Sample records for eri system

  1. From Research to Operations: Transitioning Noaa's Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast System (United States)

    Kavanaugh, K. E.; Stumpf, R. P.


    A key priority of NOAA's Harmful Algal Bloom Operational Forecast System (HAB-OFS) is to leverage the Ecological Forecasting Roadmap to systematically transition to operations scientifically mature HAB forecasts in regions of the country where there is a strong user need identified and an operational framework can be supported. While in the demonstration phase, the Lake Erie HAB forecast has proven its utility. Over the next two years, NOAA will be transitioning the Lake Erie HAB forecast to operations with an initial operating capability established in the HAB OFS' operational infrastructure by the 2016 bloom season. Blooms of cyanobacteria are a recurring problem in Lake Erie, and the dominant bloom forming species, Microcystis aeruginosa, produces a toxin called microcystin that is poisonous to humans, livestock and pets. Once the toxins have contaminated the source water used for drinking water, it is costly for public water suppliers to remove them. As part of the Lake Erie HAB forecast demonstration, NOAA has provided information regarding the cyanobacterial blooms in a biweekly Experimental HAB Bulletin, which includes information about the current and forecasted distribution, toxicity, potential for vertical mixing or scum formation, mixing of the water column, and predictions of bloom decline. Coastal resource managers, public water suppliers and public health officials use the Experimental HAB Bulletins to respond to and mitigate the impacts of cyanobacterial blooms. The transition to operations will benefit stakeholders through ensuring that future Lake Erie HAB forecast products are sustained, systematic, reliable, and robust. Once operational, the forecasts will continue to be assessed and improvements will be made based on the results of emerging scientific research. In addition, the lessons learned from the Lake Erie transition will be used to streamline the process for future HAB forecasts presently in development.

  2. Short-term performance of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) system exposed to erythromycin (ERY) and oxytetracycline (OTC). (United States)

    Hu, Zhetai; Sun, Peide; Hu, Zhirong; Han, Jingyi; Wang, Ruyi; Jiao, Liang; Yang, Pengfei


    The effects of Erythromycin (ERY) and oxytetracycline (OTC), including individual and combinative effect, on enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) system within a short-term (24h) were evaluated in this study. Results showed that the P-removal efficiency decreased to 34.6% and 0.0% under the effect of ERY (10mg/L) and OTC (10mg/L) for 24h. OTC concentration higher than 5mg/L was sufficient to cause serious adverse impact on the EBPR performance. While the performance of EBPR system will be impacted by ERY above 10mg/L. OTC, due to its special antibacterial action to the gram-negative bacteria which most PAOs belong to, has more serious negative effect on the EBPR performance than ERY does. Moreover, in the combined antibiotics test, neither synergistic nor antagonistic effect was detected between ERY and OTC. Finally, ERY (10mg/L) and OTC (10mg/L) could inhibit the microorganisms' activity, while couldn't induce serious microorganisms death within 24h. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Toward Development of a Coupled Human-Natural Systems Model to Understand Climate Impacts on the Lake Erie Ecosystem (United States)

    Gebremariam, S. Y.; Martin, J. F.; Demarchi, C.; Ludsin, S. A.


    Owing to the complexity of large-scale stressors that our world's ecosystems are facing, interdisciplinary research approaches offer the best opportunity to protect our ecosystems and sustain the services that they provide both now and into the future. Towards this end, we have been working toward development of an integrative physical, biological, and socioeconomic model that can help management agencies understand their ability to sustain vital ecosystem services in Lake Erie (i.e., clear water, fish production, and safe beaches) under a changing climate. As a preliminary step, we have been evaluating the ability of three common watershed-hydrology models—the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (Agricultural Research Service), Distributed Large Basin Runoff Model (NOAA-GLERL), and MapShed (Pennsylvania State University)—to simulate the volume and quality of water entering the Lake Erie from Maumee River, which drains the largest watershed in the Lake Erie basin. Each model was calibrated and validated for the years 1995-2002 and 2003-2010, respectively. Herein, we report findings from this comparison. In addition to quantifying the ability of each model to simulate river conditions under varying meteorological scenarios, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each model for use in coupled human-natural systems research.

  4. The Rescue911 Emergency Response Information System (ERIS): A Systems Development Project Case (United States)

    Cohen, Jason F.; Thiel, Franz H.


    This teaching case presents a systems development project useful for courses in object-oriented analysis and design. The case has a strong focus on the business, methodology, modeling and implementation aspects of systems development. The case is centered on a fictitious ambulance and emergency services company (Rescue911). The case describes that…

  5. Modernization of the system integrated ERIS computer (SIEC) of the nuclear power plant Cofrentes; Modernizacion del sistema integrado ERIS computador (SIEC) de la Central Nuclear de cofrentes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garcia, R.; Ramos, M.; Mendez, J.; Zuriaga, J. V.


    The complete replacement of the SIEC of Nuclear Power Cofrentes is framed within the process of modernization of systems instrumentation and control in which the Spanish nuclear power plants are immersed, process caused by an increase in security, as well as the obsolescence and lack of spare parts.

  6. Effects of zebra mussels, obtained from Lake Erie and St Lawrence River, as a food source on immune system of lesser scaup

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Flipo, D.; Fournier, M. [Univ. du Quebec, Montreal, Quebec (Canada); Beaulieu, C.; Tessier, C. [McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec (Canada)


    A feeding study was undertaken to assess the influence of a zebra mussel diet from Lake Erie and the St.Lawrence river on the immune system of lesser scaup. The Great lakes and the St.Lawrence river are known to be among the most contaminated waters found in the country. Analytical studies have shown that zebra mussels are contaminated by organochlorines and other pollutants. The occurrence of these toxicants in the food diet of lesser scaup can cause serious injuries. The immune system, in its capacity to destroy foreign particles and protect the host against diseases, can serve as a useful sentinel of the health status of these environmentally stressed organisms. Immune parameters of lesser scaup fed with zebra mussels from Lake Erie or the St. Lawrence river were evaluated. The duration of the feeding trial was nine weeks. Phagocytic activity and oxidative bursts of heterophils were evaluated by flow cytometry. Intracellular thiol levels of lymphocytes and heterophils were also determined by flow cytometry. The results showed a dimunition of phagocytic activity and bactericidal potential after 6 weeks of the zebra mussel diet compared to the control. These results may be associated with pathology problems encountered in treated groups at the end of the diet. Birds from the St. Lawrence River group (40%) and the Lake Erie group (40%) demonstrated variable degrees of pododermatitis compared to the control group. The intracellular level of thiol was consistently found to be elevated in lymphocytes and heterophyls from birds feeding with on the St. Lawrence River. In conclusion, flow cytometry assays like phagocytosis, oxidative burst and thiol staining can serve as biomarkers of the immune status of birds and can give important information for evaluating the health of birds exposed to environmental contamination.

  7. 76 FR 82347 - Public Notice for Release of Aeronautical Property at Erie International Airport (ERI), Erie, PA (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Public Notice for Release of Aeronautical Property at Erie International Airport (ERI), Erie, PA AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) DOT. ACTION: Request for public comment. SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation Administration is requesting public comment on the Erie Regional...

  8. Lake Erie Fish Community Data (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Lake Erie Biological Station (LEBS), located in Sandusky, Ohio, is a field station of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). LEBS is the primary federal agency...

  9. Lake Erie Wastewater Management Study. (United States)


    Basin of Lake Erie had lower NaOH-P and higher HCl-P ( apatite ) than Central and Western Erie Basins. This difference was attributed to the lower use of...Lk oj0 C Ř q 4 0-94 G LzuJI’VIXONV;1 3I 100 from New York tributaries. They found that both non- apatite inorganic P fractions (NaOH-P, CDB-P...available sediment P loss was proportionately much greater and can be explained by the higher available P levels of the *139 L... mn m um m mmmm mnm m mm

  10. Erie Canal Technology: Stump Pullers (United States)

    Greenslade, Thomas B., Jr.


    Many years ago I saw a picture of a huge set of wheels that was used to remove tree stumps during the construction of the Erie Canal (1817-1825) and was intrigued by its use of leverage, mechanical advantage, and torque. Figure 1 is a scale model of the device based on my memory of the (lost) picture and published accounts.

  11. 2008 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) New York Lidar: Erie County (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Using Leica Geosystems ALS50 Laser Systems, 89 flight lines with a nominal point spacing = 1.4 meters (4.59 feet) were collected over Erie County, NY (approximately...

  12. Lake Erie Wastewater Management Study, Methodology Report. (United States)


    Relationship Between Chlorophyll A Concentration and Whole-Lake Phosphorus Load in Lake Erie for the Vollenweider, DiToro, and Chapra Models 67 viii...Central Basin of Lake Erie for the Vollenweider, DiToro, and Chapra Models 68 IV-8 Relationship Between Area of Anoxia and Whole-Lake Phosphorus Load in...18000 20000 LAKE ERIE CENTRAL BASIN z 25 2 r 20 -DfTORO z CHAPRA C-) z 15 -j 107 15 0 or VOL LENWEIDER -±4 -i x 0 0M I I I . I I I I 0 2000 4000 6000 8000

  13. Western Lake Erie Restoration Assessment Degree Flowlines (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This represents the flowline network in Western Lale Erie Restoration Assessment (WLERA). It is attributed with the number of disconnections between the reach and...

  14. Lake Erie Fish Community Data, 2013 - 2016 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Lake Erie Biological Station (LEBS), located in Sandusky, Ohio, is a field station of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). LEBS is the primary federal agency...

  15. Beaver Census on the Erie Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The objective of this study was to determine an approximate population number for beaver (castor canadensis) on the Sugar Lake division of the Erie Wildlife Refuge....

  16. Hunting Management Plan Erie NWR 1987 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan provides guidelines for the administration of hunting activity and for the development, maintenance, and enforcement of regulations and guidelines on Erie...

  17. Hunting Management Plan Erie NWR 1995 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan provides guidelines for the administration of hunting activity and for the development, maintenance, and enforcement of regulations and guidelines on Erie...

  18. A comparison of aquatic trophic interactions (fish, benthic macroinvertebrates, and zooplankton) between the Lake Erie Central Basin and the Lake Erie Eastern Basin, 2011-2013 (United States)

    Bodamer Scarbro, Betsy L.


    Lake Erie Biological Station (LEBS), located in Sandusky, Ohio, is a field station of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). LEBS is the primary federal agency for applied fisheries science excellence in Lake Erie. From 2011-2013, LEBS carried out a project which addressed the effects of regional climate change on aquatic food webs in the Great Lakes. This study focused on Lake Erie, as it is a representative system with a high level of anthropogenic impacts, strong nutrient gradients, seasonal hypoxia, and spatial overlap of cold- and cool-water fish guilds. In Lake Erie and in large embayments throughout the Great Lakes basin, this situation is a concern for fishery managers, as climate change may exacerbate hypoxia and reduce habitat volume for some species. We examined fish community composition, fine-scale distribution, prey availability, diets, and biochemical tracers for dominant fishes from study areas with medium-high nutrient levels (mesotrophic, Fairport study area), and low nutrient levels (oligotrophic, Erie study area). This multi-year database (2011-2013) provides the ability to contrast years with wide variation in rainfall, winter ice-cover, and thermal stratification. In addition, multiple indicators of dietary and distributional responses to environmental variability will allow resource managers to select the most informative approach for addressing specific climate change questions.

  19. Informing Lake Erie agriculture nutrient management via scenario evaluation (United States)

    Scavia, Donald; Kalcic, Margaret; Muenich, Rebecca Logsdon; Aloysius, Noel; Arnold, Jeffrey; Boles, Chelsie; Confesor, Remegio; DePinto, Joseph; Gildow, Marie; Martin, Jay; Read, Jennifer; Redder, Todd; Robertson, Dale M.; Sowa, Scott P.; Wang, Yu-Chen; White, Michael; Yen, Haw


    Harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been increasing in extent and intensity in the western basin of Lake Erie. The cyanobacteria Microcystis produces toxins that pose serious threats to animal and human health, resulting in beach closures and impaired water supplies, and have even forced a “do not drink” advisory for the City of Toledo water system for several days in the summer of 2014. The main driver of Lake Erie HABs is elevated phosphorus loading from watersheds draining to the western basin, particularly from the Maumee River watershed (Obenour et al. 2014). Through the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA), the U.S. and Canadian governments agreed to revise Lake Erie phosphorus loading targets to decrease HAB severity below levels representing a hazard to ecosystem and human health. New targets limit March-July loadings from the Maumee River to 186 metric tonnes of dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) and 860 metric tonnes of total phosphorus (TP) – a 40% reduction from 2008 loads (GLWQA 2016).

  20. Are Makemake and Eris Sputnik Planets? (United States)

    Grundy, William M.; Umurhan, Orkan M.


    Makemake and Eris have high albedos (Sicardy et al. 2011; Ortiz et al. 2012) and show strong spectral absorption by CH4 ice (Licandro et al. 2006; Brown et al. 2007; Dumas et al. 2007). Energetic space radiation breaks C-H bonds in CH4 producing fragments that recombine into dark, red macromolecular materials (tholins, e.g., Johnson et al. 1987; Thompson et al. 1987; Strazzulla et al. 1991). This fact, coupled with Pluto's strong CH4 ice absorption bands and high albedo led Stern (1988) to pose the question "why is Pluto bright?". New Horizons has confirmed that Pluto refreshes its surface via seasonal volatile transport (e.g., Stern et al. 2015). However, one part of Pluto refreshes itself in a different way, too. This is the informally named Sputnik Planitia, a vast plain of volatile ice partly filling a probable impact basin. The ice is thick enough to act as a barrier to internal radiogenic heat flow, which drives convective overturning on 105 to 106 year timescales (e.g., McKinnon et al. 2016; Trowbridge et al 2016). Vigorous convection in Sputnik mixes radiolytic products from the surface down into the bulk of the ice, diluting it, and thus maintaining the high albedo of the surface.We propose that the surfaces of Eris and Makemake are similarly refreshed by convection in deep volatile ice deposits, perhaps covering the majority of their surfaces, unlike Pluto's Sputnik, which only covers a small fraction. The local fluxes of energetic radiation dictate production rates for tholin. Assuming steady-state production over the age of the solar system and mixing into the volatile ice, the colors and albedos of the bodies can be used to estimate the thickness of the volatile ice into which the tholin has been diluted through convective mixing. Likewise, for plausible radiogenic internal heat production, lower limits can be set on the thickness of the ice, to support convective mixing. We don't know the rheological properties of mixed N2+CH4 ice, let alone what

  1. Samepistemenetelmien ja -laitteiden vertailu eri matriiseilla


    Hallamäki, Laura


    Opinnäytetyö suoritettiin Neste Oyj:n Porvoon jalostamon laadunvalvontalaboratoriossa. Työn tavoitteena oli tutkia syitä näytteistä saaduille poikkeaville rinnakkaistuloksille. Tämä toteutettiin tekemällä samepistemenetelmien ja -laitteiden vertailu. Opinnäytetyössä käytettiin neljää eri samepistemenetelmää ja kahdeksaa laitetta. Eri samepistemenetelmät olivat samepiste käsimenetelmällä (ASTM D2500), samepiste ISL-automaatilla (ASTM D5771), samepiste ISL-minilaitteella (ASTM D7689) sekä s...

  2. 78 FR 54574 - Safety Zone; Tall Ships Erie 2013 Fireworks Show, Holland Street Pier, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ..., Holland Street Pier, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule... of Holland Street Pier, Presque Isle Bay in Erie, PA. The Captain of the Port Buffalo has determined... all waters off Holland Street Pier, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA within a 420-foot radius of position 42...

  3. Pandora and the Good Eris in Hesiod

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan P. Zarecki


    Full Text Available The "good eris" in Works and Days is so presented as to parallel Pandora, who is seen as bringing about evils but who yet was the stimulus to labor that is an ethical imperative.

  4. Impoundment Report Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1992 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a report that is based on a tour of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge’s impoundments by a Moist Soil Consultant. It provides the firm’s observations,...

  5. Lake Erie phosphorus loading and Cladophora updates (United States)

    The presentation will focus on updates or progress being made on each Phosphorus Loadings and Cladophora for Lake Erie. The format will give a brief summary of data, findings, and results that were used by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) Annex 4 Nutrients Modeli...

  6. Targets set to reduce Lake Erie algae (United States)

    Evans, Mary


    In February 2016, the Great Lakes Executive Committee, which oversees the implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) between the U.S. and Canada, approved phosphorus loading targets for Lake Erie to reduce the size of harmful algal blooms (HABs), reduce the presence of the low oxygen zone in the central basin, and protect nearshore water quality. The targets are set with respect to the nutrient loads calculated for 2008. To reduce the impacts of HABs on Lake Erie a target was set of a 40 percent reduction in total and soluble reactive phosphorus loads in the spring from two Canadian rivers and several Michigan and Ohio rivers, especially the Maumee River ( finalptargets-ciblesfinalesdep/). States and the province of Ontario are already developing Domestic Action Plans to accomplish the reductions and scientists are developing research and monitoring plans to assess progress.

  7. Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) of subsurface hydrological connectivity controlling phosphorous transport in artificially drained agricultural landscapes (United States)

    Slater, L. D.; Robinson, J.; Buda, A. R.; Shober, A.; Ntarlagiannis, D.; Collick, A.; Clark, K.; Tingle, S.; Bryant, R.; Allen, A.


    The phosphorous (P) index is an applied assessment tool that identifies agricultural fields considered critical sources of P due to hydrologic connectivity between P sources and surface water. There is a need to improve the depiction of subsurface hydrological connectivity in P risk assessment tools in flat, artificially drained landscapes. Time-lapse ERI is an established near-surface geophysical technique that is useful for "visualizing" dynamic subsurface hydrological processes in space and time. We are applying time-lapse ERI in conjunction with salt tracers to a site on the Delmarva Peninsula (MD) that is drained by a dense network of open ditches. Our objectives are to examine the relative effects of soil properties, drainage intensity, and management factors on shallow lateral flow generation. As a proof of concept, a sodium chloride solution was spray-irrigated and continuously injected into two shallow wells (0.6 and 0.3 m deep) within a 23 m2 plot located directly adjacent to a small field drainage ditch. Time-lapse ERI in the region of spray-irrigation showed increased conductivity with some evidence of lateral surface migration. The injection well at 0.3 m depth exhibited increased conductivity during the tracer application and appeared to be hydraulically connected to an adjacent well 0.6 m away where no tracer was applied. Following this proof of concept study, we automated an ERI system of 192 electrodes within a 72m2 plot to monitor the application salt tracers from a 25 cm deep trench during natural rainfall events. This system, operational since September 2015, reveals the presence of tracer within and slightly below the trench suggesting only limited hydrological connectivity with drainage ditches during storms. Continual ERI monitoring over a wider range of storm intensities is likely to advance our understanding of shallow subsurface flows contributing to P transport and their potential connectivity with ditch drainage waters.

  8. Fabrication and characterization of Eri silk fibers-based sponges for biomedical application. (United States)

    Silva, Simone S; Oliveira, Nuno M; Oliveira, Mariana B; da Costa, Diana P Soares; Naskar, Deboki; Mano, João F; Kundu, Subhas C; Reis, Rui L


    Cocoon-derived semi-domesticated Eri silk fibers still lack exploitation for tissue engineering applications due to their poor solubility using conventional methods. The present work explores the ability to process cocoon fibers of non-mulberry Eri silk (Samia/Philosamia ricini) into sponges through a green approach using ionic liquid (IL)--1-buthyl-imidazolium acetate as a solvent. The formation of β-sheet structures during Eri silk/IL gelation was acquired by exposing the Eri silk/IL gels to a saturated atmosphere composed of two different solvents: (i) isopropanol/ethanol (physical stabilization) and (ii) genipin, a natural crosslinker, dissolved in ethanol (chemical crosslinking). The sponges were then obtained by freeze-drying. This approach promotes the formation of both stable and ordered non-crosslinked Eri silk fibroin matrices. Moreover, genipin-crosslinked silk fibroin sponges presenting high height recovery capacity after compression, high swelling degree and suitable mechanical properties for tissue engineering applications were produced. The incorporation of a model drug--ibuprofen--and the corresponding release study from the loaded sponges demonstrated the potential of using these matrices as effective drug delivery systems. The assessment of the biological performance of ATDC5 chondrocyte-like cells in contact with the developed sponges showed the promotion of cell adhesion and proliferation, as well as extracellular matrix production within 2 weeks of culture. Sponges' intrinsic properties and biological findings open up their potential use for biomedical applications. This work addresses the preparation and characterization of non-mulberry cocoon-derived Eri silk sponges. The insolubility of cocoons-derived non-mulberry silkworms impairs their processability and applications in the healthcare field. We used a green approach with ionic liquids to overcome the lack solubility of such silk fibers. The formation of beta-sheet structures into Eri

  9. Erie National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1997 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments for the 1997 calendar year. The report begins by giving a brief introduction...

  10. A Survey Of Vegetation for The Erie Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report contains the results of an inventory conducted on the vegetation present at the Erie Wildlife Refuge. Its intent is to provide base information for later...

  11. Erie National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1996 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments for the 1996 calendar year. The report begins by giving a brief introduction...

  12. Narrative report Erie National Wildlife Refuge calendar year - 1971 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1971 calendar year. The report begins by summarizing the...

  13. Erie National Wildlife Refuge (Sugar Lake Division) [Land Status Map (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This map was produced by the Division of Realty to depict landownership at Erie National Wildlife Refuge. It was generated from rectified aerial photography,...

  14. Beaver Census in the Erie National Wildlife Refuge: Seneca Division (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The main objective of this internship project was to approximately determine the population of beaver ( castor canadensis) in the Seneca division of the Erie...

  15. Erie National Wildlife Refuge Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1976 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1976 calendar year. The report begins with an introduction to the...

  16. Erie National Wildlife Refuge Annual narrative report: Calendar Year 1994 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1994 calendar year. The report begins with a summary of the...

  17. Waterfowl Count over Pool 9 Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1970 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This presents the observations of waterfowl flying over Pool 9 at Erie National Wildlife Refuge from late-August through early October, 1970.

  18. Initial narrative report September - December, 1960 Erie National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments from September through December of 1960. The report begins by summarizing the...

  19. Erie National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1998 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments for the 1998 calendar year. The report begins by giving a brief introduction...

  20. Erie National Wildlife Refuge Annual narrative report: Fiscal year 1975 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1975 fiscal year. The report begins by summarizing the...

  1. Narrative report : Erie National Wildlife Refuge : Calendar year - 1966 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Erie NWR outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1966 calendar year. The report begins by summarizing the weather conditions,...

  2. Erie National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1995 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This narrative report for Erie National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments for the 1995 calendar year. The report begins by giving a brief introduction...

  3. Evaluations of Different Montage Types and Sizes on Eri and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluations of Different Montage Types and Sizes on Eri and Mulberry Feeding Silkworms Cocoon Yield and Quality of Silk, at Melkassa Agricultural Research Center, East Shoa, Ethiopia. Ahmed Ibrahim, Kedir Shifa, Abiy Tilahun, Metasebia Terefe ...

  4. Grassland Management Plan Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1981 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This management plan provides well defined guidelines to accomplish the following goals at Erie National Wildlife Refuge : 1) to manage existing grasslands, 2)...

  5. Habitat Work Plan 2005 Erie National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report outlines the objectives for each of the management units at Erie National Wildlife Refuge in 2005. The plan describes the habitat objectives for each...

  6. Bathymetry of Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Bathymetry of Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair has been compiled as a component of a NOAA project to rescue Great Lakes lake floor geological and geophysical data and...

  7. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume I. Biological, (United States)


    Deason, Hilary J. 1933. Preliminary report on the growth rate, dominance, and maturity of the pikeperches (Stizostedion) of Lake Erie. Trans. Am...Sister Creek, Spring Brook, Rush Creek and Eighteenmile Creek. 648. Putnam , George Maxwell and Stephen Tilley. 1964. Sight record of the Glossy Ibis for...varieties of planktonic algae collected in the island region of Lake Erie which were not described to date. (BU) Tilley, Stephen - See: George Maxwell Putnam

  8. A description of the nearshore fish communities in the Huron-Erie Corridor using multiple gear types (United States)

    Francis, James T.; Chiotti, Justin A.; Boase, James C.; Thomas, Mike V.; Manny, Bruce A.; Roseman, Edward F.


    Great Lakes coastal wetlands provide a critical habitat for many fish species throughout their life cycles. Once home to one of the largest wetland complexes in the Great Lakes, coastal wetlands in the Huron–Erie Corridor (HEC) have decreased dramatically since the early 1900s. We characterized the nearshore fish communities at three different wetland complexes in the HEC using electrofishing, seines, and fyke nets. Species richness was highest in the Detroit River (63), followed by the St. Clair Delta (56), and Western Lake Erie (47). The nearshore fish communities in the Detroit River and St. Clair Delta consisted primarily of shiners, bluntnose minnow, centrarchids, and brook silverside, while the Western Lake Erie sites consisted of high proportions of non-native taxa including common carp, gizzard shad, goldfish, and white perch. Species richness estimates using individual-based rarefaction curves were higher when using electrofishing data compared to fyke nets or seine hauls at each wetland. Twelve fish species were captured exclusively during electrofishing assessments, while one species was captured exclusively in fyke nets, and none exclusively during seine hauls. Western Lake Erie wetlands were more indicative of degraded systems with lower species richness, lower proportion of turbidity intolerant species, and increased abundance of non-native taxa. This work highlights the importance of coastal wetlands in the HEC by capturing 69 different fish species utilizing these wetlands to fulfill life history requirements and provides insight when selecting gears to sample nearshore littoral areas.

  9. EriLex: An Embedded Domain Specific Language Generator (United States)

    Xu, Hao

    EriLex is a software tool for generating support code for embedded domain specific languages (EDSLs). It supports specifying syntax, static semantics, and dynamic semantics of an EDSL, mixing the method chaining style and the functional nesting style in the EDSL embedding, and using native types and values in the EDSL. The EriLex approach to EDSL embedding assumes only basic object-oriented features and generics in the host language and does not require any particular technology in the definition or implementation of host languages and tools. The generated support code allows the EDSLs to reuse not only host language compilers but also host language semantic editors.

  10. Managing inherent complexity for sustainable walleye fisheries in Lake Erie (United States)

    Roseman, Edward F.; Drouin, Richard; Gaden, Marc; Knight, Roger; Tyson, Jeff; Zhao, Yingming; Taylor, William W.; Lynch, Abigail J.; Léonard, Nancy J.


    In Lake Erie, Walleye (Sander vitreus vitreus) is king. The naturally occurring species is the foundation of commercial fishing operations on the Canadian side of the lake and is a much-prized sport fish on the American side. Management of Lake Erie walleye fisheries is complex and takes place in an inter-jurisdictional setting composed of resource agencies from the states of Michigan (MDNR), Ohio (ODNR), Pennsylvania (PFBC), and New York (NYDEC) and the province of Ontario (OMNR). The complexity of walleye management is exacerbated by interactions among environmental and ecological changes in Lake Erie, complex life-history characteristics of the species, public demand for walleye, and cultural/governance differences among managing groups and their respective constituents. Success of future management strategies will largely hinge upon our ability to understand these inherent complexities and to employ tactics that successfully accommodate stock productivity and human demand in a highly dynamic environment. In this report, we review the history of Lake Erie walleye management, outline the multi-jurisdictional process for international management of walleye, and discuss strategies to address challenges facing managers.

  11. Forensic Assessment on Ground Instability Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) (United States)

    Hazreek, Z. A. M.; Azhar, A. T. S.; Aziman, M.; Fauzan, S. M. S. A.; Ikhwan, J. M.; Aishah, M. A. N.


    Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) was used to evaluate the ground settlement in local scale at housing areas. ERI and Borehole results were used to interpret the condition of the problematic subsurface profile due to its differential stiffness. Electrical resistivity of the subsurface profile was measured using ABEM SAS4000 equipment set. ERI results using electrical resistivity anomaly on subsurface materials resistivity shows the subsurface profile exhibited low (1 - 100 Ωm) and medium (> 100 Ωm) value (ERV) representing weak to firm materials. The occurrences of soft to medium cohesive material (SPT N value = 2 - 7) and stiff cohesive material (SPT N ≥ 8) in local scale has created inconsistency of the ground stability condition. Moreover, it was found that a layer of organic decayed wood (ERV = 43 ˜ 29 Ωm & SPT N = 15 ˜ 9) has been buried within the subsurface profile thus weaken the ground structure and finally promoting to the ground settlement. The heterogeneous of the subsurface material presented using integrated analysis of ERI and borehole data enabled ground settlement in this area to be evaluated. This is the major factor evaluating ground instability in the local scale. The result was applicable to assist in planning a strategy for sustainable ground improvement of local scale in fast, low cost, and large data coverage.

  12. What is causing the harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie? (United States)

    Harmful and nuisance algal blooms have been increasing in size and extent since about 2000. In recent years, the release of the algal toxin microcystin has become a growing concern and has resulted in the inability to use water from Lake Erie as a drinking water source to the 400,000 residents of T...

  13. Nature of the Warm Excess in eps Eri: Asteroid belt or Dragged-in Grains (United States)

    Su, Kate Y. L.; Rieke, George; Marengo, Massimo; Stapelfeldt, Karl R.


    Eps Eri and its debris disk provide a unique opportunity to probe the outer zones of a planetary system due to its young age (roughly 1 Gyr) and proximity (3.22 pc, the closest prominent debris disk by more than a factor of two). It is the Rosetta Stone for more distant exoplanetary debris systems and thus critical to understanding the mid-term evolution of our Solar System. From resolved images in the far-infrared and submillimeter along with spectra from 10-35 and 55-95 microns, the eps Eri disk was suggested to have a complex structure, with multiple zones in both warm (asteroid-like) and cold (KBO-like) components. Alternatively, the warm excess can also originate from small grains in the cold disk, which are transported inward by the combination of Poynting-Robertson and stellar wind drags. Here we present a SOFIA/FORCAST 35 micron image of the system, and provide additional constraints on the nature of the warm excess inferred fromprevious Spitzer and Herschel observations.

  14. Lake Erie Yellow perch age estimation based on three structures: Precision, processing times, and management implications (United States)

    Vandergoot, C.S.; Bur, M.T.; Powell, K.A.


    Yellow perch Perca flavescens support economically important recreational and commercial fisheries in Lake Erie and are intensively managed. Age estimation represents an integral component in the management of Lake Erie yellow perch stocks, as age-structured population models are used to set safe harvest levels on an annual basis. We compared the precision associated with yellow perch (N = 251) age estimates from scales, sagittal otoliths, and anal spine sections and evaluated the time required to process and estimate age from each structure. Three readers of varying experience estimated ages. The precision (mean coefficient of variation) of estimates among readers was 1% for sagittal otoliths, 5-6% for anal spines, and 11-13% for scales. Agreement rates among readers were 94-95% for otoliths, 71-76% for anal spines, and 45-50% for scales. Systematic age estimation differences were evident among scale and anal spine readers; less-experienced readers tended to underestimate ages of yellow perch older than age 4 relative to estimates made by an experienced reader. Mean scale age tended to underestimate ages of age-6 and older fish relative to otolith ages estimated by an experienced reader. Total annual mortality estimates based on scale ages were 20% higher than those based on otolith ages; mortality estimates based on anal spine ages were 4% higher than those based on otolith ages. Otoliths required more removal and preparation time than scales and anal spines, but age estimation time was substantially lower for otoliths than for the other two structures. We suggest the use of otoliths or anal spines for age estimation in yellow perch (regardless of length) from Lake Erie and other systems where precise age estimates are necessary, because age estimation errors resulting from the use of scales could generate incorrect management decisions. ?? Copyright by the American Fisheries Society 2008.

  15. Record-setting algal bloom in Lake Erie caused by agricultural and meteorological trends consistent with expected future conditions. (United States)

    Michalak, Anna M; Anderson, Eric J; Beletsky, Dmitry; Boland, Steven; Bosch, Nathan S; Bridgeman, Thomas B; Chaffin, Justin D; Cho, Kyunghwa; Confesor, Rem; Daloglu, Irem; Depinto, Joseph V; Evans, Mary Anne; Fahnenstiel, Gary L; He, Lingli; Ho, Jeff C; Jenkins, Liza; Johengen, Thomas H; Kuo, Kevin C; Laporte, Elizabeth; Liu, Xiaojian; McWilliams, Michael R; Moore, Michael R; Posselt, Derek J; Richards, R Peter; Scavia, Donald; Steiner, Allison L; Verhamme, Ed; Wright, David M; Zagorski, Melissa A


    In 2011, Lake Erie experienced the largest harmful algal bloom in its recorded history, with a peak intensity over three times greater than any previously observed bloom. Here we show that long-term trends in agricultural practices are consistent with increasing phosphorus loading to the western basin of the lake, and that these trends, coupled with meteorological conditions in spring 2011, produced record-breaking nutrient loads. An extended period of weak lake circulation then led to abnormally long residence times that incubated the bloom, and warm and quiescent conditions after bloom onset allowed algae to remain near the top of the water column and prevented flushing of nutrients from the system. We further find that all of these factors are consistent with expected future conditions. If a scientifically guided management plan to mitigate these impacts is not implemented, we can therefore expect this bloom to be a harbinger of future blooms in Lake Erie.

  16. Optical observations of KT Eri = Nova Eridani 2009 (United States)

    Ragan, E.; Brozek, T.; Suchomska, K.; Skalbania, A.; Konorski, P.; Galan, C.; Swierczynski, E.; Tomov, T.; Mikolajewski, M.; Wychudzki, P.


    We report on optical observations of Nova Eri 2009 obtained at the Nicolaus Copernicus University Observatory (Torun, Poland) and the Olsztyn Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory. Using a 60 cm Cassegrain telescope (Torun) and a 25 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (Olsztyn) we estimated the V brightness of the Nova to ~8.30+/-0.04 mag and ~8.59+/-0.01 mag on Nov. 27.00 UT and Nov. 27.91 UT.

  17. The role of groundwater discharge fluxes on Si:P ratios in a major tributary to Lake Erie. (United States)

    Maavara, Taylor; Slowinski, Stephanie; Rezanezhad, Fereidoun; Van Meter, Kimberly; Van Cappellen, Philippe


    Groundwater discharge can be a major source of nutrients to river systems. Although quantification of groundwater nitrate loading to streams is common, the dependence of surface water silicon (Si) and phosphorus (P) concentrations on groundwater sources has rarely been determined. Additionally, the ability of groundwater discharge to drive surface water Si:P ratios has not been contextualized relative to riverine inputs or in-stream transformations. In this study, we quantify the seasonal dynamics of Si and P cycles in the Grand River (GR) watershed, the largest Canadian watershed draining into Lake Erie, to test our hypothesis that regions of Si-rich groundwater discharge increase surface water Si:P ratios. Historically, both the GR and Lake Erie have been considered stoichiometrically P-limited, where the molar Si:P ratio is greater than the ~16:1 phytoplankton uptake ratio. However, recent trends suggest that eastern Lake Erie may be approaching Si-limitation. We sampled groundwater and surface water for dissolved and reactive particulate Si as well as total dissolved P for 12months within and downstream of a 50-km reach of high groundwater discharge. Our results indicate that groundwater Si:P ratios are lower than the corresponding surface water and that groundwater is a significant source of bioavailable P to surface water. Despite these observations, the watershed remains P-limited for the majority of the year, with localized periods of Si-limitation. We further find that groundwater Si:P ratios are a relatively minor driver of surface water Si:P, but that the magnitude of Si and P loads from groundwater represent a large proportion of the overall fluxes to Lake Erie. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. Do Photochemical Hazes Cloud the Atmosphere of 51 Eri b? (United States)

    Marley, Mark; Zahnle, Kevin; Moses, Julianne; Morley, Caroline


    The first young giant planet to be discovered by the Gemini Planet Imager was the ~ 2MJ planet 51 Eri b. This ~20 Myr old young Jupiter is the first directly imaged planet to show unmistakable methane in H band. To constrain the planet’s mass, atmospheric temperature, and composition, the GPI J and H band spectra as well as some limited photometric points were compared to the predictions of substellar atmosphere models. The best fitting models reported in the discovery paper (Macintosh et al. 2015) relied upon a combination of clear and cloudy atmospheric columns to reproduce the data. In the atmosphere of an object as cool as 700 K the global silicate and iron clouds would be expected to be found well below the photosphere, although strong vertical mixing in the low gravity atmosphere is a possibility. Instead, clouds of Na2S, as have been detected in brown dwarf atmospheres, are a likely source of particle opacity. As a third explanation we have explored whether atmospheric photochemistry, driven by the UV flux from the primary star, may yield hazes that also influence the observed spectrum of the planet. To explore this possibility we have modeled the atmospheric photochemistry of 51 Eri b using two state-of-the-art photochemical models, both capable of predicting yields of complex hydrocarbons under various atmospheric conditions. We also have explored whether photochemical products can alter the equilibrium temperature profile of the atmosphere. In our presentation we will summarize the modeling approach employed to characterize 51 Eri b, explaining constraints on the planet’s effective temperature, gravity, and atmospheric composition and also present results of our studies of atmospheric photochemistry. We will discuss whether photochemical hazes could indeed be responsible for the particulate opacity that apparently sculpts the spectrum of the planet.

  19. K-kauppiaiden työnkuvan vertailu eri ketjukonsepteissa


    Penttinen, Antti


    Opinnäytetyön aihe valikoitui kauppiaiden työnkuvan vertailuun oman kiinnostuksen kautta yrit-tämiseen. Yrittämisen kiinnostus on tullut seuraamalla omia vanhempia, jotka molemmat toimivat kokeneina ruokakauppiaina K-marketissa. Opinnäytetyön toimeksiantajana toimiikin juuri K-market Sodankylän kauppias Ari Penttinen. Työn tavoitteena on tutkia kolmen eri Keskon ketjukonseptin kauppiaiden työnkuvaa ja vertailla niitä kattavasti keskenään. Ketjukonsepteja ovat K-market, K-supermarket ja K-...

  20. Snowstorm-Related Mortality - Erie County, New York, November 2014. (United States)

    Burstein, Gale R; Blank, Janinne; Chalmers, Tracy Fricano; Mahar, Tara; Mahoney, Martin C


    During November 18-21, 2014, a narrow band of central and southern Erie County in New York received unprecedented amounts of snowfall. The duration of the storm and amount of snowfall rapidly exceeded weather service forecasts, with some areas receiving 60-84 inches (1.5-2.1 meters) of snow. The rapid accumulation resulted in stranded drivers, travel bans, and logistical challenges associated with snow removal. Sporadic power outages affected a limited number of households. Eleven deaths were linked to the snowstorm, including one that was directly related, nine that were indirectly related, and one that was classified as possibly storm-related.

  1. The Ohio & Erie Canal: Catalyst of Economic Development for Ohio. Teaching with Historic Places. (United States)

    Ayers, Deborah

    In the 19th century, canal boats pulled along by mules carried much cargo. The canal boat was the family business, their livelihood, and their home. In Ohio, these boats glided gracefully along the Ohio and Erie Canal, heavily laden with lumber on its way north to Lake Erie where it was transferred to a lake freighter and sent to Buffalo (New…

  2. Erie National Wildlife Refuge Mohawk Run Shrub Fen Complex Invasive Plant Species Management Plan For Erie National Wildlife Refuge 2003-2008 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The recovery plan for Drooping Bluegrass, Thin Leaved Cotton Grass, Slender Spikerush, and Swampfly Honeysuckle on Erie National Wildlife Refuge discusses the...

  3. Genome sequences of lower Great Lakes Microcystis sp. reveal strain-specific genes that are present and expressed in western Lake Erie blooms. (United States)

    Meyer, Kevin Anthony; Davis, Timothy W; Watson, Susan B; Denef, Vincent J; Berry, Michelle A; Dick, Gregory J


    Blooms of the potentially toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis are increasing worldwide. In the Laurentian Great Lakes they pose major socioeconomic, ecological, and human health threats, particularly in western Lake Erie. However, the interpretation of "omics" data is constrained by the highly variable genome of Microcystis and the small number of reference genome sequences from strains isolated from the Great Lakes. To address this, we sequenced two Microcystis isolates from Lake Erie (Microcystis aeruginosa LE3 and M. wesenbergii LE013-01) and one from upstream Lake St. Clair (M. cf aeruginosa LSC13-02), and compared these data to the genomes of seventeen Microcystis spp. from across the globe as well as one metagenome and seven metatranscriptomes from a 2014 Lake Erie Microcystis bloom. For the publically available strains analyzed, the core genome is ~1900 genes, representing ~11% of total genes in the pan-genome and ~45% of each strain's genome. The flexible genome content was related to Microcystis subclades defined by phylogenetic analysis of both housekeeping genes and total core genes. To our knowledge this is the first evidence that the flexible genome is linked to the core genome of the Microcystis species complex. The majority of strain-specific genes were present and expressed in bloom communities in Lake Erie. Roughly 8% of these genes from the lower Great Lakes are involved in genome plasticity (rapid gain, loss, or rearrangement of genes) and resistance to foreign genetic elements (such as CRISPR-Cas systems). Intriguingly, strain-specific genes from Microcystis cultured from around the world were also present and expressed in the Lake Erie blooms, suggesting that the Microcystis pangenome is truly global. The presence and expression of flexible genes, including strain-specific genes, suggests that strain-level genomic diversity may be important in maintaining Microcystis abundance during bloom events.

  4. Genome sequences of lower Great Lakes Microcystis sp. reveal strain-specific genes that are present and expressed in western Lake Erie blooms.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin Anthony Meyer

    Full Text Available Blooms of the potentially toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis are increasing worldwide. In the Laurentian Great Lakes they pose major socioeconomic, ecological, and human health threats, particularly in western Lake Erie. However, the interpretation of "omics" data is constrained by the highly variable genome of Microcystis and the small number of reference genome sequences from strains isolated from the Great Lakes. To address this, we sequenced two Microcystis isolates from Lake Erie (Microcystis aeruginosa LE3 and M. wesenbergii LE013-01 and one from upstream Lake St. Clair (M. cf aeruginosa LSC13-02, and compared these data to the genomes of seventeen Microcystis spp. from across the globe as well as one metagenome and seven metatranscriptomes from a 2014 Lake Erie Microcystis bloom. For the publically available strains analyzed, the core genome is ~1900 genes, representing ~11% of total genes in the pan-genome and ~45% of each strain's genome. The flexible genome content was related to Microcystis subclades defined by phylogenetic analysis of both housekeeping genes and total core genes. To our knowledge this is the first evidence that the flexible genome is linked to the core genome of the Microcystis species complex. The majority of strain-specific genes were present and expressed in bloom communities in Lake Erie. Roughly 8% of these genes from the lower Great Lakes are involved in genome plasticity (rapid gain, loss, or rearrangement of genes and resistance to foreign genetic elements (such as CRISPR-Cas systems. Intriguingly, strain-specific genes from Microcystis cultured from around the world were also present and expressed in the Lake Erie blooms, suggesting that the Microcystis pangenome is truly global. The presence and expression of flexible genes, including strain-specific genes, suggests that strain-level genomic diversity may be important in maintaining Microcystis abundance during bloom events.

  5. Probabilistic forecasting of harmful algal blooms in western Lake Erie (United States)

    Obenour, D. R.; Gronewold, A.; Stow, C.; Bertani, I.; Steger, C. E.; Ruberg, S. A.; Scavia, D.


    Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic rise in the magnitude of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in western Lake Erie. These cyanobacteria blooms have drawn attention to phosphorus loading, a common driver of freshwater productivity. However, it is unclear how much of the year-to-year variability in bloom size is explained by anthropogenic phosphorus loading, and how much variability is related to other factors, including weather/climate drivers and measurement error. Here, we aim to advance the state-of-the-art in HAB forecasting by explicitly quantifying uncertainties in late-summer bloom observations, and propagating them through a Bayesian modeling framework that relates bloom size to phosphorus load. Because of the need to accurately represent predictive uncertainty, different statistical formulations are critically evaluated through cross validation. A model based on a novel implementation of a gamma error distribution is found to provide the most realistic uncertainty characterization, as well as high predictive skill. Our results also underscore the benefits of a hierarchical approach that allows us to assimilate data sets from multiple sources. Finally, our modeling analysis suggests that Lake Erie has become increasingly susceptible to large cyanobacteria blooms. We explore the nature of this change and assess potential biophysical explanations.

  6. Meteotsunamis in the Great Lakes and Investigation into the May 27, 2012 Event on Lake Erie (United States)

    Anderson, E. J.; Bechle, A.; Wu, C. H.; Schwab, D. J.; Mann, G.


    Meteotsunami events have been documented in several countries around the world in the coastal ocean, semi-enclosed basins, and in the Great Lakes. In particular, investigations in the Great Lakes have raised the issue of dangers posed by enclosed basins due to the reflection and interaction of meteotsunami waves, in which the destructive waves can arrive several hours after the atmospheric disturbance has passed. This disassociation in time and space between the atmospheric disturbance and resultant meteotsunami wave can pose a significant threat to the public. In a recent event on May 27, 2012, atmospheric conditions gave rise to two convective systems that generated a series of waves in the meteotsunami band on Lake Erie. The resulting waves swept three swimmers a half-mile offshore, inundated a marina, and may have led to a capsized boat along the southern shoreline. Examination of the observed conditions shows that these events occurred at a time between the arrivals of these two storm systems when atmospheric conditions were relatively calm but water level displacements were at their greatest. In this work, we attempt to explain the processes that led to these conditions through a combination of atmospheric and hydrodynamic modeling and an analysis of the observed radial velocities associated with the meteotsunami-inducing front. Results from a high-resolution atmospheric model and hydrodynamic model reveal that the formation of these destructive waves resulted from a combination of wave reflection, focusing, and edge waves that impacted the southern shore of Lake Erie. This event illustrates the unique danger posed by temporal lags between the inducing atmospheric conditions and resulting dangerous nearshore wave conditions.

  7. Impacts of aquatic nonindigenous invasive species on the Lake Erie ecosystem (United States)

    Austen, Madeline J.W.; Ciborowski, Jan J.H.; Corkum, Lynda D.; Johnson, Tim B.; MacIsaac, Hugh J.; Metcalfe-Smith, Janice L.; Schloesser, Donald W.; George, Sandra E.


    Lake Erie is particularly vulnerable to the introduction and establishment of aquatic nonindigenous invasive species (NIS) populations. A minimum of 144 aquatic NIS have been recorded in the Lake Erie basin including several species [e.g., Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum); zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha); quagga mussel (Dreissena bugensis); an amphipod (Echinogammarus ischnus); round goby (Neogobius melanostomus); and sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)] that have had discernible impacts on the lake's ecology. NIS pose threats to the Lake Erie ecosystem for a variety of reasons including their ability to proliferate quickly, compete with native species, and transfer contaminants (e.g., PCBs) and disease through the food web. Six of the 14 beneficial use impairments listed in Annex 2 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement are impaired in Lake Erie, in part as a result of the introduction of NIS. The Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP) has adopted an ecosystem approach to restore beneficial use impairments in the lake. Furthermore, a research consortium, known as the Lake Erie Millennium Network, is working alongside the LaMP, to address research problems regarding NIS, the loss of habitat, and the role of contaminants in the Lake Erie ecosystem.

  8. Water resources of the Lake Erie shore region in Pennsylvania (United States)

    Mangan, John William; Van Tuyl, Donald W.; White, Walter F.


    An abundant supply of water is available to the Lake Erie Shore region in Pennsylvania. Lake i£rie furnishes an almost inexhaustible supply of water of satisfactory chemical quality. Small quantities of water are available from small streams in the area and from the ground. A satisfactory water supply is one of the factors that affect the economic growth of a region. Cities and towns must have adequate amounts of pure water for human consumption. Industries must have suitable water ih sufficient quantities for all purposes. In order to assure. success and economy, the development of water resources should be based on adequate knowledge of the quantity and quality of the water. As a nation, we can not afford to run the risk of dissipating our resources, especially in times of national emergency, by building projects that are not founded on sound engineering and adequate water-resources information. The purpose of this report is to summarize and interpret all available water-resources information for the Lake Erie Shore region in Pennsylvania. The report will be useful for initial guidance in the location or expansion of water facilities for defense and nondefense industries and the municipalities upon which they are dependent. It will also be useful in evaluating the adequacy of the Geological Survey's part of the basic research necessary to plan the orderly development of the water resources of the Lake Erie Shore region. Most of the data contained inthis report have been obtained'by the U. S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters, the Pennsylvania Department of Internal Affairs, and the Pennsylvania State Planning Board, Department of Commerce. The Pennsylv~nia Department of Health furnished information on water pollution. The report was prepared in the Water Resources Division of the U. S. Geological Survey b:y John W. Mangan (Surface Water). Donald W. VanTuyl (Ground Water). and Walter F. White, Jr. (Quality of

  9. Ideasta äänitteeksi : musiikkituotannon eri vaiheet ja roolit


    Kaski, Lauri


    Tässä opinnäytetyössä on tarkoituksena tutkia eri vaiheita ja käytäntöjä musiikkituotannossa. Työssä käydään läpi kaikki modernin musiikkituotannon keskeisimmät vaiheet. Tarkastelussa on kappaleen ideointia ja sävellystä sekä myös esituotantoa, äänitystä, miksausta ja masterointia. Opinnäytteessä pohditaan myös erilaisten musiikkityylien välisiä eroja, sekä erilaisten tuotantoroolien merkitystä tuotantoprosessissa. Vaikuttavatko pienet erot tuotannoissa lopputulokseen? Opinnäytetyössä ki...

