospital environment: glass, porcelain, stainless steel, rubber, polycarbonate plastic and polypropylene plastic. Biofilms were developed on material coupons in a CDC biofilm reactor. Biofilms were visualized and quantified using fluorescent staining and imaged using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) and by direct viable cell counts. Image analysis of CLSM stacks indicated that the mean biomass values for biofilms grown on glass, rubber, porcelain, polypropylene, stainless steel and polycarbonate were 0·04, 0·26, 0·62, 1·00, 2·08 and 2·70 μm(3) /μm(2) respectively. Polycarbonate developed statistically more biofilm mass than glass, rubber, porcelain and polypropylene. Viable cell counts data were in agreement with the CLSM-derived data. In conclusion, polycarbonate was the most accommodating surface for A. baumannii ATCC 17978 to form biofilms while glass was least favourable. Alternatives to polycarbonate for use in medical and dental devices may need to be considered. In the hospital environment, Acinetobacter baumannii is one of the most persistent and difficult to control opportunistic pathogens. The persistence of A. baumannii is due, in part, to its ability to colonize surfaces and form biofilms. This study demonstrates that A. baumannii can form biofilms on a variety of different surfaces and develops substantial biofilms on polycarbonate - a thermoplastic material that is often used in the construction of medical devices. The findings highlight the need to further study the in

  5. [Methodology and evaluation of exposure to fumes formed during welding of chromium-nickel steel]. (United States)

    Matczak, W; Chmielnicka, J


    Using various methods for determination of welding fumes components and taking into account a simultaneous determination of soluble compounds of chromium III and IV, hygienic evaluation in two working places employing different systems of MMA/SS welding, TIG/SS welding and padding was carried out. As it is indicated by the results, proper hygienic evaluation of working conditions is possible owing to the measurements of individual exposure of workers in the breathing zone, allowing for determination of chromium manganese, nickel, and, while applying low-hydrogen electrodes, also fluorides, in every test.

  6. Video Tape Recording Evaluation Protocol Behavior Rating Form - Part 1: Communication. (United States)

    Curtis, W. Scott; Donlon, Edward T.

    Presented is the behavior rating scale designed for use with a video tape protocol for examination of multiply handicapped deaf blind children, whose development and evaluation are discussed in EC 040 599. The behavioral rating scale consists of five sections: unstructured orientation of child in examining area, child's task orientation and…

  7. Test-Retest Reliability of a Tutor Evaluation Form Used in a Problem-Based Curriculum. (United States)

    Hay, John A.


    A study examined the test-retest reliability of 30 student evaluations of tutors in a problem-based learning curriculum at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Results were used for the improvement of reliability of the instrument. (JOW)

  8. Rheology as a tool for evaluation of melt processability of innovative dosage forms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aho, Johanna Maaria; Boetker, Johan P; Baldursdottir, Stefania


    for the process simulations which are also becoming increasingly important. The authors aim to give an overview to the basics of rheology and summarize examples of the studies where rheology has been utilized in setting up or evaluating extrusion processes. Furthermore, examples of different experimental set...

  9. Electrochemical Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibiting Layers Formed in a Defect from Lithium-Leaching Organic Coatings

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Visser, P.; Meeusen, M.; Gonzalez Garcia, Y.; Terryn, H.A.; Mol, J.M.C.


    This work presents the electrochemical evaluation of protective layers generated in a coating defect from lithium-leaching organic coatings on AA2024-T3 aluminum alloys as a function of neutral salt spray exposure time. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was used to study the electrochemical

  10. Evaluation of the effect of various nitrogen forms on the Lupinus albus seed protein composition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krzysztof Gulewicz


    Full Text Available The influence of different nitrogen forms: (N2, [N2+(NH4++NO3-], (NH4+, (NO3-, (NH4++NO3- and (-NH2 on changes of albumin, globulin, prolamin-glutelin, non-fractioned nitrogen and non-protein nitrogen fractions of the protein seed of alkaloid-low content Lupinus albus L. cv. Butan has been studied. The experiments were performed in a greenhouse on perlite using in all cases the constant P, K, Mg and micronutrients (B, Zn, Mn, Cu, Mo, Fe fertilization. The control was the treatment without any nitrogen support (Nd. It was clearly shown that nitrogen form has significant effect not only on the seed yield and seed protein content, but also on the composition of protein fractions and on the biological value of lupin protein. The main protein fraction of the seeds from all treatments were albumins (16.73-26.10 mgN/g. Among all the treatments, the highest level of globulin was observed for the seeds of plant growing with the symbiotic nitrogen form (15.26 mgN/g, while the lowest one for the control (Nd (6.86 mgN/g. Symbiotic nitrogen (N2 treatment clearly increased the glutelin-prolamin fraction while the addition of mineral nitrogen (NH4++NO3- decreased this fraction from 8.40 to 4.48 mgN/g. The lowest level of the glutelin-prolamin fraction was in the absence of any nitrogen (Nd. Non-protein fraction (Nnp was highest in the case of plants treated with (-NH2 (9.92 mgN/g, and the lowest in the absence of nitrogen (Nd (4.90 mgN/g. The level of non-fractioned nitrogen (Nr, with exception of [N2+(NH4++NO3-] and -NH2 treatments, was closest to the start material. The protein fractions (albumins, globulins and glutelins and prolamins were also electrophoretically characterized. These analysis confirmed the changes in protein composition of particular fractions under the effect of various nitrogen forms used as a fertilizer.

  11. Assessment of test methods evaluating mucoadhesive polymers and dosage forms: an overview. (United States)

    Woertz, Christina; Preis, Maren; Breitkreutz, Jörg; Kleinebudde, Peter


    Oral mucoadhesive preparations have gained increasing importance in the last decades, by reason of numerous advantages like easy application, discrete handling and no swallowing of the drug product. Pharmacopoeial methods to study mucoadhesion are not available so far, despite the new monograph for oromucosal preparations is valid since the European Pharmacopoeia 7.4 (2012) including a chapter on mucoadhesive preparations. Several mucoadhesion test methods are reviewed concerning the applicability for various polymers, different drug dosage forms and comparability of experimental set-ups. Different test methods and experimental set-ups lead to huge differences regarding the results. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. Closed-form evaluation of two-dimensional static lattice sums (United States)

    Yakubovich, S.; Drygas, P.


    Closed-form formulae for the conditionally convergent two-dimensional (2D) static lattice sums S2 (for conductivity) and T2 (for elasticity) are deduced in terms of the complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind. The obtained formulae yield asymptotic analytical formulae for the effective tensors of 2D composites with circular inclusions up to the third order in concentration. Exact relations between S2 and T2 for different lattices are established. In particular, the value S2=π for the square and hexagonal arrays is discussed and T2=π/2 for the hexagonal is deduced. PMID:27956878

  13. Chagas' heart disease: evolutive evaluation of electrocardiographic and echocardiographic parameters in patients with the indeterminate form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ianni Barbara Maria


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To identify and associate potential electrocardiographic and echocardiographic changes in patients with the indeterminate form of Chagas' disease during long-term follow-up. METHODS: One hundred sixty patients underwent standard electrocardiography and two-dimensional guided M-mode echocardiography for left ventricular ejection fraction determination. Patients were followed up for 98.6±30.4 months, undergoing repeat electrocardiographic studies at 6-month intervals and echocardiographic studies at 12-month intervals. RESULTS: Based on the electrocardiographic findings, the patients were divided into group I, 125 patients (78.6% with normal electrocardiograms throughout follow-up, and group II, 34 patients (21.3% who developed electrocardiographic changes. Group II was further divided into group IIA (9 patients, 5.6% with permanent electrocardiographic changes, group IIB (14 patients, 8.8% with transitory electrocardiographic changes, and group IIC (11 patients, 6.9% with changes appearing only on the final electrocardiogram. Left ventricular ejection fractions remained normal in the entire population studied and did not differ among groups. CONCLUSION: The indeterminate form of Chagas' disease clearly represents a benign condition with a favorable long-term prognosis. Although some patients develop electrocardiographic changes, left ventricular systolic function is well preserved.

  14. Generation of hydrate forms of paroxetine HCl from the amorphous state: an evaluation of thermodynamic and experimental predictive approaches. (United States)

    Pina, M Fátima; Pinto, João F; Sousa, João J; Craig, Duncan Q M; Zhao, Min


    In this study, we evaluate the use of theoretical thermodynamic analysis of amorphous paroxetine hydrochloride (HCl) as well as experimental assessment in order to identify the most promising approach to stability and dissolution behaviour prediction, particularly in relation to stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric hydrate formation. Differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, Fourier transform infrared and X-ray diffraction techniques were used. Parameters including heat capacity, configurational thermodynamic quantities, fragility and relaxation time classified amorphous paroxetine HCl as a moderate fragile glass with a considerable degree of molecular mobility. Solubility studies indicated little advantage of the amorphous form over the crystalline due to conversion to the hydrate Form I during equilibration, while the dissolution rate was higher for the amorphous form under sink conditions. A marked difference in the physical stability of amorphous paroxetine HCl was observed between dry and low humidity storage, with the system recrystallizing to the hydrate form. We conclude that, in this particular case (amorphous conversion to the hydrate), water may be playing a dual role in both plasticizing the amorphous form and driving the equilibrium towards the hydrate form, hence prediction of recrystallization behaviour from amorphous characteristics may be confounded by the additional process of hydrate generation. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  15. Assessing Army Values in New Soldiers: Development of a Behaviorally Anchored Peer Evaluation Form (United States)


    evaluation has long been a valuable tool in school and workplace performance assessment, and has sparked military interest as a tool for leader...Values. Adhering to these values can affect Awards, promotions, selection to attend military schools , leadership positions, and desirable assignments ( Drags feet during details. Late for formation. Loses gear; leaves canteen , headgear behind. Sometimes needs a push to get started. May

  16. Evaluation of sanitizers efficiency over spore forming bacteria isolated from whole UHT milk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edite Andrade Costa


    Full Text Available It is known that sporulated bacteria produce proteolytic and lipolytic thermoresistant enzymes associated with technological problems such as off-flavors, age gelation and bitter taste in milk and dairy products. Preventive measures to avoid contamination of milk must be taken in consideration, e.g., the employment of a certain type of sanitizing agent, its conditions of use, concentration, contact time and temperature. The aim of this work was to evaluate the sanitation efficiency of workers of the dairy industry in relation to sporulated bacteria isolated from UHT milk. The suspension test was used to evaluate the efficiency of solutions of sodium hypocholite, biguanide, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide against 18 strains of Bacillus sp. isolated from whole UHT milk. Although the biguanide resulted in significant decimal reduction, none of the sanitizing agents studied was effective under the evaluated conditions. The average decimal reduction values obtained were below 5 log cycles (99.999%. The effectiveness of the sanitizing agent is a primary factor in order to control the contaminations within the dairy industry. Thus, it is essential to define the ideal conditions of use of these agents.

  17. Forms and Levels of Integration: Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Team-Building Project

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Armstrong


    Full Text Available Team science models are frequently promoted as the best way to study complex societal and environmental problems. Despite increasing popularity, there is relatively little research on the processes and mechanisms that facilitate the emergence of integration of interdisciplinary teams. This article evaluates a suite of recent team-building and grant-writing activities designed to address water management in the Western U.S. We use qualitative methods to document the emergence of integrative capacity at the individual, group, and institutional levels, with particular attention to the role of graduate students and non-academic practitioners in a team science planning project. Our findings highlight the importance of social integration as a basis for conceptual integration and an ability to relate these concepts to real-world problems. The findings also demonstrate the value of qualitative evaluation measures of team readiness, capacity, and intellectual outputs to complement conventional evaluation indicators that rely on quantitative scientific outputs, particularly for team science projects still in the planning stages.

  18. Evaluating urban form and location effects on cycling based on Danish micro-data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Thomas Alexander Sick; Olafsson, Anton Stahl; Carstensen, Trine Agervig

    Extended abstract The paper analyses the environmental correlates of cycling based on Danish transportation and urban form micro-data. Established walkability factors such as density, connectivity and diversity are related to cycling, but access to retail concentrations/centers, public...... transportation level-of-service, as well a competition between walking and cycling depending on environmental features can be added Attractive conditions for using public transportation or walking relate to less cycling. Highly relevant in the context of cycling promotion the results points to some opposite...... can be seen as a potential means to reduce congestion and increase the sustainability of transportation, but also as a means to increase physical activity and public health. Consequently the factors conditioning cycling have received increasing attention in public policy as well as in research...

  19. Development and psychometric evaluation of a 10-item short form inventory of gambling situations. (United States)

    Smith, Caitlin; Stewart, Sherry H; O'Connor, Roisin M; Collins, Pamela; Katz, Joel


    The Inventory of Gambling Situations (IGS-63; Turner and Littman-Sharp, Inventory of gambling situations users guide, 2006) is a 63-item measure of high-risk gambling situations. It assesses gambling across 10 situational subscales that load onto two higher-order factors: negative and positive situations (Stewart et al. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 22:257-268, 2008). While the IGS-63 has excellent psychometric properties (Littman-Sharp et al., The Inventory of Gambling Situations: Reliability, factor structure, and validity (IGS Technical Manual), in press) its length may preclude its use in time-limited contexts. The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a 10-item short-form of the IGS (IGS-10). Each IGS-10 item reflects one of the ten subscale categories from the IGS-63, with two items from the original subscales included as examples for each IGS-10 item. The IGS-10 was administered to 180 undergraduate gamblers along with the IGS-63 and the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI; Ferris and Wynne, Canadian Problem Gambling Index: Final report, 2001). IGS-10 items showed convergent validity with the corresponding IGS-63 subscales (r's = .60-.73). Principal components analysis of the IGS-10 revealed two factors: negative (α = .84) and positive (α = .85). PGSI scores correlated significantly with all IGS-10 items (r's = .33-.58) and with both IGS-10 higher-order subscales (r's = .66 [negative] and .49 [positive]), supporting the criterion validity of the IGS-10. Since minimal information is lost when using the IGS-10, the short form may prove particularly useful when respondent burden prevents using the full IGS-63.

  20. Preliminary evaluation of alternative waste form solidification processes. Volume I. Identification of the processes.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Treat, R.L.; Nesbitt, J.F.; Blair, H.T.; Carter, J.G.; Gorton, P.S.; Partain, W.L.; Timmerman, C.L.


    This document contains preconceptual design data on 11 processes for the solidification and isolation of nuclear high-level liquid wastes (HLLW). The processes are: in-can glass melting (ICGM) process, joule-heated glass melting (JHGM) process, glass-ceramic (GC) process, marbles-in-lead (MIL) matrix process, supercalcine pellets-in-metal (SCPIM) matrix process, pyrolytic-carbon coated pellets-in-metal (PCCPIM) matrix process, supercalcine hot-isostatic-pressing (SCHIP) process, SYNROC hot-isostatic-pressing (SYNROC HIP) process, titanate process, concrete process, and cermet process. For the purposes of this study, it was assumed that each of the solidification processes is capable of handling similar amounts of HLLW generated in a production-sized fuel reprocessing plant. It was also assumed that each of the processes would be enclosed in a shielded canyon or cells within a waste facility located at the fuel reprocessing plant. Finally, it was assumed that all of the processes would be subject to the same set of regulations, codes and standards. Each of the solidification processes converts waste into forms that may be acceptable for geological disposal. Each process begins with the receipt of HLLW from the fuel reprocessing plant. In this study, it was assumed that the original composition of the HLLW would be the same for each process. The process ends when the different waste forms are enclosed in canisters or containers that are acceptable for interim storage. Overviews of each of the 11 processes and the bases used for their identification are presented in the first part of this report. Each process, including its equipment and its requirements, is covered in more detail in Appendices A through K. Pertinent information on the current state of the art and the research and development required for the implementation of each process are also noted in the appendices.

  1. Development and evaluation of form three mathematics i-Think module (Mi-T3) on algebraic formulae topic (United States)

    Sam, Sazilah; Abdullah, Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee


    This article introduces the Form Three Mathematics i-Think Module (Mi-T3). The main objective of this Mi-T3 is to assist form three students develop their higher order thinking skills (HOTS). The Sidek Module Development Model (SMDM) and eight innovative thinking maps (i-Think) were applied as a guideline in developing Mi-T3. A validation stage was carried out by eight experts, and content validation achievement more than 90% obtained. A group of form three students and teachers was piloted to check the module's reliability through one to one and small group evaluation and Cronbach Alpha more than 0.90 was obtained. Implications of the study are discussed in this article.

  2. Evaluation of gum mastic (Pistacia lentiscus) as a microencapsulating and matrix forming material for sustained drug release


    Dinesh M. Morkhade


    In this study, a natural gum mastic was evaluated as a microencapsulating and matrix-forming material for sustained drug release. Mastic was characterized for its physicochemical properties. Microparticles were prepared by oil-in-oil solvent evaporation method. Matrix tablets were prepared by wet and melt granulation techniques. Diclofenac sodium (DFS) and diltiazem hydrochloride (DLTZ) were used as model drugs. Mastic produced discrete and spherical microspheres with DLTZ and microcapsules w...

  3. Formulation and evaluation of a gastroretentive dosage form of labetalol hydrochloride. (United States)

    Garse, Harshal; Vij, Mohit; Yamgar, Manohar; Kadam, Vilasrao; Hirlekar, Rajashree


    Labetalol hydrochloride (LBT), 2-hydroxy-5-[1-hydroxy-2-[(1-methyl-3-phenylpropyl) amino] ethyl]-benzamide, a non-selective alpha, beta-adrenoceptor antagonist is used in the treatment of hypertension. It shows variable bioavailability ranging from 10-80% which may be attributed to its minimum solubility in pH range 6 to 10, the pH conditions prevailing at the major site of absorption i.e. small intestine. Also due to its half life of 3 to 6 hrs it is administered twice daily. In the present work non-effervescent sustained release gastroretentive floating tablets of labetalol hydrochloride have been developed using various grades of HPMC and Poloxamer M127 as wetting agent. The tablets were evaluated for in vitro drug release, floating time, floating lag time, swelling studies etc. The tablets formulated with HPMC K4M CR and HPMC K15M CR along with Poloxamer showed negligible floating lag time with a total floating time over 12 hrs with complete release. Formulation was optimized using Stat-Ease Design Expert 7.1 software. Optimized batch was evaluated for the effect of change of osmolarity and pH on drug release, floating and swelling behaviour.

  4. Using the Patient Centered Observation Form: Evaluation of an online training program. (United States)

    Keen, Misbah; Cawse-Lucas, Jeanne; Carline, Jan; Mauksch, Larry


    The Patient Centered Observation Form (PCOF) helps trainees identify and describe specific communication skills and enhance self-awareness about skill use. We studied the effectiveness and ease of use of the Improving Communication Assessment Program (ICAP), an online module that prepares trainees to use the PCOF. Students, residents and medical educators viewed two videos (common and better skill use) of the same interaction and rated each video using the PCOF. Video sequence was randomized. We assessed agreement with experts, ease of use, concepts learned, and areas of confusion. Trainees (211) achieved strong agreement (.83) with experts and were highly satisfied (mean 4.18 out of 5). Viewing the common video first produced higher agreement (.87 vs .79; ES=.4) with experts and greater satisfaction (4.36 vs 4.02, ES .4) than viewing the better video first. Trainees reported diverse areas of learning and minimal confusion. ICAP training to use the PCOF may facilitate teaching and assessment of communication skills and enrich training through peer observation and feedback. We offer several educational strategies. Learning to use the PCOF via the ICAP module may accelerate communication training for medical students, residents, medical educators and practicing clinicians. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. SEM evaluation of resin-carious dentin interfaces formed by two dentin adhesive systems. (United States)

    Hsu, Kuang-Wei; Marshall, Sally J; Pinzon, Lilliam M; Watanabe, Larry; Saiz, Eduardo; Marshall, Grayson W


    We investigated the influence of dentin tubule direction and identifiable zone of carious dentin on the microstructure and the thickness of the hybrid-like layer (HL) formed by self-etch and etch-rinse adhesive systems. An etch-rinse and a self-etching adhesive were bonded to dentin carious zones divided into groups with parallel or perpendicular orientation relative to the dentin tubules at the resin-carious dentin interface (N=5/variable). Bonds were prepared to each of the four zones of carious dentin apparent after staining with Caries Detector: pink, light pink, transparent and apparently normal; six non-carious third molars were controls. The microstructure and thickness of the HL were determined by SEM and compared using three-way ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparisons (pbonded with the etch-rinse system. For both adhesives, HL thickness in the pink zone was significantly greater than in light pink for the perpendicular group, but no significant differences were found among other variables. HL microstructure was more granular and rougher for the etch-rinse than for the self-etching system. Pores and cracks were obvious in the more demineralized zones. Resin tags were shorter and irregular in the transparent zone and often were completely absent in the outer demineralized zones (pink, light pink). Microstructure of bonded interfaces varies markedly depending on adhesive system, tubule orientation and carious zone.

  6. An evaluation of the adhesion of solid oral dosage form coatings to the oesophagus. (United States)

    Smart, John D; Dunkley, Sian; Tsibouklis, John; Young, Simon


    There is a requirement for the development of oral dosage forms that are adhesive and allow extended oesophageal residence time for localised therapies, or are non-adhesive for ease of swallowing. This study provides an initial assessment of the in vitro oesophageal retention characteristics of several widely utilised pharmaceutical coating materials. To this end, a previously described apparatus has been used to measure the force required to pull a coated disc-shaped model tablet across a section of excised oesophageal tissue. Of the materials tested, the well-studied mucoadhesive polymer sodium alginate was found to be associated with significant oesophageal adhesion properties that was capable of 'self-repairing'. Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose exhibited less pronounced bioadhesive behaviour and blending this with plasticiser or with low molecular weight polymers and surfactants did not significantly affect this. Low molecular weight water soluble polymers, were found to behave similarly to the uncoated glass control disc. Polysorbates exhibited bioadhesion behaviour that was majorly influenced by the nature of the surfactant. The insoluble polymer ethylcellulose, and the relatively lipophilic surfactant sorbitan monooleate were seen to move more readily than the uncoated disc, suggesting that these may have a role as 'easy-to-swallow' coatings. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Evaluating the psychometric properties of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF). (United States)

    Lamers, Sanne M A; Westerhof, Gerben J; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T; ten Klooster, Peter M; Keyes, Corey L M


    There is a growing consensus that mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness, but it also includes the presence of positive feelings (emotional well-being) and positive functioning in individual life (psychological well-being) and community life (social well-being). We examined the structure, reliability, convergent validity, and discriminant validity of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF), a new self-report questionnaire for positive mental health assessment. We expected that the MHC-SF is reliable and valid, and that mental health and mental illness are 2 related but distinct continua. This article draws on data of the LISS panel of CentERdata, a representative panel for Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences (N = 1,662). Results revealed high internal and moderate test-retest reliability. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) confirmed the 3-factor structure in emotional, psychological, and social well-being. These subscales correlated well with corresponding aspects of well-being and functioning, showing convergent validity. CFA supported the hypothesis of 2 separate yet related factors for mental health and mental illness, showing discriminant validity. Although related to mental illness, positive mental health is a distinct indicator of mental well-being that is reliably assessed with the MHC-SF. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  8. A generalized form of the Bernoulli Trial collision scheme in DSMC: Derivation and evaluation (United States)

    Roohi, Ehsan; Stefanov, Stefan; Shoja-Sani, Ahmad; Ejraei, Hossein


    The impetus of this research is to present a generalized Bernoulli Trial collision scheme in the context of the direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. Previously, a subsequent of several collision schemes have been put forward, which were mathematically based on the Kac stochastic model. These include Bernoulli Trial (BT), Ballot Box (BB), Simplified Bernoulli Trial (SBT) and Intelligent Simplified Bernoulli Trial (ISBT) schemes. The number of considered pairs for a possible collision in the above-mentioned schemes varies between N (l) (N (l) - 1) / 2 in BT, 1 in BB, and (N (l) - 1) in SBT or ISBT, where N (l) is the instantaneous number of particles in the lth cell. Here, we derive a generalized form of the Bernoulli Trial collision scheme (GBT) where the number of selected pairs is any desired value smaller than (N (l) - 1), i.e., Nsel computational efficiency of the BT-based collision models compared to the standard no time counter (NTC) and nearest neighbor (NN) collision models.

  9. Patterns in Nature Forming Patterns in Minds: An Evaluation of an Introductory Physics Unit (United States)

    Sheaffer, Christopher Ryan

    Educators are increasingly focused on the process over the content. In science especially, teachers want students to understand the nature of science and investigation. The emergence of scientific inquiry and engineering design teaching methods have led to the development of new teaching and evaluation methods that concentrate on steps in a process rather than facts in a topic. Research supports the notion that an explicit focus on the scientific process can lead to student science knowledge gains. In response to new research and standards many teachers have been developing teaching methods that seem to work well in their classrooms, but lack the time and resources to test them in other classroom environments. A high school Physics teacher (Bradford Hill) has developed a unit called Patterns in Nature (PIN) with objectives relating mathematical modeling to the scientific process. Designed for use in his large public school classroom, the unit was taken and used in a charter school with small classes. This study looks at specifically whether or not the PIN unit effectively teaches students how to graph the data they gather and fit an appropriate mathematical pattern, using that model to predict future measurements. Additionally, the study looks at the students' knowledge and views about the nature of science and the process of scientific investigation as it is affected by the PIN unit. Findings show that students are able to identify and apply patterns to data, but have difficulties explaining the meaning of the math. Students' show increases in their knowledge of the process of science, and the majority develop positive views about science in general. A major goal of this study is to place this unit in the cyclical process of Design-Based Research and allow for Pattern in Nature's continuous improvement, development and evaluation. Design-Based Research (DBR) is an approach that can be applied to the implementation and evaluation of classroom materials. This method

  10. Evaluation of a modified version of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory-Short Form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Navjot Kaur


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Posttraumatic growth is the positive change resulting from traumatic experiences and is typically assessed with retrospective measures like the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI. The PTGI was designed to include reference to a specific traumatic event, making it difficult to implement, without change, in prospective survey studies. Thus, a modified Posttraumatic Growth Inventory–Short Form (PTGI-SF was included in a large prospective study of current and former U.S. military personnel. The current study provides preliminary psychometric data for this modified measure and its ability to assess psychological well-being at a single time point. Methods The study population (N = 135,843 was randomly and equally split into exploratory and confirmatory samples that were proportionately balanced on trauma criterion. Exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA were performed to assess the psychometric validity of the modified measure. The final model was also assessed in a subset of the confirmatory sample with a history of trauma using CFA. Results Results supported a single-factor model with two additional correlations between items assessing spirituality and items assessing compassion/appreciation for others. This model also fits among the subset with a history of trauma. The resulting measure was strongly associated with social support and personal mastery. Conclusions The modified PTGI-SF in this study captures psychological well-being in cross-sectional assessments, in addition to being able to measure posttraumatic growth with multiple assessments. Results indicate that the modified measure is represented by a single factor, but that items assessing spirituality and compassion/appreciation for others may be used alone to better capture these constructs.

  11. Evaluation of cyclosporine A eye penetration after administration of liposomal or conventional forms in animal model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara Nikoofal-Sahlabadi


    Full Text Available Abstract A lot of researches have investigated the effects of topical cyclosporine A on the eye surface layers’ diseases. By now the main limitation in cyclosporine application is the low permeation of the drug into the posterior segments of the eye. The aim of present study was to formulate high permeable dosage form can be beneficial in the topical treatment of the uveitis. To reach higher corneal drug absorption and drug concentration in the posterior segments of the eye, 3 nanoliposomal formulations containing 0.5 mg/ml cyclosporine A were prepared. Liposomal formulations and the commercial product (Restasis® were instilled in the right and left eyes of the rabbits, respectively. The rabbits were killed in the 3, 7, 14 and 28 days of study and the aqueous humor and vitreous were extracted. Mean size of liposomal formulation number 1, number 2 and number 3 were 107.2 ± 0.7, 129.3±0.9 and 144.8±1.8 nm and their zeta potential were -5.0±1.7, -5.5±2.3 and 44.6±6.2 mV, respectively. Results of ocular analysis showed that the liposomal formulations could increase the concentration of the drug in the aqueous and vitreous like Restasis®. But, in contrast with what has been expected the findings of this study implicate nanoliposomal formulations prepared could not make a significant difference in concentration of the drug in aqueous and vitreous humor compared to Restasis® (anionic microemulsion. In conclusion, we can state that liposomes with the same composition as our formulations are not more efficient than microemulsion for cyclosporine as ophthalmic drug delivery.

  12. Psychometric Evaluation of the Mental Health Continuum–Short Form in French Canadian Young Adults (United States)

    O’Loughlin, Jennifer L.; Sabiston, Catherine M.; Fournier, Louise


    Objective: To examine the factor structure, internal consistency, reliability, sex invariance, and discriminant validity of the French Canadian version of the Mental Health Continuum–Short Form (MHC-SF). Method: A total of 1485 French-speaking postsecondary students in Quebec, Canada (58% female; mean age = 18.4, SD = 2.4), completed the MHC-SF. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used to assess the factorial structure of the MHC-SF. Internal consistency was assessed with Cronbach’s alpha, and reliability was assessed with the rho reliability coefficient. Invariance testing across sex was conducted using multigroup CFA comparing 4 increasingly restrictive models, and discriminant validity was examined against the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) using Pearson correlation coefficients and CFA. Results: CFA supported the correlated 3-factor structure of the MHC-SF, with emotional, social, and psychological well-being subscales. The scale and each subscale items had internal consistency coefficients (Cronbach’s alphas) above .70 and reliability coefficients (Jöreskog’s rho) ranging from .79 to .90. Based on the multigroup CFA, configural, metric, scalar, and error variance invariance of the MHC-SF was observed across sex. Finally, the 2-continua model, suggesting that mental health and mental illness are distinct but related dimensions, was supported by both moderate inverse correlations between MHC-SF and HADS subscale scores and the 2-factor structure in CFA. Conclusions: These data support the multidimensional structure of the MHC-SF and provide evidence of internal consistency, reliability, and invariance across sex. The MHC-SF is a valid and reliable measure of mental health that is distinct from mental illness among French Canadian young adults. PMID:28363262

  13. Formulation and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of chitosan-based film forming gel containing ketoprofen. (United States)

    Oh, Dong-Won; Kang, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Hyo-Jung; Han, Sang-Duk; Kang, Min-Hyung; Kwon, Yie-Hyuk; Jun, Joon-Ho; Kim, Dong-Wook; Rhee, Yun-Seok; Kim, Ju-Young; Park, Eun-Seok; Park, Chung-Woong


    The film forming gel, adhered to skin surfaces upon application and formed a film, has an advantage onto skin to provide protection and continuous drug release to the application site. This study aimed to prepare a chitosan-based film forming gel containing ketoprofen (CbFG) and to evaluate the CbFG and film from CbFG (CbFG-film). CbFG were prepared with chitosan, lactic acid and various skin permeation enhancers. The physicochemical characteristics were evaluated by texture analysis, viscometry, SEM, DSC, XRD and FT-IR. To identify the mechanism of skin permeation, in vitro skin permeation study was conducted with a Franz diffusion cell and excised SD-rat and hairless mouse dorsal skin. In vivo efficacy assessment in mono-iodoacetate (MIA)-induced rheumatoid arthritis animal model was also conducted. CbFG was successfully prepared and, after applying CbFG to the excised rat dorsal skin, the CbFG-film was also formed well. The physicochemical characteristics of CbFG and CbFG-film could be explained by the grafting of oleic acid onto chitosan in the absence of catalysts. In addition, CbFG containing oleic acid had a higher skin permeation rate in comparison with any other candidate enhancers. The in vivo efficacy study also confirmed significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Consequently, we report the successful preparation of chitosan-based film forming gel containing ketoprofen with excellent mechanical properties, skin permeation and anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

  14. Evaluation and identification of histamine-forming bacteria on fish products of middle Adriatic Sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rocco Mancusi


    evaluate specific performance objectives, define useful parameters to qualify suppliers, and guarantee microbiological criteria fixed by Regulation EU 2073/2005.

  15. Validity and reliability of a Turkish Brief Pain Inventory Short Form when used to evaluate musculoskeletal pain. (United States)

    Celik, Evrim Coskun; Yalcinkaya, Ebru Yilmaz; Atamaz, Funda; Karatas, Metin; Ones, Kadriye; Sezer, Tezgul; Eren, Imran; Paker, Nurdan; Gning, Ibrahima; Mendoza, Tito; Cleeland, Charles S


    The Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) is both a questionnaire and an outcome measure that is used widely in clinical trials to assess pain associated with many conditions. The BPI Short Form has been extensively translated into foreign languages. The aim of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of a Turkish Brief Pain Inventory Short Form (BPI-TR) to evaluate musculoskeletal pain. In total, 297 patients with musculoskeletal pain participated in the study. Demographic characteristics and brief medical histories were recorded. Pain intensity was assessed using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and quality-of-life was assessed using the Short Form 36 (SF-36). Pain was evaluated using the BPI-TR in all patients. Internal consistency and test-retest analysis were used to assess reliability. The internal consistency of the scale items was assessed by calculating Cronbach's α value, which was expected to be > 0.7. The criterion validity of the BPI-TR was assessed by correlation with VAS scores. Pain intensity, pain interference, and other components of the Turkish version were consistent with validity thereof. Cronbach's α was 0.84 for pain intensity and 0.89 for pain interference. The extent of BPI-TR and VAS correlation was statistically significant. The BPI-TR may be used for assessment of musculoskeletal pain.

  16. Development of methodology to evaluate microbially influenced degradation of cement-solidified low-level radioactive waste forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rogers, R.D.; Hamilton, M.A.; Veeh, R.H.; McConnell, J.W. [Idaho National Engineering Lab., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    Because of its apparent structural integrity, cement has been widely used in the United States as a binder to solidify Class B and C low-level radioactive waste (LLW). However, the resulting cement preparations are susceptible to failure due to the actions of stress and environment. An environmentally mediated process that could affect cement stability is the action of naturally occurring microorganisms. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), recognizing this eventuality, stated that the effects of microbial action on waste form integrity must be addressed. This paper provides present results from an ongoing program that addresses the effects of microbially influenced degradation (MID) on cement-solidified LLW. Data are provided on the development of an evaluation method using acid-producing bacteria. Results are from work with one type of these bacteria, the sulfur-oxidizing Thiobacillus. This work involved the use of a system in which laboratory- and vendor-manufactured, simulated waste forms were exposed on an intermittent basis to media containing thiobacilli. Testing demonstrated that MID has the potential to severely compromise the structural integrity of ion-exchange resin and evaporator-bottoms waste that is solidified with cement. In addition, it was found that a significant percentage of calcium and other elements were leached from the treated waste forms. Also, the surface pH of the treated specimens decreased to below 2. These conditions apparently contributed to the physical deterioration of simulated waste forms after 60 days of exposure to the thiobacilli.

  17. FY16 Annual Accomplishments - Waste Form Development and Performance: Evaluation Of Ceramic Waste Forms - Comparison Of Hot Isostatic Pressed And Melt Processed Fabrication Methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amoroso, J. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL); Dandeneau, C. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States). Savannah River National Lab. (SRNL)


    FY16 efforts were focused on direct comparison of multi-phase ceramic waste forms produced via melt processing and HIP methods. Based on promising waste form compositions previously devised at SRNL, simulant material was prepared at SRNL and a portion was sent to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) for HIP treatments, while the remainder of the material was melt processed at SRNL. The microstructure, phase formation, elemental speciation, and leach behavior, and radiation stability of the fabricated ceramics was performed. In addition, melt-processed ceramics designed with different fractions of hollandite, zirconolite, perovskite, and pyrochlore phases were investigated. for performance and properties.

  18. Teaching Form as Form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Keiding, Tina Bering


    , this book offers both inspiration to teaching form and a systematic framework for pedagogical and didactical reflection on this topic. In this sense, it shapes and professionalizes design teaching, and contributes to the development of the double-professionalism, which is so essential for teachers in modern...... means that form serves both as the connective value and as the concept for reflection. In other words, form is observed as form, not anything else. The didactical challenge of teaching form as form is accentuated by students’ everyday-based pre-orientation towards function at the expense of form...... in this book that they are highly interested in both the declarative and formative dimension of making form. Methodologically, the courses described in the contributions have a strong focus on student-centered experiential activities, thereby implicitly claiming that students must learn to make form...

  19. [Validity and reproducibility of two direct observation assessment forms for evaluation of internal medicine residents' clinical skills]. (United States)

    Pottier, P; Cohen Aubart, F; Steichen, O; Desprets, M; Pha, M; Espitia, A; Georgin-Lavialle, S; Morel, A; Hardouin, J B


    The revision of the French medical studies' third cycle ought to be competency-based. In internal medicine, theoretical and practical knowledge will be assessed online with e-learning and e-portfolio. In parallel, a reflection about clinical skills assessment forms is currently ongoing. In this context, our aim was to assess the reproducibility and validity of two assessment forms based on direct clinical observation. A prospective and multicentric study has been conducted from November 2015 to October 2016 aiming at evaluating the French translations of the MINI-Clinical Examination Exercice (MINI-CEX) and the Standardized Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (SPSQ). Included residents have been assessed 2 times over a period of 6 months by the same binoma of judges. Nineteen residents have been included. The inter-judge reproducibility was satisfactory for the MINI-CEX: intraclass coefficients (ICC) between 0.4 and 0.8 and moderate for the SPSQ: ICC between 0.2 and 0.7 with a good internal coherence for both questionnaires (Cronbach between 0.92 and 0.94). Significant differences between the distributions of the scores given by the judges and a significant inter-center variability have been found. If the absolute value of the scores should not be taken into account in the evaluation process given its high variability, it could be of interest for the follow-up of the progression in the competencies. These forms could support the residents' debriefing based on the general trends given by the scores. Copyright © 2017 Société Nationale Française de Médecine Interne (SNFMI). Published by Elsevier SAS. All rights reserved.

  20. Evaluating laboratory request forms submitted to haematology and blood transfusion departments at a hospital in Northwest Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feyisayo Jegede


    Full Text Available Background: The laboratory request form (LRF is a communication link between laboratories, requesting physicians and users of laboratory services. Inadequate information or errors arising from the process of filling out LRFs can significantly impact the quality of laboratory results and, ultimately, patient outcomes.Objective: We assessed routinely-submitted LRFs to determine the degree of correctness, completeness and consistency.Methods: LRFs submitted to the Department of Haematology (DH and Blood Transfusion Services (BTS of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano, Nigeria, between October 2014 and December 2014, were evaluated for completion of all items on the forms. Performance in four quality indicator domains, including patient identifiers, test request details, laboratory details and physician details, was derived as a composite percentage.Results: Of the 2084 LRFs evaluated, 999 were from DH and 1085 from BTS. Overall, LRF completeness was 89.5% for DH and 81.2% for BTS. Information on patient name, patient location and laboratory number were 100% complete for DH, whereas only patient name was 100% complete for BTS. Incomplete information was mostly encountered on BTS forms for physician’s signature (60.8% and signature of laboratory receiver (63.5%. None of the DH and only 9.4% of BTS LRFs met all quality indicator indices.Conclusion: The level of completion of LRFs from these two departments was suboptimal. This underscores the need to review and redesign the LRF, improve on training and communication between laboratory and clinical staff and review specimen rejection practices.

  1. Linguistic and cultural adaptation into Polish of the IKDC 2000 subjective knee evaluation form and the Lysholm scale. (United States)

    Piontek, Tomasz; Ciemniewska-Gorzela, Kinga; Naczk, Jakub; Cichy, Kamil; Szulc, Andrzej


    The aim of the following paper was Polish cultural and linguistic adaptation including adaptation of particular questions, instructions and possible answers to 2000 IKDC knee form and Lysholm's scale. The cultural adaptation process of this questionnaire was made according to indicators of International Quality of Life Assessment (IQOLA) project, placed in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Testing version (pre-final test) was carried out on 30 patients suffering from instability of a knee. Patients underwent arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The period from operation to filling in the questionnaires took 2 years. The questionnaire was filled up twice, at intervals from 2 days to 2 weeks. We received cultural and linguistic adapted knee evaluation scales which are similar to the original version according to the psychometric proprieties such as accuracy of a single question and whole scales. We were able to develop a reliable, ISAKOS/ESSKA-compliant instrument for subjective knee function evaluation to be used in the population of Polish patients following arthroscopic reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament. Polish version of IKDC 2000 questionnaire is more reliable--i.e. more useful in clinical evaluation of patients with ACL damage--than the Polish rendition of Lysholm scale.

  2. Using imagery perspective to access two distinct forms of self-knowledge: associative evaluations versus propositional self-beliefs. (United States)

    Libby, Lisa K; Valenti, Greta; Hines, Karen A; Eibach, Richard P


    When mentally simulating life events, people may visualize them from either an actor's 1st-person or observer's 3rd-person visual perspective. Two experiments demonstrated that visual perspective differentially determines reliance on 2 distinct forms of self-knowledge: associative evaluations of the simulated environment and propositional self-beliefs about relevant values and preferences. Implicit measures indexed associative evaluations of environmental stimuli (political candidates, outgroups); explicit measures indexed propositional self-beliefs about relevant personal values or preferences. A separate session manipulated participants' visual perspective for mentally simulating a pertinent event (voting, interracial interaction) as they forecasted their behavior or feelings if that event occurred. Forecasts corresponded more closely with associative evaluations from the 1st-person than 3rd-person perspective but more closely with propositional self-beliefs from the 3rd-person than 1st-person. Results have practical implications for channeling the power of mental simulation to desired ends and theoretical implications for understanding the pathways by which imagery and mental simulation shape cognition.

  3. Evaluation of dental and basal arch forms using cone-beam CT and 3D virtual models of normal occlusion. (United States)

    Bayome, Mohamed; Park, Jae Hyun; Han, Seong Ho; Baek, Seung-Hak; Sameshima, Glenn T; Kook, Yoon-Ah


    OBIECTIVES: To evaluate the relationship between the mandibular dental and basal arches using CBCT, and to assess the correlation between basal arch dimensions derived from CBCT and 3-dimensional (3D) virtual models in a cohort sample exhibiting normal occlusions. The facial axis (FA) and root centre (RC) points of mandibular teeth were identified on 32 CBCT images. FA and WALA points were digitised on 3D models of 28 mandibular casts from the same sample. The relationships between dental and basal arch dimensions, and between the two basal depth dimensions derived from RC and WALA points were statistically assessed by Pearson's correlation. Strong correlations were found between dental and basal intercanine and intermolar arch widths. Also, the basal intercanine width showed a moderate correlation with dental intermolar width and depth. The basal intercanine and intermolar widths measured on 3D models showed moderate correlations with those measurements on CBCT, whereas the basal canine and molar depths showed no correlations. The dental and basal anterior and posterior arch widths were strongly correlated in normal occlusion. No correlations were found between the arch depths measured from WALA points and RC points. Hence, RC points may represent more useable landmarks compared to WALA points in the evaluation of basal arch forms. It is recommended that the relationship between the dental and basal arches is evaluated during treatment planning in order to improve arch co-ordination.

  4. Evaluation quantitative des produits formés lors de l'évolution géochimique de la matière organique Quantitative Evaluation of Products Formed During the Geochemical Evolution of Organic Matter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pelet R.


    Full Text Available L'évaluation quantitative des produits mobiles formés lors de l'évolution géochimique de la matière organique est nécessaire parce qu'on ne peut jamais retrouver ces produits en place dans. la roche où ils ont pris naissance. Ils ont, en effet, pu migrer durant l'histoire géologique, et de toute manière une fraction, importante et non connue, se perd lors de la prise des échantillons puis de leur conservation avant analyse. La connaissance de l'analyse d'un état E et d'un état plus évolué E' ne suffit pas pour reconstituer les quantités de produits formés. La pyrolyse type Rock-Eval sur kérogènes, avec détermination du carbone résiduel, permet par contre, à partir d'une hypothèse raisonnable, de calculer les hydrocarbures produits. L'analyse élémentaire permet d'y ajouter CO2, H2O, H2S et N2 (considérés comme seuls produits à côté des hydrocarbures. Une analyse chromatographique sommaire supplémentaire permet d'estimer la composition globale des hydrocarbures. Dans le cas des roches, on propose des techniques de correction de l'effet de matrice pratiquement utilisables et qui permettent de retrouver les résultats précédents, au prix d'une incertitude accrue. The mobile products formed during the geochemical evolution of organic matter must be quantitatively evaluated because these products can never be found in place in the rock where they were formed. Indeed, they may have migrated during geological history, and in any case a large and unknown fraction gets lost when samples are taken and then stored before being analysed. Knowing the elemental analysis of a state E and of a more evolved state E' does not suffice for recreating the amounts of products formed. On the other hand Rock-Eval type pyrolysis of kerogens, including the determination of the residual carbon, can be used to compute the hydrocarbons produced, on the basis of a reasonable hypothesis. Elemental analysis then enables the evaluation of CO2, H2O

  5. An Accelerated Release Study to Evaluate Long-Acting Contraceptive Levonorgestrel-Containing in Situ Forming Depot Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dileep R. Janagam


    Full Text Available Biodegradable polymer-based injectable in situ forming depot (ISD systems that solidify in the body to form a solid or semisolid reservoir are becoming increasingly attractive as an injectable dosage form for sustained (months to years parenteral drug delivery. Evaluation of long-term drug release from the ISD systems during the formulation development is laborious and costly. An accelerated release method that can effectively correlate the months to years of long-term release in a short time such as days or weeks is economically needed. However, no such accelerated ISD system release method has been reported in the literature to date. The objective of the current study was to develop a short-term accelerated in vitro release method for contraceptive levonorgestrel (LNG-containing ISD systems to screen formulations for more than 3-month contraception after a single subcutaneous injection. The LNG-containing ISD formulations were prepared by using biodegradable poly(lactide-co-glycolide and polylactic acid polymer and solvent mixtures containing N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone and benzyl benzoate or triethyl citrate. Drug release studies were performed under real-time (long-term conditions (PBS, pH 7.4, 37 °C and four accelerated (short-term conditions: (A PBS, pH 7.4, 50 °C; (B 25% ethanol in PBS, pH 7.4, 50 °C; (C 25% ethanol in PBS, 2% Tween 20, pH 7.4, 50 °C; and (D 25% ethanol in PBS, 2% Tween 20, pH 9, 50 °C. The LNG release profile, including the release mechanism under the accelerated condition D within two weeks, correlated (r2 ≥ 0.98 well with that under real-time conditions at four months.

  6. Accuracy of Different Mini Nutritional Assessment Reduced Forms to Evaluate the Nutritional Status of Elderly Hospitalised Diabetic Patients. (United States)

    Martín, A; Ruiz, E; Sanz, A; García, J M; Gómez-Candela, C; Burgos, R; Matía, P; Ramalle-Gomera, E


    Disease-associated malnutrition (DAM) is a health problem involving all sanitary levels, especially hospitalised elderly patients. Different MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment)-based forms have been validated in different settings, but it remains unclear if they are appropriate to evaluate the nutritional status of geriatric hospitalised patients with diabetes. The aim of this work was to analyse the accuracy of several MNA reduced forms to detect malnutrition in hospitalised elderly diabetic patients. A multicentre observational study was carried out in diabetic patients, who were over the age of 65, from 35 Spanish hospitals. Principal component analysis (PCA) selected the minimal components to elaborate the newly-proposed reduced new version of the MNA (r-MNA). Cohen's Kappa index (KI), with its 95% confidence interval (CI), was used to measure the agreement between the different reduced forms (r-MNA, MNA-SF-BMI, MNA-SF-CC, m-MNA) with the original MNA. Five hundred and ninety-one elderly diabetic patients were included in the study. ROC analysis determined the following cut-off points for the newly proposed r MNA: 0-12-15 "well-nourished". The upper cut-off point demonstrated a sensitivity of 87.7%, a specificity of 78.3% and an area under the curve of 0.93. The lower cut-off point showed a sensitivity of 95.9%, a specificity of 78.3% and an area under the curve of 0.95. The best agreement with the original MNA was observed for the MNA-SF-BMI (Κ index 80.7; 95% CI: 77.4-84) and the worst for the r-MNA (Κ index 72; 95% CI: 68.2-75.4). This study found that MNA-SF-BMI is the most accurate screening tool for determining the nutritional status of hospitalised diabetic elderly patients. This is an easy-to-use, fast screening tool with a low risk of misclassification.