  10. Internal loading of phosphorus in western Lake Erie (United States)

    Matisoff, Gerald; Kaltenberg, Eliza M.; Steely, Rebecca L.; Hummel, Stephanie K.; Seo, Jinyu; Gibbons, Kenneth J.; Bridgeman, Thomas B.; Seo, Youngwoo; Behbahani, Mohsen; James, William F.; Johnson, Laura; Doan, Phuong; Dittrich, Maria; Evans, Mary Anne; Chaffin, Justin D.


    This study applied eight techniques to obtain estimates of the diffusive flux of phosphorus (P) from bottom sediments throughout the western basin of Lake Erie. The flux was quantified from both aerobic and anaerobic incubations of whole cores; by monitoring the water encapsulated in bottom chambers; from pore water concentration profiles measured with a phosphate microelectrode, a diffusive equilibrium in thin films (DET) hydrogel, and expressed pore waters; and from mass balance and biogeochemical diagenetic models. Fluxes under aerobic conditions at summertime temperatures averaged 1.35 mg P/m2/day and displayed spatial variability on scales as small as a centimeter. Using two different temperature correction factors, the flux was adjusted to mean annual temperature yielding average annual fluxes of 0.43–0.91 mg P/m2/day and a western basin-wide total of 378–808 Mg P/year as the diffusive flux from sediments. This is 3–7% of the 11,000 Mg P/year International Joint Commission (IJC) target load for phosphorus delivery to Lake Erie from external sources. Using these average aerobic fluxes, the sediment contributes 3.0–6.3 μg P/L as a background internal contribution that represents 20–42% of the IJC Target Concentration of 15 μg P/L for the western basin. The implication is that this internal diffusive recycling of P is unlikely to trigger cyanobacterial blooms by itself but is sufficiently large to cause blooms when combined with external loads. This background flux may be also responsible for delayed response of the lake to any decrease in the external loading.

  11. Historical Documentation of Warm-Season Grasses Management at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1989 (United States)

    Department of the Interior — The early accounts of an active grassland management program at Erie National Wildlife Refuge dates back to 1977. This report is an attempt to document the refuge’s...

  12. Travel Report on Woodcock Management potential for Erie, Iroquois and Montezuma National Wildlife Refuges (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a summary of a trip taken to ascertain the potential for woodcock management at Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, and...

  13. Hydrogeomorphic Evaluation of Ecosystem Restoration and Management Options for Erie National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report provides a hydrogeomorphic (HGM) evaluation of ecosystem restoration options to assist future management of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in...

  14. Analysis and Prospective in Management of Pool 9 at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1983 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this study is to prepare a bathometric map of Pool 9 at Erie National Wildlife refuge. Pool 9 is the refuge’s largest impoundment, covering...

  15. Evaluation of different strains of eri silkworms ( Samia cynthia ricini B ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluation of different strains of eri silkworms (Samia cynthia ricini B.) for their adaptability and silk yield in Ethiopia. Kedir Shifa, Metasebia Terefe, Ahmed Ibrahim, Abiy Tilahun, Samuel Menbere, Kassa Biratu, Afework Bogale ...

  16. Impact of harmful algal blooms on several Lake Erie drinking water treatment facilities; methodology considerations (United States)

    The propagation of cyanbacterial cells and their toxins were investigated at seven drinking water treatment plants (DWTPs) on Lake Erie were investigated with regards to harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxin concentrations, water quality variations in treatment plant influents, and pr...

  17. Levels of Plant Available Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils in the Lake Erie Drainage Basin. (United States)


    has been Identified as the nutrient element most limiting to the growth of algae In Lake Erie. In addition, nutrient loadins by tributaries are a major... Wastewater Management Study (1EWJS). The technical assistance of Mr. Ed Gatliff, research associate in tile field study is greatly appreciated. Cooperation in...T ’ . .qJ. .4 -2- INTRODUCTION Phosphorus has been identified as the nutrient element most limiting to the growth of algae in Lake Erie. In addition

  18. Hydrology and environmental aspects of Erie Canal (1817-99) (United States)

    Langbein, Walter Basil


    As the first major water project in the United States, the old Erie Canal provides an example of the hydrological and environmental consequences of water development. The available record shows that the project aroused environmental fears that the canal might be impaired by the adverse hydrologic effects of land development induced by the canal. Water requirements proved greater than anticipated, and problems of floods and hydraulic inefficiencies beset navigation throughout its history. The Erie Canal proved the practicality of major hydraulic works to the extent that operations and maintenance could cope with the burdens of deficiencies in design. The weight of prior experience that upland streams, such as the Potomac and Mohawk Rivers, had proved unsatisfactory for dependable navigation, led to a decision to build an independent canal which freed the location from the constraints of river channels and made possible a cross-country water route directly to Lake Erie. The decision on dimensioning the canal prism--chiefly width and depth-involved balance between a fear of building too small and thus not achieving the economic potentials, and a fear of building too expensively. The constraints proved effective, and for the first part of its history the revenues collected were sufficient to repay all costs. So great was the economic advantage of the canal that the rising trend in traffic soon induced an enlargement of the canal cross section, based upon a new but riskier objective-build as large as the projected trend in toll revenues would finance. The increased revenues did not materialize. Water supplies were a primary concern for both the planners and the operators of the canal. Water required for lockage, although the most obvious to the planners, proved to be a relatively minor item compared with the amounts of water that were required to compensate for leakage through the bed and banks of the canal. Leakage amounted to about 8 inches of depth per day. The total

  19. Internet, Electronic Libraries, and Information Retrieval Internet, Elektronik Kütüphaneler ve Bilgi Erişim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yaşar Tonta


    Full Text Available The number of information systems that are accessible through the Internet is constantly increasing. Information systems on those systems are getting varied and occupy more space, too. Up until a few years ago, only textual information sources were accessible via computer networks, whereas today multimedia information sources containing graphics, sound, pictures, and animation are also accessible over the Internet. Geographic information systems, electronic libraries, film and TV archives can he given as examples of multimedia information sources, We point out that information retrieval should he seen as an integral component of the computer networks, and technological, economic, and legal problems in this field should he solved. We end up with what should he done to improve the library and information services that arc accessible through the Internet in Turkey. Günümüzde Internet aracılığıyla erişilebilen bilgi sistemlerinin sayısı hızla artmaktadır. Bu sistemler üzerindeki bilgi kaynakları da giderek çeşitlenmekte ve daha fazla yer kaplamaktadır. Yakın zamana dek bilgisayar ağları aracılığıyla çoğunlukla metin (text türü bilgilere erişim sağlanabilirken, günümüzde grafik, ses, görüntü, canlandırma ve diğer görsel-işitsel veriler içeren çokluortam (multimedia türü bilgiler de Internet üzerinde hizmete sunulabilmektedir. Coğrafik bilgi sistemleri, elektronik kütüphaneler, film ve TV arşivleri bu tür bilgilere örnek olarak gösterilebilir. Bu makalede Internet aracılığıyla bilgi erişim ve bilgi keşfetmede karşılaşılan sorunlar incelenmekte ve sayıca giderek artan ve çeşitlenen bilgi kaynaklarına erişimi kolaylaştırmak için yapılması gerekenler kısaca özetlenmektedir. Sonuç olarak bilgi erişimin, büyük paralar ve entellektüel çabalar harcanarak kurulan bilgisayar ağlarının bir parçası olarak görülmesi gerektiğine işaret edilerek bu alandaki teknolojik

  20. Satellite Remote Sensing of Drinking Water Intakes in Lake Erie for Cyanobacteria Population Using Two MODIS-Based Indicators as a Potential Tool for Toxin Tracking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feng Zhang


    Full Text Available The growth of toxic Cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa, and the production of toxins, microcystins, pose serious concerns for the ecological health of lakes, such as western Lake Erie. The toxins are also significant health hazards and could contaminate tap water when sufficient and effective water treatment fails. In this study, water from the intakes of two water treatment plants along Lake Erie (Toledo and Painesville were collected and examined for microcystins concentration (μg/L and M. aeruginosa abundance (gene copies/mL in concert with the performance of satellite-based cyanobacteria bloom indicators, chlorophyll-a and Cyanobacteria Index, a spectral shape index for monitoring the severity of cyanobacterial blooms from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS from May to October in 2013. Good correlations were observed between toxic M. aeruginosa, microcystins, and MODIS-retrieved bloom indicators for the Toledo water plant intake, where blooms were much more severe with higher chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin and microcystins, but not for the Painesville water plant intake in central Lake Erie where the blooms were less severe. The Spearman's correlation (0.815 suggested a high correlation between the level of microcystins and MODIS-retrieved chlorophyll-a concentration for the Toledo intake point in western Lake Erie. Both total and toxic Microcystis abundance showed a significant positive correlation with MODIS-retrieved chlorophyll-a for the Toledo water intake, as well as the two locations combined. This finding demonstrates the potential utility of satellite remote sensing for detection and monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms, and the method's potential use as an early warning system as a means of preventing human exposure to bloom-impacted waters.

  1. Establishment of the ERI in radiosurgery. checks through a specific Dummy; Establecimiento del ERI en radiocirugia. Verificaciones mediante un maniqui especifico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garcia Martinez, M. T.; Gimeno Olmos, J.; Carmona Meseguer, V.; Lliso Valverde, F.; Pujades Claurarchirant, M. C.; Palomo Llinares, R.; Ballester Pallares, F.; Perez-Calatayud, J.


    This paper presents the experience stemming from the use of a specific dummy for this evaluation. The use of specific mannequins greatly facilitates the realization on the part of the ERI in this technique. This experience has been very positive with an objective assessment of the uncertainties of the procedure to take into account in the process of clinical dosimetry of the same. (Author)

  2. Movements of brown bullheads in Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Millard, M.J.; Smith, D.R.; Obert, E.; Grazio, J.; Bartron, M.L.; Wellington, C.; Grise, S.; Rafferty, S.; Wellington, R.; Julian, S.


    Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, was listed as an Area of Concern (AOC) by the International Joint Commission in part because of the high incidence of external tumor in brown bullheads. Verifying the source of the possible contaminant exposure is critical to addressing the AOC designation. We used telemetry tracking (n = 49 fish) to test the hypothesis that adult bullheads captured within the bay during spawning season do not exit the bay during the post-spawning summer and fall months. We analyzed genetic variation at 15 microsatellite loci for 112 adult fish from 5 locations, 4 inside the bay and 1 outside, in order to test for possible differences. Data from fixed-station receivers suggested fish did not leave Presque Isle Bay during the study period. Predicted locations outside Presque Isle Bay were only 0.1% of all predicted locations and were below the 0.2% error rate based on known manual relocations. However, there was evidence for movement within Presque Isle Bay. Most movement was between Misery Bay or Lagoons and the open bay area. Whereas telemetry results showed tendency for adult site fidelity, genetic results showed no differences among locations, indicating that there is a single panmictic population. Our telemetry data suggest that brown bullheads are likely a useful indicator species for environmental conditions in Presque Isle Bay, since adults likely are retained in the system.

  3. Using Wind Setdown and Storm Surge on Lake Erie to Calibrate the Air-Sea Drag Coefficient (United States)

    Drews, Carl


    The air-sea drag coefficient controls the transfer of momentum from wind to water. In modeling storm surge, this coefficient is a crucial parameter for estimating the surge height. This study uses two strong wind events on Lake Erie to calibrate the drag coefficient using the Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Wave Sediment Transport (COAWST) modeling system and the the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). Simulated waves are generated on the lake with Simulating WAves Nearshore (SWAN). Wind setdown provides the opportunity to eliminate wave setup as a contributing factor, since waves are minimal at the upwind shore. The study finds that model results significantly underestimate wind setdown and storm surge when a typical open-ocean formulation without waves is used for the drag coefficient. The contribution of waves to wind setdown and storm surge is 34.7%. Scattered lake ice also increases the effective drag coefficient by a factor of 1.1. PMID:23977309

  4. Using wind setdown and storm surge on Lake Erie to calibrate the air-sea drag coefficient.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carl Drews

    Full Text Available The air-sea drag coefficient controls the transfer of momentum from wind to water. In modeling storm surge, this coefficient is a crucial parameter for estimating the surge height. This study uses two strong wind events on Lake Erie to calibrate the drag coefficient using the Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Wave Sediment Transport (COAWST modeling system and the the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS. Simulated waves are generated on the lake with Simulating WAves Nearshore (SWAN. Wind setdown provides the opportunity to eliminate wave setup as a contributing factor, since waves are minimal at the upwind shore. The study finds that model results significantly underestimate wind setdown and storm surge when a typical open-ocean formulation without waves is used for the drag coefficient. The contribution of waves to wind setdown and storm surge is 34.7%. Scattered lake ice also increases the effective drag coefficient by a factor of 1.1.

  5. Erosion Resistance Index (ERI) to Assess Surface Stability in Desert Environments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamada, Yuki [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Grippo, Mark A. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    A new spectral index—erosion resistance index (ERI)—was developed to assess erosion risks in desert landscapes. The index was developed by applying trigonometry to the combination of the green/red band-ratio and the red/near infrared band-ratio from very high spatial resolution imagery. The resultant ERI maps showed spatially cohesive distributions of high and low index values across the study areas. High index values were observed over areas that were resistant to erosion (such as desert pavement and dense vegetation), while low index values overlapped with areas likely dominated by loose sandy soils, such as stream beds and access roads. Although further investigation is warranted, this new index, ERI, shows promise for the assessment of erosion risks in desert regions.

  6. Thinking outside of the Lake: Can controls on nutrient inputs into Lake Erie benefit stream conservation in its watershed? (United States)

    Investment in agricultural conservation practices (CPs) to address Lake Erie's re-eutrophication may offer benefits that extend beyond the lake, such as improved habitat conditions for fish communities throughout the watershed. If such conditions are not explicitly considered in Lake Erie nutrient ...

  7. Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) monitoring for groundwater contamination in an uncontrolled landfill, South Korea (United States)

    Park, Samgyu; Yi, Myeong-Jong; Kim, Jung-Ho; Shin, Seung Wook


    In the study area, uncontrolled landfill leachate is a serious cause of groundwater contamination that occurs extensively and rapidly following the rainy season. For this reason, the use of traditional hydrogeological monitoring methods using drilled wells is expensive and limited. Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) is suitable for monitoring groundwater contamination because this method helps quickly investigate a large site without the need for well drilling. The resistivity of the landfill leachate is lower than that of clean groundwater; based on this fact, we evaluated the diffusion of landfill leachate before and after the rainy season using 3-D ERI characterization. In addition, ERI results were compared with piezometric and hydrochemical data obtained from observation wells for the purpose of cross-validation. The groundwater monitoring results agreed with the 2-D and 3-D interpretation of ERI results. The electrical resistivity values of contaminated zones were lower than those of clean zones due to an abundance of ions or molecules in the groundwater. The resistivity boundary between contaminated and clean zones observed in the inverted 2-D and 3-D ERI sections was considered to be approximately 100 Ω-m. The low-resistivity anomaly of the contamination zones increased in extent after rainfall. The expansion was likely accelerated by groundwater movement and diffusion of the landfill leachate. Images of the change in electrical resistivity were helpful for characterization of the behavior. The two-directional behaviors of NE-SW and N-S trends were confirmed by the 3-D ratio images. It is therefore, considered that the ERI technique is excellent for imaging contaminated zones as well as monitoring the behaviors of landfill leachate in uncontrolled landfills.

  8. 76 FR 63991 - Midwest Rail d/b/a Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway-Lease and Operation Exemption-Toledo... (United States)


    ... Surface Transportation Board Midwest Rail d/b/a Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway--Lease and Operation Exemption--Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway and Museum, Inc. Midwest Rail d/b/a Toledo, Lake Erie and Western Railway (Toledo), a noncarrier, has filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR 1150.31 to...

  9. A geophysical analysis of hydro-geomorphic controls within a headwater wetland in a granitic landscape, through ERI and IP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. S. Riddell


    Full Text Available Wetlands are undergoing considerable degradation in South Africa. As interventions are often technical and costly, there is a requirement to develop conceptual process models for these wetland systems so that rehabilitation attempts will be successful. This paper presents an approach using the geophysical methods of Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI and Induced Polarization (IP to delineate sub-surface hydro-geomorphic controls that maintain equilibrium disconnectivity of wetland-catchment processes, which through gully erosion are increasing the catchments connectivity through loss of water and sediment. The findings presented here give insight into the geomorphic processes that maintain the wetland in an un-degraded state, this allows for the development of a conceptual model outlining the wetland forming processes. The analysis suggests that sub-surface clay-plugs, within an otherwise sandy substrate are created by illuviation of clays from the surrounding hillslopes particularly at zones of valley confinement.

  10. A pre- and co-knockdown of RNAseT enzyme, Eri-1, enhances the efficiency of RNAi induced gene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pooja Jadiya

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The approach of RNAi mediated gene knockdown, employing exogenous dsRNA, is being beneficially exploited in various fields of functional genomics. The immense utility of the approach came to fore from studies with model system C. elegans, but quickly became applicable with varied research models ranging from in vitro to various in vivo systems. Previously, there have been reports on the refractoriness of the neuronal cells to RNAi mediated gene silencing following which several modulators like eri-1 and lin-15 were described in C. elegans which, when present, would negatively impact the gene knockdown. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Taking a clue from these findings, we went on to screen hypothesis-driven- methodologies towards exploring the efficiency in the process of RNAi under various experimental conditions, wherein these genes would be knocked down preceding to, or concurrently with, the knocking down of a gene of interest. For determining the efficiency of gene knockdown, we chose to study visually stark phenotypes of uncoordinated movement, dumpy body morphology and blistered cuticle obtained by knocking down of genes unc-73, dpy-9 and bli-3 respectively, employing the RNAi-by-feeding protocol in model system C. elegans. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Our studies led to a very interesting outcome as the results reveal that amongst various methods tested, pre-incubation with eri-1 dsRNA synthesizing bacteria followed by co-incubation with eri-1 and gene-of-interest dsRNA synthesizing bacteria leads to the most efficient gene silencing as observed by the analysis of marker phenotypes. This provides an approach for effectively employing RNAi induced gene silencing while working with different genetic backgrounds including transgenic and mutant strains.

  11. An Analysis Of Water Quality In The Seneca Unit Of The Erie Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A water quality data base was developed for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Erie Refuge Unit. There has been much concern about the water quality in this unit...

  12. USGS Lake Erie East Harbor bottom trawl data series, 1961-2011 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The USGS Lake Erie Biological Station’s East Harbor sampling program began in 1961 with the commissioning of the research vessel Musky II. It is the longest known...

  13. The Fossil Fauna of the Islands Region of Western Lake Erie. (United States)

    Bowe, Lulu M., Comp.

    The islands of western Lake Erie are rock-bound isles that abound in rocky outcrops and quarries. The rocks of these islands are of two distinct types, Silurian dolomites and Devonian limestones. The dolomites, exposed in the Bass Islands and Sister Islands are virtually devoid of fossils. Conversely, the limestones of Johnson Island, Marblehead,…

  14. Esteetilis-praktiline töö kui eriõppe alternatiiv / Uffe Bjerre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bjerre, Uffe


    Milleks tuupida lapsele pähe seda, millega ta hakkama ei saa, selle asemel et arendada õpilase tugevaid külgi? Samas ka koolipsühholoogide, eripedagoogide Tove Hvidi ja Howard Gardneri väited eriõpet vajavate laste kohta

  15. 78 FR 54581 - Safety Zone; Perry 200 Fireworks, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ...'' box and click ``SEARCH.'' Click on Open Docket Folder on the line associated with this rulemaking. You... Isle Bay, Erie, PA within a 840 foot radius of position 42 09'12.8'' N and 080 05'19.6'' W (NAD 83... complying with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA)(42 U.S.C. 4321-4370f), and have...

  16. 76 FR 65717 - Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment (United States)


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Federal Energy Regulatory... has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project. The project does not occupy any federal...

  17. 76 FR 46287 - Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment (United States)


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Federal Energy Regulatory... environmental assessment (EA). The project is located on the Sacandaga River in Saratoga County, New York. The...

  18. Examination of issues related to U. S. Lake Erie natural gas development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGregor, D.L.


    A report is presented which marks the culmination of a preliminary identification and examination of issues related to U.S. Lake Erie (USLE) natural gas development. A brief synopsis of the Canadian Lake Erie gas development program is presented. Also reviewed are (1) relevant natural gas economics, (2) the existing institutional framework for administering a USLE gas development program, and (3) drilling technology related to Lake Erie gas exploitation. The issues were identified through a structured selection process, and are examined using a question-response format following each of the topical (economic, institutional, technological) overviews. The results of research and analysis efforts described briefly at the end of the report are crucial to conclusions developed in the final environmental impact statement. The study region addressed is defined by U.S. waters extending eastward from a north-south boundary line between Marblehead, Ohio, and the tip of Pt. Pelee, Ontario, to Buffalo, New York--an area which corresponds roughly to the U.S. portion of the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie. The inland portion of the study area includes those counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York adjacent to the Lake, from Ottawa, Ohio, to Erie, New York. This region was defined to concentrate assessment efforts to those areas where development and production activities would have direct environmental consequences. However, where appropriate, the study area was expanded to meet the needs of issue identification and examination. Examination of natural gas economics often required expansion of investigation to a state, regional, or national level. Also, many environmental parameters were examined to gain a Great Lakes watershed perspective.

  19. Quality of water in the upper Ohio River basin and at Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Lewis, Samuel James


    This paper discusses the quality of water on the most important tributaries of Ohio River in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, and Maryland, and the nature of the water supply at Erie, Pa. The amount and character of the pollution is described and the results of drinking contaminated water as shown by typhoid statistics are indicated. The conditions on the tributaries of Ohio River in Ohio are discussed in Water-Supply and Irrigation Paper No. 79, United States Geological Survey, pages 129-187. The water supplies and sewerage of small towns high up toward the head of a large drainage system do not in many cases receive the attention they should. Epidemics of a waterborne disease which affect large municipalities near the mouth of the river and therefore attract attention must necessarily have their origin in the pollution of the watershed above. It is evident, therefore, that adequate sanitation of the small towns and a water supply as carefully guarded as that of a large city would prevent disease at its very source and be far less expensive than the costly battles which are waged against epidemics in huge centers of population after disease has broken out. Typhoid fever statistics for small towns in this section are seldom available and are more or less unreliable at best. The few figures given show the existence of virulent typhoid fever in most towns of the drainage areas in certain years, and as these towns drain into the streams the liability ofthe water to infection is evident. The significance of typhoid fever death rates will be better understood from the statistics presented below, which have been collated from a number of cities having excellent water supplies.

  20. Accurate Linking of Lake Erie Water Level with Shoreline Datum Using GPS Buoy and Satellite Altimetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kai-Chien Cheng


    Full Text Available There is a need to accurately link the water level to the shoreline vertical datum for various applications including coastal management, lake/river/estuary/wetland hydrological or storm surge modeling/forecasting. Coastal topography is historically surveyed and referenced to the predetermined vertical datum in terms of orthometric heights, or the heights above the geoid, which is poorly known in terms of accuracy and lack of adequate spatial resolution for coastal applications such as estuary or storm surge modeling. We demonstrate an accurate linking of the lake surface to a shoreline datum using satellite techniques, including GPS buoy and satellite altimetry, water level gauges, and local geoid and lake circulation models. The possible error sources are analyzed and an error budget is reported in this study. An innovated method to estimate geoid height near the water level gauge using a GPS buoy is proposed. It is found that at a 95% confidence interval, the method is consistent with the National Geodetic Survey GEOID03 geoid model. The lake surface represented using a lake circulation model provided by the Great Lakes Forecasting Systems is also verified with kriging based on the data (1999 - 2001 from the water level gauge, and TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter. Mean discrepancies of 2.7 and 7.2 cm are found with the data from the gauges around Lake Erie, and from the combination of the gauges and the altimeter, respectively. It reveals that the current dominant limitation of more accurate linking of water surface to shoreline is the insufficient knowledge of geoid in the current models. Further improvement is feasible through more accurate and higher resolution modeling of the lake geoid.


    Human activities have severely disrupted the Lake Erie ecosystem. Recent changes in the structure of the lower trophic level associated with exotic species invasions and reduced nutrient loading have created ecological uncertainties for fisheries management. Decisions that na&...

  2. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1991-92 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1991-92 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  3. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1986-87 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1986-87 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife refuge and its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility, and relationship...

  4. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1985-86 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1985-86 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife refuge and its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility, and relationship...

  5. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1993-94 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1993-94 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  6. Mohawk Run Shrub Fen Complex research Natural Area Non-invasive Plant Management Plan Erie National Wildlife Refuge March 2005 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The recovery plan for Drooping Bluegrass, Thin Leaved Cotton Grass, Slender Spikerush, and Swampfly Honeysuckle on Erie National Wildlife Refuge discusses the...

  7. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1988-89 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1988-89 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  8. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1989-90 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1989-90 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  9. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1987-88 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1987-88 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  10. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1990-91 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1990-91 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  11. Annual Hunting Program for Big Game, Upland Game, Migratory Game Bird at Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1992-93 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report looks at the 1992-93 hunting season at Erie National Wildlife Refuge and discussses its biological soundness, economic feasibility, compatibility,...

  12. A rotary drum screen with internal screw flights for Eri silkworm pupae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kanjanawanishkul Kiattisin


    Full Text Available Eri silkworm pupae (Samia ricini are very interesting creatures since they can be developed as a sustainable high protein food source for human beings and animals, and their cocoons can be used for silk production. At present, Thai silk is very famous for its special qualities, whereas the requirement of pupae as food grows increasingly, in particular, canned pupae with seasoning favors. Like other food products, size uniformity is required. Therefore, in this paper, a rotary drum screen with internal screw flights was designed and constructed for separating Eri silkworm pupae into two groups with different sizes. The experiments were conducted to evaluate its effectiveness. The results show that the optimal angular speed of the screen was 20 rpm and the screw pitch value was 10 cm. These parameters resulted in the accuracy percentage of pupa screening of 94.3% and the working capacity of 8.6 kg/h.

  13. Exploration and Remote Instrumentation by Students (ERIS): Video Documentation in Undergraduate Ocean Technology Education (United States)

    Saul, M.


    Success in the future ability to conduct global ocean research relies on our strategies to teach and train the next generation of ocean scientists. The mission of the Exploration and Remote Instrumentation by Students (ERIS) program at the University of Washington is to enhance undergraduate learning in the design and build process of advanced technologies. The ERIS program introduces the science of applied technology in oceanography through a series of courses that link the design, build, and maintenance of a student implemented underwater cabled observatory. We present a suggested template for a production method of how-to videos focused on capturing and communicating the design and build experience in ocean technology makerspaces. The application of this production method of videos produced by students, for students, creates structured learning opportunities and becomes an archive of online resources for future ocean technologists. Furthermore, video documentation enables students to link their participation in active learning experiences with skills in ocean science, technology and communication.

  14. Assessing and addressing the re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: central basin hypoxia (United States)

    Scavia, Donald; Allan, J. David; Arend, Kristin K.; Bartell, Steven; Beletsky, Dmitry; Bosch, Nate S.; Brandt, Stephen B.; Briland, Ruth D.; Daloğlu, Irem; DePinto, Joseph V.; Dolan, David M.; Evans, Mary Anne; Farmer, Troy M.; Goto, Daisuke; Han, Haejin; Höök, Tomas O.; Knight, Roger; Ludsin, Stuart A.; Mason, Doran; Michalak, Anna M.; Richards, R. Peter; Roberts, James J.; Rucinski, Daniel K.; Rutherford, Edward; Schwab, David J.; Sesterhenn, Timothy M.; Zhang, Hongyan; Zhou, Yuntao


    Relieving phosphorus loading is a key management tool for controlling Lake Erie eutrophication. During the 1960s and 1970s, increased phosphorus inputs degraded water quality and reduced central basin hypolimnetic oxygen levels which, in turn, eliminated thermal habitat vital to cold-water organisms and contributed to the extirpation of important benthic macroinvertebrate prey species for fishes. In response to load reductions initiated in 1972, Lake Erie responded quickly with reduced water-column phosphorus concentrations, phytoplankton biomass, and bottom-water hypoxia (dissolved oxygen 2) requires cutting total phosphorus loads by 46% from the 2003–2011 average or reducing dissolved reactive phosphorus loads by 78% from the 2005–2011 average. Reductions to these levels are also protective of fish habitat. We provide potential approaches for achieving those new loading targets, and suggest that recent load reduction recommendations focused on western basin cyanobacteria blooms may not be sufficient to reduce central basin hypoxia to 2000 km2.

  15. Quantifying the Urban and Rural Nutrient Fluxes to Lake Erie Using a Paired Watershed Approach (United States)

    Hopkins, M.; Beck, M.; Rossi, E.; Luh, N.; Allen-King, R. M.; Lowry, C.


    Excess nutrients have a detrimental impact on the water quality of Lake Erie, specifically nitrate and phosphate, which can lead to toxic algae blooms. Algae blooms have negatively impacted Lake Erie, which is the main source of drinking water for many coastal Great Lake communities. In 2014 the city of Toledo, Ohio was forced to shut down its water treatment plant due to these toxic algae blooms. The objective of this research is to quantify surface water nutrient fluxes to the eastern basin of Lake Erie using a paired watershed approach. Three different western New York watersheds that feed Lake Erie were chosen based on land use and areal extent: one small urban, one small rural, and one large rural. These paired watersheds were chosen to represent a range of sources of potential nutrient loading to the lake. Biweekly water samples were taken from the streams during the 2015-2016 winter to summer seasonal transition to quantify springtime snow melt effects on nutrient fluxes. These results were compared to the previous year samples, collected over the summer of 2015, which represented wetter conditions. Phosphorous levels were assessed using the ascorbic acid colorimetric assay, while nitrate was analyzed by anion-exchange chromatography. Stream gaging was used to obtain flow measurements and establish a rating curve, which was incorporated to quantify seasonal nutrient fluxes entering the lake. Patterns in the nutrient levels show higher level of nutrients in the rural watersheds with a decrease in concentration over the winter to spring transition. However, nutrient patterns in the urban stream show relatively constant patters of nutrient flux, which is independent of seasonal transition or stream discharge. A comparison of wet and dry seasons shows higher nutrient concentrations during summers with greater rainfall. By identifying the largest contributors of each nutrient, we can better allocate limited attenuation resources.

  16. Characterizing a cyanobacterial bloom in western Lake Erie using satellite imagery and meteorological data


    Wynne, Timothy T.; Stumpf, Richard P.; Michelle C. Tomlinson; Dyble, Julianne


    The distribution and intensity of a bloom of the toxic cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa, in western Lake Erie was characterized using a combination of satellite ocean-color imagery, field data, and meteorological observations. The bloom was first identified by satellite on 14 August 2008 and persisted for more than 2 months. The distribution and intensity of the bloom was estimated using a satellite algorithm that is sensitive to near-surface concentrations of M. aeruginosa. Increases i...

  17. Spatiotemporal variability and environmental factors of harmful algal blooms (HABs over western Lake Erie.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Di Tian

    Full Text Available Over the past decades, numerous studies have been carried out in understanding causes of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs and their dynamics, yielding great knowledge in this field. Lake Erie, the fourth-largest lake of the five Great Lake, is among those highly vulnerable to the impacts of HABs and has received substantial attention from the public, water management sectors, and academic field. Building upon previous work, this study aims to characterize spatiotemporal variability of Chlorophyll a (Chl-a, which is an important indicator of HABs, and to explore relative importance of environmental factors associated with HABs in the west Lake Erie. Ten years of biweekly Chl-a information over western Lake Erie were derived from MERIS data at the pixel scale. Based on the MERIS-derived information high concentrations of Chl-a were observed in the south near shore area in spring and fall and in the west corner area of western Lake Erie in all three seasons except winter. Wavelet analysis suggested that the 0.5- and 1-year periods were dominant modes for the Chl-a series. The Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS analysis was performed to explore factors associated with the dynamics of Chl-a. The results suggested that overall both phenological (e.g. wind and ecological (e.g. nutrient levels factors exhibited significant correlations with the remotely-sensed imagery based observations of Chl-a despite spatial and temporal variations. The important phenological and ecological factors include solar radiation and wind speed in spring, water temperature, solar radiation, and total Kjeldahl nitrogen concentration in summer, wind speed in fall, and water temperature and streamflow in winter. Both consistency and differences of findings of the study with others in the region may suggest strengths and limitations of the remotely sensed imagery-based analysis, offering valuable information for future work.

  18. Kestävyysjuoksijoiden harjoituskauden testitulosten yhteys kilpailukauden suorituskykyyn eri matkoilla


    Kanerva, Aleksi


    Tutkimuksen tarkoituksena oli selvittää maajoukkueleiritykseen osallistuneiden urheilijoiden harjoituskauden testitulosten yhteyttä kilpailutuloksiin sekä etsiä yhteyksiä testitulosten välille. Myös kilpailutulosten väliset yhteydet olivat tarkastelun kohteena. Tutkimuksella pyrittiin selvittämään testistön sopivuutta kestävyysjuoksijoille sekä eri ominaisuuksien osuutta kilpailusuoritukseen. Tutkimuksen aineisto pohjautui Suomen Urheiluopistolla vuosina 2006- 2009 suoritettujen testien tulok...

  19. 78 FR 34575 - Safety Zone; Bay Swim VI, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... ``SEARCH'' box and click ``SEARCH.'' Click on Open Docket Folder on the line associated with this... position 42 07'29.30'' N, 80 08'48.82'' W and extend in a straight line 1,000 feet wide to the Erie Yacht Club at position 42 07'21.74'' N, 80 07'58.30'' W (DATUM: NAD 83). Entry into, transiting, or anchoring...

  20. Estimation of Water Quality Parameters in Lake Erie from MERIS Using Linear Mixed Effect Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kiana Zolfaghari


    Full Text Available Linear Mixed Effect (LME models are applied to the CoastColour atmospherically-corrected Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS reflectance, L2R full resolution product, to derive chlorophyll-a (chl-a concentration and Secchi disk depth (SDD in Lake Erie, which is considered as a Case II water (i.e., turbid and productive. A LME model considers the correlation that exists in the field measurements which have been performed repeatedly in space and time. In this study, models are developed based on the relation between the logarithmic scale of the water quality parameters and band ratios: B07:665 nm to B09:708.75 nm for log10chl-a and B06:620 nm to B04:510 nm for log10SDD. Cross validation is performed on the models. The results show good performance of the models, with Root Mean Square Errors (RMSE and Mean Bias Errors (MBE of 0.31 and 0.018 for log10chl-a, and 0.19 and 0.006 for log10SDD, respectively. The models are then applied to a time series of MERIS images acquired over Lake Erie from 2004–2012 to investigate the spatial and temporal variations of the water quality parameters. Produced maps reveal distinct monthly patterns for different regions of Lake Erie that are in agreement with known biogeochemical properties of the lake. The Detroit River and Maumee River carry sediments and nutrients to the shallow western basin. Hence, the shallow western basin of Lake Erie experiences the most intense algal blooms and the highest turbidity compared to the other sections of the lake. Maumee Bay, Sandusky Bay, Rondeau Bay and Long Point Bay are estimated to have prolonged intense algal bloom.

  1. Reeling in the damages: Harmful algal blooms' impact on Lake Erie's recreational fishing industry. (United States)

    Wolf, David; Georgic, Will; Klaiber, H Allen


    Lake Erie is one of the most valuable natural resources in the United States, providing billions of dollars in benefits each year to recreationalists, homeowners and local governments. The ecosystem services provided by Lake Erie, however, are under threat due to harmful algal blooms. This paper provides recreational damage estimates using spatially and temporally varying algae measures and monthly fishing permit sales collected between 2011 and 2014. Results indicate that fishing license sales drop between 10% and 13% when algal conditions surpass the World Health's Organization's moderate health risk advisory threshold of 20,000 cyanobacteria cells/mL. For Lake Erie adjacent counties experiencing a large, summer-long algal bloom, this would result in approximately 3600 fewer fishing licenses issued and approximately $2.25 million to $5.58 million in lost fishing expenditures. Our results show a discrete jump in reduced angling activity upon crossing this threshold, with limited additional impacts associated with more severe algal blooms. This suggests that policies aimed at eliminating, rather than mitigating, algal levels are most beneficial to the Ohio angling industry. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. The relationship between temperament, job stress and overcommitment: a cross-sectional study using the TEMPS-A and a scale of ERI. (United States)

    Tei-Tominaga, Maki; Akiyama, Tsuyoshi; Miyake, Yuko; Sakai, Yoshie


    This cross-sectional study examined the relationship between temperament, job stress, and overcommitment using the Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego-Autoquestionnaire version (TEMPS-A) and a scale of the effort-reward imbalance (ERI) model. In July 2004, self-administered questionnaires were distributed to all employees in a Japanese IT service company through the company postal system. Total response rate was 63% (N=874), with 730 completed questionnaires. Information collected included individual attributes, employment and organizational characteristics. The TEMPS-A and the Japanese version of the ERI questionnaire were self-administered. The completed data of 637 personal computer technical support staff (87%) were used in a hierarchical regression analysis. Our results showed that depressive and anxious temperaments attenuate the influence of working hours and influence effort and rewards independently. While actual working hours had more impact on perceived high effort, our findings regarding rewards suggest that understanding anxious and depressive temperaments has a significant role in stress self-management. Temperaments explained 36% of the variance of overcommitment, and the variance was more than that of mean working hours. Our research has provided meaningful insights into occupational health, which could assist employees in self-management of job stress and contribute to better adaptation at the workplace.

  3. Highly sensitive and selective erythromycin nanosensor employing fiber optic SPR/ERY imprinted nanostructure: Application in milk and honey. (United States)

    Shrivastav, Anand M; Usha, Sruthi P; Gupta, Banshi D


    An erythromycin (ERY) detection method is proposed using the fiber optic core decorated with the coatings of silver and an over layer of ERY imprinted nanoparticles. Synthesis of ERY imprinted nanoparticles is carried out using miniemulsion method. The operating range of the sensor is observed to be from 1.62×10-3 to 100µM while the sensor possesses the linear response for ERY concentration range from 0.1 to 5µM. The sensing method shows a maximum sensitivity of 205nm/µM near ERY concentration of 0.01µM. The detection limit and the quantification limit of the sensor are found to be 1.62×10-3µM and 6.14×10-3µM, respectively. The sensor's applicability in real samples is also examined and is found to be in good agreement for the industrial application. The sensor possesses numerous advantages like fast response time (<15s), simple, low cost, highly selective along with abilities towards online monitoring and remote sensing of analyte. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. A Pluto-like radius and a high albedo for the dwarf planet Eris from an occultation. (United States)

    Sicardy, B; Ortiz, J L; Assafin, M; Jehin, E; Maury, A; Lellouch, E; Hutton, R Gil; Braga-Ribas, F; Colas, F; Hestroffer, D; Lecacheux, J; Roques, F; Santos-Sanz, P; Widemann, T; Morales, N; Duffard, R; Thirouin, A; Castro-Tirado, A J; Jelínek, M; Kubánek, P; Sota, A; Sánchez-Ramírez, R; Andrei, A H; Camargo, J I B; da Silva Neto, D N; Gomes, A Ramos; Martins, R Vieira; Gillon, M; Manfroid, J; Tozzi, G P; Harlingten, C; Saravia, S; Behrend, R; Mottola, S; Melendo, E García; Peris, V; Fabregat, J; Madiedo, J M; Cuesta, L; Eibe, M T; Ullán, A; Organero, F; Pastor, S; de Los Reyes, J A; Pedraz, S; Castro, A; de la Cueva, I; Muler, G; Steele, I A; Cebrián, M; Montañés-Rodríguez, P; Oscoz, A; Weaver, D; Jacques, C; Corradi, W J B; Santos, F P; Reis, W; Milone, A; Emilio, M; Gutiérrez, L; Vázquez, R; Hernández-Toledo, H


    The dwarf planet Eris is a trans-Neptunian object with an orbital eccentricity of 0.44, an inclination of 44 degrees and a surface composition very similar to that of Pluto. It resides at present at 95.7 astronomical units (1 AU is the Earth-Sun distance) from Earth, near its aphelion and more than three times farther than Pluto. Owing to this great distance, measuring its size or detecting a putative atmosphere is difficult. Here we report the observation of a multi-chord stellar occultation by Eris on 6 November 2010 UT. The event is consistent with a spherical shape for Eris, with radius 1,163 ± 6 kilometres, density 2.52 ± 0.05 grams per cm(3) and a high visible geometric albedo, Pv = 0.96(+0.09)(-0.04). No nitrogen, argon or methane atmospheres are detected with surface pressure larger than ∼1 nanobar, about 10,000 times more tenuous than Pluto's present atmosphere. As Pluto's radius is estimated to be between 1,150 and 1,200 kilometres, Eris appears as a Pluto twin, with a bright surface possibly caused by a collapsed atmosphere, owing to its cold environment. We anticipate that this atmosphere may periodically sublimate as Eris approaches its perihelion, at 37.8 astronomical units from the Sun.

  5. Transient Social-Ecological Stability: the Effects of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Restoration on Nutrient Management Compromise in Lake Erie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric D. Roy


    Full Text Available Together, lake ecosystems and local human activity form complex social-ecological systems (SESs characterized by feedback loops and discontinuous change. Researchers in diverse fields have suggested that complex systems do not have single stable equilibria in the long term because of inevitable perturbation. During this study, we sought to address the general question of whether or not stable social-ecological equilibria exist in highly stressed and managed lacustrine systems. Using an integrated human-biophysical model, we investigated the impacts of a species invasion and ecosystem restoration on SES equilibrium, defined here as a compromise in phosphorus management among opposing stakeholders, in western Lake Erie. Our integrated model is composed of a calibrated ecological submodel representing Sandusky Bay, and a phosphorus management submodel that reflects the societal benefits and costs of phosphorus regulation. These two submodels together form a dynamic feedback loop that includes freshwater ecology, ecosystem services, and phosphorus management. We found that the invasion of dreissenid mussels decreased ecosystem resistance to eutrophication, necessitating increased phosphorus management to preserve ecosystem services and thus creating the potential for a shift in social-ecological equilibrium. Additionally, our results suggest that net benefits in the region following the invasion of dreissenids may never again reach the pre-invasion level if on-site phosphorus control is the sole management lever. Further demonstrating transient system stability, large-scale wetland restoration shifted points of management compromise to states characterized by less on-site phosphorus management and higher environmental quality, resulting in a significant increase in net benefits in the region. We conclude that lacustrine SESs are open and dynamic, and we recommend that future models of these systems emphasize site-specific perturbation over

  6. Reducing Lake Erie's Harmful Algal Blooms: Projection and Adoption of Management Plans (United States)

    Martin, J.; Aloysius, N.; Howard, G.; Kalcic, M. M.; Wilson, R. S.; Scavia, D.; Roe, B.


    In early 2016, the United States and Canada formally agreed to reduce phosphorus inputs to Lake Erie by 40% to reduce the severity of annual Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). These blooms have become more severe, with record events occurring in 2011 and 2015, and have compromised public safety, shut down drinking water supplies, and negatively impacted the economy of the western Lake Erie basin. Now, key questions revolve around the ability to reach the 40% reduction, required management changes, and resources to support these changes. This presentation will highlight interdisciplinary research to compare the amount and types of practices needed for this reduction to the current and projected levels of adoption. Economic resources to support these management changes are also compared with the financial support from the general public to improve Lake Erie water quality. Multiple models of the Maumee watershed identified management plans and adoption rates needed to reach the reduction targets. For example, one successful scenario estimated necessary adoption rates of 50% for subsurface application of fertilizer on row crops, 58% for cover crops, and 78% for buffer strips. Current adoption is below these levels, but future projections based on farmer surveys shows these levels are possible. Public support is necessary to generate the funding to support cost sharing and other programs aimed at increasing adoption of recommended practices. Comparing results from willingness-to-pay surveys of the general public with the estimated need for these management plans shows a gap in resources to support these levels of adoption. In general, these results show that accelerated adoption of management plans is needed compared to past adoption rates, but that these rates are possible based on likely adoption rates. Projected support from the general public indicates it will be challenging to fund these rates of adoption, especially during climate changes that may require even greater

  7. Understanding the Atmosphere of 51 Eri b: Do Photochemical Hazes Cloud the Planets Spectrum? (United States)

    Marley, Mark Scott; Zahnle, Kevin; Moses, J.; Morley, C.


    The first young giant planet to be discovered by the Gemini Planet Imager was the (is) approximately 2MJ planet 51 Eri b. This approximately 20 Myr old young Jupiter is the first directly imaged planet to show unmistakable methane in H band. To constrain the planet's mass, atmospheric temperature, and composition, the GPI J and H band spectra as well as some limited photometric points were compared to the predictions of substellar atmosphere models. The best fitting models reported in the discovery paper (Macintosh et al. 2015) relied upon a combination of clear and cloudy atmospheric columns to reproduce the data. However for an object as cool as 700 K, the origin of the cloud coverage is somewhat puzzling, as the global silicate and iron clouds would be expected to have sunk well below the photosphere by this effective temperature. While strong vertical mixing in these low gravity atmospheres remains a plausible explanation, we have explored whether atmospheric photochemistry, driven by the UV flux from the primary star, may yield hazes that also influence the observed spectrum of the planet. To explore this possibility we have modeled the atmospheric photochemistry of 51 Eri b using two state-of-the-art photochemical models, both capable of predicting yields of complex hydrocarbons under various atmospheric conditions. In our presentation we will summarize the modeling approach employed to characterize 51 Eri b, explaining constraints on the planet's effective temperature, gravity, and atmospheric composition and also present results of our studies of atmospheric photochemistry. We will discuss whether photochemical hazes could indeed be responsible for the particulate opacity that apparently sculpts the spectrum of the planet.

  8. Temporal Variability and Environmental Drivers of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Western Lake Erie (United States)

    Liang, S.; Tian, D.; Xie, G.; Tian, J.; Tseng, K. S.; Shum, C. K.; Lee, J.


    Understanding temporal variability and environmental drivers of harmful algal blooms (HABs) is important for guiding HABs impact mitigation plans in Lake Erie. The objective of this study is to characterize temporal variability and explore environmental driving factors of chlorophyll a (Chl-a) and phycocyanin (PC), which are determinants of HABs, in western Lake Erie. Ten years' (2002 to 2012) biweekly estimates of Chl-a and PC over western Lake Erie were retrieved from remote sensing-based measurements of water color with Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer ( MERIS). Nine environmental factors, including water quality and hydrometeorological variables, for the same period were also collected. While Chl-a and PC showed different predictabilities and differences in importance of environmental drivers at different locations and seasons using the Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) with the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) method, hydrometeorological variables consistently showed great influences on Chl-a and PC in all four seasons. For Chl-a, the most significant environmental drivers are solar radiation and wind speed (spring); water temperature, solar radiation, and total Kjeldahl nitrogen concentration (summer); wind speed (fall); and water temperature and streamflow (winter). For PC, the most important environmental drivers are solar radiation and wind speed (spring); precipitation, water temperature, wind speed, and total Kjeldahl nitrogen concentration (summer); wind speed (fall); precipitation, water temperature, and streamflow ( winter). Wavelet analysis suggested that Chl-a and PC showed strong seasonal and inter-annual pattern - the 0.5- and 1-year periods are the dominant modes for both Chl-a and PC series. These findings offer insights into possible mechanisms underlying the dynamics of the HABs.

  9. CCD Photometry of Field RR Lyrae Stars. I. Period Changes of SV ERI and XX and

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jong-Myung Joo


    Full Text Available CCD time series photometry was performed for two Oosterhoff type II± field RR Lyrae stars, SV Eri and XX And, to construct light curves in B and V bands. The maximum light times from our observations were combined with those in the literature to construct phase shift diagrams, from which we determined the period change rates β. We obtained large positive period change rates for these stars, which are expected from current evolutionary models if these stars are evolving rapidly from blue to red toward the end of core helium burning phase.

  10. Eriúgena y Spinoza frente a la dialéctica de la causalidad


    Soto–Bruna, María Jesús


    [ES] El artículo plantea la cuestión de la causalidad desde la doctrina de un «despliegue dialéctico», con el fin de comprender el concepto moderno de causa implantado por Spinoza, especialmente en el Breve Tratado, como una inversión de doctrina acerca de la causalidad emanativa presente en la tradición neoplatónica medieval. Muestra cómo se encuentra desarrollada, en el siglo IX, en la obra de Juan Escoto Eriúgena. Esta perspectiva proporciona además elementos para adentrarse en un concepto...

  11. Seasonal dynamics in dissolved organic matter, hydrogen peroxide, and cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Erie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rose M. Cory


    Full Text Available Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 has been suggested to influence cyanobacterial community structure and toxicity. However, no study has investigated H2O2 concentrations in freshwaters relative to cyanobacterial blooms when sources and sinks of H2O2 may be highly variable. For example, photochemical production of H2O2 from chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM may vary over the course of the bloom with changing CDOM and UV light in the water column, while microbial sources and sinks of H2O2 may change with community biomass and composition. To assess relationships between H2O2 and harmful algal blooms dominated by toxic cyanobacteria in the western basin of Lake Erie, we measured H2O2 weekly at six stations from June – November, 2014 and 2015, with supporting physical, chemical, and biological water quality data. Nine additional stations across the western, eastern, and central basins of Lake Erie were sampled during August and October, 2015. CDOM sources were quantified from the fluorescence fraction of CDOM using parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC. CDOM concentration and source were significantly correlated with specific conductivity, demonstrating that discharge of terrestrially-derived CDOM from rivers can be tracked in the lake. Autochthonous sources of CDOM in the lake increased over the course of the blooms. Concentrations of H2O2 in Lake Erie ranged from 47 ± 16 nM to 1570 ± 16 nM (average of 371 ± 17 nM; n = 225, and were not correlated to CDOM concentration or source, UV light, or estimates of photochemical production of H2O2 by CDOM. Temporal patterns in H2O2 were more closely aligned with bloom dynamics in the lake. In 2014 and 2015, maximum concentrations of H2O2 were observed prior to peak water column respiration and chlorophyll a, coinciding with the onset of the widespread Microcystis blooms in late July. The spatial and temporal patterns in H2O2 concentrations suggested that production and decay of H2O2 from aquatic

  12. PAH biodegradative genotypes in Lake Erie sediments: evidence for broad geographical distribution of pyrene-degrading mycobacteria. (United States)

    Debruyn, Jennifer M; Mead, Thomas J; Wilhelm, Steven W; Sayler, Gary S


    Despite a long history of anthropogenic contamination of Lake Erie sediments, little work has been done to understand the potential for PAH biodegradation by indigenous microbial communities. Pyrene-degrading Mycobacterium are prevalent in many polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-contaminated freshwater sediments, and are of interest for their ability to degrade environmentally recalcitrant high molecular weight PAHs. This work tested the hypothesis that pyrene-degrading mycobacteria are prevalent in Lake Erie; an additional aim was to gain a baseline picture of the sediment microbial communities through sequencing a 16S rDNA clone library. Biodegradation potential of Lake Erie Mycobacterium populations was assessed through quantification of pyrene dioxygenase genes (nidA) and mycobacteria 16S rDNA genes using quantitative real time PCR. nidA was detected at all seven sampling sites across Lake Erie, with abundances ranging from 2.09 to 70.4 x 10(6) copies per gram sediment, with highest abundances at the most PAH-contaminated site (Cleveland Harbor). This is in contrastto naphthalene dioxygenase genes commonly used as biomarkers of PAH degradation: nahAc (from gamma-proteobacteria) was not detected anywhere, and nagAc (from beta-proteobacteria) was detected only in Cleveland Harbor, despite dominance by proteobacteria in Lake Erie sediment 16S rDNA clone libraries (>50% of clones). The prevalence of Mycobacterium nidA genotypes corroborated previous studies indicating that PAH-degrading mycobacteria have a cosmopolitan distribution and suggests they play an important but overlooked role in natural attenuation and cycling of PAHs in Lake Erie.

  13. El idealismo en la filosofía medieval: el caso de Juan Escoto Eriúgena


    Dermont Moran


    Quiero sostener en este artículo (en contra de la posición de Myles Burnyeat) que el idealismo es una posibilidad filosófica genuina previa a Descartes. En efecto, podemos encontrar una versión del idealismo que supone un concepto desarrollado de subjetividad en una sofisticada versión del  Periphyseon de Escoto Eriúgena. El inmaterialismo intelectualista extremo de Eriúgena difiere del idealismo moderno en la medida en que aquél no está motivado tanto por una consideración epistemológica de ...

  14. Tiron and trolox potentiate the autophagic cell death induced by magnolol analog Ery5 by activation of Bax in HL-60 cells. (United States)

    Kumar, Suresh; Kumar, Ajay; Pathania, Anup Singh; Guru, Santosh Kumar; Jada, Srinivas; Sharma, Parduman Raj; Bhushan, Shashi; Saxena, Ajit Kumar; Kumar, H M Sampath; Malik, Fayaz


    This study describes the mechanism of trolox and tiron induced potentiation of cytotoxicity caused by Ery5, an analog of magnolol, in human myeloid leukemia HL-60 cells. Ery5 induced cytotoxicity in HL-60 cells by involving activation of bax and cleavage of caspase 3, which contributed towards activation of both apoptotic and autophagic pathways. Trolox and tiron, even at non-toxic concentrations, contributed to the cytotoxicity of Ery5 by activation of autophagic proteins like ATG7, ATG12 and LC3-II. Z-VAD-fmk mediated reduction in the cytotoxicity and expression of autophagic proteins, further suggested that autophagy induced by Ery5 is largely dependent upon caspases. Interestingly, Ery5 induced autophagy was accompanied by the downregulation of PI3K/AKT pathway whereas, trolox and tiron strongly enhanced this effect. In addition to that treatment of cells with Ery5, trolox and tiron individually, displayed a marked upregulation of Bax. The involvement of Bax in trolox and tiron induced enhancement of the cytotoxicity of Ery5 was confirmed, when siRNA induced silencing of Bax led to increased viability of the cells and exerted a strong inhibitory effect on LC3-II accumulation and p62 degradation in case of cells treated by the combination of Ery5 with trolox or tiron. Additionally, an important role of PARP in Ery5 mediated cell death has been suggested by PARP silencing experiments, however, potentiation of autophagic cytotoxicity by trolox and tiron did not seem to be dependent on PARP-1. Therefore, Bax seems to play a vital role in trolox and tiron mediated potentiation of autophagic cell death by Ery5 in HL-60 cells.

  15. Daemen Alternative Energy/Geothermal Technologies Demonstration Program, Erie County

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beiswanger, Robert C. [Daemen College, Amherst, NY (United States)


    The purpose of the Daemen Alternative Energy/Geothermal Technologies Demonstration Project is to demonstrate the use of geothermal technology as model for energy and environmental efficiency in heating and cooling older, highly inefficient buildings. The former Marian Library building at Daemen College is a 19,000 square foot building located in the center of campus. Through this project, the building was equipped with geothermal technology and results were disseminated. Gold LEED certification for the building was awarded. 1) How the research adds to the understanding of the area investigated. This project is primarily a demonstration project. Information about the installation is available to other companies, organizations, and higher education institutions that may be interested in using geothermal energy for heating and cooling older buildings. 2) The technical effectiveness and economic feasibility of the methods or techniques investigated or demonstrated. According to the modeling and estimates through Stantec, the energy-efficiency cost savings is estimated at 20%, or $24,000 per year. Over 20 years this represents $480,000 in unrestricted revenue available for College operations. See attached technical assistance report. 3) How the project is otherwise of benefit to the public. The Daemen College Geothermal Technologies Ground Source Heat Pumps project sets a standard for retrofitting older, highly inefficient, energy wasting and environmentally irresponsible buildings that are quite typical of many of the buildings on the campuses of regional colleges and universities. As a model, the project serves as an energy-efficient system with significant environmental advantages. Information about the energy-efficiency measures is available to other colleges and universities, organizations and companies, students, and other interested parties. The installation and renovation provided employment for 120 individuals during the award period. Through the new Center

  16. Daemen Alternative Energy/Geothermal Technologies Demonstration Program Erie County

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beiswanger, Jr, Robert C


    The purpose of the Daemen Alternative Energy/Geothermal Technologies Demonstration Project is to demonstrate the use of geothermal technology as model for energy and environmental efficiency in heating and cooling older, highly inefficient buildings. The former Marian Library building at Daemen College is a 19,000 square foot building located in the center of campus. Through this project, the building was equipped with geothermal technology and results were disseminated. Gold LEED certification for the building was awarded. 1) How the research adds to the understanding of the area investigated. This project is primarily a demonstration project. Information about the installation is available to other companies, organizations, and higher education institutions that may be interested in using geothermal energy for heating and cooling older buildings. 2) The technical effectiveness and economic feasibility of the methods or techniques investigated or demonstrated. According to the modeling and estimates through Stantec, the energy-efficiency cost savings is estimated at 20%, or $24,000 per year. Over 20 years this represents $480,000 in unrestricted revenue available for College operations. See attached technical assistance report. 3) How the project is otherwise of benefit to the public. The Daemen College Geothermal Technologies Ground Source Heat Pumps project sets a standard for retrofitting older, highly inefficient, energy wasting and environmentally irresponsible buildings quite typical of many of the buildings on the campuses of regional colleges and universities. As a model, the project serves as an energy-efficient system with significant environmental advantages. Information about the energy-efficiency measures is available to other colleges and universities, organizations and companies, students, and other interested parties. The installation and renovation provided employment for 120 individuals during the award period. Through the new Center, Daemen will

  17. Pārlūkprogrammas spēle "Hokeja komandas menedžeris"


    Greckis, Maksims


    Hokeja komandas menedžeris – tiešsaistes pārlūkbāzēts hokeja menedžeris, kurā Jūs varat pārdod un pirkt spēlētājus, pārvaldīt Jūsu hokeja komandu sacensībās ar citiem spēlētājiem. Reģistrējoties lietotājs izveido savu komandu. Lietotājam ir starta budžets, kuru var lietot spēlētāju pirkšanai, trenera un speciālistu izvēlei. Lietotājam ir iespēja mainīt sastāvu, pirkt un pārdod spēlētājus, trenēt savu sastāvu saskaņā ar izvēlēto metodiku. Ja Jūsu(lietotāja) komandai izdosies sasniegt augsto...

  18. Effects of the exotic zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) on metal cycling in Lake Erie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klerks, P.L. [Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana, Dept. of Biology, Lafayette, Louisiana (United States)]. E-mail:; Fraleigh, P.C.; Lawniczak, J.E. [Univ. of Toledo, Dept. of Biology, Toledo, Ohio (United States)


    This research demonstrated the impact of high densities of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) on the cycling of copper, nickel, and zinc in a lake environment. Experiments with mussels on sedimentation traps in western Lake Erie and with mussels in flow-through tanks receiving Lake Erie water showed that zebra mussels remove metals from the water column, incorporate metals in their tissues, and deposit metals on the lake bottom. Removal of metals from the water column was estimated at 10-17%{center_dot}day{sup -1} of the amounts present. This material was largely deposited on the lake bottom; zebra mussels more than doubled the rate at which metals were being added to the lake bottom. Metal biodeposition rates were extremely high (e.g., 50 mg Zn{center_dot}m{sup -2}{center_dot}day{sup -1}) in high-turbidity areas with elevated metal levels. Two factors contributed to metal biodeposition by zebra mussels. First, their production of feces and pseudofeces increased the rate at which suspended matter was being added to the sediment (accounting for 92% of the increased metal biodeposition). Second, the material coming out of suspension had higher metal concentrations when zebra mussels were present (constituting 8% of the increased biodeposition). (author)

  19. Using oxygen isotopes of phosphate to trace phosphorus sources and cycling in lake Erie (United States)

    Elsbury, K.E.; Paytan, A.; Ostrom, N.E.; Kendall, C.; Young, M.B.; McLaughlin, K.; Rollog, M.E.; Watson, S.


    Water samples collected during three sampling trips to Lake Erie displayed oxygen isotopic values of dissolved phosphate (??18O p) that were largely out of equilibrium with ambient conditions, indicating that source signatures may be discerned. ??18O p values in the Lake ranged from +10??? to +17???, whereas the equilibrium value was expected to be around +14???. The riverine weighted average ??18Op value was +11??? and may represent one source of phosphate to the Lake. The lake ?? 18Op values indicated that there must be one or more as yet uncharacterized source(s) of phosphate with a high ?? 18Op value. Potential sources other than rivers are not yet well-characterized with respect to ??18O of phosphate, but we speculate that a likely source may be the release of phosphate from sediments under reducing conditions created during anoxic events in the hypolimnion of the central basin of Lake Erie. Identifying potential phosphorus sources to the Lake is vital for designing effective management plans for reducing nutrient inputs and associated eutrophication. ?? 2009 American Chemical Society.

  20. The re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Harmful algal blooms and hypoxia. (United States)

    Watson, Susan B; Miller, Carol; Arhonditsis, George; Boyer, Gregory L; Carmichael, Wayne; Charlton, Murray N; Confesor, Remegio; Depew, David C; Höök, Tomas O; Ludsin, Stuart A; Matisoff, Gerald; McElmurry, Shawn P; Murray, Michael W; Peter Richards, R; Rao, Yerubandi R; Steffen, Morgan M; Wilhelm, Steven W


    Lake Erie supplies drinking water to more than 11 million consumers, processes millions of gallons of wastewater, provides important species habitat and supports a substantial industrial sector, with >$50 billion annual income to tourism, recreational boating, shipping, fisheries, and other industries. These and other key ecosystem services are currently threatened by an excess supply of nutrients, manifested in particular by increases in the magnitude and extent of harmful planktonic and benthic algal blooms (HABs) and hypoxia. Widespread concern for this important international waterbody has been manifested in a strong focus of scientific and public material on the subject, and commitments for Canada-US remedial actions in recent agreements among Federal, Provincial and State agencies. This review provides a retrospective synthesis of past and current nutrient inputs, impairments by planktonic and benthic HABs and hypoxia, modelling and Best Management Practices in the Lake Erie basin. The results demonstrate that phosphorus reduction is of primary importance, but the effects of climate, nitrogen and other factors should also be considered in the context of adaptive management. Actions to reduce nutrient levels by targeted Best Management Practices will likely need to be tailored for soil types, topography, and farming practices. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  1. Out-of-sample validation for structured expert judgment of Asian carp establishment in Lake Erie (United States)

    Cooke, Roger M; Wittmann, Marion E; Lodge, David M; Rothlisberger, John D; Rutherford, Edward S; Zhang, Hongyan; Mason, Doran M


    Structured expert judgment (SEJ) is used to quantify the uncertainty of nonindigenous fish (bighead carp [Hypophthalmichthys nobilis] and silver carp [H. molitrix]) establishment in Lake Erie. The classical model for structured expert judgment model is applied. Forming a weighted combination (called a decision maker) of experts' distributions, with weights derived from performance on a set of calibration variables from the experts' field, exhibits greater statistical accuracy and greater informativeness than simple averaging with equal weights. New methods of cross validation are applied and suggest that performance characteristics relative to equal weighting could be predicted with a small number (1–2) of calibration variables. The performance-based decision maker is somewhat degraded on out-of-sample prediction, but remained superior to the equal weight decision maker in terms of statistical accuracy and informativeness. Integr Environ Assess Manag 2014;10:522–528. © 2014 The Authors. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of SETAC. Key Points Structured expert judgment is applied to quantify uncertainty in Asian carp establishment in Lake Erie Calibration variables from the experts' field are used to enable performance-based combination In sample validation is applied to the combination of expert judgments and to the experts Out-of-sample validation is applied to the performance-based combination method PMID:25044130

  2. Simulation of Cellular Energy Restriction in Quiescence (ERiQ)-A Theoretical Model for Aging. (United States)

    Alfego, David; Kriete, Andres


    Cellular responses to energy stress involve activation of pro-survival signaling nodes, compensation in regulatory pathways and adaptations in organelle function. Specifically, energy restriction in quiescent cells (ERiQ) through energetic perturbations causes adaptive changes in response to reduced ATP, NAD+ and NADP levels in a regulatory network spanned by AKT, NF-κB, p53 and mTOR. Based on the experimental ERiQ platform, we have constructed a minimalistic theoretical model consisting of feedback motifs that enable investigation of stress-signaling pathways. The computer simulations reveal responses to acute energetic perturbations, promoting cellular survival and recovery to homeostasis. We speculated that the very same stress mechanisms are activated during aging in post-mitotic cells. To test this hypothesis, we modified the model to be deficient in protein damage clearance and demonstrate the formation of energy stress. Contrasting the network's pro-survival role in acute energetic challenges, conflicting responses in aging disrupt mitochondrial maintenance and contribute to a lockstep progression of decline when chronically activated. The model was analyzed by a local sensitivity analysis with respect to lifespan and makes predictions consistent with inhibitory and gain-of-function experiments in aging.

  3. Cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms are a biological disturbance to Western Lake Erie bacterial communities. (United States)

    Berry, Michelle A; Davis, Timothy W; Cory, Rose M; Duhaime, Melissa B; Johengen, Thomas H; Kling, George W; Marino, John A; Den Uyl, Paul A; Gossiaux, Duane; Dick, Gregory J; Denef, Vincent J


    Human activities are causing a global proliferation of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (CHABs), yet we have limited understanding of how these events affect freshwater bacterial communities. Using weekly data from western Lake Erie in 2014, we investigated how the cyanobacterial community varied over space and time, and whether the bloom affected non-cyanobacterial (nc-bacterial) diversity and composition. Cyanobacterial community composition fluctuated dynamically during the bloom, but was dominated by Microcystis and Synechococcus OTUs. The bloom's progression revealed potential impacts to nc-bacterial diversity. Nc-bacterial evenness displayed linear, unimodal, or no response to algal pigment levels, depending on the taxonomic group. In addition, the bloom coincided with a large shift in nc-bacterial community composition. These shifts could be partitioned into components predicted by pH, chlorophyll a, temperature, and water mass movements. Actinobacteria OTUs showed particularly strong correlations to bloom dynamics. AcI-C OTUs became more abundant, while acI-A and acI-B OTUs declined during the bloom, providing evidence of niche partitioning at the sub-clade level. Thus, our observations in western Lake Erie support a link between CHABs and disturbances to bacterial community diversity and composition. Additionally, the short recovery of many taxa after the bloom indicates that bacterial communities may exhibit resilience to CHABs. © 2016 Society for Applied Microbiology and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. Ecology and population status of trout-perch (Percopsis omiscomaycus) in western Lake Erie (United States)

    Kocovsky, Patrick; Stoneman, Andrea T.; Kraus, Richard T.


    Trout-perch Percopsis omiscomaycus is among the most abundant benthic species in Lake Erie, but comparatively little is known about its ecology. Although others have conducted extensive studies on trout-perch ecology, those efforts predated invasions of white perch Morone americana, Dreissena spp., Bythotrephes longimanus and round goby Neogobius melanostomus, suggesting the need to revisit past work. Trout-perch were sampled with bottom trawls at 56 sites during June and September 2010. We examined diets, fecundity, average annual mortality, sex ratio, and long-term population trends at sites sampled since 1961. Trout-perch abundance fluctuated periodically, with distinct shorter- (4-year) and longer-term (over period of 50 years) fluctuations. Males had higher average annual mortality than females. Both sexes were equally abundant at age 0, but females outnumbered males 4:1 by age 2. Diets of trout-perch were dominated by macroinvertebrates, particularly chironomids and Hexagenia sp. Size distributions of trout-perch eggs varied widely and exhibited multiple modes indicative of protracted batch spawning. A review of the few other studies of trout-perch revealed periodic fluctuations in sex ratio of adults, which in light of our evidence of periodicity in abundance suggests the potential for sex-ratio-mediated intrinsic population regulation. Despite the introduction of numerous invasive species in Lake Erie, trout-perch remain one of the most abundant benthic invertivores and the population is relatively stable.

  5. Mesoscale modeling of lake effect snow over Lake Erie - sensitivity to convection, microphysics and the water temperature

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Theeuwes, N.E.; Steeneveld, G.J.; Krikken, F.; Holtslag, A.A.M.


    Lake effect snow is a shallow convection phenomenon during cold air advection over a relatively warm lake. A severe case of lake effect snow over Lake Erie on 24 December 2001 was studied with the MM5 and WRF mesoscale models. This particular case provided over 200 cm of snow in Buffalo (NY), caused

  6. A project for recovering mercury from fluorescent tubes from schools in the Grand Erie District School Board

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Mercury is a persistent, toxic substance that poses a serious threat to the environment and human health. Mercury compounds can be carried hundreds of kilometers once airborne and inhaling mercury vapours or ingesting mercury can cause serious injury or death. In Canada, mercury is regularly found in thousands of products such as fluorescent lamps, thermostats, fever thermometers and button batteries, as well as a variety of industrial applications. This report discussed a project that was undertaken by the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) that targeted schools, within the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB), to pilot a program over a period of 3 months to track, collect and recycle sufficient number of fluorescent tubes. The purpose was to successfully divert 2200 mgs of mercury that may otherwise be destined for landfill. The primary objective of the pilot project was to establish an operating system to collect and recycle fluorescent tube lighting and develop recycling guidelines for the GEDSB that would be transferable to other school districts. The report discussed why fluorescent lamp recycling was needed and outlined the project partners. One recycling partner's recycling process, Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers (FLR) was described. The report also discussed regulations affecting the handling and disposal of fluorescent lamps in Ontario. GEDSB's, RCO's and FLR's responsibilities in the project were outlined. The methodology and florescent lamp collection process were described. The report also presented the collection schedule and results. It was concluded that with very little effort, significant amounts of fluorescent lamps could be diverted, preventing mercury from entering landfills. refs., tabs., figs., appendices.

  7. Sakarya ilindeki Erişkinlerde Patella Tiplerinin Dağılımı


    Kaplan, Tolga; Başar, Hakan; İnanmaz, Mustafa Erkan


    SAKARYA İLİNDEKİ ERİŞKİNLERDE PATELLA TİPLERİNİN DAĞILIMIAmaç: Bu çalışma ile Sakarya ilindeki erişkinlerde patella tipleri dağılımının saptanarak, patella morfolojisi ile kondromalazi patella ve lateral kompresyon sendromu gibi sık görülen patellofemoral eklem hastalıklar arasındaki ilişkilerin ortaya çıkarılması amaçlanmıştır.Gereç ve Yöntem: Farklı hastalıklarla polikliniğimize başvuran randomize olarak seçilmiş ve dizlerinde semptomu bulunan olguların yüz adet dizi çalışmaya alındı. Olg...

  8. Flow of an Erying-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet in presence of chemical reaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khan Ilyas


    Full Text Available In this paper we study the flow of an incompressible Erying-Powell fluid bounded by a linear stretching surface. The mass transfer analysis in the presence of destructive /generative chemical reactions is also analyzed. A similarity transformation is used to transform the governing partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. Computations for dimensionless velocity and concentration fields are performed by an efficient approach namely the homotopy analysis method (HAM and numerical solution is obtained by shooting technique along with Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg integration scheme. Graphical results are prepared to illustrate the details of flow and mass transfer characteristics and their dependence upon the physical parameters. The values for gradient of mass transfer are also evaluated and analyzed. A comparison of the present solutions with published results in the literature is performed and the results are found to be in excellent agreement.

  9. Seasonal and interannual effects of hypoxia on fish habitat quality in central Lake Erie (United States)

    Arend, Kristin K.; Beletsky, Dmitry; DePinto, Joseph; Ludsin, Stuart A.; Roberts, James J.; Rucinski, Daniel K.; Scavia, Donald; Schwab, David J.; Höök, Tomas O.


    1. Hypoxia occurs seasonally in many stratified coastal marine and freshwater ecosystems when bottom dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations are depleted below 2–3 mg O2 L-1. 2. We evaluated the effects of hypoxia on fish habitat quality in the central basin of Lake Erie from 1987 to 2005, using bioenergetic growth rate potential (GRP) as a proxy for habitat quality. We compared the effect of hypoxia on habitat quality of (i) rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax mordax Mitchill (young-of-year, YOY, and adult), a cold-water planktivore, (ii) emerald shiner, Notropis atherinoides Rafinesque (adult), a warm-water planktivore, (iii) yellow perch, Perca flavescens Mitchill (YOY and adult), a cool-water benthopelagic omnivore and (iv) round goby Neogobius melanostomus Pallas (adult) a eurythermal benthivore. Annual thermal and DO profiles were generated from 1D thermal and DO hydrodynamics models developed for Lake Erie’s central basin. 3. Hypoxia occurred annually, typically from mid-July to mid-October, which spatially and temporally overlaps with otherwise high benthic habitat quality. Hypoxia reduced the habitat quality across fish species and life stages, but the magnitude of the reduction varied both among and within species because of the differences in tolerance to low DO levels and warm-water temperatures. 4. Across years, trends in habitat quality mirrored trends in phosphorus concentration and water column oxygen demand in central Lake Erie. The per cent reduction in habitat quality owing to hypoxia was greatest for adult rainbow smelt and round goby (mean: -35%), followed by adult emerald shiner (mean: -12%), YOY rainbow smelt (mean: -10%) and YOY and adult yellow perch (mean: -8.5%). 5. Our results highlight the importance of differential spatiotemporally interactive effects of DO and temperature on relative fish habitat quality and quantity. These effects have the potential to influence the performance of individual fish species as well as population dynamics

  10. Potential impact of Chironomus plumosus larvae on hypolimnetic oxygen in the central basin of Lake Erie (United States)

    Soster, Frederick M.; Matisoff, Gerald; Schloesser, Donald W.; Edwards, William J.


    Previous studies have indicated that burrow-irrigating infauna can increase sediment oxygen demand (SOD) and impact hypolimnetic oxygen in stratified lakes. We conducted laboratory microcosm experiments and computer simulations with larvae of the burrowing benthic midge Chironomus plumosus to quantify burrow oxygen uptake rates and subsequent contribution to sediment oxygen demand in central Lake Erie. Burrow oxygen uptake and water flow velocities through burrows were measured using oxygen microelectrodes and hot film anemometry, respectively. Burrow oxygen consumption averaged 2.66 × 10− 10 (SE = ± 7.82 × 10− 11) mol O2/burrow/s at 24 °C and 9.64 × 10− 10 (SE = ± 4.86 × 10− 10) mol O2/burrow/s at 15 °C. In sealed microcosm experiments, larvae increased SOD 500% at 24 °C (density = 1508/m2) and 375% at 15 °C (density = 864/m2). To further evaluate effects of densities of C. plumosus burrows on SOD we developed a 3-D transport reaction model of the process. Using experimental data and chironomid abundance data in faunal surveys in 2009 and 2010, we estimated that bioirrigation by a population of 140 larvae/m2 could account for between 2.54 × 10− 11 mol/L/s (model results) and 5.58 × 10− 11 mol/L/s (experimental results) of the average 4.22 × 10− 11 mol/L/s oxygen depletion rate between 1970 and 2003, which could have accounted for 60–132% of the oxygen decline. At present, it appears that the population density of this species may be an important factor in development of hypoxic or anoxic conditions in central Lake Erie.

  11. Ice-load measurements on the Lake Erie-Niagara River ice boom: 1996-97

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cowper, B.; Abdelnour, R.; Gong, Y. [Fleet Technology Limited, Kanata, ON (Canada); Crissman, R. [New York Power Authority, Niagara Falls, NY (United States)


    The design and installation of a new ice boom at the entrance to the upper Niagara River at the north-east end of Lake Erie was described. Each year since 1964, the New York Power Authority and Ontario Hydro install a 2,700-meter long ice boom which spans the outlet of Lake Erie about three kilometres upstream of the Peace Bridge. The ice boom minimizes the impacts of ice on power generation in the Niagara River in the early freeze-up period of winter. A monitoring program has been developed in which water level gauges, water temperature probes and low-light-level television cameras are used to obtain real-time observations of certain ice and hydraulic characteristics. Visual observations of ice conditions in the vicinity of the New York Power Authority`s intakes were also recorded. As a result of the monitoring program, a new boom design was developed which called for replacing the boom`s Douglas Fir timbers with 0.76 m-diameter, 9.1 m-long steel pipe pontoons. In the 1996-97 season, the timbers in the boom were replaced with the steel pipe pontoons to evaluate the effectiveness of the new design through an ice load measurement program. The cable tensions and boom submergence at the three anchoring locations along the boom were measured. Several recommendations were made. In general, it was concluded that if the ice booms were composed entirely of steel pontoons, the release of ice into the river would be substantially reduced. 7 refs., 14 figs.

  12. Use of structured expert judgment to forecast invasions by bighead and silver carp in Lake Erie. (United States)

    Wittmann, Marion E; Cooke, Roger M; Rothlisberger, John D; Rutherford, Edward S; Zhang, Hongyan; Mason, Doran M; Lodge, David M


    Identifying which nonindigenous species will become invasive and forecasting the damage they will cause is difficult and presents a significant problem for natural resource management. Often, the data or resources necessary for ecological risk assessment are incomplete or absent, leaving environmental decision makers ill equipped to effectively manage valuable natural resources. Structured expert judgment (SEJ) is a mathematical and performance-based method of eliciting, weighting, and aggregating expert judgments. In contrast to other methods of eliciting and aggregating expert judgments (where, for example, equal weights may be assigned to experts), SEJ weights each expert on the basis of his or her statistical accuracy and informativeness through performance measurement on a set of calibration variables. We used SEJ to forecast impacts of nonindigenous Asian carp (Hypophthalmichthys spp.) in Lake Erie, where it is believed not to be established. Experts quantified Asian carp biomass, production, and consumption and their impact on 4 fish species if Asian carp were to become established. According to experts, in Lake Erie Asian carp have the potential to achieve biomass levels that are similar to the sum of biomasses for several fishes that are harvested commercially or recreationally. However, the impact of Asian carp on the biomass of these fishes was estimated by experts to be small, relative to long term average biomasses, with little uncertainty. Impacts of Asian carp in tributaries and on recreational activities, water quality, or other species were not addressed. SEJ can be used to quantify key uncertainties of invasion biology and also provide a decision-support tool when the necessary information for natural resource management and policy is not available. © 2014 The Authors. Conservation Biology published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of Society for Conservation Biology.

  13. NMR Studies of Ligand Binding to P450eryF Provides Insight into the Mechanism of Cooperativity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arthur G.,Roberts; M. Dolores,Díaz; Jed N.,Lampe; Laura M.,Shireman; Jeffrey S.,Grinstead; Michael J.,Dabrowski; Josh T.,Pearson; Michael K.,Bowman; William M.,Atkins; A. Patricia,Campbell


    Cytochrome P450's (P450's) catalyze the oxidative metabolism of most drugs and toxins. Although extensive studies have proven that some P450's demonstrate both homotropic and heterotropic cooperativity toward a number of substrates, the mechanistic and molecular details of P450 allostery are still not well-established. Here, we use UV/vis and heteronuclear nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic techniques to study the mechanism and thermodynamics of the binding of two 9-aminophenanthrene (9-AP) and testosterone (TST) molecules to the erythromycin-metabolizing bacterial P450eryF. UV/vis absorbance spectra of P450eryF demonstrated that binding occurs with apparent negative homotropic cooperativity for TST and positive homotropic cooperativity for 9-AP with Hill-equation-derived dissociation constants of KS = 4 and 200 μM, respectively. The broadening and shifting observed in the 2D-{1H,15N}-HSQC-monitored titrations of 15N-Phe-labeled P450eryF with 9-AP and TST indicated binding on intermediate and fast chemical exhange time scales, respectively, which was consistent with the Hill-equation-derived KS values for these two ligands. Regardless of the type of spectral perturbation observed (broadening for 9-AP and shifting for TST), the 15N-Phe NMR resonances most affected were the same in each titration, suggesting that the two ligands ''contact'' the same phenylalanines within the active site of P450eryF. This finding is in agreement with X-ray crystal structures of bound P450eryF showing different ligands occupying similar active-site niches. Complex spectral behavior was additionally observed for a small collection of resonances in the TST titration, interpreted as multiple binding modes for the low-affinity TST molecule or multiple TST-bound P450eryF conformational substates. A structural and energetic model is

  14. NMR Studies of Ligand Binding to P450eryF Provides Insight into the Mechanism of Cooperativity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roberts, Arthur G.; Diaz, Maria D.; Lampe, Jed N.; Shireman, Laura; Grinstead, Jeffrey S.; Dabrowski, Michael J.; Pearson, Josh T.; Bowman, Michael K.; Atkins, William M.; Campbell, Ann P.


    Cytochrome P450’s (P450’s) catalyze the oxidative metabolism of most drugs and toxins. Although extensive studies have proven that some P450’s demonstrate both homotropic and heterotropic cooperativity toward a number of substrates, the mechanistic and molecular details of P450 allostery are still not well-established. Here, we use UV/vis and heteronuclear nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic techniques to study the mechanism and thermodynamics of the binding of two 9-aminophenanthrene (9-AP) and testosterone (TST) molecules to the erythromycin-metabolizing bacterial P450eryF. UV/vis absorbance spectra of P450eryF demonstrated that binding occurs with apparent negative homotropic cooperativity for TST and positive homotropic cooperativity for 9-AP with Hill-equation-derived dissociation constants of KS ) 4 and 200 íM, respectively. The broadening and shifting observed in the 2D-{1H,15N}-HSQC-monitored titrations of 15N-Phe-labeled P450eryF with 9-AP and TST indicated binding on intermediate and fast chemical exhange time scales, respectively, which was consistent with the Hillequation- derived KS values for these two ligands. Regardless of the type of spectral perturbation observed (broadening for 9-AP and shifting for TST), the 15N-Phe NMR resonances most affected were the same in each titration, suggesting that the two ligands “contact” the same phenylalanines within the active site of P450eryF. This finding is in agreement with X-ray crystal structures of bound P450eryF showing different ligands occupying similar active-site niches. Complex spectral behavior was additionally observed for a small collection of resonances in the TST titration, interpreted as multiple binding modes for the lowaffinity TST molecule or multiple TST-bound P450eryF conformational substates. A structural and energetic model is presented that combines the energetics and structural aspects of 9-AP and TST binding derived from these observations.

  15. Toward Improved Adoption of Best Management Practices (BMPs in the Lake Erie Basin: Perspectives from Resilience and Agricultural Innovation Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cherine Akkari


    Full Text Available Phosphorus (P runoff from agricultural sources is a recognized environmental problem, particularly in regions draining into Lake Erie. This problem may well be exacerbated particularly through increased magnitude and frequency of extreme climatic events (e.g., excessive precipitation and droughts. On the physical sciences side, the recent extensive literature focuses on structural Best Management Practices (BMPs which have the potential to mitigate both surface and sub-subsurface P losses. Modeling studies show that there is still a lack of adoption of these P-related voluntary BMPs by the farmers. At the same time, and while the social sciences side of the literature on structural BMPs adoption weakly affirms the latter, this paper argues that the literature on resilience and on agricultural innovation can better inform our understanding of the limited adoption of phosphorus related structural BMPs by farmers in the Lake Erie Basin.

  16. Snipper, an Eri1 homologue, affects histone mRNA abundance and is crucial for normal Drosophila melanogaster development. (United States)

    Alexiadis, Anastasios; Delidakis, Christos; Kalantidis, Kriton


    The conserved 3'-5' RNA exonuclease ERI1 is implicated in RNA interference inhibition, 5.8S rRNA maturation and histone mRNA maturation and turnover. The single ERI1 homologue in Drosophila melanogaster Snipper (Snp) is a 3'-5' exonuclease, but its in vivo function remains elusive. Here, we report Snp requirement for normal Drosophila development, since its perturbation leads to larval arrest and tissue-specific downregulation results in abnormal tissue development. Additionally, Snp directly interacts with histone mRNA, and its depletion results in drastic reduction in histone transcript levels. We propose that Snp protects the 3'-ends of histone mRNAs and upon its absence, histone transcripts are readily degraded. This in turn may lead to cell cycle delay or arrest, causing growth arrest and developmental perturbations. © 2017 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

  17. O conceito de participação em João Escoto Eriúgena


    Silva,Iris Fátima da


    A presente dissertação tem como objetivo o estudo do conceito de participação em João Escoto Eriúgena. O desenvolvimento da pesquisa dá-se a partir da identificação das fontes do irlandês, investigando o referido conceito a partir de Dionísio e os padres cristãos gregos, até chegar ao Periphyseon. Para Eriúgena os termos que se relacionam na participação - Deus, causas e efeitos - são, enquanto que aquilo que não mantém nenhuma relação de participação não é. Apoiando-se em sua concepção da re...

  18. Development of 2.7-μm Er:Y2O3 ceramic laser operated at room temperature (United States)

    Mužík, Jiří; Yasuhara, Ryo; Smrž, Martin; Jelínek, Michal; Kubeček, Václav; Endo, Akira; Mocek, Tomáš


    In this paper, we investigated laser performance of Er:Y2O3 ceramics at room temperature. With pulsed pumping with duty cycle of 1%, 1.02 W of peak output power was obtained at wavelength of 2.7 μm with slope efficiency of 3%. Furthermore, absorption spectra of the ceramics and temperature evolution for different pumping conditions were examined.

  19. Reconstruction of a meteotsunami in Lake Erie on 27 May 2012: Roles of atmospheric conditions on hydrodynamic response in enclosed basins (United States)

    Anderson, Eric J.; Bechle, Adam J.; Wu, Chin H.; Schwab, David J.; Mann, Greg E.; Lombardy, Kirk A.


    On 27 May 2012, atmospheric conditions gave rise to two convective systems that generated a series of waves in the meteotsunami band on Lake Erie. The resulting waves swept three swimmers a 0.5 mi offshore, inundated a marina, and may have led to a capsized boat along the southern shoreline. Analysis of radial velocities from a nearby radar tower in combination with coastal meteorological observation indicates that the convective systems produced a series of outflow bands that were the likely atmospheric cause of the meteotsunami. In order to explain the processes that led to meteotsunami generation, we model the hydrodynamic response to three meteorological forcing scenarios: (i) the reconstructed atmospheric disturbance from radar analysis, (ii) simulated conditions from a high-resolution weather model, and (iii) interpolated meteorological conditions from the NOAA Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System. The results reveal that the convective systems generated a series of waves incident to the southern shore of the lake that reflected toward the northern shoreline and reflected again to the southern shore, resulting in spatial wave focusing and edge wave formation that combined to impact recreational users near Cleveland, OH. This study illustrates the effects of meteotsunami development in an enclosed basin, including wave reflection, focusing, and edge wave formation as well as temporal lags between the causative atmospheric conditions and arrival of dangerous wave conditions. As a result, the ability to detect these extreme storms and predict the hydrodynamic response is crucial to reducing risk and building resilient coastal communities.

  20. Genetic analysis of scattered populations of the Indian eri silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini Donovan: differentiation of subpopulations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Appukuttannair R. Pradeep


    Full Text Available Deforestation and exploitation has led to the fragmentation of habitats and scattering of populations of the economically important eri silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini, in north-east India. Genetic analysis of 15 eri populations, using ISSR markers, showed 98% inter-population, and 23% to 58% intra-population polymorphism. Nei's genetic distance between populations increased significantly with altitude (R² = 0.71 and geographic distance (R² = 0.78. On the dendrogram, the lower and upper Assam populations were clustered separately, with intermediate grouping of those from Barpathar and Chuchuyimlang, consistent with geographical distribution. The Nei's gene diversity index was 0.350 in total populations and 0.121 in subpopulations. The genetic differentiation estimate (Gst was 0.276 among scattered populations. Neutrality tests showed deviation of 118 loci from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The number of loci that deviated from neutrality increased with altitude (R² = 0.63. Test of linkage disequilibrium showed greater contribution of variance among eri subpopulations to total variance. D'2IS exceeded D'2ST, showed significant contribution of random genetic drift to the increase in variance of disequilibrium in subpopulations. In the Lakhimpur population, the peripheral part was separated from the core by a genetic distance of 0.260. Patchy habitats promoted low genetic variability, high linkage disequilibrium and colonization by new subpopulations. Increased gene flow and habitat-area expansion are required to maintain higher genetic variability and conservation of the original S. c. ricini gene pool.

  1. Relative importance of Microcystis abundance and diversity in determining microcystin dynamics in Lake Erie coastal wetland and downstream beach water. (United States)

    Hu, C; Rea, C; Yu, Z; Lee, J


    Microcystis population and microcystin (MC) dynamics were investigated in western Lake Erie coastal wetlands and downstream beach water. A three-dimensional (3-D) model was developed to quantify how Microcystis population size and structure affect MCs. Real-time PCR, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay (ELISA) were used. A moderate-low level of Microcystis abundance and MCs were detected with a significant increase along the wetland flow and the spatiotemporal homogeneity of Microcystis populations. The proportion of toxigenic and nontoxgenic genotypes appeared to be more affected by the variation in two major Microcystis PC-IGS genotypes. MC dynamics was associated with the changing Microcystis population size and structure. The 3-D model showed that Microcystis population with greater Microcystis PC-IGS abundance (and simultaneously higher diversity) had more MCs. Microcystin variation was significantly affected by Microcystis population size and structure. The 3-D model also revealed the relative importance of Microcystis population size and structure in determining MCs in the Lake Erie costal wetland and downstream beach water. This study enriches our understanding of Microcystis population and microcystin ecology in a western Lake Erie coastal wetland and downstream beach water. Our illustrative model brings a new perspective for understanding the ecological relationship between Microcystis population size and structure and MCs. © 2015 The Society for Applied Microbiology.

  2. Spawning site fidelity and apparent annual survival of walleye (Sander vitreus) differ between a Lake Huron and Lake Erie tributary (United States)

    Hayden, Todd A.; Binder, Thomas; Holbrook, Christopher; Vandergoot, Christopher; Fielder, David G.; Cooke, Steven J.; Dettmers, John M.; Krueger, Charles C.


    Fidelity to spawning habitats can maximise reproductive success of fish by synchronising movements to sites of previous recruitment. To determine the role of reproductive fidelity in structuring walleye Sander vitreus populations in the Laurentian Great Lakes, we used acoustic telemetry combined with Cormack–Jolly–Seber capture–recapture models to estimate spawning site fidelity and apparent annual survival for the Tittabawassee River in Lake Huron and Maumee River in Lake Erie. Walleye in spawning condition were tagged from the Tittabawassee River in Lake Huron and Maumee River in Lake Erie in 2011–2012. Site fidelity and apparent annual survival were estimated from return of individuals to the stream where tagged. Site fidelity estimates were higher in the Tittabawassee River (95%) than the Maumee River (70%) and were not related to sex or fish length at tagging. Apparent annual survival of walleye tagged in the Tittabawassee did not differ among spawning seasons but was higher for female than male walleye and decreased linearly as fish length increased. Apparent annual survival of walleye tagged in the Maumee River did not differ among spawning seasons but was higher for female walleye than male walleye and increased linearly as fish length increased. Greater fidelity of walleye tagged in the Tittabawassee River than walleye tagged in the Maumee River may be related to the close proximity to the Maumee River of other spawning aggregations and multiple spawning sites in Lake Erie. As spawning site fidelity increases, management actions to conserve population structure require an increasing focus on individual stocks.

  3. Student ERI: Psychometric properties of a new brief measure of effort-reward imbalance among university students. (United States)

    Wege, Natalia; Li, Jian; Muth, Thomas; Angerer, Peter; Siegrist, Johannes


    Psychosocial stress among university students, particularly medical students, is considered a widely prevalent problem. There is a need for valid measurement of an adverse psychosocial stress environment in university settings. The aim of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of a newly developed short student version of the effort-reward imbalance (ERI) questionnaire in a sample of medical students. A cross-sectional survey with a self-administrated questionnaire containing three scales was conducted among 406 medical students. Item-total correlations and Cronbach's alpha were calculated to assess the internal consistency of the scales. Confirmatory factor analysis was applied to test factorial validity of the questionnaire structure. The student version of the ERI questionnaire provides acceptable psychometric properties. The Cronbach's alpha coefficients for effort, reward, and over-commitment were 0.67, 0.65, and 0.79, respectively. Confirmatory factor analysis displayed a satisfactory fit of the data structure with the theoretical concept (GFI>0.94). This student version of the ERI questionnaire provides a psychometrically tested tool for studies focussing on psychosocial environment in university settings. Further applications of this approach in other student groups are needed, in addition to prospective studies assessing associations with health outcomes. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Screening for eri silkworm (Samia ricini Donovan ecoraces using morphological characters, growth, yields, and ISSR marker

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Duanpen Wongsorn


    Full Text Available The selection of eri silkworm ecoraces with high yield and distinct morphological characters is necessary for variety improvement. The five ecoraces SaKKU1, SaKKU2, SaKKU3, SaKKU4 and SaKKU5 were derived mostly by international academic cooperation. They were cultured using castor leaves of TCO 101 cultivar as food plant at 25±2°C, 80±5% R.H. Based on morphological characters, they are similar, except the body of the 5th instar larva of SaKKU1 is clearly covered with more creamy white powder and the mature larva has a shiny dominant yellow color. The duration of the life cycle among ecoraces was also similar; 46-53 days (SaKKU1, 42-53 days (SaKKU2, 42-52 days (SaKKU3, 40-56 days (SaKKU4 and 41-52 days (SaKKU5. SaKKU1 had the highest survival rate at larval stage (1st – 5th instar (100.00% and larva (1st – 5th instar - adult (88.89%, including the predominant heaviest average larva weight of all instars, 0.0317 g (2nd instar, 0.2206 g (3rd instar, 1.0788 g (4th instar, 4.0102 g (5th instar, and 8.9940 g (5 days of 5th instar, which was significantly different (P<0.05 to other ecoraces. Moreover, this ecorace gave the highest average yields: fresh cocoon weight (3.8016 g, pupa weight (3.2532 g, shell weight (0.5287 g, shell ratio (14.01%, fresh cocoon weight/10,000 larvae (38.01 kg, eggs/moth (531.13 eggs, total eggs (6,375.27 eggs and total hatching eggs (6,006.13 eggs, which was also significantly different (P<0.05 than other ecoraces. Of those properties, especially survival rates and yields, this ecorace (SaKKU1 is favored for further varietal improvement program. In parallel, genetic relationship analysis of eri silkworm ecoraces using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR technique was also carried out. The result revealed from dendrogram analysis that SaKKU1 was the farthest distance than other ecoraces, especially against SaKKU3. Based on all above results, the SaKKU1 ecorace was considered to be the most suitable for heat tolerant

  5. The Gutenberg Health Study: measuring psychosocial factors at work and predicting health and work-related outcomes with the ERI and the COPSOQ questionnaire. (United States)

    Nuebling, Matthias; Seidler, Andreas; Garthus-Niegel, Susan; Latza, Ute; Wagner, Mandy; Hegewald, Janice; Liebers, Falk; Jankowiak, Sylvia; Zwiener, Isabella; Wild, Philipp S; Letzel, Stephan


    Several instruments have been developed to assess psychosocial workload. We compared two of these instruments, the Effort-Reward Imbalance (ERI) model and the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ) with regard to congruent validity and internal validity. This analysis is based on a population-based sample of the baseline examination of 2,783 employees from the Gutenberg Health Study (GHS). About half of the participants completed the ERI questionnaire (n = 1,342), the other half completed the COPSOQ (n = 1,441). First, the two samples were compared and descriptive analyses were carried out calculating mean values for both instruments in general, then separately for age, gender and main occupational groups. Second, we analyzed the relationship between ERI and COPSOQ scales on the workplace situation and on the workplace outcomes: job satisfaction, general health, burnout, satisfaction with life, by applying stepwise logistic regression analysis. For the majority of occupations, high effort as reflected by the ERI corresponded with high demands as reflected by the COPSOQ. Comparably, high reward (according to ERI) yielded a good agreement with high "influence and development" (according to COPSOQ). However, we could also find differences between ERI and COPSOQ concerning the intensity of psychosocial workload in some occupations (e.g., physicians/pharmacists or warehouse managers/warehousemen/transport workers). These differences point to differing theoretical concepts of ERI and COPSOQ. When the ability of ERI and COPSOQ was examined to determine the associations with health and work outcomes, burnout could be better predicted by the COPSOQ; this might be due to the fact that COPSOQ comprises the constructs "work-privacy conflict" and "emotional demand", which are closely related to burnout. However, methodological differences between these instruments limit their direct comparability. The ERI and COPSOQ instrument yielded similar results for most

  6. Improvement of eri silkworm (Samia ricini D. tolerance to high temperature and low humidity conditions by discontinuous regime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Duanpen Wongsorn


    Full Text Available Improvement of eri silkworm tolerance to high temperature was carried out under high temperature (42±1°C and low relative humidity (50±5% R.H., relative humidity. Eri silkworm rearing at normal temperature (25±2°C; 80±5% R.H. served as control treatment and was compared to rearing at high temperatures. Directional selection was undertaken with the batches reared at 42±1°C and 50±5% R.H. until the 5th generation. From 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th generations, rearing was conducted as normal rearing (25±2°C; 80±5% R.H., while for 7th, 9th, and 11th generations directional selection was done as 1st – 5th generations. Various parameters were used as indexes for high temperature tolerance. When the silkworms were reared until to F12 (12th generation, the survival rate of larva (1st–5th instar (95.33% and larva (1st–5th instar – adult (69.33% including cocooning rate (80.67% of F12 were the highest compared to F1 and F11. For cocoon yields among F1, F11, and F12, the highest values of fresh cocoon weight (2.7144 g, pupa weight (2.3490 g, shell weight (0.3671 g, shell ratio(13.53%, total cocoon shell weight(17.01 g, and fresh cocoon/10,000 larvae (25. 16 kg were achieved from F12, which were significantly different (P< 0.05 to F1 and F11. In the same manner for egg yields, F12 provided the maximum numbers in case of eggs/moth (311.33 eggs, total eggs (6,693.33 eggs and total hatching eggs (4,842.67 eggs except hatching eggs (73.15%. Of these evaluations between F11 and F1, it was found that F11 was higher than F1 and statistically different (P<0.05 in all parameters excluding the percentage of hatching eggs, which was not significant difference. These results indicate that the property of high temperature tolerance was improved and heat tolerant property of eri silkworm (SaKKU1 is heritable. This is a first to report on heat tolerance improvement of eri silkworm. Although it is a first trial that was carried out in a laboratory, it can

  7. Recruitment of burbot (Lota lota L.) in Lake Erie: An empirical modelling approach (United States)

    Stapanian, M.A.; Witzel, L.D.; Cook, A.