  7. [The evaluation of the quality of life in the patients presenting with various forms of chronic otitis media]. (United States)

    Kosyakov, S Ya; Minavnina, Yu V; Gunenkov, A V


    Chronic otitis media (COM) is a widespread pathological condition that affects up to 2% of the general population. Certain forms of this disease markedly deteriorate the quality of life of the patients which makes them overestimate the severity of harm to their health status and can be a cause of inflated expectations as regards the results of the planned surgical treatment. The linking element between the patient's expectations and the outcomes of the surgical intervention may be the recently developed questionnaires for the evaluation of the health-related quality of life (HRQoL). One of them, the COMQ-12 questionnaire, was devised to estimate the subjective reports by the patients concerning the deterioration of their quality of life attributable to chronic otitis media. The objective of the present study was to characterize the value of the 5-point Russian-language version of COMQ-12 for the evaluation of each of its 12 items concerning various aspects of health based on the personal opinions of the patients suffering from chronic otitis media The study included 108 patients 49 of whom were men and 59 women (45% and 55% respectively) at the age varying from 16 to 84 years. The COMQ-12 scores, according to the reports of individual patients, ranged from 4 to 43 of the 60 ones possible. The average score was 19.4 (SD=8.3). The overall median COMQ-12 score was 20, and the mode scored 14. The Cronbach-alpha index was equal to 0.860. The Russian-language version of the COMQ-12 questionnaire provides a reliable tool for the estimation of the quality of life in the patients presenting with various forms of chronic otitis media.

  8. [Evaluation of the tree form quality of middle-aged Pinus tabuliformis plantation under different canopy densities in Huanglong Mountains, Northwest China]. (United States)

    You, Jian-jian; Zhang, Wen-hui; Deng, Lei


    To clarify the effects of different canopy densities on tree form quality of Pinus tabuliformis, a hierarchical indicator system was structured, which brought about a set of grading criteria to evaluate tree form quality of the middle-aged P. tabuliformis plantation under four canopy densities in Huanglong Mountains by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Plots were divided into four classes according to the stand canopy density (CD) : CDstraightness, forking ratio, height under living branch, number of branches, max-branch base diameter and average base diameter of branches, the tree form quality could be evaluated. Among these factors, stem straightness, forking ratio and DBH were the most important ones influencing the tree form quality with a total weight of 0.7382. So, these three indicators were the major determinants of tree form quality. The comprehensive scores of the tree form quality evaluations fluctuated as the canopy density decreased and topped at 90.28 when CD was valued at 0.75 (type 2). The indicators and evaluation system developed in this study were easy to operate, and quite fit for solving the quantity problem of the tree form quality evaluation. Our system would be capable for applications in evaluating the tree form quality of other tree species on the Loess Plateau.

  9. CRADA NFE-08-01456 Evaluation of Alumina-Forming Austenitic Stainless Steel Alloys in Industrial Gas Turbines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brady, Michael P [ORNL; Pint, Bruce A [ORNL; Unocic, Kinga A [ORNL; Yamamoto, Yukinori [ORNL; Kumar, Deepak [ORNL; Lipschutz, Mark D. [Solar Turbines, Inc.


    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Solar Turbines Incorporated (Solar) participated in an in-kind cost share cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) effort under the auspices of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Technology Maturation Program to explore the feasibility for use of developmental ORNL alumina-forming austenitic (AFA) stainless steels as a material of construction for industrial gas turbine recuperator components. ORNL manufactured lab scale foil of three different AFA alloy compositions and delivered them to Solar for creep properties evaluation. One AFA composition was selected for a commercial trial foil batch. Both lab scale and the commercial trial scale foils were evaluated for oxidation and creep behavior. The AFA foil exhibited a promising combination of properties and is of interest for future scale up activities for turbine recuperators. Some issues were identified in the processing parameters used for the first trial commercial batch. This understanding will be used to guide process optimization of future AFA foil material production.

  10. Environmental evaluation of different forms of electric energy generation; Avaliacao ambiental de diferentes formas de geracao de energia eletrica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guena, Ana Maria de Oliveira


    Electric energy has an important function in the modem world; it is fundamental for progress and development. The electricity discovery allowed improvements in several areas: health, water and food supply, quality of life and sanitary conditions, and contributed also to the establishment of the capitalist and consumption society. The use of oil as an energy generation source was the impulse for the industrial revolution and machines, motors and generators were developed contributing to the progress This also brought the pollutant gases emission (CO{sub 2} , CO, SO{sub x} and NO{sub x}) and other substances that had contributed to the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole and the acid rain, modifying the balance of the planet. The development and implementation of other forms of energy generation caused local changes, where they were installed, giving rise to environmental impacts. This work presents an evaluation about different forms of electrical energy generation and the environmental impacts relative to each one of them. Five forms of electric energy generation were considered: thermoelectric, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind and solar energy. The implementation and the development of the petroleum industry in the world and in Brazil are presented. The geology of the oil, its extraction and quality improvement, besides details of the functioning of three types of thermoelectric power plants - coal, gas and oil - are also discussed. The specific as well as the environmental impacts they have in common are highlighted. The impacts originated from the deactivation of each one of them are also pointed out. The discovery and the development of nuclear energy in Brazil and in the world as well as the functioning of a nuclear power plant, the impacts generated by its operation and decommissioning are presented. The history, functioning and development of hydroelectric energy generation in Brazil, characterized by the great plants, are related to environmental aspects The

  11. Evaluation of Shear Strength of RC Beams with Multiple Interfaces Formed before Initial Setting Using 3D Printing Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kyeongjin Kim


    Full Text Available With the recent development of 3D printing technology, concrete materials are sometimes used in 3D printing. Concrete structures based on 3D printing have been characterized to have the form of multiple layer build-up. Unlike general concrete structures, therefore, the 3D-printed concrete can be regarded as an orthotropic material. The material property of the 3D-printed concrete’s interface between layers is expected to be far different from that of general concrete bodies since there are no aggregate interlocks and weak chemical bonding. Such a difference finally affects the structural performance of concrete structures even though the interfaces are formed before initial setting of the concrete. The current study mainly reviewed the changes in fracture energy (toughness with respect to various environmental conditions of such interface. Changes in fracture energies of interfaces between concrete layers were measured using low-speed Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD closed loop concrete fracture test. The experimental results indicated reduction in fracture energy as well as tensile strengths. To improve the tensile strength of interfaces, the use of bridging materials is suggested. Since it was assumed that reduction in fracture energy could be a cause of shear strength, to evaluate the reduced structural performance of concrete structure constructed with multiple interfaces by 3D printing technology, the shear strength of RC beam by 3D printing technology was predicted and compared with that of plain RC beam. Based on the fracture energy measured in this study, Modified Compression Field Theory (MCFT theory-applied Vector 2 program was employed to predict the degree of reduction in shear strength without considering stirrups. Reduction factors were presented based on the obtained results to predict the reduction in shear strength due to interfaces before initial setting of the concrete.

  12. Non-invasive methods to establish the diagnosis of terra firma-forme dermatosis: The SMART (Skin Modified by Alcohol Rubbing Test) evaluation and dermoscopy. (United States)

    Greywal, Tanya; Cohen, Philip R


    Terra firma-forme dermatosis may mimic a variety of hyper pigmented dermatoses.  The diagnosis can be characterized using dermoscopy and confirmed with the SMART (Skin Modified by Alcohol Rubbing Test) evaluation.  When terra firma-forme dermatosis (Duncan's dirty dermatosis) is clinically suspected, clearance of the dermatosis follows rubbing the affected skin with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

  13. The evaluation of an intervention based on the application of patient self-completion concordance forms in Dutch community pharmacies and the effect on adherence to chronic medication

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Geurts, Marlies M. E.; Pot, Johan L. W.; Schepers, Emiel H.; Tromp, Chris; Colijn, Corine G.; Dijkstra, Arie; de Gier, Johan J.

    Objective: To evaluate the use of patient self-completion concordance forms and to determine the effect of patient counselling by using concordance forms on adherence to chronic medication. Methods: Patients with a prescription for new chronic treatment were randomised in an intervention or control

  14. Evaluation of gum mastic (Pistacia lentiscus as a microencapsulating and matrix forming material for sustained drug release

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dinesh M. Morkhade


    Full Text Available In this study, a natural gum mastic was evaluated as a microencapsulating and matrix-forming material for sustained drug release. Mastic was characterized for its physicochemical properties. Microparticles were prepared by oil-in-oil solvent evaporation method. Matrix tablets were prepared by wet and melt granulation techniques. Diclofenac sodium (DFS and diltiazem hydrochloride (DLTZ were used as model drugs. Mastic produced discrete and spherical microspheres with DLTZ and microcapsules with DFS. Particle size and drug loading of microparticles was in the range of 22–62 µm and 50–87%, respectively. Increase in mastic: drug ratio increased microparticle size, improved drug loading and decreased the drug release rate. Microparticles with gum: drug ratio of 2:1 could sustain DLTZ release up to 12 h and released 57% DFS in 12 h. Mastic produced tablets with acceptable pharmacotechnical properties. A 30% w/w of mastic in tablet could sustain DLTZ release for 5 h from wet granulation, and DFS release for 8 h and 11 h from wet and melt granulation, respectively. Results revealed that a natural gum mastic can be used successfully to formulate matrix tablets and microparticles for sustained drug release.

  15. MYB Translocation Status in Salivary Gland Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma: Evaluation of Classic, Variant, and Hybrid Forms. (United States)

    Bishop, Justin A; Westra, William H


    Epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma (EMC) is a malignant salivary gland neoplasm comprised of a biphasic arrangement of inner luminal ductal cells and outer myoepithelial cells. Adenoid cystic carcinoma (AdCC) is also a biphasic tumor comprised of ductal and myoepithelial cells, but these components tend to be arranged in a more cribriform pattern. The occurrence of "hybrid carcinomas" that show mixed patterns of EMC and AdCC raises questions about the relationship of these morphologically overlapping but clinically distinct tumors. AdCCs frequently harbor MYB-NFIB gene fusions. Mapping of EMCs (including hybrid forms with an AdCC component) for this fusion could help clarify the true nature of EMC as a distinct entity or simply as some variant form of AdCC. Twenty-nine cases of EMC were evaluated including 15 classic low-grade EMCs, 7 intermediate-grade EMCs, 2 EMCs with myoepithelial anaplasia, 1 EMC with high-grade transformation, and 4 hybrid EMCs with an AdCC component. Break apart fluorescence in situ hybridization for MYB was performed, as was MYB immunohistochemistry. For the hybrid carcinomas and those with high-grade transformation, the divergent tumor components were separately analyzed. A MYB translocation was identified in 5 of 28 (18%) tumors including 3 of 4 (75%) hybrid carcinomas and 2 of 7 (29%) intermediate-grade EMCs. For the positive hybrid carcinomas, the fusion was detected in both the EMC and AdCC components. The MYB fusion was not detected in any of the classic EMCs (0/15) or in any of the EMCs with myoepithelial anaplasia (0/2) or high-grade transformation (0/1). The fluorescence in situ hybridization assay was unsuccessful in 1 case. MYB immunostaining was seen in 5 of 5 fusion-positive cases, and also 9 of 23 fusion-negative tumors. Classic low-grade EMCs are genetically distinct from AdCCs in that they do not harbor MYB fusions. The presence of a MYB fusion in EMCs showing hybrid features of AdCC or exhibiting highly infiltrative growth

  16. Forms and Functions of Participatory Evaluation in International Development: A Review of the Empirical and Theoretical Literature (United States)

    Cullen, Anne; Coryn, Chris L. S.


    Background: Since the late 1970s participatory approaches have been widely promoted to evaluate international development programs. However, there is no universal agreement of what is meant by participatory evaluation. For some evaluators, participatory evaluations involve the extensive participation of all stakeholder groups (from donor to…

  17. Collaborative form(s)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gunn, Wendy

    Gunn asks us to consider beauty as collaborative forms of action generated by moving between design by means of anthropology and anthropology by means of design. Specifically, she gives focus to play-like reflexions on practices of designing energy products, systems and infrastructure. Design...... anthropology engages groups of people within collaborative, interdisciplinary, inter-organizational design processes and co-analytic activities vs. the individual anthropologist conducting studies of people. In doing anthropology by means of design as Gatt and Ingold (2013) have shown, design is considered...

  18. Development and evaluation of gastroretentive raft forming systems incorporating curcumin-Eudragit® EPO solid dispersions for gastric ulcer treatment. (United States)

    Kerdsakundee, Nattha; Mahattanadul, Sirima; Wiwattanapatapee, Ruedeekorn


    Novel raft forming systems incorporating curcumin-Eudragit® EPO solid dispersions were developed to prolong the gastric residence time and provide for a controlled release therapy of curcumin to treat gastric ulcers. The solid dispersions of curcumin with Eudragit® EPO were prepared by the solvent evaporation method at various ratios to improve the solubility and the dissolution of curcumin. The optimum weight ratio of 1:5 for curcumin to Eudragit® EPO was used to incorporate into the raft forming systems. The raft forming formulations were composed of curcumin-Eudragit® EPO solid dispersions, sodium alginate as a gelling polymer and calcium carbonate for generating divalent Ca(2+) ions and carbon dioxide to form a floating raft. All formulations formed a gelled raft in 1min and sustained buoyancy on the 0.1N hydrochloric acid (pH 1.2) surface with a 60-85% release of curcumin within 8h. The curative effect on the acetic acid-induced chronic gastric ulcer in rats was determined. The curcumin raft forming formulations at 40mg/kg once daily showed a superior curative effect on the gastric ulcer in terms of the ulcer index and healing index than the standard antisecretory agent: lansoprazole (1mg/kg, twice daily) and a curcumin suspension (40mg/kg, twice daily). These studies demonstrated that the new raft forming systems containing curcumin solid dispersions are promising carriers for a stomach-specific delivery of poorly soluble lipophilic compounds. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. The evaluation of the wave-form analysis capability of a new strain-gauge intracranial pressure MicroSensor. (United States)

    Piper, I R; Miller, J D


    Both laboratory and clinical trials have indicated the reliability of a new catheter-tip, strain-gauge intracranial pressure transducer. We report on the results of bench tests comparing the wave-form analysis capabilities of the new Codman intracranial pressure MicroSensor and a similar strain-gauge transducer. Good agreement was found between the two sensors with no significant nonlinearity or hysteresis over a measured pressure range from 0 to 100 mg Hg. Under "fluid-filled" conditions, the MicroSensor showed good reproduction of an arterial pressure wave form; when spectral analysis was used to analyze the two sensor types and break them down into harmonic components, no significant differences could be found for any of the first 10 amplitude and phase harmonics. If proven to stay robust after long-term clinical use, this sensor may be a useful alternative to the existing transducer systems for routinely monitoring the intracranial pressure and its wave form.

  20. Teachers' Evaluation of KBSM Form 4, 5 English Textbooks Used in the Secondary Schools in Penang, Malaysia (United States)

    Khoo, Hooi Shyan; Knight, Paul


    This is an exploratory study of the suitability of Form 4, 5 KBSM English textbooks used in Penang public secondary schools, Malaysia. It aims to investigate the relevance of the current textbooks to the needs of learners and the requirement of public examinations. A checklist is used to gauge teachers' viewpoints while subsequent interview…

  1. Evaluation of Maxillary Interpremolar, Molar Width by DRNA Indices and Arch Dimension, Arch Form in Maratha Population

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nitin Dungarwal


    Conclusion: Significant correlation was found between the sum of maxillary incisors and interpremolar width but not with the intermolar width while sum of mandibular incisors showed significant correlation with the interpremolar and intermolar arch width. There is no single arch form unique to any of the ethnic groups. A new formula is proposed to determine the premolar and molar index.

  2. A Psychometric Evaluation of the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale-Short Form in Chinese High School Students (United States)

    Hampton, Nan Zhang


    This study explores the reliability and validity of the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale-Short Form (CDSES-SF) in Chinese high school students. One hundred and eighty-three high school students from a city in northeastern China participated in the study. The results indicate that scores on the CDSES-SF are reliable (internal consistency…

  3. A Psychometric Evaluation of the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale-Short Form among French University Students (United States)

    Gaudron, Jean-Philippe


    The purpose of the present study was to examine the reliability and the factor structure of the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale-Short Form (CDSES-SF) among French university students. Based on a sample of 650 respondents, the alpha coefficients indicated high reliability for total scores but not for the subscale scores with values of 0.70 and…

  4. Longitudinal evaluation of the mental health continuum-short form (MHC-SF): Measurement invariance across demographics, physical illness, and mental illness

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lamers, S.M.A.; Glas, Cornelis A.W.; Westerhof, Gerben Johan; Bohlmeijer, Ernst Thomas


    This study evaluated the measurement invariance of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF), a 14-item self-report questionnaire for measuring emotional, social, and psychological well-being. The study draws on data of a representative panel (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social

  5. Evaluation influence of machining parameters on shape form errors in turning of machine parts clamped in the chuck with adaptive jaws

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I.V. Lutsiv


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the derivation problem of the dependence of machine part geometric form deviation in cross section area on clamping diameter as well as cutting speed, feed and cutting depth in semi finish machining. The analysis of single factor circular deviation dependences on machining conditions values is performed. Using the special software application package the laboratory conditions experiment results are analyzed. The dispersion analysis including options for main linear and quadratic effects evaluation is given and the simplification model of experiment results is obtained. It presents the evaluation empiric dependence of cutting conditions and clamping diameter influence on shape error forming (dynamic error. It is found that to obtain the necessary form accuracy in machining with lathe chuck equipped with the adaptive clamping jaws it is desirable to control the most statistically significant factors that actually are the cutting depth and feed.

  6. Intra-Service Section 7 Biological Evaluation Form : [2010 Proposed Hunting Plan for Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Section 7 Evaluation states that the Sherburne NWR Hunting Plan will have no effect on listed/proposed/candidate species or the critical habitat of these species.

  7. Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge & Management Area Hunting and Fishing Plan : Intra-Service Section 7 Evaluation Form (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Section 7 Evaluation states that the Patoka River NWR Hunting and Fishing Plan is not likely to adversely affect listed species or critical habitats on the...

  8. Optical methods for the evaluation of film-forming ability of UPEC on the surface of medical devices (United States)

    Al-Bayati, Basim M.; Nechaeva, Olga V.; Ulyanov, Vladimir Yu.; Glinskaya, Elena V.; Zayarsky, Dmitry A.; Tikhomirova, Elena I.; Vakaraeva, Malika M.; Bespalova, Natalia V.; Egorova, Anna V.


    The current study was designed to investigate the dynamics of microbial biofilm-formation in standard and clinical strains of uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC), using spectrophotometric and electron microscopic methods. For achieving this goal, three E. coli strains were used (one standard and two clinical). These isolates differ in the existence of fimH virulence gene. The process involved the using of electron microscopy and immunological microtitration plates under in vitro conditions for 96 hours. We found that standard and clinical strains of E. coli were capable of forming a microbial biofilm in vitro, with a higher intensity related to the clinical strain E. coli 245. The using of scanning electron microscopy confirmed the obtained results. The combined use of different optical methods gives a complete characterization of film-forming ability of pathogenic microorganisms.

  9. Evaluation of a silver-based electrocatalyst for the determination of hydrogen peroxide formed via enzymatic oxidation. (United States)

    Gonzalez-Macia, Laura; Smyth, Malcolm R; Killard, Anthony J


    Silver paste electrodes modified with lyotropic phases formed from dodecyl benzenesulphonic acid and KCl were used as the reductant in the determination of the hydrogen peroxide released from the enzymatic reaction of glucose oxidase with glucose and oxygen. The response of the modified electrode to hydrogen peroxide reduction (-0.1 V vs. Ag/AgCl) was shown to suffer from interference resulting from co-localization of enzyme and substrate at the electrode surface. This interference was eradicated by the introduction of a perm-selective membrane in the form of cellulose acetate. This further facilitated immobilization of the enzyme while allowing diffusion of the generated peroxide to the electrode. The resulting configuration was shown to be capable of the analytical determination of glucose. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Evaluation of the infliximab therapy of severe form of pediatric Crohn's disease in Poland: Retrospective, multicenter studies. (United States)

    Iwańczak, Barbara M; Ryżko, Józef; Jankowski, Piotr; Sładek, Małgorzata; Wasilewska, Agata; Szczepanik, Mariusz; Sienkiewicz, Edyta; Szaflarska-Popławska, Anna; Więcek, Sabina; Czaja-Bulsa, Grażyna; Korczowski, Bartosz; Maślana, Jolanta; Iwańczak, Franciszek; Kacperska, Magdalena


    Registration of infliximab in Poland has increased chances to induce clinical remission and mucosal healing in the severe form of pediatric Crohn's disease. The aim of this retrospective study was to assess the results and safety of infliximab therapy in the severe form of pediatric Crohn's disease. The study included 153 children with severe form of non-fistulizing Crohn's disease treated with infliximab. The clinical activity of Crohn's disease was assessed according to PCDAI scale, endoscopic scoring was graded according to SES-CD, body mass was measured with body mass index (BMI). Infliximab was administered at the dose 5 mg/kg body mass in the 0.2 and 6th week, and then, after clinical response, every 8 for the period of 12 months. One hundred thirty-six children (88.89%) achieved clinical response after induction therapy and 75.21% of children after the maintenance therapy. 39.68% of children achieved remission as graded with endoscopic scoring SES-CD. There was a statistically significant increase in body weight following the treatment. Side effects such as anaphylaxis, rash, and the activation of EBV infection appeared in 9 children at the time of infliximab injection. In other children the drug was well tolerated. Induction and maintenance therapy with infliximab resulted in clinical remission of Crohn's disease in 75.21% of children, and in the intestinal mucosa healing in 39.68% of children.

  11. Evaluation of corrosion products formed by sulfidation as inhibitors of the naphthenic corrosion of AISI-316 steel (United States)

    Sanabria-Cala, J. A.; Montañez, N. D.; Laverde Cataño, D.; Y Peña Ballesteros, D.; Mejía, C. A.


    Naphthenic acids present in oil from most regions worldwide currently stand as the main responsible for the naphthenic corrosion problems, affecting the oil-refining industry. The phenomenon of sulfidation, accompanying corrosion processes brought about by naphthenic acids in high-temperature refining plant applications, takes place when the combination of sulfidic acid (H2S) with Fe forms layers of iron sulphide (FeS) on the material surface, layers with the potential to protect the material from attack by other corrosive species like naphthenic acids. This work assessed corrosion products formed by sulfidation as inhibitors of naphthenic corrosion rate in AISI-316 steel exposed to processing conditions of simulated crude oil in a dynamic autoclave. Calculation of the sulfidation and naphthenic corrosion rates were determined by gravimetry. The surfaces of the AISI-316 gravimetric coupons exposed to acid systems; were characterized morphologically by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) combined with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). One of the results obtained was the determination of an inhibiting effect of corrosion products at 250 and 300°C, where lower corrosion rate levels were detected. For the temperature of 350°C, naphthenic corrosion rates increased due to deposition of naphthenic acids on the areas where corrosion products formed by sulfidation have lower homogeneity and stability on the surface, thus accelerating the destruction of AISI-316 steel. The above provides an initial contribution to oil industry in search of new alternatives to corrosion control by the attack of naphthenic acids, from the formation of FeS layers on exposed materials in the processing of heavy crude oils with high sulphur content.

  12. A time-dependent direct current potential drop method to evaluate thickness of an oxide layer formed naturally and thermally on a large surface of carbon steel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ali, Md. Rostom, E-mail:; Saka, Masumi; Tohmyoh, Hironori


    This study describes the use of a time-dependent spring-loaded four-point-probe technique to measure the direct current potential drop (DCPD) on oxidized test surfaces for different spring force values, with the purpose of evaluating the thickness of the oxide layer. The force of the spring attached to the current probe was reduced by inserting spacers with different thicknesses under the supporting legs of the sensor block. The PD measurement was first performed on machined sample exposed to the atmosphere for approximately 6 months. The sample was made of carbon steel (SS400). Then, the thickness of the oxide layer formed on the surface of the sample was increased by heat treatment. The PD was also measured on the samples subjected to heat treatment. The measurements were performed at different locations on the test surface under the same experimental conditions. The experimental results establish a relationship between the spring force and the time required for the current probe to penetrate the oxide layer. This article also proposes a procedure for evaluating the thickness of the oxide layer. Finally, the proposed method was used to evaluate the thickness of the oxide layer formed on a large surface. The method was performed to evaluate thickness of single phase monolayer oxide in the range of 3.5-8.7 {mu}m. To demonstrate the validity and accuracy of the proposed method, the obtained thickness was compared to the thickness measured directly using a field emission scanning electron microscopy. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Four-point-probe direct current potential drop technique. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Naturally and thermally formed oxide layer on a large metallic surface. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer A procedure for evaluation of thickness of oxide layer formed on hot-rolled steel.

  13. Image cytometric evaluation of nuclear texture features and DNA content of the reticular form of oral lichen planus. (United States)

    Rode, Matjaz; Flezar, Margareta Strojan; Kogoj-Rode, Mirela; Us-Krasovec, Marija


    To analyze image cytometric chromatin changes reflected in nuclear texture features and DNA ploidy of oral lichen planus in relation to the normal buccal mucosa and buccal mucosa expressing malignancy-associated changes in cancer patients. Twenty-eight patients with the reticular form of oral lichen planus, with a follow-up period of 25 years, 50 healthy controls and 50 lung cancer patients were included in the study. Scrapings of buccal mucosa were suspended in transport medium. Monolayer filter preparations were Feulgen-thionin stained. Image cytometric analysis was performed by Cyto-Savant. All oral lichen planus specimens in our study were diploid. In univariate analysis, differences between the normal buccal mucosa and oral lichen planus were found in several nuclear texture features, which gave an 80% correct classification rate in multivariate analysis. In the second part of the study, the classifier that recognizes malignancy-associated changes on the buccal mucosa of patients with lung cancer correctly recognized > 80% of oral lichen planus samples as normal buccal mucosa. Our results indicate that chromatin changes in oral lichen planus exist compared to normal cells; however, the chromatin structure of the reticular form of oral lichen planus does not express malignancy-associated changes and is more similar to normal squamous cells.

  14. Evaluation of the Content of Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, Selenium, Tellurium and Their Inorganic Forms in Commercially Baby Foods. (United States)

    Ruiz-de-Cenzano, M; Rochina-Marco, A; Cervera, M L; de la Guardia, M


    Baby foods, from the Spanish market and prepared from meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, legumes, and fruits, were analyzed to obtain the concentration of antimony (Sb), arsenic (As), bismuth (Bi), and tellurium (Te) as toxic elements and selenium (Se) as essential element. An analytical procedure was employed based on atomic fluorescence spectroscopy which allowed to obtain accurate data at low levels of concentration. Values of 14 commercial samples, expressed in nanograms per gram fresh weight, ranged for Sb 0.66-6.9, As 4.5-242, Te 1.35-2.94, Bi 2.18-4.79, and Se 5.4-109. Additionally, speciation studies were performed based on data from a non-chromatographic screening method. It was concluded that tellurium and bismuth were mainly present as inorganic forms and selenium as organic form, and antimony and arsenic species depend on the ingredients of each baby food. Risk assessment considerations were made by comparing dietary intake of the aforementioned elements through the consumption of one baby food portion a day and recommended or tolerable guideline values.

  15. Ex Vivo Evaluation of the Root Form and Root Canal Morphology of the Mandibular First Molar Using CBCT Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narges Farhad-Mollashahi


    Full Text Available Background: This study aims to evaluate the root canal system and its curvature and the relationship between the root concavity and the dentin thickness of danger zone in the mandibular first molar using the cone beam CT method. Materials and Methods: A sum of 101 fresh extracted mandibular first molar were gathered and scanned by CBCT (planmeca romexis 3D machine. The root canal configuration was evaluated according to Vertucci’s classification. Then, the canal curvature was evaluated according to schneider's method in clinical and proximal views. Finally, the relationship between the root concavity and the dentin thickness of danger zone was evaluated using the Pearson correlation coefficient. Results: The most common canal configuration of the mesial roots was vertucci type IV (49.5%, followed by type II (46.5%. Root canal configuration of the distal root revealed type I in 50.5% and type II in 29.7%. The average angles in proximal dimension for MB, ML, DB and DL canals were 18.80, 18.77, 8.22 and 16.86, respectively. These values in clinical dimension were 22.50, 21.90, 13.83 and 12.04, respectively. No meaningful relationship was found between the dentin thickness and the root concavity of danger zone. Conclusion: The clinician's awareness of the anatomy of the root canal system and the canal curvatures and the internal and external anatomy of the root is helpful and necessary in diagnosis and treatment of the endodontic cases.

  16. A Methodology for Off-line Evaluation of New Environmentally Friendly Tribo-systems for Sheet Metal Forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ceron, Ermanno; Bay, Niels


    Increasing focus on environmental issues in industrial production has urged sheet stamping companies to look for new tribo-systems in order to substitute hazardous lubricants such as chlorinated paraffin oils. Production testing of new lubricants is, however, costly and makes industry reluctant...... towards testing alternative solutions. The present paper presents a methodology for off-line testing of new tribo-systems based on numerical modelling of production process as well as laboratory test to adjust the latter combined with testing of selected tribo-systems on a new automatic sheet......-tribo-tester emulating typical sheet forming production processes. Final testing of the tribo-systems in production verifies the methodology. © 2013 CIRP....

  17. Psychometric Evaluation and Cultural Correlates of the Mate Retention Inventory–Short Form (MRI-SF in Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Atari


    Full Text Available The current study investigated the psychometric properties of the Persian translation of the Mate Retention Inventory–Short Form (MRI-SF in Iran. We also investigated sex differences in the use of mate retention tactics and investigated the relationships between mate retention behaviors and a number of related cultural constructs. Participants (N = 308 ranged in age from 18 to 57 years. All participants were in a committed romantic relationship, with mean relationship length of 63.5 months (SD = 73.8. Participants completed the Persian translation of the MRI-SF and measures of religiosity, relationship satisfaction, self-esteem, and socioeconomic status. Cultural measures specific to Iran were also included, such as Mahr (for married individuals, self-perceived Qeiratiness (for men, and self-perceived jealousy (for women. Mahr is a mandatory amount of money or possessions paid or promised to be paid by the groom to the bride at the time of the marriage contract. Qeirati is a male-specific adjective in Persian meaning protective against unwanted attention toward a man’s romantic partner. Female jealousy is usually regarded the counterpart of male Qeiratiness in Iranian culture. The 19 mate retention tactics formed a two-component structure, consistent with previous research. Results demonstrate adequate internal consistency of 2-item assessments of mate retention tactics. Observed sex differences accorded with previous mate retention research and are discussed in reference to evolutionary perspectives on human mating. Several significant associations emerged between mate retention tactics and Iranian culture-specific variables and are discussed from a cross-cultural perspective.

  18. Neuroticism and self-evaluation measures are related to the ability to form cognitive maps critical for spatial orientation. (United States)

    Burles, Ford; Guadagni, Veronica; Hoey, Felecia; Arnold, Aiden E G F; Levy, Richard M; O'Neill, Thomas; Iaria, Giuseppe


    Trait neuroticism is suggested to be related to measures of volume and function of the hippocampus, a brain structure located in the medial temporal lobe that is critical for human navigation and orientation. In this study, we assessed whether measures of trait neuroticism and self-concept are correlated with the human ability to orient by means of cognitive maps (i.e. mental representations of an environment that include landmarks and their spatial relationships). After controlling for gender differences, which are well-known in spatial orientation abilities, we found that measures of neuroticism (i.e. negative affect, emotional stability) and self-concept (i.e. self-esteem) were correlated with individual differences in the rate at which cognitive maps were formed; the same measures were generally unrelated to the ability to make use of cognitive maps, as well as the ability to orient using visual path integration. The relationships (and lack thereof) between personality traits and the spatial orientation skills, as reported in the present study, are consistent with specific neural correlates underlying these factors, and may have important implications for treatment of disorders related to them. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. Evaluation ofin vivoantimycobacterial activity of some folklore medicinal plants and enumeration of colony forming unit in murine model. (United States)

    Barua, Acheenta Gohain; Raj, Himangshu; Konch, Pranab; Hussain, P; Barua, Chandana C


    The present study was carried out to investigate the in vivo antimycobacterial activity of methanol extract of Alstonia scholaris and Mucuna imbricata in murine model. Female BALB/c mice were infected with the Mycobacterium tuberculosis H 37 Rv suspension. Extracts were administered orally for 2 weeks from 7 th day postinfection at a dose of 200 mg/kg and rifampicin at 20 mg/kg as standard. The synergistic groups were 10 and 100 mg/kg for rifampicin and extract, respectively. The final body weight of mycobacteria-infected group was significantly reduced (15.41 ± 0.42, P < 0.01), but following treatment with the plant extract plus rifampicin could elevate the body weight. Colony forming unit (CFU) count of lung (8.71 ± 0.01) and spleen (8.59 ± 0.01) was significantly higher in infected and untreated group ( P < 0.01). It was observed that activity of the synergistic group displayed powerful and maximum response against tuberculosis (TB) infection with lower CFU counts. Histopathology study showed cells such as lymphocytes, epithelioid, Langhans giant cell, and fibrous tissue proliferation in lungs; depletion of lymphocytes in the spleen. The data indicate that methanol extract of A. scholaris has potential antimycobacterial activity, and the synergistic group consisting of rifampicin and A. scholaris could be a rational choice for the treatment of TB.

  20. Design and evaluation of novel barrier layer technologies for controlling venlafaxine hydrochloride release from tablet dosage form. (United States)

    Malewar, Nikhil; Avachat, Makarand; Kulkarni, Shirish; Pokharkar, Varsha


    Venlafaxine Hydrochloride (VH) is a highly soluble and highly permeable antidepressant compound. Thus controlling VH release from tablet dosage form over a prolonged period is a challenge. The objective of this work was to study the effect of various barrier layer formulation compositions, its orientations and manufacturing technology on release profile of highly soluble VH. Different barrier compositions and orientations were established on the same extended release formulations of VH using compression as well as film coating technologies. Barrier effectiveness in reducing the VH release was verified through in vitro dissolution studies. The "belly band" portion of the tablets was successfully oriented in different ways to develop bilayer as well as trilayer tablets. The compression technology had substantially reduced the VH release up to 16% in various compositions and orientation as compared to core tablet. The film coating technology had reduced the VH release up to 14% effectively; thereby shifting the dissolution curve to downside. The explored "belly band" portion of the tablets had reduced the VH release substantially. These innovatively created different barrier orientation technologies hold the great promise of commercialization in future.

  1. Evaluation of the mental health continuum-short form (MHC-SF) in setswana-speaking South Africans. (United States)

    Keyes, Corey L M; Wissing, Marié; Potgieter, Johan P; Temane, Michael; Kruger, Annamarie; van Rooy, Sinette


    A continuous assessment and a categorical diagnosis of the presence of mental health, described as flourishing, and the absence of mental health, characterized as languishing, is applied to a random sample of 1050 Setswana-speaking adults in the Northwest province of South Africa. Factor analysis revealed that the mental health continuum-short form (MHC-SF) replicated the three-factor structure of emotional, psychological and social well-being found in US samples. The internal reliability of the overall MHC-SF Scale was 0.74. The total score on the MHC-SF correlated 0.52 with a measure of positive affect, between 0.35 and 0.40 with measures of generalized self-efficacy and satisfaction with life, and between 0.30 and 0.35 with measures of coping strategies, sense of coherence, and community collective self-efficacy. The total score on the MHC-SF correlated -0.22 with the total score on the General Health Questionnaire. Criteria for the categorical diagnosis were applied, and findings revealed that 20% were flourishing, 67.8% were moderately mentally healthy, and 12.2% were languishing. Confirmatory factor analysis supported the hypothesized two-continua model of mental health and mental illness found in the USA. Copyright (c) 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  2. Psychometric Evaluation of a Coping Strategies Inventory Short-Form (CSI-SF in the Jackson Heart Study Cohort

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herman Taylor


    Full Text Available This study sought to establish the psychometric properties of a Coping Strategies Inventory Short Form (CSISF by examining coping skills in the Jackson Heart Study cohort. We used exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson’s correlation, and Cronbach Alpha to examine reliability and validity in the CSI-SF that solicited responses from 5302 African American men and women between the ages of 35 and 84. One item was dropped from the 16-item CSI-SF, making it a 15-item survey. No significant effects were found for age and gender, strengthening the generalizability of the CSI-SF. The internal consistency reliability analysis revealed reliability between alpha = 0.58-0.72 for all of the scales, and all of the fit indices used to examine the CSI-SF provided support for its use as an adequate measure of coping. This study provides empirical support for utilizing this instrument in future efforts to understand the role of coping in moderating health outcomes.

  3. Interaction between Gallotannin and a Recombinant Form of Arginine Kinase of Trypanosoma brucei: Thermodynamic and Spectrofluorimetric Evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. S. Adeyemi


    Full Text Available Current chemotherapies against trypanosomiasis are beset with diverse challenges, a situation which underscores the numerous research efforts aimed at finding newer and effective treatments. Arginine kinase of trypanosome has been validated as target for drug development against trypanosomiasis. The present study investigated the interaction between a recombinant form of the arginine kinase (rTbAK of trypanosome and gallotannin. The interaction between gallotannin and recombinant arginine kinase of Trypanosoma brucei caused significant decrease of enzyme activity. Kinetic analysis revealed the interaction to be of noncompetitive inhibition. Further thermodynamic analysis showed that the interaction between gallotannin and the recombinant arginine kinase was nonspontaneous and involved hydrophobic forces. The Ksv values and the FRET analysis suggest that static quenching of fluorescence intensity by gallotannin was static. Data revealed inhibitory interactions between gallotannin and rTbAK of trypanosome. Although the mechanism of inhibition is not clear yet, molecular docking studies are ongoing to clearly define the inhibitory interactions between the gallotannin and rTbAK. The knowledge of such binding properties would enrich development of selective inhibitors for the arginine kinase of Trypanosoma brucei.

  4. Translation, cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation of yoruba version of the short-form 36 health survey. (United States)

    Mbada, Chidozie Emmanuel; Adeogun, Gafar Atanda; Ogunlana, Michael Opeoluwa; Adedoyin, Rufus Adesoji; Akinsulore, Adesanmi; Awotidebe, Taofeek Oluwole; Idowu, Opeyemi Ayodiipo; Olaoye, Olumide Ayoola


    The Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) is a valid quality of life tool often employed to determine the impact of medical intervention and the outcome of health care services. However, the SF-36 is culturally sensitive which necessitates its adaptation and translation into different languages. This study was conducted to cross-culturally adapt the SF-36 into Yoruba language and determine its reliability and validity. Based on the International Quality of Life Assessment project guidelines, a sequence of translation, test of item-scale correlation, and validation was implemented for the translation of the Yoruba version of the SF-36. Following pilot testing, the English and the Yoruba versions of the SF-36 were administered to a random sample of 1087 apparently healthy individuals to test validity and 249 respondents completed the Yoruba SF-36 again after two weeks to test reliability. Data was analyzed using Pearson's product moment correlation analysis, independent t-test, one-way analysis of variance, multi trait scaling analysis and Intra-Class Correlation (ICC) at p Yoruba SF-36 ranges between 0.636 and 0.843 for scales; and 0.783 and 0.851 for domains. The data quality, concurrent and discriminant validity, reliability and internal consistency of the Yoruba version of the SF-36 are adequate and it is recommended for measuring health-related quality of life among Yoruba population.

  5. Psychometric evaluation of a Coping Strategies Inventory Short-Form (CSI-SF) in the Jackson Heart Study cohort. (United States)

    Addison, Clifton C; Campbell-Jenkins, Brenda W; Sarpong, Daniel F; Kibler, Jeffery; Singh, Madhu; Dubbert, Patricia; Wilson, Gregory; Payne, Thomas; Taylor, Herman


    This study sought to establish the psychometric properties of a Coping Strategies Inventory Short Form (CSISF) by examining coping skills in the Jackson Heart Study cohort. We used exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson's correlation, and Cronbach Alpha to examine reliability and validity in the CSI-SF that solicited responses from 5302 African American men and women between the ages of 35 and 84. One item was dropped from the 16-item CSI-SF, making it a 15-item survey. No significant effects were found for age and gender, strengthening the generalizability of the CSI-SF. The internal consistency reliability analysis revealed reliability between alpha = 0.58-0.72 for all of the scales, and all of the fit indices used to examine the CSI-SF provided support for its use as an adequate measure of coping. This study provides empirical support for utilizing this instrument in future efforts to understand the role of coping in moderating health outcomes.

  6. Evaluation of photodynamic antimicrobial therapy (PACT) against promastigotes form of the Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis: in vitro study (United States)

    Barbosa, Artur F. S.; Sangiorgi, Bruno B.; Galdino, Suely L.; Pitta, Ivan R.; Barral Netto, Manoel; Correia, Neandder A.; Pinheiro, Antônio L. B.


    Leishmaniasis is a complex disease that affects more than 12 million people in 88 countries worldwide. Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis is the most common species in the Americas and the most important causative agent of cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil. The therapeutic arsenal routinely employed to treat patients with leishmaniasis is limited and unsatisfactory. For cutaneous leishmaniasis, pentavalent antimonials are the first line therapeutic scheme recommended by the WHO. These compounds are highly toxic, poorly tolerated and their effectiveness highly variable. In this work, a technique with, so far, an unknown disadvantage is discussed. The aim of this study was to verify the effectiveness of PACT in vitro, as a new technique for the treatment of Leishmaniasis. For this, semiconductor laser (λ = 660nm, 40mW, 4.2J/cm2, CW) associated to phenothiazine's derivatives (5 and 10 μg/ml, TBO, Methylene Blue or Phenothiazine) on the promastigotes form of Leishmania braziliensis in a single session was used. Viability of the parasites was assessed in quadruplicates of each group. The samples were removed and analyzed in a hemocytometer 72h after PACT. We found an important decrease in the number of viable parasites on all treated groups in comparison to their controls. The results of present study showed significant percentage of lethality (above 95%) of the protocol. The 99.23% of lethality was achieved with 10 μg/ml of TBO. No lethality was seen on groups treated neither with laser nor with each compounds separately. The results are promising and indicative that the use of PACT may be a powerful treatment of leishmaniasis when compared to already available ones.

  7. Application of radiotelemetric technique in evaluating diclofenac sodium absorption after oral administration of various dosage forms in healthy volunteers. (United States)

    Chan, K K; Mojaverian, P; Ziehmer, B A; John, V A


    A radiotelemetric technique with the Heidelberg capsule (HC) was used to improve the quality of data generated in a bioavailability study involving an enteric-coated (EC) formulation. Further, changes in plasma levels of the drug from other dosage forms were related to changes in pH environment as determined by the HC. Eight healthy male subjects received the following treatments, 15 min after a light breakfast, according to a randomized, four-way crossover design: (A) HC and 75 mg of a diclofenac sodium aqueous buffered solution: (B) HC and one 75-mg Voltaren EC tablet; (C) HC and one 100-mg Voltaren slow-release (SR) tablet; and (D) HC alone. Each treatment was separated by a 1-week washout period. Two additional subjects subsequently received Treatment B only. Multiple peaks were observed in the drug plasma level-time profiles for the buffered aqueous solution which, in all cases, occurred before gastric emptying of the HC. The multiple peaks were not observed for the Voltaren SR tablet, but a variable absorption lag time occurred which coincided with the gastric residence time of the SR tablet. For the EC tablet the variability of individual plasma level-time profiles was drastically reduced when the time after dosing was adjusted to coincide with gastric emptying of the HC. Finally, the lag time between gastric emptying of the EC tablet and the onset of drug absorption was consistently at 1 hr for all subjects. This lag time was longer than the in vitro disintegration or dissolution times measured under USP conditions.

  8. Sensorial evaluation of nutritional supplements (PROGRESA) enriched with 3 different forms of iron in a rural Mexican community. (United States)

    Morales, J; Vargas, F; Cassís, L; Sánchez, E; Villalpando, S


    As part of the efforts to reduce iron deficiency anemia (IDA), the Mexican Federal program PROGRESA distributes complementary foods to toddlers and pregnant women living in extreme poverty. Complementary foods were originally fortified with hydrogen-reduced iron, which proved a limited efficacy. The supplement was reformulated to provide higher iron bioavailability. This investigation aims to assess the sensory changes and the acceptance of new versions of the complementary foods fortified with either reduced iron, ferrous fumarate, or ferrous sulfate, stored at room temperature for 2, 4, and 6 mo. Complementary foods were presented without flavor (plain) or flavored with either chocolate or vanilla. The complementary foods were evaluated in toddlers and their mothers using a hedonic scale. The percentage of overall acceptance for the baby foods was higher in toddlers (80% to 88%) than in their mothers (63% to 68%). The complementary foods with a better acceptance were those fortified with reduced iron (63% to 68%) and ferrous fumarate (61% to 80%) independently of the flavoring added. The acceptance of the beverage intended for women was better for those fortified with reduced iron (52% to 63%) or ferrous fumarate (44% to 63%) in their vanilla-flavored version. For women, the most accepted sources of iron were reduced iron (50% to 60%) and ferrous fumarate (50% to 58%).

  9. Psychometric evaluation of an inventory for assessment of parental rearing practices. A Dutch form of the EMBU. (United States)

    Arrindell, W A; Emmelkamp, P M; Brilman, E; Monsma, A


    The EMBU, an instrument which was designed to assess one's memories of parental rearing behaviour, was psychometrically evaluated. Principal component factor analysis of data of a mixed sample of 841 non-institutionalized phobic individuals revealed four factors which were termed Rejection, Emotional warmth, Over-protection and Favouring subject, thereby contributing to the convergent (cross-national) reliability and validity of the structural model of perceived parental behaviour. Besides the utilization of data from aforementioned phobic sample, the scales' internal consistency was assessed in data of five additional samples, which consisted of 277 'normals', 40 agoraphobics, 29 social phobics, 21 height phobics and 38 obsessive-compulsive neurotics, and found to be very satisfactory. In the normal and mixed phobic sample, validity measures were shown to be acceptable and to be independent of the parent's sex. Furthermore, findings suggested that the fact that retrospective data is being measured with the scales does not threaten the reliability and validity of gathered information due to faulty recall or falsified accounts.

  10. Some Behavioral Considerations on the GPS4GEF Cloud-Based Generator of Evaluation Forms with Automatic Feedback and References to Interactive Support Content

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel HOMOCIANU


    Full Text Available The paper introduces some considerations on a previously defined general purpose system used to dynamically generate online evaluation forms with automatic feedback immediately after submitting responses and working with a simple and well-known data source format able to store questions, answers and links to additional support materials in order to increase the productivity of evaluation and assessment. Beyond presenting a short description of the prototype’s components and underlining advantages and limitations of using it for any user involved in assessment and evaluation processes, this paper promotes the use of such a system together with a simple technique of generating and referencing interactive support content cited within this paper and defined together with the LIVES4IT approach. This type of content means scenarios having adhoc documentation and interactive simulation components useful when emulating concrete examples of working with real world objects, operating with devices or using software applications from any activity field.

  11. Formulation and experimental evaluation of closed-form control laws for the rapid maneuvering of reactor neutronic power

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bernard, J.A. (Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Cambridge, MA (USA). Nuclear Reactor Lab.)


    This report describes both the theoretical development and the experimental evaluation of a novel, robust methodology for the time-optimal adjustment of a reactor's neutronic power under conditions of closed-loop digital control. Central to the approach are the MIT-SNL Period-Generated Minimum Time Control Laws' which determine the rate at which reactivity should be changed in order to cause a reactor's neutronic power to conform to a specified trajectory. Using these laws, reactor power can be safely raised by five to seven orders of magnitude in a few seconds. The MIT-SNL laws were developed to facilitate rapid increases of neutronic power on spacecraft reactors operating in an SDI environment. However, these laws are generic and have other applications including the rapid recovery of research and test reactors subsequent to an unanticipated shutdown, power increases following the achievement of criticality on commercial reactors, power adjustments on commercial reactors so as to minimize thermal stress, and automated startups. The work reported here was performed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under contract to the Sandia National Laboratories. Support was also provided by the US Department of Energy's Division of University and Industry Programs. The work described in this report is significant in that a novel solution to the problem of time-optimal control of neutronic power was identified, in that a rigorous description of a reactor's dynamics was derived in that the rate of change of reactivity was recognized as the proper control signal, and in that extensive experimental trials were conducted of these newly developed concepts on actual nuclear reactors. 43 refs., 118 figs., 11 tabs.

  12. Modular forms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Edixhoven, B.; van der Geer, G.; Moonen, B.; Edixhoven, B.; van der Geer, G.; Moonen, B.