    World-wide, many burbot Lota lota (L.) populations have been extirpated or are otherwise in need of conservation measures. By contrast, burbot made a dramatic recovery in Lake Erie during 1993-2001 but declined during 2002-2007, due in part to a sharp decrease in recruitment. We used Akaike's Information Criterion to evaluate 129 linear regression models that included all combinations of one to seven ecological indices as predictors of burbot recruitment. Two models were substantially supported by the data: (i) the number of days in which water temperatures were within optimal ranges for burbot spawning and development combined with biomass of yearling and older (YAO) yellow perch Perca flavescens (Mitchill); and (ii) biomass of YAO yellow perch. Warmer winter water temperatures and increases in yellow perch biomass were associated with decreases in burbot recruitment. Continued warm winter water temperatures could result in declines in burbot recruitment, particularly in the southern part of the species' range. Published 2010. This article is a US Government work and is in the public domain in the USA.

  8. Temporal changes and sexual differences in spatial distribution of Burbot in Lake Erie (United States)

    Stapanian, Martin A.; Witzel, Larry D.; Cook, Andy


    We used GIS mapping techniques to examine capture data for Burbot Lota lota from annual gill-net surveys in Canadian waters of Lake Erie during late August and September 1994–2011. Adult males were captured over a larger area (3–17% for ≥20% maximum yearly catch [MYC]) than adult females. More males than females were caught in the gill nets in 14 of the 15 study years. Collectively, these results support a hypothesis of greater activity by adult males during summer, when Burbot are actively feeding. The area of capture contracted by more than 60% (for ≥20% MYC) for both sexes during the time period, which is consistent with the documented decrease of the Burbot population in the lake. The sex ratio (females: males) varied over the time series but declined steadily from 0.97 in 2001 to 0.59 in 2011. The overlap in the capture areas of adult males and females was scale dependent. The depth distribution at which adult Burbot were caught did not change over the time series, and there was no difference in the median depths (about 30 m) at which adult male and female Burbot were caught. The last results are consistent with the Burbot's reliance on coldwater habitats. Additional research is recommended, including telemetry to describe daily and seasonal movements and assessment of gender bias in active and passive capture gear.

  9. Lake Erie: Effects of exploitation, environmental changes and new species on the fishery resources (United States)

    Hartman, Wilbur L.


    In no other lake as large as Lake Erie (surface area, 25,690 km2) have such extensive changes taken place in the drainage basin, the lake environment, and the fish populations over the last 100 years. Deforestation and prairie burning led to erosion and siltation of valuable spawning grounds. Marsh spawning areas were drained. Lake-to-river spawning migrations were blocked by mill dams. Accelerated cultural nutrient loading increased total dissolved solids by nearly 50% (1920-70). Average summer water temperatures increased 1.1 C. Phytoplankton and zooplankton abundance increased severalfold. Severe oxygen depletion developed in the bottom waters of all three basins of the lake. Lake sturgeon were fished out as nuisance fish in the late 1800s. The commercial fisheries for lake trout, lake whitefish, and lake herring collapsed by 1940 and those for blue pike and walleye by 1960. Yellow perch production became unstable in the 1960s. The effects of exploitation, environmental changes, and new species on these fish populations are discussed.

  10. Associations among Human-Associated Fecal Contamination, Microcystis aeruginosa, and Microcystin at Lake Erie Beaches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheonghoon Lee


    Full Text Available Lake Erie beaches exhibit impaired water quality due to fecal contamination and cyanobacterial blooms, though few studies address potential relationships between these two public health hazards. Using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR, Microcystis aeruginosa was monitored in conjunction with a human-associated fecal marker (Bacteroides fragilis group; g-Bfra, microcystin, and water quality parameters at two beaches to evaluate their potential associations. During the summer of 2010, water samples were collected 32 times from both Euclid and Villa Angela beaches. The phycocyanin intergenic spacer (PC-IGS and the microcystin-producing (mcyA gene in M. aeruginosa were quantified with qPCR. PC-IGS and mcyA were detected in 50.0% and 39.1% of samples, respectively, and showed increased occurrences after mid-August. Correlation and regression analyses showed that water temperature was negatively correlated with M. aeruginosa markers and microcystin. The densities of mcyA and the g-Bfra were predicted by nitrate, implicating fecal contamination as contributing to the growth of M. aeruginosa by nitrate loading. Microcystin was correlated with mcyA (r = 0.413, p < 0.01, suggesting toxin-producing M. aeruginosa populations may significantly contribute to microcystin production. Additionally, microcystin was correlated with total phosphorus (r = 0.628, p < 0.001, which was higher at Euclid (p < 0.05, possibly contributing to higher microcystin concentrations at Euclid.

  11. Food of forage fishes in western Lake Erie, 1975-76 (United States)

    Muth, Kenneth M.; Busch, Wolf-Dieter N.


    In western Lake Erie in the summer and fall of 1975–1976, food eaten by seven forage fishes—emerald shiner (Notropis atherinoides), spottail shiner (Notropis hudsonius), trout-perch (Percopsis omiscomaycus), andyoung-of-the-year (YOY) of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus), gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum), white bass (Morone chrysops), and freshwater drum (Aplodi-notus grunniens)—was divided among six major taxa: Cladocera, Copepoda, Diptera, Ostracoda, Amphipoda, and Algae. In addition, fish were eaten by YOY white bass, and Rotifera were consumed by YOY gizzard shad. Interspecies diet overlap indices, calculated to compare the food of the different species and to evaluate diet similarities, were usually highest for YOY white bass and YOY freshwater drum when compared with the other species and usually lowest between emerald shiners and all other forage fishes. Understanding the feeding interactions among fishes that could influence production at the forage-food level of the food web could provide insight into how cascading trophic interactions influence the production of piscivorous predators.

  12. Focused risk assessment: Mound Plant, Miami-Erie Canal Operable Unit 4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rogers, D.R.; Dunning, D.F.


    In 1969, an underground waste line at Mound Plant ruptured and released plutonium-238 in a dilute nitric acid solution to the surrounding soils. Most of the acid was neutralized by the native soils. The plutonium, which in a neutral solution is tightly sorbed onto clay particles, remained within the spill area. During remediation, a severe storm eroded some of the contaminated soil. Fine grained plutonium-contaminated clay particles were carried away through the natural drainage courses to the remnants of the Miami-Erie Canal adjacent to Mound Plant, and then into the Great Miami River. This focused risk assessment considers exposure pathways relevant to site conditions, including incidental ingestion of contaminated soils, ingestion of drinking water and fish, and inhalation of resuspended soils and sediments. For each potential exposure pathway, a simplified conceptual model and exposure scenarios have been used to develop conservative estimates of potential radiation dose equivalents and health risks. The conservatism of the dose and risk estimates provides a substantive margin of safety in assuring that the public health is protected.

  13. Petrology of the Devonian gas-bearing shale along Lake Erie helps explain gas shows

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Broadhead, R.F.; Potter, P.E.


    Comprehensive petrologic study of 136 thin sections of the Ohio Shale along Lake Erie, when combined with detailed stratigraphic study, helps explain the occurrence of its gas shows, most of which occur in the silty, greenish-gray, organic poor Chagrin Shale and Three Lick Bed. Both have thicker siltstone laminae and more siltstone beds than other members of the Ohio Shale and both units also contain more clayshales. The source of the gas in the Chagrin Shale and Three Lick Bed of the Ohio Shale is believed to be the bituminous-rich shales of the middle and lower parts of the underlying Huron Member of the Ohio Shale. Eleven petrographic types were recognized and extended descriptions are provided of the major ones - claystones, clayshales, mudshales, and bituminous shales plus laminated and unlaminated siltstones and very minor marlstones and sandstones. In addition three major types of lamination were identified and studied. Thirty-two shale samples were analyzed for organic carbon, whole rock hydrogen and whole rock nitrogen with a Perkin-Elmer 240 Elemental Analyzer and provided the data base for source rock evaluation of the Ohio Shale.

  14. Léa Silhol ou la féerie au prisme du mythe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viviane Bergue


    Full Text Available Au début des années 2000, Léa Silhol s’est imposée comme l’une des voix les plus originales de la fantasy française. Son œuvre, au style recherché, plonge dans les racines du folklore et des mythes pour mieux nous proposer une vision magnifiée de la féerie, emplie de glamour, de fureur, d’intrigues et de cruauté. La fantasysilholienne apparaît sans conteste comme une fiction mythopoétique, dont l’histoire des fées, commencée dans le passé et se perpétuant dans le présent, constitue le cœur. Ce type d’œuvre, à son meilleur, devrait conduire le lecteur à examiner l’importance de la mythologie dans son propre développement spirituel, moral et créatif.

  15. Profiles of Wind and Turbulence in the Coastal Atmospheric Boundary Layer of Lake Erie

    KAUST Repository

    Wang, H


    Prediction of wind resource in coastal zones is difficult due to the complexity of flow in the coastal atmospheric boundary layer (CABL). A three week campaign was conducted over Lake Erie in May 2013 to investigate wind characteristics and improve model parameterizations in the CABL. Vertical profiles of wind speed up to 200 m were measured onshore and offshore by lidar wind profilers, and horizontal gradients of wind speed by a 3-D scanning lidar. Turbulence data were collected from sonic anemometers deployed onshore and offshore. Numerical simulations were conducted with the Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model with 2 nested domains down to a resolution of 1-km over the lake. Initial data analyses presented in this paper investigate complex flow patterns across the coast. Acceleration was observed up to 200 m above the surface for flow coming from the land to the water. However, by 7 km off the coast the wind field had not yet reached equilibrium with the new surface (water) conditions. The surface turbulence parameters over the water derived from the sonic data could not predict wind profiles observed by the ZephlR lidar located offshore. Horizontal wind speed gradients near the coast show the influence of atmospheric stability on flow dynamics. Wind profiles retrieved from the 3-D scanning lidar show evidence of nocturnal low level jets (LLJs). The WRF model was able to capture the occurrence of LLJ events, but its performance varied in predicting their intensity, duration, and the location of the jet core.

  16. Nonlinear convective flow of Powell-Erying magneto nanofluid with Newtonian heating (United States)

    Qayyum, Sajid; Hayat, Tasawar; Shehzad, Sabir Ali; Alsaedi, Ahmed

    Objective of present article is to describe magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) non-linear convective flow of Powell-Erying nanofluid over a stretching surface. Characteristics of Newtonian heat and mass conditions in this attempt is given attention. Heat and mass transfer analysis is examined in the frame of thermal radiation and chemical reaction. Brownian motion and thermophoresis concept is introduced due to presence of nanoparticles. Nonlinear equations of momentum, energy and concentration are transformed into dimensionless expression by invoking suitable variables. The series solutions are obtained through homotopy analysis method (HAM). Impact of embedded variables on the velocity, temperature and nanoparticles concentration is graphically presented. Numerical values of skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are computed and analyzed. It is concluded that velocity field enhances for fluid variable while reverse situation is noticed regarding Hartman number. Temperature and heat transfer rate behave quite reverse for Prandtl number. It is also noted that the concentration and local Sherwood number have opposite behavior in the frame of Brownian motion.

  17. Forming Realistic Late-type Spirals in a ΛCDM Universe: The Eris Simulation (United States)

    Guedes, Javiera; Callegari, Simone; Madau, Piero; Mayer, Lucio


    Simulations of the formation of late-type spiral galaxies in a cold dark matter (ΛCDM) universe have traditionally failed to yield realistic candidates. Here we report a new cosmological N-body/smooth particle hydrodynamic simulation of extreme dynamic range in which a close analog of a Milky Way disk galaxy arises naturally. Named "Eris," the simulation follows the assembly of a galaxy halo of mass M vir = 7.9 × 1011 M ⊙ with a total of N = 18.6 million particles (gas + dark matter + stars) within the final virial radius, and a force resolution of 120 pc. It includes radiative cooling, heating from a cosmic UV field and supernova explosions (blastwave feedback), a star formation recipe based on a high gas density threshold (n SF = 5 atoms cm-3 rather than the canonical n SF = 0.1 atoms cm-3), and neglects any feedback from an active galactic nucleus. Artificial images are generated to correctly compare simulations with observations. At the present epoch, the simulated galaxy has an extended rotationally supported disk with a radial scale length Rd = 2.5 kpc, a gently falling rotation curve with circular velocity at 2.2 disk scale lengths of V 2.2 = 214 km s-1, an i-band bulge-to-disk ratio B/D = 0.35, and a baryonic mass fraction within the virial radius that is 30% below the cosmic value. The disk is thin, has a typical H I-to-stellar mass ratio, is forming stars in the region of the ΣSFR-ΣH I plane occupied by spiral galaxies, and falls on the photometric Tully-Fisher and the stellar-mass-halo-virial-mass relations. Hot (T > 3 × 105 K) X-ray luminous halo gas makes up only 26% of the universal baryon fraction and follows a "flattened" density profile vpropr -1.13 out to r = 100 kpc. Eris appears then to be the first cosmological hydrodynamic simulation in which the galaxy structural properties, the mass budget in the various components, and the scaling relations between mass and luminosity are all consistent with a host of observational constraints. A

  18. Analysis of Coincident HICO and Airborne Hyperspectral Images Over Lake Erie Western Basin HABs (United States)

    Cline, Michael T., Jr.

    Harmful algal blooms (HABs) produce waterborne toxins that pose a significant threat to people, livestock, and wildlife. Nearly 40 million people in both Canada and the U.S. depend on Great Lakes water. In the summer of 2014, in the Lake Erie Western Basin, an HAB of the cyanobacteria Microcystis was so severe that a do-not-drink advisory was in effect for the greater Toledo area, Ohio. This advisory applied to the water supply to over 400,000 people from a single water intake. Bloom intensity, composition, and spatial variability were investigated by comparing coincidental hyperspectral data from NASA's HICO, and NASA GRC's HSI airborne sensor, with on-lake ASD radiometer measurements and in situ water quality testing as ground reference data. Coincident data sets were obtained with HICO only on one day in 2014, however all other datasets coincide four times in 2015. Remote sensing data were atmospherically corrected using the empirical line method, utilizing dark reference spectra from a nearby asphalt parking lot measured from ASD and HSI radiometers. Cyanobacteria Index (CI) images were created from processed images using the Wynne (2010) algorithm, previously used for MODIS and MERIS imagery. This algorithm-generated CI images provide reliable results for both ground level (R2=0.921), airborne (R2=0.7981), and satellite imagery (R2=0.7794) for seven sampling points. The ability to robustly atmospherically correct and generate useful CI maps from airborne and satellite sensors can provide a time- and cost-effective method for HABs analysis. Timely processing of these high spatial and spectral resolution remote sensing data can aid in management of water intake resources. These results will help to improve methods leading to HABs mapping by testing different algal retrieval algorithms and atmospheric correction techniques using a three tiered hyperspectral sensor approach utilizing satellite, airborne, and ground level sensors, coupled with water quality

  19. Overlap in offshore habitat use by double-crested cormorants and boaters in western Lake Erie (United States)

    Stapanian, Martin A.; Bur, Michael T.


    Double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) and boats of 2 length classes (≤ 8 m and > 8 m) were counted from a boat along 31 established strip transects in western Lake Erie from 24 April to 1 September 2000. Each transect included only one of the following habitats: (1) offshore of a breeding island or roosting/loafing area for cormorants (“refuge”), (2) reefs or shoals, (3) open water, or (4) offshore of an island shoreline that had evidence of development by humans. Foraging cormorants were recorded most often offshore of refuges and least often on open water. There was no difference between the numbers of foraging cormorants/km2 recorded offshore of developed shorelines and on reefs and shoals. More than half of all boats recorded were on transects that were within 1 km of developed shorelines. Among those transects > 1 km from developed shorelines, there were no differences among the habitats for the number of boats of either length class. The respective ranks of the 31 transect means of the numbers of cormorants/km2 and the numbers of boats/km2 in either length class were uncorrelated. The results suggest that (1) cormorants select foraging habitats based mainly on shoreline type, distance from shoreline, and depth, and (2) the amount of boat traffic is influenced by proximity to port and trip objectives, including sport angling and recreational boating. Although there is overlap in habitat use by cormorants and humans, this overlap is not complete. The perception of cormorants as a threat to fish populations may in part be due to this overlap.

  20. Unionid bivalves (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) of Presque Isle Bay, Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Masteller, E.C.; Maleski, K.R.; Schloesser, D.W.


    The purpose of this study was to determine species composition and relative abundance of unionid bivalves (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Presque Isle Bay, Erie, Pennsylvania 1990-1992. This information was compared with data from the only other extensive survey of unionids in the bay conducted in 1909-1911 (Ortmann 1919) to assess changes over the 80 years preceding the present study. A total of 1,540 individuals representing 18 species were collected in 1990-1992. Five relatively common species (between 7 and 42% of total individuals), six uncommon species (2 and 6%), and seven rare species (<1%) were found. The rare species were Anodontoides ferussacianus, Lasmigona costata, Ligumia recta, Ptychobranchus fasciolaris, Quadrula pustulosa pustulosa, Strophitus undaulatus, and Truncilla donaciformis. Five of the species found in Presque Isle Bay (Leptodea fragilis, Ligumia nasuta, Potamilus alatus, Quadrula quadrula, and Truncilla donaciformis) are listed as critically imperiled and one species (Truncilla truncata) as extirpated in the State of Pennsylvania by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Comparisons between unionid populations in 1909-1911 and 1990-1992 indicate few substantial changes occurred during the past 80 years. A total of 22 species were found; 21 in 1909-1911 and 18 in 1990-1992. Seventeen species were found in both studies, an additional four in 1909-1911 and one in 1990-1992. The relative abundance of 11 of the 17 species found in both studies remained stable (i.e., common or uncommon) over the past 80 years. Only four species listed as uncommon in 1909-1911 were listed as rare in 1990-1992. However, the invasion of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) is considered a threat to the continued existence of the entire Unionidae fauna in Presque Isle Bay, a unique habitat of the Great Lakes.

  1. Sampling little fish in big rivers: Larval fish detection probabilities in two Lake Erie tributaries and implications for sampling effort and abundance indices (United States)

    Pritt, Jeremy J.; DuFour, Mark R.; Mayer, Christine M.; Roseman, Edward F.; DeBruyne, Robin L.


    Larval fish are frequently sampled in coastal tributaries to determine factors affecting recruitment, evaluate spawning success, and estimate production from spawning habitats. Imperfect detection of larvae is common, because larval fish are small and unevenly distributed in space and time, and coastal tributaries are often large and heterogeneous. We estimated detection probabilities of larval fish from several taxa in the Maumee and Detroit rivers, the two largest tributaries of Lake Erie. We then demonstrated how accounting for imperfect detection influenced (1) the probability of observing taxa as present relative to sampling effort and (2) abundance indices for larval fish of two Detroit River species. We found that detection probabilities ranged from 0.09 to 0.91 but were always less than 1.0, indicating that imperfect detection is common among taxa and between systems. In general, taxa with high fecundities, small larval length at hatching, and no nesting behaviors had the highest detection probabilities. Also, detection probabilities were higher in the Maumee River than in the Detroit River. Accounting for imperfect detection produced up to fourfold increases in abundance indices for Lake Whitefish Coregonus clupeaformis and Gizzard Shad Dorosoma cepedianum. The effect of accounting for imperfect detection in abundance indices was greatest during periods of low abundance for both species. Detection information can be used to determine the appropriate level of sampling effort for larval fishes and may improve management and conservation decisions based on larval fish data.

  2. Temporal trends of young-of-year fishes in Lake Erie and comparison of diel sampling periods. (United States)

    Stapanian, Martin A; Bur, Michael T; Adams, Jean V


    We explored temporal trends of young-of-year (YOY) fishes caught in bottom trawl hauls at an established offshore monitoring site in Lake Erie in fall during 1961-2001. Sampling was conducted during morning, afternoon, and night in each year. Catches per hour (CPH) of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) YOY were relatively low and exhibited no temporal trend. This result was consistent with the species' intolerance to Lake Erie's adverse winter water temperatures. Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) YOY decreased sharply after 1991, which was consistent with recent oligotrophication of the lake. Following the establishment in 1979 and rapid increase of white perch (Morone americana) YOY, white bass (Morone chrysops) and freshwater drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) YOY decreased. Trout-perch (Percopsis omiscomaycus) YOY decreased during 1986-1991, but recovered to previous levels during 1991-2001. The recovery coincided with the resurgence of mayflies (Ephemoptera) in the lake. CPH of spottail shiner (Notropis hudsonius) and emerald shiner (N. atherinoides) YOY exhibited no temporal trend between 1961 and the late 1970s to early 1980s. CPH of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) YOY decreased during 1961-1988, and walleye (Sander vitreum) YOY increased overall during the time series. These observations were consistent with published studies of adults in the region. CPH of 4 of the 10 species of YOY considered were greatest during night. CPH for walleye YOY was higher in the morning than in the afternoon, but there was no significant difference between night and morning abundances. The results suggest that (1) CPH of YOY fishes may be a useful monitoring tool for Lake Erie, and (2) offshore monitoring programs that do not include night sampling periods may underestimate recruitment for several common species.

  3. The bacterial community associated with the leech Myzobdella lugubris Leidy 1851 (Hirudinea: Piscicolidae) from Lake Erie, Michigan, USA. (United States)

    Schulz, C; Faisal, M


    Leeches are widespread in the Great Lakes Basin, yet their potential to harbor disease-causing agents has not been investigated. The purpose of this study was to identify the bacterial community of the commonly occurring leech, Myzobdella lugubris, within the Lake Erie Watershed. Leech samples were collected from the pectoral fins of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, and freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, from Lake Erie in commercial trap nets and pooled into two samples based on host attachment. Bacteria from within the viscera of M. lugubris were identified by sequencing their 16S rRNA (rDNA) gene of amplified community bacterial DNA extracted from pooled leech homogenate samples and were checked for similarity in two public databases: the Ribosomal Database Project and BLAST. Bacteria belonging to the phylum Bacteroidetes, beta-proteobacteria, Verrucomicrobia, and unclassified Bacteria were present in the leech samples. A large number of bacteria found within leeches attached to channel catfish consisted of sequences that could not be classified beyond the Domain Bacteria. However, many of these sequences were homologous (leech homogenates was Flavobacterium psychrophilum, a serious fish pathogen that causes Bacterial Cold Water Disease. While the occurrence of genera varies, bacteria associated with the two fish species were similar.

  4. The bacterial community associated with the leech Myzobdella lugubris Leidy 1851 (Hirudinea: Piscicolidae from Lake Erie, Michigan, USA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schulz C.


    Full Text Available Leeches are widespread in the Great Lakes Basin, yet their potential to harbor disease-causing agents has not been investigated. The purpose of this study was to identify the bacterial community of the commonly occurring leech, Myzobdella lugubris, within the Lake Erie Watershed. Leech samples were collected from the pectoral fins of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, and freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, from Lake Erie in commercial trap nets and pooled into two samples based on host attachment. Bacteria from within the viscera of M. lugubris were identified by sequencing their 16S rRNA (rDNA gene of amplified community bacterial DNA extracted from pooled leech homogenate samples and were checked for similarity in two public databases: the Ribosomal Database Project and BLAST. Bacteria belonging to the phylum Bacteroidetes, β-proteobacteria, Verrucomicrobia, and unclassified Bacteria were present in the leech samples. A large number of bacteria found within leeches attached to channel catfish consisted of sequences that could not be classified beyond the Domain Bacteria. However, many of these sequences were homologous (< 45 % to the phylum Bacteroidetes. One of the five genera detected in the leech homogenates was Flavobacterium psychrophilum, a serious fish pathogen that causes Bacterial Cold Water Disease. While the occurrence of genera varies, bacteria associated with the two fish species were similar.

  5. Longshore water-current velocity and the potential for transport of contaminants—A pilot study in Lake Erie from Walnut Creek to Presque Isle State Park beaches, Erie, Pennsylvania, June and August 2015 (United States)

    Hittle, Elizabeth A.


    Bacteria-driven restrictions and (or) advisories on swimming at beaches in Presque Isle State Park (PISP), Erie, Pennsylvania, can occur during the summer months. One of the suspected sources of bacteria is sediment. A terrestrial sediment source to the west of PISP is Walnut Creek, which discharges to Lake Erie about 8.5 kilometers southwest of PISP Beach 1. On June 24, June 25, August 18, and August 19, 2015, synoptic surveys were conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Sea Grant, in Lake Erie between Walnut Creek and PISP Beach 1 to characterize the water-current velocity and direction to determine whether sediment from Walnut Creek could be affecting the PISP beaches. Water-quality data (temperature, specific conductance, and turbidity) were collected in conjunction with the synoptic surveys in June. Water-quality data (Escherichia coli [E. coli] bacteria, temperature, and turbidity) were collected about a meter from the shore (nearshore) on June 24, August 19, and after a precipitation event on August 11, 2015. Additionally, suspended sediment was collected nearshore on June 24 and August 11, 2015. Samples collected near Walnut Creek during all three bacterial sampling events contained higher counts than other samples. Counts steadily decreased from west to east, then increased about 1–2 kilometers from PISP Beach 1; however, this study was not focused on examining other potential sources of bacteria.The Velocity Mapping Toolbox (VMT) was used to process the water-current synoptic surveys, and the results were visualized within ArcMap. For the survey accomplished on June 24, 2015, potential paths a particle could take between Walnut Creek and PSIP Beach 1 if conditions remained steady over a number of hours were visualized. However, the water-current velocity and direction were variable from one day to the other, indicating this was likely an unrealistic assumption for the study area. This analysis was not accomplished

  6. Muusika. Cannes Classical Award Eri Klasile. EFK USAsse ja Kanadasse. "opeNBaroque" ئ 11 kontserti. Chopini konkurss Narvas. Tubina ühingu aastakoosolek

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eri Klasi ja Tampere Linnaorkestri CD helilooja Einar Englundi loominguga pälvis mainekaplaadiauhinna, Cannes Classical Award'i. 7.-24. veebruarini on Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoorringreisil USAs ja Kanadas. Festivali "opeNBaroque" kontsertidest. Chopini loomingule pühendatud Läänemeremaade noorte pianistide konkursist Narvas. Tubina ühingu aastakoosolekust 5. veebruaril

  7. Monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms through Drinking Water Treatment Facilities Located on Lake Erie in the 2014 and 2015 Bloom Seasons (United States)

    A number of drinking water treatment plants on Lake Erie have supplied water samples on a monthly basis for analysis related to the occurrence of harmful algal blooms (HABs). General water quality parameters including total organic carbon (TOC), orthophosphate, and chlorophyll-A ...

  8. Monitoring for Harmful Algal Blooms in Influent Waters and Through Treatment on Lake Erie in the 2013 and 2014 Bloom Seasons (United States)

    Monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms in Influent and Through Drinking Water Treatment Facilities Located on Lake Erie in the 2013 and 2014 Bloom SeasonsToby Sanan, Nicholas Dugan, Darren Lytle, Heath MashHarmful algal blooms (HABs) and their associated toxins are emerging as signif...

  9. The ERI-6/7 helicase acts at the first stage of an siRNA amplification pathway that targets recent gene duplications.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvia E J Fischer


    Full Text Available Endogenous small interfering RNAs (siRNAs are a class of naturally occuring regulatory RNAs found in fungi, plants, and animals. Some endogenous siRNAs are required to silence transposons or function in chromosome segregation; however, the specific roles of most endogenous siRNAs are unclear. The helicase gene eri-6/7 was identified in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans by the enhanced response to exogenous double-stranded RNAs (dsRNAs of the null mutant. eri-6/7 encodes a helicase homologous to small RNA factors Armitage in Drosophila, SDE3 in Arabidopsis, and Mov10 in humans. Here we show that eri-6/7 mutations cause the loss of 26-nucleotide (nt endogenous siRNAs derived from genes and pseudogenes in oocytes and embryos, as well as deficiencies in somatic 22-nucleotide secondary siRNAs corresponding to the same loci. About 80 genes are eri-6/7 targets that generate the embryonic endogenous siRNAs that silence the corresponding mRNAs. These 80 genes share extensive nucleotide sequence homology and are poorly conserved, suggesting a role for these endogenous siRNAs in silencing of and thereby directing the fate of recently acquired, duplicated genes. Unlike most endogenous siRNAs in C. elegans, eri-6/7-dependent siRNAs require Dicer. We identify that the eri-6/7-dependent siRNAs have a passenger strand that is ∼19 nt and is inset by ∼3-4 nts from both ends of the 26 nt guide siRNA, suggesting non-canonical Dicer processing. Mutations in the Argonaute ERGO-1, which associates with eri-6/7-dependent 26 nt siRNAs, cause passenger strand stabilization, indicating that ERGO-1 is required to separate the siRNA duplex, presumably through endonucleolytic cleavage of the passenger strand. Thus, like several other siRNA-associated Argonautes with a conserved RNaseH motif, ERGO-1 appears to be required for siRNA maturation.

  10. Culture-based Identification Of Microcystin-Degrading Bacteria In the Sandusky Bay and Maumee Bay of Lake Erie (United States)

    Ormiston, A.; Mou, X.


    Harmful cyanobacteria blooms (cyanoHABs) are a serious issue that affects wildlife, human health, recreation and local economics worldwide. CyanoHABs produce cyanotoxins, such as microcystins (MCs) that lead to skin irritation, illness and liver tumors. Bacterially mediated degradation of MCs plays a key role to transform these toxic substrates to less harmful metabolites in natural environments. However, only a few Sphingomonos species have been isolated for degradation of MCs and many of which are from other habitats such as water plants. This project aims to isolate and identify bacteria that can degrade MC-LR and MC-RR, two major forms of MCs found during cyanoHABs in Lake Erie. Water samples were collected from the surface of Sandusky Bay and Maumee Bay of Lake Erie and immediately filtered through 3.0 -μm-pore-size membrane filters to obtain bacterioplankton fraction. The filtrates were amended with excessive inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus compounds and incubated in the dark for a week to purposely establish a carbon-limited condition. Afterwards, enrichment microcosms were established in flasks filled with pre-incubated bacterioplankton and single MC compounds (final concentration 10 μM). Once cell growth was confirmed by flow cytometry-based cell counting, bacterial cells in enriched microcosms were transferred onto solid surfaces, i.e., GFF filter and noble agar for colony isolation. Obtained single colonies were inoculated in defined liquid media with MCs as single carbon source. DNA was extracted from each purified isolate and analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (RFLP). A total of 18 different RFLP banding patterns were found, indicating MC-degrading bacteria may be heterogeneous in studied water samples. 16S rRNA genes of selected bacterial isolates were PCR amplified and sequenced for taxonomic identification. Our results demonstrated that MCs can be degraded by multiple bacterial species in Lake Erie. Future directions

  11. Measuring spatial variation in secondary production and food quality using a common consumer approach in Lake Erie (United States)

    Larson, James H.; Richardson, William B.; Evans, Mary Anne; Schaeffer, Jeff; Wynne, Timothy; Bartsch, Michelle; Bartsch, Lynn; Nelson, J. C.; Vallazza, Jon M.


    Lake Erie is a large lake straddling the border of the U.S. and Canada that has become increasingly eutrophic in recent years. Eutrophication is particularly focused in the shallow western basin. The western basin of Lake Erie is hydrodynamically similar to a large estuary, with riverine inputs from the Detroit and Maumee Rivers mixing together and creating gradients in chemical and physical conditions. This study was driven by two questions: How does secondary production and food quality for consumers vary across this large mixing zone? and Are there correlations between cyanobacterial abundance and secondary production or food quality for consumers? Measuring spatial and temporal variation in secondary production and food quality is difficult for a variety of logistical reasons, so here a common consumer approach was used. In a common consumer approach, individuals of a single species are raised under similar conditions until placed in the field across environmental gradients of interest. After some period of exposure, the response of that common consumer is measured to provide an index of spatial variation in conditions. Here, a freshwater mussel (Lampsilis siliquoidea) was deployed at 32 locations that spanned habitat types and a gradient in cyanobacterial abundance in the western basin of Lake Erie to measure spatial variation in growth (an index of secondary production) and fatty acid (FA) content (an index of food quality). We found secondary production was highest within the Maumee rivermouth and lowest in the open waters of the lake. Mussel tissues in the Maumee rivermouth also included more eicosapentaenoic and docosapentaenoic fatty acids (EPA and DPA, respectively), but fewer bacterial FAs, suggesting more algae at the base of the food web in the Maumee rivermouth compared to open lake sites. The satellite-derived estimate of cyanobacterial abundance was not correlated to secondary production, but was positively related to EPA and DPA content in the

  12. Effects of exploitation, environmental changes, and new species on the fish habitats and resources of Lake Erie (United States)

    Hartman, Wilbur L.


    No other lake as large as Lake Erie (surface area, 25,690 km2) has been subjected to such extensive changes in the drainage basin, the lake environment, and the fish populations over the last 150 years. Deforestation and prairie burning led to erosion of the watershed and siltation of valuable spawning grounds. Marsh spawning areas were drained. Lake-to-river spawning migrations of sturgeon, walleye, and other fishes were blocked by mill dams. Accelerated cultural nutrient loading increased total dissolved solids by nearly 50% (1920-70). Phosphate loading reached 469 metric tons per year by the 1950's and continued to increase. The biomass of phytoplankton increased 20-fold between 1919 and 1963. Oxygen demand for decomposition of these algae so degraded oxygen regimes in the western and central basins by the 1950's that the once abundant mayfly nymphs were destroyed and the central basin hypolimnion became anoxic. The sequence of disappearance or severe depletion of fish species was as follows: lake trout, sturgeon, lake herring, lake whitefish, sauger, blue pike, and walleye. Yellow perch are now declining. All resources were intensively exploited at one time or another. Lake trout suffered only this stress, but changes in the watershed significantly stressed sturgeon and lake whitefish. Degradation of the lake spawning grounds, benthos, and oxygen regimes culminated in severe stress by the 1950's on the remnants of the lake herring and lake whitefish, and on the sauger, blue pike, and walleye. Additional mortality may have been imposed on walleye and blue pike fry by predacious smelt that successfully colonized Lake Erie after first appearing in 1932. The cultural stresses, in the probable order of greatest to least net effects on the fish community of Lake Erie, appear to have been: (1) an intense, opportunistic, ineffectively controlled commercial fishery; (2) changes in the watershed, such as erosion and siltation of stream beds and inshore lake areas, and

  13. Miten eri sidosryhmät näkevät sähköauton tulevaisuuden Loviisassa?


    Waltonen, Peter


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoitus on tutkia miten eri sidosryhmät näkevät sähköauton tulevaisuuden Loviisassa. Loviisan kaupunki on keväällä asentamassa ensimmäistä latauspistettä ja kaupunki haluaa saada enemmän tietoja latauspisteistä ennen asentamista. Opinnäytetyöstäni Loviisan kaupunki saa informaatiota sähköautoista sekä latauslaitteista. Tutkimuksessa olen tehnyt toimintaympäristöanalyysin. Kysyntäanalyysissä tarkastin nykyistä kysyntätilannetta sekä markkinapotentiaalia. Tällä hetkellä Su...

  14. Cytotoxic (A549) and antimicrobial effects of Methylobacterium sp. isolate (ERI-135) from Nilgiris forest soil, India. (United States)

    Balachandran, C; Duraipandiyan, V; Ignacimuthu, S


    To assess the antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects of Methylobacterium sp. isolated from soil sample of Doddabetta forest, Nilgiris, Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. Isolation of Methylobacterium was performed from soils by serial dilution plate technique. The strain was grown in modified nutrient gulucose agar (MNGA) medium to study the morphology and biochemical characteristics. Methylobacterium sp. was screened for its antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The strain was subjected to 16S rRNA analysis and was identified as Methylobacterium sp. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene of the isolate exhibited close similarity with other Methylobacterium sp. and has been submitted to Genbank. The antibacterial substances were extracted using chloroform and ethyl acetate from MNGA medium in which ERI-135 had grown for 5 d at 30 °C. Cytotoxic effect was also studied. GC-MS analysis was carried out. The antimicrobial activity was assessed using broth micro dilution technique. Ethyl acetate extract showed activity against bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium, Shigella flexneri, Enterobacter aerogenes, Staphylococcus aureu and Staphylococcus epidermidis (S. epidermidis) and fungi such as, Candida albicans and Trichophyton rubrum. The lowest minimum inhibitory concentrations were: 250 µg/mL against S. epidermidis and 250µg/mL against K. pneumonia. The isolate had the ability to produce enzymes such as protease. The exyract showed cytotoxic effect in human adenocarcinoma cancer cell line (A549). GC-MS analysis showed the presence of isovaleric acid (3.64%), 2-Methylbutanoic acid (5.03%), isobutyramide (5.05%), N,N-oimethylformamide-di-t-butylacetal (9.79%), benzeneacetamide (15.56%), octyl butyl phthalate (3.59%) and diisooctyl phthalate (5.79) in the extract. Methylobacterium sp. (ERI-135) showed promising antibacterial and cytotoxic activity. This is the first

  15. Chlorinated hydrocarbon concentrations in plasma of the Lake Erie water snake (Nerodia sipedon insularum) and northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) from the Great Lakes basin in 1998. (United States)

    Bishop, C A; Rouse, J D


    From the Great Lakes basin, concentrations of 59 congener-specific polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and 14 organochlorine pesticides were measured in blood plasma of northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) and Lake Erie water snake (Nerodia sipedon insularum), which is endangered in Canada. In 1998, four male adult Lake Erie water snakes were sampled from Pelee Island, western Lake Erie; four male northern water snakes were sampled at Little Lake, about 20 km north of Parry Sound in central Ontario; and four adult gravid female northern water snakes were sampled from Garden Island, eastern Lake Ontario. The blood plasma was pooled by site for a total of three samples analyzed. The Pelee Island sample from male Lake Erie water snakes contained less than half the lipid concentration (0.349%) than samples from the other sites, but it was the most contaminated with PCBs, even on a wet weight basis. Summed concentration of individual PCBs in the Pelee Island sample was 167 ng/g (wet weight), which was 14-fold higher than the next most contaminated sample, which was from Little Lake. The plasma sample from Little Lake contained 12 ng/g (WW) and was four times more contaminated with PCBs than the sample from female snakes from Garden Island, Lake Ontario. Organochlorine pesticide concentrations in plasma were relatively similar among sites. None of the pesticides was found above trace concentrations (0.1-0.9 ng/g) except pp'-DDE, which occurred at 2-5 ng/g among sites. PCB congener patterns in the Lake Erie water snakes were compared to PCB patterns in plasma of common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina serpentina) from Lake Ontario, herring gull eggs (Larus argentatus) from western Lake Erie, and mudpuppy eggs (Necturus maculosus) from the Detroit River. The PCB patterns in water snake and herring gull sample were most similar, followed by the pattern in snapping turtle plasma. The presence of more lower-chlorinated chlorobiphenyls in the mudpuppy eggs relative

  16. Expression and purification of virus like particles (VLPs) of foot-and-mouth disease virus in Eri silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini) larvae. (United States)

    Kumar, Manoj; Saravanan, P; Jalali, S K


    Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious viral disease, which causes severe economic loss to livestock. Virus like particles (VLPs) produced by recombinant DNA technology are gaining importance because of their immunogenic properties and safety in developing a new vaccine for FMD. In the present study, a practical and economically feasible approach of expression, purification and characterization of VLPs of FMDV in Eri silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini) larvae was described. Although three lepidopteran insect larvae (Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera litura and Samia cynthia ricini) were tested for production of VLPs, expression was obtained only in Eri silkworm larvae. High titred recombinant baculovirus encoding the polyprotein P1-2A-3C of FMDV was prepared in Sf9 cells. Injection of recombinant baculovirus into hemocoel of Eri silkworm larvae resulted in increasing levels of expression of VLPs in the hemolymph from 3 to 7 days post infection (dpi) compared to low level expression by oral feeding. The VLPs reacted in Sandwich ELISA with serum raised against whole virus particles of FMDV type O/IND/R2/75 and protein banding pattern of 26, 37 and 47 kDa in Western blotting demonstrated their antigenic resemblance to native virus. Sucrose density gradient purified VLPs were used for immunization of rabbits and guinea pigs for assessing immunogenicity. Further, the reactivity of serum samples of rabbits and guinea pigs in Indirect-ELISA with titres (1.30-2.81 Log10) indicated that the VLPs were antigenic and immunogenic in nature. We demonstrate that Eri silkworm larvae could be used for production of VLPs of FMDV type O/IND/R2/75 for the first time. This approach could be useful for large scale production of recombinant VLPs for vaccine or diagnostic use in FMD control programme.

  17. Expression and purification of virus like particles (VLPs) of foot-and-mouth disease virus in Eri silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini) larvae


    Kumar, Manoj; Saravanan, P.; S.K.Jalali


    Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious viral disease, which causes severe economic loss to livestock. Virus like particles (VLPs) produced by recombinant DNA technology are gaining importance because of their immunogenic properties and safety in developing a new vaccine for FMD. In the present study, a practical and economically feasible approach of expression, purification and characterization of VLPs of FMDV in Eri silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini) larvae was described. Although ...

  18. National Assessment of Historical Shoreline Change: A Pilot Study of Historical Coastal Bluff Retreat in the Great Lakes, Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

    Hapke, Cheryl J.; Malone, Shamus; Kratzmann, Meredith G.


    Coastal bluff retreat is a chronic problem along many high-relief coastlines in the United States. As coastal populations continue to grow and community infrastructures are threatened by erosion, there is increased demand for accurate information regard-ing trends and rates of bluff retreat. There is also a need for a comprehensive analysis that is consistent from one coastal region to another. To address these national needs, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), as part of the National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards Project, conducted a pilot study of bluff retreat along the Lake Erie, Pa., coastline to assess the feasibility of undertaking a larger, multi-state analysis in the Great Lakes region. This report provides an overview of the pilot-study location and bluff geomorphology, the data sources and methodology, results of the analysis, and a discussion of the feasibility of undertaking a similar analysis along eroding bluffs in other Great Lakes states. This pilot study is part of an ongoing effort by the USGS to provide a comprehensive analysis of historical shoreline change and cliff and bluff retreat along open-ocean coastlines of the conterminous United States and parts of Hawaii, Alaska, and the Great Lakes. One purpose of the work is to develop standard, repeatable methods for mapping and analyzing coastal change so that systematic and consistent periodic updates of coastal erosion can be made nationally. Bluff-retreat evaluations are conducted by comparing the location of a historical bluff edge digitized from aerial photographs with those of recent bluff edges interpreted from both aerial photographs and lidar topographic surveys. The historical bluff edge is from 1938, whereas the more recent bluff edges are from 1998 and 2006 lidar data. Long-term (68-year) rates of retreat are calculated using the available bluff-edge data. The rates of retreat presented in this report represent conditions from the 1930s to 1998/2006, and are not intended for

  19. Application of electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) to a tailings dam project for artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Zaruma-Portovelo, Ecuador (United States)

    Zarroca, Mario; Linares, Rogelio; Velásquez-López, Patricio C.; Roqué, Carles; Rodríguez, Roberto


    Thanks to advances in geoelectrical resistivity method over the past two decades, researchers can now gather massive geophysical data sets encompassing long distances and depths, at reasonable cost. The enhanced resolution and spatial coverage of these techniques make them, now, very attractive for use in geological engineering applications, an area for which they were previously charged to be unsuitable. The study shows the capability of electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) to identify key subsoil features that might affect a future tailings dam slated for construction at the Zaruma-Portovelo Mining District, Ecuador. The ERI profiles were gathered and processed with the aim of obtaining resistivity images of a sufficiently resolution for geotechnical use. A geophysical model was created based on these images. The resistivity images were calibrated according to geomorphological, hydrogeological and geotechnical data in order to translate geophysical information into rational geological information. The ERI results, supported by the geomorphological and geotechnical work, suggested that the rock massif is composed of weathering horizons of different rock qualities, slopes are affected by sliding surfaces and these features exert a control on the groundwater flow. These results indicated that the original site selected to construct the dam dike was susceptible to land sliding and an alternative construction site was suggested. Based on the same results, a geomorphological-hydrogeological conceptual model for layered weathered granitic massif in mountainous areas was also proposed.

  20. Distribution of native mussel (unionidae) assemblages in coastal areas of Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, and connecting channels, twenty-five years after a dreissenid invasion (United States)

    Zanatta, David T.; Bossenbroek, Jonathan M.; Burlakova, Lyubov E.; Crail, Todd D.; Szalay, Ferenc de; Griffith, Traci A.; Kapusinski, Douglas; Karatayev, Alexander Y.; Krebs, Robert A.; Meyer, Elizabeth S.; Paterson, Wendy L.; Prescott, Trevor J.; Rowe, Matthew T.; Schloesser, Donald W.; Walsh, Mary C.


    Over the past 25 years, unionid mussels in the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America have been adversely impacted by invasive dreissenid mussels, which directly (e.g., by attachment to unionid shells) and indirectly (e.g., by competing for food) cause mortality. Despite the invasion, unionids have survived in several areas in the presence of dreissenid mussels. We investigated current spatial patterns in these native mussel refuges based on surveys for unionid mussels across 48 sampling locations (141 sites) in 2011 and 2012, and documented species abundance and diversity in coastal areas of lakes St. Clair and Erie. The highest-quality assemblages of native mussels (densities, richness, and diversity) appear to be concentrated in the St. Clair delta, where abundance continues to decline, as well as in in Thompson Bay of Presque Isle in Lake Erie and in just a few coastal wetlands and drowned river-mouths in the western basin of Lake Erie. The discovery of several new refuge areas suggests that unionids have a broader distribution within the region than previously thought.

  1. Evaluation of ERTS data for certain oceanographic uses. [precipitation of calcium carbonate in Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario (United States)

    Strong, A. E. (Principal Investigator)


    The author has identified the following significant results. According to Lake Michigan records, the pH levels have been steadily increasing as the lake becomes more eutrophic. Numerous upwellings during the summer of 1973, beginning with the late July event, appear to be triggering a chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate. The upwelling provides abundant carbon dioxide into the surface water and results in massive blooms of phytoplankton. As the CO2 is utilized by these microscopic plants the pH is increased (acidity decreases) and CaCO3 no longer is able to remain in solution. The precipitation takes place where the phytoplankton are living, near depths of 10 meters. Therefore, the whiting observed by ERTS-1 is only seen in the green band, as red cannot penetrate but a few meters. With these whitings, secci disc readings lower in July from 10-15 meters to 3-5 meters and green, milky water is observed by research vessels. It appears that whitings have been becoming more frequent since the middle 60's but until ERTS-1 the extent had never been realized. Calcium levels are too low, presently, for a similar precipitate in Lakes Huron or Superior. However, whitings have been seen by ERTS-1 in Lakes Erie and Ontario where the calcium ion and pH levels are more like those found in Lake Michigan.

  2. Preliminary outcomes of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine's 3-year Primary Care Scholar Pathway in osteopathic predoctoral education. (United States)

    Raymond, Richard M; Madden, Michael M; Ferretti, Silvia M; Ferretti, John M; Ortoski, Richard A


    In 2007, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine initiated its Primary Care Scholar Pathway (PCSP), a 3-year osteopathic predoctoral education curriculum. To assess preliminary outcomes of the PCSP curriculum. Scores for the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX-USA) Levels 1 and 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) and pass rates for Level 2-Performance Evaluation (PE) were obtained for individuals who graduated from the PCSP program in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Scores for Levels 1 and 2-CE were compared with national mean scores. Acceptance rates for residency programs were also recorded. Nineteen PCSP graduates were included in the study: 3 graduated in 2010, 6 graduated in 2011, and 10 graduated in 2012. Scores for PCSP students were not significantly different than national average scores for COMLEX-USA Levels 1 and 2-CE (P>.05). All 19 PCSP graduates passed the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE on the first attempt, and all graduates were accepted into primary care residency programs. The COMLEX-USA scores of PCSP graduates were similar to national mean scores, suggesting that it is possible for osteopathic medical students to attain the same level of education as students of 4-year programs in less time. A 3-year osteopathic predoctoral education curriculum would allow students to complete their education at a reduced cost. This potential reduction in debt burden could encourage more students to pursue a primary care career and thus could help address the shortage of primary care physicians in the United States.

  3. Large-scale Watershed Modeling: NHDPlus Resolution with Achievable Conservation Scenarios in the Western Lake Erie Basin (United States)

    Yen, H.; White, M. J.; Arnold, J. G.; Keitzer, S. C.; Johnson, M. V. V.; Atwood, J. D.; Daggupati, P.; Herbert, M. E.; Sowa, S. P.; Ludsin, S.; Robertson, D. M.; Srinivasan, R.; Rewa, C. A.


    By the substantial improvement of computer technology, large-scale watershed modeling has become practically feasible in conducting detailed investigations of hydrologic, sediment, and nutrient processes. In the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB), water quality issues caused by anthropogenic activities are not just interesting research subjects but, have implications related to human health and welfare, as well as ecological integrity, resistance, and resilience. In this study, the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and the finest resolution stream network, NHDPlus, were implemented on the WLEB to examine the interactions between achievable conservation scenarios with corresponding additional projected costs. During the calibration/validation processes, both hard (temporal) and soft (non-temporal) data were used to ensure the modeling outputs are coherent with actual watershed behavior. The results showed that widespread adoption of conservation practices intended to provide erosion control could deliver average reductions of sediment and nutrients without additional nutrient management changes. On the other hand, responses of nitrate (NO3) and dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP) dynamics may be different than responses of total nitrogen and total phosphorus dynamics under the same conservation practice. Model results also implied that fewer financial resources are required to achieve conservation goals if the goal is to achieve reductions in targeted watershed outputs (ex. NO3 or DIP) rather than aggregated outputs (ex. total nitrogen or total phosphorus). In addition, it was found that the model's capacity to simulate seasonal effects and responses to changing conservation adoption on a seasonal basis could provide a useful index to help alleviate additional cost through temporal targeting of conservation practices. Scientists, engineers, and stakeholders can take advantage of the work performed in this study as essential information while conducting policy

  4. Bacterial and archaeal phylogenetic diversity of a cold sulfur-rich spring on the shoreline of Lake Erie, Michigan (United States)

    Chaudhary, A.; Haack, S.K.; Duris, J.W.; Marsh, T.L.


    Studies of sulfidic springs have provided new insights into microbial metabolism, groundwater biogeochemistry, and geologic processes. We investigated Great Sulphur Spring on the western shore of Lake Erie and evaluated the phylogenetic affiliations of 189 bacterial and 77 archaeal 16S rRNA gene sequences from three habitats: the spring origin (11-m depth), bacterial-algal mats on the spring pond surface, and whitish filamentous materials from the spring drain. Water from the spring origin water was cold, pH 6.3, and anoxic (H2, 5.4 nM; CH4, 2.70 ??M) with concentrations of S2- (0.03 mM), SO42- (14.8 mM), Ca2+ (15.7 mM), and HCO3- (4.1 mM) similar to those in groundwater from the local aquifer. No archaeal and few bacterial sequences were >95% similar to sequences of cultivated organisms. Bacterial sequences were largely affiliated with sulfur-metabolizing or chemolithotrophic taxa in Beta-, Gamma-, Delta-, and Epsilonproteobacteria. Epsilonproteobacteria sequences similar to those obtained from other sulfidic environments and a new clade of Cyanobacteria sequences were particularly abundant (16% and 40%, respectively) in the spring origin clone library. Crenarchaeota sequences associated with archaeal-bacterial consortia in whitish filaments at a German sulfidic spring were detected only in a similar habitat at Great Sulphur Spring. This study expands the geographic distribution of many uncultured Archaea and Bacteria sequences to the Laurentian Great Lakes, indicates possible roles for epsilonproteobacteria in local aquifer chemistry and karst formation, documents new oscillatorioid Cyanobacteria lineages, and shows that uncultured, cold-adapted Crenarchaeota sequences may comprise a significant part of the microbial community of some sulfidic environments. Copyright ?? 2009, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.

  5. Inquiry based Teacher Professional development from a multidisciplinary perspective: The NEOGEO Lake Erie Earth Science Field Trip (United States)

    Ortiz, J. D.; Munro-Stasiuk, M. J.; Hart, B. I.; Mokaren, D. M.; Arnold, B.; Chermansky, J. V.; Vlack, Y. A.


    State and national educational standards stress the need to incorporate inquiry-based approaches into the K- 12 science curriculum. However, many teachers either lack training in these pedagogical techniques or science content mastery. Both of these are needed to confidently approach science teaching in the less structured framework associated with a real world exploration of the natural environment. To overcome these barriers to implementation, we have developed an intensive, field-based professional development workshop which explores the connections between the bedrock geology, glacial geomorphology, ecology, and geography of the Lake Erie Islands and the shore of its western basin. This workshop is part of a series of three workshops that form the professional development activities of our NSF funded Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) project, the Northeast Ohio Geoscience Education Outreach (NEOGEO) Program which seeks to improve the quality of Earth Science education at the middle and high school levels in Northeast Ohio. During the workshop students explored the ecology and geomorphology of a series of coastal wetlands, collecting instrumental data and field observations to evaluate water quality and the forces that created these surface features. Exceptional exposure of glacial scours and striations at Kelleys Island and along the Marblehead Peninsula allowed the participants to reconstruct evolving ice flow paths to see how recent geological history shaped the landscape. Finally, stratigraphic observations in a local quarry enabled the students to understand why the observed glacial features varied as a function of bedrock type. Response to the workshop was overwhelming positive with participants commenting positively on quality and quantity of the material presented and the manner in which inquiry based teaching was modeled. End of term projects which included the conceptualization of a teaching plan to incorporate the approaches learned

  6. Imaging Search for Dynamically Inferred Planets in Nearby Debris Disk Systems [Dataset

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Janson, M.; Carson, J.; Lafreniere, D.; Spiegel, D.; Quanz, S.; Thalmann, C.; Amara, A.


    The nearby stars Eps Eri, Vega, and Fomalhaut all host large debris disks with morphological structures that can be interpreted as being due to dynamical influence from unseen giant planets residing in the systems. At the ages of the systems of a few hundred Myrs, such planets are expected to have

  7. Wyzwanie dla racjonalności: Leibniz i początek ery Newtona

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michał Heller


    Full Text Available Our present knowledge in the field of dynamical systems, information theory, probability theory and other similar domains indicates that the human brain is a complex dynamical system working in a strong chaotic regime in which random processes play important roles. In this environment our mental life develops. To choose a logically ordered sequence from a random or almost random stream of thoughts is a difficult and energy consuming task. The only domain in which we are able to do this with a full success is mathematics. Leibniz’s life ambition was to extend this success, with the help of what he called characteristica universalis, to other areas of human activity. The belief that this is possible lies at the basis of Leibniz’s rationalist system. Reasoning within his system, Leibniz claimed that also fundamental laws of physics can be deduced from the “first principles”. Just as linguistic or conceptual units are at the basis of the charactersistica universalis, his monads are responsible for physical activity of material bodies. When this rationalistic strategy is applied to the philosophy of space and time, it leads to their radically relational conception. Leibniz’s rationalistic approach to philosophy and science arouses out sympathy but it was Newton’s mathematical-empirical method that turned out to be effective in human endeavour to understand the functioning of the physical world. Successes of the Newtonian method compel us to revise our concept of rationality.

  8. Larval dispersal underlies demographically important inter-system connectivity in a Great Lakes yellow perch (Perca flavescens) population (United States)

    Brodnik, Reed M.; Fraker, Michael E.; Anderson, Eric J.; Carreon-Martinez, Lucia; DeVanna, Kristen M.; Heath, Dan D.; Reichert, Julie M.; Roseman, Edward F.; Ludsin, Stuart A.


    Ability to quantify connectivity among spawning subpopulations and their relative contribution of recruits to the broader population is a critical fisheries management need. By combining microsatellite and age information from larval yellow perch (Perca flavescens) collected in the Lake St. Clair – Detroit River system (SC-DRS) and western Lake Erie with a hydrodynamic backtracking approach, we quantified subpopulation structure, connectivity, and contributions of recruits to the juvenile stage in western Lake Erie during 2006-2007. After finding weak (yet stable) genetic structure between the SC-DRS and two western Lake Erie subpopulations, microsatellites also revealed measurable recruitment of SC-DRS larvae to the juvenile stage in western Lake Erie (17-21% during 2006-2007). Consideration of pre-collection larval dispersal trajectories, using hydrodynamic backtracking, increased estimated contributions to 65% in 2006 and 57% in 2007. Our findings highlight the value of complementing subpopulation discrimination methods with hydrodynamic predictions of larval dispersal by revealing the SC-DRS as a source of recruits to western Lake Erie and also showing that connectivity through larval dispersal can affect the structure and dynamics of large-lake fish populations.

  9. Fall diets of red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator) and walleye (Sander vitreus) in Sandusky Bay and adjacent waters of western Lake Erie (United States)

    Bur, M.T.; Stapanian, M.A.; Bernhardt, G.; Turner, M.W.


    Although published studies indicate the contrary, there is concern among many sport anglers that migrating red-breasted mergansers (Mergus serrator) and other waterbirds pose a competitive threat to sport fish species such as walleye (Sander vitreus) in Lake Erie. We quantified the diet of autumn-migrant mergansers and walleye during 1998-2000 in Sandusky Bay and adjacent waters of western Lake Erie. We hypothesized that the diets of both predators would be similar in species composition, but because of different foraging ecologies their diets would differ markedly in size of prey consumed. In addition to predator samples, we used trawl data from the same general area as an index of prey availability. We found that mergansers fed almost exclusively on fish (nine species). Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum), emerald shiner (Notropis atherinoides) and round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) were consumed in the greatest numbers, most frequently and comprised the greatest biomass. Walleye fed exclusively on fish: gizzard shad, alewife (Alosa psuedoharengus) and emerald shiner were consumed in the greatest numbers, most frequently and comprised the greatest biomass. Diet overlap between mergansers and walleye was 67% by weight and 66% by species frequency. Mean total lengths of gizzard shad, emerald shiner and round goby found in walleye stomachs exceeded those captured in trawls by 47%, on average. Mean total lengths of gizzard shad, emerald shiner and round goby were greater in walleye stomachs than in merganser stomachs. Mean total lengths of emerald shiner and round goby were less in merganser stomachs than in trawls. Our results suggest that although the diets of walleye and mergansers overlapped considerably, mergansers generally consumed smaller fish than walleye. Given the abundance and diversity of prey species available, and the transient nature of mergansers on Lake Erie during migration, we conclude that competition for food between these species is minimal.

  10. Biodegradable Eri silk nanoparticles as a delivery vehicle for bovine lactoferrin against MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 breast cancer cells. (United States)

    Roy, Kislay; Patel, Yogesh S; Kanwar, Rupinder K; Rajkhowa, Rangam; Wang, Xungai; Kanwar, Jagat R


    This study used the Eri silk nanoparticles (NPs) for delivering apo-bovine lactoferrin (Apo-bLf) (~2% iron saturated) and Fe-bLf (100% iron saturated) in MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines. Apo-bLf and Fe-bLf-loaded Eri silk NPs with sizes between 200 and 300 nm (±10 nm) showed a significant internalization within 4 hours in MDA-MB-231 cells when compared to MCF-7 cells. The ex vivo loop assay with chitosan-coated Fe-bLf-loaded silk NPs was able to substantiate its future use in oral administration and showed the maximum absorption within 24 hours by ileum. Both Apo-bLf and Fe-bLf induced increase in expression of low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 and lactoferrin receptor in epidermal growth factor (EGFR)-positive MDA-MB-231 cells, while transferrin receptor (TfR) and TfR2 in MCF-7 cells facilitated the receptor-mediated endocytosis of NPs. Controlled and sustained release of both bLf from silk NPs was shown to induce more cancer-specific cytotoxicity in MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 cells compared to normal MCF-10A cells. Due to higher degree of internalization, the extent of cytotoxicity and apoptosis was significantly higher in MDA-MB-231 (EGFR+) cells when compared to MCF-7 (EGFR-) cells. The expression of a prominent anticancer target, survivin, was found to be downregulated at both gene and protein levels. Taken together, all the observations suggest the potential use of Eri silk NPs as a delivery vehicle for an anti-cancer milk protein, and indicate bLf for the treatment of breast cancer.

  11. Short-Pulse-Width Repetitively Q-Switched ~2.7-μm Er:Y2O3 Ceramic Laser

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaojing Ren


    Full Text Available A short-pulse-width repetitively Q-switched 2.7-μm Er:Y2O3 ceramic laser is demonstrated using a specially designed mechanical switch, a metal plate carved with slits of both slit-width and duty-cycle optimized. With a 20% transmission output coupler, stable pulse trains with durations (full-width at half-maximum, FWHM of 27–38 ns were generated with a repetition rate within the range of 0.26–4 kHz. The peak power at a 0.26 kHz repetition rate was ~3 kW.

  12. Eastern Gas Shales Project: Pennsylvania No. 3 well, Erie County. Phase III report, summary of laboratory analyses and mechanical characterization results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This summary presents a detailed characterization of the Devonian Shale occurrence in the EGSP-Pennsylvania No. 3 well. Information provided includes a stratigraphic summary and lithology and fracture analyses resulting from detailed core examinations and geophysical log interpretations at the EGSP Core Laboratory. Plane of weakness orientations stemming from a program of physical properties testing at Michigan Technological University are also summarized; the results of physical properties testing are dealt with in detail in the accompanying report. This data presented was obtained from the study of approximately 422 feet of core retrieved from a well drilled in Erie County of north-western Pennsylvania.

  13. Una aproximación a la noción de causalidad en el pensamiento de Escoto Eriúgena


    Giacomone, Mariel


    Juan Escoto Eriúgena, autor irlandés del siglo IX, ocupa un lugar fundamental en la historia de la filosofía medieval, en tanto introdujo una dimensión perdida para el occidente latino de la época: aquella representada por la corriente neoplatónica greco-cristiana. Dado su conocimiento del griego, a Escoto le es encargado por la corte de Carlos el Calvo, nieto de Carlomagno, la traducción de un cuerpo de manuscritos cuyo autor es Dionisio Pseudo Areopagita. A partir de la lectura de estos tex...

  14. nowCOAST's Map Service for NOAA NOS Lake Erie Operational Forecast System (LEOFS) Forecast Guidance (Time Enabled) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Map Information: This nowCOAST time-enabled map displays the latest nowcasts and forecast guidance of water temperature, water currents, and water level guidance...

  15. nowCOAST's Map Service for NOAA NOS Lake Erie Operational Forecast System (LEOFS) Forecast Guidance (Time Offsets) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Map Information: This nowCOAST time-offsets map displays the latest nowcasts and forecast guidance of water temperature, water currents, and water level guidance...

  16. Trends in agriculture in the LEASEQ watersheds, 1975-1995. Lake Erie Agricultural Systems for Environmental Quality. (United States)

    Richards, R Peter; Baker, David B; Eckert, Donald J


    County-level agricultural statistics were aggregated at the watershed level to provide estimates of trends in land use and agricultural management in the Maumee and Sandusky River watersheds during the period 1975-1995. Average farm size increased by 40% or more, but the number of farms decreased by nearly 40%; the total land area in agriculture also decreased, but only by about 7%. Conservation tillage increased from virtually nothing to nearly 50% of cropland in corn (Zea mays L.) and soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]; most of the change is due to adoption of no-till soybean. The Conservation Reserve Program has enrolled more than 75,000 hectares, but this represents less than 5% of total farmland. The great majority of land classified as highly erodible has been placed under treatment during the study period. Cropland in soybean has increased; land in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and hay has decreased. Cropland in corn has decreased in the Maumee watershed and increased slightly in the Sandusky watershed. Average per-hectare yields of corn, soybean, wheat, and hay have increased by 10 to 40%. Fertilizer phosphorus sales increased until about 1980 and have declined significantly since then; fertilizer nitrogen follows a similar but less pronounced pattern. The decreases are more substantial in the Maumee watershed than in the Sandusky. Manure use for fertilizer has also declined significantly.

  17. Plasticity of total and intracellular phosphorus quotas in Microcystis aeruginosa cultures and Lake Erie algal assemblages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew A Saxton


    Full Text Available Blooms of the potentially toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis are common events globally, and as a result significant resources continue to be dedicated to monitoring and controlling these events. Recent studies have shown that a significant proportion total cell-associated phosphorus (P in phytoplankton can be surface adsorbed, and many of our current measurements do not accurately reflect the P demands of these organisms. In this study we measure the total cell-associated and intracellular P as well as growth rates of two toxic strains of Microcystis aeruginosa Kütz grown under a range of P concentrations. The results show that the intracellular P pool in Microcystis represents a percentage of total cell-associated P (50-90% similar to what has been reported for actively growing algae in marine systems. Intracellular P levels (39-147 fg cell-1 generally increased with increasing growth media P concentrations, but growth rate and the ratio of total cell-associated to intracellular P remained generally stable. Intracellular P quotas and growth rates in cells grown under the different P treatments illustrate the ability of this organism to successfully respond to changes in ambient P loads, and thus have implications for ecosystem scale productivity models employing P concentrations to predict algal bloom events.

  18. An Evaluation of 1-Deoxynojirimycin Oral Administration in Eri Silkworm through Fat Body Metabolomics Based on 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chao-wei Wen


    Full Text Available 1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ, the main hypoglycemic constituent in mulberry (Morus alba latex, has been extensively researched. Although there is considerable interest in the biological effects of DNJ, the roles of 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ in glycometabolism and energy metabolism in insects have received little attention. In this paper, 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR based metabonomic was performed to study the effects of the oral supplementation of 0.25% DNJ, 0.5% DNJ, latex, and the mixture of 0.5% DNJ and latex (1 : 1 on the fat body glycometabolism and energy metabolism of the fourth-instar larvae of Eri silkworms, Samia cynthia ricini. Metabolic pattern recognition analysis (partial least square-discriminant analysis, PLS-DA of fat body extracts indicated that the groups of 0.25% DNJ, 0.5% DNJ, latex, and the mixture of 0.5% DNJ and latex (1 : 1 were significantly different from the control group. Further, compared to the control group, the metabolites levels of lactate, trehalose, succinate, malate, and fumarate were remarkably changed in experimental groups, which were involved in glycolysis, hydrolysis of trehalose, and tricarboxylic acid (TCA cycle. Our results indicate that DNJ has a positive impact on the reverse energy metabolism of Eri silkworms and metabonomic analysis based on NMR can be used as a tool to identify potential biomarkers.

  19. Possibilities for a Reference and Research Library System in the Buffalo-Niagara Region. (United States)

    Nelson Associates, Inc., Washington, DC.

    This survey to determine how the library resources in the Buffalo-Niagara area might be utilized in a regional Reference and Research Library Resources (3R's) system studied: (1) area library resources, (2) strength of the libraries at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) and the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library…

  20. Tricho system: hypertrichosis, radiation, and cancer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lapidus, S.M.


    Five women in their 6th to 8th decades were treated for facial hypertrichosis in Erie, Pennsylvania, 30 to 40 years ago. The epilations were performed with an x-ray device called Tricho System, which was manufactured, sold, and proclaimed safe by its physician-inventor. The beauty shop operator who administered these treatments may or may not have received instruction by the company in the operation of the equipment. At varying intervals, each of the 5 women developed radiodermatitis and basal cell and/or squamous cell carcinoma at the sites of epilation. All presented to the plastic surgical service at the Hamot Medical Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Two underwent massive radical resective surgery, 2 required extensive excision and resurfacing, and 1 refused resective surgery althouth she had had a previous surgical attempt 17 years earlier. Case histories are presented in detail. This series is representative of the epidemic nature of Tricho-System-induced disease. (auth)

  1. Eesti lastefilmi eri Madridis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Madridi laste- ja noortefilmide festivalil on kavas mahukas Eesti lastefilmide retrospektiiv (kuus mängu- ja 11 animafilmi või -sarja). Kohal "Sigade revolutsiooni" režissöörid Jaak Kilmi ja Rene Reinumägi

  2. Open Access Concept and Its Meaning for Turkey as a Developing Country Açık Erişim Kavramı ve Gelişmekte Olan Bir Ülke Olarak Türkiye İçin Anlamı

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hülya Dilek Kayaoğlu


    Full Text Available The problems experienced in the scholarly communication process have led scientists to review the printed periodicals publishing system. The new electronic publishing models, which would alter the framework nurturing the price increases of printed periodicals publishing, have been started to be discussed with the rapid developments in the World Wide Web, which functions as a sort of catalyst. In this respect, the concept of open access, based on the idea of unrestricted access to scholarly reserch, has been set forth. The main purpose of this article is to discuss the concept of open access, the reason for its emergence and its meaning for Turkey as a developing country in the context an introductory discussion. Basılı dergiler aracılığı ile gerçekleşen bilimsel iletişim sürecinde yaşanan sorunlar, özellikle dergi krizi olarak da adlandırılan ticari dergilerdeki keyfi ve aşırı fiyat artışları, bilimcileri, inisiyatifi ele alıp, basılı dergi yayıncılığı sürecini yeniden gözden geçirmeye yöneltmiştir. World Wide Web'deki hızlı gelişmelerin bir tür katalizör işlevi görmesiyle de, basılı dergi yayıncılığının fiyat artışlarını besleyen çerçeve koşullarını değiştirecek yeni elektronik yayıncılık modelleri tartışılmaya başlanmıştır. Bu bağlamda, bilimsel makalelere ücretsiz ve engelsiz erişim fikrine dayanan açık erişim kavramı ortaya atılmış; bu kavrama dayalı olarak da yeni elektronik yayıncılık modelleri denenmeye başlanmıştır. Bu makalenin amacı da, açık erişim kavramını, ortaya çıkış nedenlerini ve gelişimini irdeleyerek, açık erişim fikrine dayalı elektronik yayıncılık modellerinin, gelişmekte olan bir ülke olarak Türkiye için ne anlama geleceğini bir giriş çalışması kapsamında sorgulamaktır.

  3. Decade-scale coastal bluff retreat from LiDAR data: Lake Erie coast of Pennsylvania, USA (United States)

    Foyle, A. M.; Naber, M. D.


    Bluff retreat is a significant problem along many parts of the southern Great Lakes coastline of the United States. On the Pennsylvania coast of Lake Erie, where semi-consolidated clay-rich glacial till sequences overlie bedrock, erosion of the bluffs results in a permanent loss of fine-grained sediment from the coastal zone. Bluff retreat is of concern to coastal property owners and regulators because evaluating landslide hazards and developing regulations on coastal development must account for spatial and temporal variability in coastal retreat. Bluff retreat also contributes to temporary degradation in coastal water quality. The goal of this pilot study is to evaluate medium-term spatial variability in bluff retreat magnitudes and rates along a sector of the Pennsylvania coast. Newly available high resolution LiDAR data cover a one-decade time frame (1998-2007) and permit mapping of the bluff-crest position on two comparable, high-quality data sets. In contrast, long-term coastal change analyses typically involve comparison of a recent LiDAR data set with an older, lower-resolution data set developed from either field measurements, T-sheets, or aerial photography. While the older data can have much larger inherent errors than the LiDAR data, they become less significant over the longer time frames involved. The 6 km, geologically homogeneous, coastal bluff site is characterized by ~20 m of unlithified Pleistocene glacial tills and lake plain sediments overlying a 3-4 m ledge of near-horizontal Devonian shale and sandstone bedrock. Bluff slopes range from 35-90 degrees, beaches are narrow to non-existent, and the coast is frequently protected by ground-freeze and a lake ice shelf during winter. DEMs, hillshades, and slope and contour maps were generated from the bare-earth 1998 and 2007 LiDAR data, and checked against 2005 aerial ortho-photography. Maps were analyzed at a scale of 1:120 in ArcGIS and the bluff crest was identified primarily by the visual

  4. Analysis of the U.S. Navy’s Goal-Based Awards System and Its Effect on Recruit Quality (United States)


    Department of Defense EMF Enlisted Master File ERIS Enlisted Recruiter Incentive System ESR Electronic Service Record FTS Full Time Support...13 operational analysis and risk assessment, (3) a statistical analysis of monthly recruit contract quality for individual recruiters, and states...workplace satisfaction • Measure success and return on investment (ROI) to balance against future recruiting risk B. HISTORY OF CNRC AWARDS AND INCENTIVE

  5. Reconstructing the internal structure and long-term evolution of hazardous sinkholes combining trenching, electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) (United States)

    Fabregat, Ivan; Gutiérrez, Francisco; Roqué, Carles; Comas, Xavier; Zarroca, Mario; Carbonel, Domingo; Guerrero, Jesús; Linares, Rogelio


    The approaches aimed at characterising specific damaging sinkholes have received limited attention compared with other ground instability phenomena (e.g. landslides). Moreover, the practicality of the trenching technique in combination with numerical dating and retro-deformation analysis for sinkhole site-investigations has been barely explored. This work illustrates the advantages of combining geomorphic mapping, electrical resistivity imaging (ERI), ground penetrating radar (GPR) and trenching for sinkhole characterisation and shows how the trenching technique contributes to fill significant gaps that neither geomorphic nor geophysical methods can address. Two large sinkholes (> 200 m long) related to the interstratal karstification of evaporites and generated by contrasting subsidence mechanisms (sagging, collapse) were investigated in the Fluvia Valley, NE Spain. Although GPR data may provide high resolution information on subsidence-related stratigraphic and structural features at shallow depth, the profiles acquired in the investigated sites with 100 MHz shielded and 40 MHz unshielded antennae provided limited insight into the internal geometry of the sinkholes due to reduced signal penetration related to the presence of conductive clayey material. The ERI sections satisfactorily imaged the general geometry of the sagging and collapse subsidence structures up to depths higher than 100 m and clearly captured the basal contact of the low-resistivity sinkhole fill in the sections with adequate layout and resolution. The trenches, despite their limited depth (ca. 5 m) allowed us to obtain valuable objective information on several key aspects of the subsidence phenomenon: (1) mechanisms (deformation style) and kinematics (progressive versus episodic); (2) limits of ground deformation; (3) temporal evolution (expansion versus contraction); (4) chronology and timing of most recent deformation phase; (5) rates of subsidence and sedimentation; and (6) the role played

  6. Vom Klangrausch des Nordwinds und der leeren Tafel der Seele. Lepo Sumeras vierte Symphonie "Serena Borealis" in Karlsruhe uraufgeführt: Eri Klas dirigierte im Konzert der Badischen Staatskapelle zu den Kulturtagen auch Musik von Arvo Pärt und Edua

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hartmann, Ulrich


    Lepo Sumera neljanda sümfoonia "Serena Borealis" esiettekanne Karlsruhes: Eri Klas dirigeeris kontserdil kultuuripäevade raames ka Arvo Pärdi ja Eduard Tubina muusikat. Eesti muusikute esinemisest Karlsruhe kultuuripäevadel

  7. Diurnal to annual changes in latent, sensible heat, and CO2 fluxes over a Laurentian Great Lake: A case study in Western Lake Erie (United States)

    Shao, Changliang; Chen, Jiquan; Stepien, Carol A.; Chu, Housen; Ouyang, Zutao; Bridgeman, Thomas B.; Czajkowski, Kevin P.; Becker, Richard H.; John, Ranjeet


    To understand the carbon and energy exchange between the lake surface and the atmosphere, direct measurements of latent, sensible heat, and CO2 fluxes were taken using the eddy covariance (EC) technique in Western Lake Erie during October 2011 to September 2013. We found that the latent heat flux (LE) had a marked one-peak seasonal change in both years that differed from the diurnal course and lacked a sinusoidal dynamic common in terrestrial ecosystems. Daily mean LE was 4.8 ± 0.1 and 4.3 ± 0.2 MJ m-2 d-1 in Year 1 and Year 2, respectively. The sensible heat flux (H) remained much lower than the LE, with a daily mean of 0.9 ± 0.1 and 1.1 ± 0.1 MJ m-2 d-1 in Year 1 and Year 2, respectively. As a result, the Bowen ratio was year period, with the lowest summer value at 0.14. The vapor pressure deficit explained 35% of the variation in half hourly LE, while the temperature difference between the water surface and air explained 65% of the variation in half hourly H. Western Lake Erie acted as a small carbon sink holding -19.0 ± 5.4 and -40.2 ± 13.3 g C m-2 in the first and second summers (May-September) but as an annual source of 77.7 ± 18.6 and 49.5 ± 17.9 g C m-2 yr-1 in Year 1 and Year 2, respectively. The CO2 flux (FCO2) rate varied from -0.45 g C m-2 d-1 to 0.98 g C m-2 d-1. Similar to LE, FCO2 had noticeable diurnal changes during the months that had high chlorophyll a months but not during other months. A significantly negative correlation (P gap-filling methods, including marginal distribution sampling, mean diurnal variation, and monthly mean, were quantitatively assessed, yielding an uncertainty of 4%, 6%, and 10% in LE, H, and FCO2, respectively.

  8. The multi-line slope method for measuring the effective magnetic field of cool stars: an application to the solar-like cycle of ɛ Eri (United States)

    Scalia, C.; Leone, F.; Gangi, M.; Giarrusso, M.; Stift, M. J.


    One method for the determination of integrated longitudinal stellar fields from low-resolution spectra is the so-called slope method, which is based on the regression of the Stokes V signal against the first derivative of Stokes I. Here we investigate the possibility of extending this technique to measure the magnetic fields of cool stars from high-resolution spectra. For this purpose we developed a multi-line modification to the slope method, called the multi-line slope method. We tested this technique by analysing synthetic spectra computed with the COSSAM code and real observations obtained with the high-resolution spectropolarimeters Narval, HARPSpol and the Catania Astrophysical Observatory Spectropolarimeter (CAOS). We show that the multi-line slope method is a fast alternative to the least squares deconvolution technique for the measurement of the effective magnetic fields of cool stars. Using a Fourier transform on the effective magnetic field variations of the star ε Eri, we find that the long-term periodicity of the field corresponds to the 2.95-yr period of the stellar dynamo, revealed by the variation of the activity index.

  9. Utilization of legacy P in soils, a strategic approach meeting the 40% loading reduction goal while sustaining agricultural production in the Lake Erie basin? (United States)

    Zhang, Tiequan; Tan, Chin, S.; Wang, Yutao; Welacky, Tom


    Legacy phosphorus (P) in agricultural lands has been deemed the major source contributing to eutrophication of the Lake Erie. Canada and USA bilateral governments have set up a goal of 40% P loading reduction by 2025. Soil P draw-down (PDD) is a potential beneficial management practice for high P soils to overcome legacy P effect and mitigate soil P loss. A field experiment was conducted to assess the effects of PDD on crop yields, soil test P change, and soil P losses in both surface runoff and tile drainage under a corn-soybean rotation in a Brookston clay loam soil in a 9-year period from 2008 to 2016. Both yields of corn and soybean with PDD were highly identical to those with continuous P addition (CPA). Soil Olsen P with PDD declined with time at about 2.3 mg P kg-1 year-1, while with CPA it remained unchanged. Relative to CPA, PDD significantly decreased dissolved P and particular P losses, eventually the total P loss by 36%. In addition, farmers' production profitability increased by 15% through savings in investment for P fertilizer. The results indicate that utilization of soil legacy P can be an effective approach that enables us to reach the agri-P loading reduction goal, while improving production profitability and conserving world P resource.

  10. The Effect of Algal Blooms on Carbon Emissions in Western Lake Erie: An Integration of Remote Sensing and Eddy Covariance Measurements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zutao Ouyang


    Full Text Available Lakes are important components for regulating carbon cycling within landscapes. Most lakes are regarded as CO2 sources to the atmosphere, except for a few eutrophic ones. Algal blooms are common phenomena in many eutrophic lakes and can cause many environmental stresses, yet their effects on the net exchange of CO2 (FCO2 at large spatial scales have not been adequately addressed. We integrated remote sensing and Eddy Covariance (EC technologies to investigate the effects that algal blooms have on FCO2 in the western basin of Lake Erie—a large lake infamous for these blooms. Three years of long-term EC data (2012–2014 at two sites were analyzed. We found that at both sites: (1 daily FCO2 significantly correlated with daily temperature, light, and wind speed during the algal bloom periods; (2 monthly FCO2 was negatively correlated with chlorophyll-a concentration; and (3 the year with larger algal blooms was always associated with lower carbon emissions. We concluded that large algal blooms could reduce carbon emissions in the western basin of Lake Erie. However, considering the complexity of processes within large lakes, the weak relationship we found, and the potential uncertainties that remain in our estimations of FCO2 and chlorophyll-a, we argue that additional data and analyses are needed to validate our conclusion and examine the underlying regulatory mechanisms.

  11. ERI and initial clinical experience with dosimetry check, a commercial software for dosimetry in vivo volumetric; ERI y experiencia clinica inicial con dosimetry check, un software comercial para dosimetria in vivo volumetrica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pujades Claumarchirant, M. C.; Gimeno Olmos, J.; Garcia Martinez, T.; Carmona Meseguer, V.; Lliso Valverde, F.; Palomo Llinares, R.; Ballester Pallares, F.; Perez Calatayud, J.


    The objective of this work is to study the differences in dose at a point of reference between the result of calculation of dose and the planning system to establish a level of uncertainty of the system. In addition, evaluates its use in clinical routine and presents results obtained with the first patients. (Author)

  12. Intelligent Information Retrieval Needs Smart Tools and Supporting Standards = Akıllı Bilgi Erişim, Akıllı Araçlar ve Onları Destekleyen Standartlar İster

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilchrist, Alan


    Full Text Available "World-wide-web"de Google, etkin ve popüler bir arama motorudur. Fakat birçoğu Web'de bile olmayan bilgilere erişme ve onları paylaşma açılarından ortaya çıkan büyük ve gittikçe büyüyen sorunun varlığıyla, kişileri körleştirme etkisine sahip olmaya başlamıştır. Bu sorunla etkin bir şekilde baş etmek istiyorsak, geniş bir bilgi süreçleme standardına ve araçlarına ihtiyacımız vardır. Bu anlayışı örneksemek üzere, çalışmada, kendi arasında işlemlenebilen ve yapısallaştırılmış sözcük dağarına ilişkin yeni Britanya Standartları'na ve ortaya konulmaya başlanan Uluslararası Standartlara ve ayrıca uygulama ve geliştirme yolları açık olan bazı sistemlere kısa değinmeler yapılmaktadır. Though Google is an eff ective and popular search engine for locating information on the World Wide Web, it has tended to have the eff ect of blinding people to the enormous and growing problem of accessing and sharing digital information, much of which is not even available on the Web. If we are to eff ectively tackle this problem we will need a range of information processing standards and tools. To illustrate this belief, brief mention is made of the new British Standards and emerging International Standards dealing with structured vocabularies and interoperability; and of some systems which are leading the way in their application and development.

  13. 78 FR 68044 - Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.; Notice of Scoping Meetings and Environmental Site Review and... (United States)


    ..., in Franklin County, New York. No federal lands are occupied by the project works or located within... scoping comments using the Commission's eFiling system at . Commenters can submit brief comments up to 6,000 characters, without prior registration, using the eComment...

  14. Can observations inside the Solar System reveal the gravitational properties of the quantum vacuum?

    CERN Document Server

    Hajdukovic, Dragan Slavkov


    The understanding of the gravitational properties of the quantum vacuum might be the next scientific revolution.It was recently proposed that the quantum vacuum contains the virtual gravitational dipoles; we argue that this hypothesis might be tested within the Solar System. The key point is that quantum vacuum ("enriched" with the gravitational dipoles) induces a retrograde precession of the perihelion. It is obvious that this phenomenon might eventually be revealed by more accurate studies of orbits of planets and orbits of the artificial Earth satellites. However, we suggest that potentialy the best "laboratory" for the study of the gravitational properties of the quantum vacuum is the Dwarf Planet Eris and its satellite Dysnomia; the distance of nearly 100AU makes it the unique system in which the precession of the perihelion of Dysnomia (around Eris) is strongly dominated by the quantum vacuum.

  15. Water Quality, Cyanobacteria, and Environmental Factors and Their Relations to Microcystin Concentrations for Use in Predictive Models at Ohio Lake Erie and Inland Lake Recreational Sites, 2013-14 (United States)

    Francy, Donna S.; Graham, Jennifer L.; Stelzer, Erin A.; Ecker, Christopher D.; Brady, Amie M G.; Pam Struffolino,; Loftin, Keith A.


    Harmful cyanobacterial “algal” blooms (cyanoHABs) and associated toxins, such as microcystin, are a major water-quality issue for Lake Erie and inland lakes in Ohio. Predicting when and where a bloom may occur is important to protect the public that uses and consumes a water resource; however, predictions are complicated and likely site specific because of the many factors affecting toxin production. Monitoring for a variety of environmental and water-quality factors, for concentrations of cyanobacteria by molecular methods, and for algal pigments such as chlorophyll and phycocyanin by using optical sensors may provide data that can be used to predict the occurrence of cyanoHABs.

  16. Bilgi Erişim Platformu Olarak Bulut Bilişim: Riskler ve Hukuksal Koşullar Üzerine Bir İnceleme= Cloud Computing as an Information Access Platform: A Study on Threats and Legal Requirements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özgür Külcü


    Full Text Available Bulut bilişim, bilgiye her yerden ve her an erişebilme kolaylığı ile internet üzerinden sunulan çok yönlü ve hızlı gelişen servis araçlarından biridir. Ancak bu yeni teknoloji servisi birçok faydasının yanı sıra; göz ardı edilmesi halinde büyük kayıplara neden olabilecek riskleri de içermektedir. Çalışma genelinde, küresel çapta yoğun olarak tartışılmakta olan “Bulut üzerinde bulunan bilgilerin sahibi kim? Kişisel verilerin korunmasından kim sorumlu? Kayıp ve zararların telafi edilmesi mümkün mü?” gibi birçok sorunun yanıtı literatür ve mevcut uygulamalar içinde aranarak; bulut bilişimde verilerin güvenliği ve gizliliği konusunda toplumda bilinçlenmenin artırılması hedeflenmiştir. Bu çalışmada, bulut bilişimin faydalı ve olumsuz yönleri ile birlikte; mevcut ABD hukuk mevzuatı, AB direktifleri ve AB sözleşmeleri kapsamlı olarak incelenerek, tüm hukuksal risk ve problemlere dikkat çekilmiştir. Çalışma sonunda, mevcut bulut hizmet sözleşmeleri ve yasal düzenlemeler çerçevesinde; Türkiye’de bulut bilişim kullanıcılarının veri güvenliğini ve gizliliğini yeterli seviyede koruyan bir hukuksal düzenlemenin bulunmadığı ortaya konulmuştur. Ayrıca; veri öznelerinin bulut bilişime olan güveninin sağlanabilmesi ve kişisel verilerin korunabilmesi amacıyla temel olarak kabul edilebilecek güvenli bulut bilişim modeli önerisinde bulunulmuştur./ Cloud computing is one of the services that are delivered over internet for transmission and access to user data at anytime from anywhere. In spite of numerous advantages provided with cloud computing, it is important to recognize the potential threats, including loss of user data, when disregarded. In scope of the study, it is aimed to raise public awareness on cloud computing by investigating security and privacy issues related to user data stored on remote servers based on the questions like “Who is the owner

  17. Biogenic Aerosol - Effect on Clouds and Climate (BAECC-ERI). Extended Radiosonde Intensive Operational Period Final Campaign Summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nicoll, Ken A. [Univ. of Reading (United Kingdom); O' Connor, E. [Univ. of Helsinki (Finland)


    Large-scale properties of clouds such as lifetime, optical thickness, and precipitation are all dependent on small-scale cloud microphysical processes. Such processes determine when droplets will grow or shrink, their size, and the number of cloud droplets. Although our understanding of cloud microphysics has vastly improved over the past several decades with the development of remote sensing methods such as lidar and radar, there remain a number of processes that are not well understood, such as the effect of electrical charge on cloud microphysics. To understand the various processes and feedback mechanisms, high-vertical–resolution observations are required. Radiosondes provide an ideal platform for providing routine vertical profiles of in situ measurements at any location (with a vertical resolution of a few meters). Modified meteorological radiosondes have been extensively developed at the University of Reading for measuring cloud properties, to allow measurements beyond the traditional thermodynamic quantities (pressure, temperature and relative humidity) to be obtained cost-effectively. This project aims to investigate a number of cloud processes in which in situ cloud observations from these modified radiosondes can provide information either complementary to or not obtainable by lidar/radar systems. During two intensive operational periods (IOPs) in May and August 2014 during deployment to Hyytiälä, Finland, the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility’s Second ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2) launched a total of 24 instrumented radiosondes through a number of different cloud types ranging from low-level stratiform cloud to cumulonimbus. Twelve balloon flights of an accelerometer turbulence sensor were made, which detected significant turbulence on eleven of these flights. Most of the turbulent episodes encountered were due to convective processes, but several were associated with the transition from troposphere to stratosphere at

  18. Development of techniques for separation and sorting system of different parts of field plants; Peltokasvien eri osien erottelu- ja lajittelutekniikan kehittaeminen - 502

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lindh, T.; Kallio, E.; Paappanen, T.; Leinonen, A. [VTT Energy, Jyvaeskylae (Finland). Fuel Production


    The objective of this research was to construct a segregation concept for an integrated method, by which it is possible to produce fibre fraction for pulping industry and by-product fraction for energy production of the field plants. Experimental data was gathered of the mechanical dry-loosening and segregation technologies, e.g. of milling, crushing and chopping, for different parts of spring-harvested reed canary grass. The applicability of each processing method for loosening different parts of the plant were investigated on the basis of the particle sizes of the processing products, and on the basis of the properties, e.g. the ash content, of the fractions. Air-separation research for processed material was carried out using impact-separator. Especially the chopped material was examined as a function of the length of the chips by making sieving and air-separation tests. Technologies of drumming and chafing between flexible rollers were studied as alternatives for further processing of the chopped material, the aim of which was to find methods which do not crush and grind the straw unnecessarily. The suggestion for the basic elements of the mechanical, as simple segregation method as possible, are the processing phase based on chafing, and the air-separation supplemented with sieving. Depending on the quality requirements of the pulp, no additional mechanical processing might not be needed. Sometimes the chopping can be the only processing phase needed. Because of this the fractionation unit has to be flexible and adjustable with the quality requirements of the pulp

  19. Development of technics for separation and sorting system of different parts of field plants; Peltokasvien eri osien erottelu- ja lajittelutekniikoiden kehittaeminen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lindh, T.; Kallio, E.; Taipale, R.; Leinonen, A.


    The aim of the research is to construct a segregation concept for an integrated method, by which it is possible to produce fiber fraction for pulping industry and byproduct fraction for energy production of the field plants to be processed. The starting point of the concept development was, that the method consists of the plant material processing phase, in which different plant components are segregated from each other, and a sorting phase in which the plant components are divided into different fractions on the basis of the use. Following topics were studied in the first year of this two year research: properties of spring-harvested reed canary grass and the component of it from the point of view of segregation, mechanical dry-processing methods for segregation of plant components from each other and sorting methods, by which the pulp fraction and by-product fraction are separated from each other. Chopping, crushing and milling have been studied as alternatives for processing. The particle size distribution of the produced material has been estimated. Sorting tests, based on air classification, have been made. Property analyses, such as ash content, have been made for different particle classes, by which the most suitable particle size class for sorting was determined. Processing and sorting research of chopped reed canary grass will be continued in 1996. Technical/economical analyses will be made of the costs of the separator by taking the alternatives, in which the separator unit operates at the farm or at the mill, into account. The final separation concept will be made using the results obtained in the experimental researches and cost analyses

  20. BASEMAP, ERIE COUNTY, OHIO USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Basemap datasets comprise six of the seven FGDC themes of geospatial data that are used by most GIS applications (Note: the seventh framework theme, orthographic...

  1. TERRAIN, ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The 2006 OSIP bare-earth Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was derived from digital LiDAR data was collected during the months of March and May (leaf-off conditions)....


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The 2006 OSIP digital orthophotography was collected during the months of March and April (leaf-off conditions). The MrSID Images covering each county at 1-foot...

  3. Floodplain, Erie County, PA, USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — This Floodplain Mapping Submission includes a new countywide FIS report, but no digital flood hazard data. GG3 was not contracted to prepare digital flood data, only...

  4. Anafilaksi Sırasındaki Kusma Sonrası Gastrik İçeriğin Aspirasyonuna Bağlı Kimyasal Pnömonit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özlem Erçen Diken


    Full Text Available Anafilaksi sırasında görülebilen kusma sırasında gastrik içeriğin aspirasyonu ile kimyasal pnömonit gelişebilmektedir. Majör bir aspirasyon olduysa solunum yetmezliğine kadar giden bulgular görülür. Kısa zamanda solunum yetmezliği gelişimi ve kısa zamanda klinik ve radyolojik iyileşme gibi, kimyasal pnömoniti aspirasyon pnömonisinden ayıran bazı farklılıklar mevcuttur. Olgumuzu, anafilaksi sırasında kusma sonrası gastrik içerik aspirasyonu ve buna bağlı gelişen kimyasal pnömonit tablosu görülen bir olgu olarak, nadir ve önemli bir durum olması nedeni ile sunuyoruz. Yirmi altı yaşında kadın hastada, sultamisilin ve metamizol tedavisinden sonra anafilaktik reaksiyon gelişmişti. Bu sırada kusma görülen olguda gastrik içerik aspirasyonu gelişmişti. Nefes darlığı ve satürasyon düşüklüğü ile acilimize başvurdu. Olgu acilde görüldüğünde siyanotik, terli, dispneik ve takipneikti. Solunum desteği ihtiyacı olabileceği nedeni ile yoğun bakıma alındı. Akciğer grafisinde sağda belirgin olmak üzere bilateral bazallarda infiltrasyon mevcuttu. Oksijen tedavisi, solunum egzersizi, ekspektoran tedavi, postüral drenaj ile takip edilen olguda, periferik oksijen satürasyonu %90’ın üzerine çıktı. Kısa sürede düzelme nedeniyle ileri invazif işleme (bronkoskopi vb. gerek duyulmadı. Radyolojik olarak birinci günde iyi yanıt alındı. Anafilaksi sırasında kusma görülebileceği akılda tutulmalı ve bu sırada gastrik içerik aspirasyonundan koruyucu önlemler alınmalıdır. Gastrik içerik aspirasyonunun solunum yetmezliğine kadar gidebilecek ciddi seyirli olabileceği unutulmamalı, olgular yakın takip edilmelidir. Klinik, tedavi ve komplikasyonların kimyasal pnömonitte aspirasyon pnömonisinden farklı olduğu da hatırlanmalıdır.

  5. Böcek Kökenli Protein Kaynaklarının Yem Değeri Ve Kanatlıların Beslenmesinde Kullanılabilme Olanakları


    ÖZEK, Kasım


    Bu derlemede, böcek kökenli protein kaynaklarının besin maddesi içeriği, sindirilebilirlikleri, fonksiyonel özellikleri ve kanatlı beslemede kullanılabilme olanakları tartışılmıştır. Önümüzdeki yıllarda, piliç eti ve yumurta tüketiminin önemli miktarda artacağı ve buna bağlı olarak yoğun üretimle birlikte yem hammaddelerine olan gereksiniminde aynı düzeyde artış göstereceği tahmin edilmektedir. Günümüzde, genetik kapasiteleri en üst düzeye çıkmış olan etlik piliç ve yumurta tavuklarının besin...

  6. Analysis of Planar E+I and ER+I Transformers for Low-Voltage High-Current DC/DC Converters with Focus on Winding Losses and Leakage Inductance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pittini, Riccardo; Zhang, Zhe; Ouyang, Ziwei


    a significant advantage in terms of winding losses compared to planar E cores. Results from finite element analysis highlight that low frequency winding resistance is lower for the ER core since it is dominated by the lower mean turn length however, as the AC-resistance becomes dominating the winding eddy......In this paper an analysis of two planar transformers designed for high-current switching applications is presented. Typical converter application is represented by fuel and electrolyser cell converters. The transformer designs are based on E+I and ER+I planar cores while the analysis focuses...... on winding resistance and leakage inductances which represent the main concerns related to low-voltage high-current applications. The PCB winding design has a one to one turn ratio with no interleaving between primary and secondary windings. The main goal was to determine if ER planar core could provide...