    Modular forms are functions with an enormous amount of symmetry that play a central role in number theory, connecting it with analysis and geometry. They have played a prominent role in mathematics since the 19th century and their study continues to flourish today. Modular forms formed the

  13. Simple construct evaluation with latent class analysis: An investigation of Facebook addiction and the development of a short form of the Facebook Addiction Test (F-AT). (United States)

    Dantlgraber, Michael; Wetzel, Eunike; Schützenberger, Petra; Stieger, Stefan; Reips, Ulf-Dietrich


    In psychological research, there is a growing interest in using latent class analysis (LCA) for the investigation of quantitative constructs. The aim of this study is to illustrate how LCA can be applied to gain insights on a construct and to select items during test development. We show the added benefits of LCA beyond factor-analytic methods, namely being able (1) to describe groups of participants that differ in their response patterns, (2) to determine appropriate cutoff values, (3) to evaluate items, and (4) to evaluate the relative importance of correlated factors. As an example, we investigated the construct of Facebook addiction using the Facebook Addiction Test (F-AT), an adapted version of the Internet Addiction Test (I-AT). Applying LCA facilitates the development of new tests and short forms of established tests. We present a short form of the F-AT based on the LCA results and validate the LCA approach and the short F-AT with several external criteria, such as chatting, reading newsfeeds, and posting status updates. Finally, we discuss the benefits of LCA for evaluating quantitative constructs in psychological research.

  14. A novel once daily microparticulate dosage form comprising lansoprazole to prevent nocturnal acid breakthrough in the case of gastro-esophageal reflux disease: preparation, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation. (United States)

    Alai, Milind; Lin, Wen Jen


    The objective of this study was to formulate and evaluate the lansoprazole (LPZ)-loaded microparticles to prevent nocturnal acid breakthrough in the case of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). The microparticulate delivery system was prepared by solvent evaporation method using Eudragit RS100 as a matrix polymer followed by enteric coated with Eudragit S100 and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose phthalate HP55 using spray drying method. The enteric coated microparticles were stable in gastric pH condition. In vivo pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in male Wistar rats demonstrated that enteric coated microparticles sustained release of LPZ and promoted ulcer healing activity. In other words, the microparticulate dosage form provided effective drug concentration for a longer period as compared to conventional extended release dosage form, and showed sufficient anti-acid secretion activity to treat acid related disorders including the enrichment of nocturnal acid breakthrough event based on a once daily administration.

  15. New Closed-Form Results on Ordered Statistics of Partial Sums of Gamma Random Variables and its Application to Performance Evaluation in the Presence of Nakagami Fading

    KAUST Repository

    Nam, Sung Sik


    Complex wireless transmission systems require multi-dimensional joint statistical techniques for performance evaluation. Here, we first present the exact closed-form results on order statistics of any arbitrary partial sums of Gamma random variables with the closedform results of core functions specialized for independent and identically distributed Nakagami-m fading channels based on a moment generating function-based unified analytical framework. These both exact closed-form results have never been published in the literature. In addition, as a feasible application example in which our new offered derived closed-form results can be applied is presented. In particular, we analyze the outage performance of the finger replacement schemes over Nakagami fading channels as an application of our method. Note that these analysis results are directly applicable to several applications, such as millimeter-wave communication systems in which an antenna diversity scheme operates using an finger replacement schemes-like combining scheme, and other fading scenarios. Note also that the statistical results can provide potential solutions for ordered statistics in any other research topics based on Gamma distributions or other advanced wireless communications research topics in the presence of Nakagami fading.

  16. Evaluation of two thermal processing schedules at low relative humidity for elimination of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella serovars in chopped and formed beef jerky. (United States)

    Harper, Nigel M; Roberts, Michelle N; Getty, Kelly J K; Boyle, Elizabeth A E; Fung, Daniel Y C; Higgins, James J


    Foodborne outbreaks have been linked to jerky produced under insufficient thermal processing schedules. Reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella serovars during thermal processing of chopped and formed beef jerky was evaluated under two processing schedules representative of those used by large-scale (LS) and small-scale (SS) jerky production facilities. Fresh chopped and formed all-beef jerky batter was inoculated with 5.8 to 7.3 log CFU of E. coli O157:H7 or Salmonella per g, extruded into strips, and thermally processed by LS or SS schedules. A >or=5.0-log CFU/g reduction of both pathogens occurred with or=5.0-log CFU/g reduction of both pathogens occurred with 15 to 20% relative humidity and a cumulative process of 45 min at 52 degrees C, 60 min at 57 degrees C, 45 min at 60 degrees C, 45 min at 63 degrees C, 90 min at 68 degrees C, and finishing with 30 min at 77 degrees C. After processing for an additional 90 min at 77 degrees C, water activity was 0.60 while the MPR was 0.82. The LS and SS processes for producing chopped and formed jerky provided >or=5.0 log lethality to control E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella. However, both processes would require additional drying to achieve an MPR of 0.75 to be labeled as jerky.

  17. Familial form of cerebral cavernous malformations: evaluation of gradient-spin-echo (GRASE) imaging in lesion detection and characterization at 1.5 T

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunereau, L. [Service de Radiologie Adultes Bretonneau, CHRU Tours (France); INSERM Faculte de Medecine, Tours (France); Leveque, C.; Cordoliani, Y. [Service de Radiologie et d' Imagerie Medicale, HIA Val de Grace, Paris (France); Bertrand, P.; Rouleau, P. [Service de Radiologie Adultes Bretonneau, CHRU Tours (France); Tranquart, F. [INSERM Faculte de Medecine, Tours (France); Labauge, P. [INSERM EPI Faculte de Medecine Lariboisiere-Saint-Louis, Paris (France)


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the turbo gradient-spin-echo sequence (GRASE) in the MR assessment of the familial form of cerebral cavernous malformations (CCM). Twenty-one patients (15 male, six female) aged from 21 to 68 years (mean = 42.2 years) were prospectively examined with cerebral MR imaging, including T2-weighted turbo gradient-spin-echo (TGSE), turbo spin-echo (TSE) and gradient-echo (GRE) sequences. All sequences were performed in the same plane, the same matrix and the same field of view and were analyzed for signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), susceptibility effects, number of CCM, size of CCM and signal of CCM. It was found that SNR and CNR in the TGSE sequence were significantly inferior to those in both TSE and GRE sequences. TGSE and TSE sequences were significantly less prone to susceptibility effects than the GRE sequence. The sensitivity of TGSE and TSE sequences in detecting CCM was significantly lower than that of the GRE sequence. TGSE and TSE sequences provided comparable information about CCM size and signal. It was concluded that GRASE imaging was less sensitive than the GRE sequence in the detection of CCM and provided information similar to that yielded by the TSE sequence in the characterization of lesions, but with a higher number of artifacts. GRASE imaging cannot therefore replace TSE or GRE sequences in the MR evaluation of the familial form of CCM. (orig.)

  18. Evaluation of protective effect of deposits formed by naphthenic corrosion and sulfidation on carbon steel and steel 5Cr-0.5Mo exposed in atmospheric distillation fractions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gloria Duarte


    Full Text Available Refining of so-called opportunity crude oils with a high level of naphthenic acids and sulfur compounds has been increasing interest due to limited availability of light crude oils, however, considerable corrosive effects in the processing to high temperature on pipes and distillation towers mainly by the attack of naphthenic acids and sulfur compounds; sulfur compounds could be corrosive or can reduce the attack of naphthenic acids due to the formation of sulfides layers on the metal surface. In this work was evaluated the performance of deposits formed on the surface of carbon steel AISI SAE 1020 and 5% Cr-0.5% Mo steel exposed in crude oil fractions obtained from atmospheric distillation tower. For this, gravimetric tests were performed in dynamic autoclave using metal samples pre-treated in a crude oil fraction obtained from the atmospheric distillation tower of the Crude Distillation Unit (CDU # 1 in order to form layers of sulfides on the surface of the two materials and subsequently to expose pre-treated and non-pretreated samples in two different crude oil fractions obtained from atmospheric distillation tower of Crude Distillation Unit (CDU # 2. The evaluation showed that the samples pretreated decreased tendency to corrosion by naphthenic acids and sulfidation compared to untreated samples.

  19. In vivo evaluation of two forms of urea in the skin by Raman spectroscopy after application of urea-containing cream. (United States)

    Egawa, M; Sato, Y


    As urea is one of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) components in the stratum corneum, it has been used in topical products to improve skin conditions. However, the penetration behavior of urea in the skin after application of urea-containing cream has not been determined as there has been no technique with which to measure the urea content in the skin in vivo non-invasively. We therefore applied Raman spectroscopy to evaluate the depth profile of urea content in the skin. We investigated changes in depth profiles of two forms of urea to evaluate the penetration behavior of urea after application of urea-containing cream. Commercially available moisturizing creams F and R in quantities of 2.2-mg/cm(2) and containing 20% (w/w) urea were applied to volar forearm skin of six Japanese subjects. Raman spectra of the skin were measured at 2-μm intervals from the skin surface toward the interior using a confocal Raman spectrometer (model 3510 SCA) before and 15, 60, and 120 min after the application of the creams. The amounts of the two forms of urea, urea in water solution and urea in a solid state, were calculated by adding the spectra of solid urea and the cream base to a previously reported algorithm including the spectrum of urea in water solution. The characteristic band of urea in water solution was observed at approximately 1004/cm and that of the solid state at approximately 1010/cm in the Raman spectra of the skin after application of either cream. There was more urea in water solution form in the area where cream F was applied than in the area where cream R was applied. There was more urea in a solid state in the area where cream R was applied than in the area where cream F was applied at all depths and measurement times. In particular, there was significantly more urea in a solid state below a depth of 2 μm in the area where cream R was applied than in the area where cream F was applied 15 min after application. The present study demonstrated that we can

  20. Short forms of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire for 11–14-year-old children (CPQ11–14: Development and initial evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Locker David


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Child Perceptions Questionnaire for children aged 11 to 14 years (CPQ11–14 is a 37-item measure of oral-health-related quality of life (OHRQoL encompassing four domains: oral symptoms, functional limitations, emotional and social well-being. To facilitate its use in clinical settings and population-based health surveys, it was shortened to 16 and 8 items. Item impact and stepwise regression methods were used to produce each version. This paper describes the developmental process, compares the discriminative properties of the resulting four short-forms and evaluates their precision relative to the original CPQ11–14. Methods The item impact method used data from the CPQ11–14 item reduction study to select the questions with the highest impact scores in each domain. The regression method, where the dependent variable was the overall CPQ11–14 score and the independent variables its individual questions, was applied to the data collected in the validity study for the CPQ11–14. The measurement properties (i.e. criterion validity, construct validity, internal consistency reliability and test-retest reliability of all 4 short-forms were evaluated using the data from the validity and reliability studies for the CPQ11–14. Results All short forms detected substantial variability in children's OHRQoL. The mean scores on the two 16-item questionnaires were almost identical, while on the two 8-item questionnaires they differed by only one score point. The mean scores standardized to 0–100 were higher on the short forms than the original CPQ11–14 (p 11–14 scores (0.87–0.98; p Conclusion All short forms demonstrated excellent criterion validity and good construct validity. The reliability coefficients exceeded standards for group-level comparisons. However, these are preliminary findings based on the convenience sampling and further testing in replicated studies involving clinical and general samples of children in

  1. Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Antifungal efficacy of Chitosan as endodontic irrigant against Enterococcus Faecalis and Candida Albicans Biofilm formed on tooth substrate. (United States)

    Yadav, Pankaj; Chaudhary, Sarika; Saxena, Rajendra K; Talwar, Sangeeta; Yadav, Sudha


    Bacterial biofilms formed on the root canal wall are often difficult to remove. This study aimed to evaluate the cytotoxic effect and antibacterial efficacy of chitosan when used as root canal irrigant against E. Faecalis and Candida albicans biofilm formed on tooth substrate. The present study evaluated antibacterial effect of 0.25% Chitosan, 0.5% Chitosan, 2% chlorhexidine and 3% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis and Candida Albicans. Agar-well diffusion methods, minimal inhibitory concentration tests and biofilm susceptibility assays were used to determine antibacterial activity. Teeth specimens were sectioned to obtain a standardized tooth length of 12mm. Specimens were inoculated with 10 mL of the freshly prepared E. Faecalis suspension and Candida albicans for 4 weeks. The specimens were then instrumented with ProTaper rotary files F3 size. After irrigation with test solution, three sterile paper points were placed into one canal, left for 60 s and transferred to a test tube containing 1 mL of reduced transport fluid. The number of CFU in 1 mL was determined. 3-week biofilm qualitative assay showed complete inhibition of bacterial growth with 3% Sodium hypochlorite, 2% Chlorhexidine and Chitosan except saline, which showed presence of bacterial growth. Significant reduction of colony forming units (CFU)/mL was observed for the chitosan groups and the antibacterial activity of the chitosan groups was at par with 3% NaOCl and 2% Chlorhexidine. It was observed that the chitosan showed no cytotoxicity at 3mg/ml and 10% cytotoxicity at 6mg/ml. The use of chitosan as a root canal irrigant might be an alternative considering the various undesirable properties of NaOCl and chlorhexidine. Key words:Biofilm, Candida albicans, Chitosan, Cytotoxicity, Enterococcus faecalis.

  2. Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Antifungal efficacy of Chitosan as endodontic irrigant against Enterococcus Faecalis and Candida Albicans Biofilm formed on tooth substrate (United States)

    Yadav, Pankaj; Saxena, Rajendra K.; Talwar, Sangeeta; Yadav, Sudha


    Background Bacterial biofilms formed on the root canal wall are often difficult to remove. This study aimed to evaluate the cytotoxic effect and antibacterial efficacy of chitosan when used as root canal irrigant against E. Faecalis and Candida albicans biofilm formed on tooth substrate. Material and Methods The present study evaluated antibacterial effect of 0.25% Chitosan, 0.5% Chitosan, 2% chlorhexidine and 3% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis and Candida Albicans. Agar-well diffusion methods, minimal inhibitory concentration tests and biofilm susceptibility assays were used to determine antibacterial activity. Teeth specimens were sectioned to obtain a standardized tooth length of 12mm. Specimens were inoculated with 10 mL of the freshly prepared E. Faecalis suspension and Candida albicans for 4 weeks. The specimens were then instrumented with ProTaper rotary files F3 size. After irrigation with test solution, three sterile paper points were placed into one canal, left for 60 s and transferred to a test tube containing 1 mL of reduced transport fluid. The number of CFU in 1 mL was determined. Results 3-week biofilm qualitative assay showed complete inhibition of bacterial growth with 3% Sodium hypochlorite, 2% Chlorhexidine and Chitosan except saline, which showed presence of bacterial growth. Significant reduction of colony forming units (CFU)/mL was observed for the chitosan groups and the antibacterial activity of the chitosan groups was at par with 3% NaOCl and 2% Chlorhexidine. It was observed that the chitosan showed no cytotoxicity at 3mg/ml and 10% cytotoxicity at 6mg/ml. Conclusions The use of chitosan as a root canal irrigant might be an alternative considering the various undesirable properties of NaOCl and chlorhexidine. Key words:Biofilm, Candida albicans, Chitosan, Cytotoxicity, Enterococcus faecalis. PMID:28298975

  3. Evaluation of patient-perceived health status using the Medical Outcomes Survey Short-Form 36 in an intensive care unit population. (United States)

    Welsh, C H; Thompson, K; Long-Krug, S


    Baseline patient functional status as assessed by providers is correlated with mortality after intensive care unit (ICU) admission. We wanted to see if patient self-perception of health status before admission to an ICU correlated with functional outcome. Prospective survey on a convenience sample. Single urban university-affiliated Veterans Affairs Medial Center. One hundred ninety-nine patients in surgical and medical/coronary ICUs. None. Patient-assessed baseline health status was monitored with the Medical Outcome Survey Short-Form 36 (SF-36), consisting of 36 questions that evaluate eight health status concepts. In addition, baseline functional status (Zubrod scale) was determined and severity of illness (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation [APACHE] II) data were collected. Zubrod functional status, which includes mortality, was determined 6 wks and 6 months after ICU admission, and correlation coefficients were calculated. We found it feasible to collect SF-36 health status data on a 9% sample in this setting. Less than 1% of responses were completed by proxy. The SF-36 data were internally consistent, and several of its scales including general health perception and physical functioning correlated with patient Zubrod functional status (r2 = .08, p vitality (r2 = .04, p measurement. The five-question general health evaluation portion correlated almost as well with outcome as the more extensive 36-item questionnaire. Use of the SF-36 may define patient populations for comparison across hospitals. It may also target individuals with needs for additional posthospitalization care, including rehabilitation services or nursing home placement.

  4. Feasibility of poly (ϵ-caprolactone-co-DL-lactide) as a biodegradable material for in situ forming implants: evaluation of drug release and in vivo degradation. (United States)

    Zhang, Xiaowei; Zhang, Chong; Zhang, Wei; Meng, Shu; Liu, Danhua; Wang, Ping; Guo, Jing; Li, Jianxin; Guan, Yanmin; Yang, Dan


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the technical feasibility of poly (ϵ-caprolactone-co-DL-lactide), P (CL/DL-LA), for injectable in situ forming implants (ISFI). The ISFI was prepared by dissolving P (CL/DL-LA) in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), and Testosterone undecanoate (TU) was used as model drug. The effect of various polymer concentrations, molecular weights (Mws) and drug loads on the drug release from the TU-loaded ISFI systems was investigated in vitro. The release of TU-loaded ISFI was also evaluated in rats. In addition, a subcutaneous rabbit model was used to evaluate the degradation and foreign-body reaction of P (CL/DL-LA) ISFI. The use of higher concentration of P (CL/DL-LA) with higher molecule weight and larger CL:DL-LA monomer ratio for the TU-loaded ISFI gave a slower drug release. The ISFI of 80/20 P (CL/DL-LA) (Mw 61 753):NMP 20:80 with 16% TU formulation increased serum testosterone levels in rats over a period of three months. The in vivo degradation and biocompatibility study of ISFI shows that P (CL/DL-LA) degrades by a process of bulk degradation and that the foreign-body reaction of this biomaterial is relatively mild. In summary, our investigations demonstrate that in situ parenteral drug delivery systems can be obtained from P (CL/DL-LA) solutions.

  5. Comparative Evaluation of Two Final Irrigation Techniques for the Removal of Precipitate Formed by the Interaction between Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine. (United States)

    Metri, Malasiddappa; Hegde, Swaroop; Dinesh, K; Indiresha, H N; Nagaraj, Shruthi; Bhandi, Shilpa H


    To evaluate the effectiveness of two final irrigation techniques for the removal of precipitate formed by the interaction between sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and chlorhexidine (CHX). Sixty freshly extracted human maxillary incisor teeth were taken and randomly divided into three groups, containing 20 teeth each. Group 1 (control group), were irrigated with 5 ml of 2.5% NaOCl and a final flush with 5 ml of 2% chlorhexidine. Group 2 were irrigated with 5 ml of 2.5% NaOCl and 5 ml of 2% chlorhexidine followed by 5 ml of saline and agitated with F-files. Group 3 were irrigated with 5 ml of 2.5% NaOCl and 5 ml of 2% chlorhexidine followed by 5 ml of 15% citric acid and passively agitated with ultrasonics. A thin longitudinal groove was made along the buccal and lingual aspect of the root using diamond disks and split with chisel and mallet. Both halves of the split tooth will be examined under stereomicroscope. Results were tabulated and analyzed statistically using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Mann-Whitney U test. There was a significant difference between the mean values (p sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine irrigation protocol has been practiced since from many years to achieve good results. However, it has adverse effect in the form of precipitate and which is considered to be a carcinogenic in nature, hence this precipitate should be removed.

  6. Arsenic and other oxyanion-forming trace elements in an alluvial basin aquifer: Evaluating sources and mobilization by isotopic tracers (Sr, B, S, O, H, Ra)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vinson, David S., E-mail: [Duke University, Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Box 90227, Durham, NC 27708 (United States); McIntosh, Jennifer C. [University of Arizona, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, 1133 E. James E. Rogers Way, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Dwyer, Gary S.; Vengosh, Avner [Duke University, Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Box 90227, Durham, NC 27708 (United States)


    Highlights: > Elevated natural As and F occur in the Willcox Basin aquifer of Arizona. > Oxyanion-forming elements are derived from volcanic-source aquifer sediments. > Sr isotopes trace sediment sources linked to oxyanion-forming trace elements. > {sup 87}Sr/{sup 86}Sr > 0.720 indicates Proterozoic crystalline-source sediment contributing low As. > Both sediment source and hydrogeochemical evolution (Ca/Na) affect As levels. - Abstract: The Willcox Basin is a hydrologically closed basin in semi-arid southeastern Arizona (USA) and, like many other alluvial basins in the southwestern USA, is characterized by oxic, near-neutral to slightly basic groundwater containing naturally elevated levels of oxyanion-forming trace elements such as As. This study evaluates the sources and mobilization of these oxyanionic trace elements of health significance by using several isotopic tracers of water-rock interaction and groundwater sources ({sup 87}Sr/{sup 86}Sr, {delta}{sup 34}S{sub SO4}, {delta}{sup 11}B, {delta}{sup 2}H, {delta}{sup 18}O, {sup 3}H). Values of {delta}{sup 2}H (-85 per mille to -64 per mille) and {delta}{sup 18}O (-11.8 per mille to -8.6 per mille) are consistent with precipitation and groundwater in adjacent alluvial basins, and low to non-detectable {sup 3}H activities further imply that modern recharge is slow in this semi-arid environment. Large variations in {sup 87}Sr/{sup 86}Sr ratios imply that groundwater has interacted with multiple sediment sources that constitute the basin-fill aquifer, including Tertiary felsic volcanic rocks, Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, and Proterozoic crystalline rocks. In general, low concentrations of oxyanion-forming trace elements and F{sup -} are associated with a group of waters exhibiting highly radiogenic values of {sup 87}Sr/{sup 86}Sr (0.72064-0.73336) consistent with waters in Proterozoic crystalline rocks in the mountain blocks (0.73247-0.75010). Generally higher As concentrations (2-29 {mu}g L{sup -1}), other

  7. Synthesis and evaluation of tetracycline encapsulated in poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) on porous titania formed by using plasma electrolytic oxidation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moon, Seung-Kyun; Kang, Min-Kyung; Im, Su-Yeon; Kim, Kyoung-Nam; Kwon, Jae-Sung [Yonsei University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Despite a relatively high success rate in treating bacterial infection, it is still the major complication following dental implant surgery. Many attempts have been carried out to produce antibacterial effects on implant metals, and there have included coating of antibiotics encapsulated in polymers by using the electro-spray deposition (ESD) method. However, remnant polymer following full release of the medication, resulting in delamination between the surface layers of the implant and newly formed bone, has been a major problem. Hence, different organic polymer of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) were used in this study. Commercially pure titanium was used in this experiment and was anodized to improve biocompatibility. The PLGA was dissolved in dichloromethane along with tetracycline, and the fabricated tetracycline encapsulated in PLGA was then coated on a porous oxide layer of titanium by using the ESD method. The surface characteristics were analyzed, and the antibacterial effects of the specimen were assessed using bacteria of Staphylococcus aereus. Finally, the cytotoxicity and cell proliferation on the surface was evaluated. The results indicated that such titanium formed by a coating of tetracycline encapsulated in PLGA on a porous titania structure exhibited antibacterial effects and was both non-cytotoxic and biocompatible. Also, PLGA seemed to be an ideal candidate as the medium to encapsulate antibiotics or other medications such as growth factors due to its rapid degradation compared to other organic polymer. From this experiment, we conclude that porous titania coated by tetracycline encapsulated in PLGA by using ESD method is appropriate for use in dental or medical implants to prevent the major complication of surgery, infection.

  8. Evaluation of garlic oil in nano-emulsified form: Optimization and its efficacy in high-fat diet induced dyslipidemia in Wistar rats. (United States)

    Ragavan, Gokulakannan; Muralidaran, Yuvashree; Sridharan, Badrinathan; Nachiappa Ganesh, Rajesh; Viswanathan, Pragasam


    Garlic oil nanoemulsion was formulated using ultrasonic emulsification and the optimized garlic oil nanoemulsion ratio (1:2) of oil: surfactant showed spherical, with tiny droplet size 24.9 ± 1.11 nm. It was observed that the prepared nanoemulsion has the zeta potential of -42.63 ± 1.58 mV and a low polydispersity index of 0.2 ± 0.09 with excellent stability. The formulation was subjected to in vivo acute and sub-acute toxicity. In acute toxicity study, single oral administration of 18.63 ml of garlic oil nanoemulsion/kg resulted in immediate mortality. However, garlic oil nanoemulsion (0.46 ml/kg) and tween 80 (0.5 ml/kg) administered rats did not exhibit any toxicity and showed no changes in hematological and histological parameters. Further, both preventive and curative studies of garlic oil nanoemulsion were evaluated in high-fat diet fed dyslipidemic Wistar rats. Garlic oil nanoemulsion administered groups showed a significant effect in reducing the levels of lipid profiles (p garlic oil. Evaluation of lipid deposits in hepatic tissues was analyzed by Oil Red O staining, which revealed that garlic oil nanoemulsion administered rats markedly reduced the fat depots. Our findings suggest that garlic oil nano-emulsified form reduced toxicity and improved efficacy in preventing and treating dyslipidemia. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. The Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale-Parent Form for assessing ADHD: evaluating diagnostic accuracy and determining optimal thresholds using ROC analysis. (United States)

    Thompson, Trevor; Lloyd, Andrew; Joseph, Alain; Weiss, Margaret


    The Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale-Parent Form (WFIRS-P) is a 50-item scale that assesses functional impairment on six clinically relevant domains typically affected in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As functional impairment is central to ADHD, the WFIRS-P offers potential as a tool for assessing functional impairment in ADHD. These analyses were designed to examine the overall performance of WFIRS-P in differentiating ADHD and non-ADHD cases using receiver operating characteristics (ROC) analysis. This is the first attempt to empirically determine the level of functional impairment that differentiates ADHD children from normal controls. This observational study comprised 5-19-year-olds with physician-diagnosed ADHD (n = 476) and non-ADHD controls (n = 202). ROC analysis evaluated the ability of WFIRS-P to discriminate between ADHD and non-ADHD, and identified a WFIRS-P cut-off score that optimises correct classification. Data were analysed for the complete sample, for males versus females and for participants in two age groups (5-12 versus 13-19 years). Area under the curve (AUC) was 0.91 (95% confidence interval 0.88-0.93) for the overall WFIRS-P score, suggesting highly accurate classification of ADHD distinct from non-ADHD. Sensitivity (0.83) and specificity (0.85) were maximal for a mean overall WFIRS-P score of 0.65, suggesting that this is an appropriate threshold for differentiation. DeLong's test found no significant differences in AUCs for males versus females or 5-12 versus 13-19 years, suggesting that WFIRS-P is an accurate classifier of ADHD across gender and age. When assessing function, WFIRS-P appears to provide a simple and effective basis for differentiating between individuals with/without ADHD in terms of functional impairment. Disease-specific applications of QOL research.

  10. A factor analytic study of the Italian National Institute of Health Quality of Life – Core Evaluation Form (ISSQoL-CEF

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Lauriola


    Full Text Available M Lauriola1, R Murri3, M Massella4, M Mirra4, S Donnini4, V Fragola4, J Ivanovic5, M Pavoni6, G Mancini2, R Bucciardini41Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, 2Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy; 3Catholic University of “Sacro Cuore”, Rome, Italy; 4Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy; 5National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, Rome, Italy; 6Ospedale Civile Santa Maria delle Croci, Ravenna, ItalyObjectives: The Italian National Institute of Health Quality of Life – Core Evaluation Form (ISSQoL-CEF is a specific questionnaire measuring health-related quality of life for human immunodeficiency virus-infected people in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy. The main goal of this study was to examine the construct validity of this questionnaire by confirmation of its hypothesized dimensional structure.Methods: Baseline quality of life data from four clinical studies were collected and a confirmatory factor analysis of the ISSQoL-CEF items was carried out. Both first-order and secondorder factor models were tested: Model 1 with nine correlated first-order factors; Model 2 with three correlated second-order factors (Physical, Mental, and Social Health; Model 3 with two correlated second-order factors (Physical and Mental/Social Health; Model 4 with only one second-order factor (General Health.Results: A total of 261 patients were surveyed. Model 1 had a good fit to the data. Model 2 had an acceptable fit to the data and it was the best of all hierarchical models. However, Model 2 fitted the data worse than Model 1.Conclusions: The findings of in this study, consistent with the results of previous study, pointed out the construct validity of the ISSQoL-CEF.Keywords: confirmatory factor analysis, HRQoL, patient-reported outcomes

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  12. Contributors Form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

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    to produce preprints or reprints and translate into languages other than English for sale or free distribution; and 4 the right to republish the work in a collection of articles in any other mechanical or electronic format. We give the rights to the corresponding author to make necessary changes as per the request of the journal, do the rest of the correspondence on our behalf and he/she will act as the guarantor for the manuscript on our behalf. All persons who have made substantial contributions to the work reported in the manuscript, but who are not contributors, are named in the Acknowledgment and have given me/us their written permission to be named. If I/we do not include an Acknowledgment that means I/we have not received substantial contributions from non-contributors and no contributor has been omitted.S NoAuthors' NamesContribution (IJCME Guidelines{1 substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; 2 drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and 3 final approval of the version to be published. Authors should meet conditions 1, 2, and 3}.SignatureDate                              Note: All the authors are required to sign independently in this form in the sequence given above. In case an author has left the institution/country and whose whereabouts are not known, the senior author may sign on his/her behalf taking the responsibility.No addition/deletion/ or any change in the sequence of the authorship will be permissible at a later stage, without valid reasons and permission of the Editor.If the authorship is contested at any stage, the article will be either returned or will not be processed for publication till the issue is solved.Maximum up to 4 authors for short communication and up to 6 authors for original article.

  13. Health-related quality of life prospectively evaluated by the 8-item short form after endovascular repair versus open surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms. (United States)

    Kato, Takayoshi; Tamaki, Mototsugu; Tsunekawa, Tomohiro; Motoji, Yusuke; Hirakawa, Akihiro; Okawa, Yasuhide; Tomita, Shinji


    Open repair for infra-renal abdominal aortic and iliac artery aneurysms (AAAs) is a robust treatment. On the other hand, endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) has been widespread because of its less invasiveness. However, patients after EVAR frequently require postoperative radiographic examinations and may feel anxiety for their endoleaks. We prospectively evaluated Health-related Quality of Life of the patients with these two fashions using the 8-item Short Form (SF-8). From 2011 to 2013, 89 consecutive elective cases of AAAs were treated. They were prospectively divided into EVAR and open repair groups but not randomly. The exclusion criteria were as follows: perioperative status for other surgeries, infectious aneurysm, severely deteriorated conditions, and patients who cannot answer for these questionnaire or show their consent. The SF-8 questionnaire was completed through interviews preoperatively, and at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after treatment. The SF-8 questionnaire was completed for 55 cases [EVAR group (ER): 25, open repair group (OR): 30]. There was no significant difference between these groups regarding patients' characteristics except congestive heart disease. The preoperative scores of the SF-8 were similar in both groups except physical function and social function, which were lower in ER (p 8.0, and 64.0% in ER, and 100, 90.0, 80.0, and 66.6% in OR, respectively. During follow-up, both groups had no AAAs associated death. Regarding changes of the SF-8 scales, there were some trends at physical component summary score (PCS) and mental component summary score (MCS) in ER. The PCS decreased at 1 month, gradually increased at 3 months, and levelled off until 12 months. The MCS increased at 1 and 3 months, but gradually went down and almost stayed at the same level as preoperative one at 12 months. In OR, PCS and MCS decreased at 1 month and after that increased gradually at 3 and 6 months, and stayed the same at 12 months. The MCS recovered to

  14. Continuous production of controlled release dosage forms based on hot-melt extruded gum arabic: Formulation development, in vitro characterization and evaluation of potential application fields. (United States)

    Kipping, Thomas; Rein, Hubert


    Controlled release matrices based on gum arabic are prepared by applying a continuous hot-melt extrusion technology: the pre-mixture consisting of gum arabic and the incorporated API is plasticized by a co-rotating twin-screw extruder, an intermediate strand is formed by a round nozzle. Single dosed matrices are prepared by cutting the semi elastic strand with a rotary fly cutter. Paracetamol and phenazone are used as model drug substances. High drug loadings up to 70% can be realized. Matrices are characterized concerning their crystalline structure, in vitro dissolution, disintegration time and various physical parameters including glass transition temperature (Tg). Release characteristic behavior is mainly influenced by erosion of the matrices. At higher drug loadings also diffusion based transport gain importance. The solubility of the API shows an influence on the erosion rate of the matrix and should therefore be considered during formulation development. Tg is mainly influenced by the solubility of the API in the surrounding matrix. High soluble phenazone shows a decrease, whereas paracetamol addition has nearly no influence on the Tg of the polymeric system. Activation energy (EA) of the glass transition is determined via dynamic mechanical analysis. The addition of APIs leads to a reduction of EA indicating an increased molecular movement at Tg region compared to placebo extrudates. X-ray diffraction is used to determine the crystalline state of the extruded matrices and interaction between matrix and incorporated APIs. The production of thin layer matrices is an interesting option to provide a fast drug delivery to the oral cavity. High mechanical strength combined with fast disintegration times can be a great advantage for the development of oro-dispersible tablets. A great benefit of the evaluated processing technology is the simple adaption of the final dose by varying either the cutting length or the diameter of the nozzle resulting in a cost

  15. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of tinidazole-loaded mPEG-PDLLA (10/90) in situ gel forming system for periodontitis treatment. (United States)

    Tian, Yu; Shen, Yan; Jv, Minli


    Traditional in situ gel forming systems are potential applications for parenteral administration but always accompanied with burst release. To overcome this limitation, the tinidazole (TNZ)-loaded in situ gel forming system using a diblock copolymer, monomethoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(d,l-lactide) (mPEG-PDLLA), was designed. The formulation of the mPEG-PDLLA-based TNZ in situ gel forming system contained 5% (w/w) TNZ, 0.4% glycerol, 5 ml N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) and 35% (w/w) mPEG-PDLLA. The in situ gel forming system showed sustained TNZ release over 192 h with low burst effect (around 7% in the first 8 h) in the in vitro release study. Additionally, in vivo studies were performed on rabbits with ligature-induced periodontitis, and the concentration of TNZ in the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) as well as the pharmacokinetic parameters was calculated and the pharmacological effect of TNZ-loaded in situ gel forming (mPEG-PDLLA)-based system was found effective. Finally, histological studies revealed that the gel was a safe formulation with low irritation. The desirable drug release kinetics combined with the excellent in vivo characteristics highlight the potential of the gel in the treatment of periodontitis. Therefore, these results confirmed that the TNZ-loaded in situ gel forming mPEG-PDLLA-based system could reduce burst release of TNZ and act as a sustained-release and injectable drug depot for periodontitis treatment.

  16. A flow chamber assay for quantitative evaluation of bacterial surface colonization used to investigate the influence of temperature and surface hydrophilicity on the biofilm forming capacity of uropathogenic Escherichia coli

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Thomas Emil; Kingshott, Peter; Palarasah, Yaseelan


    to those found on an implanted device. We have used the method to evaluate the biofilm forming capacity of clinically isolated Escherichia coli on silicone rubber and on silicone rubber containing a hydrophilic coating. It was found that the surface chemistry influenced the colonization of the isolates...

  17. Evaluation of In-House ELISA Using Trypanosoma cruzi Lysate and Recombinant Antigens for Diagnosis of Chagas Disease and Discrimination of Its Clinical Forms (United States)

    Longhi, Silvia A.; Brandariz, Silvia B.; Lafon, Sonia O.; Niborski, Leticia L.; Luquetti, Alejandro O.; Schijman, Alejandro G.; Levin, Mariano J.; Gómez, Karina A.


    The aim of this work was to investigate the potential usefulness of Trypanosoma cruzi lysate, recombinant protein JL7, and peptides P013, R13, JL18, JL19, and P0β as serological markers for human Chagas disease. We analyzed 228 sera from Brazilian Chagas disease patients classified into four clinical groups and 108 from non-chagasic patients. We defined the diagnostic sensitivity, specificity, and Kappa index measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). As previously described, the highest values of diagnostic parameters were achieved for T. cruzi lysate and JL7; peptide P013 showed high specificity but low sensitivity. The other peptides resulted in lower sensitivity and specificity in our ELISA than T. cruzi lysate and JL7 protein. Antibodies against JL7 protein were mainly detected in sera from patients with severe chagasic cardiomyopathy, compared with those from the indeterminate form, whereas peptides failed to discriminate between the clinical forms of the disease. PMID:22855757

  18. Densified waste form and method for forming (United States)

    Garino, Terry J.; Nenoff, Tina M.; Sava Gallis, Dorina Florentina


    Materials and methods of making densified waste forms for temperature sensitive waste material, such as nuclear waste, formed with low temperature processing using metallic powder that forms the matrix that encapsulates the temperature sensitive waste material. The densified waste form includes a temperature sensitive waste material in a physically densified matrix, the matrix is a compacted metallic powder. The method for forming the densified waste form includes mixing a metallic powder and a temperature sensitive waste material to form a waste form precursor. The waste form precursor is compacted with sufficient pressure to densify the waste precursor and encapsulate the temperature sensitive waste material in a physically densified matrix.

  19. Evaluating the connecting members of cold-formed steel structures in reconstruction of earthquake-prone areas in Iran using the AHP methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahdi Bitarafan


    Full Text Available In terms of earthquake risk, Iran is placed among the first 10 countries in the world, and it is located on the earthquake belt of Alpine–Himalaya. But despite the timeworn areas in towns and villages in Iran, the need to study critical situations seems vital. Thus, the use of cold-formed steel structures due to its high execution speed, low consumption of materials, and flexibility of its executing methods seems to be appropriate in order to reconstruct or to rehabilitate vulnerable areas in comparison with other buildings. One of the major weaknesses of cold-formed steel structures is the type of attachment of their members to each other; in this regard, in this study, first various methods of connecting these members were extracted from interviews with experts in the field of earthquake engineering and construction management… by applying the group decision-making method based on a pairwise comparison model. Finally, the preferences and ultimate weights of the indices were determined, and finally, it has been concluded that attaching using bolts is the best method of cold-formed steel attachment in Iran due to its high resistance against earthquake loads and long life span in reconstructing and rehabilitating the earthquake zone.

  20. Testing to evaluate the suitability of waste forms developed for electrometallurgically treated spent sodium-bonded nuclear fuel for disposal in the Yucca Mountain reporsitory.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ebert, W. E.


    The results of laboratory testing and modeling activities conducted to support the development of waste forms to immobilize wastes generated during the electrometallurgical treatment of spent sodium-bonded nuclear fuel and their qualification for disposal in the federal high-level radioactive waste repository are summarized in this report. Tests and analyses were conducted to address issues related to the chemical, physical, and radiological properties of the waste forms relevant to qualification. These include the effects of composition and thermal treatments on the phase stability, radiation effects, and methods for monitoring product consistency. Other tests were conducted to characterize the degradation and radionuclide release behaviors of the ceramic waste form (CWF) used to immobilize waste salt and the metallic waste form (MWF) used to immobilize metallic wastes and to develop models for calculating the release of radionuclides over long times under repository-relevant conditions. Most radionuclides are contained in the binder glass phase of the CWF and in the intermetallic phase of the MWF. The release of radionuclides from the CWF is controlled by the dissolution rate of the binder glass, which can be tracked using the same degradation model that is used for high-level radioactive waste (HLW) glass. Model parameters measured for the aqueous dissolution of the binder glass are used to model the release of radionuclides from a CWF under all water-contact conditions. The release of radionuclides from the MWF is element-specific, but the release of U occurs the fastest under most test conditions. The fastest released constituent was used to represent all radionuclides in model development. An empirical aqueous degradation model was developed to describe the dependence of the radionuclide release rate from a MWF on time, pH, temperature, and the Cl{sup -} concentration. The models for radionuclide release from the CWF and MWF are both bounded by the HLW glass

  1. Non-invasive in vivo evaluation of in situ forming PLGA implants by benchtop magnetic resonance imaging (BT-MRI) and EPR spectroscopy. (United States)

    Kempe, Sabine; Metz, Hendrik; Pereira, Priscila G C; Mäder, Karsten


    In the present study, we used benchtop magnetic resonance imaging (BT-MRI) for non-invasive and continuous in vivo studies of in situ forming poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) implants without the use of contrast agents. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400 was used as an alternative solvent to the clinically used NMP. In addition to BT-MRI, we applied electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to characterize implant formation and drug delivery processes in vitro and in vivo. We were able to follow key processes of implant formation by EPR and MRI. Because EPR spectra are sensitive to polarity and mobility, we were able to follow the kinetics of the solvent/non-solvent exchange and the PLGA precipitation. Due to the high water affinity of PEG 400, we observed a transient accumulation of water in the implant neighbourhood. Furthermore, we detected the encapsulation by BT-MRI of the implant as a response of the biological system to the polymer, followed by degradation over a period of two months. We could show that MRI in general has the potential to get new insights in the in vivo fate of in situ forming implants. The study also clearly shows that BT-MRI is a new viable and much less expensive alternative for superconducting MRI machines to monitor drug delivery processes in vivo in small mammals. Copyright 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Evaluation of Patient Feedback following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy based on Information Described in the Informed Consent form Developed by the Association of Polish Surgeons. (United States)

    Misiak, Piotr; Jabłoński, Sławomir; Lazarek, Jerry; Malinowska, Katarzyna; Santorek-Strumiłło, Edyta; Terlecki, Artur


    The cholecystectomy procedure is the most routinely performed intervention in general surgery. The current international gold standard is via the laparoscopic approach. It is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure; however, it is associated with complications in 1% of cases. The aim of the study was to analyze patient feedback, by means of a survey, to determine how much knowledge patients possessed about their disease state and proposed surgical intervention, based primarily on information contained within the informed consent form developed by the Association of Polish Surgeons. This study involved the participation of 51 patients who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy, indicated by a diagnosis of gallstones, in the years 2014 and 2015. Despite having signed the informed consent form, there was considerable variation among the responses given to the survey by the 51 patients in this study. Some patients' responses were tangential to the questions asked; many patients did not respond to any of the sub points. Given that this study is based on a small sample size of patients, it must be presumed that the process by which the patient declares his or her informed consent requires further consideration with respect to the means by which it is obtained. The authors of this study thus recommend that multimedia resources be harnessed as part of the process of obtaining the informed consent of patients prior to surgical intervention.

  3. Evaluation of oxygen exposure levels and polyphenolic content of red wines using an electronic panel formed by an electronic nose and an electronic tongue. (United States)

    Rodriguez-Mendez, M L; Apetrei, C; Gay, M; Medina-Plaza, C; de Saja, J A; Vidal, S; Aagaard, O; Ugliano, M; Wirth, J; Cheynier, V


    An electronic panel formed by an electronic nose and an electronic tongue has been used to analyse red wines showing high and low phenolic contents, obtained by flash release and traditional soaking, respectively, and processed with or without micro-oxygenation. Four oxygen transfer rate conditions (0.8, 1.9, 8.0, and 11.9 μl oxygen/bottle/day) were ensured by using synthetic closures with controlled oxygen permeability and storage under controlled atmosphere. Twenty-five chemical parameters associated with the polyphenolic composition, the colour indices and the levels of oxygen were measured in triplicate and correlated with the signals registered (seven replicas) by means of the electronic nose and the electronic tongue using partial least squares regression analysis. The electronic nose and the electronic tongue showed particularly good correlations with those parameters associated with the oxygen levels and, in particular, with the influence of the porosity of the closure to oxygen exposure. In turn, the electronic tongue was particularly sensitive to redox species including oxygen and phenolic compounds. It has been demonstrated that a combined system formed from the electronic nose and the electronic tongue provides information about the chemical composition of both the gas and the liquid phase of red wines. This complementary information improves the capacity to predict values of oxygen-related parameters, phenolic content and colour parameters. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Evaluation of Hydroxyl Ion Diffusion in Dentin and Injectable Forms and a Simple Powder-Water Calcium Hydroxide Paste: An in Vitro Study


    Eftekhar, Behrooz; Moghimipour, Eskandar; Eini, Ebrahim; Jafarzadeh, Mansour; Behrooz, Narges


    Background: Intra canal medicaments are used to reduce the number of bacteria and reinfection in endodontic procedures. Calcium Hydroxide was introduced to endodontics by Herman as an intracanal antimicrobial agent. Objectives: The aim of this study was to present an injectable formulation of calcium hydroxide then compare the final pH of this new formulation with Metapaste and evaluate the effect of a mixture of Calcium Hydroxide powder with water on human extracted teeth. Patients and Metho...

  5. Reliability and validity of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) in evaluations of chronic low back pain patients. (United States)

    Tarescavage, Anthony M; Scheman, Judith; Ben-Porath, Yossef S


    The purpose of the current study was to investigate the reliability and concurrent validity of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)-2-Restructured Form (2-RF) (Ben-Porath & Tellegen, 2008/2011) scores in a sample of 811 chronic low back pain patients (346 males, 529 females) beginning treatment in a short-term interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program. We calculated internal consistency coefficients, mean-item correlations, and SEM for all substantive scales, as well as zero-order correlations with collateral medical record information and self-report testing. Results indicated reliability and validity for most of the MMPI-2-RF substantive scales. Implications of these findings and limitations of this study are discussed. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  6. Complex evaluation of clinical and instrumental data for grounding of the tactics of operative treatment in patients with resistant epilepsy forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. A. Gokhman


    Full Text Available Frequent epileptic seizures and side effects of drugs have a significant negative impact on the quality of life. The main goal in the treatment of such patients is not only to decrease the number of attacks and their severity, but also to improve social adaptation. Surgical treatment for some forms of pharmacoresistant epilepsy improves prognosis and enhances the quality of life of patients, and the result depends on the duration of the disease. The main task of the preoperative examination is the most accurate localization of the epileptogenic zone. In the case of proximity or the overlapping of the epileptogenic zone with functionally significant parts of the crust, additional surveys to determine the latter are conducted. The survey may be conducted using non-invasive techniques, such as MRI, functional MRI, positron emission tomography (PET, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT and extracranial electrical stimulation or invasive direct electrical stimulation of the cortex.

  7. A histologic evaluation of retrieved hydroxyapatite-coated blade-form implants using scanning electron, light, and confocal laser scanning microscopies. (United States)

    Takeshita, F; Ayukawa, Y; Iyama, S; Suetsugu, T; Kido, M A


    We histologically examined seven hydroxyapatite-coated (HA) blade implants removed from patients. Four of them radiologically showed severe bone loss and were easily removed with an elevator. Three radiologically showed vertical bone loss and were removed by surgical procedure. Our histological evaluation indicated that coating separation from the HA implants had occurred, and HA coating resorption by bone tissues was suspected in an implant left in situ for 8 years. Several multinucleated giant cells were seen with a few released particles of HA coating at the point lacking bone contact with the HA coating. The presence of microorganisms on and in the HA coating layer was also noted.

  8. [Comparative controlled study on the use of benznidazole, nifurtimox and placebo, in the chronic form of Chagas' disease, in a field area with interrupted transmission. I. Preliminary evaluation]. (United States)

    Coura, J R; de Abreu, L L; Willcox, H P; Petana, W


    A controlled clinical trial was carried out to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy and tolerance of nifurtimox and benznidazole in patients with chronic Chagas' disease. All patients had immunofluorescence and complement fixation reactions positives for T. cruzi antibodies and at least two xenodiagnoses positives in three performed before treatment, and they were submitted to clinical examinations, ECG and X-ray of the heart and esophagus. Of 77 patients studied, 27 were treated with nifurtimox and 26 with benznidazole in the dosage of 5 m/kg/day for 30 consecutive days, and 24 received a placebo in tablets similar to benznidazole. From the 77 patients, 64 (83.1%) accomplished the treatment: 23 (88.4%) with benznidazole, 19 (70.3%) with nifurtimox and 22 (91.6%) with placebo. The patients were evaluated, clinically, serologically and parasitologically (six xenodiagnoses within one year after treatment). The benznidazole group showed only 1.8% of positive xenodiagnoses post-treatment, the nifurtimox 9.6% and the placebo 34.3%. All serologic reactions continued positive and there were no clinical, ECG or X-ray changes one year after treatment.

  9. Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of essential oil terpenes against pathogenic and spoilage-forming bacteria and cell structure-activity relationships evaluated by SEM microscopy. (United States)

    Zengin, Hatice; Baysal, Ayse H


    The antibacterial activity and antioxidant effect of the compounds α-terpineol, linalool, eucalyptol and α-pinene obtained from essential oils (EOs), against pathogenic and spoilage forming bacteria were determined. The antibacterial activities of these compounds were observed in vitro on four Gram-negative and three Gram-positive strains. S. putrefaciens was the most resistant bacteria to all tested components, with MIC values of 2% or higher, whereas E. coli O157:H7 was the most sensitive strain among the tested bacteria. Eucalyptol extended the lag phase of S. Typhimurium, E. coli O157:H7 and S. aureus at the concentrations of 0.7%, 0.6% and 1%, respectively. In vitro cell growth experiments showed the tested compounds had toxic effects on all bacterial species with different level of potency. Synergistic and additive effects were observed at least one dose pair of combination against S. Typhimurium, E. coli O157:H7 and S. aureus, however antagonistic effects were not found in these combinations. The results of this first study are encouraging for further investigations on mechanisms of antimicrobial activity of these EO components.

  10. Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oil Terpenes against Pathogenic and Spoilage-Forming Bacteria and Cell Structure-Activity Relationships Evaluated by SEM Microscopy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice Zengin


    Full Text Available The antibacterial activity and antioxidant effect of the compounds α-terpineol, linalool, eucalyptol and α-pinene obtained from essential oils (EOs, against pathogenic and spoilage forming bacteria were determined. The antibacterial activities of these compounds were observed in vitro on four Gram-negative and three Gram-positive strains. S. putrefaciens was the most resistant bacteria to all tested components, with MIC values of 2% or higher, whereas E. coli O157:H7 was the most sensitive strain among the tested bacteria. Eucalyptol extended the lag phase of S. Typhimurium, E. coli O157:H7 and S. aureus at the concentrations of 0.7%, 0.6% and 1%, respectively. In vitro cell growth experiments showed the tested compounds had toxic effects on all bacterial species with different level of potency. Synergistic and additive effects were observed at least one dose pair of combination against S. Typhimurium, E. coli O157:H7 and S. aureus, however antagonistic effects were not found in these combinations. The results of this first study are encouraging for further investigations on mechanisms of antimicrobial activity of these EO components.

  11. Design and in vitro evaluation of a novel poly(methacrylic acid)/metronidazole antibacterial nanogel as an oral dosage form. (United States)

    Chen, Tao; Chen, Liang; Li, Haicheng; Chen, Yuhui; Guo, Huixin; Shu, Yang; Chen, Zhiyu; Cai, Changhui; Guo, Lina; Zhang, Xianen; Zhou, Lin; Zhong, Qiu


    To overcome the undesirable side-effects of metronidazole (MTZ), ethylene glycol dimethacrylate is used as the cross-linker, and a series of poly(methacrylic acid) (PMAA) nanogels were prepared to load the MTZ. We investigated the morphology, size, in vitro release property in the simulated gastrointestinal medium, long-term antibacterial performance against Bacteroides fragilis, cytotoxicity, stability and activity of this novel MTZ/PMAA nanogel. The results indicate that the MTZ/PMAA nanogel sustained the release of MTZ in long-term antibacterial activity in the simulated gastrointestinal medium. This MTZ/PMAA nanogel exhibits less cytotoxicity than MTZ alone, suggesting that MTZ/PMAA nanogel is a more useful dosage form than MTZ for mild-to-moderate Clostridium difficile infections. The novel aspects of this study include the synthesis of a nanogel and the three-phase study of the release profile, which might be useful for other researchers in this field. Crown Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. Evaluation of P2X7 receptor expression in peripheral lymphocytes and immune profile from patients with indeterminate form of Chagas disease. (United States)

    Souza, Viviane do Carmo Gonçalves; Dos Santos, Joabel Tonellotto; Cabral, Fernanda Licker; Barbisan, Fernanda; Azevedo, Maria Isabel; Dias Carli, Luiz Felipe; de Avila Botton, Sonia; Dos Santos Jaques, Jeandre Augusto; Rosa Leal, Daniela Bitencourt


    Chagas disease (CD) is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, an intracellular protozoan which is a potent stimulator of cell-mediated immunity. In the indeterminate form of CD (IFCD) a modulation between pro- and anti-inflammatory responses establishes a host-parasite adaptation. It was previously demonstrated that purinergic ecto-enzymes regulates extracellular ATP and adenosine levels, influencing immune and inflammatory processes during IFCD. In inflammatory sites ATP, as well as its degradation product, adenosine, function as signaling molecules and immunoregulators through the activation of purinergic receptors. In this work, it was analyzed the gene and protein expression of P2X7 purinergic receptor in peripheral lymphocytes and serum immunoregulatory cytokines from IFCD patients. Gene and protein expression of P2X7 receptor (P2X7R), and serum cytokines (IL-2, IL-10, IL-17 and IFN-γ) were unaltered. However, IFCD group showed significantly higher IL-4 and IL-6 levels while TNF-α was significantly decreased. These results indicate that imune profile of IFCD patients displays anti-inflammatory characteristics, consistent with the establishment of an immunomodulatory response. Further study about the molecular knowledge of P2X7R in IFCD is useful to clarify the participation of purinergic system in the regulatory mechanism which avoid the progression of CD. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Papain wound dressings obtained from poly(vinyl alcohol)/calcium alginate blends as new pharmaceutical dosage form: Preparation and preliminary evaluation. (United States)

    Dutra, J A P; Carvalho, S G; Zampirolli, A C D; Daltoé, R D; Teixeira, R M; Careta, F P; Cotrim, M A P; Oréfice, R L; Villanova, J C O


    Transparent, soft, flexible, mechanically resistant films, which are ideal for use as wound dressings were prepared in the presence of 2% papain, a proteolytic enzyme that can play a role in the chemical debridement of the skin and can accelerate the healing process. The films, based on poly(vinyl alcohol):calcium alginate blends with increasing concentrations of polysaccharide (10, 20, and 30% v/v), were obtained by casting method. FTIR and DSC analyses were performed to assess the composition and miscibility of blends. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elasticity modulus, and elongation at breakpoint were evaluated. The influence of different concentrations of calcium alginate on physical attributes of films like wettability, swelling capacity and mechanical properties was determined. The stability of papain in the films was assessed indirectly by hemolytic activity assay employing direct contact method and confirmed by technique based on blood agar diffusion. Preliminary cytotoxicity was evaluated with the XTT method. The results showed that at the polymer concentrations tested, the blends were miscible. The increase in the content of the calcium alginate increased the wettability and swelling capacity of the films, which is desirable in wound dressings. On the other hand, mechanical resistance decreased without causing breakage of the films during the swelling tests. The hemolytic activity of the films was maintained during the studied period, suggesting the stability of papain in the proposed formulations. Cellular viability indicated that the films were non-toxic. The analysis of the results showed that it is possible to prepare interactive and bioactive wound dressing containing papain from blends of PVA and calcium alginate polymers. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. Comparative evaluation of hydroxyapatite and nano-bioglass in two forms of conventional micro- and nano-particles in repairing bone defects (an animal study). (United States)

    Nosouhian, Saied; Razavi, Mohammad; Jafari-Pozve, Nasim; Rismanchian, Mansour


    Many synthetic bone materials have been introduced for repairing bone defects. The aim of this study is to comparatively evaluate the efficacy of nano-hydroxyapatite (HA) and nano-bioglass bone materials with their traditional micro counterparts in repairing bone defects. In this prospective animal study, four healthy dogs were included. First to fourth premolars were extracted in each quadrant and five cavities in each quadrant were created using trephine. Sixteen cavities in each dog were filled by HA, nano-HA, bioglass, and nano-bioglass and four defects were left as the control group. All defects were covered by a nonrestorable membrane. Dogs were sacrificed after 15, 30, 45, and 60 days sequentially. All 20 samples were extracted by trephine #8 with a sufficient amount of surrounding bone. All specimens were investigated under an optical microscope and the percentage of total regenerated bone, lamellar, and woven bone were evaluated. Data analysis was carried out by SPSS Software ver. 15 and Mann-Whitney U-test (α =0.05). After 15 days, the bone formation percentage showed a significant difference between HA and nano-HA and between HA and bioglass (P bioglass and bioglass and nano-HA and nano-bioglass groups represented a significant difference and nano-bioglass showed the highest rate of bone formation after 30 days (P = 0.01). After 45 days, the bone formation percentage showed a significant difference between nano-bioglass and bioglass and between nano-HA and nano-bioglass groups (P = 0.01). Nano-HA and nano-bioglass biomaterials showed promising results when compared to conventional micro-particles in the repair of bone defects.

  15. Short- and Long-term Evaluation of Dentin-Resin Interfaces Formed by Etch-and-Rinse Adhesives on Plasma-treated Dentin. (United States)

    Hirata, Ronaldo; Sampaio, Camila; Machado, Lucas S; Coelho, Paulo G; Thompson, Van P; Duarte, Simone; Ayres, Ana Paula Almeida; Giannini, Marcelo

    To investigate the influence of atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) treatment on the microtensile dentin bond strength of two etch-and-rinse adhesive systems, after one week and one year of water storage, and additionally to observe the micromorphology of resin/dentin interfaces under scanning electronic microscopy (SEM). The occlusal enamel was removed from third human molars to expose a flat dentin surface. The teeth were then randomly divided into six groups (n = 7), according to two adhesives (Optibond FL and XP-Bond) and three APP treatments (untreated dentin [control], APP application before or after acid etching). After performing the composite resin buildup on bonded dentin, the teeth were sectioned perpendicularly to the bonded interface to obtain beam-shaped specimens (cross-sectional area of ~0.9 mm2). The specimens were tested in tension until failure after one week and one year of water storage (1.0 mm/min rate). Bond strength data were analyzed by three-way ANOVA and Tukey's post-hoc test (α = 0.05%). Bonded beam specimens from each tooth were also prepared for interfacial SEM investigation. At one week, APP treatment applied after acid etching increased the dentin bond strength for XP Bond, while no effect was observed for Optibond FL. After one year, the bond strength of XP Bond decreased in groups where APP was applied after etching. The evaluation time did not influence the bond strength for Optibond FL. One-year evaluation did not show any sign of degradation of interfacial structures in any group. Application of APP to etched dentin combined with a two-step etch-and-rinse adhesive significantly increased bond strength at one week, but the effect was not stable after one year and was adhesive dependent.

  16. A New Water-Soluble Nanomicelle Formed through Self-Assembly of Pectin-Curcumin Conjugates: Preparation, Characterization, and Anticancer Activity Evaluation. (United States)

    Bai, Feng; Diao, Jiajing; Wang, Ying; Sun, Shixin; Zhang, Hongmei; Liu, Yunyun; Wang, Yanqing; Cao, Jian


    Curcumin is a dominating active component of Curcuma longa and has been studied widely because of its prominent biological activities. The extremely low aqueous solubility, stability, and bioavailability of curcumin limit its application in the field of medicine. In this study, we developed pectin-curcumin (PEC-CCM) conjugates that could self-assemble water-soluble nanomicelles in aqueous solution. The structure of PEC-CCM conjugates was characterized by ultraviolet-visible spectra, fluorescence spectra, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and (1)H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The thermal property of PEC-CCM conjugates was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis. It was found that PEC-CCM conjugates had formed nanomicelles in aqueous medium via self-assembly. These nanomicelles were observed as small spheres or ellipsoids and aggregated with a size range of 70-190 nm by transmission electron microscopy analysis. In a solution of nanomicelles, the stability of curcumin was improved, and its antioxidant property was preserved. The anticancer activity of PEC-CCM conjugates was quantified by the MTT [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide] assay using a hepatic cancer cell line (HepG2), a breast cancer cell line (MCF-7), a cervical cancer cell line (HeLa), and a human normal kidney cell line (293A). It was found that the curcumin of PEC-CCM conjugates had a more significant inhibitory effect on cancer cells and was less cytotoxic to normal cells than free curcumin was. PEC-CCM conjugates have great potential for some food and pharmaceutical applications.

  17. Evaluation of Hydroxyl Ion Diffusion in Dentin and Injectable Forms and a Simple Powder-Water Calcium Hydroxide Paste: An in Vitro Study (United States)

    Eftekhar, Behrooz; Moghimipour, Eskandar; Eini, Ebrahim; Jafarzadeh, Mansour; Behrooz, Narges


    Background: Intra canal medicaments are used to reduce the number of bacteria and reinfection in endodontic procedures. Calcium Hydroxide was introduced to endodontics by Herman as an intracanal antimicrobial agent. Objectives: The aim of this study was to present an injectable formulation of calcium hydroxide then compare the final pH of this new formulation with Metapaste and evaluate the effect of a mixture of Calcium Hydroxide powder with water on human extracted teeth. Patients and Methods: A total of 49 extracted human single-canal roots without caries and visible microcracks were included in this study. The teeth were decoronated and length of teeth was measured 1 mm anatomic apex. The canals were prepared using step-back technique. A cavity was created in the middle third of the buccal surface of all roots. The teeth were randomly divided into five groups: Group A (n = 15): In this group the root canals were filled with a mixture of calcium hydroxide powder and distilled water. Group B (n = 15): Included roots that were filled with Metapaste. Group C (n = 15): Root canals of this group were filled with new formulation of calcium hydroxide paste. Group D (negative control, n = 2): Included roots that were filled with a mixture of calcium hydroxide powder and distilled water. Group E (positive control, n = 2): Root canals of this group were filled with a mixture of calcium hydroxide powder and distilled water. Each tooth was immersed in a separate closed container with 4 mL saline for 2 weeks, pH of liquids were measured with an electrical pH meter after 7 and 14 days. The SPSS software (version 13) was used for data analysis. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey tests were used for the statistical evaluation of results. Results: There was no significant difference at 7th day between the groups (P = 0.17) but at 14th day, a significant difference was observed between the groups (P = 0.04). Conclusions: The new formulation of calcium hydroxide with

  18. Development and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of a novel benznidazole liquid dosage form using a quality-by-design approach. (United States)

    Santos Souza, Higo Fernando; Real, Daniel; Leonardi, Darío; Rocha, Sandra Carla; Alonso, Victoria; Serra, Esteban; Silber, Ariel Mariano; Salomon, Claudio Javier


    To develop an alcohol-free solution suitable for children of benznidazole, the drug of choice for treatment of Chagas disease. In a quality-by-design approach, a systematic optimisation procedure was carried out to estimate the values of the factors leading to the maximum drug concentration. The formulations were analysed in terms of chemical and physical stability and drug content. The final preparation was subjected to an in vivo palatability assay. Mice were infected and treated orally in a murine model. The results showed that benznidazole solubility increased up to 18.38 mg/ml in the optimised co-solvent system. The final formulation remained stable at all three temperatures tested, with suitable drug content and no significant variability. Palatability of the preparation was improved by taste masking of BZL. In vivo studies showed that both parasitaemia and mortality diminished, particularly at a dose of 40 mg/kg/day. Quality by design was a suitable approach to formulate a co-solvent system of benznidazole. The in vivo studies confirmed the suitability of the optimised such solutions to diminish both parasitaemia and mortality. Thus, this novel alternative should be taken into account for further clinical evaluation in all age ranges. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. Preparation and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of metformin hydrochloride rectal dosage forms for treatment of patients with type II diabetes. (United States)

    Zaghloul, Abdel-Azim; Lila, Ahmad; Abd-Allah, Fathy; Nada, Aly


    Metformin hydrochloride (MtHCL) is an oral antidiabetic drug and has many other therapeutic benefits. It has poor bioavailability, narrow absorption window and extensive liver metabolism. Moreover, children and elders face difficulty to swallow the commercial oral tablets. Preparation, in vitro/in vivo evaluation of MtHCL suppositories for rectal administration to solve some of these problems. Suppository fatty bases (Witepsol(®), Suppocire(®) and Massa(®); different grades) and PEG bases 1000, 4000 and 6000 (different ratios), were used to prepare rectal suppository formulations each containing 500 mg drug. These were characterized for manufacturing defects, and pharmacotechnical performance and formulations showing superior results were subjected to bioavailability testing in human volunteers compared with the commercial oral tablet (Ref) applying LC-MS/MS developed analytical technique. The preparation method produced suppositories with satisfactory characteristics and free of manufacturing defects. The fatty bases were superior compared with PEG bases regarding the physical characteristics. Three formulations were chosen for bioavailability testing and the results showed comparable bioavailability compared to the Ref. The fatty bases showed superior characteristics compared with the PEG bases. MtHCL formulated in selected fatty bases could be a potential alternative to the commercial oral tablets particularly for pediatric and geriatric patients.

  20. Application of RP–HPLC method in dissolution testing and statistical evaluation by NASSAM for simultaneous estimation of tertiary combined dosages forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yogesh Upadhyay


    Full Text Available A dissolution method with robust high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC analysis for immediate release tablet formulation was developed and validated to meet the requirement as per International Conference on Harmonization (ICH and United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA guidelines. The method involved the use of Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB C18 column, and temperature was maintained at 30 °C. After optimization, the mobile phase was selected as phosphate buffer (KH2PO4, 30 mM : ACN (60:40, v/v with pH 3.0, and retention time Rt was found as 3.24, 4.16, and 2.55 min for paracetamol (PCM, chlorpheniramine maleate (CPM and phenylephrine hydrochloride (PH respectively at 265 nm and at a flow rate of 1 mL/min. The relative standard deviation (%RSD for 6 replicate measurements was found to be less than 2%. Furthermore net analyte signal standard addition method (NASSAM with spectrophotometer was performed for standard and liquid oral suspension. On the basis of selectivity, sensitivity and accuracy analysis, it was confirmed that this novel method could be useful for simultaneous estimation of the given drug combinations. Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA was applied for evaluating the statistical difference between the assay results obtained via both NASSAM and RP–HPLC methods and ultimately no significant difference was found between both the methods. All the methods and results were acceptable and confirmed that the method was suitable for intended use. Keywords: Dissolution, RP–HPLC, Net analyte signal standard addition method, Two-way ANOVA

  1. [Information transmission to the community pharmacist after a patient's discharge from the hospital: setting up of a written medication discharge form, prospective evaluation of its impact, and survey of the information needs of the pharmacists]. (United States)

    Claeys, C; Dufrasne, M; De Vriese, C; Nève, J; Tulkens, P M; Spinewine, A


    Discharge from the hospital is a period at risk for the continuity of patient's medication (seamless pharmaceutical care). The community pharmacist is often the first health care professional seen by the patient after hospital discharge. The clinical pharmacist has potentially a key role in establishing an efficient information transfer from the hospital to the community pharmacy. (1) To develop and, (2) to evaluate the impact of a structured discharge medication form prepared at hospital discharge by the clinical pharmacist and containing information items related to the medication regimen for the community pharmacist, and (3) to survey the information needs of the Belgian community pharmacists to ensure continuity of care after hospitalization. (1) A structured discharge medication form has been developed based on a Literature review and on opinions expressed by community and clinical pharmacists, members of the Belgian Pharmaceutical Union (Association Pharmaceutique Belge) and an ethical committee. (2) A prospective study has been conducted with patients from geriatrics and orthopaedics wards of the University Hospital Dinant-Godinne returning home after hospital discharge with the discharge medication form to be given to their commuiity pharmacist; its use, the reasons for non-use, the perceived impact and the satisfaction of the community pharmacist have been assessed. (3) An on-line survey addressed to all Belgian community pharmacists evaluated their information needs. (1) The final version of the discharge medication form included key information items concerning the hospital, the patient, the discharge treatment (including the type of modifications made as compared to medications taken before admission), and on medication management at home. Some items were excluded because of Lack of perceived utility by pharmacists, confidentiality issues, and respect of patient's freedom of choice. (2) From the 71 medication forms given to patients, 48 were received by

  2. On good ETOL forms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skyum, Sven


    This paper continues the study of ETOL forms and good EOL forms done by Maurer, Salomaa and Wood. It is proven that binary very complete ETOL forms exist, good synchronized ETOL forms exist and that no propagating or synchronized ETOL form can be very complete.......This paper continues the study of ETOL forms and good EOL forms done by Maurer, Salomaa and Wood. It is proven that binary very complete ETOL forms exist, good synchronized ETOL forms exist and that no propagating or synchronized ETOL form can be very complete....

  3. Evaluering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wahlgren, Bjarne; Andersen, Michael; Wandall, Jakob

    Idéen til denne bog opstod i forbindelse med undervisningen i evaluering af uddannelse på Århus Universitet. Vi oplevede, at der nok fandtes megen litteratur om evaluering, både på dansk og især engelsk, men ikke meget litteratur, der på en overskuelig og dækkende måde kunne bruges som indføring i...... det brede felt, som bogen dækker. En del dansksproget evalueringslitteratur drejer sig om programevaluering på et mere generelt niveau. Meget af denne litteratur har fokus på offentlig virksomhed, men kun i mindre grad på uddannelse. En del litteratur omhandler evaluering af undervisning, en del har...... fokus på elevers læring. Vi har villet skrive en bog, der dækker hele feltet: Evaluering af læring, undervisning og uddannelse. Vi har med bogen villet skabe overblik over dette omfattende felt, som udvikler sig i mange retninger. Dette ud fra den opfattelse, at evaluering får stadig større betydning...

  4. Modular Forms and Weierstrass Mock Modular Forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amanda Clemm


    Full Text Available Alfes, Griffin, Ono, and Rolen have shown that the harmonic Maass forms arising from Weierstrass ζ-functions associated to modular elliptic curves “encode” the vanishing and nonvanishing for central values and derivatives of twisted Hasse-Weil L-functions for elliptic curves. Previously, Martin and Ono proved that there are exactly five weight 2 newforms with complex multiplication that are eta-quotients. In this paper, we construct a canonical harmonic Maass form for these five curves with complex multiplication. The holomorphic part of this harmonic Maass form arises from the Weierstrass ζ-function and is referred to as the Weierstrass mock modular form. We prove that the Weierstrass mock modular form for these five curves is itself an eta-quotient or a twist of one. Using this construction, we also obtain p-adic formulas for the corresponding weight 2 newform using Atkin’s U-operator.

  5. Expandable gastroretentive dosage forms. (United States)

    Klausner, Eytan A; Lavy, Eran; Friedman, Michael; Hoffman, Amnon


    Expandable gastroretentive dosage forms (GRDFs) have been designed for the past 3 decades. They were originally created for possible veterinary use, but later the design was modified for enhanced drug therapy in humans. These GRDFs are easily swallowed and reach a significantly larger size in the stomach due to swelling or unfolding processes that prolong their gastric retention time (GRT). After drug release, their dimensions are minimized with subsequent evacuation from the stomach. Gastroretentivity is enhanced by the combination of substantial dimensions with high rigidity of the dosage form to withstand the peristalsis and mechanical contractility of the stomach. Positive results were obtained in preclinical and clinical studies evaluating GRT of expandable GRDFs. Narrow absorption window drugs compounded in such systems have improved in vivo absorption properties. These findings are an important step towards the implementation of expandable GRDFs in the clinical setting. The current review deals with expandable GRDFs reported in articles and patents, and describes the physiological basis of their design. Using the dog as a preclinical screening model prior to human studies, relevant imaging techniques and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic aspects of such delivery systems are also discussed.

  6. Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of herbal alternatives (Triphala and green tea polyphenols), MTAD, and 5% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis biofilm formed on tooth substrate: an in vitro study. (United States)

    Prabhakar, J; Senthilkumar, M; Priya, M S; Mahalakshmi, K; Sehgal, P K; Sukumaran, V G


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of Triphala, green tea polyphenols (GTP), MTAD, and 5% sodium hypochlorite against E. faecalis biofilm formed on tooth substrate. Extracted human teeth were biomechanically prepared, vertically sectioned, placed in the tissue culture wells exposing the root canal surface to E. faecalis to form a biofilm. At the end of the 3rd and 6th weeks all groups were treated for 10 minutes with the test solutions and control and were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative assay with 3-week biofilm showed complete inhibition of bacterial growth with Triphala, MTAD and NaOCl, except GTP and saline, which showed presence of bacterial growth. In quantitative analysis, GTP- and saline-treated tooth samples have shown 1516 +/- 17.2 CFU/mL, 156.4 x 10(9) +/- 3.1 x 10(9) CFU/mL respectively. Qualitative assay with 6-week biofilm showed growth when treated with Triphala, GTP and MTAD whereas NaOCl has shown complete inhibition. All groups except NaOCl showed eight log reduction when compared to control when analyzed quantitatively. 5% sodium hypochlorite showed maximum antibacterial activity against E. Faecalis biofilm formed on tooth substrate. Triphala, green tea polyphenols and MTAD showed statistically significant antibacterial activity. The use of herbal alternatives as a root canal irrigant might prove to be advantageous considering the several undesirable characteristics of NaOCl.

  7. Formulation development and evaluation of fast disintegrating tablets of salbutamol sulphate, cetirizine hydrochloride in combined pharmaceutical dosage form: a new era in novel drug delivery for pediatrics and geriatrics. (United States)

    Sharma, Deepak; Singh, Gurmeet; Kumar, Dinesh; Singh, Mankaran


    The objective of the present study was to prepare the fast disintegrating tablet of Salbutamol Sulphate, Cetirizine Hydrochloride in combined tablet dosage form for respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, and coughing for pediatrics and geriatrics. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique. Superdisintegrant such as Sodium Starch Glycolate was optimized as 4% on the basis of least disintegration time. Different binders such as MCC and PVP K-30 were optimized along with optimized superdisintegrant concentration. 1% MCC was selected as optimum binder concentration on the basis of least disintegration time. The tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, weight variation, wetting time, disintegration time, and drug content uniformity. Optimized formulation was further evaluated by in vitro dissolution test, drug-excipient compatibility, and accelerated stability study. Percent weight variation and content uniformity were within the acceptable limit. The friability was less than 1%. The wetting time and disintegration time were practically good for all formulations. FTIR studies and accelerated stability study showed that there was no interaction between the drug and excipients. It was concluded that, by employing commonly available pharmaceutical excipients such as superdisintegrants, hydrophilic and swellable excipients and proper filler, a fast disintegrating tablet of Salbutamol Sulphate, Cetirizine Hydrochloride in combined tablet dosage form, were formulated successfully with desired characteristics.

  8. Image forming apparatus

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    An image H(x, y) for displaying a target image G(x, y) is displayed on a liquid-crystal display panel and illumination light from an illumination light source is made to pass therethrough to form an image on a PALSLM. Read light hv is radiated to the PALSLM and a phase-modulated light image alpha...... (x, y) read out of the PALSLM is subjected to Fourier transform by a lens. A phase contrast filter gives a predetermined phase shift to only the zero-order light component of Fourier light image alpha f(x, y). The phase-shifted light image is subjected to inverse Fourier transform by a lens...... to project an output image O(x, y) to an output plane. A light image O'(x, y) branched by a beam sampler is picked up by a pickup device and an evaluation value calculating unit evaluates conformity between the image O(x, y) and the image G(x, y).; A control unit performs feedback control of optical...

  9. Experimental evaluation of quantum computing elements (qubits) made of electrons trapped over a liquid helium film; Evaluation experimentale d'elements de calcul quantique (qubit) formes d'electrons pieges sur l'helium liquide

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rousseau, E


    An electron on helium presents a quantized energy spectrum. The interaction with the environment is considered sufficiently weak in order to allow the realization of a quantum bit (qubit) by using the first two energy levels. The first stage in the realization of this qubit was to trap and control a single electron. This is carried out thanks to a set of micro-fabricated electrodes defining a well of potential in which the electron is trapped. We are able with such a sample to trap and detect a variables number of electrons varying between one and around twenty. This then allowed us to study the static behaviour of a small number of electrons in a trap. They are supposed to crystallize and form structures called Wigner molecules. Such molecules have not yet been observed yet with electrons above helium. Our results bring circumstantial evidence for of Wigner crystallization. We then sought to characterize the qubit more precisely. We sought to carry out a projective reading (depending on the state of the qubit) and a measurement of the relaxation time. The results were obtained by exciting the electron with an incoherent electric field. A clean measurement of the relaxation time would require a coherent electric field. The conclusion cannot thus be final but it would seem that the relaxation time is shorter than calculated theoretically. That is perhaps due to a measurement of the relaxation between the oscillating states in the trap and not between the states of the qubit. (author)

  10. Evaluation of Incontinence after Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Using the International Consultation on Incontinence Modular Questionnaire Short Form and Noting the Number of Safety Pads Needed by Japanese Patients. (United States)

    Hikita, Katsuya; Honda, Masashi; Kawamoto, Bunya; Tsounapi, Panagiota; Muraoka, Kuniyasu; Sejima, Takehiro; Takenaka, Atsushi


    The definition of continence after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP) has not been consistently defined, with many studies only noting the amount of safety pads used. We therefore examined what definition of continence would be appropriate, employing both the International Consultation on Incontinence Modular Questionnaire Short Form (ICIQ-SF) and the number of pads used by patients. We also evaluated the relationship between the number of pads used and degree of incontinence. Patients who underwent RARP between October 2010 and July 2014 in our department were included in the present study. All patients were evaluated by ICIQ-SF and the number of pads used 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after surgery. Frequency of incontinence and amount of incontinence were evaluated by ICIQ-SF Questions 1 and 2 respectively at 12 months. Quality of life (QOL) was evaluated by ICIQ-SF Question 3 at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after RARP. The overall study population was 156 patients. In Question 1, 19 patients answered that they leaked urine several times a day, but 5 patients did not use pads, and 8 patients were using only 1 pad a day. In Question 2, 8 patients answered that they leaked a moderate amount of urine, but 2 patients did not use any pads, and 3 patients used only 1 pad a day. QOL showed significant differences between using no pad, 1 pad, or ≥ 2 pads at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after RARP. Simply noting the number of pads used by a patient is an insufficient way to evaluate incontinence after RARP. Assessment by an appropriate questionnaire is also needed.

  11. Manufacturing processes 4 forming

    CERN Document Server

    Klocke, Fritz


    This book provides essential information on metal forming, utilizing a practical distinction between bulk and sheet metal forming. In the field of bulk forming, it examines processes of cold, warm and hot bulk forming, as well as rolling and a new addition, the process of thixoforming. As for the field of sheet metal working, on the one hand it deals with sheet metal forming processes (deep drawing, flange forming, stretch drawing, metal spinning and bending). In terms of special processes, the chapters on internal high-pressure forming and high rate forming have been revised and refined. On the other, the book elucidates and presents the state of the art in sheet metal separation processes (shearing and fineblanking). Furthermore, joining by forming has been added to the new edition as a new chapter describing mechanical methods for joining sheet metals. The new chapter “Basic Principles” addresses both sheet metal and bulk forming, in addition to metal physics, plastomechanics and computational basics; ...

  12. Spray-formed tooling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McHugh, K.M.; Key, J.F.


    The United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) has formed a partnership with the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) to develop a process for the rapid production of low-cost tooling based on spray forming technology developed at the INEL. Phase 1 of the program will involve bench-scale system development, materials characterization, and process optimization. In Phase 2, prototype systems will be de signed, constructed, evaluated, and optimized. Process control and other issues that influence commercialization will be addressed during this phase of the project. Technology transfer to USCAR, or a tooling vendor selected by USCAR, will be accomplished during Phase 3. The approach INEL is using to produce tooling, such as plastic injection molds and stamping dies, combines rapid solidification processing and net-shape materials processing into a single step. A bulk liquid metal is pressure-fed into a de Laval spray nozzle transporting a high velocity, high temperature inert gas. The gas jet disintegrates the metal into fine droplets and deposits them onto a tool pattern made from materials such as plastic, wax, clay, ceramics, and metals. The approach is compatible with solid freeform fabrication techniques such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and laminated object manufacturing. Heat is extracted rapidly, in-flight, by convection as the spray jet entrains cool inert gas to produce undercooled and semi-solid droplets. At the pattern, the droplets weld together while replicating the shape and surface features of the pattern. Tool formation is rapid; deposition rates in excess of 1 ton/h have been demonstrated for bench-scale nozzles.

  13. Maass Forms and Quantum Modular Forms (United States)

    Rolen, Larry

    This thesis describes several new results in the theory of harmonic Maass forms and related objects. Maass forms have recently led to a flood of applications throughout number theory and combinatorics in recent years, especially following their development by the work of Bruinier and Funke the modern understanding Ramanujan's mock theta functions due to Zwegers. The first of three main theorems discussed in this thesis concerns the integrality properties of singular moduli. These are well-known to be algebraic integers, and they play a beautiful role in complex multiplication and explicit class field theory for imaginary quadratic fields. One can also study "singular moduli" for special non-holomorphic functions, which are algebraic but are not necessarily algebraic integers. Here we will explain the phenomenon of integrality properties and provide a sharp bound on denominators of symmetric functions in singular moduli. The second main theme of the thesis concerns Zagier's recent definition of a quantum modular form. Since their definition in 2010 by Zagier, quantum modular forms have been connected to numerous different topics such as strongly unimodal sequences, ranks, cranks, and asymptotics for mock theta functions. Motivated by Zagier's example of the quantum modularity of Kontsevich's "strange" function F(q), we revisit work of Andrews, Jimenez-Urroz, and Ono to construct a natural vector-valued quantum modular form whose components. The final chapter of this thesis is devoted to a study of asymptotics of mock theta functions near roots of unity. In his famous deathbed letter, Ramanujan introduced the notion of a mock theta function, and he offered some alleged examples. The theory of mock theta functions has been brought to fruition using the framework of harmonic Maass forms, thanks to Zwegers. Despite this understanding, little attention has been given to Ramanujan's original definition. Here we prove that Ramanujan's examples do indeed satisfy his

  14. Clinical evaluation of the combination of anorganic bovine-derived hydroxyapatite matrix/cell-binding peptide (P-15) in particulate and hydrogel form as a bone replacement graft material in human periodontal osseous defects: 6-month reentry controlled clinical study. (United States)

    Matos, Sérgio M; Guerra, Fernando A; Krauser, Jack; Marques, Francisco; Ermida, Jorge M; Sanz, Mariano


    This prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial study compared the clinical outcomes of the biomaterial anorganic bovine-derived hydroxyapatite matrix/cell-binding peptide (ABM/P-15) as a biocompatible hydrogel carrier consisting of carboxymethylcellulose and glycerol or in particulate form when used as a bone replacement graft in the treatment of human periodontal infrabony defects. Nineteen patients with advanced chronic periodontitis were recruited. All patients had at least two non-adjacent intrabony osseous defects > or = 3 mm after completion of cause-related periodontal therapy. The surgical procedures included access flaps for root instrumentation and filling the defect with ABM/P-15 in hydrogel or particulate form. Reentry access flap surgery was performed at 6 months. Changes in soft and hard tissue outcome measurements between baseline and 6 months were evaluated in all defects. At 6 months, no significant differences between ABM/P-15 hydrogel and ABM/P-15 particulate were demonstrated for the amount of defect fill (3.10 +/- 0.85 mm [75.0%] versus 3.09 +/- 1.11 mm [73.7%], respectively) or defect resolution (85.8% versus 81.9%). Changes in soft tissue clinical outcomes did not show significant differences between the treatments. This trial failed to demonstrate superiority of the novel ABM/P-15 hydrogel therapeutic modality over the standard ABM/ P-15 particulate graft in the treatment of intrabony periodontal defects.

  15. Forms of Arthritis (United States)

    ... this page please turn Javascript on. Forms of Arthritis Past Issues / Fall 2006 Table of Contents Today, ... of Linda Saisselin Osteoarthritis (OA) — the form of arthritis typically occurring during middle or old age, this ...

  16. Form postponement: a reconceptualization




    Form postponement has been widely acknowledged as one of the main avenues to mitigate the adverse effects of product proliferation or customization on operational performance. As it often happens with long debated concepts, the proposed definitions of form postponement sometimes display substantial differences. This paper aims at moving a step forward towards a more precise definition of form postponement in the domain of tangible products. A first result on this way is that form postponement...

  17. Unified form language

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alnæs, Martin S.; Logg, Anders; Ølgaard, Kristian Breum


    We present the Unied Form Language (UFL), which is a domain-specic language for representing weak formulations of partial dierential equations with a view to numerical approximation. Features of UFL include support for variational forms and functionals, automatic dierentiation of forms and expres...... libraries to generate concrete low-level implementations. Some application examples are presented and libraries that support UFL are highlighted....

  18. Modular forms on Schiermonnikoog

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Edixhoven, B.; van der Geer, G.; Moonen, B.


    Modular forms are functions with an enormous amount of symmetry that play a central role in number theory, connecting it with analysis and geometry. They have played a prominent role in mathematics since the 19th century and their study continues to flourish today. Modular forms formed the

  19. Mesonic Form Factors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frederic D. R. Bonnet; Robert G. Edwards; George T. Fleming; Randal Lewis; David Richards


    We have started a program to compute the electromagnetic form factors of mesons. We discuss the techniques used to compute the pion form factor and present preliminary results computed with domain wall valence fermions on MILC asqtad lattices, as well as Wilson fermions on quenched lattices. These methods can easily be extended to rho-to-gamma-pi transition form factors.

  20. Avaliação biofarmacotécnica in vitro de formas farmacêuticas sólidas contendo doxiciclina In vitro biopharmaceutical evaluation of solid dosage forms containing doxycycline

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geysa Aguiar


    Full Text Available A absorção de fármacos a partir de formas farmacêuticas sólidas, administradas por via oral, depende de sua liberação, da dissolução ou solubilização dos mesmos em condições fisiológicas e da permeabilidade das membranas do trato gastrintestinal. Portanto, a dissolução in vitro é fundamental para se prever o desempenho in vivo do fármaco. Pretendeu-se neste trabalho, realizar avaliação biofarmacotécnica in vitro através de testes físico-químicos e avaliação da cinética e eficiência de dissolução de quatro lotes de duas formulações do mercado nacional contendo 100 mg de doxiciclina. Utilizou-se o método descrito pela Farmacopéia Americana para realização do ensaio de dissolução. A análise da cinética de dissolução foi avaliada por meio dos parâmetros k s (constante de velocidade de dissolução e t50% (tempo necessário para dissolução de 50% do fármaco presente na forma farmacêutica. Calculou-se, também, a eficiência de dissolução (ED%. De acordo com os resultados obtidos, verificou-se que todas as amostras avaliadas apresentaram-se de acordo com os compêndios oficiais no que se referiu a peso médio, teor de fármaco, uniformidade de conteúdo e teste de dissolução. Em relação à cinética de dissolução observou-se que todos os produtos apresentaram cinética de primeira ordem. Para a eficiência de dissolução encontraram-se valores entre 58,48% e 78,39%.The process of drug absorption from solid dosage forms following oral administration depends on drug delivery from dosage form, its dissolution in gastrointestinal conditions and permeation through the intestinal membrane. Therefore, in vitro dissolution is very important to predict the in vivo performance of a drug contained in a solid dosage form. The purpose of this study was to perform an in vitro biopharmaceutical evaluation, through physicochemical, dissolution kinetics and dissolution efficacy tests of four batches of two

  1. Forms of Life, Forms of Reality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piergiorgio Donatelli


    Full Text Available The article explores aspects of the notion of forms of life in the Wittgensteinian tradition especially following Iris Murdoch’s lead. On the one hand, the notion signals the hardness and inexhaustible character of reality, as the background needed in order to make sense of our lives in various ways. On the other, the hardness of reality is the object of a moral work of apprehension and deepening to the point at which its distinctive character dissolves into the family of connections we have gained for ourselves. The two movements of thought are connected and necessary.

  2. Micro metal forming

    CERN Document Server


    Micro Metal Forming, i. e. forming of parts and features with dimensions below 1 mm, is a young area of research in the wide field of metal forming technologies, expanding the limits for applying metal forming towards micro technology. The essential challenges arise from the reduced geometrical size and the increased lot size. In order to enable potential users to apply micro metal forming in production, information about the following topics are given: tribological behavior: friction between tool and work piece as well as tool wear mechanical behavior: strength and formability of the work piece material, durability of the work pieces size effects: basic description of effects occurring due to the fact, that the quantitative relation between different features changes with decreasing size process windows and limits for forming processes tool making methods numerical modeling of processes and process chains quality assurance and metrology All topics are discussed with respect to the questions relevant to micro...

  3. Gravitation and quadratic forms (United States)

    Ananth, Sudarshan; Brink, Lars; Majumdar, Sucheta; Mali, Mahendra; Shah, Nabha


    The light-cone Hamiltonians describing both pure ( N = 0) Yang-Mills and N = 4 super Yang-Mills may be expressed as quadratic forms. Here, we show that this feature extends to theories of gravity. We demonstrate how the Hamiltonians of both pure gravity and N = 8 supergravity, in four dimensions, may be written as quadratic forms. We examine the effect of residual reparametrizations on the Hamiltonian and the resulting quadratic form.

  4. Gravitation and quadratic forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ananth, Sudarshan [Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Pune 411008 (India); Brink, Lars [Department of Physics, Chalmers University of Technology,S-41296 Göteborg (Sweden); Institute of Advanced Studies and Department of Physics & Applied Physics,Nanyang Technological University,Singapore 637371 (Singapore); Majumdar, Sucheta [Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Pune 411008 (India); Mali, Mahendra [School of Physics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Thiruvananthapuram, Trivandrum 695016 (India); Shah, Nabha [Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Pune 411008 (India)


    The light-cone Hamiltonians describing both pure (N=0) Yang-Mills and N=4 super Yang-Mills may be expressed as quadratic forms. Here, we show that this feature extends to theories of gravity. We demonstrate how the Hamiltonians of both pure gravity and N=8 supergravity, in four dimensions, may be written as quadratic forms. We examine the effect of residual reparametrizations on the Hamiltonian and the resulting quadratic form.

  5. Evaluation of orange-brown precipitate formed in root canals after irrigation with chlorhexidine and QMix and spectroscopic analysis of precipitates produced by a mixture of chlorhexidine/NaOCl and QMix/NaOCl. (United States)

    Arslan, H; Uygun, A D; Keskin, A; Karatas, E; Seçkin, F; Yıldırım, A


    (i) To compare chlorhexidine and QMix(TM) in terms of orange-brown precipitate generation in root canals and (ii) to analyse the precipitate produced by mixing chlorhexidine and QMix(™) with NaOCl to determine whether para-chloroaniline was produced. The root canals of 57 single-rooted anterior teeth were prepared using ProTaper Universal rotary instruments up to size F4. Two millilitres of 2.5% NaOCl was used between each instrument change. The specimens were then divided randomly into three groups (n = 19) and irrigated as follows: group 1, 5 mL of distilled water (control group) for 60 s; group 2, 5 mL of 2% chlorhexidine for 60 s; and group 3, 5 mL of QMix for 60 s. The roots were split longitudinally, and one of the halves was photographed using a stereomicroscope. The amount of orange-brown precipitate was evaluated using a four-grade scoring system. The data were analysed statistically using the Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U-tests (P = 0.05). To evaluate whether the precipitates included para-chloroaniline, 5 mL of 2% chlorhexidine and 5 mL QMix were separately mixed with 5 mL of 2.5% NaOCl in two flasks. After centrifugation, precipitates were obtained and analysed using (1) H NMR spectra. The data were subjected to statistical analysis using the Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney tests at a 95% confidence level (P = 0.05). Chlorhexidine had significantly higher scores than QMix(™) in terms of orange-brown precipitate formed in the root canals (P chlorhexidine and NaOCl. However, the mixture of QMix(™) and NaOCl did not result in para-chloroaniline formation. QMix(™) does not form para-chloroaniline when associated with NaOCl. © 2014 International Endodontic Journal. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Electronic Capitalization Asset Form - (United States)

    Department of Transportation — National Automated Capitalization Authorization Form used by ATO Engineering Services, Logistics, Accounting for the purpose of identifying and capturing FAA project...

  7. Cooperative Station History Forms (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Various forms, photographs and correspondence documenting the history of Cooperative station instrumentation, location changes, inspections, and...

  8. Isotropy of quadratic forms

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    V. Suresh University Of Hyderabad Hyderabad


    Oct 31, 2008 ... Polynomials f (X1,··· ,Xn) − −− polynomial. V. Suresh University Of Hyderabad Hyderabad. Isotropy of quadratic forms ..... Historically, the study of quadratic forms was part of number theory; Minkowski, Siegel, Hasse, Eichler, Kneser and .... For example Z/pZ, p a prime number. V. Suresh University Of ...

  9. Mastering HTML5 forms

    CERN Document Server

    Gupta, Gaurav


    This tutorial will show you how to create stylish forms, not only visually appealing, but interactive and customized, in order to gather valuable user inputs and information.Enhance your skills in building responsive and dynamic web forms using HTML5, CSS3, and related technologies. All you need is a basic understanding of HTML and PHP.

  10. PowerForms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brabrand, Claus; Møller, Anders; Ricky, Mikkel


    All uses of HTML forms may benefit from validation of the specified input field values. Simple validation matches individual values against specified formats, while more advanced validation may involve interdependencies of form fields. There is currently no standard for specifying or implementing...

  11. Development and Preliminary Psychometric Evaluation of a Brief Self-Report Questionnaire for the Assessment of the DSM-5 level of Personality Functioning Scale: The LPFS Brief Form (LPFS-BF). (United States)

    Hutsebaut, Joost; Feenstra, Dine J; Kamphuis, Jan H


    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.; DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association, 2013) alternative model for personality disorders (PDs) introduced a new paradigm for the assessment of PDs that includes levels of personality functioning indexing the severity of personality pathology irrespective of diagnosis. In this study, we describe the development and preliminary psychometric evaluation of a newly developed brief self-report questionnaire to assess levels of personality functioning, the Level of Personality Functioning Scale-Brief Form (LPFS-BF; Bender, Morey, & Skodol, 2011). Patients (N = 240) referred to a specialized setting for the assessment and treatment of PDs completed the LPFS-BF, the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI; Derogatis, 1975), the Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118; Verheul et al., 2008), and were administered the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Personality Disorders (SCID-I; APA, 1994; First, Spitzer, Gibbon, & Williams, 1997) and the SCID Axis II Personality Disorders (SCID-II; First, Spitzer, Gibbon, Williams, & Benjamin, 1996). When constrained to a 2-factor oblique solution, the LPFS-BF yielded a structure that corresponded well to an interpretation of Self- and Interpersonal Functioning scales. The instrument demonstrated fair to satisfactory internal consistency and promising construct validity. The LPFS-BF constitutes a short, user-friendly instrument that provides a quick impression of the severity of personality pathology, specifically oriented to the DSM-5 model. Clearly, more research is needed to test its validity and clinical utility. (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  12. Evaluation of IL-12RB1, IL-12B, CXCR-3 and IL-17a expression in cases affected by a non-healing form of cutaneous leishmaniasis: an observational study design (United States)

    Moafi, Mohammad; Rezvan, Hossein; Sherkat, Roya; Taleban, Roya; Asilian, Ali; Zarkesh Esfahani, Seyed Hamid; Nilforoushzadeh, Mohammad Ali; Jaffary, Fariba; Feizi, Awat


    Introduction Seldom cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) may present as a lasting and active lesion(s), known as a non-healing form of CL (NHCL). Non-functional type 1 T helper (Th1) cells are assumed the most important factor in the outcome of the disease. The present study aims to assess some molecular defects that potentially contribute to Th1 impairment in NHCL. Methods and analysis This prospective observational study will be implemented among five groups. The first and second groups comprise patients afflicted with non-healing and healing forms of CL, respectively. The third group consists of those recovered participants who have scars as a result of CL. Those participants who have never lived or travelled to endemic areas of leishmaniasis will comprise the fourth group. The fifth group comprises participants living in hyperendemic areas for leishmaniasis, although none of them have been afflicted by CL. The aim is to recruit 10 NHCL cases and 30 participants in each of the other groups. A leishmanin skin test (LST) will be performed to assess in vivo immunity against the Leishmania infection. The cytokine profile (interleukin (IL)-12p70, interferon (IFN)-γ, C-X-C motif chemokine ligand (CXCL)-11 and IL-17a) of the isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) will be evaluated through ELISA. Real-time PCR will determine the C-X-C motif chemokine receptor (CXCR)-3 and IL-17a gene expression and expression of IL-12Rβ1 will be assessed by flow cytometry. Furthermore, IL-12B and IL-12RB1 mutation analysis will be performed. Discussion It is anticipated that the outcome of the current study will identify IL-12B and IL-12RB1 mutations, which lead to persistent lesions of CL. Furthermore, our expected results will reveal an association between NHCL and pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-12p70, IFN-γ IL-17a and CXCL-11), as well as CXCR-3 expression. Ethics and dissemination This study has been approved by a local ethical committee. The final results will be

  13. NOAA Form 370 Database (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The data set contains information from submitted NOAA Form 370s, also known as the Fisheries Certificate of Origin, for imported shipments of frozen and/or processed...

  14. Forms of Dystonia (United States)

    ... Fellowship Training Program Dystonia Coalition Dystonia Study Group Global Dystonia Registry About Us Mission & History How Will We Find a Cure? People Newsletters & Press Releases Dystonia Dialogue Financials Contact What is Dystonia? Symptoms & Diagnosis Forms ...

  15. VMS forms Output Tables (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These output tables contain parsed and format validated data from the various VMS forms that are sent from any given vessel, while at sea, from the VMS devices on...

  16. Forms of global governence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maxim V. Kharkevich


    Full Text Available Global governance as a concept defines the meaning of contemporary world politics both as a discipline and as reality. Interdependent and globalized world requires governance, and a global government has not been formed yet. The theoretical possibility of global governance without global government is proved and justified. The purpose of this article is to analytically identify possible forms of global governance. Three such forms of global governance are identified: hierarchical, market and network. In a hierarchy the governance is due to the asymmetry of power between the parties. Market control happens via anonymous pricing mechanism. Network, in contrast to the market is characterized by a closer value link between the actors, but unlike the hierarchical relationship actors are free to leave the network. Global governance takes three forms and is being implemented by different actors. To determine the most efficient form of global governance is impossible. Efficiency depends on the match between a form and an object of government. It should be noted that meta governance is likely to remain a monopoly of institutionally strong states in global governance.