  7. Bakü İçeri Şeher’de Selçuklular Döneminden Kalma İki Mescit: Sınıg Gala (Muhammed (1078 Ve Aşur (1169 Mescitleri (Two Masjid Around Baku İçeri Şeher Remaining From Seljuks: Sinig Gala (Muhammed (1078 And Ashur (1169 Masjids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramazan UYKUR


    Full Text Available Today, there are a great many of small scaled masjıds in oldBaku, which is called today İçeri Şeher (The Inland City. In this paper,the earliest two cultural material samples of Seljuks in Azerbajcan aswell as Anatolia are depicted. In the study, the main aim is theinvestigation of these two works, which are little known in Turkishworld, in some points of view such as their history, contractors,designs, architectures and ornament. For this reason, in a number ofbuildings in Bakuand around it, some procedures were performed suchas required measures, technical drawings, and photographing. Afterthat, the study was completed with source inquiries in the Archives ofBaku Berpa, Ahundov Library along with a number of Turkish libaries.Consequently, in their new homelands too, Turks tended to apply theaesthetical values, architectural approach and artistic motives whichthey brought in their mind togetheras well as remarkable politicalachievements which they obtained by housing Anatolia. Therefore, it ishighly probable to come accross such samples of pre-Anatolian culturalheritage in the cities they built or on the routes they passed throughduring this mobility.Both of the buildings are considered remarkable in that they arethe earliest samples from Seljuks which have remained until today,making it available us to track down the developments in Turkisharchitecture. Sınıg Gala Masjid, the first small built after Turks' arrivingin Baku, is still found remarkable since it has statical problems as wellas its slipshod appearance and its huge minarets that is independentlybuilt from the main building. As for the Ashur Masjids, with its twostorey facade and embellished supporting arch seperating the inside, itis undoubtedly a work of a less-developed architectural styleestablishment of the period. However, the most considerable drawbackin both of the vaulted buildings is the practise of gloomy, dim andfailedlocations. As a result, even though they are

  8. İnternet Erişim Özgürlüğünün Kısıtlanması: Türkiye Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme=Restrictions of Internet Access Freedom: An Evaluation Study of Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Türkay Henkoğlu


    Full Text Available Türkiye’de internet erişim engellemeleri ve sansür algısında farklılıkların bulunması, bu konudaki literatüre de yansımaktadır. Literatürde, sınırsız internet erişim özgürlüğü isteyen, 5651 Sayılı Kanun’u eleştiren ve kaldırılması gerektiğini savunan ya da tüm filtreleme ve erişim engellemelerini sansür uygulaması olarak nitelendiren birçok yayın yer almaktadır. Bu çalışmada, Türkiye’de internet erişim özgürlüğünün kısıtlanmasına neden olan uygulamaların, mevcut hukuksal düzenlemeler çerçevesinde değerlendirilmesi amaçlanmıştır. Önceki çalışmalardan farklı olarak, mevzuat, uygulama ve alınan kararlar arasındaki ilişki ayrıntılı olarak incelenmiş, zararlı içeriğe sahip olduğu gerekçesiyle internet sitelerinin erişime kapatılmasının ne kadar başarılı olduğuna yanıt aranmış ve erişim engellemelerinin amacına ulaşabilmesi için neler yapılması gerektiği konusunda önerilerde bulunulmuştur. Ayrıca, alternatif yöntemler aracılığıyla erişime kapatılan sitelere nasıl kolayca erişim sağlanabildiğine dikkat çekilmiş ve bu durumun bilgi erişim özgürlüğü kapsamında hukuksal değerlendirmesi yapılmıştır. Literatürde yer alan eleştirilerin geçerliği hukuksal düzenlemeler, alınan erişim engelleme kararları, Yargıtay kararları ve uygulama sonucunda amaçlanan hedefe ulaşılabilme durumu irdelenerek yeniden değerlendirilmiştir. Elde edilen bulgularda çocuklar için zararlı içerikle mücadele konusunda dünya genelinde ortak irade oluştuğu, ancak Türkiye’de daha kapsamlı mücadelenin saydam olmayan yöntemlerle yürütülmesinden dolayı “sansür uygulaması” algısının oluştuğu görülmektedir. Erişime kapatılan sitelere Türkiye’den erişim istatistikleri 5651 Sayılı Kanun ve uygulanan yöntemin amaçlanan hedefe ulaşmada yetersiz kaldığını göstermektedir. / In Turkey, the fact that there are some

  9. What fraction of white dwarfs are members of binary systems? (United States)

    Holberg, J. B.


    White dwarfs were originally discovered as the subordinate faint companions of bright nearby stars (i.e. Sirius B and 40 Eri B). Several general categories of binary systems involving white dwarfs are recognized: Sirius-like systems, where the white dwarf may be difficult to detect, binary systems containing white dwarfs and low mass stars, where the white dwarf is often readily discerned; and double degenerate systems. Different modes of white dwarf discovery influence our perception of both the overall binary fraction and the nature of these systems; proper motion surveys emphasize resolved systems, while photometric surveys emphasize unresolved systems containing relatively hot white dwarfs. Recent studies of the local white dwarf population offer some hope of achieving realistic estimates of the relative number of binary systems containing white dwarfs. A sample of 132 white dwarfs within 20 pc indicates that an individual white dwarf has a probability of 32 ± 8% of occurring within a binary or multiple star system.

  10. Ortaokul Öğrencilerinin Bilgiye Erişim Aracı Olarak İnternete Yaklaşımları: Betimleyici Bir Çalışma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halise Şerefoğlu Henkoğlu


    Full Text Available Bu çalışma, ortaokul öğrencilerinin bilgi kaynağı olarak internete yaklaşımlarının, bilgi arama sürecinde internetin sunduğu üstünlüklere ilişkin düşüncelerinin, internet ortamında bilgi ararken karşılaştıkları problemlerin ve elde ettikleri bilgiyi kullanma sürecinde kaynak gösterme özelliklerinin belirlenmesi amacıyla gerçekleştirilmiş nitel bir çalışmadır. Çalışmanın amacını gerçekleştirmek için ortaokul beşinci ve altıncı sınıf öğrencileri seçilmiştir. Araştırmanın gerçekleştirildiği ortaokulda öğrenim gören öğrencilerden çalışmaya katılmayı kabul eden 165 öğrenciye 10 adet açık uçlu sorudan oluşan bir form uygulanmış ve elde edilen veriler içerik analizi tekniğinden yararlanılarak analiz edilmiştir. Verilerin analizi sonucunda; öğrencilerin interneti bir bilgi kaynağı olarak nasıl değerlendirdikleri, bilgiye erişiminde internetin sunduğu üstünlükler ve karşılaşılan problemler, öğrencilerin bilgi arama sürecinde internette tercih ettikleri öncelikli kaynaklar ve öğrencilerin kaynak gösterme özellikleri ve kaynak gösterme konusundaki farkındalıkları belirlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Elde edilen bulgular öğrencilerin bilgiye erişimde interneti öncelikli olarak tercih ettiklerini; interneti kolay ulaşılabilen, bilgiye daha hızlı ve rahat bir şekilde erişim olanağı sağlayan ve aranan her türlü bilginin bulunabileceği bir ortam olarak algıladıklarını; internetin sunduğu üstünlüklerin yanı sıra bilgiye erişimde bireyden ve ortamdan kaynaklanan birtakım problemleri de beraberinde getirdiğini ve öğrencilerin internetten bulunan bilgileri ödevlerinde kullanırken kaynak belirtme konusunda yeterli bilince sahip olmadıklarını ortaya koymaktadır.Anahtar Sözcükler: İnternet, bilgi arama, bilgi okuryazarlığı, ortaokul öğrencileri, arama motoruApproaches of Middle School Students to Internet as an

  11. Ehl-i Sünnet Açısından Bilgi ve DeğeriKnowledge and its Value in Terms of the Ahl As-Sunnah

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    ismail yücedağ


    Full Text Available Kelâm ilmînin amacı, dinî inançları kesin deliller kullanarak ispat etmektir. Bu nedenle kelâmcılar Kur’an’ı ve iki kısma ayırdıkları Sünnet’in ilk kısmında yer alan mütevâtir haberleri esas almışlardır. Kelâm ilminde üç bilgi edinme yolu olduğu kabul edilmiştir. Bunlar, beş duyu, akıl ve haber-i sâdık’tır. Bilgi edinme yollarından ilk ikisini oluşturan beş duyu ve akıl ile elde edilen bilgiler ile Sünnet’in ilk kısmında yer alan mütevâtir haberin değeri konusunda İslâm âlimleri arasında bir ihtilâf söz konusu değildir. Hicretin II. asrından itibaren, sünnetin ikinci kısmını oluşturan haber-i vahid’in değeri ve itikâdî konularda delil teşkil edip etmeyeceği konusunda âlimler tarihsel süreç içinde birbirinden farklı görüşler ortaya koymuşlardır. Böylelikle problem günümüze kadar devam etmiştir. Konu hakkında fikir yürüten âlimler, Kelâmcılar ve Selefiyye olmak üzere iki ana gruba ayrılmışlardır. Bu çalışmanın amacı, haber-i vâhid hakkındaki fikir ayrılıklarının nedenlerini, kelâmcılar tarafından bilgi edinme yollarından biri olarak kabul edilen haber-i sâdıkı dikkate alarak araştırmaktır. Abstract The purpose of the Kalam science is to prove the religious beliefs by using definitive evidences. For this reason, the Kalam scholars are inclined to Koran and the mutawatir reports which are included in the first part of Ahl As-Sunnah divided into two parts. In the Kalam science, it has been accepted that there are three ways of attaining knowledge. These are the five senses, intelligence, and precise reports. It is not the case that Islamic scholars have a disagreement on not only knowledges obtained through the five senses and intelligence but the value of mutawatir reports included in the first part of Ahl As-Sunnah. As of the second century of Hegira, the scholars have put forward different opinions about whether the value of

  12. Water data to answer urgent water policy questions: Monitoring design, available data and filling data gaps for determining the effectiveness of agricultural management practices for reducing tributary nutrient loads to Lake Erie (United States)

    Bentanzo, Elin A.; Choquette, Anne F.; Reckhow, Kenneth H.; Hayes, Laura; Hagan, Erik R; Argue, Denise M.; Cangelosi, A.A.


    Throughout its history, the United States has made major investments in assessing natural resources, such as soils, timber, oil and gas, and water. These investments allow policy makers, the private sector and the American public to make informed decisions about cultivating, harvesting or conserving these resources to maximize their value for public welfare, environmental conservation and the economy. As policy issues evolve, new priorities and challenges arise for natural resource assessment, and new approaches to monitoring are needed. For example, informed conservation and use of the nation’s finite fresh water resources in the context of increasingly intensive land development is a priority for today’s policy decisionmakers. There is a need to evaluate whether today’s water monitoring programs are generating the information needed to answer questions surrounding these new policy priorities. The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI), in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program, initiated this project to explore the types and amounts of water data needed to address water-quality related policy questions of critical concern to today’s policy makers. The collaborating entities identified two urgent water policy questions and conducted case studies in the Northeast-Midwest region to determine the water data needed, water data available, and the best ways to fill the data gaps relative to those questions. This report details the output from one case study and focuses on the Lake Erie drainage basin, a data-rich area expected to be a best-case scenario in terms of water data availability.

  13. Imaging tropical peatlands in Indonesia using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity imaging (ERI): implications for carbon stock estimates and peat soil characterization (United States)

    X. Comas; N. Terry; M. Warren; R. Kolka; A. Kristiyono; N. Sudiana; D. Nurjaman; T. Darusman


    Current estimates of carbon (C) storage in peatland systems worldwide indicate that tropical peatlands comprise about 15% of the global peat carbon pool. Such estimates are uncertain due to data gaps regarding organic peat soil thickness, volume and C content. We combined a set of indirect geophysical methods (ground-penetrating radar, GPR, and electrical resistivity...

  14. systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Leonessa


    Full Text Available A nonlinear robust control-system design framework predicated on a hierarchical switching controller architecture parameterized over a set of moving nominal system equilibria is developed. Specifically, using equilibria-dependent Lyapunov functions, a hierarchical nonlinear robust control strategy is developed that robustly stabilizes a given nonlinear system over a prescribed range of system uncertainty by robustly stabilizing a collection of nonlinear controlled uncertain subsystems. The robust switching nonlinear controller architecture is designed based on a generalized (lower semicontinuous Lyapunov function obtained by minimizing a potential function over a given switching set induced by the parameterized nominal system equilibria. The proposed framework robustly stabilizes a compact positively invariant set of a given nonlinear uncertain dynamical system with structured parametric uncertainty. Finally, the efficacy of the proposed approach is demonstrated on a jet engine propulsion control problem with uncertain pressure-flow map data.

  15. Evsel Atıklardan Elde Edilen Kompostun Mısır ve Biberin Gelişimi ve Besin Elementi İçeriğine Etkisi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Derviş AYNACI


    Full Text Available Araştırmada, 1 ay süre ile 10 ayrı haneden mutfak atıkları toplanmış, toplanan evsel atıklardan elde edilen kompostun sera koşullarında mısır ve biber bitkilerinin gelişimi ve besin elementi içeriğine etkisi araştırılmıştır. Deneme 2 kg toprak alan saksılarda yürütülmüş olup, kompostun 6 (0, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 ve 4.00 ton/da dozu uygulanmıştır. Araştırma, 4 paralelli olarak, tesadüf parselleri deneme desenine göre planlanmış ve 2 ay süreyle yürütülmüştür. Araştırma sonunda hasat edilen bitkilerde kuru ağırlık değerleriyle N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn ve Mn konsantrasyonları belirlenmiştir. Uygulanan kompost miktarı arttıkça bitki kuru ağırlığı artmış, biber bitkisinin N konsantrasyonunda 2-2.4 kat arasında artışlar görülmüştür. Mısır bitkisi N konsantrasyonları da kompost dozlarından olumlu etkilenmiş fakat burada dozlar arası fark önemli olmamıştır. Bitkilerde P, K ve Ca konsantrasyonları kompost miktarı arttıkça olumlu yönde etkilenmiş, biberde Fe, Zn ve Mn konsantrasyonları, mısırda ise Mn konsantrasyonu etkisi istatistiksel anlamda önemli bulunmuştur.

  16. Mobiilikehitys : eri alustat ja niiden erot


    Hetekivi, Santeri


    Tämän opinnäytetyön aiheena oli mobiilikehitys kaikilla yleisimmillä alustoilla ja niiden erot. Työn tarkoituksena oli selvittää lukijalle millä ohjelmointitapa ja -alusta yhdistelmällä hänen kannattaisi ruveta ohjelmoimaan mobiilisovellustaan. Työssä käytiin läpi Android, iOS, ja Windows Phone / UWP käyttöjärjestelmät ja näille käyttöjärjestelmille kehitetyt mobiililaitteet. Työssä selvitettiin ero natiiveilla- ja hybridikehitystavoilla. Käytiin läpi myös yle...

  17. Lake Erie Water Level Study. Main Report. (United States)


    from thermal installations (oil, fossil , or nuclear fueled), maximum utilization of the hydroelectric power capacity is economically and environmentally...the factors affecting lake level fluctuations and the study methodology. A popular misconception is that artificial means currently exist which...public information program to eliminate the confusion and misconceptions that currently exist. 3. COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED

  18. Nad pakuvad eri lahendusi / Monica Raud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raud, Monica, 1981-


    Ajakirjade Kirjastuse müügijuht Kristiina Anvelt, TV3 müügidirektor Meelis Järvela, Eesti Päevalehe müügijuht Krista Liiv ja vanem projektijuht Olari Raig, Delfi müügi- ja marketingijuht Allan Sombri ja Eesti Raadio müügijuht Ave Vahemets selgitavad, miks reklaamida jogurtit, spordiklubi ning pesupublit just nende kanali vahendusel

  19. Mammals of Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1994 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The goal of this study is to compile a list of mammals currently living on the refuge property. Habitats and behavioral features of the refuge's mammals were also...

  20. Bat House Project Erie Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The study of bats is a difficult process because of the nature of the bats themselves. Since bats are nocturnal we rarely come in contact with them in our everyday...

  1. Western Lake Erie Restoration Assessment Composite Model (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Well-established conservation planning principles and techniques framed by geodesign were used to assess the restorability of areas that historically supported...

  2. Western Lake Erie Restoration Assessment Dikes (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset is the output of a python script/ArcGIS model that identifes dikes as having a difference in elevation above a certain threshold. If the elevation...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greaves, J. S. [SUPA, Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews, North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS (United Kingdom); Sibthorpe, B.; Holland, W. S. [UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ (United Kingdom); Acke, B.; Vandenbussche, B.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L. [Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, K. U. Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200D, B-3001 Leuven (Belgium); Pantin, E. E. [Laboratoire AIM, CEA/DSM-CNRS-Universit Paris Diderot, IRFU/Service dAstrophysique, Bat.709, CEA-Saclay, F-91191 Gif- sur-Yvette Cedex (France); Olofsson, G.; Brandeker, A.; De Vries, B. L. [Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre, SE-106 91 Stockholm (Sweden); Dominik, C. [Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek, University of Amsterdam, P.O. Box 94249, 1090-GE Amsterdam (Netherlands); Barlow, M. J. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT (United Kingdom); Bendo, G. J. [Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL (United Kingdom); Dent, W. R. F. [ALMA SCO, Alonso de Cordova 3107, Vitacura, Casilla 763 0355, Santiago (Chile); Di Francesco, J. [Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Programs, National Research Council of Canada, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC, V9E 2E7 (Canada); Fridlund, M. [ESA, SRE-SA, Keplerlaan 1, NL-2201 AZ Noordwijk (Netherlands); Gear, W. K. [School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University, Queens Buildings, The Parade, Cardiff CF24 3AA (United Kingdom); Harvey, P. M. [Astronomy Department, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712 (United States); Hogerheijde, M. R. [Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, P.O. Box 9513, 2300-RA Leiden (Netherlands); Ivison, R. J., E-mail: [Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ (United Kingdom); and others


    Far-infrared Herschel images of the ε Eridani system, seen at a fifth of the Sun's present age, resolve two belts of debris emission. Fits to the 160 μm PACS image yield radial spans for these belts of 12-16 and 54-68 AU. The south end of the outer belt is ≈10% brighter than the north end in the PACS+SPIRE images at 160, 250, and 350 μm, indicating a pericenter glow attributable to a planet ''c''. From this asymmetry and an upper bound on the offset of the belt center, this second planet should be mildly eccentric (e{sub c} ≈ 0.03-0.3). Compared to the asteroid and Kuiper Belts of the young Sun, the ε Eri belts are intermediate in brightness and more similar to each other, with up to 20 km sized collisional fragments in the inner belt totaling ≈5% of an Earth mass. This reservoir may feed the hot dust close to the star and could send many impactors through the Habitable Zone, especially if it is being perturbed by the suspected planet ε Eri b, at semi-major axis ≈3 AU.

  4. Şeker İçeriği Yüksek Gıdaların Püskürtülerek Kurutulması: Ürün Kazanımı ve Toz Ürün Özelliklerinin Geliştirilmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Koç


    Full Text Available Gıda endüstrisinde toz formda ürünlerin üretilmesinde kurutma yöntemi olarak en çok tercih edilen püskürtmeli kurutma, şeker içeriği yüksek sıvı gıdaların toz forma dönüştürülmesinde de yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır. Şeker içeriği yüksek ürünlerin püskürtmeli kurutucuda kurutulması esnasında ve/veya sonrasında, yapıda doğal olarak yer alan düşük molekül ağırlıklı mono sakkaritlerden dolayı yapışma, yüksek nem çekişi (higroskopi ve düşük çözünebilirlik gibi istenmeyen durumlar ortaya çıkmaktadır. Bu sorunların temelini şekerlerin düşük camsı geçiş sıcaklığı oluşturmaktadır. Bu derlemede, şeker içeriği yüksek ürünlerin püskürtmeli kurutma yöntemi ile kurutulmasında ortaya çıkan sorunlar, alınması gereken önlemler ve şeker içiriği yüksek bal ve meyve sularının püskürtmeli kurutma yöntemi ile kurutulmasına yönelik çalışmalar hakkında bilgi sunulmaktadır.

  5. Evaluation of the Use of Periodicals Collection of the Higher Education Council Documentation and Online Search Center: Arts and Humanities Periodicals YÖK Dokümantasyon ve Uluslararası Bilgi Tarama Merkezi Koleksiyonundaki Sanat ve Beşeri Bilimler Konulu Süreli Yayınların Kullanım Değerlendirmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elçin Özbudak


    Full Text Available Evaluation of the use perodicals collections in libraries is important as perodicals report the results of the latest scientific research and they are usually more expensive than other types of library materials. In this study we evaluate the use of Arts and Humanities periodicals in the collection of the Higher Education Council Documentation Center. Although the use of Arts and Humanities periodicals was found to be lower than, say, Biomedical periodicals collection, the number of journal titles in Arts and Humanities appears to be quite satisfactory. Some suggestions are made so as to increase the use of Arts and Humanities periodicals collection. Bilimsel araştırmalar için en güncel bilgileri veren ve maliyeti diğer materyallere göre daha fazla olan süreli yayınların ne oranda kullanıldığının araştırılması, koleksiyon değerlendirmesi açısından önemlidir. Bu amaçla, Yükseköğretim Kurulu Dokümantasyon ve Uluslararası Bilgi Tarama Merkezi süreli yayınlar koleksiyonunun genel bir değerlendirmesi yapılarak "Sanat ve Beşeri Bilimler" konulu süreli yayınların kullanımları incelenmiş, Yükseköğretim Kurulu Dokümantasyon ve Uluslararası Bilgi Tarama Merkezi 'nde önemli ve büyük bir süreli yayınlar koleksiyonu bulunduğu, "Sanat ve Beşeri Bilimler" konulu süreli yayınların da yeterli olduğu sonuçları çıkartılmıştır. "Sanat ve Beşeri Bilimler" konulu süreli yayınların kullanımlarının nispeten düşük oluşu, bu alanda çalışan araştırmacıların süreli yayınlara yeterince ilgi göstermemelerine bağlanarak, kullanımı artırmak için öneriler getirilmiştir.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Swarnalatha


    Full Text Available Risk analysis of urban aquatic systems due to heavy metals turns significant due to their peculiar properties viz. persis tence, non-degradab ility, toxicity, and accumulation. Akkulam Veli (AV, an urba n tropical lake in south India is subjected to various environmental stresses due to multiple waste discharge, sand mining, developmental activities, tour ism related activitie s etc. Hence, a comprehensive approach is adopted for risk assessment using modified degree of contamination factor, toxicity units based on numerical sediment quality guidelines (SQGs, and potentialecological risk indices. The study revealed the presence of toxic metals such as Cr, C d, Pb and As and the lake is rated under ‘low ecological risk’ category.

  7. system (United States)

    Garcilazo, H.; Valcarce, A.; Vijande, J.


    Using local central Yukawa-type Malfliet-Tjon interactions reproducing the low-energy parameters and phase shifts of the nn system, and the latest updates of the nΛ and ΛΛ Nijmegen ESC08c potentials, we study the possible existence of a bound state. Our results indicate that the is unbound, being just above threshold. We discuss the role played by the 1 S 0 nn repulsive term of the Yukawa-type Malfliet-Tjon interaction. Supported by COFAA-IPN (México), Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad and EU FEDER (FPA2013-47443, FPA2015-69714-REDT, FPA2016-77177), Junta de Castilla y León (SA041U16) and Generalitat Valenciana PrometeoII/2014/066

  8. 77 FR 68073 - Prevailing Rate Systems; Redefinition of the St. Louis, MO; Southern Missouri; Cleveland, OH; and... (United States)


    ... Shannon Stoddard Stone Taney Texas Vernon Wayne Wright * * * * * NEW MEXICO Albuquerque Survey Area New... Allegheny National Forest portion) Erie Fayette Forest (Does not include the Allegheny National Forest...

  9. Bazı Meşe ve Gül Türlerinde Galli ve Galsiz Bireylerdeki, Total Protein İçeriğinin Farklı Yöntemler Kullanılarak Araştırılması

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sevgi Daştan


    Full Text Available Özet. Parazit veya simbiyoz olarak bitki üzerinde yaşayan böcek, nematod, akar, bakteri ya da mantarların neden olduğu tahriş ve beslenme fizyolojisinden doğan olumsuzluklara karşı bitkilerin savunma tepkimesi olarak oluşturdukları anormal büyüme şekli gal olarak tanımlanmaktadır. En kompleks, en iyi organize olmuş gallerin birçoğu, gal arıları (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae tarafından meydana getirilirler. En çok tanınan cynipid galleri gül ve meşelerde yer almaktadır. Bu çalışmada; Sivas çevresinde yetişen, bazı meşe ve gül türlerinin, gal oluşturmayan ve yoğun olarak sürgün ve meyva gali oluşturan bireylerinden yaprak, meyva ve sürgün gal örnekleri toplanmıştır. Yaprak, meyva ve gallerdeki total protein miktarları, Bradford Mikro Assay, Biüret, Lowry yöntemleri ve ayrıca Ultraviyole (UV spektrofotometresi kullanılarak 280 nm de ölçümleri yapılmak suretiyle hesaplanmıştır. Bu şekilde elde edilen veriler üzerinden hem galli ve galsiz bireyler arasındaki protein miktarları açısından farklılıklar hem de kullanılan dört farklı yöntem arasındaki farklılıklar karşılaştırılmıştır. Yapılan deneyler sonucunda; galli bireylerdeki total protein miktarının galsiz bireylere göre anlamlı şekilde fazla olduğu saptanmıştır. Yine meşelerdeki protein içeriğinin güllerdeki protein içeriğine göre yaklaşık 2 katı değerlerde olduğu tespit edilmiştir. Aylara göre protein içeriğindeki farklılıklara baktığımızda ise, meşeler için eylül ayında, kuşburnu bitkisi için ise ağustos ayında daha fazla protein içeriği tespit edilmiştir. Anahtar Kelimeler: Gal, Rosa sp., Quercus sp., Cynipidae, Total protein içeriği Abstract. Plant galls are an abnormal growth pattern that plants develop as a defense reaction to irritations and negative nutritional physiology caused by insects, nematodes, mites, bacteria and fungi living in a parasitic or symbiotic

  10. The MTA UXO Survey and Target Recovery on Lake Erie at the Former Erie Army Depot (United States)


    species include the black widow and the brown or violin spiders. The black widow is a coal-black bulbous spider about ¾-inch in length, with a bright...brown or violin spider is brownish to tan in color, rather flat, about 5/8-inch long with a dark brown “ violin ” shape on the top. Of the brown spider...there are three varieties found in the United States, which present a problem to site personnel. These are the brown recluse, the desert violin

  11. In situ particle characterization and evidence of ubiquitous particle orientation in the ocean using a submersible holographic imaging system (Conference Presentation) (United States)

    Nayak, Aditya R.; McFarland, Malcolm N.; Stockley, Nicole D.; Twardowski, Michael S.; Sullivan, James M.


    Field experiments with the goal of characterizing aquatic particle properties, including size distributions and orientations in their natural environment, were conducted using a submersible holographic imaging system (HOLOCAM). Digital holography is a non-intrusive technique that allows particle fields to be mapped within a 3-D sampling volume at high resolution. The HOLOCAM was deployed at East Sound, a fjord in the US Pacific Northwest, and Lake Erie over three separate deployments from 2013 to 2015. A database of more than a million particles in the 100-10000 µm size range of varying shape and orientation was created after processing holograms. Furthermore, simultaneous, co-located acoustic Doppler velocimeter measurements of small-scale shear and turbulence structure were used to study the effects of the ambient flow field on particle orientation. Several interesting features presented themselves, with a Microcystis bloom dominating the surface layer of Lake Erie, while `thin layers' of high particle concentrations dominated by colonial diatoms were seen in East Sound. Particle size distribution (PSD) slopes in the 50-250 µm size range were 1.7-1.9, while for particles optics as random particle orientation is inherently assumed in theory and models. Preferential alignment can increase/decrease optical properties such as backscattering and attenuation relative to random distributions.

  12. Telemetry narrows the search for sea lamprey spawning locations in the St. Clair-Detroit River System (United States)

    Holbrook, Christopher; Jubar, Aaron K.; Barber, Jessica M.; Tallon, Kevin; Hondorp, Darryl W.


    Adult sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) abundance in Lake Erie has remained above targets set by fishery managers since 2005, possibly due to increased recruitment in the St. Clair-Detroit River System (SCDRS). Sea lamprey recruitment in the SCDRS poses an enormous challenge to sea lamprey control and assessment in Lake Erie because the SCDRS contains no dams to facilitate capture and discharge is at least an order of magnitude larger in the SCDRS than most other sea lamprey-producing tributaries in the Great Lakes. As a first step toward understanding population size, spatial distribution, and spawning habitat of adult sea lampreys in the SCDRS, we used acoustic telemetry to determine where sea lampreys ceased migration (due to spawning, death, or both) among major regions of the SCDRS. All tagged sea lampreys released in the lower Detroit River (N = 27) moved upstream through the Detroit River and entered Lake St. Clair. After entering Lake St. Clair, sea lampreys entered the St. Clair River (N = 22), Thames River (N = 1), or were not detected again (N = 4). Many sea lampreys (10 of 27) were last observed moving downstream (“fallback”) but we were unable to determine if those movements occurred before or after spawning, or while sea lampreys were dead or alive. Regardless of whether estimates of locations where sea lampreys ceased migration were based on the most upstream region occupied or final region occupied, most sea lampreys ceased migration in the St. Clair River or Lake St. Clair. Results suggest that spawning and rearing in the St. Clair River could be an important determinant of sea lamprey recruitment in the SCDRS and may direct future assessment and control activities in that system.

  13. Toplumsal Cinsiyet Bağlamında Türkiye’de Kadınların Bestecilik Eğitimine Erişimi ve Bestecilik Kariyeri Women’s Access to Composition Education and Career of Composition in Turkey in the Context in Gender

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zeynep Gülçin ÖZKİŞİ


    Full Text Available Expectations and attitudes related to gender roles are important factors in accessing education, career choices and careers of women and men. Throughout the music history literature, musical creativity has been always accounted to male artists, whereas women are mostly accepted as prominent and talented music performers. The scarcity of women composers in musical canon is caused by several social, cultural and economic factors. The myth of female incapacity for musical creativity, which was rather a strong prejudice until the mid of 20th century and women’s limited access to musical education in the area of composition were among these factors. Although to a lesser extent, gender and gender-based inequality in educational and professional guidance, continues today, as well. Women’s access to composition education and, affects of gender and gender roles to choice of career in the case of composition; profiles of students in the context of gender in general music and composition schools which offer undergraduate composition programmes on Europian academic music are analysed. The lists of students who graduated from these institutions since their foundations are examined on the basis of gender and the numbers of graduate girls/boys are obtained and comprised. The gender profile of age to start composition education in the institutions of undergraduate composition education and academicians who born in 1960-1977 and received an undergraduate education of composition are observed. Cinsiyet rollerine ilişkin beklenti ve tutumlar, kadınlar ve erkeklerin eğitime erişimleri, meslek seçimleri ve kariyerlerinde önemli birer faktördür. Müzik tarihi literatüründe kadınlar, önemli müzik icracıları olarak kabul görürken, bestecilik ve müzikal yaratıcılık, daha çok erkeklerle ilişkilendirilen bir alan olarak karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Bestecilik özelinde, kadınların müzikal kanonda erkeklere oranla daha az yer buluyor olmalar

  14. Geologic cross section C-C' through the Appalachian basin from Erie County, north-central Ohio, to the Valley and Ridge province, Bedford County, south-central Pennsylvania (United States)

    Ryder, Robert T.; Trippi, Michael H.; Swezey, Christopher S.; Crangle, Robert D.; Hope, Rebecca S.; Rowan, Elisabeth L.; Lentz, Erika E.


    Geologic cross section C-C' is the third in a series of cross sections constructed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to document and improve understanding of the geologic framework and petroleum systems of the Appalachian basin. Cross section C-C' provides a regional view of the structural and stratigraphic framework of the Appalachian basin from north-central Ohio to the Valley and Ridge province in south-central Pennsylvania, a distance of approximately 260 miles (mi). This cross section is a companion to cross sections E-E' and D-D' that are located about 50 to 125 mi and 25 to 50 mi, respectively, to the southwest. Cross section C-C' contains much information that is useful for evaluating energy resources in the Appalachian basin. Although specific petroleum systems are not identified on the cross section, many of their key elements (such as source rocks, reservoir rocks, seals, and traps) can be inferred from lithologic units, unconformities, and geologic structures shown on the cross section. Other aspects of petroleum systems (such as the timing of petroleum generation and preferred migration pathways) may be evaluated by burial history, thermal history, and fluid flow models based on what is shown on the cross section. Cross section C-C' also provides a general framework (stratigraphic units and general rock types) for the coal-bearing section, although the cross section lacks the detail to illustrate key elements of coal systems (such as paleoclimate, coal quality, and coal rank). In addition, cross section C-C' may be used as a reconnaissance tool to identify plausible geologic structures and strata for the subsurface storage of liquid waste or for the sequestration of carbon dioxide.

  15. 78 FR 21515 - Prevailing Rate Systems; Redefinition of the St. Louis, MO; Southern Missouri; Cleveland, OH; and... (United States)


    ... Scott Shannon Stoddard Stone Taney Texas Vernon Wayne Wright * * * * * NEW MEXICO Albuquerque Survey... include the Allegheny National Forest portion) Erie Fayette Forest (Does not include the Allegheny National Forest portion) Greene Huntingdon Indiana Jefferson Lawrence Potter Somerset Venango West Virginia...

  16. Recently, several critical accounts of marine fish- eries management ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    SASMIA), Christy & Sons, P.O. Box 452, Humansdorp 6300, South Africa. 5 Department of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom. 6 Department of Marine Biology, James Cook University, Townsville, 4811 ...

  17. Asiakaskysely puukaupan eri muodoista Kuhmo Oy:n sahan asiakkaille


    Väisänen, Antti


    Asiakaskyselyissä pyritään selvittämään asiakkaiden mielikuvaa yrityksen toiminnasta. Kyselyn perusteella voidaan kehittää toimintaa ja nostaa asiakastyytyväisyyttä. Metsätaloudessa asiakastyytyväisyydellä on suuri merkitys, koska uusia asiakassuhteita solmitaan vuosittain vain vähän. Pääasiassa metsänomistajilla on jo mielikuva yrityksestä ennen ensimmäistä yhteydenottoa puunhankintaorganisaatioon. Tässä opinnäytetyössä tavoitteena oli selvittää syitä, miksi puunmyyjät valitsivat juuri K...

  18. Floodplain Mapping for Erie County, New York, USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Floodplain Mapping/Redelineation study deliverables depict and quantify the flood risks for the study area. The primary risk classifications used are the...

  19. Hitsausenergian hallinta korkealujuusteräksillä eri hitsausasennoissa


    Myllymäki, Harri


    Tämä opinnäytetyö on osa Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulun Ohutlevykeskuksessa, Ruukki Construction Oy:ssä ja Tampereen teknillisessä yliopistossa tehtävää teräsrakenteisiin liittyvää tutkimusta. Sen tarkoituksena oli tutkia korkealujuusteräksestä tehtyjen ristikkoliitoksien hitsausaikoja ja ristikkorakenteiden liitosten hitsauksiin liittyvien hitsausparametrien vaikutusta hitsausliitoksiin. Opinnäytetyössä tehtiin empiiristä tutkimusta hitsaussaumojen koehitsauksista, ja näin saatiin tutkimustu...

  20. Understanding local differences in small - scale fish- eries: a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    they are utilised in a sustainable manner (Pauly 2008). Fishing is widely recognised as having a major ...... prices offered by wholesale buyers and restaurants in Antsira- nana provides an attractive location for fishers to ... Improving the sustainability of fisheries within Antsiranana. Bay by reducing the overexploitation of fish ...

  1. DCS Hydraulics Submission for Erie County New York (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Recent developments in digital terrain and geospatial database management technology make it possible to protect this investment for existing and future projects to...

  2. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume IV. Physical, (United States)


    Periodic taste and odor at the Cleveland, Ohio, Crown water treatment plant prompted investigation of the role microorga- nisms play in the problem. Fungi...bottom muds, the extent of which needs to be determined. Another harmful result extending over a considerable area ac- crues from a reduction, a review of offshore drilling methods, a list of active exploration companies, and a brief statement on Crown leasings. (CCIW) 402. Kohli, B. S

  3. Lake Erie Water Level Study. Appendix F. Environmental Effects. (United States)


    sp. sedge/meadow: sedge Carex sp. beggar tick Bidens sp. canary grass Phalaris sp. bluejoint Calamagrostis sp. shrub/tree: willow Salix sr. dogwood...turnstone ( Arenaria interpres) Rare inland from sea. Shortbilled dowitche. (Limnodromus griseus) Very rare inland. Longbilled dowitcher (Limnodromus

  4. Inarritu "Paabel" - eri keeled, sarnane hing / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Mängufilm "Paabel" ("Babel") : stsenarist Guillermo Arriaga : režissöör Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, võitis Cannes'is parima režissööri auhinna : peaosades Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Koji Yokusho : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2006

  5. Eri valmistajien tietoverkkokytkimien yhteensopivuus Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun verkossa


    Tikkanen, Ville


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli testata ja arvioida toisen tason Dell Networking N2048P -kytkimen yhteensopivuutta ja toimivuutta Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun tietoverkossa. Kytkintä arvioitiin tutustumalla kytkimen teknisiin ominaisuuksiin ja yhteensopivuuteen Ciscon Inc:n valmistamien tietoverkkolaitteiden kanssa, joista Savonian-ammattikorkeakoulun tietoverkko koostuu. Työn avulla selvitettiin, tulisiko Savonian-ammattikorkeakoulun käyttää Dell N2048P -tietoverkkokytkimiä tietoverkossaan. ...

  6. Filmifestival viib vaataja maailma eri nurkadesse / Kerttu Jänese

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jänese, Kerttu, 1981-


    V festivali "Maailmafilm", mis algab 24. märtsil Eesti Rahva Muuseumi näitusemajas Tartus, tutvustab selle tegevjuht Taavi Tatsi. Filmidest : esilinastuvad Meelis Muhu "Aljosha" ja Liivo Niglase, Diane Perlovi ja Frode Storaasi "Kalarahvas". Kavas on ka kolm eriprogrammi: kirjanikud filmis, klassiku Timothy Aschi looming ja 8 filmi inimesest linnas

  7. Airborne Monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms over Lake Erie (United States)

    Tokars, Roger; Lekki, John


    The Hyperspectral Imager mounted to an aircraft was used to develop a remote sensing capability to detect the pigment Phycocyanin, an indicator of Microcystis, in low concentration as an early indicator of harmful algal bloom prediction.

  8. Annual Water Management Program 1987 Erie National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The management of water levels on refuge impoundments is critical in meeting refuge waterfowl objectives. These objectives are: 1) Provide nesting habitat for...

  9. Viis näitust haaravad eri aastasadu / Margus Haav

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Haav, Margus, 1969-


    Viljandi uue kunsti muuseumis avati fotograaf Ain Kimberi aktinäitus "Igavene teema", Johann Christoph Brotze pärandit tutvustav näitus, Belgia fotokunstniku Patavoli "Taevariik", Valgevene kunstniku Valeri Slauki litograafiad ning kunstitudengite Eva Järve ja Liis Dvorjanski kineetilised heinakuhjad

  10. Eri huvidega õdedest on perearstipraksises palju abi / Marina Lohk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lohk, Marina


    Kvaliteedisüsteemis häid tulemusi saavutanud perearstid Marika Hiiemaa, Liivia Lipp, Age Margus, Piret Leht, Katrin Abel ja Viktoria Ilves tunnustavad tublisid pereõdesid, ilma kelleta neil poleks võimalik oma tööd niivõrd eeskujulikult teha

  11. 77 FR 1550 - Environmental Impact Statement: Erie County, NY (United States)


    ... issuing a Final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Peace Bridge Expansion Project in the city... Identification Number: 5753.58). The Peace Bridge Expansion Project (project) is a proposal for operational...

  12. Assessment of Millennium Pipeline Project Lake Erie Crossing (United States)


    linear fit to the Ramberg – Osgood formulation, ε = (σ/E)[1 + α(σ/σy)n–1], where ε is the strain, σ is the applied stress, E is the elastic modulus, α...pipeline are all considered. The finite-element analyses were conducted using ABAQUS /Standard. The soil/pipeline interaction model (Fig. 6.1) was

  13. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume III. Engineering, (United States)


    678 Hydrology- Siltation - 14, 30, 45 111, 172, 173, 268, 306, 315, 318, 346, 367, 393, 459, 459, 591, 673 Hydrology-Stratification - 82, 92, 102, 115...and Sandusky Harbours , Ohio. Pub. 205. 541 p. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 1972. River Rouge flood control project, Wayne County, Michigan (Draft

  14. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume II. Chemical, (United States)


    Deforestation and prairie burning led to erosion and siltation of valuable spawning grounds. Marsh spawning areas were drained. Lake-to-river spawning migra... siltation of valuable spawning grounds. Marsh spawning areas were drained. Lake-to-river spawning migrations of sturgeon, walleye, and other fishes al, No. 98. Speakman, James N. - See: Gary A. Ritchie, No. 278. 125 302. Steggles, W. A. and J. Thon. 1968. Effects of waste discharges on harbour

  15. A computational model of the human hand 93-ERI-053

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hollerbach, K.; Axelrod, T.


    The objectives of the Computational Hand Modeling project were to prove the feasibility of the Laboratory`s NIKE3D finite element code to orthopaedic problems. Because of the great complexity of anatomical structures and the nonlinearity of their behavior, we have focused on a subset of joints of the hand and lower extremity and have developed algorithms to model their behavior. The algorithms developed here solve fundamental problems in computational biomechanics and can be expanded to describe any other joints of the human body. This kind of computational modeling has never successfully been attempted before, due in part to a lack of biomaterials data and a lack of computational resources. With the computational resources available at the National Laboratories and the collaborative relationships we have established with experimental and other modeling laboratories, we have been in a position to pursue our innovative approach to biomechanical and orthopedic modeling.

  16. 23. IX korraldab Vaala galerii kunstioksjoni "Väliseesti eri"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Oksjonil on esindatud Eerik Haamer, Jaan Grünberg, Arno Vihalemm, Eduard Wiiralt, Ruth Tulving, Endel Kõks, Harald Jürissaar, Otto Paas, Ville Tops, Otto Puusta. Töödega saab tutvuda alates 18. IX, traditsiooniline sügisoksjon toimub 18. XI

  17. Environmental Assessment Revised Hunting Plan Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1987 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — In 1984 a serious review of the existing plans led to a decision to completely post the boundary and make the necessary revisions/addendums to the hunting plan that...

  18. Lake Erie Water Level Study. Appendix D. Commercial Navigation. (United States)


    States fleet were derived in a manner similar to that described for the Canadian Fleet, which is presented in a subsequent section (Canadian Fleet - Ave ...rAPAC:VCP(L)-(VL(L)*(VL(L).&.ATER)) C tMq TpPPCTQ(I,j)*TRCn-F/ rAPAC Q’TLF =TPTI1*ArL(r3) ~ * TQIP*TLU(L) C CO’ST IF! PTi4TEI) 7N or-LLIONS OF DrILL1’RS

  19. Kleeppildid seksuaalse sättumuse eri tahkudest

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kunstifestivali Lift 2011 raames esitletakse 13. juulil Tallinnas Märzi projektiruumis kunstnike ja aktivistide loodud "Queer-kleepekakogu". Vestlusringis osalevad kuraatorid-kunstnikud Anna-Stina Treumund ja Jaanus Samma ning kleeppiltide autorid

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  1. Operation and Maintence, Vermilion Harbor, Erie County, Ohio. (United States)


    gestion at the foot of Main Street in fzbnt of the Great Lakes Museum. For us adjacent to the pier, it will be the problem of the public, their litter...communication with Ray Full, Owner of Kishman Fish Co., Vermiliin, OH, 20 June 1975. 85 Persona - communication with Barbara Wood, Secretary, Mayor’s Office...City Hall, Vermilion, OH, 17 June 1975. 86 Persona ’ communication with Leo Stritather, Operator, Vermili,,n Water Dept., Vermilion, OH, 17 June 1975

  2. Uudised : Eesti muusikud Iisraelis. Eri Klas ja RAM Tamperes. EK loomenõukogu esimeheks Eri Klas / Priit Kuusk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    5.-9. jaan. Iisraelis toimunud neljal kontserdil soleerisid P. Lill ja M. Palm, The Israel Sinfoniettat dirigeeris E. Klas. 28. jaan. tähistas Tampere Linnaorkester kontserdiga Tampere-talos oma 70. aastapäeva peadirigent E. Klasi juhatusel ja RAMi kaastegevusel. 31. jaan. toimus kultuuriministeeriumis Eesti Kontserdi loomenõukogu uue koosseisu 1. koosolek, kus nõukogu esimeheks valiti E. Klas

  3. Advanced Ultra-Violet (UV) Aircraft Fire Detection System. Volume 3. Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for System Check-Out (United States)


    Springer, Program Manager, directed the efforts of P.H. Lang , W.B. Kirk, B.B. Witte, D.C. Nelson, and J. Phillips. The overall effort was under the...50-078 7.. .. . .Erie. 333 Jumpers. plug-in ... . .-........ .....51.18194 Serg . 65474-002 J3 .... . Printhead connector

  4. Moons of the solar system from giant Ganymede to dainty Dactyl

    CERN Document Server

    Hall III, James A


    This book captures the complex world of planetary moons, which are more diverse than Earth's sole satellite might lead you to believe. New missions continue to find more of these planetary satellites, making an up to date guide more necessary than ever.  Why do Mercury and Venus have no moons at all? Earth's  Moon, of course, is covered in the book with highly detailed maps. Then we move outward to the moons of Mars, then on to many of the more notable asteroid moons, and finally to a list of less-notable ones. All the major moons of the gas giant planets are covered in great detail, while the lesser-known satellites of these worlds are also touched on.  Readers will learn of the remarkable trans-Neptunian Objects – Pluto, Eris, Sedna, Quaoar –including many of those that have been given scant attention in the literature. More than just objects to read about, the planets' satellites provide us with important information about the history of the solar system. Projects to help us learn more abo...

  5. Oceanographic and surface meteorological data collected from Dunkirk Buoy, Lake Erie, by State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and assembled by Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the Great Lakes region from 2014-07-01 to 2015-10-26 (NODC Accession 0123655) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0123655 contains oceanographic and surface meteorological data in netCDF formatted files, which follow the Climate and Forecast metadata convention...

  6. Oceanographic and surface meteorological data collected from station RECON Erie, Cleveland (CLV), by Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and assembled by Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the Great Lakes region from 2014-07-24 to 2016-06-30 (NODC Accession 0123652) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0123652 contains oceanographic and surface meteorological data in netCDF formatted files, which follow the Climate and Forecast metadata convention...

  7. Airborne Hyperspectral Sensing of Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes Region: System Calibration and Validation (United States)

    Lekki, John; Anderson, Robert; Avouris, Dulcinea; Becker, RIchard; Churnside, James; Cline, Michael; Demers, James; Leshkevich, George; Liou, Larry; Luvall, Jeffrey; hide


    Harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie have been prominent in recent years. The bloom in 2014 reached a severe level causing the State of Ohio to declare a state of emergency. At that time NASA Glenn Research Center was requested by stakeholders to help monitor the blooms in Lake Erie. Glenn conducted flights twice a week in August and September and assembled and distributed the HAB information to the shoreline water resource managers using its hyperspectral imaging sensor (in development since 2006), the S??3 Viking aircraft, and funding resources from the NASA Headquarters Earth Science Division. Since then, the State of Ohio, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have elevated their funding and activities for observing, monitoring, and addressing the root cause of HABs. Also, the communities and stakeholders have persistently requested NASA Glenn??s participation in HAB observation. Abundant field campaigns and sample analyses have been funded by Ohio and NOAA, which provided a great opportunity for NASA to advance science and airborne hyperspectral remote sensing economically. Capitalizing on this opportunity to advance the science of algal blooms and remote sensing, NASA Glenn conducted the Airborne Hyperspectral Observation of harmful algal blooms campaign in 2015 that was, in many respects, twice as large as the 2014 campaign. Focusing mostly on Lake Erie, but also including other small inland lakes and the Ohio River, the campaign was conducted in partnership with a large number of partners specializing in marine science and remote sensing. Airborne hyperspectral observation of HABs holds promise to distinguish potential HABs from nuisance blooms, determine their concentrations, and delineate their movement in an augmented spatial and temporal resolution and under clouds??all of which are excellent complements to satellite observations. Working with collaborators at several Ohio and Michigan

  8. System Budgets

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jeppesen, Palle


    The lecture note is aimed at introducing system budgets for optical communication systems. It treats optical fiber communication systems (six generations), system design, bandwidth effects, other system impairments and optical amplifiers.......The lecture note is aimed at introducing system budgets for optical communication systems. It treats optical fiber communication systems (six generations), system design, bandwidth effects, other system impairments and optical amplifiers....

  9. Immune System (United States)

    ... Counselors Kidney Stones Brain and Nervous System Immune System KidsHealth > For Teens > Immune System Print A A ... put us out of commission. What the Immune System Does The immune (pronounced: ih-MYOON) system, which ...

  10. System Identification

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Keesman, K.J.


    Summary System Identification Introduction.- Part I: Data-based Identification.- System Response Methods.- Frequency Response Methods.- Correlation Methods.- Part II: Time-invariant Systems Identification.- Static Systems Identification.- Dynamic Systems Identification.- Part III: Time-varying

  11. Extensions to the energy system GMM model: An overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barreto, L.; Kypreos, S


    This report describes recent extensions to the energy-systems GMM (Global Multiregional MARKAL) model undertaken by the Energy Economics Group (EEG) of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland (hereon referred to as PSI-EEG) in the context of the SAPIENTIA project sponsored by the European Commission (DG Research) and the Swiss National Centre for Competence in Research on Climate (NCCR-Climate). GMM is a multi-regional 'bottom-up' energy-systems optimization model that endogenizes technology learning. The model has been developed and is used at PSI-EEG. The main extensions undertaken here concern the incorporation of a clusters approach to technology learning, the introduction of an improved representation of the transportation sector with emphasis on the passenger sub-sector and the implementation of marginal abatement curves for CH{sub 4} and N{sub 2}O, two main non-CO{sub 2} greenhouse gases. Also, a linear representation of the atmospheric concentration of CO{sub 2}, CH{sub 4} and N{sub 2}O has been included. Other changes are related to the inclusion of additional technologies for production of synthetic fuels (hydrogen and Fischer- Tropsch liquids) and the inclusion of CO{sub 2} capture in fossil-based and biomass-based hydrogen production. Several of the developments described here follow the work of Turton and Barreto (2004, 2006) for the ERIS model at the Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies (ECS) Program of IIASA. The remainder of this report is organized as follows. Section 2 describes the basic structure of the GMM model, the main assumptions for the scenario developed and the basic approach to endogenize technology learning in the model and examine the effects of R+D and D+D programs. Section 3 discusses the implementation of technology clusters and describes the key components chosen here. Section 4 presents the improvements to the transportation sector with emphasis on the passenger car subsector. Section 5 briefly

  12. Reactive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    A reactive system comprises networks of computing components, achieving their goals through interaction among themselves and their environment. Thus even relatively small systems may exhibit unexpectedly complex behaviours. As moreover reactive systems are often used in safety critical systems, t...