  17. A new lubricant carrier for metal forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Arentoft, Mogens; Bay, Niels; Tang, Peter Torben


    with a sponge-like structure, The pores will actas lubricant reservoirs during severe forming processes. The deposited microporous layer is evaluated by friction tests in the form of ring compression tests and double cup extrusion tests. Furthermore the anti-seizure properties are investigated by single cup...

  18. Sixth form pure mathematics

    CERN Document Server

    Plumpton, C


    Sixth Form Pure Mathematics, Volume 1, Second Edition, is the first of a series of volumes on Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics for Sixth Form students whose aim is entrance into British and Commonwealth Universities or Technical Colleges. A knowledge of Pure Mathematics up to G.C.E. O-level is assumed and the subject is developed by a concentric treatment in which each new topic is used to illustrate ideas already treated. The major topics of Algebra, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, and Trigonometry are developed together. This volume covers most of the Pure Mathematics required for t

  19. Gastroretentive dosage forms. (United States)

    Moës, A J


    This article begins with a review of gastric emptying, small intestine transit, and colonic transit of drug delivery systems with special attention paid to the different physiological processes involved in stomach emptying and to the cut-off size of nondigestible solids for passage through the gastroduodenal junction during the digestive phase. Then, the proposed means for prolonging the gastric residence time (GRT) of drug delivery systems are reviewed and analyzed with special emphasis on floating (F) dosage forms. The following means are discussed: the use of passage-delaying agents, large single-unit dosage forms, bioadhesive drug delivery systems, "heavy" pellets, and buoyant forms. In the section devoted to bioadhesive forms, the influence of the turnover time of the intestinal mucus gel layer on the performance of mucoadhesive preparations is pointed out to explain the poor results obtained in humans with such peroral products. The use of a specifically designed apparatus for measuring the total force acting vertically on an object immersed in a liquid is presented as a methodology for selecting optimized buoyant formations in vitro. Scintigraphic studies are described in nonfasting human volunteers either in upright or in supine posture, who concurrently were given one optimized F and one nonfloating (NF) hydrophilic matrix capsules of the same size, for three different sizes (small, medium, and large). In upright subjects, the F forms stayed continuously above the gastric contents irrespective of their size, whereas the NF ones sank rapidly after administration and never rose back to the surface thereafter. Consequently, the F forms show prolonged and more reproducible GRTs compared to the NF ones. The significance and extent of this prolongation are the most marked for the small size units (p 0.05). Moreover, there is no significant difference between the mean GRTs of the small, medium, and large F units (p > 0.05). This indirectly confirms that the

  20. Circle of Form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jaeger, Thomas Arvid


    of architecture, design, art, art theory, and perception. It was then obvious in related areas to look for systems or models which organized opposites. The colour system has the same fundamental dualistic structure based on complementary colours, on light and dark (black and white), cold and warm. Inspired...... by this model, and using the knowledge gathered from the other areas, especially perception psychology, it showed to be a possible way to organize contrasts in form, a system of 4 different opposites, geometric, organic, mass and structure: The Circle of Form....

  1. Compacted Solid Dosage Form

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Frijlink, Henderik W.; Hinrichs, Wouter; Grasmeijer, Floris


    The present invention relates to dosage forms comprising a compressed blend of a biologically active ingredient, one or more polymers like a poly(α-hydroxy carboxylic acid) in which optionally is incorporated a glass transition modifying agent, and optional further ingredients, wherein the polymer

  2. Fra tanke til form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Der er gået 20 år siden Aalborg og Nordjylland i 1997 fik sin egen, unikke civilingeniøruddannelse i form af Arkitektur & Design-uddannelsen ved Aalborg Universitet. Hele forløbet er nu dokumenteret i en jubilæumsbog, der fortæller om hvordan uddannelsen i sin tid blev etableret; hvordan undervis...

  3. Metal forming and lubrication

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bay, Niels


    Lubrication is essential in most metal forming processes. The lubricant film has two basic functions, [1]: i. to separate the work piece and tool surfaces and ii. to cool the workpiece and the tool. Separation of the two surfaces implies lower friction facilitating deformation and lowering the tool...

  4. Many Forms of Culture (United States)

    Cohen, Adam B.


    Psychologists interested in culture have focused primarily on East-West differences in individualism-collectivism, or independent-interdependent self-construal. As important as this dimension is, there are many other forms of culture with many dimensions of cultural variability. Selecting from among the many understudied cultures in psychology,…

  5. Sesotho Address Forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akindele, Dele Femi


    Full Text Available Address forms constitute an integral part of Basotho sociolinguistic etiquette. They are regarded as a kind of emotional capital that may be invested in putting others at ease. They are indicators of deference, politeness and markers of social distance. (Fasold 1990, Akindele 1990, 1991, 1993 This paper examines the address forms used by the Basotho people. It analyzes and discusses the various types and the factors determining their use. The discussion of address forms in Sesotho focuses on First Name, Title plus First Name, Title plus Last Name, Nickname, Multiple Names, and Teknonym. Drawing data from semi-literate and literate urban and rural population of Maseru district of Lesotho, it was found that the commonest form of address used by the Basotho people is title plus first name. e.g. ntate Thabo (father Thabo, 'm'e Puleng (mother Puleng, ausi Maneo (sister Maneo, abuti Mahao (brother Mahao. It is used by close relations, associates, and familiar people in both formal and informal situations.

  6. Measuring urban form

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Berghauser Pont, M.Y.


    For many, the notion of ‘measuring urban form’ will sound disturbing. Urban form is about visual images of cities, experiences, feelings, memories of place, thoughts and intellectual constructs anchored in the realm of the arts and the humanities. Anne Vernez Moudon however gives in the paper

  7. Lubricant Test Methods for Sheet Metal Forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bay, Niels; Olsson, David Dam; Andreasen, Jan Lasson


    Sheet metal forming of tribologically difficult materials such as stainless steel, Al-alloys and Ti-alloys or forming in tribologically difficult operations like ironing, punching or deep drawing of thick plate requires often use of environmentally hazardous lubricants such as chlorinated paraffin...... proven successful and has in a number of examples assisted the substitution of environmentally hazardous lubricants by more friendly ones in industrial production....... appearing in different sheet forming operations such as stretch forming, deep drawing, ironing and punching. The laboratory tests have been especially designed to model the conditions in industrial production. Application of the tests for evaluating new lubricants before introducing them in production has...

  8. The Form of Gentrification

    CERN Document Server

    Venerandi, Alessandro; Romice, Ombretta; Porta, Sergio


    Many socioeconomic studies have been carried out to explain the phenomenon of gentrification. Although results of these works shed light on the process around this phenomenon, a perspective which focuses on the relationship between city form and gentrification is still missing. With this paper we try to address this gap by studying and comparing, through classic methods of mathematical statistics, morphological features of five London gentrified neighbourhoods. Outcomes confirm that areas which have undergone gentrification display similar and recognizable morphological patterns in terms of urban type and geographical location of main and local roads as well as businesses. These initial results confirm findings from previous research in urban sociology, and highlight the role of urban form in contributing to shape dynamics of non-spatial nature in cities.

  9. Formed HIP Can Processing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clarke, Kester Diederik [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The intent of this report is to document a procedure used at LANL for HIP bonding aluminum cladding to U-10Mo fuel foils using a formed HIP can for the Domestic Reactor Conversion program in the NNSA Office of Material, Management and Minimization, and provide some details that may not have been published elsewhere. The HIP process is based on the procedures that have been used to develop the formed HIP can process, including the baseline process developed at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The HIP bonding cladding process development is summarized in the listed references. Further iterations with Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) to refine the process to meet production and facility requirements is expected.

  10. Wars of Forms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clausen, Lars


    , both political and military, war between the two forms, the post-napoleonic, Fichtean notion of nationality (1807-8) and the historical notion of imperium. “Nationality” entered the political semantics witch such a force and shook the existing political order of empires to the ground because of its...... households and fragments of earlier political empires, such as the Danish Realm (rigsfællesskab) with Greenland, The Faroe Islands and the Danish State, poses the important question: how did the replacement and re-formation of the European political system happen? I argue, that we can observe a semantic...... and apply appropriate forms of response. To unravel the two complex cases of political ‘management’ of the rise of german nationality, I have to open up the semantic complex of “crown”, “state”, “kingdom”, prince and government, as they are used in governmental, internal communications, dispatches...

  11. Tube-Forming Assays. (United States)

    Brown, Ryan M; Meah, Christopher J; Heath, Victoria L; Styles, Iain B; Bicknell, Roy


    Angiogenesis involves the generation of new blood vessels from the existing vasculature and is dependent on many growth factors and signaling events. In vivo angiogenesis is dynamic and complex, meaning assays are commonly utilized to explore specific targets for research into this area. Tube-forming assays offer an excellent overview of the molecular processes in angiogenesis. The Matrigel tube forming assay is a simple-to-implement but powerful tool for identifying biomolecules involved in angiogenesis. A detailed experimental protocol on the implementation of the assay is described in conjunction with an in-depth review of methods that can be applied to the analysis of the tube formation. In addition, an ImageJ plug-in is presented which allows automatic quantification of tube images reducing analysis times while removing user bias and subjectivity.

  12. How Stars Form (United States)

    McKee, Christopher F.


    Stars are the atoms of the universe. The process by which stars form is at the nexus of astrophysics since they are believed to be responsible for the re-ionization of the universe, they created the heavy elements, they play a central role in the formation and evolution of galaxies, and their formation naturally leads to the formation of planets. Whereas early work on star formation was based on the assumption that it is a quiescent process, it is now believed that turbulence plays a dominant role. In this overview, I shall discuss the evolution of our understanding of how stars form and current ideas about the stellar initial mass function and the rate of star formation.

  13. Coated particle waste form development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oma, K.H.; Buckwalter, C.Q.; Chick, L.A.


    Coated particle waste forms have been developed as part of the multibarrier concept at Pacific Northwest Laboratory under the Alternative Waste Forms Program for the Department of Energy. Primary efforts were to coat simulated nuclear waste glass marbles and ceramic pellets with low-temperature pyrolytic carbon (LT-PyC) coatings via the process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Fluidized bed (FB) coaters, screw agitated coaters (SAC), and rotating tube coaters were used. Coating temperatures were reduced by using catalysts and plasma activation. In general, the LT-PyC coatings did not provide the expected high leach resistance as previously measured for carbon alone. The coatings were friable and often spalled off the substrate. A totally different concept, thermal spray coating, was investigated at PNL as an alternative to CVD coating. Flame spray, wire gun, and plasma gun systems were evaluated using glass, ceramic, and metallic coating materials. Metal plasma spray coatings (Al, Sn, Zn, Pb) provided a two to three orders-of-magnitude increase in chemical durability. Because the aluminum coatings were porous, the superior leach resistance must be due to either a chemical interaction or to a pH buffer effect. Because they are complex, coated waste form processes rank low in process feasibility. Of all the possible coated particle processes, plasma sprayed marbles have the best rating. Carbon coating of pellets by CVD ranked ninth when compared with ten other processes. The plasma-spray-coated marble process ranked sixth out of eleven processes.

  14. Incremental Forming Process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrian Blaga


    Full Text Available This paper comprises an experimental study for a complex geometry part obtained by incremental forming. Due to the process complexity (the presence of forces on three directions—a vertical one and two in the blank's plane, a three axes CNC milling machine, capable of describing the complex paths covered by the punch for obtaining the truncated cone-shaped parts, has been chosen. To obtain a truncated cone, three different trajectories were selected: in first and second variants after each vertical press having a constant step, the punch covers a circular path. The differences show that the following circular trajectory can start at the same point or can be shifted at an angle of 90° from the previous press point. In the last variant, the punch performs a spatial spiral trajectory. The main objective of our study was to determine the optimal forming strategy, by shifting the press position of the punch and the path it follows to obtain a truncated cone through single point incremental forming. Thus, the strain distribution can be homogeneous, and the thickness reduction and the process forces are minimal.

  15. Forms of Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Hacker


    Full Text Available The phrase ‘Lebensform’ (form of life had a long and varied history prior to Wittgenstein’s use of it on a mere three occasions in the Philosophical Investigations. It is not a pivotal concept in Wittgenstein’s philosophy. But it is a minor signpost of a major reorientation of philosophy, philosophy of language and logic, and philosophy of mathematics that Wittgenstein instigated. For Wittgenstein sought to replace the conception of a language as a meaning calculus (Frege, Russell, the Tractatus by an anthropological or ethnological conception. A language is not a class of sentences that can be formed from a set of axioms (definitions, formation and transformation rules and the meanings of which is given by their truth-conditions, but an open-ended series of interlocking language-games constituting a form of life or way of living (a culture. Wittgenstein’s uses of ‘Lebensform’ and its cognates, both in the Investigations and in his Nachlass are severally analysed, and various exegetical misinterpretations are clarified.

  16. Forms of Inattentiveness

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Knudsen, Morten


    Research dealing with governmental and managerial ideals and tools for transparency has observed how these tools co-create new types of blindness. It has documented the existence of three different types of blindness: blindness caused by power games, by cognitive limitations and blindness as a side...... and it points to activities that produce this blindness as they reduce the probability that potentially destructive subjects are actualized. Information is not only something organizations need, but may also be something they protect themselves against. In that case, the forms of inattentiveness may...

  17. Bipolar pulse forming line (United States)

    Rhodes, Mark A.


    A bipolar pulse forming transmission line module for linear induction accelerators having first, second, third, fourth, and fifth planar conductors which form an interleaved stack with dielectric layers between the conductors. Each conductor has a first end, and a second end adjacent an acceleration axis. The first and second planar conductors are connected to each other at the second ends, the fourth and fifth planar conductors are connected to each other at the second ends, and the first and fifth planar conductors are connected to each other at the first ends via a shorting plate adjacent the first ends. The third planar conductor is electrically connectable to a high voltage source, and an internal switch functions to short a high voltage from the first end of the third planar conductor to the first end of the fourth planar conductor to produce a bipolar pulse at the acceleration axis with a zero net time integral. Improved access to the switch is enabled by an aperture through the shorting plate and the proximity of the aperture to the switch.

  18. Decentralized University Studies in Economics and English/The DUNE Project--An Evaluative Project Under Sub-Project III, an Alternative Form of Distribution for Higher Education. Educational Development 1976:3. (United States)

    Dahllof, Urban

    A teaching system practiced in the Swedish DUNE project, Subproject III, offered an alternative to the usual concentrated form of higher education. An attempt was made to solve the problem of educational distribution by cooperative efforts among municipal authorities, adult education associations, and two postsecondary establishments, the…

  19. Pion form factor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ryong Ji, C.; Pang, A.; Szczepaniak, A. [North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC (United States)


    It is pointed out that the correct criterion to define the legal PQCD contribution to the exclusive processes in the lightcone perturbative expansion should be based on the large off-shellness of the lightcone energy in the intermediate states. In the lightcone perturbative QCD calculation of the pion form factor, the authors find that the legal PQCD contribution defined by the lightcone energy cut saturates in the smaller Q{sup 2} region compared to that defined by the gluon four-momentum square cut. This is due to the contribution by the highly off-energy-shell gluons in the end point regions of the phase space, indicating that the gluon four-momentum-square cut may have cut too much to define the legal PQCD.

  20. Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marc Vanderhaeghen; Charles Perdrisat; Vina Punjabi


    There has been much activity in the measurement of the elastic electromagnetic proton and neutron form factors in the last decade, and the quality of the data has greatly improved by performing double polarization experiments, in comparison with previous unpolarized data. Here we review the experimental data base in view of the new results for the proton, and neutron, obtained at JLab, MAMI, and MIT-Bates. The rapid evolution of phenomenological models triggered by these high-precision experiments will be discussed, including the recent progress in the determination of the valence quark generalized parton distributions of the nucleon, as well as the steady rate of improvements made in the lattice QCD calculations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maximiliano Emanuel Korstanje


    Full Text Available Modern studies emphasized on the needs of researching the hospitality as relevant aspects of tourism and hospitality fields. Anyway, these approaches are inextricably intertwined to the industry of tourism and do not take seriously the anthropological and sociological roots of hospitality. In fact, the hotel seems to be a partial sphere of hospitality at all. Under this context, the present paper explores the issue of hospitality enrooted in the political and economic indo-European principle of free-transit which is associated to a much broader origin.  Starting from the premise etymologically hostel and hospital share similar origins, we follow the contributions of J Derrida to determine the elements that formed the hospitality up to date.

  2. 78 FR 58605 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 8453-EMP, Form 8453-F, Form 8453-FE, Form 8879-F... (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 8453-EMP, Form 8453-F, Form 8453-FE, Form 8879-F, and 8879-EMP. AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury. ACTION: Notice and request... comments concerning Form 8453-F, U.S. Estate of Trust Income Tax Declaration and Signature for Electronic...

  3. Surgical documentation form for TMJ arthroscopy. (United States)

    Mosby, E L; Cline, M P


    The use of a form to document the findings observed during arthroscopy of the temporomandibular joint will allow oral and maxillofacial surgeons not only to consistently record the abnormal observations but also to compare their findings with the findings of other surgeons and possibly even establish a national database. The form presented has been used by the author for 6 years with periodic modification and has provided a means to review and evaluate surgical findings in patients who had arthroscopic procedures.

  4. Metal Forming: mechanics and metallurgy

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hosford, William F; Caddell, Robert M


    "This book helps the engineer understand the principles of metal forming and analyze forming problems--both the mechanics of forming processes and how the properties of metals interact with the processes...

  5. Moon (Form-Origin) (United States)

    Tsiapas, Elias; Soumelidou, Despina; Tsiapas, Christos


    When the Earth was formed, it was in a state of burning heat. As time went by, temperature on the planet's surface was falling due to radiation and heat transfer, and various components (crusts) began taking solid form at the Earth's poles. The formation of crusts took place at the Earth's poles, because the stirring of burning and fluid masses on the surface of the Earth was significantly slighter there than it was on the equator. Due to centrifugal force and Coriolis Effect, these solid masses headed towards the equator; those originating from the North Pole followed a south-western course, while those originating from the South Pole followed a north-western course and there they rotated from west to east at a lower speed than the underlying burning and liquid earth, because of their lower initial linear velocity, their solid state and inertia. Because inertia is proportional to mass, the initially larger solid body swept all new solid ones, incorporating them to its western side. The density of the new solid masses was higher, because the components on the surface would freeze and solidify first, before the underlying thicker components. As a result, the western side of the initial islet of solid rocks submerged, while the east side elevated. . As a result of the above, this initial islet began to spin in reverse, and after taking on the shape of a sphere, it formed the "heart" of the Moon. The Moon-sphere, rolling on the equator, would sink the solid rocks that continued to descend from the Earth's poles. The sinking rocks partially melted because of higher temperatures in the greater depths that the Moon descended to, while part of the rocks' mass bonded with the Moon and also served as a heat-insulating material, preventing the descended side of the sphere from melting. Combined with the Earth's liquid mass that covered its emerging eastern surface, new sphere-shaped shells were created, with increased density and very powerful structural cohesion. During the

  6. Les formes du fond

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michel Maffesoli


    Full Text Available Il n'est pas vrai que la nature a horreur du vide. Peut-être même s'y complait-elle. Le creux est aussi une modalité de l'être. Il est possible de s'y nicher, de s'y lover paresseusement et, ainsi, de se protéger contre l'angoisse du temps qui passe. Le creux des apparences est, à certains moments, une des formes d'expression de la vie sociale. Encore faut-il savoir le reconnaître. Certes, nous avons tous une existence personnelle, mais nous sommes, également, les représentants, parfois même les victimes, d'un "esprit commun", peut-être même d'un "inconscient collectif" qui s'est constitué de siècle en siècle. Et, très souvent, là où nous croyons exprimer nos propres idées, nous ne sommes que les porte-voix, les figurants d'un vaste "theatrum mundi" aux dimensions infinies.

  7. Cavitation During Superplastic Forming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Campbell


    Full Text Available Cavitation is the opening of pores during superplastic forming, typically at grain boundary triple points or on second phase grain boundary particles during slip of grain boundaries. Theories for the initiation of cavitation are reviewed. It seems that cavitation is unlikely to occur by processes intrinsic to metals such as dislocation mechanisms or point defect condensation. It is proposed that cavitation can only occur at non-bonded interfaces such as those introduced extrinsically (i.e., from the outside during the original casting of the metal. These defects, known as oxide bifilms, are naturally introduced during pouring of the liquid metal, and are frozen into the solid, often pushed by dendritic growth into grain boundaries where they are difficult to detect because of their extreme thinness, often measured in nanometres. Their unbonded central interface acts as a crack and can initiate cavitation. Second phase precipitates probably do not nucleate and grow on grain boundaries but grow on bifilms in the boundaries, explaining the apparent association between boundaries, second phase particles and failure initiation. Improved melting and casting techniques can provide metal with reduced or zero bifilm population for which cavitation would not be possible, promising significant improvements in superplastic behaviour.

  8. Cavitation During Superplastic Forming. (United States)

    Campbell, John


    Cavitation is the opening of pores during superplastic forming, typically at grain boundary triple points or on second phase grain boundary particles during slip of grain boundaries. Theories for the initiation of cavitation are reviewed. It seems that cavitation is unlikely to occur by processes intrinsic to metals such as dislocation mechanisms or point defect condensation. It is proposed that cavitation can only occur at non-bonded interfaces such as those introduced extrinsically (i.e., from the outside) during the original casting of the metal. These defects, known as oxide bifilms, are naturally introduced during pouring of the liquid metal, and are frozen into the solid, often pushed by dendritic growth into grain boundaries where they are difficult to detect because of their extreme thinness, often measured in nanometres. Their unbonded central interface acts as a crack and can initiate cavitation. Second phase precipitates probably do not nucleate and grow on grain boundaries but grow on bifilms in the boundaries, explaining the apparent association between boundaries, second phase particles and failure initiation. Improved melting and casting techniques can provide metal with reduced or zero bifilm population for which cavitation would not be possible, promising significant improvements in superplastic behaviour.

  9. Evaluation of two dynamic in vitro models simulating fasted and fed state conditions in the upper gastrointestinal tract (TIM-1 and tiny-TIM) for investigating the bioaccessibility of pharmaceutical compounds from oral dosage forms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verwei, M.; Minekus, M.; Zeijdner, E.; Schilderink, R.; Havenaar, R.


    Pharmaceutical research needs predictive in vitro tools for API bioavailability in humans. We evaluated two dynamic in vitro gastrointestinal models: TIM-1 and tiny-TIM. Four low-soluble APIs in various formulations were investigated in the TIM systems under fasted and fed conditions. API

  10. Evaluation of Questions in General Chemistry Textbooks According to the Form of the Questions and the Question-Answer Relationship (QAR): The Case of Intra-and Intermolecular Chemical Bonding (United States)

    Pappa, Eleni T.; Tsaparlis, Georgios


    One way of checking to what extent instructional textbooks achieve their aim is to evaluate the questions they contain. In this work, we analyze the questions that are included in the chapters on chemical bonding of ten general chemistry textbooks. We study separately the questions on intra- and on intermolecular bonding, with the former…

  11. Evaluation of IL-12RB1, IL-12B, CXCR-3 and IL-17a expression in cases affected by a non-healing form of cutaneous leishmaniasis: an observational study design


    MOAFI, Mohammad; REZVAN, Hossein; Sherkat, Roya; Taleban, Roya; Asilian, Ali; Zarkesh Esfahani, Seyed Hamid; Nilforoushzadeh, Mohammad Ali; Jaffary, Fariba; Feizi, Awat


    Introduction Seldom cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) may present as a lasting and active lesion(s), known as a non-healing form of CL (NHCL). Non-functional type 1 T helper (Th1) cells are assumed the most important factor in the outcome of the disease. The present study aims to assess some molecular defects that potentially contribute to Th1 impairment in NHCL. Methods and analysis This prospective observational study will be implemented among five groups. The first and second groups comprise pa...

  12. Melatonin charge transfer complex with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone: Molecular structure, DFT studies, thermal analyses, evaluation of biological activity and utility for determination of melatonin in pure and dosage forms (United States)

    Mohamed, Gehad G.; Hamed, Maher M.; Zaki, Nadia G.; Abdou, Mohamed M.; Mohamed, Marwa El-Badry; Abdallah, Abanoub Mosaad


    A simple, accurate and fast spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of melatonin (ML) drug in its pure and pharmaceutical forms was developed based on the formation of its charge transfer complex with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone (DDQ) as an electron acceptor. The different conditions for this method were optimized accurately. The Lambert-Beer's law was found to be valid over the concentration range of 4-100 μg mL- 1 ML. The solid form of the CT complex was structurally characterized by means of different spectral methods. Density functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT) calculations were carried out. The different quantum chemical parameters of the CT complex were calculated. Thermal properties of the CT complex and its kinetic thermodynamic parameters were studied, as well as its antimicrobial and antifungal activities were investigated. Molecular docking studies were performed to predict the binding modes of the CT complex components towards E. coli bacterial RNA and the receptor of breast cancer mutant oxidoreductase.

  13. Ceramic and glass radioactive waste forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Readey, D.W.; Cooley, C.R. (comps.)


    This report contains 14 individual presentations and 6 group reports on the subject of glass and polycrystalline ceramic radioactive waste forms. It was the general consensus that the information available on glass as a waste form provided a good basis for planning on the use of glass as an initial waste form, that crystalline ceramic forms could also be good waste forms if much more development work were completed, and that prediction of the chemical and physical stability of the waste form far into the future would be much improved if the basic synergistic effects of low temperature, radiation and long times were better understood. Continuing development of the polycrystalline ceramic forms was recommended. It was concluded that the leach rate of radioactive species from the waste form is an important criterion for evaluating its suitability, particularly for the time period before solidified waste is permanently placed in the geologic isolation of a Federal repository. Separate abstracts were prepared for 12 of the individual papers; the remaining two were previously abstracted.

  14. Friction in textile thermoplastic composites forming

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Akkerman, Remko; ten Thije, R.H.W.; Sachs, Ulrich; de Rooij, Matthias B.; Binetruy, C.; Boussu, F.


    A previously developed mesoscopic friction model for glass/PP textile composite laminates during forming is evaluated for glass and carbon/PPS laminates, at higher temperatures and lower viscosities than before. Experiments were performed for tool/ply and ply/ply configurations in a new friction

  15. The Analysis of Forming Forces in Single Point Incremental Forming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koh Kyung Hee


    Full Text Available Incremental forming is a process to produce sheet metal parts in quick. Because there is no need for dedicated dies and molds, this process is less cost and time spent. The purpose of this study is to investigate forming forces in single point incremental forming. Producing a cone frustum of aluminum is tested for forming forces. A dynamometer is used to collect forming forces and analyze them. These forces are compared with cutting forces upon producing same geometrical shapes of experimental parts. The forming forces in Z direction are 40 times larger than the machining forces. A spindle and its axis of a forming machine should be designed enough to withstand the forming forces.

  16. Proposal of the Use of a Fuzzy Stochastic Network for the Preliminary Evaluation of the Feasibility of the Process of the Adaptation of a Historical Building to a Particular Form of Use (United States)

    Radziszewska-Zielina, Elżbieta; Śladowski, Grzegorz


    The knowledge of a real estate developer regarding the possibilities of adapting a historical building to a particular form of use and the knowledge of the approximate costs associated with this process are some of the more important pieces of information that can influence the making of the final decision regarding commencing with such a project. The preliminary analysis of the process of adapting a historical building is a difficult task due to the specific character of this type of project. The specific character of such a project is proven by the fact that the often insufficient analysis of the structure and architecture of a building and its historical substance at the stage of carrying out the process of adaptation can generate the necessity to perform previously unforeseen additional actions. An equally important problem is the difficulty in estimating the funds required to conduct research and the analyses associated with developing design documentation, as well as carrying out construction and conservation work. This is why a real estate developer should analyse various scenarios of carrying out a project during the stage of the preliminary analysis of its feasibility, taking into account the fact that some of them can occur in a random manner. The authors of the paper propose the use of one of the planning tools known as stochastic networks, which can be used to model the undetermined structure of these types of projects. Fuzzy logic was used in order to estimate uncertain values of the parameters of a model (the probability of performing work and paying the associated costs). The approach proposed by the authors was used to perform a preliminary analysis of the adaptation of the Arsenal in Gdańsk to a particular form of use along with estimating the costs associated with it. The results that were obtained have confirmed the potential of this method for real-world application.

  17. Evaluación de formas de fósforo en suelos cultivados con plátano Evaluating forms of phosphorus found in soils planted to plantain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Patrícia Berrocal Rosso


    Full Text Available El fósforo (P extractable representa una pequeña fracción del presente en el suelo y se encuentra en un equilibrio dinámico con las formas orgánicas e inorgánicas. Se estudió el comportamiento de las formas de fósforo en dos zonas dedicadas a plantaciones de plátano (Musa AAB Simmonds en el municipio de Moñitos, Córdoba, Colombia. Para el efecto se tomaron muestras de suelo y de tejido foliar (hojas de plantas de plátano mediante un muestreo al azar estratificado. Se determinaron las diferentes formas de fósforo: P-fácilmente reemplazable, P-Ca no-apatítico, P-Al, P-Fe, P-Ca apatítico, por el método de fraccionamiento propuesto por (Chang y Jackson, 1957 modificado por Petersen y Corey (1966, y Williams et al. (1967. En ambas unidades de suelo CM-CA (Inceptisoles de colinas altas y medias y PM (Inceptisoles de terrazas marinas el mayor aporte al fósforo inorgánico se obtuvo por parte del P-Fe, el P-Ca apatítico y el P-Ca no-apatítico, mientras que el P-fácilmente reemplazable y el P-Al presentaron porcentajes muy bajos para estos tipos de suelo. Con el proceso de fraccionamiento del P inorgánico también se logró extraer parte del fósforo orgánico del suelo, lo cual se evidencia con los niveles obtenidos por el P total del suelo y el P total inorgánico, este último se ve superado por los contenidos de fósforo inorgánico producto de la suma del fraccionamiento.The extractive phosphorus represent a small fraction to the present in the soil and it is found in a dynamic balance with organic and inorganic forms. Was carried out in two zones dedicated to the plantains plantations in the municipality of Moñitos (Cordoba, Colombia in where were took sampling of soil and the foliage tissue (The leaves of the plantains plants through a stratified sampling at random. Was determined the differents forms of the phosphorus: P-Easily, P-Ca no apatitico, P-Al, PFe, P-Ca apatitico, for fractionation method proposed by ( Chang and

  18. Advances in metal forming expert system for metal forming

    CERN Document Server

    Hingole, Rahulkumar Shivajirao


    This comprehensive book offers a clear account of the theory and applications of advanced metal forming. It provides a detailed discussion of specific forming processes, such as deep drawing, rolling, bending extrusion and stamping. The author highlights recent developments of metal forming technologies and explains sound, new and powerful expert system techniques for solving advanced engineering problems in metal forming. In addition, the basics of expert systems, their importance and applications to metal forming processes, computer-aided analysis of metalworking processes, formability analysis, mathematical modeling and case studies of individual processes are presented.

  19. Tectonics: The meaning of form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Karl; Brandt, Per Aage

    Tectonics – The meaning of form deals with one of the core topics of architecture: the relationship between form and content. In the world of architecture, form is not only made from brick, glass and wood. Form means something. When a material is processed with sufficient technical skill and insi......Tectonics – The meaning of form deals with one of the core topics of architecture: the relationship between form and content. In the world of architecture, form is not only made from brick, glass and wood. Form means something. When a material is processed with sufficient technical skill...... perspectives. You can read the chapters in any order you like – from the beginning, end or the middle. There is no correct order. The project is methodologically inductive: the more essays you read, the broader your knowledge of tectonics get....

  20. Glioblastoma Presenting with Pure Alexia and Palinopsia Involving the Left Inferior Occipital Gyrus and Visual Word Form Area Evaluated with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography. (United States)

    Huang, Meng; Baskin, David S; Fung, Steve


    Rapid word recognition and reading fluency is a specialized cortical process governed by the visual word form area (VWFA), which is localized to the dominant posterior lateral occipitotemporal sulcus/fusiform gyrus. A lesion of the VWFA results in pure alexia without agraphia characterized by letter-by-letter reading. Palinopsia is a visual processing distortion characterized by persistent afterimages and has been reported in lesions involving the nondominant occipitotemporal cortex. A 67-year-old right-handed woman with no neurologic history presented to our emergency department with acute cortical ischemic symptoms that began with a transient episode of receptive aphasia. She also reported inability to read, albeit with retained writing ability. She also saw afterimages of objects. During her stroke workup, an intra-axial circumscribed enhancing mass lesion was discovered involving her dominant posterolateral occipitotemporal lobe. Given the eloquent brain involvement, she underwent preoperative functional magnetic resonance imaging with diffusion tensor imaging tractography and awake craniotomy to maximize resection and preserve function. Many organic lesions involving these regions have been reported in the literature, but to the best of our knowledge, glioblastoma involving the VWFA resulting in both clinical syndromes of pure alexia and palinopsia with superimposed functional magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tract mapping has never been reported before. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Eulerian series as modular forms (United States)

    Bringmann, Kathrin; Ono, Ken; Rhoades, Robert C.


    In 1988, Hickerson proved the celebrated ``mock theta conjectures'' in a collection of ten identities from Ramanujan's ``lost notebook'' which express certain modular forms as linear combinations of mock theta functions. In the context of Maass forms, these identities arise from the peculiar phenomenon that two different harmonic Maass forms may have the same non-holomorphic parts. Using this perspective, we construct several infinite families of modular forms which are differences of mock theta functions.

  2. SAFAS: Unifying Form and Structure through Interactive 3D Simulation (United States)

    Polys, Nicholas F.; Bacim, Felipe; Setareh, Mehdi; Jones, Brett D.


    There has been a significant gap between the tools used for the design of a building's architectural form and those that evaluate the structural physics of that form. Seeking to bring the perspectives of visual design and structural engineering closer together, we developed and evaluated a design tool for students and practitioners to explore the…

  3. Clinically important deterioration in patients undergoing lumbar spine surgery: a choice of evaluation methods using the Oswestry Disability Index, 36-Item Short Form Health Survey, and pain scales: clinical article. (United States)

    Gum, Jeffrey L; Glassman, Steven D; Carreon, Leah Y


    Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measures have become the mainstay for outcome appraisal in spine surgery. Clinically meaningful interpretation of HRQOL improvement has centered on the minimum clinically important difference (MCID). The purpose of this study was to calculate clinically important deterioration (CIDET) thresholds and determine a CIDET value for each HRQOL measure for patients undergoing lumbar fusion. Seven hundred twenty-two patients (248 males, 127 smokers, mean age 60.8 years) were identified with complete preoperative and 1-year postoperative HRQOLs including the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36), and numeric rating scales (0-10) for back and leg pain following primary, instrumented, posterior lumbar fusion. Anchor-based and distribution-based methods were used to calculate CIDET for each HRQOL. Anchor-based methods included change score, change difference, and receiver operating characteristic curve analysis. The Health Transition Item, an independent item of the SF-36, was used as the external anchor. Patients who responded "somewhat worse" and "much worse" were combined and compared with patients responding "about the same." Distribution-based methods were minimum detectable change and effect size. Diagnoses included spondylolisthesis (n = 332), scoliosis (n = 54), instability (n = 37), disc pathology (n = 146), and stenosis (n = 153). There was a statistically significant change (p HRQOL measure from preoperatively to 1-year postoperatively. Only 107 patients (15%) reported being "somewhat worse" (n = 81) or "much worse" (n = 26). Calculation methods yielded a range of CIDET values for ODI (0.17-9.06), SF-36 physical component summary (-0.32 to 4.43), back pain (0.02-1.50), and leg pain (0.02-1.50). A threshold for clinical deterioration was difficult to identify. This may be due to the small number of patients reporting being worse after surgery and the variability across methods to determine

  4. Psychometric evaluation of the Short Form 36 Health Survey (SF-36) and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale Brief Version (WHOQOL-BREF) for patients with schizophrenia. (United States)

    Su, Chia-Ting; Ng, Hong-Son; Yang, Ai-Lun; Lin, Chung-Ying


    Quality-of-life (QoL) instruments measure the overall health status of people with schizophrenia, for whom the activities of daily life are often difficult. However, information on the psychometric properties of scores from the Short Form 36 Health Survey (SF-36) and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale Brief Version (WHOQOL-BREF), 2 commonly used generic QoL instruments in this population, is limited. Thus, we used a multitrait-multimethod analysis plus confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to examine their psychometric properties. To test the reliability of their scores, we used methods of absolute reliability (standard error of measurement [SEM] and smallest real difference [SRD]) and relative reliability (i.e., intraclass correlation coefficient [ICC]). We recruited 100 patients with schizophrenia from a psychiatric hospital in southern Taiwan. All participants filled out the SF-36 and the WHOQOL-BREF at baseline and 2 weeks later. The participants' QoL scores were lower than those of the Taiwan general population (ps SF-36 (comparative fit index [CFI] = .918; incremental fit index [IFI] = .919; Tucker-Lewis index [TLI] = .885) and the WHOQOL-BREF (CFI = .967; IFI = .967; TLI = .900) were acceptable. The SEM and SRD analyses suggested that the total scores of the SF-36 (SEM% = 10.03%; SRD% = 27.80%) and of the WHOQOL-BREF (SEM% = 5.55%; SRD% = 15.40%) were reliable. Also, our results demonstrated that the WHOQOL-BREF scores were more reliable and valid than the SF-36 scores for assessing people with schizophrenia. The scores of both questionnaires were valid and reliable and detected different aspects of QOL in the population with schizophrenia. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved.

  5. The Universal Form of Treatment Options (UFTO as an alternative to Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR orders: a mixed methods evaluation of the effects on clinical practice and patient care.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoë Fritz

    Full Text Available To determine whether the introduction of the Universal Form of Treatment Options (the UFTO, as an alternative approach to Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR orders, reduces harms in patients in whom a decision not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR was made, and to understand the mechanism for any observed change.A mixed-methods before-and-after study with contemporaneous case controls was conducted in an acute hospital. We examined DNACPR (103 patients with DNACPR orders in 530 admissions and UFTO (118 decisions not to attempt resuscitation in 560 admissions practice. The Global Trigger Tool was used to quantify harms. Qualitative interviews and observations were used to understand mechanisms and effects.RATE OF HARMS IN PATIENTS FOR WHOM THERE WAS A DOCUMENTED DECISION NOT TO ATTEMPT CPR WAS REDUCED: Rate difference per 1000 patient-days was 12.9 (95% CI: 2.6-23.2, p-value=0.01. There was a difference in the proportion of harms contributing to patient death in the two periods (23/71 in the DNACPR period to 4/44 in the UFTO period (95% CI 7.8-36.1, p-value=0.006. Significant differences were maintained after adjustment for known confounders. No significant change was seen on contemporaneous case control wards. Interviews with clinicians and observation of ward practice revealed the UFTO helped provide clarity of goals of care and reduced negative associations with resuscitation decisions.Introducing the UFTO was associated with a significant reduction in harmful events in patients in whom a decision not to attempt CPR had been made. Coupled with supportive qualitative evidence, this indicates the UFTO improved care for this vulnerable ISRCTN85474986 UK Comprehensive Research Network Portfolio 7932.

  6. Warm Forming of Mg Sheets: From Incremental to Electromagnetic Forming (United States)

    Ulacia, Ibai; Galdos, Lander; Esnaola, Jon Ander; Larrañaga, Jon; Arruebarrena, Gurutze; de Argandoña, Eneko Saenz; Hurtado, Iñaki


    Magnesium alloys are generating interest in the automotive and aeronautic industries due to their low density and potential to reduce gross vehicular weight. However, the formability of these alloys is poor and they are very difficult to be formed at room temperature due to their strong basal texture in rolled form. In this paper, the potential of magnesium alloy sheets to be processed at warm conditions is studied for four different forming technologies: incremental forming (IF), deep drawing (DD), hydroforming (HF), and electromagnetic forming (EMF). Forming mechanisms and process window are experimentally characterized by monitoring different process parameters. Special focus is made on the influence of the forming temperature and the strain rate. Thus, experiments at temperatures from room to 523 K (250 °C) and a wide range of strain rates, between 10-3 up to 103 s-1 according to each process nature and scope, are conducted. It is observed that, even the inherent forming rate range of each process vary considerably, increasing forming temperature increases formability for all of these forming processes. In the other hand, an opposing effect of the strain rate is observed between the quasi-static processes (IF, DD, and HF) and the high speed process (EMF). Thus, a detrimental effect on formability is observed when increasing strain rate for quasi-static processes, while a mild increase is observed for EMF.

  7. Niacin: chemical forms, bioavailability, and health effects. (United States)

    MacKay, Douglas; Hathcock, John; Guarneri, Erminia


    Elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) has been the main target of lipid-altering therapy to reduce cardiovascular risk associated with dyslipidemia. Residual cardiovascular risk remains, however, after achievement of goal LDL-C levels and is associated in part with other risk markers of cardiovascular disease, including low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), high lipoprotein a, and hypertriglyceridemia. Niacin is considered a valuable agent for therapy to modify high LDL-C as well as low HDL-C, high lipoprotein a, and hypertriglyceridemia. The forms of niacin available in the marketplace include unbound niacin, or free nicotinic acid (NA); extended-release NA, a form of NA that is released gradually over a period of time; inositol hexanicotinate, six molecules of NA covalently bonded to one molecule of inositol; and nicotinamide, or niacinamide, the amide form of NA, which is readily bioavailable. This review is designed to assist healthcare professionals in evaluating the form(s) of niacin best suited for a particular therapeutic goal. Further, it provides a literature-based evaluation of risk for NA, extended-release NA, inositol hexanicotinate, and nicotinamide. © 2012 International Life Sciences Institute.

  8. Equipment to evaluate in experimental form the thermal conductivity of the construction materials; Equipo para evaluar en forma experimental el coeficiente de conductividad termica de los materiales de construccion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez C, Raymundo; Morales G, Juan R.; Diaz C, Alen; Lizardi R, Arturo [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco, Mexico, D. F. (Mexico); Vaca M, Mabel [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico)


    An equipment meant to obtain the thermal conductivity coefficient was designed, constructed and evaluated. Convection losses in the experimental device were reduced by means of a vacuum chamber that wraps it. Conduction losses were minimized with the proper insulation. The tested materials are the most frequently used in the construction of buildings in Mexico, such as concrete, burnt brick, adobe and gypsum. Results observed are comparable to those reported in the literature. The essays done using the vacuum chamber produced values of thermal conductivity coefficient 3% lower than those obtained without using it. [Spanish] Se diseno, construyo y evaluo un equipo, con el cual se obtiene el coeficiente de conductividad termica en diversos materiales. En este se reducen las perdidas por conveccion, colocando una camara de vacio alrededor del conjunto de prueba. Las perdidas por conduccion se minimizan con un aislamiento adecuado. Los materiales evaluados son los que mas se utilizan en la construccion en Mexico, a saber, el concreto, el ladrillo cocido, el adobe y el yeso. Los valores obtenidos, sin considerar las perdidas por conveccion, se comparan con los de la literatura. Los ensayos utilizando la camara de vacio proporcionan valores del coeficiente de conductividad termica menores en 3% a los obtenidos sin dicha camara.

  9. Evaluation of the recycling costs, as a disposal form of the spent nuclear fuel; Evaluacion de los costos del reciclado como una forma de disposicion del combustible nuclear gastado

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramirez S, J.R.; Alonso V, G.; Palacios, J.C. [ININ, 52045 Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)]. e-mail:


    At the moment there are 2 BWR reactors operating in the Nuclear Power station of Laguna Verde in Mexico. At the end of the programmed life of the reactors (40 years) its will have completed 26 operation cycles, with will have 6712 spent fuel assemblies will be in the pools of the power station. Up to now, the decision on the destination of the high level wastes (spent nuclear fuel) it has not been determined in Mexico, the same as in other countries, adopting a politics of 'to wait to see that it happens in the world', in this respect, in the world two practical alternatives exist, one is to store the fuel in repositories designed for that end, another is reprocess the fuel to recycle the plutonium contained in it, both solutions have their particular technical and economic problematic. In this work it is evaluated from the economic point of view the feasibility of having the spent fuel, using the one recycled fuel, for that which thinks about a consistent scenario of a BWR reactor in which the fuel discharged in each operation cycle is reprocessed and its are built fuel assemblies of the MOX type to replace partly to the conventional fuel. This scenario shows an alternative to the indefinite storage of the high level radioactive waste. The found results when comparing from the economic point of view both options, show that the one recycled, even with the current costs of the uranium it is of the order of 7% more expensive that the option of storing the fuel in repositories constructed for that purpose. However the volumes of spent fuel decrease in 66%. (Author)

  10. Evaluating the formulae for integrated lethality in ethylene oxide sterilization using six different endospore forming strains of bacteria, and comparisons of integrated lethality for ethylene oxide and steam systems. (United States)

    Mosley, Gregg A; Gillis, John R; Krushefski, Garrett


    Bacterial endospores from six different species of bacteria were exposed to a spectrum of ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilizing conditions. Temperature was varied from 40 to 60 degrees C and the ethylene oxide concentration was varied from 300 to 750 mg/L. Relative humidity was maintained at 60+/-10% RH. The fraction negative procedure was used to determine the D value for each of the test conditions. Bacterial species tested included Bacillus atrophaeus ATCC # 9372, Bacillus smithii ATCC # 51232, Bacillus subtilis "5230" ATCC # 35021, Bacillus subtilis, DSM # 4181, Bacillus pumilus ATCC # 27142, and Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC # 7953. All spore preparations were inoculated on filter paper strips packaged in blue, sterilizable glassine pouches. G. stearothermophilus was the least resistant organism tested. The most resistant organisms tested were B. atrophaeus and B. subtilis "5230". The B. subtilis "5230" strain was slightly more resistant than B. atrophaeus at conditions of 54C and EtO concentrations of 400, 600, and 750 mg/L, as well as at 60C/750mg/L EtO. The other species were between these extremes. This empirical data allowed the application of the recently published formula for converting D values from one set of conditions to another and evaluations of accuracy. The measured D values also allowed the determination of Z values based on temperature variations. These formulae, when applied to process temperatures independent of gas concentration, result in a Z value of approximately 32 degrees C that appears to be similar for all species tested. These data support the application of the previously published formulae 1-6 and allow the same approach to integrated lethality for ethylene oxide processes as is commonly applied to steam sterilization. A review of steam sterilization and related principles was conducted for comparison of integrated lethality for these two methods of sterilization. Errors associated with D values, Z values, extrapolation, and

  11. Digitalization in roll forming manufacturing (United States)

    Sedlmaier, A.; Dietl, T.; Ferreira, P.


    Roll formed profiles are used in automotive chassis production as building blocks for the body-in-white. The ability to produce profiles with discontinuous cross sections, both in width and in depth, allows weight savings in the final automotive chassis through the use of load optimized cross sections. This has been the target of the 3D Roll Forming process. A machine concept is presented where a new forming concept for roll formed parts in combination with advanced robotics allowing freely positioned roll forming tooling in 3D space enables the production of complex shapes by roll forming. This is a step forward into the digitalization of roll forming manufacturing by making the process flexible and capable of rapid prototyping and production of small series of parts. Moreover, data collection in a large scale through the control system and integrated sensors lead to an increased understanding of the process and provide the basis to develop self-optimizing roll forming machines, increasing the productivity, quality and predictability of the roll-forming process. The first parts successfully manufactured with this new forming concept are presented.

  12. FormTracer. A mathematica tracing package using FORM (United States)

    Cyrol, Anton K.; Mitter, Mario; Strodthoff, Nils


    We present FormTracer, a high-performance, general purpose, easy-to-use Mathematica tracing package which uses FORM. It supports arbitrary space and spinor dimensions as well as an arbitrary number of simple compact Lie groups. While keeping the usability of the Mathematica interface, it relies on the efficiency of FORM. An additional performance gain is achieved by a decomposition algorithm that avoids redundant traces in the product tensors spaces. FormTracer supports a wide range of syntaxes which endows it with a high flexibility. Mathematica notebooks that automatically install the package and guide the user through performing standard traces in space-time, spinor and gauge-group spaces are provided. Program Files doi: Licensing provisions: GPLv3 Programming language: Mathematica and FORM Nature of problem: Efficiently compute traces of large expressions Solution method: The expression to be traced is decomposed into its subspaces by a recursive Mathematica expansion algorithm. The result is subsequently translated to a FORM script that takes the traces. After FORM is executed, the final result is either imported into Mathematica or exported as optimized C/C++/Fortran code. Unusual features: The outstanding features of FormTracer are the simple interface, the capability to efficiently handle an arbitrary number of Lie groups in addition to Dirac and Lorentz tensors, and a customizable input-syntax.