  13. Data Systems vs. Information Systems


    Amatayakul, Margret K.


    This paper examines the current status of “hospital information systems” with respect to the distinction between data systems and information systems. It is proposed that the systems currently existing are incomplete data dystems resulting in ineffective information systems.

  14. Multibody Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wagner, Falko Jens


    Multibody Systems is one area, in which methods for solving DAEs are of special interst. This chapter is about multibody systems, why they result in DAE systems and what kind of problems that can arise when dealing with multibody systems and formulating their corresponding DAE system.......Multibody Systems is one area, in which methods for solving DAEs are of special interst. This chapter is about multibody systems, why they result in DAE systems and what kind of problems that can arise when dealing with multibody systems and formulating their corresponding DAE system....

  15. Starting From Ground Zero (United States)

    Fischer, William B.; Stauffer, Robert A.


    Erie County Community College (New York) has developed a zero-based program budgeting system to meet current fiscal problems and diminished resources. The system allocates resources on the basis of program effectiveness and market potential. (LH)

  16. Lymph system (United States)

    Lymphatic system ... neck, under the arms, and groin. The lymph system includes the: Tonsils Adenoids Spleen Thymus ... JE, Flynn JA, Solomon BS, Stewart RW. Lymphatic system. In: Ball JW, Dains JE, Flynn JA, Solomon ...

  17. Operating Systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    computer networks and also in Internet security concepts. Keywords. Operating systems, file sys- tems, time-shared systems. GENERAL I ARTICLE. Operating Systems. 1. Objectives and Evolution. M Suresh Babu. In this article we examine the objectives and fun.ctions of operating systems, and then we trace the evolution ...

  18. Bitcoin System


    Jan Lánský


    Cryptocurrency systems are purely digital and decentralized systems that use cryptographic principles to confirm transactions. Bitcoin is the first and also the most widespread cryptocurrency. The aim of this article is to introduce Bitcoin system using a language understandable also to readers without computer science education. This article captures the Bitcoin system from three perspectives: internal structure, network and users. Emphasis is placed on brief and clear definitions (system co...

  19. Reactive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    A reactive system comprises networks of computing components, achieving their goals through interaction among themselves and their environment. Thus even relatively small systems may exhibit unexpectedly complex behaviours. As moreover reactive systems are often used in safety critical systems......, the need for mathematically based formal methodology is increasingly important. There are many books that look at particular methodologies for such systems. This book offers a more balanced introduction for graduate students and describes the various approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and when...

  20. Systems effectiveness

    CERN Document Server

    Habayeb, A R


    Highlights three principal applications of system effectiveness: hardware system evaluation, organizational development and evaluation, and conflict analysis. The text emphasizes the commonality of the system effectiveness discipline. The first part of the work presents a framework for system effectiveness, partitioning and hierarchy of hardware systems. The second part covers the structure, hierarchy, states, functions and activities of organizations. Contains an extended Appendix on mathematical concepts and also several project suggestions.

  1. Screening Analysis for the Environmental Risk Evaluation System Fiscal Year 2011 Report Environmental Effects of Offshore Wind Energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Copping, Andrea E.; Hanna, Luke A.


    Potential environmental effects of offshore wind (OSW) energy development are not well understood, and yet regulatory agencies are required to make decisions in spite of substantial uncertainty about environmental impacts and their long-term consequences. An understanding of risks associated with interactions between OSW installations and avian and aquatic receptors, including animals, habitats, and ecosystems, can help define key uncertainties and focus regulatory actions and scientific studies on interactions of most concern. During FY 2011, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) scientists adapted and applied the Environmental Risk Evaluation System (ERES), first developed to examine the effects of marine and hydrokinetic energy devices on aquatic environments, to offshore wind development. PNNL scientists conducted a risk screening analysis on two initial OSW cases: a wind project in Lake Erie and a wind project off the Atlantic coast of the United States near Atlantic City, New Jersey. The screening analysis revealed that top-tier stressors in the two OSW cases were the dynamic effects of the device (e.g., strike), accidents/disasters, and effects of the static physical presence of the device, such as alterations in bottom habitats. Receptor interactions with these stressors at the highest tiers of risk were dominated by threatened and endangered animals. Risk to the physical environment from changes in flow regime also ranked high. Peer review of this process and results will be conducted during FY 2012. The ERES screening analysis provides an assessment of the vulnerability of environmental receptors to stressors associated with OSW installations; a probability analysis is needed to determine specific risk levels to receptors. As more data become available that document effects of offshore wind farms on specific receptors in U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters, probability analyses will be performed.

  2. Bitcoin System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jan Lánský


    Full Text Available Cryptocurrency systems are purely digital and decentralized systems that use cryptographic principles to confirm transactions. Bitcoin is the first and also the most widespread cryptocurrency. The aim of this article is to introduce Bitcoin system using a language understandable also to readers without computer science education. This article captures the Bitcoin system from three perspectives: internal structure, network and users. Emphasis is placed on brief and clear definitions (system components and their mutual relationships. A new system view of the stated terms constitutes author’s own contribution.

  3. Measuring Earth's Radiation Imbalance using Cubesat Constellations (United States)

    Collins, W. D.; Courtade, S.; Immel, T. J.; Feldman, D.; Lorentz, S. R.; Dyrud, L. P.


    At present, the global annual-mean Earth Radiation Imbalance (ERI) is estimated to be of order 1 W/m2, although the uncertainty in ERI is much larger than this estimate. The best current satellite-only observational determinations of ERI range from -2 to +7 W/m2 unless major adjustments are made using ocean observations. Since measurements of ERI accurate to better than 0.5 W/m2 are essential for understanding and predicting changes in our climate, new missions to determine ERI in conjunction with ongoing ocean observations are urgently needed. These missions should reliably determine Earth's radiation balance at the temporal and spatial scales sufficient for relating ERI to the physical processes responsible for variability. The compelling objective of measuring ERI can be met using a constellation of satellites making global, high-frequency radiation measurements of the solar energy reflected and infrared energy radiated back to space with sufficient accuracy to determine the ERI to within 0.5 W/m2. In this presentation, we discuss the reasons and prospects for deploying a Cubesat constellation to realize this objective, simulations of the data that could be produced by this constellation, and the advantages of the spatial coverage and high temporal frequency afforded by the constellation. These advantages apply both to estimating long-term ERI and to quantifying the radiation budgets of individual synoptic-scale weather systems. The innovations in this system involve both the use of Cubesats and of compact, continuously calibrated wide-field-of-view radiometers. We demonstrate the feasibility of such a constellation using the ongoing proof-of-concept deployment of the target radiometers onboard the upcoming NASA RAVAN (Radiometer Assessment using Vertically Aligned Nanotubes) mission.

  4. Transformation of erythromycin during secondary effluent soil aquifer recharging: Removal contribution and degradation path. (United States)

    Wei, Liangliang; Qin, Kena; Zhao, Ningbo; Noguera, Daniel R; Qiu, Wei; Zhao, Qingliang; Kong, Xiangjuan; Zhang, Weixian; Kabutey, Felix Tetteh


    Erythromycin (ERY), a widely used antibiotic, has recently been detected in municipal secondary effluents and poses serious threats to human health during wastewater reusing. In this study, the removal, fate, and degradation pathway of ERY in secondary effluent during soil aquifer treatment was evaluated via laboratory-scale SAT tests. Up to a 92.9% reduction of ERY in synthetic secondary effluent was observed in 1.0m depth column system, which decreased to 64.7% when recharged with wastewater treatment plant secondary effluent. XRD-fractionation results demonstrated that the transphilic acid and hydrophobic acid fractions in secondary effluent compete for the adsorption sites of the packed soil and lead to a declined ERY removal. Moreover, aerobic biodegradation was the predominant role for ERY removal, contributing more than 60% reduction of ERY when recharged with synthetic secondary effluent. Destruction of 14-member macrocyclic lactone ring and breakdown of two cyclic sugars (l-cladinose and d-desosamine) were main removal pathways for ERY degradation, and produced six new intermediates. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  5. Biliary system (United States)

    The biliary system creates, moves, stores, and releases bile into the duodenum . This helps the body digest food. It also assists ... from the liver to the duodenum. The biliary system includes: The gallbladder Bile ducts and certain cells ...

  6. Intelligent Systems (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The autonomous systems (AS) project, led by NASA Ames, is developing software for system operation automation. AS technology will help astronauts make more decisions...

  7. Systems thinking. (United States)

    Cabrera, Derek; Colosi, Laura; Lobdell, Claire


    Evaluation is one of many fields where "systems thinking" is popular and is said to hold great promise. However, there is disagreement about what constitutes systems thinking. Its meaning is ambiguous, and systems scholars have made diverse and divergent attempts to describe it. Alternative origins include: von Bertalanffy, Aristotle, Lao Tsu or multiple aperiodic "waves." Some scholars describe it as synonymous with systems sciences (i.e., nonlinear dynamics, complexity, chaos). Others view it as taxonomy-a laundry list of systems approaches. Within so much noise, it is often difficult for evaluators to find the systems thinking signal. Recent work in systems thinking describes it as an emergent property of four simple conceptual patterns (rules). For an evaluator to become a "systems thinker", he or she need not spend years learning many methods or nonlinear sciences. Instead, with some practice, one can learn to apply these four simple rules to existing evaluation knowledge with transformative results.

  8. Declarative Systems


    Condie, Tyson


    Building system software is a notoriously complex and arduous endeavor.Developing tools and methodologies for practical system software engineeringhas long been an active area of research. This thesis explores system softwaredevelopment through the lens of a declarative, data-centric programminglanguage that can succinctly express high-level system specifications and bedirectly compiled to executable code. By unifying specification andimplementation, our approach avoids the common problem o...

  9. Reactive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    A reactive system comprises networks of computing components, achieving their goals through interaction among themselves and their environment. Thus even relatively small systems may exhibit unexpectedly complex behaviours. As moreover reactive systems are often used in safety critical systems, t...... into account. The book has arisen from various courses taught in Denmark and Iceland and is designed to give students a broad introduction to the area, with exercises throughout....

  10. Watchdog System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Tanja Kidholm Osmann; Bahnsen, Chris Holmberg; Jensen, Morten Bornø

    This deliverable is part of WP4. Overall WP4 is motivated by the need for automatic systems that can ease the task of annotating massive amounts of traffic data. Concretely this deliverable is related to WP4.2 - the watchdog system. The idea with the watchdog is to develop a system that can remove...

  11. Retrofitting Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rose, Jørgen


    This report gives an overview of the different retrofitting possibilities that are available today. The report looks at both external and internal systems for external wall constructions, roof constructions, floor constructions and foundations. All systems are described in detail in respect to use...... and methods, and the efficiency of the different systems are discussed....

  12. systemic matching

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    understanding of scientific concepts,(iv) converted from surface learning to deep learning of chemistry concepts and chemical processes,(v) enhance their abilities to construction, or analysis of a novel systemic diagrams using chemical information, (vi) develop their thinking skills towards systemic thinking. Types Systemic ...

  13. Systems Engineering (United States)

    Pellerano, Fernando


    This short course provides information on what systems engineering is and how the systems engineer guides requirements, interfaces with the discipline leads, and resolves technical issues. There are many system-wide issues that either impact or are impacted by the thermal subsystem. This course will introduce these issues and illustrate them with real life examples.

  14. Operating systems

    CERN Document Server

    Tsichritzis, Dionysios C; Rheinboldt, Werner


    Operating Systems deals with the fundamental concepts and principles that govern the behavior of operating systems. Many issues regarding the structure of operating systems, including the problems of managing processes, processors, and memory, are examined. Various aspects of operating systems are also discussed, from input-output and files to security, protection, reliability, design methods, performance evaluation, and implementation methods.Comprised of 10 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of what constitutes an operating system, followed by a discussion on the definition and pr

  15. Expert System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hildebrandt, Thomas Troels; Cattani, Gian Luca


    An expert system is a computer system for inferring knowledge from a knowledge base, typically by using a set of inference rules. When the concept of expert systems was introduced at Stanford University in the early 1970s, the knowledge base was an unstructured set of facts. Today the knowledge...... base of expert systems is often given in terms of an ontology, extracted and built from various data sources by employing natural language-processing and statistics. To emphasize such capabilities, the term “expert” is now often replaced by “cognitive,” “knowledge,” “knowledge-based,” or “intelligent......” system. With very few exceptions, general-purpose expert systems have failed to emerge so far. However, expert systems are applied in specialized domains, particularly in healthcare. The increasing availability of large quantities of data to organizations today provides a valuable opportunity...

  16. A Ninth Planet in Our Solar System? (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    The recent discovery that the orbits of some Kuiper belt objects (KBOs) share properties has proved puzzling. A pair of scientists have now proposed a bold explanation: there may be a planet-sized object yet undetected in our solar system.Mysterious ClusteringKBOs, the population of mainly small objects beyond Neptune, have proven an especially interesting subject of study in the last decade as many small, distant bodies (such as Eris, the object that led to the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet) have been discovered.Previous studies have recently discovered that some especially distant KBOs those that orbit with semimajor axes of a 150 AU, nearly four times that of Pluto all cross the ecliptic at a similar phase in their elliptical trajectories. This is unexpected, since gravitational tugs from the giant planets should have randomized this parameter over our solar systems multi-billion-year lifespan.Physical alignment of the orbits of Kuiper belt objects with a 250 AU (and two objects with a 150 AU that are dynamically stable). [Batygin Brown 2016]Two scientists at California Institute of Technology, Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown (you might recognize Brown as the man who killed Pluto) have now increased the mystery. In a recently published a study, they demonstrate that for KBOs that have orbits with a 250 AU, the orbits are actually physically aligned.To explain this unexpected alignment which Batygin and Brown calculate has only a 0.007% probability of having occurred by chance the authors ask an exciting question: could this be caused by the presence of an unseen, large, perturbing body further out in the solar system?Simulating a Ninth PlanetThe authors test this hypothesis by carrying out both analytical calculations and numerical N-body simulations designed to determine if the gravitational influence of a distant, planetary-mass companion can explain the behavior we observe from the large-orbit KBOs.Simulation of the effect of a distant planet (M = 10

  17. Commensuration and policy comparison: How the use of standardized indicators affects the rankings of pension system / Hans Peeters, Gert Verschraegen, Annelies Debels

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Peeters, Hans


    Artikkel käsitleb standardiseertud indikaatorite konstrueerimist ja kasutamist pensionipoliitikas, mis aitavad võrrelda ja hinnata eri OECD liikmesriikide pensionisüsteemide sotsiaalset tulemuslikkust, nt vaesusriski vähendamine või elustandardi säilitamine vanas eas. Teiste seas on vaatluse all ka Eesti. Joonised

  18. Recommender systems

    CERN Document Server

    Kembellec, Gérald; Saleh, Imad


    Acclaimed by various content platforms (books, music, movies) and auction sites online, recommendation systems are key elements of digital strategies. If development was originally intended for the performance of information systems, the issues are now massively moved on logical optimization of the customer relationship, with the main objective to maximize potential sales. On the transdisciplinary approach, engines and recommender systems brings together contributions linking information science and communications, marketing, sociology, mathematics and computing. It deals with the understan

  19. Systemic Assurance (United States)


    benefits. The first is direct: Cost- effective and rapid recertification is essential to support the development of systems that must adapt to changes...simulations, cyber-physical robotic systems, and extremely large commercial Java programs. An important goal is to develop incrementally compostable ...combinations of models, practices, and tools for obtaining the most cost- and schedule- effective combinations for the assurance of necessary system

  20. Systems Engineering


    Vaughan, William W.


    The term “systems engineering” when entered into the Google search page, produces a significant number of results, evidence that systems engineering is recognized as being important for the success of essentially all products. Since most readers of this item will be rather well versed in documents concerning systems engineering, I have elected to share some of the points made on this subject in a document developed by the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS), a component of t...

  1. Geothermal systems (United States)

    Mohl, C.


    Several tasks of JPL related to geothermal energy are discussed. The major task is the procurement and test and evaluation of a helical screw drive (wellhead unit). A general review of geothermal energy systems is given. The presentation focuses attention on geothermal reservoirs in California, with graphs and charts to support the discussion. Included are discussions on cost analysis, systems maintenance, and a comparison of geothermal and conventional heating and cooling systems.

  2. Systemic darwinism. (United States)

    Winther, Rasmus Grønfeldt


    Darwin's 19th century evolutionary theory of descent with modification through natural selection opened up a multidimensional and integrative conceptual space for biology. We explore three dimensions of this space: explanatory pattern, levels of selection, and degree of difference among units of the same type. Each dimension is defined by a respective pair of poles: law and narrative explanation, organismic and hierarchical selection, and variational and essentialist thinking. As a consequence of conceptual debates in the 20th century biological sciences, the poles of each pair came to be seen as mutually exclusive opposites. A significant amount of 21st century research focuses on systems (e.g., genomic, cellular, organismic, and ecological/global). Systemic Darwinism is emerging in this context. It follows a "compositional paradigm" according to which complex systems and their hierarchical networks of parts are the focus of biological investigation. Through the investigation of systems, Systemic Darwinism promises to reintegrate each dimension of Darwin's original logical space. Moreover, this ideally and potentially unified theory of biological ontology coordinates and integrates a plurality of mathematical biological theories (e.g., self-organization/structure, cladistics/history, and evolutionary genetics/function). Integrative Systemic Darwinism requires communal articulation from a plurality of perspectives. Although it is more general than these, it draws on previous advances in Systems Theory, Systems Biology, and Hierarchy Theory. Systemic Darwinism would greatly further bioengineering research and would provide a significantly deeper and more critical understanding of biological reality.

  3. Intelligent systems

    CERN Document Server

    Irwin, J David


    Technology has now progressed to the point that intelligent systems are replacing humans in the decision making processes as well as aiding in the solution of very complex problems. In many cases intelligent systems are already outperforming human activities. Artificial neural networks are not only capable of learning how to classify patterns, such images or sequence of events, but they can also effectively model complex nonlinear systems. Their ability to classify sequences of events is probably more popular in industrial applications where there is an inherent need to model nonlinear system

  4. Differential systems

    CERN Document Server

    Thomas, Joseph Miller


    The main goal of this book is to present the theory of systems of partial differential equations and the theory of Pfaffian systems so as to exhibit clearly the relations between them. In presenting the theory of Pfaffian systems, the author develops, in detail, the theories of Grassmann algebras and rings with differentiation. In particular, following Grassmann and É. Cartan, he introduces and freely uses what is now known as a ring of differential forms with functional coefficients. In presenting the theory of systems of partial differential equations, the author concentrates on the existenc

  5. Energetic Systems (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Energetic Systems Division provides full-spectrum energetic engineering services (project management, design, analysis, production support, in-service support,...

  6. Anticipatory systems as linguistic systems (United States)

    Ekdahl, Bertil


    The idea of system is well established although not well defined. What makes up a system depends on the observer. Thinking in terms of systems is only a convenient way to conceptualize organizations, natural or artificial, that show coherent properties. Among all properties, which can be ascribed to systems, one property seems to be more outstanding than others, namely that of being anticipatory. In nature, anticipatory properties are found only in living organizations. In this way it can be said to separate non-living systems from living because there is no indication that any natural phenomenon occurring in systems where there is no indication of life is anticipatory. The characteristic of living systems is that they are exposed to the evolution contrary to causal systems that do not undergo changes due to the influence of the environment. Causal systems are related to the past in such a way that subsequent situations can be calculated from knowledge of past situations. In causal systems the past is the cause of the present and there is no reference to the future as a determining agent, contrary to anticipatory systems where expectations are the cause of the present action. Since anticipatory properties are characteristic of living systems, this property, as all other properties in living systems, is a result of the evolution and can be found in plants as well as in animals. Thus, it is not only tied to consciousness but is found at a more basic level, i.e., in the interplay between genotype and phenotype. Anticipation is part of the genetic language in such a way that appropriate actions, for events in the anticipatory systems environment, are inscribed in the genes. Anticipatory behavior, as a result of the interpretation of the genetic language, has been selected by the evolution. In this paper anticipatory systems are regarded as linguistic systems and I argue that as such anticipation cannot be fragmented but must be holistically studied. This has the

  7. Operating Systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The process concept and concurrency are at the heart of modern operating systems (OS). A process is the unit of work in a computer system. A process must be in main memory during execution. To improve the utilization of central processing unit. (CPU) as well as the speed of its response to its users, the computer must ...

  8. Embedded Systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    An embedded system is a microprocessor-based system that is incorporated into a device to monitor and control the functions of the components of the device. They are used in many devices ranging from a microwave oven to a nuclear reactor. Unlike personal computers that run a variety of applications, embedded.

  9. Power system (United States)

    Hickam, Christopher Dale [Glasford, IL


    A power system includes a prime mover, a transmission, and a fluid coupler having a selectively engageable lockup clutch. The fluid coupler may be drivingly connected between the prime mover and the transmission. Additionally, the power system may include a motor/generator drivingly connected to at least one of the prime mover and the transmission. The power-system may also include power-system controls configured to execute a control method. The control method may include selecting one of a plurality of modes of operation of the power system. Additionally, the control method may include controlling the operating state of the lockup clutch dependent upon the mode of operation selected. The control method may also include controlling the operating state of the motor/generator dependent upon the mode of operation selected.

  10. Reactive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    A reactive system comprises networks of computing components, achieving their goals through interaction among themselves and their environment. Thus even relatively small systems may exhibit unexpectedly complex behaviours. As moreover reactive systems are often used in safety critical systems, t...... into account. The book has arisen from various courses taught in Denmark and Iceland and is designed to give students a broad introduction to the area, with exercises throughout......., the need for mathematically based formal methodology is increasingly important. There are many books that look at particular methodologies for such systems. This book offers a more balanced introduction for graduate students and describes the various approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and when...... they are best used. Milner's CCS and its operational semantics are introduced, together with the notions of behavioural equivalences based on bisimulation techniques and with recursive extensions of Hennessy-Milner logic. In the second part of the book, the presented theories are extended to take timing issues...

  11. Lake Erie Water Level Study. Appendix A. Regulation. Volume II. Coordinated Basic Data and Computer Programs. (United States)


    P PS3 - P -F-PS PS aS a- 44 aSP4 4440 w 410 VI 0 b V44t 41 0404 4 -0 4 V-V-PF- 9 4P 4 VP S 4 Q V - onWI nmm itnW ,o nI no mwmwmmwmmwwi nc4 IL I -- O...C - P- 4* 0&2, in 4D p- D- 4D 4- D NP -3’- 9’ - IDP e’ 3𔃺 CP C -P P-V- P 0- ’ V’ 0- V- 40- M’ 3’- P- A-U’- -1 P- I- P- o- 1P.- 9- POI.. P- 1P.- r

  12. 77 FR 24880 - Safety Zone; Jet Express Triathlon, Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie, Lakeside, OH (United States)


    ... ``Document Type'' drop down menu select ``Proposed Rule'' and insert ``USCG-2012-0072'' in the ``Keyword... designed to minimize its impact on navigable waters. Furthermore, the safety zone has been designed to... entities for the following reasons: This proposed rule will be in effect for only approximately two hours...

  13. Report for the Lake Erie Protection Fund: A protein biomarker for tumors in fish (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Neoplasm epizootics in fish populations are usually associated with xenobiotic contaminants in the aquatic environment. The objective of this research is to utilize...

  14. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Hα velocity curves of IM Eri (Armstrong+, 2013) (United States)

    Armstrong, E.; Patterson, J.; Michelsen, E.; Thorstensen, J.; Uthas, H.; Vanmunster, T.; Hambsch, F.-J.; Roberts, G.; Dvorak, S.


    All data reported here were obtained by the globally distributed small telescopes of the Center for Backyard Astrophysics [see Skillman & Patterson (1993ApJ...417..298S) for details of the CBA instrumentation and observing procedure]. We obtained differential photometry of the CV with respect to a comparison star on the same field, and spliced overlapping data from different longitudes by adding small constants to establish a consistent instrumental scale. With an excellent span of longitudes, we essentially eliminated the possibility of daily aliasing of frequencies in the power spectra. In order to reach good signal-to-noise ratio with good time resolution, we generally observe in unfiltered light. This practice, however, eliminates the possibility of transforming to a standard magnitude. (2 data files).

  15. 77 FR 35619 - Safety Zone; Old Fashion 4th July Fireworks, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Old Fashion 4th July Fireworks, Presque... vessels from a portion of Presque Isle Bay during the Old Fashion 4th July Fireworks display. This... temporary safety zone is necessary to ensure the safety of spectators and vessels during the Old Fashion 4th...

  16. Engellilerin Internet'e Erişimi Üzerine


    Subaşıoğlu, Fatoş


    The last decade has producted a revolution in the ıvorld of Internet and computer technology for many disabled people. Especially, with the help of adaptive technology, for example, deaf-blind people can communicate över telephone networks and severely visaully impaired people can read a computer screen directly with the help of speech synthesis or automatically generated Braille displays. People with physical disabilities can use personel computers by blowing. It's even possible to control c...

  17. Eriõli mehed leidsid tulusa kütuse valemi / Virkko Lepassalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lepassalu, Virkko, 1971-


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 21. nov., lk. 5. Kodumaised kütsetöösturid on paisanud 1999-2000.a. turule umbes 40 miljonit liitrit kehva kvaliteediga bensiini ja diislikütust umbes 360 miljoni krooni väärtuses. Skeemid

  18. An Inventory of Crayfish (Order Decapoda) at the Erie National Wildlife Refuge in Northwestern Pennsylvania (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Whatever their local name may be, crawfish, crawdads, or crabs, crayfish are the longest lived and largest of all freshwater crustaceans and are observed to be quite...

  19. Cultural Resources in the Southern Lake Erie Basin: A Predictive Study. (United States)


    Introduction ............ .......................... 4-1 4.2 The Region .......... ........................... ... 4-2 4.2.1 The Political Units...Lathyrds maritimus, var. glaber Strophostyles helvola Euphorbia polygonifolia Physalis heterophylla Agrostis alba, var. maritima Amophila breviligulata...not of increasing population. There was prob- ably little change in the social and political organization of the Plano period either at the minimal

  20. Miten nuoret käyttävät eri sosiaalisen median kanavia?


    Hagstedt, Johanna


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli tutkia 18-24-vuotiaiden nuorten kuluttajakäyttäytymistä sosiaalisessa mediassa. Tavoitteena oli julkaista uutta, ajankohtaista tutkimustietoa nuorten verkkokäyttäytymisestä, sosiaalisen median käytöstä sekä nuorten kuluttajien ja yritysten välisestä vuorovaikutuksesta. Opinnäytetyö vastaa kysymyksiin mitä ja minkä takia nuoret käyttävät sosiaalista mediaa, miten näiden kanavien käyttö eroaa toisistaan ja minkälainen suhde nuorilla kuluttajilla ja yrityksillä on...

  1. Environmental impact of coal ash on tributary streams and nearshore water or Lake Erie. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wood, K.G.


    The environmental impact of coal ash disposal at a landfill site in north-central Chautauqua County, New York was studied from June 1975 through July 1977. Water samples taken from wells, ponds, and streams at 67 sites were analyzed for specific conductance, pH, alkalinity, arsenic, calcium, cadmium, chloride, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfate and zinc. Evidence suggests that ponds at the landfill were high in Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, and SO/sub 4/ compared to control pands. A stream adjacent to the site contained greater Mn (207 ug/1) and SO/sub 4/ (229 ppm) than control streams. Shallow alkaline test wells in the landfill had elevated As, Ca, and Se. Acid-neutral test wells had elevated As, Ca, Cr, Mg and Mn. Household wells in the vicinity of the landfill showed no evident contamination from the landfill. Average iron concentrations in the biota were tripled, and manganese concentrations doubled in biota affected by the coal ash dump. However, any effects of the disposal area on the distribution of the biota could not be separated from effects of varying environment factors such as water movements, substrate composition and food availability. No harmful effects could be demonstrated on the biota in the creek which flowed past the disposal area.

  2. Ühiskondliku mõtte eri vormide veidrad suhted / Herbert Vainu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vainu, Herbert, 1929-2011


    Arvustus: Lunter, Alli. Maailmakirjanduse õpik: Modernismist postmodernismini. Viljandi : Sarapuu, 2003. Vastukaja: Lunter, Alli. Kirjandus ei püüa maailma mõjutada // Õpetajate Leht (2004) 19. märts, lk. 10

  3. A Cultural Resources Survey of Proposed Project Areas in the Buffalo Harbor, Erie County, New York (United States)


    1379 Grain Elevators of Buffalo. Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society, Vol. 1. Buffalo. s7O iii. - A Davis , Margaret, B. 1958 Three Pollen...Anthropology, University of Michigan, No. 65. Ann Arbor. Hedin, Karl E. 1966 Directory of Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes. Bruce Humphries . Boston. Hill...the War of 1812.. 4. International Railroad Bridge -Niagara and Bridge Streets. This bridge crossing the Niagara River was built by Sir Casimer S

  4. Water Quality Data for Lake Erie Basin Tributary Mouth Sampling Stations. (United States)


    34 *4 4 1 4. 0 30 aI 04. 4 . * hi hiit V. Ok- P. r-T-P. P. @33. P .P .NP P I.F %P . P .V -P .P . .P .P I .I Ufta A aa a a a a av aa 61 . . U. IL a" 44...12 - 18 0 %k3 0 m 4 wpe a mN n C C3 a P -. N UA 1% f P-4e 4 .4- e e 0p -r -3 Cd.49 4ui to. o - 414 a 42 0 :X z 3ba axe Z 0 a9 .4l hiit a & dV1 0 0 aa

  5. Festival lähetab maailma eri nurkadesse / Kerttu Jänese

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jänese, Kerttu, 1946-


    V dokumentaal- ja antropoloogiliste filmide festival "Maailmafilm" algab 24. märtsil Eesti Rahva Muuseumi näitusemajas Tartus. Kavas on ka kolm eriprogrammi: kirjanikud filmis, klassiku Timothy Aschi looming ja 8 filmi inimesest linnas

  6. 77 FR 42644 - Safety Zone; Canal Fest of the Tonawandas, Erie Canal, Tonawanda, NY (United States)


    .... Wright, Program Manager, Docket Operations, telephone 202-366-9826. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Table of... Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This provision authorizes an agency to issue a rule without prior notice... Part 165 Harbors, Marine safety, Navigation (water), Reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Security...

  7. Historical Sediment Budget (1860s to Present) for the United States Shoreline of Lake Erie (United States)


    was first stabilized in 1844 when wood cribs were built to fill breaches that threatened the safety of the harbor (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...reasonable for these data. As a comparison, Woods Hole Group and Aubrey Consulting (2004) estimated that line width error representing the shoreline for 1864...frames, respectively. A substantial pocket beach or fillet leads up to the East Pier at Vermilion, but this beach has not increased substantially in

  8. The Great Lake Erie: A Reference Text for Educators and Communicators. (United States)

    Fortner, Rosanne W., Ed.; Mayer, Victor J., Ed.

    This volume of 16 chapters by 15 contributing authors was conceived as a means of drawing together a body of basic information about the Great Lakes that is up to date, based on sound research, and interpreted by experts in the scientific, historical, environmental and political value of the Great Lakes to North America and the world. Chapters…

  9. Forest Management Plan Sugar Lake Area and Seneca Unit Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1985 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The primary timber management objective is to provide and improve the existing habitat for all indigenous species with primary consideration on migratory birds...

  10. Master Plan Erie National Wildlife Refuge Part 2 Physical Development 1966 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Master Plan is presented as a plan for the use of land for the benefit and preservation of migratory waterfowl and other wildlife in Northwestern Pennsylvania....

  11. 77 FR 33130 - Special Local Regulation; Kelley's Island Swim, Lake Erie; Kelley's Island, Lakeside, OH (United States)


    ... blue. In the ``Document Type'' drop down menu, select ``Proposed Rule'' and insert ``USCG-2012-0386... standards are technical standards (e.g., specifications of materials, performance, design, or operation...

  12. Lake Erie Water Level Study. Appendix E. Power. Annex D. Computer Programs. (United States)


    1C.2V35965 ,-%:564916?E-O1 .0. 73OS8SE-O2 .-0.3&21 1S6t-O3/ 8____ X=Ig5r.W-900 . IO 10 Oc, I 1 1,6 ArCO .’k 13 ACJPUZ2(..2G.*A .1% RETURN 15 END...QDECIRLEMON,OOI 2 C CALCuLATION OiF DISCHAR6iL FUR OECEV 3 C BA~ItU 014 LAKE [ PIE ELEVA TION ANfl MONTH2 A240 VELLAND CANAL 4 -- -c D IVER SION- 7010D EFS...OMAN REAL _____ ___REFS 93 20162 DEFINED AT 1164 - AtF -- -4 - - 2TIS*0 DEl 10@10 120 Gas 322 0 REAL ARRAY Refs my lab 164 DEFINED 127 ___ 26IF7 05

  13. Aastaauhinnad koondavad eesti teatri eri suunad ühte / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Eesti teatrikunsti aastapreemiad 2005 : lavastajaauhind Hendrik Toompere jun., kunstnikuauhind Ene-Liis Semper, naisnäitlejaauhind Ülle Kaljuste, meesnäitlejaauhind Rein Oja, meeskõrvalosaauhind Rain Simmul, naiskõrvalosaauhind Pille Lukin, eriauhind "Taarka", Kauksi Ülle, Vanemuise teater ja Seto kuningriik ; Kristallkingakese auhind Risto Kübar ja Taavi Tõnisson ; muusikalavastuse auhind Ardi Volmer, Marko Matvere, muusikalavastuse eriauhind Zoja Hertz ; balleti- ja tantsulavastuse auhind Marina Tshirkova, Oksana Titova, Taavet Jansen, kriitikuauhind Eero Epner, Ants Lauteri nim. noore lavastaja auhind Tiit Ojasoo, Ants Lauteri noore näitleja auhind Taavi Eelmaa, Georg Otsa preemia Leonid Savitski, Priit Põldroosi preemia Riina Roose (Eesti kultuuriloo õpetamise eest lavakunstikoolis ja lavastuses "Teatrilaulud"), Aleksander Kurtna preemia Peeter Volkonski, Salme Reegi preemia Leino Rei, etenduse ettevalmistaja auhind Jaan Mikkel, etenduse teenindaja auhind Illi Allabert, Eesti Raadio näitlejaauhind Üllar Saaremäe

  14. Coupled models in low-frequency electromagnetic simulation LDRD Final Report 94-ERI-004

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hewett, D.W.; Bateson, D.; Gibbons, M.; Lambert, M.; Tung, L.; Rodrique, G.


    Responding to a need to include realistic chemistry and ionization in the driven plasmas in plasma-aided manufacture, we became convinced that existing computational tools were not able to fulfill our requirements. In response to this, we invented an entirely new approach to such problems. Our approach is to generalize the capabilities of existing methods: Particle-In-Cell (PIC) contains the required details of the distributions but becomes overwhelming expensive when applied to realistic, multidimensional problems. The common alternative, the hydrodynamic model, has simply lost the ability to model this science because of the simple fluid assumption. Our solution, GAPH (for Grid and Particle Hydrodynamics), retains the kinetic capabilities of PIC while using fluid concepts within each particle to control the incredible expense. The coupling of these two methods has resulted in a very powerful new algorithm that is now being applied to a range of programmatic problems throughout LLNL that now far outstrips the initial applications area.

  15. 77 FR 50923 - Safety Zone; Jet Express Triathlon, Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie, Lakeside, OH (United States)


    ... fireworks display. B. Basis and Purpose The organization Endurance Sports Productions is sponsoring a... minimal impact on the economy, will not interfere with other agencies, will not adversely alter the budget...

  16. Struktuur eri pikkusskaaladel = Structure on different length-scales / Salmaan Craig, Martin Melioranski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Craig, Salmaan


    EKA arhitektuuri ja linnaplaneerimise osakonnaõppejõu Martin Melioranski vestluskaaslane Salmaan Craig on Harvard Graduate School of Design külalislektor ja töötab ühtlasi arhitektuuribüroos Foster + Partners

  17. 77 FR 30195 - Safety Zone; Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks... restrict vessels from a portion of Presque Isle Bay during the Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks... of spectators and vessels during the Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks. This zone will be...

  18. 78 FR 33975 - Safety Zone; Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks... intended to restrict vessels from a portion of Presque Isle Bay during the Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball... safety of spectators and vessels during the Flagship Niagara Mariners Ball Fireworks. This zone will be...

  19. H09537: NOS Hydrographic Survey , South Shore of Lake Erie, Ohio, 1974-09-07 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  20. H09536: NOS Hydrographic Survey , South Shore of Lake Erie, Ohio, 1974-12-31 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  1. NOAA Office for Coastal Management Coastal Digital Elevation Model: Lake Erie (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data were created as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office for Coastal Management's efforts to create an online mapping viewer...

  2. Ungari volinik : Euroopa liigubki eri kiirustega / Peter Balazs ; interv. Marit Ruuda

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Balazs, Peter


    Ungari Euroopa Komisjoni volinik arvab, et kõik EL-i liikmesriigid pole võrdsed nii suuruse kui eelarve poolest ning kahekiiruseline Euroopa on paratamatu. Tööjõu liikumisest EL-is ja põhiseadusliku leppe vastuvõtmisest

  3. Densities of Hexagenia mayfly nymphs in western Lake Erie, 1999-2014 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Densities of Hexagenia spp. mayfly nymphs by age class are presented from 1999 through 2014. This range is significant in that it includes the year of peak abundance...

  4. Ellicott Creek, Erie County, New York. Special Flood Hazard Evaluation Report. (United States)


    so is onoTE UNCLASSIFIED SECURITY CLASIFICATION OF THiS PACE (11110 Data Entfeed) SPECIAL FLOOD HAZARD, EVALUATION REPORT ELLICOTT CREEK TOWN OF...which flows at a -* velocity of 3 or more feet per second could easily sweep an adult off his 2 1’ - . ’I * ... . . . ... . ..k~T

  5. Eri mõtteviisidest metsanduses ja ökousust / Artur Nilson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nilson, Artur, 1931-


    Metsandusprobleemide sotsiaal-psühholoogilisest tagapõhjast ja kliimamuutuste mõjust metsandusele. Tabel: Eesti metsade pindala, metsasuse, metsade tagavara, puistute keskmise vanuse ja tagavara keskmise muudu andmed alates 1912. aastast ja suurenemine kordades, võrreldes 1940. aastaga

  6. Preliminary Limnological Study of the Biota of a Pond Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Crawford County, Pennsylvania (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of this study is to give a general discussion of the aquatic environment and collect qualitative data of the life in a lentic site, a small pond in the...

  7. Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) Project NY1405: ERIE CANAL, NY. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The objective of Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) is to improve the coordination among federal, state and local government, non-governmental and private...

  8. Eri riikide noored üritavad lahendada Ida-Viru probleeme / Ishtvan Ban

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ban, Ishtvan


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje, 8. aug., lk. 3. Kohtla-Nõmmel programmi 'Euroopa Noored' toetusel toimunud rahvusvahelisest noorte kohtumisest, kus arutati Ida-Virumaa keskkonna ja turismi probleeme

  9. 78 FR 30765 - Safety Zone; Bay Village Independence Day Fireworks, Lake Erie, Bay Village, OH (United States)


    ... Procedure Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This provision authorizes an agency to issue a rule without prior... This rule meets applicable standards in sections 3(a) and 3(b)(2) of Executive Order 12988, Civil... Regulations That Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use. 12. Technical Standards This rule...

  10. 78 FR 30762 - Safety Zone; 2013 Fish Festival Fireworks, Lake Erie, Vermilion, OH (United States)


    ... authority under section 4(a) of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This provision... This rule meets applicable standards in sections 3(a) and 3(b)(2) of Executive Order 12988, Civil... Regulations That Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use. 12. Technical Standards This rule...

  11. 78 FR 49923 - Safety Zone; D-Day Conneaut, Lake Erie, Conneaut, OH (United States)


    ... authority under section 4(a) of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This provision... Protected Property Rights. 9. Civil Justice Reform This rule meets applicable standards in sections 3(a) and..., or Use. 13. Technical Standards This rule does not use technical standards. Therefore, we did not...

  12. A Study of the Purposes and Operation of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge 1973 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report begins with a broad general discussion of the purpose of National Wildlife Refuges, covering their origins, history and objectives. The report then...

  13. 78 FR 36662 - Safety Zone; Fairport Harbor Mardi Gras, Lake Erie, Fairport, OH (United States)


    ...'' box and click ``SEARCH.'' Click on Open Docket Folder on the line associated with this rulemaking. You... the Coast Guard in complying with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) (42 U.S.C. 4321...

  14. 77 FR 71531 - Special Local Regulation; Kelley's Island Swim, Lake Erie; Kelley's Island, Lakeside, OH (United States)


    ... number in the ``SEARCH'' box and click ``SEARCH.'' Click on ``Open Docket Folder'' on the line associated... to positions 41 35'24.59'' N; 082 42'16.61'' W and 41 35'24.44'' N; 082 42'16.04'' W (Datum: NAD 83... the Coast Guard in complying with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) (42 U.S.C. 4321...

  15. 76 FR 50680 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Removal of the Lake Erie Watersnake (Nerodia... (United States)


    ... tree while maintaining the root mass for hibernation habitat; and establishing ``no mow buffer zones... watersnake. Of those interviewed, 7 percent admitted to killing a snake and 18 percent admitted they might... killing a snake (Stanford 2004, p. 2). These data suggest that encounters between boaters and watersnakes...

  16. 77 FR 18739 - Safety Zone; Bay Swim V, Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PA (United States)


    ... association, business, labor union, etc.). You may review a Privacy Act notice regarding our public dockets in... and safety effects, distributive impacts, and equity). Executive Order 13563 emphasizes the importance...

  17. An Examination of Issues Related to U.S. Lake Erie Natural Gas Development. (United States)


    strata at the bottom of the wellbore . The bit had to be successively picked up and dropped to pulverize the rock . Periodically the bit was pulled out of... wellbore is supported and sealed by a pipe of larger diameter (casing) that fits around the drill string and, when cemented, tightly against the rock ... numerous enough to prevent any vertical flow of fluids in the wellbore so that fluids from one geological formation cannot flow up or down the wellbore to

  18. Impact of Harmful Algal Blooms on Several Lake Erie Drinking Water Treatment Plants (United States)

    Recent events in Ohio have demonstrated the challenge treatment facilities face in providing safe drinking water when encountering extreme harmful algal bloom (HAB) events. Over the last two years the impact of HAB-related microcystins on several drinking water treatment facilit...

  19. Use of Structured Expert Judgment to Forecast Invasions by Bighead and Silver Carp in Lake Erie

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wittmann, M.E.; Cooke, R.M.; Rothlisberger, J.D.; Ruttherford, E.; Zhang, H.; Mason, D.M.; Lodge, D.M.


    Identifying which nonindigenous species will become invasive and forecasting the damage they will cause is difficult and presents a significant problem for natural resource management. Often, the data or resources necessary for ecological risk assessment are incomplete or absent, leaving

  20. Forecasting the impacts of silver and bighead carp on the Lake Erie food web

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zhang, H.; Rutherford, E.S.; Mason, D.M.; Breck, J.T.; Wittmann, M.E.; Cooke, R.M.; Lodge, D.M.; Rothlisberger, J.D.; Zhu, Z.; Johnson, T.B.


    Nonindigenous bigheaded carps (Bighead Carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis and Silver Carp H. molitrix; hereafter, “Asian carps” [AC]) threaten to invade and disrupt food webs and fisheries in the Laurentian Great Lakes through their high consumption of plankton. To quantify the potential effects of AC

  1. Saturn Systems. (United States)

    U Rehman, Habib; McKee, Nida A; McKee, Michael L


    Several ring systems (Saturn systems) have been studied using DFT methods that include dispersion effects. Comparison with X-ray structures are made with three systems, and the agreement is quite good. Binding enthalpies and binding free energies in dichloromethane and toluene have been computed. The effect of an encapsulated lithium cation is accessed by comparing C60 @(C6 H4 )10 and [Li@C60 @(C6 H4 )10 ](+). The [Li@C60 ](+) cation is a much better acceptor than C60 which leads to greater donor-acceptor interactions and larger charge transfer from the ring to [Li@C60 ](+). © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  2. Dynamical systems

    CERN Document Server

    Sternberg, Shlomo


    Celebrated mathematician Shlomo Sternberg, a pioneer in the field of dynamical systems, created this modern one-semester introduction to the subject for his classes at Harvard University. Its wide-ranging treatment covers one-dimensional dynamics, differential equations, random walks, iterated function systems, symbolic dynamics, and Markov chains. Supplementary materials offer a variety of online components, including PowerPoint lecture slides for professors and MATLAB exercises.""Even though there are many dynamical systems books on the market, this book is bound to become a classic. The the

  3. Physical Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Belkind, Ori


    Based on the concept of a physical system, this book offers a new philosophical interpretation of classical mechanics and the Special Theory of Relativity. According to Belkind's view the role of physical theory is to describe the motions of the parts of a physical system in relation to the motions of the whole. This approach provides a new perspective into the foundations of physical theory, where motions of parts and wholes of physical systems are taken to be fundamental, prior to spacetime, material properties and laws of motion. He defends this claim with a constructive project, deriving b

  4. Certification Systems (United States)

    The WaterSense Product Certification System outlines the process and procedures for the product certification to ensure that all WaterSense labeled products meet EPA's criteria for efficiency and performance.

  5. Bricks / Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    At first glance, this book may appear eclectic. It contains writings from architectural practice in a language and structure based on subjective views and experiences, combined with research contributions based on systematic design investigations of discrete computational systems. Discussions ran......, and it aims to illustrate and identify new modes of working in architecture, particularly with regards to brickwork and other complex systems of modular assemblies, whether physical or digital.......At first glance, this book may appear eclectic. It contains writings from architectural practice in a language and structure based on subjective views and experiences, combined with research contributions based on systematic design investigations of discrete computational systems. Discussions range...... and systems. The basis for this theme is the work conducted at the Utzon(x) Research Group at Aalborg University, in combination with the rich tradition and implementation of masonry work in Denmark, which has attracted increasing attention from architectural practitioners and researchers alike. How should...

  6. Cognitive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    to be modeled within a limited set of predefined specifications. There will inevitably be a need for robust decisions and behaviors in novel situations that include handling of conflicts and ambiguities based on the capability and knowledge of the artificial cognitive system. Further, there is a need......, cognitive psychology, and semantics. However, machine learning for signal processing plays a key role at all the levels of the cognitive processes, and we expect this to be a new emerging trend in our community in the coming years. Current examples of the use of machine learning for signal processing......The tutorial will discuss the definition of cognitive systems as the possibilities to extend the current systems engineering paradigm in order to perceive, learn, reason and interact robustly in open-ended changing environments. I will also address cognitive systems in a historical perspective...

  7. Bitcoin System

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jan Lánský


    .... Bitcoin is the first and also the most widespread cryptocurrency. The aim of this article is to introduce Bitcoin system using a language understandable also to readers without computer science education...

  8. Septic Systems (United States)

    The web site provides guidance and technical assistance for homeowners, government officials, industry professionals, and EPA partners about how to properly develop and manage individual onsite and community cluster systems that treat domestic wastewater.

  9. Bubble systems

    CERN Document Server

    Avdeev, Alexander A


    This monograph presents a systematic analysis of bubble system mathematics, using the mechanics of two-phase systems in non-equilibrium as the scope of analysis. The author introduces the thermodynamic foundations of bubble systems, ranging from the fundamental starting points to current research challenges. This book addresses a range of topics, including description methods of multi-phase systems, boundary and initial conditions as well as coupling requirements at the phase boundary. Moreover, it presents a detailed study of the basic problems of bubble dynamics in a liquid mass: growth (dynamically and thermally controlled), collapse, bubble pulsations, bubble rise and breakup. Special emphasis is placed on bubble dynamics in turbulent flows. The analysis results are used to write integral equations governing the rate of vapor generation (condensation) in non-equilibrium flows, thus creating a basis for solving a number of practical problems. This book is the first to present a comprehensive theory of boil...

  10. Systems Thinkers


    Ramage, Magnus; Shipp, Karen


    Systems Thinkers presents a biographical history of the field of systems thinking, by examining the life and work of thirty of its major thinkers. It discusses each thinker's key contributions, the way this contribution was expressed in practice and the relationship between their life and ideas. This discussion is supported by an extract from the thinker's own writing, to give a flavour of their work and to give readers a sense of which thinkers are most relevant to their own interests. \\ud \\...

  11. Alarm System


    GÖKTAŞ, H.Haldun; DALDAL, Nihat


    Remote management of several home and office appliances is a subject of growing interest and in recent years we have seen many systems providing such controls. In this study, we have developed a cellular phone based home/office remote controller equipped with power controllers, an alarm system, a voice memory and a back-up battery unit. In traditional PSTN based remote controllers, the user always has the possibility of line cuts due to fires or professional burglars cutting the wires before ...