  13. Validazione del CBA Young form


    Boz, Francesco


    Validazione del CBA-Young Form (CBA-Y) Project of research "CBA young form: validation of a wide spectrum questionnaire for screening of the protective and risk factors linked with psychological disease of young people" Introduction CBA group build up a psychological tool thought to the screening of young people: CBA young form. The questionnaire born to cover an Italian lack concerned the psychological tools for people aged within 14 and 25 years old (Sanavio, et al., 1992; Mi...

  14. Seal for fluid forming tools (United States)

    Golovashchenko, Sergey Fedorovich [Beverly Hills, MI; Bonnen, John Joseph Francis [Milford, MI


    An electro-hydraulic forming tool for forming a sheet metal blank in a one-sided die has first and second rigid rings that engage opposite sides of a sheet metal blank. The rigid rings are contained within slots on a die portion and a hydraulic force applicator portion of the forming tool. The seals are either resiliently biased by an elastomeric member or inherently resiliently biased into contact with the blank.

  15. Laser forming and welding processes

    CERN Document Server

    Yilbas, Bekir Sami; Shuja, Shahzada Zaman


    This book introduces model studies and experimental results associated with laser forming and welding such as laser induced bending, welding of sheet metals, and related practical applications. The book provides insight into the physical processes involved with laser forming and welding. The analytical study covers the formulation of laser induced bending while the model study demonstrates the simulation of bending and welding processes using the finite element method. Analytical and numerical solutions for laser forming and welding problems are provided.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kovalenko V.F.


    Full Text Available The study was conducted by method of light scattering of laser emission. The influence of the form field, mutual influence of mental informational and form torsional fields as well as the following exposure of water samples in the form field after the cease of informational influence on water structure were examined. Paper forms of a pyramid, a cylinder, and a prism were used. The experimental findings show that mechanism of mutual influence on water structure of the form and informational torsional fields depended on the initial conditions of spin restructuring process – the configuration of a form, the type of the form field (internal and external ones, and the initial water structure. The influence of the form field on informational aftereffect was determined, the character of which was defined by ratio of intensities of torsional form field and an informational soliton. The phenomenon of the abnormally large amplification of the informational aftereffect in the internal field of a pyramid demonstrating the attributes of positive reverse connection between the informational soliton and torsional field of water structure and selection of generated cluster sizes were discovered.

  17. Confectionery-based dose forms. (United States)

    Tangso, Kristian J; Ho, Quy Phuong; Boyd, Ben J


    Conventional dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and syrups are prescribed in the normal course of practice. However, concerns about patient preferences and market demands have given rise to the exploration of novel unconventional dosage forms. Among these, confectionery-based dose forms have strong potential to overcome compliance problems. This report will review the availability of these unconventional dose forms used in treating the oral cavity and for systemic drug delivery, with a focus on medicated chewing gums, medicated lollipops, and oral bioadhesive devices. The aim is to stimulate increased interest in the opportunities for innovative new products that are available to formulators in this field, particularly for atypical patient populations.

  18. Tolerancing free-form optics for illumination (United States)

    Timinger, A.; Unterhinninghofen, J.; Junginger, S.; Hofmann, A.


    Free form surfaces allow elegant solutions in illumination optics. A complex function of the system can be achieved by a single optical element. Free form elements are usually manufactured by reproduction techniques, such as injection moulding of plastic. Manufacturing tolerances are crucial to maintain the required function while at the same time yielding the lowest possible price. We implemented a Monte Carlo tolerancing method for illumination systems. Tolerances include shape deviations of optical elements and assembly tolerances. In the absence of standards for free form tolerances and illumination optics tolerancing, communication between optics design, manufacturing and testing is often inefficient. In order to enable a highly automated evaluation of part measurement data to assess compliance with tolerances, we developed an approach to combine information from optics design, mechanical construction, manufacturing and testing into one continuous data chain. The research project is granted by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

  19. Internal shear cracking in bulk metal forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Peter; Nielsen, Chris Valentin; Bay, Niels Oluf


    This paper presents an uncoupled ductile damage criterion for modelling the opening and propagation of internal shear cracks in bulk metal forming. The criterion is built upon the original work on the motion of a hole subjected to shear with superimposed tensile stress triaxiality and its overall...... performance is evaluated by means of side-pressing formability tests in Aluminium AA2007-T6 subjected to different levels of pre-strain. Results show that the new proposed criterionis able to combine simplicity with efficiency for predicting the onset of fracture and the crack propagation path for the entire...... cracking to internal cracks formed undert hree-dimensional states of stress that are typical of bulk metal forming....

  20. Competency assessment form to improve feedback. (United States)

    Hauer, Karen E; Nishimura, Holly; Dubon, Diego; Teherani, Arianne; Boscardin, Christy


    In-training evaluation reports are a commonly used assessment method for clinical learners that can characterise the development of competence in essential domains of practice. Strategies to increase the usefulness and specificity of written narrative comments about learner performance in these reports are needed to guide their learning. Soliciting narrative comments by competency domain from supervising doctors on in-training evaluation reports could improve the quality of written feedback to students. This is a pre-post study examining narrative comments derived from assessments of core clerkship students by faculty members and resident supervisors in seven clerkships using two assessment forms in academic years 2013/14 (pre; two comments fields - summative, constructive) and 2014/15 (post; seven comments fields - six competency domains, constructive comments). Using a purposive sample of 60 students based on overall clerkship performance, we conducted content analysis of written comments to compare comment quality based on word count, competencies addressed and reinforcing or constructive content. Differences between the two forms across these three components of quality were compared using Student's t-tests. The revised form elicited more narrative comments in all seven clerkships, with more competencies addressed. The revised form led to a decrease in the proportion of constructive comments about the students' performances. In-training evaluation reports are a commonly used assessment method for clinical learners DISCUSSION: Structural changes to a medical student assessment form to elicit narrative comments by competency improved some measures of the quality of narrative comments provided by faculty members and residents. Additional study is needed to determine how learners use this information to improve their clinical practice. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd and The Association for the Study of Medical Education.

  1. Tractarian Form as the Precursor to Forms of Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chon Tejedor


    Full Text Available Interpreters are divided on the question of whether the phrase ‘form of life’ is used univocally in Wittgenstein’s later writings. Some univocal interpreters suggest that, for Wittgenstein, ‘form of life’ captures a uniquely biological notion: the biologically human form of life. Others suggest that it captures a cultural notion: the notion of differently enculturated forms of human life. Non-univocal interpreters, in contrast, argue that Wittgenstein does not use ‘form of life’ univocally, but that he uses it sometimes to highlight a cluster of biological notions and sometimes a cluster of cultural ones. The debate between univocal and non-univocal readers has generated a raft of intricate, illuminating literature on both sides. If it remains to an extent open, it is partly as a result of the fact that the textual evidence available on this matter, in Wittgenstein’s later published and unpublished writings, is so limited. In this paper, I argue that considering Wittgenstein’s earlier treatment of ‘form’ can help to shed light on his later treatment of ‘form of life’. More specifically I argue that revisiting the Tractatus’ treatment of ‘form’ gives us – perhaps surprisingly – reasons to support a non-univocal later reading of ‘forms of life’.


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Network coding by beam forming in networks, for example, in single frequency networks, can provide aid in increasing spectral efficiency. When network coding by beam forming and user cooperation are combined, spectral efficiency gains may be achieved. According to certain embodiments, a method...

  3. Natural operations on differential forms


    Navarro, J.; Sancho, J. B.


    We prove that the only natural operations between differential forms are those obtained using linear combinations, the exterior product and the exterior differential. Our result generalises work by Palais and Freed-Hopkins. As an application, we also deduce a theorem, originally due to Kolar, that determines those natural differential forms that can be associated to a connection on a principal bundle.

  4. Topics on the FORM software; Topicos do software FORM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Costa Jorge, Patricia M. da; Peres, Patricia Duarte [Universidade Catolica de Petropolis, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencia da Computacao


    These notes studies the compilation with FORM software as applied to high energy physics, covering the following topics: Command structures, statistics and numbers, Dirac matrices, optimization control, Gamma matrices, errors and polynomial substitution

  5. Quantum modular forms, mock modular forms, and partial theta functions (United States)

    Kimport, Susanna

    Defined by Zagier in 2010, quantum modular forms have been the subject of an explosion of recent research. Many of these results are aimed at discovering examples of these functions, which are defined on the rational numbers and have "nice" modularity properties. Though the subject is in its early stages, numerous results (including Zagier's original examples) show these objects naturally arising from many areas of mathematics as limits of other modular-like functions. One such family of examples is due to Folsom, Ono, and Rhoades, who connected these new objects to partial theta functions (introduced by Rogers in 1917) and mock modular forms (about which there is a rich theory, whose origins date back to Ramanujan in 1920). In this thesis, we build off of the work of Folsom, Ono, and Rhoades by providing an infinite family of quantum modular forms of arbitrary positive half-integral weight. Further, this family of quantum modular forms "glues" mock modular forms to partial theta functions and is constructed from a so-called "universal" mock theta function by extending a method of Eichler and Zagier (originally defined for holomorphic Jacobi forms) into a non-holomorphic setting. In addition to the infinite family, we explore the weight 1/2 and 3/2 functions in more depth. For both of these weights, we are able to explicitly write down the quantum modular form, as well as the corresponding "errors to modularity," which can be shown to be Mordell integrals of specific theta functions and, as a consequence, are real-analytic functions. Finally, we turn our attention to the partial theta functions associated with these low weight examples. Berndt and Kim provide asymptotic expansions for a certain class of partial theta functions as q approaches 1 radially within the unit disk. Here, we extend this work to not only obtain asymptotic expansions for this class of functions as q approaches any root of unity, but also for a certain class of derivatives of these functions

  6. Towards effective solid form screening. (United States)

    Allesø, Morten; Tian, Fang; Cornett, Claus; Rantanen, Jukka


    Solid form screening is commonly performed using solvent-based crystallizations. However, less attention is paid to the role of secondary manufacturing, during which process-induced transformations of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) may occur, and potentially a new solid form may be discovered. In this study a new approach for effective solid form screening is presented. The technology combines well-plate-based crystallizations with miniaturized processing equipment, mimicking essential unit operations. Process-induced stresses (heat, solvent, shear, pressure) can be introduced directly to the well-plate unit. Theophylline and nifedipine were used as model compounds. Small-scale wet massing of theophylline resulted in an anhydrate-to-monohydrate transformation, followed by dehydration upon drying at 60 degrees C. Amorphous nifedipine was subjected to small-scale milling and compaction. Kinetic profiling of the milling operation enabled the detection of an intermediate, metastable polymorph (beta form), while the stable polymorph (alpha form) was the predominant form after 20 min of milling. Compaction of amorphous nifedipine at 100 MPa resulted in a complete conversion into the stable polymorph. The reported expanded approach is expected to maximize the outcome of solid form screening with minimal consumption of the compound of interest.

  7. Evaluative Infrastructures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kornberger, Martin; Pflueger, Dane; Mouritsen, Jan

    To date, much of the accounting literature focuses on control and coordination within and from the perspective of organizations, reflecting what Hopwood described as accounting’s “hierarchical consciousness”. Inspired by the growing phenomenon of network organizational forms such as eBay, AirBnB ...... worlds); and new forms of control (evaluative infrastructures are not centers of calculation; rather, control is radically distributed, whilst power remains centralized).......BnB or Uber, this paper develops the concept of evaluative infrastructures for a heterarchical modus of accounting. Evaluative infrastructures are decentralized accounting practices that underpin distributed production processes. They are evaluative because they deploy a plethora of interacting devices......, including rankings, ratings, reviews, audits etc. to establish orders of worth. They are infrastructures because they provide the invisible yet essential mechanisms for distributed production processes to occur. Put metaphorically, if cost accounting provided the numerical infrastructure...

  8. Differential forms theory and practice

    CERN Document Server

    Weintraub, Steven H


    Differential forms are utilized as a mathematical technique to help students, researchers, and engineers analyze and interpret problems where abstract spaces and structures are concerned, and when questions of shape, size, and relative positions are involved. Differential Forms has gained high recognition in the mathematical and scientific community as a powerful computational tool in solving research problems and simplifying very abstract problems through mathematical analysis on a computer. Differential Forms, 2nd Edition, is a solid resource for students and professionals needing a solid g

  9. Entropic Forms and Related Algebras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Maria Scarfone


    Full Text Available Starting from a very general trace-form entropy, we introduce a pair of algebraic structures endowed by a generalized sum and a generalized product. These algebras form, respectively, two Abelian fields in the realm of the complex numbers isomorphic each other. We specify our results to several entropic forms related to distributions recurrently observed in social, economical, biological and physical systems including the stretched exponential, the power-law and the interpolating Bosons-Fermions distributions. Some potential applications in the study of complex systems are advanced.

  10. Cold-formed steel design

    CERN Document Server

    Yu, Wei-Wen


    The definitive text in the field, thoroughly updated and expanded Hailed by professionals around the world as the definitive text on the subject, Cold-Formed Steel Design is an indispensable resource for all who design for and work with cold-formed steel. No other book provides such exhaustive coverage of both the theory and practice of cold-formed steel construction. Updated and expanded to reflect all the important developments that have occurred in the field over the past decade, this Fourth Edition of the classic text provides you with more of the detailed, up-to-the-minute techni

  11. Combined Waste Form Cost Trade Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dirk Gombert; Steve Piet; Timothy Trickel; Joe Carter; John Vienna; Bill Ebert; Gretchen Matthern


    A new generation of aqueous nuclear fuel reprocessing, now in development under the auspices of the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE), separates fuel into several fractions, thereby partitioning the wastes into groups of common chemistry. This technology advance enables development of waste management strategies that were not conceivable with simple PUREX reprocessing. Conventional wisdom suggests minimizing high level waste (HLW) volume is desirable, but logical extrapolation of this concept suggests that at some point the cost of reducing volume further will reach a point of diminishing return and may cease to be cost-effective. This report summarizes an evaluation considering three groupings of wastes in terms of cost-benefit for the reprocessing system. Internationally, the typical waste form for HLW from the PUREX process is borosilicate glass containing waste elements as oxides. Unfortunately several fission products (primarily Mo and the noble metals Ru, Rh, Pd) have limited solubility in glass, yielding relatively low waste loading, producing more glass, and greater disposal costs. Advanced separations allow matching the waste form to waste stream chemistry, allowing the disposal system to achieve more optimum waste loading with improved performance. Metals can be segregated from oxides and each can be stabilized in forms to minimize the HLW volume for repository disposal. Thus, a more efficient waste management system making the most effective use of advanced waste forms and disposal design for each waste is enabled by advanced separations and how the waste streams are combined. This trade-study was designed to juxtapose a combined waste form baseline waste treatment scheme with two options and to evaluate the cost-benefit using available data from the conceptual design studies supported by DOE-NE.

  12. Prescribing Errors Involving Medication Dosage Forms (United States)

    Lesar, Timothy S


    CONTEXT Prescribing errors involving medication dose formulations have been reported to occur frequently in hospitals. No systematic evaluations of the characteristics of errors related to medication dosage formulation have been performed. OBJECTIVE To quantify the characteristics, frequency, and potential adverse patient effects of prescribing errors involving medication dosage forms . DESIGN Evaluation of all detected medication prescribing errors involving or related to medication dosage forms in a 631-bed tertiary care teaching hospital. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Type, frequency, and potential for adverse effects of prescribing errors involving or related to medication dosage forms. RESULTS A total of 1,115 clinically significant prescribing errors involving medication dosage forms were detected during the 60-month study period. The annual number of detected errors increased throughout the study period. Detailed analysis of the 402 errors detected during the last 16 months of the study demonstrated the most common errors to be: failure to specify controlled release formulation (total of 280 cases; 69.7%) both when prescribing using the brand name (148 cases; 36.8%) and when prescribing using the generic name (132 cases; 32.8%); and prescribing controlled delivery formulations to be administered per tube (48 cases; 11.9%). The potential for adverse patient outcome was rated as potentially “fatal or severe” in 3 cases (0.7%), and “serious” in 49 cases (12.2%). Errors most commonly involved cardiovascular agents (208 cases; 51.7%). CONCLUSIONS Hospitalized patients are at risk for adverse outcomes due to prescribing errors related to inappropriate use of medication dosage forms. This information should be considered in the development of strategies to prevent adverse patient outcomes resulting from such errors. PMID:12213138

  13. Constitution of the forest road evaluation form for Turkish forestry

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 19, 2009 ... Table 1. Geometrical standards of these roads. Secondary forest roads. B – Type. Road features. Unit. Main forest roads. A - Type. HBT. NBT. EBT. Tractor roads. Platform width m. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 3.5. Number of road line. Number. 2. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Roadway width m. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. 3. Maximum longitudinal slope. %.

  14. quality evaluation of paracetamol in the bulk, dosage forms

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prince Acheampong

    Riker Paracetamol, 0.1578g of PZ. Paracetamol and 0.2001g of Tylenol Forte) was weighed and quantitatively transferred into a 200ml volumetric flask with 50ml of 0.1M NaOH and then diluted with 100ml of distilled water and shaken mechanically ...

  15. Intra-service section 7 biological evaluation form (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document examines the effects that the Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance and Management Plan is likely to have on endangered and threatened species at Neal...

  16. Evaluation of JFlex Scanner Generator Using Form Fields Validity Checking


    Ezekiel Okike; Maduka Attamah


    Automatic lexical analyzer generators have been available for decades now with implementations targeted for C/C++ languages. The advent of such a tool targeted to the Java language opens up new horizons, not just for the language users but for the Java platform and technology as a whole. Work has also been done by the Java language developers to incorporate much of the theory of lexical analysis into the language. This paper focuses on the application of the JFlex tool (a Java based lexical a...

  17. A simulator evaluation of different forms of intelligent cruise control

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hogema, J.H.; Horst, A.R.A. van der; Janssen, W.H.


    In een simulatorexperiment is onderzoek gedaan naar rijgedrag bij verschillende uitvoeringsvormen van Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). ICC's die zelf ingrijpen geven lagere snelheden op secties met een speciale snelheidslimiet, maar hogere snelheden op de overige delen.

  18. Tier II Forms and Instructions (United States)

    Facilities must comply with the new requirements on the Tier II emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form starting reporting year 2013, which is due by March 1, 2014. Some states may have specific requirements for reporting and submission.

  19. Arbitrary p-form Galileons

    CERN Document Server

    Deffayet, C; Esposito-Farese, G


    We show that scalar, 0-form, Galileon actions --models whose field equations contain only second derivatives-- can be generalized to arbitrary even p-forms. More generally, they need not even depend on a single form, but may involve mixed p combinations, including equal p multiplets, where odd p-fields are also permitted: We construct, for given dimension D, general actions depending on scalars, vectors and higher p-form field strengths, whose field equations are of exactly second derivative order. We also discuss and illustrate their curved-space generalizations, especially the delicate non-minimal couplings required to maintain this order. Concrete examples of pure and mixed actions, field equations and their curved space extensions are presented.

  20. Detection of Life Forms Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Gaia Genomics proposes to develop an instrument for the detection of earthborn and/or planetary life forms that are based on a nucleic acid paradigm. Highly...

  1. Methods of forming CIGS films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mansfield, Lorelle; Ramanathan, Kannan


    Methods for forming CIGS films are provided. According to an aspect of the invention, a method of forming a CIGS film includes a precursor step, which includes simultaneously evaporating Cu, In, Ga, Se, and Sb onto a substrate. The Se is incident on the substrate at a rate of at least 20 .ANG./s. The method also includes a selenization step, which includes evaporating Se over the substrate after the precursor step.

  2. Positive geometries and canonical forms (United States)

    Arkani-Hamed, Nima; Bai, Yuntao; Lam, Thomas


    Recent years have seen a surprising connection between the physics of scattering amplitudes and a class of mathematical objects — the positive Grassmannian, positive loop Grassmannians, tree and loop Amplituhedra — which have been loosely referred to as "positive geometries". The connection between the geometry and physics is provided by a unique differential form canonically determined by the property of having logarithmic singularities (only) on all the boundaries of the space, with residues on each boundary given by the canonical form on that boundary. The structures seen in the physical setting of the Amplituhedron are both rigid and rich enough to motivate an investigation of the notions of "positive geometries" and their associated "canonical forms" as objects of study in their own right, in a more general mathematical setting. In this paper we take the first steps in this direction. We begin by giving a precise definition of positive geometries and canonical forms, and introduce two general methods for finding forms for more complicated positive geometries from simpler ones — via "triangulation" on the one hand, and "push-forward" maps between geometries on the other. We present numerous examples of positive geometries in projective spaces, Grassmannians, and toric, cluster and flag varieties, both for the simplest "simplex-like" geometries and the richer "polytope-like" ones. We also illustrate a number of strategies for computing canonical forms for large classes of positive geometries, ranging from a direct determination exploiting knowledge of zeros and poles, to the use of the general triangulation and push-forward methods, to the representation of the form as volume integrals over dual geometries and contour integrals over auxiliary spaces. These methods yield interesting representations for the canonical forms of wide classes of positive geometries, ranging from the simplest Amplituhedra to new expressions for the volume of arbitrary convex

  3. Voice as Form of Life and Life Form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Laugier


    Full Text Available This paper studies the concept of form of life as central to ordinary language philosophy (as understood in Wittgenstein’s, Austin’s and Stanley Cavell’s work: philosophy of our language as spoken; pronounced by a human voice within a form of life. Such an approach to Wittgenstein’s later philosophy shifts the question of the common use of language – central to Wittgenstein’s Investigations – to the definition of the subject as voice, and to the reinvention of subjectivity in language. The voice is both a subjective and common expression: it is what makes it possible for my individual voice, or claim, to become shared and for our forms of life to be intertwined with a lifeform.

  4. Usability in Mobile Electronic Data Collection Tools: Form Developers' Views. (United States)

    Mugisha, Alice; Babic, Ankica; Wakholi, Peter; Nankabirwa, Victoria; Tylleskar, Thorkild


    Mobile Electronic Data Collection Tools (MEDCTs) are created by form developers to collect data. Usability being one of the top quality attributes is of great concern to developers of any interactive applications. However, little is known about the form developers' understanding of usability, how they measure usability and their limitations in designing for usability. We conducted an empirical study where we aimed at getting the developers' views on usability by interviewing 8 form developers. These are creators of forms used for data collection. We found that developers knew about usability, but it was not their main focus during form development. Challenges included constraining deadlines, software limitations and the insufficient communication with the field users to establish the usability needs. Furthermore, the methods used to evaluate the usability of created forms varied amongst developers and these included in-house evaluations and feedback from piloting sessions with end users.

  5. Hot forming of composite prepreg : Experimental study (United States)

    Tardif, Xavier; Duthille, Bertrand; Bechtel, Stephane; le Pinru, Louis; Campagne, Benjamin; Destombes, Gautier; Deshors, Antoine; Marchand, Christophe; Azzouzi, Khalid El; Moro, Tanguy


    The hot forming of thermoset prepreg consists in bending an uncured composite part by applying a mechanical constrain on the hot laminate. Most of the time, the mold is inserted in a vacuum box and the mechanical constrain is applied on the composite laminate by a single membrane or a double-membrane. But the performance improvement products resulted in forming increasingly complex parts with advanced materials having a less formability. These new complex parts require a finer comprehension of the process and an optimization of the key parameters to get acceptable quality. In this work, an experimental study has been carried out to identify the process conditions that do not lead to unacceptable defaults: undulations of fibers. In the present study, downward-bending has been evaluated with an original light mechanical forming concept, for a given stacking sequence. The influence of the part's temperature and the part's bending speed are investigated. To carry this study out, a hot forming test bench has been designed and manufactured to have a precise supervision of the process conditions. It is able to bend parts of 1500 mm length x 600 mm width x 20 mm thick.

  6. The discovery of structural form. (United States)

    Kemp, Charles; Tenenbaum, Joshua B


    Algorithms for finding structure in data have become increasingly important both as tools for scientific data analysis and as models of human learning, yet they suffer from a critical limitation. Scientists discover qualitatively new forms of structure in observed data: For instance, Linnaeus recognized the hierarchical organization of biological species, and Mendeleev recognized the periodic structure of the chemical elements. Analogous insights play a pivotal role in cognitive development: Children discover that object category labels can be organized into hierarchies, friendship networks are organized into cliques, and comparative relations (e.g., "bigger than" or "better than") respect a transitive order. Standard algorithms, however, can only learn structures of a single form that must be specified in advance: For instance, algorithms for hierarchical clustering create tree structures, whereas algorithms for dimensionality-reduction create low-dimensional spaces. Here, we present a computational model that learns structures of many different forms and that discovers which form is best for a given dataset. The model makes probabilistic inferences over a space of graph grammars representing trees, linear orders, multidimensional spaces, rings, dominance hierarchies, cliques, and other forms and successfully discovers the underlying structure of a variety of physical, biological, and social domains. Our approach brings structure learning methods closer to human abilities and may lead to a deeper computational understanding of cognitive development.

  7. Cells, walls, and endless forms. (United States)

    Monniaux, Marie; Hay, Angela


    A key question in biology is how the endless diversity of forms found in nature evolved. Understanding the cellular basis of this diversity has been aided by advances in non-model experimental systems, quantitative image analysis tools, and modeling approaches. Recent work in plants highlights the importance of cell wall and cuticle modifications for the emergence of diverse forms and functions. For example, explosive seed dispersal in Cardamine hirsuta depends on the asymmetric localization of lignified cell wall thickenings in the fruit valve. Similarly, the iridescence of Hibiscus trionum petals relies on regular striations formed by cuticular folds. Moreover, NAC transcription factors regulate the differentiation of lignified xylem vessels but also the water-conducting cells of moss that lack a lignified secondary cell wall, pointing to the origin of vascular systems. Other novel forms are associated with modified cell growth patterns, including oriented cell expansion or division, found in the long petal spurs of Aquilegia flowers, and the Sarracenia purpurea pitcher leaf, respectively. Another good example is the regulation of dissected leaf shape in C. hirsuta via local growth repression, controlled by the REDUCED COMPLEXITY HD-ZIP class I transcription factor. These studies in non-model species often reveal as much about fundamental processes of development as they do about the evolution of form. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Phosphorus Forms and Distribution in Selected Soils Formed Over ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ikom Red) are in organic P form while the coarse-textured soils (Ogoja and Ikom grey ... The multiple correlation analysis revealed that total P correlated negatively with sand and positively with clay, exchangeable Ca, occluded P, organic P, Ca-P, ...

  9. Pre-exposure to moving form enhances static form sensitivity.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas S A Wallis

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Motion-defined form can seem to persist briefly after motion ceases, before seeming to gradually disappear into the background. Here we investigate if this subjective persistence reflects a signal capable of improving objective measures of sensitivity to static form. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We presented a sinusoidal modulation of luminance, masked by a background noise pattern. The sinusoidal luminance modulation was usually subjectively invisible when static, but visible when moving. We found that drifting then stopping the waveform resulted in a transient subjective persistence of the waveform in the static display. Observers' objective sensitivity to the position of the static waveform was also improved after viewing moving waveforms, compared to viewing static waveforms for a matched duration. This facilitation did not occur simply because movement provided more perspectives of the waveform, since performance following pre-exposure to scrambled animations did not match that following pre-exposure to smooth motion. Observers did not simply remember waveform positions at motion offset, since removing the waveform before testing reduced performance. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Motion processing therefore interacts with subsequent static visual inputs in a way that can improve performance in objective sensitivity measures. We suggest that the brief subjective persistence of motion-defined forms that can occur after motion offsets is a consequence of the decay of a static form signal that has been transiently enhanced by motion processing.

  10. Form Filling with SCC in a Vertical Form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thrane, Lars Nyholm


    been produced. To improve identification of the flow (i.e. dead zones, plug flow, laminar flow, turbulent flow, blocking etc.) the form has one transparent acrylic plate and it has shown valuable to change between normal greyish concrete, and a pigmented (red) concrete during the filling process...

  11. Cloze Listening Test (Form Lisbon and Form Waco). (United States)

    Bowdidge, John S.

    Designed to measure recall of specific information, ability to grasp the thought of a passage as a whole, and ability to apply various contextual clues while listening to a passage of aural communication, each of the alternate forms of the cloze listening test consists of an audio tape recording of approximately twenty minutes duration and a…

  12. Maxillary incisor root forms in orthodontic patients in Nairobi, Kenya ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objective:To evaluate, radiographically, the root forms of maxillary incisors in a sample of patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Nairobi, Kenya. Design:A retrospective study of maxillary incisor root forms based on periapical radiographs. Setting: A private dental clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. Materials and Methods:The study ...

  13. Assessment Battery for Communication: Development of Two Equivalent Forms (United States)

    Bosco, Francesca M.; Angeleri, Romina; Zuffranieri, Marco; Bara, Bruno G.; Sacco, Katiuscia


    The aim of this paper was to develop and test two equivalent forms of the Assessment Battery for Communication (ABaCo), a tool for evaluating pragmatic abilities in patients with neuropsychological and psychiatric disorders. The equivalent forms were created using the data from a sample of 390 children, then tested in a sample of 30 patients with…

  14. The pion form factor from analyticity and unitarity

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Analyticity and unitarity techniques are employed to estimate Taylor coefficients of the pion electromagnetic form factor at = 0 by exploiting the recently evaluated two-pion contribution to the muon ( − 2) and the phase of the pion electromagnetic form factor in the elastic region, known from scattering by ...

  15. Thinking the individual as form of individuation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel Mateus


    Full Text Available In this paper we will ponder the problem of the individualism through the individuation, pointing out the implications on the idea of “individual”. It attempts to find a theoretical way that allows a broader understanding of its role in human societies It will be suggested that the emphasis placed by modernity in the individual can be evaluated, not as a solipsist individualism, but as a figurational form specific of social contexts characterized by a wide objectivation of the social tissue. That means that beside individualism we can think individualizations through the seminal setting of individuation. This hypothesis is already insinuated in the German sociological thought, in particular, in the sociology of the social forms of Georg Simmel and in the process sociology of Norbert Elias.

  16. Induction interview form in EDH

    CERN Multimedia

    Information technology Department, AIS (Administrative Information Services) Group,


    As part of the efforts to rationalise administrative procedures, the IT and HR Departments have developed a new EDH form for induction interviews, which can be accessed using the link below. In accordance with Administrative Circular No. 2 ('Recruitment, Appointment and possible developments regarding the contractual position of Staff Members', Rev. 3), the work and training objectives to be achieved during the probation period shall be specified in writing to all new staff members during an induction interview. The interview shall take place between the new staff member and his supervisor within six weeks of him taking up his duties at the latest. (or from the EDH desktop, by clicking on 'Other Tasks' and going to the 'HR & Training' heading) Please note that this form is to be used exclusively for new staff members. A separate EDH form will be developed for fellows. Information technology Department, AIS (Administrative Information Services) Group Human...

  17. Induction interview form in EDH

    CERN Multimedia

    Information technology Department, AIS (Administrative Information Services) Group


    As part of the efforts to rationalise administrative procedures, the IT and HR Departments have developed a new EDH form for induction interviews, which can be accessed using the link below. In accordance with Administrative Circular No. 2 ('Recruitment, Appointment and possible developments regarding the contractual position of Staff Members', Rev. 3), the work and training objectives to be achieved during the probation period shall be specified in writing to all new staff members during an induction interview. The interview shall take place between the new staff member and his supervisor within six weeks of his taking up his duties at the latest. (or from the EDH desktop, by clicking on 'Other Tasks' and going to the 'HR & Training' heading) Please note that this form is to be used exclusively for new staff members. A separate EDH form will be developed for fellows.Information technology Department, AIS (Administrative Information Services) Group Human Re...

  18. Amorphous drugs and dosage forms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grohganz, Holger; Löbmann, K.; Priemel, P.


    The transformation to an amorphous form is one of the most promising approaches to address the low solubility of drug compounds, the latter being an increasing challenge in the development of new drug candidates. However, amorphous forms are high energy solids and tend to recry stallize. New...... formulation principles are needed to ensure the stability of amorphous drug forms. The formation of solid dispersions is still the most investigated approach, but additional approaches are desirable to overcome the shortcomings of solid dispersions. Spatial separation by either coating or the use of micro......-containers has shown potential to prevent or delay recrystallization. Another recent approach is the formation of co-amorphous mixtures between either two drugs or one drug and one low molecular weight excipient. Molecular interactions between the two molecules provide an energy barrier that has to be overcome...

  19. Adolf Portmann, La forme animale


    Le Dévédec, Nicolas


    On ne peut que saluer la récente réédition de cet ouvrage essentiel du biologiste suisse Adolf Portmann. Initialement paru en 1948, puis réédité en 1961 sous une forme augmentée, La forme animale était devenu quasiment inaccessible depuis de nombreuses années. En en proposant une traduction rénovée, les éditions La bibliothèque offrent l’opportunité de (re)découvrir la pensée largement ignorée d’une figure atypique du monde scientifique du XXe siècle. La forme animale fait partie de ces ouvra...

  20. Methods of forming boron nitride (United States)

    Trowbridge, Tammy L; Wertsching, Alan K; Pinhero, Patrick J; Crandall, David L


    A method of forming a boron nitride. The method comprises contacting a metal article with a monomeric boron-nitrogen compound and converting the monomeric boron-nitrogen compound to a boron nitride. The boron nitride is formed on the same or a different metal article. The monomeric boron-nitrogen compound is borazine, cycloborazane, trimethylcycloborazane, polyborazylene, B-vinylborazine, poly(B-vinylborazine), or combinations thereof. The monomeric boron-nitrogen compound is polymerized to form the boron nitride by exposure to a temperature greater than approximately C. The boron nitride is amorphous boron nitride, hexagonal boron nitride, rhombohedral boron nitride, turbostratic boron nitride, wurzite boron nitride, combinations thereof, or boron nitride and carbon. A method of conditioning a ballistic weapon and a metal article coated with the monomeric boron-nitrogen compound are also disclosed.

  1. Mathematics and Forms of Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Severin Schroeder


    Full Text Available According to Wittgenstein, mathematics is embedded in, and partly constituting, a form of life. Hence, to imagine different, alternative forms of elementary mathematics, we should have to imagine different practices, different forms of life in which they could play a role. If we tried to imagine a radically different arithmetic we should think either of a strange world (in which objects unaccountably vanish or appear or of people acting and responding in very peculiar ways. If such was their practice, a calculus expressing the norms of representation they applied could not be called false. Rather, our criticism could only be to dismiss such a practice as foolish and to dismiss their norms as too different from ours to be called ‘mathematics’.

  2. New directions in Dirichlet forms

    CERN Document Server

    Jost, Jürgen; Mosco, Umberto; Rockner, Michael; Sturm, Karl-Theodor


    The theory of Dirichlet forms brings together methods and insights from the calculus of variations, stochastic analysis, partial differential and difference equations, potential theory, Riemannian geometry and more. This book features contributions by leading experts and provides up-to-date, authoritative accounts on exciting developments in the field and on new research perspectives. Topics covered include the following: stochastic analysis on configuration spaces, specifically a mathematically rigorous approach to the stochastic dynamics of Gibbs measures and infinite interacting particle systems; subelliptic PDE, homogenization, and fractals; geometric aspects of Dirichlet forms on metric spaces and function theory on such spaces; generalized harmonic maps as nonlinear analogues of Dirichlet forms, with an emphasis on non-locally compact situations; and a stochastic approach based on Brownian motion to harmonic maps and their regularity. Various new connections between the topics are featured, and it is de...

  3. FORM version 4.0 (United States)

    Kuipers, J.; Ueda, T.; Vermaseren, J. A. M.; Vollinga, J.


    We present version 4.0 of the symbolic manipulation system FORM. The most important new features are manipulation of rational polynomials and the factorization of expressions. Many other new functions and commands are also added; some of them are very general, while others are designed for building specific high level packages, such as one for Gröbner bases. New is also the checkpoint facility, that allows for periodic backups during long calculations. Finally, FORM 4.0 has become available as open source under the GNU General Public License version 3. Program summaryProgram title: FORM. Catalogue identifier: AEOT_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions: GNU General Public License, version 3 No. of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 151599 No. of bytes in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 1 078 748 Distribution format: tar.gz Programming language: The FORM language. FORM itself is programmed in a mixture of C and C++. Computer: All. Operating system: UNIX, LINUX, Mac OS, Windows. Classification: 5. Nature of problem: FORM defines a symbolic manipulation language in which the emphasis lies on fast processing of very large formulas. It has been used successfully for many calculations in Quantum Field Theory and mathematics. In speed and size of formulas that can be handled it outperforms other systems typically by an order of magnitude. Special in this version: The version 4.0 contains many new features. Most important are factorization and rational arithmetic. The program has also become open source under the GPL. The code in CPC is for reference. You are encouraged to upload the most recent sources from because of frequent bug fixes. Solution method: See "Nature of Problem", above. Additional comments: NOTE: The code in CPC is for reference. You are encouraged

  4. Auxin biosynthesis and storage forms. (United States)

    Korasick, David A; Enders, Tara A; Strader, Lucia C


    The plant hormone auxin drives plant growth and morphogenesis. The levels and distribution of the active auxin indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) are tightly controlled through synthesis, inactivation, and transport. Many auxin precursors and modified auxin forms, used to regulate auxin homeostasis, have been identified; however, very little is known about the integration of multiple auxin biosynthesis and inactivation pathways. This review discusses the many ways auxin levels are regulated through biosynthesis, storage forms, and inactivation, and the potential roles modified auxins play in regulating the bioactive pool of auxin to affect plant growth and development.

  5. Differential forms on electromagnetic networks

    CERN Document Server

    Balasubramanian, N V; Sen Gupta, D P


    Differential Forms on Electromagnetic Networks deals with the use of combinatorial techniques in electrical circuit, machine analysis, and the relationship between circuit quantities and electromagnetic fields. The monograph is also an introduction to the organization of field equations by the methods of differential forms. The book covers topics such as algebraic structural relations in an electric circuit; mesh and node-pair analysis; exterior differential structures; generalized Stoke's theorem and tensor analysis; and Maxwell's electromagnetic equation. Also covered in the book are the app

  6. $K_{13}$ transition form factors

    CERN Document Server

    Chueng Ryong Ji


    The rainbow truncation of the quark Dyson-Schwinger equation is combined with the ladder Bethe-Salpeter equation for the meson bound state amplitudes and the dressed quark-W vertex in a manifestly covariant calculation of the K/sub l3/ transition form factors and decay width in the impulse approximation. With model gluon parameters previously fixed by the chiral condensate, the pion mass and decay constant, and the kaon mass, our results for the K/sub l3/ form factors and the kaon semileptonic decay width are in good agreement with the experimental data. (37 refs).

  7. 48 CFR Appendix - List of IAAR Forms (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 true List of IAAR Forms Federal Acquisition Regulations System BROADCASTING BOARD OF GOVERNORS CLAUSES AND FORMS FORMS Illustrations of Forms The Broadcasting Board of Governors forms. List of IAAR Forms 1953.370-21The Broadcasting Board of Governors Form IA-21, Abstract of...

  8. Normal forms in Poisson geometry

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Marcut, I.T.


    The structure of Poisson manifolds is highly nontrivial even locally. The first important result in this direction is Conn's linearization theorem around fixed points. One of the main results of this thesis (Theorem 2) is a normal form theorem in Poisson geometry, which is the Poisson-geometric

  9. Forming method of deposited film

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hirooka, Masaaki; Kanai, Masahiro; Han' na, Jun' ichi; Shimizu, Isamu


    This invention relates with a forming method of a functional deposited film which is useful for electronic devices such as semiconductor device, photosensitive device for electrophotography, etc. It enables to attain energy saving and film quality control at the same time, and large area deposited film can be obtained which has uniform physical properties. It also excels in productivity. In other words, a starting material which contains elements of Group II of the Periodic Table (Zn, Cd, Hg) and elements of Group VI (O, S, Se, Te) which are in the gaseous form, is contacted in a reaction vessel with gaseous halogen-based oxidizer to chemically form an excited precursor, from which a deposited film formed on a substrate. Halogenic oxidizer is chlorine and fluorine. Example of Group II-containing compound is Zn(CH/sub 3/)/sub 2/, and examples of Group II-containing compound are NO, H/sub 2/S, Se(C/sub 2/H/sub 5/)/sub 2/. Example of the substrate is Al, s/s, polyester, polyethylene, glass, etc.. (3 tabs)

  10. Biofilm Growth and Fossil Form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. P. Petroff


    Full Text Available Stromatolites can grow under the influence of microbial processes, but it is often unclear whether and how the macroscopic morphology of these rocks records biological processes. Conical stromatolites, which formed in the absence of sedimentation, provide a comparatively simple record of the interplay between microbial growth and lithification. Here, we show that the dynamics shaping conical stromatolites result from diffusive gradients within the overlying microbial mat. These gradients cause minerals to precipitate faster in regions of high curvature, resulting in measurable properties of the shapes of stromatolite laminas. This model allows us to estimate the thickness of ancient stromatolite-forming mats to be approximately 1  mm, consistent with modern systems. Proceeding from the assumption that the ubiquitous process of diffusion is recorded in the translating form of a stromatolite, we derive the shape of a diffusion-driven stromatolite. The conical morphology—a distinctive feature of stromatolites growing in the absence of sedimentation—arises from these dynamics. This form is quantitatively consistent with the shape of conical stromatolites that grew for more than 2.9×10^{9} yrs of Earth history.

  11. Form Analysis for Jazz Arrangers. (United States)

    Smith, John C.


    The author discusses the importance of the study of the contour of form and of a review of how music elements affect contour when studying jazz composition. When this has been mastered, students can begin the study of style. (Author/KC)

  12. PIC Reading Readiness Test Form. (United States)

    Short, N. J.

    This rating form concerns the measurement of basic skills in connection with assessing reading readiness. Motor skills, ability to adjust to learning situations, familiarity with the alphabet, and general knowledge are assessed. See TM 001 111 for details of the Regional PIC program in which it is used. (DLG)

  13. Tier I Forms and Instructions (United States)

    Submission of the form is required under Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. It provides State and local officials and the public with information on the general hazard types and locations of chemicals at your facility.

  14. Technetium Immobilization Forms Literature Survey

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Westsik, Joseph H.; Cantrell, Kirk J.; Serne, R. Jeffrey; Qafoku, Nikolla


    Of the many radionuclides and contaminants in the tank wastes stored at the Hanford site, technetium-99 (99Tc) is one of the most challenging to effectively immobilize in a waste form for ultimate disposal. Within the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), the Tc will partition between both the high-level waste (HLW) and low-activity waste (LAW) fractions of the tank waste. The HLW fraction will be converted to a glass waste form in the HLW vitrification facility and the LAW fraction will be converted to another glass waste form in the LAW vitrification facility. In both vitrification facilities, the Tc is incorporated into the glass waste form but a significant fraction of the Tc volatilizes at the high glass-melting temperatures and is captured in the off-gas treatment systems at both facilities. The aqueous off-gas condensate solution containing the volatilized Tc is recycled and is added to the LAW glass melter feed. This recycle process is effective in increasing the loading of Tc in the LAW glass but it also disproportionally increases the sulfur and halides in the LAW melter feed which increases both the amount of LAW glass and either the duration of the LAW vitrification mission or the required supplemental LAW treatment capacity.

  15. How to Form an IPT (United States)


    Defense AT&L: September–October 2012 22 How to Form an IPT David Hofstadter Hofstadter, a Defense Systems Management College professor with over 25...position then would be presented in a staff meeting to the program manager, who would eventu- ally make the decision on how to proceed. Next, the deputy

  16. Application of Incremental Sheet Forming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karbowski Krzysztof


    Full Text Available This paper describes some manufacturing aspects and an example of application of the Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF technology which was used for production of the craniofacial prosthesis. The brief description of prosthesis designing was presented as well. The main topic of the paper is comparison of milling and ISF technologies for preparing the tools for prosthesis thermoforming.

  17. Temporal form in interaction design

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vallgårda, Anna; Winther, Morten Trøstrup; Mørch, Nina


    temporal forms by letting a series of expert designers reflect upon them. We borrow a framework from Boorstin’s film theory in which he distinguishes between the voyeuristic, the vicarious, and the visceral experience. We show how to use rhythms, complexity, gentle or forceful behavior, etc., to create...

  18. Education fees – New forms

    CERN Multimedia


    The application forms for the payment of education fees have been updated and are now available in the Admin e-guide (under the “Useful Documents” heading):   Payment of education fees (including language course fees) – AC12A (form to be used by staff members recruited before 1 January 2007, with the exception of former “local staff”).   Payment of education fees – AC12B (form to be used by staff members recruited on or after 1 January 2007, by fellows, scientific associates and guest professors and by former “local staff” whose contracts started before 1 January 2007). The Education Fees service will continue to accept the old forms until the end of the current academic year, i.e. until 31 August 2015. Members of the personnel are reminded that any false declaration or failure to declare information with a view to deceiving others or achieving a gain that would result in a financial loss for CERN or...

  19. Green Lubricants for Metal Forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bay, Niels


    The increasing focus on legislation towards diminishing the impact on working environment as well as external environment has driven efforts to develop new, environmentally benign lubricants for metal forming. The present paper gives an overview of these efforts to substitute environmentally haza...

  20. Severe forms of food allergy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emanuel Sarinho


    Conclusion: Severe food allergy may occur in the form of anaphylaxis and food‐protein‐induced enterocolitis syndrome, which are increasingly observed in the pediatric emergency room; hence, pediatricians must be alert so they can provide the immediate diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Secondary Waste Form Down-Selection Data Package—Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming Waste Form

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Qafoku, Nikolla; Westsik, Joseph H.; Strachan, Denis M.; Valenta, Michelle M.; Pires, Richard P.


    The Hanford Site in southeast Washington State has 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemically hazardous wastes stored in 177 underground tanks (ORP 2010). The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of River Protection (ORP), through its contractors, is constructing the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) to convert the radioactive and hazardous wastes into stable glass waste forms for disposal. Within the WTP, the pretreatment facility will receive the retrieved waste from the tank farms and separate it into two treated process streams. These waste streams will be vitrified, and the resulting waste canisters will be sent to offsite (high-level waste [HLW]) and onsite (immobilized low-activity waste [ILAW]) repositories. As part of the pretreatment and ILAW processing, liquid secondary wastes will be generated that will be transferred to the Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) on the Hanford Site for further treatment. These liquid secondary wastes will be converted to stable solid waste forms that will be disposed of in the Integrated Disposal Facility (IDF). To support the selection of a waste form for the liquid secondary wastes from WTP, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) has initiated secondary waste form testing work at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). In anticipation of a down-selection process for a waste form for the Solidification Treatment Unit to be added to the ETF, PNNL is developing data packages to support that down-selection. The objective of the data packages is to identify, evaluate, and summarize the existing information on the four waste forms being considered for stabilizing and solidifying the liquid secondary wastes. At the Hanford Site, the FBSR process is being evaluated as a supplemental technology for treating and immobilizing Hanford LAW radioactive tank waste and for treating secondary wastes from the WTP pretreatment and LAW vitrification processes.

  2. Forming method of accumlated film

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takeuchi, Eiji; Hanna, Junichi; Shimizu, Isamu


    By forming an excited precursor by chemically oxidizing a raw material gas with gaseous halogen oxidizing agent and depositing on a substrate, film of uniform thickness, quality, and large surface can be produced. In other words, qaseous raw material (e.g., silane) and gaseous halogen oxidizing agent (e.g., F/sub 2/, Cl/sub 2/, Br/sub 2/, I/sub 2/) are introduced into a reactor space to etch the substrate; then the gaseous raw material is increased to accelerate the reaction with the halogen oxidizing agent to form an excited precursor which deposits a film on the substrate. This method is applied to the production of photo-conductive parts of electro-photography, light input sensor, and such semi-conductor element as a thin film transistor, etc. (5 figs, 1 tab)

  3. The Textile Form of Sound

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bendixen, Cecilie

    of sound. This issue is a part of a Ph.D. study at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Sound diffusion in architecture is a complex phenomenon. From the sound source the sound spreads in all directions as a sphere of wave fronts. When the sound is reflected from room boundaries or furniture, complex...... goemetry by analysing the sound pattern at a specific spot. This analysis is done theoretically with algorithmic systems and practical with waves in water. The paper describes the experiments and the findings, and explains how an analysis of sound can be catched in a textile form.......Sound is a part of architecture, and sound is complex. Upon this, sound is invisible. How is it then possible to design visual objects that interact with the sound? This paper addresses the problem of how to get access to the complexity of sound and how to make textile material revealing the form...