  12. Systems Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Graham, R.L.


    The Systems Studies Activity had two objectives: (1) to investigate nontechnical barriers to the deployment of biomass production and supply systems and (2) to enhance and extend existing systems models of bioenergy supply and use. For the first objective, the Activity focused on existing bioenergy markets. Four projects were undertaken: a comparative analysis of bioenergy in Sweden and Austria; a one-day workshop on nontechnical barriers jointly supported by the Production Systems Activity; the development and testing of a framework for analyzing barriers and drivers to bioenergy markets; and surveys of wood pellet users in Sweden, Austria and the US. For the second objective, two projects were undertaken. First, the Activity worked with the Integrated BioEnergy Systems (TBS) Activity of TEA Bioenergy Task XIII to enhance the BioEnergy Assessment Model (BEAM). This model is documented in the final report of the IBS Activity. The Systems Studies Activity contributed to enhancing the feedstock portion of the model by developing a coherent set of willow, poplar, and switchgrass production modules relevant to both the US and the UK. The Activity also developed a pretreatment module for switchgrass. Second, the Activity sponsored a three-day workshop on modeling bioenergy systems with the objectives of providing an overview of the types of models used to evaluate bioenergy and promoting communication among bioenergy modelers. There were nine guest speakers addressing different types of models used to evaluate different aspects of bioenergy, ranging from technoeconomic models based on the ASPEN software to linear programming models to develop feedstock supply curves for the US. The papers from this workshop have been submitted to Biomass and Bioenergy and are under editorial review.

  13. Systemic trauma. (United States)

    Goldsmith, Rachel E; Martin, Christina Gamache; Smith, Carly Parnitzke


    Substantial theoretical, empirical, and clinical work examines trauma as it relates to individual victims and perpetrators. As trauma professionals, it is necessary to acknowledge facets of institutions, cultures, and communities that contribute to trauma and subsequent outcomes. Systemic trauma-contextual features of environments and institutions that give rise to trauma, maintain it, and impact posttraumatic responses-provides a framework for considering the full range of traumatic phenomena. The current issue of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation is composed of articles that incorporate systemic approaches to trauma. This perspective extends conceptualizations of trauma to consider the influence of environments such as schools and universities, churches and other religious institutions, the military, workplace settings, hospitals, jails, and prisons; agencies and systems such as police, foster care, immigration, federal assistance, disaster management, and the media; conflicts involving war, torture, terrorism, and refugees; dynamics of racism, sexism, discrimination, bullying, and homophobia; and issues pertaining to conceptualizations, measurement, methodology, teaching, and intervention. Although it may be challenging to expand psychological and psychiatric paradigms of trauma, a systemic trauma perspective is necessary on both scientific and ethical grounds. Furthermore, a systemic trauma perspective reflects current approaches in the fields of global health, nursing, social work, and human rights. Empirical investigations and intervention science informed by this paradigm have the potential to advance scientific inquiry, lower the incidence of a broader range of traumatic experiences, and help to alleviate personal and societal suffering.

  14. Turbine system (United States)

    McMahan, Kevin Weston; Dillard, Daniel Jackson


    A turbine system is disclosed. The turbine system includes a transition duct having an inlet, an outlet, and a passage extending between the inlet and the outlet and defining a longitudinal axis, a radial axis, and a tangential axis. The outlet of the transition duct is offset from the inlet along the longitudinal axis and the tangential axis. The turbine system further includes a turbine section connected to the transition duct. The turbine section includes a plurality of shroud blocks at least partially defining a hot gas path, a plurality of buckets at least partially disposed in the hot gas path, and a plurality of nozzles at least partially disposed in the hot gas path. At least one of a shroud block, a bucket, or a nozzle includes means for withstanding high temperatures.

  15. System Description:

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schürmann, Carsten; Poswolsky, Adam


    Delphin is a functional programming language [Adam Poswolsky and Carsten Schürmann. Practical programming with higher-order encodings and dependent types. In European Symposium on Programming (ESOP), 2008] utilizing dependent higher-order datatypes. Delphin's two-level type-system cleanly separates...... data from computation, allowing for decidable type checking. The data level is LF [Robert Harper, Furio Honsell, and Gordon Plotkin. A framework for defining logics. Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, 40(1):143-184, January 1993], which allows for the specification of deductive systems...

  16. Microbiology System (United States)


    Technology originating in a NASA-sponsored study of the measurement of microbial growth in zero gravity led to the development of Biomerieux Vitek, Inc.'s VITEK system. VITEK provides a physician with accurate diagnostic information and identifies the most effective medication. Test cards are employed to identify organisms and determine susceptibility to antibiotics. A photo-optical scanner scans the card and monitors changes in the growth of cells contained within the card. There are two configurations - VITEK and VITEK JR as well as VIDAS, a companion system that detects bacteria, viruses, etc. from patient specimens. The company was originally created by McDonnell Douglas, the NASA contractor.

  17. Distributed systems

    CERN Document Server

    Van Steen, Maarten


    For this third edition of "Distributed Systems," the material has been thoroughly revised and extended, integrating principles and paradigms into nine chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Architectures 3. Processes 4. Communication 5. Naming 6. Coordination 7. Replication 8. Fault tolerance 9. Security A separation has been made between basic material and more specific subjects. The latter have been organized into boxed sections, which may be skipped on first reading. To assist in understanding the more algorithmic parts, example programs in Python have been included. The examples in the book leave out many details for readability, but the complete code is available through the book's Website, hosted at

  18. The IAGOS-core greenhouse gas package: a measurement system for continuous airborne observations of CO2, CH4, H2O and CO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annette Filges


    Full Text Available Within the framework of IAGOS-ERI (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System – European Research Infrastructure, a cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS-based measurement system for the autonomous measurement of the greenhouse gases (GHGs CO2 and CH4, as well as CO and water vapour was designed, tested and qualified for deployment on commercial airliners. The design meets requirements regarding physical dimensions (size, weight, performance (long-term stability, low maintenance, robustness, full automation and safety issues (fire-prevention regulations. The system uses components of a commercially available CRDS instrument (G2401-m, Picarro Inc. mounted into a frame suitable for integration in the avionics bay of the Airbus A330 and A340 series. To enable robust and automated operation of the IAGOS-core GHG package over 6-month deployment periods, numerous technical issues had to be addressed. An inlet system was designed to eliminate sampling of larger aerosols, ice particles and water droplets, and to provide additional positive ram-pressure to ensure operation throughout an aircraft altitude operating range up to 12.5 km without an upstream sampling pump. Furthermore, no sample drying is required as the simultaneously measured water vapour mole fraction is used to correct for dilution and spectroscopic effects. This also enables measurements of water vapour throughout the atmosphere. To allow for trace gas measurements to be fully traceable to World Meteorological Organization scales, a two-standard calibration system has been designed and tested, which periodically provides calibration gas to the instrument during flight and on ground for each 6-month deployment period. The first of the IAGOS-core GHG packages is scheduled for integration in 2015. The aim is to have five systems operational within 4 yr, providing regular, long-term GHG observations covering major parts of the globe. This paper presents results from recent test

  19. Blackboard Systems. (United States)


    knowledge sources and the blackboard. Why can’t I get away with placing a hunk of ground beef, a can of tomato sauce , a box of spaghetti, and bottles of...conjectured about their existence and their whereabouts from other information. 41 . . . ~ . . . . . . Blackboard Systems Nii task is the cocktail

  20. Systems chemistry

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ludlow, R. Frederick; Otto, Sijbren


    The study of complex mixtures of interacting synthetic molecules has historically not received much attention from chemists, even though research into complexity is well established in the neighbouring fields. However, with the huge recent interest in systems biology and the availability of modern

  1. Transport system

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Drenth, K.F.


    The transport system comprises at least one road surface (2) and at least one vehicle (4) on wheels (6). The road surface (2) has a substantially bowl-shaped cross section and the vehicle (4) is designed so that the wheels (6) run directly on the road surface (2) while the road surface (2) acts as a

  2. Quorum Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Förster, Klaus-Tycho; Wattenhofer, Roger


    What happens if a single server is no longer powerful enough to service all your customers? The obvious choice is to add more servers and to use the majority approach (e.g. Paxos, Chapter 2) to guarantee consistency. However, even if you buy one million servers, a client still has to access more ...... study the theory behind overlapping sets, known as quorum systems....

  3. Decentralized Systems. (United States)


    decisions (determining the residence of processes when they were created) in the domain of the .application software rather than the operating system...proposing refinements to the programming langauge EPL. These refinements are described in terms at tLair impact on the sy-ntax of the language and

  4. Material Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Mads Brath; Mortensen, Henrik Rubæk; Mullins, Michael


    This paper describes and reflects upon the results of an investigative project which explores the setting up of a material system - a parametric and generative assembly consisting of and taking into consideration material properties, manufacturing constraints and geometric behavior. The project...

  5. Creative Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Manelius, Anne-Mette; Beim, Anne


    deres felt har beskæftiget sig med udviklingen af systemer. Kieran Timberlake, markant amerikansk tegnestue; Mark West, Professor på University of Manitoba, Canada, og pioner indenfor anvendelse af tekstilforskalling til betonstøbninger; Matilda McQuaid, Arkitekturhistoriker og kurator på udstillingen...

  6. Irrigation System (United States)


    Under contract with Marshall Space Flight Center, Midwest Research Institute compiled a Lubrication Handbook intended as a reference source for designers and manufacturers of aerospace hardware and crews responsible for maintenance of such equipment. Engineers of Lindsay Manufacturing Company learned of this handbook through NASA Tech Briefs and used it for supplemental information in redesigning gear boxes for their center pivot agricultural irrigation system.

  7. Fusion systems


    Aschbacher, Michael; Oliver, Bob


    This is a survey article on the theory of fusion systems, a relatively new area of mathematics with connections to local finite group theory, algebraic topology, and modular representation theory. We first describe the general theory and then look separately at these connections.

  8. Systems Biology

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    consisting of differential equations describing the rate of change of concentration of each of the metabolites can be constructed. Such a system of equations can then be solved to obtain insights about the essentiality of each component. For example, a math- ematical model of glycolysis in T. brucei has been built, based on.

  9. Systems 2020 (United States)


    these systems required the existence of a capable and experienced technical workforce. Unfortunately, the demographic time bomb of the baby boomer ...technical workforce. Unfortunately, the demographic time bomb of the baby boomer generation technical workforce created a drought of talent at...decades, with application to defense, healthcare , and energy. This includes proven, successful applications at a significantly smaller scale than

  10. Troubleshooting pneumatic conveying systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mills, D.


    Fault location in pneumatic conveying systems is discussed under the following sections: system throughput problems; types of systems; system component problems; system related problems; and product related problems.

  11. Systems Chronotherapeutics (United States)

    Innominato, Pasquale F.; Dallmann, Robert; Rand, David A.; Lévi, Francis A.


    Chronotherapeutics aim at treating illnesses according to the endogenous biologic rhythms, which moderate xenobiotic metabolism and cellular drug response. The molecular clocks present in individual cells involve approximately fifteen clock genes interconnected in regulatory feedback loops. They are coordinated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei, a hypothalamic pacemaker, which also adjusts the circadian rhythms to environmental cycles. As a result, many mechanisms of diseases and drug effects are controlled by the circadian timing system. Thus, the tolerability of nearly 500 medications varies by up to fivefold according to circadian scheduling, both in experimental models and/or patients. Moreover, treatment itself disrupted, maintained, or improved the circadian timing system as a function of drug timing. Improved patient outcomes on circadian-based treatments (chronotherapy) have been demonstrated in randomized clinical trials, especially for cancer and inflammatory diseases. However, recent technological advances have highlighted large interpatient differences in circadian functions resulting in significant variability in chronotherapy response. Such findings advocate for the advancement of personalized chronotherapeutics through interdisciplinary systems approaches. Thus, the combination of mathematical, statistical, technological, experimental, and clinical expertise is now shaping the development of dedicated devices and diagnostic and delivery algorithms enabling treatment individualization. In particular, multiscale systems chronopharmacology approaches currently combine mathematical modeling based on cellular and whole-body physiology to preclinical and clinical investigations toward the design of patient-tailored chronotherapies. We review recent systems research works aiming to the individualization of disease treatment, with emphasis on both cancer management and circadian timing system–resetting strategies for improving chronic disease control and

  12. Mechanized system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gordiyenko, N.F.; Borisov, V.V.; Dudchenko, N.I.; Ivanov, I.F.; Kravtsov, V.P.; Malyuga, M.F.; Ostapenko, A.F.; Samoylov, A.V.; Stepanovich, G.Ya.; Tishchenko, A.N.


    A mechanized system is proposed consisting of a guidance beam, hydraulic supports and a rotating telescopic link between a base component and a hydraulic jack. Accurate system orientation is made possible by joining the anchoring and transfer units together, and by using a guidance beam placed at an incline to the collapsed rock. These anchoring and transfer units which face the upper sections, share a common base and have slide bars, making them capable of shifting lengthwise in the direction of the hydraulic jacks. The lower base section has a clamp-type support for attachment to the guidance beam. This support is made up of 4 link-pivot components capable of rotating on an axis perpendicular to the section axis.

  13. Systemic Architecture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poletto, Marco; Pasquero, Claudia

    This is a manual investigating the subject of urban ecology and systemic development from the perspective of architectural design. It sets out to explore two main goals: to discuss the contemporary relevance of a systemic practice to architectural design, and to share a toolbox of informational...... design protocols developed to describe the city as a territory of self-organization. Collecting together nearly a decade of design experiments by the authors and their practice, ecoLogicStudio, the book discusses key disciplinary definitions such as ecologic urbanism, algorithmic architecture, bottom......-up or tactical design, behavioural space and the boundary of the natural and the artificial realms within the city and architecture. A new kind of "real-time world-city" is illustrated in the form of an operational design manual for the assemblage of proto-architectures, the incubation of proto...

  14. Reactive Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    , the need for mathematically based formal methodology is increasingly important. There are many books that look at particular methodologies for such systems. This book offers a more balanced introduction for graduate students and describes the various approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and when...... into account. The book has arisen from various courses taught in Denmark and Iceland and is designed to give students a broad introduction to the area, with exercises throughout....

  15. Gasification system (United States)

    Haldipur, Gaurang B.; Anderson, Richard G.; Cherish, Peter


    A method and system for injecting coal and process fluids into a fluidized bed gasification reactor. Three concentric tubes extend vertically upward into the fluidized bed. Coal particulates in a transport gas are injected through an inner tube, and an oxygen rich mixture of oxygen and steam are injected through an inner annulus about the inner tube. A gaseous medium relatively lean in oxygen content, such as steam, is injected through an annulus surrounding the inner annulus.

  16. Security system (United States)

    Baumann, Mark J.; Kuca, Michal; Aragon, Mona L.


    A security system includes a structure having a structural surface. The structure is sized to contain an asset therein and configured to provide a forceful breaching delay. The structure has an opening formed therein to permit predetermined access to the asset contained within the structure. The structure includes intrusion detection features within or associated with the structure that are activated in response to at least a partial breach of the structure.

  17. Systemic sclerosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahathya R


    Full Text Available Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma is a rare generalized disorder of connective tissue origin. This condition is predominantly a clinical diagnosis, based on the clinical signs and symptoms. Here is a case report of 26-year-old female patient with the classical features of this disease. This case is reported for its rarity and variable expressivity. This article also reviews the literature of this uncommon condition.

  18. Copernican System (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    The heliocentric (i.e. `Sun-centered') theory proposed by the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), and published by him in 1543 in his book, De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium. In this system Copernicus placed the Sun at the center of the universe and regarded the Earth and the planets as moving around it in circular orbits. Because of his retention of the notion of circular motion...

  19. Bioregenerative system (United States)


    The design course is an eight semester credit multi-disciplinary engineering design course taught primarily to Engineering Science, Aerospace, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering seniors. This year the course project involved the design of the three interrelated loops: atmospheric, liquid nutrient and solid waste management, associated with growing higher plants to support man during long-term space missions. The project is complementary to the NASA Kennedy Space Center Controlled Environmental Life Support System (CELSS) project. The first semester the class worked on a preliminary design for a complete system. This effort included means for monitoring and control of composition, temperature, flow rate, etc., for the atmosphere and liquid nutrient solution; disease and contaminant monitoring and control; plant mechanical support, propagation and harvesting; solid and liquid waste recycling; and system maintenance and refurbishing. The project has significant biological, mechanical, electrical and Al/Robotics aspects. The second semester a small number of subsystems or components, identified as important and interesting during the first semester, were selected for detail design, fabrication, and testing. The class was supported by close cooperation with The Kennedy Space Center and by two teaching assistants. The availability of a dedicated, well equipped project room greatly enhanced the communication and team spirit of the class.

  20. Nuclear systems

    CERN Document Server

    Todreas, Neil E


    Principal Characteristics of Power ReactorsIntroductionPower CyclesPrimary Coolant SystemsReactor CoresFuel AssembliesAdvanced Water- and Gas-Cooled Reactors (Generation III And III+)Advanced Thermal and Fast Neutron Spectrum Reactors (Generation IV)ReferencesProblemsThermal Design Principles and ApplicationIntroductionOverall Plant Characteristics Influenced by Thermal Hydraulic ConsiderationsEnergy Production and Transfer ParametersThermal Design LimitsThermal Design MarginFigures of Merit for Core Thermal PerformanceThe Inverted Fuel ArrayThe Equivalent Annulus ApproximationReferencesProble

  1. Linear systems

    CERN Document Server

    Bourlès, Henri


    Linear systems have all the necessary elements (modeling, identification, analysis and control), from an educational point of view, to help us understand the discipline of automation and apply it efficiently. This book is progressive and organized in such a way that different levels of readership are possible. It is addressed both to beginners and those with a good understanding of automation wishing to enhance their knowledge on the subject. The theory is rigorously developed and illustrated by numerous examples which can be reproduced with the help of appropriate computation software. 60 exe

  2. Dynamical systems

    CERN Document Server

    Birkhoff, George D


    His research in dynamics constitutes the middle period of Birkhoff's scientific career, that of maturity and greatest power. -Yearbook of the American Philosophical Society The author's great book€¦is well known to all, and the diverse active modern developments in mathematics which have been inspired by this volume bear the most eloquent testimony to its quality and influence. -Zentralblatt MATH In 1927, G. D. Birkhoff wrote a remarkable treatise on the theory of dynamical systems that would inspire many later mathematicians to do great work. To a large extent, Birkhoff was writing about his o

  3. Sterilization System (United States)


    Cox Sterile Products, Inc.'s Rapid Heat Transfer Sterilizer employs a heat exchange process that induces rapid air movement; the air becomes the heat transfer medium, maintaining a uniform temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. It features pushbutton controls for three timing cycles for different instrument loads, a six-minute cycle for standard unpackaged instruments, eight minutes for certain specialized dental/medical instruments and 12 minutes for packaged instruments which can then be stored in a drawer in sterile condition. System will stay at 375 degrees all day. Continuous operation is not expensive because of the sterilizer's very low power requirements.

  4. Endocrine System (For Teens) (United States)

    ... Counselors Kidney Stones Brain and Nervous System Endocrine System KidsHealth > For Teens > Endocrine System Print A A ... called the endocrine system . What Is the Endocrine System? Although we rarely think about the endocrine system, ...

  5. Nonlinear systems

    CERN Document Server

    Palmero, Faustino; Lemos, M; Sánchez-Rey, Bernardo; Casado-Pascual, Jesús


    This book presents an overview of the most recent advances in nonlinear science. It provides a unified view of nonlinear properties in many different systems and highlights many  new developments. While volume 1 concentrates on mathematical theory and computational techniques and challenges, which are essential for the study of nonlinear science, this second volume deals with nonlinear excitations in several fields. These excitations can be localized and transport energy and matter in the form of breathers, solitons, kinks or quodons with very different characteristics, which are discussed in the book. They can also transport electric charge, in which case they are known as polarobreathers or solectrons. Nonlinear excitations can influence function and structure in biology, as for example, protein folding. In crystals and other condensed matter, they can modify transport properties, reaction kinetics and interact with defects. There are also engineering applications in electric lattices, Josephson junction a...

  6. Systemic Planning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leleur, Steen

    This book presents principles and methodology for planning in a complex world. It sets out a so-called systemic approach to planning, among other things, by applying “hard” and “soft” methodologies and methods in combination. The book is written for Ph.D and graduate students in engineering......, business and other fields, and it is useful for all professionals, across a wide range of employment areas, who share an interest in renewing planning practice. Such an endeavour is seen as both important and timely, recognising that many complex planning tasks necessitate organisations – be they public...... or private – to engage in planning to prepare proactive decision-making....

  7. Intelligent Engine Systems: Bearing System (United States)

    Singh, Arnant P.


    The overall requirements necessary for sensing bearing distress and the related criteria to select a particular rotating sensor were established during the phase I. The current phase II efforts performed studies to evaluate the Robustness and Durability Enhancement of the rotating sensors, and to design, and develop the Built-in Telemetry System concepts for an aircraft engine differential sump. A generic test vehicle that can test the proposed bearing diagnostic system was designed, developed, and built. The Timken Company, who also assisted with testing the GE concept of using rotating sensors for the differential bearing diagnostics during previous phase, was selected as a subcontractor to assist General Electric (GE) for the design, and procurement of the test vehicle. A purchase order was prepared to define the different sub-tasks, and deliverables for this task. The University of Akron was selected to provide the necessary support for installing, and integrating the test vehicle with their newly designed test facility capable of simulating the operating environment for the planned testing. The planned testing with good and damaged bearings will be on hold pending further continuation of this effort during next phase.

  8. Protein (Viridiplantae): 941544 [PGDBj - Ortholog DB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)


  9. Systems engineering simplified

    CERN Document Server

    Cloutier, Robert; Bone, Mary Alice


    IntroductionOverviewDiscussion of Common TerminologyThe Case for Systems EngineeringA Brief History of Systems EngineeringSystem ExamplesSummaryThe System Life CycleManaging System Development-The Vee ModelSystem ProductionSystem Utilization and SupportSystem Retirement and DisposalOther Systems Engineering Development ModelsSpiral ModelAgile Model for Systems EngineeringSystem of InterestAbstraction and DecompositionIntegrationDeveloping and Managing RequirementsCyclone Requiremen

  10. Real-time seismic observation using new compact ocean bottom cabled system in Japan Sea (United States)

    Shinohara, M.; Kanazawa, T.; Yamada, T.; Sakai, S.; Shiobara, H.; Mochizuki, K.; Machida, Y.; Shinbo, T.; Nakahigashi, K.; Utada, H.; Yamazaki, K.


    one package. A size of the CS package is 10 cm diameter and 30 cm long, which is almost equal to that of a 2-liter plastic drink bottle. A pressure vessel for the new developed CS package has a size of 13 cm in diameter and 50 cm long. The first OBCS system in Japan Sea has a total length of 25 km and 4 CSs with 5 km interval. A single armor optical cable is used. The installation of the first OBCS system carried out in end of August, 2010. At the landing station, the data are stored to hard disks, and the data from the CSs are transmitted to Earthquake Research Institute (ERI), the University of Tokyo in Tokyo. The CSs and optical cable are buried 1 meter below the seafloor to avoid a conflict with fishery activity due to the shallow water depth.

  11. Separation system (United States)

    Rubin, Leslie S.


    A separation system for dewatering radioactive waste materials includes a disposal container, drive structure for receiving the container, and means for releasably attaching the container to the drive structure. Separation structure disposed in the container adjacent the inner surface of the side wall structure retains solids while allowing passage of liquids. Inlet port structure in the container top wall is normally closed by first valve structure that is centrifugally actuated to open the inlet port and discharge port structure at the container periphery receives liquid that passes through the separation structure and is normally closed by second valve structure that is centrifugally actuated to open the discharge ports. The container also includes coupling structure for releasable engagement with the centrifugal drive structure. Centrifugal force produced when the container is driven in rotation by the drive structure opens the valve structures, and radioactive waste material introduced into the container through the open inlet port is dewatered, and the waste is compacted. The ports are automatically closed by the valves when the container drum is not subjected to centrifugal force such that containment effectiveness is enhanced and exposure of personnel to radioactive materials is minimized.

  12. New Systems Produced by Systemic Change (United States)

    Battino, Wendy; Clem, Jo; Caine, Renate N.; Reigeluth, Charles M.; Chapman, Carrie; Flinders, David J.; Malopinsky, Larissa V.


    This article presents new systems produced by systemic change. First is Systemic Changes in the Chugach School District by Wendy Battino and Jo Clem. Second is Systemic Changes in Public Schools through Brain-Based Learning by Renate N. Caine. Third is A Vision of an Information-Age Educational System by Charles M. Reigeluth. Fourth is Systemic…

  13. Systems Biology and Health Systems Complexity in;

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Donald Combs, C.; Barham, S.R.; Sloot, P.M.A.


    Systems biology addresses interactions in biological systems at different scales of biological organization, from the molecular to the cellular, organ, organism, societal, and ecosystem levels. This chapter expands on the concept of systems biology, explores its implications for individual patients

  14. System safety education focused on system management (United States)

    Grose, V. L.


    System safety is defined and characteristics of the system are outlined. Some of the principle characteristics include role of humans in hazard analysis, clear language for input and output, system interdependence, self containment, and parallel analysis of elements.

  15. Interculturality and World Literary System(s)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    kulj, Jola


    In her article "Interculturality and World Literary System(s)" Jola Škulj proposes a new framework for studying planetary exchanges of literatures, one that subverts the systemic distinction between centers and peripheries...

  16. Interculturality and World Literary System(s)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Škulj, Jola


    In her article "Interculturality and World Literary System(s)" Jola Škulj proposes a new framework for studying planetary exchanges of literatures, one that subverts the systemic distinction between centers and peripheries...

  17. Protecting Information in Systems of Systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Trivellato, Daniel; Zannone, Nicola; Etalle, Sandro


    Systems of Systems (SoS) are dynamic, distributed coalitions of autonomous and heterogeneous systems that collaborate to achieve a common goal. While offering several advantages in terms of scalability and flexibility, the SoS paradigm has a strong impact on system interoperability and on the

  18. System of Systems Analytic Workbench - 2017 (United States)


    System of Systems Analytic Workbench – 2017 Technical Report SERC-2017-TR-112 August 31, 2017 Principal Investigator: Dr. Karen Marais...Sponsor: Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering Report No. SERC-2017-TR-112...Date August 31, 2017 Copyright © 2017 Stevens Institute of Technology, Systems Engineering Research Center

  19. System and Actor Perspectives on Sociotechnical Systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Bruijn, J.A.; Herder, P.M.


    This paper addresses the complexity of analyzing and designing sociotechnical systems: systems that involve both complex physical-technical systems and networks of interdependent actors. It is shown that, although a hard system perspective and an actor perspective differ greatly in terms of

  20. A Security Framework for Systems of Systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Trivellato, Daniel; Zannone, Nicola; Etalle, Sandro


    Systems of systems consist of a wide variety of dynamic, distributed coalitions of autonomous and heterogeneous systems that collaborate to achieve a common goal. While offering several advantages in terms of scalability and flexibility, this new paradigm has a strong impact on system

  1. Systems theory of interconnected port contact systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Eberard, D.; Maschke, B.M.; Schaft, A.J. van der


    Port-based network modeling of a large class of complex physical systems leads to dynamical systems known as port-Hamiltonian systems. The key ingredient of any port-Hamiltonian system is a power-conserving interconnection structure (mathematically formalized by the geometric notion of a Dirac

  2. Concept and System of Personification Control System

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Bai,Fengshuang; Yin,Yixin; Tu,Xuyan; Zhang,Ying


    This paper provides the system and conception of the Personification Control System (PCS) on the basis of Intelligent Control System based on Artificial life (ICS/AL), Artificial Emotion, Humanoid Control, and Intelligent Control System based on Field bus. According to system science and deciding of organize of biology, the Pyramid System of PCS are created. Then Pyramid System of PCS which is made up of PCS1/H, PCS1/S, PCS1/O, PCS1/C and PCS1/G is described.

  3. Networked control of microgrid system of systems (United States)

    Mahmoud, Magdi S.; Rahman, Mohamed Saif Ur; AL-Sunni, Fouad M.


    The microgrid has made its mark in distributed generation and has attracted widespread research. However, microgrid is a complex system which needs to be viewed from an intelligent system of systems perspective. In this paper, a network control system of systems is designed for the islanded microgrid system consisting of three distributed generation units as three subsystems supplying a load. The controller stabilises the microgrid system in the presence of communication infractions such as packet dropouts and delays. Simulation results are included to elucidate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

  4. D0 Cryo System Control System Autodialer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Urbin, J.; /Fermilab


    The DO cryogenic system is controlled by a TI565-PLC based control system. This allows the system to be unmanned when in steady state operation. System experts will need to be contacted when system parameters exceed normal operating points and reach alarm setpoints. The labwide FIRUS system provides one alarm monitor and communication link. An autodialer provides a second and more flexible alarm monitor and communication link. The autodialer monitors contact points in the control system and after receiving indication of an alarm accesses a list of experts which it calls until it receives an acknowledgement. There are several manufacturers and distributors of autodialer systems. This EN explains the search process the DO cryo group used to fmd an autodialer system that fit the cryo system's needs and includes information and specs for the unit we chose.

  5. System design specification Brayton Isotope Power System (BIPS) Flight System (FS), and Ground Demonstration System (GDS)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The system design specification for ground demonstration, development, and flight qualification of a Brayton Isotope Power System (BIPS) is presented. The requirements for both a BIPS conceptual Flight System (FS) and a Ground Demonstration System (GDS) are defined.

  6. Immune System (For Parents) (United States)

    ... a Kidney Transplant Vision Facts and Myths Immune System KidsHealth > For Parents > Immune System Print A A ... lead to illness and infection. About the Immune System The immune system is the body's defense against ...

  7. Digestive System (For Teens) (United States)

    ... Counselors Kidney Stones Brain and Nervous System Digestive System KidsHealth > For Teens > Digestive System Print A A ... of the body as feces. About the Digestive System Every morsel of food we eat has to ...

  8. Multiple System Atrophy (United States)

    ... Home » Disorders » Patient & Caregiver Education » Fact Sheets Multiple System Atrophy Fact Sheet What is multiple system atrophy? ... can I get more information? What is multiple system atrophy? Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a progressive ...

  9. Integrated library systems.


    Goldstein, C M


    The development of integrated library systems is discussed. The four major discussion points are (1) initial efforts; (2) network resources; (3) minicomputer-based systems; and (4) beyond library automation. Four existing systems are cited as examples of current systems.

  10. Fractional Multidimensional System


    Zhu, Xiaogang; Lu, Junguo


    The multidimensional ($n$-D) systems described by Roesser model are presented in this paper. These $n$-D systems consist of discrete systems and continuous fractional order systems with fractional order $\

  11. Factors influencing intestinal cadmium uptake in pregnant Bangladeshi women-A prospective cohort study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kippler, M. [Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Box 210, SE-171 77 Stockholm (Sweden); Goessler, W. [Institut fuer Chemie-Analytische Chemie, Karl-Franzens-Universitaet, Universitaetsplatz 1, 8010 Graz (Austria); Nermell, B. [Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Box 210, SE-171 77 Stockholm (Sweden); Ekstroem, E.C. [Department of Women' s and Children' s Health, International Maternal and Child Health, Uppsala University, SE-751 85 Uppsala (Sweden); Loennerdal, B. [Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis, CA 95616 (United States); El Arifeen, S. [International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), GPO Box 128, Dhaka 100 (Bangladesh); Vahter, M., E-mail: [Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Box 210, SE-171 77 Stockholm (Sweden)


    Experimental studies indicate that zinc (Zn) and calcium (Ca) status, in addition to iron (Fe) status, affect gastrointestinal absorption of cadmium (Cd), an environmental pollutant that is toxic to kidneys, bone and endocrine systems. The aim of this study was to evaluate how various nutritional factors influence the uptake of Cd in women, particularly during pregnancy. The study was carried out in a rural area of Bangladesh, where malnutrition is prevalent and exposure to Cd via food appears elevated. The uptake of Cd was evaluated by associations between erythrocyte Cd concentrations (Ery-Cd), a marker of ongoing Cd exposure, and concentrations of nutritional markers. Blood samples, collected in early pregnancy and 6 months postpartum, were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS). Ery-Cd varied considerably (range: 0.31-5.4 {mu}g/kg) with a median of 1.1 {mu}g/kg (approximately 0.5 {mu}g/L in whole blood) in early pregnancy. Ery-Cd was associated with erythrocyte manganese (Ery-Mn; positively), plasma ferritin (p-Ft; negatively), and erythrocyte Ca (Ery-Ca; negatively) in decreasing order, indicating common transporters for Cd, Fe and Mn. There was no evidence of Cd uptake via Zn transporters, but the association between Ery-Cd and p-Ft seemed to be dependent on adequate Zn status. On average, Ery-Cd increased significantly by 0.2 {mu}g/kg from early pregnancy to 6 months postpartum, apparently due to up-regulated divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1). In conclusion, intestinal uptake of Cd appears to be influenced either directly or indirectly by several micronutrients, in particular Fe, Mn and Zn. The negative association with Ca may suggest that Cd inhibits the transport of Ca to blood.

  12. Situation awareness with systems of systems

    CERN Document Server

    Tretmans, Jan; Borth, Michael


    This book discusses various aspects, challenges, and solutions for developing systems-of-systems for situation awareness, using applications in the domain of maritime safety and security.  Topics include advanced, multi-objective visualization methods for situation awareness, stochastic outlier selection, rule-based anomaly detection, an ontology-based event model for semantic reasoning, new methods for semi-automatic generation of adapters bridging communication gaps, security policies for systems-of-systems, trust assessment, and methods to deal with the dynamics of systems-of-systems in run-time monitoring, testing, and diagnosis. Architectural considerations for designing information-centric systems-of-systems such as situation awareness systems, and an integrated demonstrator implementing many of the investigated aspects, complete the book.

  13. System of systems modeling and analysis.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campbell, James E.; Anderson, Dennis James; Longsine, Dennis E. (Intera, Inc., Austin, TX); Shirah, Donald N.


    This report documents the results of an LDRD program entitled 'System of Systems Modeling and Analysis' that was conducted during FY 2003 and FY 2004. Systems that themselves consist of multiple systems (referred to here as System of Systems or SoS) introduce a level of complexity to systems performance analysis and optimization that is not readily addressable by existing capabilities. The objective of the 'System of Systems Modeling and Analysis' project was to develop an integrated modeling and simulation environment that addresses the complex SoS modeling and analysis needs. The approach to meeting this objective involved two key efforts. First, a static analysis approach, called state modeling, has been developed that is useful for analyzing the average performance of systems over defined use conditions. The state modeling capability supports analysis and optimization of multiple systems and multiple performance measures or measures of effectiveness. The second effort involves time simulation which represents every system in the simulation using an encapsulated state model (State Model Object or SMO). The time simulation can analyze any number of systems including cross-platform dependencies and a detailed treatment of the logistics required to support the systems in a defined mission.

  14. System Software Framework for System of Systems Avionics (United States)

    Ferguson, Roscoe C.; Peterson, Benjamin L; Thompson, Hiram C.


    Project Constellation implements NASA's vision for space exploration to expand human presence in our solar system. The engineering focus of this project is developing a system of systems architecture. This architecture allows for the incremental development of the overall program. Systems can be built and connected in a "Lego style" manner to generate configurations supporting various mission objectives. The development of the avionics or control systems of such a massive project will result in concurrent engineering. Also, each system will have software and the need to communicate with other (possibly heterogeneous) systems. Fortunately, this design problem has already been solved during the creation and evolution of systems such as the Internet and the Department of Defense's successful effort to standardize distributed simulation (now IEEE 1516). The solution relies on the use of a standard layered software framework and a communication protocol. A standard framework and communication protocol is suggested for the development and maintenance of Project Constellation systems. The ARINC 653 standard is a great start for such a common software framework. This paper proposes a common system software framework that uses the Real Time Publish/Subscribe protocol for framework-to-framework communication to extend ARINC 653. It is highly recommended that such a framework be established before development. This is important for the success of concurrent engineering. The framework provides an infrastructure for general system services and is designed for flexibility to support a spiral development effort.

  15. Computer System Design System-on-Chip

    CERN Document Server

    Flynn, Michael J


    The next generation of computer system designers will be less concerned about details of processors and memories, and more concerned about the elements of a system tailored to particular applications. These designers will have a fundamental knowledge of processors and other elements in the system, but the success of their design will depend on the skills in making system-level tradeoffs that optimize the cost, performance and other attributes to meet application requirements. This book provides a new treatment of computer system design, particularly for System-on-Chip (SOC), which addresses th

  16. Horizontal fall arrest systems: rigid systems vs. flexible line systems. (United States)

    Lough, David


    There are many types of flexible and rigid systems on the market, both permanent and temporary. This article does not mean to encompass all possible systems or hazards and only intends to give an outline of what at a minimum should be examined to make an educated purchasing decision. In many instances, the buyer will use the same type of horizontal system for all situations. This is a good idea in some cases because it will reduce the need for training on a number of different systems, reduce system compatibility issues, and may reduce costs for installation, supply, and maintenance. This may not be the best idea if the hazard areas differ a great deal; as we have illustrated, one system may not function for all areas and tasks. The rigid system is typically the best solution simply based on the fact the worker won't fall as far as when he is connected to a flexible system, because of the elimination of any dynamic sag and horizontal energy absorber deployment. In any case, where you stop the worker from falling farther, you decrease the chance there may be an incident where the worker is injured. From a cost standpoint, flexible fall arrest systems typically are cheapest. In the end, safety professionals must balance the cost and effectiveness of the system to prevent an injury.

  17. Smart electromechanical systems the central nervous system

    CERN Document Server

    Kurbanov, Vugar


    This book describes approaches to solving the problems of developing the central nervous system of robots (CNSR) based on smart electromechanical systems (SEMS) modules, principles of construction of the various modules of the central nervous system and variants of mathematical software CNSR in control systems for intelligent robots. It presents the latest advances in theory and practice at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Developers of intelligent robots to solve modern problems in robotics are increasingly addressing the use of the bionic approach to create robots that mimic the complexity and adaptability of biological systems. These have smart electromechanical system (SEMS), which are used in various cyber-physical systems (CPhS), and allow the functions of calculation, control, communications, information storage, monitoring, measurement and control of parameters and environmental parameters to be integrated. The behavior of such systems is based on the information received from the central nervous syst...

  18. LCLS XTOD Attenuator System System Concept Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kishiyama, K; Roeben, M; Trent, J; Ryutov, D; Shen, S


    The attenuator system for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) X-ray Transport, Optics and Diagnostics (XTOD) system has been configured and analyzed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's New Technologies Engineering Division (NTED) as requested by the SLAC/LCLS program. The system layout, performance analyses and selection of the vacuum components are presented in this System Conceptual Review (SCR) report. Also included are the plans for prototype, procurement, mechanical integration, and the cost estimates.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. S. Abufanas


    Full Text Available The principles of constructing mathematical models of unmanned aircraft systems as complex systems consisting of a plurality ofsubsystems, each of which is considered as a system. In this case, the relationship between the subsystems are described by equations based on the topological graph theory, and for the preparation of component equations describing the dynamics of the subsystems is proposed to use differential equations discontinuous type based on systems theory of random structure.

  20. Designing information systems

    CERN Document Server

    Blethyn, Stanley G


    Designing Information Systems focuses on the processes, methodologies, and approaches involved in designing information systems. The book first describes systems, management and control, and how to design information systems. Discussions focus on documents produced from the functional construction function, users, operators, analysts, programmers and others, process management and control, levels of management, open systems, design of management information systems, and business system description, partitioning, and leveling. The text then takes a look at functional specification and functiona

  1. Triggering system innovation in agricultural innovation systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Turner, James A.; Williams, Tracy; Nicholas, Graeme; Foote, Jeff; Rijswijk, Kelly; Barnard, Tim; Beechener, Sam; Horita, Akiko


    This article describes a process for stimulating engagement among change agents to develop a shared understanding of systemic problems in the agricultural innovation system (AIS), challenge prevalent institutional logics and identify actions they might undertake to stimulate system innovation.

  2. Expert Systems for auditing management information systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gheroghe Popescu


    Full Text Available Expert systems are built with the help of: specialised programming languages or expert system generators (shell. But this structure was reached after tens of years of work and research, because expert systems are nothing but pragmatic capitalisation of the results of research carried out in artificial intelligence and theory of knowledge.

  3. Modeling learning technology systems as business systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Avgeriou, Paris; Retalis, Symeon; Papaspyrou, Nikolaos


    The design of Learning Technology Systems, and the Software Systems that support them, is largely conducted on an intuitive, ad hoc basis, thus resulting in inefficient systems that defectively support the learning process. There is now justifiable, increasing effort in formalizing the engineering

  4. Optical system defect propagation in ABCD systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McKinley, W.G.; Yura, H.T.; Hanson, Steen Grüner


    We describe how optical system defects (tilt/jitter, decenter, and despace) propagate through an arbitrary paraxial optical system that can be described by an ABCD ray transfer matrix. A pedagogical example is given that demonstrates the effect of alignment errors on a typical optical system...

  5. General Systems Theory and Instructional Systems Design. (United States)

    Salisbury, David F.


    Describes basic concepts in the field of general systems theory (GST) and identifies commonalities that exist between GST and instructional systems design (ISD). Models and diagrams that depict system elements in ISD are presented, and two matrices that show how GST has been used in ISD literature are included. (11 references) (LRW)

  6. The complement system in systemic autoimmune disease

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Chen, Min; Daha, Mohamed R.; Kallenberg, Cees G. M.

    Complement is part of the innate immune system. Its major function is recognition and elimination of pathogens via direct killing and/or stimulation of phagocytosis. Activation of the complement system is, however, also involved in the pathogenesis of the systemic autoimmune diseases. Activation via

  7. Modeling five Great Lakes ice-circulation system using an unstructured-grid coupled model (United States)

    Wang, J.


    An unstructured Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model was modified by replacing the Euler forward scheme with the centered differencing scheme, and applied to all five Great Lakes simultaneously to simulate circulation and thermal structure from 1993 to 2008. Model results are compared to available observations of currents and temperature and previous modeling work. Maps of climatological circulation for all the five Great lakes were presented. Winter currents show a two-gyre type circulation Lakes Ontario and Erie and one large-scale cyclonic circulation in Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior. During the summer, a cyclonic circulation remains in Lakes Superior; a primarily cyclonic circulation dominates the upper and central Lake Huron; Lake Ontario turns to have a single cyclonic circulation, while circulation in the central basin of Lake Erie remains two-gyre type; Lake Michigan has a cyclonic gyre in the north and an anti-cyclonic one in the south. The temperature profile during the summer is well simulated when a surface wind-wave mixing scheme is included in the model. Main features of the seasonal evolution of water temperature, such as reverse stratification during the winter, the spring and autumn overturn, the thermal bar, and the stratification during summer are well reproduced. The lakes exhibit significant annual and interannual variations in current speed and temperature. The model successfully reproduced seasonal cycle of lake ice cover, the lake-wide mean surface temperature and lake circulation.

  8. Psychology of system design

    CERN Document Server

    Meister, D


    This is a book about systems, including: systems in which humans control machines; systems in which humans interact with humans and the machine component is relatively unimportant; systems which are heavily computerized and those that are not; and governmental, industrial, military and social systems. The book deals with both traditional systems like farming, fishing and the military, and with systems just now tentatively emerging, like the expert and the interactive computer system. The emphasis is on the system concept and its implications for analysis, design and evaluation of these many di

  9. Paradigms of Intelligent Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available This paper approaches the subject of paradigms for the categories of intelligent systems. First we can look at the term paradigm in its scientific meaning and then we make acquaintance with the main categories of intelligent systems (expert systems, intelligent systems based on genetic algorithms, artificial neuronal systems, fuzzy systems, hybrid intelligent systems. We will see that every system has one or more paradigms, but hybrid intelligent systems combine paradigms because they are made of different technologies. This research has been made under the guidance of Dr. Ioan AND ONE, Professor and Director of Research Laboratory.

  10. Operating System Security

    CERN Document Server

    Jaeger, Trent


    Operating systems provide the fundamental mechanisms for securing computer processing. Since the 1960s, operating systems designers have explored how to build "secure" operating systems - operating systems whose mechanisms protect the system against a motivated adversary. Recently, the importance of ensuring such security has become a mainstream issue for all operating systems. In this book, we examine past research that outlines the requirements for a secure operating system and research that implements example systems that aim for such requirements. For system designs that aimed to

  11. Biomedical signals and systems

    CERN Document Server

    Tranquillo, Joseph V


    Biomedical Signals and Systems is meant to accompany a one-semester undergraduate signals and systems course. It may also serve as a quick-start for graduate students or faculty interested in how signals and systems techniques can be applied to living systems. The biological nature of the examples allows for systems thinking to be applied to electrical, mechanical, fluid, chemical, thermal and even optical systems. Each chapter focuses on a topic from classic signals and systems theory: System block diagrams, mathematical models, transforms, stability, feedback, system response, control, time

  12. Systems Measures of Water Distribution System Resilience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klise, Katherine A. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Murray, Regan [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Walker, La Tonya Nicole [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    Resilience is a concept that is being used increasingly to refer to the capacity of infrastructure systems to be prepared for and able to respond effectively and rapidly to hazardous events. In Section 2 of this report, drinking water hazards, resilience literature, and available resilience tools are presented. Broader definitions, attributes and methods for measuring resilience are presented in Section 3. In Section 4, quantitative systems performance measures for water distribution systems are presented. Finally, in Section 5, the performance measures and their relevance to measuring the resilience of water systems to hazards is discussed along with needed improvements to water distribution system modeling tools.

  13. Lighting system with thermal management system (United States)

    Arik, Mehmet; Weaver, Stanton; Stecher, Thomas; Seeley, Charles; Kuenzler, Glenn; Wolfe, Jr., Charles; Utturkar, Yogen; Sharma, Rajdeep; Prabhakaran, Satish; Icoz, Tunc


    Lighting systems having unique configurations are provided. For instance, the lighting system may include a light source, a thermal management system and driver electronics, each contained within a housing structure. The light source is configured to provide illumination visible through an opening in the housing structure. The thermal management system is configured to provide an air flow, such as a unidirectional air flow, through the housing structure in order to cool the light source. The driver electronics are configured to provide power to each of the light source and the thermal management system.

  14. Linking Political Systems and War Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Harste, Gorm


    military coercion to be the appropriate mean. Using the system theory and the theory of systemic risks displayed by the German sociologist Niklas Luhmann the article demonstrates how military systems due to their own autonomy and autopoiesis do not fit into the idea of political government...... proceeds using actual as well as historical materials inside the framework of recent system theory.  ......Decisive parts of the Western political system have demonstrated a seemingly surprising misinterpretation of military might. As Madelaine Albright has suggested, the mighty perceived themselves as "almighty". Political power seems to have invested in instrumental coercive power relations and found...

  15. Intrusion Detection Systems with Live Knowledge System (United States)


    AFRL-AFOSR-JP-TR-2016-0058 Intrusion Detection Systems with Live Knowledge System Byeong Ho Kang UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA Final Report 05/31/2016...COVERED (From - To) 20 May 2015 to 19 May 2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Intrusion Detection Systems with Live Knowledge System 5a.  CONTRACT NUMBER 5b...298 10/26/2016 Final Report for AOARD Grant FA2386-15-1-4061 “ Intrusion Detection Systems with

  16. Collaborative Systems Testing (United States)

    Pocatilu, Paul; Ciurea, Cristian


    Collaborative systems are widely used today in various activity fields. Their complexity is high and the development involves numerous resources and costs. Testing collaborative systems has a very important role for the systems' success. In this paper we present taxonomy of collaborative systems. The collaborative systems are classified in many…

  17. Autonomous photovoltaic lighting system


    Hafez, Ahmed A.A.; Montesinos Miracle, Daniel; Sudrià Andreu, Antoni


    This paper introduces a comparison between the conventional and Photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems. A simple sizing procedure for a PV stand-alone system was advised. The paper also proposes a novel PV lighting system. The proposed system is simple, compact and reliable. The system operation was investigated by thoroughly mathematical and simulation work.

  18. Systems Intelligence Inventory (United States)

    Törmänen, Juha; Hämäläinen, Raimo P.; Saarinen, Esa


    Purpose: Systems intelligence (SI) (Saarinen and Hämäläinen, 2004) is a construct defined as a person's ability to act intelligently within complex systems involving interaction and feedback. SI relates to our ability to act in systems and reason about systems to adaptively carry out productive actions within and with respect to systems such as…

  19. Mapping biological systems to network systems

    CERN Document Server

    Rathore, Heena


    The book presents the challenges inherent in the paradigm shift of network systems from static to highly dynamic distributed systems – it proposes solutions that the symbiotic nature of biological systems can provide into altering networking systems to adapt to these changes. The author discuss how biological systems – which have the inherent capabilities of evolving, self-organizing, self-repairing and flourishing with time – are inspiring researchers to take opportunities from the biology domain and map them with the problems faced in network domain. The book revolves around the central idea of bio-inspired systems -- it begins by exploring why biology and computer network research are such a natural match. This is followed by presenting a broad overview of biologically inspired research in network systems -- it is classified by the biological field that inspired each topic and by the area of networking in which that topic lies. Each case elucidates how biological concepts have been most successfully ...

  20. Engineering Design Thinking (United States)

    Lammi, Matthew; Becker, Kurt


    Engineering design thinking is "a complex cognitive process" including divergence-convergence, a systems perspective, ambiguity, and collaboration (Dym, Agogino, Eris, Frey, & Leifer, 2005, p. 104). Design is often complex, involving multiple levels of interacting components within a system that may be nested within or connected to other systems.…