  4. Introducing new forms: overcoming resistance. (United States)

    Walker, C


    Implementing newly created or revised forms is often difficult and time consuming, and resistance is possible at any stage in the process. However, resistance forces clarity of purpose and dedication. A deliberately planned and carefully managed change process can achieve the goals of the task force and Nursing Administration. The QA nurse analyst is in a strategic position to facilitate this process and achieve a successful outcome within a specific period of time. By involving the head nurses in the initial developmental stage and receiving input from the staff nurses throughout, resistance at the implementation stage will be minimized. Experience with form development illustrates the principle that people affirm change when they have been actively involved in the development process.

  5. Terra firma-forme dermatosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emel Erkek


    Full Text Available Terra firma-forme dermatosis is characterized by ′dirty′ brown-grey cutaneous patches and plaques that can simply be eradicated by forceful swabbing with alcohol pads. The pathogenesis has been attributed to abnormal and delayed keratinization. Although affected patients present with typical lesions, the disorder is not well-known by dermatologists. In this report, we describe two patients with terra firma-forme dermatosis in the setting of xerosis cutis and atopic dermatitis. From a clinical point of view, we lay emphasis on its unique expression and diagnosis/treatment. From a histological perspective, we highlight its resemblance to dermatosis neglecta and speculate on the role of ′neglect′ in a patient with seemingly adequate hygiene. The role of urea containing emollients in the development of this disorder remains to be determined.

  6. Unsplit bipolar pulse forming line (United States)

    Rhodes, Mark A [Pleasanton, CA


    A bipolar pulse forming transmission line module and system for linear induction accelerators having first, second, third, and fourth planar conductors which form a sequentially arranged interleaved stack having opposing first and second ends, with dielectric layers between the conductors. The first and second planar conductors are connected to each other at the first end, and the first and fourth planar conductors are connected to each other at the second end via a shorting plate. The third planar conductor is electrically connectable to a high voltage source, and an internal switch functions to short at the first end a high voltage from the third planar conductor to the fourth planar conductor to produce a bipolar pulse at the acceleration axis with a zero net time integral. Improved access to the switch is enabled by an aperture through the shorting plate and the proximity of the aperture to the switch.

  7. The integral form of supergravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Castellani, L. [Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica, Università del Piemonte Orientale,Viale T. Michel, 11, 15121 Alessandria (Italy); INFN - Sezione di Torino,via P. Giuria 1, 10125 Torino (Italy); Catenacci, R. [Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica, Università del Piemonte Orientale,Viale T. Michel, 11, 15121 Alessandria (Italy); Gruppo Nazionale di Fisica Matematica, INdAM,P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma (Italy); Grassi, P.A. [Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica, Università del Piemonte Orientale,Viale T. Michel, 11, 15121 Alessandria (Italy); INFN - Sezione di Torino,via P. Giuria 1, 10125 Torino (Italy)


    By using integral forms we derive the superspace action of D=3,N=1 supergravity as an integral on a supermanifold. The construction is based on target space picture changing operators, here playing the rôle of Poincaré duals to the lower-dimensional spacetime surfaces embedded into the supermanifold. We show how the group geometrical action based on the group manifold approach interpolates between the superspace and the component supergravity actions, thus providing another proof of their equivalence.

  8. Terra firma-forme dermatosis. (United States)

    Unal, Emine; Guarneri, Claudio; Chokoeva, Anastasiya Atanasova; Wollina, Uwe; Tchernev, Georgi


    Terra firma-forme dermatosis (TFFD) belongs to the group of "dirty dermatoses" and represents a not well-known and surely underestimated vexing skin condition. Firstly described by Duncan, Tschen and Knox in 1987, it accounts for a few case series in the literature and has a still undefined aetiology. The authors present an additional report of TFFD, occurring in a young Caucasian girl, and briefly review the current medical literature on the topic.

  9. EM Form Factors and OLYMPUS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kohl Michael


    Full Text Available The elastic form factors of the nucleon characterize the distributions of charge and magnetization in momentum space and are important input for calculations of strong interaction phenomena and nuclear structure. The dramatic discrepancy in the observed ratio of elastic proton form factors between the Rosenbluth separation and polarization transfer methods has invoked numerous theoretical and experimental investigations. The previously neglected effect from two-photon exchange has become the favored explanation for the discrepancy. While the effect can not be calculated from first principles, it can be verified experimentally in several ways, most stringently by comparing the positron- proton and electron-proton elastic cross sections. The OLYMPUS experiment at DESY has been carried out to quantify the effect of two-photon exchange using intense stored positron and electron beams along with an internal unpolarized hydrogen target and a large acceptance detector to measure the ratio of the positron-proton and electron-proton elastic scattering cross sections. The status of proton form factor measurements and of the experimental efforts to verify the effect of two-photon exchange is presented, with some emphasis on the OLYMPUS experiment.

  10. Modular forms a classical approach

    CERN Document Server

    Cohen, Henri


    The theory of modular forms is a fundamental tool used in many areas of mathematics and physics. It is also a very concrete and "fun" subject in itself and abounds with an amazing number of surprising identities. This comprehensive textbook, which includes numerous exercises, aims to give a complete picture of the classical aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on explicit formulas. After a number of motivating examples such as elliptic functions and theta functions, the modular group, its subgroups, and general aspects of holomorphic and nonholomorphic modular forms are explained, with an emphasis on explicit examples. The heart of the book is the classical theory developed by Hecke and continued up to the Atkin-Lehner-Li theory of newforms and including the theory of Eisenstein series, Rankin-Selberg theory, and a more general theory of theta series including the Weil representation. The final chapter explores in some detail more general types of modular forms such as half-integral weight, Hilbert, Jacob...

  11. How do atmospheric rivers form? (United States)

    Dacre, Helen


    The term atmospheric river is used to describe corridors of strong water vapor transport in the troposphere. Filaments of enhanced water vapor, commonly observed in satellite imagery extending from the subtropics to the extratropics, are routinely used as a proxy for identifying these regions of strong water vapor transport. The precipitation associated with these filaments of enhanced water vapor can lead to high impact flooding events. However, there remains some debate as to how these filaments form. In this study we analyse the transport of water vapor within a climatology of wintertime North Atlantic extratropical cyclones. Results show that atmospheric rivers are formed by the cold front which sweeps up water vapor in the warm sector as it catches up with the warm front. This causes a narrow band of high water vapor content to form ahead of the cold front at the base of the warm conveyor belt airflow. Thus, water vapor in the cyclone's warm sector, and not long-distance transport of water vapor from the subtropics, is responsible for the generation of filaments of high water vapor content. A continuous cycle of evaporation and moisture convergence within the cyclone replenishes water vapor lost via precipitation. Thus, rather than representing a direct and continuous feed of moist air from the subtropics into the centre of a cyclone (as suggested by the term atmospheric river), these filaments are, in-fact, the result of water vapor exported from the cyclone and thus they represent the footprints left behind as cyclones travel polewards from subtropics.

  12. Fuzzy logic of Aristotelian forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perlovsky, L.I. [Nichols Research Corp., Lexington, MA (United States)


    Model-based approaches to pattern recognition and machine vision have been proposed to overcome the exorbitant training requirements of earlier computational paradigms. However, uncertainties in data were found to lead to a combinatorial explosion of the computational complexity. This issue is related here to the roles of a priori knowledge vs. adaptive learning. What is the a-priori knowledge representation that supports learning? I introduce Modeling Field Theory (MFT), a model-based neural network whose adaptive learning is based on a priori models. These models combine deterministic, fuzzy, and statistical aspects to account for a priori knowledge, its fuzzy nature, and data uncertainties. In the process of learning, a priori fuzzy concepts converge to crisp or probabilistic concepts. The MFT is a convergent dynamical system of only linear computational complexity. Fuzzy logic turns out to be essential for reducing the combinatorial complexity to linear one. I will discuss the relationship of the new computational paradigm to two theories due to Aristotle: theory of Forms and logic. While theory of Forms argued that the mind cannot be based on ready-made a priori concepts, Aristotelian logic operated with just such concepts. I discuss an interpretation of MFT suggesting that its fuzzy logic, combining a-priority and adaptivity, implements Aristotelian theory of Forms (theory of mind). Thus, 2300 years after Aristotle, a logic is developed suitable for his theory of mind.

  13. The Sign as Form and the Form of the Law Sign - Das Zeichen als Form und die Form des Rechtszeichens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seibert Thomas-M.


    Full Text Available Luhmann’s concept of the „sign as form“ is discussed in the broader context of Peirce and Serres’ concepts of formation, with an inheritance in the foreground. The assertion is: bifurcation as a result amputates the fundamental operation of form-building by excluding the operator. The operator is the interpretant, who Luhmann subsequently re-introduces as an observer (at a different level. But the interpretant does not permit itself to be excluded; it is always present – as a parasite (Serres. This is demonstrated using a practical case: A woman living in a home writes her will, in which she instates the home warden and his wife as her heirs. One uses a standardized form in the assumption that one is adhering to the prescribed legal form and thereby eliminating any need for further interpretation. The legal proceedings that followed and were instigated by the testatrix’ relatives against the home warden reversed these circumstances. The operation of drawing on a right as an object in such a manner that the operation in turn claims rights in law, thus becoming a legal sign in itself (Peirce, is parasitic. It plans for unplanned, surprising disruptions.

  14. Organizational forms and knowledge absorption

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Radovanović Nikola


    Full Text Available Managing the entire portion of knowledge in an organization is a challenging task. At the organizational level, there can be enormous quantities of unknown, poorly valued or inefficiently applied knowledge. This is normally followed with the underdeveloped potential or inability of organizations to absorb knowledge from external sources. Facilitation of the efficient internal flow of knowledge within the established communication network may positively affect organizational capacity to absorb or identify, share and subsequently apply knowledge to commercial ends. Based on the evidences that the adoption of different organizational forms affects knowledge flows within an organization, this research analyzed the relationship between common organizational forms and absorptive capacity of organizations. In this paper, we test the hypothesis stating that the organizational structure affects knowledge absorption and exploitation in the organization. The methodology included quantitative and qualitative research method based on a questionnaire, while the data has been statistically analyzed and the hypothesis has been tested with the use of cross-tabulation and chi-square tests. The findings suggest that the type of organizational form affects knowledge absorption capacity and that having a less formalized and more flexible structure in an organization increases absorbing and exploiting opportunities of potentially valuable knowledge.

  15. Prevalence of tooth forms and their gender correlation. (United States)

    Mahn, Eduardo; Walls, Stephanie; Jorquera, Gilbert; Valdés, Ana María; Val, Alejandra; Sampaio, Camila S


    This study evaluated different tooth shapes from female and male genders, matching them with the firstly proposed pure basic forms, and proposed different hybrid shapes; it also evaluated the percentage of correct gender identification of lay people, dentists and dental students. Standardized digital photos were taken from 460 people and analyzed by 3 experts regarding genders and tooth forms: pure basic forms-oval (O), triangular (T), square (S) and rectangular (R); and combined hybrid forms-oval-rectangular (OR), triangular-rectangular (TR), triangular-oval (TO), square-oval with flat lateral incisors (SOF), and square-oval with scalloped lateral incisors (SOS). Then, correct gender identification (%) was evaluated among lay people, dentists and dental students (n = 10). Pure forms showed less prevalence in the population studied (O:6.52%; S:3.48%; T:3.26%; R:2.39%) than hybrid ones (TO:20.87%; SOS:20.65%; OR:19.57%; SOF:16.96%;TR: 6.30%). Tooth gender selection among different evaluators was not significantly different (≈50% correct answers). No correspondence exists between tooth shapes and patient genders. Pre-standardized pure tooth forms appeared less than hybrid ones, while the most frequently found in the population studied were TO, SOS, and OR forms, disregarding genders. Esthetic perception is an increasingly important criterion critical to satisfy patients. The correlation of reported tooth shapes with specific genders was not reliably observed in natural smiles. Tooth shapes should be selected according to the wishes of the patient rather than by previously believed gender specific tooth shapes. Pure basic tooth forms should be complemented with the addition of combination forms to more accurately portray forms found in nature. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. Magnetic form factors of rare earth ions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Deckman, H.W.


    The magnetic scattering of neutrons by atoms has been investigated by exploiting its similarity to the radiation problem in spectroscopy. Expressions for the magnetic scattering amplitude have been developed for cases in which an atom in the l/sup n/ electronic configuration is described by a Hamiltonian. For each case, the magnetic scattering amplitude can be expressed in terms of matrix elements of magnetic and electric multipole operators. For a nonrelativistic atom, the calculation of these matrix elements has been separated into evaluating radial matrix elements and matrix elements of Racah tensors W/sup (0,k)k/ and W/sup (1,k')k/. For a relativistic atom the effective operator approach has been used to define effective multipole operators so that a relativistic result is obtained by taking matrix elements of these effective operators between nonrelativistic states of the atom. The calculation of matrix elements of these effective operators has been reduced to evaluating relativistic radial integrals and matrix elements of the Racah tensors taken between nonrelativistic states of the atom. It is shown that for the case of elastic scattering by either a relativistic or nonrelativistic atom in single Russell-Saunders state, the magnetic scattering amplitude can be written in the conventional form p(vector q)vector q/sub m/ . vector sigma. General expressions for p(vector q) as well as elastic magnetic form factors have been obtained. The formalism has been illustrated throughout by applying it to the case of scattering by rare earth ions. Detailed calculations for the form factors of Er and Gd ions are presented.

  17. Alternative High-Performance Ceramic Waste Forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sundaram, S. K. [Alfred Univ., NY (United States)


    powders were consolidated via SPS. Ce was reduced to the trivalent oxidation state and the zirconolite was converted into undesirable perovskite. The zirconolite polymorphs found in the synthesized powders were recovered after a post-SPS heat treatment in air. These results demonstrated the potential of processing in controlling the phase assemblage in these waste forms. Hollandites with Cr3+ trivalent cations were identified as potential hosts for Cs immobilization and are being investigated for Cs retention properties. Series of compositions Ba1.15-xCs2xCr2.3Ti5.7O16, with increasing Cs loadings, were prepared by sol-gel process and characterized for structural parameters. Structural characterization was performed by a combination of powder XRD and neutron powder diffraction. Phase pure hollandite adapting monoclinic symmetry (I2/m) was observed for 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.55. These results were used to develop a new structural model to interpret Cs immobilization in these hollandites. Performance of these waste forms were evaluated for chemical durability and radiation resistance. Product consistency testing (PCT) and vapor hydration testing (VHT) were used for testing of chemical durability. Radiation resistance was tested using He+ ions to simulate $\\alpha$ particles and heavy ions such as Au3+ to simulate a recoil. These results showed that these waste forms were chemically durable. The waste forms also amorphized to various degrees on exposure to simulated radiation.

  18. Etude du profil d'echelle des formes et de mesures d'energie de texture pour l'evaluation semi-automatique des degâts sur les bâtiments dans les images satellitaires de tres haute resolution (United States)

    Dubois, David

    Dozens of natural disasters occur each year throughout the world. They cause the death of thousands of people and cost billions of dollars in losses and reconstruction. Considerable resources are invested in the various phases of the emergency cycle like response and reconstruction. To avoid mismanagement of human and material resources during the response to a disaster, decisions must be made very quickly. To make appropriate choices, decision makers need up to date information on conditions on the ground. The images acquired by satellite are a possible source for this information. The new satellites equipped with optical sensors having spatial resolution finer than a meter per pixel provide details useful for determining the status of roads and damage to buildings. Unfortunately, visual analysis of these very large images is time consuming and fatigue may increase the rate of human error. In this thesis, we propose a semi-automatic method for the extraction of buildings and damage assessment using geometric, radiometric and texture features. The work includes a review of the literature in order to identify gaps in current approaches and possible solutions, the development of a methodology to solve this difficult problem, the testing of the proposed method on a portion of images of the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti captured before and after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, assessment of results and their comparison with the literature. The proposed method requires processing of the image in a hierarchical tree shapes through the fast level set transform. Once the image is represented in this way, an algorithm for extracting meaningful forms is used to assign a representative form for each pixel. Geometrical descriptors such as area, perimeter and others from central moments are extracted from these forms. In addition, for damage assessment, energy measurements of texture are calculated on the forms before and after the event. Buildings are extracted using a

  19. Form and metabolic scaling in colonial animals. (United States)

    Hartikainen, Hanna; Humphries, Stuart; Okamura, Beth


    Benthic colonial organisms exhibit a wide variation in size and shape and provide excellent model systems for testing the predictions of models that describe the scaling of metabolic rate with organism size. We tested the hypothesis that colony form will influence metabolic scaling and its derivatives by characterising metabolic and propagule production rates in three species of freshwater bryozoans that vary in morphology and module organisation and which demonstrate two- and three-dimensional growth forms. The results were evaluated with respect to predictions from two models for metabolic scaling. Isometric metabolic scaling in two-dimensional colonies supported predictions of a model based on dynamic energy budget theory (DEB) and not those of a model based on fractally branching supply networks. This metabolic isometry appears to be achieved by equivalent energy budgets of edge and central modules, in one species (Cristatella mucedo) via linear growth and in a second species (Lophopus crystallinus) by colony fission. Allometric scaling characterised colonies of a three-dimensional species (Fredericella sultana), also providing support for the DEB model. Isometric scaling of propagule production rates for C. mucedo and F. sultana suggests that the number of propagules produced in colonies increases in direct proportion with the number of modules within colonies. Feeding currents generated by bryozoans function in both food capture and respiration, thus linking metabolic scaling with dynamics of self-shading and resource capture. Metabolic rates fundamentally dictate organismal performance (e.g. growth, reproduction) and, as we show here, are linked with colony form. Metabolic profiles and associated variation in colony form should therefore influence the outcome of biotic interactions in habitats dominated by colonial animals and may drive patterns of macroevolution.

  20. [Terra firma-forme dermatosis]. (United States)

    Pallure, V; Ameline, M; Plantin, P; Bessis, D


    Terra firma-forme (i.e. resembling dry earth) is a condition chiefly affecting children wrongly considered as dermatosis arising out of negligence and inadequate corporal hygiene. It is in fact an acquired and asymptomatic grey-brown hyperpigmentation of the skin that persists despite normal washing with soap and water, but which subsides on rubbing with isopropyl alcohol 70%. Herein we report 10 new cases of this disorder. Ten patients aged between 7 months in 17 years were seen for acquired macular skin pigmentation, either brown or grey, fragmented and confluent. In six patients, this abnormality was the main reason for the consultation, generally on aesthetic grounds, and more rarely for diagnosis or suspicion of acanthosis nigricans. In all cases, questioning revealed normal hygiene measures. The condition comprised macular or acquired papular pigmentation, either brown or grey, of bilateral and symmetrical disposition and electively affecting the neck, trunk and retro-malleolar area of the ankles. Clinical examination together with a test involving rubbing with isopropyl alcohol 70° confirmed the diagnosis, revealing healthy underlying skin. Terra firma-forme dermatosis is frequently seen in clinical practice but is largely ignored in the French literature, possibly because of relevant indifference towards the condition. It affects both sexes equally, with no predilection for age or ethnicity, although it is classically seen to a greater extent during adolescence. Diagnosis of the condition, which is easily made thanks to the hyperpigmentation of dirty brown appearance on the neck and the ankles in particular, should not mislead the practitioner into blaming patients for supposedly deficient body hygiene. Knowledge of this form of dermatosis is useful because of its potentially harmful aesthetic and social effects, despite the ease of treatment by insistent rubbing of the affected areas with medical alcohol or ether. Early recognition also avoids pointless

  1. Theoretical mechanics for sixth forms

    CERN Document Server

    Plumpton, C


    Theoretical Mechanics for Sixth Forms, Second Edition is a 14-chapter book that begins by elucidating the nature of theoretical mechanics. The book then describes the statics of a particle in illustration of the techniques of handling vector quantities. Subsequent chapters focus on the principle of moments, parallel forces and centers of gravity; and the application of Newton's second law to the dynamics of a particle and the ideas of work and energy, impulse and momentum, and power. The concept of friction is also explained. This volume concludes with chapters concerning motion in a circle an

  2. Why Do Disks Form Jets? (United States)

    Lynden-Bell, D.

    It is argued that jet modelers have given insufficient study to the natural magneto-static configurations of field wound up in the presence of a confining general pressure. Such fields form towers whose height grows with each twist at a velocity comparable to the circular velocity of the accretion disk that turns them. A discussion of the generation of such towers is preceded by a brief history of the idea that quasars, active galaxies, and galactic nuclei contain giant black holes with accretion disks.

  3. Why Do Disks Form Jets?


    Lynden-Bell, D.


    It is argued that jet modelers have given insufficient study to the natural magneto-static configurations of field wound up in the presence of a confining general pressure. Such fields form towers whose height grows with each twist at a velocity comparable to the circular velocity of the accretion disk that turns them. A discussion of the generation of such towers is preceded by a brief history of the idea that quasars, active galaxies, and galactic nuclei contain giant black holes with accre...

  4. Baryon Form Factors at Threshold

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baldini Ferroli, Rinaldo [Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche ' E. Fermi' , Rome (Italy); INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Frascati (Italy); Pacetti, Simone [INFN and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Perugia, Perugia (Italy)


    An extensive study of the e{sup +}e{sup -}{yields}pp{sup Macron }BABAR cross section data is presented. Two unexpected outcomes have been found: the modulus of the proton form factor is normalized to one at threshold, i.e.: |G{sup p}(4M{sub p}{sup 2})|=1, as a pointlike fermion, and the resummation factor in the Sommerfeld formula is not needed. Other e{sup +}e{sup -} {yields} baryon-antibaryon cross sections show a similar behavior near threshold.

  5. Fabrication Aware Form-finding

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Egholm Pedersen, Ole; Larsen, Niels Martin; Pigram, Dave


    This paper describes a design and construction method that combines two distinct material systems with fabrication aware form-finding and file-to-factory workflows. The method enables the fluent creation of complex materially efficient structures comprising high populations of geometrically unique...... parts. The first material system employs a novel rotated joint design to allow the structural tuning of quasi-reciprocal timber frame elements fabricated from multi-axis machined plywood sheet stock. The second em-loys discontinuous post-tensioning to assemble unique precast concrete components...

  6. Screening three-form fields

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiago Barreiro


    Full Text Available Screening mechanisms for a three-form field around a dense source such as the Sun are investigated. Working with the dual vector, we can obtain a thin-shell where field interactions are short range. The field outside the source adopts the configuration of a dipole which is a manifestly distinct behaviour from the one obtained with a scalar field or even a previously proposed vector field model. We identify the region of parameter space where this model satisfies present solar system tests.

  7. Terra Firma-forme Dermatosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anagha Ramesh Babu


    Full Text Available Terra firma-forme dermatosis is a cutaneous discoloration. ‘Dirty’ brown grey cutaneous patches and plaques that can be rid off by forceful swabbing with alcohol pads characterize it. The pathogenesis has been attributed to abnormal and delayed keratinization. It poses no medical threat. A 40-year-old male patient presented to the Department of Dermatology with a 2-3 month history of persistent pigmented patches on both upper arms. The lesions were not associated with itching or burning sensation. He gives no history of exacerbation on exposure to the sun.

  8. Form finding in elastic gridshells. (United States)

    Baek, Changyeob; Sageman-Furnas, Andrew O; Jawed, Mohammad K; Reis, Pedro M


    Elastic gridshells comprise an initially planar network of elastic rods that are actuated into a shell-like structure by loading their extremities. The resulting actuated form derives from the elastic buckling of the rods subjected to inextensibility. We study elastic gridshells with a focus on the rational design of the final shapes. Our precision desktop experiments exhibit complex geometries, even from seemingly simple initial configurations and actuation processes. The numerical simulations capture this nonintuitive behavior with excellent quantitative agreement, allowing for an exploration of parameter space that reveals multistable states. We then turn to the theory of smooth Chebyshev nets to address the inverse design of hemispherical elastic gridshells. The results suggest that rod inextensibility, not elastic response, dictates the zeroth-order shape of an actuated elastic gridshell. As it turns out, this is the shape of a common household strainer. Therefore, the geometry of Chebyshev nets can be further used to understand elastic gridshells. In particular, we introduce a way to quantify the intrinsic shape of the empty, but enclosed regions, which we then use to rationalize the nonlocal deformation of elastic gridshells to point loading. This justifies the observed difficulty in form finding. Nevertheless, we close with an exploration of concatenating multiple elastic gridshell building blocks.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iryna Olexandrivna Suprun


    Full Text Available The review of basic literary sources is made out of behavior of horse. On the basis of the field researches (visual supervisions after three different aged groups of mares it is built ethograms. An ethogram of behavioral forms among mares was developed. They represent the different forms of mares’ behavior in a dynamics. The reaction of mares of the different age-related and physiology groups on appearance of extraneous objects on a pasture, their activity, hierarchy, socialization is analyzed in groups. Several main studies on equines were reviewed in ethogram. Four objects were placed into the pasture with the mares and foals including a mat, cone, halter, and mounting block. Initial interest of mares in objects was high. Herd mentality highly evident. When one horse spooked at object the whole herd followed. After 5 minutes, majority of mares and foals lose interest in objects. The major general behavior categories observed include: locomotion, comfort, and harem social. Dominance was demonstrated while looking at the objects. Dominance was also demonstrated when a mare wanted to be in a specific place or play with a specific toy, she would pin her ears back, bite, or kick at the other mare. 

  10. The forgotten form of knowledge

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Worsøe-Schmidt, Lisbeth

    The forgotten form of knowledge: Similarities between early 18th century Danish journals and nowadays Facebook discourse. Contemplating the early display of the public sphere in the 18th century, one is struck by the ease with which participants conduct themselves within the emerging institution...... early Danish general periodicals show a different picture. During the first half of the 18th century, all sorts of stupid jokes, provocations and sharp attacks on dissenters thrived in a fashion rather similar to the kind of discourse frequently found on today's social media. But why and how did public...... sphere (Habermas and Tönnies), mediatization theory (Averbeck-Lietz), and philosophy/sociology of knowledge (Berger, Brinkmann and Gustavsson)....

  11. New marine science organization formed (United States)

    Wooster, Warren S.

    A new international organization, the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) will be established to promote and coordinate marine scientific research in the northern North Pacific Ocean and the Berlin Sea. This was decided in Ottawa on December 12, 1990, when a draft convention was approved by representatives of Canada, China, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union. PICES will focus on research on the ocean environment and its interactions with land and atmosphere, its role and response to global weather and climate change, its flora, fauna and ecosystems, its uses and resources, and impacts upon it from human activities. Such studies relate not only to the effects of fishing and environmental change on fish stocks but also to such issues as the impacts of oil spills and other forms of pollution and the eventual consequences of climate change for uses of the ocean and its resources.

  12. Nuclear waste forms for actinides (United States)

    Ewing, Rodney C.


    The disposition of actinides, most recently 239Pu from dismantled nuclear weapons, requires effective containment of waste generated by the nuclear fuel cycle. Because actinides (e.g., 239Pu and 237Np) are long-lived, they have a major impact on risk assessments of geologic repositories. Thus, demonstrable, long-term chemical and mechanical durability are essential properties of waste forms for the immobilization of actinides. Mineralogic and geologic studies provide excellent candidate phases for immobilization and a unique database that cannot be duplicated by a purely materials science approach. The “mineralogic approach” is illustrated by a discussion of zircon as a phase for the immobilization of excess weapons plutonium. PMID:10097054

  13. Emerging Forms of Cultural Capital

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Prieur, Annick; Savage, Mike

    Distinction about the significance and content of emerging forms of cultural capital in different Western societies. Among the claims to be discussed are the following: - the claim about a decline in the adherence to traditional highbrow or classic high culture - the claim about increased omnivorousness and......This paper reviews recent European studies to assess whether cultural capital now has the same characteristics – or may be rather the same functions - as when Distinction was written. The paper will examine empirical applications of the concept of cultural capital in leading European studies...... – and hence are highly appropriate for direct comparisons with that study. This paper will begin by raising general issues regarding the meaning of the concept, and about how one may make assessments and claims about cultural capital. Here we consider how the legitimacy of certain cultural competencies...

  14. Alumina forming iron base superalloy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yamamoto, Yukinori; Muralidharan, Govindarajan; Brady, Michael P.


    An austenitic stainless steel alloy, consists essentially of, in weight percent 2.5 to 4 Al; 25 to 35 Ni; 12 to 19 Cr; at least 1, up to 4 total of at least one element selected from the group consisting of Nb and Ta; 0.5 to 3 Ti; less than 0.5 V; 0.1 to 1 of at least on element selected from the group consisting of Zr and Hf; 0.03 to 0.2 C; 0.005 to 0.1 B; and base Fe. The weight percent Fe is greater than the weight percent Ni. The alloy forms an external continuous scale including alumina, and contains coherent precipitates of .gamma.'-Ni.sub.3Al, and a stable essentially single phase FCC austenitic matrix microstructure. The austenitic matrix is essentially delta-ferrite-free and essentially BCC-phase-free.

  15. Alumina forming iron base superalloy (United States)

    Yamamoto, Yukinori; Muralidharan, Govindarajan; Brady, Michael P.


    An austenitic stainless steel alloy, consists essentially of, in weight percent 2.5 to 4 Al; 25 to 35 Ni; 12 to 19 Cr; at least 1, up to 4 total of at least one element selected from the group consisting of Nb and Ta; 0.5 to 3 Ti; less than 0.5 V; 0.1 to 1 of at least on element selected from the group consisting of Zr and Hf; 0.03 to 0.2 C; 0.005 to 0.1 B; and base Fe. The weight percent Fe is greater than the weight percent Ni. The alloy forms an external continuous scale including alumina, and contains coherent precipitates of .gamma.'-Ni.sub.3Al, and a stable essentially single phase FCC austenitic matrix microstructure. The austenitic matrix is essentially delta-ferrite-free and essentially BCC-phase-free.

  16. Innovative forms of citizen participation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nyseth, Torill; Ringholm, Toril; Agger, Annika

    Formal procedures of citizen participation in planning and urban governance in Norway and Denmark share many similarities. Although the planning laws are intended to give all affected stakeholders a chance to air their concerns within a limited time frame, then few use these channels for voice......: What characterises the new and innovative forms of citizen participation in urban planning in terms of innovation? And in what ways and to what degree is input from these processes fed into the formal planning processes? Theoretically, the paper is inspired by the concept of: ‘planning...... as experimentation’ (Hillier 2007, Nyseth et al 2010), ‘co-creation’ (Voorberg m.fl. 2013), and of the approach to participation offered by Clarke et al. (2014), where the traditional approaches are questioned and a contextualised approach is offered. Empirically, the paper draws on two different cases from Denmark...

  17. Waste Form Features, Events, and Processes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    R. Schreiner


    The purpose of this report is to evaluate and document the inclusion or exclusion of the waste form features, events and processes (FEPs) with respect to modeling used to support the Total System Performance Assessment for License Application (TSPA-LA). A screening decision, either Included or Excluded, is given for each FEP along with the technical bases for screening decisions. This information is required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 10 CFR 63.114 (d, e, and f) [DIRS 156605]. The FEPs addressed in this report deal with the issues related to the degradation and potential failure of the waste form and the migration of the waste form colloids. For included FEPs, this analysis summarizes the implementation of the FEP in TSPA-LA, (i.e., how the FEP is included). For excluded FEPs, this analysis provides the technical bases for exclusion from TSPA-LA (i.e., why the FEP is excluded). This revision addresses the TSPA-LA FEP list (DTN: MO0407SEPFEPLA.000 [DIRS 170760]). The primary purpose of this report is to identify and document the analyses and resolution of the features, events, and processes (FEPs) associated with the waste form performance in the repository. Forty FEPs were identified that are associated with the waste form performance. This report has been prepared to document the screening methodology used in the process of FEP inclusion and exclusion. The analyses documented in this report are for the license application (LA) base case design (BSC 2004 [DIRS 168489]). In this design, a drip shield is placed over the waste package and no backfill is placed over the drip shield (BSC 2004 [DIRS 168489]). Each FEP may include one or more specific issues that are collectively described by a FEP name and a FEP description. The FEP description may encompass a single feature, process or event, or a few closely related or coupled processes if the entire FEP can be addressed by a single specific screening argument or TSPA-LA disposition. The FEPs are

  18. Severe forms of food allergy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emanuel Sarinho

    Full Text Available Abstract Objectives: To guide the diagnostic and therapeutic management of severe forms of food allergy. Data sources: Search in the Medline database using the terms “severe food allergy,” “anaphylaxis and food allergy,” “generalized urticaria and food allergy,” and “food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome” in the last ten years, searching in the title, abstract, or keyword fields. Summary of data: Food allergy can be serious and life-threatening. Milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, walnuts, wheat, sesame seeds, shrimp, fish, and fruit can precipitate allergic emergencies. The severity of reactions will depend on associated cofactors such as age, drug use at the onset of the reaction, history and persistence of asthma and/or severe allergic rhinitis, history of previous anaphylaxis, exercise, and associated diseases. For generalized urticaria and anaphylaxis, intramuscular epinephrine is the first and fundamental treatment line. For the treatment in acute phase of food-induced enterocolitis syndrome in the emergency setting, prompt hydroelectrolytic replacement, administration of methylprednisolone and ondansetron IV are necessary. It is important to recommend to the patient with food allergy to maintain the exclusion diet, seek specialized follow-up and, in those who have anaphylaxis, to emphasize the need to carry epinephrine. Conclusion: Severe food allergy may occur in the form of anaphylaxis and food-protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome, which are increasingly observed in the pediatric emergency room; hence, pediatricians must be alert so they can provide the immediate diagnosis and treatment.

  19. Simultaneous assembly of multiple test forms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Linden, Willem J.; Adema, J.J.; Adema, Jos J.


    An algorithm for the assembly of multiple test forms is proposed in which the multiple-form problem is reduced to a series of computationally less intensive two-form problems. At each step, one form is assembled to its true specifications; the other form is a dummy assembled only to maintain a

  20. Simultaneous assembly of multiple test forms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Linden, Willem J.; Adema, Jos J.


    An algorithm for the assembly of multiple test forms is proposed in which the multiple-form problem is reduced to a series of computationally less intensive two-form problems. At each step one form is assembled to its true specifications; the other form is a dummy assembled only to maintain a

  1. Evaluative Infrastructures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kornberger, Martin; Pflueger, Dane; Mouritsen, Jan


    Platform organizations such as Uber, eBay and Airbnb represent a growing disruptive phenomenon in contemporary capitalism, transforming economic organization, the nature of work, and the distribution of wealth. This paper investigates the accounting practices that underpin this new form of organi...... other); generativity (evaluative infrastructures do not territorialize objects but disclose new worlds); and new forms of control (evaluative infrastructures are not centres of calculation; rather, control is radically distributed, whilst power remains centralized)....... of organizing, and in doing so confronts a significant challenge within the accounting literature: the need to escape what Hopwood (1996) describes as its “hierarchical consciousness”. In order to do so, this paper develops the concept of evaluative infrastructure which describes accounting practices...... that enable platform based organization. They are evaluative because they deploy a plethora of interacting devices, including rankings, ratings, reviews, and audits to establish orders of worth. They are infrastructures because they provide the invisible yet essential mechanisms for the flow of economic...

  2. Readability and comprehensibility of informed consent forms for clinical trials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anvita Pandiya


    A shortened Informed Consent Form, with information that a reasonable person would want to understand along with specific information that the person wants in particular would be a good option to improve understanding or comprehensibility. Additional informational meetings with a qualified person like a counselor could help in comprehension. Questionnaires designed to test comprehension of patient, peer review, patient writing the salient features could help evaluate the comprehensibility of the Informed Consent Form.

  3. Journalism as a Form of Knowledge: a qualitative approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Meditsch


    Full Text Available This article discusses journalism from an epistemological perspective. It reviews some of the main approaches to the subject and verifies that those studies classify journalism as a form of knowledge either in a negative way, or in quantitative terms. The present study presents theoretical assumptions that support a qualitative approach. It evaluates the characteristics, problems and effects of journalism as knowledge. It concludes that it is highly pertinent that journalism be viewed as a social form of knowledge production.

  4. Simultaneous assembly of multiple test forms


    van der Linden, Willem J.; Adema, J.J.; Adema, Jos J.


    An algorithm for the assembly of multiple test forms is proposed in which the multiple-form problem is reduced to a series of computationally less intensive two-form problems. At each step, one form is assembled to its true specifications; the other form is a dummy assembled only to maintain a balance between the quality of the current form and the remaining forms. It is shown how the method can be implemented using the technique of O-1 linear programming. Two empirical examples using a forme...

  5. Dosage form design and development. (United States)

    Allen, Loyd V


    Drugs must be properly formulated for administration to patients, regardless of age. Pediatric patients provide some additional challenges to the formulator in terms of compliance and therapeutic efficacy. Due to the lack of sufficient drug products for the pediatric population, the pharmaceutical industry and compounding pharmacies must develop and provide appropriate medications designed for children. The purpose of this article was to review the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of drug substances and pharmaceutical ingredients to be used in preparing a drug product. In addition, stability, appearance, palatability, flavoring, sweetening, coloring, preservation, packaging, and storage are discussed. Information for the current article was gathered from a literature review; from presentations at professional and technical meetings; and from lectures, books, and publications of the author, as well as from his professional experience. Professional society meetings and standards-setting bodies were also used as a resource. The proper design and formulation of a dosage form requires consideration of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of all of the drug substances and pharmaceutical ingredients (excipients) to be used in fabricating the product. The drug and pharmaceutical materials utilized must be compatible and produce a drug product that is stable, efficacious, palatable, easy to administer, and well tolerated. Preformulation factors include physical properties such as particle size, crystalline structure, melting point, solubility, partition coefficient, dissolution, membrane permeability, dissociation constants, and drug stability. Successful development of a formulation includes multiple considerations involving the drug, excipients, compliance, storage, packaging, and stability, as well as patient considerations of taste, appearance, and palatability.

  6. Miscellaneous Waste-Form FEPs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    A. Schenker


    The US DOE must provide a reasonable assurance that the performance objectives for the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) potential radioactive-waste repository can be achieved for a 10,000-year post-closure period. The guidance that mandates this direction is under the provisions of 10 CFR Part 63 and the US Department of Energy's ''Revised Interim Guidance Pending Issuance of New US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulations (Revision 01, July 22, 1999), for Yucca Mountain, Nevada'' (Dyer 1999 and herein referred to as DOE's Interim Guidance). This assurance must be demonstrated in the form of a performance assessment that: (1) identifies the features, events, and processes (FEPs) that might affect the performance of the potential geologic repository; (2) examines the effects of such FEPs on the performance of the potential geologic repository; (3) estimates the expected annual dose to a specified receptor group; and (4) provides the technical basis for inclusion or exclusion of specific FEPs.

  7. Faith and Form on Screen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henry Bacon


    Full Text Available To understand any aspect of being-in-the-world in general or cinematic experience in particular, both reductionist and holistic approaches are needed. Psychological accounts can give us only functional explanations of human behaviour or responses to signifying artifacts such as art. To understand the significance of these experiences the psychological must be complemented by a study on a level which may be termed spiritual. This line of thought is applied to analyses of Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket, starting from David Bordwell’s formalist and cognitive account of why many people experience this film as religious despite there being no explicit reference to religion. Paul Schrader’s analysis of the formal structure of this film in terms of his notion of transcendental style in film goes a step forward by explaining how the formal structure as he analyses it suggests a transcendental dimension which cannot be addressed directly. This approach connects in an illuminating way with Slavoj Žižek’s notions of the imaginary and the symbolic sphere. Bordwell’s approach, functioning on the psychological level, is basically reductionist, while Schrader’s, boosted with Žižek’s ideas as appropriated for the purposes of this article, is holistic and operative on the spiritual level. This two-tiered analysis reveals how cinematic form in Pickpocket serves as an indirect expression of faith.

  8. Fast form alpha-2-macroglobulin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Biltoft, Daniel; Gram, Jørgen Brodersen; Larsen, Anette


    . In this study, we investigated whether an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), that specifically measures the electrophoretic "fast form" of α2-macroglobulin (F-α2M), could be a sensitive and global marker for activation of calcium dependent and in-dependent proteases in plasma exposed to biomaterials...... in vitro. Methods: A F-α2M specific monoclonal antibody was generated and applied in an ELISA setup. Using the F-α2M ELISA, we investigated activation of calcium dependent and in-dependent proteases by polyvinylchloride (n=10), polytetrafluoroethylene (n=10) and silicone (n=10) tubings as well as glass...... tubes (n=10). Results: We found that F-α2M is a sensitive marker for activation of both calcium dependent and in-dependent proteases. A significant difference between F-α2M concentrations in the control sample and plasma exposed to the artificial surfaces was found (p >0.001). This was observed both...

  9. Sexuality in Samoan art forms. (United States)

    Moyle, R M


    This article explores the manifestations of sexuality in Samona as they are revealed through songs, poetry, dance, gestures, verbal expressions, stories, and games. For each of these art forms, texts, and translations of original material are presented, as an aid to discerning the uses and functions of sexuality as they are applied by Samoans for Samoans; to this end, formulalized joking of various types is seen as the medium through which the humorous element of sexuality is expressed. Elsewhere, sexuality functions to achieve and sustain individual attention. The explicitly sexuality functions to achieve and sustain individual attention. The explicitly sexual references in duneral and marriage songs, on the other hand, constitute affirmations of social values, incorporated in long-established rites. In what is tantamount to artistic license, performance of song, poetry, and dance containing sexual elements or references that would be prohibited in other contexts is constituted as acceptable behavior. In marked contrast to nineteenth-century writings, and the opinions of the popular press, sexuality in Samoa is far from free in its modes of expression, but rather adheres to traditional formalized patterns which determine its occasions, participants, and verbal and kinetic limits. Although not indispensable as a means of personal expression, it generally provides additional opportunities for the creative and aggressive individual to demonstarate his artistic talents and therby contribute to his own social elevation. As an element of verbalized group sentiment, it is a positive assertion of Samoan values, astatement of social solidarity.

  10. Algodystrophy: complex regional pain syndrome and incomplete forms. (United States)

    Giannotti, Stefano; Bottai, Vanna; Dell'Osso, Giacomo; Bugelli, Giulia; Celli, Fabio; Cazzella, Niki; Guido, Giulio


    The algodystrophy, also known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), is a painful disease characterized by erythema, edema, functional impairment, sensory and vasomotor disturbance. The diagnosis of CRPS is based solely on clinical signs and symptoms, and for exclusion compared to other forms of chronic pain. There is not a specific diagnostic procedure; careful clinical evaluation and additional test should lead to an accurate diagnosis. There are similar forms of chronic pain known as bone marrow edema syndrome, in which is absent the history of trauma or triggering events and the skin dystrophic changes and vasomotor alterations. These incomplete forms are self-limited, and surgical treatment is generally not needed. It is still controversial, if these forms represent a distinct self-limiting entity or an incomplete variant of CRPS. In painful unexplained conditions such as frozen shoulder, post-operative stiff shoulder or painful knee prosthesis, the algodystrophy, especially in its incomplete forms, could represent the cause.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williamson, M.; Mickalonis, J.; Fisher, D.; Sindelar, R.


    Alloy waste form development under the Waste Forms Campaign of the DOE-NE Fuel Cycle Research & Development program includes the process development and characterization of an alloy system to incorporate metal species from the waste streams generated during nuclear fuel recycling. This report describes the tests and results from the FY10 activities to further investigate an Fe-based waste form that uses 300-series stainless steel as the base alloy in an induction furnace melt process to incorporate the waste species from a closed nuclear fuel recycle separations scheme. This report is focused on the initial activities to investigate the formation of oxyhydroxide layer(s) that would be expected to develop on the Fe-based waste form as it corrodes under aqueous repository conditions. Corrosion tests were used to evaluate the stability of the layer(s) that can act as a passivation layer against further corrosion and would affect waste form durability in a disposal environment.

  12. Friction and bending forces evaluation of AISI 304 DDQ steel sheet forming by bending tests under deep-drawing multiaxial stresses; Evaluacion de la fuerza de doblado y de friccion en el conformado de chapa de acero inoxidable AISI 304 DDQ mediante ensayos de doblado en condiciones multiaxiales de embuticion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coello, J.; Miguel, V.; Ferrer, C.; Calatayud, A.; Martinez, A.


    Die radius is a critical area from the viewpoint of friction in forming processes. Moreover the sheet, that has been previously deformed in flange area, suffers bending and unbending stresses. Then, die-sheet contact in die radius must be especially considered in order to guarantee the suitable lubrication conditions. In the present work, a test method is carried out for evaluating an AISI 304 DDQ steel under similar conditions to those existing in the die radius area and that, usually, are not really reproduced in traditional bending under tensions tests. Deformation under pure shear condition, the bending and the radius angle have been established as variables of the tests. Results allow to obtain the apparent pressure sheet-bending tool, that increases with bending angle and decreases with tool radius. This last variable is the most significant while the bending angle has lesser influence. Although experimental results present some concordances with values obtained by analytical methods, some corrections must be considered in them in order to improve the theoretical values. (Author) 18 refs.

  13. Uniform-droplet spray forming

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blue, C.A.; Sikka, V.K. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States); Chun, Jung-Hoon [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States); Ando, T. [Tufts Univ., Medford, MA (United States)


    The uniform-droplet process is a new method of liquid-metal atomization that results in single droplets that can be used to produce mono-size powders or sprayed-on to substrates to produce near-net shapes with tailored microstructure. The mono-sized powder-production capability of the uniform-droplet process also has the potential of permitting engineered powder blends to produce components of controlled porosity. Metal and alloy powders are commercially produced by at least three different methods: gas atomization, water atomization, and rotating disk. All three methods produce powders of a broad range in size with a very small yield of fine powders with single-sized droplets that can be used to produce mono-size powders or sprayed-on substrates to produce near-net shapes with tailored microstructures. The economical analysis has shown the process to have the potential of reducing capital cost by 50% and operating cost by 37.5% when applied to powder making. For the spray-forming process, a 25% savings is expected in both the capital and operating costs. The project is jointly carried out at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tuffs University, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Preliminary interactions with both finished parts and powder producers have shown a strong interest in the uniform-droplet process. Systematic studies are being conducted to optimize the process parameters, understand the solidification of droplets and spray deposits, and develop a uniform-droplet-system (UDS) apparatus appropriate for processing engineering alloys.

  14. A Framework for Interactively Helpful Web Forms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bohøj, Morten; Bouvin, Niels Olof; Gammelmark, Henrik


    AdapForms is a framework for adaptive forms, consisting of a form definition language designating structure and constraints upon acceptable input, and a software architecture that continuously validates and adapts the form presented to the user. The validation is performed server-side, which...

  15. Simultaneous assembly of multiple test forms


    van der Linden, Willem J.; Adema, Jos J.


    An algorithm for the assembly of multiple test forms is proposed in which the multiple-form problem is reduced to a series of computationally less intensive two-form problems. At each step one form is assembled to its true specifications; the other form is a dummy assembled only to maintain a balance between the quality of the current form and the remaining forms. It is shown how the method can be implemented using the technique of 0-1 linear programming. Two empirical examples using a former...

  16. Automated UMLS-Based Comparison of Medical Forms (United States)

    Dugas, Martin; Fritz, Fleur; Krumm, Rainer; Breil, Bernhard


    Medical forms are very heterogeneous: on a European scale there are thousands of data items in several hundred different systems. To enable data exchange for clinical care and research purposes there is a need to develop interoperable documentation systems with harmonized forms for data capture. A prerequisite in this harmonization process is comparison of forms. So far – to our knowledge – an automated method for comparison of medical forms is not available. A form contains a list of data items with corresponding medical concepts. An automatic comparison needs data types, item names and especially item with these unique concept codes from medical terminologies. The scope of the proposed method is a comparison of these items by comparing their concept codes (coded in UMLS). Each data item is represented by item name, concept code and value domain. Two items are called identical, if item name, concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called matching, if only concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called similar, if their concept codes are the same, but the value domains are different. Based on these definitions an open-source implementation for automated comparison of medical forms in ODM format with UMLS-based semantic annotations was developed. It is available as package compareODM from To evaluate this method, it was applied to a set of 7 real medical forms with 285 data items from a large public ODM repository with forms for different medical purposes (research, quality management, routine care). Comparison results were visualized with grid images and dendrograms. Automated comparison of semantically annotated medical forms is feasible. Dendrograms allow a view on clustered similar forms. The approach is scalable for a large set of real medical forms. PMID:23861827

  17. Automated UMLS-based comparison of medical forms. (United States)

    Dugas, Martin; Fritz, Fleur; Krumm, Rainer; Breil, Bernhard


    Medical forms are very heterogeneous: on a European scale there are thousands of data items in several hundred different systems. To enable data exchange for clinical care and research purposes there is a need to develop interoperable documentation systems with harmonized forms for data capture. A prerequisite in this harmonization process is comparison of forms. So far--to our knowledge--an automated method for comparison of medical forms is not available. A form contains a list of data items with corresponding medical concepts. An automatic comparison needs data types, item names and especially item with these unique concept codes from medical terminologies. The scope of the proposed method is a comparison of these items by comparing their concept codes (coded in UMLS). Each data item is represented by item name, concept code and value domain. Two items are called identical, if item name, concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called matching, if only concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called similar, if their concept codes are the same, but the value domains are different. Based on these definitions an open-source implementation for automated comparison of medical forms in ODM format with UMLS-based semantic annotations was developed. It is available as package compareODM from To evaluate this method, it was applied to a set of 7 real medical forms with 285 data items from a large public ODM repository with forms for different medical purposes (research, quality management, routine care). Comparison results were visualized with grid images and dendrograms. Automated comparison of semantically annotated medical forms is feasible. Dendrograms allow a view on clustered similar forms. The approach is scalable for a large set of real medical forms.

  18. Automated UMLS-based comparison of medical forms.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin Dugas

    Full Text Available Medical forms are very heterogeneous: on a European scale there are thousands of data items in several hundred different systems. To enable data exchange for clinical care and research purposes there is a need to develop interoperable documentation systems with harmonized forms for data capture. A prerequisite in this harmonization process is comparison of forms. So far--to our knowledge--an automated method for comparison of medical forms is not available. A form contains a list of data items with corresponding medical concepts. An automatic comparison needs data types, item names and especially item with these unique concept codes from medical terminologies. The scope of the proposed method is a comparison of these items by comparing their concept codes (coded in UMLS. Each data item is represented by item name, concept code and value domain. Two items are called identical, if item name, concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called matching, if only concept code and value domain are the same. Two items are called similar, if their concept codes are the same, but the value domains are different. Based on these definitions an open-source implementation for automated comparison of medical forms in ODM format with UMLS-based semantic annotations was developed. It is available as package compareODM from To evaluate this method, it was applied to a set of 7 real medical forms with 285 data items from a large public ODM repository with forms for different medical purposes (research, quality management, routine care. Comparison results were visualized with grid images and dendrograms. Automated comparison of semantically annotated medical forms is feasible. Dendrograms allow a view on clustered similar forms. The approach is scalable for a large set of real medical forms.

  19. Pre-form ceramic matrix composite cavity and method of forming and method of forming a ceramic matrix composite component (United States)

    Monaghan, Philip Harold; Delvaux, John McConnell; Taxacher, Glenn Curtis


    A pre-form CMC cavity and method of forming pre-form CMC cavity for a ceramic matrix component includes providing a mandrel, applying a base ply to the mandrel, laying-up at least one CMC ply on the base ply, removing the mandrel, and densifying the base ply and the at least one CMC ply. The remaining densified base ply and at least one CMC ply form a ceramic matrix component having a desired geometry and a cavity formed therein. Also provided is a method of forming a CMC component.

  20. Trapping Dust to Form Planets (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    Growing a planet from a dust grain is hard work! A new study explores how vortices in protoplanetary disks can assist this process.When Dust Growth FailsTop: ALMA image of the protoplanetary disk of V1247 Orionis, with different emission components labeled. Bottom: Synthetic image constructed from the best-fit model. [Kraus et al. 2017]Gradual accretion onto a seed particle seems like a reasonable way to grow a planet from a grain of dust; after all, planetary embryos orbit within dusty protoplanetary disks, which provides them with plenty of fuel to accrete so they can grow. Theres a challenge to this picture, though: the radial drift problem.The radial drift problem acknowledges that, as growing dust grains orbit within the disk, the drag force on them continues to grow as well. For large enough dust grains perhaps around 1 millimeter the drag force will cause the grains orbits to decay, and the particles drift into the star before they are able to grow into planetesimals and planets.A Close-Up Look with ALMASo how do we overcome the radial drift problem in order to form planets? A commonly proposed mechanism is dust trapping, in which long-lived vortices in the disk trap the dust particles, preventing them from falling inwards. This allows the particles to persist for millions of years long enough to grow beyond the radial drift barrier.Observationally, these dust-trapping vortices should have signatures: we would expect to see, at millimeter wavelengths, specific bright, asymmetric structures where the trapping occurs in protoplanetary disks. Such disk structures have been difficult to spot with past instrumentation, but the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has made some new observations of the disk V1247 Orionis that might be just what were looking for.Schematic of the authors model for the disk of V1247 Orionis. [Kraus et al. 2017]Trapped in a Vortex?ALMAs observations of V1247 Orionis are reported by a team of scientists led by Stefan

  1. Loss of form vision impairs spatial imagery. (United States)

    Occelli, Valeria; Lin, Jonathan B; Lacey, Simon; Sathian, K


    Previous studies have reported inconsistent results when comparing spatial imagery performance in the blind and the sighted, with some, but not all, studies demonstrating deficits in the blind. Here, we investigated the effect of visual status and individual preferences ("cognitive style") on performance of a spatial imagery task. Participants with blindness resulting in the loss of form vision at or after age 6, and age- and gender-matched sighted participants, performed a spatial imagery task requiring memorization of a 4 × 4 lettered matrix and subsequent mental construction of shapes within the matrix from four-letter auditory cues. They also completed the Santa Barbara Sense of Direction Scale (SBSoDS) and a self-evaluation of cognitive style. The sighted participants also completed the Object-Spatial Imagery and Verbal Questionnaire (OSIVQ). Visual status affected performance on the spatial imagery task: the blind performed significantly worse than the sighted, independently of the age at which form vision was completely lost. Visual status did not affect the distribution of preferences based on self-reported cognitive style. Across all participants, self-reported verbalizer scores were significantly negatively correlated with accuracy on the spatial imagery task. There was a positive correlation between the SBSoDS score and accuracy on the spatial imagery task, across all participants, indicating that a better sense of direction is related to a more proficient spatial representation and that the imagery task indexes ecologically relevant spatial abilities. Moreover, the older the participants were, the worse their performance was, indicating a detrimental effect of age on spatial imagery performance. Thus, spatial skills represent an important target for rehabilitative approaches to visual impairment, and individual differences, which can modulate performance, should be taken into account in such approaches.

  2. Tradução e adaptação cultural à língua portuguesa do American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Standardized Shoulder Assessment Form (ASES para avaliação da função do ombro Translation and cultural adaptation to the portuguese language of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Standardized Shoulder assessment form (ASES for evaluation of shoulder function

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz A Knaut


    Full Text Available Dores na região do ombro estão presentes em grande parte da população. Um instrumento de medida utilizado para avaliar a função do ombro, independente da enfermidade ou do distúrbio, é o American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Standardized Shoulder Assessment Form (ASES. No entanto, até o presente estudo, o ASES não contava com uma versão em português. O objetivo deste trabalho é realizar a tradução e a adaptação cultural do ASES à língua portuguesa.A versão original do ASES passou pelo processo específico de tradução e adaptação cultural, constituído pelas etapas de tradução inicial, retrotradução, comitê, pré-teste e aprovação do autor da versão original. O pré-teste foi aplicado em vinte pacientes com distúrbios variados na articulação do ombro (9 mulheres; 41,1 ± 13,0 anos de idade; 11,2 ± 8,9 meses de acometimento; 12,5 ± 3,1 anos de escolaridade. A versão definitiva do ASES em português foi estabelecida após os pacientes julgarem todos os seus itens compreensíveis e claros, e o autor do questionário original considerar a versão adequada. O resultado deste trabalho auxiliará os profissionais de reabilitação e os pesquisadores brasileiros, que passam a contar com mais um instrumento de medida a ser aplicado em pacientes com alterações funcionais no ombro.Shoulder pain affects a significant percentage of the population. The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Standardized Shoulder assessment form (ASES is an outcome tool used to assess shoulder function, regardless of the disorder. However, at the moment the current study was undertaken, a Portuguese version of the ASES was not available. The objective of this work was to translate and make a cultural validation of the ASES to the Portuguese language. The original version of the ASES underwent the specific process of translation and cultural adaptation, comprising of the initial translation, back translation, committee, pre-test and the

  3. 75 FR 4824 - Agency Forms Undergoing Paperwork Reduction Act Review (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Agency Forms Undergoing Paperwork Reduction Act Review The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes a list of information... evaluate cervical cancer screening methods and the use of Human Papillomavirus DNA tests. A supplemental...

  4. Effects of feed forms, levels of quantitative feed restriction on ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A 56-day feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of feed forms and levels of feed restriction on growth performance, carcass quality and feeding cost of broiler chickens. One hundred and ninety-two day-old broiler chicks were divided into eight groups of twenty four birds each. Each group was further divided into ...

  5. Thermodynamic and relative approach to compute glass-forming ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. This study deals with the evaluation of glass-forming ability (GFA) of oxides and is a critical reading of. Sun and Rawson thermodynamic approach to quantify this aptitude. Both approaches are adequate but ambiguous regarding the behaviour of some oxides (tendency to amorphization or crystallization). Indeed ...

  6. A New One-Pass Transformation into Monadic Normal Form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier


    We present a translation from the call-by-value λ-calculus to monadic normal forms that includes short-cut boolean evaluation. The translation is higher-order, operates in one pass, duplicates no code, generates no chains of thunks, and is properly tail recursive. It makes a crucial use of symbol...

  7. New CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) forms

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    New versions of the following forms for claims and requests to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) have been released:   form for claiming reimbursement of medical expenses,   form for requesting advance reimbursement, and   dental estimate form (for treatments foreseen to exceed 800 CHF).   The new forms are available in French and English. They can either be completed electronically before being printed and signed, or completed in paper form. New detailed instructions can be found at the back of the claim form; CHIS members are invited to read them carefully. The electronic versions (PDF) of all the forms are available on the CHIS website and on the UNIQA Member Portal. CHIS Members are requested to use these new forms forthwith and to discard any previous version. Questions regarding the above should be addressed directly to UNIQA (72730 or 022.718 63 00 or

  8. Current assisted superplastic forming of titanium alloy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Guofeng


    Full Text Available Current assisted superplastic forming combines electric heating technology and superplastic forming technology, and can overcome some shortcomings of traditional superplastic forming effectively, such as slow heating rate, large energy loss, low production efficiency, etc. Since formability of titanium alloy at room temperature is poor, current assisted superplastic forming is suitable for titanium alloy. This paper mainly introduces the application of current assisted superplastic forming in the field of titanium alloy, including forming technology of double-hemisphere structure and bellows.


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis-Hansen, Peter; Houbak, Niels; Klit, Peder


    A general evaluation of any education shall be based on the educations ability to meet defined goals and objectives. If such an evaluation is performed continuously it can be viewed as a relative quality measure. A main task when evaluating the whole education will be an evaluation...... of the individual courses. This may comprise of several parts: A lecturer evaluation/report, a student evaluation/report of the course and the teacher(s), the number of students having passed the course, the grade average and the distribution of the grades. At DTU (The Technical University of Denmark), students...... have for more than 10 years been evaluating the courses they attend. During the last 5 years, this evaluation has been electronic as an integral part of our CampusNet computing and course admini¬stra¬tion system. At the MEK department we have a committee in charge of our educational activities. One...

  10. Evaluation, Not Development Evaluation (United States)

    Carden, Fred


    Much has been said in literature about the changing face of development and the changing face of the aid industry. However, the focus of this article is the effect that this could have on evaluation and what might be done to move evaluation into the most useful space possible. Herein, the author makes the case that the evaluation community needs…

  11. FormCalc 9 and extensions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hahn, T. [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik, Muenchen (Germany); Passehr, S. [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Schappacher, C.


    We present Version 9 of the Feynman-diagram calculator FormCalc and a flexible new suite of shell scripts and Mathematica packages based on FormCalc, which can be adapted and used as a template for calculations.

  12. Article and method of forming an article (United States)

    Lacy, Benjamin Paul; Kottilingam, Srikanth Chandrudu; Dutta, Sandip; Schick, David Edward


    Provided are an article and a method of forming an article. The method includes providing a metallic powder, heating the metallic powder to a temperature sufficient to joint at least a portion of the metallic powder to form an initial layer, sequentially forming additional layers in a build direction by providing a distributed layer of the metallic powder over the initial layer and heating the distributed layer of the metallic powder, repeating the steps of sequentially forming the additional layers in the build direction to form a portion of the article having a hollow space formed in the build direction, and forming an overhang feature extending into the hollow space. The article includes an article formed by the method described herein.

  13. Strategic surfaces in sheet metal forming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsson, David Dam; Andreasen, Jan Lasson; Bay, Niels

    Out-line: Introduction to tribology in sheet metal forming Developed strategic surfaces Tribological testing of strategic surfaces Conclusion......Out-line: Introduction to tribology in sheet metal forming Developed strategic surfaces Tribological testing of strategic surfaces Conclusion...

  14. A behavioral database for masked form priming. (United States)

    Adelman, James S; Johnson, Rebecca L; McCormick, Samantha F; McKague, Meredith; Kinoshita, Sachiko; Bowers, Jeffrey S; Perry, Jason R; Lupker, Stephen J; Forster, Kenneth I; Cortese, Michael J; Scaltritti, Michele; Aschenbrenner, Andrew J; Coane, Jennifer H; White, Laurence; Yap, Melvin J; Davis, Chris; Kim, Jeesun; Davis, Colin J


    Reading involves a process of matching an orthographic input with stored representations in lexical memory. The masked priming paradigm has become a standard tool for investigating this process. Use of existing results from this paradigm can be limited by the precision of the data and the need for cross-experiment comparisons that lack normal experimental controls. Here, we present a single, large, high-precision, multicondition experiment to address these problems. Over 1,000 participants from 14 sites responded to 840 trials involving 28 different types of orthographically related primes (e.g., castfe-CASTLE) in a lexical decision task, as well as completing measures of spelling and vocabulary. The data were indeed highly sensitive to differences between conditions: After correction for multiple comparisons, prime type condition differences of 2.90 ms and above reached significance at the 5% level. This article presents the method of data collection and preliminary findings from these data, which included replications of the most widely agreed-upon differences between prime types, further evidence for systematic individual differences in susceptibility to priming, and new evidence regarding lexical properties associated with a target word's susceptibility to priming. These analyses will form a basis for the use of these data in quantitative model fitting and evaluation and for future exploration of these data that will inform and motivate new experiments.

  15. Utilize Vacuum Forming to Make Interdisciplinary Connections (United States)

    Love, Tyler S.; Valenza, Frank


    The concept of vacuum forming has been around since the 19th century, despite not being fully utilized in industry until the 1950s. In the past, industrial arts classes have used vacuum-forming projects to concentrate solely on the manufacturing process and the final product. However, vacuum forming is not just an old industrial arts activity; it…

  16. Matlab Code for Sorted Real Schur Forms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brandts, J.H.


    In Matlab, there exists a standard command to generate a real Schur form, and another command transforms a real Schur form into a complex one. In Golub and Van Loan (1996), a Matlab-like routine is sketched that sorts a complex Schur form: given a target value ? in the complex plane, the diagonal

  17. 78 FR 57807 - Aged Beneficiary Designation Forms (United States)


    ...; ] FEDERAL RETIREMENT THRIFT INVESTMENT BOARD 5 CFR Part 1651 Aged Beneficiary Designation Forms AGENCY... that are sometimes decades old. These aged forms often do not reflect the participant's current intent. Under the current regulations, if otherwise valid, the Agency must honor these aged forms, and when the...

  18. 7 CFR 2902.46 - Forming lubricants. (United States)


    ... tube bending, stretch forming, press braking, and swaging. (b) Minimum biobased content. The preferred... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Forming lubricants. 2902.46 Section 2902.46... Items § 2902.46 Forming lubricants. (a) Definition. Products designed to provide lubrication during...

  19. Iterated Differential Forms III: Integral Calculus


    Vinogradov, A.M.; Vitagliano, L.


    Basic elements of integral calculus over algebras of iterated differential forms, are presented. In particular, defining complexes for modules of integral forms are described and the corresponding berezinians and complexes of integral forms are computed. Various applications and the integral calculus over the algebra $\\Lambda_{\\infty}$ will be discussed in subsequent notes.

  20. 19 CFR 4.99 - Forms; substitution. (United States)


    ... forms so printed: (1) Conform to the official Customs forms in wording arrangement, style, size of type... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Forms; substitution. 4.99 Section 4.99 Customs Duties U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY; DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY...

  1. 7 CFR 51.1354 - Well formed. (United States)


    ... Standards for Pears for Canning Definitions § 51.1354 Well formed. Well formed means that the pear has the shape characteristic of the variety, so that after paring, cutting in halves, and coring, each half of the pear shall be well formed. Bartlett pears shall have at least a fairly well developed neck. [35 FR...

  2. 13 CFR 108.100 - Business form. (United States)


    ...) PROGRAM Qualifications for the NMVC Program Organizing A Nmvc Company § 108.100 Business form. A NMVC Company must be a newly formed for-profit entity or, subject to § 108.150, a newly formed for-profit subsidiary of an existing entity. It must be organized under State law solely for the purpose of performing...

  3. Avaliação do crescimento, do controle laboratorial e da corticoterapia em um grupo de pacientes com a forma clássica da deficiência da 21-hidroxilase Evaluation of growth, laboratorial control and corticotherapy in a sample of patients with the classical form of 21-hydroxylase deficiency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clarissa Cerchi A. Ramos


    difference between height Z score (for bone age at the last visit in relation to the height Z score (for chronological age in the first visit. Concentrations of 17-OH progesterone (17-OHP, androstenedione and rennin were evaluated, and the patients were considered well-controlled when 50% or more of the dosages were normal. Corticoid therapy was analyzed according to type and dose. RESULTS: The age at last visit ranged from 2.8 to 26.6 years (12.6+5.8 years, 31 were females, 30 with salt wasting form; 62% were considered well-controlled for 17-OHP, 75% for androstenedione and 78% for renin. Hidrocortisone was used in 41 patients (20.2+2.6 mg/m²/day and 40 in association with 9a-fludrocortisone. There were 14 patients with height gain, 20 with maintenance and 11 with loss. Height gain was associated with salt wasting patients (p=0.01 and with patients well-controlled for 17OHP (p=0,0005 and androstenedione (p=0,02. CONCLUSIONS: In this sample of patients with CAH due to classical 21-OH deficiency, better height gain was associated with a good control of 17-OHP and androstenedione and with salt wasting clinical form of the disease.

  4. Evaluación de la saborización al reconstituyente y antianémico Trofin en dos de sus formas de presentación Evaluation of flavoring of anti-anemic drug called Trofin in its two packaging forms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maritza González Pérez


    Full Text Available Se realizaron varios experimentos para lograr la saborización del antianémico y reconstituyente de orígen natural trofin en dos de sus formas de presentación, deshidratada y en líquido, con vistas a eliminar o atenuar el sabor metálico propio de las preparaciones a base de hierro y el ligero sabor amargo que produce el preservante utilizado, en este caso el benzoato de sodio, así como el olor medicamentoso del producto. En la evaluación sensorial se incluyeron 7 sabores, para lo cual se realizaron paneles de catadores según el método de las pruebas afectivas (Torricella R, Zamora E, Pulido H. Evaluación sensorial en la Industria Alimentaria. Serie Libros.IIIA MINAL. Centro de Información y Documentación Científico Técnica IIIA MINAL. Cuba, 1989. Los resultados obtenidos fueron satisfactorios. Se establecieron los sabores y concentraciones adecuadas que mejor enmascaran el sabor del preservante y el olor medicamentoso del producto.Several experiments were made to give new flavor to the anti-anemic product of natural origin known as Trofín in two of its packaging forms, that is, dehydrate and liquid, with a view to eliminating or mitigating the metal-like flavor characteristic of iron-based preparations, the slightly bitter taste that sodium benzoate, used as preservative, causes and also the medicamentous smell of the drug. Seven different flavors were included in the sensorial test for which panels of tasters were incorporated according to the method of affective tests (Torricella R, Zamora E, Pulido H. Sensorial Evaluation in the Food Industry. Serial book IIIA, Ministry of Food Industry (MINAL, Center of Scientific and Technical Information and Documentation, MINAL, Cuba, 1989. The results were satisfactory. Appropriate flavors and concentrations were set, which best disguise the preservative taste and the medicamentous smell of the product.

  5. Experimental investigation of braided fabric forming (United States)

    Wang, Peng; Soulat, Damien; Legrand, Xavier; Zemni, Lilia; Jacquot, Pierre-Baptiste


    Woven and braided textile structures are largely used as the composite reinforcements. Forming of the continuous fibre reinforcements and thermoplastic resin commingled yarns can be performed at room temperature. The "cool" forming stage is well-controlled and more economical compared to thermoforming. Many studies have been addressed for carbon and glass fibres / thermoplastic commingled yarns reinforced composite forming for woven structure. On the contrary, few research works has deal with the natural fibre reinforced textile forming and none concerns the braided fabrics forming. In this present work, the Flax/Polyamide 12 commingled yarns are used to produce braided fabric and then to analyze their deformability behaviour.

  6. Binary quadratic forms an algorithmic approach

    CERN Document Server

    Buchmann, Johannes


    The book deals with algorithmic problems related to binary quadratic forms, such as finding the representations of an integer by a form with integer coefficients, finding the minimum of a form with real coefficients and deciding equivalence of two forms. In order to solve those problems, the book introduces the reader to important areas of number theory such as diophantine equations, reduction theory of quadratic forms, geometry of numbers and algebraic number theory. The book explains applications to cryptography. It requires only basic mathematical knowledge.

  7. Electromagnetic form factors of the Δ with D-waves

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramalho, Gilberto T.F. [CFTP, Institute Superior Tecnico, Lisbon (Portugal); Pena, Maria Teresa [CFTP, Institute Superior Tecnico, Lisbon (Portugal); Gross, Franz L. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)


    The electromagnetic form factors of the Δ baryon are evaluated within the framework of a covariant spectator quark model, where S and D-states are included in the Δ wave function. We predict all the four Δ multipole form factors: the electric charge GE0, the magnetic dipole GM1, the electric quadrupole GE2 and the magnetic octupole GM3. We compare our predictions with other theoretical calculations. Our results are compatible with the available experimental data and recent lattice QCD data.

  8. Nitroxide radicals formed in situ as polymer chain growth regulators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kolyakina, Elena V; Grishin, Dmitry F [Research Insitute of Chemistry, N.I. Lobachevskii Nizhnii Novgorod State University, Nizhnii Novgorod (Russian Federation)


    Published data on controlled synthesis of macromolecules using nitroxide radicals, formed in situ during polymerization, as polymer chain growth regulators are systematized and generalized. The attention is focused on the mechanism of polymer chain growth control during reversibly inhibited radical homopolymerization and the effect of structure of precursors and regulating additives on the polymerization kinetics of monomers of different nature and the molecular-mass characteristics of the polymers thus formed. The key methods for generation of nitroxide radicals directly during polymerization are considered. The prospects for development and practical use of these approaches for the synthesis of new polymeric materials are evaluated.

  9. The anti-tumor efficacy of nanoparticulate form of ICD-85 versus free form

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zare Mirakabadi, A.


    Full Text Available Biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles (NPs have been intensively studied as a possible way to enhance anti-tumor efficacy while reducing side effects. ICD-85, derived from the venom of two separate species of venomous animals, has been shown to exhibit anti-cancer activity. In this report polymer based sodium alginate nanoparticles of ICD-85 was used to enhance its therapeutic effects and reduce its side effects. The inhibitory effect was evaluated by MTT assay. The necrotic effect was assessed using LDH assay. The induction of apoptosis was analyzed by caspase-8 colorimetric assay kit. Cytotoxicity assay in HeLa cells demonstrated enhanced efficacy of ICD-85 loaded NPs compared to the free ICD-85. The IC50 values obtained in HeLa cells after 48 h, for free ICD-85 and ICD-85 loaded NPs were 26±2.9μg ml-1 and 18±2.5μg ml-1, respectively. While it was observed that free ICD-85 exhibits mild cytotoxicity towards normal MRC-5 cells (IC50>60μg ml-1, ICD-85 loaded NPs was found to have higher efficacy in anti-proliferative activity on HeLa cells in vitro without any significant cytotoxic effect on normal MRC-5 cells. The apoptosis-induction mechanism by both form of ICD-85 on HeLa cells was found to be through activation of caspase-8 with approximately 2 fold greater of ICD-85 loaded NPs as compared to free ICD-85. Our work reveals that although ICD-85 in free form is relatively selective to inhibit the growth of cancer cells via apoptosis as compared to normal cells, but nanoparticulate form increases its selectivity towards cancer cells.

  10. Evaluation in Choreographic Pedagogy (United States)

    Hamalainen, Soili


    The most familiar form of evaluation in Western theatrical dance is aesthetic judgement, which considers dance performances as objects of art. This is how dance critics usually approach dance. However, there is more to evaluation than this. It also plays an integral part in learning: it can help a student develop skills in choreography as well as…

  11. Evaluation of different corn textures in dry grain or silage forms for piglets from 7 to 15 kg Avaliação dos milhos dentado e duro fornecidos em forma de grãos secos e de silagem de grãos úmidos para leitões dos 7 aos 15 kg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Vieira Neto


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to evaluate different textures and storage forms of corn in piglet diets. Two experiments were conducted, one of which tested digestibility of nutrients and the other diet performance. In the digestibility trial, 24 crossbred (Landrace X Large White barrows with an initial weight of 18.7 ± 1.5 kg were used. They were kept in metabolic cages in a randomized block design using the factorial arrangement 2 X 2 (type of corn - dent and flint X type of storage - moist grain silage and dry grain and six replicates, with one animal as the experimental unit. The values of metabolizable energy (ME obtained were 3841 kcal of ME/kg of dry matter (DM from dry corn, 3912 kcal of ME/kg of DM from moist corn, 4022 kcal of DM from ensiled dry corn and 3928 kcal of ME/kg of DM from ensiled humidity corn. The ensilage process increases the digestibility coefficient of dry matter and crude protein and increases the digestible energy of the diets, independent of the process form. The type of corn did not influence these variables. In the performance trial, 60 barrows (initial weight of 6.5 ± 1.5 kg of the same stock were used during 28 days of post-weaning distributed in the same experimental design, with five replicates and three animals as the experimental unit. The treatments did not influence the daily weigh gain or the daily feed intake. The dentate corn and the ensilage process decreased the feed conversion of the independent form (no significant interaction. The substitution of dry for ensilage corn increased the digestibility of the nutrients in the diets and the feed conversion of the piglets from 7 to 15 kg. Dentate corn promotes best feed conversion in this phase.Objetivou-se com este estudo avaliar os efeitos do tipo de milho (duro e dentado e da forma de armazenamento (grãos secos ou silagem de grãos úmidos no valor nutricional das rações e no desempenho de leitões dos 7 aos 15 kg. No ensaio de digestibilidade

  12. Atomic form factor for twisted vortex photons interacting with atoms (United States)

    Guthrey, Pierson; Kaplan, Lev; McGuire, J. H.


    The relatively new atomic form factor for twisted (vortex) beams, which carry orbital angular momentum (OAM), is considered and compared to the conventional atomic form factor for plane-wave beams that carry only spin angular momentum. Since the vortex symmetry of a twisted photon is more complex that that of a plane wave, evaluation of the atomic form factor is also more complex for twisted photons. On the other hand, the twisted photon has additional parameters, including the OAM quantum number, ℓ, the nodal radial number, p, and the Rayleigh range, zR, which determine the cone angle of the vortex. This Rayleigh range may be used as a variable parameter to control the interaction of twisted photons with matter. Here we address (i) normalization of the vortex atomic form factor, (ii) displacement of target atoms away from the center of the beam vortex, and (iii) formulation of transition probabilities for a variety of photon-atom processes. We attend to features related to experiments that can test the range of validity and accuracy of calculations of these variations of the atomic form factor. Using the absolute square of the form factor for vortex beams, we introduce a vortex factor that can be directly measured.

  13. Deformation characteristics of thermoplastics in single point incremental forming (United States)

    Maaß, F.; Gies, S.; Tekkaya, A. E.


    Single point incremental forming (SPTF) is a manufacturing process to produce complex shaped parts by the CNC controlled movement of a hemispherical forming tool. The poor geometrical accuracy is one of the dominant process limits in SPTF. Several references deal with approaches to improve the geometrical accuracy in SPTF, especially for sheet metal forming. However, forming thermoplastic materials with high geometrical accuracy is even more difficult due to the large elastic recovery upon unloading. As already shown for SPTF of metal sheets, overbending the workpiece is one opportunity to improve the geometrical accuracy. The aim of this research is to investigate how SPTF process parameters effect the resulting geometry and bulging of thermoplastic sheets. The research is done experimentally using Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and high density Polyethylene (PE-HD). Tt includes a strategy to reduce bulging effects by overbending the material. The experiments were performed on a CNC milling machine equipped with a single point forming tool and a simple support to fix the workpiece. To investigate the influence of the process parameters on the geometrical accuracy, linear grooves were manufactured into thermoplastic sheets. The geometric quality of the formed thermoplastic parts was evaluated by means of three-dimensional optical measurement. Tool radius, initial sheet thickness and workpiece material showed a strong correlation with the bulge height of the final part. Depending on the considered process parameter, the bulge height can be reduced up to 98%.

  14. Hull-form optimization of KSUEZMAX to enhance resistance performance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jong-Heon Park


    Full Text Available This paper deploys optimization techniques to obtain the optimum hull form of KSUEZMAX at the conditions of full-load draft and design speed. The processes have been carried out using a RaPID-HOP program. The bow and the stern hull-forms are optimized separately without altering neither, and the resulting versions of the two are then combined. Objective functions are the minimum values of wave-making and viscous pressure resistance coefficients for the bow and stern. Parametric modification functions for the bow hull-form variation are SAC shape, section shape (U-Vtype, DLWL type, bulb shape (bulb height and size; and those for the stern are SAC and section shape (U-Vtype, DLWL type. WAVIS version 1.3 code is usedfor the potential and the viscous-flow solver. Prior to the optimization, a parametric study has been conducted to observe the effects of design parameters on the objective functions. SQP has been applied for the optimization algorithm. The model tests have been conducted at a towing tank to evaluate the resistance performance of the optimized hull-form. It has been noted that the optimized hull-form brings 2.4% and 6.8% reduction in total and residual resistance coefficients compared to those of the original hull-form. The propulsive efficiency increases by 2.0% and the delivered power is reduced 3.7%, whereas the propeller rotating speed increases slightly by 0.41 rpm.

  15. Recent developments in metal forming; Desenvolvimento na conformacao mecanica dos acos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schaeffer, Lirio [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil)


    This work presents and discuss several processes concerning metal forming, specially steel forming. In the area of rolling, aspects related with liquid rolling and process simulation was analyzed. In the forging extrusion process, advances in cold and warm metal forming are reviewed. With regard to drawing of steel, a method for the evaluation of the lubrication efficiency through measurements of forces is presented. Finally, general considerations in forming of sintered products are also considered. 12 figs., 7 tabs., 10 refs.

  16. The Causal Priority of Form in Aristotle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kathrin Koslicki


    Full Text Available In various texts (e.g., Met. Z.17, Aristotle assigns priority to form, in its role as a principle and cause, over matter and the matter-form compound. Given the central role played by this claim in Aristotle's search for primary substance in the Metaphysics, it is important to understand what motivates him in locating the primary causal responsibility for a thing's being what it is with the form, rather than the matter. According to Met. Theta.8, actuality [energeia/entelecheia] in general is prior to potentiality [dunamis] in three ways, viz., in definition, time and substance. I propose an explicitly causal reading of this general priority claim, as it pertains to the matter-form relationship. The priority of form over matter in definition, time and substance, in my view, is best explained by appeal to the role of form as the formal, efficient and final cause of the matter-form compound, respectively, while the posteriority of matter to form according to all three notions of priority is most plausibly accounted for by the fact that the causal contribution of matter is limited to its role as material cause. When approached from this angle, the work of Met. Theta.8 can be seen to lend direct support to the more specific and explicitly causal priority claim we encounter in Met. Z.17, viz., that form is prior to matter in its role as the principle and primary cause of a matter-form compound's being what it is.

  17. Compression behaviour of anhydrous and hydrate forms of sodium naproxen. (United States)

    Malaj, Ledjan; Censi, Roberta; Gashi, Zehadin; Di Martino, Piera


    The aim of the present work was to investigate the technological properties and the compression behaviour of the anhydrous and hydrate solid forms of sodium naproxen. Among the hydrates, the following forms were studied: the monohydrate (MSN), obtained by dehydrating a dihydrated form (DSN) in each turn obtained by exposing the anhydrous form at 55% RH; a dihydrated form (CSN) obtained by crystallizing sodium naproxen from water, the tetrahydrated form (TSN) obtained by exposing the anhydrous form at 75% RH. The physico-chemical (crystalline form and water content), the micromeritic (crystal morphology and particle size) and the mechanical properties (Carr's index, apparent particle density, compression behaviour, elastic recovery and strength of compact) were evaluated. We made every effort to reduce differences in crystal habit, particle size and distribution, and amount of absorbed water among the samples, so that the only factors affecting their technological behaviour would be the degree of hydration and the crystalline structure. This study demonstrates a correlation between the compression behaviour and the water molecules present in the crystalline structures. The sites where water molecules are accommodated in the crystalline structure behave like weak points where the crystalline lattice yields under compression. The crystal deformability is proportional to the number of water molecules in these sites; the higher the water content, the higher the deformability, because the densification behaviour changes from a predominantly elastic deformation to a plastic behaviour. The deformability is responsible for a higher densification tendency that favours larger interparticle bonding areas that may explain the better tabletability of TSN and CSN. Copyright 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Borcherds Forms and Generalizations of Singular Moduli


    Schofer, Jarad


    We give a factorization of averages of Borcherds forms over CM points associated to a quadratic form of signature (n,2). As a consequence of this result, we are able to state a theorem like that of Gross and Zagier about which primes can occur in this factorization. One remarkable phenomenon we observe is that the regularized theta lift of a weakly holomorphic modular form is always finite.

  19. Disjoint sum forms in reliability theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Anrig


    Full Text Available The structure function f of a binary monotone system is assumed to be known and given in a disjunctive normal form, i.e. as the logical union of products of the indicator variables of the states of its subsystems. Based on this representation of f, an improved Abraham algorithm is proposed for generating the disjoint sum form of f. This form is the base for subsequent numerical reliability calculations. The approach is generalized to multivalued systems. Examples are discussed.

  20. Review on Cold-Formed Steel Connections


    Lee, Yeong Huei; Tan, Cher Siang; Mohammad, Shahrin; Md Tahir, Mahmood; Shek, Poi Ngian


    The concept of cold-formed light steel framing construction has been widespread after understanding its structural characteristics with massive research works over the years. Connection serves as one of the important elements for light steel framing in order to achieve its structural stability. Compared to hot-rolled steel sections, cold-formed steel connections perform dissimilarity due to the thin-walled behaviour. This paper aims to review current researches on cold-formed steel connection...



    Saxena Vaibhav; Khinchi Mahaveer Pr; Gupta M.K.; Agarwal Dilip; Sharma Natasha


    Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) have emerged as one of the popular and widely accepted dosage forms, especially for the paediatric and geriatric patients. In recent decades, a variety of pharmaceutical research has been conducted to develop new dosage forms. Among the dosage forms developed to facilitate ease of medication, the rapid disintegrating tablet (RDT) is one of the most widely employed commercial products.1 As our society is becoming increasingly aged, the development of Fast-...

  2. A New Sheet Metal Forming System Based on Incremental Punching (United States)

    Luo, Yuanxin

    conducted by the mean of computer simulation in consideration of applying a large impulsive force. This study validates the machine stability and accuracy. One of the keys to successful application of sheet metal forming is to be able to predict the deformation and the strain/stress of the part incurred during the forming process. Because of the complexity of the ISMF process, it is not possible to derive an analytical method. The alternative is to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA). However, based on our experience, it takes about one week to solve a simple case. A mechanics model is therefore developed. It consists of two steps. The first step is to computer the final shape: the initial geometric surface is obtained using the punch positions; then using the minimum energy principle, the virtual forces drive the nodes of geometric surface to their lowest energy positions, which gives the final shape of the forming part. The second step is to predict the strain and stress distributions. This is done using the inverse Finite Element Modeling (FEM). An in-house computer software is developed using MATLABRTM. In order to verify the new mechanics model, numerical and experimental studies are conducted using the new incremental punching system. The final shape and thickness distributions of parts are compared to verify the mechanics model. It is found that the model prediction fits the experiment result well. Forming parameters are also investigated. To evaluate the capability of the presented ISMF process, the formability is studied by the means of theory and experiment. A modified M-K model is proposed for predicting the forming limit of the formed part which is undergoing a very complicated strain path. The maximum forming angle is also investigated by experiments.

  3. Review on Cold-Formed Steel Connections (United States)

    Tan, Cher Siang; Mohammad, Shahrin; Md Tahir, Mahmood; Shek, Poi Ngian


    The concept of cold-formed light steel framing construction has been widespread after understanding its structural characteristics with massive research works over the years. Connection serves as one of the important elements for light steel framing in order to achieve its structural stability. Compared to hot-rolled steel sections, cold-formed steel connections perform dissimilarity due to the thin-walled behaviour. This paper aims to review current researches on cold-formed steel connections, particularly for screw connections, storage rack connections, welded connections, and bolted connections. The performance of these connections in the design of cold-formed steel structures is discussed. PMID:24688448

  4. Review on cold-formed steel connections. (United States)

    Lee, Yeong Huei; Tan, Cher Siang; Mohammad, Shahrin; Tahir, Mahmood Md; Shek, Poi Ngian


    The concept of cold-formed light steel framing construction has been widespread after understanding its structural characteristics with massive research works over the years. Connection serves as one of the important elements for light steel framing in order to achieve its structural stability. Compared to hot-rolled steel sections, cold-formed steel connections perform dissimilarity due to the thin-walled behaviour. This paper aims to review current researches on cold-formed steel connections, particularly for screw connections, storage rack connections, welded connections, and bolted connections. The performance of these connections in the design of cold-formed steel structures is discussed.

  5. Review on Cold-Formed Steel Connections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yeong Huei Lee


    Full Text Available The concept of cold-formed light steel framing construction has been widespread after understanding its structural characteristics with massive research works over the years. Connection serves as one of the important elements for light steel framing in order to achieve its structural stability. Compared to hot-rolled steel sections, cold-formed steel connections perform dissimilarity due to the thin-walled behaviour. This paper aims to review current researches on cold-formed steel connections, particularly for screw connections, storage rack connections, welded connections, and bolted connections. The performance of these connections in the design of cold-formed steel structures is discussed.

  6. The geometry of spherical space form groups

    CERN Document Server

    Gilkey, Peter B


    In this volume, the geometry of spherical space form groups is studied using the eta invariant. The author reviews the analytical properties of the eta invariant of Atiyah-Patodi-Singer and describes how the eta invariant gives rise to torsion invariants in both K-theory and equivariant bordism. The eta invariant is used to compute the K-theory of spherical space forms, and to study the equivariant unitary bordism of spherical space forms and the Pin c and Spin c equivariant bordism groups for spherical space form groups. This leads to a complete structure theorem for these bordism and K-theor

  7. [Detection of early forms of keratoconus - current screening methods]. (United States)

    Goebels, S; Eppig, T; Seitz, B; Langenbucher, A


    The detection of early forms of keratoconus is still a challenge for clinicians. Beside clinical examination and diagnosis of keratoconus, a series of examination techniques has been established in clinical routine to assist in the diagnosis of early forms of keratoconus: corneal topography for measuring the geometry of the corneal front surface, tomography for measuring the geometry of structures of the anterior segment of the eye, aberrometers for evaluation of optical aberrations of the entire eye, and a system for investigation of the biomechanical properties of the cornea. These instruments provide software tools which are designed for diagnostic support in keratoconus. In this review article, we provide an overview over the spectrum of measurement systems currently on the market focussing on their performance for detecting (early forms of) keratoconus. In detail, we focus on dedicated keratoconus screening software modules of topography, tomography, aberrometry and biomechanics. Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  8. Nucleon form factors, generalized parton distributions and quark angular momentum

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Diehl, Markus [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Kroll, Peter [Bergische Univ., Wuppertal (Germany). Fachbereich Physik; Regensburg Univ. (Germany). Institut fuer Theoretische Physik


    We extract the individual contributions from u and d quarks to the Dirac and Pauli form factors of the proton, after a critical examination of the available measurements of electromagnetic nucleon form factors. From this data we determine generalized parton distributions for valence quarks, assuming a particular form for their functional dependence. The result allows us to study various aspects of nucleon structure in the valence region. In particular, we evaluate Ji's sum rule and estimate the total angular momentum carried by valence quarks at the scale {mu}=2 GeV to be J{sup u}{sub v}=0.230{sup +0.009}{sub -0.024} and J{sup d}{sub v}=-0.004{sup +0.010}{sub -0.016}.

  9. Characteristics of metal waste forms containing technetium and uranium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fortner, J.A.; Kropf, A.J.; Ebert, W.L. [Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439 (United States)


    2 prototype alloys: RAW-1(Tc) and RAW-2(UTc) suitable for a wide range of waste stream compositions are being evaluated to support development of a waste form degradation model that can be used to calculate radionuclide source terms for a range of waste form compositions and disposal environments. Tests and analyses to support formulation of waste forms and development of the degradation model include detailed characterizations of the constituent phases using SEM/EDS and TEM, electrochemical tests to quantify the oxidation behavior and kinetics of the individual and coupled phases under a wide range of environmental conditions, and corrosion tests to measure the gross release kinetics of radionuclides under aggressive test conditions.

  10. Technical Submission Form: Technical Specification of a Wave Energy Farm.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roberts, Jesse D.; Kim Nielsen; Ben Kennedy; Bull, Diana L; Costello, Ronan Patrick; Jochem Weber


    The Wave - SPARC project developed the Technology Performance Level (TPL) assessment procedure based on a rigorous Systems Engineering exercise. The TPL assessment allows a whole system evaluation of Wave Energy Conversion Technology by measuring it against the requirements determined through the Systems Engineering exercise. The TPL assessment is intended to be useful in technology evaluation; in technology innovation; in allocation of public or priva te investment, and; in making equipment purchasing decisions. This Technical Submission Form (TSF) serves the purpose of collecting relevant and complete information, in a technology agnostic way, to allow TPL assessment s to be made by third party assessor s. The intended usage of this document is that the organization or people that are performing the role of developers or promoters of a particular technology will use this form to provide the information necessary for the organization or people who are perf orming the assessor role to use the TPL assessment.

  11. Analysis of Voltage Forming Methods for Multiphase Inverters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tadas Lipinskis


    Full Text Available The article discusses advantages of the multiphase AC induction motor over three or less phase motors. It presents possible stator winding configurations for a multiphase induction motor. Various fault control strategies were reviewed for phases feeding the motor. The authors propose a method for quality evaluation of voltage forming algorithm in the inverter. Simulation of a six-phase voltage source inverter, voltage in which is formed using a simple SPWM control algorithm, was performed in Matlab Simulink. Simulation results were evaluated using the proposed method. Inverter’s power stage was powered by 400 V DC source. The spectrum of output currents was analysed and the magnitude of the main frequency component was at least 12 times greater than the next biggest-magnitude component. The value of rectified inverter voltage was 373 V.Article in Lithuanian

  12. Roll forming technology for manufacturing axisymmetric automotive components

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Syn, C.K.; Lesuer, D.R.; Bieh, T.G.; Yang, H.s.; Brown, K.R.; Kaibyshev, R.O.; Petrov, E.N.


    A unique roll forming technology that permits complex axisymmetric components, such as automobile wheels and turbine disks, to be formed in a single forming operation, has been developed by two Russian Institute, the Institute of Technical Physics of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center and the Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems. This process was used to fabricate automobile wheels from a Russian AVT alloy, a 6010 aluminum alloy equivalent. The process included steps of isothermal roll forming of preforms into wheels shapes, all at 430C for the AVT alloy. The microstructure and mechanical properties were evaluated at various locations in the finished wheels by optical metallography and tensile testing at elevated temperatures. Tensile properties were obtained by stain-rate change tests and tensile tests to failure at high strain rates. Microstructure and mechanical propertied of the preforms and blanks were also evaluated. The results indicate that dynamically recovered microstructures were developed during the processing, which showed relatively high strain rate sensitivity and rendered sufficiently plasticity at the elevated temperature for wheel fabrication process.

  13. Effect of Concrete Waste Form Properties on Radionuclide Migration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mattigod, Shas V.; Bovaird, Chase C.; Wellman, Dawn M.; Skinner, De' Chauna J.; Cordova, Elsa A.; Wood, Marcus I.


    Assessing long-term performance of Category 3 waste cement grouts for radionuclide encasement requires knowledge of the radionuclide-cement interactions and mechanisms of retention (i.e., sorption or precipitation) the mechanism of contaminant release, the significance of contaminant release pathways, how waste form performance is affected by the full range of environmental conditions within the disposal facility, the process of waste form aging under conditions that are representative of processes occurring in response to changing environmental conditions within the disposal facility, the effect of waste form aging on chemical, physical, and radiological properties and the associated impact on contaminant release. This knowledge will enable accurate prediction of radionuclide fate when the waste forms come in contact with groundwater. Numerous sets of tests were initiated in fiscal years (FY) 2006-2009 to evaluate (1) diffusion of iodine (I) and technetium (Tc) from concrete into uncontaminated soil after 1 and 2 years, (2) I and rhenium (Re) diffusion from contaminated soil into fractured concrete, (3) I and Re (set 1) and Tc (set 2) diffusion from fractured concrete into uncontaminated soil, (4) evaluate the moisture distribution profile within the sediment half-cell, (5) the reactivity and speciation of uranium (VI) (U(VI)) compounds in concrete porewaters, (6) the rate of dissolution of concrete monoliths, and (7) the diffusion of simulated tank waste into concrete.

  14. 76 FR 36620 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 8453-F and Form 8879-F (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 8453-F and Form 8879-F AGENCY... U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is soliciting comments concerning Form 8453-F, U.S. Estate of Trust Income Tax Declaration and Signature for Electronic and Magnetic Made Filing and Form 8879-F...

  15. Electrochemical/Pyrometallurgical Waste Stream Processing and Waste Form Fabrication

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Steven Frank; Hwan Seo Park; Yung Zun Cho; William Ebert; Brian Riley


    This report summarizes treatment and waste form options being evaluated for waste streams resulting from the electrochemical/pyrometallurgical (pyro ) processing of used oxide nuclear fuel. The technologies that are described are South Korean (Republic of Korea – ROK) and United States of America (US) ‘centric’ in the approach to treating pyroprocessing wastes and are based on the decade long collaborations between US and ROK researchers. Some of the general and advanced technologies described in this report will be demonstrated during the Integrated Recycle Test (IRT) to be conducted as a part of the Joint Fuel Cycle Study (JFCS) collaboration between US Department of Energy (DOE) and ROK national laboratories. The JFCS means to specifically address and evaluated the technological, economic, and safe guard issues associated with the treatment of used nuclear fuel by pyroprocessing. The IRT will involve the processing of commercial, used oxide fuel to recover uranium and transuranics. The recovered transuranics will then be fabricated into metallic fuel and irradiated to transmutate, or burn the transuranic elements to shorter lived radionuclides. In addition, the various process streams will be evaluated and tested for fission product removal, electrolytic salt recycle, minimization of actinide loss to waste streams and waste form fabrication and characterization. This report specifically addresses the production and testing of those waste forms to demonstrate their compatibility with treatment options and suitability for disposal.

  16. Superplastic forming simulation of RF detector foils

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Snippe, Q.H.C.; Meinders, V.T.


    Complex-shaped sheet products, such as R(adio) F(requency) shieldings sheets, used in a subatomic particle detector, can be manufactured by superplastic forming. To predict whether a formed sheet is resistant against gas leakage, FE simulations are used, involving a user-defined material model. This

  17. 14 CFR 151.131 - Forms. (United States)


    ...- ance to be executed by the sponsor and certified by its attorney. (b) Advance planning agreement, FAA... AID TO AIRPORTS Rules and Procedures for Advance Planning and Engineering Proposals § 151.131 Forms. The forms used for the purpose of obtaining an advance planning and engineering grant are as follows...

  18. Formulas in Physics Have a "Standard" Form (United States)

    Moelter, Matthew J.; Jackson, Martin


    We discuss the importance of the ordering of symbols in physics formulas and identify implicit conventions that govern the "standard" form for how formulas are written and interpreted. An important part of writing and reading this form is understanding distinctions among constants, parameters, and variables. We delineate these conventions and…

  19. 24 CFR 200.80 - Mortgage form. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Mortgage form. 200.80 Section 200... Generally Applicable to Multifamily and Health Care Facility Mortgage Insurance Programs; and Continuing Eligibility Requirements for Existing Projects Mortgage Provisions § 200.80 Mortgage form. The mortgage shall...

  20. Normal form theory and spectral sequences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sanders, J.A.


    The concept of unique normal form is formulated in terms of a spectral sequence. As an illustration of this technique some results of Baider and Churchill concerning the normal form of the anharmonic oscillator are reproduced. The aim of this paper is to show that spectral sequences give us a